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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  December 8, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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elizabeth edwards loses her bat we'll breast cancer. we have more this morning on the life of the woman. we'll get the latest in the search for a man who police say raped a teenager inside a retirement community. more excitement for the burgundy and gold. the$100million man off the team for the rest of the season now. there is our view from tower cam this morning. thank you for waking one fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. gulf air the county schools in maryland are delayed by two
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hours today. they've been seeing snow to the west of us for the last several days so i guess that is sort of sticking there because temperatures not changing a whole heck of a lot. >> we'll check and see what the snowfall tally is in garrett county. i know in general, it has been a fairly wide range. it depends on exactly where you were. not snowing there now. little still cold and windy across the region. let's take a look at the satellite-radar composite. we've got mostly clear skies this morning. that really has allowed the temperature to drop significantly. while the winds aren't particularly strong, they are strong enough to put our wind chills in the teens. take a look. not a lot going on there. things look good. current temperatures around the region. we here into d.c. are at 26 degrees. it is 4 in annapolis. 21 in gaithersburg.
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win chester at 26 degrees. salisbury, 25 degrees so a cold start to the day. mostly sunny, cold, still breezy. wind out of the west-northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour. high today, only 35 degrees. there you go. enjoy it. >> thank you. let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic. >> we'll start off with the crew in sky fox hovering off 95. as you make your way southbound south of the icc that is where you will find those guys. conning down towards the capital beltway, all of your lanes are open. 95 as an easy ride to the northbound side as you continue to 695. lane are open on the top side of the beltway between college park and bethesda. it is busy on the top stretch approaching and passing 109 with delays there. in virginia, eastbound 66 east
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of nutley street still an easy ride for you. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are remembering the life and legacy of elizabeth edwards. she died yesterday after a six- year battle with breast cancer. president obama release a statement saying in part, quote, i came to know and admire elizabeth over the course of the presidential campaign. she was a tenacious advocate for fixing our health care system and identifying poverty. our country has benefited from the voice she gave to the cause of building a that lifts up all those left behind. edwards died at her home in north carolina surrounded by her family including estranged husband john edwards. she was the mother of four. her oldest son, wade, died in a car accident in 1996 at the age of 16. edwards was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. in 2007, after treatment and remission, she announced the cancer had returned. she was considered a strong woman both personally and politically. she is dead this morning at the
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age of 61. democrats appear to remain divided over the tax cuts. >> i honor the pros for trying to solve these problems. i am not saying you never compromise or do deals. but he just -- he and his team just don't seem to be that good at it. that is a real problem for a lot of democrats. >> also included in the plan, a 13 machine month extension for unemployment benefits acre renewal of the estate tax at a lower rate than last year and a one-year payroll tax deduction that cuts workers' social security payments by 2%. the founder of wikileaks spent the night in a london jail. a judge denied bail for julian assange saying he might not show up to court next week. scotland yard arrested him after sweden issued an arrest warranted for him. he is wanted for questioning on sex-related charges.
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wikileaks has release a new batch of secret cables that the u.s. says is damaging u.s. security. also new this morning, post- election violence in haiti. protestors set flaming barricades after the government announced results of last week's presidential elections. there were reports of sporadic gunfire. officially the government- backed candidate and former first lady have enough votes to go on to a vote next month. back here at home, police say a woman was killed in the district last night. officers found a woman with stab wounds on galveston place in southwest just before 9:00. they now say it was a homicide. police are looking if a man accused of raping a teenager at a retirement community in gaithersburg. investigators say the attack happened at the asbury methodist village about 10:00 yesterday morning. and 18-year-old workers was going into the women's room where she was confronted by the
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suspect. the facility has stepped up security. one. u.s. marshals who was burned after trying to arrest a rape suspect is out of the hospital this morning. two marshals were burned while trying to arrest a man in northwest earlier this week. he set himself on fire and is still in critical condition this morning. the other u.s. marshal is still in the hospital with burns on her hands, face and neck. you have to think that albert haynesworth has played his last game with the redskins now. the team suspended him for four games without pay. general manager bruce allen said hants worth with no longer talk to the head coach, mike shanahan. his agent plans to appeal the move. if it stands, the suspension will cost him about $850,000 in salary. leslie johnson has been sworn in as the county council woman in prince george's county
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even though she is facing federal corruption charges. the council's decision on her powers coming up next. the latest on a disruption at a local college due to a water main break, when we come back. 
