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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  December 8, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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good morning, i'm chris jansing. this is "jansing & company." high drama on the hill right now. maybe president obama didn't realize the battle was going to be with his own party. senate majority leader harry reid said just now he thinks a deal on tax cuts is closer than people believe, but the anger from democrats is real. >> the american people don't want this agreement. >> i have some serious reservations about parts of this deal. >> i think it's fair to say that there is a certain amount of unease with the proposal that was put forth by the president.
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>> we understand the president is negotiating with congressi congressional republicans who are willing to risk everything in order for tax cuts for the wealthiest of all americans. >> later this afternoon, the vice president will go to the hill. he'll try to smith things over with house democrats after talking to the senate side yesterday. here's what congressman raul he's on the congressional caucus told me he wants to hear. >> well, he has to tell us is that the ledger is still open and that input from the house and from the members that will be there is still valid and will be included in the discussion and that the deal is not sealed. >> the deal extends tax cuts for everyone, also, extends unemployment benefits. but the president broke it down like this, he wanted to get something done instead of hurting everyone. >> i felt that the middle class tax cuts were being held hostage to the high-end tax cuts. i think it's tempting not to
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negotiate with hostage takers. unless the hostage gets harmed. take a tally, look at what i promise during the campaign. there's not a single thing that i said that i would do that i have not either done or tried to do. >> i want to bring in our company, washington post columnist and msnbc contributest and richard wolffe and galena espinoza and contributor sofia nelson. ezra, i want to get your sense of the temperature of what's going on here. i just had congressman on and he said not only does he want to know if the ledger is still open, but he blamed the president. he thinks he spent more time talking to the republicans than he did to the democrats. what is your sense there right now? >> i think the temperature is, i don't know if they would prefer me to say it's ice cold or very, very hot but people are angry and not talking very well to one
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another. it's true, the negotiations are primarily between the white house and republican leadership and the democratic congressional leadership. to some degree that is what you would expect. this comes to the next question and if they add in something the democrats and the house want, is it, because if so, if the deal is completely rigid and inflexible, that will make it much, much more difficult to pass given at the moment the house democrats and even the senate democrats don't feel bought in to it. >> does this deal, does the president need to be willing to say, sofia, all right, this was a good starting point, but let's look at it again. would that be the right move here? >> i think that i am stunned at house democrats continue to be on this issue. i mean, the fact is, chris, they lost the election in a resounding way. the republicans, i think, have the upper hand here. i think that those were to negotiate did so. i think the republicans gave on
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this and i think the democrats gave on this and, clearly, the president was not happy about this deal. he used terms like hostage takers, et cetera. he wasn't pleased and he is kind of going kicking and screaming, if you will. the democrats will have to support him on this or ootherwise we'll go into the new year and new congress and they're look at what they have to do then and the republicans will be put through something that will not be as appealing with the unemployment extensions as well as the payroll tax. >> richard, you wrote your book about the inner workings and maybe you were in san francisco signing some copies of it -- >> that's right. >> you know how this white house works and i'm wondering if you were surprised to see the president and what he said about the democrats yesterday and how do you think he's going to play this going forward? >> it's not surprising. his classic position is to sort of take that midal and say people on the left who criticize me and on the extremes and people on the right on the
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extremes, as well. what you have here is a president who has spent two years being beaten up by republicans as this unacceptable socialist and what they've now done, what the republicans have conceded isn't just about unemployment benefits, that very successful, 2-year-old strategy of saying this president is an extremist of denying him barnship and sbarn sh bipartisanship and saying he's unreasonable. from a purely political perspective no middle class tax cuts, the politics moving forward looks really different for him and for republicans and, yes, for democrats, too, as uncomfortable as it is for them. >> what a lot of supporters of the president want to say is this has nuthing to do, galena, with politics. he made the best deal he could and, in fact, a top aide to the president is quoted in "new york times" today as saying we have more than we thought we would be able to get. i think president obama used the right word yesterday, hostage.
