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»«• 1. 1*05. in /hour* *^ '^.r, M,«cov 

8|»o«rAft will lift off from ffir T 0 '' veWcl * &»yv« 
participate in r, he Aj,U« ! u , : V ;:j|8k5 ^. the • £ m 

the exploration and r e*eef ul u L r f f <>" e»QmaUou 1{i 

The ogr^ent forest alvT'lT'** iil " 

Acad*.-*. .-,r >•:..«». ft , - 0 - l '- > -'^ ; frjv.e-j on r».» r^rr., " 

Pre,..,-. , hi? ... J;---* - *. :e .ucerl ;as: j«„ , f , ne 

-•>-■ ? . sins *> * * <- .. ■ r * • : n» 

I , * . cwtuar aassablv ■ v .rbl«- 
„ v ,, ^ £ ^: e .^ rU " d '? *H-"« rtt **- Af.uie,' During 

scheduled iVv ♦ >.- * J--..*-ng of tae Soyji ftr ..* i.Kiv, ... «per*- 

' rr<,rR ^"'era: =-.«.-. e .v »rs '"• ^~ . !WB ;° f ' <•'<* 'OyM space-: ra:t 

renitzvou. *na docking. i, ats . .:' S tergetf ulU fce U3<>;J JT*? '^^ 

and ar.iro^nous per ijira' ■ S! k ;: ro n aezv«I. electa „ the -i,. 

aerate at active and Scy, J2 /-'yf* 1 A ^: AO ««^ing assembly vlli 

.oi^jric r ,eri^, a , P TV , -"^^ night! 

•> , - ,Ji5,i « 4& the flight i-r.gra*. - ,Jf ' : th * fi nal blocking in aoh-ia^d 

Jej^n.-r.t fllgnt th- 2cy.r. v< ; ^ Af "« r «I-'»rat icn, . JU ri„ K 

t'"-" 5 ' According to in-orwti^n ^x^a;^ ^ 1 i9Rter ' Moft " ov * 

c#nw.-M 1 Uo»-u* flight d^uty direeto?h«^% P , C f, lVe * n Miss ^« Control ' 

'** III ''MV<jf->lb u ; 4i , .. 

find v*icclt y „ 5 R 
rt ™"> iv., !V , t ,-'V .r 1 ? * :<Mrt - The v./ j; 'j;* - 0J ! «l8nl«g or 

«'-i*r r.f .v,. ' 1 --'cap :h<? r* m* ' * 1;: t; ' r ^-v..» 

suit S h ft ;i,.: ' - n< • :-f^^-i a.r vi l; b . ; : 

astp (ussa) Mrsaios Mca/2 

Time; <fttV? COT, tytkl 

w, tv.., halation deviea ... UvMe).} . 0 o»pHo»' ed now 

UiA'i'A.VOV (A» fnt «$rerf on land training U very 6<»P"-« »* 

^■te* (Vhlch tfc. crav to «^»KiX^i2« 

Uiey vi'l have durlnj ih, -J» on jar*.) ^""^ J?X "uSlM*. U 

MCM ^^ e r ha* «. i?U u ^ li^^ors in both Hou.tcn and Mcscuv, 
tf « K -io «--el, * h *: J,; " cosaarv to perform the decking Joint 

t«ea with eye»/ thi.* nB ""* 1 '. tr6ining Wh6 0O mp4ele<J ^oceas- 

-livi-y, ar,i ,ho work h». ^ ™ x.. ^ t pLlfarKy -Udn't affect the 

fully, '.r.1 we sno'nd say tnat the ^•,"^;,"r.J rier ls Mother peculiarity. 

i he - 

Vf - r,. i» 


A87P (USA) MC3/1 

Timet 5:10 COT, 10s 10 GtfT 


KJ[0 The Soviet Control Center apeufcing. Moscow time is 

13 hours, 10 alnutas. The cosmonauts -hftve prepared - getting ready to 
close the h*tch In the descent vehicle -between the descent vehicle und 
the orbital module. After tbt that the - five orbits - after - after 
tine of being in the spacecraft, the flight engineer has closed th'i 
hntch, turned on the electrical avi tones, checked hi* apace eult. The 
flight engineer ia checking the preeaurisatlc.i in the hatch. After 
cloeiti the hatch th*y have bueMed themselves into the seats, and at the 
present time the hr/cch between the descent vehicle and orbital module is 
closed. The ventilation system of the - vehicle is alu open. Moscow 
? 1 ight /.'enter - Control Center. Over. 

f-A's> Is there something backed up on Soyuz (garble)? 

Xlo The Scviet 3pa:»i Center speakiug. It is r..jv 1? 

hour;!, ;-0 rtinut e3 Hosc^v tiae. PrUr no launch there is - rerr&ina two 
heirs. At the present tiae the crew is tarrying out u check of the 
eq-wiitr.f r.t . They have pressurized the orbital nodule. B^aed on a report 
frcr the Co s:>c drone, the pressure in the descent rtciuie is - It's 18 de- 
grees •> Is i ua . Eight nu,\&rea and seventy-five is the pressure of the 
orbital «wi £t with 22 degrees Celsius. The ;rev is feeling fine. 
This is the Moscow Control Center. Over. 

KIO (This is the Moscow r light Control Center. Moscow 

tir.e is 13 nours, ?5 elnutea, Tvc hour readiness has teen declared. Pre- 
f 1 i j^n t preparation la going along by schedule on - as per schedule. Now 
the final sretric parameter hookup vires are being contacted. The health 
of the - health and status of the crew ia being aonitored and checked period- 
ically. The, bio.^etric information is being registered and this inform- 
ation is registered in a - cne of the control panels *t the Control Cen- 
ter. This is the Moscow Control Center, Cver . ) 

KIO {- - Mission Control Center. Mcscow tHe Jr« 

1} hvuv, 'i0 ninutea. Before the launch of the Soyuz, the)* remains 1 
H'.-<r 'mi ; .0 cinutos. The ^oanonauts, at the present tine, are checking 
their f.jui pm>nt . Special covers cover the bandies and control buttons 
ar.a -liii'ic vn the Soyu? spacecraft tu.d in the pressurizattcri Integrity 
<*{■.''.■ cxi- - nrv established and set properly and the cosmonauts say that they 
have ci-t'c.ifd these things sr.d they're prepared to :&rry r.ut a aya terns chock 
cti the spacecraft. At the present tizr.e they have finished checking the 
pi'«-s;-.iri z&tion of the orbital module and checking the preasuri zation in- 
tegrity, 'fiased on the the integrity - based cn the indication of the 
t ••.tperatur* , the crev is checking the temperature cf the descent vehicle 
Interior. At the present tine they are looking at the Indicator dials 
and giving the readings. They'll be giving ten minute checks of their 
status. Nov whan they repiy on certain requests and give basic inform- 
ation tiiey read the information off the dials and iurn it over to those 
people monitoring the indicators and para - parameters. 875 is the pressure 
ani?. the temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. In the orbital module it's 
875 - the pressure, and the temperature is 15 degrees Cel- 
sius. The voltage la 29 vclts in the internal electrical network. The 
electrical power supply system is turned or. cn the Scyus spacecraft. At 
thr, present time the crew is checking the systems based upon the signal- 

Aim* (i*;a) 
i< ij/'j't 

th. Xtai ^v«":^;^j:x ,ft {r; glwn first ver * ^ 

service module. Over.) the d " c «r;t or ac-cal]ed 

the th K er«l - therJ^.teT^^'lr"^.??* 'if'™ 1 ! XChM * ^ Ste » 
cut seq^enUaUy pining v^iouTb! ,> ^ * re boi n « c *"Ied 

? r * v "IwMn* the electronic tv%%\- SL *? e pr ? aenl tino the Soviet 
n th, r.niU,re before then ntrwiTrHn & 

in* oU lljri . , u ,j U3 hUBlsl jr f! '1'" Un " the breath- 

<^ir.o i;y ,t, Wl nre aioo being acrit re' rf - attitude orientation and 

Hoacow m m Control" Center oil" * stored. The - this lB 

-enter. Over 

mi OK TA} : 

Hmoi 05<^ CW, 10:31* OHF 

PAO Good owning. This i» Hlealon Control Houa ton. 

Preening in the countdown now at 8 hour*, 13 A t PiU ° 
launch- an hour and 1* minute to Soyu* launch from the f*;* 

S o^ at Baikonur. Juat a short while ago the two Joint ft tjht 
afreets hero in Hilton Control Center a.* the Hewjv Cont Renter 
o«h»ng.M statue reports, Yuri V^isov in Moscow aaid that ^ythln* 
v« Schedule in the count torn at Baikonur. Cowonaut erevwn Aloxey 
lernov and Vworly Kubaeov are now in the spacecraft Aey are 
en^w^rinrf „, .yater* problem and their veatner forcctit a the 
Cen ni AsU Uuneh Site la favorable. His counterpart her t in Ml«ion 
• ♦ -\ t«.. H.~,.tf C ut» reported that the countdown for Apollo is 
c-n -I ,i'r on s S uL-'vIt' L vehicle problem- apparent at this time 

; fu'lt^r -'lo-y i^Xs tetter than U has been. Flight 
Z* * V i. ;e U MiBaton Control Houston is Net! Hutchinson 

aid i rrt' le will rooeive a weather briefing f.-oe the me«rera of the 
5 lit Veath%/ S e^oe here in the Control Cjnt.r ^Idln* orecas 
p.^ u-r ;«-n"h o-ea watner which he U: turn will relay to -he bovle. 
Sight ■Ur'Sor "nth, io.cov Control Center. Eight h;urs, 12 -inutee 
and counting. Apcllc u m-slon c , ntrol Houston. 

Scse B' hour, 51 ninutea away fr» launch end one J- 

PViv frjn Soyua Launch fro*. t>.» Soviet ccssoiroae at Here 

' fist ^ .'--.ntrol Center, .Joint flight director Jay Honeycutt 
rad a br III iisooMlon vlth hi, counterpart In Ml.elon Control, . 

i , v; exchange of status report in the respective Control 
SiUr * >«ieSv reported that ail i. on schedule at BtUonur. Cosmo- 
nau irVlesU Sonov end Valwly Kuoaeor are now in the Soyuz apaeeeraft 
and they've Encountered no eyateai problew and the launch el-.e wea.ner 
?f r , .a4 at baUcnur W favorable. Rcneycutt in his status report to 
UeM^v eaid -nt ,he oountdovn ^-^^^^ 

,;„,„ ~ v W 'u ..\ertlv re-.-elve a briefing froa '-he haUonel ''eatntr 
"erli';;. ov > hire In the Ccn*»l Carter cn the la-onch area weather 
'f"; . t'whU-h he vili relay to the *>Uet flight dire ctor In the 
Moscow control Center. At 8 hours ',3 minute, to Apo^o xaunch. .nia 
is Ay. lie Control, Houston. 


A37P (USA) MC 5/1 

?i»e; CPT, Utll GOT 


SPKB (Russian) 

KIO (This is the Moscow Flight Center. Fourteen hyurs 

te- alnutea Moscow tine. There retwkla& 1 hour 10 minutes before 
Boy 1 1 la^utch tiw. The present time, the cosmonauts are doing the same 
thing they were iMng previously. They've begun checking the indicator 
lights s»n the *ign\l panels. The crew has told the contr l center the 
indications of the combined Integrated electronic indicator system. 
Tr.e uitra-flh'>rt vave coiaeiunlcation.-t has been turned on and checked 
The receivers have been ~ are turned -itC at the preser.-t time. The crew 
has turned on and checked the ultra-high frequency transmitters. At 
the present time, the cosmonauts are carrying out ccnitoring onboard 
system:', 'i'ua f*raneter3 of the air cor.pcsi ziifi of the orientation 
f.-./ifif?;' , the r«'nd<*iVv/UH and approach and the spaceauit ..•onditlon:. . 
Vvey'r*' >x\' 'j checking the preoeurixation of the corrective engines and'fr tnXtihrd :iysteisa. Thia is the Moscow Flight Control Systerc, Over. 

I, ?, 3. >, 3, e t i. Hov do you read? Over. 

r.l-: (This is the ?oviet Flight Control Center. Moscow 
t. >.e \'-t hours, ,0 minutes, Tlte nourly preparedness has iust been 
anncunved i\;r the Soyai spaeecraf i . Tr.e theraal provision has been 
previa*.-} for by the Soviet spacecraft. It's preparing for itonitoring - 
we're monitoring all the eysterts which will provide the orbital function 
ivrlng the flight. AU the ballistic information is being tjet into the 
c .-.board jseehaniaits . Also, calculated values for the trajectory of the 
spacecraft has been introduced and a3 1 the tir.e values have been nulled 
aboard the spacecraft, The indicators - the in formation which is taken 
off of the indicator dialn taker, by the spacecraft - by the space crew 
&rA sent down to The Control Center. Ail the {araoetera at the present 
t ice are normal; the indicators - indications are also - also 
appear o.-. the control panel before the ;:rev. The digital information 
hai- h--' u checked and seems to be ckay. This is Moscow Plight 

«er I* - 5 he i«>truBer.t nodule ,» '"W.turi • Ift th » °'M- 

talr " " ' 5 degree » Centlgrtdr. T*" 0f 


prorations of tho hr» JSwrlrt ' * ! nwtM ' Th * pr * 8t<u,t 
The calculated Uunch ^li il irSlirJ ST™** J** * c ; or41n<t to acheJuU ' 
the cr.v U monitoring tht Un if ?h! ^v***',, At th * pre8ent tiB * 

norm*! according to the onwHolJLn, 0 ^?* r4 8y8Um8 vhlch 
fro. Lh« Space Center? the cEiS^^** 1 ' Acc<,rdip « th» report* 
vehlclu ia 750 «1 latter! * fj', * r * ttSur * *» - in the descent 

ture 19 do?rees CMtt R r t <3e Ir ♦ ? ■ . "J 5 »»UiMter* of merau/y, ter.pera- 
*75 r.llLi,.5ter H of n«££rv\nl ♦ ^^truaent iwdule, thi» pressure ia 

"Ms Is ^co^M^^ont^ | eBper * ,ur - 13 » Centigram. 

P A - ' ") / * 

Sp.ce renter. r 4 ;$ i ! J". frCE at Kenedy 

KutoM.;*,,* in !« s ; 1 ^ Uy nas <«««»Uy Sieved Noil 

™ th, FJight DirectX 4 J ^f c ^. ^ty vent ar^i the ro o, 

^ntrol Center, There w> »or^"X, ^ sLii ^ in tho 

track i„g , of irnc v L r : I'JuZl: ^ 7l!f ™ C-tar.d 

"o series i^aet ^ ^ w I'f '• wa "\* I * ln vhich i? that 
the Nat{,,nl wither S vH £ v »i»«r.. We revived a briefing fro* 

l«, percent, probability L {™t f^! r^ 0 ^^^ ° f ^under.torn,, 
grou*:! -.rack to the northeast ^ v f /^ * icre th * «^rt 

-lor. with Yuri Dcnisov ln Ml«l£ ''it ■ ^ ^^.eycutt, had 6 discu.^ 
^Kri-:. Deni,ov said ha^ "1 « ^ ' f! C ^ V ^'^ atatu 3 > 
«hea u »e Their crew < 3 ohvicLiv ^ ?J WM ^««*ing-on 

minute U-fcrc launch ¥r2°tl ,„ 8 ^cecraft at thie U M at 1,0 

'T'f ^ «t ine 'SXk 11**1™ l:™™""™ they 

v I ai i" i; ;,.r.firc3 this- P --e hi-h ^ J " enlvr * in - c «i r '« eoviet tele- 

Photor earner, th .- ^I^^t , : S .. ^<*« ^Pr^t i, tke 

: ENp OF 'TAP-?''. 

