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tv   The Live Desk  FOX News  November 26, 2009 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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kelly: once again, happy thanksgiving, everyone. juliet: on the "the live desk" today, brand new pictures will always be on the right-hand side. in the top box, a couple of unindicted reality show one of these crashed the white house state dinner. we would tell you how it happened and what the secret service is saying about the controversy. hello, kelly. kelly: in the middle box, analysts are weighing in on the president's plan. he will do so on the heels of robert gibbs' claimed that -- so does that mean the commander in chief has an exit strategy and will he reveal in on tuesday night?
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juliet: in the bottom box, the cdc said there is a worrisome spike in bacterial infections related to the influence up. there are vaccines against these infections, so why aren't we getting them? kelly: indiana investigation underway -- did you hear about this one -- into a warehouse security breach. a reality tv one of the couple getting into one of the most secure places on earth. mchale and tariq slipping under the radar, despite the note into policy, pressuring president obama's -- crashing president obama's state dinner. they even got a photograph with vice-president joe biden.
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the whole night was posted on their facebook. wendell goler has more. this is a surprise to any season when house reporter, like yourself. >> the secret service identified a checkpoint that did not follow procedure. the white house may have questions for some of its own staffers because the failure may involve both white house aides and secret service. these checkpoints are usually staffed by a white house aide and a secret service agent. the party crushers would have had to convince the staff for that they were inadvertently left off the list and then they would have told the secret service agent that it was ok to let them in. that said, stickers service officials are embarrassed but said that they were checked like everyone else and it does not appear that they got close to the president or first lady, but
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as you can see, they got close to the vice-president. they can expect to answer some questions, although it is not clear if they will be charged with anything. kelly: why did they do it? that is the big question. >> this may have been an effort to get themselves on a broader network reality tv show "the real housewives of d.c." we know that they are petitioning for the show, bravo has been following them around the camera crews, but they have not said anything about this one. kelly: so the white house got punked? what are they saying today? >> the president wanted to
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extend a happy thanksgiving for all of the armed men and women around the world. besides that, it is a pretty quiet day, no public events. kelly: we know they are going to zero in on that first turkey. juliet: courage for the turkey that they pardoned yesterday. iran's air force and wrapping up war games today meant to demonstrate its military capacity. israel has said that it will take actions to prevent them from building a nuclear weapon. the united nations''s nuclear watchdog says negotiations with iran are at a dead end. mohammad elbaradei making the
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remark today in vienna. the group is going un resolution demanding iran freeze resolutions at the once-secret site. steve centanni is in washington. what is expected to have been indiana? >> the 35 members of the international atomic energy agency are expected to vote on that resolution today or tomorrow, and that it kept this nuclear site secret. mohammad elbaradei says he has come to a dead end trying to get cooperation from iran and says he is disappointed they have refused to accept a proposal that would have seen 75% of its uranium enriched outside of the country and then returned as fuel rods for a power plant. juliet: if it looks like china might go along with the
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resolution? >> that would be a major milestone. it would offer support to putting more pressure on iran in the future, if there is the need to do that. according to the "washington post" officials were successful in convincing china that it to do anything it could to avoid a middle east war. the former u.n. ambassador says israel has not yet decided whether to launch an attack. >> nobody thinks the use of force is the preferred outcome, but when you look at the only other option, which is in iran with a nuclear weapon, nobody should be surprised that israel is getting ready to make that decision. >> he also says it should come to no surprise to mohamad elbaradei either. in all these years, iran has failed to cooperate. juliet: when did he say about
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this resolution possibly backfiring? >> he said he is worried it will intensify iran's siege mentality. this new resolution would call on iran to shut down one of its new we're facilities. analysts say that, because it is low capacity, is only suited for the purpose of developing a weapon, not power. it could not accommodate the centrifuges needed for a power plant. juliet: thank you. kelly: a tragic end to a story told you about this today. that man trapped upside-down in a cave in the utah has died. he was stopped for more than a day, stuck inside a hole inside a cage. john jones died early this morning.
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authorities say he got stuck in a hole that measures only 10 inches by 18 inches, upside- down, and had trouble breathing. rescuers were able to get to him but could not pry him free in time. turkey on the menu tonight, even in the iraqi desert. america's armed forces still burning things giving away from their families. -- celebrating thanksgiving away from their families. dominic is streaming to us from camden victory in baghdad. >> america is the master of demobilizing large numbers of men and women, but mobilizing the kitchen to feed all of them? we will see just how good of a dime they are doing.
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when you are feeding 115,000 troops for thanksgiving, you need a whole lot of turkey. 4,500 pounds of turkey here are being dished out. >> it is great. >> on this day, commanders take orders from the lower ranks, and they're doing everything they can to make them feel at home as possible. >> we have all the sides. >> this is my third thanksgiving being deployed, in my career. they just did a wonderful job. >> it is a celebration here. less than one year from now, the
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majority of troops on the ground here will be back home with their families. back to you. kelly: happy thanksgiving to all of those brave young men and women. juliet: as we just said, thousands of them spending the holidays far away from home. next week, many of their troops -- fellow troops in the u.s. will be hearing any decision from president obama on the afghan strategy. >> i am from st. petersburg, florida. i want to say hello to my family. i miss you. happy thanksgiving.
