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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  October 28, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>>news station. you're watching the kron 00:04am morning news. >>and thanks for joining us on a wednesday and waking up with us at 7 o'clock i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher yeah we've got a nice morning to wake up to you can see the view behind us here in san francisco as the shots getting a little brighter. the live feed there but it's nothing compared to the corner view the johns and should we go to the corner office. my side, i look at this guy's so pretty out there at the bay bridge right now nice glow over san francisco in savor it. >>because tomorrow morning, i'm anticipating the return of some fog and some of these views that are so crystal clear this morning. so this morning as one to be appreciated for sure not just because of the beautiful sunrise, but also because we're out of red flag warning territory now we saw winds come down overnight and that's our conditions so much nicer than they were last night here's future tower cam just
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one of many views this morning that are showing you just how nice it's looking out there. and a look at wind speeds across the bay area is also showing you that we are off to a calm start and actually will be off to a pretty calm finish to this is 04:00pm you're seeing right beside me and that some calm winds across the bay temperatures have been a little chillier than we've got used to them lately we are looking at mostly 40's and 50's but focus on some of those north bay areas and we do have 30's right now in petaluma nevado santa rosa, as well as fairfield checking in at a cool 37 degrees right now so maybe that extra layer will do you a little bit good as you step outside this wednesday. >>rob all right. thank you john checking in on the traffic pretty busy on some of our bridges if you need to get into san francisco. we have a full house at the bay bridge toll plaza. there's your line yes, it's long at the back the on west grand 12 minutes and growing into san francisco. but we don't have any problems or adding to this so that's good. it's very quiet here for what i want to looking a lot better so we have a crash
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wrapping up northbound at grand possibly caused by a large pothole lot of folks crash year on one on one and they're working on getting these vehicles off to the side north want a grander moving over to the shoulder. look at that you're back up spills beyond 3 80's. so it's going to be heavy leaving san bruno on north one oh one heading into south san francisco once you continue past the scene the rest of the trip to san francisco looks really good. so just a little hiccup in your commute a quick peek at 92, no problems here, but it's packed in teen 15 minutes and growing from hayward over to san mateo back to you thanks a lot to our top story things are getting a little bit better around the bay loosening up going into a different here when it comes to covid yeah we've got a couple counties well 3 we have morning county contra costa county and san mateo counties moving now into the orange here. >>which you can by the legend here means moderate risk for coronavirus so that means they can start loosening some of the restrictions on businesses kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san mateo county with a
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look at what they're doing there. hi sarah. >>and there. yeah, the reason san mateo county heading into the orange shares because the case rate is 3 cases per 100,000 people and that means that restrictions are loosening i mean take a look at this we're used to this outdoor dining right. but now they can restaurants can except their customers inside at 50% capacity take a look at your screen now you can see what else is going to change its all starting now since it became loose and at midnight dining restaurants churches museums, movie theaters malls all can open at 50% capacity gyms at 25% family entertainment centers like bowling alleys can also open at 25% bars and breweries not serving food can open outdoors only nonessential offices can reopen but remote work is still in courage festival festivals nightclubs live theater still closed all
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businesses reopening further must take precaution and follow state guidelines local health officials want to remind people that just because we're doing well here in san mateo county and restrictions are loosening does not mean it's time to let your guard down too, not wear that mask you not to social distancing, you know if you're around people you got in public you enter of of facility restaurant, something you know you need to do you need to have that mask in need sanitize everything you can especially the holidays come out with a win this weekend thanksgiving following that so it's a time to do it you can and do it safely so we can keep these case rates down. >>reporting live in san mateo county sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks. a lot sarah. >>time now 7 '04 and in the east bay, many business owners in contra costa county are also enjoying the fact that they can begin to reopen slowly as well. the county has that the county has been moved into the orange here as we mentioned that allows more businesses and restaurants to open their doors to and more indoor operations in fact up
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to 50% capacity for restaurants, while easing restrictions does help the economy local county leaders say the covid-19 obviously is still here and they still need to be vigilant. >>i just want to remind people we got here by being vigilant we got here by doing things like wearing our masks washing your hands, staying home and we weren't feeling. well avoiding large groups. and that's how he got her number so low, so my only had only message is we got here by doing these very simple things we need to keep our guard up we need to be vigilant. >>well marin county in the north bay also moved into the orange here or the moderate covid-19 tear yesterday time now 7 '05 and another big story is danville they're not going to be opening up their streets on the weekends anymore no a lot of people have the repeatedly been violating the mask rule the social distancing rule there and so they're clamping back down again kron four's will tran live in danville to explain well.
