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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 7, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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everybody's saying that. i don't think we need to start-- some of the models on the way out were saying that. i didn't hear anyone say that. oh, we're so happ-ay. look at us. >>. >> >> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> two big stories off the top tonight, she bravely battled cancer as her husband's affair broke apart their marriage and his political ambitions.
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tonight, the loss of elizabeth edwards. and the redskins' $100 million man suspended. albert haynesworth is off the team for the rest of the season, and many think for good. we're going to begin tonight with the sad news surrounding elizabeth edwards. good evening, i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. just yesterday we learned doctors told her she had weeks to live. today, she lost her battle with cancer. will thomas is in the weather center where tributes are pouring in. >> like 500 million users, elizabeth edwards maintained a facebook page, and tonight and all day, in fact, condolens comments have been pouring in. edwards herself posted her last public statement on facebook and we'll share it with you in just a moment. you'll agree, her personal and political challenges, elizabeth edwards maintained grace under fire always. she was seen as smart, strong and politically savvy. elizabeth edwards was a loving mother of four, but grief hit the family when they lost their
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eldest son, wade, a car accident in 1996. less than a year later, edwards was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> john was saying that last week people asked him how i was doing, and he said she's cancer-free, which turned out not to be the truth. >> in 2000 7, john and elizabeth edwards announced her cancer returned. not long after, he admitted to having an affair with a campaign staffer. she gave birth to a baby girl fathered by edwards. >> it's just hard when someone's going through something that difficult that they didn't have the support. >> reporter: michelle conly is the founder of living in pink, working to find a cure for breast cancer. the chevy chase mom is also a breast cancer survivor. with help from many others, they honored elizabeth edwards last year for raising awareness in the battle to save lives. on edwards' legacy --
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>> just how classy she was through it all without complaining or making a big deal about it. >> when faced with a terrible illness, you know, and a rough road ahead, she really kept a smile on, and she was pleasant and cheerful and encouraging to other people. >> reporter: they spent the day with edwards, a day they won't forget. >> when talking with her, she was like a neighbor, like someone you had known your whole life and was very sweet and considerate. >> reporter: edwards' facebook page is filled with messages. deb harman wrote, you were inan inspiration that personified dignity and class until the end. another wrote what a shame she had to endure so much from john, the one she needed the most going through all of this. edwards knew the end was near and posted a thank you to supporters on facebook. part of her statement says, the days of our lives are numbered, we know that, and yes, there are certainly times when we aren't able to muster as much strength
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and patience as we'd like. it's called being human. their two youngest, are 10 and 12 years old. >> will thomas, thank you. president obamtatement sayi, i came to know and admire elizabeth over the course of the presidential campaign. she was a tenacious advocate for 16-hour health care system and fighting poverty. she gave a voice in building a society that lifts all those left behind, end quote. albert haynesworth off the field the rest of the season, and no more money either. let's get real here though. he's been paid more than $35 million in two years. what do you the fan get for that? 53 tackles, that's 660 grand for every time he did his job. sports director dave feldman in the satellite center now. what's coach shanahan saying about the decision? >> he's going to say more tomorrow but his action has said
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plenty today. the team has suspended him four games without pay in conduct they call detrimental to the club. the team listed a litany of grievances that added up to basically a year of insubordination. his agent says the skins' actions are vague and without merit and plan to appeal. in a statement released by mike shanahan, despite the club's numerous attempts to persuade albert haynesworth to abide by the terms of his contract, he's repeatedly refused to cooperate with our coaching staff in a variety of ways over an extended period of time. he went on to stay yesterday when albert was at redskins' park, he told our general manager bruce allen he would no longer speak with me. no head coach enters into things like this likely but the coach has entered into a decision. much has been written about the skipped offseason workout and is refusal to play nose tackle, the
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taking of the $23 million camp, the skipped mini-camp and the repeated failed conditioning test. the final straw for the organization appeared to be haynesworth's actions this past week, had a bad practice, was late and too sick to participate in another. shanahan deactivated haynesworth for sunday's game with the giants. teammate vonny holiday reacted to the news. >> in the nfl and as a player, you want to be respected by your teammates and that's all you can ask for. right now, he doesn't have that respect because a lot of times he seems like he's playing for himself. he doesn't buy into the team concept, since the beginning, you know, shanahan's been in a position that as a head coach coming into a new situation, a new team, you don't want to be putting in if one of your best highest paid players isn't on board. the question is he going to show up for training camp? he's just not on board.