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and juliet: will come back to "the live desk." remembering the mumbai massacre. today in -- this week marks the one-year anniversary. in the middle box, the funeral for shaniya davis. it was paid for by basketball star shaquille o'neal. the newspaper reporting that he was so touched by the case he
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decided to do it. her mother is charged with child prostitution, while another man is charged with murder- kidnapping. the space shuttle atlantis getting ready for landing, but today they were treated to a thanksgiving dinner, although probably not thas delicious as e one served a while ago. kelly: president obama's set to announce his decision on a new strategy for afghanistan. on tuesday night, he will be speaking from west point academy. caroline shively is with us from washington with more details. what do we expect to hear tuesday night? >> details, benchmarks, and goals, and how many u.s. troops will be sent there. the president made 10 think giving phone calls on ready to
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date -- thanksgiving phone calls already today. they made it clear that this will not be an open-ended commitment and table also talk about hamid karzai, saying the other has to be a new chapter in governance. kalikow the president also has another challenge because the u.s. -- kelly: the president also has another challenge because the u.s. wants nato allies to increase their troop commitments. >> officials have said that nato allies should increase the lead and is even calling into members, putting the pressure on them. the u.s. and great britain have been pushing for more troops but it is not a popular idea in europe right now. support for the war there is dropping. they plan to announce any
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decision in january. kelly: the question is how fast the anticipated buildup for the u.s. would go. >> the goal is 2010 for the first wave of americans, but afghanistan is not like iraq, there are not many roads or airports. most of the troops would have to be sent by air. pentagon officials they can build it -- they can send a trip every month, and that puts you into 2012 before everyone is there. as for nato troops, it may take a while longer before they decide how many more if they want to send more troops. kelly: thank you, caroline. juliet: let's talk more about the president's decision on tuesday night. let me bring and major general bob scales. have a thanksgiving.
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-- happy thanksgiving. tuesday night is a big night. what do you want to hear from the president? >> the president will lay out his strategy, and instead of focusing on the number of troops deployed, he but talk about the exit strategy, how long they will be committed to afghanistan. remember, the audience is the cadets at west point, and this is what they want to hear. they want to know what is in their future, when they will deploy, and how long the army is committed to this. juliet: that is the question. what should the strategy be, in your mind, as an expert in this field, what should be the strategy? >> three things. regain the initiative. number two, reduce the corruption in the karzai government. most important and difficult,
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rebuild the army and police force. right now the army has 45,000 detectives. in order for the u.s. to pull out of afghanistan, need to have about 250,000. you cannot train an army like that from scratch. it takes years not only to raise the troops but also to create an army that is competent in the field. juliet: secretary gates was talking about that, and bank of the afghan to appear before us. how confident are you that they can do so without much u.s. involvement? how long? decade? >> i would say a decade. i have seen their army in action. the army is a little bit better than the police. the police are terribly affected, they are corrupt. the army, there are a couple of brigades that are pretty good.
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the rest are just a long way from being competent. there is no infrastructure in place to be there to support a larger army. the bottom line is, afghanistan is not iraq, the mission is much more difficult and it will take much longer to build the afghan army and an inability iraqi army. juliet: press secretary kids was saying that we are not going to be there for eight or nine years, and that sort of conflicts with what they want to be doing. >> the best-laid plans of the administration are interesting, but at the end of the day, it is the enemy that determines how long we stay. right now the town and believe they have the initiative. they are recruiting just as fast as the afghans are. that first need to be turned around and the afghans need to be convinced that they are on the losing end of this more.
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kelly: there is a new morning about the h1n1 virus, and then the year -- illness that could mean the susceptible to it. of vital information that could protect you and your family.
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the juliet: will come back to "the live desk." president obama in the top box calling 10 u.s. service members to wish them a happy thanksgiving and tell them how grateful the nation is to their sacrifice. in the middle box, hundreds are forced out of their homes after a fire tears through an apartment building in the southeast part of london. it took firefighters 125 -- to
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be exact -- to contain the fire. in the bollenbach, torrential rain near the holy site of mecca, just as thousands gather. kelly: a new warner regarding h1n1 virus. the centers for disease control says patients to catch the virus are now at a greater risk of developing serious back. -- bacterial pneumonia. here are some quick facts about that. it kills 6000 in the country every year. it is one of the most common causes of death from a preventable disease. two vaccines are available, one for adults, one for children. those with a weakened immune
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system or anyone suffering from a chronic lung or heart disease by those who are hurt the most. with me now is a doctor from the university of maryland school of maryland. happy thanksgiving to you. >> same to you. kelly: h1n1 seems to always be coming back with a vengeance. this time, perhaps causing bacterial pneumonia. what causes that? >> as a matter of fact, it is not that unusual. what kills people every year, a lot of times, is a secondary bacterial pneumonia. we have bacteria in our system. it lives there. then you get a virus like the flu, it in flames those areas so that bacteria can enter more
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easily, it weakens your immune system, and then you can get a secondary bacterial infection. that is usually what happens, a post-influenza bacterial pneumonia or meningitis is what is killing people. juliet: so all those folks concerned out there about this one flu vaccine -- my sister had it. how do we prevent this from happening to us? >> there is a vaccine. there is a new step ammonia, and we have a vaccine for it. -- strap and ammonia, and we have a vaccine for it. it is recommended that they get bad vaccine every 10 years anyway. then there is the child vaccine also for pneumococcal.
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remember, that is only 10% of them. usually help the people get the flu without a problem, but certainly if you are in a high risk group, you should talk about the pneumococcal vaccine, get the h1n1 vaccine and it is available. kelly: a lot of people are gathered around household right now, over the holidays, some maybe coughing on each other. what advice do you give to the public to protect themselves from h1n1? >> the same as always. maybe a few less kisses. certainly, washing your hands, do not touch your hands or -- faced for eyes, wash your hands often. as soon as you can get it, get the h1n1 vaccine. over 90% of the flu this year is h1n1.
