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Full text of "NASA Audio Highlight Reels, Soundbites and Launch Sounds"

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Downgraded at 3-year 
intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

tnuMAlsiton wnnUtl oT which In any mannar to an unauthoriaad paraon la 
prohibitad by law. 




The material contained herein has heen transcrihed 
into a working paper in order to facilitate review 
by interested MSC elements. This document, or por- 
tions thereof, may he declassified subject to the 
following guidelines: 

Portions of this document will be classified 
CONFIDENTIAL, Group U, to the extent that they: 
(1) define quantitative performance characteristics 
of the Apollo Spacecraft, (2) detail critical per- 
formance characteristics of Apollo crew systems 
and equipment, (3) provide technical details of 
significant launch vehicle malfunctions in actual 
flight or reveal actual launch trajectory data, 
{k) reveal medical data on flight crew members 
which can be considered privileged data, or 
(5) reveal other data which can be individually 
determined to require classification under the 
authority of the Apollo Program Security Classi- 
fication Guide, SCG-11, Rev. 1, 1/1/66. 


This document is the transcription of the Apollo 1? flight crew 
comimmications as recorded on the command module (CM) data storage 
equipment (DSE) and suhseauently transmitted (dumped) to Manned Space 
Flight Network stations. Magnetic tapes containing dumped voice and 
onhoard-recorded ground elapsed time (GET) were forwarded to the NASA 
Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Texas. Transcription of these tapes 
was managed by J. L. Gihbons , Test Division, Apollo Spacecraft Program 
Office, to whom inquiries regarding this document should be referred. 

The transcript is divided into three columns — time, speaker, 
and text. The time column consists of four two-digit pairs represent- 
ing days, hours, minutes, and seconds (e.g. , OU 22 3U lU) . The speaker 
column indicates the source of a transmission; the text column contains 
the verbatim transcript of the communications. 

The time used by Mission Control Center (MCC) and indicated as GET 
in the flight plan may be updated to both the spacecraft and MCC com- 
puters but will not be updated to the telemetry downlink pulse-code- 
modTilated bitstream or other time -re cording devices. This GET updating 
will be performed only to correct significant changes in flight-plan 
time occurring as the result of delayed lift-off, midcourse corrections, 
or spacecrafi; burn-time differences (trajectory dispersions). 

Should these updates occur, the Apollo elapsed time (the true 
mission-elapsed time) may not agree with flight-plan and MCC times. 
Users of this transcript are cautioned to apply the appropriate time- 
update deltas for the updated periods. 

Speakers in the transcript are identified as follows: 
Spacecraft : 



Eugene A. 



Command module pilot 

Ronald E. 



Lunar module pilot 


P. (Jack) 


Unidentifiable crewmember 


Multiple speakers 

Mission Control Centers : 

CO Capsule ccamminicator (CAP COMM) 

LCC Laxinch control center 

In the text, a series of three dots (...) is used to designate 
those portions of the connmmications that could not he transcrihed he- 
cause o? ga^hling. one dash (-) is used to indicate a speaker's pause 
or a selfSeir^ption. Two dashes (- -) are used to indicate mter- 
^ptionV^othe? speaker or a point at which a recording vas ahruptly 
^^?Snated words given unusual emphasis by the speaker are underlined. 

The Apollo IT mission vas flown December T to 19, 19T2; lif^^-o^^ 
occurred afoi: 33 00.60 G.m.t. (12:33:00.60 a.m., e.s.t.) on December 7- 
Se^ was designated America and the lunar module vas called Challenger. 

(This page Unclassified) ^^^^ 17-03^^6 



Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

00 00 09 00 00 11 51+ 

00 00 15 2k 00 00 50 \h 

Recorded time off by approximately 1 hr 13 min 19 sec according to 

air-to-groiind transcript. Time on these segments has heen corrected. 

Voice fair to good; had intermittent static. 


Tb« iMtorUU contained herein hd* baan transcrlbMI into a worUog 
pkpar in onler to lacllilate review l)y Intaraatad MSC elemcnla. Tlila 
(tocumant, or porttona Iharaot,' may ba dec laaaltiad aubjvct to Hie 
(ollowinc guldellnea: 

Portiona of tlila docwmant will ba claaaKlad CONFIDENTIAL, 
Group 4, to the extent mat they: (1) define quulllatlve performance 
eharaetariitica Dt the Apollo BpaeacraA, (2)deUll critical performanee 
churaelariatlcB of Apollo craw ayatama and equipment, (3) proride 
technical datalla of atgnlllcanl launch vehicle maUunctlona in actual 
flight or reveal actual launch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical daU 
on tUfht crew membera wfalcb can be eonaldered privileged daU, or 
<ft) revaai other data wtUeh can be Individually determined to require 
claaaUlcattoa under the authority of the ApoUo Program Security Clsa- 
aificaUon Guide, SCG-II, Rev. 1, l/l/«e. 


Downgraded at >year 
intervals; declaBslfieti 
after 12 years 

ThU BUtorUl <:<nt«ias Information ■IfMtliwt the naUooftl tUdtttw* o( th* Uattvd 8t«t«i 
wtthin the niMAiiis of tha Mploniv* Uwa, TlU* It, V.aC, S«c«. 793 and 7M, tlia 
tw iumt aatcn or ravalation oa which In aar mannar to aa unauthortxatl saraon la 
prehlbitad bjr Uv. 

^|ttMlflpippP|P^ipv Tape 

^^^^^^ Page 1 

00 00 09 UO LMP ... a second. 

CDR Well, you watch ... Let's - let's press on here. 

We got a ... to do . 

LMP We're Mode IV? 

CMP Yes. 

CDR Okay, we're at a little less than a half a g. 

CMP Less than half a g. Coming up on 

CDR Okay , at 10 minutes , Ron , I ' 11 "be at about ko ... - 

00 00 09 5T CC 17, the steering has converged *** great. 

CDR Roger. The CMC is GO, 10 minutes, and 17 is GO 

on board. 

CMP H-dot's a little bit low; not bad. 

00 00 10 08 CC 17, Houston. You are GO for orbit - GO for orbit. 

CDR Those are kind words, Robert. We're GO for orbit 

CC *** show. Gene 

CDR Okay, coming up on 30, Ron - - 

CMP Okay. 

CDR - - double check everything. 

CMP 30, 3^+7 degrees; 93.5 - Okay, we're a little bit 

CDR Couldn't read a star if I had to. 

LMP I couldn't either. 

CMP Velocity's a little high. 

00 00 10 32 CDR Okay, 10:30 and we're GO. 

CMP H-dot's a little high. ... - - 

Tape lT-03i+56 
Page 2 

CC Roger, IT. You look great. 

CDR Okay , to cut off the DI [ ? ] equipment under . . . 

CMP Okay, I'll catcla that. 

LMP I sure don't want to hit this handle. 

CMP No ... 25 

LMP Apogee. 

CDR Mode IV right now; coming up on 11 minutes. 

CMP Okay, 11 minutes and I'm 3^^+ degrees. That's right 

on the money. How's the cabin. Jack? 

LMP Cabin's great. 

CMP Okay, velocity's a little bit high; H-dot's a little 

bit negative. 

00 00 11 05 CDR Eleven minutes and we are GO. 

00 00 11 07 CC Roger, Gene. And cut-off will be at 11 plus 1+Tj 

11 plus ItT. 

CMP H-dot's a little high. But that's all right. 

00 00 11 13 CDR 11 plus kj. Roger. 

CMP ... okay, 500 feet to go. 

CMP ... 500. 

LMP .... Apogee they're checking it whether ... 

CMP (Laughter) Oh, yes? 

LMP ... I'd like a . . . 

00 00 11 32 CDR Okay; 11:30 and we're GO here. And - Standing by. 

CC Roger, Gene. *** time is still holding good, 

11 plus kj. 

LMP Okay , ... you on a ... 


00 00 11 1+2 CDR 

00 00 11 5^^ CMP 

Tape 17-031+56 
Page 3 


. . . There she goesl 
Okay, cut-off at 1+2. 

Don't worry. Well, that's the ... - - 
*** Cut-off at 1+2. *** copy. 
Okay , let ' s - - 
Okay, 25596, Eon. 

25 - 25596. Okay, KEY RELEASE it. Plus 1 


Page k 

00 00 15 2lt 


We got that, babe. We'll see you coming around. 


Good shov, "babe. A little late but a good show. 


Outstanding ride. 

GO 00 15 3h 



00 00 15 35 


Okay, it's OFF. 



00 00 15 38 






They're OFF. 


DIRECT, two, OFF. 


They're OFF. 


aviAG MODE, three, RATE 2. 

00 00 15 1+6 


Okay, RATE 2. 



00 00 15 ^9 



00 00 15 5^ 


LAUNCH VEHICLE STAGE switch, OFF, verify. 

00 00 15 3^ 


Okay. Yes, sir. It is OFF. 


Okay. Rotational hand controllers 1 and 2, locked. 

00 00 15 58 


They're locked. 



00 00 16 02 


NORMAL and latched. 



00 00 16 05 


Okay, I'm going to have to loosen up here and get 
at that. 

Tape I7-O3U56 
Page 5 

LMP Okay, I'll hold that one. Circuit breaker - That's 

me. Okay, let me - 

C!MP Hoo hoc. 

LMP Okay .■ 

CMP (Laiighter) Here we go. ... press - pressure ... - - 

LMP Okay, that - that's that circuit breaker. 

CDR Oh, okay. That's pushing that in there. 

LMP Yes , I'd forgotten all about that . I should have 

warned you. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Okay. 

LMP That's something ... since the chamber, I guess. 

CDR Okay. 

00 00 16 29 IMP Okay. And install the COAS. 

CDR Okay, I'm going to loosen up, get out of my helmet 

here and pick up ... - - 

LMP Whoops excuse me, gang. That was me. 

CMP Wow! That's a good one. 

CDR Oh, man! 

CMP That is a goodie! 

CDR Still have to get out of my helmet. 

CMP Whoo. Whoo! 

LMP Okay, low. 

CMP Hey, you guys care if I turn some lights on down 
there so I can see? 

CDR Go ahead. Turn them on. 

Tape 17-03^56 
Page 6 

CMP (Chuckle) 

LMP Okay, what do we do down here? 

CDR Okay, Jack, you - pick up something here hefore 
the COAS. 

LMP What is that? 

00 00 17 02 CMP O2 HIGH FLOW. 

CDR 0^ FLOW; okay. That's because I'm going to have 
to pxill the - 

IMP Yes, you've got to change it - - 

CMP You got your helmet off? 

CDR Yes . 

CMP You got your helmet off? 

CDR Yes, I'm going to have to pull the repress or the - 
LMP Yes. 

CMP Oh, you cycle the SUIT CIRCUIT RETURN. Okay. 

CDR Open 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Open it. Open it. 

CMP I'll go - I'll go down and close the - 

CDR Jack - - 

CMP Purge - purge the cabin pressure. 

CDR Did you give me something before the - before the 

LMP Ko. Oh, yes, the REPRESS PACKAGE valve, OFF. 

00 00 17 31 CDR Okay. Let me get REPRESS PACKAGE valve, OFF. Look 

at those aps - that amplifier. 

glffflfff^fff^fff^f^ Tape 17-03^^6 

Page T 

LMP And let me know when you get COAS. 

CDR Okay. Stand lay. 

LMP Because I checked it inadvertently here. 

CDR Okay. No problem. I'm not going to get the COAS 

until I get my helmet out of the way. 

LMP Okay. 

CMP (singing) 

CDR We got the major things here. Ron can work on the 

optics, and I'll get the ... 

CMP Couldn't we get the cabin pressure - EMERGENCY 


CDR Okay. 

LMP You want to - Okay, what did you want to do, Ron? 


LMP Okay, do that. 

LMP Then we'll take our helmets and gloves off. 

00 00 18 06 LMP Okay, and SUIT CIRCUIT RETURN VALVE. 

CMP I keep floating up to the top of the tunnel. 

CDR H\ih? 

LMP Yes, that's because we're in ORB RATE. Don't 
forget . 

CMP Oh, yes. 

CDR Okay, the 0^ flow is down.. 

LMP What a ride that booster is. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP What a ride that booster is. 

Tape IT-O3U56 
Page 8 



00 00 18 k2 CMP 










00 00 19 2U LMP 

Yes, isn't that something? 
Man, that is a ride. 

And the best thing to do, Jack, while you're in 
the suit, is to stay in the seat, loosely huclcled. 

Yes, sir. What's that? 

Okay, I don't know what that was. That was a 
spurious alarm. 

Hmm. Well, you got to - 

There was no caution and warning with that. 

Let me check my lamps. Checking lamps, gang. 

Good. Those are good. 

That was it again. 
What are you seeing? 

Well, I see nothing. They're transients. 

Look at your - look at your gages. 

They're not triggering the caution and warning. 

Maybe we're getting just a caution and wajrning 
transient of some kind, huh? 

Three of them right in here. 

Jack, you don't want your helmet back yet, huh? 

Oh, I can take it any time, Geno 


- - and get it out of the way over here. 

Tape IT-O3U56 
Page 9 

CDR Okay, here's yoiir helmet, Jack. 

LMP Sure. 

CDR And, Ron, do you want yours? 

CMP Yes, I may as well get it out of the way. 

CDR Get it out of the way. 

CMP Get it ... here. 

CDR Okay, here's yours. 

CMP Okay, got it. 

CDR Okay. And you're going to he - I don't know when 

you get into daylight, hut your optics is your 
next - 

CMP Next thing here, as soon as I get my - old helmet 

and gloves off. 

CDR Man, I tell you that booster ride is something to 


CMP Gee whizl I guess I wasn't quite prepared for the 

shaking and vibration until the thing lifted off. 

CDR Okay, give that hatch is - - 

00 00 20 12 LMP Let me know when you're ready for checklist stuff. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP Cabin still looks good. 

CDR Let me tell you, those people down there must have 

had something worth waiting for. We saw that light 
before we left the pad. Did you guys see that? 
You saw it out your window, Ron? Jack's ... - - 

CMP Yes. 

LMP I didn't - - 

CMP I saw 

Tape IT-O3U56 
Page 10 

IMP I didn't see anything. 

CDR I saw it out my window. Not enough to "blind 


CMP Yes, not enough to blind anything hut you could 

sure see it there. 

00 00 20 51 CDR Boy, I tell you, I'm stire glad I didn't have to 

use any SPS stars out there. I never would have 
seen them. Look at that. Okay, here you go. Your 
fii^st sight. You're looking to watch the sunrise. 
Jack, get out here. 

CMP Oh, there it is. Wait a minute. I can't see it! 

CDR Get out here, hahe. 

LMP Look at that. 

CDR Come on out my window over here. 

CDR Wait a minute - going to watch - Can you see it 

out Jack's window? J\:tst - You'll see it the next 
time around. But it's your first view of the Earth, 
hahe. And it's going to he your - your best - 
until you get a quarter million miles away. 

CMP Holy mackerel. 

CDR Just keep looking, 

00 00 21 26 CDR There's some lightening out there. See it? 

LMP Yes. Yes. I saw it. ... - - 

CDR See it out there? 

LMP Yes, yes. Right on the horizon. 

CDR See those big thunderheads on the horizon? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Look at the size of those things. 

CMP Isn't that beautiful? 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 

CDR I tell you - This is your first view of the wo - of 

being in orbit and that - you tell - you got the 
most beautiful view - - 

CMP Look at the clouds down there. The clouds are 

sticking up above the horizon. 

00 00 21 U6 CDR Yes, sir. What have you got l6 5^ on there for, 


(31? No. You can proceed auto. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP I was getting for the - just to make sure we're 


CDR That ' s ... 

CMP Look at those clouds. 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Orange . 

CDR Pretty spectacular. You Just ... 

CMP Blues, blacks. 

CDR Now, lunar sunrise won't look like that, but - 

00 00 22 09 CMP What time is it? Twenty- two. Yes, we're that 

much early. 

CDR Here, I'll put that there temporarily. 

CDR Now, you're going to see 

CMP Oooh, boy. 

CDR You see the bands come up now. 

CMP Yes. There's the bands up. 

CMP Must be the storms down in Africa, huh? 

CDR Well, I don't know exactly where we are 


CDR 'but it's south. 

CJIP South - Sunrise has got to he over Africa somewhere. 

CDR Yes. It may be out in the Atletntic hy now. 

IMP I think it's out over the water now. 

CDR Jack, the COAS is - is in. 

LMP Okay. You ready for some more? 

CDR Yes. No. Watch - watch the sunrise. 

IMP There it comes. 

CMP I want to watch the sunrise. 

LMP It's going to come right into my eyes - That's 
the ... (laughter) ... 

CMP Here it comes. Ka-hoom. 

CDR Take - take a look at it. 

CMP Whoo-ee . 

LMP Oh-ooh. 

CDR Take a look at it. 

CMP Look at that "blaze! 

LMP Fowl 

CMP Wow! 

CDR Take a look at it. 

LMP Gosh darn it , yes . 

CMP Ohh, that's bright! 

CDR Yes, sir. Is that nice or not? 

ffgMHBM|HIHpi Tape 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 

00 00 23 02 CMP Oh, it's iwat orange! You know. It starts out 

orange and then gets - becomes "bright, and now it 
looks like a ... - - 

CDR Okay. Now go check your optics out because if 

they're no good, I'm going to throw you out the 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP That's right. Geno - 

CMP Okay, I got to - got to cheek the little optics 

• • • ~ " 

CDR Okay, I'm ready, Jack. 

LMP Okay, I want your SM RCS HEATERS, four, to PRIMARY. 

00 00 23 21 CDR Okay. Four HEATERS to PRIMARY - 1, 2, 3, h. They 




LMP I'll get it. 

CDR We haven't had that MASTER ALARM again, huh? 

LMP Ho. 

CDR Okay. And while you're talklrg, I'm going to get 

the - the ORB RATE ball out - or the - 



CDR Go ahead, Jack; keep talking. 

LMP BPC. Okay, these things ... It's already JETT. 

CMP Doggone, I'd like to give them television. 

CDR Okay . 

Tape lT-03i+56 
Page ih 

00 00 23 56 LMP 180 degrees. GK^ valve HAMDLE to VEHT. 

CMP Okay . 

IMP I guess I'm going to have to do what you guys are 
doing to do that. 

CMP It sure gets light in here, doesn't it? 

LMP Hey, hey, Ron. 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Could - can you get the hatch stuff, or you want 
to check your optics first? 

CMP Wo, I can get the hatch stuff here if I can get 
my - my helmet. 

LMP A little longer ... 

CDR - - ... get the optics first. 

CMP Let me get the optics work. Okay? 

CDR Get that cover off. 

CMP Yes, I'm going to do that. ... off. 

CMP Hot diggity dog. 

CDR Did it go? 

CMP I can't believe we've made it up here. 

CDR Did it go? 

CMP Ha ha! 

CDR Did it go? 

CMP What? 

CDR The optics? 

00 00 2k kl CMP I don't know. I haven't done it yet (laughter). 


Tape IT-O3U56 
Page 15 

Okay, well, get on that one. That's one I want 
to know. 

CMP Okay. 

Let me see ... (Singing) Do-do-do-doo do turn. 
Caution and warning. GDC align. 

LMP Geno? 

CDR Yes . 

LMP Let me know when - - 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Can you reach the GN^ vent handle? 

CDR Yes, sir. 

LMP Right here? 

CDR What do you want me to do? 

00 00 25 09 LMP I want you to pull it to VENT. 

CDR Okay, let me get around to this ... Okay. One 
of the things that - 

CMP ... state vector here. 

CDR Pulling to VENT? 

LMP Pull to VENT. 

CDR Ron, it should go to zero, huh? All the way? 

CDR Pull to VEOT"? Okay? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Pull to VENT? 

LMP Yes. 

LMP All the way. 

CMP That . . . 

Tape IT-O3I+56 
Page 16 

SC Okay . 

CMP Yes, I can vent it all the way, nov. 

00 00 25 33 CDR You're over the Atlantic, guys, looking out your 


CMP Over the Atlantic, huh? 

CDR Best I can tell right now. 

LMP Gosh darn. Pardon ray French. 

CDR Yes. Let me tell you. Just because you've been 

in orbit once, that don't mean you've been in or- 
bit all the time. 

LMP Hey, by the way, Ron, you and I finally qualified. 

CDR (Laughter) We qualified, huh? 

LMP I forgot - I was going to tell you when we went 

through 50 miles , but I was too busy. 

CMP I forgot all about it. 

00 00 25 58 CDR Okay. You want this reset? 

LMP No. Just pull to VEHT. 

CMP (singing) Da da-da da, do do do. 

LMP Just leave it the way it is. 

CDR Okay. It's going to - We're going to hit it. 

LMP It doesn't say one way or the other, Geno. 

CDR Let me just put it back here. 

CMP (Laughter) It's black out there, 

CDR There is is. Okay. 

LMP ... Just vent it to zero. That's all that's 
important . 

CDR Okay. That's good. 


00 00 26 16 CMP 

00 00 26 26 CMP 

00 00 26 29 CDR 

00 00 26 30 CMP 

00 00 26 33 CDR 

00 00 26 38 CMP 
00 00 26 ho CDR 
00 00 26 1+1 CMP 

00 00 26 hk CMP 

Tape 17-03^+56 
Page IT 

Let me see. 

Okay. And the hatch is neutral? 
I have the OPTICS POWER OK. 
Ron, put the - 
You're right. 

Oka^, what do you want me to do? 
You never got a ... Okay, you ready? 

Let me see. 

SM RCS. You got it? 


You got SM RCS PROPELLMT talkhack's eight, gray? 
They're all gray. 
Yes . Okay . 

OPTICS, ZERO to OFF, and then ZERO 

HELIUM 1 and 2, eight, gray. 

They're eight gray. 

your quads . 


Okay. HELIUM TANKs TEMP, and - 
And then - 


Tape 17-O3U56 
Page 18 

00 00 26 h6 CDR Okay, all the quads are GO. 

00 00 26 1+7 CMP SPEED is HIGH. 

LMF You want some numbers or you - you like them? 

00 00 26 51 CDR They're all nominal. 

LMP Okay, check CM. 

00 00 26 5k CDR Okay, COMMAM) MODULE. They're both nominal. 

LMP You got two gray talkbacks on the propellant; 

they're gray. Okay, and you like the ... - you 
like the numbers, 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Okay . 

LMP Okay, lamp test, I did. 

00 00 27 10 LMP Okay, you g\ays, MASTER ALARM. Stand by. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Okay. That's good. 

CDR I guess . • . 

IMP Reset. 

00 00 27 20 CMP There it is. 

CDR What? 
LMP Another traxisient. 

CDR Another one, huh? 

IMP It tests - almost acts if it's something to do 

with the - 

CMP Okay, here goes the old optics. 

CDR Let me know if that cover goes. 

IPmiHHIlPllPly Tape 

Page 19 

CM* 1001, 1002, 1003, lOOlt - Ohhhh! My gosh, there it 

went . 

CDR Beautiful. That's ... over here. 

CMP Ohhhhhh. 
LMP Okay. 

CMP Hey, it's floating off. It's a real bright thing. 

There's two pieces of it. 

CDR Yes. That's great. 

LMP Okay. Strut unlock lar^rards, two, stow. 

CMP Something else is flying all over the place. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Yes , you can see . . . 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Let me - 

CDR Well - - 

CMP Should I whip into a P52 here or - - 

CDR I'll get Ron to do that in a minute. 

CMP should I . . . ? 

00 00 28 ok LMP DRINKING WATER SUPPLY valve, ON. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Hey, that's a good idea. 

CDR Check those optics out or you don't get any 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP Hey, Ron. Hey, pon, can you CLOSE the COAS TUNNEL 
LIGHTING MAIN B breaker down there? 

Tape 17-03^+56 
Page 20 

CMP Yes. Just a second. Let me ... 

00 00 28 IT CMP COAS TUNNEL A and B is CLOSED. 

LMP Okay, thank you. 

CMP Oka;5r. 

LMP And we got the helmet bags and accessory hags and 
tool E? Woiad you get tool E out of L-2, please? 

CMP ... is off. Tool E out of L-2. Is that where 

that is? 

CDR And that's one thing we'll need real quick. 
LMP Okay, 

CDR Want some ... - You can't get it - - 

LMP I'll get it in a minute. Gene. I want to get 

squared away here and then I'll - It's jiist as 
easy this way. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Let you guys he at my heck and call. If cabin 
pressure - 

CDR We got to get to those radiators . . . 

LMP Is greater - - 

CMP Get some radiators up. 

LMP - - than 5-3, 0^ FLOW ... - - 

CMP Oh, you kind of get stuck in these places. 

CDR Got it, Ron? 

CMP (Humming) 

CDR Here comes Africa. 

LMP Okay. 

Tape 17-031+56 
Page 21 

CMP (Humming) Hey, I can still see those dust covers 

whipping out through there. 

CDR Okay, let's - let's press on and get this done. 

It's getting warm in here. 

LMP Yes. 

CMP/LMP Okay. 

CMP .? 

LMP Main reg check, Ron - whenever you're ready - You 

want to leave that? 

CDR We can get the main regs later. 

LMP Okay> secondary rad leeik check. 

CDR Oh, we can? 

LMP Ready, Geno? 

CDR Yes . 

00 00 29 32 LMP Okay, I'm going to SECONDARY. 

CMP ... 

CDR - - . . . quantity. 

LMP SECONDARY GLYCOL to RAD valve, NORMAL for 30 seconds, 


onds , coming at you. 

LMP And then it's going to be bypass. Give me a mark. 


LMP You got it? 

CDR Not yet. 

CDR Not yet. ... tool E ... off here. 

LMP Oh. 

Tape 17-03^+56 
Page 22 

CDR Okay, you want it NORMAL? 

IMP NORMAL for 30 seconds. 

00 00 30 Ok CDR MARK it. It's NORMAL. 

IMP Okay. 

CMP Hey, you can see a star. 

CDR Well, that's what you're supposed to, balae. 

IMP It's in the daylight, too. 

CDR Yes . 

CDR Look at - Did you ever see a "blacker sky than that, 

IMP Yes, ahout 2 minutes ago. 

00 00 30 2k IMP Ten more seconds, Gene. 

CDR Okay. Is she looking good to you? 

IMP Yes , looks good. 

CDR Okay. ORB RATE, by the way, is tracking. 

00 00 30 35 IMP Okay, you can go to the BYPASS. 

00 00 30 38 CDR Okay, it's back to BYPASS. 

IMP That's good. 

CDR Okay. 




00 00 30 52 CDR OUT is CLOSED. 


00 00 30 55 CDR IN is CLOSED. 

Tape IT-O3U56 
Page 23 


CDR Okay . 

LMP - - quantity - 

CMP Is up (chuckle). 

LMP Interesting. 

CDR You want to try - - 

LMP kO. 

CDR try filling it? 

LMP Yes, we're going - let's put something in. it. PRI- 

MARY ACCUM FILL valve, ON, until 50-55. I'll give 
you a mark. 

00 00 31 18 CDR Well, I don't know whether I meant it or not, hut 

it looked like it was OH. 

LMP There - Whoa. 

CDR No. Which way? 

LMP Turn it OFF. 

CDR Huh? 

LMP Turn it OFF. 

CDR Whoops. ... 

LMP That's interesting. Do it again. 

CDR Well, it was - it looked like it was OH to me. 

LMP It - Ho, it - it jumps, Geno, and - I didn't - I 

guess I didn't give you eno\igh time. 

CDR Okay, yes. 

LMP It's only U5 now. 

CDR Okay, try - It's ON - 

00 00 31 36 CDR MARK it. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR You got that. It vas OFF. It was okay. 

CMP Now - now turn it OFF. 


LMP Yes. 

00 00 31 h2 CDR Okay, it's OFF. 

LMP Okay, I got - 50. One more time, please. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP For some reason, there's a - - 

CDR Okay . 

LMP there's a 10 percent Mas on it. 

CDR There's a hysteresis in it. 

LMP Yes. No, it just holds there when it's ON. Okay, 
now turn it OFF. 

CDR Okay, it's OFF. 

LMP Good; 55. Right in there. Okay, ES - ECS flad 


CDR There's a little geology for you. Jack. 

LMP I hope I can look next time. 

CDR Okay. 


TO RAD valve, NORMAL. Push. That's why I want to 
get going. 

00 00 32 21 CDR PRIMARY GLYCOL TO RAD - Push. It's NORMAL. 

00 00 32 25 LMP Okay, ECS RAD HEATER, PRIM 1. Okay, PRIM OUT he- 

low PRIM IN. We're already there. That's beautiful. 

Tape 17-03^56 
Page 25 

CDR That booster ride is just un - i^xst absolutely 


LMP Okay, ECS RAD talkback gray. 

00 00 32 h& CDR It is. 

GO 00 32 51 LMP GLYCOL EVAP, TEMP IN, going to AUTO. 

CMP I guess it's good to take a focus. 

00 00 32 59 LMP Okay. POTABLE H^O HEATER going to MAIN A. 

CMP . . . focus . . • 

CDR How's it looking to you, Ron? 

CMP Well, I can't get the crazy thing to focus. 

LMP Let me know vhen you can do a main reg check. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Ready, Gene. 

CDR Yes . 

LMP Let's see - I'm in a fuel cell EPS. Let's see - 
ECS monitoring, SPS - The rest of it's mine. GDC 
align is - You got to do. 

CDR I'll take care of that. 

LMP And then there's a sequence camera imstov and a 

motint your ORDEAL, if you haven't. 

CDR Okay, ORDEAL is mounted and working, and I'll wait 

for Ron to finish the - - 

LMP You've done the ORDEAL? 

CDR - - the optics. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR I'll wait for him to finish the optics so we can - 

Tape IT-O3U56 
Page 26 

LN5P I guess the rest of it is pretty much mine for 

a while. 

CDR Yes. Why don't you do it now? 

CMP I can't tell - Hey, that's not so bad. Ha ha! 

There we go. Where's my book? 

CDR Okay. Right above you. 

LMP Okay, you're going to - - 

CDR What's the temp - cabin temp. Jack? 

LMP Hiih? 

CMP It's getting hot. Whatever it is. Cool it - yes. 

CDR Cabin temp. Let's see if we can't cool it off. 

LMP Cabin temp is low. Oh, cabin temp? 

CDR Yes, sir. 

CMP It's 65. 

CDR It's hot in here. 

LMP Well, let's see. 

00 00 3k 05 LMP We're in MANUAL. INCREASE must be increase 


CDR Okay , did you want me to turn the DIRECT 0^ OFF , 

by the way? Did you call that out ...? 

LMP No, I didn't call it out 

CMP No, no. It shouldn't be. 

LMP No, I didn't call that. 

CDR Okay. 

CMP Okay . 

00 00 3k 20 LMP Okay, you're going to see some MASTER ALARMs here, 


Tape IT-03H56 
Page 27 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Any time you get one you don't like, let me know. 

CDR I will. We've had fovuc spurious ones without any- 

thing else. 

LMP What a 

CMP Okay. 

LMP There seems to be some association with the - with 

working the switches up here on the caution warning 
panel, and I'll check that out later. 

CDR Ron, if - I just want to lock this. 


CDR Okay. There you go. 

CMP Plus 1080 - plus 080, plus ... 0.05. 

LMP Okay. Fuel cell I's good. 

GO 00 35 03 CDR MASTER AU^m. 

CMP And plus OOI8 - OI8, 

CMP Okay, and we'll torque those things at 35 - ... 

00 00 35 16 LMP Two's good. 

CDR Okay. You torquing now? 

CMP No, not yet. 

00 00 35 21 CMP 35:10. 

CDR It was 35:25 up here, Ron. 

CMP Oh, really? I've got 35:10 down here. 

CDR 35:25 on two clocks up here. 

CMP Hah! 

CDR Okay, let me check the - the computer. 

Tape I7-O3U56 
Page 28 

CMP Well, the event 

CDR Comp-uter is in - - 

CMP Event timer's off a little bit, too. 

00 00 35 ho CDR The computer is - the computer is with both of our 

clocks up here. 

CMP Okay. What - what time did you say it was? 

CDR It was 35:25 when you torc^ued. 

CMP 35:25 then. Okaj"-, somehow the LEB DSKY mission 

timer doesn't work - or it's late. 

CDR I don't understand how that happened. 

CMP (Laughter) ... 

CDR Okay, why don't you put this up in the tunnel, if 

you can. 

CMP Yes, I'm going to do that. Put it down here where 

it belongs. 

CDR Okay, well, coiild you put mine down there, too, 

you suppose? Is there room down there to put 
it ... - - 

CMP Well, you're going to ... if it - if it will stay. 

CDR Well, I won't put it there then. 

CMP Well, I can put it down here for the time being, 


CDR Well, that's all right. That's all right. 

LMP Okay, that's spurious. 

CDR That's spurious, nothing with it. 

00 00 36 20 LMP N\mber 5- Check my amps once more. 

CDR You weren't checking out things and - 

CMP Let's see . . . 

Tape lT-03i^56 
Page 29 

LMP No. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP ... pressures. H^/S. 

CMP How do I get some suits cooling? Aaah. 

CDR Okay. You ... wajit to get these around, too, and 

I ' 11 ... your - 

CDR Put this around. 

LMP Okay. Another one. Seems to "be something to do - 

It's - maybe with switching up in here. I seem to 
get more of them when I'm working on the switches 
up here. I'll keep ray eye open. 

00 00 37 2h CDR Your gages all look good, huh? 

LMP Yes, sir. I haven't found anything. 

LMP There, you see. You did it, too. 

LMP It's 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Possibly, it's this - these things being very low. 


CDR Just bouncing against them. Yes. 

LMP What did - what did - Well, that was the SPS thing 

that Ron - 

CDR Here you are, Ron. 

CMP Okay . 

LMP Hey, Ron, what was it that Gordy said about ... - - 

CMP That's the SPS. 

LMP That was SPS, wasn't it? 

CMP Yes; switching 

Tape IT-O3U56 
Page 30 

00 00 38 02 LMP SURGE TANK PRESSURE. The CRYO FMS; we'll leave 

them the way they are. 

CDR Okay, Ron, you can vrap those aroiand - - 

CMP Take that ... 

CDR and I'll get - I'll pick the - 

00 00 38 15 LMP HEATERS are OU and up. 

00 00 38 19 LMP RAD talkbacks are gray. 

CDR Are you happy with the optics? 

CMP Um-hmm . 

CMP Finally got a drink of water. 

CDR Congratulations. 

LMP Okay, you're - you're way back there. I'm going to 
purge - Okay. How about a main reg check when you 
get a chance, Ron? 

CMP Anybody want a drink? 

LMP Not right now. 

CMP Okay. 


00 00 38 59 CMP MAIN REG B is going CLOSED. 

CDR Okay. CABIN PRESSURE, select 1. 


LMP Push to test. 

00 00 39 11 CMP Okay, push to test. 

LMP 0^ flow increase. Stand by; you might get a MASTER 
ALARM. Go ahead. 

CDR Okay, it does. That's good. 

Tape 17-03^*56 
Page 31 

CMP Whoo I That ... 


00 00 39 19 CMP Okay. B is going OPEN. 


00 00 39 23 CMP A is CLOSED. 


00 00 39 25 CMP Okay, it's going to 2. 

LMP Push to test. 

00 00 39 28 CMP Push to test, 

CDR Okay, that's good here. 


00 00 39 35 CMP MAIN REG A is OPEN. 



CDR There's the coast of Africa, 

CMP I'd like to see something ... 

CDR Oh, you'll see it. 

LMP Okay 

CMP Get caijght up, we'll ... 

LMP - - Get this other one over here. 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP Get this - get this other one over here. 

CDR Oh , I got it . ... pull that . 

LMP And then you get a couple of bungees out of there, 
and I want to trade cards with you, Ron. 

Tape 17-03^56 
Page 32 

CMP Okay. 

CMP (Singing) Okay; 25 and added a 1+6, 71. A couple 

of bungees coining up. No, wait a minute, I don't 
know where they are. Wonnal ... (Chuckle) 

CDR That GDC ALIGN pushbutton is really hard to push, 

Ron. There is a little step in it you got to ... - 

CMP Oh, it is? 

CDR Yes . 


CDR Okay . 

00 00 it-0 k9 CDR Give me a battery relay bus reading when you turn 

the ... on. 

CMP ... 5 Bravo , do you? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Are you sure of the optics . . . 

CMP Yes. 
CDR Okay . ... 

00 00 hi 00 CMP Five Bravo is about 3.h3. 

CDR Beautiful. 

CMP Yes, that's good, isn't it? Man, the Sun's shining 

right in those optics. Don't look in them. I 
won ' t . 

LMP Okay. Let's see - and you're happy with the radia- 

tor. Looks like it's starting to flow in ... - - 

CMP Think the ... 

LMP Just ... on the ECS , Gene , okay? 

CDR No, I just - - 

LMP Have you done any of it? 

^■■■■■■■■IIPIHL Tape 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 33 

CDR No . 

CMP ... 5 Jack . 

CDR It's all yours. 

LMP What's that for? 

CMP . . . Just stick one on a snap or something over 


LMP Okay . 

00 00 Ul 28 CDR Okay, Ron - Well, Jack can pick up - he can pick 

these things up, so we don't miss any of them. 
And you can start getting some ceuneras out. 

CMP Okay . 

LMP Okay, cabin DELTA-P. 

CMP I going to try to keep the optics stowed, I think, 

unless I'm using them. 

LMP Cabin pressure . . . 

CDR Make sure your eye pieces are on nice and tight, 


CMP Yes, I Just tightened them on. Oh, yes, that's 

what they call Sun shafting. 

CDR Okay. 

CMP Looks just like the simiilator (laughter) (singing). 
LMP 50 ... 

CMP There, that's ... eyes right in the old gazoo. 

Well, let me adjust those later. (Clears throat) 


00 00 h2 38 LMP PRIMARY RAD talkback - gray. 

CMP (Singing) 

LMP ... Beautiful. ... 

Tape I7-O3I156 
Page 3I+ 

CMP Ha, hoo. SXT . . . 

CDR Okay, Ron, the next thing I'll need from you when 

you get squared away is your TLI cards. Then I'll 
give you the launch card. 

CMP Okay. (Singing) ... T isn't getting ... cover. 

CMP Hmm, huh (singing). 

CDR Jack, the surge tank there may have hit partly off. 

It may have , . . - - 

LMP Yes, it - it looks a little low. Gene. I was ... 

00 00 h3 ^5 CDR Okay. It's hack on. 

LMP Okay . 

CDR It's hack on. It may have heen partially off. 

LMP All right. Thank you. I was assuming that was 

that bias we had, but that's - that did it - that's 
coming up. 

CDR Okay, good. It was partially off. I hit it with 

my arm - - 

LMP Okay. Thank you. . . . - - 

CDR - - . . . checking . . . - - 

LMP - - ... I won't assume hiases any more. 

CDR Okay, You know, I must have caught it with my - 

LMP Remind me to check that again, if I don't - - 

CDR Okay . 

LMP - - remember it . 

CDR That's why I'm walking around the cockpit, to maJte 
sure we got it all. 



Tape IT-O3I+56 
Page 35 

CDR Is this yours, Ron? 

CMP Yes. Okay, let's put a - says a nominal and a 

manual TLI - 0. That's the first thing that comes 

CDR Okay. 

CMP Okay, and. then we vill put TLI-1. 

LMP Okay. I did it again. It is switching on panel 2. 

I'm sure of it, almost, now. 

CMP . . . boost? 

LMP It does it in CSM normal position. Well, it did - 

it did it in boost, too. Did it in boost, too. 

CDR Okay. We got the nominal TLI-0 up here. 

00 00 hh 53 CMP Okay. You want a nominaJ. - Let's see, what do I 

want to do? S-IVB TLI-1? 

CDR Yes. You've given me four cards. I don't know - - 

CMP Well, here; why don't I keep them in my pocket 

until we - - 

CDR Well, wait until we pass TLI-0 

CMP ... TLI-0. 

CDR I got the TLI-Os here. 

CMP I'll keep those in here. 

CDR We are coming out over the Indian Ocean. I can't 

really tell you where, guys, but - 

CMP Hoo! I wonder if I could take a leak? Do I have 

time to take a leak? 

CDR I am going to have to empty my leak when I get out 

of my suit. 

CMP Well, I can't do that right now (laughter). 

00 00 36 CMP Let's see here. We got to get a camera out, huh? 

CDR Yes J get you cameras, that's the next thing. 

IMP You need two of them - the l6 and the - You want 

some words on what - what to put on them? 

CDR Why don't you press on 

CMP Not yet. 

CDR - - and I can work with him on that. 

LMP Okay. Gene, you got that and that done. 

CMP Let's see, what's holding this thing in down there. 


CDE Probatly these - these things right here. Is that 

holding it? Here, let me - let me pull it. Won't 
it just snap out? 

CMP Wait a minute. Here's the snap over there. 

CDR Okay, there's a snap down here. There you go. How 

you gijys doing? Moving slow? 

LMP Yes. 

CMP Yes. 

LMP I feel pretty good. I noted that - - 

CMP I got a little bit of a - I - I know that if I 

move fast - - 

CDR Okay, well, just 

CMP - - I'd start to get a headache is all I can say. 

CDR Okay. Stay where you are and move slow. 

CMP I been - I been floating around too fast down here 

• • • 

CDR I think you may have, Ron. You "been bouncing around. 

Just take it easy and go slow. We're way ahead. 
We're way ahead. And if you feel like you want to 
get back in the couch, just get back in the couch. 

Tape 17-031*56 
Page 37 

LMP Okay, gang, I'm going to give you a - Well, I'm 

going to save that - until I get unzipped here a 
little bit. You got yo\xr GDC aligned? 

CDR GDC is aligned. 

LMP We're getting the cameras. 

CDR Cabin pressure looks good to you, huh? 

IMP Yes, sir; it's holding at 6. 

CDR You got all the hatch configurations we want? 

LMP Yes, sir. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Very tight. Hatch is good. 

CDR Neutral - neutral and latch. 

LMP Yes, sir. 

00 00 Ut 03 CDR Okay. And I'm double checked here on normal - 

normal and latched. 

CMP You want to give me a mark on U8 there. Gene. 

CDR Yes, I guess, ... U5 seconds. I wonder how that 

clock got off down there. 

LMP Okay. You should have Carnarvon in about 5 minutes. 

CDR Thirty seconds, Ron. 

CMP Okay . 

CMP 36, 37 - 

CMP/CDR 38, 39, ^0. 

CMP Okay, the EVENT TIMER'S all right. I'll start on 
the . . . 

LMP Boy, that pressure comes up fast. 

CDR On what? 

Tape 17-03^56 
Page 38 

LMP On the secondary loop. 

00 00 U8 02 CDE There it went - with that switch. 

LMP Sure seems to he it, doesn't it? 

CDR Which one - which - any of the switches. 

LMP Well, so far it's at random, I - Mayhe we ought 
to keep a list. 

CMP Was that the - I just hit the MISSION TIMER STAET. 

CDR No, that was - - 

LMP No, I think it was mine, Ron; a bat swith up there. 

CMP Well, so far. I hope it's going in the bag. 

CDR You hope what? 

CMP I hope it's going in the bag. 

00 00 U8 32 LMP Okay. You got all the optic stuff; right, Ron? 

CMP Um-hmm . 

LMP I'll check that one off. You getting the cameras? 

CDR He's working on it now. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP P52? 

CMP P52 is completed. Torquing angles were small. 

LMP Did you copy them? 
CMP/ CDR Yes. 

LMP Okay. SCS attitude - Can you do that? 

CDR Yes, I can do the SCS attitude. That's no problem. 

LMP Okay. How about the docking probe? Is that in A - 
is that in AOS? They like to have that done . . . - ■ 

Tape IT-03I+56 
Page 39 

CDR Yes, we'll wait until Ron gets "back up here. 

LMP Do they like that in AOS, or what'd we decide? 

CMP No, they don't 

CDR They don't need it. 

CMP Well, they can't see anything anyway. They got 

their prohe temperature whether it's extended or - 

CDR It's just like ... maneuvers I was doing in the 


CMP (Laughter) 

CDR If your oil pressure doesn't drop. 

00 00 h9 33 LMP Okay, you guys. Except for - except for one check 

over here, which I am going to have to unzip here 
to do , I think - 

CDR I gave you your . . . , right? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR You happy with everything except the MASTER ALARMS? 

LMP The MASTER ALARMs . . . Whew I 

CDR What was it? 

LMP Oh, I got that change in the "bias again on that 

tank. It's down to 90 percent. And siirge tank's 

coming up, thanks to your little check. And MASTER 

ALARMS are the only thing that I found anomalous . 
OKay . ... 

LMP It's like zero-g. 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Like man. 

CDR Just - Just move slow if it - Even if there's 

nothing "bothering, you still move slow. 


Tape IT-O3U56 
Page ho 

CMP (Singing) It's a lot easier to get out (laxighter). 

You Just taJte it and float it up here. 

00 00 50 kh IMP Okay, let me tell you what you want. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) iy.qsUqu 

DUMPED nvRp MiLA niTRmr. earth orbit 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

00 00 02 26 00 00 08 h?> 

Comm fair to good 


TiM mat«rltt eonUlMd herein hu been tnuwcribed into • working 
p*p«r In order to (aclUUte review by taiUrested MSC element*. Tbie 
doouMnt, or portions thereof, may be decUeelf led Ml^eet tolhc 
folUnrtag tutdoUnea: 

Porilona of thie document will be ctoeeifled CONriDENTIAL, 
Oroup4, to the extent thet they: (I) define quMllUtiTe performmnce 
chMMterlettce of the ApoHo BpeeeenJt, (2)daUII critical performance 
characterlatlca of Apollo crew ayalema and equlproeni, \\) provide 
technical deUlla of algnUlcant launch Tehlel* malfunctions In actual 
fUght or reveal actual launch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical data 
on (Ufht crew membere which can be conaldered privileged dau. or 
<() reveal other data which can be IndlvMually determined lo require 
claaalflcatlon under the authority of the Apollo Program Security Clae- 
•tflcatlon Oukle. SCC-ll, Rev. 1, 1/1/66. 


Downgraded at 5-year 
intervale; declaasified 
after 12 years 

Thta BUUtrW eonUlM tnfornuitton affectliu; the tuatooal (M«nM ol tha UnlUd ftatM 
wtthln the nMaiBK of th* ••plana«a Uwi, TiUa le, U.&C, 8«ea. 703 and TM, tha 
tranamiMlM or rmlatlon o< which tn ur nuuimr to aa unauthorlMd parMn la 
prahlbltad bjr law. 

Tape 17-031+ oil 
Page 1 

00 00 02 26 CDR Okay; it's 19. Now it's 1+1 - kl. 3-1/2 g. Hold 

on. Okay. Five seconds. Pushing 1+ g - 1+ g. 
It's starting to hold on. Look at that son-of-a- 
gun! Man, this is ... (Laughter) 

00 00 02 1+9 IMP Okay, Bob. I guess we got all five (Laughter). 

CC They're looking here - looking good. 

CDR Okay; stand hy to tower. 

DIP Sure felt like it. Stand by. Hold it. I think 

we saw them all from here. 

CC Roger, Jack. And the thrust is GO on all five of 

them. They're innning good. 

00 00 03 02 CDR Okay; 3 minutes and we're GO. 

CC Roger, 17. 

IMP Say, this is smooth. 

CDR Okay. I've got the tower switches on ... , baby. 

CDR GO. Okay; 13. There she goes! 

00 00 03 15 DIP Okay. We do have skirt sep. 

00 00 03 18 CC We confirm skirt sep. 

00 00 03 21 CDR 19, 16, 17, I8, 15, 13. Watch it Jack. There 

goes the tower I 

MS There goes the tower! There she goes! 

00 00 03 2I+ CC The tower. You're Mode II. 

CDR Roger. Mode II. 

Dtp And the steam pressure is taken care of. 

00 00 03 33 CDR Okay; MAM ATTITUDE is RATE COVIMAHD. Okay; I'll 

put the - - 

00 00 03 37 CC The steering has converged. The CMC is GO. You're 

going right down the pike, 17- 


Tape I7-O3U0U 
Page 2 

00 00 03 39 CDR Okay, Bob. I just confirmed guidance. 

IMP And the ELS SEP circuit breakers when you get a 

chance to. Gene. 

00 00 03 CDR Okay, Bob. I got the ELS SEP circuit breakers, 

and we've seen it all: ignition, staging, and 

CC Roger. Got you. 

CDR By the way, the cabin's sealed (laughter). You 

guys, we've got a long way to go. 

MP Okay; ... I'll see what in heck went wrong here. 

Let's see. 

00 00 OI+ 03 CDR Okay; k minutes and we're GO here, Bob. 

00 00 ok 06 CC Roger, Gene. We're going round the room. Looks 

GO here. 

00 00 Ok 08 CDR Twenty-one degrees. We're Mode II, Ron. 

CMP Okay; Mode II. 

CC You're looking r^al good. Gene. Right down the 

line . 

CDR Okay; it - it looks pretty good. Let me get a 

freeze here on the 0lt:30. I can barely see that. 
Let's see. 

00 00 ok 29 CDR Okay; Olt:30, and we're still GO on board. 

CC Roger, IT- You're GO. 

CDR Let me tell you, this night launch is something 

to behold. 

IMP Okay; H and H DOT are good. 

CDR Okay; I don't know if you'll be able to pick up 

any horizon. 

IMP Well, it's too dark - too light in here. 

-* Tape 17-03^+0^+ 
Page. 3 

CDR Okay; let's keep on 1 g. I got some stars out 
the right, hut I don't see 

00 00 05 OU CC Five minutes, Geno, and you're GO down here. 

You're looking great. 

CDR What's that? Okay. Okay, Robert. We're go here 

at 5. 

CMP Caning up on S-IVB to COI. 

CDR You guys believe me about that S-I staging now? 

IMP (Laughter) I can't believe how smooth! I can't 

believe how smooth - - 

CDR Okay. Let's keep this burn. We got a long way 

to go. We're only halfway there. 

00 00 05 26 CO IT, Houston. Your times are nominal. Level 

sense arm at 8 plus 36. S-II shutdown at 9 plus 
20. Nominal times - 

CDR 8 plus 36 and 9 plus 20. Roger. 

CMP Ccaaing up on gimbal motors, Geno. 

CDR Okay . 

CDR I forget anything yet, Ron? 

CMP No. 

CDR Okay. We're still Mode II. Coming up - - 

00 00 06 00 CC Stand by for S-IVB to COI capability, 

CC MARK. S-IVB to COI capability. 

00 00 06 02 CDR Roger. S-IVB to COI. We're GO at 6. Okay; 

gimbal motors? 

CC Roger, Geno. 

Page h 

CMP Go ahead. 


00 00 06 08 CMP Got it. 

CDR And YAW 1. 

00 00 06 10 CMP Got it. Go ahead. 

CDR Okay. Wait a minute. I'm checking. PITCH 2. 

00 00 06 IT CMP Got it. 

CDR And YAW 2. 

00 00 06 19 CMP Got it. Okay; you got a minus O.58 and a plus 19. 

00 00 06 22 CDR Okay, Boh. We got four good motors, and we're 

GO at 06:20. 

CC Roger. And, I7, we 

CMP 1 g. Just like sitting on the pad, isn't it? ... 

IMP Okay; oiir calihration on that tank changed a little 
hit again, apparently. 

CMP Okay. 

IMP Down to 90 percent. 

CMP Right. Oh, on the tank 2? 

IMP No, on the hydrogen. 

CMP Hydrogen tank 3. 

CC Stand by for S-IVB to orbit capability. 

CDR Roger, Bob, 

00 00 06 51 CC MARK. S-IV to orbit capability. And we'd like 

CMNI Delta, Jack. 

Tape i.T-ositOU 
Page 5 

IMP Roger. You've got it. 

CMP Okay; 7 minutes , ... degrees. 

CDR Seven ... ,6 degrees . How does that sound? 

CMP Okay; that's good. That's 723. Let's see, 119 - 

CDR We go to . . . 

CMP We're half a mile, half mile high. 

00 00 07 08 CDR Seven minutes , Bob. We're looking good on hoard. 

CDR Am I glad I took my hand off that ahort handle. 

CMP (Laughter) Man! 

IMP So am I - I'll tell you (laioghter). 

CDR Okay; we got to get through this one and then 
through staging. Stand "by for inboard. Okay. 

CMP Tsmk pressure is - - 

CDR Stand by for inboard. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Okay; we're g and a half. Stand by. 

00 00 07 Ul CDR We have inboard cut-off. 

CC Roger, Gene. Inboard on time. 

CDR Okay; and she pitches up Just like the simulator. 

CMP Yes, sure does. 

IMP Uh-huh. 

CMP Is that hsLTd to reach, Jack? 

IMP Yes. Why don't you take it out. I can't quite - 
g and a half (laughter). 

Tape I7-O3U0U 
Page 6 

CMP Yes (laughter). 

00 00 08 03 CDR Eight minutes, and we are GO. 

CC Roger, 17. You're looking great. 

CDR Okay. Everything's okay. 

SC ... are really - - 

CDR Stand hy for a PU shift. 

CMP Is that what that was? 

CDR Yes, I think it was. 

CMP Yes, I think that was it. 

CDR Okay, Ron. Level sense eurm will be at 36. 

CMP Thirty-six. Okay. 

00 00 08 22 CC 17, Houston. You are GO for staging. 

00 00 08 28 CDR Thank you. Boh. We are GO for staging up here, 

00 00 08 1*3 CDR Level sense arm , . , 

§ if # 

(This page Unclassified) „ i7-03i^09 

Tape : — 

DUMPED nvRR DUBmn eakth orbit 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

00 .00 05 ^8 00 00 10 k9 


Tb* dMtM-iat eeirialned harcln hu b*«a IraiMcrtbMi tato ■ vorUos 
|*|wr In oMtor t« faclUUtc r«vl«w by lilt«r«>t*d MSC «ielB«nts. TtiM 
docuBMBt, orportioM Uitttet, a»r b« d«c Ua«UI«d Mtt^Ml toth* 
toltowtaf gttldallnM: 

PorUoM o( thi* documaal wlllb* clusUM CONriDENTIAL, 
Group 4, to Um Mient that th«y: (I) iMln« quanttuilv* pvrfornuM:* 
etaraelarlMlc* st the Apollo BpMocnft, (2)il«UII crHleatparrormanca 
eluurutorlottes ol Apollo crtw •yMoma fend •quipmanl, (S) provld* 
tMtaal«ml doUlU of •ItnlflcMl Uraach vehlela imifuMtlun* In attuMi 
lUcht or r«VMl iclual launch lra|aelory daU, (4) ravaal madlral data 
o« ni«M eraw mambara which can faa eooaldarcd privltacad data, or 
(t) ravaal etiiar daU which can ba Indlvldualty datarmlaad to raqulra 
elaaalfieatlon under Uia authority et tha Apollo Pracram Sacurtty CUa- 
atflcaUoaOuida, SCG'll. Rar. I. t/l/M. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
intervals; declasBlfled 
after 12 years 

Tfcte utorkl eooUlM Inf onnctlon affftctins tlw natlcaua (Mwim of tlw United SUto* 
wmn th« BiMnine of tb« Muionte* Uwt, Tttl« IS, U.&C., S«cs. 794 Bud 7M, th« 
or rttwUUon of vhicb in wty ntniwr to u uiutiiUunlMd panoa 1« 


Tape 17-031*09 
Page 1 

00 00 05 ^8 CDR Are we getting anything yet, Ron? 

CMP No. 

CDR Okay. We're still Mode II. Coming up 

... "by for S-IVB to CGI capability. S-IVB to CGI 

00 00 06 00 CDR Roger. S-IVB to COI. We're GO at 6. Okay. ... 

gimbal motors? 

CMP Go ahead. 

CC . . . , Geno, 


CMP Got it. 

CDR And YAW 1. 

CMP Got it. Go ahead. 

CDR Okay. Wait a minute. Let me check it. PITCH 2. 

CMP Got it. 

CDR And YAW 2. 

CMP Got it. 

CDR Okay. You got a minus O.58 and a plus 1.9. 

CMP That's affirm. 

00 00 06 20 CDR Okay, Bob, We got four good motors, and we're GO 

at 06: 20. 

CC •**ger. And, 17, we 

CMP One g? (Laughter) Just like sitting on the pad, 

isn't it? That's all there is to her. 

LMP Okay. Our calibration on that tank changed a little 

bit again, apparently. 

Tape I7-O3U09 
Page 2 

CDR Okay. 

IMP Dovm to about 9-90 percent. 

CMP 90? Oh, on the tank 2? 

LMP No, on the hydrogen tank. 

CDR Hydrogen tank 3, then. 

CC ... by for S-IVB to orbit capability. 

00 00 06 1*8 CMP Roger, Bob. S-IVB to orbit. 

CC ... S-IVB to orbit capability. We'd like OMNI 
Delta, Jack. 

LMP Roger - - 

CDR Okay; T minutes, 6 degrees. Yes - - 

00 00 06 56 LMP You've got it. 

CDR - - 7, and I'm 6 degrees. How does that sound? 

CMP Okay. That's good. 723 - let's see, 119. 

CDR We got altitude. We're going to steirt - - 

CMP ... We're at half a mile, half a mile high. 

00 00 07 07 CDR Seven minutes. Bob. We're locking good on board. 

SC (Cough) 

CC Roger . 

CDR Am I glad I took ray hand off that abort handle. 

CMP (Laughter) Man! So am I. (Cough) I'll tell you 

CDR Okay. We got to get through this one and then 
through staging. Stand by for inboard. 

00 00 07 29 CMP Okay. Inboard at 07:^1 

Tape 17-031*09 
Page 3 

CDR Tank pressures .... good. 

CMP Stand "by for intoards. 

CDR Okay. 

CMP Okay. We're a g and 1/2. Stand by. 

00 00 07 ho CDR We have inboard cut-off. 

CC Roger, Gene. Inboard on time. 

CDR Okay. And she pitches up Just like the simulator. 

CMP Yes. Sure does, doesn't she? 


CMP Is that hard to reach. Jack? 

LMP. Yes. Watch it there. I don't know if you can 
q.ulte - g ajid 1/2. (Laughter) 

CMP (Laughter) Yes, it is. 

00 00 08 00 CDR Eight minutes, and we are GO. 

CC Roger, 17 . You're looking great. 

CDR Okay. Everjrthing ' s okay. 

CMP Gosii, these ... are really good. 

LMP Yes . 

CDR Let's stand by for a PU shift. 

CMP Is that what that was? 

CDR Yes, I think it was. 

CMP Yea, I think that was it. 

CDR Okay, Ron. Level sense arm will be at 36. 

CMP 36, okay. 

Tape 17-031*09 
Page k 

00 00 08 20 CC IT, Houston. You are GO for staging. 

CDR Thank you. Bob. We are GO for staging up here. 

SC (Cough) 

CMP Little over a g. 

CDR Yes, there's a little chxig, 

CMP Yes. 






Okay. We got to get through this one. Coming in. 
We're in level sense arm now. 

00 00 08 39 CC You have level sense arm this time. Gene. 

CDR Roger, Bob. Level sense am. Okay, Ron. Our 

next thing will be stand by for Mode IV, and 
we'll have staging - I'll call it out to you. And, 
little S-IVB; burn, baby, bum. 

CMP ... on the S-II. 

00 00 08 59 CDR Nine minutes. Bob, and I7 is GO. 

00 00 09 03 CC 17. You're GO here. 

CDR Okay. Stand by; 10 seconds. 

CC ... Mode IV capability - 

00 00 09 16 CC MARK. Mode IV capability, and we copy cut-off. 

Roger. Mode IV. And we do have S-IVB ignition. 

We see it, and the thrust is looking good on it. 

Jack, did you see that glow - - 

USP Gee 

- - go - go in past us? 

CDR We saw that one, too, Bob, 



Tape 17-03^^09 
Page 5 

CMP Did you see it go past tis? 

CC Roger. 

LMP Yes. We're right in the flame. 




Yes, that's what the Titan used to do, used to fly 
through the flame of that thing. Let's - let's 
press on here. We got - - 

LMP Ckay. Okay. 

CDR a lot to do. We're Mode IV? 

UJ!P Yes. 

CDR catay. We're at a little less than a 1/2 g. 

LMP Less than 1/2 g, sir. 

Ccaalng up on - - 

00 00 09 51 CDR Okay. 10 minutes, Ron, I'll he at about ItO - - 

00 00 09 5h CC 17, the steering has converged, and the CMC is GO. 

You're looking great. 

LMP - "... at 13 ... 

00 00 09 58 CDR Roger. The CMC is GO; 10 minutes, and 17 is GO 

on "board. 

Okay; starts a little hit low, hut not bad. 

00 00 10 06 CC 17, Houston. You are GO for orbit. GO for orbit. 

00 00 10 10 CDR Those are kind words, Robert. We're GO for orbit 


CC ... show , Gene . 

Okayi coming up on 30, Ron. Let's 

CMP Okay. 

- - doublecheck everything. 

Tape 17-03^*09 
Page 6 



00 00 10 32 ODE 

00 00 10 k9 CDR 

30, 3^*7 degrees. 23.9; Okay. We're a little hit 

I couldn't see a star if I had to right new. 

I couldn't either. Velocity is a little hi^. 

Okay; 10:30, and we're GO. 

H-dot's a little high. Little hit low. 

Roger, 17. You're looking great. 

Okay, the cut-off is VI plus 100. ... copy ... - 

VI plus 100. Okay, I'll cut you out. 

I Just want to hit the ... that's all there is to 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 1T-03U0T 


Time Segments (AET) 
From To 





00 00 Oh 3h 





00 01 17 31* 





00 01 27 h9 

Voice good; Time for first segment extrapolated from air-to-ground. 


Tba naUrlal conUlned herein hu b»»m tnnscrlbcd Into • working , 
papar in order to laclllUtc review bjr Merectad MSC etement*. Tlile 
doeunMBt, or portlona thereof,' may b« decUedf led ■ubjaet to the 
following guideUnee: 

Portlona of thU document will be cluallted CONFIDENTIAL. 
Oroup4, to the extent that (hey: <1) define (luantltatlve performance 
ebaraclarUtlca ei the Apollo Spacecraft. (Ddetall critical performance 
ebaracterlatlc* at Apollo crew aysteiaa and equipment, (3) provide 
technical dalalla of al(nUicant launch vehicle maUunetlona In actual 
fUfhl or reveal actual launch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical data 
on ftliM crew membera which can be eonaldared privSleced data, or 
(S) reveal other data which can be Indlvldualiy deternilned to require 
Claaairication under the authority of the ApoUo Pr0|ram Security Claa- 
■tfleatton Guld«, 8CC;1], Rev. I, ]/!/•<. 


Downgraded at J-year 
intervala; declaBBlfied 
after 12 years 

Thifl maUrtal conUina informttlon affacttitt Um Mtlonul dvfera* ot th« Unltwl SUtM 
wttltln the WMnlng ot th« •sptanaga lawa, TtUe 16, U.8.C., 8«cs. 763 sad 7M, tha 
trwumiMlon or rawlaUon ot whtch In any nuuuMr to *a unauthortzwl paraan la 
pnhMtad by law. 

Tape IT-O3UOT 
Page 1 

00 00 00 03 CDR Roger. The clock has started. We have you. 

(Laughter) Clear the tower. Roger; tower. Yaw's 
complete. We're into roll. Boh. 

00 00 00 IT CC Geno. Looking great. Thrust good on all 

five engines . 

00 00 00 20 CDR Okay, babe. It's looking good here; roll is 

complete. We are pitching. 

SC Wow woozlel 

CMP Okay, babe. Let's check the angles. 

CMP Thirty seconds. We're going up. Man, oh, man! 

00 00 00 36 CDR Thirty seconds, and 17 is GO. 
00 00 00 38 CC IT, you're GO. 

00 00 00 U5 CMP Okay, 1 minute, 68 degrees. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Everything looks great over here. Gene. 

CDR Okay. Okay, standby for ... we're coming through 

for ... We '11 be up • . . 

CMP . . . looking for. 

CDR Okay . 

CC IT, stand by for Mode I Bravo - 

00 00 01 01 CC MARK. Mode I Bravo. 

00 00 01 oh CDR Roger. I Bravo; we're GO at 1 minute. 

CC IT, you're looking great. Right on the line. 

CDR Okay, we've got the RCS command. 

00 00 01 11 CC Gene, you are feet wet - feet wet. 

00 00 01 13 CDR Roger. Feet wet. 

Tape 17-0 3U0 7 
Page 2 

C!MP H^, this thing shakes like a ... 

CDR Yes, that's max q, wait tmtil we get out of max q 
stay down there, q ... 

CMP Okay. 

CMP 01:30, ahout 50 degrees. 

CDR 50 degrees. Okay, rigtit on. 

00 00 01 3h CDR 01:30, and we are GO, Bob. 

CO Roger, Gene. You're looking great. 

CDR ... 2 g, 2-1/2 g. See, it quiets down after max 

CMP Yes, quiets down. 

CDR Pushing 3 gs . 

CMP Okay, I can't hold my hand up there any more 
( lauighter) . 

CDR Yes . Okay , we ' re out of max q . 

CMP Okay. 

IMP Cabin's still looking good. ... PC. 

CDR Okay, stand by for - - 

CC Stand by for Mode I Charlie, 17. 

CDR I Charlie 

CC Mode I Charlie. 

00 00 02 00 CDR Roger. I Charlie; 2 minutes and EDS is OFF and w 

are GO. 

00 00 02 06 CC 17, you're GO. 

CMP ... does pull a couple of g's. 

CDR Three g's; 3-1/2. Stand by for inboard. 

Tape 17-O3UOT 
Page 3 

00 00 02 11 CC 17, you Eire GO for staging. 

CDR Roger. We are GO here. Did you get your VERB 82? 

CMP No. 

CDR Stand by for inboard. 

CMP Okay, that's VERB 82. 

LMP Yes . 

00 00 02 22 CDR Inboard cutoff. 

CC Stand by. 

CDR Okay, now hold on to that staging. 

LMP Stand by, gang. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Here's 20, where 's the ...? 

CDR Okay, it's 19. 

CDR Now at Ul. 

CMP Ul, okay. 

CDR 3-1/2 g's. Hold on. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Five seconds. Pushing k g's. 

CMP k g's . 

CDR Told you to hold on. Look at that son of a gun. 

CMP Man. criniiny (laughter). 

00 00 02 h9 CDR Okay, Bob. I guess we got all five. 

CC Looking good here - looking good. 

Tape 17-03^+07 
Page It 

CMP Okay, stand "by to ... 

CDR Sure felt like it. Stand by; hold it. 

LMP I think we saw them all from here. 

CC Jack, the thrust is GO on all five of them. 
They're running good. 

00 00 03 02 CDR Okay; 3 minutes and we're GO. 

CC Roger, 17. 

CMP Hey, this is smooth, 

LMP Okay. I got the tower switches ... 

CDR Come on, hahy. Go. 

CMP Okay, 15. There she goes. 

CDR Okay. We do have skirt sep. 

LMP 19, 16, 17, 18 - - 

00 00 03 l8 CC We confirm skirt sep. 

CDR Watch it. Jack. 

00 00 03 2lt CC ... tower; you're in Mode II. 

CDR Roger. Mode II. 


CMP Okay, ... 

CC ... has converged. The CMC is GO. You're going 
right down the pike, 17. 

CDR Okay, Boh, I do confirm guidance. 

CMP And ELS sep circuit breakers, when you get a chance 
there. Gene. 

/^■■■■■■MaHMI Tape 

Page 5 

CDR Okay, Bob. I 6°^ ^^e ELS sep circuit breaker. 

And we've seen it all: ignition, staging, and 
tower . 

CC Got you. 

LMP By the way, the cahin sealed. 

CDR/LMP (Laughter) 

CDR Okay, guys. We got a long way to go. 

LMP Okay. I'll see where we're ... here. 

00 00 oh 03 CDR Okay; k minutes and we're GO here, BoId. 

CC Roger, Gene. We're going around the room. Looks 
GO here. 

CDR 21 degrees; we're Mode II, Ron. 

CMP Okay . 

CC ... right down the line . 

CDR Okay. It's a - it looks pretty good. 

CMP We get a freeze here on the 0U:30. 

CMP I can't - "barely see that, let's see. 

00 00 ok 29 CDR Okay; Ok:30 and we're still GO on hoard. 

CC Okay, IT. You're GO. 

CDR Let me tell you, this night launch is something to 

LMP Okay. H and H-dot are good. 

00 00 Ok ^k CDR . . . Pick up . . . 


Tape lT-O3i*0T 
Page 6 

00 00 59 51 SC Well, I'll tell you ... 

00 01 00 05 CDR Okay, 11, 6 ... 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR . . . pretty stingy with the tape there piece 

about a foot long. 

CMP A foot long? 

CDR Oh, this '11 do for now. I'm Just going to put 
this here, if you've got any other things ... 

CMP Man, are we moving. Holy mackerel. 

00 01 00 33 CDR Don't let it out, Ron, 

CMP I haven't had a chance to look out the window yet, 

CDR That's all right, get back to work. 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR Here it is. 

LMP That was as hard as ... 

CMP Oh, it didn't hit it. 

SC No. 

CDR I hope that doesn't mean anything, but it sure 

could be a pain in the neck, even if it doesn't. 

CMP ... he was doing isn't very loud, is it? 

CDR No. (Humming) 

IMP It's Just a big lake region. 

CDR ... what's that with trees and grass? 

SC ... 

LMP ... map out and ... look at it. 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page T 

CDR You got ...1 

IMP Got the weather map. 

CDR Okay, we got the SPS ref check to do yet? 

LMP Sure. 

CMP Yes, I ... it. (Laughter) 

CDR Wo, we're not - we're not doing a darn thing up 

here . . . spacecraft . 

CMP Oh, really? 

CDR We ' re way up here . . . 

CMP There it is. 

CDR And we're moving north there. 

CMP Oh, look at the coral reef there, Geno. 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Look at it; that's coral. 

CMP Too bad the Baheunas - well, you'll see the Bahamas 

in daylight, as far away as the Moon, but they 
really get bright. 

LMP . . . over in ... 

CMP Fantastic! Coral atolls, 

LMP I wonder what that . . . looks like from the ground. 
CMP Oh, bqy, I wish I'd put my 

CDR Okay, troops, let me get you back and squared away 

here, I mean checklistwise. 

CMP . . . reference setting . . . computer. 

CDR I will, I will. 

IMP Yes, I'll get that. 

Tape 17-031+07 
Page 8 

00 01 03 20 CMP VEEB I6 , NOUN 20. 

CDR I got it. 

CMP Select number 1, FDAI. 

LMP Okay, got it. 


LMP Yes . 


IMP Yo. 

CMP Attitude set dials, null number 1 error ... 

LMP Okay. 

CMP Then key your verb when they're nulled. 

CDR Okay. Do we call up ...? 

CMP Oh-ho-ho. 

LMP One, we've about 15 minutes of sunset. Gene. Okay, 
8 minutes earlier, no - got less than that - 8 min- 
utes earlier - - 

CDR Okay, here's the numbers, Ron, if you want to write 
it down . 

CMP Okay. Wait just a second. Ifa poquito. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR What do you want, NOUK 20 first? 

CMP . . . yes , NOUN 20 . 

CDR 179.77. 

CMP 179-77. 

CDR 118.95. 

^HHMBMj^^HHIjj^ Tape 

CMP 118.95. 

CDR 359.59. 

CMP 359.59. 

CDR Okay, next will be I8O.3. 

CMP 180.3. 

CDR 119.75. 

CMP Okay. Okay. 

CDR Then 359 ... .0. 

CMP Degree of pitch, got that? 

CDR Okay, that'll be lin-1/2 and 115 - about - about 
a degree. 


LMP Got 8 minutes to Hawaii AOS. 

00 01 05 h2 CDR Would you believe the GDC drifts Just like it 

does - - 

CMP Like it does in the simulator? 

CDR Can't believe it does that. 

CMP (Laughter) It's not supposed to do that. 

CDR Well, I discovered one thing, I'm ... looking at 

the time on the checklist that the tape . . . 


LMP ... I will have a drink of water, thoi:igh. 

CMP That's good water now - good water now. 

LMP Aren't we supposed to use our little thing? 

CMP I don't know. We're not - not keeping track of it 

ncfw, so I figure we'll start tomorrow. 

Tape 17-0 3UOT 
Page 10 

CDR You don't have one of those ... 

CMP ... yet. I don't know, are those going to be big 

enough? Got some other kind somewhere, but I ... 
find . . . 

CDR Well 

CMP ... will. ... floating up to the top of the 

tunnel . . . 

CDR . . . great , huh? 

SC ... feel ...? 

SC Yes . 

00 01 07 25 LMP Okay, sports fans. You want to extend the docking 

probe or do you want to wait? 

CMP Whoo, I think I might as well do that. 

CDR Try to extend the docking probe. (HumTning) 

CDR Are you - are you passing out our stowage ET bags? 

LMP No, not yet. I better get some, hadn't I? 

CMP You need some for TLI? 

LMP Wo, I Just thought you'd need some to ... 

CMP Oh, okay. 

CMP I got to figure out where to put them. 

CDR You want - you want me to read you the checklist? 

LMP Let's see. You guys finished your redundant per- 

formance check, didn't you? 

CDR Except for the ... with the clouds, with the Sun 

putting shadows on the surface out there. 

CMP Hey, we're pretty close down there, you know. 

^^■■■■■■Mflmi^sv Tape 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 

CDR Yes, we're getting close to sunset 

CMP Oh, there comes the soinset. Whoo! 

CDR Man, that's - what did I say? Did you ever see 

the shadow up on those clouds? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Good grief. 

CMP What is the - what are those bright spots in the 

clouds there? Wiat are those? 

LMP Oh, that's your spot - that is the - - 

CDR That's the cloud in the shadow, see, the shadow's 

gone a long way. 

LMP That's at higji eg [?]. That's 6 eg 

CMP Oh, that's 6 eg. 

LMP In fact, it's a little low-pressure area, see it? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Looking at everything upside down. 

LMP Why don't you get our retro orhit chart out when 

you go into the data file, Ron. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR ... might take the Flight Plan out. 

00 01 08 56 LMP There are some pretty lively looking clouds down 

there . 

CMP Yes . Yes , yes . 

LMP Better than . . . 

CMP Are we going right around the equator, must be. 

CDR Yes, we're - we're northwest of Samoa. 

Tape 17-03 1+0 7 
Page 12 

CMP ... we went on a 91 degree . . . 

IMP There's a good-looking cloud for you; look at that 

one . 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Boy, you could snap a picture of that. (Chuckle) 

I forget I got the dam camera. 

IMP ... be underexposed. 

CDR I can get that. Jack; give me that. 

IMP I got it. 

CDR - . . , Okay . 

LMP There's some big clouds - - 

CDR That little round one, you mean? 

IMP Yes. 

CDR Yes , there ' s another one - yes . 

LMP ... up in here. 

CDR And there's another one over here on side, if 
you'll give me the camera. 

IMP Okay, it's at 5-6; might want to open it up more. 

CDR I don't know - I don't know if I can get it now, 

it's going to be hit and miss. 

LMP That's the . . . 

CDR Well, I guess it is. 

LMP How about out your windcw, Ron? 

CMP I can see it, but - - 

CDR No, it's too late 

Tape 17-03^+07 
Page 13 

CMP Too late now; I'm in the dark. 

IMP Okay, it looks like - something ... pad. 

CMP Okay, how aliout the old docking prolae - - 

LMP Hand me the camera and I'll put the . . . 

CMP - - docking prohe circuit "breakers . 

CDR Okay, you got - circuit breakers are IN. 

LMP Okay, let's go hy this checklist and make sure ... 

00 01 10 20 CMP DOCKIITG PROBE circuit "breakers, two, CLOSED. 

LMP They're CLOSED. 

CMP Okay . 


probe extension. Okay, I'm going to hit it real 
lightly. . . . barber pole and gray. I hear a - I 
thought it went bump, didn't it? 

LMP I couldn't tell. 

CDR That was me with the camera. 

00 01 10 1+0 CMP ... go to EXTEND. It's out. Okay. Do that. Go 

to RETRACT. Go gray? 

IMP They both popped in a hurry, didn't th^? 

CMP Yes, that really goes great. Okay, probe return. 

LMP How did it go again? 


EXTEND/RELEASE. I don't know whether - okay, 
RETRACT. Okay, we'll keep it in RETRACT until TLI. 
Copy TLI abort pads . 

CDR We got everything on the checklist? 

Tape 17-031^07 
Page ik 

CMP CEX at the moment I mean, 1/250. 

CMP (Himming) 

IMP Better keep trying to hold things up, so ... won't 

. . . one . g ... 

CMP Okay, we got - we got everything on that checklist, 

. . . ? 

LMP Okay, I'm going to go back throTigh it, then. 

CMP I think we're in good shape. 

CDR And Hawaii is what, 01:17? 

IMP Yes. 

IMP You got the docking probe set? 

CMP Yes , that's . . . 

IMP Hawaii is at - 01:17:2U, and we leave it at 22:1+9 

... 5!+. 

00 01 12 1*2 LMP Let's see - yes, better get back. 

CMP (Humming) 

IMP Okay, Geno. Let me go back for you. 

CMP Oh, that's great ... 

IMP What is this stuff, commander's splashdown speech? 


CDR What's that? What? 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP Commander's splashdown - - 

CMP Commander's splashdown speech ... What's it say? 


IMP It says, "Commander's splashdown speech" ... decal 

put on - on the door there with the . . . 

Tape lT-03i+0T 
Page 15 




00 01 Ik 57 CMP 



Okay, going backwards, you guys got the SCS 
attitude reference component check - P52j the 
optics dust cover, the camera, just about finished 
the secondary ECS ... Okay, there's the Entry 
Checklist . 

The ORDEAL mounted and initialized. 
Update book - you want to update book . . . 
. . . want the Flight Plan . . . 

Well, I don't need it right now. All right, I've 
got everything I need in here. I want to give you 
. . . cards, so tell me when you want them. 

I just don't know where to put them yet. 

. . . survival kit . 

Unstow ... camera, got that; GDC is aligned. SPS 
is checked except for couple of items, which I'll 
do. ... EPS, fuel cell purging, and the heaters 
are on. 

Maps are hard to get out. Hey, you want a map? 
Yes . ... 

Rescue book, don't need that. ... it on 13, you 
want it on 13? 

Might as well get it, I guess, while ... here. 

You got the EPS configuration, main You guys 

went through that? 

Yes , ... 

Okay , ... 

Got a map . . . somewhere . 

Hey, see what's in there. Gene. I don't know what's 
in there . 

Tape IT-O3I+OT 
Page 16 

CDR I hope the - well, it's Systems Data 

IMP That's what I hope it is - - 

CDR - - and Flight Plan volume 1 

CMP Okay, that's what it was - - 

MS And malfunctions . 

CMP Good, that's good. Okay. 

LMP Let's see, this looks like a LM thing here. 

CDR What's that? Oh. We don't need that yet. 

LMP SEG . . . 

CMP LM transfer. 

CDR Yes . Sure . 

LMP . . . ; look at that . 

CDR Is it in there? ...? 

CMP Is that in the Flight Plan? 

CDR Oh, those son of a guns. 

SC (Laughter) 

CDR ... those finks! 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR Look at those finks! 

MP What did they do? 

CDR ... Everywhere. Look it. 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR Those finks. 

Tape I7-O3I+O7 
Page 17 

CDR Oh, my gosh. That is almost a crime; how can I 

peel that off? 

CMP We (laughter) got to peel that off to get to it. 

CMP Thanks a lot, Gene, stand by. 

CDR Okay. How could anybody do that? Over Hawaii? 

00 01 17 12 IMP Yes, we're there. 

CMP Go ahead. 

IMP •••> Gene, never saw that one before it was in 

there . 

CDR Journey's lift-off receipt [?], (Laughter) 

00 01 17 25 IMP Hello, earthlings , we are back with you. 

CC Roger, Jack. Read you loud and clear; how us? 

00 01 17 3^+ IMP You're loud and clear, and - ... comm ... change 

in AOS /LOS stuff. 


00 01 22 38 CC Negative on that right now. We'll see you at 

01:28:59 through Golds tone. 

CDR Okay, 01:28:59, Bob. We'll be there. 

00 01 22 U8 CC Roger, Gene. 

CDR Five minutes, we'll be over the states, guys. 

Let's turn the li^ts on a little bit. 

CMP You start to see a glow; there is a glow. See 

the horizon. 

LMP You got pretty good eyes . 

CMP Huh? 

Tape 17-O3U07 
Page 18 

LMP Oh, yes, there it is. 

IMP Guess what I've lost? 

CDB. VJhat? 

IMP Camera. 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP You see a camera floating around anywhere? I got 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR Ron, - while you're down there, kick wy suit up. 
I want it tagged up. 

CMP Here it is. 



CDR I thought I had that on. 

CMP Here we go. 

CDR Okay . ... 

CMP Yes , ... 

CMP See that glow out there , Gene? 

CDR Yes , I see it. 

CMP Is that the sunrise? 

CDR No, I'm looking out the north horizon ... 

IMP That's what they call a - ... 

CDR Yes . 

IMP Boy, did you see us go through that darn- S-IVB 
fire . . . ? 

Tape IT-O3UOT 
Page 19 

CDR Yes , let me 

LMP What was it? 

CDR That was the S-II staging, went through the S-II 

fireball » because it takes awhile for the S-IVB 
to light up. 

LMP Yes, that's what it was • 

CDR - - on that - on that Titan, between the S-I and 

the S-II - - 

CMP Is the tape going? Say, is the tape going. Jack? 

LMP Yes, sir. How's that? 

CDR You - you get that because there was a pause and a 

fireball would overlap you. And you could fly 
right through the flash smoke and flame wall. 

LMP Well, that - we sure enough did it, I tell you. 

It wasn't awfully bright. 

00 01 25 19 CDR We saw - we saw all three stagings, now, or all 

three ignitions . 

CMP Yes , yes . 

CDR I even had the up ... ignition on ... and that 

power was - - 

CMP There's the old dipper! 

LMP That tower was spectacular. 

CDR Yes , it was . . . 

CMP ... (laughter). That tower really - really went. 

CDR Look at those stars. Gee, Jack, this is right, you 

get north - you're always on north - - 

IMP . . . stars . 

CDR - - command module and in the LM. Okay. ... 

Tape lT-03lt07 
Page 20 

LMP We're looking ... 

CMP Ought to look at these optics at nighttime, I guess. 

CDR You got to do another P52, by the way ... 

CMP I do it now? 

CDR Well - - 


CDR I can't believe that guy - did that to me. Not to 
. . . but t o me . ... 

CMP (Laughter) Okay, AOS. 

CDR Next P52, Ron, comes about 28. We should be Just 

about h'^ - - 

CMP Hey, there's Orion. 

CDR about 1+5, 

CMP ... very well, though. 

CDR ... And - the ... are what. Jack? 

liMP Well, AOS Goldstone - Goldstone are 28. 

CDR 26. We ought to be able to see California in the 

dark. There's Baja. 

IKP I don't have a good feeling for where our Flight 

Plan is right now, does anybody? 

00 01 27 06 CDR Yes, 90-degree laamch azimuth means we're on our 

next latitude. We're coming up on our next lat- 
itude , which is Cape . . . latitude - the next 
latitude will be for the Cape. 

LMP But we're going across here - - 

CDR A little bit more than the Cape, because it actually 

was 91-1/2. 



Tape lT-03itOT 
Page 21 

... we're going across Arizona and that's Baja 
California, probably. 

Yes, we're coming up over San Diego; we should be 

00 01 27 U7 MP 

Turn on your lights, San Diego, 
near over ny home , I guess . 

Boy, it's pretty 

00 01 27 1+9 CDR Yes 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) Tape i'i'-°3^i2 



Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

01 21 30 19 01 21 33 18 

01 ^1 53 36 Ui 21 39 39 ~ " 

01 21 1+0 2h 01 21 1+0 31 

01 21 UT 1;8 01 21 h9 21 

01 21 51 15 01 21 52 1+5 

01 21 5I1 56 01 22 00 12 

01 22 00 22 01 22 03 27 

01 22 Ok 09 01 22 09 2T 

01 22 09 29 01 22 ik 18 

01 22 1I+ 31 01 22 19 1+6 

01 22 20 21 01 22 2l+ 36 

01 22 2h 52 01 22 2k J?2 

Voice good; time very poor. 


The BUttarlal contained herein has been transcribed Into s vorklng 
paper la order to taclUtate review by Intereated M3C elements. This 
document, or portions thereof, najr be dec laasif led aubject to the 
following guldeUnes; 

Portlona Of this document will be cUesUlad CONFIDENTIAL, 
Croup 4, to the exlent that they: (1) define c^anlttatlvc performance 
charactsrlatlcB nf lh» Apollo Rpacecrtit, (2)detall critical perfortnance 
Cliarartai-lallcB of Apullo crew systeina and equipment, <3) provide 
technical details of slgnUleanl launch vehicle maUunctlune In actual 
(Ueht or reveal acluat launch tralerlory data, 44) reveal data 
on flt(ht crew membore which can b« cunatdered prlvllriied data, or 
(S) reveal other d?.la which can be individually detei mlAm to tequlrc 
claaaUlealloa tindrr the authority ol the Apollo Procratn Security Clas- 
aUlckllon Guide, 8CG-11, llev. 1, l/l/M. 


Dovngraded at 5-year 
Intervale; decleseified 
after 12 years 

This material c<nttAlAa litforiaiaion ultectbig tb* naUoaal dofsnaa of tba Unltwl Ot!itca 
wlUttn tba raacAing of tha Mp*.c«»^* Uwa, TlUa 18, U.&C. , Sacs. 7S3 asd 764, tha 
tranaaalaaton or ravaUtlon of which In any mannar to ao unauUiorUad paraon la 
proUbttad bjr law. 

Tape 17-0 3U12 
Page 1 

01 21 30 19 CMP Okay. DAC is ON. 

CMP Okay. Stand by for a zero. 3, 2, 1 - 

01 21 30 3k CMP MARK it. That's RESET. Start the stopwatch. 

CMP The camera's looking okay? 

CMP Okay. Will do. 

CMP Okay. You don't want to watch me fill that pan 

again, huh? You don't want to watch me fill the 
pan again . 

CMP Okay, I'm with you. Actually, I've already 

cleaned out the - the little area there. Oh, okay 

CMP Well, we'll start at 2 minutes. 

01 21 33 18 CMP Well, now all of the little metal chips in there 

are parallel to the YY axis . 


01 21 33 36 CMP They're still on the front face of the lineal cell 

01 21 3^+ 25 CMP Thank you ... 

SC Is something bothering you there? 

SC .(Sneeze) ... 

CDR How many of those do you have , Jack? Three all 


CDR Now , wait a minute . You wore one . You putting 

on a clean one now? And you got another one in 
here? Four clean ones altogether? Is that right? 

CDR What ' s happening , Ron . 

01 21 39 39 CMP Well, the cells are changing. 

Tape 17-0 3U12 
Page 2 


01 21 kO 2k CDR Where have you been? 

01 21 ho 31 CDR ... back together. 


01 21 kj k& CMP Okay, Houston. The DAC is OFF now. 

CMP ... Go ahead, Houston. 

CMP Okay, No problem. Good idea. 

01 21 U8 58 CMP Affirmative; okay. 

01 21 U9 21 CMP Okay. I opened the flow about four turns, a 

little bit is running out - there's one big 
bubble in it. And I still had a little bit left 
over, even though I wiped it out pretty good awhile 
ago. The meniscus is up to the bottom ring and I 
think if we put in eight things in there where it's 
going to try to get the meniscus up to the top 
baffle. Is that correct? 


01 21 51 15 CMP Well, there must have been a few more bubbles down 

in there again. That was two turns now, and I've 
got it about half full all the way across . But 
maybe there's just about eight or 10 bubbles in it. 

CMP Okay. I guess we're recording on the DSE here. 

In case we don't have you, we're still recording 
on the PSE. That's three turns. The fluid is 
essentially about two-thirds of the way across 
it. What? 


It's running, isn't it? The DSE is running, 
isn't it? 

It should be. 

Tape lT-03i+12 
Page 3 

01 21 52 U5 CMP It should Tae, and if you slow it down a little 

bit. Now it's filled all the way across. Looks 
like we got about nine bubbles in there, so far. 
We're still going on the fir - fourth turn now 
and it still developes a meniscus around the lower 
baffle - the smaller baffle. 


01 21 5^ 56 CMP Okay. Looks like about six of the bubbles de- 

veloped into three, for some reason. 

CMP Oh - oh. It was doing real well there. Then on 

the seventh turn, a bunch of bubbles came in again. 

CMP Okay. You want the DAC on when it starts heating 

up. That's what you're saying, right? 

CMP Okay. You know - I may have lost track of the turns 

here, but I think we've got T-l/2 or 6-1/2 turns 
in here. And it still hasn't overflown that first 
lower baffle. I've got a tremendous concave - 
convex surface on the fluid, but it still hasn't 
broken the meniscus on the first bas - baffle. 

01 21 58 53 CMP Okay. We're going ahead and take it another turn, 

because it's understanding we wanted to try to 
get it into the second baffle, anyhow. So, we'll 
take another turn of Krytox and put some more in 
there , 

CMP (Laughter) Okay. I'm afraid it will be all over 

the place if I do that, but I'll try it. 

CMP (Laughter) Right. 

01 22 00 12 CDR Okay. 


01 22 00 22 CMP . . . try . . . 

CDR Had one somewhere. 

Tape 17-0 3lH2 
Page h 







01 22 01 h6 CMP 






01 22 02 5T CMP 
01 22 03 27 CMP 

That was mine . 
Nobody ever . . . 

Ah-ha. Once you get it started around there it 
really goes all the way around. Okay. We got 
her in the second baffle. That takes some of the 
concaveness out of the - convexness out of the 
film, so I'll go ahead and tiorn the camera off 
and then start it again when the time comes. 

Okay, 3, 2, 1 - 

MAEK it. That starts. 

There you go. Jack. If you get the chance, you 
might want to use the Nikon there and get a 
picture . . . 

Want to hand me the . . . 

Want the attitude ... 

Yes , so kind of get the . . . 

Yes. Switch the background. 

This one is going to be interesting. There are 
about a dozen, nine to a dozen - small bubbles 
rigjht next to the inject board and then about 
the same number right in the center of the convex 
portion of it. 

No, I didn't get to your question on that. In the 
lineal unit there are no bubbles whatsoever. And 
there might have been very slight movement. Matter 
of fact, I can see Just a very slight : movement , 
even now. The particles in there; they're still 
lined up in the YY direction essentially though. 

Tape lT-0 31+12 
Page 5 

01 22 ok 09 CMP 




01 22 05 36 CMP 



althoTogh it looks like some of them may have de- 
viated from the front of the lineal unit tack 
toward the center or toward the hack of the lineal 
unit J as you call it. 


Well, I missed the 2-minute start time, hut I can 
keep track of it here. So, we'll start the MC, 
and then I'll turn this to LOW at 02: U5, 

Whoops . 


Squat down a little bit and I ' 11 get you - 

And you still get this thing. 

Well, when you do you really shake it up. 


Okay. You know. Just for future references here 
if we like to do things in zero g sind without 
jarring or Jiggling, we want to make sure that the 
switch actuates with a minimum of pressiire. 

(Laughter) The camera, too, you might mention. 
I think the camera is jiggling a little . . . 
shutter ... 


You want to leave it on? 

You have enough light to get that thing? 

Should be. I hope. 

Tape 17-031*12 
Page 6 

CMP What frame was that? 

LMP . . . frame , 

CMP Okay. That's just now starting to develop. Looks 

like circular cells , great big ones . And then 
some of the big ones are subdividing now. 

CMP The Mgger ones are even - some of them are even 

getting Mgger. One of them is - oh, about three- 
quarters of an inch in diameter, and it hasn't 
divided yet, at all. 

CMP What frame was that? 

IMP 26 and 27- 

CMP Okay. Frame 26 on the 


CMP Okay . 

CMP 26. 

LMP 26 and 27 . . . 

CMP Okay. Frame 27 vas taken in elapsed time of about 
k minutes. 

IMP I just took one of your nose. 

CMP (Laughter) 

01 22 07 ho IMP Stu, this is Jack. I was taking the pictures. I 

took to^xr pictures about 20 seconds apart - of the 
sequence just after he started it. And that ended 
with - or started with frame 26. 

CMP Okay. That one cell I spoke of that was about 

three-quarters of an inch in diameter now is about 
an inch long and maybe three-quarters of an inch 
wide. Each - All of the cells seem to be bigger, 
in general. They're bigger this time, so two small 
ones about an eighth of an inch and - along one 
side. The other one is a half-inch, a half-inch - 
oh, a quarter of an inch, half -inch, and then a 

Tape 17-03^+12 
Page 7 

circular when you get around the out s - out - 
annulus of the cup. Then you start getting cir- 
cular sides instead of straight sides . All of 
the flow comes from a little center spot and flows 
outward from the center toward the outside of the 
cells. No, in this case all of the hubbies have 
disappeared, except two. 

CDR Jack , ... over there where you were . 

SC Right. 

01 22 09 27 CMP The longest cell we see is a four-sided one 


01 22 09 29 CMP ... diamond. And it's an eighth of an inch on 

one side, an eighth of an inch on the other side, 
and mayhe 3/l6 on the other two sides. 

CMP (Laughter) 

CMP ... up here . 

SC ... 

CMP Yes j we're moving something close. 

SC Okay . 

IMP Houston, 17. 

IMP At any rate, frame number 31 - frame number 31 and 
frames 2k and 25 show orientation of the experiment. 

01 22 11 36 CMP And for information the first half of the experi- 

ment, we - orientation was 90 degrees from this 
one. (Laughter) The lineal cell was on the rigl-it, 
and the lineal cell was aligned with the XX axis . 

CMP Okay. Something is a little different on this 

one here. Right at the top of the flow circle, 
it looks just like a finger. It's a curved sur- 
face that goes out and almost touches the - the 
circumference of the dish. And it looks just like 

Tape 17-03412 
Page 8 

yoMT -if holding up your finger and looking at 
it. It's that type of a shape to it. It comes 
hack down, and it's about a half inch wide. The 
flow again emanates from a source that is almost 
on the fingertip, you might say. 

01 22 13 09 CMP Okay, Somehow, that fingertip finally touched the 

complete circumference, and the tip of the finger 

CMP Okay, iiy - my small a - one-eighth inch - 

one-eighth of an inch sided diamond Joined with 
another one, now, and one side of the diamond is 
gone. I still have three sides of the diamond 
and the fourth side of the diamond, or the upper 
right-hand corner of the diamond, you might say, 
has disappeared and goes on with another little 
square - or rectangle. One - one end of the rec- 
tangle is about 3/l6 of an inch long; the other 
two sides are about three-eighths of an inch long. 


01 22 ik l8 CMP There are almost - no, it's almost in the center. 

Towards the center. Almost in the center. On the 
left edge, as you look at the piece of eq.uipment, 
as you're looking at it, there are absolutely 
no - - 


01 22 lit 31 CMP patterns at all. There is a flow. You can 

see a stream of flow. Whoops. When I get up 
there and start looking at it, and I blew on it 
when I was talking. You can see a stream flow 
from the circumference toward the outer group of 
cells. The outer group of cells is at least - 
half an inch from the circumference, though, at 
that point. 

LMP Do you get the impression that there's a general 

migration of cells to the right or down? Like 
those two that are touching there in the upper 
part seem to stretch. 

Tape 17-03^+12 
Page 9 

CMP Stretch down in there? 

IMP ... 

CMP Yes. I think there's a general migration of - of 

the cells. Kind of toward the bottom of the circle, 
if you want to look at it that way. They seem to 
he stretching kind of in that direction, too. 

CMP The first thing 

00 • • ■ 

LMP Ho. 

CMP No, toward the plus Y, as you're looking at it. 

Now, I'm trying to make all directions, with re- 
spect to the right-side-up of the eq.uipment, you 

LMP Are the chips going the same way? 

CMP And, the first finger I talked about was at 

12 o'clock. It has Joined the edge now and 
almost disappeared. The second finger was - still 
essentially the way it was - is getting slightly 
closer to the edge. There's maybe - oh, less than 
1/32 of an inch between the tip of the finger and 
the edge, and it goes out at - at 2 o'clock. Okay. 
From 3 o'clock on around to about 7 o'clock, the 
cells - It's in a shadow, and I can't see for 
sure if they're touching the edge or not, but it 
looks like they're probably essentially touching - 
sk - the edge. 

CMP In a little bit. That's all right. 

01 22 l6 5^ CMP And then from 7 o'clock on around to 12 o'clock 

again , none of the cells are touching the edge at 
all. And they're - oh, on the average of three- 
eighths of an inch from the outside circimference . 


That's verified. It's up to the second baffle. 

Tape lT-03i^l2 
Page 10 

CMP All I had to do was start it in one position, and 

as soon as I started it - started it in one posi- 
tion, it whipped all the way around it. From the 
point I started it, it went all the way around in 
hoth directions. 

CC Okay. That sounds heautiful. ... 

CMP Yes. Right. I think in the low flow here, 

evidently, things even a little hit slower than 
they were in the high rate - in the high - in the 
high heat rate. But a little diamond, now, is 
almost Joined with the rectangle. And I think 
given half a chance, it's tending to go into another 
five-sided figure. 

01 22 19 26 CMP 17 - Just about enough time. Let's see. ... 

IiMP We have those stream lines coining from the left 

of - of the . . . 

01 22 19 kS CMP Yes. You'd better go too. Let's see, it's 

17. 18 - 


01 22 20 21 CMP We started to move your switch without Jiggling 

things. (Laughter) 

CDR We what? 

CMP And we started the cooldown at l8:l+0 on the watch. 

CMP Okay. As we we're cooling down, the flow patterns 

tend to join together, so far. The ones on the 
outer periphery dissolve into straight lines. 
Straight lines em - emanating in a radial direc- 
tion from the center of the circle. 



Okay. I got a little bit of film left here 
with ... high. 

Tape 17-0 3U12 
Page 11 

SC (Laughter) Yes. 

SC Digital timer - 

SC What? 

CMP I don't know if he found that or not. I guess I 
can't sleep with it. 

SC . . . 

CMP My back is sore from sleeping underneath. 

CDR Back? 

CMP And, Houston, if you're listening; or DSE, if 

you're listening. Had a little hit of film - 
oop, there's the end of film right now. May as 
well stop it. Hey, I went to HIGH for a little 
ways . 

01 22 2k 36 CMP Well, I still had a little hit of film when the 

cooldown - the 2-minute cooldown period was left, 
so I went back to HIGH on the FLOW PATTERN just 
to see what would happen. And it looked like they 
were starting out with - - 


01 22 2h 52 CMP - - larger-sized cells developing into smaller 

ones. And, initially, all of the cells were about 
a half an inch in diameter, and they were closer 
to the periphery of the dish than they were in the 
LOW FLOW position. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 1T-03U03 



Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

02 IT 27 26 ' 02 18 k6 ?T • 

fair to good; time good 


The mtcrUl conUlnad herein hu been (ranacrlbed Into ■. working 
paper In order to (aclliutc review bf liiteretted MSC eletneiiu. Thli 
dacunMAt, or porUona thereof / m&y be dcelaea l(l«d eulileet to the 
lollowUkf (uUellnes: 

Portion* Ol U>U docttinenl will be ctuiUled CONFIDENTIAL, 
Oroup4, to the extent that they: (1) define ((uullUtlve periornwnce 
Ctaraeterletlce ot the Apollo Bpacecrait, (2)deutl crlllcalperiornuutce 
eliuacterletiei of Apollo crew eyiUma and equipment, (}) provide 
techaleal delalU ol •IfnUlcaM launch rahlcle malfuncllune in actual 
tUght or revaal actual Uuneh trajectory d«U, (4) reveal medical data 
on fUaht crew nMmbera which can be ewialdered prlvllefed daU, or 
<S) reveal other daU which can be Indlvldutlly determined to require 
claaattlcatUn under the authority ol the Apollo Program Secvrlty Claa- 
■IfleaUMi Oulde, SCC-ll, Rev. I, l/l/M,. 


Downgraded at 5-yeftr 
intervals; declaBsified 
after 12 years 

Tbi« mAt«rtal ccnUiiut Infonmttton ftff ectlns th« Kktloial dtf«nM ct th« UnltaS GUtM 
wttltin tfa« mMalns o< th« Mplo(u«a lawa, Tttle IS. U.8.C., S«cs. "TSS asd th« 
tmuunlMton or reflation o( which In any manner to u unauthorlMd pancn 1m 

Tape 17-03^103 
Page 1 

02 17 27 26 CDR Okay, Bob. For the ALFMED, CDR will be in the 

left seat. CMP will "be in the center seat with 
the ALFMED. For our reporting, when we get the 
VOX, we'll Just call out our first nomes to shorten 
it and the comments following. And Jack will be 
re cording. 

