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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 28, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>news tonight at 10 the san francisco asian art museum faces a federal lawsuit, it's accused of holding 2 religious relics which were stolen from thailand federal prosecutors say the 215 pound hand-carved lentils were illegally removed from ancient religious temples in thailand. lentils or the horizontal beams over a door or window they then became part of a large collection held by a noted collector of south and southeast asian art. >>the collection was and passed on to the city and county of san civil complaint, merely alleges that certain property is subject to forfeiture. >>and a veteran officer with the san leandro police department is charged with embezzlement and misappropriation of department
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money, the alameda county district attorney's office says that sergeant robert sanchez was assigned to carry out payroll functions within the department when officers found discrepancies with funds and overtime requests on his time sheets and internal investigation and audit found sanchez was manipulating the system for personal gain. sanchez is now on administrative leave as the district attorney's office investigates he's been with the san leandro police department for 19 years the open fire department says an overloaded generator running outside likely started a fire this morning in the oakland hills, fire broke out around 9.40 this morning in the montclair area causing. >>4 explosions as flames tore through 2 different homes in a detached garage. fire crews contained the fire before it spread further. that generator was apparently running because the genie it shut off power in the area to try to prevent fires. back in 1991 as you may
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recall a firestorm burned through thousands of homes in that same area, 25 people died. the lights of gear delhi square are back on for the first time after a monthslong reconstruction job first installed back in 1915. it's considered one of the most recognizable features of san francisco's skyline. the sign now features more energy efficient electrical upgrades and it will use. ellie dealers light poles, this iconic coca-cola sign no longer overlook san francisco, crews tore down the side 5th and brian today, the billboard was a fixture in the city for 83 years, however, the soaring costs for rent. >>reportedly prompted the beverage giant to take down that side. all right. we are following 2 major wildfires raging across southern california. the latest on the blue ridge fire and the silverado fire that's next at 10 plus downtown las vegas. welcomes its first resort
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hotel in 40 years for him taking inside. >>sir come. >>and a hurricane now forming getting ready to move on shore where it is headed. we'll show you coming up next.
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>>unfortunate reality is that we are seeing case numbers that are higher than they should be for us to remain in red and unfortunately that puts us at risk of going back
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in the purple. you know the cause of it is obviously people getting together with family and friends and letting their guard down so that disease spreads and we had several weeks ago several large as ants that we believe accounted for that spike that they're not just says the spike could be temporary at least he's hoping that's the case he points to several recent events as examples of behavior that is detrimental to the county's progression in reopening a wedding at a home with 40 people no social distancing. no masks. >>and then there was some type of the news sent invitation only event was a large number of people again no social distancing and we had dozens of cases from these events doctor much as says the county was averaging 27 positive coronavirus cases per day about a month ago, but in the last 2 weeks that number jumped to 41 positive cases per day number that would put the county back on the state's purple tier list. if they get the same results next week now to stay in that red here
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hopefully solano county can get its case numbers back to under 31 cases. >>per day it's also another important reminder ahead of halloween and the holidays, keep your guard up continue practicing social distancing and of course wear mask. indonesia taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>meanwhile many business owners in contra costa county are breathing a sigh of relief. the county moved into the orange or moderate tier of reopening just yesterday and of course this allows more businesses and restaurants to operate indoors with up to 50% capacity, while easing restrictions helps the economy local county leaders say covid-19 is still here and a real threat. i just want to remind people we got here by being vigilant we got here by doing things like wearing our masks washing our hands staying home and we weren't feeling. well avoiding large groups. >>and that's how he got her number so low so my only had only message is we got here by doing these very simple things
