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GETchan Communist Music Archive
by Wessen

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0:00 My Address Is The Soviet Union 2:56 History has no winds, history has only winds! 5:34 That's us Speaking 8:46 Love, Kosmosol and Spring 12:04 Do Not Promise 15:10 The Best City on Earth 17:40 I will Get Off at the Far Station 21:40 Herbs, Herbs 25:56 A Soldier is Walking Through the City 29:06 I'll Take You to the Tundra 31:32 Kalina 34:20 Ferris Wheel 38:26 Everything That I Have In Life 42:44 This Never Happens Again 46:06 Zavirukha 50:26 Malinovka 52:56 A Song About the Captain 54:20...
Topics: Soviet Union, USSR, Pop, Socialism, Commumism, Music, Compilation, One Hour