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>>star you see that car going by just now that's what's going to happen over the weekend the party is over the city of danville they allow the restaurants in this location to close it down to give the whole street to allow people to social distance unfortunately, so many people showed up and such a small space the restaurant's did not crack down on it even though they were told. repeatedly you have to be better and that's why the city of danville says enough is enough they are pulling the plug on this particular location. let me quickly pull up a map you so you know my location is just to write off a 6.80. this is parts avenue and they have shut it down in june between prospect and diablo it's only one city block that is a very prosperous block in terms of restaurants and a lot of people showing up. so long as they practice social distance, but they have seen over the past few months they've seen fights in this location. they
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have told the restaurant's about for them to practice social distance, according to the city the restaurant's told them we will be better. but we're not better then they saw fights then they saw 35 covid cases in the span of 2 weeks and that's why they have the blessing of the police department to shut it down as far as the party to open up the street the barriers will be removed. so moving forward over the weekend, no longer shut down. no more mardi gras feel and i can tell you i can attest i was here around june or july. i was here i had my mask on practice social distance and yes, it was a party like feel that no more james you talked about it right before you came out to me the contra costa county is trying to be careful. according to the city of danville they don't want this location and all of those covid cases to bring down the entire county. back to you. >>thank you very much for that well
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>>news to loosen up as far as the risks of covid and being allowed to do more things solano county could be moving backwards because they've seen an increase in cases concours taylor's sacking has more. over the last 2 weeks county saw spike in coronavirus cases. >>averaging about 40 cases per day for them to stay in the red here which is where they are now they need to get under 31 cases per day this is something that businesses indonesia say is crucial for their survival. >>after seeing a rise in coronavirus cases solano county is moving in the wrong direction, heading backwards from the state spread here to its most restrictive purple tier it is definitely disappointing because i working in to see people is misses in benicia say. >>the jump in cases is disheartening not only for the community, but also for the lifeblood of the local economy purple tier prohibits most not essential indoor business operations and would cause some businesses to close or
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change their current plans, everybody does need to do their and be diligent and especially right now we are in normals flu season. >>and so taking just extra is going to help our little businesses in town stand business solano county health officer doctor balan muchas warns that the county has to get its act together unfortunate reality is that we are seeing case numbers that are higher than they should be for us to remain in red and unfortunately that puts us at risk of going back in the purple. >>you know the cause of it is obviously people getting together with family and friends and letting their guard down so that disease spreads and we had several weeks ago several large as ants that we believe accounted for that spike that they're not just says the spike could be temporary at least he's hoping that's the case he points to several recent events as examples of behavior that is detrimental to the county's progression in reopening a wedding at a home
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with 40 people no social distancing no and then there was some type of the news sent invitation only event was a large number of people again no social distancing and we had dozens of cases from these events doctor much as says the county was averaging 27 positive coronavirus cases per day about a month ago, but in the last 2 weeks that number jumped to 41 positive cases per day number that would put the county back on the state's purple terror list. if they get the same results next week now to stay in that red here hopefully solano county can get its case numbers back to under 31 cases. >>per day it's also another important reminder ahead of halloween and the holidays, keep your guard up continue practicing social distancing and of course wear mask. indonesia taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>well power has been restored to much of the 92,000 pg e customers in the bay area that were thrown into darkness. what a difference. this map looks like today right this is
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pg and e's power outage map and it's the areas in purple that show where crews are still working to restore power. few spots in the north bay in alameda in sonoma counties but pg says that everyone should have their power back on by tonight at the latest. >>we'll take a break here at 7.10 still ahead firefighters from san francisco are heading to southern california to help fire crews battle to wildfires that are raging out of control right now we'll have the very latest coming up. >>and thankful to see our fire danger down today as we see winds coming down across the region daytime highs will be in the 70's bayside areas well low 80's for inland spots your forecast is ahead. >>and i'm staying on top of the morning, commuting yes it's getting pretty busy and crowded out there, especially on our bridges, here's a live look at 80 into san francisco all stocked up in bunched up here at the toll plaza but we're only at 13 minutes that's a great average we'll check more coming up.
