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Full text of "NASA Audio Highlight Reels, Soundbites and Launch Sounds"

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.-.w.v.w.x- ^Ir^P -v, 
v.v.v.-.v.-.v A* A £» ^ 

XvXxX £n£' goj- $ 

X-X'X 1) 3? *^* ^ 
n> <■ ■« <v 

£ £ o ' ^ 5- v 

1 ' .CO *>» £° t> £"Y 

MSC -07630 



(U]ci afls ifi Catl0 h o 

'By authority of 






Downgraded at 5-year 
intervals; declassified 
after 12 years 


Thla material contains Information affecting the national defenae of the 8tatM 
witting 'muntogat the eapionage lawe, title 18, U. S. C. , Sec. 7« and 794 the 
tranaralMlon or wwlation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person la 

prohibited by law. 



S16NAT0R L2!L— 

* 6aa-3 i 7 



The material contained herein has been transcribed 
into a working paper in order to facilitate review 
by interested MSC elements. This document, or por- 
tions thereof, may be declassified subject to the 
following guidelines : 

Portions of this document will be classified 
CONFIDENTIAL, Group H, to the extent that they: 
(l) define quantitative performance characteristics 
of the Apollo Spacecraft, (2) detail critical per- 
formance characteristics of Apollo crew systems and 
equipment, (3) provide technical details of sig- 
nificant launch vehicle malfunctions in actual 
flight or reveal actual launch trajectory data, 
{k) reveal medical data on flight crew members 
which can be considered privileged data, or (5) re- 
veal other data which can be individually determined 
to require classification under the authority of the 
Apollo Program Security Classification Guide, SCG-11, 
Rev. 1, 1/1/66. 





Section Page 










This document is the transcription of the Apollo 17 flight crew 
communications recorded on the lunar module (114) data storage equipment 
assembly (DSEA). After the multiplexed voice communications and mission 
elapsed time had been recorded on board the ffl on a single track of the 
tape, the tape cassettes were transferred to the command module (CM) for 
the return to Earth. The cassettes were forwarded to NASA Manned Space- 
craft Center, Houston, where mission elapsed time was converted to ground 
elapsed time for this document. Transcription of these tapes was man- 
aged by J. L. Gibbons, Test Division, Apollo Spacecraft Program Office, 
to whom inquiries concerning this document should be referred. 

The transcript is divided into three columns — time, speaker, and 
text. The time column consists of four two-digit pairs for days, hours, 
minutes, and seconds (e.g., Oh 22 3b lh) . The speaker column indicates 
the source of a transmission; the text column contains the verbatim 
transcript of the communications. 

The time used by Mission Control Center (MCC) and indicated as 
ground-elapsed time (GET) in the flight plan was updated to both the 
spacecraft and MCC computers but was not updated to the telemetry down- 
link pulse-code-modulated bitstream or other time-recording devices. 
This GET updating was performed only to correct significant changes in 
flight-plan time occurring as the result of delayed lift-off, midcourse 
corrections, or spacecraft burn-time differences (trajectory dispersions). 

Therefore, the Apollo elapsed time (the true mission-elapsed time) 
does not always agree with flight-plan and MCC times. Users of this 
transcript are cautioned to apply the appropriate time-update deltas for 
the updated periods. Dashes in the time column indicate that the time 
could not be determined because of the use of the VOX mode. 

Speakers in the transcript are identified as follows: 



Eugene A. 



Command module pilot 

Ronald E. 



Lunar module pilot 


P. (Jack) 


Unidentifiable crewmember 


Multiple speakers 


Capsule communicator (CAP COMM) 




In the text, a series of three dots (...) designates those portions 
of the communications that could not be transcribed because of garbling. 
One dash (-) indicates a speaker's pause or a self -interrupt ion. Two 
dashes (- -) indicate an interruption by another speaker or a point at 
which a recording was abruptly terminated. A series of three asterisks 
(***) indicates voice clipping caused by use of the voice-actuated (VOX) 
mode. Words given unusual emphasis by the speaker are underlined. 

The Apollo IT mission was flown December 7 to 19, 1972; lift-off 
occurred at 05:33:00.60 G.m.t. (12:33:00. 60 a.m., e.s.t.) on December 7- 
The CM was designated America and the LM was called Challenger. 

4 OI^Sis$#IED 

Day 5 


0^ 10 15 15 LMP Okay, Ron, how do you 

CC We're ready to take it. Go ahead. 

IMP Ron, how do you read on SIMPLEX Bravo? 

LMP I do not read you. 

CDR It's coming at you. 

CDR Have you got your AUDIO switch OK? 

LMP Yes. 

LMP Hey, Ron, I do not read you. Check your VHF switch. 

LMP Hey, Ron. 

CMP That helps . 

LMP Give me a call on B. I do not read you. Do you 
read me? I can't hear you. 


LMP Check your VHF circuit breakers. 

CDR Tell him to check his audio panel up there. 

LMP Hey, check your audio panel! 


LMP Hey, I wonder if he's - are you sure you're on the 
right set of hoses? 

LMP It's my fault. Tell - Okay, stand by. 

LMP Okay, I got you. I got you. 


Day 5 

IMP Stand "by. Stay where you are. Okay, how do you 

read on VHF Bravo? You're loud and clear. 

CMP Hey, I finally got you. 

LMP That was my fault, Ron. 

CMP Okay. You're kind of clipping there just a little 

hit. I got the last part of your transmission. 

LMP Okay, it was just warming up. You're loud and 

clear now. 

CMP Okay. I read you. It was just - I missed - it 

was just warming up, hut I ... loud and clear. 

CDR Hey, Houston, I've got a couple I want to pass on 
to you. 


CDR Okay, when I first put in the - - 

IMP Okay, Ron, how do you read now? 

CDR LGC breaker - 

LMP Oh, excuse me, Gene. 

CDR No, go ahead. Finish. 

Ok 10 IT 37 LMP I'm sorry. 

CDR Wo, go ahead. Finish that. Stand by, Houston. 

LMP Am I clipping - am I clipping now, Ron? 

CMP Yes, you are. I didn't hear you at all that time. 

LMP Am I clipping now? 

CMP Yes, you're still clipping. 

LMP Okay , how do you read now? 

CMP Okay. You're doing fine. I got that. 

Day 5 


LMP Okay, I guess we're okay. It was the squelch. 

CDR Where do you want me? 


CDR Where do you want me? I haven't heard anybody. 
Where do you want - - 

LMP Oh, you go - you can go to T/R. On Bravo. 

CDR What, Bravo? On Bravo? 

CDR Ron, how do you hear Gene? 

CMP Okay - loud and clear, Gene. 

CDR Okay, very good. 

LMP How do you read LMP now, Ron? 

Ok 10 18 26 CMP You're still clipping, Jack. Can you move the 

mike a little bit closer, or something? 

LMP Okay, how do you read now? 

CMP No, I didn't read you at all that time. 

LMP How do you read now? 

CMP Not there. 

LMP Okay, I've got the SQUELCH to full decrease. 

CDR Okay, let's press on. What about Alfa? 

CMP Well, you're going to have to yell or something. 

I tell you, you're still clipping yourself out, 

CDR Okay, you 

LMP Okay, let's - - 

CDR Do you read Gene, Ron? 

CMP No, I didn't read you that time. 

CDR Okay, we're going to press on and get these VHF 
checks go - - 

IMP I think we're too close. 

CMP Okay. 

Ok 10 19 05 CDR Okay, let's get 

IMP Okay, configure for Alfa, Ron. 

OU 10 19 09 CMP Okay, switching to Alfa. 

IMP Okay, Ron, how do you read on Alfa? 

CMP Don't read you. 

IMP How do you read on Alfa, Ron? 

CMP I don't read you. 

IMP How do you read the IMP on Alfa, Ron? 

CDR He doesn't read us. You read him? 

IMP I read him. 

CDR Yes - - 

CMP I don't read you guys at all, except through the 
tunnel . 

IMP How do you read on Alfa, Ron? 

CMP Okay , got you loud and clear that time . 

IMP Okay, try him, Gene. 

CMP And, Gene, can you verify the capture latches are 
all engaged? 

0*1 10 20 00 CDR Okay, how do you read me? 

CMP I didn't read you at all, Jack. 

CDR This is Gene. How do you read me on Alfa? 

Day 5 

CDR Okay, let's press on. You're getting us inter- 

mittent. We can get it. 

CMP Okay. I got you that time. And check the capture 


LMP Okay, Houston - - 

CDR They're good, Ron. 

LMP I'm pretty sure the VHF is all right 

CDR Yes . 

LMP - - it seems to have something to do with the 

squelch settings, and it's probably because we're 
so close. 

CC We concur. We'd like you to press on and not worry 

about the VHF any more right now. 

Oh 10 20 35 CDR Gordo, we are. Here's a couple of quick ones. 

When I pushed the LGC DSKY breaker in, I did not 
get a RESTART light. The keyboard came up with 
U00 in R-2. The LGC light was already on, and it 
went off as prescribed. When I did a VERB 35, I 
got all the proper lights except, when the LGC and 
ISS lights came on, the entire caution and warning 
dimmed. One more item. In our DAP setting, we 
are reading in our checklist, for R-l, plus 6^5; 
and for R-2, plus 6Ul. The DSKY DAP came up plus 
61+1 and plus 61*5 » It just reversed those numbers. 
And I'm going to deploy the landing gear. 

CC Okay. 

CDR Okay, Jack, MASTER ARM is coming ON. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Your - Are LOGIC POWER breakers IN? 

LMP My breaker is IN. 

CDR Okay, I've got one good light. 

LMP Okay, I'm going to talk - Okay. Go ahead. 

Ok 10 20 51 CDR Okay, Houston. MASTER ARM is ON, and B light is 


CDR Let me get this fired. Ron, are you ready? Ron, 

are you ready for a landing gear? Ron, if you 
read, the LANDING GEAR is coming on my mark. 

CMP Okay. 

CDR 3, 2, 1 - 

Ok 10 22 11 CDR MARK. 

LMP Hey! 

CDR Hey, Houston. We've got a good one out front. 

CMP (Laughter) 

CC Okay. 

LMP How's your flag? 

CDR And the flag is gray. 

CC ... good one. 

CDR Okay, and the flag is gray. 

LMP Okay, Houston; the PRIMARY EVAP FLOW time, 108 - 
EVAP FLOW time, 108:16:55- And I'm ready to copy 
your abort constants and a DOI-2 pad. 

CDR And I'll give them DATA. 

CC ... copy abort constants. 

LMP Stand by, Gordy. 

CC 22k t 6 ... - Stand by. 

CDR Ron, when you get the tunnel closed out, I'll need 

you for an IMU coarse align. 

CMP Okay, I'm getting the - probe umbilicals installed 



Okay, I'll need your NOUN 20s when you get a chance. 

LMP Okay, Gordy, you can go ahead; and you have DATA 

on the UPDATA LINK. 

CC Okay. We'll have you an up-link in a minute. 22k 

is 601+70, 2936U , 60386, 0059^. 32772, 5kkok. Go 

LMP Okay; 60U70, 2936k, 60386, 0059^, 32772, $kkok. 

CC Okay, that was a good readback. Ready with DOI-2 

when you are. 

LMP Okay, Gordy, go ahead. 

CC Okay. That's DOI-2: T. time is 112:02:U0.92; 


NOUN 81 is a minus 0007.5, DELTA-V y , plus 

CMP Okay, Gene. Can you look at the capture latches? 

I've got it preloaded here, now. 

0k 10 25 00 CDR Okay, Ron. They're looking good. 

CC ' - - NOUN 1+2, 0 - - 

CMP ... 

CC - - 15 - - 

CMP - - but I have it preloaded. 

CDR Okay, and the "button is flush up front here. 

CMP Okay. 

CC 0067, 00075; burn time 

CDR Did you get the probe locked, Ron? 

CC 22 

CDR You didn't, babe. Did you? 

CMP What do you mean, probe locked? 

CC - - 00 - - 

CDR Yes, you did. It's locked. Okay. 

CC - - -jk - - 

CDR Okay, it's locked. 

CMP Oh, the probe. Yes. 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Yes. Yes, it's locked. 

CDR Okay. 

CC - - 0122.7; the AGS DELTA-Vs are NA. 

LMP Okay, Gordy. 112:02:lt0.92; minus three zeros 75 - 

CDR And Ron, how soon are you going to be able to give 

me the coarse align? 

CMP Okay, I can do that now. I'll put the tunnel in - 

the hatch in a little bit later. 


CMP MIN DEAD BAND, ATT HOLD. Okay. I'll get that 

right now. 

CDR Okay, and 

CMP . . . Let me get my . . . 

LMP - - all zeros, 07 1 *; 0122.7; rest of pad NA. 

0U 10 26 18 CC Correct, Jack. 

CMP Okay, Gene, you've got MIN DEAD BAND, ATT HOLD 


CDR Okay, stand by. I've - Let's see - okay. Okay, 

I need your numbers then. NOUN 20. 

LMP Okay, Gordy. I'm going to start the lunar bat 

check, and it'll be silent. 

CDR Ron , I need your - your NOUN 20 numbers . 

CMP Plus 356.95, plus 106. 31+ , plus 001. U9. 

Day 5 


CDR Okay. I've got 356.95. 106.3U, and 001. 1+9- 

CMP Right. 

CC Challenger, we want to get the - attitude - - 


CC - - tweaked up closer to the normal before doing 

the coarse align, 

CDR Wants to what? 

LMP Wants to tweak the attitude up closer to normal. 

CDR Hey, Ron, they want a more normal attitude for you. 

You're not quite nominal. 

0l* 10 2? U8 CMP Okay, that's to what? Zero, 105, and 0? 

CDR If you're talking to me, it's about 0, lOlt.7, and 0. 

CMP- Okay, stand by, Gene. We'll get back to you. 

CC And your up-link's in there. It's your computer. 

CDR Okay, Gordy; thank you. And, Ron, let me know when 

you're tweaked up, and then go MIK DEAD BAND ATT 

CMP Okay. 

CMP Okay, Houston; America. Zero, 105, and 0. Good? 

CMP That's interesting. I don't know how it got out 

of attitude. 

CMP Maybe - maybe I hit the stick or something, here. 

CMP Okay, Gene. We're MM DEAD BAND ATT HOLD, and 0, 

105, and 0. 

CDR Okay. Read out NOUN 20. 

CMP Okay, VERB 06 NOUN 20; 000.32, lOH.MD, 359.55- 

CDR Okay, I got all those. 


Day 5 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Okay, Houston. I skipped a step on the LUNAR BAT 

OFF /RESET. I'll go back. 

Oh 10 29 58 CMP Okay, Houston, I forgot to release the docking 

latches. Okay. I'll go up and release docking 
latches 1 and 7. 

CMP Well, if I just put the - Well, I'll do that. I 

was going to say you could read the probe temp if 
I put the circuit "breakers in. 

CC - - we think you missed a step. We need the - - 

. LMP Yes. 

CC the LUNAR BAT - - 

LMP That's right. I'll go 


LMP That's affirm. I'll go back. Stand by. 

CC Okay . 

CMP Okay, there's number 1. One release, two releases, 

and three. 



CMP Seven. 

CDR Okay, Gordy. For the LM, I've got 300.88, 28U.U0, 

and three balls ^5- How does that sound? 

CC Stand by. We're checking. 

CDR Come on, you ought to have that number. 

Oh 10 31 37 CMP Okay. DOCKING PROBE circuit breakers, two of them, 

RELEASE is going to - RETRACT. Ah-ha. I got two 
barber poles. 

Day 5 KSSMT ^ T^ MlBMMl 1-11 

CC Geno, those angles are okay. 

CDR Okay; figured they were. They're going in. 

Ok 10 32 01 CMP Okay. Docking PROBE circuit "breakers going OPEN. 

Okay. EXTEND /RELEASES - and they went gray, of 
course, when they went OPEN. Okay. EXTEND/RELEASEs 
to OFF. Verify probe extend latch engaged . . . 
Well, I'll go hack. It wasn't awhile ago, but I'll 
go look again. Okay, if we hit EXTEND with the 
circuit breakers — in. Oh. Mighty fine. It's 
still back inside there. Extend latch is still 

CDR Okay, Ron. On my mark, I'd like an 06 20. 

CMP Okay, standing by. Go ahead. 

CDR Okay. 3, 2, 1 - 

0U 10 33 kj CDR MARK it. 

CMP- Okay. 000. kk, 10U.63, 359-69- 
CDR Okay, got those. 
CMP Okay 

CC Challenger, we've got those angles here on the 

ground, for both spacecraft. 

CDR Fine, Gordy. 

LMP Houston, ED BAT 37.2, 37.2 at lOPil^OO. 

CDR Yes . 

LMP All battery indications on board were normal, once 

I got started. 

CC Okay. They look good to us, also. 

CDR Why don't you Stay in that MIN DEAD BAND, ATT HOLD, 

and I'm going to do a P52. 

0k 10 35 23 CMP Okay, I've got the - the cameras all set. I've 

got them out anyhow. I don't have the - the right 


Day 5 

values on the lenses yet; "but, anyhow, the cameras 
are out and they're loaded. I've got mag 00 

IMP Houston - - 

CMP on the Hasselblad. 

IMP - - the IMP. A couple of minor things on the "back- 

side checkout. The secondary glycol pump, when I 
started it, the sound and the pressure was ragged, 
oscillated around - 20 psi, and then stabilized 
after about 15 seconds and sounded smooth. It had 
a sound as if it was cavitating a little bit, but 
after that, it was smooth. Over. 

CMP Say, Houston, why don't we go ahead and get the - - 

CC . . . , Jack. 

CMP PGA ver out of the way? 

IMP And 

CMP - - and then we can get some of this - - 

IMP - - on step 3 on page 3-15- 

CMP - - data, or would you rather get the pad up first? 

IMP When I went to SUIT FAN 1, I got a MASTER ALARM, 

but all other indications were okay, and the MASTER 
ALARM reset. 

CC Okay . 

CMP Anyway, I 

IMP Okay. I'm sorry. I misinterpreted the words there. 

I should have gotten that. Forget that one. 

0*+ 10 36 51 CMP And - Okay, we're SQUELCH A now. I've even got it 

all the way down to 1, and I still don't hear them. 

IMP Okay, Geno. You need some help? 

CMP Oh, yes. I got a satisfactory - Every once in a 

while, I can hear them now; they're cutting in and 
out somewhere, and I don't know where. 


Day 5 

' ' *>>»»»•>»>>>>>>> 

• < * * < * * \ ' 4 * * 


CDR Turn some of the lights dovn. 

CDR Okay, Jack; that's what the - numbers ought to he. 

Dubhe' s the first star. And those are what the 
spiral/cursor numbers ought to he, so let me go to 
cursor first - 170 something. 

CMP SQUELCH A is setting at ahout h. 

CDR Mow, I need the - I need the eyepiece. 

CMP Okay. You have it. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Now, I've got to go to position 3. 

Ok 10 38 k6 LMP Doing - What star you got, 30? Or, no, what star? 

CDR Dubhe. Dubhe. Yes, she's going to he right in 

there . 

LMP Okay, and those are the numbers. 

LMP Okay, that's good. Okay. You ready to mark? What 

do you want first? 

CDR Cursor. Can you hold that down? I need it to 

hold - I can't stay up - I can't stay down here. 

LMP Couple it. 

CDR Wait. I'll put my foot back here. Okay. You 

LMP Go ahead. Which one, cursor? 

CDR Yes, Yes; go. 

CMP Go ahead. 

CDR 17108 

Ok 10 1*0 lU LMP 17108. 

CDR Hey, we've got to turn these overhead lights out, 

Jack. If we can. 

LMP Oh - 

CDR The floods, right up here. 

LMP Well, let's see. 

CDR Just turn them down. 

LMP They are down. 

CDR Ready to mark? 

LMP Wait a minute. Go ahead. 

CC - - take a look at the glycol pump - - 

CDR Ready? 

CC pressure. Can you close the GLYCOL PUMP SECOND- 

ARY circuit breaker? 

CDR Ready? 

LMP Let us finish this. 

LMP Go ahead. 

CDR Oh, I've lost it now. Stand by. 

Oh 10 U0 U8 CDR MARK it. 17108. Yes, that's good ... - - 

LMP 17108. 

CDR Yes . 

CDR What's he want? 

LMP I'll get it - second. 


LMP Yes, I'll get it. Go ahead. 

LMP Gordy, you want the SECONDARY? 

CC Affirmative. Panel l6, GLYCOL PUMP SECONDARY 
breaker; third row, in the middle. 

IMP The . . . , Gordy! 

CDR Am I ready to mark? 

LMP Go ahead. 

CDR 17120. 

LMP Go ahead; 17120. 

CDR 17118. 

LMP 17118. 

CDR Yes. 

LMP Okay. Are you ready to mark spiral? 

Ok 10 k2 Ok CDR Okay. 

CDR What's all that about? 

LMP Okay. We've got a GLYCOL light, and the tempera- 
ture is 50. I think that's in the secondary loop. 

CC Okay. The pressure looked good there. We'd like 
that breaker back open. The MASTER ALARM you have 
is normal. 

LMP Roger; understand it. 

0l* 10 k2 52 CDR Stand by. Spiral. 

CDR 31377- 

LMP 31377. Go ahead. 

CDR There ' s a lot of light coming in somewhere . It 1 s 
probably earthlight. 

CDR 31303. 

LMP 31303. 

CDR Now, how many more do I need? 

LMP You need two more. 

CMP Say, Houston; America. How much time to AOS yet - 

to LOS? 

CDR 312^5. 

CMP got a little time for the PGA ver 

LMP Okay; 3121+5. 

CMP Okay. Ah-ha, I got the old helmet and gloves on. 

CMP More cables all over the place here than I know 

what to do with. 

CMP (Laughter) I got cahles and hoses and - 

CDR 31322. 

LMP Okay, that's it - for - Now, the next star. Okay. 

We'll PROCEED. Okay, you like those numbers? 

CDR Yes . 

OU 10 U5 58 LMP Yes. Okay. All right. VERB 21 ENTER. You want 

a 111 - 111, Al debar an. ENTERED. PROCEED. 

CDR Why don't you write those down? 

LMP Yes, I will. 

CDR And I'll do - Obviously, Cursor's first. 

LMP Okay; 111. You ready to mark - cursor? 

CDR Yes . 

CMP Okay . 

CDR Get the lights if you can. 

CMP Oh, son-of-a-muck; I hit the stick again. Now I 
got to unlock it . 

CDR Ron, keep at min DEAD BAND, ATT HOLD. I've got to 

finish a P52. 

CMP Okay. You want me to maneuver back to attitude? 

Day 5 



CDR No; just stay where you are. 

CMP We're out of attitude just a little bit. 

CDR Just stay where you are , and put it in MIN DEAD 


CMP Well, I'm MIN DEAD BAND, hut I maneuvered out of 

attitude. You want to go hack to regular attitude? 

CDR No! N-0, no. 

IMP Alderharan is your star. Oh! Do you read me? 

Ok 10 U7 25 CDR Yes. 

IMP I don't read me very well. 

CDR 32961. 

IMP 329 - 6l ; 32961. 

CMP- - - flow return is to the - - 

IMP Go ahead. 

CMP - - suit flow valves. The other two are closed, 

mine is open, and I've got the interconnect in 
"between the other ones. How's the old suit pres- 
sure? Okay; looks like pretty good. Okay; 0^ flow 
is lower limit. Okay - - 

CDR 329 1*7. 

IMP Say that again. I - Ron - - 

CDR 3-1 wish he'd go off VOX - 329^7- Let me turn 

this VHF - 

IMP Okay; 329^7. 

Ok 10 U8 33 CDR Okay. 

CMP And it feels like it's going up. 

IMP You're clear. 

CMP And terminal DIRECT C^. Okay, I have that. 

LMP Hey, Ron, this is Challenger. We're going to be 

off your loop for a while so we can finish the - - 

CDR I don't like that. I don't like that. I want to 
reject it. 


LMP Okay. 


CMP Okay; plus 

CDR I want to reject it. 

Ok 10 1*9 0l+ LMP ENTERed, PRO., You can reject it. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Okay. 

CDR 33100 . 

LMP 33100 . 

CDR Yes . 

LMP Go ahead. One more on the cursor. 

CDR 32972. Son of a gun. 

LMP What's the problem? 

CDR It's just hard to - - 

LMP 32972. 

CDR Yes - hard to focus everything in there. 

LMP Okay; and you're clear on spiral. 

CDR Okay. 

mmmmsmm ' *- 19 

CDR Ready to mark? 

LMP Go ahead. 

LMP Should be around 37 • 

CDR hi - QkU.6. 

LMP Whoops . 

CDR That's all right. 

LMP Plus 0itll6. 

CDR 0U116 . 

LMP Go ahead. 


LMP OklkT. 

CDR- Two more. 

Oh 10 52 36 CDR 0-1*303. 

LMP 303 - U303. Okay. 

CDR Boy, I can sure see him maneuvering. 

LMP One more. 

CDR Best I can do - 0UU07. Whew. 

LMP Is he moving? 

CDR Yes, he's moving. Just like he did in the simulator 
the other day. 

LMP Well, they're not bad. 

CDR Well, I'll tell you. That's an eye bust. You're 
lucky . 

CDR Hello, Houston. That looked to be a pretty good 
alignment from what I saw. There's 07 for you. 


Day 5 

CC Okay. We copy. 

LMP Here , I ' 11 copy those in here . 

CC Okay, Challenger. Torque them. 

Ok 10 5k 12 LMP 109, 3*+, 5- 

CDR Okay. 
LMP Make that 7. 

CDR Jack, you go to centerline and zero up there. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR And I'll pull the breaker. 

CDR Hello, America; Challenger. We no longer need 



CDR Okay, but I would like a NOUN 20 from you on my mark, 

CMP Stand by. 

CDR Okay; 3, 2, 1 - 

Olt 10 55 01 CDR MARK. 

CMP 092.15, 101+.36, 359.69. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP You got those? 

CDR Not yet. Ground will have them. 

LMP Okay. We're ready for RCS, and we're about 10 min- 

utes behind. 

CC Okay, Challenger, we've got the NOUN 20s, both 

spacecraft . 

CMP And Houston, do we want to release those docking 

latches - before they do their hot fire? I don't 
think so. Do we? 

Day 5 i^OHH 1-21 

CC • * • 

CMP Yes . 

CDR Okay. You picking up that first part? 

MP Yes. 

IMP Okay, temperatures are good. 

CDR Okay . 

IMP Helium is 30 - 3050. 

CC - - Houston. We're ready anytime for the - - 

CDR Let's go. 

CC RCS pressurization. You might turn the HEATER 

switch OFF. 

IMP And - I just did. 

CDR Okay, go ahead. 

IMP I just got that, and we're going. 

CDR Okay. 

CDR/LMP Pr ope 11 ant 

IMP - - pressure, TO degrees. 

CDR Go . 

IMP And it's 15 - no, that's 

CDR Propellant . 

IMP 25 about. 

Ok 10 56 U6 CDR Let's go. Fuel? 

IMP And - 50. 

CDR Go . 

IMP And 50 - no, make that 60 on the oxidizer. 

1 22 ^^^Of^Jl f fI3tHn^ ^Pt A L Day 5 

CDR Okay. Your quantity? 

LMP The quantities are 100. 

CDR Okay, on l6: LOGIC POWER B, OPEN. 

Oil 10 57 01 LMP B's coming OPEN. 

CDR Okay . 

Ok 10 57 05 CDR MASTER ARM is ON. I've got one good light - 


CDR Okay. Why don't you read them to me - - 




IMP RCS, FIRE; I'm sorry. 

CDR Okay; HELIUM PRESS - I just don't want to get the 

vrong one. 

LMP Yes. Okay? 

CDR Okay, on my mark. 3, 2, 1 - 

Ok 10 57 2k CDR MARK it. We heard it. 

LMP Sounds like they filled up, 175. I mean - 180 . 

Looks good. 

CDR REG lights are off? 

LMP Yes. 


CDR Recycle all your - 


OPEN - OPEN. They're all okay. 

CDR And your LOGIC POWER B closed? 


CDR And read the temp/pressures to me. 

LMP Okay 

CC - - we saw it, and it looks good - - 

LMP 180 

CC - - . . . looks good. 

CDR Looks good on "board, Gordo. 

LMP Oxidizer and fuel are both 180. 

CDR Go. 

LMP Propellant's 180. 

CDR That's go. 

LMP' And helium is slightly under 3000. 

CDR That's go. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Checkout. You ready? 

CDR Okay. Let's go. You read it to me, and we'll 
press . 







Ok 10 58 37 LMP MODE CONTROL, "both, ATT HOLD. 


IMP Switch guards at 6 o'clock. 

CDR Six. 

IMP NO DAP light, off. 

CDR NO DAP light is off. 

IMP ACA/k JET, commander, DISABLE. 

CDR What do you want? 

IMP Your h - ACA/k JETs , DISABLED . 

CDR Okay. 

IMP TTCA, both, to JETS. 

CDR Okay . 

IMP Mine's JETS . 

CDR ' Mine's JETS. ^ 

IMP Verify high bit rate with MSFN and CSM in WIDE 

Ok 10 59 03 LMP Okay, Houston, verify high hit rate; and, Ron, we 


CDR Why don't you put that here if you - can you read 
it here? So we can - - 

CMP Okay. WIDE DEAD BAND, ATT HOLD. That's what I'm 

CDR Okay . 

CDR Why don't you turn these up? 

CMP And, Amer - Houston, America; I missed T^ on. 

CDR Okay. 

CC Okay, we verify high "bit rate. 

Ok 10 59 30 LMP Okay, QUAD flags. Okay. VERB J6 ENTER. 

Day 5 


CDR Go . 

LMP NO DAP light on. VERB 11 NOUN 10 ENTERed; 


CDR Okay. Here we go, Houston, with the cold- fire 


IMP Okay, you want to go up? 

CDR Okay. 

CC All set. 

LMP And that's good. 

CDR 252. Okay? 

LMP Okay, down. 

LMP 125 is good. And the rest of the flags. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP Okay. I'm going to do it. 

LMP Up, 252; down, 125. That's good. 

CDR And nonreturn to zero. 

LMP Okay. Okay. ENTER; 06 ENTER. Okay? Right - 220. 

That's good. There's zeros; left, iko - good. 
There's zeros; forward, 11 is good. There's zeros; 
back, 6 - is good. And there's zeros. 

Ok 11 00 1+3 LMP Okay, Houston. PGNS rate command cold fire; AGS 

pulse - cold fire check. 


CMP go to - RECEIVE ONLY on the VHF for a little 


LMP (Laughter) Sure, Ron. 

CMP Okay . 


Day 5 



LMP VERB 77 - 

CDR What's all that stirring around? Is that the 

S-band? Yes. 

LMP It's his attitude, I - or maybe our S-band. 

CDR It's the S-band. 

LMP VERB 77, you got? VERB 15 NOUN 01 ENTER. Okay, 

and k2 ENTER. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP CDR ACA to soft stop, pause 2 seconds at null. 

Roll right. Okay, fi - that's good. Roll left. 
That's good. Pitch up - 1*7. That's good. Pitch 
down. Seven - Wait a minute. You got it? Thirty- 
one; that's good. R-2. Go ahead and raw - yaw 
right - 27 is good. Yaw left - 50 is good. Okay. 

Oil 11 02 02 CDR Better tell them where we are . 

CMP All right, Houston. Step 4, AGS rate command cold 

fire, U-jet secondary coil hot fire check. Hey, 
Ron, we're going to have some hot fires here. 

CC Go. We're looking good so far, 

LMP We're going to have some hot fires here, in a 

minute . 

CMP Okay. Wait a min - hold it, America - Challenger. 

The hot fire - you want FREE, Challenger? 

LMP That's affirm. Go CMC MODE, FREE. 

CMP Challenger, America. You want FREE for your hot 


LMP Tell him. He's not reading me, apparently. 

CDR That's affirm. We want you FREE, Ron. 

Day 5 smmmmsmm ^ 

CMP Okay. I'm going to FREE now. 

CDR Okay. 



CMP And, Houston; America. You can try that one again. 



LMP Okay. ATTITUDE - You got AGS? 

CDR Yes . 


CDR (Coughing) 



LMP CDR ACA; deflect slowly to hardover, pause 2 seconds 
at null. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Roll right. 

CDR Ooh. 

OU 11 03 21 LMP We got it. Okay? Roll left. 

CDR Ooh. 

LMP Okay. Pitch up. Okay, pitch down. Okay, yaw 
right. Okay, yaw left. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Okay . ( Laugh te r ) 

CDR Houston , hardover looked good from here . 


Day 5 

LMP Okay. 
CDR Okay . 

CC It was good down here. 

LMP All right, Houston; PGNS minimum impulse hot fire 

DAP on. Okay. We need to close our breakers. 
Okay, my four are CLOSED. 

Oh 11 Ok 11 CDR And my four are CLOSED. 


CDR Uh-oh . 

LMP Try - 

CDR/LMP There they go. 

LMP Okay, Houston. We have a sticky talkback, red, on 
SYSTEM A, QUAD h. And it went gray with a tap. 

CDR Where are you? 

CC Okay, Jack. 

LMP VERB 11 NOUN 10 31 ENTER. R-l is 67777. CDR ACA, 

out of detent, 2-1/2 degrees; pause 2 seconds at 

CDR The pulse? 

LMP Okay, 57 is good. Roll left - 37 is good. Yaw 

right twice; slowly. 

CDR Tell me to do it again. 

LMP Okay, that's 67 - Now, do it again. Okay, that's 

good. Now, yaw left twice - 73, that's good. Okay, 
that's good. 

Oh 11 05 21 CDR Two different thrusters are firing. 



LMP 31022. PROCEED. And a VERB 3h. VERB 11 NOUN 10 

ENTER - 31 ENTER. Okay. CDR ACA, out of detent, 
2-1/2 degrees; pause 2 seconds at null. Pitch up - 
76 is good. Pitch down - 75 is good. 

CDR He won't hear you. 

LMP Okay. Okay, go ahead. 

Ok 11 06 06 CDR Ron, the hot fire checks are complete. You can go 


CMP Okay, Challenger; America. We're in ATT HOLD. You 

didn't get very far off that time either. That's 

CDR Yes , I think we got them all . 

CC - - all look good here . 

CMP Okay. 

CDR- Okay, Gordo. Understand. 

LMP Well, you verified all this, didn't you, Gene? 

CDR Yes. 

LMP Electrical umbilicals. 

CDR I got elec - he didn't - he didn't - he confirmed 

that, I confirmed the capture latches. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR He called them out, 

LMP Okay, I'll check that. 

CDR You can check that stuff when you go and close 
the hatch. 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Okay. We're on the top of 3-28, Gordo. Hey, Ron! 

CC We're with you. 

IMP Okay, umbilicals - looks like they're off. 

CMP Okay, Challenger; America. 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Go ahead, Ron. 

Ok 11 07 19 CMP Okay. I'm going to turn off B-3 and also my roll 

jets, and then I'm going to undo the docking latches. 

CDR Okay. You want to verify your TRANSPONDER is OFF 
as well as B-3? 

CMP Yes, sir. Verify TRANSPONDER is OFF. 

CDR Okay, and you did get the umbilicals, right? 

CMP Say again ah out umbilicals. 

CDR You did get the 1M to CM umbilicals? Right? 

CMP- All I get is umbilicals. I didn't get the question. 

CDR Did you disconnect the LM to CM umbilicals? Verify. 

CMP Verify. I have those down here. 

CDR Okay, very good. 

LMP Okay 

CMP Jet Bravo 3 is OFF. 

LMP Geno. 

CDR Yes . 

LMP It's locked - to the yellow, and it's full out. 

CDR And it won't turn. 

LMP And I felt it pop. It won't turn. 

CDR Okay, what about the - 

LMP And it's tight. 

Day 5 (lUI'.<Mill l 'lllllNil I HfH) ' 1-31 

Ok 11 08 17 CDR Okay. And overhead, AUTO and locked? 

CC Challenger, Houston. We cannot completely explain 

the startup indications you had on the PGNS, "but 
there's no great concern. You're looking good so 
far. The DAP gimbal trims are no problem; don't 
bother changing them. And there will "be no PIPA bias 
update, yet anyway. Over. 

CDR Okay. Understand. Was the checklist written back- 

wards on that? 

CC A Cape problem on their tape , and they had it 

reversed - - 

CMP Okay we'll try to get that UHF test. 

CDR Okay . 

Ok 11 09 00 CMP Roger. GO for undocking. 

LMP Okay, we need to get our LEVA bags. Let me get 

down here first, Geno. 

CMP Okay, number 1 is disconnected. And, Houston, can 

you watch my 0^ flow - while I disconnect these 

things. Okay. 

CC Challenger, Houston. You have a GO for undocking 

and sep. 

CDR Roger; understand. And GO for undocking and sep. 

CMP - - out of the way. Number 1 ... is out of the way. 

Okay, that's three of them on number 3, and it's 
out of the way. Number k was already cut, and it's 
out of the way . Okay , number 5 • One , two - it's 
still in release, there it goes off the docking 
ring. Okay, number 6, there's one, two, and it's 
still in release and the hook is off of the docking 
ring. Okay, 7 is released and the hook is off the 
docking ring. 0^ flow still okay? 

Ok 11 11 0k CMP Okay, here's number 8 - one, two, and she's fully 

released - the hook is off the docking ring. 

CC Okay. 

IMP Can you give me your LE - LEVA bag when you get a 


CMP - - one, two, and she's fully released, the hook 

clears the docking ring. Okay, number 10. There's 
one - - 

CDR Geez, Jack, I don't know if I can. 

CMP released and hook clears the docking ring. 

There's one - hook. Okay, handle's free, J hook 
... is off the ring - - 

CDR We are. 

CMP - - only one more to go. ... switch. There's two 

latches, sounded like it came over. And that stays 
clear, handle's free. By golly, they're all off. 
Hey, Challenger i America. You're hanging on those 
two little bitty things . 

CDR Okay, fine, Ron. 

01+ 11 12 29 CMP Okay. I'll put the old - - 

CC Okay, Houston. You're 1 minute to LOS and we'll 

see you when you get around to the other side, 
independently . 

CDR Okay, Gordo, I understand. I'm in step h, RENDEZVOUS 

RADAR mode is to AUTO. 

CDR The radar has come out and I'm in RADAR TEST now. 

CMP Okay, I'll get that VHF stuff. Let's put the 

hatch in. 

CC ... just a friendly reminder to do the LOS proce- 

dure on the steerable. 

LMP Yes. What do I - where are those? Okay. Where's 

my book? Lost my bag - supposed to take that one. 


LMP 3-29. 

CMP Hey, 'Challenger; America. I'm going to RECEIVE 
ONLY, B DATA. Hey, Challenger; America 

CDR Okay , Ron ; stand toy , please . 

CMP Challenger, America. 

LMP Hello, Ron. How do you read? 

CMP B is OFF, A is SIMPLEX. ... is good. 

0l+ 11 lk 08 LMP How do you read, Ron? 


Challenger; America. I don't read you, Tout I'm 
going to put the hatch in. 

LMP Hey, Ron, how do you read? How do you read, Ron? 

CMP Okay, I got you that time, Jack. 

LMP . I think your VOX is cutting us out . When you talk 
to yourself, I think you cut us out. 

CMP You read me okay? 

CDR That VOX? 

LMP Yes, you're loud and clear, hut turn off your VOX. 

CMP Okay, I'm fanning too much, huh? 

LMP Affirmed. 

CMP (Chuckle) I can't read you right now. That 
doesn't ... too much. 

LMP Turn off your VOX! 

Oh 11 15 12 CMP Okay! Just a minute! 

LMP Just like in the simulator. 

CMP say. 

LMP Just like in the simulator. Yes, I think that's 

pretty good. 

Ok 11 15 30 CMP Okay, hatch is going in. 

LMP Excuse me, Gene. 

LMP What can I do to help you? 

CDR Aaah - could read some numbers . And see how - why 

don't you set that clock to docking - to undocking 
- that would help. 

LMP Okay. 

CMP Hey, Challenger 

LMP That came from somewhere. 

CMP America. You verify your hatch valves in AUTO? 

LMP Ooooh. That's verified, Ron. 

CMP Okay, I'm going to vent the tunnel. 

CDR. Man, it's hot. We don't have any LCG water, do we? 

LMP Sure. Should have. 

CDR Sure like a squirt of it. Boy, my eye's watered so 
much, I can't believe it. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Got to watch that one right there . 

LMP Yes, I'm watching. You mean the cabin? 

CDR No, the talkback. 

LMP Oh, yes. 

CDR Oh, that feels better. Oooh. 

LMP Okay. 110:30. We didn't get an undock time 

update but - Hey, Ron, what are you using for 
undocking time now? 

CMP I ' m looking - about 1 - Wait a minute . 

nfflttiiinmiiTi i u 

Day 5 


Ok 11 19 05 CMP 

t - 




Ok 11 20 28 CDR 




Pull that when you get a chance. That's Just what 
the doctor ordered. 


Yes, 110:27- Okay, come up on 27 minutes. 
Radar is all looking good. 

We get a chance, if there's any eye drops in there. 
I won't be able to put them in in here - well, I 
might - I'd like to put something in my right eye. 

What did you get - a particle in there or - 

No, I don't know. It's just "been watering. 

Let's see, I don't know what I have to do here. 
We've got to do a pressure - pressure integrity 
check . 

Just like the simulator. Only better. 

Okay, I'm going to get it set up for an integrity 
check, Gene. 

Hello, Ron. I don't - you can use B-3 if you need 

Okay, I'll turn it back on here, then. Takes a lot 
longer to - depress the tunnel - to vent the tunnel - 
than it does in the simulator. 

Yes. Okay, we don helmet and gloves here. Are 
you through. 


Okay, let's do it. 

Make sure the cap's off your relief valve. 
Yes. Mine is off. 

Are you through with your rendezvous transponder 


Sure am, Ron. 

CMP Okay, I want to 

LMP We're a little bit behind. 

Ok 11 21 28 LMP Somehow, we got a way with our helmet bags. Which 

is probably just as well. 

CDR Be careful what you put on the comm panel because 

we've got a hot RCS now. 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Yes, if there's someplace where we can legitimately 

put these - 

LMP I'll find a storage spot for them. If you can hang 

on to them for a minute. 

CDR Well, I could put them in one of these bags right 
here . 

LMP Yes, well - but I'll find a place to put them, too. 

CDR Let me just zip - just - Want some help? 

CDR Okay. 

LMP How do you read? 

CDR Good. 

Ok 11 22 kS LMP Okay, you're a little low. I'll turn you up. 

CDR Okay, you want to do the same for me here. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Get it in back, and I'll get it in front. 

LMP Watch your water. 

CDR Okay. That water is really way in the wrong place. 
It's got to be changed. 

LMP You ready? 

Day 5 mffimrffwmmvi 1-37 

CDR Man, that water's way in the wrong place. Okay, 
yes. Feels good. See, Jack, Hon put that on the 
snap. It's got to he over here. That was my fault. 
Okay. Gloves, huh? 

Ol; 11 23 21 LMP Boy, you certainly aren't very loud. 

CDR I'm not. 

LMP How am I? 

CDR You're all right. You got the volume up? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR All right - I got my mike. 

IMP Try me again. Wait a minute . Oh, you're right. 
Give me a count. 

Ok 11 23 U8 CDR 1, 2, 3, k, 5- 

LMP ' Okay. I've got MASTER VOLUME and INTERCOM full up. 
I think it'll be all right. Gene, you've got an 
empty pouch over there for this stuff, I think - 
We can put it on. 

CDR Okay. Stick it "behind something now and when we - 

stick it up behind that rail up on top. 

CDR Okay. I'm in my helmet and gloves. 

LMP Okay. Well, I'll be with you shortly. 

Ok 11 25 Ok CDR I'll do that rate gyro test while you're doing that. 

LMP Good. 

CDR Is it going down? 

CDR Okay. You want to put these in the purse. 

CDR Guess it's all right for lunar surface but isn't 

much for orbit. 

LMP They going to stay in there? I can put them back 

in the pocket. 

i-38 ^iPJf^iML »r 5 

CDR No, they'll stay there. 

LMP Rate gyros okay? 

CDR Yes. 

CDR We got the Integrity check and prep for undocking. 

IMP Okay. Be right with you. Did you get your silicon 
on your hands? 

CDR I don't need it with my IV gloves. 

LMP Oh, okay. 

CDR Okay. And then I'll read them to you whenever you 
get that in. 

Ok 11 27 55 LMP Okay, Geno, I'm Verified lock. How about yourself? 

Ok 11 27 56 CDR Okay. And I'm locked. 

IMP- Okay. Go ahead. 


Ok 11 28 00 LMP PULL-EGRESS . 


Ok 11 28 03 LMP EGRESS . 


Ol* 11 28 07 LMP Okay. RELIEF is going CLOSED. 

And monitor cuff gage until we get 3.7 or k.O. 

Ok 11 28 15 LMP A is EGRESS, and B, DIRECT 0^ 

CDR That's affirm. Okay. I'm going up. 

CDR And the suit loop's going up over there, too. 

LMP Why don't you turn the window heaters on? Can you 
do that? 

CDR Yes . 

LMP My window's still fogged up. John said we'd have 

to do that. Well, let's don't forget it. 

CDR Remind me to turn them off. 

LMP Roger. Want a little water? 

CDR Yes, I sure would. Boy, it's coming up slow, isn't 

LMP Just like the simulator. 

OU 11 29 21 CDR I'm off the peg. 

IMP So am I. 

LMP Okay. Where do - Is it time? 

CDR Yes . 

Ok 11 29 CDR MARK it; that's good. 

LMP Okay, I'm in E 

CDR Okay. Go to EGRESS. Okay. Let's monitor decay for 
1 minute. 

LMP Okay. I'm about 3.7 

CDR I'm 3.75- 

Ok 11 29 59 CDR MARK it. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay. It should be less than 0.3 in 1 minute. 

CDR I'm already down to 3.6. What are you? 

LMP Yes, I am too. I'm - That's 30 seconds. How's 

the cabin? I mean how is the suit loop? 

CDR Suit loop's fine. It's - That was more than 

30 seconds. That was a minute and - - 

LMP Man, I just barely passed. 


Day 5 


LMP Okay. You want me to pump it up again? 

CDR Yes, why don't you pump it up again to 3.7. 

LMP Okay. I'm supposed to go to EGRESS, right? 


LMP Okay - 

01+ 11 31 12 LMP MARK it. What do you got? 

CDR Okay. I've got ' 3.7- 

LMP No, let me give a little more. 

CDR Okay. Okay. There's 3.8. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay. Okay. Go to SECONDARY. 

LMP I'm 3.8. 


LMP Going - Yes, it's EGRESS. 

CDR Okay. SECONDARY on the canister. 

OU 11 31 3h LMP It's SECONDARY. 

CDR Man, I still got a clump of air. Now let's 
monitor - - 

LMP I'm about 3.55- 

CDR Yes, that's where I was when you went to secondary. 
It was about 15:10. 

LMP Well, they don't seem very tight, do they? 

CDR That's the entire suit loop. 


Day 5 


CDR Okay; coming up on 50 seconds. No, that's going 

back down - that's 30 seconds. 

IMP Looks like we've got about 0.3 in both loops. 

CDR Yes. Okay. That's good, Jack. Go PRIMARY on the 


IMP Okay. 



Ok 11 32 37 LMP Going to AUTO. 


0U 11 32 1+1 LMP Okay. Going to CABIH, A, B. 


Ok 11 32 kj LMP Okay. CABIN GAS RETURN is AUTO. 


LMP PUSH- CABIN. Oh man! Sorry. 

CDR Okay. Regulator check. Let's press on with this. 

LMP Go ahead. 


TUNNEL VENT valve, CLOSED. They are. Ron, is 
the tunnel vented yet? 


CDR Well, is that vented? Yes, we're going to press 

on. That's a big enough DELTA-P. Oh, CABIN REPRESS 
valve to MAN - - 

CMP ... press on now. 

CDR Okay. So are we. CABIN REPRESS valve, MANUAL. 

Verify FLOW then AUTO. 

Ok 11 33 29 LMP Okay. It's going to MANUAL. Watch the - - 

- Nl«MJ«WIUUWAL ■ 5 

CDR Okay. Go ahead. MANUAL. 

CMP . . . circuit return. 

CDR And then AUTO. 

LMP I got FLOW. 

CDR Okay; and then AUTO. 

Oil 11 33 U3 LMP AUTO. 


Ok 11 33 kj LMP It's AUTO. 


Ok 11 33 5k LMP Okay. REPRESS coming OPEN. 


Oh 11 33 58 LMP A and B are EGRESS. 


Ok 11 3^ 02 LMP It extended. It's there. 


Oh 11 3h 08 LMP GAS RETURN is EGRESS. 

CDR Can you turn around and get the forward dump valve? 

LMP I can get the upper one. 

CDR No, don't bend into the tunnel - the forward. 

LMP (Laughter) You're right. 

Ok 11 3k 19 CDR FORWARD, OPEN and in AUTO at U.5. I'll give you 

a call. 

LMP Okay. It's going to - safety's off. Okay. 

CDR Suit's going up a little bit. There's k.5. Okay. 

We're at k.5 and CLOSED. And then PRESSURE REGS - - 


CMP . . . again, too. 

CDR Okay, Ron. PRESSURE REG A to CABIN. Verify it 
rises . 

Ok 11 34 1*7 LMP Okay. A is going to CABIN. I got a rise. 

CDR See it going? 

LMP Yes, suit loop, That's where it should. 

CDR Wait a minute. Wait a minute. 

LMP - - It's 4.9. 

CDR Wait a minute. Wait a minute. CABIN - SUIT 

CIRCUIT RELIEF, OPEN. We should have done that; 
I'm sorry. 

LMP Okay. I'll go back to EGRESS. 


LMP Okay. 

CDR Verify suit pressure goes down to 4.5. 

04 11 35 23 LMP OPEN and - Well, it vent down, but it's about 4.7. 

CDR Yes, that's because the cabin's up there now. 

LMP Okay. That's good. 

CDR PRESSURE REG A to CABIN, and verify the suit - - 

LMP You want me to close the - - 

CDR No, ver - leave the - SUIT CIRCUIT RELIEF, OPEN; 
verify and then close it. 

LMP Okay. Thought so. All right. 


04 11 35 43 LMP CABIN. 

CDR Verify suit pressure rises 4.6 to 5.0. 

LMP It did. 


Ok 11 35 51 LMP EGRESS. 


Ok 11 35 53 LMP OPEN. 


LMP Let it bleed down. Okay. It's closed. 


Oh 11 36 07 LMP B's going to CABIN. 

CDR Did she build back up? 

LMP It ' s going up . 

CDR' Okay. And I can feel the flow, too. 

LMP Stand by. Stop! You fink! Okay. It stopped at 5. 


LMP You want me to go back to EGRESS on B? B is - B 
is CABIN, now. 

CDR Okay. Stay CABIN. 

LMP All right. 


01+ 11 36 3 1 * LMP RELIEF is AUTO. 


Ok 11 36 37 LMP That's AUTO. 

CDR PRESSURE REG A, CABIN; that should be both of them 

LMP Okay. They're both there. 


Ok 11 36 kk LMP PUSHED to CABIN, 

CDR Okay. Cabin pressure will rise k.6 to 5.0 in 

approximately 5 minutes . 

IMP Okay. 

CDR And on l6, ECS CABIN REPRESS "breaker, CLOSED. 


CDR Okay. The rate gyro check is done. That checked 

both regulators. I can feel the flow and see it. 
Yes. This darned thing won't - Okay. The rate 
gyro test is done. We got some prep for undocking. 
You ready? 

LMP Go ahead. 

CDR On your side. S-BASD, PM. 

OU 11 37 22 LMP PM. 




Ok 11 37 25 LMP PRIMARY. 


Ok 11 37 26 LMP VOICE. 


Olt 11 37 27 LMP PCM. 


Ok 11 37 29 LMP RANGE. 


01+ 11 37 32 IMP Okay. It's VOICE. 


Ok 11 37 33 MP ON. 


Oh 11 37 36 LMP DATA. 

CDR And ON. 

Ok 11 37 36 LMP And ON. 


Ok 11 37 k2 LMP Okay. OFF - OFF and LOW. 

CDR That's VOICE, ON; DATA, ON, OFF, LOW. (Cough) 
You got that? 

LMP Yes . 

CDR You don't sound happy, 

LMP Well, I was happy until you said it again. Okay. 
I've got VOICE , ON; DATA, ON, OFF, and LOW. 

CDR That's right. 

LMP Okay . 

CDR Okay. Audio both VHF A T/R and B, RECEIVE. 

Ok 11 38 06 LMP Okay. A T/R and B, RECEIVE. You get yours? 

CDR You said about 10 minutes, didn't you, Ron. 

CMP Yes, that's right. 

CDR Okay. MISSION TIMER; let me doublecheck. 

LMP Well, he gave me the time I set the clock on. 

CDR I was just checking our MISSION TIMER. Okay. We 

got timer set, counting down. Overhead latch locked. 

LMP Happy? 


Ok 11 38 31 LMP Okay. That's AUTO and LOCKED. 

CDR Okay. And PRESSURE REGs A and B to CABIN. 

LMP Got a place for that? 

CDR Not right now. 

LMP Yes, you didn't get it Claughter). 

CDR Yes, I did. 

LMP No, I still have it (laughter). I got two pieces' 
of it then. 

CDR Oh! 

LMP Okay. 

CDR That one's AUTO and LOCKED? 

Ok 11 38 57 LMP AUTO and LOCKED. 


Ok 11 39 00 LMP A and B are CABIN. 

CDR RATE ERR MONITOR, COMMAND - Okay, why don't you - 
why don't you pick it up right here. Right there. 


Ok 11 39 10 CDR Go. 


Ok 11 39 12 CDR Go. 


Ok 11 39 lk CDR Go. 


Ok 11 39 15 CDR Go. 


Ok 11 39 18 CDR Go. 

LMP RATE SCALE, 5 degrees. 

Oil 11 39 20 CDR Go. 


Ok 11 39 22 CDR Go. 


Ok 11 39 23 CDR Go. 


Ok 11 39 25 CDR Go. 


OU 11 39 30 CDR Go. 


Ok 11 39 33 CDR Go. 


Ok 11 39 3^ CDR Go. 


Ok 11 39 36 CDR Go. 


Ok 11 39 39 CDR Go. 

IMP TTCA, both to JETs . 

Ok 11 39 *+l CDR Go. 

IMP Mount camera. I need to get the camera out. 

CDR Okay. Let's do that last. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Press on now. 

LMP Mount the timeline book. We got that. Configure 

circuit breaker panels . 

CDR Okay. I'll take my book. 

LMP Okay. You've got your book. 

CDR How's your window? 

LMP It's clear. 

CDR Okay. I'm going to pull these breakers. 

LMP How's your cooling? You want it off or on? 

CDR Oh, it feels pretty good. 

LMP Okay. Me, too. Okay. SEQUENCE CAMERA going, 

CLOSED. Got a light. Okay. I'll mount the camera. 
My breakers are GO. I'm about ready to put on the 
restraints. I don't know about you. 

Ok 11 1+1 23 CDR Okay. Let's see, closed. Okay. My breakers are 

all okay, Jack. 

LMP Mine are good. This is the - this is the end, 

not the beginning. Only the end of the activation 
checklist, the beginning of the Timeline Book. You 
want me to take your Activation Checklist? 

CDR Yes, sir. 

LMP I need it for that camera stuff. 

CDR Okay . 

CMP Okay. That's flight trim, Phi. 

CDR Okay, Ron, we're at 5 minutes now and counting. 

How does that sound? 


Day 5 



04 11 1+2 58 CMP 





Ok 11 1+1+ 33 CDR 

Yes, I've got 6. 

Well, we better go on your time. Better check your 
undocking time. If you're using 110:27, it's 5. 

... 55. 

Oh; 127:55? Give me - - 

Oh, you give me a hack at 5 minutes, then, will you? 
Okay. Stick it in there. ... 
5, 1+, 3, 2, 1 - 
MARK it. 

We're ... with you, and your attitude looks good 


Wish I had a tissue. 

Ron, when you get all squared away, we need another 
NOUN 20. 

. . . 620 . 

Yes, sir, on my mark. 

Okay. Go ahead. 

3, 2, 1 - 

MARK it. 

Okay. - - 

Can you - - 

- - 0, 0, 0 - - 

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. We can't copy them 
that fast. Wait a minute. 

Day 5 ImlKiMtlftg^ i 1-51 

CMP ... 60, 000.52. 

CDR Wait a minute, Ron. We've got to copy them. You 

didn't give us a chance. 

CMP Say again? 

CDR We've got to copy them! Slower! 

CMP Okay. R-l, 000.35; R2, lOh.1; R-3, 000.52. How's 


CDR We got them. 

CDR 310 - 301, Jack. 301, 301.09. Okay. 28U.5 ... 

and 359-^8. Okay. And that was at 110:29:00. 

LMP Okay. I got it. 

CDR Okay, Ron, that puts us inside 2 minutes, and we're 


CMP - Okay. We're all set over here. 

LMP Would you "believe I tried to blow the window off 

( chuckle ) . 

CDR I'd get you a tissue, but it's too hard to get at 

right now. I think. Yes, we're 2 minutes away. 

LMP I got the big ones off. 

CDR They're down here, if I can - well, it would take 

to much to get in that box. 

LMP Don't worry about it. 

0k 11 k6 51 CDR My C0AS even works . 

LMP Okay, Ron. Remember, as soon as it's convenient, 

you'll start your maneuver to sep attitude, and 
I'll try to get a good picture. 

CDR We got the Hasselblad handy? 

CMP ... normal and ... back. 

CDR I forgot to look up at you. It better work I Get 
some pictures of us. 

CMP Son of a gun I Sorry about that. Okay. 

CDR Check . 

CMP Antenna's hanging on the probe. Okay. You should 
be hanging on the probe - You are. 

LMP We are. 

Ol* 11 kj 1*7 CMP Okay. Zero, zero - at zero, zero, we're back off. 

CDR Sure we could get some pics. 

LMP Check your magazine , when you get a chance . 

CMP Okay. Here we go. 

01* 11 1+8 09 CDR ' We're backing off. We're free. 

CDR Oh, is he beautiful! Okay. You want about 1/250 
at f/11 - or 8. What's your focus? 

LMP About 50 feet. 

CDR Okay. Get ready to 

LMP Okay. I'm going to go. 

CDR Hey, guess what? 

LMP What? 

CDR Did you have 1*7 in there? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR I did that. I took it out. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay. I want a YAW left, 60 . 

Day 5 


LMP I think we know when they fire . 

CDR Okay. You've got your VERB 60 in there, too? 

LMP Yes . 

CDR Okay. You look beautiful, Ron. You can - if 


Ok 11 U9 36 CMP Yes, so do you! 

LMP You need to yaw left just a little more than - 
Well, you can do that when you get up there. 

CDR Oooh, boy, give me a VERB 76. 

Oh 11 50 01 LMP You got it. 

CDR Okay. Are you beautiful! 

LMP What's wrong with my camera now? 

CDR' Well, I don't know but - 

LMP Come on, you stupid thing! 

CDR I can see it occasionally working, Jack. It's the 
mag. I see it blinking. 

CMP You're pretty out there, you know that? 

CDR Try and get some 70-millimeters , Ron . 

CMP Okay. That's what I got. 

LMP Okay. It's going. 

CMP I've also got some l6-millimeter action. 

CDR Great. We got all our landing gear? 

CMP Okay . I'm maneuvering now . 

CDR Ron, have we got all four landing gears? Go to 


CDR Ron, have we got all four landing gears? 

CMP You look great. 

LMP Okay. I've got him. 

CMP ... flow water, but I guess it's supposed to he 

that way, huh? 

CDR That's right. 

CMP ... beautiful. Now, the Sun's shining right 

through the window. That's the last picture I'm 
going to get of you. 

CDR Is that too far down? 

Ok 11 52 00 LMP A little bit. I'm getting him, though. Tell him 

I've got a good shot of him. 

CDR Your SIM bay door jet - looks clean. 

CMP Very good. Okay. I lost - you're right in the 

Sun for me. You should be getting some good pic- 
tures of me. 

CDR We're working at it, partner. 

CMP Thank you. 

CDR Okay. Sequence cam - helmet and gloves off, SUIT 

GAS DIVERTER, EGRESS. How's our cabin. Look pretty 
good to you? 

LMP Yes, sir, it looks great. 

CDR Isn't that something. America, you look beautiful. 

CMP . . . All I had to do was plug in the camera, and 

that made it work. 

CDR Okay, Jack, I'm going to go through these steps 

and take my helmet and gloves off. 

LMP Okay. I'll get him over this crater and then - 

Oh 11 53 59 CMP Hey, there you are! Out the hatch window. 

Day 5 ESsaasmmmk^ 1-55 

LMP Tell him to wave to us. (Laughter) Oh, that's a 
neat shot right now. 

CDR Boy, that is. Did you get that one? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Yes, I'm get ... around. Look at that SIM bay. 
Hey, we can see you out the window. 

CDR Boy, that is some shot. 

LMP I think I - I've used 50 percent. I better stop. 
Okay, Ron, you're off candid camera. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Well, I don't know - I'm going to turn - - 

CMP Okay ... good show. 

LMP I'm going to get that engine bell. 

CMP ... make your darned landing, now. Okay? 

CDR Oh, I forgot to say goodby to you, until we see 
you in a couple of days . 

CMP Okay. 

CDR Don't forget, no TEI updates, 

CMP (Laughter) Don't worry. Never happen. 

CDR We're coming to look right up your bell. 

LMP I turned it back on, Gene (laughter). 

Oh 11 55 30 CDR Yes, I'm still getting him, too. 

CMP Remember. Falcon 179- 

LMP 109 . 

CDR 109, Ron, that's what you are, babe, 109; Falcon 109. 

CMP . . . fire . . . 

Man! What a beautiful engine belli I just forgot. 
We're up here swinging all by ourselves. 