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>> if the suspension stands, he will lose $847 ,000 in salary. doesn't seem like a lot but his contract was bonus heavy and salary-light. bob barnard has been bringing us the fan's perspective on talk radio. >> reporter: that's basically all it was today. you'll hear in a moment from a sports talker who has worn the burgundy and gold. fans have waited for them to sweep the stage of the albert haynesworth saga and now that they have there's plenty of blame to go around. >> a true team player will sacrifice, a true team player will do whatever they need to do. >> reporter: former redskins line backer lavar arrington was not letting haynesworth off the hook. >> you're not helping. as a matter of fact everything plays second fiddle to what goes on with albert haynesworth, the whole season, so that's why it's mike shanahan's fault. >> reporter: on his afternoon sports talk radio show on 106.7
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the fan, arrington blamed coach shanahan for not getting rid of haynesworth and his bad attitude before the season started. >> answer the questions about how you got rid of albert haynesworth. those questions would have come and gone, but it's -- that situation is nipped, nipped and tucked, gone, done. >> reporter: bowling in maryland tonight, redskins' fans are sounding off as well. >> i'm actually happy about it. i'm glad that the redskins are holding their players accountable for their conduct. >> as a matter of fact, my son and i were talking today and he said something about well you pay this guy all this money, then you pretty much got to let him play, even if he doesn't want to practice. well, you can't do that. you can't let a player control the team. >> reporter: one fan here showed us how deep his loyalty runs. another wasn't happy about haynesworth's suspension. >> that really makes me very demoralized.
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we're trying to route for him. we want him to be part of the team. we paid all this money for him. we should get some production. why are we doing this? >> reporter: the redskinses are doing this because as we all know, football is a team sport. we heard la var arrington say he's not been a team player. >> mike wise of the washington post and 106.7 the fan and kevin sheehan andy espn 980. kevin i'll start with you, was this suspension inevitable? they can suspend him four games, the max. regardless of what happened last weekend, was this outcome going to happen or not. >> whether he was cut before the end of the year or susp end of s was a relationship that went bad a long time ago and i don't think there was any question that he wasn't coming back next year. i think this process, in part, has been a process to build a case against him because at the end of the day, this thing has been about money, the $21 million that he took and
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promised simultaneously that he would do what they wanted him to do, he would show up at mini-camp and he basically lied and didn't do any of those things and i think that they wanted to make it work, and their intent was to make it work but ultimately they realized it wouldn't, and i think they want that money back and i think justifiably so. >> mike wise, do you put any blame on head coach mike shanahan? >> yeah, i'd say about 70% on albert haynesworth and about 30 or so on mike shanahan. this is a guy who subsequently embarrassed albert haynesworth during training camp and wanted to be the great santini and put him through conditioning drills, and at some point, it was less about getting albert to buy in than it was about making sure that he was an example and he was quarantined from the rest of his teammates, and the back and forth -- the bottom line is his job is to get the best out of his players and he surely didn't from albert haynesworth. >> this is the first time, kevin, we've heard teammates, we heard rumblings from fletcher
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but philips came out and so did halladay, and they came out and said we're tired of it, it's a distraction. >> when players sort of throw teammates under the bus and what vonie halladay said, you know it's gotten bad. this is a guy literally from day 1 who's been about as professionally indecent as any athlete in this city making that kind of money. i say that knowing what the basketball player downtown did just recently, but he showed up in year 1 grossly out of shape, couldn't breathe on three out of four plays, was largely unproductive, and then in year 2, you know, took the money, said he would do something, didn't. just three weeks ago, we saw him take a nap, dave, during a play in which mike vick had 8 seconds to throw the ball before he threw another touchdown. his behavior has really been professionally indecent and despicable on so many levels. i put most of the blame on haynesworth and part of the blame on the people that brought
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him here that never should have in the first place. mike shanahan had to deal with this problem but he would never have brought him here in the first place. >> mike, you and i talked earlier in the day and said albert wins. why does he win? >> i hate to say it, dave. in a twisted way, he got the money. he didn't have to play the position he wanted to. he could play part-time in a 3-4 defense. he essentially goes home for the holidays which every working american over the holidays probably is envious of, and he leaves a franchise he tormented as much as they tormented him. he won. it broke down to about $5.4 million a sack. all i got to say is albert haynesworth, whatever you want to say about him, he's not the guy who brought himself here. someone gave him that money, and we need to look at that person and his shopping addiction that hopefully this will be the end of. >> and a one-word answer, albert