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baseball legend roger clemens back in a d.c. courtroom. he has an interim status conference scheduled for this morning on charges that he lied to congress. he made the denial to a house committee back in 2008. he could face up to 30 years in prison but u.s. sentencing guidelines usually recommend 15 to 21 months. the new prince george's county council makes a unanimous decision to limit powers of newly sworn in council woman leslie wrong son while she was under investigation. in the first meeting last night, the council decided johnson cannot sit on any committees or officially represent the council. she will be allowed to vote on matters before the entire
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council. she was arrested last month 10 days after being elected. classes expected to he viewpoint at hood college in mayor daley. yesterday, the entire campus disrupted after a water main break. the more than 600 students living on campus also had to leave for the night. -- classes expected to resume at hood college in maryland. around the world, fans are remembering the beloved beatle john lennon. more on that as fox 5 morning news continues. 
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thirty years ago today, music legend john len ton was killed. a deranged man, mark david chapman, shot the former beatle
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in front of his apartment building in manhattan. there is a memorial in new york to john lennon called strawberry fields. he was later known no his peace activism. fans around the world are remembering him today. >> hard to believe it has been 30 years. >> extremely hard to believe it's been 30 years. >> i heard an interview with a doctor that tended to him when he was taken to the hospital and he said he thought people would be waiting for him outside to do him harm because he have the man who had not saved him. >> had not been able to save him. >> those were rough times. people forget that time in new york city. i remember when first heard that night that he had been shot, i remember thinking someone must have mugged him or something because things were so rough in new york at the time. as sad as it is that we lost him, this great musician and all of that, the saddest thing to me is always the fact that his 5-year-old son lost his father and he was re-
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establishing his relationship with his 17-year-old son and he was taken away. >> thirty years. today, it is cold outside. >> want to start by talking a little bit about the snow we saw out to the west. we do have some snowfall totals and they do range quite widely. baird, west virginia, remember the snow approximate wries virginia, extreme western portions of virginia and in western maryland as well. five inches in frostburg. hightown, virginia, 12 inches of the white stuff. what we are looking at new is a continuing temperature of 26 degrees here. the winds are blowing at about 5 five, six, seven miles per hour. it does feel like it is in the
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teens in many places. 15 in baltimore. feels like 17 down at patuxent naval air station. satellite-radar for the region, there is more snow. this snow is lake effect snow coming off the great lakes into western portions of new york and into western portions of pennsylvania as well. could see some more significant snowfall amounts from this system. but that remains to our north and does not impact us. for our area, what you will see is we've got clear skies this morning and in fact, i think we'll have mostly sunny skies today. today will be the sunniest day we've had so far this week but that sun unfortunately not going to warm us up a whole lot. look for your high to be about 35 degrees downtown. those wind will be out of the west-northwest. could blow up to 15 to 20 miles per hour at times. that is not happening this morning. your five-day forecast, tomorrow, another cold day. i do think the wind diminish. i think early this week i said by wednesday, they will diminish.
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well, they have but not quite enough as far as we're concerned. tomorrow, i think it will be better but still 36. friday, we start to get a little moderation in the temperatures as we get more clouds. sunday looks to be messy, 47. enjoy the temperatures in the 40s because next week, we are cold again. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> let's take you out to the beltway and show you what you are in for this morning. already a slow go for those traveling northbound i-95. here is the deal. all this gridlocked traffic continuing out to the fsp where we had an accident just a few moments ago that was tying up the two right lane and now the accident has cleared. a little further north on 395, here at duke street, it is heavy and steady. no incidents to report, just volume delays. gw parkway northbound where we had the crash reported north of 395 at the humpback bridge in
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the right lane. southbound along 270, we have delays approaching and passing 109. here we are in germantown headed south of middle brook road. no incidents along this stretch headed down towards mva. downtown, wisconsin avenue at newark, we have a water main break. we still have the lane blocked on the southbound side of the highway. southbound along wisconsin at newark, we have the right lane blocked. the road has been dug up at this point. the road will be tied up for the morning commute. it will impact the drive inbound on wisconsin avenue. also on newark, you will find that the right lane is blocked on the eastbound side of the highway. expect additional delays this morning at newark. outrage over a d.c. firefighter on the payroll for the last three and a half years without actually going to work. according to internal documents, natalie overton of engine 14 is still being paid more than $73,000 in pay and benefits because she is on paid
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administrative leave. that trans let's to about $255,000. the city has also paid out several hundred thousand dollars in overtime to fill her position. overton was placed on leave after an alleged scandal involving payments for cpr certification. >> this is an embarrassment and an inconvenience and it is a waste of taxpayers dollars. for the agency not to investigate this properly is just unbelievable. >> this is an ongoing investigation. i think the department acted quickly, swiftly. the person was put on administrative leave. >> she will have to take a five- month vacation so she doesn't lose her vacation time that has piled up while she has been on leave. investors react to the tax compromise. what can we expect on wall street today? our business beat coming up next. x 
