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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  December 7, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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>> a night on the block after a massive fire. >> you have to make money when you can make money. >> how baltimore is coping after not one, but two, big blazes. >> shocking hazard. alarming level of danger from electric currents in baltimore city. %-things will arm up and why.en the weekend looks iffy in the sky watch forecast. >> toxic toys, how paapering pets could put thee at-risk. >> a big fall for a cat. how this frightened feline is -oing tonight. >> live in high definitionn from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 ews at 10:00. >> two fires, 12 hours apart. that pushed the limits of fire fighting in baltimore.
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>> early this morning, on north charles street in mount vernon. fire, a battle that rages on for more than four hours. something. >> and yesterday afternoon, smoke fills downtown baltimore.@ as flames breakoot on east baltimore street. feet from city hall. and in balttmore's adult >> running across the street with butt naked. trying to get clothes on. @% tonight, cleaning uu. and figuring out what caused baltimore city's massive firee. hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. the cause of the fire that ripped through bbltimore's stri3 ccub district is still a mystery tonight. jeff abell is live on the block with thh latest. jeff? >>well, the, t has been a long @%me since thh block has been this quiet. this late at night. but right now, the focus is rrght over there, on that stretch of buildings. where a fire stopped the show, and threatened a block of
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baltimooe history. >> i see it will be awhile. >> for the second night. ttere is little action down on the block. the clubs are closed, strippers gone. >> damaged buildings so you cannot open up businesses neet >> when fire ripped through the north side of this block of baltimore stteet on monday. @% set several usinesses up in smoke. damaging a nightclub, adult book store, sub shop, and came close to this vacant building, reeently purchased y michael hole glanddwe had no fire damagg but they took on, i guess, millions of gallons of waterr3 yesterday. >> yeah, we pulled it off again luckily. >> the president of hee3 firefighters unionnsaid it isp flapped the fire. because of deep cuts in ffre @%rvices, the closest rescue crew, he said, was on the other side of town at locus point. >> that would have been a long rescue to get here to try to afffctively get people out of the building f they were
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>> they responded here so professionally.@ >> here on the block, there were few complaints.3 among all the closures here at the diving horse where there is a side entraace, the party i. there has been a flood of people looking for jobs. but nly so much i could do. >> block may be down but it is hardly out. >> well, investigators have spent all day inspecting these %-but so far tonight, no word n what ignnted this fire. we're live on the block, jeff abell, fox 45 ews at 10:00. >> all right. jeff. the most recent fire hit aa 1:33 ttis morning on north charles in mouut vernon. joel d. smith said the building hhused a restturant and officee. >> go to see the final fouu >> north charles street isved. filled with firr that can not be
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kept inside. everywhere you look, more smoke and water. in fact, firefighttrs nned more of that. >> water problems. >> for almost 200 firefighters ii is a five alarm case of dashavu. >> my near 22 years in the fire department, i have not experienced two, five alarm fires n less than 17 hours. %-the morning, is just on the i3 bottoo floors. thai restaurant is there. and donna's cafe. >> hoping they could salvage something out of there. >> conditions are a constant challenge. all of this water freezing on lights and the grounn, and the winddconstantly fueling flamess3 that won't quit. >> t is an amazing thing to look at. -or most of the people coming by here. checking outtthe spectacle. @%t for some, ittis different. what is goong on right ere? will change their lives. >> live in the neighborhood and work right here. so ii is crazy. and scary. >> toney mosesy worked at donna's for a decade.
