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Full text of "NASA Audio Highlight Reels, Soundbites and Launch Sounds"

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APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 11:08A GET 95:14 CM-1/1 

CAPCOM 133100 and the attitude is good except 

PITCH is 105. 

CASPER Okay, I copy. Noun 33 096133100, the 

attitude 000105 and 000. 

CAPCOM Good readback, Ken. And in regard to 

that question you had about 16-3, your present ground track 
is about 15 000 feet south of the preplanned and that puts 
16.1 outside the acceptable limits. 16-3 is closer to 
the landing site and they would like you to go ahead and 
use that. 

CASPER Will do. 

CAP COM And I guess the message is, Ken, just 

shoot the center. 

CASPER Alright, I'll do that. 

CASPER Okay, I don't have it off yet, John. 

What happened to our hot fire? 

CASPER Okay, you want B3 off now. 


CASPER Okay, tell me when you want the 620. 

CASPER Okay, that's plus 2.68 plus 109.19 plus 

5 .03. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. We're about 2 minutes 

from LOS. 

CASPER Orion, say again, please. 

CAPCOM Roger. This is Houston, Casper. We're 

about 2 minutes from LOS. 

CASPER Okay, Houston. Stand by. Break. 

Orion, IMMY deadband at hold. Okay, I'll go free when you 
give me the call. Break. Houston, this is Casper. Go 
ahead . 

CAPCOM Roger, Ken. We've got about a minute 

till LOS. I was just telling you. 
CASPER Hi gang. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 12:10 GET 96:16 CM2/1 

CAP COM Orion, this is Houston. Will you select down 
voice backup. 

CAPCOM Roger, we're reading, but there's still excessive 
noise down here. 

CAPCOM I think it's about the s aie , Charlie. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, how do you read? 

CASPER Loud and clear. Let me clean up somethings, 
Hank, and I'll be with you in just a minute. 

CAP COM Okay. 

CASPER Go ahead, Orion. 

CASPER Okay, on your right side. Okay, I got it, and 

it's moving in, it looks like a combination now. It's moving though, 
it's ossillating at this time. Now it's steady. 

CAPCOM Ken, your T2 time is good. 

CASPER Okay, Hank. I'm trying to get things all 
straighten up. 

CAPCOM Orion, this is Houston with another procedure 
for the S-band. 

ORION (Garbled and heavy background noise.) 

ORION Roger. 

CAPCOM Roger, we want you to open the S-band antenna 

circuit breaker on panel 11, wait 1 minute and then try acquisition 
again . 

ORION Roger - 

CAPCOM After that 1 minute you can close the circuit 

breaker and try an acquisition. 


ORION That's for state vector, okay. 

ORION We'll get VERB 74. 


ORION VERB 71 enter. 

ORION Enter. 

ORION 24 enter. 

ORION 24 enter. 

ORION It doesn't say that. 

ORION Okay, Houston. How do you, you load this 

state vector by a VERB 71 and then a 24 enter and then enter the 
numbers, right. 

ORION No that's the REFSMATT. 

CAP COM Stand by. 

ORION State vector's the 240 cut. See we've got 

a flashing 21. I guess you do a 24 and you going to get 
it. The VERB 71 and then you've got 24 index - 



CASPER Okay, did you read? 

CAPCOM Casper, did you call? 

CASPER Houston, can you read Casper? 

CAPCOM Hello Casper this is Houston. I'm reading 
you - there is a little bit of noise in the background, Ken, 
but I'm reading you okay. 

CASPER Okay, I understand that my P2 time is good. 

CAPCOM That is affirmative. 

CASPER Okay, it looks like my maneuver is going to 
get me there about right now. 

CAP COM Just as predicted, huh? 

CASPER It pays to proceed different. 

CAPCOM That's pretty neat. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 12:29 GET 9 6:35 CM-4/1 

CAPCOM Orion this is Houston. Roger. You should 

enter it just as it is fed up on the PAD. 

CASPER Understand, VERB 71 and then a 24 enter 

than a 01731 enter and so on. 


enter. 66315 enter. 
47526 enter. 02044 





PITCH to 96000. Am 

there and comparing 

You've got good eyes 

looing through the 
with the naked eye 


not that far 


That should be correct. 

017313 enter. Okay. 12560 enter 22624 

75546 enter. 75546 enter. 71001 enter, 
enter. 04020 enter. 
Just as predicted, hu? 
Ni ce machine . 
That's pretty neat. 
Casper R3 should be minus 00014. 
(garble) Yeah, I got out of here ROLL 15, 
I not corre ct ? 

Roger. I was looking at your NOUN 89 
it with the value in the PAD there. 
Oh. Thank you very much. Thank you. 

It's surprising I get a great big charge jus 

telescope and I can 
and the telescope. 
Ro ger . 

t spend much time over h 

The things 
from the (garble), 

I m looking at now are really 






while ago (garble). 

in about 10 seconds 

Casper you re coming up on 10 seconds to 
Thank you sir. 

The (garble) back is running. 
Roger, coming up on B2. 
Okay . 

Told you wrong on that Kenneth. A little 
Okay Casper you're coming up on P2 now 



CAPCOM Okay, Casper you're coming up on P2 now 

in about 10 seconds. 

CAPCOM Go ahead, Casper, are you ready for a 

rendezvous radar VHF range check? 

w e 

y our 


Casper, Houston. If you'll give 
state vector target load. 
Okay, you've got it. 
Cas pe r , 
to you. 

Give me about 30 seconds 

us accept 

Houston we'd like to go on and get 

Hank and I'll 

Wi 1 co . 
Okay, Hank 

I'm ready 

'11 uplink 
the GARBLE pad 

give you a call. 

CAP COM Roger, GARBLE SPS G&N 39 293 plus 049 plus 

122 097 40 17 16 plus 00 6 81 minus all zips, minus 00580 000 
142 358. NOUN 44 00 674 plus 00516 00 895 005 00780. The rest 
of the pad is NA set star, Sirius, Rigel 131 071 014, 2 jets 
seconds quads BRAVO and DELTA in the pad and the computer 
yours . 

CASPER Okay, thank you very much, Hank 

back to you in just a second. Okay, Ed, SPS G&N 
plus 049 plus 122 097 40 17 16 plus 00 681 all zips, 
00580 000 142 358. 00 674 plus 
and Rigel 131 071 014, 2 jets - 




00516 00895 005 


39 293 
00780, Sirius 

re ad 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 12:49 GET 96:55 CM-6/1 

CM Under 3 plus 049 plus 122 097 40 

1716 plus 00681. All zips minus 00 5 80 000 142 358 00 674 
plus 00 516 00895 005 00780. Series and (garble) 131 071014 
2 jet 16 seconds quad BRAVO and Delta, over. 

CAPCOM Is that readback, Ken and I'll give 

you the (garble) pads after you do your P52. 

CM Okay, Yeah, let's get to work on these 

first. Thank you. 

Hank, it looks like we made a little 

is now. It shows we crossed out 
on 10101 because they are al- 
doesn't look like the case — 
the burn 
that corre ct ? 
went to 10102 
9 7:15 and we figure 
it would hold you through the burn and 
DAC after the burn. 
Okay. Thank you. 


descrepancy here in the way it 
the VERB 48 at 97:15 to get us 
ready there, I thought, and it 
I have difficulty catching it up here after 
It is probably okay in its present form, is 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. We 

back at 96:34 and we crossed out the one at 
that same depth and 
we'll go to the new 


have 509 in there. 

around in this 509 

aline for the COAS 
the time line? 




The reason is being, is because we do 
We can't do another DAC with it running. 
Roger, understand it. Thank you, sir. 
Just want to make sure with all 
that we hadn't overlooked one. 
Ro g e r . 

Houston, what do you say we pass the 
calibration maneuvering get back on 

the changes 


S t an dby one . 
That's a good plan, 
Okay, thank you. 


We concurr. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 12:59 GET 97:05 CM-7/1 

CAPCOM Casper, while your maneuvering there would 

you want to copy the abort path? 
CASPER All set. 

CAPCOM Okay, echo 098 47 all zips. Foxtrot plus 

01023 all zips minus 00500 Golf 09935 all zips, Hotel 101221500, 
India 098350468, Juliet 101221500, Kilo 10321 all zips, Lima 
098592903, Mike 105194500, November 100424286, end of pad. 

CASPER That was a super (garble), Hank. I'll 

read back, Echo 09847000 plus 01023 all zips, minus 00500, 
Golf 09935 all zips, Hotel 101221500, Indian 098350468 101221500 
Kilo 10321 all zips, Lima 098592903 105194500 100424286. Over. 

CAPCOM Good readback, Ken. 

CAPCOM And Casper, for your information zips and 

mags look good. 

CASPER Alrighty. 
CASPER Orion, Casper. 

CASPER Orion, Casper. Orion, Casper. Rog. I take 

it we've deleted the rendezvous radar check, is that good? 
I'm asking the question. Did we delete the — 



CAPCOM Casper, a preliminary look at your tracking 
data looks real good. 

CASPER Okay, I hope it is. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, we have a go for circ and 
a little reminder there don't forget to terminate the AMP after 
the burn. 

CASPER Okay, the AMP will be terminated after the 

gimbal drive check. Is that affirm. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. 

CASPER Alrighty, thank you. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, we're about 2 minutes from 


CASPER You're okay, Hank, thank you sir. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 14:03P GET 98:09 CM-9/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. How do you read? 

CASPER Okay, they're locking up on me. Hello, 

Houston. This is Casper bar now. We did not do circ, and 
I'd like to talk about the TDC serval loops. 

CAPCOM Understand. No circ. 

CASPER That's affirmative. Presently, about 

a mile ahead of the LM, and I'd like to talk about a PBC 
serval loop problem. 

CAP COM Okay, Ken. Go ahead. 

CASPER Okay, and break in and tell me as soon 

as you get DS - get ready to dump the DSZZ to pick up the 
one we're talking about, and I'll leave the antenna on and 
make it a little wide till you do. Okay, the text is that 
we came up to the burn time and I was going through the 
gimbal checks, number 1 serval started normally, and checked 
out, I switched to clockwise on the THC ' s and performed on the 
secondary gimbal check and started them — they looked normal. I 
set the PITCH trim normally, and I went to set the YAW trim 
and I've just been checking that the trim clock work worked, 
and I got divergent oscillations on the YAW and TRIM indi- 
cator and you could feel them in the spacecraft so I switched 
to the serval power to the number 2 serval to AC 1, main A 
and tried that, that had no effect, and then I cycled through 
looking at the gimbal — with the AUTO drive switch in number 1 
and number 2 in AUTO, and every time I selected number 2, 
by some means, I had the same results. And then I tried 
SCS in model and as soon as I would excite some motion in 
the secondary YAW serval why it would go unstable 
again. I then tried using the G&N to drive the gimbal 
and I did the first half of the gimbal drive in serval loop 
1 and then switched to the serval 2 for the second 
half and then again the same instability showed up. Based 
on the rule of 4 serval loops, I cancelled the circ. I had 
no other indications in the cockpit, no warning lights, no 
other ab normalities. 

CAPCOM Roger. We copy. 

CASPER I wasn't back running, but I don't 

think that could have had any effect when SPS was going. 

CAPCOM Roger. Could we get you to go to the 

ARS attitude, Ken, so we can dump the data? 

CASPER Yes, sir, will do. 

CASPER How about if I just give you the high 

gains from right here? 

CAPCOM Okay, if you think you can get it up. 

CASPER Okay, I've got you a solid lock on the 

high gain. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. We'd like to verify 

tha t - 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 14:03P GET 98:09 CM-9/2 

oscillations were 

YAW only. 



through the serval 
started to set the 
at once you had the 

normally, the 




Casper, we'd like to verify that the 
on serval loop number 2. Is that correct? 
That's affirmative, serval loop number 2 

Roger. And serval loop number 1 is okay? 
That's affirmative. 

And did I read that the first time 
checks, they were okay and then when you 
YAW trim, the oscillation started, and 
malfunction it occured - 

No, sir. The primary loop checked out 
secondary loop never checked out in YAW serval. 
Roger, copy. And that was first - 
Normally - go ahead, Hank. 
Roger, and that occurred both in SCS 



G &N , is 
0 and re command 

was a divergent 

cor re ct ? 

That ' s 
in SCS. 

And Ken, we 
oscillation, is 

That's affirmative 

affirmative and I tried both 

1 d like to confirm 
that correct? 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 14:13CST 98:19GET CM10/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, we'd like for you to run 

another gimbal drive check, on the yaw axis on both SPS and 
G&N and let us take a look at it. 

CASPER Okay, I'm prepared to do that right now if 

you're re ady . 

CAPCOM Ready to go. 

CASPER Okay, I'm bringing the bus ties on. Okay 

and servo powers 1 and 2 are on and GARBLE configuration. 
Are you ready for me to start the gimbal? 

CAPCOM That's affirmative, Ken, go ahead. 

CASPER Okay, here comes - you just wanted to look 

at the yaw - here comes yaw number 2 - there it is and it's 
oscillating now and its stamped out and that's in auto. I'll 
switch to number 2 and number 2 in AUTO. I'm now going to 
move the thumb wheels and well, now it's - there it goes - it's 
oscillating and it's divergent and I'm turning the gimbals off. 
Okay, yaw gimbal number 2 is off. I'll hold this configuration. 



while we're above 


at the same time? 



me , Orion , you 
noise sound. 





could you ask 


don' t know i f 
but that didn't wo 

Garble John, you want to try the VHF ranging 

Orion, Casper. 

Would you like to try to check out our VHF 
Okay . 

It sounds very garbled. If you can read 
extremely garbled, and making a pulsing 


Orion, do you read me on B duplex? 
Orion, do you read, Casper? 
Houston, Casper. 
Casper, Houston, go ahead. 

Rog, it looks like I'm losing com with Orion, 
to go back to A simplex? 
Will call. 

Okay, you were just about unreadable. I 
you can pick me up on that other configuration, 
rk at all. 

h im 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 14:33 GET 98:39 CM12/1 

CASPER Okay, you were just about unreadable I 

don't know if you can pick me up on that other configuration, 
but that didn't work at all. Yes, but it was coming through 
completely garbeled unintelligeable . Okay - okay and if no 
joy in 30 seconds we'll come back to A simplex. Okay, 
now do you read me now. Your still very scratchy, hardly make 
you at at all. Yes, that's pretty bad. That's not much 
better, it's not near like what we got before. Let's go back 
to A simplex. Hey, you sounded good now. 

CASPER Hey, Charlie. Okay, you want to turn your 

light on when it gets dark and how about lets try a little 
ranging here before we go into the darkness. Comm now your 
on configuration of ranging. 

CAP COM Hey, Jerry am I on your loop: Okay, on 

this conservation here, I ran this rendezvous from the mini 

CASPER Hey, Stewart your on air to ground. 

CAPCOM Sorry about that, Ken. 

CASPER Hey, Charlie let's - hey Charlie how about 

lets try out this ranging. Your in the rangeing configuration, 
right? Okay, standby for my 30 seconds till I try to lock up. 

CASPER Okay I've got you at .36 38 36 well there 

out, how does that compare? That doesn't really. 

CASPER Yes, I think so might as well keep it on 

looks like we're getting ready to go in the dark here. Could 
you wait till we get in the dark so I can look at you right 
now I've got the sun right smack in my eyes. 

CASPER Can you get any words out of Houston I 

haven't heard a word from them. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. We're working on a 

problem down here. 

CASPER Rog, Henry I understand that I'm not 

bugging you. We'll stay off the loop. 

CAPCOM Okay, we've got the data down and we've 

got the strip charts and we're taking a look here and see if 
we can't find some way to get around it. 

CAPCOM Okay, I know if there's a way you'll 

find i t . 




the trash bag 

glmbal drive 

ch eck 

Standby a second. 

Was doing temporary battle with our friend 

I have you visual. Tally ho. 
Okay, I'll keep you in sight. 
That old stroll is really nice. 
Casper, Houston. 
Go ahead, Houston. 

Okay, we're getting set up for another 
and what we want to do is go through a corn- 
check by the numbers and have you tell us - 

plete gimbal 

have you do each thing and especially in relation to the YAW 
thumb wheel, which way you are moving it and how many degrees 


what's happening, and 

well give 

to start that. 

to see if this 

VOX might make 


you the word when we are ready 
ve got to get some things configured down here 
Okay, was attitude - how about looking ahead 
attitude is going to hold throughout the test? 
Ok ay , I'll ch e ck it. 
Thank you. 

The attitude is good, Ken. 
Okay . 

Okay, Ken, we re ready to go. Do you 

th ink 



easier for 
Yes , sir, 
you still working on your 
CASPER Okay, I'm 

go to VOX now and Orion - 

y ou : 
I* 11 

going to have my 

head in the cock- 
isn't a high school 


here we go. I'm gonna 
I got in the cockpit. We're 
calling P40 or do you want 


pit here for a while, but if Mr. Kettler 
drop out, why we won't hit any how. 

CASPER Okay, Houston, 

over the switch configuration that 
going to do this everything except 
for something? 

We don't need P40 . 
(garbled) do not want P40. 

Okay, I got the circuit breakers are all 
on panel 8, the only ones that are out are CS logic 
and the stuff on the bottom rows that don't 

The switches for SCS are in limit cycle OFF, 
rate low. I've got the rotation powered AC 

call P40 
checked over 
to the probe 
matter. Okay, 
deadband mend, 

directs are OFF 
now . Th e T re 
I ' m going 
It's on . 
to AC 2 . 
number 1, 
from zero 

I' ve 


my B mags, I'm going to unguage 'em 
unguaged. I'm going to SCS control. Okay, now 

the bus ties. Here comes bus tie AC. 


over and catch the bus ties. Here comes 
BC is on. Thermal power number 1 to AC 1, number 
Start pitch, gimbal number 1. Mark. And YAW gimbal 
mark. I have a thumb wheel drive. I'm driving it 
to minus one half to plus one half, which is the trim, 

The YAW thumb wheel is at plus one half 

going to take it 


CASPER to zero and back up to 1. And will set 

It at 1 22. It runs smoothly in both directions. I'm making 
an MTVC check in PITCH. There's a little plus PITCH, a little 
minus PITCH, that's good, a little minus YAW, a little plus 
YAW , that's good and stable. I'm going to CMC control. Mark. 
I have no MTVC. I'm going clockwise on the translation head 
controller. Mark it. I still have no MTVC. I'm bringing 
on the PITCH 2 gimbal. Mark. I'm checking the thumb wheel 
down to zero, up to 1, back to one half. The YAW thumb wheel 
going over to 1 and let me try it again. — 









a decision on this rev, and we do have 
ing about 5 revs in this configuration 
that decision. We would like ya'll to 

keeping position, and 
approach at about 100 

Hello, Orion and Casper, this is Houston. 
Go ahead, Houston. 

Roger, it looks like we're not going to have 

the capability of spend- 
before we have to make 
move in to a station 
the focus point of 
recommending a CSM 

you should be 
ho ur s . An d we 



active — move into a position 
run some simulations down here 
get back to you. 

other feature here 

( garble) . 
on the CVC 

And we re going to 
problem and we'll 

Ro g e r . 

Casper this is Houston, you copy too didn't you' 
Roger, he reads you. 

Orion, this is Houston. We 
to improve our com. We want 

want to try an- 
you to secon- 

dary power 


that you changed 



amp 1 i f i er . 

Okay . ( garb le) 
Orion, this is Houston, 
power amplifiers? 

That's affirmative. 
Roger, copy. 

Will you confirm 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-20-72 GET 99:10 CST 15:03 CM- 16 / 1 

CAPCOM ORION , this is Houston. Will you confirm 

that you changed power amplifiers. 

ORION That's affirmative. 

CAPCOM Roger. Copy. 

CAPCOM ORION, let's go high bid rate. 

ORION You have high bid rate. 

CAP COM Roger. 

ORION Hey Jim this is ORION. Could we close off 

main B and just cross C system A. 

CAPCOM Standby. ORION we're happy with your present 

RCS configuration. 

CAPCOM ORION this is Houston you're in 2, if you 

go to data we'll send you date vector. Over. 

ORION Rog . You have it. Go ahead. 

CAPCOM Roger. And ORION, we're 2 minutes from LOS. 

ORION Copy Jim and we're going to up data link to 


CAP COM ORION we're finished with your computer. 

ORION Rog. Thank you much. 




retrograde. Yeah, I 
more in there. What 

Joe, I think that 
'm thinking maybe 
do you think? 

total is still slightly 
I ought to go put some 


have an answer 

get an arc on this? 
vector was to start 





loud and clear. 

bad time and I 
it was all -X. 

Ok ay . 

Okay, 16. This is Houston. We still don't 
People are working very feverishly. 

(garble) shows 9.2. Why don't we get them 

I guess I'd like to know how good my 
with . 

I'm sorry I can't hear you. 
I know but my state vector is good. 
How good is it? 

That's what I'd like to know from Houston. 
Stand by Ken. 
Rog, I'm trying now. 
Go ahead Orion. 
Houston you read Capper? 
Roger. That looks that way 
Houston, do you read Casper. 


to us Charley 

Yes, Casper. This is Houston. Read you 

Okay. Looks 
tried to close at 
I put in about 3 

like we got a 100 hours is a 
him before he realized that 
and half foot per second and 
got to checking, that didn't look like the right thing to do 
so I took about 3 of that out and I'm doing that Jim. And so 
I took about 3 of that out and I put in half per foot per second 
radial at about 100 hours and 5 minutes and I put in the rest. 
Took 2 foot per second posigrade and about 100 hours 6 minutes 
and about 100 hours and I put in 3 stop roughly retrograde. And 
my computor now shows 16.5 by 9.2. And I had a good state vector 
when I started and that's probably a good value by whenever you 
get a short (garble) OMNI. 

Roger. We copy Ken. 

you got the 
that' s fine . 

mile. Is that 
that you null 
toward the LM. 

it looks like. 

Orion, this is Houston. We're 
estimate of seven tenths of a nautical 

wondering where 
mile range. No 

correct ? 

Okay , 
Ro ge r 
Ok ay , 
the line at 

I show us now about nine tenths of a 

and still hoping. 

We concur down here. 
Casper, this is Houston, 

We ' re 

sight range and fire 5 feet per 

re commending 
s econd 

Okay. That's still going to be mostly retrograde 
That's how I got in this place to start with. 
We copy you Ken. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CDT 1558 GET 100:04 CM-17/2 

CM Okay, I'm going to hold. Can you get a 

short arc going on my trajectory. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 16:08 GET 100:12 CM-18/1 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken, we show you coming up on 

perilune now, so you'll be affecting your apolune. 

CASPER You show me coming up on perilune? 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. 

CASPER Rog. My state vector shows 19 miles up, 

and we're not - I'm just passing Smythii. Is that - does 
that sound reasonable, we shifted that much in orbital track? 

CAP COM Okay, that sounds good, Ken. 

CASPER Okay, I guess I'd like for you to sum- 

marize again where I stand. I'm a little bit confused now, 
Jim . 

CAPCOM Roger. We were hoping that - 

CASPER I'm just passing Smythii, and my 

altitude - (garble) my computer - Was my state vector 
a little bit off to start with? 

CAPCOM We think your state vector was fairly 

accurate, Ken. And you'll be at perilune in 15 minutes. 

CASPER There's still a discrepancy in - 

Okay, that makes more sense. Alright. Because I'm pres- 
ently at 19 miles, and I think that's probably a good 
estimate. Alright if I do - You want me to thrust toward 
the LM now, because I'm approaching perilune, is that 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. 

CASPER Okay. This is using up a great deal of 

RCS which is going to violate the next line. Is this preferable 
to trying to do regular rendezvous now? 

CAP COM Ken, could you give us your position 

relative to the LM? 

CASPER Yes, sir. I'm ahead of him and slightly 

below, and I show a mile on the EMS and I don't know what 
John has on the radar. 

CAPCOM Okay, we copy your position as ahead, 

below, and about 1 nautical mile. 

CASPER That's affirmative. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER Okay, Jim. To make sure there's no 

confusion, I haven't done anything yet. 
CAPCOM Okay. Stand by. 

CASPER Thank you, sir. 

CAPCOM Okay, Casper, this is Houston. We're 

convinced that we want you to fire directly at the LM at 
about 5 feet per second. We want to get a positive closing 
rate . 

CASPER Okay. That's in work. 

CASPER Okay. It looks like the DAP isn't 

stable now. How about if I give it a Verb 46? 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 16:08 GET 100:12 CM-18/2 

We copy, 
a good idea? 
you in 





CAP COM Roger. 

CASPER Is that 

CAPCOM Ken, we 

CASPER I am now, but I wasn't - 



Okay. No, it still di dn 
one of those transients 

th at mean 1 1 m 
' t w o rk . 

For some 

clear to do a Verb 
I think maybe I've 
reason, every time 

low b it rate . 
it under control, 

pick up CMC Auto this thing starts doing maneuvers 
CAPCOM Orion, let's go 

CASPER Okay. I've got 

Jim. I had a bad DAP. 

CASPER Okay, we 

directly at the LM. 

CAPCOM Casper, 
that RCS maneuver. 


11 now put in 5 feet per second 
this is Houston. Hold up on 

Okay. I've put in 3 
Hold up, Ken. Okay. 
Okay. Holding at 3. 

feet per 
Hold it 

s econd. 
th ere . 


APOLLO 16, COMMAND MODULE, 4-20-72, CST 1618, GET 100:22 CM-19/1 

PAO We would like to re-emphasize that this 

will be strictly for station keeping. Lunar landing is still 
not positively ruled out at this time, depending on what decision 
is made on the reliability in the stabilization and control 
system to control the SPS engine on the service module. 
Continuing to monitor air-ground from both spacecraft. This 
is Apollo Control 100 hours 24 minutes. 


n ow , 

me to go 


Gordon to Moon. 

Okay, I guess I have, Houston, if you 
of site all the way in - 
We need a range and range rate reading 

3 feet a second. 

that's affirm, 
feet closing at 
ra te . 
we copy? 

, Charlie, stand by for (garble). 

is Houston, you should 

site rates . 

Okay, and do you want me to keep them 
all the way in? Is that the idea? 

Roger, keep a positive closing rate. 
Okay, might be expensive, but we'll do 

a line 


10 ,000 
of site 
How do 
Fine . 
Yes, CASPER, this 

Ok ay , 
mine, why 

your going have to - your 
don't you tell me what to 

nee die s 
do there, 

And we have 
null the line 

nulled and go 

that . 

are better than 
John . 

That' s affirm. 


I j ust need 

other way. 
Okay. Is the 

activity here so I can tell what the - when it really a 
rate and when it just deadbanding. 

CASPER Okay, thank you. 

CAPCOM ORION requests to you select a secondary 

transmitter and receiver. 

CASPER Okay, Houston, ORION says that they have 

already selected the secondary. 

CAPCOM Read you loud and clear, ORION. 


Wilco, that's sure toward the Moon. 

How's that now? 

Okay, that's a good place to stop 
some gounges to win and I got it nulled. How's 

Okay, what's my range rate? 
Okay, still going down. 
Okay . 

Looks to me now like I'm 
Okay, I'll believe your needles, 
rate starting to build now? 

I'm trying to calibrate 

drifting the 
Range rate. 

the dead band 

APOLLO 16, COMMAND MODULE, 4-20-72, CST 1618, GET 100:22 CM-19/2 

CAPCOM 16, no answers yet, we're still looking 
at it . 


CAPCOM Okay, ORION, this is Houston, we'd like 

you to open the primary power amp circuit breaker on 16. 

ORION Roger. 

CAPCOM Okay, ORION, let's go high bid rate. 

ORION Roger. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-20-72 GET 100:32 CST 16:28 CM-20/1 


you go back to low 

up for me — it 

range and range 



Okay. We're going to keep 
fuel point at which to cut 


me try this one. 

hold high bit 

rate , reques t 


Ok ay , we c an ' t 
bid rate ORION. 
Is that the right direction. Okay, that's 
looks like it ought to be down for you. Okay. 

ORION this is Houston. Can you give us a 
rate readout- 
Roger. 4900 closing at 5. 

Okay. And this is expensive. Rates (garble) 
(garble) this way and we have some 
off and switch over to LM power. It's 

going to see 
don't tell 

really showing and I don't know how much more we're 
on the way in and I'm reading, of course these gauges 
exactly what it is -- but I have that's 65 percent showing on 
B. And all this stuff is going to be in the -- in the Z plane. 

got any thoughts on the cutoff point on Narcius . 
Standby Ken. 

Okay, hopefully that's most of it. 
ORION this is Houston is the CSM above 
hope he's directly ahead. 
45 degrees above. 
Roger. Roger. 

Ken, they look like they are killed 
optics tube. Going to need your checker 


Houston you 

orb elow you? 

completely on 




here in a minute. We're just getting a little glinted sun 
n ow . 


be. Okay and 
I gues s we'll 



Okay, thank you. 

Boy, those rates look steady as they can 
since we are going to get rendezvoused in the dark 
just come up along side and hold stations 
All right, sir. (Garble) right. 

Yes, that's 

you would thrust -- you would thrust up. Okay 
killed again. What's the closure rate now? 
3 and a half feet per second. 

all I've got's the track align — lost 

image . 

Okay CASPER this is Houston, You 
caution light on your quads but it's 

mi gh t 

of no 

p i ck 

what I mean 
think I got it 


the rest of your 

up a temperature 
consequence . 

CASPER Okay, yes I see B is up high. Is that due 

to the thruster activity. 

CAPCOM Affirmative, Ken. 

CASPER Or is that due to heater fail on. 

CAPCOM I think it's 

CASPER Okay. Rog. 


range and range rate John. 

CAPCOM Are you at 3100 or 3 and 

CAPCOM Understand 68 degrees. 

ORION Okay, let's watch that for a minute before 

I start working on it because we haven't had any plain component 

thruster activity. 

Will you give us another 
a half. 

is Houston. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-20-72 GET 100:32 CST 16:28 CM-20/2 

ORION before. How's the line of sight rate 
doing now? Holding. 


ORION And range rate? 


ORION Now we must be going in the right direction. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 16:39 GET 100:43 CM-21/1 

CASPER Now we must be going in the right 

direction, then. 

CASPER Okay, I'll take some of that out. That 

means I go to the south, right? How's that? Right direction? 
Okay . 

CASPER Okay, it looks like I'm picking up a 

rate in the opposite direction in the (garble). Okay. 
All right. 

CASPER This is very much like the simulator 

where, because of the (garble) you - it looks like it takes 
a long time to pick up one of those rates. 

CAPCOM Orion, this is Houston. We want you to 

get the rendezvous radar and the tracking light off as soon 
as it's feasible to conserve power. We understand. 

CASPER Okay, it looks like I may be a little 

more to the South. Okay. 

CASPER How about that rate to the South, it looks 

like it's building again. Okay. 

CASPER Hey, I show quite a drift rate now, John. 

Do you still show no out of plane. 

CASPER Okay. It looks like I'm going to take 

some of that out. 

CASPER Can you tell if I'm going to -- maybe 

I took that in the wrong direction although I'm sure that 
that was the right. South is to your left, isn't it?. Okay, 
we're going the right way then. 

CASPER We've been going the right direction all 

along then. 


CASPER It seems to be I'm still a little bit 

out of plane. I guess that's the sensitivity there are of 
radar . 

CASPER Okay. How's my closer rate. 

CASPER Well, that's why I just wondered to be 

a little bit more plus action. 

CASPER Okay, I'm going to put in a foot plus 


CASPER Okay. While we're using brute force, we 

might as well. 

CASPER Okay, that's about a foot. 

CASPER How about that? 

CASPER I can see the LM in earthshine now. 

CASPER Okay, what's my range rate now? 

CASPER Okay, give you another foot. 

CASPER Okay, there's another foot per second. 

CASPER Okay, I don't think those people are as 

good as we're using them in here. 

CASPER It looks like I need to start reversing 

my inplane direction. 

CASPER Okay, do I still have a positive enclosure 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 16:39 GET 100:43 CM-21/2 

CASPER rate? 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-20-72 GET 100:55 CST 16:49 CM-22/1 

sort of 
ahead and 

ORION Okay, I'm getting you centered back up in 

the COAS . Okay, do I still have a closure rate? Do I still have 
a closure rate? Okay. Looks like the old EMS is just 
sitting here looking at itself. Okay, I'm going to go 
use the EMS on the COAS on this thing because that's working out 
pretty good in here. Seems to be more sensitive indicator out 
of plane. (garble) Just barely drifting in the COAS. Pretty 
good here. Yes sir, in earth shine I can see the whole LM 

afraid we're going to run out of Earth shine here before 
completed. How's the closure rate now? Okay. Man 
in Earthshine is really something. Rog. I didn't 
it stopped. That looks 
some residuals? Okay. 

we get it 
that Moon 
quite get 
still s how 

to me like that's fixed 



10 minutes to LOS and I have some 
plan when it's convenient. Okay, 
the next rev rev 15, we'll give you a 
try and we'd be looking at PDI on rev 

Houston, we're showing about 
on our general 
up on AOS , on 
or no-go for another 
and at that time we'd 

words for you 
when you come 

have pads for you and procedures. Over. And CASPER, this is 
Ho us t on . 

CASPER Go right ahead. 

CAP COM Roger, we want you to verify that you're in 

AUTO dump on the water. That's pressure relief in the number 
2 position. That's vertical and if you have an opportunity to 
get away from the controls there, we'd like you to manually 
dump the water to 10 percent on the back side. That should re- 
quire about 17 minutes. Over. 

wait until we get 





configure for RCS 


I'll have 
think . 


Okay. I am in AUTO dump and 
in daylight to go down there I 
Okay , we copy . 
(garble) I guess it isn't. 
Okay. How's my closure rate? 
Okay. How's the auto plane? All right. 
Orion, this is Houston. We would like you 
Bravo only, over. 
Al ri gh ty . 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 16:59CST 101:05GET CM23/1 

CASPER Alrighty. Now that's what I was looking to 

say - we're going to lose earthshine here in just a minute. 
Yeah, (garble) things you're talking about. Fix it. It's really 
strange to be sitting here in the COAS here, right in the middle. 
You are upside down compared to me and when you say down you mean 
you're going - you're going down on me - is that correct? 
Okay. It still doesn't seem like it does much. Okay I show 
a lot of height rates that was officially killed. 14. Yes sir. 
How much? Okay. I can see your image is about 2 degrees now. 

CAPCOM 16, this is Houston. We're showing about 

2 minutes to LOS and if you'll give us a range and range rate 
and, Ken, perhaps you could repeat it for us. 

ORION Did you copy that, Houston. The range is 

710 feet, 2 feet per second, rates nulled. Did you copy, Casper? 

CAPCOM Roger, we copied down here. Thank you. 

CASPER Okay. Unhuh let me turn my spotlight now. 

CAPCOM Yeah, I can tell I got you but it's a poor 

competitor for earthshine. Beg your pardon. Rog. It will all 
of a sudden look very nice. You can rendezvous into these 
conditions very nicely, the only problem being that you've got 
to keep referring to the reticle to get some kind of range, 
because you just don't have enough good depth perception to tell 
where you are . 

CASPER Okay, in order to have good COMM, man you 

just disappeared at the spotlight on. I tell you the spotlight 
isn't nearly as good as earthshine. Really surprised. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 17:52 GET 101:57 CM-24/1 

ORION We got AOS , let's wait. 

CAPCOM Orion, this is Houston. 

ORION Hello, Houston. 

CAPCOM Roger. I have some switches and circuit 

breakers we want you to take care of to try to improve the 
comm situation. I'll get them to you as soon as you're 
ready to copy. 

CAPCOM Okay, we want on panel 12, track mode 

switch OFF, on panel 16 primary transmitter receiver circuit 
breaker OPEN, F-band antenna heater circuit breaker OPEN, 
F-band antenna comm circuit breaker OPEN and primary S-band 
power amplifier OPEN. Then on panel 11 AC BUS S-band antenna 
OPEN. Over. 

CAPCOM That's right, track mode switch OFF on 

p an el 12 . 

CAPCOM It's a long day, and did you copy those 

circuit breakers, Charlie? Okay, and you do have a GO for 
another try here at EDI on REV 16, and I have some words on 
that problem with the TDC whenever you all are ready to copy. 

ORION I've got my pencil ready. 

CAP COM Okay, Orion can always tell Casper what 

his problem is, but it looks like an open circuit in the 
rate feedback and your serval loop. We've run exhaustive 
tests down here on the west coast and east coast on control- 
ability aspects and structural aspects and everything looks 
satisfactory. On Apollo 9 we ran a - a similar test was 
run, as you probably remember, and if such a problem did 
occur up there, you could expect oscillations, of course, 
of the gimbal, but you could expect a steady attitude, it 
would be a limit cycle. So we're convinced down here that 
we have a satisfactory control mode if we have to revert to 
th at one . Over . 

CAPCOM And I hope Casper copied. 

CASPER Okay, Casper copied that. I guess I'd 

like to note, is that thing going to diverge up to a point 
and then cease to diverge? Does it become neutrally stable 
at some amplitude, Jim? 

CAP COM That's affirmative, Ken. 

CASPER Okay, that must be some number bigger 

than the one I looked at, and the only other question I had 
is "Is there any connection between this, in your mind, and 
the longer duration gimbal ON times? 

CAP COM Okay, the answer to that, Ken, is negative, 

CASPER Okay, sounds good. Thank you. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 17:52 GET 101:57 CM-24/2 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. We're on 2 loops now. 

CASPER Okay, Henry. Thank you. 

CAPCOM Hey Ken, I've got a couple other words 

about that if you'd like to listen. 

CASPER I surely would, Stu. 

CAP COM Okay, most of the cases where they 

appeared to be diverging to you and you shut off the motor, 
would short, and some of them were just very close to the 
point at which it became stable. And on some of the longer 
ones, we did see the stability, but those that you called 
diverging were short of reaching a stable point. It appears 
that the controlab ility is not going to be any problem when - 
if you would have to burn with this, according to the stroking 
tests on 9, you'll get a lot of oscillations and you'll feel 
the spacecraft shaking, but the attitude will not be changing. 
You'll probably see the rate needles moving around a little 
bit. And just to - also, what we'll probably do the burns 
with the 90 degree ROLL so we'll have the redundancy in the 
YAW axis platform consideration. 

CASPER That sounds like a good plan. I guess 

if I'd have been a little smarter, we'd have pressed on on 
s chedule . 

CAPCOM No, I don't think so, Ken. They appeared 

to be diverging and it was a true diverging as far as you 
could tell, but it was just in most cases, just short of 
s t ab 1 e . 

CASPER Okay, I tell you - you know the difference 

in this and the simulator, where you can really feel it move, 
and this old dog was really wagging its tail. 

CAPCOM Yes, you know Jim was talking about the 

Apollo 9 test, and he said that you really feel it in the 
spacecraft. But this thing is stable, they've really checked 
that out, and it'll rattle and roll a little bit, if you 
have to use it, but It's stable. 

CASPER Sounds good. Once again, the ground 

earns their pay. 

CASPER Okay, Hank. I guess I'm in need of 

a general outline - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 18:02 GET 102:03 CM25/1 

CASPER Okay, Hank, I guess I'm In need of 

outline of where we intersect the flight plan, 
one of the things I'll be needing is a kind of 

a general 
and it looks like 
a separation burn 

from Orion again, so that I'm not setting here blasting me into 
space, and then I'll need CIRC burn pad, and after that, I guess 

of stumble along and try to pick up some landmark 
things like that. 
Okay . 

My fuel is kind of low. 

Okay, of course as you know we're working 

we just sort 
tracking and 
the flight plan now, 
wanted to make one other comment now. Do you have any other 
questions, do you have any reservations about this duty, because 
we sure want to get, get your concurrence, but everything looks 
like it's go , 

and Hank's got the PADs for you, and I just 

evaluated, - 

run through 

Ok ay , 

did somebody fly one of these CMS? 


been flown on the hardware 


Okay, I was just wondering if, if anyone's 
things . 

In MPBC or something like that. 

it's been flown in all three modes, 


G &N , S C S 

Ok ay , yes 

CAPCOM It's also been flown on the, on the hardware 

evaluater, and of course, we did have the stroking test on Apollo 
where it was flown in foot, and pretty much duplicated this exact 
problem as far as cycles per second and so forth. 
CASPER Alright, sir. I'm happy. 

CAP COM Very good. 

CAPCOM And Hank's got some good words for you here. 

CAP COM Okay, Ken. I have your - 

CASPER Thank you very much. 

CAPCOM SEP PAD for you. You'll use normal SET 

procedures, in other words you'll be below the LM facing it, 
and back away with your minus X thrusters. I'll read you your 
new PAD, if you're ready to copy. 

CASPER Okay, just a second 

Okay, I'm ready for a little SET 

000 357 000. 

attitude 000 357 


radial inward. 




33 102 


Okay, this is SEP. 
and 0 00. 

Good read back, Ken. 
And this is to be a, 

I got my PAD book handy 
30 all ZIP, attitude 

That's at 102 30 00, 

1 foot per second 

Th at' s 
Ok ay . 

affirmative . 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 18:02 GET 102:03 CM25/2 

CAPCOM And I have your CIRC PAD for you now, Ken, 

if you're ready to copy. 

CASPER Okay, go ahead. 

CAPCOM Roger. CIRC SPS G&N 39 095 plus 049 plus 

119 103 21 4243 NOUN 81 plus 00691 all ZIP minus 00435 000 139 
358 00680 plus 00531 00816 005 00701. The rest is NA. Sirius 
and Rigel 131 071 014. 2 Jets, 16 seconds QUAD Alfa and Charlie, 
and then comments manually roll 90° from pad attitude for burn. 
ACCEPT the final attitude and TRIM in P40. 

CASPER Okay. Let me ask one question before I read 

it back. I assume that I would be out smarting myself if I went 
through the 90° roll in the VERB 49 maneuver rather than going 
to 0 roll. I'm looking for ways to kind of be stinge with the 

CAPCOM Stand by one. 

CASPER Let me read you the PAD back and then I'll 

ask you another question, Hank. 

CASPER Okay, it's CIRC SPS G&N 39095 plus 049 plus 

119 103 21 4243 plus 00691 all ZIP's minus 00435 000 139 
358 00680 plus 00531 00816 005 00701. Sirius and Rigel 131 071 
014. 2 Jets, 16 seconds QUAD's Alfa and Charlie. Manually roll 
90° for burns, 

CAPCOM Good read back, Ken. 

CASPER And would you like for me to go to AC roll 

for the normal roll control? 

CAPCOM Ken, there's too much noise. Can you say it 

again . 

CASPER Would you like for me to go to AC roll 

for normal roll control also? 

CAPCOM Stand by. That's affirmative, Ken. Go to 

AC roll. 


CAPCOM Ken, we're trying to work in a P52 here, and 

we're checking that attitude and then we'll give you what we thinks 
best as far as that maneuver. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 18:12CST 102:17GET CM26/1 

CAPCOM Tell them not to talk now because they are 

hitting the data then every time now in downvoice backup. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston between now and SEP we're 

not going to do anything and in the meantime FAO is working on 
a - whether the burn attitude is going to be good for your P52 
or not so just go ahead get SEP out of the way and we'll have 
some words for you then. 

CASPER Okay, looks like they could use a new state 

vector, too. 

CAPCOM Roger, they are working on the vectors now. 

CASPER Okay, will it do me any good to load - yeah 

I can go ahead and load this thing and let them put in a new 
vector later, is that correct? 

CAP COM Say again. 

CASPER Is it okay to go ahead and load P30 and then 

put in a new vector afterwards, or is it best to wait until I 
get the vectors in. 

CAPCOM Standby a minute, Ken. Ken, go ahead and 

SEP we'll uplink our cassette. 

CASPER Okay, thank you. How about if I do this 

90 degrees to that attitude - save - save a maneuver. I'll 
have to go pretty fast to get there. 

CAP COM I guess there is another 10 questions, huh? 

CASPER I'm almost 90 degrees to that attitude and 

1 can do it. Instead of pointing and doing it along the 

X axis suppose I come down and do this 90 degrees alt and do 
it with the BD thruster. Playing that 1 foot per second. 
CAP COM Standby, Ken. 

CASPER That would get me a pitch attitude of 085 

or 087 excuse me. 

CASPER Okay, now he loaded his P30 and you're 

looking at. 

CASPER Stu, you are on air to ground. I loaded 

P30. I have flown to 90 degrees from the attitude in order 
to save that extra high speed maneuver to get there and I'm 
going to burn it along the Z-axis. It'll be towards the moon 
which is our check and I'll take it from 1 foot per second to 

2 foot per second as per the normal procedures except I'll be 
using the Z translation. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken, we concer as long as it's 1 foot 

down radial. 

CASPER Okay, it'll be 1 foot towards the moon and 

we'll still count from 1 to 2 foot per second on the noun 85. 
CAPCOM Roger. 

CACPCOM Casper you are go for SEP. 

CASPER Okay, go for SEP. Thank you, sir. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 18:22 GET 102:27 CM-27/1 

CAPCOM Just to clarify, Ken. You're going 

to burn the noun 85 to 0. 

CASPER Negative, the noun 85 will go to plus 2. 

It was loaded so that it would point you in the other direction. 
If I'd taken it this way, the dummy load we put in was a 
minus and we normally burned it to a plus 2, I'm going to 
burn toward the Moon, which is going to make this come out 
to a plus 2. 

CASPER We originally put in a vector, we wanted 

to burn radially inward, and we put in a vector that would 
cause you to point radially outward on the calculations and 
then we just burned it to a larger number so a P40 wouldn't 
cause you to turn around and point 180 where you were when 
you undo eked. 

CAPCOM Roger, copy. 

CASPER You have any reservations? 

CAPCOM As long as you get a flip toward the 


Okay, we can do that. 
Okay, it's at 30 seconds. 
Okay, how's that? 
Looks okay, Ken. 

Casper, Houston. If you'll give us 





ACCEPT, we'll uplink, 

CASPER You have it 

CAPCOM And Casper, when you 

the uplink, we want to go to an attitude 
do a P52. 


I take it that I should enter 509 just before the P52, 
leave it in until after the gimbal drive check in P40, 
same procedure we had last time. Is that affirmative? 
CAPCOM That's affirmative. 

CASPER Alrighty. 

get through with 
of 000060000 and 

Okay, 000060 and 000 and a P52, option 3, 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 18:32 GET 102: 37 CM2 8/1 

CAPCOM Casper, the computers are yours. 

CASPER Thank you. 

CAP COM Casper, Houston. We're trying to trouble 

shoot the LM communications problems and it will help if you 
go to OMNI Alpha. 

CAPCOM Casper, we have a NOUN 93. 


