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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 7, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>@ good evening. tonight in your only local news at 7:00, cracking up, as the temperatures drop, one local utility is trying to stay ahead
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of the water main breaks that plague our area this time of year. the cold shoulder. one day after being sworn in to the prince george's county council, leslie johnson facing a shortage of friendly faces on the job. and the view from inside. only on 9, never before seen video from inside the discovery channel building during last september's standoff. i'm lindsey mastis in silver spring. there is never-before seen surveillance video of james lee, the shooter who took over the discovery building. this is surveillance video from inside discovery channel. police says that james jay lee in the corning, putting on a vest he created with pipe bombs. montgomery county police shared this with other security experts during a workplace violence seminar in silver spring. police say the hostages used hand gestures to devise a plan
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to escape. this shows what happened at that moment. lee was killed by police in pocket was a thumb drive with two videos. they are of lee testing his pipe bombs. i'm scott broom in upper marlboro where indicted county council member leslie johnson had a rough first day on the job. leslie johnson, wife of the former county executive jack johnson and codefendant in a corruption case takes her seat but afterwards she was absent when the council emerged from a closed door meeting to announce that the woman accused of hiding $80,000 from the fbi in her bra was being boxed out of most council business. >> mrs. johnson will have no committee assignments. >> reporter: she is iced from day to lay lawmakers and also barred from representing the count -- council on official business. but she retains her toker to
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vote -- her power to vote and making her the tiebreaking in a 4-4 tie vote. and it leaves many confused and pointing out she was elected before her troubles before the fbi came to light. i'm delia gonsalves in bowie where crews are repairing a water main break but no matter how hard they work, they will not get ahead of the problem. the cold weather wreaks havoc on pipes, causing 1700 water main breaks each year. >> i don't know how old they are, but i thought it happened because of the weather. >> reporter: according to the washington suburban sanitary commission, a quarter of the system pipes are more than 50 years old. rudy choi wssc chief of customer care said there are 50 miles of water main and only 35 miles get replaces each year. he said at that rate it would take them nearly 200 years to replace all of the aging pipes and get your water running
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without interruption. >> we do have infrastructure crisis on our hands. and if you are outside working on the infrastructure crisis or anything else, you have better be bundled up. it was frigid once again. topper is outside and he can tell you about it. >> i can attest to this firsthand. this is like the middle of january. and starting with temperatures and factoring in the winds it changes things. in the 20s in suburbs, in gaithersburg, leesberg. when you factor in the winds it feels like the teens. it's still early in the evening. feels like 19 downtown, 17 in leesberg and 18 in manassas. now for tonight, clear to partly cloudy but windy and very cold. lows in the 20s and by down windchills will be between 5 above and 15, thanks to the winds west northwest at 10-20 and gusting. we'll come back and tell you about the winds of winter and tell you about changes. well the other shoe finally dropped today for albert
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haynesworth following a tirade last night on the radio, the redskins announced today they had enough of the $100 million man. and brett haber is here and why do i want to say the nightmare is over. >> it's a bummer for shanahan because they will focus on how bad the team is instead of albert. butt only surprise it didn't happen six or eight weeks ago, or six or eight months ago. haynesworth and shanahan was inevitable and the divorce was about to happen. and it's hard to argue that his behavior isn't the text book of the term of a season long battle of wills between haynesworth and shanahan and in the even the two were not on speaking terms. shanahan issued a statement today that read, yesterday when albert was at redskin park he
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told our gm that he would no longer speak with me. although suspending any player is not a situation a head coach reaches lightly, i feel the club has no alternative. >> and reaction has been pouring in to the suspension. eric brittingham said, quote, i think fat albert should have been suspended a long time ago. and it's kind of funny how daniel snider paid $100 million who didn't do anything. they both need to leave washington for good. tony said step one has been taken and what about the rest of the team. >> and now he can go eat at mcdonald's without passing the physical next year. >> and now the big question is the big money. >> the redskins will not have to pay his final four game checks which is $900,000. they already paid him $34 million in bonuses and that
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they will probably not get back. >> well we do want to know your thoughts about albert haynesworth and the redskins saga. send me an e-mail at or join the conversation on wusa 9's facebook page. should fairfax county get into the trash business? county supervisors are looking into buying that trash incinerator down in lorton but critics say it is the wrong time to be expanding the government. >> reporter: if you think a trash incinerator is dirty and smelling, think again. this facility, clean, odorless steam billows into the air. they make energy by combustion trash and converting water to steam. >> temperatures range from 1500- degree to 2,000 degrees farenheit. >> reporter: business manager
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mike hedga explained. >> the speed turns the generator. and the question is, is it environmentally friendly? the answer is yes. this is our air pollution control. >> reporter: most places around the can'try send their trash to landfills. there are only 87 waste energy plants like this one in the country. and co vanta owns this one. they have run it for 20 years. but fairfax county supervisors are discussing an option the county has to purchase the facility. chairman sharon bolliva said owning the plant would allow the county to lower fees which could lower your garbage collection rate but supervisor pat her et disagrees. >> we've had among the most competitive rates in the region, but with the agreement we've had, why would we want to change that. >> reporter: herrity said the incinerator is too much for the county to handle. >> it's county debt.