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i think the american people to an extent are being held by partisan bickering and what choice did president obama really have? he has a republican majority coming in in january and who knows what kind of additional concessions they would want and this is a deal that would need to happen before then. >> when frank rich writes in "new york times" he has a case of stockholm syndrome and the republicans, you don't think that's fair? >> i don't think that's fair. i think with the republican majority coming in and the slim lead in the senate for democrats there is a lot of going across the aisles that needs to happen and i think president obama is being very pragmatic in saying this is the best deal we're going to get. wait until january, it is only going to get worse. >> a lot going on on capitol hill today we'll be following. just last hour, a new chapter was launched in space travel. a privately funded spacecraft,
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there it goes. space x "falcon 9" rocketing into space. it's a test for nasa. what they want to do is use privately funded spacecraft that deliver supplies to the international space station. another day of record cold temperatures have florida farmers on edge. they're keeping a close eye on their crops to make sure they survive these frigid temperatures. we saw it yesterday, again today rushing to spray those crops with water to keep them from being destroyed. the weather channel's julie martin is following this story from appropriately, plant city, florida. how are things looking there, julie? >> well, another nerve wrecking night here in grove city. the temperatures did reach that critical 32 degree mark but, fortunately, not for long enough to ruin the strawberry crop here that is just beginning to ripen. we set a number of records, so many crops affected from citrus to vegetables and, in fact, naples and palm beach both set
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record lows this morning. miami in the 40s, as well. as you can see, the sun is out shining and we are expecting a warm day here. now, the farmers here tell me that the hope is over the weekend with some better temperatures, they can pick enough of these out of the fields before the next big cold front comes in on monday. so, still recovering here from a very bad season last year, both citrus and strawberries took a major hit last january. this is all very early for the growers here and they're hoping for the best. chris, back to you. >> julie, thank you so much. mastercard is feeling the wrath of wikileaks supporters. their website has been shut down after hackers overloaded its servers. mastercard is quick to point out that credit card transactions have not been affected. apparently it's retaliation for mastercard cutting ties with wikileaks. julian assange still being held in a british jail on rape charges that were filed in
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sweden. i spoke with one of his attorneys last hour. >> he's an incredibly, he's incredibly calm and collected in spite of the circumstances and he's very confident that he will win this next appeal and we'll clear his name from these damaging allegations. >> let's get more from peter alaxeneder in london. peter? >> want to give you a better sense of where we're standing. the largest prison in all of britain, it dets back to 1885. assange is being kept inside separate from the rest of the inmates here and he's vowing to fight extradition back to sweden where he faces allegations of sexual misconduct. meanwhile, the story making a lot of headlines what supporters of assange have been doing online. internet hackers who have attacked the mastercard website in revenge, they say for mastercard shutting down services to wicky leaks. the group known by the name of anonymous an initiative they call "operation payback" says
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we're glad to tell you that is down and we have spoken to mastercard and they confirm they are having issues with heavy traffic throughout the day. they are working on that problem and also want to make it very clear to us that it will have no impact on people using their personal cred cards securely. this group is claiming attacks on paypal the swiss group that claimed wikileaks and the prosecutor in sweden and even the attorney for the women who accuse assange of sexual misconduct itself. it is unbelievable and described it as uncomfortable. wikileaks says it will not be gagged and remarkably they're still online despite efforts to shut them down either technologically or financially and wikileaks has had numerous sites set up around the world and a spokesperson for wikileaks indicated on a tweet that their cables have been leaked. the cables they have leaked have been viewed 50 million plus per
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times per day. the leader of libya bullied the british over the lockerbie bomber saying if he died behind bars in britain, there will be severe repercussions. new york city bureau chief for good morning, john, how are you doing? >> morning. >> we have been trying for hours now to get logged on to mastercard and various members of our team and they keep getting this error message. network error, what is going on? >> well, yes, they're under attack. it's called distributed denial of service attack. it's a very sort of garden variety thing, which basically means that a lot of people are trying to reach the site and nobody can. it's a nuisance and it's what some people do to sort of poke a stick in your eye, but, as mastercard says, it has no impact on your transactions and your data and stuff like that. >> if i go to a store and try to