CAPCOM And Ken, what we would like for you to do is 

pick up in the flight plan at 97:07, and with the CIRC crept 
and just step on through that procedure wise and be sure you do 
the VERB 49 after the CIRC. I have a change in your PAD attitude 

CASPER VERB 49, what first to take? 

CAPCOM Roger, right after the CIRC burn, we want to 

be sure you do the VERB 49, and to get into the landmark tracking 
attitude. We're going to do the HIGH 2 landmark tracking, and 
we've got a change to your pad attitude for your CIRC. We're 
going to go ahead and give you an attitude that has the 90° in 
it so the VERB 49 will be more efficent, and the new attitude is 
090 139358. 

CASPER Okay, 090 139 and 358. I'm on my way now. 

And I'll get myself into the proper tracking attitude if we don't 
get all those thing worked out. 

CAPCOM Roger, and we want to make sure you don't 

bypass the final TRIM in P40, in that attitude. 

CASPER That's affirmative. I will take the final 


CAPCOM Roger, and in some where in here I need to 

give you the new abort PAD, whenever you can get the chance to 
copy . 

CASPER Okay, let me get the maneuver started and let 

me get myself squared away and get the timeline in my head and 
then I'll give you a call. 

CAP COM Okay, whenever you're ready. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 18:43 GET 102:48 CM29/1 

my mind is, do 
line or not? 

that one. 

leave the secondary 
gimbal drive check, 
do a 

Okay, Hank, and one question that comes to 
you want the secondary YAW gimbal brought on the 

Stand by, Ken. I'll get you an answer 



Okay, Ken. What we'd like you to do is 
gimgal motors off until you have finished 
then bring the secondary gimbal motors on 
normal burn, and if you have to, go ahead and down grade 
if you have to, to arrest some kind of a bad rate or something 
CASPER Okay. I'll not do, I'll do a gimbal drive 

check with the secondary in PITCH. Are they in the same package. 
It seems like there in separate packages. The secondary in 
YAW is the one I'll bring on after the gimbal drive check. 
CAP COM That's okay, Ken. 

CASPER Or would you just rather not exercise it. 

It 1 s MOX-NIX to me. 

that way, that's fine. 

CASPER Okay. It'll just verify 

thing else hooked up properly. I'd like to keep this close to 
the normal procedures as I can. Hey, you did copy the P52 values 

It's you druther, Ken. If you want to do it 

that I've got every- 

call you on VHF. 

doing our chatter, 



1 foot per second 

your LOS and AOS 







LOS and I sure 
a ch an ce . 

These are all the 


AOS . 

you interested in 

I did a 

I also have 

Roger, it looked good, and Orion's trying to 

Okay, I had turned them off while we were 
let me get to them. 
Orion , Cas pe r . 

Orion. Did you call Casper? 
Okay. We'll give it a try again 
radial in towards the moon. 

And Ken, in addition to the PADs 
t ime . 

Ok ay . 

Casper, Houston. 
Loud and clear. 
Okay, we lost you 
Okay, do you want 
S t an d by. 
Casper, Houston, 
would like to get these PADs up whenever you 

How do you read? 

there a 
an oth er 

minute . 

We're about 9 minutes 


Okay, can I catch them when we get AOS, Hank? 
abort PADs, right. 

Okay, and, but let me give you the LOS and 

Okay, go ahead. 
Roger, LOS is 10 3 
sun rise? 

04 51. AOS 103 51 25 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 18:43 GET 102:48 CM29/2 

CASPER No, sir. That's alright, thank you. 

CASPER Yea, let me con sen tr ate on making sure that 

all goes well in time, Hank, and I'll pick up those support PADs 
at AOS. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CAPCOM OMNI Delta, 16, or Casper. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 18:53CST 102:57GET CM30/1 



took a look at the 
up . 

buttoned up? 



and it put that 
pitch N 1.7 and 





up on AOS next 
tracking attitude that 
from the VERB 49 

And Houston, Casper. 
Go ahead. 

One thing on the plus side Hank 

mass spec and said it's 

is Charlie 
all inside buttoned 


Did you say the mass spec is all inside and 
Yes sir. 

Okay, I'll relay that. 

Okay, and I took the trim maneuver in P40 
bias to attitude B, 90 degrees roll, plus 39 
yaw, that's about right considering the roll. 
Ro g e r . 

Casper, Houston. 
Go ahead. 

Roger, you have a go for CIRC 
'd like you to come up 

time we 

is giving us 

di f f erent 

after the CERT burn, it's 
be in attitude 000 276 000 
to that attitude. 000 276 
they call for there, right 




when you did the 




the burn. MaYbe 

and when you 
in the land- 
98. 22 that is a little 
maneuver that was called out right 
different in roll, in fact, you should 
And we want you to do your VERB 49 

of 0 000000 

000, rather than a roll 
after the CIRC burn. 
Okay, I'll pick you up on the best antenna. 
Okay, thank you Hank. 

Ken, we'd like to know if you did a purge 

waste water 
A purge, 

dump . 
a fuel 

cell purge, 

Okay, copy you didn t purge 
No, that's correct. 
Ken, if you can work it 
after the burn you can get 

N o sir. 
fuel cells 

in, don't jeopardize 
a urine dump and 

a purge on all 
later. That's 

thos e 

ok ay . C an 

things so we can get the SIM BAY going 

't work it in, don't jeopardize anything. 
I'll get you a purge in there anyhow. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 20:45 GET 103:50 CM- 31/1 

Casper, Houston 
Hello, Houston 


, Casper did 
show, you want 

i t 


time , 
us a 

repo r 1 ? 

CASPER Okay, Okay, the burn was on time and for 

the right duration and the residuals were plus .2 plus .2 and 
0 that was after trim and the attitude for those residuals was 
161.38 13296 and 0.12, Delta VC was minus 8.5 the oxidizers 32 
the fuel is 34 and de ere as e- in ere as e — tag that decrease, probably 
because of the short duration. The burn required a trim the 
original residuals were plus 1 and plus .6 and plus .7 so I had 
the roll in order to take out the Z components. 

CAPCOM Roger, and would you give us the trim at- 

titude again, please. 

CASPER (garble) Okay, I'll give you again the 

trim attitude and this is for these 2 temp residuals, that's 
after trimming that was 161.38 132.96 and 0.12. 

roger, copy. 

And, Hank, I did complete the fuel cell 


P urge . 

and I would 


01, 104 25 41, 

26 29, north 3 


flight plan 
VERB 4 9 to 5 2 
not required, 
option 5 plus 

tracking we'll 

roger, copy, 
like to get up a P-24 
Standing by. 
roger, it's 
104 26 29 , north 
Okay that's 
miles . 

Good readback, 

You completed 
p as s in g . 

16 3 T-l is 104 
3 nautical miles 
104 19 11, 24 01 

fuel cell purge 

19 11, 104 24 

25 41, and 

Ken and I'd like to get a 
98:45 in your flight plan. 

change to you there 
go ahead. 

Okay, at this point we want the delete 
P-52 attitude, we're deleting the P-52 it' 
at this time we would like you to go to P-20 
X SIM bay. 

Okay, following the completion of the 
go to P-20 option 5 and plus X. I presently 


affirmative . 


di dn ' t get 


That' s 
that I 
Okay, go ahead. 
Roger, Echo 104 30 all 
minus 00500, Golf 105180000 , 

And also 
b ef ore . 

I have the 

have EMP 509 and running and I will terminate it following 
the P-24. 

abort pads for 
01023 all zips 

zips, Foxtrot plus 
Hotel 107054500, 

India 104172329, Juliet 107054500, Kilo 109043000, Lima 104421664 
Mike 111033000, November 106251181, 


Okay, Hank, starting 
plus 0102.3 all zips minus 
107054500, India 104172329, juliet 

zips , Foxtrot 

Lima 104421664, Mike 111033000, November 

with Echo 10430 all 
00500, Golf 105180000 
107054500, Kilo 109043000 
106251181, Over. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 Cst 20:45 GET 103:50 CM- 31/2 

CAPCOM That was a good readback, Ken, and Stew would 

like to give you some words on the rendezvous. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken, I got a couple of comments about 

an event of a PDI abort as far as the rendevous scheme and you 
might want a sheet of paper there and jot down a couple of things. 

CASPER Okay, I got a little corner here. 

CAPCOM Okay, we're going to do the navigation end, 

SCS and in other words the marking routine and we'll use the 
CMC to maneuver to the burn attitude and set us up for the 
tracking. We'll burn in SCS and there are 3 places through 
here that you'll can activate that relay if you're using the 
normal procedures. Now we've got some detailed procedures 
we won't read to you now, if we get in that situation we'll 
talk to you, but the 3 times that you want to watch out for 
are don't place, the spacecraft control, and CMC with the Op- 
TICS mode in manual, think you're probably pretty familiar with that 
one. Don't respond to the 204 display, with the spacecraft 
control in CMC, and if you make a burn you'll probably be trimming 
it with G&N and wait until you've got your VERB 16 your NOUN 
85 display up before going back to CMC and we can talk about 
it in detail, like I say, later if we need it. We're on a 
couple of these and they go pretty smooth. 

CASPER Okay, Stew, the way I understand the scheme 

is that for attitude holding while we're doing navigation we'll 
do it in SCS and when we're ready to go to work while we'll 
do CMC maneuver to the burn attitude and make the burn in 
SCS to avoid this relay again. And we don't ever want to 
go to CMC control with the OPTICS in manual and we don't want 
to respond to 204 with the CMC command. And the 3rd one I 
di dn ' t copy . 

CAPCOM Okay, if you do a burn in your SCS you 

depending on what you've done there, Ken, you'd probably end 
up with a wheteher your flashing 99 display and we want to 
make sure that you go on to your NOUN 85 display, before you 
go to CMC then go ahead and trim with G&N residuals. 

CASPER Okay, Houston, Rog. understand. We don't 

want to go through that transient at the end of P-40, certainly. 

CAPCOM Righto and that one thing too -- 

CASPER (garble) do not respond to 204, Stew. If 

they don't respond to that do you mean don't even enter on it 
go right past it ? 

CAPCOM That's exactly what I mean. Don't enter 

on it, of course you'll be doing the SCS burn but don't enter 
on that or you will activate that relay until you switch the 
spacecraft to SCS control. 

CASPER Okay, as long as it's in SCS control, though 

I can by-pass the 204 with no problem. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative, Ken, if you hear an 

SCS control that relay power is interrupted, the power to 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 20:45 GET 103:50 CM- 31/ 3 

CAPCOM that relay goes through the spacecraft 

control switch and it's got to be in CMC. 

CAPCOM And one other point I'd like to clarify, 

Ken, is that for your tracking after you go to your track 
attitude CMC will start you off on rate drive and then go 
to SCS control and go to a minimum impulse and PITCH and 
just every now and then you might have to flip it like between 
PPI and midcourse 1 it just took one minimum impulse time 
and kept me right up around the 22 degrees trunion. 

CASPER Rog. Sounds like you've been working, too. 

CAPCOM No, you've been doing all the good work 

there, Ken. 

CASPER Doesn't sound like you guys have gotten 

any sleep if you've checked out all these things, plus todays 
problem. Whoever put that story together today deserves a 
life supply of whatever he wants. 


APOLLO 16, COMMAND MODULE, 4-20-72, CST 19:58, GET 104:04 CM-32/1 

CASPER Doesn't sound like you guys have gotten 

any sleep if you've checked out all these things plus todays 
problems. Whoever put that story together today deserves a 
life supply of whatever he wants. 

Watch what you say, Ken, you don't want 
your pocketbook there. And I'll give you back 



get your 

thank you sir. 

like to remind you 

Okay , 

CASPER, Houston, I'd 
to get your (garble) direct power off. 

Thank you sir. 

Hank, seems to me I still have my logic 
power off from early this morning and maybe I missed where 
it comes back on. This is the panel 181 logic. Did you 
get any words on where you think that ought to be? 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken, you can leave it off for now. 

And after we get into SIM bay attitude after land mark 
tracking we're going to bring up some of the SIM bay. 
CASPER Alrighty. 

CAPCOM CASPER, Houston, we're go for PDI on the 

CSM side. 


camera photo pan for you if 
between now and Tl. 

CASPER What do 

of whack. 


be just about the 


loaded then. 

here between your 
good now, CASPER. 

I have a mapping camera, pan 
you think you can squeeze it in 

you show for Tl, maybe I'm out 

Roger, we've got about 7 1/2 minutes to 
Okay, looks like this attitude is gonna 
one for Tl then, huh? 

Let me hold off until I get this thing 


CASPER, Houston, we're showing a 
actual CDU's and your final CDTJ 1 s . 

di f f erence 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-20-72 GET 104:14 CST 20:08 CM-33/1 

CAPCOM You look good now CASPER. 

CASPER Okay Hank, tell me again what you just said 

about the CDU's. 

CAPCOM Okay, we're getting some bad data down here, 

so really we can't be sure but it looks like you ought to be 
about 2 85 pitch. Is that right? 

CASPER Correct. 

CAPCOM It looks good from here now Ken. 

CASPER Okay. And Hank I'm going to turn my VHF 

transmission on and I'll be listening to you but I won't be 
answering until after they land. 

CAPCOM Roger. Copy. CASPER coming up on 10 

seconds to T one. CASPER coming up on time for DAC on. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 20:18 GET 104:24 CM-34 

CAPCOM About T-2, Casper. 

MATTINGLY Henry, I'm standing by to copy. Do you 

want me to take that band from this Option 5 or Align? 

CAPCOM Stand by, Ken. I'll get an answer 
for you. And we're working on whether we got a stay or 
not for T-l. 

MATTINGLY Okay. Sounds like they did pretty 


CAPCOM They did a beautiful job. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 2028 GET 104:34 CM-35/1 

CASPER Sounds like they did pretty good. 

CAPCOM They did a beautiful job. 

CAPCOM Uh , Ken we'll one a narrow deadband on that. 

We're - - we got a camera pass coming. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. Orion is stay T one. 

CASPER Okay. Thank you. 

CAPCOM And Ken, while you're maneuvering to this 

P20 attitude like to tell you about the flight plan. 
We want you to do everything that's in the flight plan thru 
(garble) up through what's in your flight plan 
at 99:20 . And then we'er in the process of getting you a 
whole new thing to operate from. And I have you a mapping 
camera, a pan camera photo pad. 

CASPER Okay, Yeah, I don't mind taking my suit off 

And okay, I want to give you those pads now. 

CAP COM Okay. Mapping camera, T-start 105 29 27 , 

T stop, 108 

CASPER Wait a minute Hank, I don't have any place 

to write these things, I don't think. I have to go look for 
them. Thank you. 


CASPER What's the best place to work from, the 

basic timeline with the real GET's. 

CAPCOM I'll tell you what our overall plans is Ken, 

we want to get in the camera passes tonight. Their terminator 
passes, before we loose your opportunity cause it's terminator 
is moving. And then we're going to do a clock sync some- 
where during the night and scrub and get back on the flight plan 
We'er going to scrub out about 6 hours or so. 

CASPER Okay. I tell you what I got a page here 

that I can work on. Why don't you give me a summary of the 
next couple hours here. And I'll just write it out someplace in 
he re . 

CAP COM Okay, standby and I'll see if I can get 

something worked up for you. 

CASPER Go ahead and give me the check pads - yeah, 

I ought to have those - next rev (garble) 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, you are almost unreadable 

I'll have to wait until we get a little bit of COMM. 

CASPER Is that better C0MM now. 

CAPCOM Hey, that sounds much better. We're putting 

together a little summary here for you.. 

CASPER Could you not pay attention to the OMNI's. 


CAPCOM Casper, Houston could you bring up the high 

gain pitch +41 yaw 228. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston I have you a little run 

down here for the next rev, if you are ready to copy. 

CASPER Okay, all set. 

CAPCOM Okay, at 105:20 MC flag LA cover OPEN. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-20-72 GET 104:44 CST 20:38 CM-36/1 

CAPCOM Okay, at 105:20 MC/LA cover open. 105:23 

MC extend. 105:28 LA hold. 105:29 PC standby, stereo, power, 
operate (T-start). MC image motion, increase (barber pole)/0n. 
MC on, (T start). 105:50 AOS, 105:50 same the SIM Bay 
activation. MS deploy to 8.4 feet at 61 seconds. GR deploy to 
7.5 feet 53 seconds, that's 53 seconds. Then MS experiment on, 
ion source standby. AP , that should be alpha P / XR cover open. 
XR on, 105 59 PC mode standby (T stop). Power off (MSFN Q) . 

CASPER Okay, you ready for a readback on that or 

have you got some more to fill in? 

CAPCOM Go ahead and read that back and then I can 

give you your pass. 


CAPCOM Standby there Ken. 

CASPER If it will help you any, I'd be glad -- 

CAPCOM If you'll give us POO and ACCEPT, we'll up- 

link your state vector while you're doing that. 

CASPER How about if I just give you ACCEPT? 

CAPCOM That'll do it fine. 

CASPER What if I'll suggest if it'll help you in — 

do whatever is easiest is — I'll be glad if you want to give me 
the code and tell me to have it -- have the SIM Bay in a particula 
code by a given time. 

CAPCOM Okay, that's a good idea. 

CASPER In the front side I'll just sort of hussle 

around and do whatever you suggest until we get back to a written 
flight plan. I do need about 20 minutes here somewhere to get 
the suit off and get the cockpit stowed. It looks like a disaster 
are a. 

CAPCOM Okay, I concur in that. Like to give you 

the pass now if you're ready. 
CASPER All set. 

CAP COM Okay, mapping camera pad is T start 105 29 

27 T stop is 108 28 13. Pan camera T start 105 29 27 T stop 
105 59 27. And -- just pointed out that it made an error here 
at 105 29 in your flight plan. The image motion should come on 
after T start with this mapping camera. That was a procedural 

CASPER Rog. I understand that. No sweat. 

CASPER Okay, let me read back to you what I have. 

105 20 you want the mapper door open. At 23 we want to extend 
it. 28, the laiser altimeter comes on. 29 we get the pan camera 
to stand by stero and power to operate at T start which is 105 29 
27. The mapping camera comes on at 105 29 27. The IMC comes on 
and we put it to barber pole on the image motion. At 50 we'll get 
AOS and we'd like to have SIMBAY activation. It's my understandin 
you'd like for me to hold SIMBAY activation until we're within AOS 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 20:38 GET 104:44 CM36/2 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. 

CASPER (garbled) deploy to 8 feet, which 

I got you answer, thank you. Gamma-ray deployed to 7 
feet, that's 53 seconds. The mass spec experiment on 

by. The Alpha X-ray door comes open, 
27, the pan camera mode goes to stand 
when you give me a call. 

That's a good readback, Ken. 

source is stand 
goes on. At 5 9 
power comes off 


caught up y et . 

We ought to bring 

forget it? 


time, 1 1 
to copy 

is 1 plus 01 
an d a half 
the I ON 
and the 




I think we've got it made. We may get 

Okay, and I guess we start bringing it on, Ken 
the S-band off the TV to site, so we can get the 

Okay. Any harm in my doing that now, so I don 

Go right 
Okay, you' 

ah e ad . 

T ve got it. And when we get AOS next 
m content while we're reading things up, I'll be prepared 
some things, and be prepared to hop around and reconfigure 

whatever you 

y o ur s ui t off, 

I'll t ak e my 
10 minutes . 

where around 

not , I'll 

need in real time. 

Okay, that's real good, 
and get comfortable. 

Okay, I'll, I'm just about 
comm carrier off so I'll be off 
What's LOS time? 

Roger, we have LOS in about 


Okay. I may not be back up 
just execute this flight plan. 

Ken. Go ahead and get 

to the point where 
comm here for about 

12 minutes 


f o r th at , but if 

w o rk . 

work today. 

I tell 

CAPCOM Roger, Ken, and good 

CASPER You guys did all the 

if we ever get a chance to look out that window - it's going 
stand you on your ears. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 20:48 GET 104:54 CM-37/1 

DUKE I tell you, if we ever get a chance to 

look, out that window, it's going to stand you on your ears. 
That earth shine is as spectacular as any of the other things 
which is much to my surprise. 

CAPCOM I hope we're in a position now, we can 

get on to doing some looking. 

YOUNG Well, now, keep it a little bit there, 

and we can have an lot to do while we're spinning around and — 
some of those low REV's came up with some very interesting 
observations. In particular, the one that strikes me most 
vividly is the fact that the if you remember all those 

apparent lineations we saw on Silver Spur and the places 
around the Hadley in the pictures. 

DUKE Those same kind of things appear 

all over the surface of the moon down low. It's just everywhere 
I look; in the area where there's any topographical relief and 
they go in all different directions. I hadn't been able to 
sort out if there's some preferred direction or some reason 
for it. What I did happen to notice is I came across the 
Theophilus in one of the passes. What you -- you see this in 
the walls of the Theophilus cause of the interior and in the 
places where there are craters around the outside or some 
kind of -- it looks like some fracture or something of that 
nature. It goes across the Theophilus or into it. You see 
what looks like a reflection in the leaf patterns. If you 
had a crater on the rim, these patterns would sort of show 
like you'd expect from a shock pan and they'd be radill and 
concentric to that crater, and these little lines seem to 
take that kind of a twist, and the fact that some of them 
go along with that topographic hives. I'll see if I can get 
some photos. I didn't take any photos on this stuff cause I 
didn't have a chance, but I looked out and saw some of these 
things and they're just everywhere. 

CAPCOM That sounds like a real interesting obser- 

vations there, Ken. 

CASPER Okay, I'm going to get my suit off and 

if I don't catch you at LOS, I'll see you at AOS. 


CAPCOM The computer is yours, Ken. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CS T 21:44 GET 105:49 CM38/1 


Hello, Houston. Casper. 


Casper, Houston. How do you read? 


Loud and clear. 


Casper, Houston. We need barber pole plus 3 

on camera. 


Okay, 3. You have it, and would you remind 

me when you get 


about 30 seconds from pan camera to stop. 


Will do. 


Okay. I want to mark something on chart, and 

then I'll talk 

t o 

you for just a minute. 


Ro ger . 


Okay, and I put the battery A on charge at 



Roger, copy. 


I got you out the window now, but it looks 

like , like half 


you has gone away. It's all black. 


I hope we're in the sunny half. 


No, I bet your in the dark half, aren't you. 


That shows how long it's been since you've 

b een outs ide . 


It has been awhile. 


As I came over, I finally got squared away, 

and as I came across King, I had the binoculars out, and sure enough 
on the central beach down there, the things we've been 
dabating for so long about whether they were streaks or out crops, 
or what they were, are large blocks which are on the, the central 
peak, most of the block seem to lie on the eastern side of the 
peaks. However, there are a few blocks on the western side and 
enough that you can tell the reason that they looked dark is they 
cast a pretty long shadow, because they are pretty huge blockes. 
The floor looks like it's, it looks like an old mud flow. It's 
really a strange looking floor. It's got lot's of flow bands and 
patterns in it. In the crater rim to the west on the interior shows 
at least 3 distinct shades of this gray. The upper one is the same 
color as the surface, which is a light sort of a darker gray, and 
then there's a light gray band, which runs parellel to it, and 
then the dark band came below that. And the light band is perhaps 
a quarter of the depth of the crater wall. To the north and west 
of King, I ran into somethings that looked like the same sort of 
swirls we've been looking at up around (garbled) and around Riner 
Gamma. These two are in the highlands, and with the binoculars 
it's my impression, that these probably have a certain amount of 
relief topographic relief with them. But they look, when you look 
straight down on them, they look exactly like the other things 
we've been looking at, and I took a quick picture of that thing 
and I put it on magazine Victor and if you'll keep a record of 
these things, that one is on Victor at exposure, oh, excuse me, 
that's magazine November-November, and that's exposure 41. 

CAPCOM We got that, Ken. And Casper, could we get HIGH 

GAIN auto? 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 21:54 GET 105:59 CM- 39/1 

And Casper, 

could we get high gain AUTO? 


CASPER You've got AUTO now. And it's oscillating, 

suppose I go back to - there it is. Okay, I have a little 
tone in my headset that was beeping very softly and the 
signal strength was doing the same thing, 

comp ute r , Ken , 

p an camera off . 



check the optics 
figuring the SIM 
okay to take the 

Roger. You want to go block 
and we'll show you the optics 
And Ken, you're about 10 

on the 
per the manual, 
seconds from 

Okay, the computers in block, okay. 

I was a little late with that one. 

Okay, no sweat, we got it done. I'll 
And when you're ready I'll start con- 
bay.. And Hank, would you verify that it's 
optics and put them to CMC or to 0 . I sure 


St and 
Okay , 
And if you're 

don't want to 


with the high 

to AUTO now? 


that time, 
th in gs he re . 

waiting for Oswo to 


your extend time go 

sorry . 




take any chances with it. 

Okay, it's okay. They say nothing will 

And Ken, we've got a little trouble 

We need to go back to react. 
Okay, I'm in react. Want to go back 

by. Okay, 
AUTO it is 
re ady , I'm 


to go 
got a 

to AUTO, 
good one 

to start deploying 

you stand by. We're 

waiting here. How'd 


Okay, Ken, would 
get his data. 
Oh, very well. 
Ken, while we're 
on the mapping camera? 

I didn't time it that time, Hank, I' 

Okay. Casper, is pan camera power off? 
Okay, pan camera power is off. Mark it 
Osow has his data now, we can proceed 

with boom deployment. 

first one you would 
61 seconds. 




ray out. 



barber pole plus 4 

Okay, let me button this up. Okay, the 
like is the - how about a mass spec for 

That's affirmative. 

Okay, going to deploy. Mark. 

Deploy is off at this time. 

Roger. You're clear to start the gamma 

Gamma ray is going out . 
Okay, gamma ray has stopped. 
Okay, Ken, and could you give us 
on the map camera. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 21:54 GET 105:59 CM-39/2 

CASPER Okay, that should be one more step, right? 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. 

CASPER Alright, you've got it. Okay, now the 
mass spec experiment is going to ON, the ion source is going 
to stand by. 

CASPER Alpha particle and X-ray door is coming 

open. Mark. And it's good. 

CASPER And the X-ray is coming to on. Mark. 

CAPCOM Ken, the SIM bay looks real good right now. 

Like to read - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 22:04 GET 106:09 CM-40/1 

CAPCOM Ken, the standby looks good right now. I'd 

like read you up but -- PI26 padlock there. 

CASPER Okay, would you standby just a second 

while I get some food going here? 

CAP COM Okay. 

CAPCOM Ken, for your information, we're planning 

on your retirement. To rest, that is. At 109:30, the nominal 
time . 

CASPER I'm glad you clarified that. I hope you 

realize I'm too young to retire. 
CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER Can you tell me anything about the status 

of the surface guys. Are they going to be able to get at 
least 2 EVA's out of this? 

CAPCOM I think the plan is now, Ken, for two 

EVA's. They are busy buttoning up the LMP now and getting 
ready to get some sleep. They are going to move the EVA times, 
at least, the first one, is going to be tomorrow morning about 
10:30 central, I think. 


CAPCOM And we're going to change our shifts around 

too so I'll be on again in the morning and then S tu will get 
it in the afternoon. 


CASPER All right. Now, that I've got something 

soaking here, I'll be ready to copy. Okay. Go ahead. 

CAPCOM All righty. TE I 26, SPS, G&N 38726 

plus 072 plus 133, 125 14 2747 plus 31703 plus 11016 minus 
03101, attitude, 18108 niner, 021. The rest of the pad N A 
the sixth star the same as on your (garble) pad, the same 
altitude, ullage, 2 jets 17 seconds, other, land of the moon 
at K minus 17 niner .02 in the pad. 

CASPER Okay. That's a TEI 26, SPS G&N, 38726 

plus 072 plus 133, 125 14 2747 plus 31703, plus 11016 minus 
03101, 18108 niner 021. Series and (garble) where the angles 
are off certain pad, 2 jets, 17 seconds, lan, 17902 and that's 
a minus . 

CAP COM Good readback, Ken. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken, we're going to leave you 

alone and let you eat now. We still got about 49 minutes 
to LOS. And at your convinence, sometime a little later, 
we'd like you to get the crew status report from this 
morning which was omitted. 

CASPER Okay. That's going to take some book- 

keeping. I'll work on that. Sure would rather look out 
the window, Hank. 

CAPCOM Did anybody ever give you some words on 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 22:04 GET 106:09 CM-40/2 

CAPCOM the undervote last night? 

CASPER Yeah. The word we got was that IAN is 

vertically happy to get the pan camera on at the same time 
the heaters all came on and I guess the (garble) was just 
too much . 

That 1 s the story -- 
Is that way you understand it? 
Right. That's affirmative. 
Okay. Well, I'm sorry we missed 
seemed like the prude thing to do 

s ure 

phot os but it 
time . 

CAPCOM We concur. 

CASPER Henry, another 

be a pretty nice little gadget are 
storage departments, particularly, 
locker after it's about half full. 

thos e 
at the 

s t ay 
ni ce 


thing that turns out to 
these nets that are in the 
when you get the food 
The things are able to 
under some (garble) of the control, and that's a mighty 
thing . 

CAPCOM So they have been working out real good, 


Yeah, it sure is. It's been a very help 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 GST 22:14 GET 106:19 CM-41/1 

CAPCOM And Ken, you don't have to acknowledge, 

but our plans are in the morning first thing to give you a 
clock sink and get you back into the flight plan. 

CASPER That sounds like a good plan. 

CASPER One thing you've got to be careful of 

up here is when you go to look outside - you kind of have 
to watch it that you - you get too greedy and get your nose 
up against the window and about one breath is all it takes 
and it's all fogged over. 

CAPCOM Roger, understand. 

CASPER I think our humidity must be running 

fairly high. I'm passing over a nice little guy right now, 
and would guess - I haven't been paying attention to where 
I am, looks like I must be probably looking to the north at 
somewhere around the Guttenberg Uplands and I found some 
more - a little crater that's got another large fill in 
the center and a nice big crater at the top of it, and a 
little crater chain around it. And, as I said earlier, 
everything out here has this linear pattern or these linements, 
it doesn't matter whether it's a flat surface or horizontal, 
vertical, inside the wall of a crater, they all seem to 
have it in one form or another. 

CAP COM Okay, Ken. If our plot board up here 

is right, you ought to be coming up on the landing site. 

CASPER Okay, let's see. Oh, maybe I'm at the 

wrong window here. You're right, Henry. 

CASPER And if you remember that little black 

dot that we drew on our map and talked about. There's a 
little black spot about in the right area, and I don't 
have my map so I just looked out at it, but I'll come back 
next time and take a look. Sure looks like it is something 
that is entirely different texture. 

CAPCOM Are you talking about right in the 

area of the landing site? 

CASPER In the landing site area, but not in 

the landing site - in the traverse regions, but that little 
dark thing looked like a bossle of coal that was out to the 
north and to the west. There's a little black dot out 
there that looks like there may be something that is 
distinctive. And next time I come over, I'll be better 
prepared to look for it. 

CAPCOM Okay, I remember that one, that was 

in the edge of the plotter wasn't it? 

CASPER Yes sir. 

CASPER I tell you, it sure is impressive, 

how much the scenery changes and the sun angle changes 
and how rapidly that goes down. 

CASPER Does your plot board show me over 

Alpet ragi us ? 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 22:14 GET 106:19 CM-41/2 

CAP COM Say, again? 

CASPER Does the plot board show me over 

Alb et e gni us ? 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. 

CASPER Okay. Well, let me tell you a little somethinj 

here, just to the north and mostly to the west of Albetegnius, 
the ground, and I think in the higher suns, it's going to 
look like - it's going to look a lot like Imbrium sculpture, 
but out here it has the same modeled effect and the same 
appearance that the Descartes area had at the same sun angle 
yesterday. And that's almost directly south of - well it's 
a little south and a little bit to the total mass and it's 
a little bit to the east of Alphonsus. 

CAPCOM Roger. You ought to be coming up on 

the terminator now, is that right? Pretty close to it. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 GST 22:24 GET 106:29 CM-42/1 


Roger. You ought to be coming up on the 
Is that right? Pretty close to it. 

Yes, sir. My view is disappearing rapidly. 
You should be over Ptolemaeus now. 
Casper, for your information, everything 
looking real good now. 

Okay. I just saw something that — I 
what to make -- I'm in the — I think the 
spacecraft is probably just about in the dark, but not quite. 
We passed the ground terminator, and I'm looking out the window 
number 3 down towards the ground trying to get a preview of 
what's coming in earthshine and there's a bright flash that's 
going along out there. At first, I thought there was some- 
thing that was on the deck but it's apparently a piece of 
debris that's in orbit with us and it's sitting there tumbling 

terminator now, 
the SIM bay is 
really don't know 

be a 

and flashing. 
piece of debris . 

around n ow , 

are ? 

there s 

it traveling along with you 
moved across the ground, so 

As a matter of fact, asl look 
quite a few of those. 
Can you get any idea how 

i t mus t 

far away they 

of something 

I don't know what effect that 


comp aris on 
wonder if 

do that some other 

on - - 

No, I can't Hank. You know, it's a piece 
that's out there and it's tumbling so that it 
gives you an uncombing reflection. Don't feel that awkward 
but it's moving at approximately the same velocity that we 
are . 

CAPCOM Ken, in reference to your observations of 

Crater King, we got some ideas about those swirls that are 
northwest of King and we'd like for you to get a 
with those with the swirls of either units and I 
those also have topographic expressions. 

CASPER Okay. OP 2 , I have to 

time because today I'm too far south to see those things up 
by the other unit. I can just barely see up to Neper. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER But, we sure need to keep that in mind. 

CAPCOM And another thing you might be thinking 

about that if you get an opportunity on some REV is get 
us a description of the area north of the Crater King and 
including the Soviet Mountains. 

CASPER Yeah, I was thinking of looking at that, 

but I really hadn't planned to spend much time on King, this 
time; I was just going to just kind of look at the old crater 
there, but I got so interested in it that it looked like 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 22:24 GET 106:29 CM-42/2 

CASPER there's another crater that's just to 

the east of King that has a little bisected central feature 
just like King. You know, the thing that makes that old 
white shape and it looks the same way. That's kind of in- 
teresting, I thought. 

CAPCOM Yeah, I guess we haven't seen that in 

the photos. 


CASPER Yeah, Hank, I ought to be passing Flint (garbled) now. 

CAPCOM Roger, it's looking -- 

CASPER It's really impressive how much you can see in the dark. 

CASPER I don't believe you can see as much now as you could last 

night. Of course, partly we're up higher than I was when I looked at it last 
night. And the Earth is noticeably smaller, so I guess it's loosing it's 
reflective ability rather rapidly. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER I was also very impressed with the way you could see the 

LM's outline in Earthshine . That was something I had not anticipated. Last 
night as we came across, oh let me see what it was? It starts with an H, 
over on the western rim. Havelius. 


CASPER We drove across that last night and you could really 

see the floor patterns in that thing beautifully. 

CASPER Okay, Hank, we'll see you. I ow you a crew status report 

from this morning. Right? 

CAPCOM Roger . 

CASPER Okay, let's see if I can give you that thing now. 

CASPER Okay, Alfa 1 22 0 k7 , Alfa 3 6, Alfa h negative. BRAVO 

1 15 0 ^. BRAVO 3 6. BRAVO k negative. CHARLIE 1 21 095 . CHARLIE 37- 
CHARLIE h- 1 segunal. 

CAPCOM We copy, Ken. 

CASPER Okay, then we'll try to go down the menus here. We're 

looking for day k, Is that correct? 
CAPCOM Affirmative . 

CASPER Okay. On Commander. Meal A, you can delete the mixed 

fruit, and Meal B you can delete pea soup. Meal C delete chicken stew and 
add a chocolate pudding. For me you can take Meal A and delete mixed fruit. 

APOLLO 16 COMMAND MODULE COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 22 :3h GET 106:39 CM-^3/2 

CASPER You can delete bread and jelly, on Bravo you can delete 

pea soup, meatballs. On Charlie you can delete the chicken stew, and I 
guess that takes care of those things . The reason for so many of these - 
we all deleted these canned things because we got 'em all over the spacecraft 
the last time, and we decided that we really couldn't afford to do that again. 

CAPCOM Roger, we copy. 

CASPER And let me find Charlie's here. 



CASPER Okay, here's Charlies. On meal A you can delete mixed 

fruit, and jelly, Meal B you can delete sugar cookies. Meal C you can dilete 

the pudding and the chocolate bar. 
CAPCOM Roger, copy. 

CASPER Now we are coming across Hevelius again. And I can see 

Grimaldi and a couple of fractures that go across this rim and you can really 
see a lot of detail here. You can see the rilles . You can see as every- 
body pointed out these - They look like robins that are just dropped down 
and they go all the way across the crater like Hevelius. And looks like 
they go out to Procellarum and they come down to the - in fact they go all 
the way down to Grimaldi, they run into a crater, and it lookd like they 
might have been filled a little bit. In fact it looks the same way that 
some of the rilles that are south of Fra Mauro look like they've been filled 
in. And there is a very smooth little patch that's lined up with the (garbled) 
that runs from there to Grimaldi. Now I'm sorry. I'm calling the Riccioli, 
Grimaldi. The crater I'm talking about now is Riccioli, and it's got quite 
a few fractures that run out. And it looks like a flow pattern. It looks 
just like looking down on a long tongue of lava like we've seen terrestrially 
I don't mean to infer that it is lava, but I'm just saying it has the same 
appearance. And it is coming out of the northeastern corner of Riccioli and 
it has what looks like a little ripple patterns on it like you would expect 
from flow bands, but they aren't quite as accurate and they don't take quite 
the same consecutive pattern that you'd expect from a full front. But this 
little crater coming down from Hevelius, the rille that comes down through 
there, it's a crater, then it gets a very, very smooth spot and then it runs 
in and you can see continuations of these lineaments right on the cross 

Riccioli . 

CAPCOM Roger. That sounds real interesting. 

APOLLO 16 COMMAND MODULE COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 22: kk GET 106:^9 CM-kh/2 

CASPER Riccioli has quite a few elongate little craters around 

it. Several of them are elongate and one of them is quite long. I'd say 
it's maybe - it's curved and looks like it's maybe 10 kilometers long, and 
they have just a slight arc to it, but it is a very elongate feature. Now 
we are moving into material that's very hilly and I don't see a lot of 
small craters. I don't see a lot of bright ones. You can see bright 
rims in here quite well. Some things that do stand out to the west of 
Riccioli are the very dramatic cross cutting grabben type rilles. They cross 
in one place here almost 90 degrees to each other. Looks like I'm looking 
at a very subdued old basin and these things go across the hills and right 
on across the basin floor. And, I'm not sure, but I would guess that some 
of these other lineaments that I'm seeing, they're running towards the north 
east or more than likely things coming out of Orientale . I should be coming 
in towards the outer rim of the Orientale basin. Hey, you get the same 
kind of impression at the terminator when the Earth shine runs out as you 
do when sunshine runs out. The only thing that's different is you don't 
get to see quite as much as - everything is a lot more subdued. And you 
don't get shaddows that are nearly as long, or at least not as bright. There 
is also running down here, there is one ridge and I'm sure I'm looking at a 
ridge, instead of a grabben. I've got grabbens that cut it. But this thing 
has a bright line on it that looks like a ridge that runs northeast south- 
west along with some of the grabbens. And then seems - it's one of the first 
big ridges I've seen that cuts up over a highlands clump of material. That's 
all just to the west of Riccioli . 

CAPCOM Roger, copy. 

CAPCOM Ken, we have your -- 

CASPER Getting ready to -- 

CAPCOM Ken, we've got your flight plan here. 



Oh, yeah, we're ready for LOS. Okay, do you have time to 

read it to me? 


I think so, if you are ready to copy. 


Alright, can you tell me where I should start. 


Okay, LOS will he at 107 02. 


Okay, should I writing in the flight plan or should I 

be writing in something separate? 


1 think you "better write it in something separate. 


Okay, standby. 


Okay, shoot. 


Okay, 107 02 LOS. And approximately 107 10, at approxi- 

mately 8 minutes after LOS configure DSC, stop/high bit rate/command reset/ 
forward 107 21 sunrise, 107 25 02 heaters 1 and 2 auto, 02 heaters 3 OFF . 

107 38 image motion increase barber pole plus 3. 107 U8 AOS. 107 57 pan 
camera standby stereo power. 107 58 13 this is your T start pan camera 
operate. Mass spectrometer ion source ON. At the same time right after you 
get the pan camera. 108 Oh image motion increase barber pole plus h. T stop' 

108 28 13 that's all T stop for the mapping camera which I read up to you 
earlier. It's pan camera standby at T stop. Pan camera OFF. MSFN Q. 
Mapping camera OFF (T stop) wait 30 seconds. Mapping camera standby. 
Image motion OFF. Laser altimeter OFF. Mapping camera retract. Mapping 
camera laser altimeter cover closed. 108 4(0 mass spec deploy gamma ray 
deploy. 108 50 return to the flight plan at last and pick up with a P20 
and follow on with those activities through your presleep checklist and the 
only thing different there is I've already given you TEI 26 pad. 

CASPER Outstanding, you guys really do good work. Okay, I think 

I've got everything here. I didn't have any questions about it. Do you want 
me - how much time do we have? I don't know if it's worth reading back or no 


CAPCOM Okay, we got 2 minutes to LOS. You don't have to read 

back. I think -- 

CASPER Okay, here it comes. 107 02 LOS . 107 10 configure DSC 

stop high hit rate, command, reset and forward. 21 is sunrise. 25 02 heaters 
1 and 2 to auto. 02 heaters tank 3 OFF . 38 IMC increase barber pole plus 3- 
k8 AOS 57 pan, standby stereo and power. 58 13 pan camera to operate, 
mass spec ion source ON. Oh that's 103 Oh IMC to barber pole plus k. 28 13 
T stop for pan camera, standby mapping camera to OFF. 30 seconds. 'Then to 
standby IMC OFF. Laser altimeter OFF. Mapping camera retract. Mapping 
camera cover closed. At 108 kO mass spec gamma ray to deploy. 108 50 return 
to the flight plan. 

CAPCOM Good readback, Ken. 

CASPER Okay. Outstanding. 

CAPCOM Okay, we got less than a minute to go. Stu will see you 

on the other side. 

CASPER Alright, Hank, thank you very much. You've done a good 

days work. See you tomorrow. 




Houston, are you there? 

Yeah, Roger, Casper. Standingby. 

Hello there . 

And Casper we'd like you to go back to reac on the high 

gain, please. 

CASPER Okay, every time I try that it looks like it does worse. 

Now, let's hold it in there this time, I guess. 

CAPCOM And, Ken, sometime at your convenience, we'd like to have 

you push on your biorned sensors, hitting a little noise on the data, get my 
page all cleared up . 

CASPER Okay, I'll get to that in just a minute. I'm flapping 

right now with some - trying to make up the things we missed here. And I 
just finished putting the post of (garbled) and Megelhaens on magazine 
November, November and I'll try to pick up the one on (garbled) if you'll 
tell me I can do it on November, November. 



Okay, standby. 

And Casper, could you give us a frame number on November 

Okay, how about oh, 145 . 
Okay, 1U5. I'll believe that. 

Atad don't let me forget things like this pan camera 
thing coming up, cause I'm setting here getting camera set up. I'm going 
to try to get the Earthshine sequence in this trip too. 
CAPCOM Okay, Rog. We'll give you a call. 

CAPCOM And Ken. for the time now - time from the next 15 seconds 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 23:52 GET 10 7:57 CM- 46/1 

after the time now - within 
you want to get the pan 

CAP COM And, Ken, 

the next 15 seconds or so, if 
camera standby stereo in Power. 

CASPER Okay. Thank you, sir. Standby Stereo 

in Power. You've got it. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER Man, I tell you. Just a little reminder 

like that can go a long ways toward getting something done 
in here . 

Jolly good. We'll try to please. 


P start time on the 








we'll give you 30 

another Magazine, 


got Magazine XX 
to work on that 

Okay, Ken, you 
pan camera. 
Okay . 

Ten seconds, Ken. 
And you've got it 
Okay. Rog. 
B arb erpol e 
Very good; 
Ion source 
Okay, and Ken, on 

re 3 0 seconds from the 

On . 

she goes 

went grey, and 
and ion source 
on , Mark . 

November November, 

frames on that one. 

Okay. I guess I was scheduled for 
but I just don't have time to change it 
No sweat. You've got 30. 
Okay. That should be plenty. And I 
loaded in the Nikon, and I'm ready to go 
as soon as we get in the darkness. Well, 

maybe that won't work, because I guess you've got a P52 
and things coming for me. 

CAPCOM Uh - Stand by on that, Ken. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken, what we'd like for you to 

do after this Sunside pass, after you finish up here, is 
to get a good night's sleep. We're not showing you any- 
thing scheduled after that. 

CASPER Okay. I thought there was a P52 or 

something I was supposed to get as soon as it got dark. 

I'll - I can sne ak 
miss very much of 

thing you need to 

that in there, too. I hate to 
the things that we almost did. 

No, Ken. It's not scheduled, 
do is 108 plus 50, where you go 

s ee us 


las t 

activities there in the Flight Plan 
Presleep Checklist and — ' 

Thank you. 


You go right into your 
we'll see you in the morning, 
okay. Outstanding. Very good. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/20/72 CST 23:52 GET 107:57 CM-46/2 

CAPCOM Okay, Casper, if we can have the High Gain 

to Auto, please. 

CASPER You've got it. 


CASPER Can you look on your plot board and tell me 

approximately what my longitude is right now? 

CAP COM Oh, Ken, it's probably about 70 East, or 

something like that. 

CAPCOM You're just coming across the western rim 

of Smythii, there. 

CASPER Okay. Good enough. 

CASPER Yeah, here comes our old friend, Langrenus . 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken. We need Barberpole plus 4. 

CASPER Need a little Barberpole, don't you? Okay, 

that should be 1 plus what we have. 

CASPER Hey, Stu, if I put 30 frames on this 

Crosier, I won't get that first strip of Kant and Andel. Do 
you think about - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 108:07 CST 00:02 CM-47/1 


(Garble) 10 

( garble) 


couple of ho 

to sleep. 


you to open. 

to panel 11, 

to 15 

Hello Houston, ORION over. 
ORION Houston, go ahead, 
(garble) we had another (garble) 
percent quantity is that what you got 


see you m a 

That's affirmative. 
Okay, if you're happy, we'll 
urs and we'll go back to sleep. 

Say again Charlie, you're very garbled. 

I say if you guys are happy, we'll go back 

Charlie we got one circuit breaker we want 
Standby a minute. The rendezvous radar operate, 
row 3. Under heaters. 

Okay, we got it. Stand by. 

Roger. Thank you. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 117:54 CST 09:48 CM-48/1 

CASPER (garble) 

CAPCOM You're too weak to you there. Standby one. 

