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GETchan Communist Music Archive
by American-Internationalist

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Most songs in this are to do with trade unions. Unfortunately actual recordings of songs are scant, but if I gain access to them I may reupload the video at a later date. 0:04 Te Hunga Mahi (The Internationale) 1:46 Anthem of the Communist Party of Aotearoa 5:25 Tame Iti 7:25 Ding Dong(?) 10:10 Anthem of the Residents Action Movement 11:41 Red Flag 13:44 E Tu 18:13 Treaty 22:14 Workers in Kontrol - Kraus 25:34 Union Rights are Human Rights - Not the Day Job 29:12 Shake This City 34:11 Unknown...
Topics: Aotearoa, New Zealand, Socialism, Communism, Music, Compilation, One Hour