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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  December 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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edition." >> a shoccing hazaad.@ >> 218 volts on the surface of@ theepole. >> thh alarming level of dangee from lectric cuurrnts in baltimorr. >> rescue at sea. how the coast guard brought refugees to saffty. >> ooey going to waste. why some $100 bills will have to be destroyed. >> and lacking common sense. the crazz reeson why this woman may have tried to steal somebody's identity.3 >> live, in high definition, is fox 45 news "late edition". >> good evening, again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert.@ first on fox tonight. dangerous levels of ellctricity found throughout the city. it is a problem ttat killed a
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>> karen paaks standing by live at druid hiil park where she got @% irsthand look at this problem. >> jeff, that's right. electrocuted right here, in drrid hill pprk back in 2006. her parents, rode along wwth us today, as the new jersey ccmpany found dangerous volttge levels throughout the city. anddmore levels were found right here, buried in dirt here at the mansion in dree will hillmar park. in other areas across the city, the survey found levels of more electricity. -reas that include sidewalks, residential areas,,and man holes. and in all, there were hunddeds of findings in baltimore, and only 20% of tte city waa covered. >> 218 volts on the surface of the pole. to put that ii perspective,
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younn woman killeddin ew york@ city in 2004, was killed on a 57-volt manhole cover. >> in terms of the findings and types of findings that we have so far, it is among the worst cities that we have been to. >> we tried to contact city officials who say they are not ccmmenting. reporting live here in west news "late edition." >> all right karen. sad news out of the state of north carolina thissevening. @%izabeth eewards lost her battle with breast cancer. wife oo former vice-presidential candidate john edwards died this morning. one day after the family announced that she stopped cancer treatment. edwards separated from her edwards was 61 years old.@ >> thh cause of the fire that ripped through baltimooe's strip club districttis still a mystery tonight broke out yesterday afternoon and damaged several buildings along 400 block of easttbaltimore street. it left many workees n the adult enterrainment industry
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wwthout jobs. a couule of clubs remain open is all. >> business is fine. we're picked uppa bit, of course. there has been a flood of people looking for jobs. but there is only so much i can do. >> so far, thhreehas been no damage esttmates, and no word on exactly what caused the fire. >> with bge rates on the rise, there are ways to save money still. and you an dooit by making some changes to your house. less than $ and doors for experts say cover around power outlets to stop the draffing during the winter months. spending less than $20 can save you $100 in bills this ssason. >> biggest saver is insulating windows and dooos. patio dooos and windows are easy with the insulation kits. that's going to be tte biggest bang for the dollar. >> insulatton for the attic will lower your bgg bills. learn about how to save money, with bge, simply by logging onno
11:04 pm links. >> a warning forrconsumers toniggt. the bettee bbsinesssbury wants you to be on high alert for an employment ad scam targeting residents in the great baltimore area. ttis is how it reads. drilling company. when potential employees all, they are told they have he job and asked to wireethe price of a plane ticket to come for an interview, to assure they will show up. >> first of aal, people do not get accepted for a jobbbefore an %-warning flag, is that they ww3 told they had the job. second, no one should ever be required to pay an uufront fee for a job. >> find out more about this scam, and how to research a company by logging onto our website links. >> bank of america will ask to @%y $70 million for aanationwide fraud schemm. several banks are involved in the $140 million settlement. maryland will et about
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4,000,000 of that. bank of ameriia and other banks, charged taxpayees higher interest rates. marylann hhld steady when it comes to health for the second year, the state s ranked 21st below the national average for smoking and child poverty aad has more aaaiiable doctors. -till, the state is facing ccallenges with violent crime, -> bad day for barbii, the fbi issued a cyber crime alert on a %-a hidden video camera..3 with @%ttel's barbie video girl has a thht reeords up to 30 minutes of video ann download it to a computtr. authoriiies are worried that the dog could be use to produce3 child porn. they do not have any reported crimes as of yet. iniiially the alert was not3 %-did not overlook the doll durg
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any searchess@ >> bad day for the bing gee. one hundree dollars bills have creases. new security feature so high big production problem at the a mint. the bills are not in circulation. they have to be inspected. the bureau f engravinging and of the money will have toobe >> good day ffr a guy that does a lot of ggod. markoe of hereford founded a charitt healing hands, non--rofit that gives medical3 care to tte poor all over the world.@ has good luck. megg mmllions jackpoo. he plans to donate some of the @%e ress for bills, and hiss3 kiis' education. >> great to see people like hat win it. >> could not happen to a nicer guy. weather wise it is freezing, and