CDR You might want to take a look at this. Jack. 

Wonder if this thing will work if I don't put a 
lightweight on. Yes this will work for me. 

LMP No, it won't. It won't reach around him. 

CDR What ALFMED experiment was it? 

CDR Yes, I can wear it this way. 

CDR Supposed to leave your eyes open? H\Jh? Either 

way, you say? Doesn't say in here - it doesn't 
tell you whether to leave your eyes open or not. 
See it anywhere, Jack? 

LMP Not yet. 

02 17 30 11 LMP Okayj the first flash is fairly important. 

... Delta-T starts at then. Any subtle glows, 
clouds , or halos alone or with other events ? 
Any apparent propagation? They want you to 
think, if you can, how long was its fraction of 
visual field? How sharp or diffuse? 

CMP Okay. 

DIP Any time you guys say "MARK it" at the same time, 

they're interested. 

02 17 31 00 CMP Okay. Houston. How do you read on VOX with the 

li^tweight headset? 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Okay. That's all that is pertinent here. 


Do I start the same time he does when I'm getting 
ready to go? 

Tape lT-03it03 
Page 2 

CMP Yes. Wait a minute. Let me get this old VOX set 

to go here, first. 

IMP Okay. You got to do some things to it. You got 

to get - you going to put the lightweight on? 
Or are you - - 

CDR Yes , I can put this on over 

LMP You got to plug it in and everything. 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Okay. Remove cover plate and leave in A-8. Unstow 

vacuum cleaner cahle. Panel 201, AC UTILITY POWER, 
OFF. Verify. 

02 IT 32 09 CMP Okay. UTILITY POWER is OFF. 

LMP ALFMED POWER switch, OFF. Verify. POWER switch, 


02 IT 32 19 CMP Yes, POWER switch is OFF. 

LMP Okay. You're connecting it? 

02 IT 32 26 CMP Okay. It's connected now. 

LMP Okay. Panel 201, AC UTILITY POWER, ON (up). 

02 IT 32 33 CMP Okay. UTILITY POWER is ON. 

LMP Okay; and get in the couch. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Once you're settled down, you should - yes, settled 

down - have ALMED CLUTCH to OPERATE. 

CMP Let me get strapped in here somehow, or I'll float 

all over. 

IMP You should don your "blindfolds simultaneously. 

Don't anybody go to sleep. Stand by. 

LMP Okay. Bottom and side it says to photograph. 

Tape I7-O3I+O3 
Page 3 

IMP This - this side and then I want to get down in 

front of you, I guess. 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Well, apparently they don't care whether you don 

it simiiltaneously or not. Gene. 

CDR Okay . You want - you want . . . put thi s on . 

LMP Yes 5 they don't - th^ don't say that. 

02 17 35 02 CMP Okay. % blindfold' s going on now. 


CMP Okay. Sounds like they clipped. Okay. Someone 

will have to help me put this thing on now. Yes, 
Just kind of like so. Yes. It goes around the 
old head. And then across the top. 

IMP How's it feel? 

CMP A little bit snug. 

LMP Okay. Okay. You can't move around too much. 

That's not very good Velcro. Just barely on ... 

CMP How's that? 

LMP Pretty good. 

CDR Okay. Let me get my pictures. 

CMP I don't know 

CMP Yes , but you ought to ... maintain your head in 

the same position, if you can. 

CDR Yes, I'm going to wait until I get ... The con- 

trast is so great that I don't think I can get a 
pi cture . 

LMP Is the switch on? Switch is to OPERATE. 

Tape IT-O3U03 
Page 1^ 

02 IT 37 32 CM' Switch to OPERATE now? 

LMP Yes . 

LMP You're going to have to t\arn that tape recorder off, 

or 1*11 never hear you. 

CMP Why don't you turn it down a little bit? 

CDR Okay, Ron. Can you let me get down here? And 

put your legs down , and I ' 11 get a bottom shot . 

CDR Picture of you lying there .... I don't know 

what time - What time is it. Jack? I got Ron. 
I got his - Okay; you on? How long you had it on? 

LMP Just put it on. 

CDR 68:18:20. Look at that. 

CMP Go to OPERATE while you're taking the pictures 

there . 

LMP Well, but I'm not ready to record. 

CDR I don't know what the VOX switch is. This must be 

the VOX switch right here. 

LMP Want me to get it? Is this it right here? 

CDR Right . 

02 17 38 58 CDR Hello, Houston. CDR put his blindfold on at 68: 18. 

I think I'm going to VOX. 

CDR And how do you read me in VOX, Bob? This is Gene. 

MP Okay, Ron. I got 

CDR Okay. I'm conducting the experiment. And the - 

frame Sierra Sierra is now at U5. I got two shots. 
One - two from the side and two from the bottom. 


Hey, looks like a countdown for ready to go. Jack? 
No. You're on. Let me get that time. 68: - - 

Tape 17-03^*03 
Page 5 





02 IT UO 2? CMP 

02 IT ^5 35 CDR 

02 IT ^ OT CDR 


02 IT Ut 02 CDR 


H^, Bob, does it make any difference if your eyes 
are opened or closed? 

Okay. Where are my tables? 

Okay. Thank you. 

Okay. Ron, give them a MARK when you start, and 
I'll record it. 

Okay. We'll count down to start. 3, 2, 1 - 
MARK it. It's buzzing. 
Yes . 

Change it. The other side is not very good. 

MARK. Gene, I've got a series of random lines, 
which do not appear to be the width of w field 
of view, that are moving like a flashing horizon 
with thunder storms on the horizon. They're 
dimly flashing, and they're moving across the the 
eye from left to right and from top to bottom ^ 

Both eyes? 

Both eyes. It's stopped now. 

MARK, This is Gene again. Going from the upper 
left to the bottom right. Lines of the same sort 
of thing. Dimly lit flashing horizon -type flashes. 
But they're linear. They're linear, and th^ 
tend to come from the - either the upfier left or 
the upper right and work their way downward. Wow 
they've stopped. 

Both eyes? 

Both eyes . 

Tape IT-O3U03 
Page 6 

02 IT 1+8 50 CDE MARK. Gene again. Both eyes. This time the seme 

flashes in the horizon, but they don't seem to be 
moving out of both eyes . Tend to be up at the tops 
of both eyes. Just rapid, sequential, lightning- 
like flashes. They've stopped. 

02 17 50 00 CDR MARK. Gene again. Similar type of flashes . They 

don't seem to be moving, but they're coming from the 
right of the right eye and from the upper left of 
the right eye. And I can actually see an outline 
of a - of a curved horizon, and the flashes are 
coming out from behind it. They've stopped. 

02 17 50 1*6 CDR MARK. Gene again. I see - peripherally out of isy 

right eye - I cannot see these flashes - but I can 
see peripherally the right-hand and the upper 
right-hand side of my right eye being lit up. 

IMP Just flashes or clouds? 

CDR Pardon? 

LMP Are they flashes or clouds? 

CDR This last one? 

LMP Yes . 

CDR They were peripherally. I couldn't see them. All 

I know is that there was same light out - 
peripherally - out - - 

LMP A glow? 

CDR Yea , but a flashing glow . 

02 17 52 08 CDR Oh, man, there's a good one. The left eye, right 

in the middle. It's almost a purple flash. It's 
still going. Right in the middle of my eye, and 
it's coming out behind a - a horizon that is 
almost - It starts out as a semicircle and then 
folds into a point like on a pencil. And then it 
disappears. That's the horizon, and the light is 
flashing from behind it . It ' s gone . 

Tape 17-03^+03 
Page T 

CDB Go aiiead. 

02 IT 55 20 CDE Stu, we lost all that last conversation. You 

better repeat it. 

02 17 55 ^9 CMP MAEK. Eon. I got one. In the right eye coming 

from - back - going towards - Very narrow streaks . 

CDR Okay . 

02 17 59 25 CMP MAEK. Ron. One about 12 o'clock in the right eye. 

Looked like it was Just a spot. 

02 l8 02 1^3 CMP About 15 seconds a^o. It's so dim I hardly noticed 

what it was , but kind of starting in nsy left eye 
and then - just a flash in the left eye and then 
a flash in the right eye. Very dim. Going left - 
from left to right. 

02 18 oil 38 CMP MAEK. Can't tell if it's right or left eye. Looks 

like it's almost between the two eyes. There's a - 

02 18 Ok hi CMP MARK. One in the left eye Just about right in the 

center spot; no streak or anything. Just a spot. 
First spot seemed to be right between the two eyes, 
upper half of the field of view. 

02 18 08 k2 CDE MAEK. Gene. Streak from the upper right of the 

right eye, down to about the middle. 

02 18 10 23 CMP MAEK. Eon. About 8 o'clock, center of a diameter 

out; Just a bright flash. It's the brightest flash 
I've seen yet. 

IMP What eye? 

CMP Left eye. 

02 l8 10 k3 CDR Just about a second or two after Eon said, "MAEK," 

I saw a vertical brigtit line on the left side of 
the left eye; Just flashed. 

02 l8 11 35 CMP It was the greatest intensity - the intensity on 

that last one I had - but - the brightness was 
there, but it was kind of a dull glow to it. It 
wasn't a - a spot you could really focus on. 

Tape lT-031^03 - 
Page 8 

02 18 13 21 CMP MAEK. Ron. Left eye, about 9:30, halfway 

02 18 13 28 CDR MARK - - 

CMP - - to the left. 

CDR - - Gene. Left eye. Very "bright spot. Left eye, 

left side, ahout halfway in towards the middle. 
Well, it's the "brightest one I've seen, and it's 
Just a spot. 

CMP Ron. The intensity of the last one I had was - 

dh, a fourth of the "bright one I had just before 
that . 

LMP The last one, Ron? Spot? 

CMP Spot. Yes, the left eye. 

02 18 15 07 CMP MARK. A'bout 5 seconds ago, about 6 o'clock in the 

right eye. 

02 18 15 15 CMP MARK. Right between the two eyes , seemed like . 

Both spots. 

02 18 15 26 CDR MAEK. Gene. A sharp line from the center of the 

left eye to upper left-hand - upper left-hand 
side . 

02 18 16 1+1 CDR MARK. Gene. It's a very short - very short line, 

upper left hand of left eye going towards the 

02 18 17 31 CDR MARK. Gene, Upper right eye; tangential to iry 

eye. Just a very short line. Moving a - - 

02 18 17 hh CMP MARK. Ron. Oh, a fourth a diameter out of the 

rigjit eye. Bright spot. Seemed like it was 
coming in. I could see the spot and the streak. 
It went from that point kind of in - or up, I 
gues s . 

02 18 19 52 CDR MARK. Gene. A dull flash in the bottom inside 

comer of the right eye. 

02 18 20 01 CMP MARK. Ron. Go ahead. Gene. ' 

Tape 17-03^103 
Page 9 

CDE Correction, Gene, was that - That was on the left 

eye, that last one. 

02 l8 20 10 CMP Okay. The last one for Ron was at 10 o'clock. 

Three- fourths of the diameter out. Just a - was 
only - ahout an eighth of an inch in diameter. 

IMP What eye? 

CMP Eight eye. 

02 18 23 03 CDR MA.EK. Gene. 

02 18 23 05 CDR MARK again. A flash - first flash was in the left 

eye on the left side. It went vertal - vertically 
up and away. And following that was the flash in 
the identically same spot. It was line flash, up 
and away. 

MP Say again. 

CDR On the left side of each eye; and it went up in 

both cases, hut they were split by about 2 seconds. 

02 l8 28 kO CMP MARK. Ron. A fourth of the diameter out at 

3 o'clock in the ri^t eye. I mean a half a 
diameter - half a radius; put it that way. 

02 l8 28 51 CDR MARK. Gene. A flash across the bottom of the 

right eye coming inward from left to right. 

CMP The last one, it looked like it was a - - 

02 l8 29 ik CDR MARK. Gene. A - just a spot flash in the bottom 

of the left eye. 

CMP This is Ron. On my last one, it was Just a spot 

flash. No direction to it at all. 

02 18 29 57 CMP Ron. MARK. MARK. This is Ron. When I first said 

the word - it kind of looks like a - almost a sine 
wave transition from the comer upper at 10 o'clock 
in the right eye to about 2 o'clock in the left 
eye, right between the two of them. The sine wave 
was - maybe two wiggles in it, and it was about a 
fourth of an inch long. 

LMP Was it going to the left? 

CMP Going from right to left. Yes. 

LMP Where to the left? 

CMP It was going into the left at ahout 2 o'clock. 

CDR Txim that music higher. 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Want to vake you guys up. Started to get a partial 
there when - when I wore . . . 

02 18 31 20 CMP MAPK. Ron. Seemed like I looked up, and as I 

looked up, there was one in the left eye ahout 
12 o'clock. Just a flash - on the outer periphery. 

02 18 36 00 CMP MARK. Ron. Peripherally - down about 06:30. Just 

a flash. 

IMP Which eye? 

CMP Right eye. 

02 18 38 k2 CMP MARK. Ron. Left eye ahout 03:30, three-quarters 

of the radius out. A very dim flash. 

LMP What time on the clock was it? 

CMP About 03:30. 

02 18 39 1+3 CMP MARK. Ron. Left eye. Starting at 5 o'clock on a 

circumference going to 3 o'clock at ahout three- 
quarter diameter - three-quarter radius, I mean. 
It was Just a straight line. 

CMP Did I say left eye? I guess I did. 

LMP Okay. You're coming up on - MARK at 60 seconds. 

CMP Okay. Let's - - 

LMP Let's do five more hefore we quit. Eon. Don't 

move it until I photograph. 

Tape 17-03i^03 
Page 11 

CMP The motor's still going, so let's let it go imtil 

the MABK. 

02 18 kl 11 CMP Okay; the motor quit. 

LMP Okay. That vas at 21:10. 

CDR Okay. Is that it? 

CMP Yes. I'll get that. Gene. 

02 18 kl 38 LMP Okay. Conclude experiment. Doff blindfolds. 


CMP Okay. Do you want to take a picture of it first? 

LMP Yes. You can take the POWER switch OFF. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP And give a MARK when you turn the POWER switch OFF 

, , . stop . 

CMP Okay. Stand hy. 3, 2, 1 - 

02 18 111 58 CMP MARK it. POWER switch OFF. 

LMP Okay. 

LMP Okay. Let me get a couple more pictures on the 

bottom and side. 

CDR Okay, Bob or Stu. 

02 18 U2 36 CDR Okay. Add - We'll add to today. Not last night, 

but - I guess the first night I was in bed - I 
definitely saw some of these, because I had a hard 
time going to bed to start with. I saw some of 
the same peripheral, horizon-type things you said 
were not the type of data you were looking for, but 
I also saw a - some sets of the streaks. And 
probably the one most imposing thing I remember 
is - and the last one I remember before falling to 
sleep - was the fact that there was a very bright 

Tape 1T-03U03 
Page 12 

spot that flashed right "between my eyes like a 
very 'brigtit headlight - like a train coming at you, 
only with a flash. It's difficult, probably, to 
estimate the frequency of any of those, because I 
was in a - sort of a sleep-hazy mode. (Cough) 
But, then, as today, I saw some that flashed and 
lit up the horizon and some that lit up peripher- 
ailly. And, I guess, as you say, that's a 
different kind of data, but I did see them there 
and they impressed me. 

LMP ... Move your hands. Eon. Ron, you want to move 

your hands? 

CMP Okay. 

CDR And it might be interesting to know that I've 

never seen it before today. 



02 18 1+1+ 50 CDR 

order, do you? That's what you call duplicate. 



When you're told to see spots, you're told to see 
spots (laughter). 

Okay. I Just wanted you to - just told them like 
we saw them. That's all. 

I will say one thing though. No question in my 
mind but that they're there. Last trip I took, 
guess I Just wasn't looking for them or paying 
any attention to them. Maybe they were there and 
I ignored them because of other things , but - but 
they're there. 

Okay. All you flash bugs down there - or flash 
bulbs I guess is the word - frame 50. I just 
took four pictures to show - two on the side and 
two on the bottom - to show the position of the 
ALFMED. And one of them of each set was focused 
on the ALFMED. The others were focused on the - 
the other two of the set were focused on the strut. 
And when you don't have anything else to do, why 
don't you have somebody predict where the S-IVB is. 

Tape 17-03i|O3 
Page 13 

I think I've got her spotted - "behind los and atove 
us with respect to the Earth and our travel from 
it. Oh, don't worry about it. Shoot, I thought 
you guys miglit have an idea off-the-cuff there. 

CMP I hope they've got an idea where it is . Jfy - - 

LMP I'll tell you, I'll het you Ron could give you a 

star sighting on it (laughter). I looked at it 
through the monocular, and it sure looks like the 

CDE Where was it, Jack? 

LMP Next time the Earth comes "by, look up and - not, not, 

not North Pole but Just up from from our - up and 
a little bit off towards the left. 

CDR Okay. Is the Earth coming your way? 

LMP Right; it's flashing. 

CDR There it is. Give it to me. 

LMP It's flashing. 

CMP What's that. Bob? 

CDR Hey ! 

02 18 h6 57 CMP Yes, I've got to get it to - get the plate moved 

back down there yet. Take the blindfold off first 
so I can see what I'm doing. 

# # # 

(This page Unclasalfled) 17-03U19 




Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

03 09 23 50 03 10 08 05 

Time good; voice fair to poor. 


The mUrial eonUlned herein hu b*«n Inuucrlbed Into « working 
pkpar in order to bcliltate revie« bjp biterealed MSC etctncnts. This 
document, or portions thereof, nuy bedecleeettled sut^ect to the 
loUowlBc guideline!: 

Portions of this document will be classified CONFIDENTIAL, 
Croup 4, to the rntent thst they: (I) define qusntltatlve performsnce 
ehsraelerlsllcs of the Apollo ftpeeecrsil, (2)detall crittcsl performsnce 
chsrscterletlc* of Apotlo crew aysteins uid equipment, (3) provide 
lechnleal detslla of alKnUlcsnt Iwmch vehicle RMlfunctluns tn sclusl 
lUght or ravaal actual Isunch lr«)ectory data. (4) reveal medical daU 
on flight crew members which can be considered privileged data, or 
<S) reveal oUier daU which can be Indivldustlly determined to require 
elaasUieation under the authority of the Apollo Program Security Clae- 
■Ificatlaa Guide, BCC;11, Rev. I, 


Downgraded at J-year 
Intervale; declaeslfled 
after 12 years 

Thia But«i1al ccntAtna Infomuitton affactlne the national <l«t«n«« at tht Unltvd StstM 
wmHB tfa* mtantng at th* Hplon&ee Uwi,tlU« 16. U.S.C., Sac«, 7M ud 7M. Ui« 
''•?*5??*?'9" " rtwliUon of which in any nuumer to an unauthoriMd ptrson 1« 
pralUbltM by taw. 

Tape lT-03ltl9 
Page 1 

03 09 23 50 CDR Okay, PAH CAMERA going to POWER. 

IMP And they put the Velcro in such a great spot . 

CDR Okay, Gordo. We're in the SIM bay door jett 


CMP There's another ... yet. Does it look like it's 

purged? Does it look like it ' s through purging 
down there? 

CDR Yes . 

LMP Okay, you'll need your star chart. 

CDR Here, can't you - 

03 09 26 15 LMP Okay, Houston. PAM CAMERA POWER is going to BOOST. 

CMP Yes, it just stopped. I've got to unplug that 

thing down there. 

CMP Yes, l/2k - I mean, 2h frames a second - f/8 - 

100 feet . Watch your footage . . . 

CDR f/8 at 250th, Jack. And 100 feet. They say use 

5 percent of the mag. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR . . . down there . 

CMP Okay, down to l8l. Circuit breaker LOGIC POWER, 

MAIU A - show them CLOSED. MAIN B, going CLOSED. 
Yes, I'm in VOX. I don't hear myself very well. 
Houston, do you hear me? ... you. I'm in the 
wrong - I put Gene on VOX. (Laughter) Okay. 
Woiild you put me on VOX, Gene? I'm in - I'm in 
the other panel. 

CDR Okay, you're in VOX now. 

03 09 30 05 CMP Okay, Houston I'm in VOX now. Do you read? Okay; 

on panel l8l, the LOGIC POWER MAIN A, MAIN B cir- 
cuit "breakers are CLOSED. 

LMP Okay, you want LOGIC POWER, two, to JETT. 

CMP Okay, LOGIC POWER mjiaber 1 is going to JETT. Num- 

ber 2 to JETT. 

LMP Standing by for your GO, Houston. Wait a minute. 

This is where it - when you go to JETT, that's 
where it happens, hiih? 

CMP That ' s where it happens . Soon as I - - 

LMP Okay; I better get ready. Stand by. Stand by. 

CMP Okay, Jack. Let me know when you've got the camera 


LMP Are you all set , Geno? 

03 09 31 59 CDR Yes. Okay, Houston. You say we are GO to JETT 

the SIM bay door a little early, huh? 

CDR Okay. Good ... I think trajectory has something to 

do with it. 

LMP Yes . Good ... 

CDR Did you check this at 2h frames? 

CMP No , I checked it at one frame . You might check it . 

CDR I did. You're down to that point where the SIM 

CDR Okay, Gordo. We'll do it on - on Ron's mark down 

there . 

LMP Just a second. ... Hey, Houston. You know, this 

attitude - this attitude has the Sun right into 
window 5. It's probably going to be on the lens 
of the camera. I'll - I'll try to shade it the 
best I can, but I don't have an awfial lot of hope 
for these pictures . 

CMP I think we're probably stuck with it. Jack, because 

we need - to be in this right attitude. 

03 09 32 39 CDR Okay, Ron. Let her go. 

CMP Okay. SIM door jett - 5, 1+, 3, 2, 1 - 

Tape lT-03i+19 
Page 3 

03 09 32 50 CMP JETT. 

CDR Wham! 

CMP Oil, got a good "bang. Can you see it? 

CDR There it goes. 

LMP Never saw it . 

CDR Houston, there it goes. I got it out the hatch 

window. It looks like it was a clean Jett. It's 
rolling and pitching and yawing slightly. There's 
a lot of garbeige that came out with it . 

CMP Can you take a picture. Gene? 

CDR Yes . Yes , I think I got it ... Oh , no , there it 


CMP Let me see it. Ah-ha! 

CDR ... taking a pict\ire of the garbage. 

CMP (Laughter) You take a picture. Yes. There it 


CDR Hello, Houston. How do you read? 

CMP Clearly acoustic, isn't it? 

CDR Okay, did you get the word we got a clean jett? 

Okay. The door's moving - the door's moving 
directly away from us , mostly rolling . And it 
looks like it was a very clean - clean separation. 

LMP Will you explain something to me, Ron? How come 

15 never noticed this ...? Remember? I think 
that ' s - Did |it go? 

CMP Boy, we got a good bang on it. You could hear 

that - that pyro going, I think. 

LMP You coiild feel it. 

03 09 3^ 2h CMP It's rotating about five - or one revolution per 

5 seconds. And it's rotating - what, about the 
long axis? Yes, rotating about the long axis. 

Tape 17-03^+19 
Page h 

CDR Houston, the garbage that I said went with it was 

Just a small amount of debris, I'm sure,' around 
the sealant pyro area. There was one - oh, about 
a It-foot -length piece of - oh, 1- or 2-lnch tapelike 
material that also went out with it. 

CMP Okay. What do we do with these LOGIC POWER switches? 

Don't they go back to OFF, down? 

CDR Okay. ' DOOR JETT OFF, down. 

03 09 35 27 CMP DOOR JETT's OFF, down. 


03 09 35 31 CMP Okay, we're going to DEPLOY /RETRACT on number 1. 

03 09 35 3h CMP DEPLOY/RETRACT on number 2. 


REACs VALVES are NORMAL. I'm sort of glad we had 
those in LATCH. 

CMP Yes, me, too. You know, that was a pretty good 


LMP Okay. SM RCS PROPELLANT talkbacks ; eight gray, 


CDR Okay. They're all gray. 


CDR Okay, SM RCS HELIUM talkbacks; eight gray, verify. 


03 09 36 17 CDR Yes, they're all gray. 


CDR ... SECONDARY. ... Okay. 

LMP Pan camera's up. 

CDR Well, I'm - I got 10 degrees loaded. That's what 

we got copied down here as a change. 





03 09 3T 30 LMP 

03 09 37 50 LMP 



Tape lT-03^19 
Page 5 

Okay. We got 320, 010, 32U, and before I go to 
muver - maneuver, I'll roll right about 12 degrees, 

Thank you, sir. Okay, HEATERS. 

Okay, and the UV SPECTROMETER - is going to go on 
here - 

MARK it. Okay, and the IR will be OFF on your 
cue. That's the same as ... rate command. Gene. 

Oh , that ' s right . 

Okay, just give us a call. 

Okay, what's next? I ... 

use experiment checklist? 

a real 

Hey, there's a lot more dynamics here than I'd 
ever . . . 

The 15 guys were . . . 
Well, they were suited. 

They said they didn't even - Oh, that's right. 
They were suited. 

Oh, that's right. 


There's no question but that that's where it goes. 

Tape I7-O3U19 
Page 6 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Okay, circuit breaker 0 TANK 100-WATT HEATERS 

1 and 2, OPEN. Okay. 

03 09 39 IMP Okay, the 100-WATT 0^ HEATER circuit breakers 

coming OPEN. 

CMP Hundred - Which ones? 

LMP 100s. 

CMP All three of them? 

CDR No. One and 2. 

LMP One and 2. 

CMP One and 2. 

SC ... upside down I can't read. 

03 09 39 58 CMP 0^ TANK 100-WATT HEATERS; 1, MAIN A, OPEN; 2, MAIN 


CDR Okay, and the 0 HEATERS 1 and 2 to AUTO; and 3, 


03 09 ho 13 LMP Okay, 0^ HEATERS 1 and 2 going to AUTO, and 3, OFF 

It was a little early right then, but I guess it's 
all right. ... attitude. 

CDR And you know the high gain will be minus 29 and 17 

LMP Yes. 

CMP How's the AUX batteries, Jack? Is it ...? 

LMP You mean the 0^ 

CMP The 0^ ... 

LMP We'll check it. 

CDR Ron , check the CM DELTA-P . . . 

LMP It's gray. 

Tape 17-03^+19 
Page 7 



03 09 hi k8 CDR 




03 09 1+3 ki cm 




It ' s gray? Okay . 

Okay, not yet. We'll wait a little while, but 
you'll have to go through CM/LM pressure equaliza- 
tion . . . 

. . . got a . . . 


Yes. I got my foot stuck. 

Okay, Gordo. We'll wait until 50 past the hour 
and pick up the LM/CM DELTA-P. We're still reading 
0.6. And we're in the process of maneuvering, and 
I guess I'll start to see if I can't get you some 

. . . old biomed . . . 

I don't know whether you were watching the LMP on 
the door jett. Did you see jett on my heartbeat? 


I guess I was remembering, erroneously, 15 *s com- 
ment that it was very quiet. But, I - of course, 
Ron reminded me they were in the suits. 

. . . about 2k percent . 

How stable can you get? 

And, Houston, 17 here. Mag Bravo Bravo is indi- 
cating 76 percent now - 76-percent full. 

And, Gordo, we are watching the 8-ball. 

One thing I guess I ought to check ... 

. . . down here . 

Boy, we sure need it. 

Tape lT-03i+19 
Page 8 

IMP ... off, isn't it, Ron? 

CMP I don't know. 

SC ... DELTA-P? 

SC Yes. 

CDR We'll wait until ... 

LMP Yes , you get to dock in about an hour . . . 

LMP Eour and a half. 

CDR One of you guys is ... up a storm. I wish it were 
me . Whew ! 

CMP That wasn't me that time ... Whew] 

03 09 h6 l8 CDR No wonder you guys don't have gas on your stomach. 

SC • • « 

CMP Whew! 

LMP I might have had. 

CMP Yes . 

CDR I think it ' s coming out of here . I think he . . . 
into the Intake. 

CMP (Laughter) ... 

CDR You guys usually don't - Whew I Man! ( Laught or ) 

Oh, man. I know, but that one was the worst. That 
must have been the clam chowder last night. 

CiyiP Well, ... we're not that comparable ... last night. 

I don't know what we had, but - 

CDR I think that's the all-time winner right there. 

CMP Yes. 

LMP Better than my . . . blue bag, huh? 

^■■■^■■■■■■t Tape 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 9 

CDR Yes . 

CMP My gosh darn scissors got to be somewhere. 

CDR You stuck them in your pocket or somewhere . You 

put them in your suit pocket? 

03 09 h'J 31 CMP I lost them - As soon as I got up the next morning, 

they weren't there. 

CDR Well, I ... over to the wrong place to take pictures 

of that door, I'll tell you. 

IMP Yes, it shoiild have been out of window 3. 

CDR I had her going. 

LMP Yes, but there won't be too many more ... (Laughter) 

LMP It eventually came up at window 5 there, but - - 

CDR Yes. I figured I'd do it, but I wasn't sure how 

fast it was coming - coming by. 

LMP You can't get all the objectives. 

CDR We got pictures of it. But it wasn't what ... 

LMP I'm about ready to take a piece of tape - 

03 09 ^9 53 LMP Want to be sure and change that mag before we get 

into lunar orbit . 

CDR Which one? 


CDR . . . program. 

LMP The second . . . pads . . . 

CDR . . . program • . . 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Let's see, the 35 is ... program. 

LMP Yes, 35 is ... 

Tape I7-O3I+I9 
Page 10 

CDR Those mags we have on there okay? 

IMP ... Yes, but it's interior color. 

CDR Oh, ... That mag's dead once you take it out, isn 


LMP Yes. There's TO pictures on it. So we might as 

well use them. 

CMP How maxiy are on there? 

LMP Huh? 

03 09 50 1+5 CMP How many have we taken? 

LMP I guess about 60, I think - 1+5' You guys got a .. 

CMP The next one is ... 

LMP . , . this thing - 

CDR What are you looking for? 

LMP Look like . . . 

CDR What? 


CDR I think you improved it by doing that . . . 

LMP Now put your fingers over yo\ir mike. 

CDR Yes , we ' re getting .... 

LMP Yes , but why putting his fingers over his mike? 

CMP Still getting feedback. 

LMP No, but it's better - because we're getting it 
through here. But why when he puts his fingers 
over his mike, does he improve the quality? 

03 09 52 11 CDR Because the quality isn't coming through here. 

Even though his fingers are over his mike, he's 
still getting feedback. 

Tape 17-03i+19 
Page 11 

LMP You siire improve yoiur voice by putting your fingers 

over your mike. 

CMP I improved my voice Toy doing that. 

LMP Yes . Got all those . . . 

CMP You. did? 

LMP Yes . 

CMP Son of a gun. 

LMP Talk and just ... 


SC Getting rid of a lot . . . 

CMP Must be some holes other than on the eardrum. 

CMP Tape recorder working? 

LMP Yes. 

03 09 53 59 CMP That's the old tape recorder with fingers over the 

end of the mike. That's the tape recorder without 
the fingers over the end of the mike. 

LMP Okay, you've got it to AUTO, and I think we may 

have made a new discovery about microphones up 
here. Well, Gordy, it looks as if you can improve 
your voice quality by putting fingers over the end 
of the mike booms. At least, that works on the 

CDR Want to hand me the med kit? Okay. 

CMP When did you stick this ...? 

CDR Huh? 

CMP The first - second day. 

03 09 5^* 00 CDR Yes, it went on right away. 

CMP Yes, but somebody didn't - I didn't put the one 

side on. 

Tape 17-03^19 
Page 12 





03 09 55 28 LMP 



I did. 

The first day? 

Well, there's no sense in worrying about the - 

Gene? Here, why don't you let me hand you what 
you need? 

Well, I've got it on. 
Okay, you're disconnected? 

You want a little bag for your used stuff. Gene? 
Oh, that's right, you're ... Here you go. 

Ron, you should he ahle to see the Earth out of the 
optics . 

Out of this optics? 


Okay, IE coming OFF. 
MARK it. 

Boy, those things are getting hot up in there, 
don't they? 

What are we supposed to he doing now? 

Well, we're waiting for - waiting for - Well, at 
... in ahout 15 minutes, we'll do the LM DELTA-P 
stuff. And then in another hour or so, you do a 
P52. ... they tell you what's required. 

Hey, Gordy. Who's operating the trench in front 
of you today? 

They're a trio of musketeers if I ever heard of 
one. All they lack is a French accent. 

Tape 17-03i+19 
Page 13 

03 09 58 09 LMP I wasn't going to exercise any value judgments, 


LMP What did that midcourse finally turn out to . . . ? 

LMP Inner tropical convergent ... (laughter). 

CMP (Laughter) 

CMP You know , the . . . looking through the ... on my 

side now. 

CDR You got the Earth? 

CMP Yes, I got the Earth, "but I was going to say the 

horizon is a lot "bluer ... to see the landmarks 
... I can't tell the difference. 

CDR And that landmark has an orange hue to it, doesn't 


CMP Yes. 

CDR Give it an orsinge? 

CMP Landmark line of sight does. 

CDR Yes. 

CMP It ' s ... 

LMP Okay, Gordy. I was just checking to see if I could 

find the Moon, and I still can't see it out there. 
I'll "be with you in 30 seconds. 

03 10 02 hh LMP Okay, Gordy. Go ahead. 

LMP Okay. Preliminary LOI, SPS/G&N. 6636I; plus 1.21, 

minus 0,12; 088:5^:22.71; minus 2798.8, plus IOU5.7, 
minus 0037.3; all zeros, all zeros, all zeros; 
0170.1, plus 0052.5; 2988.0 6:38, 2981.7; 1+5, 252.1, 
13.5. Set stars are Sirius and Rigel; 122, 35^, 
000. No ullage. LM weight is 36312, and single- 
"bank "biorn time is 06:51- 

03 ICi 06 23 LMP 

Okay, 22.77. 

Tape 17-03^*19 
Page li+ 


03 10 08 05 LMP 

Okay, Houston. At 81|:U5, we've got about 2-1/2 to 
3 minutes at 1 frame a second on mag Bravo Bravo 
through the celestial adapter of the Earth. 

Okay, guys. Here, I'll try again. 

Oops. It's right there. That's good. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) ^^^^ iT-03i^20 



Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

03 10 08 08 03 10 ll+ 32 

Time, good: voice, okav. 


TiM material eonUlocd htraln haa baan tranaerltaad lata a vorkins 
papar In or«l«r to (aclllUt* r«vla« ky iatoraatad MSC alamMita. Thia 
docomaiit, or portlona (hartot, may ba dactaaaUI«4 auli)ae( tolba 
loUowlng fuldallnaa: 

Portlona o( Ihit document wlllba elaaalllad COHnDENTlAL. 
Group 4, to tb« extent that they: (1) define (|u<ntltatlve perfarmance 
eharaeterlattca of the Apollo fpeceeratl, <2)da<all critical performance 
characlerlatlea of Apollo crew ayatema and equlpmanl, (1) provide 
tachslcal datalla ol algnlficant launch rehlcle maUunctlona In actual 
fllfht or rareal actual launch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical data 
OA lll(ht crew membera which caa be eonaidered privileged data, or 
(8) reveal other data which can be individually determined to retire 
claaaUlcatton under the authority of the Apollo Program Securtty Clat- 
■Uieattoa Outde, 8CC,-tl, Rev. I, l/l/H. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
Intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

Till* BUUvrtal «aiUlM Information aJKectlnc tha nitlocud McitM vt tbf United 0UtM 
vtthla th« mMaing ct th« Mplonac* UwaiTttlt le, U.8.C., Smat, 793 sad 794, Ui« 
tnumlMlflB or rcvwliitlan « which In any maaaar to aa uaautborlzad paraoo la 
prelilMUd by Uw. 

(This page Unclassified) 17-03^08 



Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

03 10 07 15 0^ 10 n? IS 

03 16 k2 21. 03 16 48 21 

Time good, voice fair 


TiM matorlal eanUlnad btnin tiu b««il tr«n«crUMd Into • workbif 
pap«r In or4*r to ftcUiUU r«vl«w by latoreslMl M8C tUmvnU. ThU 
«l«ciuMnt, orportl«n« th<r«a(, nuqr b« declaa* lM«d Mb^Mt to the 
felkiwtttg guldalliiM: 

PorUons at thU docvmMl wltlb* cUHlflad CONnDENTIAL, 
Croup 4, to th* Mlenl that th«y: <1) define quaiitlUtlve perTornuutce 
ehkractorlaUce of the Apollo Spuacraft, (2)deUll crlUcklperformuiee 
charMterlattes et Apollu crew lyatame and cttuipmenl. O) provide 
l*ehBical dateila ol alcnUlcaat launch vehteta matfusctlona in actual 
fUght or raraal actual Uunch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical daU 
on nlf^t crew memliera which can be eonaldared privileged daU, or 
(S) reveal other date which can be indlvldu&Uy determined to require 
elaaaltieatloa under the authority ol the ApoUo Program Securttv CUe- 
■Ulcatloa Quid*. BCO-11, Rev. 1. l/l/M. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
intervale; declaeeified 
after 12 years 

^♦ft »5t««W coBUlM Information affecttag the tukUoaaX <Wmw« ai th« UiiU«d atatas 
wUhla tb« iDMniiDff <rf tb* MsioM«« Uw«, tme 18, V.S.C., StCM. tfa and 7M, tlt« 
*^ISS!?f »**«l»Won « wfclch In uty mumtt to «b unutlioriMd paraon is 
prouoUM iqr uw« 

Tape I7-O3U08 
Page 1 

usual. They're 

mag 00. 

CMP Okay. I've got ... degrees out here. They may 

give ua a call. 


We got 

CAMERA, RETRACT and talkhack was 
everything done? 


We have 

everything done — - 


You got 

all these things here? 


Yes , we 

did that. 


You get 

the T-start again? 







at l8:0T. That's close enough. 




You got 




03 10 07 15 MP Okay, Houston, 


03 16 h2 21 LMP . . . generate a lot more glass than 

just higher energy impact. 

CMP Okay, — frame - 67 was Lobachevsls 

CDR Let's see, AOS is at 

CMP . . . right there ; what did they want 

CDR Did we get all this , Ron? 

CMP Yes, I got that. 


Tape IT-O3I+O8 
Page 2 

CDR Okay. This is all done. OMKI Delta then? 

CMP Okay. We're on OMNI Delta. 

CDR 27:^3 we want to stop the pan camera again. 

LMP Boy , there ' s a bright one down there . 

IMP Some of that dark stuff just looks like "blocks. 

CMP Yes, I think I can finally look at those things 

upside down. 

DIP Well, you've got to know which way you're going 

and which way you're pointing. That's the big 
problem. I've got the feeling that someone brought 
a big powder puff and powdered the whole back 
side - - 

CMP . . . water. 

IMP Here's one - here's one off to the south that 

is - has three albedo contrasts. Looks very much 
like what you described, except it has one more - 
one more in the . . . - - 

CMP Okay, Houston. We're with you on the OMNI Delta. 

IMP - - that is much darker than the others. 

CC Roger, Ron. We read you loud and clear. 

CDR Okay , Robert . We should have gotten everything 

right on up through AOS here in the Flight Plan. 

CDR And the pan camera should be running right, now. 

03 16 05 CDR Okay, Jack, you can go - Ron, you can go minus 5 

and plus 15. 

CMP Okay; thanks. AOS plus 3. 

CDR Okay. 

CMP At about 27 or something. 

Tape IT-O3U08 
Page 3 

CMP C^ay^ Houston. America here. We stopped the 

orMtaJL photo path, frame 59. And at about the 
substellar point, we took 59 to 66, and frame 67 
was taken of the, oh, the dark side, on the corner 
of Lobachevsky . 

03 16 U5 55 CDR What have we got coming up there. Jack? 

MP We got Orient ale - - 

CDR Not Orientale. 

LMP I mean ... is off to the south, and we're coming 

up on Marginis and Crisium. Can you see - I guess 
I can't see Neper, huh? Well, no. I think it's 
* going to "be south of us . 

CMP It's going to he south of us, I think. I'll he 

able to see it over here- 

LMP Those frames that Ron mentioned - this is Jack - 

that he mentioned were taken of an area where 
there's a much lighter gray albedo. Rather than 
jbhe tannish gray, it's pure gray material that 
generally is on the~rim~cresT"6f a number of cra- 
ters. It may be related to the swirls that we see 
elsewhere . 

03 16 1+7 07 CDR Did you go HIGH GAIK yet? Three minutes . . . 

IKP Okay. Here comes Neper. 

CMP Okay; 27;l^3 for pan camera stop. ... 

CDR That's right now. 

CMP Right now? . . . 

CDR Yes . 

03 16 1+7 15 CMP Okay. 1*2, 1*3, PAN CAMERA, STOP. 





Tape 17-031+08 
Page k 

CDR V/H, normal. 

IMP Okay. 

CDR Bob, we're 

LMP What else? 

CER _ - abeam l>TTAr-Birtmi ajad coMng^up Goddard 

and - - 

LMP Got anything else? 

CDR - - Marginis right now. 

03 16 1+8 03 CMP PAN CAMERA, OFF, on CVB. 

LMP Well, ve did it, didn't we? 

CMP No, you went to STAJTOBY. You went to STAHDBY. 

LMP Do you need the power off? Okay. 

CMP On cue, yes. Leave it like that ... 

LMP Okay. Their cue, not ours. 

CMP But it does oscillate quite a bit here in this 

Dtp All right. 

03 16 1+8 21 CDR Al-Biruni has got variations in the - its floor, 

variations in albedo. It almost looks like a 
pattern as if water were flowing on a beach. It's 
that irreg\ilar. Not in great areas, but in small 
areas around the southern side, and the part that 
looks like it's a water-washing pattern is of a 
much lighter albedo, althoiigh i cannot see any 
real source for it. The texture, however, looks 
about the same . 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 1T-Q3^02 



Time Segments (AET) 

« To 

n.iss..9 _03_l6JiUj8 . 

Voice fair; time good. 


Tk. utorUt eootolnwl herein hu been '""•eri^"' ""^^JL^^'il^ 
tolUnrUw suldeUnet'. 

* «lent Oi.t they: (1) Mint qwntlUiUve pertormuwe 

^uterUtic* ot Apollo crew ■yeleme Md equtpirnf.1. W ptrnJO* 

"••SIJJ rtlTnTmbere which CM be eoneUered prWllesed d«U. or 
alfteMtM Qulde. 8CG;ll, Re». I. Vl/».- 


Downgraded at 5-yeer 
Intervals; declaBsified 
after 12 years 

pnUMUd by biw* 

Tape IT-O3I1O2 
Page 1 

03 15 55 39 CMP - - after AOS - - 

LMP We're going to do a VERB ... 

03 15 55 ^5 CMP MANUAL and WIDE, minus 5 and YAW, 15 , 

LMP Okay, Gordy. I may not have got the COMMABD RESET 

at 6 minutes - - 

CMP Those are the SIM bay jets. Okay. Let's go. 

Let me go ahead and do that. Yes. 

LMP - - and . . . let us know . . . 

CDR Can I do that in P20? 

CMP Yes , you can do it . 

CMP You've got A/C ROLL going? 

CC ... like you to - - 

CDR Which ones you want? 

CC _ _ go ahead and get the Jet inhibits and the covers 

open as shown in the Flight Plan so -we can see that 
before we lose you. 

03 15 56 h8 CMP Okay. IR COVER, OPEN, and - Well, let's inhibit 

the Jets. 

CDR What other jets you want on? 

CMP A-1 and C-2, ON. 

03 15 56 55 CDR Oh. Two ON. Go ahead. 

CMP A-3 and C-k. 

CDR A-3 and C-h are ON? 

CMP Yes . 

03 15 57 05 CDR Going ON. 

CMP B-3 and B-h . 

CDR B-3? 

Tape lT-03lt02 
Page 2 

CMP Yes, and D-h. The ones with the arrows on them. 

IMP Okay. UV COVER is coming OPEN - 

03 15 57 l8 IMP MARK it. 

CDR Okay. I don't have many special things right now, 

CMP That's all right. Okay. 

03 15 5T 20 CDR Bs are OFF. 

CMP Bs are OFF. That's right. They're supposed to he 

It's A-1 and C-2. 

IMP ... want me to stay in HIGH BIT RATE? 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Okay. IR, OPEN - - 

CC ... you ' re there . 

CMP Yes . 

CC You're going to have to do it anyway, so since 
you're there already, stay there. 


03 15 57 ^1 IMP Okay. We're there. We've got tape motion. 

03 15 57 50 CDR Gordy, the dead hand - or the A/C - B/D, A/C ROLL' 

been changed, and you should have the proper jet 
configuration now. 

CC Okay. 
CDR Okay . 

CDR Okay. After AOS, OMNI Delta. 

03 15 58 k9 CMP IR and the UV. Might as well open up the tvlAPPING 


03 15 59 00 IMP Okay , . . . MAPPING CAMERA/LASER ALTIMETER . . . 

Tape IT-O3U02 
Page 3 -. 

CC Okay, Jack. 

CMP Okay. Would you EXTEND the MAPPING CAMERA., and 
give them a mark so ve can time it? 


CMP Yes. Give them a mark, too. 

mP Okay. We're going to EXTEND the MAPPING CAMERA. 

CMP Yes, I'll catdi this. Yes. 

03 15 59 39 IMP ... Barber pole. 

CMP Yes, I don't know. Supposed to "be - they say k min- 

utes, hut - I've got one going here. Thirty seconds. 

CMP I guess all those switches and things are done, 

circuit "breakers and things like that. SIM hay 

CDR How do I know when it's out? When that thing goes 


CMP When it goes to gray. 
CDR Did we lose 

CMP I'll get all of the photos of the thing. ... Let's 

see now. Window 3 and k. Yes, 3 and U. And if - 
if you'll handle the mapping camera and all that 
stuff now, which is - - 

CDR Yes, I'll give you the marks on all that stuff. 

CMP Yes, that'd be - Jack, Gene, could you Ji:ist kind 


CDR Hey, you got OMNI Delta? 

03 16 01 27 CMP Gray? Gee, that was a minute and 30 seconds. 

CDR No, it was longer than that, I bet. 

CMP No, it wasn't. Minute and seconds. 

CDR I bet it was 2 something. 

Tape 17-03lt02 
Page U 

CMP No, it wasn't. I started the clock, and it - 

Either that or ncr - doesn't work- And I got a 
minute and ^+5 seconds. 

CDR Yes. It was longer than a min - I'll bet it more 

than - Well, I don't know. 

CMP It's still pretty good. Okay. 

CDR Okay. OMNI Delta, and go minus 5 and 15 for AOS. 

03 l6 02 02 CMP Oh, yes. MANUAL and WIDE. 2 Minus 5, 15- 

CDR And Delta. Right? 

03 l6 02 13 CMP Yes, OMNI Delta. 



CMP Sunrise? Okay. Don't see anything yet. (Laughter) 

CDR Okay. Okay; let's see, we want to get the - let's 


CMP What time are we supposed to start here - 51> that's 

8 minutes - - 

CDR Are these all separate switches? 

CMP Yes . 


CMP Yes . 


switch ON, will you, Ron? 

CMP Okay. 


03 l6 03 13 CMP It's STANDBY. 


03 l6 03 15 CMP It's STEREO. 

Tape lT-03i^02 
Page 5 


03 16 03 17 CMP It's POWER new. 

CDR V/H . 

CMP You -want it now? 

CDR Yes . 

03 16 03 20 CMP Okay. POWER. 


03 16 03 2k CMP Okay. HIGH ALTITUDE. 

CDR Okay, now. LASER ALT - You want the LASER ALTIMETER, 

ON, too, huh? 

CMP Yes, "but that's pretty much on a time thing yet. 

CDR Okay. Walt a couple of minutes for that. Here's 

what we're going to do. Jack. We've got a couple 

of minutes. We want to put the LASER ALTIMETER, 
ON , and about - - 

LMP Did you want to start the PAN? 

CDR Not yet. 

CMP No , we aren ' t ... - - 

CDR No, I've got to start the - start that 

CMP Go ahead. 

CDR This thing's got STANDBY, STEREO, POWER, and 

IMP Got it. 


LMP Got it. 

03 16 03 51 CDR Okay. Then the next things we're going to do - 

Don't do them yet - are LASER ALTIMETER, ON; then 
CAMERA - I'll give you a T-start on it. And then 

Tape lT-03iU32 
Page 6 

LMP Okay. 

CDR What's BP plus four steps? 

CMP That's barber pole plus four steps. 

CDR Oh , yes . Yes . Okay . And then - - 

CMP I do. 

CDR - - That's right. I'll give you all those calls, 

and they all come one right after the other starting 
atout U8, and it's kk now. 

LMP Okay. Four minutes. Gene? 

CDR And then, Ron? 

CMP Yes, okay. 

CMP And then, Ron, yours is Gelley - Gell-oe , - - 

CMP Galois . 

CDR Gal-ois. And you want command module 3, you want 
the 80-millimeter lens - intervalometer - - 

03 l6 Ol+ 33 CMP Oh, there ... 

CDR at 20. 

CMP Look at thatl Look at that! 

LMP Look at that! Isn't that pretty? 

CMP See it. Gene? 

CDR No. 

CMP It's hack here. 

CDR What are you looking at? 

CMP It's the sunrise, terminator. 

CDR Couldn't see it. I can't see it. 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 7 

CMP See it . . . back over there. 

CDR Can't do it. It's gone. 

CMP It is? 

CDR Gone . 

CMP Terminator's gone? 

CDR I can't even see the Moon. 

CMP Well, why don't you come over here and look? 

CDR Yes , ... - - 

CMP Try to see it. Here, put your - - 

CDR okay. Oh! (Laughter) Shoot. 

CMP That's what we saw coming in, while ago. 

CDR Been snowing. 

SC (Cough) 

03 16 05 19 CDR Okay. We're rounded out a little hit more now - - 

CMP Can you swing out and get - get a shot of Korolev 

while I go to the next one? 

CDR Manischweitz! That's Korolev. That's that hig 

ridge. Jack - - 

LMP That's what it is, yes. 

CDR _ _ that we saw coming in, only we're so much 

closer now. We're rounding off - - 

IMP We came in from a lot higher - Korolev and on up 

and around. 

CDR Well, that's that - that's that ridge of a - Look 

at that thing. No wonder it looked like a central 
lunar central feature. Jack. 

Tape 17-03it02 
Page 8 

IMP Yes, it is. It's - it's part of a ring, but it - 

there's only one part of it that really sticks out. 

CDR Yes. It's snowing out there. 

CMP It is? 

CDR Yes, how else did it get white? 

MP . . . get started here . 

03 16 05 53 CDR Okay. Let's see. We got another minute or so. 

Ron, yours is f/2.8 at 1/250, infinity. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Fifty-eight freimes? 

CMP Yes, pretty long set. 

LMP He's going to "be clicking for years. 

CDR Hey, I'll give you your changes. I'll try and give 

you yoTir changes on this - Boy, I tell you - this 
is nothing hut paperwork. 

CMP Yes, this rev is going to "be a good one, 

CDR Okay, Jack. You can put the LASER ALTIMETER, ON. 

LMP Say when. Now? 

CDR Kow. Yes. 

03 16 06 25 IMP Okay. LASER ALTIMETER, ON. 


03 16 06 30 IMP ON. 

CDR Okay. Now hold off. It says at ikk, I want the - 

I want the MAPPING CAMERA out, but I don't know 
where the heck - ihh, Ron, that's about - Let's 
see, Korolev is right on - - 

CMP No, that's right. Just time - - 


ml^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 9 

CDR I'll do it on time. 

CMP Do it on time. Do it on time. Do it on time. 

Goes in there somewhere. 

03 16 06 50 CDR Another 2 minutes for the MAPPIHG CAMERA. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR You want to start the center window, Ron? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Okay . 

CMP If I can find out which - - 

CDR (Cough) 

CMP - - one clicks. 

CDR Vihich what? 

CMP Okay. Let's see. That's got to he - - 

03 16 07 02 CDR I'll cue you on time. Oh, that's Korolev with that 

big central - that ridge. It's really a - I don't 
think you can quite see Korolev yet. 

CMP Can you? 

CDR Oh, yes, I think so. That's the same one I was 

seeing coning in, I'm pretty sure. 

CMP That's Korolev with the hig ridge going down through 

there . 

CDR Yes . Yes . 

CMP Okay. Galois is supposed to have a central peak in 

the thing. Korolev is ri^t on the terminator now. 

CDR Okay, Jack. You can put the MAPPING CAMERA, ON. 

IMP ... No, I think your Korolev - No, I think it's - 

it's - I don't think you can see it quite yet. 

Tape 17-0 3UO 2 ^B^MRIBSMBIifel^ 

Page 10 

03 16 07 39 CMP MAPPING CAMERA, ON. 

CDR Yes, let's Just verify all these. 

CMP Yes , sir. 


03 16 07 h3 CMP Yes. 


03 16 07 1+7 CMP Yes. LASER - - 


03 16 07 k9 CMP Yes, 


03 16 07 51 CMP Yes. 


03 16 07 5h CMP Okay, it's ON new. 

CDR Okay. And that's at - that's at 1+7.50. Okay. 

And PAN CAMERA, on 1 in 1 minute - no, ahout 
2-1/2 minutes. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Gosh dam. Son of a gun. Pardon wy French. 
CDR Actually, I'm looking south now, aren't I? 

CMP Yes . 

CMP . . . next one here . 

CDR Yes, okay. South. I've got it. Mare B, or 


CMP Yes. Okay. That's Crookes right down there at the 


Tape I7-O3I+O2 
Page 11 

CDR What do I have written in the margin that's for 

this time here? 

IMP Korolev and Apollo, and then the highlands. 

CDR Okay , 

03 16 09 21 CDR Okay. We've got about a minute to go for the PAN 


CJiP Okay. 

CDR Ahout a minute to go. 

CMP Standing by. 

CDR And then after that , you want to INCREASE the 

IMAGE MOTION, barber pole plus four steps, and 
then ON. 

CMP Okay. Will do. IMAGE MOTION, ON, you mean? 

CDR No, you've already got the IMAGE MOTION, ON. 

CMP Okay, but the camera. 

03 16 09 U2 CDR I'll give you a PAN CAMERA start here. I don't 

know - - 

CMP Okay. What was that last ON on? 

CDR And then after that, it'll be the IMAGE MOTION, 

INCREASE, barber pole plus four steps/ON. 

CMP Okay. Okay. I got it. ... spring loaded. ... 

No, Korolev is way on up there yet. 

CDR Yes , I think so. 

CMP Yes, okay. ... That's Galois then, right down 

here. Three little craters right - 

CDR Watch your clock, Ron. Okay, Jack; 10 seconds for 


LMP Okay. 

Tape I7-O3U02 
Page 12 


03 16 10 33 LMP OPERATE. 

CDR Okay. IMAGE MOTION, INCREASE, barter pole - - 

LMP Okay. 

CDR - - plus four steps , and then ON . 

03 16 10 1+7 IMP Okay. Barber pole. 1, 2, 3, k. 

CDR Okay, Ron. You're still in f/2.8. Right? 

CMP f/2.8. Yes, and I'm 

CDR Okay. I'll try and give you a mark on time when 
you should be hitting - coming up on Doppler. 

CMP Yes, we all got a window now. Figure out where 

I am. Let's see, I don't know which one - which 
is easier. 

03 16 11 22 CDR This is Doppler right here in front of you. 

CMP Doppler , right there , huh? Right here in front of 

me . 

CDR Yes, I'm looking right at it. That's Doppler. 

Yes, sir. Before you - you understand f/2.8 - 
when you come up on it, you want to go to f/h. 
That should be about another minutes and a half. 
Yes , this is Dopp - you looking at the same thing 
I am? 

CMP ... That's Doppler right there? 

CDR Yes, it's at the - the - the two craters on the 

right-hand side over there. 

CMP Yes . Okay . 

03 16 11 55 CDR Okay, just before you get to it, there's a little 

crater. See this little crater at the left of it 
here at - as you look at it, at 7 o'clock? 



Tape 17-03^02 
Page 13 

CDR Well, that's the crater he's got marked to come 

up on f-point - f/U. 

CMP f/U. Okay. 

IMP What am I 

CDR Pardon? 

IMP Can you give me a fix on what's south? 

CDR What is south? Okay. Maybe it's on this. Here, 

I'll use this. Not a heck of a lot. Jack. Looking 
up to the left, you ought to have - - 

LMP No, I just need a - - 

CDR - - Sniadeck; and Mohorovicic - vici - Mohoro-vicic. 

They ought to he coming up, Ra - De Vries - 
McKellar, De Vries, and Racah. 

03 l6 12 37 CDR Okay, Ron. You ought to be about f/U, I'd say. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR And the time looks good. 

CMP Time looks good. Okay. 

CDR And about a couple of minutes - Is that thing 

clicking for you? 

CMP Yes , okay . Yes . 

CDR Look at that rille running right up towards Crookes , 

I guess, huh? 

CMP Yes, it's going right up towards Crookes. 

CDR Yes. Crookes has got that little breached side. 

See it right over here? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Look at the steepness of the sides of that crater! 

P*rom here , they - on the far side , the shadowed 
side, they look like 60 or 70 degrees. 

Tape 17-031*02 
Page II4 

CMP Oh, that son of a gun. 

CDR Jiast yell when you need to get over here, Ron. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Okay. It still calls for you to be at this window, 

Ron. Jack, at about 90 - at about 58, we want to 
put V/H to LOW. 

LMP 58. 

CDR Yes . 

03 16 13 3h LMP Okay, 5 minutes. 

CMP What? Do we change at Crook es? 

CDR Keep going until you peiss Crookes . 

CMP Past Crookes and then 56O. 

CDR Yes, you're looking at Crookes, aren't you? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR The one with the breached crater on this side? 

CMP Yes. It's got a breached crater on the side of 


CDR Yes . 

CMP Looks like somebody's walked up to it. An alii gate 

CDR Yes. Right over all those other craters? 

CMP Yes, walked right over all those other craters, 

and - - 

LMP Bqy, I'll tell you, they - some slopes on that 

thing really look steep. 

03 16 lU 01 CDR Jack, on your side, you ought to have McKellar 

coming up there in the foreground a ways. It's - 
it's pretty subtle on that side, isn't it? 


Page 15 

IMP Yes, but I tell you, there's fill in these craters. 

They're so smooth, I can't helieve it. 

CDR It realiy is smooth. 

IMP And then there's some that - slight wavy and rough, 

too. Got some of these (cough) have the - - 

CDR Okay, Ron 

IMP - - whorls - - 

CDR at about - What time is it? 

IMP - - over here, window 5» that - - 

CMP Oh, it's 5lt. 

IMP - - . . . indications of craters - - 

03 16 ik k3 CDR Okay, Just as you go past Crookes , you can go 

to 5-6. 

IMP _ _ no indications of relief. And they cross - - 

CMP Okay. 

IMP crater borders, although generally the ones I - 

well, not - generally they're in the plains 

CMP Excus e me . I . . . here . 

IMP - - material. Smooth plains. 

CDR Looks like there 've been a lot of one-legged 

chickens running around, all in the same direction. 

IMP Locally, seme of the depressions are extremely 

smooth - - 

03 16 15 11 CDR Ron, you waat to hold 5-5.6 now 

IMP - - light plains material. 

CMP Yes . 

CDR - - and you want to go to number h, window number h. 

Tape 1T-03J+02 
Pa^e 16 

CMP Window number 

GDR Yes . 

IMF Okay, here's one that looks like that himimocky 

material that's spilled over into another crater - - 

CDR Window number 1;, and you want to be on 5.6 but - 

until you get past Icarus. 

CMP Icarus? I don't know which one Icarus is. 

CDR Well, how about that big one out there, in - with 

the - Is that a - a very symmetrical pyramid 
mountain out there? Isn't that Icarus? Huh? 

IMP I would guess that that is Icarus. 

CDR I woiild gues s . 

LMP That is Icarus. 

CDR I don't know whether you can see it out your window 

or not. You see that very pyramidlike central peak? 
Over here , Ron . 

CMP I got one. I've got everything - - 

CDR This way. Look at that. That's Icarus because 

here's - - 

CMP Darn it. Everything went hopping back the other 

way. (Laughter) 

CDR Oh, you want to stay - are you - - 

CMP I'm still at window 

03 16 16 33 CDR Okay. And f/8 is about - you want to stay - stay 

at 5.6. Right? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Okay. Stay at 5.6, and you should be in window h. 

Tape 17-03^102 
Page 17 

IMP Okay. Here's one of those cone-shaped craters 

with what looks very much like fill in the "bottom. 
Doesn't look like slump at all. It Just looks 
like the thing's filled up from the bottom up to 
oh, about a sixth of its depth. Little - few low 
hummocks but generally very smooth material on the 

03 16 17 l6 CDR Ron, I'd say that's Daedalus over there. 

IMP Could be debris flow off the 

CMP Is it? Daedalus? 

CDR Yes. Right out here? That's Daedalus. Okay. You 

caji - let's see - you can start thinking about, in 
the next minute, going to f/8. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Yes, that's Daedalus over there. 

CMP That's Daedalus we're coming up on? 

CDR Right out over there - that big one with the very - 

Looks like it's draped over with - - 

LMP Hey, you ready for me on LOW ALT - LOW ALTITUDE 

at - - 

CDR Yes , any time . 

IMP Okay. 

03 16 17 52 IMP MARK it. LOW ALTITUDE. What's my next one. Gene? 

You got anything? 

CDR Okay. Let me turn the page. Okay. Noth - nothing 
for about 10 or 12 minutes. We'll stop the PAN 
IMP Okay, What's 

CDR Don't let me forget that. 

IMP - - What large crater is due south of us , Gene? 

Do you have that on yovir map? 

Tape 17-0 3U02 
Page 18 

CDR Well, how ahout De Vries? Will you buy that? 

IMP Very large "basin, yes. 

CDR Or Racah? 

LMP Yes, well 

CDR Or Ingenii - Ingen - - 

IMP Out on the horizon? 

CMP Way out on the horizon is Ingenii. 

CDR Well, let's see - I don't have that on here. 

It's hlocked out, I guess, hy overprint. Ron, 
you can go to f/8 - - 

03 16 18 U3 CMP f/8. Okay. 

CDR And then come hack to the center window. 

LMP Yes, that's Daedalus right there, Ron. I know 

that. The one I'm looking at here. 

CDR Can't tell which one's - - 

LMP That's - that's Daedalus over here. See - - 

CDR But you know, when we look out different windows, 

it's hard to tell whether - - 

CMP Yes, it's hard to tell. Ri^t. 

CDR you're seeing the same thing. Okay. Well, 

we went right hy Icarus and Daedalus, and the 
next big thing - - 

LMP Here's Gagarin, I think. No. 

CDR - - that I've got coming up, we go - We're dai*n 

near Heaviside and Keeler. 

CMP Heaviside and Keeler up there. I caji see those, 


CDR Can you see those coming? Okay. Well they're - 

^■^■■■■■■^■1^1 Tape 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 19 

CMP Yes, ve're already past them. 

CDR And Jack should have Aitken on his side, darn near 

helow us, though. 

CMP Well, there's a good scarp, soft scarp that's 

south of Keeler - Heaviside, I meEin. 

CDR Okay, now. See, I'm looking the wrong way to see 

Heaviside and Keeler. Where are you looking? 

CMP It's ri^t over that way. See those hig things 

other there? 

03 16 19 57 LMP Okay, this is Aitken. Got Aitken. 

CMP You got Aitken? 

LMP Tallyho on Aitken. 

CMP Okay . 

LMP And it's got those crazy little douhle-rimmed 

craters with the dam - domicEil floors in it. 

CDR Oh, Eon. Heaviside 's ccanlng up right over here. 

CMP Gosh, Heaviside 

IJyiP It's got 

CMP ... What the heck is that way? 

MP - - massive rings - - 

CDR That's - that's Heaviside, right there 

LMP - - massive bench would he a hetter term - - 

CDR to the left. See it? 

LMP - - on the crater - - 

CMP ... that's Gagarin. 

LMP - - near the south rim - - 

Tape 17-03^^2 
Page 20 



03 l6 20 hS CDR 




- - ... be coining up pretty soon. 

That'll be Gagarin right underneath us. 

Well, I don't even have it on this thing. It's 
not even listed on your chart. Let's see, at 
91 hours - Where did the Flight Plan go? 

I got it. 

Okay; f/8's still good? 
Do you need it? 

Well, I just want to see what - well, here. 
f/8's still good? 

Yes , f /8 is still good. 

Okay. Aitken has some of the swirl structure in 
it. It looks like it had - wait a minute - Yes, 
this is Aitken. It - Again, there is just no 
clear evidence of relief. Now, in the floor, 
there's a central peak but there's also looks like 
a hint of - - 

These two craters right here - - 

- - an inner rim. 

are Heaviside and Keeler. These two big, big 

basins, back to back. 

Oh, okay. 

. - . ring and - - 

Those two things up there are Heaviside and - - 

Yes , sir. 

- - Some of the linear trends of that - - 

Right here. See this little - - 

Tape 17-03^*02 
Page 21 

IMP - - svirl coloration - - 

CMP ... to the north of that. 

CDR ... north of these 

LMP - - associated with - - 

CMP Yes. ... these other two things that I Just took 

a pictiire of. That must have been Ic - no, it was 
back this way. 

CDR Well, Icarus 

CMP That was Daedalus. 

CDR and Daedalus - Yes, that was - Yes, I could 

see it before you could. 

CMP Okay. 

03 16 21 k3 CDR So I might be a little bit ahead of you, because 

I can see these things before you could, but you're 
coming up on - on Heaviside and - and Keeler now. 

CMP Keeler. Right here. 

03 l6 21 53 LMP Here's a good example of a crater hitting the wall, 

gviys, where the material apparently slumped down 
into it, and it's now a - has a linear bottom 
rather than a cone bottom. You get the impression 
that this part back here has been powdered almost 
everywhere except - - 

CDR Yes . 

LMP the new, fresh, white craters. You know, 

every crater has somewhat a different kind of 
textured floor, A lot - There are lot of different 
textures. Here's one where it's sort of a wiggly 
hummock texture that h£is a - a depression around 
the edge of it - arovmd the edge of the floor next 
to the wall. Then the one right down there is - 
is so extremely smooth, there's no textxire to it 
at all. 


Well, except for all those that are obviously new 
which get - Seme of them get quite big. 

Tape IT-O3I+O2 
Page 22 

CMP I'm still 

CUR They all look like they're powdered over. 

CMP - - f/8, huh? 

CDR Yes, still f/8. You know. Jack, looking at that 

one, you get a - you're looking at a whole dif- 
ferent world than I am, ... so - - 

03 16 22 56 IMP Oh, okay. There's Gagarin. 

CDR - - you got Gagarin now. We're coming right over 

the top of Heaviside - - 

IM* No, wait a minute. That's not ... - - 

CDR - - Heaviside and Keeler - - 

IMP - - ... over . . . 

CDR - - Right now - right now, we're right over the 

top of Heaviside, ri^t smack over the top. And 
ri^t here - - 

CMP I don't see it. 

CDR - - with the central peak and with the crater - - 

CMP What's 

CDR - - on the eastern - - 

CMP - - What's north of Heaviside? 

CDR What's what? 

CMP North of Heaviside. 

CDR North? 

CMP It should be Just - - 

CDR Stratton and Devar up here. 

CMP Stratton and Dewar? 

CDR That's what you're looking at right there. 

Tape 17-0 3U02 
Page 23 


03 16 23 22 LMP 





03 16 2k 17 CDR 

Yes, that's what I'm looking at. 

That crater in Keeler there is the one that 
Jim Lcvell used as the landmark track, dcwn on 
the north rim. 

Okay, Ron. You're looking at Stratton and Dewar, 
and we're right over Heaviside. We're coming to - 
right over Keeler, ri^t over that eastern crater 
in Keeler, and then rigtit over the central peak. 
And what time is it? 

03? Okay. About another minute or so, we'll 
try and get you to f/11 if I can find out 

Get to f/11 when I pass Kee 

Pass Keeler. 

pass Keeler, we'll go to f - f/11. Okay. 

Now, that's kind of messed up because, heck, it 
took me a half a pass to figure out which way 
we're going. 

Well, that's right and you're looking - - 
And - - 

you're looking in one direction, and I'm 

looking - - 

- - at everything in another. 

So what I see coming, you see - not here yet. 


In the - in the central peak in Keeler, you can 
see seme ridges right across the top of the moim- 
tainous ridge that are running in a - lineations 
running in a east-west trend. See that. Jack? 

Yes. They look a little darker. 

Tape 17-031*02 
Peige 2h 

CDR Yes, they got 

LMP ... variety would be an overhang there. 

CDR light and dark and then a shallow - - 

IiMP It locks like the western side of that - of that 

central peak Just cracks right off. 

CDR Okay, Ron. You're looking up - let's see, Keeler - 

you're looking - I'm looking up ahead towards - I 
don't know whether that's Champlin or not. Is it? 

CMP Chaplygin. Chaplygin. 

CDR Chaplygin. No, I'm not 

CMP It's got to he somewhere. 

CDR Yes, but I'm not looking - Oh, it's up there. I 

see it. It's down there farther. 

03 16 25 07 IMP There's a population of elongate craters - looks 

something like the highland version of your 
SEA [?]. Every once in a while, you see those kind 
of craters . 

CMP Yes . 

IMP You know that 

CMP What does - what does Chaplygin look like? 
IMP Chaplygin 

CMP Is that one down inside of it? 

CDR Yes, there's a couple down on the south side, and 

there's a central peak, and there's saae - some 
linear breaching on the north side, Ron. And then, 
don't forget the star Chaplygin. You know. Jack, 
that - - 


I can't see than. 

Tape 17-03l^02 
Page 25 

CDR - - those lineations in the central peak of Keeler 

look like what they might have heen looking for at 
Copernicus . 

LMP Yes . 

03 16 25 1*3 CDH Oh, there's the star Chaplygin, Ron. See it? 

Out here? 

CMP I - I don't see it yet, hut - - 

CDR Yes. Oh, it's beautifull Right on the - right on 

the - on the northern - Ron, let me get ity • ~ - 

CMP Oh, yes. 

CDR See it? 

CMP Okay, I see it coming up there. 

CDR Oh, man, heautiful. 

CMP That's Chaplygin? 

CDR Yes, that's Chaplygin. 

CMP Oh, okay. The star Chaplygin, okay, is on the 
no3rth - - 

CDR Yes, it's on the north of whatever it is. 

CMP - - Yes, northeast comer. Whatever. 

CDR We're on the back side looking the other way on 

that - - 

CMP Oh, shoot. I don't see the ... yet. 

03 16 26 16 CDR Man, the star looks - is just a very dense white 

halo within about a - looks like a half a crater 
diameter. And inside, you can see very dark masses 
streaked by very light masses in a - in a radial 
downward direction. 

CMP Yes . 

Tape I7-O3U02 
Page 26 

CDR It looks like the majority of that - of that eject a 

may have gotten diluted as it rolled down the 
slopes of Oiaplygin. I didn't give you f/ll yet, 
did I? You can go there if you're not. 

CMP No. ¥e aren't missing anything ... - - 

CDR Are you f/ll? 

CMP SIM hay, are we? 

CDR PAN CAMERA, STOP. Yes, wait - Oh, wait a minute. 

Let me get the time here. We're not there yet. 

CMP About what time? When does it stop? 

CDR At 10:57. 

CMP 10 - Oh, 07:17? 

CDR Yes, 10:57. 

MP Should he seeing Gagarin here off to the - south 

pretty soon. 

CMP Yes, there's Gagarin. And - 

CDR Well, you can see to the south. See, I can't. I 

can't see to the south. 

03 16 27 38 IMP Okay. I can't see Gagarin, no. What's this. Chap - 

Chaplygin here - with the 

CMP Star Chaplygin. 

LMP - - looking out - - 

CDR Yes, right here. We're coming right over here with 

the small central peak and star on the north - upper 
right-hand comer. Look at the in - innards of 
that crater. Jack, of the star. 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Sort of 

LMP I can't - I can't 

W^ftUKKKtMIM^^ '^^^^ 17-03^02 

" ' -^^^^^^^^ Page 27 

CDR - - ... center ray. 

IMP - - see it yet. 

CDR Huh? 
03 16 28 05 IMP I Just lost it. 

CDR Did you? 

LMP I didn't get a real good view of it. 
CDR The inside 

CMP Here, you can see it rig^it out through here. 

CDR - - looks like it's very dark - - 

CMP See it . . . 

CDR - - ... at the hottcm, dominated by - by white up 

until about the upper 10 percent. And then on the 
interior of that upper 10 percent is black again. 
And as you eone out cfver the top, the eject a is 
all very light colored. 

IMP Okay. We're right over Chaplygin. 

CDR Okay. At - what did I say - 10:57^ you got 2 more 

minutes. Jack, on the PAN CAMERA. 

LMP Okay. 

CMP Don't I stop there at the lovelet? Doesn't look 

like the lovelet to me. 

CDR Star Chaplygin - I don't know what you're talking 

about. What lovelet? 

CMP The next thing up there, there's a - there's a 

stop at - - 

CDR Oh, right here? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR It locks like a kidney? 

Tape 17-03lf02 
Page 28 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Well, let me see if I can see it. Yes, that's 

where you stop - Oh, there it is. 

CMP I don't see it yet, but 

CDR Well, I do. It doesn't look like what you're 

thiiiking of. Looks like - - 

CMP Doesn't look like a lovelet to me, does it? 

CDR What's a lovelet? 

03 16 29 10 CMP Well, I thought it had some stuff on the crater 

floors, but I sure don't see it. Oh, there it is! 
Yes, I got it right here. 

CDR Yes, okay. 

CMP See it? 

CDR There's some very old subtle depressions that were 

craters that have got txirtleback fill - - 

CMP Yes, tiartleback fills on it. 

CDR - - which is very much; texturewise, except for 

the cracking, like the rest of the htimmocky area. 
Okay. You got the lovelet? 

CMP Yes. 

CDR Man, my neck is going to break. 

CMP Mine, too. That's (laughter) 

CDR I think that's where you stop, isn't it? 

CMP That's where I stop, I think, isn't it? 

03 16 29 1+5 CDR Jack, you got another minute on the PAN CAMERA.. 

LMP Okay. I got a clock going there. Yes. Yes, there 

seem to be - at least two crater-filling episodes, 
one of a very smooth material that seems to be 
older and more cratered. And then there's this 

Tape IT-O3U02 
Page 29 

turtleback and varieties of that that you see in 
isolated craters aroiind the - along the track. 

CDR Jack , you want to get ready on that PAN CAMERA.? 

Ron, are you done? 

CMP Yes , I . . . - - 

CDR You want to record the frame number. 

CMP Okay - - 


CDR Stand Toy. I'll give you a mark. 

IMP Yes , to what? To - - 

CDR You - you'll want it to standhy. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Thirty seconds. 

IMP All right. 

CDR Let's see, what am I - What's this huge "basin I'm 
looking at right here to the north? 

CMP That should he Becvar. 

CDR That's this basin here- What the heck is that? 

IMP That it, Gene? 

CDR Mendeleev, isn't it? 

LMP Gene? 

CDR Stand by - 

03 16 30 58 CDR MARK it. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Right on time. Okay. V/H to HIGH ALTITUDE. 

03 16 31 05 LMP Okay. It's going to HIGH. 

Tape 17-031*02 
Page 30 

CDE Next thing, in 5 minutes is the laser altimeter, 

IMP What are ve going to do with it? 

CDR We're going to turn it off, and then we're going 

to - turn - retrack. the mapping camera and close 
some covers . 

IMP Okay. 

CDR That was the PAN CAMERA, you went to STANDBY on? 

IMP Yes, sir. 

CDR Okay. What is this? Mendeleev, isn't it? 

IMP I helieve ... - You should recognize it by having 

that long linear - - 

CDR Yes, tut I can't see it now. 

IMP - - crater chain. 

CDR Oh, there it ccmes across. Yes, I'll - - 

IMP Yes. That's it. 

CDR he ahle to see it when I get - - 

IMP Yes . 

CDR in line with it. That's it. It's got the - 

sort of an off-center, traveling central peak. 

CDR Yes, that crater chain - what - goes almost north 

and south. 

IMP Yes , very linear. 

CDR And, boy, is that - - 

IMP Extremely linear. 

CDR - - is that pronounced. 

CDR I wonder if the Rover would get up those walls? 

I doubt it. There's some breaches, though, in 
those walls that the Rover could get through. 

Tape 17-03^02 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 31 

IMP Yes, 

CDR But I '11 bet they look much bigger when you get 

down there. 

LMP They're not nearly as smooth a floor as Korolev 

seaned to have in detail. Seems to have not only 
more craters b\it more hummocks . 

03 l6 32 36 CDR We're right here, Ron. 

CMP Yes, I know. Right here. 

CDR ... through there. 

CMP Okay. The next thing is 

LMP I got a clock going on that altimeter. 


LMP And there was a possibility of an east-west 

ridge - - 

CMP Where is Mendeleev? 

MP Mendeleev - - 

CDR Right here, Ron. 

CMP I don't see it. 

CDR Right here. 

CMP Not at this Sun angle. I don't see it yet. Okay. 

CDR Right here. It's this way. 

CMP There? 

CDR Yes. This way. 

03 16 33 10 CMP We're supposed to have those big - Oh, there it 

goes. Yes, out over here. Yes. Okay. There 
it goes. Boy, I tell you, it sure helps to have - 

Tape 17-03i»02 
Page 32 

CDR And the next two craters we're coming over are 

Hartmann and Green. Green has got that nice 
symmetrical central peak with the sloped sides, 
and Hartmann has got a sort of hummocky turtle- 
back. You don't see the cracks - - 

CMP Yes . 

CDR - - hut you see the blisters in its - - 

CMP That's Hartmann, okay. 

CDR - - that's Hartmann, and you see the blisters in 

it's floor, and you really don't see the sloping 

03 16 33 38 CMP Yes, what's that one that has the slumping down 

there south of - of Green? 

CDR Green? South? Right here? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Look - looks like the bottom has been boiled up? 

CMP Yes, looks like 

CDR Like the whole side - freshly slvimped - - 

CMP Yes . 

CDR - - and the bottom is boiling molasses or scmethlng? 

CMP Right. 

CDR That's nothing. I can't - I don't have it on 
thi s chart . 

CMP That's ... up there, huh? 

CDR But it's right under the number 13 where it says 

rev 13. 

CMP Yes . 

03 16 3^ OI+ CDR This is where you get your back sore, 

CMP Yes, yes, it is! 

Tape 17-03^402 
Page 33 

MP Man, you're right (laughter). 

CMP It's like - like Anders said, this is a heck of 

a - - 

MP Okay, this - I 

CMP - - proposition, "by the vay. 

LMP - - don't know which one it is, but one of those 

to the right - Oh, we're Just alDOut over it right 
not - maybe just a little north of our track - is 
generally bright walled, although the southwest 
wall not only has an arcuate slump cut apparently, 
but it's darker, and it's darker not only in the 
inner wall but it's also in the eject a blanket 
out weird. You see that, Ron? 

CMP Yes, it is. It's darker on the ejecta and the 

blanket going back toward - to the east. 

LMP Yes . Yes . Is that east - - 

CMP Yes . 

IMP or west? Is it? 

CMP Well, we're going east. We're - - 

LMP We're going west. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Okay; yes, east. I'm sorry; southeast. 

CDR H^, do you see that one where you see very steep 

fresh walls way out there, almost on the horizon? 
Oh, we're going over a big long - 

CMP Yes , we - - 

03 l6 35 Ol+ CDR What is that? Do you have any idea? Big long 


IMP Yes, we're going over - - 

CDR - - crater chain. Not that one. And in this 

case it is - - 

Tape 17-03IWD2 
Page 3^ 

LMP Look at that. 

CDR - - made up of cone-shaped - - 

LMP I would say it might te - - 

CDR - - craters that are - - 

LMP - - en eschelon with apparent right laterals . 

CDR - - ... I thought at ... you were supposed to go 
to the horizon. 

LMP It's trending north-south - - 

CDR Ron? 

CMP What? 

CDR Thought you were supposed to go to the horizon. 

IMP - - at the northwest-southeast - - 

CMP No, ... doesn't. 

LMP - - and the spoon is consistently to the south. 

CDR Here's King coming up. 

CMP Where? I'd like to take a look at that. 

CDR I got a good view of what's in front of us right 
tsy the LM. Here , you can - you - Take a look at 
King frcan this angle, Ron. Get back here to the 

CMP I can see the - - 

CDR - - Look right along the LM - LM tanks . See it? 

CMP Oh, okay. It's just now coming up. Okay. 

CDR Yes . 

CMP With the Y central peak on it. 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Okay, okay. Okay, I don't 

Tape IT-O3U02 
Page 35 

CDR I'll give you a hack when you ought to be able to 

pick that out. It's got - Yes, it's got a - a 
varied central peak - - 

03 16 36 12 CMP Yes, it's a Y-shaped central peak is the ... - - 

CDR Okay. It is. And the Y is pointing up to the - 

Wh at ? Nor thwes t . 

CMP Okay. There's I6 . That's LASER ALTIMETER, OFF. 


03 16 36 27 LMP Okay. LASER ALTIMETER is OFF and going Just to 



03 16 36 32 IMP Okay. Barber pole. 

CMP Okay. Let me - - 

IMP Couple minutes and we'll look at it. 

CMP Okay, and then IR COVER to CLOSE. 

03 16 36 In MP IR to CLOSE. 


03 16 36 1^9 LMP IR is CLOSED 

CDR The ray 

03 16 36 52 IMP UV is CLOSED. 

CDR The ray's ftom Giordano Bruno - - 

CMP Okay , and I got . . . 

CDR - - that seem to breach King - - 

LMP What else, Ron? 

03 16 37 00 CMP PAN CAMERA to OPERATE at l8:05. It's 17:05 now. 

Coming down. 

Tape 17-03l^02 
Page 36 

CDR I can't really see where the ray emanates from, 

"but it's very obvious to me that there's not only 
an albedo change as you approach King in the direc- 
tion of that ray - or from the direction of that 
ray, which, by the way, is into the opening of the 
Y in the central peak, but that as you hit the rim, 
there is a definite - - 

CMP Okay, There's going to be a ... - - 

CDR wide area of albedo change to a lighter color. 

And in the center - - 

CMP - - I mean I was looking at the . . . - - 

CDR - - of this light color down the slump slopes - - 

CMP Have you retracted yet? 

CDR of King , you have a very - well , not a . . . but 

a deirker - much darker area. 

LMP No. 

CDR What do you want, Ron. 

CMP ... 15 , when the mapping camera retracts . 

LMP Wiat shall I do? Turn it off? 

03 16 37 k2 CMP Ho, no, just leave it there, but I'd just like to 

know when it is . 

CDR And on the ray from Giordano Bruno - - 

CMP How long it takes. 

CDR - - you have sort of a smooth-type surface - - 

CMP . . . before . 

CDR Looks like it's much dustier, if you will, in 

that direction as it approaches King than the - - 

CMP Okay; 5-5 seconds to PAH CAMERA 

CDR - - area outside the ray. 

MHHHMn^^^^^^ Tape 17-0 3U0 2 

^^^^^W^^^^W^* Page 37 



03 16 38 09 IMP MARK. It's operating. 

CMP It started at 09 . That's at ... - - 

CDR And as you look up the horizon from King out that 
ray> yoii ge't a 

CMP It's a minute and U5 right aljout now. 

CDR ... hint of a - this continuous , darker 

CMP . . . set it over ... - - 

CDR surface within the ray geometry. 

LMP Now what? 

CMP Okay. PAPT CAMERA to STANDBY at 27 is the next 
thing for you. 27:1*3. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR It seems to go - - 

LMP Nine minutes . 

CMP Okay. You can enable JETs A-U. 

IMP Okay . 

CDR Oh, man, you got to look at that - at that - 

that - that alhedo change, almost like a flow 
coming down the walls of - What is it? Guyot? 

CMP Guyot . Yes . 

CDR Guyot? Right at us . Do you see it? 

CMP And they're - straight down here, is it? 

CDR Yes, you see Guyot? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR But you see that alhedo change? 

Tape 17-03it02 
Page 38 

CMP Oh, that's - that's - okay. That's Lobachevsky 
on over there. 

CDR No. No. 

CMP Yes , it is . 

CDR Not what I'm looking at. 

CMP The one looking straight ahead there . 

CDR No, I'm looking over here. I'm looking right 
over here. 

LMP Okay. Here's our sandy, light gray rims. 

CDR Okay. What do you want on these - on the - - 

CMP Okay. Enahle k-h, 

03 16 39 29 CDR I can't find A-k, % eyehalls are shot. A-U, 


CMP C-3. 

MP Can I use that camera at all? 

CDE C-3? 

CMP And B-U. 


CMP Yes, you can use it. 

CDR And what? 

CMP And D-3. 

CDR Okay. What do you want disabled? 

CMP Disable jets A-1 and C-2. 

06 06 39 ^5 CDR A-1 and C-2, okay. A/C ROLL is OFF. 

CMP And enable jet C-1. Enable C-1. 

Tape lT-03it02 
Page 39 

CDR C-1. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Okay. You got all your roll jets off except C-1. 

CMP Yes, I know. I know. 

CDR This is a . . . 

CMP Which is a minus roll. Okay. Enable B-2 and D-2. 

CDR Enable B-2? 

CMP Yes, Bravo 2 and Delta 2. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP And that's in case we get off attitude. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Kow, get me a VERB 6 - 62 on 

CDR Are we subsolar yet? 

CMP - - ... to ... pretty clever, 

LMP Did you pick up the rest of this stuff in the 

Flight Plan? 

CMP Yes, we got everything. Yes, substellar - sub- 

solar's about now. 

CDR Okay . 

03 l6 ItO 31 CDR Okay, Ron. Now we're coming over Lobachevsky, 

right now. Right here. 

CMP Yes . 

CDR I - I was looking at Guyot. 

CMP That's mag GO, frame something or other - whenever 

you get through there. 

CDR G\:iyot . 

Tape 17-031*02 
Page kO 

CMP Acquire MSFN in OMNI D. Okay. We'll ... Let me 

knew when you're through taking pictures there. 

IMP Okay. 

CMP What fi-ame? 

03 16 Ul 08 IMP Frame 66. That's a really strange - those are 

very light gray areas that are aroimd the rims 
of craters. Looks like it might be related to 
that swirl. 






Bey, that looks - You know, where you see sane of 
these slumped areas where it looks like there's 
an albedo change over the rim of the crater, so 
many places you see a - what appears to be a small 
but massive - looking black area like right here 
on - on Lobachevsky. 

There's just - Just black fill rolling over the 
slope of the - - 

Did you get that ... of Lobachevsky? 

IMP wall of the crater. Yes, I wouldn't be 

surprised if that's all glass, Geno. 

CDR Might very well be. 

Because craters that have big ray patterns - they 
also generate a lot more glass than usual. These 
higher energy impacts. 

CDR Okay, are we about - - 

Frame 67 was Lobachevsky on mag 00, 

CDR Oh, let's see. AOS is at 2l|. ... What do they 

want? Did we get all this, Ron? 

CMP Yes, I got that. 

CDR Disable A/C - - 

CMP Okay. I got - got 10 degrees out here. Let me 

give us a call. 

03 16 k2 37 CMP 

MAHPING CAMERA, RETRACT. The talkback was gray. 

Tape 17-031^02 
Page 1*1 

CDR Have we got everything done? 

CMP Got everything done as far as - - 

CDR You get all these things here? 

CMP Yes, we did that. 

CDR You get the T-start again? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Okay . 

CMP T-start is 18:07 or so. That's good. 

CDR Okay. Did you get the MAPPING CAMERA, RETRACT, 

and everything? 

CMP Yes , I did. 

CDR Okay. This is all done. OMNI Delta then? 

03 16 U3 09 CMP Okay. We're in OMNI Delta. 

CDR 2'J:k3, we want to stop the pan camera again. 

CDR There's a ... one down there. 

IMP Some of that dark stuff just looks like blocks. 

CMP Yes. Think I can finally - Lock it, this thing's 

upside down (laughter). 

CDR Well, you got to know which way you're going and 

which way you're pointing. That's the big protlem. 

SC (Cough) 

CDR I got the feeling that someone's brought a big 

powder puff and powdered the whole back side , 
because - - 

CMP . . . water. 

Tape 17-0 3U02 
Page U2 


03 16 hh 33 CMP 
03 16 hh 38 IMP 

Here's one - here's one off to the south that has 
has three albedo contrasts . Looks very much like 
what you just descrihed except it has one more - 
one more in there - - 

Okay, Houston. We're with you in OMNI Delta. 
- - that is much darker than the others - 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 



DUMPED nvKw GPS nTTPmr. lunar orbit 1 

Time Segments (AET) 


03 18 10 kg 

' To 

03 18 25 17 

03 18 25 28 

03 18 33 hk 

03 18 33 hS 

03 18 3h 58 

Voice good; time good 


Tke matarUl eonUlnad hcreCn hM l»««n ImiacrlbMI Into • working 
papar in ordtr to UelUUt* review by tataresled MSC •lainaiit*. Thi* 
deeuiMttt, orportlona Uiereot,' may b* dacltaaif led subjMt to the 
MicmUtg gtttdallBaa: 

portloM of thta doeumwit will be cUaatfled CONFIDENTIAL, 
Oroup4, to tha extant DiM they: (l)d«llM qwaailiatlve pertormanc* 
diaraeterlatica of the Apollo Ppacacraft, (Z^datall critical porformanca 
^laraetarUitea o( Apollo craw ayataua and equipment, (3) provide 
taclMdcal detalla of atgRUlcanl launch vablcta matfuncttotia In actual 
fUfhl or reveal actual launch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical dala 
OB flight crew membera which can be conildarcd privileged dala, or 
(•) raveal other data which can be Individually determined to require 
eUaalftcatlon under the authority of the Apollo Program Security Claa- 
•Ifleatlea Guide, 8CC-11. Rev. t, l/l/«6. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
Intervals; declaSBlfied 
after 12 years 

ThU mttortal eonUiiui InformaUon ■fleeting th« natloaal tltfeoM et th« United BtatM 
wttUa (h* UMaliig o( the •■ptcmtt* UwaTTlUt 18, U.& C , Smm. 7U and 794, the 
trantiatMtei or rtvalaUm of which In uiy auuuMr to m luuujthoriMd iwfMn to 
pnblMUd br Uv. 

Tape lT-03l^05 
Page 1 

03 18 10 k9 CDR ... the burn, (yawn) Well, there comes 

the Sun up already? Probably. That'll be on 
our . . . - - 

U^p No. ... That's - Besides, it's out the other way. 

CDR Yes. ... Right on the side of the LM. Look at it. 

LMP Yes. Sun's behind it. 

CMP Okay. The bvirn time is 22.1, bank A open. 

... overburn it 2 seconds. That's a ... 

CMP ... sextant star check. Okay. PkO to 50 18, and 

bring that beauty behind. 

CDR Okay. Check your breakers on panel 8 and your 

SPS breakers. 

CMP DIRECT ULLAGE . ... right here . 


LMP Oh, you've got that. Okay. I can put it in here. 

CMP PILOT VALVES; okay, they're all set. 

CDR ... you can pull a ...» but it feels like it. 


CDR Yes. 

03 18 12 51 LMP . . . like it? 

CDR Yes. No, it's - it's not so bad. It Just feels 

like I pxilled a ... or something. EPS is doing 

LMP . . . clear . ... the handle . 

CDR Yes. Make sure that it's down good. 


Tape lT-03it05 
Page 2 

CDR Okay. You got all your breakers - STAB CONTROL, 

panel 8? (Yawn) SPS, 12 CLOSED? 

03 18 13 20 CMP Okay, STAB CONTROL; they're all CLOSED. ... 

CDR Okay. SPS, 12 CLOSED? 

03 18 13 23 CMP SPS are CLOSED. 


03 18 13 26 CMP Okay, we're RATE COMMAHD. 


03 18 13 31 CMP DEAD BAND, MIN; RATE to LOW. 


03 18 13 35 CMP TVCs in RATE COMMAND, 

CDR CG switch, LM/CSM. 

03 18 13 39 CMP Okay. We're in LM/CSM. 


03 18 13 U5 CMP PITCH and YAW's in AUTO. 

CDR Okay. We'll stand by for about 6 or 7 minutes. 

CMP Okay. Should be in good shape. 

CDR Okay. If overb\irn is greater than 2.2 feet per 

second and less than 10. Well, first of all, if 
it's less than 2.2, ve'll take it out - to 1 foot 
per second. See then we - If it's between 2.2 
and 10, we'll pitch l80 and take it out vith the 
pl\is-X thrusters. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR If it's greater than 10, we'll use the SPS. 

03 18 11+ 18 CMP Okay. 25, NOUN ... and the - - 

CDR What are you doing? 

fliPmilH^^HBB Tape 17-03^0^ 

Page 3 

03 18 lU 26 CMP Plus, ENTER, plus 228 

CDR Oh, NOUN ... 

CMP from l80 is - l80 from that is what? 

CDR 1+8. 

CMP From 228 is - OW.O, right? 

CDR What attitude did you put in there? 

CMP l80 degrees. 

CDR Oh. 

CMP See, that's okay. Then call VERB ... and ... 

around. Could have loaded NOUN 22, I guess. 

CMP What are we supposed to be in to acquire ground? 

CDR See, you were supposed to be in an onml when you 

left it , 30 that has to be high gain, so how about 
OMNI Charlie? 

CMP Okay. ... it in OMNI Charlie. No. Wait a minute. 

This says AOS. 

CDR Yes, but that's where they - We didn't go to OMNI 

Charlie. We stayed in HIGH GAIN. 

CMP Well , but AOS - We ... for the call . . . change that 

CDR Yes. 

CMP I • 11 change it . ... LOS to AOS . 

CDR HIGH GAIN, plus 9 and 338. 

CMP Okay. ... 

CDR ... lock up in the high gain, go to OMNI 


03 18 l6 2k CMP Okay. Plus 9? 



03 18 17 08 CMP 






Plus 9 and 338. 

That'll fee MANUAL WIDE or - 

... Here it is, right here. Okay. VERB kg to 
landmaxk ohservation attitude - or bailout attitude. 
Okay, set HIGH GAIN for plus 9 and plus 338, REACQ 
and NARROW for AOS. 

For AOS. 

Yes. NARROW for AOS. 
REACQ and NARROW, Okay. 

We want to make sure we get things cleaned up 
tonight so we can go to bed on time , because 
tomorrow is one heck of a long day. 

Yes, it sure is. 

We want to get done eating, and get any other Glean- 
ing up we want to do or whatever else we want to 
do and get it out of the way because - - 

I think you guys may want to put your sensors on 
tonight, too. 

- - because sleeping time - Well, I'm going to 
leave mine on - sleeping time, we want to be ready 
to go to bed, either by then or before then ... 
at this point ... - - 

Is that - what's your -, . , . go around in a strange 
attitude . . . ? 

Jack, have you got VHBW on that camera? 
No. You want VHB 

If you had one quick one, I'd stetrt it at - what, 
f/U at 1/250? Right at the terminator? 

Well, stand by 1. 

Tape 17-031+05 
Pa«e 5 

CMP I'm sure. It's - pretty much "black mare - in - 
in - Korolev there. I think that's Korolev. 

LMP How am I doing here? Have I still got time? 

03 18 19 03 CDR You've got 12 minutes. 

LMP No, I mean for Ron. 

CMP Twelve minutes, Jack? 

LMP No. Time for your pictiure. 

CMP Yes . ... 

LMP Okay, VHBW. You want - and the - What - what lens? 

CDR That one won't be any good. 

LMP Huh? 

CDR Get the other. 

LMP . . . Lit it? 

CDR It won ' t be any good to get what you want , though . 

CMP Yes, the 80, if you've got one. Otherwise, ... 

LMP Well, I'll put it on. 

LMP Here you go. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP The slide's pulled. 

CDR You got it set with the slides pulled? 

LMP No. 

CMP Okay. ... 

LMP Just a little beyond the terminator, I think. 

CDR Well, let's see what ... here. ... 

Tape 17-03^*05 
Page 6 

CMP No manual start; no restart. 

CDR No. 

03 18 21 08 C!MP Okay, G&N, do your stuff. 

CMP Four jets, 15 seconds, isn't it? 

LMP Huh? 

CDR Ullage. Ullage is four Jets ... 

CMP Pour Jets, 15 seconds. I think I'm going to have 

to . . . these crazy things to make them work. 

CDR Have you got DSE? 

03 18 22 02 CMP There's a couple of places of floating virine on the 


03 18 22 33 CMP That one right over there. 
LMP What one? ... 

CDR That's Galois, isn't it? That one right dovn 



CDR Korolev is - off to your left a little way. There. 

03 18 22 55 CMP Okay; 8-1/2 minutes. 

03.18 23 26 CDR Okay. Tight limits, ... over at 10 degrees a 

second, ... 10 degrees. That's the attitude devia- 
tion, plus or minus 10. Shutdown is burn time; 
that's the most critical thing. Trim X to within 
1 foot per second. No manual start; no restart. 

CMP Okay. We'll go 5, k, 3, 2, 1, shutdown. Right? 

CDR That ' s the . . . burn time . 

LMP Okay. 

Tape lT-03lf05 
Page 7 

CDR Starting at l8? 

CMP Yes . 

LMP 2 ... right? 

CDR Starting it at l8. 

CMP Right. 5, 3, 2, 1. 

CDR l8, 19, 20, 21, 22. I'm going to start at l8. 

5, 1+, 3, 2, 1; that's l8, 19, 20, 21, 22. Because 
I don't want it to shut it down early; start on 
18 to get your 5- 

LMP Gene, it will he late. 

CMP Late to give you . . . shutdown . Start on 17 : 5 , 

U, 3, 2, 1, shutdown. 

CDR Oh, you're going to yell shutdown, I'm sorry. 

CMP Yes. 

CDR I'm sorry. Okay. You're right. 

LMP I'm going to shut it - shut it down on ... 

CDR Okay. 

LMP ... 


03 l8 25 03 LMP Okay. They're going on. A/C's OK, and it's good; 

B/C's ON, and it's good. 





Tape 17-03it05 
Page 8 

03 18 25 28 CMP ... Check; it's good. 


03 18 25 31 CMP Okay. AC 1 - - 


03 18 25 33 CMP 2, There they are. 

CDR Okay. Let me get my . . . ROT COHTROL POWER, two, 
to AC. 

03 18 25 hi CMP AC. 


03 18 25 1+2 CMP DIRECTS are OFF. 

CDR Okay. BMAGs , 1/2. 

03 18 25 h6 CMP BMAGs are tmcaged. 


03 18 25 50 CMP Going over; says SCS. 

CDR Okay. ROT COHTROL; two are ARMED. 

03 18 25 55 CMP Okay; ARMED. 

CDR PITCH 1 and YAW 1. 

CMP Okay, PITCH 1. 

03 18 25 57 CMP MARK it. 

CDR Got it. 


03 18 26 00 CMP MARK it. 

CDR Got it. 

CDR Verify trim and set. 

03 18 26 OU CMP 

03 18 26 22 CMP 

03 18 26 27 CMP 

03 18 26 29 CMP 

03 18 26 31 CMP 

03 18 26 3U CMP 

03 18 26 36 CMP 

03 18 26 39 CMP 

03 18 26 k2 CDR/CMP 

Okay, 1.9> And right there at a miniis 
Minus 0.6k t Ron. 

Minus 0.6hl Thank you. Minus 0.6k - 

Okay. Verify MTVC. 

MTVC; MTVC. Okay. 




Returns to zero. Clockwise. 

Okay, PITCH 2 - - 


- - and YAW 2. 

MARK it. 

Got it. 

YAW 2. 

MARK it. 

Got it. 

Set GPI trim. 

Okay. 1.9 

1.9 plus. 

And minus 0.6^+. 

Okay; it's ... 

Tape ■■■■■■■HPf 
Page 10 

CDR Verify MTVC. 

03 18 26 k8 CMP Minus, plus, plus, minus ... Okay. Try yours. 

CDR Okay; mine's good. 

CMP Okay. 


03 18 27 00 CMP NEUTRAL; returns to 

CDR Verify 

CMP - - zero. 


03 18 27 03 CMP No MTVC. 

CDR Okay. Verify returns to zero; it did. 

CMP It did. 

CDR ROT CONTROL POWER, two, AC to [sic] DC. 

