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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  December 7, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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tonight, remembering elizabe she was fired many people with her battle against cancer. tonight remembering elizabeth edwards. high speed rail means a bridge right in the middle of downtown san jose. why the image that comes to mind for some residents is not a pretty one. ho, ho, ho,. >> jolly old st. nick lands on the naughty list. the joke that got him sacked and the new job offer he received tonight. i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. the president said her fortitude and grace will remain an inspiration. tonight prayers are coming in for elizabeth edwards who died to of cancer at the age of 61. she spoke frankly about not letting her deadly disease get in the way of her intenses for living. >> trust to get it done -- >> reporter: she was often
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direct and to the point even about the illness which today took her life. >> you really have two choices here. you either push forward with the things you were doing yesterday or you start dying. that seems to be your only two choices. >> we are very optimistic. >> reporter: she pushed forward for six years through several campaigns for high office, through a recurrence of the illness and through her husband's infidelity. >> there are days when, you know, people have been through what i've been through in my marriage or with this disease and have days when they just pull the covers back up over their heads and stay put. >> reporter: she died this morning at her home in chapel hill north carolina. doctors had told her further treatment would be un- productive but held out the hope she had maybe a few weeks more. it was not to be and in a statement a short time ago the edwards family said today we have lost the comfort of elizabeth's presence but she
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remains the heart of this family and it was her family, two daughters, her son and her estranged husband john who were with her at the end. we love her the family statement continued and will never conon more inspiring or full of life. she could be difficult and head strong behind the scenes or center stage but the important traits her admirers recalled this afternoon, passionate, inspirational, eclipsed others and were on display for years, especially as her death grew closer. during her illness she somehow found time to write two best selling books about her life and her struggles. >> actually i'm hoping that's one of the things this discussion will fix that people will see you're not necessarily dying of cancer but that you can also live with cancer and that -- and you can live full lives, concentrate on the things that matter to you, we're all going to die and i pretty much know
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what i'm going to die of now. but i -- but i do -- i do want to live as full and normal life as i can from this point on. >> reporter: dean remember -- reynolds cbs news. a man is under arrest charged of dragging a woman to her death. surveillance video is helping the investigators construct a moment by moment account of what happened in an i don't care this morning. >> reporter: she tried hiding his face from our camera but apparently did not hide his alleged guilt from police. >> we do have a confession from the suspect. >> reporter: that can only be described as a vicious and blood ky murder by pickup truck. he is accused of driving 47-year-old shelley baker to this market at the corner of 18th street just before 2:00 a.m. but what happened in the dark came to light courtesy
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of the gas station surveillance camera next door. >> it looks like some of her property is being either pulled or thrown out of the vehicle. >> reporter: he was arguing with baker as she bends to pick up belongings video shows him jumping behind the wheel of this silver nissan pickup truck, gunning the engine and. >> hits the victim very hard with the front end, knocks the victim down. the vehicle proceeds through the parking lot and it appears that the victim is under the vehicle for sometime. >> reporter: the skid marks suggest the woman was dragged more than 50 feet before the curb dislodged her body from the under carriage. the market's manager tells cbs five it's a haven for the homeless and prostitution. he allegely told police he just met his victim, perhaps that explains this response. >> he has made some statements
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trying mitigate his come account on this issue. >> reporter: his motive may be at question but police say what was captured on camera is crystal clear. >> it was clearly intentional. >> reporter: robert lisles, cps5. >> the woman stranded in the san that cruise mountains for nearly a week was well enough to hold a press conference tonight. she answered questions for about a half hour. she was walking in the woods late last month when she twisted her ankle and spent six nights in 30-degree temperatures, two hikers searched for and found her. she was weak, tired and cold but not seriously hurt. local lawmakers are working to get stricter pipelines safety legislation on the books. jerry hill discussed his bill before a forum attended by the victims of the gas blast. his proposal would require utilities to prioritize repairs
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near fault lines and install valves that could automatically sale off a ruptured line and ban utilities from using rate payer money to pay for penalties from the public utilities commission. eight people were killed, 38 homes were destroyed in the september explosion. the state's push planned 800-mile long high speed rail will pass right through san jose. good news for travelers but not so good for people in downtown who say it might be an eyesore. we have more from san jose to explain options and obstacles discussed tonight. >> reporter: dana, the city is in the early stages to figure out what it may look like if and when it comes through san jose but it's clear it will take a long time and not everyone is going to be happy. when it comes to design, it's a fine line between being icon and ugly. this is what they thinks an elevated track might look look
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coming through. it could look like this standing 20 to 60 feet tall with suspension cables. alvarez would be able to see it from her driveway and says the early concept design is beautiful. you don't mind looking at it every day? >> no, i don't. i don't mind looking at it but i'm just worried about the noise. >> reporter: at a san jose counsel meeting the mayor says it's unsafe and expensive but the counsel voted to study the option. >> what is tunneling about and then you can at least have that conversation knowing the facts are on the table and we can get to whether it's under ground or above ground and what does it look like. >> reporter: a white bridge with suspension cables isn't new. this is a foot bridge over 280. the city will also adopt so-called visual at the sign guidelines to make sure if a