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windy, and all inds of stuff out there. >> a bad ombination. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with more. -nd what is in store coming our -> well, we have to deal ith tte winds todayy tonight.@ and cold ttmperatures. dropping into the 20s overnight. and as you can see, on the radar, we have that ake effect northwest of us. weeshould not get ny flakks from that.3 but estern maryland few..3 and winds out of the est at 15. baltimore 14. hagerstown 16. and our temperatuues only in the 20s. 29 in baltimore. 24 in hagerstton.3@ west..3 it feels more like in the teens. so efinitely bundle up. dress theekids warmly for the bus stop tommrrow morning. we will see sunshinn for the da3 tomorrow. but we areer watching this storm potentially that will mooe our -ay for sunday. into monday. how that will be either rain, mixed bag or snow. yet to be determined. i will tell you abbut it comiig -p in the forecast. >> national inflew wen
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shavaccination week is underway. chosen by obama to be surgeon general is urring everyone tt get a shot. >> biggest thing this yeer is that we are askinggeveryone over the age of six months to get@ their flu shot. -opulation vaccinattd we could or epidemic sort of like last >> unlike last yeaa, dr. benjamin said there is no shortage whatsoever of the vaccine this flu season. card users. loopholes in the new laws and reforms. for example, innerest rates on increased ut with 45 days rates on any futtre purchasess and read the fine print,@ increase starts 14 days afttr the notice is sent oot. leaving youualmost a full month of increasee interest before you
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know it is coming. >> they really ave the right to @%ise it as muuh as they ant, if you start to look risky. because ulttmately they want you to pay the money back. >> creditors values the right to >> the ccty is onsidering yet another root for the charm city it would go from downtown locus point currently. the free service has two existinn roots. %-statiin the other hollann mart to haabbr east. >> this womaa stole redit cards and a woman's deetity. the surgery she spent 20 grand on and hy she said sheeneeded %->> more theories about adverse healtt effects and ell phhnes. how they could be affecting children before they are ever born. >> getting our dog spade or neutered is painful for pets.
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presideet obama defendd his tax today. the plan extends the bush tax cuts for two more yeers and renews unemployment benefits for 13 months. >> i am as opposed tt the have been for years. and in the long run we simply cannot afford them. and when thee expire, in tww years, i will fight to end them. justtas i suspect, the have championed. >> the deal needs congresssonal approval still. -nd time is quickly running out, -f course, forrthat lame duck @%ssion. >> we asked, do you agree with the president'' compromise? -6%%say no. 34% say yes. and one wrote on our website. thinks is best.
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and aaother viewer wrote, i think mr. obama needs to sit @%wn with mr. trump. >> julian assange is fighting extradition to sweden. he turn himself in to british police earlier today. judge denied bail saying e wws a flight risk. two women in sweden accused him of rape. lawyers say the case against him is purely olitical. -> it is certainly an attempt to criminalize julian assaage, and, i think, that's unfortunate, prosecutor, for some two months now. >> meebers of congress want the u.s. to file charges against asang, attorney geeeral eeic hold every is still %-forrthe wikileaks website to master card and visa have suspended payments to the websitt. >> here is coomon sense that maa do away with sspy or neutering. pink doggy pills.
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@%ctor my year devvloped a pill. cheetah one of 300 dogs given the pill when cheetah was eight months old. and the doctor said that she is doing perfect logline what this does t is accelerates the natural loss of eggs n the ovary. makes the dogs menopausal. no llnger reproddctivv. >> my personal goal would have this free to aal human societie3 >> stilll this may take years@ >> nnwby has plenty of sense but it is bad bad.3 sentenceddto three yeers behind bars. -tole someone's crrdittcard identity to pay for bigger -arger bombastic breast implants. she claims hee current implants were sagging and spenn $20,000 on the nnw ones. seemm she could have used a @%ain implant. >> common sense said hang up.
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cell phones may affect a child's behavior before thee are ever born. %-exposed to cell phones in the womb tend to have behavioral concerns, and more mommy used the cell phone the greater the problems. however, scientists say a lott3 morr research is necessary. >> it is so scary. if thht's true, we're all kind of in trouble. >> yeah. attached to hur hip and head. >> you have the scare with the cancer in the brain. >> then they say there s no connection. but don't know what to believe. >> more research is necessary. speed it up. >> what can we do, put hemm3 down? >> cold out there. we know that much for sure. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with the scientiffc information on that. vytas? science for you. talking about what is happening and it is colder innthe attosphere. colder tempeeatures down out of and winds are not elping much. in fact, hd skycam looking at the inner harbour. cleaa skies, nn precipitation to talk about. 29 degrees in the city.
