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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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tonight a harrowing story of survival. >> it was difficult. it was so silent, so isolated, so quiet. >> this woman survived several days alone and stranded in the wild after getting injured on a hiking trip. tonight the woman shares her amazing story and what it was like to finally get rescued. this was the scene a few days ago. this was when the rescue crews carried debra collins out of the woods on a stretcher. she spent six days in the mountains by herself after falling and injuring her ankle.
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it wasn't until a father and a son hiking through the woods on saturday spotted the woman lying down near a stream. they stayed with debra until the paramedics arrived. she will never forget the experience and her time of survival. >> i just slipped off of the -- it's a very uphill technical trail. and i just slipped and lost footing and ended up in a ravine. luckily the ravine had a spring in it that i could get water. each night when it would start getting dark, it was really difficult. because it was so silent, so isolate. ed, so quiet. absolutely nothing out there. and cold. very, very cold. >> describe that moment when they found you. >> that was amazing. he actually looked up right at the right time to see me.
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because i sort of blended in. i was part of the scenery. and he just -- he looked up and said are you okay? do you need help? i said yes i need help. he said are you debra collins. i said yes. and it was like i was shocked that he knew my name. it was like, oh, i'm found. >> debra collins is recovering tonight at the hospital in santa cruz. and it turns out that she and the hikers who found her live just blocks from each other in felton. antioch police say a man confessed to dragging a woman to death behind his truck. lucio rivera avila has been booked on a murder charge. it started as a argument about 1:30 in the morning. at some point rivera avila ran
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into the victim. >> you can see the dispute happening and looks like some of her property is being either pulled or thrown out of the vehicle. she separates from the vehicle. the vehicle backs up, accelerates quickly, hits the victim very hard with the front end, knocks the victim down. the vehicle proceeds through the parking lot and it appears that the victim is under the vehicle for some time. >> police say they are not releasing that video because it is so disturbing. they feel prosecutors would not be able to try the suspect in contra costa county. in daley city, a vehicle struck three individuals while they were crossing the street. it happened a little after 5:30 this evening. the three victims two children and one adult were transported to an area hospital.
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their conditions are unknown. the driver is cooperating with police and was questioned about the incident. [ chanting ] friends and family of derek jones, he is the barbershop owner who was shot by police officers last month, rallied on the steps of city hall alongside a number of community activists. the group is calling oen the city council to demand that the district attorney charged the two officers involved with murder. but police say jones refused repeated orders to surrender and was reaching for his waistband when he was i would. no weapon found at the scene. there are new details tonight about the escape of an inmate. we now know the criminal counts he will face. >> reporter: the santa cruz county da's office is seeking
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29 criminal counts against maurice. several counts of assault and battery, removing a deputy's firearm, assault of a stun gun on a police officer, resisting a police officer, second degree burglary, kidnapping, car jacking, criminal threats. all of those are connected to the day police say ainsworth shot a offer with her taser gun and then held people hostage. then he allegedly stole a car, broke into a home and held the residents hostage. he finally surrendered. investigators say they think he faked an injury to make his escape attempt. three months after a gasline exploded in san bruno destroying several homes and
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killing eight people, a state assemblyman has proposed a bill to prevent that from happening again. would require utilities to share their emergency plans with authorities and prioritize the pipelines close to earthquake faultlines. tonight a meeting with pg&e, state regulators who want more answers. jonathan bloom explains why even after the meeting some of those residents are still frustrated. >> reporter: state lawmakers say they put together this meeting to help the residents get answers. after the meeting, some of those residents said they didn't get the answers they were looking for from state regulators or from pg&e. >> the stuff they were saying were carbon copy of the last meeting. >> reporter: and he would know. he's been to all of the meetings since his home was destroyed. he listened as state lawmakers grilled a panel of bureaucrats
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will limited success. >> any answer i give now will be a partial answer. >> i want to know why this happened. >> reporter: but some answers came with the trio of pipeline engineers. >> modern steel is so stuff a crack can pop through, leak, but not open the pipe up. old pipessen if you get can pipe pop through, it will rupture. >> reporter: the pipe that blew up in san bruno was 50 years old. >> they've had the pipe for three months now. i have a lot of respect for the ntsb, but it's pipe. it only fails in so many ways, folks. >> reporter: but while those people spoke, bob pelegrini noticed some chairs were empty.