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buy something with mastercard, no problem. i shouldn't be worried about somebody getting my information. >> right. this has nothing to do with anybody hacking in to get your information, correct. >> nevertheless, it's a little disturbing, i think, to a lot of people to think that some disgruntled hackers oout there can wreak havoc like this. is it that easy to do? >> depends on your definition of wreaking havoc. it's easy to do for people who do this sort of thing but enterprise companies are very clever about recognizing when the attack is coming and working around it. banks are often a target for this. it happens all the time, it often doesn't rise to the level of newsworthiness and this particular group has a history of doing this sort of thing with targets of opportunity for them. >> have you heard anything, john, about how long this might go on or have you got any inside information? >> i would suspect that the lifting is so light that the attack can go on almost indefinitely, but that doesn't mean that it will be successful
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indefinitely. >> john able, thanks so much for letting us understand what is going on here. appreciate it. >> pleasure. remembering elizabeth edwards. we have a story you'll hear only on msnbc. family friend karen finney remembering life on the campaign trail with elizabeth. later, everyone who uses the internet will want to listen to what richard lui has been looking into. hey, richard. >> you might not have heard about this, it's called history sniffing. how to stop it. [ female announcer ] water was meant to be perfect. crisp, clear, untouched. that's why there's brita, to make the water we drink, taste a little more, perfect. reduce lead and other impurities with the advanced filtration system of brita.
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president obama is remembering elizabeth edwards as an inspiration for her fortitude and grace. the 61-year-old died yesterday in her home surrounded by her three children and her estranged
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husband, john edwards. edwards did not want people to say she lost her battle with cancer, instead, she felt the battle was about living a meaningful life in spite of cancer and she wanted people to know that she won. karen finney is a family friend and spokesperson for the edwards family. i'm very sorry about your loss. >> thank you. >> the first thing i thought, first of all, she's 61, so young. not only does she have cate, her adult daughter and emma clare and jack are 10 years old. how are the kids doing? >> i think they're doing okay under the circumstances. one of the remarkable things about elizabeth, particularly in this last year she knew from the time she was first diagnosed she would have to prepare the children at some point, particularly having gone through the loss of wade. she noounderstood what that mea and how to be prepared and i think she knew it would be important that john edwards was there for the children. so, under the circumstances, i
11:19 am
think they're doing as well as can be. she was just a remarkable woman, just, you know, tough and smart and warm. >> well, speaking about tough and warm at the same time, you're telling me about being on the campaign trail and you're all on this train, you know, the candidates are there, their wives are there and they're going through lawrence, kansas, college town. early in the morning? >> about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning and the plan for the train trip we would stop in some places and slow roll in others. where kansas would come out and wave. everybody fell asleep and blew through lawrence, kansas. she was awake and saw the people on the side of the train tracks and wrote a blog about it, which campaign manager, everybody sees this blog and they're calling the train saying, what's going on? basically she said, we can't do this, we have to go back. we got to our next stop and, you know, of course, all the campaign higher ups are saying, that's ridiculous. democrats will never win kansas,
11:20 am
we're not sending john kerry there and looked at then senator john edwards and said, we can go. we went back and it was a big rally. >> i watched the way she was a few times when i was on the campaign trail, as well. you didn't want to get on to an argument with her because the chances are you were going to lose. >> chances are she was right. it was funny. i learned that very quickly about her. any time the higher ups in the campaign would call and say, you know, she's not on mesening or she's got to do this or that i would say, do you know who you're talking about and she was right. >> i remember one time when we were waiting for the live shot which is what we're often doing and we were having a conversation and she told me how she went to a discount store and where she got the bargains and i thought, aren't you kind of wealthy from your years as a lawyer and your husband's successful. >> she still was thrifty at. >> at that moment she was like the mom and the girlfriend and she turned it.
11:21 am
>> we would actually sort of, when we had the time, we would divert and do a little quick shopping we would call it. we'd get secret service to call to the mall and she made it fun. she created a sense of family on the road. >> different side of elizabeth edwards than we've talked about over the last couple days. thanks for coming on. appreciate it. >> good to talk about her. >> i was doing a show in miami and i've just come off stage and i heard the news. obviously, deeply shocked. he lived around the corner from where i live now. i still get a twinge when i go past the dakota and remember him. >> that was sting earlier today. remembering where he was 30 years ago today. coming up, "rolling stone" releases a never before seen interview done just three days before his death. wall street is getting back on its feet.
