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Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: Jul 31, 2022 1:32pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Restricted borrowing access

i'm an admin. i just logged in as you and successfully borrowed for 1 hour. i've attached screenshots. maybe clear your cache and delete cookies.

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Poster: At ease Date: Aug 1, 2022 1:19am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Restricted borrowing access

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for your help.
I did NOT want to delete cookies etc. as you suggested as it will, I am sure you know, require resetting all of the passwords at the websites I visit.
I have found a difference in the presence of the "Borrow" "window" as I would call it.
My normal browser is "Opera". Since Saturday, I was experiencing the problem I described before. Refreshing my login has not helped. I took an image of the Opera browser page - with the "borrow" "window" missing. See image "Opera Browser". I then used "Firefox" browser(and "Mypal" as well) which I do not use much, if at all. After loggin on to Firefox(and Mypal), I am able to use the Archive correctly in 1 hour blocks as per normal. See image "Firefox Browser". So, the problem seems to be with my Opera Browser, which WAS working correctly earlier. I have tried to reset it, with no success. I am happy enough to use the other browsers for now instead of Opera, but it indicates that there may be some sort of problem that you, or IA, might like to look into, because it would be good if I could access using my regular Opera browser.
Thanks again for your prompt assistance.
Kind regards,John.

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