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haynesworth is definitely in the league next year, someone else will want him, right? >> i guess, and maybe the redskins could salvage a sixth round pick out of it, but i can't imagine anybody would want this guy in their locker room and i don't think it's inconceivable to think he won't be in the league. >> kevin shehan and mike wise of 106.7 the fan and the washington post. thank you, gentlemen. >> thanks, feldy. this is my two cents. it was a bad marriage from the start. when you begin a relationship by telling your boss you're not going to work, you're going to have problems. did mike shanahan go out of his way to make an example of albert haynesworth? he did, but it's his first team. you would have had clinton portis doing whatever he wanted to jim zorn scenario and that didn't work out too well. albert haynesworth is not the first selfish player throughout the history of sports and won't be the last. cut him, trade him, just get rid
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of him and try and forget the whole mess. next time you're going to give him a $104 million contract with 41 guaranteed, visit with him awhile. find out what he likes and doesn't like. that might be helpful. >> dave i'll ask you about how much dan snyder takes in all of this tonight on the news edge at >> we asked you to weigh in, the text poll, should the skins keep or cut haynesworth. a lot of response on this, 90% said cut him loose. you can comment yourself on tonight, police on the hunt for a man behind a frightening attack in this retirement home. hear what a teenager says happened to her just hours ago. sue. it's already colder tonight than our overnight last night. how much colder can it get? anything we have to keep an eye on in the long term will be in the forecast a bit later on fox 5 news at 10:00.
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>> the hunt is on in montgomery county for a man who raped a teen at a retirement community. it happened at the asbury
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methodist village in gaithersburg. wisdom martin is in with details. >> this is an assisted living facility with hundreds of rez residents and workers. one of the workers was attacked in the bathroom and the suspect who did it is still on the run. investigators say the attack happened at the asbury methodist village retirement facility around 10:00 in the morning. >> the preliminary investigation showed that an 18-year-old female employee was going into the lady's room where she was confronted by the suspect. he displayed a gun, threatened her with the gun, and then forceably raped her. >> my first split-second reaction was disbelief. it's not something you expect to hear in the workday here. >> reporter: henry mooring is the executive director at the facility. he says he's taken extra precaution for the people who work and live here. >> certainly, we had a police presence on the campus, and a
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security team. we doubled it up today. really increasing communication and trying to increase awareness and personal safety for our residents and our associates. >> reporter: the retirement community has 1300 residents and 875 workers. a fence surrounds the 130-acre property, and there are two entrance gates. you need a sticker on your car for the bar scanner to get through the gate house. >> i think the defense is there and it provides some security. we do what we can with the gate, but also want to be welcoming and not seem like it's alienating people from the outside. >> reporter: in the meantime, management continues to work with investigators on this case. in fact, they have cameras in different locations that may be crucial to this investigation. >> we have security cameras and all of that digital video has been turned over to the police for their review. and we certainly hope there's value in that for them. >> reporter: and this appears to be an isolated incident at this point. a complete stranger may have
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done this, according to police. brian. >> all right, wisdom. a us marshal has been released from the hospital after a testifying conflict with a suspect. two officers were trying to stop the suspect yesterday when he set himself on fire. the marshal suffered burns on his hand and the one in the hospital suffered severe burns on the face, hands and next. albert sheer was wanted for rape. we're in the newsroom with sherri ly. you covered the first day for the new prince georges county council. i'm sure all the attention was on newly elected council member leslie johnson. >> that's right, she was indicted on charges, so it was like the elephant in the room as the meeting went underway. they went on about official business and went into a closed session about the legal ramifications of her sitting on