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this very rarely happens. i want to tell you about this breaking news because the senate has convicted a u.s. district judge g. thomas porteous on three charges of impeachment. he gets removed from the federal bench. he had a gambling problem and started taking favors from other people who had business before his court. his attorneys argue that his behavior, while troubling, didn't mirror impeachment but the senate disagreed and he will be removed from the federal bench. from on campus to behind bars, a shocking story from an ivy league university involving college kids. a large supply of illegal drugs and a successful sting operation. five columbia student were arrested on tuesday. they are the alleged ringleaders of an enterprise that funnels scores of drugs to college kids through fraternity houses.
11:26 am
what can you tell us about this? >> well, chris, four of the suspects are 20 years old. one is 22. all students here at columbia university were arrested yesterday, pulled from bed at dawn at the very frat houses and residence halls where police say they were selling drugs to fellow students. now, police say they were each selling different drugs and then they were referring customers to one another and those drugs included cocaine, marijuana, ectaes and candy and sweet tarts laced with hallucinogen lsd. happening in frat house living rooms and bathrooms. these arrests were the combination of a five-month undercover investigation known as operation ivy league which involved four undercover new york city officers. one of them posed as a college-aged drug middleman and
11:27 am
police say that one officer alone made 31 purchases from the group totaling sales $11,000. keep in mind, that's just one from one person and the students are awaiting arraignment and they have not entered pleas or made any statements and the university made a statement saying they take this matter very seriously and in police documents provided by the prosecutor office they allege they told officers they were selling drugs to pay tuition and now they may be paying the price for that. >> thank you, mara. posters offering a quote fabulous drug stash are lining store fronts in philadelphia. using his skills as an advertising executive, one man hopes this campaign will lead to the return of his stolen laptop. if you're concerned about the legality of the drug thing, he may not be offering any. the poster reads, actual reward may vary. we w ldn't need to filter our water. the same water that flows freely, untouched, the way nature intended,
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capital port-au-prince. more than 1,000 protesters have been heading to the provisional electional council right now but along the way setting fires and generally wreaking havoc in that city that is already impositive rshed and already that entire island has been feeling the ongoing effects of the terrible earthquake that hit there. health problems related to that. all of this over the country's disputed election results and a lot of these protesters have been supporting candidates who got knocked out in this first round. the united states, by the way, also questioning the results of that election. we'll keep watching the unrest there in haiti. some other headlines today. a new poll shows americans aren't feeling secure either about the economy or china. 47% of americans believe china has surpassed the united states economically. south carolina's mayor mark sanford dropped another bombshell on his way out of office.
11:32 am
his overseas mistress in argentina helped him focus on his job. >> i think that a lot of people at times would push against certain things based on their fear that my political star was climbing and if they did that it would help me to get to wherever it was they thought i was going and what became abundantly clear was the supposed stars on the rainbow weren't there and i think we were able to debate the issue at hand. >> well, his approval rating is at 55%, that's higher than one of the senators in the state. so, you draw your own conclusion. he is, by the way, finishing up his final weeks in office. he has been governor there for eight years. a purse snatching caught on tape outside a new hampshire church has led to an arrest. the suspect is accused of pouncing on two elderly women and knocking them to the ground and running off. those women 68 and 91 years old.
11:33 am
they had to be taken to the hospital. the suspect will be arraigned today. a wisconsin woman is accused of biting off her husband's tongue as he kissed her good night. police say when they showed up at the couple's house the woman was singing christmas carols with her tongueless husband. the man was rushed to the hospital to have his tongue reattached. and she has been charged with domestic violence. you cannot make this stuff up. that is horrifying. and a celebrity twitter boycott has gone bust. kim kardashian, lady gaga and justin timberlake took themselves off the social networking site until they raised $1 million for an aids charity. the money didn't come in. they asked a wealthy pharmaceutical company to kick in $500,000 of his own cash so they can get back to tweeting. i don't know whether that's happened or not. all right.