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>> tooturn the corner and see -he flames shooting in the air, i as in disbelief. >> money wise, it will shut us down for a bit or what? %-the fire department will not call it a totaa loss yet. but for those that work here, it is close enough.3 >> this is just a sad day for me. you know. >> joel d. smith, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and our viewers are everywhere, covering these blazes. joey shot the blaze on charles and madison today. flames ast a major glow on fire trucks and buildings thhre.3 >> cryssal sent us this picture of the damage on east baltimore street downtown. the treet it now desserted near the ccarred building. >> if you see news, see it, shoot it, sendd t, upload photos and videos to and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. or send photos from your cell phone if you wish to >> well, yesterday's fire
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downtown has reminded peoole of another huge fire on baltimore's block more than 25 years ago. but as john rydell reports, that fire was blamed on arson. anddit left six people dead. >>as crews continne their clean up, those that work here have heard stories of another blaze on the block. one far more tragic. and the predawn hours of %-people were asleep in econdx floor apprtments. most never made it out alive. ellen is a former radio reporter scene. >> when i got there, you coold seeeall of the damage buildings, eeerything, charred, and they were bringgng bodies out. it was really very tragic. investigators quickll determined the 1984 blazeewas deliberately set. they charged 52-year-old gordon wigs with arson, and multiple counts of murder. witnesses say he was a former
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boyfriind of a block dancer. >> she tried to leave him, he came and caused a club to be on fire, catch her apartment on fire. try to smoke her out. >> those that work here say it is a tragic reminder of the >> guys get jealous down here, fast. it is a very dangerous crazy %->> desppte eyewitness ttstimoy %-aa the scene, gordon wigs was eventually found not guilty, not only of arsoo but of six counts of first-degree murder.@ >> a verdict that still upsets@ the many victims.pathize with >> probably a lot of sinnle mothers trying to survivee and trying to work to make money. >> tragic that it happened. and ironic it has happened %-thankfully no one hurt. >> in baltimore,,john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and once again, the official cause of yesterday's fire on the block has not been determined yet. >> here is another look now at
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what we know tonight. the most recent fire broke out this orning in mmunt vernon.@ building housed restaurant and office space, went to five alaams. 12 hours after another five alarm blaze on east bbltimore street downtown. maasive fires. ssay with us, for the latest on theeinvestigation, intoothese two, five alarm fires. >> elizabeth edwards, wife of former vice-presidential candidate john edwards has lost her battle with bbeast cancer. she diee at her home in north carolinaatoday. surrounded by her friends and family.3@ her estranged husband john wws there as well. yesterday the family announced elizabeth would stop canccr treatment. her doctors said it would not help. elizabethhedwards was 61 years old. >> we also learneddtoday that state senatoo lisa glad enhas multiple sclerosis, actually first diagnosed back in 1195. and has kept it quiet until now. she says that she is mostly free of symptoms, except for a weak
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left eye. and ms is a disease with a protective coating around nerves,,gets strip adwae and thh brain. >> dangerous levels of electricity found throughout the city of baltimore..3 it is a ppoblem that killed deanna greene four years ago.@%e at druid hill park with reaction from green's parents tonight. karen?3 @%well, the, jeff, greens rode allng with us, as a company fro3 new jersey found dangerouss3 levels of electricity throughout seeeral parts of the city. areas frequented by residents, tourists, and children. we even found high levvls again, here, in druid hill park. @% we're surveying everything in our vicinity, as we move along. >> at 20 miles per hoor. >> often times we find problems on stretches of sidewalk. or even asphalt.@@%that are caun unddrground utility failure. that otherwise you would never >> electrical problems, that could ill.
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>> you will see it spike up. >> at the corner of fayette and liberty. >> 218 volts on the surface of the pole. to put that in perspective. young woman killed in new york cityyin 2004, was killed on a -7-volt manhole cover. >> in a residential area in west baatimore, woodbrook and clifton. >> you have 200 volts in this pole. >> you have 109 volts on this pole, and that's measuring from the pole to this fence.@ so all it takes is for a person @% tooch the pole, aad come in contact with the fence that is grounded. >> all too familiar story to anthony nd nancy green that lost their 4-year-old daughter dianna. electrocuteddin 2006 stretching on a fence in druid hill park before her baseball game. >> the city, and its officials are always saying how safety is their platform. but thii is an indication that
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evidently it is not. >> ironically our last stop. >> right in the dirt here. >> he mansson in druid hill that housss zoo administrative offices and educational programing. >> 48 volts in the dirt. dirt should not be like that. >> in alll the power survey company found nearly 400 voltage hazards in the city. covering only 20% f baltimore.3 >> in terms of the findings and the typps of findings that we have ss far, it is among the worst cities that we have been to. >> we tried to contact city officials who say they are not commenting. reporting live in west baltimore, karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you karen. >> a memorial in baltimore today for the thousands of americans killed in the attack on pearl harbor. governor o'malley and pearl hhrbor veterans threw a wreath off the cutter, in honor of the many livee lost. this was the last fighting slip
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afloat today that saw action on that fateful day. >> this morning, i woke up, had @%at feeling in my stomach. that i have every year at this time. i waas20 years old.3 two hours later i felt like i was a seasoned veteran, ready to %->> 2403 americans were killed@ the attack on december 7, 1941. >> and hear more of what these veterans had to say today. go to news. >> the ripken family and the city celebrate the completion of the first youth development baseball park in baltimore today. >> cal and his brother billy on hand for ribbon cutting today for the field of the old memorialp stadium site.