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the council. all the council members came out and it was an 8-0-1 vote and johnson abstained, and the council decided she could not sit on any committees or represent the county council before any outside organizations, and in addition to that, to make sure that everything appears on the up and up to county residents, the full council is going to take a more active role as far as any development deals in her district, which is district 6, as well as the entire county. here's what the council chair had to say. >> the charter allows for the elected official to represent the citizens that they were elected to represent, and ms. johnson will have that role until we are informed otherwise, legally. >> now that the county council has basically stripped leslie johnson of most of her duties, where does this leave the people of district 6, the people she represents? >> the one thing she can do is sponsor legislation and co-sponsor legislation and she can vote on any measures that come before the full board, but a lot of people in her district
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feel like they're unrepresented in that she can't be a voice on any committees, so there's frustration among them. but here's the thing, there's nothing that the county council can do to prevent her from voting in those full board votes. there's nothing in the charter or in the state constitution that would allow them to strip her of the power, so they've done all they can. there's no recall in maryland. they said they might address with the governor and the general assembly and see if it might change. >> very interesting, at today's council hearing, did leslie johnson talk at all. >> she did not. i tried to get her to talk to us and she ran out the door, and interestingly enough, she was not with the entire council that emerged after that closed session. she was noticeably absent and almost seemed as if they called this press conference in a separate room so johnson would have a chance to leave. >> very interesting. of course we'll stay on top of this because we have a long way
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to go. brian back to you. prince georges county has a new police chief. mark magah has been named police chief. he's a 27-year veteran of the police force. one of his first orders of business he says is to strengthen partnerships within the community. >> we can't move forward without the community's input and assistance. i'm committed to continuing the department's community policing efforts and programs, and we continue to build trust with the members of the community. >> that said, he declared his very first goal is to boost morale within the police department. well, you've been complaining for months now, and it seems pepco is listening. there's just one problem, though. the plan to keep your power on will drain more from your wallet. the pepco president joins us live to answer tough questions next. 
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>> power outages when there aren't even storms. pepco coming under fire after a
10:27 pm
new report ranks it among the worst utilities in the nation when it comes to reliability. pepco has a five-year plan to make improvements. part of that plan is to raise your rates. $1 for customers in maryland, less than a buck in dc. pepco's regional president thomas graham joins us. mr. graham, thank you for your time. you're in the bottom 25% of utilities in the country, and your plan is to raise rates. i don't know a public relations person in the world that would say that sounds like a great idea. >> actually, our plan is to improve reliability for our customers. >> with a cost to the customer. >> there is a cost but we've made improvements to improve reliability to our customers and we think that's important. >> to get to this position, does that mean you haven't been spending money properly? better job on the spend.
10:28 pm
the spend hasn't been sufficient to meet our expectations to our customers and quite frankly to the level of service we believe we can provide and are going to provide in the future. >> on behalf of all those frustrated customers, wasn't deregulation supposed to improve competition here? instead, customers feel like they have no choice but to deal with your reliability issue. >> deregulation, the idea was to provide better competition, so in a deregulated environment, about 75% of your cost today is for supply. the supply we purchase for our customers on the open market, whatever that -- whatever the market price is, you know, that's the price that we pay for electricity. so only about 25% is associated with distribution, transmission, and then worked in there would be taxes as well. so that's the piece that we're left with to invest to improve reliability for our customers. >> have you been doing it all this time? if so, why do you still need to
10:29 pm
raise rates? >> we want to make an additional investment and, you know, it's very important. over a five-year period, we have a capital budget that's over $5 billion. in order to meet that type of capital budget, you have to raise capital through debt and you have to raise it through equity. when all those things are working together, it's to the benefit of our customers. if we don't have a good regulatory structure, what happens is our cost of capital increases, the cost -- which in turn increases our cost to the customers for the rates, and there's less returned earnings which we cannot reinvest in the system which is critically important for us at this moment. >> i want to read a couple of questions from the page. matt simeon asks what are you doing to ensure in the event customers lose power this winter that it is restored in a timely fashion, leaving people without power and heat for days.