(Laughter) Yes. 

We better do something; like get ready. 

Yes, we're - we're in good shape. Landing radar 
che ckout ' s next . 

Is that all? 

We'll pick it up right here. Only got - Oh, yes. 
Well, we're a little behind, I think • 

Why don't we go ahead. I can leave that darn thing 
running. We've got an extra mag. 

Boy, that's beautiful. 

I'm going to go back to f/11. 

Went another screw. More screws coming out now. 
Oh, right up his tailpipe. Got a place we can set 
this. Isn't there a piece of Velcro here, some- 
where like that? 

I can put it over here in a minute. 

It's on Velcro. Okay, Jack, SUIT GAS DIVERTER, 



don't see any Velcro for my helmet, but - - 

Okay. The big thing is the landing radar. This 
is where we - Of course this won't tell us much, 
but - Ron, you sure are pretty. 

Well, ... old LM challenger looks good there, too. 
Okay. The main thing was we had four legs, huh? 
Can you see the SIM bay at all? 

Day 5 f^SS^S^ BSt r 3 1-57 

OU 11 57 i»6 CDR Yes. We saw the SIM bay - almost oblique - but 

saw the whole thing. We're looking right down 
your tailpipe at the surface. 

LMP Okay. Landing radar check - - 

CDR Okay, Jack, LANDING RADAR breaker is IN, and I've 

got altitude and velocity transmitter . That ' s 
good start. Eighty degrees. That's okay, CROSS 
POINTER'S HIGH MULT. You reading me all right? 

LMP Yes, I'm just getting organized here, 


LMP Where's my Velcro. No Velcro, huh? 

CDR Should be. Right there. 

LMP Oh, there it is . 

CDR Just put it on that corner. It'll stay. 

CDR Boy, I'll tell you, every time you float around, 

you knock something off over here, 

OU 11 58 U8 LMP I'm going to get on my restraints here, Gene. 


H and H-dot . 

LMP H-dot. I'll read it. 

CDR Okay. Go ahead. 


Ok 11 59 00 CDR Okay. LANDING ANTENNA is AUTO. 


CDR You put the camera away, didn't you? Oh, that's 
all right. 

LMP What have you got? 

CDR Yes, that's all right. I got that picture, anyway. 

Okay. RADAR TEST, LANDING. You ready? 

LMP Okay. Power signal light out. 

CDR It's out. It is, now. 

LMP Well, it went out when you - - 

CDR No, it didn't. It was still on, Jack. 

LMP Was it? 

. CDR Yes . 

LMP Well, I couldn't see it. 

CDR Yes, it was way back in there. 

LMP Okay. CROSS POINTERS, pegged up and left. 
They are . 

CDR Any question about pulse? 

LMP No. (Chuckle) Tape meter H should go to 8,000. 

CDR 8,000. 

LMP And H-dot to h - minus U80. 

CDR 1*80 . 

LMP Okay. VERB 63 NOUN 12, option 2. 

CDR The trouble is the landing radar test won't tell 
us anything about that transistor. 

LMP That's all right. We've got to do it. 

CDR Yes. It'll tell us something. 

LMP Okay. VERB 66 is what? 

CDR 82, 8?, and position 1. 

Oh 12 00 02 LMP That's good. Position 1. Go. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP Proceed. 

Day 5 


CDR Okay. 67, minus 1+95 

IiMP That's good. 

CDR - - plus 1862 - - 

LMP That's good. 

CDR plus 1331. 

■ LMP That's good. 


LMP Yes. Well, no-no - VERB 3k. Uh-oh. 

CDR Okay. That's all right. That just said it wasn't 

an LGC. That just says defer a lockon. That's 
all right. 


OU 12 00 32 CDR Okay. RADAR TEST is OFF. 

LMP Altitude go to zero. Power signal on. CROSS 

POINTER'S centered. I'm not going to be able to 
see that power light. I've used that to tell me 
when the radar dropped in and out. Okay. Read 
that again. 

CDR CROSS POINTERS are centered. 

LMP Okay. And the light's on, and we went to zero. 

CDR But H-dot didn't; altitude did. 

LMP No, it didn't say anything H-dot. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP PGNS, LANDING RADAR circuit breaker, OPEN. 

CDR Okay. Breaker's open, and my power went to zero. 

LMP Okay. We're a little late. 


Day 5 

CDR Okay. Let's pick it up. 

LMP Matter of fact, we ought to just about have AOS. 

And I'm - forward. 

CDR You can pick up your camera when you want. I'll - 

Jack, on - - 

LMP Okay. We've got them. 

CDR Okay. Hello, Houston. Do you read Challenger? 

Hello, Houston. Do you read Challenger? 

Ok 12 01 1+7 CDR Hello, Houston. If you're reading Challenger, we 

are undocked, and we are GO. 

CC Challenger, Houston; very, very weak. Over. 

CDR Okay, Houston. Challenger undocked on time. We 

are GO. Landing radar checkout is complete, and 
it is GO. And we are looking at America, the 

LMP Let me go to - let me go to HIGH GAIN. 

CC Hey, Geno, I ... pass this on to you ... 

CDR I'll wait until you get HIGH GAIN. 

LMP Okay. Give me those angles again. 

CDR Should be 9 and minus 37- How about 6 and 

minus 29-6 and minus 29. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR You got them? 

CMP . . . Okay. 

CDR Five and 28-5 and minus 28. 

CMP We're floating free out here. The Challenger 

looks real pretty. 

LMP It's not going to hold yet. 

Da y 5 ■ .. Wffis&mmmmzmm ■ ^ 1-61 

CMP ... PUl, we're plus 1.9 » minus 0.2 and zero. Un- 

dock and sep, on time. 

CDR She's not holding yet? 

LMP No. Houston, this is Challenger. Won't hold on 

the steerable antenna yet. It looks like I'm 
getting oscillations in my up- link signal strength, 
and then it gradually drops off to zero. 


Oh 12 03 38 CC Okay, Jack. We're reading you better now. 


CDR Okay, Gordo. If you're reading, you got the word. 

We are undocked. Landing radar self test was GO. 
We're ready to press on to the DPS throttle check, 
and we've been looking at America, the beautiful, 
in rare form. 

CC Okay, Geno, we got that. It sounds good. 

CDR Okay. And the residuals on P^7 at undocking were 

zero, minus 0.1, and zero. 

CC We copy that, and we'd like you to try the steer- 

able antenna again. 

CDR Here's your angles, Jack, zero and minus 30. 

LMP There it is. 

CDR Houston, we got it! 

LMP Boy, do you ever. 

CC You sound real good. Loud and clear. 

LMP Okay. Let me give you some NOUN 20 angles, if 

you want them. 

0k 12 0k i+9 CC Go ahead. Ready to copy. 

LMP The LM: plus 301.09, plus 281*. 53, plus 359.^8; 

CSM: plus three zeros 35, plus 10U.67, plus 000.52. 
The time, 110:2U:00. Over. 

CC Okay. We got that. 

CDR Okay, Gordo. We're ready - DPS throttle check. 
I'm ready to hit ENGINE STOP. 

CC Stand by. Okay. We're ready. 

Ok 12 05 k2 CDR Okay. And the light is on. Why don't you pick 

them up here. 



LMP You got it. 

CDR The reg light is on. 


Ok 12 05 53 CDR Okay. MIN. 

LMP Okay. You should be - - 

CDR Eleven percent. 

LMP That's good. Then soft stop. 

CDR Okay; 52. 

LMP That's good, max. 

CC Roger. We're showing the ENGINE ARM circuit breaker 
may be out. Would you check that? 


LMP Oh, you missed that. 

CDR I know. I thought you said yes. 

LMP No, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. 

CDR Oh, I thought you gave me affirm on that. 

LMP Okay. I'm sorry, Gordy, little - we missed that 

here. Okay. We'll try it again. 


CDR No, I don't want to do that. Okay. 

LMP Okay. Go ahead. That's good. Now to soft stop. 
Okay; max . . . 

LMP Adjust the friction? 

CDR Okay. 

LMP Okay. My turn? 

CDR Yes. 

LMP You - Let's see - - 

CDR Let me give you the - - 

LMP Give me the - L - 

CDR Give you the LMP. 

LMP You got it? 

Oh 12 06 57 CDR Okay. Wait a minute. You got it now? 

LMP That's good. It's good. With me or you? 

CDR Me. Okay. My friction's stiff. 

LMP So is mine. Okay. 

CDR Gordy, if the throttle test looked okay, I'll go 

CC Okay. It looked real good. Go ahead. 

LMP Back on the CWEA. That's reset, 

CDR Okay. 


OU 12 07 Ul CDR Okay. You got light's out. 


CDR AUTO, commander. 

1-61* V^^^S^KMKmW^Sk^ Day 5 

LMP TTCA, both to jets. 

CDR And I'm jet. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay. Why don't you give me the readings. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Fuel. 

is - the temperature is about 67, both sides. 

CDR Both GO. 

LMP Pressures are about 75 - make that 85 and - - 


LMP - - 15. 


LMP And the temperature is - the other transducer is 
about - 68. 

CDR That's good. Ox? 

LMP Yes, those pressures won't change, because it's 

the same transducer. They didn't change, 



CDR Okay. That is GO. Well, no it isn't; it's 

high. Okay. 

LMP I'm sorry. AMBIENT is 1620. 

CDR What's SUPERCRIT? 1260. 

Oh 12 09 10 LMP Those are both GO. Okay. What else you want? 

CDR DESCENT HELIUM, REG 1, talkback gray. 

fx I ■ t ""-O^V s 

Day 5 (bfeSfflSli^^gg , 1-65 

IMP Two, barber pole; 2 is barber pole. 

CDR Okay, Gordy. The MASTER ARM is coming ON. 

LMP Why don't you read them to me. 

CDR MASTER ARM, ON. I got two good lights. 

LMP Okay. 



CDR Okay. On my mark. DESCENT PROP ISOL VALVE; 3, 


Ok 12 09 hO CDR MARK it. We heard it. 

LMP Okay. We got a jar in pressure. 

CDR Yes, I don't doubt that. Okay. What's the 

next one? 

LMP Okay. Gordy, there was a slight - Gordy, there 

was a slight - There was an upward fluctuation in 
pressure in the manifold when we fired that. It's 
back to where it was prefiring. 

CC That's what it should have done, Jack. 

LMP Okay. (Chuckle) 

CDR Let's go. 

LMP Why didn't I ever hear that. Okay. Okay. HELIUM 


CDR Okay . 



START - Okay. 

CDR . . . not going to do any good but 


CDR MARK it. We got it. 

LMP Hear that stuff gurgle (chuckle). 

CDR Yes, that's good. The thing is coming to life, 


LMP Okay. Looks good on hoard! About 2^0, both sides. 



no change. Say, Gordy, this thing sounds a little 
bit like my stomach sounded a couple of days ago 

LMP Okay. AMBIENT PRESSURE - 520 and stable. 

SUPERCRIT is 1260, still. 

CDR Okay. You happy? 

LMP Yes. Very happy. 


Oh 12 11 2k LMP AGS coming on to STANDBY. 

CDR Can you pull that LCG breaker (laughter). 

LMP I'm sorry. 

CDR I'm starting to freeze. Oooh, that feels good 
though, I'll tell you. 


CDR Can you - can you put that away? 

LMP Sure . 

CDR Oh, I hope that's the right one. Okay. MASTER 

ALARM and AGS light. 

LMP Okay. STAB/ CONTROL , AEA lights off. 

CDR Okay. AGS warning light, off. 

Day 5 (BS fflag fla ffl aa m ^i !- 6 ? 

LMP It's off. 

CDR Okay . 


CDR Do you have it? And the time was 110:52:00. 

LMP Okay; got it. Okay; 110:52:00 for the time on 

the AGS. 

SC AGS set at ... There it is . 

CDR Okay . RESET . 



Oh 12 12 25 LMP Okay. AGS, kl2 , read. Oops, oh, those are sen- 
sitive (laughter). Plink! 1. Okay. I want 

CDR Plus six 8s . 

LMP - - 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8 - - 

CDR And - Okay. 1, 2, 3 - minus. 

CC Geno, we show Jack's SUIT ISOL valve in SUIT DIS- 

CONNECT. Should be in SUIT FLOW. Would you check 
that for us please? 

CDR Yes, he's - he's in SUIT FLOW now. I tell you - I 

tell you, this LCG sure makes a world of difference 
up here. 

LMP Okay, Geno, VERB 16 NOUN 65, and I want to set 

my time . 

0k 12 13 20 CDR Hey, America; Challenger. 

CMP Okay. Go ahead, Challenger. How you guys doing? 

CDR Hey, Ron; listen. This ridge you're coming over; 

just stick your hand out the hatch and grab a rock. 

CMP Looks like it's pretty low down there. 


Day 5 

CDR Well, when you're up here looking at where you 

are , it even looks lower . 

CMP (Laughter) I'll bet. 

LMP Okay. Clock is counting. Looks good. 

CDR You happy with your clock? 

LMP Yes . 

CDR Set AGS time using, is it about k? Okay you're 

happy with it then? Let's just - let me just 
doublecheck our time. 110-hour base, you want - - 

LMP 5k. 

CDR 5k 

LMP Just 5k. 

CDR 5^0.1. That looks good to me. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay; ready? 

LMP Yes . 

CDR 6l6 plus zero. Look at him down there will you. 

LMP Beautiful. (Laughter) Okay. 

CDR Give me - just give me that camera one time. 

LMP You might get him over the landing site, if you're 


CDR I think f/11 against that surface, huh? 

LMP Yes. Well, getting close to the landing site - 

f/8 or f/11. Okay. 22k. I got numbers over here. 

CDR Okay. You got the right numbers? 

LMP I got them over here, now. 

** > nniii ^ 

CDR Okay . 

LMP 60I+TO. You want to read them? 

CDR Yes, why don't I read them to you. Okay. 22k is 
plus 60U7O. 

LMP Okay. That's ENTERED , we got a plus? 

CDR I can't see a plus. Okay. 225 is plus 2936k. 

LMP 2936U. ENTERED. ■ 

CDR 226 is plus 60386. 

LMP 60386. ENTERED. 

CDR 305 is plus 0059 1 *. 

LMP 0059 1 *- 

CDR Right. 

Ok 12 15 37 LMP ENTERED. 

CDR 662 is minus 32772. 

LMP 32772 minus 

CDR 73 is minus. 

LMP 673. 

CDR 5^0*+ . 

LMP 5kk0h . 

CDR That's affirm. You want to read those out? 

LMP Okay. Yes, I do. 22U, plus 6oVfO. 

CDR Go . 

LMP 225 - - 

CDR I can look at them. 

LMP - - is - okay. 

CDR That's a plus - just give me the sign. 

LMP Plus. 

CDR Go . 226 . 

LMP Plus . 

CDR Go. 305. 

LMP Plus. 

CDR That's go. 662. 

LMP Minus . 

CDR That's go. 3 - 673- 

LMP Minus. 

CDR That's go. 

LMP Okay. You want a plus. 

CDR Read it? 

LMP Read it. It's plus. 

CDR Okay. 60k, read. 

LMP Plus . 

CDR Okay. Plus is not on the surface. That's good. 
6l2, read. Plus 0, nominal. 

LMP Zeros . 

CDR Look at that! Wow! Okay. 232, read. 

CC Challenger; Houston. I have a new AGS K factor for 

CDR Standby a second. 

LMP That's good. 232, okay. 233, read. 

Day 5 

CDR Plus 00250. 

LMP That's got it. 

CDR U6U, read. 

LMP Plus 00500. 

CDR That's good. read. Plus 00195- 

LMP That's good. 

CDR Okay. 623, read. Plus all balls. 

LMP That's zeros. 

CDR 6lb , read, minus 60 - - 

LMP 5lU? 

CDR 51^ • 

LMP- Minus 60. 

CDR 515, minus UU223. 

LMP That's good. 

CDR 16 . 

LMP Plus all balls; plus all zeros. 

CDR Okay. Go with the K factor. 

CC Okay; it's 109 : 59 : 59 :9*+ • Over. 

CDR Pretty darn close . 

LMP 109:59:59:9^. 

CDR Gordo, this is spectacular. It is absolutely 

spectacular, looking at that command module, America, 
down there coming across the surface. We're just 
tracking him at about a 30-degree dive angle. 

CMP Okay, Challenger; America. Good luck on your PDI 

burn down there. I'm going to track your landmark 
for you. 

CDR Okay, babe. Have a good time and go get that 

landmark . 

CMP Will do. 

CDR Don't forget; no TEI. See you in about 3 days. 

LMP VERB 1+7. 

CDR Okay; coming at you. 

LMP I'm going to try to get him. If we're still in 

attitude . 

CDR Come on, babe. 

LMP Okay. 59:59:9^. 

CDR ■ 109:59:59:9^. 

LMP That's good. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP That's good. Proceed. 

CDR And you want the four - - 

LMP Wait a minute - High bit rate? 

OU 12 19 22 CDR Okay. I just PROed. I PROed. 

LMP Okay. That's good. So did I. 

CC Geno, Houston; with a couple of items. 

LMP You got it already. 

CDR Yes. Go ahead, Gordo. 

LMP Look at that , look at where he 1 s coming over . 

CDR Hey, we got the landing site, Gordo! 

CMP I got it, too. 

CDR Hey, Gordo, we got the landing site. We're coming 

right over the front of it! Stand by a minute. 
You can see the Slide. I think you can see the 
Great Cross . 

LMP The light mantle (laughter). 

CMP . . . beautiful. 

CDR We'll get a picture of America coming right across 


CC Okay . 

LMP Super targeting. 

CDR Gosh, we've got Family Mountain. We've got - of 

course, the massif. We can see the Scarp; we can 
see the light mantle; I've got the Great Cross; 
Camelot ; Sherlock . 

LMP Believe it or not, Houston, they're all there. I 

see possible structure - possible structure of the 
upper part of the South Massif, little bit east 
of station 2. It's subhorizontal , dipping to the 
southeast . 

Ok 12 20 k2 CDR Houston, I can even see Poppy right where we're 

going to set this baby down. Matter of fact, I 
can see Rudolph. I can even see the triangle: 
Rudolph, Frosty, and Punk. Man, Gordo, this is 
absolutely spectacular! We could watch Ron track - 
we could watch Ron track right oh through the land- 
mark. I don't know what kind of results he got, 
but he sure had a nice smooth track from here. 

CMP Beautiful results. 

LMP Let 's go to work , Geno . 

CDR Let's go, babe. 


1-74 ^^fWB^TmL Day 5 

LMP Okay. You get your 1+00 plus 3. 

CDR Gordo, you can go ahead and update us with those 

words . 

CC Okay. Your perilune is shifting west. PDI will 

be a little - 

LMP Let me do another one. 

CC - - be a little higher than nominal: 10.7 miles or 

65,000 feet; should he no problem. And, from the 
time you first came around until we had a solid 
lockup on the steerable on this acquisition was 
about 3 minutes. We're going to try to speed that 
up some on the next time around. We'd like you to 
just keep trying the steerable until we come to 
you - and say, "stop trying." Over. 

Ok 12 22 lh LMP Okay, Gordy, understand that; and apparently this 

time, had I let it - had I waited a little longer, 
it would have dropped to zero and then come up, be- 
cause that's what happened when I finally got you. 
I'll give it more time next time. 

CC Okay . 

LMP Look at those ridges. Gosh darn, if those mare 

ridges aren't extrusive, I'll eat my hat. 

CDR You want to set your - check your VERB 5^? 

LMP Okay. Okay. That's good. Well, that's pretty 

close - so close. 

CDR Okay. You got the pads, and I'll press on. 

IMP Okay. What did I have there, as a note? Oh, 

that 's - yes - - 

CDR I'll make the AGS control checks while you get the 

pads. We're going - we got to get a P52 here 
pretty soon. Okay - We're a little behind. 

LMP All right . Okay , Gordy , go with the pads . 

Day 5 fmmtMvmmwm 1-75 

CC Okay. The first one is a P76 for the CSM circ. 

LMP Go. 

CDR Suits me. 

CC Okay. NOUN 33 is 111:57:30.09; NOUN S>k: 

plus 0070 . 5 , plus five zeros , and minus 0000 . 5 • 
Go ahead. 

CDR . . . for a minute there , they were all . . . 

LMP Okay. 111:57:30.09; plus 0070.5, plus all zeros, 

minus four zeros 5 . 

CC Okay. Good readback. Next one I have is the no 

PDI plus 12 ahort , item Echo. 

LMP Go ahead. 

CMP ... the last ... take a ... with the lunar sounder. 

CC Okay. Echo is 113:02:00.00; Foxtrot, plus 0103. h, 

plus five zeros, minus 0050. 0; NOUN h2: 01^2.0, 
plus 0005.^, 01llt.9; "burn time is 0:U8; 000, 272; 
373 - - 

CMP Challenger, America, ... 

0k 12 25 hk CDR Okay. Just a second. Give me a transponder, and 

we'll start with the radar. Jack's tied up right 

CMP Okay . Transponder 1 s coming on at ... 

CC 373 is 0182. 0; AGS DELTA-Vs : plus 0103-7, plus 

five zeros, minus 00^9-3; Golf, 113:57:00.00; Hotel, 
11 - Okay, I'll start over. 115:36:1+5.00; and the 
no DOI-2 DELTA- , 0096.6. Two remarks: throttle 

profile is 10 percent for 26 seconds , kO percent 
for the rest of the hum. Over. 

Oit 12 27 15 LMP Okay, readback. 11 - no PDI plus 12 - 113:02 all 

zeros; plus 0103. k, plus all zeros, minus 0050.0; 
01U2.0, plus three zeros 5. It, OllU.9; 0:H8; all 

zeros, 272 i 0182.0 ; plus 0103.7, plus all zeros, 
minus 00^9.3; 113:57 all zeros; 115: 36:^5. 00; 
OO96.6; remarks: throttle profile 10 percent for 
26 seconds; 1+0 percent for the remainder. 

CDR Gordo, we need VOICE, RANGE when you can get it. 

CC Okay. That's a good readback. Item India: - - 

CDR Any way he - Can he wait? 

CC 112:1*9:52.35 - - 

CDR Say, Gordo, Gordo, Gordo. Hey, Gordo - - 

CC Go ahead. 

0k 12 28 21 CDR stand by. We want to finish the radar VHF 

test; and when I go to P52, you can finish the 
pads . 

CC Okay . 

LMP Okay. We need VOICE, RANGE. 


0U 12 28 U5 CDR Okay. We're in VHF RANGING, and I've got you on 

radar, Ron. And we'll be quiet for a second and 
see if you can get a lockon. 

CMP Ah-ha, it worked! 

LMP Say: We got your tone, Ron! We got your tone! 

CMP Okay. 0.50 at 09 miles. 

SC ... There you go. 

0U 12 29 3>h CDR Okay, Gordo. The VHF ranging and radar checks out 

very well . 

CC Okay; sounds good. Tell me when you're ready for 

item India again. 

Day 5 1 ~7T 

LMP Okay. Wait a minute. - Let's wait a minute, okay. 

VERB 3^ - let me turn - well, you can, well, 
wherever you do that to him - okay, VOICE, yes. 
We cut you off, Ron. 

CC Okay. We'll turn the RANGING, OFF. We'll try it 

that way. 

Ok 12 30 10 LMP Go ahead, Gordy. 

CC Okay. India is 112: 1+9 : 52. 35 ; 11:01, plus 0002.2; 

attitude is 002, 108, 290; plus 56900; Juliett, 
115:36:1+5.00; Kilo, 117: 35 : ^5 .00 . Go ahead. 

LMP Okay. It's a PDI pad; 112:1*9:52.35; 11:01, 

plus three zeros 2.2; 002, 108, 290; plus 569OO; 
Juliett, 115:36:1*5.00; Karen, 117:35:^5-00. Go 

CC Okay. That's a good readback. Lima is 

113:lU:2U.91; Maytro [?], 119 :3k :30 .00 ; and 
November is llU: 57: 19.09- And your T-2 at PDI - 
T-2 will he at PDI plus 2*t:33. 

LMP 2^:33? 

CC That's affirmative. 

LMP Okay. Linda is 113:ll*:2U.91; Mary is 119 : 3k :30 .00 ; 

and Nancy is Ilk: 57: 19-09. 

CC That's a good readback. 

CDR Okay, Jack, I'm ready on the P52. 

CC Okay. One thing left, Jack, is the SHe pressures 

on the PDI page. 

LMP Go ahead. 

0k 12 33 30 CC Okay; at T. , the pressure will be 13010; plus 

1 minute, lUlO; 2 minutes, 1U00; 3 minutes, 1310; 
and It minutes, 1230. Over. 

LMP Okay. I got those. Thank you. 


CDR We got the Earth in the top of this thing. That 
was a Y, Jack, do you concur? 

LMP That was a Y. 

CDR Huh? 

LMP Yes, it was a Y. 

Oh 12 3h 31 CDR Okay. 

Oh 12 35 h-J CDR Another Y? 

LMP Yes, sir. 

Ok 12 36 18 CDR This the third Y? 

LMP Right. Four Ys . 

CDR Okay . 

CDR Sirius, Castor, Pollux, and the Earth. 

Oh 12 36 53 LMP I'm on Procyon. 

Oh 12 38 hi CDR Try not to push me if you can. 

CDR It's an X? 


CDR Huh? 

LMP That's right. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP The intercom was off, to copy those pads. 

CDR Every time you do that - - 

LMP Sorry . 

CDR If you could help it - This thing is really sen- 
sitive. I didn't like that. I would have rejected. 
That's it. Okay. 

LMP Three? 

CDR Four. Okay. I like those. I can't mark them any 

"better. Okay. Next star is what? 

LMP Stand by. Star is Aldebaran. 211. 

CDR Okay. That's what we got. 

CDR 289. That should he easy to follow. Would you 

believe Orion? Would you believe our footpad or 
something up there - radar? Can't be our footpad. 

LMP See the command module in earthlight? 

CDR Yes, I saw it a little while ago. That's Aldebaran 

all right. 

LMP Okay. Let's try X first. 

CDR Okay. Go ahead. 

CDR Certain places in this telescope you can see double 

line. Okay. That was a good one. 

CMP Challenger; America. How do you read on SIMPLEX A? 

LMP You're loud and clear. 

CMP Okay; got you loud and clear, too. 

0l+ 12 Ul 1+1 LMP Two and X. 

LMP Didn't like it. 

CDR Just like the simulator, you can move your eye 

position and the star moves. Isn't that beautiful? 
Okay. For Y. 

LMP Okay. You got four X's. 

Ok 12 U2 52 CDR Boy, I tell you, this is the hardest alignment in 

the world. Ron ought to be thankful. 

CDR One . 

Ok 12 kk 08 CDR Got two Y's. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Three Y's. 

CMP Okay. PROCEED there. Okay. Challenger and 

Houston, I'm maneuvering to circ burn attitude. 

LMP Roger, America. Have a good burn. 

CMP Okay; sure will. 

LMP You look just as pretty in earthlight as you do 
in sunlight. 

CMP Oh, great! 

CDR Well, my eyes aren't any better than that, Jack. 

LMP Okay. Can't argue with that. 

CMP And, Houston; America here. While we're maneuver- 
ing, I'll go to RECEIVE on the 

CDR My eyes are not any better than that. 

CMP - - VHF, and you can send those pads E to N up. 

CDR Okay . 

CC Looks like a good job. 

CDR Ready? 

LMP Yes . 

CDR Yes, but it's not an easy one, Gordo. 

Ok 12 k6 01 CMP Hey, Challenger; America. 

LMP Go ahead. 

CMP Okay, Jack, can you go to RECEIVE only on your VHF, 

there? I've got all these pads to pick up now. 
I'll call you when - when I'm all through. 

LMP Okay; RECEIVE only. We got your GO, Gordo? 

Oh 12 1*6 23 CC Go ahead; torque them. 

CDR Yes, I guess you did copy them. 

LMP Yes, I got them. 

LMP Okay. Now we want to do some other things with 

our - Where are we? 

LMP Okay. We POO, ENTER for no coarse align. Okay. 


Oh 12 h6 50 CDR So we PRO and ENTER. 

LMP Okay; 2l6 - Use 

CDR I want 001 , huh? 

LMP Yes . 

IMP Okay. I got zero in there. 

CDR Okay; 3, 3. Let's go - See where that puts it. 

Oh, shoot, you know what I did, smart guy. I got 
ahead - I got ahead of the game a little while ago 
so I - so I took this out. 

LMP Who's this, who's this, who's this? 

CC Challenger, we need AFT omni and select the steer- 

able to SLEW - - 

CDR That's mine. 


CDR Half a degree up and zero left and right. 

CC Challenger, select FORWARD omni, please. 

LMP Say again. 

CDR Up - elevation half a degree up and zero on azimuth. 


Day 5 

LMP Darn. 

CDR Where's our DAP? Okay, 

CDR Okay. You CL? 

LMP No. 

Oil 12 h9 01 CDR Okay, Gordo. The COAS align is good, and the DAP 

is reset. 

LMP Turn your AOT lamp out? 

CDR Okay. 




Okay; and like the rest of the spacecraft, the 
platform's "beautiful; there's no drift compensation 
or PIPA bias update. Over. 

LMP Fantastic. 

CDR Beautiful] No PIPA bias or drift compensation. 

Boy, I hope it stays that way. What do you want, 

LMP This doesn't sound like a sim. 

CDR You centerline? 

LMP Yes, open. Yes, I'm all set. 

CDR Okay. 

CMP Okay, Challenger; America. I'm through with all 

the pads now. 

Roger. Give you one update. You can write it in 
the timeline, page 8; the T-l time is PDI plus 
17 : 00 . Over . 

17:00. Okay; T-l is PDI plus 17:00; we got it. 

0k 12 50 03 CDR Now where are we? Did we do all this? Okay. 

That's good we got all that. How are we; on time? 
Little behind - let's press. 

say 5 ^My&ffi&gMHi'irt 1 " 83 

CDR He got it? 

LMP Okay, Houston; you've got POO and DATA. 

CC Okay . 

CDR That clock counting down anything? 

LMP Yes; DOI-2. 

CDR Okay. 

CDR Know we got a maneuver to the AGS cal - - 

LMP Now, wait a minute. 

CDR I guess I can't do that while - - 

LMP Yes . Go ahead. 

CDR ROLL of 2k. I'm about there. PITCH is 77 - I got 
to go up a ways - and YAW 339- Guess I can't 
maneuver while he - Are you in high gain? 

LMP No , moving orani . 

CDR Gordo, can I start maneuvering to the AGS cal while 

you're getting those updates - up-links ready? 

CC Okay. We'd like the steerable hack again. Try 

PITCH of minus 25, and YAW of minus 72. 

CDR Minus 30 and 72. 

LMP That's 72 plus 

CDR Minus . 

LMP Minus . 

Oh 12 52 26 LMP Okay; you got the steerable. 

CDR Okay. And I can see the Earth - - 

CC ... HIGH bit rate. 

CDR - - so my maneuver is not going to hurt them. 

CDR I'll start over. 

CC ... up-links now, we'll get that in before we go 

to the AGS cal attitude. Over. 

CDR Okay, Gordo, I've got - I've got the Earth and the 

direction I have to maneuver is nothing but good 
for the high gain, so I'll start over slowly. 

CC Okay . 

Ok 12 53 38 CDR Boy, I tell you, those - those P52s are hard. P5Ts 

are hard, in this thing - you - you - you attenuate 
you can either attenuate the star or you - or you 
can attenuate part of the line or make the line 
double and it's really - it's really - I remember 
it that way in the past. You know while we're - 
while we're doing that could you - Well, we can do 
that on the surface . Yes , we can do that on the 

LMP Well, I mean - 

CDR Unless you can ... move this over. 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Forget it. 

LMP Yes. Let's 

CDR It won't bother me. We got to land first, anyway. 

LMP Hold that please. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Thank you. 

CDR Jack, I think I discovered something. 

LMP What? 

CDR There's no light in there. I don't know if there 
was ever supposed to be, but there isn't. 

CDR No. You may have a hard time seeing it. 

LMP I think there will be enough light in the cockpit 

because it'll be daylight. 

Oh 12 55 50 CDR We got all the pads? 

LMP Yes. I updated times in there, too. 

CDR That's good. 

0l* 12 56 Oh CC Challenger, Houston. It's your computer. UPDATA 


LMP Roger. 

CMP Hey, Challenger; America. Are you still with me? 

LMP Still with you. 

CMP . . . something like . . . 

LMP Something like what? 

LMP Say again, Ron. 

CMP Okay. I just want to make sure on the voice check 
if we still have the VHF problem. 

LMP Okay. I'll have to give you another one here in 

a minute. 

CDR Going to have to - 

LMP AFT - in DATA - You record your initial values? 

CDR Yes . 

LMP Okay . 

Ok 12 57 19 LMP I'll check them again when we have attitude, but 

they shouldn't change. 

LMP Okay. How do you read? 

CMP Okay; loud and clear. How me, Jack? 

LMP You're loud and clear. 

CMP Challenger, America. Read you loud and clear. How 

LMP You got - you got all these. 

CDR Yes . 

LMP You there? 

CDR Yes . Let me 

CDR We are all within limits, Jack. 

CDR We are all within limits, Jack. 

CMP Houston; America. Roger. We'll do our best. 

01+ 12 58 12 CDR We're all within limits. If I can perturbate one, 

I'll perturbate them all. 

LMP Okay. You ready to go, then? 

CDR Yes . 

CDR You in 3? 

LMP 3. 

CDR Okay; at 30 - 38:30. 

CDR My suit feels shorter. 

LMP Like Charlie said; you grew. 

CDR This water is a lot less airy, after I got the 
first few gulps out . 

LMP Oh, you been drinking on me, huh? 

LMP I guess I better fix this . 

CDR I guess I better change mags. 

Day 5 


LMP Can you look in there and find out - Is there any- 

thing on cameras? 

CDR Yes. Way back here. We skipped it. Camera set- 

ting for cabin - Oh, for cabin photos. 

Ok 12 59 26 CDR You take cabin photos during rendezvous . 

LMP Okay . 

CDR We don't want to worry about that. 

LMP Want to do that now? 

CDR It's too dark. 

LMP Yes . 

LMP I don't think we're going to have time. How about - 

CDR Jack, I don't see anywhere. 

LMP I think it was supposed to have been this one. 

But I have only 50 percent left on this one. 

CDR Okay. Use - I changed mags, so we can always use 

that other one - but I don't know what your settings 
are. They aren't in here. Are they supposed to 

LMP Yes. They're 


LMP - - They're there somewhere. 

CDR Can you get to the ISA. 

LMP Yes . 

CMP . . . Align the old GDC . 

0l+ 13 00 28 CDR I thought I put it in the top pocket. 

LMP No, I think it's in the bottom. 

LMP Yes, give me mag Oscar. Unless that's the one I 

had on there. No, give me mag EE. 

l- 8 8 l^i^P^i: Day 5 

CMP Okay. GDC is aligned. 

LMP Give me the spare one. 

CDR Which one is that? 


CDR You want to put the other one in your side kit 


CDR Because that's not done. 



CDR Where's that other mag? 

LMP It's right here' - 


LMP Right here; I'll get it. 

CDR Why don't you just mark it "undocking" or something. 

LMP Yes, I will. 


and YAW is in AUTO. Standing by for the bus ties. 

LMP He shouldn't do it. 

CMP Okay . 

Ok 13 02 03 CDR Ready when you want those numbers. Okay. 

0*4 13 02 21 CC Challenger, Houston. You're GO for DOI-2. 

LMP Thank you, Gordo. We're GO here for DOI-2. 

LMP Okay. What are the numbers? 

CDR Okay; f/8 at 500 in infinity. 

LMP How many frames? Twelve? 

CDR Wait a minute - That's a DAC. Camera - - 

IMP That's what I want. 

LMP Yes, twelve frames per second; f/8 and infinity, 


CDR Yes, infinity doesn't seem right, but I guess it 

is. 1/500; f/2.8, 1/500, at infinity. 

LMP Okay; I got it. Tapes no good anymore. 

Oh 13 03 16 CDR Want a piece of tape? 

LMP Yes . Just a small one . Real small one . Inch . 

CDR Let me know when your test is over when you get 

a chance. 

LMP It's over. 

CDR Oh, it is over? 

LMP Yes . 

CDR Okay. Why don't you give me your numbers? 

LMP Okay. Wh - Where's that extra mag, first? 

CDR Right here. Let me - Let me just write something 

on it . 

LMP Okay? 


CDR You got a place over there you - - 

LMP Yes, I'll put it - I'll put it away in just a 

minute . 

CDR Okay . Give me your numbers . 



Day 5 


Ok 13 05 20 CDR 



Oh 13 05 58 LMP 





1*0 - 

The first one? Minus 0.3. I can't read it. 

Minus 3. 


Plus 7. 


Plus all zeros, plus 32, minus 87 - 6 - minus 63. 
They all look all right to me. 

Okay. Are they all - Yes, that's within that. 
That's a little more than usual, but not much. 
Okay; pretty small. 

Okay. While you do this, I'm going to go pick up - 
We got to go - LOS is 111:U8. We got about 3 minutes 
and you want to configure it. 

Okay, Houston. Did you get the AGS cal numbers? 
Yes, that's affirmative. 

Okay. It all looks pretty good to me. 5h6 may 
have been a little more than spec, but it looks 
pretty good. 

You can go ahead. Since we are not LOS yet, I can 
target for D0I. 

Here's your helmet. Keeps - Or is that my helmet? 
I think we've lost track of helmets. 

No, mine has got a name on it. 

Jack, have you gone to an omni? If you have, go 

What ' s the omni ? 

Day 5 mmmmamm. 

CDR He was down here a little bit ago ; he was in front 

of us, I think - - 

LMP Okay. We got you on an omni and LOW BIT RA — - 

CDR Can we target DOI? 

LMP Yes, if you want. 

CDR Yes, we'll pick this up 

LMP I checked those 

CDR Okay. 

LMP EPS and APS; I haven't. 

CDR Recycle the breaker. Okay, are we - Is your - Is 
your . . . going ape? 

LMP Okay. Where do you want it? 

Oh 13 07 12 CDR Okay. Match indicated angles at LOS. Did we just 

have LOS? 

LMP Not yet. We're on an omni. 

CDR Okay. Match indicated angles - and TRACK MODE to 


Oh 13 07 23 LMP Okay, It's TRACK MODE, SLEW; and what's the new 

angles? Plus 90 and minus U5? 

CDR Plus 90 and minus U5. 

LMP Be a little more gentle with this thing than the 


CDR Okay. That's LOS. 

LMP Just missed their set. 

CDR Ron, do you still read us? 

!"92 "IPNWOTPfflfm Day 5 

CMP Yes . Loud and clear ; how me? 

OU 13 08 05 CDR Okay. You're loud and clear. 

CDR Okay, Ron, I need some - - 

LNP Jack. 

CDR Jack, I need PCM LOW when you finish - 

Oh 13 08 16 LMP Okay. That's LOW. 

CMP Challenger; America. Do you read me? 

CDR Yes . We read you loud and clear . 

Oh 13 08 22 LMP SQUELCH is ENABLED. 

CMP Okay. You're still clipping a little bit. All I 
got was the clear, hut that's all right. 

CDR Okay, Ron. We are reading you loud and clear. 

CMP I got that part , loud and clear . 


Oh 13 08 35 LMP It's ENABLE. 

CDR Another comm check; we just did. I'll load P30. 

LMP Okay. I'm ready for you. 

CDR Okay. 

CDR You all set? 

LMP 112:02:1* _ Uo.92. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP Okay; minus 0007.5 - 7-5, and the rest are all 
zeros . 

CDR They give you a burn time on that? 


* mm mmss am - - 

LMP Yes, 22 seconds. 

CDR We're low, so they - they anticipated that. 

LMP Okay . 

CMP Coming up on 8 minutes - 

Oh 13 09 31 CMP MARK it. 

LMP Okay . 

CDB Okay. What else do you need? 

LMP They said 115 or 6l5 - 6l5» excuse me, and 6.7- 

CDR Okay. That's pretty good - T-5- 

LMP Yes . 

OH 13 10 02 CDR Clock is right on. 

LMP I am not in ORB RATE . 

CDR Okay . 

Oh 13 10 38 CMP Okay. We have HIGH BIT RATE, COMMAND RESET. Okay. 

BAT BUS B. What? ... A/C. ... coming up on a 
minute . ... good shape . 

CDR Okay. What do I need to put in the AGS, here? 

LMP 1+10, minus 5, external DELTA-V. 

0k 13 11 lh CMP Okay. HELIUM VALVES are ... 2A. SERVO POWER 1, 

got it; 2 is going ON. Okay. The old computer's 
going to AC. 

Oh 13 11 26 CMP DIRECTS are OFF. BMAGs are OPEN. Okay. No 

hardovers . 

Oh 13 11 3h CMP Go to SCS. Okay. PITCH 1, got it. YAW 1, got it. 

Okay. Trim - and ... mode. 


Day 5 

Ol+ 13 11 59 CMP Okay. Try a little TVC to TVC. TVC to TVC - TVC. 

Woo! We're banging around. Okay. Get these 
checks on this rev. Okay. Now, let's see now; 
where were we here? No MTVC. 

OU 13 12 2T CMP Okay. SPACECRAFT CONTROL hack to CMC, returns to 

0. Go clockwise. No MTVC . 

Oh 13 12 37 CMP Okay. GIMBAL MOTORS, PITCH 2, got it. YAW 2, got 

it. Okay; got a little trim. Plus O.h. ... Okay. 
TVC to TVC, TVC to TVC. Looking good. 

Oh 13 13 01 CMP Okay. Neutral, returns to 0. Okay; no MTVC. 

Oh 13 13 12 CMP AC /DC on the old POWER. ... to DIRECTS. Uncage 

the old BMAGs . Okay . 

Oh 13 13 21 CMP BMAGs are RATE 2. Let's KEY RELEASE. ... PROCEED. 

CMP — 06:15- ... shows we're there. Uncaged the old 

BMAGs. ... now 50:18. Okay. Try the gimbal test 
option. Plus 2, minus 2, 0. Plus 2, minus 2, 0. 

1, 2, 3, h - 

Oh 13 lh 09 CMP Ah-ha, we have trim. ... plus 0.9. 

Oh 13 l*t 16 CMP Three minutes and 15 seconds to go. 59 plus 9. 

DELTA- V . Burn time is 3 seconds. Shutdown at 

burn time plus 1. We'll ... with the DIRECT, ON. 
Single-bank burn. We'll use bank A. (Humming) 

Oh 13 lit 58 CMP Okay, Let's - 16 AUTO RCS SELECTS are ON. Circuit 

breakers - all in good shape . . . . , ON . ... CMC , 
... TVC. Woo! A good one there. Rate COMMAND ... 


is ON. 

Olt 13 15 31 CMP AC /DC, AC /DC. DIRECT, DIRECT. CMC in AUTO. 

Uncaged, uncaged, uncaged. RATE COMMAND. GIMBAL 


Olt 13 15 50 CMP Okay. About 1 minute to go, shortly. 

LMP He . . . , huh? 

CDR No. 

CMP Okay. ECS looks good. One minute. 

LMP All right, I got a good hack - where he is about 
now because he - for - for visual, you can - 

0*1 13 16 37 CMP Okay. EMS is going NORMAL. The old TRAMS CONTROL 

POWER'S OK. ... DELTA-V THRUST A switch. ... 
ullage . 

CDE I missed that one. We didn't do that. 

CMP Okay . 

CDR Want to do it again? 

LMP We didn't get ray - we didn't get me a vector. 
Can you do that now? 

CDR Yes . 

Oil 13 17 03 CMP - - ... THRUST A is ON. You guys still with me? 

CDR Yes, sir; we're with you. Ready? 

LMP Go ahead. 

CMP . . . with me? 

LMP Oops . 

CDR Yes, sir; we are with you. 

CMP Okay. At 17 seconds - 

Ok 13 17 19 CMP There's ullage. We have ullage. 99 

CDR You're right; we didn't do that. 

Oh 13 17 31 CMP Oh-ho! ... for shutdown! Oh-ho! Beautiful burn! 

Oil 13 17 38 CDR Sounds great, babe. You got circ. 

CMP (Laughter) Okay. ... 

CDR Did you get it? You did get it. 


Day 5 

LMP Here, let me get the - - 

CMP - - ... some circ. ... a heck of a burn - - 

CDR You ought to give it a U00, too, because it is 

going to - - 

CMP - - ... pretty soon. Be minus 0.9- Okay. Let's 

proceed on that. Turn the old GIMBAL MOTORS , OFF. 

Ok 13 18 Ok CMP 2, got it. 2, got it. 1, got it. 1, got it. 

CDR Okay. We're in kl. 

CMP Ah -ha! Okay. Did you guys get the word? The 

burn is complete. 

CDR Yes, sir. We got the word. The burn is complete, 

LMP You on T/R? 

CDR Yes . 

CDR Ron, do you copy Challenger? We copy your burn. 

CMP Okay. Burn is complete. We're ... residuals. 

CDR Have at it. 

LMP Okay. I'll time it, Gene. 

CDR Okay. VERB 77 - 


LMP See, we - our range rates should be - 

CDR What's wrong? 

LMP Nothing. I just wondered why they had - I never 
remember seeing that there. You happy here? 

CDR Yes . I'm all set. 

LMP Foot per second - Does that sound right for del - 

for range rate, right now? 

CDR Yes, you should "be coming through about zero. He's 

at the other end of the football? 

LMP Yes . 

OU 13 19 58 LMP Integrating to - 

CDR Minus k.7 on the ... - - 

LMP Okay . ... foot for that range and ... - - 

CDR Okay. What you got for range? 

LMP That's good. 

CDR Okay . That ' s pretty good . 

CDR Okay. I 'm set. 

LMP Okay. That - Within the dead band, that's as 
close as I can keep Y and Z. 

LMP' Surprised they didn't call us on that. Not 

watching my AGS, as usual - - 

Oh 13 20 3l+ CDR Ron, we're 210 from the burn. 

CMP Okay. Copy you. 

LMP Hey, let's check your perigee after the burn. 

CDR Okay. Okay, that's minus. I'm in the attitude. 

I want to thrust down on the hand controller. I'm 
in jets . 

LMP Okay. I am too. I'll time it. 

Ok 13 21 00 CDR Have a KEY RELEASE 4 her«. That'll go blank at - 

at average g. 

LMP Should I watch the thrusters? And if the limit is 

30 seconds, if it's a two- jet burn, we'll have - 
after 30 seconds, we pitch 180 and - - 

CDR Okay . 

LMP - - complete with the AGS. 

CDR With this short burn, we'll just take what we got 

at 30 seconds . 

LMP And as - the - it - less trimming you do, the 

better the AGS will be. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP You know, less pulsing. But don't - don't let that 

scare you (laughter). 

CDR Just want to see what kind of - because I got four 

jets on there, so I want to see what kind of - 
Here's the terminator. 

Oh 13 21 U5 CDR We're a minute, Ron. And we're burning right at 

the terminator , Ron . 

Oh 13 21 55 CMP (Laughter) Okay. I got a TO by 5U.7. 

LMP That sounds familiar. 

Oh 13 22 09 CDR Okay. The DSKY is blank. 

CMP Okay. 

LMP Okay. I want to thrust down minus-X. 

CDR Yes, sir. That way because we're going that way. 

Okay, 22 seconds. 

LMP Have at it. 

Oh 13 22 1+8 CDR We're burning, Ron. 

CMP Beautiful. 

CDR 0.7 at a crack. 

LMP Well, that's it. 

CDR Zero plus 0.1. 

LMP Plus 0.1. 

0I4 13 23 h6 LMP by 7.0. Okay. 

Day 5 


I Oil 13 2k 05 CDR 




Ok 13 2k 19 CDR 

[ Ok 13 2k 27 CDR 


| CDR 
' LMP 
| . CDR 
' LMP 



Used a little gas on that one, didn't we? 

I guess your burn is complete, huh? 

Burn's complete and GO, Ron. We're in a 7-mile 
perigee . 

Okay. Your burn was complete - - 

AGS , ... 

6k7 and 315, 6l.k. 
Great! Right on. 

6.7 is what the ground predicted so - - 
Okay. AGS is with you. Okay - - 

let's do a VERB - P76. 


Ron, you got the word? You can update our state 

Okay. We'll update your state vector. 
You got the P76 for him? 
Yes. Go ahead. It's - - 
You ready? 

on time. 111:57:30.09- 

Okay. That's good. DELTA-V? 
Plus 70.5. 
Okay . 

Plus all zeros and a minus 0-5. 
Like that, huh? 

LMP That's it. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Okay . Shoot I 

CDR What's wrong? 

LMP I was in HIGH BIT RATE for the hurra, (laughter) 
"because we have - We missed that AGS. ... - - 

CDR Oh, that's all right. 

LMP Well, it doesn't mean - it means we didn't - they 
didn't get the data on the burn. 

CDR I'm going out to PDI attitude. 

LMP Okay. You ready to - 

CDR Ron, we hold you in a 70.1 by 55.0. 

CMP That's pretty good. I get 70.0 by 5^.7- 

CDR Okay. I am ready to give you the vector. Okay. 

LMP I am in HIGH BIT RATE. Go ahead. 

0i+ 13 26 23 CDR You got it coming at you. 

CMP (Laughter) Forgot to look at the chamber pressure 
on that . 

LMP Should be a pen floating around. Is that your pen? 

CDR Yes. I been putting it there. 

CDR Okay. I guess you got your update. 

LMP Yes . 

CDR Okay, 71-3. How does that - 71.3. 

LMP Okay. That's good. 

CDR And 71 feet per second. 

Day 5 TtWn r fnWl^TiH iVg 1-101 

LMP Okay . Happy? 

CDR Yes. Okay. You can go PCM LOW; and 373. 

LMP Okay. Well, I got a new one on that somewhere. 

CDR I'll go into the algorithm test. 

Ok 13 28 19 CDR I'll wait until you for sure get a good high gain 

on them; otherwise, we'll screw that thing up. 

LMP Okay. How long until AOS? 

CDR Oh, it's 25 minutes. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay. We got the next milestone. We're counting 

down to PDI. 

CDR Case - in case you're interested, America, we got 

1+1 minutes to PDI. 

CMP Ah-ha. Okay. 

LMP Well, I've lost two things. A pen and a right-angle 

bracket . 

CDR For the mirror up there? 

LMP No, the - oh, here it is. Here's the right -angle 

bracket. Never took it off. 

CDR Use my pen. 

LMP Well, I just hate to have anything lost. 

Ok 13 30 58 LMP The used magazine - a partially used magazine, in 

this case. 

CDR Let's try and mark some of those magazines, so 

we'll know which ones are which. 

LMP Yes. You got that one, didn't you? 

CDR Pardon? 

LMP You marked that one? 

CDR Yes , I marked it - undocking lunar orbit . 

LMP And the landing site, too, on that. 

CDR Yes . Yes . 

LMP And, let's see, I don't see the fountain pen. Okay. 
You got the algorithm? 

CDR Not yet. 

CDR Getting up to attitude here. 

LMP COAS is in the overhead window. 

CDR Yes, sir. 

Oh 13 31 59 CDR Okay; restraints? Then you'll go INERTIAL. So 

that's I can - I got my restraints. 


CDR Why don't we put our helmet and gloves on? 

LMP I think that's a good idea. 

CDR You do that pretty quick. 

LMP Gene Cernan. 

CDR Okay. I'm not ready yet. Wait. 

LMP Oh, I'm sorry, 

LMP It's on your PLSS . 

CDR Okay . 


LMP (Laughter) 

CDR You can ask me. 

CMP (Laughter) Okay. The going up here is bad news. 

Day 5 t j^HI^SUSMt W^ 1 ~ 1 °3 

IMP How do you read, Gene? 

OU 13 3h 26 CDR Look at that. I put it at the attitude, and it 

didn't even tweak it. 

CDR Jack, if we have to abort, it's VERB 21 NOUN U6 

LMP Right. Let's don't do that though. 

CDR Yes. Let's not. 

CDR Okay. I think I'll get a sip of water. 

LMP That's a good idea. I think I'll do that, too. 

LMP I - glad you thought of that . 

LMP Camera is set. 

LMP You need any more? 

CDR No. Why don't you jab me with a little LCG though. 

LMP Okay. Before we go down. 

CDR Man, that'll hold you down. 

LMP Yes. 

0^ 13 36 50 CDR Holy Smoley. Man! I think they - they're ready 

to hold a 20-pound moose down with that. 

CDR Want to check it? 

LMP Okay. Now, down. 

CDR Okay . 

CDR You cold enough? 

CMP (Chuckle) yes. 

CDR So am I. 

LMP We didn't tell them about those leak checks. 


Day 5 

CDR About what? 

LMP About that - barely passing the reg checks or the 

integrity check - We can talk to them about it 
later, I guess. 

CDR Roger. (Laughter) 

LMP Who knows. Just have to loosen them up. 

CDR I 'm not going to put. it in pulse if I 'm not 

firing any thrusters. 

LMP Here, they really don't seem to be- Okay. Where 

do we stand? Hey, I got to get the ascent batteries 
on it. 

CDR That going down to PDI? 

LMP Yes, sir; 30 minutes to PDI. Well, shoot. 

CDR Okay. You want to do some INVERTER-1 switching, 

too, here. Yes, and we want to do some of these 
things there, too. 

LMP Let me see. 

CDR Got to do a lot of things here. 

CDR Let me give them to you. 

LMP Okay. Lets go. 

CDR Helmet and gloves on. CABIN REPRESS, CLOSE. 

LMP Okay. REPRESS is CLOSE. Oh - the valve. 


LMP Okay. It's closed. 




OU 13 39 52 LMP RETURN is EGRESS . 


LMP Okay. Going to EGRESS. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP They're both EGRESS. 

CDR Okay. Pre - PDI switch setting. VHF ANTENNA, 


CDR Okay. My INVERTER is breakers CLOSE. Select 
INVERTER number 1. 

LMP Okay. Mine's closed. INVERTER 1. 

CDR Okay. On 11, STAB /CONTROL , AELD is CLOSED. On 11, 
STOP button. Your STOP button reset? 

LMP It's reset. 

0l+ 13 ^0 h9 CDR Okay. And the lights out. Set the window bars. 




LMP It's closed. 

CDR Cycle CWEA and get BATs 5 and 6 NORMAL FEED, ON. 

LMP They're on. 

CDR What time were they on? 

LMP They were on 30 minutes. Make it 31 minutes, before. 

CDR Okay. So that's 2 minutes ago. That's 19, - 112:19. 

LMP That's late. They're going to be mad at me. 


Day 5 

LMP Cycle CWEA, you said? 

CDR Cycle CWEA. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay. Why don't you pick it up here. 




CDR Okay. That's a good point. 

LMP And LMP's going to soft stop. 



CDR 25 . 


CDR Four jets. 

LMP Okay. Let's look at the DPS, the APS and all 
that - those things . Check your switch guards . 

CDR Okay. I'm happy with them. 

LMP Pressure has gone up a little. That's good. 

Oh 13 hi 53 LMP DESCENT flow tanks - ASCENT is 150 and 115-3110, 

3130 - 

LMP Okay. It's hack to SUPERCRIT. RCS. Looks 

beautiful . 

CDR Okay. ECS and EPS. 

LMP Okay. I've done that once; we'll do it again. 

ASCENT looks good. ASCENT 1 is lower than ASCENT 2, 
We'll keep an eye on that one. Okay; ECS. We've 

Day 5 


got that? Pressures are good. Glycol looks good. 
Temperatures are okay. ED BATs are good, Geno. 

CDR Okay, ED BATs good, and everything else good on 


LMP Yes, except the ascent "batteries are a little 

cold, probably. 

CDR Okay, let's pick up 

0^ 13 h3 59 LMP I wonder if I ought to go ahead and put - take 

some descent batteries - - 

CDR No leave them on. You're only - you're only 

3 or k minutes late. 

LMP Yes. They wanted it earlier, though. 

CDR Yes . 

LMP That's why I had that note. 

CDR Okay. Let's go over to DPS card. 

LMP Okay . 

LMP DPS burn - Circuit breaker DECA GIMBAL AC, CLOSED. 

Okay. DECA GIMBAL, AC, is CLOSED. Circuit breaker - 

CDR All are closed except AEA. 

LMP And check your LOGIC POWER. 

CDR LOGIC POWER breaker is IN. 

Ok 13 kk k2 LMP All of mine are closed. LOGIC POWER is CLOSED. 


CDR 25 • 


CDR It's AUTO/COM - - 

IMP AUTO/COMMANDER. (Laughter) I read that wrong 
every time. ATT /TRANSLATION, h JETs . 

CDR h JETs. 


CDR It's on. 




CDR It's off. 


CDR Okay. They're both 

LMP Look good. 

CDR reset. 


Ok 13 h5 13 CDR DEAD BAND is MIN. 


CDR Their MODE. 

get that later. 

CDR I'll get them vhen ve go into 63. 

LMP STOP push buttons are reset. 

CDR They are reset. 

LMP TTCA THROTTLE , MIN, and LMP is soft stop. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP We're standing by for the rest of the checklist 

Day ', mmm^MUM ^ 

CDR We come around the horn we will both go VOX and 

you can pick up - - Okay. There it is. Zero 
plus 0.1 and plus 0.1 and 7-0. Okay. 

0U 13 U5 58 CDR Can you get that? I can't reach around there to - 

CDR Okay, babe. Let's go do it. 

LMP You want to look at the rules? 

CDR Yes, let's talk them over. 

CDR I'd like to do it anyway. (Laughter) ... rules 

or no rules . 

CDR Let's have some radar, that's what I want to have. 

Everything else can be beautiful and that radar 
isn't - may not make a very nice day out of it. 
Boy, we're subsolar, now. 

LMP Okay. Require - AUTO, ULLAGE or AUTO , ON. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP If you don't have either one, we got to go to - 

my emergency card. After PDI . 

CDR After we start. 

LMP One or the other. 

Oh 13 1+6 39 CDR PDI plus 31 seconds. That's the max burn time for 

number 2 opportunity. And a max time without full 
throttle . 

CDR Thirty-one seconds. 

LMP Thirty-one seconds. 

LMP Landing radar goes - if you're accepted and converged 

by 6U, you're GO. If it's accepted and converged 
in 63; lost but regained in 6U, you're GO. And if 
it's accepted and converging and does converge in 
6U, you're GO. 

CDR Okay. 



Day 5 



Ok 13 1+7 30 CDR 





Ok 13 1*8 27 LMP 


Okay. Now, if it doesn't - if it's not accepted 
by the LGC, then max DELTA-H is 1500 feet. That's 
between the PGNS and the radar. 


No land - no radar aborts. 

Go ahead. Go ahead, Ron. 

Okay. A cross-check with Houston prior to PDI, and 
we're not going to bother you unless you want to 
say something. Looking for you - not going to say 
anything unless I call you. 

Sounds good. 

Okay, Gene. 


We're GO to 10,000 feet if they don't give us a 
radial 69 - 369- We're going to 6,000 feet if we 
get the 369, if there is no radar. 


If there are no PGNS, we abort after high gate - 
unless after high gate. 

Yes, unless after high gate. 

Thrust - you're NO GO if the GTC is not decreased 
to 57 percent by P6U plus 15 seconds. 


That's NOUN 92. Bingo p rope 11 ant , 1 minute 31 sec- 
onds after low-level. Our lowest pr - propellant 
quantity equals 2 percent . 

And there's some silly thing about radar flashing 
lights here. 

Okay . 

Day 5 


Ok 13 h8 1+5 LMP Flashing landing - radar altitude or velocity lights 

preceded by a steady landing radar light with alti- 
tude lockon below 35K, you cycle the circuit breaker. 

CDR And I don't fully understand that one. Never have. 

Ok 13 k9 22 LMP Boy! I tell you. These books aren't going to stay 

here . 

CDR Do you want to help me out with this, Jack? 

LMP Oh, I 'm sorry. 

CDR Okay, I got the hack. Wait a minute. There we go. 

Got her. Okay. Happy with all your ECS behind 

LMP Yes, sir. 

CDR Circuit it again. We're CLOSED on RAD , EGRESS, 



CDR AUTO. We're all set. 

CDR Can you get into the - - 

LMP Yes . 

CDR Can you get into there? Put those in there. We'll 

get them if we need them. 

CDR Okay. When we come up, I want to be S-BAND ANTENNA 


Ok 13 51 19 LMP It's there. Minus 33, plus 5U. 

LMP Okay. We're ready. Where do you want that, on 


CDR Yes , Jack . 

LMP I'm getting just a little glare off of there, but 

I think it'll be all right. 


Day 5 

CDR Well, it'll change as this window changes here. 

Come on Challenger, do your job. 

Oh 13 52 31 LMP Okay, 32; 3 more minutes. I'll "be in up in DATA. 

LMP Got a little bit of an X-axis accelerometer "but 

very slight. Changing very slowly. 

LMP All of my accelerometers are changing. 

CDR Really . 

Oh 13 53 31 CDR Okay, Houston, what we've really got ... smooth 

coming around. 

LMP Say again . 

CDR I say, AOS on down is where we really got to be 

with them. 

LMP Yes. 

CDR You know, we're starting right in plane according 

to the AGS. No out-of-plane velocity. 

LMP Let's make sure we get them before we go VOX. 

CDR So it doesn't screw it up. 

LMP Yes . 

CDR Okay, I'm watching. 

LMP Have at her. 

CDR That's going to it, babe. 

LMP I don't want to have to touch a thing. (Laughter) 
Just tell me where we are. Yes, sir. 

CDR Do you want this, Jack? 

LMP Well, yes; maybe I better. 

CDR You're writing NOUN 69 or something down? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR You need a piece of Velcro right there. That'll 

be all right . 

LMP Okay. We're there. Going to high gain. 

CDR We got AOS? 

LMP Yes . 

Ok 13 55 k6 LMP There it is. 


Ok 13 55 52 LMP Okay, Houston. This is Challenger, Hov do you 

read? We're HIGH GAIN and DATA. 