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we are not seeing that much seasonal flu. kelly: thank you so much. juliet: and coughing and sneezing into your elbow. moving on, one key factor in the israeli-palestinian peace process is the son of being built in the west bank. yesterday israel pledged to stop construction but palestinians say it is an empty promise. and it is the golf and capital of america, but today, some of florida's most lush links a look like a forest. >> staff sgt jamal from brooklyn, new york. hello to my family. eat some good turkey. love you.
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kelly: time now for the top stories. in the top box, the secret service launch a review into two reality show wanted these -- wannabe's, crushing the white house state dinner. in the middle box, the iaea says negotiations with iran is at a dead end because they are not cooperating. in the bottom box, sailor
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mickey, and the newest balloon in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. and juliet: palestinians asking uncle sam for help, asking to put pressure on israel to halt construction of israeli settlements in the west bank. yesterday, israeli announced a 10-month bill increased, saying it was up two palestinian leaders to restart peace talks, but they say is just smoke and mirrors. mike tobin has the latest. happy thanksgiving. >> you as well. so far the u.s. is calling this gesture significance. israeli prime minister calling for a 10-month moratorium on new settlements in the west bank. he says it is intended to entice
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palestinians back to the bargaining table. >> we hope this decision will launch of any negotiations to reach an historic peace agreement that will finally end the conflict between israel and the palestinians. >> the move as effectively puts the ball back in the palestinian support. talks are now is to refuse. the catch is, palestinian to not perfect the moratorium because 3000 housing units under construction in the west bank will be completed by the mother -- moratorium is in place. the moratorium also -- also did not include east jerusalem. that is why they believe this is a nonstarter. it did in her the israeli right who voted netanyahu to power
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because they are in favor of west bank settlement construction, however, it was not enough to threaten his governing coalition. kelly: thank you. the beaches, golf sound pretty great, but in florida, you may have to trade in your driver for a machete. a slumping economy turning their ways into wildernesses. steve centanni shows us the way. >> the 13th fairway at this country club is not what it used to be, nor are the property values of the homes that line it. >> the home that used to look out onto the manicured golf course now see a jungle. >> golf course and jungles are springing up across florida.
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>> once mintos, the first to disappear is bermuda grass. this used to be a putting green. an average of one course a day was built for a decade, most of them tied to new homes. >> builders identified a golf courses as an excellent tool to sell real-estate. >> once the developments sold, some communities struggled with maintenance costs, which can exceed $2 million a year. there was also a culture where man could not disappear for the weekend. >> what are the days when he can go to the golf course and come back to clock. >> some are experimenting with shorter, executive golf courses. >> we are trying to make golf
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polymorph friendly, quicker, attract more of the masses. >> making got to easy, friendly, fast, may prove to be tougher than hitting a 1 iron. kelly: when do you think, of little the extreme golf? >> we grew up in miami, there are some snakes down there. not that we are being snobs. kelly: what? you cannot play golf the way you want to. juliet: a new poll gets into the mind of americans this holiday season. we are asking if americans have more or less to be thankful for now compared to 10 years ago.
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when asked if they would rather have dinner with hillary clinton or sarah palin, secretary clinton wins with 42%. sarah palin not too far behind with 39%. kelly: president obama and republicans are both addressing the country today with different recipes on the best way to create jobs and revive the u.s. economy. in the meantime, the latest gallup poll says 63% of you believe the economy is getting worse, as to who made the better case?
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kelly: president obama addressing the nation this morning, acknowledging the economic struggles that many are facing right now. he pointed to measures his administration put in place to these people's financial troubles. >> that is why we passed the recovery act that cut taxes for 90% of people in small business is, and extended health coverage for millions in this turmoil. kelly: mike pens is giving the republican response, suggesting
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the white house has not done enough. >> the administration continues to insist their stimulus is working but unemployment is now at a heartbreaking 10.2%. kelly: monica crowley is a conservative radio host and the fox news contributor. susan estrich is also with us. in full disclosure, both are very good friend of mine, so we will have a debate, regardless. good to see you both. let's begin with how mr. obama is handling the economy. there is a poll -- if we can show it. there you go come 39% approve of the way he is handling it, 43% disapproved. monica, what do you think? >> this is just a single
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snapshot and we do not know how the question was asked, but i do believe that a lot of americans are suffering from the unemployment rate. i think a lot of americans are seeing what is going on, big government policies that are not working -- economic stimulus and what not. that was one poll, but i believe there was another poll in new jersey, virginia, where the republicans got some traction. voters are starting to question the policies of the democrats and are wondering what they can see from the other side. kelly: susan, what are you thinking? >> the other poll that you
1:43 pm
showed while she was talking -- maybe she did not catch it. asking americans about the economy. >> it is interesting because it shows 52% with president obama, which is in range of his overall approval. what is interesting to me is the republicans are not getting the kind of attraction that monica believes they should have. there are a lot of people who are unemployed, for sure, and the question is, what is the republican alternative? that is what they need going into the midterm election, and i do not think they have put it on the table yet. >> because republicans are in such a minority in congress, it is difficult to get things forward, but they are arguing for tax cuts across the board
1:44 pm
for individuals and small businesses as well as a temporary suspension of the payroll tax. if you give the country more of its money, there will be job creation. we saw it when john f. kennedy lower the marginal tax rate. -- lower the marginal tax rate. -- lowered the marginal tax rate. kelly: a lot of people are suggesting that we move forward with something that creates more jobs now, like manufacturing. i am hearing that this is something the president wants to work on. >> i do not think the president can afford to abandon health care. if you push the ball 95% of the hill -- up the hill, you better
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go ahead and finish the job. i think they are going to get health care reform through, but then of course, it is going to look at the jobs situation. the question then is are you willing to spend more money? now i hear monica's wheel's spinning -- no more stimulus plan. >> you are right about that. kelly: what is the american side for finding a consensus and getting out there and do with what has to be done in order to create jobs for the american people? >> when president obama came into office, he promised and on reached hand to the republicans, and it would be very interesting now if the obama, who has not done that to this point, says this jobs situation is much more stubborn
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than any of us anticipated, so i will work with you on small business tax cuts, let's work on that together. i think that would be a promising start in the new year. kelly: susan, final point? >> i think he will invite them to the summit, in the thanksgiving spirit, and it will all be fine. kelly: thank you so much. over to juliet. juliet: it could be a bumpy ride -- depending on where you are traveling. dennis deane will have what to watch for. and high in the sky and larger than life. it would not be a thing as giving without macy's day parade. >> this is robert hamilton from
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corpus christi, texas. i want to say hello to my family. be home soon.