03 18 27 09 CMP AC /DC. 


03 18 27 12 CMP DIRECTS are MAIN A and MAIN B. 

CDR Okay. BMAGs, RATE 2. 

03 18 27 16 CMP BMAGs are caged. 


CDR Okay. That's ... 

CMP Okay. It looks like we're there. 

LMP Looks like it liked you, didn't it? 

CMP Yes. Try it one more time and see if you ... 

CDR Yes . 

Tape I7-O3U05 
Page 11 

CMP Okay. ... for ... control. 

CDR Okay. You've got a half? 

03 18 27 1+0 CMP MAGs, 1/2. 

CDR Okay. Ready for a gimbal drive? 

CMP Okay. 
03 18 27 U8 CDR Okay. PRO. 

03 18 27 U9 CMP Plus, 2, miniis 2, 0, plus 2, minus 2, 0. Ta - 


03 18 28 06 CMP There's the trim. 

CDR Saw it all over here. Plus 1.9 and minus 0.6. 

03 18 28 12 CMP Okay; 3 minutes to go. 

CDR Okay. SCALE 5/1? 

03 18 28 16 CMP SCALE 5/1. 


03 18 28 20 CMP RATE to HIGH. 

CDR Okay. At 59, we go EMS, NORMAL. 

03 18 28 25 CMP Olsay. Let's go EMS NORMAL in 30 seconds or so. 

CDR Okay. 


POWER, and DELTA-V THRUST all at the same time in 
30 seconds. 

CDR Okay; and you want four-jet ullage at 15 seconds. 

You've got a four jet there, don't you? 

CMP Ah - I think so. Yes. ... four - 9^6 - four Jets. 



Think we'll be in in a lU ...? Foiirteen and a 
half miles; we is really going to be coming down 
among them; whoo. 



03 18 29 31 CDR 

03 18 30 11 CDR 



03 18 30 38 CDR 

Fourteen and a half, hvhl 

From 170 to ll*-l/2. 

My gosh I Look at that hill there. 

(Chuckle) Looks ... again. Everything's backwards. 
There's a big chunk of stuff out there, rolling 
around. See it? 

Rolling around? 

Out the left window over here. 

Two minutes. 
Two minutes. 
I really like this . . . 

... armed. All the switches. Good. 



Okay. You'll shut down on Jack's burn time, 


Make sure you listen, so we - so you get the right 

I will. 

Did you start your watch ...? 

Okay; 1 minute. 

Tape 17-03^05 
Page 13 

CMP Okay. 

SC (Whistling) 

CDR Okay, ... IT feet per second ... 2 seconds. Yes, 
should have ... seconds. 

CDR Okay. DSKY blanks. 



CDR Okay, at 15 seconds, you can start thrusting. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR I'll get the PRO. 

CMP You'll get the PRO. 

03 18 31 22 CDR 16, 15 - Okay, there's ullage. 

CMP Got the ullage coming? 

CDR See it on EMS. 

CMP Yes. 

CDR See it on the DSKY. 

CMP On the DSKY. 

CDR 7, 6, - 99 - 

CMP Okay. 

CDR 3, 2 - - 

CMP/CDR 1 - 

03 18 31 37 CDR MARK it. 

LMP Got it. 

CMP Okay. 

Tape IT-O3U05 

03 18 31 38 CDR 



03 18 31 59 LMP 











... the thrust ers? Pitch • . . Looks good over 



Looks good. Okay, it's coming up 

Fifteen seconds to burn. Computer looks good, like 
it's going to be on. It says 10 to burn. I think 
computer's going to shut you down on time. 

Stand by. 

Pa - SHUTDOWN. I'm sorry. 

That's all right. Computer shut you down. That's 
all right. 

Computer shut it down; that's all right. 
It was on time. 

I did this same darn thing in the simulator the 
other day. 



That's all right 

We had . . . one time. 
22 seconds - - 

Let me - let me get them. It was right on time. 
Right on time. 
Good over here. 

Tape I7-O3UO5 
Page 15 

CMP Okay. PITCH 2, Jack? 

LMP Go ahead. 

03 18 32 20 CMP MARK it. 

LMP Got it. 


03 18 32 22 CMP MARK it. 

LMP Got it. 

CMP Okay, once. 

03 18 32 25 CMP MARK it. 

LMP There's a zip. That was beautiful. 

CMP . • . once. 

03 18 32 28 CMP MARK it. 

LMP Got it; 0.1. 

CMP Okay, let's see. -It's just - picking up attitude 

again- All right. 

03 18 32 k2 CMP Okay. DELTA-V THRUST - are OFF; GIMBAL MOTORS, 

OFF; SERVO POWER 1 and 2 is OFF. Okay, residuals 
- you got those? Okay, TRANS CONTROL, LOCKED; 
LOCKED. And let's see, DIRECTS are OFF. DIRECT 
ULLAGE circuit breakers, two are OPEN; PITCH 1; 
that one is OPEN; record the DELTA-V counter and 
the residuals. 

LMP What was it? Plus or minus? 

CMP Plus 0.1. And I - it went on at 30 seconds ... 


MAX; EMAGs caged. Okay, BUS TIES? 

LMP Okay. Coming off. 

CMP Okay . 


Tape 17-O3U05 
Page 16 

03 18 33 ho LMP There's one, OFF; two went OFF. 

03 18 33 hk CMP Okay; BIT RATE to LOW? 


Tape 17-O3U05 
Page IT 

03 18 33 1+8 CMP Gene? 

CDR No, no. You delay that until - - 

CMP Oh, that's 

CDR - - 9^:10. 

CMP Oh. Okay. Delay that until 9^:10- 

CMP . . . look . . . 

CDR Okay. 

CMP Okay. Let's see. You got a VERB 66I 

CDR Yes. ... anyhow, it looks like. Okay. VERB kg. 

Go to 020. 

03 18 3I+ 13 CDR Okay. Plus 20.00. 

LMP Okay. And 293 and zero. 


CMP Okay. And then you got the ... DAP. 50 I6 ... 

chamber pressure got up to 95 that time. 

CDR Still got a bias there. 

CMP Still got the bias, hut 

CDR It may have been a . . . 

CMP Yes. It's 

LMP . . . bias . 

CMP Yes . 

03 18 3k k2 LMP Yes. It could have been ... Okay. Oxidizer is 

30.5; fuel is 31.1. And I'm now 15O decrease. 


LMP That ' s right . ... Ox ... ? 

Tape IT-O3U05 
Page 18 

CDR Yes . 

LMP ... wondered - Okay, good. I was just wondering 
if we were in there. 

CDR Yes. You know, it used to "be 

LMP - - . . . 

CDR It used to be the other way. It used to be the 
opposite of what he gave you. 

LMP What he gave you. Yes. 

CDR Somebody changed it ... 

CMP That somebody is your CMP. 

LMP Could be confusing. 

CMP (Laughing) Yes, I guess it is. 

LMP Okay. Let's see. 

CDR I want to find out what kind of 

LMP Get your landmark tracking. 

CDR - - ... is . 


03 18 35 36 CDR Okay. HIGH GAIN is plus 9 and plus 338, I guess. 

LMP Okay. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Okay, we'll pick up that SIM prep ... in about an 
hour. Jack, postbum SIM prep. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Well, that shoTild be about a couple of minutes. 

Page 19 

CMP Gosh dang it, I vlsh those craters would" t\im 

around the other way. 

IiMP Okay, What else? 

CDR Ron, go to - Well, when we pick it up, we've got 

our - the big thing is NOUN 89. 

CMP Look at that big scarp going . . . over there - 

CDR P2U. Hey, Ron. 

CMP Huh? 

CDR Put your switches in ACCEL. I want to call up 

VERB 82 in a minute. And then I'll switch you 
back over. 

CMP Okay. 

CMP 59-1 by ll+,9. That'll be pretty close to what we 

figured, huh? 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Ready? 

CMP ... 10 degrees ... I wish I could look out there 

and recognize a crater right off the bat, but I 
can't do that yet. 

LMP Well, you're right over Chaplygin, I believe. 

03 18 37 OU CMP Right over Chaplygin? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Just passed it. 

CMP We must be past it. I don't see it. 

LMP No. It's dovm over there. 

CMP Oh, there it is over there. 

CDR There's those - turtle - 

LMP Yes. 

CMP Okay. There's the lovelets. 

CDR ... Yes . 

CMP There's the lovelets. Okay, so that's south of 
that - What's that big one south of the - the 

LMP That's got to he - 

CMP Marconi. This Is Marconi over here. 

CDR I can't see too much from down under this - 

LMP Marconi . 

CMP What time do I have to do that landmark tracking? 

CDR Yes, you - 

CDR Load NOUN 89, What are the numbers for loading 
NOUN 89? 

LMP Hand me your ortital chart - - 

CMP It " s . f . 

CDR ... NOUN 89 ... 

CMP J-3. 

CDR I have the numbers for J-3. ... 

CDR Plus 9 - plus 19.9^8, plus 20.051, plus all balls. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Okay . 

Tape 17-031*05 
Page 21 

CMP Maybe I'd "better get some ... on ...» Just in case. 

CDR Oh heck, we've got - What'd I say? Nine - We're 

at 93: 18. We've got a long time before AOS. 

CMP 1 Oh, yes, before AOS gets here. 

LMP Yes . Marconi was the one . . . - - 

CMP Marconi is the one south of it. 

CDR Yes? 

CMP That's the one I ought to recognize because that's - 

03 18 38 53 CMP Okay. ... is norm, 1 frame per second, f/60. 

Let ' s see , it ' s pretty higli Sun in here . 

03 18 39 Oh CDR Pannekoek or something like that, isn't it? 


CDR And there's old Mendeleev. 

CMP ... screwed up the focus. 

CMP Yes , there she is . 

CDR The albedo changed on the Inside of that crater 

right there. Jack. It's probably the same thing 
that gives the albedo change on - on the - this 
little one right here. The white albedo; it's 
probably the same albedo - type albedo change you 
get on the - on the - slide. 

03 18 ho 06 LMP Yes. I don't know what produces it. You get 

this - - 

CDR Well, even on the inside of all these walls - - 

LMP - - this particular exposure, it Just never 

darkens . 

CDR See, you can - see it on all those walls. Any 

time there's movement, there's a darkening effect 
that has to do with - the sitting [ ? ] - you 
know, the mamishing [?] or whatever you want to 
call it. 

Tape 17-031^05 
Page 22 

CMP Boy - have we got - a picture right there. 

CDR/LMP Oh, yes. 

CMP Get that. 

CDR We are coming down, friend. 

LMP . . . high. What the heck is that? 

CDR The right attitude. 

LMP The right attitude? What are we, ahout suhsolar on 

CDR Subsolar at - 27. 

LMP About 5 minutes? 

CMP Sure gets bright through this telescope. 

CDR Did you hit ENTER? 

LMP Yes, I hit ENTER. 

CDR Okay, next thing around is - is, after AOS, burn 

report, and then NOUN 89. Let me doublecheck those. 

03 18 I4I 3h CMP 19.9U8 and 20.051. Boy, it's going to be bright. 


CDR Okay, and then - F2k. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR Well, you're going, to have - have to tell me how 

I can help you with that one. 

CMP I Just hope I can recognize Macrobius A and B. I 

think I can. 

CDR Oh, yes. 

CMP I had a good look - - 

Page 23 

CDR I think you had a good look at it before - - 

CMP I had a good look at it the last time. Then I've 

got to know - 

CDR Your - your land - J-3 is right hetween them. 

Closer to - - 

03 18 k2 13 CMP Yes, hut there's a whole bunch of them right 

between there, and I want - Let me take one more 
look at that now. 

LMP Yes, we got a mapping camera pass of that, too. 

CMP We do? 

LMP Don't we? Didn't we pass - didn't we take a map- 

ping camera - - 

CMP Oh, yes. 

LMP . . . When you , . . 

CDR Yes , we - we - 

CMP Oh, with the pan? 

LMP Yes. 

CMP No, those - those only - See, I've got a strip 

across here, too. Right now, we shoiold be going 
across Arabia aren't we? 

LMP You want that pictiire, Ron? 

03 18 U2 kk CMP Yes. I've got the whole back side, essentially. 

LMP Have you got that . . . somewhere? 

CDR There it is ' 

LMP Which way? 

CDR - - There with the . . . 

LMP Okay. 

Tape IT-O3I+O5 
Page 2k 

CMP TaJce a look at J-3 again. It says Farouk Crater. 


CMP What is it? 

LMP Well, it's - I guess it's 

CDR They got this listed wrong. I guess it's Arabia. 

CMP ... J-3 

LMP They've got ... listed up with - I guess it's 

hut look at that perspective as we get lower. 

CDR What? Yes (chuckle). We're getting down. 

CMP Man, I've got to have something to ... hrightness. 

CDR We're getting down. 

CDR Man, are we getting down. 

LMP Is that King? Is that what you - - 

CDR Yes, that's King, because that's where that - gray 

from - whatever the heck that one is over there - 
up through there, on the north there. 

CMP Giordano Bruno. 

CDR Yes. Giordano Bruno. Let me see, I've got a 

couple of buddies that are named Giordano and 

LMP They're Grecian, aren't they? 

03 18 hk 00 CDR These guys are Italian. How high ai^e those moun- 

tains in that central peak? 

CMP I don't know. 

CDR Ten thousand feet, maybe? 

LMP Oh , they ' re probably - Well , we ' re still - - 


^(■PP|PPP|P|iPPI|^ Tape 

Page 25 

CDR No, I don't think they're that high. 

IMP Let's see, we're still - we're still close to 

100,000 miles - 100,000 feet. 

CMP Hey, Jack, do you have that circle thing on here? 

Does it have anything for landmark tracking? 

LMP Circle? 

CMP Yes, you know, that - photography thing? Versus 

latitude? Is there a scale on there for landmark 

LMP . . . photography shutter rate . 

CMP Yes. For J-3, which is going to he about - the 

other side of Crisium. 

LMP Looks like you want l/60. 

CMP l/60? 

LMP Do you buy that? 

CMP J-3; it's about hO degrees longitude? 

LMP Yes. 

CMP Yes. 1/60 soiinds good then. 

CDR Look at that. Isn't that impressive? 

03 18 k5 ik CMP Okay. There's a dark halo, and then there's a 

bright one. 

LMP It looks like something jxist rolled over - rolled 

over that scarp or the - - 

CDR There's a collection of blocks out there on the 


LMP Hey. 

CMP There's a black flow. 


CDR Boy, does it ever - - 

IMP Now, here's that - here's some more of that - maybe 

some of those light albedo scarps. See it coming 
up in here? The gray - the gray and the dark mixed. 
The gray's sort of . . . 

03 18 kl 15 CMP Okay, Gene, as soon as I finish this P-2U, you can 

give me those - those new NOUN 89s to load up. 

CDR Okay. 


CDR The view is north. 

CDR That black stuff farther up - It looks like there's 

a crater that hit the side over here - but that 
black stuff - it may be glass, but it sure flowed 
down that hill. 

LMP Just ahead? 

LMP Big crater out here to the - 

CDR One right under you? 

LMP Whatever direction I'm looking now. 

LMP Who took the Flight Plan from me? 

03 18 U8 57 ■ CMP I've got it right here. You want it? No, this 

is not the Flight Plan; this is - 

IMP Just want to make sure no mention - Let's see, we 

don't have anything until AOS. 

CDR I don't know. Jack. I don't - I don't remember. 

Remember we're looking at - that's the one that - - 

LMP I'm looking. 

CDR I was Just talking about now where that - it looks 

like a - something hit the side, and glass flowed 
over the - 

Tape 17-0 3U0 5 
Page 27 

LMP Yes. 

GDR It looks like a crater on an angle , a crater on an 

angle - or in the wall of the big crater. 

LMP Looks like it's a flow out of the side of the 

crater - - 

CDR Yes . 

LMP - - at that. 

CDR Well, yes, hut it looks - there's such a big hole 

there, it looks like something must have hit it, 
and - and then caused something to flow out. 

LMP Boy, there's a lot of that swirl out in here when 

you start looking for it. 

03 18 50 36 CDR Whereabouts are we, Jack? I don't have a map, 

LMP Okay, about where we - Let's try to figure that one 


CDR Okay . 

CDR It's about AOS time. We're coming up on AOS. 

LMP Okay. 

03 18 51 10 LMP We're 107 degrees west now - east, 107 east. And 

AOS is like - ... - like in 1 minute. I'm sorry, 
like in 3 minutes - 3 minutes. 

CMP Okay, Gene, you ought to be looking at Moiseev. 

That one, that one, and right under us is Moiseev. 
. . . got . . . there . 

CDR Hey, you know, we're lower. We're not going to 

have the same perspective we had. 

CMP What's that big thing we're going over now - coming 


CDR I don't know, Ron, we're already past it. 

CMP We've past it? 

Tape 17-0 3U0 5 
Page 28 

03 18 52 05 CDR Well, we are - our field of view is. 

CMP Why that - shoiild be going that way. 

CDR Yes, but we've got to look over the LM. We're 
looking - ... - - 

CMP Oh, you're looking over the LM? Oh, okay. 

CDR Looking way out in front right now. 

CMP Oh, that's right, you can't look down. 

LMP Well, Dreyer ought to be off to the - left over 

CMP . . . 250 on . . . 

LMP ... to get in there , but . . . 

CDR Okay, there's Marginis coming up. 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Okay, well, this one right here is - I think - Yes, 
I'm looking right here. I'm looking at hfor - 
Macrobius right here. 

LMP . . . ? 

CDR No, I'm sorry, I'm not. I'm not. I can't 

CMP What 

IMP ... Macrobius is right over here. 

03 18 53 26 CMP What - NOUN 89, Gene? 

CDR For what? 

CMP For that J- 3. 

CDR J-3, 19 - You want a new one? 

CMP Yes. Darned thing changed, didn't it? 

I^^MaMMHHjM^ Tape 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 29 

' CDR Yes. Okay, better load it. 19-9^8. You ready? 

CMP Okay . 

CDR 19.9I+8, 20.051, 0. That looks good. 

CMP Okay . 

03 18 5l^ 12 CDR There's Al-Blruni, isn't it? 

CDR Yes, there's Al-Biruni , Jack, right out there. 

CDR Okay, here comes AOS. ... have them. 

CMP Yes, it is. 

CDR Hello, Houston i America. 

03 18 58 CDR Okay. The hurn was good on all counts. 

§ § « 

flWs page Unclassified) 



DUMPED OVER_2£l_DURING-.iiE^ ^^^"^ 2 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

03 19 59 39 03 20 i;8 l^lt 

Voice and time fair. 


The maUrUt conUlnad herein hae been tniucribed into a workins 
paper In order to faelUUie review by intereated MSC elemeata. TbU 
toU^'gu«eC.T '»"' t.<l.cla.,„,.d«.b,ect to the 

Porlloiw « IhU document will be cUeellled COHPTDENTIAL 
Croup 4, to the «tent that they: (DdeHne quantltattve performance 
eharae eruilc. of the Apollo Bpaeecraft. (l)<tMMI critical JertorSiS^ J 

leehalcat deUUa oC eltnUlcanl launch vehicle lUlfunctllme 1, act™ 
I^^L^f '1!?' *'"»J«el«7 data. (4) reveal medical dau 

on lll«M crew nembera which can be conaldered prlvilend data, or 
(») reveal other daU which can be Individually d.t;r™i«iStoTe«.lrI 

•Uleatlon Oulde, BCO-ll, Aev. t. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
intervale; deelaseified 
after 12 years 

Tape 17-03^^01 
Page 1 

03 19 59 39 CMP There he goes. Which way is he going to go? 

CDR Down. 

LMP He got to go down that way. 

CDR Down that way? 

CMP Depends on how you orient it . 

LMP The tape recorder. 

03 20 00 21 CDR Thank you. We are going to watch your signal get 

cut off here. 


CDR Oh , on the top . . . 

CMP No. 

CDR Unbelievahle . Just like the big-old-hand-of-God 

signal. Look at that. 

CMP Yes. See the relief on the surface? 

CDR Yes. 

LMP Oh, yes. 

CMP Look at that ... 

CDR Watch where North America ought to he now. 

LMP Ping, there! 


Yes? A little grazing. It didn't drop off right 
in the . . . 


CDR Shove it, 

LMP When was I supposed to do ...? Didn't they - 

Weren't they supposed to - Oh, REACQ, okay. 

Page 2 

03 20 01 12 CDR At - Okay, Ron, you_can go - after Jack does that 


CMP Okay. 

03 20 01 20 LMP Tape motion's verified. 

CMP. Okay. Is the door open on all that stuff on the 

lunar grav - - 

CDR No. You go to GROUP 2 first. 

03 20 01 26 CMP TELCOM GROUP" 2, AC2'. Okay. 

CDR When in UV grazing attitude, UV COVER, OPESf. And 

it's it2, so we can do it now. 

03 20 01 i+O CMP What's that? Is that HIGH GAIN, MANUAL? 

03 20 01 U3 CDR MAMJAL; plus 23 and plus 260 - plus 23 and plus 260 

CMP Okay. Now what? 

CDR And then nothing. AUTO and NARROW for AOS. 

CMP Okay . 

03 20 02 OT CDR And UV COVER, OPEN. 

03 20 02 12 CDR And we got the IR"c0VER, OPEN, here in about 

15 minutes. 

CMP Okay. Just UV COVER, OPEN? Nothing else, huh? 

CDR That's all. Is that experiment on - with UV COVER, 


CMP I hope it is. I haven't even touched the SIM hay 

today. Jack's been doing it all. 

CDR I tell you, that first two revs is a bear, you know 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Because, first you got all - - 

CMP I'll tell you. 

Tape I7-O3UOI 
Page 3 

CDR you know, you need a guy to fly, a guy to take 

pictures, a guy to handle SIM Tsay, and all three 
guys trying to ohserve. It's - it's a four-man job. 

IMP That's right. But I think we got through it better 

than anybody else ever did. 

CDR Oh, I'm , . . 

CMP Oh, I think we did, too. 

CDR ... be. We got 

LMP The only thing is on the ... SIM Bay Flight Plan. 

CMP I blew there. 

LMP And the high bit rate proabably, but - 

CDR Well, that's all right. 

LMP They got it on the - on the short burn, I'm sure. 

CMP Yes. 

03 20 03 03 CDR UV is OK. 

03 20 03 12 CDR You know, you're going to get - tape's not in ... 

CDR You're going to get blamed. When you were talking 

in VOX there in landmark tracking, I didn't know 
Jack was in VOX, 

CMP Yes (laiaghter). 

CDR And - and then I - I yelled over his shoulder, 

"Perfect 1 " 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR (Laiaghter) And I also said, "Look at those hills." 

LMP The trouble is, it sounded just like the way you'd 

say, "Perfect." 

CMP (Laughter) That's right. 

Tape 17-03^+01 
Page h 

cm Then Bob says', "Ron, are you in VOX?" 

MS (Laughter) 

03 20 03 hh CDR Oh, well. Gene. I shouldn't have gotten into that 

yet . Ron , would you - 

CMP What have you got going there, hot or cold? 

CDR Hot now. 

CMP Oh. 

03 20 Ok 12 CDR Where are the pills? Not the ones I eat - the 

ones I put in the food. 

CMP Somebody put them all away, I guess. I don't know 

where 'd you put them. 

LMP There ' s some up there • 

CMP We got some over here. 

LMP If we'd get this eating out of the way, we'd get 

all that other stxiff out of the way and - 

CDR I don't know. Where did you put them all? 

CMP Here. 

LMP Wo. This is my pack that had disappeared. 

CDR Huh? 

LMP My - I had my pack, too - - 

CMP Watch it. They'll all come out at once. 

LMP - - I don't know. 

CDR Well, this is a new one. I haven't seen it. 

LMP No. Well, that's the one I've been using and I 

thought it'd disappeared. 

CMP Here's another one. 

Tape 17-03^+01 
Page T 

IMP Okay. I'm not going to touch it, 

CDR Yes. All you do is verify tape motion. That 

means they put you in this - right? 

CMP Right . 

LMP Okay. I'll ... 

03 20 08 l6 CDR Hey. How did you sleep up here - -when you slept 

up here? If you didn't sleep well, let's have 
Ron sleep up here again tonight, and you and I go 
down on a sleeping bag, "because we really need a 
good night's sleep. 

LMP Oh, moderately well. Not as well as down "below, 

I don't think. 

CDR Ron, how does that sound to you? 

LMP But, I just 


CDR They obviously didn't. 

CMP Yes. Just fill it. 

CDR I'm not saying you don't have a long day tomorrow, 
hut - 

LMP You got hot water in there - while you're cooking? 

CMP Wonder where it is. 

03 20 10 06 CMP Nine minutes to IR coming open. 

LMP Huh? 

CMP Nine minutes to IR coming open. 

CDR Look at that . I almost got all air . 

CMP What you - what you - 

CDR Where are our urine . . . ? 

Tape 17-03401 
Page 8 

CMP Over there . ... 

LMP Huh? They over in the ... here? No, they ... 

CMP Why don't we dump them when we dump that waste watei 

CMP ... hours up ... take them off. ... dump ... 

LMP Well, we don't have a urine dump here? 

03 20 13 25 CMP It is, huh. It's not a bad view. The old grazing 

attitude. Are you siire it's the right attitude? 

SC . • • 

CMP No, I Just looked. I thought they told me there 

wasn't - You couldn't - - 

SC ... 

CDR Even in the camera, I can see some "bright , white 

stuff down there. 

SC (Huimning ) 

liMP ... going to be a ... 

CDR Maybe we ought to turn the - 

03 20 15 U2 CMP ... 1+ minutes. 

CDR Hxjh? 

CMP Four minutes . 

CDR You got it? IR? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Oh, man. That gas really does accumulate. 

LMP Have you looked down . . . 

03 20 18 kl IMP ... whole floors of some of these new craters are 

just - You can't see where anything - where any- 
thing flowed in, but it's Just molten - you know 
the dark floors . . . 

Tape 17-03i+01 
Page 9 

CMP Yes, I know what you mean. 

CDR You just - You look at them and you can just see 

it - it's just boiled right there. 

CMP It doesn't look like debris from the sides or any- 

thing . Yes . 

CDR No, it's a lake - right there at the bottom of the 

crater. It's a dark lake, and you can just see 
right into them, 

IMP . . . collapse . . . 

CMP Yes, yes. In fact, this is characteristic of the 

. . . craters of all sizes back here, but particularly 
that size and - and some - say three or four, five 
times that is that they're filled with something. 
They're flooded. Seme with - - 

CDR Like . . . ? 

CMP - - very smooth, some with a turtleback, and then 

some with this. If I had to put an age sequence 
on it, I'd say it was the very smooth, the turtle- 
back, and then this stuff would be the . . . 

03 20 20 ID CMP IB COVER, right? 

03 20 20 12 CDR It's IR COVER, OPEN. 

03 20 20 13 CMP Yes. It's OPEN. Shoot! Watch it. Danger, you 

run in an orbit. 

CDR . . . , Ron. 

LMP 10 into B, and B [sic] in B6. 

SC (Sneeze) Excuse me. (Sneeze) 

03 20 22 07 CMP Aitken has those dome [ ? ] holes filled ... in the 


CDR . . . , Ron , . . . 

CMP Yes, that's Aitken. 

rage xu 

LMP On all the pictures .,. taJfcen ... tliat floor comes 

out black. 

SC (Sneezing) 

CMP Simon and Garfunkel. 

03 20 25 30 IMP Well, it's my time to don a biomed harness. 

CDR Maybe I'll going to try to take that ... - after 

you guys are through eating. 

CDR Stuffed, absolutely stuffed. 

03 20 27 27 CMP Well, I had some chocolate around, you know, but I 

don't know what happened to it. 

03 20 27 59 CDR Ron, before we go, you're going to have to brief 

us on - what you're going to decide to jettison - 
what you need to Jettison - so we don't lose any- 
thing we want to keep or not jettison something. 


CDR The unused . . . 

03 20 29 h2 CDR What's that? Cocoa? 

CDR Yes, I had that with the corn chowder (laughter). 

03 20 30 12 CDR No, Gagar - No, that's - that's that one that Lovell 

tracked. Ko, that's that one that Lovell tracked - 
whatever it was. 

CDR Oh, it was a part of the Apollo 8 task of landmark 

tracking . 

CDR Did a" lot of landmark tracking tasks in that flight . 

CMP ... there. ... coming up, coming up or couldn't 

see what the heck it was my time before I 

saw the other one come up. 

LMP What do you want to - Ron, what would you use up 

here? Would you use the gingerbread? 

CMP Yes . 

Tape 1T-O3i+Ol 
Page 11 

LMP You ought to tell us what you want to keep. Pudding? 

CMP ... that? 

03 20 32 36 LMP How alDout some cans of pudding? 

CMP That canned pudding; I like that. 

LMP How about diced peaches? 

LMP Wo diced peaches , huh? 

LMP Just a minute, Ron. I'll have some puddings for 


LMP How about sausage, Cheddar cheese, tomato soup, 


CMP They got about three or four meals back there in - 

in the other end. 

03 20 3h 56 LMP Okay. Don't Jettison stuff that's in the small 

pocket . Is that okay? 

CDR Huh? 

LMP In case you get around to looking for stuff to 


CDR Okay. 

LMP Whoops, excuse me. Did I kick you? 

CDR No . 

CMP Okay . 

03 20 35 33 LMP How about the LPG - or CWG? Used. 

LMP Well, I was thinking it might be later on when we 

run out of tissues. There's a deal of vanilla 
pudding . 

LMP Yes. I think 

Page 12 

IMP I'll Just leave that in my bag. I think my T^ag is 

cleaned out. All I hare to do is make a decision 
on the CWG - dirty old CWG. 

LMP Well, I was just thinking, you know, if you ever 

had a hig water spill or something like that. 
What do you do? Vacuum cleaner? 

LMP Okay. We'll throw it away. Huh? 

LMP Okay . 

03 20 37 23 CDR If you get a chance, would you get ... 

03 20 38 U2 LMP No, I'm fine. I had to ... Yours Ron? 

03 20 39 13 CMP Ho, I'm putting on my harness. The next thing is 


CDR . . . chocolate har . . . Want any , J ack? 

03 20 Ul 37 LMP No, thank you. Come here, Ron. Is that a barker - 

03 20 41 J f is that darker inside that halo or not? Now think 

about it; be objective. 

LMP Yes, sure does to me, too. I've seen that three 

times now. 

CMP . . • of it. 

LMP Get a picture of it. 


LMP Yes. Yes. 

Don't ... any directional ... 

Most of them seem - Well, I don't know if there 
are any directional, but they're really metrical 
halos, in general, rather than just a light - a 
light area. There are quite a few of them. 


LMP Well - 

Tape I7-O3UOI 
Page 13 


03 20 h2 55 CMP 

03 20 1+3 09 IMP 


03 20 kh 00 LMP 

03 20 U5 OU CDR 

03 20 1+5 5I+ CDR 


03 20 HQ 02 CMP 
03 20 1+8 1+1+ CMP 

Whose ambrosia? 

Take my pineapple drinks up there. I don't know 
what I'm going to do with it now that I made it . . 

. . . this darned canister in ... 

(Humming) Well, I think it is time to get orga- 
nized. Let's see, we have one pass to see the 
landing site here. Do you want those, or shall I 
open them? 

... won't be on this side because the edge of the 
shadow . . . right up to ... 

AOS is what? 

— are you putting that in B? ... the number 10? 
... Is that right? 

Well, it looks like - you're going to do a P52. 

Well, I think I'm going to be able to take a ... 
tonight - again. 

What's the best time here? We're coming up on 
AOS. You got the Flight Plan. Got some pads 
coming up. I guess as soon as it gets dark - take 
a . . . Ron ' s got to do a P50 - Well , maybe that 
won't be required. If required, what do you think 

Geno? Jack? 

What? No, thank you. 

Oh, I got to - didn't log them today. I never 
logged any nuts . 

Well, I guess - do I want to be AUTO? Okay. 
You're right. Very ... right. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 17-031+27 



Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

oh 07 21 5k oh 08 13 Oh 

Ok 09 26 33 01+ 09 5h 3h 

Voice poor on first segment; time good. 


Th* material conUlned herein hu been trsAccrlbed Into a workina 
paper la order to laciUtale rwlew by laiereetad MSC elements. ThU 
document, orporilona theree<. may bedeclatallied cublect to the 
lOllowlDc (uldellaea: 

Portlona of Ihle docvment will be claaalfted CONFIDENTIAL 
Croup 4, to the eKtent that they: (1) define quantitative performance 
characteriattcs cf tlie ApoUo flpaeecrafl. (2)(t«t*ll critical perlormanca 
charactarlfttea tt ApoUu craw ayMema and equipment. {») provide 
teelmlcal daUlla of algnUlcant launch vehicle malfuiicUuna In actual 
tttght or reveal actual Uunch Irajeclory data, (i) reveal medical dau 
en lll(iit crew nembera which can be eonaldercd privileged data or 
(S) reveal other dau which can be lAdlvtdually determUied to require 
eUaatflcatioa under the authority ot the Apollo Prosram Security Claa- 
■tfleatlon Guide, SCC-tl. Rev. 1, 1/1/M. 


Downgraded at J-year 
intervale; declaaalfied 
after 12 yeare 

wfchta tlM iBMjUmc of th« Mplasut(« UwcrTttla 18, S«c« 783 lid 784^ 

Tape 17-03'+27 
Page 1 

ok OT 21 5h CDR No, unfortunately. It doesn't mean we can't have 

any, though. 

LMP Gene , how did you sleep? 

CDR Oh, ahout 6-1/2 hours - pretty good. 

LMP Sleep - good. 

LMP Sleeping all right? 

CDR Yes . 

LMP How much water did you have yesterday? 

CDR I only had three of them. 

LMP And a PRD when you get a moment . 

CDR Okay. PRD is - 36 on the end, 

LMP Okay. 

SC ( Coughing ) 

LMP Oh, excuse me, Ron. You want to say that again 

(yawn)? Gosh, you guys - lay meter's going up a 
lot faster than yours. Maybe "because I don't wear 
it. (Laughter) I'm asleep. Let's put this in 
the garbage pile. Really? Good or restless? 

LMP How much water? 

Ok 07 2k 56 CDR Where are - where are the drinic bags? 

LMP Excuse me, I'm selling. 

CDR Isn't it - isn't it temporary stowage? Can you 

get them both? Might Just as well get the food 
sticks, too. 

LMP Well, get them out later ... pulled around. 

CDR Well, the first thing we do after eating, and 

we'd like to get as many things done as we can 
during eating . 

Tape 17-03^+27 
Page 2 

LMP Well, I know, I mean fill the drink tags, but the 

food sticks - you're Just going to get - are just 
going to disappear. 

CDR Put them in the same bag. 

Olt 07 25 53 mP We put those - are you going to wear yours in the 

suit this time? What did you decide? 





I think we decided you could put that in for me. 
can't you. Jack? 

LMP Yes. 

LMP Okay. Postsleep (yawn). ... Okay , tone booster 's 

coming off. Quite a vehicle. Quite a vehicle man 
hath designed here . 



LMP Yes. 

What? It's not on there, but you - 
Would you believe, I still got gas on my stomach, 

Well, now, let me check again. Don't see it. 

OU 07 27 3U CDR I take it back. I take it all back. You do have 

things screwed on yours. 

CDR Yes, we all did - things screwed. 

LMP Yes. 

CDR I hate to fool with those darned cans. 

The bags for the tone booster still down in A-S*? 

CDR Ouch . 

Don't know why I didn't fill this to the line. 
Keep the other - other part from filling up, I 
guess . 


The old city of New Orleans! 

Tape 17-03^27 
Page 3 

I oh 07 30 32 CDR Fill it to the line or you'll get a tiig old air 

bubble in there. I don't know. Big old air 
bubble. Know where you can get the air bubble to 
where the hose is. Wait a minute. Tone booster 
was in A - what - 8? 

LMP A-7 or A-8? 

CDR Here it is. 

CDR Ron, crack that ... or that air will come out. 

No, no, no, no, no, crack the nozzle. The nozzle 
See where the air will come out . Wait a minute 
Tontil I get the air bag over there. Now, I'm 
going to suck that water up through the air hose. 

LMP You've got a big chunk of that ... 

CDR Ron, the tone booster is back in A-8. In the bag 

This just doesn't look like much water. 

LMP I thought we'd be carrying more water than that. 

CDR Huh? 

Ok 07 33 25 CDR Yes, I've got most of the air out of that. Jack. 

Just a little bubble. What's ... after CST down 


CDR We ought to get a CST update. 

LMP Well, these are both right. I've got two of them 

going. Everything - They haven't been off. 
They're not off a minute. They're just 
probably . . . 

CDR Do you want to take it off? 

IMP How about a cup of coffee this morning. Gene? 

CDR Stay away from the cereals and the cocoa? That's 

all that ' s in here . 

LMP Yes, that's the bad one. They crossed off three 

things in here. 

Tape 17-03U2T 
Page h 



oil 07 36 26 CDE 


Oh 07 ho 35 CDR 



What else is left? Hey, I got coffee. Got coffee 
In here. All right, we've only got ahout a half 
hour to eat - it ' s going to he a tough one . 

Instant hreakfast . . . 

How ahout an extra can of mixed fruit? 
. . . me take . 
Ho -hum. 

Got your plugs over here when you wajit them, too. 
How are you fixed for hot water? 

Give me ahout two or three squirts when you get a 
chance, Ron. If you get a chance. 

Something . . . 

You only need one. 

But we ought to kind of take - 


You can't - water down there and take that out and 
leave it here. 

Thank you, sir. 

While you're here, I'm going to ask you to put 
another one in there . I think so . 

Did you take my coffee? 

Man, I Just didn't realize how \incomf ortahle this 
can he . (Belch) 

What's that? 
This stomach gas. 

Tape 17-0 3U27 
Page 5 

IMP Oh, yes. 

CDR (Belch) I thought I'd override it after a few 

days. I don't know how others did, "but I sure 
haven't. Came and went yesterday, hut it's sure 
back here again today. 

LMP Didn't get any juice this morning. You didn't 

see a coffee floating around down there, did you? 

CDR Here ' s one . 

CDR Yes - Is it open? (Singing) "Freedom's just 

another name for nothing left to lose -" 

CDR Huh? Five. 

ok 07 h6 50 LMP We go up to 57? There's my coffee. You going to 

want some , Gene? 

CDR The o-o-old lunar surface. 

LMP Well, I think they've been filled with something, 


LMP Sure doesn't look like that to me. There's been 

a molten lake on some of those new ones, I guar- 
antee you. Yes, there seems to be three - four - 
there are four kinds of crater fill that I see. 
There's a very smooth, light-colored stuff. 
There ' s old Aitken again . And then there ' s a 
variety of irregular surfaces, the track, turtle 
back, dome, domical fillings that seem to be 
pretty old, and the mare fillings that may be 
associated with that stuff. It may be contempo- 
raneous like here in Aitken you see them together 
and it ' s hard to say one ' s early or later . And 
then there's that kind of stuff Gene was talking 
about - that's just smaller craters, things that 
that ... in the floors . 

LMP Here's an extra coffee. 

OU 07 1^9 1+3 CDR Okay. Who took this stuff? 

OU 07 36 LMP Oh, man! Get some exercise today! 


Tape lT-03lt2T 
Page 6 

LMP There's star - star Chaplygin. Hurry. Hurry. 


CDR Yes, you got her (chuckle). You've really got 

to stretch. 

LMP Yes, it's gone - too late. No, it's not too late. 

Here ... Well, it's getting ... even better. 

IMP I'm surprised you haven't charged the batteries, 

Ron. Since LOI, huh? Oh, it's not bad - 32 and 

Olt 07 57 lU CDR Can you read out the voltage on that other battery 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Is there any way of reading the voltage out on 

that other battery? 

LMP You mean the one in the - 

CDR You can by . . . fuel cell 2. But I have to connect 

it to the bus to read it . 

LMP You have to connect it to the bus to read it? 

CDR Yes . 

CDR Someone's passing gas again. That's not news 

(laughter). You're not upside down, Ron. I 
keep trying to tell you that. 

Olt 08 00 UO CDR For a while, but I hope it's not the last meal we 

have together. 

LMP Judas. That's what Judas said. 

CDR Yes . 

LMP That's what Judas said, you fink. (Laughter) 

CDR Kot really, we might catch something, but normally 

we don't. 

LMP 61+1. 

CDR (Belch) I hope we can do that when we get ready 

to suit. It's just going to be a nuisance from 
here on. 

Tape 17-O3I+2T 
Page T 




Oi* 08 02 07 MP 

OU 08 02 37 CDR 


Ron, we got to get those suits out and ... tiinnel 
and hatch. 

The old probe is stowed. 
Yes , I know . 

¥e can't afford to spend too much time screwing 

I understand that. Gene. But here they've got you 
getting the suits out to put the drink hag in. 
Then, they've got you removing the prohe and drogue. 

Yes, right. It makes sense to get the probe and 
drogue out. This cabin's so full of junk there's 
no place to put them. But there's no place to 
put the suits, if you do it that way. Once you 
get the suits out, you've got to put it on then. 

Okay, at - 

Work down there? Call P30. That's P20. CJot it? 
And a VERB 21 HOUN 26. And all zeros. What are 
you - read you with the sleep report? You fool 
with that this morning? (Cough) 

Ron, we may want to save that. 

Got a nice bag for you. How's that? Ron? Ron? 

(Singing) "Oh, Mister Moon, Moon, bright and 
silvery Moon, won't you please shine down on me." 
(Humming) "Come from behind that tree. My life's 
in danger but don't you ... Here comes the man 
with the big yellow ... " (Humming) King the 
one with all the blocks - wedges in it? King 
Crater? Is that - is that the one with all the 
blocks and wedges in it? 

Tape 17-O3I+27 
Page 8 

IMP The wide central peak, doesn't it, with that ray 

coming down from Giordano Bruno. Okay - you got 
any juice handy? 

CDR Yes, yes. 

LMP They didn't have any juice in there for "breakfast. 

I never heard of such a thing. At your convenience, 

CDR Two cabin drink bags. We can take a couple of 

those juices in the LM with us. ... get that air 
bubble out of there. 

LMP Yes. 

Oh 08 06 15 CDR In a couple of minutes, I'll take care of the 

SIM bay. We want all jets enabled before LOS. 
Do that - LOS. 

LMP All jets enabled before LOS? 

CDR AOS, excuse me. Is that right? Yes, that will be 

fine. Whatever is closest. 

LMP All Jets enabled before AOS, huh? 

CDR Yes . 

OI+ 08 06 5^ LMP Very good. It's the only way I can drink a lot of 

water is to drink these juices. Water is - Since 
I left New Mexico, I just haven't been able to 
drink much water. No. Well, I'm sorry. You're 
the only one there , Wat ch it , now . Somehow or 
another - Ron, I'll tell you - Let's see, I've 
got what , three fecal bags in there now? And 
I think I can recognize them but I - I can't 
remember to label those darn things. It's such 
an ordeal - Well, someone else - I tell you - 
process of elimination - you guys recognize yours 
and what's left is mine. 

ok 08 07 56 CDR Oh, no. Ten minutes - no, it's not - ... 5 minutes 

here pretty soon. We should be through now, we're 
3 minutes behind. Yes, okay - then we got to get 
the couches in shape. The next big set of events 
is getting that tunnel clear. And right now, IR 
COVER'S going to go CLOSE. 

Tape 17-O3I+27 
Page 9 

LMP Yes, don't you think? CLOSED, barber pole, and 


CDE Ron, Jack, could you - - 

LMP LOGIC POWER, two - OFF down there, Ron? 

CDR take a little hit of water out of there, and 

you're going to get mostly air, I hope. Oh, oh, 
oh, oh, wait. Okay - slowly - ... my bubble in 
there - mostly air. Almost, wait a minute - I 
get the bubble - Okay , try again . That got it . 
Mostly water. Yes, that was good. Let's see 
here - good technique. 

0I+ 08 10 05 CDR ... You're to be congratulated. Looks like you 

did a good job. 

LMP Hope that gas of yours cleared up. Got too much - 

to ... one-sixth. I'm sure I speak for you also 
when I say that (chuckle) nothing like getting all 
this free sympathy. Doesn't help you one bit. 

OU 08 10 k2 CDR Okay, you got that, Ron? LOGIC POWER? Two of 

them OFF? IR's coming OFF. Yes. And give me 
a - verify. 

CMP That's verified. 

CDR How come we didn't leave that on all night? Oh, 

the Sxin, possibly. Okay. All right, gang, we'll 
wait for AOS and - as soon as everybody's through 
eating, we can go to work. Yes, you can do that. 
Go through the normal 20 . It . 

CDR There ' s a - there ' s a decal up there for . . . 

LMP Yes. 

CDR CM/LM pressurization - You don't have to do much. 

OU 08 11 1;6 CDR Do you want to save this cup - this coffee? See 

what ' s coming up here . Okay , then we get in the 
helmet - then we get in the LCGs. We capped our 
transducers , but - 

Tape IT-O3U2T 
Page 10 


He doesn't have any on? Okay. 0.5 now? Okay. 
Well, it's not there, but that's "because he's 
riding low. Should he, yes. 

oh 08 13 oh LMP 

Gene, you want to - Yes. 

DIRECT 0^ is OFF. 


Ok 09 26 33 LMP (Cough) What do you need? A helmet? Tough - 

tough. Well, there's a label on the outside; I 
haven't looked on the inside yet. Okay. 

0I+ 09 31 33 CMP What? IO8 - coming up on 108:12 in 20 seconds. 

Set it 108:12:15 then - 30 seconds from now. Set 
it for 15, I missed it. Okay, 10, 11, 12, 13, lU, 
15, 16, IT. 18. 19 - 

oh 09 32 33 CMP I can't find any stars. 

OU 09 37 17 CMP Yes, we're upside down in the wrong attitude. I 

can't find axiy stars. Slow - stop. 

CMP Okay? 

Oh 09 ho 10 CMP Okay. We're finally going to maneuver to the 

attitude . 

Oh 09 h6 39 CMP Well, we don't have oior suits on yet, but we 

finally got in alignment. We're moving to attitude. 
It'll be awhile yet. If you want to, I'll go 
aiiead. I can put my suit on at the same time. 

CMP Okay, let me get my suit on real quicklike. 

oh 09 U8 51 CMP Yes. You need to get to attitude faster? 

CMP You need to get the attitude faster? Okay. 

CMP What the heck is that? Noise up there! 

CMP Wait a minute - I can't hear you. What? Okay, 

I can give you that now. Give you T^^j^^^j^. Okay, 

go ahead. 108:31 - 3.97 - still 3-97. Okay? 
Okay, 108:31:27.69. 



Ok 09 '^h 5^+ CMP 

Tape lT-03*+2T 
Page 11 

What? Okay. Okay, 32:lU.62; 32:25.98. Okay? 
Three halls 20, 3^, 667; 72, U02. Okay? ... 

Hey, are you guys through with these umbilicals? 
How do I get them out? 

Are you with - Houston? Okay. I'm going to take 
my helmet off then, and try to get dressed. 

# # # 

(Hits page Unclassified) 17-031*28 

niTMPFn nvRR map rtTTPmn lunab orbit 8 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

ok 08 09 56 Ok 08 13 05 

Time, good; voice, low but mostly intelligible. 


TiM mkUrtkl conUtnad herein hu b*«ii (rMJ«rlb«d Into ■ «orkla( 
papM- In order to tulUUtc review by tatoreeted MSC etcmenU. ThU 
documeat, or portlooa thereof, may be deeUeelfied eulijact to the 
folfcnrtac fiiUelliwa: 

Pwttena of this documoit will be eteeallled CONPIDENTIAL, 
Oraup4, to the extent that they: (1) define queittltatlre pertoroMnce 
cbarscterietlce of the Apollo Bpeeecr«rt, (l)detall erltlnl performance 
eharaeteriaUee of Apollo crew ayeteme and equipment, (3) provide 
teduUeal detalla of alfaUlcant launch vehicle maUuncUona In actual 
flight or reveal actual Uunch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical data 
en fllgM era* membera which cait be eonildared privileged data, or 
(t) reveal other dau which can be individually determined to require 
eUMtfleation under the authority of the ApoUo Proaram Security Claa- • 
•tfteaUoa Culda. SCC-ll, Rev. t, 1/1/66. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
intervals; declaselfied 
after 12 years 

TtOs aurt*rt«l eonUlu Information a/f*etlnK the mUoul Mmam of the United BtttM 
wtthta ttM mwuUflc et tha aaplonaca lawa, TlUa IB, U.8.C., Smb. 7ti and 704. tha 
tnnanlMlon or malatloi d which la any mannar to an unauthorUad paraai la 
pmabttad bjr 'law* 

Tape 17-O3U28 
Page 1 

Oh 08 09 56 CDR 



Ok 08 10 U6 LMP 











That's stuff we're going to do on the air. Jack. 

That's a good technique, Gene. You're to he con- 
gratulated. Looks like you did a good joh. I hope 
that gas of yours clears up after ... to one-sixth. 
I'm sure I speak for you, also, vhen I say that 
(laughter) . 


Nothing like having all this free synrpathy. 

help you one bit. Okay. You got that, Ron? LOGIC 


Two of them, OFF. IR is coming OFF. Yes. And UV. 
OFF - verify. That's verified. How come we didn't 
leave that on all night? Oh, son ... there. Okay. 
All right, gang. We're waiting for AOS, and as soon 
as everybody is through eating, go to work. 

Yes , you can do that . ... through the normal ... hh. 

I het there's a - there's a decal up there for a ... 

Yes. CM/LM pressurization. 

You don't have to do much. 

You want to save this cup - this coffee? 

... coming out here. Okay; then we get in the hel- 
met. Then we get in the LCGs. We've capped our 
treuasducers. Have you done that, Geno? 

Okay. 0.5 now? Okay. 

Well, it's not there, but that's because it rides 


Tape I7-O3U28 
Page 2 


Ok 08 13 05 LMP Gene, you want to - Yes ... 0 is OFF. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 17-03^30 



Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

ok 11 13 22 0^ 11 38 13 

Oh 11 In 3U Ok 11 55 kO 

Voice and time good. 


Tb* mUrlal coaUined herein lt«* been tnuwcrlbMI Into ■ woiiitiic 
|Mip«r lit order to ftclUUIe review by intereeted MSC elelneiits. Thla 
docaiMDt, orportlOM Uiereo<,' raagr bodectaesif led mbject to Iha 
lollowliic guldeUnes: 

Porttoiu o( Ihle doeument will be elauKtad CONnDCNTIAL, 
Group 4, lo the Mtent Uitt they: (1) define queatltattve performance 
Cfctraeterlatlee at the Apollo Bpeceerall, (l)deUtl erttleel pertornence 
elMr««terletlee at Apollo crew ertteme end equipment, (1) provide 
techaleel detaila of elgnlflcant launch vehicle maUwictluna In actual 
lUfht or reveal actual launch trajectory data, |4) reveal medical data 
on tllflil erew memberc whleh can be eooaldercd privileged data, or 
(•> reveal other data which can be Individually determined to require 
claeattlcatMn under the authority of the Apollo Profram Security Claa- 
•IflMUoi Outdo, flCC-ll, Rev. 1, !/]/««. 

GROUP k , 

Downgraded at 3-year 
intervale; declaesified 
after 12 years 

nia tiMt«rl«l eonUliui Information affectint the natloaal (Mwim c< th« UnUvct Btstw 
vtthln th* fflMUing erf ti)« Mpionas* laws, TlUe 18, U.S.C., S«ca. TM and 7M, th« 
tmumiMion or rsvalatlon ot which In any maiiMr to aa unauthorizwl iwrMB la 
prohlUUd by law. 





Tape I7-O3I+3O 
Page 1 

Ok 11 13 22 CMP And RECEIVE ONLY to B DATA. Hey, Challenger; 

America. I'm going to RECEIVE ONLY, B DATA. ... 
goes in there. Hey, Challenger; America. Chal- 
lenger, America. There you go. There is SIMPLEX. 
... is FORWARD. TAPE MOTION . . . report . . . 
coiHmander ' s . 


Ok 11 Ik 28 CMP SIMPLEX. Okay, Challenger; America. I need a ... 

I'm going to ... to you. 

LMP How do you read, Ron? 

CMP Okay; I got you that time. Jack. 

CMP You read me okay? 

Yes, you're loud and clear, but turn off your VOX. 
Okay. I'm ... too much, huh? 
LMP That's affirm. 

CMP I can't read you right now. I just ... too much. 

Ok 11 15 09 LMP Turn off your VOX. 

CMP Okay; Just a minute. How's that; any better? 

LMP Yes, I think that's pretty good. 

CMP Okay. Hatch ... 

Okay, Challenger; America. You verify your hatch 
valves in AUTO over there? 

OU 11 17 )|7 LMP It's verified, Ron. 

CMP Okay. I'm going to be at the tunnel. 

Hey, Ron, what are you using for undocking time 

I've got to look in nty book here. It's about 1 - 
Wait a minute. 1 - 110:27. 


Copy. 110:27. 

Tape 17-031^30 
Page 2 

CDR Hello, Ron. I don't - he could use B3 if you need 


CMP Okay. I'll turn it "back on here then. Takes a lot 

longer to depress the tunnel - depress the tunnel - 
than it does the simulator. 

CDR Yes. 

CMP Okay. You through with the - your rendezvous trans- 

ponder test? 

Ok 11 21 06 CDR Yes. Sure am, Ron. 

CMP Okay. I'm going to HEATERS then. 

CMP Well, then DELTA-P is still only 2.5. 

oh 11 33 OI+ CDR Ron, is the tunnel vented yet? 

CMP Okay. It's down to greater than 3.5- 

CDR Well, is that vented? Yes, we're going to press 

on. That's a big enough DELTA-P. 

CMP Yes, that - that's a big enough DELTA-P. I'm going 

to press on now. 

CDR Okay. So are we. 

Ok 11 33 25 CMP Oh, what the heck was that? The 0^ FDDW Just went 

up for some reason. ... SUIT CIRCUIT return or 
open ... That did it. 

CMP Good. We can maneuver hack to undocking attitude. 

CDR Okay, Ron. 

Ok 11 37 59 CMP You got about 10 minutes to go. 

CDR You said about 10 minutes, didn't you, Ron? 

CMP Yes, that's right. 

Ok 11 38 15 CDR Okay. 


Tape 17-03^+30 
Page 3 

OU 11 Ul CMP Okay. It '3 a flight trim for PUl. 

CDR Okay, Ron. We're at 5 minutes now and counting. 

How'd that sound? 

CMP Yes, I got 6. 

CDR On your time. Better check your undocking time. 

Are you using 110:20 - - 

CMP I'm using 110:27:55. 

CDR :55? 

CMP 110:27:55.00. 

CDR Five minutes then, will you? 

Oh 11 k2 59 CMP Okay. Stand "by Twenty - something seconds yet. 

5, U, 3, 2, 1 - 

CMP MARK it. Five minutes. 

CDR Okay. We're counting with you, and your attitude 

locdts good here. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Ron, when you get all sq.uared away 

CMP You need a 06 20? 

CDR Yes, on mark, 

CMP Okay. Go ahead. 

CDR *•* 1 - 

Oh 11 hh 3h CDR MARK it. 

CMP Okay. 000.35, lOlt.67, 000.52. 

CDR ... hear what you're saying. 

CMP Say again? 

CDR We copy it; slower. 

Tape 17-03 1+30 
Page h 

CMP Okay. R-1, 000.35; R-2, 10k,6l; R-3, 000.52. 

How's that? 

CDR Okay, Ron. It puts us inside 2 minutes andve're 


CMP Okay. We're all set over here. 

LMP Okay, Ron. Remember, as soon as it's convenient, 

you'll start ycfur maneuver to sep attitude. 

CMP Okay. Will do. DELTA-V, NORMAL, and start the 

old DAC. Dam thing doesn't work. 

CDR Better work. Get some pictures of us. 

CMP Son-of-a-gun! Sorry about that. Okay. At 59=30, 

I'm going to hang you on the probe. No picture. 
Okay, You should be hanging on the probe. You are. 
Okay. At 00 - at 00, we'll back off. 

CDR Sure wish you'd got some pics. 

CMP Yes, I don't know why in heck it doesn't work, but 

it sure doesn't. 

CMP Okay. Here we go. 

Ok 11 hQ 10 CDR You're backing off; we're free. 

CMP Okay. I got some pics of you. 

CDR You look beautiful, Ron. 

CMP Ah-haj, so do you! 

CDR Are you beautiful! 

CMP That thing is pretty out there, you know that. 

CDR TO-millimeters, Ron. 

CMP Okay. That's what I got. I've also got some 
l6-millimeter at you. 

Ok 11 51 10 CMP Okay. I'm maneuvering now. 

CDR Landing gear? 

Tape 17-03^+30 
Page 5 

CMP They locdc great! One of them doesn't have a probe 

on it, hut I guess it's supposed to he that way, 
huh? The one in the front. Beautiful! Sun's 
shining right in w window. That's the last pic- 
ture I'm going to get of you. 

CDR The ship looks clean. 

ClyP Very good. Okay. I lost you right in the Sun for 

me, so you should be getting some good pictures of 

CDR We're working at it, partner. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR America, you look beautiful. 

CMP Man, oh, man, I - ought to see those - All I had 

to do was plug in the camera and that made it work. 

CMP Hey, there you are out the hatch window! 

LMP Okay, Ron. You're off candid camera. 

CMP Okay. Good - good show. You guys make your dam 

landing now, okay? 

CDR Okay. Until we see you in a couple days. 

CMP Okay. 

IMP No TEI updates. 

CDR (Laughter) Don't worry, never happen. Hey, Jack. 

Remember, part in 175, is that it? 

CDR 109, 'Ron. That's what you are, babe. 

Oh 11 55 ho CMP (Laughter) 

0 0 0 

(This page Unclassified) „ 1T-031+68 


DUMPED cwv.n GPS niTRmf; lunae orbit 13 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

■oh 13 08 00 OU 13 09 31 

OI+ 13 10 56 0I+ 13 22 12 

Oil 13 22 50 "oU 13 1*7 Ul 

Ok Ih 12 37 Ok Ik Ik 16 

Time and voice good. 


Tk« MtttorfaU conUliMd herein hu ba«n tranwrlbMl Into a werUag 
p«p«r In ontor to (aclUUta rcvim by lnt«r««t«4 M8C •tainmU. This 
docaaml. or portlooa th«r««t,' may bod«cUsat(l«dn>b|«cl to the 
foUowlac fttldellnM: 

Portloiw of thU doeumwit wlllta cUoallM CONFIDBNTIAL, 
Croup 4, lo tha extant that they: ( I) define quantlladva pariorrouice 
cbaracterlitica of the Apollo SpaeecraR, (a)datell critical performance 
ehara«tarlatic« of Apollo cre« ayalama and equipment, <3) provide 
t^elMlchl deuils ol •Ignltleaal taoneh vaMela maUunctloM M actual 
tUgM or r«*eal actual Uuneh trajectory daU, (4) reveal medical dale 
M flight crew members vhleli can be cwiiMered prtviieced dau. or 
(() reveal other data which can be individually determined to require 
classlfleatlon under the authority of the ApoUo Prosram Security Claa- 
•Ifleatlan Guide. SCG^ll, Rev. 1, 1/1/66. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
Intervals; deelaBsified 
after 12 years 

TMf m^crfal cobUIm Infornutlon affsctlM the MUonal ttafwiM ot th* Unttw) 8Mm 
wttMn th« mflulac o< the Mpionac* Uws, ttU* 19, U.8.C., Sees. TM and 7»4, th* 
pniiWtS ll »»»I^»«n M which In uty nuuuMr to lu aniuithorUwl panoo to 

Tape 17-0 3U68 
Page 1 

OU 13 08 00 CDR-LM Ron, do you still read iis? 

CMP Yes, loud and clear. How me? 

CMP Challenger, America. Do you read me? 

CDR-LM *** clear. 

CMP Okay. You're still clipping a little hit. All I 

got -was the "clear," hut that's all right. 

CDR-LM Loud and clear, 
OU 13 08 32 CMP I got that part. Loud and clear. 

CMP Okay. Coming up on 8 minutes. 

Oh 13 09 31 CMP MARK it. 



Tape 17-031*68 
Page 2 

Ok 13 10 56 CMP Okay. BAT BUS B - AC. That's slow coming up any 

minute. ... good shape. 

OU 13 11 15 CMP Okay. Helium valves ... in AUTO - N^A. SERVO 

POWER, 1; got it; 2*s going on. Okay. ... con- 
troller's at AC. DIRECTS are OFF. BMAGs are un- 
caged. No hardovers. Go to SCS. Okay. PITCH 1; 
got it. YAW 1; got it. 

LMP Okay, trim. Plus ... and - plus 0.9. Okay. 

Try a little MTVC - MTVC - TVC. Whoo! Sure bangs 
it around. Okay. Okay. Let's see now. Where 
are we? ... MTVC. Okay, SPACECRAFT COMTROL "back 
to CMC; return to zero; go clockwise. No MTVC. 
... okay. Glmbal motors, PITCH 2, got it. YAW 2; 
got it. Okay. Got a little trim. Plus O.U, 
plus 0.9. 

ok 13 13 00 CMP Okay. MTVC - TVC, MTVC - TVC. Looking good. 

Okay. Neutrai, returns to zero. Okay, no MTVC. 
AC /DC on the old POWER. Put up the DIRECTS. Cage 
the old BMAGs. Okay^ BMAGs are RATE 2. DSKY 
RELEASE. 50 18, PROCEED. ... 18. The 50 I8 says 
we're there. Uncage the old BMAGs, and there's 
the 50 18. 

CDR Okay. Try the gimhal test option. 

LMP Plus 2, minus 2, zero, plus 2, minus 2, zero. 

ok 13 lit 10 CMP 1, 2, 3, k, - ah-hal We have drift. Plus 

plus 0.9; 3 minutes and 60 seconds to go. 

Ol* 13 ik 23 CMP 59.9. The DELTA-V^ 'b^xcn time weis k seconds. ... 

bum time plus 1. Maniial ... with the DIRECTS ON. 
. . . bum ... 

OU 13 16 36 CMP Okay. ... is NORMAL. ... CONTROL POWER is OFF. 

... DELTA-V plus 8, ... before I take another ... 
Okay. Average g. ... is on. You g\^ys still hear 
me? Challenger, America, Do you read? 

SC Yes. 

Ok 13 17 21 CMP Okay. At 17 seconds. There's ullage. We have 

\illage. 99 PROCEED. Oh-ho! ... down! Ho - Ho! 
• . , bum • 

Tape 17-031+68 
Page 3 


CMP Okay. 59 everything over the hill. 

Okay 59.2. 59.9. Okay. Let's PROCEED out of 
that. Turn the old GIMBAL MOTORS OFF. Okay. 
Status. 2; got it. 1; got it. 1; got it. Ah-ha! 
Okay. Hey, did you guys get the word? The hurn 
is complete. I'll trim it up. 

CDR Ron, do you copy Challenger? We copy your hurn. 

OU 13 l8 Ul CMP Okay. Bum is complete. And all good residuals. 

LMP . . . • 

ok 13 20 36 W!P Ron, we're 210 from the bum. 

CMP Okay. Copy it. 

OU 13 21 53 LMP And we're huming right at the terminator, Ron. 

CMP Ha-ha. Okay. I'm in a 70 by 5^.7. 

CDR Okay. The DSKY is blajik. 

ok 13 22 12 CMP Okay. 


Tape 17-031^68 
Page k 

Ok 13 22 50 SC 

IMP-Wl Beautiful. 

CMP I guess the burn is complete, huh? 

CMP . . . con^jlete . . . 

CDR-LM Hey, Ron, ... update the state vector? 

OU 13 2h 30 CMP Okay. We'll update the state vector. 

CDR-LM Ron, we have a fuel ... 

CMP That's pretty close. ... 

CMP Forgot to look at the ... on that . 
OU 13 28 5U CDR-LM ... 21 minutes until we ... 


Oh 13 33 18 CMP Okay, ... A. 

CMP . . . Last move . 


SC • • • 

Ol^ 13 h^ hi. CMP Okay. ... PDI. ... unless you want to say some- 

thing. . . . call you. 


Tape 17-03l»68 
Page 5 

Ok Ik 12 37 SC 

CDR ... coming up on 3 minutes. We're go for ... 

Okay, 3, n-uinber. 

CDR It's getting close to k minutes. Jack. 

LMP Okay, weight's building up, looking good, ... are 


Ok Ik 13 k2 CDR Okay, at 3:30 you ought to have T9 . . . We're 

still a little high - about 2500 feet. H-dot is 
still high. 

CDR Okay, the tapemeter moves in spurts and jerks both 

on altitude and altitude rate. 

CDR Four minutes, 89 by 37.2. 

CDR BMAGs are . . . 

JMP Okay. 

ok ik ik 12 CDR Okay, CJordo. You're ... coming to 3^0. 

OU ik ik l6 CDR And the way I like 

# # # 

(Tills page Unclassified) 1T-03U66 


DUMPED nyFP GPS niTPmr. luhae orbit 13 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

ok 13 22 U9 Olt 13 hi 37 

Ok Ik 13 30 Ok. ±k Ik 3k 

Voice very poor; time good. 


The BaUrlal eo wU l n ed benta liu Iraiiaerllwd Into a vorUng 

papar fai order lo lacUlUte review by Mereeted K9C elemeata. ThU 
doc nme a t , orpMUooa Ihereof,' nay be4«eUeain«4 aabtect toUie 
Mlovlnc guldallnee: 

ParUona el thle tfoeumeat wttlba claaal/led COMFIDEKTIAL. 
Group 4, (o the extent Uial thejr: (l)deflM qtiantlUUIve porformaiice 
ebaraetarlsUca d the Apollo flpaeecraft. <t}deUtl erttlcalperlorimnce 
chancterletica of Apollo era* ayatena and e^lpaeal, (I) provide 
tacbBleal datalla ol algnlllcant latMcb vahlela roallunctlona In actual 
fU0it or reveal actual launch Iralaelory data. <4) reveal medical data 
on f U(M crew membera which ca* be coaaldered privileged data, or 
(I) r«veal other daU which can be ladlvMuallir dctermlmid to require 
elaaaKleatlea uaderthe authority «l the Ap^ Progran Securtty Claa- 
•Wealloa Oalde, aco-lt, Rev. 1, 1/l/M,. 


Downgraded mt ^year 
Intervale; deelaseified 
after 12 years 

Thla BuUMttl eoaUlM Information allectliM; tha MtiotuU Mbbm of the Unttwd OtatM 
wttbia th« mMBlng at th« •iplaMca UwiTtUI* 18, U.8.C, Sm«. 7ftS ud 794, lh« 
trtrmwtoilcii or rtTeUtlon d wklch in any mannar to an tuututhorlMd panon to 
pr«felbttMl bjr U«. 

ok 13 22 1+9 SC Beautiful! 

SC * * • 

LMP Okay . . . 

SC Hey, Ron, . . . 

Ok 13 2k 30 CMP ... tsuke these few pictures. 

SC ... zero, 

CMP That's pretty close 

SC . . . ve have to look at the . . . 

SC • * » 

ok 13 28 5^ CMP Ah hal ... 

SC « • • 
OU 13 33 37 LMP 

Ol+ 13 kf 37 LMP Okay. I'll tell you ... our PDI 


Tape IT-O3I+66 
Page 2 

Ok ih 13 30 LMP Okay; at 3:30 you ought to have 79 

SC » • • 

LMP We're still a little high, about 2500 feet. H-dot 

is still high. 

LMP Okay. The tapemeter moves in spurts and Jerks, 

"both on altitude and altitude rate. 

SC Yes. 

LMP ... ED BATs are 37. 2. ED BATs are 3 - Oh, okay. 

CDR Okay, Gordo. Yaw's coming at 3^0. 

Oh ik ik 15 LMP And the radar light are out. Beautiful! You're 

looking at DELTA-H. Okay. You're looking at 

OI+ ih ik 3I+ LMP Okay; VERB 57 is in. Hey, Houston, is the AGS 

out of plane correct? 

# # # 


(This page Unclassified) IT-03I+18 



GBS ^„_„,x, LUNAR ORBIT 12 


Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

Ol*. 15 02 3h oh 15 03 50 

Comm good; little Ijackground noise 


The MUriil eonUlnod lMr«bi bM tnuiacribcd Into « vvrktag 
paper tai ordar to laclllttt* ravlmr by InUrMtcd KSC cI«mmU. This 
docaiBMt, or portion* lh«r««(,' n«]r b* d«cl***lf t«d Mbloel toth* 
lOHowtBg fuldeUnea: 

PtnilOM d thlt document wlltb* cteMUlad CONFfDBNTtAL. 
Group 4, to thfl extent that they: <l)deUiie quMtltktlve pertormuce 
elMurMteriattci at the Apollo Spaeecrktt, (2)detall critical performence 
cliarMterlMlcf ct Apollo crew ■yalema and e<pilpment, O) provide 
lectaleal details ol elgnlflcaat lauach Tehlcle malfuocUons In actual 
fU^t or reveal actual launch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical data 
en f U|M crew membera which c«a be considered privileged data, or 
(•) reveal other data which can be Individually determined to require 
cteesllicatlaa under the authority of the ApoUo Program Security Claa- 
•tfleiritM QuMe, SCC^ll, Rev. I. 1/I/«S. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
intervals; declaeeified 
after 12 years 

This mstorliil eaaUlns Infornutlcn allectlnc th* luUtxya d«f«iM at Um Unttad SMm 
wtthln Ui« mMAlng ti th* •iplcukg* Uw«rTUl« 18, V.8.C., Bmea, 1M and 7M, tte 
trsMiHlMlOB or mtUtton of which In ujr nuuiMr to sa uluuiaiortnd ptTMn la 
pnhlbttMl bf Uv. 

Tape 17-03^+18 
Page 1 

Oh 15 02 3U CMP Okay. Mighty fine. Thank you. 

oil 15 03 50 CMP (Laughter) Okay, Will do. Good way to keep me 


# # # 

Tape IT-O3I+IO 
Page 2 

01^ 16 51 OT CMP Okay ; good. And HIGH GAIN ANTENNA POWER is going 



Okay. Are you trying to pull that antenna laack in 
first before we completely [ ? ] change the Flight Plan 

CMP Oh, Okay. 

CMP Oh, okay. 

CMP Oh I Okay . 

Oli 16 5U 00 CMP Hg tank 2 PANS are ON, now (chuckle). 

CMP Oh, really? (Laughter) 

CMP Gee whiz I Guess I picked a good time to he gone. 

CMP Heyl You know, you'll never believe it. I'm 

right over the edge of Orientale. I just looked 
down and saw a light flash myself. 

Right at the end of the rille. That is on the 
east of Orientale. 




Yes, you know, you don't suppose that could be - 

I'll be demed. I got to mark that spot on the 

OU IT 00 27 CMP Just about to lose you. 

OU 17 05 36 CMP Spacecraft real time; PCM and real time will not 

be received. 

ah 17 12 25 CMP Okay, the old RECORDER going ON. VHF reminding 

' myself that it's ON. RECORDER'S to VHF. Sounder 

to OPERATE. Stand by for 1 minute. Okay. Tape 
recorder ... I'm sure. No, no, wait. 


Okay, ... to OPERATE. Standby. Barber pole. 

CMP Change your . . . 

OU 17 15 07 CMP ... Stand by. Pull fiUn for 1 minute. 

li frames, 

# # # 

fmis page unclassified) ^^^^ 1T-031.10 


DUMPED CWKTi gps nTTpma lmab orrtt 13 
Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

oh 16 31 05 01+ IT 15 07 • 

Voice good Tontil last segment, 

Repeats in comm. Erratic times. 


The matarlal conUlMd herein haa ba«R tranacrlbad lato a worklns 
paptr In order to taeiUUta review bf Interealad MSC eleinMta. Titia 
ooevoiMl, orportlona Uiare<i<, may badeelaaallled auUeet to the 
toUowlBK cttidaUnas: 

PortloM of IMa documenl will be cteetUled CONPIOBKTIAL 
arou|>4, to the extent (fiat they: (i) define qiunlil«ttve periormance 
etaracterlalica of the Apollo Spaeeeralt, (a)deUll crUicaltieriormaAee 
cluuraclarlatlea ct Apollo crew ayalemi wid •<iutpinent, <3) provide 
Uchntcal detolU of •Ignlf leant Uiuieh vehicle nulfunetlona in actual 
(Ufht or reveal actual tauach trajectory dtu. (4) reveal medical dau 
m fllt^t craw mendiera which can be eonaldered prlvlleced daU, or 
(B) reveal other daU which can be indlvlduttly determined to require 
elMalllcatloa imderthe authority et the ApoUo Program Security Claa- 
•IftcaUoa Guide, 8C0-11. Rev. 1, 1/1/66. 


Downgraded at 5-year 
intervals; declaasified 
after 12 years 

i«SS«£2t«rS*^-».M* •!:P*"S«f Uwi/ttUe 18, U.8,C., 8«c«. 7M u>d 7M, te« 

Tape 17-03^+10 
Page 1 

Ol; 16 31 05 CMP Okay. Stand by. 3, 2, 1 - 

Oh l6 31 Ik CMP MARK it. Barber pole; gray. 

ok 16 33 15 CMP Okay, she's STMDBY. Mode has gone to HF. I'll 

select - I'm going to need Bravo. Too bad. Do 
old HIGH GAIN, MANUAL, and VIDE. That's 12 and 

Oi+ 16 3k 23 CMP Okay; minus 12 211. HIGH _ GAIN ANTENNA POWER is 

OFT. BIT MTE is LOW . . . HF part of it. Okay. 
We'll stand by. 

CMP Okay. We'll make it at 17:1*0. 

Ok l6 37 ^3 CMP 17:40, went to OPERATE. 

Ok l6 38 kk CMP 18:1+0, LUNAR SOUNDER, STANDBY. Hey, great! 

CMP Hey, outstanding! That's great. 

CMP Now, if the old antenna'd ever come back in, we'd 

be in good shape, huh? 

Ol+ 16 39 56 CMP Okay; we're maneuvering to VHP test attitude. 

ol* 16 U6 26 CMP Okay, Houston. I'm about ready to press ahead, if 

you all are. 

Ok 16 1+6 53 CMP Okay. HIGH GAIN ANTENNA POWER is ON. We got 

MANUAL and WIDE. Minus about 12 and YAW about 21 
or something, 211. MANUAL on the HIGH GAIN. Ah- 
ha, AUTO. Looks like it worked pretty good. Okay, 
MODE to VHF. Find it - there it is. MODE to VHF. 

CMP Okay. Go to OPERATE at 28. 

Ok 16 k8 05 CMP OPERATE. 

CMP Boy, you talk about night flying, this is the kind 

of night flying you want to do, by the full Earth. 
Beautiful out there. 

01+16 50 10 CMP Okay. It went to STANDBY at 30. MODE has gone to 

HF. RECORDER is OFF. Lose a little conm here, hnfl 
Maybe. Okay, there's Bravo. Select OMNI Bravo. 
High gain at minus - MANUAL, WIDE. Minus 10 and 25 
for AOS. 

(This page Unclassified) 17-0 37 

X cipe — — — — 


DUMPED nvRp MAP nTTPTMr, lunar orbit 2h 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

03 10 hi 39 05 11 26 50 

Time good; voice very poor. 


TiM maUrUI eontalnod herein haa to*** (raaacribed into ■ worUng 
paper la order to (aclUUte r«vle« Iqr lalereated M8C eletaenU. Thie 
<tocun>enl, or portion* thereof,' majr be dcclaaalfleit aulijoct to the 
foUowlBs gtttdelinea: 

F«rtiom of thU document wIIIIm cUaaUled CONFIOBNTIAL. 
Oraiip4, to the extent that they: (OdaMiM quanlltattve performance 
eharaeterlatlca cf the Apollo Spacecraft, (!)detatl critical performance 
charMtariatle* of Apollo crew ■yetena and equlpmenl, 0> provide 
technical detalle o( ■IgnUleanl launch vehicle matfunctlcme In aclual 
flight or reraal actual launch Irajeelory data, (4) reveal medical data 
OB f Uflit crew membera which can be eoaaldercd privileged data, or 
(t) r«veal other daU which can be todlvlduaUy determined to require 
elaaeltlcallon under the aulhorlly of the Apollo Program Security Ctae- 
•ifteatleo OuUe. SCC-ll, Rev. 1, t/l/S6. 


Dcmigraded at 3-year 
intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

ThU BMtaiiU efloUin* Infonnstlan Kff*etljw tha mtlaaal d«f«nM d th« Unttad ataUs 
wma the mMiOiic d tba Mnlcnae* Uvs, Tttl« IB, U.S.C., Saes. TM and 794. tk* 
tttMrnlMtan or rmlatlan ol whldi tn aajr aaaan to an unwithorizad panot ia 
prahlbitad Iqr U«. 

Tape 17-031+37 
"Page 1 

05 10 k^ 39 CMP Ah-ha. Okay. 28:03. We'll start the clock. 

CMP Okay. 

CMP Okay. 

05 10 51 Us CMP Okay, Gordo. Thank you much. 

CMP • . . Eight will go into 60 , . . , and 10 vill go 

into lj-0 . . . 

05 10 55 00 CMP Hey, and we started that one after - for the 

record, started it at 29:09 for the 90-second one 
And then - I mean at 28:09, started at 28:09 for 
the 90-second one. And then we set the clock 
and started the rest of them on time. So that 
the 6o-one - 60-second one started right at 
5 minutes , The next one will be at 8 minutes for 
the 60-seconder, 10 minutes for UO-second, and .. 
on the 20-second, 

CMP Gosh-dam thing ... took a picture ... about 

60 seconds ... Okay, 10 will be at UO seconds. 

CMP . . . think . . . 

05 10 58 51 CMP Okay. Switch 11:30, we get a 20-second one; 

13:00 - Okay, 11:30, we get 20 second; 13:00, 
we get a 10- . . , 

CMP 13:00 - 

CMP Okay . . . 

CMP Eleven. . Need another two. . 

CMP ... 13:30. 

05 11 02 1+7 CMP ... 50. 

CMP ... - Wow, does the Sun come up I (Laughter) 

CMP Okay. Cover ... up out there. 

CMP ... lU : 50 would have been a 30 . Okay , that ' s 

Tape 17-03^+37 
Page 2 

right. Yes. That's right lk:^0 would have been 
1/30, so that's all right. Worked out good - 
worked out good. We got that one eill except 
for the 8-minute one. Somehow I must not have 
had it all the way into the T. Okay. ... Let's 


05 11 05 31^ CMP (Whistling) 
CMP Okay. 

05 11 08 29 CMP Okay, here we go at 1+8, I guess it is. LASER 

ALTIMETER, ON. ... we got a barber pole. 

05 11 08 k6 CMP Okay, MAPPING CAMERA, ON. *»» MOTION, barber 

pole plus k. There's a barber pole, , rT^could 
have had that a little sooner. Oh, we got the 
time . . . craters . 

05 11 10 38 CMP Warm. 

05 11 21 k6 CMP Well, we'll come across Gagarin eind Agassiz [sic] 

now. You can see the - it looks like a rille 
going back throtigh - towards the south through 
Agassiz - cutting on across into a little crater 
to the south of Agassiz. You know, something 
that looks funny about that , even thoi:igh it 
looks like a mare material, it looks like Agassiz 
is - slopes with a, maybe lO-i- or 15-degree slope 
from the west to the east, with a mare-type floor, 
at least a darker color - darker albedo floor. 
There ' s a lot of swirls in the floor . You - you 
can't see any topographic expression with those 
swirls at all. It almost looks like some of 
the - the light streaks , thoiigh , do come from - 
well, by gosh, they are - they're mixed up from 
ejecta probably from Bright Baby [?]. And Bright 
Baby is really right up to the - you can see the 
ejecta pattern on it, heading generally in a 
nor the as t e rly di re ct i on . 

05 11 26 50 CMP Okay, coming across - 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 1T-03U17 


Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

05 13 37 29 05 13 37 29 

05 19 09 10 05 19 35 28 

Comm fairly good; glycol pump r\inning 


TIM natarUl eonUlncd hcraln bM been InuMcriM Mo a working 
papar ki order to taclUlste review bjr taiteraaltd KSC eleineatB. This 
doeuBMot, orpoTtlona thereof,' nuy liedcelaeilf led auliiect (oihe 
fellowlac ittldellnee: 

Portlona ol thie document will be cUaaUted CONFIDENTIAL. 
Croup 4, to the extent tiiat they: (Odellne quantitative performance 
characterUUcB «( the Apollo Bpaceeraft, (t)detall crttlcBlpertormance 
charaeterlallca ot Apollo craw ayatema and a<{ulpnie«t, {i) provide 
taduUeal detail* ot algnUlcaat tauncb vehlcta maUunetlona In actual 
fUfht or reveal actual launch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical data 
on lllgtit crew memberi wblek can be eonaktarcd prlvileted data, or 
(5) reveal other data which can be Individually determined to reipilre 
elaaalflcatlan under the authority ol the Apollo Program Security Claa- 
aineallM Otttde, SCG-11, Rev. 1, l/l/«6. 


Dovngrsded at ^-yeftr 
Inteinrale; declassified 
after 12 years 

llda aatvrUl ctsUlna Inf omwtloi ■ffactins Uw Mtlonal ttefma* d Om Unttad BtaAM 
wtthia th« mMRlng of th« mdIqmc* UwsrriU* 18, U.8.C., Baca. 709 and TM, tha 
tnaamiaalOB or ravalatlon « which in an* nuinnar to an luiairthortsad paraon la 
proklUtad bf law. 

Tape 17-O3IH7 
Page 1 

05 13 37 29 CMP Hello, Houston. This is America. Loud and clear. 


05 19 09 10 CMP Okay; I just passed over - the - Crater Aitken 

again. That flat domical feature down there, 
especially, had a flow that's come out of that 
feature out into the flat maria trough. You can 
see the flow channel - going out, and then also, 
right in the breach right on the side of it, there 
is a second flow that has come out on top of the 
breach. And it stopped right in the "breach itself. 

05 19 10 03 CMP Okay; there's 50. PAN CAMERA to STANDBY - 


Q5 19 11 15 CMP Okay. For the record there, mag Oscar Oscar took 

three pictures, one with an 80 and two with a 
250 lens, and the exposures are now 106, I guess. 

05 19 17 5U CMP Keep losing my maps. 

05 19 27 Ok CMP (Humming) 

05 19 31 19 CMP ... all right. 

CMP There ' s ... on the recorder . 

05 19 33 Ik CMP There's the old Earth. It's about a half Earth 


CMP Houston, America. 

CMP Okay, Robert. I guess the big thing I want to 

report from the back side on this one here is 
that I took another look at the - the Cloverieaf 
at Aitken, with the binocs , and that southern, 
domical crater of the Cloverieaf - it has a 
breach on the east - east side of it. It - I 
can't tell - There's - there's a flow - In other 
words , the domical structures themselves are psurt 
of a flow material that has partially filled up 
the breach. In other words, the breach is either 

Tape 17-03^17 
Page 2 

flowed into that little - domical structure "before 
the domes were built, or else - all of that stuff 
that's in the mare floor has flown out of that 
domical structure before the domes came in. In 
other words, the domical structures themselves 
are a different time relationship to the floor 
itself. They are younger than the floor itself. 

05 19 35 28 CMP Yes, there - yes, there is. The dome-type material 

is - The colors again are very hard, you know. I'm 
just going to have to say that it's - it's slightly 
darker than the mare floor - is the way it looks 
to me right at this point in time. Also, the tex- 
ture is a coarser texture than the floor itself. 
In other words, the floor, to me, is kind of a 
standard mare flat-floor-type stuff, and I have 
to compare the - the texture of the domical hills 
to - Oh - I guess what I would imagine some of 
the dacite flows that I've seen out in CsLlifornia. 
You know, the heavy viscous-type flows. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) Tape ^T-03UiH 



DUMPED OVER_^s__DURING-iUm orbit 26 
Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

05 Ih h6 13 05_15013U_ 

05 15 02 01 05 15 10 30 

05 15 10 k9 05 15 27 03 

05 15 30 36 05 15 30 36 

05 15 35 08 . 05 15 36 U2 

Voice fair; time good 


The m»t«rUl cantatnad herein hu been Iranacrlbed into • working 
paper In order (o fMlllUl* review by latcreeted M8C elemeote. Thle 
documeal, or portion* Uiere«<,' may bedeeUeslfied eabteet to the 
following (uldetlnea: 

Portlone ol IhU document will be cUeetlted CONFmCNTIAL, 
Group 4, to the extent that they: <1) define <|u«nllUtlve perlornwnce 
ehamclerlatlce tt the Apollo Bpececraft, (Z)det«ll crltlcetperlormencc 
Chartettrletle* oC Apollo crew eyateme uid ei^lpment, (3) provide 
Uchaleat detail* of aignlflcknt Uunch vehicle roalluocttona In actual 
fU0it or reveal actual launch Iraieclcnry data, (4) reveal medical dau 
on fUfbt crew membera which can be eonaldared privileged data, or 
(1) rovett other data which can be individually determined to require 
claaalfteBtloa under the authority ct the Apollo Program Security CUa- 
•ifleatlaa Guide. SCC-lt, Kev. 1, 1/I/M>. 


Downgraded at 5-year 
intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

Till* mktarUl conUlns Infomutlon alfeettiu tbe natlcnia dttmtt of th« UnU*d 8UtM 
wlUkin th« aiMains d th« •aatoni«« Uwg, TtU* 18, U. S. C. , Seca. TM and 7M» th« 
truuiaiUiBtoa or mwUtlon ol which In uty mojuMr to ftn tiii«uUioviz*d (wrrai ik 
protUMtod bjr Uw. 

Tape n-03hlk 
Page 1 

05 1^ .^6 13 CMP Oh, hey, one thing. Can you check on mag - What 

do I have on the Mkon now? XX, I guess? Seems 
to me like - we just need that for another - 
zodiacal light thing - which takes ahout 12 frames. 
In other words, are there two or three frames 

00 « • • 

CMP Do we have two or three frames available on - on 

that one? 

CMP Okay. I want to take a red and a blue picture of 

the landing site sometime. 

CMP Oh, okay. Yes, don't - no - no problem. I won't 

use it until I get to the landing site anyhow. 

05 Ih kl 31 CMP Oh, okay. Good. 

05 Ik 51 09 CMP Yes, let's get . . . 

05 Ik 52 kj CMP 33:hQ. Okay. Here we go. 

05 ik 53 02 CMP 33:it8. Doesn't sound like the thing's working 

unless I talk right into it. Good thing it's not 
on the . . . Test 1, 2, 3 - 

05 Ik 53 26 CMP How's that? 1, 2, 3, k. Okay. That looks like 

that ought to work. 33:^+8, we start the clock. 
07:^8. That dear old clock. 

05 1^ 53 56 CMP Okay. BIT RATE is HIGH, Checked that, yes. And 

tape was going. Okay. Let's see now. 

05 11+ ^k 11 CMP Oln30, CMC's in YKEE. ... start drifting. Okay. 

Oh, the old bianed's starting to itch. Took it off 
here after a bit and see what it's - 

05 ll; 5U kk CMP Okay. 0lt:30, we go to FREE; 05:1+5, take a 

10-second one; and at 06, we take a H-second one 
and change at 06. Change, then take - At 06:10, 
we take a 1-second one; 06:20, take one-half. 
Skip one-fourth, skip 1/15- (Humming) I can sing. 

Tape 17-O3U1U 
Page 2 

CMP {Hununing) Boy, that's teautlful out there. Nothing 

but vhite sky full of stars in a black, black 
nothing. You can't tell it's the Moon; you can't 
tell it's anything. Black, round ... curves. 

05 ik % 1|0 CMP I'll be darned; there's Regulus. Getting another 

one ri^t there - out there. Planets, huh? I 
better get back to work. Okay. I'll bet that's 
Saturn. No. Can't be Saturn. Something larger 
or sanething. 

05 lit 57 15 03:22. The old CMC MODE switch. There it is. 

Go to FREE at 0U:30. Hold trigger down. Okay, I 
got a 10. Then we start at 06 with a l|-second. 
Then at 06:10 is a 1-second. Okay. Coming up on 
0lt:30. Look at that. You get a - No, let's see, 
we want ... still 5 minutes early. At 05:^5, you 
get the first one. Still get the ... Find the 
jobberdoo. There it is. Go to FREE in 5 minutes. 

05 lU 58 5^ CMP Okay. CMC, FREE, ... Okay. ... 05:^5, we want 

a 10-second one. Okay. UO, 2, 43, - 

05 1*^ 59 38 CMP U5. At 55, we turn her OFF - 5. Okay. At 06, we 

want a U-second. 58, 59 - 

05 lU 59 52 CMP mm it. 2, 3, Okay. 06:10, 1. 06:10, we 

need a 1 - 

05 15 00 05 CMP 1. One half at 06:20 - 

05 15 00 lU CMP MARK. Skipping one. 

05 15 00 20 CMP Okay. It's 30. Okay. Skip one. 

05 15 00 51 CMP ... the Moon? There it is . ... at 7. That's 

10 seconds early. Okay. The old sunrise came 
at 7- May have been a little bit early on that 
one. Yes, that's true. Light's on ... . I 
won't be surprised at sunset next time. 

05 15 01 3li CMP Okay. PCM BIT MTE, LOW next 7 minutes. 


Tape n-03hlk 
Page 3 

05 15 02 01 CMP 

05 15 02 U8 CMP 

05 15 03 39 CMP 
05 15 Ok 29 CMP 

05 15 05 1^0 CMP 
05 15 05 56 CMP 

05 15 07 57 CMP 

05 15 09 5^^ CMP 
05 15 10 30 CMP 

05 15 10 1*9 CMP 

Hi, again. Fuel cell purge and the waste water 
dump here. Okay. Prime HEATERS. HEA.TERS - didn't 
have that ON. ... fuel cell purge is all it is. 
Okay. Oh, 2-2 minutes. Okay, 1, 50 - 

MAEK. 2, 3. 

Dump the old waste water. PCM, HIGH, at h$ , Okay. 
Oh, yes. . . . old door. 

Okay. Wastewater is going. Okay, ... diimped. 
Let's see, time to get the 0^ up. Yes. 

Okay. Just ahout 1 minute to - Okay, Let's see. 
Fuel cell purge. H^, hut it works all right. Okay 

Seems to he working okay. Little bit higher. I 
got the old waste water going. Now if I can hook 
up that BUSS, get rid of that one. 

Good one. Urine bag; here it comes. The old 
urine bag. 

Okay. Dump. If I was in real g, those bubbles 
wouldn't go together. One big bubble; I don't know 
why. Bubbles everything we've got. 

BIT RATE to HIGH at 1+9. ... 

(H'umming) I wish I knew if that thing was working 
or not. I guess it is. 

Forty percent. 

Okay. Going to HIGH BIT RATE. 


Thirty percent, I guess. And look at the particles 
I'll bet that'll screw up the lunar sounder. It 
is really snowing out there. (Humming) Holy 
mackerel, we've already passed Aitken. I wanted 
to take a look at it. There sure is some kind of 

Tape n-03klk 
Page k 

05 15 lU 1+7 CMP 

05 15 IT 21 CMP 


05 15 27 03 CMP 

a flow around there. You can see the flow marks - 
flow scarps up around the edges and in the south- 
east comer of - I mean, southwest comer, you can 
also see it on the south - I mean, the northwest 
comer. Up "by the cloverleaf , itself, you can see 
where the flow - the material has flown up over 
the edge of the - crater wall. Started up the 
edge of the crater wall almost like that Scarp 
looks like around the land site. That's what it 
looks like to me. And let's see. How we doing on 
the waste water? ... percent, okay. ... the purge. 

GimbaJL lock. Son-of-a-gun ! 

. . . my . . . 

Dad "blast it. Oh, the old waste water dump 
really torques you off in FREE. 

Son of a ... Well , shucks . 


Okay. ... happen anymore. Eveiything's under 
control. ... control ... . Matter of fact. 


05 15 30 36 CMP 

Oh , ... Oh , ... 

Circuit breaker. 

It wasn't 

Yes . Where to? 


05 15 35 08 CMP 
05 15 36 32 CMP 
05 15 36 k2 CMP 

Houston, America. 

Well, I think I got it back under control again. 
Oh, let's see. Let me go back through my - Vfell, 
I aimost got into girabal lock. (Laughter) I 

Tape 17-03^+11+ 
Page 5 

missed the last step of the - last step of the 
solar corona thing, which says go hack to CMC 
AUTO, which wouldn't have "been too had, except 
soon as you get a waste water dump, it really 
torgues it around. 

# # # 

(This page UnclasBifled) ^^^^ 17-03^15 


DUMPED OVER^£L_DURlNGi™.0^^^'^ ^7 
Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

05 16 53 12 05 17 33 28 

Time good; voice good except for last 3 mirlutes of tape. 


The mtiterUl eontatnad herein lw« bten traaacrlhcd Into a working 
papor In ord«r to (aclllUte review by Intereited M3C elements. ThU 
document, or portlone Uieraof,' may badcctaasif led subject to the 
lollo«rtng gttkieUttee: 

Portion* of thli document will be clauUled CONFIDENTIAL, 
Group 4, to the extent that they: (1) define quantitative performance 
characlarUtlce of the Apollo Spacecraft, (2)detall critical performance 
characterlsttee of Apollo crew ayatemi and ei{ulpment, (3) provide 
technical deiklls of algnUlcaot launch vehicle nutlfunclluna tn actual 
flight or reveal actual launch trajectory data, (4) rt<veal medical data 
oit flight crew tnembera which can be conaldered privileged data, or 
(ft) reveal other data which can be Individually determined to require 
cUMlIlcatlon under the authority ol the Apollo Program Security CUa- 
•ifleaUon Guide, 3CC-1I, Rev. 1, 1/l/M. 


Dcrvmgraded at J-year 
intervale? declassified 
after 12 years 

ThiM mKtarlal ccntAjiu Information affectiivsr tho natlotml dafenaa of th« United Statae 
within th« mcanlAS of th* crpiontiee Uws, tide 18, U. 8. C. , Sees. Hi end tM, th« 
tmufiilcsl<ai or ravaUtion of which In tuiy mftniMr to an uiuLuthcrlzad peraoo la 
profalbUad bf law. 

Tape 3 7-0 
Pixge 1 

05 l6 53 12 CMP (Humming) (Coughing) (Humming) (Whistling) 


05 IT 00 35 CMP Hey, finally got a gray. Okay. IMAGE MOTION is ON 

05 IT 00 hi CMP MAPPIKG CAMERA, ON, - ^0 - Ul at S-minute - ... it 

run for 5 hours, anyhow. So, MAPPING CAMERA, ON. 
Barber pole, plus 3. There's one right there. 
(Coughing) (Laughing) 





What the heck is that? (Laughing) yfy tone booster 
floated over in front of the Sun. Kind of scares 
the heck out of you. 

Must be in the wrong vlndow - maybe not. 

CMP (Coughing) 

Altken's going to be out of the other window. Out 
of window 5 , yes . 

CMP (Coughing) (Humming) 

05 IT 05 35 CMP Okay. I guess window 3 is the best one after all. 

You see it coming up. 

Little bit of glare out the window, but not bad. 
Aitken is about two crater diameters from the - 
from the terminator on this rev. And being close 
to the terminator, you can look around the general 
terrain - around the whole area. It's pretty well 
subdued. There are spots as - what I call plains- 
flow-tjrpe material. The reason I call it plains- 
fill material as opposed to a lava flew is because 
the crater population seems to be considerably 
more - considerably higher in these areas. And, 
the areas I'm speaking of primarily are just to 
the east of Aitken and also to the north in some 
of the low-lying valleys. Try to pick up seme sort 
of flow lines or anything around it. Don't see any 
this time around on the - on the plains -flow-type 
material around the edges . Looking at the general 
edge of the crater Aitken itself, you don't see any 
positive elements as an ejecta blanket or ray ma- 
terial. There aren't any around. However, the 
rims, slumping within the rims, particularly on 
the west wall, is considerably apparent. It is 

Tape 11-03^15 
Page 2 

somewhat subdued, so it is protably - oh, Eratos- 
thenian somewhere in that area, late Eratosthenian 
as opposed to Copemican. When you look down in 
the floor itself, there are some light-colored 
swirls. I guess is the common terminology for it. 
From this particular angle, in here, I can't see 
any apparent relief or texture to the floors them- 
selves . 

05 IT 08 13 CMP In this case, all the swirls seem to be running 

from west to east, or east to west, as the case 
may he. They seem to he essentially lined up in 
that way, like they had blown across and maybe 
gone around - a low mound or something like that. 
Concentrating on the cloverleaf - and I'll call 
that cloverleaf - in the northeastern comer down 
there, the biggest apparent thing is there, it's 
quite obvious, that you have lava scarp flowing 
up and over the - in front of the slump material 
that has been slumped down inside the crater, at 
least some of the original base fill. So the lava 
flow's definitely after that, and it looks like in 
one area - in what I'll call the south domical 
structures down there, there's a graben or a flow 
graben where it has flown - Well, I can't tell if 
it is in or out of. I am just losing sight of it, 
now. I'll have to check that out next time around. 
But I can't tell if it is flowing in or out, but 
at least it's a breach. There has been a lava 
flow, either into or out of the south dcmical 

05 IT 09 ^5 CMP There are several, you know, there are subdued 

craters of some kind, completely subdued or maybe 
still in that type craters in the north - right 
south of what we call Crater A. Even there , with 
the shadow of - Sun angle of, oh, must be no more 
than 10 degrees, or something like that, or maybe 
a little bit more. But, you can't see down through 
that shadow. The western rim is very hard. You 
lose their shadow down there, and you can't see 
through the shadow at all. 

Tape IT-O3I+I5 
Page 3 

CMP But, in summary, the most significant thing about 

the crater Aitken, is the fact you have a recent 
mare flow, and the fact that you can see the flow 
lines, or the flow scarp - least, on the eastern 
interior of the crater. In Champlin [sic] there's 
a little - little turtlehack-type crater in there - 
what I call a turtlehack-type crater floor. And 
there seems to be a few of these on the back side; 
but not too many. Oh, maybe four or five, as I 
can recall right now. But, in each case, there's 
kind of a trough, or I guess you might call it 
a rille - except it is a D-shaped trough is what 
it is - all the way around the crater between the 
crater wall and the interior. Just like the 
Interior is kind of bounded up in some sort of 
discus form. And, you know, it \ras eased up and 
maybe subsided back a little bit on the thing to 
create the turtleback-type of a texture. However, 
I can remember some of the dacite flows out in 
California, you get that same type of appearance 
from a high altitude standpoint. 

05 17 11 59 CMP They look like a rough - well, relatively smooth - 

turtleback-type of textiire on the thing from a high 
altitude then, when you get down clo - get down low, 
they were, of course very rough-type of a terrain. 
But it looks smooth from a high altitude. There 
is Chaplygin Chaplygin - with the Star of Chaplygin. 
The Star of Chaplygin, of course, is a very bright 
crater on the northeast rim of Chaplygin. You 
know, something that is very interesting to me is 
the fact that several craters of the - oh, 
30-kilometer size - yes, about the 30-kilometer, 
about the size of Crater A in Aitken. And they're 
all relatively fresh-type craters, and they don't 
have any - no real apparent ejecta blanket, except 
the interior slopes are smooth. They have fairly 
sharp corners at the top of the rims . And near 
the bottom th^ have a flat floor of some kind, and 
some of the floors have, you know, it is a definite 
shajrp contact - sharp-angle chemge from the floor 
to the wall. It is hard for me to visualize how 
you could have something sloping down the side of 
a crater and proceed out in a - in a hori zonal 

And then in other craters of alDOUt that size, and 
also that age regime, you'd almost - think that 
they were from mare-type floor, becaiase the - the 
color of the material in the floor is essentially 
the same as the surrounding terrain. 

Okay. We're passing Marconi nov. 

Bellinger and Pannekoek coming up. 

Oh, wyl Mendeleev is really a hig old hasin up 
there . 

... Crater Partner - Pannokek - Pannekoek, or 
something like that, next to Bellinger has a 
turtlehack-small turtlehack - 30-kilometer crater 
inside of it. And then on west of that, there's 
a recent type crater - I say recent again, hecause 
it has a smooth, sloping interior rim - and - hut 
again with no ejecta hlanket. And also, the 
northwestern slope of that particular crater, you 
can see - it has to he a flow slide, as the type 
of material has gone down into it. The ... comes 
strictly from the rim, all the way down to the 
crater floor. 

There's a tremendous crater chain or something 
going off in the northwest direction. It goes 
south of Rutkin [?] right next to Becvar. No, 
that can't be right. 