Ok 13 56 13 LMP Hello, Houston; how do you read Challenger? 

CBR Do you have an earthrise? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Oh, wheel That's pretty. 

CDR How's the high gain? 

LMP We just lost it. Along with omni . 

CDR Let's get that high gain as soon as we can. 

LMP It's their problem, I think. 

Ok 13 57 08 LMP Hello, Houston. How do you read Challenger on an 

omni right now? 

CC Okay, Challenger, you're loud and clear on the 

omni. How did it go? 


Okay. The "burn was GO, We;re in a 7-mile perigee 
on the PGNS, and we had 0, plus 0.1, and plus 0.1 
residuals . 

CC Okay, sounds good. 

LMP Ok - okay, Gordy, I'm going to try the high gain. 

I had you locked up once, and then I lost you. 
Let me try it again. 

CC . . . , Jack. 

LMP I'm sorry, Geno. 

CDR I didn't know they were coming up that quick 

either. They should have said something. 

LMP Okay. There's the omni back. Okay, Gordy, that's 

my fault. I didn't know you were up-linking. 
You ' v e£2£~t&£*fiB«i**iSiiei ' 11 leave it. 


Day 5 

Ok 13 58 07 CC Okay, we'll stay on the omni for the up-link. 

CDR He should have given me a call. I didn't know 

they were up- linking that quick. They never have 
in the past. Okay. You need your ... and ED bat 

LMP Yes. 

CDR You can give that to him now. 

IMP Yes. Okay, Gordy, ED BATs are 37-2, both batteries. 

The ascent battery on time was 112:19:00, about 
h minutes late. 

CC Okay, Jack. Copy. 

CC Jack, we want BATTERY 3, OFF, for preconditioning. 

LMP Roger . 

CDR And we're getting back down among them, Gordy. 

CC Challenger, we'd like you to verify that the DEMAND 

REGS ... in EGRESS . 

LMP Yes, they're in EGRESS . 

LMP That's verified. 

LMP And do you have a 231 update? 

CC Stand by. There's no change, Jack. 

LMP Roger . 

CDR Okay, Gordo, how do you read CDR on VOX? 

CC CDR, you're loud and clear on VCX. 

LMP Okay. *** read the LMP on VOX? 

CDR Okay. *** up until this time, the bird has looked 

beautiful - *** clean. All the check's have come 
out just as advertised. 


Day 5 


Ok Ik 00 1+8 IMP And we're looking at 9 minutes and 5 seconds from 


CDR ... get all these. 

LMP Yes , I got it . 

IMP Okay, it's there, and I will ENTER. 

LMP Okay, it took; and I'm shoving POO. 

0U lit 01 20 LMP Okay, we've got a tone on the UPVOICE BACKUP. 
CDR coming at you, Jack. Hit it. 

LMP Got it. 

CDR *** zero - - 

IMP Wait, 231, *** 69, 0 that's supposed to "be. 

CDR 56900; set 2k0 to the same; 56 *** 00. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay, 25*+ is plus *** 9^k. Okay, 262 is 

minus 001^3. Okay; 1+00 plus 3. Watch it. Look. 

LMP It's had that all the way along - a little bit of 

roll "bias, there. 

CDR Okay. That's good. *** plus 1. 

LMP *** plus 1 is in. 

CDR Okay, and we do have your needle. *** your needle. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay, and there's VERB 83 looking at you. Our 

CR0SSP0INTERS are LOW MULT for you. Okay, and 
there's VERB 83. Give me a 317 and a 1+1*0. 

CDR *** with this, Jack? Let me see 1+1*0. 

LMP I want to get 63. Yes. Go ahead. 

CDR Okay . 

IMP That's good. 

CDR Gordy, understand no NOUN 68 prior to P63 or 

NOUN 69, right? 

IMP Okay. You need to ask him anything? I'll try to 

high gain. 

CDR Go ahead; try it. 

IMP Try the high gain , Gordy . 

IMP Okay, it's locked up in AUTO. 

IMP Gordy, be advised that you're clipping on your 

first word. 

IMP That's 1+10, 1+10 not 1+00. *** again. 

0U 11+ 01+ 27 IMP *** you, Gordy. 

CDR Better go back and check 1+00 now. 

IMP Okay. I did - I fixed it. 

CDR Oh , man , are we down among them , "babe ! Whooh I ... 

IMP Okay. Say the seconds again on the PDI . 

IMP Okay. And the cross range? 

IMP Gordy. That clock checks with - with our 

time out of P63. 

Ok Ik 05 38 IMP The LANDING RADAR breaker's IN, I've got altitude, 

velocity, ***er. We're coming up on k minutes. 
*** for final trim at k. 

IMP Okay . 

CDR Thank you, Gordy. *** GO up here for PDI; doing 

the final trim at !+. 

CDR Hello, America. Do you read Challenger? Jack, you 

Day 5 



LMP Okay . 

CDR At 2 minutes, I'll get the MASTER ARM. 

LMP All right. 

CDR *** seconds, *** the ENGINE ARM; and we'll watch 

the PGNS tapemeter pick up average g. *** a GO on 
the ullage, I'll back up the ullage. 

LMP Okay . 

0l+ Ik 06 52 CDR *** back up the START. 

CDR *** the PRO. 

CDR *** forward omni. 

LMP *** a little bit. 

Ok Ik 07 15 CDR Okay, 02: Ul. 

CDR Okay, we picked it all up. *** still good. 

LMP Okay. Coming up on 2 minutes; I'm changing over 


CDR Okay. 

Ok Ik 07 5U LMP MASTER ARM, ON - 2 minutes. 

CDR Okay, Houston; 2 minutes. MASTER ARM is ON. I've 

got two good lights . 

Ok Ik 08 01 LMP *** SELECT is PGNS . 

CDR *** again, in average g, I'll get the ENGINE ARM. 

*** firm the ullage, get the PRO. I'll back up 
the ullage and get the START. 

LMP Roger . 


LMP *** should have put that on like we talked about. 

CDR *** I tell you, *** getting^ lose. 



.T*£*xn*.*- : . 

Day 5 

LMP *** out your window is really strange. (Laughter) 

*** over here. 

Oh lk 08 56 CDR One minute, Houston, and we're standing hy. We're 

GO for PDI. 

Ok lk 09 19 LMP *** approaching 30 seconds. Blank DSKY. 

CDR DSKY blank? 

LMP ***age g. *** lights. 

OU lk 09 30 CDR Okay, ENGINE ARM is DESCENT. I think the tapemeter 

drove. I'm not sure. 

LMP *** the ullage. Standing by for ullage. *** sec- 

onds. *** ullage. We've got ullage. PROCEED on 
the 99. It took. 2, 1, 0 - 

Ok lk 09 56 LMP IGNITION. 

CDR IGNITION, Houston. Attitude looks good, ENGINE 

DESCENT QUANTITY light ON at ignition - - 


CDR - - just prior to ignition. 

LMP DP SHe tank's good. *** CS is good at 15 seconds. 

LMP *** CS is golden. *** stable throttle up. *** 

by ... 

CDR Houston. And the computer likes it. 

CDR *** got the QUANTITY light ON. Attitude looks 

good, Jack. 

LMP Okay. At 30 seconds. *** have about 108. 

CDR Oh, boy. 


CDR Okay, coming up on 1 minute. 

Day 5 ^^^ffiSmfflTOff 2-7 

LMP One minute, you ought to have 98. 

CDR Okay, H-dot is high right now. 

OU lU 10 57 LMP MARK it, 1 minute. 

CDR Altitude's high. 

LMP Boy, it looks good, Houston. 

CC • • • 

LMP *** looking at it. 

Ok Ik 11 17 CDR 3^00; I confirm. 

LMP GO for ENTER, 01:30. We're GO coming through 57K. 

Okay, the altitude 1 s high and the H-dot is high. 
It'll be - that's right. 

LMP *** At 1 - 2 minutes, you ought to have 89 on the 
"ball. We're still 30 feet per second high in H-dot. 
*** we're about 8000 feet high - 7000 

GDR Okay, Houston. Coming up on 2 minutes. 

0U lU 12 01 LMP It's OFF. *** back ON. *** light is out. 

LMP Houston, we - - 

CC ... good. 


full scale high. 

LMP That looks good. 

CDR Okay, babe, let's check them at 02:30. 

LMP RCS looks good. 

Ok Ik 12 27 CDR *** Okay, I'm about 89 degrees - - 

LMP Cabin looks great - - 

CDR - - coming through 51 5. 

Day 5 

LMP 89 is great. *** catching up - *** altitude. We 

should start dropping H-dot here a little bit. 
*** and PNGS are together. *** has us a little bit 
out of plane. And we're north - has us north of 

LMP *** coming up on 3 minutes, we're GO and we're out 

of U9K. 

CC ... 

CDR Roger. Understand we're GO. 

LMP Okay. At 3 minutes. 82 's your ball number. *** 

still looking for the right altitude. So H-dot is 

CDR Okay. *** reckoning comes at h minutes, Jack. 

*** weight's building up, looking good. Attitudes 
are good. 

LMP Okay, at 03:30, you ought to have 79. 

CDR Okay, it's right on. 

LMP We're still a little high - about ***500 feet. 

H-dot is still high. The tapemeter moves in spurts 
and jerks, both on ALTITUDE and ALTITUDE RATE. 

CDR Yes . 

CDR Four minutes. 

LMP Yes. ED BATs are 37-2. 

LMP ED BATs are 3 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Okay, Gordo, yaw's coming at 3^0. 

LMP And the radar lights are out. Beautiful. 

LMP *** looking at DELTA-H. 

LMP Okay. You're looking at DELTA-H. 

D *y 5 ^WH^MI MI 1 2-9 

Ok lk Ik 3k IMP Okay, VERB 57 is in. Houston, is the AGS out of 

plane correct? 

CDR Okay, coming up on 5 minutes, Jack. Let's take a 

check at it . *** 7I4 degrees . 

IMP That's good. 

CDR 70 feet per second; we're coming down 36 - you're 

still about 2000 feet high. 

CDR Okay, Houston, we're now out of 30 - - 

CDR Okay. GO at 5. We're out of 36 5 now. We've 

got the Earth right out the front window. 

CC Challenger, Houston. BATTERY 3, ON, at your 


Ok lk 15 23 IMP *** 3 is ON. 

CDR. *** 30, Gordo. We're GO. We're out of 3hK. 

IMP 73, *** k. We're right on altitude. The H-dot 

ought to start dropping off. 

CDR *** we want to keep it high. *** allowed two 

quick looks out the window, one now and one when 
we pitch over . 

IMP I can't see a thing except the Earth. 

CDR That's what I'm telling you to look at. 

IMP (Laughter) Oh, there's the old Earth. 

CDR Okay, Houston, coming up on 6 minutes. 

IMP Six minutes, you ought to have 72 on your ball. 

0k lk 15 58 CDR ***2 is GO. 

IMP ***1. Altitude's great. H-dot ' s great. *** and 

PNGS are very close, couple feet per second 
difference . 

CDR Okay. 

OU lit 16 10 LMP Houston. We went over the hump. DELTA-H just 


LMP Looks like it's hack down. 

LMP ***30, Geno. It looks good, babe. ***2; altitude 

is right on. H-dot is very close. 

CDR Okay, 30K, YAW to zero. 

LMP *** plus 26. 

CDR Okay, we got everything - we're YAW at zero. 

Ok lk 16 56 LMP At 7 minutes, ***7's your angle, 26 - ***7; that's 

great, 106 - H-dot' s slightly high, but okay. 

CC ... at 7 . 

CDR Okay, Gordo. We're GO at 7, we're now at 

25,000 feet. We're quite a bit out of the command 

module plane, but I guess we're on target. Watch 

the throttle, now. Here it comes. 

LMP /CDR *** down - 

Ok lk 17 22 LMP - at 27; computer likes it. Beautiful. 

Ok lk 17 29 CDR 07:30, ***3. Okay, 01:1+5 to pitchover, Jack. 

0k lk 17 3k LMP Okay, 63 *s your angle, *** 56 now. 

CDR Okay, that's getting closer. 

LMP H-dot and H are great. *** by for the camera. 

CDR 19K, Houston. We're GO coming up on 8. 

04 lk 17 55 LMP Okay. The old camera's on, Gordy. Believe it or 

not . 

LMP *** 2, ***7. That's good. 

CDR Come on , baby . 

0U lk 18 13 LMP Okay, at 08:30, Geno. 

Day 5 :: (pjjj pfflE ^ f f ^P Sg 2 " i:L 

OU Ik 18 IT CDR Okay, I got the South Massif. 

Ok lk 18 21 LMP Okay, update the AGS, Houston? ... 

Ok Ik 18 35 CDR ***, Gordo, I've got Nansen; I've got Lara; and 

I've got the Scarp. Oh, man, we're level with the 
top of the massifs, now. 

CDR Okay, 151 - 1510 ENTER. Okay, Jack, pitchover is 

at 2k; 2k is pitchover. 

Ok Ik 18 58 LMP Okay, Gordo, we're out of 11,000 at 9- Okay, stand 

"by for pitchover. Oh, are we coming in. Baby. 

LMP . . . through 9000. 

0k lk 19 12 CDR Stand by for pitchover, Jack. 

0k lk 19 lk LMP 8000. 

CDR I'll need the PRO. 

IMP I'll give it to you. 

0k lk 19 18 CDR Pitchover. 

LMP There it is! PROCEEDed. 

0k lk 19 21 CDR And there it is, Houston. There's Came lot ! Wow! 

Right on target. 

LMP I see it. 

CDR We got them all. 

0k lk 19 26 LMP Forty- two degrees, 37 degrees through 5500, 

***8 degrees, *** thousand feet, *** k2 degrees 
through 1+000, kj now; ***7 degrees through 3500; 
***9 degrees ; *** thousand feet , ***3 degrees . 

0U lk 19 5k CDR Okay, I've got Barjea; I've got Poppy; I've got 

the triangle. 

0k lk 19 59 LMP At 2500 feet, 52 degrees. *** dot is good. At 

2000, H-dot is good. Fuel is good. 1500 feet, 
***k degrees, Gene. Approaching 1000, approaching 


Day 5 


Ok Ik 20 32 IMP 

Oil ll| 20 h2 LMP 

Ok Ik 20 51 CDR 
Ok Ik 20 55 LMP 


Ok Ik 21 15 LMP 

Ok Ik 21 k2 CDR 
Oil lU 21 k3 LMP 

Oil 111 21 58 LMP 
Oil 111 22 03 LMP 

Ok Ik 22 11 CDR 

1000 feet, 57 degrees. *** through 1000, and I'm 
checking - radar altitude and PGNS altitudes agree. 
*** through 800 feet. *** dot's a little high. 

Hey, I don't need the numbers anymore. 

Okay, you're 31 feet per second, going down 
through 500; *** feet per second through llOO . 
That's a little high, Geno. 


*** hundred feet, 15 feet per second. *** high. 
H-dot's a little high. 

Okay. I've got P66. 

Okay; 9 feet per second, down at 200. *** down at 
5. *** down at 5. *** down at 10. Cut the H-dot. 
*** fuel's good. ***10 feet. Stand by for some 
dust. Little forward, Gene. 

Move her forward a little. 90 feet. *** forward 
velocity. *** feet, going down at 3. *** little 
dust. *** li - 60 feet, *** down about 2. Very 
little dust. *** little dust, *** feet, going 
down at 3. 

*** for touchdown. 

Stand by. ***5 feet, down at 2. *** good. 
*** feet. *** down at 2. 10 feet. *** feet - 


*** push. Engine stop; ENGINE ARM; PROCEED; COM- 

Okay, Houston. The Challenger has landed! 
Okay, Parker valves - 

Boy, you bet it is, Gordo. *** you said shut down; 
I shut down and we dropped, didn't we? 

^ a y 5 CuK9MHHmaHn9ESaBHB^s 2-13 

LMP Yes, sir. But we is here; man, is we here. How 

does that look? 

CDR That looks good. 

OU Ik 22 35 LMP Pressure - pressures look great. *** 2 is down 

just a little from before. 

Ok Ik 22 kO CDR The ENGINE OVERRIDE is OFF . . . - - 

OU ik 22 la LMP Manifold is great. Manifold is right on. Get - 

go to JETS. 

Ok Ik 22 kk Cm Okay. I am JETS. 

LMP Okay. That side's complete. Houston, you can tell 

America that Challenger is at Taurus-Littrow. 

CDR i had the meatball all the way. Jack, are 

we going to have some nice boulders in this area. 

Ok Ik 23 08 LMP Okay. The old camera's off. 

CDR Okay . 

Ok Ik 23 12 LMP *** RADAR breaker, OPEN. *** water. Gordy, ascent 

tank 1, we started out a little low. It's still - 
same place. *** water. 

Ok Ik 23 28 LMP #** r i es look good. 

CDR Oh, man! Look at that rock out there. 

LMP Absolutely incredible. Absolutely incredible. 

CDR I think I can see the rim of Camelot . *** moment 

of my life. 

LMP Where 'd you land? *** let me look outside at all. 

You can see the boulder tracks . 

Ok Ik 23 58 CDR Okay, Gordy. We're standing by for your GO. We 

look good. We're looking good on board. 

LMP *** are boulders all over those massifs. Gosh, 

look at that propellant. We could have gone all 
around and looked around. 

CDR We should have hovered around a little bit; gone 

and looked at the Scarp. 

LMP No, thank you. 

CDR (Laughter) 

LMP I like it right where we are. 

CDR Okay, Gordy. While you're - while you're waiting 

on that GO, I had to - I - I shot for a spot around 
2 o'clock from Poppy. There's a number of boulders 
out at 12 o'clock from Poppy, and I really think 
I'm probably not more than about 100 meters out in 
front of it - and slightly to the north. Actually, 
I may be a little bit closer to Trident than I ex- 
pected Poppy to be. I - I think I've got Trident 
right out the left window. *** our first cut at 
the mobility around here in the Rover. It ought to 
be super. 

LMP I tell you, the massifs and Bare Mountain are two 

different products. 

CDR *** it, don't they? 

LMP Of course, they're different slopes, too. 

CDR I think you're looking - probably - that may be 

Rudolph, right there, Jack, out your window. *** 
looking more at those boulders and trying to stay 
in the spots in between them than I was - - 

LMP Yes, you did great, Gene. 

CDR - - relationship to that crater. Man, there was 

practically no dust, just a little bit of a film; 
you had the ground, all the way to the ground. 

LMP Yes. *** call touchdown on the shadow. Look at 

that . *** here . 

Ok Ik 25 hk CDR (Laughter) Okay, Gordy. We're hanging in for 

your GO. 


It better be a GO . I'll check everything again. 
Let's just doublecheck. 


CDR Okay. 

LMP That hasn't changed. 

CDR Okay, that's good. 

Ok Ik 25 55 LMP Those - the manifold hasn't changed. ***CS hasn't 

changed. ***cent water hasn't changed. The bat- 
teries haven't changed. 

CDR Oh, my golly. 

LMP Only we have changed. 

CDR *** you can't see into Camelot, Jack; that rim is - 

is Camelot out in front of us . 

LMP Yes, I 



We got enough room to deploy three ALSEPs out 
there . 

Gordy, you're a smooth talker, you know it? 

LMP Very good. 

OU Ik 26 25 CDR We are STAY for T-l. 

LMP Okay. You can forget all I told you about VERB 22 

NOUN k6. 

CDR What was that? (Laughter) 

Ok Ik 26 37 LMP Okay. Let's find out where we are. *** stop is 

reset . 

OU Ik 26 k2 CDR Okay. The AGS is ready for us if we need it. 

Okay. I need a P12 time as soon as I get 60 

CDR Okay. 

Ok Ik 27 02 CDR Okay, Gordy. You're looking at NOUN k3. *** that 

down, Jack, right here. 

**# 21 and - - 

- mmmmmmiAL 

Ok lk 27 09 CC Okay. We've got it. 

Ok lk 27 11 LMP - - 20 21 and 30 75, and I'm going to P12. Okay. 

I need a P12 time for you. 

CDR Okay. 

IMP For T-2. 

CDR For T-2, the time is 113 

LMP Okay. 

CDR lk - - 

LMP lk. 

CDR ***U.91. 

LMP ***-91. 

CDR ***, sir. 

LMP I can't feel any difference between l/6g and any- 
thing else right now. 

CDR Well, you still got your restraints on. (Laughter) 

Okay. ***13:lU:2i+.91. You happy with that? 

LMP That looks good, sir. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP *** change these numbers. *** an update on NOUN 76, 

did you? *** think so. 

CDR No. No. 

LMP Okay . 

CDR No. Okay; 5515. Gordy, how would you like me to 

handle R-3 of NOUN 76? 

0U lk 28 28 CDR Okay. *** radar performed super. 

LMP How was the view on the way down, Gene? (Laughter) 

Day 5 mmmsmmsm 

CDR You know, after we pitched over, I was just looking 

for a place to land. I'm not sure. *** didn't 
want to hit one of those boulders out there which 
would have heen as easy - and look at that . Look 
at right in front of us . *** want to land there 
either . 

LMP I see that one right in front of us. 

CDR You see that? *** the boulder, the hole. 

LMP Oh, the hole. I can't see the hole - - 

Ok Ik 28 58 CC Challenger, Houston. ... 

LMP Okay. Okay. We're coming up - - 

Ok Ik 29 11 CDR We're in posture for a T-2, Gordy. 

CDR Okay. I can see the Scarp. *** see Hanover. *** 

we didn't plan to go to Hanover. (Laughter) It's 

LMP *** the boulder - halfway up the hill. 

CDR Yes . 

LMP Not halfway, just enough - - 

CDR Yes, the boulder tracks - they're beautiful. 

LMP It's sitting right there in the end of the track. 

There are tracks all over that hillside. There's 
a boulder came right down to the surface there. 
See it? 

CDR Yes . 

LMP That one right through that little crater - - 

CDR Yes. 

LMP - - sitting right there for us to sample. 

CDR s i r . I'll bet Bare Mountain and the Sculptured 

Hills are the same. 


LMP Yes. They - Well, the slope's different. We'll 

have to look at it from outside. You may "be right. 
Now I see why they call them sculptured. They're 
so hummocky that there's shadow all over them. 

CDR Yes . 

LMP *** there are some holes and rocks around here. 

Who told me this was a flat landing site? 

CDR It is flat. For crying out loud. What do you 

want, airtight guarantee? 

OU Ik 30 lU LMP *** we got about 2 degrees left and about 5 degrees 


CDR We're about what - about 100 meters from Trident? ■ 

LMP Yes - yes , less than that . 

CDR I think Trident's right here. 

LMP' Our shadow's about 100 feet, Geno, I think. 

CDR Yes, we're only about - yes, less than 100 meters 

then. *** look that long, but it's supposed to be. 

LMP Yes, there are some holes I'm glad I didn't land 

in around here, I'll tell you. 

CDR Now, if you look at the massifs, Jack. I don't 

know if you can see it over here. See, they're 
almost like a series of linear boulder tracks, but 
they come crossways down the slope. *** looks like 
there may very definitely be some - *** there's 
outcrop on top the massif, too. 

LMP Oh, it sure looks like it, gray outcrop. 

CDR And, there's a - - 

LMP - - a bluish gray compared to the - the *** or tan 

gray of the massif side. 

CDR And a lot of that boulder is - a lot of that outcrop 

down on the bottom is boulder. 

"■'y 5 i m m mm^m mwm 2-19 

LMP Yes. Do you know what that reminds me of, way up 

on top - that outcrop? It reminds me of sunset 
where you could just get a little piece of outcrop 
around the corner. 

CDR That's right. 

CDR Okay. I just looked at them. 

LMP Okay. Ascent looks good. 

Ok Ik 31 36 CDR *** I noticed something ever since we've landed. 

The oxidizer quantity went from - from *** or 8, 
and now it's down to 2, and the fuel has stayed 
constant . 

CDR *** QUANTITY light came on somewhere, I believe, 

after we landed. 

LMP *** did. I noticed the QUANTITY light also. I 

was thinking *** light, though, when I saw it. 

man . 

CDR Okay. It doesn't make any difference now, Gordy, 

*** to talk about when we get home . 

Ok Ik 32 27 CDR And we're 2 minutes and counting to T-2. 

LMP *** hurry if - *** give - they're going to give us 

the GO. 

CDR Wait a minute. 

LMP *** some water? 

CDR *** you can zap me. I tell you. *** thing every- 

one's got to do once in their life. 

LMP I want to - *** to have much time for T-2, Gordy, 

do you read? 

LMP Okay . 


Okay. Understand. STAY for T-2, and GO for the 
DPS vent. Let me get out of - Okay, we can't 
hack that. I'm going to get out at 12. 

LMP ***, Gene. 

Oh lh 33 h6 CDR Okay. You can unzap that water, if you'd like. 

And let's go off VOX. Let's go on PTT . TAPE 

Bay 5 ^smsammmm 3 - x 


Oh 17 UU 1+5 CDR on VHF ANTENNA, EVA. 



LMP Wait a minute. 

Olt 17 1*1+ 55 CDR Did you get that? 

LMP Yes. 


LMP Stand by. Wait a minute. UPLINK SQUELCH, ENABLE. 
All right. It's ENABLED. 


LMP Yes, got it. 

CDR Okay. Stand by right where you are. 

LMP Okay. 

OU 17 U5 13 CDR Okay. I've got to go S-BAND, T/R; ICS, T/R; RELAY 

is OFF. MODE is *** - I'm in VOX; SENSITIVITY is 
max; *** is *** R, and B is RECEIVE. Okay. You 
can open your breaker and connect to the PLSS 
comm. ***, I guess you heard that. 

CDR Okay. PLSS MODE A. Okay; tone ON; VENT flag, P. 

Ok 17 1*7 20 LMP *** weak tone and a VENT flag, P. 

CDR Okay. 

C-1+ 17 1+7 23 LMP *** good tone right now. 

CDR *** flag, 0; and 0 2 - - 


Day 5 

LMP Okay, it's in 0 and 

CDR - - momentarily. 

LMP 0 2 *** there. 


Ok 17 1*7 32 LMP It's on. 

CDR What's your PLSS 0^ pressure gage? 

LMP 0 2 

CDR Give Houston a call and give it to them. 

Ok 17 Vf ^0 LMP I'm reading 100 percent, Houston. 

CC Roger, Jack. And we're reading you slightly 

garbled but loud. 

LMP *** you're loud and clear, Bob. 

CDR Okay, Jack. You got that, and I'm reading you. 

How you reading me? 

LMP You're loud and clear. 

CDR Okay. We will not unstow the antenna. You are a 

sukosh garbled, but very readable. 

CDR Okay. Stay where you are. I'm going to get 

mine. Okay. AUDIO breaker is - - 

LMP *** 

CDR *** 

LMP *** 

Oil 17 k9 37 CDR Okay. I got a tone. 

LMP VENT flag, P. 

Day 5 t^^ff^T^J^^ 3 " 3 

0^ IT k9 39 CDR I got a VENT flag, P. 

LMP *** flag and 0 *** 

Oh IT k9 k3 CDR PRESSURE flag, and I still got an 0^ flag. 

LMP Off with your tone. 

Oh IT h9 hj CDR Okay. The tone is gone. The 0 2 flag cleared. 

LMP Okay. PLSS *** quantity. 

Oh IT h9 53 CDR Okay; and I'm reading 10 *** 

LMP Okay. 

Oh IT h9 59 CDR Note crewman in MODE B, that's me, cannot hear 

Houston. Houston, broadcasting in the blind j 
100 percent on the CDR. 

Oh IT 50 06 CC Roger, CDR. Houston reads you loud and clear. 

Oh IT 50 13 LMP I read you loud and clear, Gene. 

CDR I'm reading you loud and clear. 

LMP Okay . 

CDR Give me a call again. 

LMP Okay. How do you read, Gene? 1, 2, 3, h, 5- 

CDR Give me again . 

LMP 1, 2, 3, h, 5. 

CDR I think so. I can't - Okay. Yes, I'm reading 
you. Okay. PLSS. LMP go B. 

Oh IT 50 32 LMP Going B. 

CDR *** B *** A. Okay. How do you read me, Jack? 

LMP You're loud and clear, and I got a tone. 

CDR Okay. Give me a short count once. 

Day 5 

LMP Counting 1, 2, 3, h y 5. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP You're great. 

CDR Okay. I had a tone, too. I still got a PRESSURE 

and a VENT flag. 

LMP And, Houston, how do you read the LMP? 

CC *** LMP. We read you loud and clear. 

CDR Okay, Bob. I'm reading you loud and clear, and 

he's not reading you in this mode. How me? 

CC I read you loud and clear also, Gene. 

Ok 17 51 19 CDR Very, very, good. We're both going AR, now. 

LMP Let's go. 

CDR Ought to get a tone. I didn't, but my VENT flag 

did clear. 

LMP Here it is. 

CDR Tone and a VENT flag. 

LMP Here's my tone and - *** flag. 

CDR Okay, Jack. The wheel is Houston and the blade is 

me. Hello there, Houston. How are you reading 

CC Read CDR loud and clear. And, for your informa- 

tion, your TM on the PLSSs looks good. 

Ok 17 51 52 CDR Okay. 

LMP How do you read, Houston? This is the LMP. 

CC Houston reads LMP loud and clear now. You're 

much clearer than you were before, Jack. 

LMP Very good. 

Day 5 

CDR Okay. Jack, we gave them our quantities already; 


IMP *** b is to FULL DECREASE, huh? 

CDR That's affirm. 

OU IT 52 16 LMP Okay. It's FULL DECREASE. 

CDR Okay. On l6, leave that PUMP breaker CLOSED. 

LMP Okay . 

CDR *** cold; but that's good. Okay. On l6, ECS, 

LMP *** It's - is that a verify? 

CDR That's a verify. 

Ok IT 52 30 LMP Okay. It's CLOSED. 


0l+ IT 52 33 LMP Okay. DELTA-P is OPEN. 

CDR And SUIT FAN number 2, OPEN. 

Ok IT 52 36 LMP *** OPEN. 

Ok IT 52 38 CDR Okay. And I've got SUIT FAR number 2. There's a 

MASTER ALARM. Okay. And I heard it run down. 
*** I don't see a - No, there's not an ECS caution 
until that thing runs down - about a minute or so. 
*** watch for that. Okay; SUIT GAS DIVERTER, 



Ok IT 53 03 LMP TURN [sic] is EGRESS. 



CDR Okay. OPS CONNECT. You ready? 

IMP *** 


Ok 17 53 21 LMP Okay. OVERRIDE. 

CDR *** Disconnect your LM O^ hoses. 

Ok 17 53 26 LMP Okay. LM 0 2 hoses are disconnected. 

CDR Okay. And they're stowed, right? 

LMP Right . 

CDR Okay. Connect OPS 0 2 hose to PGA, blue to blue. 

LMP Okay. Where is it? 

CDR Okay. It's sticking - right - Turn around. No, 

that ' s not it - - 

IMP No, that's the water. 

CDR Wait a minute. Turn towards me a little bit. *** 

the left. *** because I got ... Okay. Here it 
comes - right here. OPS hose under - No, right 

LMP Here it is. 

CDR Let me get it. I'll get it - I'll get it under 

your electrical cable. 

LMP Guess you're going to want a purge valve in a 


CDR That is locked in the lock lock. 

LMP Move your arm. 

CDR This is . . . Could you do that? 

LMP *** in a second. 

Day 5 wBSBmwm^r^' im t, t 3-7 

CDR *** I can't see. 

LMP Okay. 

Ok 17 5^ 19 CDR Okay. *** here. Okay. And I'm going to connect 

OPS hose to put it Dine to blue, retrieve purge 
valve. Let me give you purge valve, and I'll 
pick that up, Jack. *** cockpit's just as small 
as the mockup. Okay. Here you are. You verify 
it's in LOW, LOW. 

Ok 17 5U 37 LMP Okay. It's in LOW. 

CDR Slip to the right just a sukosh. 

LMP Yes; slipped it to the right just a sukosh. 

CDR *** Man, that's easy. 

LMP ( Laught er ) Whe e ! 

OU 17 5 1 * 50 CDR Okay. *** installed. *** might he an iceberg 

when I get out there, but it's going to feel good. 

Ok 17 55 03 LMP Okay. It's in. 

Ok 17 55 06 CDR Okay. My PURGE valve's LOW, *** and *** in. Want 

some help with that? I want to take a look at it. 

Ok 17 55 18 LMP There's the old MASTER ALARM. 

CDR Okay. That should be the WATER SEP. 

LMP Yes. 

CDR It's on. 

LMP Yes. It's barely on. 

CDR You're going to have to push my lock lock down. 

LMP I'll get it. 

CDR I don't know why, but - 


Day 5 

LMP *** check mine, too. That's it. I'm going to 

have to check you anyway. Let me turn this vay. 

CDR Okay. 

Oh 17 55 56 LMP That's why; because it wasn't locked. 

CDR Is that where you want it; facing down or in? 

You don't want it there, do you? 

LMP No, I don't want it there. Must have had it in 

the wrong - 

CDR Is that where you want it? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Okay. It's there. 

LMP Good. 

17 56 Ik CDR The lock lock is down and it's verified LOW and 

the pin still is in. *** at mine while you're 
there . 

Oh 17 56 25 LMP Okay. It's safe and in. Lock's in and *** low. 

Pin's in; it's good. 

CDR Okay. Let me get my - this *** right here. *** 

hose for me under my arm. 

LMP *** under the electrical cable. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP I think that'll be better, isn't it? 

CDR Okay. 

LMP It's there and locked. Verify lock lock. 

04 17 56 56 CDR Locked. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR And the cover is going on. 

Day 5 


LMP Look pretty good under that . . . 


LMP Yes. That's right. 

CDR Good. 

CDR *** You're covered. Okay. *** getting to our 

favorite part here. (Laughter) Okay. PURGE 
valves are installed on both. PGA DIVERTER VALVE; 
put it vertical. 

OU 17 57 kO LMP *** vertical. 

CDR Okay; commander repeat - that's done. *** Let's 

take a drink then close the descent water. 

LMP *** 

CDR *** is already prepared. And drink and position 


LMP Oh, those little *** covers are next. Okay. 

CDR Had enough water today; they could - you could say 

you discovered me. I'm water on the Moon. Okay. 
Let's turn the descent water off, and let's stow 

Ok 17 58 19 LMP Okay. WATER is going OFF. *** WATER is OFF. 

CDR Okay. And it's *** 

CDR *** your mike. 

OU 17 58 3^ LMP Okay; mikes are good. 

CDR Top of the page. Okay. Before we turn the fans 

on, let's make sure we've got - all I got hooked 
here is the water. Those cables are all stowed. 
They're not in your way, are they? 

LMP No, not in my way. 

3-10 LJ^Wf S fE?fff l ^^i fl re2i Day 5 

CDR *** good. 

LMP *** though. 

CDR Do you want to put - put this around them? 

IMP Yes. 



*»« probably a little bit better. *** pop out at 

CC 17, Houston. Over. 

CDR *** ahead, Houston. 

Ok 17 59 05 CC *»* still seeing the commander's SUIT DISCONNECT 


LMP How's that? 

CC *** it goes. *** it. Thank you. 

CDR Okay, Bob. Okay. We got to get the PLSS fan on. 

Don't forget that's battery power. *** don our 
helmets, check our drink bags, don our LEVAs, 
protective visors, secure our tool harness. *** 
umbilicals are already stowed. 

Ok 17 59 38 CDR *** under the handhold. Verify the following, 

*** where we pick up our - 

Ok 17 59 5k LMP *** put the helmets on, I think. 

Okay, yes. Then we pick up our gloves. 

LMP *** reckon. 

CDR *** there it is. Okay. *** let's *** one at a 

time here. 

LMP That's mine. 

CDR That's yours. 


Okay. Do you want to turn your fan on for 

*** I guess I better. Fan's on. 

Now, pull this out just to get it out of your way? 

*** All your *** bars, and ***ade, and all that 
jazz are all clear. *** I should say. 

That sounded good. 

*** Try it. *** looks good here, Jack. Okay. 
Want your LEVA? 

Okay . 

You know you're going to be in there for a few 
hours . 

*** think of any place I'd rather be right now. 

Sounds like you're in there, too. *** too far 
back. Okay, that's better. *** my you-know-what 

Me, too. (Laughter) 

Okay. Does that look lined up to you? 
Looks pretty good. 

Okay. Let me - Wait a minute. *** get this down 
around That's around behind you; protected 

back there. That's below the ***PS hose. 

I'm hoping to get out of *** water. (Laughter) 

Okay. You're thermally - Let me doublecheck that. 
*** is locked. Your visor is locked. *** you 
don't want to lose among some others. Okay. *** 
You want to give me a hand? 

Not particularly. (Laughter) 


Day 5 

04 18 02 15 CDR 


Oh 18 03 23 CDR 




***, man. Where did that come from? 

Watch your nose, drink hag, candy "bars, popcorn. 
Click, click, *** 

*** hard back there. 

*** fan? 

*** good. 

Okay. I can hear the fan running. Oh, man, whew I 

Looks good here. 

Yes. That's all right. 

There you go. 

New; never been used before. 

Make sure that flap in back goes below that OPS 

Yes. Want to put your protective visor down? 

Yes, if you got that thing all - you got it all 


*** with it back there? 

Yes, sir. You're nice and protected. Okay. Good 

*** You're all covered here. 

*** other one, is it? No. 

Day 5 mmmmmm - 

CDR Okay. Ohhh! *** we've got to get two harnesses 

here. Don LEVAs. Look at that scratch right in 
the middle of that thing. Okay. Don LEVAs and 
lower protective visor. 

CDR Okay. Secure harness and self doff straps. 

LMp *** Stay where you are. 

LMP *** it. 

CDR Okay. Stow LM 0 2 - *** LM Og. And comm. *** 

They're all stowed; everything except water, 



LMP Okay. Verify the following. *** your helmet and 

vi sor . 

CDR Okay. You check me. I'll read them. Helmet and 

visor, *** and locked. 

Oh 18 05 27 LMP Okay. *** locked. 

CDR Okay. 0 2 cover is all locked. 

LMP *** locked. 

CDR *** valve; everything down there. 

LMP That's locked; *** locked. 

CDR Comm carrier. 

LMP Stand by. That's locked. 

CDR Okay. DIVERTER VALVE is vertical. 

LMP Comm is that way. DIVERTER VALVE is vertical. 

CDR Okay. *** more time. Your helmet is locked, purge 

valve, locked. *** *** that's locked; *** locked. 
*** let me see - *** see. Sure and that's locked. 

LMP *** let anything to chance. 

IMP *** DIVERTER VALVE is vertical. 

CDR *** you check, too. 

LMP Yes, sir. 

CDR Okay. Verify your old white dots. 

LMP Okay. Old white dots. *** old white dots - *** 

you manage to move a little? 

CDR Yes , I'll move. 

LMP Okay. Got it. 

CDR *** miss Danny being out there to hand us those 

light PLSSs. 

LMP That's right. 

CDR *** want - Okay. I want the EVA decals, also, 


LMP Yes , white dots plus decals . 

CDR *** Okay , Boh , we're turning the page . 

CC *** We're right with you. 

Ok 18 07 31 CDR Okay; don EV gloves. 

LMP Okay. Is that it? 

CDR That's it. Don EV gloves. Do a little grease in 

here . 

CDR And make sure your wrist locks are locked. Glove 

straps adjusted and *** the wrist rings. *** 

Oh 18 08 ik CDR I sure missed hearing it click, hut they are 

locked. One of them is, anyway. Hey, Jack. I 
verify - - 

LMP (Laughter) 

CDR What? 

LMP Guess what? (Laughter) 

Day 5 > MimWm 3-13 

CDR They don't go on any easier in one-sixth g, do 


IMP They break just as easily, too. 

CDR Okay, I've got my one glove locked. *** them - 

*** old fist covers . 

LMP *** had that happen in training; you did. 

CDR *** locked - that's about as locked as it can go. 

*** hate like the devil to have that pop open. 
Okay; that's very good. *** help you with one, 
or can you get it? 

LMP Well, I don't know. I've only worked on one so 


CDR I've got a free hand before I grease it up. 

Oh 18 09 17 LMP I broke that one. 

CDR *** from the looks of that soil out there, that 

drill may have a job ahead of it. 

LMP Yes, I didn't have a chance to mention that. *** 

regolith is very thick, and I think you've got 
rocks below it. 

CDR *** that? 

LMP *** how does it look? 

CDR Let me take a look. 

LMP Didn't make it, huh? 

CDR Yes, well, let me - Hold your hand up here. Hold 
it up here. 

CDR *** on my side. How is your side? 

LMP Good over here. 

CDR Okay. Let me pull this one out for you. 

Ok 18 10 08 LMP *** Thank you. 

CDR «** old other hand. 

CDR *** locked. 

LMP *** other glove is locked. 

CDR *** for the fun in hack (laughter). 

CDR Oh, me; oh, my. 

LMP I think I got it. *** I got it. 

Oh 18 11 37 LMP *** let go. Isn't that the word? 

CDR That's what they tell me. Want me to get it7 

LMP I got mine - No, I got it. 

CDR *** your's locked? 

LMP Yes, sir. 

CDR Okay. Both my gloves are verified locked. *** 
that grab you? 

LMP Okay; feels good. 

CDR Is your *** tight enough? Checklist on tight 


CDR «** best I can do; I guess. 

LMP Okay. *** what? 

OU 18 12 22 CDR Wrist rings axe covered. Note if PGA biting. No, 

mine's all right. Your's okay? 

LMP No; it's fine. 

CDR Okay. LCG cold as required. We been on cold all 

this time, right? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Okay. Guess you can open that breaker, and I'll 

stop shivering. (Laughter) 

LMP Okay . 


^■y 5 ? «msm mmmm m m 3-17 

CDR And we can disconnect the LM water hoses. Let's 

help each other with those so we don't screw up 
the other hoses. 

03+ 18 12 k2 LMP *** breaker's OPEN. 

CDR Okay. 

IMP Let me turn around this way. 

CDR Okay. *** ahead and I'll - 

LMP Okay. You want to get mine or you - - 

CDR *** I'll get yours. 

IMP Okay . 

CDR *** First of all, I'm going to take *** off. 

Okay . *** let me get your other one . *** is . 
Okay. We did this before. Stand right there. 
It's locked, Jack. 

OU 18 13 27 IMP Okay. It is locked. 

CDR *** cover on. *** The cover is on. 

LMP *** Yours off? 

CDR *** in a second. Okay. Yours is just laying 

there , too . 

LMP *** Hang on. 

CDR Okay. I'll push towards you. *** sure that thing 

falls in the hole, because yours didn't right away. 

CDR *** fall in? 

LMP *** it's in the hole. 

CDR *** cover on. 

LMP Wrist cover's on. 

CDR And my PGA is going to start biting here if we 

don't get going. 

LMP Okay - okay - PLSS to the 

CDR I've got to turn my oxygen on a second, Jack. 

LMP Yes, so do I. 

LMP *** that. *** is. 

CDR Okay. It's on. 

CDR A little hard to get it off, isn't it? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Okay. Mine is back off. 

LMP Yes , mine is . 

CDR Okay. *** DIVERTER VALVE , MIN; verify. 

Ok 18 Ik 56 LMP *** Mine's MIN. 

CDR Okay. PLSS PUMP, ***; that's to the right. PRES- 


LMP *** we're already at EGRESS. 

CDR Pump's on. 

LMP We're in EGRESS. 

CDR Okay, my pump is on. I can feel it running. 

LMP Keep talking. 

CDR Pressure integrity check. Okay. PLSS 0 ON. 
*** for this? 2 

LMP I hope so, 

CDR Okay. PLSS Og ON. 

: T ; f jKiiii (km irffifii m 

LMP Mine ' s on . 

CDR *** flag and 0 2 flag clear, 3.1 to 3.U. 

Ok 18 15 38 LMP Okay. I'm coming up. I know that. 

CDR *** 10 minutes to 6 at home. 

LMP Okay. Okay. I'm still coming up, coming up. 

CDR Keep coming up. *** got mine on. 

LMP *** okay. Well, I'm ahead of you then. 

CDR Yes. *** The PRESS flag will clear 37 - 

Correction - 3.1 to 3.k. 

LMP What do you want me to do when I'm pressurized? 

CDR We'll want to make an integrity check. 

LMP Yes, hut then what? 

CDR Can you - can you reach those water hoses right 


LMP Yes. 

CDR Before you get too hard? 

LMP *** out of the way? 

OU 18 16 25 CDR Okay. When you get - when you get up - *** PRESS 

flag cleared on the commander. *** The 0^ flag 

did not clear. I'm at 3 - *** - Okay. 0^ flag 
cleared on the commander. 

LMP *** an 0^ on the LMP. 

CDR Okay, you're not up yet; I suppose. 

LMP No. 

Oh 18 16 58 CDE *** I'm going to take my PLSS 0^ OFF for 1 - 

counting 1 minute, ***7. *** when you're up, 
Jack, and I'll give you a minute hand. 

LMP Okay. I'm clear. 

CDR *** up? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR You can turn your PLSS 0 2 off any time. Let me 

know when. *** it? If you can't, I'll get it 
for you. 

LMP *** you get it. 

CDR Okay. *** 

01+ 18 IT 3k CDR MARK it. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR You're on the 30-second mark, and I'm on the 

minute mark. 

LMP Okay, and I'm at 3.8. 

CDR Okay. I'll give you a hack on it. 

CDR *** coming up on 1+5 seconds . 

Ok 18 18 01 CDR *** 1 minute; going hack on. Okay, Houston. 

Commander went from 3.8 to ah out 3.67. *** yours 
on when you need it on, Jack. 

CC *** that , commander . 

CDR *** And we'll pick Jack up here in about 10 more 

seconds . 


Oil 18 18 31 CDR 


Okay, Jack. I'm turning on. Did you mark it? 

Day 5 


CDR Okay, Houston; 3.8 to 3.6. 

IMP Houston; you copy the IMP? 

CC *** Copy the IMP. 

CDR Okay. Standing "by for your GO for depress. 

CC Okay. And, Challenger, you'll he glad to know 

you are GO for depress. 

CDR Thank you, Robert. I understand we are GO for 

depress . 

CC That's affirm. 

CDR Okay , Jack . Can you reach the *** valve , or do 

you want me to? 

IMP Well , let me turn around here . 

CDR Okay, on l6 - first around, on 16, CABIN REPRESS, 


OU 18 19 16 IMP Okay; 16: CABIN REPRESS, OPEN. *** "breaker is 

op - coming open. 

CDR Okay, and CABIN REPRESS valve, CLOSED, on the 

Ok 18 19 25 IMP *** valve is closed. 

CDR Okay. If you can't reach it, I guess I can. 

IMP Okay. I just had a momentary tone. 

CDR So did I. I got it, too. 

IMP Okay. 

CDR I think it was when you closed the REPRESS valve. 

CDR *** reach it? If not, I'll reach your overhead 

one . 

IMP I think you better reach your overhead one . 


Day 5 

CDR Okay. Slip over to your right. 

LMP *** more? 

CDR Let me turn here. *** I got turned. 


Okay. How far down are we going to take it? *** 
5, right? 

CDR Yes, wait a minute. I'm not there yet. 

LMP Well, I just want to make sure that I'm watching, 

CDR Okay; now. 

Ok 18 20 18 CDR *** coming open. You ready? You reading the 



CDR *** 

LMP Okay, ... 

CDR *** 

LMP Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Got the wrong place. OPEN, then AUTO at 3.5. 
Okay; go ahead. 

Ok 18 20 37 CDR *** Here it comes. *** see daylight through it. 

LMP Okay, it's coming down. Okay. That's k - *** 

Ok 18 20 53 LMP »**. 3.5. 

CDR Okay. It's off. 


CDR One? *** 

*** And your cuff gage should not be below k.6, 
and mine's at 5 - mine's at 5.0. 

LMP Okay. The suit circuit is locked up at *** 

3.5 and holding. 

CDR *** I'm decaying. 

LMP *** I'm below 5. 

CDR So am I. 

LMP Verify that; okay. 

Oh 18 21 32 LMP Okay. I'll start my watch. 

LMP *** started. 

CC Okay. We verify and we're counting. 


CDR Okay . Here it comes . 

LMP *** it ' s going down . 

CDR You going to want me to put this in AUTO afterwards 
or not? *** turn around, Jack. 

LMP Stand by. 

CDR . . . open - - 

LMP ■ Leave it open. 

CDR No, we don't, because then we don't want that 

hatch to get closed. 

Oh 18 22 09 LMP *** turn around here. Oh, boy! 

LMP *** you sure get heavy at 5, don't you? Okay. 

Where are we? *** here, huh? *** that was - 

CDR What's cabin, Jack? 

Oh 18 23 05 CDR ***, Jack? Wait a minute. 

CC #*# } this is Houston. CDR, we're not reading the 

LMP either. 


Day 5 

CDR Now how do you read, Jack? 

CC We read you - - 

LMP Okay. You're loud and clear. Okay. We got a 

switch in the wrong place as usual, Boh. *** just 
hit the *** SELECT; that's all. 

CDR Okay. Partially open the forward hatch, when we 


CC Okay. We copy. 

CDR Okay. Can you zap over to the left as much as you 


LMP To the right , you mean? 

CDR Yes. Yes. To the north. 

LMP To the north. 

CDR The north. 

LMP The north. (Laughter) *** it's about 0.2, Gene. 
CDR *** me 

LMP You going to be able to get to it? 

CDR *** You bet you. I've come this far. I'm not 

going to miss getting that hatch open. 

Ok 18 23 56 LMP Hey, something just flew out. 

Ok 18 23 58 CDR Yes, it's open now. 

LMP Gosh, look at those trajectories (laughter). 

CDR Yes. *** just enough air in here, we're - *** it's 

open, babe. Okay; it is open. 

Ok 18 21+ 12 LMP «** Okay; *** prep, PLSS primary HgO. I've got 

to figure out hov to open that now. 

CDR Okay . 

CDR When you're at 5 psi, it's - *** did really train 

for this in the right way. 

0l+ 18 2k 39 IMP Yes, we did. Okay. My water *** OPEN . 

Ok 18 2k kf CDR And my water is OPEN. 

CDR Okay. Well, let's see, rest until cooling suf- 

ficient; *** k.6, I'm to U.9; coming down. 

LMP Yes, I am, too. Coming down. 

CDR CWEA status. 

CDR *** and ECS. Can you see that? 

LMP See a PREAMPs , and I see ECS, "barely. 

Ok 18 25 18 CDR Okay. WATER SEP component light, on. 

Ok 18 25 22 LMP WATER *** WATER SEP. Well, the next thing it says 

*** Gene gets out. 

CDR I don't see that. 

LMP That's what it says on my checklist. 

CDR Okay. *** heavens! That means you got to get out 

of the way so I can open the hatch. 

LMP *** I'm going to have to turn around a little, I 


CDR Okay . 

LMP So I can help you. 

CDR Okay. *** beware of that corner. 

IMP It's high pressure (laughter). 

CDR Yes. I tell you, at U-l/2, you're really pretty 



Day 5 

LMP What was that that came shooting up here? A 

piece of bread? (Laughter) Would you "believe 

CDR Yes, I'd believe it. 

LMP *** is our hatch open? Somebody opened our hatch. 

Are you getting cooling? 

CDR I'm beginning to, I think. 




*** got a water flag. *** hot. Stand by. *** 

OU 18 26 39 LMP How does the water pressures look, Houston? 

Ok 18 26 k6 CC Challenger, they're looking just a little bit low. 

We're still expecting it to build up. It's going 
to take a little while. 

Ok 18 26 5k CDR Okay. I'm getting down on my knees out here. How 

am I looking, Jack? 

You're just fine. I'm holding you away from the 
DEDA, the D - DSKY. 

Okay. I'm going to put this visor down now, I 
think. *** look to you? 

LMP *** 

CDR *** my legs? Am I getting out? 

LMP Well, I don't know. I can't see your legs. 

CDR Oh, okay (laughter). 

LMP I think you're getting out though, because there's 

not as much of you in here as there used to be. 
Oh, hey; *** when I get down there, I got to fix 
your tool harness . Hold it . 

CDR Okay. Can you reach it? 

LMP It's come off the bottom again. 

Day 5 


CDR *** you reach it? 

LMP Well, I can't do it now, because it's come off 
from the "bottom. I'll have to fix 

CDR Oh, the bottom of the PLSS, huh? 

IMP Yes. 

OU 18 27 k6 CDR Okay. *** my legs are out. Keep that hatch open. 

LMP Can you squat down any farther, because you're 

hooked on - you're making it worse. Okay. 


CDR How's that? 

LMP Okay. How, I think I - be careful because you 

might hook it on something down there. 

CDR Oh, the tool harness? 

LMP Yes. The back. It's loose on your back; on the 

back of the PLSS. 

CDR Oh, man, I don't like that. Okay. I'll watch it. 

LMP Well, I'll fix it when I get out there. 

Oh 18 28 21 CDR-EVA Okay. I'm still reading k.Q. Houston, commander 

is on the porch *** Challenger. 

Ok 18 28 30 CC *** We copy you, commander, and your feed water 

pressure is looking much better now, and you're 
probably getting cooling. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Everything else look good to you? 

CC That's affirmative. 

Ok 18 28 k6 CDR-EVA Okay, Jack. I'm going to get the MESA. 

LMP Okay. And I'll have an ETB ready for you. 

CDR-EVA Oh, man; *** man; *** man. 


LMP Deploy MESA. 

Ok 18 29 00 CDR-EVA Okay. Here it comes. 
Ok 18 29 08 CDR-EVA There she goes, "babe. 

LMP Yes, hey! 

CDR-EVA There she is. All the way down; it looks like. 
Okay. I jettisoned - Oh, you want an ETB? 

LMP That's up to you. 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP *** commander. 

CDR-EVA *** got it. *** got it. And the pressure looks 
like it's started to stabilize at 3.8. I don't 
know whether I'm getting cooler or not, but I 
feel pretty good. 

LMP *«* a jett bag, too? 

CC Okay. We copy that. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Oh, Jack, I could swing it over the - *** 
any problem. *** strut. Okay; and the jet bag 
is *** free - swinging free. 

LMP You mean the ETB. 

CDR-EVA ETB. Oh, man. This looks like a Santa Claus bag. 
LMP It is. 

CDR-EVA Oh, boy. *** it goes. The Rover looks in good 
shape. ***B is down there. Okay. I've got all 
my visors down. Jack, I wouldn't lower your gold 
visor until after you get on the porch, because 
it's plenty dark out here. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay . 

Ok 18 30 kO LMP Tape recorder *** 




CDR Okay; EVA again. Go. 



LMP Okay. Stand by where you are. 

05 IT 26 05 CDR On mine, I've got to get - S-BAND is T/R. ICS is 

is *** I'm in VOX. VHF A is T/R. B is RECEIVE. 
A, T/R; B, RECEIVE. *** read commander on VOX? 

CC *** clear, Geno. 

CDR Okay, Jack. 

LMP Got the LMP on VOX? 

CDR They probably hear you. 

05 17 26 U9 CDR *** 16, SE AUDIO, OPEN. 


05 IT 27 3k CDR Okay. Your PLSS PTT to MAIN, right, verify? 


CDR Okay. You'll get a tone, a vent flag, a press 

flag, and an 0^ flag. 

LMP Press flag, tone, vent flag. 

CDR Okay. Give Houston a call, and give them your - 

your oxygen reading. 

05 17 27 57 LMP Okay, Houston. This is the LMP with 93 percent, 

93 percent. 

cc »** read you loud and garbled, just like last night 

when the antenna was stowed. 

05 IT 28 06 LMP Okay. And 93 percent. 

CDR Okay, Houston. You got 93? 

CC Copy the 93 percent. 

CDR Okay. He got that, Jack. Okay. We'll leave the 

antenna in. Okay. On mine, I'm going to OPEN my 
AUDIO and connect to the comm, Jack. 

LMP Okay . 

05 IT 29 26 LMP Okay, Houston. ... on ECS. Cabin pressure may 

be high. *** a little pumping in the ECS system - 
in the hoses. 

CC Roger. Stand by on that. *** Challenger. We're 

seeing it at th6 WATER SEPARATOR. 

CDR- Yes, we can see that. *** have a bleed on yours. 

CC *** pull the WATER SEPARATOR circuit breaker. 

CDR *** hit your disconnect, 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay. That's better. 

LMP That should do her. I think we've fixed it. 
*** the hoses in my storage box. 

CC Okay. Copy that. 

CDR *** give them. Houston, CDR is reading - 90 - 

91 percent. 

CC Okay. Copy 91. 

CDR *** that, Jack? 

LMP Yes, they got it. 

CDR Okay. LMP coram check - okay. You did them? 

LMP Yes ... - - 

CDR Okay. You go B, and I'll go A. 

05 IT 30 kf LMP Okay. Going B, Houston. LMP on B. 

05 IT 30 52 CDR Okay. And the CDR is B. I - I'm reading loud and 

clear. Houston, how do you read CDR? 

CC *** loud and clear. 

05 IT 31 01 CDR Okay. Let's go to AR, Jack. You'll get a tone. 

LMP Okay. You're loud and clear. AR. 

CDR Okay . 

05 IT 31 09 LMP I'm AR. How do you read? 

CDR And I - You're loud and clear. How me? 

05 IT 31 13 LMP And so are you. 

CDR Got my tones . 

LMP Yes , and I got mine too . 

05 IT 31 l6 CDR *** an 0 flag and a vent flag, press flag and a - - 

LMP That's affirm. 

05 IT 31 19 CDR Okay. Houston, how do you read CDR? 

CC *** clear, CDR. 

05 IT 31 26 LMP And how do you read the LMP? 

CC *** clear. 

CC Okay . 

CDR Okay, Jack. VHF B, full decrease. 

- 1 * m&mmmmL 

CC And we have good PLSS data for both of you. 


CDR Full decrease. 

05 IT 31 39 IMP Yes, that's SQUELCH . VHF B, SQUELCH. 

CDR Okay. On l6, ECS LGC [sic] PUMP, CLOSE. Why don't 

you CLOSE it again? 

05 IT 31 hh IMP Okay, it's CLOSED. 


05 IT 31 hg IMP REPRESS - is CLOSED. Hit this, too. 



05 IT 32 OT IMP DELTA-P is OPEN . 


05 IT 32 10 IMP 2 is OPEN. 

CDR Verify ECS CAUTION and 0 2 - and WATER SEP lights 

come on in about a minute. Okay. We'll watch for 

IMP Okay . 


05 IT 32 19 IMP Okay. That's EGRESS. 


05 IT 32 23 IMP Okay. EGRESS, yes. 


05 IT 32 25 IMP AUTO. 

05 17 32 26 CDR Okay. Your OPS connect. SUIT ISOL ACTUATOR OVER- 

RIDE, SUIT DISCONNECT. Disconnect your hoses. 
Secure about PGA. They're stowed. 

05 17 32 33 LMP That's done. 

CDR Connect your OPS hose to PGA, blue to "blue. 

05 17 32 37 LMP *** going to PGA, and I'll turn around and let you. 

CDR Okay. Make sure I get that, because it's under that 


LMP Okay. Did you already get - Let's see, where are 

we here? 

CDR Right here. 

05 17 32 5 1 * LMP Oh, here it is now. MASTER ALARM and ECS light; 

WATER SEP light. 

05 17 33 08 CDR Okay. It is locked; it is ON. 

LMP Okay . 

CDR Now, you want 211, right? 

LMP Roger. 211. 

05 17 33 18 CDR Okay. Bob, LMP is getting purge 211. 

LMP And out to the side - There you go. 

CC *** copy that. Thank you. 

05 17 33 33 CDR *** lock it. Okay. And you are LOW, and you are 

in, and you are locked, 

05 17 33 k0 CDR Okay. Purge valve is in. And you're in vertical. 

LMP Okay. You get to do the same. Okay, get my hose? 

05 17 33 h5 CDR Water hose. 

LMP Come around behind my shoulder. 

CDR *** won't fit in there. *** in there and it's 

locked, *** and the dust cover is on. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR And now, we get to put your purge in 208. 

LMP Make sure it's in LOW. 

05 IT 3h 16 CDR It is, and LOW, and the pin is in. *** like it 

where? Down a little bit? 

LMP *** place just - No, let me show you. 

CDR Right there? 

LMP Yes . 

05 IT 31+ 1+2 CDR Okay, there. *** still in LOW and locked. Okay. 

That ' s good . 

LMP Let's get another zap of water here. 

CDR If I have any more water, I'll float out there. 

(Laughter) Good Navy man. 

LMP *** good place to fill with water; you'd make a 

nice rec site out of this valley. *** some cabins 
up on the side of the massif. *** flat bottom, no 
trees. *** mags up. *** ought to be pretty good 
if you stocked it. 

CDR Have a bear island and a family island. 

LMP (Laughter) *** to fill up the other end though, 

so it doesn't drain out. 

CDR **« like that. 


CDR Snaps, snaps, snaps; the whole world is held to- 

gether with snaps ! 

05 17 36 09 LMP Okay; I've got my hand lube. You can position 

your mikes . 

Day 6 (K^^^H ^ S ^^^^Mglf h-J 

05 17 36 12 CDR Water is going off. 

LMP Okay. *** your mikes now. Before ve turn the fans 

on and use battery power, let's just look ahead. 
We've got helmets ready to go. Big bag position 
you happy with? 

CDR Yes, more or less, a little far out, but I think - - 

LMP Make sure you've got the plug out. 

05 17 36 28 CDR Okay. Plug is out. My end's red now, but *** get 

it out. *** a little pressure in there. You might 
let out . 

LMP Okay. And then we'll lower our protective visor 

and secure tool harness and self-doff straps . 

CDR Okay, and that's 

LMP That's already stowed. Okay. Let's start with 

you first. You can turn your - Let me get your 
and then you can get it over your head and turn 
your 0^ - your fan on, rather. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP *** you ready? 

CDR Okay; check all that - - 

LMP Wait. What is this right here? Okay; now let me 

make sure it's in front of everything. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP The alignment is way over here . Let me - - 

CDR That's good. Okay. That's aligned right there. 