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>> we are totally accountable for the restoration of service, and there are two critical points for that. through the successful execution of our reliability enhancement plan, the frequency of outages will reduce, and that's our commitment. also, the speed at which during a major event, as we faced last year in february with 36 inches of snow, major storms in july and august, we will work as quickly and as safely as possible to restore service, but a good portion of this reliability enhancement plan, again, it's a six-point plan, and it will address some of the concerns that our customers have, so we feel like we're in a good place now and we're moving in the right direction. >> and i'll just let you go, but one final question. how did you end up so poorly rated? of all the utilities in this country, a lot of customers are just shaking their heads. >> we're not where we want to be, and the commitment today is we're going to make the correct
10:31 pm
amount of spend and the correct amount of spend will lead to improved reliability for our customers, and that's the commitment and that's what we're going to go out and do each and every day, and that is our commitment. >> all right, thomas graham, regional president with pepco. appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you very much, have a good evening. president obama says his new tax deal will keep more money in your pocket. democrats don't quite see it that way and a revolt could be brewing. we're breaking down the tax battle coming up next. >> this is major noah cloud and catherine cloud in italy, wishing our family in washington dc happy holidays. we love you and miss you, ashton, adam, chloe, sofie and little nathan. we can't wait to see you.
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>> take a tally. look at what i promised during the campaign. there's not a single thing i said that i would not do that i
10:35 pm
have either done or tried to do. >> members of the president's own party are giving him a heck of a time saying he broke a key campaign pledge not to renew tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. the president says it was this deal or no deal. fox 5's laura evans is in the newsroom now with details. >> brian, very interesting today. it was a twist. republicans urging democrats to support the president's plan. president obama says the compromise was necessary but democrats aren't convinced. mr. obama held a quickly scheduled press conference today trying to explain his decision and sell it to members of his own party. president obama reaches a tentative deal with republicans, but he says his hand was forced because republicans were willing to hold the rest of the country hostage to tax cuts for the rich. >> i think it's tempting not to negotiate with hostage takers, unless the hostage gets harmed. in this case, the hostage was
10:36 pm
the american people. >> the compromise plan keeps taxes from increasing january 1 by extending all bush era tax cuts for two years and also includes a 13-month extension of long-term unemployment benefits and a one-year reduction in the payroll tax. >> this is real money for real people. it will make a real difference in the lives of the folks who sent us here. >> reporter: many democrats aren't sold saying extending tax cuts to the wealthy will add $700 billion to the deficit, in addition to billions more for the payroll tax. >> $900 billion on the national debt is a big "i owe you" to the american people. >> reporter: republicans who still want the tax cuts extended permanently say the compromise is a good first step. >> i'm very hopeful and optimistic that a large majority of the members of the republican conference will find this proposal worth supporting. >> i'm not here to play games with the american people or the health of our economy.
10:37 pm
>> reporter: now, another part of this compromise is that estates worth more than $5 million were due to start paying up to 55% in taxes. under this plan, they would pay 35%. the extension still has to be approved by congress, brian, and time of course is running out in this lame duck session. >> this could be part of a political play by obama in preparation for 2012. >> reporter: he definitely appears to be trying to recover by showing indeference to his opponents but he's obviously angering his alleys in the meantime. we're following breaking news about julian assange. he's in jail tonight. turned himself in, wanted by swiss authorities for sex crimes. he denies the allegations and claims to fight extradition. a judge denied him bail. he'll stay locked up another week until his next hearing.
10:38 pm
december 7, 1941, a date that will live on, franklin d. roosevelt's words came out about the generation to come. today is the 69th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, hawaii. a summer honored the people who died that day. nine navy vessels sank, 21 others were damaged, plunging the united states into the heart of the war. the men who fought in that war are dwindling in numbers. i was fortunate to talk with retired commander john budsic tonight. he shared his memories from watching the attack on honolulu harbor. >> describe what did you see. >> we saw the planes diving, and initially when they started the first attack, i understand that they started with torpedo planes. the second attack was strictly
10:39 pm
bombs. they were dropping bombs. and at least what we thought were bombs. they didn't come in as low as the first attack. and well, i was terrified just with seeing the spectacle. >> commander budsic, 93 years old now, and he says he thought the japanese were going to invade but his command post was left alone because there were no large ships in honolulu harbor. brian. two planes getting way too close for comfort on the runway, and we have the radar images from the near miss. see it all play out next. first, need a beaver fix? how about getting your hands on some new trading cards, and plus you'll need something extra to ship holiday packages this holiday season. neil cavuto has details in tonight's business report.