Negative. I said that last thing - the crater 
chain is there, hut I can't figure out for sure 
where it is (chuckle). Oh, okay. Here's Love, 
so - it's just north of Love Crater. There's ... 
Gregory. Echo [?] is a big basin that is pretty 
obvioi:ts to see. Roosa [?] Crater is right on the 
rim of it. Becvar is down in the middle. And 
then - on the edge of Becvar - on the edge of 
Becvar is another relatively recent, but not as 
good - not as recent as Roosa [?]. 

Roosa [?] has all different colors of - material 
on the thing. Light material down in the walls 
itself and from the - about the upper one-eighth 
or something like that, you can see - it almost 

Tape IT-O3H15 
Page 5 

looks greenish from here, at this particular Sm 
angle. That's a greenish-type layer, ail the way 
around the top and presumably there's a great big 
monstrous block of some type. And you can see 
that greenish-type material - there's a slump - 
slump fault on the southern edge of Eoosa [?], and 
you can see that greenish - a hint of that greenish- 
type material at the top of that slump mark also. 

05 IT 2U kl CMP Svire funny - the way those things fall off back 

down there and - although in the case of Roosa [?] 
it's quite apparent. You can see herringbone, 
hummocky-type material, or ejecta blanket, all the 
way around it. It covers up all the way across 
Becvar and every place else. You can see it all 
over the place. But it sure seems to be a heck 
of a lot of the material falling back in the middle j 
somehow. They usually start out as a small - 
smaller craters and just keep caving in, or some- 
thing. There has got to be some big blocks down 
there. There you can see the crater King, On 
across there - and coming across the Arabia now. 
Locking out across the horizon you can see that 
it's away. Yes, it's just a wide spot where Creek - 
where King is, I think, - especially to the north 
of King and to the south of King. It's a little 
bit higher than it is to the west. There's a little 
bit of a plateau - even a crater diameter from King 
off to the northeast. You can see Labachevsky 
clear up on the horizon now. And there's some sort 
of a - a greenish, - again, in this sunlight to me 
it looks kind of a greenish - a greenish tint to it 
anyhow. I don't have jny sunglasses on either, by 
the way. The ... flow is all - There's a fresh 
crater - about a crater diameter south of King. 
That's maybe 20 kilometers in diameter. It's 
obviously an imp act -type crater. But again, you 
have the dark -greenish layering around the top of 
the crater. And maybe it extends for about one- 
eighth of the crater depth. And then you can see 
some hint of the green - greenish or darker-type 
material down at the bottom of the crater floor. 

05 IT 2T 52 CMP I think you would have to be quite a bit lower than 

I am, right now, in order to really pick up - from 

Tape I7-O3I+I5 
Page 6 

among all these craters here. This thing here, I 
guess you, could see a typ - topographic rise over 

CMP I can't get over the curvature. In this attitude, 

it really shows up. As I come across Ray ley [?] 
here, I keep looking for a swirl. And I can see 
a definite type of clusters. The only thing - It's 
an awful high Sun in here to really see any swirls . 
Now, there is something coming up over the wall of 
Labachevsky. Yes, it looks like a lighter swirl- 
type material and then - Let's see - to the west - 
southwest of Lobachevsky it looks like a heck of 
a lot of swirl-type material in that area. 

05 17 32 00 CMP And the albedo's - a light - dark - I guess what 

I'm trying to say is, they are almost ray -type of 
expression. I don't see any topographic expressions 
especially the one that goes down - down in the 
crater and elIso to the south as the one between 
Chang Heng and Labachevsky. Rooster Tail [?] 
is a very bright subcrater. The ejecta blanket - 
it goes all over the place, scattering rays eight 
to 10 - eight to 10 crater diameters from it. And, 
it as well as some of the Eratosthenian craters 
around Saenger. 

05 17 33 28 CMP It seems to me like it has a little bit of a hint - 

at least of a layering or a definite different 
colored material on the top of all these craters. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) it-q3Ivi6 


Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

05 20 U6 06 ' 05 21 35- 27 

Voice very poor; time very good. 


The material contained herein has been traaacrlbod Into a working 
paper In order to licllltate review by bitereatad MSC elcMeate. Tliie 
document, or portioita thereof, may be deelaeelfled eul^ect to the 
following guideline!: 

Portloite ol m» document will be claeeUled CONriDENTlAL. 
Group 4, to the extent that they: (I) define quantitative performance 
Characterletlca ot Uie Apollo Bpeeecraft, (2)deUll critical performance 
charactarlatlcB of Apollo crew lycteme fend equipment, ()) provide 
technical delalle ol algnlf leant launch vehicle mallunctlona in actual 
lUght or reveal actual launch trajectory data, (4) revetl medical data 
on flight crew membera which can be eonildered privileged data, or 
(D) reveal other daU which can be individually determined to require 
elanalflcation voder the authority of the Apollo Program Security Claa- 
•Ifleatlon Guide. BCC-lt, Rev. 1, 1/l/M. 


Downgraded at J- year 
intervalsj declaBsified 
after 12 years 

Thta toatcrtel ccctUtna InfornuUion affecting the natlooal <MmM ct th« Untied BUtw 
wlUtln UiO toMiOiis ct Ui« fliSpiQeug* Uw*, T1U« 16, U.8.C. , Bec«. 7C3 snd 7M, th* 
trtJumUaion «r i-«v*lAtlo» of which In any maaiMr to aa unsutborlzad paraon la 
pnUMtad bf taw. 

Tape IT-O3U16 
Page 1 

05 20 1+6 06 CMP Good thing I looked. Okay. And P52. Get gyro 

torquing angles . Let ' s see , we had 7 and ih angles 
wasn't it. We're not torquing now - we torqued 
at 190. Okay. We went to AUTO, got to do a GDC 
align. Okay. We'll go MAUUAL and WIDE. Ten, 25. 
Okay. We're configure. Okay. Lima Lima for 
21 frames. Well, let's see. About to finish that 
one up. VERB 62 is not here though - CAGED. Good. 
Let's see. 

CMP C - T goes in. Ten, here it is; l.h. (Whistling) 

CMP T - pull all these damned things out - get them 

over in the other bag. But the jett bag is full 
of junk already. Well, two jett bags ... but we 
need another one . 

CMP Okay. Enough for both of them? (Whistling) 


valve is OFF. Better than the simulator. ... 

CMP The old jett bag. (Humming) (Whistle) 

CMP ... good. ... find my 8-second intervalometer . 

. . . Gatorade [? ] . 

CMP ... stuck on, but it sure doesn't. 

CMP ... no wonder ... 

05 20 55 31 CMP Okay, intervalometer. Got to start counting 

8 seconds here. Let me ... it pretty quick. 

CMP Jett bag is full! 

CMP Yes . ... 

05 20 57 32 CMP Solar corona. 

05 21 06 37 CMP There we go. Just passing Aitken again. It sure 

is interesting seeing a little bit of everything 
in there. I looked down in the - in crater A in 
a shadow, something all the way down inside there 
and in a box-type thing. But there is a definite 
glow - Hey, those swirls are almost gone. You can 

Page 2 



05 21 10 15 CMP 

05 21 Ik 20 CMP 

05 21 16 22 CMP 

just "barely see them now at this low Sun angle. 
The swirls are almost gone out of the crater Aitken. 
You can barely even see them so that's a pretty 
good indication that there is no topographic rela- 
tionship to the - between the swirls . 

Can you find ..,? Yes. ... going south ... 

Next time I go by Aitken, I want to look to the 
north and take a look at that mare fill, or the 
plains-type mare material out there or whatever 
it is. And see how that compares with the floor. 
But , the floor of Aitken is definitely a volcanic 
flow. You can just - you can see the flow lines 
and especially - and oddly enough they look like 
miniature wrinkle ridges of the Serenitatis Basin. 
It, to me, is very obvious that there is nothing 
but the flow front. In other words, if you've got 
a flow going down there and that ' s the part of the 
flow that kind of cooled. And the rest of the flow 
continued to - to flow in one direction, at the 
edge of the flow. 

And I forgot to look at the central peak on that 
thing other than the fact that I can remember the - 
the high-water mark. If - you've really got to 
check that high-water mark to make sure it's a 
high-water mark and not a talus slag - occasional 
talus slope. I've got to check that for sure. 

... It's just - a little No back slide. 

Okay; at i+1 - i+0 ... 

Okay. There's Chaplygin ... Okay. Marconi. The 
There's Marconi. There's Marconi. Vil'ev and - 
Dellinger and Panne - Something like that, 

Pannek - Pannek - oek - Pannekoek ~ Pannekoek. 
Man, oh man. Look at that - Look at that secondary 
crater chain really goes bouncing along. ... Crater 
down there. Marconi. It's got some kind of debris 
or something at the bottom of it, something - debris 

There's an ejecta. Okay, Pannek - Pannekoek; Del- 
linger. ... wouldn't mind the Dellinger. That's a 
Oh, that's a big fella. Going down to - Chauvenet . 

Tape IT-O3I+16 
Page 3 

Lane coming up. Hey, this whole area right in 
through here is as ... eroded . . . and interspersed 
are the craters that are - maybe four or three or 
four or five of them up in the 50-kilometer "bracket, 
but most of them are in the 20- to 30-kilometer 
bracket. Of course, they are not the little bitty 
ones. But, they're like little beads in that 
they're still fairly sharp down in the rim, down 
inside the crater that makes the crater sharp, if 
you have these stri - striations. 

CMP Well, let's see now here comes old Love. Let's see 

we'll start to the right of Love, go the right of 
Rooaa [?], Becvar, right though the middle of Arabia. 
What we'll do on this pair is - ... we want to kind 
of get a picture out to the north to the . . . leave 
it there and point the camera to the north. Could 
be one of those craters. Okay. We'll stop about - 
about the time we get to . . . 215 ... Can't find 

it. Okay. This is Love. I can Love 

showed up at ... Okay. This is Love. Let's see, 
59, supposed to be ll^O or 130. That's about right. 
I'm starting to itch. 

05 21 20 kO CMP When we get our pan camera pictures, take a look. 

It's got a lot of dark material. I think it's a 
good - There's a real little bitty impact crater 
must be, oh, 100 meters maybe, if that big. One 
hundred meters across and just to - to the east of 
that triplet of Love. Can't hold it in my ... long 
enough to look at it, but be sure and check the pan 
camera film for that. Okay. We're at - about at 
130 and ready to go. ... Okay. So, yes, that's 
about right. My ... is a little bit ... off. 

CMP Okay. There's old Becvar. Becvar is not much more 

than a dish. The one that apparently is eroded, 
dish that's got a bunch of ... from Roosa that's 
been thrown out, I guess. And possibly from that 
other one that's just to the north of Roosa ... but 
right on the edge of Becvar - the rim of Becvar. 
Probably hasn't thrown out too much because Roosa 
has thrown up some stuff on top of it . 

05 21 23 21 CMP ... Stop my camera up there. Got more pictureo 

of King than I know^what to do with. You know, 
down here go Abul Wafa. Abul Wafa. 

Tape IT-O3I+I6 
Page k 

CMP ... stripe shows up ... Abul Wafa ... 250. Check 

the old pan camera again. Just to the east of 
Abul Wafa there's a vertical "black stripe that 
runs at the right - at west - western Interior rim 
of - of ahout a 150-meter crater, just to the east 
of Abul Wafa. 

CMP It shows up as a "black - "black stripe down there. 

Firsov ... Firsov's the one that's got all the 
swirls out there; that's what that is. Yes, Firsov 
has got a whole hunch of swirls to the east of that 
and a"bout a crater diameter from it. Those are the 
swirls that are all over the place, I guess. And 
I mean that the dark part of those swirls looks a 
heck of a lot like Reiner Gainma did, except it's 
hard to compare because they're different - dif- 
ferent lighting on the things. But the swirls to 
the west - to the east of Firsov and a crater diam- 
eter out, they seem to be somewhat radial to Firsov. 
Dark parts of it are a dark - let's see - Well, it's 
not the mare. It's not a mare tan. Darker - and 
it's not even as - it's darker than the - the tan 
of Serenitatis. I - we should have gotten these - 
those swirls in there. I can't see any topographic 
expression to them. It's hard to - and yet it - 
there's got to be something associated with it 
because - I hope we've got a picture of them. I'm 
sure we got a picture of them. They're light; then 
they're dark; and then they're light again. Kind 
of con - concentric type of swirl, light-dark-light- 
dark. Same stops to Saenger , and rooster tail. 
Okay. There's Saenger. 

05 21 28 39 CMP The hardest part about taking pict\ires is that 

you've got to make sure you look through the view- 
finder, make sure the other half of the camera 
isn't looking into the side of the window. 

CMP Get - get perspective of the - the . . . , where as , 

the rays and depressions around Saenger and the 
rooster tail is higher than either side of Saenger. 
I guess the rooster tail is really on the western 
rim of Saenger - Pictures . . . 53-70? 

CMP Okay, ... coming in. 

CMP It's a full roll. ... That's striation, vertical 

... up and down the - interior rim. And it IcxLo 
like there's a black -but they look green. You 


Tape IT-O3U16 
Page 5 

know, looks sort of a green-gray in this type of 
light back of this ... A green-gray material from 
the center of the rooster tail, on the floor of the 
rooster tail. And the floor is ahout one-fourth 
the diameter of the rooster tail. 

CMP Peirce, you have 250. Eight-second intervalometer . 

And I lost my intervalometer . I'll count 8 seconds. 
... disappeared. (Laughter) Okay. Let's see, 
we're about 155- Let's take two more picture on 
this frame and finish it up on Lima Lima, huh? 

CMP Stop to the north. 


CMP There's a ... inside that, different type of 

relationship than the floor itself, younger than 
the floor itself. 

05 21 35 27 CMP Yes, it - yes, there is. The dome-type material 

is - - 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) ^^^^ 17-03U63 


DUMPED OVERi^^£ mTnTMn trms mrth coast 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

06 08 30 32 06 09 09 53 

Voice poor on first half of tape - Time OK. 


TiM nMrtel eoatalnad herein hu baea tnjiscrlbed Into a working 
papar bi order to XaclUtate review by lateretled MSC eletnente. TbS* 
documeDt, or portlocw thereof,' may be dec laaaltled aubject to the 
tolknrliig guldeltnei: 

Portfama ol thia document will be claaalfled CONnDGNTIAL. 
Croup 4, to the extent that they: (l)daline quantitative performance 
charactarlttica d the Apollo Rpeceeraft, (IMetall crtticalperformance 
charactarltttea of Apollo crew ayatema and equipment, O) provide 
techatcal delalli of alfnlllcant launch vehicle nuUunetluna In actual 
(Ufhl or reveal actual launch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical daU 
on fllfht crew member* which can be ernialdered privileged daU, or 
(5) reveal other data which can be Individually determined to require 
etaaalflcatkm under the authority ot the Apollo Program Security Claa- 
•ttlcAUon Oulde, SCO- 11, Rfn. 1, 


Downgraded at >-year 
intervale; declasBlfied 
after 12 years 

Thia BWtortal eoiUliu Inf onaatlon alfacting the natloaal defmM c( the UnlUd Btatm 
wttMn th« mMuUng of th« •■pioniwe Uwi, TiUe le, U.&C. , 8«c«. 7»3 and 1M, lh« 
tnunlMlon or nvtlitUon oc which in mit raiuuMr to ten unwitborixad Mnon kt 
pnhtMtad br law. 

Tape 17-O3I+63 
Page 1 

06 08 30 32 CMP Okay. Mighty fine, Gordo. Thank you. 

06 08 k^ 03 CMP What happened to my grits? I lost my grits. There 

they are again. Anything you. drop up here - It 
just disappears, flat disappears. You'd think it 
would stay there, but it disappears - somewhere. 
If it shows up again , "but - - 

CMP I don't know if I have the same terminology that 

John Young had on Apollo I6. And I don't think 
it has a darn thing to do with the orange juice, "but 
it's sure got the gas. Man, oh, man. And I'm not 
sure it's really the effects of the food. Gene 
seems to think it has , "but I - I think . . . will 
remember all this gas or what have you. ... one 
aptitude test down there - because I didn't eat it 
for this long - only ate it for four. - Well, I 
guess we ate for 6 days. I should have had it by 
then, because I sure had it all the way up here. 
So I think it's a function of zero-g. You may as 
well plan on having a bunch of it and - that ' s the 
way it goes. Back to putting a little water in 
the grits. I know where a lot of this gas comes 
from - is right out of this old water separator. 
I mean gas separator. Each squirt that comes in 
there has a few bubbles with it. 

CMP As I said before, I'll never understajid it. Some- 

thing about these spoon-bowl packages. All the air 
ends up in one bubble - one big bubble. And, in 
all of the beverage packages , and every thing . 
You couldn't get one of those bubbles to go together 
if you had to. 

06 08 52 ik CMP We had quite a bit out of the old sausage patty 

bag, so when I squeezed it, it broke at the sram. 
Right at the base of that triangle that goes i ntc 
the - eat port on the thing here . No problem . I ' 11 
Just cut a chunk out there and eat out of that 
little chunk. 

CMP Pretty good sausage. 

CMP Every time one of those jets fires that you can see 

out the window, on the thing, it looks like a 
lightning flash, which kind of surprises me in a 
way. It seems to me like on the way - somewhere 

along the way, ve had - mayhe it was the APS burn. 
Yes. Earth orbit. In Earth orbit, when the APS 
fired, it presented a kind of an orange - an orange 
glow whenever the APS fired. And now the RCS - 
whenever it fires on the thing, you get kind of a 

- just a white lightning flash, really. 

06 08 59 09 CMP Well, I'll be durned. Aitken's already filled up 

at the terminator, so that's got to be a deep 
crater. You can Just see - a hint of light on the 
central peak, and you can see light on the eastern 
slopes. The northeastern slope looks like a massif 
event. The southeastern slope looks like - I'll be 
darned. That's a rougli, very rough looking stuff 
almost like a - Oh, it's got furrows in it. You 
can see lineations going off to the southeast . 
Very rough - not hummocky at all. The bximps, or 
what have you, are too big to be hummocky. Maybe 
it's a - I'll be darned. I'll have to take a look 
at the pictures on that part of it. But it sure 
looks like some kind of scraping in the area, some- 
thing that has scraped it away and left deep furrows 
down in it. And the same thing on the southern 
rim. On the outside of the southern rim, you got a 
little bit of a raised rim, and then you go down - 
It looks like a No one I can think of right now. 

06 09 01 06 CMP It • s a highly eroded - almost like a water erosion 

- the river-bottom type of - not river bottom but 
the walls of the river, you know, where you - the 

- where you have a steep slope and you have water 

- not the river itself riinning down through there, 
but just the rainfall and stuff flowing down the 
edge. And it weathers away and washes out the 
cracks and gullies and the rock. And if you want 
to cross a hard rock, the - the hard rock stays 
there and it kind of washes gullies around it. And 
Crater Zepplin (?) while we have some cameras and 
some film now - the Crater Zepplin (?) has a lot of 
low-lying plains-type of fill in it. The plains 
material in some places doesn't look anything like 
the floor of the Crater Aitken at all. You have 
more of a hummocky type of appearance to it , You 
can see where the craters end. You can see where 
it's been filled up with something. But it's still 
a rough - very rough as compared to the floor of 

Tape 16-031+63 
Page 3 

06 08 02 31 CMP It seems to lae the - the general trend of a lot of 

the craters here now. Especially the one in Zepplin 
Zepplin is all heat up. Now the rest of these - 
What in the world is that monster down south? It ' s 
one big - Oh, that's Ingenii. I'll he darned. Okay- 
That 's Ingenii. There's Van de Graaff. Van de 
Graaff's got to be back - Got to be Ingenii because 
it ' s the only way out - the only way it swirls out 
in the mare itself. I'll have to look on my map for 
sure. I'm supposed to be eating. I just wanted to 
see if we're going to be able to get a picture of 
Aitken at all. And it looks like there's some re- 
flection down on the floor - There's some reflec- 
tions - back reflections on the sides, and you 
might be able to see the floor down in there. And 
I'm going to open it up and try it. That way - 
that's for sure we'll get around to taking pictures 
of it. 

06 09 03 53 CMP It's going to be - it's going to be in the shadow. 

But it is - already is , as a matter of fact . 

CMP Okay. Check that out when I come around again. 

CMP Hey, that's the first towelet that I've had that's 

been wet. The rest of them all been dry. Still 
stink, anyhow. (Lau^ter) 

CMP Oh, I'll be darned if I didn't let my grits get 

away from me again. 

CMP There they are. Found them under the couch. 

06 09 09 53 CMP Here I am eating grits with my left-handed spoon. 

Gene, I'm not bad-mouthing. I love you. I just 
wanted to let you know that I had a left-handed 
spoon on board. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 17-03^21 



Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

■06 lU 13 32 06 Ih 27 31 

06 lU 31 05 06 15 13 18 

Time good, voice fair 


Tka material contaload herein hae been tnnacribed Into a vorkinc 
paper la order to facilitate review liy iatereated MSC eletaeat*. TMe 
docttnMut, or portiona therecf,' majr faedeeltafltled aubject to the 
toUovtaf guideline*: 

PtorUoni oC Ihta doeument will be elaaatfled CONFIDBNTIAL. 
Or«up4, to lha extent that they: (1} define quantitative pertornMnce 
ctaraelerlaticB of Ihe Apollo Spacecraft, (Ddetall crlltcalparforaiaace 
eharaelerlallea of Apollo cr*« ajratetna and equipment, (3) provide 
lacluilcal delalla of algnlflcani launeh vehicle maUuncllon* In actual 
tUfht or reveal actual launch lra|*ctory data, (4) reveal madlcai data 
«« f llflrt crew membara whieli can be eonaldared privileged data, «r 
(S) reveal other dale which can be individually determlMd to require 
elaaaltleatlon underth* authority of the Apollo Precram Security Claa- 
aWeallaa Oulde, BCC-II, Rev. I, 1/l/M. 


Downgraded at 5-year 
intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

ThiM BUtofial eoiUlM lB(orm«ttiin tffoctine the national defmM of the UnUwl StatM 
within the nMBing of the Mplooac* lawa, TtU« 18, V.aC., S«ca. 793 awl 7M, tb« 
Uta amUi lop or rtvalaUon « which In any manner to an vuututhorUad paraoo la 
probibttad Iqr Uw. 

Tape 17-031+21 
Page 1 

06 lU 13 32 CMP There it is. 

CMP Yes , sure does . Even crackles up here , but I 

think it's a lot worse down .there, isn't it? 

CMP Type of stuff that you want to feed through to the 

LM, prior to - stuff. 

CMP I'm sitting on an omni waiting for lift-off, I 


CMP Say again. Boh? 

CMP (Laughter) Okay. 

CMP Very good. Yes, I hope this one works. 

06 lU 18 19 CMP Right. 

06 lU 2k 25 CMP Is it starting to look pretty good on your high 

gain antenna scale down there - have you switched 
to high gain yet? 

CMP Oh, okay. 

CMP Right . 

CMP Hey, worked like a charm, 

CMP (Laughter) It does, doesn't it? 

06 lU 25 50 CMP Well, you are, really. It's really great. 

06 lU 27 31 CMP Okay. 


Tape 17-O3U2I 
Page 2 

06 ik 31 05 CMP I'll tell you vhat, I'll start that. 

CMP Yes. I'll start that as soon as I get the cl - 

cover closed on T-stop. That will give us a min- 
ute or so there, too. 

06 lU 31 33 CMP Okay. 

CMP (Humming and singing) 

06 lit Ul 27 CMP What kind of goodies do ve have in here today? 

Punch. Orange-pineapple drink. That's ... Got 
a piece of Velcro on it this time. (Singing) 

06 lU 1*3 1+0 CMP That zero-g works just like in one-g. You've got 

to shake these things to mix it - Just shake it 
back and forth. Makes more little huhhles that 

06 lU 1*1* 29 CMP Find my cheese spread. 

06 lU U6 55 CMP ... UV COVERS are OPEN - I mean, CLOSED. There! 

Just made it (laughter). Okay. 

06 ill 5U 22 CMP You look beyond Jabber (cough) u-n-i-a-n, there 

whatever it is. Looking into the Sun, now, and 
it's completely pockmarked. It's a plains-type 
of material thooigh. And I guess so - You'd call 
it a plains-type material, or it's lighter - it's 
a lighter albedo than - for instance, the Mare 
Serenitatis or Crisium, or this type thing. It's a 
lighter - lighter tan. Well, as a matter of fact, 
the whole thing looks tan here in this type of 
the Sun angle. And when you get up a little bit 
higher, the Sun angle - it kind of cheinges to al- 
most a bright - a bright tan. 

CMP 01 - a 01111. Six, seven. 

CMP Oh, get P20 going. It's time to eat. Ten - 25 - 


CMP The serial number of the bread - a bit of irradiated 

ham. (Singing) Man, I've got a little urine stuff 
on my window over here. One or a cheese ... Some- 
thing like that. 

Tape lT-03li21 
Pa^e 3 

06 15 01 10 CMP There's Agasslz. It's a little more - little r.ore 

subdued than Aitken. It means it's prohatly a 
little bit older - older crater. There's a scarp 
going through there. I can't tell - oh, no. It's 
going to be a rille. It's coming from the high- 
lands, off toward the little crater on the south 
side of it . And that - well - it starts out as a 
rille and then looks like it turns into a wrinkle 
ridge. And at one point, I thought it went up the 
sides and into that little bitty crater. But now, 
1 can't tell for sure if it does or not. I don't 
think it really does, although it continues on 
across to the south of that - to that small crater. 
And now you ceui see an indication of it going up 
the side of that crater, too. There's a small 
crater just to the south of Agassiz. It's on the 
rim of Agassiz. But it doesn't lay a mare-type 
flow or wrinkle ridge around the thing or maybe 
those are - it's a flow front going up across there. 

06 15 02 31 CMP But I think that small crater in - No, no, I've 

got to figure out a unit of deposition. The wrinkle 
ridge in the sc6irp goes througji the crater floor. 
It also goes through the crater to the south of 

CMP Wonder where my map is? 

CMP ... and I missed that one. Let me - Gosh, there's 

Tycho. Holy mackerel, you can really see that 
flow. I got to - load camera. 

CMP Okay, that's frame number IO6 and 10? on magazine 

Oscar Oscar. And it's a flow that is definitely - 
it comes back to the north of Tsiolkovsky. I said 
Tycho while ago. I can see Tsiolkovsky because to 
the north of Tsiolkovslsy flowing down the inner 
crater, and that's the same type of material that's 
on top of - Well, I'll be darn - It's the same 
type of material, looks like it's on the floor, and 
also it's been sloughed down in the crater, before 
the deposition of the flood Itself. In other words, 
it's - 

06 15 06 16 CMP You Just got to say it's a lava flow - tell by the 

material ... It ' s got flow lines in it . It has 
lobate flow fronts sticking out on it, and up on 
the top of the crater rim, in the northeast corner - 

Tape 17-031*21 
Page k 

This is picture nuaiber 108, mag Oscar Oscar of tho 
wrinkly, crackly floor of Tsiolkovsky. That's very 
interesting. Okay, 110 is a picture just to the 
north of Tsiolkovsky. I don't know the name of 
that crater, yet. There's some interesting stuff 
around here. But the reason I took that picture 
110 is hecause it looks like a flow-type crater 
doublet. And it is the same type of material from 
the floor of the larger of the douhlet, and it's 
drifted off to the east down into the older crater - 
the smaller, older crater of the doublet. 

06 15 09 05 CMP I'll he darned. Yes, that landslide - No, I'll 

reserve Judgment on that until I can get over and 
take a little closer look at it. But it gives the 
same type of flowllne as comes from the - as the 
lava flow. It's the same alhedo, same color, as 
the stuff in the northeast corner, I guess I "bet- 
ter eat here, while I'm going to see this. 

CMP Find some bread and ham in here now. 

CMP Lost the craters, and now I've lost my map, too. 

CMP Where are these drink bags? 

CMP Well, I've had those for 3 days. 

06 15 13 l8 CMP Stand on my head - Yes, I did - stand on my head, 

and they turn into bumps instead of craters, again. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) Tape 


DUMPED nVF.W GPS nTTWrnrt LUNAR o rbits 38 and 39 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

06 18 32 35 06 18 39 13 

06 19 07 2k 06 19 13 03 

Music for about one-third of tape; fair. coEtmi 


TIM BUUarUI centeliMd herein tiu baea traiucrlbad Into • working 
pap»r In order to IwlUUte review bjr tatereetMi M8C eleHMiU. This 
4oettmeiit, or portlooe thereof, inajF be 4ecU«*l(l«<l nibiact to the 
followtng suldeUiiae: 

Portlooe «r thia document will be cUMlfled COKFIDBNTIAL, 
Group 4, to the extent thftt they: (l)d«llM (pMntUattve parformance 
CbarMlerlatlce of the Apollo I<p4eecr«/t, (2M*t«ll crttlnlparformanca 
ehMr«cterl»tlea of Apollo crew ajratama and equipment, (1) provide 
tMlmlcal daUlU et aignif leant launch vahlcia malfuncUona In actual 
tlighl or ravaal actual launch trajaetory data. (4) ravaal medical daU 
on f llfhl err* mambera which can ba eonildared prlvllofad data, or 
{S) ravaal other data which can ba iMttlrldiially detarmlnad to raqulro 
elaaaUleatlen under the authority at Uia Apollo Program Security Claa* 
atfleatiOB Oulda, SCC-ll, Rev, I, 1/1/44. 


Downgraded at J-year 
IntervalBj declassified 
after 12 years 

TU» MtorUl etmtalM Infomuttlon Ittetiat the ntUonal datniM ot tb* Unttsd BtatM 
wttUn th* laMBlns of tht Mplana«« Imrrui* 18, U.&C., Stcs. 7M taai 194, tii« 
tnMtnlMtoa or rcmlatioa ei which tn anr muiMr to ui uiuuUmriMd panon !• 
preUMM bjr taw. 

Tape lT-03i+22 
Page 1 

06 18 32 35 (M\iBic) 

06 l8 38 32 CMP Test 1, 2, 3, k; 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, h. Okay; 

so tliat's the transmitter that's not working on 
this staging. ... Yes. Something's happened ... 

06 18 39 Ok CMP Test 1, 2, 3. I'll give it another lick; I thought 

I could still hear something. 

06 18 39 13 (Music) 


06 19 07 2k CMP At ahout - at ahout l65:31 or 32 in there, I used 

m£ig Mike Mike and took frame 173 and 17^ looking 
north from . . . Last one was in the vicinity of 
Lara Crater. 

06 19 13 03 CMP Okay; it's mag Oscar Oscar. Frame 120 is looking 

back at a kind of a brownish streak on the crater. 
VJhere in the world is that crater? Let's see. 
Brownish streak surrounded by two - gray-type 
things. The brown streak looks like it - crat - 
Okay; that's a I think. 

# # # 

(Ttiis page Unclassified) Tape 


Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

06 22 2h 37 06 23 13 h9 

Time, good; voice low l3ut understandable. 


Til* MterUI conUtn«d herein haa been (nuiacribed Into « vorUng 
ptpar bi order to laeiUUt* review bjr iatereeted MSC elemeniU. Thle 
docunMOt, or portlona thereof, ' may be dcclaaetf le4 eultloct to the 
folhnrtBf fuldeUnea: 

Portlona of thia documeftt wilt be claaaUled CONFIDENTIAL, 
Group 4, to the extent that they: (1) define quantilatlve performance 
eharaeteriatica of the Apollo itpaeecrall, (3)detall crltlcaiperformanc* 
eharactertatlea of Apotto crew ayatama and equipment, <S) provide 
tachaleaJ datalla of algntf leant launch vahleie matfwnctlona In aelual 
lUglit or raraal actual launch trajectory data. (4) reveal medical daU 
OA fUfhl crew membera which can be eonaidercd privileged daU, or 
(B) reveal other data which can be ladlvldualty determined to require 
claaaHlcatlcn under the authority of the Apollo Profram SectirUy Claa- 
■WMUMOaid*, 8CC;11, Rev. t, 1/1/66. 


Downgraded Rt 3-year 
IntervalBi declaaslfled 
after 12 years 

thim natcrtal eonUlM Infomatlon a<(«ctii« the mtloul (Mmm ct Um Valtod BUtM 
vtthia Dm BMuiing of th« ■■ptoHce Iswa, Tttla ta, U.8.C., 8«a. 7»3 wkI 7M, th* 
teiiwnlMlcB or revelation of which In anjr manner to en imauthorlMfl pereon im 

Tape 17-O3U23 
Page 1 

06 22 2k 37 CMP Okay. We'll see you on the other side there. Bob. 

Thank you. Okay? (Laiighter) Okay, 

06 23 13 ^9 CMP Okay, Houston. This is America. Once we get the 

antenna set right, it is easy to lock up. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) ^^^^ 17-03U38 


DUMPED nyT^p mad r>TTWTNfl lunae orbit U8 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

07 10 52 10 OT 10 57 18 . 

Voice poor, time good. 


The oAtertel eontatnad herein hu b«aa traiwcrtlMd Into a worktitg 
paper In onter (o fftclUtAte review by Interaated MSC element*. ThU 
document, or portiona thereof,' may bodec Uaalfled aubjaet to the 
lollmring (uUeUnee: 

Portions of thli document will be claeslfled CONrODENTIAL, 
Croup 4, Id the extent that they: <!) define quantitative performance 
eharactcrUtlca of the Apollo Spacecraft, (2)detall critical pertormance 
character lallca of Apollo crew ayatema and equipnient, (3) provide 
technical detail* of itlgnUlcant launch vehicle maUuncUon* In aclual 
flight or reveal actual taunch lral*et«ry data, <4) reveal medical data 
on ftlfhl crew members which can be eonaldered privileged dau, or 
(t) revoal other data which can be Individually detarmlaed to rwiuire 
ctaastilcatloa under the aulhorlly of the ApoUo Program Security CUa- 
•Ifloatlon Culde, 8CG~11, ft«v. 1, 1/1/68. 


Downgraded at ^y^r 
Intervalsj declassified 
after 12 years 

Thia matortol tonMna Information af f eetlns tho naUoiud dafenM ol Ui« UniUd 8UtM 
wtUtln the mMftlnc of th* aepionag* Uw«, Tltl* 10, U.&C. , Scca. 7S3 and 704, th« 
tniwmlMten or r«v«l«tton o( which In any auuuwr to an uiuuithoxisvd panoa la 
pnUbttfld bf law. 

Tape 17-031+38 
Page 1 

07 10 52 10 CMP 

Okay, caning up on 1 minute here. 


Next 30 seconds. 


Hey, here we go. 

07 10 53 31+ CMP 

Full power 

's OK mark to mark. Okay, 1.2 .. . 



Okay, plenty homb time ... 

Past the hat [?] Hey, 

some real flashes out there. Minus-X test is on. 
Holding attitude pretty good» with slight alter- 
ation; 16 seconds 5-7. Hey, okay. We're burning, 
25 seconds. Thirty seconds to get a minus 0.5 and 
a plus 0.5 in Z. Okay, so we pull out the 
minus 0.5. ... there's a 2 plus 0.5 and Z plus Z 
is down . . . got a roll at 7 • • • 

We'll trim that to Z, turns into a plus Y. 

There, we've got it. NOUN 85 's at the end of the 
trim. R - that zero, two zero, 270, 170. 

07 10 57 18 CMP 


Okay - DELTA-V^ is minus 1. 

Okay, let's go back to LOW BIT RATE. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) ^^^^ 17-03U39 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

07 11 W 28 OT 11 5629 

Voice and time good. 


Tk* matarUl contalnwi herctn luia baen tnuueribed Into a «»rkta( 
napar bi order to tftciUltt* review by loUrestKl M3C elemmt*. ThU 
4oet(iMBt. or portloM Utereol, may ba 4ae Uaaif led aubjact to the 
tollowlnc fttldellnea: 

Portlona «( thl* document wiUba elaaalfled CONPIDBNTIAL. 
Croup 4, to the axUnt that they: (1) define csuaAtltallve perlormajice 
eharaeteriatlcB ot the Apollo Rpacecraft, (l)daUll erltlcalpertormance 
cbaraclarletlca ol Apollo crev ayatema and eipilpnient, (3) provide 
tachatcal deUtta ol alenUtcanl launch vehicle maUunctlona In actual 
tUfht or raraal actual launch tr«|ectory data, (4) reveal medical data 
on nUM cm mcmbera which can be eonaldercd privileged daU, or 
(t) reveal other daU which can be Individually determined to require 
eUaattlcatlca under lh« authority ol the ApoUo Program Security Claa- 
•tfmtton Guide. SCC-U, Rev. 1, 1/1/46. 


Downgraded at 3- year 
intervals; declaBsified 
after 12 years 

Thia matArM eooUina Urforroatlon ««fectine the mtlaokl tlatenM o< Ui« Unttcd StatM 
wtthlB tb* UMalBg at tha ospioiUMt* l«w«, TUle 16, U.S.C., Sees. 783 and tM, tk* 
tnacnlsaioa or nwlatlon c( which In tay taaniMr to u unauthorlMd f»naa la 
praUbtUd bjr law. 

Tape 17-031^39 
Page 2 

OJ 11 5U 16 CMP SHUTDOWH - that's automatic. Okay, minus 9-5 on 

the EMS. Okay, 366.8. Let's proceed to stop the 
rates here. 6.8. Okay. Man, look at those 85s. 
I'm a little bit off, but that's good. Okay; 
PITCH 2, got it. YAW 2, got it. And number 1, 
got it; number 1, got it. Okay, SERVO THRUST is 
OFF. Well, let's see. I've forgotten what it feels 
like. Ha, that's pretty neat. Okay - that was 
okay. Somehow we got a 0.3 in there. That's in 
X anyhow; Y is zero; that's what we want. Z is all 
right, so let's just leave it that way. I'll pro- 
ceed with the changes again. That just changed. 
Okay; 00 ENTER. Okay; ^ERB 06 NOUN 20 ENTER. Okay, 
I presume you're reading the DSKY there, haven't 
you been, Houston? 

CMP The time as near as I could tell was pretty good. 

V-,^ - What did I say - 366.8, I think. DELTA-V 

is a minus 9.5« Tail-off is 11 or something. ... 

OT 11 56 29 CMP Okay. Let's get some more switches off. TRANS 


# # # 

(This page Unclassified) T^ipe il-03hho 



Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

•07 12 20 15 07 13 OU 15 

Voice fair; time good. 


Th« BUttcrUl contained h*r«tn hw b*«n transcribed Into • working 
pap*r In order to t«clllUit« revlmt by tol«r««tad M8C •lement*. ThU 
dacuDMiit, or portloiu Ibarad,' raky badeclatalfted mbjact to the 
toUowing (uideUnee: 

Porllone of (hli document will be c^seUled CONFIDENTIAL, 
Group 4i to the ext«nt th«t they: (I) define quantttattve performance 
eteracterletlce of the Apollo fipeeecratt, (t)detall critical perforntance 
ckaracterlettcs ot ApotJo crew eyBleme and equipment, (1) provide 
technical details of elcnlflcaat launch vehicle malfunctions In actual 
fllfht or reveal actual launch trajectory data, <4) reveal medical data 
on fUftat crew membere which can be conctdered privileged data, or 
(8) reveal other dau which can be In^vldually determined to r«<tulre 
elasalfleatlOD under the authority ot the ApoUo Program Security Claa- • 
■ifleaUon Guide, SCG-11, Rev. 1, 1/I/M. 


Downgraded at JS-year 
Intervala; decloBsifled 
after 12 years 

Tlila ntatorfal coBtalni information aiiectlae the mtlomal dttmma ot tht Unttwl fltatM 
within ttw mMuOng oi th« Mptotu«e Uwa, Title 18, U.&C. , S«c«. 793 BWt 7M, ttie 
tnaamlMlca or rcreUtlon of which In ur nuumer to an unauthorized peraon la 
prtUUtmi bf law. 

Tape 17-03^^0 
Page 1 

07 12 20 15 CMP Okay; Canopus, where are you? There she comes. 

CMP Adapted or something (cough). Canopus is the 

old blue star. 

07 12 2h 5h mP Okay. 

07 12 36 08 CMP Okay; LASER ALTMETEE is coming on at l6:15. 

07 12 36 21 CMP LASER ALTIMETER is ON. Barber pole? 

07 12 36 37 CMP CAMERA'S coming ON. 

CMP There's got to be something. Horizon. (Cough) 

It's Just like coming into LOI. 

CMP Oh. 

CMP Okay ; ... should be coming on - - 

07 12 hi h^ CMP Man, I stink I Whewl And myself. 

CMP Okay; that's looking north from - frame nimiber 3, 

looking north - on the magazine Yankee Yankee - 
looking north from Gagarin. 

CMP Okay; that's mag - that's number it, looking 

right at Agassiz [sic]. That's south. 

CMP Five is looking south from Gagarin along the 

terminator. Let me see if I can get this back 
across old Mar - Looks like an upside down 
pictiire. Not Marginus , I mean - Ingenii , I 

CMP Okay; mag Oscar Oscar, 130, was taken at Agassiz. 

CMP Okay; 131, looking south of Agassiz off toward 


07 12 1*6 k3 CMP Okay; frame number 133 is looking north - Let's 

see, just - I guess Marconi. Let me look for 
sure, though, 

CMP That's Marconi. Just past Chaplygin. Yes; 

there's a lovelet. 

Tape 17-03^^0 
Page 2 

CMP I want a piece of candy here. 

CMP I'm not even sure where this one is, or what 

it's close to. 

CMP Anyhow, it's got a - a scarp going down throtigh 

it. And looks like it goes up - it looks like 
flow front is what it looks like to me. Except 
the flow front goes up this side, the south side 
of the crater. It's a domical, a very subdued, 
eroded, domical central peak on the thing. And 
the whole crater is somewhat eroded except that 
the center - central peak is - seems to be more 
rounded than the crater walls themselves. Almost 
like it might have been an uplifted type of 
feature - possibly volcanic. But anyhow, the - 
it looks like a flow front going around there, 
and I'll get a picture of that on number I3U - 
133, I guess, magai'.ine Oscar Oscar. 

CMP Darn, I missed Tsiolkovsky. Son of a gvinl Well, 

here comes the flow. 

07 12 52 18 CMP Sure have a lot of different albedo textures 

on the thing. What makes it look like a - I 
sure want to see that low Sun, see if that's a 
topographic rise over Tsiolkovsky or not, and 
I - looks to me like there's Just a - it's just 
an albedo. It has dark albedo streaks in there. 
Maybe they are shadows, but I don't think so. 
Can't see - interpret. You have flow from a 
so-called landslide. Looks like in a spot or 
two there, it's rocky. It doesn't come out and 
roll over. It just comes out and slopes down 
at maybe a U5-degree angle. 

CMP Eight . Yes . 

07 12 13 CMP Okay. Let's see, just south of Roosa [sic]. 

Not these subdued craters that Roosa is on the 
edge of it , but the next one on down from that . 
I'll look at my map later to find out for sure 
what it is. But that crater is - looks like 
it's early Eratosthenian in age, in that the 
sltmiping along the walls is fairly fresh. There's 

Page 3 

not a real apparent ejecta blanket around it, 
and there's a - a flow ridge down in the center 
of the crater. Most of - most of the bottom of 
the crater, though, is composed of very small 
humps and furrows. This type of thing. The 
albedo is lightly - When the - when the Sun is 
sort of shining on the central peak on the thing, 
you can see stariations - striations running 
every which direction. In other words, the 
horizontal - you have horizontal and vertical 
striations on the thing of different colors. 
The - the dark striations in the thing are - 
kind of - let ' s see , kind of in the tannish - 
tannish-gray tinge. 

07 12 55 ^3 CMP Ai^rhow, the bottom of the floor has a relativel^-^ 

you can see flow lines in the mare flow or the mare 
fill of the thing. Now, what's the name of it? Oh, 
it's Langemak. Sure. Okay; it's Langemak. Yes, I 
ought to be able to get a good shot of Arabia out 
window 1 here. What time is it? Thirty-six - 
It minutes. I'll get one of essentially the 
horizon. Where is the clicker on this? Looking 
out across - first of all. Okay; 7.7^11, I'lnT" " 
take another shot thataway. Another shot to the 
west. And we'll take one out of window 3 here 
looking down across -2,1 mean, looking down 
that way. Okay; those are all f/ll. Let me 
try the same thing in f/8 just to make sure I'm 
getting the right settings. What I'm trying to 
do on these are make a profile for the - I 
just moved the thing. 


07 12 57 ^1 CMP That central - central crater down here really 

shows up. Central crater of Arabia is what I 
talking about. Probably be too much sky on 
this 80-millimeter thing. 

07 12 58 16 CMP Well, let's see, I got a pan camera photo pass 38 

in 2 minutes. I've got to get going on that. 
Crazy dark slide somewhere. Big deal. That's all 
I need. ... is to change my camera in a minute. 

07 12 59 11 CMP Okay; the pitch and yaw is going to be coupled. 


. . . uncoupled. 

Tape 17-O3I+UO 
Page k 


07 13 00 35 CMP 

OT 13 01 19 CMP 
07 13 02 59 CMP 


07 13 Ok 15 CMP 

One's D-1; B-2 and D-2. One in A-2. 

• • * 

Jets are enabled. That's C-1 and C-2 for ROLL, 
OFF. PITCH and YAW are OFF. And, Houston, 
ready for PAN CAMERA to STAITDBY and STEREO to 
POWER and all those good deal things whenever 
you are. 

Okay. . CAMERA is - Hey I Good morning, Robert. 
How's it going? 

(Laughter) Okay. Let's see, PAH CAMERA - that 
verify STAHDBY. Okay; it's going up to STEREO. 
Turn the old POWER switch ON. The V/H is still 

Hey, great 1 Okay; I ought to get my prep for 
transfer ready here. You know, kind of last 
night and also this morning as I was flying 
across the baek side of the Moon here - been 
thinking a little bit, and I wonder - It seems 
like the - the Eratosthenian-age craters , you 
know, the ones that are fairly - fairly fresh; 
you know, they're not Copernican. They don't 
have rays and this type thing, but they're 
fairly fresh in their slumping characteristics 
on the inside and this type thing. But they 
all seem to have a mare floor; you know, a flat 
mare floor - a volcanic-type floor in the 
thing, and I wonder if there is anybody that's 
kind of come up with the theory at all that 
maybe you had a liquid mantle during the - the 
Eratosthenian era of the formation of the Moon, 
you know? And those craters at that point in 
time were - were penetrating that - that liquid 
mantle. It's a thought. 

Must not be because I don't know for sure what 
you mean (laughter). 

Oh, I guess the feeling that I was getting is 
that most of the Eratosthenian-age craters all 
had some sort of a mound - a domical structure 
down in the bottom of the crater. You know. 

Page 5 

even the smaller ones , some - some of the - the 
30 - 50-kilometer class, you know, have a have 
either, a flat floor or they look - they look 
volcanic on the floor. Some of the bigger ones, 
of course, they're definitely volcanic lava flows 
on the floor of these hig craters. The slxjmping 
of the vails is not as fresh as the Copernlcan- 
age fra - crater hut, you know, they - It's not 
all heat up either. Althou^ the - the wails - 
the crater walls have the slumping coming down 
through there, and it's still fair - - 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) „ IT-03U26 



DUMPED OVER_^^DURINGi^!!^°^^^ 50 
Time Segments (AET) 


OT 1^ 25 ^2 






07 15 01 59 





07 15 21 h6 





Voice fair; time good. 


Tbe iMUcrlJU eonUliMd herein haa be* it transcribed Into a working 
p«p«r bt order to taciUUIe review by Intereatad MSC elemcnta. TMa 
doeiun«Bt, or portlona thereof,' majr be declaaalf led aubject (o the 
toilowing guidelines: 

l>ortiOM d thia documeni will be claaaUled CONnDKNTIAL, 
Oroap4, to the extent ihat they: (1) define quantHatlve performance 
Charaeteriatlca of Ihe Apollo >tpaceer«ft, (a)deUll critical performance 
elMraettrletlea el Apollo crew ayatemi and equipment, (1) provide 
teclMleal detail* ol •IfnUlcant Uua«h vehicle malfuncllona In aelual 
tUght or r«TMil actual launch trajeclory data, (4) raveal medical data 
en fUflil crew membera which can be eonaldtrad prWileged daU, or 
(» reveal other data which can be individually determined to rei|ulfe 
eluaUlutlen under Ui* authority ol the Apollo Program Security Cl««- 
■Uleatian Guide, SCG-tl, Rev. I, l/t/M. 


Dcwngraded at J-year 
intervale; declassified 
after 12 years 

TUm material cootata* inforaatian affecting the natlooal dafenM of th« Untt»<! BtaUs 
wtUiln tha uMniag ot tht •aptattaga Uwa, TtUe IB, U.&C, S«ca. 7M and 7M, tlia 
trtaamUalon or ravtlaUon of which tn any luaiuwr to aa uiuuithorizad parson u 
prablbitad by law. 

Tape lT-03i+26 
Page 1 

07 Ik 25 h2 CMP Better change back. One, 2, zip. Okay. At 08, 

we want 30 - two 30-seconds. At 10, two 20-seconds, 
11:30. Five, 3, skip one, skip one. Okay. At 
30, change to the 20. Okay. We've got the 20. 
Okay. At 08:30, we'll taJte her OFF. 


...good. (Himming) ... had. Got the ... to 
SM/AC; 20-seconder. At 11:30 is a 10. 

07 Ik 27 h9 CMP ... I'm going to go to B. Okay. We move on to B 

at 11:50; 10- and a 20-minute. 

CMP ... 20-aecond. . . , 

CMP 18, 19, 20. Change the shutter. 

07 ll+ 28 50 CMP GO at 20. 

CMP ... change the shutter. 

07 Ih 29 21 CMP Okay. At 11:30, that'll be 10 seconds. At 13:00 

a 5; 13:30, a 3. 

CMP li8, 1*9 - Okay, make sure we're in B. Yes. Skips 

every other one going - 

07 111 29 55 CMP COCK it. I think the thing started at hO - 5k. 

3, 4 — 

07 Ik 30 20 CMP COCK it. Change the Jobberdoo. Five seconds at - 

13:00. Okay. Five seconds. 13:30,13:50, Skip 
one. skip one. Okay. 13:00:15, 5 seconds. Okay, 
30 seconds to go. Okay; and you can see some kind 
of zodiacal light coaing up there. Looking out 
window - bright. I think that's Sirius. Stands 
out, too. ... Sirius and - 2. 56, 57, 58, 59 - 

07 J-k 31 25 CMP MARK it. 

07 1113130 CMP Five. Cock the shutter - J obberdoo. 10.11 12 

13, 111, 15 - ' ' ' 

07 11^ 31 k2 CMP COCK it. Change the Jobberdoo. Change it. Okay 

The next frame's a 3 at 13:30. Okay. 

07 Ik 32 00 CMP COCK it. Change the jobberdoo. 6, 7, 8, ... _ 

Tape 17-03^126 
Page 2 

07 Ik 32 06 CMP COCK it. Change the jobberdoo. Get set. ... 

This thing on? Okay, it's a 1. ... Okay. Prob- 
ably do it a little bit late. Okay, at lU:10, skip 
one stop. 

07 1^ 32 37 CMP COCK it. Change the jobberdoo back. It's - 30. ... 

07 Ih 32 57 CMP COCK it. Change the jobberdoo. Going - 

07 ih 33 01 CMP COCK it. Change the jobber doo. It's 50 - 7, 48, 

1^9, 50 - 

07 Ih 33 16 CMP here comes the ... Good gosh, look at this 

ray coming up ahead of me. It's beautiful. Hey I 
(Laughter) Wowi ... Sxm. came up. Just a - a - 
That'll be a bright chunk sticking up there. 
Right at the 50, the ll4:50. Beautiful sequence. 
Ah-hal Wasn't that good? Oh, beautiful. Out- 
standing! Didn't know I could do it. ... 1/15 
already. Now, let's see, where are we here? 
Where did we end up? 

CMP Oh, we ended up on the l/60. (Laughter) Now, 

better do a 1/1000. Beautiful job. Oh, that's 
good. Okay. Let's see. Cock it once. Cover 
it with a book, and take it for a check frame. 
We have a minute and 30 - 30. We ought to have 
enough of this thing to ... with. Whew.' I'll be 
glad when the gtiys get back with the . . . Not with 
the soap, because soap doesn't do any good ... 
All one time. Just need a good deodorant. Took all 
the deodorant with them to the surface. Outstand- 
ing stuff. Wow; I didn't think I could ever do 
that. Well, I'll tell you. Bob Mercer, you and ... 
Bob - I don't remember - Anyhow, you made it so 
it's a reasonable type thing to - to make. If it 
had been any more conrplicated than that, I'd have 
never got it . Just barely getting done . ... on 
the camera - camera. 

07 ik 36 05 CMP ... that one first, Sirius or Saturn? Whatever 

it is, it's j-ust a little bit off to the right of 
track. And let's see now, where are we? That's 
on frame 30. (Humming) Gee. It's 31 - 31, I 
guess, once you pull it through; 30 was the last 
one I took of that one. That one was ... Okay^ 
maybe I missed one of the 1-degree ones. Ha.' 

Tape 17-03^+26 
Page 3 

CMP ... 28, 29, that's 2k frames. Okay. That's right. 

I got them all. Now, what am I supposed to be 
doing in the old Flight Plan? Lights up. Okay. 
Stow the camera. Notes: Notes: Everything worked 
good. Let's see. Started ... late. ... 

CMP (Humming) 

07 lit ho l6 CMP Okay. Start the old AUTO PITCH rate. I guess we 

did that. AUTO RCS SELECT. Jets back ON. Let's 
see. Where are we now? ... P20, option 5j land- 
mark track. . . . 

07 ik ho hi CMP 2aER0 ENTER. ... Two ZEROs ENTERED. ... ENTERED. 

... Couple more. Okay. PROCEED to ... 

07 ih hi 09 CMP Plus - minus, 68.00 ENTER. Plus ENTER. Zero - 

minus 58. 

07 ih hi 20 CMP Zero. 

07 Ih hi 22 CMP NOUN 79 . • . 0.5, okay. VERB - ... ENTER. PROCEED. 

Seven?, That's pretty close. Okay. ... The old 

07 lit Itl 50 CMP That ' s a minus 2 . ... at 330 . REACQ and NARROW 

for AOS. ... Okay. Landmark track. Guess we'd 
better do that. (Humming) 

CMP That's Bravo Bravo on there. ... Okay; Bravo 

Bravo. Here we go. ... 

CMP We're looking at the old lunar surface. Okay. ... 

turn the power off. Whoops! Well. ... 

CMP (Humming) 

07 ih hh 57 CMP ... is over there. NO GO. ... well on that. 

CMP Okay, good shape. 

CMP ... 1/250. One frame a second. 38. 

CMP Plus l8, 63. Two, plus hk. 

07 lit h^ 50 CMP Plus ENTER ZERO all the ... be below the limar 


Tape 17-03^26 
Page h 

07 1^ hQ 01 CN5P Okay. That's OPTICS POWER, ON. ... 

07 1^ 1+8 U7 CMP Oh, the old check valve, and that "buster's kind of 

tight. Lots of pressure. ... 

CMP (Humming) 

07 ih 53 27 CMP Okay. ... Okay. It turns out to be 1. - plus 

1.863, plus in ... 

07 Ih 3k 13 CMP Husming. Okay. 38:00, start time. ... We're on? 

It ougsht to be . . . We ' re on . . . 

CMP Okay. ... Swig of water, find my ... 

07 ll+ 55 10 CMP All right, 3 minutes. 

CMP Ouch. 

CMP (Humming) (Whistling) (Humming) 

07 lit 57 lit CMP Okay, 37. 

CMP A little goodie. 

07 Ih 58 06 CMP Okay, got the old MISSION TIMER . . . 

CMP What? Okay. T-2 is at lt2. ... the DAC. 


07 Ik 59 11 CMP (Humming) but I guess it worked. 


07 15 01 59 CMP Oh, okay. Coming up - U2 - No, it's 1+1:50; I hope. 

I don't see it yet. Oh, okay. It's on the old 
DAC here. It's not seeing much. Maybe - 7 degrees, 
Okay. She's coming down now ... 

07 15 02 39 CMP Ah-ha, I see it. Man, it's pointing a long ways 

from it. It's 5 degrees up. No, not that much; 
3 maybe. 

07 15 02 56 CMP Yes, DAC's running. Going to bring her down, 

then - Okay, I guess the best thing to do is take 

Tape 17-03^^26 
Page 5 

07 15 03 1+8 CMP 
07 15 Ok 10 CMP 
07 15 Oh 52 CMP 

07 15 05 20 CMP 
07 15 21 U6 CMP 

07 15 2h 08 CMP 

07 15 2k kl CMP 

07 15 25 05 CMP 

07 15 25 21 CMP 

the center of that thing, that right - It's sup- 
posed to he 10 secondB more. 

That one was a little hit off. Discount that one. 

58. Beautiful. Right there, right in the sextant. 

Oh, I'm going through zero phase. Got it. ... to 
lose it. Last one. Okay. TDhe last one may not 
be that good. Just lost it. 

Okay. DAC is OFF. ... CMC. (Cough) (Humming) 


Okay. We're passing over the Sculptured Hills. 
And coming in to the landing site now. Still see - 
I'll start the old DAC. Oh, boy, it's going to be 
bright down there. Long - long ways off. Whewl 
That's pointing up the Family Mountain, 

No, through the telescope, anyhow, the whole area 
down there is a lot lighter than it used to be, 
and I'm sure this is due to the increase in the 
Sun angle. However, the landing site itself and 
the whole valley extending on out to the Serenitatis 
annulus is still darker - darker than the surround- 
ing territory, but it's - it's - with the higher 
S-un now. It's a lighter tan than it used to be. 
Come on, catch up with us there. 

Okay. I got three good marks right in a row there. 
Just because I missed a TCA, got to catch up with 

Last one. She's gone. Okay, in this sunlight. 
Family Mountain looks like it's black on the top. 
Not black, but real dark - dark - real dark gray 
on top of it. 


Back to POO here, huh? 

# # # 

(This page UnclassUled) 

Time Segments (AET) 


07 ■ 16 hk k5 OT 16 38 02 


Very poor camm 


Seiumwt, or portion. Ui.rwC. may b. *«eU."»U««» •«»•)•«» 
lolkMrtnf fpiMoUn**: 

PwtlOM 0* ttill docMitiool wlllt* cUiiUlOd CONFIOKNTJAl.. 
^^•rlrttc* ef Apollo crow ■yaUma «iul wiulpmont, (J) pro»kl« 

rt/riTwil d.u which cu. he todlvW^lly 

elii^lfStlon under the .uthorlty at the ApoUo Pro«rmm Socurtty CI— 

■tfltttton Guide, SCQ;-U, Rev. t, 1/1/M. 


Downgraded at 5-year 
IntervalBj declassified 
after 12 years 

pnUMtod br Uw. 

07 l6 kk 1+5 CMP 

Tape IT-O3U13 
Page 1 

OT 16 58 02 CMP Okay. That's Ul . . . 

# # # 

(This page Unclasaifled) 17,031,23 


DUMPED nvFR GPS niTwrnr; lumar orbit 52 

I Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

07 18 li 18 07 18 11 1*6 









07 19 06 31+ 

07 19 37 22 

Time good, voice fair. 


TiM material canUlii«d herein ha* b««a trtnacrilwd Into a 'worUnc 
papar lit order to laclUtatc review by Intareatad M8C alementa. Thia 
doenmaot, erportlooa thereof, mair be declaaalded aobiect loihe 
(oUovliiB guide Unee: 

Porllma oT (hta document wilt be cUuUtad CCNnDBNTIAL, 
Oroupi, to the extent that thejr: (I) define <{kuntttattve performance 
eharactarlatlce of Ott Apollo Kpacecrafl, <2)de(all critical performance 
characlerletice ct Apollo crew erateme and equipment. (I) prorlde 
tedinlcal daUlla of al(nlflcaot launch vehicle ntaUunetlona In actual 
rUfht or reveal actual launch trajectory dau, <4) reveal medical daU 
«l tUfht crew membera which can be conaldered prlvlleced data, or 
(() reveal other dau which can foe bMUvldually determined to require 
etoaaltleatloa underthe authority of the Apollo Program Security Claa- 
•IfleaUoN Oiilde, 8CG-1I, Rev. 1. 1/1/M. 


Downgraded at J-year 
intervale; declaesifled 
after 12 years 

mm Butdflal eonUinc Information aileetiiur tlw ntUonal dtfeoM of tho United atitM 
wtthia tlia BiMatnff at tb* Mplonae« Uw*. TIU* 18, V.S.C., 80cm. 19i and 704, th« 
trwmlMton or rovelaHon oi wMch in any nuuuMr to an UMuthorlzad paraon U 
piVBlottM Of law. 

Tape I7-O3U25 
Page 1 

07 18 11 18 CDR I can't tmderstand it. They seem to be ... Maybe 

they don't, when we're in AUTO. 

07 18 11 h6 CDR CJkay, ... 


Tape 17-03li25 
Page 2 

07 19 06 08 CMP 

07 19 06 3k CMP 


jHoT;iston, America - - 
OMNI Delta? 

Houston, America and Challenger are 
tight navy formation. 

Yes, it is beautiful. 

a good 


07 19 32 12 CMP 




07 19 35 38 CMP 


Tape I7-O3I+25 
Page 3 

Okay, she's coming back around. 

Take your time. 

We're still free, Ron. 

Yes, I know. Okay. 

I Yes, when you're free ... you create a little bit 
jOf rate on the thing, too. 

jl know it, I can see that. Just take your time. 
When you're satisfied, go. But don't go until 
you're satisfied. 

Okay, I'm not. (Cough) 

Okay, she's coming back around now. 

jokay, give me a call when you start to retract. 

Okay. Will do. 

Crazy thing. 

Say again. 

(Laughter) I get the rates nulled and then it goes 
around the other way. I think you're botmcing 
around up there, too, hijh? 

I know it. I'm Just swinging free. 


Here come . . . 

I think you're going to have to go to ATTITUDE 
HOLD. You're bouncing around more on the probe. 
See, I'm not moving at all. 

Okay. Stand by, Ron. Okay? Okay, I'm stable now. 
Okay. Now let me come up to you. 

Tape 17-O3U25 
Page k 



07 19 36 5^* CDR 

07 19 37 05 CMP 

07 19 37 20 CDR 
07 19 37 22 CMP 

When ycfu're happy, I'll go FREE. 
Okay. Stand by. 
Looking good now. 

Looking good, yes. See, that's vhat I needed. 

Okay, she's looking good. Why don't you go to 
FREE, and we'll go to RETRACT 1. 

Okay - 

MARK it. I'm FREE. 
Okay, RETRACT. Here you come. 
Bang. I got all - two harber poles. 
You got what? 

Okay. (Laughter) Three grays, I mean. 

That's better. That's better. (Laugbter) 

Okay. Sounded good in here. 

Yes . Sounded good in here . 

Okay, Houston. We're hard docked. 

Okay, safe the PYROS. ... circuit breaker. 

# # # 

(ThiB page Unclasalfled) ^ 17-0 




Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

07 pn 10 yy Q7 go 55 12 

Time good, voice fair. 


Tbt matarial eoaUlnwl herein haa b««n Inuwcribml into ■ working 
|M«»r In order to taeiUUtc review bjr Intoreeted MSC elemenU. Thts 
tfoeameat, or porilooe thereto,' mkjr be decleiallled aublect toihe 
toUowlag guldetlnee: 

Portlone ot IhU docvmenl will be cltiiilfM CGNFIDENTUL, 
Group 4, to the extent Ihtl they: (I) define tpwntitatlve perfornuiMe 
ehkrutertaltca of the Apolto Rpaeecrait, (2)detall erlUcnlperlormance 
chartclerletlce at Apollo crew eyeteme and equipment, \i} provide 
technical detail* of eltmlilennt launch vehicle malfunctlona li> acluat 
lUght or reveal actual launch lr«)eelory data, (4) reveal medical data 
on Itlflil erew nMmlwra which can be conaldered privileged data, or 
(S) reveal other data which can be Individually determined to rai{ulrc 
elaaeUleatlaa under the authority of the Apollo Program SocurUy Claa- 
•Weatkm Guide, 8CC-11, Rev. 1, I/l/M. 


Downgraded at ^year 
Intervale; declaesifled 
after 12 years 

TUB autortal eanUlns litformatlon affeetlnc tb* lUtloaRl 4af«iM of th« United 
wltbln tb* aiMAlas of the Mplani«* Uwa, Tttle IB, V.B.C., 8««. IftS bji4 7M, th* 
to w mtMten or radiation of which la wiy maniwr to u uiiMi»horiz«l ptrwD la 
proUbMod by Inr. 

Tape lT-03U2ii 
Page 1 

07 20 10 XX CDR ... We got to get some of this other stuff out 

of here, 

07 20 10 kk CDR Does this go up on its own or in the ISA, Jack? 

LMP On its own, I think. Just a second. 

LMP Okay , vacuum it . 

CDR Okay. 

LMP It goes on its own. 

CDR ... you vacuum it? I got to get those core ... 

out of there and . . . 

LMP Oh, that's right. Hey, Ron. 

CMP Yes, go ahead. 

LMP Here comes the purse. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Hey, I got some pretties in there. Now don't - 

don't let them come out. I've got the COAS - and 
the - some - ... stuff in there. 

CMP Okay. Let's see what I do with it first. 

LMP Hey, we need to take that clamp - utility light 

clamp back for John, don't we? 

CDR Yes, you don't want to ... 

LMP . . . purse . 

MS We'll - we'll - 

CDR Well, we'll get the hig stuff out of here. And 

then we '11 get - get stuff like that . 

LMP You want to try to get the APA [?] up? 

Tape 17-O3U2U 
Page 2 

CDR ... the tools here. Why don't we give it a try- 

after we get this other stuff clesui. 

OT 20 11 IT LMP I got the procedure. 

CDR We have to vacuxun this other stuff Taefore we 

send it iDack. Hey, Ron. 

CMP Yes? 

CDR 5-A, that's for tissue. 

LMP You want me to - - 

CMP I got five - four boxes of them down there. 

CDR You got - you got plenty? 

CMP I got four boxes of it. 

CDR I thought we were running short on something when 
we left . 

CMP No, I've still got fouir boxes. ... so - 

CDR Okay. 

CMP I got four boxes of them left. 

CDR Okay. ...? 

CMP I don't think we need to. 

07 20 11 h6 CDR I guess that'll be enough. 

LMP If we run out of tissues - 


CMP (Laughter) I don't know. You guys ... a lot. 

Throw them back down. 

CDR ... in there anyway. 

LMP Okay. You want me to finish that, get the stuff 

out, or what? 

CDR Well, let's just get some of the stuff out together 

Jack, and then I'll ... 

Tape I7-O3U2I+ 
Page 3 

LMP Okay. Let me vacuum you so you can go back and 


CMP Let me put this - stuff - purse in A-8. 

CDR Are you ready for LEVA hags , Ron? 

OT 20 12 10 CMP Yes, I can take them, and then I'll put them on 

top of the couch here for a while - - 

LMP Hey, gosh, there's a - - 


They're the only clean thing we've got. Let's 
get the clean stuff out of here. 

Let's - let's - Hey, Ron. Rememter that before 
we - we need to vacuum the gloves when we take 
them out of here. Okay? 

CMP The gloves are not in the LEVA bag? 

CDR They are. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR But when we open them up, we got to vacuum tomorrow, 

CMP Okay. 

07 20 12 39 CDR Don't you think you oxight to get those bags? We 

ought to get those things vacuumed first. And 
get those put in his bag . . . 

LMP Well, it's going to be hard to work, two guys 

in here with those bags. Gene, is the only thing, 

CDR Okay. 

LMP And I thought I'd get you cleaned off ... like 
we did in that 

CDR All right. 

CDR You think you can vacuum those things? 

LMP Oh, no way. 

Tape l'J-Q3k2k 
Page h 

CDR This ... in the drogue here are - they got to be 

fit better. 

CMP Yes . 

SC ... 




Ify eyes, nose, and mouth are so full of dust. 

Yes, I'm not going to vacuum you until you finish 
with all those bags. 

Right. I agree. Better get these ... out of your 

07 20 13 50 LMP Was that pocket ever opened on the surface? 

CDR No, I just opened it here, though. 

LMP Think there's anything in it? 

CDR Yes , there is something ... 


CDR . . . make it clean . 

CDR What a beautiful flying machine this is. What 

an outstanding fli^t. Ron, I coiad have flown 
all around you. 

CMP Yes, I know. You just sat there messing around. 

LMP Hold yotir . . , 

07 20 ik h6 CDR Dust, dust, dust. All I ever do is dust. Funny 

how having one of those . . . 

Okay, let me clean the ... of - your other arm, 

CDR You ought to put that light on me. 

LMP I'd rather not. It'll show how bad a job I'm 


Tape 17-03l4:'»+ 

CDR . . , vorse . 

LMP I don't know. Okay, let me do the other - Put 

up the other eirm. 

CDR I can't believe the control panel over there said 

I was going into gimbal lock - during that 
maxieuver to burn attitude. That's a standard 
yaw, roll maneuver. 

LMP I wonder who control was during that . . . 

CDR I can't believe - He knows that. The only thing 

- the only thing . . . that machine ... is to 
terminate behind the Moon. I Just ... final ... 
so I started maneuvering. 

LMP Okay, let me - why don't you turn? Can you 

turn 180? 

CDR If I work on it. 

07 20 16 59 LMP Okay. Oh, that part of you is pretty good. I 

got that while you were working over there. 

CDR Yes , and the PLSS is back there 

LMP Okay, left arm out, please. 

LMP Okay. Let me see the back to your right. 

LMP Okay, Gene, now I need to work on yoiir legs. 

CDR Now let me get at the top. 

LMP That's right. 

CDR Oh, I can breathe up here. 

CMP Hey, who's got the green - the green earphone - 
and the red eajrphone. 

CDR ... up here. It's on the - - 

LMP I think mine's green. 

Tape 17-O3U2U 
Page 6 

CDR port side - port side. So mine's red. 

How's that for a good Navy man? 

CMP That's good. 

07 20 17 18 CDR Were you taking stuff out of the purse? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Well, some of those - some of those other things 

are clean. What did you do with them? 

CMP I stuck them all in A-7. 

CDR Huh? 

CMP Stuck them all in A-7, 

CDR Okay. What are you giving me this for? We need 


CMP Yes, I give it back to you. 

CDR Yes, you - I get it back. 

LMP Okay, keep turning. 

CMP ... you're going to have to put this dirty stuff 

in your temporary stowage bag - - 

LMP Turn the other way. 

07 20 17 55 LMP Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay ... 

let me finish back here. 

CMP And now I forgot. Who's - who - who's green and 

who ' s red? 

CDR Jack's green. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP The vacuum cleaner's got enough torque that it's 

hard to work. 

LMP Okay, now turn. Whoa. 

Tape 17-O3U2U 
Page 7 

CDR Ron? 
CMP Yes? 

07 20 19 59 CDR That SIM bay is - there's nothing wrong with it, 

nothing at all. 

CMP Yes, that's what it sotmded like. It's - it's 

ticking along, working real good. The only problem 
we had was that one antenna. 

CDR No, it's not out. That temperature's got to 

either he a sensor or a heater because - I've 
got to have a picture of the SIM bay, but there's 
nothing there that's hot. 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Gene, you're just dirty. That's all there is 

to it. 

CDR I know. . . . that stuff . . . ground in and ground 


LMP Okay. Turn a little more, please. 

CDR Ron, that rendezvous was like a charm. That JM 

is just absolutely incredible. 

CMP Yes. Hey, just running right up the pike. Man, 

oh, man. Yes, that's the way it ought to run. 
I didn't have to do arorthing. I just - keep 
you in the middle of the TV picture, you know? 

07 20 20 16 CDR And you know, they said that was the last but 

the best, and they're right. It is the best. 

CMP Well, I'll tell you, it's been great, 

LMP Well, Gene, I don't know if I can do anything 

more than that. 


Oh, I don't know if you can, either, except 
maybe - Let me put up my hand. 

Tape 1T-031*2U 
Page 8 

LMP Pretty good . . .? 

CDR Huh? 
LMP Pretty good ...? 

CDR Yes, not bad. 

CDR Iify wrist connector, too. 

07 20 21 25 CDR Can we turn it off down here? 

LMP Yes, you can turn it off. 

CMP Hey, there wasn't an EMU maintenance kit in that 


LMP You get - you get your MASTER ALARM every time we 

turn it on, though. 

CDR Oh, if anyhody got a MASTER ALARM, I just turned 

it on and off. What do you want? An EMU main- 
tenance kit? 

CMP Yes, it wasn't in that pxirse. 

CDR I know where it is. I didn't know we were 

supposed to bring it back. Let me get it. 

CMP Oh, yes. I guess. I didn't hear one that time. 

CDR Well, you didn't spin down, Ron. 

LMP Oh, okay. 

CMP I didn't get any waist tether yet. Or LCG plugs. 

CDR LCG plugs were ... because they don't have ... 

our LCGs on. 

07 20 22 13 CMP Oh, okay. 

CDR How many EMU maintenance kits you want? 

CMP Just one, I guess. Those EMU maintenance kits. 

Tape IT-O3I+2U 
Page 9 

LMP Okay, necks ring, I got that. 

CDR Here it is. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR What else you need? 

CMP The monociilar. 

CDR I got it. 


CDR I'll get it. 

CMP All right. 

CDR Stand hy. 

IMP I'm sending in gloves. I'm going to keep 

my helmet on "because this dust gives me pretty 
had hay fever, Ron. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR This dust is terrihle. Jack. 

07 20 22 k9 LMP I'll keep ray helmet hag for a while. 

CDR Is the recorder off? 

CMP What , this one down here? 

CDR No. Jack? 

LMP Yes. 

LMP Ron, here are iny gloves. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR Where's the doggone tape recorder? Here it is. 

Tape 17-03lt2i; 
Page 10 

LMP Okay. Will you pull the - Wait a minute. Wait, 

Gene. Did - did you take it off? 

CDR Yes . 

07 20 23 25 LMP Well, okay. You're supposed to PULL the TAPE 

RECORDER circuit breaker 

CDR I did. 

LMP All righty. 

CDR I did already. 

LMP Is your comm - You're going to - Well, I can't 

talk to you guys without taking my helmet off, 
so I might as well do that. 

CDR Yes, well. Jack, if you - I'll tell you, it's 

going to bother you. My eyes and nose and mouth 
are so full of dust. I talk - I'll stay on 
coram here a minute. Can't you do that? 

LMP Well, okay. Let's see how it works. 

CDR Ron? 

CMP Yes? 

CDR Here . 

CMP Hey, I'm stuck under the couch. 

CDR Your suit is so white, I'm afraid to come in 

there . 

CMP Just - 

CDR Hey - 

07 20 2h 58 LMP Okay. Send that over. That was supposed to go 

in the purse, but send it over by itself. 

CDR Ron, keep it up out of stuff here. 


Okay, Ron, I guess - I guess I need your decontami- 
nation bag. 

Tape 17-03it2U 
Page 11 

CMP Which one? Both of them? 

LMP Well, hey, your Jett hag. I need your - Yes. 

Send it all over here. 

CDR Jack, there's no sense dusting those rock hags 

off if we're going to put them in those other 
bags. Let's just put them in there. 

LMP Okay. 

07 20 2h 38 CMP I'll tell you, these things are pretty well air- 

tight. Not really, thoxogh. 

CDR They got those airtight zippers on them. 

CMP Yes . 

CDR So - Okay, how do we know which one goes with 


CMP Well, that's the one that goes on - You mark it 

down there. That's A- - A-T. 

CDR This is what? 

CMP A-7. 

CDR I said how do we know what hags go in here, thou^? 

LMP I think it - it says. It's not easy, but it says. 

CMP It does say somehow. Where does this thing go? 

CDR Lunar sample container. Stow on ... A-7. 

LMP Okay, now that - that's listed here. We need 

those 70-millimeter mags, Geno. 

07 20 25 15 CDR Where are they? 

LMP Well - inside - they're in the book compartment. 

Here come the mags now, Ron? 

CMP Okay . 

Tape 17-03U2lt 
Page 12 

CDR Okay, is this what you want? 

LMP Yes - No, that's not the mags. They're in that 
other thing, in the "bottom hook compartment. No 

these are goodies 

CMP I think I 'm going to have to unpliog . . . crawl 
down underneath those things . 

LMP Okay, here's - Hey, Ron? 

CMP Yes? 

LMP Here's a - M and N [?]. 

CMP Yes. .. . - M and N. 

LMP What? 

CMP Okay . Just finding where the heck it goes . 

07 20 26 06 CDR Okay, Jack. Do you want this over? 

LMP Yes, that mag bag. 

CDR Where's the mag hag? Ron? 

CMP What is that? 

MS Mag hag. 

LMP Wait a minute. Stand hy. 

CDR Wait a minute. You still have it? I got one 
mag to give you for that one. 

LMP ■ • • , Ron . We got a mag in our camera here . 

CMP Okay. Give it to me. 

CDR There's one slot. 

LMP ... is it a Delta? 

CDR Yes . 

LMP Okay, good. 

LMP Do ve want to save the CDRs camera? 


CDR I don't have any desire to save it. 

LMP How you fixed for cameras , Ron? 

CMP Oh, I Just got the one. 

LMP We need another camera? 

CMP Wouldn't everybody get a 500-inillimeter - You 
left that on the surface, didn't you? 

LMP Yes . 

CDR Yes, we don't need it. Jack. 

LMP Well, it would he a nice backup camera. We got 

it up this far. That's the only constraint. 

07 20 27 29 CDR Well, how did you get these bags in here? 

LMP Put them in the rounded end first, the dark 

side up. 

LMP Boy, I can't - I can't break this one down, though. 

If you got some pliers - Where are your pliers, 

CDR Well, I think Ron took them. They were in the 

IS - in the - in the pxirse . 

LMP Ron, are Gene's pliers handy? 

CMP Pliers? 

CDR Yes , push that up to me . 

CMP I didn't see any pliers. 

LMP They were in the purse. 

CMP I got - I got some scissors, but no pliers. 

Tape I7-O3U2U 
Page 1^ 

CDR Oh, here. 

CMP Oh. 

CDR Well, imagine scissors in there, too. 

CMP Speaking of scissors, you never found yoiirs , then, 

07 20 28 11 CMP Huh? 

CDR Hey - 

CMP These are scissors. 

CDR Well, I had some small pliers in there, Ron. 

CMP You did? I don't remember seeing them. Let me 

LMP Okay, let me make sure we got all these things. 

CDR What do you need to break up - the camera? 

LMP Yes , yes . 

CMP There - some tethers there. 

CDR Some what? 

CMP Some - I don't know what the heck they are. 

CDR Oooh! Where 'd those pliers go I 

CMP No, I don't think so. 

CDR Well, here, take these mags and get them out of 
here . . . - - 

LMP Don't worry about it. I got it. 

07 20 29 06 CDR Why don't we try to break it down up here. Jack? 

^ll/llflfHKtKtKti ^^^^ 

Page 15 

LMP This is the one that was in the MESA, and I'm sxire 

they've torqued it down. The lock washer, you 
know . No , we go up in the . . . 

LMP Okay, get the APK out. Gene. 

CMP Okay, mags. 

LMP Okay, you got k, 3, and 2. 

CDR Here. Your Jett hag to put that in? 

LMP Not yet. 

CDR Here's that little piece. That's in that old 

jett hag. I stuffed right hehind here somewhere. 

IMP Tflaere's the other piece? 

CDR Any more mags . 

CMP Mags, here's the three. 

07 20 29 59 CDR Okay? 

LMP I think you got them all. 

CDR Yes. There are four l6-millimeter mags in the 
ISA. But we're not there yet. 

CMP Okay? 

CDR I'll get it right now. 

LMP Well, now, wait a minute. Okay, you can send 

them up. You got to stow them somewhere. 

LMP Get the APK too. Gene. And the flag kit. 

CDR OPS? Is the OPS over there? 

CMP Yes, I got the OPS. 

CDR You got the - 

LMP Okay, I'll get that. I got to get the core stems 

ready to go. 

Tape n-03k2k 
Page 16 

OT 20 31 kl LMP Who's got some scissors? 

CDR Guess who always has got them? Ron. 

CMP (Laughter) Here they come. Up through the t-unnel. 

LMP Walt a minute. The hatch is closed. 

CMP Oh, well, they already went up. Oh, so the hatch 

is closed? 

LMP I got it. That's all right. 

CMP Well, don't lose the scissors; I got them in the 

tunnel there. 

CDR I'm coming up to get them 

CMP Okay . 

LMP Excuse me, Geno, I'll get - I'll get out of 

yoTor way. 

07 20 32' 38 CDR No prohlem, I just want to he the middle man . . . 

either one of your way. 

CDR Who's got the scissors? 

CMP I just put them in the tunnel there. 

CDR Okay, take them back, Ron. 

LMP Yes , we got it , 

CDR Here . 

CMP Yes, toss them hack down there. I can't get to 
them, right now. 

CDR Well, I got a couple of things for you. Yes, 

right. You can't. 

CDR I got a 16-milllmeter mag for you and the APK. 

LMP Did you get the flag kit? 

Page 17 

CDR Huh-uh. 

IMP Oh, you didn't hear me. 

CDR I heard you. What flag kit? 

LMP Behind the SRC. 

CDR There's no flag kit. 

07 20 33 21 LMP Well, it's on the list. 

CDR Well, there is no such thing as a flag kit. 

That's the OPK. Isn't there an OPK there? No. 

LMP Oh, okay. I didn't remember whether they put one 

in the LM or not. 

CDR No, I Just stuck - no. I just stuck ny hand back 

there to make sure, hut I know there isn't. 

CDR What a clean spacecraft . 

CMP ... be. 

LMP Oh, quit griping (laughter) . 

CDR I got silicosis (laughter). 

CMP I don't know how in the heck these things fit 

in here. 

CDR What are you trying to fit? The bags? 

07 20 33 58 CMP I should have taken them out, I guess. These 

LM bags in R-13. 

CDR Well, some of them go into A-8. 

CMP Yes, I put five of them in there. 

LMP Hey, Ron? 

CMP Yes? 

LMP Did you stow the core tube and neutron flux to- 

gether or separately? 

Tape I7-O3U2U 
Page 18 

CMP Oh, together. 

LMP Okay, 

CDR Okay, Ron, you want the l6s. 

CMP Oh, yes. 

CDR Okay, give me a chance ... Okay, let's put this . 
on . . . 

CDR Oh, right here. 

CMP This PPK? 

CDR Yes . 

OT 20 35 29 CMP Okay, let's put it right up here in R-2, huh? 

CDR Yes . 

CDR What's this hag for? Don't you want this ar^ore 

LMP No, I don't want that. 

CDR Jack? 

LMP What? 

CDR We got a bag you can throw this away in? It's a 
it's a TO-millimeter bag. 

LMP Okay, throw it down here. 

CDR Hey, Ron, stick these somewhere. 

CMP Yes, I had them in n?y suit. 

CDR Okay. 

CMP The ones in there a minute ago . 

LMP Well, I can't snap that. ... for snaps. 

CDR Here, give it to me a minute. 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 19 

CDR These already vacutmiecl? 

07 20 36 09 LMP Yes. More or less. (Laughter) Boy, let me try 

a little more down there, 

CMP Okay. I got to get rid of that Jett bag before I 

can handle those things. 

CDR What? 

CMP I got to get rid of this big monstrous Jettison 

LiMP Well, look, I'm going by the list, all right. 

CMP Okay. I'll stick them back here somewhere. 

CDR Well, put that back in there, Ron. 

CMP Going underneath the couch. (laughter) . 

LMP Okay, let me - let me see what I can do. 

CMP No, no. Hey, that's all right. I can stick it 

along beside here. 

LMP I got to - tie this probe down. 

CDR Oh, you mean that jettison bag full of stuff. 

CMP Yes . 

07 20 36 kk CDR Oh, okay. 

CMP You don't think that's any good, huh. Gene? 

CDR No, I - it's - no. I don't think so - I - Let me 

come back to it. 

CMP Well, that looks pretty good to me. 

CDR Well, that probe should be really on the floor. 

Jack . . . The probe should be on the floor . . . 
should be tilted down towards you and then up 

LMP All right. 


Tape I7-O3U2I1 
Page 19 

CDR These already vacuumed? 

07 20 36 09 LMP Yes. More or less. (Laughter) Boy, let me try 

a little more down there. 

CMP Okay. I got to get rid of that Jett \>&g before I 

can handle those things. 

CDR What? 

CMP I got to get rid of this hig monstrous Jettison 

LMP Well, look, I'm going by the list, all right. 

CMP Okay. I'll stick them back here somewhere. 

CDR Well, put that back in there, Ron. 

CMP Going underneath the couch. (laughter) . 

LMP Okay, let me - let me see what I can do. 

CMP No, no. Hey, that's all right. I can stick it 

along beside here. 

LMP I got to - tie this probe down. 

CDR Oh, you mean that Jettison bag full of stuff. 

CMP Yes . 

OT 20 36 UU CDR Oh, okay. 

CMP You don't think that's any good, huh. Gene? 

CDR No, I - it's - no. I don't think so - I - Let me 

come back to it. 

CMP Well, that looks pretty good to me. 

CDR Well, that probe should be really on the floor. 

Jack . . . The probe should be on the floor . . . 
should be tilted down towards you and then up 

LMP All right. 

Tape 17-03l^2lt 
Page 20 

LMP Say, that isn't tight, either. I didn't finish 


CDR Well, to take that jettison bag, we need to have 

that squared away, I guess. 

CDR Hey, you don't need to give it to him yet. 

CMP No, I don't need it yet. 

07 20 37 23 LMP Okay. 

CDR You're going to like this. 

CMP That "big, long . . . 

CDR That . . . core tuhe was like pulling an elephant 
out of the ground. 

LMP Okay, next. You got this SEP DSEA up there yet? 

CDR No, I didn't unstow it. It's still over there - 

CMP Well , get it out of the bottcan boot compartment , 

then. And send it to him. 

CMP I got some kind of a recorder. What was that? 

LMP That was the LM. 

CMP Oh. 

LMP Okay. Send me a Jett bag. A clean Jett bag. 

CMP A clean one, huh? An empty one? 

LMP Empty. 

07 20 38 15 CMP Okay. 

CMP A clean Jett bag. 

CDR Okay, now here's the DSEA from the SEP. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Now, put those - put those in the temporary stowage 
bag; that's Just the bootleg stuff. 

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Tape 

^^^^^ 2^ 

CMP Okay . 

LMP ... Okay, that all goes in the jett "bag now, 

except the next item. 

CMP Yes, where do I put this DSEA? Mayhe in that thing. 

SC • f » 

LMP You can work on that. Stuff it in there. 

CDR What you - did you take our cards off the front? 

LMP Yes. I got them, okay? 

CDR We - ve got a checklist here to - to target the 
hig stuff? 

LMP That's in here. 

CDR Okay. 

07 20 39 27 LMP Man, I must - and here comes the collection bags. 

CDR What else goes in here? 

LMP Here's the Flight Data File right now. 

CMP Okay, you never have found the waist tethers yet, 


CDR Yes, they're there. 

CMP They are? 

CDR They were in the purse. 

CMP Those waist tethers? 

CDR I took them out of ISA and put them wherever - 

whoever told me to put them in there, either you or 

CMP Those are not the things I used for EVA. 

CDR Yes, they are. They got to he pulled apart. Well, 

wait - 

Tape 17-03U2U 
Page 22 

CMP They don't have hooks on them. They don't have 

those hlg hooks on them. 

07 20 kO ih CDR Oh, the waist tethers. Those are our OPS transfer 

tethers . 

LMP No, we haven't sent you the waist tethers. 

CMP Yes, okay. 

CDR We don't need those OPS - OPS transfer tethers. 

LMP No . 

CDR Why don't you send it back? 

LMP Unless you want to keep them for something? 

CDR Well, you want the Yo-Yos. 

CDR Yes , put them in that - in that - where - where have 

you got them? 

CDR Put them in that . . , hox I ^ust gave you. All 


LMP Okay, send over the Jett - the Data File and then - 

then - Hey, Ron, you prohahly want to put the 
Data File away before we start sending you the 
rock boxes . 

CMP Yes . 

07 20 ho 57 LMP Or maybe - Gene, can you get that close to the - 

CDR Yes, I can get that. Here's - here's something. 

I caji take that. 

LMP What is it? 

CDR That's our decontamination ... 

CDR I'll carry it. Put this ... away, Ron. 

CMP Hey, this thing is supposed to be in the decontam- 

ination bag. 

Tape n-03k2k 
Page 23 

LMP What is? 

CMP This thing. 

LMP What thing? 

CMP The de - the magnetic tape thing. 

LMP Oh, okay. 

CMP It's supposed to be in that decom hag. 

LMP You're right. I don't ... 

07 20 1*1 25 CDR Okay, give me that hag there. 

LMP Well, I got to find the one that goes in first. 

CMP It goes on the one - the only one I passed over 
there . 

LMP That whole bag? 

CMP Yes, the one that goes on A-7. 

CDR Okay, here you are, Jac-, coming back. 

LMP Nothing else goes in here? 

CDR Oh, yes . 

CMP Oh, yes. 

CDR Heck, yes. The SCBs go in there. 

JiMP Will you pass those back to Ron? Now wait a 

CDR Pass what back? 

LMP These. Or that. 

CDR What? 

LMP Oh, I'm sorry. 

Tape I7-O3U2U 
Page 2k 

07 20 k2 00 CDR Well, we Just got to regroup here. I got to get - 

got to get one thing done first. 

LMP What is that? 

CMP Hey» you got ajjy magazines for this camera? 

CDR Well, there's some - yes, there's some film left 

on the LM mag. 

CBR Jack? 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Jack? 

LMP YeS} Ron - I mean, Gene. 

CDR Take - take that DSEA recorder. Okay? 

LMP Yes, go ahead. 

CDR And put it in that hag, if that's where it's 

supposed to go. Now what is - what are we going to 
do with this? 

CMP What is it? 

CDR What did you send this up for. Jack? 

LMP What? 

CDR This hlaek hag 

LMP It was in the decom hag. 

07 20 k2 37 CDR Oh, it was in the decom hag, Ron. 

CMP Oh (laughter) okay. 

CDR Now, where is the LM Flight Data File? Can you 
tell me? 

CMP Should he in that jettison hag there. 

CDR I know, hut I wanted to stow it. Where could I 

stow it? 

Page 25 

CMP Oh, stick it in there, yes. It's kind of an 

empty one to use to put stuff - We got the maps 
that we each pick up out of . . . 

CDR Yes - that's right. 

CMP Was empty. 

CMP This thing is really empty hack in here. 

CDR Where? 

CMP Yes , you could get - you could push that right 

in that drawer. You could stick that - 

LMP Hey, hey, Ron? 

07 20 U3 Ih CMP Yes? Go ahead. 

CMP This bag you sent me is - is for a sample hag, not 

for the DSEA. 

CDR It's the hig hag off of A-7. 

LMP Yes. 

LMP Don't you want sample hags in there? 

CDR Yes. That's what it said. 

CDR Does the DSEA go in there, too? 

CMP "Receive magnetic tape cassette in decom hag, and 
stow on A-7." 

LMP Okay. 

CMP Yes. So the hag - 

LMP I'll put them hoth in there, then. 

CMP Yes. 

LMP That doesn't ring a bell with me, but I'll do it. 

CDR Both of them? There's only one. 

Tape 17-03lt2U 
Page 26 

LMP No, a sample bag. 

CDR Oh, yes. Is there anything else to do, Ron? 

07 20 U3 55 SC Ko. Unless the Flight Plan does ... in there. 

CDR You'd be . . . 

CMP Turn it the other way. 

CDR What? 

CDR Hand in the rings first . 

CDR . . . the other way . 

CMP Yes, the other way - It doesn't make any difference 

LMP Hey, Ron, do you think one or two go into this 
A-7 bag - one or two sample bags? 

CMP I think on that 

CDR I think you try ajid put two in there. Jack. 

LMP Oh, I got it. The BSLSS bag goes in there. 

CDR Is that what it said? 

LMP Yes . 

07 20 U 5 03 LMP I got the list. 

CMP CMP "Receive two sample collection bags in decom bag, 

and stow on A-7." 

LMP My list says the A-7 bag gets the BSLSS bag. 

CMP The buddy SLSS? I guess - there's been a change. 
"Receive buddy SLSS bag in the decom, ard stow 
on A-1. 

LMP Looks like it could go either iway. 

_ Tape lT-03i+2it 

Page 27 

CMP Yes . 

LMP You have to go one way or the other. 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Okay. I'll put the - I'll put the buddy - Did they 

change it? 

CMP They Just changed it. 

LMP Oh, okay, 

CMP Just changed it. 

LMP All right. That's because it's heavy. All right. 

07 20 1*5 CMP Yes. "Receive two sample collection bags in the 

decora bag and stow on A-7." That's the one you had. 

LMP Yes. Okay, I'll do that. 

SC Fire me. 

SC Where? 

SC At the Moon. ' 

LMP Okay, Gene, I'm going to partially close the hatch 

and get a bag on it. 

CDR That your bag or my bag? 

LMP That's mine. 

SC Here's your EVA [?]. 

CMP I've got to get back over there now that I've — 

Is there any more l6 - are there any more l6 milli- 
meter mags? 

LMP No. There should have been four of them. 

07 20 k6 56 CMP Okay, maybe I got them. 

LMP Okay, I pulled that zipper as tight as I can pull 


Tape 17-03l^2l^ 
Page 28 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Here comes the A-7 bag. 

LMP I could use another decontamination hag, if you 
got one. 

CMP Okay, I got one. 

LMP Oh, shotild I put the DSEA - I'll put the DSEA - 

CMP Yes, put the DSEA in there. 

LMP Yes . 

CMP Or the mag tape recorder, or whatever you call it. 

LMP Yes. 

cm That's all the IM Data File stuff, except these 
two hags here. 


SC ■ • • 

07 20 1+8 lit CMP There's - there's room in R-3 there. 

CDR I hope there's nothing you need out of it. 

LMP Hey, Gene, you want these - There are two more 
clips out here. You want them? 

CDR No, the clip hag is already stowed. 

LMP All right. 

CDR Put them in your pocket, if you want, but - 

CDR No, can you stand this up here? 

CDR No, I can't - 

CDR Hold that until we need it now. 

CMP Okay. 

Tape lT-03it2l+ 
Page 29 

CDE Okay, Jack. What have you got? 

LMP I got an A-7 hag with two sample collection hags 

and one mag tape. And I'm ready for another decon- 
tamination hag. 

CMP Okay. Let me get it for you. 

07 20 U9 09 CMP Whoa! How many rocks you got in that thing? 


CDR We figured we had (laughter) - we had over 300 pounds 

of weight because of the dead weight of the SRC. 

CMP They weigh as much as wy Jettison hag. 

CDR Okay, Jack. Hey, wait, there's something in there, 

Ron, All sorts of things in here. Let's get 
them one at a time. 

CMP There's supposed to he a whole hag. 

CDR Yes, hut he can't handle them all. 

CMP Oh, he can't handle them all? 

LMP No. Just hand me one, and I'll figure out what 

goes in it. 

CMP Okay. They all go in it. They all end up in it. 

No, they don't either. 

OT 20 h9 h3 LMP You got the A - the ISA hag - I mean the A-2 hag. 

I'll put the ISA in it. 

CMP That's the hig one that's on the - the outside 

there. Jack. 

CDR That's right. This is it. Stow it ... and that's 

this one . 

CMP Okay . 

CDR Oh, let me see. Jack, the - Was something else 

in there - Oh , yes , we got . . . and stuff in there , 
don't we? 

Tape 17-03^21^ 
Page 30 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Well, I guess we ought to just leave all that in 

there . 

CDR Well, I don't know if we did or not. We got ... 

and shoes. That was on my list of - crew list to 
"bring hack anyway, so just leave it in there. 

CDR Ron, can you hold onto these? 

CMP Yes . Toss it hack here , Gene • 

07 20 50 3k CDR This is that hag - magnetic tape that ... Fold 

hack, wrap with cord, seciare with stow in 

A-7 ... This one hag . 

CMP Got to get this one. 

CDR This one. 

CMP Oh, what is that? Oh, that's what you should have 

put the roags - (laughter) mag cassette in. 

CDR Well, you got it up here now, don't you? 

CMP Yes . 

LiMP Ron, I thought that was true, and you told me 

otherwise . 

CMP Yes. That's what they said. 

LMP You huy it. 

CMP Okay. It's what my - my thing says. 

07 20 51 06 CDR Is that an update? 

CMP Huh? 

LMP I put the cuff checklist in the ISA. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Let's see what else ought to go in there. 

Tape 17-03l+2lt 
Page 31 

CMP I need to put the tape in this bag, is what 

you're saying? The tape is loose in there. 

CDR Yes, it's supposed to go that - in the bag. 

CMP In the A-7 bag? 

CDR Yes . 

CDR Where in the A-T bag is it. Jack? 

LMP It's in the end of it, the zipper closure end. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Stuffed in there. 

CDR Okay, that's the biggie, huh? 

07 20 52 12 LMP What's the biggie? 

CDR Can you msike that one? 

LMP I think so. I hope so. 

CDR Something heavy is in this bsig. 

CDR I'm not sure we're going to make that. 

LMP I 'm not either . Maybe I better take the 

CDR Let me - let me squeeze it ... 

LMP Let's take it. I think we might make it. 

CDR Stuff it back into this end of the bag. There 

you go. Why don't you try and hold on together? 
Here, I'll show you, I'm going to get it. 

LMP > > . 

LMP Watch it. Did it get you? 

CDR No. 

LMP Okay. Going to get it fixed first. 

Tape l ,-03l42H 
Page 32 

07 20 1+9 CDR 




Ready for the ISA "bag? 

Says, "stow on top of A-" - Where do ve sleep 
going home? 

Darned if I know (laaighter). I've been sleeping 
floating around in the ttinnel. 

07 20 55 12 CMP 

Hey, okay, Houston. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 

Tape iT-o:?^29 

DUMPED nvF.R GPS nTmmn lunar orbit 52 

Time Segments (AET) 


07 22 09 21 


07 22 53 18 

Coinni fair; time good. 


Tha mater U! contained herain haa baa a tranacribad Into a vorking 
papar In ordar to tacillUta ravlaw by lataraatad MSC aletaanU. Thla 
doeunwol, orportlona tharecf,' may ba dae laaailiad aublact to tha 
toilowiag gutdaUnaa: 

Porttona of thla doeumant wlllba claaaUlad CONFIOEimAL, 
Oitmp4, to the extent that they: {I) Mint (|uantit*tlve parforinanca 
cbaraetarlattcB of the Apollo spacecraft, (Ddatall critic* Iparformanca 
ebaractarlatica of Apollo craw aytlama and a^lpmant, (3) proirtda 
laelMletl daUlU of altiUflcaat launch vahlcte maifvinctluna In actual 
fUfht or raraal actual launch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical daU 
en f Uiht craw mambara which can be coiuidarad prtvllegad data, or 
<S) ravaal other data which can ba Indlvldualty determined to require 
etaMltlcallen under tha authority of the ApoUo Profram Security Claa- 
■ifleatlOB Oulde, SCC-ll, Ra*. t, l/l/«6. 


Bovngraded at 3-year 
intervale; declaBsified 
after 12 years 

Thto matArltl cobUUm Infornuitlon atfectim the Mtlawa defenM of th« UnUwl 8UU« 
wtthta tha mMtaiag d tha Mptouw* Uwa, TIU* IS, U.S.C., S«ea. 793 uul 794, th« 
trtMmiealon or nmUtlon o< which in uqr nuuuwr to lu uMuthorlswl (w»ar. la 
pnhlMtcd by taw. 

07 22 09 21 CDR 

Tape lT-03i+29- 
Page 1 

Okay. We have a latch. 

You get direction? Yes, all right. Okay. 
Yes J if they will. 

(Laughter) No, because - Yes, that's right. Both 
the same pressure; I don't see how it makes any 

07 22 39 51 CDR Yes, it \tas dead, probably. You all didn't turn 

it off until later. 

CDR Yes, that tees me off. We're not going to get a 

picture one out of this dam thing. It's jutting 
right into the Sun. 