11:34 am
>> i think we got put in a position and i believe negotiations were at a level in which our core principles as the president said, were sacrificed. >> it's further along than most people would think. i don't think there is a great deal more work to be done on that. >> two democrats, two very different positions on president obama's tax cut deals. senator harry reid said there's not much more to do. congressional democrats. you just saw congressman griljavla say we need to look at this all over again. joining me now, loretta sanchez, a member of the blue dog democrats. always good to see you, congressman. where do you come down on this? do you think this is a done deal or congressman griljavla who said there needs to be some daylight here for us to do further negotiatinnegotiating. >> the senate has pretty much
11:35 am
set the agenda. usually whatever it is they are able to pass and come over to the house is usually what gets passed in the house. last night as the democrats in the house met in caucus, there was a lot of anger over this because what we heard as we campaigned in the election was that the debt and the deficit were the number one concern of americans, middle class americans. and, so, we lost the election in the house over that issue and, yet, here you see the republicans putting more debt, putting almost $800 billion or $900 billion worth of more debt. they're not collecting revenue. and, so, we will have a problem with this. and you just have that commission come out and say, you got to get a handle on this. taxes have to go up. that's what the commission said. so, you know, democrats are ringing their hands over here on the house of representatives. >> look, i hear the anger.
11:36 am
we heard it all the way here from washington yesterday. the question i guess really going forward is, is there anything that can be done about it? you'll be talking to joe biden and he'll be coming over and the vice president says he wants to push the president's plan. is there anything he can say to change your minds or the minds of the people who were so upset in that meeting last night? >> well, the vice president has a lot of good will with members of the house of representatives on the democratic side. so, i believe a lot of them will hear him out. you know, it just depends. it depends if enough of the blue dogs and the few moderates that are left decide that we can live with another $900 billion worth of debt and deficit, if you will. or whether we stand firm on that and we go with most of the progressive caucus and say this is not a good deal. i have yet, there is a lot of torn members in the caucus. so, if you ask me right now
11:37 am
whether it would pass or not in the house of representatives, i would say i really don't know. i have a feeling it would. >> do you have a feeling if the vote was held right this second, how would you vote? >> right now i'm leaning no to tell you the truth. >> really? >> people were very clear in my election. stop this bleeding. and, so, you know, if we stop the bleeding, if i say no and we stop the bleeding, then i also hurt the people unemployed going into christmas. that's realtly the situation. >> do you think the president caved or just made the best deal he could give on the political realities? >> i think this is a president who comes very straight forward and puts his cards on the table and i think what he doesn't realize, and this has happened to him time over, is that the republicans don't play that way. there's a lot more movement for them when they come with their first positions. so, they've taken advantage of that. they've taken advantage of him several times now. >> all right, we thank you very
11:38 am
much. good luck, loretta sanchez, as you're making that decision. always good to see you. let's bring in galena espinoza and sofia nelson. you heard what she said, she said the republicans have taken advantage of the president. have they and have they misinterpreted the results of the election which, i don't know, $900 billion in debt, is that what the american people voted for? >> chris, i'll take that first. i'll stick with my original position which is the democrats in the house are tone deaf. they don't get it. and i think the president spelled it out yesterday although he was upset about the deal. the bottom line is that the tax cut issue had to be addressed before the end of the year. the republicans clearly gave on the unemployment insurance issue and extending unemployment benefit issue coverage for 13 more months. i think that's pretty significant. not three weeks not three months, 13 weeks. so, i think both sides gave their best at the table and i think now the congress has to decide whether or not it's going
11:39 am
to pass it. it's just that simple. >> well, i guess that is, first of all, galena, on the plate of nancy pulesso who made it clear she is not very happy with the way all of this is looking. i guess you could say this is the last big act as speaker. what is she going to do? >> i think it's astonishing that nancy pelosi is the one out there saying, i'm not sure i am going to support this. she has been president obama's biggest champion. i also find it ironic that it's the republicans and here they are about to add $1 trillion to the national deficit. there is a clear disconnect there. unfortunately, as we have been talking about, the time to really take a stand on the democratic side was before the midterm elections. they had numbers then and they don't have numbers now and they're not going to have them in january. it's really almost the lesser of two evils. do you take the deal you have now or wait until january and maybe take a worst deal.