ASTP to) MC6/JI 

vwi* 1 * cw ' 11,514 


aov - the .separating th , ^Vv ^ *>' Wfa, weT* 

«oy iK g wv fro* the tester ri^ /I'V^'^ *re 

fljaroljcally toward ho/ l*,ntai w* --^ J*" WUi * wer «* 

Ai.o u,, r , ir , , ;vawunif , UMi4 £ " ^ f I« pul ortoard. 

r : — a >;:"/;rr:. :: :-;- :>«„■. 

ai«o rh; a cordis of - V \ ?! ' r '> vtWt 

,. the orbit fri of ~ J* 8 F 5 . ratals raisin* 

'-■"<>.-. Jh- ; ,r*v i, WtJv „ ««nrUfr« **-ari 5* lr. 

.^*e:-v ?a S ht ;.~n-:r- " l * 1 '" fif e --P^- e .-i. Thig 

U hour,, ^ :,: r ,u-,,: lfl ^;;' v ' f ; Ki «'i».n ^r.-.,-ci C^t,,. M 0s .. ev 

s °'<^ ^-ornrt Jv ,u . ^r^-?,^". .>f hr ■* 

im^c-^. -Jh.. crev has ioni u ^ S ; iin ? V^« cf the rnboaru 

on ;he3 heJ ,. ets . UiJ0 ^ : « : --s xja, - W d dro ?? eo th,ir visor, 

their Mr ; , ? , ; ^ :eir 9 paceeui . L ! V ,JrMd on the * ^ualiv 

i.ov, ; .ro :t: .u.,. e U.te^'v ;f t*? ""^ alrt ^^n.,, of 

l'-y --f -V.,. hl « 1Me h - : *- «■! th- r,;.,M : . 

»ir ..i..h t . r-.. ? ,, t . „ tle ;;:;.;;7:-: r ; ft *-'•-*- th « ^^--t. 

e ^--n-W «.hi„ ei».i r . ss ent v*;', . b?en rurr: ^ ^- In case of 

P^x : ,kortv rt ve receiver. } * ^s^ning to ausic th«ir du- 

^i?i 6 ^ >8l ~-- v «i*»ion Control Center J ' 

S P *cc .» nlC r. At thi, tlR e ve'ha'e " 1 ?,^ Ul, f ' har * ttt the ^nnrdy 
PJ 'cgenic loaiir^, Tim WMwr . " ' *S " jiVea * «<»-«h«»d to a tart 
be .tartej hy * r ? Rgl ^ "^f ^ *1U b. bringing aboard- o*viU 

rL ft r:..! c r tu ^ «-i«« -v, thV^'^^r ^ t ^ th ^ 

»p...« at the wa# 0 f F&d and't: e^ce\ f " lci " 


CountcJcvrj proceed inc uei i . m ^> , 

*bl> ij Kennedy jJU ^troU ° Ur6 ' * 5 * lmites ^ 4 counting. 

«■* if 15 hour,, Wrtiltil.^^? X 1 ? Moaoov 

control Wan) of the coaaonluls whfX °* rd Cont » 1 ■ The right 

jj Ujui U.oy arc ready. They have lcver£ T™ elves »» »«J report- 
She , „„. !au , ;0h b Jneer*ed , 1<?lr f80e P*«» - Plate*. 

order r JIt L., ard ana the ,°f ^ , tflRt ev erythiru : on - i 3 j„ 

the t-„* U r i*. beer, fueled. Nov t- * m, hM besn M«* - 

t«Ka for ; the tanks ^ & ^ f ° r " lh « ^I«r 

■-"1* amj a half zlnuteji r e «<.< r A "* r ster rocket are being v^'f- 
KIO • e '7" lin S tefrre launch.) 

;T' e ? lnut * teforo launch, ) 

Ki '' ^f 01, ia ^ Ch h&8 *«« turned.) 

for launch. U ' ie fU6lirig h« *«n removed. Thirty «ecc— 


ABTP MJ38f -V (t.«3A) Tape 9/1 
tin* i Q'tsZQ CW\ 12:^0 OMT 

K W (Tne fuollr Vt-wor has b««* *«oved . 30 *t-e s »d* 

be*or« launch . The launch coanand haa teen gi" Te3 *?try, 
registry, equtppwivt has beon turned on, Alsc .b* c-or.ti\;i 4 onboard 
control u/aum of r»jUtration •qulpnev.t here. ;#oit;w ( , The engines 
art- pf.worc-a up. The launch, the booster is, off. Mcsccv tine IS ho<jrs 
PO f<lr«\4t«o, tun «*conds. The flight is proc«eUii K r.orwuiy. :>« 
program maneuver -r-f tha bolster rocket a has beor. giver.. 20 rainuMB 
into HiRht. Tr«« night the er.gine it" ..peraUrig i a st»Mi- 
Banner, inert 'a a. align t iiover mt of U." better - a cili at •--„•»:. 30 
secoru;. Inc flight i;. pr_-e«' :;o^ B l; y. a ecc:uU, *r-«"';; g ht is 
nora&l.. . 70 seconds of flight, -jf th* boe t»r-.$# th* Soyus sp^ecraftv'.'.' • 
the firt't atage has been |*8so4 .on' vhiuh saxi&ua a$eel'«raHon- &&» 
fiHCCirr -.-rvd. -n.-* spe^i velocity hat *-xcee\;«iO 5 s>-V zner;] p-r -i*jc s. 
i'Hgn' .-.vcrl oa >s are i eJng felt by th. -rt-w. IX' seforHs <r,*~ »:.■■" 
fligM . Tr.c roc.s- i.-i p- sending i.i c. »:>■»».• "is 

• reporting fi ;>?. onboard spacecraft. 120 into *:h« ♦light-.' . 

The tirr-t st&,-e i ;e a^^ent s frsporav sd . ;■. \»-r i a 

naif ki ic-rscte.' 5 ->r soooiU. I'r.e .je?oivi stage e.'.jrlr.f ■ -. =■.:<. up 
Sr.- u .i'.fibto .iAr.n«r. :'Ught overload :•< teir.i felt ' ,- r.v." 
H'-O : iff t r .f, '.ru- :'j l^nt . Th* set- .-gen;;-- Jetti* ..' . itr -, 
syatv* ' > A » beer* J** t* -.-no 4. The cover and' *hr :■ • * .' pevimw.: . 
?;ie «f.-w lo r> quirting from cnboar'i the sp&cecr&r'* . -»••.■..«.': 'i^jre 

ungine;; are- operating.' ) 

*' r; -' i^SO poc^nda int:. th« rj'. s *I' c'?.- : stable. 

The fi; ia r,ov ever '< ki loaetei-s per ^eo^.-td" 

(260 seconds into tr.e . '." - i'li^h*, !s proceeding 

nornally. ). • 

/'./:. KID ' ' . 1 .: (270 secDnda into ths'. :". ; : -v ■ . v-iv • :^ter 1^' '.■ 
s*.abio. The pitch aini yav are r.craal. St-: -.v .■=.-. . ■' .■■ec.'.-i stage 
has tay.en place and the thiri dtage ■ ---or have teen 

turr,e-.J en, Trse ct-satinauts report the i£>;!'.i : ■ - t « * r;ts^e,) 

(?^0 seconds the flight :. 

( Y.O seconds in *t *. r:» : !.;?.■ . J '. i *, of th<> 

thir: whir.v. In* third 3tage in table. • -e '- b-irnin- 

charl...<r, 'h;- ■ crab u.u ion chait'ber cf th» trir. 4 . . m.^ . .-.'.hln .'..-raal 
iim;*--. Vflr.-.-I'.y -.f the booster rcrket has ; v - i-j Rr .i % ha>lf 
kil-.ri'.«*r: 5 ^«-r .Jerrcn.l. Altitude nf the sp-j- > . r.^-, r 3aj!ce to the 
pr :-grwi ?;j about iO0 Kl 1 -..r.eterb . H;c -i i h t &r ; v •- •. v..? iu', pad i« 
about 700 kil^cetere. ) 

K!Li <' c <>0 .'eionds. The fligr.* it ;.-.--:o»lir:g r.craally. 

Velocity of the booster uaa now exceeded } 5ti ; -r? per second. 
This from the launch ?3te ia approxiKately 9CD --a.) 

Ki0 («20 seconds into the f lig:.'„. Tr.e flight is proceeding 

normally.'..."..' ■ 

''*"30 ascends. The thiri -.tie e;.rfines are operating 

in a a table Banner.) 

*&TP <R»A) T»j>e Wty/g. 

fiRff' or < wet*. u - t >> aw ■' 

; '•' .. . (*3&. lute th« e '\iaht rh. i>i») 

l»r OK ,-At'f, 

(u;*A) HISSIOH HC10/1 

?f(* # „ 

m»n bt'«fi, initialed, 


Hi-.!** :^troi O.X,) P hM ^ ^an,f.rr«4 to the Soviet 

- W hew you. rht« is «o. 0 «.) 

iUpl V .card ok the - " it..\Ii clT^V 1 *** V * h » V * '^troni. 
38 kilometers; ,,1^11 *f«"r«rt. Two hur.iral ar,4 

itu M "i ;1t Jt: mT^SI.^ pcr ^ 

0*nt«r.) Thi§ Is Motcw Mission Cootr. 

&r<?H U«aurl»h ground *t*ti*» %Z nw Wthln the *iw nicatioi 

Soyu* will be heard ever the J 3 S R t^hV 15, ?f * ^ 
•lnut«j vhen it wilt ,!! * * , territory until l? houra 12 

- a«*v« tr.** zone of coaauiiioAt < «v,- 

sor.e of L'spurisf,. At *he r-renr.n* t rll "^u** - the coverage 

the c» »j* * h > u , V ,J K*a«nt Uk«, the Soyua spacecraft is «n»T««c 

' , Moscov Miasi^a Control *«-r...g 

eHm.Cshadov.J lMr9 ^ v ' thia *• Soyur II. V> entering the 


y - !n 10 aeconis oonitcr'r.g the - 1 

VJ-'J (16:519, 17; 12.) 

Uoger. AfHraativeJ 

^ according to our data, the .ane tHii*/ 

(Soger.) *. * 

l f s / R ^ Roger. ) 


ASTHUdA) Mii&iQN mcuA 

*..»fi v tl u i,i a.kiIV' Saturn Launvh Controls we're T ninu* 

t , , M »rn, -.inula* and evwtlnf, Ax this ttM. llqut4 ©xy«en J" rlf;V f"f 
into Mil- rirat stage «f tt.r Saturn vehicle at the fa*t-ftli rate of uo-.i 
^il.Mw jer minute. i*t'a »tand »-y now for our Uovlet Mission Control -Vnter, 

K«0 {.Jarboe* 

my This ia Apollo Saturn Launch Control*, we're at * minus 

• ■ ho- ir », * ai.-urtea and punting. We're continuing to nonttor MUslan 
\ '.tr.-.l fr ■? the Soviet I'fiion, an<i a* ve gat announcements froa theft, w* U 
/'irov off unJ try to Lear what they are eaying. We're continuing to i°*;f 
liq-iH -»vi?efi *bcard the fJr*i ataxe of the Saturn rocket at the faaWiU 
rs u- C f gallons yer ainute. Hero in the firing row, the A57P progra* 
•tre'-'-.r, 'ne* Leei A^oilo Launch director, Walt Kepryan-, and Kennedy 
>nw director, lee Scherer were «n>ng those vho watched the Soviet iaunch 
>•.-, c . ^r-.iit television frv>» her* i£ the firing rooej. That launch 
»1>vX yin.v. at '-u-Jt 10 seconds after 06i20. At sJkwt 06:00 thU 
w^hni veather briefing free: cur N-?AA experts, and they indicate that 

■ u*« vt have at cut the Vest weather predicted for this efterno'-j. 
•rs» v*'v« ,ml U\ sanv day*. Be inking for a r^atiy sunny afternoon 
w-tl t **a'v>rei ol^-ii*. ViaiMUty XC Riles. Temperature about 8^ 

.-uu^h- tiUe «••■■■ *W* the'- eoutheaet, iO, ; to .i5. : »Ue*' per. how,' . Som*.- ... 
t' r ierstcrr* In the area* but r.ct expected to be here in line 
.w^ft ar*h. They'll Ve offshore or off to the want of us, If 
ail * ca fanned. . ur *w.tdovi continuing. T Rinu* 6 hour*. 2 Kinuies, 
H'sa ! a« . Tnie <a Kennedy I.auAch Control. 

-;rra« la the Soviet Miaalon Control Center. Moacov 
.^•rC/js ^. yri ^ : fjU ftinutea'. - 3 s * minutee'» «Ad ^»0; seconds the Soviet, apace.?. , 
f-a-'» n«» L-een in orbital flight. Sov it has crossed the Earth's equator 
^4 nov'maaifig over .the Pacific Ocean. '. "..The c9Wwni**Uon «e*#loft : 

..... . . i j ti««" .«»»♦. nni»wmJi'»t(.ifi: flection • 

ses-, t. win r« rxni::*;. At the tiw tht» ?rev U nonitoring th^ 

prepare integrity of the af4fie.orart"of the variwa aodulea «jf the apftce- 
Wftt" -v-i s^nltorlng tn* c-r.ditic-r, Atntus of the cr.boar-i syatena. This is 
Heav w M I on Contra". Center.) 

Kr , ;;hi3 u Sovie*. Mlaaion Centre! Center. Koa^ow tip.- 

: -j t ur.-., rtin-itcB. -rht ?-3v>u spacecraft ia in orbit ai fli»f v it. 
A-c-'i t* radio trtt»e?tcry data vhleh haa been received fron the Uian- 
i'le ■'■••uryH't end K.-lp-a*hevo ground tracking ttationa - the vrelinlnary 
'.rb;« f.Mj r.^.,. eat^iMhed preliminarily for the firei orbit. Max I sun 

A>- kilc*..-terei elnlBua. id5.7 Kilometers . 89. ^9 mlnutea on ita* 

Mm... P ro 6 ra»-er the flight for the first orbit haa been normal. \t tt.«.i Mw. the crev c-f the 6oyu« spacecraft la e<mpletlr.g the follow- 
ing - vorfnrning the following oyerationei aonitoring the pre-eure intt-«- 
rity uf onho*.r& eyaten*; aonitoring the atatua of spacecraft ayatena, 
1'hif is Moscow Miaaion Control Center.) 

w (Ti^ie ia Soviet Mission Control Center. Moscow tiw; 

16 v.. 7, ■= minutes. '-2 Rlnutes - for the las*. U minutes the Soviet 
s F a'.'»craft 3oyyt has been in orbit. At t!»e present tirne it is paaeing over 

A3Tp{iftj*A) MISSION MCil-V 

^ lf '* i,:!!^' rfte s P*^T«ft h« 8 cone i„ to thc 

«-.r**l. There are no comfit! on^^.?"*" ° f th * 
" Jn Irtftin, ^, a , ^ J£ j£ } ' £• ^^Cr.ft . Sp *c«o rA r t 

»■» «; v Ml.Mcn Control.) ' timing of tht aecoixl orbit, This 

-ay*; "Wt- t„* ,:, vU » 1 , ^ r,l3t * fr0R < Soyu» cr«v vhioh 

. . Vi «- - -'0>'ui crewmen are t t .4< P . .„„ ' ±. »«*<:n 

* m flight . ;?!. T; n MI,i,ott ContwI for 

*<tf.*J A;. <;X „ y ;,,, r ,. v * inUrnMjon^ 9pHC9 flight," 
U- rj by •»'. .*.? ? '« UJton Koacov »t 183 bo 

v ..v, »n.e.ii nation si %n „vi .•. ■ , *vo»"«y.. 