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but outlying areas are already lower 20s. wind out of the west at 5. and our humiddty levels are at 50%. now almanac page shows higg topping out at 36. normal high is 49 ddgrees.@ so you can see our ttmperatures be this time of year. so dress he kids warmly heading out with the tempeeatures in the 20s early in the morning hours. no precipitation to talk bout. as far as the temperatures across the state. 28 in d.c. looking at 24 innhagerstown. 12 in oakland. and we will continue to see the temperatures feel colder becaase the wind blowing out of the west 15 to gusting to 20 to 25 mmles per hour. it makee it feel like on your skin, this is the windchill@fac. 15 in baltimore right noww 12 in i goers town. eastern shore, salisbury,land. 188degrees. so this is what it feels like %-and -- up and stay warm. winds in the morring hours and temperatures subside. so dress the kids warmly going
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here is what it ooks like on satellite radar. nothing going on precipitation wise. other ttan clouds breaking up around baltimore and dc. so weehave the clearing skies. but on the bigger picture we have the lake effect snow machine working up toward ohio, pennsylvania, and ew york which is usually the case aaound this time of year.%when yoo getg ddwn out of the north it really creates the lake effect wwnd -- that comes across the lake, picks up the moisttre and drops it over the land.@ that's what we are seeing at lake erii, ontario and lake michigan and hire ron..3 so sseing the lakeeeffect snow machine at worr as the area of winds out of the canada. here it how t plays out. lake effect snow showers continue on..3 iffyou are eaving to cleveland or plans to go to chicago, check -head to see if you are having a deely because of the ake effect snow showers. more sunshine is in the forecast..3 ann then we have to continue to watch though for this wwekend. there is going to be a low pressure that will be developing
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over partt of the ohio river valley. and one potential scenario takes it up the i-99 corridor. @%t keeps the snow back west. indianapolis, cleveland, pittsburg, could get heavy snow. weeare on the mixee siie of that's what it looks like right nnw. buttthere is a potential that it could drop further south, if it tracks that way, mooe out over the atlantic.3 then we would be in tth core of the snow. so we have to watch it. toooearly to determine for sure how this storm wwll track. but right now we know we are definitely getting something out of the storm. 23 forrtonight. it will be a cold night. tomorrow, right around 36 for@ the high w plenty f sunshine.@. for thursday. warm back into the lower mid sunday, and then the storm moves in and rain/snow mix. back to you. how they were found and saved.
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>> and we don't need to tell yyu this. ravens' offense is having trooble scorinn. johnnharbaugh is ñç
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caribbean helped to save the lives of six refugees. get ttis. >> floating on a mmke-shift raft. look at this thing. completely falling apart. ship's crew made sure ttey stayed afloat untillthe coast3 guard aarived. >> saw them getting closer and closer to the boat. smack them into the side of the boat and that would be it. the raat, are from cuba.ople n however, no confirmation on that yet from the coast guard. >> if someone tolddyou the steelers would score 13 points against the ravens, you would figureethat would be a win wouldn'' ou?@ that's assuming the ravens woull score more than 13. these ays that's a tall assumption. it might be a bit over the top -o call it broken. but offense is clearly not @%nntioning well at this point.
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it haa been whispered about in the halls, in owwn's milll for some weeks now. after the steeler loss it s out offense is not getting it done. and john harbaugh has gone public. %-third down.good at all in as a rule. a lot of that is because we are so there is a lot of ttings that go into that..3 we're nnt good in the red zone. in terms of putting the ball in the end zzne like we should. therefore we do not score enough points. we should be in offense and scoring more than 10 points in any game. we had an opportunity to go down therr, kick a field goal, on one occasion, and we were sacked out of the fringe. that's where we arr at ight %-we have to get better. not good enough on offense. no question about it. shhuld be doing better.@ >> bbseball, is thh winter meetings continue in florida, orioles are a source of innriguu. the closering -- closing in on a trade.
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evening. all set. orioles would gee bartlett, or reimold..3y need nnexchange rays need a left field. later in the day, we learned that simone was added to the deal. in the end the birds could not pull the trrgger. on reimold. sun reports that reimold is working out with anderson this wiiter and reports are glowing. >> time for the high school game of the week contest. @%ought buy t you by varsity sports vote for the game ou would liie to see hiihlights of y going t3 and ccick on high school game of the week. or varsity sports maybe you wwll see yourrschool. thhs week's slate of games. for friday. hoops season started. gleneeg country at arch spalding in boys basketball. southern at arundel in oys basketball. park at maryvale prep in giils basketball. st. vinnent pallotti at mcdonogh we will announce the winnnr on thursday night.
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>> cold temperaturessstarting us
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>> fiial look at the seven-day forecast.@ tomorrow. plenty of sunnhine. 36. but still windy. with starting off in the 20s in the morning. and then it looks like 45 for thursday. more sunshine. and mostly cloudy friday. 41 degrees. 455for saaurday. partly cloudy skies. by sunday looking at 46.
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cloudy skies with a chance of rain. -hanging to potentially snow as the temperatures drop behind the system. rain and snow. and watch the track of the storm to see how much snow or rain we get out of tte system. back into the cold 30s by early next week. sooa cold start to the work week. back to you. >> yikes. thank you, vytas. that's it for thh "late edition." thank you for joining us always. i am jeff barnd. >> i am jennifer gilbert tune in have a great night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning [ female announcer ] make their eyes widen with an hdtv from walmart! get everyday low prices and a price match guarantee on all the hottest brands! like lcds from vizio, sony, samsung, lg, and more. a new hdtv. they won't believe it when they see it! find it at walmart.
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