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will be a model for future park projects. >> i think it is really, really appropriate that this one is %-reasons, that we had. and itttruly iss special place. and so it is so perfect that we are able to present this, this3 gift, back to the community. able to present it to the kids. for them to make their own memories. >> the foundation also donated children.uipment for the now, cal ripken had great stories to tell at this particular affair. go to news, if you want to hear any of them. >> it is just amazing the things that they put in their mouth and swallow. >> tonight. we will show you the toys yourr3 pet should avoid. it is our cover stooy tonight. >> oh, no, h, my god. >> okay. @% arizona, crews try to save a cat from a great height and something goes amiss. as you saw. show you how it ends, however, next. >> that's the biggest bang for
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the dollar. >> how to save $100 on your energy bill this winter. by spending $20. next on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> had another frigid cold day out there today. temperatures will stayyon the chilly side. dropping into the 20s. even some single digiis westtof us. show you how long this cold air will stick around, coming up in the forecast. ♪ have a better day...
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swbtéñéñéñyñ >> illegal alien convicted twice for drunk driving at the center of a lawsuit against homeland security. crime and justice reporter joy lepola now takes a much closer look at this case. >> carlos montanno behind bars awaiting trial, charged with killing sister denise moseer in
10:17 pm
auggst, and injuring two other nuns. it happened near mow nass virginia. in court papers it shows montanno consumed coors beer beffrr the accident and stopped drinking before 11 p.m. he thought he was sober the following morning. >> i cannot believe all of this is happening. i feel really sorry and apologize to anybody that was hurt. any of their loved ones, i am sorry. i don't think that he meant any of it. i am sure if he knew that any of this would have happened he would have never got behind the wheel.@ he is not a bad person. >> many people are outraged over the fact that montanno is still in the u.s. considering he was convicted twice before for driving drunk, it was supposed to be deported. %-and now judicial watches filea lawsuit against the department of homeland security. >> it is an outrage. it lloks to me like federal policy is placing americans
10:18 pm
at--isk. obama administration did an investigation. here is a reeort as to what wen@ on. buu they are not releasing it. >> suspected montanno's case is an example of a larger problem rrgardinggthe deportation of illegal immigrants in the u.s. >> i know the olicies are in place. i know that illegal alien criminals are let out on the street every day rather than deported. this is just the most -- thissis another recent horrific example. this is all too common situations like this. >> monttnno charged ith felony with a suspended license, asng well as manslaughter. his case is set to go o trial in march. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> so far, ice has deported nearly 30,000 illegals convicted of d.u.i. >> wikileaks founder asang plans to fight extradition to sweden. british police earlier today. the judge enied bail.
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saying he was a flight risk. two women in sseddn accused him of rape. him is purely political. >> suddenly an attempt to criticize julian assange, and, i think, that's unfortunate. because he has been offeriig to meet with the swedish prosecutor, for some two months now. @% well members of congress want the u.s. to file charges against asang, attorney generaa eric holder is still investigating. it is gettinggharder for the wikileaks website to stay alive meanwhile. master card and visa have suspended payments to the website. despite nger from democrats, president obama defends his tax deal. mr. obama addressed the nation at an impromptu news ccnference today. it extends the tax cuts for two years, and renews unemployment benefits for 13 months. >> i am as opposed to the high-end tax cuts today as i
10:20 pm
have been for years. in the long run we cannot afford them. and when they expire, in two years, i will fight to end them. just assi suspect the republican party may fight toned the middle championed. the deal needs congressional approval. and time is indeed running out quicklyyfor the lame duck session. >> $900 billion on the national debt. is a big iou to the american3 people. >> i am hopeful and optimistic that a large maaority of members of the republlcan conferrnce supporting. >> now, we asked all day today. do youuagree with the@ president's compromise? 66% say no. 34% say yes. leonhard wrotee i think he did wwat needed to bb donn. compstonnwrote on facebook. earlier tonight. no, obama got played. >> your bge bills are going up.
10:21 pm
again. about $16 more a year for electricity. @%n dollars a year for natural gas. the plan to raise the distribution rates got the nod from the public servicecommissi. bge had asked for a larger increase in june. they said electricity and gas charges have dropped, saving customers $161 a year. >> well everybody is looking for ways to saveea couple of bucks, sootonight we sent kathleen wheee she investigated the easiest ways to save money, on your energy bills. >> came to home ddpot today to figure out ways to save huudreds bill. the only thing i brought, is my >> it is our quest to find little ways to save big money. >> be something as simple as this. soowe sneer on the double draft.3 >> it slides under the door. >> our first item.