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>>is in the midst of those shades of colors because we have seen calmer conditions now in this fire danger greatly diminished we're still very dry. we have dry grasses and dry brush so we're not completely out of the woods but we have seen big improvements and that's something we can hold onto today as you get outside enjoy the 60's and 70's at the coast, definitely a little cooler at the coast today than where we were yesterday as we see winds, relaxing you'll start to get a bit more marine influence right along the coastline. that will cool you off a bit temperatures right along the bay, mostly in the 70's to low 80's with saying carlos right at 80 degrees. redwood city foster city each at 78 today while in the south bay daytime highs, mostly upper 70's, pretty similar to where we have been campbell 79 san jose at 78 today east bay temperatures 70's to low 80's for you to dublin pleasanton each 80 degrees, we'll continue that up through conquered. well oakland berkeley and richmond each in
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the low to mid 70's today. temperatures in the north bay actually a couple of degrees down from yesterday will be looked back into this upper 70's for napa and yacht village at 78 snowmen you'll be right at 80 degrees today. joining you in the 80 degree club petaluma and sandra fell each also both right at 80 degrees today. here's a look at your next 7 days or inland areas hanging on to those low 80's and upper 70's like we had seen yesterday and will again today friday is notable your coolest day of this not just inland. but right along the bay as we do see some cloud cover pushing on in and it's going to feel like a nice fall start to the weekend for sure as for saturday temperatures start to rise just a few degrees as we move into halloween and then sunday, we just those clocks falling back an hour which is the one we love because you get that extra hour's sleep. this time around robin. thank you john yes, and we do love extra checking in on the golden gate bridge, we're taking look at one o one, it's like one of the best bridges
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this morning as far as delays are concerned are issues we don't have any so. >>the commute from the north bay to san francisco will be a breeze. we're at 20 minutes rolling south novato to the toll plaza now here we have some crowding as we've had throughout the morning. it started early in the 4 o'clock hour on west 92, leaving hayward off to the peninsula, but it's fine your drive times only 15 minutes, it's on the rise, but it's still good as long as we're under 30 minutes from 80 off to one o one that's considered a really good drive time here at the bay bridge. we have a full house cash lanes fast track lanes all stacked up spilling back the on west grand stretching toward the bottom of the maze that is considered the norm. so we're up to 17 minutes, not this crowd. it all the way across the heavier traffic is on the oakland side behind the pay gates, but we are trouble free so easy trip even on the skyway that looks good now if you take shore freeway and use that as one of your approaches to the maze or san francisco. it's going to be a little busy through berkeley, see that line of traffic here of albany berkeley down to emeryville but that's not bad that's
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normal 17 minutes, heading west from crockett. >>down to the maze that's considered a quick drive time for my friends on highway 4 it's a grind here leaving pittsburgh through bay point i know i understand i used to take this commute every day. but now it's not so bad a little slow at the top of the hill 25 minutes for west for and he ought to conquer we'll check more coming up back to you thanks a lot rob, and it's 7.19 and for your money this morning amazon is hiring seasonal workers in california. >>and you may not get as many gifts this holiday season. jane king is live in new york with that and more hi jane. >>yes, darya good morning. well shoppers do expect to pull back on purchasing gifts for family and friends this holiday season more than a quarter of americans told gallup that they will spend less on holiday gifts this year compared to last year just 12% of shoppers say they'll spend more this year plans on hiring a 100,000 workers to help it get packages out of the holidays, the employees will pick pack and ship customer orders across innocence network of
7:20 am