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we need to keep our guard up we need to be vigilant. >>orange county and san mateo county also moved into the orange or moderate covid-19 tier yesterday little bit at a time. fight not a central office workers being allowed to go back to work surrounding businesses in san francisco aren't seeing much of a change for instance or ins hummus that's in the south of market neighborhood. they had just a few customers eating outside you know, which is a fraction of its prepandemic lunchtime crowd. >>normal lunch, time or davis 80's around 1 o'clock we'll have a liner on the corner over him. i might be like a 1520 minute, wait and while i don't see that happening for the rest of this year across the street they said because there's nobody in downtown minus will not help because they don't. >>well if you've been there lately. steve notice that several businesses nearby or just all boarded up many of the small business owners downtown say they hope to get more of their customers back early next year. we'll stop
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closing downtown streets on weekends effective immediately the weekend closure of hearts avenue between job low road and prospect avenue started back in june and that was to make outdoor dining easier and safer. well the danville police department and now town staff say that they've seen a gross violation of social distancing and mask-wearing rules among visitors alcohol being served separately from mills you're not supposed to do that and live music amplified live amplified music which are not allowed. the chief says that 3 or 4 businesses have had repeated problems. pay a $140,000 to settle a price gouging law suit with alameda and contra costa county. prosecutors say the grocery chain marked up 2 brands of hand sanitizer by 50% over the wholesale cost after the pandemic now an emergency order issued in april of course ban price gouging during the pandemic supposed to do that and as a part of the settlement safely will pay about a 100 or make
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that $81,000 in civil penalties and about 62,000 in restitution. will power has been restored to much of 92,000 pg e customers here in the bay area so a lot of folks are happy about that. crews are working on restoring power in alameda and sonoma counties. pg e expects to or expect everyone to have their electricity turned back on by 2 days so hold on it's coming you will have your power back by today. well fire crews are still adding up the damage from the czu lightning complex fires in the santa cruz mountains, right now crews are cutting down and you know they're cleaning up just thousands of dead and dying trees that are threatening public safety. now this is video of them out there cleaning up in there cleaning up efforts along sworn road and bonnie dune 45 miles of roadway are impacted and there are thousands were damaged trees on private property and that stretches across 85,000 acres, 85,000 acres scorched by the lightning sparked fire
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that erupted on august 19th. >>a lot of these trees are shells of themselves as what they you know were prior to the fire incident and so we are we're practice proactively going in seen what kind shape. these trees are and if they're deemed dangerous. >>we're taking him down. >>well when tree crews are actually don erosion control mitigation crews will actually begin their work, they'll move in next and that work is expected to last about a month or so it will cost the county millions of dollars. well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news california is partnering with 3 western states to review covid-19 vaccine here want governor newsome says this won't delay vaccine distribution. >>and firefighter from san francisco are heading to southern california to help firefighters as 2 wildfires continue to burn out of control. we'll have the latest on that coming up after the break. amy coney barrett is officially the newest justice to join the supreme court and these will drive reporting in washington. how lawmakers feel
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about points. and we're heading outside to take a live look at the san francisco beautiful shot here with no major issues. temperatures a little mild outside your door in the 50's and 60's and some spots, we'll have your full forecast coming up in just a bit stay
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think i... you know what i think? i think you owe us $48.50... wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>welcome back everyone and thanks for staying with us check out this video crews from san francisco are
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actually heading to southern california to help fire crews fight the silverado fire is still burning out of control. the wind driven wildfire has scorched more than 13,000 acres near irvine since it started monday morning. it's currently only 5% contained 5 firefighters were injured 2 of them critically and more than 70,000 homes in the irvine area remain under evacuation orders. well another fire that's burning out of control in southern california is the blue ridge fire. now it has scorched more than 15,000 acres and damaged at least 10 homes so far that fire started monday afternoon and it just tripled in size in just a matter of hours kimberly chang reports. >>i was in my room getting everything ready because i was going to evacuate. but it's hard to leave your home several chino hills residents were still home when the blue ridge fire came dangerously close to their community. >>off of socal canyon parkway they grabbed hoses and water to rooftops many choosing to stay despite a mandatory