LMP Oh, boy. 

CDR *** never do. *** down in there. *** still clear. 


LMP I think it's caught on the food stick. I think 

you ought to open it up. 

CDR I think you're right. *** way off. 

LMP Okay. Now let's try it. *** it's going to be much 

better. Getting it back. *** make sure that thing 
is on. *** happy yet. *** happy yet. *** what 
now. I tell you, I got ray fingers on it all the 
way around. 

CDR Okay. It's locked. It's aligned. *** your fan on 

here pretty quick. 

05 17 39 11 CDR Okay. Fan's on. Okay; let me get you dressed up 

back here. *** center doesn't work, you're going 
to keep this thing - - 

05 17 39 20 LMP *** vertical. 

CDR *** vertical, all right. Okay. You're covered 

down there. *** are locked. Okay - whoo! Okay? 

LMP *** my turn. 

CDR *** verify all these things. 

LMP Okay. Go ahead. 

05 17 39 55 CDR Okay. Got your comm. *** your OPS, *** your inlet, 

your exhaust, and your purge valve. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR And your water. 

LMP Okay; let me take a look at all yours. Okay. That's 

locked *** locked, you're vertical. *** locked. 
*** locked. *** locked. Okay. Get my helmet on. 
*** is to get this stuff back over here. 

CDR Yes. Way out. 

LMP Okay. Can you grab your food stick, because that - 

that hung up on mine. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP Feels good in the back? 

CDR Yes. And it's locked. 

LMP It's hard to see with that visor on there. 

CDR Okay. That's latched down. You're locked again. 

And she's in the engaged position here, huh? 

LMP That's affirm. .*** engaged. Okay. Verify, verify, 

verify. Circuit breaker wiped out plus EVA decala. 

CDR Whoo! Can you give me a little room to turn? 

LMP Yes. Go ahead. 

CDR Okay. *** pump on for a minute. 

LMP Yes. 

CDR *** EVA decals, all right? 

LMP Okay. *** over here? Let me turn the page. 
*** EV gloves. 

CDR Okay. In work. 

CC Geno, we don't see your fan on. If you've got 

your helmet on, you ought to have your fan on. 

CDR *** Bob. Good call. The royal MOCR ... *** grease 

and lunar *** really make a nice mobile graphite 
material . 

05 17 *+3 50 LMP Okay. I'm locked on the right, verified. The 

old *** *** I've got my cover on over here. Get 

CDR Yes, I'm getting one of them anyway. 

LMP I can get the other one for you. Okay. Number 2. 

*** many. 

CDR And it's on, and locked, and locked verified. 

LMP *** learning how on these, finally. Okay. Mine's 

on and locked. *** get my black "band on here. I 
think I'm learning how, Geno. Crazy. Like a 
trained *** putter-onner . Okay. I feel pretty 
good. *** help? 

CDR No, mine's all on. I can't figure that out. Must 

be easier in 1/6 g. 

LMP (Laughter) 

CDR *** gauntlet donned. *** dirt protecting dirt. 

LMP Don't throw down a gauntlet, Gene. 

CDR That's dirt protecting dirt. Okay. It's all on, 

Jack . 

LMP Okay. Where did we leave off? 

05 17 ^6 09 CDR Right up here, 

LMP' Okay. PGA is not biting; LCG's cold. Let's leave 

it cold. 

CDR *** got to open it now. We've got to disconnect 

the water. 

LMP You ready? 

CDR Yes. 

LMP Let's do it then. 

05 IT 25 LMP Okay. It's disconnected. 

CDR Okay; and did you disconnect your - - 

LMP Let me come around. Okay; let's turn around and 

let ' s help each other . Let ' s get the - - 

CDR *** still 3 degrees. 

LMP This 5 degrees pitch of yours is an awful nuisance, 

Cernan . 

CDR Hold that for a minute. 

LMP I don't know why you don't learn how to land one 

of these things. 

CDR Hold that for a minute. It was a pitching deck. 

Okay; that is in. Boy, it's in. *** took a lot 
to ***. 

LMP Okay. Dust cover is covering it. 

CDR Okay. You know those chamber runs we had were 

probably some of the best training we ever did. 
I hate to say that *** was some work. *** that 
thing on. *** go. Good. Keep trying. *** a 
little sluggish. *** verify it. It won't turn. 
Oh, every time you do that, my stomach gurgles. 
(Laughter) Okay; let me turn around to stow. 

LMP You can stow that. Mine's over here. 

05 17 kd 05 CDR Okay. Connect our PLSS water hoses. PLSS DIVERTER 

VALVE, MIN. *** verify that? 

05 17 1*8 19 LMP And connect PLSS water hose, verify lock, PLSS 

DIVERTER VALVE, MIN, and PLSS pump ***, 

CDR Wait a minute. *** to make sure this is out of 

the way *** I come in. 

LMP ■ *** my DIVERTER, MIN. 

CDR Your DIVERTER - it's MIN. 

LMP To MIN? Your pump's on, and PRESS REGs A and B, 


CDR *** on. 

LMP Man, I'm getting a little bite in my - - 

CDR Okay. The next thing is to turn your PLSS 0 2 ON, 



Oh, okay. 

CDR Then we go to EGRESS. 

CDR EGRESS on the REGs. 


CDR Okay. You ready on my mark? *** when you're 


LMP Find it. Well, where is it? Okay; let's go 


CDR Okay - 

05 IT k9 hQ CDR MARK it. If not, I'll get it for you. Here. 

Let me get it for you. Wait a minute. I didn't 

get it. No, there it is. Okay; I've got it. 

Okay. We going at the same time I've got us marked. 

05 17 U9 55 CDR Okay. PLSS Q> 2 , tone on, 0 2 flag. *** flag clear 

3.1 to 3.1*. *** gage 3.7 to k.O. 

LMP Do you need me to watch the panel, or you got it? 

CDR No, no sweat; I've got that. *** to get the 

PLSS 0 2 , OFF. I'll get mine; I can reach yours 

real easy. *** get it in a minute. *** as we 
get up, I'll get it. *** reach it, I think, now. 
And we're going up to HIGH PRESSURE here, where we 
start dumping the cabin. I've gone through 3.5 
now - 3.^ really. 

LMP *** the peg here. *** flag did clear. 

CDR There's mine. 

05 17 51 20 LMP Turn mine off. *** it. It's off. *** you? 

CDR At 385. 

LMP Okay; when you get up, you can turn yours off. 

Give me a hack, and I'll check the time. 

Day 6 ffl^ j HaB taB^S 

05 17 51 30 CDR Okay. Mine's off. 

LMP Okay. Check your pressure. 

CDR 38. I went at 20; you went at 30. 

LMP It looks like it's a little tighter. 

CDR That was the suit loop we were checking yesterday 

up in orbit, though. 

LMP Yes, hut you know we got 0.2 yesterday, too. I did. 

CDR I'm coming down 20 more seconds; you got 30 more 

seconds. I'm over about 0.1, I guess. 

05 17 52 18 CDR Okay; 1 minute for me Houston; *** to 7 - about 

7.2. Okay. That it? 

CC Copy that, Geno. 

LMP Okay. And the LMP was 8 - 0.8 to 0.7. 

CC Okay. Copy that. 

CDR And I'm back on. Okay; and we'd like your GO, 

Robert . 

CC We see it, and you look good from here. You're - 

you're GO for DEPRESS. 

05 17 52 53 CDR Okay. Jack, on l6, CABIN REPRESS, OPEN, and CABIN 


LMP ■ Okay; CABIN REPRESS. Circuit breaker first, right? 

CDR Circuit breaker first. CABIN REPRESS, OPEN. 

LMP Okay. Might turn around here. Okay; it's open. 

Okay. And REPRESS valve, CLOSED. 

CDR Okay. It's going CLOSED. And then stay over there 

as far as you can, because I got to get the OVER- 

HEAD DUMP valve. 


Okay; I'm over as far as I can get. I can turn 
around and give you more room. 

CDR Yes, turn around. You'll have to look at the 


LMP Watch yourself there. *** awful weak all of a 

sudden. Are you - Hello. How do you read? 

CDR Very weak. You tetter call again. 

LMP Very weak? 

CDR Okay. My volume got tang - - 

LMP You got to hit your volume. 

CDR Okay, now. 

LMP Let me get over here - - 

CDR Wait a minute. 

LMP Yes, your arm's "in the way. 

CDR Okay. *** at it now. 

LMP You want to go to - you want to get that - OPEN 
then AUTO at 3-5. Okay; go ahead. 

CDR Okay. Coming down. I can see it open. There it 

is. That's 5, k-l/2, k, stand by - 

05 IT 5 1 * 06 CDR MARK it. *** okay; about 3.k. And I got a watch. 

LMP Looking at a watch. Okay. 

CDR And my cuff gage went up to 5. - 5.0. *** circuit's 

at h.6. *** Okay. And I'm decaying. *** decaying? 

LMP I'm decaying. 

CDR Okay. We can start our watch. 

05 IT 5^ *+8 CDR Okay. My watch is started at 5:30, more or less. 

At 5:30. 

LMP Yes, sir. Okay. 

05 17 5U 59 CDR Okay. OVERHEAD FORWARD DUMP valve, OPEN. 

IMP Okay, baby! It's OPEN all the way. 

CDR Okay; and pressure's coming down. 

LMP Okay. I believe it. 

CDR You should get a tone and an E^O flag, and you 

should pop your RELIEF, I think. 

LMP Yes, I'm at my relief pressure now. 

CDR What's CABIN now? 

LMP CABIN is 1 - a little 1.2. 

05 17 55 CDR Well, let's see if I can partially get this hatch 


LMP That's 0.7 still, Gene. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP 0.5. 0.3. *** at what - about 0.2 yesterday? 

CDR Why don't you move over as far to the right as 

you can - - 

LMP Okay. 

CDR - - so I can bend down. 

LMP Well, I think that's 

CDR Okay. 

LMP That's good. I can reach it. 

CDR *** too much pressure on it yet. 

LMP Okay. About 0.3. Okay. There's my R" 2 0 full - 

flag. *** that case, let me see if I can't get 
the - Oh, man. It's unlocked, huh? 



Day 6 

CDR Yes, I unlocked it earlier. 

LMP 0.2. 

CDR Hey, it's unlocked. **» again. *** comes. 

LMP There goes all the junk out there again. Guess 

that ' s ice . Okay . 

CDR Probably cleaned some of the dust out, I hope. 

LMP Yes, there goes a lot of junk. 

CDR *** wish it vould clean the dust out, but it 

isn't. It's cleaning everything else out. 

LMP Okay, Geno. We turn our PLSS WATER ON. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP If we can get to it. *** like a water valve. 

05 17 58 07 CDR Okay. Mine's ON. 

05 17 58 08 LMP LMP's WATER'S ON. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Open 

LMP Be right there. 

CDR What? My water flag is clear. 

LMP *** means you've got feedwater pressure. 

CDR Okay. Open hatch. Rest until cooling sufficient; 

verify PGA 3.7 to k.6. *** coming through U.8; 
let me stand there a second. *** status, PRE AMPS, 
and ECS. 

LMP Roger. 

CDR WATER SEP component light, ON? 

Day 6 <£0&i$Mi^&fcfe UlT 

LMP Roger. 
CDR Okay. 

LMP I mean affirm. Get my terminology straight here. 

CDR Okay, Jack. I'm going to start doing about a 

90 here. 

LMP Okay. Let me - I need to turn around as soon as 

you do, so I can help you get under that - That's 

CDR Okay; I knocked it off. Okay. I'm out of the way 

now, if you can move your left leg. Okay. I got 
an 0 2 FLAG. And it's cleared. The pressure is 

h.6. Okay, Houston. If you're happy, *** is 
going to get out. 

CC *** happy, Geno. 

CDR Okay. ... Okay. 

LMP And you're still - you're scraping your - Just a 

little bit . Just get your buttons down there . 
That's good. Okay. Oh, hey, remind me to fix 
your - - 

CDR Foot straps. 

LMP - - your - your donning straps. 

CDR Okay. That is ice, by the way, Jack. 

05 18 00 35 CDR-EVA *** at U.5. But I am out here on the porch. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR-EVA Oh, man. Okay; I'm out here. 

LMP I've assisted you. Here comes the jett bag when- 
ever you're ready. 

CDR-EVA Well, let me get - Okay. I'm all set. Man, I 

wish this suit would come down to 3.8. Here it 

comes. *** any time. Give it a swat; there you 

LMP Oh, the beauty of that bag. 

CDR-EVA Okay; let me look at something here (laughter). 

LMP What's that? 

CDR-EVA I was just turning my checklist pages. 

LMP Oh. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Jett bag. I need - What you got next, ETB? 


CDR-EVA Okay. Yes. Get it hooked up here. 

05 18 02 12 LMP Okay. Turn the TAPE RECORDER OFF. TAPE RECORDER'S 


Day 7 



06 16 22 33 LMP VHF ANTENNA, EVA. 



CDR ENABLE, Okay; blow your nose while I get mine. 

CDR Okay. On mine, I want T/R. T/R. RELAY, OFF. 

MODE, VOX. VOX SENS at MAX. A, T/R, and B is 
RECEIVE. On 16, your breaker open and connect 
to PLSS comm. Okay; PLSS PTT, MAIN, right, verify, 
and go MODE A. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay; I got you. You'll get the tones, the vent 

flag, the press flag, and 0 flag. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Call Houston and give them your 0^ reading. 

LMP Okay, Houston. This is the LMP on MODE A, and my 

oxygen is 9^. 

06 16 2h hO CC *** Jack, you're loud and clear. 

LMP Okay. I'm getting a little hit of a squeal on the 

initiation of my transmission. 

CDR Yes. I hear that too, but it's *** clear here. 

Okay; I'm going mine open. 

CC *** PLSS data looks good down here. 

CDR Yes. There's the tone. There's a press flag and 

a vent flag. 

LMP And you're - - 

CDR At 16, our LCG PUMP is CLOSED. 


LMP Yes. 


LMP It's verified. 




CDR Okay; we should get a light in about 1 minute. 

Stand by for that. Okay; SUIT GAS DIVERTER to 
PULL - These are "verify" - PULL-EGRESS. 



LMP Okay, Houston. You want us to go by the checklist 

now on the ECS system? Say again. You didn't 
come through. 

CC Roger. As per the checklist. 







06 16 28 08 CDR 



Okay; OPS connect - You're first. SUIT ISOLATION, 

Okay; that's done. 

Your hoses are stowed? 

They're stowed. 

*y f . ^mmmmmm 5-3 

06 l6 28 17 CDR Okay. Connect your OPS hose, and I'll get you a 

number 211. 

LMP Let me turn around so I don't - - 

CDR Okay. 

LMP That'll do it. *** poking this water hose here. 

CDR 211 is yours. 

LMP 208 is mine. 

CDR Okay; the pin is in. It's closed; you're in LOW 

LMP *** still works. 

CDR *** any more? 

LMP Yes, I do. 

CDR *** through with it? 

LMP I think so. Right now. 

CDR I can get down there if you can't, Jack. 

LMP ... I can reach it. I got it; I can reach it. 

CDR Okay; let's get your OPS hose. *** hose. OPS 

hose. *** down here. That's your water hose. 
Here's your OPS hose. Now, let's get the dust 
cover on it. *** in. I verified it's locked, 
and the lock - lock is in. Cover is up, and 
we'll take another look at them. Okay. Okay; 
we got the MASTER ALARMs . 

LMP Water *** is 3 amps. Sluggish one. 

CDR But it's in, and it's lock - and locked, and 

you're on - the - that's high. That's low. 
You're on LOW FLOW. *** in and everything's 
locked. Okay. 

Day 7 

IMP Purge valve closed, locked. That's on LOW. Install 


CDR Okay. Okay; you want it on VERTICAL. Pick up my 

OPS hose. 

IMP It's your OPS hose time. 

CDR Where's the top? I'll put yours on top. 

IMP That's fine. It's as good as anything. 

CDR *** makes any difference. ^** and locked, and 

dust cover, verify. *** the coram? 

IMP Okay; and 

CDR That one's locked, verified. Here's purge valve, 

and it's number 208, I hope. 

IMP No, you wanted a 211. 

CDR No. I wanted 208. I want 208, and you want 211. 

IMP No. I'm sorry. That's what I copied down. 

CDR Verify that, will you, Bob? 

CC 211 for the IMP. 211 for the IMP. 

IMP That's right. That's 

CDR Okay. That's what he's got. 

IMP Somehow I copied the wrong one. 

CDR Okay; give me 208. 

IMP Same thing we had yesterday. 

CDR Well, I think I'd remember from yesterday, and 

that's what I thought Gordy said. Okay. That's 
in, locked, verified. 


Day 7 g»»&l@fefe&k&i 5-5 

CDR On LOW and the pin's in. Okay. 

LMP Just check this one. Good. All right. 

CDR Okay. We just had our drink. You can turn drink - 



06 16 31 50 CDR Any my hand lube is all prepared. *** the scissors 

and the ETB. I think we finished up with that. 

LMP They're in there. 

06 16 31 59 CDR Okay. Position mikes. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay. Here we go again; let's take a look at it. 

PLSS FAN will come ON. *** and LEVAs. Drink bag 
position. Lower LEVA protective visor and secure 
tool harness strap, and we'll verify the following ■ 
Let's verify the following, *** go ahead and put 
your PLSS FAN ON and get your helmet. And you can 
put mine on. 

LMP Okay; going through one more time. *** connector, 

and it's locked. And your OPS is locked, covered. 
*** water yet. Exhaust is locked, covered. Inlet 
is locked, covered. Purge is locked and LOW. 

CDR Okay . 


CDR That's right. *** me take a check. Comm is locked 

and covered. *** locked - and covered. *** exhaust 
is locked and covered. You're VERTICAL. *** valve 
is locked and LOW. Okay; let me get your helmet 

LMP Let's look at one thing here, Geno. 

CDR Let me put this up here. *** out of the way, 

"because that's half the battle. 

LMP *** look in. 


Day T 

CDR That - that shade; then you can check it. 

.06 16 33 37 IMP That's what mine looks like. They're all stiff. 

Mine - mine is a little stiff too. It'll come, 
if you pull. If need be, I can pull it down for 

CDR Yes. Okay. 

LMP I can get that one up another one. *** parapher- 

nalia there. Can you pull - that - pull that stuff 
away from there? Okay. 

CDR Jack, let me - let me undo this. I just want to 

make sure I get my fingers on this thing and make 
sure it's locked. Can't get it on. Do it. There, 
that got it. Okay; that should have it. *** FAN 
here in a minute. Okay; you got your FAN ON? 


CDR Good. Okay; I want to verify it right now. Your 

helmet is locked. It's aligned. It's *** It's 
locked. *** down in back. Your LEVA is locked. 
Your FAN's ON, right? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR Okay ; let * s pi ck mine up . 

LMP Okay. You can feel that rim all the way around. 

Wait a minute. 

CDR Well, let me - you just 

06 16 37 02 CC And, Geno, we don't see your FAN ON yet. 

CDR It - it'll come ON, Bob. 

LMP There, it's locked. 

CDR Okay. Are the engage marks marked? 

LMP Well, they are now. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP That's in alignment only. 

CDR Okay, Bob, my FAN's ON. It is locked? Look good 

to you? 

LMP Yes. Fine. Good. 

CDR Okay. 

CDR *** locked. *** down and back? 

LMP Yes. *** okay. Looks good. Okay; where are we 

here? Verify white dots plus EVA decals, and then 
you can don your gloves . 

CDR Okay. 

LMP Okay. Why don't you turn that way, and let me 

turn this way? 

CDR Okay, Jack. I'm going to turn these lights off. 

LMP Okay . 

CDR We don't need those. 

LMP Okay. EVA decals, white dots. 

CDR Okay, URINE LINE HEATER' s going to come OFF, and 

the breaker is OUT. Okay. 

LMP Okay; I'm ready except for LTC pump - LCG pump. 

CDR Okay; leave it on. We can don our gloves now. 

LMP Okay. 

06 16 38 33 LMP Okay. Right glove is locked and verified. *** 

wrist cover is on there. *** very dirty. Boy, 
do I need a shave (laughter). Okay. I got all 
mine down. 

CDR *** all set? 

LMP I got my left hand. Got the left hand. Now, let's 

see what I can do with the right hand. Almost 
tempted to take those cover gloves off today. 

CDR I might take a look at that, too. *** to argue 

with success, but I need that dexterity today. 
Bob, I don't know if you caught it yesterday - a 
little interesting facet of the whole two-EVA 
exercise was the fact that I've already worn - - 

CC *** dropped out there right in the middle. *** 

Houston. *** you dropped out there. 

CDR Okay, Boh. How do you read now? 

CC Loud and clear, Gene. 

CDR Okay; I hit the VOX switch on my audio panel. 

IMP You did? 

CDR Yes, when I picked up my glove. Okay, Bob, the 

only thing I said *** point of interest, I *** 
RTV off the »** of it - but right through the bare 
metal on the hammer - someday - some time in the 
previous 2 days. No problem; it just interests me. 

CC Okay; copy that. And copy that you still have 

your cover gloves on today, right? 

06 16 U2 50 CDR Yes, sir. I'll tell you, we have become very 

respectful of the dust. 

CC Copy that. 

IMP *** cover gloves, yes. We've also got the - we've 

also got the wrist dust - dust covers on too. 

CC Roger. Strike a blow for Mason jar rings. 

IMP *** what's left of the cover gloves. 

CDR Okay, Jack. You're on? 

IMP I'm on. 

CDR In lock? 

IMP In lock. 

CDR Well, I just - I got my thing - I want to make 

sure I'm locked again. Yes, I am. I took it off 
again. *** vas. *** you just do things - Okay. 
Don EV gloves. Cover, okay. PGA biting? Wo. 
Okay. LCG cold, as required, and LCG PUMP, OPEN. 
I guess you can OPEN it. 

IMP Yes, and disconnect the LM - - 

CDR Okay. LCG PUMP ***. And I got a tone, but that's 

because I turned my oxygen on briefly. Okay. 
Okay; PUMP's OPEN. Turn around here and help you. 

LMP You can - you can take the water off. 

CDR *** off. 

LMP *** pumps off? 

CDR *** water's off. Set that there for a minute. 

Okay; hang on. Okay; you're in and locked. *** 
over nicely. Okay. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR You're off. I'll lay that there. Where's your 

water? Here it is, way over here. 

06 16 hh hi CDR *** lock and your cover's on. I got to zap my 

PGA. Wait a minute, I'm biting here. 

LMP Okay. *** verify your PLSS Is - WATER ' s MIN when 

you get a chance. 

CDR Okay; that's verified. Did that a minute ago. 

LMP And mine's verified, and your PUMP, ON. 

CDR Okay; PUMP's going ON. 


CDR Okay; they are EGRESS. 

LMP Okay; pressure integrity check. Ready? 

5-10 i^^^W WHM HHWB'f" f Day T 

CDR Let me ... 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Awful lot of line there, isn't there? 

LMP Yes. 

CDR *** exactly what to do with it. *** Okay. 

LMP All right. You happy? 

CDR Yes. 


CDR They are EGRESS. 

LMP Okay. Put your PLSS 0 2 WATER *** now - 

06 16 k6 kO LMP MARK it. 

CDR ' PLSS 0 2 , ON? 

LMP PLSS 0 2 , ON. 

CDR Right. Okay; it's ON. 

LMP Okay; and mine's ON. We'll wait until it builds 
us up. Press flag should clear at 3.1 to 3.U; 
0 2 flag will clear at 3.7 to k.O. 



Okay; I'm coming up. Hope the old suit integrity 
is just as good as it has been. *** why not. Yes, 
About 3.5 now. 

Yes, me too. Okay; let me know when you are up. 
LMP I think I'm up; I'm 3.8. 

CDR Okay; let's see if we can't get these *** get yours. 

LMP I can. I got it. 

CDR Okay; mine's OFF. 

Day 7 ^gjBptffy^^jtftffl 5-11 

LMP Mine's OFF. 

06 16 1*8 '23 CDR MAEK it. 

LMP *** wanted decay for 1 minute. 

CDR Okay; I started at 383. 

LMP Okay. That's about exactly where I was. *** 

1+5 seconds to go. 

CDR Okay. *** looks as tight as it was yesterday. 

LMP Another 30 seconds. Maybe lunar dust is a good 


CDR Houston, CDR was at 382 to 270. 

LMP 270? 370. 

CDR 370 . 

CC Understand 370. 

LMP Okay; LMP was - LMP was - 83 to 70. 

CDR Okay, Jack. You can get your 0^ ON. 

LMP It's ON. 

CDR Okay. Can you move to the left a little "bit - to 

your left? I got to get in front here. Okay; let 
me turn this over. 

CC Okay. You're GO from here. 

CDR Okay; stand by. 

CC Copy you. GO for depress. 

CDR Okay; it's a heck of a time to have to turn the 

checklist over. Okay; we've got a GO for depress. 
valve, CLOSED. 

LMP Okay . 

CDR The breaker OPEN and the valve CLOSED. 

LMP Okay; stand by. Can you give me a little room - - 

CDR Let me - Okay; how's that? 

06 16 50 25 LMP Okay. Okay; REPRESS is OPEN. 

CDR Okay. Now, why don't you face the wall over there 

and move in as close, and I'll get the OVERHEAD 
valve . 

LMP Wait a minute, I've got to CLOSE the REPRESS valve. 

You got it all right. Okay; it's CLOSED, and I'll 
get where I was yesterday. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP How's that? 

CDR We'll find out in a minute. 

LMP ■ Okay. I've got to get my PLSS. 

CDR Can you get it? 

LMP *** turn with my back to the wall, and you might 
have a little more - - 

CDR Well, I think - I feel like I'm hooked on some- 

thing. Wait. I can't turn either way. Stay 
where you are *** safety - Oh, boy, I'm glad I'm 
not an inch shorter. Okay; coming down, Jack. 
You ready? 

LMP Go ahead, to 3.5. 

CDR Okay; it's OPEN. 

LMP Okay; h.5 *** Stand by - 

06 16 51 1+8 LMP MARK. Okay; at 3.5. 

CDR *** the checklist? 

Day 7 t 5-13 

LMP Okay; I can. Okay. OPEN, AUTO, 3.5- Cuff check- 

list - cuff gage does not drop "below U.6. It 

CDR Mine's good. 

LMp *** p U t your hand down. I can't read it. 

CDR Okay. 

LMP Cabin is holding at 3.5. And suit circuit is 

locked up at U.5, and PGA is decaying greater 
than U.5 - h.6. Okay. 

06 16 52 30 CDR Okay, Bob. I'm starting my watch. 

LMP Okay. You can go to - go to OPEN. 

CDR Okay; it's OPEN. 

LMP Okay; and pressure is going up. And the next step 

is, when you can, open the forward ***. 

CDR Okay. My suit's relieving. 

LMP Down to almost 1.5 now, psi. Okay; my RELIEF 

valve just seated at 5.3. 

CDR Okay; where are we? 

LMP We're at 0.5. 

CDR I guess the next thing is to open the hatch, huh? 

LMP Yes . 

CDR I've got to get down at 5 here before I can turn 

too well and open the hatch. I'm going to let It 
come down a little bit this time, so I don't get 
down there unnecessarily. 

LMP Yes. It's got a ways to go yet. About 0.3 now. 


CDR I've got a tone; it's water tone. Okay; I'm going 

to go after that hatch. Can you slip to the right 
as far as you can? Got it. 

LMP Got to hold it until the pressure decreases. All 

sorts of junk going out there. 

CDR Okay, now. Okay. It's partially open. 

LMP Okay; get your water if you can. 

CC Okay, Jack. We'd like you to CLOSE REG A, please. 

LMP Oh, CLOSE REG A, huh? Okay. 

CC That's affirm. 

LMP Stand by. That's not an easy task. 

06 16 55 ^2 LMP REG A is CLOSED. Gene, can you get my water? 

CDR *** Excuse me. Well, let's see. 

LMP Okay; you got it open, so I need to turn around. 

CDR *** you see in REG A? 

CC Stand by, Gene. We're seeing high suit pressure. 
Stand by. 

LMP High suit pressure? 

CC Okay; and about - Challenger, Gene, you're GO to 

go out, and once you get out, maybe Jack can turn 
around and work on those *** better. We're see- 
ing - I guess the suit looks a little high in 
pressure . 

CDR Okay; I'm looking at 1+ - at about U . 7 on the suit 

loop right now. 

CC Okay; we copy that, 

CDR Okay, Jack. You're a - There you go. Okay. What 

does it look like to you? 

LMP Well, you're - you're doing great; keep down. Just 

a little hangup on the DSKY. 

Day 7 «fflffm^i»Hifnn 5-15 

CDR *** mine. Arm down there. 

LMP You need to go to your left a little to clear the 

purse and your harness. There we go. 

CDR Jack, you see this? This is one of those cards 

that - - 

LMP Yes, I saw that, Geno. 

CDR I'll put it right there. 

LMP Can you come forward just a little? 

CDR Forward? 

LMP That clip got away. Come towards - me, in the 

cabin - there. 

DR Okayl 

LMP Wait a minute. Okay. I got it. Hey, you're in 

good shape. 

06 16 58 1+1+ CDR-EVA Okay; I'm on the porch. *** still at U.3. 
CDR-EVA Okay; I'm on the porch, Boh. 
CC Copy that. 

LMP Okay; what do you want? What can I do for you, 


CC *** Jack. We'll get a word to you in 1 minute. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Jack, in that - Well, I guess that'll wait. 

Get my LEC ready for you. Okay, And everything 
looks normal on me, right now. *** down a little 

CDR-EVA Things normal, except a part of my nose itches I 
can't get to. 

LMP I'll give you the jett bag anyway, Geno, while 

they're thinking. I guess that's part of - R&D. 
Oh, yes, the jett bag. 

5-16 (SWPWOTW¥fW Day 7 

CDR-EVA Santa Claus' bag again. 

CC Okay, Jack. We'd like to have you stay in just a 

minute or so longer. We're trying to keep track 
here of the suit circuit pressure and see if it 
stabilizes or starts to drop. The one reg which 
has been intermittently leaking - We still haven't 
isolated it. And we think we've got it shut off, 
but we're still watching it. So bear with us just 
a minute or so. 

LMP I'm bearing, Bob. 

CDR-EVA Hey, what else 

LMP I thought you isolated it last night. Okay. Let 

me give you the ETB. 

CDR-EVA Yes. *** and I'll be on my way - work on the TGE. 
*** it. 

CC Okay, Jack. And how about taking the SUIT CIRCUIT 

RELIEF valve - Cycle it just to OPEN and then back 
to AUTO. 

LMP Okay, Bob. Stand by. 

06 17 01 03 LMP SUIT CIRCUIT RELIEF going OPEN, then AUTO. That's 

done . 

CC Okay. We'll watch it for a minute here and let 

you know, 

06 17 01 19 CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. I'm going down the ladder. 
CC *** Geno. 

CDR-EVA *** still there, Jack. "Godspeed the crew of 
Apollo 17." 

LMP Good. 

CC Amen there, Gene. Amen. 


Okay, Bob, I'm on the pad. And it's about k : 30 , 
a Wednesday afternoon, *** step out on to the 

Day 7 vM^ H I»FBMHHE» - i nwrw 5-17 

plains of Taurus-Littrow, beautiful valley. *** 
thing I'll do is I'll turn the TGE on, and I'll 
give you a reading. 

CC Okay; we're ready. 

CDR-EVA And I'm very much interested - very much interested 
in my Rover "battery. 

CC *** you're GO for exit and looks like we've got it 

taken care of. 

LMP Okay; and I'm checking the circuit breakers. 

06 17 02 37 CDR-EVA It's on and read - Bob, it reads 222, 262, 207; 

222, 262, 207. 

CC *** copy that, Geno. 

LMP Okay; get the visor down, Geno. 

CDR-EVA Get the visor down. Holy Smoly! Think it'd "be 

' better to leave it up. Beautiful out here today, 
Bob. We can look to the east for a change - a 
little bit, anyway. 

CC Okay; copy that, Gene. 

CDR-EVA A higher Sun angle. Okay; I'll get the LCRU 
battery changed out. 

CC Okay. And as you walk by there, if you walk by 

in the right side of the Rover, how about giving 
us a SEP temperature read-out, please. 

CDR-EVA SEP temperature is 103 degrees; 103, and the mirror 
is still clean. 

CC Copy 103. 

CDR-EVA Well, let's see if I can change this little baby 

now. Supposed to be simple. Bob, we have no use 

for the old battery, right? 

CC That's affirm. 

06 17 Oh h6 LMP-EVA 

Okay. I'm on the porch, and the hatch is CLOSED. 
Oh, don't bump into that. 

LMP-EVA Are you talking to me or you? 
CDR-EVA I'm talking to me. 

LMP-EVA Okay; that sounds familiar and looks familiar - 

the old plain. The valley of the Taurus-Littrow. 
You want to get your antenna? 

CDR-EVA Yes, let me get that - - 

LMP-EVA I'll come over there. 

CDR-EVA I'll get the TV on. I've already got the battery 

LMP-EVA There's the Earth right in the middle of the 

antenna. Okay; verify MODE 3. I am in MODE 3. 
LCRU blankets are open 100 percent. Battery covers 
I'm closing, the battery *** get my antenna. Wait 
a minute. Let me set this down. 

CDR-EVA Yes, okay. 

LMP-EVA Okay; stay there. 

CDR-EVA I was just try - I'm trying to. 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA Okay; your antenna's up. Wait a minute. Come 
here, and I'll snap the snap. 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

LMP-EVA Didn't mean to do that. 

CDR-EVA That's all right. I can't get close enough to you. 
LMP-EVA Here you are. 

CDR-EVA Lean a little more. Antenna's up. Let me get zhe 

Day T 


CC And, IT, if you guys are interested, your shadows 

will be 8 feet long tonight. 

LMP-EVA *** meters is that, Bob? 

CDR-EVA I'll draw it out - I'll step it out for you. You 
can measure it (laughter). 

LMP-EVA Well, I don't know. Should I take my gloves off? 
I mean my cover gloves. 

CDR-EVA Why don't you leave them on for a while and see 
where we're going. See what the boulder field 
looks like up there. 

06 IT 08 16 LMP-EVA Well, I know what it's going to look like. 

CDR-EVA No, you don't. 

LMP-EVA The point is my hands will be much better off 
without them. 

CDR-EVA Take them off, then. *** battery covers are closed 
and tight. High gain is already oriented. Oh, 
they've even got TV, I guess. 

CC That's affirm. 

CDR-EVA Let me get these in. *** what my batteries are 
reading if I can. 

LMP-EVA *** see if I can do something else while I'm 

CDR-EVA No, I'm done, Jack. 

LMP-EVA I'll get the old SEP receiver. 

06 IT 09 10 CDR-EVA Well, Bob, the - battery 1 is 95 degrees and the - 

battery 2 is reading zero. So we got a gage fail- 
ure. No, it's not reading zero; it's off scale 

CC Okay; read that - copy that. That's a real cool- 

down, isn't it? Okay. Jack, if you're going to 
worry about the SEP, stand by and don't do the SEP 


Day 7 

until after you worry with the ETB, and we'll get 
with you on that. When you get the ETB to the 
seat, I'll talk to you about it. 

LMP-EVA *** 102 is the temperature. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. Mark 

CC Okay; copy that. 

06 IT 1C 00 CDR-EVA - - MARK gravimeter; it's flashing. Okay; we'll 

take the big bag. I hope we can keep it on. 

CC Okay. A couple of things on that, Geno. You 

might try tapping the thing to see if that loosens 
the dust. There's also the hook business on the 
inside of the pallet that you could hook it on. 
Caution: If you open the pallet, be careful not 
to knock the clamps off the fender. But you can 
also reach over the pallet to put the big bag on. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. We - I brushed it and tapped it yester- 
day. I'm not sure we're going to have much luck 
with them. 

CC Say again there, Gene. 

CDR-EVA I brushed them and tapped them yesterday. 

CC Okay; copy that. Ycu might want to put the big 

bag on the inside of the pallet there, if you 
can't operate them. 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

LMP-EVA Okay; mag Kilo goes on the 500; is that correct? 

*** got Mary and Franny and Nancy - and Donna - 
and Bobby and - - 

CDR-EVA Jack, I'm also going to keep this in there - - 
LMP-EVA - - Karen. 

CDR-EVA because it's too hard to get off the front end. 

We'll find a place for that in there. 

t mmmmmm - 

06 17 11 U8 LMP-EVA Well, okay. 

CDR-EVA *** too hard to get off the front end. Okay; let's 
see. Big bag to gate, dustbrush to - Let me get 
that big bag on the inside of the gate if I can. 
Inside the gate or the pallet, Bob? 

CC Inside the pallet. My - my fault there. 

LMP-EVA That - that's - the pallet, the pallet 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

CC And if you open the pallet, be careful of the clamp. 

Probably, if it's feasible, we suggest you reach 
across in front of the pallet. Reach across the 
pallet to do it instead of opening it, because of 
the clamp on the fender. 

06 17 12 19 CDR-EVA It's not feasible. It's not feasible to do that. 

I got to open it, plus our hook is - over center. 

06 17 13 35 CDR-EVA You know, Bob, how that pallet locking hook can - 

can be out of the little C-shaped *** in there? 
It is . 

CC Oh, boy. 

CDR-EVA I noticed that yesterday. 

CC Jack, when you get done with the ETB there, you 

might save the gray tape out. We're going to use 
a little bit of that on the SEP when you get done. 

LMP-EVA When are you going to do that? What am I supposed 
to do, stand - well - 

CC We'll turn the - both - We'll turn both switches 

on when you're out at the SEP transmitter. 

LMP-EVA Well, the tape is in the CDRs seat, and It'll still 
be there. 

CC No, we'd like to take the tape from the CDRs seat 

and use it on the SEP, right now. 

Day 7 

LMP-EVA Okay. You want me to do it or Gene to do it? 

CC Why don't you do it since the tape is there. Ho, 

let's - let's let Gene do it. Doesn't really 
matter. Whoever wants to. 

LMP-EVA Okay, we'll get it. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Boh, the big "bag is on the inside of the - 
the *** 

LMP-EVA ... it through. 

06 17 Ik 29 CC *** copy that. 

CDR-EVA The - And I know why. ... 

LMP-EVA These aren't clamped now - - 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA . . . 

CDR-EVA Okay. The big bag is on the inside, though. 

LMP-EVA Yes, but it's - also in the way. *** 

CDR-EVA Sure is. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Don't 
close it . 

LMP-EVA Want me to get out of the way? 

CDR-EVA I'll open it. *** that locking device. Okay. 

Let me just see what we got to do here. Okay. 
*** bag, dustbrush, *** 7 *** mount 20-bag dis- 
penser on commander's camera, *** dispenser to 
the LMP, *** cap dispenser to the gate. 

cc And, Jack, are you going out to take the pan now? 

06 I? 36 lit LMP-EVA Well, as soon as I finish up here, *** do that. 

CC And after you take the pan, we'd like you to 

retrieve the cosmic ray experiment, They're 
expecting a little solar storm, and before the 
rain gets on the cosmic ray experiment, they'd 
like to retrieve it. We'll leave it in the ETB 

Day T 


LMP-EVA Okay, after the pan. All right. Gate's locked. 

CC It will just be a nominal retrieval and we'll put 

it in the ETB. 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CC *** the gate. 

CDR-EVA Okay. *** SCB-7 *** dispenser goes on my camera 
when it gets "back. *** can *** the LMPs seat. 
*** I'n just go ahead and mount some of these 
bags on your camera while I'm here. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

06 17 17 39 CC Gene, if you got time there with the camera, why 

don't - when you get done with the camera, how 
about getting some gray tape and we'll put you to 
work on SEP for about a minute. 

CDR-EVA *** receiver? Stand by. Let me finish with SCB-7 

CC If you get Okay. And did you get Jack's camera 

fixed last night? I didn't hear. 

CDR-EVA Yes, we did. Okay. There is already one on the 
gate. *** one there. Okay; SCB-7 to gate, *** 
commander's - camera, we'll do it when I get back - 
20 bags on the LMPs camera, core cap dispenser to 
gate - there's one there, there's one under the 
seat - short cans under the LMPs seat. I got to 
put that cap dispenser on him, I got to get my 
rammer, hammer - Hey, Bob, what bag do you want 
on the IMP? Do we have 8 here? *** it'll be - - 

CC Stand by. I think 8 went in; either U or 6. No, 

excuse me; either 5 or k. 

CDR-EVA Okay. We'll put either k or 5 on there. Okay. 

I'll have to wait until he gets back. What do you 
want? Or let 'me give you TGE reading and get that 
out of the way and then I'll work on your SEP. 

CC Copy that. 

Day 7 

CDR-EVA ... 27, 001; that's 670, 027, 001. 

CC Copy that, Gene. Thank you. 

CDR-EVA *** wrinkled up in the Run a little bit last night, 

LMP-EVA Okay - 

06 17 20 15 IMP-EVA MARK it. The cosmic ray is terminated. 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA And, Bob, I took two 5-foot stereopairs of the 

CC *** stick it in the ETB and just hang it there. 

LMP-EVA And in case you're wondering, and so you don't 
confuse it with a rock, it's in bag 106. 

CC Copy that. 

CDR-EVA Okay. What do you want done to the ***? 

CC Okay. Take some gray tape over to the receiver, 

Gene. And with reference to the fact that the - 
there is some Velero missing on the front there 
which hold the covers down, we'd like to tape the 
two covers together - on the - in the middle 
there - you know, where the two - two sides over- 
lap in the middle of the box. Tape those two 
together. A short piece about an inch long should 
do it if they are clean. 

CDR-EVA Well, I doubt if the tape will stick because it 

doesn't on but I might be able to go over it 

with one piece to clean it and another piece to 
tape it. 

CC Okay. And the question beyond that, is there 

Vol ore to hold one of those flaps down or not? 

CDR-EVA lio. 

CC Okay, so both pieces - the Velcro is missing from 

both flaps, T take it. 

LMP-EVA Bob, what happened was that the tape that held 

the lower Velcro on there apparently came loose, 
and it stuck to the upper Velcro. 

CC Okay. I understand that. In that case, we'd like 

to take a piece of tape and tape the cover down to 
keep it closed when it's not - when it's supposed 
to he closed. The feeling is that if the cover 
flaps partly open, you may get specular reflection 
off the inside of the Mylar down onto the mirrors 
causing it to heat up during the drive when it's 
supposed to be closed. 

CDR-EVA *** we'll give it a try. 

CC Okay; thank you. And, Jack, if you're done, you 

might go rescue EP number 5 from the footpad, and 
we'll put it under the LMPs seat. 

06 IT 22 k3 LMP-EVA Well, be a lot of other things under there. Okay. 

I'll rescue it; we'll see where the best place to 
put it is. Hey, I got - I got bags on you 

CC Okay. 

LMP-EVA I got bags on your camera, Geno. 
CDR-EVA Okay; thank you. 

LMP-EVA *** we're going to put *** two bags on the rear 
there on our PLSSs? 

CDR-EVA Yes, let's put those two on. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CC One of them will go on your PLSS - The one under 

LMPs seat will go on the CDR, the one with all the 
stuff in it. 

CDR-EVA Yes, I got core tubes in 7 here, Jack. We'll put 
either one of those on 

LMP-EVA Okay. So I can put the charge under my seat. 

CC That's affirm, I think, Jack, once you get SCB-7 

out of there. 

r. j 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA I feel like a kid stuck in taffy. 

LMP-EVA Sure is strange not to see some fine-grained rocks 
out here. Seen a couple but certainly not very 
many. That rock that you picked up at - *** doing 
up there? Okay. 

CDR-EVA *** that'll hold it down. I hope it solves the 

CC ... Dr. Strangelove. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA Well, probably not any more than we would like to 
see it solved. 

LMP-EVA Bob, *** Gene, your bag's going to have two lowers 
and one upper. • 

CC ■ Did you re-sort things there, Jack? 

LMP-EVA What's that? *** think T got 

CC Did you re-sort things in SCB-7? I was told - - 

LMP-EVA *** Go ahead. Go ahead. 

5 ^ CC Okay. Our understanding was there were two unpers 

and one lover in bag 7, and two lowers under the 
Lf-IP seat. Did you re-sort things there? 

LMT-EVA Dc you want - how do you want them? 

t'C It doeci.'t mutter to us. I just wanted to make 

sure that we know what ycu are so we don't let 
you get away too far with two uppers and a lower. 
Two lowers and an upper is certainly better than 
two uppers and a lower. 

•U'-tVA • kay. 
CC *** we know what it is. 

Day T 


LMP-EVA Two lowers and an upper. 

CC *** that. 

LMP-EVA *** I'm confused. 

CDR-EVA Okay. When you're ready, I'll configure you. 

LMP-EVA Okay, here, let me - let me get this on you first 
since I got - - 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA . . . 

CDR-EVA *** down in a hole now. 

LMP-EVA That's beautiful. *** Tallest man on the Moon 
right now. Okay, that's done. 

CDR-EVA Okay? 

LMP-EVA Just a second. *** close the cover. *** very 
good cover. Okay. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob, I'm going to put SCB-U on Jack. 

CC *** there, Gene. SCB-6? SCB-U; copy. 

CDR-EVA SCB-U will go on Jack. Jack, I got to get these 
*** straps, too. Did you get mine? *** harness 
release straps? 

LMP-EVA No. Let's do that. I saw them as you go out, and 
then I forget about them. 

CDR-EVA Yes. Okay, yours is on over here. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA Probably a better time to do them, anyway, rather 
than when we go out. *** get the bag. *** get 
the other one when I configure your other side. 

LMP-EVA *** out here today. *** on the hands. Okay. 



Day 7 

CDR-EVA Okay, stay right where you are so I can get this. 

over here, and I'll get you a core cap 



dispenser, which I left here. Okay, you got SCB-1+, 

you got the cap, you got the rammer, I'll take the 

it the - That's all you need. *** 

hammer. You gc 
is on the LEY, Okay, what transport - what charge 
you got there, Jack? 

LMP-EVA Five is under mv seat. 

CDR-EVA Five, okay. You got 5 there, *** got 2 and 3 on 
the Rover, LCRU Blankets are open 100 percent, 
*** covers are closed. I want to - push that 
battery cover over there down just to make sure 
it goes down. 

LMP-EVA The warning flag is up ... 

CDR-EVA It's probably that - Already, huh? Yes. ... down 
on there. 

LMP-EVA Rover - Rover warning was up. 
06 17 30 07 CDR-EVA *** right there. 

LMP-EVA It's down. 

CDR-EVA *** at that gage again, but the gage on the high 
battery looked like it may have failed. Okay, 
*** blankets are open, *** covers are closed and 
pushed closed, dust LCRU - 

LF-P-EVA I'm goins to the SEP. 

CDR-EVA Wait a minute before you do. You got a second? 

Just come over here by the left front wheel. I 
know you got a second. Just a little bit closer 
to the left front wheel, towards me. Oh, that's 
good, anywhere in there. *** - likewise? *** 
hold it with that other camera? It's already set 
at 30 . 

LM3 '-Ir'VA Okay. 

CDR-EVA And you might want to take a couple of closer ones. 

A couple at 7 or 11, I'm not sure which. *** gets 
In It. Yes, it's in. 

Day T 


LMP-EVA *** okay, *** head on out. 

CC IT, Houston. We think somebody lost their comm 

there. Jack, it's probably Gene going to zero. 

LMP-EVA No, we're with you. 

CDR-EVA No, sir. I'm here. 

06 IT 32 01 LMP-EVA *** read us, Bob? 

CC I can read you now. 

LMP-EVA Bob, do you read Gene? 

CC Reading you, Jack. I haven't heard Gene yet. 

LMP-EVA *** Gene's calling you. 

CDR-EVA How do you read me, Bob? 

CC Okay, read you now. 

06 IT 32 22 CDR-EVA Okay, I didn't do anything. I just jiggled my 

MODE switch here. Okay, we got 2 and 3 on the 
EPs , plus one under Jack's seat. LCRU blankets 
are opened 100 percent; battery covers are closed; 
dustbrush, I've got; TGE, I've got; mags and 
polarization filter is taken care of; and I'm 
ready to traverse to the SEP. 

CC *** We understand TGE stowed and you're taken 

care of in the comm. And you might give us a 
Rover read-out either now or when you get to the 

CDR-EVA Okay; we'll see which is convenient. 

CC *** is probably more convenient while you're sit- 

ting there waiting for the nav to warm up or 
initialize - waiting for us to give you the reading. 

CDR-EVA *** your TV. *** switch is 1. 

LMP-EVA Hey, Bob, are you watching LMP? 

CDR-EVA Not anymore he isn't. I took the TV. 

LMP-EVA ^ph , . Skay.^ ^ . , • ^ „ > 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA Bob, you still read? 

CC *** loud and clear. We're now watching the LMP. 

CDR-EVA Okay, I just wondered because I just took the TV. 
I just want to make sure we got coram here. 

CC *** in MODE 1. 

CDR-EVA And, for your information, we both got our cover 
gloves off. ... can't read down there. 

LMP-EVA *** the old tape fix on the SEP's still working. 
There's a little 

CC Beautiful. 

LMP-EVA Both mirrors have a little angular displacement 
but not more than 5 degrees. 

CC *** that's the least of the SEP's problem, but we 

have hope. 

06 IT 3h 59 LMP-EVA Okay, you're going to be over there, huh? I'm 

over here. 

CDR-EVA I don't believe this. 

LMP-EVA What's the problem? 

CDR-EVA Oh, nothing. That roll indicator isn't worth a 
dingdong . . . roll 10 degrees . 

CDR-EVA Okay. Roll zero, *** is zero; heading is 291; 

distance, 001; range, 000; amp hours are 90 and 
85; volts are 65 65; Sun shadow device, by the 
way, is 0. Batteries are 100 and off scale low, 
and motors are all off scale low. 


Okay; and, Gene, we'd like to torque to 287, 287. 

CDR-EVA Okay; in work. Let's see, 287. That's a heading 
*** City to Tindall. Okay; 27 28, 287 right on 
the money. 

LMP-EVA Bob, 1+5 


CC Copy that , Gencu And - - 

06 IT 36 29 LMP-EVA h5 Yankee is a sample - sample from near the SEP. 

CDR-EVA Boy, I tell you, Jack. That was all cut out. 

LMP-EVA Oh, well. I got the sample, anyway. 

cc *** Yankee near the SEP. That's all we have. 

If you give us a frame count when you get done, and 
give us an approximate location for the Rover, at 
least crosswise from the Y, we'd appreciate it. 
And we also need SEP receiver power and DSEA both 
on. And we'd like the cover taped back - taped 
down when you get done, Jack. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Jack, keep me honest on those rilles. 

LMP-EVA Okay; you're okay now. Let me get over on the 
rille. I don't see - 

CDR-EVA See me? 

LMP-EVA Come on. You're good. 

CDR-EVA Oh, there's the SEP. Wait - did I miss this other 

LMP-EVA Yes. There's the - I'm on the antenna. 
CDR-EVA What ah out the one coming west? 

LMP-EVA That's what I - No, you're okay on the one west - 
you're way away from it. 

CDR-EVA Okay. *** look back. 

06 IT 3T 5^ LMP-EVA You want to look - head towards the SEP. You're 


CDR-EVA Oh, I see it now. Okay. 

LMP-EVA Head towards it and then turn - then make your 

CDR-EVA I see it. I'll go over to it. 

5 " 32 raPmWi I ^ 7 

LMP-EVA Matter of fact, turn on these tracks. 

CDR-EVA Yes. I'm in good shape. I see it. *** it. 

LMP-EVA Bob, that 1+5 Yankee was a fine-grained ... 

LMP-EVA 2 meters to the west of the north line. 

CC Copy that. 

CDR-EVA And I guess I'm certainly within 5 meters of the 

LMP-EVA Yes, you're in good shape. 

CC We'll get that in the photos. And, Gene, how's 
the low gain located - oriented? 

06 IT 39 05 CDR-EVA It's oriented 355 and my heading is 352. 

CC Okay; copy that. 

CDR-EVA Okay; you want the receiver on *** 

LMP-EVA *** and taped down again, huh? 

CDR-EVA Yes, I put ... 

CC Roger. Both - Roger. Both the receiver and the 
recorder on, both switches on and then tape the 
cover down. 

LMP-EVA Good luck. 

CDR-EVA ... ON. 

LMP-EVA Okay, it's taped down more or less. 

LMP-EVA And then I guess I'm supposed to get on, huh? 

CC Thank you. 

CDR-EVA Hey, Boh, the NAV RESET has been 

CC Roger on that. 


CC *** you guys to roll. 

CDR-EVA Okay, what's the first range and bearing to the 
Rover sample, past Jones? 

CC Okay, it will be 185 and 1.5 on the range. 

CDR-EVA 185 and 1.5. 185 and 1-1/2. Okay. 

06 IT ^0 hh LMP-EVA Excuse me, Gene. 

CDR-EVA No problem. 

LMP-EVA Well, shoot. I've forgotten how. 

CDR-EVA Boy, that Challenger looks pretty from here, you 
know it. 

LMP-EVA Yes. Okay, I'm on. 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

LMP-EVA Did I want a charge? No. 


LMP-EVA Okay . 

CC No charge, Jack; no charge. 


CDR-EVA Got it. Got it; 185 and 1.5 and I'm going t 
head on at about 012. We ought to go right 
through Jones. *** Davy Jones. 

CC Okay; and, Gene, remember the driving fairly slow 

or fairly well controlled the first 300 meters, 
and a mark at the end of the antenna. 

CDR-EVA *** Jack, watch that antenna lean - - 

LMP-EVA Uh-oh. Keep *** 

CDR-EVA *** you? 

LMP-EVA Okay so far; keep going. Okay, let's do that 
again - - 

c >-3h 

Day 7 


LMP-EVA *** different. 

CDR-EVA I'll pick up that same spot. I can see right 
where I was . 

CC Give us another mark when you start up from that 

spot . 

CDR-EVA Okay. We'll give you a hack, Bob. 
LMP-EVA *** little 

CDR-EVA Yes, I'm right on the track. Same tracks exactly. 
LMP-EVA Well, okay. 

CDR-EVA That's exactly - I just came right over. Okay, 
we're starting, Boh - 

On 17 ! -»C 3h CDR-EVA MARK it. 

CC Copy that. 

CDR-EVA We can't go too far in this heading. We've got a 
big hole up here. Like a big one. 

LMP-EVA Wonder if that's Rudolph? 

CDR-EVA Well, let's see, this is east - looks awf - it's 
a double crater but it's much bigger than I 
thought Rudolph would be. 

CC No, if you're where you think you are, you're 

beyond - you're east of Rudolph quite a ways. 

CDR-EVA I think you ought zo know where we are by now, Bob. 

LMF-EVA *** that's Lewis and Clark. 

CC *** that. After you give me a mark there, we'll 

give you - I'll talk to you about it. 

CDR-EVA I'm sorry, Bob. I guess you - you didn't hear 
it. I - we're passed the *** the antenna and 
we're headed south or north - northeast. *** 

screw you up? 

Day 7 


CC Okay, I - - Did you give me a mark when you 

started or a mark when you passed the antenna? 

CDR-EVA I gave you a mark when I started and it took at>out 
20 seconds to get to the end. 

CC Copy that. 

CDR-EVA Is that good enough or do you want me to go hack? 

CC No. No. Press on. And, Jack, if you look at 

your contour map there, we think you are located 
right now at approximately where the P in SEP is, 
just helow the P in Poppy. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CC In which case you're probably driving through that 

little crater that's just to the northeast there. 
That's probably the one you came upon. 

CDR-EVA *** very little, though. 

LMP-EVA Okay, Bob. *** wish I could *** bit better. 

06 IT hh 57 LMP-EVA The major boulders still look like the - the 

pyroxene gabbro. *** texture has not changed. 
There Is a - there is a granule population, now 
that I look at it more closely, with the shadows. 
But I have a feeling that most of those are - 
they look like they're just small, very small 
clods. That should show up in some of the bulk 
samples we've taken. It is remarkable to me the - 
only a small number of fine-grain rocks. There's 
one at about halfway between the SEP and the LM 
that I'd like to pick up. It's a fairly good 
sized one. Maybe we can get it when we get back. 
It looks like a fine-grained basalt. ... 

CDR-EVA Well, I tell you, it's not exactly the greatest 
place to navigate through. 

CDR-EVA . . . 


06 17 hb 10 LMP-EVA 




CC ■ 





;,, !Y ),;', j7 LMP-EVA 

Day 7 

There's still - there's a crater we're just passing 
at 207. h *** meters in diameter, with the pyroxene 
gabbro blocks on the rim, few of them. It's not 
an exceptionally blocky rim crater, but we are in 
an area where the block population is up to about 
5 percent in contrast to most of the area we tra- 
versed yesterday. 

I tell you, *** a little bit rough; there's a 
population of blocks, as Jack said, and there is 
an awful lot of small craters. 

Yes, I was just going to add that the frequency 
of . . . 

. . . although not exceptionally blocky rim - they 
all have a slightly, maybe *** 3 or 5 percent more 
blocks in their walls and on their rim than do the - 
does the normal terrain. 

Roger, Jack. Copy that. 

Still no *** structure within the dark mantling 
material itself. 

Bob, you said 185/1.5? 

What do you want? 

That's affirm. 

For the Rover? 

Yes, for a sample. 

Oh, they changed it on us. Okay. ... 

That was after the SEP photos, right? 

That's affirm. ... before the SEP photos. 

Okay, Bob, looking up at the North Massif, we see 
the scattered, strewn field of boulders, that 
generally seem to start from a - more or less, 
from a line of large boulders, which might indi- 
cate some structure. And those lines are roughly 

Day 7 


horizontal across the face that we're looking at. 
The boulder tracks are ... that they are curved 
in places but they're all - that I see - tend to 
be aggregates of little craters - where the boulder 
was obviously tumbling and bouncing a little bit. 
*** out in population of fragments now in the im- 
mediate area *** is generally about 1 percent be- 
tween craters. But at the crater rims, it's up to 
about 5 percent. And these craters - - 

CC Okay. Copy that, Jack. And how far down the 

North Massif is the line of boulders? 

LMP-EVA Oh, there are several of them, Bob. What I'm 

talking about is about 100-meter-long lines *** 
boulder trains initiate and they are - there's one 
about - looks like about halfway - maybe two-thirds 
of the way down in perspective. Another one that's 
probably about halfway and then - they're just sort 
of scattered around on the Massif. I think we're 
getting close to - No, we couldn't be. 

CDR-EVA I've got to more over here a little. 

LMP-EVA That must be Jones. 

CDR-EVA *** looking? 

LMP-EVA Off to the right. 

CDR-EVA Yes, our heading that they're sending us down 

here, it really should put us to west of Jones. 
So that's about right. *** static in the back- 
ground today. 

06 17 50 51 CC 


CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA Okay . 
06 17 51 22 CDR-EVA 187/1.1. 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA Bob, I wish I could, give you more on that structure 
in there , but I think those lines of boulder 
sources are about all we can see right now. Talked 
about the lineaments yesterday and they're not 
nearly as obvious today in the higher Sun. Looking 
up Wessex Cleft - even with the Sun in the flat 
area there, it looks darker than where - than the 
North Massif side. But again, the Sun angle may be 
fooling us but as I recall, it was darker on the 

CDR-EVA The old man wrinkled face on the 

LMP-EVA Sculptured Hills. 

CDR-EVA - - Sculptured Hills, though, is evident as soon 
as you come out of the - out of Wessex Cleft. 

06 IT 52 20 LMP-EVA Yes. And it looks like there are boulders up on 

the side of Sculptured Hills, except that they 
aren't nearly as big as those on the North Massif. 
The areas where the boulder source is look like 
they're made up of boulders no bigger than a meter 
maybe; whereas, the North Massif boulders are up 
to several meters. *** boulder sources all seem 
to be up within a third of the height of the 
Sculptured Hills, just south of - just east of the 
massif *** Wessex Cleft. Here is a boulder track 
that crossed the slope. *** , Geno? 

CDR-EVA Yes - yes. I sure do now. 

LMP-EVA It looks like it goes, rather than perpendicular 

contours, it probably is crossing them in a fairly 
straight line on an angle of 60 degrees, maybe. 

CDR-EVA Back to the east. 

LMP-EVA Yes, to the east. That one may be fairly near - - 

CDR-EVA Jack, see that big boulder with that big track - 

it looks like it's an elongated rolled-up boulder. 
Look at that. 


Yes, it does. Looks like it 

Day 7 


* - 


CDR-EVA Okay; here we are, 1.5 an<l l85. 

LMP-EVA Is this a Rover sample or - - 

CDR-EVA Rover sample. 

CC Okay; copy that. 

CDR-EVA Okay, show me where you want it. 

LMP-EVA Okay. See that little pit right over there? About - 
about 30 feet ahead. 

06 IT 53 hk CDR-EVA Yes, I think so. 

LMP-EVA I've got two pictures there. *** great. Okay. 
This is soil sample *** 

CDR-EVA And I just took a locater, and CDR is on frame hi. 

LMP-EVA Got it? 

CDR-EVA No, not yet. *** now. 

CC *** Gene. 

CDR-EVA hS Yankee. *** open? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Okay; it's In. We ought to tape that ... I'll 
get it. That thing came down - came off that 
piece of Velcro *** when I get hack. 

LMP-EVA Okay. And LMPs frame count *** is 35 ... 

CC ... that Crater Henry, that large block there 

near the break in slope, which is our next aiming 
point, the bearing range there is 188 and 2.8. 

06 IT 55 IT CDR-EVA Okay; 188 and 2.8. Roger. 

CC And, Jack, what_do you see in the way of boulders 

coming down to the base of the Sculptured Hills 
in terms of sampling opportunities at station 8 
and in terms of any boulder tracks that we might - 

Day 7 


■;, .17 ;,r', 17 imp-EVA 





i T.R-EVA 

might lead down the boulders that might just 
possibly be accessible at station 8. 