CAPCOM Good morning CASPER. Up and at em. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 1117:59 CST 09:48 CM-49/1 

Hello Houston, are you there this morning' 

Good Morning CASPER, how're you feeling 
Swinging . 

good nights rest? 
That's the best sleep I've 



this morning? 



since I've been in 

ready to get a few 
me kn ow . 

CASPER Okay, if you got some things for me to copy, 

I'll get started on that and we can catch up on the crew status 
when we get a chance. 

You get a 
Sure did. 
there . 

Hey, that sounds great. Whenever you're 
things done before you're eat period, let 

terminate the 


the flight plan 
out of the way. 

me t e r . 

at 1.5 volts 

Okay, before we get started Ken, could you 
batt A charge. 

No sooner said than done. 

Okay, Ken. How about let's starting with 
changes for a couple of REV 1 s here, and get that 

Okay, just a second. Let me check the test 

s o 


it wo uldn ' t 

wakeup 118 hours. We've already 
want to get a - we don't need to 
you what we want to get from you 
didn't pick up last night, and a 

Okay, the battery compartment is sitting right 
I guess the next time we go to do a dump of stuff 
to amend that too. 
Roger, copy. 
Ok ay , let's go . 

Okay. The first item is right here at the 

terminated the batt charge. We 
write all this in, I'll just tell 
is a thin status report which we 
little bit later here, we want 

to uplength the lift off 
118:15 and there we want 
And that's a VERB 5 NOUN 
by MS FN copy on MS FN Q. 

time. The first item really comes at 

to put sync-mission timer to CMC clock. 

1 enter 1706 enter. And then PSM verification 

I guess your farmiliar with that procedure 


t you. 


they 1 ve got 

Yes , sir. 
Okay, and 

copy out 3 registers, at the proper time, 
is 118:55 delete the charge battery B. 

CASPER Okay. Battery B charge 

a note here where we 
Okay, the next item 

is deleted. 

CAPCOM Okay, at - Stand by a minute, Ken. Okay, Ken 

That should get you through the next couple of REV's. We're just 
going to follow the flight plan. How about now, let's set up 
our CRYO configuration. We would like to verify the, that we're 
using the 100 watt heaters on 02. That's on panel 226, I believe 

CASPER Okay, that's verified. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 09:48 GET 117:54 CM49/2 

CAPCOM Okay, and back on panel 2, we want 02 heaters 

1 and 2 auto, and 3 off. 

CASPER That's verified. 

CAPCOM H2 heaters 1 and 2 off. 

CASPER Okay, H2 heaters 1 and 2 off. 

CAPCOM Roger, and H2 fans 1 and 2 off, and 3 auto. 

CASPER Okay. Fans in tank 3 are auto. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken. We've got a message that says, 

do not vent the battery compartments. 

CASPER Okay. I won't do that. 

CAPCOM Okay, the next item. We're wondering if you've 

got the screens on the suit hoses. Those screens are normally 
stowered in the PGA bags during launch and we don't know if you 
ever got those on or not. If you didn't, you can put those on 
and get increased circulation in the cockpit there. 

CASPER Okay. No we sure didn't. I plugged up the 

inlet side so they wouldn't get dirt in them, and then he 
put the screens on. I'll do that. 

CAPCOM Okay, just make a note to yourself there to 

get that done. 

CAPCOM Okay, tell you a little bit about the SIM bay 

status here. Mapping camera is working fine. No anomalies. The 
only problem we had was that retrack, and our plan on that is, 
that we're going to leave the mapping camera out, except when we're 
doing coupled RCS . The laser altimeter has fired 663 times, since 
launch but it's starting to miss now about 20 percent of the time 
on the altitudes. Pan cameras working fine, no anomalies. We've 
got a margin of 58 frames. Forgot to give you the margin on the 
mapping camera. We're 452 frames ahead there. Masspect is per- 
forming good, and the extent retrack performance is good except that 
the movement hanging up near full retraction, you'r aware of that. 
However the boom has been verified safe for STS burn. The gamma 
ray is getting good data. The gang is stable and it's excellent 
resolution. Boom performance in nominal. X-ray and Alpha particles 
are both good. 

CASPER Okay. Anybody seen anything unusual on any 

of their data yet. 

CAPCOM That's negative, Ken. And if you'll give us 

ACCEPT, we'll get on with you state vector update. 

CAPCOM Stand by for clock update. 

CASPER You've got it. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 9:58 GET 118:04 CM-50/1 

CAPCOM And for your information, on plans, 

we're not going to reschedule any extra mapping camera or 
pan camera passes today to make up for what we missed yester- 
day, we're just going to go with the flight plan. 


CAP COM And in regard to the booms, we're going 

to do, follow the nominal extention and retraction for the mass 
spec except we're going to try to get the retractions done 
during AOS so we can watch it. 

CASPER Okay, that sounds good and was the mapping 

camera retract time really as involved as I thought it was? 

CAPCOM Stand by. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative, Ken, they got 315 on 

their data down here. 


CAPCOM And in regard to your EKG, sometime when 

you get a chance here, we want you to service the leads there 
we want you to - want you to doff your harness, replace the 
sponges and tape and don it again. 

CASPER Okay, that's about a 20 minute job. 

CAPCOM Just whenever you can work it in, no 

real rush there. 

CASPER I'll do it when I get a chance. 

CAPCOM And Ken, confirm that the status looks 

just about like it was when you went to bed last night, noth- 
ing to report there, and I guess you can go ahead and start 
on your postsleep checklist and we'll be standing by for 
your crew status report and SIM status report. 

CASPER Okay, I'll have that for you in just a 

min ute . 

CASPER Okay, Hank, I'm ready for a little crew 

status update and, let's see, you want me to take the mass 
spec ion source stand by now? 

CAPCOM Roger, Ken. Go ahead. 

CASPER Okay, it's - in standby, I'll get the 

pan camera mode is in standby, and the power is coming on. 
Mark. Barber pole, back to gray. 

CAP COM Okay. 

CASPER Are you ready for a little crew status? 

CAP COM Roger. Go ahead. 

CASPER Okay, bravo 115048, bravo 3, 6-1/2, the 

best yet, bravo 4 none, on the menu side, the happy gourmet 
says that a Meal A for CMP was a large orange juice with potas- 
sium, Meal B was - and then breakfast - a chocolate bar, 
sugar cookies and another citrus beverage with potassium. 
Meal C - Chicken and rice, 2 orange drinks, fruit cocktail, 
pineapple fruit cake. I got - I guess yesterday morning - 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CS T 9:58 GET 118:09 CM-50/2 

CASPER For the Commander, you can delete the 

peaches, you can delete the grits. On the LMP - you can 
delete the peaches, you can delete the eggs and you can 
add an extra orange pineapple with potassium. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken. We got all that. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 10:08CST 118:14GET CM51/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston you are clear for a pan 
camera power off. The lens is stuck. 

CASPER Okay, I'll get that in just a second. 

CASPER And camera power is off. 


CAPCOM Ken we're uplinking a state vector to you 

n ow . 


CAPCOM Casper, Houston the computer is yours. 

CASPER Okay, thank you sir. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston whenever you get a chance 

we can take the gamma ray shield off and the mass spec landing 
s ource on . 

CASPER Mass spec landing source is on. The 
gamma ray shield is off. Shield is off. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CAPCOM Ken no need to acknowledge, but give us a 
call when you get ready to sync your mission timer. 

CASPER Okay, I'm trying to catch this photograph 

of updating and I'm almost over it now. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST10:18 GET118:24 CM5 2/1 

of updating and I' 

terminator isn t 
we're far enough 

the line yet? 

of the pola me as 
see probably the 
in the chain and 
it is Still with 



today. Okay, now let's get 
what's happening here Hank, 

Okay, I'm trying to catch this photograph 
m almost over it now. Well, it looks to 


I guess 

me like I'm not going to be able to get it because 

quite far enough over this time, 
off of our basic here. 

Okay, you say Daley hasn't moved out 


No, the terminator is lying just the west 
I can see the highlands and I think I 

of the craters 
The rest of 

first crater chain, first 
in fact that may be Davy 
Ditt o. 

Ro ger. 
I guess 

I'll have to let that one go 
back to where you were. Yeah, 
it looks like we're a little bit 
early, but it still looks like those times would have been - 
those times probably weren't going to quite hack it anyhow. 

CAPCOM I'm a little bit puzzled about it too 

Ken, that should have been good. 

we need to catch 


can sync the 

Okay, and I'm ready. Okay, let's see - 
up on a TSM is that right? 
That's affirmative. 

Okay, that's what I show on 1706. 

Okay, Ken we've got the numbers - it looks 

Okay, and I've copied them down. Now we 
mission timers to that, huh? 
That's affirmative. 

Ken, in regard to that data I was just 

talking to Spence and he says that the - that that was the 
correct time and that what they call officially is the 
terminator, and the photo sending should have worked. It 
sounded like, from what you said, may have been a little too 
dark . 

CASPER There is nothing but hard shadows down 

there where where Davy is, maybe the rim of Tolanaus there and 
GARBLE in that area is a little higher than we calculated 
because we wouldn't have to be off by much in order to keep 
you from missing it. After we talked about it there I looked 
up the side to the south and it looked like further south in 
the mare. The terminator did go out a little further so I 
think it got caught by elevation. 

CAPCOM I suspect that's the case, Ken. 

CASPER Okay, I'll whip in a little P52 here. 

CASPER Hey, Hank. Now there's the old earth 

again and it's getting smaller. I think it's not sanforized. 


Ro ge r . 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST10:18 GET118:24 CM52/2 

CAPCOM Ken, in your post sleep did you terminate 

the jet monitor? 

CASPER Oh, hey no. Let me write that on to my 

post-sleep checklist right now. I wrote that in as an extra 
item yesterday and forgot it this morning. 

CASPER It sure pays, to have you guys watch it. 

CAPCOM Well, I just happened to think of that 

one and I got to thinking about your P52 using SCS and I 
then I wondered about the jet monitor program. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 10:28 GET 118:45 CM-53/1 

CASPER It sure does pays to have you guys watching 

CAPCOM Well, I just happened to think of that one, 

and I got to thinking about your P52 use an SCS and then I 

wondered about the jet marga program. 

CASPER For that one, you get the award for the 

year. That was from — 

Ok ay . 

Okay , 
Ok ay , 
Okay , 
An d , 

the gamma ray 

mark i t . 




to you there 
5 degrees to 


need to update the 
of the TEI 26 pass 
I'll re ad you 

h e re . 


started out, I made a brief 
after insertion and it was, 
this thing will go for 6 
I guess maybe it just — 
of stabilized and 


And, Ken, whenever you get a chance 
shield on when you get through with this. 


The gamma ray shield is coming on 

we got the 93 
going to count 


I* 11 do it a 10 
Casper, Houston. 

at 10 o ' clock , 
the an gle s . 

We' d 

Kind of looks like 
like to change the 

for that deadband test 
2 and a half degrees. 

Okay. Make that 2 and a half. 
And Ken, since we updated the clock, we 
time on the pick for the TEI 26. The rest 
good. So, whenever you're ready to copy, 

Okay, just a second 

a new 

Let me get my GDC 

is working a 
check on it. 

Houston, pretty readily 
hours and be off less than 

lot better. When we 
You know, right 

and now 
10 de gre es . 


TEI- 26? 


to give you a 

any of the UV 

once it got warmed up, 
it's really — really doing a 
Hey, that sounds real great. 
Yes, particularly if you're 
Okay, why don't you give me 

it just sort 
good job n ow . 

passing it on. 
a new time for 

Roger. Tick is 125 26 15.47. 
Okay, that's 25 26 1547. 
Roge r. That ' s 125 . 
Ye ah , yeah . 125 . 
Thank you. 

Then I've got the purge line heaters on, 
Roger, copy. 

And about now, suppose I give you -- tr? 
rundown on the film. 

Okay, go ahead, Casp. 

Just use any of the — we didn't use 
film yesterday, that's magazine Oscar Oscar. 

Magazine Sierra Sierra reads 20 frames 



to give 
day , that ' s 
reads about 


And I got the purge lines heaters on. 
Roger , copy . 

And about now, suppose I give you - 
you a rundown on the film? 

Okay, go ahead, Ken 

We didn't use any of the TJV film yester- 
magazine Oscar Oscar, magazine Sierra Sierra 
20 frames. I'm just going to have to go through 
the film locker here and pull out mags and tell you what's 
on them. Okay, November November is completed. And Victor, 
we're only up to 8. On the 35 millimeter I used the - well 
we didn't finish up that CIM role when the ALFMED was on. 
It's the same status as half band, but I had to take it out 
in order to get X- Ray X-ray put in. The Earthshine, which 
we didn't get last night, and if we're going to get it, we 
ought to get it right soon cause that earth is getting con- 
siderably smaller. The - I had to take that CIM mag out, 
unfortunately. And I'm going through the 16 TIU's, portions 
of 2 of them, one the undocking sequences and one of the 

Okay, on magazine Charlie Charlie, I'm 

that's 60. And on magazine Bravo Bravo, 
I think that should be all the film, Hank 
Okay, we got it, Ken. 

landmark tracking, 
showing 60 percent 
I have 80 percent. 


update for you. 



CAPCOM Ken, I'll read this change up to you 

next time. About what it amounts to is that we're going to 
delete the bistatic radar and its place we're going to put 
an oblique photo pass, and I'll catch you on the next rev 

And Ken, I've got one more flight plan 

Ok ay . Go ahead. 
Stand by one minute. 
Ken, I'll read this change up 


with it. We ve got 

4-1/2 minutes to LOS 


for a little while, 
everythings looking 
see you on the next 



in excell command. 

CASPER Well, thank you. I wonder how that one 

happened. It's pretty easy to kick a switch when you're 
rolling around in here. You chase a piece of the flight 
plan away from you or you kick a camera and that's not an 
unusual thing to happen, I appreciate your telling me about 
i t . 

CAP COM Roger. 

abo ut 

Casper, Houston. We lost comm there 

We're about 3 minutes from LOS and 
good. Have a good breakfast and we'll 

Casper, Houston. 
Go ahead. 
Roger. We show 

Well, thank you. 

your manual attitude 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 11:37 GET 119:50 CM-55/1 

CASPER Hello down there. 

CAPCOM Hello Casper. 

CASPER They're still here. 

CAPCOM Roger. How' d everything go. 

CASPER Sure do feel a lot better. Got quite a 

bit numb on that little back side fixing there. 

CAPCOM Hey, that sounds great. First thing off 

the bat here Ken, we'd like to get a bat B charge going. 

CASPER Okay. Stand by. Okay, you've got it. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CAPCOM And for your info Ken the E mod we got 

last night looks good. 

CASPER Okay. Thank you. 

CAPCOM And Ken I got a few items for you when you're 

ready to work them in. I got a mapping camera photo pad, a 
flight plan update and update to your rational loads in the 
G&C checklist whenever you can get a break from eating there. 

CASPER Okay. I'm just getting a good start on 

that and I'll copy those as we go along here. Give me a 
couple of minutes to get some things going. 

CASPER Okay, Hank. I'm ready to copy. 

CAPCOM Okay. We'll start with the flight plan 

changes and the first one's at 123:26. 


CASPER And, incidentally, Ken, have you got the 

urine dump charges on the last back side. 
CASPER That's affirmative. 

CAPCOM Okay. At 123:26 , we're going to delete 

the maneuver to biostatic radar attitude, we're going to 
delete the biostatic as we told you earlier. Top of the next 
column there about 123: 32 , delete all that before you can 
configure the S-band, following that delete the - - or VHF 
following that, delete the S-band, delete the P20 following 
that. Infact, delete everything in that column. And delete 
the biostatic radar over to the right hand side of the bottom. 


CAPCOM Okay. Now back at 123:26 , we want to add 

in there this 40 degrees South of Leake. A P20 Option 5 40 degree 
South - - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 119:59 CST 11:41 CM-56/1 

CAPCOM Thing in that column. And release the 

biostatic radar over to the right hand side of the box. 

CAP COM Okay, now back at 123:26 we want to add in 

there this 40 degree south oblique P20 option 5. 40 
degree south of oblique. Photo attitude (123:31) the NOUN 78 
is plus 270 00 plus 087 75, plus 180 00. NOUN 79, plus 000 50 
attitude 182 000 underlined slash 080, 000. Set high gain, 
pitch 10 yaw 350 for AOS acquisition. 

CASPER Okay Hank, I copy 40 degrees south of 

like. You're replacing the biostatic radar. P20 option 5 at 
123:31, NOUN 78 plus 270 plus 87.75 plus 180. NOUN 79 is .50. 
Give me an atitude of 182 0 80 and 000 and pitch 10 and yaw 350 
for acquisition. 

CAPCOM That's good readback and on the next page, 

you can delete the biostatic radars in both columns and at 124 
take it back, let's go back to the previous page. Lost 
thing there 123 31. We want to add at 123 31. 


CAPCOM Image motion on. Mapping camera on 

image motion barber pole plus 3 and then on. 


T start, 



still a long ways 


off at T stop . 




mapping camera to 




following page. 

form isn ' t it ? 

camera photo pad. 




to your erasable 


Okay, you 
We'll get 
away . 
Okay . 
Then over 

have the T start time? 
that up to you in a Pad. 

That ' s 

at 12 4 32 we want mapping camera 

What — wait a minute, say the time again. 
12 4 32. On the next page. 
Okay . I got it. 

Mapping camera off. T stop, wait 30 seconds 
standby. And image motion off. 
Ok ay . 

And could you 
You've got it. 

Okay and the last change is at 
Delete the P52. By 125 06 there. 

Got it. That sure is a super little plat- 

give us auto on high gain? 

125 06, the 

Boy it's a beauty. 
This pad goes at 121 
Okay . 

Okay T start is 121 
Okay 121 32 18, 122 
And the last item I 
load from the DMC -- 
Just a second Hank, 

Okay, I have a mapping 
35 approximately. 

32 18, T stop 122 32 08. 
32 08. 

have for you is a change 

let me write 

Okay, I got a pad for the erasables. Alright let me 

those down, 
find that. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 119:59 CST 11:41 CM-56/2 

I just wanted to write T stop times down 
from it . 

Okay this is in your G&C checklist on page 

Okay, I'm going after it. 
Alrighty, in column A OID 

I miss ed 
Ok ay • 

I gues s I'm 

I've got it. 
05, change 03773 

before I got away 


to read 03521. 

CASPER I missed that Hank 


CASPER I guess I'm going to have to do one thing 

and the other. I can't talk and eat at the same time. 

CAPCOM Okay, whenever you're ready we'll -- if 

don't want to do it now, just holler. 

CASPER Okay, let me finish this eat period. 

CAP COM Okay. 

CASPER I got -- I got carried away with trying 

get ahead. Hey Hank if you got time while I can listen and — 
how about telling me if there's -- if you got any words on the 
general EVA plan for the surface and guys are doing. 

CAPCOM Okay, the guys are outside now on the surface, 

they got the Rover deployed and they're checking it out and 
they're going to try to do the nominal number 1 EVA plan. It's 
not as far as we can predict in the future right now is through 
doing the 2nd EVA tomorrow. We don't know how consumables are 
going to hold out for the -- for this thing. We're going to 
have to take a look at it whether there's a possibility of a 
3rd one or not. Right now, I'm not so sure. 

There still is some chance. Huh? 
Well it doesn't look too bright but they're 




lo okin g at it. 

does that come 


Have they got the ALSEP out yet or is -- 
after the Rover? 

That comes after the Rover. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 11:51 GET 120:09 CM-57/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. This is a reminder. 

About time for us to open the Alpha Particle X-Ray cover. 

CASPER Okay. I'll - Thank you, sir. Alpha 

cover Open to Mark, and it's grey. 



MODULE , 4-21-72, CST 12:01 GET 120:10 CM- 

original updates 



OID 05. 




data there should 


OID07 reads now 


13353, new data 


data 65620 . 


05 . 

Okay, Hank, I'm ready to copy your 
Say again, Casper. 

I'm ready to copy the originals. 

Okay, in column A there, column Alpha, 

This is on 9-4. 
That's affirmative. 
Okay . 

The old data should 
035 21. 

That's affirmative. 
76747, new data 76274. 

Okay, now reads 76 2 7 4. 
Roger. Column Bravo OID04 


Column Bravo OID 05 old data 00041, 

read 03 773, the new 

Column A again 

now reads 


Okay, new data 65620. Thats column Bravo 

CAPC0M That's correct Ken, and that's all of 

I hate to go back but along about 12506 when we 
that P52, we should have deleted the 2 that went 

tha t 
de 1 et e d 
right ahead 

of it . 

0k ay , 
passing over 

let me come 
Moutler now 

back to that in just a 
second. I'm passing over Moutler now and if you remember 
we talked about that funny bright ray pattern, how it seemed 
to have a funny shape that it took off in one direction and 
then it made a straight line in the other. Well there's 
a textural difference in the ground that's underneath that 
bright material. It's a - it looks like it's a - it's more 
like highlands kind of overlay that's on top of regular 
mare material, and it does, in fact, go along those - that 
line of demarcation that we see that seems to overlay the 
the - the mare type and it's - it doesn't go very 
the south and it doesn't go very far to the west, 
along that line where you see it and then there's a little 
rakal, a little cluster of craters and ridges that goes 
along with the line that goes between Moutler and that 
bright ray crater with an excluded zone to the south of 
him, or actually southeast. I just remembered that question 
but I just wanted to pop that in. There's also a crater 
directly south of Theophilus that has a dark halo around 
it and maybe we'll get a better look at it later. He's 
about one crater diameter south of Theophilus and it's about 
the size of a little crater in the northern end of Theophilus 

far to 
It's r i gh t 

APOLLO 16 COMMAND MODULE, 4-21-72, CST 12:01 GET 120:19 CM-58/2 

CASPER And when I say dark, it 

sort of a little darker brown than the rest 

s re ally j us t 
of the material. 

And it's in the middle 
Th ere ' s 

of an area that's kinda wrinkled, 
another little crater just to the north and east 
of that that has 3 - a cluster of 3 craters around the in 
northern rim and he too has a dark halo and his dark halo is 
about 1-1/2 crater diameters and the larger one to the south 
is about 1-1/2 crater diameters. Okay, let's go back in - 
you said something about working on the P52 and I deleted 
that and 1 should have deleted the POO that went with it. 

CAP COM That's affirm, 

until after we called it up. It's 
deleted the P52 and we should also 
keep the place marked yes. 

We didn't catch that 
the 12506 there, we 
delete the POO, just 

going to try 
across it. 



t o 

Okay, that's deleted. Alright, and I'm 
get ahack on the landing site as we come 

Ro g e r an d - 
Were you able 

to copy reasonably of 


be clipping 

pictures of 

ab le 

s ame 

Yes sir, maybe 5 by 5. 

Okay. I wasn't sure how much it might 
on ya. I've got the camera ready for our 
Alphonsus and it appears to me I ought to be 
to catch Alphonsus and the Davy Crater Chain at the 
time. The ought to both be in the Sun this time. 
CAPCOM Hey, that's real good, Ken. 

CASPER Okay, we're steaming along here and I 

just passed Kant and I tell you, these things aren't nearly 
as dramatic as they were down in that little pass. When you 
came over the Kant Platole down low it really looked like 
the ground was coming up 
and that bright area and 

and I'm crossing the Crater Descarte 
again the surface of that bright 
as distinct as it did in the low 
site in the binoculars now. I can 
and it really is a jumbled thing. 
I can see one bright layer, then a dark layer, then a bright 
layer, and a dark layer on the south - or on the west side 
and on the south it looks like some of the same and I can't 

area doesn't look nearly 
sun. I have the landing 
look down in a South Ray 

see the shadows very well to the north. I m 
at the - now let's see here - I'm over around 
got Double Spot in my binoculars and let me see 
anything in that area. 

CAPCOM Can you see the LM? 

CASPER Well, I was hoping I 

looking over 

T . 

if I can see 

I don't think I do. Let us go back here 
there is one little ridge line that goes 
mean that first crater that they come up 

could say yes, but 
and - it looks 
around the - I 
to - it's Flagg or 

APOLLO 16, COMMAND MODULE , 4-21-72, CST 12:01 GET 120:19 CM-58/3 

CASPER Spook, I'm upside down and I'm thinking 

that way too. I've got the single craters and those 
terraces that we talked about that were over in Stone Mountain 
don't stand out very well from here. Looks to me like you 
got a lot of the same lineations that we've seen in the 
other places, looks like some slumping further around than 
where they are going to be going up. I don't think they'll 
be able to recognize terraces as such. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CASPER The - the north west - I mean northeast 

correction side of that extension of Stone Mountain has a - 
what I would have called slumping in it were on the inside 
of the crate r . 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY A/21/12 CST 12:11 GET 120:29 CM-59/1 

CAP COM Okay, Ken, you've got about 

minutes to go before the terminator photos. 

CASPER Okay, I'm 

to get myself oriented to the 

getting set up now 
best window. I'll 

a couple of 

tell you, 

I know it's not supposed to make any difference if you're 

it s ure does . 

going backwards or not, but 
CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER Okay. There's Albategnius, and he's 

got a nice scaly floor and a whole bunch of the — like a 
concentric ring, but I can't - Yeah, by golly, there's a 
concentric ring in that thing just like there is in the 
Mares. And, it goes most of the way around. In some places, 


ove r lai n 
quite shadowed. 

( garb le ) . We 

with the - like the Crater Kline hides it. 

Okay. The floor of Alphonsus is still 


An d we're 
a s e con d . 

the re ? 

Okay, Ken. 
lose co mm for 
Okay . 

Hank, are you still 
That's affirmative. 
Okay. Looking at Alphonsus, 
a - You can see this obvious little 
about that runs north and south 
entirely different texture than 

coming up on the 

I'd s ay 
b an d that 
through there, and 
what you see in the 

that there ' s 
we talked 
th at ' s an 

material on either side of it. But it is the same on either 
side. Looking from north to south, I don't see anything that 
I can really call a good - that says there's any topographic 
relief going from south to north. There's no demarkation that's 
evident that's different at all. Although there is some 
of this material that's in the south that runs towards the 
crater's center that does indeed look like it might be taper- 
ing down and thinning out. I'll come back to that in just a 
minute. Let me pick up Davy. 

get Davy on this 


run - oh , gosh , 
size of Timaeus 
G is ob vio us . I 
not obvious that 
Even the central 



day . 

magazine SS 

Well, I tell you, we aren t going to 
pass either. 

Still in the shadows? 

Sure is. You can just see the shadows 
I'd say a quarter of a crater diameter the 
out. And it goes to just about where Davy 
think I've got Davy G, but that's not - it's 
I can. And the rest of it just disappears, 
peak in Alpetragius doesn't show. 

I wouldn't have expected that one. 

No. No, neither would I. Well, another 

l s now 

An d , 
25 . 

Henry, the frame number 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 12:11 GET 120:29 CM-59/2 
CAPCOM Roger. Copy 25. 

CASPER Okay, I get a canister change. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CS T 1221 GET 120:39 CM- 60 /I 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. The note in your flight 

plan about not starting at 121:05 is still good. 
CASPER Okay, Henry. Thank you sir. 


APOIiO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY k/2l/j2 CST 12:31 GET 120:49 CM-6l/l 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. Forgot to ask you, did you see anything on that 
last back side pass that's worthy of any comment at all? 

CASPER No sir, I did not. I ... let me get my head out l of the cockpit. 
CAPCOM Roger. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY k/2l/j2 CST 12:31 GET 120:59 CM-62/l 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. We're about 2 minutes from LOS and everything's 
looking good. If you don't have anything else, ve'll see you on the other side. 

CASPER Okay, Hank, and I'm all set up to take the Gum Nebula and I've 
checked the star "patterns and they all work out just fine, so I'll see you at 

CAPCOM Good show. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY U/21/72 CST 13:31 GET 121:^9 CM-63/l 

CAPCOM Casper, lets have WIDE on high gain. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY k/2l/-J2 CST 13:1+0 GET 121:58 CM-6Vl 


Casper, Houston. Bring up the high gain according to the flight 



Casper, Houston. 


Hello, there. 


Oh, how's things going? 


I been trying, Hank. I 

know that acquisition wasn 

't as smooth 

as I had. thought it might he 

* * . 

I tried to get you to use a manual to tweak it up 

a little hit and that didn't seem to help much, maybe I'm not helping at all, maybe 
I'm hurting. I saw one thing that was ... it was new about the zodiacal light -rorld, 
they don't realize that, that stuff is actually reasonably bright. But you get your- 
self well dark adapted, then you sit out there long enought to recognize it. But 
almost immediately after, oh, I'd say within .. certainly within 5 minutes ... 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 1347 GET 122:05 CM-65/1 

CASPER Oh, I'd say within - - certainly within 5 

minutes and maybe a little sooner after LOS. There was enough 
zodiacal layer solar corona whichever is the proper technical 
name that you could see a distinct horizon and it got just 
more distinct there right up till sunrise. Never did see any 
providence or anything like that, thought maybe we would but 
I guess those are to small a scale. But just prior to sunrise 
you see a lot of long streaks and that's - - when I say just prior 
that's like just a few seconds before sunrise. All of a sudden 
you get these very promanent rays coming out and then the sun's 
right there. You don't want to be looking at that. 

CAPCOM Roger. Copy. 

CASPER It is right pretty to watch that stuff at 

n i gh t . 

CAP COM Sounds like a real pretty sight. INCO says 

that they find you in narrow when you're trying to bring the 
high gain up and it's - - you'll have a little better luck 
with wide. 

CASPER Okay. You're right, I look down that 

the flight plan and saw react and narrow. And then I went back 
to manual. I may have had it in there all along. Thank you. 

CAPCOM Ken, I got a the biocal light mapping camera 

photo pad for you and TEI 32 block data. 

CASPER Okay. Stand by and let me get my books. 

CAPCOM You want to start with the photo pad, there's 

a biocal light you copy at 123:12. 

CASPER Okay. I've got that and Alpha that kinda (garble) 

back along about - - back along about King was the first chance 
I had to get all squared away again from bay low light level 
stuff. So I did get a chance to look as much back there as 
I hoped but back around King pretty interesting stuff again, 
looking at a crater and some of the beds and things that are 
in it. Pair of beds and I'm convinced now that we're not seeing beds 
at all. Through the binoculars it looks like those things 
are dark material and light material and slumped together and 
why they form shalves like that I don't have any idea. But you 
can't trace them through, if they are stratographic then they 
are indeed of - - not only if you had horizontally strato- 
graphy you had a great deal of vertical fractures that cause 
these things to slide in different proportions, cause there's 
no continuous horizontal strata. And you don't realize that till 
you look at it in detail. Okay. I got my update book out and 
I got my flight plan here so you can take the photo pad first 
if you like. 

CAPCOM Okay. The first one is a - - the zodiacal 

light at 123:12. T-start is 123 - - 
CASPER I've got it. 

CAP COM - - 09 38. 

CASPER Okay. 123 0 9 38. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 1347 GET 122:50 CM-65/2 

Okay, the one next comes in 123:32. There's 
there for that one because we added that In. But 
the mapping caera is 123 31 12. T-stop is 124 31 02 
Okay, and I - I just 3112 for the start time 

not a block 
T-start for 

I'm writing that 
again please. 








give me any more. 

CASPER Okay. Go 

CAPCOM You ready 

CASPER Yes sir. 

133 137 12 0788 981 plus 
110 015. Set stars same 
minus 161.32 and landing 


in. I don't have a pad and T-stop, tell me 

T-stop 124 31 02. 
Okay . 

And the next mapping camera pad is at 125:30 
125 : 30 Okay . 

T-start is 125 30 05. T- 
T 125 30 05, 126 29 55. 
Good. Readback. 

Okay, let me mark that (garble) 

stop 126 29 55 

before you 

for the 

TEI 32 block? 

38709 plus 072 plus 
minus 01 202 181 
seconds. Lamda 

TEI 32, G&N V&S 
292 20 plus 06997 
as CCRT 2 jets 17 

TEI 32, FPS G&N 38709 plus 0 72 plus 
20 plus 06997 minus 01 202 181 110 015 
jets 17 seconds lamda -16132 and this 

133 137 12 0788 plus 292 
Set stars same as cert 2 
is the landing REFFSMAT. 

CAPCOM Good read back Ken. 

CASPER Hank, can you give me any 

LM last estimated position. 

CAPCOM I'll work on 

earth shine photos? 

CASPER No sir. I tried to 

and we'd decide to close up shop before 


coordinates on the 

that Ken and did you take any 

get them in 
I could get 

last night 
th em in . 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 122:15 CST 13:57 CM-66/1 

CASPER No sir, I — I tried to get them in last 

night and we decided to close up shop before I could get them in. 
CAP COM Okay. 

CASPER And I tell you it's going down -- it was 

much more dramatic the first night than it was last night and 
it's not as dramatic tonight on the night side passes, so if 
you can find a place to put it, that is one thing I'd like to 
get the sooner the better. 

CAPCOM Okay, FAO advises that if you didn't take 

any earth shines, that magazine x-ray x-ray is — which you're — 
I think already have on the night coram is good for the sadonical 
light rather than changing the (garble) and on this next round -- 

CASPER Yes sir, I plan to do that. 

CAPCOM Next rev you can -- if you want to take some 

earth shine they suggest window 4 and take away. 

CASPER Window 4. Okay, I guess I'll have to check 

the attitude. Do they -- if I take the sadonical light on an 
X-ray X-ray do they have a recommended magazine? 

CAPCOM Standby. Okay Ken we have a film story for 

you, if you chose to do the earth shine use mag xx and window 
4 and the target should be about — you should see it about 122 
42. If you don't do the earth shine, you can go ahead and use 
XX for the diacal. If you do the earth shine of course, with 
the XX, you need the YY per the flight plan for the diacal. 

CASPER Okay, I don't think it would be prudent 

for me to try and get the earth shine and the sadiacal light 
on the same rev. 

CAPCOM Okay, copy. And the surgeon is still anxious 

for you sometime to find a place to change out the sensors. 

CASPER Rog. I understand that. Do you need them 

all changed Hank or can you send me the one so I don't have to 
waste time on all that stuff. You got to break out each one of 
those little things by itself and keep track of it and then -- 
it takes a good 20 minutes if you change out the whole sensors. 

CAPCOM Standby one. Ken the surgeon says he can't 

tell which — which one of the sensors is bad, so before we 
take off and do them all, why don't you try pressing down on 
them and then let him watch his data and maybe we can find which 
one's the bad one. Press them one at a time. 

CASPER Okay. Let me -- Okay, I'll start on the 

the ground. I'm pressing the ground now. 

CAPCOM Okay, that didn't do it. 

CASPER Okay, I'll go to the external. 

CAPCOM That seemed to make it worse Ken. 

CASPER That's making it worse. 

CAPCOM Yeah, that's probably the culprit, but let's 

try the 3rd one while you're at it. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 122:15 CST 13:57 CM-66/2 

CASPER Well, maybe that's my problem then. Okay. 

CAPCOM That makes a trace a lot better Ken. I 

imagine it's the 3rd one then. 

CASPER Okay, I'll try to change those 2 out. 


CASPER I'll tell you that little sun angle change 

ole North and South Ray really stand out now. You couldn't 
miss those for anything. 

CAPCOM And Ken for your information John and Charlie 

are almost through getting the ALSEP out. 

CASPER Okay, sounds good. Like an EVA should. 

CAPCOM This is fabulous. 

CASPER I know that's a bad one but you know that's 

about all I can do for you today. That's probably safer than 
having you tell me jokes. Okay with the binocs on the area now, 
I'm looking down into North Ray crater and South Ray and the 
interior structures of those 2 don't look quite the same. There' 
alot more light dark material in the South Ray, but that may be 
caused by the fact that its just -- it really has been a fresher 
appearing crater all around. The area's trying to see if I 
can see any shadows or anything -- there's a bright spot down 
there but I think that's just a double spot itself. I don't 
see anything with the binocs that I can say I — say I can't 
stabilize them quite that well. Coming down the traverse route 
from where they're going across survey ridge, I don't think 
survey's going to be easy to spot and when you get down -- there 
is one definite terrace -- looks like the -- looks like Stone 
Mountain is formed with 12 3 terraces but they're much larger 
than the kind of things we were drawing on the map. The rest 
of that is very fine subtle lineations. The area around North 
Ray, particularly up along the area that they were going on the 
EVA -- I can see it now and it almost looks like that little 
pile of material that runs up to the south of there track and 
I'll give you some coordinates on that. I'm looking at my chart, 
oh let's see, 9 Charlie, yeah let's look at chart -- 9 Charlie 
and there's a -- this is pretty lousey picture but if you'll 
remember at a point about CY by 79, if you'll draw a line there 
and then draw a line down to about CU at 81 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 122:25 CST 14:07 CM-67/1 

CASPER 79 If you'll draw a line there and then 

draw a line down to about CU at 81, that represents a ridge 
which shows up in the photograph and looking down on that 
vertically, that looks like sort of a flow of material than 
runs up over the lip of North Ray and down into it. And it 
shows some craters on it but it almost looks like a flow that 
runs up and down into North Ray rather than being some of the 
other kinds of things we've talked about. And I didn't have 
much time, I'll try to concentrate on that on the next rev. 

CAPCOM Roger, good show Ken. Ken do you want the 

LM coordinates at lat long or do you want the coordinates on 9 

CASPER Oh, I'd like to have in 9 Charlie kind of 

coordinates, that's about the only thing I have to reference to. 
CAPCOM That's what I figured. 

CASPER Let me see here if I can get -- get one last 

chance on — on our old friend that Davey and see if maybe he has 
decided to show his face this time. Don't let me forget the 
mapping camera, it comes about the same time. 

CAPCOM CASPER could you give us auto on high gain. 

CASPER Yes sir, you have auto. I'll tell you Hank, 

I think that the terminator has got hung up here on a high 
mountain or something. It just doesn't look like it's moving 
as much as it is everywhere else on the Moon. 

CAP COM Roger, is Davey still in the dark? 

CASPER Well, I'm not to it yet but he sure — I 

don't see anything beyond it. Yeah well Alfonses and Archytas 
show up nicely and here comes the crater chain by golly. Yep, 
much to my amazement, the peak in (garble) still is in daylight. 
Oh, I see whats happened now, there's a — there's a little hill 
that's shielding -- I see where Davey crater chain is now and 
it's right in the middle of a bid long shadow that's being cast 
out there and it's shielding that whole area cuz Davey -- and 
Davey Y show up nicely and Davey G is easy to see but the chain 
itself, I can just make out and I'll take a picture -- well let's 
see that's acute angle, I don't know if I can get enough to 
show you but -- they sure must not have much of a lip on them 
if they don't show but that -- by the time we see them, they 
may be in a fairly high sun. 

CAPCOM Roger, copy Ken. 

CASPER I'm taking the stretch this time anyhow 

because it'll show all the area around Davey and there are some 
craters in there and an awful lot of them that have absolutely 
no rims, which seems to me it looks entirely different than 
what you see in — what you think of, at least things are all 
very subdued -- they just drop in. You see glows in the low 
sun you see — you see the far lip before you see the near lip 
of the crater. Although there are a few that have raised rims 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 122:25 CST 14:07 CM-67/2 

CASPER and they kind of are the exception here 

instead of the rule, whereas most low sun angle places we see 
are — I'll take a shot down just a little bit to the South 
there and there the average is red craters and very few rimless 
ones . 

CAPCOM Roger Ken and your about 20 seconds from 

T stop on the mapping camera. 

CASPER Okay, going to it. Thank you. 

Okay and the mapping camera is off, I'll wait 30 seconds. Man 
Hank this system is really good. I don't have to give a second 
thought to -- to what's going on and just by not having to watch 
that clock, it just frees your hands to go do everything that 
you want to do. It really — on the back side I get all bent 
out of shape with myself cuz I get behind -- I start -- you just 
don't have a chance to do anything except those items which are 
timeline ABC and do them in exactly the sequence that they give 

CAPCOM Roger. The only hitch to this is that I 

get interested in what you're saying and I might forget. 

CASPER Well, just remember, they go in your card. 

The back side goes on mine. 

CAPCOM Actually though, I've got a bunch of guys 

b a ck in g me up . 

CASPER Well I tell you this place is so fascinating 

that you just don't dare let anything go by. It's -- you know 
I think you could stay here a life time and never see it all. 
I guess that — 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 1417 GET 122:35 CM-68/1 

CASPER Don't dare let anything go by. It's - - you 

know I think you could stay here a life time and never see it 
all. I guess that's kinda a silly statement because that's 
true in almost anywhere you go. It sure is dramatic. At first 
glance particularly the back side looks like an old gypsen 
plant. It just looks like someone poured stuff all over it and 
just made it - - just trying to hide it, cameflage things. The 
more you look at it then you start to pick out several differences 
Unfortunately I'm not smart enough to know what those things 


Ah , 
it . 

mean but I m 
do and maybe 

came ra Ken . 

image motion 
let me give 
I ' m n ow at 
baby s quare . I 
chance while we 
trying after. 
back to my self. 
s omething ? 

light. What 

comm there is 

sure we got some folks down there that certainly 
if we get enough data why they can piece together. 

Are you going to stand by now with the mapping 

yes sir, I went to stand by and I took 

Ah , 

Okay. Thank 
Thank you, I 
a reading of 



forgot to tell you 
magazine SS before 

Roger. 35. 

And I guess we can sorta say we 
don't think we ought to keep trying 
will but I'm not going to keep 

ab o u t it 
I forget 

have filled th 
that. Get a 

And as a back light I'll keep on magazine 

Roger. XX 

( garble) 

Say again Ken. 

sorry I was playing my tape recorder 



S ay 

are you free right now? 
again Hank. 
Are you free right now, 


are you doing 
camera for the zodiacal 

I'm sitting up 
did you need? 

Okay. I was just thinking in case we loose 
one little change - - after we get LOS where you 

have to configure the DSC, since we ve added in this mapping 
camera pass oblique. We want to get high bit rate instead of low 
bit rate . 

CASPER Okay. Let me write that down. Figure and 

then says low, you want me to go high. Okay, and if you remind 
of that just before LOS. 

CAP COM I intend to and in regard to your comments 

about King were there any other things on the back side that 
you had of interest. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 1417 GET 122:35 CM-68/2 

CASPER I found a couple of items back - - mostly to 

the - - I think almost all of the things I had a chance to look 
at this time were to the - - to the West of King. Between there 
and about AOS I have a chance to look at the swirls, the look at 
King and a crater where I first felt like I found - - my first 
comment was that if there's ever a crater on the Moon that's got 
stratigraphy exposed that's got to be it. And I hope that's 
wrong because there wasn't any where I was looking. And I took 
a picture of that one. And there was another little bright ray 
guy - - a littl e splashed out crater that looks like so many 
bright ray ones except that it seems like he's built up on 
a mound. Got this nice mound with real bright crater in the 
center of it and all the bright ray material is splashed around 
it. That too was - - that was about South of Flemming I think, 
somewhere in that neighborhood. 

CAPCOM Okay. We'll see if we can locate it. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 14:27 GET 122:45 CM- 



frames are on 


the mag, and we 


thing and still 



Hey, Hank. 
Go ahead. 

Could you tell me - confirm how many 
Magazine XX? Is that 70 - total? 
Stand by. 

Ken, there should be 48 total 
show you with 42 remaining. 
Be 8 total. Now, okay. 
Okay, so I can take 8 frames on 
have plenty for the zodiacal light. 
That's correct, Ken. 

Okay, there's one. This stuff isn't - 
even yesterday. The first 
There's number 2. Number 2 
strip, but rather an interesting (garble) 
crater; and I'm coming up on - I believe 

frames on 


just isn't as bright as it was 
night it was really something 
was not a part of a 
that runs through a 
this is Grimaldi. 

crater feature 



looks like on 

I thought was 
looking at here, 
know if I can get 

Roger. We show you north of 
I'd swear I'd recognize that 
Le t ' s see - 

Grimaldi . 
d o ub 1 e 

You're right. I'm west. It's Riccioli. 
Can you see Riccioli three. That 
the map a double - a double-ring crater. 

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. That's the one 
north of Grimaldi, and that's what I'm 

Okay, this is the area where - I don't 
a photo of the things aw last night 

that were really interesting 
bright. I'm not sure I 
I don't know if this is 

They had some 
can see it all. 
going to - Okay, 

- It's not as 
Yeah, there it is 
my third 1 here - 


APOLLO 16, COMMAND MODULE, 4-21-72, CST 1437 , GET 122: 55 CM70/1 

CASPER Okay, my third one here in this sequence 

was taken of the crossed (garble) and as I commented before 
when you look out in the dark you get a very dramatic 
terminator just like you do from the Earth shines like you 
do from the upshine and there's a place - oh I'll try to get 
a picture of this because it shows - there's this bright 
blank on the horizon which is obviously a big mountain chain 
and I would - it sticks up quite a number of degrees above 
the horizon. Okay and I guess that's all I'm gonna try to 
take in this sequence and I'll get back to the. Now I'll take 
one up to the north here, there's some more interesting things 
and we'll still be safe. Okay, okay, now I'm on frame 13 so 
that was frames whatever we had before up through 13 and I'm 
going back now to the zodiacal light configuration. 

CASPER Sure do get some interesting sensations 

when you try to float around in a dark cockpit here and you 
run into a camera or something and you try to figure out 
what it was that just tapped you on the back. 

CAPCOM (Laughter). Roger. 

CASPER Okay, we're in configuration for zodiacal 

light. And you want me to do that at 12 3 05 on time. Is 
that correct? 

CAPCOM Ken, I guess you just don't start earlier 

than that. 

CASPER I'm talking about the DSE now. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, configure the DSE at 

12 3 06 . 

CASPER 123 06. Okay. 

CAPCOM I guess you can do that and then start 

the zodiacal light any time after that. 

CASPER The zodiacal light has to start on 

this pad time I think. 

CAP COM You're correct. 

CASPER Hey Hank, if you run into Puddy around 

there somewhere you might tell him that - ask him to tell 
Stoner and Temple that all those hours they put in configuring 
the CMS so that it would have the right stowage and all the 
little goodies would be in place has certainly paid off. Now 
I can run around - I reach for things and get it all down 
without feeling like I'm pressed for time, and it's thanks to 
their keeping that thing in flight the configuration. 

CAPCOM Okay, I'll relay that Ken. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, you're looking good at 

LOS and we've got about a minute to go, don't forget your 

CASPER Okay, thank you very much. See you in 

about 40 . 

CAP COM roger. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 15:30 GET 123:48 CM- 

CAP COM Casper, Houston. 

CASPER Hello, there. 

CAPCOM Hello. How'd it go on that rev? 