CMP Okay; P30. I've already got that. Al, what's 

supposed to be done about 12. It's 20 WOUn. I've 
got the camera configured. I'm already at P30. 
No, it's at time 93:12-93:21. ... behind you 
to your left. Okay; suit integrity check. Yes, 
I was just going to go ahead and put mine on and 
do a suit Integrity check now. Then we'll be 
ready. Now with that check. Gene, can you get 
up there in the back - over in the corner back 
over there? Jack's Roger. We're going to get 
all set. Yes, that's it. 

CMP Okay; I've got my helmet on. 

07 22 1+3 22 CMP Now? Can you hear me now? Now? 

CDR I hear you now. What are you doing? 

CMP Okay, Gene. We're just talking about the integrity 

check. We're not suited yet. Gene, if you read 
me? . . . 

CDR What - Ron, what's it look like on the checklist? 

CMP Well, we're 23. We've got - we've got 30, really. 

CDR Okay. Well, tell me when you want to - you want 

me to put my helmet on. I'll put it on. I'm jusi. 
waiting - - 

Tape lT-03i+29 
Page 2 

CMP We can go ahead and do that rigtit now - get it 

out of the way, if you want to, vhile we wait for 
that thing to ccaue down. Then we - then we'll he 

CDR Well, you shouldn't do it while we're venting the 

tunnel in case the tunnel is venting. That's the 
problem, see? 

CMP Well, that's right, too. 

CDR It's getting there. 

CDR You know that - that sort of - It eats - Just 

eats - eats the skin off my hand. 

CMP (Laughter) Sure as heck does, doesn't it? But 

part of that is Just from working inside the glove, 
isn't it? 

CDR Yes, a good part of it is. How did we end up on 

decrease here? 

CMP Darned if I know. The last purge was only 

20 seconds long, and I think it prohahly didn't - 
didn't work in there right. But they wanted me to 
go to DECRE^E Just prior to hum. That's 
DECREASE, so I think it probably didn't work right. 

CDR Yes, it didn't look very good when I was ... 

CMP Yes. And ... I haven't learned that much about 

the ... You know, I never - I've never seen the 
darn thing. 

CDR 0^ flow's not increasing on the CSM? 

CMP Ho. 
CDR Okay . 

07 22 1+6 1;5 CMP Did you - did you turn my suit flow off for a 

little bit? 



Tape I7-O3I129 
Page 3 

CMP Okay. I'll put my gloves on. No. Wait a minute. 

It's not time yet. 

CDR I ' 11 go put a helmet on here . 

CMP OX ay. Turn it on. 

CDR I never turned it off. You want it on or off? 

CMP I guess I got the glove on without turning it off. 

That's all right. 

CDR I'm in a tunnel integrity check right now. 

CMP Okay. ... T8, 1/250. I think it's T8. I'm 

looking in the darn Sun. T8. 

CDR Wow! I wish I could have got that other hand 

controller . 

CMP Mayhe those nuts are Just stuck on today, huh? 

CDR They are those screws, and they - they're Just so 

darn hard that eill you do is tear the head of the 
- head of the screw apart - - 

CMP Yes . 

CDR It's about a half an inch to the bialkhead - you 

know, where you try to grab the screwdriver. 

CMP Yes. 

CDR And it's a rounded screwdriver. It's not one of 

those - it's not one of those square - squarehead 
screwdrivers . 

CMP Yes . 

CDR It's a rounded blade. Okay. Tunnel integrity 

check is good. 

CMP Hey, okay. 

Tape I7-O3I+29 
Page h 

07 22 1+8 55 CDR That's on - Let's see, 0^ FLOW is still in 

INCREASE, right? 

CMP No. Still zero. Okay. Lower limit. 

CMP Hey, is that DELTA-P about 2? 

CDR No, DELTA-P is already about 35- 

07 22 1+9 16 CMP Oh, 35. Oh, okay. 

CDR Well, that's all I've got to do. Tunnel that 

valve. I leave it on vent. 

CMP Yes, just leave it on vent for 10 minutes. 

CDR Just leave it there, huh? 

CMP No, no, no. Wot that. We'll have to get it to 

OFF "before we Jump. Otherwise, the - leak the 

CDR Leakhack, yes. 

CMP How ahout . . . ? 

CDR Can't. 

CMP Can't. Okay. You're right. We~still want it off. 

We still don't want it in VENT. couldn't we? 

CDR Okay. What's o\ir time line look like now? 

CMP Okay. We're at 30 minutes, and that shouad he a 

P30. Okay. And there ' s , let ' s see, 23 - 
29 minutes from Jett - 28 minutes from jett. 

CDR Okay. When is AOS? How soon? 

CMP AOS is in h minutes. 

CDR What do I want for AOS? 

CMP Pitch, minus U2; yaw, 3l+9- 

Tape 17-03^429 
Page 5 

IMP I think it's about time ... 

07 22 50 19 CDR Ron, you can probably do yoxir integrity check now, 

if you'd like to, since the hat - hatch is GO. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR Wait till I get nor gloves on. 

CMP Okay. You guys ready down there? 

CDR Any time. 

IMP Yes, any time. 

CMP Okay. Stand by. 

07 22 50 55 CDR Okay. One's OK. 

CMP Okay. 

07 22 51 07 CDR And two's ON. Okay; any time- 

CMP Okay. You ready to go to PRESS? 

07 22 51 12 CDR Yes. Go ahead. 

07 22 51 17 CMP Okay. SUIT CIRCUIT RETURN VALVE, got to close it 

first . 

CDR Darn, it's hard to close. I forgot about that. 

CMP Okay. SUIT FLOW VALVEs; are those OFF? 

CDR Yes . 

07 22 51 31 CMP ... Okay. Suit pressure • • • O2 ^^^^ lower 

limit. Okay. Let's go to PRESS. Okay. It 
should be going up. 

CDR I don't have my dust covers on it (laughter). 

Tape IT-O3U29 
Page 6 

CMP ... Turned DIRECT 0^. 

CDR What? 

07 22 52 12 CMP Now it's going up. Okay. I turned the DIRECT 

0^ ON. And when I get to about 1-1/2 above, . . . 


CDR Did suit circuit come out? 

07 22 52 31 CMP Yes, it's coining out now. That's 5; that's 6-1/2. 

Okay. It's out. Now she's back in. Okay. 
Circuit - The SUIT CIRCUIT RETURN is going to . . . 

CMP Don't look had. 

MP Man, yes. I'm at 35. 

CMP How are yours? 

LMP Fine. I'm at 39. hO. Hey 

07 22 53 Ok CMP Make sure your DIRECT 0^ is OFF. The other day 

mine went up to U5. 

CDR That's hecause you let it go to far. 

CMP No, it Just goes that high. Doesn't make any 

difference what you do. 

LMP I'm at 1+0. 

CDR I am, too. 

CMP So am I, right now. 

07 22 53 18 CDR Okay. We - - 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) ^^^^ n-o^k^i 



Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

08 00 06 03 08 00 hk l8 

08 00 li5 ^5 08 00 57 36 

Time good; voice fair for first segment > poor for second segment. 


TiM Batertal eooUlned hereto hw been tranaerlbed Into ■ vorkbig 
ptp«r In order to InclUUte review by bitereeted M8C elemenle. Tttla 
doettaent, erportlona ttieretf, nuijr be deeUeelfled eabjeet to the 
tolkMrtOf ftttdeUnee: 

PorUeaa tt thle documeni will be cUeeUled CONFIDENTIAL, 
Group 4, lo the extent thel they: 1 1) define quantitative performMce 
ebM«eterla4lce ol Ui« Apollo Dpeeecrelt, (2)delall critical performeMe 
olutracterleUee ot Apollo crew eyetem* and equipment, W provide 
leebalCAl detail* of al(nUlcant launch vehicle malluaellone In actual 
flight or reeeal actual launch trajectory dau, (4) reveal medical data 
on (U|h| crew membere which can be conetdered privileged daU, or 
(t) rwvaal other dau which can be Individually determined to require 
CtualfleUleB under the authority of the ApoUo Program Security Clae- 
■tflMltM Guide. 8CC;1I, Rev. 1, 1/1/M. 


Downgraded at J-year 
intervale; dedaealfied 
after 12 years 

Tbto BttUrUl eonuiu Information aflectlu Ui« ihUouI datwiM ol th* UnU*d SutM 
wtthlo Ui« i»«uing ct the Hpiaru«e lawgrTlUd X«, U.8.C., Se«. 19i aad 1M, th* 
tnatmlMlea or nnlatioa ol which in any muner to u uiuwthortsMd pancn i« 
pnhlMtad by Uv. 

Tape 17-03^+31 
Page 1 


08 00 06 03 CMP Okay,. We'll give her a try. I can see the one 

out window 1. Window 1 is the only one I can see. 
And that happens to be HF number 1. 

CMP Yes. Oh, here's those- The electrical covers? 

Oh, they're - each one of them is in your - your 
bag here. Yes . 

CMP Yes, they're in the pocket of the PGA. Yes. 

CMP Okay. We're LOS. 

CMP Yes, we snap them up in the tunnel. Small pocket? 


08 00 09 29 CMP No. Well, it's back down. Back down, pull the 

seat back towards you. ... down, yes. Wo. Face 
up. Wo, that's all right. Like that. Put it 
right in the couch and push them on in through 
there. Yes. 

CMP Yes, we're going to have to take that rock bag 

out of there . . . And - and then the rock bag? 

CMP No, what we'll do, we'll - it'll - Wo, you store 

it between the - the PGA bag and A9 rock box. 
See? Stuff it right in there. And you can start 
dumping . . . here . Yes . 

CMP (Laughter) Yes. 

CMP What are you doing? Here , grab ahold of the end 

of it. Wo, just grab ahold of the end of it and 
pull on that, if you can. (Laughter) Yes. 
(Laughter) . 

CMP Wo, it goes up over that thing, that hard thing 

down there. Take a look down there. No, it goes 
up over it. Yes. 

08 00 13 U3 CMP That was the LM Timeline book. Yes, you're at the 

end now. Yes. And speaking of - 

Page 2 

CMP I'm sticking that LM Timeline book in there with 

the window shades. Oh, okay (laughter). 

CMP Everything is in R-2. Oh, the cards - Yes, 

they're in another one. Yes, that's in - R-5 
there, isn't it? Yes, that's not - yes, R-1. 

08 00 16 11 CMP Those pills can come out. I just stuck them in 

there so they wouldn't he floating around. 

CMP Here's the i)lan that goes in that pocket - in the 

end of that pocket thing the next time you get 
in there. 

CMP Hot dang I I'll tell you. You guys have been 

down to the Moon. Fantastic. I don't "believe 
it either. Yes, I did; I'll tell you. Well, I'll 
tell you, I learned one thing. The landing site 
area that you guys landed is completely different 
than the rest of the annulus - the rest of the 
Moon, the rest of the annulus around Serenitatis , 
and the different color. And - I'm beginning to 
get the feeling that - that a liquid mantle at 
some time or another did cross - did cross on the 
back side, anyhow, at one time or another, 
recently, during a period of time. It's in that - 
in the PGA thing down there, I guess. Same place, 
in that little - ... It's already reached the 
point where - I've already shaved once, though. 
Yes, that's right. I really was going to shave 
yesterday, and I Just didn't have time. Packing 
that darn bag full of stuff, it took me an hour 
last night. I s\ire packed that bag full , 
(laughter). Yes. (Laughter) Well, you know, 
it's all of that food, urine, and - Li OH cans out 
of there and my CMP's helmet shield and a bunch 
of stuff out of A7, all the rest of the food and 
stuff that weis in there. 

08 00 19 09 CMP That belongs in A8, but I Just stuck it down there 

for the time being. No, I know they don't fit in 
there, but they did while something else was in 
there. Yes, in fact, I've got something on both 
sides of the page to do. What time is it? 

Tape I7-O3U3I 
Page 3 


08 00 23 ^2 CMP 


08 00 27 08 CMP 

08 00 31 CMP 


08 00 3h 00 CMP 

What? Tissues? Let's see, they're down in the 
corner over there. What the heck did I do with 
them? Aren't they stuck to A-5? 

You know, this zodiacal light is really kind of 
pretty. It . . . one of them. Thank you. ... 
before I even take a hath. 

You guys are making a ... 

Gosh darn! (Laughter) That's the one we ought 
to have thrown away (laughter). 

Okay. The recorder's - Yes. 

Got to get the SM/AC POWER, OFF. ... 

Oh, you dumping? Do I go to the other side to get 
the - Has - the Kikon? Here, I forgot where I 
put it. 

I stuck it right there with mine . Yes . You might 
start using one of them there, prohably, before 
tomorrow. The box is about full. Yes, I think 
... You guys don't have to start using those until 
195. About now, I guess. 

No, not to - not to use the spare one. You can - 
Look and see, ... 19T? Okay. Back over there in 
the right corner? Back over there and down there, 
somewhere. Leaning up against the wall. Yes. 
Yes. ... Just about this period of time, see, you 
can always dump - with the back side of the Moon 
coming up. I was in FREE one time coming around, 
and I dumped on the back side of the Moon. Almost 
went into gimbal lock (laughter). It really fouls 
you up. 

Polarized and also red . . . 

Where did I put that thing? Let's see; I wadded 
it up. Let's see - It's down in that one over 

Tape lT-03lt31 
Page h 

CMP Yes, I want to get - Well, ... this would be good 

CMP It was the other plus X. ... terminator yet ... 

I got ... near-side terminator ... terminator. 

08 00 35 k2 CMP No, there was another - No, there was another one 

in there. Just like those temporary storage hags. 

LMP Wasn't it down in there? 

CMP I took it off of there. What in the heck did I 

do with it? I forgot what I did vith it now. 
Fine . 

CMP Oh, I got something on the outside of my window. 

How did all that happen? 

CMP We could start using that great big thing; but 

it's just easier to use that small one and then 
dump it in there, I think. 

CMP Might as well just start using that big one, I 

guess . 

08 00 37 51 CMP Yes, that's the bad part about it. 

CMP Got two pockets of towels in there, too. *** have 

two packages left, each, in - number A-1. ... 
There's a fourth temporary stowage bag if we can 
find it. You know, just stick it up there in the 
tunnel with the rest of them. 

CMP ... Kilo Kilo ... that one, I think. Oscar Oscar 

is ours , and Peter Peter is — 

C8 00 kZ 16 CMP Look at the holes in my camera holder. 

CMP Yes , look at that flow . . . Yes , look at that flow 

... Where did it go? Yes, see that flaw that's 
coming down right there now? And it happens right 
over Tsiolkovsky, coming close to it. And it 
looks to me like it's about the same darn type of 
stuff as - as the ... Yes. Yes, it's right out 
here. See it out window 3- See it down there? .. 

Tape 17-03i^31 
Page 5 


08 00 hh l8 CMP 

08 00 U5 h5 LMP 

08 00 hi 21 LMP 




08 00 51 hi LMP 

But I can't see any flow ... at all. No, here. 

Yes . . . DSE . 


. . . down there . ... number . . . 
Yes , ... number i6. 
stand by. Must be a ... 
( Laughter) . . . Yes . ... 

Hey, that's my flashlight I want. Has it got tape 
on it? ... and the other one just quit right now. 

No, not yet . 

Sixteen. Yes, those two off ... come out and ... 
come out and . . . 

Oh, here's that jett bag. (Laughter) There he 
is. Ought to put it somewhere. 

Oh , my windows are fogging up . . . 

Jack , ... 

38, 3h - 

Okay. MARK. 

There we are at OMNI Charlie. 

Okay. Houston, this is America. Okay, For your 
planning purposes there, - I got a little tied up 
and started the RECEIVE ONLY, TAPE RECORDER at 195 
plus 2h. 

Tape lT-03i+31 
Page 6 

CMP Okay, Houston. HF number 1 is sticking out where 

it should stick. 

CMP ... Look down that way. Okay. What, - stand by. 

Okay. STMDBY. 

08 00 3h 28 CMP Okay. We're - we'll - we'll stand by on your 

call then. Or I'll go to VHF now, if you want. 
Or would you rather have HF RECEIVE? I'll stand 
by on your call to go to VHF. 

08 00 5^+ 57 CMP Okay. MODE'S in VHF. 

CMP Houston, America. What - Is somebody kind of 

afraid that maybe the antenna isn't all the way 
out? Is that what the problem is? 

CMP Okay. 

CMP I don't think I ever told you down there - that 

mag Kilo Kilo was on frame 99 at the end of the 
rendezvous - and the picture-taking sessions there. 

CMP PITCH of plus 25; YAW, 200; and REACQ and NAEEOW. 

08 00 57 36 CMP Pitch of plus 25- Okay. Okay. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 

DUMPED nvp.p HSK nTTwmr: lunae orbit 56 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

08 02 39 12 





08 02 57 01 





08 02 58 19 





08 03 h2 00 





08 03 U3 05 





Time good, voice poor 


The BMUrU contatnad herein hai been transcribed into ■ working 
paper la order to laellttata review by tatereatetl M8C elemenU. Tfila 
doeumanl, or portlona Uiereot,' may be deelaaeitled aubject to the 
followtiif (uidellaes: 

Portions of Ihia document will be cUeeUlcd CONFIDEKTIAL, 
Croup 4, to the extent that they: ( I) define quantitative periormance 
charneterlstlcB of th« Apollo ftpaeecralt, <2)deuil crlllca I performance 
eliaracterUlIca of Apollo crew eystema and equipment, (I) provide 
technical detail* ei eltnUlcant launch vehicle maUtinetlone In actual 
fUeht or reveal actual Uunch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical daU 
on f llfhl crew memtwra which can be coneldered privileged daU, or 
{%) reveal other date which can be Individually determined to require 
eUaelflcatlen under the authority of the ApoUo PrOfram Security Claa- 
■mcattai Guide, BCG-U, Rev. t, i/l/M. 


Downgraded at >-year 
Intervale; declaBslfled 
after 12 years 

I^tP. BUtartal eonuiii* Inform&tlon tlfeetiiw th* lutionml dafsiiM of th* Halted mim 
within tb« mtulKS fl( th* Mpiont«« Uws, TlUe 18, U.flIC, Sacs. 793 and 764. th« 
tnumiMlm or rtTClatUm erf which in any mawMr to aa niuuthorlMd panMn \m 
pcoalMnd by ucn. 

Tape IT-03UI+I 
Page 1 

08 02 39 12 CDR 









08 02 k3 57 LMP 

Pardon me? 

Find anything wrong with that? 

I'll tell you what I thought. 
Everything - everything . . . 

Should be an opening already 'because I've been 
getting . . . 

. . . now, right in here is ... 

Well, those doors are supposed to be open. 

. . . mind . . . Here comes one . 
Very interesting. Can't be. 

Yes, okay, then what - what were they afraid we 
wouldn't retract on it? 

No , there was nothing taken out . 
. . . after every . . . 

Ron, that lamp was absolutely perfect for powerup. 

. . . that lamp. 
(Laughter) the end of our EVA, huh? Well, I don't 
know how it went. I hope it went all right. 

Tape lT-03Ui*l 
Page 2 



08 02 k6 15 CDR 




08 02 hi kl CDR 


When we - we were out on the surface and you were 
laughing away on your usual VOX. 

Could you - did you - did you . . . ? 

Yes, that's another thing that was outstanding was 
the comm. And I don't know how my primary PLSS 
would have been, but my secondary PLSS was pretty 
darn good. Ify backup PLSS. Gee, I hope we brought 
back the good ... bags, Jack. Gee, did you check 

Well, I just brought the one that was floating in 
the - in the txinnel? And I had to take the one 
off on the one side in order to get the - Yes , 
but the only reason I took - took the one off on 
this side over there was to get the probe and 
drogues out , and that was - we shoiild have taken 
that other one. Oh, nuts. Oh well, you can do 
EVA . . . can ' t you? 

I don't think my suit can stand another pressuriza- 
tion. I can't believe I'm eating as much as I am. 
I'm starved. Whew. I'm rather glad this is the 
fourth day. 

Well, what threw us off was that first day was 
about 23 hours long. 

There's some in the LM. 

Well, that's the convenience of one-sixth g, that's 
what I think. I'll tell you, that's the greatest 
part of it. 

If you like - if you like . . . then when you put 
the ... but other than that you've got n.1 1 you 
need . . . with the added ingredient of having a 

Tape n-OShhl 
Page 3 

bottom. I'll tell you, that Rover sure bounces 
you - Whew. Gosh, we were - half of our traverse 
was . . . 


08 02 1+8 52 CDR yfy outboard foot - my toes would wrap around - 

aroiand the - the floorboard over there to keep 
. . . from leaning - 

SC • » • 

CDR You know, it's got to be worse. Jack - it's got 

to be worse for you because even on level ground 
with the craters around, see, you don't know 
which line - what - what I'm thinking. 

SC • * • 

CDR Yes . 

SC Yes . 

CDR It laid - it looks like it just rolled up on it. 

SC ... 

CDR That's exactly what it looks like. 

08 02 50 28 CDR I had hamburgers and scrambled eggs. 

CDR Yes , my hands are . • • water . . . put about that 
much water. 

SO « * • 

CDR Yes, it didn't do much good, but it was psychologi- 

cally good. 

CDR Yes, and it was real interesting, too. 

CDR Okay, 1 minute to LUNAR SOUNDER, OPERATE. 

Tape I7-O3UUI 
Page k 

08 02 52 00 CDR MARK. This is your friendly commander, clean and 

happier, back up. 

08 02 52 ih CDR Well, I'm not really clean, but it's a major step 

in the right direction. 


Tape 17-03lilH 
Page 5 

08 02 57 01 CMP Okay, I think I'll put Kappa Kappa laack; I've got 

Oscar Oscar on there. How about it if I use that. 

08 02 57 26 CMP 2 and 3 are ON. 



Tape 17-03l«ltl 
Page 6 

08 02 58 19 CDR Hey, Bot. A quick summary on that rendezvous as 

far as LM performance was concerned. Handling 
characteristics were outstanding and pretty much 
the same as they have always been on LMs in the 
past. The APS turn - "burn went nominal; the 
residuals on that one were actually quite hig, 
about Jkk, that's feet per second - and we nulled 
those out and after that the midcourses were max 
of 1.3, then a max of 1.6 on the second one. But, 
after the TPI, we were coming up - up the pike 
right - over - right - all the way and the line- 
of-sight rates - actually i>oth. out of plajie as 
well as in plane were - were zero - basically zero 
for out of plane and, as predicted, on a nominal 
curve for in plane. And it really eneded up to 
be pretty much of a storybook rendezvous. 

08 02 59 23 CDR No, I didn't tell them that. And we didn't get 

a chance to copy them down because I wanted to get 
them all down on tape. It surprised me after the 
APS burn because they were relatively large. They 
were 7 feet per second in X, 1; in Y, and k ±n Z. 
And that was, I guess. Just short of a U-second 
bum, somewhere around k seconds. 

CMP ... 5 . 6 on that . 

CDR And one other little thing , we put , I think , two 

marks , three marks - two or three marks in the 
AGS - manual marks, after the last midcourse, as 
we'd been doing in the simulator - three marks, 
and Jack tells me that the range rate came right 
up to - right up to the actual radar - range rate - 
right up to 100 feet or so. 

CDR AGS is really a pretty good system. It was right 

a couple of times and then it was wrong. 

LMP It had the out of plane on the insertion - inser- 

tion out of plane right. Just about right at 7, 
and they gave you 9- 

08 03 01 36 CDR Ho^ can you get . . . ? 

CMP Huh? 


kept trying to get you 

Page 7 

CMP I don't like lemon personally. (Laughter) 

CDR Bob, we're all just eating away here. Anything 

interesting in the world news that's worth com- 
menting on? 

CDR No, sir; we were busy otherwise. 

CMP Yes, I did. 

CDR Of course, it's 2:30 in the morning. 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP Do we gradually get back on a normal schedule. 

CDR No. ... 

IMP Yes, no, what? 

08 03 03 21 CDR Yes, we land at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Houston 

time. We get up - we get up about 6 hours before 
reentry, as I recall, 6 or 8 hours before reentry. 

CDR Wonder how our chances for • . . ? 

CMP Yes, sounds like we're doing all right, I guess. 

CDR We haven't heard much about that for 3 or days. 

CMP Yes, in a little bit. Okay. 

CDR No one tells us anything. 

CMP You guys were too busy picking up rocks, you know, 
getting dirty, falling down, inventing new terms. 

CDR You know , ... 

CMP ( Laughter ) 

CDR . . . when Jack f o\ind the orange soil , I thought he 

was nuts. I - My back was to him until I turned 
around and saw it. And then I saw this radial 
band of light going up. 

CDR That's hard to believe. 

Tape 17-03ltUl 
Page 8 

08 03 Ok 26 LMP You know why I was cautious, right at first, is 

because I had been fooled by a reflection off the 
Rover orange rtylar. 

CDR (Chuckle) Okay, we're pretty much up on that one. 

Just wondering, you know, Mr. Truman's been pretty 
sick and so forth, wondering about some of those 
things, but no big deal, we cein - we can wait. 

08 03 06 15 CMP That's affirm. Hydrogen purge, an 0^ purge, and, 

woiold you believe, we forgot to tttrn purge line 
HEATER, OFF? We bogged down - Thank you 

CDR - - for being so subtle. (Laughter) 

CMP Pretty subtle EECOM there. 

08 03 06 25 LMP It's got to be Parker. (Laughter) Parker's good. 


08 03 h2 00 LMP 

08 03 h2 32 CDR 

Tape 17-03ititl 
Page 9 

Okay, Bob, that's done. 1 and 2, OFF, and 3, AUTO, 

And, Bo"b, what time is AOS? 

LOS, I mean. 
Yes, LOS. 


COHriDD i l \ AL 




Tape 17-03l***l 
Page 10 

08 03 1*3 05 CDR Thank you. Bob. 

LMP Are we going to sleep before we come aroirnd . . , 

CMP We're supposed to go to sleep now, huh? 

CDR I'd better take a Seconeil before I go to sleep. 

LMP I ' d better get some . • . 

LMP Did you look at the back - the dark side of the 
. . . trying to see light? Flashes or anything? 

CMP I saw them. 

Did you? You think it was a light flash or impact? 

08 03 U3 1*8 CMP I guess - I think it was a lot more like a light 


CMP I took pictures of the Earth. 

Where do we stand on our presleep - sleep checklist? 

We've accomplished one thing; we've cycled the fans. 

CDR What do you have to find out about . . . ? 

SC No, sir. I'm fine. 

CDR How about water, guys? I want to . , . until the 

last . 

I have got to take a bath yet, but first I've got 
to ... 

CDR You seem productive. 

CDR Your bath, Ron. 

CDR Roger. Two minutes to LUNAR SOUNDER, STANDBY. 

CDR Roger. 28:1*3. 

08 03 1*8 05 CDR No. No. STANDBY, 28:1*3. 

Tape 17-03i+Ul 
Page 11 


08 03 1+8 15 CDR 

You checked? 
Not yet. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) ^^^^ 



Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

08 lU 11 32 08 1^ 50 ^1 

Time very good; voice extremely poor. 


Tb« mtarUl conUlned herein hu been Iranecrltied Into a working 
puMr in order to faclllUte review by tntereeted MSG element!. TbU 
docuraeat, or portion* thereof, tnty be declae»lfl*d eobjact to the 
tallowing guide Usee: 

Portions ol thU document will be cUeeUled COwnDENTlAL, 
Croup 4. to the extent ttiW Oiey: (1) define quMi(11»tlve performance 
Chu-MlertetlCB o( the Apollo PpeeecreXt, (2)det»H crltlc»lperforni«nce 
charnctertftlce of Apollo crew eyiteme end efiulpment. (H provide 
technical detail* of elgnlflcant launch vehicle nuUuitctltme In actual 
flight or rweal actual Uunch trajectory d«U. (4) reveal medical d«U 
on flight crew membera which can be tonaldered privileged dau, or 
<B) reveal other daU which can be IndivUiualty determined to require 
elaaitfleatlan under the authority of the Apollo Program Security CUa- 
■IflcatfaM Oulde, BCO-lt. Rev. 1, 


Downgraded at J-yeer 
Intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

Thto lUttorlAl iwbUIm Information aflectlng the iwUoMl dafetu* o* th« Unlrtd etatj» 

tnasBilMiOB or MwUtlon of which in any manner to an niuuthorlMd paraon ta 
prohlMtwl far law. 

Tape 17-03UUU 
Page 1 

08 ih 11 32 IMP I ought to get a new . . . 

CDR Oh. 

IMP Our water's starting to leak a little bit. 

SC Yes. 

IMP Probably has lunar dust in it. 

IMP Man , that was . . . 

CDR When I took my helmet off and ... I just started 
... I started ... in my eyes. 

IMP I can't believe you took it off. 

CDR I don't like that helmet. 

SC ... your helmet . . . makes any sense to you . . . 

IMP Huh? Okay . . . and that ' s ... 10 minutes late . 

SC Yes. 


08 ik 13 5^ IMP ... working down there, Ron? I think I'm going 

to do it, if you agree. 

CDR . . . zero ... 5 on that? 

CDR Ron, ... 5? 

SC ... 180. ... 

IMP Okay ... 

IMP . . . now with the . , . 

CDR ... turn it right, then left. 

SC Okay ... 

Page 2 

08 lit 17 03 IMP You got some stuff there for Ron? 

SC That does something, doesn't it? ... 

08 Ik 20 U5 SC All right. 

SC Okay. 


SC What? ... 

08 ill 21 17 IMP It's OK ... 

CMP ... 2, 3, U. 

08 Ih 22 35 CMP Ah-ha! Got some ... Thank you. (Laughter) 

CDR ... I think we got exactly . . . 

LMP . . . two . . . that . . . 

CDR Yes . 

IMP ... can't see it ... 

LMP . . . you get some . . . 

CDR Well ... do that ... 

08 Ih 25 21 CMP Ah-hal ... 

MP ... R ... (laughter) . 

SC ... change attitude . . . ? 

IMP . . . yes. 

08 lit 28 31 CDR ... pinpoint the holes ... 

CMP Okay. Magazine ... all covered up. 

SC Clear as heck . . . 

08 Ik 29 30 SC ... way down there . . . 

LMP . . . circle. 

A|^gMH|^^^^fa|^ Tape 17-03iiUl| 
CMP Oh , I got . . . 

LMP ... another basin down here. Another basin 

coming up. 

SC ... get that . 

SC ... over there . 

CMP Yes ... isn't it? ... Look out dovn that way 

IWP Can't you do the - ... should do that I guess. 

We got . . . coming up here ... on the . . . See? 

CMP Yes. ... done that ... Tsiolkovsky. 

SC Yes. 

08 ik 32 11 IJyiP Yes. I think if you look dovn there, ... just 

a block of the rim has been displaced in the 
direction of the slide. 

SC What? Where? You get it? 

SC Yes . 

CMP Tsiolkovsky is about 150 miles - 200 kilometers 

and . . . 

IWP ... There is a place where you can barely see 

some of those ... in the . . , ridge and valley . 
I guess the . . . 

SC ... the landing site . . . 

08 ih 3k kk IMP Thirty - 1, 2, 3, It. 

08 ih 3I+ k^ IMP OPERATE. 

CMP Okay. 

IMP On time. 

IMP You mean the - that's probably a so-called ... 

CMP Okay , Jack . . . 

IMP Okay. 

Tape 17-03^iiU 
Page k 

IMP Yes , yes > yes , yes . Well , I think you do on big 

craters . . . 

IMP I think the - the ... is about the size of basin 

where you start to see that Fra Mauro type 
yellow [?] ridge and valley ... ridge and vale 
expression - construction ... Orientale, you 
know, shows a very - Yes, and that is . . . might 
have been , , , 

08 lit 37 59 CWP ... we only have one ... 

CMP Could you guys see that crater I was taliing 

about ? 

SC No. 

IMP ... by George . That looks like an outer ring . . . 

SC (Humming) 

IMP . . . has an outer ring , about a third of a crater , 

inner crater diameter outward . . . 

SC (Humming) 

IMP . . . waiting for . . . 

CMP ... Why don't get ... 

08 ll+ kl 35 IMP Wish I could see the ... these other. You can't 

make a good solid data comparison without having . 

CMP That's right. 

CMP (Hiomming) I've forgotten which one's which. 

IMP Yes ... 

CMP , . . and . . . 

CDR There's ... Oh, fantastic. That's the first one 

I've seen. Out 5. Beautiful, beautiful. Look 
at that . . , Look at that - Let ' s get it the 
next time around. ... in this attitude. Eon? 

Tape 17-03i+i+n 
Page 5 
CMP Yes. 

CDR Yes. Let's - Yes, that's - Oh, man! Look at 


CMP I don't know, I've looked ... 

CDR Yes. ... a little late. We needed it just when 

it came up. Yes, let's make siore we do that. That 
is beautiful. It's just unbelievable, 

CMP ( Laughter ) ... 

CDR Fantastic! 

08 ih kk 51 SC Okay, you want Smythii, huh? 

SC Yes. 

SC Okay . . . 

CMP Okay . . . 

CDR . . . What does that clock . . . ? 

CMP 27 ... PAIJ CAMERA, ON . . . 27:36. 

CDR What is it now? 

CMP 25:17. 

S C • ♦ « 8i"t 25 • • • 

CDR . . . Ron? 

CMP No , not . . . Okay , it ' s ... 

CDR What is that? PAH CAMERA, ON? 

CMP . . . yes . 

IMP 27 what? 

CDR Okay, 27:36. You got another - another minute. 

IMP Okay. 

CDR ... by now. 

Tape n~03khk 
Page 6 

-"tin ». ^ PSf" 

08 Ik k6 k9 CMP Okay, ve got you OMNI D . . . Somehov ve got off 

attitude here . . . 


Okay, hand it - You got it? 
Okay. You want to get the pad? 

CDR Okay, Bob. 



27:36 - 27:36, Jack ... 
Go ahead. Boh, on the pad. 

08 Ih kj 33 mp PAN CAMERA, OH. 

SC Okay, ... 36? 

CDR Pan camera what? 




Okay, I've got T-start of k9:0k and T-stoD 
of 51:01. 

I don't have much to do, anyway. Bob. Why don't 
you go ahead. 

IMP I think Ron's got something to say 

CMP Yes, I'm ... 

Okay. That's right ... 



Okay, we're coming across Mare Smythii. One of 
the first things I'm concentrating on is the - 
slope of the - Well, we're out of comm. it looks 

You got some high gain angles? 

SC ... If I do ... 


. .. not ^liite the attitude. 


08 lit 50 51 CMP 

Tape lT-03itU4 
Pa^e 7 


How do you read. Bob? 

Okay. Houston, how do you - 



Okay, Houston - okay, Houston, on the - the 
craters to the north of the Wright Brothers , the 
slope of the walls is steep - probably degrees 
on the inside; it's a gradual slope on the outside 
slipping - - ' 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 1 

Tape ' '^^^^^ 


DUMPED OVER__^l_DURING_^!^ ^^^'^^ 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

08 16 19 15 08 16 25 1+8 

08 16 39 1*2 08 l6 1+3 22 

Voice faint; time good. 


The m&tcrU cooUlnad heretn has tat n transcribed Isto a worklns 
mwr In order to fMlUUte ravia* bf interealMt MSC alcoanla. Tiila 
docuucnt. or portion* thereof, mar be declaealf lad aulrieet to the 
tollowiiis (uMeUnaa: 

Portlona of Ihle dooimant wilt be claeaUled CONnDENTIAL 
Group 4, to (he extent that they: < I) define quantitative performance 
cbaraclerlatlea of the Apollo dpaeecraft, (2)daUll crttlcBlperiormanee 
charactM-latIca ct Apollo crew ayalem* and e<|ulpfflenl. (J) provide 
tochatcal deUlli ot aiEnUieaal lawieh vehicle maUwitetitm* In actual 
lUlM or rereal actual Uuneh traiectory daU. (4) reveal medical daU 
OM fUchI crew members which can b* considered prfvlleged data, or 
(•) reveal other dtU which can be tadtvldunUy determined to reouire 
elaaaUleatlon underthe authority el the Apollo Procram lecurtlr Clas- 
•tfieaUtM Ottlda, »{SJ-II, Rev. I. l/l/«a. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
IntervalBj declassified 
after 12 years 

SSSmM ^^^^•*^'«» <* '*lch in luqr nutanar to an luuuithorUwl ptnea to 

Tape 17-03it33 
Page 1 

08 16 19 15 CDR — in there for now ia some time between now and 


CMP Yes, I guess it would. 

LMP Yes. 

CMP VERB 83 won't work either. 

CDR Yes, it will. 


CDR Yes, you can go ahead - you can - what do I have 

going? Huh? I don't have anything going now. 
Yes, you can do it. It Just takes a long time. 
And screws it up a little bit because it's got to 
calculate the state vector and bring it up on 
the ... — — 

CMP ... Okay, now how are these ... VERB 58 ...? 

CDR No, Just roll, I think. You've still got P21. 


CDR No, no; 83. 

CMP I can? 

CDR Yes, you're done. Simple. 

CMP Yes. 

CDR Supposed to be. Should be the same as - should be 

the same as your NOUN 22. And VERB 62, I think, 
is over there. VERB 62 ... where it wants to go. 
And so long as it keeps changing, we're in good 
shape. (Humming) 

CMP Okay . ... Okay ; now get . . . 

CMP Turn the DSE to STOP. ... 

CDR No, it's going. 

Tape 17-03^+33 
Page 2 


Okay . 

UO XO c.eL 


uitay J now. uv is — uv is i . i ii is H'i i . 

Okay . 

Oo 16 22 



It's gray. 


. . . stop . . . camera ... 




Yes . 


And (cough) 


Right here. Okay, May have - Ah -ha. 

08 16 25 



Okay; going 0PM. Here comes the old terminator. 


• • • once . 

Oo Id 25 

1, 0 



Okay . That • s done . 


UO IXj yy 

Okay. For acquisition at 22, you want OMNI Bravo 

00 lb 39 



Okay . We got it . 




Anything else coming up? 


Oh , no . ... OMNI Bravo . . . 


Is Ron up? 


Yes, I'm up. 


... ( cough ) 

08 l6 1+0 



Okay. We're going to do a P20. Let's see, ve're 

looking - be in a, P20 now. What time is it - 20^ 

Tape lT-03lt33 
Page 3 

CMP I'll get it set up here. 



- - ... over all these darn .... Just like you - 

CMP Yes? 

CDR . . . about the space program is the smell of the 

oxygen when you put on the - on the 

CMP Suits. 

CDR Yes, on the suits. But the - the carriers, the 

• • * " ~ 

CMP Oh, yes. 

CDR - - ventilators - - 

CMP Ventilators . 

CDR The smell of ... in ... is ... 

CMP (Laughter) 

CMP Yes. You are. Spit your gum out, just like I do 
Yes, when it gets you. 

08 16 k2 03 CMP 270 ... AOS, 39, pretty quick here. OMNI Bravo? 

CDR Yes. ...? 

CMP It's prohahly Pasteur or . . . 

CMP ... Is that what it is? 

08 16 k2 51 CMP Okay, Houston; America here. 

Hey, Gordo, good morning - or afternoon, I guess, 
isn't it? 

Tape IT-O3U33 
Pa^e k 


08 16 k3 22 (MP 

. . . the OPTICS. 

Yes, we want to PRO on that at 26. 
# # # 

(•nils page UnclasBlfled) Tape JJl23!i32_ 



Time Segments (AET) 
Prom To 

- nfl ^< 

06 15 55 02 08 16 23. 2.5 

08 16 39 Ul 08 16 U3 29 

OQ 18 g 3 22 08 18 1,2 10 

08 19 55 56 06 19 58 Uli 

Voice and time good. 


Th« MterM conUlned herein hM bean Irmacrltod Into a w>rUa> 
m*t in ordw to bclUUt* review by Intereated MSG elements to. 
4en>m«ot. orportkme Uiereol, nuqr beHeeJeeellletf euliieet to the 
loiiomc guMeiinee: 

PorttoM a( Uite document will be elaeeUled CCNriDENTIAI., 
<•) define quenilUllve performuc; 
*P»«o«PM~™n. ttJdeSiTl ertttcl^erformwee 
ehumelerleUee e( Apollo crew eyetome ud e«ilpmeirt, <3) w(wUe 
todwletl detotu of ■Icntfte.M tauneh vehicle meHuaethme In^wil 
HlKht er rereni wtMl Uuneh inieclory d«la. (4) reveal medieni daU 
M lUctat crew membere which can be eoneldered prtvlleced daU, or 
(•) reveal other daU which can be Indlvldualty detormlaed to require 
cUeetfleailM underthe authority e( the ApoDo Prof ram Security CuT 
•tflMUoa Guide, 8CC-II, Rev. I, "7 


Dovngraded at >-year 
intervals; declaasified 
after 12 years 

H^^^^^^S^^t^^r^^ "tteettaj; tlw national datmM o( Um UntM SIMm 
SSSSIS5 S taw *■ *^ " MaMUKwiMd paiMo 1; 

Tape 17-031*32 
Page 1 

08 ik 2h 1+0 SC (Cough) 

08 lU 25 21 CMP Ah-ha! Got to keep going for a little TDit. Here 

comes the old terminator. 


08 15 55 02 CMP (Laughter) Am I supposed to have it on? 

LMP Better got to get ahead. I saw that . . . altera- 

tions area - you know, that funiQr spot - - 

CMP Yes . 

LMP - - on that pass . 

CDR Parouk kept saying that was a - a - a high area. 

And it never looked like that on the photograph, 
and it still doesn't look like that. No. 

CMP I don't know - which one - right here? 

CDR Yes , that crazy spot that they - keeps coming up 

on the orhital pictures. And then they finally 
found ... picture. I don't know what you call it 
. . . You call it something else . . . 

CMP Oh. 

CDR You've got a visual . . . 

CMP I do? 

SC ... No, it can't be in there. 

CMP There's only one left, I think. 

SC ... know . 

CDR South of Sulpicius . . . 

CMP Hey, I'll take a cube something there. Am I 
supposed to eat? Yes . 

LMP I wonder - - 

Tape 17-031+32 
Page 2 

CMP These are - these are yours, huh? 

CDR Yes, ... Could I have some of your 

LMP V?here are those darn bacon squares? 

08 15 56 38 CMP Should be in there somewhere. 

SC I finally found it . . . 

CMP Threw it. (Laughter) minus 20, yaw 30, HIGH GAIN 


LMP HIGH BIT RATE verified. 

CMP . , . Okay? 


CDR They want it RESET? 

CMP Yes . They got it . How else are you going to 

verify it? 

LMP I'm not; they don't want it. 

CMP What? 

LMP The last time I was in this spacecraft, I was told, 

don't do it. 

CDR Ri^t, Ron. Remember how I ... All you're doing 
is Just the same way it was before. Just verify 
DSE tape motion. If it does the then do 
that other stuff. Right? If it barber poles 

CMP . . . you know , go HIGH BIT RATE . 

08 15 59 ^8 CDR Here it is. Verify DSE tape motion - that's all 

you do. Because this is the mode they put in. 
Right there. 




That's what they did. Now if it isn't; if it's 
barber pole, then you do that. We ... do that . 
what happened to you the other day. 








Tape lT-03it32 
Page 3 

CMP Right 


. . . you go again . 

Right, you're doing it wrong. 

You're the one that told me 

It doesn't make any difference if you do it now 
or not . 

Okay, then why do it? (Laughter) 

You can't verify that it's LOW BIT RATE unless you 
do it yourself. 

. . . that ' s a good point . 

^^'t verify it's HIGH BIT 

RATE unless you do it. 

How about the tape motion that they got there? 

LMP I thought they set that thing. 

Okay, you're the - you're Captain America. 

CMP Yes . 

08 16 00 25 CDR COMMAND RESET. 

See - otherwise, you don't know. 

I thought you guys - boy, I was sure, Ron, you 

tfrtJ^^J^ ^^""^ ^ " ™^ ^hen I did 

that the first day. 

You did. (Laughter) I was - I forgot - - 
He did it wrong the first day - 

CMP Yes 

Did it wrong, now. 


Tape IT-O3I+32 
Page k 

LMP All I did was that. All I did was go COMMAND RESET 

and you guys . . . - - 

CDR But you were in LOW BIT RATE. 

CMP You were - you were in LOW BIT RATE. 


CMP Yes , yes . 


LMP No, it was a different — different time — • . . time 

in orbit. Yes, I blew it one time and ... That was 
before the burn. Yes, but I'm talking about a 
different time. 

CDR I think you're right now. I think in orbit, they 

do it and you just verify tape motion. 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Well, I blew that bird thing, yes. I'll agree to 

that . 

CMP Otherwise, how you don't know, see. 

CDR Course he's been doing it for 3 days - - 

08 16 01 25 CMP Yes, I've been doing it for 3 days like that. 

(Cleared throat) Where you get screwed up doing 
something like that is if they've got - if you - 
. . . something different than the - - 

CDR Yes, it would. 

CMP what they want there. But I don't - they'd let 

me know if they - - 

SC Do you have any . . . ? 

CMP Yes . 

LMP I don't know where you get that Earth thing. Well 

let's see. They say we have no target opportunity 
except on RR, so I - - 

Tape 17-03i^32 
Page 5 

CDR Okay, we're going to start pitching here at k2'.19 - 
we stSLTt pitching 

LMP - - RR ... is the terminator . 

CDR - - 0.3, 0 .h of a degree per second. 

LMP What do you want? 

CMP No, that's okay. It's all set. CMC, AUTO? 

LMP Yes. 

CMP Okay. Start pitching at U2:19. Down at the 

(cough) , 

CDR So the next thing we have to do is ... 

CMP Yes, ... Okay; 12 minutes . 

CDR I'll set if for 10. When you hear the ding, . . . 

something we're supposed to do. And I'll put that 
other mag on there. I thought this was going to 
he relay now that we're out of comm. 

CMP Rolling? 

CMP I don't know. I was just going to - supposed to 

- probably roll. How's that sound to you? 

08 l6 03 02 CDR Okay, Oscar Oscar's ready. You set the ... and - - 

CMP Okay, that's right, that's roll. Okay. That's 

right, we roll about that axis. 

SC (Cough) 

LMP This is better than Apollo 8's picture. There's 

more structure here . 

CMP You got this one here? Already got it? 

LMP I got - something. I got a good Earth snap 

CMP That's what I thought. I thought you got an 


Tape 17-031*32 
Page 6 


08 16 03 50 LMP 



08 16 ok hh CMP 



No. No. I've never seen that one before - - 

Took one the other day. 

- - first one I ever saw. 

Because I could have took - taken it. 

Yes, earth set, is that a space first? 

(Cough) Yes. 

... I don't know. It may not have "been yet 
( laughter ) . 

Well, I took some - I put my camera on Jack . . . 
station 2. That was upside down - down between my 
knees . And I held it next to the Rover and I tried 
to shoot, up the ... and up the ... see if I can 
see Earth ... I don't know what I was pointing at. 

Did you take one or - - 

Oh, I took about five or six. 

Did you go - - 

Yes , yes . 

. . . probably good. 

CMP don biomed harness; I guess I'd better do that. 

I still see you got to verify the LUNAR SOUNDER, 
STANDBY, huh? 

Yes , I got a clock going on that . 

"Note: All crewmen sketch sunrise and sunset 
solar corona before TEI." Well, let me tell you 
about sketching a sunrise. Watch it. 

( Laughter ) 

Tape lT-03i^32 
Page T 

CDR Yes. You know, you can look at it like a sunset - 

up until 1 mom - 1 second, you don't get any 
warning and you're blinded. 

CMP Yes, you get warning - you get warning around here. 

Not much. Just - - 

CDR Just - it's just coming ... don't look. 

CMP Now, what did I do with my spoon? 

SC ... 

CMP I thought we learned how to open these - open them 

with your teeth. 

SC ... end. 

CMP Yes . 

CMP Something's wrong. I haven't defecated in 2 days. 

LMP What rev . . . are we coming up on? 

CMP 63. 

CDR ... your rev ... How are these numbered, Ron? 

CMP There are three of them. The beginning one and - - 

CDR - - 57, 66, and 75, I ... Okay. 

08 l6 06 58 CMP The photo targets are P - something or other - You 

know, P72. I think it's the 72nd rev 

CDR How are terminators located . . . , or are they? 

CMP Yes. There's a red line by the rev numbers. 

(Cough) And then if there's a photo target, it's 
drawn in with a blue line . 

CDR How do you determine ? 

08 16 07 30 CMP Well, right here. There's some kind of a terminator. 

Here's one right here, see ... revs 1+0, 60, 72, 

Tape 17-031*32 
Page 8 

CDR Oh, okay, 

SC ... right in the eye. 

CDR ... you're not gaining ... 

CMP Huh? 

LMP ... a lot of work and a lot of nonsense. 

SC About right. 

LMP (Laughter) ... you, Ron ... 

CMP (Laughter) 

CMP Oh-ho, shoot. You guys been a lot of good help. 

Lot of good help. Between the three of us, we'll 
finish up this day. 

CDR Yes, I'm not really sorry we took your . . . 

CMP No, I'm sort of glad you guys did that, really. 

LMP I didn't like that last ... 

CMP I don't like that last midcourse. I tell you, I 

had a little - a little . . . - - 

LMP ... simulator used to do that? 

CMP Yes, you know a couple of three times in the simu- 

lator, we'd come up there - You guys wouldn't have 
anything on the midcourse 2. Then I'd come up and 
have 4 or 5 feet per second in Z. Well, let's see 
I guess I'll - - 

LMP Probably subgeometric. Exploration. 

CMP Man, it seems like I just took these things off. 

CDR ... good comm ... ranging. 

Tape I7-O3U32 
Page 9 



08 16 10 32 CMP 







08 16 11 2h CDR 


Yes, ranging was good. I - It locked on the first 
time. And then I lost lock again, while you guys 
were tweaking for something. Did you lose . . . 

We tweaked - we did make a tweak. 

Yes, but - - 

About 2 minutes after insertion there. 

Yes, I know, hut I locked on - locked on just at 
insertion. After you guys were waiting for a tweak. 

Yes, we tweaked and then maneuvered. 

Are we wearing all five of these things, or just 
three, still? 

. . . were you wearing three in here while we were 

. . . three . 

Those are the ones that "bother me anyway. 

. . . put it hack on. 

You know, I finally said, heck, those guys on the 
surface - they didn't even take a thing with them. 
You know - And (laughter) finally reloaded it and - - 

... somebody. Jack? 

Oh, hoy (laughter). 

Throw it away; I can't eat it. 


Okay, verify to STANDBY. 

LMP Lunar sounder - - 




LMP recorder's on. 


LMP radar's on. 




LMP MODE is HF; verified. Now what? 


CMP No. RECEIVE ONLY, isn't it? Oh, I know. Okay. 


LMP Yes , yes . I thought you said OPERATE . . . 


LMP Okay. ON, ON, OFF, and HF. Yes, I got that. 

CDR And verify STANDBY. 

LMP Yes . 


LMP Stupid clock 1 

CMP It ding - dinged a little hit late, hi:ih? 

Tape IT-O3I+32 
Pa^e 11 

IMP Yes. Oh, ... I had had 12 minutes, and I set it 

for 10 and it didn't ding until 13. 

CMP Okay. These darn things - I wish they -would put 

them in ones, or something or other. About two 
more changes, and we're going to run out. 


CMP Yes . 

CDR ... if we'd have changed as much as we were supposed 

to - - 

LMP . . . night . . . 

CDR - - we prohahly wouldn't have made it ... command 

module . 

CMP I go hack here? 

LMP I can wear them for 2 days , and on the thrid day 

they really begin to bother me , 

CMP Yes , the second day they bother me . They start 
itching on the second day. And when they start 
itching, then it starts make - eating a little 
hole down there. Well, I just 

CDR I tell you, being able to take them off is great. 

You know, on 10 we wore them for 8 straight days. 

CMP Yes. Why don't you snap that over here ... 

08 16 Ih 05 CDR You know, the ones like that we had in the LM are 

so thin, I had to use two of them. Jack. I don't 
know whether you did or not, but those little ones, 
I never changed ... you did change, though? I had 
to use two ... three little tiny sensors ... 

CDR Ron, the first time we depressurize the LM, I didn't 

have . . . comm . . . 

CMP Yes . 

Tape 03^*32 
Page 12 

CDR ... we opened the hatch . . . 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR Yes, there vas an explosion back there 

LMP Explosion back there, ... catne out and all that 

CDR Yes, it was really funny. I'm sure that I used 

the wrong word over the comm loop. I'm sure the 
gro\md - I said, "Gee, we had an explosion." 
(Laughter) You know, - in a conversational tone 
of voice. (Laughter) I'm sure the ground went 
ri^t throiogh the overhead. (Laughter) 

CMP ... like that? 

LMP Where did you get that? 

CMP It was off my LCG - I cut all the stuff off of it. 

Especially the name and the patch. 

CDR Oh, you jettisoned it? 

08 16 15 11 CMP Yes. I got another one down here, see. Only got 

one more. 

CMP Yes . 

CDR . . . bother to try to take one of our suits 
because . . . 

SC (Whistling) (Humming) (Whistling) (Humming) 

CDR Well, we got P20 

LMP Sunrise sketch. 

CDR Right about now, Ron — we do the P20 now. 

CMP Re - recall P20 . Where - where is the thing? 

P20, option 5 at - 57, okay. Yes. NOUN 22, 

that's 5. Right. Plus ItO . . . 5, 6, 7, 8. ;.. 
Should be all right. Yes. Yes, I got to get a 
50 18 ... And we might be able to stay , . . Okay, 
we're within 10 degrees then, ... attitudes, okay. 

Tape lT-03it32 
Page 13 

Yes, that's where - that's where you sketch yoijir 
sunrise. Gene. In the - in the checklist, page - 
those pages. Sketch your zodiacal light and stuff. 
Mercer's and those guys. You know, the reason it 
ended up in there was because - yes, they were 
always asking them to sketch the sunrise after they 
came back, and Mattingly went, "Gosh darn," - you 
know, let's don't - I mean, "Don't ask me to sketch 
it now after it's been 2 weeks after I've seen it. 
If you guys want to disctiss it, put it in the book 
so I'll sketch it when I'm up there." So they did 
(laughter) . 

08 l6 19 08 LMP ... that's just for getting ready, I think, isn't 


SC ... know . 

LMP . . . sunrise. 

CMP Yes, that's it exactly - all that note's in there 

for now, is sometime between now and TEI. 

CDR Yes I know. 

CMP Okay , 

CDR VERB 83 ... 

CMP Yes, it will. Yes, you can - you can - go ahead 

go on in - I don't have anything going now. Yes, 
you can do it. It just takes a long time. And 
screws it up a little bit. Because it's got to 
calculate the state vectors and bring it up ... 

CDR . . , VERB 58 yet. 

CMP No, just roll on there. 

CDR Not yet . You still got P20 ... No , on 83 . 

CMP Yes, you're done. Supposed to be. Shoiild be the 

same - should be the same as your NOUN 22. You 
have VERB 62 enabled over there? VERB 62 . . . where 
it wants to go. And so long as it keeps changing, 
we're in good shape. (Humming) 

Tape 17-031*32 
Page Ik 

5C • • * 

CMP No, it's GO. 

SC ... Okay . 

08 16 22 09 LMP Okay, now, UV is - UV is CLOSED. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP It's gray. 


08 16 25 25 IMP Stop. And - - 


08 16 39 kl LMP Okay. That's done. 

CDR Okay, Jack, ... 22, you want OMNI Bravo. 

08 16 39 50 LMP Okay, we got it. Anything else coining up? 


LMP Is Ron up? 

CMP Yes, I'm up. 

CMP Okay, we want to do a P20. Let's see, we can be 
into P20 now. What time is it, 20? I'll get it 
set up here. 

CDR Why number all those things • . . 

CMP Yes . 

CDR . . . things about the space program. The smell of 
the oxygen when you put on the - on the - - 

CMP Suits . 

CDR - - not the suits, but the carriers, the portable 

Tape 17-03^432 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K Page 

CMP Oh, yes. 

CDR Ventilators . 

CMP Ventilators . 

CDR ... after you've been in orbit for a few days. 

CMP Yes, you wanted it. Spit your gum out - just like 

I did . . . get you. 

CMP 270. 

CDR I have AOS, Houston. 

CMP 39 pretty quick here. OMNI Bravo. 

IJiilP big crater? 

CMP It's probably Pasteur or Hilbert. Hilbert is the 

first one. Hee-bahr [sic], is that what it is? 

08 l6 1+2 51 CMP Okay, Houston; America here. Hi, Gordo. Good 

morning. Or afternoon, I guess it is, isn't it? 

CDR . . . got the option? 

08 l6 U3 29 CMP Well, we want to PRO on that at 26. 


08 18 23 22 SC That it? 

LMP What would be in a higher orbit than we are to be 

in the Sun? 

CMP Higher orbit? Up-link. 

LMP yes. Okay; operate it when I look out the 

window. Well, it's been there for 3 minutes. 

CMP Where? 

LMP Right here. 

Tape lT-03it32 
Page 16 

CDS Sure it's not a particle. 

CMP ... you got to do. 

LMP To be in the Sun, it's got to be in higher orbit. 

Right under. Yes. 


LMP Are we in sunrise? 

CDR I don't see any Tsiolkovsky out this window yet, 

Ron. You haven't hit the terminator, but we are 
in sunrise. 

LMP All I see is stars . I think you may have the • . . 

08 18 25 00 CDR Jack, you want to trigger your timer there for 

213:20, about 213, a little before 213. And it's 
05 now; lU-1/2 minutes will do. 




Let me get to that middle window, Ron, if you're 
going to be at 5. 

LMP I had - I had the whole thing upside down. 

CMP You are. (Laughter) 

I had the whole thing. I had a concave horizon. 
I had every - everything . . . black here and black 
there , and then - and - - 

CMP Oh, I see. Yes. Yes (laughter). 

I had the whole thing but I couldn't figure 

out which way we were moving. I mean, that's 
pretty confusing. 

CMP Well, let's see. 

08 18 27 k2 CDR ... set that timer for Jack for the LUNAR SOUNDER, 



Okay. Trying to hit Pasteur ... have another 
one . . . 

Tape 17-03^+32 
Page 17 

••• have a nadir ... northeast nadir. 
LMP Yes. Three is going to end up nadir hefore long. 

CDR Jack, ... 

LMP Should have. Maybe. Well, Ron or I probably have 


SC ... camera. 

CMP You got the camera? 

LMP Yes, it's right here. 

CMP Okay . 

CMP You guys both using binocs? 

CDR I am right now. 

CMP Okay; no sweat. 

LMP Which do you want, Ron? 

CMP I'll use the binocs. 

LMP I haven't even tried those binoculars yet ... Do 

you think they're better than the binocs? 

CMP Well, they are for me. I've noticed a couple of 

times one of them fogs up, and then I've got the 
other one available to use. (Laughter) 

LMP Yes, there you go. 

CMP ... awful big particle . . . Look . . . When I get in 

the sunlight, I can see it. 

08 18 31 22 CMP Oh, there ... Think you can hear ...? 

LMP Let's see. When we - well, I have - I have ... 

CDR Well, you're looking almost due north, I think, 

and I'm looking due west. 

Tape 17-O3U32 
Page 18 

CMP No, due east, huh? I'm really south - southeast. 

GDI' ... going to come up in the southeast. You might 

have it, Ron. 

CMP I'm looking directly east. 

LMP Okay; we're moving ahout like this ... let's see. 

CDR There's that hig crater; it Just came up across 

there . 

CMP Pavlov, I guess ... something like that. 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Pavlov, ... or something. Right on the terminator 

this time. 

LMP Yes, ri^t off Tsiolkovsky now. 

CDR Where? 

LMP Well, there's the flow. 

CDR Yes, it is. Right there. Okay. 

CMP Okay; we're in HIGH BIT RATE, I hope. 

LMP Yes. 

CMP That floor over in the northeast corner - looks 

like it's in a shadow, the part that goes down 
the hill. Okay. But before you look - looked at 
that part of it there just right in the shadow on 
the thing, it looks to me like a piece of a - the 
flow or whatever it was that sciilptured away or 
is deposited on the top of the rim of the Crater 
Tsiolkovsky - a piece of it is slid right down 
the hill down there. Like a whole chunk of it. 
So you got a - in the shadow, and I took a picture 
of it the other day. The shadow that closest to 
the Crater Tsiolkovsky is the terminus of a - of 
essentially a 'piece of the landslide that slid on 
down there. That's what it looks like. And then 

Tape l6-03i+32 
Page 19 

the other part of the shadow, as we see it now, to 
the northeast, is the part that broke loose and 
slid down In that little - little crack on the 

08 18 3h ho LMP Yes, you're right. 

CMP And - - 

LMP It's a possibility, though, that this was magma 

after the impact . 

CMP Yes. It's a possibility it was magma. It's - it's 

some kind of a fluidi zed- type material. 

LMP Right. 

CMP But I think it slid on down there ... If you look 

at the central peak of the - the crater on the 
western rim, you see no indications of a lava mark 
at ail, high lava mark. On the what - north - No, 
it's on the south rim, I mean. On the western edge 
of it, on the north side of the central peak, it's 
either a talus accumulation that's come down there, 
or possibly a high lava mark. And I think it's - 
I would be more prone to call it a talus - talus 
mark. It's a lighter - lighter-type material. 
However, that's the same type of a mark that's on 
some of the other - almost like the sculpture 
within the landing site. 

LMP ... Ron, it's too uniform to be talus, if that's 

the one • . . 

08 18 35 56 CMP Yes, it's too uniform, I think it - it may have 

to be the high lava mark. When you - Let's take 
a look at Waterman back down there. I can't see 
that much of it from this angle. But the general 
texture of the material that's in Waterman generally 
has flow lines going to the south. The flow - flow 
spots tend to be arcuate from kind of a depression 
or a crack that runs from Waterman to Tsiolkovsky. 
Okay, and that particular depression or crack Ig 
in a shadow right now, so I can't see that much of 
it. When you look at the flow front of the facing 

Tape 17-03^+32 
Page 20 

part of the flow to the west of Tsiolkovsky - I 
think Al Worden has called it a landslide - there 
doesn't seem to be any piling up of the material 
along the front itself. It just comes out to a 
flat area and then drops off at mayhe a i+5-degree, 
rolling J+5-degree angle . 

08 l8 37 25 CMP In the - what I'll call the landslide flow - I'm 

not really convinced it's a landslide, although 
it very well may be - there are several rimless 
craters. They are small craters - approximately, 
oh, in the 50 to - I mean in the 500- to 1000-meter 
size, there's a slight - On some of them, there's 
a slight hint of a raised rim. Just a very, very 
small raised rim. As I look around, I've got the 
binocs this time. I think they've all got a raised 
rim. I don't see any without a raised rim now. 

LMP Are they circular, Ron? 

CMP Yes, they're all circular. They're all circular, 

but I STire don't see any without raised rims now. 
I thought I saw something here awhile ago, but I 
got the - on some other ridge. But I look at it 
with binoculars, and everything I look at, even 
though it looks like ... of a rim at all . On some 
of the pict\jres, there's just a slight raised rim 
to it. They seem to be - The raised rim is not - 
is either highly subdued or either eroded impact 
crater. When you look down inside them, it looks 
like they all went down to kind of a point. 

08 18 39 36 CDR That'll be LUNAR SOUNDER to OPERATE at 20:10. 

LMP Okay ... Ron, can you see 

CMP Tsiolkovsky way back over there. No, I'm looking 

the wrong way. This has got to be to the west. I 
can't see west. 

08 18 UO lit LMP Okay; OPERATE now on LUNAR SOUNDER. What'r; next. 

Gene? Got anything else? 

CDR Okay; OMNI Bravo. 

Tape 17-03U32 
Page 21 

LMP Okay; verified OMNI Bravo 



Okay, Jack. In h minutes, we'll be operating the 

Four minutes ... I'm looking west - or east. 

Yes, I'm looking south - southwest at - It's going 
to be right behind you. Right down the X-axis 
(laughter). No, Y-axis. 

LMP We'll get it. It's in our mind's eye, anyway, and 

that's the most important thing. 

CMP This axis thing has always got me a little bit 

confused. Is the flight towards the small or 
50-kilometer crater, 30- to 50-kilometer craters. 

LMP ... I been - I been ... And the only thing, when 

you look at the very fresh - Are you talking about 
the cone-shaped crater except ... 

CMP Yes, cone shaped. 

LMP You look at the freshest ones where the black surfaces 

are, and the black seems to be roughly continuous 
or at least contiguous with the flat floor. And the 
floor looks fresher, the fresher the crater looks. 

CMP Yes, that's right. 

LMP And ijy guess is that the black is impact glass that's 

with irregular distribution. Well, I'll have to 
find one. But like Stark Crater, for example. Stark 
Crater, for example. You got to get the very fresh 
ones for them to be black. 

CMP Yes, they're - they're very fresh ones, though. 

They - they don't seem to have as much ... 

08 18 k2 06 LMP And - and they - that floor in the very fresh ones 

has - is generally rough. It's smooth, in general, 
but it has swirl texture and - and domes in it - 
in them. 

Tape lT-03i^32 
Page 22 

CMP Yes . 

08 18 1*2 10 LMP And although it's a different color, it's a lighter 

color than hlack glass , the hlack seems to - to 
merge with the boundary of it. And my guess is that 
it's the impact indurated glass that's pooled at 
the 'bottom and started a flat floor, then later on, 
slumping and other things have ... that. ... coming 
around . 


08 19 55 56 IiMP This is going to he a UO-degree north ohlique photo 

attitude . 

CMP That'll "be good the oblique will put you right 

down there . 

CDR That makes me feel good to make those guys happy. 

LMP Yes, I think they all are. 

CDR Yes. I often thought, I'm sure glad ... 

CMP Yes. That's not oblique. That's cross-X ... Okay. 

That's ho - that's 1+0 degrees. 

CDR SIM bay and PCM data will not be recorded until 

216:35. Ron, why don't you start the P20 , and I'm 
proceeding on 79 • 

08 19 57 16 CMP 70. NOUN 70. Yes. Or is that - we stay in this 

attitude for a while? What are you doing? 

CDR . . . don't . . . 

LMP Well, what difference does it make? 

CDR It doesn't make any difference. 

CMP It ain't working. 

CDR It doesn't make any difference. Yes, we're in 


08 19 57 CMP 




08 19 58 kh CDR 

Tape 17-O3U32 
Page 23 

Oh, okay. Yes. Yes, we proceed on to that, and 
then you get a 50 I8. 


That puts the SIM hay up north. That should he I80 
180 roll, I think. Yes. 

Plus-X. Plus-X forward. 

That should put the center window right straight 

Well, that's had ... work ... straight down. 
Oh, that the orb rate. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) ^^^^ 17-03431^ 


Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

08 21 56 31 08 21 58 33 

08 22 02 30 08 22 39 09 

Time good, voice very poor (loud "background noise) 


TlM mattrtal eoaUlnH herein bM b«*A tnuiBcrUwd Into a working 
p*p*r tn order to laclUtftI* review by bUereeted MSC elctnmte. Ttite 
docunent, or portloni thereof, nuty bedec Imeslf led aul^ect to the 
following (uidelinee: 

Portlona of thla document will be claeelfled CONflDENTtAU 
Oroup4, to the extent thai they: (I) define quanttutlve performance 
•karacteriatUe of the Apollo Spacecraft, (t)deUII crtticalporrorniance 
charaetarlatlee el Apollo crew ayatema and equipment, (3) provide 
technical detalla of algnlflcant launch rehlcle malTunctlona In actual 
IU(ht or reraal actual launch lr«leclot7 data, (4) reveal medical data 
on f Uglil crew membera wbtch can be conaldered privileged data, or 
(•) reveal other data which can be Individually determined to require 
cUaatflcatlan under the authority at the Apollo Prognm Secorlty Claa- 
•meaUoA Guide, SCO- 11, Rev. 1, 1/1/66. 


Downgraded at 5-year 
intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

ThU mat«rtal ccntAifts Ijnfomstton affectliw the nttloajd itSuma at th« ViiitwH 
«rtUi(n th* lOMiiing at th« uploni^e l&wa, Tttl* 18, V.B.C., Bmc9. 763 tad 'i'M, th« 
transmiMtcn or r«v«latlon of which in iny nuuuMr to aa tuuuithorizsd paraon i& 
pnhlbltwt br law. 

Tape YJ-OShSh 
Page 1 

08 21 56 31 CDR 


08 21 58 33 CDR 

08 22 02 30 SC 

08 22 02 ho IMP 

Okay, MANUAL, WIDE, minus 10, and 25. 

Okay; minus 10 and 25. What else? 

Nothing until MSFK again. Leave it in MANUAL. 


And for acquisition, you want to go MAEUAL and 
then WIDE . And S-band . . . and a half ... on 
HIGH GAIN REACQ and NARROW. I'm going to ask a 
dumb question, Ron, Why are they changing the 
configuration of the high gain every - the end of 
every pass? 


A couple of ... always here yet. 
. , . yet? 

Then we'll go back to REACQ. 

Hey, Ron. With you on the BIOMED, you can sleep 
up here tomorrow and that would put you downstairs 
with no BIOMED or no nothing. And you can get a 
good rest for the EVA, and I'll sleep up here. 


Anyone want anything out of the med kit? 
No , thank you . 

Tape 17-03^31+ 
Page 2 

CDR Where is that pad, Ron? Is that here somevhere? 

Ron? - oh, it's not in here? That ... Huh? Yes, 
this it? Yes. 

IMP Where would I go about looking for it? 

CDR Bacterial creme. 

DIP Okay. 

CDE I want some eye drops. You got any eye drops in 

here? What's the difference in all those things? - 
I just want - Here's skin cream. First aid - what 
did you say? What the heck can I hold my eye up - 
... eye drop into it? 

LMP I did the same thing. 

SC ... go. 

CDR Ron, ... eveiy time. Please go or something. 

One-sixth g, at least you know where it's going 
to be, eventually. 

SC . . . 

08 22 06 21 CDR Ron, oh, you bet you we will. 

SC • • • 

08 22 08 20 CDR I'm not s\ire , near side or far side? 

SC ... 

CDR Back side? I wrote some write ins, I think. Is 

that what I wrote them in, Ron? On that one? 


CDR No, no. On the near side and far side. Is that 

where I wrote them in? I don't remember. Okay. 
Maybe it's somewhere else. Or maybe we went by 
that some place earlier. 

CDR Yes, where are these pads supposed to be? 

Tape lT-03l+3i^ 
Page 3 


IMP We don't need a helmet ... Yes, we do. Forgot we 

have the EVA. 

CDR Why do we keep forgetting about that EVA? I don't 


CDR I hope that PLSS doesn't ... OPS. No, that was ... 

SC ... should he cahin pressure - 

CDR ... You could do EVA without it, 

CMP That's very good, but look at it; it's filled with 


CDR Sure was hard to keep the right setting on the 

surface of the Moon. 

IMP I didn't have any trouble doing it. I thought I 

went right in - I don't think I ... pan camera ... 
I never - I forgot almost every pan I took to take 
the one looking ... at the shadow. 

CDR Is that right? I got all of those, but I - I kept 

hitting the darn thing and I ... - - 

IMP Yes, I kept hitting it, so I kept looking at it 

all the time. 

CDR I looked at it, too, but I still ... 

SC • * • 

CDR Nowhere - never - nowhere to look up in the helmet. 

SC • • • 

08 22 13 10 MP Think I won another one of my bets if that heat 

flow data that I heard about. 

CDR You what? 

IMP Won another one of my bets. It sounds like it's 

going to be less than a 16 , at best. They are 

Tape lT-03it3i+ 
Page: h 

only to 16 degrees - I6 degrees at - 2-1/2 metersT 
Gradient floor. Think that's ... 

SC ... I - 8 hours . 

SC Yes, ahout 8-1/2 hours ... 

08 22 IT kg CDR Pretty good. 


SC Is that right? 

CDR ... I kind of like here. The "bio ... 

CDR ... I don't know. 

SC * • • 

CDR After your EVA . . . 

08 22 25 IT CDR Okay. Tomorrow, we get up and we do PDI , then we 

go to hed. Okay. We get up and do a MCC-5 hefore 
EVA. Okay. .. . Then we go to bed, and we get up 
and we've got a whole other day. In fact, we do 
EVA, then we got a day, whole other day to go to 
bed. Then the next day we get up. See, we get up 
at 298 and splash down 6-1/2 hours later. All 
this day is - all this day is get up and we want 
to be all - This day, this second day, before we 
go to sleep , we want all our - all our stowage 
complete - all our stowage complete so that when 
we get up here, all we do is do ... where it's 
definitely required and - and . . . That ' s all we 
want to do. Got to have all our stowage. So after 
you EVA today - after your EVA today, we'll go 
through - throiogh all - right here. 

SC • • • 

CDR See, we've got a press conference that day, too. 

Day after EVA. 

SC ... heart beat . 

3 C « * * 

Tape l7-03i+3U 
Page 5 


SC Yes 

08 22 33 36 SC ... point out that way? 

CDR Yes, you ought to have it this time. 

CDR Yes, it's pointing right up at the top 

08 22 37 02 CDR I can take it. First - don't - don't pull. Ko , 

pull them . . . they pull them quick on the Earth 
... maybe ... Okay. 

SC Yes . ... 

CDR ... getting ready. How about now? About l8 , you 

got about 20 seconds. 

SC ... that ... , huh? 

SC Here comes. Got it? 

SC Got it. 

CDR Get that one . Get that one . . . 

08 22 39 09 SC Oh, that ... 

# # # 

(Hila page Unclassified) 17-031+35 

X I ■ I 



Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

08 23 52 19 09 00 36 kk ■ 

Audio very, very poor; time good. 


Tba mkUrtal «oiiUln«d hereto hu b*«n traaacrllMd tato a vorkliw 
paper Ilk order to taelUtate review by totetected MSC elelnwite. TMa 
docviBMil, or poruocu ihereef,' nay bedeelaaaU fed auUect to (he 
foUowtng (iildeUjiee: 

PorikHU ef Ihle docunent will be cUeaUled CONFIDEHTIAL 
Oroiqi4, to the extent thet ihey; (I) define quanliutlve periormaace 
Cbaractartetlca ol tha Apollo Spaeeeralt, (3)deUll critical periormance 
eharactarlallee c( Apollo crew arateM* and ei|ulpaien(. (]| provide 
tachntcal deUlU of aisnUleaol Uimeh vehicle malfuacllona In actual 
lUghi or reveal actual Uuaeh (rajeelorr daU, (4) reveal medical dau 
ea fU|M crew raembera whleb caa be conaidered privllefed dau. or 
(•) reveal ether dau which can be twUvldually determined to require 
claaaUlcatlaa under the authority «f the Apollo Proaram Secarltv CUa- • 
aifleatlaa Oulde, SCC-lt, Rev. 1, 1/l/M. 


Dovragraded at 5-year 
intervals J declaBsified 
after 12 years 

wttata tM BMwilnK a< tha •aptonac* laws. Title 16, U.S.C. Sac*. TM and 704 tha 

08 23 52 19 SC 









08 23 5^ 38 LMP 


Tape 17-03^+35 
Page 1 

It just depends on what ... you don't have to put 
that all the way up ... on the top. 

Put this thing in "between there. 

... about like that. ... on top. 

Don't cut your head short. 

Yes, I'm wearing this, but it just stays here in 
between the buttons real free. 

Yes. See, it stays between those buttons. 
There they go. 

Okay, Jack. Verify no DSE tape motion. 

No? Verify no DSE tape. Well, there is tape 
motion. Now what am I supposed to do? 

Well , that was just above the line , where it says 
no - it looks like - I can't - Configure DSE, 

Does it make any difference, huh? 

I can't stop it, COMMAND RESET. 

Okay. It's HIGH BIT RATE - - 



COMMAND RESET. Okay? All done. Happy with 
COMMAND RESET. I'll do it again. Okay? 

Okay. HIGH GAIN, plus 25- (Music) 

What again? 

Pitch is 25 and yaw is 195* We'll have a nianeuver 
here shortly. NAR - REACQ - REACQ and NARROW, 
REACQ and NARROW on it. 

Tape I7-O3U35 
Page 2 

LMP Okay. You want to do that? Before or after? 

CDR Now. 

LMP Now. 

CDR ... go to REACQ. 

CMP Well, we wanted REACQ, NARROW, REACQ and NARROW, 

all right? Okay. 


MODE - FREE. Manually roll left 1*0 degrees, huh? 

CDR Okay. I'll manually roll up hO. Why don't I get 

- put it in - it's all COMMAND. 

LMP Okay. You're - fuel cell 1, purge O^. 

CMP ... 11 minutes. 

LMP Okay. And now it's 36, so that - kj . 

CDR Going from 138 at about 98 degrees. Yes, "but we'll 

"be minus that. Did you dump the waste water? 

CMP Yes. 

CMP Waste water feeding up. 

08 23 59 ^6 CMP Better go up in the tunnel again. 

LMP Another tape. 

CMP Another tape? 

IMP Yes, they're in the tunnel. 

CMP (Singing) They're good. (Whistling) 

IMP Okay. Master flow is up Just ahove the limit. 

Yes, - just ahove the limit. 

CMP Bqy, I can harely use it. 

Tape 17-03'+35 
Page 3 

LMP Did you get one out? Barely tripped it ... I 

didn't hear it at all. 

CDR I did. 

CDR Ron, you're down to kO on the waste water. 

CMP Forty? Okay. 

CDR Jack, sunrise is at 2l8:50. 28 - excuse me - 

58, 58, 58. 

CDR We have got another hour in which to eat. 

CMP Are we eating now? 

CDR Another 15 minutes. 

IMP Shoot! I can't eat again. Maybe nihble a little 

hit , ... 

09 00 2k LMP Takes me about the time between meals to get all 

the gas from my syston, and then I eat again. 

CDR My gas - my gas (laughter) is still - my gas is 

still acting up. Jack. 

LMP It gradually works its way out about this time, 

and then it's time to eat again. Heck, I don't 
even need to have it on the Flight Plan. I know 
when it's time to eat when I start feeling good. 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR I don't know whether you'll be able to see sunrise 

at this attitude or not, Jack. We're going 
minus-X, so I'd say you will not. 

LMP The fact that I - yes, we're maneuvering again. 

Unless we don't get there before sxinrise. 

09 00 06 21 CMP Take your final bearings . . . ? 

LMP Not since early this morning. 37- Right. ... 

Battery C's right up there, too. B's up there, A's 
down. Probably charge A tomorrow. 

Tape I7-O3U35 
Page k 

CDR What did you do with those cards I tore out the 

other day - they're lost someplace. 

LMP I'll get them. Okay. I want to save one of those. 

CDR Did we get a reference soil at Shorty? 

LMP Yes, yes. Did I get away from the payload? Some- 

thing's going - - 

CDR I know we were thinking of it. I got the top. A 

little, yes; you got around a centimeter, all 
right, but - Did we go away from it - get a refer- 
ence on it? 

09 00 07 11 LMP I hope we did. I can't remember doing it. 

CDR No , but I got a . . . 

LMP . . . right in the same . . . 

LMP I dug that trench right in the - right at the edge 

of the orange stuff. 

CDR All those distances with the core ... Oh, well. 

Close enoxigh. 

SC ... 

CDR Huh? 

SC ... 

CDR What are you trying to do? 

CMP Use one hand . . . 

CDR Huh? 

09 00 09 13 LMP You're backwards. 

CMP That's what ... backwards ... I'm normal. 

LMP What are you mumbling about? 

CMP Well, I was saying that - like you're sitting in 
sideways . . . that way 

^■■■■■■■IPpHHM^ Tape 

'C^^in^CT^^^W^ Page 5 

LMP You got to - - 

CMP Twist it the other way. 

CDR You say you're in the short state now with my 

maneuver? 0.1 degree per second in REACQ. 

CDR That roll was to keep us out of glmhal lock. 

Otherwise, we'd have gone through it. 

CMP Wait a minute. ... in FREE - you are FREE. 

09 00 10 29 CDR No, I'm not, I'm AUTO, I'm maneuvering. 

CMP Oh, you're maneuvering ... 

CDR I've been maneuvering for 10 ... 


CDR I don't think you'll ever figure it out, Ron. 

CMP ... "buddy, I'm right behind you. 

CDR Oh, we're going. That's the end. 

CMP We're going toward the Sun - - 

CDR Yes . 

CMP And, we're about ROLL zero. 

CDR Well, we are now. 

CMP Okay, we're ROLL zero. 

CMP That means my . . . points backwards . Where we came 

CDR Yes . 

CMP I can't see the sunrise without ... 

CDR No, because you're pointing up in the air. 

CMP No, not too much, really. 

Tape 17-O3U35 
Page 6 

09 00 12 25 CDR Oh, you can look down over the edge, I guess - You 

can look at the horizon, can't you? 

CMP You'll be able to look at the horizon because, 

see - you roll - roll left at 3 degrees - . . . 

SC Take a picture of Earth, Ron. 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Did you ever get that thing running on the rendez- 

vous? Huh? 

SC Not yet. 

09 00 13 35 CMP Was that rendezvous? No, it wasn't. It was sep- 

aration, wasn't it? 

SC No, ... 

CMP , . . rushing my experiment . 

5C ... 

CMP I want to make sure I get the pictiires of the ... 

CMP Heat flow. 

SC ... zero. 

SC Sure . 

CDR Thought we had that timer set. 

CMP No, we're timing purges. 

CDP Okay, we're dumping. 

CDR Yes, we dumped - yes, we dumped the potable water, 
too, Ron. 

CMP We did? 

09 00 15 00 CDR Yes. We dumped the potable water. 

LMP I got about 20 percent. 

SC That's down to a quarter. 

Tape 17-03^*35 
Page 7 

SO ■ • « 

CMP What's the problem? 

SC ■ * • 

SC Well, it's - it's ... 

CDR If you get the potahle to zero, then you're in . . . 

CDR Because your - verify it is off. 

LMP See, your evaporators and everything pull off the 

weight, don't they? 

SC act 

IMP But we're not using them. 

CMP Not using them. 

09 00 15 52 LMP Oh, me, how embarrassing. 

LMP Well, it's my fault, I should 've got that timer 

going after the purge. 

CMP Yes, ... 

LMP No, you didn't want a perfect mission, did you? 

CMP (Laughter) What's that ... 

LMP Got to have some award. The potable water dump 
award . ( Laught er ) 


LMP Wait. 

CMP ... went out of control. ... (Laughter) Okay, 

LMP What'd you do? 

09 00 16 U5 CMP I was dumping water in those - CMC FREE - looked 

up and - gimbal lock right in front of you? 

LMP (Laughter) 

CMP Didn't have any control - looked back and the 

waste water was down . . . 

LMP Little-known stories. 

Tape I7-O3I+35 
Page 8 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP Well, let me see here. No way to get it in there 

without filling up the - Oh, hoy. 

CMP Yes, hut I don't think we need the waste water for 

anything, do we? 

IMP No, hut that's for the evaporator - Well - 

CMP Yes, evaporator uses it ... 

LMP No, but I'm wondering about the bladder and 


09 00 17 ^3 CMP Yes, so am I. This thing ... 

LMP That means the bladder expanded to the wall - not 


SC No. ... 

LMP Well, that line's open. You got that line open 

for potable - the waste water line's open. 

SC Yes. 

LMP It's potable water. And, when it's filled, that's 

collapsed, and - - 

SC . . • 

LMP Well, yes, it . . . I think it back fills somehow. 

LMP Yes. Yes, when it fills, it comes back this way. 

Here you go. 

09 00 19 19 CMP It'll come through the 

LMP Here's the cross - - 

SC - - potable water. 

DIP - - comes this way. There. 

DCP See, it won't flow that way, it goes - because of 

this check valve until it's fvill, then it'll move. 

Tape lT-03it35 
Page 9 

CDR Well, I called you at Uo. And then I looked at it 

again, and it was zero. 

LMP Yes? 

CMP I think if I move my camera 

CDR What are we dijmplng right now? 

CDR Well, we going to use it for anything else now? 

We'd like to - We use it after TEI to take the 
pictures with. So we want it handy. 

09 00 20 55 CDR It's not really necessary ... 


Is this - you ordered a QD down here, or some kind 
of connection. Looks like the access - that must 
be GSE - for servicing the waste tank. 

CMP Yes , ... 

LMP Well, I know you dump over here. 

CMP Right . . , 

CDR Well, something is using the waste water now, is 
it , Jack? Can you find out . . . ? 

LMP No. 

CDR I have potable coming up. 

CMP Coming up? 

CDR Better be. 

CMP You know, we could really dump that waste tank, too. 

LMP Checking on primary evaporator. 

CDR That all? 

09 00 22 07 LMP That's all that's showing here right now. 

CMP It must be dry now? 

LMP I could use . . . 

Tape 17-031+35 
Page 10 

CMP Oh, yes. 

LMP You're dried off. Now I'm off 

SC Yes. A long time ago. 

CDR We're in daylight. 

LMP Well, give the night crew something to think about. 

Hope it's nothing - nothing serious. Yes, it could 
be - 

SC Wow I 

09 00 25 23 LMP What's next, Geno? 

CDR Eat , eat , eat , eat , eat - 

LMP That's taken care of, now what? (Laughter) Maybe 

I'll eat my peach ambrosia. It's been hanging 
around all day. 

SC ... 

LMP Well, we're in sunlight right now. We haven't 

crossed the terminator yet. 

SC • • » 

LMP Yes. You limit your field of view. 

CDR Find that other one? 

LMP No. No, I haven't. 

LMP What's that? 

09 00 27 ^9 I'MP Oh, I think you already ... 

09 00 33 07 CDR Jack, you got the ... binoculars? 

LMP Binoculars? 

CDR Well, whatever you're not using. 

LMP No, never had any idea we'd use them. 

Tape 17-031^35 
Page 11 

CDR Well, you know - 

LMP Go - go aliead, I thought - I - 

LMP Let's have our lunch. Gene. Frankfurter? 

CDR Boy, it's awful early. 

LMP Bread? 

CDR One piece. 

LMP Catsup? 

CDR Yes . 

LMP Apricot? 

CDR No. 

LMP Orange drink? 

CDR Yeeeuchl 

LMP Anything else? 

CDR No. 

LMP We're not asking what you'd be - what you had. 

CMP You got turkey and gravy inside? You want these 
potatoes? Broimies? Orange juice and lemonade. 

LMP Well, I probably have lemon filling. Come on, 
come on. Save that ... 

CMP I ' 11 have lemonade . . . 

LMP Corn chowder? 

CMP No. 

LMP Frankfurter? 

CMP Yes. 

LMP Bread? 

Tape 17-03^^35 
Page 12 


09 00 36 35 CDR 

09 00 36 kk SC 

One piece. 



Chocolate pudding? 


Anything else? 

I'll have a sugar cookie. And a grape drink in 
there somewhere. The other one. 

Had two there. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 

Tape iT-03436- 

DUMPED nvv.vt gds nTTwmr, luwar orbit 66 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

Q9 01 h6 35 09 02 20 ^40 

lime good except at beginning of tape; voice fair. 


Tiw mattrtel eooUlned hcr*in hu b«a« trtnaeribed into c workiii« 
pftp«r In order to fftciltute revlaw bjr liiUraatad M8C •lements. Thl* 
docuiMst, or portions thereof, mty b«d«cl»*el(l«d eubjecl to the 
foUowtng guUeUnee; 

Portion* d Uile document will be claealfled CONnDENTIAL, 
Group 4, to the extent thet they: (1) define quanttlmtlve performence 
chuacterletlce of the Apollo Spaeecnft, (2}detnll critlcnlpertornuuice 
characterlatiea of Apollo crew lyeteme uid equipment, (3) piwlde 
technical deulli of elcnlftcant iMnch vehicle malfuflclluna In actual 
fUght or reveal actual launch tra]*ctary daU, (4) reveal medical daU 
CD tUfht crew membera which can be eooaldered privllceed daU. or 
(S) reveal other data which can be Individually determined to require 
ctaailflcatlOQ under the authority of the Apollo Program Security Clae- 
■tfleatloa Ould*. SCC-11, Rev. 1. 1/1/M. 


Downgraded at 5-year 
intervale; declassified 
after 12 years 

Thla BUtarlal cooUtna Infonnfitlcn Kffectinc the natloul dafensa ctf Us« Un^ad Stsim 
wlUita th« roOMlnj ot Uj» tBfioatse Uwa, TiUa 18, U.8.C. , Boca. 7*3 txid 'i^, iha 
truumiMlon or r«T«UUi» d whldi In uv nuuuter to «a unauthorized ganm la 
proUbtUd bf Uw. 

Tape lT-03ii36 
Page 1 

09 01 U6 35 SC 
09 01 1+6 1+5 IM> 










09 01 1+9 57 LMP 



Bob, that's the most beautiful crescent Earth I've 
ever seen. 

That shooild give you a lot of ... your rendezvous 
with him. Whatever 's easier ... closer. 

That "bright spot. See it - how bright it is? 
Right in the center 'of the crescent? Yes, yes, 
but it's never been that bright. Usually you. just 
get the zero phase. It's getting so it's glancing 
off now and giving you a ... It used to be - I 
guess that's what the term ... reflection. 

You do well when you look at a planet and call it 
home, Bob. 

No, I know. They dropped the uplink there briefly. 

I didn't. 

. . . quite a bit . . . tomorrow. 

Ain't much to talk about (laughter) on the way 
home. We have our hands full, though - EVA and 
stowage . 

. . . EVA . . . really . . . 

Oh, we got to do those too, huh? Quite a picture. 

. . . you might be able to see the . , . Earth - 
Earth ' s outline . Yes , in a full Moon ... I wonder 
how much lightning you can see and how far out. 
Have you gviys ever looked at it , Gene? 

At what? 

Lightning. You probably had a - - 
You can't see - - 

Tape I7-O3H36 
Page 2 

LMP You probably had a - some crescent, though, all the 

way back, didn't you? 

CDR Yes , hut a little more than that hut not much . , . 

LMP I think we're going to ... jiost about dark, aren't 

we, Ron? 

CMP Yes , . . . 

09 01 51 55 LMP *** seem like the ciirve across it has the right 

shape . 

CMP Oh, yes, 

LMP Yes, it is. Um-hm ... Oh, daml (Laughter) 

There's the picture. Oh, gosh. Never even thought 
about it. Oh, well. Remember it, gang. 

CMP Yes, remember it. Son-of-a-gun . 

LMP There's still a glow. Okay. I got - 

CMP 130 ... about 128 ... 

CDR Okay. We got the read-out . . . 

09 01 5h U8 CMP Yes. Yes. 

09 02 02- 03 CDR Does anybody need anything else in that kit? 

09 02 08 05 LMP No, dam it, I didn't ... 

MS (La\ighter) 

LMP I don't care ... I know it won't work.. That's 
why you don't put it that way. 

LMP We can ... can't get the visor ... The more I think 

about it , ... 

LMP (Laughter) 

09 02 12 Ik SC (Laughter) 




09 02 16 18 LMP 

09 02 20 kO LMP 

Tape lT-03i+36 
Page 3 

Well, my beard is looking Just as scraggly - 
straggly as it did yesterday. 

. . . the last 2 days . 

... I thought ... first beard iVe had in a 
decade . . . 


... Yes. 

I can't . . . (Music) 
Well, - (Laughter) 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 




DUMPED ny^p mad dttptno lunar orbit 72 

Time Segments (AET) 


09 09 UT 10 


09 10 57 

Voice very poor; time good except for ending time, which was 



The naltfikl eoaUlMd herein hM been truacrlM Into m worfclnc 
paptr la order to faclUtat* review by latereeted M8C elelneBta. This 
doeumeat, or portlona thereof,' nuqr be deelaaellled aubjeet toUie 
toUoaiac gttldeUaee: 

Portlona of <hla doeumaat will be ctaaeUtad CONnDBNTlAI., 
Oroap4, to the extent that they; (t) define <pianlltatlve performance 
cluuracterlatloe of Die Apollo Bpeeecrall, (2)det*tl ertUcal perfornuuice 
cbaracierlatlce of Apollo crew ayeteniB and equipment, (I) provide 
leehalcal detalla of el(nUleanl launch vehicle malfuaellone In actual 
IU(hl or revaat actual launch Irajeelory data, (4) reveal medical data 
•n fUfM crew membere which can be conaldercd privileged data, or 
(•) reveal other data which can be iadlvlduaUy determined to retire 
elaaelflcatlon underihe authority of the Apollo Profram Security CUa- 
•tflealloa Owlde. SCC-tt, Rev. 1. t/l/U. 


Downgradetl at >year 
Intervalsj declassified 
after 12 years 

Tbli nutortal eonUbu titfonutioa aflMtlac the iMUooat dafmH c( Um Unttad BUtM 
wttUi) Um BMuUng (d th» «wl(ma«« Uw^rTtU* 18, U.S.C., Sw». 7»S smt 7M. tlis 
tnaMttlMiflB or nmUUoii of whldi la uur mwuMr to an lumithoriMd paraan la 
pMblMtad by Uw. 

Tape IT-O3U62 
Page 1 

09 09 h^ 10 CDR ... 13 days 

LMP Yes. 
SC (Cough) 

IMP Don't overdo it. We've got to have some for EVA 

(laughter) . 

CDR Now, let's see ... 

IMP Yes. Yes, Yes. 

IMP Keep the light down in there. 

SC • • • 

IMP Yes. 

CDR Actually , you . . . 

IMP Yes. Well, that's proTsatly zodiacal light. I 

find it hard to see it, "but I think what I was 
seeing was little - We didn't have the light — 
Well, very good (laughter). 

SC (Music) 


LMP ... waking up. We're ... pretty late. 

CMP First thing I want to do is ... postsleep 


CMP Did you say 11? Eleven? 

SC All right. 

SC ... reading? 

CDR . . . reading . He had to take 10 - start out - 

from noon. We start out from - - 

SC ... clock . 

Tape 17-O3U62 
Page 2 

■ CDR No, it's really - Start out literally - 24-hour 
days from the Cape, we're still, in the tenth 
day - eleventh spacecraft day. 

09 09 50 20 CMP Eleven crew days . 

CDR That was pretty cute, you know that? 
(Music: Bom Free) 

CMP No, you're on the wrong ... right now ... 

CMP That's what it ... when you turned your thing on. 

09 09 5k k6 cm ... I turned that VERB U8. 

CMP Sure a good idea to have Christmas cake one day. 

SC What? 

CMP Sure a good idea . . . 

SC Hi, Ron. 

CMP You know who that really was. 

SC « • • 

SC ( LaTighter ) 

SC Hang on . . . 

CMP . . . said what? 

SC • • • 

CMP Yes , you've got a . . . anyway . . . 

09 10 00 58 IMP I've got enough left. No, I haven't tasted it. 

. . . that , Jim. 

CDR ... my light . 

CMP ... it? 

CMP Okay. .... space flight up-link: This thing 



09 10 ok k3 CMP 

Tape 17-O3U62 
Page 3 

We got some more food, if you want it. 










09 10 10 21 CMP 

Oh, let's see, Jack, if you'll give me a pen ... 
Here , let me have that thing . Okay • ... 

No , I have that . 

Brovnie, "brownie, orange jtiice, lemonade, and 
that's all, isn't it? 

Okay. You know what I did? (La\;ighter) 
I went . . . sleep . ... 

can of peaches , . . 

turkey and gravy. ... carrael cemdy. Orange 


You're looking for day 11, meal 8. 

can of peaches, 
water . 

of 050. You two 
Not bad, huh? 

. radiation right here 


Tape I7-O3U62 
Page H 

09 10 12 26 SC It does something for me, ... know what. 

CMP I don't want two of them; I've got one here. 

SC . • « 

CMP Yes . 

SC ... 

CMP They went ... They went hack here. ... all over 
here . ... 

09 10 15 36 lilP About 68, Geno. 

CDR That's what I thought. 

MP No, thank you. 

SC ... run away ... 

SC ... If I hit . . . right down there . 

09 10 IT 10 IMP I know; well, I don't, (Laughter) ... home, 

I got up and read a magazine. 

CDR ... this? 

SC Yes . 

09 10 2h 2k CDR . , . onmi . . . 

CMP Two degrees, right? 

CMP You guys might watch for those scissors in here. 

CMP ... I guess . . . guys . . . 

SC Yes . Yes . 

09 10 26 hk CDR What rev - what rev? You're ... rev 7^- 

MP Yes , tut you , . . 

CDR Yes. 


09 10 28 20 LHP 

09 10 32 2h CDR 




09 10 33 1^ CC 





Tape 17-031*62 
Page 5 

First, let me aak a question. 
All right. 

Yes . That ' s the ... I was just trying to compare 
the modulation . . . 

Yes , it is . . . 

(Music ) 

We got to the IM with about 60 percent . . . ran 
out of descent water. We left the sTirface with 
a little over 80 percent. We did the checkout 
and the landing and then we had - I think - what 
was it. Jack, 80 and 8l - somewhere around there. 
I don't know what the numbers were, hut they're 
approximate . 

, . . descent water . . . 

That was three . . . and five - five repress - 
five re - cahin and repress. Three EVAs and two 

America, Ho\iston. Realize you're eating and don't 
want to interrupt you, hut if you get your headsets 
on, we'll give you some news. 

Sounds great, Houston. We'd appreciate that. 

Go ahead. Boh. We're listening to you. You're 
not coming through. You are? 

1, 2, 3, h. 

Oh , yes , you are . 

Okay, ... really important news first. ... Hassau 
Bay, everybody's doing real fine, ... one of our 
bigger amusement centers around the country and 
going to have a great day. And everybocty Just 
looking forward to the EVA and the deorbit 



and the splash. Out in El Lago - Eveiybody's 

fine out there, Ron. And Joan's out selling 
Christmas trees today, and Jaime's going to go 
out shopping with her a\mt sometime today and - a 
little Christmas shopping - It's getting near that 
time of year. And one of your friends from 
Phoenix is due in today, for the rest of the 
mission, I guess. And out in Tucson, it was a 
little early this morning, Jack, "but everyhody's 
up and atout and I talked to your mother, and 
everybody's fine. She's getting anxious to go 
hack to Silver City and see all the celebration. 
I guess those people out there are really enjoying 
it and really getting wild about it. But every- 
body's fine all the way around, all the way arotind. 

Thank you, Bob. We're fine up here, and I'm sure 
you told them that. 

Yes. Okay; we'd like EEACQ and HARROW. 
Well, we send our good morning. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) ^^^^ 17-03U65 

DUMPED nvKR ^ mmmc, lumar orbit t3 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

09 11 h3 22 09 11 58 26 









09 12 13 36 

09 12 k3 2h 

Voice fair; time good. 


Th« (uttrtol eoDtalnad hvrcin ku b«*n Imwerlbad tato « worktns 
p«p*r bi order to (lelllUl* ravlaw by liM*r«*t«i M8C •tetnenU. ThU 
4oei»Mat, or portlona Uiereol, m»y b* 4«e Usalf t*4 MbtMl to the 
lollo<rinf (lUdelltiM: 

PortioiM of IhU docummt will b* ciMsMlad CONriDENTIAL, 
Group 4, to lb* «iitent that Ihcy: (l)MtM quanlltAtlve p*rtarmance 
clutractvrtatica at the Apollo Ppacoerafl, (l)d«tiitl crUI«alt>*rforiMnc* 
eharacUrlcttes U Apollo er«* sirMaliMi Mid otiutpinml, (3) provide 
tMhaiCBl detail* ol alfnUtcaiit launcti vablel* malTuncUuna lit ictiwl 
flight or ravaai actual launch Irajactorir dala^ (4) ravaal medical data 
«« fU|ht crew membara which can ba eonaidarfd prtvllegad data, or 
<t) r«vMl othar data which can ba iMUvldu&lly datermiaad to require 
elaaallteatlon under the authority of Uia Apollo Program Security Claa- 
•IfteaUon Guide. SCC-U, Re*. 1, 1/l/M. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
Intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

Tkta tnafrM cenUlnii Inronnctlon affectlnc tbe MUooal dafana* of Umi UnUad StatM 
vtUiln th* BMuiiiig of th* •■plonac* Uw», TtUc It, U.S.C.. fives. 1» Md 7M, th« 
traaamlutw or r*Mlaflaa of which In any nuuuMr to an uiuuitiuyHMd p»nca im 
prohlUtotf Iqr law. 

Tape 17-03^+65 
Page 1 

09 11 h3 22 LMP Go ahead. What omni? 

CDR 5-7 plus 18 and HIOI GAIN POWER, OFF. 

LMP What omni? What omni. Gene? 

LMP Okay, HIGH GAIN POWER, OFF. What's the setting? 

CDR Minus 27- 

09 11 kh IT LMP Okay, MANUAL and WIDE. 

CDR No, Ron's got REACQ and NARROW crossed off. So, 

it's MANUAL and MANUAL, minus CT, l8, and POWER, 

□9 11 33 CDR POWER, OFF. 