Watch it, Gene. Boulder tracks are not obvious 
on the Sculptured Hills at all. It looks like 
there are fragments over there. *** would have 
their sources higher up the slope. I think we 
can get boulders there. But we'll have to get a 
little closer, Bob. 

Copy that. And we'll see you in a couple of hours. 
We'll find out in a couple of hours. 

Yes, I'll give you a reading on that before long. 
I wouldn't eliminate station 8 for the world or 
the Moon, whatever' s available today. 

*** did you say - 188/2 point something. 


Okay; thank you. See that big boulder, Jkc!:, with 
z h o s e t r a c k s ? 

Yes , it looks liko - - 

That's a funny looking boulder. 

It looks like it may have stopped rolling because 
it broke up. ** s broken to me now. 

... Okay, you've got yourself in some holes her-'. 
You've never - I've read you all along, though , r.: 
there's no problem. 1 hkay, there's a big crater. 
T haven't recognised /'ones yet. *** you're getting 
up on the ri::i of henry here. 

Yes - no, Henry shouLa be to - I'm well - should 
be well west of henry, I think. *** be surprised 
if Henry isn't right over that little rise on the 
ri giit . 


Day T 

LMP-EVA Bob, the surface structure hasn't changed texture. 
We're on a little bit of a rise in here now and 
still about 1 percent of the surface 

06 IT 5T ^6 CDR-EVA There's Henry right there, Jack. 

LMP-EVA There's Henry. I thought you were close to Henry. 

CDR-EVA 188/1.8. 

LMP-EVA And we're just southwest of Henry. On the rim. 

LMP-EVA Prince Henry the Navigator. 
CDR-EVA Watch that foot. 

LMP-EVA *** a wheel, I think. And Henry looks much like 

Horatio did. Has boulders on its inner wall - not 
as many. They look light colored - a light albedo 
gabbroic appearance. There may be some right down 
there, though, that are fine grained; they look a 
little grayer. 

CDR-EVA Jack, there's our target - there's - either one of - 
that's one right down there on - on ... break in 

06 IT 58 39 LMP-EVA See the one we've got over there has a boulder 

track. That's the one, that cross-slope. 

CDR-EVA Yes, if we could get - That's awful high. 

LMP-EVA Can we get up there? 

CDR-EVA We'll see. 

LMP-EVA That's the one - That's station 6, and that was 
the - the turning boulder. 

CDR-EVA Yes, that's it. 

LMP-EVA The one right there. 


How about a range and bearing. 


Copy that. 

CDR-EVA *** station 6 - we can probably get up there. 

Day 7 

LMP-EVA Yes, I think we can; it doesn't look too bad. ... 

right now, doesn't show anything obvious, except 
that's where the boulders start. And on up the 
hill you have ... - 

0(S 17 59 06 CC Okay. We hope that's fairly obvious. 

LMP-EVA But as I was saying, Henry just looks like a some- 
what more mantled Horatio (laughter). *** 
ridiculous . 

CDR-EVA Say, Bob, I'm navigating - headed northwest now - 
to get around the western rim of Henry. 

LMP-EVA And on that west rim, we've got 

CC Okay. 

LMP-EVA about 10 or - 10 percent boulder cover. 

CC Okay. And a reminder, Jack, to keep taking your 

Rover photos. 

LMP-EVA Yes, sir. And when I - By boulder, I generally 
mean fragment, Bob, in this case. When I say 
10 percent, I'm looking at stuff greater than 
about a centimeter in diameter. I'll try to say 
fragment from now on and be more precise. ... or 
boulders on them up to 2 or 3 meters. But, again, 
they all appear to be buried. There are very few, 
except small ones, sitting out on the surface. 

CDR-EVA *** the fragment population out here only goes out 
to maybe 200 meters, I expect. 

LMP-EVA Okay. Now this concentration of boulders is be- 
cause of a 50-meter crater in the rim of Henry. 
I think that was one we - - 

CC Okay, that sounds like Locke. How about a range 

and bearing. 

CDR-EVA Take a picture in here, Jack. 

LMP-EVA No. Locke, I can see. *** the picture. 

LMP-EVA Okay. That's not - Yes, Locke's right ahead of us. 

Day T 


LMP-EVA Yes. This is one on the - about 50 meters right on 
the rim crest of Henry, almost due - the west rim - 
due west rim. Wow Locke is just ahead of us . It 
also has boulders in its walls but has relatively 
few on the rim. Characteristic of both Henry, 
Locke, - - 

06 18 01 18 CC Okay. Copy that. 

LMP-EVA and Horatio is a re - essentially no change in 

the average frequency of boulders on the rim. The 
increase comes in the wall. 

CDR-EVA We're at 18^/2.3. We're just about between Henry 
and - Locke. Yes; right between them. 

CC Okay. I copy that. And you guys are heading for 

that big boulder, which must be just dead ahead of 
you there, about half a kilometer. 

LMP-EVA Well, we're - Gene's sort of headed for station 6 

CDR-EVA I'm going to take a tour around that boulder and 
get a case on it. 

LMP-EVA Okay. Go ahead. 

CC Yes . That would be a good mark to give us a range 

and bearing on, since that's a pretty good straight 

CDR-EVA Yes , we are . 

06 18 02 05 LMP-EVA Bob, the boulder concentrations in the wall of 

Henry have their upslope start at about - oh , I 
would guess an average of 30 meters down from the 
rim crest. The rim crest of Henry is not very 
well defined, but it's there. And they - from 
•that initiation of boulders, they stream down the 
slope to the break in - in slope down at the floor. 
*** no obvious change in the dark mantle, as we're 
just to the east of Locke now. There's some - 
there's a 30-meter crater, fairly subdued but 
still quite deep - subdued rim. Again, it looks 
as if it were mantled; that *** no significant 
increase in blocks on its rim. That crater, in 

Day 7 

any other place , would have been a very blocky-rim 
crater. It has - it's maybe 30 meters and - by 
5 meters deep. Man, that is a big rock up there. 
Turning Point Rock is a split rock ... overhang, 
with another block just this side of it ... pyramid 
shape in cross section - triangular shape in cross 
section. And it looks like it is pretty well frac- 
tured, although not pervasively like the rock at 
Shorty was . 

CDR-EVA Okay, Jack, I know I can get up to that - to 
station 6. 

IMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA I might drive up there. 

IMP -EVA Yes. Now, Bob, station 6 rock - one of them - is 
from that boulder track that runs obliquely across 
the contour. 

CC Okay. I copy that, Jack. 

LMP-EVA And there's - the pictures ought to be able to 

CC Sounds like good news . 

LMP-EVA The pictures ought to pin down its - at least the 
end of the boulder track pretty well. 

CDR-EVA Boy, this is a big rock, Jack. Whew! 

06 18 0*4 33 DIP-EVA As I recall - As I saw it, the boulder tracks 

stopped about halfway up the slope of the North 
Massif. That is a big rock. 

CDR-EVA We're at Turning Point Rock. And it looks like 
it's - I don't know if it's mantled on top, but 
it's certainly filleted. There's a - a lot of the 
dark mantle up and on some of the shallower slopes 
of the boulder. And it's on a little mount itself, 
as if much of it might be covered up. 

LMP-EVA Yes. Okay. It looks like a breccia from here. 

CDR-EVA Can you get a sample of it right here? You see 
these little chips? 

Day T 


LMP-EVA Yes, I probably can. 

CDR-EVA . . . and 2.8. 

CC Roger. Copy that. Sensational. 

LMP-EVA Okay. You got to - can you drive up - - 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA - - to the - *** there, let's see - no , I can 

get them. The thing is, I don't know what it is, 

CDR-EVA Well, but ... it's part of these fragments around 
here. ... 5, 6, - 6 meters high anyway. It's a - 
Well, I'd say it's a very rough subrounded type of 
rock *** face - Let me get this, Jack. Okay. 

LMP-EVA There are two fragments in that sample. 

CDR-EVA Vf Yankee. 

LMP-EVA Plus some dirt. And it's about *** meters from 
the - Turning Point Rock on the north side. 

CC Okay. Copy that. And presume you got some good 

photos of the rock. 

06 18 06 16 LMP-EVA Yes, I got a couple. I hope they're good. 

CDR-EVA Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to do here, 
real quick. 

LMP-EVA And my locator is - - 
CDR-EVA I'm going to do a - - 
LMP-EVA 5, 6. 

CDR-EVA Jack, let me spin around this little crater here 
to the left. 

LMP-EVA Bob, it looks - It's very coarsely vesicular; but, 
at first glance, it did not look like the pyroxene 
gabbro - although the rock - that rock does . I - 
It looks like it might be fragmental, although I'm 
suspicious that I'm looking at zap pits. ... nice 

Day 7 

CDR-EVA And we're on a little rise looking at this boulder. 

That's incredible. Okay. We're on the roll, Bob. 

CDR-EVA You know that 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA Bob, my guess is, right now, is that Turning Point 
Rock is a big piece of subfloor gabbro. 

LMP-EVA What looked like fragments is just 

CC Okay. I gather you changed your opinion. 

LMP-EVA What looked like fragments is just big spalls - 

spalls of where the zap pits have cleaned off the 
rock . 

CC Okay. I copy that. And, guys, you might be happy 

to know that we think we've finally found the LM , 
because we were calling that for 188 and 2.8, and 
you got there at 186 and 2.8. 

LMP-EVA That's not bad. Okay 

06 18 08 05 CDR-EVA It's a split one up there, Jack. I've had my eye 

on it. There's some big boulders down here. 

LMP-EVA *** I sort of lost track of stati 


CDR-EVA Now, I got it. I've had my eye on that boulder. 

You can't see the track from here. I'll bet you 
can. I can see it now. We'll see it - we'll be 
looking right up it - looking right up the old 
boulder track. Man, I tell you, this navigating 
through here is not - - 

LMP-EVA Okay. We're in a region where the really - The 

general fragment population is no different. We're 
up on the - off the break in slope, although you 
wouldn't notice it - but we are quite a ways. And 
the *** fragment population is not much different 
than that on the plains. The big difference is 
that there are these scattered blocks that are 
from a meter to probably 10 meters - no, 5 meters 
in diameter. *** say, maybe 8. 

Day 7 

CDR-EVA See that track coming down? We'll be looking right 
up that track. 

LMP-EVA Yes, yes, you got it. I didn't realize you were 
that far upslope. 

CDR-EVA Yes, we're way upslope. 

LMP-EVA Yes. *** it. 

CDR-EVA Not very uncomfortable for me on this side. 
(Laughter) How do you feel? 

LMP-EVA Oh, I feel fine. I just - until I looked down 
there and saw the slope we're on. 

CDR-EVA Yes , I know it . 

LMP-EVA And I can't see any obvious change in albedo, like 

we could see with the light mantle yesterday. You - 
you - You got a- don't - There you got a nice - 
nice place. Oh, oh, you don't want to go over that 

LMP-EVA I'm surprised you didn't high center with that one. 
CDR-EVA No, that - okay 

CDR-EVA 107, huh? Okay. I'll get it up here. 

LMP-EVA Hey, that's going to be moderately level right 
there . 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA Trouble is, they're looking into the shady side of 
the block . 

CDR-EVA Well, if I park on the other side, they won't be 
able to - I can go right upslope a little bit. 


I can make it. 

*** park right - - 


And, 17, you want to park at a heading of 107. 
We're going to open the battery covers and let them 
cool at the station. *** 107. 

i tt i i i ii 

LMP-EVA That's all right. We can work in there. No, 
that's all right. 

06 18 10 32 CDR-EVA Yes, I can't go up there. Let me just - This is 

going to have to be good. I can't go up there. 

LMP-EVA I think you're all right. 

CDR-EVA That's not very level, hut 

LMP-EVA Oh, not too - not too hard. Watch that turn. 

CDR-EVA *** very level, but we're not going to get much 
more level than that. 

LMP-EVA Oh, that's good. 

CDR-EVA *** they wanted 107- *** best I can do. That's 
not very level for the gravimeter, but - Let me 
see if I can get comm. Hey, Bob, how do you read? 


Loud and clear, 17. How do you read? 

CDR-EVA Okay. We're parked on a heading of 107. Are you 
happy with that? 

LMP-EVA (Laughter) You parked on a slope, too. 

CDR-EVA There's no level 

CC Roger, Sounds great. 

CDR-EVA There's no level spot to park here, though. 
LMP-EVA You want me - some help getting off? 
CDR-EVA I've got to go uphill. 

LMP-EVA I just about endedup down at the bottom of the 

06 18 11 1+3 CDR-EVA Okay; 192/3.8, *** .1; 88 and 80; *** 08 and 0 on 

the batteries . The forward motors are 220 and about 
270, and the rears are 0 off scale low and 220. 

LMP-EVA You want me to block the wheels? (Laughter) You 
got the brake on, I hope. 

Day 7 

CDR-EVA You betcha. *** if I can lean uphill enough. 
(Laughter) I can't. Holy Smoley. 

IMP -EVA . . . 

CDR-EVA Yes. Let me get this thing set again. 
LMP-EVA I don't think you can get up here. 
CDR-EVA Boy, are we on a slope I 

LMP-EVA Okay. I'm going to stay out from between the 
rocks. It's a beautiful east-west split rock. 
It's even got a north overhang that we can work 
with. And let me see what it is. We're right at 
station 6. You wouldn't believe it. 

CDR-EVA I would. Oh, man, what a slope! 

LMP-EVA And this boulder's got its own little track, right 

up the hill, *** contoured. It's a chain of craters 
track, and it looks like it starts *** there. 
We're going to be able to photograph where it 
started. ... Bob, are you reading us? 

CC *** loud and clear, and we got a picture. 

CDR-EVA Oh, man, I tell you, are we parked on a slope! 

I don't know whether your TGE's going to hack it. 

06 18 13 3^ LMP-EVA Bob, this is a 

CC It'll take up to 15 degrees. 

CDR-EVA Well, it is going to have it. 

LMP-EVA It's a coarsely vesicular, crystalline rock - 

finely crystalline. Looks like a - probably an 
anorthositic gabbro - trying to see the . . . 

CDR-EVA Say, Bob, you want both the recorder and the - 
and the other switch off? 

CC Roger. Both of those off and the dusted. 

CDR-EVA Oh, man, is it hard to get around here! 



Day 7 

LMP-EVA Bob, it looks like the glass is fairly light 

colored. It's not white. Well, no - it's black. 
It's anorthositic gabbro , rather than gabbroic 
anorthosite, I think. Yes, that's black glass in 
the pits . 

CC • * • 

CDR-EVA . . . 


LMP-EVA ... they're flattened. All of them are flattened. 

There's a strong foliation of vesicles in the rock. 
Most of them are flattened, and they are up to 15 or 
20 centimeters in diameter and about 5 to 6 centi- 
meters thick - or wide. 

LMP-EVA And there's some beautiful north overhangs all 

around the block. Well, (laughter) on the north 
side of the block. 

06 18 16 05 CC ' Okay. That's the best place - that north overhang; 

and I guess that means one of you guys might grab 
the SEC - the small can - before you leave the 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. It's going to take me awhile to dust. 
I tell you - - 


CDR-EVA Hard to get around here. 

LMP-EVA Bob, let's get it straight. You w - want - 
CC Roger on that. 

LMP-EVA Let's get it straight, you want the north overhang 
sample in the SEC - or the short can? 

CC *** miracles. They don't want the short can. I'm 

not sure I understand that, Jack, but they don't 
want the short can here, they say. 

LMP-EVA Okay. We'll put them in bags. 

CDR-EVA Oh, man 


Day 7 


CC I guess they're looking for volcanics today. 

They're looking for volcanics today, Jack, 

IMP-EVA Oh, they are, huh? We found those yesterday. 

CC Well, they're hoping again at station 9, 

LMP-EVA This is - *** that foliation I mentioned does not 
go all the way through the rock. There are varia- 
tions in texture. One zone was strongly foliated. 
There's another - it almost looks like a large - 
it is - a large inclusion of nonvesicular rock 
within the vesicular rock. There may be some auto- 
hrecciation involved in the formation of this 
thing. It really looks mineralogically like the 
*** colored samples from the South Massif. But 
I - I tell you, that's only "because it's light 
colored, and I - I can't give you anymore than that 
right now, until we get a fresh surface. 

CDR-EVA 110 degrees on the SEP and you want the tape - the 
cover closed, right? 

CC Cover open, please. Cover open. Both off. 

CDR-EVA Okay. *** open. *** my golly. 

CC Okay. And did you get the batteries - the LRV 

battery covers open? We didn't copy that, Gene. 

06 18 18 18 CDR-EVA Wo, I didn't copy that you wanted them open. I 

just got 107. I was about to ask you that. 

CC Okay. We'd like them open. And, Jack, while I'm 

interrupting everybody here, how about a frame 
count, if convenient. 

LMP-EVA Oh, shoot! Bob, I gave you one at the rock. It's 
now 68. 

CC Copy that. 

CDR-EVA Man, I never - (Laughter) You can't believe how 
tough it is getting around this Rover, on this 
s lope . 

LMP-EVA *** I'll - - 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA Man, that - I think we're probably PITCH 20 and 
BOLL 20. 

LMP-EVA ... and get a pan while we're waiting to sample. 

CDR-EVA Oh, I got to dust those radiators. I can't leave 
them like that. *** this is not a very good place 
to dust them, though. *** try one time. Oh, boy. 

LMP-EVA Be careful, Geno. Weed some help? 

CDR-EVA No. I need a little finesse, though. *** thing 
to reach over - here and do this on level ground. 
I don't know if I can do that *** falling on the 

LMP-EVA Well, I found a place to stand where I can take a 
pan . 

CDR-EVA Bob, I'm going to have to give you a good battery 
brushing at the- next site. I can't get - I get 
half of them, but I can't get the other half. 
*** slopey. 

CC Okay. We copy that. 

CDR-EVA But the covers are open. What are you working on, 

LMP-EVA I'm taking a pan. 

CDR-EVA Very good. I'm coming right now. I *** dollar 
to doughnuts that you don't get a TGE reading. 

06 18 20 3k CC Yes, Gene. If you're - If it's easy enough to take 

it off, why don't you take it off the Rover; and 
we'll try and level it in the stuff. 

CDR-EVA Oh, come on. (Laughter) I'm not sure there's any 
place to put it on the ground level. 

LMP-EVA No, *** dig a place. 

CDR-EVA Yes, I'll do it. Okay. It's coming off. Well, 
I'll set it right up here. 

LMP-EVA It's going to fall down the hill. You'd better 
stomp off a good place. 

•'* s* >'i * » * . 

CDR-EVA Yes. *** level to me. Can you see it from there? 

LMP-EVA *** see it. 

CDR-EVA I mean, does it - - 

LMP-EVA I don't know. I have no perspective anymore. 

CDR-EVA I don't either. 

06 18 21 30 CDR-EVA MARK. Gravity. ... Okay; now let me get to work. 

Okay. ... My fender got a little kinked here, 
which isn't going to help us ... 

CC Hey, Jack, And we see your gold visor is up. You 

may want to put it down out here in the Sun. 

06 18 21 58 LMP-EVA Well, I think I might - I can't see with it down; 

it's scratched. Boh, I'll use it. *** I can moni- 
tor that one. Hey, I'm standing on a boulder track. 
How does that make you feel? 

CDR-EVA That makes me feel like I'm coming over to do some 
sampling. Think how it would have "been if you were 
standing there before that boulder came by. 

LMP-EVA I'd rather not think about it. 

CDR-EVA Okay; let's go. You got a spot picked while you're 

LMP-EVA Well, the big thing is, let's get those *** the 

boulder and then get in that east-west split. Bob, 
I got an undocumented sample from the *** boulder 
track . 

CDR-EVA Whew ! 

CC Copy that. Soil sample? 

LMP-EVA Soil sample. Gene, if you hit them off in there, 
it's going to be awful hard to find them. That's 
the problem. 

CDR-EVA Did you pick a spot - a good spot while you were 
over here? 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA Wo, I didn't. I just was looking at it. I think 
we need to get in the light, though. 

CD R- EVA I - I can see with my gold visor. 

LMP-EVA Let me put a sample in your hag. 

CDR-EVA Go ahead. 

LMP-EVA It's bag *** 3^. 

CDR-EVA This boulder looks fairly uniform from top to 

LMP-CDR We've got to get a reference sample out - this soil. 

CDR-EVA Let's get where we can get that 90-degree picture, 
too; so we want to get on the - really ought to 
get on the Sun side. Let me get that slab right 
there, though, to start with. I can get that one 
off. Well, there's no - let's go over on the Sun 
side because we can't really photograph it. 

i;' i<i :\i r >8 LMP-EVA Okay. I got to get out of here first. 

CDR-EVA Let's go through the split. 

LMP-EVA Well, okay. Be careful, though. *** sample the 
split first so we don't - - 

CDR-EVA Look at that overhang. Man, I tell you, if you 

can get your shovel down there, you'd have a ball. 

LMP-EVA Yes, let's sample in the split first *** we don't 
get it too messed up. And then we can sample some 
of this stuff. Hot - we want this overhang over 
here. Gene - the north facing one. 

CDR-EVA Right here? 

LMP-EVA Yes. I got to get - sneak by over there. Whoops! 
Don't shuffle too much dirt in there. 

CDR-EVA Okay. You by me so I can set the gnomon down. 

LMP-EVA Not quite. Don't think I can make it - without 
hitting you. ... 

Day 7 

CDR-EVA . . . 
LMP-EVA . . . 
CDR-EVA . . . 
LMP-EVA . . . 

CDR-EVA Let me set the gnomon down - - 

LMP-EVA Set it down just outside the shadow there. Right - 
Whoa - right there. That's good. There's still 
some good clean ground there. Okay. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I can get back far enough to take these 
pictures . I want to go get a stereo pan around 
the corner anyway. *** I can't start here with 
about 5/6. *** close. 

LMP-EVA Okay, I'll get a - 

CDR-EVA I must have a boulder . . . 

LMP-EVA I'll get it. Let me - - 

CDR-EVA I'm going to go around the cor - I got it now. 
LMP-EVA Okay. You got a bag? 
CDR-EVA All set. 

LMP-EVA Okay. I'm going to get the shadowed material. 
CDR-EVA *** bag 312, Bob. 
CC *** 312. 

LMP-EVA And it's - it's from - I think you saw where I got 
it. It's about a half a meter back of the limit 
of the overhang. Put it down. Put it down. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Can you reach it? 

LMP-EVA I will in a minute. You can turn it a little bit 
towards me. Okay; 312. And the soil outside the 
overhang will be next. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Go get it. 


06 18 26 55 LMP-EVA 




0 6 18 28 00 CDR-EVA 


Day 7 

And the first one is from the upper *** centimeters. 
Bag 313. 
*** 313. 

And the second one is from *** down - from 2 centi- 
meters down to about 8. 

Bob, it looks like the fragment just to the - or the 
boulder just to the south of us has some inclusions 
in it - ***-colored inclusions. 

Bag hj2 on that. 

Copy hj2 on that. You mean the south half of the 
split "boulder? 

Yes. *** seen inclusions in the other half. 
You happy with that, Houston? Let's get ... 

Got your hammer? 

*** see if I can't get right on top up there. 
*** happy with that for an east-west split. 
*** little hard, huh? I think - - 
I've got to find a corner I can get at. 
Yes . 

*** an after picture down in this hole. 

Oh, that's right. You almost stepped on the - T 
forgot the after, too. *** chips up here on top. 
*** that's been spalled off. We can get some of 
those, but - - 

Looks like somebody's been chipping up there. 
Looks like there's been a geologist here before us 

Day 7 ^^^^SfcfeL " 

CDR-EVA Let me get the gnomon. I think I can get seme of 
these pieces over here. *** get that 90-degree 
angular flight line around this boulder, too. 

LMP-EVA Bob, the more I look at this thing - Here's the 
piece that fell off. Here's the piece that was 
knocked off up there. 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA Look at that. 

CDR-EVA We ought to bring a big piece of that home. That's 
obvious - it's obvious - - 

LMP-EVA How about this one up here? Take your picture. I 
think we can just lift that off. *** 

CDR-EVA Stand by. 

LMP-EVA I'd better get : 

CDR-EVA I'll get a locator from here. 

LMP-EVA *** going to get my down-Sun, but I'm afraid I'll - 
CDR-EVA . . . 
LMP-EVA . . . 
CDR-EVA . . . 
LMP-EVA . . . 

CDR-EVA Just throw it in my bag. *** broken, but it's in 
place. That's a nice, big piece, too. It's about 
the size of a - - 

LMP-EVA *** put it in mine. I can't get a thing in it. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA . . . 

CDR-EVA . . . 


LMP-EVA Okay, Bob, there's a big spall lying on the ground 
here that has been knocked off up there, from right 
on top of the boulder. And, I tell you, the more 
I look at this - the south half of this boulder, 
the more heterogeneous in texture it looks . It 
looks as if it may be *** recrystalli zed breccia 
of some kind, or you had a gabbroic anorthosite - 
magma catch up an awful lot of inclusions. I guess 
I prefer the latter explanation because of the 
extreme vesicularity of the rock. 


Okay; very interesting. 

LMP-EVA Now, some of the - a few of the inclusions are - 
Well, they're all subrounded to rounded, and a 
few - And a few of them are very light colored. 
I 'm going to try - 

06 18 30 52 CDR-EVA I'm coming around the corner with a flight line 

LMP-EVA Are you going to do it now? Okay. Well, you know, 
I ought to get one shot back here with a black and 
white. I'll get this half black and white. 

CDR-EVA Okay, *** could get - - 

LMP-EVA I think we ought to pick up a piece of that spall 
there by the gnomon - 

CDR-EVA I can break it off. 

LMP-EVA There's one right by the gnomon there we can just 
pick up. It's a finer-grained vesicular rock 
than - wait - where - - 

CDR-EVA Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. 

LMP-EVA I thought I was going to get this half. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I don't care. I've started down, Jack. 

LMP-EVA Well, they like to have some of it in black and 
white, you know. 

CDR-EVA *** that rock. 


LMP-EVA *** to look at the objectives for this station. I 
hope we're meeting them. 

CDE-EVA Well, we want to get 500s of that boulder track. 
I know; I want to get that. 

LMP-EVA Okay. A piece of that spalled rock that was sitting 
by the gnomon - Oh, watch out gnomon. How about 
that? - is in - bag 535. 

CDR-EVA *** one in there already? 
LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA You won't be able to reach - - 
CC Okay. We copy that one, Jack. 

CDR-EVA You won't be able to reach my bag. 

06 18 32 08 LMP-EVA No, but you can' put it in mine. Can you reach it? 
CDR-EVA *** it. 

LMP-EVA Bob, one of the light-colored inclusions looks like 
it may be anorthositic - gabbroic anorthosite - 
*** my terms straight. The host rock has dark 
enough zap pits *** anorthositic gabbro, if I didn't 
say that. Some of the light-colored inclusions have 
slightly lighter colored glass, and they may be the 
gabbroic anorthosite. *** like this one and that 
one . 

CC Okay. I copy that, Jack. 

CDR-EVA Some of those inclusions get to be bigger than the 
size of a baseball. There's one here and a couple 
up there . 

LMP-EVA Let me borrow your hammer. 

CDR-EVA Yes. Jack, try a little higher. See that one right 
on the - right there. Right - Yes, that's a hard 
rock . 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA Yes, that's a hard rock. You might be able to do 
it; I can't. 

CDR-EVA ... We need some of the soil outside the shadow 
here . 

LMP-EVA Yes. How about over where your bag went? Let's 
move around here - I think there is some - *** 
Oops! *** this slope over here. Okay. How about 
out over here? Are we supposed to get a - *** we 

CDR-EVA I don't know. I'd like to get - When you face 
uphill, your camera faces down. 

LMP-EVA We want to get a rake on the rim of that little 
crater down there, I guess. 

CC Okay, 17. Roger. You were asking about objectives. 

Of course the primary objective is docu - docu- 
mented samples of the blocks; and then, also, we'd 
like to get some of the rake and soil sample out 
in the surface, namely, the rim crater there, if 
that's available. And one of the things, of course, 
we're looking for is the variety of rocks here, if 
there's more than just the one boulder. You can 
sample the boulder for a while, but we would be 
interested in seeing if there is more than just the 
single type of rock. Probably, also, samples from 
both sides - both halves of the rock. What we said 
this morning in terms of - - 

06 18 35 18 LMP-EVA Come on up here, Geno. 

cc - - combining stations 6 and 7 to an hour and 

20 minutes - 

CDR-EVA Okay. 
LMP-EVA If you can. 

And so it's sort of your option as to how much time 
you spend here and how much you go on to station 7 
and spend. If you feel that it's worthwhile, we 
could spend essentially all that hour and 20 minutes 
at this station. But If we did that, we'd like to 
get a fair variety of blocks, if they're available. 

Day T 


06 18 35 38 IMP -EVA Okay. Geno, we sampled some of the light-colored 

group - As a matter of fact, this block looks 
different . 

CDR-EVA Well, so does that big one - - 
LMP-EVA It's grayer. 

CDR-EVA That's why I've been photographing it. 

LMP-EVA What it is, I think - it's a big blue-gray rock - 
itself is crystalline, I believe. The inclusions 
are much more sharply defined, and it's nonvesicular; 
and it's included, or at least it's in contact with 
the very vesicular anorthositic gabbro - *** there. 
See that? 

CDR-EVA Yes, the whole big one. I just ... 
LMP-EVA Did you get some pictures of it? 

CDR-EVA As I bounced around there, I took pictures of it. 

LMP-EVA Look, we can get some of that light-colored stuff 
in there, along with the blue-gray. 

CDR-EVA We ought to get as big a piece of that inclusion 
as we can . There ' s - - 

LMP-EVA See it up in there. 

CDR-EVA Yes. *** out of line of sight with them. We're 
behind a boulder. 

LMP-EVA Yes , sorry about that . But - - 

CDR-EVA *** got to get it. 

CC We can hear you loud and clear. We're just looking 

at rocks right now. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob, the boulder downslope is more of a light- 
gray vesicular *** boulder. The one Jack just 
talked about with some of the larger white inclu- 
sions is less vesicular, and it's a - *** a blue- 
gray rock. *** on my tail here, I'll get - - 


LMP-EVA The locator is of Henry. 
CC *** that. 

CDR-EVA Okay; let me try and get up there. *** We must 
be high enough to see something. I haven't even 
looked "back . 

LMP-EVA *** get a closeup before jou start *** 

CDR-EVA ... give them something a little different up in 
there too, Jack. 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA *** try and sample that. Okay. Let's get the - 

LMP-EVA You want me to get my scoop under there? Probably 
von't fall out. 

CDR-EVA *** many of these pieces as we can. I don't know- 
how many are going to come out. 

06 18 38 17 LMP-EVA (Laughter) 

CDR-EVA Outstanding! Outstanding! This whole thing will 
come out here in a minute. 

LMP-EVA *** it. I'll watch it. Got it? 

CDR-EVA Move your arm up or down. Okay. I got it in case 
we don't get another one. Hey, we're getting good 
at th at . 

LMP-EVA Yes. Can't hold that much longer. 
CDR-EVA Let me get up on this *** 

LMP-EVA Why don't we get a - get a bag out. Let me put 
these in a bag. 

CDR-EVA That's why I'm getting up here so I can 

LMP-EVA Oh, okay. 

Day 7 nnwnmii .i mum ■ 5-63 

CDR-EVA just get my balance. Bob, 556 *** the light- 

colored inclusions in the blue-gray rock. 

IMP-EVA It's chips. 
CDR-EVA Chips of it. 

LMP-EVA I think we lost that other one. That's good enough. 

CC Okay. Copy that. 

CDR-EVA I got it; I know where it is. 

LMP-EVA That's all right. It's not a lot of sample, but 

it's representative, I think. It looks a lot like 
that sugary rock I sampled yesterday, doesn't it? 
Found in the - that we sampled in the - - 

06 18 39 hi CDR-EVA Yes, it's pretty easy to break up; it's really not 

very coherent at all. 

LMP-EVA *** I thought last night, Bob, that I should use 

the word aplitic for a texture that we saw in that 
inclusion yesterday on the South Massif. 

CDR-EVA *** keep from falling on my tail - 

LMP-EVA Can you get a - - 

CDR-EVA I want to 

IMP-EVA . . . 

CDR-EVA ... beat up inclusion of some sort. Oh, there's a 
nice piece coming out. Oh, wait a minute - don't 
lose it. 

LMP-EVA I got it. I got it. 

CDR-EVA Got it. 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA Okay. We have another inclusion that, on the sur- 
face , has a more reddish-brown texture . Interior 
looks pretty much the same; it's a very light gray 

Day 7 

LMP-EVA This looks like a pieee of breccia. Looks like a 
fragment breccia that got caught up in this thing. 

CM-EVA Yes, well, the whole thing is obviously a breccia. 
I'd sure like to get that - - 

LMP-EVA Well, I'd say - I'm not sure; it's obviously a 
breccia. I think: it may - - 

CDR-EVA Well, look at all these things. 

LMP-EVA may be an igneous rock with breccia inclusions. 

CDR-EVA Well, okay, but - 

LMP-EVA Which is sort of in the same class. 

CDR-EVA Sort of makes a breccia 


CDR-EVA out of the big rock. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA Except you can 

LMP-EVA I can't get in there, Geno, you'll have to. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

06 18 1+1 08 LMP-EVA No way - 

CDR-EVA Let me - 

LMP-EVA *** it's easier for you. 

CDR-EVA *** give them a number on that? Wo. 

CDR-EVA It's - 5 - - 

CC Negative. 

CDR-EVA 536 . 

LMP-EVA Squash it - cramp it a little bit, if you can; a 
little more. 

Day 7 < PiH^Ml 5 " 65 

CDR-EVA Did you get that 536, Bob? 

CC Roger. 536 for the last one. 

IMP -EVA Okay; let's get some - - 

CDR-EVA Okay. Let's go get the host rock here. 

CC And - 

LMP-EVA How about that - How about that - whev - how about 
that piece? 

CDR-EVA How about this one, with the inclusion? Maybe I 
can get this one. *** may have been a little 
optimistic . 

CC Okay; and, 17, we'd like - Do you guys have a feeling 

that the two halves of the big boulder are different 
rocks? Or is it the same rock split? 

06 18 U2 11 LMP-EVA No, they're - they're two - they were all one 

boulder, I think. They are just two major rock types 
in the - whatever they came from. And I tried to 
describe that to you. We have the contact in the 
central boulder. They're really three big boulders. 
The central boulder had the contact between the 
light-gray rocks - or the blue-gray rocks and the 
vesicular anorthositic gabbro. 

CC Okay. And you guys have that pretty well photo- 

documented, right? 

LMP-EVA Yes, it's in pretty good shape. We're working on 
it still. 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA Try going on the side there, Geno. 

CDR-EVA Just went from the side, Jack. 

LMP-EVA That's enough. You got a piece of the - - 

CDR-EVA ... host rock. 

LMP-EVA I think you can get this one up here, can't you? 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA I wanted that one because it had that inclusion 

wrapped in it. *** high here for a minute. *** one 
are you talking about? This one here? 

LMP-EVA Yes, I just - *** come. Oh - oh - oh; okay. I've 
got it, I've got it. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA ... bag. 

CDR-EVA They're both host rocks; we can put them in the 
same bag. 

LMP-EVA No; let's don't. No, they're different places. 

537 is a chip of the blue-gray rock - of the host - 
the blue-gray host rock - And let me get that other 
one - 


CDR-EVA Oh - Be careful - 

CDR-EVA *** rock up while you're there. It's right at your 

LMP-EVA I will. 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA ... hammer somewhere. 

LMP-EVA Okay. And 538 is another sample of that material - 
a little dustier. 

06 18 hk 55 LMP-EVA That's the blue-gray 

CC Okay. We copy that. 

LMP-EVA That's the blue-gray, Bob, with the inclusions in 
it. Now the blue-gray, the more you looked at it, 
it looks like a - - 

CDR-EVA Give me your hand. Give me your left - your right 

LMP-EVA Huh ? 


DayT ^^^.v^w^ 5-67 

CDR-EVA Give me your right hand. *** over. *** over. 
*** over. 

IMP-EVA Well, I did. How do you want it over? 

CDR-EVA You kept turning it over in the same direction. 

Like that, so I can fix that. Okay. Now give 
me your hag, and I'll get it in there. 

LMP-EVA It - the blue-gray rock, on closer examination, 
looks like a partially recrystallized fragment 
"breccia. *** hard. 

CDR-EVA And I'm going to 

LMP-EVA Are you going to get the afters in there? 

CDR-EVA Yes, I'll get them. I want to do a little hit 
better documentation on this thing - Bob - 

LMP-EVA I'm going to go over and look at that contact. 

CDR-EVA I got a few closeup stereos of the inclusion *** 
tried to sample, and I'm going to see if I can't 
give you a little ... stereo around this thing - if 
I can stay on my feet. 

06 18 k6 30 CDR-EVA Do you read me, Jack, okay? 

LMP-EVA Yes, I hear you. 

cc #** reads you loud and clear, also. 

CDR-EVA You can see where we've been pounding on this rock. 
We didn't succeed in getting samples everywhere. 
And I'm giving you a 90-degree corner. 

LMP-EVA Bob, it looks to me like there are inclusions of 

blue-gray in the gabbro - in the anorthositic gabbro. 

CDR-EVA Are you saying you think this whole big 

CC Positively outstanding. 

CDR-EVA You think this whole big blue-gray thing is an 

LMP-EVA Yes, sir. And there's some little ones over here . 


Day 7 


Yes, but then within the blue-gray, we»ve got all 
these other fragments. 

06.18*7 23 LMP-EVA Well, that's right. It's just several generations 

of activity; and it looks like the gabbro, though, 
picked up the fragmental breccia as inclusion. Bob, 
I'd - It really looks that way right now. There's 

a - - 

CC Okay. Charlie is here mumbling something about it 

looking just like house rock [?]. 

LMP-EVA It's very crystalline. I'll tell you, it's not a 
breccia - not like house rock [?]. Not to take 
anything away from house rock [?], though. 

CDR-EVA Hey, Bob, there's a lot of mantling on a very 
shallow slope of a fracture here on one of the 
upslope rocks. I would assume it's just part of 
the talus picked up as its rolled down. But if it's 
worth sampling, you might think about it. 

Okay, Gene, if you can get that fairly readily, why 
don't you - You can perhaps just scoop it up with 
the bag. 


CDR-EVA That's exactly what I can do. And it'll be in my - . 

CC If you can get up to the rock, that is. 

CDR-EVA It will be in my flight line stereo, and it's going 
to be bag 557. *** take an after and show you 
where it came from. This is the easiest part of the 
rock in the world to work. Man, here's a big 


Okay. Copy that. 

CDR-EVA There's a big white clast. There's one on top about 
a foot and a half across, and here's one - must be 
2 feet across - 3 feet. *** in the blue-gray. Feel 
like a kid playing in a sandbox. 

LMP-EVA Well, Bob, I think I've done the best I can. I 

would - I'd say that they're pretty clearly inclu- 
sions of blue-gray in the anorthositic gabbro here 
near the contact. 

Bay 7 <sam&m&&mmk - 

CC Okay. And, Gene, your bag is hanging by one hook 

there. Be careful, if you can. 

CDR-EVA Okay. And I gave you 557, I believe. Didn't I? 

CC Or LMP - Roger. We have that one. And whoever is 

giving us 557 - 

CDR-EVA Okay. I'll have Jack fix my bag. 

CC And whoever is giving us 557j so - Yes. 

06 18 50 05 LMP-EVA Okay, Bob, by accident - I didn't think I could do 

it but I got a sample of the inclusion. And it's 
in bag 539- 

CDR-EVA Hey, Jack, that's your bag that's hanging by one 
hook. Let me go get it. 

LMP-EVA Oh, they're talking to me, huh? 

CDR-EVA Yes, because I didn't - 

CDR-EVA I didn't think they could see me. I'm way up on 

CC Yes . 

LMP-EVA And it's blue-gray with light colored - - 
CDR-EVA Put these in my bag. 
LMP-EVA - - inclusions in it. 
CDR-EVA All right. 

LMP-EVA But the whole thing seems to be pretty well altered, 
or metamorphosed - compared to the major rock we 
sampled - to the other blue-gray rock. This bag is 
terrible. I can't - it won't latch. 

CDR-EVA Man, there's a dark hole in there. 

LMP-EVA Don't let me - I'm not - 

CDR-EVA Here's another bag to put in there before you go. 

LMP-EVA Oh, okay. It won't latch. 


Day 7 


IMP-EVA Not at this angle. 

CDR-EVA *** thumb on one side, and I'll 

LMP -EVA It's dead or something. There, that's pretty good. 

CDR-EVA *** fix your bag. 

LMP-EVA Okay, Bob, I think that inclusion will give you - - 

CC And, 17 - - 

LMP-EVA - - an example of what this thing - what the anortho- 
sitic gabbro did to the blue-gray breccia. 

06 18 51 58 CC Okay. We copy that. And we're ready for you guys 

to leave this rock and press on and either get the 
rake soil and cores near that crater down below 
the rock just a 'shade, or else go on to sane other 
different variety rocks in the area. 

LMP-EVA ... Getting back up is. 

LMP-EVA *** what, Gene, I could go down there and start a 
rake, and you could come down there. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I - Yes, I don't think you ought to try and 
•walk back up, Jack. Let me get a pan from right 
here where I got this sample. 

LI-IP -EVA Okay. I'm going to come over and - *** get the 
rake and then get your gnomon. 

CDR-EVA *** my gnomon? 

LMP-EVA Get uphill a little bit, if you can, for the pan, 

so that you don't - so you see my other pan station. 

CDR-EVA Where was it? 

LMP-EVA It was over there in that crater, just uphill from 
the Rover. 

CDR-EVA I'm going up there. 


06 18 53 OU CC Hey, and, IT, we aren't all that gung ho about that 

particular crater if it's that much of a job to get 
down to it and hack up. Just - we just need a 
decent place for a rake soil sample and a single 
core . 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA Boh, we don't move around from here too much, I 
tell you, these slopes are something else. 

CC Yes. We agree with that, from what we see on the 

television. So use your judgment, and get them 
where it's the best place. 

CDR-EVA Well, you might take a look at me walking up. But 
I don't think I can get to the top. I just got to 
get a place I can get a pan from, right here. 
*** in this little hole. Okay; now I left the 
gnomon down there. 

LMP-EVA Okay. I'll have to go get it. I think they're set 
up right here near the Rover. 

CDR-EVA I think I'll go and save some water, back on 

CC Copy that . 

CDR-EVA Hope my lens is clean. Bob, from up here, *** 
mantle is not evident until you see the angular 
reflection up on the scarp. Very thin, light 
patches might be evident out on the valley, but not 
nearly as pronounced as I might have thought from 
this altitude. Oh, and there's Challenger. Holy 
Smoley. You know, Jack, when we finish with sta- 
tion ***, we will have covered this whole valley 
from corner to corner. 

LMP-EVA *** the idea. 

06 18 55 18 CDR-EVA Yes, but I didn't think we'd ever really quite get 

to that far corner. Not 2, but this other one. 
And we're going to make it. 

LMP-EVA Bob, that blue-gray rock near the contact with the 
anorthositic gabbro *** get some vesicles in it. I 
think they'll show up in *** pictures. 


Day 7 


Okay. We have that too, Jack. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I just ran out of film at l6o . And I'm about 
two pictures short of the pan, and they're upslope. 
I think I can cover most of that with the 500. 

CC Okay, Gene. You going to go to the Rover and change 

your mags now? 

CDR-EVA Well, Jack's going to need some help from me. 

IMP -EVA I'm starting to rake. 

CC Okay. Let me know when - - 

CDR-EVA Jack, if you got 

CC Let me know when you get to the Rover to change the 

mags, after you get done with that, and I'll tell 
you what mag to change. 

CDR-EVA Jack, if you got enough film, I'll just come and 
help you. 

IMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA Okay? 

IMP -EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA *** me to dust my camera, too, will you? 

IMP-EVA Don't forget to dust your camera. 

06 18 56 50 CC Okay. We'll keep track of that for you, Gene. 

CDR-EVA Okay. *** before pictures? 

LMP-EVA I'm getting them now. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA (Laughter) It ain't easy, McGee . 

CDR-EVA Man, I tell you, these slopes are great. I wouldn't 
mind being up on top coming down; but - hey, that 
boulder track is quite a trench. 


LMP-EVA Yes , sir. 

06 18 57 2k CDR-EVA That thing must "be a meter or 2 deep, huh? 

LMP-EVA Okay; the "big rake. Well, I think I'll try 

CDR-EVA Wouldn't it he easier to rake downhill. 

LMP-EVA It would, hut the stuff wouldn't stay in. 

CDR-EVA (Laughter) Well, I don't know. 

LMP-EVA It's a thought. 

CDR-EVA *** get that one "by the - - 

LMP-EVA Yes, I will. *** not really supposed to he selective 
ahout raking. 

CDR-EVA Well, you're not; you're just covering the area. 

LMP-EVA That's why I set up there. 

CDR-EVA A selective sample is better than no sample at all. 

LMP-EVA . . . 

CDR-EVA *** 558. 

CC Copy 558. 

CDR-EVA Bob, most of them are - - 

LKP-EVA Let me go another couple of flights [?]. 

CDR-EVA Okay. There's one a couple of inches. Most of them 
are an inch or so or smaller. They're angular to 
subrounded fragments. *** look like the inclusions. 
As a matter of fact , the ones that are broken open 
look like some of the light-colored inclusions we 
saw in the big boulder. The others are too dust 
covered to say anything about. 

LMP-EVA A couple of them look fairly coarsely crystalline. 
Okay. *** in there. 

CDR-EVA *** deal. *** three more. 

LMP-EVA Let me get an after, such as it is. Oh, we want 

CDR-EVA They want the soil here. 

MP -EVA Soil - that's right. 

4 It LMP-EVA Okay. You want to put that in? 

CDR-EVA Yes, I'd better put it in before I - *** Let's try 
for the soil. 559's the soil. 

CC Okay. Copy that. And, 17, our present plans from 

the back room are we'd like to get the single core, 
the 500 millimeter shots - and, I guess, maybe one' 
could do one, and one could do the other - and then 
we'd like to press on and do a short station 7, 
unless you think you have got a fair variety of 
rocks here. The feeling is to do that to take a 
look at a variety of rocks. 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Little more, little more, little more. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. I'll get the core and let Jack get the 
500. 559 is the kilogram of soil. I think we've 
pretty much covered the general variety we've seen 
here. I think we've seen most of them in that 

CC Okay. And so we'd like to go on to station 7, then, 

when you get the 500 and the core, in hopes of 
finding a variation of boulders along the front. 

6 CDR-EVA Okay. *** you get it. Okay. The after. Okay; why 
don't get the 500, and I'll get the core. 

LMP-EVA And the LMP's on 120. 

*** 120 there. And, Gene, if you want to change, 
we recommend magazine Foxtrot or Fran, as the ci^se 
may be . 

CDR-EVA Okay. Will try Foxtrot - Franny . Don't forget to 
get that boulder track. That's a good one. 

LMP-EVA I'm going to have to lean against the Rover to - - 

Day 7 


CC And while you're at it, Gene, you might remember to 

dust your camera there when you're leaning over the 
seat . 

LMP-EVA Let me look at your camera. 

CDR-EVA Oh, man, if this Rover wasn't here, we'd roll 

06 19 01 h2 LMP-EVA Hey, Boh, I think we could use an upper here if you 

want to save the lowers. 

CDR-EVA *** so, too. 

LMP-EVA Whichever you want. Do you want your - - 

CDR-EVA No, I'll get it. Why don't you get your 500, and 
I'll - - 

LMP-EVA Okay. But do you want a core? Watch the fender. 
CDR-EVA The core's in there, isn't it? 

LMP-EVA Well, there's some under my feet if you want to use 

CDR-EVA I'll use those. 

CC Stand by, Jack. We have three lowers and two uppers, 

so we'd just as soon use the extra lower here in the 
single core. 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CC That'll give us two uppers and two lowers left for 

doubles . 

LMP-EVA There should be a lower in there, Geno. 

CDR-EVA Yes. Bob, any special place you want that? Just 
out here on the slope? 

CC That's affirm. 

LMP-EVA You should have put the gnomon up. Well - 
CC That's affirm. Just out there on the slope. 

Day 7 

LMP-EVA *** any film to document 

I guess if you saw a crater or something, you might 
look at that, but primarily we're looking at the 

CDR-EVA I'll get it. I'll get it, Jack. Don'is worry. Okay. 

We have a couple of dents in our fen - in our wheels . 
That's better than having a flat tire. Did he say 
in a crater? 

LMP-EVA I'm not sure what he said. *** How do I get this 
doggone - 

CDR-EVA ... to come off? 

LMP-EVA You got to unlock it. 

CDR-EVA Yes, it is unlocked. 

LMP-EVA Okay. Now push down and turn. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I got it. 

LI-IP-EVA . . . 

CDR-EVA Well, why don't you lean against the reck? Go over 
there and lean against it. 

LMP-EVA Well, I have to do something. I was trying to get 
so I could lean against the Rover, but that ain't 
going to work . 

CDR-EVA The Rover isn't steady enough for you go lean 
against . 

LMP-EVA Well, it's steady enough. There's just no place 
to lean. 

CC Okay. And, Jack, and if you'll listen for a minute, 

I'll tell you some possible 500-millimeter targets 
the people have in mind. One, the LM, if you can 
see it from there. Two, Nansen, if you can see it 
from there. Three, Lara; and four, Shorty. In 
other words, I guess they're talking about looking 
along your traverse from yesterday. It would be 
mostly the back shots, apparently. And then, also, 

Day 7 fjpg|^|^W^^^j|J^g^g^^^^J|jp^j|^ 5-77 

the South Massif, and I don't know what you can get 
of "boulder tracks leading up the North Massif. And 
most of those will he looking downhill towards the 
LM, stations 2,3, and k. Over. Nansen, Lara, 
and Shorty. 

LMP-EVA I got you, Boh. 

CDR-EVA Yes, the LM is visible by the way. 

06 19 05 25 LMP-EVA Okay. I got a set of the - the - what looks like 

the outcrop from which the boulder came. I'm 
afraid they moved a little bit. Oh, I can't - 
That's it. I got a few pictures looking up the 
boulder track and then off to the right - to the 
left a little bit - and one off to the right. And 
I think -I'm not sure how well they overlap; that's 
just an awful hard shot. 

CQ *** good on that . *** done with that , have you got 

a frame count - or you're still taking them, I guess; 
it looks like. 


CDR-EVA Okay. My camera is clean. Magazine Foxtrot - is 
on about frame 2, and I cycled through it. And 
I've got the core all set, and I'm going to go get 
it. And I didn't hear where you said to put it, 




CDR-EVA Oh, man, you're easy. Anywhere. Wot the bottom of 
a small crater, huh? 

CC And did you get your camera any place? And did you 

get your camera dusted? 

CDR-EVA I got it all dusted and the mag's changed. 

CC *** 

CDR-EVA It's kk'Q. 

CC Copy that. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I'll even get you a picture of it. Oh me. 
Oh my. Oh me. Oh ray. *** the LM from there 1 : 

IMP-EVA Yes . 

CUR -EVA That core went in very easy, Bob. I pushed it in 
about a quarter of the way. And about another fi.' 
or six whacks, and it's in all the way. Okay. 
Come on out now, baby. 

IMP -EVA Okay, Bob. *** and station 3, and station 2, and 
what else. 

CC And any sort of outcrops you see in the Couth Ma:.. 

HIP-EVA *** we shot those. 

CC Okay. If you got those, fine. 

iMP-EVA No, I mean the other day. 

US" -EVA I'll try again. 

CDR-EVA Okay; and I got you a little soil me - 

CC Well stereo is stereo is stereo, I guess. 

LMP-EVA Well, but it's not stereo; it's right along the 
same line. 

CDR-EVA Little soil mechanics of the hole, which stayed 
intact; very nice and round. 

CC Okay. v/e copy that. 

if-IP-EIA Okay. man. 

CDR-EVA Yes, sir, we got a couple of iented tires . 
T/iP-EVA Ckuy. My hands have had it. 

IM-EVA You aren't go: ng to get anything else rut. of iw- if 
I keep taking pictures . 


Okay; good enough. And, Gene, what's e dented tir 

CDR-EVA A dented tire is a J i ttle - oh , a little golf bail 
size or smaller indentation in the mesh. ... 

Day T 


LMP-EVA Frame 31, Bob. 

CC That sounds like a dented tire; that's how it 

sounds . 

CDR-EVA That's sort of like what it is. 
CC Cappy - copy frame 31. 

LMP-EVA Okay. LMP was what? 120? I guess we can get to 
the next station with that. 

CDR-EVA Yes , I got a "brand new mag out . 

CC Yes ; Roger . 

CDR-EVA *** I'll need your rammer. 

CC And we'd like to get you guys rolling as soon as 

feasible there. 

06 19 11 27 LMP-EVA Yes, sir. It's our policy. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I'll need your rammer, so if you'll just 
turn right. 

LMP-EVA *** timing. Pin's out; core tube is safe. In full. 

CDR-EVA I knew it was. Okay. You take this and put this 
under your seat, if you want, Jack. And I'll get 
the TGE. Oh, let me put your shovel back on for 
you. I'll get it. 

LMP-EVA Get that? 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA Don't lose that. Boy, if you do - Okay. Did you 
give them the number? 

CDR-EVA Yes, they got the number. 

LMP-EVA Under the LMP's seat. 

cc We have it. *** under the LMP's seat. 

LMP-EVA (Laughter) I'm sneaking up on the TGE. 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA You need some help? 

LMP-EVA No. No, I was - just sneaking up; that's all. 
CDR-EVA ... let you lean on me . 
LMP-EVA No, I got it. 
■■>f> \[> U< SO CDR-EVA 670, 109, 801; 670, 109, 801. 
CC We copy that. 

LMP-EVA I wish we - *** I didn't do. *** doing that - Didn't 
get pictures of those foliated vesicles. I don't 
think the ones you had were in that kind of rock. 

CDR-EVA I don't want to lose that thing, so I guess - - 

CC Okay, 17, when you get hack on here, we don't need 

any charges, and we'll leave the SEP turned off. 

LMP-EVA *** sure. Did you turn it off, Gene? 

CDR-EVA Yes, I turned it off. I turned it off. Okay. Let 
me see. We want to move on to 7 here. Rake, talus 
documented core, you got your *** We got two pans * 
TGE, camera. Okay. We're going to head east and ' 
look for station 7 - block variation, contact change, 
and get a different sample of rocks. Okay. I sure 
want to get one or two of those nice ones in the 
"big bag while you're over there. 

LMP-EVA Open the gate, and I'll bring one . 

CC And 7 - Okay. And let me know when you get ready 

to get back 01. t:ie Rover there, 17. 

CDR-EVA *** isn't opening again. Should, though. It's all 
set right. *** right handle. 

CO *** 

put them under Jack's seat if it's easier. 

Okay. VJluix do you want done to the SEP while I'm 
here? Do you want the blanket stayed - left open? 

CC Okay; we'd - Negative. We'd like the blankets 

closed and taped down again, if possible, and both 
switches left off. We won't touch it again until 
station 8. 

06 19 15 22 CDR-EVA Oh, tape's not going to stick anymore; I'm afraid. 
LMP-EVA Big bag open? 
CDR-EVA Yes, it's all open. All set. 
CC *** try. 

LMP-EVA Get me a - ... sample bag for one here. It's pretty 
fragile . 

CDR-EVA Okay. Oh, that doggoned thing's not going to - 
That tape is full of dust now. Okay. Wait a 
minute, Jack. 

LMP-EVA Here, let me get this big one. I'm about ready to 
drop it. *** like a gabbro. 

CDR-EVA . . . bag 5&0 . 

LMP-EVA And 560 has an undoc - - 

CC Copy 560. 

LMP-EVA undocumented except by the pans - very white - 

looks like a crushed anorthosite. It looks like 
the - some of the inclusions in the breccia - in 
the gray breccia - gray and recrystalli zed breccia. 

CDR-EVA Jack, when you get around, and we close this gate, 
you might try and hit that - - 

CC Okay. We copy that. 

CDR-EVA - - top of that SEP down again. 

LMP-EVA I will. 

06 19 16 28 CDR-EVA Hey, Bob, you're staying keyed an awful long time. 

We can hear a lot of what's going on back there. 
*** That's got it. 


it's - 

CUR-EVA *** got it. Okay. 

LMP-EVA Oop, oop, oop, oop. Why'd that come off? 

CDR-EVA Well, because it's not locked. It's ... never vas 

LMP-EVA (Laughter) *** out. 

06 19 17 08 CDR-EVA Okay. We're moving. Sort of. 

CC And, before you get on, remember to close the 

battery covers if they - 

LMP-EVA Your camera lens looks all right, Geno. 

CDR-EVA Yes, I dusted it already. 


CDR-EVA Okay. Cover closed - 

LMP-EVA Okay. Do they want it on or off? Leave it off, 

CDR-EVA Leave it off, but try and close that cover as best 
you can. 

LMP-EVA *** that tape has had it. 
CDR-EVA I know it. 

LMP-EVA You want us to tape it again, Bob? *** with the 

CC If you can grab the tape right off, but don't spend 

a lot of time on it. 

LMP-EVA *** do with that tape? 

CDR-EVA It's under my seat. I'll have to - let me get it. 

CC Let's worry about - let's worry about it at sta- 

tion 7, if we're going to worry about it. Press on. 

Day 7 


CDR-EVA Yes. Let's - let's forget it nov. It's too hard 

to work on there, and it's not going to take Just a 
minute. It's going to take too much time. 

LMP-EVA I'm not sure I can get hack on here. 

CDR-EVA Well, let me give you a hand. We need any - we 
don't need any - 

LMP-EVA No. Nothing. As a matter of fact - 

06 19 18 26 CDR-EVA I can drive, Jack. 

LMP-EVA Why don't you drive down and get - so you're not 
You can get on - 

CDR-EVA You can go downhill very easy. 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Okay. Let me get the TV; the hattery covers are 
closed - - 

LMP-EVA Let me carry - 

CDR-EVA Why don't you just go down there. 

LMP-EVA I'll carry the Rover samples, just in case. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I'll get that out of your way, too. 

LMP-EVA Okay. I'll head down to that ... boulders right 
over there . . . 

CDR-EVA Okay. You might, if you get another sample - a 
large sample, you might grab it, and we'll throw 
it in the footpan here - and - and I'll see if I 
can't find a level spot to - - 

06 19 19 12 LMP-EVA I sort of ought to have my scoop, too. 

CDR-EVA help you get on. *** take too much; just take 

that . That ' s all you need. 

LMP-EVA How about letting me have your hammer, then? 

CC Okay; and, IT, can you verify that the - that the 

gnomon is back on the Rover? 


Cay 7 

CDR-EVA Gnomon is on the Rover. The TGE is on the Rover. 
LMP-EVA The rake. 

CDR-EVA The rake is on the Rover. The scoop's on the Rover. 

We got the - you put the core under your pan, right? 

LMP-EVA Yes, that's right. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I'm going to power up and see if I can't 
come down and get you. 

LMP-EVA *** walking downhill. Boy, that boulder track is 
impressive *** symmetrical. 

CC Okay; and, 17, when you get moving - when you get 

moving we want to get, and I quote, "a maximum 
variety of hand samples with a minimum amount of 
documentation, in a minimum amount of time at 
station 7." It's just an attempt to see what kind 
of variety we can get along the face of the front. 

CDR-EVA Roger. Okay. Well, I'm not sure I can get down 
without ending up in your seat. 

LMP-EVA Need some help? 

CDR-EVA No, uh-uh. 

LMP-EVA I shouldn't have left. 

CDR-EVA No, no. I don't need any help. I'll get on. That 
was easier than anything. *** getting one on the 
upslope side is easy. *** ought to turn my water 
off of MAX if that's where it is. *** cold. I *** 
run out today. Well, the roll indicator says 
15 degrees; and the pitch indicator says about 12. 
I don't know if I believe all that. Bob, you with 


Go ahead. Right. We're with you. 

06 19 22 06 CDR-EVA Okay. I'm rolling. Man, this is still a slope. 

Jack, I'm going to pull around and in the front of 
the way you're facing. 

Day 7 


LMP-EVA I can go dawn *** a crater over here. Don't 
drive through it. 

CDR-EVA Oh, there you are. This is much better. How is 

LMP-EVA That's great. 

CDR-EVA *** able to pick up lots of those fragments out in 
that field out there . 

LMP-EVA Be right with you. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Boh, I just came downslope reading 193/3.1 - 
just about 100 meters to pick up Jack. 

CC Okay; copy that. 

LMP-EVA Okay. *** U8 Yankee has a sample of about a half - 
one -third-meter boulder that . . . 

CC • • • 

CDR-EVA . . . 

LMP-EVA . . . 

CC *** that. 

CDR-EVA Oh, you just kicked a snowstorm of dust across here. 

LMP-EVA I'm sorry. *** fell, too. 

CDR-EVA Did you? You all right? 

LMP-EVA Yes . *** hammer? 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA I got to drop it in the pan here. *** on to it, 
I think . 

LMP-EVA *** help that one. 

06 19 2k 10 CDR-EVA *** get some more level spots. I can dust this thing 

back there. 

LMP-EVA *** on? 

CDR-EVA *** high. You're twisted. Go away from me one 
twist . 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA *** caught in something? Yes, it is. You're - 

Hold it - wait a minute - get up, get up, get up. 
You've got - you're sitting on - get up. 

LMP-EVA What am I sitting on? 

CDR-EVA *** get out. *** put this away. Wait a minute. 
Get up, out - all the way. 

LMP-EVA Oh, that thing. 

CDR-EVA Yes, this thing. 

LMP-EVA That's right. 

CDR-EVA That's where it's setting high. 

LMP-EVA I knew I'd forget that. Okay. Now, let me get this 
thing out. Okay. Let's press. *** latched. 