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and in the long run it can be from schools and the bottom line is we need it in the schools. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. >> and herrity said the bet thing is to negotiate lease with covanta. well elizabeth edwards lost her battle with cancer. the estranged wife of john edwards died today after a lengthy battle with the disease. yesterday we learned that cancer had spread to her liver and her family had issued a statement this afternoon reading in part, today we have lost the comfort of elizabeth's presence, but she remains the heart of this family. we love her and will never know anyone more inspiring or full of life. elizabeth edwards was 61.
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a somber ceremony today in hawaii in honor of pearl harbor day. more than 2400 americans died when japanese planes attacked back on december 7th, 1941, drawing the united states into world war ii. the national park service and friends of the national world war 22 memorial organized the service. don't be surprised if you hear some jets through the skies tonight. the north american aerospace command, noyade, is planning exercises between midnight and 2:00 a.m. they are decided to test the visual warning system. the coast guard and air patrol will take part in the exercises. i just -- you just push that up. [ cheering and applause ] >> that was house speaker nancy pelosi helping to light the capital christmas tree this afternoon. the 67-foot engleman spruce came into town from wyoming.
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and look for roads to be closed around the ellipse thursday for the national tree lighting ceremony. that gets going about 4:30 in the afternoon. 15th street wednesday pennsylvania and constitution 15th street between pennsylvania. you can see it live thursday on 9 news now at 5:00. and we want to show off your christmas and hanukkah decorations, whether in your home, outside of your house or maybe even on your desk at work. e-mail your photo to lights at be sure to include your name and where you live and we'll be featuring some of your photos all month long on 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. still to come, topper is back to tell us if we can expect any kind of break in the bitter cold. but first -- >> i'm as posed to the high-end tax cuts today as i've been for years. >> the president takes to the airways trying to explain his
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compromise on tax cuts. we'll give you his rational, up next. ♪ ♪ [ children laughing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes, if you wish hard enough, you get exactly what you want for christmas. welcome to christmas town -- a busch gardens celebration. discover the wonder at
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>@ this is the addison family. we would like to wish a happy holidays to aunt nina. >> we love you. well right now house democrats are wrapping up a
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meeting about the president's tax cut deal with capitol hill republicans. earlier in the day, president obama defended the concessions he had to make to reach that deal to renew the tax cuts and restore unemployment benefits. >> a long political fight that carried over into next year might have been good politics but a bad deal for the economy and a bad deal for the american people. my responsibility as president -- >> mr. obama said he's confident that the package will help strengthen the economy and the country's economic recovery. we'll have more information on any possible resolution tonight on 9 news now at 11:00. well a change in the tax rate did not make the cut today as the d.c. council approved a new budget plan. but by a vote of 11-2, council members did approve significant cuts in social services and four days of furloughs for city workers. the council is expected to take a final vote on the plan december 21st. a false accusation left a d.c. man fighting to find work
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after losing his job. donnie brookhardt spent months locked up in the jail unable to convince a single soul that he did not rob someone in a southeast home last summer. bruce johnson with the story you'll only see on 9. >> they will put you away for life. i just got a new grand baby. >> reporter: donnie brookhardt had been trying to do the right thing since a brush with the law many years ago. until last june he was working as a driver for joy construction. he a car, an apartment. he lost all of that after d.c. police investigating a serious crime showed up at his job. >> they just told me that i was under arrest. and i said for what? >> reporter: witness to an armed burglary and assault at a home in southeast, someone picked his picture out of a police file. >> they told me i had committed a burglary one while armedain told them i was at work. it couldn't have been me. >> reporter: he was arrested and cuffed and brought here to southeast washington and the d.c. jail complex.
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he was held here for a total 124 days, more than four months for a crime he never committed. he had been driving this truck on the day he was arrested. it turns out he had clocked in to work at 7:00 that morning. one hour before the assault and burglary across town in southeast. >> that's the truck he was driving? >> right there. that truck. >> does it have gps on it? >> gps is on the top of it. >> the voice belonged to a coworker. joy construction would not allow his supervisor to talk with us today. but last month while he was still in jail, that same supervisor told prosecutors that the company gps records show he was on the job, operating his truck at the very time the crime was committed in southeast. >> when i leave, my truck has gps so i let them know where i go. >> reporter: inside a d.c. superior courtroom, prosecutors announced they were dropping all charges. the judge told donnie book hart he was a freeman again.