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juliet: welcome back. the world health organization says icily the cases of drug- resistant h1n1 flu in the u.s. and britain have not changed the agency's assessment of the disease. in the middle box, full containment expected today for the orange county wildfire. santa ana winds blamed the fires across 80 acres. in the bottom box, bargain hunters gearing up for black friday. one of the busiest shopping days
1:51 pm
of the year. some stores opening at midnight tonight. if you do not get everything you want at the stores, there is always cyber monday. kelly: much of the country today is experiencing some chilly weather and maybe some rain. but in hawaii, we are talking about some sun and some cerf. take a look at that surf. 20-foot waves being produced today and it had brought out some pretty hard-core surfers. lifeguards are asking everyone except for the experienced servers to stay out of the water. juliet: it is a grab bag of weather across the country and janice dean has been telling us all about it. >> how are you today? did you have some of that
1:52 pm
thanksgiving dinner? it is good. juliet: it is being delivered. >> we do have an upper level low that is bringing in a mixed bag of rain, wind, and snow. not a blockbuster storm but it could delay your troubles. in the northwest, some showers moving into this area and the coastal storm turning to reduce starting to take shape off the coast of the carolinas. this could be a bigger deal on saturday and saturday night. we have the potential for rain and snow across the mountains of pennsylvania, up to new york, the appalachians. 12 inches is not out of the question as the storm system pushes north toward. some significant wins as well as we head into saturday night.
1:53 pm
that is where we have the potential for 30-mile per hour winds. we have a ridge of high pressure that is dominating the eastern part of the country and the temperatures will be dropping significantly over the next 24 hours. it is going to drop as far south as the deep south. freeze warnings in effect tonight. we have a shuttle landing to watch tomorrow morning. temperatures will be around 56 degrees. i think we should be ok for a landing. yourlows, as i mentioned, 41 in memphis, 43 in kansas city. all of this is going to set us up for a blockbuster storm,
1:54 pm
possibly, next week. we could have a winter storm for the beginning of next week. juliet: thank you. thank you, jimmy. calicut's see how much our crew loved us? juliet: this is very kind of fox to do this. oh my. we want to say thank you to everyone who is working with us today. working hard, as they always do. where is my mimosa? calicut thousands turning out to see the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. we have snoopy, spider-man, and
1:55 pm
even santa claus. one guy has been designing these floats for about 30 years now. we went into the macy's design central. >> john piper shows off his newest float designed, but before it makes its appearance in the thanksgiving day parade, he is making a list and checking it twice. >> come on board. if you are going to be next to santa, you are going to hold the reins. >> there are three things you need to be to work here, an artist, something of an engineer, and you cannot grow up. i answered an ad for a carpenter back in 1980.
1:56 pm
>> with a background in the theatrical design, he first began with sketches of flux, and then moved into balloons. >> and this year, mickey mouse will have his 40th different appearance. >> don lives and works for thanksgiving. in 1986, his daughter was born on thanksgiving eve. >> i was able to come that night for the blue and inflation, and now she works with me. >> he glows with the joy of his job. >> it is just an amazing thing. people come together to share join with family and friends. >> when it comes to this part of the parade, he is clearly think all for his job. on thanksgiving, he already starts planning for next year.
1:57 pm
kelly: thank you. juliet: the white house is not amused by a couple who crashed a state dinner. they were not on the guest list but they ended up mingling with the vice president, rahm emanuel.
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juliet: happy thanksgiving, everybody. kelly: here are some of the story we are following. in the top box, they were not on the guest list, but somehow they still got a picture with a vice president and a lot of people want to know how a husband and wife crashed them white house state dinner. in the middle box, the celebration of thanksgiving thousands of miles from home. we will take to the front lines of iraq and afghanistan to show you how the troops are spending the holiday. in the bottom box, iran on the receiving end of some tough talk from the iaea. juliet: the international frustration with iran over its nuclear ambitions appears to be growing. the head of the iaea says his agency has reached a dead end in its ability to determine what iran is up to. this comes as the international
2:01 pm
atomic energy agency governing board meets, demanding that iran immediately stops work at its recently revealed uranium enrichment site. steve centanni is in washington. what was in that prompted the frustration on the part of the iaea chief mohammad elbaradei? >> mohammad elbaradei will soon leave his post as the head of the i e a -- iaea and expressed his disappointment in producing an agreement to have a branch of its uranium to come to an countries. he says he ran is refusing to cooperate. the former u.n. ambassador says this should come to no surprise. >> he has provided more political cover for the iranian nuclear program than anyone else in the world. the fact today that four days before the end of his tenure he
2:02 pm
wakes up to the fact that iran has been stonewalling really falls into the category of too little, too late. >> he leaves office after 12 years on the job. juliet: what happens next? >> the organization will vote on sanctions on that newly discovered enrichment plant. officials in iran said it was meant as a backup for the natanz location in case and came under attack. tehran admitted it had been secretly building a new enrichment facility. juliet: thank you. kelly: iran continue to flex its military muscle in large-scale war games. today marks they find.
