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Poster: TaxiTom Date: Mar 16, 2022 5:59pm
Forum: opensource_audio Subject: Display contents of collection

I can search the collection, there are 380 albums, i can only view about a dozen. I knows there's more because if I change they keyword searched to something generic like the word "the", I get different results but still only about a dozen. Where is oage 2? Or option to list all? How so I the creator or contributor in charge? I have s few missing pizzle pieces that complete the collection. Is it me or is the whole front end, even this forum out of wack? I mean...just a few lines in a builder and a subdomain for a proper forum? I have searched the forum and FAQ section, is it broken? Bit won't return requests for even simple words like " with". 0 results for the word with, not a single person had used the word with anywhere in the entire forum?