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Poster: avankt1 Date: Sep 13, 2019 2:10pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Sourcing UK Copyright status of US Public domain films?


Just curious how If anyone knows how to determine if a film in the archive listed as public domain/no copyright issues/restriction can be checked to see what the status is eg in the UK for example?

I was working on a project/ident to advertise film screenings for a community cinema but abandoned this currently, as unsure regarding the above issue.

The films I was looking at were "Movable Scene" (1970), "That Miss Junior Spirit", "Wild at the Wheel", and just early 70s commercials. All of the items listed were as public domain, but I gather that is US, so unsure regarding UK status. ( essentially was working on an ident with some music from the public domain film used, but mainly stills from the videos/edited etc)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and just in general for future use.