•-^ -ia^ecrm a p A 1 ;^ v « *ht incline 

« 0 hour,, nm«„ frS IpSl? r uS;h. UWV ' ^ 8 *" 


ABW (itf*> MCia/i 

tim i oa : o> cot, nio<> uKi 


t%.r Vt ,fciny*.«)t«- 

rh> troll* Saturn Launch Control. Ve'r* T ainus 
V! uii,<it«;> 0ti4 count *H«. A- i ' J *^7 vt *V aboard th* 

Hr*». "'I /" ,S i^ U^ right to bringing 

.^ui,*.-^. there aboard tne **ro»l ***** w F ^ Fahrenheit, >-nc* 

vJiJ, flavin* in « "i^^^Ii have « tot* of 67 .000 

, r ,. U t, : ..\ in tint. J lhe 3QViet union 

-V >/00 a,r ; *»™'Jft- P 22£ f i»?«ary orMt «lv,r. 

Vcr ,a« .*0.e § x. nnt4v launch Control. 

„ ,l:^.-: ^'^\tutlor.i af^dVy for » Apollo Control announce - 

U ! "» lnal " U Soviet «i«tl<m Control Center. Moacov 

• ■ ^Vrutia - "*he Soyu* #p^reft,.h^.' been in orbit; 
h our»,:.W a^v '.flying «ver,*h* , . 

. :^«?Ur*S^ihore'» oM'outh Africa. I^^ 9 
j«an am *-Ji'. r i e .,veen the Soviet Mission 

-v*: i!ft v*: -l; 1 :^ ? \L exact ^ h 

•• 'enter *vi /■ :;?r^ ' ^ 4 f v . t tlM ww twitted to 

va* n.. W . ,0 nir,*«>. i^^^^rs of Soyu, vhioh were 
■ :i „u*i, ; „ -."he - " , " C ^ of radio trajectory wwurjaejt 

receive «t '.art centei a:».*r pr- \ l ,. MureBen t» vere received 
data - "« me rtr.t «*lt. r.dto r*j« ^ t ^f 0 ^ e ^ t , . W e and V^r;,*, 
fro* tr.e n-^cKinit static,, at r,o }P^* ^t?wtr? P«r«»t • MaxlRU,n 
rne ■ rtit* of the Soyuz *P«^f»^ ^Jf^ ^uttSi Y> Kilo- 

.oter:.. ^Mt.i Ferjol Se . ; 0 .5 -natea. ^^^^^ P , rw4 etere. the^ 

,..,„c-.-...l.n r.» been reucnet^thHt h* ti. neC , Mlt y for eaerger.O 

rnis^v. ->f thu 5 >rbU. .«e ; .. . J Banuft ny to-erde th- 

-rMt. !h e .-..yu 4 -jacecreU s«t ^^^^^^ tne hatch between 
,Hru, ( ^.nitvr tue crlentjtion, - pen » ; aU ; r..^*r >, tnte ,, ily 
the l,-ent -hide a:, the ert ^ - J^VciX be »*4e. AUo, 

^ ''I:: K vehicle to the orbital ffl odule w>. : 

iocal vr«»«ur« t tftKe 0 ff end dry their 

b e perf-r^d. Aft.r '.^e, the c, « « uw w « nA f the c * n aen. 

P r.,l^re *ar,,-n».s ~ 'heir ^ ^ ^.p^e euit after they en- 

sate ™uer t«at . eer. a^a-a nonitor the status of 

t^re-i - then - the -tpacec: at t . . ^ . tuey ^ Mission Control 

«or.e other cy^teea ^ the spacecrait. .Ti.e was 

^ tr?r - i Ail nation, .tend by for an A^Uo Control an- 

,.„..nt. Jn "}0 second j. 3 ix hour a , '.venty eight 

r.l.'r.s'. '-•> frc-n Ap'J 

i>i»e i 08:0'.. 0W, VJtO> 

Mi.»iv» Control on the '^^^IJJ/^Jrtit M th« option pre- 

front gf t»,a «t U vm «onfi«.d by th. *>.«« 

i<«ade-i. Shortly aftT the 3VK^«»-">-^ - fr„iv«i lo counter- 

conr, Cer.tcr th, proj.ot director 3 l * nn o 0 £ Jt • con§r»t u\ »t t on3 
P .A FroreMor Constant I nt Buahuyov wi J""? J 1 JJJ v*» *Uhln 

ft". „»eo«..ful launch. /^XurT^u^n *! 5* mW Iwvnty 
tve or thr« KU5iH.t«r*.^ «• . i ;^ v a ;^;tr i that xh< cwt va* pro- 
how the Apollo count v.e going, -^: y v ^J; e I n » or<lhi . Lui»«y also 

«l " ^ V t e%"v e X «**r Anatoli Pcbrynir. 

«ntU-r*a r.* K-whv^v that * , ter Jw ^» c. Fletcher to 

^c\^r»r^t«;-:^.. « «... 

tin* S* i" r, Mnu-es. »-y F v iU crott tha equator 

ftr.t ,.rHt of fiU.H. A; "le^S orMt. On thlt orbit it i, 

over the Atlantic oce.n^ -^t^.;^! , ^.^orientation, opea- 
piaww-J to ?.r-r« ti« i vl, f ;' r *"; 1?£ * i the orbital »c4ui*, non- 
U *f hutch * ^^ M V ;. :r - ; ^ (grUe), taking off of the pressure tntegi It/ J, * , ■ 4 


■Cim% 08: } ! CDfT, 33 OJfP 

KIO TiViiii i» Sovit-t MUsK-..* Control Center. Manual 

cri^i* ai.? .»« c i ?{.lnu -t t!»r,c)t '» t-.vtv^t-fi th« accent vtnicU and the 
•■rbif&l s.^hii«i nonnorii^ of ti-*? pressure iitte<5i'i»y yf tr.e habitable 

»p< taMt.*? off of the prwn'urt' g&m*ntr tneri drying of th*«« space 
mil?-. A* the preset. tU.<., Soyut ipaee.»rdf ; - is Hying in *r, micriented 
^anr..- - i* I? drifting tti,.v!g 1 1 ** w<*ctory. The rex* iwawintCftUen 
aeiaiyn win begin a*. lf> hour* W »3inut*8. At that tin-.-, the spacecraft 
vUl ar..«wer A0.J the Kupatori* ground scatioi.. After that , it will 
nave puv ct.«,tut;l cat ion.-; throng. SVr.isjf, Kolpashew , ! ! ;itfi-\!d*, and 
L'Vji-.u-,;-k . At .17 hours ic' »inut«-b the ooarsunloftticr.* suasion will end. 
This l» M»-s."«-w Mis* {.■■ :< 0.-,(its\'i -.'e^car.' 

. This : i« Apollo-Sat urn launch cofttrol,. We're at ■''? minus 
hc-'-^-s; r : i.-x f« 1 c i rv.ii r.g V Ccunt . We ha//* several !»re holds in 
■vjr '.• -v.t l.-\.i. which will iea-i u « t-? a * s 50 ».-,.-, i in off if ai« goes as plannei. 
Titer* , U. ^ a* »>r* hoi 4 .at the. 3 hour : $0 »inut» aftrk. : that's^ for 5« 

and «> ««cci;d* >!,ir«tlo.».. at V jhlnus i;- minutes - wo have ** two 

.•air.u'.o v;-. .i.-vri oiccK :r liftorf ad.iyatf.ant he- 14 that -*an or cannot 
be vjised to a<l^u*t ' cur liftoi'f a* nuclei *.c fit into the Soyu* orbit 
to give us the V*«tt trajeetcry to 8©ywu «• h ;»v«; one wore. hold : 
pUw.e i . - * ■•f 5 '-tnute sec-.rvi? juration an 4 cor.ea at the ? minus -« 
minute work. Iris h'U is there is & weather avoidant he 14 and would 
fee u.-.ed if ve were g. l:;f to ;vntinue tft air. for our 3i5& liftoff tjeve, 
/•■.-ve-.'-n', if ■„■* .-iclve - ?av ba-4 vefither (;cning into the *rea and it look e 4 
'.We jft-Mirv off ear?y v-juld ?e an asaUtanc* to avoid »,>iftt veather, ve'-J 
: «>.i3t «-!-.i!r;'rf > :i joujjting at tftftt i.-oint. In the count iown right now, the 
liquid ojsj-^n nas teeen krexight atoajrd the:, fir at stage, loading of . th#' : 
firsv ?tagt- vba -?oap:.ete4 s'r.v.;t 9: JO. Second wtagt? I i-^ui3 oxygen 
l:a Ung ic -.sadej v&y . :ie v »u«t f.a-i ft report that the second stage 
ia^60' rent of : the flight aaa$. c-f that .liquid oxygen flows in there, 
ft .iOOO ^114*8* per ftinuU. ? minus 5. minutest 5 hours .a minutes 

ah4 c?untirtg, -This i* Ken»e4y .la-atch ccntrol. 

*-i ; ' "his U '.he Soviet Mission Control 'Center. .In 

: r.; !...*•» .:-,y\-.z wii: <*r.ter the ground tracking station 

'-:rt'a .►•..{•»♦.- ri<< , Tfil '.si, ^Uuiie- , Ulan-Ude, and I'searlslt. 

'" F< taming by. Ve hear you excellently. Kov do you 

r^«a .'jE'<?.t 

'x-'A . . < » e read you excellently. 
' iRoger. )..... 

'- v - ,; iScyy?, this i-3 Moscow. Comrade : ^onld Ss-ezhnev 

has vi, ►,<..! cr=-v <;f .:;yut 11, I'oiarade Leonov and Comrade Kubasov, n 
hapi-y fllsr'nt f«nd a onteeseful ockj i«.-tlo:i of their task and safe return to 
their h..<rei!tmi. Lei:;-id Brejhnev eisc wishes a successful flight to the \nerics 
apacr crew of the Ap.'llc and its crew Toa Stafford, Vance Brand, and Donald 
Slayt v.-. . i.^noid Bre.'hr.ev and other Soviet, leaders are expressing their hoep 
that t.i;..- w *ulnt flight will proceed successfully and will demonstrate 
the j :lbnitiea that are opened up by Joint cooperation in scientific 
resrsje-:*! ^f space. This was a TAi?S report.) 

y InanH you very much, thank you very - much.) 

ti»»! dHiK cot, 1 3 e s 3 owr 

'•"'••^ (Have a very a ,ioco»8ful flight.) 

!J - ? 3" ('.<oger. -So ncv vo nave orientation of 100. V* 

are r«»*<iy ani are vailing for your Us tract iona, Yh« Integrator it 
turned on . ) 

Hrgtsr, f^oyus. Hov is t tie pr«««ur# integrity? 
(U's 30 niimte", Aoita p 0; 0 4*1 1 a p 0, Pre*«ure 

<lrop, r i1 1 i'.«ro's , ) 

' : ' VM (Fuger . Seyus, this is Moscow, Ve are giving you 

a go *f.»*4 for turning off the program* and continue nominal operation*. 

,J "-' f< ift.;ger. Bu* thore la one 3ra.ll correction on the 

pr0sntii*«. I 'U give it to yyu in « mlnuttt.) 

' V - M IBoger . ?urn off the program. I'll give It to 

We nave have given th* eowsand to turn off the prog; vs. 
with r.UvHrv oanltoring, the pr*taure changed by 10 nUMmters. It 
grt-v, i, it Is nov 910 islllijaetera, but the oxygen pressure 
is a -:-- vnut. iovfjr. DM you receive, Moscow?) 

'•' , "~ M ; Soger. Ve copy. Teaperature haa risen by c degrees. 
Hoger ../ 

'■-^fr (K-:g»?r. No, VIO Klllineters pressure. Orbital nodule 

900,} ' ' ' ■ - ■ ■ 

CCM {Roger, £zy*t.\ 

I'ND 0?' TAPE 

aw (wa) mxk/i 

n»#t o8;52 cot, i'i:^.? ow 


. (R^SW. a'i#?r. } 

*mi *ft«r this - *ft«**?*u >^'- ^^^ !1 f k ^ W^*' Wf.r al.i t*j« 

turn 1'fcn nov. ) '** n? * «e far. v, 

(We're ready.? 

Rf««r - Ovei\) f-r^iw- *S..-0:00. ilov did you receipt 

l>rop,r'j» t'jrii off ip , '*vJ:-X l 1 • » • «••"•< *>•-■ * JivJ, 

•• * received „• n*»o*lv - 

Arc yo-i read;. :Vr ?>? ) 

lf '"* T (Sixteen fi rt'v tin* firs*-' i «> ,„.<. >! ft ... "■. 

* y -^ : ~ ? * m > s "; s y ; Ji . ^..-50; 370, 36, 32 0| 39, 330.) ' 

' ^g*r. 3«ce!v#i 0'i. : . ThanX you. ) 


• • ^-v, m « ^ The hatch is opened.) 

^ . ,.,u.ger, • 1 ... 

:;t£)ri ,\ Soger , I 

v Roger' J 5i * VU ' " ' rBr<8fer iftto the ortltal molult.) 
!.™ M {S *' ul 5v ^-'he4 on condition M. > 

}" r ' e thernw-r.ettvs turnej off.) 
aheal") RC ' S<?i, ' W|, »' your ortltai jarwetwa. Go 

7/4V/5 * li,)9 um 

■r i C"i 

. .. (< • »'-<.....i,ti . ; , -> j. . 9 . ; - » * <-« iA, ;m>j t« 

5i.^,) Up.^e* pert*** ,vO, ,.^1^ ;H u , . 14 

i,^H H»» S»%;i% right. 

•vlu C-nwii/nf by.! 

US3H t^W.-l-W ■>«.. I «.t in > 

m''« ; Hitmen •»«oh4t< ?eA second* . ■» 

?s? Sir;™ **** o« u^.) 

r£ (Vtlt one." ^ ses31 ^. 8oy« 2.) 



Time: ,'PV, iW> ^ 

"■ in* mw jrfsW: on <.v*r. ^yiriar, ^uw^ni l>>,,tr ■ 

** ! !? V> if5ult - ■ ^ r Ji.fc»v* * -"'.■'•■^ !-: ; ^.'a. <m», «aneWt*tivfe grouu; ' Furfch«* 
on, vir:. t w ;ei ;\ > ■ : 7 : 

S '< : '^ ■' : " r rW;k »su"v^'jt ,:'u-f i; W^cv'/ »h.«5v rovus . TV 

■ '■■WW. .. U'-^r. f . 