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>> so far it's a december to remember at the malls. sales at chain stores jumping 4% last week compared to the same time last year. store traffic also rising but talbut's saying its sales could fall. that news sent the stocks diving for the day. 3 million job openings were posted in october. the dow jones is up about 3 points and still up about 9% on the year. ups is requiring photo ids for people shipping packages from its retail locations. it is cracking down on security a month after an explosive from yemen was shipped to chicago. some beaver trading cards are hitting stores this week. the full set includes 150 cards and 30 stickers showing the teen singing sensation. have at 'em. that's business, i'm neil cavuto.
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 the wealthy. the wealthy. >>
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seven years ago, i had this idea. the wealthy. >> to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet
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with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business. >> traffic alert to pass along. expect to run into delays if you travel the beltway past the woodrow wilson bridge. only one through lane will be opened between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. tomorrow and thursday, that's the area west from the cameron run bridge to east of telegraph road. head a different route if you don't want to get stuck in traffic. a frightening close call at the airport on one of the busiest travel days of the year. two jets nearly collided on a busy runway the night before thanksgiving. a jetblue flight full of passengers had just landed and was taxiing to the gate but the pilot made a wrong turn to the right instead of the left, just short of the runway where another plane was speeding to
10:45 pm
take off. >> jetblue at 1264 hold right there, hold, hold. >> 32 years of experience for this air traffic controller. he's in the twilight of his career, and he made a great save. >> because the plane did not actually cross the runway, the faa does not consider this incident a runway incursion. off the job but getting paid more than three years in taxpayer money. tonight on the news edge at 11:00, why the dc firefighter is still getting a check and what it's costing the public. new details about the hostage drama the the discovery building this fall. the decisions employees had to make before taking that gunman out. d yo
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>> it's cold outside in case you haven't been out there in a couple of days. >> if you haven't been outside in a couple of days, call somebody, please. >> it's the kind that freezes your face off if you go out.
10:49 pm
it's extremely dry and tonight it's already colder than last night for the overnight lows , and what is happening too is the wind is a little bit lighter, so temperatures are tanking a little more than they did last night, but the wind is still noticeable. it will still be breezy tomorrow, i'm sorry to tell you, folks, but wow, what a night it is, what a december it is, and we really don't see much of a change in this pattern. although, perhaps we can bend the cold a little bit and get above 40, maybe even closer to 50 by the time the weekend rolls around but that will be temporary, believe me. let's look at the high temperatures. 36 degrees at reagan. dulles only got to 34. no wonder we're so cold already. check out these temperatures around the region, 25 in martinsburg, 24 in hagerstown. dc is 28 degrees so everybody is already down there and a lot of spots are headed for the upper teens and low 20s. these are the wind chill temperatures. they're a little bit better. we have cold bitter wind chill
10:50 pm
in the mountains. gaithersburg feels like 12, fredricksburg 15, and hagerstown, your temperature is 10 degrees. the winter storm is down for the mountains, and they got their share of snow though. out here in these highest elevations, we'll find wind chills from 5 to 10 degrees below zero so it stays a little windier out there. check out the snow totals in grant county, 2 feet of snow. that's not that far away. prosper about 5 inches, oakland 14, kaiser's ridge, 15, west virginia, 15, hightown virginia got a foot on the ground. ski resorts are happy but it's hard to take the temperatures and be outside for an extended period of time. front royal you'll drop to 19 degrees, and even in dc down to 25 degrees with waldorf coming in at 22.