CASPER Well, that's right interesting. On 

the zodiacal light, I got it done and took the last frame 
just as the Sun - I took the frame and it said stop the 
tape and the Sun came up. So I guess that all worked out 
pretty good. In the process, I missed the settings for a 
quarter of a second and possibly one of them for a half, 
because when I turned the filter, it came off. And I 
figured there wasn't any sense in taking it with the filter 
in other than its 90 degree position. But the rest of 
the stuff managed to get done on time. And we rolled out 
at 31:09 and turned the mapping camera on at 31:09. So 
you missed about 6 seconds. 

CAPCOM Roger. Copy. 

CASPER I guess it was - Maybe I made it. It 

was right close - Yeah, 31:12 is when you wanted it. 
That was a tight maneuver. 

CAPCOM Ken, do you have your man Charlie handy? 

CASPER Okay, Hank. Go ahead. 

CAPCOM Okay. Our best guess for the LM is at 

coordinates 80 and Charlie Alpha .7. That's about 200 meters 
northwest of Double Spot . 

CASPER Okay. That's 80 and Charlie Alpha .7. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. 

CASPER Okay, we'll go take a look. 

CAPCOM And I do have one other Flight Plan 

change for you. That occurs at 126 : 44. 

CASPER Okay, go ahead. 

CAPCOM Okay. You know, we told you earlier we 

didn't want to risk playing around with that Mass Spec Boom, 
so we want to delete the Mass Spec Retract to 8.4 feet. 

CASPER Okay. That's deleted. 

CAPCOM And at 12829, since we've didn't pull it 

back, we don't need to deploy it again. We can delete 
the Mass Spec Deploy. 



H ank 

, are 



there ? 


Roger. Did yo 

>u copy 

that last? 


N o . 



stopped talking, It 

S o un de d 


Oh , 

okay . 


I copied 


e the 

Boom retracti 

on . 





29, delete Mass Spe 

c Deploy 




at' s 

caus e 

it's aire ady 

out . 



's affirmative. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 15:30 GET 123:48 CM-71/2 

CAPCOM Ken, your bio-med letter looks good, 

now; and I guess that's about all I've got for you at AOS. 
Did you see anything on this last backside that's worthy of 
commen t? 

CASPER Oh, yeah, around Mendlestam I was 

looking at some interesting flow features. And again, 
I'm using the term flow feature to mean that's the kind 
of appearance it has, not that that's what it is. And 
right at AOS - Oh, maybe 3 minutes after AOS - I mean 
LOS - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 1540 GET 123:58 CM-72/1 

CASPER Hank, right now I'm looking at some little 

cross Smitty. And I'm looking at some features that upon one 
of the subdued filled craters that we see on the northern edge. 
I - - it's out on a - - outta where I can reach it now, what I 
was looking at was a crater that all subdued typical of those 
features in Smitty and they have an outter ring and I think 
probably the crater I was looking at is the one that's a 
ab o u t - - 

CAPCOM That auto on the high gain Casper, when you 

ge t a ch an ce . 

CASPER Okay. You've got auto. I guess the one 

I was looking at is the one that's on the map about 85 degrees 
- - no make that about 84 degrees East and about 2 degrees South, 
there's a large one there. Then on the North, east side of 
it, there's little bright ray craters that I first caught my 
eye on. Then there's an artuic pattern that goes with it that 
concetric to this large crater. And this bright crater is right 
at the head of it. This concetric material is very light color 
and it it were in a straight line you'd say it was ray 
material. It's possible it doesn't look like a raised rim like 
the other rims on the concentric crater on the big basen. However, 
it looks like this little bright ray crater is right at the head 
of it and it's the bright ray crater that appears to be domed 
up and just a slight rise then there's a bright crater on top 
of it. And then what looks like this other ring which is 
concentric to the big crater. We ought to have that on pan stuff 
so I won't have to worry about it. Cause it's almost directly 
into the ground track. 

CAPCOM Roger. Can you see Maple from there? 

CASPER Not now, I probably could have then. 

CAPCOM How far to either side East of the ground 

dite do you think you can adequately see? 

CASPER Not very far. These windoww really - - you're 

really restricted. Let me see if I can give you a gouge here. 

CAPCOM I was just curious. We're going to be coming 

by Laparouse and Capuanus shortly and was wondering if you could 
get a look at their central features. 

CASPER Yeah, I know you can't see - - no I'm almost 

positive you can't see that far. 

CASPER We'll flying what North of - - South of 

Black now right? So that means my window #3 is straight down. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. 

CASPER Okay. I've got old Laparouse and Ansgarius. 

Well wait a minute, maybe not. Okay, I can see Loparouse, I 
missed him. I got out here a little bit to late. I should be 
looking into - I was always getting confused here. Must be getting 
close to the subsolar point. It's terrain features are really hard to 
distinguish. I do see Captain and (garble) and the central 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 1540 GET 123:58 CM-72/2 

CASPER feature (garble) is more obvious than the one 

in Captain from the sun angle. 

CAPCOM You just passed the subsolar point Ken. About 

3 or 4 minutes ago. 

CASPER Yeah, it's a - - pretty hard to see things 

although I guess I'm equally impressed how much you can see of - - 
in - - apparently see a lot more than these photographs have 
s hown us . 

CAP COM They're all with a McClearn phase now. 

CASPER Yeah, I have trouble with them up here just 

like I did in school. 

CASPER Okay, I'm looking at the central features 

in Langrenus and you can see blocks with the telescope here. There' 
actually some fairly large ones on the - - on the western slopes 
of the Eastern part of the horse shoe. And there appear to be 
awful lot of them in the little band that appears to be out - - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 124:05 CST 15:50 CM-73/1 

CASPER And there appear to be an awful lot of 

them in the little velouvium band that appears to be out to the 
South. And I'm trying to look at some of those dark patches 
that are in the Southern walls. They look like flat dark blocks 
of material that are in, along the terrace material and I really 
can't make out a great deal. Terraces in this area are extremely 
wide and fairly steep and the walls here look relatively steep 
compared to the other walls around the Moon. This is really a 
nice attitude for viewing things. I can see natavious as stacks 
up great big central peak -- I think that's natavious because 
natavious B is down there. Okay, I'm looking at SCA and SCA A 
and there around the the elongate of the 2, there doesn't 

appear to be anything that you can pick up with the binoculars 
except it looks kind of mottled. The interior is sloped like all 
the rest -- the interior didn't look particularly different on 
the rounded one. It looks like there's a resistant -- several 
resistant layers in the sides and I got a picture of those. 
Look like they're standing out and it does look like there's a 
connection between the 2 craters. Some subtle thing comes 
out in the direction of the tail and then as you come out to the 
west, there's some darker material that runs out and looks 
smooth and stands out and comes out into the mare and it almost 
looks like dark material might be -- might be over the crater, 
although I'm sure that the white -- the light streaks on the — 
are the things that are suppose to be coming out. It does 
appear to me though, that when I look at the -- I've got a 
place now where I can see the light tail and the — and the 
regular mare together and I got a picture of that -- that's 
frame number 14 on magazine Victor and that — it looks to me 
like there is a higher crater count -- of large scraters in the 
light rayed material than there is in the darker material. 

CAPCOM Say that again Ken about the crater count. 

CASPER It looks like it's higher in the light rayed 

material than it is in the darker stuff, which is I guess what 
you would anticipate. If you're a band of bright rayed craters 
frame number 15 is one of those, it's just coming up on -- oh 
lost my place. Yeah, it's about half way between oh the be- 
ginning of the highlands -- Gutenberg highlands and where 
( garble) is . 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER And Hank, at this higher sun angle now when 

we get down here and we look at this place where the -- where 
we were talking about the bright rays that seem to take a funny 
shape between boulder and the little crater out to the east of 
him, it's not real obvious now that there's anything more than 
just some bright material inbetween it. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER I'll tell you these sun angles really can 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 124:05 CST 15:50 CM-73/2 

CASPER play tricks on you. And I'm looking 

at Mouldler now and I got a really good view of him and we 
discussed the possibility of having material come in from the 
north and run down inside of him and it's not that obvious when 
you look down on it from here, there's material that runs over 
you see a little high and as you look down inside, you see light 
dark material, the same kind of combination you see in other 
craters. A naked eye — it looks very much like there's an 
expression that says this ridge to the north ran down inside 
there and formed that little tongue, so when you look at it 
in blown up detail you see some vertical — now I can see places 
where I can see a flow pattern that's run down in and as a 
matter of fact, I'll get a picture real fast. Hope that gets 
i t . 

CAPCOM Do you think that -- just looking at a map 

here — do you think that what you're seeing could be an ex- 
pression of the rim of Descartes? 

CASPER No, no I sure don't because this has a nice 

margin that curves down in and rolls down as though it had -- 
it starts where there's a little -- little terrace, a little — 
looks like part of a crater terrace and it runs down inside and 
runs out and forms that central feature and it runs down on the 
floor and it certainly appears that it came and rolled down on 
there after the crater and all its slump features were already 
there. And — we'll have to come back to the question of its 
relation to theophilus. 

CAP COM Roger. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 16:01 GET 124:19 CM-74/1 

CAPCOM Ken, for your Information, John, and 

Charlie are at Flag now. 

CASPER Okay, I'll wave to them. I'll tell you, 

NASA needs to recruit some octopuses. I could really use 
a couple of more hands. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CASPER Okay, I'm going to concentrate on North 

Ray, and I distinctly believe that the area that the traverse 
is drawn on that goes up on the North Ray and comes up on - 
material looks like it is flowing around. It is part of the 
basic furrow Descartes unit that is mapped back further to 
the east, and it looks to me like it runs down around the 
crater and drapes into it. 

CASPER I can see evidence of stratigraphy in 

North Ray, and lots of it in South Ray; and as we come across 
at - Boy, I tell you the general topography down there looks 
about the same all the way across the board. 

CASPER And just at a cursory glance, we're coming 

up on Albategnius now; and the material that's over to the 
east of it, that kind of hummocky, undulating material, is 
furrowed, and it looks very much like the material around 
Descartes. I said it did in very low Sun, and it has the 
appearance of having many of the same characteristics. 

CAPCOM Have you got pretty good shadows in this 

area now, Ken? 

CASPER Uh, the shadows that are right here, 

coming across Albategnius, they're pretty well cleared out. 
You just get the shadows from the very big peaks and the - 

CASPER In fact, Ptolemieus - it's almost com- 

pletely clear of shadows. Alphonsus still has some. I can 
pick out the crater chain, now. It's just now getting out 
of the shadow; and sure enough, there is a great big little 
ridge that lays across the front of it; and it's been masking 
it all this time. Four of Ptolemieus looks to me like all 
the rest of the Cayley material. It's got a great deal of 
craters, as you can see from the pictures. I would say that 
hundreds of them are rimless; and as they get a little larger, 
they start to form with - very subtle rims. I guess I can't 
say that they're all rimless. There is one - looks like a 
fracture, about in the middle, and it may be scarp that's 
caused by a fracture, or it may be a flow pattern. 

CASPER And, as we come up on the Davy chain, 

it appears that they do have - they don't each have an indi- 
vidual rim. There is mottled material in this area, and - 
I'm going to try and get that Magazine. I think you need 
to see this. Can you get me the settings for - to take a 
picture on this real fast? 

CAPCOM Stand by. 


APOLLO 16 COMMAND MODULE, 4-21-72, CST 1611, GET 124:29 CM75/1 

CASPER Houston, VH VW. 

CAPCOM Okay, I'll - we'll see if we can get 

them Ken. 

CASPER Okay. I'm gonna take one here now at - 

that was 56 and 1-1/25, I'll take a 2 /5 0th. Second ones a 
2/50th and that ought to bracket it, I hope. And that's in 
the crater Gene itself. It just - it appears that they're 
essentially rimless but the whole area down there is kinda 
mottle d. 

CAPCOM Roger, do you use the EL for that? 

CASPER And a very pretty scarp. No, I used VHVW . 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, your coming up about 

20 seconds to T stop. 

CASPER Okay. Thank you. Give me a call at 

T s top . 

CAPCOM Lock it, T stop. 

CASPER Okay, we're at T stop. Thank you. Okay, 

and that's - we're now in frame 36 on magazine SS. 

CAPCOM Okay, you can go standby on the mapping 

camera and image motion to off. 

CASPER Okay, standby and image motion off, 

barberpole ray. It's very interesting Hank, I've got a 
little stranger back here that's trailing me, must be one 
of Casper's friends. 

CAP COM Alrighty. Well - 

CASPER There's a little light just sitting out 

there. I guess he's - I have no idea how far away it is - 
you know it - I had the impression it's like 10 feet but it 
could be a 100 feet or a 1000 feet but it's apparently some 
little particle that's in orbit with me and it's probably 
rotating, it's winking. I first saw these last night when 
I thought I had seen something on the ground, then I realized 
that it was moving at the same rate I was. Every now and 
then I look out and I see these particles that are reflecting 
around me. 

CAPCOM If you see a blue one winking you better 

pull o ve r . 

CASPER Mass Spec guys might be interesting. 

And if I hear someone say beep beep I'll wake the SPS or 
something. The mass spec guys might be interested in that 
tho ugh , 

CAPCOM Okay, They are listening. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. 

CASPER Go ahead. 

CAPCOM Rog. To make up some of this SIM bay 

data we lost here we'd like to make a real time change since 
we got to maneuver over to the north oblique here in about 40 
minutes or so. We'd just like to now make a maneuver to 

APOLLO 16, COMMAND MODULE, 4-21-72, CST 1611, GET 124:29 CM-75/2 

CAPCOM plus X SIM bay and we'll take SIM bay data 

to you after roll on over (garble). 

CASPER Understand you'd like for me to go to 

plus X forward SIM bay attitude now. 

CAP COM That's affirmative. 

CASPER Okay. I can do that and eat at the same 

time . 

CASPER Henry, I understand you want me to go to 

the north of light photo attitude. 

CAPCOM Negative, now we want you just to go to 

the plus X SIM bay. 

CASPER Or just to the - Okay, fine. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 124:39 CST 16:21 CM- 76/1 

CAPCOM You playing music Ken? 

CASPER Yes sir, how do you like (garble) from space? 

CAP COM Sounds alright. 

CASPER I know you don't like him even -- you don't 

even like him at home. I tell you this has got to be absolutely 
central. It's too much fun to be anything else. 

CAPCOM Okay, I see you're at attitude. 

CASPER Okay, thank you. Good call, that will keep 

me from having to do it again. 

CAPCOM And Ken, to fill you in, what we're after 

to get as much of this SIM bay data as we can, since we missed 
some of it. The (garble) needs alot of it and if you 
got your flight plan in front of you at 125 15, we're suppose 
to now — then move over to the 40 degree north oblique. FAO 
says that maneuver takes a maximum of 3 minutes, so if you could 
delay starting that until whatever you figure's a reasonable 
time before the mapping camera T start, then we can — we can 
get a pretty good slug of data in there. 

CASPER Okay, be glad to do that. How's our little 

laser coming along. Is it doing any better or any worse? 
I guess we haven't had it on since you gave me your report though. 

CAPCOM It's still toggling Ken, I guess when we 

get it back running again, we'll be getting about 80 percent 
with it. 

CASPER Okay, is that ladder network working? Or 

is it a different problem? 

CAP COM It's working okay Ken. 

CASPER Hank can I give you some comments that really 

are not pertinent to anything we're doing but little observations 
that I had a chance to make and I'm afraid that I'll forget them. 
Got too many things stored up in my head now. 

CAPCOM Okay, go ahead. 

CASPER But one of the things, I just sitting here 

looking at the equipment and — some of the things that have 
caused more interest than others in what we were doing and one 
of the things that is at the heart of alot of your time in this 
spacecraft is fixing something to eat and without discussing 
whether or not you need to eat this much — just the idea that 
even if you try to eat part of it — it takes an awful long time 
to fix each of these things and one of the big hangups is we all 
get clustered around the water gun. We've talked about gas 
coming out of the water gun and this is not the drink port but 
the food preparation station and if you -- one of the ways we 
found we can induce gas bubbles into the water was by depressing 
the plunger before it had had a chance to complete its stroke. 
When you let it complete its stroke, it seems to give you a nice 
relatively gas-free shot of water and it looks like that the 
hot water gives you more for an ounce than the cold water does 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 124:39 CST 16:21 CM-76/2 

CASPER but If you're very meticulous about waiting 

till you're sure that the plunger's made its full travel and 
then count to 10 or something before you push it again, the cold 
water isn't quite as short as it looks like it is and I don't 
really know how to explain why we have gas bubbles sometimes 
and why we don't. It's almost as though the gas separator -- 
may not affect the problem. We started out in the first couple 
of days and we didn't have any gas — I guess about 2 days, then 
on the 3rd day, we started getting gas in the hot water and we 
were getting like 50 percent gas. We tried the cigar gas 
separator and that -- that after we got it flushed out the 

first time it seemed to work pretty well and then it started 
getting gas so we decided to try the — the prototype model and 
when we put it on the feed station why as soon as we put it on, 
why we made a squirt and nothing came out and decided to try it 
again and by then it was obvious that it was building up pressure 
inside — that the food station was putting out water and it 
wasn't coming out the other end and we never did get water to 
come out the -- the outlet side of the new gas separator and it 
looks like it has a crack in the top, on the inlet side and the 
water was bubbling out of that — it was coming out under pressure 
when we took the thing off, why you could tell that the check 
valve or something had never been open, so we really don't know 
whether that thing has any affective use or not. And it seems 
like the more water you use the more gas you get and I don't 
I'm not sure I completely understand that. You get more gas in 
the hot water than you do in the cold water but the water I've 
been getting out today and yesterday has been almost gas-free. 
I can spin it up here and I won't get -- I'll get a zone of less 
than 10 percent gas and that's 10 percent of a 7 ounce food -- 
juice bag. The other day we were getting 50 percent and I 
really can't psyche out exactly all the causes for it. The 
cigar food — cigar dispenser there has some problems of its 
own and everytime you get through with it, it dribbles and it'll 
dribble for quite awhile, but I found that if you put the little 
cap on it right away, that it quites dribbling and it's only 
that initial dribble, the rest of it from there on is easy. 
I really don't expect anything to be done with these comments. 
I didn't want to -- we were suppose to evaluate these things 
Hank and rather than write them down -- it's alot easier to put 
them here and I'll get them off the tape after the flight. 

CAPCOM Okay, I took notes there on most of that. 

CASPER Okay, I'm sorry I should have told you first, 

I really wasn't anticipating you having to copy all that. I'm 
kind of rambling and being verboust but I can see I'm just not 
going to get everything I see written down. And I probably ought 
to go ahead and get it jotted down some way. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY A/21/72 CST 1632 GET 124:50 CM-77/1 

CAPCOM Ken, it looks like the next accent in the 

flight plan for you is around 125:13 where it says (garble) I 
think we've scratched out everything ahead of that. 

CASPER Okay. I'm taking advantage of that to get 

the lead done. Maybe we'll have a chance to look at the back 
s i de this ti me . 

CAP COM Okay. 

CASPER Hank, there's one other thing I'd like to 

comment on before I forget it. 
CAPCOM Go ahead. 

CASPER That's the cockpit temperatures. I didn't 

notice the little gauge and it doesn't never move. I think it's 
gotta - - I think it's plugged into a dummy mode somewhere. But 
the cockpit temperature does infact change quite a bit. And 
on the way out in PTC with the three of us in here, it never 
really got cool enough even for people that's warm blooded as 
Charley and I. And we were wondering you know geeif it was like 
that in PTC what was it going to be when we got in orbit. And 
the first day in orbit there it was - - it really was kinda 
hot and stuffy. And I don't know whether it got cool but 
last night it was nice and cool and infact I woke up this morning 
because I was cold, that was the reason I woke up. And in the 
past I've had a hard time sleeping sometime because it was warm. 
I don't know whether that's caused by going to the 60 circular 
orbits or whether that's caused by having only one body to take 
care of in here instead of three. But it was very obvious 
unfortunately we'll get a chance- - I couldn't tell you yesterday 
I was wearing a suit so I never was really confortable most of 
the day. Anyway when John and Charley get back we'll notice again 
and see if it gets hot again. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 16:42 GET 125:00 CM-78/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. We're about 2 minutes 

from LOS and everything's looking good from this end. 

CASPER Okay, Hank. You're cutting out, but I 

unde rst and. 


APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY, 4-21-72, CST 172 8 GET 125; 46 CM- 79/1 


this last rev. 
terminator and 

Hello, Houston, are you there today? 
Hello, Casper, how did it go? 
Just fine. Having a ball. 

Got all kinds of neat little things seen 
Had a chance to start watching right at 
just kind of watched the scenery as it came 

by in AOS. And I think I did wonders for the magnification 
of these binoculars by cleaning the lens. I'd about given 
up on them and decided that they weren't as good as I thought 
they were, till I found out that one side had somebody's 
big greasy thumbprint on it. Somebody probably being me. 


up to frame 37. 

some PADs for you. 



everything velcroed 
H ank . 



And, right now 


on magazxne victor 
Victor frame 37 

I ' m 

And Ken, I got 

Okay, let me get my pencil and paper. 

First ones at 126:20, a UV photo pad. 

Okay, hang on a second. Let me get 

down. Okay, say again the time, please 


Okay, 126:20. Alrighty. 
Okay, P start is 126 19 26. 
Okay, 126 19 26. 

And, just for info, somewhere around 
126:35 we're going to get you a state vector update. The 
next PAD time is at 127:18. 

CASPER 127:18. Go ahead. 

CAPCOM Your gamma ray deploy time to 15 inches 

is 14 seconds . 

CASPER Okay, that will be 14 seconds. 

CAPCOM And your T start for your PAD - mapping 

camera pad right there is 12 7 27 5 8. T stop 130 28 19. 

CASPER Okay, 12 7 2 7 5 8, 130 28 19. 

CAPCOM Okay, and the pan camera is 128:13. 

CASPER Okay, stand by a second. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 17:39 GET 125:53 CM- 80/1 

128: 13 did you say? 


Okay. What's the next one now. At ah 
Roger. 128:13. The pan camera photo 




say, you saw some 

the more you look, 

until you get use 
turned inside out 




them over. 

information on 
Ah - in case 
on the Moon , 
occur in the 
Cognitum and 
highlands from - 




the central 

highest of what? 


Go ahead. 

P-start is 12 8 19 , 09, 128, 20 , 47. 

Okay. 128, 19, 09, 128, 20, 47. 

Okay. That's about all the PANs . You 
interesting things on the back side, huh? 

Yeah. The real Moon's just like photos, 
the more you see. 

You'll be happy to know though, that 
to it the craters on the real Moon get 
like they do down there, on the photographs 


Real frustrating. 
What'd you say, Al . 

It's not always clear which way to turn 

Understand. Hey, I 



a little 
are interested. 


of the gamma ray results if 
you're interested in doing some sort of global 
relative to the color or character of large areas 
early gamma shows that the highest regions 
maria areas in the west and including Neubium, 
Poselar. The next highest are in the central 

Is the highest up in the maria to west 
Roger, in the west. Ah Neu - 
Neubium (garble). 

Right. And, the next highest is in 
highlands from Neancler to Alphonsus. 

Okay. You say the highest regions, 
Just ah - 

I guess that the highest - highest 

counting rates in the gamma spectrometer. 

CAPCOM Third highest, is maria the Curtius 

area, and the lowest regions occur on the far side highlands 

CASPER Bill, I can't ah - I can tell you they 

sure look different, they're all black over there. 

CASPER That's always intreging when you 

can't see something. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/24/72 CST 17:39 GET 125:57 CM-80/2 

CAPCOM And, Ken, these light colored markings 

you reported near King Crater, the west of King. Brooks 
says those are near Crater Abbawaupha. And, these may be 
similar to the swirls of Avenyetus, but not identical. And, 
for your information the markings of Abbawaupha he used the 
term antephotal or opposite to Euchellie on the western part 
of y o ur track . 

CASPER (laughter) 

CAP COM That means that it's 180 degrees from 

th e re . 

CASPER In other words, it's offly, rog., rog. - 

It's awfully hard to find a place where there ther - 
180 degrees away there won't be a crater on the Moon. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CASPER He'll understand. 

CAP COM Casper, high-gain on the auto. Auto 

on the high -gain. 

CASPER Sure can. 

CASPER I got one's that better for him this 

time though. I'm not at all sure that those swirls that 
I saw of the northwest of King are really like the others 
or not. I tried to get a look at it (garble) this time, 
but still a little too far to the north. 

CASPER You know, Henry, one of the things 

that impresses me, is when you look at the mare surface 
in very high sun, like I'm doing now, a lot of the very 
shallow craters that have just very suttle sweeping walls 
either together in a chain or in groups; when you see this 
at high sun it looks exactly like swirl patterns. If you 
didn't know what it was, you'd probably would wonder 
about it also. 

CAPCOM Roger. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 1749 GET 126:07 CM-81/1 

CASPER And Hank, would you give me a warning about 

126 : 18. 

CAPCOM Will do. 

CASPER Hank, looking in the bottom floor of Messier 

I think it's the original Messier that elongate one. The bottom 
dark material has a little ropy white material that runs down the 
length of the crater. And at one end it looks like it's - - 
sort of like high water mark on the Northern and Western end of 
that it looks like it may have been a high water mark and maybe 
the stuff had just dropped down. And you see little blocks of 
that stuff - - kind of like the whole thing had been floating and 
it just sunk a little bit. When I look in the wall of the other 
one, the round one it appears that there's a depression in the 
North west side where it's kind of pushed in and things may have 
run down in there. I had the distinct impression that there was 
an original crater that is not part of the bright one that we 
see now that's over on the western side. Yeah, as a matter of 
fact, Messier does show a secondary crater, and I have the 
impression that that was an old crater that kind of smooth and 
darkened and looked like the rest of these older craters. And at 
Messier (garble) on top of that or at least forms subsequent to 
that and it kind of broke into that wall. 

CAPCOM Roger. The map shows an indication maybe 

there might be a secondary there. 

CASPER Yeah, I had thought maybe that was a cherius , 

kinda like a slump feature, but apparently that's not the case. 
I wish we had some low sun pictures of this. Uh , a crater and 
the bright splash rays that I took a picture of before. It's 
about half way between Messier and Centerinus. I swear it's on 
the top of a very shallow rise. And it appears to me that there 
is a very slightly darker albedo in the material underneath it 
that goes out about the same diameter as the bright ray. Now 
it might be that the bright rays are giving that characteristic 
just because they may be tenuous (garble) they don't show up by 
themselves but they may be there. There's another one a little 
smaller than - - it's about half way between the one I just 
described and Centerinus. And there's one that I agree with Stu 
that has black things that drape down inside it like that might 
be one of them. But maybe when I get closer it'll look like 
shadows, it's kinda hard to tell from here. There are an awful 
lot of blocks around it it appears. Uh , looking now at this 
bright depress crater that's next to it - - I'm going to try and 
get a picture of that the next time I get the camera available > 
because this white stuff runs down the side of a very smooth 
brown crater and the place where you can see it is right out 
on the floor in the bottom and it has a very strange appearance. 
It didn't - - the white stuff is like it ran out and it just stopped 
abruptly. There's no toe on it or anything. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4- -72 GET 126:17 CST 17:59 CM-82/1 

CASPER Houston about a minutes to go for 

Okay, thank 
And Ken you 
just got back in 

you sir . 
don ' t have 
their LM 

to acknowledge but 
and they've just 

Okay, I think it shows that we're at the 
however it looks like we're not up to Descartes 

your UV. 

John and Charlie 
rep res s urize d. 

prime to do this, 

yet, and the camera's pointing along towards Kant. 

CAPCOM Okay, flight plan calls for leading it by 

2 min u te s , Ken . 

CASPER Okay Hank, I got it 

mistake there, I didn't 
firings during the time 
didn't get to free. 

CAPCOM Roger. And Ken, the guys are back inside 

I don't know whether you heard it awhile ago or not but 
EVA 1 was a total success. They had a 7 hour and 11 minute 

done . 

get the engines off. 
that I was taking the 

I guess 
I didn't 
p i cture s 

I made one 
hear any 
but I 

an d 

significant to say 


the saw that they 

all breccia, they 
i gni a. 


surprised by that. 

Yep yeah. Now it's 
the geologists go. 

last night when you 

I mean all I had to 
t r ous e rs . Up to 
almos t too hot . 

CAPCOM Roger, 


Outstanding. They have anything particularly 
or -- 

I didn't catch all that, let me ask -- 
Did they get any surprises in the things 
di dn ' t expe c t . 

I guess the big thing, Ken, was they found 
found only one rock that possibly might be 

Is that right . 
Hey, I guess the 

guys were a little bit 

That calls for a session with 
back to the drawing boards or 

this one. 
where ever 

Hey, Ken, Ron's asking what you were wearing 
got cold. 

I was just sleeping in my sleeping bag — 
do was get up and put on my jacket and 
then just getting into the sleeping bag was 

we're at frame 60 on magazine 00. 


APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY , 4-21-72, CST 18;09 GET 126;27 CM-83/1 

CASPER Okay, I got a real good look at the Davy 

Chain now and they are definitely all rimless. There are some 
they run kinda northeast, southwest and their are a couple 
of very suttle constructional features that just look like 
little - little bubbles of material that run more north and 
south. They cross the Cichus Chain but - in fact, where 
they cross it it kinda breaks it up but the craters in the 
chain themself don't look like they have any rims at all. 

CAPCOM And Casper, Houston, you're coming up on 

about 15 seconds to T stop for the mapping camera, 

CASPER Okay. Thank you. And the mapping camera 

is of f . 

CAPCOM And Ken, have you done the rest of the 

th in gs the re ? 

CASPER Coming up to it now. Thank you. Going 

to standby. And image motion off, and it's barberpole and 
gray. And here comes the gamma ray shield. Field is off 
n ow . 

CAPCOM And if you'll give us accept we'll uplink 

s t ate vector . 

CASPER Okay, you've got her. 

CAPCOM Casper, the computer's yours. 

CASPER Okay, thank you. Okay, and I'm taking 

magazine XX out of the 35 and I'm going after magazine ZZ. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 18:19 GET 126:33 CM-84/1 

CASPER Hank, you know, I mentioned to you 

yesterday that that old GDC was really hanging in there. 
And I think it's drifted less today that it has before. 

CAPCOM Hey, that's just fantastic. I never 

saw one in the simulator like that. 

CASPER No. We asked them to put in big drifts 

so that we wouldn't get in the habit of trusting it - you 
know, without keeping in mind you've got to keep dressing 
it up. And so help me, this thing - I'm going to run you 
a drift check here when I get through with this maneuver, 
but I'll bet you it's - you know - one degree an hour in 
roll is about it . 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. Can you terminate 

the Bat B charge? 

CASPER Sure can. And it's Off. 

CAPCOM Okay, and we want to get gamma ray shield 


CASPER Okay. The gamma ray shield is coming 

on n ow . 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 126:47 CST 18:29 CM- 85/1 


Hank ? 





noise but I hear 


looking or is it 


they only run one 

whether we've got 
they are going to 



CASPER on the delta. 

Ah, you're already on the delta. 

Boy, it sure sounds bad. 

Yeah, it does. Anything else go 

with that 

Say again. 

Does anything else go with that? 
Hank do you read me at all? 
Roger Ken, I'm reading you. 

Oh okay, I just wondering. I got a lot of 
you loud and clear whenever yon talk. 
Roger, same here. 

Any word on how the LM consumables are 
too soon to tell? 

I haven't heard anything yet, Ken. 
Have they said anything about which -- if 
more EVA, which one they'll run? 

Standby. Ken, they're still looking at 
enough consumables or not. However tomorrow 

proceed with EVA 2. 
Ok ay . 

CASPER Houston, we got 
here to LOS and everything looks good from 
probably do a shift change in here, during 
and I'll see you in the morning. A nights 
figure your DSC at 127 01. 

CASPER Okay. 12 7 01, I had high 


just a few 
this end. We 
LOS tool come on 
reminder to con- 
bit rate and command 

reset. Okay, thanks a lot, Hank. You've been a big help today 
See you in the morning. 

CAP COM Okay. 


APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY, 4-21-72, CST 1839 GET 126;57 CM- 86/1 

All dead air. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-21-72 GET 127:44 GST 19:26 CM-87/1 

CAPCOM (garble) Goldstone. 

CAPCOM And CASPER Houston standing by. 

CASPER All right, Stu. Be with you in just a minute 

as soon as I find out where I am here. I just took a picture 
and now I don't know how to tell you where I am. Aah, it's 
really bad when you switch from window to window and try and 
figure out where some of these things go to. Okay, Stu, I'm -- 
I don't think we got any -- any open items. 

CAPCOM No, we're — we're pretty clean here. I ' va 

got a question for you, if you look at the landing site again, 
but that can wait until after you finish with campaign and so 
forth . 

CASPER Okay, that's probably a good idea. I got 

a pretty low saturation level. I'm -- I got a good look at the-- 
at both the (garble) that your bright ray on should (garble) on 
this last pass and I really don't know what to make of all that 
— that — you're right about the location of the bright rayon 
campaign, so I guess you win on that one. The thing that I 
thought was rather intriguing about that was that there are all 
kinds of big blocks all around the outside of it and all around 
on the inside too. You get -- it looks like a great big mud pie. 
I really don't don't know how to put it all together. It 

certainly doesn't have the characteristics of any kind of a 
violently explosive thing and I got to looking around at some 
of these other craters and I was speculating on whether or not 
they're — the fact that everything is soft back here on back 
side and how that compares to the front side and I guess one of 
the things that strikes me is that everything back 
isn't that soft. It's soft in the that the colors 
and the — 

I interrupt Ken. 
you don't have deep crevices 


here for -- 
quite aways 



here really 
are very uniform 


about in the area 


to look 


Okay, you probably just 
at (garble) your V6 . 

Oh, thank you. Looks to me like I ought to 
Campaign . 

Okay, you are. It's just - 
I'm just now coming up on Smy thii . 
Rog, I agree with that. This is the 
you've got listed as to start your preparation, and yea, 
probably got about 5 or 6 minutes. 

CASPER Okay. Yea. I tell you all those hours we 

spent looking over these things so you can recognize them with 
out the map was sure a big help. You can just look out there and 
general know about where you are. Except there places here on 
the backside where I still have to get my map out in order to sort 
our what I'm looking at. It does look an awful lot alike in places 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 19:26 GET 123:44 CM87/2 

CASPER yet, you look down in it and I think the only 

reason that everything here looks alike, is it just like every- 
thing back here has been dusted with something. 

CAP COM Yea, I - 

CASPER There's still these, there are sharp features. 

Yea, there rims and crater that are sharp, and there are steep 
sides, and there's all kinds of things that don't go along with 
the concept of being weathered down and old. And with the binoculars 
they really bring in an awful lot of things, and yon see that there 
are, there is absence of the little tiny craters, and all is an 
over abundance of great big guys. On a small scale you don't 
see nearly as much. It's just like everything back here had 
been dusted over, and not so long ago on a geologic scale. 
You do see flow fronts and all kinds of thing back in there, 
and just like you do in the Mare surfaces and you see little - 
haven't seen any ridges to speak of, but I've seen an awful 
lot of flow fronts that run up and down things. And I don't see 
an awful lot of elongated terrain that we would characterise with 
Descartes, except the, way back near the 180 point. And the 
rest of it is almost unique to the backside, I think, 

CAPCOM Okay. All that sounds real great, Ken. Hey, 

that bright ray on (garble). What did you make of that dark stuff. 
Does that really drape over the side? 

CASPER Well, I haven't been in a place where I can 

see that, and look down on it, but during our first REV after DO - 
no, yea, the first REV after DOI, we passed right a beam 
on that guy, and I got you a nice oblique shot of it from what 
looked was right next door. And it's got very sharp rims on 
it. It's got dark material around it, on the inside and the out- 
side, and I guess it's draped, but it looked to me like it was a 
very sharp feature. It had all the appearances of a, of a, what 
you would have think was of a fresh strata volcano would look like 
as a little-bitty guy, and white stuff looks like snow on it. 

CAPCOM Very good, and thank's for taking my picture. 

CASPER That was pretty spectacular cause we were about, 

only about 30 miles high at the time, and that makes, really did 
make it look like it was right next door. 

CASPER I did find one place up, I think it's in 

(garble), where I'd swear there's a hole in the side of the 
crater wall, and stuff is - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 19:38 GET 127:56 CM-88/1 

ORION Hello, Houston. I'm Up on Comm. How 

do you read? Over. 

CAPCOM Okay. You're five-by there, John. 

ORION Okay. Coming out of my suit, now, 

Tony . 

CAP COM Okay. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY A/21772 CST 19:41 GET 12 7:59 CM-89/1 

CASPER Well, that might be better than my 

music. (laughter) you never know. 

CAPCOM No, if you can't play me "Ridin Old 

Paint," I don't want any singing either. 

CASPER Okay. Well, have it your own way. 

You don't know what you're missing. 

CASPER Oh, we sure picked a lousy attitude for 

this observation. 

CAP COM Thank you. 

CASPER I don't care what they say, hanging 

upside down I don't do so well. 

CASPER And, we're sitting here in an awfully 

high sun angle, which makes ah - the features difficult 
to identify. But, I have Ansgarious located, and there's 
Loperous. And ah, old Loperous looks like an old Langrenus 
with a big star in the center of it. 

CASPER Boy I tell you. You can hardly make 

out much of anything about the Captine due to this high 
sun. No I'm afraid I won't be able to see anything about 
Captine. We're past it now and at this high sun you just 
can't make out much of anything. He's a little too far off 
the ground track in this attitude to come to what we are 
doing here scrunched up in the corner of a weightless. And 
I guess I'm looking almost straight south now. Boy, there's 
one set of peaks that stick up down there that are really 
huge. Stick up over the horizon and they look like the Andes. 

CAPCOM Okay, we copy that, Ken. 

CAPCOM (garble) 

CASPER Say again, please. Okay, Stu, you said 

you had some questions you wanted to ask or something. 
Look at this time. 

CAPCOM Okay Ken. This is just a sort of a 

general question about the terraces and -- 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 19:51CS T 128:09GET CM90/1 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken this is just sort of a general 

question about the terraces in stone mountain and if you get 
a chance, why look down around the south end of that EVA 2 
traverse down around station 5 and just might look in that 
area and see if you can give any tense on how definate those 
terraces are. They are going to try to establish that station 5 
on the first terrace and you think it looks definate enough 
whether that's a no sweat operation or just how easy it looks 
to determine between the first, second terrace so forth. 

CASPER Okay, I kind of looked for that and let 

me take another look specifically at that. It appeared to me 
that - probably on the ground wouldn't know you were on the 
first terrace, but let me take another look at that. I'll 
check it out this time. And again, we're only guessing what - 
you know - trying to guess what it would look like if you 
indeed were that far down. 

CAPCOM Rog and this is sort of a no sweat type 

question Ken, so don't worry too much about it, we'd just like 
to have you lap that area again. 

CASPER Okay. Did they get a chance to drive the 

rover around very much? 

CAPCOM Yeah, the rover went real well I think 

they had got it pretty much everything in on the first EVA 
that they had planned on. 

CASPER I bet those are two tired guys by now then. 

CAPCOM Yeah, I expect they probably are Ken. They 

got in 56 pounds of rock today. 

CASPER Very good, we got a place for them. Did 

Hank tell you we've got a couple of little casperillos flying 
alon g with us ? 

CAPCOM No, I guess I don't get that one, Ken. 

CASPER Well, the first time I noticed, it was I 

guess it was yesterday evening, in fact, maybe you were on when 
I say the little particles flying along with the rafters after 
the ground goes into darkness and you're still daylight. I 
think you can see all these things against the ground, and they 
all flicker and speckle and they kind of tumble along and this 
morning we came out and I guess we were going minus X and I 
looked out the center hatch and here was this little thing 
just flying formation on me and in the dark I couldn't tell 
how far back it was. It was just in there - apparently it 
was tumbling because it was giving it little flashes in and 
out. And it didn't look like it was opening or closing or 
anything else - it just was sitting there. 

CAPCOM Yeah, that sounds like a real live Casper 

to me Ken. 

CASPER Well it's so small it's probably a Casperill 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 19:51CST 128:09GET CM90/2 

CAP COM All right. 

CASPER I'm looking at the - down at the central 

peak in Theophilus and it has all that same cross-patched, up 
here it's on the shadowed side that we saw on Silver Spur and 
Had ley • 

CAP COM Okay. 

CASPER Okay I put power on the pan camera and the 

barber pole is back to gray. 

CAPCOM Okay, I copy that. Good. Standby stereo 

and power and you are a minute and 20 seconds from T start. 

CASPER Okay, passing over COMM. I'll tell you the 

old landing site really stands out now. You couldn't miss that 
for anything and wasn't that obvious at the lower sun. Unfor- 
tunately, I'm a little too far south to be able to give you 
a good answer on those terraces but I'll give a hack at it. 

CAPCOM Okay, copy that and you are 45 seconds from 

T start. 

CASPER Okay, and I'm just over here standing by. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY h/21/12 CST 20:01 GET 128:79 CM-91/1 


You're 10 seconds from T start. 


And (garble) 




Okay . 


And I have a barber pole on gray. 


Okay, and you've got an image motion, 

you want barber 

pole . 


Beg your pardon. 


Okay, you want to take your image motion 

to barber pole . 


I'm back to the observation. 


Okay . 


Does that take priority or the observa- 

tion ? 


No, go - 


Yes or no. 




Yes, I think they will be able to recog- 

nize that they ' 

re on the first terrace. 


Oh, I don't know. Over by Cinco, they're 

not that obvious, they are further around to the west, but 

I ' m not s ure th 

ey'll recognize the first terrace. They 

might recognize 



Okay . 


Okay, I'll get the image motion now. 


Okay, you're 10 seconds to T stop. 


St and by . 


Roger. Standing by for T stop. Okay, 

back to standby 

And we're barber pole on the image motion. 


Okay . 


Thank you sir. 




Okay, and the lens are stowed, you can 

go PC OFF. 


Okay, pan camera power is OFF. 


Got you. 


Boy these - 


And are those high gain AUTO, Ken? 


You'd swear that you ought to be able 

to see the LM with these binoculars. I think if you knew 

where to look exactly, you might be able to see it, but 

you couldn't hold anything in your hand, any more sensitive 

I'll tell you, 

the Cinco craters stand out very nicely and th 

Crest Crater is 

very obvious from up here. But it looks 

like the path you've drawn to go from station 5 to 6 and 4, 

that path looks 

to me like it runs down a sort of a batalt 

of material that' you're going to drive up and then those 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 20:01 GET 128:79 CM-91/2 

CASPER White lines we've got drawn on chart 9 

Charlie, really aren't obvious at all. When you get over 
around more on the South Ray side you start to see these 
things, but it's just not at all obvious that they're going 
to see anything down that path. 


CASPER They've got a good n av system, they 

should be able to find Cinco. 

CAPCOM Okay, now I heard earlier that you could 

see Double Spot with binoc's. Is that right, Ken? 

CASPER That's affirmative. 


CASPER They're really neat. 

CAPCOM Okay, and I'm sure they passed on to 

you that the LM should be 200 meters northwest of Double 
Spot . 

CASPER Yes, I just - every time I've gone over, 

I've been looking for something I thought was probably more 
worth while then just the gee whiz of my saying I saw the 

CAPCOM Yes, I agree with that priority. 

CASPER I wish - I really wish we'd have gotten 

into North Ray, maybe they'll still get a chance cause it 
looks to me like that's a pretty interesting path up there, 
interesting from the fact that it looks like it's construc- 
tional, that ridge that runs up to North Ray Crater. 

CASPER You know that central peak that we've 

all been looking at in Alpetragius, and thinking it was so 
big, it can't be so terribly big because - at least it can't 
be terribly tall cause it's just now sticking its nose out 
in daylight. And the terminator passed here a long time 

CAPCOM Okay, good observation, Ken. 

CASPER Boy, that straight wall really shows up 

from here at this sun angle. That's a pretty interesting 
thing. It's interesting enough to rate number 36. 

CAPCOM Okay, and I guess you're rocking on 

ready for you terminator photos here. 

CASPER Yes, I'm sitting right here waiting to 

get a little closer to them. I got Lassell and Alpetragius 
B, all lined up for siting. 

CAPCOM Golly. 

CAPSPER There are a lot more of these sharp de- 

pressions, I don't know whether to call them Grabins or what, 
but these little sharp lines that run across - there's a lot 
more of them then I would have guessed you'd find. 

CAPCOM I suspect they're showing up now in 

the little sun angles - 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY A/21/72 CST 20:01 GET 128:79 Cm-91/3 

CASPER Yes, they really stand out in the sun. 

One of the things - I'm looking at one right here that's 
next to Lassell C - I'm going to start my strip and talk a 
little bit while I'm doing it, and that's at - just to the 
north of Lassell C in that highlands clump that's next to 
it there. And it looks like in the low sun on the outside 
of it, you see all kinds of craters. You know the typical 
low sun angle pictures of crater patterns. Down in the 
floor of this thing it's just as smooth as a whistle, like 
someone had drug a - something heavy through there and just 
made a deep impression. 

CAPCOM Okay, got you. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 20:11 GET 128:29 CM-9 2/1 

CASPER You know, it's not real obvious whether I 

see the in point to that strip. I think we draw and I think 
I see but it looks like an awful lot of other craters in 
this little sun. We'll have to wait till the higher sun to 
see if there really is a difference. 
deploy . 

CAP COM Roge. 
CAP COM Okay, 

CASPER Okay, I'm going to turn oil now. 

looks to me like at 12 seconds, I still had a barber pole. 
Let's say I'm retracked. Try again. Oh, wait a minute. 
That thing was already 15 inches out. That's what it is. 

47 on 
Ok ay , 


SS is now reading 47. 
time for a little gamma ray 

it's coming out. 
we got you marked. 
I'm going to turn off 






light 8 -- I had 
tapes. You said 
SIM bay 5 Casper 

flight plan away 
something here. 


there about. 


there that may look 
steps done and what 
motion off for that 
of the ordinary. 

purpose of this was 

All right. 
Am I correct? 
That's correct, Ken. 

Okay. I just — my tape -- this dim 
the lights turned out. I didn't see the 
it was already out. That sort of makes it 
n othing . 

And, Ken, before you put away your 
there at that exercise, we'd like to remind you 


Al 1 righty . 
Okay, if you 

Go ahead, 
want to turn 

over to 129 25 

Go t it. 

Okay. You'll see the right-hand change 
funny to you but we really want those 

we re doing is turn 
pass and that's why 

it — the image 


a little out 

Roge. I understand, 
so that they can get 

This is — the 
a calibration on 
just how much motion comes so that I can tell the zero points 
smear comes on the film, Is that correct? That's just a 
gee whiz thing. 

CAP COM Okay, Casp. 

CASPER The information "Gee, whiz" to me I guess 

it's important to the people to have to make maps out of this 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 20:11 GET 128:29 CM-92/2 

CASPER Okay, anything else for I do myself in? 