warehouses in california, one of the states where there will be making a lot of their hiring ordering a flame grilled whopper from burger king drive-thru may be more fun in the months ahead, it's going to be adding these digital drive-thrus to 10,000 burger king location so this allows the restaurant chain to show the weather on the screen. it can also quickly change promotions and offering items on the fly depending on what selling well over the weather for example and books business reports that amazon founder and washington post owner jeff bezos may be looking to buy cnn its size investment bank chatter, especially bankers and deal with media industry deals. there has been speculation that att is looking to sell cnn live from new york, i'm jane king county jury all right thanks a lot jane. >>time now 7.20 in crews from san francisco are heading to southern california right now to help fire crews. battle the silverado fire. the wind driven wildfire has scorched more than 13,000 acres near irvine since it broke out monday morning. it's currently at 5% containment. 5
7:21 am
firefighters have been injured so far 2 of them critically more than 70,000 homes in the irvine area remain under evacuation orders. >>time now is 7.20 we're following the latest on the blue ridge fire in orange county yeah that fire is a pretty tough when we got christina pascucci live this morning. the very latest on the firefighting efforts christina. >>james darya good morning to both of blue ridge drive fire call blue ridge because it started near this point and you could see firsthand some of the destruction here just devastating for people been through so much this year. and this is an area that has had wildfires before the specific home we're told actually survived the fires that swept through this area about 12 years ago, but then sadly was not the case for this if we can swing around my camera man chris we'll show you what's happening here are some of the structure they want to make sure even though this was more
7:22 am
starting monday into tuesday and the winds are calming. >>a flare at some of the other home. >>remain safe. so now we're showing you just how involved this fire was it's what their 14,000 acres, the wind event was just crazy through this area in orange county and they're also contending with the silverado fire nearby so they're trying to fix. >>the up north and the san francisco area down here we're so grateful for that because that was key and this fire fighting effort in fact we're told and because it actually resources they even arrive overnight last night that really helped them get a handle on things and by this fire. >>when we come back live. we're going to show you what they view looks like the charred hills but we have 10's of thousands of people who are evacuated. at least 10 homes were damaged in this and people have just been saying the wind event was like something they hadn't seen 78 miles per hour. winds clocked in the chino hills area yorba
7:23 am
linda. those are the 2 main cities that are impacted by this and then and the back going to show you right here shortly, we're just writing to it but in the backyard of this one home that survived. that is the 91 freeway in the distance and we expect there to be some issues today. >>all right just last year mike but we can see the shot and all of the absolutely just how bad it is out there in southern counties hope they can get that controlled here at some point in the near future. it's 7.23, we'll take a quick break coming up on the kron 4 morning news, if you are heading to the east coast. well you might need to add a couple weeks to your travel schedule. >>a california apparently back on the travel quarantine list for several
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this is time that matters.
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>>7.26 and if you're going to be traveling from here in california to the east coast, depending on where you go you're going to have to quarantine for 2 weeks because california is back on the quarantine list for new york, new jersey and connecticut that means anybody who comes from california to those states has to quarantine because we have a raid. that's higher than 10% positivity for coronavirus at first we were on that quarantine list in june then we moved off of it last month because things are getting better. but now we are
7:27 am
on the quarantine list it's sad to see all right 7.26 is the time coming up after the break we're going to take a look at. >>more record breaking breaking voter turnout across the bay area and why the numbers, i'm still going up. - oh. - what's going on?