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don't look now but sant may be bringing a little bit of cheer for the job mark they had holiday season. let's head up to new york to talk with robert gray with fox business network about that and where the stock are going to be looking this morning. >> good morning. >> what are investors going to be watching today because yesterday it was all about the tax compromise. >> you guys are in the center of all the activity for investors today. clearly, everyone will be watching to see what is going on with the tax compromise. will it get support? will it not? we did see stocks pulling back a little bit. not that surprising what you have that uncertainty about where we're going with the tax compromise. so if it looks like it will have support in keeping capital
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gains and dividend taxes lower, investors will like that news. the stimulus that this would add into the economy, economists. butleing up by and large their expectations for gdp next year so thinking it would add to growth. we'll have to wait and see what happens with that. also, costco out with earnings before the opening bell, better than expected for their first quarter so keep an eye on the big whole sale club. the stock will be opening up a little higher perhaps. >> i'm one of their biggest supporters love costco. when it comes to jobs, we keep hearing conflicting reports about whether things are getting better or they are staying the same. the unemployment rate is still hovering right under 10%. so where are we looking toward the holiday season when it comes to jobs? >> well, a couple of reports out just in the past day have shown some glimmers of hope anyway. you have 9.8% unemployment according to the government
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last friday but a separate labor department report that job openings and labor turnover survey showing government advertising more jobs. that is the good news. the bad news is while 4.2 million people were hired, just over four million people were laid off, fired or quit. so we are not getting enough separation. there are not enough more people coming in as opposed to people going out to turn around the unemployment rate just yet but it is moving in the right direction. a manpower survey, the staffing agency out as well saying their index for firing for the first quarter of next year is up 9%. that is almost double what it was for the current quarter. it is the high nest two years. but we should point out brety much well below where it was from 2003 to 2007. that was at a 20% clip. manpower saying baton rouge, seattle and milwaukee is where
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the jobs are. >> a little bit of hope there anyway. thank you. we'll have more on the life and legacy of elizabeth edwards here on fox 5 morning news. new details about the hostage drama at the discovery building this fall. the decisions that police had to make before taking out the gunman. sarah simmons is following a police investigation in montgomery county this morning. >> reporter: montgomery county police launched an investigation after andlyee was raped at an assisted living facility. i'll have more on that story when fox 5 morning news returns. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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garrett county schools on a two-hour delay today. still dealing with some rough weather out to the west. >> yesterday, we were talking about how cold it is in some places. yesterday, on my way home, i looked over and on the gravel
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road home in the ditch, it was ice. i thought now i know. >> i forget where i was but there was a little patch of ice and the person in front of me slipped on it. >> so it is out there. the temperatures in the 20s i guess. >> yeah, it is cold. let me show you what is happening at reagan national airport where it is 26 degrees at this hour. temperature hasn't moved during the last couple of hours. relative humidity, 39%. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the region. we've got mostly clear skies across the area. so that is nice. still have some cloud cover out to the west. up to the north, that is where the snow is, lake effect snows in portions of pennsylvania and upstate new york. we'll remain dry again today. so your day planner for today, going to be another cold one. breezy again. high today in the mid-30s. really about 35, maybe 36 degrees. our average high for this date, 49 degrees so we'll be well
6:32 am
below that. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. very interesting question about hurricanes and washington, d.c. >> let's get to julie wright with a look at traffic. >> west water main break along wisconsin avenue done at newark street in the direction of the rush hour flow. roads all chunked up where they've been busy making these repairs. anticipate slower than usual volume now inbound along wisconsin avenue trying to work your way past. this is a live picture from the scene. also on newark, you will fine the right lane is also blocked on the eastbound side of the highway. in downtown, that won't be easy for you. this is the live shot of 395 coming across the inbound 14th street bridge. right on the d.c. end of the bridge, that is where we've got the crash. according to callers, they are forcing everybody into the hov
6:33 am
lane to use that as the workaround. coming off main line here, you will be forced into the hov lanes. that is how you work your way around the crash. westbound on the freeway, your lanes are open. so far, just a brief rubbernecking delay there. if you are traveling in on 66, we've got slow traffic out of manassas and fair oaks headed eastbound towards 123. more slow traffic as you approach the capital beltway. no incidents to report between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we're remembering the life of elizabeth edwards this morning. she died yesterday after a six- year bat we'll breast cancer. heard died at her home in north carolina surrounded by her family including estranged husband, john edwards. she embodied grace under fire. shows who knew her and worked with her continue to echo that. elizabeth edwards was considered a woman of grit and might, strong both personally and politically, a mother of four.
