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1:00 Victory Day 4:02 Oh Zhimuska 6:11 The Sacred War 8:52 The Partisan's Song 11:36 Smuglankya 14:44 Song About Disturbed Youth 18:40 Lets Go 22:00 Wide is My Motherland 25:48 Do Russians Want Another War? 29:08 Oh, the Roads 34:30 My Moscow 40:20 To Serve Russia 44:38 Lets Bow to Those Great Years 48:00 Officers 52:50 Song of the Volga Boatmen
Topics: Korea, North Korea, DPRK, Soviet Union, USSR, Russia, Socialism, Communism, Music, Compilation
GETchan Communist Music Archive
by Wessen

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0:00 City Girl Comes to a Village to Get Married 3:13 Whistle 6:54 Tondollari 11:14 My Country is the Best 15:04 No Motherland Without You 17:56 Heullari 22:58 We are Masters of the Farm 27:34 Train of Reunification Runs 30:08 Play With Flowers 32:48 Pangapsumnida 36:14 Thank You Comrade Kim Jong-Il 39:12 Are We Living Like in Those Days? 43:43 Young People of the Farm 48:59 Thats Thanks to the Leader's Care 53:24 Singosan Taryeong 56:22 Young People Loyal to our Party 58:50 Oh Zimushka 1:1:10...
Topics: Korea, North Korea, DPRK, Pop, Socialism, Communism, Music, Compilation