CDR-EVA *** set? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

06 19 25 3k CDR-EVA We're rolling, Bob. 

LMP-EVA LMP frame - is 130. 

CDR-EVA *** lot of static now? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

LMP-EVA Hey, you got a rock on your right. I guess you - - 

CDR-EVA Yes. I got them. I got them all. I got the low 
gain set. Hello, Houston. Do you read? 

Bay t mmmmBsmA* - 

CC *** read loud and clear. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

06 19 26 08 LMP-EVA ... field, not this block but there's sort of a 

collection of them - - 

CDR-EVA Yes . Way out there - - 

LMP-EVA way out there, about 300 meters or so. 

CDR-EVA Oh, at least. Yes. 

LMP-EVA Oh; going into the Sun, I can't see a thing to tell 
you about Wessex Cleft *** haven't already said. 

CC Okay. Station 7 is nominally 208 and 3.3, but it's 

any group of any significant boulders you want to 
stop at, in reality. 

CDR-EVA Understand. 

LMP-EVA Oh, easy. 

CDR-EVA *** like you're on a downslope over there? 

LMP-EVA Yes. I feel like you're about ready to spin out 
downhill any minute. 

CDR-EVA Do you? I don't feel that at all up here (laughter). 

LMP-EVA Bob, it's hard to give you much *** into the Sun 
the way we are. 

CDR-EVA We must be about 200 meters up the slope, looking 

at that little valley down there, Jack. Am I right? 

LMP-EVA Yes. I think you're right. The pattern on the 

slope *** doesn't look much different than on the 
light mantle . Matter of fact , it looks very much 
like light mantle, except for these large blocks 
that are in it. 

06 19 27 21 CC Okay. Copy that. And you guys may still have your 

visors up. We can't tell, but you might be better 
off with them down, if you've forgotten that they're 



Day 7 

LMP-EVA *** I can't see. My hands work just as well as 
my visor, as a matter of fact. 

CDR-EVA No, I can't believe - mine could be up. 

LMP-EVA You've got a crater right in front of you. 

CDR-EVA Yes. I got it. 

LMP-EVA Okay. That looks like a pretty good pile to work 
on . 

CDR-EVA Yes. Let's go over in there. 
LMP-EVA Hey, wait a minute. Okay. 

CDR-EVA Bob, what heading are you going to want me to park 
on? I want to get in that flat area, Jack, so I 
can dust the radiators. 

06 19 27 55 LMP-EVA Yes. 

CC ■ We have no constraints, Gene. This is going to be 

a very short station. Probably not more than 10 or 
15 minutes. But just to grab, as I say a maximum 
variety of hand samples with a minimum amount of 
documentation and a minimum amount of time. 

CDR-EVA Okay. We can do a pan, and pick up a lot of those 
small ones , Jack . 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Rather than trying to chip. 

LMP-EVA *** swing around down there? 

CDR-EVA Yes, I want to see us a little more level. 

CC Okay. We would like to have the TV camera and its 

mirrors and stuff dusted there, however. 

LMP-EVA I thought you were going to stop back there. 

CC But we won't do anything to the batteries. 

CDR-EVA Well, okay. I was going out - out here around this 
big one. 

IMP -EVA I'm sorry. I misunderstood you. 

CDR-EVA Yes. See, there's a lot of little ones up in here 
I want to - Okay. Do not do anything to the 
batteries. Understand. 

IMP -EVA I can't figure out where you're going to stop. 

CDR-EVA Right in here - right here to give you as much of a 
level spot as I can. *** about as level a spot as 
I can find. I'm inside the slope of a crater. 

06 19 29 03 CDR-EVA Bob, I'm at 200/3.3. 

LMP-EVA *** help you with the dusting, Geno? 

CDR-EVA No, I'll get it. Only one guy can do it. I just - 
we'll take - you take a pan before, and we'll start 
picking up some of those samples, and I'll take a 
pan afterward. 

LMP-EVA Well, let's see here. 

CDR-EVA *** what kind of variety we can get here . 

LMP-EVA There is another one of our blue-gray breccias, I 

think, over there; recrystallized breccias with some 
*** crushed anorthosite in it. I think right in 
here I'm going to take the pan at about - - 

CC And, Jack, what's your frame count? 

LMP-EVA 131 . 

CC Okay. Press on. 

06 19 30 21 LMP-EVA Bob, I'm going to take the pan at 11 *** so you can 

see the fragments that we are going to pick up here. 
Then we can take another one at - for location work. 

CC Copy that. 

CDR-EVA Should have it, Bob. 

06 19 31 07 CC *** TV. And, I repeat, we'd like to get some dust 

both on the mirror - dusting of the mirror and the 
lens of the TV; TCU and the TV. 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA Let me get you - let me get you out of the Sun. 

CDR-EVA I wouldn't do this for anybody but you, you know 
that . 

CC Looks good, Gene. Thank you. 

CDR-EVA *** what? I'm getting tired of dusting. % primary 
tool, the dustbrush and the hammer - and my head. 
You ready to start picking? 

LMP-EVA Picking. 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA You notice the temperature difference with that 
high Sun angle? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CC Roger. You're probably letting in a lot of infrared 

through that - without having that gold visor down, 
too. That's sort of an infrared shield. 

CDR-EVA Yes, but mine's been down all the time, Bob, except 
in the shade. 

CC Copy that. 

06 19 33 07 LMP-EVA Okay; 5*+0 is the first bag of selected samples. 

CC Copy that. 

LffP-EVA Okay. I'm going to leave it open, but don't let 
me - let me get - 

CDR-EVA Here, put that one in there. 

LMP-EVA Wait a minute. Let's get a bag on it. We're getting 
too many rocks we don't know where they came from. 

CDR-EVA I don't think it will fit. Know it? 

LMP-EVA Yes, we'll wrap it a little bit. ... it will fit. 

... fit. Okay. Bag 5hl is partially around another 
big rock *** collection bag. 

CDR-EVA Did you get pictures of this thing here? 

Day 7 mmmsmmmi 5-91 

LMP-EVA Yes; well, not the big rock yet. Not in focus 

CDR-EVA I got to do that. 

LMP-EVA *** collecting in this area. 

CDR-EVA Why don't you keep grabbing a few, and I'm going 
to - - 

LMP-EVA That's what I'm doing. 

CDR-EVA That's one of the blue-gray rocks, Bob. And it's 
got a *** colored fragment that runs the full 
height of it, about a meter and a half thick. And 
then it's got the gray *** gray rock on the other 
side. As a matter of fact, - Let me look at it 
closely. *** fragment in it all right. 

CC Okay. Copy that, Gene. And remember to document 

around the corner at your . . . get some photo 
documentation of the boulder. 

CDR-EVA ... going to get a closeup stereo of it. I'd call 
it a dikelet, if you pinned me down. 

CC Okay. Copy that. 

LMP-EVA Pin him down. 

CDR-EVA *** I could break a sample right off. Here's 

another one. It is a dikelet! *** three or four 
of them. 

CC Copy that, Gene. Very good. 

CDR-EVA Oh - me; oh, my. The material *** dike looks - 
Yes, it is, it is, it's not covering it. It's 
between the - it's between the - lighter-colored 
rock, and it's the blue-gray rock. 

06 19 37 03 LMP-EVA 5h2 is another bag of goodies. Gene, let me get 

rid of this . 

CC Copy that . 



Day 7 

CDR-EVA Oh, wait a minute. I got - I got - Well, maybe it 

isn't a dikelet. Maybe it's just a screen covering, 
a flow covering. 

LMP-EVA No, you got - They're - they're dikes. 

CDR-EVA Let me - let me - 

LMP-EVA They're little veinlets of - 

CDR-EVA Let me get this whole thing in a bag. I got a - 

I got a rock, Bob. It's fractured, primarily around 
the dike. It's in several pieces, but we're going 
to put it all in one bag. 

06 19 37 33 LMP-EVA 5U3. 

CDR-EVA Some of the men are going to have to assemble that. 

CC 5^3. 

CDR-EVA Here, I got - I got - Let me get it piece by piece. 

LMP-EVA Okay. We need to get a - Put one of those dikes in 
another bag. Bob, it looks like *** fraction of 
the blue-gray material has obviously - - 

CDR-EVA Rot too full. That's all right. 

LMP-EVA intruded. Huh? How, can you get that dike 

there? *** of it? 

CDR-EVA That's right. Yes. 

LMP-EVA *** get that? 

CDR-EVA *** right here. 

LMP-EVA ... you get more of it, right there. 

CDR-EVA Yes. *** soft white inclusion again. It breaks 
pretty easy. Oh, it's got to be a dike. Look at 

LMP-EVA It is. 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

Day 7 M&BfflmBSWm 5-93 

06 19 38 38 LMP-EVA Okay; 5kk. 

CDR-EVA Oh, yes, it is 'because I just broke into it. 

IMP-EVA Yes . 

CC Copy that. 

CDR-EVA I'm looking 

CC And we'd like to have you guys moving again in 
5 minutes to get to station 8 on time. 

CDR-EVA Yes, sir. 

LMP-EVA Looks like - although the blue-gray up on the hill 
looked like a fragment "breccia, if this is still 
related, then it's - "been some partial melting at 
some time . 

CDR-EVA There's a preserved contact between the dike and 
the - - 

LMP-EVA That's what I wanted. 
CDR-EVA - - white material. 
LMP-EVA That's what I wanted. 

CDR-EVA Why don't we get this big piece of dike now? 

LMP-EVA See if you can get - Whoa! Don't hit it again. 

There, you've still got some - still got some 
contact there. 

CDR-EVA *** some good contact. Man, that'll do it. 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA That'll do it. 

06 19 39 28 LMP-EVA Dike and intruded rock in 5^- Now, these dikes 

are a dark bluish-gray. And it looks like there 
are some - it looks like they're very finely 
crystalline - maybe with some - - 

CDR-EVA Get my bag. I'm taking some closeups. 


Day T 

IMP -EVA very fine phenocrysts . Okay. 

IMP-EVA We ought to get - Well 

CC Okay. We copy that. 

IMP-EVA We ought to get a piece of the normal gray that 

the dikes are coming from. *** your hammer handy 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA . . . 

CDR-EVA I want to get this - - 

IMP-EVA Go ahead. 

CDR-EVA - - finish documenting this thing. 

CDR-EVA Ah-ha! Ah-ha! ' 

LMP-EVA *** here on this side, it looks like the vesicular 
anorthositic gabbro. 

CDR-EVA *** get some regular pictures on this set. Okay. 
Here's the *** won't come off, this one will. 

06 19 h0 32 LMP-EVA And - Yes. 561. That's a - a sample of the gray - 

looks like recrystallized breccia that the dikes 
are continuous with. And - - 

CC Okay. And - - 

LMP-EVA Bob, that's my turn to say "and a." *** the 
vesicular rocks - - 

CDR-EVA *** finish the stereo around the corner here. 

06 19 ill 10 CC *** guys have dropped the scoop there on the ground. 

And we're ready for you guys to leave. 

CDR-EVA I know you are. 

CC And you might grab one FSR on the way out. 

CDR-EVA Okay. We'll do that. 

Day 7 


06 19 hi 3h LMP-EVA Okay. There's that one. The vesicular anorthositic 

gabbro is in 5 - What is it? 62. 

CDR-EVA 62. *** in there, and you take the - - 

LMP-EVA I got to get the scoop. 

CDR-EVA - - scoop, and I'll get the hammer. Then make sure 
your bag is closed, 

LMP-EVA Yes, I've got to check yours, too. Let me get 
uphill from you, though. 

CDR-EVA Wait a minute. *** me the hammer. Can you get it 

LMP-EVA *** one of the worst bags we've had - *** stay down. 
Probably - If we get time somewhere, we ought to 
change that out. 

CDR-EVA Two of the corners are - - 

LMP-EVA Yes , wait a minute - - 

CDR-EVA Well - *** doing? 

LMP-EVA It's okay. It'll hold for a while. Okay. 

06 19 h2 38 CDR-EVA Okay. Here's an FSR that's about - 

CC And, Jack, you're untied on one - One side of your 

bag is undone again. 

LMP-EVA Oh, I'll get it. 

06 19 1*3 05 CDR-EVA Here's a football-size rock that was 50 percent 


LMP-EVA *** grip it? *** Got the gate open. I'm going to 
get your bag. 

CDR-EVA Hey! Did you see the way I handled the hammer, huh? 
LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Takes you awhile to get accustomed to things. *** a 
little sluggish, too, Jack. Everything's so full of 
dust. Nothing wants to move anymore. 


Day T 

LMP-EVA Hey, that one looked like a piece of the gray rock, 
I think . 

CDR-EVA Hey, I bet I didn't push the gravimeter, here. Did 
I, Bob? 

LMP-EVA *** didn't tell us to. 

06 19 1*3 *+5 CC No, we'll get it at station 8. 

CDR-EVA Hey, Jack, you're going to have to close the gate, 
and I'll have to hold the big bag over the top. 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

CC And, Jack, before you leave, we'd like you to change 

mags before you go to - before you leave this 

LMP-EVA Yes, sir. I'll do that. 
CDR-EVA Wait a minute. 
LMP-EVA I'll get it. 
CDR-EVA Yes, but don't push. 
LMP-EVA I won't. 

CDR-EVA One of those lovely str - Okay, now you can push. 
*** it's locked. 

LMP-EVA It's in. 

CDR-EVA Wait a minute, wait a minute. *** not in there. 

*** re - This thing isn't - isn't - isn't - released 
all the way. Pull it out. This - that's what - 
Okay. There, you got it. 

LMP-EVA It went in. 

CDR-EVA Okay. That's the dust again. *** ... the bags, 

anyway? Let me get the bag out. Okay. Now shove 

CC Okay, and, Gene, you might get the - - 

^ ••' IHWIImllBHHH 

06 19 hk 59 CDR-EVA That's too much. Wait a minute, wait a minute, 

wait a minute, wait a minute. Let me - - 

06 19 U6 39 CDR-EVA Okay. Let me lift it up and do it. *** Wait a 

minute. I've got to tweak this thing. Now shove 
it in. Right now. 

LMP-EVA *** got it. Ho? *** play with it, and I'll see if 
I can change a mag. 

CDR-EVA Well, dadgummit! That latch is - 

LMP-EVA . . . ? 

CDR-EVA I'll lock it. I'll just push that latch - that 
latch is just sticking, that's all. It's just 
dust, I guess. I don't know what you do about 
those problems . 

LMP-EVA Okay. What magazine did you want, Boh? 

CDR-EVA *** latched. 

CC Magazine Mike, as in Mary. Gene, you might spend 

your time taking a standard T^-foot pan while Jack 
is changing his mag, if you got a chance there. 

CDR-EVA That's a splendid idea, sir. And that's exactly 
what I'll do. I don't mind going uphill because 
it's so much fun coming down. *** in my little 
hole here. Oh! That's stability. That's stability. 
Boy, Challenger looks a long way away. *** kilo- 
meters, huh? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA Okay. Mag's changed. 
CC Copy that . 

LMP-EVA Bob, those two bags with the goodies in them will 
have enough soil to be representative of the area 
we sampled, too; I think. 

06 19 1+T ^8 CC Okay; copy that. And did you guys get your bags 

fixed up there, Jack? We were concerned about 
your SCB for a while. 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA No. We have to do that. 
CDR-EVA We'll do it. 

LMP-EVA Look at my camera lens and see how dirty it is. 

CDR-EVA *** the other hook that came - Turn a little more 
left. No, it didn't - It didn't come off, I don't 
think - unless it - the bottom's off, but the bottom 
is not going to stay up. And it's not - You're not 
going to lose it. The tops are so tight you'll - 
Your bottom's loose, but that - That's because your 
harness shrunk a little bit. 

LMP-EVA Okay. How's my lens? 

CDR-EVA Let me - let me - let me do one 

CC Okay. It looked like, from time to time, guys, that 

only one of Jack's hooks was hooked. On the top. 

06 19 k8 37 CDR-EVA Yes. They're both on, and they're both tight. And 

I got the bottom hooked again, too. 

CC We copy . 

LMP-EVA Yes . Okay . 

CDR-EVA Bottom - But his bottom is not going to stay. 
LMP-EVA Okay. Check my lens. 

CDR-EVA Your lens is beautiful! What's mine look like? Can 
you see it? I know it's clean. Let's forget it. 

06 19 U8 57 CC And, 17, as you get around to the front there, Gene, 

would you dust the LCRU; we don't think you did 
that here and the top of the TV camera. And, Jack, 
would you take a peek at the SEP temperature for us? 

CDR-EVA I'm sorry, Bob. I already did that when we stopped 
at the station. 

06 19 hg 16 LMP-EVA SEP temperature is about - - 

CC Okay. It's been done - - 

LMP-EVA - - 115. 

CC 115- Press on. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA Jack, this is tied down everywhere. You're just 
going to have to watch it. 

LMP-EVA I will. *** in. Hey, we seem to do an awful lot 

of down-Sun driving for - or up -Sun driving for all 
the planning we did. (Laughter) 

CC *** we come home from station 8, then we'll take 

care of it . 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CC And, Gene, as you get started there, we'd like a 

couple of Rover "battery temperatures; at least one. 
We know what the other one says. And, Jack, we 
might get a frame count from you - Oh, excuse me, 
we already got that; thank you, hecause it's changed. 

06 19 50 hk CDR-EVA Well, okay, 110; and CDR, by the way, is about 73 

on the frames . 

CC Copy that. 

06 19 50 53 CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. I'd like the range and bearing to the - 

We're roll - We - 

LMP-EVA How did you get in reverse? 

CDR-EVA I don't know. 

CDR-EVA Okay. We're rolling, and I'd like the range and 
bearing to the next *** 

CC Okay. We want a heading of around 1 - we want a 

heading of around 125, and there's going to be a 
short - some - a small turn, I think it's at crater - 
the SWP Crater at 225 and 3. 1 *, there'll be a slight 

CDR-EVA That's what I'm looking for, 

CC That's a heading of 125 is what you should start 

out on . 



Day 7 

06 19 51 37 CDR -EVA I thought we were bypassing - - 
CC And 225 and 3.1* 

CDR-EVA I thought we were bypassing SWP. 

CC No, we just do that during the mission planning 

stages . 

CDR-EVA 225 and 3 A. Okay. 

LMP-EVA That's pretty close to nominal. 

*** got ray - Man, I tell you, this little navigation 
map I've got on my hand - cuff checklist is - is 
unquestionably the greatest thing that I've ever - 
done . 

LMP-EVA *** hard to tell where north is on it, though. 

CDR-EVA Trying my best to keep you out of those slopes. 

LMP-EVA That's all right. I'm learning to tolerate it. 

LMP-EVA Okay, Bob. We're pretty close now to - no, really 
not. We're still about 100 meters, I think, from 
where the break in slope is - with the plane. And - 
but we're away from the block population except for 
scattered - two great big blocks out ahead of us, 
this side of the SWP Crater. And - but the average 
population is down to the 1 percent or less, again. 
That average population really never changed up in 
here. Just the big blocks were around. I saw some 
little half-meter to one-third-meter, glass-lined, 
pit-bottom craters. 

CDR-EVA Look at the size of those things! Boy, aren't 
they big mamoos (laughter). 

LMP-EVA (Laughter) And it looks like they're probably the 
same thing that we sampled. They have the inclu- 
sions in them, white inclusions. They look like a 
mixture of gray and the - sort of a tan-gray of 
the - the gray of the recrystalli zed breccia, and 
the tan-gray of the anorthositic gabbro. 

Day 7 5-101 

06 19 53 53 LMP-EVA That must - Hey, look! There's Van Serg, blocky 

rim crater. That's the other side of Cochise there. 
See it? 

CDR-EVA Yes. Way over there. 

LMP-EVA Yes. Cochise is certainly a shallow crater, although 
we knev that. It doesn't have any - it only has one 
place I can see that has any "blocks on the inner 
wall of Cochise. Otherwise, it has a surface much 
like what we're driving on for walls and for the 
floor. One place on the south - southeast wall is 
a concentration of blocks much like we saw in Henry 
or in Horatio. But the rest of the crater seems to 
be pretty well mantled. Van Serg is a very blocky 
rim crater, *** blocks up on the rim. 

CDR-EVA Do you have a lot of static, Jack, or is it just me? 

LMP-EVA No, I think it's just you. People are always giving 
you static. 

CDR-EVA Bob, if you are still reading me, I'm looking at the 
Sculptured Hills, and I still have that - that old 
man wrinkled face appearance, even up close at this 
Sun angle. And those wrinkles go from, generally, 
upslope at the west to downslope at the east. 

LMP-EVA *** No, you're right at the edge of Cochise. 

CDR-EVA *** Right here? 

LMP-EVA Yes. Aren't you 

CDR-EVA No, we're not that close. Uh-uh . Cochise is up 
at - see that rim where those blocks are? 

LMP-EVA No, that's a small crater. 

CDR-EVA Oh, I'll bet you that's Cochise up there. We've 

got to go quite a ways yet to get to - This sideslope 
driving is really a tough - - 

CC *** range and bearing there, guys? 

06 19 55 ^5 CDR-EVA Okay. It's 210/3. h. 

5-102 h ^^fla ^K | ^^ p»a^ Day 7 

CC *** range and bearing. 210/3.^. And you should be 

somewhat north of Cochise there, as per planning, 
although you may he cutting south to try going 
directly up-Sun . 

LMP-EVA I guess that's some other - - 

CDR-EVA That's just a depression. I think Cochise is over 
that rim. 

LMP-EVA That's just a depression. Yes. *** getting warm. 

CDR-EVA Yes, I tell you that. Every hump you go over on 
that sideslope is just accentuated. 

CC Yes, we don't think you're anywhere near Cochise. 

LMP-EVA Yes. I agree. 

CDR-EVA Yes. I think it's over that rim up there. 

LMP-EVA That's just a Mg, shallow depression. 

CDR-EVA All I'm doing is flying the 3. ^-kilometer arc right 

LMP-EVA There's another one of those deep craters that's 
not - - 

CC Say again there, Gene. 

LMP-EVA - - that doesn't have a blocky rim. 
06 19 56 50 CDR-EVA Okay. 2lh/3.k. 
CC Copy. 

LMP-EVA That's one of the more striking characteristics of 
the mantle are these craters that look, as far as 
the diameter-to-depth ratio is concerned, like they 
ought to be fairly young. But there's no blocks on 
the rim, and they seem to be - have this mantled 
appearance, just like some of the large craters. 

CDR-EVA As I look up Wessex Cleft from just about abeam of 
it - Let me get over here - It still shows me an 
albedo change and a surface wrinkle-texture change. 


Day 7 


LMP-EVA And - yes, I think, so. I've got it at the same 
Sun angle more or less, on part of it there. 

CDR-EVA It's sort of a perfectly formed saddle in there. 

CC Yes. Okay. Copy that. You guys may "be getting 

just a little far north. You may want to head just 
a little south to avoid running right into the middle 
of SWP Crater. 

LMP-EVA Yes. I think we see it now. Is that SWP? 

CDR-EVA Well, I don't know. I don't *** see anything yet. 
Let ' s see. 

CC SWP will be at 22 - SWP will "be at 225 and 3.k. 

06 19 58 06 CDR-EVA Yes. That's my - that's what I'm shooting for, Bob. 

CDR-EVA I'm just flying a 3.h mile 

CC Okay. 

CDR-EVA - - or kilometer arc. 

CC Roger. I was going to suggest that, 

LMP-EVA Bob, there's something I haven't mentioned, but if 
one had time on the next program - - 

6 19 58 28 CDR-EVA I think that's SWP right there, Jack. It is. 

LMP-EVA - - you can sample secondary craters, and they tend 
to have blocks either in them or on one rim, sug- 
gesting that you could tell directions if you put 
your mind to it. Directions of the - where the 
secondaries came from. These are small ones. 

CDR-EVA Did we ever get a piece of glass in place? 

LMP-EVA Yes, I did yesterday. 

CDR-EVA Documented in place? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Okay. 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA That's what I was trying to protect in the SRC 

6 19 59 59 CDR-EVA Here's SWF, Jack. It's coming right up, and I'll 

go along the southern rim. 

IMP-EVA I wish I wouldn't lose - start concentrating. I'm 
forgetting to take my pictures. 

CDR-EVA I'll tell you, if we don't concentrate, we end up 

CC Roger, Jack. Don't forget to take your pictures. 

LMP-EVA Okay. I'll quit thinking and just take pictures. 

06 19 59 21 LMP-EVA There's a crater, that double pit-bottom crater. 

That's the first one of those I've seen. 

CDR-EVA Right here, Jack, you're going to be able to peek 
right over the top of SWP. 

LMP-EVA Right . 

06 19 59 3h CDR-EVA Right here. How's that grab you? 

LMP-EVA That's SWP , all right. SWP's a bigger hole than I 
thought it was . 

CDR-EVA Right. 

LMP-EVA SWP even has some blocks in the wall. 

CDR-EVA Yes, but the eastern and southeastern rim of SWP 

are just continuous - Oh - they're just continuous 
with the slopes of the Sculptured Hills. 

CC Copy that. 

CDR-EVA How does 238/1*. 2 sound for the beginning of 8? 
LMP-EVA Hey, you're - 

CDR-EVA May have to take these slopes just the most comfort- 
able way we can. 

CC 238 and 1+.0 we're expecting for station 8, the 

beginning of it. 238/1*. 2 - U.0, excuse me; k.0. 

Day 7 ^ffif ^S ^^jaga. 5-105 

CC And remember again, station 8 is a very flexible 

area. You just get to a place where it looks like 
it's feasible to sample Sculptured Hills . 

LMP-EVA That's right. 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Let me tell you, this Rover is a machine. I don't' 
know if it saw that hill we're climbing, but I did. 

LMP-EVA How's your - how 're. you doing? 

06 20 00 59 CDR-EVA Doing fine. I'm trying to get around SWP over here 

and start hitting that - - 

LMP-EVA East Massif has outcrops on it. I can see now on 
the north side. And they also tend to have linear 
upper terminations. And some of those line up as 
if there's roughly horizontal structure within the 
upper one-half of the East Massif. 

CC . Okay. Copy that, Jack. Stop thinking and take 
pi ctures . 

LMP-EVA Go by that little dark crater over there. There's 
a very blocky-rim small crater that 's a dark -rim 
crater instead of a bright rim like we'd seen some 
around that looked fresh. It partly may be the 
angle at which we're approaching it. 

06 20 02 31 CDR-EVA Bob, we're on the southeastern rim of SWP at 226 

and 3.6. 

LMP-EVA Why don't we get some samples of that material in 
there . 

CDR-EVA Right here? 
CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA *** driving toward the rim and then just - a shallow 
curve. Okay. Now, curve it. 

CDR-EVA *** spot? 

LMP-EVA Okay. Right. Just keep going, and I'll stop you. 
Whoa, straight in. Good, good. 


Day 7 

06 20 02 59 CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. 226/3.6. There's a - there's a highly 

fragmental, small crater about ho - 30 or ho meters 
across, right on the southeastern rim of SWP. And 
at - there's a - Most of the fragments are football 
size and smaller, and they're very angular. And 
probably the inside of that rim is 

LMP-EVA Turns out that they'll break. They're clods. 

CDR-EVA Are they clods? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA I guess that's going to be about 70 percent 

covered on the inside of the rim with these things. 

LMP-EVA It's all instant rock, but the crater rim looks 

dark compared to - to other fresh craters like this 
that we've seen. 

06 20 03 l3 CDR-EVA 50 Yankee. 

LMP-EVA Frame count is 

CC Copy. 50 Yankee. 

LMP-EVA - - 26. LMP frame is 26. 

CC Copy that. Press on. 

06 20 03 59 CDR-EVA Yes, you're - We are; we're rolling. 

LMP-EVA Yes. Your wheels are just chewing those things up. 

CC And, 17, we're hoping to go to station 8A, the 

northernmost section of station 8, if we can, of 

LMP-EVA Yes. I think - I think we ought to head just 
about - - 

CDR-EVA Yes. We'll get there. 

LMP-EVA Well, I think we ought to get below the highest 

peak up there because that seems to have the rocks 
on it. 

CDR-EVA *** one rock down in there. 

Day 7 m^mmWWSL 5-107 

IMP-EVA ... straight ahead. 

CDR-EVA See that one? Of course, I don't know where that 

came down. Doesn't look like it may have come down 
from the top. 

LMP-EVA Certainly aren't many rocks. It's certainly not 

like the old North and South Massifs. There's one 
big rock over there that doesn't look like it 
might "be - 

CDR-EVA Well, let's head that way. That's about where the 
station is, anyway. 

LMP-EVA ... I think we're starting to see blocks. That one 
is so - so unusual - 

CDR-EVA That's about the station. That's the northernmost 
station, anyway. There's another one there. 

LMP-EVA Well, this probably is - We can get the other 

smaller population around it. I'm worried about 
, that one being exotic to the Sculptured Hills. 

CDR-EVA Yes, it doesn't look like it rolled - 


CDR-EVA But I don't see any others, do you? 

LMP-EVA Well, there's some small ones up in there. Off to 
about the 2 o'clock position. But I think that's 
all. We're going to have to be satisfied with 
small ones. *** ones don't get down. There's some 
big ones way up on the slope. 

CDR-EVA Yes, I see those. 

LMP-EVA Watch it; crater. 

06 20 05 48 LMP-EVA Yes, let me get it for them. 

CDR-EVA Okay. We're at 227/3.9- 

CC 227/3.9. 

CDR-EVA I think it's worth - There's smaller ones around 
here, too, Jack. 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA Yes . That looks like subfloor from here . 

CDR-EVA What's it look like? If it doesn't look worthwhile 
stopping, I'll move on up over there. 

LMP-EVA Yes, it looks like subfloor. I would recommend 
that we - - 

CDR-EVA All right. 

LMP-EVA try to get up to some of those. I don't know 

whether we can or not. How's your - what's your 
pitch indicate? 

CDR-EVA Well, that doesn't mean anything. 

LMP-EVA See that - those two up there would he reasonably 
well up the slope. 

06 20 06 hi CDR-EVA Bob, no parking constraints on the battery? 

CC No parking constraints. We'll park at 0l*5, Gene. 

■ Or wherever you like, really. 

CDR-EVA No, I have to park about 0U5 because I've got to be 
pointing uphill so we can get out. Jack, I'm going 
to park - - 

CC Okay. Either - any place you want to. 0^5 is fine. 

LMP-EVA How about just that rim of that little crater there? 

CDR-EVA Well, this is so level right here, Jack, I'm going 
to just park it - - 

LMP-EVA Well, I was just thinking on top of that crater is 
closer to the - That's level, too, on the rim. 
It'll give them a view of the - a good view of the 
sampling area. I think we can - If we work on 
those blocks there, we're in pretty good shape. 
Bob, we're directly downhill, and that is from the 
highest point that I could see up on this first 
mass - first Sculptured Hill. 

06 20 07 38 CDR-EVA Bob, I'm parked at 026; bearing is 226; distance, 

6.6; range, h.0; amp-hours, 85 and 80 ; battery is 
1 - I think it's 115; and motors are all off scale 

Bay 7 ammmm®i*A 5-109 

CDR-EVA Wot really, but - Okay 

CC Okay 

CDR-EVA - -. - 230. 

CC And here , we would like - - 

CDR-EVA on the forward and off scale low, and 220 on the 

right rear. 

CC We copy that. We'd like to get the usual dusting 
here . 

CDR-EVA Yes. And I'm fairly level. 

CC Up front. 

LMP-EVA Not really. 

CDR-EVA (Laughter) I'm not", huh? 

LMP-EVA (Laughter) I just about rolled downhill again. 

CDR-EVA Oh, man. (Laughter) I am pointing uphill, aren't 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

06 20 08 1+3 CDR-EVA Well, at least we don't have a sideslope. Battery 

covers stay closed? 

CC And, 17, we'd like - Battery covers stay closed. 

But we do want the LCRU, and the TV camera, and 
the TCU dusted. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

CC And, IT, we'd like the SEP blankets opened and 

dusted one more time. 

CDR-EVA I think you're a dreamer, Bob, but I'll do it. 

CC Roger. We keep hoping. 

CDR-EVA *** your thing, Jack. It's going to take me a 
little while to get this dusted. 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA The first block I looked at here looks like 
sub floor gabbro. 

CC We copy that. 

CDR-EVA Should have it, Bob. 

CC Okay. We've got a picture. 

CDR-EVA You even sound better. Battery covers are awful 
dirty, but I will not dust them as long as you're 
happy . 

CC I don't think dusting the battery covers gives us 

any cooler batteries. 

CDR-EVA Well, I know; but it keeps the batteries from 

getting dust in them. I've had pretty good luck 
with them. They've been pretty clean. 

CC Roger on that. 

CDR-EVA You are dusted; and you're shiny bright all over. 

CC Okay. Copy that. 

CC We thank you. Ed thanks you. 

06 20 11 15 LMP-EVA And we all thank you. 

CDR-EVA *** if Ed thanks me, that's enough. A man couldn't 
ask for any more than that. Okay. I've got my 
thing - - 

CC I think your LMP just ran away. 

CDR-EVA *** go? Jack? 
LMP-EVA What? 

CDR-EVA Oh, there you are. I thought maybe you fell in 
that crater I'm looking at. Okay. I'm going to 

give you a TGE reading. 

CC Give us a mark . 

Day 7 OSmmPW! 5-111 

CDR-EVA Our fender's beginning to fade; and, uh-oh, the 

clip came off on the inside; that's what's wrong. 
We'll have to fix that before we start. The out- 
side ones hold hut the inside one's not. 

LMP-EVA Boh-o, all the blocks bigger than 20 centimeters 
that I've looked at up here are subfloor gabbro 
in appearance . 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA I've looked at about five. 

CC Did we get a mark there on the gravimeter, Gene? 

CDR-EVA Thirty seconds to go, Bob. 

CC Roger. I copied it. Just wanted to check. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Jack. You find anything up there? 

LMP-EVA Gene, I'm going to go up and look at this one 

rock. Why don't you set up and sample any one of 
these other big ones. They're all the same. Like 
the one near the Rover. And I'll go up and try to 
get this big one down there. 

CDR-EVA Well, okay. 

LMP-EVA It's the only one left to look at, but right now 
we're dealing with subfloor material, I think. 

CDR-EVA What about some of these little fragments that 
seem to be sitting more on the surface? 

LMP-EVA Yes, we're supposed to rake here. We'll get those 
with the rake. 

CDR-EVA That one up there, by the way, is sitting on the 
surface. These others are submerged. 

06 20 13 22 LMP-EVA Yes. That's why I want to look at it. 

CDR-EVA If you - you won't - You don't have a hammer, but 
if you need me, I'll come up there because I think 
that may be worthwhile. 

LMP-EVA I'll roll it down to you. 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA Yes . Thanks a lot . 


A reminder, IT. We'd like to have you leaving here 
in 30 minutes to make up some of the time we spent 
at station 6 and 7, a little extra. And we'd also 
remind you that we'd like a rake soil sample here, 
too. That may be the only way we try and pick up 
some stuff other than subfloor if that, indeed, 
has come down from the top of the Sculptured Hills . 

06 20 11* 19 LMP-EVA Okay, Bob . This rock is a Dig chunk of shattered, 

hut still visible, bluish-gray anorthosite. It's 
glass-coated, and it actually looks like it's 
vesicular. I'm going to roll it downhill so we 
can work on it. Well, I'll document it first. Did 
you copy that? 

CC Roger. I copy that. We'll be watching it coming. 

LMP-EVA Okay. But the point is, as Gene said, it's the 

only rock, big one anyway, in the area that I see 
that's perched on the surface as if it might have 
rolled here. 

CC Okay. Copy that, Jack. 

LMP-EVA But I don't see a track. 

CDR-EVA Man, this one here is tough as a - 

LMP-EVA Well, we can get some small ones. 

CDR-EVA Yes. That's what I'm going to do. I tell you, 
this one is so - 

LMP-EVA I thought you might be able to break it up. 

CDR-EVA Well, there's no - there's no corners on it. 

LMP-EVA Ready for this? 

CDR-EVA Bob, 563 is the sample. 

CC Copy, 563. 

CDR-EVA Over here to the - ... 

LMP-EVA Are you ready? Are you ready for this? 

CDR-EVA I'm not sure I am, but go ahead. 

LMP-EVA Go; roll. *** I would roll on this slope, why- 
don 't you? 

CDR-EVA Five-sixths gravity that's missing. 

IMP-EVA Hey, I'll bet you they would like, if I didn't 

step on it, sample out of the bottom of that thing. 

CDR-EVA These others all look - You're right, Jack, they 
look like what we've been sampling. And they're 
all pretty well mantled except the ones you got 
up there. There's one more piece I see on the 
side of that crater that may not be. 

06 20 17 hh LMP-EVA Bag 5^5 will be soil from under that anorthosite 

boulder. The only thing that bothers me about 
that boulder being subfloor - I mean at Sculptured 
Hills - is that it's glass-coated. 

CC Copy that . 

LMP-EVA It may have been thrown in here by an impact. 
Oh, you're here. 

CDR-EVA *** sample it, and then roll it down. 

LMP-EVA Well, okay. I never would have moved it if I 
thought you were coming up. 

CDR-EVA Well, I wasn't coming up; but I looked at some 
of those others, and there's only one more - 

LMP-EVA Okay. Well, I got it documented up in place. 

Let's - That's not the - I think that's the side 
that was down. Let me roll it over - 

CDR-EVA Well, let me get a piece of that side since it 

was underneath. Then we'll roll it over and get 
a piece of the other side. 

LMP-EVA Good thinking. Oh, okay; yes. Let's do it again. 
Except I got dust all over it. 

CDR-EVA Well - 

5-11 -'i 

Day 7 

06 20 18 3k IMP-EVA The albedo - the down-Sun picture's not going to 

mean much. Let me get this sample in your bag. 
I think we ought to change your bag because the 
stuff's going to start flying out. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA It won't stay closed. 

CDR-EVA Jack, after this one, there's only - there's one 
more in that crater. It may be from that crater, 
but I don't know, 

LMP-EVA How''s your hand for hammering? 

CDR-EVA Ohhhh ! 

LMP-EVA This will be easy. This will be easy. 

CDR-EVA The old hammering hand - 

LMP-EVA This will be an easy one, Gene. 

CDR-EVA Two pieces for you. 

LMP-EVA Okay. Let me - - 

CDR-EVA Oh, that's a pretty one inside! 

LMP-EVA Well, it's stained by the glass coating. 


06 20 19 36 LMP-EVA It's stained by that glass coating. 

CDR-EVA That's a pretty one inside. 

CDR-EVA *** that? Here, take my hand. *** I'm going to 

chop another piece off right here. 

LMP-EVA Yes, get more than that. 

CDR-EVA Piece right there. You've got three pieces laying 
around. Let's get those before we lose them. 

LMP-EVA Bag Okay. I got it. 

CDR-EVA Have you already got them in the bag? 

Day 7 



Cc We copy; 56U from the bottom of the "boulder. 

CDR-EVA Sure that's the bottom, huh? 

LMP-EVA Yes, it's got - mixed with local soil. I'm pretty 
sure. Let's turn it over. I think I'd recognize 
the top, although it's got dust all over it now. 

CDR-EVA I think I'll get one more swap off there. I don't 
want to seal this. Let me get another swap off 
there. I can get it. 

LMP-EVA Okay. Well, that disappeared. Get it this way. 

CDR-EVA One time. That disappeared, too? That probably 
went into orbit. 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Boy, is that pretty inside. Whoo! We haven't seen 
anything like this. I haven't. Unless you've been 
holding out on me. 

LMP-EVA No, this is a nice crystalline rock. 

CDR-EVA Okay, I see that one. 

LMP-EVA Where did that one go? 

CDR-EVA That's a good one. I'll go get it with my tongs. 

That's a good one. That one I worked too hard to 
get. Hey, I see how it makes boulder tracks. I 
just made one - it just - it just skipped along, 
made those little pothole craters as it went. 

06 20 22 28 LMP-EVA Hey, Houston. This is a - about a 50-50 mixture 

of - what looks like maskelynite or at least blue- 
gray plagioclase, and a very - let's say a yel - 
light yellow-tan mineral, probably orthopyroxene . 
It's fairly coarsely crystalline. 

CC Copy that. Okay. When you guys get done with that 

rock, we'd like to get to the rake sample, please. 
And that's probably just as well done by the Rover 
as anyplace else. 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA Did you get it? 
LMP -EVA Yes . 

CC We don't seem to see anything worthwhile here doing 

besides that. 

06 20 23 2k CDR-EVA Okay. That went in the same bag, Bob, as the 

other - rest of the chips from the bottom. *** 
chips from the bottom are in k6k. 

CC Copy. 

LMP -EVA Here, let me roll it over. Go ahead. Want to put 
it in? * 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA Oh, boy. 

LMP-EVA By coarsely crystalline, it's - probably, the 

average grain size will turn out to be about 3 or 
h millimeters, maybe - maybe half a centimeter. 
Hold this, and I'll 

CDR-EVA Well, I got to go get a couple of pictures. 

LMP-EVA Yes. Yes, we really got that one messed up. 

CDR-EVA Yes, I - 

LMP-EVA That's all right. 

CDR-EVA If you'd hold your scoop where that one came off 
it 'd help. 

LMP-EVA Yes. I was just going over there. 

CDR-EVA On that other side. 

LMP-EVA Just going over there. 

CDR-EVA This side is clear. That last one I took off. Okay. 

LMP-EVA Right there. 

Day 7 (mmmmmm 5-m 

CDR-EVA Okay, that's good. *** gnomon, and we won't roll 
it over on the gnomon. 

IMP-EVA Watch it. Oh, yes. That other side is the one 
that was up. Well, I'm not sure now. *** much 
dust on it. But let's - 

CDR-EVA It's not going to roll down that hill unless we 
got it on edge. 

LMP-EVA No. Did it come up to you? 

CDR-EVA Well, look at that glass on it. That's what you 
said, huh? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

06 20 25 01 CDR-EVA Which side was the glass on when you looked at it? 

LMP-EVA It's on all sides. It's on all sides. 

CC IT, there's probably not much point in spending a 

lot of time out here trying to decide which is the 

CDR-EVA We're not. 

CC It's not big enough, anyway, really to worry about 

the top and bottom samples. They're radiologically 

LMP-EVA Well, let's - If you don't want another sample, then 
we can go ahead. 

CDR-EVA Well, let me get a piece of this glass. 

LMP-EVA Righto. *** is. Okay. *** to get them. *** here. 

CDR-EVA Okay; a piece of the glass from it, Bob, is 5U6. 
With a little of the local soil. 

CC Okay. We copy 5^6. 

CDR-EVA Okay. We'll go rake. 

CC And now we're ready for you guys to rake, and I 

guess they suggest a crater rim, if possible. 
Probably over there near the Rover. 

LMP-EVA Okay, Now you got a sample of that big block 
down there, huh? 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA Okay. *** your gnomon. Whoo! Oh, boy. 
06 20 27 0U CDR-EVA Bob, on my frame count; 85. 

CC Copy; 85 for the commander. 

LMP-EVA Too bad I don't have my skis. 
CDR-EVA Jack, did you get a pan up here? 
CDR-EVA I'll get one. 

LMP-EVA Good; I forgot. I got interested in skiing. Whoo! 

Can't keep my edges. Little hard to get a good hip 

CDR-EVA Let's see, I must be looking back at *** SWP. Golly, 
I don't know. I'm looking back at the complex: 
Cochise and Shakespeare, and I can see the LM. 
Hey, Bob. One interesting thing up here, you can 
see the erosional pattern of the talus, the mantle 
that - I call it a mantle, but the talus that's 
on the Sculptured Hills, there's little - little 
boulder tracks of all sizes from all these little 
clods. And they all, of course, point downhill or 
nearly downhill. 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA Hey, Bob. In the interest of time, I'll document 
this without the gnomon. 

>6 20 29 05 CC I presume Gene's got the gnomon up there. 

LMP-EVA Yes. I should have brought it, but *** about it. 

cc Don't forget the gnomon, Gene. 

LMP-EVA Don't forget the Gene, gnomon [sic]! 


And we concur with documenting without the gnomon. 

Day 7 


CDR-EVA Wheel Boy, when you do this and you go downs lope, 
that first step is a long one. I'm having - This 
is the best way for me to travel. Uphill or 

LMP-EVA What's that? 

CDR-EVA Like this. Two-legged hop . 

LMP-EVA *** Yes . 

CDR-EVA And on level ground, I can skip. I don't like that 
loping thing. 

LMP-EVA Oh, the loping' s the only way to go. 

CDR-EVA Well, when I'm on level ground, I can skip. But 
this two-legged thing is great. *** cover ground 
like a kangaroo. Oh, okay. You documented already; 
I was just going to put this in the field of view, 
anyway . 

LMP-EVA Yes. Here on the after we can have it there. 

CDR-EVA *** ahout that? There's not much in here worth - 
Man, there's just nothing - This has been totally 
mantled with talus. Well, it is, because that - 
that downhill pattern goes right down the slope of 
this crater, and, actually, it goes upslope of the 
crater. This may be on a ray somewhere. Because 
it goes right downhill - this little ... boulder 
trail pattern goes right up the slope. 

LMP-EVA *** those are later than the crater by a long ways. 

CDR-EVA Did you - did you *** anything over here. 

LMP-EVA No, I haven't done anything 

CDR-EVA I'm going to pick up the piece out of that 

LMP-EVA Yes, get this - - 

CDR-EVA - - crater. 

LMP-EVA *** gnomon over there? 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA No. I'll just take it to it. Let me know when 
you're ready for a "bag. 

LMP-EVA Well, I'm about ready. 

06 20 31 52 CDR-EVA *** ready? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

LMP-EVA I went - I raked about a 2-meter square area - 
maybe - yes , about 2 meters , and down to k or 
5 centimeters for these. Pretty good population. 
*** to go in? 

CDR-EVA They're all in; 5 

LMP-EVA Wait, wait. 

CDR-EVA - - 5 - 565. 565. 

CC ■ Copy that. Sounds great. 

CC And this is a kilogram soil locations, fellows. 

LMP-EVA Yes , sir. 

CDR-EVA Jack, your bag is full; we're going to have - No, 
it isn't, but we ought to change it when we get 
back, anyway. And that one ought to go under your 
seat . 

LMP-EVA Oh, okay. 

CDR-EVA Get your kilogram. I'll be ready to take it. The 
kilogram is in 566. 

CC Copy that. And, remaining here, we'd have primarily 

a trench. If you fellows think it's feasible, we'd 
like to be moving in 11 minutes, 11 minutes. And 
we could use a pan from this lower location also, 

06 20 33 25 CDR-EVA Why don't you go back and dig a trench at the Rover? 

CC And we could use a pan from this lower location 

also, probably. Roger. That sounds good to us. 

Day T 


CDR-EVA Jack, why don't you do a trench at the Rover where 
we just scoop this out - - 

CC And we also remind you of getting a pan at the 

lower section there. 

CDR-EVA I'll get the sample here that I got documented now 
and - - 

LMP-EVA Did you? - Is that - Is that all going to go in 

CDR-EVA Yes, it'll go. 

LMP-EVA Can you twist it? 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA That rock may have been too much. Take that rock 
out, and - - 

CDR-EVA No, it'll stay. *** put it in mine, though. Well, 
let me try. Since we're going to unload your hag, 
this may he the last *** one. That's the last one 
for your hag. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA Did you get anything out of that little crater? 

CDR-EVA No. But I'm going to right now. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA Why don't you get your after picture over there 

and go down and get that trench. I'll come down - 

06 20 3h 32 LMP-EVA You don't want a hag? Okay. 

CDR-EVA I can - I can bag it - I can do it myself. 

LMP-EVA . . . 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA Boy, almost pure white and very friable. Oh, boy, 
is it! Pure white. *** a small little pit crater 
on the side of this crater I just walked in, Houston. 
And it's pure white, very friable. I got about - 
well, one big piece and several small in 567. 

LMP-EVA The walls of these craters, the big craters around 
here, that is, the ones that are, say, 15 meters 
in diameter, tend to be a little bit lighter albedo 
*** down in the mantled area. I'm afraid those 
pictures on that rake may be a little bit made - 
be through a dust-colored lens. 

CDR-EVA Yes, they were also in my documented sample here, 
too. Okay. Where do you want this trench? On 
the side of this crater? I'll drop my gnomon. 

LMP-EVA I don't know. I don't - *** thinking about that. 

I think - I think we - we - we ought to get out in 
the inner crater area to see if there's any stra- 
tigraphy to the - to - to whatever the talus is. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Jack. I'm going to leave the gnomon right 
here . 

LMP-EVA I '11 get it. 

CDR-EVA And, while you're digging that trench, we've got 
to pan to get, but I want to fix this fender. 

LMP-EVA I guess this - The pan's mine, isn't it, this one? 

CDR-EVA Yes, it is. And I want to fix the fender before 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA before we leave. 

LMP-EVA Let me know if you need some help. 

CDR-EVA Oh, I can get it. It's only the inner one and 


Okay. We agree with that, and you might get us a 
you might get us the gravimeter reading there, 
Gene, while you're at it. And if you have time, 
you might drop the gravimeter on the ground, and 
we'll get a reading with it on the ground as well. 

Day t EteWKqttgffiW^^ 5 " 123 

06 20 37 30 CDR-EVA Holy Smoley. The gravimeter's coming up. 670, 

096, 001 - 670, 096, 001. *** dropped on the 
ground, huh? Gently. I can't find a gentle level 
spot, but I'll *** If it takes pictures - or does 
it's thing on the Rover, it'll do its thing here. 
Okay - 

06 20 38 06 CDR-EVA MARK. . . . 

CC ... a check - Copy that . 

CDR-EVA It's fender-fixing time; it's camera-taking-off 
time. And I think I'll zap myself with a little 
cool water. 

CC And how's the trench going, Jack? 

LMP-EVA Oh, down. 

CDR-EVA Oh, man; I'll tell you. When you call for cold 

water, does it come in nicely. Whew! I'm really 
happy with this fender, really happy with it. 

LMP-EVA I *** have gotten a wall, now in one place that's 
standing about 25 centimeters high. It *** no 
apparent change in the texture of the soil to that 
depth; except possibly at the lower 5 centimeters, 
there's some zones that might be slightly more 
granular. Particle size may be up a little bit. 

CC Okay. I copy that. Probably just three samples 

then will be sufficient, then. 

LMP-EVA I think - I think so. *** four. 

CDR-EVA Be there in a minute, Jack. 

LMP-EVA Oh, that's all right. I can probably get started. 

CDR-EVA Oh, boy. 

LMP-EVA Need some help? 

06 20 kO 17 CDR-EVA No. Boy, we're sure giving this suspension system 

a workout. *** even see it. 

LMP-EVA Well, everything's getting awful dusty. 


CDR-EVA Boy, everything is stiff. Everything is just full 
of dust. There's got to lie a point where the dust 
just overtakes you, and everything mechanical quits 
moving . 

LMP-EVA Like scoops. 

CDR-EVA I'm not sure whether Detroit would like the fender, 
but it will sure buy the fix. Okay; it's fixed. 
And I'm happy; I like it. 

CC Okay. Copy that, Roger. We copy that. And copy 

it again. And we'd like to have you guys moving 
in about 3 minutes. 

LMP-EVA *** luck. 

CDR-EVA You need any help you get - bag those samples , : huh? 

LMP-EVA Yes, sir. I think I do. I can't adjust my scoop 
to my *** bagging method. 

CDR-EVA Let me get back on *** cooling here to - to save 
some ***. Okay, now. 

LMP-EVA Okay - the bottom 10 centimeters 

CDR-EVA Let met get your bags - I left my camera off when 
I - 

LMP-EVA - - of a - Well, shoot! I didn't take a picture 
of the trench after I dug it. Let me take one - 
one shot. 

CDR-EVA *** bottom? 

LMP-EVA That's the bottom. 

06 20 h2 25 CDR-EVA Okay. The bottom is in 5*+8. It's very cloddy. 

Looks very much like the surface we're standing 
on except it clods up quite a bit more. Can you 
tell them anything from the trench itself? 

LMP-EVA I told them - I talked to them a little bit about 
it, Gene. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

^ 7 mmmmmm --^ 

LMP-EVA It looked a little coarser grained, but that's all. 

CDR-EVA *** holds a nice wall, though. That's the kind 

of wall I expect those core tubes held. *** another 

LMP-EVA Okay. Skim of the upper - We'll see - how well I 
do - skim sample of the upper - half centimeter. 
Maybe a centimeter deep. Can you hold this? 

CDR-EVA I'm going to put it in your bag. 

LMP-EVA *** fit in there? 

CDR-EVA Well, there's no choice, right now. Let me see 

if these little ones will fit in there. Stand by. 
I want to put this one in there, too. 

06 20 h3 hi CDR-EVA That's in bag 5^9- 
CDR-EVA Okay. Try again. 

LMP-EVA Okay. The upper - below that skim, the next 
5 centimeters. Put it down, Geno. 

CDR-EVA I just put it over. 

LMP-EVA Well, I can't turn it. 

CDR-EVA 550 . 

LMP-EVA And the next 10 centimeters down - Can you get 
this one too? 

CDR-EVA Yes. Now, I got to get your bag. 
LMP-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA Okay. That was the next 10 centimeters, and then 

the first sample, of course, was the 10 centimeters 
below that . 

CDR-EVA And that last bag was 551. 

06 20 1+5 05 CC Roger. Copy that. We're ready for you guys to 

move out . 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA *** a pan here - while I clean up the Rover, you 
can get a - get your after of the trench in the 

LMP-EVA I will. 

CMP-EVA 1*11 get the TG and clean up the Rover. 
LMP-EVA What's the key that keeps 
CC That's affirm. We agree with that. 

LMP-EVA I keep getting keyed. 

CDR-EVA It sounds like Boh's stepping on his foot mike. 
LMP-EVA Yes, he's so excited he can't stand it. 
CDR-EVA You done with the gnomon? 
LMP-EVA Yes. Okay. I'll get the pan. 

CDR-EVA You get your pan, and I'll get the TG and clean up, 
06 20 !+5 k3 LMP-EVA Where - you took a pan up the hill there? 

CDR-EVA Yes. I took it way up there, somewhere. 

LMP-EVA Okay. I'll take it right here, then. Uh oh. 

CDR-EVA What? 

LMP-EVA Sample came out. 

CDR-EVA The sample came out? 

LMP-EVA I'll pick it up. 

CDR-EVA Yes, your - your top came open. It's awful full, 
Jack. If you can't get it, I'll get it with the 
tongs . 

LMP-EVA Go ahead and go to work, and I'll *** pan first. 
I lost two of them, I guess. 

Day 7 


CDR-EVA Yes, those are the last two I put in there. They 
just - your hag is so full they won't stay. *** 
them a reading here. Hey, Bob, can I move it on 
the Rover and then give you a reading? *** can 
I'll do it. 

CC As long as you're careful not to hit the button 

while you're doing it. 

CDR-EVA I won't hit the button. Just easier to do it that 
way. I don't know why I asked you; I know I can. 
Even this thing doesn't want to go on; it's so 
dusty. Okay. 

06 20 kS 36 CDR-EVA It's on and it's locked, and here's your reading. 

670 - 670, 117, 301 - that's 670, 117, 301. I've 
got to dust that thing the next time around. 

CC Okay. We copy that. 

CDR-EVA We've got to do some bag changing here. I'll get 
those things with my tongs. You can't get them - 
You'd have to bend over. *** you jump around, you 
come close to losing something. I'll just take 
them back there. Put them under the seat. 

LMP-EVA Okay. You want me to take that one? 

CDR-EVA No, I got it. 

IMP-EVA Okay . 

06 20 !*7 h3 CC You got another one dropped there, Gene - Jack got 


CDR-EVA *** 

CC Jack's getting it. 

CDR-EVA *** we've got to make a place in here for your - 

that full bag. *** small can over there, and core 
tube over there. 

LMP-EVA *** sample. 

CDR-EVA *** take your bag off first. 

LMP-EVA Well, you might as well fill it as full as you can. 



Day 7 

CDR-EVA Yes, I am. Holy Smoley. (Laughter) Turn - turn 
to the left. *** off. Let me fill it. 

LMP-EVA Your bag isn't in much better shape. 

CC Roger. We'd like to have you check the commander's 

hag. You might put them both under the seat there. 

LMP-EVA Well, we're running out of bags, aren't we? 

CC Okay. We've got one bag left - we should have 


CDR-EVA Okay . 

CC It was on the gate, right? 

LMP-EVA Yes. We - we could have put it under the seat. 

CDR-EVA Okay, bag number h - bag number k is - is absolutely 
full *** under Jack's seat. 

06 20 U9 hi CC • *** suggest that you take the other bag that's on 

the gate there and put that on either you or Jack. 
And also, the commander's bag is pretty full also, 
we suspect . 

LMP-EVA Why don't you put it on me? Mine gets full faster 

CC You might check Gene's bag anyway. 

LMP-EVA Stay there, stay there. 

CDR-EVA I'm trying to get the bottom hook. 

LMP-EVA Oh, I'm sorry. I checked it. He's got about six 
samples to go. And I just want to be sure that 
it's locked down. 

CC Okay. And 

CDR-EVA Turn to the left so I can get this other hook. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA It's not coming out; I guarantee you that. Now - - 

LMP-EVA Let me check yours one more time. 

CC Okay. And SCB 5 is one for the LMP if you want to 

take it off the gate. 

LMP-EVA I got it. 

CDR-EVA SCB-5 is on the LMP. *** nothing on the gate. 
CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA Well, I think that'll stay down, but it's not very 
good - - 

CDR-EVA Okay. I've got one more loose sample I'm going to 
throw in the big hag back there. 

LMP-EVA A local one, you mean? 

CDR-EVA Yes. Well, let me leave it under your seat. 

LMP-EVA Now, let's - Can I put a bag around it? 

CDR-EVA No, it's got a bag around it. It's all bagged. 
*** there. 

LMP-EVA Okay; that's good enough. 

CC Okay. Jack, while Gene's doing that, why don't 

you read the SEP temperature, or somebody read the 
SEP temperature anyway, and close the blankets. 

LMP-EVA Okay. I'll do that. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. Let's see, you got your readings 

06 20 51 19 LMP-EVA 120, Bob, 120. 

CC *** 120. 

LMP-EVA *** blankets just aren't staying closed. 

CDR-EVA Okay. 1 guess we're ready to head on out. Do you 


Day 7 

CC Okay. And, Gene, when you go to change the - when 

you got to change the LCRU, we'd like you to turn 
it to OFF - 0-F-F, on the POWER switch, the INTERNAL 
POWER EXTERNAL switch. And we'll he reading you 
through the LM. It will give you a chance to cool 
down the LCRU on the way home to station 9. 

CDR-EVA All right. 

LMP-EVA And, Houston, *** the temperature limit on the DSEA? 

CDR-EVA Do you read us , Bob, through the LM? 

CC We read you through the LM. Do read us through the 


CDR-EVA Yes. Not as well, hut we're reading you. 

CC And the temperature limit, Jack, is 160 . We'll just 

leave it as is until we get "back to the LM. 

LMP-EVA Okay. I was going to say, we could take it out and 
put it under the seat or something, but that sounds 
all right. 

06 20 52 50 CDR-EVA Okay. An EMU status check. I'm at 3.***8, and 

I got 1*8 percent, *** flags, *** INTERMEDIATE 

06 20 53 02 LMP-EVA And the IMP - - 
CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA - - is at 1+7 percent, no flags, **.8**» Hey, Gene? 
CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA What - Well, Bob, I guess - remind us to change 
the LRV sampler *** next station. It's almost 
out of bags . 

CDR-EVA Well, let's do it next time around. 

CC Okay. When you get on, Jack, you can give me a 

frame count as you start moving. 

LMP-EVA Yes. *** on. *** help? 

Day 7 


CDR-EVA Nope. 

LMP-EVA Go downhill. Get your feet downhill. 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA Okay. Let me help you. 

CDR-EVA ( Laughter ) 

LMP-EVA *** it. There's a crater right behind you. 

CDR-EVA I got it. I got it. 

LMP-EVA Here. Grab my hand. 

06 20 5U 09 CDR-EVA Okay, now, just push up on ray head. 

LMP-EVA I'm not going to do it too hard. *** backwards. 

CDR-EVA Just push up. 

LMP-EVA Okay? 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA Boy, are you - you got your pockets completely- 
filled with dirt. 

CDR-EVA Well, extra samples. 

LMP-EVA Do we throw those pockets away this time around? 

CDR-EVA Extra sample. 

LMP-EVA Are you a mess! 

CDR-EVA Well, that one was coming for a long time. 

LMP-EVA My hands are already tired from dusting you. 

CDR-EVA That one was coming. I keep trying to blow the 
dust off my camera, which is very frustrating. 

LMP-EVA *** ineffective, too. 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA Okay. Do we try that trick again? *** happened on 
an upslope getting on the Rover. I'm all locked 
in. Let me know when you are. How come we aren't 
deploying any charges? I guess the last one - I 
remember when that one is. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CC *** one at station 10. 

06 2Q 55 29 CDR-EVA Okay. We're heading to station 9 *** about 267. 

Okay, and they're reading us through the LM, so I 
won't worry about the low gain. We're powering up. 
The switch is on. Okay, I'm going to make a turn 
to the right. 

CC And the updated headings, since you're at the north 

end of station 8, will be something like about 2U0. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. 2k0 . 

LMP-EVA Bob, I think your *** sample here at the Sculptured 
Hills, is going to have to *** tale combined with 
the observation that most of the blocks we saw were, 
like Gene sampled, looked like sub floor gabbro. 
It's conceivable that the Sculptured Hills could be 
the same kind of material. I think it's fairly 
clear that the boulder population does not resemble 
the massif population at all. 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA ( Laughter) 

CDR-EVA You been riding on this downs lope all the time? 

LMP-EVA (Laughter) Yes, but 

CDR-EVA And you hadn't said anything, huh? 

LMP-EW* Scary, isn't it? 