11:40 am
the i think the democrats will raise a really big stink about this and talk about what a bad deal it is but at the end of the day, they'll vote on it. i think they realize that pragmatically they don't have much of a choice. >> sofia, galena, thanks to both of you. we are just getting this breaking news in, an fbi senior official confirming the rest of a citizen in an alleged plot to blow up a recruiting center in baltimore county. the arrest, we're told, happened just a short while ago. the suspect making a court appearance within the next several hours. we are told this is another fbi sting operation that involved undercover agents working with the suspect throughout the planning of this alleged plot, just like as you'll recall that recent tree lighting case at the tree lighting ceremony. he thought he was detonating the bomb, but the whole time he had really been working with fbi officials. it was, in fact, a phony bomb when he tried to detonate it. according to officials, no one
11:41 am
in this case ever in danger. we'll be back with more on msnbc. nobody in my family ever had a heart attack. if anything, i thought i'd get hit by a bus, but not a heart. all of a sudden, it's like an earthquake going off in your body. my doctor put me on an aspirin regimen to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone. so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. to my friends, i say, you know, check with your doctor, 'cause it can happen to anybody. [ male announcer ] be ready if a heart attack strikes. donate $5 to womenheart at, and we'll send you this bayer aspirin pill tote.
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>> want to have my soul as it were again to have a hit record. that was rock legend john lennon in an interview with dave sholan just hours before his death. he had flown with three colleagues to interview lennon about his life, his career and his new album "double fantasy." "rolling stone" sat down over the course of many hours with the icon just three days before he was shot and killed and only a small part of jonathan cotz's interview was ever published. now on the 30th anniversary of his death, the wait is over,
11:45 am
"rolling stone" has released the interview in its entirety with in-depth insights into growing older, getting back into music and his belief that through it all, he remains simply a man spreading a simple message. >> i'm not claiming divinity. i've never claimed divinity. i've never claimed purity of soul. i've never claimed to have the answer to the light. i've never made any claims. i only put out songs and answer questions, as honestly as i can. >> will is manager of "rolling stone" magazine. john lennon came alive again. here's what i took away from what i was able to listen and to what i read. this was a guy very comfortable in his own skin and very much in love with his wife and his son, but also still feeling the pressure of being so famous. >> yeah.
11:46 am
>> and in many ways i think trying to figure out what his role was and that sort of spoke to it. what did you take away from this? >> i think exactly that. it's the interview of him struggling to be a regular guy turning 40. >> he loved being in new york. >> loved being in new york, having a young child and also be one of the great iconic artists of the 20th century and trying to put these two things together in his head and be the normal guy to take care of the kid and be a husband and also live up to what he'd done with the beatles. >> do you think he had gained some perspective on what it meant to be john lennon. what it meant to be part of the beatles? >> oh, yeah, completely. what is also interesting is that he was still obsessed with every, you know that everything the critics wrote about him and in the interviews crawling lines that were written five, ten years earlier that were written 30 seconds ago. >> he could quote the name and
11:47 am
the magazine and you would think at that point in his life it might roll off of him, but it didn't. >> he is just so human and unfiltered and you read this interview and realize so many celebrities now they've got scripts and they have such images. you know, you don't really want to forget the real person. he just, it's just the faucet turns on. you know, and he is this incredibly human, funny, live, profane, secure guy. you almost feel like you wish he was alive and you wish you were friends with him and he was still creating and his voice we still had it with us today because it's such a great voice and such a human voice. >> i was really struck, the article opens with your reporter just walking in and going into yoko ono's office and sitting down and eight or nine hours. not somebody who had his team of publicists there and the reporter came in and said you
11:48 am
will have from 11:12 until 12:14 and in that time you may ask this. it was just like, unbelievable. >> john had a special relationship with "rolling stone." it was 12 years old at that point and he would come to "rolling stone" when he really wanted to talk to his audience. and, you know, the reporter john he knew him, i think this was the third or fourth time they had spoken. they used to run into each other around town and in line at movie theaters. he was very comfortable with "rolling stone" and very comfortable with the format. >> it was kind of crazy that the tapes of the interviews sat on the shelf for 30 years. it was happenstance that they were recovered and he decided to publish them. >> i think it was too painful to listen to them right afterwards and they got stuck up on a shelf and got pushed further and further back and about a year