CAPCOM No, about the only thing I've got, Ken, 

is your temperature for the sleep period. I guess there's 
a couple of things we could do like we could leave some 
power on to increase the load or we could try to move the 
temp invalve or we could -- I guess you don't have any -- 

CASPER I'm sorry. I wasn't meaning to be 

complaining. I was merely wanting to record or remark to 
a significant change in the cabinet. Sometimes — starting 
yesterday, sometimes, and I don't know when compared to what 
we have had and that was not something I was asking for relief 
on. It's very comfortable. 

CAPCOM Okay, very good. 

CASPER Sorry if somebody put any time on it. 

CAP COM No, it's no problem. We're glad you're 

h ap p y . 

CASPER I thought that it was kind of interesting, 

and I don't know because I'm in a 60-mile orbit or whether 
it's because there's only one guy in here adding heat to the 
atmosphere, and I guess we'll decide that when John and 
Charlie climb in. 

CAPCOM One explanation is that you lost two 

roommates but also, that cabin ran what I thought a little 
chilly and -- do you notice it getting a little clammy going 
through the dark pass? 

CASPER Well, it's not doing so bad today. 

Yesterday, on the dark passes, all the windows were fogging 
up and every time I breathed, I had to go wipe the window 
off. It looked like I was standing in front of a pet store, 
and I haven't had that trouble today at all, and it looks 
like it's slowly drying itself out. We had an awful lot 
of condensation in here. It showed up during after LOI . All 
down into the SIM bay was a great big puddle of water and we 
had not been aware of any collection of water anywhere before 
that but it obviously had been there. It didn't come out 
of the tunnel but it just sort of finally all condensed. 
And any time you go into clean out the suit circuit return 
screen, right down in the bottom of that compartment, you 
can see that there's a -- there's condensation on some of 
the lines and there's a little moisture on the bottom of 
the compartment. 

CAPCOM Okay, we got those and I'll not talk 

to you for awhile here so you can have at it. 

CASPER Okay. As a courtesy, I'll turn VOX off 

too . 

CAP COM Okay. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 20:31 GET 128:39 CM93/1 

CASPER Hey, Stu. 

CAP COM Go ahead. 

CASPER Do you folks have any, if you don't have 

anything more to pass up on this pass, I'll set my alarm clock 
to remind me just before LOS, but I'd kind of like to take my 
comm carrier off during the excercise period if that wouldn't 
bother anybody. 

CAPCOM No, that's fine with us. 

CASPER Okay, and I've got my tone booster hooked 

up, and if you want me send the crew alert and I'll come talk 
to you. 

CAPCOM Okay, we can handle that, and it looks like 

we have nothing else, and if you come up before LOS fine, if not, 
we'll see you around. 

CASPER Okay, see you in a little bit. 

CAPCOM Okay, and if I miss you at LOS, I do want 

to remind you about, you've got to configure the DSC on this 
p ass . 

CASPER Rog, I've got my kitchen clock set for that. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 21:25 GET 129:43 CM-94/1 


extra trouble 

station here. 

Casper, Houston, standing by. 

Okay, Casper, Houston. Standing by. 

Hello there . 

Greetings. You're loud and clear. 
And so are you. Looks like we had 
locking up that time. 

That was — reacquired with the ground 
It was switch here, Ken, and there's nothing 

wrong with the good ship Casper. 

Oh, yeah. I was going to chastise 
No, I just happened to notice — I was 
noticed that earth was quite a ways above 

looked down and there wasn t any signal 
got to wondering about it. 
You 1 re get ting 

I don't think 

you guys for that, 
looking out and I 
the horizon and I 
strength I was — 

you guys are sanforized. You're getting smaller. 

CAPCOM Hey, if you've got a couple of minutes, 

at your convenience, I'll give you a tentative master plan. 

CASPER Okay. Let me put some of my toys in a 

nice resting place and I'll be with you. 

CAPCOM Okay. This is not a flight plan update, 

Ken. It's just going to be a general summary of what we're 
lo ok ing at . 

Roge . 

Let me get 
then I'll — so 
Swi t ch b anks . 

Roge. At your convenience. 
Hey, Stu. I noticed that this thing 
lot on any sharp sound in the cockpit. 

I'll turn the vox level now. 


pho to p as s an d 
go into that. 


tease an awful 
This is getting 

this thing set up 
I'll be ahead and 

for the 
then we'll 

ann oy m g . 

Ken . 



Haven't been hearing a thing right then, 
Okay , fine . 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 21:35 GET 129:53 CM95/1 

updates for you in a bit too, when you 

all set. 
I'll have 

ab out 

here's the way the plan is 

3 flight plan 
get a chance. But 
looking. We'll have no TC2 on 
our shaping burn, we'll do PCI about 3 REV's prior to LM 
liftoff, which will be about 4 hours later then the flight 
plan shows. We're showing liftoff of the LM for about 175 
44 and in the place of the nominal PCI time, we'll be doing 
the bistatic radar. They will have the third EVA. 
be - they're shooting for about 5 hours on it, and 
their prime objective is North Ray. EVA 3 and the 
will be done on the same day, and to hold down the 
that will make it about an 18 hour day. We'll hold 

of course, 
crew time, 
on to 

the LM through the rest period and jettison the LM the next 
day. From your standpoint everything will be fairly nominal 
up until about liftoff minus 6 hours. It will be pretty 
close to what we're showing in the flight plan now. Of course 
we'll have some updates as they work the scientific stand- 


p oin t of it, 



have guessed 

bit with we skipped 
the objectives left 

an d 

approximately a day early. 

on th e 

TE I will be 
day early? 
That's affirmative. 
Any particular reason, I mean 
other things, but not that. 
Well, I guess it goes down 
the P C2 by considering the 
Everybody is going to be 
out around a day early. 

- I would 

into the 
Sim bay and 
happy and 

a satellite 

decide to ship you 

CASPER Okay, we're going to launch 

from the orbit we're in, is that the idea. 

CAP COM Yes, it'll be the orbit after PCI and 

there's no sweat on the lifetime, they're guarantying a 
lifetime of at least a year and looking to have a fairly 
reasonable perigee even after a year from the orbit after 
PCI . 


CAPCOM And that's about it, 

specifics will be coming up to you and I 
updates just any time you're ready, no sweat. 

CASPER Okay, go ahead and copy. 

CAPCOM Okay, the first one will be 

31 minute s . 

CASPER Go ahead. 

CAPCOM Okay, we want to delete the 

camera retract and at 130 34 delete the mapping 
laser altimeter cover closed. 

CASPER Okay, delete the mapping camera 

and the cover closed. 

of course all the 
have 3 flight plan 

at 130 hours 

c ame r a 

re t rac t 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 21:35 GET 129:53 CM95/2 

changed to 1/250. 
other note - flight 
camera will be left 

Okay, and at 131 19- 
Al right . 

Okay, your speed on your camera is 

Ok ay, 
Okay , 

that's 1/250. 

and just to ease 

your mind on that 
plan note - we're going to - the mapping 
out during your dump and the sleep period. 
Okay . 

Okay, and at 132 hours. 
And Ken, I've got one more at 
Okay, you dropped out there. 


thing after - 

I di dn ' t 

132 . 

I didn't 
hear any- 

and you just went silent. 

oh let's see, what was the last thing I got 
from you, I got the configuration change in the camera and 
understanding that the camera was going to be left out all 
night, and that was all I heard. 

your dump, I 
t rue . 


change at 131 

ready to copy 

heaters AUTO, 

3 fans off at 

Oh, okay. It will also 
just wanted to verify with you 

be out during 
that that was 

Yes , I got that. 
Alrighty, and you 

got the shutter speed 

19, and my next change is at 132 when you re 

Ok ay , 
Ok ay , 
H2 fans 1 2 
Okay , 
132 hours. 

Okay , 

the flow of Montostam when 
talk about it. 

CASPER Okay, let' 

I ' m re ady . 

we wan t to 
3 OFF. 
H2 tanks 1 

add H2 tanks 1 and 2 

and 2 to AUTO and all 

that' s the end of 
Ken, I've got a few 
you got a chance 

s see 

I got 

the update, 
questions about 
- you want to 

a few minute s . 

Why don't we talk right now. 

CAPCOM Okay, I'll just run through the 4 

questions, why don't I just give them all to you and then 
I can go back over them, but we would like to know in what 
part of the floor is the flow. We'd like to know how large 
it is. We'd like to know the direction of flow, and on the 
spot observation of whether you think it's a landslide or 
a lava flow. 

CASPER Okay, I covered some of that again on 

this last pass, I guess, let me - say those questions again. 
CAPCOM Okay, and one - 

CASPER I want to write a few key words down. 

CAPCOM Okay, in what part of the floor is the 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 21:35 GET 129:53 CM95/3 

CAPCOM Want to know how large it is. 

CASPER Okay, go ahead. 

CAPCOM Okay, and what is the direction of flow. 

CASPER Okay, and your last question was origin? 

CAP COM Roger. 

CASPER Okay, let me see if I can get a map here 

that I can give you some reference on. The kind of flow 
that I'm talking about back there is sort of like the flow 
from - that you see in mare materials. It's not a big thing 
that you can trace back like you can some of these other things 
we've seen. It just sort of appears as a flow front, I'm not 
sure where it comes from and you can see it run down in the 
craters and around them. And from that - I made a little more 
objective analysis of the stuff that you see on this back, this 
last pass when we came across on what we call the farside high- 
lands. And it's my general impression that these flows, maybe 
I'm using the wrong term, they look like flows, they have all 
the characteristics of a flow front, and yet there's places 
where they go along and you'll see - with a scarp going 
down to the east and all of a sudden it'll get a little con- 
fused and then the scarp will be showing up going to the west. 
And then you'll see places where - there's one place in 
Mendalstam, I think we have a picture of it, where this 
scarp that looks like a flow front, curves around in an arc 
to the right, and it's got material that comes from behind it 
and also it sort of turns back in underneath itself and then 
it just disappears. There's no flow front where it disappears 
underneath, it's just a very strange thing. We see that in 
several other places. A similar appearance is in the photo- 
graph that Faruch and I were looking at of Bohuenb erger . It's 
on a much larger scale, of course, but it's the same kind of 
a problem, where you see a unit where it is obviously over- 
laying another, and yet it's overlaying itself by one - the 
original unit happens to overlay. It's like a chain where 
each ring overlaps the other one on a closed circle. And 
it's very confusing from that point, and let me look at my 
map here and see if I can give you some better handles. I 
think I took some pictures back there to mark it. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 21:49 GET 130:07 CM96/1 

CASPER Okay, Stu. It looks like the map is no 

help, and the only picture we have onboard that I can talk about 
is in the visual photo book. It's V-1A, and if you look at the - 
remember Mendelstan has the big central crater and then two little 
craters, or kind of looks like Concentric craters with a bulls-eye, 
and the flows that I was looking at, were almost on the - I guess 
that you could say, on the northern side of the big crater, and 
they run down into several of the smaller craters up there. And 
the general direction was with the flow scarp, and I'm calling 
it, facing the, facing to the west and runs into the crater on 
the northern side. That's, after looking at more and more of 
this highlands back there, I'm begining to believe that these 
are not actually flow fronts at all. They just happen to look 
like that if you look at them in short sections. But I think 
there must be some other process that effecting all this. 


CASPER But, I'm afraid that the specific kind of 

questions you asked, in this case, I'm really caught out to 
lunch. I can't make specific things when you say how large. 
They're, the length of these things that I can trace are the 
same size as, as the crater that I was looking at, and I guess 
that must not be that central one, but one of the ajacent ones. 
One of the ones on the north. But they're quite long, and they're 
all of the area. They're in craters and their outside of them. 
They're on the floors. You see these things just about everwhere 
you look back there. For origin, they're just, it sort of defies 
my imagination. I see nothing that looks like sources anymore. 

CAPCOM Okay, we got that. 

CASPER I guess that's, I guess that's a brief summary 

to say that I'm really not as smart as I wish I was. 

CAPCOM That sounded pretty good to me, Ken. And 

we'd like HIGH GAIN to AUTO. 

CASPER Okay, there's AUTO. Now, gamma ray shield 

off, ah ha. And it's off. 


CASPER And, I'm going to start in on my strip here. 

And just for planning purposes in the future, I know we've got 
those templets out, and when we looked at all those templet on 
the chart we said "Gosh, you know you must be able to see a lot 
more from the window", but photo targets like this one are in 
the extreme of what you can reach from our window. I guess they 
really didn't, they didn't exaggerate those things too much at 
all. You can see more if you put your face right against it, 
but by the time you get a camera in there, your field of view 
that you can control the camera in is greatly reduced. 

CAPCOM Okay, is it true of the hatch window also 

Ken, you know that's the one we talked about that looks like 
you're bound to be able to see more - 

CASPER Yea, it's not as true there, because you 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 21:49 GET 130:07 CM9 6/2 

CASPER have, yea, you can certainly see more and 

you can, you can get around it with the camera a lot better than 
you can with these sides. You run into, you bang your head 
against R12 , and you push it into the comm panel and there's 
always something where you want to put your head. 

CAPCOM Hey, I agree with that. I've been in that 

same corner with the 500. 

CASPER (Laughter) Yea, one of those folded kinds 

would be very nice, but even that, I - in looking at it , I was 
holding my 250 against the window here with the increased diameter, 
you'd buy a little bit with that folded one, but not a terrible 
amount cause the darn diameter is going to bit you. When you 
look at anything other than perpendicular to this side hatch 
window, the two window panes are so thick, that you can't look 
very askewed. 


CASPER Okay, we've started our photo strip. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 21:59 GET 130:16 CM-97/1 

that's frame 61 on 



to the barber pole 




really is a hummer 


the front side, 

Okay, that's a good place to quit, and 
Magazine Papa Papa. 
Okay, Frame 61 
Yes , sir. 

Okay, the image motion has stepped up 
and back to OFF. 
Okay . 

And the gamma ray shield is back on. 
Okay . 

I'll tell you, Stu, that straight wall 
out there. 
Sounds awful beautiful, Ken. 
Yeah, and all the things that are on 
I'll have to admit that in many respects it's 
more interesting. I'm not sure that there's any more to 
be seen or learned here, but it's -- there's enough extra 
variety and it's easy to recognize it's something that's 
different. You don't have to look so hard to see what's 
the same. When I looked down at the individual sections of 
material, I looked at this Cayley down here and by looking 
at the total mass — Alphonsus — the floors that Cayley 
filled, it looks just the same on the detailed scale as the 
stuff on the backside does and the rims around the craters 
like Alphonsus, that material looks just like the stuff on 
the backside. When you get down to the detailed level, it 
all has the same features on it. The only thing that I see 
that's quite a bit different is that I don't see any of 

on the backside anywhere. 
Okay . 

Maybe we can talk to Fido and working 
you disorbit the front side. 
Yeah against one of those synchronized 

these real systems 


up something while 

k in ds . 

just to the west 
highlands there, 
there's a little 
to the west then 

I'm looking down here now at the area 

and south of Lassell seat, one of those 
and if you go straight south from Lassell, 
tip of a highlands material that runs out 
stops and then if you think from there 
draw a line, I would guess it's almost due west. It 
looks like there's two entirely different materials there 
like you'd built it out of two fabrics and then put it 
down. The one to the north is darker than the one to the 
south. It's split by a very straight line, and there's a 
very distinct difference in the albedo or the shade of gray 
that the mare has. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 22:09, 130:27GET CM9 8/1 

camera off. 

closed. Mark 

Ken you're under 1 minute to mapping 
about 45 seconds- 
sir, thank you. 
are ten seconds, T stop. 
And it is stopped. 


You've got 

All right 
Okay, you 
Thank you 

Okay , I'm 
Okay . 

And the laser 
Ok ay . 

Okay, and the alpha X-ray 
Barberpole and gray. 
Ok ay . 

at s tandby 

is off mark 

cover is coming 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 22:19 GET 130:37 CM-99/1 

CAP COM Okay we've got. 

CASPER Okay I guess I'll torque these. Although 

it seems like a shame. 

CAP COM Yes we see them and go ahead and torque 

them. Oh that beauty is nice. 

CASPER It really is. Hey Stu, none ever said 

anything about the P23's. Anyone in the back room know how 
they came out? What kind of an altitude we ended up with? 

CAPCOM Yea Ken, we've got that. I looked at 

it there a couple of days ago. A little blurb they had written 
here says the mark data was real consistant and I think it 
was something like 33 kilometers, but let me check that out 
for you . 

CASPER Okay I'm just curious. I didn't feel 

like I had as much trouble with that horizon as I anticipated, 
as far as knowing where I'd oughta be. My problem was getting 
the spacecraft there. 

CAPCOM Ken, I remember your comment here yester- 

day about the sextant and the telescope really looking swing- 
ing. Do you have any change in that at all? And particularly 
the reticle on your sextant. How's that look to you and 
how's the lunar surface look through the sextant? These are 
just all my own personal questions. So don't take much time 
on them. 

CASPER Rog. Right I -- yea I -- No as a matter of 

fact at one time I looked in there and saw the sextant was really 
blurred and I thought oh here we go, just what you said. 
And I got to looking around and I found that these eye pieces 
vibrate on there quite badly. And I guess I shouldn't use 
vibrate badly, but they unscrew and I've got a lot of tape 
wrapped around them now to keep them on. And they change 
focus and I had to re f o cus the thing. (music) And once I 
got it focused it's — if I turn the reticle lights up to 
full intensity why I get a little bit of a smear, but not 
much at all. When I look at the images on the ground, 
like in the tracking, I took a look during the practice track- 
ing period and boy I tell you that was just as nice -- the 
only problem when you're down low and looking through that 
28 power your field of view is so small you wouldn't 
recognize your own house if you flew over. 

CAPCOM Rog. Copy. 

CASPER I still I'm still not having as much 

success with the telescope as I — as I ought to and I'm 
trying to psych it out. I was going to try to take a look 
here a couple of times. I'm not aware of any light in the 
telescope right now, but you just can't see any stars in 
there. And I'm wondering if the earth is enough still that 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 22:19 GET 130:37 CM-99/2 

CASPER it might blank them out. Because they're 

obviously there when I look out the window, but they become 
a great deal more obviously once I get on the back side or 
in that double umbra. And I thought I'd try to make a note 
to check that in the telescope on this pass. I know when 
the LM was on the nose that really made a big difference, 
because all I could see was LM. 

CAPCOM Hey, I agree with that you get a very 

good picture of the LM clod. 

CASPER Yes, I can see the clod in the radar. I 

can tell you all about them. 


CASPER But even in earthshine it was — it 

was — you could — you could pick out all the features in 
earthshine. It was really amazing. It was just -- just 
beautiful. And last night, or whenever it was when we were 
playing around there, why if I had a little more confidence 
in depth perception we could have done our station keeping 
without any lights or earthshine. You get once you leave 

earthshine through you really need that old docking light. 
And the docking light much of my surprise isn't good 
for much outside of 500 feet and at 500 feet if you ever 
lost sight of the target you probably wouldn't pick it up 
again. Until you get into 300 feet then, then it holds the 
target and space illumination to see things and tell relative 
motion. I didn't turn all the cockpit's lights down too dim 
because the LM strobe is such a beauty. And finally we turned 
the strobe off just to save power and time on it. And we 
had no problem at all, but the -- I'd pass the LM guys how 
bright that thing was in their face, but I had the impression 
that it wasn't so terribly bright. 

CAPCOM Okay. Thank you. 

CASPER Got another little piece of amazement 

here that you'll -- you might appreciate. It took me by 
surprise. I did it -- I started on my check -- the GE - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 22:32 GET 130:50 CM-100/1 

CASPER Got another little piece of amazement 

here that you'll — you might appreciate. It took me by 
surprise. I started out and I checked the GDC drift when — 
right after we got on our way and they were running pretty 
hot, they were about 7 degrees an hour, if I remember right, 
I got it written down somewhere, I won't look for them now, 
but maybe it was like 6 degrees but they were pretty drifts 
cause this was sometime after I got — I checked one set 
of B banks before TOI and one after, and I did a GDC align 
at a 127 hours. I just did another one. This is a 130 45 , so 
that's 3 hours and 45 minutes and the two were off by 2 degrees 
in roll, 1 degree in pitch, and 3 degrees in yaw, and that's 
the way this thing has been operating for the last couple 
of days, and I don't know what finally got into to square 
itself away. At the time the platform went dilly up there, 
why, they were about 12 degrees apart and they had been 
alined probably no more than a couple of hours before that, 
and I noticed the following day, I started watching the 
GDC and I noticed I didn't have to aline it very often, and 
it just seemed like the more it runs, the better it gets. 

CAPCOM Hey, that sounds jolly good, Ken. I 

had suspected that you had been keeping a rather close eye 
on the GDC. 

CASPER I tell you, every time I zero the optics, 

I think about 50 checks pulling the switches in here. 

CASPER Do I have your attention? 

CAPCOM Rog. I suspect that the GDC stays pretty 

well alined too. 

CASPER Maybe you know something that I don't. 

CAP COM Roge. 

CASPER Something else has surprised me, Stu, 

maybe you remember. I can see a definite horizon for the 
moon within a minute or so of LOS, and I guess, that's the 
diagonal light of the solar corona showing up there, but 
I really didn't anticipate seeing that nice dark disk, and 
there's — it's just like seeing the earth horizon on a 
dark night* It's really there. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken. We got that. 

CASPER Do you remember seeing that much horizon? 

CAPCOM No, I sure didn't, Ken, but I had very 

few passes where the orientation was where I could see that. 
CASPER Yeah, I understand. 

CAPCOM And, Ken, we're about a minute and a 

half to LOS. 


CAPCOM And I want to remind you to configure 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 CST 22:32 GET 130:50 CM-100/2 

CAPCOM that the FE on that -- 

CASPER Okay, thank you very much. 

CAP COM Tally good, we'll see you in a little 


CASPER All righty. Have an extra cup of coffee 

even you don't drink the stuff, I need some. 

CAPCOM Okay. I might try to even drink coffee 

for you, Ken. How about that except chocolate. 

CASPER Well, we probably both want the same 

thing right now. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/21/72 23:24CST 131:42GET CM101/1 

CASPER Hello there, Stuart. 

CAPCOM Hello, greetings, Casper. 

CASPER I just took another look at our old friend 

King, looking at him this time from the north looking south 
and west and there's no question in my mind now that there 
definitely is some dark material that's on the top of the 
central peaks that's on that western side, before I couldn't 
really tell if there was and it looked like there was some 
blocks that might be casting shadows, but looking back at it 
there is something on there that at least changes the albedo 
and nothing else, and it's not shadow and I've got a picture 
here on famed Victor Zona hopefully will substantiate that. 

CAP COM Hey, that sounds jolly good. 

CASPER GARBLE stand and took another look at the 

craters we talked about and there are two places in there 
where I think I see these close garbs that I was talking about. 
And one of them is at - let's call it 163 degrees east and 
about 2-1/2 deg re e s south, and you see a little blob that the 
artist has drawn in there and that looks like that's part of 
what I'm looking at appears to be in the GARBLE, kind of like 
a p r ob e de al . 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 09:18 GET 141:35 CM102/1 

CAPCOM Good morning, Casper. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 09:25 GET 141:42 CM103/1 


Good morning Casper, you stirring around 


Casper, Houston. 
Hello, there . 
Good morning. Did 
Ye s sir. 

Casper, Houston. We 
Thank you. 

Okay, and the gamma ray shield is 
Roge r . 

And the pan cam power is coming on 
Roge. Go ahead. 

Okay, Bravo 15 051. Bravo 3 6-1/2. 
On the chow. Meal A had scrambled eggs 
potassium. On meal B had coffee, orange 
drink with potassium and a beef steak. Meal C delete the 
frankfurters add turkey and gravey and coffee. 

CAPCOM Okay, we got it. And Ken your consumables 

were just about back on a nominal for the cryo and the RCS 
is 150 pounds above red line. 

Ok ay , 











Bravo 4 negative, 
orange juice with 

you have a good night? 
show you in CMC 3. 

off . 

Mark . 


i t 



your tape 

vector up. 


that's sort of holding it's own, isn't 
and if you'll give us ACCEPT, we'll 
got it. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 09:34 GET 141:51 CM104/1 

CAPCOM And Casper, we're clear for power off on 

the pan camera. 

CASPER Okay, power's coming off. Mark. 

CAPCOM Ken, I got some words of the SIM bay status. 

Do you want to listen? 

CASPER Okay, fire away. 

CAPCOM Okay, the mapping camera is working real 

well, except for that extension problem. We're, have a margin 
of 203 frames. The laser altimeter is still degrading. We're 
down to where we're getting about 70 percent of the good altitudes, 
30 percent of the time it's fouling up. Pan camera is over 
exposing the film but we can process a great deal out of that 
out, however, we loose some resolution. We're 58 frames ahead 
on that. The mass spect is purking along real good. No immediate 
evidence of PURGES or water dump in the data, and we've got that 
retraction problem that you're aware of, where we'll leave it out 
except for burns, and the gamma ray spectrometer is doing excellent 
work. We've got good peaks for thorium, silicon, and potassium 
and the X-ray and alpha particle are nominal. 


CAPCOM And the computer's yours. 

CAPCOM And Casper, Houston. I have got some flight 

plan changes for you. 

CASPER Okay, go ahead. 

CAPCOM Okay. The first one is at 142 hours. 

CASPER Alright, go ahead. 

CAP COM Delete the charge battery A. 

CASPER Okay, that's deleted. 

CAPCOM Okay, at 14 3:15 - 


CAP COM Delete the VERB 48 load. 

CASPER Okay, VERB 48 is deleted at 143:15. 

CAPCOM Okay, at the same time 143:15, we want 

to add P20 option 5 minus X forward SIM attitude. Maneuver 
completion time of 143:32. Your NOUN 79 is 3°. Set HIGH GAIN. 

CASPER Okay, at 143:15 it will be option 5 minus 

X SIM bay, NOUN 79 3°, 143:32 is maneuver completion time and 
I would guess the HIGH GAIN ought to be about 0 and 170. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative, and immediately follow- 

ing that, we want to go to the CSM experiment EVA check list. 
Gum nebulae into the photo sequence B, page X 2-8. 

CASPER Okay, then we do, get ready fox the Gum 

nebulae sequence B on page X 2-8. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. This will give you some 

warning here, because after your eat period, it's probably not 
enough time to get that before you have to start it. Okay, at 
143 - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 09:34 GET 141:51 CM104/2 

CAPCOM 143: 35 - 


CAPCOM Aquire MS FN with a, the manual Y 0 and 170. 

It just changes the angles you've got. Normal acquisition S-band 
greater than one half scale you know then react now. 

CASPER Roger. 

CAP COM Okay, at 144:15 - 


CAPCOM Go to POO then VERB 49 maneuver to DSM, that's 

space measurement slash Gum Nebulae .2 attitude, and the 
is 305 136 298, and the maneuver completion time is 


att i tude 
144:25 . 

DSM/gum nebulae 
completion time 

14 4:15. And at 


back to 14 4:26. 

the maneuver is 

as you get into 
shield on now. 





10 I want to go 
305 136 and 298, 



Okay, at 144 
. 2 , the attitude 
144: 25. 

Roger, and that was to be accomplished at 
144: 30 - 

Yes , sir. 

It calls for a P52. We want to move that 

Okay, you want to do the P5 2 as soon as 
completed at about 144:26. 

That's affirmative. Right in there as soon 
the dark and could you give us the gamma ray 

dup space measurement, the 
gum nebulae photo sequence 

And, the 
You have 
Ok ay . At 

shield is on . 
it . 

144: 30 , it's time to 
nebulae, and at 144: 
Page X 2-8. 

s tart 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 9:44 GET 142:01 CM105/1 

CASPER Okay, and how long does that thing take, 

Hank, that's about - 

CAPCOM Okay, the gum nebula, I mean the deep space 

measurements start at 144 30, the gum nebula photo sequence - 
if you want to build you a little tape there, they should run 
from about 144 36 to 144 50. 

CASPER Okay, that's 144 36 to 144 50. 

CAPCOM Roger. That's when the photos are going 

and you're getting deep space measurements all the time that's 
going . 

CASPER The beep space business, I don't have to 

do anything. 

CAP COM That is affirmative, Ken. 

CASPER Don't have to do anything during that 

time though, is that correct? 

CAPCOM And at 144 35, of course, delete that 

verb 49 manuever. 

CASPER Roger. 

CAPCOM And Ken, that gets us through the next 

REV. I've got a few more changes, but if you like, we can 
wait till the following REV to read them up. 

CAPCOM You're coming up on (garble) time now. 

CASPER The stuff that comes up right at - okay, 

the stuff I have to do between the time I have LOS and the 
time I pick you up again is still good so why don't we just 
put it off and let me get going on my gegenschein. 

CAP COM Okay. 

CAP COM Ken, we understand that mag ZZ is in the 

Nikon and FAO says they ought to have plenty of film to do 
the gum nebula. 

CASPER Okay, fine. Thank you sir. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 09:54 GET 142:11 CM106/1 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22772 CST 10:28 GET 142:46 CM107/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. No need to acknowledge 

we're about 2 minutes from LOS, all your systems are looking 
good. Just a reminder to figure your BSE to half bit rate 
record for command reset at LOS. 

SC Okay Hank. I copied you on the (garble) 

thank you. 

CAP COM Roger. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 11:14 GET 143:32 CM108/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. 

CASPER Hello, there. 

CAPCOM Hello, how did everything go on the back. 

CASPER Oh, we got a lot of very dim photographs. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CASPER Actually we got them all in. Times worked 

out just perfectly. 

CAPCOM Okay, I'll get you SIM report whenever you're 

ready, and when you - 

CASPER Only, ah - Okay, let me give you that. I just 

was turning the page. I did have one comment on the first frame 
on that antisolar sequence. I think it's probably not part of 
the gegenschein experiment itself. I think it's more zodical 
light business, but it's a 5 minute exposure and we took it with 
the spacecraft say my heads down, and nearly in a local horizontal. 
The camera was pointing 30° down and it looks td me like it would 
went ahead and moved in earthshine, in the field of view. So I 
suspect that's not much of a, not a very good frame. The rest of 
the sequences went fine, and the pointing attitudes pointed us 
right into places on the chart. And I have attitude errors on 
the antisolar sequence, I'll just give you the attitudes at the end 
and we started from the proper attitudes. It was 165 257 and 354. 
The second part of step 4, was 16 7 258 and 357. The attitudes in 
step 7, 169 264 and 0. The attitudes in step 10, 164 275 and 359. 
Magazine Zulu-Zulu has has 15 exposures taken. 

CAP COM Roger, copy, Ken. 

CAPCOM And, Ken. Whenever you get a break there in 

your eating period, I got the rest of your flight plan changes. 

SC Okay. Let me get a couple of bags ahead here. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/2 CST 11:24 GET 143:42 CM109/1 

CASPER Hey, Hank, a little curiosity here that - 

I guess it's just gee whiz, I've been noticing some things 
like I've got 2 leads tied to the G&N handrail, and I've got 
a pair of scissors strapped down here in the LEB on a tether, 
and I've got a trash bag up in the tunnel. Most things in 
the cockpit give you troubles with floating around. Really, 
you've got to pay attention if you want it to be stable. 
But the trash bag never leaves the tunnel. And 2 leads, 
every time I've looked at it, has been pointing - its been 
hanging up instead of hanging down as you would think, in 
the CMS. And my scissors are generally up and I have de- 
cided that gee, that's my imagination, that can't really be. 
There's no preferred direction. And I got to thinking about 
the thruster configuration we have given us, the all minus 
X thrusting, whenever they do fire for attitude control, 
and so I thought I'd take a look here while we were in 
attitude hold, and sure enough in attitude hold, the 2 leads 
didn't go up and the scissors do stay down, and I guess 
that was when we were free most of that time rather then 
in attitude hold. Apparently, you can see the effects over 
a long period in the cockpit of the minus X firings for 
attitude. I thought that was kind of unusual. 

CAPCOM Yes, very interesting. 

CASPER And let me get a bag open here and I'll 

be ready to copy while I am drinking. 
CASPER Okay, go ahead. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken. The first change we want 

to look at is at 145 14. 

CASPER Hank, if we're going to do this during 

this actual eat period, the best thing for us to do is 
probably for you to read them very slowly and I'll copy 
all I can and when we get to the end, I'll read them back 
to you. 

CAPCOM Okay, at 145 14, this is a minor change, 

in that mapping camera photo pad. The longitude there 
where it says 15 9.9 to 20.7 degrees west, that should be 
23.7 degrees west, and this is just for your own information, 
and that's 2-1/2 REVs . 

CAPCOM Okay, the next change is at 146.18 on 

the next page at 146.17 really, where it starts there with 
gamma ray shield off. Delete from there through image 
motion off, that's delete gamma ray shield off, mapping 
camera off 2 stop, wait 30 seconds, mapping camera standby 
and image motion off. At 146-24 there, where in this block 
for mispent update, we won't be giving you a mapping camera 
photo pad, instead it will be a pan camera photo pad, this is 
just for your information, and it'll be copied at 148-10. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CS T 1124 GET 143:42 CM109/2 

CAPCOM And Ken, we need high gain AUTO, and 

we'd like to verify the position of the DSE recorder switch. 

CASPER Okay, you've got AUTO and the DSE is in 

record and forward high bit rate. 

CAPCOM Roger, copy. And Ken, the next change 

is at 146-27. We want to delete all the little business 
there with the gamma ray, gang step on up 4 step, step 7 
shield on antenna, delete that whole line. Okay, the next 
change is 146-30 at the top of the page. This is a minor 
change, the film experiment status should now be plus 1111 
and 02222. And if you flip the page over at 147 hours their 
SIM status should be the same as before plus 111102222. At 
147-12, delete image motion ON, delete mapping camera ON T 
start, and also delete that block for the photo pad, mapping 
camera photo pad. Okay, on the next page at 14 8 hours, right 
at the top of the page we want to add, gamma ray retract to 
7-1/2 feet, the time for retraction is 2 minutes 26 seconds. 
At 148-05 add: Pan Camera standby, stereo power verified, 
Pan Camera operate at P start. And Ken, somewhere out be- 
side that, you can build you a little block if you like, to 
copy the pan camera photo pad. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CS T 11:34 GET 143:52 CM110/1 

CAPCOM - come around to 5 DAPS you can build you 

a little block, if you like to copy the pan camera photo pads. 

CAP COM At 148:17, add pan camera stand by, at T stop. 

Pan camera off. MSFN cue, and gamma ray deploy. 

CAP COM At 148:29 , where it talks about gamma ray 

gang step et cetera, delete the middle part of that so it reads 
gamma ray gang step on center. 

CAP COM That should be shield on. 

CAPCOM To repeat, that should be gamma ray gang step 

shield on center. And right under that, at 148:30 there, delete 
map set retrack to 8.4 feet. 

CAPCOM At 148:30, at the top of the next column, 

the SIM status should be plus 1111 02222. 

CAP COM At the top of the next page 149 hours, SIM 

status code should be the same as before plus 1111 02222. 

CAP COM And at 149:18, the block there that refers 

to pan camera stand by stero power operate T start. That little 
group, this is a note. Do you see how it should be moved up. 
Says that the T start that occurs at 149:16. 

CAPCOM At 149:30, the SIM status code should be 

plus 1211 22222. 

CAPCOM And, Ken. That's all of them for now, 

CASPER Okay, Hank. Let me read them back to you 

and I'll just start, start back here. The last one you gave 
me at 149:30, we got the status code as 1211 and 22222. We 
move the pan camera block that's now at 149:18 up to a point 
where the operate comes at 149:16. SIM code on that page is, 
is 4 sticks and 04 duces. Same status code on the top at 148:30, 
148:29 is gamma ray gang step on, or shield on. 148:20 is gamma 
ray deploy, and at about 148:17 it's pan camera stand by at T stop, 
and then off at MSFN command. 148:15, it's pan camera stand by 
stero power and then operate at T start, and I've got a block 
ready for T start and stop. At 148 even, it's gamma ray retract 
to 7 and a half feet. That's 2 minutes and 26 seconds from 
full retract, from full extention end. 

CASPER I've deleted the mapping camera pad at 147:15. 

I've deleted the block mapping camera at 147:12, oops, except for 
the image motion increase, which still goes in there. I've got 
a status change at the top of 147. The bottom line is now 02222. 
146:27, we delete the gamma ray line. Big change at positions of 
the pan camera photo pad to 148:10. Deleted the little block of 
items starting with gamma ray shield off and ending with image 
motion off at 146:16. And the mapping camera photo pads, 145:12 is 
2 and a half REVS and ends at 23.7 west. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken. That all looked good except at 

14 8:30. We wanted to make sure you deleted the masspect retractions. 

CASPER Yea, sure did. I'm sorry. I just (garble) 

step line . 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 11:34 GET 143:52 CM110/2 

of minutes , 

mas spe ct 
re adback 


I'll go 

Yes, I'll leave the 
Okay, that's a good 
Okay, Henry. 

If you don't have anything 
back to feeding my face. 
Go right ahead. I won't bother you, 

else for a couple 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 11:44 GET 144:02 CM111/1 

CAPCOM SAO capcom, is the T CA time in the flight plan 

p ret ty good. 

CAP COM I was on the wrong loop, Ken. I was just 

checking a time for TCA to Descartes, and it's pretty good whats 
in the flight plan. John and Charlie are on their way up to Stone 
Mountain out of CINCO. Their about half way there. 

CASPER Outstanding. Did they, halfway 

Mountain, or halfway to Stone Mountain. 

They just passed Survey Ridge. 
Okay. Was that real obvious to them. 
Yes, it was, and the suprising thing 
trouble recognizing when they are on a ray. It's 
to them on the surface. 

Is that right. What looks different when 

have no 
thei r on it. 
the way 

up to Stone 

is , that 

th ey 
ve ry 

It's just an enormous 
just the way the terrain is all turned up 
tell this stuff has been thrown on top. 
CASPER Beautiful. 

CASPER Ken, the guys are on the first one of 

terraces there, they have just passing station 5 now, and 
were able to recognize the ray, just by the block count. 

CASPER Okay (garble). 

amount of blocks, and 
and then they call 

tho se 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 11:54 GET 144:12 CM112/1 

Hey, Henry. How do yon read Casper now? 
Reading you 5 by 5, Ken. How me? 
Oh, loud and clear. I guess you probably 
comment about the glint over on Stone Mountain. 



di dn ' t ge t my 

a while. I gave 
they w e re . 

CASPER Okay, and 

went on VOX, I just realized, 
just gotten in a position as I 
and I was taking a look at it, 

Ne gative . 
you a call a 

I haven't heard anything for 
while ago to tell you where 

I answered you, and I guess I 
Just as you said that, I had 
passed overhead to the area, 
and I had 2 things in mind. 

One of them was to inspect by the landing area and I got 
there to late to tell whether I had seen any of that. And 
then, the next thing I did was to look over toward the ter- 
races and see how they looked today and I looked over towards 
the terraces and it was kind of strange because I was looking 
around and I'd say, maybe you could see at this sun angle 
like there might be a terrace out there, and you can see Crest 
crater very plainly, and the Cincos , you have to be - I have 
to be on top of the landing site to see it, and by the time 
I got around to that, I was downstream a ways. But I got a 
flash of light right at the base of Stone Mountain, just a 
glint like a piece of metal flashing in the sunlight. I'll 
betcha anything, I got a reflection off the Rover, if at about 
that time they were right at the base of Stone. 

That's about where they were, Ken. It's 
your V49 manuever. 
Okay, thank you. 

And John called me up there, they're at 

about time to 


Cin co . 



that fast. 

gimbal angle 


photo pad up 
nebula thing, 


145-12. T-start 


motion change as 


anymore , while 


Aire ady • 

Yes, they're making good 
It doesn't seem possible 

time . 

they could go 
eye on your middle 

Ken, you might keep your 
on that. 

Oh , ok ay . 

And I need to get you your mapping camera 
there before we get too involved in this gum 

go ahead, 
this is to 

be copied at about 

Okay , 
is 145 - 
Got it. 

1840. Key stop 1501605 , and the 
called in the flight plan are good. 

Okay, D-start 1451840, stop 1501605. 
Good read back, Ken. I won't bother 
you're setting up. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 11:59 GET 144:12 CM112/2 

CASPER Okay, one other thing I wanted to tell 

you about in the Descartes area. You remember the little 
cone shaped thing that we looked at on the plotter. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CASPER It's to the north and mostly to the west 

o f Knub . 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. 

CASPER Okay, well I've looked for it on 4 REVs 

now and I identified the feature that it looked like it was 
and it doesn't look like that at all. Just a little soft 
mound with a crater in it, and it doesn't look any different 
then all the other craters when you look at it from here. 

CAPCOM Well, that's interesting, but disappoint- 


CASPER Yes, I was too, and actually, that's 

about the same score for the one that's out here by Lassell. 
CAPCOM Oh, is that right? 

CAPCOM In the photograph for that one there, 

northwest of North Ray, it sure does look like it had a lot 
darker material around it. 

CASPER Yes, I know it does and I haven't had a 

chance to look at it straight down, but it - from a blank 
it sure looks the same as all the rest of things around 
the re . 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CSX 12:04 GET 114:22 CM113/1 

CAPCOM And Casper, Houston. When you get out to 

do that P52 and go to SCS, ah, G&C suggest that perhaps you 
ought to picture that close to gimbal lock. That middle gimbal 

line or you might 


that go away if I 

bit a head. Star 


go minumum dead band and uncage 

And a low rate on that, too. 

Okay, that's not a bad plan. 

Okay, and I've got a 405 here, 
wait another minute. 

That's affirmative. 

You say affirmative on that. 

That's affirmative, Ken. You 
12 and 13 should be avalible. 

Okay, 7 and 13, thank you. 

That's 12 and 13. 

Okay, 12 and 13. 

the B mags 



wait a little 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 12:10 GET 144:28 CM- 

SC Al, there's 

nothing In the sextant at all. And the telescope, 
haven't been able to pick up the star patterns in. 

-- that's interesting. There 

I still 


to press on with 
1 ate r . 



in front of 
you 1 ve been 
, an d I 

to wait 
has got 
flight plan 

FAO is checking into it, Ken. 
And I have nothing on Star 13. I'm going 
the Denebola and see if I can catch this 

Okay, Ken 
I suspect 
those s t ars . 

Ken , 

to Denebola. 

Roge . 
Yeah , 

we got something like the moon 
maybe you can get that P52 after 

That's what I 



h ave 

got the 

-- I 



at th e 

going to try . 
outs ide here , 
moon . 

op 1 1 cs 
Roger . 

Yes, as a matter of fact, I'm 
awhile here just to clear the moon. 
Denebola sequence. 

Roger. You should be 
about 36 after. 

Are you sure somebody verified that these 

going to 
It think 

clear according to 

long exposure times we're taking are going to be satisfactory 
when we've got a brightly lit moon in the field of view? 
And we looked at all this kind of stuff on the original 
when we started coming back trying to — these things in 
here on real time. I wonder if some of those things need 
to be verified. 

CAPCOM Roger. FAO is checking and this was 

th e PI req ues t . 

SC Okay, I -- we'll go ahead and take them, 

but you ought to be aware that I got a beautiful earth lit 
moon out here. I just passed — I believe that's Rima 
Ursullas and you know, you can see features not as good as 
the first night but boy, they're still a real big obvious 
figures out here. 

SC At least the star patterns all check 

out. I've got Canopus and Regor and Atraix and all those 
stars in sight. 

Well, that's good. 

Casper, Houston. FAO advises that they'd 
wait the LOS to do the photos. 

Okay, understand that you want to wait 
, that'll ought to get us a little darker 


s cene 

for you 


LOS. Okay 

t o 


You might be — 


APOLLO 16 COMMAND MODULE COMMENTARY 4/22/72 12:20 CST 144:38 GET CM/115/1 

CASPER None, the less. Okay, that ought to get 

us a little darker sheen. 

CAP COM He might be pressed to get that P52 in 

there after that but we'll just have to do the best we can. 

CASPER Well, I'm not sure you going to get a 

P52 in there either, Hank seems to me like I'm supposed to go 
to a north of flight photo attitude. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative and why don't we just 

go ahead and scrub it - 

CASPER (garble) just to make that thing - That's 

what I was just going to suggest, good plan. And I'll catch 
52 the next time we get in the dark, because the platform 
obviously knows where it is, so we'll go ahead and get this 
north of flight in here and I'm going to have it looks like 
that maybe a tight one too, just to get to it but we'll get 
there if we have to use a higher rate. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CASPER Hank, you asked me earlier about the con- 

figuration of the DSE switches, was there some problem the 
last time I reconfigured? 

CAPCOM Inco had some data that showed it 

wasn't in record and he was puzzled about it. 

CASPER Well, I see I'm suppose to configure it 

again in just a minute do you want me to cycle things or 
anything like that? 

CAPCOM Ken, Inco's going to take care of it this 

time, we would like for you to verify though that you are 
in the proper configuration, at this time that we thought 
that you'd be busy taking all of these pictures here, I 
told him to go ahead and configure it at this end so you 
wouldn't have to mess with it. 

CASPER Okay, I'll just verify it then. 

CAPCOM And oh another check, Inco verified there 

was no problem with your configuration. 

CASPER Okay. I may be mistaken, Hank, but I 

believe that I can see the outer two rings of Oriental now. 
I'm just coming up on the Earth-side terminator and I can 
see a big circular basin that's really a big guy, fills the 
whole window. I can see reflections off the far rim and 
off the near rim and I've got two concentric rings with 
some flat area some little build ups in it really looks 
hilly in there. That's a spectacular sight, which we 
could see it in daylight. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken, we're about 4 minutes from LOS 

everything's looking good down on this end and just to pass 
on something about the guys on the surface, they got a real good 
view of South Ray from where they are they say that - that the 
crater the ejecta from South Ray is two different kinds of 
material. There's some dark material and then a light 
material that we call ray material so he said there's other 

APOLLO 16 COMMAND MODULE COMMENTARY 4/22/72 12:20 CST 144:38 CM115/2 

CAPCOM ejecta right along with it in all directions 

but it there's dark and light. 

CASPER How about that? I think I told you yesterday 

that - that it appears to me that the interior of North and 
South Rays are significantly different. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER South Ray shows a great deal of dark and 

light splotches and North Ray just doesn't show that real 
dramatic difference. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 13:14 GET 145:32 CM116/1 

I went to a 

Casper, Houston. 
Hello, there . 

Hello. Did you have a busy REV. 
(Laughter) Yea, that was a little tight, 
half degree persecond and we made it. Seems like 

had somethings that I needed to bring 
me see if I can findout where I wrote 

you up to s peed 
them down. 

on . 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 13:24 GST 145:42 CM-117/1 



earner a . 

the power ' s of f . 