: " ' . HCC*?; ■ • u'^un /^<r -vv;i.7-vsj et. .1 ■ **ft V* .r. . y*-.j» oikervla*' ve ' 

-liUiiU^.n ^lv- ^^iiT^; S'nM.!.-.fv; f^i^.-j^" •. 

r ■ ' K ''' J re ! : i?v;'.fvftv 1:^' c'.i,r firav trleflr^ with thtr'o-ovU't 

orbH&s -v&,* ^fii xh? . wagins ' - cVt&.W.'* engir^er i«*t^a $> ' ''i*^ cent '. 

fu4 fpp.3Mt.f4 .nbonv tni *,c • ; -C!< r. * r * ? . Cvnitt , th* iN^m"* Sr-n , '■''AfUr 'hat', 

the* :-i ni*. r.-l t.-j* v .r.9\nf ::«■.■ .•{ teivee.. 1 -.^ :»ri-itfti . .v.ti* 

una '.lit- ' vei.ljlf. ,,!"»er t .• v Afi:- ■ .« ! l» \ ■ W jv, t«r h-wkei up 

the wmmuW toc>4i««. : U^n* thi* ' csbie.. the' h^ftl th nna'ataV? 

:.f is.* .\.'-:r.^i vili r ■■ i* ;, A f t ,. r !h = t .> je >rew t< , at ,, 4 the 

vsric'irf o::t.;*ir4 *yst.«5sP. . i'4e- yr^i^r* .ir^e«rHy. -af .-f^yw : 1?, were' 
teetei, . : : ■• ! :-i-\c* m. I sir • ;\^rl vr? k' a : ".-::« t-rv \. ??efore, 

//IV ^ 

orbit mserUva. >n* vJook I./^l * * * thy ^^t** tin* for 

r; '"-J en. far »>M soring "he cri ?*Jf - 
JetUa^:*.! an« the «een«d a^t w v thtr4 ««lcn« were 


aw* mhi mmw mc^a ■ 

KtQ • \Tm 'waw and th.ffdi eeHionr veir* JeUUone4 : *»4 

Uu> a«c*r»4 aeotlttt; w*» Wf.e*. At *>|6 #«ond, the third engine. -y*rv. 
: J r aft 4 Vne r.,-\ St lit. »/* i, ^e c<vw*ni v*s given to Mptratt 

a«* »,fcii<i senior of the *«>at»r. iv-jfcet fr«i* .After 10 

whuHets. after, launsn, va« «M<r»«»0 tat -iirtj>*»MW and. .receivers- ••. 
went as -veH M Mtt ■ «W .ytoel* ■. .. A.U. «yet«ft* of t^r tester;.: , 

Mfxvv'uftt tne Svjyu* jpaoc*.vnf*. i i-r^erXy at orbital 

i-fteWlW' #Ut*. in. tM-'beg,i.'r»uo.«s of i th.«.' , .«r%n * th* initial p»r«^te.rr.\y ;. : '.: 
wrf iwxi&U* dUthocft df« tfta sur<V« of U:«. earth.:.. '. 7ne; apogee' : ' 
:v\ ^ ai lc*et#r« . Mint** he. <r.* cv«r tn* .i-.;rf*?e ef the parogee vaa 

^ aiiosatara, OrMUVenft-ittVtw .$M9'.. at'n^.ts*. .•• MUM IftoM-:'- ;-, 
nation w%a 5'U?8 ,iegr«**» At Vn* *eoot»<i orelv*, ^ ■■.hour* «inut*a,. : - : . ,; v 
: Jfe»*S'^'tf'**, the .fcat-'oh tttcvea* .i*»v v »»t vehU-lft -ft^'.i&t , ©jfMtt^rr,;/.- 
toduie was evened nM-a t**i. v* - ****^ 4raj> fu fh* v^rtou*.,. sneduie? of .:. 
t>,«"tiftitf»cr*ft-w*r.' p*i'f>;'d;ed. tUi'" op«^UC:ft v«>>lie\ for,; the .pwff#9\ z^.;,,;. 
V;\fU-hesKitt«'tVe w\ttkii'-in ■ .'M* pr*>*u*» aon^tpl sy^ep. ; .At AT: h'jurs * 
'XO miftu^*«", ; >fc*c«v tl«r,e, th* <Maasa.*tite. *r«r ' ;«:t^»'.off :^r #p*e 

"the' r»iU'-'-*rtd 1'/ «w*w»U4t{<>ajr twtvea* t-lie Kisaion Control .■■ -, ^j.-.- 
t>nitr' ».ia the *pac*ivan- v»re-d$r.* thrift Hcvle*; ground' .eUVioa,*; • /;> 
lw«t*-V ••■r.n *.h* ifttrii^",. 1 '->f ■ the IS-? ■ ns^rln »' the .Ballet . . 

aftip ftft-i ttur sOViStlftiMing f-ni:j^ at' &ws'U'Y;» ..' which. Wf 
: in'-tp* kiimXU Also ^ssrtiiiU&tl.^a \v«r« h«l4; by.. : ^ 

\T*mf>g''nX*%lvm *n& in* t« ^t«U^* ( Cy»jti,iiii «*Uon: ; ,#*f •ion* :; •;: , 

'. .viiht?,* 'Jiif*i!>f t Centre*,. etA'tr, »n4 th& '■ ortw 'of +■ ' are¥:.of aoy*/i ; :' v :'.y;;,: 

.ji'.^ejMft' wiiawi «'4lng In *»«ry *r\5it A^30rAiA«f '^tO ■ : .tfe9,T*^r^.-', 

tv. lay r>e*4vr. i-*fcr» Atkins vl*.h 'u'-^i-> rosnvr-ftuts vUl 

.iw^'it*ne-iver« g*t ' into :V-p*>r'*i?i« «rttv *Mn- vilV b«^ln bio-'. : :' : .v- 
*fvi<--i extort ri«m«. <^'i* i* Ktl»et,*r# ov*r the.; : : , . 

f - h . ; rl 1 1 v3-i?»'. ti'.e tonkin* of tne Soviet 

w, s A.-.'.- srH--e?r^. vir. '-r^t T:-.i:ia j'v, f^r your RtUnUon. 

: ■' KIO .' ( This is' the S^tst Cunt rol : Center. H^scoy . : 

.tins©:' i? .'-niuvs 25; ninute« . .Tlve. «c*!!»-Afttsf«tiofl*- dfeffi'o^ '.vnh':tb#;&op> /■ v. : '.v 

;l1 r t U-.fii: rupaworia, roilSat , "ypuri??'*, Kolp«hevo *ni Uian-IM«. - 

7:... jrcKTMt of co^nl.-fttionj. i*.^!*-!; rai'.'i 5^'/jnicatrion8 

Wve«f:i thtir ore-- v. J "itojJor; J-T.trvi ?»nti«r, trar. ami Mi on of trLpnetrU 

■ iva : r.f: *n*wi *v»t«SM o! ii-f Jfaceti-fti'v, '.ri»J«t(iO !-.«ao»ir«'rwi:tH . 

A'.---.- .-; on '.he rtiic corrnu 'line, Tr.« eosB^Kr.loii ftes^lv*. wae 

t-.liv -^r.rlete<J according to it* r ^8 Bc0 iffiJ e^dail -^no *iv«<u 

tf th? crew ont;ctr4. Tifte checa W ierfjrr.e; w-.-i radiogram vtre 

t rrtr , s «ifr a . Prc« the s P a.:«craft to the gr^uftJ, the <?<J9»onauU reported 

ui>^Jt ihelr h«altr« aiii their coRditicn. Actvrilng to th*lr word*, 

tbev reel noroaily, everything U excellent, Uey. The next cowun J cation 

'i-'ee - noxt corr.ur.iC**.ior.e vtth the Scryus vili b<> at \<? hours 15 ninuU«8. 

■I:'-.- vll". te 4or»v' ever the Madrid t lacking station. At this time, the 

Time: 09 :V? CDT , lUiUl GMT 

crew will talk with Moscow - will check eorjouni cations with thi- Soviet 
consultant «roup in Houston and will - after that will have communi- 
cations with Moscow over the tricking stations: Euoatoria, Tbilisi 
Kolt>aahevo, Ulan-Jde and Ussurisk. According to the crev reports a 
test pressure dump was made. The crev has besun carrying out the 
msnts in accordance with the progrejn. This is fosccw Center - 
Mission Control Center.) 

„ . LLC , , is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. We're at 

* minus * hours k minutes and counting. At this tine, the cryocer.ic 
loading has been completed and the liquid hydrogen in the second stage 
and liquid oxygen in the first and second stages have been brought 
aboard the space vehicle. We'll continue to top off those cryogenic 
fuels tnroushnut the count till we get dc*m to the last war.ents . During 
tne final sequence they'll be automatically stepped and the fue'. tenka 
J.1U oe pressurized. However, vo will top off until that :.oint to 
t*ke care of any i oil-off that occurs during the final hours of t:io 
countdown. The launch teas astronauts Staffori, Brand, and Slavton, 
were awakened at 10:10 this aorni.u-. They vere told of the successful 
ooyus launch and passed on their congratulations to the crev of Soyu ■ 
.^nt now the close-out crew, which is the team that assists the aatr.;na 
At the spaceciaft, have gone to the rcai block and they'll be solnr 
; n and astronaut 3ob Crippen, part of that close-out tear,, will b*Vtti 
into t.^ spacecraft and preparing it for the astronauts when they R *t 
t.-e ,»w T ninus u hours 3 ninutes aad costing. This is Kennedy 
Launch control . * 


astp Cui;a) mission mci 7/1 

Tiae: 09: ; *7 CDT, 1^:2,7 -v 

KIO ( c t . 

The Soyuz spacecraft has been LnTi^t SIT*"" 17 hours 55 m ^es. 
"cond orbit is now undervav Acc 2 hOUr8 Wd 35 ffl! ^s. Th* 

trajectory meaaureaents a ^ all the in^ ° ^ PN,Jlt8 0f the radio ~ 
«r»f 2 orbits, the follcvin foar^e t**S l? S* thWed durIn « the 
nave o.en determined; ^ii'Suxu^^l ^.f ^ 8 P^ecraft orbit ' 
lud* kilometers, orbital period 68 *& , l*\ lo * e t?- rs ' alti- 

51. W oegreee. Present time ^^111^! fflir ''--ee. orbital inclination 
problem: preliminary calculation? £ 1 09 « r<3u P s 1 a. resolving the foUc- 
feir. s carried out, vhlc i^^ry ^^tical dafa is ° 
J«PPcrt groups m the center ? JtSSrf^^f T-v"^ 8 ^' a11 the oth-r 
in^Uon on the beginning of eKh^l?^ "i* information contains 
P«r»i hy the spacecraft. Also thl or fJ\ vhen the ' equator is bein* 
the time of entry i„ . of 4ace C raft Irto j f ese ^ tMeto^^ 
Bh.v ? ov ; ai,o for the globe ind^rJ o? ' !f ^ ^ e *^S from 'Earth 'a 
Ba^istieal experts « roup is "w co£S-m * he v 8pac ** aft attitude. 
Hf th ? -action for the - Ineuvef It th" 'LV""^^ ^oulntions 
that ^t. Also, calculation* for^W* the spacecraft can remain in 
is eing calculated. Al , c> ZL Sh r^ c Son« ^ ^ S0Vi ^ Nations 
at tl - saze tiae. Data for the orbit V !°" S ^ e bei, 'g in - 

and ^-iitioual indicators are be^r donT ^° ^ the Tronic 

nov „ irs iven: MoScow ^ n ;j done The folloying information i 8 

orbit, beginning of AGS of H^t* * l** 1 ** 1 flight time, 
next 3i . : . ga acquisition by the ^IfL f; ound at ^ion. Time until the 
*l*ctr:ni« diapiey board . ^it^t^TJ^^ 6 3hovn the 
tear - also lhe orbital y te aS-*Ir. JS^^f * ~ ^ as - the 

Baiii-Me -) * -«™ tnat ■ ve have, mentioned earlier. 

7/15/75 10:O ° 15:00 
KIO , 

the orbital parameters" t'hs: v^Tave^L^ 1 *V ^ ^ also shws 
is alno preparing proposals fo- SeVa^on? ? e * rlier ' Balllatie group 
naming portion of the fK«--,t TmI J T i° r the further - ft>r the r£- 
Center. > ,lL8 - t ' ihi3 i« Soviet Koacov - Miaaion Control 

3 hourX 1,7 ainutea anTcou^ting' 0 tTt^T^ Contro1 ' Ve ' re T "*nu, 
reached the pad area, gone^p ir%4 ,X \ ^ th * close "°ut crew has 
white roo* preparing to en u th „ t"' 6/1(3 they &re nw in the 
Gunner Wintf?); vith M « , tv ba^Tl*? T*' ™* P9d *• 
Jeering the spacecraft 3h or y; *aS^ [r?'^ C^PPer.. vho will be 
Hekler-osher(?ji and a Pockver nit ff^ty Control man, Charlie 

*F»«-craft. Meantime lack in ^ / ' »Muf«turera of the Apollo 

the flight crev ls pr-pa»-ini to I = ^"^aft Operations Building 

<o hav, the traditional™* L^^l JreaJcfaat; they're scheduled 
pr.xim.tely 5 t,> 10 r.imtea fr- ^ /. A*?™ M * oeginning ap- 

nnd citing, thi 3 i,jc erjReiy f.^;.:^^./ mw » 3 ^urs, k 7 «t B «l„ 

tlw: "18 hours, 0? rJ'riiJes! + 1° ^^J'l^l^ Contl '° 1 Center i ^sccv 
equator and begin the th'rd o-b-'"""^'' spacecraft will cross the 

jver <re Atlantic 0c f , : , cver'tne'V • a-r^M?^ ^ th * preeent tline 
According to the program, cn tV •^,;' J tU(Je 31 " 70 v **t longitude, 
the tr rate gyros vili ^ f ** " l \ th * test orientation using 
convocations aeasion vitr - 0 C*;T i After that > there will be a 
1'* mlr.^s, M (i the next ~^i'£?*r' *™l* X "* "Nation at 18 hours and 
Soviet tracing aeaa;^. £"*r • 8 "9icns will be with - 

naut., aceordirg to their dai w s ^m^Cm ?^° n aea8i * r ' 8 ' the coano- 
they win pr^are for the tir £ U'£ % r *£ i?** ?UrthCl " ° r " 

occur on the f 3 , irth orbU . :ila is w '° v . 0r J U f ^*tion, which will 

' ftvu ; .'. 3 M,jSCOV >-9«l?n Control Cent-r.) 
Rijiut" -he cp a« C r.ft ^;r:, K:aM ° n r ° ntj, ° 1 *"f." In one 
tracks^ ^inticn if E, r aWi**V. "A ^ ao * ui 3i tior. of the Madrid 
vr^vA.-i.js sistiOMfe..! • ♦ ,--v..v»v. -Sjiu. via,!-^.!a« ground 

th « i !i ^etir« ia Sos/accord^r*'- y-f a ? ft8 > ^^PP** our rreaaui-e. Now 

; ; C ' M (^yu«/thi^'"j^v4^ b f • Ther « arc RO ™***nte on that 

. • (Sc.ger.5 ' ? ■ 

iSa S^iir- Ch f e '' : the .P-'*«*«^ int^ritv?) 

' ; - ! '-M (S^ ^f-/,:^^' ^J'-t understand.) 

intercity if t he presuure" 'vAcuur/^f^r^^Dl-d^voi f^* X ±* pr6S8ure 
with •••loflAj vftives?! er ' 03 you vegieter the pressure 

,- ; , R 'f^itUghtt) 
ths ^VK) ' " 81411 " r > vln 6 to eatablieh Delta V on the turn - on 

with t: !t . ^-^u:tfttiv r >'g^ U p/^;\:^,q F f U " C,Mv ' 5> At l8 .h«8in epcuaunl cation 


Time: 10:00 CUT, 15:00 GMT 

SCDR (Roger. 