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>> well i am kind of bitter, because they messed my livelihood up. i had a job, just bought me a car. and i was doing the right thing. >> reporter: we tried to reach the assistant prosecutor in the case without any success. bruce johnson, 9 news now. >> and late this afternoon the u.s. attorney's office told bruce as soon as prosecutors learned about the gps from the defense attorneys they did take the proper steps and dismiss the case. as folks tighten belts and make tough decisions about their budgets, 9 news now wants to help you budget the holidays. that's why we're giving away a free i pad. log on and click on to the sweepstakes. we announce the winner on december 20th live at 11:00. top, this is just getting crazy. have you been outside? >> it is freakishly cold, yes. it is unbelievable. it would be cold if it were in the middle of january.
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but this is cold. the winds will continue for the next 18 hours and subside somewhat tomorrow. not going away tomorrow but somewhat. let's start with temperatures combined with the winds. it feels like it's 19 outside. it feels like in the mid teens in gaithersburg and frederick. and if you want to take solace you're on the east side of the divide, it's 3 below in oakland. 18 in cumberland and low 20sin fredericksberg and over by the water in annapolis. satellite picture, radar combined, zooming down to the southeast it's clear and super cold. and that is something you talk about in january, not december, hard freeze warnings across the florida panhandle, all the way to miami, including miami beach and all of dade county. now here is the deal, more lake effect snow has occurred and right there is nicholas county. and we have some video for you from nicholas county. 24 counties didn't have school today in west virginia. that included most of the folks west of the divide, heavy snow and 18 inches of snow and it's
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going to continue through tonight and through at least early tomorrow. and then it will taper off wednesday afternoon. but the strong northwest winds combined with the lake-effect snow and upslopes and the wind rising up the mountain, it condenses out the moisture and you get snow. nicholas county, west virginia. so just a few clouds tonight, for the most part we got rid of the clouds we had this morning and afternoon. a few flurries around baltimore but that's it. tonight clearing but windy. wednesday mostly sunny and breezy. thursday a storm but not as cole. tonight windchills 5-15. the windchills of 5-15 are going to be by dawn. low temperatures in the 20s, believe it or not. next seven days, mid 30s tomorrow, mid 30s on thursday. mid-40s on friday. that's better. 50 on saturday. the nicest day is saturday.
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and then rain on sunday, 62 may be a bit warm. we'll keep you posted on that. but behind that, the rain is cold. and upper 30s next monday and upper 20s next tuesday. >> and a low of 22. >> and a low of 22. toy drive continues through december 22nd. please drop off unwrapped toys at your local fire department. you don't have to have anything cool. it could be a deck of cards. this year things haven't gone well for rudolph. the christmas parade went off the rails when everybody realized rudolph is heading for the traffic lights. they tried to alert him. they either didn't see or couldn't stop. he kept going and he was impaled by the traffic light. they thought maybe he would be okay. maybe the christmas magic would save him, but as you can see,
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no, the air is coming out of rudolph. he is deflating rapidly. look at that. now it looks like monica will have to guide santa around the traffic. we want to hear when you think. send your e-mails to mcgunty's mail bag at 9 news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, albert haynesworth, chuck said signing him was a doomed effort right from the start. we got into what he could do and again tried to change blue to gold, just like when we drafted lavar arrington and tried to change him. it reminds me of a marriage where the new wife thinks she can change her new husband. it don't work. no, but if the wife asked the husband on the wedding day if he can change and if they can't, they shouldn't get married, then whose fault is it if things don't work out. the redskins asked him not to take the money if they didn't play under the shanahan regime and he took it. and then jason werth as a replacement for adam dunn. don from chantilly, wondering if that was a good deal.
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>> reporter: don't understand the dunn/werth situation. they offered dunn $15 million for one year but for four years the nationals wouldn't sign him. for much more money and many more years they sign werth? why? and what is wrong with dunn. his power numbers are better than werth? is it possible they took a page from the dan snyder management book. let us hope not and the learners are still cautious with the bucks and make better decisions. send me an e-mail at mail bag at that's our broadcast. i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 with anita brikman. don't forget is always on. we'll see you later. bye-bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> the death of elizabeth edwards today. >> the 61-year-old estranged wife of presidential candidate john edwards loses her battle with cancer. we have the latest news out of north carolina tonight. >> then, angelina's big night in new york. >> wonderful. i love new york at christmas time. i used to come here all the time when i was a little girl. >> angie and versace, posing with brad, a kiss on the cheek and telling us what the kids think of seeing mom all dressed up. >> my boys think it's weird. my girls think it's great. >> black swan brides. the new wedding look


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