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Poster: Karl Petersen Date: Mar 9, 2008 6:59pm
Forum: university_of_california_libraries Subject: Bibliographic records?

UC has a beautiful, very complete bibliographic catalog. I'm sure, because I use it with all the time. collections don't seem to be catalog'd much at all. There're 686 searchable fields (686 and counting,) all of which are useless when empty. I have no idea if they mesh with other catalog formats e.g. MARC. Furthermore, the search engine is not very responsive due to lack of server resources. I'm not complaining here, as I don't really want a perfect I just want to look at books.

Is there functioning catalog for the digitized collection? If there is, I'm missing it. I looked at, but that seems not to include it (at least not with the example, . The archive page does reference UC by the "Call Number" nrlf_ucb:GLAD-33774131 - but while that's no doubt accurate, it's utterly cryptic and NOT what a user means by "Call Number.")

It'd be nice if melvyl indicated which books had been digitized - then there might not even be a need for a separate "catalog." I know this must be a common complaint here, but a library without a catalog is a very strange thing!

If there's a need for volunteer labor etc. here, that's fine with me .. no doubt more fun that proofing gutenberg etext #54321 ..