2:03 pm
today, iranian state tv reported armed forces fired a british missiles. -- upgraded missiles. juliet: somber ceremonies in india today one year after the mumbai terror attacks. a series of the events being held, including a parade, as all pay tribute to the victims. 106 people were killed. it took police nearly three days to regain control. commandos killed nine gunmen and captured the 10th. calicut's this thanksgiving day in -- kelly: thanksgiving day is happening here at home as well as for men and women serving abroad. for some, breaking bread with their fellow soldiers is just as
2:04 pm
good as being home. one camp when through 2,000 pounds of turkey. about 8,000 pounds of sweet potatoes as well. >> it is as good as you can get without actually being there. the food is good but it is not grant non's cooking, not the family atmosphere, and this is my new family for the past few months. what more could you ask for? >kelly: there are more than 32,000 troops serving from wisconsin. we are proud of you. afghans fighting the taliban alongside u.s. troops sat down with the u.s. counterparts for a thanksgiving day dinner. greg palkot is with us. >> we are here and come out of post.
2:05 pm
instead of keeping tabs on terrorists, they were traveling down today. roast beef was just one of the death -- delicacy's that the soldiers were able to keep the day after thanksgiving lunch. we are based in afghanistan at this combat outpost, and they are usually training afghan soldiers. today, it was time out. also on the menu, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, shipped in from nearby. these soldiers have three more months and their deployment, although they are looking forward to next year when they will be spending the holidays at home. >> from all of us, happy thanksgiving.
2:06 pm
>> tonight is the final of this the fussball final as well as some football games and to the afn. juliet: the salvation army is serving 10,000 meals in new york city, prepared by an executive chef. >> that is right, 10,000 meals, attended locations across the city. we have teamed up with a new york's city caterer as well as some executives from goldman sachs. we have a lieutenant colonel with us now. how have things gone? >> really well. some areas where we thought we would get a lesser grounds, we got a lot, but overall it has been a steady stream of people.
2:07 pm
logistically, people have been as, their ability to come together, it has been fantastic. >> we have spoken to a lot of people today. what are we going to do with the leftovers? >> we are certainly prepared to do a lot of take-out meals. we have not -- we have also got a number of them going oit as soon -- out as soon as this program is done. >> these people have been here all day setting up, now they are breaking stuff down. >> it has been great all morning. it has been a great job, serving people, making people feel at home, which and everyone a happy thanksgiving. >> 10,000 meals.
2:08 pm
it was a huge jump, but it looks like they are notable this off. >> and they were able to do this at cost. that is just huge. we are absolutely thankful for great performances, and thankful for our corporate and individual volunteers, and for fox, and everything they have done to get the message ot. -- out. >> just a reminder that there are still on of hungry people of their. juliet: goldman sachs there are doing -- not handing out money -- but what have they been doing today? >> the volunteers will not go on camera, but they have been working just as hard as all of the volunteers here.
2:09 pm
juliet: thank you. kelly: the federal reserve is running ads that movie theaters them, giving you advice on how to avoid costly mistakes. >> i want to send a special holiday greeting, happy thanksgiving coming to my parents and family and friends in st. petersburg and tampa, florida. i love you all. i love you all.
2:10 pm
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a juliet: welcome back. in the top box, president obama calling 10 u.s. service members to wish them a happy thanksgiving and tell them how think we are for their service and sacrifice. in the middle box, mahmoud ahmadinejad and hugo chavez both the mounting u.s. imperialism during the clinton and john's trip to venezuela. in the bottom box, the astronauts treated to enter the dinner for thanksgiving. kelly: we want to show you this massive fire in south london, forcing more than 300 from their homes. you are looking at the results of the devastating fire. several people suffering from smoke inhalation.
2:13 pm
the london fire brigade says a least 125 firefighters were called to the scene to combat the blaze. the cause of the fire is not known. juliet: new developments in the roman polanski case. swished officials to enable the least the film maker -- swiss officials will release the film maker on bail. of course, he fled the u.s. in the 1970's after he was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. kelly: $14.5 million bail. the federal reserve going hollywood. starting tomorrow, movie theaters will begin screening in public service on how you can use credit cards wisely. molly henneberg, what kind of tips will we see in the movies?
2:14 pm
>> happy thanksgiving. the ad includes reminders about how credit card companies work, one way is that fees or charges to an account, so that a consumer can try to avoid those fees. here is part of their new ad. >> know the date your payment is due and pay on time. when you pay on time, you can avoid late fees. stay below your credit limit. if not, your interest could be increased. >> you will only see this in certain movie theaters. kelly: does that mean it is in selected theaters? >> it is very specific. the 45-second ads begin tomorrow in 12 u.s. cities.