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>>as we rome the aisles we seek the advice of home depot expert, dick, that brings us to the outlet covers. >> this goes under the cover and blocks any of the draft coming through the open box. for $2.28 you can cover sixoutl. >> he also recommends sealer tape. >> $2.57 is for one door. >> windows are the biggest concern. >> i just want it to be warm. at my age you need warmeded. >> norma shops. >> do multiple windows. >> okay. >> dick sells. >> almost doubling, almost 100% increase in the amount of >> but i would say on the average house, over the course -- if this winter is three monthh, and easily $100. >> we spent less than $20. and head out of the store, and to the house.
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>> the itemsswe bought are very easy to install. they are alsooa lot of ways you can conserve energy for free. like here at the washing machine.3 use cold water. not hot. and for goodness sakes, turn off the lights. except for the ones you are using. >> ss less than 20 and a few good moves could end up saving you this. on your electric bill. kathleen caiins, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> >> and you can learn more about %-go to links. >> the maryland zoo is mournnng the loss of their oldest giraffe. >> it announced today, 23-year-old giraffe mary put down today because of severe arthritis. mary has been at the zoo for 23 arrived there when she was only 10 months old.
10:24 pm
>> famous baltimore crab house is closing its doors. owe brickky on craft street will shuts down for good in november. the family bought the restaurant back in the 70s and will coottnue to operate mail order and satellite operations, includdng a restaurant at bwi thurgood marshall airport. >> a warning tonight for job hunters, better business bureau@ said a current ad is a scam baltimore.@ seeking managers for a gas drilling company. when potential eeployees call, theyyare told they have the job and wire the place of a lane ticket to show up for a job interview. >> first of all, people do nnt get accepted for a job before an interview, and that is the first warning flag, is that they were told they had the job. second, no one should ever be required to pay an upfront fee for a job. >> find out more about this scam, simply by goinggto
10:25 pm links. cold and blustery again today. just like yesterday. >> yeah. we're wondering when it will be warmer. here is vytas reid with a look at the forecast. vytas? >>well, the, maybe a little help from mother nature. weere in december and ww will get colder continuing through %-but there is hope for the weekend to get a boost in our temperatures. but not for long. continue to see the temperatures get colder down the road. radar shows no precipitation. breaks in the clouds. but we have the cold winds that that are creating the lake effect snow showers across ohio, -p in pennsylvania, new york state. over to michigan where they are getting the drrping down to northern indiana as we see the cold air move in. but for us, we are seeing the winds bothering us out of he west-northwest, 15 to 20 miles per hour. so pretty breezy out there. some gusts about 25 to 30 at times. and you get the temperatures on the colder side of things. around 33 downtown baltimore. ouulyyng reas in the mid 20s, and lower 20s.
10:26 pm
tonight. it looks like it will stiik around. especially overnight temperatures, we will see temperatures gooup a bit for the weekend. show that you in the seven day.3 but talk about the winter potential storm coming. show you where it is tracking. coming up in a bit. >> thank you, vytas. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar available at that's where you can use interactive tools to track that storm, and any others, right down to your street. go to >> baltimore raven makesstoday a great day foo lots of kids. >> ♪ >> a big welcome for ray lewis and 150 children at the port -ovington wal-mart. he handed out toys to the kids. thanks in part tt his own foundation. in addition to the toys, each child's family got a turkey. >> oh, no, oh, my gosh. >> later on fox 45 news at
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10:00. how long that cat was on top of thht pole, before deciding too3 jump. >> and how he is doing tonight. >> it is just amazing the things that they put in their mouth and swallow. >> it is the most wonderful time of the year for toys, even pet toys. but there arr some your ppt should run from. our cover story on the other -ide of the break.
