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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  December 8, 2010 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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♪ thousandsf students in oakland are suffering tough another chilly day of unheated classrooms. it's been going on for a week and a half now. >> today's rain is leaving them wet and cold. the big chill problem started after the plan to save energy backfired. >> it's ing to have things patched up soon but that is not soon enough for the parents of students at 20 schools where the heating system is still compromised to one degree or another, where chilly is not just something on the school lunch menu. bundled up for her day at kaiser elementary where the temperature inside the buildi is pretty much what it is outside the
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building. >> cold? >> real cold? >> yeah. >> you gonna leave that jacket on all day? >> yeah. >> the school district turned the heat off to saveoney and when it tried to turn 2 back on, no heat at 72 school sites. her dad is waiting to see what happens next. >> i'm not really cool with it but if there's an up side to it, they can put something back in the classroom. i hope the distric addresses it sooner than later. >> rebecca webber is one of a mother of four. she's not cool with the classrooms. >> the children should be warm. it's gting cold. >> most of the technicians trained to work on systems have enbeaid off. >> the boiler on the grounds with the feedback loop, it says it is on and it is indeed but it's not heating the school >> we don't have equipment that takes well to be shut down and
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restard. it doesn't come back in full capacity. it creates a huge dela >> the district apologizes for going dark on the thanksgiving holiday and not being able to snap out of it. this money-saving experiment is over. >> it was a well-intentioned plan but a bad policy for this specific context and we don't would it again. >> the ministration building here also had no heat for monday and part of tuesday but it was one of the first to come back up line because it didn't require any new parts as so many of those schools did. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> all right, terry, thank you. rain and fog slowed the morning commute today. >> and here's what the downpours looked like in the marin county town of mill valle people getting wet there. check with mike to see how long it's going to last. >> it's going to hang around for the better part of today and come back at us again tomorrow. mill valley one of those areas
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that sees some of the heaviest rain. 80% of us are still dealing with light rainfall this morning. half an inch in santa ro to about 1500ths there around richmond. the rainotal impress in mill valley. about a tenth in hayward and towards dublin. with this moist flow hanging around, that means the wet weather gear will be here for the evening commute also. here's cheryl e more news. >> mi, thanks very much. a developing story on a san jose passenger caused some sort of a scene. continental airlines flight was bound for houston, texas, when pilots were forced to divert to new mexico. the passenger has only been identified as a mexican national who might have been suicidal.
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f.b.i. and immigration officials met the plane in albuquerque and took him into custody. we were ld no passengers were injured. after the arrest the plane continued to houston. >> berkeleyolice looking for the robber that held up a mcdonald's restaura this morning, a frightening ordeal for employees. the latest in a stng of robberies in that city. theresa garcia is live in the berkeley police department with more. >> this was rtainly a bold and a violent crime with one of the mcdonald's employe struck in the head. in fact, this is the ninth in a recent series of crimes here. but this is the only one involving a business. and in this latest one, at least police had a trail of evidence to follow. >> this morning crime scene officers were busy picking up one to $20 bills and even coins from back alleyway and street behind this north berkeley mcdonald's. thisrail of cash marks the getaway of an armed robr who held up the san pablo restaurant
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during the predawn hours. shortly after opening 5 a.m. a man confronted an employee at the si door, struck him in the head and went inside masked and armed with a gun to rob cash. no customers we involved but they orded the employees to go inside a freezer room and stay there until he left. they came out and called the police for help. the restrant stayed shut taking evidence and seeing what video may have captured. it's the bold crime in the 9th within the last month. the mcdonald's are not connected while the othe happened at night on the street. the two latest ones happened within t last week. each of these a me victim was walking from the north berkeley car station from his car when they were approached and robbed at gun point. >> to address the residts' concerns, a community-wide meeting is being held at the lutheran cross of the church at university avenue. police will be there as well
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talking about this recent series of robberies plus ways that people can stay more aware of their surroundings and safe. >> thanks very much. a man charged with sexually assaulting a two-ye-old girl in a union city dollar tree store is due back in cot to enter a plea. he is a registered sex offender. he assaulted t girl in a matter of minutes with a relative just an aisle away. he was chased out of the store and tackled and held down until the police came. >> tonight in san mateo, a memorial vigil will be held at the hillsdale mall to remember a palo alto man who was murdered in a parking l six months ago. 54-yr-old david lewi was killed after a confrontation in a nordstrom parking lot in june. detectivesave not solved the case. lewis was a former drug addict and a community leader who