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>>welcome back at 7.29 right now and we are in the midst of
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cooler weather. i guess this is just the end of october, yes, start to feel more like fall in fact we're that much closer to roll in the clocks back everybody getting an extra hours sleep that's this saturday night i've i've rotated my word road to fuzzy pajama from the silk warm in the night because yeah john temperatures overnight we're getting pretty chilly. yeah we are very chilly right now for a lot of the north bay still guys temperatures in the 30's for some of our northern neighbors up in sonoma and napa counties now we are calmer across the bay area and that's the really noticeable change in the positive change from where we have been. >>fire danger is diminished, no red flag warnings this morning just clear skies don't expect your seat or tower cam to be this clear tomorrow as i'm actually expecting a return of fog come your thursday morning. winds calm across the bay area that's the way we'll stay well into the afternoon today and we will not take it for granted after these last few days that's for sure 40's and 50's for most of
7:31 am
the bay, but let's take a look at the north bay novato you are at 32 degrees right now fairfield that 37 petaluma and santa rosa also in the 30's. so we do have some areas that are approaching freezing if not below in some of our rural upper elevations, so this is a for rigid start to the day for sure definitely getting close to november. wake-up planner shows you that after this cool morning, we're back to some sunshine and comfortably warm daytime highs in the 70's and 80's for your wednesday afternoon, the biggest change today is obviously the lack of winds out there on roads but we still have the trafficker of it and it looks like it's pretty backed up at the bay bridge at no lack of traffic john the lines are getting longer the back of his growing heading into san francisco, not because we have problems this is just considered are normal normal drive into san francisco. but the slowdown that you're looking at here and already spills backs through the bottom of so that means all connectors the nimitz 5.80 the e sure they're all stocked up right now 60 minutes and growing to make it
7:32 am
in and that number's going to go up as we continue through the hour so get on out there right now just a really quick peak at some more numbers and free weights for you so we have highway 4 which is up to 25 minutes very busy through pittsburgh in bay point on no problems for the 6.80 trip, no problems for the nimitz freeway and what is looking good 30 minutes right now heading north from san jose to menlo park james and are you coming up we'll check out more bridges and more drive times back to you, thanks robin 7 32 6 days to go before the election the number of people casting early ballots is at an all-time high. >>nationally close to 70 million people have already mailed in their ballots. >>oregon in person to vote in the bay area all counties are showing more than 20% in early voter turnout from eligible voters com forcefully juggle has more. >>37 ballot. drop-off boxes available 24 7 and located outdoors at various points of contra costa county have been the preferred way for people
7:33 am
to ensure their vote is counted. that's according to assistant registrar of voters scott coming up asik this is the first time we've had that many dropbox's we had 12. >>in march and in 2018 we have one. so it's kind of a new phenomenon for voters to be taking advantage of up or drop boxes past 6 as 700,000 people have also registered to vote. >>that 65,000 more than those who registered for the march primaries, this marks the most voters ever registered in the county for an election in fact we already have received more >>now while we had the entire election in 26 overall more than 310,000 ballots have been returned that's about 44% of registered voters and quarter past sick expects that number to double when it's all said and done people tend think of election day as the big events. >>i prefer to think of it now in vote by mail world as big
7:34 am
reveal. at 08:00pm who released the results. so people are voting now and voters just anticipate voting prior to the to election day tuesday is the last day vote by mail ballots are being sent out if you have not received one or have not registered to vote you can register and vote in person by visiting the elections office in downtown martinez. >>we're one of the 17 regional vote centers set up throughout the county. >>in martinez believes all kron 4 news. >>if you have not mailed in your ballot yet and i was just about to pop it in the mail that well this is the nation-wide thing that you're actually supposed to play in a ballot box because it will get there in time but in california will i still don't risk at the california. this is long as your ballots postmarked by election day that gives me till november. second to do it can arrive by november 20th. then my vote will be counted. but still again since his less than a
7:35 am
week ago county officials say the best thing to do is i guess i need to take this over to this ballot boxes everywhere i think my town center has won. james well speaking of election news, the final push of course until election day we've got joe biden donald trump both hitting the campaign trail awfully hard today. >>focusing on those battleground states to try and sway some of those undecided voters we have dean reynolds with a look at the latest efforts on the campaign trail. our news nation emerson college poll finds joe biden leading donald trump by 5 points among likely voters nationwide. >>outside the margin of error of 2.8 percentage points. mister biden is leading in the suburbs and urban areas while the president leads among rural voters and 75% said they had made up their minds who to support over a month ago. but national polls do not predict the outcome of the race which will be decided state by state on the way to 270 electoral