Casper the computer's yours. 
Okay, thank you. 

Casper we're ready for power off on the pan 
Okay, I'll get that in just a second. Okay 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 13:34 GET 145:52 CM118/1 

CAPCOM CASPER you're awful quite. 

CASPER Yea I'm doing a little hous ecleaning . 

CAPCOM Roger. And I here your radio running 

while you're doing it. 

CASPER Oh yea. This ones kind of appropriate. 

Are you familiar with Mr. Holtz's Sweep the Planets? 

CAP COM No I'm not . 

CASPER Well it seemed like that was an appropriate 

thing to bring along. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

(Mus i c) 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY kill 111 CST 13:44 GET 146:02 CM119/1 

CASPER You know, Hank. You wouldn't think you 

loose something in only 12 feet. Right now, I probably got 
more things lost than I've got found. 

CAPCOM (Laughter) Roger. 

CASPER Somewhere I lost the ring site that goes on 

the TV camera and the Hasselblad. And it's probably where ever 
I put it. And unfortunately I just don't happen to know where 
that is. I guess that really the only piece of operating equipment 
that I have misplaced, and that's pretty good considering the 
shambles that this place generally stays in. 

CASPER It's really puzzling. I've been setting 

here, one of the reason I'm not saying an awful lot, is I'm trying 
to get some kind of an idea in my head as to, how you would describe 
the differences between the front and the back of materials, and 
that's really hard. Does everytime you look for a objective 
thing, you really kind of find that there's alot of similarities, 
when you get down to the details. It's not clear that the backside 
is, would be that much different from the front if we'd put a few 
mare's in there and a couple of the big rilles. One of the things 
I noticed about most of the craters on the backside are the larger 
ones. Even the ones with the steep interiors do not have any kind 
of a block or (garble) around the outsides. I should say none, but 
it's very seldom you have to stop and look for each block. But 
there are a few craters like Chebyshev and a couple like that, in 
fact they have large blocks around the outside. King is anogher 
one that has the outer flanks of King look very much like the center 
feature in the interior. 

CASPER Now, I got North and South Ray again, and - 

CAPCOM John's probably at station 5 now, Ken. 

CASPER Okay, I guess I really can't say I see them. 

CAPCOM They're packing up to move on down to station 

6 now . 

CASPER Okay. I can see 1, 2, 3 distinct layers, and 

it looks like several streams of material that go from the interior 
of South Ray over to, one of them points out goes in South Ray 
and over lift and down the outside. And it points over towards 
Baby Ray, and I'm trying to look at the material. All those things 
where you said we could see all those (garble) and things that we 
looked at back at in the (garble) Descartes, just don't show, Hank. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CASPER And I'm looking down into the floor of Delambre 

and it looks like Delambre has two different units. One that kind 
of floods In from the west, it looks like it sort of fills the floor 
there. All that stuff we talked about and all those things we 
looked at in the plotter are apparently below the resolution of 
what I can see with these binoculars. And in general as the sun 
comes up, my first impression with the lower sun, was that the 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 13:44 GET 146:02 CM119/2 

CASPER material to the, of Stone and Smoky were the 

same and the Descartes (garble) material was also part of the 
same thing. As the sun angle comes up, it starts to change it's 
charater a little bit, and it's looking more like the plotter 
photo' s . 

CAPCOM Roger. It sure seems that the sun angle really 

effects what, what you're able to see, and I guess you about ready 
to look at Alphonsus. Is that correct? 

CASPER That's correct. 

CASPER Yeah, we're just coming up on Alpetragius, 

(garbled) now. I wish we could get a couple more of those 
light photo passes. That was the one time when the windows 
were really pointing in the direction you would like 
to have them. Other than that you have a permanent crick in 
yo ur ne ck . 

CASPER I've looked at Alphonsus on quite a few of 
our revs and if the low suns there was absolutely no - nothing 
I could say about dark halos around those little craters. Now 
this time I look at them and there is a very obvious dark 
halo, and it looks exactly like the dark halos you see around 
the two craters to the south of Theophilus. I've looked for 
some topographic or surface features that might be different 
between the northern and southern halves of Alphonsus and I've 
had absolutely no luck at all with that. I see now one, two, 
three, distinct dark halo areas and probably a fourth one. 
The rim of Alphonsus and the rim 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 1354 GET 146:12 CM120/1 

CASPER I see now 12 3 distinct dark halo areas 

and probably a fourth one. The rim of AlPhonsus and the 
rim of Theophilus are inseparable. Here I am right now, 
I haven't quite gotten to it yet. The long north south 
trending linament that runs through Alphonsus looks just 
like the photographs and does indeed run up there, and it 
runs through the wall and looks like it's an extension of 
the little crater chain that runs through Theophilus. Hadley's 
Rille and the floor of Theophilus looks just like it does in 
Alphonsus, I don't see any really significant difference. 
The only thing I can say about the dark halo area is, in 
Alphonsus, is that, now I can't get the binoculars on them. 
I can't get close enough to the window. And if you remember 
that one that we looked at the blowups of I'm looking at that 
now and yeah, there's a slight albedo difference or a darking 
of the material around it. It doesn't look any different than 
any other down there. It's filled on the western flank, it 
has a slightly raised rim around the eastern side, it's very 
subtle, it looks very subdued. It looks just like all the 
rest of the craters that you all over the rest of the Moon, 
nothing significant about it, except it's setting. I really 
don't see any relationship between Davy and Davy's chain with 
any other feature that shows Theophilus or the surroundings. 

(garble) I can't even get over far enough to take a good look at 
Alpetragius. Balmer is just about out of the field of view. 
And one thing I am going to try to take a look at and I don't 
know if we have enough sun yet, and I'm going to use these 
bi-level red and blue filters and take a look at LaSalle Sea. 
And see whether or not there's any enhancement that's com- 
parable to what we've seen in the photographs of the red and 
blue filters. And just looking at these things directly through 
the filters you don't see anything there at all, I didn't really 
think you would but it was an interesting thing to try. 
CAPCOM Roger, copy. 

CASPER And I do see a lot of, that little crater 

that is out to the west of LaSalle Sea, the one that looks 
like it has a little (garble. It's very obvious now that 
the sun come up higher and it does look a little different, 
but there's so many of these little craters and little moun- 
tain things that stick up through the floor of the Mare, but's 
not real obvious that that's anything out of the ordinary. 

CAPCOM Can you see a little bright ray there? 

CASPER Say again. 

CAPCOM There should be a little bright ray, I 

think isn't it? Right near the perspective dark cone? 

CASPER Uh , I didn't see any bright ray around it. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 13:54 GET 146:12 CM-120/2 

CASPER No sir. And you can see all of Fra Mauro 

area now and Rlma Parry system stands out. You can see Parry, 
Bonpland And most of the highlands material that's over to 
east of Fra Mauro, itself all has the same appearance as though 
it belongs to the same pattern. 

CAPCOM You ought to be approaching the terminator, 

now. Is that right? 

CASPER Yes, sir. And I have been rather impressed 

with the fact that most of these little grabens or rilles, in 
the low sun it appears to me that the floors of these things 
have a lower crater density in general than the outsides of 
the craters, the crater density on the outside would be of the 
rille itself. You can see this in low sun angle quite dramatically 
And just to the west of Fra Mauro area we've got another rille 
coming up. And in places it looks like it has little, little 
ridge around it. When you get to real low suns in this very 
model surface it looks more like your looking at some of those 
sponges and things you see on the ocean floor than it does any 
part of the Moon, way it will look when the sun comes up. 
Okay, Hank, do you have a couple of photo pads for me? 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 14:04 GET 146:22 CM121/1 

p ads 


s t op 

for me? 

pan camera pad 
148 17 14. 
former corona pad. 
camera pad, T start 
I've got a couple 
to get up on the 

Okay, Hank, so you have a couple of photo 

I sure do. 

Okay. Why don't you fire away. 
Okay, the first ones at 4 - 148 

10 and 

Okay . 

T start 148 07 
Okay. T start 

Okay . 



T stop 14 8 
pan camera 

17 14, 
148 07 


At 149 05 on the next page your 

Okay . 
149 02 

And if 


25 p an 

pan camera. 

56 . 
02 56. 

the same page, down at 149 
16 24, T stop 149 38 04. 

24 and 149 38 04 for the 
good readback. 

you've got your scratch pad handy 
I'd like to - questions I'd like 
Guillo you mentioned a while ago. 
Okay, standby, let me get it. 
Okay . Go ahead. 

Okay, you described this big hole with a 

black blob and the question is, is the big hole a crater or 
does it look more like a volcanic vent? 

CASPER Well it looks to me like a 

all the rest of the craters around here except 

crater. Like 
it occurs in 

But I ve been looking for similar 
of these big real large 
craters in their walls too 

you - does 
(laughs) Well, I can't 
Okay, we just want 

the blob look at 

the side of a crater wall 
features and there's quite a few 
craters which have similar sized 
so I wouldn't say that anomalous 

CAPCOM Roger and do 

all like lava? 

right now to see — 

q ues tions . 

CASPER -- a few things look like flows. One of 

them is - Yeah, obviously that one of the things I don't 
think we're going to be able to answer that question. At 
least I can't. But it looks just like the material you see 
coming down the side of the mountains to the north of Flagstaf. 

get close enough 
you to have these 

I know that s lava, 
thing, I don't know 
back side where you 
you follow them far 
get lost. Now this 

but, whether this is the same sort of 
because there is so many places on the 
see what appears to be flow lines and if 
enough, you find some place where they 
one has a real dark sediment material 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 14:04 GET 146:22 CM-121/2 

CASPER When I say real dark, I mean dark compared to 

the rest of the Moon and it's - it seems to be consisting 
of 2 different flows or 2 different units; one much lighter 
and closer to the regular lunar surface. Both of them are 
darker though and the dark ones look like the same kind of 
dark material. I say it looks the same as what you see 
subtle expressions in the little domes in King along the 
cen tral pe ak . 

Casper, could you put took the 
Oh! Yes sir. It's on. 
Thank you. 

on how large 
me get a 

laser altimeter 


Okay, and 
this feature is? 

Oh , Oh, I 
scale on Guillo. 
west of the wall pointing 
crater is about, between 

could you give us an estimate 

was afraid you'd ask 
The crater is in the 
to Loboschesky and I 
a quarter and a third 

almos t 
would say 
the diameter 
a quarter and a third 
crater Guillo up to 

diameter of the crater is between 
total depth from the floor of the 

CAPCOM Roger, copy. And re-re- you got another 

opportunity to look at this thing on the next rev, I think. 
Our figures here show that your time of closest approach is 
147 31 04. And you should be able to see it through window 
4 and then window 3 as you go by. And this is just information 
if you do want to take another look and take a stab at these 
questions and any other things you see about it. 

CASPER Okay, I been - I commented on this thing 

I thought, some time yesterday, the first time I saw it. I've 
been looking at it periodically. Unfortunately it ocurrs at 
the same time King does and you get all wrapped around the 
action trying to figure out which one you need to work on. 

CAPCOM Okay. Just threw this out in case you 

wanted to take a look at it. 

CASPER Yeah, thank 

couple of pictures of it. 

CASPER Let's see. I'll try to whip off 

for you here before I start to exercise. 

CAPCOM Hey, that's real good, Ken. We were hoping 

you'd donate a couple minutes of your exercise period to that. 
CASPER I'm so far behind on exercise now that I 

never exercise again. It's really going to hurt when I 
back and have to go to work. 
CAPCOM Ken, you have been getting some exercise 

You haven't been omitting these exercise periods have you? 

that just isn't much. 

I got you a 
a P52 


No. But that just isn't - you know - 
I can hardly get a heart rate enough 


to even tell it's there. Doesn't seem like I can change 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 14:04 GET 146:22 CM-121/3 

CASPER with the equipment we have. 

CAPCOM Okay. Well, we want you to take full advantage 

of all these. 

CASPER Naw, I'm getting my exercise. (laughs) 

Yeah, well, you feel better when you get through after having 
done something like that. Even though I don't think it's 
enough exercise to amount to anything. 



CASPER Amount to anything (laughs) Yeah, well, ya 

feel better when you get through having done something like that. 
Even though I - I don't think it's enough exercise to amount 
to anything. It just makes you feel better. I advocate doing 
' em . 

CAPCOM Casper, we have the angles. You're a clear 


CASPER Okay, I'll catch it at 50. 

CAPCOM And you better get your camera set up, Ken, 

for the sun ray photos. 

CASPER Okay, thank you. 

CAPCOM And when you get to that, you might as well 

do your exercises. I don't want to interfere with that. I'll 
just give you a brief call prior to LOS. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY A/24/72 CST 14:24 GET 146:42 CM-123/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, do you read? your looking 

good at LOS. And we'd like you to verify the DSCS doubles. 

CAPCOM Casper if you still read the surgeon says 

you got your heart rate up to 90 now. 

CASPER Hank, according to that theory it sounds 

like the hardest work I've done in this flight was lift off. 

CAPCOM Roger. Hey, Inco, says he's going to take 

care of the taperecorder but you might ought to verify. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/24/72 CST 15:12 GET 147:30 CM-124/1 

CASPER Hello there. 

CAPCOM Hello, Ken, how did it go on the last pass? 

CASPER Oh, it went all the way around, came back 

out front side and got exercise, got some terminator pictures, 
and got a good look at Gooyo again. I guess I'm going to have 
to going to have to make a few corrections to my size estimate 
on that thing at Gooyo. It looks like the crater that it's 
coming out of is really like half the size of the Gooyo, feature. 
Instead of what I'd said before, about a third. And not only 
that but the I saw something else this time that was also went 
unnoticed before. The crater is located right at the top of 
the rim and works its way down to about half way, then this 
dark material comes out, and there's 2 shades of this dark 
material. Then this striation that shows up is like all the rest 
of these lineaments we've been seeing all over the Moon. And 
I think I remember saying something as I passed Theophilus 
on one of our early REVS, right after we got here, that it 
looked like these patterns that we see that are all over the 
surface are on the sides of every hill and every vertical 
surface they all seem to follow the contours of any local 
topography. There's a like at Theophilus I first noticed 
it here on the crater rim, there's a lot of little craters up 
along the sides and those little craters that are up along the 
sides left impressions down inside the these striations that 
run around the rest of the Moon, or the rest of the crater 
interior. And that happens every where you look. 

CAPCOM Could there be fractures or something like 


CASPER Well that was what I was wondering if these 

are shocked reflections or something like that. Then I guess 
that still is a reasonable hypothesis. Except these things 
are all over the surface, every where you look, places where 
you really wouldn't expect to see shocks, but you know maybe 
they're there after all. 

CAP COM Did you happen to observe going by King 

this time anything up to the north, any expression at all of 
the Soviet Mountain? 

CASPER Yeah, I been looking for those for quite 

a few REVS now and I cannot follow the rays of King out to 
the north and make any conclusions at all about. I can see 
some of the ray material that comes down from King but or 
comes out from King, I should say, but I'm really having no 
luck at all tracing that stuff to the north. Then I started 
looking for the Soviet Mountains and when you look north and 
south way out on the horizon there you get the impression that 
there north and south (garble) very subtle constructional build, 
but I'm not sure isn't just the way we're looking at it, be- 
cause every time you look cross sun you're going to see that 
sort of pattern. Anything that's there is going to show up 
and if you put it enough of these craters together they are 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 15:12 GET 147:30 CM-124/2 

CASPER bound to make a line, so I can't really 

say that I see one, it appears to me that if there is there's 
a very, very shallow rise which instead of calling it a moun- 
tain range I would call it more like a plateau front similiar 
to the Kant Plateau rise as it comes up from behind Theophilus. 

CAPCOM Could you give us high gain auto position? 

CASPER You have auto. 

CAPCOM Okay, I guess the laser altimeter is down 
to about 50% now and the ground site is not going to goover that 
part so we're not going to get any laser information to give us 
any data on the topography in that area 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 15:22 GET 147:40 CM- 125/1 

CAPCOM See the laser altimeter is down about 50 

percent now. And the ground track is not going to go over 
that far, so we're not going to get any laser information to 
give us any data on the topography in that area and that's why 
we're particularly interested in your observations of whether 
there is actual rise in the topography there or not. 

CASPER It's real hard to say. I'd say if there is 

it - it's like a plateau though, acts very subtle. 

CAPCOM Ken, could you give us wide beam width 

and then back to narrow. 
back and 


Okay . 

You want me to try auto again. 
Okay, Ken, go back to auto. 
Okay, think you got it that time. 
Anything else to report on your backside 


t ry - er . 

A-a-a that doesn't 
I get ya got 

seem to help. Let me 

it back in narrow 





observations, Ken' 


backside observations? 


there again. The more I study that one feature, 
with it, which is sort of what you would expect, 
nice cause it 
like there is 

Say again, Hank. 

Do you have any other comments about the 

N aw , I guess there's some stuff around King 

the more I 
And kind a 

s right on the ground tracks so often. Looks 
a lot of material that I would call an ejecta 


blanket that comes out from it. It seems to climb up the side 
of craters around it, surrounding it. And it looks definite 
like there is some kind of a flow and again I would characterize 
it more as a mud flow than anything else. It looks like it 
comes out of that southeastern corner. The stuff that goes 
out to the northeast and to the northwest is all, looks like 
it comes out a lot faster. 

CAPCOM Roger. Can you see any expression on that 

central feature out to the north? 

CASPER Say again, please. 

CAPCOM The central feature there - the Y in the 

King crater. Can you see any expression of that out to 
the north, through the north wall of the crater up toward the 
n orth ? 

CASPER Naw, no better than you can looking at the 

photographs. There's a lot of light material up there that 
has what looks like dark material sticking through it. It 
looks that way very obviously, looks like there's rocks and - 
it's still hard to determine if that's rocks or if those are 
shadows, but I've seen it a couple of time looking back from 
the - from west to east and it still looks like hard shadows 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 15:22 GET 147:40 CM-125/2 

be dark material or a block at 

so it must 
shadows . 

Roger. We're going to have the rest of 
up date for you later in this rev Ken, and 


thought for 

about - have 

you'd better. 
It b el on gs 

least, rather than 

your flight plan up date for you later in this rev Ken, and I 
noticed it's supposed to be your eat period and I don't want to 
eat up to much of that, if you'll pardon the expression, so I'll 
hush up for a while. 

After a pund like that. 
Roger . 

That was so bad, Hank, J.t belongs on our 
the day board. 


Hank, did the surface guys say anything 
they seen any different kind of material? I guess - 
I understood all they saw yesterday was breccia. Have they 
seen anything else this morning? 
CAP COM Standby. 

CAPCOM Ken, most of the things they've seen today 

are breccia again. They did find one rock they thought was 
crystalline, but there is some doubt about it. 

CASPER. Well, based on our past experience, when 

you see 
guess . 

crystalline rock it s best to be quiet about it, I 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/24/72 CST 15:42 GET 148:00 CM126/1 

CASPER Okay, the gamma ray is coming to retract. 

Mark . 

CAP COM Roger. 

CASPER Barber pole and my watch has started. 

CASPER And Hank, how about if I put the pan 

camera to power at the same time I take the image motion so 
I can have a couple extra seconds to look at the landing area. 
CAPCOM That's fine, Ken. 

Okay, image motion is barber pole, pan 
by stereo hour, barber pole in gray. 
Copy . 

And the gamma ray boom is coming off, 

camera is stand 


mark . 


features in 

and banding 
looks like. 



going to get 

going to go 

Roge r . 

Boy, as the sun angle comes up, now, the 
the landing area are really fading out. 

There is more evidence of terracing 
in Smokey Mountain than there is in - (garbled) it 


How close are they going to get to that. 
At this sun angle I can see 1, 2 say again. 
I was just curious how close they were 
those bands on their trip to North Ray. 

Yeah, well, the other thing is they were 
down to Ravine and looks to me like the material 
at Ravine is about the same material thats around North Ray. 
If they get there and come up the way their scheduled to it 
looks like their going to be in the same unit that they would 
have gotten down at Ravine. You really have to look at this 
stuff at all sun angles because you see different things 
from hour to hour, really amazing. How we doing on the 
pan camera? 

CAPCOM Still got a little over a minute to go, 

I'll give you a call. 

CASPER Alright, sir. It sure looks like that 

stuff that comes into the - looks like North Ray was blasted 
into a piece of Smokey Mountain what it really looks like. 
And the Smokey Mountain and the stuff out to the east of 
there is really probably all from the same stuff. 

CAPCOM Casper, about 15 seconds to T start. 


Ok ay , we 
Roge r . 

re operate barber pole and gray 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 15:52 GET 148:10 CM-127/1 

CASPER You, know it's very Interesting down here 

in Alpetragius there's a lot of the linear features that line 
up with the Imbrium sclupture. They come right down, come through 
Alpetragius go through the central peak, come right to the south- 
ern wall they go on out and one of them goes on down and hits the 
rim of Arzachel. 

CAPCOM That sounds pretty interesting there, Ken. 

CASPER I'm looking at LaSsell Sea and a little 

highlands that's by it. And remember we had a red and blue 
color difference and right now the southern piece with a crater 
in it is sort of a tan color and northern piece is gray, when 
I look at the Mare I see a big swatch of the tan colored Mare down 
to the south that goes over towards Guericke and I see a tone 
of darker gray material. The area around LaSSlleSea has the 
tan tone to it, and it goes out about as far as our little 
cone and little bright crater next to it, that's about the 
outer limits, maybe just a little beyond. Then there's a 
patch of this tan stuff that's down to south and about lines 
up with Arzachel Rille that's over to the southeast then there's 
a patch of the gray colored Mare down inside of that. There's 
just a little circular piece. And looking at the Lassell Sea, 
feature , I look at it in detail it appears to me that this 
tan stuff on the south end of it has fewer craters than the 
stuff to the north, although not an awful lot, but there's 
little pitted craters all over the northern part, there not 
in the southern part and there are a couple of light streaks 
bands that appear in the southern (garble) that you don't see 
in the n o r th . 

CAP COM Can you still see Lassell? 

CASPER Say again, Hank. 

CAPCOM Can you still see Lassell? 

CASPER Just barely, yeah. 

CAPCOM Okay, I was just curious why we don't see 

that little dark feature that's been reported there near the 
bright one. Up to the west of Lassell Sea. 

CASPER Oh, you do, Hank, I didn't mean to say 

you didn't see it. I said it doesn't look like what we saw 
before. What we thought we saw. It's a smooth sided 
thing uh , let me get the binocs on it. Smooth sided but 
through the binoculars it doesn't look at all like a cone. 
It looks like a little dome with one side of it broken out. 

CASPER And there are several little domes out 

here now that I hadn't seen before. 

CAPCOM When you say side broken out, do you mean 

like a fractured out piece, or does it look more like a crater? 

CASPER Well through the visual, just through you 

eyeball it looks like — we'll have to catch that again 
later, but it looked through the eyeball like it had a crater 
in it. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY kill 111 CS T 15:52 GET 148:10 CM-127/2 

When I got the binoculars 
of it was broken out. 
Any evidence of where it went? 

h ow 


That's a loaded question, 

Next thing you're going to want to know is 
there . 

Are the other domes similiar in appearance 

Uh , yeah, they're not as large. And I hadn't 
just now, they're right in the corner of the 
It's going to take a little work to find them. 
Are they all complete or do they have pieces 

like just a section 

CASPER No sir. 

CAPCOM Roger. 
it came to be 
that one? 
seen those before 
window as usual. 

missing also? 

them and the best 
could have gotten 
too. I'm going to 
do that. 

and put the gamma 

CASPER Okay, and the power 

camera, mark. The gamma ray boom is on 
barber pole. And I guess you'd like to 

on it it looked 

I just saw them at the 
tell they are complete 

time I mentioned 

H ank , 
I could 
Ok ay . 

But, I'll have to take another look, I 
caught with a crater that inverted on me 
have to look carefully to make sure I didn't 

Uh , Ken, we're about 15 seconds from T-stop. 
Okay, stand by. How about if I go ahead 
ray out? 

Roger, go ahead and the lenses 

" s coming 
its' way 
have the 

is st owe d . 
off the pan 
out with a 
shield off 


about it I'll do that. And I'm ready to copy your 

Or whatever things you said you had there. 
And, Ken, could you get the mass spec on 

at 1-- 

change and 
OFF and 


for us all? 

CASPER It's off. 

CAPCOM Roger. Okay the first change is 

CASPER Did we lose an element? 

CAPCOM Negative, that was a flight plan 

we're just getting to it. We want to look at it REV 
then we're going to bring it back on. 

CASPER Okay, that was the one that we had agreed 

was a don't waste time call, and I thought maybe you just 
watched an element burn out. 

CAPCOM Negative, I 

I hollered that. The first 
39 . 

CASPER Go ahead. 

CAPCOM Okay, after 

gamma ray deploy pan camera 



guess I should have warned 
change after that comes at 

pan camera stand by 
OFF , parenthes MS FN 

I don't know whether you can squeeze it in there or 

at T-stop, 
cue. And 
not , but we 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 15:52 GET 148:10 CM-127/3 

CAPCOM also want to add mass spec discrimator HIGH 

up , 

CASPER Okay, I got gamma ray deploy, after pan 

camera to stand by, at 149:38 I'll get the pan camera off - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 16:03 GET 148:21 CM128/1 

CASPER Okay, I've got gamma deploy after pan 

camera to stand by at 149:38. I'll get the pan camera off 
till you tell me - or when you tell me. I'll take the mass 
spec discriminator to high. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative and in the little 

lift band update block, there cancel - delete photo pad PC 
photo pad, UV photo pad and the maneuver pad and change the 
TEI 53 to TEI 54. 

Okay . 

Alrighty at 149:45 mass spec discriminator 

53 to TEI 
to low valve. 

149 : 45 . 

SIM experiment 
next time. 

Okay, mass spec discriminator low at 

On the next page at 150 hours 
status code to plus 1211 02222. 
Hey , Hank . 
Roger, what. 

Your getting in the areas 
How about let me go ahead and 

Th a t ' s a 
I'll mis s 


sunrise solar corona set up. 

if I don't get it just right 


CASPER Can I get the rest 

CAPCOM That's affirmative 

CASPER Okay, thank you. 

CASPER Data shields on. 


ch an g e th e 

where we got 
work on this 

i t . 

critical guy that 

of those updates, then? 


APOLLO 16 COMMAND MODULE 4/22/72 148:31GET 16:13CST CM-129/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, we're about 4 minutes or 

so from LOS. We may lose the high gain here shortly, every- 
things looking good at this point, and Inco says it might 
help on acquisition to tweak your dials a little bit to 
pitch 10 yaw 0 for the next acquisition. And I would like to 
remind you to configure your DSE. 

CASPER Okay, Hank, thank you. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 1711 GET 149:29 CM-130/1 

s un 

j us t rl ght on 

Casper, Houston. 

Hello Houston, are you there? 
Roger. How's it going' 

Ah , j us t 
th e money . 

fine. That last sequence worked 
Last frame off and up came the 


just a little bit 
rotate the filter 

What could you see through your polaroid 

Ah, it doesn't do a 
of polarizing done by 
it brightens and dims 
I checked it against different types of 
material and the lighter things and they 
exactly the same way. I can't see any - 

thing. There's apparently 
the windows. And as I 
the scene just slightly, 
material, the darker 
all seem to respond 
- I can see any effects 

of polarizing from the surface reflection at all. 

CAPCOM I believe I would have expected a difference. 

CASPER That time as I went by King I took a look 

at a little different approach. I started out with the central 
peek and I tried to follow it from the North. And it appeared 
to me perhaps those central peeks three prongs - - I was looking 
at the crater blocks that are on them and then I looked at the 
floor and there's a lot of crater blocks laying on the floor 
in between the two main tongues of the central fork. The - - 
it appears to me now that maybe there were three of those pieces 
of central peek that run out instead of two. And that perhaps 
they curve a little bit over to the right. Because you do see 
a line of the late material that continues on to the North for 
quite a distance. That's the same thing we have seen on the 
photos. First time that I've been able to see any continuous 
change that goes between the central peak into the walls. And 
I'd like to look one more time and see if there's any variation 
in the number of blocks that Isee, as I look ci r cumf e ren ci ally 
around the walls. Perphaps there is where the expression of the 
peek goes through I may find a higher concentration of blocks. 
That's what I'd like to look for next. But it looks like perhaps 
if those central features do go through the wall that they must 
take a slight curve to the right. As the sun angle comes down 
these things that I reported as swirls look more and more like 
swirls than they did at the higher sun, which is just backwards 
would have anticipated. 

Ken we're coming up on 2 stop for the pan 

from what I 

earner a. 


the gamma ray 

off on the pan 

Thank you sir. 

And it's off. Or stand by I should say 
is going back out. 

Casper, (garble) 
Mass spect discriminator is 


Casp e r , 
came ra . 

yo're clear prepare 

t o go 

to h i gh 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 1711 GET 149:29 CM-130/2 

CASPER Okay. Pan camera power is off. 

CAPCOM Your comment that there may be a 3rd fork 

in that thing is kind of interesting. If you use your imagination 
you might see it in the photograph although I'm not too sure. 

CASPER Well it's kind of a tenuous thing to be 

saying. I'll have to look some more, but I started by tracing 
the blocks down the ridge of one of the peeks and following it 
and it looked like it curved and I just followed it around and 
sure enough it looked like it hit a place along the wall where 
there might have been a higher concentration of blocks. And 
in the length of time your overhead with this window orientation 
that's about - - you get this little bitty bits and pieces. That's 
were that polaroid sure would be nice if you see something 
like that and you'd like to think about it and plan you next 
pass instead of doing all your planning in realtime you lay 
that picture out in front of you and take a look at it and 
then come back next time a little smarter. 

CAPCOM Yeah, that'd be nice. Shame we don't have 

it . 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY A/22/12 CST 17:22 GET 139:40 CM131/1 


Casper, could you give us Auto on the 




Okay. How about that? 


Thank you. 


Casper, we're ready for a discriminator 

low . 


Okay. Discriminator's going back to 

low . 

Mark it. 


And I have the rest of these Flight 

P lan 

changes for 

you. Just give me a call when you're 

ready to take them. 


Okay, I'll finish my little chores 

he re 

and be with 



Okay, Henry. Ready to copy. 


Okay, Ken. We left off, I think, about 


hours . 


Yes, sir. 


Okay. That SIM code should plus all 

one ' 

s and then 0 

all two ' s . 


Okay. Plus all one's and 0 all two's. 


And at the same time, we want to delete 


PC Standby through the PC Operate T Start. 


We want to keep the comment in there 

about the image 

mot ion . 


Okay. That's deleted. Okay. 


Okay. At 150:10, delete the Pan Camera 

Photo PAD. 


Okay. That PAD' s deleted. 


Okay. And starting there at about 

150:13, we want to delete everything except - Maybe I 
ought to read off what we ought to delete. Delete the 
Pan Camera Mono; delete the Pan Camera Standby. We want 
to keep the Mapping Camera stuff. Delete Pan Camera Off; 
delete the - Stand by. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-22-72 GET 150:01 CST 17:43 CM-133/1 

CASPER Okay, in this higher sun, it sure appears 

that the — the bright things that run down into -- come out 
of the Descartes bright spot and run north seem to be centered 
around that's Dollond. I guess that's Dollond B or A or what- 
ever that thing is. And I try to trace the boundaries and all 
this material that's in the -- what we call the furough 
Descartes it runs up and becomes part of Smokey Mountain. 
That material looks just exactly like most of that stuff on 
the backside except it may be a little bit darker. I think 
that's the sun angle. That whole area has that same characteristic 
t o me . 

CAPCOM Roger. You remember that northwest, 

southeast trendon we saw in the vicinity of North Ray — and it 
looked like there was some offsets in those grobbins and can 
you see any of that in there? 

CASPER Just a second, I'm not sure about that. 

But it does appear to me as if the -- the floor that the LM 
has landed on is indeed a different unit that sticks in and 
it's more part of this Cayley material that's further out to 
the west and it does go back just about the way we had drawn 
the boundaries. Say again your question. 

CAPCOM I just remember on the plotter, we looked 

at what appeared to be some grobbins that came across Smokey 
Mountain and down to the southeast of it and going back up to 
the northwest and they were all offset like they may have been 
some faulting in that area. 

CASPER Okay, well I'm not sure what that all is 

Hank. That same texture that -- that has many patterns and 
linear lines and they make kind of a hash -- that same thing 
appears all over the surfaces when you look at it in detail. 
I think I can probably take a picture of most any one of these 
places down here and analyze it in depth and come up with a 
very similar picture. And especially the things on the back- 
side look exactly like that Descartes area. It's just that 
that Descartes area is a very small place and you see so much 
on the back side that covers that same kind of thing. 

CAPCOM John and Charlie reported, I guess that 

just south of between the -- where the LM landed and Stone 
Mountain what appeared to be a subdued crater that was some 
300 meters in diameter and maybe 50 meters deep that didn't 
show on our map. Were you able to -- can you detect something 
like that? 

CASPER There's so much noise down there Hank, 

I can hardly understand you. Would you say again. Sounds like 
you're trying to shout over a football game. 

CAP COM Roger, I'll try again, I guess Charlie 

reported a very large crater, maybe some 300 meters in diameter 
that was between the LM site and Stone Mountain. They were on 

Okay, I concur. 

Okay, and in addition, back up at 150:18 
to add in there mass spec ION source on up. 

Okay, you want to add the mass spec 

150 : 18. 


That's affirmative, sir. 

APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY, 4-22-72, CST 17:33, GET149:51 CM-132/1 

CAPCOM Okay, delete the mapping camera and source 

off, delete the experiment standby, delete the caution, 
delete the mapping camera retract, delete X-ray standby, 
delete gamma ray retract, delete the MSFN block there - the 
whole block - delete the mapping camera retract, delete the 
mapping camera laser altimeter cover close, delete POO, enable 
all jetts, delete the verb 49 maneuver thing, both lines and 
the high gain remark, and that should leave us with mapping 
camera off, T stop, wait 30 seconds, mapping camera standby, 
image motion off, laser altimeter off, Alpha particle X-ray 
cover close. 
now, we want 

source on at 

still got the 
status should 
the last digit 
delete both 

in here somewhere 
to do it . But - 

telescope and I'm 
and make it 

An d we — we 
the experiment 


urine dump in there and 150:30, 
be plus 1110 01222 . 

Okay that's plus all I's 01222. 
Negative. In the first register 
3 0. Because we got the - 
Okay . 

Alpha particle closed. 
10 . Ro g . 

Okay, and right after that we want to 
of those P52's, both the option 3 and option 1. 

they're deleted, 
that does it for now, 

Ken . 

It didn't leave much did it? 
I tell you one thing you want to squeeze 
and I'm not sure where's the right place 

I have yet to pick up a star pattern 
gonna take one of these backside areas 
concerted effort to do that. 
Al ri gh t . 

I can see plenty of stars 

in the 

all over the 

place outside and I just can't see a thing through that 
telescope. And I know we could when we were in Earths orbit, 
Cause the first thing I thought was that we didn't have 
it, and then I waited until we got around and looked at a 
bright part of the sky and we got hold of Scorpian and it 
was there and it was all beautiful and now I look out there 
and it's just - there's just nothing there. It's just 
black. And that's after getting well dark adapted. 


Where did they go? 

I don't know, maybe it was their eat 

APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY, 4-22-72, CST 17: 33, GET 149:51 CM-132/2 


period, and they're all out to lunch. 
Hey Henry . 
Go ahead. 

You know, we were going to separate the 
from the other dumps on one of these passes 

I' 11 

- the water 

somewhere and I don't know where that is but we're not 
very much collected and we probably ought to - I think 
just hang onto it until it comes time to use it. 

CAP COM Okay. 


CASPER I'm looking at the little bright crater 

that has the array excluded zone that is just south of 
Madler and it looks like there is a little bit of a - 
like there's a little topographic high that runs right down 
one ridge of that ray exclusion zone, that's the 
goes to the south. And it looked like there was 
dark material in there and maybe in another pass 
a chance to see it better. 

Where is it you're looking, Ken? 

one that 
a little 
I'll get 

excluded zone 

Say again, Hank 

Where are you looking now? 

That's a little bright crater with a ray 
that's just about south of Madler, And I'm 
looking at Madler now and that stuff that makes the bright 
ray material going out to the east seems to come up to the 
rim, you can see it, it's brighter in that area along going 
down the inside of the rim, then there's a bright streak that 
runs across the central area right across and up the other 
side and then it sorta stops when it gets to the other rim, 
but there's a faint evidence of another continuation of that 
s t re ak . 


That's in Madler? 
That's in Madler, yes 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-22-72 GET 150:01 CST 17:43 CM-133/2 


their way back from station 8 and this 
thing wasn't on that map but it was very obvious to them that 
they were driving. 

I'll look and see. I really had not taken 
compare feature just one by one. 

Ken could you give us a barber pole onimage 


time to 


there when I got to 
a long ways before 

So that 

Okay, barber pole on IMC. 

That's one I slipped by there just talking, 
Here it is. I'm sorry say again. 
I let that one slip by 
talking to you about the land site. 

CASPER Uh oh. I think you go 

you get very far behind. 


CASPER Go ahead Hank. 

CAPCOM Roger. So far we haven't seen anything 

smear, anything requesting that urine dump by itself, 
thing is still in question. Your next urine dump would be 
scheduled 20 hours from now. But it's also scheduled in con- 
junction with the water dump et cetera so I don't know where 
that thing stands so we're going to check into it. 

CASPER Okay, it will probably take me another 20 

hours to make it worth while. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER Golly oh. Okay Hank I got a better visual 

on that little thing we called a cone and I guess it looks like 
it is a crater in the top of it and from where I am, it looks 
like the southern end of it, which is away from me probably is 
just about reach down level with the mare floor. The rest of 
it is just a smooth cone, it sticks up, it does have some small 
craters on it. The rim looks relatively sharp and there's a 
couple of fractures that go through it. Its texture and albido 
do not look significantly different than the mare around it. 
There is a little expression of perhaps a subtle depression 
around the eastern side of it that looks like it might be a 
little flow characteristic there, 
down to these other 2 features and 
I really had those things reversed 
were shallow craters. 

CAPCOM Hey, that does 

(garble) or a cone. 

I'm going to shift my gaze 
I guess — I guess is that 
that they -- they in fact 

sound more like a little -■ 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 1754 GET 150:12 CM-134/1 

CAPCOM Hey, that does sound more like a little 

(garble) or cone to me. 

CASPER Well, it just looks so much like all the 

rest of the things around here Hank. The texture of the sur- 
face looks like it's all the same. The flanks of it are fairly 
step though. And it's got one of the sharper rims for a raised 
rim crater of any that I've seen. 

CASPER And as we come over here we're coming up 

on the Fra Mauro, Bonpland and Parry combination. And I think's 
that Parry that has looks like two almost right angle rills 
running through it. I'm looking at rim of Parry, I don't remem- 
ber the number, it's the western one that runs out of Fra Mauro. 
And it seems like it's more than my imagination that say's 
that the floor of that stuff is indeed smoother. That the - - 
has fewer large craters than you see in the surrounding areas, 
although it's pretty close to being equal in small craters. 

CAPCOM Casper you're coming up on T-stop. 

CASPER Okay. It's off for 3 seconds. 

CASPER Okay. Mapping cameras going to stand by. 

The image motion is off, barber pole and ray. Laser altimeter 
is o f f . 

CAP COM Mass Spec (garble) on. 

CASPER And the ion source is on. 

CAPCOM And did I hear you say image motion off. 

CASPER That's affirmative. Okay. And alpha, 

x-ray cover coming to closed. 

CAPCOM Okay. I guess that about cleans that up. 

CASPER And that's closed. 

CAPCOM Okay. Casper I have a block data pad for 

you and some flight plan changes. 

CASPER Okay. Why don't you start with the flight 

p 1 an ch anges . 

CAPCOM Okay. At 151 hours, and we want to - - let's 

see 151 - - 

CASPER Hey, Hank have you have two loops bunched up. 

The noise is getting louder and louder, sounds like I got - - 
I'm trying to listen to you over a football game and I can 
hardly hear you over the den of everything else. I don't know 
whether you need to hold the mike closer to your mouth or 
whether you have another loop bunched up and I'm getting 
cross feed. 

CAPCOM Okay. Let's try again Ken. How do you 

read now? 

CASPER That sounds a little better. 

CAPCOM Okay. I've told them to hold it down a 

little to. At 151 hours the SIM code should be plus 1110 01222. 
CASPER Okay. That's plus 1110 01222. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 1754 GET 150:12 CM-134/2 

Roger. And right at 151 over to the left 
configure comm per S-band and VHF biostatic. 



Now that's a real long bunch of switch settings there 


- - I 

that write, 

want me to read them all off or you 
a procedure on page - - 

CASPER Yeah, why don't you give 

was on in the old flight plan. And only one. 

CAPCOM Okay. Page 311, at about 

minutes, if you want to turn to that. 

CASPER Okay. Let's do that. That'll save 

an awful lot I think. 

CAPCOM Okay. You want to look at that right now, 

I have one small change. 

can give 
me the that page 
202 hours 37 



What page did 


and went back 
ahead of me. 

to do. St art 

Now, I almost got it. Ah, wait a minute, 
you give me? 

Page 311. It's 202 hours 40 minutes. 
Ah so, (garble). We passed the other (garble) 
for that. Okay. Alright, 311. You're 
Ok ay , I got it. 

Okay. This is the only biostatic we're going 
where it says configure comm and end where it says, 
high gain manual wide. And the only change in 

S-band antenna 

there is that the VHF antenna should be left instead of right 
We're in a different attitude. 

for S-band, and 
gain s et tings . 


Okay, you got 

I'll give you 



Okay. I 
stop where 

start where it says, configure comm 
- - including I assume the high 

We got different high gain settings 
VHF antenna left instead of right, 
gains. Alright, thank you. 
Okay. If you'll turn back now to 151 
high gain. It's pitch 20 plus 20 yaw 209. 
Okay. That's pitch plus 20 and yaw 209. 
Roger. And verify the DSC as low band. 

Ne ga ti ve 
different high 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 18:05 GET 150:23 CM135 /l 

CASPER Okay. That's pitch plus 20 and yaw 209 . 

CAPCOM Roger. And -verify the DSE as Low Bit 

Rate, Record, Power, Command Reset. 

CASPER Okay. Will verify low bit rate and 

re cor din g . 

CAPCOM Okay. And on that same page, where it 

says CSM - 

CASPER Do you want me to verify, or do you 

want me to configure? 

CAPCOM Configure. 

CASPER I say, did you want me to verify that 

DSE or do you want me to configure? 
CAP COM Configure, Ken. 


CAP COM Okay. Right under that by 151:02, delete 

all of that block about the lunar horizon. In other words, 
starting with the little block with CSM checklist, all 
through - right on down through Set OMNI D. 

CASPER Okay. That's all deleted. 

CAPCOM At 51:10, POO; and following that, 

Alpha Particle X-Ray Cover Open. 

CASPER Okay. At 151:10, we go to POO and 

Alpha X-Ray Cover Open. 

CAPCOM At 151:20, VERB 49 Maneuver to Bistatic 

Attitude. And that attitude is 221 138 000. 

CASPER Okay. At 151:20, we go VERB 49 to 

Bistatic and to 221 138 000. 

CAP COM Alright. Delete the UV Photo PAD Block. 

Delete the Acquire MS FN and all that stuff there, the Lunar 
Horizon, that comment. 

CAPCOM At 151:30, next page. 


CAPCOM And write small - P20 Option 2, NOUN 78 

plus 270 00 minus 040 63. 

CASPER Boy, Hank. That comm is just terrible. 

CAP COM Okay. We're having trouble in here, Ken. 

Everybody's going on, and we'll get them quietened down. 

CAP COM Okay. Repeat. NOUN 78 is plus 2 70 00 

minus 040 63. NOUN 79, minus 008 30 plus 000 50. NOUN 34, 
plus 001 51 plus 000 34, plus all zips. 

CASPER Okay. That says that at 151 30, we go 

P20, Option 2. NOUN 78 is plus 270.00 and minus 040.63. 
NOUN 79, minus 0.0830 plus 000.50. NOUN 34 is 151 34 00. 

CAPCOM That's correct, Ken, and as you can 

probably deduce from the Noun 34, right at 151:34, you should 
say start pitch, right? And the attitude for that is 
221 114/138 000. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 18:05 GET 150:23 CM- 

CASPER Okay. That sounds reasonable. Let me 

ask you one question about this antenna. I've got a little 
discrepancy between the set knobs that I have and the feed- 
back readouts that I get off the instrument panel. This is 
on the high gain settings. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER Can anyone tell me if it matters which 

I use, and which one I should use if it matters? 

Ok ay 

I'll get you that answer while 



Re ad on . 

Delete the 

rest of the things 

Okay . 

And from the next page, 152 to 152:30 

I read you the 
on that page. 
delete all that. 


CAP COM Next page, 152 : 30, delete everything 

down to where it says GDC Align at about 152:52. 

CAPCOM And, back up at 152:41, out to the side 

there you can write it. Add POO Discontinue Bistatic Radar, 
VHF Range Off; VHF AMB Off. And then return your S-Band 
Mode Ranger to Ranging. 

CASPER Okay. At 152:40, go to POO, Discontinue 

the Bistatic; VHF Range Off; VHF AMB Off; S-Band Mode to 
Rangin g . 

CAPCOM Roger. And at 152:53, you'll pick 

up the nominal Flight Plan again. And at - Go to the top 
of the next page up there, at 153:00. That Experiment Status 

all one's and 01222 

delete the Mass Spect Ion 

Code, now, should be minus 


CAPCOM At 15 3:15 

Source On. It's already On. 

CASPER Alright. 

CAP COM And, Ken, back up at the top at 15 3 even 

write at the top of the page "Configure DSE to High Bit 
Rate, Command Reset." 

CASPER Okay. Configure DSE to High Bit Rate, 

Command Reset at 15 3 even. 

CAPCOM And I think that's all of it. 

CASPER Okay, I guess the thing that 

like it might be missing here is where you're 


get - Well, you've 
over here at 153. 



r ate . 

we ve 

got me set for my t o 
I guess we'll get some 
had it running with no 

high bit 
of that, 
dump . 

s eems 


w on 

Roger. We've been running it at low 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 18:05 GET 150:23 CM-135/3 

CASPER (Garble) and I didn't stop the Bistatic 

until after - That's right, low bit rate. But I didn't stop 
the Bistatic until after LOS; so you're going to get about 
half of this at low bit rate and about half of it at high. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER (Garble) I guess I got it straight. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken, I've got some more words on 

that question you had about where I should verify the DS - 


APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY , 4-22-72, CST 1816, GET 150:34 CM-136/1 


Houston, ORION. 
Go ahead. 