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founded a nonprofit organization that helps people with substance abuse problems. >> governor elect jerry brown is getting a jump start on the state budget crisis. he invited sta lawmakers as well as the state's financial leaders to i abudget summit at the state capital. this is a live look sat that summit in progress. he's not looking for solutions today. he just wants everybody on the same page. the governor elect presented a slide show detailing a deficit that could grow to $28 billion over the next 18 months. brown take the oath of office on january 3rd. >> economists predicts higher growth. he's urging democratic lawmakers to get it done but they may not be on board. john hendron has details. >> president obama said he still intends to end the bush tax cuts for wealthier amecans when it comes up again in two years. >> republicans are going to have
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to explain to the american people over the next two year how making those tax cuts permanent squares with their state of desire to stop producing deficit and debt. >> he still has a major problem on capitol hill. many democrats particularly in the house, cuts just isn't good enough. >> a deep and abiding concern by a nber of members that this was not a good deal. >> they pose not just the tax break for higher earners but also a compromise on the inheritanctax. >> i'm not a big fan of what has been negotiated. >> white house officials insist it was the best deal available. tax breaks for the middle class and unemployment extension meant a life line for millions of americans. >> we're not going to play russian roulette with lives of the american pele with all of the millions of people who are going to lose their unemployment insurance. >> some democratsear more than
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a hundred house democrats might oppose the deal unss it changes. >> the president dsn't just have problems with his own party. he wiljoin liberals in trying to block a vote saying it drives up the deficit. john hendron, abc news, washington. >> democrats are demanding a vote today on a bill that would let gays openly serve in the military. any vote would be procedural. it would pave th way for a future bill if approved. at least three senate republicans said they would support repealing the law. they found overturning "don't ask, don tell" could be done without hurting military effectiveness. >> removing an unwanted item from a backyard. that's a toyota sedan pulling out of the yard it had plunged some 600 feet down a hillside coming to rest on an orange tree and a pool.
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no one was in the car at the time. crews spent yesterd trying to remove the car which was a rental but they couldn't. that's when sarato tree service came to the rescue. we're told the orange tree is going to be fine and the rental car agency will be picking up the tab. >> hope ey took on the insurance, right? why the city of berkeley might soon be calling the army prive accuseof leaking thousands of documents a hero. >> also wikileaks fans trike back. the online instructions that appear to be retaliation for the arrest of wikileaks's founder. >> and a historic rocket launch. why th return to earth is the honey...? mom ] yes. honey, i can't fin my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! fr here? where is her cor! we switched to at&t and got wireless accs. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, plea? dad, the cord's invisib. [ female announcer ] r a limited time,
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. >> the website for mastercard has experienced problems this morning. they und assange hacking in and jamming them. top obama administration officials are onsidering bringing assange to this cotry to face criminal charges. he's currently in jail in london a u.s. state department spokesman says he should face espionage in the u.s. >> next week the berkeley city council is expected to vote on a
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resolution declaring support for an army private charged with leaking the milita data to the wikileaks websi. the resolution would demand private first class bradley manning be freed from a bringing in virginia and he be declared a hero. it would thank him for what it calls his courage in bringing the truth to the american people. manning faces 52 years in prison if he's convicd through wikileaks. >> a federal judge toda delayed the trial of roger clemen until july. he was scheduled to go on trial in apl on charges he lied to congressional investigion about using performance-enhancing drugs. the judge granted the delay to allow attorneys to review 54,000 pages of evidence and allow the defense to interview expert witnesses. clemens retired in 2007 with seven sy young awards, the most in major league histo. his 654 wins rank him 9th on the
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all-time lift. >> we have liftoff at the falcon 9. >> a few hours ago a private company launched the falcon 9 rocket at the space center. space x is carrying a castle named dragon which was placed in orbit and it did and bring it back to earth. that has splashed safely landing in the pacific. it is the first reentry from orbit by a private company. nasa plans to hire company lining space x to haul supplies to the international space station after the sce shuttle is retire >> florida's weather a lot differenfrom our weather this morng. >> absolutely. in the sierra let's take a look what we have. there it is, the golden gate bridge coming towards us. people from marin heading into the city and they are hopefully exercising caution because rain's going to be around all day. we'll still talk about that warm weekend coming up, too. >> mike, thank you.