COM (Soyuz, 



Time: 10:17 CDT, 15:17 GMT 


MCC-M (Soyuz, this is Iljc- Liverov(?). How do you read me?) 

SCDR (Read you very veil.) 

MCC-M (Soyuz, congratulation on successful achievement 

of orbit. Hew do you reed me?) 

MCC-M { Soyuz , this -.3 llja Liverov(? ) . Hov do you read me?) 

SCDR (We read you. ) 

LLC (This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. We're T v 

minus. 3 houre, 30 minutes and holding. This ia a planed hold period 
scheduled for 5^ minutes, 36 seconds duration. If all goes as planned, 
we'll lie picking up the clock again and moving down to the T minus 15 
minute mark , at which tine there is another hold and a brief hold also 
at the T minus 4 minute -ark. 15 minute mark is a 2 ninute hold arid at 
the 1* minute nark - k minute hold. For a 5 minute, 2U second hold at 
the k minute mark. Flight crev now ia in having breakfast. They're 
watching the launch of the Soyuz vehicle. They were not awakened this 
morning until 10:10, so they missed that es it happened in real time. 
They're settling down ncv to steak and eggs, while astronaut Bob 
Crippen prepares their spacecraft out at the pad. Countdown now in a 
planed hold period, T minus 3 hours, 30 minutes and holding. This is 
Kennedy Launch' Control. 

KI0 (We'll launch at «*50 cf ground elap.<?ed time. The 

wind southwest. Velocity 7 meters per Second, Air temperature, 28 
degrees centigrade, Cloud - ) 

SCDR (How did you re ad?) 

MCC-M (We read you veil. So v« wish you a successful 

continuation of your flight and a happy, a successful meeting with 
the Apollo. Hov did you read?) 

SCDR (We read you well.) 

MCC-M (Hcv did you read7) 

: SCDR , (Wait one.) 

MCC-M (Soyu*. this is I1JA Liverov( ? ) . 

SCDR (Standing by.) 

MCC-M (The Apollo, nov, is havir.f its dinner and we're - 

they're showing it on television.) 

MCC-M (Soyuz, this is Ilja Liverov(?). We're now finishing 

up here.) 

MCC-vM (Soyuz, this ia lija Liverov(?). Hew <So you read me? 

Soyuz, this is Ilja Liverov(? ) . Hov do you read? Over.) 

MCC-W (Soyuz, this is Ilja Li'verov(T). Hov do you read? Over.) 

MCC-M (Soyuz, this is Mcscov.) 


ASTP (USA) MC20/1 
7/S/75 10 ' 25 CUT ' 15:25 GCT 

S?* Soyuz, this ia^ 8 /'° 3COV - 5 

CC-M COW i thia 'is Soyuz 2.) Hov do you ' Mn you for several 

kave tir^e :.-> , + (Ve didn 't have our receiver t„„ j 

c ,._; — " it o n . Ve _ f ;" V * r . turne <* on- We didn't 

CC-M i. McsccvT tUl ' ned " <>«. yes?) 

Moscow?) lfa ° : ' U2 2 - ^ read ycu veil. Hov 

' do you read, ■■. 

{Jo, ^ younornall y-) 

f«* -rTj^usv nvTr! 1 ' * tUrn cn th * iransnitter 
Hov d i d the teet y f f r. ti 0o ve didn't hav, tir.e.) 

W« after the test. * 18 ^"s^ T 1 "' 1 " 8 the """"on. of *, e 

CC . M ' f Vise, of caneuver 

*«cnda ^calculated. ) ^ Zl ™ of deduction of delta V, 160 

USflh j'nderatand you. Actual tl ae of «.„ 

CC -" ?c|i; , ) Ve ^ ^Hori,, deUatr ?UVerJ 

CC-M r T ' w ° V ' thifl is Soyui. W .v^,' 

CC-M Ua aoaethlng turned on?) dces thp Plciurer) 

r ?3 ~ R (Hcger.) 

C^M S ere 'f no "wterj?)?) 

UGSR S!' e 8 a raster*?), ar<? 

~C-W fjog-r.) ere arc - ve have the lines.) 

thlS - ^ W « 13 M09C0V - °° -d vorx v lth 

f0rK ^ ~r 13 ,et ready to receive 

•vIm (Wait one second, eleas* 



Tine: 10:30 CUT, 15:30 GET 

CC-M . (Aj-e you ready?) 

SCDR (Ready.) 

CC-M (Form 7 for caneuver number 1, number 3; yaw angle 

180; time, 19:M:00; telemetry, on P, T program, 20 33 1*0; Time, (russian) 
20:51:''0; Delta V values will "be given to you on the next orbit. RPR 
will be entered at 18:28:30. Hov did you receive?) 

SCDR (Wait 1.) 

SCDR (This is for turning on the program for maneuvers, 

r i,rhL? On 17. ) ■ ■ 

CC-M (Roper.) 

SCDR (Yaw, l80 ; 19:^;00 time; transmitter 2 time, 

20:33 r^O, (Russian). On the engines, Delta V and Alpha Z will - Alpha Z will 
be entered later. RPR, 18:26:30.5 

CC-M (Right. You have introduced that, but Delta Van i 

Aijiha Z ve have not - we'll give you later. We will transmit this ir. forma- 
tion to you on, the next crbit.) 

SCDR (Roger, (garble) 

CC-M (You understood nueber 3 correctly. Further form 2 for 

globe correction, Oh. On the back-up engine, orbit 002 ana time for 
switching cn, 16:^3:-"". Hov did you read?) 

SCDR (122, time of the period 86.50; orbit 002 and U , tine 


CC-M (Roger, you got it correctly.) 

CC-M (Next coanunication sessions — ) 

SCDR (We're ready. ) 

CC-M (Over Madrid, 19^7 to 19:5^; Moscow, 19 : to 20:08. Kow 

did you real? ) 

SCDR (Over Madrid, l8:fc'9 to 18:5^; Moscow, 2h to 20:08.} 

r.v: or tape: 

AG7P (USA) MC22/1 

Time: 10:35 CDT , 15:35 GMT 



:27 to 20 
you had wri t 
correction. ) 

(Soyuz, this is Moscow. We have back-up communications 
35 through Orroral Valley.) 

(20:27 to 20:35 through Orroral.) 
(Quite right.) 
(Soyuz, thia is Moscow.) 
(Standing by. ) 

(Can you dictate to us the data from page 139 which 
ten down . ) " 

(Before the test pressure dunp.) 

(This is page 139. ) 
(What's there on 139?) 
(Temperature 20. V 
(V2 on the pressure rockc-t meter.) 
(7^5 vaa tne pressure. ) 
(Rcger. 7^5. Thank you.) 
(On the ground it vas 73S.9.) 
(Rcger. ) 

(And, before the pressure .dump, it vas 885 and 15 
15 milimeter drop in 7 minutes.) 
(Rcgsr, Soyuz. Thank you.) 

(Scyur, this i3 Moscow. 6 minutes before the globe 


Tine: 10:^0 COT, 15 GMT 

.„ n (- - 18 hours, 1.2 minutes. We are now turning the 

/ ^>1t «r the third crw-nember Alexander Ivanchenkov, 

2» sS^ of t8 Xi„ 8 the test - of nil., the t..t 

who will teii us aoouv wk_vm crew member. The crew, at 1, 

hours .6 m nates began tap attllude and motion control system 

systems uf the Soyaz spacecraft svs ^ e ms for automatic and manual 

on the results of carry ng ou . th h te t of £u£ing > illtl „. of 

on the results of carr> ' ng - perating capabilities of 

" £d aSb^o 6 1uSe" n the possibilities of carrying out t>, 

Spacecraft" vas performed with the Y-axis toward, the fc :oand. Or.en 
tat ion was maintained with a yav angle of 0 - - ) 


ASTP ( UoA ) MC?Vl ■ 

Time: 10: COT, 15:49 GOT 


K I0 ( y axis toward the ground. Orientation was 

maintained with a yaw angle of 1 8 0. After this, the ionic orienta- 
♦ion --stem was turned on, which should have insured maintaining the 
attitude of the spacecraft. Excuse, please. The infrared orientation 
system was turned on, which provided Our orbital orientation towards 
the Earth. After that, the command was issued to turn on ionic orienta- 
Uor which turned the spacecraft by ISO degrees and then maintained, 
automatically, the spacecraft with a yaw angle of 180 degrees for braX- 
iry. After thie, the prcgraa was switched on. This program provides 
for a very strictly definite sequence cf switching on the various 
syrens abbnr-i the spacecraft and, also, provides for automatic space- 
rr«P. orientation. It will also carry ■out automatic pre -gram maneuvers . 
IV- program proceeded normally. There are no comments at all about the 
pr.-i.--ar." All tne pre * ram maneuvers also proceeded without any comments 
on" them And at -he end of this test, the coaanand was issued to turn off the 
trograns. The flight is proceeding aciording to.'prograr.. h -The flight 
s noninaJ . There are no comments to make about the systems , the 
spacecraft, or the condition of the crev. This is the end of the 
dnta. This is Moscow Mission Control Center.) 



a:;tp (usa) MC25/1 

Tin-: JO: >? CI/T, 15-52 o.MT 

ol Uua hold approximately 12 minutes ner 2 S ? *? ' Cone 0Ut 
wnieh could have been used to continue our cryo«^c lllu ^iT* h ° ld 
runmng behind hovever that operation \ZS III. 5 \\ lo * iin & had w ^ been 

^-ey'xe ln the j^ned spacJcra^ is -have had their breakfast. 

They'll be de P ertin« the M^rn^ ^ ^ buildi "g at this time. 
Pad at 12: 37 P . J^S^* TImT ^ ^ 

astronaut Bob Crippen, the back uf pi^t is Trsi^^t' ' ^ pad ' 
made a. variety of switch bhecks . K*re in « h* J m ^ Spacecreft **' 3 he's 
Karol Bobko has ta>.r> n his -osit^r !f %v ' h? / irin e rp.on, astronaut 
sole. He is the aflt^aut^^i;^ " ^ * the st «V 

4ov„ proceeding veil HTtCit^^'^K^'^m^ room. Count- 
ies. This is Keanedv Lau^ h Jor^ol 3 ' 3 ° * ir ' Utes 


Time: 11: LO CDT, 16:10 GMT 

KIO (Moscow tice is 19 hoars 10 ciinutes. The Soy iz 

spacecraft i3 - has now teen in flight fv»r 3 hours and 50 minutes. At the 
preasnt time, the spacecraft is completing Its third orbit of the 
flight. At this sid«-, it is now coming out of earth's shadow over the 
Pacific Ocean. In accordance with the schedule, the cosnonauts ve 
finishing their aeal . 'Hie nenu of the 3p&re iseal includes: on the 
first day, ail the various green('<) in tubes which the coeSRon&utn heat in 
a special heater which is located in the orbital tcodule . 

LCC This is Apoj Lo Jaturn Launch Control. We're at T 

3 ainutes - 33 hours 30 rinute-i and holding. We're *ust finishing up that 
plan hold period scheduled to ."jr. :'ror. ll:i£ to 12 - 12:36. So, we'll 
be ccning fit of that hold shortly. V,e do have two ran re holds planed f.->r 
the countdown. There's a lift-off adjustment hold at the T minus 15 m'.r.v.v 
nark. 7ha* 'a a two ninute ho'. J rvid that held can vary in time scr.ewhat 
to u.« the beat trajectory to the orbiting Soyui. AIfo, there ha? 

been planned a 5 rinute 2^ secoi.d weather avolaance hold down at the 
ninu; nliute r-ark in the ;ount down. N'cv that r.cld will be used if 
we hav. ;;d weather; however, 1 :' we cur. see that there is bai vuather 
contir.t; into the area, we would ro. :-bs«*rve that hold and vpM 
continue counting ri e -ht on down to ar. early launch time. The ■ '' 
has proceeded sr.octhiy this I he cryogenic fuels - 1 i '5 'j I i >xyg--\ 
in the fir.-t and second stage ar.l IL^ui-l hydrogen in t:v» second 3U-.gc v. re 
brought aboard starting at 7:«0 th: f. r-crnirg aud tnat cryogenic :'■•• i ! /;g 

was finishei up ab:ut I0:?0 . a little after 10:30. The Soyut iaun;n, 
cf course, occurred right o;i Mcj at £:«"? :v 5 Billiseconds thereafter, 
and the flight crew here ot tre Krnnely £p*. :e Jer.ter - ftftrT.Aut? Staffer!, 
Brand, ana Siaytor - were alerted ft-wi 10:30. They proceeded to have 
the traditional breakfast cf steak find eg«= . We ar<* getting the 
alert her'.- In '-he firing r;on that the countdown clock is about to 
start, y/t'k ~ < nourj 3 r.inutes nni counting. As ve were aayir.*-, 
the .-v-v ; 1 -.;;.v'i"i t their t radf t i ■.. r.* 1 Ireakfast iC steak and 
eggr! '.i I ■ :^rnlri»r, «: I tn.i: was t.-.e idr.'t <.-pp3r-turi ty they had tt 
sfo "i-»_-':r, f * * -y :? ". aur.rh vV 4 hp.-! ^rJsefi -'";%:?e earH'-r. Jiv! n! 
' hfr f-.-r f.-eakfast ';.1h r.ornir.g wm ,'; v ,t Young, for. Evans, Jack L^uena:. . 
a. 1 ! t -i'.:-.' . n\e >avr v.e training fftrer, They are right new In the 
su; ' r - - '!.e Vir-.'.-i Uw-ecraf t ^eratlrr.^ Building, d-nri'nsi »hr*. r 
fij fi "Sjit- ru-ij f.ey °. , "e -Thedule : tc leave *v.r.e 9uit rr.^-n about W : 37 
f.u "he 'rip -jut '> jiu ?. '.'he v.;u' .v.Ttinues * s be •?.•;•; re rat I ve , 
i n r "i* ir.f. ve ?h.-ui: have 30::.? t "»tt '*rt'd ^l..ud& 'n the »u-"a ru*. no 
; t gf.» r, i ;,g -r 'hun-jotuitrr-.i . Ve";' '.•>' 1 ie^ki-'.f, for vlr.ds fr--n th* floutn»-i3- 
at ;0 t" . ■ r.lle? per h-tir. le.'-i ""a'. >.rc u. the launch nrsa of about (M d' >*r e<*." 
Fahr-nheit and visibility up to e* l A «i?t 10 si lea. >"^unt continuing r.'.w ht V 
ninu.5 3 h:.ire «?? rlnutes &rl counting. This ie Kennedj' Launch Control. 


kli'A' (or.A) J-JC27/1 

Tii.e: 11:25 CDT, lG:25 OUT 


LCC This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. V.'e're T 

ainus- j. .'.ours , lC minutes and counting. At this tine, ve're standing by 
for the astronaut crew to leave the Manned Lipacecraft Operations 
t.jii'.:n t ;, wi.ure they'll get into a specially designed vehicle which 
will carry then out to trie pad. The trip out to the pad is approximately 
one oi 20 - 20 Minutes, may he a little bit less. However, there are 
lar^e crowds on the highway today between the Manned Spacecraft 
operations' building and the pad area. These are crowds of people 
coe.i.-»K out to watch the launch and that astronaut van vill have to go ' 
tnrou,;n thoeo crowds, so that could be a little bit longer, 20 to 05 
r.inutes to (;ct out to the pad. Accompanying the astronauts will be 
--it '.eci.niciuiiS 1'rnnk hernandez and Al Rockford. They'll be aeslutiiv 
the 't-jtronauta once they arrive at the corj-.and -iodulc and assist inf. 
tnu. into thoir. couches in the corrwand module. We'll stand by at 
thi-. Mr/: ini alert you Just as soon as the crew leaves the Hfinnel 
Spacecraft 0j erntions .'building. . .They have essentially conpleted their 
suitiw; ani we're expecting them to leave p.omentariiy . This is 
r.cnneiiy i/iu:icli Control. 