10:51 pm
prepare for the cold in the morning. it will be bitter. it's still breezy but not as windy as it was this time last night, it's noticeable and will be noticeable tomorrow. still another cold day with wind chills in the teens and 20s, perhaps a little bit more sunshine. we get up to 36 degrees, so prepare for the cold. the breeze is back up by noon after starting at 28 in the early morning and 4:00, 36 degrees. i want to show you a couple of storm systems we need to watch, jumping over to the future cast so you can see this. the snow is continuing in the mountains and let me tell you, it will be feet of snow in the great lakes region in the snow belt. because the pattern continues, not only do they continue to get snow the next 24 hours, but watch what happens friday, a little clipper goes by and i'm pausing it at 5:00. it's showing fun flurries for northern maryland. we'll see if it materializes. this is a little farther south than the last run. that's the first storm. friday, that goes to the north and a more important one, maybe this one on the weekend, it will
10:52 pm
be making its approach on saturday and will help bump our temperatures up a little bit, probably into the low, maybe even mid-40s, and sunday this will start as rain here but depending upon track of this thing, it could end in a wintry mix or a little bit of snow sunday and monday. some indication that perhaps if the track got a little bit farther to the east it would be cold enough to grab colder air and get it in here. as it is, this has to be sight for sore eyes though as we go into friday, 41 degrees, a heatwave, brian, saturday 46 degrees and sunday for the skins, i think it's going to rain. they probably don't care anymore but 49 degrees and beats having to shovel the field. >> i checked with the website and they don't open until thursday but plan to open with 13 trails. >> that's fantastic. >> they said they got 20 inches in the last 24 hours. >> and more to come, certainly out of the clipper. so have fun at whisk, everybody, give them the business. >> sounds great . [cheers and applause] >> good job. >> the christmas spirit now on
10:53 pm
display on capitol hill. earlier tonight, daniel sitter, a sixth grader from wyoming helped house speaker nancy pelosi light the christmas tree. it comes from his home state, the 67-foot spruce is decorated with thousands of ornaments made by wyoming residents. we're in the newsroom with hot 99.5 sara frasier. everyone's talking about the christmas episode. >> it was the christmas episode. it was the fall finale. everyone loved last christmas with rachel and finn so that was the big one. it's just great holiday spirit and tons of great clothes from brittany. as we've come to know, they're hilarious. so it was great but there's lots of good stuff going on around "glee". >> i understand matthew morrison was in town in dc yesterday. what do you know about that.
10:54 pm
>> don't you love meeting celebrities? he was at the kennedy center honors. we have great video because after the after-party he broke down and danced this impromptu song singing thing, so he's so cute in real life though. we love him. >> take a look ♪ ♪ >> that was really fun to see him like that. i'm sure the folks in dc were pretty excited to see that. >> absolutely, you know, i mean, he's not only good looking. he can sing and dance. what else have you got, amazing. >> he's making "glee" so spectacular. >> we know why he's on. >> i understand the cast also got big news recently. >> creator ryan murphy announced this week that the cast is really going to graduate in 2012, which is surprising, because you know they'll not be 30 still in 12th grade. the cast will move on so ryan murphy has said each season
10:55 pm
they'll bring in new people. some of the staples will stick around. he hasn't announced who it is yet but that's an interesting concept because a lot of times they keep going with the same cast even though they're too old and we know it. >> will you be joining the new cast? >> no because i'd be the 30-year-old, so it would be really awkward. >> you guys will keep this going on the cane show? >> yes, we'll tell you too ryan murphy made a big announcement about the super bowl episode. katy curric will be joining and beyonce, using her music, so starting tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. on the cane show and fill you in on the good "glee" gossip. >> sara frasier, thank you so much. >> thank you so much too. >> back to you. a dc firefighter off the job and getting paid for more than three years. it's a news edge investigation you'll see in just a minute.
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>> unfortunately, health care is often the first thing cut from a tight family budget. tonight, one local clinic is offering up free health care, but getting it isn't easy. about 100 arlington residents crammed into a small waiting room for a chance to become a patient at the arlington free clinic. once a month, it is lottery day to fill open slots. today only 20 names were pulled. >> this is one of my favorite days in the month because it's hard when you can only take 20 people. >> the people like donating to us. we provide a vital service to our community. >> patients who are enrolled get routine and speciaze


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