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Poster: brewster Date: Jan 17, 2007 5:29pm
Forum: microfilm Subject: Notes on microfilm books

Please check out the PDF's of these books! We are getting better at this whole process, but we are still learning and working on this quite hard.

These microfilm scans have some known issues to them:

0) there are no bibliographics for these books yet but it will come. we want to do it as a batch after we have processed most or all of them.

1) the flip book is not working correctly. the page size is wrong, the left/right is often wrong, and the cover/backpage is wrong.

2) the djvu files may have problems with the left/right-ness. It will be wrong half the time (roughly).

3) occasionally the pdf will have left/right problems, but please report these as errors (there is a report error link on the bottom left of each book details page).