Okay, my credential 02 recharge is complete 

and I got 95 percent. 

CAPCOM Roger. 95, Charlie. 

ORION Ed, how you doing today? 

CAPCOM Pretty good, Charlie and it went real great. 

We're real pleased down here. 

ORION Well, we're happy as a clam. We just had 

a great time. When you're having fun, you're willing to work. 
You know Ed, when we got up on top of that mountain, and I had 
been driving up a long way and I turned around and looked down 
I thought, man, you've just bit off more than you can chew 
h e re . 

CAP COM John, (garble), I got a lot of hash and 

I couldn't hear you very well. 

ORION Just as well. I have this beard and I 

stick it in the mike. 

CAP COM Well, maybe you're starting late. But 

you'll catch up in 3 or 4 months with a beard. 

ORION Don't rub it in. Hey, Ed. How about a 

little news number. Anything going on down there that's 



s ometh in g . 


same as yssterday, today, 94 I 
Houston, do you read? Over. 

Is that news you're asking for, 
Yes sir. 


Okay, stand by, we'll see if we can get you 

Okay, Houston. (garble) still got 92 percent 
guess it is here. 92 in sections. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-22-72 GET 153:26 CST 21:08 CM-137/1 

CAPCOM Hello CASPER, Houston standing by. 

CASPER Hello there, how're you doing? 

CAPCOM Oh I'm pressing along. Ken we'd like -- 

we have (garble) some funnies on our — on that bistatic and I'd 
like to verify the position of the VHF antenna. 

CASPER It was in the left position. 

CAPCOM Okay, that takes care of that question. 

And Ken awhile ago you were reporting that loud background noise 
we'd like to ask you how the comm is now? 

CASPER Sounds great. 

CAP COM Okay. 

CASPER What did you do. 

CAPCOM We asked you what the comm was and that 

fixed it. And Ken anytime you're ready, I've got some flight 
plan updates they — we lied to you while ago when I said we 
for the day and I've got a TEI 48 pad. 

Okay, why don't you give me the flight plan 


th rough 
f i rs t . 

the cabin 

Let's go to 154 30, 


Oh man just great metabolism there and over 
can add waste stowage vent valve close. 
Okay, the waste stowage 

vent closed 


That'll be one step off 

Alri gh ty . 

Okay and the reason whey we're doing this 
is coming up a little bit and we're going to open 
the waste stowage vent valve for approximately an hour. So at 
154 30, we're adding waste stowage vent valve open. 

CASPER Okay, I guess I'm just not breathing hard 

enough huh? 

at 155 30 we 

at 155 30. 


checklist there see and after the pre sleep checklist, we 
to add ACCEPT VHF and what we're going to do here is get you 
configured for the VHF bistatic test during your sleep period, 
so disregard the VHF part of your presleep. And at 155 -- 

CASPER Okay, you want to give me a configuration 

n ow . 

CAPCOM Yeah, we can do that -- 

is 155 36 and you've got about 6 or 7 lines 
fill out to the left there. 

CASPER Okay, all set. 

CAPCOM Okay. And there at 36, 

steps dealing with the VHF that you see the 
panel 9 and delete VHF AMA duplex and then 

y o ur p res 1 eep 
'd like 

the time on that 
you might want to 

we'll delete the 2 
VHF AMTR receive 
add configure for 

VHF bistatic test VHF AMT/R 3 to receive (verify), VHF AMA off 

verify. VHF AMB duplex to verify, VH and VHF range to range. 

And VHF antenna right. And also write all at the same time Ken 

right here around 155 35, we'd like to — didn't leave you much 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-22-72 GET 153:26 CST 21:08 CM-137/2 


CAPCOM room to write, we'd like to configure for 

2 and a half degrees deadband pad so at 155 35 we'd like CMC 
free, P20 NOUN 79 plus 00 250 and then we'll go back to auto. 
Well are you still with me Ken or did I leave you back on 
waste stowage vent valve? 
are you 
30 we go to 


Let's see, I guess the last thing I heard 
the re . 

Yes, Houston standing by huh? 
(garble) closed at 155 30 and at about 
free, take P20 and narrow the deadband at 2 


a half degrees and 
VHF panels are all 
VHF AMB to duplex, 
right . 

CAP COM Okay. And you 

anything in the presleep checklist 
given you all these others and you 
w ere in th ere . 


you will see in the 


static checks. VHF 

VHF AMB off and 

dates for tonight 





go back to auto, we take the VHF verify 
3 to receive, we take the VHF AMA off, the 
the ranging to range and the antenna to 

— y o u re not 

going to 



with the VHF cuz we've just 
deleted those 2 steps that 

Yes s lr. 
Ok ay , n ow 
morning . 
Okay, 164 
0k ay , we 
AMB off, 
Okay, terminate 
range off. 

Okay, and that's all 
at just this moment. 

You got to be kidding. 
Ha ha, I've been known 
You sure have. 

let's go over to 164 10, which 

'd like to add terminate VHF bi- 
and VHF ranging off. 

the bistatic at 164 10 

the flight plan up- 

to lie though 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 2118 GET 153:36 CM-138/1 

CASPER (Laughing) Use your (garble). Hey, you 

mentioned something yesterday about the general scheme of things 
to come . 

CAPCOM That's right. 

CASPER Is that still sorta on tap. 

CAPCOM Yeah, that's seem pretty much. I thought 

somewhere along this pass and we'd give you a little more detail 
specifically on what would be done tomorrow and maybe give you 
times of PCI and liftoff and so forth. 

CASPER Okay. I got to thinking about it some last 

night. And the one thing I thought about is I understand the 
desire to keep the day down to some reasonable number. If we 
still have to put our suits on to jettison the LM the next day, 
that's going to chew up quite a few hours. And - - if that 
doesn't make any difference why that's okay. There's nothing 
else for us to do during those hours. But it seems like that's 
a - - take those suits off and put them back on and take them 
off again with three guys in here becomes a real big operation. 
I guess that sorta might be an option. Maybe John or - - would 
have an opinion on when he gets back tomorrow. 

CAPCOM Okay. We copy that Ken. Just stand by. 

CASPER Okay. I'm not proposing you change it, I'm 

just suggesting you consider the big flap that goes on when 
three guys have to suit up in here. 

CAPCOM Yeah, I guess - - we're certainly aware of 

that Ken and - - the name of the game on this one is going to 
be to dock with the LM and transfer across with just a minimum 
transfer. Bring the rock boxes and your suits and the bods 
and that's about it. And then the next day complete the LM 
transfer and so forth. The name of the game is to get to bed 
and that's why the decision is made that way. 

CASPER Okay. Alright, that's just fine then. 

CAPCOM Yeah, they pretty well fit a limit here that 

we're aiming at Ken and that's an 18 hour day considering the 
EVA's and your long day so that's about the only way it'd work. 


CAPCOM And along that way tomorrow we're going to 

have updates for you. Later but we are going to schedule 
urine dump along with the mass spect, so we'll get that. 


CASPER You got power and stand by on the pan 

camera . 

CAP COM Okay. 

CASPER And ray shield is off. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 2118 GET 15 3:36 CM-138/2 

or some sort 
me when 
plus 125 
117 014, 

And you said you wanted to give 
me find (garble) write that. 

48 pad. 

Hank was 

s tarting to 



align same as 

me a pad 


And it'll be a PEI 
Okay. That's what 
we bombed out last time. 

That's affi rm a t i v e . 

Okay. All set, go ahead. 

(garble) TEI at 48. SPS G&N 38 620 plus 
168 51 56 94 plus 30 522 plus 07 042 minus 01374 
for the rest of the pad NA. Comment the GDC 
search. Ullage 2 jets 17 seconds. Longitude 


Additional comments. 
Okay. Go ahead. 
Pad based on landing 


As s ume 

TIG minus 
no plane change. 

CASPER Alrighty. That's a TEI at 48 SPS G&N 38620 

plus 059 plus 125 168 51 56 94 plus 30522 plus 07042 minus 01374 
182 117 014, GDC alignment goes with certain pad 2jets 17 
seconds. (garble) ignition minus 172.00. Pad is based on the 
descent REFSMMAT. and no plane changes. 

CAPCOM Okay. That's sounds like a good read back. 

We got that baatuy. 


it's off now . 


telescope on one of 
was that even after 

And Ken we'd like pan camera power off now 
Okay. Pan camera powers coming off. And 

Okay . 

I got a chance to go back and 

the last 2 revs and found out 

I had gone back and taped the 

look at the 
the p rob 1 em 
eye pieces 
thing slipped 

back on, it still had the tape on it but the darn 
out of focus on the telescope and I guess it was far enough out 
focus it that the stars weren't bright enough to show up 
because I was sitting there looking at it and I could focus 
it and then the stars would appear and disappear if I defocused 
it. And so I refocused the eye piece and telescope workd like 
you'd expect a telescope to work. 

CAPCOM That little bit 

first for 16. 

thing coming off if 
by me one day. 


now abouts . They 


of trouble sounds like 

Well I would have never thought about that 
I hadn't found the eye piece floating 

your image r 
surface guys 


an d 

Ah, now why did you blow 
(laughing) What are the 
cleaning up after the EVA. 

Ro g . They're going through their clean up 
they've had their debriefing and I guess it's looking for 
to be a sleep in a couple of hours or something like that 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 2118 GET 153:36 CM-138/3 

CASPER Joe, how long was EVA today, 7-1/2. 

CAPCOM It was close to that Ken, 7 23. 

CASPER Ah, that's pretty good. Guess little rover 
did a good j ob . 

CAP COM Yeah, it's - - I didn't - - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-22-72 GET 153:46 CST 21:28 CM-139/1 

CASPER That's pretty good. Guess the little 

Rover did a good job. 

CAPCOM Yeah, its -- I didn't -- 

CASPER Hank was telling me they found their way 

up to Cinco. 

CAPCOM Yeah, I didn't get a chance to to watch 

to much of that but I did see one when they were up on the 
southern point they put the camera out on South Ray and it was 
just magnificent. 

CASPER Save those tapes, I'd like to see that. 

What kind of funny did you notice on the bistatic? Were they 
just not getting any VHF signal? 

CAPCOM Well yeah, we didn't have it initially and 

then some of the words I heard was that we're getting a signal 
but it was not reflecting properly and then we picked it up 
somewhere passing over the landing site and got some data so 
I guess I'll have to get a better recap of that pass but I 
guess -- I guess the signal was there but just -- just not 
hitting the right reflective point. 

CASPER Well, I'm just impressed that you can 

bounce the signal off the Moon that's as weak as this one. 
They can catch it back at Earth anyhow. 

CAPCOM Yeah, and it's really not much of a sweat 

Ken because we're going to run it through the night here any- 
w ay . 

CASPER Okay. Hey when I turn the waste vent on 

for an hour here, would it -- would it make any difference to 
the mass spec people or anyone like that if I plugged in the 
black bag for a few minutes? 

CAPCOM Standby. Okay Ken we have a go from all 

hands to vent the bag. 

CASPER Okay. We do appreciate that. 


CASPER What's your prognosis on the pan camera, 

is it getting us any good data or is it going to be kind of 
s 1 oppy ? 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken we're as I mentioned yesterday, 

it looks like we're overexposing about 1 F stop and there's alot 
of — you know — we'll take that out in the processing and 
everybody feels like the data is real good. 

CASPER Oh, outstanding. 

CAPCOM And Ken as you whip by the side over there 

if we could get you to put the — 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 21:38 GET 153:56 CM140/1 

CAPCOM And, Ken, as you whip by the site over 

there, if we could get you to put the gamma ray shield on 
cen te r . 

CASPER Okay. Do you want it now? 

CAP COM That's affirm. 

CASPER Or did you want me to wait? Okay, 

here it comes . 

CAPCOM Sorry about that. 

CASPER It's on now. 


CASPER I was looking at the little dark halo 

craters around Matler, and the one that's directly to 
the - yeah - east of Matler has white streaks in it. I 
guess that's fair. If light craters can have dark streaks, 
I guess dark craters ought to be able to have light streaks 
in them. I don't know what that means to anybody. 

CAPCOM Copy. That seems fair. 

CASPER There's a little beauty that's just to the 

south of the landing site. It's up on a big, tall dome, 
and it's got all of this big, bright, white-rayed crater 
in the top of it. I'm looking at North Ray, now, and it 
seems to me that that stuff that runs up on the North Ray 
comes right around the corner, and comes from out in an 
area back behind what we used to call the - 

CASPER Just as I was coming up on the landing 

site that time, I saw this little, very soft dome sitting 
up, and it's got this nice, white-rayed crater right in 
the top of it. It's just like - The crater itself looks 
like South Ray; and the - except that it's built up on 
top of this nice little dome. And I don't know if that's 
coincidental, or what, but it sure is an interesting 
thing. The crater is about a third the size of the dome 
itself . 

CAPCOM Roger. Copy. And, Ken, have you been 

mumbling any geological terms to yourself the last couple 
of passes? 

CASPER No, sir. During that Bistatic, I just 

kept quite inside, too. 

CAPCOM Okay. How were things around on the 

other side? 

CASPER That was a good chance for me to - Yeah, 

that was a good chance for me to get caught up on all of the 
housekeeping and loose ends and kind of pick up some stuff 
here and there. That was a well-needed break. 

CAPCOM I certainly agree. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/73 CST 2148 GET 154:06 CM-141/1 

CASPER Hey, you know looking down at this material 

to the North of Alpetragius - - Albategnius excuse me. That 
material if you didn't have all these craters around it, that 
train scene could have been placed on the back side almost any 
where. Got exactly the same characteristics - - the same - - 
everything about it's the same as a mixture we call Cayley 
and other stuff. 

CAP COM Okay. 

CASPER And the Cayley floor fill that I see in 

Talamais . And all these things looks exactly alike what you 
see in Mendelev. I've been looking for something I could say 
was different. I don't see a thing. 

CAPCOM Okay, that sounds like a good observation. 

CASPER (garble) 

CASPER I look at Alphonsus I'm looking at the 

Eastern of the dark gray craters, the one that almost due East 
of the central peak. The largest rate deposit there. And 
to an unaided eye it stands out quite dramatically. When I 
put the binoculars on it, the difference is extremely sebtle. 
You really have to look for it. And then it just turns up to 
be a slightly different color but I can't say anything at all 
about any difference of textures or any other thing that's 
different except there's a slightly different color to it. 
But it more obvious to the unaided eye than it is to the - - 
high (garble) magnification. 

CAPCOM Okay. Ken I guess what you're trying to 

say is when you get to close to the forest you can't see the 
trees . 

CASPER That must be. 

CASPER Looks like most of these medium sized craters 

our here in Corbedo are - - they have rasied rims. They're 
very smooth raised rims and they kinda - - they have a convex 
instead of a concave side to them. That's very much like the 
little suspected cone we saw next to Lassell Sea. And he's by 
himself out there and as you get into Corbedo you see quite a 
few that look just like that. 

CAPCOM Fine show. We got that Ken. 

CASPER Okay. Maybe we could have drawn a terminator 

that was a little more over towards the area where we show our target 
but there may be quite a drop off in elevation here. It would 
on take a - - quite a bit to the sun angle wouldn't have to be 
an awful lot geologic skill, I guess. But the actual terminator 
was running down just to the West of Lealdas so I ran out a strip 
down th at . 

CAP COM Okay. We got that. You want to give us a 

frame number while you got it handy. 

CASPER Okay. Good show. How about 84. 

CAPCOM Okay. 84. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-22-72 GET 154:16 CST 21:58 CM-142/1 

CAPCOM And CASPER, Houston. 

CASPER Go ahead. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken as far as tomorrow, you got a 

full schedule of assembly and visuals and land mark tracking 

n ow . 

PC 1 liftoff and that. 
-- let me get my little 
me a kind of a summary of 

and so forth and I'm sure you don't want the details 
Would you be interested in the times of 

CASPER Yeah, let me get my 

scratch pad out here and let you give 
major events anyhow. Okay, go ahead. 

CAPCOM Okay, well I don't want to -- first part 

of the day, I really don't want to try to get into any details 
Ken — it's your standard P20 with alot of mapping camera, pan 
cameras and all the sensors we got — we got going — you're 
going to burn plane change 1 at 169 plus 40, that's approximate 
time. And LM liftoff is approximately 175 plus 50. And I 
guess toss one in the middle to your landmark tracking will come 
at about oh 173 20 , something in that order and after docking 
we're showing you. 

CASPER Hey, that's the landmark on the LM? 

CAPCOM That's the landing site landmark. 



And we'd like we have auto on the high 

gam . 

CASPER Right you've got it. 

CAPCOM Okay, and then as I said before, after -- 

after docking, at this time we're showing you an hour an 30 
minutes of transfer and then you'll come inside, have an 
eat period and hopefully start the rest period. And your rest 
period will start at about 100 — start at about 181 30 in that 
area will be the rest period. 

Okay, and the day starts about 164 was it? 
That's affirmative, around 164. 
Okay, that's not so bad. 

No, the way you've been swinging along up 
that good work, you'll just romp through that. 

Man I tell you, it 
just sit back and have 
all the things yooi been 




there doing 

kind of nice to 
to catch up on 


was kind of — it was 
that bistatic pass 
putting of f . 


me give you 

Yes, I know what you mean. 

Okay, and since you reminded me of film, 
the — what I got on this DAC magazine too, 

That' 11 
quite a 

save asking about it later, 
ways behind on our film 
has — that'd be 20 — that looks to me 

while I'm taking it down. 

I have a feeling we may be 
status. Magazine II 
like 42 percent. 



CAPCOM And I missed your last. 

copy. II item item and 42.0 percent 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-22-72 GET 154:16 CST 21:58 CM-142/2 

CASPER That's quite a bit off from the prediction 

I wonder if I -- I turned it on at the right time and I turned 
it off at the right time. 

CAPCOM Oh I don't know Ken, that's -- that's with- 

in 18 percent . 

CASPER (laughter) 


APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY, 4-22-72, CST 2208 GET 154:26 CM-143/1 

CAPCOM And Ken, the word here is their not 

concerned about that percentage just as long as you photograph 
the old mass spec. 

CASPER Well, we photographed something that was 

pointed in that direction. 

CAPCOM Yeah. The bracket didn't break off, did 


CASPER We took lots of photographs of it, what- 

ever it was. (Laughter) No I got worried, I knocked it 
on ce , and - 

CAPCOM If you dropped it I was worried the heat 


CASPER It is unbelievable. (Laughter) Well, I 

started to say I was worried about the spacecraft. We'll 
probably get the pictures back and find it has a natural 
frequency that's the same as the camera. 

CAPCOM That's why they made it so big. 

CASPER That thing wouldn't even vibrate on a 

Saturn V. I think the part I liked most about this experiment 
was Cris Perners little window shade. It worked just fine 
and couldn't be simpler. 

CAPCOM And Ken, on your next time around, we're 

gonna want to be talking a little bit about your rendezvous 
procedure for tomorrow and I guess we'll - as we mentioned 
before we're recommending using SCS and we've got the pro- 
cedures marked up and we can give you as much detail as you 
want on them as far as the switches so you might be thinking 
about that. And any questions about it. 

CASPER Okay. I think what you told me yesterday 

sounds like a good plan. I don't think that's very difficult 
to remember and it goes - it's straight forward enough. It 
goes right along with operating without an IMU except you have 
a luxury of having all that nice maneuver for you. 

CAP COM Yeah, Ken, it's - you know we talked 

about a couple of little pitfalls there of you know - going 
to CMC control with the SCS - I mean with the optic switch 
in manuel and that type thing and we would like to go through 
your procedures and stick in a couple of steps that would 
result - you know in that wrong procedure. Now as far as 
the details on where you put your SCS switches and so forth, 
I've got a sterling plan worked out, I don't know how much 
detail you want on that sort of thing or just turn you 
loose and say do it in SCS. 

CASPER Oh , I'll take all the thoughts that you 

got , S t u . 

CAPCOM Okay, we'll probably give you those on 

your - or we will give you those on your next time around 

APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY, 4-22-72, CST 2208, GET 154:26 CM-143/2 

CAPCOM so you can cogitate on them. 

CASPER Okay. I'd hardly be the governments 

hero if I over-torqued my dyccasons on the rendezvous. 

CAPCOM Yeah, that's the one thing you've always 

got to watch out for, that and check 6. And Ken, a reminder 
on your waste stowage vent valve. 

CASPER Gee, thank you. Is it that time? It 

s ure is . 

CAPCOM Ken, have you got any right planets in 

your view in that double umbra. That's something. A really 
beautiful sight, isn't it? 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 22:18 GET 154:36 CM-144/1 

CAPCOM And, Casper, we're about 2 minutes to 

LOS, and we'll see you on the other side. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 07:44 GET 164:01 CM145/1 



CAPCOM Casper, Houston. Are you reading? 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. Are you reading? 

CAPCOM Good morning, Casper. This is Houston. 

CASPER Good morning, Bob . How do you read me? 

CAPCOM Reading you loud and clear. How me? 

CASPER Loud and clear. 


CAPCOM Alright, Casper. Let's put the High 

to Auto, please. 
CAPCOM Go ahead. 

CAPCOM And Casper, as soon as you can, we'd li: 

go ACCEPT and get a state vector up to you. 
CASPER You've got ACCEPT. 

CAPCOM Roger. Thank you. 

CAPCOM Casper, have you zeroed the NOUN 26? 

CASPER Yes, sir. 

CAPCOM Okay, thank you. 

And, Casper, I've got about 4 pages of 
A few of them take effect in 


Flight Plan changes for you 
the next 5 minutes or so. 

in 5 s e conds . 

I just got handed 





better get to you is 

(Laugh) Okay. I'll be ready to copy 

Go ahead 
Al ri gh t , 

Okay, sorry to rush you; but 
of paper, here. 
I hope it's green! 
and read. I'm ready to copy. 
Ken, give us High Gain Auto. 

You've got it. 
Okay. I guess 
at 164:13; we 

the first thing I' d 
want to a manually roll 

40 degrees clockwise at 13, 
That's about 3 minutes away, 
5 minutes ago. But 


clockwise 40 degrees. 


Actually, there was a TEI 55 
I'll get that to you later. 

CASPER (Garble) 
b et you. 

CAPCOM At 164:16 we want to delete everything 

from CMC Mode - Free, down to GDC Align at 164:21. And 
it's your computer. 


six somewhere here, I'll 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 07:54 GET 164:11 CM146/1 

CAPCOM ... and it's your computer. 

CASPER Okay. I've got that. 

CAPCOM Okay. Have you copied the deletion and 

also that it's your computer? 

CASPER Yes, sir. Are you not copying me (garble) 

CAPCOM I guess I'm copying you intermittently, 

Ken . 

CASPER Okay. It sounds to me like I'm keying 

I'll try to talk a little louder. 

CAPCOM Okay. I reading you loud and clear, now. 

CASPER I have the manual roll 40 degrees 

clockwise at 13; and I have the computer in Block. 

CAPCOM Okay. And did you copy the deletion of 

CMC Mode - 3 down to GDC Align at 164:16? 

CASPER No, sir. I did not. Okay, I'll 

delete that. 

CAPCOM Okay. It may be that I'm transmitting 

in te rmi 1 1 en tly . 

CAPCOM Ken, I want to leave you alone there 

while you make this roll; but we've had a ground station 
(garble) parity on some of my transmission. 

CASPER Okay. No sweat. I've got the gamma 

ray gain step back On. 

CASPER Why don't you go ahead, now? I can 

listen and do this at the same time. 

CAP COM Okay. At 164:18, we want to add P20 

(Option 5) plus X Forward, SIM Bay Attitude 165 32, NOUN 
79 plus 00050 and set High Gain Antenna pitch 10, yaw 0, 
for AOS Acquisition. 

CASPER Okay. At 18, I want to go to P20 (Op- 

tion 5) to the plus X, NOUN 79 to 1/2 degree, pitch 10 and 
yaw 0 for AOS on the High Gain, and I want to be there 
by 165:32 . 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. Okay, at 164:25 , 

we want to add a Mapping Camera Photo PAD. The T Start - - 
time - - 


CAP COM The T start time will be 164 35 00. 

T Stop will be 168 05 41. 

CASPER Okay. Mapping Camera T Start 164 35 00; 

T Stop 16 8 05 41. 

CAP COM That's affirmative. And at 164 35 in 

the Flight Plan - 

CASPER Hold it just a second. Let me mark 

that up a little bit. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER Okay. Go ahead. Mapping Camera is 

recorded, and you said something about 164 35. 

CAPCOM Roger. At 164 35, we want to add Laser 

Altimeter On; Image Motion On; Mapping Camera On at T Start; 
and Image Motion Increase Barberpole/ON. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 97:54 GET 164:11 CM146/2 


b een 

3) and 

Okay. And at 164:45, we want to do a 
GDC Align. 
Okay . 

And we'll use the same procedure we've 

CASPER Okay. I'll put the IMC on just before 

the camera starts; I'll get the Laser Altimeter On, and after 
we get it going, the IMC will go to Barberpole and On. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative; and at the same 

place in the Flight Plan, you can delete the Manual Roll 
Clockwise 40 degrees, all the way down through High Gain 
Antenna pitch 10, yaw 0. 

CASPER Okay. I got you there. 

using for 
Configure camera 
Government work, 

here, Ken, because we 
least get you through 




At 164:50, 


we want to delete 

stand by (garble) 

Ro ge r . 

Let me get this maneuver going. 
Roger. (Garble) on standby. 
Well, that should be close enough 
shouldn't it? 

Okay. I'll go on with the Flight 
re coming up on LOS. 
AOS. At 164:50, they 


1 want to at 
want to delete 

Configure Camera for Terminator Photos and delete everything 
down through the Record Frame Number at 165:07. 

CASPER Okay, I've got that. 

CAPCOM Okay, and at 165:02, change that 

Mapping Camera PAD to a Pan Camera Photo Pad, and the 
numbers to go in there are T Start 165 07 13; T Stop 
165 39 13. 


APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY, 4-23-72, CS T 0804 GET 164:21 CM-147/1 

CAPCOM T start 165 07 13 T stop 165 39 13. 

CASPER Okay, I deleted all the stuff from 165 

down to the 4th frame. The mapping camera becomes a pan 
camera, T start 165 07 13 and stop 165 39 13. 

CAP COM That's affirmative. And at 165:00 in the 

flight plan, we want to add gamma ray retract to 4 feet and 
the time is 2 minutes 43 seconds. 

CASPER Okay, and at 165 you want to retract the 

gamma ray 2 minutes and 43 seconds worth. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. At 165:03 add pan 

camera standby, stereo power in operate (T start). 

CASPER Okay, I catch pan camera to standby, 

stereo in power, and we'll start her at 07 13. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. At 165:10 10 add 

CSM extermant EVA checklist, solar corona sunrise page X2-11. 
Magazine SS, magazine HH and a note to perform only the 
camera configuration. We'll give you the times on your 
next front side pass. 

CASPER Okay. What do you mean you'll give me 

the times. Give me a start time. 

CAPCOM Affirmative and at 165:15 image motion 

increase, barberpole plus 4 steps on. Move that to 165:07. 
Okay, Ken if you read at 165:18 you can delete prepare for 
off side visuals and we'll try to pick up AOS for the rest 
of this change. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-23-72 GET 165:16 CST 08:59 CM-148/1 

CAPCOM CASPER can you read Wldebeam? 

CASPER Good morning Henry. 

CAP COM Good morning, (garble) again. Say (garble) 

pretty quick this morning. 

CASPER (garble) couldn't take any more of that 

huh? Yeah, that's a good way to start. Starts off with a 
nice little anocuous remark like we have some flight plan 
changes for you. By the way they start in 2 minutes. 

CAPCOM Roger well how quick can you move, I've 

got another fist full. 

CASPER (laughter) I figured you might. Go ahead. 

CAPCOM Actually I -- I was sorry to hit you with 

all these Ken, I know it's a mess but the Pi's are trying to 
recover as much SIM Bay science as they can, considering the 
changes in our overall flight plan. 

CASPER I understand that. Go ahead. 

CAPCOM Okay, you've already beat the image motion 

is that correct? 

CASPER No sir, I got that down here at 165 27. 

CAPCOM Okay, I didn't know whether you had gotten 

that change or not. Okay, we'll go by that. We want to de- 
lete the orbital science for this rev, so you can delete that 
little line there at about 165 18 where it says prepare and 
at 165 30 at the top of the next page, delete pan camera mode 
standby and power on. And down at 165 35 delete the pan camera 
power off MS FN Q. Okay, let me update your times here that 
165 31 where it says mass spec, retract the 20 feet. The new 
retraction time is 33 seconds. And at 165 35 retract the 15 
feet, the new retraction time is 30 seconds. 

CASPER Okay and that 30 seconds is -- is starting 

from where I stop at 165 30. Okay. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. And delete the 

columbo highlands and ops — visual observations there and in 
its place add pan camera standby T stop. Camera ray deploy, 
pan camera off, MS FN Q and Ken we're going to move these next 
2 mass spec retractions up a little bit and start your eat 
period earlier so we can cut it off earlier but we'll do those 
real time. There's no need stripping up the flight plan, I'll 
just give you a call when I do it, and at 16 — 

CASPER Hey, that's a good plan. 

CAPCOM 165 50 there, delete that image motion 

increase, barber pole off and at 165 50 we'll start your eat 
period. And at 166 down at the bottom of the page, delete 
mass spec deploy. 


CAPCOM And in the interest of keeping your SIM 

status correct at the top of 165 30, the status should be 
plus 1211 and all 2's. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-23-72 GET 165:16 CST 08:59 CM-148/2 

CAPCOM And on the next page at 166 hours, the 

SIM status in the first row is plus 1121 and the same holds 
for 166 30. And CASPER could you give us barber pole plus 4. 

CASPER Okay. You have it. 

CAPCOM Okay, going back to the flight plan. At 

166 45, 


CAPCOM You can make that end eat period and 

immediately following, prepare for a solar corona sunrise 
photos. And the T start for those photos is 166 5245. 

CASPER Okay, T start for the solar corona is 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/22/72 CST 0909 GET 165:26 CM- 149/1 


166 52 45. 

167:01 add laser 
South of Blaton. 
and the NOUN 79 
AOS act. 

South of Blaton. 
79 is 

Ok ay . 

T-start for the solar (garble) is 

That's correct Ken. And on the next page 
altimeter off, then P20 OPT 5 for 40 degree 
NOUN 78 plus 270. 00 plus 087. 75 plus 180.00 
is .50. At high gain pitch 10 yaw 350 for 

Okay . 
NOUN 7 8 



half degree and it s pitch 

it's las te 
plus 87.75 
10, yaw 350 

y aw 35 0 

off, P20 
and plus 
for the 

Opt 5 
180 . 


40 degree 

CAPCOM Roger. And at 167:05 starting with man cam - 

mapping camera off, delete everything through enable all jets 
down at about 167:14. 

Okay. Is including mapping camera off down 
enable all jets, that whole block is deleted. 

That is affirmative. And then the next line 
the high gain to the 350. 
Ok ay . 

At 167:22 delete the VERB 48. 
Let me see, am I suppose to be retracting 
am I suppose to be retracting that boom 



through including 

turns the yaw 



th at - - h ey , 
n ow . 

Why don't you go 

Get something done 





30 seconds from it 

Roger. You're about 
ahead and do that Ken. 

Okay. Well let's do that when you get it. 
on it because going to have to watch it. 
That's a 33 second retract time. 
Okay. It's in work, I'm watching it. 
Okay. It's off. 

Okay. Could you give us auto on the high 

gaxn . 


p 1 an th ere's 

rev. Do you 

them. Okay, 

torque goes 

book . Keep 

then a p an 


getting back to the flight 

at 167:30, - - 
ah ead . 

the update block. 

You have i t . 
Okay. And Ken 
only one more change. It 
All right. Go 
We ' re de le tin g 
Okay . 

And that ought to get us through another 
have your NOUN 93 from your P52. 

Yes sir. Let me look back here and find 
they were minus .103 minus 001 plus .097 and I 
at 164:47:20. 

Roger. Copy . 

And Ken I have a TE I 55 block data. 
Okay. Now, let me get my other 
an eye on the clock here, I got another retraction 
camera to worry about there. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY A/22/12 CST 0909 GET 165:26 CM-149/2 

CASPER Okay. I'm ready to copy. 

CAPCOM Okay. TEI 55 SPS G&N 38144 plus 067 plus 

105 182 37 2653 plus 28642 plus 03966 minus 00969 181 095 010, 
the rest is NA. Sirius and Rigel 131 029 016 2 jets 17 seconds. 
Longitude of the Moon at tig minus 159.03. Assumes LOPC1 
and liftoff REFFSMAT and it's time for the boomer track. 
Took 15 feet. 

CASPER Okay. I'll get the boom and then I'll read 

it back to you. 

CAPCOM Okay. Adn this is the 30 seconds. 

CASPER Okay. Thank you. Now it's coming in. 

And it's off. Reading back TEI 55 SPS G&N 38144 plus 067 plus 
105 182 37 2653 plus 28642 plus 03966 minus 00969 181 095 010. 
Sirius and Rigel 131 029 016 two jets 17 seconds. Lamba minus 
159.03. This pad's based on plane change #1 and the SS RE FS MM AT . 

CAPCOM Good read back Ken. 

CAPCOM And real quickly here on the SIM status 

mapping camera's perking along real good, 98 frame margin. Laser 
altimeter is now is getting about 65 percent good altitude. We've 
had 1431 firing. Pan camera is over exposing by 1/2 F 
stops cause of a bias in the exposure command voltage were 47 
frames ahead on that. The rest of the SIM bay apparratus is 
working real-nominal. 

CASPER Okay. Is the X-ray experiment detecting 

anything that looks unusual about the Descartes area or anything 
like that? 


APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY, 4-23-72, CST 0919, GET 165:36 CM- 150/1 

CASPER Okay, has the X-ray experiment detected 

anything that looks unusual about the Decarte area or any- 
thing like that? 

CAPCOM Okay, I'll see if I can get a reading on 

that. Casper, you're coming up on about 15 seconds to T stop 
pan camera. 

Okay, thank you. 

Houston, standby. The gamma ray is on 


its way out. 

Ken, we show 


gamma ray 


Roger. Verify that that's the 
mass spec going out. 

Oh, thank you. There goes the gamma ray 
out. Do you want me to go out and time the mass spec back 
in so that you know where it is? 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken what we'd like for you to do 

take the mass spec all the way out and then retract it for 
s e con ds . 

Okay, that sounds reasonable. Going 
then back in for 93. 

That's affirmative and that would get us 
point that I was just getting ready to 

l s 

an d 

all the way out 

to the 10 foot 
you for. 
in now. 
pan camera. 
report yet, Ken? 
it shouldn't 

out of the way 


bo om 


Okay, I'm going to bring the mass spec 

Okay, Ken, 93 seconds. 

Okay. Okay, the mass spec is off. 

Okay, and we're ready for power off on 

Okay, pan camera power is off. 

Have you had time to work up a crew status 


w o rk 

Inbetween the other things? 
take but a second. 

No rush, take your time. 
I was just trying to get all 
so that 

It's a short 

this dirty 

you d have an uninterrupted eat 

p e ri o d . 

CASPER Uninterrupted will take my solar corona. 

Okay. How about PRD 15054, 7 hours and none. And yesterday, 
lets see, well, shut, they don't even have Meal A in this 
book. I don't know why it's put this way but - uh - you can 
delete the - well, the only thing I had out of Meal B that's 
on the list there is the graham crackers and the cocoa. I 
also had bacon squares, coffee, and some of that pineapple 
fruitcake and an apricot bar, and orange juice and another 
package of graham crackers, spread out throughout the day. 
Meal C, you can delete the beef steak and the chicken and 
rice and the pecans and you can add that lobster from Meal B 

APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY, 4-24-72, CST 0919, GET 165:36 CM-150/2 


s quare , okay ? 

this morning? Has 
been clean to you? 



Okay, Ken, we got that. 

Okay. That should finish filling that 

Hey, Ken, how's the air-to-ground been 
it been a lot of noise on it or has it 

Just as quiet as ever. Beautiful comm. 
Ok ay . 



-72 GET 165:46 CST 09:29 CM-151/1 

SPEAKER Roger been clean to you. 

CASPER Just as quiet as ever. Beautiful calm. 

CAPCOM Okay. CASPER Houston could you give us a 

retract on the mass spec boom 20 seconds, that's a change 20 
s e conds . 

CASPER Okay, this is 20 seconds. Coming in now. 

It's off. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER Hank where is that extra crater that you 

said they had down there? 

CAPCOM What was that Ken? 

CASPER Said something about an extra crater down 

there. Well, I've lost it now. 

CAPCOM Oh, that was between double spot or where 

the LM was and down to the south towards Stone Mountain, as 
they were coming back from the surface, it was very apparent 
there was a very large depression subdued crater. There was 
a some they estimated 300 meters of maybe even larger in dia- 

CASPER Okay, I guess I looked at the wrong place. 

I looked short of the landing area. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 09:39 GET 165:56 CM152/1 

CASPER Henry, do you remember the little 

helmet-shaped area we had just south of the Riphaeus 

CAPCOM Yes, sir. 

CASPER In the - Showed up on the color dif- 

ferentials? Well, it's - does have a different color to 
it in the sunlight. It seems like these - the things that 
were showing up on those red and blue color differences are 
showing up more at the low Suns, because I could see the 
mare differences back by Lassell in low Sun and they don't 
show up so well, now; and now this one shows up very dra- 
matically as a little piece of - out here, and it's just 
a little tanner than the rest of the mare. 

CAP COM That's a (garble). Kind of interest- 

ing to find out that the color's different there than its 
s urroundings . 

CASPER Yeah, and the texture is a little dif- 

ferent, too. I've got the binocs on it now. The mare has 
a large number of very small pits in it, as well as - it's 
almost a random distribution of crater sizes. This little 
patch of ground has, oh, I guess about the same distribution 
as the larger craters, but the little pits don't show quite 
as much, and it has a ropey texture across the top, not 
as ropey as a (garble) flow or anything like that, but just 
kind of has a little pattern to it. It has some linaments 
that run kind of - I guess that's sort of northwest; and 
it looks like it might be associated with these other little 
clumps of material that stick out around it here. And - 
I was trying to compare that to the Riphaeus Mountains, and 
it looks like - the material looks the same. And another 
thing I'd never noticed before is that, looking at the 
Riphaeus Mountains, here, I'm looking at the step of the 
eastern edge, and if you - remember the background Flamsteed, 
there's a little foot - a little toe - a ring - that goes 
around the inside, and the Riphaeus Mountains all have that 
little toe. Now, whether that's a high water mark, or a 
second unit, it's hard to say. But all along the margin 
that I can see there's this little toe. And it seems to 
be at the same elevation. And that's true for some of the 
little patches that are a little further back inland. It 
looks like a break in slope and a change in color, both. 

CAPCOM What else do you see in there? 

CASPER I see that it's getting dark outside, 

and it's time for an eat period inside. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER Naw, it's - That's an interesting 

place, I just need to have more time to look at it. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 09:39 GET 165:56 CM152/2 

CASPER And I'm all set up for the solar corona. 

The cameras are all set, checklist is complete, down to turn- 
ing the tape on. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 0949 GET 166:09 CM-153/1 

CASPER And I'm all set up for the solar corona. 

The cameras are all set. Checklist is complete down to turning 
the tape on . 

CAPCOM Rog. Let's take time to eat then. I'll 

just check out with you here at LOS. 

CASPER Alright sir. Thank you. Maybe everybody 

else in the world knew about that little tow around the Riphaeus' 
mountain. I just - - I never heard anyone mention that. 

CAPCOM Roger. That sounds interesting. 

CAPCOM Crew, the boys in the back room have 

been eagerly obsorbing your remarks the last couple of days. 

CASPER Yeah, but all the questions they ask 

I can ' t answer . 

CASPER You know Hank, one of the things I was 

thinking about last night that might help remember a lot of things 
we've seen. Do you suppose there's a - - any dak film that I 
could use to say set +0 look out the window and I'll maybe if I 
can maybe just tape the DAC up somewhere. Let it take a one 
frame per second strip or something that would give us some 
reasonable overlap around the lighted part of the Moon. 

CAPCOM Okay. Ken we'll take a look at that. 

CASPER I think I can probably take the camera some- 

where so it would have a few - - approximately the same as what 
we've been seeing. 

CAPCOM Casper no need to acknowledge - - your 

consumables look good. And on the RCS we're making a little 
money. We're about 188 pounds down above the rescue red line. 

CASPER Okay. That sounds good. 


APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY, 4-23-72, CST 0959 GET 166:19 CM-154/1 

are the surface guys out cranking 
got out about 30 minutes 

Hen ry , 
yet ? 

Yes sir. They 
moving on out. 
Casper, Houston. John 
now, and FAL says your 
at the present there unschedule, 
EE and KK. Okay, what kind? Are 

and Charlie are 
clear to use 

th ey 

up their little car 

earlier and they're 

powering up the LRV 
magazines EE and KK 



off the photo wheel 

in that high gain in acquisition and we're wondering if you 
were noticing that discrepancy between the angles and the knobs 
and when you're in the manual mode. It appears to us you may 
be off a little bit in yaw. 

Okay, I'll - I'll set them - I've been 
dials rather than on the knobs. 
Right, that's preferable to use the meter 

Both of those are CEX. 
Okay, and I'll - I'll just use the 
the same as we used for the 250. 
That oughta work out okay, Ken. 
Okay, thank you. 

Casper, we've been noting a little 

s et tings 

os ci 1 lati on 


setting them on the 

the re . 



Okay . 
Is th a t 

dial for setting the yaw, is it 

loo s e ? 

CASPER No. No - uh uh . It just has that bias. 

It had it during - I guess it was the last time we were out 
there in the bird before flight for some tests, I noticed that 
it had a difference in reading. I can't remember now what the 
occasion was but I know that that - the biggest error is in 
the pitch channel rather than the yaw channel. 

CAPCOM Okay, we copy. 

CASPER Do you have a procedure you'd rather have 

me try at acquisition to help out? 

CAPCOM Okay, if you see the signal strength 

oscillating a little bit, I guess the best procedure is to go 
to wide and wait. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-23-72 GET 166:29 CST 10:09 CM- 155/1 

CAPCOM CASPER we're about 3 minutes from LOS, 

everything's looking good. The laser's degrading a little 
more but other than that, everything's okay. 

CASPER Okay. I'll see you on the tuther side. 

CAPCOM Alrighty. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-23-72 GET 167:15 CST 10:58 CM- 156/1 

CASPER Hello Houston, are you there? 

CAPCOM Hello CASPER, how's it going? 

CASPER Oh, pretty good. Got our solar corona done 

and I got a little 16 millimeter strip going, unfortunately, I 
missed the first couple of minutes while I was changing mags 
and you'll have pretty close to a full re^. This has turned out 
to be a — I was looking through the flight plan to see a good 
rev and looks like this has got the hatch window pointing almost 
straight down and it's probably the best rev we got going. 

CAPCOM Okay, do you see anything worth talking 

about there before AOS? 

camera set up. 

now and boy is that 

guess not . 

unfortunately, they 

No sir, I spent all my time getting the 
and Charlie are at North Ray 

Roger, John 
a big hole . 
They have any 

Ne gati ve , 

trouble getting up there, I 

th ere 


the bottom 

an d 



they wizzed right on up 
not in a position they can see 
they might have to fall in it first. 
Well, let's not get that picture. 
Roger, and also I was surprised, they didn't 
bed in (garble) — in the crater anywhere 

It looks 

it looks 
see any evidence 
they looked. 

CASPER I don't see any from here either, 

like a little slumping but that's all. 

CAPCOM I guess those little things we saw in the 

photos just fooled us. It turns out that there was a little 
black spot on the east rim that was in the photo was really 
there. It turns out it's one huge dark colored rock. 

CASPER Is that right. Wonderful. They're going 

to chip it and get a piece out of the center. Huh? 

CAPCOM Well, we wanted them to turn it over, but 

they decided against it. 

CASPER Did they make any comment on what the material 

looked like on their drive up to North Ray? 

CAPCOM Most of it appeared to be breccia, however 

they did pass one that was (garble) looking thing that we probably 
saw our first basalt. 

CASPER It still looks like to me that that path 

they drove up on is part of all that furroixghed Descartes unit. 
Hank would you give me a call at time 39, please? 

CAPCOM Okay, will do. And could you give us 

for the high gain? 

CASPER Thank you (garble) might have to stop 

You got it . 

CAPCOM And, Ken, if you like, I can go ahead 

read up your plane change PAD. 



an d 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-23-72 GET 167:15 CST 10:58 CM- 156/2 

CASPER Okay, let me -- let me do a couple of more 

cleanup chores and I'll be ready to copy. 

CAPCOM Okay and they're just putting the finishing 

touches on the flight plan change. 


CAP COM CASPER if you'll give us ACCEPT, we'll send 

up your state vector and target load. 

CASPER Okay, you have it. 


APOLLO 16, MISSION COMMENTARY, 4-23-72, CST 1108, GET 167:25 CM-157/1 

CASPER My water spout looks like a Christmas tree 

ornament. It's actually very pretty, gotta a nice big bubble 
of water about an inch and a half in diameter sitting there on 
it just looking at me. And it's just as round, it looks like 
the cartoons of the jello that all the little mice play in. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER And, Hank I took a couple pictures on frame 

ZZ, that's frame numbers 22 and 23 of that water bubble so 
that the folks can see what we're talking about when we say 
that that gas separator has a big bubble on the end of it. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CAPCOM Casper, the computer's yours. 

CASPER Okay, be with you in - Okay, that's in 

block and you remember the guys, I think the folks from 
Marshall were saying that they thought that if you had a 
bubble of water and you hit it with another bubble in the - 
in zero G that one bubble ought to go through the other one. 

CAP COM Roger. 

CASPER Seems like they said something like that. 

I don't remember all the details but I thought here was a good 
chance, I had one bubble, I try a second one and I put the 
water gun on it and from where I was standing I really couldn't 
see all the dynamics but it looks to me like it's splashed 
out the back side and the bubble was still intact on the front, 
whether it went through or whether it had a reflection that 
bounced off the other side, I can't really tell. It did 
develope some air bubbles inside of the big bubble so there 
maybe some interesting dynamics there. 

CAPCOM Hey, that sounds real interesting. 

CASPER Okay, I got my toys put up now and I guess 

the next thing in order is to copy a little plane change pan. 

CAPCOM Roger. If your ready to copy. 

CASPER Yes, sir. 