7:36 am
votes and it was electoral votes that were on the minds of both candidates as the president hit michigan, wisconsin and nebraska hello, wisconsin, it's great to he and thousands of supporters braved freezing each stop this election is a choice between a trump super recovery or a by depression that's what you're going to have with the rays of texas. >>the biggest tax increase in our history is ridiculous in wisconsin which had violent demonstrations after a white cop shot a black man this past summer. >>the president noted similar unrest in philadelphia and then he pointed a finger at his rival last night philadelphia was torn up by biden supported radicals. 30 police officers, philadelphia police officers great people they were injured some badly. >>biden stands with the writers and i stand with the heroes of law enforcement former vice president
7:37 am
campaigned in georgia which the president won 4 years ago. >>and he also referred to the philadelphia unrest, but in a different way protesting though is not burning and looting. >>violence can never be a tactic or tolerated and it won't. >>but much of it. it's a cry for justice, the names of george floyd brown taylor jacob like will not soon be forgotten and former president obama took a swipe at the incumbent in orlando says he's the best. >>and for black folks in save like the only people truly better off than they were 4 years ago. >>the billionaires who got trump tax cuts. >>that was dean reynolds, reporting for us this morning, the presidential race is heading west today in fact both campaigns are going to be stumping in the state of arizona. later this afternoon. what president trump meanwhile says that a new yes, he says president says that a new coronavirus relief bill that includes more direct payments to americans is not going to
7:38 am
happen. he says. >>until after the election. nancy pelosi differs trump told reporters after the election that he would quote get the best stimulus package you've ever seen he says the white house will continue to negotiate with house speaker pelosi but pelosi said the last few days, she's not giving up hope on reaching a deal before the election. >>well still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, another night of protests on the streets of philadelphia all following a fatal police shooting we'll have the latest on that story and the state is discouraging traditional trick or treating on halloween. now local communities are stepping up to offer safer alternatives and after so much when lately we finally see some calmer conditions across the entirety of the bay area today yesterday was already common san jose oakland and san francisco. >>and we'll keep the good thing going today. your forecast ahead. >>tracking your morning commute around the bay area lot of break tapping going on here at the bay bridge toll plaza, i'm looking at a line that spills back through the bottom of the maze will check
7:39 am
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well, that investment can give you tax-free cash just when you need it. call for your free reverse mortgage loan guide look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >>7.41 another night of clashes between police and protesters in philadelphia, you can see the chaos in the streets here and the confrontations after police fatally shot a 27 year-old man
7:42 am
named walter wallace, hundreds of demonstrators marched through the streets for a second night at first as you can see it was protesters who were peaceful and pretty worley and then things devolved and demonstrators threw objects at the police who then pushed them back all in response to the fatal police shooting, i'll walter wallace police say he was holding a knife and refused their orders to drop it before they shot and killed him on monday morning. while us as parents beg people to stay peaceful. but you can see here that there was some looting that happened. >>heavy fish from a family that my son will stop this violence. it chaos was wanted the city and that really. they like just got to be i my son my is that you find the evil. >>that's how we feel in this community when it comes things like this is like find the
7:43 am
evil and what is telling people is don't call the cops. you want your job to live do you call the so horrible for the family who actually called the police because. >>they were worried about their son. they say the parents say that it looks like the sun was shot 10 times. they said that they had told the police that he was struggling with mental health. the state attorney general has taken over the investigation. >>we'll take a break here, 7.43 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, thousands of dead and dying trees are being cleaned up in the south bay in the wake of the czu fires, we'll tell you how much it'll cost the county to clean up the mess. as a nurse, i've faced the fear
7:44 am
of being stretched too thin to do my job right. and it's not just health care workers. our teachers and school staff are going the extra mile for our kids. our firefighters are taking on unthinkable missions to keep us safe. how can we keep giving billions in tax breaks to rich corporations when our communities need that money? prop 15 closes corporate loopholes and invests in our schools, health care, and public safety. help us do our jobs. vote yes on 15.