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the federal government has as long as it wants to look into it, they say a probe takes nearly a year and a half. that means many residents could wait many more months for more official answers. kron 4 news. a live look on storm tracker 4 radar. no rain in the bay area but it is getting closer. this is going to move in overnight through tomorrow morning. here's what we'll be seeing out there tomorrow. temperatures will stay a little more mild overnight with the increased cloud cover. pushing down south of golden gate into noon. into the afternoon it will break apart though. only scattered showers will remain. we'll time this ahead on future cast and look at the rainfall totals coming up in a bit. president obama facing criticism from his own party after making a deal with republicans on extending the bush era tax cuts. tonight how the tax cuts effect you, why democrats are so
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upset, and why the president says he had no choice. just ahead on kron 4 news. ♪ it comes along just once a year ♪ ♪ on winters wings, decembers rear, ahha humbug faces come and dear ♪
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tonight's headline: 61- year-old elizabeth edwards died today after her battle with breast cancer. the wife of former vice president candidate john edwards died in her home in north carolina. wikileaks founder julian assange is being held while a court decides if assange who is australian will be extradited to sweden to face rape and molestation charges. meanwhile, wikileaks released new documents which officials say are damaging american security. his arrest is not connected to the political scandal. the fbi has issued a cyber crime alert about the new barbie doll that comes with a
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hidden video camera. it could be used to produce child pornography, they warn. rain back in the forecast tomorrow. could it last through the rest of the week? we'll look at your forecast in a bit. [ bell r ]
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president barack obama is urging democratic leaders to agree with a tax cut compromise plan. the president made his plea today to his fellow democrats. that was after senate majority leader harry reid said the deal needs more work. the president thinks it is as good as it will get and it's time to settle the debate and move on. >> there are polls right now showing the american people for the most part think it's a bad idea to provide tax cuts to the wealthy. the issue is how do i persuade the republicans in the senate
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who are blocking that? i have not been able to budge them. i don't think there's anything we think realistically we can budge them now. >> the agreement extends tax cuts to all americans for two years. it extends unemployment benefits for 13 months. it extends the earned income tax credit and allows businesses to write off 100% of their capital investments in 2011. congress still needs to vote on this proposal before it goes into effect. city officials are looking at ways that -- the san fransisco officials found extra money to rollback 61% of cuts. now they're trying new ways to save money. we got our hands on a draft report which details the changes. >> reporter: the first sentence
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of this from the restoration tax force would get an amen from a muni rider. it is a list of different ideas but the task force came up with several ideas how to come up by raising to get where it needed. as well as changes that could be made to help the buses and trains change efficiently. which would require voter approval or task management to look for savings when bargaining the next contract with the muni operators. they're also looking at ways to speed of service. to do that they're considering eliminating some stops on routes which means people might have to walk further to catch the bus but that bus would run faster. or allow people to board on all the doors so people don't have to wait so long.
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none of these ideas are a done deal. after that they will be soliciting feedback from the public to make sure riders are on board. kron 4 news. rain approaching the north bay at this hour. storm tracker 4 radar shows that tracking to the north and it will be making its way in overnight. a wider picture of the storm is starting to push east. plenty of rain not north. even some heavier cells. we're not going to catch as much rain but they could see heavier cells overnight. as you head out the door rains will be in full swing. notice the pockets of heavy rain in the 7:00 hour. 10:00 in the morning still seeing rain through the north bay. but mostly dry through the south bay. san jose should skirt most of that for the commute. into the 1:00 hour we're seeing spotty showers. but still a few down to the
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south. going to be the first of the rain down in the south bay. continuing to the 4:00 hour, the majority of the rain shifts to the south. and scattered showers will linger through the evening. just a few spots of rain and tapering off into the overnight hours. 3/4-inch in the north bay. 1/3 in the east bay. but because this could be changing out to the south, not much in the south bay. a look at your kron 4 seven day around the bay forecast. tomorrow rain for most of the day tapering off into thursday morning. a chance of lingering showers thursday and another wave into friday. spotty showers at best for those couple of days. as we head into the weekend, we'll see temperatures bump up quite a bit. this weekend will be pretty nice. plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. in the battle of the smiths, it appears the 49ers are handing the reins back
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over. all the sports is next.
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the warriors press 17-4 dallas to the limit on the road. local kid made good in search of their tenth straight win. warriors led by one after three quarters. then a turnover and jason terry, two of his 20 off the bench. monta ellis brings the warriors within four. then golden state maybe can steal one on the road. kid made one basket and it was the one that sealed it. warriors lost nine of ten. they're in san antonio tomorrow night. they had four players play 40 plus minutes. they fell short. mike singletary is going back to the other smith. alex smith who will start at
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quarterback. out since october 24. his shoulder sufficiently healed. he'll go in this must win against seattle. if the 49ers lose they'll be eliminated from any possible hope. if you want to play, they're probably eliminated. on paper they're officially out if they lose to seattle. for the second year in a row, stanford will have a hayesen trophy finalist in new york. last year it was gerhart. now they're going to send andrew luck to applaud this guy cam newton. stiff is the website saying he's top. andrew luck could finish third or fourth according to the website. this morning luck was talking about his chances. he's going to new york and hey, just being there on the scene.
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>> i guess if i win the award, i hope it's because i deserve it and because of the merits and nothing regarding anybody else's off the field or anything like that. i think it speaks volumes about where this program is headed. what a great job coach harbaugh has done. what great players are at stanford right now. i'm excited to be part of the discussion. all right. around our time 5:00 on saturday night they will announce the heisman winner. have a party this holiday season and invite a giant. we're a little past the world series now. what are we going on? over a month but people still talking about what went down with the san fransisco giants winning their first world series. tonight at a function at at&t park, a charity for children,
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andres torres was on hand. >> could you tell us why uribe would rather live in los angeles? >> i have no idea. that's part of the game i think. we don't want him to go but we have to keep looking forward. next season. and tried to do it again. >> did it surprise you he left? >> it surprise me to be honest. derek jeeter's new contract three years $15 million but he's annoyed. >> what bothered me was how public this became. this was a negotiation, the negotiations were supposed to be private. so it was not an enjoyable experience. >> somehow i think he'll get over it. international boxes hall of fame included sly stallone today. in the boxing hall of fame.
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