CAPCOM Okay, L0PC-1, SPS G&N 3 85 85 plus 045 plus 

102 169 17 39 49 minus 00015 minus 01247, all zips, attitude 
is all zips, 0 pitch for roll, pitch, and yaw, noun 44 00 645 
plus 00553, 01247, 007, 01130. The rest is N/A. Sirius and 
Rigel 197 240 301, 2 jetts 16 seconds, quad Bravo and Delta. 
Other high-gain angles for AOS in burn attitude pitch plus 
13 yaw plus 258. 

CASPER Okay, I copy L0PC 1, SPS G&N 38 585 plus 

045 plus 102 169 17 3949 minus 00015 minus 01247, all zips, 
attitude is all zips, 00645 plus 00553 01247 007 01 130. 
Sirius and Rigel 19 7 2 40 301, 2 jetts for 16 seconds on Quads 
Bravo and Delta. High-gain angles at AOS pitch plus 13 yaw 
plus 258. 

CAPCOM Good readback Ken. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY hll3ll2 CST 11:18 GET 167:35 CM158/1 

CASPER Hank, we didn't say anything about 

this VERB 48 at 167:20, but I assume we meant to delete 
that . 

CAPCOM I called that up to you, Ken, and I 

thought you got that. You acknowledged it. 

CASPER (Laugh) Okay. Well, that's another 

one on my score, then. 

CAPCOM Casper, we've done past your 39; 

it's AO now . 

CASPER Oh, okay. Thank you. 

CAP COM Sorry about that. 

CASPER Ah, that evens the score! 

CAP COM Roger. (Laugh) 

CASPER That's not fair. I was really going to 

- I really did forget, because I was going to, I was going to 
engage you in some verbal discourse to distract you so that 
you would let me forget it. Going to redeem myself. 

CAPCOM (Laugh) Roger. 

CAPCOM I had a diversion down here. We're 

fighting the Flight Plan. 

CASPER (Laugh) 

CAPCOM And, Ken, we'd like to get your Flight 

Plan update up to you; and would you prefer to do it after 
your visuals or start on it now? 

CASPER Oh, let's see. How much time have I 

got? Probably I'd just as soon start now. 

CAPCOM Okay. Why don't we get going with it, 

then? Okay, the first change comes at 168:05. 


CAP COM At 168:05, Mapping Camera Off, T-Stop; 

VERB 49 Maneuver to P52 Attitude. That attitude is 142 250 042. 
Mapping Camera Standby - that should be about 30 seconds - about 
time you do that maneuver. Image Motion Off? 


CAPCOM Laser Altimeter Off - And that's a 

Verify. Mapping Camera retrack. X-ray standby. Mass spec 
ION source off, Mass spec experiment standby and there's 
a caution; wait 5 minutes before retrack. Mapping camera, 
laser altimeter cover, closed. ALPHA particle X-ray cover, 
closed. Gamma ray retrack, mass spec retrack, enable all 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-23-72 GET 167:45 CST 11:28 CM-159/1 


enable all jets 

How about if 


got a better 

on it right after 


Ray and they 




North Ray is 
sun comes up 
around it a 

Gamma Ray retract, mass spec retract, 

Okay, just a second, I'll read it back to you, 
I read that back to you after I pass the landing 

h ave 

Okay . 

Is that going to crowd us for time? You 
for it than I have. 

I don't think so Ken, if we can get right 
the visual. 

Okay . 

Ken, John and Charlie are still at North 
found some basalt clast. 

Very good. Around the outside, or up on the 

They're still on the rim. 

The thing that I find most puzzling about 
that as the albedo comes up now I can see — as the 
the albedo chain shows up and I can see the rays 
lot better now and the rays lay on top of that material 

that seem to run — that they drove up on. 
it looks like there's a little tone to that 

Al , I take it back, 
mate ri al — it's 

probably about where they drove. It doesn't appear to be as 

white as the stuff just a little bit further to the east but 

all that material down to the east and all the stuff that goes 

over — goes over to Ravine, all look like the same stuff and 

looks very similar and character to Smoky. I see no evidence 

of rays in North Ray except for some blocks on the sides. They're 

probably just slump blocks and slump patterns and taking a quick 

comparison with South 
different. Okay, I'm 

had there for 168 

wanted a question, 

Ray, I'm not so sure South Ray is much 
ready to go back to copying updates. 
Roger. You want to read back what we just 

Okay. Let's see, 168 05. Okay, yeah, I 
I had a T stop time for the camera of 0541 

and you just gave me 05. Do you want me to stop it at that or 
do you want me to go on to — 

CAPCOM 0541 is the correct stop time, we just — 

this is just putting in words, what goes along about that time. 

CASPER Okay, and then the VERB 49 to a P52 attitude 

which is 152 250 042. 

CAP COM Correction on that -- that's 142. 

CASPER Mapping camera standby. Image — what did 

I read to you 142 250 and 042. 

CAPCOM That's correct. 

CASPER Okay. Then it's mapping camera to standby, 

that's — after 30 seconds after we get off and IMC off, laser 
altimeter verify off, mapping camera retract, X-ray to standby, 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4-23-72 GET 167:45 CST 11:28 CM-159/2 

CASPER mass spec ion source off, mass spec experiment 

to standby. Wait 5 minutes before retraction then I can go 
ahead and close the mapping camera laser altimeter cover. The 

gamma ray can be retracted 
the mass spec, then I 

alpha X-ray door can be closed and the 
and after the 5 minutes, I can retract 
will enable coupled thrusters. 

CAPCOM Good readback. At 

on. P52. 

CASPER Okay, 168 - wait a 

H ank . 

CAP COM Roger. The H2 PURGE line heaters on at 

168:15 and following that, P52 option 3, and then an option 1 
And you're going from landing site to the burn orient. 

168:15 H2 PURGE line heaters 

minute. Say that again, 


option 3. 


guess you got 

your going to 

Okay, that will be in option 1 and then an 
be the option 3 and then option 1. 

th a t . I 

It would 
Okay . 

And just a reminder to use SCS for 
that down as a standard procedure now. 

Okay, it's a good reminder nevertheless. 
Now, what we're going to do here, Ken, is we're 
have to get a scratch pad now and there's just no 
place in the flight plan we can do this conveniently, 
just give you times and things to do that fill in the 
168:30 and 172:30, and if you want to do that, or get 
out, I'll read these things to you. 

CASPER Okay, I got a pad. Do you think we know enough 

to, right now to be pretty much sequential or do I need to leave 
spaces for alterations. You know, we've got some of those real 
time checklist sheets in the updates booklet - 

an d we'll 
gap between 
your pad 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 11:38A GET 167:55 CM160/1 

CASPER Right now will it be pretty much sequential 

or do I need to leave spaces for alterations? 


You know we have 
the update book, 

checklist sheets in 
propriate . 


use . 

handle too, on what 
want to leave too 


plan update sheets so why don't I use them 
let me mark this so I can always find this 
before you read it to me. 

of those realtime 
s see if that's ap- 

I think that's probably a good thing to 

And Ken, I think we've got a pretty good 
should happen in sequence, so you wouldn't 
many s paces . 

Okay, well, we've got a lot of these flight 

An d 
page . 

re ady 

form before the 

to copy . 

dump, 168 37, P30 


waste water dump 

at the same time, 

nate waste water 
off . 


dump in there, Ken. 
pre SPS SIM press . 
equipment for LOP CI 


be those angles you 
mately 169 17 is 
but there's only 

And Ken, we don t plan to update 
burn, just for your information. 

Alright, I've got my paper in hand, 

Okay, time 15 8 30, 
, verb 49 manuever to 
Okay . 

168 40, page 2 in 02 
and urine dump. 

Okay, and you want me 

That's affirmative, 
dump at 10 percent and 

Just a sec on d, 
the plat- 
re ady 

configure for urine 

L0PC1 attitude, 
fuel cell purge, 
to dump them both 

And at 168 50, termi- 
H2 purge line heaters 

Ok ay . 

Okay, they couldn't work that mass spec 
They tried, but they couldn't. 16 8 55 
Set DET counting up to LOPC 1. Secure 

Okay . 

At 169 05 P40, at 169 13 AOS and that will 
had, PITCH plus 13, YAW, 258. At approxi- 
LOP CI. And we hope we'll have good lockup, 
about 4 minutes, and we hope we'll be locked 
20 - 

up so we can watch. At 16 9 

CAP COM POO, okay, and also I guess I should tell 

you, you can use the burn table for that LOPC burn, it's on 
page 223 of the flight plan. That's got all your burn rules 
an d 

so on . 

liftoff REFSMAT, 

Alright, let me check that real fast. 
Okay, those look like familiar rules. 
Okay, and at 169 25, we'll uplink you a 
And at 169 30, your post SPS burn SIM press 

And it still leaves a gap there of about 3 hours and after 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY A/23/72 CST 11:38 GET 167:55 CM-160/2 

CAPCOM LOPC 1, we don't want to clutter you up 

till we get through with that, we'll go ahead and give you the 
rest of things that fill in here. 

CASPER Okay, I'll still need plenty of time to 

get the cockpit squared away for rendezvous. 

CAP COM We plan to give you lots of time for that 

Ken, you want to read back what you've got there, just to make 
sure we agree. 

CASPER Yes sir. Let's see here, have we got 

anything coming up here that we're supposed to be watching 
before I read it back? 

CAPCOM I'm watching your mapping camera. 

CASPER Okay, I'll read back 168 30 configure for 

urine dump, 37 do P30, verb 49 to lunar orbit plane change 
number 1 attitude, at time 40 hydrogen and oxygen fuel cell 
purge, we turn heater on back here at 168 15. Okay, at 40 
we also do waste water and urine dump. At 50 terminate waste 
water dump at 10 percent and turn the purge line heaters off, 
at 55 pre SPS SIM press, set the DET counting up and secure 
equipment. At 169 05 P40 at 13 it's AOS with a PITCH 13, 
YAW 256 . 

CAPCOM That's 2 5 8. 

CASPER At 17 it's it's plane change 1 258. Okay, 

I've got that on the other pad too. Alright at 17 a plane change 
1, I use the burn rules off page 223 at 20 I'll go to POO , 
at 25 you give me an uplink of ascent REFSMAT. At 30, I'll 
do the post SPS SIM prep. 

CAPCOM Roger, and I guess we'll use your modified 

burn card with 509 et cetera. 

CASPER Okay, and I'll start 509 right after my 

P52 . 


CASPER And we'll do an SCS and then I'll call 509 

and then I'll take 509 down and use the modified card where 
I started the gimbals, bring the bus ties on at 8 minutes. 

CAPCOM That's a good plan, Ken. Where we're 

going to pick up the flight plan again is at 168 30 to start 
preparing for the rendezvous. And if you'll come 168 30 
on to 175 hours, if you add 4 hours to all those times you're 
close enough that we can use them all the way through the 
rende z vous . 

CASPER Alright, that's a help. 

CAPCOM In other words, 168 - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 11:48 GET 168:05 CM161/1 

CASPER Alright that'll help. 

CAPCOM In other words 168:30 becomes 172:30 and so 

on down the line all the way through and even the liftoff time 
was within a minute or so, and ya'll always get an update on that 
anyhow, so this section of the flight plan will be good. 

CASPER Okay, (garble) Alright sir, I guess I've got 

my work cut out. 

CAPCOM And Casper, you're about 15 seconds from T stop 

on the mapping camera. 

CASPER Alright, thank you. And it's off. 

CASPER Okay, our maneuver is underway. 

CASPER Mapping camera is coming to standby. IMC is 

off and barber pole is gray. The laser is verified off. The 
mapping camera is coming to retrack. Mark. The X-ray is in stand- 
by. The mass spec IN source is off. The mass spec experiment is 
in standby. (garble) 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 11:58 GET 168:15 CM162/1 

CASPER Okay, I'm in SCS control, and I'm going to 
call P52. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CASPER I must have one of the planets right up 

there above, right in that area too. Does that sound right. 
Mats around Munki . 



t ake a 

look . 


Ok ay . 

B ack 

an d do 



1 now. 


Roge r 



I h ave 


numbers i 

f anyone 

want s 


We ' ve 

got th 



Okay , 

I don ' 

t think 

those are worth 

torquing , 

they ? 


Ne gati ve . 


Yes , 

you have Jupiter 

in my 

field of 

view . 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 12:08 GET 168:25 CM-163/1 

SC Okay, I don't think those are worth torquing, 

are they? 

CAPCOM Negative. 

SC Yes, you have Jupiter in my field of view, 

and all these little moons. 
CAPCOM Roger. 

SC He sure must be a long ways off cause even 

now, he's not very big. You can see his moons, though. That's 
about all you can tell from it. You know who he is. 

CAP COM Okay, Ken, for LOS, here, after you have 

exit that 52, we'd like you to check your boom complex. 

SC Okay, standby and I'll be with you. Okay, 

I've got CMC mode on the optics on zero resolve, all that 
is put to bed, I'm going to start the 509. I'll look at the 
talkbacks first. Now, I got two of these things that show 
barber pole. Both the mass spec and the gamma ray. 

CAPCOM Okay, we feel that both booms are not 

fully retracked, however, we do show them past the point 
where it's safe for a SPS burn, so, we'd like you now to take 
the — deploy retract switches on both those to OFF. 

SC Okay, they are safe for burns. I guess we 

ought to try that in sunlight. 

CAPCOM Okay, Ken, we're about 3 minutes from LOS. 

SC Okay, we'll go ahead. 

CAP COM In case we don't get COMM, before the burn, 

at this point you're go for the burn, the only thing we haven't 
done is look at your target load. You still have to enable the 
jets according to the flight plan and when you do your pre-SPS 
burn card on the SIM bay, you'll be turning the half part on 
X-ray off and go on to boost on the pan camera. 

SC That's affirmative. 

CAPCOM Ken, be sure you load your DAC before you 

load 509 . 

S C Ok ay . 

SC I was going to try to let take a look at 

the vector P40 before we got to LOS. 

SC Okay, you' ve got it , 

CAPCOM You have a good vector, Casper. 

SC Okay, and I've got the DAC loaded. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/2 3/72 CST 12:56 GET 169:14 CM164/1 


all set up? 

attitude, and 

give you the 

looks good. 


Trans lation 

and rotation 

Hello , 
Hello , 

Ho us t on , 
Caspe r . 


are you doing? 

? Are 

How ' s it going 



509 is out and I'm 
m going sideways. 


clo ck so I'll 

All set to 
we must be right, 
Ro ge r . 

Counting down at 155 on my 
final couple steps on VOX. 

Okay, Ken. We got data and everything 
You're still GO. 

Okay, thank you sir. 

Okay, 1 minute, the EMS is going to normal- 
control power is ON. Translation controllers 
controllers are armed. 
Cop y . 

The arm light is 

out, the SPS delta V 

thrust A is coming on. Mark. Average D is 
good. Ullage - good ullage, attitude good, 

on, IPS look 
engine enable. 

There's ignition, AUTO shutdown, okay, residuals, I have Y 
as minus .1, I'll give you the Verb 6 noun 20s and you can 
watch that while I turn the gimbal motors off. There's 
number 2 is off, number 1' s are off, internal powers are 
OFF. Do you have the attitude, Houston? 

That's affirmative. 

Okay, I see that as no trim. My Delta 


was minus 

9 .1 

Roger , 9.1. 
And I assume 

you're handling the DSE now. 

so - 



before putting 

Yes . 

Looks like you got it. 
That's affirmative, Ken. 
Okay, bus ties came off normally. 
I noticed that when I set it up that 
them on in bus B or battery B, it was 
lower then the others. It was reading 

reading a little bit 
ab o u t 34. 

ready to abet B 
give us ACCEPT, 

fuel readings? 
oxidizer, 32.8 

decrease of 2 75, and we made the burn in the 6 position with 
secondary valve and normal position. 
CAPCOM Roger, copy. 

CAPCOM Casper, the computers yours, and we did 

your verb 56 for you and we'd like you to start a bat B charge, 

That's Roger, Ken and we're just about 
charge. I'll give you a call, and if you'll 
we're ready to uplink the REFSMMAT. 

You have ACCEPT. And you want these 
I'm not sure they're valid, but it's 31.8 
on fuel and unbalance is now showing as a 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 12:56 GET 169:14 CM164/2 

CASPER Okay, let me finish my SIM bay configura- 

tion, and then I'll be right with it. Okay, you'd like to have 
a battery B charge. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY, 4/23/72, 13:06 CST, 169:24 GET, CM-165/1 

CASPER You guys are awful quiet, Henry. You must 

be plotting. 

CAPCOM Roger. We got some more flight plan changes 

for you. Let me just read you the first one here and let you 
get going. We want you to do a VERB 49 maneuver to the P52 
attitude and it's about a 15 minute maneuver and we want you 
there about 46, so why don't you go ahead and load it up and 
I'll give you the angles there. 180 075 345. 

CASPER Okay. We'll need 0075 and 345. And can 

we put the computer in block. 

do you need me there? 
Roger. At 46. It looks like you're going 


An d you mi gh t 
this thing 
I c an ' t 

keep an eye on the middle 
We're going to watch it too. 
watch this thing (garble) more 

to go 

Oh, it should 
with th at yaw . 

be clear. 
But I will 

It ' s 

got a good 
lo oking 

Why don't you read on. 
169:46 P52 option 1, and 
orient . 

This time you want to do 

we want 

CAPCOM The computer is yours. 

CASPER Okay, Hank. What time 

t o make i t . 

gimbal angles 

than a minute 

bit of roll 
aro und . 

a pump start to the ascent 

start, P52 option 1 and 46 
CAPCOM Roger, 
particle X-ray cover and then turn the X-ray on. 

CASPER Okay. Then open alpha X-ray cover and 

the X-ray to ON. 

CAP COM Roger. 169:51, VERB 49 maneuver to molten 

point attitude, to be there at 170:20, and that's about a 
9-minute maneuver. The molten point attitude is 225 233 358. 

CASPER Okay. At time 51, I go to molten point 

attitude 225 233 358 and I have to be there by 170:20. 

CAPCOM Roger. And the high gain to auto at your 

con venien ce . 

CASPER You got it . 

CAPCOM Okay. And following that maneuver 

same time, go to the experiment checklist, Gegenschein 
number 2, page X2-3, steps 1 to 4. 

CASPER Okay. That's experiment checklist 

gage on past 2. 

a puis e 

And following that, open the alpha 

at that 
pas s 

page X2-3 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 13:16 GET 169:34 CM-166/1 

Okay, that's experiment checklist 
3 gegenschein past 2. They give you some step 
Does that mean I don't do the whole pass? 

we want the photos to start at 


Okay, standby a minute. Let me get to 


page XII- 
numb ers . 



that . 

CAPCOM What that's doing, Ken, is that's one 

of those things where you maneuver around to the marking 
point to the anti-solar point and to the — and do those 
frequencies. So, steps 1 to 4 gets you a crater molten 
point frequency and you got to do a little maneuver to the 
anti-solar point. 

SC Okay, but I'm going to do the whole 

sequence. When you read steps, I thought maybe there was 
something I was suppose to leave out. Okay. So, all we 
need is another set of attitudes and sometimes. Now let me 
have this molten point time that has to be done no earlier 
than some given time. 

Ken. We want you to start 

Roger , 


certainly try. But that's also the 

af f i rmati ve . 

in that sequence 

at approx — 

170 28. 170 28. 

SC I will 

earliest, is that correct? 
CAPCOM That's 
CAPCOM Follow 
well, that time is all wrong here but we want you to do 
a VERB 49 maneuver to the antisolar point. That's about a 
5 minute maneuver and the attitude is 279 223 356. 

SC Oh, boy. Hank, can we stick a 5 minute 

of maneuver as long as I'm in there, I might as well going 
to make it. Do you know why we're changing the roll left 
that much? Last time, we didn't change the roll at all. We 
just made a little pitch maneuver down there. 

CAPCOM Okay, FAL will check that, but that is 

the same place found on page — on the checklist. The next 
step . 

SC Okay. 

CAPCOM They say here if that is correct that 

they want you at that attitude by 150 36 but 
concerned, you just step to the sequence. 

as f ar as I'm 

That's the only thing I can do, Hank. 
Roger . 

What was that target time, again? 

That's affirmative. 
Ok ay . 

You won't be there by then if that's — 
FAL said that what they're trying to do is com- 



170 36 ? 


oh , I see. 

bine deep space measurement with the -- for these photos 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 13:16 GET 169.34 CM-166/2 


att it ude by 36 . 

up to you folks 

I can , Hank , 
a little RCS 

to be at that 

Okay . 

And you're not going 
That'll be more like 38. 
At the best, yes sir. 
Now, we can put in a higher rate, 
Is is worth the gas? 

That' s 

You got the gas if you want to do it. 
Well, I'd like to get as much data as 
I don't know how to access what's worth keeping 
for a rendezvous 


Go a higher rate 
S C 

get to the 
rate . 

ge gens chein 

a s e con d . 


whi ch we're 
That should 
a post work 

as opposed to — 
Okay, press ahead and use the gas 
and let's get these things. 
Okay . 

I'll set the — right after — I 
attitude, I'll change the DAP to a 


be no 

Okay, is there any question on 
th e re , Ken ? 

No. I'm just looking it over. 

h i gh 
th at 
Jus t 

Okay, I'm on my way to the P52 attitude 
to get at — I guess, here at daylight. 

problem. That's why we're going 

out X-ray covers and 

to do 

and I'll open the out X-ray covers and get the 
X-ray on, and then at times 51 1 
VERB 49 to the molten attitude which is 225 233 and 358 to 
be there at 170 20. I'll then do those pictures and try 
to start them at 170 28. By getting an attitude, I'm going 
to change the DAP to 10102, then do a maneuver to the anti- 
solar point at 279 223 and 356. In those pictures, you begin 
at 170 36 . At the conclusion of that sequence, I'll return 
the DAP to 10101. 

that sounds, Ken, and at 171 hours 
to standby and close the alpha 

we want to turn the X-ray 
particle X-ray cover. 

S C 

and close the alpha 

after that? 


to — this 
we w an t 
a P52 . 

you w an t X- ray to stand by 

Okay, at 171, 
X-ray cover. 

Roger. That's persentive order. 
Roge, thank you. 

Okay, is there something that comes 
Do I go to another attitude or what? 
Standby a minute, Ken. 
Okay . 

Okay, Ken, following this, we want you 
attitude will be good all the way up to 172 30 , 
you to get an E period in there and at 172 15, do 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 13:16 GET 169:34 CM-166/3 

SC Okay, just a second. You caught me with- 
out my book. 

SC Okay, Hank. Say again those events? 

CAPCOM Okay. The attitude that you're in at 

the completion of the gegenschein will be good for that 
time until we pick on the -- in the flight plan at 172 30 
where we marked it up and the only thing we want you doing 
in this period is to eat and at 172 15, do a P52. 

SC Okay, I'll eat to a P52 at 172 15 that 

would be in flight plan at 172 30. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative and for information, 

the next AOS — 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 13:26 GET 16 8:44 CM167/1 

CASPER Okay, I'll eat, do a P52 at 172:15 and be 

In the flight plan at 172:30. 

CAPCOM That is affirmative, and for your information 
the next AOS is at 171:14. 

CASPER Okay, thank you sir. 

CASPER Okay, Hank. I got 23 frames used on magazine 
Z-Z. I assume that's enough to get me through this new sequence, 
right ? 

CAP COM That's affirmative. That should be a 7 frame 
s eq uen ce . 


CAPCOM And, Ken, for planning purposes, we're going 
to delete your suit donning for the rendezvous, so you won't have 

to be worried about that. 

CASPER Okay, alright. That'll unclutter the time 

a great deal, thank you. 

CASPER Can I go ahead and open the Alpha cover? 

CAPCOM Standby. 

CAPCOM Roger, Ken. Go ahead, 

CASPER Okay, that baby's open. 

CASPER That ought to get your attention, shouldn't 


CAPCOM Roger. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY A/23/12 CST 13:37 GET 169:54 CM168/1 


H ank . 


I know, and with 
is nice to get a 
have to be there, 
up, and the camera 

figure for SIM 


gain , we're 



lighter material 

Ok ay , 
Copy . 


the X-ray is on. 

we finally got a little serendipity, 


Almost in the right attitude to start with. 
you guys in the loop that's not luck. It sure 
- get somewhere more then a minute before you 
And we're all set up, I got the window shade 
installed, and we're all ready to go. 
Casper, Houston. We'd like you to con- 
bay j et t . 

Okay . got it. 

And Casper, could you reacquire on the high 
having a little trouble. PITCH minus 30, YAW 80. 
How's that? 
Hey, that looks good. 

Hank, just out of curiosity, all this 
that's sticking up through the mare down 

here, have that same little bench on it that I described at 
Riphaeus Mountain - 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 13:46 GET 170:04 CM169/1 

CASPER Hank, just our of curiosity, all this minor 

material is sticking up to the mare down here, have that same 
little bench on it that I described at Refuse Mountains. That 
includes some of these circular craters that are sticking up. 

CAPCOM Roger. That sounds pretty interesting. 

CASPER Has both a different color and I think it 

has a different slope, but it looks just like a high water mark 
on it, because everything around here is uniform. 

CAPCOM Roger. Are you talking about the swirles? 

CASPER Swirles, no sir. I'm talking about these 

little benches that are on the side of every piece of material 
that sticks up through the mare surface. 

CAPCOM Roger. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. After you get the alpha 

partical X-ray covered door closed at 171 hours, you can go back 
to coupled RCS. 

CASPER Okay, let's see, after I close the door at 

171, then you want me to go back to couples. 

CAPCOM We want you that way at LOS so if I don't 

get some good tracking on you. 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 13:56 GET 170:14 CM170/1 



supposed to b 
the camera in 
list and it w 
on that star 
appear to me 

the camera in 

about Gienah. 

che eked th at . 

pointing clos 

say it's good 



Did you call, Ken? 

Yes sir, I'd like to verify what I'm 
e pointing at. It doesn't look like - we got 

the 30 degree position according to the check- 
as my understanding that mark on my checklist 
chart was the molten point, and it doesn't 
that my camera is pointing at that spot. 

Stand by. Okay, the checklist calls for 
the X position. 

It looks to me that my camera is pointing 

Oh, there 

it is, okay, now I'm glad 


Hank, it still looks to me like I'm 
er to Spica then I am An tares. 

Ken, FAO verified the attitude, they 

Okay, that's fine then. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY A/23/12 CST 14:06 GET 170:24 CM171/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. We're a little over 2 

minutes from LOS, and everything is looking good. INCO 1 s got 
your recorder. 

CASPER Okay, thank you very much. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 14:55 GET 171:12 CM172/1 

CASPER Hello, Houston. 

CAPCOM Hello, Casper. How's it going? 

CASPER Oh, we're still here. Done all of our chores. 

Got your SIMBAY buttoned up, and we're in couples. And in leiu of 
anything they just switched to wide jet bands, just there didn't 
seem like there way any reason not to. 


CASPER I understand from your comment last time, Hank, 

that there are no other activities tentively scheduled until the 
rendezvous sequence starts, so I can go ahead and start stowing 
things and getting set up for that. Is that correct. 

CAPCOM Roger, Ken. The only things thats scheduled 

is that P52 about an hour from now. 

CASPER Okay, and I got your P52 in the last pass, 

if that'll help, and I used stars 27 and 31, and the torquing 
angles were plus .108 plus .061 plus .001 and I torqued that 
at time 170:59:30. 

CAPCOM Roger, copy. Okay, you can delete the P52 

announcement now and then. 

CASPER Okay. Thank you. And the plan is still to 

do the nominal rendezvou sequence up through where you get some 
of the basic equipment over and then power down and we'll jettison 
the LM tomorrow. Is that correct? 

CAPCOM That's affirmative, Ken. That's still the 

p 1 an . 


CAPCOM Casper, Houston. We're riding right at the 

edge of the high gain scan limit. We would like for you to 
roll left 15 degrees. 

CASPER Okay. Roll left 15. 

CASPER Okay, Henry. Is that angle going to be alright 


CAP COM Roger, Ken. That's good. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY, 4/23/72, 15:05 CST, 171:22 GET, CM-173 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. 

CASPER Yes, sir. 

CAPCOM I've got some updates for you in the flight 

plan back in table 215, the transfer after docking table. 
Table number 2-8, page 2-15. 

CASPER Okay. Could you stand by for just a minute, 

CAPCOM Will do. 

CASPER Okay. Where is this now, Hank, 

CAPCOM Roger. In the table under item number 8. 

CASPER Well, could you tell me the page again? 

CAP COM Oh, it's page 2-15, it's transfer after 

docking table, table 2-8. 

CAPCOM Okay. Under item 8, we want to delete the 

LCG plug, the PGA electrical connector covers and the neck 
ring dust covers. Those three items will be on the suits and 
delete the DSEA and they'll take care of that tomorrow. 

CASPER Okay. I take it from that they're coming 

up unsuited. 

CAPCOM They're going to take their suits off in 

the LM, Ken. 

CASPER Oh, I see. Okay. 

CAPCOM And the rest of these deletions are because 

they'll be taken care of tomorrow also. Delete item number 12 
and on the next page - 


CAPCOM - item number 15, delete the second and 

third lines. And delete items 26, 27, and 2 8. 

CASPER Okay. Let's see if I got all that now, 

I got under item 8, delete the LCG plugs, the PGA market 
contents, the neck ring dust covers and the DSEA. I deleted 
item 12, I deleted the second and third lines of item 15, I 
deleted number 26, 27 and 28. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. 


CAPCOM And, Casper, I have two P24 pads for you 

whenever you're ready. The first one is at 173:20 in the 
flight plan. 


CASPER This is after the numbers have been changed 

right ? 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. 

CASPER Okay, how far - let me see here how far 

ahead I need to change the numbers. I better do that right 
now so we don't get - that first . 

CAP COM Okay. That's at the old 169:20 . 

CASPER Well, we're going - let's all talk in the 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY, 4/23/72, 15:05 CST, 171:22 GET, CM-173/2 

CASPER real GETs and I'll change my numbers in the 

book right now. 

CAPCOM Okay. 173:20. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 15:15 GET 171:32 CM174/1 

CASPER Okay, I'll copy those numbers now. 

CAPCOM Okay, and all of these are at 173 hours 

plus Ken, so Tl is 173 plus 15 021952 21322 22 0, south 10 nautical 
mi les . 

CASPER Okay, and I guess we've got another one 

over here at 173 50. 

CAPCOM That's affirmative. They're all 173 for 

the first number. Tl is 3918440 845 4 846 36, north 1 nautical 
mile . 

CASPER Okay, for Descartes 1733918 4408 and 

4548 4636, north 1, Fl 173 1502 1952 213222 - that's 2220 
for T3 and south 10 . 

CAP COM Good readback, Ken. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, for your planning, I 

don't know if it's been passed up or not, but no TV for 
rendezvous or docking. 

CASPER Oh, okay. I hadn't gotten that. 

CAPCOM The reason for that Ken, is that the 

television interferes with the LM comm, they've been having 
a comm problem there with their steerable. 

CASPER Okay, well that's one less, big item 

to not have to unstow. 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. While you're working 

there, I'll just read you part of a little note I got from 
Baruch in the back room. He says that "We feel that your 
descriptions of the video targets have been very accurate 
and extremely significant. Also concern your comments on 
the FIK, the traverse planning troupes were very happy to 
have, and many of your comments were taken into considera- 
tion in planning EVAs 2 and 3." 

CASPER Thank you, that's awfully kind. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 15:25 GET 171:42 CM-175/1 

CASPER Hey Hank. 

CAPCOM Go ahead. 

CASPER How about giving me a call about 5 minutes 

before we pass over the landing site and about 5 minutes before 
hit the Riphaeus Mountains. 

CAPCOM Will do it, 

CAPCOM Ken I think you just passed the landing 

t r ack . 

CASPER Oh okay. Well better luck next time. 

How about the Riphaeus Mountains then. 

CAPCOM Okay I'll give you a call 5 minutes prior. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 15:35 GET 171:52 CM176/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. You're approximately 

5 minutes from the mountain. 

CASPER Okay, thank you very much. 

CASPER Sorry about that. 

CAP COM What's that you're sorry about, Ken? 

CASPER The camera got the (garble) mike caught in 

the (garble) on the back of the camera. I thought it was probably 

making a lot of noise at you. 

CAPCOM We can hear the camera cycling. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 15:45 GET 172:02 CM177/1 



APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 15:55 GET 171:12 CM178/1 

phoresis, I'd like 




love these words, 


Hank, before I throw out the electro- 
to verify that that's still their intention. 
Okay, I'll have them check on it. 
That's still in the plan, Ken. 
Ok ay . 

Casper, Houston. I know you're going to 
but I've got one more flight plan change. 
Okay (laughter) hang on a second and I'll 

be with you. Let me 
like that last month 

get things tied 
of training was 




CAP COM Okay, 

verb 49 manuever to P52 

down. Well, it looks 
well worth while. 
Hank, read away, 
the first one is at 173:50. 

ab out 

does it say something there 
COAS cal that's after that 
173: 55. Want to change that attitude to 180255357. 

CASPER Okay, that COAS CAL attitude will be 180 


CAPCOM Roger, and the high gain angles are 

minus 752 49 . 

CASPER Okay, minus 75 and 249 . 

CAPCOM Okay, next page 174:09, delete the con- 

figure for urine dump and the 82 purge line heaters on. 


the fuel cell purge 


TV bracket, delete 


Okay . 

Same page at the bottom, 174:28, delete 
and the dumps . 
Okay, that's done. 

Next page at 174:36, starting with CM4 
all through down PGA. 
Okay, I ought to be well ahead by then 

if you d like for me 


m not requesting 

to wear the suit, 
to wear it - 

why, it s no problem. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 16:02 GET 172:18 CM179/1 


1 s 



That t ak e s 
that time line. 

Okay. Anything there 
Okay , at 175 : 13 - 
Okay, I got those deletions. 
At AOS, we want to change the 
2 49 and put their RE ACQ in wide. And 
to help the LM comm. 
Okay . 

At 17 7: 19 - 
Say again the time. 
177: 19 . 
Okay . 

Delete TV on. And anywhere in 
just delete it. 
Alrigh ty . 

And the last change 



That hits 
to minus 75 
wide is going 
across that 
of the page. 

I'll get you your deadband 
Alpha particle X-ray cover 

thing again, Hank 

That's the SIM 



Alpha particle 

mass spec deploy, and after the 
experiment on, ion source stand 

3° deadband 

some time out after the docking, 
a big help . 

Go ahead, 
angles there 
this RE ACQ in 

there you 

is at 178 hours, at the 

Okay . 

P20 option 5, minus 
on that in a 
open, Alpha 

X forward SIM bay attitude, 
second. Following that 
particle on - 

b ay 

Hey, give me a minus X. Start that whole P20 

Okay, it's P20 option 5, minus X forward, 
attit ude . 

Okay. And you say you do not have a deadband 


Say again. 
NOUN 79 will 
Okay . 

Okay, Alpha 
experiment Alpha 

be a 3° deadband, 

particle X-ray cover open, 
on, X-ray on, gamma ray deploy, 
mass spec is deployed, mass specs 

Okay, got all that. P20 option 5, minus X. 
The Alpha door comes open the Alpha comes on and 

the X-ray comes 

deploy, the 
and the ion 

take you on 

friendly wager, 

i f you 1 11 flip 


on. The gamma goes out, the mass spec goes to 

comes on when it's deployed, 

mass spec experiment 
source is stand by. 

That's a good readback, Ken 
up past rendezvous, and docking. 

(Laughter) Do you care to have 

That should 

a little 

Negative, cause I 
back a page to 177:55. 

(Laughter) Okay, go 

just got another change, 
ahead . 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 16:02 GET 172:18 CM179/2 

CAPCOM We want to delete the VERB 49 maneuver to the 

LM jets since we're not doing that tonight. 

CAPCOM And that's about revision U-Uniform, I'll have 

Victor for you here shortly, probably. 

CASPER Okay, no sweat. Whenever you get it, give 

me a call. Meanwhile I'll be picking up toys here. 

CAPCOM Casper, you're looking good going around the 

hill, and INCO has you recorded. 

CASPER Okay, thank you very much. I'll see you in 

a few minutes . 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 16:53 GET 173:11 CM-180/1 

CASPER Hello Houston. How do you read? 

CAPCOM CASPER, Houston. Reading you weak and 
noisy . 

CASPER Hello Houston. How do you read? 

CAPCOM CASPER, Houston. I'm reading you very 
weak with lots of noise, over. 


CASPER Houston, can you read yet? 

CAPCOM CASPER, Houston. Reading you very weak 
and if you read go OMNI delta. 

CASPER Houston, can you read me? 

CAPCOM CASPER, Houston. How do you read? 


CASPER Houston, do you read CASPER? 

CAPCOM CASPER, Houston. Reading you very weak. 

Coming up on 10 seconds to P2. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 17:03 GET 173:21 CM-181-1 



We had a bad 

recorder, though 

running so I 


not going to 


10 minutes here is 
change vector here 


marked on there 


on so, I picked 


stowage for the 
be nominal. The 

Casper, OMNI Delta. 
Okay. How about that one? 

Hey, you're doing a lot better now, Ken 
antenna, I guess, on this acquisition. 

The marks should have gone on the tape 

Okay. I — the tape recorder wasn't 
started it and I hope they're ready for you. 
Thank you. 

Ken, for your information, the LM is 
do a P22 . 

Okay, thank you. 

Casper, Houston, it looks like we got about 
all that's free. I got flight plan 


Ok ay . 

Let me make one quick note on what I 
S-l and I'll be with you. 

It's an awfully big target to be marking 
a little target on the side of it. 

Okay, and I'm ready for a change vector. 
Okay, and for your information, Ken, the 
atoms transfer from the LM to the CSM will 
first change is at 179 20. And I guess 

we should have brought that page just to add to 4 hours too 

at th e 



right place 




connect LM CM 

CM umbilicals 



(garble) valve to 


ah e a d . 

we' re at the 

179 20. 

I did that. 179 20, go 
Okay, just to make sure 
old 175 20. 
Yes , sir. 

Okay. At that place — 
A big blank area right now. 
Right. At that place put on LM request, 
umbilical and transfer power to the CSM. 

Okay. On LM request, connect the LM 
transfer power to the LM at 179 20. 
Roger. At 179 45, close LM hatch. 
Go ahead. 

Hatch installation decal, LM tunnel 
LM CM Delta P, tunnel lights, off. 
Okay, you want — 

an d 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY h(23ll2 CST 17:13 GET 173:31 CM-182/1 

CASPER Okay, you want to close the LM hatch, 

and I take you want to install the command module hatch, and 
we'll do a LM CM Delta P for the position and the tunnel 
lights off. 

CAPCOM Roger, and delete the update block, the 

wave lock and the VERB 40 loads -- VERB 48 loads and right 
under that put mass spec ion source, ON. 

CASPER Okay, All right, go ahead. 

CAPCOM That's right under where I had the VERB 

48. This is 480 hours, but just to get it in there. Mass 
spec ion source, ON, VHFAMB, OFF, center, and begin the (garble) 
pe rio d. 

CASPER Okay. Now somewhere, I need to load the 

LM weight into the CS added — added to the CSM weight or 
at least have the LM weight on there for the DAP. Let's see — 
that's already taken care of. 



n ow , 
176 , 
th e 

CASPER You going to get me a LM weight some 
earlier so we'll be covered. 


CAPCOM Okay, that will occur right after docking, 

CASPER Yeah. I guess. 

CAPCOM Okay, okay, You can start turning pages 

I guess, and we want — at the old 176, we want to scrub 

whole page. Actually, we're going to scrub everything 

176 on 
one — 

up through 181 — well up to 
scrub those two columns, on 

181. So 


the next page of 177 

again tomorrow? 



again tomorrow. 



and this is 
flight plan, 






thing in there 


You're not going to want to use them 

Negative. They say not. 

Don't scrub them too heavily. 

Okay, I don't want to copy that all over 


At this point, let's just skip over lightly, 
(garble) do you (garble)? 

Okay, anyhow, going over to 181 hours — 
the real 181. What it says right there in your 
and put LIOH canister, change — 

And then the same for volts, huh? 
Af firmative . 
IOH, change . 

Roger, 15 into BRAVO, go 12 and ALFA 3. 
Ok ay . 

And if you want to write allelua or some- 
we're back on the nominal plan, again. 
Still in the morning, you notice? 
That's called a champion event. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 17:13 GET 173:31 CM-182/2 


rest period. 

s crub th at one 

pick up the 

didn't talk 

turn if off 

right ? 


check with the 

Roger, we just got in there for the 
Well, I'm glad you didn't decide to 

Man, that's true for right now, Ken. 
Okay. I'll go back and see if I can 
Orion and the landing site. 
Okay . 

Okay, Hank, one of the things we 
about was I got 509 running now and I'm going to 
when I finish this next P24. Does that sound 

S tan dby . 

That's a good plan, Ken. 
10 seconds till T2 -- Tl. 
Okay, thank you. 

Casper, were you going to do the COMM 


Okay . 

I got another minute or so. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 17:23 CST 173:41 GET CM183/1 


Orion, Casper, Victor Hotel, how do you 

read, over? 


Orion, this is Casper, over. 


Ken, they should be configuring there, just 

a s e cond. 


Hello, Orion, you got the combination. 


Good afternoon. 


Loud and clear, John. 


Orion, this is Casper, reading you loud and 



Loud and clear, John, how about me? 


Casper, (garble). 


Loud and clear, John, how me? 


Okay, you're loud and clear, Charlie. 


Ah, just fine, smile and we'll take your 

picture here in a 

minute . 


Casper your DAC should be running. 


DAC is running. 


And you're coming up on 10 seconds to P2 . 


Okay. Man, that's hard to see in this moon 

Okay, on target. 


(garble) . 


I've got Sun angle at Flag and Spook are 

hard to see until 

you're right on top of them. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 17:33 GET 173:51 CM184/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston. We got a bunch of pads to 

get up to you. The first one I've got for you is your range 
update, whenever you're ready to copy. 

CASPER A range update. 

CAP COM Roger, the ranges that you have, are a little 

bit in error, and I'd like to give you the correct ones, so that 

when you compare your range, it would look more better to you. 


Oh, you mean the nominal ranges in the rendezvous 

p rof ile . 


That's affirmative, sir. 


Oh okay , s ure . 


Al ri gh ty . 


Okay, range at insertion should be 171 nautical 

miles . 


Okay, that will be 171. Alrighty. 


Insertion plus 6 is 142 . 


Ok ay . 


OMNI Alpha, Casper. 


You ' ve got it . 


Okay, insertion plus 9 is 129. And insertion 

plus 12 is 120 


Okay, let's see, that - lets start the same 

figures that I 


in he re on it. 


They should be about 15 miles different, I 

unde rs t and. 


Okay, what was the last one you gave me. 

Insertion plus 


much . 


Plus 12, and it was 12 0. 


Okay. Okay. 


And I have that big bugaboo, the P27 update. 


Okay, I'm ready to copy. 


Okay. CSM L - correction, 71 GET 175:43:30. 

Index 21 starting with 02, 01501 00002 00337 02513 00006 35240 
77727 75532 77055 73120 61613 77570 70222 51111 07425 break OMNI 

B ravo . 

CASPER You've got it. 

CAP COM Roger. And starting with 21, 04510 and that's 

the end of that column. Started on the next one LM 71 - 
CASPER Hang on a second, Hank. Standby. 

CASPER Okay, Henry. Go ahead. 

CAPCOM Okay, starting with LM vector 71, GET 175:55:00. 

Index 21 data 01501 77775 00270 04377 77662 70436 77660 74724 67755 
61614 62362 55364 72047 5 2 342 07431 13320 end of pad. 


CASPER Suppose I read it back to you. It's VERB 71 

CSM 1754330 2101501, 4 balls 2, 00337 02513, 4 balls 6 35240 
77727 75532 77055 73120 61613 77570 70222 51111 07425 04510. 
LM VERB 175:55:000. 21, 01501 77775 00270 04377 77662 70436 77660 
74724 5 - correction 67755, that's line 12 starting at 13. 61614 
62362 55364 72047 52342 07431 13320, over. 

APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 17:33 GET 173:51 CM184/2 

CAPCOM Good read back, Ken. 

CASPER Amazing. 

CAP COM And If you'll give us ACCEPT, and bring 

up the HIGH GAIN, we'll get you state vector up. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 1743 GET 17401 CM185/1 

CAPCOM Casper, I have a correction to that range 

update I gave you. 


Okay, stand by just a second. Okay, go 

ah e a d . 


Roger, the insertion plus 12 should read 

116 . 


Okay, plus 12 is 116. 


Okay, I owe you a consumable status, 

eve ry thing' s 

great there, we're nominal, and on our RCS we're 

16 3 pounds over redline. 


Okay . 


And the CSM weight, that's forward in the 

CMC is okay. 


Alright. You want to get me a hack at 

the LM weight 

or I'll just guess at 59 00 again? 


Stand by, Ken. 


LM weight is 5 9 53. 


Okay, thank you. 


Casper, you can terminate the Bat B charge 

n ow . 


Okay, battery B charge is OFF. 


Casper, the computer's yours. 


Okay, thank you. 


Casper, I have an ascent PAD for you. 


Ok ay , s t an d by. 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 17:53 GET 174:11 CM-186/1 


Okay, you got the numbers? 


We've got the angles, Ken. Torque them. 


Casper, you're clear to torque. 


Roger. Torque. 


Okay, Hank, do we have enough time to run 

the -- take a look at this coas star or do you want to get your 

p ad , ii rs t 

Rn crp r Fpn We oot ab o ii t 10 mi nutes till 

LOS . 

LAS riiK 

01^^-17 T* A TJ o ^ p "in crififl s "h ?m p t H GTl . 
UK. dV j Li 11 f KV C J- Li g u *J v± on ci y c-j n j 

cause the star is 

r i gh t here. 


UK. ay , wny a on t you press aneaa w ± l n luc 

coas ? 


All righty. I'll be done with it in just 

a jiffy . 


That's pretty close, isn't it? 


Roger . 


Okay, I'm ready to copy your pad. 


Okay. Direct ascent burn. 


Okay . 


Okay, gives a 175 43 3518, NOUN 37 176 37 



coelliptics, liftoff 175 46 0937, 911 176 

44 3391, NOUN 37 

178 37 all zips. 


Okay. Direct liftoff 175 43 3518, TPI 176 

37 5200, coelliptic pad, liftoff 175 46 0937, CSI 176 44 3391, 

TVI 178 37 0000, 

o ve r . 


Good readback, Ken. 


Hey, Casper, you better standby for load. 

John and Charlie 

are bringing 271 pounds of rocks. 


Outs tan ding . 


APOLLO 16 MISSION COMMENTARY 4/23/72 CST 1803 GET 17421 CM187/1 

CAPCOM Casper, Houston, we're about 3 minutes 

from LOS. Everything looks good here. 

CASPER Okay, see you next time around. 

CAP COM Roger.