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>>we're back at 7.46 fire crews are still adding up the damage from the czu lightning complex fire in the santa cruz mountains. it's going to cost millions and take months to do with the damage just to the trees alone with kron four's rob fladeboe with more on the story from bonny doon. >>and bonnie dune is a heartbreaking mess logging trucks whole load after load of dead trees felled by crews working to keep residents in traffic out of harm's way. >>1100 trees have been worked for removal hero swanton road alone since the county steve
7:47 am
wizenard so. >>what the county is doing right now as we're going through and doing a full assessment of trees within the public roadway. and just outside the public roadway were trees could fall and impact the public roadway. >>saws echo through the mountains there are piles of logs everywhere fortunately every monterey pine on kelly foster's property are being cut down some are falling on their own and that's scary. he says the first week after the fire. >>we heard a big pine come down about once an hour. 4. several weeks and sometimes you hear the crack and then the boom and sometimes is here the kraken that's the scarier situation tall pine for redwoods lean over the winding road in many places they must go first. >>45 miles of road where impacted and there are thousands more damage trees on private property across 85,000 acres scorched by the lightning sparked fire that erupted back on august 19th a
7:48 am
lot of these trees are shells of themselves as what they you know were prior to the fire incident. >>and so we are we're practice proactively going in seen what kind shape. these trees are and if they're deemed dangerous. >>we're taking him down. >>is it the loss of those trees weren't enough there are worries about what could happen when the rains return this winter with little or nothing to guard against erosion and the prospect of war and disaster on top of another what i'm most worried about. >>is the mud debris flow. that's projected this winter. i joke with friends can we please get a quarter inch of rain every other night all winter long. but we know that's not going to happen, we know where you get some some goalie washers and pretty scary to think what's going to flow with all the organics completely burned off and very little vegetation on the ground to to modify the. >>the runoff in bonny doon rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>some 40 right now and we want to take a look at what
7:49 am
when the weather is heading them turn the corner let's find out john good morning. yeah, definitely some improvements guys after the windy start to the week we've had we are out of red flag warning territory now back to some much calmer conditions still enjoying those clear skies though you look outside at san francisco from across the bay looking really nice and clear and that's also what we're seeing right along the coastline at half moon bay here beautiful sunshine now this is not going to be the case necessarily into tomorrow morning as we do have the return of some fog looking likely into thursday so enjoy the calm cool and very clear conditions that this morning spring, calm conditions will last on into the afternoon today come one from start to finish and that means high fire danger now diminishing you see those yellow and blue areas on the map those becoming less and less today and on into tomorrow, so nice breather from the high fire danger that we have experienced so much these past few months. today's daytime highs mostly the 70's, although we do have a fair share of 80's on the map concord walnut creek dublin
7:50 am
pleasanton as well sonoma all among areas that will be 80 degrees today hayward san jose and napa all a 78 for your daytime highs, here's a look ahead at your next 7 days inland, daytime highs in the 80's to upper 70's well, bayside areas, mostly in the 70's, coastal spots will be in the 60's halloween on saturday of course and lots of sunshine for that one and then you get that extra hour of sleep on sunday. >>robin all right a quick peek at bay area bridges, they are a little busy and a little crowded starting off with the richmond sandra fell bridge. this line now schools back to richmond parkway that's where it's going to start it continues through the tolls loosens up right around mid span overall not bad we're at 12 minutes making it into the north bay here the bay bridge toll plaza we have a full house cash lanes fast track lanes all stacked up and it continues to spill to the bottom of the maze. so you need to get out there early 17 minutes and growing to make it into fremont street we'll check more drive times for you coming up in a bit back to you, thanks a lot rob, some 50 and you know that halloween is