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bridge is eventually built it isn't an eyesore. how do you keep it from looking ugly? >> ugly is in the eyes of a beholder but if you sigh ugly, you know ugly. >> reporter: it would dominate her backyard but at this slow pace she's not worried. >> i won't be around. >> reporter: so that's kind of a morbid way to look at it. >> and terrible to say that but i hope to live to be 100. >> reporter: and the city voted tonight to spend $200,000 on staffing and consultants make sure that if this bridge -- if it is a bridge looks world class and according to the rail authority, they expect to be running passengers sometime in 2020. >> all right. world class or not, it's still a bridge for a train. some bay area cities are finding it a little easier to make money these days by minting it themselves. they are using specifically
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designed tokens. businesses buy them and give them out change. the toe kins also raise money when people don't redeem them them. >> that money goes into that organization and is given out in grants. the kids need guitars for the music class, new books for the library. the fire department needs something. that money stays in the community. >> yeah, so far the program has raised about $16,000. the first grants will be awarded next year. the program is so popular it may start in fair fax as well next year. he was hired to help spread christmas cheer. >> ho, ho, ho, ho. >> why a bay area macy's told this santa you're fired and who said you're hired. and check this out, how you can get your hands on these big
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rocks. and today we had temperatures anywhere from 57 to the cool spot to 69. say good buy to the sunshine and the rain as eyewitness news continues on the cw.
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tacked pearl harbor. scenes from 69 years ago the morning of december 7th 1941 waves of japanese war planes, the following day congress declared war against japan. some of the pearl harbor survivors greeted the children in concord today before going to a sunset ceremony. they wanted to give a little insight to the children about the day that president roosevelt
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said would live. >> the first ship to get underway, we got out to the harbor and there was a japanese sub waiting for us and sent two torpedoes at us but there was a reef between us so we were lucky. >> the history of why we're here is beneficial to them, to know who they are. >> the vets later headed up where they met other vets to commemorate the day. the beacon there was lit tonight and will shine overnight this evening to honor those who served and died. it seems that santa is on his own naughty list this year. at least one macy's in san francisco thinks so. we see why the store gave him the heave ho, ho, ho. >> reporter: where does santa stay while he's not at the north pole? at the budget inn.
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let's say hello. 68-year-old john had trouble catching his breath today. he's been explaining over and over and over again why after 20 years as one of the main santas macy's fired him. >> this couple came in and sat on my knee and i asked them if they had been good, and they said oh, yes. and i said well that's too bad, you know why santa is so happy and jolly all the time, tonight you? they said no. and i said well that's because santa knows where all the naughty girls and boys live. >> he thought it was a cute joke for grownups and telling it for 20 years but that couple complained so macy's called his manager and told her the gig was up. >> they told her to get rid of me right now. >> reporter: really? that's all? we wanted to get macy's side of the story but they said they
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tonight comment on personnel matters. but santa john is still laughing. there is now a facebook page to get him rehired and 900 comments. i met him ten years ago when he taught me how to be a santa. in the community santa john is known as one of the real pros. >> we'll give you a job double and a chair twice as big. >> reporter: they are ready to hire him down the street from macy's and some want him to work the toy drive with firefighters and thinks having a celebrity santa would be great and he is a celebrity. >> tv stations, radio stations, print media, all want a piece of santa now. >> reporter: getting fired could be the best career move this santa ever made. >> ho, ho, ho, ho. >> reporter: in san francisco mike sugarman. >> just a bowl full of jolly.
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he will work this holiday season. we're told he did except that job tonight. >> i thought it was a bowl full of jelly. >> but he seemed so jolly. >> joelly, jelly. >> just think a bowl full of that. if you think, hey, what do you think about this? it's the live five weather at sunset which was at 4:50 today flying high above the eastearn portion of area. look at the high and mid level clouds drifting overhead associated with a fronted l boundary, low pressure michael vick thing way. dramatic scenes where today we had a high temperature of 63 at livermore and perhaps you might be able to see it in the far corner there. can you see the precipitation that is moving towards the california coast? we will have the rain playing tag with northern say know ma by midnight tonight otherwise with the blanket of clouds, numbers in the 40s to 50s.
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anywhere from 41 to 51 in oakland and mid 40s across santa clara. meanwhile rain showers developing here associated with this here. looks like it's falling apart at the seems but a potent area of low pressure. watch this, it's the latest satellite. it's huge. okay. this is a frontal boundary that produced the clouds towards sunset this evening and back here is the core, the center of the area of low pressure and will provide rain showers on wednesday. kind of had a break wednesday night through thursday and a second impulse back here that will provide more rain showers on thursday night into your friday. so again, the rain begins to move into the bay area but this is the one that will bring us heavier precipitation. in fact, we're talking about up to 2 inches in the wettest locations. here is the forecast and morning commute from san francisco to the north we have the light rain that does fall and by the lunch hour, everybody begins to fill in with the light rain showers.