11:49 am
ago he called us up and said, i found these tapes and let's transcribe them and see what's on there. we were worried the tapes deteriorated so much they wouldn't be usable. >> i was reading a lot about the beatles moving going on itunes and the incredible response to it not just by baby boomers but justin bieber fans and what really was reported in a lot of these articles is how surprised a lot of people were, but were you? >> by? >> by the fact that so many of these beatles' hits were downlo downloaded. record numbers. >> quality never goes out of style. i think once, you know, the stuff that endures is the stuff that's great. so much great stuff from the past is being rediscovered outside of its cultural context. you have kids listening to frank sinatra now not -- there's not
11:50 am
much better being produced now. >> well, i have to say, i told you i just look through that very quickly. the article is fascinating. you can go online and listen to john lennon in his own words. will dana, thank you so much come forring in. great stuff. if you haven't read it, you can check out that interview with john lennon, again, this issue of "rolling stone." despite the controversy tha" despite the controversy plagued mike tyson, he is being honored for one of the heavyweight boxers of all time. he is inaugurated into the boxing hall of fame. sylvester stallone who played rocky balboa, who played him and wrote the script, was also named to the hall of fame.
11:51 am
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it's been touted as long-awaited justice for black
11:54 am
farmers and native americans. president obama is signing legislation today that will give those groups $4.6 billion. agriculture secretary tom vilsack says the bill will "right past wrongs" but is it really that simple? joining me to discuss it msnbc and the glee contributor, jeff johnson. good morning. good to see you. >> hey, chris, how are you? >> what do you see as the importance, the significance of this legislation? >> well, clearly, i mean this is a long time coming. many people understand that there was the largest class action suit in civil rights history that give these very same farmers a ruling but in the aftermath it didn't give them what it is that they needed. so i think this is a step in the right direction, but as the farmers know better than anybody, the develop is really in the disbursement and what happens after the president signs the bill at 5:00 today will really determine how significant this s. >> you have heard a number of people on the other side, particularly in the gop. you say this could spark an avalanche of other claims from
11:55 am
groups, arguing that the government owes them reparations as well. what do you say to those folks complaining about this? >> well, first, i think reparations is one of those buzz words that just sends people in the wrong direction. i think reality is that the usda in particular did farmers wrong and that there were those who had access to benefits that never received them. at the end of the day the united states government owes them so, whether we call it reparations or whether we call it just doing the right thing, now is the time, whether this sets precedent or not, that the usda in particular and more broadly the u.s. government makes right what it is they did wrong in the first place. >> we will be watching washington for this signing. thanks so much, jeff. good to see you. >> thank you, you too. want to bring you up to debt on this bomb plot because the fbi is now saying that they have arrested a u.s. citizen on an alleged not blow up a military recruiting center in about the more county. we don't have all the details but we are told this is another case of the fbi getting involved on the front end of something,
11:56 am
just as they did with that oregon christmas tree lighting, where there was a guy who is now in custody who investigators say thought that he was part of a terrorist plot that would have set off this bomb in the middle of a crowded holiday celebration. and of course, it was the fbi who was there. same thing here, they are saying. they say no one was ever in danger. we are going to keep you posted as we get more details on this. that's going to do it for me. i'm chris jansing. see back here tomorrow and every weekday at 10 eastern. contessa brewer picks things up for there. >> we are following breaking news out of haiti. right now as it stands, american airlines is canceling flights in and out of haiti because of a major riot situation happening there we will fill you in. what is left on the agenda for the lame duck congress? what we are hearing about don't ask, don't tell and the dream act. and this is a cruise from hell. take a look at a ship just rocking in the high seas. dr
11:57 am
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