2:15 pm
the various cities were chosen to represent the federal reserve's 12 regional banks. ads will run through december 3. kelly: are there new credit card regulations coming through? >> there were new regulation that went into effect in august. companies have to give you a notice of an interest-rate hike 45 days before th. the house and voted to move up to date of them flying -- applying those. calico a lot of people would welcome that if they moved it up. juliet: talk about a bad dream. the california man passes out behind the wheel of a truck,
2:16 pm
crashes into a fence and into a row of cessna airplanes. when he woke up, he was underneath one of the airplanes. the driver and his dog were not hurt. kelly: the commander in chief days away from announcing his decision on the way forward in afghanistan as a brand new polls show how americans feel about the way president obama is handling the war. and can he sell his new strategy to members of both sides of the aisle in congress?
2:17 pm
2:18 pm
2:19 pm
kelly: welcome back. time for an update on a story we
2:20 pm
brought yester day. and then was stuck in a cave for more than a day. unfortunately, he has died. john jones was trapped in a small hole for nearly 24 hours. rescuers tried to free him. he was crawling headfirst into a narrow passage when he got stuck. at one point, he was nearly pulled free, only to fall back and, and that is when his condition took a turn for the worse. juliet: the commander in chief letting the current -- soldiers know that they are in his thoughts as he gets ready to unveil his new plan in afghanistan. he will be speaking on tuesday after months of review. >> the white house says the president know this will have an impact on our troops. today he called 10 men and women
2:21 pm
serving overseas to wish them a happy thanksgiving. on tuesday he bill outlined his strategy, expected to involve sending in 30,000 more troops. the white house insists this is not an open-ended engagement. secretary gibbs says that we are in year nine of our effort in afghanistan and we are not going to be there another eight or nine years. there is no specific time line, but the president will discuss an exit strategy, emphasizing the training of afghan security forces. also, a focus on counterinsurgency. this strategy will take time to implement. it could take two years to get another 35,000 troops on the ground in afghanistan. juliet: thank you. kelly: president obama is days away from a decision in afghanistan, but the announcement could be the easy part. the hard part could be getting
2:22 pm
everyone on board with the plan. that means liberals within his own party, republicans, and most importantly, you the american people. the latest abc poll shows that 56% approve of the way the president is handling the way so far. this is the opposite of a poll four months ago in july. in james carolina is a homeland security expert. he is also a fox news consultant. the president has a task before him, and that is to make known to the public on tuesday when his plans are for afghanistan. we are hearing he could add as many as 30,000 troops. if he does, how will he be able to sell that to his liberal constituents, republicans, and moderates as well?
2:23 pm
>> when the history of this is written, we are going to find out that the president spent months not try to come up with a military strategy, but a political strategy to keep the liberal anti-war part of the party under control, but i am afraid he will lose both. he will come out with something of an exit strategy, but the enemy gets a vote and then there are going to try to disrupt that. on the other side, he is going to go to conservatives and say that we are putting more troops in but we know it is not enough because the generals assessment called for lot more. -- a lot more. kelly: it seems like you are
2:24 pm
saying the president is trying to please all sides and perhaps he needs to do what is best for the situation, regardless of what people think. >> he is trying to do with lyndon johnson tried to do. he does not want to look weak on national security but enough so that he doesn't feel like he is expanding the war. now the taliban and al qaeda are going to do whatever they can do to make the war look on winnable -- unwinnable. without all the troops that were requested, i do not know how this will happen. kelly: explain why you believe the general mcchrystal's strategy of adding 40,000 -- why you believe and general
2:25 pm
mcchrystal -- the general mcchrystal's strategy of adding 40,000 troops would be best? >> there are two key things to do. one is to take away the space of the taliban operating in afghanistan. you build up the capacity of the afghan people to govern themselves, the security and military force, and eventually they push back against the taliban. the other thing you do is demonstrate american resolve to the pakistanis so that they have the courage and resources to go after al qaeda. the faster you do that, the more resolutely you do that, the better the odds. the problem with the president's strategy of access strategies,
2:26 pm
the more you encourage all that and the taliban to stick it out, the more you will see them ramp up their operations. i am not kidding when i say that this looks of a lot like the strategy that we try to in vietnam. it will be our fault because we did not go in there sooner, faster, and harder. we hope the president is right in one respect, this is a war that is important to win. i do not know if he is going to get there, though. kelly: thank you. juliet: i would like to say that we are lightening it up right now, but not really, when you think about it. how do two people get past some of the tightest security in the world and crashed the state dinner?
2:27 pm
we are going to talk about this when we come back. >> my name is specialist pdinker. i want to say happy thanksgiving to my family back home in new jersey. go giants. to other people, then don't bother watching this commercial. i've taken precautions all my life to protect my identity.
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juliet: welcome back to "the live desk." in the top box, the world health organization says isolated cases of drug-resistant h1n1 flu in the u.s. and great britain have not changed their assessment of the disease and test tamiflu is still highly effective against the majority of cases. in the middle box, the iaea says it's iran in an investigation is at a dead end because they run is not cooperating. in the bottom box, white house party crashers. kelly has more. kelly: this ticket service has some explaining to do. an investigation under way on how a virginia couple crashed a state dinner at the white house. the couple walked right into the event, even though they were not brought -- on the guest list. inside, they rubbed elbows with
2:31 pm
the ip's -- vip's including the vice-president. when the bowler, who dropped the ball? >> there seems to be enough blame going around, and it may not be all on the shoulders of the secret service. you know how these things are staffed. it is the white house aide generally who keeps track of the white house guest list. presumably, they would have produced the white house aide that they should have been on the guest list, and then they would instruct the secret service agent to let them in. the officials know that they were still checked for weapons, and there were other layers of security between them and the first family. they did take pictures with joe biden as well as rahm emanuel. greenmount, as dinner spaces are assigned, presumably, and they
2:32 pm
assumed there would not be an extra couple of plates for them, so they left before dinner. kelly: what gets me is how brazen they were to pull this off. why did they do it? >> it could have been part of their condition for the bravo reality show a "real housewives of d.c." and it could also be part of the show. they showed up on tuesday with a camera crew and a makeup artist. bravo has come in fact, filmed some of their appearances. kelly: the good thing is the president is safe and well. what is on his agenda today? >> it is a quiet thanksgiving for the first family. earlier i mistakenly said the president had not gone to the oval office, meaning he did not go to work. certainly, he did.