6:34 am
her eldest son wade died in a car accident in 1996. through it all, she continued to push for health care reform. >> somebody wants it shut me up, there is an easy way to do it. just get universal universal health care and i'll quit talking about it. >> reporter: john edwards -- john edwards admitted having an affair. >> it is just hard that they didn't have the support. >> michelle connelly is the founder oflying in pink. the chevy chase mother is also a breast cancer survivor. with the help of committee members like mary ellen conway, they hon our elizabeth edwards last night for raising awareness in the battle to save lives. >> just how classy she was through it all without ever complaining or making a big deal about it. >> in the face of terrible illness and a rough road ahead that she really kept a smile on
6:35 am
and she was pleasant and cheerful and encouraging to other people. >> they spent the day with edwards, a day they won't forget. >> in talking with her, she was like a neighbor, like someone you had known your whole life and was very sweet and considerate. >> mike more than a half billion people, elizabeth edwards maintained a facebook page. it reads in part now to other top stories, the police are investigating an attack on and yankee -- an
6:36 am
employee at a retirement center. sarah simmons has more. residents and workers are very concerned about what happened. one of the employees allegedly raped inside a bathroom there a this is according to police at the asbury methodist village retirement facility. police are telling us this happened about 10:00 in the morning. it was and 18-year-old employee, a girl that was walking into the ladies room when she told police she was confronted by a black male in his 20s wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. she says he threatened her way gun and then raped her. the executive director at the facility is in shock and disbelief over this and says they are taking extra precautions there to try to protect everyone. >> i think the fence is there and provides some security. we do what we can with the gate and also want to be welcoming. >> reporter: and that fence surround that entire 130-acre
6:37 am
property. there are about two gates in order to get into the property in and of itself and all anybody that come in has to have a sticker that has has a bar code on it to get inside if they work there. they have quite a bit of security and also security cameras that police are now working with the facility on to take a look at the video to see if there is anything they can gain from that and try to track down a suspect here. we're live in montgomery county, snobs, back to you. the white house has struck a deal on tax cuts -- we're live some montgomery county, sarah simmons, back to you. the white house has truck a -- struck a deal on tax cuts. included in the plan a 13-month he can text for unemployment benefits and a one-year payroll tax deduction. democratic lawmakers are still
6:38 am
divided. >> you state what your views are, you fight for them vision plus a and if need be, you compromise. >> we seem to have gone without the first two steps and a lot of people are very frustrated by that. >> congress still has to approve the measure. in maryland, governor o'malley is offering buy outplans to state employees willing to resign by the end of the month. the move is part of the effort to reduce the more than $1 billion budge the shortfall and avoid layoffs. workers who agree will receive a lump sum of $15,000 another $200 for each month of service. julian assange denied bail by a british judge despite promises by his lawyers that he would be back in court next week. british police arrested him on a swedish warrant for alleged sex crimes. he is now lashing out at the united states in a newspaper article where he says redeserves protection for
6:39 am
releasing secret -- where he says he deserves protection for releasing secrets, not being attacked. coming up, a rare glimpse into the life of former president john f. kennedy. we'll talk about some of the items about to hit the auction block when we come back. >> the redskins $100 million man off the team for the rest of the year. is albert haynesworth gone for good? that is all coming up after the break. >> i'm sergeant first class wayne stratton coming to from you afghanistan. i would like to say happy holidays to my wife, vicki, my son, sebastian and nicholas in washington, d.c. stay safe.