CDR Okay. Now that it's OFF, LUNAR SOUNDER, STAND BY, 


09 11 hk h3 IMP Verified. 


09 11 kk 1+7 LMP Okay, RECORDER'S ON. 

09 11 1+1+ 5I+ CDR That's affirm. We've got MAPPING CAMERA, OFF, Bob, 

Can you verify that. Jack? 

IMP Yes, verified. 

CDR We got them all now. We're coming up. 

09 11 1+5 10 LMP Okay, RECORDER'S ON. 


09 11 1+5 13 LMP RADAR'S ON. 


09 11 1+5 16 LMP recorder's off. 


09 11 1+5 22 IMP MODE, HF; verified. 

Tape IT-O3I+65 
Page 2 

CDR What's at 231:11, Bob? 

LMP LOS [sic]. 

CDB Okay» fine. Thank you. 

LMP Okay, HF is hack. 

CDR Just wanted to make stire I got all of them. We've 

to STANDBY, verify. 

LMP Verified, verified. 


CDR Okay, and MODE, HF. 


CDR Okay, now verify all your VHF is OFF. 

09 11 h6 02 LMP Okay, OFF, OFF, it's OFF, it's OFF. Okay. It's 


CDR As soon as we . . . , you can turn your . . . And we 

can't wash out our ... No waste water dump. 

CDR Now, we've got a lot of things here with the lunar 

sounder on the hack side. 

IMP Ron's out of the LEE. I'm going to go down there, 

and try to ... operation. 

CDR All - all equal. 

LMP Okay. Can I get my bianed off - - 

CDR Sure . 

U^IP - - before we come back axound the corner? 

pDR And, we've got a dump on this back side, too. 

Tape IT-O3U65 
Page 3 

LMP Yes, a water - BUSS dump. 

CDR . • . get that dump , too , before we come around the 

09 11 h8 29 CDR Mainly, we've got to diJiiip this back side. 

CDR What's ... 230? 

09 11 53 50 CDR Well, I can change ... up on it. 

SC Huh? 


CDR ... What? 

CDR Huh? 

CDR That's the final - Huh? 

09 11 58 26 LMP . . . control . . . 


Tape IT-O3U65 
Pafre k 

09 12 00 21 CDE and the middle of the backside pass there's 

stuff we got to do. 

SC • • • 

LMP Here's the - 

CDR Here's something. Jack. 

09 12 02 Oh CDR Okay, you got the - you got the ... 4 and 5, yes 

CDR No. I'm not. . . .? 

09 12 ok 10 CDR Coming up on U 5 • . ■ No, no. This one is sup- 

posed to be the last one. 

09 12 05 00 CDR Going to get the recorder? 

09 12 08 02 CDR See the ground is . . . 

SC • • • 

SC . . . ? 


09 12 09 52 CDR The next thing is on the hour when we've got to 

get the . . . operating and the T-start time . . . 

SC . . . ? . • . now? 

CDR Huh? 
09 12 10 36 CDR ... on the hour now. 


Tape IT-O3U65 
Page 5 

09 12 13 35 CDR ... do it on the hour now. 

09 12 20 57 CDR What do you need? 

09 12 2h 27 CMP There you go. 

09 12 2U 32 CMP Okay, tape recorder frame numbers - oh, about - 

^ must be 13 through 16 - no, more than that - about 

12 - 11 or 12 through 16 were taken of the 
Tsiolkovsky area and termini ze - terminator sun- 
rise. And the magazine Vic - Victor Victor - - 



Yes, Just past sunrise. And there's a ... one out 
there. We'll try it. 

About - Okay, that was frame number 19, I guess. 
It's Just to the west of Tsiolkovsky, Just prior 
to - is that Heujmin? 

no 12 26 30 CMP Would you move this back up? Just get your - I 

^ want to get you down ... I won't get you down . . . 

I'm going to move this back over here. Hold this. 

Yes . 

CMP Doesn't look like much light ... Oh, Just - Oh, 

yes, lots of them. I'll get a good picture of 
yovor beard. 

09 12 27 11 CMP Okay, little up your rear, or something (laughter) 


09 12 27 hh CMP VHBW is . on 80 , and we got a 115 . 

CMP That's 85. 

09 12 27 55 CMP 15.30 (laughter). Yes. We'll do an ad lib with 

that on the camera and take a - flick or two. 
Where's the old Hasselblad? ... Let's put this 
on there and finish it up. 

CDE . . . TEI? 


Tape 17-03^6 5 
Page 6 

LMP I mean, TEI prep? 

CDR Ho, no. I don't think so. 

CMP You know, there is a lot of this other stuff in 
there . 

CDR ... we changed it once already this morning. 

CMP Yes, but that was Just going to minus-X, wasn't it? 

CDR Yes, that was Just swapping ends. Swapping ends. 

CMP Okay. Plus-X. 

CDR Hey, T-stop. 

CMP Yes , when is T-stop? 

CDR Now. 

CMP Now? 

CDR Now , 

CMP Operate to STANDBY. 


CMP Okay. 

09 12 29 00 CMP Okay, acquire MSFN and OMMI Alfa. ... where we are 

CDR We got a canister to change, and we won't acquire 

them until 11. 

CDR Next thing, you'll he going mode VHP about 22. 

CMP Twenty-two? > Okay. Will they - they'll give us 

a call. 

09 12 30 37 CMP What the heck are we coming up on? You know, 

Pasteur doesn't show up much of a crater. 

CMP Yes, it really is. Yes, I don't even see it out 

there. But in our direction - let's see here. 
It's got to be. But it is over there, I think. 

Tape 17-03^+65 
Page T 

09 12 31 33 CMP Houston, this is America. 

09 12 31 39 CO Hello, America. You're a little scratchy down 

here. We'll pick you up there shortly. 

CMP Okay. We'll stand "by until then, 

CMP Okay, that last lunar sounder pass got an extra 

UO seconds on the film - UO seconds on the - on 
the last end of it. 

CDR Take the Jack. 

09 12 32 UU CMP ... see Sklodowska. There it is, yes. 

CMP Which - which recorder? 

CMP - . . coming up? 

09 12 3h 13 CMP Here, let me in here. ... "back in. — 

09 12 3I+ 18 CDR Okay, Houston, this is America. 

CMP Hit your REACTANTS switch. 

CDR Okay, Bob. I was over there on the right side, 

and I hit the FUEL CELL 1 REACTMTS switch ahout 
one - half a second and got it "back on again. It 
looked - 

CDR It looks okay here. 

CMP Yes, that's ... right over there. 

CDR No, no. Tha,t's way behind me. ... strai^t ahead. 

OIP That's the Wright Brothers. They're hooked 


CDR One's big and one's little, and ... to the right 

of it. 

CMP Over on the ri^t - left. I don't know. Those 

don't have names, they're in Sirythii. See, Wrij^ht 
Brothers is that double one there. 

Tape 17-031*65 
Page 6 

SC You must be talking about ... 

CMP Oh, Kastner? That's clear on the other side. 

CDR No, no. 

CMP There's Brunner and Hirayama, and I'm Just about 
over that now. 

CDR Where are the Wright Brothers then? 

CMP The Wri^t Brothers? They're the tvo mud puddles 

that are hooked together down there - just ri^t 
down this way. 

CDR Th^'re the big ones. There's another two you 

can see ... 

CMP Yes , but none of the big ones look like this . 

They're rough looking. Yes. 

09 12 37 36 CDR Mode VHF will come at 23 right at . . . here . 

CMP Mode VHF. Yes. I've got it. 

CC America, Houston. If you're reading us loud and 

clear, I'd like to give you a lunar sounder flight- 
somder pad here at 231:21. 

09 12 38 11 CWP You do it. Gene? 

CDR Okay, Bob. Go ahead. 

CC Okay; it's at 231:21, the lunar sounder T-start 

time, 231:26:18; T-stop, 50:33. 

CDR Okay, I got that. Thank you. You happy with the 

biomed on the CDR? 

09 12 38 5^ CC We won't know until we get the high gain here 

at 21. 

CDR Okay. 


Tape 17-O3U65 
Page 9 

09 12 Ul 03 CMP Houston, America. 

CC • » • 

CMP Okay. Just looking at the Wri^t Brothers Crater 

as ve were going through there again. And the 
(Juter-crater rims on that thing are kind of like 
■tjhe one - well, I call it above rev 62 on our pic- 
tures , hut the outer rim - it slopes ... in the 
opposite direction from the normal crater, or some- 
ijhing. In other words, the steep slope is on the 
outside of the rim, and you have a gradual slope 
up to the - you know, from the - from the center 
of the crater, you've got a gradual slope up to 
the rim, and then it drops off to a steep slope on 
the outside. And the steep slope on the outside 
is mayhe - oh, 35 to U5 degrees. The slope on the 
inside is prohahly - well, somewhere around 20 de- 
grees I would guess. And there at one portion of 
the rim - kind of on the western portion of one 
that I was looking at, anyhow - it's almost a 
delta-shaped ring. 

CC Roger, Ron. ... hi^ gain ... we can read you 


CDR Okay, minus 27 and I8. 

09 12 U2 26 CMP Minus 27, I8. Okay, I got a START. 

CDR Half-scale. Go to REACQ and NARROW. 

SC t • • 

CMP Your pencil? 

SC ... hi^ gain? 

CMP Yes . 

CC ... America. You're sounding great now. 

CMP Okay; looks like we've got you. You know, I think 

we're too fast for the NARROW, Gene. 

Tape 17-03^65 
Page 10 

CMP Okay. I was Just kind of reminiscing a little bit 

about the - w mud puddle craters there in Smythii. 
I guess that's a good term to call them - that's 
what they always kind of locked like to me. But - 
they slope up. 

09 12 U3 2l* CMP But the rims of those crater* and even the interior 

rim on ones that are multi-ringed, they slope up- 
ward from the center of the crater toward the rim 
at that - at a gradual slope, and then they drop 
off on the outside of the crater rim, sloping down 
from the outside crater up to a point 

# # I? 

(This page Unclasaif led) 17-03U5T 


Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

09 12 k3 U2 09 12 hk 07 

09 13 U3 11 09 1'^ 30 39 

Time and voice good. 


Tlw mattrtal coaUlned haretn hM b«*n tranwrllwd Into a working 
matr In OHkr to UclUUt* r«vl«r by M«raM*d MBC •Icmanta. Thi* 
4oeuiMnl, orporUoM Ui«rt«(. mar Iwdac U»*iri«4 Mb}*ct totha 
foltowlnc (uldallnaa: 

Portlona «l thta doeumaat wtllba claaalflad CONriDKNTIAL. 
Oroup4. to tha axtont U»t thay; <t)d«llna qoanttfaltva pariormanca 
elMraeUrtaUca cf tha Apollo 8pacaer«H, (a)dauil crttlcalpariDrmaiica 
cbaraetarlstlea at Apolto era* ajratana and aqulixnaat, (9) provbta 
tadiBleal datalU of *lcnUleant laiuch vahlcla maUunettuna tn actual 
auM or raraal actual launeb trajaetory data. (4) ravaal maOlcal data 
M fllthi era* mcmbera wkleh c*n ba eonaldarad prtvilacad data, or 
(S) ravaal othar daU which caa ba Indlvtdwally datarinlaad to requlra 
cUaatflcatlcn under the auUwrUy of tha ApoUa Program 8a«urlty Claa- 
•ificailoa OuJdt, SCC-II, R«v. 1. 1/1/W,- 


Downgraded at ^year 
intervale; declassified 
after 12 years 

TbI* matoctal eotUUia iitfonutlcn «2(«etlne th* iwUtaftl Ottmmm q( th« Unttcd StetM 
wttUn th« BMMUas <* tht Malcinta;^ ^ttle 18, U. 8. C. , SetM. 1M Mad 7M, th« 
trannBlMloa or r^iwlatlaa ti which In aiqr mtanmr to an uaaitUioilMtl ptrson Is 
pntmta bf law. 

Tape lT-03it5T 
Page 1 

09 12 1+3 k2 CMP - - the crater rim, sloping clown from the outside 

crater up to U5 degrees. And in some points in 
there, it silmost looks like it's a real classic 
Delta-shaped rim on there - where you have the 
same slope on the - on the inside as well as the 
outside of the crater, 

SC • • « 

CDR Okay, Ron. We want - - 


09 12 hk 07 CDR Let's see. Houston, you ready? 


Tape 17-03U5T 
Page 2 

09 13 ^3 11 LMP Okay. 

CDR What are you on in HIGH GAIN now? Are you in AUTO? 

LMP AUTO, WIDE, probably. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP I mean it sits there ... 

CDR You know you can set your - your needle to minus 

10 - or your dial to minus 10 and 0.5. And then, 
on their call, you can go MANUAL and WIDE. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay? 

CMP Do I have time to work on this jett bag now. Gene? 

CDR Yes. Jack will monitor that operation, 

talkback . . . 

CMP I'll watch it. 

LMP It's all we got to do for another 8 minutes. 

CDR Yes, you've - jett - jett bag - What you ought to 

do is just put that jett bag around you so you 
don't have to take the whole handle. Want some 
help with that? 

LMP Yes. I will In a minute. 

CDR Hey, Bob, what about us configuring high gain? 

We're getting close to T-start. 

CC Roger. Go ahead. 

CDR Okay. MANUAL, minus 10 and 25. And the power 


LMP Minus 10 and 25. Okay, Power's off. And that's 

going to be to OPERATE, right? 

Tape 17-031^57 
Psige 3 


LMP Okay. 

09 13 U5 57 CDR And after talkback - after it starts running, 

after talkback goes barber pole, go LUHAR SOUNDER 

LMP Okay. 

CDR You know where that ^ett bag is, Ron? 

SC • • • 

CDR No, I just stuck it - it's between these two ... - ■ 

LMP Give me a MARK. 

CDR _ _ down there in the bottom. 

09 13 U6 ik CDR MARK. 

CDR What? 

mp ... barber pole, gray. 

CDR See it, Ron. It just stuck against the ... Got 

CMP Okay . 

LMP Put on a tape while I'm watching (laiighter). 

CDR Okay, Jack. And the T-stop is 3U:l8. And let me 

get - get rid of this thing and . . . and get a tape 
on and - 

IMP 3^: 18, about 5 minutes. 

LMP . . . about 8 minutes . 

SC (Cough) 

CDR What can I do? 

CDR Oh, the jett bag? 

Ta-pe l7-03lt5T 
Page k 

09 13 hi 32 SC 

09 13 50 03 CDR 










09 13 51 l6 CDR 




That gets so big, it gets far away from you. 
That it? 

Wo, why don't you - let's inventory those fecal 
bags. But leave enough to make sure there's plenty 
here. Want to put those in here now? Those fecal 
bags? While you're down there? Get them in here 
now. Wait a minute. Be real conservative. Make 
sure there's plenty left. 


Yes, I may use one today. And we've got three - 
three? Okay. Count today. Count - you guys want 
to defecate again. Okay. 

Say one a day. 

Three - three for me. 

We need nine of them then. 

And that'll be plenty. 

Counting today. 

Look - Wait - wait a minute. We - we - we land 
3 days from right now - 72 hours from right now. 
So, here's today, EVA d^ 

Stowage day, 

- - stowage day. And then we get up, and we land - 
entry day. I don't know if you want to save one 
for entry day. There's - You gtys have all def- 
ecated already. 

Three of - three's going to be plenty for me. 
And I may only use one today and one more. 

Tape 17-03^57 
Page 5 

U/SP Yes, three for me. I got something - bad food or 

something - - 


Throw an extra one in. Throw 10 of them in there. 
09 13 52 00 LMP I think they missed that call. 

CDR What? 

LMP Barber pole. Remeniber? 

CDR They said they got ... 

LMP Oh. 

LMP What - vhat time is simrise. Gene? In the Flight 


CDR Oh , about . . . 

LMP I'd like to get dark adapted a little bit and look 

at it, if fits into the Flight Plan, 

LMP Start about 2 or 3 minutes beforehand. Maybe I 

can joist close my eyes and turn out the lights 
about a few minutes beforehand. 

CDR Okay. We got some more stuff after tiirning the 

sounder off. You got to wait 1 minute, though. 

LMP Give me a MARK on it. 

CDR Okay. I can - U seconds - 

09 13 5U 22 CDR MARK it. 

LMP Okay, It's in STAIJDBY. 

CDR Okay, It just went all the way. Okay. One min- 

ute. Jack, and we'll go throu^ the rest of the 



Wait 1 minute . . . 

Tape 17-031*57 
Page 6 

LMP Okay, you got - you mean you've still got more 

"besides that? 


LMP I've never yet seen a paper tag. 

CDR I've never seen any. 

LMP I put a piece of tape on ray last one. 

CDR There's never heen any place to mark on the darned 
things . 

LMP Is 1 minute up on the minute? 

CDR Not yet. 

LMP Then what - what am I going to do? 

CDR About four or five things. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Couple of - Another 10 seconds. Jack. 

LMP Okay. Well, I don't know what to do (laughter), 

I'm ready. 

CDR Okay. Well, it's not exact minute ... Wait a min- 

ute, after 1 minute. 

LMP Oh, okay. (Chuckle) 


Okay. Now, you can go RECORDER, OFF. 

09 13 55 27 LMP RECORDER is OFF. 


09 13 55 29 LMP OFF. 

CDR Ron, get the SM/AC POWER, ON, please. 

09 13 55 ^0 LMP It's on. 

Tape 17-031+57 
Page 7 


09 13 55 U3 liMP ON. 


09 13 55 1*6 LMP STANDBY. 


09 13 55 50 LMP IMAGE MOTION is ON. 


09 13 55 55 LMP ON. 


09 13 55 58 LMP IH> ON. 


09 13 56 02 LMP HEATERS. 


09 13 56 oh LMP ON. 


09 13 56 08 LMP ON. 

CDR Dark out. IMAGE MOTION, INCREASE, barber pole 

plus four steps and then ON. 

09 13 56 17 LMP Okay. There's barber pole, 1, 2, 3, h. Okay. 

CDR Okay. You're GO on the film terminator. 

LMP Running that camera in the dark, huh? 

CDR Is that what you got? 

LMP Vfhere are they? 

CDR Down there. 

T4pe I7-O3U57 
Page 8 


CDR Oh, they're in there. Darn, I*m going to lose one 

today, I know. So let me take it out. That's 
all right. Won't ... 10. Ya'll got all ... 

09 13 56 51 CMP Where you going to stcfw it? 

CDR ... I got one here. Jack. That leaves - then we 

ought - Supposedly we're done today, and then we 
got 2-1/2 d^s to go, 

CDR That ought to - - 

LMP I think 

CDR That ought to hack any emergency. 

LMP the matter is sufficiently well established 

• • • 

CDR That ought to hack any emergency. 

LMP ... he no bad food that's crept in. ... corn 


CMP (Laughter) Watch out, 

IWP Do you have it in the Flight Plan tomorrow, a 

point to verify jettison bags - or jettison - or 
Jettis - jettisonable items or something like 

CDR I don't know, but make sure 

LMP We also got to look at items secured and make sure 

items are secured in the spacecraft. 

CDR Yes. True. 

LMP Items tend to float, like loose film peickages with 

the cameras in particular. Do you want some of 
those ... to hold it? 



Tape 17-03^+57 
Page 9 

09 13 58 37 LMP That's no question that that aft end forward is a 

hotter attitude. Boy, I vas really warm last 
night . 

CDR Were you? 

LMP Yes. Do I need a harf "bag? Might as well keep 

that for the entry. 

09 13 58 5U CDH You won't barf. You won't even get anywhere near 


IMP Oh, I don't know - that kind of predicted weather. 

This is my Tsiolkovaky pass, isn't it? 

CDR Yes. 
SC {Cough) 

WSB Why don't I put the 250 on it. 

CDR "Configure camera, terminator photos." That's in 

standard Flight Plan, and then special for Jack 
was - - 

IMP Well, shoot! The trouble with this camera is that 

you lose two frames every time you make that . . . 
Four frames. 

SC Oh, yes? 

LMP Every time you take that mag off. And I've only 

got lUO. So, I'll probably just keep this lens 
on. ... 250. Four frames, that's maybe up to - 
then we have probably - - 

CDR Jack, he gave you a lot of ifs and ands on this 

... on the ... If you tell me which ones you use 
for sure, I'll - - 

LMP Use mag K and - yes, 250. I'd like to go to 250. 

I hate to lose those frames, though. 

SC You really . . . 

Tape 17-03lt5T 
Page 10 

LMP Yes , 60 ... 

CMP . . . probably , . . 

09 lU 00 ik LMP Yes, it says there 170, but it may mean that's 

30 frames, so I'll lose 

CDR No , you don ' t ... 

LMP That's true. 

CDR Here it is in the Flight Plan. "Configure camera, 
terminator photos," window 5 

LMP W dark slide. 

CDR EL, 250, very high speed black and white. 

LMP Okay. You got the 250 handy there? Got your 

dark slide in? 

CDR Mag RR? Let me change that then. Are you going 

to use that one? The 250 or the 80? 

LMP This is K. This is where - this is using this 


CDR It says 250. 

LMP This is - I'm using this roll. 

CDR And, Jack, you got - And, Jack, you got your 
choice of 250 or 

IMP I'm using, this roll. The reason I'm going to use 

this camera because it has Reseau plate. 

CDR Oh. And Jack - Ron's working. 

LMP Oh, he is? Well, how come they gave it optional 

for me? 

09 lU 01 h3 CDR Well, because someone 

IMP What are you going to take, Ron? 

Tape 17-O3U57 
Page 11 

CDR going to take terminator photo. 


CDR This is a regular part of the Flight Plan, but, 

it's a special update for Jack. ... It gave 
Jack a choice of the 250 or 80, and it calls for 
you to have the 250. 

LMP Well, why don't I ^ust - Why don't I just take - 

Why don't I just take them all? I'll just shoot 
up - how many frames? Twelve frames? Ron was 
programmed for? 


LMP What? Of the Tsiolkovsky blanket and terminator? 

CMP ... blanket ... across the Earth. Going to take 
them all? 

09 ih 02 37 LMP Yes, what - about three - three shots per - - 

CMP Yes , ... 

LMP Four and a half, 

CMP Twelve shots, double. 

LMP Three shots per - up and down, right? 

LMP You -went up and down four times? 

CMP . . . three frames . . . 

LMP Oh, okay. Two pair. 

CMP Yes, two pairs. 

CDR Jack, is - is that high-speed black and white the 
same as very - high-speed black and white? 

LMP Well, 



09 1^ 03 17 LMP 





09 lU 03 h9 CDR 




It gives exposure for Ron. 

Well, let's use the Reseau plate, 

I think. Jack, - didn't you - did you ask for - - 

No, I didn't. That's something somebody's cooked 
up. But it seems to me like a good idea to xxse 
the Reseau plates for a change. They'd "be the 
only ones with the Reseau. And let me get that 
chart out. What did your exposure say? 

Yes, that's right, but he's got exposiore charts 
for that - - 

No, I don't. Not for this. That's just a standard 
exposure chart. 

Okay, Calls for you - - 

Then go up one - one speed from it. 

Okay; f ... to 500 was Ron's standard, F ... to 
the 500. And if you've got the 250 lens, you go 
from 1/125 to 1/250 or . . . 

I'll take it. ... HBW. Yes. .., 

What's the exposure chart say for Jack? Let's see 

Well, there's no HBW in the spacecraft, 

I know, but what's the exposure - What's that say 
when it ^x\st gives a change to that? 

Tape 1T-03V5T 
Page 13 

CDR Well, what is this change, 1/125 to 1/250 ... 

IMP No, no. They mean this other chart. This one - 

this one. The printed one. What does that give 
for the terminator? ... aperatiires .. That's 
what they told me earlier. 

CDR Okay? 

LMP So it'll be f/2.8 and what? 1/250, 1/125. 

CDR It uses 250 at change 1/125 ... 

09 lU 05 20 LMP So it looks like 5.6 and 1/250. I can start with 

a pass at 1 - at 5.6 at 1/125, so, I'll get that 
much coverage. 


I'm going to start at 1/125 at 5.6 and then go to 
1/250. Get the earliest stuff just past the ter- 
minator at 5.6 and 1/125. 

SC Yes, but it says - - 

LMP Yes, but that will get me into this block, see. 

i can't go to fo-ur, 

CMP Oh, okay. See, I can't go to four. 5.6 and l/125th 

for my film is the same of f /U at ... Okay . 

09 ih 05 3h CDR Now, will that cover Ron's? I guess it will. 

LMP It should. 

CDR That's what I mean. Will it cover Ron's? 

LMP Yes, save - save that. Yes, we'll use that. Ooops , 

Where's the ring pack? 


LMP Yes, yes; that's what we lased. That's the first 

ring for the 500. Okay. 

SC » • • 

LMP Okay, nov, we may have missed some stuff. Did you 

figure out what we might have missed with a - with 
that had mag? On November November? 

CDR Jack, what's that mag number? Mag Kilo? 

LMP Kilo. Yes, sir. And I'm starting at frame ll+3. 

And what time is it? 1+7, you said 52? 

CDR Yes . 

09 1^ 07 08 LMP Do I have anything to do over here with the SIM 


CDR No. 

LMP I'm going to close my eyes. See if I can remember 

CDR Turn the lights out. 

LMP Do that, but 

CDR Okay. What's your frame number to start? 

LMP lJ+3. 

CDR You didn't have to take that SIM hay ... 

LMP No, I - but the lens and the - as soon as you 

expose - you see, the whole lens comes out and 
you expose the plate, 

LMP There's a glow out there. Can you turn - Just 
turn it down 

LMP Okay, Okay. I alreatfly see streamers, I see big - 

on either side symmetrically aroimd the ecliptic. 
See those, Geno? You watching? 

09 ih C8 1*5 CDR Okay. I'm looking at . . . Is Venus - is Venus - - 

LMP Venus just came up. 

Tape n-03h$^ 
Page 15 




09 ih 10 59 CMP 



Yes, but is she on the - - 
That's on the ecliptic. 
Okay; fine. 
More or less. 

That's pretty close to our ... 

However, there seem to "be two - there's sort of a - 
a halo out, and then these two major streamers 
going out, more or less on either side of the 


And that's ahout - I don't know. Let me see - let 
me start a log here. 

Now, there seem to he a whole - I guess I'm getting 
dark adapted - hut the whole glow - There's the 
two major streamers, but there seem to be - indi- 
vidual - a lot of small streamers within the glow 
itself. Unfortunately, I'm fogging up my window 
by talking about it. The whole glow seems to have 
a streaming texture to me. 

Not a whole lot of - Look! I don't see that many 
streamers in the thing. I see - - 

Well, I'm Just looking at a very fine pattern com- 
pared to the two major ones. 

See any - see any kind of ... ? 

And, now, the one to the - I'm disoriented - I 
guess that's the - the south is of the ecliptic - 
to my left, anyway. Spacecraft - minus Y - - 

Yes, that should be it. 

- - is the - is the dominant streamer to me. Is 
it to you? 


I don't see any streamer. All I see is a glow. 
All I see 

LMP That's what I mean is a glow. It's - I shouldn't 
call it streamer maylje. It's a linear glow 

CDR I don't see any streamers at all. 

LMP - - a linear glow, 

LMP I don't even see that. I only see a circumferential 


LMP Yes, I do - do that. But I see a linear glow that 
goes out way "beyond that that's to the minus Y of 
the ecliptic, and earlier I saw - and now it seems 
to be harder to pick out - but 

CDR No, I don't see. I don't really see any streamers 

at all except ... that runs right ... and it's just 
a very . . . 

09 lU 11 18 CDR Did you photograph all that stuff, Ron? 

CMP Yes. I got - I got those photographs red and also 

blue. And then the sunset on the Hasselblad. 

LMP Okay. Mars ought to appear here pretty q.uick. 

CMP Yes, As soon as you see a little bit of a bright - 

bright glow there on the horizon, don't look anymore. 

CDR Yes, sir. 

LMP Okay. The whole horizon now has a glow now to it 

to me. In fact, it has ... - - 

CDR Ron, when - - 

LMP - - that I can see. 

CDR There's very few ... somehow ... glow ... 

CMP Yes. Look at it. It's really - really aglow now. 

Looks to me like I get vertical - radial - radial 
patterns - streamers going out now. 

Tape 17-O3U5T 
Page IT 

09 lU 12 09 LMP Well, yes. That's what I thought I'd said I was 

seeing earlier. I think I might have been a little 
more dark adapted at that time. 

CMP Yes , maybe you were more dark adapted than I am, 
but I can - I could see those vertical - not ver- 
tical, but radial 

LMP Radial lines, yes. 

CMP the radial lines, kind of light and dark. 

LMP Okay. The glow on the horizon now is sharp - to 

me, is much sharper, much - still a gradational 
thing from the streamers in. But it's a uniform 
glow now. 

CMP Yes, it is. It's a uniform circumferential glow. 

CDR It spreads out over the horizon right now. 

CMP Yes. And it spreads - I don't know how you can 

describe that - but it spreads - spreads out along 
the surface of the Moon farther than it - than it 
sticks out above the Moon. 

09 lU 12 57 CDR That's affirm. 

CMP I - Oh, heck, about three times as much, it looks 


LMP Yes. 

LMP I never did see Mars. 

CMP Yes, Mars is Just now coming up over the horizon 

there . 

LMP Now we're starting to get bright spots on the peaks, 

First bright - - 

CMP Oh, yes, - that's bright. 

LMP - - First bright points on the peaks are starting 

to show - kind of pick up lights. 

Tape 17-O3U5T 
Page 18 



09 ih 13 5T CDR 




09 Ik Ih ho CDR 

Boy, they really get bright too. Don't they. Nov, 
they're starting to light up along the horizon. 


Okay. That one streamer right along the ecliptic 
now is the strongest. You can see it even down 
now at the - at the horizon. It's fairly stronger 
within the glow, to me. 

How you can definitely see it. 

Yes. Now you can start to see the individual - - 

Okay. That's about it. 

Just before that came over, there's some really 
good streamers. 

Yes, which - which says that we probably missed 
the - the real streamers on the thing because I 
stopped the sequence about, oh, 6 - What time was 
it? Seven seconds from - from the Sun coming up. 

... we've got to find. Just before it came up. 

Yes , just before it comes up is when you get the 
real big streamers. 

How about your photograph's that you missed? 

I don't know - yes. 

No, no, no. Terminator. 

Terminator. (Laughter) 

Don't panic me. 


Tape 17-03^57 
Page 19 

LMP Terminator. 

CDR Oh, I don't know - I thought ve were taJting them 


LMP Oh , yes , we are , but we ' re ... 

CDR That whole sequence - sequence took from - I 

started my watch at 5 - to about 6 minutes. 

CDR You through with that bag . , . ? ... both second 

pass . 

09 Ik 16 29 CMP 

CDR Af1;er the eat period, we start getting serious 

about - - . . . 

LMP Eat period? (Chuckle) 

CDR Yes; start getting serious about TEI. 

CMP We do? 

CDR Well, we eat at 3^:30 ... an hour and a half. 

CDR I'm going to try and defecate before you guys eat. 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP That'd be nice. 

CDR Why do we want to enable all jets here? We want 

to go pitch and yaw axis coupled; roll axis un- 
coupled, huh? That's why I wsinted to do that. 

CMP Yes . 

CDR For tracking. 

CMP For tracking only. Okay. Are we using these? 

You change . . . 

CDR Not yet. 

CMP Okay. 


Page 20 

LMP Okay. 5.6, 1/125, ... 

09 ik 19 29 CDR Ron, I'm going to give you the Flight Plan before 

I get there, hut they're going to give you a call. 
And we don't want to retract because they want to 
do something different here. 

CMP Oh, okay. They'll call ... 

CDR Not to retract. 

CMP Okay . 

LMP Boy, the eject a blanket's almost all in shadow, 

. . . shot , 

CMP How do you spell predominant? 

LMP P-r-e-d-o-m-i-n-a-n-t . 

CMP Okay. Next time we come around, if we get a chance, 

I want to take a picture of that just prior to 

CDR Before I enable these jets, we want to get that UV 

cover closed, Ron. 

09 Ih 22 06 CMP ... Okay. UV is CLOSED. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP VJhat about IR? 

CDR Okay; that's it. Doesn't say anything about IR. 

LMP That's the end of the mag. 

CMP It is closed. 

LMP That's what they want. 

LMP Now, I need to find a dark slide. 

CDR "Use A/C ROLL and enable all jets except AC 1 and 

AC 2 - or A-1 and A-2." 

Tape 17-03^^57 
Page 21 



09 lU 23 22 CDR 


09 Ik 2h 58 LMP 



A-1 and A-2 - 

A-1 and A-2 are not. Okay. So, we're oising C-1 
and C-2. Okay. No, you can txirn it off. Change 
that. Okay. We'll use ... 

Okay . ... 

Okay, we'll uncouple and roll. 

Okay. You want to sketch your thing now or ...? 

Here's the Flight Plan. 


Because I'm going to defecate here pretty soon. 

Let's see. We got anything operating on - is the 
sounder operating now? 



It's back in SIM hay configuration. ... 

I got some terminator photos coming up on this 
pass. The next one. 

Okay. We want to have Papa Papa, though, to try 
to pick up some of those - - Are we majieuvering? 
Are we going to maneuver now? Stay in this 

No, stay in this attitude. 

Okay. Let me find my dark slide. I'm not sure - I 
have one any more. 

I put the thing in the wrong pad. 

I Just guess ... two passes, I guess. No, I need 
a 250 for - Well, we can change the mag at the 
last minute there. And then we'll put the 250 in 
the - I've got Papa Papa on here now. 


Oh, we need to pick up ... 

We want to - I wsint to get that thing or dike if 
you want it. 

Yes, thing or dike and listen, I think - I don't 
know. Wasn't there something else? 

Yes. You took a couple. 

I took a couple in there, but I think I - I think 
the thing Just split on yours, you know? 

Gene, you want to save this camera? 

Yes, just put it in our - in the "bag with the hand 
controller or - - 

Yes, where is that hag now? 

Well, we don't have it yet. 

Well, I'll tell you, I'll put It over here to your 

We're going to have to get that stuff. 

... put that away, too, a minute. Okay, Ron. 

Hey, you can put down that mag. Kilo is finished 
at frame 172. 

All right. 

And those were your terminator shots of the rim 
and wall of Tsiolkovsky, The - most of the blanket 
was in shadow. 

Tape n-03h31 
Page 23 

CMP Frame what? 170? 

LMP 172 is the last frame. And Gene had down the 

first one - 1^+3. I didn't think I took that many, 
hut ... 

09 1^ 28 17 CMP You collaborate or corrahorate [sic] or whatever 

it is on the mud pies in Symthii? 

LMP Yes, I - They're certainly a different type of 

crater, and they look as if they're in response 
to some kind - some other kind of structural 

CMP Yes . ( Laughter ) 

LMP Why they responded that way, though, I don't have 

any idea. 

CMP Well, I guess 

LMP One thing that inrpresses me is that the really - 

the double ring is - is more an aggregate of roughly 
concentric ridges rather than single ridge, in 
several of them. 

CMP Yes. Yes. 

LMP Double ridges. They're not truly concentric. 

Sometimes it slips out to touch the edge of the 
outer ring , but there are Just a whole bvinch of 
little - of ridges roughly in the same shape as 
the crater but smaller. 

09 ik 29 11 CMP Okay. This is Hilbert we're going over now? 

LMP Hilbert. 

CMP Hilbert, Hilbert. 

LMP Hilbert. 

CMP Hilbert. 

LMP Hilbert. 

CMP Hilbert. 

Page 24 

CMP You know, I can't even see Pasteur, It's got to 

be in ... 

LMP I'm looking right into it ... 

CMP Yes, tvA it - You know, from this view I'm looking 

at . 

LMP It's big. Your - It fills most of your window. 

CMP Now, wait a minute. Now, which - It's got to be 

up that way. 

LMP Right there. No, it's right there - just north of 

Hilbert, Hilbert. 

CMP Yes, but I don't see a ring. That's why I don't 

see the ... 

CDR Well, check your - check Flight Plan on how we do 


CMP Oh, okay. ... we ought to have them right now. 

Why don't we? 

09 l*t 29 51 LMP Power's off. 

CMP No, I imt turned it on. MANUAL and WIDE. Circuit 

breakers all right? There we go. We were just 
late, I guess, for some reason. 

LMP You can tell them that frames on Kilo, prior to 

1U3 - lunar surfaces - whatever that number was, 
to 1U3 were selective shots by the LMP. I don't - 
I couldn't no more itemize, if I had to. 

09 ih 30 39 CMP Hey, America - Houston. This is America (laughter). 

We got you loud and clear here. A little late on 
picking you up that time but worked okay. Okay. 
On mag Q, Quebec - it's finished - - 

CHiis page Unclassified) 17-031^146 



Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

09 15 55 08 09 16 32 13 

Time good; voice good. 


Tb* mterlal eonUliMd herein hM b«*ii traMcrlM Into • worklac 
paptr In order to taclUUte review by inUreeled MSC elelitMM*. Thte 
4oewnMt, orporUoM thereof. My bodocleeelfied eultloct toihe 
followtag fiddellnea: 

Portlooe of (hie document will be eUieUled CONnDBNTIAL, 
Orovpt, to the extent that they: <1) define qu«ntll«llv« perfornwnce 
ehwaclerletlce of the Apollo Spacecraft, (2)deUtl eritlcetperformuice 
characterletlee «( ApoUo crew eyeteme end e<pilpnniit, <S) ptwU* 
technical detail* of •Igolflcaat launch vehicle maUuacttone In actual 
fUfht or rcreal actual hiuneh trajectory data, (4) reveal anedlcal daU 
«• tllfht crew membera which can be CMietdered privileged daU, or 
<») reveal other daU which can be ladlvkhiatly determined to require 
ethMIIIcatton uwter the authority of the A^Uo Program Security Clae- 
■mcallon Ouido, 8CC-11, Hev. 1, 1/l/te. 

Doyngraded at 
intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

Tilt* tul«flal eontatn* Intomatton af(«ettnc th* natlaoal iliImM of Um Unttvd BtMtm 
wmin Dm ibmuUbc d the •malaimg* 1mm, TtUa IS, U. S.C., Sacs. 793 iui4 794, tlia 
trmamlMlOB or ravalatlon of irtitch In tay auumar to an OMUitborlzad panon 1* 
prcklbttatf by Uw. 

Tape 17-03iiU6 
Page 1 

09 15 55 08 IMP Yes, we're right up there 



Okay. What '11 you have for breakfast? ... had 
a pen. 

Coming up this time around - next rev will be - 
CMP Okay. Scrambled eggs? 

CDR Yes , 

CMP Bacon squares? 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Peaches? 
CDR No. 

CMP You forgot to eat those, didn't you? Pineapple 


CDR Yes . 

CMP Cocoa? 

CDR No. 

CMP Vitamins? 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Anything else? 

CDR An orange, drink and coffee. 

CMP Okay. Let's see, you're having lobster biks - 
bisque, peanut butter. Jelly and bread. 


CDR . . . lobster bisque . 

CMP Cold water, 

CDR What have I got - 

CMP Lobster bisque? Peanut butter and Jelly. 

Tape n-O^hkS 
Page 2 

CDR I'm going to eat some tuna fish sandwiches. 

There's some tuna spread. ... 

CMP Yult. (Laughter) Is that all I got? . . . lobster 

"bisque . . . ? 

CDR And a wetpack? We don't get a wetpack to eat? 

CMP No, what's that? 

CDR . . . just packed a wetpack? 

CMP . . . wetpack peanut hutter . Peanut butter and 

jelly, and a piece of bread. What are you going 
to have? What did you have for breakfast, Jack? 
Scrambled eggs? 

IMP Scrambled eggs. 

CMP Bacon squares. 

IMP No, I haven't eaten those. 

CMP Peaches? 

IMP No. 

09 15 56 59 CMP Orange drink? 

IMP Yes. 

CMP Cocoa? 

IMP No. 

CMP Let's see, you had a coffee? 

IMP Coffee , with sugar and cream. 

CMP Vitamin? 

IMP Huh? 

CMP Vitamin? 

IMP Yes. 

Tape 17-03^1*6 
Page 3 

CMP Let's see, you get peanut butter and jelly, 

potato soup, cherry bar, and an orange drink. 

IMP Okay. I'll take that. 

CDR How come he get ' s a - a cherry bar? 

CMP I don't know. 

CMP Okay. I had bacon and eggs - I had six bacon 

squares and I lost two of them somewhere. Peaches 
I didn't get - cinnamon toast, bread, orange juice, 

CMP Yes , had two pecans . 

CDR Do we have any extra bread anywhere? 

09 15 58 07 CMP I think I threw it away. 

CDR Did you really? 

CMP Yes. 

CMP Let's see, you had two pecans. 

SC ... pecans . 

CMP Peanut butter, wetpack, and a Jelly, wetpack, and 

a white bread - white bread. One white bread. 

CDR Why can't I use ... 

CMP Oh, you can. (Laughter) 

IMP Follow the Flight Plan, Ceman. 

CMP Is there any extras? 

IMP Extra what? 

CDR Well, I don't see any extra bread. 

09 15 58 1^9 CMP That's what I was wondering. I don't think there 

is any extra bread. 

Tape n~Q3hh6 
Page 1+ 

IMP They have us - they have us turning on the TV. 

They don't have us irns towing it, though. 

CMP Yes, I think that's the problem. Get that as soon 

as we can, here. 

CDR Eat . 

CMP Eat, then we'll grab it. Pick it up there. 

CDR Where are the peanut butter and jelly? 

CMP They are in the wetpack part of it. It says on 

here somewhere. 

IMP What shoiild our attitude - do here? 

CDR P20. 

IMP Post TEI, I mean. 

CMP Post TEI? 

CDR Did you already give someone a meal? 

CMP No. 

CDR There is none on here for Jack. (Laughter) 

MS Maybe it just looks like - Oh well, he's not 

hxingry anyway. 

CDR There really isn't. 

CMP (Laughter) Maybe it's just loose in there 


IMP Well - that ' s what I was thinking - looking . 

09 15 59 5^* CDR There really - really isn't a meal here for you. 


CMP We just threw everything away. 

IMP You got an extra wetpack somewhere? 

Tape 17-03U1;6 
Page 5 

IMP I just stuffed potato soup and stuff up in the 

garlsage "bag there . There • s some - ... 

CDR That's day 12. 

CMP . . . salad. 

CDR It's got to "be here somewhere. 

CMP It's got to he in here somewhere. 

. CDR Well, the - What was your meal? 

IMP Peanut Gutter and Jimk. 

CMP Yes. There was a small - Just potato soup, I 
think, - - 

IMP And a drink. 

CMP Just potato soup and a drink. It should he a 

smaJ-l one. 

CDR Well, those are all day 12 back there. 

IMP Okay. Why don't I retrieve my potato soup - - 

CMP Potato soup, peanut butter, wetpack, jelly, and 

a bread - - 

CDR The loop is here, but there's no - - 

CMP - - cherry bar, and an orange GF drink. 

CDR I lost - All these are meal 12. I'm already 

down in the meal 12 thing, and there's nothing. 
The loop is here, but the ... 

09 l6 01 07 IMP Don't sweat it. I got potato soup in the - in 

the garbage bag. The package is here. 

CDR This may be it. Wait a minute. Jack. No, there's 

a loop on that one, too. That's not it. 

IMP Yes, I got it. I got - I got a meal (laughter) 

out of the garbage. 

Tape 17-03^^6 
Page 6 

CDR Well) there are all sorts of wetpacks up in here - 

not wetpacks but goodies. Jack, I'm not going 
to eat my peanut butter and Jelly anyway. 

IMP Okay. I got potato soup here. 

CDR And there's bisque. I don't know if I'll eat 

it either. Where the heck could that meal be? 

MP ... grapefruit drink, isn't it. ... 

CDR No. 

CDR Now, where do you find the bread? Oh, wait a 

minute . 

JUP Thank you. Oh, well. ... 

09 16 02 25 CDR How about these fruitcakes? 

IMP Hey, there you go. That will be good. Coffee 

and a grape drink. Well, changed my mind. 
Is that pretty good, Ron? ... chicken soup? 

CMP Yes. ... 

CDR I want to know where - Oh, there's the bread. 

No, that's not the bread. Where is the bread? 

SC ... commander. 

CDR No, these are goodies. There's no peanut butter 

in here. Part of the pantry right here. That's 
right . 

IMP I'll look. 

CDR Back here? 

CDR No, those are meais - those are day 12 meals 

I been pulling out. See, I'm already to day 12 
over here . Wetpacks . See , these are all snack 
items. Must be here. 

09 16 OU 00 .CDR Here they are. 

CDR Now what do you want , Ron? A piece of bread? 

Tape H-03hk6 
Page T 

Ca^P ... a piece of bread, peanut butter and jelly. 

CDR Okay. Here's your bread. Better get me some 

bread. Get me some bread. You want some bread? 

IMP You're going to give me your peanut butter and 

Jelly, aren't you? 


LMP Thank you. ... I don't want to steal it from you. 

CDR You got yom' own peanut butter here. 

IMP Oh, okay. Oh, all right. Great. Thank you. 

CDR ... my part of the j elly . 

SC (Lavighter) 

SC . • • 

IMP Come on, jelly ... I should have my own. 

CDR Well, yes, but I don't know where they are. 

IMP You don't want any? ... 

CDR Pull them out one at a time. 

IMP Okay. 

09 16 05 CDR Here's another jelly. Well, if I do, I'll find - 

I'll get it out here anyway. Okay. Here's 
your jelly, Jack, if you want to eat yours. 

IMP (Chuckle) I don't care. 

CDR And I ' 11 put mine with my . . . 

LMP Y6u think the water is hot , Ron? Or do you want 

to squirt a couple of squirts in here to get it 
hot? Why don't you squirt a few squirts of hot 
water in here to finish that up. And then you 
can squirt some more in my - pork and scalloped 
potatoes here. 

Tape 17-03i»it6 
Page 8 

IMP Hov about a "bag of coffee , Gene , before you 

finish up here. 

CDR Okay. 

CDR I'm not sure that'll flow. 

09 16 07 58 CDR Get in there! 

CMP Wow I (Laiighter) ... 

IiMP ThanX you, sir. 

CDR What? 

SC » * « 

CDR . . . made by GenerEil Mills . . . 

LMP The quick kick? Made for the Oilers? 

CDR Well, if the Oilers drink it, I wouldn't, based 

upon their performance (laughter). 

09 16 11 21 IMP Based on performance, if I were them, I 

wouldn't do anything (chuckle). 

IMP ... Performance ... to be eating. 

IMP (Cough) Where is my chocolate bar? 

CDR Better find it. It was the last one that was in 

there . 

CMP You had a chocolate bar? 

SC No . . . 

IMP You find your scissors, and you find your bread. 

09 16 13 ik IMP One of my classmates , when I was in college , 

always lost things. He lost everything he 
owne^. He was a geologist. Out in the field 
one summer he proceded to tie everything to one 
long line of fishline. He walked around in the 
field with his hammer and his hand lens and his 

Tape I7-O3UU6 
Page 9 

brush and his notehook and everything all tied to 
one line. (Laughter) It was qiiite a sight. 

But he went through - he lost one of everything 
that a geologist can have that summer. And he 
finally ended up in that mode. 

IMP . . . burn goes right . It ' s our last big one . 

CDE Like what? 

CMP Find the scissors (chuckle). 

MP You should have kept your mouth shut. You didn't 

have to - you're the one that told the world 
about it. 

CMP (Laughter) 

IMP I couldn't believe that when you actually 

admitted it. 

CMP (Laughter) 

IMP Do you realize those scissors became more 

valuable than the polarizing filters because we 
compromised o\ar activities on the surface for 
the scissors. 

CMP Really? 

IMP We didn't for the polarizing filters (chuckle). 

SC Scissors , checklist . . . 

09 16 16 21 IMP Half the FAOs effort was to make sure we didn't 

forget the scissors each time (laughter). 


CDK ... carrying them around with us all the time. 

We weren't ... losing them. 

LMP We did. - the first thing we did . . . , the . . . 

first EVA they fell out of the bag and they were 
lying there in the dirt (laughter). 

Tape lT-03ltl+6 
Page 10 

CDR In the dirt and had something covering them up . . 

IMP Yes. 

CMP (Laughter) 

IMP The first objective of that EVA was to recover 

the scissors. 

CDR Find that piece of bread I had — peanut butter 

to go vith it. 

CDR If you don't like tiona so much, how come I'm 

eating your can? No , no , they all got white 
around here. 


IMP They did. Ron threw it away (laughter). 

SC All right. 

IMP Need some extra? 

SC Ko . . . 

CDR You don't have a cracker, do you, Ron? Or a 

fresh tomato or something? Cracker or a fresh 
tomato or something? 

IMP Here's old Tsiolkovsky. One more time. ... but 

we got to get . . . 

CDR Wait until 25:30, ... We start to work. 

IMP Okay. 

09 l6 19 58 CDR I'm watching attitude, but the — 

CDR ... a beer now and then would sure go good. 

CDR Man, that's a crater. 

IMP What? 

Tape n-03hk6 
Page 11 


IMP Oh, that's one. 

CDR Huh? 

SC m ¥ » 


IMP Yes , here we are . 

09 16 22 1*0 IMP Pretty high-speed film. 

IWP ... U3. 

SC • • • 

mP Oh, is that all? 

IMP Ron, you got any hot vater left down there? 

IMP No, no, wait. I think - 

09 16 26 12 CDR You know that was the last Saturn V to rise. 

IMP Yes. 

CDR Starts coining up at seven and light's on at four. 

IMP . . . sort of . . . 

CDR Jack's totally in a hlind over there. I know how 
you feel you don't have anything hut your - 
your - - 

SC ... gravity field . . . 

CDR You're out - you can't see. You don't have axgr - you don't 

have any . . . 

CMP ... And you're Just really hanging on for the 

ride. (Laughter) Yes, at least Ron and I know 
he knows what altitudes ,,, You don't even have 
a feel for that. You can look at the computer 
every once in a while unless you got a feeling 

you can ... No, you just don't have any pt^sical 
cues, except that we're going. No more ... 
pressure change. 


Cahin pressure? 

I don't understand. We had little or no ... 
forecast up here and I had 25 on the - 25 percent 
on the - when it - that first came up - 25 
percent on the angle of attack, hut the needle 
wasn't - oh, maybe a degree. PITCH needle was a 
degree off. YAW was right in. And it stayed up 
to 25 for a while, and then she dropped slowly 
on back . ... 

Yes , that ' s the way I remembered the - 
Man , it really gets rough . . . and then I remember 
the S-II Just the way it was . A big long . . . 
But the S-I, it shakes and rattles and gets 
it's big muscles going and then it starts really 
hauling. And then it busts up against ... Max Q. 

And once you get throiigh max Q, then it also 
quiets down and starts hauling. 

There they are. 

All right. 

Hello, Houston. This is America. 

What happened to my tea bag? I think I lost 
my spots. (Laughter) 

Put it under there. Bag ... 

Oh, there it is. 

Hello, call Hoiiston. America. Over. 

We got another 15 or 20 minutes to eat . ... 

Tape 17-03^1+6 
Page 13 

IMP What are your angles? 

CDR Minus 10 and 25, REACQ and NARROW. Minus 10 

and 25, REACQ and NARROW. 


IMP It's Jiist not matched yet. 

09 16 31 1^ CMP You ... by MANUAL and WIDE first and then 

, REACQ and NARROW, don't you? 

CMP Oh, okay - - 

CDR HIGH GAIN, MANUAL, minus 10; and then REACQ 

and NARROW . . . 

CMP Okay; that's hecause - that's because it's an 

eat period and it takes a little "bit longer 
in that position, bounces back and forth. 
If you went to MANUAL and WIDE, those values . . . 
now, then it'll pick it up. And then go back to 

CDR He's right. You can't argue with success. 

IMP Hello, Houston; America. 


09 16 32 13 IMP ... nothing to do anyway. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 17-03111+7 

Tape ^ — 


DUMPED ovFn GPS DTTpmn lunae orbit 75 aud 


Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

09 17 55 ^5 09 18 25 50 

Tieiii and voice good. 


Tto naUrtel e<NtUin«d herein hu baaa IniwcriM Mo « working 
p«pM- lA or^r to ftclUUte raview by tatarMtad M8C •l«mmt*. ThU 
doewMnt, «r portions (hereof,' may b«d«cU««lflad Mblecl lo the 
loUoalas guldeUnes; 

Portlona ol thU document will be elutiriad CONnDDrriAL, 
Group 4, lo the extent lh«t they: (I) define quantitative performance 
CfearMterUtlce o( the Apollo Bpaeecralt, (t)deUII critical pertornance 
etaracteristtes at Apollo crew syetema and equipment, (3> prorlde 
IschalcBl daUtls ol al<aUI<ant launch vehicle maUuneUona In actual 
rUfht or reveal actual launch trajectory data, (4) reveal medical data 
oa lUfhl craw membera which can be eooaldered privileged data, or 
<l) reveal other dau which can be tndlvUuatly deearrolnad lo require 
claaaltlcatlan under the authority of the ApoUo Program Sacurll* Claa- 
•meatloa Outde, 8CC;-a, Rev. I, 1/l/M. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
Intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

TfeUi BUtottal eoRtalM information aff actliw the natlooal datanM o< the Unttwl atatea 
wtthta the BtaaalBg «t the eeplonace Uws, Title it, U.a.C, Skm. 7M and 7M. the 
pmSlMted^ U '^^ mMder to an ■uuHhortMd peraoi la 

Tape n-03hk'J 
Page 1 

09 17 55 1+5 CDR Good. Okay; TVC SERVO POWER, AC 1. 

09 IT 55 ^9 CMP Okay; there's AC 1. 

CDR And AC 2. 

09 17 55 51 CMP AC 2. 


CMP Okay. 


09 17 55 57 CMP NORMAL Is AC; DIRECTS are OFF. 

CDR Okay; BMAGs , 1/2. 

09 17 56 01 CMP Okay; BMAGs are uncaged. 


09 17 56 07 CMP Okay; STS [sic]. 


09 17 56 09 CMP It's armed. 

CDR Okay. Start your motors. 

CMP Okay; PITCH 1 - 

09 17 56 13 CMP MARK it. 

CDR Got it. 

CMP YAW 1 - 

09 17 56 15 CMP MARK it. 

CDR Got it. Okay; plus - Let's see; verify trim. 
Control and set . 

09 17 56 20 CMP Okay. 

CDR Pliis 0.63. 

09 17 56 23 CMP Plus about 0.6. 


Page 2 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^m 

cm And plTos 0.86. 

09 IT 56 26 CMP 0.86 is almost 9 - is alaout right there. 

CMP Okay; verify ... . 

09 IT 56 33 CMP It ' s a minus , plus ; minus , plus . Okay ; you try 

yours ? 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Okay; both work. 

CDR Okay. Put that - put that at 0.8. You got 1.8. 
That's where you had it set. 

CMP Right here? 

CDR Go to plus 0.86. 

CMP Okay; thank you. Okay. 

CDR And plus 0.6. 

CMP And a plus 1 - okay, 0.6. Okay. 

CDR That looks good. SPACECRAPT CONTROL to CMC. 

09 IT 5T OT CMP Computer has it. 

CDR Okay; clockwise. 

09 IT 5T 11 CMP Okay; clockwise. 

CDR Verify no MTVC. 

09 IT 5T 13 CMP No MTVC. 

CDR Got PITCH 2 and YAW 2. 

CMP Okay; PITCH 2 - 

09 IT 5T 16 CMP MARK it. 

CDR Got it, 

CMP YAW 2 - 

Tape 17-O3UU7 
Page 3 

09 17 57 19 


MARK it. 


Got it. Okay; set trim. 

09 17 57 22 


Okay; we'll try a little trim. 


Plus 0.6. 

09 17 57 25 


Plus 0.6. 


Plus 0.9, 

09 17 57 29 


And a plus O.9. 


Verify MTVC. 

09 17 57 y> 


Okay ; plus - it ' s a minus , and a plus . 


Here , let me get my - - 


Okay; you got it? 


Okay, my ... is locked. 


Okay. And trim looks good. Okay. 


Okay. HAND COMTROLLER, neutral. 

09 17 57 ^9 


Okay; neutral. Computer has it - - 


Verify no MTVC. 

09 17 57 52 




Verify GPI returns to zero. 

09 17 57 55 


Returns to zero. 



09 17 58 00 


AC, DC. 



09 17 58 03 


Yes, I'll put the DIRECTS - "both of them ON. 


Okay; BMAGs to RATE 2. 

Tape 17-03^*1*7 
Page k 

09 17 58 06 CMP BMAGs are RATE 2. 

CDR Okay; I'm going to trim. 

CMP Okay . 

09 17 58 15 CDR Okay; she's trimmed. BMAGs 1/2. 

CMP Okay. Did you get a 618? 

CDR Just one. Just the last one. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Here she is. 

CMP Yes. 

CDR BMAGs 1/2. 

09 17 58 25 CMP Okay. BMAGs, 1/2. 

CDR Okay; I'm going to ENTER. You ready for your 
Auto test? 

CMP Okay. Let's try her. 

CDR Okay; PRO. 

09 17 58 3k CMP Plus 2, minus 2, zero; plus 2, minus 2, zero. 

CDR Okay, "bahy. 

CMP 2, 3, k, 5. Here we go. Ha-ha! 

CDR About 0.7 and 

CMP 0.7 and 

CDR - - 1.0 

CMP 1.0; something like that. That was good; 

that was close. 

DIP Everything looked good over here on it. 

CMP Okay. 

|||[||P|P|dPimim^ Tape 17-03^1^7 

Page 5 

CDR Okay. RATE, HIGH. SCALE, 5/1. 

09 17 59 06 CMP SCALE, 5/1. 


09 17 59 08 CMP RATE, HIGH. 

CDR Okay; EMS mode. Stand "by for 1 minute. 

CMP Stand by until 1 minute? 


CMP Right . 

CDR Okay; after, you'll pick up at DELTA-V THRUST A. 

CMP DELTA-V THRUST A at 0.05 g - I mean average g. 

CDR Okay. 
CMP Average g. 

CDR Pick up U-jet ullage at 12 seconds, and I'll 

get the PRO. 

CMP Okay; h jets; 12 seconds. (Humming) 

CDR Two minutes . 

CMP Two minutes; okay. 

CDR Attitude looks good. How does your GDC look 

to you? Why don't you Just doublecheck it? 

CMP . . . right here . PITCH there and there . Go 

to GDC. Align the old GDC at the last minute. 
Okay; she's looking good. It's drifted a 
little bit from where ve uncaged it . ... and 
ve'll be right together. 

CDR Okay. 

CMP Okay. 5/1; 1/2; CMC; GDC; MAJSUAL ATT is RATE 


Tape IT-O3UU7 
Page 6 

directs; directs; CMC in AUTO; ATT l/Rate 2 on 

CDR Okay; at 1 minute ve'll pick up EMS to NORMAL 


CMP Okay. 

CDR 0\ir time is 2 plus 25- 

CMP Okay. 
09 18 01 11 CDR MARK it. One minute. NORMAL. 

09 18 01 13 CMP Okay; EMS is NORMAL. 

CDR And verify NORMAL. 


is armed. 

CDR Okay ; at 12 seconds you pick up - at average g , 

you pick up DELTA- V^, and at 12 seconds, pick up 
k Jets. 

CMP Okay. And you're on the DELTA-V THRUST switch. 

DELTA-V THRUST A switch, that is. 

CDR Okay; you guys ready? Here comes average g. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR DSKY, hlank. Okay; here's average g. 

09 18 01 kk CMP Okay; DELTA-V THRUST A is ON. 

09 18 01 1*5 CDR DELTA-V THRUST A is NORMAL. 

CMP Four jet; 12 seconds, right? 

CDR Four jet at 12 seconds. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR And you are in ATTITUDE RATE, right there. 

CMP 16, 15, lU, 13 - 

CDR Okay; 12 seconds. You have ULLAGE. 

Tape lj-03kkl 
Page 7 

CMP See the rates get up? 


MS 3, 2, 1 - 

09 18 02 12 CMP Okay; there goes the thrust. 

CMP Okay, - ... B is OH. Ho» ho, we're going! 

CDR Okay; you got a little 

CMP Okay; looks good, 

CDR less than 1/2 a g. 

CMP Okay. 

IMP Pressures are good. Yes, 

CDR Okay. Attitude looks good. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR CMC and EMS are GO. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR I'll give you a first cut at the burn time here 
in a couple of seconds . 

CMP Okay. Looking good. A little more of . . . 
burn . . . 

CDR . . . about 223 yotir first cut . 

CMP Beautiful pitch oscillation. 

CDR Okay. You watch attitude, and 

CMP Okay. 

CDR - I'll watch EMS at the computer. 

Tape 17-03ltU7 
Page 8 

CMP ... roll that time. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Okay. It rolled a different way (laughter). The 

computer - the ... left. 

CDE Okay. 

09 18 02 50 CDR MARK it. EiyiS and CMC are GO. 

CMP Okay. Chamber pressure is up aroiond 93. We're 

in good shape, 

CDR Okay. You got all your balls and all yo\ur 

pressures. Jack? 

IMP Everything's great. 

CDR Okay. 

CMP Okay. Looking good. Ready to go. 

CDR Okay; CMC and EMS are right together. 

CMP Okay. 

CDE I'll give you another hack here at what the 

computer expects it to be. 1 - 22k is what 
it expects . 

CMP Okay. Roll at the left ... is going back the 

other way now. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP And it's rolling at a rate of around 0.2 of a 

degree per second. 

CDR Burn time may be about a second no - shorter 

than nominaJ., and EMS and CMC are still GO. 

CMP Okay. Still looking good. 

CDR Pour degrees, starting to accelerate now; it's 


Tape 17-0 
Page 9 



09 18 03 38 CDR 





09 18 Oh 08 CDR 


Yes, it's up almost a half a g. 
About a minute to go. 
Okay. It looks good, Jack. 
Thirty seconds ahead. 

Burn time now is - shutdown is burn time plus 
2 seconds and a minus Uo on the EMS. 

And a minus 1;0. Okay. 

Half a g feels like a lot, doesn't it? 

Yes, it sure does. Wonder what entry is going 
to feel like. 

A lot. 

Both the EMS and CMC are GO, Ron. 

Okay; they're looking good. Attitudes are 
pretty good. There's a little yaw drift and - 

I'll give you one hack at 20 some odd seconds 
here - - 

Thirty seconds. 

Computer's a little less than you. Jack, 
I'll tell you right - Computer says 23. 
Computer says 2 plus 23. Okay; Jack, the 
count is all yours whenever you want to pick 
it up - - 


and CMC and EMS are GO. 


Stand by to back it up. 

Tape 17-031+1+7 
Page 10 

CMP I'll back it up. 

CDR Plus 2 seconds and minus Uo. 

CMP Okay. 

IMP Ten seconds, 5 seconds, 3, 2, 1 - 

09 18 Oh 36 IMP ZERO. 

CMP Okay; shut down to 23- 

CDR Twenty-three is closed. 

CDE Okay; great. 

CMP 30U70. And I'll proceed off that to get the 
latitude ... Okay. Let's see; I got a plus Y 
don't trim. Let me get back to attitude. 

CDR Okay; no trim. You didn't trim, did you? 

CMP I didn't trim. No. 

CDR Okay. 

CMP Yes, we got a little bit of Z in there. That 

why I wanted to get back to attitude for. 

CDR That's just - You want it within 0.2. Okay; 

you're there. 

CMP Okay; we're there. 

CDR Happy? Let's see. 

CMP Leib me zap it just a sukosh there. Let's see 

attitude - - 

CDK Looks okay. 

CMP That's all right. 

CDR I have 2 plus 7 and . . . residual. 

CMP Okay, Jack; YAW 2. 

Tape lT-03i+it7 
Page 11 


09 18 05 2h CMP 

09 l8 05 25 CMP 

09 18 05 27 CMP 

09 18 05 30 CMP 

09 l8 05 32 CMP 

09 18 05 h3 IMP 


Okay - 
MARK it. 
Got it. 
. . . two. 
MARK it. 
Got it. 

MARK it. 
Got it. 
181+ . 

MARK it. 
Got it 
Got it. 

You ready for the BUS TIEs? 
Let's see. 

« • • 

Yes, You turn the BUS TIEs off. 
Okay. B is OFF. 

359. Okay. 

Tape YJ-OShkl 
Page 12 

09 18 05 1*8 LMP BUS TIES are OFF. 

CMP Okay. . . . POWER is OFF. . . . 

IMP POWER looks good. 

09 l8 05 53 CMP •• . , OFF. DIRECT ULLAGE circuit breakers are 

OPEN. PITCH 1 and YAW 1 are OPEN. 

SC fl » • 

CMP Okay; you got the minus l8.1 on the DELTA- V? 

SC (Cough) 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Okay ; SP . . . 

CDR Two plus 0.3 J Jack, is what I calculated 
right on the money. 

CMP (Coughing) 

IJilP Count 23; that's exactly what I had. 

CDR That's what the computer was going to. VERB 66 

is in. 

CMP Let's see, BUS TIEs , you got those OFF? BIT RATE 

to LOW. 

IMP BIT RATE - No, they want it in HIGH. They said 

leave it HIGH. 

CMP Oh, leave it HIGH; okay. Okay; check the SIM 



MP Okay. SIM hay is going to he checked. 

CDR Plus 3U5OO. 

CMP Okay . ... • 

^^^^MMHHHM^ Tape 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 13 

CDR Plus 122500. 

CMP Okay. 
CDR And plus 32000. 

09 18 06 38 (MP That looks good. 

CDR Okay; you caged? 

CMP Caged; ready to go. 

CDR die in AUTO? 


CDR Okay; let's get over there. I'm ready; here we 


CMP Okay. Let's see, I forgot - you - you use 

PD . . . Okay . 

CDR We're at - No - no, you're PD. You use a PD - 

use PD. 

CMP Okay. I'll turn AC, OFF. Ho trim; how about 

that I 

CDR That's outstanding. 

09 18 07 01 CMP Outstanding! Ha, ho, beautiful! 

CDR Boy, that half a g sure felt like quite a 

bit, though. 

CMP Yes . . . 

CDR Let's get some things set up. Jack, when you 

get that cue card set up, let me know. You want 
to stay in HIGH. 

mP Yes. 


IMP Post SPS burn has to come . . . 

Tape 17-O3UUT 
Page lU 

CDR We'll start working on the TV. 

IMP TV is ready to go. 

CDR Okay. And after we get to attitude, you can 

"inhibit all jets except," Ron. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Okay; and we got - UV COVER, OPEN? 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Well, wait a minute. Walt til the jets get - 

wait until we get there. We ought to wait 
until we get to attitude. 

09 18 07 38 CMP Yes, as soon as we get to attitude, we'll open 

those things. 

IMP Okay. 

CDR We're on our way home, guys. 

CMP Hot dog! 

CDR We're on our way home. 

IMP Yes, sir. 

CDR I'll tell you, it's good to be on your way home, 


CMP Good to be on your way, but there's a little 

extra load up there , though . 

LMP Hey, here comes the Sun. 

CMP Give me a ... back on? Yes, it's too late 

(laughter) . 

LMP Snap. 

CMP (Laughter) That's right. Maybe ... Let's see, 

I got everything off, I think. 

Page 15 

09 18 08 28 CDR Okay. Did - Make sure you got everything off on 

this side , your BUS TIEs and the whole works . 

CMP Can't see a thing; looking right in there. Okay; 

are OFF. We got those. 

CDR On the TV switch, you got to worry alDOut getting 

the S-BAND AUX to TV and TV to ON. 

CMP . . . Yes , we could do that now . 

CDR Yes, you can turn that on, except the - Turn the 

TV on. We have closed circuit. 

CMP Yes. Get closed circuit, 

LMP Okay; monitor power is on. 

CDR We want to go to 3-5, 1-5. Watch that gimbal lock 

SC (Sneeze) 

CMP Supposed to malce it. It'll stop - - 

CDR AOS is at 55; that's 6 minutes. 

CMP 55, huh? 

09 18 09 20 CMP There's the old terminator. 

LMP Give me - Make sure I have about 90 seconds prior 

to - couple minutes prior to AOS to warm up the . . 

CMP Warm up what? 

LMP Warm up the . . . 

CMP Let's turn it on now. Turn it on now. 

CDR You can turn it on now. 

LMP Well, ckay. 

CDR Turn it on ... Don't point that thing into the 

Sun, though. That's one thing you really want 
to watch. 

Tape IT-O3UU7 
Page 16 

CDR I guess we're going to fly right ... 

09 18 10 21 CMP Yes. We're going to fly right up the terminator. 

CDB Okay; 31^5 ... 

CMP There is a ... 

CDR We're almost there. 

CMP Look at the chamber pressure; it's back to zero 

now. Boy, you sure lot - left a lot of ^unk back 
there from that SPS bum. ... to go. 

CDR ... not a very good attitude from here so far. 

CMP Sure as heck doesn't, as a matter of fact. ... 

See, we go up pretty fast. I could see it out of 
this window. And we're starting to rotate around. 
We should see out window 3. 

LMP I'm going to leave the handle up for a while. 

CMP Okay; we're at attitude. 

CDR We are now. Okay; Ron, you want to inhibit all 

jets except D-1 and B-2. 

CMP Do you want Dog 1 - - 

09 18 11 32 CDR Inhibit them all. Leave D-1, ON; B-2, ON; A-3, 

ON; and C A , ON; B-3, ON; and B-k^ ON. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR So, tell me which ones you've got on. 

CMP . . . complete • Well , except for one row there . 


CDR You got D-1, B-2, A-3, C-U, B-3. 

CMP Yes. 
CDR And B-l*. 

CMP Yes . 

jA^MMaMMfltagj^ Tape 17-03^^7 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 17 

CDR Okay. Now you can get those covers open. Jack. 

LMP Okay; I'm going to give the cataera to you then. 

And it's all set on the lunar setting. Might want 
to snake that cable aroimd a little hit. 

LMP Lost my ... 


09 l8 12 21 LMP Okay. UV is OPEN. 


09 18 12 28 LMP IR is OPEN and hoth are gray. 


09 l8 12 33 LMP And that's OPEN. 

CDR Okay; you want to go to - MAPPING CAMERA, EXTEND. 

09 18 12 39 LMP Okay; MAPPING CAMERA is EXTENDED. Barber pole. 

CDR Okay; AUTO and NARROW for acquisition, and we're 

all set. We're not acquisition yet but - Oh, this 
is all . . . aro\md here . 


CDR Let me get the camera through here. Jack. ... 

able to move. 

CMP We ' re at the wrong attitude . 

LMP How did that happen? 

CDR You can unplug it ... 

LMP Well, why don't - - 

09 l8 13 17 CMP Can you g\:ors see something - out of window 3? 

Jxast put it in STANDBY, and it doesn't transmit. 

LMP Yes, Just ... Okay, you're ... to STANDBY? 

CDR Yes, I guess I got to take the switch off. 

Tape n-03kk'J 
Page 18 

CMP What do you have to do, unpliog it? 

IMP That should get it. 

CMP Are you sure you can see the Moon out of window 3? 

LMP Need some more? 

CDR No ... That's good. Yes, that's good. ... We 

won't worry ahout that. Put your hand controller 
down. There you go. 

CMP ... over there. Here's where we're going. 

09 18 lU 15 LMP Okay. You're plugged hack in. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP And you ... your picture. 
CMP . . . okay • 

LMP You got the ... Yes, that's for outside, though. 
It 's not inside . . . 

CDR No, it's ... 

LMP You got part of the Moon out of that window there 

CMP Yes . You got out of window ... 3? 

CMP There's Sklodowska. 

LMP Yes. That's good. Excellent. 

CMP There's Sklodowska. I can see it. 

LMP Perfect. 

CMP Is the picture good? 

IMP Yes . - 

CMP Okay; great. 

LMP Okay. I'll let you know when we got AOS. 

09 18 lU 50 CDR I can tell we's coming home. Boy, is - that 

one-half g surprised me. 

CMP Me , too . 

CDR That was fairly . . . 

CMP Yes . 

LMP I was trjring to hold my head up, "but I finally 

gave up. 

CMP (Laughter) Yes, I did, too. I finally relaxed 

and put my head down. 

LMP Okay; they're there. Give them a picture. 

CMP They're there? 

CDR Yes . 

LMP . . . signal strength? 

CDR We want to go NARROW and AUTO for acq.ulsition. 

LMP We're there. 


LMP Yes . 

09 18 15 22 CDR Let's go AUTO. Oh, you're in AUTO. Oh, okay. 

Hey, Ron. 

CMP Moving up. ... have a tape recorder. Son of a gun. 

IMP You're not in the picture. You can't get - - 

CMP Yes , they don ' t have - - 

CDR Hello, Houston; this is America. 

CDR UT and 250. 

Tape 17-O3UU7 
Page 20 

CMP There you go. You know you got the right button 
this time. 

LMP Yes, we're not peaked out. 

LMP What's the deal, Ron? 

CMP ... reacquire. Jack. Go to MANUAL and WIDE eind 
then - 

IMP You think that'll do it, huh? 

CMP Yes. And then try REACQ and NARROW. 

09 18 16 36 IWP Well, they wanted AUTO. 

CMP Well, give it - give it - 

LMP Wait a minute. It's starting to drift. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR It says U7. Did you want REACQ or AUTO? 

LMP Well, they asked for AUTO. 

CMP They asked for AUTO, "but stop - pause in the 

MEDIUM. See, when you 

LMP Pause in the medium? 

CMP Yes, pause in the medium a little hit. 

LMP I thought the medium didn't make any difference 

CMP Well, it really doesn't, hut it gives it a 
chance - - 

LMP There you go. 

CMP There you go. 

IMP Wait a minute. 

CMP Yes . 

LMP No - 

HH|^^^^^BPMP^ Tape 17-03^^7 

^^^^^^^'■■■■■■■■^ Page 21 

CMP ... we lost them. 

LMP They dropped off. 

CMP We lost them. (Sneeze) 

09 l8 17 l6 CC America, this is Houston. We'd like the high 

gain, please. 

LMP Roger, Houston. There you go. 

MS (Laughter) 

IMP I need the . . . 

CDR Can't pick it up. 

SC ( Cough ) 

CDR HoTiston, do you read America? 

CC That's affirmative, America. We have a picture. 


CDR Roger, Houston. America has found some fair vinds 

and following seas, and we're on our way home. 

CC Okay; that's great news. 

LMP . There you go. 

CDR It sure is, Gordo. 

CMP You hetcha, hy golly. It's outstandingly good. 

That was a good hum, too. We'll give you the 
bum report in a hit. 

09 l8 l8 28 LMP Here comes Tsiolfcovsky . . . You can give it to 

them if you swing over - - 

CDR I'm looking at it. I'm looking at it. 

LMP Yes, but if you move and look out - - 

CDR No, I got to be in the ... ri^t here. 

Tape 17-0 3^UT 
Page 22 

mP Do you have Tsioliovsky ... How'd you do that? 

No, that's not TsioUcovsky . 

SC • • 

IMP Well, I'm not sure - Tsiolkovsky is down in there. 

LMP There you go. Might zoom - zoom in Just a little. 

CDR Okay, Houston. I'm going to try and give you 

Tsiolkovsky from about the nadir. 

CDR • . . focus ? 

LMP Focus ... Yes, no - no, zoom is dovm in the next 

middle one. Yes. 

CMP Yes. That's zoom. 

U1P Well, but I mean open it - give them a fxai viev. 

You have to unzoom it. 

CMP There you go. 

09 l8 19 50 CDR Houston, this is a greind place to be rigiht now, 

CC I'll bet it is, and we've got a great picture of 

Tsiolkovsky. Got it right in the center, and 
good focus. Great picture. 

CDR I know there's not as many smiling faces down there 

as there are up here, but we're making up for the 
difference in numbers. 

CC Roger, 

CDR Gordo, I'll give you a quick bum report. The 

bum was on time. Burn time was 2 minutes and 
23 seconds. Delta-V„„ was 30^+7.0. Attitude at 

the end of the bum was I8I4, 005, 359- That's I8U, 
005, and 359. There was no trim. The residuals 
are minus 2, plus 0.7 - Correction, minus 0.2, 
plus 0.7, and plus 0.2. Delta-V was minus 18.I. 


Roger. We got those. 

Tape n-03hk'J 
Page 23 

09 18 21 15 LMP And, Gordy, the unbalance is about 30 pounds, and 

oxidizer is 2.8, and fuel 2.9. And I blew FULL 
DECREASE the whole bum. 

CC Roger, Jack. 

CMP How's the picture look, Gordy? 

CC Red fine. 

CDR I'd like to tell you exactly what we're looking 

at, but I can't quite see it. 

IMP Gordy, the country Gene's pointing out is south 

of the orbit that we're been following for several 
days, and Ron even more than Gene and I. And it's 
some of the - striking country of the far side of 
the Moon that human beings don't very often have 
a chance to see, but a trend's been started in the 
last few years, and I suspect it will continue. 

CC Roger, Jack. 

CDR Gordy, America performed superbly. 

CC America, Houston. We need PAN CAMERA OPERATE now. 

MS (Laughter) 

CDR Thank you. PAH CAMERA'S going to OPERATE. 

LMP Anything else? 

CDR ■ Well, . . . all these other . . . 

CC And can you verify that you got the other SIM bay 
items that precede that? 

CDR We're verifying that ri^t now. 

LMP Go ahead. Read them. 


09 18 23 26 LMP Okay; it's STANDBY, MONO. 


Tape 17-031*1+7 
Page 2k 

09 18 23 28 LMP POWER. 


09 18 23 30 LMP HIGH ALT. 


09 16 23 32 LMP MAPPING CAMERA is ON. 

CDR IMAGE MOTION, INCREASE plus three ... steps. And 
then OFF. 

LMP Do you want "barber pole? 

CDR Yes . No - Barber pole plus three steps . 

LMP Okay . 

CDR Yes. Ana then it's OFF. 

09 18 23 50 IMP Okay; it's OFF. 


09 18 23 55 LMP Okay. And it's OPERATE. And it's gray. 

SC ... 

LMP Okay, Gordy. The SIM bay should be squared away. 
Pardon our - - 

CMP I can't - 

CC Okay; thank you. 

IMP - - slowness there. 

CDR Gordo, I'll try and take you across the terminator, 
if I can. 

CC All ri^t. 

CMP If I could - one crater I knovf. 

LMP We're seeing country south of Tsiolkovslsy now that 
we've never seen before. 

Tape 17-0 3UU7 
Page 25 

CMP VJhere is Tsiolkovsky? 

09 18 2U 37 W!P Right down out of my window. 

CMP Oh. Okay; and then we're looking south, right? 

DIP Yes, yes. And when we got a picture of Tsiolkovsky 

back, I think maybe even you can see one of the 
things that both Ron and I have noticed about it 
is, number 1, it's a basin that is conrparable in 
its freshness and apparent age to the - probably 
the Imbrium Basin on the near side of the Moon; 
and, secondly, it has an unusual area in its 
northeast quadrant that - from which the blanket 
is excluded. There is an apparent slide. We're 
not sure what it is, but the normal indications 
of an ejecta blanket aj-e just not there. 

CC Roger that. Jack, and we can see those features 

you Just described. 

IMP Okay, and for your - for your - for your - - 

CC The camera - if you can figure out a way to hold 

it a little steadier, that would help, but we're 
getting good resolution. 

09 18 25 50 CDR Okay, Gordo, I'm working on it. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) ^^^^ 17-03I1U8 


DUMPED nvP!P GPS niTPmf; trmse arth coast 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

09 18 25 56 09 18 53 57 ■ 

Voice good; time good. 


Th« mkUrial contained herttn h«i b««ii (r«iwerlb«4 into a worklof 
t«p«r In order to iaclllbit* review by Interested M8C etetacnte. Tlile 
4oeaiMiil, or portions tiiersot,' may be dec laaalf led aubjeei to the 
following guidelines: 

Portion* of Ihle document will lie cUeaUied CONnDEHTIAL, 
Group 4, to the extent tltal they: <1) define quantitative performance 
charaeterlsttca of the Apollo Spacecraft, <2)detall critical perfornance 
charaelarlstlea of Apollo crew systems and equipment, <}) provide 
tscliBlcal deUlla of significant launch vehicle malfunctions In actual 
(light or reveal actual launch trajectory data. i4) reveal medical data 
M (tight crew members which can be considered prlvlteged data, or 
(B) reveet ether dau which can be indlvlduatly determined to require 
classtfieaUon under the authority ot the ApoUo Program Security Clas- 
•tflcatloii Oulde, SCC^ll, Rev. 1, 1/1/M,. 


Downgraded at 3- year 
Intervale; declaaaifled 
after 12 yeare 

This rnatorW eonUlM Infonniitlon aflMtlns th* natlodftl dttvM tha UniMd StatM 
within th« BMumg (tf^th* mdImwc* Uwa, TiU* U, V.8.C., 8*e*. 793 and 7M, the 
tfaAMBtMlon or rmUtlon at which in Any muiMr to w wukutberlMd mnca i» 
proUbttad hj Uw. 

Tape lT-0 ^UUi\ 
Page 1 

09 18 25 56 CDR - - however many days we've been there could find 

it, don't you? Huh. I can't see anything. 

CMP When you see Tsiolkovsky south, the potential peaks 

form an arrow that points south, Gordy. 

LMP Which way is north or south . , . 

SC Still not Tsiolkovsky. 

LMP What did you do, zoom? 

CMP Yes, I'm looking right at Peacock. 

LMP Oh, you're - Oh, I see. Oh we're moving away. 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP That points south? That fxill zoom? Okay; there 

you go. 

MP Where's your camera? There, I can't see anything 

over here, so - 

LMP Yes, I'm getting them - - 

CDR There you go. 

LMP Pretty good - pretty good "bunch of - Want to take 

this one and I'll hold it over here. 

CDR . . . change windows now . 

LMP Here, you want me to do it? 

CDR I can do it . Go ahead and ... I can do ... 

LMP Well, yes. I can't look if you're going to put it 

in this window. Go ahead. No? Go ahead. Well, 
show it - show the picture. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP You're - yes, but you can't - you're not getting - 

... of the terminator. 

CDR . . . window. 

Tape 17-0 
Page 2 

CC Okay, Houston, your . alt itude right now is 820 - 

835 miles . Over. 

CDR Okay, 835 miles. And climbing out like a dingbat. 

CMP Okay, frames 5 through 20 - frames 5 through 20 

were taken on mag Papa Papa, at that altitude. 

09 18 28 15 CMP There's Smythii down there. Finally figured out 

where we are. Right down imderneath the window. 
I can see it now. 

LMP Gordy, as far as we can, we'll try to run you a 

little bit - a little bit along the orbital track. 
I'll be panning the camera more or less westward. 
Tsiolkovsky starting and Tsiolkovsky is itself in 
the center Fermi, and moving on to the east, the 
next big pair of craters that we have spent some 
time studying is Hilbert , which is just south, 
is right there, and just a little bit northwest of 
there is Pasteur. 

CDR How's the - Ron, if you zoom it, let me know. I 

have to focus . . . 

09 18 29 20 LMP Both Hilbert and Pasteur appear to be very old 

basins, much older than Tsiolkovsky and they have, 
as you can see, a fill in them, apparent fill, - 
very flat looking at this distance and very light 
colored. It's an event on the Moon of which we 
have relatively little understanding at this time, 
but possibly the Apollo l6 results, when they're 
fully known, through the analysis of the samples 
and other data, may shed some light on that event. 

CMP Hey, we are moving up. That's a full circle, now. 

09 l8 30 08 LMP Okay, stand by. Now we're going to be able to pan 

a little bit more east now of Pasteur and start to 
show you the crater Smythii, the basin Symthii, 
really. It's one of the older large basins on the 
Moon. It has none of the obvious features of big 
basins such as Imbrium or Serenitatis. But it's 
nevertheless roughly circular, has a mare fill and 
a very - I'm pointing right now to the hint of a 
second ring - - 

Tape 1T-03UU8 
Page 3 

CDR There's Tycho, Ron. 

LMP - - outside, "but the main - the main ring is the 

one Ron's talked to you a lot about. It has his 

double-ring craters in it - - 

CMP Hey, ... 

LMP and we're pointing to some of those right now. 

09 18 31 00 CDR Okay, Houston, we can now see Tycho. We're seeing 

probably about T5 to 80 percent of the entire 
Moon - face, anyway, lit up. The rays of Tycho are 
very obvious frcm here. 

IiMP Want the camera over there. Gene? 

CDR Let me show it to them, the full thing of that 

horizon. Give them an idea where - we're looking 

SC Cough. 

LMP No. 

CDR No, Gordy. 

LMP No. 

CDR No, you won't see Tycho probably - - 

CMP You won't see Tycho at all, I don't think - Tycho 

is going to be around on the other side. Which one 
are you looking at? I can't see which one you're - 

LMP You can - Langrenus is visible now at the edge of 

Fecunditatis there, if you want to show that one. 

CDR Just this side of Fecunditatis? 

LMP And Humboldt is a crater that ought to show up 

very well on the television. That's the cracked 
floor crater there with a little dark mare on it. 

09 18 33 09 CMP 

There's all the swirls in Marginis. You can really 
see them now. 

Tape 17-03UU8 
Page k 

LMP Oh, yes. Why don't you get - 

CMP Yes . Can you get some of the swirls - - 

LMP Okay. Early in oxir ortit, and particularly Ron, 

he had a chance to - to work on the question of 
the light-colored - - 

CDR ... by them on the way. 

LMP - - swirls and Marginis has outstanding examples 

of them and I'll try to get the camera pointed on 
those in the northern part of Maj^ginis . Let me 
orient you, as soon as we're focused here. Okay. 
Smythii - I'll point right at the center of Mare 
Smythii , and then move up towards Neper, and then 
into the swirled area a little hit more north. 
And Gene will zoom you in and let you see what 
some of that looks like. I don't think we have a 
fiill answer of what the swirls axe, hut some of 
the things that we saw in Taurus-Littrow and later 
from orbit around Sulpicius Gallus may to suggest 
to people, from now on, that the possibility of 
alteration frcm fluids in the interior of the Moon 
Is more than just a possibility. Can you see the 
swirls, Gordy? Are the very diffused light-colored 
areas that cross various topographic features? 
Okay, I'm going to - 

09 18 35 07 LMP Okay, I'm going to give you an end-on view, if I 

can, of mare - of the Crisium Basin. You should 
be seeing that now. How is that. Gene? 

CDR . . . looking at it . ... trying to show them our 

landing site. 

LMP Yes, that's right. And before long, we'll be able 

to show you the landing site sind Taurus-Littrow 
and I think you probably see Proclus, which is the 
bright crater just off the horizon now. That's the 
one with the excluded-ray zone on its western south- 
western side. It's not in view yet. 

09 18 35 CMP 

We may not see that. I think we're going the other 

Tape IT-Oi^+UU 
Page 5 

LMP Right in the horizon. The landing area, Taiorus- 

Littrow, and the edge of the Serenitatis Basin is 
probably just on the horizon now and -I'm not sure 
exactly - - 

CMP Hey, you can see the dark part of Serenitatis stick- 

ing out of the sea of Proclus - the ray-excluded 
zone. No, that's Fecunditatis sticking up there, 
isn't it? Because the ray perpendicular to our 
track now points right to the landing site right 
off - off - off of Proclus. 

LMP The area where one of the Eussian vehicles set down 

and returned samples from is just about in the cen- 
ter of your field of view now. Just on the north 
side of Fecutun - Fecunditatis. 

09 18 36 U6 CDR Wow! That's not a bad climb, is it, Gordy? 

LMP A friend of mine says , "Wow woozle ! " 

CMP Looking out window - window 3 now, and the Moon is 

Just the size of the window, and I've got my face 
right up against the window. 

LMP Or maybe his head is just the size of the Moon. 

We're not sure which. 

CMP ( Laught er ) That ' s r i ght . 

CDR I don't know what's happening down there now, Gordy, 

but this is where the action was one time. 

LMP Okay, we're starting to, I think - in a little bit 

be able to show you the edge of the Serenitatis 
Basin. It's moving a little slowly right now. It 
looks like it's creeping over the horizon. 

CMP It's going to creep over the horizon, maybe, but I 

think we - - 

LMP But I'll tell you what's on the horizon now. I'm 

not s\ire I - I can get it. Let me try the rendez- 
vous window. I think I can show them Apollo 11' s 
landing site. 

Tape IT-O3I+U8 
Page 6 

CDR Yes, right laehind - right - - 

LMP You probably can get it - the south portion of 

Tranquillity there, if you - Out the center window 
would be better. 

CMP Yes, center window you can get it. 

LMP See the southern part of Fecunditatis and then the 

Tranquillitatis takes off to the west there. Gene, 
right along that southern edge of Fecunditatis is 
where Apollo 11 set down. 

LMP Yes, and a little bit north of the line that - of 

the ray of those two craters. 

09 18 38 23 CDR Could you handle the focus without looking at 

the . . . ? 

CDR That's in focus if you leave it all the way ... 

LMP Okay, Gordy, the center of your pictiire is - about 

right in there, is the edge, southern edge, of 
Tranquillity and the Apollo 11 area. And that was 
the ground track, of course, for Apollo 8 and 
Apollo 10 . Yes , we ' 11 put you back on Langrenus , 
which is one of the Copernican-age craters in this 
part of the Moon, and I believe it was Apollo 12 
had an excellent opportunity for some several 
orbits to study Langrenus. 

09 18 39 5^ Okay, our landing site is in view now. Gene. 

CMP Over - How about right in there? 

CDR Okay, I'm pointing at it. 

LMP You're a little bit off the field - let me move - 

you're almost out of the field here - let's see. 
Proclus - Our landing area is just about in the 
center of yoiir field of view right at the horizon 

CDR . . . focus . . . the zoom, huh? 

Tape 17-03UU8 
Page T 

IjMP That 'a the best focus we got. Gene. 

CDR Zoom it in on them. 

LMP Okay, full zoom. And right in that region in the 

center should "be the landing site of Apollo IT. 
Known hereafter, I guess, as the Taurus-Li ttrow 

LMP Yes. ... There you go. 

09 18 1*1 11 CMP Oh, man (chuckle). That is really moving out 

(laughter) . 

CDR I'm sure glad they cleared the traffic out of the 


LMP Let me - Gene, let me switch nve^-r "h-riP-PTv nnfj gV.PTj 

them the North and South Poles, which nobody really 
has done much with yet except for Lunar Orbit er and 
some of the Russian vehicles. 

CDR Why don't you give them a round vi^ew of the Moon? 

LMP There's a spectacular valley off - on the South 

Pole. I don't know the name. It looks like one 
of these long chain of - chain of craters . Does 
that show up, Geno? ... 

CDR Why don't you take it over there? 

LMP Let me try it with - - 

CDR That ' s the . . . 

CMP . . . try some of these others . 

LMP Well - 

CDR I don't know if you can get it there or not. 

LMP Oh, here's where I can get it. Okay, Houston, we're 

in - - 

SC Good picture. 

LMP Huh? Good picture? Back in the south polar 

regions. There's a - I think you can probably see 
a long chain of craters, which - so far \invisited 
by man. In fact, the whole region has, and that 
goes for the North Pole. 

CC Roger, Jack. That's very interesting. 

09 18 U3 00 LMP I think that's the best we've got, Gordy. That's 

full zoom. It's one of the biggest chater - chain 
crater valleys that I've seen on the Moon. It - 
We saw some crossing Mendeleev, in the first few 
days, I think we talked about, similar in shape but 
not nearly as big. Let me move over briefly to 
give you another view of Hiimboldt , which should 
show up very well now. We're Just about directly 
overhead. It's unusual - one of the few craters 
on the Moon that have apparently a flooded floor 
that appears to have been domed. And - you probably 
can see some of the cracks in that floor - that 
have suggested doming to many observers. How's 

CDR Good. 

LMP Aroiind the edge of the dome floor, you can see some 

of the dark mare that is prevalent elsewhere in the 
region but not so abiondant within Humboldt. 

SC Can you - if can see - if you can see - Check it ... 

LMP Langrenus , you mean? 

CDR Tsiolkovsky ... 

LMP Oh, okay. 

CMP Out the window. 

09 18 kk k'J LMP Oh, all right. Hey, there's another view, if you 

will bear with us, of our old friend Tsiolkovsky. 


Okay , I got it . 

Tape 17-03^1+8 
Page 9 

LMP Yes, it's one of the more pic - picturesque tasins , 

I guess, part - although it's big, it's not so big 
you can't lock at it all at once. Smythii and 
Crisium and Serenitatis and Imbrium, in particular, 
are hard to look at all at once. You're always 
down inside of them in a 60-nautical-mile orbit. 
One of the - 

09 18 U5 IMP (Laughter) Okay. That's pretty good. I was going 

to say about 200 kilometers, I think, is what it 
is, but - - 

CMP That's right. 

CDR And, Gordy, of course, it's on a - a part of the 

Moon that you - you don't see from where you are. 

LMP Hot yet, anyway. Okay. Let's see if we can move 

on along our orbital track that we've been follow- 
ing and see what's new that's come into view. Once 
again, I'll pick you up at Smythii - and move you 
into Mare Marginis , the Margin Sea. And all the 
mare, you may recall now, we have pretty good 
evidence as a result of the Apollo - - 

CDR Change the ... around. 

LMP - - Program 

CMP Okay . 

LMP that our theories of basalt flows that some 

! 3 to U billion years ago, in ro\ind numbers, were 

erupted on the Moon and filled many of the low 
areas that existed at that time. Not an awful lot 
has happened to the Moon since - except for the 
impact craters - some of the yoiinger ones - since 
3 billion years ago, which is one of the reasons 
it becomes so interesting to man. It's - the Moon 
is frozen in a period of history 3 billion years 
and older, which is a period of history that we 
cannot recognize very readily on Earth because of 
the dynamic processes of moxintain building and 
oceans and weathering that are taking place even 
at the present time. Understanding that early 
history of the Moon may mean an \inder standing of 
the early history of the Earth. And I think we're 

Tape 17-031+1*8 
Page 10 

well on our way to a first-order understanding of 
that history as a result of the Program. Okay, 
going to take you a little bit farther along - a^ain 
to Proclus , which is the obvious partially rayed 
crater with a "big excluded zone to the southwest. 
There's Mare Fecunditatis and its contact area with 
the Sea of Serenity, Mare Serenitatis . And the 
landing site now - has to be jiist about on the 
horizon. I think we were a little premature before. 

09 18 U8 31 CMP Yes, we were. There's Macrobius A and B just 

beyond Procliis there. Yes, that's really Macrobius, 

IMP How you're starting just to see the - Mare of 

Serenitatis come over the horizon. 

CMP Yes . 

LMP And if you take a line from Proclus between the two 

bright craters - - 

CMP You're not going to get more of the Moon unless 

we - There's space up here. 

LMP Yes. Yes. How's that? 

CMP Oh, that's good. 

LMP Take that line, and that will take you Just about 

to the landing area, right at the edge of the next 
big mare that you see. 

09 l8 U9 1+3 CDR The site, Gordo, is now jiist to the left - left and 

a little below center of your picture. You can - 
you can see that region of moimtains that sticks 
out, and the landing site is - well, frcm here, 
anyway, right in that area. 

LMP Right . I guess my line was a little bit north of 

where we actually should have pointed you. There's 
some dark area just showing up and around the edge 
of Serenitatis on the horizon. I think that will 
show in your picture as - if I remember seme of 
these from Apollo 10 before. And it's just this 
side of the dark area that ^the Taurus-Lit trow area 
sits, in the mountains, there. 

Tape lT-0iltU8 
Page 11 

IMP Yes, and you also - - 

CDR Yes. They should. 

CMP Yes. You should. 

LMP Vitruvius should "be visilsle to you just to the 

south of the landing area. 

CDR Vitruvius is in the monitor, so they should have it. 

09 18 51 08 CDR Jack, I think you've got a good view. You can see 

Censorinus now. You can probably get a real good 
shot at the 11 site at Tranqiiillity . 

LMP Yes, you're right, 

CDR There's old Censorinus. It's awfully big. 

LMP Okay, that's nor - the southern border of - 

(Laughter) . 

CDR See, old Censorinus is right in the middle of the 

screen. You've been there before. 

CDR 2000 miles. We've got about a 95-percent full 

Moon in front of us . 

LMP Not too far - matter of fact, I think the Apollo I6 

landing area would be jxist about on the horiz.on, 
to the south of Tranquillitatis . And back up to 
something that's dear and near to our hearts. You 
probably now can pick out the mountains , the North 
and South Massif, if you really look closely. What 
do you think. Gene, from the monitor? Can they see 

CDR I can't even see the Massifs with the naked eye. 


LMP See that dark area there, next to ... - - 

CDR I know where - Yes . I know where to look , but it ' s 

sort of hard to pick them out. But you are Ifjoking 
right at it. You've got it right - Just to the 
left center. It's just about perfect now, th^. 

Tape I7-O3I+U8 
Page 12 

landing site. There's a little dark area in that 
peninsula of mountains that sticks out , and the 
site is just about right in that area. 

09 18 53 26 LMP I wish we could show you some of the - 

LMP Come on, you guys, I can even see the light mantle. 

CDR Extrapolation is the nature of our art . 

IMP I wish we could - - 

CDR (Laughter) I didn't hear him. 

09 18 53 57 MP Say again. (Laughter) 

# # # 

Cniifl page Unclassified) ^ n.Q^kk2 


DUMPED nvv-n gds nTTnmn tramse abth coast 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

09 23 -55 58 10 00 03 51 

10 00 13 5h 10 00 21 31 

Time good, voice poor. 


Tka nktorUI canlainad herein ha* beta trmnJcrUMd Into » «orkliic 
paper in order to tacUltate review tj laterMted M8C elamnrte. ThU 
4ae«MBt, orportloM thereof,' mq) badeclaaalfled aiA^t loUie 
Mlowlag euMeUnea: 

Porltona of IkU doevmenl will be claaailled CONnDEKTIAL. 
OrMp4, to the extent that they: <1) define quanlltalire performance 
ebaraetertatlce ef the Apollo Spacecraft, (a>deUII erUlcalperformanca 
Charaeterlattce c( Apollo craw eyetene and eiiutpment. (t) provide 
laehaleal deUlla of alfnlflcittt launch vehicle nwUiinetloae U actual 
flight or raveul actual Uuaeh Irajaelory daU. (4> reveal medical daU 
ea fUghl craw member* whlek can be conaldercd privlleced data, or 
(t) reveal other data which can be tadlvkhially determined to require 
elaaalticatloii under the authority of the Apollo Program Becorlty Claa- 
•tfleatlan Oulde. 8CC-lt, Rev. I, 1/1/M. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
Intervale; declaaolfied 
after 12 years 

ThU BtttoiM coBtoiM Infomwtian affoetlng the nAtiooiU (Mmm at Um VatM 
irtthto Um nM«^ of the «ap|anac« Uw«, TlUe IB, U.8,C., 8m*. tM mhI 194, tlw 

^ rMvlatlan ti whish in any puuMr to an uiauUiorUad psnoa la 
prauMtM Of lMr« 

Tape 17-03itU2 
Page 1 

09 23 55 58 SC ... go in the bag? 

SC Yes . 

SC Okay , up the max . . . 

LMP Are we spinning? 

CMP Yes. 

CDR Can you watch this for me? 

MP Yes , ... antenna. 

CDR Can you watch the - right here. 

JKP Yes. 

CMP Can you follow it? Don't worry about it if you 

CDR You didn't have that caution and warning power on? 

CMP That's right. 

CDR Why was the caution and warning power on? 

CMP I don ' t know . Hope . . . maybe it was before . 

CDR But it won't work this way. 

SC There it is now, one bulb ... 

CDR PYRO power should be ARMED. 

CMP What did we do with those covers? 

SC ... now ... cover. 

SC Do you want to take these down? 

CMP . . . batteries . . . 

CDR Huh? . 

CMP . . . batteries . . . 

Tape 17-03Uii2 
Page 2 

CDR (Music) Okay, let's not do euiy more than we really 

have to do to until we get . . . right there . 


U/SP Sure wish I had one . . . camera ... 

SC ... - all of it . 

CMP I'm svtre I ... all of it. 


CMP Yes. How alsout that. 

10 00 00 k6 CDR All you got to do is go out there and take a few 

pictures of him and, you know, and then let it 
float back in there or hand it to me or something. 

LMP Yes. 

SC Right on. 

CDR ... What do you got it set on, f/8? 

IMP f/8. 

CDR 250th. Do you want some orange. Jack? 

LMP I'll probably take it off. 

CMP That might be - they used to be back over yonder 
and they might be ... 