CDR-EVA *** glad I'm driving. (Laughter) 

06 20 57 03 CC Okay. And, Jack, when you're not holding on with 

two hands, we'd like the frame count from you. 

IMP-EVA Yes . *** Serg over there? 

CDR-EVA Ahhhh - I think it's 

CC You have a bearing of 23h and a range of 2.1. 

06 20 57 27 CDR-EVA Okay. *** get around *** here and then 

LMP-EVA Well, let's - yes. 

CDR-EVA and then head on more westerly. 

LMP-EVA LMP frame is at 80 . 

CC *** 80. 

CDR-EVA SWP or Bowen, I mean - Bowen, I guess that is. 

LMP-EVA Well, *** SWP over there. Bowen is out here ahead 
of us . 

CDR-EVA Yes. ... he said two 

LMP-EVA Bowen - Bowen isn't much of a crater on the map. 

CDR-EVA 225 - What did you say, Boh? 225 what? 

CC *** it/2.1. Heading ought to be about 2^0 i 2h0 for 

a heading for there. 

CDR-EVA Did you hear him? I didn't hear him. 

LMP-EVA 2*t0. Are you not reading him? 

CDR-EVA But what did he say for bearing and range? That's 
what I'm interested in. 

LMP-EVA 2U0 heading. State bearing and range, Bob. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I got that. 

CC *** think you're even farther north than I was 

saying. Maybe it's about 215 would be your heading 
for there . 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. I'll find it. 23^/2.1. 

5-134 wirtniit ijiirTm t m r~f*iTTTH ^)a,y 7 

06 20 58 56 LMP-EVA And all the big blocks still look like subflocr 

from the Rover. *** big blocks in here are only 
about a - a third of a meter in diameter. *** 
subrounded to subangular. *** up on the plains 
again now, just off the break in slope. 

CDR That sure looks like - looks like outcrop out there 

on the East Massif on the lower slopes of it 
where the high albedo is. Doesn't it? *** there? 

LMP-EVA Yes - Yes. Yes. It does *** guidelines for the 
geophone deployment *** points *** that blue-gray 
rock there in the east end of the South Massif down 
low. Looks like it might have been a slump block 
or something. 

CDR-EVA Yes. You can see it's blue-gray because of its 
contrast with the light mantle. 

LMP-EVA Yes. It might be a slump block, or something - 
like that. 

CDR-EVA Jack, I'm going to go to the left. 

LMP-EVA You going to go soon? (Laughter) *** 23k 

CDR-EVA No, no. I'm going over here. This is closer. 
That's a shorter cut. 

06 21 00 0k LMP-EVA That's probably Bowen there, don't you think? 

CDR-EVA I think 

LMP-EVA Oh, well 

CDR-EVA Well, see, we never got too far - - 

LMP-EVA We never got very far from SWP. 

CC How about a - how about a range and bearing, guys. 

CDR-EVA Maybe we got too far east. Okay. It's 22 ***/3.k. 
*** moving along at 10 to 12 clicks. That's all 
it'll hack. 

LMP-EVA ***rain again. 


Day 7 


CC How about an amps reading? We haven't had one of 

those for a couple of days. 

LMP-EVA Got a crater ahead of you. 

CDR-EVA Oooh, hoy. 

IMP-EVA Down-Sun isn't much easier than up-Sun . 

CDR-EVA It's just easier on the eyes. You just can't see 
any more , that ' s all . 

LMP-EVA Have that static, huh? 


LMP-EVA *** still got an antenna; I haven't looked recently, 
CDR-EVA *** no holes in the high gain. 
LMP-EVA *** it on a rock. 
CDR-EVA Oh, boy. 

LMP-EVA Okay. The - we're hack into the mantle area 

population of fragments is still *** percent or so. 
The crater off to our left, which is at 227 and 3. 
*** 3? 

CDR-EVA 3.3; 227/3.3- 

LMP-EVA Is a fairly good-sized depression, but it's com- 
pletely mantled. There's no blocks showing in the 
wall at all. *** read, Bob? 

CC *** listening. 

LMP-EVA Now there's that crater in the wall of that de- 
pression or *** near it. And it has one big block 
in the side as if it penetrated the mantle and 
exposed some of the wall of the depression. *** 
about a 30-meter crater. Valley of Taurus -Litt row 
is not planar. 

CDR-EVA No, it isn't. 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA *** we changed it to a subfloor instead of a *** 

CDR-EVA ( Laugh te r ) 

06 21 03 16 LMP-EVA Okay. We're in the inner wall of the depression 

here, and the rocks still look like subfloor 
gabbro. *** certainly not much variety. *** few 
exotics . 

CDR-EVA Ooh, now that's got to be Cochise. 
LMP-EVA Ah, look at Cochise. 

CDR-EVA That's Cochise. Get yourself a couple of pictures 
while you're looking right at it. 

CC ... coming up on Cochise. 

LMP-EVA Could you swing right? Swing right. 

CDR-EVA Bob, we are on the *** - or northeastern rim of 
Cochise. I'm going to work my way around the 
other side. 

LMP-EVA And, Bob, looking at the 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA western wall of Cochise, *** see a contact 

within the subfloor between albedo *** one of which 
is a light tan-gray and the other is a light blue- 
gray. May reflect the two kinds of subfloor gabbro 
we've already sampled. Vesicular and nonvesicular. 
And that contact *** like it was dipping - apparent 
dip in the wall - was to the north. And the west 
wall dipping to the north about 20 degrees. 


Copy that. What - which one's on top? *** tell? 

LMP-EVA Yes. The blue-gray's on top. I'm sorry. *** 
picture of it - - 


Thank you. And you got a bearing and range there 
at the rim of Cochise? 

^ 7 mm&mmm - 

06 21 Ok 5k CDR-EVA Okay. We're at 228/3.0, and we're not -we're 

headed south and not quite on the - on the east 

CDR-EVA I'll give you a hack at the east rim. 

LMP-EVA Boh, I got a - a picture of that contact so. 

CDR-EVA I took some pictures right into Cochise, too, 
when we were coming up. 

LMP-EVA Good. It'll show on yours, too, probably - I hope. 

CDR-EVA Okay. We're sort of on the inner - 

LMP-EVA Quick; give them a mark. 

06 21 05 35 CDR-EVA MARK. 230/2.9. We're on the east rim. 

CDR-EVA We're sort of inside the east rim a little bit. 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA We're halfway between the rim and where the blocky 
wall starts . 

CC Well, don't get too far inside. 

LMP-EVA Did you get that, Bob? 

CC Copy that. *** that. 

LMP-EVA Cochise is much like Horatio and - actually, more 
like Camelot , *** not as blocky in the walls , in 
general, in that it *** blocky walls but a mantled 
rim. *** blocks down to about 20 centimeters are 
subangular, in general, and appear to be the - 
have the appearance of the subfloor gabbro, although 
most of the smaller rocks are not - do not appear 
to be highly vesicular. 

CC All right. We're copying that all. 

06 21 06 52 CDR-EVA We're at 232 and 2.?. 

CC Roger. Copy that. 

LMP-EVA *** it. 

CDR-EVA You know why - you know what happened there? 
LMP-EVA What? 

CDR-EVA I was just about to take a picture, and the minute 
you take your eye off anything - 

LMP-EVA Yes. I got another view of that contact, and let's 
put that - *** that on the northwest wall of Cochise 
and dipping to the south *** 

CDR-EVA *** and east is to our left. 

LMP-EVA No, no, no, no, no. Put it on the northwest wall 
*** to the northeast. 

CDR-EVA That's right. 

LMP-EVA Geno, can you see that over there? 

CDR-EVA Oh, yes. I can see it now between the gray and 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Oh, yes. I sure do. 

LMP-EVA Can you swing in there, and let me get another shot 
of it? 

CDR-EVA You betcha. 

06 21 08 28 CDR-EVA *** good view right here. 

LMP-EVA Okay now, I need to have you go left. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I got two of them in there, too. 

LMP-EVA Great. 

CDR-EVA Look at that rock right in front of us. It looks 
like a contact between a blue and a gray. 

LMP-EVA Oh, yes, there it is. Yes, you're right. 

Day 7 


CDR-EVA We can't get down it it, but take a picture. 

LMP-EVA Well, I think we've done - I think we've got that 
relationship. I think we got it at station 1, as 
a matter of fact , 

CDR-EVA But that's a big beautiful boulder on the 

LMP-EVA Yes, that's 

CDR-EVA inner rim - - 

LMP-EVA that * s ... a block . 

CDR-EVA - - inner south rim of Cochise. 


CDR-EVA It's a single block. 

LMP-EVA That's how you bend your tires. 

CDR-EVA Well, that's what it's for. Oh, that's a mou - 
Oh , man , would that be ... - - 

LMP-EVA Well, now, that might be glass covered. That might 
be a glass coating, the way it sort of hangs on the 
outside there. ***. 

06 21 09 18 CDR-EVA *** at 23V2.5- 

LMP-EVA Starting to sling dust. I wonder if we've lost our 

CDR-EVA No, they're on there tight. 

LMP-EVA You think that's Van Serg? 

CC Roger. Copy that. 

LMP-EVA There it is. 

06 21 09 36 CDR-EVA *** think you're right because that's just about 

the right place. Let's see, 23 h - *** is where - 
and 2.1 is where we want to go, and I'm at 230/2.5. 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA Okay; our 

CDR-EVA Pretty close. 

LMP-EVA our block population in - here now on the south 

rim of Cochise and it's - and up ahead of us *** 
it's up to 5 percent. And it's - all looks like 
subfloor - light to tan subfloor gabbro - or tan- 
gray. *** much blue-gray; *** on here. 

LMP-EVA *** recent hit. 

CDR-EVA This Rover is getting tested for what it was built 
for now. I'll tell you, it handles just the way 
as advertised, maybe even better. 

CC Okay. We think you guys are getting to the point 
we ought to swing a little bit west 

CDR-EVA Yes, I am, Bob. 

06 21 10 51 CC - - to make that 232/2.1. 

LMP-EVA We've got it. Tally ho. 

CDR-EVA Bob, that sounds good. I'm just navigating to it. 
*** where. I'll get there. 

LMP-EVA *** Tallyho on Shorty - I mean of Van Serg. How 
about through there, Geno. Thanks. 

CDR-EVA You want 23^/2.1. Okay. 

CC Let's not prejudge the crater too much. 

CDR-EVA *** wander factor in here has got to be 50 percent. 

CC *** about parking on the south-east rim. 

LMP-EVA Bob, you're cut - you're being cut out. I can't 

tell what you're saying. Isn't that where we want 
to go, over there? 

CDR-EVA 23 - Well, - - 

LMP-EVA Well, look - - 

^ 7 <9®fflffimmt 

CDR-EVA We saw the crater. We saw the crater. It's right 
there on our right. 

CC 23^ or 232. It doesn't make much difference, 17- 

If you see Van Serg, that's what we want. 

CDR-EVA Well, you're - Let me wander over that way. That's 
where I want to get, but I couldn't go there he- 
cause of that - - 

LMP-EVA There's a different looking rock there. 

CC And remember, we're talking about parking on the 

southeast rim. 

LMP-EVA *** think you're going to have to bear right. 

CDR-EVA Yes. That's why I - I've got to get through this 
field, though. 

LMP-EVA Yes , I know (laughter) . 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. We're still primarily in an *** block 
field here now. It's up to a 20 -percent cover, 
and - of fragments, mostly the subfloor. Some of 
it looks quite highly shattered. There's - I just 
saw one piece that looked like a white anorthositic 
rock. How's this look to you? We can go farther 
up there, I guess. Let me go farther up. 

LMP-EVA Well, okay. If you can get up. 

CDR-EVA *** little farther on the southeast. 

LMP-EVA *** apt to overdo it. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA There are - there is some - some grayish rocks 
that are - - 

CDR-EVA Oops! I centered. *** coming up here. *** right 
and park right here. 

LMP-EVA - - that have a - somewhat of a swirl texture. 

06 21 13 08 CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. We're at 230/2.2. 


Day 7 

CC Copy you parked. 

CDR-EVA *** 230 on that? *** bearing is 230/2.2, and I'm 

parked on a heading of 320, which gives you a better 

CC Copy 320 for the parking. 

CDR-EVA Yes, 3 - 330. 

LMP-EVA Oh, boy. *** harder and harder. *** also. *** 
what's wrong with it now. I might have got it 

CDR-EVA Here, let me look at it. 

LMP-EVA *** hooked, but not so I can get it undone. 

CDR-EVA Here let me look at it. I'd say stay put, but I 
don't think you have any choice. 

LMP-EVA That fender just curled under. That's where we're 
getting the dust. *** warp. 

CDR-EVA *** other fenders, talk about warping. 

LMP-EVA Did I get it twisted or something? 

CDR-EVA Yes, you did twist it when you put it on. Okay; 
squanch down. 

LMP-EVA I'm squanched. 

CDR-EVA Okay. *** twist in it. 

LMP-EVA *** makes a difference. 

CDR-EVA Sure does. Here. Your footpan's down, too. 

LMP-EVA *** lost Its stiffness in there. Okay. I guess 
now I'll plan for Shorty, huh? *** Van Serg. 


LMP-EVA Van Serg looks like a blocky rim, fresh-impact 
crater right now. Slight differences. 

CC Okay. We copy that. How about scuffing your feet 

and seeing if it looks orange underneath? 

LMP-EVA Don't worry. 

CC And, Gene, "before you go away, we'd like the rest 

of the Rover readouts , like the batteries . And 
how about a SEP temp readout before one of you guys 
leave there? 

06 21 15 U3 CDR-EVA Get - Can you get that on that side, Jack? 
LMP-EVA I will. 
CDR-EVA Should have TV. 

CC Roger. We have it, and I'm sure that Ed would like 

a good dusting job up front. 

CDR-EVA Well, there's so much - - 

LMP-EVA I'll dust it if you can't read it. I'll get it. 

CDR-EVA dust. I've got it. 

LMP-EVA I'll get it. 

CDR-EVA *** the gage. It's about 12 - 125 on the SEP. 

LMP-EVA Boy, everything is really bad now. 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA The fender warped. 

CDR-EVA Yes, the fender cut - dug under. See if you can 
straighten it out. Okay. Amp hours, 82 and 80 . 

CC Okay; and leave the cover - - 

CDR-EVA *** 122 and off scale low. Forwards are 210, 2k0 . 
Rears are 225 and 2 - 220. 

CC Okay . We copy that . 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA That's just a sample of the kind of - kind of dust 
we would have got, Jack, if we hadn't of had that 
fender yesterday. *** almost worn out. 

LMP-EVA *** get a dustbrush, and let's check our camera. 

CDR-EVA *** you are, and I'll give you a zappereno *** are. 

LMP-EVA Okay; how many hags do I have? 

CDR-EVA I don't know, but I've got a lot of dusting to do 
here . 

LMP-EVA *** a lot of bags? 

CDR-EVA Yes. I must have *** four of them is all. 

LMP-EVA I'd better change my bag. 

CDR-EVA *** read the Rover. 

LMP-EVA *** an empty bag on me now, right, a collection bag? 

CDR-EVA Empty . 

LMP-EVA *** time do we have here? 

CC Okay, 17. We're looking at a nominal station 9 
here. You've got about - - 

CDR-EVA *** such thing as a nominal station anymore. 

CC *** be the first and only one of the traverse. 

LMP-EVA *** geology won't let it be nominal. Hey, I've 
got some new bags, Bob. And I guess I'm pretty 
good on film. 

CC Okay. We copy that, Jack. Okay. And you're going 

to get a radial sample here, so you might check 
your Rover sample bag supply. 

LMP-EVA That's right. I want to take that. 

CC *** check it to make sure you're okay. 

06 21 18 32 LMP-EVA I just did, and it's 123. 

Day 7 MXBBB&BBMUm^m 5-1^5 

CC *** enough . 

CDR-EVA *** want the SEP blankets? 

CC *** closed, please, Gene. As closed as they'll get. 


CDR-EVA *** riding with this thing off? 
LMP-EVA What? *** should te off. 

CDR-EVA Yes, it is. *** get much data that way. Even if 
it's hot. *** worried about getting it so hot 
it - - 

CC It's automatic. It turns itself off when it gets 

above 10 8, so it's not good anyway. 

CDR-EVA Are you kidding? We're - oh, boy. 

CC *** all day - It's been off all day. We've been 

hoping that it would - Since station 6, we've been 
hoping that it would cool down so that we could get 
some more data, but it's not, obviously. 

CDR-EVA It's not going to make it, Bob. 

CC That's obvious by now. 

CDR-EVA *** that's a shame. 

LMP-EVA This is starting to look like a geological survey 
expedition. The vehicles are all covered with 
dust. *** what's in there, 

06 21 20 1^ CDR-EVA I don't think I can read that, unless I dust it with 

a lens brush. Okay. Get my *** get by you here? 

LMP-EVA My - My bag look all right to you. 

CDR-EVA Yes, it's still closed. 

LMP-EVA Okay. Okay. What are we going to do here? We're 
going to go up there and sample on the rim, *** 
the floor, and miscellaneous, and - - 

< < < 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA Well , we are on the rim . . . 

LMP-EVA then you're going to take 500 millimeters when 

you get back to the Rover while I do a radial 
sample . 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA *** first thing we do is go up to the crater. Boh, 
I think the mantle objective here really is imma- 
terial and - because the - there's - the blocky 
ejecta around the crater covers - oh, boy - Well, 
it looks like it - it extends several hundred 
meters out from the rim - say a couple of hundred 
meters. We're quite a ways - we're pretty close to 
the rim. 

CC Copy that, Jack. We can see that. 

LMP-EVA *** up on the rim, Gene, and see what we've got. 
Tiptoe through the tulips (singing) - - 

CC • *** before you guys leave . 

LMP-EVA (Singing) I'm getting it right now. *** anything 
else you want me to do while I'm here? 

CC Negative. 

LMP-EVA Sure look like shocked rocks to me. 

CDR-EVA *** glass splattered on some of these, Jack. 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA We might even find some shatter cones. But don't 
tell anybody. 

CDR-EVA Well, I'll say one thing for old Van Serg, it's 
blocky. Whoo! 

06 21 23 20 CDR-EVA MARK. Graviraeter . 

CC *** that. 

LMP-EVA This is about - I think this is the only clearly - 
well, I won't even say that. This is at least a 
blocky - a large blocky rim crater. But even it 

Day T 

has the mantle *** ma - material covering the rim, 
*** buried rocks. *** down on the floor, as near 
as I can tell, *** the walls. The crater itself 
*** central mound of - of blocks that's probably 
50 meters in diameter - That's a little high - 
30 meters in diameter. *** the blocks are - - 

CDR-EVA Holy Smoley! 

IMP-EVA - - intensely shattered in that area, as the ones 
that are on the walls. *** see any *** organiza- 
tion of the blocks in the walls right now. *** 
possibility that on the west wall, there's an 
indication that there's slightly darker gray rocks 
*** about halfway down the crater. And that's - 
That level is coincident with what appears to be a 
bench on the northwest wall. And that bench - hints 
of that bench - *** continuous, but hints of it are 
around on the north wall and *** right below us - 
Yes, on the southeast wall. The *** rocks are 
pretty badly broken in many cases. And - well, I 
haven't seen any real glass yet. *** start looking 
at them a little more carefully. 

CDR-EVA That looks like a breccia right there in front of 
us . 

LMP-EVA Yes. There's some interesting patterns on the 
surface . 

LMP-EVA Wait, wait, wait. *** Geno , but - - 
CDR-EVA Okay? 

LMP-EVA *** I haven't been doing my duty on locators 
occasionally . 

CDR-EVA *** got it. 

LMP-EVA *** apart one of the - - 

CDR-EVA There you go. 

LMP-EVA very intensely fractured rocks. And it comes 

off in small flakes. *** this one because this 
will be the best oriented one for documentation, 
plus why don't you get that one you've got inside 
there . 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA Yes, I am. 

06 21 27 11 LMP-EVA Got a bag? Bag 568 is a fragment from the surface, 

That's a corner, I think, off the block that Gene 
documented here. 

CDR-EVA Yes; it is. 

LMP-EVA We'll get another sample - that'll be from inside 
the block. 

CDR-EVA *** real easy. Here's a whole big - we ought to 
take that just as is. 

LMP-EVA *** put it in your - put a bag around *** one end 
if we can. Here the other end is smaller. 

CDR-EVA Yes. Hold this - - 

LMP-EVA Let me hold this end. *** you put the bag on. 

CDR-EVA That's breccia, too. That's 

LMP-EVA Well, it's 

CDR-EVA Well, see that? See the white fragments in there? 

LMP-EVA Yes. It certainly 

CDR-EVA It's got a lot of very small 

LMP-EVA It - it looks like this big one over here. You 

know, it might be that the - these are - might be 
pieces of the projectile. I don't know. Because 
it doesn't look like - It's not subfloor. 

CDR-EVA *** down. 

LMP-EVA *** wrapped in *** if you put it end down, it may 
stay in the bag. 

CDR-EVA I doubt it. 

LMP-EVA What's the number? 

06 21 28 i+3 CDR-EVA It's a U80, and it 's a - a relatively tubular [sic] 

shape, and it's about - - 


Day 7 


LMP-EVA And it's going to 

CDE-EVA - - 10 inches long. 

LMP-EVA And it's highly friable. *** apart. 
CDR-EVA Oh, not so much. 

LMP-EVA In small chips. Well, you can - you did it with 
your hands there. I call that being friable, 
compared to what we've seen anyway. 

CDR-EVA *** let me get an after of that. 

LMP-EVA Let me get a - soil - soil right over here. The 

soil next to the boulder, down about 3 centimeters, 
is in bag 569. 

CC *** that. 

LMP-EVA *** the soil and chips *** two-thirds of a meter 
from the boulder - - 

CC *** that. 

LMP-EVA *** in bag 570. 

CDR-EVA *** here. You're going to step on your gnomon 
there . 

LMP-EVA I wouldn't step on my gnomon. *** very clearly, is 
a central mound. And now that we've looked at this 
one, the mound looks like it's composed of gray 
fragment breccias much like what we've just 
sampled - - 

CDR-EVA Jack . 

LMP-EVA dark gray. And again it might be related 

CDR-EVA Oh, excuse me. I didn't hear you. 

LMP-EVA - - related to the projectile. *** got to see if 

there is subfloor up here, or whether we're dealing 
with another unit somewhere. 

CDR-EVA *** after. I don't see any - 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA Well, the more coherent rocks - This looks like 
sub floor. 

CDR-EVA I don't see any orange material either. 
LMP-EVA Not yet. 

CDR-EVA This particular rock we've sampled has tabular 

fractures, and in one-half of the rock, they are 
definitely oriented. 

LMP-EVA Boy, I'll tell you, I don't - There's more dust 
on these rocks. *** to see a fresh surface. 
They're not as clean. That's subfloor. 

CDR-EVA *** even the floor of the crater is mantled down 

LMP-EVA You know, that seems - Yes. That seems liky a - 
What you got? A piece of glass? 

06 21 31 h9 CDR-EVA Yes, I think it is glass. *** it's glass covered - 

just glass covered. *** I've got an undocumented 
sample. It's about 2 meters left of where we just 
sampled. It's a glass-covered *** baseball-size 
rock in 571. 

06 21 32 12 LMP-EVA *** of these blocks up here *** are *** the more 

fractured ones, but even some that aren't *** a 
gray matrix *** breccia. And it looks like - 
Really, the fragments are quite fine. There are 
no *** rim anyway, we haven't seen any large frag- 
ments. The largest I've seen is about 2 centimeters 
But down in the mound you can see some fragments 
that are probably half a meter in diameter. 

CDR-EVA Jack, are you going around that rim of the crater 
up there? 

LMP-EVA I was just looking at rocks. 
CDR-EVA Well, okay. 
LMP-EVA We - we 

CDR-EVA I want to get a pan before we leave back there. 

LMP-EVA Oh, yes. We need to see if - we can get some of 
the subfloor. I'm not sure I understand what's 
happened here, yet. This should have brought up 
subfloor according to the theory, and it hasn't. 

CDR-EVA That looks like some of the - look at some of the 
breccias - the blue breccias with the white *** 
slabby white - with the fracture face with the 
white inclusions. 

LMP-EVA Down there. 

CDR-EVA Yes, down in the floor, Jack. 

LMP-EVA Yes, it has that appearance all right. Hey, Gene. 
Do you see that rock - - 

CDR-EVA That's a 

LMP-EVA - - that rock that's fractured in sort of a pyramid 
shape down there? Out here on the right - the 
right end of - of the floor down there - that big 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA It's sort of pointing west. 
CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA It's pointing east. That's a unique fracture, 

isn't it? And there's another one that's fractured 
almost in a - - 

CC Roger, 17. And we'd like to be moving from here 

in about 10 minutes, so we probably better be 
trending back toward the Rover, unless you're 
seeing something really great out there. 

LMP-EVA Well. Hey, Bob, we ought to - we ought to find 

out whether or not we got - whether - what the rock 
is here, if you've got a little time. 

CDR-EVA Jack, let me put this in your bag and - - 

CC Roger. You got - you got 10 minutes. I'm just 

telling you to start thinking about getting back. 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA Yes. We're always thining that way. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. One thing I noticed we do uncover. 

There's a lot of - oh, *** 3, U-millimeter-size 

fragments of glass we're kicking up all over the 
place . 

LMP-EVA Yes , 

CDR-EVA Little glass balls. 

LMP-EVA Hey, Gene? 

CDR-EVA Almost like Pele's - 

LMP-EVA Gene? 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA Can you come over here? I think there's some 
subfloor here. We ought to - - 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

LMP-EVA try to document it. But I tell you, most of 

the rocks are the - are the fine-fragment breccias. 
Let me see if I can't get one of those little - - 

CDR-EVA There's some glass. 

LMP-EVA Hey . 

CDR-EVA You see if they're like Pele's 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA - - eyeballs or whatever they are. 

LMP-EVA I think we can get some over here. If you're - 
if you're careful coming over here, we can get 
glass that looks like it may have crystallized in 
place there. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I'm talking about those little - little 
balls , too . 

LMP-EVA Whoo, take it easy. Take it easy. 

^itllgli iiiitf^f iffWMWrft 

Day 7 


CDR-EVA *** you? Right there? 

LMP-EVA Yes, but put your gnomon right over here, and we 
can get that for glass and that for subfloor. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Let me 

LMP-EVA But I'm not sure that is. *** breccia there. 

Everything is covered -with dust here, and it's hard 
to tell the types. *** the rocks we're seeing are 
breccias. *** that glass is in your stereo. 

06 21 35 k3 LMP-EVA *** careful with it. 

CDR-EVA Oh, shoot! *** any hags so 

LMP-EVA Okay; the glass *** a glass agglutinate. Oh, no! 

LMP-EVA *** that will survive going back now. It's a 
frothy - Glass agglutinate is going to be in 
bag U8l. 

LMP-EVA And - and it looks like a - almost like a cowpie - 
pile- type of bomb, *** if you'll pardon the 
expression. It's not flattened. It's - it's - 

CC I will. I don't know whether anybody else - - 

LMP-EVA - - it's an aggregate of glass in - or it's a pile 
of about four fragments, much like the one we're 

CDR-EVA *** want to get a good scoop sample here. Maybe 
can we get some of those little fine pieces of 
glass around. 

06 21 37 17 LMP-EVA And it looks like it's - It's in place from the day 

it was born. 

CDR-EVA Oh, *** I'm having a hard time with this one. 
LMP-EVA *** that rock right behind it. 

CDR-EVA *** not going to be able to get that one in the 
bag, I don't think. 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA Okay, Houston. My sample's in - 482 is a rock, 

but it doesn't look like subfloor. It looks like 
a blue-gray material we've been seeing, the 
breccia-type material. *** there's any difference. 

CDR-EVA *** in! 

LMP-EVA *** throw them in my bag. 

CDR-EVA *** scoop out of here, though, Jack. 

CC And, 17, why don't we get that scoop sample as the 

first sample of Jack's radial sample, 17? 

CDR-EVA Okay. That's right. You're getting a radial 
sample. That's fine. I forgot you were doing 
that . 

LMP-EVA Oh, man. 

CDR-EVA That's all right, Jack. That won't come out. Just 
put it in there . 

LMP-EVA Oh, boy. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Let's let that one be the last - - 
LMP-EVA Here's one. 

CDR-EVA Well, okay. *** last ones that you can take. 
Got a lock? 

LMP-EVA No. Stand by *** on that. 

06 21 39 hh CDR-EVA *** before you go back *** down after a picture 

here. And I want to get a pan of this thing. 
*** stereo pan *** your radial sample. 

LMP-EVA *** you take the after from there, and I'll go over 
here and - - 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA *** wait a minute. 

CDR-EVA You need the gnomon? 


Day 7 





06 21 1*2 Ok CDR-EVA 






Okay. I'm going to go over behind me and take 
part of the stereo. 

Where are you going to take your pan? Let me see. 

From - from behind me, where we were. 

Well, I think I'll just take my radial right from 
here to the Rover. 

That's great. That's great. *** that, and then 
you'll be right back at the Rover. 

And I'll take my pan from here, so you - - 

*** about four or five different modes of travel 
out here . 

I don't believe it. 

*** I'm out of film. 
*** film? 

150. *** clicking. Jack, I - I - I didn't get the 
rest of that crater down there. 


*** got it 12 o'clock and around. Well, shucks. 

I can get it. Well, I'm going to be out of film, 
too, here before long. 

Okay. Just don't worry about it them. Just press 
on with your radials. 

I've got - I got a good pan over here. Did you get 
the crater at all? 

I got the right half of it and probably two-thirds 
of it, so we're going to - I 'm just going to have 
to let that do. Okay. I'm going to see if I can 
get some 500s while you're doing that. 



Bay 7 

LMP-EVA *** isn't going to be an ideal *** sample, but it 
will have to do. Giddyapping over hill and dale 
(singing) . 

CDR-EVA *** you tell me what your primary desires are again 
on the 500, *** what we have? 

CC Okay. The primary desire will be the North Massif, 

the blocks, and the trail. *** gravimeter off 
again, and we'll *** surface measurement here, as 
well, to check against the Rover. 

CDR-EVA Okay. *** reading. *** I owe you one of those, 
don't I? 670, 037, 801; 670, 037, 801. 

CC *** that. 

CDR-EVA *** were going to do both of these things. I 

thought we were going to do one or the other. *** 
might as well do it right. 

06 21 1*1* 5I* CDR-EVA MARK it. It's flashing. 

LMP-EVA *** bag *** 52 Yankee is at the rim crest. 

CDR-EVA Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. *** to 
steady the 500, and see what happens. 

LMP-EVA Oh, I should have let you take this scoop back. Oh, 
no. Oh, me. Well, shoot! This isn't working out 
too well, Dr. Parker. 

CC Say again there, Jack. 

LMP-EVA This isn't working out too well. I've got to get 
rid of this scoop. 

CDR-EVA Just set it there and take your sample. We'll get 

06 21 1*7 1*3 LMP-EVA I'll take the samples going back. Just like in 

training; the scoop doesn't stay locked to the *** 

CC Okay, 17 . We'd like you to *** on. *** of the 

500 millimeters . *** give you some information 
here on mags. *** we're going to take *** the tape 
recorder here, and we'd like to get that all done 


CDR-EVA Okay; 85 is the mag count on the 500. 

IMP-EVA I think that's a smart move, Boh. I don't think - - 

CC Copy. 85 on the 500. 

LMP-EVA I don't think the radial sample's going to tell 

you much here . 

CC Okay. Let's take a - - 

CDR-EVA Jack, you ought to get a scoop of that dirt, though. 

LMP-EVA Well, there's one scoop - - 

CDR-EVA We don't have a scoop of it, do we? 

LMP-EVA Look what's underneath it. 

CDR-EVA Well, I don't know what's underneath it. 

LMP-EVA It's white. 

CDR-EVA *** to make sure we got some of those small glass 
halls . 

LMP-EVA *** a scoop of it. Upon the top. 

CC 17, we're anxious for you guys to get going. 

06 21 h9 50 CDR-EVA Okay. Here's your gravimeter reading from the 

surface; 670, 057, 101; 670, 057, 101. *** to 
change my mag at the next station? 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA Come here, Gene, quickly. We can't - We can't 

leave this. This may he the youngest mantle over - 
whatever was - - 

CDR-EVA Take pictures of it. I don't have any film. 

LMP-EVA - - was thrown out of the craters. 

CDR-EVA Take pictures of it. *** got to take 5 more 

minutes. We'll he right with you. What Jack's 
done is he dug a - a trench in a - the southwest- 
northeast direction, and he discovered about 


Day 7 

3 inches below - h inches below the surface - a 
very light-gray material. 

IMP-EVA Possibility here - Careful, Geno. 

CDR-EVA Yes. *** crust. 

LMP-EVA Well, I'm trying -I'm trying to get the - the 
upper portion there. There we go. 

06 21 51 02 LMP-EVA The first 2 centimeters, bag 1+83. The next 5 *** 


CDR-EVA Get some? 

LMP-EVA I got quite a bit. 

CDR-EVA That's enough. 

LMP-EVA I got quite a bit. *** got to put that away, 
don't you? 

CDRr-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA *** next 10 centimeters of the light-gray material 

and they're probably in 1+86 *** off. *** it is 
1+86, right? 

CDR-EVA 485! 

LMP-EVA 1*85. Okay. *** say 1+83, 1+81+? Okay. 

CDR-EVA *** Bob? 

LMP-EVA He's mad at us now. 

06 21 52 27 IMP-EVA Okay. The third sample is in 1*85. Okay. Whoops, 

sorry. *** possibility here is that the - this 
upper 6 inches of gray material in here is the 
latest mantling in the area and the light-colored 
debris may be what's left over from the impact. 

CC Okay; I copy. I understand. But we'd like to get 

you going. 

CDR-EVA I know. We're going. Okay. 

CC In case you didn't get the clue. 

Day T 


IMP-EVA What else? Magazines. 

CDR-EVA *** change them at the next station. *** Bob? 

LMP-EVA No, I've got to have some. I got to get some, or 
I can't take any pictures. 

CC Okay, IT- We need Jack to put on magazine Nancy. 

And we'd like, Gene, for you to pull out the DSEA 
tape recorder at this station. 

CDR-EVA Okay; I need a magazine too, Bob. I don't have 
any film at all. 

CC Roger. That'll be Bravo if you change yours here. 

You could change it at station 10. 

CDR-EVA I'll change it here. It's just as easy while 
we're in there . 

LMP-EVA You want Bravo , huh? 

CDR-EVA Bravo. And I'll get the tape - I'll get the DSEA. 
*** was outside there, I thought. 

LMP-EVA *** hold it on - long enough for me to get this . 
*** all at one time. That's all right. 

CDR-EVA I can't put that back in. I got - I got Bravo. 

LMP-EVA Okay. I got that one. 

CDR-EVA *** the dark slide out of Bravo, and it's in the 
dirt. I'm not going to pick it up. Okay. I'm 
changed. And I don't know what the mag count is, 
but let me get the DSEA. If this thing is true to 
form, I'm going to have to get *** tripped. *** 
what's *** got some rocks in that big bag. Okay. 
We're done with the SEP. DSEA is coming out. *** 
there's something on it. 

06 21 55 U3 CDR-EVA Oh, Jiminy Christmas! I can't even pick up that big 

bag to close the gate. I've got to - I've got to 
trip tht latch with - with tongs or something to 
lock it. 


Day 7 

CC And *** Okay; we've had a change of heart here 

again, as usual. And we're going to drop 
station 10 now that we've heard you so much, and 
we're going to get a double core here. *** to get 
the - some football-size rocks while you're doing 
that. But double core here, and then we're going 
to leave here and go back to the LM. 

LMP-EVA You don't want a - You don't want a - You don't 

want a double core here. I don't think we can do 
it, Bob. It's too rocky. 

CDR-EVA *** we'll get through that stuff you just trenched? 

LMP-EVA Well, I'm afraid there are rocks all through it, 
Gene. We can try, but - - 

CDR-EVA Let's try it. 

LMP-EVA Well, I don't like to try things that there is a 
probability of failure on - if you can - You're 
just going to lose some time. Okay; mag Nancy in 
on the LMP's camera. *** you can see the rock 
population here *** But we can try it. 

CDR-EVA Sure, if we get a single, we get a single out of 

LMP-EVA Oh, you're doing it, huh? 
CDR-EVA I've got it started. 

LMP-EVA Well, you're not even - Okay. *** going to debate 
the issue. 

CDR-EVA No, it takes too much time debating it. 

LMP-EVA Well, let's see how much time it takes. I hope 
you're right. 

CDR-EVA Okay; and we need a - we need a lower out of my 

CC Okay. And 

LMP-EVA Let me get the core . 


06 21 57 1*2 CDR-EVA A lower out of my bag is all we need. 

LMP-EVA Watch it. You're in a crater almost. 

CDR-EVA Yes . I want to get *** for you. 

CC *** have you guys moving in 10 minutes. And we'd 

like to also deploy EP number 5 here. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I'll start on 

LMP-EVA Is it the lower 5? The lower, right? 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA You got an upper? 

CDR-EVA Yes. Why don't you get 5 out, and I'll start on 
the core. 

LMP-EVA And I'll put it'*** right there. 
CDR~-EVA Okay. The lower is 50; the upper is 37. 
CC Copy. 50 and 37- 

CDR-EVA You got 5, Jack? 

LMP-EVA *** you put *** well *** gnomon away. Put it 

fairly near that trench. At least there is some 
documentation there. I'll try to have the pan 
going while you're doing it. Okay, Houston. *** 
to drive out of here? 

CDR-EVA I 'm driving out of here - - 

LMP-EVA Left or right? 

CDR-EVA I - I've got to go right. I got to go right. 

06 21 59 18 LMP-EVA Okay. Pin 1 is pulled and safe. Pin 2 is pulled 

*** Pin 3 is pulled and safe. 

CC Okay, Jack. And we'll document it back to the 

Rover; I guess is the best way. That doesn't look 
too hard, Gene. Until just now. 


Looks like you proved me wrong. 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA The first core was easy; the second one a little 
tougher; and then it got tough down at the end. 

LMP-EVA There, I'm getting a picture of you. Okay? 

CDR-EVA You got it from here? Okay. 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA *** but it wants to slide out. It's full. No 
rocks in it. It looks like just the same stuff 
we've "been traveling through. 

CC *** Jack. I think you better help Gene with that - 

recovering that core there where the finger is going 
to fall out. 

LMP-EVA You know, I think you're right. *** wait until 

I finish the pan, that's exactly what I'm going to 
do. *** capped. 

I didn't know what you were doing. Okay. 
06 22 01 13 CDR-EVA You hold - just hold the handle. 
LMP-EVA *** take this one. 

CDR-EVA *** very loose soil, Jack. And it's - just any 
little movement and you'll lose some of it. 

CDR-EVA Let me cap that end. Don't move it. 

LMP-EVA Oh-oh, you're - You almost knocked some out. 
Get your - You know where your thing is. 

CDR-EVA Yes, but I need you - That - That cap's on you. 
The last one's gone off the Rover. 

LMP-EVA That's all right. I'll stay here. Go put yours 
out there. *** move it. 

CDR-EVA Any little movement and that stuff starts 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA *** turn around. I'll get the rammer. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

Day 7 . rmittimiftyniw 

CDR-EVA Oh, man! Even these pins are getting stiff. *** 
Bob, The top rammed down - oh, almost halfway 
without any effort. Thank God. 

CC Copy that. 

06 22 03 12 CDR-EVA *** bottom rammed down about an inch. Okay, Robert. 

See. *** I'll get this. What was the last thing - 
let ' s see - we had to do? 

IMP-EVA A couple of football-size rocks. 

CDR-EVA You got the DSEA? 

LMP-EVA *** it. I got the charge. You got the double 

core. I got the double core. And I got one sample 
of a radial sample (laughter) . 

CC *** that's a unique one. And have we got the 

gravimeter back on the Rover? 

LMP-EVA Yes; it's on. And we want to get a large block. 

CC Okay. Copy that. 

CDR-EVA No, let's get a couple of them. I've got - I've 
got one . 

CC There's a plea here for a SESC from the shallow 

trench. We'd also like to have you moving in 
k minutes. That's with wheels rolling in h minutes, 

LMP-EVA SESC , huh? I don't know if we can do that. We 
can try it. 

CDR-EVA Bob , we cannot get an SESC in k minutes and roll 
at the same time. 

06 22 Oh 29 CDR-EVA *** got to push this latch on the - on the gate 

to get it locked - on the pallet to get it locked. 

LMP-EVA Need some help? 

CDR-EVA Push the pallet while I trip the latch, will you? 

*** trip the latch. There's so much dust in that 
core. No. No. Wait a minute. *** up. Wait a 
minute. Now - Now that's where - Now let me *** 


Day 7 

IMP-EVA Yes . Yes . 
CDR-EVA Should be locked now. 
LMP-EVA That got it. *** got it. 
CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA Got a "big rock there, too? *** you know, the thing 
that amazes me is that there's no subfloor around 

CDR-EVA *** one here. 

06 22 05 ^5 CDR-EVA Okay. I'm about ready to clean up the Rover here. 

CC Okay, 17. What's out there in the distance on a 

hillside in the field of view of the camera? The 
camera is pointing at it. 

CDR-EVA *** there in the distance. Which hill? Let me see 

CC Oh, I'll bet that's the - that's the - that's the 

flag, I bet, on the charge. 

CDR-EVA *** you're looking right at it, but it's only 

10 meters away. You're looking right at the flag. 

CC It's hanging in front of the hills. That's the 

problem. Okay. It's hanging in front of the hills. 
We thought we had an artifact or something like 
that. Okay. Press on. 

LMP-EVA *** bag 1+86 is a light-colored rock taken about 

3 meters to the right of the Rover. It should be - 
you should be able to pick it out in that last pan, 
unless the focus was bad. 

CDR-EVA *** got all your TG readings? 

CC *** got that. We'd like to have you climb on. 

CDR-EVA You want the LCRU off? 


*** Jack, let's *** going. 

Day 7 fMWIlTl'il^ 5-1*5 

IMP-EVA *** knew, I don't think there is any subfloor in 
here. The rocks are so dust- cove red that it's 
hard to he sure, hut no rock I picked up looked 
like subfloor. 

06 22 07 25 CDR-EVA Get on there one time. *** three of them that time. 
LMP-EVA (Laughter) 

CC 17, Houston. Do you read me through the - through 

the LM? 

LMP-EVA You're loud and clear. I hope they came out. 

CDR-EVA *** twisted this time *** off. 

LMP-EVA Oh, let's see if old twinkletoes can do it. 

CDR-EVA Jack, there's a big *** right there *** floor pan. 
*** I did last time. 

LMP-EVA Okay. I'm on; strangely enough. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Let's see. Okay. The charge is off to 
the *** 

LMP-EVA *** clear it this way or - - 
CDR-EVA Yes. I see it. 
LMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA *** they thought there was some more orange soil 
over there on the hills. *** this block field, 
we'll be able to *** little bit. 

LMP-EVA *** stand on time . 

06 22 09 23 CDR-EVA Well, we've been out about 5 hours and 20 minutes 

or so. 

LMP-EVA *** where are we headed, now that we are moving? 
CC That's affirm 

CDR-EVA Well, I'm trying to get around - trying to get out 
of the block field here, then I'll head back to the 
southwest. We going to Sherlock at all, Bob? 


1 .5. fc*. i. Ki * "s JL li ilx i^, i. * " 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA That must be Gatsby over there. 

CC No, we're going stright home. You can follow the 

steering home. And a reminder, Jack. We can get 
lots of photos. We've got lots of film left right 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CC And, 17. Gene, I guess you're the one that took 

the SEP out. If you could give me - do you remem- 
ber the reading of the SEP temperature when you 
broke it down? 

CDR-EVA *** even look, Bob. It was 125 - 125 when we 
started the station. 

CC *** that. 

CDR-EVA That's Gatsby there, I guess, huh? 
LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA It's not - it's not unlike Van Serg, though. Hey, 
you know that looks like mantling. 

LMP-EVA *** can get a *** rock - there you go *** a shot 

looking back to the northwest - - 

CDR-EVA Yes, I'll get that when I - - 

LMP-EVA into Gatsby, because it looks like the mantle 

streams over the - the side from the southwest. 
Can you swing to your right - get up a little 
closer to the rim, there? 

CDR-EVA *** a couple fragments in spots . 

LMP-EVA Look at that. See that? 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA See that structure. See how the - see how the 
mantle streams over - - 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA from the northwest. Can you get that? 

^ 7 E^m®$0%m 5-161 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA And from the southwest. Yes. Go ahead. Keep 
going. *** it. 

06 22 11 39 CDR-EVA *** 236/2.1. 

LMP-EVA *** what I 'm looking at is the - northwest *** 
Gatsby, where there's a very, very concentrated 
block *** on the inner wall, except where there 
are on the southwest three streams and on the 
northwest and north a continuous stream, if you 
will, on band, radial band, of mantle that is 
bur - appears to be burying that field, overlying 
and mantling the field. We got some pretty 
pictures of it, I think. 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA *** I'm more and more convinced there's a mantle. 
One possibility j I guess, is that, if it's a 
pyroclastic mantle, that in the lunar vacuum 
environment and with whatever volatiles we're 
dealing with, the stuff becomes extremely fine 
upon vesiculation. *** been on it all the time 
and not known it *** recognizing it. 

CDR-EVA As soon as we come through this draw, *** smooth 
or free of any debris or boulders it is on the 
other side of the upslope. 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Bob, do we have an extra EP? 

CC *** have two of them behind you. We're going to 

deploy - We're going to deploy one. I'll give you 
a reading soon on that. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Well, one - One I deploy at the end, I 
know. I thought we had an extra one here 
somewhere . 

CC Okay. Yes, that's what I - Okay, that's the one 

we were planning on deploying all along, and it's 
there. We'll be deploying at a range of 0.1, 
which is just before you get to the SEP. 



LMP-EVA *** Sherlock's going to "be right over the top over 
here. *** when we were on that other ridge. 

CDR-EVA *** there's a lot of bad landing places around here. 
*** Sun angle, I think, shows most of them up. 
Bob, I don't under - - 

CC And, Geno, we were looking at the map here, and if 

you keep going straight to the LM, you're probably 
going to run into this crater area around San Luis 
Rey. You probably ought to head somewhat south of 
directly back to the LM, so we can at least tip 
the - western edge of Sherlock and then pick it up 
and go from there back to the SEP. It looks like 
it might be rather rough there in that dotted-lined 
area, if you can look at the back side of your map, 
Jack . 

06 22 ll+ 1*8 CDR-EVA Bob, I've already been doing it. I'm at 2kk/l.-J. 

Already been doing that. 

CC Copy that. Thank you. 

LMP-EVA And, Bob, about - about 200 meters back, we crossed 
back into our standard mantle surface of about 
1-percent fragment cover. It's the block field - - 

CC Okay; 200 meters back from your present location. 

We copy that . 

LMP-EVA *** see the LM. 

CDR-EVA Yes, I can see the LM. And there's Sherlock, where 
those blocks are. 

LMP-EVA Yes, that's the block field, the Sherlock block 
field; that's right. That is a block field. 

CDR-EVA *** big ones there. 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA *** station 10. *** even call it 10 Alfa in honor 
of the Apollo Program Office. The Apollo Space- 
craft Program Office. 

Day 7 






06 22 IT 06 CDR-EVA 



(Sa^^Wffi^P 5-169 
10 Bravo *** 

Oh, that's right. 10 Bravo. I knew I'd never get 
that straight. How fast do you think we're going, 
Jack, without looking? 

Do those blocks look like gabbros , you guys? 

I think we're going about 18 clicks. 

*** just about right. *** first time we've been 
able to go downhill. 


Not really . 

*** close to this big block, if you can. 
Oh , yes . 

And I'll try to get a reading on what it is - some 
pictures of it as we come up to it. 

Yes. Boy that's a big one. 

*** looks like our old firend, the subfloor - - 
Subfloor, isn't it? Yes. 

Yes. Vesicular subfloor. Vesicles are about a 
centimeter maximum size. Didn't look like they 
were - They look like they're fairly evenly sorted. 
And the rock itself seemed to be massif. 

250 /l.U. 

250 /l.U. 

*** back into about a 5-percent rock cover as we 
cross the edge of the Sherlock block field. 

That's Sherlock over that rim over there. 

Yes. Yes. Once again, all these subfloor blocks 
look as if they're *** not mantle, necessarily, 
except maybe that one. Can you swing right, just 
a tad? 

06 22 IT 39 CDR-EVA That one's got the mantle blowing up on it, in 

it - in it's fractures and everything. 

LMP-EVA Yes. That's the best example of that, I think. 

CDR-EVA Take a picture of that? 

LMP-EVA I got it. I got it. 

CDR-EVA Watch it. 

IMP-EVA Got it; got it. Everything in here so far is the 

tan-gray subfloor gabbro that I've seen. I haven't 
- Oh, there's one over there that's a blue-gray. 
But blue-gray is not abundant. 

CC Okay. Copy that. And, 17, as you're getting 

closer, we're going to want an LRV sample at 1.1 
on the range. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA *** now? 1.2? 

CDR-EVA 1.2. Okay. We'll try to get block and soil. 

LMP-EVA *** a fresh little pit. 

CC That'd be good. 

LMP-EVA Bob, I am continually impressed by the lack of 
exotic fragments in here. 

CDR-EVA Hey, Jack. How about picking out a place over 

LMP-EVA Okay. If you head into that little - Well, that's 
a crater there. 

CDR-EVA Let me get around it. We can go a little bit 
f urth er . 

LM-EVA Yes . Maybe 


I'll go up on that flat area up there. 

Day 7 GSH^MH 5-171 

LMP-EVA Yes , yes . There are a lots of little fragments 
over there "by that area - ha, ha. Okay. Now 
swing a shallow turn. 

CDR-EVA *** get any of those? 

LMP-EVA Unfortunately, I can't see them *** 

CDR-EVA How about that one right in front of you, in 

front of the television camera shadow. See that 
little one up there? 

LMP-EVA It's a little Dig, I think. 

CDR-EVA Upper right, no upper right. Straight up the line. 

LMP-EVA Oh, okay. Yes. If you can get over there, I can 
get it. 

CDR-EVA I can get there. 

LMP-EVA Oh, I guess I had the wrong - I guess I wasn't 
looking at the right one. The shadow is making 
it impossible to see down there. Now, see what 
you can get. 

06 22 20 02 CDR-EVA Bob, we're at 253/1.1. 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA *** we do another sample, you're going to have to 
swing right so I can - see. I can't see this way. 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

06 22 20 26 LMP-EVA *** 53 Yankee. 

CC *** that soil or rock? 

LMP-EVA That's soil. I can't see to get a rock. Go forward 
just a little bit, Gene. 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

LMP-EVA Bet you're going to get yourself in a box there. 
CDR-EVA No, that's all right. 


LMP-EVA Whoa. Oh, a little more. Sorry. 

LMP-EVA *** will. 

CDR-EVA *** see the LM anymore. 

06 22 21 08 LMP-EVA Okay. The rock fragments, that's 5^ Yankee. Ahh! 

Okay. You got a rock right in front of you, don't 

CDR-EVA I see it. *** over. *** Rover. 

LMP-EVA LMP frame *** sample *** like about 60. 60! Have 
I taken 60 pictures? 

CDR-EVA Boy, these rock fields are something else again. 

LMP-EVA Yes, 60. Looks like some of our gray variety of 
subfloor up here *** rim of that little crater. 
*** think that maybe the gray relatively nonvesicu- 
lar subfloor may be deeper - deeper fracti 
what we saw - well, actually, though, let's see - 
that could have been overturn, I don't know. Take 
that back. There just isn't much of it around 
here, although we saw a lot of it in the wall of 

CC Roger. We got that. 

06 22 23 00 CDR-EVA What do you think this is, San Luis Rey? We're 

at 252/0.9. 

LMP-EVA I wouldn't doubt it at all. I'll *** San Luis Rey. 
*** east side of it - Mariner and San Luis Rey. 
They're shallow - filled with rocks. 

CC *** we can tell, you're at one or the other of 


06 22 23 31+ CDR-EVA *** tell you they're a lot - Okay. We're at 

250/0.9. Mariner should look pretty fresh. 

LMP-EVA *** certainly don't see much variety other than 
the gray and the tan subfloor variety. There's 
old Challenger. 

Day 7 


CDR-EVA There she is. Pretty as a picture. *** tell you, 
there's no getting out of this stuff. You go from 
one to the other. I don't know whether I said it 
or not - - 

06 22 2h 27 CC Gene, your range is 0.1. We're going to deploy the 

quarter-pound charge, and that'll he Jack's getting 
off to deploy it like we talked about last night. 

CDR-EVA Okay. That's EP-2, Jack. 

LMP-EVA EP-2; right. Boh, we're still - we're moving in 
and out of areas of say 1-percent to 5- to 
10-percent blockiness. And where it gets blocky - 
not only is it more blocky, but we seem to have 
more of the *** craters in the range of 20- to 
5-meter-diameter craters. That may be Mariner 
right there. How do you read, Bob? 

CC Loud and clear. 

LMP-EVA Hey, Van Serg, let me mention again, was an unusual 
experience in the plains geology here. *** be part 
of the San Luis Rey or Mariner, one. 

CDR-EVA Yes. That's pretty deep. Pretty deep. 

LMP-EVA *** is . 

06 22 26 11 CDR-EVA It's really big. *** at 252 and 0.6. 

LMP-EVA The crater on our left - that is, south of us - is 
a large crater. It's somewhat deeper than craters 
of the same size that we've seen. And it, too, 
though, has - it's blocks - mainly - large blocks 
mainly in the walls, although there are blocks - 
blocks up here in the rim, *** up to 3 meters. 
*** blocks over there - that may be it. 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA That's an edge of a crater, I guess. 
CDR-EVA *** picture of that? 
LMP-EVA *** that thing's fractured. 


Day 7 

CDR-EVA *** the San Luis Rey, Luis complex, because see 
how elongated it is? 

LMP-EVA Yes . Yes . 

CDR-EVA Fact is, we're going to cut right through the 
western half here. 

06 22 27 28 CDR-EVA We're at 2k\/0.h. 

LMP-EVA Boh, I may have said earl - early - early on up 
there at Van Serg that I saw subfloor, hut we 
never did sample any that I know of. And the dust 
was thick enough that I'm just not sure. Breccias 
were the most obvious thing there. 

CC Okay. Most interesting. 

LMP-EVA It might have been a window in the plains here, of 
some kind. But - it's strange to see it there 
with so much subfloor all around it that we saw. 

06 22 28 31 CC And Jack, you're going to get a feedwater tone 

pretty soon. 

LMP-EVA Got it. *** should be in AUX now. 

06 22 28 k9 CDR-EVA 252 and 0.2. There she is. 

06 22 28 58 CC And as soon as we get to the 0.1, let's stop and 

deploy the charge. 

LMP-EVA Okay. And then I guess - Then I'll head back to 
the LM. 

CDR-EVA Yes, I don't go to the - - 

LMP-EVA *** to go to the ALSEP. 

CDR-EVA (Laughter) I think I'm going to. 

LMP-EVA *** go to the - Oh, you go to SEP. That's right. 

CDR-EVA No, you're SEP when I ... - - 

CC We're going to let you play the return to the ALSEP 

game there, Jack. We've got a few things for you 
to do out there, when the time comes. 

IMP -EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA ... We're almost to SEP. We're about 50 meters 
from SEP. 

CC Roger. We'll be just short of the SEP. 

LMP-EVA We can see if ve can get to the end of the 
antenna - - 

CC We'd like to have this - Well, no, no. Don't - 

let's have It east of the antenna. If we are there, 
let's deploy it right where you are. 

LMP-EVA Okay. We're about 30 meters east of the antenna. 
How's that? 

CC *** great. 

06 22 30 09 LMP-EVA Okay. And we're *** 221 and 0.2; 221 and 0.2. 

CDR-EVA *** a rock. I stood up down there, and I want to 
get it - - 

CC And it's EP number 2 that we're after, Jack, in 

case you've forgotten. 

LMP-EVA Okay. Hey, our gate's open. 

CDR-EVA It's open? 

LMP-EVA Yes. But it looks like everything's here. 
CDR-EVA How about the big bag? 

LMP-EVA Big bag's there. They wouldn't dare run away. 
CC *** or the pallet? 

LMP-EVA The pallet. I'm sorry. *** ride all right that 

CDR-EVA Boy, that dust. It's getting into everything. 

(Humming) Okay; I'm going to leave the gate like 
it is. Seems to be all right. 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA Okay; EP-2. 
LMP-EVA Where is that? 

CDR-EVA Hey, Jack. You're just going to walk hack from 
here, aren't you? 

IMP-EVA I can, yes. 

CDR-EVA *** don't you just go turn the SEP receiver off? 
*** did that. The receiver's all done. 

LMP-EVA *** the transmitter - but you've got to come out 
here anyway. 

CDR-EVA Yes, I've got to come out here. Forget it. 
LMP-EVA I can do it. 

CDR-EVA No, I was just reading ahead, hut no sense. 
Forget it. 

06 22 32 01 LMP-EVA *** I want you - Okay. Pin 1. *** and safe. 

Pin 2. Pulled and safe. *** 3 is pulled and safe. 

CC Copied all those. 

LMP-EVA And I'll try to put it in a depression. *** put 
it in a depression, if you want. Okay. *** I've 
got to take a pan, huh? Will a locater - Yes. 
How about a locater to the LM? 

CDR-EVA You going to get on, Jack, or walk back? Dealer's 
choice . 

LMP-EVA I'll get on. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Locater to the LM. I'll give you a frame 
count, if I can read it: 90 - 92. 

CC Copy; 92. 

LMP-EVA *** to have to go left a little right here. 

CDR-EVA *** left? 

LMP-EVA To avoid the antenna. 

(sssmmtmm^ 5-177 


LMP-EVA Yes, we don't have to worry about it. 

CDR-EVA - - we don't have to worry about it, hut - hut I 
will anyway. *** take it easy. 

LMP-EVA Oh, that's all right. *** want to point out a rock 
to you I set up on end. *** get in the hag , and 
you can let me off there, and I'll carry it. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA But drive close enough so I can reach down and use 
the *** for support . 

CDR-EVA Where is it? 

LMP-EVA It's out over here. Between the - - 

CDR-EVA On which side of that antenna? 


CDR-EVA *** it is. Right there? 

LMP-EVA No. No, it's out - it's on the - it's near the LM. 

CDR-EVA Oh, okay. 

LMP-EVA Here, I can go across this thing I already did. 

CDR-EVA That bag is empty, isn't it? 

06 22 3h 11 LMP-EVA Yes, that's the one I lost, I mean, I dropped. 

LMP-EVA Look's like you got over. 

CDR-EVA Yes . Yes . 

LMP-EVA I think it's that one there that's sort of dark. 

CDR-EVA *** straight ahead? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA *** are by it. That must be it. 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA That's it, yes. *** swing over so I can lean on 
the Rover when I put the - - 

CDR-EVA Oh. (Laughter) 

MP-EVA That's good. No, that's good. That's perfect. 
CDR-EVA *** off. 

LMP-EVA *** now *** to get run ove/ this late in the game. 
*** what did I do that for? 

CDR-EVA (Laughter) What did you do? Kick it under? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

LMP-EVA *** oil changed? 

CDR-EVA Yes. While you're under there, would you check 
(laughter) - check my transmission, please? 

LMP-EVA ( Laugh ter ) 

CDR-EVA (Laughter) And - any bubbles on the inside of 
the tires? Okay. Have you got it? 

06 22 35 33 LMP-EVA Yes, I got it. Hey, Bob. I got my rock. It's 

halfway between the SEP and the LM. Wait, wait. 
Let me put it in the big bag - in the big bag. 

CDR-EVA That bag is a monster now. 

CC *** this that brown one you saw out here before, 


LMP-EVA No, it's a gray one. 
CDR-EVA Oops - Okay? 

LMP-EVA Yes, I just lost the sample. *** my pocket, I 
guess. *** get some tongs. 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

LMP-EVA Then you can go ahead. I'll walk back. 
06 22 37 ^5 CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. I'm back at the LM. 

Day T 



06 22 37 *»9 CDR-EVA 

LMP-EVA I got it; I got it. 

CDR-EVA Let me get your bag off. 

06 22 38 17 CDR-EVA *** reading 80 on the amps, 78 on the amps - *** 

that's amp-hours . Voltage is 62 and 65. Battery 1 
is 132, *** 0. Motor temps are 200 and 210 on the 
rear; 200 and 250 on the fr - forward. 

CC Okay. We copy that. Okay. And let's - Let me 

"brief you here on the closeout tonight, 17- A 
number of things we were going to do here that are 
slightly different. We've got some stuff for you 
over at the ALSEP , Jack, and I'll get with you 
when you go over there. Nothing we have to worry 
about in the meanwhile. When we unload the Rover, 
we're going to take the SESC out, and we're going 
to use that to collect the contaminated sample out 
behind the footpad there as per plan, and when we 
take the traverse gravimeter off, we're going to 
want to get both a grav and a bias reading, because 
the pallet was swinging in the breeze there. Other- 
wise, let's press on with the closeout, and we'll 
get with you as times change. 

06 22 1+0 09 CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. The core tubes are going in SCB-7 - 

I mean - Yes , 7 • 

Roger. We have you back at the LM. 

151, 12.0, and 001. Well, wait a minute. *** get 
your bag. 

CC *** copy that. 

CDR-EVA *** have TV, Bob. 

CC Roger. We have TV. Thank you. 

CDR-EVA *** my bag already? 
LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA We'll have one more to put in here. I'm just going 
to lay this one over here. Yes, the big one. Man, 
there's some big ones in there, too. 


LMP-EVA We can get seme of that subfloor. 

CDR-EVA Yes, there's one in my footpan too. You see it 


IMP -EVA Yes, we'll have to - - 

CDR-EVA Why don't you leave that there for a minute? Okay. 
What did you say about the TGE, Bob? 