AT.VV (""'A) »'.IBS10N HC28/1 
Tiue: 11.30 CDT, 1^,30 GOT 

trc This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. We're at 

- n ir^3 hours, 10 routes, and costing. And at this tine the crev is 

, J o t the door at the Itonned Spacecraft Operations ouildmp. 
C Z 2ta?£rS? crew comander leadln* the way, followed by Vance Brand . 

'Oil be coitsinjs out at the first floor there and entering tm ir 
^cU ly e^Pped astronaut var. for tho 20 ninute ride out to pad h. 
.V^': about u seven r.ile drive to pad B. They've Jeen right on 

el, Upline thi, norning. They vere running ^ j/^?^*^ 
>-cMvJ ncre. leaving the suiting rooe, up to point they ye teen 
t oi e^i,- Coning out of the Manned Spacecraft Operations 
V now there's ,. fairly iar*e crowd of people there , vavm* 
to " ^ ^ vi Mn, lea goo/luck. Stafford in the lead, vave. *ack. 
as uoes Braid. SpacevorXer* them as they ^et into 
tuei^van .John Youn* accompanying the*. Van door being closed *nd 
they'reon t.eir vay out to the pad. 7 *inus 3 hours, 9 ninutc. ana 
counting this is Kennedy Launch Control 


Us 33 CD*. I6s33 GMT 

(Which «U1 >-e a occurring , after | i^^^ t 

will Get in ^uch with the fo "owlnj ^ tQ 19 hour. .3 

tracKi.^ station Hu r id, ^f 1 ^ hin corCT unlcation ranr.e of the _ 
B i„utou. After that it wl " * * lt ^ tor6 , DJusaly- After that the 
Soviet tracUnfi stations, /^^^/^ t he stations of the African 
C» spacecraft vill ^J*"^ ^tr^ta Md ftult o. Ecuador 

tracV.inu station, Orroral Valley in ^ KlsBlon Con trol. ) 

station in South America. This 19 

Eiil> OF -A Pi- 


^^#a^asjst.. a . 

T.Mnm 15 / Wanned hole: r# r *' A . ' do have t^-. , ard a 

~- A > minute aarfc +u **riods betv»^.^ a e . tva plann*^ 
tvo minutes thnt „ 1 ther < 'a a lifw* ? en nov and laun£ 

Soyu 2 f A t f C ° Uld used J^ff**** 00 «»• orSt^J?****!* 
Mrmtes pli he T "inus 1* Blni ,; to *fve us the b«?V Parameters 

2k i It Jill Veather va * o t I Vas ^Berted at tSaJ t ?' 5 

'-hi. bent fJ^T to av °id bad veafvl * y; ve could ul f tlae so 

ENDor ?APB nnedy ^ch Control. 

ASTP (USA) MC31/1 

Tine: 11:^8 CDT, 16:^8 GMT 


' M X-M ( - information on performing or manual orientation 

and transfer to the orbital orientation node.) 

USSR (Moscow, this ia Soyuz . Orientation has been 

completed. Yav 180. We have orientation. ) 

MCC-M (Soyuz thia is Moscow, Roger. Globe correction 


USSR (Yes, globe correction was performed at the specified 


MCC-M (Soyuz, this is Moscow. Understand you. Over.) 

USSR You understood it correctly. Everything is normal. 

Everything ia within the normal range.) 

MCC-M (Soyuz this i3 Moscow. Roger. Over.) 

USSR {Soyuz, (Garble)) 

USSR (We have a lot of noise of scare - sorae kind of noise 

in our com system.) 

MCC-M (Soyuz, this is Moscow. Rcger. Over.) 

USSR (Moscow, this is Soyuz. Do you have any data for 


MCC-M (Soyuz, this is Moscow. So far, no. We're wailing 

for ycur data and for your report f . ) 

USSR (Everything is normal onboarO. We're operating - ) 

MCC-M (Scyu/ , th's is Moscow. Coula you give us an 

est incite of the accuracy of mode maintenance?) 

USSR (Yes, of course. The accuracy is quite good. Maybe 

within 1-1/2 degrees range. Good accuracy.) 

MCC-K (Soyoz, thia is Moscow. 1 

USSR (Roger. Copy.) 

USSR (Do you have any other questions for us?) 

MCC-M ■■.■.(Soyuz, this is Moscow. Not so far. Waiting for 

comnunicat i on over our ground station.) 

USSR (We have our noise squelch systeas on, but we stili 

have noise . ) 


CC-M / 

astronaut van ar *"ived at P ad B at ! J ne tho 

short ride up to thl ? T"' ^ V *U get inS ° reV haa n °t 

the A level Lil h ? f level of the no br e 1« !" eleva tcr f or a 
levators ther* t Vlm^ the Hi Tt ^^ ' 80 
«°b.Ue launcher ^W* " **** thea to a fpo ^ , the hl « h s P*ed 
vhlte roan area'and^ 1 S -4 ^ ^T' ° f the 

spacecraft. Spac-rlft Y Ue roon a «a "m L < * 8 ° into the 
e "«r the s P ace^r;^ aft Ke C ?^nder Tec Staf ford wu ^T^ in to the 
«al.te.l froa in,!i. into, that center e i J he fIr8t °« to 

is already in -h« 7 ^ b Crl PP«n, the ,ct, Couch and be 

technician 7 fVark HeT'T^ " v^^T baCkU » vho 

"»« to enter wntrT ,de2 ^ th * ''onTo?^ a88l8te * * 

vlU stand by back^ he ^°;fL to v the ri «ht 

«et quite a R30i If*" "J eleva t°r area, * re , * Var,ce B ^d 
if he looks ou 7^\ fl °f a ° f ^nnldV 1^ Wl ' * can 

mpe ct , h _ 'I fJ-< c '»l van „ ov Md launch. ■ 

*s -i«ti. tk j hI 3 f 1 ft » t ^»^ n ; th :;j»"- and 

Time: 11:58 CW, 16:58 GMT 

'J;"'! f - - (RHrble) tuke it off.) 

Royui 2, f.*e one other radio™*-.. } 
rp - w J Fom - without form.) ' 

or.entaUon tbn-t.r.^r^SS^: crTil^ '° * 8Pln °" 
counterclock - - ) «"Ruaar rate of 3 degrees per second and 



hours, W ni „ ut e s and«.!r.U„r"t th'Hw"?? f""" 1 ' T nl "" S 2 
K. Slaytoa ana General Too Sta-fnrf v tV ° "nauts , Donald 

spacecraft Vance Brand „ M i„i , vith fh " , . **' '-he 

3J0 foot level Just outside theater .XL itl l l t t S'fVf the 

is 1 o-er?n't la " ^ BOCkf0ra - ^ —ae:: S "c'-.he s . ™ e nri.-ar 

as Over in trie vhite room nrp» ~ ' SJ1 " »ecnnicjan, 


ASTP (lffTA) Mir»GION MCll/1 
Tire: 12:02 CW<' . 17:02 CJtr 

LCC Apollo Saturn Launch Control . We're T minus 2 

hours, 1+0 cunutes and counting. At this time, astronaut Ton Stafford 
is in the spacecraft . He's hooked up his communications. His first 
communication was to Skip Shovin , the test conductor, hack at the Manned 
Spacecraft Operations building and he said to Ski's "Looks like it's a 
good day to fly". Skip agreed with that and they continued on with 
their work inside the spacecraft. They've connected the oxygen and 
they'll renove the portable oxygen ventilator which Stafford* has been 
using to breath until he got hooked up to the spacecraft oxygen. At 
this tine, Vance Brand's standing outside the hatch and is about to go 
in, or Deke Slay-ton rather is standing 0: '.side the hatch about to go 
inside. They ha%'e sorce protective boot covers over their shoes. They 
removed those, once they get inside, they also -erove a protective 
coverJnp '.hat's over their helnet . This is a plastic type of. covering 
that'rs ronoved and then brought outside the spacecraft. The countdown 
continuing to go well . The crew now standing by back at the . 320 -foot 
Iev"l by the elevator, consisting of Var.ce Brand and a suit technician 
and they'll be coning in - be the last ones in. T minus 2 hours, 39 
ninutes arid count in* this is Kennedy Launch Control.' 


ASTP {USA) MC35/1 

Tire: 12:05 CDT , 17:05 GOT 


CC-M - ( - knowing the entire list of da 'a vhich is on 

page 17** and 175 - pressure, the tine, et cetera.) 
SGDR (Okay.) 

- C " M {And also ' in accordance to the program on page 

150. .,o yes, there vill be some data there.) 

CC : M ' ..(Soyui, this is Moscow. Now the session 'is coning 

to m, end. Have a *>od flight. And, until we see you at the - hear 
you fit. the next comuni eat ions station - 

, :1CDR (Thank you, Moscow. Thia ; is Soyuz'. Ve are 

anxiously awaiting the data on the operation of the - .) 

KI ° (This is Soviet Mission Control Center. The 

co^ications^ession with the Soyuz spacecraft has coae to an end 

£ £ 5 ° n C ° ntr01 Center ' Duri ^ the la8t communications 
session the Soyuz spacecraft was In the of the follow^* sta- ions 
taer.ican tracking station in Madrid, the - Soviet stations - ^h?, 
stations - Fupatoria, Tbilisi, and Djusaly.) *" " * 


AT.VP vw'JA) lilCCIOM MC36/1 
:i:.:e: 12:08 CD?, 17;08 CUT 

" cc This is Apollo Caturn Launch O.itrol. V.'e're at T 

minus 2 hours, 3^ ainutes and counting, and at this time Var.ce Brand 
co«in<, across sving arm number . 9 and he'll be the final one of the three 
ere waters to enter the spacecraft; he'll enter into his. center couch. 
Via- :.<n-niriK the crew received a message from President Ford and I'll 
read tfiat nee sage to you nov. It's to the Soyuz and Apollo crews: "In 
it few :;t,ort hours you vill be opening a hew era in the exploration of 
:i->nm:. Although others hnve gone before you, you will be a. n>rv 
tr'u] of international space cooperation. :,'evor before have roprocor, V;- 
tlvi.-:; of two countries lived and worked together in space. It's an'h'iV- 
tor:<-- occasion.- I know you are proud to be playing such an inportnnt 
pari u, it. As you wake your final preparations for launching, I cannot 
.ie Li. tv. think how far ve have gone in space in such a short period of 
ti:...-. -..jus than two decades aco, Yuri Gagarin and then John Glenn or) i*«d 
lh" . -rth, realizing the dreams of Tchaskovki , ' Goadard arid others who 
beiievr-, firr-iy that m.en could fly in space. Six- years ago next Sun i-v, 
Aj/cllo 11 brought the first men to the moon; this nission was followed' 
by Soviet automatic vehicle, Lunakod. Both brought back sar.ples cf 
the r.ocn surface, as a result of which .our knowledge of Earth's -closest 
nei,>w>r has been expanded considerably, Your flight represents ar.oUor 
3to«e in nan's effort to further his understanding or Ms environment. 
It already demonstrated something' else; that the United States and 
Lue soviet Vnion can cooperate in such an important endeuvor. Gince the 
sclent is* J anu ^ciaiists of both countries have worked diligently ani 
proiu.tivcly and in a spirit of cooperation to bring us to where ve are 
Iwiy. I a;.* heartened by the exau-jple of dedication and cooperation you 
have (usplayeu. I an confident your efforts and example will lead to 
furi.h..r cooperation between our two countries. The peoples of the w. r3d 
wi.i followed - following your flight; an epic joint mission, witi, una enthusiasts. On behalf of tnc American people, I coroner.' 1 
you for your courage and vision and wish you God speed and s-ood luck." 
A:;u t:.t.t ia .froia. .President Ford to the; three astronauts. •- At this ti '.--, 
Vance crund standing by outside the hatch read;,' to enter the spacecraft'. 
- i.Ii.uj ? hours, 31* fflinutes and counting. This u Kennedy Launch Control. 

Time: 12: Ik COT, GOT 

kCO This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control . We're 1 minus 

a hours ?1 minutes and counting. Vance Brand nov being strapped into 
the ripac-craft ani as these men get in, there are certain switches which 
could be humped and which would not - this would not be detected in 
'.he control center tack at the Manned Spacecraft Operations BBiulding; 
there 'n special spacecraft control center there. Some switches would 
cause pi noticable change- in configuration and this would be picked up in 
the control centers. But there are those that wouldn't be noticed. Thev 
running n switch check now with the pilots to ensure that those switches' 
are in the proper configuration. We'll stand by and see if ve can pick 
up any or trie conversation with the three astronauts. The protective 
covers o.-er the helnets at this tir.e being removed from the r»en - handed 
froa inside the spacecraft, where the suit technician is working in the 
fro:.: en 3 of the spacecraft, and being handed out to the closeout team 
in the .-.ite room. Not much chatter new between the pilots and the con- 
; roi ersr.»er. Tney did their switch checks and ran a COKM check when thev 
first g in. We'll stand by and 3ee if they - they'll be running some " 
r.or* cn.-.-.s here shortly. We'll, stand by for those. 

BPK; ' °*<iy. Everybody happy with (garble) heLnets at this 

t isse? • ■ 

CYi' Yef , ckay. 

SPK" Cka\. High Oz flow? 

™- We've got a high Oz f lev . 

p A0 Gunther Wendt coming on there for ,Ju3t a minute 

asking, '•'•'nee Brand hew he was doing. .Gunther Vendt's the pad leader - 
leader - :' that close-cut crew . 

A<:j - h (Garble) my seat belt a little more. It's gotten 

loos e . . . ■ ■'• . 

" ?/<•:■• , And that is "Too Stafford,' 

.SFKR Say it again. I couldn't hear you. 

■■■ACI/h Yeah, ask Frank to righten my seat belt. 

?A " He's having a little problem with his seat belt. 

■'•V 1 ™ Have Frank tighten up ny seat belt. ' I've loosened 

up qui+e a bit since I've been in here. 

Okay. We'll tighten it up. 

rA" Torn Stafford in referring to Frank Hernandez when 

ne askt-u Frank to tighten his suite belt a little bit. 

• Av '»- !R I'll tell you when (garble). There you go - g-od. 

ACL-H (Garble) That's good 

3J'Kri Good eno-^gh, Tom? 

ACuR That's gDOd. Now 1 feel good. 

PA ''- K v <* he ,r e live television frcr, inside the spacecraft 
for the first time. 

ACDR Go ahead. 

Ckay. Ve have completed sequence 13 i* 53(?}. 
ACDR I understand. 

Sf'KR Right, and (garble). 

