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Poster: Alex-ABPerson Date: Jun 18, 2022 2:54am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Search not including all archived videos?

Hi! I've tried asking around in other places about this, but I realized that perhaps the best place to ask about this would be directly here on Archive! Please let me know if anyone has any ideas regarding this and if there's a way I can truly find all the archive has to offer.

I've been searching for clips of a lost livestream of an event hosted in 2013, and during my search, I've been able to find a few lost clips of the stream through links to deleted, but archived, YouTube videos. And those videos were linked to externally and I was able to find them through those links. However, given that I now know there's definitely some content of the stream archived here, what I want to do is search Archive for all archived media it may have relating to the event.

The only problem is neither the search in the "Video" section nor the general search on the homepage seem to find anything new. And you might conclude from that that maybe there just isn't anything else here on Archive, except... The searches don't even find the videos I know for a fact are archived here! So it's... Not searching through all the archived videos it has?

Here's an example, this video here is archived, both the page and the video itself:

But if I search the exact title, I can't seem to get it to come up in a single search. Am I missing something here, why's it not actually searching fully?