CC *** to take TGE, of course, as we planned. Take it 

off, and we'll try and get both a grav and a bias 
reading. You might initiate one of them now. We'll 
initiate another one later on. We've got plenty 
of time while it's sitting on the ground there to - 
to do our thing with it. 

CDR-EVA *** where you are, Jack. I'll get this bag off. 

CC You've got feedwater tone coming up pretty soon, 

Gene . 

06 22 Ul 51 CDR-EVA Bob, I already got it, and I'm in AUTO. Just about 

30 seconds ago. Okay. How are we fixed for 
samples? Here's 5, and it's about one-half to 
three-fourths full. 

LMP-EVA Well, let's dump 

CDR-EVA We've got to carry the SECS up. 

LMP-EVA - - let's dump these - - 

CDR-EVA *** 3. 

LMP-EVA 3 in there, the Rover samples. 

CDR-EVA Okay. *** ought to put the SESC in there, huh? 

If there's room for it. Where do you want the 
SESC, Bob? 

Yes, let's put the SESC someplace - Let's put the 
SESC someplace where it's accessible to get that 
contamination sample. We probably want to get it 
before you go off to the ALSEP, but there's no real 
hurry on that. We'll see what works in best. I'm 
not sure where the most convenient place for you 

Day 7 ©^PW^gWWt 5-181 

CDR-EVA Yes. Why don't we get it now, and then we can - 
then we can have this bag - - 

CC That's probably the 

CDR-EVA Let's get it now. We can get the bag cleaned up. 
We can put it in bag 5. 

CC Roger. There's probably not very many convenient 

places to put it. That sounds like a good idea 
to me. 

LMP-EVA *** let me get my scoop. 

CDR-EVA Get your scoop. Let's get it over with. 

LMP-EVA Say again, Bob. You want that - I don't have a 
scoop; I don't even have a rake. 

CDR-EVA They're both gone, huh? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Use your - your Rover sampler. 

LMP-EVA Yes . They both fell off when that thing opened. 

CDR-EVA Yes. Here's a full core tube we can't forget. 

LMP-EVA Yes, oh, that goes in the - - 

CDR-EVA *** for it? 

06 22 1+3 35 LMP-EVA Yes, why don't you get that scoop off, and I'll 

put it over here in k. I mean in 7- 

CDR-EVA *** time to lose it. I'm glad we didn't lose it 
(laughter) any earlier. If we were going to lose 
it, that couldn't have been more ideal. 

LMP-EVA Yes. That was appropriate, I guess. 

CDR-EVA *** two- we've got two empty core tubes. *** took 
a lot of them, though. 

LMP-EVA We'll get it. We'll use them maybe. 


Day 7 
CDR-EVA Back here. 

LMP-EVA Let's get this thing in 

CC Okay. We confirm that. Three ... core tubes is 

the only ones we're worried about bringing back. 

CDR-EVA *** your thing. 

06 22 1*1* 18 CDR-EVA We're going to get this SESC now and get it out of 

the way, Bob . 

CC Roger. We agree with that. 

LMP-EVA Minus-Z, huh? *** in front of the minus-2 footpad? 
Looks like a clean place . 

CC Roger. Sort of underneath where you probably had 

the solar side of the cosmic ray experiment there. 
Between the SES - between the footpad and the ALSEP 
doors there , 

CDR-EVA *** aobut an inch to go. *** fill it up. 

06 22 1*5 1*2 CC *** you - your feedwaters are up, 1J, so things 

look good. 

CDR-EVA Thank you. *** that white thing off for me? 

LMP-EVA *** let me get *** got her. 

CDR-EVA Okay. *** couple ever here. 

LMP-EVA Let me go past the radar. Good job. 

06 22 1*6 1*1 LMP-EVA Bob, radar's built better. I'm on frame 96, and 

the *** can sample - contamination sample is 
documented by two stereopairs *** before is the 
cosmic ray pictures. 

CC *** SES - which SCB is that going in, Jack? 

LMP-EVA Number 5. 

CC Copy that. 

LMP-EVA The SCB's in - the SCB's in 5. That what you have? 

Day t <ESBfff£>i^?EtM 5-183 

CDR-EVA Yes, short can in 5. 

LMP-EVA The *** short (laughter) SCB. Okay. *** let me 

CC Okay. And while you're doing that, remember, I 

want inventories of the stuff as it comes off the 
Rover and where you put it over there by the foot- 
pad, so we can help you keep track of it. 

06 22 1*7 1*5 LMP-EVA Okay. I've got the - we've got the big bag, bag 7, 

bag 5, bag h at the footpad. 

CC Copy that. We've also got SCB-3 with the Rover 

samples in it on the Rover, if there - if you have 
any - Yes, you have some of those today. 

LMP-EVA No, we - we emp - emptied those into 5. 

CC Okay. Copy that. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. The gravimeter's on the surface. And 
you want a gravity reading and a bias reading, is 
that correct? 

CC We'll get a grav first. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. 

06 22 1*8 32 CDR-EVA MARK it. Let's see, where am I? *** do with 


LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA - - gravimeter? You've got another big rock over 
here from the - - 

LMP-EVA It's in my footpan. 

CDR-EVA That's from station 9, right? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA That's what I told them. Station 9, I got a 
football-size rock, and I've put it in there. 


Day T 

LMP-EVA *** eventually lost one clamp. *** got left on 
" here. Okay. Gene's football-sized rock looks 
like it might be glass coated. *** might even 
have a shatter cone or two on it. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I'll let you get - - 

LMP-EVA I don't know what you're focused on, but here's 
his rock. 

CC And, Jack, we're making plans here to change the 

camera usage at the end of EVA here. And we're 
going to let you take commander's camera out to 
the ALSEP and take a few photos that people think 
we need. And Gene's going to take your camera out 
and document the geophone when he deploys it. We 
will not deploy it for the long-term experiment, 
however. And we'll bring both back and carry them 
to the ETB when we get done. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA Okay. We've got to reverse the rolls of the 
camera here. 

LMP-EVA While you're getting that, we've got to doff our 
harnesses. Let me - before you take this - - 

CDR-EVA Are you going to start loading the ETB yet or not? 

LMP-EVA Well, I'm just about there. 

CDR-EVA Okay. I'll be right with you. 

06 22 51 kk CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. I've got the cosmic ray in the ETB. 

CC Roger. Copy that. It's been in there all along, 

hasn't it? 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

06 22 52 00 LMP-EVA Mag Foxtrot, or Franny, I guess we changed it to. 

Mag Donna. The DSEA. Mag Echo. Mag Linda. 
Mag Mary. 

Bay t mmmmvm ^ 

06 22 5 1 * 55 CDR-EVA Through the 500? 

CC Through the 500. 

CDR-EVA Where's the cosmic ray? Did you put it in the 
ETB already? 

IMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA *** the 500 's working anymore, anyway. 

CDR-EVA It was working - - 

LMP-EVA There it is. 

CDR-EVA I used it. 

LMP-EVA Yes. There it is. Film cycle. Three times. 

Wait a minute. Okay; here go the scissors. 

CDR-EVA I'm going to go get a gravimeter reading. 

LMP-EVA Oh, let's see now. There it is. Mag Karen is in. 

CC *** sounds like all of them to us. 

LMP-EVA There are two on the cameras. 

06 22 55 07 CDR-EVA I'm reading 670, 010, 701; 670, 010, 701. 

CC Copy that. We're ready for a bias, Gene. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Bias, and it is flashing. 

CC Mark that. 

LMP-EVA *** take a look around. Yes. 

CDR-EVA *** that "bag in there? 

LMP-EVA Yes. It's over here on the MESA. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Let's get rid of these tool harnesses. We 
don't need those anymore. 



Day 7 

06 22 56 07 LMP-EVA Your - you've come loose on the - you've come 

loose on the right. Wait, I'll pull it for you. 

CC *** they come off, guys. Don't get them tangled 

up in the hoses . 

LMP-EVA *** pull it off for you. 

CDR-EVA We're at 500 

cc If you can't do it have Danny untangle - If you 

stand still, we'll have Danny untangle it. 

LMP-EVA Turn this way. *** other side. It's off. 

CDR-EVA Off, huh? 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA You don't have to get it around those hoses and 
everything? *** do it. *** find the other one. 
Stand "by. 


06 22 56 k2 LMP-EVA *** only fallacy *** even watching this 

watch me, Ed. 

CDR-EVA Move over that way. He can't 

LMP-EVA Can you see me? 

CC See you. 

CDR-EVA He's GO. Okay, Jack 

CC That is almost easier than at the Cape. 

CDR-EVA Hey, Bob, are we going to need those other core 

CC We would like to have you leave the two core tubes, 

and the extension handle, and the hammer, and the - 
I suppose, the core cap dispenser here. If you get 
back in time from doing all our appointed tasks at 
the VIP site and at the ALSEP, we'll try and drive 
a double core here - - 

CDR-EVA Don't leave it - don't leave it 

Day 7 


CC - - to end things up with a bang. 

CDR-EVA No, don't leave it there. 
IMP -EVA Oh, that's right. 

CDR-EVA Leave it here. We'll play games with the extension 
handle, hut that's all right. Okay; let me set 
them over here. *** big bag. All those - the LRV 
s ampler anymo re . 

06 22 58 20 CC Gene, did you gwo guys lose your extension handle 

when the pallet came open? 

CDR-EVA Yes, but we can - I can still drive a core with 
the hammer if we need to. 

CC We copy that. 

CDR-EVA One went with the rake, and one went with the scoop. 

LMP-EVA Bob, as I read down the page, it looks like we got 
it. *** the ETB check, we had four mags in there, 
and the DSEA and the maps, and the cosmic ray. 
And I guess I'm ready to go to - - 

CC Okay; you got six mags. 

CDR-EVA Wait a minute; I want you to do something. 
LMP-EVA Six mags is it? We want this. 

CC The one - one further question. Did all the FSRs 

fet off the Rover into the big bag? 

06 22 59 17 LMP-EVA That's affirm. 

CDR-EVA This is the one you need anyway; that's color. 
*** you can grab a couple. Right here. 

LMP-EVA *** you dirty. 
CDR-EVA I know it. 
LMP-EVA *** I can get you. 

CDR-EVA Yes, you can. 

IMP-EVA Ed, you got your camera in the way. 

CDR-EVA *** take them straight on. That's all right. 

LMP-EVA That's sort of - Okay, (Laughter) Such - such a 
pose. Let me get a little different ***. That's 


LMP-EVA *** more over here. *** pick. 
CDR-EVA One - one more. 
LMP-EVA How's like this? 

CDR-EVA Okay. (Laughter) You got that camera. That's 
the color camera. 

LMP-EVA Yes . 

CDR-EVA You take it. 

LMP-EVA I've got to go get a new neutron flux probe, I 
guess . 

CDR-EVA Oh, yes. That's going to be easy to pull out. 

Okay; let's see if I got everything in here. 

06 23 00 35 LMP-EVA You ready for me to go to the ALSEP? Houston, 

do you read? *** do you read me? 

CDR-EVA Yes, I read you. 

LMP-EVA Houston - Well, I don't know 

CC Okay, 17, We had a slight changeover over there, 

and we've got you again. 

LMP-EVA *** ready for me to go to the ALSEP? 

CC *** ready for both of you guys now. 

LMP-EVA *** mean? I'm headed for the ALSEP. 

CDR-EVA Oh, let me see 

Day T 



CC Gene, are you ready for Jack to go to the ALSEP 


CDR-EVA Yes, he's gone; he's good. *** ready to get on 
and go to the VIP site. Jack, wait a minute. 
Here, wait a minute. Where are you? 

LMP-EVA Right over here. 

CDR-EVA Come on back here a minute. 

06 23 01 k6 CC We're trying to he subtle there, guys. 

CDR-EVA Come on "back here a minute. I didn't realize you 
were going out there quite so soon. 

LMP-EVA Well, I just looked to see where it is. 

CDR-EVA What did you do with that 

LMP-EVA How about this one? 

CDR-EVA You got it? *** what happened to that one in my 
f ootpans ? 

LMP-EVA *** big bag. 

CDR-EVA Okay. ***, Jack. Here. All right? 

LMP-EVA Yes. Let me - let me get it, so you don't get it 
too dirty. 

CDR-EVA Very good. 

LMP-EVA *** hold it. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA Yes. *** here? 

CDR-EVA *** right over here against that back - background. 

06 23 02 51 CDR-EVA And before we close out our EVA, we understand 

that there are young people in Houston today who 
have been effectively touring our country, young 
people from countries all over the world, respec- 
tively, touring our country. They had the oppor- 
tunity to watch the launch of Apollo IT, hopefully 


Day 7 

had an opportunity to meet some of our young people 
in our country. We'd like to say, first of all, 
welcome, and we hope you enjoyed your stay. Second 
of all, I think one of the most significant things 
we can think about when we think of Apollo is that 
it's opened for us - for us being the world - a 
challenge of the future. The door is now cracked, 
but the promise of that future lies in the young 
people, not just in America, hut the young people 
all over the world learning to live and learning 
to work together. In order to remind all the 
peoples of the world in so many countries through- 
out the world that this is what we are all striving 
for in the future, Jack has picked up a significant 
rock, typical of what we have here in the valley of 
Taurus -Lit trow. The rock is composed of many frag- 
ments of many sizes, many shapes, probably from all 
parts of the Moon, perhaps billions of years old. 
A rock of all frag - sizes and shapes, fragments of 
all sizes and shapes, and even colors that have 
grown together to become a cohesive rock, outlasting 
the nature of space, sort of living together in a 
very coherent, peaceful manner. When we return 
this rock and some of the others like it to Houston, 
we'd like to share a piece of this rock with many 
of the countries throughout the world. We hope 
that this will be a symbol of what our feelings are, 
what the feelings of the Apollo Program are, and a 
symbol of mankind that we can live in peace and 
harmony in the future. 

06 23 05 1*3 LMP-EVA A portion of a - of a rock will be sent to a 

representative agency or museum in each of the 
countries represented by the young people in Houston 
today. We hope that they will - that rock and the 
students themselves will carry with them our good 
wishes, not only for the new year coming up but 
also for themselves, their countries and all man- 
kind in the future. Put that in the big bag, Geno. 

CDR-EVA In the big bag. *** salute you, promise of the 

06 23 06 23 CC Roger; Jack and Gene. We thank you for your senti- 

ments and your interest. 

Day 7 


CDR-EVA Now let me bring this camera around. To commemorate 
Apollo 17' s visit to the valley of Taurus -Lit trow 
but as an everlasting commemoration of what the 
real meaning of Apollo is to the world, we'd like 
to uncover a plaque that's been on the leg of our 
spacecraft that we have climbed down many times 
over the last 3 days. And I'll read what that 
plaque says to you. First of all, it has a picture 
of the world. Two pictures, one of the North 
America and one of South America. The other covers 
the other half of the world including Africa, Asia, 
Europe, Australia, the North Pole, and the South 
Pole. In between these two hemispheres, we have a 
pictorial view of the Moon, a pictorial view of 
where all the Apollo landings have been made so that 
when this plaque is seen again by others who come, 
they will know where it all started. The words are, 
"Here man completed his first exploration of the 
Moon, December 1972 A.D. May the spirit of peace 
in which we came be reflected in the lives of all 
mankind." It's signed, "Eugene A. Cernan, Ronald 
E. Evans, Harrison H. Schmitt, and most prominently, 
Richard M. Nixon, President of the United States 
of America." This is our commemoration that will 
be here until someone like us, until some of you 
who are out there, who are the promise of the 
future, come back to read it again and to further 
the exploration and the meaning of Apollo. 

06 23 08 59 CC We in Houston copy that and echo your sentiments, 

and Dr. Fletcher is here beside me. He'd like to 
say a word to the two of you. 

MCC Gene and Jack, *** been in close touch with the 

White House, and the President has been following 
very closely your ***. He'd like to wish you God- 
speed as you return to Earth, and I'd like to 
personally second that. Congratulations. We'll 
see you in a few days. Over. 

CDR-EVA *** you, Dr. Fletcher. We appreciate your comments, 
and we certainly appreciate those of the President. 
And whether it be civilian or military, I think 
Jack and I would *** like to *** salute to America. 

06 23 09 5^ LMP-EVA Dr. Fletcher, if I ***, I'd like to remind every- 
body, I'm sure, of something they're aware, but 
this valley, this valley of history, has seen 

mankind complete its first evolutionary steps into 
the universe, *** the planet Earth and going for- 
ward into the universe. *** think no more signifi- 
cant contribution has Apollo made to history. It's 
not often that you can foretell history, hut I 
think we can in this case. *** think everybody 
ought to feel very proud of that fact. *** very 
much . 

CDR-EVA Okay, "babe. Let's go to the - - 

MCC I'll see you in a little bit. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. I owe you a - a bias reading. 

CC You can get it later. There's no hurry on that. 

CDR-EVA I'm going to give it to you right now. 

CC And we're off to the ALSEP. Okay. Ready to copy. 

I presume you've a UHT out at the ALSEP, Jack? 

IMP-EVA That's affirm. 

06 23 11 11 CDR-EVA 337, Ul7, 101; 337, hn , 101. Are you through 

with this? 

CC Roger. (Laughter) 

LMP-EVA Be kind. Be kind. 

CC Roger. We're through with it. 

CDR-EVA Well, I love it, and I'm sure it did a good job. 

CC Well, we're not through with you, Gene, so don't 

throw yourself too far. 

CDR-EVA No, sir. I just don't want to hit old Challenger 
there . 

LMP-EVA That was unkind. *** javelin. That was unkind. 
CDR-EVA I didn't throw it as far as I could 


Roger, Gene. And we - we time the parabola for 
that, and we have one excellent measurement of g 
on the Moon now. 

Bay? rasnm^ 5-193 

CDR-EVA *** I didn't get you a - I didn't get you a pendu- 
lum, but I don't know where I would, Bob. Okay. 
I'm going to have to take you out to the VTP site, 
if you concur? 

CC Okay. We're ready for that, and we'll - - 

CDR-EVA Well, let me make sure I got everything. Okay. 

LMP-EVA We're taking both cameras up, Gene. 

06 23 12 1*0 CDR-EVA I'll bring it back. Okay. Bob, I guess you're 

reading me through the LM, huh? 

CC *** through the LM. You guys both read me through 

the LM? 

LMP-EVA That's affirm. 

CDR-EVA Okay. The first thing I want to do - Tell John 
I'm going to do it exactly like he wants. Okay. 
*** camera is under the seat, I hope. Let me look. 
Yes, the camera's there. Jack, did you do some- 
thing with the dustbrush? 


CDR-EVA It was under the seat , right? 
LMP-EVA It was , yes . 

CDR-EVA Yes, I want to make sure it is, because I'll need 
it out there . 

LMP-EVA No, wait a minute. I don't know that it's there 

CDR-EVA Well , I want to make sure that I can get - get 
something to dust with. 

CC Okay. And, Jack, as you go out to the ALSEP , let 

me cue in on your next 3 hors worth of work out 
there repairing the ALSEP. All right? Over. 

LMP-EVA Okay. Go ahead. I'm here. 

06 23 lk 16 CC Okay. Number one, we want to retrieve the UHT. 

And I quote, "tap sharply" - *** "sharply" on 

the gimbal, which is the center section there, 

the little square metal piece in the middle - tap 

sharply on the gimbal with the UHT, and then 

re verify the level on the LSG. We'll check response 

here in Mission Control after you've done that. 

LMP-EVA You mean tap on the thing that swings? *** always 
wanted to do that, didn't you? 

CC That's what they say. Yes, that's right. 

LMP-EVA Well, *** see if I can grab a clean UHT to do that. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. Everything is zeroed. 

CC And I'll be talking to Jack here, Gene, for a 

while. You can interrupt with your comments 
over - talking over me, and I'll try and copy 

06 23 15 22 CDR-EVA One comment. I got a flag on the other battery, 

139 degrees . 

CC Okay. We copy that. 

LMP-EVA How much is sharply? 

CC Sharply is sharply. It's probably not heavily, 

but sharply. 

LMP-EVA On the edge? 

CC Fairly light, but a sharp tap. 

LMP-EVA On the edge? 

CC No. You see that little square metal piece in 

the middle there? 

LMP-EVA Oh, yes. 

CC That little square metal piece on there. You can 

just sort of rap on that . 

Day 7 


LMP-EVA Okay. Here goes. *** did it. *** do it again? 
Okay. And then it says - - 

LMP-EVA *** sort of a med - moderate hard tap. *** level. 

CC Hit it harder. Hit it harder, please. 

LMP-EVA Okay. Okay? *** hit it harder yet. 

CC We've observed something there. Stand "by. 

CDR-EVA You might he getting TV the way the antenna's 
oriented right now. 

CC Okay. Jack, go ahead. We'll do some more stuff 

here. In the meanwhile, while they're thinking 
about what's wrong with it, did you just tap it 

06 23 16 5I+ LMP-EVA I didn't touch it. I'm over at the central station 


CC . *** looking at it. All right. Now, we want to take 

some photographs at the central station and a few 
selected - a few selected photographs of the ALSEP. 
Number one, we want a 7-foot cross-Sun to the south 
of the ALSEP central station and then a 7-foot 
down-Sun of the cent - central station. Over. 

LMP-EVA A 7-foot cross-Sun to the south. 

CC *** says. 

LMP-EVA Then a down-Sun. 

CC *** 7- foot down-Sun. 

LMP-EVA *** tell me what they're trying to get with it. 
I might be able to help them. 

CC Okay. I presume that what this means is looking 

to the south. It was cross -Sun originally. I 
suspect that ' s what happened here, the way it was 
written up. *** 7-foot looking at the - all the 
switches to make sure you guys turned them the 
right way, I suppose. And then a 7-foot looking 
down-Sun, so that would be facing west, that side 
of it. 


Day 7 

LMP-EVA Okay. I got it. 

06 23 18 07 CC Okay. Now, there's a problem with the central 

station - which they think the south end is buried 
more deeply in the dirt than they had intended. 
And the central station is at present time getting 
very warm on the hack side on the south side there, 
which is - they believe you probably buried in the 
ground when you were trying to tilt it to the 
proper alignment. They are requesting that when 
you're at the ALSEP you remove any soil buildup 
or debris with a convenient tool. They don't want 
you to touch it because it's fairly warm. *** have 
a UHT or something to move it - *** have a UHT with 
you or something with you that you can brush that 
soil aside with? 

LMP-EVA Yes, sir. It is piled up there. That's 

CC Okay. You know the section I'm - Yes. Okay. 

They'd like that brushed away. 

IMP-EVA Fortunately, I brought my handy-dandy Rover sampler 
out . 

CC Okay. You can brush that aside, and give me a 

call when you think that's cleared up the way it 
ought to be. *** probably one of those things we 
didn't think about when we decided to tilt the 
central station. 

LMP-EVA Well, you didn't - you couldn't anticipate the 
soil, Bob. It's very soft. 

06 23 19 22 CDR-EVA Bob, we are at VIP. 

CC And Ed Fendell is hard on my back to remind you 

that it's better to be too far away than too close. 

CDR-EVA *** right. *** I was, but I think I may move just 
a little bit. There's a little rise here I can 
give you. *** I'll give it to you. 

LMP-EVA *** way, Bob, the soil gets more cohesive with 
depth. *** really noticed that before. 


Okay. We copy that. What do you notice? 

Bay 7 G3^WRPE3Wm 5-197 

IMP -EVA It's - it's quite a bit more cohesive at - about 
the - feels about the same down to 3 centimeters 
out here, and then the cohesiveness goes up, so 
it's difficult to scrape with the Rover sampler. 

CDR-EVA Well, I think you can see almost everything from 
here . 

CC Okay, Geno. And, Jack, let me know when you get 

done scraping that soil away. 

IMP-EVA *** will. And now comes the hardest alignment of 
them all, but I'll get it. *** about there. *** 
can't tweak it up for you. Bob, the east-west level 
bubble is not quite level. *** north -south is. 
*** me to tweak that up? 

CC *** tweak that up. We are getting a good signal, 

but go ahead and tweak it up just a little bit. 
*** what are you doing these days? 

06 23 22 11 CDB-EVA I'm getting the high gain set up for you. 

CC Now you know why we didn't make you park it in 

that orientation all the time, don't you? 

CDR-EVA Boy, I'll tell you, it was a piece of cake up 

until now. I got you. *** right down the center 
of my eyepiece. You should have TV. 

CC I don't think - Yes, we're getting TV there, Geno. 

CDR-EVA You getting it? Well, let me *** look, and clean 
things up. 

CC We've got TV. Okay. I guess you can dust and dust 

and dust some more for a while. 

CDR-EVA *** dusting problem out of the way before I do any- 
thing else. *** look at your vantage point, and 
if you don't like it, let me know. 

CC Okay. I'll call Captain Video. 

LMP-EVA *** close can soil be to this backplate of the 

CC *** check. 

06 23 23 5 1 * LMP-EVA *** about *** centimeters away, most of the places 


Cc *** good. We'd like you to return to the surface 

gravimeter, Jack. What you did had some effect, 
but not - not a lasting effeet. And we'd like you 
to rap even more sharply, *** strongly on the 
gimbal another three times. And we're again 
watching it, and we'll let you know what to do. 
*** might tell you that this has all been done 
recently this afternoon up at Bendix on the qual 
unit, and it survived it, so we aren't in any 
real danger, apparently, of destroying it. 

LMP-EVA Okay. Three times, huh? 

CC *** three times. 

CDR-EVA Don't let me forget to bring a dustbrush back when 
I come. I know it's in my checklist. 

CC I'll mark that down to remind you. And, Jack, 

you'll be glad to know that the temperature of 
the backplate there has already dropped 20 degrees 
- 20 degrees . 

06 23 25 55 LMP-EVA Beautiful. I don't think that bubble is working. 

*** your signal now? 

CC Stand by. I'll check. But why don't you go to 

the - to the surface gravimeter? 

CDR-EVA *** how's your TV lens? I don't have a lens 

brush. It looks good from here. I don't want to 
use this unless you think so. 

LMP-EVA *** three times . Satisfied? 

06 23 26 20 CC Get out of the way please, Jack, and we'll take 

a look against some bright soil. 

CDR-EVA No, that's me he's talking to. I have one of 
the lens brushes - - 

00 It looks pretty good, Geno. Go ahead. Yes, go 

ahead. It looks pretty good to us . 

Day 7 


CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA Okay, Bob. Here come the raps. *** three times. 

CC *** Jack. That's really fighting it pretty hard. 

We'd like you to put the UHT in the socket and 
rock it very firmly. Don't pick it up, hut rock 
it very firmly from side to side in all four di- 
rections about - Move your UHT about 6 inches in 
each direction while you're doing it. 

06 23 27 3 1 * IMP-EVA Okay. Okay; I rocked it, *** swinging. And the 

level bubble is - - 

CC Okay. We understand it's in good configuration 

again as far as alignment and leveling is concerned, 
Jack. Let's go on and take some more ALSEP photos, 
and let them think about it for a minute . 

LMP-EVA Okay. What do you want? 

CC Next, what wy want is some heat flow. Okay. We 

just got late word. They'd like to do it one more 
time, and then call it quits. It seems - - 

LMP-EVA *** rocking bit, huh? 

CC The walk - rocking bit one more time. 

CDR-EVA I may have moved the high gain. Do you see any 

change in signal? If you're happy, I won't touch 

LMP-EVA Okay, Bob. *** rocked. The shadow - the shade is 
aligned to the Sun now, and it's level. 

06 23 29 k9 CC *** copy that, and let's go get some ALSEP photos, 

Jack. I think you got some heat flow photos the 
other night, besides the two pans. If you did, 
we may - these may be redundant. They're - they 
want the cross-Sun and down-Sun of the east hole 
and cross-Sun and down-Sun of the west hole. And 
I'm not sure but what you got those earlier. You 
said you got some extra heat flow, but tell me if 
you did. They're both - all four of these are 
7-foot - - 




Day 7 

IMP-EVA *** heat flow pictures. They - *** 11- foot , I 
think. And the the stereopair at 7- 

CC I think all they're asking for is the two 7-foot 

stereopairs . 

06 23 30 hO LMP-EVA Okay. That's one of them. 

CC *** they're asking for, Jack, is a 7-foot down-Sun 

and a 7- foot cross-Sun, which isn't quite what we've 
been taking in the past. 

LMP-EVA I'm getting the standard ones, Boh. You got the 
standard documentation. *** footers and a 7-foot 
stereos . 

CC Okay. Okay. Go ahead. They can't complain about 

that , certainly . 

LMP-EVA Okay. Now what? 

CC We'd like a 3- foot shot of the lunar mass spectrom- 

eter including the orifice where the breccia was. 

LMP-EVA Cross -Sun? 

CC And, Geno, we are observing some degradation and 

would like to have the high gain. Yes, Jack; 
3-foot cross-Sun. Gene, this is Houston. We'd 
like to get the high gain reoriented a little bit. 
We're observing some degradation in the picture. 

CDR-EVA I'll tweak it. 

06 23 32 01 LMP-EVA Okay. Now what? ***S is complete. 

CC *** that. Now we want to go over the neutron flux, 


LMP-EVA *** the gravimeter doing? 

CC *** looking at it, Jack. I'm not sure. 

CDR-EVA Hey, Bob. *** you want covered? That's the panel. 
Okay. You want the - the panel with the - with 
the 0N-0FF switch and the - and the signal strength 
switch and so forth covered, don't you? 

Bay t (gmmmmmz ^ 

CC And be sure to get the thing to EXTERNAL before you 

cover it there, Gene. 

06 23 33 51 CDR-EVA Okay. That was going to be a question of mine. 


CC That goes to EXTERNAL. 

LMP-EVA What - what do you want me to do with the neutron 

CC We want a photograph facing south for the 7-foot. 

So a 7-foot cross-Sun, essentially, of the neutron 
flux in the soil. 

LMP-EVA Okay. *** like to have the RTG in that picture? 

CC I suppose if you're generous, you might take a 

partial pan around to the RTG. 

LMP-EVA *** about that direction. Okay. Now what? 

CC . Now let's remove - remove the neutron pro - probe 

experiment from the ground and turn it off. 

LMP-EVA Okay. *** on the gravimeter, huh? 


CC No, the gravimeter is looking very bad still. 

LMP-EVA That's too bad. 
CDR-EVA It really is. 

CC Jack, you might note as you withdraw just how 

difficult it is to withdraw it. It - it - whether 
or not it's been seized by the soil collapsing 
around it or not. That's a soil mechanics goody. 

LMP-EVA Not at all, not at all. 

CDR-EVA It won't be, I'll tell you. 

LMP-EVA No problem. 

CDR-EVA Okay. The high gain is - - 

CC Okay. We copy that. 

CDR-EVA The high gain is tweaked. 

CC We'll consider our selves tweaked. 

CDR-EVA I'm giving the LCRU another zap here. Boy, I tell 
you, I ain't going to do much more dusting after I 
leave here . 

LMP-EVA Okay. Upper probe is OFF - 

06 23 36 02 IMP-EVA MARK it. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob. I'm going to put bus B and D, OPEN, 
and AUX circuit breaker, BYPASS, ON. 

CC Okay. Copy that. 

CDR-EVA And let me see. BRAVO. Okay. And Delta. Okay. 
Bravo and Delta.- 

LMP-EVA *** probe is OFF - 
06 23 36 35 LMP-EVA MARK it. 

CC *** or lower, Jack? 

LMP-EVA Lower. I'm sorry, Bob. 

CC Copy that. 

06 23 36 52 CDR-EVA AUX POWER circuit "breaker is ON. BYPASS, ON. 

LMP-EVA And the lower probe is capped. 

CC Okay; and, Gene, you need to close that CAUTION 

AND WARNING FLAG. It's a heat sink when it's 
open, I guess. 

CDR-EVA Okay; it's closed. *** me to put a bag in front 

of that thing? *** me to put a bag in front of it 
in case it pops open again? I guess it won't. 

CC No, I don't think so. I can't imagine why it's 

really a problem anyway, because we got the BYPASS, 
ON, there, and that heat's not going anywhere. 

Day 7 


CDR-EVA Okay; now the switch is off, except my 15 volts. 

LMP-EVA You want me away from the ALSEP now? 

CC Stand by, Jack. I'll get one more word before we 

come back to the LM. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA I got a camera *** there. I'm going to look under 
the seats one more time. *** but a 500 - Okay. 
*** tape. 

CC Jack, we're ready to leave the ALSEP. 

LMP-EVA Well, I hate to do that, Bob. I'm sorry about this 
gravimeter, though. 

CC You're not the only one. Down here there's a whole 

room full of people who are sorry. 

CDR-EVA *** the LMP's camera. Nothing in here but couple 
of old bags. We used about all the bags we had, 
Jack. Not many here. I have the dustbrush 

CC *** brush. 

06 23 39 50 CDR-EVA Okay; let me get one parting shot of - one of the 

finest running little machines I've ever had the 
pleasure to drive. 

CC And, Geno, some people down here are concerned 

about whether you've opened the battery covers 
or not. 

CDR-EVA Yes, sir; they're open. Oh, what a nice little 

machine. *** little downslope, but at the heading 
you want, and I guess Ed's satisfied with the TV 
response, huh? 

CC We're satisfied with the TV, Gene. We're ready 

for you to take the EP number 3. 

CDR-EVA *** Mother Earth is right smack in the center. 

While we've got a quiet moment here, as I go to 
de - deploy that EP charge, I'd just like to *** 

5-20 U 

Day 7 

part of Apollo 17, or any part of Apollo, that has 
been a success thus far is probably, for the most 
part, due to the thousands of people in the aero- 
space industry who have given a great deal, besides 
dedication and besides effort and besides profes- 
sionalism, to make it all a reality. And I would 
just like to thank them, because what we've done 
here and what has been done in the past - As a 
matter of fact, what has been done for 200 years, 
you've got to contribute to the spirit of a group 
of people who form the aserospace industry. And I 
God bless you and thank you. 

CC And we thank you guys . 

06 23 ^3 12 CDR-EVA We're just two little - two little sets of twinkle- 
toes here. There's a lot that goes to getting 
this Rover running out here *** don't have much 
to do with. And I guess there might be someone 
else that has something to do with it, too, and I've 
been reading His signs, maybe not from Him directly, 
but His in spirit, as we run up and down that 
ladder. And that's Godspeed the crew of Apollo 17. 
And if He's listening, I'd like to thank Him, too. 
Pin 1 is pulled. *** the end of the west SEP 
antenna. Do you agree with that? 

CC Exactly right. 

06 23 kk h0 CDR-EVA Okay, Pin 2 is pulled. Still safe. Pin 3 is 

pulled, and it's still safe. Don't know what I 
would do if it wasn't. 

CC *** that. And - and now, also, do you have the 

SEP transmitter turned off there, Gene? 

CDR-EVA No, sir. Thank you. Okay. Bob, it's getting 
right - - 

CC We're ready for you guys to get back to the LM and 

dust it. 

CDR-EVA - - It's getting right adjacent to the ring on the 
west end, and I 'm going to go back and turn the 
SEP off. 

Day t (mm®®&mmm 5-205 

CC And when that's done, Gene, we're ready for you 

and your dustbrush to hasten back to the LM and 
dust each other and climb in. 

CDR-EVA You know what, Bob? Great as an experience as it 
has been - - 

CC What, Gene? 

CDR-EVA - - I'd say we're probably both ready. 

LMP-EVA Oh, I don't know. Hey, Bob, 55 Yankee is an 

exotic -looking rock I found about 5 meters south 
of the neutron flux hole. *** gray - possibly 
gray basalt. It's just that there aren't many of 
them around here, and so I picked it up. *** a 
little again. 

CDR-EVA You'll always be picking rocks. 

LMP-EVA Oh, I don't know. 

06 23 U6 03 CDR-EVA Okay; the transmitter is OFF. I don't blame you. 

CC *** that. 

CDR-EVA There's so many interesting thing around here. 
LMP-EVA Don't lose your brush, Gene. 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob, according to my inventory I'm going to 
return to the LM, and the camera is going to ETB. 
We are done with the TGE. 

CC That's affirm. We'll have - Roger. 

CDR-EVA Yes , come to think of it - - 

CC We need a bias reading if you want to use it again, 

Gene . 

CDR-EVA Come to think of it, I guess you are, aren't you. 
*** you, Jack? 

LMP-EVA I'm at the MESA. *** snap a snap. 







06 23 k9 5k CDR-EVA 


I need a locater here on the LM. 

And, IT, we need you guys in the LM in 15 minutes, 
15 minutes because of oxygen constraints. 

Okay, Bob. % pictures are taken; *** the way. 
Oh, boy, where else can you *** landed 30 meters 
back, Jack, we'd be pitched down 5 degrees. Okay; 
what they're saying is, I don't need my hammer any 
more. All we do is dust and get in. 

Roger. We want you to dust and get in. We got 
lk minutes remaining before we need the hatch 

Okay, Bob. We'll - we're doing our best. *** RTV 
worked on the hammer, but look at it, Jack. *** 
worn completely to a nub. It's off. 

I guess that's all right - Look at - Here - my - I 
*** know where I am. Oh, boy. *** that? Okay. 

Okay, sir. You ready to go on up? 

Well, I don't know. Got to take my camera off. 
*** another batch of pictures *** the flag - - 

Well, watch this real quick. 

Stereo, even. 

Jack - - 

Let me have your camera. Over there; throw it 
over there. Let me throw the hammer. 


Let me throw the hammer. 

It 1 s all yours . 

You got the gravimeter - - 

You deserved it. A hammer thrower - You're a 
geologist. You ought to be able to throw it. 


You ready? 

w 7 Wmmmmm - 

CDR-EVA Go ahead. 

06 23 50 Ik LMP-EVA You ready for this? Ready for this? 

CDR-EVA Yes. *** hit the LM *** ALSEP. 

LMP-EVA Look at that! Look at that! Look at that! 
Beauti ful . 

CDR-EVA *** was going a million miles , but it really didn't. 
CDR-EVA Here, this is an ETB. 

LMP-EVA Let me - let me make sure that that's all cinched 

CDR-EVA Okay. *** start on up. *** get going here. 

LMP-EVA Yes. Unfortunately, their little plan didn't 

count for the fact that it's hard to pack the ETB 
with the film magazines in it. 

CDR-EVA And I'll try and get the big bag here cinched up. 

LMP-EVA That is a major task. 

CDR-EVA Yes, that's going to be - Oh, is it heavy. *** 
heavy. Something in that core tube you put in 

LMP-EVA Yes, sir. 

CDR-EVA Okay . 

LMP-EVA Don't tell anybody, though, because they'll get 
mad at me . 

CDR-EVA Oh, man, is that heavy! Holy smoley! 

LMP-EVA If you won't tell anybody *** - 252. *** about 
three-quarters of a core - *** pushed - half a 
mster inside the plus-Y footpad. 

CC Copy that . 

06 23 51 33 CDR-EVA Okay, Jack. How's that ETB coming so you can get 



Day 7 

LMP-EVA Fine. 

CDR-EVA Okay; I've got to 

LMP-EVA I've got to put it on a strap, though. 

CDR-EVA *** get that. lou can - This is all cinched up. 

*** it'll hold. *** start on up? Then I'll start 
dusting you. 

LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA *** good. 

LMP-EVA *** fall out. 


LMP-EVA Okay. Oh 

CDR-EVA Let me dust you.' Set that down, and I'll hand it 
all to you. 

LMP-EVA Okay; you'll have to hand stuff to me then. 

CC Okay; and, 17, we - a reminder, we need you inside 

in 10 minutes . 

CDR-EVA Okay, Bob . 

LMP-EVA *** do a lot of jumping up here in a minute. 

CDR-EVA Your back is clean. 

LMP-EVA *** the legs as best I can. 

06 23 52 33 CDR-EVA Okay. Why don't you get me here before you do that? 

LMP-EVA Okay. And while I'm doing that, will you *** it. 

*** you got dirty today. *** we're just going to 
have to live with it. 

CDR-EVA *** top. I can kick a lot of that stuff off my 
legs . *** look in back . 

LMP-EVA Terrible. Okay; turn. 

Bay 7 <jmmmmim& 5-209 

LMP-EVA *** legs are really filthy. *** can do about it. 

CDR-EVA Okay; I'll get them off. Why don't you start 
back - - 

LMP-EVA Just kick them against each other and - - 
CDR-EVA Okay. Start on up. 
LMP-EVA You might shake the bags. 
CDR-EVA Okay. 

CC *** forget your PLSS *** 

LMP-EVA PLSS antennas. *** doesn't make much difference 
anymore. *** get them out of the way. 

CDR-EVA The big bag didn't stay closed very long. 

LMP-EVA *** how we can get that in. 

CDR-EVA There, I'll stand - I can hand it to you. 

LMP-EVA *** had a very good closure on it - - 

CDR-EVA *** won't hold. 

LMP-EVA but it can be closed. 

CDR-EVA I had it over - over the top. The latch was 
closed, but - - 

06 23 5*t 38 LMP-EVA It won't hold with all that weight in there. 

Okay; I got your antenna. 

CDR-EVA Okay; *** a high. *** to close this. You don't 
want that in your way. 

LMP-EVA I can't close it. 

CDR-EVA Oh, okay. 

LMP-EVA *** try. 

CDR-EVA *** your flaps? Hold your head down. 

5-210 '^Wi^mL Day 7 

LMP-EVA Won't go, huh? 

CDR-EVA No. Will that bother you getting in? 

LMP-EVA I can probably make it. 

CDR-EVA Okay; get on up. 

LMP-EVA *** again. Okay; why don't you hand me the neutron 

flux, and I'll put it 

CDR-EVA Okay; neutron flux. 

LMP-EVA on the platform? 

CDR-EVA *** start in, and I'll get some of these bags out 
of the way. 

LMP-EVA Well, I just *** hand them to me up here? 
CDR-EVA Okay . 

CC And, Jack, for your thoughts, we've agreed that 

you can delete the tracking light. We'd like to 
get you guys in as soon as possible - f minutes now. 
And we'll delete the tracking light test. 

LMP-EVA Okay. That's all I can handle up here. *** one 
more, and I can put it up here. 

CDR-EVA *** cover on this one. 

LMP-EVA Got it. 

CDR-EVA Stand it up because the cover won't hack it. 

CDR-EVA Okay. Soon as you get on it, I'll come up to the 
porch . 

06 23 57 LMP-EVA *** EVA pallet that's always in ray way? 

CC I think we aren't going to have one of those 

tomorrow, Jack, so we did away with that. We 
hope we're not going to have one of those tomorrow. 

Day 7 - - Orara^H^^ 5-211 

CDR-EVA Bob, we're maximizing our efforts, so just "bear 

with us. Jack's going to be in about 30 seconds, 
and I'm on the ladder *** some stuff up now. 

CC Roger. Don't - don't panic. 

06 23 58 21 CDR-EVA Well, we're not. I just don't want you to. 

CC *** panic there, guys. 

IMP -EVA *** stuff for me? 

CDR-EVA Yes, sir. *** not the time to rush. It's the 
time to do it nice and slow and right. 

LMP-EVA Oh, we're all right. 

CDR-EVA Okay. You're not going to like this, "but I'm 

going to give you this one first because I've got 
it in my hand. 

IMP-EVA Either one. Oh, hang in there. I've got it. 
That's a heavy bag. 

CDR-EVA That is heavy, babe. *** tell you, that's heavy. 
LMP-EVA Okay. 

CDR-EVA Can you reach that one? If not, I'll shove it in 

LMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA One more coming at you. 

IMP-EVA Okay . 

CDR-EVA Tilting up right now. 

LMP-EVA Go ahead. 

06 23 59 58 LMP-EVA Okay; next. 

CDR-EVA Okay; tilting up to you. 

IMP Got it. 


Day 8 

CDR-EVA Okay. Next. Okay, Bob, We've got 

LMP Up here 

CDR-EVA big bag, three SRCs , and a neutron flux. 

CC *** we gather an ETB is coming up with two cameras 

in it. 

CDR-EVA ETB 's next. 

LMP *** ETB in. 

CDR-EVA ETB has two cameras. 

07 00 00 1*9 CC Okay. And as you guys say farewell to the Moon, 

we're looking up to the Earth down here where you 
guys are returning pretty soon. 

CDR-EVA Okay. 

LMP You're going to have to push that. 

CDR-EVA Okay; let me get it. That's all right. *** until 
you're ready. *** make it? 

LMP I've got it. Okay; let me get that other thing 

in here. 

CDR-EVA Bob, *** Gene, and I'm on the surface and as I take 
man's last steps from the surface, back home, for 
some time to come, but we believe not too long in- 
to the future. *** just list *** believe *** will 
record that America's challenge of today *** forged 
man's destiny *** tomorrow. *** as we leave the 
Moon at Taurus -Lit trow, we leave as we came and, 
God willing, as we shall return, *** peace and hope 
*** all mankind. Godspeed the crew of Apollo IT. 


Roger, Geno. Thank you very much. 

CDR-EVA I am up on the ladder, and I'm going to be going 
through the hatch. 

LMP I've got to get out of your way. 

CDR-EVA Yes . 

LMP Okay. 

07 00 03 lh CDR-EVA Okay. Let me *** babe *** I come. 

LMP Come on in. 

CDR-EVA Hatch look good to you? 

LMP Still looks dirty. Okay; keep her down - buttoned. 
Come towards me a little - There you go. Okay; 
you've got it. 

CDR Okay; I'm inside the hatch. 

LMP Okay . 

CDR Let me look - let me see that hatch once more. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR *** last time we want to have to - open that. 

LMP Caught in the same way again. 

CDR I can see down there. 

LMP I can see - it's - - 

CDR Does it look good to you? 

LMP - - it's clear. 

CDR Okay . 

LMP There is a little bit of dust, but it's all in the 

- I don't think . . . 

CDR If I can turn around. 

LMP Yes, I've got to get out of your way. 

CDR Yes, I'll wait for you. Can you move back? 

CDR Yes , now I can . 

LMP Okay; I've got to get my hand over here. Okay; 

I'm out of your way. 

CDR Okay. And 

LMP Close the hatch. 

07 00 Oil kh CDR Hatch is closed. Let's see if I can lock it. 

LMP *** got to turn our E £ 0 off. We've got to turn 

our - let's turn our water off first, "before you 
lock it. 

CDR Well, it's locked now. Can you get your own water? 

If not, I'll get it - - 

LMP I doubt it. *** able to before. 

CDR Okay; I'll get it. 

LMP Have you got yours? 

CDE *** see. 

LMP Mine's off. No, wait a minute. I can't get it. 

CDR Okay. I'll get it for you. And before you move 

anymore, let me get over here out of the way. 

CC Okay. And pay attention here, 17. When you come 

on, we'd like you to leave PRESS REG A which is 
the one that's been OFF - - 

CDR Turn around. 

CC we'd like to leave that closed. 

CDR Okay, Bob. 

CC Just use PRESS REG B going to CABIN. 

CDR Turn some more; I can almost reach it - another. 

LMP Okay . 

CDR Your AUX water is OFF. 

Day 6 WSaS^S^^M_ 5 " 215 




Okay, Bob, - - 


No, no. The - the PRIM water. 




You turn your - - 


Standby. PRIM water is OFF. 


Is your PRIM, OFF? 


It's OFF. 



07 00 06 17 CDR 

Okay. PLSS PRIM water closed. 

and LOCKED. I've got to get the upper valve, Jack. 
Move in . 

LMP Okay. How's that? 

CDR That ought to do it. 

CDR *** got the lock on it. Okay, now. Bob, say 

again which REG A you want left. 

LMP REG A left closed; we got it. 

07 00 06 55 CDR DUMP valves are both AUTO; CABIN REPRESS , AUTO. 


CDR Okay; and I've got plenty of oxygen so we're in 

good shape for an AUTO REPRESS. CABIN REPRESS 
breaker CLOSED at 16 . 

07 00 07 09 LMP Okay; CABIN REPRESS, CLOSED. 

CDR *** baby, there it comes. *** a psi. Okay; it is 

increasing. You can go to CABIN on the regulator. 


CDR Yes, just the one regulator B. 1.5. 


CDR Okay; she's coming up. There's 2.0. Your next 

move will he to get PLSS 0 , OFF. 2.5. Okay; 
get your PLSS 0 2 , OFF. 

LMP Mine's OFF. 

CDR Get it? 

LMP *** doff suits here shortly. 

CDR If you can turn around, I'll get it for you. 

LMP I think that I've got it. There, I got it. 

07 00 08 18 CDR Okay. Verify cabin pressure stable at k.6 to 5.0. 

We'll watch it here. 

LMP I'm watching. 

CDR Okay; 5-0. 

LMP 5.0. 

CDR *** got hot in here, didn't it? Okay; purge valve 

to DEPRESS; *** your circuit breakers. 

LMP Say again that last one. 

CDR You don't need your - DEPRESS with your purge 

valve, but you don't need it. 

LMP Oh , yes . 

CDR Verify your circuit breakers - white dots - . . . 

EVA decals. 

LMP *** dots. 

CDR Okay; I'm squared away there. 

LMP Am I? 

CDR Okay. 

LMP *** good. 

CDR Stay at l6 now. ECS SUIT FAN 2, CLOSED? 




CDR Caution lights are on; that's good. Until the 

SEP *** ECS caution *** out *** winds up. 

CDR Doff gloves; stow on coram panel. Oh, oh. Sweet 

music to ray ears. 

IMP *** put them on again in a few minutes . 

CDR I know; it's still sweet music. 

LMP *** now. 

CDR I have never seen so much dirt and dust in my 

whole life. *** not going to be able to see either 
one of these helmet visors. 

LMP (Laughter) Yes, he will. 

CDR *** careful. Okay. *** harder getting them off 

your ... than it is getting them on. 

LMP I did it. Okay; helmet and gloves are off. 

CDR My gloves are off. 

LMP Right there. 

07 00 11 12 CDR Okay; verify safety on the dump valve. Open that. 

LMP Okay; I verify that there. Just a minute; I want 

to take a double look at something down there. 

LMP Um-hum. Yes. Okay; DESCENT R" 2 0 valve, OPEN. 

CDR Okay; DESCENT E^O valve, OPEN. 

LMP That's OPEN. 

CDR Remove purge valves; stow in purse. *** OPS hose. 

LMP Oh, boy. 

CDR That lock is just tight on there, Jack. 

CDR *** off? 

LMP Yes . 

CDR *** LM hoses, red to red, and blue to blue. We've 

got to do that this time, because we've got to 
*** PLSSs. 

LMP Okay. Let me turn around here. Let me get out 

of your way. 

CDR I'll get back in here. Okay; I'm out of the 

way now. 

07 00 13 01 LMP *** like to get -off the PLSS water and get some 

spacecraft water, too? 

CDR *** the next thing. SUIT ISOL and SUIT FLOW, ON; 

and then we'll put PLSS pump and fan, OFF. Then 
we'll disconnect the PLSS water and connect space- 
craft water. 

LMP *** unhook that stuff up there so you can get to 

your hos es . 

CDR I can't reach it though. 

LMP Oh, okay. Let me get it then. I can get it. 

CDR Okay; I guess. 

LMP *** want red to red and blue to blue. *** verify 

these two because - - 

CDR Yes. Bob, you still with us? 

CC I wouldn't leave for the world. 

LMP Okay; I'm hooked up and locked. 

CDR Okay. 

Day 8 


LMP You want to verify? And 1*11 veri - I'll do it 
for you , if you want . 

CDR *** if you can't find this one. 

LMP *** the red one. 

CDR Okay; in and locked? 

LMP Got the red one locked. 

LMP Let me take a look at yours . 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Okay; now 

LMP Ready for SUIT FLOW. 

CDR Yes, sir. Suit FLOW on "both of them. 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Oh, man, it feels great. 

LMP Yes sir. 

07 00 Ik 58 CDR PLSS pump, OFF, and PLSS fan, OFF. 

LMP PLSS fan is OFF; *** OFF. 

CDS nva v Pi e-nryi)iA"+ ^q_j-Tat.P T ' fr nm. PJljL CQIBTCt. 

LM water. Boy, I never thought air could feel 
so cool. 

LMP Yes . 

CDR Okay; the PLSS water is disconnected. 

LMP *** that's mine. Yes, that's mine. Spacecraft 

wat er . 

CDR Mine's connected. 

LMP How about pushing on that? 

CDR Okay. *** but I vant to see it first. Watch your 

helmet, Jack. You're going to scratch it. 

LMP Got it. Yes, got it. 

CDR You don't have your visor down, and neither do I. 

CDR Okay; connect - PLSS mode, ON. Bob, we're "both 

going off the air. We'll get on LM comm. 

CC We'll he waiting for you. We're here. 

CDR Okay; go "0," Jack. 

LMP *** some cooling? 

CDR Okay; zap me with it, and go "0," and then put 

your audio breaker OPEN and connect the LM comm. 
Then an audio breaker, CLOSED. Okay? 

IMP You're loud and clear. 

CDR Okay. Next thing, VHF B - wait a minute. *** 

audio breaker, OPEN, CLOSED. Okay; VHF squelch B 
LMP. Okay; noise threshold, plus 1-1/2. 

LMP Yes . 

07 00 18 09 CDR Okay . AUDIO , both panels . VHF A RECEIVE , and B , 


LMP A RECEIVE , and B is OFF here. 

CDR Okay; mode ICS/PTT. 




07 00 18 31 CDR Okay; on the comm, VHF A TRANSMITTER, OFF. 



Day 8 JlrailHfl iVffl 1 "?^ 5-221 





IMP Okay; it's LEFT. 



07 00 18 50 CDR VHF ANTENNA, AFT. 


CDR Okay; PLSS - OPS /PLSS doffing. Disconnect OPS 

actuator from RCU. Let's do that for each other. 

LMP Okay . 

CDR Disconnect RCU from PGA. If it's off, stand right 

where you are, and I'll get your RCUs disconnected 
from the PGA right here. 

LMP Okay; let me check off. Off, off, off. 

CDR Okay. Let's see, OPS actuator. Disconnect RCUs 

from PGA. Verify fan; everything off. Disconnect 
RCU from PLSS. Disconnect RCU from PLSS and stow 
on engine cover. Okay. Ready to go on? 

LMP Okay . 

CDR You can disconnect your PLSS hoses. 

IMP Okay . 

CDR Oh boy! These really are getting stiff. 

LMP I'm not sure how many EVAs you can get out of a 

suit like this. 

CDR I'm not sure how many EVAs you can get out of any- 

thing. Look at the ... The ... are frozen out 
there; everything has Just quit running. Every- 
thing quit working. I don't think you can get 
three EVAs in this dust unless you completely re- 
design your systems. 

LMP Probably have to have a bigger spacecraft , so you 

can keep clean. 

CDR Yes , but how are you going to keep all that stuff 

out there clean.' 

LMP No, but I mean you can - two compartments or 


CDR Okay; you're first. Doff PLSS/OPS. LMP first. 

Stow LMP PLSS on floor. Stow Commander's PLSS 
on mid-step. 

LMP Okay; let me turn - - 

CDR Would you like that for a souvenir (laughter)? 

LMP Okay; I'll hold it, if you can take your straps 

off. I don't mind saying but my - I won't say it. 
We're not VOX. We're not on hot mike, are we? 

07 00 20 58 CDR Hello, Houston. Are you reading, IT? 

LMP We're not. No. 

CDR My right hand is going to be sore for a week 

(laughter). My left hand isn't going to be much 

LMP Okay, Houston. We're back on LM comm. 

CC Roger, IT. We copy you loud and clear on LM comm. 

LMP Okay; you got the strap there. 

CDR Yes . You got it? 

LMP I got it. Let it come off. 

CDR Okay . 

Day 8 


LMP Doff PLSS/OPS. Stov PLSS on floor. Stow Com- 

mander's on mid-step. Can you put that up there 
on the floor somewhere? 

CDR Yes, but I don't know how long it'll stay on. 

CC And, IT. Jack and Gene, we have a couple of - In 

fact , we have three records here to read out to 
you guys. On Apollo 17 > two of them; one, the 
longest single EVA, 7 hours 37 minutes and 22 sec- 
onds. The longest total lunar surface EVA time, 
22 hours 5 minutes and 6 seconds . And in summary , 
the total lunar surface EVA time for the Apollo 
Program, 80 hours kk minutes and 8 seconds. 

CDR That's quite a tribute to the people who made it 

possible, I'll tell you. Thank you, Bob. 

CC Roger, Geno. And I can't speak as authoritatively 

as some people have tonight, but for all of us 
around me, I '11 "say thank you also. 

CDR- Your words are well taken. You know how I feel. 

CDR Jack, we want to get the PLSSs - The OPSs we want 

to save. 

LMP Yes, that was great! Twenty-two hours and 


CDR Over a quarter of the total time. That's okay. 

We want to get the OPSs off. 

07 00 22 56 CC Hey, Gene and Ron, this is the CSM CAPCOM. Thought 

you might be interested. Your buddy up on - above 
you there is chugging on and about ready to bed 
down himself, right now. And he did take a good 
look at the landing site through binoculars tonight 
and took a good look at Shorty Crater there , and 
noticed quite a lot of variations in color. That 
may be the same color changes you saw in that 
orange soil and that, but we're trying to match it 
up. And Farouk and Ron are working it out. We're 
trying to match it all up and see if we can get a 
comparison there. 

LMP Excellent. Tell him we'll see him tomorrow. 


Day 8 

CC Yes, he's counting on it. 

CDR How's America looking to you, Bob? 

CC Well, I'll give an update. It - it's working per- 

fect. No problems at all, and we got good SIM bay 
data on everything. The UV, the IR, the lunar 
sounder, and everything that we - every data point 
we can see is just great. It's - it's just hardly 
any anomalies at all. Everything is just wonderful, 

CDR Outstanding. 

LMP Hey, get the connector plugs out, Gene. We'll 

keep the dust out of there if we can. 

CC Gene, about this total limit of any problem there 

is, and it's not a problem, is we're just having 
to stir those tanks manually because of that 

limiting cycle on the pressure switch there. We 
could go back to AUTO, but it's easier to go MANUAL. 

CDR I'll be back up there tomorrow, and I'll stir them 
for you. I can't - The last snap in the world is 
going to 

CC Roger. And Jack and Gene, let me make a note here 

for you guys. There will be a series of references 
to this throughout the checklist but there's a gen- 
eral thing, and you might even put a piece of tape 
across it if you want to or something - rather than 
go through and call out all the locations. We'll 
leave PRESS REG A closed for the rest of the time. 
Might just keep that in mind. 

LMP Okay, Bob. We'll - I think we'll handle that one 


LMP Stow OPS hose and actuator. 

CDR I'm trying. 

LMP Install gas connector plugs . And then Commander 

first, disconnect OPS antenna lead. 

CDR Oh, oh, oh. I hit one of those ... I need new 

fingers. You can't see if they're bleeding or not 
"because it's all - It's all black. 

IMP Remove OPS and stow antenna lead. Perform OPS 

checkout. Report OPS pressure to Houston. Stow 
OPS on engine cover. Okay. 

CC Gene, there's one thing you may be interested in 

as - as the Commander. We're going to have to do 
two burns tomorrow on America. The - the orbit - 
the mascons didn't deteriorate the orbit as much 
as everybody thought it was, so there's going to 
be an RCS burn about an hour prior to the - to 
the LOPC burn. 

07 00 26 21 CDR That's interesting, Bob. Are you going to do a 

DDI 3, huh? 

CC Well, yes, I guess that's what it'll be - It's 

going to be an RCS burn at about 11-foot per sec- 
ond. It'll drop the - it'll circularize the orbit, 
and then we'll do the plane change burn. 

LMP What was your pressure, Gene? 

CDR I didn't get to it yet; I haven't taken it off. 

CC Okay; and, 17, we'd like you to press on reasonably 

diligently tonight. You're just about on schedule 
but if we can turn off this Marine, we'd like you 
guys to press on. We're looking at a nominal 
launch time, and we've used up, of course, all the 
MCC-H conference, but we think you're within a few 
minutes of being right on. If you can press on 
like you did last night, we'll be in great shape. 

CDR Okay, Bob. I never stopped doing what I wanted 

to do anyway even though a Marine was talking. 
Jack, you can tell then it's 60 - about 6100. 

LMP Okay; CDR's OPS, 6l00; LMP, 6500. 

07 00 27 U5 CDR I just forgot to connect my hose. 

LMP Which hose? 

5-226 CQMfMWMllill Day 8 


IMP Yes, you got to check it out though (laughter). 

CDR That build up the cabin? 

LMP No, not much. 

CDR Okay; I'm regulating 39. 

LMP Looks like Ron got a good OPS. Hope we don't 

need them for transfer. Yes, I checked that 
thing, I thought. 

LMP Well , I know how an OPS works . 

CDR Now try it. 

LMP Mine's regulating high, Gene. 

CDR How high? Okay; mine was a - - 

07 00 29 08 LMP Okay. Okay, Houston. This is the LMP. LMP's OPS 

is regulating at It. 25. 

CDR And mine's 39- Tell them. 

LMP And the CDR's is 3-9 - 3-9- That might be - I 

started - Let me read it off, and let me see where 
it regulates at next time. I didn't have my hose 
locked, Bob, and it came off the first try. 

CDR We can do that later anyway. We'll - - 

LMP Bob, we'll take another OPS check later on when we 

stow them. We're pressing on. Okay; we want to - 
What's next? 

CDR PLSS hoses. Remove lower 

LMP Okay. 

CDR Remove OPS - It says Commander first, so let me 

finish out now. Remove OPS and stow antenna 
leads - - 


CC They're saying we better do that "before you fill 

out the PLSSs because we have to verify a good 
one before you dump the PLSSs . 

IMP Okay; we'll do that. Perform OPS checkout. Re- 

port OPS pressure to Houston. Stow OPS on engine 
cover. Stow PLSS . Okay; this is my mine. Stow 
PLSS hoses and upper straps . Remove lower straps . 
Clip straps together and D-ring together, name 
to name. Remove yo-yo. Stow on engine cover. 

CDR Okay . 

07 00 30 32 LMP But I'm not going to throw my yo-yo away.