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Another popular song from the Mongolian Revolution. Still used as a military march in modern-day Mongolia without lyrics under the name "The Banner March" (Тугийн Марш). Performer: Song And Dance Ensemble Of The Mongolian People's Army (Монголын Ардын Армийн Дуу Бужгийн Чуулга) Year recorded: 1981 Year composed: 1921 Source: Vinyl Record "Монголын Ардын Армийн Дуу Бужгийн Чуулга" Picture: Various...
Topics: Mongolia, Revolution, Socialism, Communism, Music
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Five military marches from the Mongolian People's Army, some from even before the Sino-Soviet Split. 0:00 БНМАУ-ын Сүлд Дуулал (State Anthem of the MPR) 2:38 Улаан Туг (The Red Banner) 5:46 Монгол-Зөвлөлтийн Нөхөрлөл (Mongolian-Soviet Friendship) 8:33 Монгол-Хятадын Нөхөрлөл (Mongolian-Chinese Friendship) 11:24 Түүхт Хил (Historic Boundary)
Topics: Mongolia, Mongolian Peoples Republic, MPR, Mongolian Peoples Army, March, Socialism, Communism
One of three popular songs from the Mongolian Revolution. Will post the other two soon. Translation note: "Banner of Revolution" is the official English name of this song. However, a more accurate translation would be something along the lines of "Banner With Brocade Letters". Lyric note: "Baron Ungern" refers to Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, a lieutenant general in the White Army who occupied Mongolia for five months before being overthrown and executed in the...
Topics: Mongolian Peoples Army, Монголын Ардын Арми, Mongolia, Монгол Улс,...