Time: CUT , 17 aU GMT 


PAO And that's Gunther Vendt. ( 

ADCR 0kay< you got a go on that. Gunther, I don t 

want any talk on the net while you're doing that. 
SPKR Yea, but goon (garble). 

A"DFt Stand by . 

SPKR Okay. Standing by. 

; -i-KH Okay. QZ on ^9? On Van's panel 2 give me a suit 

->mpr«v>i delta P. guit com?resBOr _ pa nel - suit compressor 

*. "i t.*i P i up to . 9 . 


Spacecraft teat conductor Skip Chauvin talk in.- to 

'ihar'i i'.- i i • f faroozert "f ) . , 

-t^j - I'm going to be running a voice check. 

^Ki< Affirmative. I eopy. 

j" WH Ail right. Feck to 4 = 6 (garble). Can you verify 
acceptable data? 

USA (Garble) . . .. - . _ - „■,♦« 

: ,.. KF A11 r i 6h t, I understand. AU rig:it, tme fl. t ..t/ 

CM? Go ahead. _ t , ■ 

spK p I (garble) put Chet on the net untii fug'.-, 

finishes with the voice checks .* Sorry, but you've got to go. 
CMP Oka;.'. We'll go. ■■■„■.■ „. 

p A 0 Chauvin referring to Flight is Houston Flignt 

Mission Control Center in Houston. 

\-PKK R^ger. We read tne A P° Uo AOud 411(1 clear ' ^ 

-. ■ raornlr;-- . 

AJDB Roger. 

I read you about 1* by, Dick, (garble). 
_•:-.;(; Hi, "eke. I read you loud and clear. Hew are 

villi 1'i .i h'JH ;•? 

SEC flight voice chveks are go, 
Alrighty. Vance, hew ia your VM and VHF levels? 
.-5^.- ■ ■ .■ Yeah, thev sound fine, Skip. 

rjFK} , 0kay> crir, would you go to panie 10 and me 

the FMKb*nd ar.d VHF thumbwheel vgurble) pieaee? 

•U'KP Okay. S band is sitting at 6 — 

v» A0 Crip is Bob Gripper., backup astronaut in the 

spacecraft . : _ 

3 PKft - - VHF i3 » iuit "'5 at 7 * 

SPKH I understand. Six and seven, v 

3PKi< Pever 2 flow. 

SPKft I understand. 

PA0 Countdown proceeding new. Billcws of - clouds of 

■iaui'i ox.g.jn as it boils off can be seen coming from the vehicle. ■ 

Vill continue to top off the liquid oxygen down through the countdown 

J "lni« ? hour 9 20 minute8 and coding 


av 0>-a) 

mc»: i: , :; > :' COT, 17:^ GMT 

i c •„'. '(Garble.)' . 

:;^ f< Hey, don't let hin kid you. He's been sleeping 

that .spacecraft . 

USA Right. 

yc A Okay, What are you reading (parole) 1 

Okay. On 6 (garble) U60 ve are reading 99 percent 

All right. Understand. And locks like the suit 

.'lrbloj is coning up. 

rj f .v : :, The suit teeh has been out of the spacecraft. 

f'.H All ng'-. T ~y. ( , 

Okay. sequence 13, « - <*'>5, I've sot 1 .Of. 

• • i*55.- Thank yon, (garble). , : . . 

" Bcger. Readings in U62, 02 flov .72, suit tenp 69. 

5 o Art i^l pressure .3- - 

" Al'l r:g".t, Walt. : happy'* 

,,;, t. Roger, I 'a happy. . ' : : 

-.;p..w All right iooks like that (garbles cabin is ccmir.K up 

, . r . .kuy, Crip. Panel 10. 
■ v>> «j Go ahead . 

;-',. H Alright. I want the YHF, FM pad com off. 

t ".-vp YHF, pad com is off. . 

Alright , Crip, you want to grab your little favo- 
jj., ; e y?p cover and see if you can . snake it out? 
S j.l.r' ' Okay. We'll do it. iou guy* have a smooth flight; 

.'if.<- yo j jp ir. the mornir.?. •.• *- , 4 '- 44 

XA Tnar.ks, Crip, for all the - : x-1 work. Ve appreciate it. 

Sure do, crip. 

Ckey-dCke. . . ; 1'-': 

:K r ^ty. Vance, I've g t a few switches for you to chec*.v,. 

.y-y Okay 

:n Panel 2 abort cjystess propellent svitcl., DUX.- AUTO, 
Verify-. DUMP AUTf . 
Caution *, acknowledge. 
cMr /- 'tr.ov 1 e .-..<!?. 

;.fr;> Mirif'Lcr. tlner rur.nit.vT 

\pv jv Mi.-.r.i-in tiner runni: <? 

;•.< Verify. 

: : /rf u Ail right cn rar.el 2. I want you to t/A-i your suit 

fjrcul' v/it* r a'jcun autc switch to position 1. 

■ : ..'' .■.'C i ne. ■' 

^•♦.h Ail right. Thank, you. 

CM;' ' K ! » or ■ ■>:".'-. 

r :j _ ye have rertoved the cover ari the \garbie) has lfft 

the r,pv*>.'raft . , „ 

y v Understand. All right the protective cover is 

reB,-;vcj, ie^j .ence ?0?i>? 

Hot yet. Stand by. 
r>i . AH right. Oh the VTR cover is out. 
Siflh Roger, (garble). 

..., r . R (Garble) pro te-c '■.%*« ^over fros the hatch counterbalanced 

.'Ki< It was. 

astp {u:-:a) MC38/2 

Time; J*:22 CW, 17:22 GI-JT 


SPKfi (garble) in 502 has been completed, tfe have 
rep«oved the protective cover. 

SPKS 22 Sugar. 

S?K.R That' a boy. 

3 *Kb (garble) close the hatch. 

3KR Roger. Will do. 

S?m Okay. (garble) ready for closing the hatch? 

ACDR {Garble.} 

SPKFi Deke, you 

i-'MP (Garble.? 

Okay, press end hold the lock spin reset button. 
A'-I " Oka}-. And Dennis7 

.'H'Ti Yeah? 

;;rr ' ;< °^ a y- i'sa latch the B2 and (garble) locked 

.•ndlcut r light and (garble) in the box here 'garble). Nov net the 
gear selector and the actuator handle selector to the unlatched 

'■ pOftiti'.;'.;. . 

' v:i ' H Gf}ar b <>x is unlatched. And the handle is unlatche 

1>>KF! Nov se * the BP? hatch release selector out to BPC 

Jet. . 

A,, - ?> Release, (garble) BP! Jet; 

r ' ; " : ' :v , , ^ can ycu verify that the ^uge pressure of the 
:on:iteri Aiar.ce (?• is indicating i:. *.he green. 

A ''>'-* Yeasir. She's in the green. 

;:r ' :s STC, pad leader. The hatch has been closed. 

r — ? 1 understand. All right, pad leader, I need a 

stamp ;;r; the purge setup. . 

Okay. Standby Just a — 
">' : -' Okay, that's 13 times 10, 22 sugars. ^ 

" : ' 0fc*y« (garble) thank you. Ail right 2CS. 

liKR Poger. 

• T ' ;? - QK&y. You go your people, er.d MffCjC will heed 

3wt« u or panel 227. 

' Roger. .There they' are. 

r5 -" :ft - • And Ton, will ycu take the cabin release' r' gh* 

Hogef . Cabin release right hand valve i» "in DUMF. 

: ' ; 1 All right, thank you. 

All right, MX&\ back to page m, 
i «63 is verified, OIL l»6fe, .. 
' '1MR verifies. 

understand. All right on panel 3 1 want the UP 

TEI.i.Hr? r",f comaha switched to nonaal, 
?>'-. (Garble. ) ' 

' All fight, 1 had some cross talk. Did you get it 

t,r,- rierj 1 - ' ? 

'■'■■■:<■ Yeah, i* norraal , 

ASTP (VJcA) MC38/3 

Time: )2:22 CET, 17 '.22 GNTT 








' , 1 . Mar* . 

G Ft'ER ■ 


All right, who van calling? 
Okay, I still (garble) 1350U. 22 sugarn. 
(garble) too Blow. (Garble.) cumul ati vea . 
Soger. I got it. , s 

Okay, i garble) wo got tint on the hat en closure. 

Roger. ■ ■ ■ ■ 

rharik you. ' ■ ■.: ■ : 1 

Okay. Flight, execute Ace G&N uplink disable. 
Flight, Roger. 

Stand \jy for an ACE GS.N disable on ray mark. 

Okay, Gfc?. instead of VERB 3«. 

And I'll verify we did not get the display. 

All right, flight. D*ta rate high. 

Transnitting data rate high. 3, 2, 1 mark. 

C&D verify. 

MT8C verifies. 

I'll verify no change in data rate. 
All right, thank you Bill. All r<*ht. on panel 2, 

the UP : BLEMETRY conaand module, switch, to bl'-ck. 

-y. Block. 
;::'<.;< All right 3CR 

'it-YP ^72 verify. . 

SP KH Ail right on panel 8. Tor, can you tviet around 


A r, '' ! R Yeah. . „. 

3PK H I vant your EK 1 BATT/A, 2 BATT . C and 3 BATT B 

r . : •) • breakers closed. ..: ■ , . 

AC;I (Garble.) Can't verify. Hang on just a alnute, 

(Oarbi'.'' verified closed. 

A3TP (USA) MC39/1 

Time: 12:32 CDC , 17:32 GMT 












the abort advisory ehe;ks a«In. 

Aor\t> ... 

All 3? 

AH right. On panel ?. EDS power switch on up? 
kDS power on up. Mark it ' 
(Garble. > 

All right. U-jU i 3 verified. 
STF sequential. 

"-e £>f l'^° n Pantl *' >IDS AVS0 svitch on up? 
fcl>S AUTO on up. * 

Thank you, Eobby . Ckay, Toa. We're going into 


All ri^ut 

All ri ght . iOM abort request A on . 
(Garble.) Or, 3 2 1 Mark.'' 

v-v v^h the spacecraft conusant switch ehecus being M-le 

the -. t .t conducts Let ^.Un'^ ^ <^*> 




light A off, 
A - A off now. 
Flight up. 

(Garble} verifies A off. 
All right. Lom B on. 
3 2 1 Bark . 
Light or. . 

Let ae verify, A and B on? 
All right. LOM E off. 

LOM Is launch SSt&t^fe 
advisory capability here frca Kennedy SpLe Ce^ter A rT T th \ abort 
*M*ory tests are coveted , the cVeVSm work with t^'i ab ° rt 
her* in the mission - or, in W f £JL -T* ? V tea* 
deteetJon ayetea test. " *" g vwdu ct an emergency 

i'-PrlAKi-IR Flight up. 

'.:.*..,„,.„ sequencer verifies B off. 

i;* f An ri^ht. night A on. 

'-^J ^ . Flight on. 

-I>-f£2 Sequencer verifies A on. 

PrAKKR All right. Flight A of 

Koin^n and off. A^Ql)"^^ ^^'^.^•WUiM. 

ASTP (US/i> MC39/2 

Time: 12:^2 COT, l 7: 32 G WT 


HI'WKJin Flight on. 

S fencer verifies Bon. 

USA ri8ht> Fil <^ B off. 

UoA Roger, b off. 

SPfAKER Fllght 

S^S Y ff? UenCer B off. 

£tAK£B All right, LOX. That completes i* tw 

Ij^t +V.Qt , x "■"''Filled it. ihanx you . 

ve'il be coming up on^ JrerSS? T th f < 6fcort advi6 °^ tests : 0 w 
That's conducted priLrUv '£^' yS ' e ™ Sh0rt1 ^ 
And they uvitch to a separate ehlnl? J f! connander , Ton Stafford 
ainutes and counting. Sis is £^ ^ that ' T ^"^ 2 hours 8 
SPEAKER ^ VERB ^ Contro1 - 


ASTP ((j'iA) MCJtO/l 

Time: 12-.U2 CUV , 17: i»? gvt 

7/15/75 " ' 

pasncd the T alnU8 2 hour marf i °± \T ^ We Just ' 

ute a and counting.' The crw finiSf COUntdov ^ T minus 1 hour 59 ain- 
the spacecraft and Tom St If fo rd ! oJe^fomL *!! ^ ^**>"<* checks In 
separate channel for the EDS system t^t ^ 'f J W ' n be S^ing on a 
nave sor.e 24 instruments, 566 sviSt- ^ U Insi ? e the spacecraft , we'll 
so for all three crevmenH ^oato*. and ' 7 l ii^ ts , 

checks; and in addition, to that of conr.t *■ -° g ° tltfou « h the * r 
has been in the spacecraft si"e ihis^'r^^ Bot Crl P^ n 

going over n number of the switch Seeks ^ ^ .? re P*W«8 it and 
comfortable amount of ro OE; 6f course vben^ T *?** de have * '^Iv 
they can use all of that rkrZ. ?> . * vnen Wre in z<>ro gravity 
in tae AppUo, .p^^. ^ TO cubic; feei^^ 

in the one-nan Mercury spaeecraV J 5 CUDi ° faet *™ 

*« Gemini. The co^and^odule ^oSiJ? aan in "0- 

enough to wire 52 bedroom : h^ f S^S B ? ^ ° f Virl ^> ">«.•« 

Point, nome talk goin,- on ov with vtrZ r ff ive - v silent at this 
rwj> 1 - w vitn Vance and Dek« _ » 

Okav ^a If ; V< U*? "iease'the key. 

si K R ( :":r-' ie) . ev T rythif -8 

-vp £; ge *» ove good »o far. 

:TKR Jf? ^r!/ 0 ;/,;f e,i Vith 5111 readout,, hu- 

CMP oily & ' MAQZ that sh ^ verify 

Continuing the crycg^noppi^at^ir^' 11 ^ ^ •* 
countdown. T ainu. 2 hour/58 lil-^M Irtd'S- ViU thro ^«>uf the 
Launch Control. ' Blnjt « And counting. This is Kennedy 


ASTP (USA) MC'lu/l 
T/S/TS 13110 CDT ' 16:10 GMr 

Kinutes and continuin^V! Ap ? U ° L&Unch Control, T ain^- i „ 

the spacecraft co^;^™*^"- tl«. Astronaut ^ IZ/oL 

Durir.,- «o, t / r t ° he *° » variety of launch veh olf 1" * r<?aCts to 
ar.enatically aborf/ \ ^ fI1 * ht «>e EDS orivf * 8e " 0y situat ion 3 . 
liftoff «S Then U'^? h \f 8Slon - ™* auto C " 3 / e ?**"ity for 
W.e sy,,em senses u h * the •boST.iTf**" J" tUrned 0n at 

engines or exce 3sI v * ^'f " a 1039 of thruB* ^1^° the 
10 minutes -.""d V" ?itch or vav. SE'.l" th ? first 6ta ** 

*«4 then a spacecraft if^'V^ 3i ^ated e^rge^cy ir + ^ they 
And Clifford rewf^v \ 8 " ind ^atee the naturTof V£ 9/St 
m*ht ^yL 9 ..:?« t0 the te« that il^t ff J?* .Agency 

Alright, (garble) 


SPKR ... .-, - 

SPKfi *T right. y ou saId cl . p . 

SPKR £« e k r - i have a go. °^ ^ hatch "V- 

You have a go. 

tan or tape 

LCC 2***' * know- you ca* dn\ + today. 