7:51 am
going to be different this year health officials are saying you should not go out trick or treating discouraging for everybody they don't want to further spread the coronavirus. >>now in response locally some cities are offering safer alternatives to traditional trick or treating bridgette bjorlo reports. >>halloween 2020 will resemble a skeleton of years past as california tries to slow the spread of covid-19 by limiting the kind of gatherings you typically see on the spookiest night of the year. >>and then these are all the i'm with state leaders discouraging trick or treating due to safety concerns of cities like rancho cordova are offering a treat of a different kind where families dress up in their costumes and collected goodies from the safety of their car from hollowing for christmas is usually a really magical time. >>or families and community are able to come together can act and have >>our city staff is home to
7:52 am
mirror. i wanted to come up with a creative way to keep the spirit of what we do during the holidays. but do it in a way that safety contests. >>and then it continues on through here and then for those seeking out a spooky good time they can walk through this outdoor haunted house made entirely of animatronics. where families are spaced out to keep a safe distance from one another and only those who wear face coverings are allowed in has always been a dream of mine to do this i just do it because i love it. >>the best payment eye wall is just the reaction i get from people jeffrey bartley has been entertaining the community with halloween fun for over a decade but says this year his free fries are needed more than ever the best time to do it ever i would think you know what i'm trying to say halloween. >>kids are getting tripped up having to stay home to keep the thrill alive for those needing a healthy scare is a spirit how we in front it is
7:53 am
an escape. but it's a it's a fun, one bridgette bjorlo fox 40 news. >>time now 7.52 coming up in the next hour, a story that will make some giants fans. fringe the dodgers are your world series champ we're going take a look at the highlights plus get some reaction from fans coming up in the morning buzz at 8 o'clock.
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>>welcome back 7.56 a beautiful start to the morning for those of you stepping outside right now you're being greeted by that behind me right there beautiful sunrise across the bay area at the bay bridge at the golden gate bridge, not looking too bad either you can see all the sunshine that we're seeing out there as well daytime highs later today will be pretty comfortable overall mostly in the 70's a few 60's right along the coastline and then a few low 80's inland. such will be the case in concord walnut creek dublin and as for oakland, san francisco and san jose do expect 70's for today's daytime highs, san jose pretty similar to yesterday at 78, calm winds and abundant sunshine. james. >>all right, thank you very much john time now 7.56 coming up in the next hour san mateo county has entered the orange tier of reopening which would allow looser restrictions and more reopenings indoor we'll
7:57 am
have more about that coming up in a live report. it's a very different story though for solano county a spike in covid cases there means backtracking on their reopening progress and streets will no longer be shut down in danville after people went against covid-19 rules and gathered in large groups will trend we'll have a live update in just a mom.
7:58 am
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>>news station you're watching the kron 00:04am morning news. >>and thanks for joining us. the ballot in the mail if not you could put it in a drop box 6 days away from we'll talk more about that coming up in a bit also talking about the weather too because luckily, the winds have backed off we're now out of red flag warning danger. we can all take a breath right i guess take casey out of the window because i on good morning. i think you should be fine with it, i mean we still do have a few 80's in our forecast but no 90's or triple digits and no wind events in the forecast either. >>red flag warnings expired across the bay area and fire danger all those still a concern because we are dry in the forecast ahead of us not near as high as it once was because of these lighter winds that we have today looking outside at your center tower cam beautiful shotor


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