2:33 pm
he spoke to attend service men and women stationed around the world to wish them a happy thanksgiving, thanked them for their service and their families for their sacrifice. kelly: thank you for sharing that with us. have a happy thanksgiving. juliet: the attorney for the couple tells the associated press "they just love a good party. it sounds like reality show material." but the secret service is not taking a light hearted view of the situation. so the question remains, how did they slipped past secret service checkpoints? joining me next is an author. great to have you here. we are staggering and laughing, but at this is not funny. secret service officials, they
2:34 pm
said the president was never in danger, but who knows? it is really concerning. >> totally just -- disingenuous for the secret service to say they were not in danger. it is their job to do everything to provide security. even though these people went through metal detectors, the fact is, they could have brought in, for example, anthrax. this was a risk of assassination. they could have been terrorists. they could have been on a wanted list for murder. they could have been agents for north korea or iran.
2:35 pm
in juliet: we are hearing that they are contestants on their reality show. i do not know if you can see the video. we are showing the video as they walk into one of the rooms at the white house. one of the pictures that gets me -- if you could get the picture of the one standing with and joe biden. do you think maybe they were just forgotten from the list? >> it is a misinterpretation to say that the social secretary's office may have messed up. the sixth service was honest and said -- secret service was honest and said that day did not make sure they were on the list, so in addition, they did not do any background checks.
2:36 pm
it was simply the secret service, which i go into my book, has been cutting corners to a shocking degree. they frequently do not do magnetometer screening, or they will shut it down early. security was worse than you would find in some office buildings. the secret service director should resign because it is not only this incident but many other shortcomings that i recount in my book. they are not keeping up-to-date with the latest fire arms, have cut back on a counter assault teams. they do not allow agents to have regular fire arms qualifications or physical training. it is very much like the madoff scandal and how the sec ignored
2:37 pm
the specific tips about how the fact that there were no assets. it is the same way with the secret service. they have a great reputation, but ever since homeland security took over in 2003, they have been cutting corners and bowling to pressures from congress. juliet: so just to confirm, you believe the head of the secret service should resign? >> absolutely, and the budget should be doubled or tripled. they are the agency charged with protecting the president of the united states. in addition, up to 30 people, including the white house chief of staff. juliet: ron kessler, thank you.
2:38 pm
kelly: the question is, did the couple break the law, and if so, much of their punishment be? let's bring in our legal panel. thank you for joining us this afternoon. it was like a tongue in cheek laughter, but as ron pointed out, this is a serious issue. they could have done anything. fortunately is not -- is not that way, but are they punishable by law? >> absolutely. this is not the first time someone has tried to crash the white house. typically we see someone trying to jump the gate. we recall in the clinton administration, and individual dumped over the fence because he supposedly wanted to me chesley clinton.
2:39 pm
he wound up doing 150 days in jail. as a matter of fundamental fairness, you cannot have two matters of standards. you have to treat them equally. >> this is very different. we have a couple here who made an audacious move, to say the least. but they entered the white house, gave their names -- that is what we are hearing -- they were escorted him, went through security. not only did secret service let them through, but a white house aide let them through. they were let in, basically on a red carpet. we cannot say they were trespassing. the fall lies here with the white house. the fault lies with the
2:40 pm
protocol. secret service passing the buck over to white house aides? in this day and age with balloon boy, this is what people are after, attention. they are getting more than their 15 minutes of fame. kelly: balloon by's parents are getting prosecuted. >> but where was the fraud? their father lied. these people said exactly who they were. >> we do not know that. >> on facebook, it is very clear. shame on the white house for letting them in. calicut the thing is, the balloon boy, they conducted a search for him and that costs millions of dollars. this did not cost anything.
2:41 pm
is this more like a trivial thing like winning crashers where people will jump into a wedding reception and then meet? >> it shows the weakness of the white house. if these people had malicious intent, our company would -- country would have been in jeopardy. >> i want to know how many trend in they were able to eat at a cocktail hour. then you know how much you can charge them. [laughter] kelly: happy thanksgiving. juliet: if they were auditioning, i think they might be getting on that show. organizers dropping to read the label pieces into the sea. we will tell you what is going on and what you might want to
2:42 pm
see this firsthand.
2:43 pm
so you say you have holiday stress? yes it's a lot of work for us.