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>> a warning tonight for pet ownerr. >> it is a story you really have to watch before you stuff your pet's stocking. in tonight's cover story. we tell you why some pet oys may be toxic. and what you need to watch out for. >> >> pet toys are a popular present this time of year. especially if you consider fido
10:31 pm
or feeefee part of the family.3 >> we all love our pets, spoil ouu pets. >> but veterinarians like this,@ warn that some toys, can be toxic. containing dangerous chemicals, or ven loaded with lead. >> you want to try to make sure there is not a lot of paint on them. makk sure that if there is paint that your ets cannot liquor chew it oof, because they can absorb and pick up a lot of the lead in any of the paints. >> remember the millions of kid toys that were recalled a ouple of years back? inspections showed many of them contained lead, and other metals. that prompted the consumer product safety commission to increase standards, but there is still very little oversight of pet toys. and the same toxins deemed dangerous for kids could make it is cats and dogs sick. @% lead poisoning in pets he causes anemia problems, and cause brain problems, neurologic problems, which we are not going to be as likely to see in our pet but we will see bone marrow
10:32 pm
problems and red blood vesssl problems. >> washington toxic coalitionn3 last year, found led in about 25% of pet toys they tested. but that's not the only danger to dogs. >> it is just amazing the things they put in their mouth and swallow. >> toys with loose strings, or stuffing. can be a choking hazard. >> the ddnger to this kind of toy, is the long string rope with the knots on the end. >> and thenntoys with small parts torn off and swallowed. >> there is a squeaky device in here. some of the animals swallow the -queaky device. >> if an object is lodged, it could rupture or damage the intestines creating a infection of its own. >> you have to watch the dog for three or four days until you find out there is a foreign body @% there. aad by then the animal is toxic. >> so if you want to avoid an emergency rip to the vet. experts recommend you stick to safe toys like hard plastic, or tennis balls.
10:33 pm
no trinkets, bells or bitty parts. >> these are the kinds of toys that could be left wiih the animal and they could entertain themselves. >> and just to be safe. you should supervise your pets, if they have a habit of gulping down chew toys or if you are not sure the toy is safe. using caution, should keep them squeaking into the new year. @% and experts say jingle bells, and those ornament hooks, are among the most common hazards four pets duriig the holidays. >> the health problems your children could face, if ou use a cell phone before they are born. that's llter on fox 45 nees at 10:00. >> oh, no, oh, my gosh. >> this cat has ight lives left now. an amazing rescue attempt at a near catastrophe, next. >> it was another cold one out
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there. we got a little bit of sunshine. but winds kept the temperatures in check. -nother day ahead with cold temperatures. tell you more about that coming up in the forecast next. [ whistles ] hi. four pounds of coffee, please. have a great day. [ sighs ] this'll do it. holiday cheer runs on dunkin' coffee. get 4 pounds for just $19.99, only at dunkin' donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ ten thousand watts of xmas cheer ♪
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♪ ten thousand watts glow brightly clear ♪ ♪ the colored lights will shine sincere, ho, ho, ho ♪ ♪ ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ♪ nothing turns the volume down on the hectic holidays like an authentic latte from dunkin' donuts. get any small hot latte for only $1.99 today. a real latte at a real value. america runs on dunkin'. >> so the cold weather is one story, and then we have the storm to worry about >> do not forget the winds.
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>> and the winds.@ >> the gustt winds. >> great combination. >> that adds to the temperatures out there. >> oh, lovely out there. >> it makes it colder when the wind is whipping..3 if the temperature was okay, 30 degrees. and the wind is whipping i owe is not whipping then it is not bad. but when it is blowing it makes it colder. and that's what we are dealing with folks. it looks llke dealing with colder temperatures. and the temperatures are dropping tonight, into the 20s. so it will feel like teens out there. as far as our windchill value. looking at 30 right now. winds out of the west at 12. our humidity levels at 50%. we will continue to see that be a factor as we go into the overnight. looking at a high today toppinn out at thirty six. normally we should be at 49 for this time of year. you see below normal as the core of cold air is wrapping in behind a large area of low pressure, that is sitting up over new england and parts of ontario canada. it looks like that helps to wrap down the temperatures and bring @%d sitting like that for several ays. let's go back in time. -nd back o 1998.