CMP . . . mag of film . . . mag. . . . mags put on there? 

CDR Okay, let's - let's think about Houston. 

10 00 02 19 CC America, Houston. G&C, with his years of experi- 

ence, thinks that PTC is going to hold. It's 
looking good so far, and so I think ... to go 
ahead and configttre to go to sleep there . . . 

CDR Okay, we're in the process now, Gordy. Thank you. 

LMP What did he say? 

Tape i7-03i^i*2 
Page 3 

SC . . . , I guess u 

SC (Whistling) 

CDR Okay, I might as well pour me some water, ... well, 

we want to wash our hands ... 

10 00 03 51 CMP That doesn't seem to matter much though. Gene. 


Tape 17-03^*1+2 
Page k 

10 00 15 5h LMP That's the way we - ... down here. ... 

CDR Here it is ; I got it. 

CMP How do you work this? 

SC ... according to ... 

5C • • • 

CDR ... are all this way all the time. 

LMP Okay, the only thing left to do is ... 

CDR Now I'm going to get out of your way, Ron. 

CDR (Laughter) I hope you ... 

CDR Well, I'd be satisfed with ... 

CDR Well, if I'd known you were planning to be there, 
I would have . . . 

SC ... 

SC Yes . 

10 00 19 SC . . . I . . . your big ... 

10 00 21 31 SC ... water . . . 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) i7,03U6U 


DUMPED OVER_h^L_DURING™M§earth coast 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

10 08 03 

10 08 03 U8 

10 08 15 31+ 

10 08 23 51 

10 08 36 51 

10 08 U5 39 

10 08 59 21.' 

10 09 06 30 

Voice fair; time good. 


TM nattrltl cootaiMd h«r*lit hM bctn Innscrtfaad Into « woridnc 
papar bi ordar to iaclUUt* rtvtaw by liit«r«sUd MSC •IctnmU. ThU 
AmBMBt, orportloiu thtnet,' tM/ badacUaatf t«d wil^aet toUia 
tolte«la( (oMaUnaa: 

Porliom d Uita doeumant will ba eUaaUlad CONnDBNTIAL. 
ai«m>4, to tha axtent thai Uiay: (Odaflna quanUtettva partormanca 
Ch>ra«tarlallea of the Apollo Rpaeacraft, (3>datBll erttlcalpariormaiica 
charaetarlatlea ot Apollo craw ayatama and a^lpoiaat. <3) provlda 
tadmlcal datatia ot aifnUteaitt launch vahtcla maUiuietloaa Iti actual 
(light or raraal actual launch trajactory dau. (4) ravaal madlcal data 
«• IU«iU craw mamliara which can ba conatdarad prtvllofad daU, or 
(ft) ravaal olhar data which can Im Individually datarntnad to raqulra 
elaaallleatlM undar tha authority of Uia ApoUo Program Sacurlty Claa- 
•rneaUM Oitda, acC;ll, Ra*. I. i/i/et. 


Downgraded at >-year 
Intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

Tbls Mtorttl eenUlM Information afftctlnc the Mtiuutl Mmim d th« United OtatM 
vtthla tiM wamaiat d tli* Mpionacc Uw«rTm« 16, V.B>C« Sm«. 19$ and 7M, th« 
teaa— iMlaw or cwwlaUon of which In toy awiiMr to m tduuitborlxtd parson li 
proUMUd tar Uw. 

Tape n-03k6k 
Page 1 

10 08 03 3k CMP Well, here we are, folks, in the old postsleep 

checklist again. And that takes care of the old 
postsleep checklist (laughter). 

10 08 03 U8 LMP Bob, we can't quite see Tsiolkovsky any more. I 

can't make it out. That's prohably just about it 
now. ... anyway, but we've come around to the side 
where we've got Copernicus well inside the horizon. 
And can look down at ... 


Tape n-OSkSk 
Page 2 

10 08 15 3k CMP Think I'll go in and light a cigarette tonight. 

SC Okay. 

10 08 15 kk CMP No. I'll have to go through it by myself, you know. 

SC March eiround . . . 

SC • * * 

CMP Before I have something to do. 

SC We're thro\igh. 

CMP No, I was just wondering ... 

IMP Turn it over. 

CMP I finally decided . . . 

LMP Well, are you going to start smoking again or are 
you going to - - 

CMP No, I don't think so. Jack. I'm going to quit. 

LMP You going to quit? It'll take a lot of coxirage and 

fortitude . 

CMP Yes. 

LMP People around you are smoking theirs. 

CMP . . . stop from smoking because he smokes as much 

as anybody I know. 

SC Yes . 

LMP Did he get scared? 

CMP Yes, he got scared. 

SC ... 

SC Yeq. That's the whole point. 

CMP I was up to - oh, two packs a day. I - I never 

went beyond two packs a day. But - every once in 
a while, I hit two packs. It got so it was very 
seldom just one. 

Tape I7-O3U6U 
Page 3 

10 08 17 21 LMP That's lots of cigarettes. 

SC Small thing . . . 

SC « * # 

SC ■ • • 

CMP Yes (laughter). ... that's true. Ho. ... 

SC . . . 

CDR You feel like eating? 

CMP I do. 

CDR I "bet you they asked for one. 

LMP If you're not feeling right ... 

CMP No, I feel great. I really do. 

CDR I het you they ask for one. 

LMP Think about us . . . 

CMP Yes, we've - That's why I said we ... 

CDR Sure is a dull SIM. (Laughter) 


10 08 18 U6 CDR You know, I'm surprised that I'm not as spacely 

disoriented when I wake up in PTC as I was in 
lunar orbit. I don't know how you explain that 

LMP I find that I can sleep . . . 

CDR I don't know. 

CDR Ron, if you want to heat up the hot water - - 

CMP I've already heated it. 

CDR Oh, it's all ready. Okay. 

Tape 17-03U6U 
Page k 

CMP Unles s you want it ... 

CDR No, that's all right. 

10 08 19 33 CMP Good water? 

SC I think so. 

SC ... 

CDR (Laughter) We're generally dumping down to some- 
thing again today. 

CMP Yes. 

10 08 20 02 LMP Bob, is your EECOM friend going to let us practice 

the waste water dump again today? 

CC I kind of expect so. Stand by, and let me find 

out for sure. Roger, Jack. There's one coming up 
at 252:50, about 2 hours from now. 

LMP Okay. We'll start reviewing that one. We'll be 

ready for him this time. 

CC We won't let you sneak behind the Moon on this one. 

MP (Laughter) 

LMP (Singing) What did we do with the Flight Plan? 

That - That was . . . 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Zero. Whewl It's cold in here. 

SC ... 

CDR I woke up because I was cold. 

IMP I want some coffee. 

CMP I'll get some. 

CDR Huh? 

CDR How about sane cocoa? 

Tape 17-O3U6U 
Page 5 


10 08 23 51 LMP 

(Laughter) Want some cocoa? 
Very good. 


Tape IT-O3U6I; 
Page 6 

10 08 36 51 CC We don't - Would you clarify that request? 

MS (Laughter) 

LMP ... on the heater. 

LMP Well, we've been getting a lot of complaining. 

CMP Very good. ... 

CDR Tell them about my - my - my back bottom side 
heater . 

MP Where are the - - 

CC Jack, you might use reel 2 if you want to. It's 
about the only thing we can think of. 

MS (Laughter) 

LMP Reel 2. Yes, you get the idea. 

10 06 37 38 LMP Anyway, it's cold.' It's not really that bad. Bob, 

but we're hearing a lot about it. 

CC Okay. Well, we'll work it out here, if we can try. 

LMP Well, you might discuss it with SPAN. 

10 08 38 06 CDR I like not to - like not to waste reel 2. It's 

got some other good uses . 

CDR Hey, where are the darn adhesives? 

CMP They're in the . . . 

CDR I know they're in here. I Just can't find 


CDR They're in the bag? 

CDR I thought it was . . , There they are . 

CMP Anything I can . . . 

Tape l7-03k6k 
Page T 

CDR (Laughter) Where's ... 

LMP Didn't sound very good to me either. 

CMP ... Gene, I guess ... 

CDR That's not a gosh darn prohlem. Nohody ever got 

that idea across. 

10 08 39 Ok LMP How do you feel, Ron? Are you tired again? 

CMP Yes. 

LMP Still do, huh? 

CDR If you do, tsike a couple of those . . . like they 

tell you. 

LMP You might as well throw a Seconal in on top of them 

(laiighter). You know, if it worked once, it might 
work again. 


LMP Yes. And you got any comparison ahout traveling 

to ... 

CMP If I hold my stomach . .. inside and make - make it 

a cahin . . . 

MS (Laughter) 

SC It's closed. 

10 08 39 55 IMP I think I got grits this morning. That's good. I 

was wondering what I might have in here that tastes 
different. Grits will taste different. 

CMP They sure will. I'll go along with that. 


CMP It's starting to ... 

CDR Gee, I thought charcoal was a laxative. Isn't 

charcoal a laxative? 

Tape I7-O3U6U 
Page 8 

LMP That's all you need is a Coke. 

CDR One of them was ha - Baby Ruth. 

CDR You're greedy. 

LMP I don ' t want it . 

LMP I had "been doing all the . . . 

CDR It's cocoa. I love cocoa normally, but I tell you, 

this flight has just made me - really made my 
stomach bad, I think. Something has. I'll Just 
blame it on cocoa. 

10 08 1+1 kk LMP You ought to put that on the wall. 

CMP Yes . ... 

LMP Now, who the heck can eat with three coffee bags 

and everything else laying around? 

CMP Nobody . 

LMP That seems to be the most popular song on the tapes, 

CDR I never had to - I just turned it around and it - - 

LMP No, I know. But it's coming to repeating itself on 

various tapes. 

SC Put another Simon and Garfunkel on. 

CDR Ron, I want to take out a can of fruit down there 

scmewhere rather than eat this . Must be a can of 
fruit around scmewhere. 

CMP I don't have any ... You want a can of fruit? 

CDR Yes . I want a can of fruit . 

IMP Yes. I won't bother you any more. The grits and ... 

is going. 

CDR What's going in? 

SC (Singing) 


Tape 17-03^6U 
^^^^^^^^^^^MHl^^ Page 

10 08 1+3 5T LMP Here's the catsup going in. 

CMP ... something the other day ve ate at dinner. 

CDR Maybe cocoa would be better if It was hot . 

CMP Huh? Yes . 

CDR Maybe I'll try it. 

CMP Don't look for those ... Here's some more. 

CDR I don't want any more, Ron. 

SC ... taking it . 

CDR Get that trash out of there. 

LMP Yes. We want to get rid of everything we can 
today; otherwise, we take it all home. 


LMP Yes . 

CMP I'll bring you some hot water. 

CDR Hey, Ron, not hot water I 

SC ... 

LMP He's not ... cause he's not supposed to. 

10 08 1+5 39 LMP Put more in there, and I'll be out of your hair. 


Tape 17-031^61+ 
Page 10 

10 08 59 21 CDR I prefer not to give you a GO for EVA, Ron, until 

you get your sensors . . . 

CDR Good old Challenger. I don't care that - that bird 

has absolutely nothing wrong with it. You can't 
even count that regulator. The worse thing that we 
had with that was probably a transducer shift . 

LMP That was it, huh? 

CDR One of the command regulators had a slight leak by 

it, but it even reset itself there once. 

LMP Yes. A pretty brief anomaly reported on the LM. 

10 09 00 37 CDR The radar - landing radar was absolutely superb! 

LMP Did it lock on good to start with? 

CDR It locked on. It locked out before it normally 

would have yawed at 70 degrees out . And when you 
yaw back in, you put the radar to the point on 
the . . . 

LMP Yes. 

CDR I think it yawed more than 20 degrees. Only at 70, 

she - she - the light started - Well, before I 
yawed, the caution light started blinking. So I 
just yawed about 70, and the light started blinking 
and went off. Boy, they sure picked up that - that 
high point of 30 000 feet. I don't know if you're 
watching. Jack. 

10 09 01 11 CDR Oh course, you might have had that one locked in. 

CDR The rendezvous radar, Ron, was absolutely superb. 

Absolutely superb! 

IMP I guess that VHF locked on right after insertion. 

You guys shut down on insertion. 

CDR I was going insertion shut down, and it 

locked on, just like that. 

LMP I got to ... recycle yo\ir tone. 

CDR Yes. . 











10 09 03 17 LMP 


Tape lT-03it6U 
Page 11 

That tone was beautiful. Just like in the - - 

- - in the chamber over there In Houston. As 
soon as you got that thing - beep, whoo, whoo. 
That 's weird. 

Well, when old Tom and I were talking about that, 
when we first heard it, you know when that - that 
... at that time. Tom and I were talking about 
it, and we - you know, we forgot we were on hot 
mike to John, and John said - after a long silence, 
he said, "Hey, you guys hear that too." (Laughter) 
And he was Just . . . 

I was going to turn it on, and I really didn't have 
time to do that. 

I forgot about . . . 

(Laughter) Oh, yes. I didn't hear it. 


Put one of those Simon and Garfunkel tapes on. 
Simon and Garfunkel. Okay. 

(Laughter) Are you sure? Would you like to try 

Well, that's all right. Jack. We'll live with it 
for a while. We're looking at - no need to 
acknowledge this - we're looking at your temperature 
problem. And there's a couple of obvious things 
I'm sure you've undertaken, but if you haven't - 
all the window shades off. Get some sunlight in 
there. And might crank on all the lights to get 
some more heat load in there. Also the - of coxirse, 
the cabin fan and the temperature - CABIN TEMP 
control thumbwheel -It's your option on that. The 
other things, like mixing valve adjustment and 
powering up other items, we're looking at very 

Tape lT-03l*6^ 
Page 12 

seriously, but we would like to not do those items 
until after the EVA this morning. We'd like to 
remain the status quo on the ECS system with the 
exception of - You do have the cabin fans on your 
option there. But we would like to re - retain the 
rest of it status quo until after the EVA . 

LMP Well, thank you for all your research in there. 

Bob. I'll let the commander make the decisions. 
It - it's his thermostat. 

CC Roger. 

CMP The CMP feels pretty good so - - 

CDR I'll see if they can get me mad this morning. 

That'll warm things up. Temperature's on the way 

CC Roger. Trying to get reel 2 up to you, if you want. 

CDR Pardon? 

10 09 05 l8 LMP He offered reel 2 again. 

CC Said I'll bring reel 2 up to you, if I can get 

there . 

CDR Well, reel 2 will sure be an imaginative start when 

you consider all I've got is Ron and Jaok.. 

CMP It is going to be very interesting to see what 

reel 2 is . 

MS (Laughter) 

LMP You given some of these. 

CDR I hope we have. 

CMP Sort of be interested in the . . . and the ... in 

109, too. 

CMP I hope old Bill Cole heard that. (Cough) 


10 09 06 30 CDR 

Tape rj-OSkSh 
Page 13 

You'll like him when you meet him, Ron. He's a 
super guy . He ' s a sharp guy , a very sharp guy . 


# # # 

(Thl8 page Unclassified) 




DUMPED nvF.p GPS nimmn trmse arth coast 

Time Segments (AET) 


■10 21 19 Ol+ 


10 21 2h 19 

10 21 2h 3h 

10 21 28 58 

10 21 29 3h 

10 21 29 hi 

10 21 39 00 

10 21 k8 3h 

10 22 08 12 

10 22 08 19 

10 22 35 52 

10 22 1*6 32 

Tinte, good; voice, okay. 


The nalarUl eonUlnad hertiii hu b««n traiuwrlM Into • working 
p«p«r tai ordar to lacliiuta review liy latcreMad M8C eletmnU. TkU 
doewinmt, or portlonj Uieraof, nuty b«decU*tlII«d •ubject loUit 
t^Ilowldg (uldelliiM: 

PortlOM of Ihli doeumMil will b> clualfM CONFIDENTIAL. 
Croup 4, to Uii) exteal that they: (I) define quMltlmtlva performejice 
eburteierleUce at the Apollo Bpatecrel), (»del«lt crHlcklpertormaAce 
charaeterlatlce of Apollo crow eyeleine Mid eqpilpmeni, ()} provide 
technical detalla of algnlllcanl launch rehtcle maUunctluna In actual 
tUfM or reraal aclual launch Irataclory data, (4) reveal medical date 
on 1II|M crew memliera which can b* conaldtred prtvlleaed data, or 
(ft) reveal other dau which ca« be Individually deiermtaed to re<|ttlre 
claaaiticallon under the authority tt (he Apolto Prafram Security Clae- 
•UlMUM Guide. 8CC-tl, Rev. 1, l/l/SO. 


Donmgraded at >>year 
intervale; declaesified 
after 12 years 

ThI* auitoflal eonUlM tiifornMtloa affectinc the Mttontl MeoM ot the Unittd 8UtM 
wtthla Us* u*Bnlng ot ti>« HplDmca lawa, T1U« 18, U.S.C., tecs. 793 ud TB4» tlw 
trtBMBlMtaa or r«T«latlon « which la uy nuuuwr to u uiuraUiorlxwl pvnon ia 
pnhlbttod bf Uw. 

^■■■■■■PPPIPflPP Tape 

10 21 19 OU CMP Huh? 

CDR Hold on . . . 

CMP Okay. I thought you were through. — 

SC Those are the ... this thing here. 

SC (Music) 

LMP Huh? 

CMP Let ' s see . . . 

CDR There's our tissue. 

SC Spread them out. 

CDR You want a - you got a bag for the command module 
stuff or what? 

SC No, ... 

LMP Ron, will this stuff fit? 

CDR If I could . . . two hands . . . and a . . . 

10 21 21 5^ LMP . . . they fit in there? Are you coming? . . . 

CDR ... the legs of the ... and leave them here for? 

CMP ... what? 

CDR Why did you leave the legs of the . . . here? 

LMP Camera stand. 

CDR . . . legs of the . . . 

CMP Oh, I thought I might he ahle arrange the thing so 

that you can see through it. ... he the judge of 
... antenna. You got to he down between ... your 

CDR You got a place to stow those things? ... 

CMP No, I'll - - 

Tape IT-O3U55 
Page 2 


I can put 

10 21 2k 19 CDR Where was that hag? I saw it there. 


Tape 17-03^55 
Page 3 

10 21 2h 31+ CDR Will that fit in A-77 

LMP ... at the window ... It's right ... 


LMP ... to look at that? 

IiMP What axe you going to do, Ron? You going to find 

a hag for your stuff? 

CMP Yes, somehow. 

LMP Why don't we stick this - stuff this camera in 

there, too. 

CMP Don't know what ... Jettison hags ... 

CDR Yes, I was Just trying to make - those Jettison 

hags are easy to fold up. But th^'re hard to 
stow ... 

CMP Yes, that's right. 

CDR Well, we'll find another hag. We'll put whatever 

else - command module and - stuff the camera . . . 
and I'll - wait a minute check those - mayhe I got 
a hag In here. Here's a sanitation supply bag. 

CMP Here's the tape. 

CMP Put that in there. 

CDR We'd like to get those cables 

CMP . . . anything else I can do. 

10 21 27 00 IMP Temporarily we'll put it in there to protect it ... 

we hang It up. 

CDR . . . the cable. 

LMP What cable? 

CDR Will they fit In there? . . . maybe we can Just . . . 

CMP Well, I don't know ... 

Tape 17-031*55 
Page k 

LMP Is that all you have? Sort of a LM return item, 
isn't it? 

CDR It is a LM return item. 

LMP Where are they? 

CDR ... up there . 

LMP Yes, I'll get to it. 

LMP Normally it would have been jettisoned, right? 

CDR . . . V/hat is it? 

CMP What? 

LMP These are LM-CM \imbilicals . . . 

CDR . . . down here . 

LMP See anything else, Ron? That would be considered 
Jettison able? 

10 21 28 58 CMP Huh? 


Tape 17-03^*55 
Page 5 

10 21 29 3h CMP 

10 21 29 hi LMP 

What did you do with the two . . . two handles 
They're back in that TSB, I think. 

* • • 

Weren't they? 


10 21 39 00 LMP Yes, just wondering how the high gain is working 

out for you. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR ... 20 ... A-lt , 22-B . . . 

10 21 39 ^7 CMP Well, I need some exercise, ... exercise. Well, - 

... Hey, I got to do a P52. 

LMP Huh? 

CMP I got to do a P52 pretty soon. Where are we? 


LMP The next ... do it this PTC . . . next ... we ' re 

going to sleep in. 

CMP All right. They are, aren't they? 

LMP How are you going to fix those? 

CDR Yes , ... 

CMP Boy, everything's great. ... 

LMP ... the one that's probably cutting in and out now. 

Ce. Jack, Houston. Over. 

LMP Go ahead. 

CC The high gain is holding on there, hut we think we 

can improve our - the time we can hold on to narrow 
beam width a little bit if you'd tweak it to PITCH, 
plus 15, and YAW, plus I85, please. 

CDR B is getting to be a bear, isn't it? ... 

LMP Plus 15, you said, Gordy? Gordy, you said plus 15? 

CC Plus 15 and a plus 185. 

10 21 U2 03 LMP Okay. 

LMP Ron, dam you. Geel 

CMP ... (Laughter) get another ... 

Tape 17-03^+55 
Page T 

CDR — another moment, though. 

CMP ... (Laughter) Yes. 

CDR Are these things supposed to go there? 

LMP No, it's not bad at all. There's only one strap 

on them, as a matter of fact. 

CDE . . . Huh? 

liMP I don't know ... because they'll have to be 

strapped on top of it, top A - top A-1 and top of 
A-2. So you got to re strap them. 

CMP There's two broken wires. I think the other one's 

about ready to break. 

LMP Gordy, the canister's changed. 

CC Thank you. 

LMP Yes, ... starting to cut out conipletely on me, for 


CMP One of those may be on - may be down there on - 

some other ones may be ... 

SC ... pressure on it- 

LMP No, there it is. About 5 o'clock - 5 o'clock 

central standard. 

CMP Five o ' clock tomorrow af teraoon . . . 

CDR For the press conference? 

CMP Yes. 

LMP ... 30 minutes. No, ... in an hour. No, 30 minutes 

10 21 1+6 k6 CDR I'm going to give this guy one more chance. I hope 

he's better on the other side, 

CMP Do you read me? 1, 2, 3- 

LMP Yes» you're coming through loud and clear. Do you 

read me 7 

CMP 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3. 

LMP Yes. Do you read me? 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3. Do you 

read me? 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3. Do you read me? 1, 2, 
3, It, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1, 2. 

C!MP Yes ... something stuck down there ... 

CDE Yes . . . 

LMP Both ears. 1, 2, 3, 5» 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 1, 2, 

3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9» 10. And a 1, 2, 3, 1*, 5. 6, 
7, 8, 9, 10. 1, 2. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 
10, 1, 2. 

CMP It's not cutting out now, but ... just sick. 

LMP That's all right. Whatever it is - - 

CDR Yes, we don't 

CMP Still . . . 

CDR Yes - 

CMP Okay, we're in good shape. 

CDR I guess you're looking at the orange light too, 


CMP Getting Those were my ... (Laughter) Yes. 

That's all right. If it goes - if it goes into 

CMP No. Are we seeing - no, we're PTCing now, with no 

Jets, huh? 


CMP Oh. 

10 21 kS 5U CMP Ko, it's on . . . You're right. 


Tape IT-O3I+55 
Page 9 

10 22 08 12 CDR 
10 22 08 19 CMP 

P52 any time you want. 


Tape IT-03U55 
Page 10 

10 22 35 52 LMP 





10 22 36 58 CDR 


Covers open and closed. 

Jack, ... they'll cue you on that. 

Houston, I doubt if it's a prolDlem, "but UV COVER'S 
still OPEN. 

Roger, Jack. 

(Singing) I think we just ... zap it and it'll te 

I think it will. I think VERB Uo will take it, too. 
I woToldn't be surprised if I did load 20. 

{ Laugihter ) 

Galled up 20. 


Called up 20 ... 

... VERB kO in this spacecraft. That's right; go 
ahead. It'll work. 

Looks about right. 

Call it again. 

Yes , ... come back and . . . 

Looks good, Gordy. Matches the ball. 

Roger. We see that. We're getting high bit rate 
now, by the way, also. 

I don't know. You can track it down, but I called 
up NOUN 20 to check the roll angles, and it was 
not what we were using in the book here, of 
ik degrees. And I very easily could have - could 
have loaded 20 instead of 22, which I would feel 
a lot better about if that were the case. 


Okay. We'll sure track that one down. 

Tape lT-03it55 
Page 11 

CMP (Laughter) Beautiful. How about a cup of coffee? 

CDR A cup of tea. 

CMP A cup of tea? 

CDR It's about eating time. 

10 22 37 hi CMP Is it? Oh, it's time to eat, huh? 

LMP I don't want anything to eat. 

CMP Oh, okay. 

LMP Something to nibble on, maybe. 

CDR No more nuts in there? 

CMP Nuts are all gone. Nuts are all gone. But we may 

have some - Yes, I'd feel a lot better if that's 
what happened. 

CDR I - The more I think about it, Ron, the more I 

think - - 

CMP Yes, it's funny, I wasn't paying any attention to 

what you were loading there. 

CDR Oh, if I had loaded 20 I wouldn't either. I called 

20 to check the roll angle so I could reload it. 

10 22 38 18 CMP Yes, I kind of screwed you up, too. I was asking 

you q.uestions about - you know, where we're going 
what we ' re doing - distracting you from - - 

CDR No, that's not ... 

LMP I figured ... rimning against the LEB. 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR Doesn't make any difference what the case was. I 

hope I loaded 20. 

CMP Yes, me too. 

CDR I wasn't going to suggest that. 

Tape I7-O3U55 
Page 12 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR That sure takes away all the im - in^jact I had 

about that P52 though. 

LMP Are you there? 

CDR No, we have 90 ... to go. 

CDR That'll wake them up down there in the MOCR. 

CMP Yes. (Laughter) Yes, that's right. Did you say 

you wanted a new jug? 

CDR Yes. 

CMP I think we owe it to ourselves. We better have a 

new jug. 

10 22 39 12 LMP I've already thrown wy old one away. I'm glad you 

mentioned it. But I sort of quit drinking water, 
though. I've just heen drinking these juices. 

CMP That's prohably a good idea. 

LMP I don't like the water. I'd rather - I can take 

the gas ... it's easier - You know, it's like 
drinking bad water. You know, like in Hoiaston. 
You can - - 

CMP Yes. 

LMP you can drink the chlorinated water if you can 

mix it with something. 

CDR You got another omni for them there? 

LMP Like booze. 

CMP Oh, I'm sorry. 

CMP Hey - I think they should be able to figure that 

out. Maybe, I don't know. Let's see how much the 
glitch was, you know, when they rezero them and 
where we were. What a measurement ... 

Tape 17-03^^55 
Page 13 

CC America, we're ready now for you to proceed on per 

Flight Plan with the VERB k9 to the sleep PTC atti- 
tude. We have not had a chance to go back over the 
data, laut we'll give you a call as soon as we get 
a chance to check, it. Over. 

10 22 kO 51 CDR Okay, Gordy. One other interesting thing while we 

went back and looked at NOUH 22 after the glitch. 
We still had the NOUN 22 angles I had loaded for 
the previous VERB 1+9 at 263:1+0, which either - even 
makes me feel more like I did not load 22 on this 
next time around. 

LMP Have an EMP ... for the commander. 

CMP (Laughter) Yes, that's right. 

CC Yes, it sounds - it sounds like we might have the 

problems nailed down, but we'll doublecheck that. 

CMP You got a - . . . Here ' s one in here . 

CDR This is a gross admission, if that's the case; but 

I'd rather have it that way. 

CC We won't hold it against you. 

LMP I was half asleep, but not anymore. 

CMP That's right. 

MS CLaughter ) 

CMP That's right. 

LMP (Laughter) ... call it up ... 

CC America, Houston. Why don't you hold the PRO on - 

on this VERB k9 xintil we have a chance to check and 
see if we're going to have a gimbal lock problem. 

CDR Okay. 

10 22 U2 U6 CDR Gordy, can I \ise the roll we got, 11+2? 


... That's what I asked Jack and see if - going to 
have run into gimbal lock when you go from there 
to - to the other one. 

Tape 17-031*55 
Page ih 

CDR I'll stand by until you check that ginibal lock out. 

CMP What did I do with that thing. Throw it away? 

CC Stand by. We're checking that. 

CMP What do you need? 

CDR ... 

CC Your answer is negative, Geno. The present roll - 

the maneuver should - shows on our computer, you'll 
go to ginibal lock. So suggest you go to ik and 
then start to maneuver . . . Over. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP ... that hydrogen separator failed- I just don't 

think it separated . . . 

CDR That's right. 

LMP See that's ... 

CDR . . . water in there and the t^drogen separator con- 
version failed and all the other stuff ... 

CMP What the heck. What do I do if the separator 


LMP Yes. ... said it failed? 


LMP Yes, I heard that. 

LMP ... expert on hydrogen separation. I just don't 

think it's ever been particularly successful. 

10 22 hh 28 CMP Oh, no, it never has. 

LMP You guys didn't have one, did you? You resulted 

in it. 

CMP Yes, you're the ones it started with. 

CDR Did we? 

MM^MMM^^^^^^^^ Tape 

Page 15 

LMP . . . started, the complaining. 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Did you have the same hloated feeling on 10? 

CDR We felt - we felt a lot of water, a lot of gas and 


LMP ... 

CDR We never had to take - 

CMP Well, you don't like the food. Heck, that's ... 

data points - - 

CDR I never had to take three bites ... I never had 

to take any pills or anything like that. 

LMP How did the food on 10 differ from what we've "been 

CDR I don't know ... I don't know what we've been 
using . . . 

CDR ... on 15 and l6 , hull? That ' a a lot of ... 

CMP . . . diet . . . 

10 22 U5 19 CDR You have a piece of Velcro laying around? 

CMP What kind of Velcro? 

CDR Something I can put right here . . . 

LMP What do you want? Pile or hook? 

CDR What do I need to . . . Hook, I guess. 

LMP Pile. 

CDR I don't know ... put it on here. 

LMP Oh., yes, you want a hook. 

CMP I just took it off of my food package. 

LMP Here. 

Tape IT-O3U55 
Page 16 

CMP You need a red one . • . 

CDR Why? Are you going to check your outs . . . ? 

CMP Yes . Mine ' s out ... It * s got a blue - - 

CDR ... I ' 11 get a red one . 

LMP What have you got to nibble on? You know - sweet? 
Got any crackers? 

CMP Yes. Hiere's some graham crackers in there. 

LMP No, there aren't. Those are cubes. 

CMP Well, ... sort of . . . 

LMP ... What are we having, wet packs for dinner? 

CMP Yes . 

LMP I'd eat a wet pack. 

10 22 h6 32 CMP Well 

# # # 

(HiiB page unclassified) Taj>e 





Time Segments (AET) 


^ ... K... trtwcrlh*! into ■ 


intervals; declaeBlfiea 
after 12 years _i 
I r t.i.„mm fi tin Mattod SUt— 


Tape IT-O3U6I 
Page 1 

10 22 50 28 LMP 

Works every time, doesn't it? 

# # # 


Cnilfl page Unclassified) i7_03it59 

i.a{)6 ' 



Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

10 17" 27 2k 10 17 27 UO 

10 22 k5 29 10 22 1*6 kg 

10 22 50 01 10 22 50 26 

11 00 38 k-J 11 00 38 52 

11 00 58 06 11 00 59 02 

Voice fair; time good. 


The mUartol eonUlned herein hu been tmiKrlbMl Into a working 
pt4>*r in order to (aclUUta review tqr loterested M8C elemenU. This 
^tocument, or portions thereof, ' ma/ be declaealf led eubjeet to the 
(oUowliiB fokleUnee: 

Portions ot Ihle document will be claeslflad CONFIDKNTtAt., 
Onnp i, to the extent that they: (I) define quanttuilve periormance 
Characteristics ot the Apollo Bpaeecrafl, (t)delall crUlcalperfDrmasce 
eharaelerlstlcs ot Apollo crew systems and equipment, (3) provide 
technical deUlls of slfnlf leant launch vehicle ntaUuictlons In actual 
flight or reveal actual Uunch tralectwy daU, <4) reveal medical data 
oa flight ertw membera whlefa can be eonetdered privileged data, or 
(•} reveal other data which can be Individually determined to require 
elasalticatlcn under the authority «f the Apollo Program Security Claa- 
•Ifleatlon Oulde, 8CC-n, Rev. I, ]/t/M. 


Downgraded at ^year 
intervale; declaflsifled 
after 12 years 

This autorlal contains inf omuUion aflMtinc the naUooal daf mm at tb« Untt«d 8t«tM 
wttfclB tb* iMUitns at tb« caslani«» UwcTtiU* 18, U.8.C., Sees. aitd TM, th* 
tniMBtiulai or niMlatloa ol which In ujr auuuMr to aa uiuuithorlsMI porMti to 
pnfetbttad bf law. 

10 IT 27 2k CDR 

10 17 27 ho CMP 

Tape IT-O3U59 
Page 1 

Give me that thing off of there will you, Ron? 


Tape 17-O3U59 
Page 2 

10 22 h3 29 CDR ... spacecraft. 

LMP Okay; good. 

CDR Smile. 

IMP You know - - 

CDR You need. that kind of stuff. 

LMP ... don't want to ... Put it down here. 

CDR Oh yes, you want ... 

CMP I Just took if off my food package. 

CDR Here . 

CMP You need a red one though, right? 

CDR Why, you got to take yours out? 

CMP Yes, mine's out ... lunar ... 

CDR What have you got to nibble on? No - sweet. You 
got any crackers? 

CMP Yes, there's some graJiam crackers in there. 

CDR No, there aren't; those are cubes. 

CMP Well, all right. 

CDR . . . what do we have , wetpacks for dinner? 

CMP Yea. I'd eat a wetpack. 

CMP Well, ... 

CMP Well, why don't we Just steurt eating dinner? 

CDR Is it that time of day? 

10 22 k6 h9 CMP Matter of fact; it is. 


Tape i7-03i+59 
Page 3 

10 22 50 01 CMP 

10 22 50 26 CDR 


Wise - wise guy. 

Works every time, doesn't it? 


Tape 17-03^^59 
Page k 

11 00 38 CMP 

11 00 38 52 LMP 

I don't know. 
. . . doe s . 



11 00 58 06 CMP 


11 00 59 02 CMP 

Tape 17-03^^59 
Page 5 

No. If that changes, this has got to change. 

The BD or AC. 

... any other place. 

Well, yes. That's right; B-1, or B-2 - B-1. 

Can't really stow that hig box of wrenches until 
we go to sleep tomorrow, after we wake up the 
next day. 

■ ■ ■ 

We always used the . . . 

# # # 

(nils page UnclaBsified) i7_03UU9 


DUMPED OVER__2£l_DURING.25MS!^H coast 

Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

10 23 36 ho 10 23 Ih 

10 23 kS 03 10 23 56. ih 

11 00 ih 10 11 00 21 01 

11 00 35 30. 11 00 39 5^ 

11 00 53 07 11 00 59 03 

11 01 29 25 11 01 36 55 

Tinfe good, voice fair to good. 


Th* mttoiial eonUlMd Mrala hu b**a tnuaerttMd into a warktag 
papar to oMtor lo iMlllUt* rartmr by iataraatad MSC •telnmta. Tkla 
decaiaant, or portloaa tharael,' nay badaelaaalftad aubjaet (o Um 
tolloolac iHldaUnaa: 

Perilona o( IhU doeumant will ba elawUM CCMriDBNTIAL. 
Oroapi, to tha aslant that thajr: (I) Jaflna quaatltjUlva partormanea 
charactarlattea td tha Apollo npaeacra/t, (a)«lalatl critical parformanea 
characlarlatlea ot Apollo craw ayttaM* and aqulpmani, (3) provlda 
laelalleal datalla ol altnlflcaiil launch vahlcla maUunctlona it> actual 
(Ugtt or raaaal actual launch irajactory data, {*) ravaal madleal data 
M IU(M craw mambara which can be e«Mldared prtvllafad data, ot 
(t) ravaal etliar dau which caa ba tiMUvMually daurmUad to raqulra 
elMatfteaUan uadar tha aulhertty ef tha Apollo Prograat Sacurtty Claa- • 
•lOcattoo ObMc, 8C&-II, Ra*. I. l/l/W,, 


Downgraded at 3-year 
Intervals; declaBsified 
after 12 years 

Tbia BUtUrtal uatalM laf onution atf •etlac th« mtlooKl (tefooM el Um DiUUd GtatM 
vtlkte th* nMnlng of th* «aploiu(« Uws/YUla IS, U.S.C., Sacs. YftS an* 7M, th* 
tnumlMtaB or nMlatlon of »Uch la any maamr to an miftuUuniMd panoo ia 
prohibited by Uw. 

Tape 17-03^+49 
Page 1 

10 23 36 Uo CDR I don't know that I would have If I had to take 

that Seconal as much as I hate to admit it. I 
have about decided though that my particular 
discomfort of wake - waking up is characteristic 
of the environment and not of Seconal. Because 
I - the nights I didn't take any and I got to 
sleep and then woke up, I felt the same defocus 
of most of my senses, partic - sight, for one 
thing, and hard to "bring it in and Just general - 
awareness of some kind of disorientation. 

10 23 37 32 IMF 6:30. 

CDR You mean I have to keep eating? 

CMP (Chuckle) 

LMP Pre-sleep checklist. No film mags required for 

the next day. 

CDR Huh? We got some. 

CMP Yes, we've got to get that - that Nikon's got a 

whole . . . take . . . 

10 23 38 00 CDR Well, take all those nice little shots you like 

to have with me shaving or having . . . 

CMP We could do that one of your - your changing . . . 

CDR (Laughter) Yes, changing my . . . That's right. 

Changing my feeling of well-heing, too (laughter). 

LMP How about a bath, a chsmge of clothes and everything? 

IMP How about a bath and a change of clothes? 

CMP Yes, I coiad . . . 

LMP I've got to turn right around tomorrow and put 

those sensors on again. 

CDR Yes, I'm not going to bother taking mine off, I 

don't think. 


Well, I put them on, I guess, for entry. 

Tape IT-03UU9 
Page 2 

liMP Yes , even I might be interested in your heart rate 
during entry (laughter). 

CMP Yes. Ohhh. 

10 23 39 20 MP Old EMS has been looking pretty good, huh? 

CDR Except when . . . 

IiMP Mo. That - - 

CMP ... anything with them. 


LMP Very 

CDR . . . has gotten better . 

CMP Yes , 

LMP Erratic thoiigh, isn't it? 

CDR Ko. 

CMP — to within 0.2 of a foot per second. 

10 23 ho 32 LMP I think you got the window dirty when you were out 

there . 

CDR Someone's going to have to go wash it. 

LMP Ohhh. 

LMP Can't get much fuller. 

10 23 U2 03 CMP The UV's on no^^, huh? 

CDR Oh, I don't know. 

LMP Yes, but the cover's closed on the IR. 

CMP Oh, the cover's closed again. 

CDR I'll put the optics ... for you. 








10 23 kh 09 LMP 
10 23 Ik CMP 

Tape 17-031+1^9 
Page 3 

See anything up there vorthwhile ? 

You could on the Moon at night, couldn't you? 

Oh, yes. 

Tomorrow's the first real nothing day we've got, 
you know that? 

(Laughter) You're right. 

I ' 11 bet . . . fall off during . . . and I 'm going 
to - 

That's going to he a regular PTC attitude. 
It's UV stellar attitude. 


Tape n-03hk9 
Page k 

10 23 ^8 03 CMP 





10 23 k9 30 LMP 

10 23 52 1+1 CMP 


I'm going to take that medicine. 

Did you notice hov those lines moved around at 
1/6 g? — the Rover lines. 

Was it ... lines? This is more random than that 
was - - 


- - with those Rover lines and step lines . I . . . 
them to ... one time — tell the difference. 
Oooh - all the way down at the end of the Rover 
in some of the Rover lines . 

Thank you, Ron. 

This is just random in zero g. Look what you 
just did. 

Well, a vi - a vi - - 
I hit hand again. 

That's one of the - that's what your gravimeter 
was with the vibrating - strain - gravimeter - 
frequency of vibration being a measure of the 
gravitational field. 

They're looking forward to seeing you tomorrow on 
the press conference and back on Earth shortly 
thereafter. I got one from Nassau Bay, too, if 
the commander's listening. 

You wemt to listen? 

He's listening. 

Okay, Gene. Your mother and family have arrived. 
They - in fact, they just walked in from a party 
with Barbara. They all wish you to hurry home 
and send their love. Over. 

Very good, Gordy. And I return mine. 

Tape 17-03ii49 
Page 5 

CMP You lost him. 

10 23 56 Ik LMP Check the EMERGENCY CABIN PRESS to BOTH there. 

Gene, please. 


Tape 17-034U9 
Page 6 

11 00 Ik 10 (Music) 

11 00 l6 53 CDR Yes , we ought to get that . . . 

11 00 IT 15 CDR Thought you could get that over here. 

11 GO l8 l6 CC America, Houston. I'll turn you over to the crew 

astrologer here. Pleasant dreams. 

11 00 18 23 LMP Thank you, Gordy. And we enjoyed the day with 

you. See you tomorrow. 

11 00 18 k3 LMP Well, so much for that handover. 

11 00 l8 56 CMP . . . over and \inplug it . 

LMP (Chuckle) 

11 00 19 07 LMP Haven't you learned "better than to unplug with an 

interval between? 

11 00 20 07 LMP Ovx old panel 2 MASTER ALARM glitch is gone. 

CDR Do you , . . 

LMP No. 

CDR No? 

LMP No, I haven't seen any. Have you? Do you have any 

CMP ... k hours . ... 

CDR ... anything else I can have. Do you have any? 

LMP Well, there also seemed to be a little bit of 

correlation when we were pumping up - pmping up 
the cabin or had a high pressvire in the cabin. 


11 00 21 01 LMP Yes. I got it on the Flight Plan before we go 

to sleep. 


Tape 17-03^1+9 
Page T 

11 00 35 30 LMP Excuse me. Gene. 

11 00 35 55 CDR ... fine ... b*iscles ... go down and never have 

to go up ... 

LMP Muscles pro'ba'bly are extending you. 

11 00 36 21 LMP Houston, we're going to turn the cabin fan off for 

a while. It's off. Sorry, it's already off. It's 

CC Okay; we copy. Cabin fan is already off. 

LMP That's right. They're - I - I think they're ... 

things eiroimd . . . 

CDR Wish you'd turn it on. 

LMP Oh, I thought you said off. 

CDR No, I want you to turn it on. 

LMP Oh, I'm sorry. Turns out the request was to turn 

it on, so we will. 

CC Okay, understand you're going to turn the cabin 

fan on. ... - - 

11 00 36 5k IMP MARK it. MARK it. 

11 00 38 30 CC America, Houston. We'd like to talk to Captain 

America, please. 

LMP Give him about 5 or 10 minutes and he'll be with 

you. They - - 

CC Okay; have him call us when he gets ready. 

LMP Okay. They - For some reason they want to talk 

to you, Ron. 

CMP Who wants to talk to me? 

LMP I don't know. Parker does. 

CMP . . . ? 

LMP They. 

Tape I7-O3UU9 
Page 8 

11 00 39 h3 CMP 

Houston. This is the command module pilot. Go 


11 00 39 5^ CMP Oh, we went out of contact 7 


Tape i-J-OSkkS 
Page 9 

11 00 53 07 CMP 




11 00 55 ho LMP 



Well, I wonder if I can get by without any Afrin 
tonight. I think I'll try it and see. ... better 
... I hate to use that too much because it gets 
so it won't do any good. And I'd kind of like to 
make sure I have some for entry. 

(Cough) I wonder what we have for decongestant. 

Well, let's see, we got to chlorinate emd we got 
to pump up the cabin. 

And clean the screen. 

... screen and I'll take the chlorinate. How's 


. . . got it? 

Man, I'll take those Lomotils before I - before 
... - I said, if I try to get it, I'll take a 
Lomotil, you know? 

Trouble is, you don't know it. 

You don't? No, that's the ... But I defecated. 
I didn't have the slightest idea until I defecated. 

Is there ... in the water? 

The thing Just floats around, though. 

Been here all day. 

Oh , yes , yes . Yes , I got . . . 

Get up at 8 o'clock guys. 

8 o'clock, huh? Well, set my watch. 

Any of these . . . ? 

Tape I7-O3UU9 
Page 10 

CDR Anywhere ... these jets. We're always going to 

use . . . , okay? Ignore these . . . 

CMP In quad D, huh? 

CDR Even the . . . See all these . . . are . . . changed 

them all. See, like here? B-1, B-2, A-3 ... jets 
here . . . stop it . ... and all that . . . you know? 
. . . change. 

CMP Yes. Well, if that changes, this has got to change. 

CDR Yes . 

CMP . . . and BD are - AC 

CDR — other way. 

CMP Well, yes. That's right; B-1 and B-2; B-1. 

11 00 58 1*5 CDR Can't really stow the big box ... until we go to 

sleep tomorrow after we wake up the next day. 

CMP The . . . back down here? 

11 00 59 03 LMP ... really Just a tiedown job is all. 


Tape 17-03^*^+9 
Page 11 

11 01 29 25 CMP ... unhooked (chuckle). 

CDR Huh? 

LMP They were stuck right there. Well, vhose are 

these? These got a dosimeter in them. 

CMP Those are mine. I need to get the dosimeter out 

(laughter ) . 

LMP Well, where - are these mine? 

CMP Yes . 

LMP These are mine? 

CMP Yes. 

LMP Okay. 

CMP I think so isn't it? 

LMP I didn't tie them up, Ron. You must have tied 
them up. 

CMP I tied them up. 

LMP Okay. Well, hey 


MP - - hey - hey. 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP No more feces in this trailer. 

CMP (Laughter) No more feces. 

LMP Ron - Ron , ... to defecate . It ' s my turn next so 
I got to hold my "breath longest . 

CMP You do? (Laughter) 

11 01 30 l8 LMP Well, I'm not going to - I'm not going to - I'm 

not going to put these in there tonight. I can't 

Tape 17-03 UU9 
Page 12 

CMP Oh, heck, no. 


CDR Can you get at that OPS? They want to get that 

That ' 11 make them happy . 

CMP Gosh, how did that thing get so dirty? 

LMP with us probably. 

CDR Can you get at it okay, Jack? 

CDR Anyone going to want the med kit? 

CMP Jack, you want a pill? You want Lomotils or - - 

CDR — set it back here . You may want ... If you 

can't find it here, ... floating around the 

LMP ... to unpack everything. 

CDR No way to - no way to - That depends on how . . . 

it gets. 

CMP That's what I thought. Gene. They don't care 

about pumping the cabin up. But they don't like 
having that ... in here either. 

CDR Yes . 

CDR Coming up. 

LMP How much is the pressure now? 

CDR May have to do it again tomorrow. 

11 01 33 32 CDR ... is about 5.h. 

CMP Yuk, The decompression got chlorine all over 

back here. 

LMP What? 

CMP Chlorine . 

LMP . . . about chlorine? 

I^^^^^^W^^^^^^ Page 

CMP Shoot, this thing is all wet. 

CDR It stays wet all the time. I haven't seen it dry- 

since I've heen here. 

CMP Oh, yes? 

CDR 5.6. 

IMP Where in the heck are we? 

CDR That ' s good , Jack . 


11 01 3k 3k CDR We're looking at 5.T in the cahin. 

CG So are we. 

LMP ... Don't put it back in. ... ask Boh if we have 
to do that again tomorrow. 

CDR Bob, you going to want to do that again tomorrow? 

CC Yes, Gene. ... do it again prior to emptying 

the OPS. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP . . . from . . . wrapping aroimd here . 

CDR Okay . 

CMP A good pack Job. A good pack Job. That ... 

thing. Pardon the French, but - 

CMP I can't turn the darn thing. 

'LMP There you got it stsirted. That'll do it. Try 

again. If you get the threads wrong, you can't - 

CMP Well, the threads were right. 

LMP Sometimes you can screw it on real easy. 

TJape 17-03^1+9 
Page ll+ 

11 01 36 55 CMP 

I think the problem was that it didn't 'break the 
You know, the needle doesn't penetrate that - I 
don't know where in the heck we are. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) n.Q3kk5 


DUMPED nvRP DTTPTNa trakse aeth coast 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

10 17 37 18 10 17 39 09 

11 01 55 50 11 01 55 50 

Voice good, time good. 


The uUrlal conlalned herein hM been treitocrtlMd tato • worklag 
p«p«r In «r4»r to laclUtete review fey fattereeted MSC eletMiito. Tkle 
JocMmeol, erportiou tlwre«(,' nay badectkceltlednl^ect touie 
loUowlng c<>id«UMa: 

Portlona ef IhU doeumenl will be cUealfM COHriDENTIAL. 
OroMpl. to the extent ttiet (liey: (t)MliM quenUMIve performance 
eharaetariatlce of the Apollo Upacecnull, <l)<leuil crUlcBl|>erfornuu>ce 
<hara«terUlle« of A|>ollo era* ajratetue and equlpoieal. O) provide 
Uehaleal iMalta of alKnltlcant latweh vehicle ruUuaetlona In actual 
fUfht or revaal actual launch trajectory data, <4) reveal atedtcal data 
oa lUfht crew membera which can be cooaldered prtvlleced data, or 
(t) reveal other data which can be tMUvlduatly determlaed to require 
elaaatfleatloii under the authority of the ApoUo Program SecurHr Claa- * 
•tfleMlOB Ouldo, sec- 11, Ror. i, l/l/«e. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
Intervals; declaealfied 
after 12 years 

TU« natortal eontalna inf onuitloa tlfMUnc Um luttiMtl (Mmm of th» UntM atatM 
wtthta Om BMalng ttf th* mmaiont^t lawarrtU* 16, U.a.C, 8«c«. 7M ud 7M, thm 
tnaamlMtOM mr rmtitloa of which tn utf tauamt to an ouuthorlMd pmcn la 
pnktMlad bf taw. 

Tape 17-03^*1+5 
Page 1 

10 IT 37 l8 CDR Jack, you got ... moving around out there. 

IMP I grabbed ... as far as I covild over here . 

CDR You ... your foot was in here. You back in there. 

CDR Yes, you did get tangled up with the camera cable 

to start with, I guess. I don't know what you 
did with all those straps for these cables, but 
I'd like to -put a piece of tape on them. 

10 17 38 23 CDR We're missing the time lines ... our Flight Plan. 

10 17 38 30 CDR You want to get the 0^ heaters off? 

10 17 38 38 CDR Hello, Houston; this is America. Looks like the 

repress package is up - is back up; my surge tank 
is back up. Would you like to turn the cell off 
and turn the 0^ heaters off? 

CC Geno, EECOM says affirmative to all that. 

CDR Okay, Gordo, how are you doing? 

CC ... Ron's stroll around the service modxile. ... 

had a ball. 

10 17 39 09 CDR Yes, he did. 


Tape 17-03^1*5 
Page 2 

11 01 55 50 CMP 

... the ... that it didn't break the - you know 
the needle doesn't penetrate that - 

# # # 

(This page Unclasstfled) n.o^kh3 


DUMPED ovFT? GPS nTTwmn trmse abth coast 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

10 16 50 56 10 IT 52 21 

Voice poor; time good. 


TiM nfttertol conUliMd harcin hM bm*h truMcribad Into • working 
fUfur ki ordtr to fulUtnte raviaw by Intarcalad M8C alclnaata. ThU 
doeumtntt or portions lh*rM(,' mKy b*d«c1>*alfi*d nublMt to the 
foUowIng (ufci*liM«: 

Porllona of thla doeumaat will ba cUaaUlad CONnDBNTIAL, 
ar«iip4, to lh« airtent that thay: (l)dafina quanllUUIva pariomuutca 
CharMtarUtica et Ihe Apollo Spaeacrafl, (l)d*talt critlcalparformanca 
chnractarlatlca of Apollo craw ayttabia and aqulpmani, (S) provide 
iMiWtCkl daUlla o( algnUlcant Uuneli Yahlcle maUunctlona In actiul 
lUfhl or rcvaal aetoal Uunch (rajactory daU, (4) ravaal madlcal dau 
cn night er«w membara whicli can ba eonttdarad prlvilegad data, or 
(t) rmaal oUiar dau which can ba faidlvlduaUy dalormlnad to raquire 
eUaaifleallan under tha authority ot tha ApoUo Program Sacurlty Claa- 
atfleation OuMa. SCC-il, hav. I, l/l/tt. 


Doyngraded at 5- year 
intervale; deelaaslfled 
after 12 years 

Thla mutorlal contain* InforaatUm affeetlnc the national iW«m at tha Usitod SUtM 
wtthla the atMuUng of th* Mplaiac* Uvarrttl* 18, V,B.C., Sm*. TM and TM, tha 
teiMm tia tw ravtlatton of which In anjr maaiMr to aa ttaauthaiizad panon la 

Tape I7-O3UU3 
Page 1 

10 16 50 56 LMP 








10 16 58 CDR 


...It days, ve ... - I'll put it on for reentry 
anyway, I think. 

Hey, what are you getting up? The bag? There's 
a - it's a - could we stow it? There's nothing to 
hook on. Forgot about that. 

Well, yes, but - huh? 

Through there? Like that? It seemed like it would 
go this way. We'll hook it like this. 

Okay, but we got to hook it here somewhere, tempo- 
rarily. Give him enough room to get his thing in. 
Well, here's where it goes. Right here. Right on 
my ... couch. Comes through from the - from the 
hatch side, right? 

Huh? Say again? I want 

Before we hook this end, let's - let's get this - 
oh, boy. Get this out of the way. For the front. 
Got a latch cover for that handy? 

Just let it sit there. 

Bet you don't have a hatch handle. There. Hatch 
handle. Okay. Jack, you going to stow? 
getting your legs up. 

Wait a minute. Okay. Okay. Get this part of the 
bag up. How can I get to it? Well, on this - on 
the front of the - on this - Here you go. 

There's a lot of room up here. Boy, I'm glad we 
got that 9 inches, I'll tell you. 

Oh, you - Is there a center thing to hook? Wait a 
minute - let me - let me hook it. Yes, it is, Jack. 
Well, yes, I guess. Wait a minute. 

Is it - is it the same kind of hook, Ron? With those 
short little rings? Oh, shootl " Yes, I see it, I 
can't - I can't do that. You'll have to pick it up 
from the back end to do that. I'll hold it too. 

Tape 17-03UU3 
Page 2 


10 16 56 06 CDR 



10 16 57 57 CDR 



10 17 00 25 CDR 

Jack, if you want to push it. Well, shoot. 

You're - Yes, you're almost there. You almost did. 

Is that a leg or an arm? 

Yes. You got to - you got to push it through, and 
then there's a ring that snaps on the hook. Yes, 
I can't get my arm in there hecause - I could get 
it if you loosen the hack side of the bag. See it? 
There it is. It goes through fron your end - No, 
from your end - goes through both of those square 
slots. Yes. No, from your end. Well, no, it's 
got to go through from your end into every hook. 
If you can go through from your end, just 

The hook broken? 

Well, just stick it through it. I'll - I'll get it 
down here. Just stick it throvigh, and I'll get 
it down here. I - I'll put the back - - 

That's all right. I'll just put the ring on it, 
even though it's outside. It'll stay, I think. 
Yes, you got to ccme through there from yoiir side, 
see. And that's what I say, you've got to push 
through there. 


Okay. How's that? Let me see if I can get my . . . 
going. Yes, I've got a ... Okay, the hook's fixed. 

Here's a PRD that's going to get lost back there. 

No. Wait. Let's leave ... up like this. 

I think you got it now. Jack. Here it is . I've 
got it . That ' 11 make use of the bag . 

Tape 17-03^+1+3 
Page 3 

CDR Hey, you're way - you're "back here. You're all the 

way back. I think - Yes, I don't see how you can - 
I don't see how you can get any more. 

CDR Yes, I guess - you're - Yes, hut somebody's got to 

go on cnrnm , so - - 

SC ... 

CDR Put this over by Jack. This thing. Will you? 

Ron, are you going on coinm? 

CDR Ron? Did you go on comm? Oh, boy! 

CDR Do I hear you on? 

10 17 02 50 CMP Yes, I'm on. 

CDR You can get off then. 

CMP Are we ... them down? 

CMP ( Laughter ) Gee , it ' s ... ( laughter ) . 

SC • « * 

CMP Yes (laughter). 

CMP (Laughter) Yes, they sure have. (Cough) Man, I 
don't know. What did he say? 

SG « * * 

CMP (Laughter) He was sure worried about my scissors 

down there (laughter). 

CDR . . . the . . . 

CMP Yes - worried about the scissors and where they 

are. Yes. 

10 17 07 25 CMP It's open right now, but we're going to close it 

here shortly. Do you think we need it closed now? 

Tape 17-031+1+3 
Page 1+ 


10 17 07 50 CMP 









10 17 13 35 CMP 

• * • 

Oh, I see, okay. Yes, we'll - we'll close it after 
a bit here. (Cough) 

Well, we can CLOSE the WASTE STOWAGE VENT any time 
now to restore fuel. 

You can get a little bit more air down there, if 
you want - you can get a little bit more air, if 
you want to undo those things there. 

(Laughter) Oh, ... 

Well, I gave you something to bring back. 
(Laughter) Yes, that heat. 

Well, yes, in that - Yes. 
Isn't it, though? 

(Laughter) Yes, when I first stuck my head out 
there, the 

Yes, I know. We're in . . . Wait a minute. 
Okay. Aaah. Whoosh. 

That . . , Wait a minute . 
Houston took who? 61 to 17? 

Okay, 20 to 3, New York over Dallas, huh? 20 to 3, 
right now. New York over Dallas. 


Tape 17-03i*U3 
Page 5 

CMP Okay. Yes. 

SC ... got it . This the . . . , huh? 

CMP Oh, okay. That's all right. 

CMP They're coming along. We've got two guys who have 

their suits off now. 

CMP (Laiighter) That's right. Hey, hope North American 

doesn't think I was hadmouthing their spacecraft 
down here because, you know, there was a little bit 
of blistered paint on it. That doesn't mean any- 
thing. It's still a very good spacecraft. 

CMP ( Laught er ) Okay . 

CMP Okay, Bob. 

10 17 18 17 CM Okay, Houston. The CDR back up. 

CMP Yes, we have a site handover here in about 2 - 

2 or 3 minutes ... lose comm. 

CMP Do we have to take these off in this - - 


CMP Do we have to take - - 

CDR You don't have to, just the small one. 

CMP How's it look? Well, we better put it on ... 

CMP ... go the . . . 

CDR Well, hand me that other LEVA bag, and I'll put ... 

CMP ... these LEVAs? I didn't even notice the scratch. 

CDR . . . still in the . . . 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR Okay. Let's ... that LEVA to you, or anything else 
like that? 

Tape 17-031*1+3 
Page 6 

CMP No. 

CDR ... or anything like that? 

CMP Yes, I did, matter of fact. I took both of them. 

CDR Did you? 

CMP Yes. Yes, it's where somebody scratched thai with 

the - - 

CDR Yes , you ... - - 

CMP Put a scratch right down the middle of it when I 

was trying out the visors . 

CDR Here, I'll get the ... connected. 

CDR Oh. 

10 17 20 15 CDR There's a ... in the thing. Nothing worth ... 

about that . 

SC (Coiagh) 

CDR Get your helmet. Jack. Let's put it in here. 

LMP Just a second. I'll get rid of it. 

CDR Oh, this is Ron's. 

LMP ... flight accessory bag. Shoot! I didn't get to 
stick my head out that end. 


CDR Got a purge valve ... to happen. 

CMP Uh-htih . 


10 17 25 17 CDR Houston, America. The WASTE STOWAGE VENT valve is 


CDR ... I think . . . the checklist and see what we 

missed out on. 

Tape 17-03lti+3 
Page T 


CDR He ain't on . . . 

LMP Why don't you ... give ... 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Give me that . . . 

SC • « • 

CDR That's worse than that ... checklist. 

LMP What . . . ? 

CDR Now then. As soon as you pick up the checklist, 

I think you'll find out we got quite a bit of it. 
And I won't take these off "because I don't know 
where they go. I'll just take - 


CMP . , . ? My ... 


LMP ... No. 

CDR Jack, are you - you available? 

LMP Yes, I just shipped some stuff to you. What about 

these, ...? Okiay. Well, I - I'll read them off 
as soon as you get out of your suit. 

10 IT 33 23 CDR Couple things . ... we got . ... we got . 

CDR Better ... those switches set in that space- 

craft . That ' s the . . . 

LMP Yes . 

CDR All right. 

Tape 17-O3UU3 
Page 8 

CDR You guys, I'll bet, are hungry, aren't you? Know 

why? Because we gat up at 7 and ate breakfast , 
and it's now 5, and we haven't eaten yet. 

CDR Is your . . . normal? 

LMP I just think it may he somewhere. I can't - ... 

CDR Jack, you catch ...? 

LMP No , ... 

CDR Okay. Well, watch that ... 

CDR Prohahly couldn't hear. Your foot was in here. 

LMP ... back in there. 

CDR Yes , you did get tangled up in your cameras . 

CMP ... Is that what I did? 

CDR I don't know what to do with all those cameras and 
cables. And ... (laughter). 

CDR ... in the Flight Plan. 

CDR Ever get the 0^ HEATERS OFF? 

10 17 38 37 CDR Hello, Houston; this is America. Looks like the 

Would you like us to turn the cell off and turn the 
heaters off? 

LMP Okay, Gordo. How you doing? 

LMP Yes, he did. 

CDR Is eating a contingency in our EVA - post? 


CDR Ron? . . . this . 

Tape 17-03ltlt3 
Page 9 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Let you do (laughter) it again ... water will kill 

you (laxighter). 

CMP All right , that ' s ... That ' s ... 

CDR Ron? One small thing . . . 

CDR Yes, let's get this hack operational here. 


CDR Huh? 
SC ... 

CDR I just wrote, "EVA day," to go with ... 


CDR Don't know what else they can do with it. No way 

to transfer it from the LM, that's for darn sure. 
And I'm not going to drink it so I can ... 

10 17 hk 1+7 CDR I took my ... off, as a matter of fact. I hope 

not . 

CDR Sorry, I put my ... on ... 

CDR All right? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Okay . 

CDR Okay. 

LMP What? 

CDR Are we ... in the Flight Plan? 


CDR ... time for it. Let me get this suit out of the 

way here. 

Tape I7-O3UU3 
Page 10 


10 17 ^9 ^2 CDR 



10 17 52 21 CDR 

Pecan! Hiding them out again, huh? 

That's where you've got to put the rock box, too. 
... put the rock bag up there. Still get my . . . 
rocks . 

. . . getting . . . 

I'll tell you one thing. For these constant wear 
gar - or these coveralls, you don't have to press 
them very often. 


They just wrinkle now ... (laughter). 

Sure looks funny. 


• ■ • 

Go ahead. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 





Time Segments (AET) 


10 17 3T 19 


■10 17 39 09 

11 01 36 36 

11 01 36 56 

Time and voice good. 


Tke matorlal contalnad herein hu been tranacrltwd Into • worUog 
paper In order lo taelltUte review by Intereated USC elelnwite. ThU 
doauMot, «r portion* Uiereod'nwy bedecUeelfiedml^ecl to the 
tall«rtB| gttldeUjin: 

Portlona of thU document will be claeellled CONriDEKTIAL, 
Greaf»4, to the exleiii that they; (1) define qinntllnttve perfonnuwe 
ehametertettc* ol (he Apollo Sp«eecr«ft, (l)deUll crllteal performance 
ehareclerlatlee of i^llo crew ayeteme and equipment, (3) provide 
teekalcal details of altnltlcant launch vehicle ntaliitnctlona In actual 
tllfht or reveal actual Uunch tra)eetor]r data. (4) reveal medical dau 
M f Ucht crew membera which can be eooaldered prlvlleped data, or 
(t) reveal other data which can be Individually determined 10 retire 
claaalllcatlOD under the authority «f the Apollo Profram Security Claa- 
■tfteaUQK Outde, 8CG-11. Rev. I, 1/l/M,. 


Dovngraded at ?-year 
Intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

Tbla nwtcrlKl conUIn* tnf omwtlon «fi«ctinK the twUonai Mmim cf tiM UnlUd StctM 
wtUHA the ntMUiLnc o( Ui* •■ploMci Uwa, Tttlc IS, U.&C. 8«ea. 19S ud 7M, the 
twMiHlMltM or mcUtton oi wUcdi la any nuniwr to u lu i aiith ortrt dl p»nm to 
prohlbtUd bf Uw. 

Tape 1T-03J+58 
Page 1 

10 IT 37 19 CDR Jack, you got your 

LMP . . . moving around out there . 

CDR I grabbed the ... as far as I could over here . ... 

in the mirror. Your foot was in here. Get back 
in there. Yes, you did get tangled up with the 
camera cable to start with* I guess. I don't know 
what you did with all those straps for these cables. 
Why don't you Just put a piece of tape on It or 

CDR We're missing time lines on the Flight Plan. 

10 17 38 31 CDR Did you ever get the 0^ HEATERS OFF? 

CDR Hello, Houston; this is America. It looks like the 

- REPRESS PACKAGE is up. Uy SURGE TANK is back up. 
Would you like me to ttirn the FILL OFF and turn the 

CO • • • 

CDR Okay, Gordo. How you doing? 

CC • • • 

10 17 39 09 CDR Yes, he did. 


Tape I7-O3U58 
Page 2 

11 01 36 56 CMP 

I think the prohlem was that it didn't break the 
you know, the needle doesn't penetrate that - - 

# # # 

{nils page Unclassified) 17-03U60 


DUMPED nyigp mad totptno trms earth coast 

Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

11 08- 30 30 11 08 32 17 

11 08 36 57 11 08 37 18 

11 08 51 10 11 08 gl U6 

11 08 56 10 , 11 08 57 5'? 

11 09 09 oit • 11 09 1^ 52 

Voice fair; time good. 


n* iMtortal eooUlMd iMraln laa b««a InMcrtM Into a vorfcloc 
papar l« onltr to faclUtoto review by MarMtod MSC aUmaoita. This 
ilni aiawil. or porUaaa llwra«f,° ntjF ba daclaaaltlad atal^aet toUi* 
toUovlac (uldallBM: 

rorltoaa e( thia documaat wlllba claaalllad CONnOBNTIAlH 
Oraap 4, to the axlaot Uiat Uwr: 0) daftaa qmnlltaUva performaaca 
ebaraetariadca of lha Apollo Bpacacnft. <2)datall critical parfornaaca 
cbaractarlatlea of Apollo craw ayatama aad aqutpmaat, 0> provUt 
laehaMl daUlla of alcnttleaiM laaneh vMela malAiactloM to actual 
fbl^ or raraal actual lauaeb trajaetory daU, (4) ra*aal madteal data 
M fU|^ craw meaibara vhleb caa ba eoMldared prtrilafad data, or 
(t) ravaal athar data which caa ba ladl*lduall)P datarmlaad to raquira 
alikaaitteaUoa under Ih* Buthorlly «f the ApoUo Profnun Becurtty Claa- 
tfleatta Onlda, SCC-11, Ro*. I, 1/1/44,. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
Intervals; declassified 
after IS years 

Tkia Mtertal eoatalaa Information afTaetlnf th* natlaaftl <tef«flM d Vbm UatM State* 
wltMn th* inMaliic ef th* MBtomg* tawsTrttl* IS, U.8.C., flws. tM «id YM, tt« 
tnMmlMlOB or r*«<aUtlon ol which in anr nuuuwr to an ojiawthortoart paraoa !■ 
pnUMtotf Iqr Inr. 

^[pmP|P^P|^P|PI||^ Tape 

Page 1 

11 08 30 30 CDR I'm glad I'm not in those suits. 

CMP ... J ett bag ... - 

CDR Well, we - set up a warmer configuration, they'll 

call you. 

CMP Put the spacecraft in a - 

CDR In a warmer mode. Hot dang, here's the water on 

the ... instead of the ice. 

LMP Light the pilot. 

CMP Light my fire, baby. (Laughter) (Singing) 

CMP Start the battery A, Jack., whenever you feel like 


LMP Starting now, huh? 

CMP Yes, sir. 

CC Okay. And, America, we'd also like to get BA.T A to 


CMP (Laughter) Read my Flight Plan. 

LMP That's in work right now. Bob. Thanks for the 


CC ... 

11 08 31 U6 LMP Well, we're trying to keep your spirits up today. 

11 08 32 17 CDR You hear what he said? 

CMP Oh, okay. 


Tape I7-O3I+60 
Page 2 

11 08 36 5T CDR 

I think you guys are . . . 

Yes , sure . We check with each other . 

Bring up the water on these . • . 

Boy, I het these are pretty active. Let's get 
that darn . . . valve. 

11 08 3T 18 LMP 

That's U - lU degrees. 


Tape IT-O3U6O 
Page 3 

11 08 51 10 LMP 


11 08 51 h6 LMP 

One more. 
Houston, 17 • 

That's affirm. I've got some reports for you, if 
you're ready to copy. 

Okay . ... 

Okay. CDR menu - I'll try negative reporting. He 
did not eat three apricot cereal cubes, pears. And 
at lunch he did not eat half a cereal bar. And at 
dinner he did not eat tomato soup, half a hambiu-ger, 
and the date fruitcake. Add - On lunch he had also 
- positive now - lemonade, two pec - - 


11 08 56 10 liMP Boy, you drink a lot of water. 

CDR Yes . 

LMP That should do it. Bob. Thank you for your 


CC Roger , Jack . ... 

CMP Wish I had another coffee about now. 

CDR ... got something to do. 

CMP . . . out? 

CDR Take them until about noon to figure out 

CMP Yes, while you're still - - 

CDR _ _ What's going on and what you said. And then 
they'll say they really don't fully understand it 
and they've got to talk to us. Hey, you guys cold? 


CDR ... inverter, and that would be MANUAL 

LMP Houston, 17. 

CDR - - ... valve, right? Tell them to repeat those ... 

LMP We thought we'd warm up the cabin. And if I recall 

correctly, you approve of us putting INVERTER 3 
onto MAIN A and going to MANUAL on the TEMP IN and 
taking the EVAP TEMP up to about 59 degrees. 

CC That's affirmative. 

LMP Oh my, how's that for a memory? 


LMP How about weather map data when we do it though. 

CMP Yes. 

Tape 17-O3U60 
Page 5 

11 08 57 55 


Let me know - Let 
. vhere the heck is 

me find the valve, and then - 
it? I haven't been down here. 


Down there in the 

water ... 




Over here? 


No, no, the - - 


Tape IT-O3U6O 
Page 6 

11 09 09 ok IMP ... k ... 

LMP Thank you. 

CMP ..- pretty ... out doesn't it? 

LMP If you're loose, I don't understand why they told 

you to eliminate cereal. 

CMP I don't either, you know. 

CDR Doesn't make any sense. 

LMP I never heard that before. 

CMP They are more concerned with the gas, than they 

were with the loose bowels, I think. 

LMP Faulty hardware equipment; hardware in the 

spacecraft . 

CDR I'll never forget that face 

CMP They ate too much 

CDR mouthing off when we were talking long time 


CMP What's it supposed to do? 

LMP How's that shower in Skylah work? 

CMP I don't know. 

LMP . . . trap shot into it and Just - 

CDR . . . spray water . . . 

LMP It's a lot of holes or something around here. 

CDR It would he too hard to ... shower if you can get 

rid of the water ■ . . 


11 09 lit 52 LMP 

Tape 17-031*60 
Page 7 

Yes. I've had a lot of ... showers. 

Urine showers, milk showers, hot water showers. 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) 17-03U6T 



Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

11 09 lU 26 ' 11 09 17 07 

11 09 29 52 11 09 36 k3 

Time and voice good. 


The maUrlAl contained herein bae been trtnacrlbed Into ■ worklne 
paper in order to bciUt«tc review by IntereMed MSC eletneate. TM« 
documtat, or portion* Uiereot,' may be dec Ueelfled subject to the 
(olbnrtnc guidellaea: 

Portion* d {hit document will be GUa*llled CONFIDCNTIAL, 
Group 4, to the extent that they; (I) define quantitative performance 
ebara«t*rlBltc* of the Apollo Spacecraft, (l)datall critical performance 
characteristic* of Apollo crew eystems and equipment, (3) provide 
leeluleal details of alfnltlcaat launch vehicle maUuoctlone in actual 
flilihl or reveal actual launch trajectory data, li) reveal medical data 
mtllfhl crew member* which can be conddercd privileged data, or 
(ft) reveal other data which can ba individually determined to reqidre 
ctaaslflcation under the authority of the Apollo Program Security Clas* 
•UteaUcn Cttlde, SCG7II, Rev. t, l/l/«<. 


Downgraded at 3-yeer 
intervals; declaBslfied 
after 12 years 

Thto BUtortal cooUlns Infonaation affffetinc th« iwtlooal ctatwiM d Um UnlUd SUiM 
wtthla til* mMaiag of tht ••plont«e Uwa, TlUo 18, U.S.C., Sees. TfiS uid 794, tb* 
tnauBlMtaa or r«««litlon of wMch in usf nuiiiMr to u uiuutflioiixwl pantn to 
pnhlUtad Iqr Ui#. 

^^P|P|HHmmB^ Tape 

Page 1 

11 09 II+ 26 CMP How does that shower in Skylab work? 

LMP I don't know. 

CMP . . . strap yourself into it and it just - - 

SC ... it just spray water - - 

CMP Yes , 

SC ...? 

CMP I think so. A lot of holes around you. Shouldn't 

he too hard to have a zero-g shower if you can get 
rid of the water . . . 

LMP You know, I've had a lot of zero-g showers. 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP Urine showers , miUt showers , hot water showers . 

CMP Whoops , excuse me ... What time is that big thing 


LMP Five o'clock. 

CDR ... stowage ... ALMED. 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP We go into the ALFMED prep? 

MS (Laughter) 

SC • * « 

MS (Laughter) 

11 09 16 12 LMP Got to have a full stomach for ALFMED. 

CMP Got to have a full stomach for ALFMED. ... stomach? 


LMP Oh, shoot . . . 

CDR Yes . 

Page 2 

LMP Laughter ... you get back ... You know, the real 

reason . . . because you vant to be prepared for 
ALFMED . . . 

MS (Laughter) 


CDR That guy, what's his name there, Mauriot, is not 

a bad music maker. 

11 09 17 07 OSP No, he's 


Tape I7-O3I+6T 
Page 3 

11 09 29 52 LMP Coming up 

CC Okay, would you like to hear the contents of this 

telegram that went out of here today to the "U.S.S. 

IMP Yes, sir. 

CC It's to the "U.S.S. Ticonderoga," passed to the NASA 

Teem Leader. It says, "Stullken, we know exactly 
where the spacecraft is , and we know exactly where 
it's going to land. Uow, if you can figure out ap- 
proximately where you are , we will he in good 
shape . " 

SC (Laughter) 

CC Pull yoiirself together, and move 50 feet from the 

target point. Let's end this program right." 
Signed, The Guys in the Trench, MCC, Houston. 

SC (Laughter) 

CDR Beautiful, Bob, beautiful. 

LMP . . . sounds like he might have a little bit of a 



CDR Oh . . . 

LMP That's the way I felt last night after I ate, full 

and then all of a sudden I had to get rid of it. 
(Music in background) 


LMP Probably just a result of being completely clean. 

That's possible. 

CMP . . . , huh? 

LMP Get a little bacteria going or something. 

CMP Oh, bacteria. I don't think there was any bacteria. 

LMP Well , but I mean , I think that ' s what does it . 

You know . . . 

Tape IT-O3U67 
Page k 


CMP No, I don't know about that. I cut myself with a 
dark slide the other day - that needle, I guess. 

11 09 33 01 CMP How ahout handing the ... camera. 

SC ... little one . . . Kikon . . . ? 

SC I'm going to set up and get some close pictures. 

SC Should have taken pictures of the ... 

CMP Yes . 

LMP What are we dealing with here? All set? 

CMP I don't know. You have to adjust the ... 

LMP Ko, I mean ASA wide? 

CMP ASA 1+000, yes, 

LMP Reset the - 

CMP ... may he too much light- I don't know. 

MP Looks like we have our old shutter failure here. 

CMP We did? 

LMP Yes . 

CMP ... do that . — one on . 

CMP Isn't that the way we did it? 

LMP That did it. 

CMP That did it? When you're ready ... I want to 
start ... I can't drink that nrach water. 

11 09 3k 23 LMP . . . wide open, too. 

Tape lT-03i+67 
Page 5 

CMP Is it wide open? 

CMP Okay . 

LMP Hey , it ' s Just a drop . . . drop . . . 

CMP •.. can't get a drop (lauighter) . 

LMP Just bsirely sq.ueeze it. 

CMP I did. It just squirts - sprays. 


MS (Laughter) 

SC • « • 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP Move your foot. 

CMP Oh (laughter) . 

LMP I'll taJte this stern coramander-type picture, 

CMP Right. 

LMP Admiral America. 


LMP No , it ' s f lajnmable . 
11 09 36 U3 CMP (Laughter) 


# § # 

(This page Unclassified) ^^^^ 17-0 3U69 


Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

11' 10 26 01 11 11 20 05 

11 11 39 19 11 11 37 

Voice fair, time good. 


The mattrUkl contained herein hu be** transcribed Into ■ working 
puer la order to taclUUte review by lotereeted MSC elelncnie. Thte 
document, or portlooe thereof, nwy bedeclaeelded euldect to the 
t«ttowln« gutdeilnee: 

Portion* or thte document will be cUtettled CONriDENTlAL, 
Croup 4, to the extent lh«t ttiey: <1) define quanlMUIve periornwoce 
elinrecterietlce of the Apollo tfpeeacraft, (a)detall crltlcal|ierforcnancc 
chwMtorietlce of Apollu crew eyeteinB and equipment, ii) provide 
technical deUlle ol elcnlllcant launch vehicle maUvuicllune li> actual 
tU|ht Or reveal actual launch tre)eetary data, <4) reveal medtcal daU 
on (Itcht crew ntembera which can be eoneidered prtvlleced data, or 
(«) reveal other daU which can be indivlduall)r determined to ref^lre 
eUeeUicatlan under the aulhorlly of the Apollo Program Security Clae- 
•IflcaUon OuUk. SCC-ll. Rev. 1, l/l/M. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
intervale; declaeelfied 
after 12 years 

Th)« mst«rU) eoBiatna Inforiastlon slfectlns th* niUtaiua d«f«tiM of th* Uiitt«d 8UtM 
wtthln llM iBMttiiie d the «aralansga Uwg, Tttl« 16, U.8.C., 8«ca. 763 and TM, tha 
tnuiamtMtcn or rtTeUUion of iriilcta In any auuuiar to an mututfaorlMd paraat w 
prohUilMI bjr Uw. 

Tape lT-03»^69 
Page 1 

11 10 26 01 IMP . . . let me stow this thing . . . 

CMP Yes , okay . . . 

LMP Well, ALFMED is in A-8. 

CMP ... you have there now. 

IMP Okay. 
CMP Right here. 

IMP Ron, let's stow our dirty underwear in A-1, too. 

CMP Okay . 

IMP You want A-8? 

CMP Yes. 


CMP Wait a minute. 

CDR . . . have an ALFMED? 

IMP Okay. ALFMED ought to he in there - 35-milliiiieter 

cassettes. Four of them in the hag. 

SC * • * 

IMP They up here? 

SC Yes , ... 

SC ... still got the ... camera. 

SC ••• » Ron, ... get hack up here. 

IMP That's ... The filters, they're all - they're in 
the same hag right? 

SC ... cassettes in here? 

IMP You want the CIN cassette in there? 

CDR Yes, stick it in the hag because of the ... be in 

the camera, see? 

Tape I7-O3I+69 
Page 2 

IMP Okay. 

11 10 27 32 CDR Unless we finish it up today. 

IMP What we really ought to do is put that CIK cassette 
over here in - - 

CDR • . . camera . . . camera goes? 

MP Yes, where the camera goes. Stick one of these ... 
around there . . . 

CDR Oh, boy. 

CDR This film is all used, huh? 

IMP Yes, it's all used. 

IMP Okay. You ready? 

CMP No, hold on a minute. 

11 10 29 02 IMP Oh, okay. Well, doing that, there should he 

T5-millimeter mags, three of them in a hag. 

CMP Okay . . . 

IMP I see you've got two others in there, which I don't 
carry - 


IMP Not for A-8. 

CDR Ron, here you go. 

IMP You think those are supposed to go in R-13, too? 

CDR No . 

IMP Let me check. 

IMP Four, three, and three should be in R-13. 

CMP FoTor, three, and three? 

IMP That's right. 

Tape 17-031^69 
Page 3 

CMP ... in there, too. 

11 10 29 50 IMP No, they're crossed out on here. 

CMP . . . put them? 

IMP Well, we'll find out, I guess. Well, let's see. 

Maybe we can leave them in there and see what 
happens . 

CMP Okay . 


IMP Okay, Bob. I'm up to date on the 0^ purges now, 

CMP Let's see, we don't want to open A-2, do we? 

CDR Huh? 

CMP There's still some room in A-2 for that thing. 

CDR Wo, let's not open it unless we have to. 

CMP No , let ' s - no , let ' s ... pack it around in B-1 . 

CDR B-1 ... 

LMP (Cough) The tape cassette kit is supposed to go in 

there, Ron. 

CMP Right in here. 

IMP Yes. 

CMP Okay . 

IMP There's the batteries and the MU maintenance kit. 

CMP There should be two of them, though ... 

CMP Yes. All right, there's two iMU maintenance kits. 

IMP Okay. 

CMP Batteries? 

Tape IT-O3I+69 
Page h 

11 10 31 17 IMP Well, the tape recorder stuff. No. 

CMP Okay. We'll leave room under there for the tape 

recorders . 

IMP Okay. The inflight exerciser. 

CMP . . . supposed to "be in R ... exerciser . . . the one 

down in the corner. 

MP Over here. 

SC ... 

IMP I think they stay there. gas separators. 

CMP Are there two of those things around? 

11 10 32 08 MP No, not that I know of. 

CDE We'll take that thing off ... mark them. 

IMP We're going to have to get into - into A-8, again. 

We're going to keep playing tapes and using the 

SC Yes . 

IMP Snag line should be in there. 

IMP PGA interconnects? 

CMP Yes, they're there. 

IMP Tone booster. Let's put that in here. 

IMP Okay. There are four items not in there yet. And 

the TO millim - the extra mags. I don't know - 
Those are - - 


Well, they're not listed here, but - Oh, no, excuse 
me. That was just section 1. Section 2: CWGs , 
three - we have two, I guess. 

Illllllll^lllll^lllllllllll^^ Tape 

Page 5 

CMP Two. 

IMP JM temp stowage tag, purse - we don't have that 

any more. 

CDR No, we've got that one ... one "bag is down there. 

IMP No, that's the temporary stowage hag. The purse 

is what they mean. 

CDR - . . down here . 

IMP The purse isn't here. 

CMP Yes , but what is that thing that . . . ? 

CDR Did you ever get that stowage - - 

11 10 33 hi IMP That's the tether bag. 


IMP Well, I don't know. We can put that in there 

CDR Put that in there. Yes, let's 

IMP Where did we put that? There it is. No, that's 

not it . 

SC ... 

IMP Okay. Here. 

CDR 35-millimeter camera adapter. 

IMP ... Okay. Lightweight headsets, section 2. 

CDR I'm going to wear mine. 


IMP You will, huh? Well, let me give you mine. 

SC You don't want me to wear those. 

CMP There's the 35-millimeter bracket up there in ... 1. 

Tape I7-O3U69 
Page 6 

SC Okay. 

CMP Just under that - l6-mlllimeter bag. 

Dtp Okay. You all have a light headset. 

CMP Okay . 

SC • • » 

SC I don't think we ... that one. 

MP What's that? Oh, yes. 

CDR Do you know which . . . ? 

IMP The ALFMED blindfolds will go in there. We used 

those. Okay, section III: CWG electrical adapter, 
one in a bag. 

CMP There you are. 

11 10 35 57 IMP Okay, TO-millimeter mag, three in a bag, IM. 

CMP Wait a minute. Okay, what were those other TOs you 

gave me? 

MP Well, they're - they're on there, too, in section I. 

So - - 

CMP Okay. Well, I need three items. That's two, and 

I need three TO-millimeter mags. 

IMP LM ones? 

CDR No, the ones you read before. 

IMP Well, the ones I read before - I guess they're 

not IM. All right. Okay- 

C^^P So I need three of them in a bag, coming out of F-2. 

11 10 36 39 CDR I'm looking for that bracket , Ron. 

CMP That bracket - it's a little flat blacket - bracket. 

SC ... That ' s it . 

Tape IT-O3I+69 
Page T 

CDR What about your sextant adapter, your eyepiece? 

CMP Oh, I'll ... something. I forgot where it goes. 

Have to look on the entry. 

IMP Okay, Gene. We need a - - 

CDR There you go. Eon. 

I21P three TO-millimeter mags in a bag. 

CMP They're up in F-2. 

IMP F-2. 

CMP There should be a three bagger up there. 

CMP Which one? 

IMP That's a three bagger we're looking for. A bag 
of three. 

CMP Yes, ... it's got - I don't know, three or four 
pictures left. No, it's fully exposed. ... 

IMP ... 105. 

CMP Yes, but I only could go to IO6. The rest of them 
I had to keep for calibration or something. 


CMP No, it doesn't make any difference. 

IMP There should be a bag there. 

11 10 38 07 CMP There should be a bag - three bagger. 

IMP I guess you don't care anymore, do you, Ron? 

CMP No, I don't care anymore. ... 

CDR You know which one of these was the rendezvous? 

Tape IT-O3I+69 

Page 8 % 

IMP Wo. You can look back in the Flight Plan and find 
out , but - 

CDR Mark it if you find out. 

CMP That's in section 3 of the Flight Plan. 

CDR Section 3? 

MP Yes . What have we got now? What have we got out 


11 10 39 07 IMP Okay, Ron, here's three. 

CMP Okay. 

IMP Well, Gene wants to mark one of than if it's the 
right one. 

SC ... 

IMP Should be configure camera. 

CDR Beginning of the rendezvous? 

CMP Before the rendezvous , yes . 

CDR Configure camera - KK . . . 

IMP I don't know whether KK is in there or not. 

CDR Yes , ... 

IMP I didn't put them in so Ron can tell. I can't 
get them in any other way. 

SC Did you . . . ? 

SC There's KK. 

SC Huh? 

SC ... KK. 

CDR Write something on there. 




11 10 hi 00 LMP 











Tape IT-O3H69 
^ Page 9 

Okay, Ron - Stand by on those. You got the camera 
bracket, tool kit; l6-inilimeter mag, two in a bag? 

I don't have those yet. 

Okay. But you have the LM - you have the 
TO-millimeter LM - two LM magazines . 

Yes. I've got a total of 5 remaining. 

Yes, that's right. 

And I will have a total of 3 - ... 

Okay, do those two l6-millimeters come in a foiir- 
magazine package? Yes, probably. 

... I got four magazines . . . 

Okay, here's - here's two. 



I just want two in there. 

Okay, here's one VHBW, If we ever need any ... 
today, that's where we put them. 


Okay. Your waste - You ready? 

Well, waste management backup bag. That's all in 
there. We haven't used that, have we? 

No, it's still there. 

How about the urine filter assembly, three in a bag? 
I guess we've taken ... out. 

Tape I7-O3U69 
Page 10 

CMP We don't need them anymore, do ve? 

LMP ... use them once. 


LMP There's two, I think. 

CDR R-11. 

LMP R-11. 

CMP ... here they are, right here. 

LMP Got all three of them? 


SC ... one . . . 

LMP The ... is ... 

CDR ... I got a big one . . . 

11 10 U3 37 LMP No, you want the little one. The big one stays 


SC No, ... 

LMP It doesn't make a lot of difference. 

IMP Okay. But your waste management backup bag is in 
there . 

LMP Okay, side of A-8. I guess that's it for A-8. 
We've got five items to add in there. 

SC ... 

LMP Okay. Tape cassettes, tape batteries, gas sep- 
arators, tone booster, and the ALFMED blindfolds. 

CMP . . . got a lot of room. 

IMP Got some room left, huh? 

CMP I'm pretty sure we will have. 

Page 11 

IMP Okay. Why don't - on the - ... why don't you 
write down that mag . . . 


SC ... write down which mags ... 

CMP . . . awhile ago . . . 

CDR ... get it all, Ron? 

CMP Yes . 


CMP Yes . 

CMP What have you got room enough for? 

CDR This much room, except we've got a tone booster. 

CMP The tone booster can fit right in here. — 

11 10 1*5 33 LMP Okay. I've got a note here if you've got some 

room in there. 

LMP It looks like this one — 

LMP Okay . 

SC . . . 

SC • • • 

LMP Hand them up here and I'll put them in the bag. 

LMP Okay. On the side of A-8,"you ought to have the 

vacuum brush., 

SC ... right here ... 

CDR What are you looking for? The vacuum brush that's 

down in the ... bag here? 

LMP No, right over here, Gene. 

CDR No , that's ... 

Tape IT-O3U69 
Page 12 


11 10 UT 19 LMP 










11 10 k& 52 LMP 


Well , I know , but . . . 

The vacuum "brush and what else? 

Okay. The urine hose with adapter and two straps 
we'll have to leave out. Right? 

Yes, we'll have to leave it out. 

Okay. I've got it marked. EVA guards - left, 
ri^t, and center with straps. We've got those 
in there. And unipod pole assemhly's in there. 
So the hose is left. Okay. Pick your next spot. 

The only one we got left is A-T- 

Oh, no. We've got - what? 

The intervalometer. 

Oh, yes, we do. 

I get my - I can get the intervalojueter into U-1 
if you want. 

One does. Yes, 20-second or . . . And I can get 
that - Anybody want to use the monocular again? 

No, I don't think so. 

And the - Hand me that stowage bag, and I'll get 
it out of there. 

. . . over here . 

It's under ycjur couch. : 



|fi|^Mp|p|g|MB||||^ Tape lT-03^69 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 13 

SC . . . 

LMP Yes . 

LMP I will verify that. Where did it go? Where did 

the "book go? The hook. 

MP u-^, we add cassettes, batteries, intervalometer . 

250. That's done. 

CMP Yes. I guess we may as well start working on - - 

SC . . . 

LMP You want A-1? 

CMP ... and see if we can get the rest of them. 

LMP Okay. A-1 should "be 16 -millimeter mags, seven in 

two bags . 

CMP Oh, that's where they all go, huh? 

11 10 50 29 LMP And the TO-millimeter mags, four in two bags. 

CMP I got one ... around here. Give me that one. 

LMP Go ahead. 

CC About 15 minutes or so ago, we noticed ... in 

the AUTO position. 

11 10 51 23 LMP It is in the AUTO position. 

CC in the AUTO position. 

LMP And we see the "2" here also. 

CC Okay, we're - we'd like to just leave everything 

like it is ... 

LMP Okay . 

CC We don't anticipate any problem here ... number 1 

CDR Jack, you need this now? 

Tape IT-O3U69 
Page 1I+ 
























Yes, I will. Why don't you Just hand me a hag? 
Okay, Ron. Here are two 70s. ... here. 
You need to end up with four TOs in two hags . 
Four 70s in two hags . 
Seven l6s in two hags. 
Okay, I ... two ... 
No, you got those. 
. . .? 

.. . 70-millimeter camera hracket . . . 

Yes. Sextant adapter, also. 

70-millimeter - 

Did you get the l6s yet, Ron? 



No, I don't have the l6s yet. 
Have three. 

Okay. ... We're going to need that okay? 
Well, one of those is not - - 
Okay . . . . ? 

Why don't you hand it to m?, and I'll put it in 
my hag for you. 

Well, I don't want ... emptied out, I think. 

Tape 17-0 3U69 
Page 15 


IMP I don't know. 


11 10 55 25 LMP Okay, where do you stand on l6s? You got seven 

of them yet? 

CMP I've got two (laughter). 

LMP Can you find any more l6s , Geno? 

CDR Yes. Over there. 

CMP ... Wait a minute. Okay. We've got two more - 

in R - in R-13 right here. 

LMP Here's the intervalometer also, Ron. It belongs 

down there. 

CDR I have three more here for you. Ron. 

CMP No, we use that internal one, Geno, for - I think 
he said — here. 


LMP How many do you have now, Ron? 

CMP Okay, I've got three - four - five. 

LMP Five? There's one on the camera and - - 

CMP Okay, ... six. 

LMP „ _ there should he one somewhere else. 

CMP That was that - It's prohahly that one we took 

, to the LM. 

CDR What? What? 

CMP The one you guys took to the LM. 

11 10 56 3h LMP That's ri^t. And that's over here in R-13 

now, right? 

Tape IT-O3U69 
Page 16 




11 10 57 39 CMP 


Should we leave it there? 
Leave it there. 

Okay. Then I'll change this to a "6," and R-13 
is going to have a ciiange here. Well, they don't 
even want those there. I wonder where they're 
going to want them? 

That's for - that's right. I'm assuming there's 
some consideration for that in here. 

Well, it depends on how many things you change, I 
guess. Whether ... means something. Okay. Got 
six, you've got JO -mi Hi meter mags, the interval 
timer, the tape recorder, I've got marked as later. 
Remote control cable with strap? Thet's prohahny 
still in there, isn't it? 

No, it's in ... 1. 

Okay. TV ringsight in there? 

Okay. I'll give it to you. 

Here you go. 
.. .? 

I don't think we need a ringsight, do we? 

Hardly in Earth view. 

Tape 17-0 3U69 
Page 17 


LMP Got remote control cable there, Geno? 

CDR . . . scmevhere . . . 

IMP You got the remote control cahle? 

CDR Yes, I think so. 

LMP Okay. How about the sextant adapter? 

LMP Okay . 



LMP Yes . 

CMP ... Oh, we can't get it in it. 



CDR I'll get it. 

CMP . . . little thing that goes in here . 

CDR . . . ? 

CMP Goes . . • - - 

LMP You got your towels? 

CMP Three bags of them, yes . 

11 11 01 18 LMP Okay. The LM DSEA goes there. Flag kit and APK. 

That's this one down here on the - in the Volks- 
wagen . . . 

CMP . . . this is . . . ? 

LMP Well, we don't have one. 

Tape 17-0 3U69 
Page 18 

LMP And our APK goes in there. 

CMP Right in there? 


CMP What do - what do they have in E? 

CDR Isn't that in R-something or orher? 

LMP Well, they have it in - they have it in A-1. 


LMP Well, okay. 

CDR Here, Ron, you want to ... 

CMP All right . . . . ? 

LMP Pardon? 


LMP You want 'zo leave it in R-1. I'll mark it there. 

CMP Wouldn't it he just as well 

LMP Well, I don't have any idea how much thought's 
gone into anything. That's the only reason I'm 
asking - - 

CMP I don't think very much. 

11 11 02 hi CMP Most - most of the thought that goes into it is, 

hey, where is it going to fit, you know? 

LMP Yes, but then I'm sure the entry guys assume that 
this is the way it's stowed. 


LMP What was that? 

LMP Oh, okay. A change to the change. 

Tape IT-O3U69 
Page 19 

IMP Okay. I've got a bimch of items related to TV 

that - and the tape recorder that aren't in there. 
Or aren't permanent yet. And - 

LMP That's it, Ron. 

CMP That's all? 

LMP For A-1, except for the TV stuff. 

CMP We've really got a lot of room in here, too, 

LMP How - how - how large, approximately? 

CMP Oh, let's see. The only thing we've got left is 

another mag of film, and it's ahout the same size 
as one of the other side ... lot of room. ... 

LMP Okay, on the top of that compartment, we'll 

eventually put the decom bag and - decom hag and 
the jett bag. 

11 11 05 06 CMP Okay; that jett bag is what - ... usually for - 

for all the LM goodies • ... 

LMP Okay . 

CDR ... the OPS ? 

CMP A-7. 

CDR Wet deck. 


CDR How much . . . battery . . . 

CMP Which one? 

CDR Tape recorder ... 

CMP ... recorder battery. ... 

LMP Okay, that's - they're supposed to go in the 

CDR ... marked. We marked those as something that's 

not in A-8 yet. 

Tape 17-031*69 
Page 20 


IMP Okay. You want - - 

CMP U-2. 

LMP u-2. 

CDR Binoculars . 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Binoculars in here? 

LMP Only stowage bags will go in there. 

CDR Only stowage bags? Where do we put the helmets? 

CMP I don't mderstand that either. 


CMP Yes , we'll .. . 

CDR ... not enough stowage ... 

CMP ... 

IMP Okay, Cabin i^'an filter in bag. Not yet. 
Binoculars, med kit, auxiliary. 

CMP It's there. 

11 11 06 50 LMP Intervalometer, 8 seconds, in bag, huh? 

CMP . . . not going to be - - 

LMP Oh, that other one, the timer - that was the thing 

that was supposed to go over there. 

CMP That's where the timer is. 

LMP I'm sorry. I - 

CMP The intervalometer goes 

LMP The 8-seconder, yes. 

Page 21 


LMF Yes. 

LMP And - Okay. So you're waiting for the cabin fan 

filter in U-2. That's it for U-2. 

CMP , . . bag in here . . . 

LMP What? Okay. 

CMP ( Laughter ) 

LMP That shoiild have been in a bag, by the way. Okay. 

CMP Decom bag? 

LMP Okay. Pick your compartment. 

CDR It's in U-2. 

CMP Loan me your . . . 

11 11 08 59 CMP U-2 is probably the one that . . . 

LMP Yes . 

CMP Okay . . . . ? 

CDR U-3. ... with the ... 

CMP No, on the - - 

IKP U-3. COAS filter, COAS bulb, l6-millimeter camera 
bracket - we're using that. 


LMP IM docking target, yes. Docking target adapter. 

LMP You got all the COAS stuff. Okay. U-3 is square. 
Pick me another one. 

Tape 17-03^69 
Page 22 


IMP Oh, here's what they - they expected us to leave 
the helmets in the LEVAs . 

3C • • • 

LMP Yes . 

LMP Yes, cut and paste. 

CDR I'm going to do that right now. 

LMP Well, imfortun - Okay. We're going to have to 

fix up mine. Think I've got Ron's gloves in there 
now. Stuffed in there. 

CDR . . . another one . . . bags . . . hags . . . 

LMP Yes, I think so. Yes, looks like it. 

LMP Where are you, Ron? 


LMP Oh. 

11 11 11 36 CMP Here's another - another long - - 

CDR Long one? 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Return enhancement [?]. Where does that go? 

CMP . . . along with the other one I had. 

LMP It's not on here. 

CDR Use the ... hag, Ron. 

CMP Yes , . . . 

Tape 17-03^69 
Page 23 


11 11 13 31 LMP 





How short? Here, I've got one up here. 
. . . got one . 

Either that or we take the - - 

Here you go , Ron . 

- - ... stowed. 

That's not what you wanted? 

I'll tell you what we might do. Let me put this 
probe on here and tie these other hags down with - 
with - tie the probe to the side of these boxes 
along there, you know. Put the - the rock bags 
around the probe, the rock bag ties around the 
probe. ... Let's do that. 

Well, there really isn't a - Wait a minute - Backup 
water, is that what this is? 

Yes, backup water. 

I don't know why they can't ever say names. Okay. 
Now, water bag assembly. 

I'm pretty sure it's the PGA bag. 

PGA bag. You're right. Will that fit in there? 
I don't think so. 

I don't think so. U-2. Did you do U-2 yet? I 
don't think you did U-2, Is U-2 going to have a 
lot of room in it? 

You want to try to get this in U-2? 
Don't think we can stow it ... 
It won ' t , huh ? ... 

Tape 17-03^69 
Page 2k 

CMP That means it's probably the IMP ... - - 

CDR It will fit into U-1. Let's see. 

11 11 lU k9 CDR We supposed to have some LCGs left in this 


CMP No, I don't think so. No. 

LMP They're listed h(5re for entry. 

CMP Yes J because they - the reason they are is because 

sometimes the guys wear the LCGs in. 

CDR That's right. That's why those LCGs 

CMP Plus 

CDR - - ... always . . . wear the LCGs . 

LMP Why don't we put this in there? 

CMP Yes. 

CDR LCGs ... going to ... Where the heck ...? 

LMP You saving these plastic bags? 

CDR No. I was for a while, because I thought I may 
have to use them for jettison from the IM. 

SC ( Cough ) 

LMP Sounds like an AC glitch or something. 

CMP May have to shoot that thing. ... works. 

LMP Okay. 

CMP . . . thing . . . stowage . . . , huh? . . . stowage bag 

up there is any . . . 