2:44 pm
well it's easy to shop at we're talking about a lot of christmas lists doc. no problem. has everything. they have toys, electronics, jewelery, apparel ok. but the recession has made the boss a bit frugal. has discount prices, comparison shopping, free shipping offers. wow. thanks doc. now on to my fear of flying reindeer. can't help you there. aren't you a therapist? i'm the patient from the last session. doc's in the bathroom. juliet: welcome back. shaquille o'neal opened his car and wallet after hearing the kidnapping and murder of a 5- year-old girl. he paid for shaniya davis'
2:45 pm
funeral. more than two dozen people attended the memorial. her body was discovered six days after her mother reported her missing. the mother is now charged with human trafficking and child prostitution. another suspect, mario mcneil, is charged with murder, rape, and kidnapping. kelly: israel says it will freeze the building of west -- settlements in the west bank for 10 months, but palestinians are criticizing it, calling into severe. they are asking american envoys for help in getting the peace process back on track. mike tobin is with us. why would palestinians say the gesture is insincere? >> palestinians believe that because the prime minister call for a moratorium on new construction in the west bank. there are some 3000 housing units that are already under
2:46 pm
construction and it will continue on those units. so while this moratorium is in place, the building never stops. also, it does not include east jerusalem, landed at the palestinians want of their future state. therefore, negotiators have told me that this gesture on behalf of prime minister netanyahu is a nonstarter toward pit -- peace talks. kelly: how does the prime minister gain from making this type of move? >> it is a slick bit of politicking. he gets credit for making a gesture toward peace and he gets to keep building settlements at the same time. he also kicks the ball back into the palestinian's court, particularly because month and abbas at an ultimatum before, saying there would know -- would be no new peace talks without a freeze. arguably, there has been,
2:47 pm
arguably there had not been. kelly: it sounds like a chess game going on there. thank you. juliet: are you into scuba diving? kelly: i like it, but i have not given in the old college try. juliet: this is pretty cool. mexico building what is expected to be the world's largest underwater museum. the first three sculptures are submerged. they are under the waters in cancun. there will be about 400 lives sized pieces when the museum is finished in 2011. the project organizers also hope the museum will keep people away from the regions coral reefs. kelly: let's talk to our bosses to see if we can do that. juliet: i am going to give the
2:48 pm
go ahead. kelly: this is the 83rd macy's day thanksgiving -- macy's thanksgiving day parade. look at that, sailor mickey mouse. and there is sesame street. there were some big changes this year. the raid took a new route to avoid pedestrian walkways on broadway. for the first time in 40 years, santa claus road in a brand new sleigh. juliet: now for a look at your long holiday weekend forecast. janice dean is in the weather center. is there good news? >> let's take our time and go over the forecast.
2:49 pm
we have a storm system over here, bringing some inclement weather to chicago. not a huge storm, but certainly enough to cause some trouble delays. we have the pacific northwest watching this system, watching heavy rains proportions of washington and oregon. then the system off the coast of the mid-atlantic. in the next 12th to 24 hours, it will strengthen of coast and we may see the result of some rain and mountain snow for the northeast. certainly in new england in next 48 hours, it is not out of the question. then in the alleghenies, anywhere from 3 inches to 6 inches of snow. wind gusts are going to be in excess of 30 miles per hour, especially into friday and saturday. if you are traveling on the
2:50 pm
weekend, we could see some flight delays around the northeast corridor. shuttle landing tomorrow. we will be watching that tomorrow at 9:44. winds out of the northwest at 19 miles per hour. otherwise, it should be a picture-perfect landing. we will be following that space shuttle landing. i believe my time is up. and juliet: i was attending like i was sleeping. it was the turkey. always explains everything. kelly: a very happy homecoming for a war hero. one community shows a favorite son just how much she is loved. . -- he is loved. >> this is general could well
2:51 pm
from iraq. a month to say hello to my family. david, matt, and my third child, michael. god bless you. i love you and i miss you. happy thanksgiving. . bottom. needs work. sorry, son. [ female announcer ] you can't pass inspection with pieces left behind. introducing new charmin ultra strong. its new enhanced diamondweave texture is soft and more durable. more durable so you're left with a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. bottom. check. [ female announcer ] and that charmin softness. new charmin ultra strong. look for it in the new red package. for those who prefer moist wipes, try new charmin freshmates for a cleaner clean.
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juliet: nasa surprised a crew aboard the space shuttle atlantis today with a turkey dinner. the astronauts thought they would feast on leftovers, but the space agency stock the shuttle with a turkey dinner. not exactly would you expect here on earth, but these are tough astronauts with plenty of
2:55 pm
leftovers at home for them, because they are scheduled to land tomorrow. a beautiful day. kelly: he put his life on a line defending our freedom, and in time to come home from the holidays, his community surprised him with appreciation. our chicago philly it has this touching story of one u.s. marine's homecoming. >> brian is a hero of the homegrown variety. and this is how the 22-year-old marine was escorted to his home in beverly car rolling thunder, flashing lights, happy hearts. latter brian nor his family had any idea of the multimedia welcome that his friends and neighbors orchestrated. the route home was lined with yellow ribbon. the family house was festooned
2:56 pm
with flags, banners, and lights. >> i was not really expecting this at all. >> brian's family is all about service to others. his father is a lieutenant with the chicago fire department. those motorcycles are it mostly his father possibilities. his older brother, patrick, is a decorated marine who earned a paper -- purple heart in iraq. >> it is even more amazing to me. they know. >> his party had to give a book tours of duty. he is supposed to finish in june, but he says that the experience has given him a whole new appreciation for his life. >> you should never take anything for granted. kelly: and that was our chicago affiliate, wfld, reporting.
2:57 pm
just an incredible young man. juliet: how much is a good turkey worth? about $908,000. that is how much virginia tech students were award to complete the genetic map of turkey. this map will help turkey's lead healthier lives, but this is not just about gobblers. one is to identify genes that will produce better tasting birds, meaning one day your dinner could be better than ever. kelly: it is going to be turkey day. so many arthritis pain relievers --
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