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the redskins suspended albert haynesworth for the remaining four games on the season for, quote, conduct detrimental it the club. bruce allen maintains haynesworth said he would no long are talk with the head coach, mike shan shan n a statement, he said number 92 refused to cooperate with the coaching staff in a variety of ways over an extend period of time. he had a lackluster practice on thursday. he was late for a practice on friday. he didn't practice because of an unspecified illness. >> he was just surprised that he was suspended for four
6:44 am
games. the reasoning was that he refused to play in the 3-4 defense. he had a package put in for him and unt fortunately the things that happened in the week leading up to the game, he didn't get a chance so showcase that. >> haps worth has already been paid over $35 mill -- haynesworth has already been paid over $35 million for the season in washington. his agencies they will appeal. >> i guess when the coach starts referring to you by your number and not your name, not a good sign. >> that is a troubled relationship. >> what do you want to talk about this morning? >> let's talk about our temperatures and where they're headed. we know where they've been. they've been in the dumper. it has been cold, temperatures in the 30s. is that not appropriate? >> very fitting. >> i could have said worse.
6:45 am
>> you could have. >> all right, number two. >> okay. 35degrees for today. tomorrow, 36. we'll be in the 40s friday and saturday. so, going in the right direction. that not going to last very long though i'm sorry to say. we'll have our temperature in the 40s through the weekend and they will drop again. let's take a look at our current temperatures. right now, 26 degrees here in washington. gaithersburg is at 21. frederick, maryland, 25 degrees. fredericksburg, 21 degrees. fool like it is in the teens in much of the area because of the light wind we are having this morning. there is snow to the north. it is lake effect snow in portions of ohio, pennsylvania and new york. some parts of new york have considerable amounts of snow on the ground and they are adding to it right now. in our area, things are quiet, not only do we not have precipitation, we don't have
6:46 am
anything in the way of cloud cover. a couple of clouds here and there. that is about it. we've got clear skies and we'll see mostly clear skies through the day today. your forecast if today looks like this. mostly sunny, still breezy. 5degrees for your high. winds out of the north and west 15 to 20 miles per hour. your five-day forecast as we showed you, tomorrow, another day where we'll see our temperature in the mid-30s. friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures range from the low to the mid and even upper 40s on sunday. on sunday, we will get rainfall. it does look like it will be a wet day. i know the redskins play at fedex field. could be a rather dreary day and then you add the weather to that and it will really be dreary. that is the weather. it is now time for ask the weather guys. yes, guys because tucker is back today, kind of. tucker barnes and i put our big
6:47 am
heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question comes from la shanna. she asks whether the eye of a hurricane has ever passed over washington, d.c. excellent question. anchor people, do you think the eye of a hurricane has ever passed over washington, d.c. >> are you listening for an answer? >> no, my ifb was about to come out of my ear. >> i'll say no. >> i will stay the same. we've had the winds but not the eye. >> we turn our attention to tucker barnes for the answer. welcome back. >> this kind of question phac -- fascinates me. >> we have to focus on four
6:48 am
storms. the winner is and let's get to videotape. the winner is not isabelle. >> no, it is not. >> this is video from isabelle. >> september 2003. >> she passed well to the west of washington so our tropical force winds at about 71 miles per hour. we had wind speeds close to hurricane force in and around the area. silver spring had a wind gust of about 80. the winner is the chesapeake bay hurricane. let's get back to the graphics. chesapeake bay hurricane came up the west side. it will be really hard to tell. >> these were the actual graphics we had on channel 5 back then. >> you will see a dotted line that goes just to the west of the chesapeake bay right up to charles county, through prince george's county and right through the eastern portion of downtown washington, 1933, chesapeake bay hurricane actually made it right through downtown washington. >> that is the eye of the storm. >> the eye moved across and
6:49 am
moved right up the chesapeake bay. hence the name of the storm. leading to major flooding and moved right up the western shore of the chesapeake bay. isabelle was a tropical storm by the time it came through our region. still did a lot of damage. same with agnes and hazel. lots of damage, flooding and all of that. but in terms of an eye moving across wash, that is -- across washington, that is the one. >> a lot of people who probably remember that one. >> i think hazel was the last time we had hurricane-force winds come through washington, d.c. >> that was 1954. >> we often feel the impact of the thunderstorms but rarely do we get one that comes right through. >> right. >> i didn't know that. >> very interesting. 1933, august. that is today's edition of ask the weather guy. if you have a question that you want answered, go to and click on the
6:50 am