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some researers are linking cellphone use with the behavior of young children. >> find out why oprah starts crying during the sit-down interview with barbara walters.
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♪ oprah winfrey says she is not a lesbian. that was just one of th many
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things with barbara walters in a new special that airs monday night. barbara walters shares some on "good morning america" today. her emotions called gail king the sister everydy would want and the friend everybody deserves. >> i don't know a better person. i don't know a bette person. >> why is it making you cry? >> shoot! it's making me cry because i'm thinking about how much i probably have never told her that. tissue, please. now i need tissue. >> and you can watch the barbara walters special, oprah, the next chapter in its entirety on abc 7 tomorrow night at 9:00. >> a new stu suggests that cellphone explioner in the
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child's early years may affect their behaviors. the study in community health listed 28,000 danish children. it found those exposed to cellphones before and just after birth even for short periods of time were 50% more likely to have emotial or behavioral problems by the age of seven. ucl researchers say they don't know why but they recommend expectant and new moms use hands free devices when talking on cellphones. >> beautiful snow. >> snow levels really high. traveling that mainly you're going to run into some rain. snow levels 7500 feet. here we a at heavenly where the snow pack righ now is running all throughout the sierra about 125 to 130% of average. we have about 8 inch snow water
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equivalent. only 27% of the seasonal average. need to keep it going. look at the embarcado this morning where it's raining right now. notice we don'have much in the way of wind. hopefully won't see tree mbs fall or trees topple. kind of a nice, gradual all-day rain. causing problems at sfo. nearly two hours for flight arrival delays. check out our flight tracker at and find out wha specific flight is affected. here's a look at what is going on. you can see just about all of us dealing with some rain. either in heavy form or in a drizzle for and a cold front, the upper left-hand part of your screen. that's well away from us which means we'll keep this moist flow around the next 24 to 36 hours. expect it to be wet for a while. temperatur are running pret mild. most of us low to mid-5s. a few upper 50s like mountain view, 57. 60 monterey bay with santa cruz the mid 50s.
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gilroy at 49. three things i want you to take from this forecas the rainy conditions and the coolereather today. this will be the day where we get the most amount of rain. plus minor chancfor tomorrow and even lesser on friday. but warmer than average. this weekend's sunshine, temperatur well above average. today pretty close to average. took a rainstorm to do it. low to mid-50s the north bay with mid to upper 50s the rest of us with the rain taking its time getting to th monterey bay. your temperatures should top out in the upper 50s to low 60s. you'll find valley rain and mountain snow. ok at some of l.a. and palm spring sunshine and low to mid-70s there. tonight cooler than this morning with our rain tapering a little during the early evening or overnight hours. temperatures dropo the mid to upper 40s. the computer models, a good representation what we're -- almost what we'r seeing now on live doppler 7 hd. let's ad to the afternoon hours. actually see a little bit of a
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tapering drying out if you will by 5:00. but here comes the second wave. you see it hits the south bay the hardest first and works its way up into the bay. guess what, during the morning commute once again. looks likes today it could be out 46 here the bulk of the rain by tomorrow evening commute. leaving bend some pretty healthy rainfall. talking up to an inch and a quarte possibly an inch and a half in the north bay. you see the greens there. about a half an inch over the east bay. three-quarters of an inch on the peninsula. a third of an inch in the south bay. temperatures jump back into the low 60s tomorrow and more so on friday and then we'll be the mid to upper 60s starting saturday through monday and won't be surprised if a few areas touch 70 sunday. >> wow! >> into december? >> great shopping weather. >> sounds good. returning the favor. why an east bay coco
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, the judd women. at 5:00, a world first as a hospital oversees an mri during a baby's birth and the medical importance of it. making a difference in the lives of children and they come through in a big way. stories later today at 5:00. >> finally this morning a hayward man is thank the community for helping pay his pitbull's medical bills.
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he woke up his owners by barking just before a fe destroyed the man's apartment last october. because of the barking he got out safely. diamond had $5600 after severe smoke inhalation and burns. >> the community stepped up and paid all the bills and then some. now in the process of returning some of the money to those donors. >> wonderful. >> yeah. looks like we're gonn have the rain stopping after a few hours. a little more. >> yeah. at least friday. that's for sure. >> thanks, 2
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