LMP Okay, U-1, we added - what did I call that thing? 

Waste - water bag assembly. 


^|^gMa|^a||iB|||gP Tape 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 25 

11 11 l8 15 LMP Okay. U-1 is closed out. 

CMP I think this goes down there in the LEB , doesn't it? 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Okay. ... short ... 

LMP Okay. You want to know where those go, huh? 

CMP Well, ... over there. 

IjMP What do you think those might be called? Other 
than LEVAs? What kind of helmet? 


CDR . . . two. 

LMP EV gloves. 


CMP Yes, put them on the ... platform. 

LMP Yes. We saw something last night on that, didn't 
we? (Laughter) ... made ... 


LMP Yes, I think that was supposed to go in A-7. 

CDR . . . ? 

LMP Yes . 

CMP . . . same . . . with the . . . switched from A-T to A-8. 

11 11 20 05 IMP Wait a minute here. Yes. 


Tape I7-O3U69 
Pa^e 26 

11 11 39 19 CDR How's the cabin now? 

LMP 5.5. 

SC * • • 

LMP Go ahead. 

CC We've identified ... 

CDR Don't worry about these things coining down on 
reentry . 

CC - - ... 

CDR (Laughter) 

CMP Okay, Bob. I've looked at some of those things 

that - but ... to make sure that I've covered 
everything and the fact that we checked it again, 
why don't we go over them again? 

CMP Wait a minute. I'll get my flashlight and then 

we can start doing it again, systematically. 

CDR How's the cabin. Jack? 

11 11 1+1 19 MP It's 5-5. 

CDR It's scissors, my dear Watson, scissors. 

CC • • » 

CDR Houston, America. 


11 11 kl 57 CDR Bob, it looks like we're going to make it on this 

OPS depress. She's reading zero, and she's Jtist 
barely bleeding out where - somewhere around 5-5. 
So I'm just going to let it bleed out nov, and 
then we'll stow it. 

CC * • • 

Tape IT-O3U69 
Page 27 

SC (Music) 

CDE Seventeen. 


CDR Oodh! Caught my ... on one of those hooks dcwn 

there. I got to take a leak. 

CMP I'm getting in the goody locker. 

LMP The docking prohe cable is going in there now. 

CMP In where? 

IMP L-2. 

CDE What do you want on 

LMP And your camera PCM cables? They're still in there? 

CMP Let's see, PCM cable ... 

LMP L-3. 

CMP Yes, the food locker. 

LMP Is the contingency feeding system in there, new? 

CMP Yes . 

CDR L-3? It's L-k. 

CMP No, it's not. 

LMP There is no L-U. 

CMP No, I mean ... - - 

IMP No, the contingency feeding system 

CDR Oh, the system. Yes. The system, yes - food - 

the food system in there , yes . 

LMP Fecal bag transfer bag? Is there one of those 
in R - L-3? 

CMP ' ... feeal ba^ transfer bag 

• • ■ • 

Tape 17-03 1+69 
Page 28 

CDR Huh? 

CMP What the heck is that? ...? 


LMP Okay. You got couch straps back in there? 

Probe storage straps, utility straps,- cosmic ray 
these straps. That somds like it's about right. 

11 11 hk k'J LMP See, the chlorine syringe is not in R-6 yet, I 


CMP Now what are you doing? 


CMP Yes, but there is still a lot of little ... thing 

ve got to pick up tomorrow, isn't it? 

LMP Yes. 


LMP Your G&N Sun filters in there, now? 

CMP Yes, they're in there. 

LMP Did you put the helmet stowage bags in the - - 

CMP . . . Yes , 

LMP U-2 yet? 

CMP U-2. Okay. 

LMP Okay. Where are the PLV ducts? 

CMP Oh, th^'re in . . . bags, I guess. 

CMP They ain't. 

11 11 1+6 37 LMP They ought to be somewhere ' temporarily . Stow - 

# # # 

(Tills page Unclassified) 17-031+T0 



Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

■u 10 38 30 11 10 ki 35 

11 13 38 lU 11 Ih 50 28 

Voice fair; time good. 


Th« Mt«rial coataliMd hcrtte haa bean truwciilMd Into a mrfcinc 
p«p*r In order to {acllltata rovlow bjr laiorMtod Mac •laments. This 
tfoeumant, or portion* Ibaraol,' nwy badaeliaalllad aubfact totlia 
tollowtag guldellnaa; 

Portloita o( (hU documaitl will be elaaatftad CONnDENTIAL. 
Qroupl, to the extent that thejr: (l)dettna quantitative performance 
ctaraetarlallca al the Apollo Spacecraft, (t)datall critical performance 
ctaaraetarlallca ol Apollo craw ayatama and aqulpmant, (3) provide 
laehalcsl detalla ol alcnUtcaat launch vehlcia nalfuactlona la actual 
(ll(ht or raraal actual launch lra|actory data, <4) reveal medteal data 
ontUfM craw membera ulileti can be cooaldarcd privileged data, or 
(t) reveal other data vlilch can be Indtvldually determined to retire 
claaaUlcatlon vnter the autkorlly ot lh« Apollo Program Security Claa* 
atfteaUoB Guide, 8CC-tl, Rav. 1, 1/1/M^. 


Ztovngraded at 3>year 
intervale; declaseifled 
after 12 years 

Tbto BUtoiiiU contAlna Information atitetim the iMtlonat dcrfmM tt Um United SUtM 
wtthln Um mMolng at the oplanace lM»rTUl« 18, V.B,C, Stem. 793 u<i 7»4» the 
tnotmlMton or rtwUUion of which In any mannar to aa umwlhorisad penon la 
pnUblUd by Uw. 

Tape n-03hl0 
Page 1 

11 10 38 30 CDR Do you know vhich one of these was the rendezvous? 

CMP No. . You can look back at the Flight Plan and 
find out. 

CDR Mark it when you find out. 

CMP That's on section 3 of the Flight Plan. 

LMP Section 3? 

CMP Yes. 

LMP What have we got there now? 

SC • • » 

LMP Okay, Ron. Here's 3. 

CMP Okay. 

SC « * • 

LMP Well, Gene wants to work with them, so I won. 

CDR . . . should we configure the camera? 

LMP Should we configure camera. 

CDR Before rendezvous? 

LMP Before the rendezvous, yes. 

CDR Configure camera - KK. You're right on that? 

CMP I don't know whether I have KKs in there or not. 

CDR Yes. 

CDR I didn't put them in so Ron could tell, but I 
can't get them in any other way. 

LMP Can't get them in there? 


CMP Here's KK. 

Tape 17-03*+70 
Page 2 

CDR Huh? 

CMP Here's KK. 

CMP Looks like something on you. 

LMP Okay, Ron. Standhy on those. You got the camera 

bracket, tool kit? 

CMP Tool kit. 

LMP Sixteen millimeter mag, two in a bag? 

CMP I don't have those yet. 

11 10 ho k2 LMP Okay; but you have the LM. You have the 

70-millimeter LM - two LM magazines. 

CMP Yes. I've got a total of five JM magazines. 

LMP Yes, that's right. And you will have a total of 

three CSM. Okay; and those two l6 millimeters 
come in a four magazine package? Yes, probably. 

CMP No, I've got them. I've got four magazine 

packages . 

LMP Okay; here's - here's two, 

CMP Okay; let's use two of these. Here's JJ. Can 

you use one more? There's one roll left. 

LMP I Just want two in there, Ron. 

CMP Two? Okay, 

11 10 Ul 35 LMP Okay; here's one ,,. If we ever need any .., made, 

that's where we put it. 


Tape 17-03^^70 
Page 3 

11 13 38 lU CDR Houston, America. 

CC Go ahead. 

CDR Do you suspect it was a - a power glitch, or do 

you think the control actually failed and you're 
Just now verifying it? 

CC Negative on either of those cases. We've just 

had lots of spurious changes in the past history 
on flights. John's sitting here saying you had 
a number of times on 10, and so - since we're 
not - We Just think the power controller probably 
saw a temperature glitch or something, and we 
think it will Just come right back. No problem. 

CDR I - Come to think of it, I guess we did, now that 

he recalls it. 

CC We'd like OMWI Charlie. 

11 ih 39 11 CMP Okay; you have OMNI Charlie. 

CC And while you're there, we'd like the UV COVER 

to OPEN now. 

11 Ik 39 22 CMP Okay; we'll open the UV COVER. 

CMP Okay, Houston, I'm ready to proceed on this 

pitch maneuver. 

CC Roger. 

11 lU UO 35 CMP And, Houston, the readback on the flow controller 

there. We'll check panel 5. ECS RADIATOR CONTROL 
circuit breaker AC 1; verify it's CLOSED. Then 
we'll put the ECS FLOW CONTROLLER to position num- 
ber 1. And we'll turn the ECS FLOW, CONTROLLER 
POWER, OFF, then center. 

CC It's OFF, center, Ron, and then up to the POWER. 

CMP Okay. I couldn't figure out my writing. Okay; 

that's right. The power is OFF, center, and then - 
back to POWER. Then wait 20 seconds, and put the 

Tape n-03hfO 
Page k 

CMP Okay; you want to start that now? 

CMP Houston, America. Do you want to start that now? 

CC That's affirmative. 

CMP Okay. 

CC That's affirmative. Any time. And in case you're 

wondering - case you're wondering about that mid- 
dle step, that's a reset to logic step by going 
off on the POWER and then back to POWER. 

CMP Okay . 

11 ik U2 35 CMP Okay. ECS FLOW CONTROLLER is going to position 1. 

Okay; ECS POWER is OFF, and it's back to POWER. 
And we're waiting 20 seconds. 

11 ik k3 Ik CMP Okay; FLOW CONTROLLER is going to AUTO now - and 

stays gray, it looks like. 

CC That's what we expected. And needless to say, 

Ron, we'll be watching your ECS system very care- 
fully for you. Just in case it flips back. We 
don't expect any problem. 

CMP Okay; mighty fine. 

SC • » » 

CMP ... You might have the gimbal on. You just might. 

May have left it on. ... 

CMP Okay; I have pitch for you at lk6°. 

11 lit U6 51 CC And, America, Houston. I've got a midcourse T 

and a MIDPAC entry pad. 

CMP Okay. Just wait 1, please. 

CC Roger . 

SC . . . 

CDR That doesn't sound like it. 

Tape 17-031^70 
Page 5 

SC • • • 

CDR Okay. 

SC * « « 

CDR What? 

SC • • « 

CMP Yes, they're doing business. Finally got it. 

CMP Yes. Give it the old ... Take me a couple ... 

CDR Yes. 

SC ... 

CDR ... Did he dump them off? 

CMP Well, yes. He dumped them off. ... 

11 ik k9 3I+ CC And, America; Houston. We'd like to Taring up the 

high gain so we can get the dump going and get the 
data dovn. It's a YAW, plus 15; PITCH, 20h. 

CMP Okay. 

CC Say again. PITCH, plus 15; YAW, 20h, 

11 ll* h9 51 CMP Okay. PITCH, 15; YAW, 20U. 

CC Roger. 

CDR Do we have control? 

CMP Yes. . 

11 Ih 50 28 CDR Okay. 

# # # 

(Hiis page Unclassified) 





Time Segments (AET) 


11 15 26 08 


11 15 h9 29 

Time good; voice fair. 


TiM oMttrlkl eootaioM herain ha* been tnuiscribed Into m working 
p«p*r In order to faclltt*t« review by interested M8C elemenle. This 
docvment, or portlooe Uiereol,' may be dec lasaif ted eul^eet totlie 
toUofrtog guidelines: 

PorUona of Uila document will be claaaUied CONnOBNTIAL, 
Oroupli to the extent that they: (1) define quanlllntlve performance 
cbarmelerlsttes of the Apollo Spacecraft, (2)detali critical performance 
eiiaraeterlBtlca ol Apollo crew syalema and e«{ulpment, (S) provide 
tedtaleal details of slcntrieant lauAcIt eehlcle maUunettuns In actual 
flight or revni actual launch trajeclory data, (4) reveal medical data 
on f light crew memberi which can be eonsldered prlTliesed data, or 
(t) reveal other data which can be Individually determined to require 
claaatficatton under the aulhorlly of the ApoUo program Security Clae- 
•Iflcatlon Guide, 8CC-lt, Rev. 1, 1/l/M. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 

Thta mattftat ecnUlng infornuitlon affactlac the naUonHl <W«im o< Uw U«tUd BlatM 
wtthlii th* nsMalng ct 0,9 Mplonact l«w*rTtUc 18, U.8.C., Bttm, 1«3 utt 7M, th« 
tmuwiMlon or nwUUon of which In uty auuiiMr to m uiuuitboiiMd penoa U 
pnUMUd bgr Uw; 

Tape 17-0 3U 51 
Page 1 

11 15 26 08 CC America, Houston. We'd like ACCEPT. We've got a 

state vector that goes with those pads we've called 
up . 

CDR Okay, Boh. lou've got ACCEPT. 

CC And you can get into the Flight Plan. We gave you 

about a 15-mlnute honus on your eat period there. 
You can Jump right into the eat period, if you 
want . 

CDR Okay. Thank you, Houston. 

SO Might as well . . . 

IjMP I'll tell you what might be the problem with that 

. . . getting your system saturated with salt all of 
a sudden it starts rejecting it. 

CMP Saturated with what? 

LMP Salt, potassium, and what have you. Starts reject- 
ing it and 

CDR See the potassium content in our food was lower 

than l6. It might have taken longer to do it. 
Anybody seen the spoons? Oh, there they are. 

LMP And when it rejected them into your intestines, 

then that soaks up water. 

SC ... 

CMP Those . . . old meatballs were a little bit 


SC « a • 

SC (Whistling) 

CDR . . . noticed you've both . . . start staying ... to 

eat . 

LMP We've been waiting. 

CMP . . . Right . 

Tape lT-03it51 
Page 2 

LMP Guess I've got food on every page of the Flight 


SC Oh, well. 

CDR They don't know whether you stand in the bottom of 

the spacecraft. 

SC (Laughter) 

CDR And I don't either. Get a picture of me and my 

meafballs . 

SC Yes . 

CDR Big old . . . 

CMP Boy, he's trying ... good light attitude. 

SC » • • 

CDR One or the other has got to he upside down. 

SC Okay , 

CDR You know we might end up jettisoning those antennas 
yet , Ron . 

CMP Why? 

CDR Well, we had a tough time getting one out, didn't 

we? . . . been icing up? 

CMP Yes . ... 

LMP . . . got RCS . . . all over the skies . 

11 15 3U 13 CMP .... our att is 60 . 

SC Ohhhhhhhhhh . Oh . Oh - Got to ... 

SC You . . . 

CMP Watch right behind you. That's ... 

Tape 17-03^+51 
Page 3 

SC Where's that? 

SC See that one coming? 

SC Yes, I know. Can't look now. 

CMP Okay? 

LMP Okay. 

CMP ... thing is hard to put on. ... 

CDR ... you can keep going. Let me know when you're 
reac^ . 

CMP Yes, wait a minute. 

CDR H\ih? 

CMP Wait a minute. Okay. 

CDR ... get it all in. ... 

SC ( Laughter ) 

CMP That's about the only thing left. 

CDR What did they say about it? 

CMP They don't know which way it's supposed to ... 

LMP Couldn't you describe it to them or are they all 
wound differently? 

CMP He Just wanted . . . 

LMP Yes, but shouldn't each comm carrier be wound ... 

CMP Oh, you could, but ... 

CDR We don't know what other wires may be broken ... 
other ones broken. 

CMP . . . problem . . . 

Tape 17-03^51 
Page h 

CDR ... at least l+,000. 

CMP 500 . 

CDR Huh? 

CMP 500 . 

CDR Why 500? 


CDR . . . ? 

11 15 38 5lt SC ... our UV attitude to stellar. 

CDR Yes, we oiaght to te - Where's the eyepiece? 
Dovn there, isn't it? 

SC ... necessarily. 

CMP You know it's UV attitude. 

CDR They wanted to turn the command module right into 
the Sun. They've picked the right attitude. 

LMP Yes . 

CMP We will maneuver to - Oh shoot , I - . . . about 

180 degrees in PITCH and about I80 degrees in ROLL. 

CDR You can resolve that one when you ask them. 

CDR How much pitch? 


SC ... roll ... pitch the other way. 

SC ... yaw a little bit . 

CDR Return . . 

CDR Huh? 

Tape IT-O3I+51 
Page 5 


11 15 UO 3k LMP It doesn't look any different now. You know, it 

could "be the way the spacecraft is . 

CDR Might be? 

CMP You know, you two guys could be — the drivers 

up there. Matter of fact, it looks a lot like 
you. - subtle. 

SC ... look that way . 

CMP Got two drivers on the side and a little tunnel 

coming up the middle . 

SC ... be the eighteenth. 

11 15 1+2 IT LMP Ron, could I trouble you for a cup of that nonpo- 

tassium coffee. 

CMP Nonpotassium coffee, coming up. 

LMP Thetnk you. 

SC * • • 

SC No . There you are . . . 

CDR Wake me up. I thought you said this morning there 

was no coffee left, Ron. 

CMP ... had one, so I don't know. ... may seem 

like . . . 

LMP Thank you, sir. 

SC • a » 

LMP Well, what q.uestions do you think they'll ask us 

today? Let's see how good you guys are. 

CDR Oh, think they'll ask us about the ... PS monitor 

yesterday. Why do we ... when the other guys do 
not . 





11 15 hk 01 CDR 










They're going to ask you about your medical problem, 

You know . . . - - 

They're going to ask you now if you and Gene, - 
now because you're a scientist and you've gone to 
the - to the Moon, and a geologist have gone to 
the Moon ... exotic ... within reach in the universe. 
At the present time, are you - can you 

You're going to give your hot water up. 

Have you reached the epitome of your goals or 

Pinnacle - pinnacle - - 
(Laughter) yes, pinnacle of life. 

And they're going to ask me, "Now that you've been 
back to the Moon for the second time, have you - 
have you changed, or has it changed you?" 

No, they're going to ask - they're going to ask 
you what are you going to do now that you're - 
can't fly anymore. 


. . . contact . 
. . . really? 

I got to wipe that water off. You're not getting 
the commander's feet wet. 

(La\ighter ) 

I've never ... sure 

Tape 17-03^31 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m Page 7 

LMP It was - it had rained, just a shower. (Laughter) 

CDR Oh, I think of that half . . . with the . . . 

LMP 6.h g's, gang. 

CMP Coming up. 6.k, Whew! 

CDR I'll tell you iny impression of the - of the view 

of the fireball. I think you ... of your own. 
. . . gave us the impression we ... - - 

CO m • m 

11 15 U5 1+3 LMP Okay; he'll get it. Is it by any chance printing 

upside down? 

00 • « « 

CMP (Laughter) I'm upside down in the tunnel. 

CC ... new trick? 

LMP I don't see how his family is going to live with 



CMP We're not going to be able to do that for very much 

longer, you know. 

CC About 21 hours and 52 minutes . 

CDR You're part upside down. 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR There goes your chicken soup upside down. 

LMP There goes your garbage again. 

CDR You knocked four things off ; all the time . 

SC Hey, there ... got a white stag on it. (Laughter) 

CDR Ron, there's a piece of ... 

Tape I7-O3U5I 
Page 8 

CMP Whoop! (Laughter) 

CDR The - got to say that firehall . . . hqt impression, 

"because I won't see It. ... Is that your ... 
you're at the oTdvIous place. You know, you're 
at the far and of a - of a hollov, tubvilar, - 
tubular yet converging, sheet of fire. And you're 
on the inside looking out . But to me it was - it 
was Just trilliant - "brilliant violet-purple and 
white, and they were Just streaming from the space- 
craft. Just fires ... just like if you could see 
to the end of that apex, you could look 10 miles 
away. Mayhe it is. Mayhe you can. I don't know 
how long it is. But it - to me it was all purple 
- light purple and white. It was a spectacular 
view. Spectacular. 

11 15 U8 12 CMP You don't have any fears though "because you can't 

see nothing. 

CDR No, I'll - I'll - - 

LMP ... "by the window . . . just go by ... 

11 15 HQ 23 CDR You'll "be in the middle, and you'll "be looking 

through clear visibility, I think. That's as I 
recall it . Then you can see the darn - darn tube 
converging; Like being on the inside of a comet, 
probably from where we are . 

CDR You got that? 

11 15 29 SC 

# # # 

ms page unclassified) i7-n.u.n 


Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

11 15 hi h5 11 16 26 ■k5 

Time good; voice good. 


Tin nktorlal contained hcrata hu b*«a truaertbad IMo • woridnc 
papar In ordar to laelUtate r«vta« by Intaraatad M8C atemaMa. Tbla 
dgcvmaal, or porttana tharaaf,' may ba dacUaatf lad aubjaci to lha 
feUowlag iukkiinaa: 

Portlena tt IbU doeummt ba cfaualftad CONnOEHTIAL, 
Croup 4, to Iha aslant that Uiay: (Ddatiaa quanlUattv* parfermanca 
eharactariatlea at Iha Apollo Spaeacnft. (Ddalall critical parformanco 
charMlartatlca o( Apollo craw ayalana and aipilpmanl, (S) provUk 
taefealcai dalalla ot tlcnlllcanl^ latweh vohlcla auHuaetloiia la actual 
flight or raraai actual lauaeh tdqaetory dau, (4) ravaat madlcal data 
on (UgM craw mambera which caA ba canatdarcd prlirllagad data, or 
(() ravaal othar dau which can ba fauUvldutliy datarmtnad to raqidra 
claaaitlcatlaa under Iba authorttjr of Ilia ApoUa Profrwrn Sacurtty Claa- 
alflcatlaa Quids, SCC-ll, Rav. 1, l/l/M,. 


Downgraded at >year 
Intervals; declaselfied 
after 12 years 

1M« aMtwtal eonUtiia information iflMtlac tin nsUofua daftaM ot tt* thittmi tUtm 
wUMb tb« nMnlng at th* Mplomst Uwa, TtU« 16, U.S.C, S*ca. 7n and 794, th* 
tnaualMtai or nvtlatlon ti whldi la uqr auaMr to M wMuthoilMd pvnco 

Tape 17-03 U50 
Page 1 

11 15 hi 1+5 LHP 


11 15 kg 51 LMP 







11 15 52 33 CMP 


purple, white - purple, and white. It's a 

spectacular view. Spectacular I 

You won't be able to see It, thoxxgh, because you 
can't . . • 

No. All I'll see ... go by the window ... as it 
goes by . . . You'll be in the middle, and you'll 
be looking throiigh clear visibility, I think. 
That's as I recall it, right? And you can see the 
darn - darn tube converging. It's like being on 
the inside of a comet, probably. 

We got that , 

Wait a minute ... all locked up. 
Probably about right, now, I think. 

Probably about right now. 

This butterscotch pudding has - has a big air 
bubble in it. It's about half full - 

Report them to the - to the Food and Drug 


Don't ... ' 

I hope you wrote that down. 

That's what I've been trying to figure out every 
night, you know. Like every once in a while 

I - I think you'd find it, because my sense of 
knowing where my feet and legs ... disappears. 

Tape 17-03^*50 
Page 2 

CMP Yes . 

LMP Have you ever - have you noticed that? All of a 

sudden, you're not sure whether - where they are 
(laughter) . 

CDR It might "be something like . . . 

LMP I can - I can kind of relax a little "bit. 

CDR I think my legs . . . 

CMP Yes , they are . 

CDR See, mine are - mine are . . . 

11 15 53 07 CMP ... it up like that . . . 

CDR I think . . . 

SC Thank you. 

LMP I guess our lltth day was lift-off day, right? 

LMP So, we got a ikth day "by - or into the ll+th day 
by - - 

SC ... 

CMP First day was a 15-hour day. 

SC Huh? 

CMP First day was a 15-hour day. 

SC ... 

11 15 55 18 LMP I think the Flight Plan was pretty well done, Ron. 

I congratulate you. I cared very little in doing 
it myself, 

CMP . . . Holloway is the one who really did all the 



LMP Well, he should he congratulated also. I think it 
was an outstanding Flight Plan. 

IMP Well, what ... ahout the television. 

SC ... 

SC It's a little close. 

CMP What matters a little . . . 

SC • • • 

LMP Therefore , we oiight to put it up and make a - ... 

SC Yes. 

SC Wonder what ,..? (Laughter) 

CMP You wasn't thinking anything ahout it (laughter). 

LMP Crawling out of the instrument panel again. 

SC Wow! ... 

SC Now I'll get through with you. 

SC ... 

SC ... camera down and . . . 

SC ( Cough ) 

11 15 58 oh LMP What are you doing? Drawing again? 

CDR Yes , I . . . 

CMP You know, I really didn't see anything this morning. 

LMP Huh? I thought you were lying, Ron. 

CMP No, I didn't see anything this morning. 

CDR I did. I got ahout - I counted about I8 of them. 

hut I didn't want to tell him. I didn't want 
to disillusion you. 

Tape lT-03il50 
Page h 


11 15 59 09 CMP 






11 l6 01 k6 CDR 


11 l6 02 11 CMP 

I don't know about my bowels, but my kidneys sure 
are filling up fast. 

That ' s a s ign . 


That's the first sign. 
That's the first sign. 
(Music ) 

She doesn't sound as good-looking as she is; al- 
though, I don't know - never look at women. 

Yes, she's not - she's not a beautiful woman; 
she's - a sexy little wench. Some broad. 

I guess she does pretty well, doesn't she? 

She's been in Caesar's Palace in Vegas. 

Well, that takes care of that part of life for you. 

Yes. Right on schedule. Knocked off eating 
(laughter). Oh, I got to take a leak. I hate to 
get - everytime I do , I get my hands dirty and . . . 

We cem set that camera up and have the patch and 
the flag there. And we can still get in a patch 
and flag if we turn it on. And then, you know, we 
can - If two of us get in there, one of us can just 

go back to setting that was already 

established ... 

Yes, that'll work. 

Got anything with your name on it? 

Tape 17-0 3U50 
Page 5 




11 16 05 25 liMP 



11 16 08 22 LMP 


With me leaking in the box. 
... upside down here. 
(Laaighter ) 

Let me out! (Laughter) 

Our names are on the patch, Ron, I guess. 
Say hello to the ... right above the patch. 
... - (laughter) . 
I just . . . (laughter) . 

... That was the first time when I concentrated 
or - or thought about it, I haven't seen light 
flashes. Tell you, the first night or two, I'm 
not siire I did. I thought - - 

Yes , I looked . . . 


You guys got another three-quarters of a tank. 
Gosh! Who said there's no stars out there? 
Just about pointed at Polaris, I think. 

Well, the Big Dipper's out here. 

If you had - No, I'm sorry. We're 90 degrees, of 
coiarse. PoleLris is right over there about off Y. 
SIM bay may be pointed at Polaris. 

. . . Castor and Pollux, right out opposite 

So , . . . 

Tape I7-O3U5O 
Page 6 



11 16 10 23 LMP 







SIM bay is pointed at Polaris . 

There's the Dipper and the two pointing stars. 
They're right like this. Polaris is down there, 
somewhere . 

(Music ) 

Where are your patches and flags, Ron? 
We ought to figure out a ... j oh . 

Crawl around on the floor down here and see if I 
can find it. 

We could put them right there. 
They ' d blow off ( laughter ) . 
Captain America! 
(Laughter ) 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. 

You know, you might do that joke when ... Make 
it real short. Maybe you oiJght to ... Maybe 
you've heard me tell it, I don't know. Get in 
that old pleine and play aro\md with a balloon and 
all sorts of . . . got from the Moon. ... Run into 
the head and lift up the seat ... I'll look back 
and say, "Oh, my gosh, is that ... Doctor, quick, 
quick, com here! Come here!" You got to ... 
tells the doctor what ' s wrong and ... No , no ... 
you got to come here . . . She came in there and 
... Come over here quick and look. So she lifts 
up the lid and he looks. Where is it? H« looks 
down in there again . . . poking around . . . Wow! 
Where 'd you get that? (Laughter) So he puts the 
lid down, and he says, "Oh, my gosh, lady." She 
says, "What - what's wrong with me?" He says. 

Tape 17-03i+50 
Page 7 

"No, nothing." "You're all right," he says. 
"Now don't tell anyone this because it's not con- 
firmed, hut I think you and I are the first tvo 
people in the world to he a part of it . " 

(Laughter ) 

Oh, hoy. 

No, you hadn't told me that one. 

Do a neat job. No, you want to keep the name on 
that - - 

Yes , I want to keep the name on the suit . I can 
tape over it, if you want me to. 

Well, we'll take it off. 

Why don't we just tape around it? 

You want this trimmed, don't you? 

Yes - I - Yes, you can trim that. 

I can cut it, hut I won't have anything to mount 
it with. 


Put tape around it. Hold it while I tape around 


I need the flag. 
Is that okay? 

No, I'm keeping the flag ... 

Sure you got all the stripes and everything? 

It doesn't look ... 

Tape 17-031+50 
Page 8 


11 16 lU Ok IMP 













11 16 15 1+3 CDR 

Here, get out of the way and we'll see if we can 
find a place around here. Wouldn't - couldn't we - 
if we all sort of get down in there, the three of 
us get together there, maybe we can put it in a 
place like this. ... Then, we'll know it will 
always he there . 

Well, we really need to get the camera out, I 
guess. Yes, let me - - 

Get the camera out; let's take a look at it, 

I'll get the camera out. I'll do a temporary tape 
joh here. 

You could put the flag right over the top of it. 
We could do that, and then, they'll always sort of 
he there if . . . 

Scmetody will think we're advertising that new 
movie, a sequel to "Shaft," called "Trxmnion" 
(laughter) . 


Did you get your sensors fixed, Ron? 

They haven't said anything, have they? 

There aren't any around here. 

Okay; those look great. 
We'll look at it. 
Yes, let's look at it. 




11 16 16 30 CMP 










Tape lT-03it50 
Page 9 

What Gene said over the VERB-NOUH list. Better 
yet, maybe - - 

- - ve better put it with the ... alarm (laughter). 

Hey, listen. I - I didn't want to take any chances. 
I - I - I'm a little superstitious. I got that 
last one on purpose (laughter). I didn't want any- 
thing to change for TEX. 

A fine point . 

Yes, it would (laughter). 

That's a data point. ... (laughter). 

Houston, America. Okay, 
around with the sensors, 
okay now? 

Bob. I've kind of fiddled 
now. Are they working 

Okay. Good enough. 

It doesn't make any difference what - what's ... 
get the picture lined up. 

No, I'm ... 

Yes. Got it? 

The light is up near the front. 

Ought to be bright . . . 

We need the - Ron - the . . . 


Oh, you gave it to me. Did you give it to me? 

Tape 17-03^+50 
Page 10 


11 16 19 30 CDR 

11 16 21 01 LMP 

Well, you might find ... 
Here it is . 

A what? 

Short circuited. Check, your . . . , Gene. 
I don't think I ended up with it. 
. . . here. 
Oh? No. 

What could he short circuited? 
All right. 

Well, let's see; let me get our ... 

Well, one says ... The other one just .,, 

Mayhe we can just tape it. 
Oh. Yes. Yes. 

Why don't we just tape it right there? 

Why don't we - Yes, that's ... 

Well, this may be high ... be down at the same 
level the camera will be. 

All right; let's try it. 

Okay. All we have to do is turn it on, I think. 
We don't want to do that, don't want to do that. 



Tape 17-031*50 
Page 11 









11 16 22 20 LMP 








You mean average? 

You got to have it ... 

Oh, yes. You'd "better talk to the ground. They 
don't know ... Stand by. 

Stand hy? Then you don't go to ground with it. 
You want to go to ... 

Okay. You got to have their piermission first. 

Well, let's check it. I don't want to ruin 
whatever the ground's doing. 


TV operations . 

Yes. You're right. Yes. 

You haven't ... scientific ... scientific to 
get . . . 

Why don't we - Say, Houston; IT. 
Go ahead, 17 . 

Yes, we'd like to run a check here on this TV set- 
up. Are we going to disturb you if we go to TV on 
the S-BAITD AUX switch? 

Stand by on that. Let me check with OSO. 

Boy, it sirre would help. And, Bob, if it is an 
inconvenience, could you look ahead and find a time 
when we could have 10 or 15 minutes, if possible, 
to work this out? 

Tape IT-03I150 
Page 12 

11 16 23 hk CC Roger. 

SC • • • 

CMP . . . fruitcake. 

LMP Where's that tape? ... What'd I do with it 

CMP With what? 

LMP Well, I just had it a minute ago, then I ... 

SC • • * 

LMP I can't figure out ... 

LMP How does that look? That look all right? 

CMP Looks like it's going to work pretty good. 

LMP That about right? 

LMP Huh? 

CMP Yes, it looks good to me. 

11 16 26 1*5 LMP . . . any tape here . . . 

# # # 

(This page Unclassified) .^^^ 17-03^^52 



Time Segments (AET) 

Prom To 

11 19 07 02 11 19 1-6 5k 

11 19 35 00 11 19 5.9 kl 

Time good, voice fair. 


The maUrial contelnad herein hu been transcribed Into ft working 
paper In or<ler to lacllltnte review by lalereateit M3C elementa. TMe 
document, or portions thereof ,' may bedeclaaalf led aul^eet to the 
lollowing gutdeUnea: 

|>ortloi>s of IhlB document will be claaallled CONFIDENTIAL. 
Group 4, to the extent that they; (1) define cpianlltatlve performance 
characterlatlca tf the Apollo Spacecraft, (2)detatl critical performance 
Characlerlatica of Apollo crew ayalema and e<iulpment, ($) provide 
technical details of algniricant launch vehicle maUunctlone tn actual 
(Ucbt or rereal actual launch trajaclory data, (4) reveal medical dale 
on fllfiit crew roembera which can be eonaldarcd privileged data, or 
(S) reveal other data which can be Individually determined to require 
elaastfkatioa under the authority of the Apollo Program Security Claa- 
■tflcallOB Outde, SCC-11, Rev. I, 1/l/M. 


Dcwngraded at >-year 
intervals; declaBsified 
after 12 years 

Ttl* miitcrUt CGBtains lafonnatlon affecting the lutioul dafenae d the Unttad ttaUa 
wttbln the cneeaiiis at the eepiat»«re Uwe, Title 16, U.8.C., fleee. TM ud 7M. the 
treAtiuilceloa or reveUtlon of which 1a eay nunner to tn uBKuthcriKed ptreoa le 
pnUMUd far lav. 

Tape I7-O3U52 
Page 1 

11 19 07 02 CDR Your ... angles now. Jack, plus 30 and I90. 

LMP They're there. Minus - - 

CDR No, plus 30. 

LMP Plus 30, minus - Right. 

LMP And minus what? 

CDR 190 . 

LMP 190? 

LMP Prohably ought to pick these things out of the 

spacecraft. ... These - these here. Think we 
ought to take them somewhere and . . , - - 

CDR Yes , let ' s put them on ... 

LMP - - see what would happen. 


CDR Tell you what, rather than keep them here, I'm 

going to have to take some of this stuff out of 
the Flight Plan, anyway. I'd better put them 

CDR Got any more? 

CMP . . . Here it is . 

CDR Huh? 

CMP Three or four of them? 

CDR Yes, they're multiples. 

LMP (Singing) '*hrave dare not go - to follow that 

star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far 
to fight." 

LMP Where's the time on this? 

Tape 17-03^*52 
Page 2 

LMP (Singing) 

LMP (Cough) (Laughter) (Singing) 

LMP Put your mouth over it; see if you light up 

(laughter) . 

CC •••> Houston. We'd like to throw a few switches on 

panel 230 and try to get the HF ajitennas retracted. 

LMP Okay. Go ahead. 

CC First of all, RADAR, OFF. 

SC (Singing) 

11 19 15 15 LMP Okay, Gordy, the RADAR is OFF. 

CC Okay , . . . HF ANTENNA . . . RETRACT . ... give us a 

mark, please. It shoiild take atout - oh, at least 
a minute . 

LMP Okay - okay, going to RETRACT - 

11 19 15 31 LMP MARK it. Oh, HF-2? Gordy, I started 1. I'm sorry. 

CC ... all right. Keep it. It doesn't matter; ^ust 

keep working on 1 there. Keep it in RETRACT. 

LMP Okay, it's in RETRACT and stayed there. 

LMP ... let the old master. Don't use 1 first until 

you get to me again. 

LMP What did you say? Huh? 

CDR That was me. 

CMP These two on the bottom here . . . got these up at 

the top, and on - - 

LMP Did you give me a battery a minute ago? 

CMP . . . one of the batteries . . . 

Tape 17-03^52 
Page 3 


11 19 l6 5*+ CMP 

Let me know when you're ready. 

Wait a minute. Okay. (Laughter) 


Tape 17-031*52 
Page h 

11 19 35 00 CMP ... watching where that Sim is, you know what I 



CMP Yes . You got a little ... in your ... 

11 19 35 08 LMP Gordy, it's OPEN. 

CC Thank you. 

LMP Doesn't it bother you to wield such power, Gordy? 

CC • • • *• •» 

CDR I'll give you one of mine if you want one. 

CC - - . . . accustomed to it . 

CMP No, I've got one (laughter). 

CDR I've got a lot of them. I'm not going to use them, 

CMP I'm not either. I've got a lot of them, too, hut 
I haven't got anything ... 

CDR No, Ron, you lost yoijir towel (laughter). 

CMP ... rather scratchy. I don't see a thing, either. 

That's what bothers me. 


CMP Well, guess I'll do it. 

LMP OMNI Delta, when they need it, is their strong one. 

CMP What? 

LMP OMNI Delta when they need it ... strong one. 

CMP Okay . 

SC (Music) 

Tape lT-03i+52 
Page 5 


LMP Huh? 

CMP That way I won't have to take one in the morning. 

U 19 36 31 LMP What? 

CMP Defecate (laughter). 

LMP What do you say we go into the Challenger? 


CMP So here I am, trying to convince myself I ought 

to - I ought to not take one to keep everything 
as clean and smelling nice as I can, and you're 
sitting there telling me you're ... 

CDR Well, you're prohahly right. Better to take one 

tonight than tomorrow. I may end up having to 

CDR Clean off icy screen here while I'm at it. So I 

can get maximum air circulation. 

CMP Aaaah . 

LMP Those ... will sure work. 

CDR Keep you from defecating, ties up your stomach 

(laughter) . 

SC (Laughter) 

CDR I think I'm going to ask for a private conference 

and see what else they can recommend for you 
( laughter) . 

11 19 38 06 CMP Right. (Laughter) Does wonders. 

LMP Surprised they didn't comment on my having taking 

one. There it is! The Earth! 

MS Where? 

CDR Every - By golly, it is. 

Tape IT-03U52 
Page 6 

CMP You know, this is getting to be a - - 

CDR That's just a hig crescent Earth, I'll tell you. 

LMP Yes, sir. 

LMP Gordy, for the first time in seemingly several days, 
we see the Earth. 

SC (Laughter) 

CDR Would you like to 

LMP Afraid I don't know whether or not there's any 

weather down there. 

CDR Well, where did it go? We still maneuvering? 

There . . . 

CO ... can't see . . . 

11 19 39 03 LMP No, sir. You're down to a fingernail, if you'll 

pardon the expression. It - Oh, let's see - it's 
about a - What do you think. Gene? About a one- 
eighth Earth - one-sixth to one-eighth Earth? 


CDR Hey, look at 

CMP . No, . . . 

LMP Got a picture of Ron (laughter). You can see it 

later (laughter). 

CDR We're orbiting to go around ... 

CDR You're looking at the Pacific, ... and - because 

it's 5 o'clock in Los Angeles. And that's what 
you're looking at - the terminator in Los Angeles. 

LMP ... on the map there? 

CDR Well , that ' s a little bit of both , yes . 


Tape I7-O3I+52 
Page 7 

CDR Well, where else could the Sun he going down at 

5 o'clock on the face of the glohe except one spot? 

11 19 hi 27 LMP Yes, we've been looking at - we've heen looking at 

sunset all along, not sunrise. 


LMP I think you're seeing the airglow. 

CDR Yes . ... have that on the . . . 

LMP I think I ought to ... or something. 

CDR Our destination. 


LMP Evthl 

LMP Hey, gang, do we have any film? 

CDR Want a mag? 

LMP Why don't you dig it out, Ron? 

CDR Think we ought to have a picture of the Earth, 


LMP You have anything? 

LMP Yes. Ron, I think it's one ... 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Did we do them all? 

CDR How could we do them all from . . . ? 

Tape 17-03^52 
Page 8 

CDR Did. we pressurize that at all? 

LMP I don't think so. Pressiorize what? 

CDR The hatch. 

CMP Well, we do sometimes. We have super ... 

CDR Can you get the . . . millimeter? 

LMP Yes, I can get that. It's over in the - 


LMP Is that . . . ? 

CDR We're supposed to maneuver here, so we'd hatter 
do that . 

LMP Why don't you let me stow that — (laughter). 

CDR You know how - what 

11 19 U5 51 LMP I don't see it in here, Ron. 

CMP You ... 

LMP Oh, yes. I see. Yes, I'm - 35? 

CDR Who's got the biomed on? Ron? 

CMP ... I had it on . 

CDR Hello, Houston; America. 

CC • • • 

CDR Hey, Gordo, 286:52 on the Flight Plan and at 

287:1+0 - Is there an update on - on that? CMP 

put his hiomed harness on - oh, I guess U to 6 hours 


Tape IT-03U52 
Page 9 

CC Yes, let me check on that. ... something on this 

when I left last night , "but . . . get the latest 

CDR Okay . Huh? 

CMP ... on me? 

11 19 1+7 23 CDR Well, they changed my name out for yours, see? 

And then what we do tomorrow, the other - other 
two guys put it on. 


CDR Yes, yes. 

CMP ... we ...» huh? 


CMP Okay. 

LMP Well, we'll try it again. Darn it. 

CDR Go ahead, ... then all off all at once. 

LMP No, — 

LMP . . .? 

LMP I'll take care of them. 

CMP You . . . - - 

LMP No, not Just one of them. You can always ... 

take one of them. 

CDR Take o\xr red ones or your orange ones, if you 

don't care. 

CMP Which one do you want? 

CDR You - you open it. You take one. 

CMP Which one do you want? Huh? 

Tape I7-O3U52 
Page 10 











11 19 52 U8 CDR 


11 19 5h 28 CC 

. . . three . Okay , I - got an orange one . 
They I re like Chiclets? 
Well, they're sticky, 
the first one. 

my omni . . . here , 
onuii . . . 
We'll do that. 



I left it on there, but ... also. I left it on 
there . 

But that bracket don't come off there. 
, . , Houston at . . . ? 
No, ... 

Boy, are ve going in our private loop. Gordy's 
been gone for 10 minutes . 

America, we're ready now for ... MODE, FREE and 
AUTO. VERB 1*8, VERB U9 , . . . On the biomed, we're 
going to leave it up to you. Whoever - draw straws 
or whatever - whoever you decide to wear the biomed 
tonight, ... your choice. 

That's easy. Jack and I will put it on in the 
morning. How's that? 

^^^MMM^^^^^^^ Tape 17-03^^2 

W^^^^^^^^^^^^^9 Page 11 

LMP Yes, they know that. 

CDR He has the option to take it off if he wants to 

• • • ~ ™ 

CMP You - get to watch ... America tonight then. 

CDR I think it's only fitting that they watch Captain 


CMP (Laughter) 

SC (Cough) 

CDR HIGH GAIN, when we get there. Jack, will he minus 

37 and U8. They're getting easy down there. 

SC (Cough) 

11 19 56 21 CDR Mayhe they're not on tonight. 

CDR Let's see. There's something that we haven't 

played, isn't there? 

LMP Here's something that we haven't played. 

CDR What? 

LMP Is that one of his we haven't played? 

CMP How, that one - 

LMP Yes, how many - how many of them are in there of 

his? Is there a lot of them in there? 

SC (Cough) 

LMP I'm ready for almost anything. 

CMP Just look at it. (Laughter) Yes. 

11 19 57 38 CC ... Houston. We'd like OMNI Alfa. 

LMP Are you bouncing that off the wall and catching it? 

Tape 17-031*52 
Page 12 


11 19 59 ^1 CC 

. . . must have taken . . . off . 

They mast have taken the anti ... off. None left, 
Put the bag in there first. 

America, Houston. We can take the high gain now 
that you're there. 

# # # 

("niiB page Unclassified) 17-031+53 



Time Segments (AET) 

From To 

11 20 39 33 ' 11 20 1+3 U6 . 

11 20 56 00 





11 21 16 39 





11 21 53 29 





Time good; voice poor. 


Th* iMttrhil eoaUlMd harala hu ba«a truwcrtbwl lalo a worUoc 
pi^fmr kt ordar to (aciUtaU ravlaw tgr Intaraatad MSC alanaala. Tbla 
decDaHot, or portlona lharaef,' mar badaclaaaillad aublact tetba 
follo««« fuldaUaaa: 

rcrttaM of Ihia dociiinaal will ba claaaUladl CCNnDEHTlAL, 
Oroup 4, to tha axient ttiat Ihajr: ( I) dtfln* quaatltellva parforouaca 
chMractarlattea ef the Apollo Spaeacraft, (l)4atoU crKlealparforiMuica 
ckaraetarlattea ct Apollo eraw ayaUma and avitpm*"*. (3) provtda 
<actoical 4aUlla of slcnlfleaal lauaeh vahlcla malftiaeUana In actual 
lUthI or ravaal actual iMMCh Iraiaelory dau, (4) ravaal madiea) data 
aa flliM eraw aMmbara whleh caa ba eoaaldarad prtvllccad data, or 
(•) rovaal olliar daU which can ba Individually datarmlnad to raqulra 
cLwaltleaUaa under tha authority «( tha ApoUo Profraai Sacwlty CIm- 
BiflcaUoa GuMa, 8CC-11, Rav. 1, I/l/M. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
Intezvals; declaBslfied 
after 12 years 

Tbto Mtollkl eonUlM Information aff Mttnc the natlaaU Mtmtm* ct Dm UnlUd StalM 
wttkia Om nMUiBf of th* MpiQM«a Uw«/TlUa 18, U.8.C. , Bms, 1M and 7M, tk* 
truMilMtai or mvUUoa « which la aajr maamr to u mtauMtoriiod tmxmm to 
prohtttttd by Uw. 

11 20 39 33 LMP 


IMP ! 



11 20 k3 h6 CDR 

Tape IT-O3I453 
Page 1 


Why don't we . . . 

I'm not sure I can do that, Ron. I'd like to, I 
think, but I'm not sure I can. 

Well , how can you ... 7 

. . . my ... 

How about a nice hot shower for y'all? 

No , I don ' t want . . . 

We haven't been up that long. 

. . . the bags? . • . on? 


... don't know what I'm going to do when I'm ... 
Hey, let's ... going. 


Tape 17-03U53 
Page 2 

11 20 56 00 LMP 
SC , 

SC . 



... in the lab could see their crew ... he very 
. . . no . . . 

Do you still ... head off? (Laughter) I mean - 

That reminds me of . . . 

... like a ... 

Oh, that -was good for you. 

That was - - 

... No , it was before we ... 

• • • 


Yes, everything. (Cough) 
Does help. 

It's all there behind you. In that box. Is it 

Next one ' s on the - on the . . . 
... be there to . . . (Laughter) 

• • • 

I already talked to him once. 
. . . supposed to be ... - - 
Right here? 



Tape 17-03^*53 
Page 3 


11 21 Oh 03 CMP 


Houston, America. How's the - CMP's in ■biomed. 


Tape 17-03U53 
Page k 

11 21 16 39 CDR 

11 21 19 39 CMP 
11 21 20 29 CMP 

...? That can't be ... a long time. 
. . . Yes . 

Well, I'll let it go this time. 

Oh, 3 and 30 seconds. 

Bring mine up . . . 

Okay, we'll torque at 59:'j-5. 

Okay, we'll stop it on 1^6 roll. 

. . . ? U6? 

No, IU6. Ik6. 

We got a canister yet to unstow. I'll put that on 
this page. 

11 21 20 59 CMP 

All right, 


Tape 17-03^+53 
Page 5 

11 21 53 29 CDR Hey, Bo^jlDy McGee? 

LMP . . . that . 

CMP (Laughter) What are you ... (laughter) ... moving 

...? Here. 

CDR How'd you ... pick all those ...? 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP You guys will probably be ... 

CMP (Laughter) 

LMP I don't know how these ... - - 

CMP (Laughter) 
LMP - - ... - - 

CMP/CDR (Laughter) 

LMP ... is almost exactly the right material . . . - - 

CMP Ye s ( laught er ) . 

LMP It has the grip. Ever seen a 

CMP (Laiighter) Yes (laughter). 

CDR I finally took a mouthful. You can't do it in the 


CMP (Laughter) Thought you might ... (Laughter) 

CDR Oh , I . . . 

CDR Who wants the peach ambrosia already? 

CMP I got mine. I'm going to have ... 

LMP ... Pretty good. You're right. ... solidified 

CMP I don't know how mine got solidified. Might have 

been a ... 

Tape 17-03^+53 
Page 6 






11 21 59 27 CMP 


Right . Shouldn' t . . . 
... at ... right now. 

This one? 

Bet it is, really. 
It's all gone. 

. . . all that we can. . . . - - 

Pass me a graham cracker. Got a graham cracker 

(Music ) 

Sure is ... What is this one? 

I think that ' s ... meal ... or whatever . . . you 
want ... Piece of cake? ...? 


Okay, ... coming down right here. 

I think we've got - All this other is a lot more 
than you can do... I-I-I-I think that's it. 
I think you get up to a point where all of a sudden, 
your - your body decides you don't want any more. 
And that puts it all in your intestines. And that 
draws all the water out of your body. 

I think ... as good as any. How does the - just 
because the salt's down there - seems like that 
would dry it out. 

No, it - You have 

Oh - - 

Tape I7-O3U53 
Page 7 






11 22 00 38 CMP 


- - You tend to - tend to try to balance the salt 
concentration. You get a high salt ... all water 

• • • 

Oh, okay. 

You try to reach equilibrium. I don't know - the 
membranes, "but in all these ... membranes, you get 
this concentration of salt. 


That's through your intestines. That's why - 
that's why epsom salts come right ... 

Oh, I see, I see. You don't put the salt - - 

. . . dissolves the water out - - 

- - dissolves the water - - 

_ _ of your body, and the whole thing is ... 

. . . Whole . . . , huh? They say the way to eat these 
things is to cut them. Do you know? 

That's the way I've been doing it. 

I've got an extra amount of water in this thing. 

Don't squeeze it when you cut it, then. 

(Laughter) Okay. 

Well, the cold water never has had too much, I 
don't think. Course we never use the cold water 
in that gas separator, because we always like to 
have hot water. 

... you got that gas separator on backwards. 

(Laughter) Yes, maybe it is. No everybody said 
that she was pretty ... about it. No way. ... 

Tape 17-O3U53 
Page 8 

CDR Are you - are you . . . ? 

CMP Uh-huh. 

11 22 01 25 CDR Well, I'm sorry I made that .. . You want two 

ambrosias? (Laughter) 

# # # 

(This page Unclasflif led) n-03h5h 



Time Segments (AET) 
From To 

11 22 18 10 11 22 19 39 

11 22 35 03 11 22 1*2 01 

11 22 3k 09 11 23 02 08 

11 23 lU 22 11 23 23 1;3 

11 23 35 30 11 23 h2 51 

11 23 5h 55 12 00 02 l6 

Voice fair to poor; time good. 


Tka natorlal eonUined li«r«tn hu b«*ii truaerlbad into * worfclnf 
Mip«r In ordw to lulUUt* r«Tl«« by fart*r««(*d U8C •IchimU. TkU 
ilrrf «r portions IharMt, in«r b«4««Usslfl«d nibtaet tolh* 

torMOM of this docuBint will b* ctaMUM CONriDENTIAL, 
Group 4. to llM eKtent Uwl tktf. (1) MtiM quftntlUUIve pvrfornuMc* 
CbuKtorMlo ot the Apollo Bpacvcrafl, <2)daUll critical pOTlormanco 
eliwMUrlatlc* at Apollo cr«w lytlem* Md •<pitp«*nt, (3) prmrld* 
laclwle*! daUlU of alcnUicud launch nahleto iMtfuMiloiM In actual 
flight «r ravMt actual launch ln|«clory data. (4> ravMl madleal data 
«i fUaM enm member* which can be eoosldarcd prlvlletad daU. or 
(•) r«vMl other daU vhlch can be Indlvtdually iletarinlned to r««itrc 
claaallteation under the authority of the ApoUo Procram Security Claa- 
■tOeattM OuMc. SCC-II. Re*. 1. 1/1/M. 


Downgraded at 3-year 
Intervals; declassified 
after 12 years / 

Tbto BMterlid contain* Information affecting the mUowI tfif mm of th* (Inttad JBUtM 
miOAa t]M tuMuUng of tk* ••ptoiugs Uwa, Tttl* U, V.B.C, St». TM and 194, th* 
tmamlutaa or nvvlMMn of which in any nuuiMr to m iwiaulkorUad parMn to 
pnUbttMd toy Uw, 

Tape 17-03i»5l^ 
Page 1 

11 22 18 10 CMP 

11 22 19 39 CMP 

What ...? (Music) 
Told you. 

Yes, ... Well, I'm still not, 

. . . talk about . . . 



Tape n-03h5k 
Page 2 

11 22 35 03 LMP Yes. I think stalsle 1. 

CMP It might "be. 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Okay, ... small jet bag. 

CMP ... put the wei^t on there. You have the weight. 

SC Yes . 

CMP ... about half ... about like it ought to be. 

CDR ... got a ... in it? What's the ... 

CMP I'd say 25 pounds total. 

IMP Ron, your pan camera. 

11 22 38 37 CDR Hello, Houston; America. 

CDR Gordy, we're Just - finishing chow and doing a 

little cleaning up, and I'm doublechecking the 
stowage and so forth. But we do have a minute. 
Is there, by any chance, any late news? Anything 
going on today that might be of interest? 

CC Okay. I haven't heard of anything. ... this 

morning? Is that correct? 

CDR Yes, we sure did. 

CC OksQT, I'll see if there's ... couple of minutes . 

CDR Okay. How's the Houston weather today? 

CC It was overcast but warmer. Kind of standard 

winter weather for around here. Not nearly so 
frigid as it has been the last couple of days . 

11 22 39 27 CDR Okeydcke^ 


11 22 U2 01 CMP 

Tape 17-0 3^5*+ 
Page 3 

Put me a little of that toothpaste, will you, Ron? 

How about if I ... 

. . . report it to the - to the - - 



Tape 17-0 3U 51+ 
Page k 

11 22 09 SC 


Okay, Grordo; the entry stowage will "be as - as in 
the Flight Plan Supplement, with the exception 
that there is a - a small LM jettison bag, max 
weight of about 25 pounds, which will be - which is 
already, as a matter of fact, packed in A-7. -And 
the presently used Jettison bag weight really 
isn't very much at all; that's Just housekeeping 
trash and so forth. We will tie between A-2 
and A-3 and there's probably not, at the most, 
more than 5 poionds there. 

CMP Except the LEVAs . . . 

CDR And right now we haven't seen any specific spot 

to tie down the EEVAs. If you've got a reccmmenda- 
tion, we'll take it. If not, we'll just pick a 
spot down in the LEB area to tie than down. 

CC Okay, I'll see if we have a plan for that. 

CDR There are actually two LEVAs and a helmet bag. 

CDR It says PGA bag but 

SC (Laughter) 

CDR Yes . 

CDR I moved down about 1 degrige now. What are you 
looking at? Moon? 

CDR How's the sextant - Oh, you can't look through it, 

that's right. 

CDR You get the Earth coming around the other side? 

CMP Yes . 

11 22 57 56 CMP I never did ... one, but the window. Oh, I see. 

That might . . . 

CDR Man, you look like ^a new man. Put seme of it in 

that - that stuff In the med kit, that very light 





11 22 59 08 LMP 

Tape 17-0 
Page 5 

cream in the little "bottle. I think that's better 
well , ... Yes , except they call it a first-aid 
cream. Either that or it's - I like that hetter 
than I do the . . . stuff in here . 

Ron, I tell you. Let me see. I think you're a 
genius. I don't think you can grow hair in one g, 
hut if you stand on your head — (Laughter) 
If you stand on your head, you could prohably 
grow it. I think you got one of those nice round 
heads. No wonder women like you. 

Look at . . . 


... like you're naked out there in breeze. Shoot, 
bald-headed men txam me on. 

(Laughter) I didn't do too bad. 

Here . ... Get over there . 


Get over there. Oh, Ken Mattingly 

(Laughter) Wait a minute. Wait. 
You caning ny way? 
Yes, ... (Laughter) 
I'll hold it . . . 

I think - I can get - wait a minute . . . 

Does this taste like mint? 
No, ... 

Tape 17-03l+5i^ 
Page 6 



11 23 02 08 CMP 


I think . 

• » * 

Thank you 

Tape n-03h5^ 
Page 7 

11 23 lU 22 CMP (Humming) 

CDR Huh? 

LMP Give me that coin thing • . . 


LMP That's where you put it the other day, I've Just 

"been putting it there ever since. ... You're 
the one who put it there. 

CMP ... 

LMP I don't know where it goes. Where does it go? 

SC • • • 

CDR Huh? . . . 

CMP ... 

11 23 l6 03 CDR ... I've got one. 

LMP . • . one more . . . 

CMP ( Laughter) 

CDR Okay, Houston. America's listening. 

CDR Georgia Tech's leading Iowa State 31 to 2k in the 

fourth quarter, Liherty Bowl. 

IS (Laughter) 

CDR Fastie says there's no atmosphere, no out gassing 

on the Moon. He has It as only 1 percent of the 
expected predicted hydrogen. 

CDR Truman - Truman's unchanged. 

11 23 19 02 CDR Population growth is decreasing. 

CDR A guy "built a private flyJ^ng machine. 

Tape 17-031+5^ 
Page 8 

MS (Lavighter) 

IMP Merry Christmas . 

CDR Thank you for the news, Gordo. That's a very 

a very enjoyable evening to go to bed with on 
our final ni^t of the flight. 

11 23 23 h3 IMP I hope you wrote that down. 


Tape 17-O3U5U 
Page 9 

11 23 35 30 LMP . . . getting cruddy all the time . 

CMP Are you going to be . . . ? 

CDR . . • one type . . . 

CMP (Himrniing) 

SC Hiii? 

SC * • ■ 

LMP Either that or I need a ... 

CDB Yes . I . . . 

UUP I don't know how your ... got down there. 

CMP I don't see ... got any ... 

IWP Okay, how do you read? 

CMP Loud and clear. 

UIP Okay. 

CMP Yours pretty good? 

11 23 37 27 LMP Yes. It seems to te all ri^t. Just a little 

ti^t, but I can fix that. 

IMP Okay. 

CDR ... headband ... a little more. 

CMP I think the headband . . . Yes . Yes . If you do 

that , yo^ want to cut that — on the LEVA. 

IMP We have to get in here anymore for anything? 

CDR Yes . We got to get in there , . . that coolant 

control . 

CMP Yes . 

Tape 17-031*5^ 
Page 10 

CMP . . . rl^t. 

CMP You vant me to ... there , Gene? 

CDR Huh? Can you stow them? ... 

LMP There you go ... over ny old . . . Thank you. 

CMP Okay , one more time and you ... it . 

CDR Ron, I tell you, you have "been the only prohlem 
we've had in this flight. 

CMP (Laughter) That's ri§^t. Hy coum carrier. 

CDR Coram carrier, scissors, articles* 

CDR Well, shoot. 

CMP ... do that? 

CDR No, I've got it. 

IWP . . . CABIK REGs are BOTH. 

CDR ... go that wayj if you vould. 


SC Yes . 

11 23 **1 26 (MP I doubt if it would mean anything to you. 

CDR I think . . . off . . . 

SC Y6S * • » » 30 • « * 

CMP ... he three . . . 

U 23 51 CDR I'm getting a ... 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 11 

11 23 3U 55 CDR ... take that ... off the bottom ... 

CDR . . . take it off . . . 

CDR Hiih? 

C33R , . . preentry - finaJL preentry stowage check calls 
for it to be on. 

CMP . . . over that thing ... 

CDR ... calls for the ... - on the ... to be on . 

CDR Here you go, Ron. 

CMP Hey, Gene? 

CDR Yes? 

CMP Come to think about It, all you got to really have 
is that ATG up there ... 

CDR All right. 

LMP ... ye have a lot of stuff . . . 

CMP . . . right down on the bottom there's a little . . . 

CMP ... 

CDR . . . little more ... 

LMP I'd rather ...stable 2 or something ... anyhow. 

IMP We are chlorinated and stowed on . . . 

11 23 58 33 CMP Chlorinated for the last time . . . bags we can . . . 

CDR Okay, now who needs help? 


Tape 17-031+51+ 
Page 12 

CMP I think ve're in ndj^hty good shape. 

LMP ... You might locds at the LIB IXSSI . . . 

CDR . . . off on the . . . 

J CDR Houston, America. 

CDR We bid you hello. Boh; and at the saane, good nif^t. 

CDR Well, we thought we'd give you about 8 hours to 

think about it. 

CDR See you in the morning, babe. 

CMP Okay. 

SC ... down there in the . . . 

CMP Let's see, I can ... 

SC Yes. 

SC Let me check . Yes , I 'm ... 

12 00 02 16 CMP ... which is about 11:30 ... what time I'm going 

to ... okay. 

# # # 

(JhiB page Unclassified) 





Time Segments (AET) 


12 13 67 26 


12 13 51 ^3 


documtat, or portion tktrtt. mtf b. d.eU««lll««l «i««et toth. 
lolknrtBC cnMallMs: 

Si r3v^I Xliar <teu which cu b« tadtvktoHly 4««rmta^ "» '•*2" 
SilStollto* under the wlhorUy d Ui» ApoUo Pr«««« 8«;»rttr ClM- 
•tflcAUoo OuM<, sec- 11. R»- >• 1/1/M,- 


Downgraded at 5-year 
Intervals; declaBslfied 
after 12 years 

tniuwilMlcn or MwUtlon of which In any » » i»«uthorl*«l p«won u 

pT«klM&^ by tow. 

Tape 17-O3UTI 
Page 1 

12 13 07 26 CC America, Houston. The batteries are on line, and 

they look good to us . 

12 13 07 31 LMP Okay, and the tape recorder's ON here. 

CMP Okay . 

12 13 08 19 CDR 01:37. 

12 13 08 U3 CDR Okay, let's start the sep ... 

CMP Okay, let's start sep - sep checklist here. 

12 13 08 U7 CDR Okay, Houston, we're pressing ahead here about 

5 minutes early. 

CDR Okay, circuit breaker ELS /CM . . . - - 

SO Sep prep. 

CC Roger. 

CDR - - ... CLOSE. 

12 13 OB 56 CMP Okay, ELS/CSM [sic] SEP BAT A, BAT B, CLOSED. 

CDR Okay, you got those good ... for ... launch. 

CMP Yes . 


12 13 09 07 CMP Okay, I'll BYPASS the old PRIMARY RADIATORS. 

CDR REPRESS PACKAGE FILL to 865-935, then - - 

CMP Okay 

CDR - - then ON. 

12 13 09 19 CMP Okay, REPRESS PACKAGE valve is going ON. 

CDR 0-N, right? 

CMP 0-N . 

CDR Okay. 0^ service module supply, OFF. 

Tape 17-03^71 
Page 2 

12 13 09 26 CMP Okay, we'll cut off the service module supply of 

oxygen . 

CDR Okay , ... 

12 13 09 35 CMP Okay, SUBGE TANK is verified ON. 


12 13 09 hi CMP Okay, PRESSURE RELIEE valves are verified NORMAL. 


12 13 09 hQ CMP Okay, we're verified in ECS COMMAND. 

CDR Okay, SERVICE MODULE RCS secondary fuel *** 

12 13 09 56 CMP Okay. SECONDARY FUEL. That's A's, B's, C's, and 

D's; all OPEN. 

12 13 10 09 CDR Okay. VHF AM A and B, OFF, center. 

LMP They're OFF. 

12 13 10 10 CMP VHF is OFF. 


12 13 10 13 LMP POWER'S OFF. 

CDR FUEL CELL PUMPs , three of them, OFF. 

12 13 10 19 LMP Okay, PUMPs are coining OFF; 1, 2, 3. 


12 13 10 30 LMP Okay, 2 MA.IN A's OFF. 

CDR Okay, verify the loads are halanced. 

12 13 10 36 LMP Look good; couple amps. Houston, the loads appear 

to be "balanced on MAIN A, MAIN B fuel cells. 

CC Roger, Jack. We copy that. 


Tape 17-0 3^+71 
Page 3 

Okay, on your side. Circuit breakers, ECS RAD 
CONTROL HEATER, two of them OPEN. 

12 13 10 5U LMP Okay. CONTROL HEATERs , 1, 2. 

CDR Circuit breakers, BAD HEATERS OVERLOAD, two of 
them. OPEN. 

12 13 11 01 LMP HEATERS OVERLOAD, 1, 2. 



CDR Correction. Circuit breakers, WASTE WATER/URINE 


12 13 11 11 IMP OPEN. 

CDR - - open. 

12 13 11 ih LMP Okay. And they're open. 


12 13 11 l8 LMP Okay, it's OFF, 


12 13 11 2k LMP It's MANUAL. 

CDR Okay, Ron, you've got about 10 minutes to yoiir 
horizon check. 

CMP Okay. Don't see anything yet. 

LMP Houston, step 5 on 2-2 is complete. 

CC Roger, America. 

LMP Or (5) J I guess it is. 

CDR Stand by here for just a little bit. 

CMP Okay, 

Tape 17-03l^Tl 
Page h 

CDR You don't want to go into 6l too much so we'll 

CMP Wo. We don't want to go into 

CDR So we'll stand by. 

CMP I don't think you're going to see the horizon 

anyhow. You might. 

CDR That depends on where that Sun - when that Sm 

goes down. Moonset is at l6, so you may - you 
may see horizon. 

CDR Behind window? Won't be a bit sirrprised if we see 


CMP Might. 

CDR I'll take P6l just before the horizon. 

CC America, Houston. You may be interested. We've 

just taken another look at your last batch of 
data, and it confirms your pad. You are absolutely 
nominal, right on the pad. 

CDR Good news, Robert. Thank you. 

CMP Outstanding. 

CC We aim to please. 

CDR Okay, and we're going to keep it nominal. 

12 13 15 2k CDR Go into P6h - or P6l at - at just prior to hO . 

That'll give us - that'll be just about right. 

CMP Okay, that'll be all right. It'll be a little 

bit different, but that'll do it. 

CDR Different than what? 

CMP Than what the pad Is, probably. Well, not much 

CDE ... And there's no . . . time here at all. 


Tape I7-O3U7I 
Page 5 

When normally do you - do we go in? I think we're 
right in here, anywhere in here is where we go in. 

CMP Yes . Anywhere in there . 

CDR Yes, I want to he here. 

CMP Yes . 

CDR I want to he down to 62 by h3. 

CMP By k3. 

CDR And I want to verify these numbers. 

CMP Yes . 

CDR I ' 11 probably go in about 39 • 

CDR Want a drink of water? 

CMP Yes . 

12 13 16 39 CDR Be sure we lock this. 

CMP Yes, it'll lock it. Fit the lock in. 

CMP Getting cold in here. 

CDR IM-hmm . 

CMP It won't be for long, probably. 

CDR Want some? 

LMP Thank you. 

LMP Gosh, look at that signal strength - on that 
omni . Close. 

IjMP Here you go. 

12 13 17 38 CDR Stand by. Ready to go on that 61. Ready? 

Tape 17-03^71 
Page 6 

CDR Okay. Lat is minus 1788, l63, and lift vector 

up. Okay. I like all that. Okay. is 7.02. 

Wait a minute - that might - that's all right. 
That's a little ... - - 

CMP That's okay. We'll - we're a little hit early. 

CDR That's okay; 36, 6079, and minus 657- Okay? Okay. 

Okay, NOUU 63 says range to go is 10,60^4, went in 
just a sukosh early; 36, l65; yes. Just a sukosh 
early. Okay? 

CMP Okay . 

CDR And that's from .05 G and that looks good. 

CDR Okay, we're happy with those numhers. 

CMP Yes , they look pretty good. 

CDR Okay, on 62. I'll wait until you get the horizon. 

CMP Oh, you can go ahead and go on through there and 
then I'll - 

CDR Okay. Okay. MAM ATT RATE - three to RATE COMMAND, 

12 13 19 35 CMP RATE COMMAND. 


12 13 19 1^0 CMP DEAD BAUD, MIN. 


12 13 19 h2 CMP RATE, LOW. 

CDR Correction. RATE, HIGH. RATE, HIGH. 

CMP Yes, HIGH. Okay, ... that's better. 




^^^^^^^^^^^^r Page T 


12 13 19 51 CMP SCS. 

CDR Okay, next thing is the yaw out of plane, let's 

wait for your horizon, which comes in about 
1 minute, 

CMP About 1 minute. Okay. Doubt if we'll see it. 

We might, though. 

CDR It's getting dark. You may just very well see it, 


CMP Huh? 

CDR It's getting dark. 

CMP . . . will? 

CDR Yes . 

LMP No, I turned the lights down. That's all. 

CDR Oh. Oh, okay. I thought it was getting (chuckle) 

I thought it was getting dark in here. 

CDR Back to an Earth li - Earth - - 

CMP I got the sun shining right in my left window 

here . 

12 13 20 3h CDR Got another minute to go; 301:37- 

12 13 21 07 CDR Thirty seconds. 

12 13 21 35 CDR You ought to be seeing it, Ron. Take a look now. 


CMP I don't see anything. Do you see anything. Jack? 

LMP I don't see a thing. 

CMP (Chuckle) I knew it. 

LMP Well , maybe ; yes , I do . 

CDR You got the horizon? 

IMP Yes, I got the horizon's glow. I can see the glow. 

CDR See it, Ron? 

LMP Yes, it's just ... 

CDR Look at - look at your 31-7 • • • - - 

LMP ... very dim, very dim glow. 

CMP Well, you see, I got too much shine in . . . 

LMP Yes . 

CMP Sun's shining in on here - glaring on the window. 

CDR Okay, that's good. We got it. 

CMP That's good; as long as it's there somewhere. 

CDR Yes , yes . 

CMP Oh, I see it. It's off to the left. 

CDR Yes, There it is. 

CMP Oh, it's out the left window (chuckle). 

LMP There it is. 

CDR Yes. I got it, too. 

CMP Okay, yes. That's a dark horizon though. 

CDR Okay, Houston, we've got the horizon. We're yawing 

out of plane now. 

LMP Looks like the ... - - 

CDR Okay, let's yaw. 

CC Roger. 

LMP The Earth's getting pretty big, isn't it? 

^g^^MjMHHgl^^ Tape 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^W Page 9 

12 13 22 21 CDR Okay, Ron, yaw at U5. 

CMP Okay, I will. 

LMP Yes, sir; that's getting pretty big, isn't it? 

Look at it now. 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Yes , see. You can see it better when you yav out 

of plane. We must be just seeing the horn now. 

IMP Oh, that's the air glow mainly. 

CMP Yes, that's the air glow. 

LMP Full Moon ... - - 

CMP But, see, that's the horn that's - that we've been 

seeing eill the time. 

CDR Okay, Jack, you want to verily your MAIN BUS TIES 

are ON. 

12 13 22 h9 LMP Okay. That's verified. 

CDR Ron, you want to verify your PRIMARY GLYCOL RADIA- 


12 13 22 53 CMP Verify BYPASS. 

CDR EMS MODE, STAITDBY . That's verified. 

12 13 22 58 CMP Okay. 

CDR Okay, ... 

CMP STAND BY. Jack, when we yaw out here, can you get 

a picture? 

CDR Oh, shoot J 

LMP I can try. I can get part of it. 

Tape 17-0 3U 71 
Page 10 

cm Okay. BMAGs , ATT l/RATE 2. Okay? 

12 13 23 17 CMP Okay, BMAGs, ATT 1 RATE 2. RATE COMMAND, SCS. 

CDR Okay, Jack verified the tiis ties. Okay, RCS K)GIC, 


CDR Okay, SECS LOGIC, up and ON. 

12 13 23 31 CMP SECS LOGIC verified ON. 

12 13 23 32 CDR And SECS ARM, coming up and ON. 

12 13 23 3h CMP Okay, here comes the pyros . PYRO A, PYRO B. 

12 13 23 k2 CDR Okay, Houston. On my mark, I am going to hit the 


12 13 23 1+7 CDR 3, 2, 1, - 

12 13 23 50 CDR MARK it. We got it. 

CMP Oh, ho! Did we get it I That thing really bangs, 

doesn't it? 

12 13 23 55 CDR Okay, TRANSFER, COMMAND MODULE? You got thr - You 

got it? 

12 13 2h 02 CDR Looks like we got a good separation, Houston. Okay, 


12 13 2k 07 CMP Okay, MINIMUM IMPULSE. 


12 13 2h 09 CMP RATE 2. 


12 13 2lt 12 LMP It's there. 


^^^^I^^^^n^gm^ Tape 17-03^471 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Page 11 

CC - - ... sites in 1 minute. There'll "be a slight 

breeOt of comm here. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Okay, RCS pressure still looks good. LOGIC, OFF. 
CC ... go to OMI Charlie. 

CDR COMMAND MODULE EG - LOGIC, OFF. Monitor voltage - 

voltage - - 

12 13 2I4 28 CMP OMNI Charlie. 

CDR Voltage MAIN A and MAIN B, Jack. 

12 13 2il 30 LMP I'm monitoring. 

CDR Make sure it's still up. 

LMP Yes, it's good. 

CDR YAW back to zero and select Charlie. 

12 13 2k 3h CMP Okay, we're yawing hack to zero. 

CDR And you got Charlie, right? 

LMP Yes, we got Charlie. 

CDR Okay. Pitch to entry attitude, 152. Boy, that sure 
created a lot of Junk around here. 

CMP (Laughter) Got junk all over the place (laioghter). 

CDR You might "be able to see it out there if you look. 

Down this way. 

LMP I saw the jet firing. 

CDR Did you? Okay. 

LMP You know - you know, there's a lot of stuff 

streaming by us, the ullage jets. 

CDR Okay, Ron, you can pitch down 152, when you get to 


Tape 17-0 3U7I 
Page 12 

CMP Okay. Yes, wait a minute. I'm going to take a 

look at the horizon here first. 

CDR EMS DATA fir - data's still good. 

CMP Okay, stand by. 36, 170, lOkk. Okay, we're 


CDR 10^^ point. Okay. This is all we got. Just what' 

under us . 

LMP It'll be enough. 

12 13 25 52 CDR Okay, verify to DATA. We are in ENTRY. Okay, 

whenever you're ready, I'll - when you get back in, 
I'll give you the ENTRY DAP. 

CMP Very good. I'm ... SCS , ajiyhow. 

CDR Okay. Impact latitude and longitude, okay. I788, 

6613, and a minus 1. That's good. Should be 
NOUN 22. 

CMP It will be, 

CDR Okay, until you get back to 1 - about 152. You - 

you mlgjit have - you might see it out there . I 
don't know if you can. 

CMP You know the sound of the Jet firing is a lot 

louder than what we usually had the simulators set 

CMP Okay, we're back to the dark horizon again, but 

the ... are on down. 

CDR Turn some lights on; how about it? 

CMP On? 

CDR On, yes, 

CMP There you go. 

CDR Get your ... on, too. 

Tape 17-0 3U71 
Page 13 

CMP Everything up. 

12 13 27 kk CDR Okay J we're coming up at 63- Okay, there's G. 

There's , and there's range to go. And I'll 

check them against the EMS. 
CMP Okay. 

CDR They're right. Here. 

CMP Okay, Ul53 miles to go, huh? 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Velocity is 31,253 feet per second, increasing. 

12 13 28 2h CDR Okay, Houston. We're at 63, and we're just 

standing by for .05 G. 

CDR Sure getting cold. 

CMP Probably warm up after while, I'll bet. 

CDR Warm up on the water. 

CMP You know, this thing kind of wants to - wants to 

yaw left all the time . 

CDR Keep it coming down now. 

CDR Probably can't see the Moon, but - maybe you can 

out one of those windows. I don't know where it 
is . 

12 13 29 hi CC America, at 9 minutes prior to entry interface 

here, you're looking great down here. 

CDR Okay, Bob. We're looking good on board and 

standing by for .05 G. 


CDR You know what you did? 

LMP Can't win them all. What does yours ...? 

Tape IT-O3U7I 
Page ik 

CMP (Chuckle) 

CDR No, it should be down and stuck. That should be 


IMP ... that down. 

IMP (Laughter) We still got hydrogen tank (laughter). 

Houston, be advised that hydrogen tanks 1 and 2 
still seem to be with us. 

CMP (Laughter) 

IMP We've got gage readings - plus 200 psi . 

CC Roger. We'll run that one through EECOM. 

CMP (Laughter) 

CDR Okay, Ron, SCALE 5/5. 

CMP Well, we'll save you - save the 5/5 for a minute. 



12 13 31 15 CMP DIRECTS are MAIN A and MAIN B. 

CDR Got both controllers armed? 

CMP Both controllers are armed. 

CDR Okay. Pitch error needle goes - - 

CMP ... AC 1. 

CDR - - toward zero approaching .05 G. And your .05 G 

attitude is - I just wrote it down. 

CMP Should be 153, I think; isn't it? 

CDR I just wrote it down. 

IMP No more eating upside down. 

CMP Here it is, there. 

Tape 17-0 3U7I 
Page 15 

CDR Okay, 153. 

CMP Yes, no more eating upside down. I was just getting 

used to that. It's a lot of fun. Getting used to 
it. I was used to it after the second day - first 

CDR Keep going. You're going the wrong way. 

CM? You know that the - - 

CDR Yes, I see that. 

CMP It - it wants to trim itself pitch up, too. I 

got to keep hopping the right yaw, and I got to 
keep pitching down to make it go down. You see the 
the rate just decreases . 

CDR Umr-hmm. 

12 13 32 23 LMP Two minutes to moons et. 

CMP Two minutes to moonset. I don't even see a Moon. 

There it is up there. Can you see it. Jack? It's 
out of window 3- 

LMP Oh, there it is; yes. 

CMP It should be off to your right, you might he ahle 

to see it. 

LMP Okay, yes. I see it. 

12 13 32 39 CDR Okay, moonset 's at 16:1^+. 

CMP That's the way the Moon looked ahout 13 - 1^ days 


CDR . . . smaller . . . 

CMP Small one like that. 

CDR Yes . 

LMP Well, I don't think I'm going to make it. There 

it is. Yes, I'll be able to see it now. When? 
In about a minute. 

Tape IT-O3U7I 
Page 16 

CMP Try the pressures on both ranges. They still okay? 

CDR They're both GO. They're "both GO. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Okay, you're Just about there, 

12 13 33 h3 CMP Five minutes to RRT. 

IMP . . . you want . . . 

CDR Okay, I will. You got about - a little better 
than 2 minutes . 

LMP Two minutes? You sure? I thought it was lit. 

CDR Sixteen. 

CMP Sixteen. 30^:l6 on n^r card. 

IMP Okay. 

CDR Yes, l6:lU. ... went gray - barber pole? It's 

got a cross coupling. 

CMP Yes, it's got a little bit of a cross coupling, 

on it. Think we might be picking up C [?] 55. 
Might be picking up a few rates anyhow. Probably 
not yet. 

CDR Um-hmm. 

CMP Usually about 59. 

12 13 3*+ 59 LMP Got a little oscillation in the amp meter on - when 

I'm on PYRO BAT. Voltages are good. 

CMP Just lose them? 

LMP Wo. They're okay. 

CMP Noise disappeared. 

LMP The needle - the needle is loose in there or 


Tape lT-03it71 
Page IT 

CMP Oh. 

LMP Good in the other positions . Jtist getting an 
oscillating signal vhen I switch to it. 

CMP You couldn't - couldn't see a star out there if 
you had to. There's all kinds of little white 
particles floating around out there from the Jets. 

LMP Well, I've lost the Moon. 

CDR Well, we've had 

CMP Yes, I've lost it, too, out the window. 

LMP What do I need to change omnis here? 

CDR No, not according to this. 

LMP How's your pitch? 

CDR Good . 

CMP Pitch is good. 

CDR You lose the Moon? 

LMP Yes, I can't - I can't find it new. 
12 13 35 5T CDR I got it. I'll watch it go over the horizon. 

CMP A little hit to the right. Gene? 

CDR Lot of daylight out there . 

12 13 36 oh CDR There it goes, Moonset. 

CMP Set. 

LMP A little early. 

CDR Well, it's not all the way down yet. 

LMP ... 

12 13 36 lU CDR MARK it. Moonset. 

Tape 17-0 3U71 
Page 18 

IMP That's about 3 seconds. 

CMP About 2 seconds . Hot tad. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Houston, America. Do you still read? 

CC loud and clear. We're going out through AEIA. 

IMP . . . read. 

CMP Okay . 

12 13 36 3h CDR And, Houston, moons et was on time. And we're 

coming up on 2 minutes from RRT, and we're GO 

CC Roger, America. You're looking great. 

CMP Yes, there's the horizon. Got the horizon now. 

CDR Okay, babe, let's watch your needles. 

CDR Okay, Ron, I'll verify the EMS on both range to go 

and V-j.. And at .05, we'll get NORMAL and 

CMP G and A [?]. If it's good, then we'll go to CMC. 

CDR Are the switches happy? 

CMP Switches look good. We got RATE COMMAND to go 

CDR And you're - - 

CMP I'll get that 

CDR You're in RATE 2 on - 

CMP RATE 2 on the BMAGs . 

12 13 37 33 CDR Okay; 36 172. We're getting close. 

CMP Okay» about a minute - to U00,000 feet. 

Tape lT-03i+Tl 
Page 19 

IMP Isn't that something? 

CDR And are we moving I 

CMP Are we moving in there! Gee whiz! Look at that 

Earth go by. 

CDR Well, you're much higher than circular velocity, 

that's why. See, you're - you're at a - you're 
just at suborbital altitude almost. 

CMP Hey, needle's off the peg, by the way, 

CDR Okay, very good. 

CMP Just looking good. 

CDR See, you're supercircular velocity with a less- 

than-circular altitude, so you really are going 
by . Whew ! 

CMP Hey, Jack, can you take a picture of that, too? 

Get a picture of the horizon? ... - - 

IMP . . . know - - 

CMP Is that pointed at the horizon? 

LMP ... about this? ... 

CDR No, don't take it down. Leave it in. Don't take 
it off. 

CMP That's all right. ... - - 

CDR Don't take it off. Don't take it off. 

CDR Okay, Houston, we're 5 seconds from RRT. 

CC Roger, America. 

12 13 38 1+1 CDR RRT. 

CMP Okay, we'll go to RATE COMMAND? 

Tape 17-03itTl 
Page 20 

12 13 38 



Okay, 36 and 1050. Stand by. 






Okay, And .05 G is 29. We're picking up a glow. 



.01 G. .02. 


There's the G. 


Okay, we're trimming in new. 


Ccming in. 






.05 G. Get it on. 


Okay; .05 G. We got a - - 


The numhers look good. 


TTiini'hPT'ci 1 nnk f^Cidc\ TiPt'^ ffpt thp r*nTn'mitf=>'r* 






5/5 and SCALE. Here we're coming in. Man, look 

at that "bright! 


- - ... Here you. go, bahe. 


Man, that's really bright. I can't even look 





Coming down the pike. There's one g - - 







Okay, 0.8. 


Okay, we're coming down. ... - - 






. . . one g, 1. U. 






Okay, there's 2. 








Be sure to put the sun glasses on. 

Tape 17-031+71 
Page 21 


















Three g's . 


Gee, criminy; that's coming down! 






Three g's . 






Okay, there's U g's. There's U - 






3.8, It ... 


Come on down there , 5 • 






Five g's. 


Okay. Gee, criminy. That's work 






Six g's . 








Six g's. 


SCS is looking good. 


. . . roll . 








6.3, 6,5. 




She switched yet? 






6.6, 6.5. Okay . 


6 point - point 5. 


6.5, okay. 


There's the roll. Ready roll. 

Tape 17-03^71 

Page 22 ^^PP^W^^^^BHR 

CMP Okay, it's rolling right. ... - - 

CDR G's coming off. 

CMP G's coming off. 

CDR 5.^. 5.1. 

CMP Can't see the stupid EMS, but there it goes. 

CDR Okay, it's working good. 

CMP Okay 

12 13 1+0 25 CDR h.k g's. 

CMP There it goes . 

12 13 ho 28 CDR U.2; it's coming off. Roll l80. 

CMP Okay, that's rigiht. 

CDR She's looking good. 

CMP There's the EMS. I got it. 

CDR I'll - I'll give you a hack when you're subcircTolar. 

CMP Okay. That's all right. We're coming down. 

12 13 ho 36 CDR 3.8 g's, 

12 13 1+0 37 CMP There's h. 

12 13 ho 39 CDR Okay, roll up 1^+2. 

CMP Okay, That's all right. It's doing good. 

12 13 ho h2 CDR Roll up 80, 

12 13 1+0 U3 CMP Okay, h g's. 

12 13 1+0 1+1+ CDR Roll up 50. 
12 13 1+0 1+5 CMP 3.8. 

Tape 17-0 3UTI 
Page 23 

12 13 UO k6 CDR 3.8. Looking good here, Ron. 

CMP Okay. ... lift o\ir ... shotild be. 

12 13 1^0 51 CDR Okay, left 60. 

CMP Okay. 

12 13 ^0 53 CDR Left 80. 

CMP That's good. 

12 13 ^ 57 CDR Okay, holding at 1+ g's. Okay, there's 67. 

CMP P67. 

CDR P67. Zero roll. 

CMP Zero roll, okay. We're doing all right. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Left 23. That's right. 

CDR Left 23, left 65. 

12 13 hi 07 CMP Okay, got a range to go; hOO on the EMS and U50 

on the range to go. 

CDR Okay . 


CDR Okay, looking good here. 

CMP I'm trying to look at but I can't see 

(laughter). Okay, here comes h g's. 

12 13 hi 21 CDR Okay. Roll left 100. 

CMP Left 100. 

CDR Roll left 100, 

12 13 hi 26 CMP Okay, miniis 95. 

Tape IT-O3U7I 
Page 2h 

12 13 Ul 28 CDR Okay, we're h3 long; we're 21 south, and we're 

flying it out. 

12 13 hi 32 CMP Three g's. Okay. 

CDE Okay, roll right. 

CMP Okay , ... 

CDE Okay, we'll fly that south error out. 

CMP That's good. We're over the top. 

CDE That's what we wanted. 

CMP Okay, I got a potential of 350 and 350. Okay, .. 
see the horizon - - 

CDE Okay, roll right 80 . 

CMP - - ... air glow. 

CDE Eoll right 80, 

CMP Okay. 

CDE That's just going to fly our south error out. 

CMP South error out; okay. 

CDE We're 30 long and 20 shou - south; ... to go. 

Okay, still carrying about 3 g's. Eoll right 80, 

CMP Okay, that's good. 

CDE How's the EMS look? 

CMP EMS is on top. 

CDE Okay . 

CMP We got a potential of 300 , 28? on the mS. 

CDE Okay, that's GO. 

CMP Okay, it's looking good. 

^jg^^^^^^^^^^^L Tape 17-03^71 

^^P^^^^^^^^^^WC Page 25 

12 13 h2 09 CDR Okay, roll right 65. Our south error's coming out. 

CMP Okay. 

12 13 U2 12 CDR We're 10 long, ih south. She's going to hold 

this right roll for awhile. 

CMP Aaah. 

12 13 h2 19 CDR Okay, roll right 50. 

CMP It's hard to hold my head up ... - - 

CDR Still looking good. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR Yes , I know . Me , too . 

CMP (Laughter) 1*11 hook it on this ... 

12 13 h2 28 CDE Okay, roll right to UO . It's looking good. 

CMP Okay, looking good. 200 to go? 200. ... 

CDR Okay, Jack, we'll cu - we're at 

CMP ... 3 g's . 

CDR - - U minutes from RRT now. 

IMP Roger. 

CMP Three g's. 

CDR Okay, roll right 1+0 

CMP . . . going back up there . . . 

CDR Looking good. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR Roll right ko, 

CMP That's where we came through - that little spot 
back there. 

Tape 17-031*71 
Page 26 

CDR Okay, down-range error is good, and cross range is 

coming in. 

CMP Okay, roll right 50 yet. Roll right 50, still at 

3 g's. 

CDR Okay, that's still good, because our down range 

or cross range just came in. 

CMP Okay, we shoiold reverse ... - - 

CDR Not - not - not until this goes plus in a while . 

CMP Okay . 

CDR ... reverse, I'll give you a hack. 

CMP Three g's; got a potential of 130 - got 130 range. 

CDR Looking good - 3 g's. 

CMP Right on. 

CDR Okay, roll right hO . 

12 13 h3 ih CMP Okay, right 1*0. 

CDR Okay, right 1*5 • 
12 13 h3 17 CDR/ CMP Right 1*5. 

CDR Okay, down range is getting north so we're going 

to reverse here, shortly. 

CMP Okay, the g's getting a little less, ahout 2.8. 

CDR Okay, she's going to reverse. Roll right 50. 

Stand by for reverse. 

CMP Okay. 

12 13 1*3 28 CDR/CMP There's the reverse I 

CMP Okay, over the top. 

CDR Roll left 60. 

Tape lT-03i*Tl 
Page 27 

12 13 h3 31 CMP Okay. Still about 2.9 g's. 

% CDR Okay, roll left 60. 

CMP There goes some more pieces off the other side of 
the spacecraft. 

CDR Roll left 70 - - 

CMP - - ... it didn't stay ... - - 

CDR ... picking ... We're north and long. 

CMP Okay. Not bad. About 2.8 g's yet. 

CDR Okay, roll left 75- 

CMP Got a potential of 65, 65 - - 

CDR Roll left 75. 

12 13 k3 51 CMP 8000 feet a second. Okay? 

CDR Okay; G6 - NOUN 6U. Range to go is 1+00. Does 
that agree? Pretty good? 

12 13 hk 05 CMP No, ho. That's right. 

CDR 1+0, I mean. 

CMP That's right. ... degrees. 

CDR Okay, roll left 70; downra - downrange is ... 


CMP ... 3.1 g's . 

CDR Okay. She's going to reverse on here shortly. 

CMP Okay, there she goes over the ... - - 

12 13 hk 16 CDR There she is there's the reversal. 

CMP That ought to relax those g's a little bit. 

CDR Hey, I'm following those pretty good. 

Tape 17-O3U7I 
Page 28 

CMP There, that's good. Beautiful computer. 

CDR Roll right. Roll right 80. 

CMP Okay, about 3.1 g's. 

CDR Roll right 80 . We're a little south. We're 
flying north. 

CMP We're ah out h^OO feet a second. 

CDR Okay, roll CMC is GO. 

12 13 hh 31 CMP Okay. Into the scroll, 22 miles; 1^000 feet a 


12 13 hh 35 CDR Okay, Jack, it's coming up on 6 minutes. 

CMP Zero plus 88 degrees. Okay, that's good. 

CDR Coming up on 9OK, 

LMP Steam pressure's still there. 

CDR Okay. Roll rigjit 90, Ron. Looking good. 

CMP Okay, looking good. 

CDR Cross range is right in. Down range, you got a 

mile ... - - 

CMP Okay. We ought to he in there. 

CDR - - It's there. Roll left 80, 

CMP Roll left. Okay. About 2.2 g's. 

CDR Roll left 80. 

CMP Okay. It feels like you're on a merry-go-romd now, 

CDR Okay, roll left 80. 

LMP Here comes the steam pressure. 

12 13 kh 59 CDR Okay, that's right. That's about 06:20, Jack. 

Tape 17-031+71 
Page 29 


mP I got her for you. 

CMP You got it? Okay. 

CDR Okay, it's roll left 80, 

CMP Roll left 80; still good. 

CDR Roll left 80, down range and cross range are in. 

12 13 U5 07 IMP Steam pressvire's pegged. 

CMP Okay, 2 g's. 

LMP Steam pressure is pegged. 

CMP Steam pressure is pegged, okay. Is that on 

CDR That's right. Yes. 

LMP A little late. 

CDR Drogues will he at 07:39. 

CMP Drogues at 07:39. Okay. Come in. Rolling back 
right . . . . - - 

CDR Roll right 100- Okay, there's 67. 

CMP Okay, ... freeze at 67. 

CDR Okay. Huh? 

CMP Freeze it in 67. 

CDR Okay. Short 1.8 miles according to this. 

CMP Short 1.8, it says. Okay. Call it out. 

CDR Hello, Houston; this is America. We're showing 
1.8 short. . . . - - 

12 13 h5 38 CMP Okay, 50K, Jack. 

LMP Okay, it's 50K. 

Tape 17-0 3U7I 
Page 30 

CDR . . . drogues . 


12 13 1+5 ^3 CMP ARM the PYROs. 



CDR Houston, America. We're showing 1.8 miles short. 

LMP Pyros ? 


CDR 17.86 by minus l67.5. 

LMP They're ARMED. 

CMP They're ARMED. 

LMP And we're stable, right? 

CMP We're stable. 

LMP Looking good. 

CMP Coming down like a son of a buck. Man, oh, man! 

LMP Okay, give me a call at 30K. 

12 13 hS 02 LMP Okay, there's 35K. 

LMP Stand by. 

CMP Stand by for ELS LOGIC, right? 

LMP Right. LOGIC and AUTO. 

CMP Okay. There goes all the paper off the spacecraft , 

LMP Look for 30K. 

CMP Okay, there's 30K. 

Tape IT-O3U7I 
Page 31 

CDR Stand by for the drogues . 

LMP Okay. 

CMP ELS to AUTO - or LOGIC and then to AUTO. 

LMP And then the AUTO. 

CDR Okay, stand by for the . . . - - 

CMP Okay, stand by for the apex. 

CDR Hold on. 

12 13 20 CMP Then the drogues. Okay. There we go! 

CDR You got a drogue? 

LMP There ' s the drogues . 

CMP There goes the drogues . 

CDR . . . drogues . 

CMP Okay, back them up. 

LMP Two good drogues . 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Two good drogues . 

CMP Hey, I can't hear you. Jack. 

CDR Two good drogues ! 

LMP We got the drogues . 

CDR Drogues are GO ! 

CMP Okay, drogues ajre GO. 

CDR Okay, stand by for Jack. 

CMP Son of a buck! 

CDR Okay, what have you got on that checklist. Jack? 

Tape 17-03*^71 
Page 32 

CMP Hey, that really vibrates! 

LMP Cabin pressure's going up. 

CDR Very good. 

CMP What's that? 

LMP Stand by for mains . 

CMP Okay. There's 15K. 

CDR Okay, Houston, America in the blind. ¥e got the 
mai - or we got the drouges ; we got the drogues . 
Coming through 15K. This is America showing about 
1 mile short. We've got the drogues. 

LMP Stand by for mains . 

CMP Okay. Okay, there's 12, 13K. 

CMP Kow let's go through that checklist. 

LMP Okay. Stand by for mains. 

CMP 12K. 

CDR Hey, Ron, why don't you go on to PTT when you do 
that, so I can talk to them. 

CMP Go ahead. 

12 13 hi 15 LMP Okay. Mains at UK. 

12 13 hi 17 CDR There are the mains . 

CMP Gee , criminy . 

LMP Okay. 

CDR There are the mains . 

LMP Okay . 

CDR They're still reefed. They're still reefed - - 

Tape 17-031+71 
Page 33 

LMP ... 

CMP Still reefed. 

CDR There they go. 

CMP There they go. Okay, they're dereefing. 

LMP Got two good ones . 

CDR Okay, Houston, our mains are out. 

LMP Two good ones . 

CMP Two good ones. Let's get the third one. 

CDR Why don't you go off so I can tali to them? Is 
it out? 

LMP The third one is not good yet. 

CMP Third one's not good yet. 

CDR Hello, Houston, the mains are out - - 

LMP - - , . . three mains . 

CMP Okay, we got three mains now. 

LMP Three mains . 

CDR Okay, Houston, this is America. We got three mains. 
We're coming through 8000 feet. 



12 13 hi kQ CMP SURGE TANK, okay. SURGE TANK is OFF. 


CDR Hello, Recovery; this is America. We've got 
three good mains . 


Tape I7-O3U7I 
Page 3I+ 

CDR Coming through TK. We're about 1 mile short. 


12 13 U7 59 CMP It's OFF. 

12 13 1^8 00 IMP ANTENUAS, RECOVERY, A's going to SIMPLEX. 

CMP Okay . 

TIC *** 35, 050 presently on your *** 7 - - 


R-1 Relay, Tico; say again hearing, distance. 

TIC Relay presently hearing O5O; you are on your 
2Ji5 56 - - 

CDR - - . . . One minute to go . 

CMP Okay, the DAC's coming down. 

LMP Okay, stand by. 

CDR Okay, Recovery; this is America - - 


CDR We got three good mains; we're at 65OO feet. 

R-1 ... beaxing 050, We're on your 2h *** 6 miles. 


LMP Got that one, Geno? 

R-2 This is Photo, visual. Bearing 250, ... 000 at 3.5. 

LMP . . . three of them. 

TIC Photo, Tico. Roger; out. 

R-1 Apollo 17, this is Recovery. Good morning. 

CDR Hello, Recovery. It's a beautiful day. We're out 

at 610 

Tape IT-03UTI 
Page 35 


CDR - - and we've got three good mains. 

LMP ELS LOGIC, up; verify. 

R-1 This is Recovery; Roger. We've got a nice visual 
on you. 


R-1 They're "blooming nicely; ... all ... 


CDR Outstanding! 


CDR And all is well on board. All is well on board. 

CMP There's the clouds down there. 

R-1 ... Recovery. Wonderful. 

LMP I'm not going to ... 

CDR You sound good down there - - 


R-1 Waiting for you. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP ... hundred feet. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR . . . Did you . . . ? 

TIC Stand by ... Recovery, visual bearing bears 
100 - - 

CDR Walt until I get this . . . 

Tape I7-O3U7I 
Pa^e 36 

TIC my positive, 280 at 11. 

CDR Okay, I'll get it. 

R-1 Recovery, Tico. Roger; out. 

LMP Oh, there - okay, I guess it is. 

R-1 We have a visual hearing 2h^; Tacan, 070 ... 

LMP Okay, we're rolling a little ways - - 

CDR Hello, Recovery; this is America. We're out 
at 1*000 feet now, and all is well. 

CDR Aren't those pretty. 

CMP Beautif^ll, man, oh, man! 

LMP ... those things come out ... all on there. 

R-1 This is Recovery. Roger. 

CDR Okay, Jack, the next big move is the breaker 

check, and stand by for 8OO feet. Okay? 

LMP ... in , are we? 

CDR We're at 3500 feet. 

CMP . . . out . . . 

CDR Well , that ' s at ... feet . 

R-1 Recovery, Tico. 

TIC Go ahead. 

R-1 Request computer read-out. Over. 

TIC Not yet. Apollo 17 - - 

R-1 This is Recovery. 

TIC - - standing by for your DSKY read-up. 


Tape 17-03lt71 
Pa^e 37 

CDR Okay, Houston, DSKY shows minus 1.3, lat. is minus 

17.88; long, is minus l66,ll. 

CMP Ha, hah! Beautiful. 

CDR Okay, 2500 feet. 

R-1 Recovery; Roger. 

TIC . • . Tico 

CDR At 800 feet, we want the CABIN PRESSURE RELIEF, 

two of them, CLOSED. 

LMP Okay, we'll close them at 8OO feet. Okay? 

CMP ... clouds . Scattered clouds , 

12 13 50 k^ CDR Hello, Recovery. America's through 2000 feet. 

R-1 Recovery; Roger. 

P-1 This is Photo circling the command module as it 

descends. The three main parachutes are fully 


CMP Okay . 

CDR There's 15, 160O feet. 

CDR Okay, America is out of 15OO feet. 

CDR . . . they? 

CMP Yes. See any holes ... this way? 

IMP Jvist beautiful, I don't see any holes at all. 

CDR ... 

P-1 Three main parachutes are fully deployed. The 

command module is descending, and Photo is circling 
as it descends. 

Tape IT-03UTI 
Page 38 

CMP - - . . . h-undred. 

CDR Okay, there's 900. And America is ncfw oiit of - - 

IMP At 800? 

CDR 800 feet. 


12 13 51 38 CMP Two, CLOSED. 

CDR And here came the BUS TIES, 


CDR You got them? 

LMP Yes . 

12 13 51 1*3 CDR Okay, we're off.