weather tab. we'll try to answer it for you. tucker's favorite song, rock you like a hurricane. >> welcome back. >> thank you. let's move in with traffic and check in with julie. >> why don't they ever play my favorite song. >> what is your favorite song. >> too many. i'm kind of stuck on whip my hair. >> do you like it? >> i'm kind of stuck on it. coming inbound across the 14th street bridge, heavy slow and steady on the d.c. end of the bridge. delays for this beginning at the beltway head up to seminary road. king street trying to get across the potomac and head over to the southeast-southwest freeway. we have some problems if you are trying to make the trip elsewhere along 95. we have delays there from dale city up towards the springfield
6:51 am
interchange. this is a live shot of inbound south capital street continuing across the douglass bridge. it is heavy and slow across this stretch as well. we have the northbound activity northbound suitland parkway, delays beginning at the beltway. wrapping opportunity southbound 270 out of rockville, heavy and slow is how she rolls out towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we have another traffic alert to pass along this morning. expect to run into delays if you travel the beltway past the woodrow wilson bridge. only one through lane will be open on the outer loop between 9:30 and 3:30 today and tomorrow. that is the area west from the cameron run bridge to east of telegraph road so you might want to plan a different route if you don't want to get stuck in traffic. on the auction block tomorrow, never before seen photos of john f. kennedy. >> they provide a rare glimpse into his personal life. jonathan hunt has more. >> reporter: it was president
6:52 am
kennedy would created the job official white house photographer and the man who held that position, cecil w. statton took a lot of pictures of his boss. >> he assembled these photographs over the kennedy administration. he died in 2008 leaving this collection of over 12,000 photographs. >> they include photos from the dark day in dallas on november 22, 1963. he was the only photographer to capture the moment of vice president lyndon johnson's wearing in aboard air force one. >> the copy we have is inscribed, with high regard. can you see jacqueline standing alongside him. we are expecting that to make several thousand dollars. >> reporter: there are also snapshots of happier time for the kennedy family. >> it is in some cases, the closest thing america has to a royal family. >> reporter: then there is this one of jfk with his brother
6:53 am
robert and the marilyn monroe. >> she had come straight from singing happy birthday, mr. president at madison square gardens. she is still wearing that pearl encrusted dress and it is a party on the upper east side, a democratic fundraiser. >> the photo is believed to be one of a kind. >> you can see kennedy turning away from the camera when he sees it there. it is in some ways a scandalous photograph. >> reporter: auction house experts say now is a good time to pass these photos on to collectors. they say the time is right. jonathan hunt, fox news. the kennedy center is hosting a unique holiday show. >> we'll check some with her straight ahead. v.-- we'll check some with her straight ahead. we are having stuff a truck
6:54 am
this try beginning at 6:00 in the morning. we'll be at these four locations on your screen. that is stuff a truck coming up this friday. you don't have to wait until then to make a donation. can you do so by texting feed cafb right now to 85944. when you hit send, you will receive a message that contains a donation to the capital area food bank. just reply yes. we'll tax a break and come right back. we'll-- we'll take a break and come right back.
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and lately we've been talking about annual holiday traditions, things that happen every year that you and your family might take part in. but today i'm going to give you something new to do. we are live at the kennedy center where right now a
6:58 am
special called cirque dreams holi daze is going on. this is all inspiring. this is the first time a circus has been performed here at this historic venue. as you can see, some performers are getting in early morning practice. this is an international cast. we have performers from lattia, some jump ropers from boise, idaho, akron, ohio and some acrobats from china as well. we'll learn about the company that puts this on. they're out of florida and around since 1993 and the first american company to bring together european and american circus arts. we'll find out about that and the story of the show and most importantly how you and your family can get tickets and come out and see it. because it's only running for a short time. opening night was last night. great audience. but it only runs there the 12th so this is something you plan
6:59 am
to do this week and we're going to give you the first sneak peek this morning. gurvir. >> holly, thank you. right now we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, patti stinson. and she said she loves the pet segments and you can see why. to find us go to fox 5, no space between fox and 5. our goal is to have 10,000 fans by the end of the year. that's it for the 6:00 hour. allison is in joining steve. >> good morning, gurvir. and coming up on fox 5 morning news, in montgomery county police are investigating the rape of an 18-year-old employee inside a retirement facility. we're live with the latest. and remembering elizabeth edwards who passed away after a years long battle with


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