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evacuation order in effect it's always nerve wracking you know how when we started to do their jobs because the water drops started happening. >>and got really serious and started watering the house down more. >>and then the flames just came over i was both those really well earlier so that was it was tense down from the war on the hard part is up there. immediately and those of our wildlife running priority. and you're my daughter then to mountain lion turned get out according to chino valley fire more than 29,000 people were under evacuation orders in chino hills and in yorba linda where at least 10 homes were damaged in yorba linda workers were installing an ac unit on shady meadow lane when their day took a turn >>realizing the fire was too close for comfort they packed up to leave but not before
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helping a senior evacuate. firefighters are urging residents to heed the warning sooner rather than later if you wait to the last minute smoke comes into the neighborhood visibility decreased and it could be a lot harder to evacuate the chino hills residents we spoke with say they've been through this before and it doesn't get any easier. this is a. >>second time 12 years ago we went through the same thing and so it makes it really hard. >>the way we started just one more thing and 20 twen. >>the fire is 0% contained and the cause is still under investigation. reporting in chino hills, i'm kimberly chang for kron 4 very stressful times all right, let's get a check of our forecast we've got to deal with fires and gusty winds and red flag warnings here in the bay area. john troubles standing by with a look at what we can expect for hump day hey giana robin at least we're looking at much calmer conditions out there now than what the last few days have brought us of course we were
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in the heightened fire danger category ourselves. >>as we're seeing strong winds and low humidity but now things have changed winds have calmed down and you are looking at dry skies up above but increasingly humid conditions across the bay area as we do eventually see some cool ocean air steering its way back our direction that's expected tonight into thursday morning so pretty fog free morning as you're waking up this wednesday, but the return of fog looking likely little bit later on today that is a sign of those changes. the first being noted as much calmer winds that we have very calm all across the bay area and staying that way as we work our way through the day you notice how we see a moderate seabreeze increasing into evening hours tonight that will help to push some fog on into the bay itself making for a nice cool down tomorrow and just helping a little bit more with this fire weather situation. those gradients and yellow and orange sitting across the sierra and the coastal range becoming less and less seen these next few days that indicating your highest a fire
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danger so fire danger drops as we work our way from today into tomorrow and even into friday to all this a nice break from those conditions we become all too familiar with this devastating fire season temperatures today will be in the 60's and 70's for san francisco, 60's and 70's right along the it's a little bit cooler than yesterday as our seabreeze starts to work its way back into the picture right along the bay today do expect mostly 70's, although a couple of these sprinkled in like in seeing carlos right at 80 degrees south bay temperatures, mostly upper 70's, los gatos though your back to the low 80's today right at 80 degrees, mid 70's in union city upper 70's in hayward fremont out into the tri valley where you'll also find dublin pleasanton upon into walnut creek in concord all back into the low 80's mid 70's in oakland berkeley and richmond well in the north bay, mostly upper 70's, sonoma, though you'll be right at 80 degrees today temperatures right along the coastline in the 60's with the low 80 in both petaluma and sandra fell for your daytime
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highs, here's a breakdown of your next 7 days today tomorrow low 80's for inland valleys little bit cooler on friday that's going to be the coolest one of the forecast for inland areas as for bayside cities temperatures mostly in the 70's, coastal areas, mostly in the 60's we do see halloween on saturday coming along with plenty of sunshine and then don't forget to a gesture clock saturday night as you have that extra hour of sleep. and the sunday morning. back to you robin, you know an extra hour of sleep sounds nice. thank you john checking in on the traffic it's nice to easy trip in san francisco. we're looking good. >>smooth sailing across the upper deck right on through downtown san francisco. so no worries for 80 west. let's check in on 92, it's always a little bit of the in the 4 o'clock hour the commuters here heading to the peninsula they get out there early and start that commute westbound no problems no crashes most all that easy it's under 25 minutes off to one oh one and send tail so no problems across the san mateo bridge. we'll take a look at more purchase coming up a little