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the winds will kick up out of the southeast 10 to 20 and the evening commute will be equally wet if not more so than the morning commute. so plan on a very wet day around the san francisco bay area. 2 inches of rain between now and friday in the north bay. generally speaking about an inch of precipitation except the south bay sheltered there with a tent of an inch and santa cruz over an inch of rain expected over the next 48 hours. the airport cast, not a huge snow maker at all, in fact the snow levels starting about 8000 feet dropped to about 7000 feet by tomorrow night. so until we get the colder temperatures, a 70% chance of rain showers for wednesday and might change to snow on thursday and friday but looking at about 6 inches of snowfall and that's about 7500 feet. tomorrow's daytime high with the clouds and pending rain showers and a breezy wind coming down from today whether we hit 69 in
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gill roy above average. these numbers now below normal for this time of year, 50s across the board. here is a look at the extended forecast. rain on wednesday. computer models are arguing about wednesday night but a break and then that secondary impulse with a chance of rain on thursday, rain by thursday night, into your friday morning with a chance of rain during the day otherwise clouds are slow to clear sunday and partly cloudy and sunshine on monday and tuesday. now we were talking about the beacon of lights tonight, so ray sent us a photograph. can you see it there? >> very pretty. >> 3847 feet high. there you have it at the very tiptop and ray, we thank you for being on the ball and money and sending that photo in when we were all thinking about those who parished at pearl harbor. >> who gave it all for us. >> they did. thank you. you still not sure what to get that special woman in your life for the holidays?
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how about a 40 carrot star sapphire in a diamond ring for someone with a budget, say, in the 75,000-dollar range. if earrings are on your wish list there is a set for about 1.5 million. for those who want more options, there is a set of matching emeralds to make into whatever you want. they are not sold separately and are worth $3.5 million. visit steven's silver fine jewelry here in san francisco bay area if you want more information. >> wow, that's pretty. the ring was nice. >> you bought her gift already. can't tell what it is. >> you all most did that, didn't you? from that to this, dog poo. do you know the dos and don'ts of dog walking? we'll tell you in tonight's dog -- good question
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all right. do you pick up after your dog? well not everyone does.
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tonight's good question, do i really have to clean up after my dog and what are the other rules about walking that pooch? >> reporter: most dogs like to be outside, they like to runaround and get a little fresh air. >> what is rule number 1? >> always on a leash. unless you have a huge backyard your dog needs exercise. >> reporter: lisa says walking a dog comes with a bunch of dos and don'ts. most involve using a little common sense. >> when you're on the sidewalk, it's good to reel your dog in a bit. my favorite is when you see a dog walker walking on one side with the head on the other and the leash between. it's like am i supposed to jump rope over your dog? >> reporter: don't take your dog in a restaurant or where food is being prepared. be consid rid. >> last month a bride was here
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taking her wedding shots on her way to her reception and a dog lifted his hind leg and peed on her. >> reporter: speaking of the pee thing, there is the other thing, too. there is a bag attached. >> if he urinates or defecates. it's never okay for your dog to do his business on someone's front porch or garden. >> reporter: go to and click on the icon to send me your good question. remember the hawks start from the warriors? i'm dennis and the trouble continue in tall last. we're up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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february 7th when the suns come back to town. >> good night, thank you for coming. >> thanks for playing. we had two minutes and that's the best you could come up with? >> we were solving the world's problems. the mavericks welcome golden state. did you dork is the man. spin move and spins it home for dallas with the seven-point lead. warriors can't hang. nice weight spot and steals one, coast-to-coast for the dunk and watch the very next play. bright does the same thing and has 17 points and 11 rebounds but the problem with the warriors they don't hang in the fourth. they could not stop dallas in that quarter and jason kidd and no way for david lee to defend that, 25 points and it's kid's turn, under a minute to go and dallas' tenth straight win. how old is jason kidd? 50? my god. it's been 40 years since the
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stanford player won the his man trophy. >> a new suit? >> i did. >> i did. my mom -- my mom gave me the green light to go get a new suit, so, she said i'm not going to grow any more so i might as well get one. >> when we went to the big game lunch and only had one suit and goes to the big game lunch and it was blue and gold. he didn't realize until he got there and they are playing the cale bears. >> he's in college. he doesn't need a suit. >> here is the thing about luck. he is -- he is who he is. he's a good guy with a great personality and going to be the number one pick. >> okay. >> in the draft. >> i got a feel when he signs the contract to play pro he'll have enough to buy whatever shirt he wants. >> but in the meantime we want to stop you dennis because roberta, go ahead. >> ♪ happy birthday to you --
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>> oh, god. >> to you know who she sounds like? >> marlin monroe. >> good night. ♪ ♪ ten thousand watts of xmas cheer ♪ ♪ ten thousand watts glow brightly clear ♪
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♪ the colored lights will shine sincere, ho, ho, ho ♪ ♪ ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ♪


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