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Probably my favourite version of this song, and yet I couldn't even find it on YouTube.
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On the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Red Army (23 February 1918) I decided to make a compilation of the songs of the Russian labor movement before the October Revolution. Songs from the 19th century and the Revolution of 1905 are included. The last song "Provodi" (or Bolshevik Leaves Home) is the only post-revolutionary song in this list - it was created in early 1918, around the time the first drafting of units into the Red Army took place. 0:00 The Internationale 3:57...
Topics: Russia, Russian SFSR, Russian Revolution, October Revolution, Socialism, Communism, Music,...
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From a record containing songs in multiple mostly Central Asian languages. This was one of only two Russian songs on it. Performer: Pavel Borisov (Павел Борисов) Year recorded: 1984 Composer: G. Papakhchyan (Г. Папахчян) Lyricist: B. Heine (Б. Гейне) Source: Vinyl Record "Узбекистан Интернациональный" Picture: Portrait of Vladimir Lenin
Topics: Soviet Union, USSR, CPSU, Lenin, Vladimir Lenin, Socialism, Communism, Music
A Soviet-era song about the friendship between the Russian SFSR and the Mongolian People's Republic.
Topics: Russia, Russian SFSR, USSR, Soviet Union, Mongolia, Friendship, Socialism, Communism, Music
The record this came from broke into three pieces in the mail, so I sent it to a specialist to recover as much of the audio as possible. It was maybe about 90% recovered and I managed to fix most of the rest, but, as you can hear, the third stanza and last line of the song have some noticeable clicking. The other side of the record has the Latvian language version of this song. Here's hoping that it can be recovered too. Singer: Radio Committee Chorus and Symphony Orchestra of the Latvian SSR...
Topics: Latvia, LSSR, Latvian SSR, Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union, USSR, Union of Soviet...
Here's an interesting piece that I just digitised from a record. I've never come across a Russian version of one of the SSR anthems before, though I suppose it makes sense in Latvia's case due to the large number of Russian-speakers there. Singer: "Teodor Kalnin" Choir ("Teodora Kalniņa" Koris), Latvian SSR State Symphony Orchestra (Latvijas PSR Valsts Simfoniskais Orķestris) Year recorded: 1980 Lyricist: Fricis Rokpelnis and Jūlijs Vanags (original Latvian), Pēteris...
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