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Return to an order of the House of Commons, dated 26th March, 1906, for a statement containing the following information concerning the water-powers in the possession and under the control of the Dominion government. 1. The province and the locality within the province where the water-power is situated. 2. A summary of the report or reports made to the government on such water-power, if any report has been made, with date of the report and name of the party who has reported. 3. The power susceptible of being developed. 4. If under lease or alienated in any way, the name of lessee or purchaser, date, duration and condition of lease or purchase. 5. If under lease or alienated, whether public tenders were called for through the newspapers before lease or alienation took place. 6. If under lease or alienated, whether any report was sought and obtained by the government previous to such alienation, and by what officer such report was made to the government, and the purport of such report, as well as its date. 7. If under lease or alienation in any way, the amount due the government for rent or price of sale and arrears. 8. If under lease or alienated, whether the conditions of alienation have been fulfilled.

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