10:38 pm
77 degrees. how about that? well thought i would mention it. talkiig about the temperatures falling tonight. windy and chilly night ahead. as we continue tt see the temperatures dropping into the3 20s. lookiig at 30 in baltimore. 24 in hagerstown. onlyy12 degrees in oakland. and you factor in the winds cooing out of the west, anywhere from 12 to 20 miles per hour. gusting anywhere from 25 to 30 at times. this is what it feels like on your skin. only 17 degrees in baltimore. so if you are heading out for any reason tonight, bundle up, stay warm. and look at 10 degrees in hagerstown. on the salisbury, eastern shore, 19. %-county.below zero in garrettt3 here is what happening on the bigger picture. few scattered clouds earlier, breaking up over the city. mostlyyclear skies. clouds and snow showers ssay back northwest of us. through the overnight. and clouds are going to continue to kind of stick around back to3 the northwest. because of the cold air, and then also the lake effect snow. so you see the temperatures in
10:39 pm
%-indianapolis. teens back in 11 degrees. 13 in chicago. looking at the lake effect snow showers, up here along this ridge here. and also back here along lake michigan. all caused by that lake effect snow machine going out there. because the winds draping down out offcanada, drifting over lake erie and out of ooer lake michigan,,you get the lake effect snow showers draping over the regions. but it looks like stay to the northwest of us. through the overnight. in fact, on the future scan, you can see the lake effect snow showers sticking around for aa3 day or so for them. but for us, conttnue to see sunshine for tomorrow. talking about that potential fee big storm. well right noo, this track looks more promising right now. whether it is a wintery mix on sunday. rain, and then rain/snow kind of still early.ave to watch.ack. if it drops down further, we could be experiencing more of the snow. so still too early to tell exactly the track of the sttrm. but it will be a messy situation, potentially late
10:40 pm
sunday night. looking at tonight. 23, clear skies. blustery. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. 36 degrees. it looks likeemore sunshinn for thursday. back in the 40s, into the weekend. then the storm arrives by late sunday night. >>well, old saying is true and cats really do haae anyone lives here is one feline probably down to at least eight. >>well, kim was stock in ttis power pole in arizona for two days. crews arrived with a cherry picker monday to rescue kim. as they got closer, well kim had other iieas. oh, no. oh, my gosh. >> yeahh unbelievably im was not huut at all. from this fall. home tonight getting ready for a quiet earth bound christmas. >> wow! >> ouch. $100 bills. >> bills are so high tech with new securiiy features, that it
10:41 pm
presented a big problem at the mint. and now more than 1 billion of the new $100 bills may have big creases in them. all caused by a ppoduction problem. the bills are not in circulation they all have to be inspected. the bureau of engravinging and will determine how much of the money will ave to beedestroyed. >> you would think consuggeetion >> and the effects cell phones could have on your hildren, swbtéñéñéñyñ
10:42 pm
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in more communities across the country, >> girls, who suffer concussions might not show the same symptoms as boys. a new study looked at data from high school athletes over two years. and researchers found boys are more likely to report amnesia, confusion or disorientation.3 -irls tend to report drowsiness and sensitivity to noise. >> could an every day device be harmful to your kid's health. >> in tonight'ss"word on the web." judy kurtz reveals the common
10:45 pm
item linked to behavioral concerns in children. >> alarming research out of ucla tonight. according to a new study. phones regularly are more likely to have kids with behavioral issuee. scientists tracked 28,007-years-old and their moms, and found that when mothers use cell phones during pregnancy, and thhn allowwd their kids to use them. the children were 50% more likely to have behavioral problems. the children whose mothers used cell phones but did not let their kids use the phones were still 40% more likely to act up. more research needs to be donn to determine any link beeween cell hone use and behavioral issues. we should point out the american cancer sort and national institutes of health found no eviience that using cell hones can damage health. one thing that can only help you is ox 45 mobile news. and travel alerts on your phone.
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sign up n or text wbff to i am sued judy kurtz and that's tonight's word @%re. >> john harbaugh is not pleased with t
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>> the final look at the @%ven-day forecast. it looks like we will see another cold night hen cold day
10:49 pm
tomorrow. temperatures topping out 36. and windy conditions make it 35 thursday with sunshine. we get back into the 40s by friday,,saturday, sunday. %-but the storm will push in frm the west. we have to watch it closely ou because too early to tell the track. but rain first, probably changgng over to rain, sleet, snow. overright as temperatures drop. then we will see if we get accumulation. buttright now too early to tell. and we wwll see that storm move out by early parts of next week. back to you. >> all right. thank you, vytass %-to wear off for ravens' fans. >> bruce cunningham joins us for "sports unlimited." to tell us what is wrong with the ravens' offense. bruce, what is wrong with the ravees' offense. >> i have to tell you what is wrong with the ravens' offense? unlimited." the offense is struggling. that's certainly not the first time ravens''fans heard that. it is a tradition around here. john harbaugh lays out what is wrong with that unit. are the o's about to pull the trigger on a trade. new developmentso


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