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bit later. well on national news now justice amy coney barrett is the newest member of the supreme court after the majority republicans voted her to take over the vacant seat. meanwhile democrats are worried about the country's future washington dc correspondent basil john reports. >>with amy coney barrett officially, the newest justice on the supreme court. >>west virginia republican showing more capital says she will act as a role model for the country she understands respects the role of supreme court justices west virginia democrat joe manchin doesn't question bears qualifications but questions the timing of this process so close the election because all it does is further divide. >>one week before the election of a very very contentious election. i might say. >>mansion and other democrats say they are worried about what will happen to things like the affordable care act. >>and now we have a landmark case coming up that could throw the baby out with the
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bath water, virginia senator tim kaine expects republicans will get their way and overturned the a they did it for one reason which is they smell blood in the water in their effort to finally kill the affordable care act cain says only one thing can be done now the only real solution is for people to engage as never before so there will be a congress that can provide additional protection should the supreme court. >>take a step in seems likely the supreme court hears arguments in the ac a just one week after the election. >>reporting in washington, i'm be-all john. >>coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, the state is discouraging traditional trick or treating on halloween now local communities are actually stepping up to offer safer alternatives. we'll talk about that coming up.
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>>welcome back everyone will halloween is this saturday in bay area health officials are discouraging trick or treating this year. the state does not want further spread of the coronavirus now in response. some cities are actually offering safer alternatives to traditional trick or treating bridgette bjorlo reports. >>halloween 2020 will resemble a skeleton of years past as california tries to slow the spread of covid-19 by limiting
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the kind of gatherings you typically see on the spookiest night of the year. >>and then these are all the i'm with state leaders discouraging trick or treating due to safety concerns of cities like rancho cordova are offering a treat of a different kind where families dress up in their costumes and collected goodies from the safety of their car from hollowing for christmas is usually a really magical time. >>or families and community are able to come together can act and have >>our city staff is home to mirror wanted to come up with a creative way to keep the spirit of what we do during the holidays. but do it in a way that safety contests. >>and then it continues on through here and then for those seeking out a spooky good time they can walk through this outdoor haunted house made entirely of animatronics. where families are spaced out to keep a safe distance from one another and
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only those who wear face coverings are allowed in has always been a dream of mine to do this i just do it because i love it. >>the best payment eye wall is just the reaction i get from people jeffrey bartley has been entertaining the community with halloween fun for over a decade but says this year his free fries are needed more time thank you know buying to say halloween. >>kids are getting tripped up having to stay home to keep the thrill alive for those needing a healthy scare is a spirit how we in front it is an escape. but it's a it's a fun, one bridgette bjorlo fox 40 news. >>and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news if you're heading to the east coast, you may need to add 2 weeks to your travel schedule. why well because california is back on the travel quarantine list for several states will have that story coming up.
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and a better experience. ask your doctor about transitioning to humira with a thinner needle. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. >>welcome back everyone thomas for 29, it's hump day happy hump day to you we're checking in with meteorologist john trouble to get we'll get that hump day forecast how that's shaping up john well definitely not patter of and
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we're better than we were to start the week when we had red flag warnings lighting up almost all of the bay area. now we're out of that territory back to some calmer conditions and a little bit of a cooler start to the morning too. let's get a look outside at our center tower cam which is showing you those clear skies we have this morning. tomorrow morning i do anticipate the return of some fog so enjoy the clarity that your view from suture tower is bringing right now has 4 wins it is nice and calm and guess what it's going to stay that way today a pretty calm day compared to where we have been so we work our way well into the afternoon and of course what that means for us no red flag warnings anywhere in sight. current temperatures are anywhere from the 50's to only the 40's with livermore and dublin at 4644 degrees petaluma nevado at 41 right now look at fairfield at 38 degrees. it is chilly out there, especially for our rural areas where we are seeing some temperatures as you're noticing now dropping into the 30's this morning as we work our way o


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