ACDR f e - v v ^e taxing do 1+ * either Vay . * 

CC-H ^ 3 °> how does the 

, SfZAJCBB J, 6 5«'t see. P a A\^? th ^ fooX out there? 

Per «, ve ar D ? 9 ™* ^d * " to you? 

na 'Jt coascunieAtrt^ < 'vf Crev la talking , ' " 

tneir activities „J f^ 1 "* nnnlr- .£ ' ve »'-h«>'. You 

Src ° ka >"» ve 'H do that <nL;» heo 

CC-H ^ eah ' " 1 • a- ^s? 

Potion of that first ^ WC * bouid ^ve a resort k 

STc J ^at orbit correction ♦ ! * ?° rt then on » h e ^ 

reed „ v , Ail ri t u v on . t" 6 / aade. sf,e con- 

Mgarbie), W g ood. Pete, d0 e. U look llk 

dci '« & cabin pur«e J t\f °" 0Ut tea * i* ^nMm.f, * 8 * 9 ^raft ; 0uU 

tUBk checks vhere t?l 8 * n ^ °Wn. I^KV** 1 ' 1 they 
tr '^ monitor *v. a . the - v P«68url Ze T* After that they'll rur 

Z£ ^ an I have this or» *' tMs 

STC 00 ' 


*» you ^.i^ 0ut ^ Bpc? 


Tiie: 13:10 CUT , 18:10 GKT ■ ■ 

SPEAKER They're coming out along fine. We're putting the 
(garble) barrier on at this ♦ire. 

STC Oh, super. 

SPEAKER Estimate about 20 more minutes on that. ^ 

|tc All righty. We'll need a etaap on that when you net 


SPEAKS V1 U d0 - 

'"SPEAKER STC, Fail leader, 

erpp • Go ahead . • , . 

SPEAKER (Garble) 3 33, step nunber 1 haa been completed. 


ASTP (USA) MCt»3/l 

Time: 13: lO CDT , l8:l8 GMT 


^ SPEAKER (Garble), go ahead. 

SPEAKER (Garble) something 3 - 33 - step number 1 has been 
completed. 533 sequence, step number 1. The BPT hatch 8, 2, 11, 

Hey - 22 Sugar . , . 

SPEAKER Okay. Hang on. Atta boy, Hank. Okay, (garble). 

You've got to go to up the light room. 

SPEAKER Oh, thank you. 

TjsA Ckay. S.CS - I've got to go to bring up the BMAGs . 

3 PEAK FIR Roger. Ready and standir.g by. 

SPEAKER (Garble) 53 1 * verified. All right on panel 2-1 want 
the caution warning to noma!. 

USA Caution/warning's normal. 

SPEAKER Verify BMAG 1 and 2 tenp lights are OFF. 

UoA That's verified. 

SPEAKER All right, on panel 7- Your FDIA/GFI POWER SELECT 

•o <>FY. 


SPEAKER Pnael "', SCS electronics pcver select GDC/ECA. 


SPEAKER BX-iG power - 1 and 2 Jelects to ON. 

U3A Roger. 1 OS. MARX it. 2 OK. MARX it. 

SFF.AKKP All right. FAO, record your time. And let me 
knew vnen you gtt your lighte on. 

SPEAKER Ev»ry tine, 

SFEAKER There fute 1 (garble) OFF. 2 OFF. 


SPEAKER You are GO. 

SPEAKER All right. Panel 7. FDAI/GPI '-power select to BOTH. 

t'SA .Roger. * Power to BOTfc. Coming on BOTH. MARK it. 

SPEAKER (Garble) acknowledge. 

USA Acknowledged. 
SPEA-ER (Garble) Do you have a got 

SFEA* ER All right. On pans! 1. FDI select bail 1. 

■ USA FDI select bail 1. 

.-■PF.A* :-"R Ycur source awitch ATT SET. 
sW Source switch; ATT SIT. 

CPEA-.KP ATT SET roll thursbwh*6l 162. 

•oa Thumbwheel 162. Verified. 

.-' VL1AEER' Fitch 0900. 

V3A 0900 verified. 

SF£AK"R 0 on the y*v. 

USA 0 oh the yaw. 

SPEAKER High 02 flow, 

SPEAKER All right. Peeet it, pieaae. High 02 flow. 

ilPEAKER (Garble) accunulator. 

SPEAKER C*ay. Thank you, V*lt . Ckay. Tor., give me a a 171 

nUr.e (uitli ball i l« atabilitod and arrows nulled. 

AO pR (Garble) MARK. OP starting to aline. 

ASTP (USA) MC13/2 

Time: 13: id COT, 18:18 GMT 






•••• ACDH 
J5i i.AKKh 

SI fJCKh?. 


■ r i ■ - ■ . * 

a Kir ;•■ 

on bail 3 . 

sax sr. 

Okay. GDC's ball is alined, arrows nulled. 
All right. Your ATT SET roll thumbwheel to 1-6-8. 
(Garble) an some light garble) the Sun's in ny eves 
Take it. 

Okay, the. Sun's in ny eyes here, Just a minute, 

I'll get the (garble) up here. Stand by for a minute 
, r <cger . 

OKay , go ahead. 

All right. You got it set to i-6-3? 

.1-6-5, Skip. 

AU rirtt. hto>i C5l. 


Vav 355. 



v-say, Tea. On your ball 1 arrows. Verify roll full 

r-.oll full right. 
Pitch full up? 

Yaw 1 rfi-ht 

titoh is full -jj., 

■i right 
Tall full right. 
All right select ball 2. 
Eail 2. 

All right. Verify ball 2, the snae as you h4d 

Verified . 
(Garble )' 

All right, Tom. Give ne GDC aline until ball 2 
it; and arrows nulled. 

, • ' ,;: " 3R (Itenltori.r.* on solar orientation state vector. 

; i ,:h ; <' ~ deviation fr on pitch 0. Deviation froa yaw .) 
<.'•>»«* muss* aft 

((Garble! 36O. Temperature 29.) 
" :J '" M Soyui, this is Moscow, We understood you. Over ) 

< Delta V 116 and I.) ■ . . : 

(Soyu2, this is Moscow, Roger. Over.) 
'1'}™ (Maneuver tinw 2^8 - practically.) 

(Soyuz, this is Moscow.., finger/ ThftftX you.) 
, , i i: ; M -.(Soyut, this is Moscow, Say again the pressure of 

fur? 1 tuid oxidizer after thv burn. Over..) 

. (Eoyu?,, this is Moscow. Roger.) ' 



Time: 13:25 CK\ 18:25 GMT 


' so yuz K ;^ cecraft i3 ^ i : nt i : r is s: 1 :^ 1 :: 100 contro1 center - The 

DJuaaly tracking station") coverage cf EvpatcrJa and 

(Soyuz, this is Moscow.) 
^SR Moscov, this Is Soyua.) 

ready -.I revive a r W ^out^rT * **« 0.t 

Where are you?) "" 0ut forn - S °y u7 > vh "e are you located? 

the <i««r.t vehicH.) 80 ^ 1 18 ° r '° ital 2 is in 

TK-J C " M (RCger - SOyUZ ' 2l!2 7'00 you will turn on TV car.era 

^•SJR Doec this take place? 

lookup the indicator 11 !!^-- ™\\ y0U Bonltor to th6t *° ~ ^ 

^„ tir^te 1 ^^:^^)" 100 <° h «" 

:U " , ' H (The eanera?) 

red l£a on - on the^e'ra^T" " ^ Wl Is th * 

■J^SR (Yes, the light is on .) 

? oes the filter rotate?) 
: ~ v }J e "» the fiIte r i« rotating normally,) 

CC -' A (No change?) 

Ui ^ B (No change. ) 

• ' {Roger. Copy, ) 

ir^^rfdumpj aiVoO^iiaM? U , m * ew ' Vrite the data on 

u*>, —37.00 *Jgi»ni. lg of presaure dunp. In 7 .minutes.) 

,, h °w did you receive that over?) 

(Soyuz, this is Moscov.) 
(Standing by, Moscow.) 

S! (a d .7°oo reC ? iVe 2 i ; 3T:00 begtnnirg of pressure du**?') 

*C-M 4 J 48 bu3y vith the *V cwsera.) ^ 

orr«ay. Ho v do you feei?) that pre * 8ur * dun P deceived 

(1 hank you, noraallv.) 

(S'ShJS?} ^ Vri ' tC d ° Vn the Rext ccm —»*or.s7) 

W*?». 5 8 to ■?vfl^ r Si! , < ,?2 t 33 t0 *° 22:1<2 to 2^19. • 

uw to «?3:Q7. How did you receive?) 


AOTP(lKJA) MCl)5/i 

Tine: 13:31 CDT, l8:iiGMT 


l/X This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. We're T minus 

1 hour, JO minutes and counting and at this tine the close-out crew out. 
at the pad have indicated that they have finished their vork there and 
they are clearing the area. Countdown continuing to go smoothly; ve'll 
go back to Soyxiz. 

PAO 7hAs is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. We're T minus 

1 hour, ft ttir.nt '-»s and counting. At this tine, spacecraft coraander Tom 
Stafford has been working with the test conductor, Skip Chauvin, making 
sor.t. guidance cheeks aligning the attitude ball on the spacecraft. Let's 

1 isten in." 

ACDB 599.9. 

ZTC garble) 

FAO Also doing a giabal drive and trim check; this is 

a.-^juri r.t* 'hat the spacecraft er.gine can be controlled can u ally witn a 
hand :e.*itroi ier . Norcinsily all of the spacecraft burns are done by a 
ecr.puter. V'.in usea the thuabvheel to trie - to check the trim checks, 
■'.-'he thurlvi.cei ii; used to trin the erigine to take .care of any changing 
.'tn'.er ■■■f jravity; a changing in center of gravity would be due to burns 
>j;-».i:.>- -jp. vorae of the fuels. 

o?7 ^kay, Tora. We're about minus 55 oinutes in the 

book; v-e ' r<? ol 01:07 en the clock. 

Av.TR i.nJs good. 

: •'>.*>•» what he's indicating -there is that they're 

a:tua.:y v inning sonevhat ahead i they're down in their check-out time 
to 55 r.i\ if es and our clock time here is ninus 1 hour, 6 minutes And 
-e mt inr . Countdown continuing to nove smoothly, running sooevhal 
ahead at '.hi 3 time. This is Kenneiy Launch Control . 

• S?C ■ - -■ the pclariring filter. 

FD Thank you, T.C. It looks like we got sunlight 

-.ring *.:,r:?ugh the windows, I believe. 

'-"i'i* Y'/ah, it'* coming through the windows. 

* * v 1 • *- 1* to. 

k ay . 

• ru Okay, it it Juat started ceasing through 
' '-•'_.:::?] *t - it didn't lock like tb»t' - - 

Vvil, they Just - they Just broke up the white 

V-f<XT. . 

i-V Okay, thank you. 

And, looks like we need a sun filter, right'' 
A.CT." Rr.ip, if you need any rotation on the filter on the 

••fertcra, j'il do it. It would be easy, to -do. 

. No, it's; taped in; we're going to l^ave it there. 

ACDS Okay.', 
olt* Yeah.. 
■ ACt-K Okay . 

. .' • • BW.H . 0k*y. (garble). We'll pick up with $Bl , . May a aye 

if , 

.-.VTH; , S t iy , go ahead. 

.7; ( U3A) MGl>5/2 
Tim-: H: 31 CI/i , 18:31 GMT 

Ali r »«»>».. U". 1 - - ■ • ;g'> "N . 
. : ■ A'-hf- . ■ ■■ fJKfiy . ■■. 

;,<;{j TMa is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. We're at T 

r.Afi>.x-A I h'Air, s minute3 in our countdown. A very critical Interna] 
novr«r transfer check haa been conducted at this tir.e; here we check to 
■tnsaro that ft! i ays teas are operating when we go tc the flight batteries. 
17k.-«» flight butteries are saved until the last minute j flYial power 
.'-Tn«f>r actually takes place at 50 seconds in the countdown; T minus. 
1.0 aeconh-, we'li go tc the flight batteries and remain. During this 
.-he-- ..f'l] switch over to the flight batteries, insure that everything 
ir % rking properly on those fiifht batteries and then switch back again. 
:„ot't, lister, in and see if there's any activity in the spacecraft at 
rMs *. Ir.K-. 

^J'K?- - - -garble) configuration. 

-■K? Everything lock good, A3? 

.-.FKP fine. 
r.VK? A*ta bey. 

frev running quite a bit aheal in their schedule-, 
'!:<■•-■-'-.■ r.- '. rwvi. ncUvity going on in the spacecraft now. They have 
•'.irv-. • v.'';vi'!ta which aust be completed - completed. A 3hort 

> ..-. w , i*iyton will be keying a transmitter to cake sone Trt'- 

yier/.y *ivi j)£wr relftjs * r 

--kay . Flight, ST-\ 
FI S-TC , go ahead. 

''cv* " rf e're icwr. roughly ninus «5. Vou got 
bv.-'- gi..--i wjr-i:- .Y.r. tne crew cn the guys \pstairsi 

>T Ye^h, sose g:ou words. They r.ade their orbit ad- 

'',3*.T,'-?-it -ma f-erything vent Just t v .*> way the;/ wanted 51 to. 
A St'unis g:ci, 

• That's c?k : j- Chtiuvir., the test conductor getting a 

■•?'<■• . \it : ■ > '.r,'- ■ rew on the recent orbit adj usttaent aade by the Soyui . 

>; kay, T-r.. '*e're ,-oing to have a little weather 

r-; ; t, • ■! il i' r;r.eUy will b«. '..ver after awhile. 

Alright. . ^ _ . _ ' ^ ^ ■ <s _ 

; rr When, the - wnen tne crrv aid vhai. f n called • wrefeki li<i' 

( . ■.■ . r ■ r.," that t-ikir.g d-vn the prot'.*ct ! ve panels nrc-ur.d 

■ .:■!'. -■ t- % '.'r.^y jet i-iKo * bit -;f light in tsmrjgi the - thr-iffi 
..... v.-;.-,. , *r,f> ?pRc<»craft tf. i it'." 1 apparently brtherinR Stafford i 

■ y i *. ^ "; p ^ : ■ 1 

Okay. AjojIo, Vii;- is the ?■ )*.. 
■' ACD!-; 06 ahead,' Hob. 

v v ukny. Wp got a real go.^i report here, Tom. ^00 

. -iy^.^rj v«'r the area; high, thin, crckers; >'t* distance, west to south- 
rfc-.'t; very H.ftant over Pi. John'.?. \ few Isolated CP offshore. 
*. ■'•■v r'j/ -iV" 1 r ?5 'irgrf* r »f; winda out ^! tht> southeast at !•« knots. 

,», bounds good, Paul. Whene'er this area's clear for 



'flea i i3t 39 CW, 1&39 OMP 

IJ3A Suuuds good, Paui . When syaryont's ready it's eie%r 

JT<c>3r. ; ..m ^ : « '■■ ;-r 5 -- '■ :/ ' v. ^ ; ; r ;; " . :': ■:• : -Cv' : v^t : v "^-v"'^-' 

i'rt*t looks pratty good. 
•'AO That was launch operations manager, Paul Donnelly 

e*v f ng \!». crtiw an updattd weather report. Countdown continuing at thU 
i v.. approach the 1-hour «avk. We do have two swre planned hols 

(.wficxiB <.•!( the countdown, one at T minus i e , nlnutos and 'hat's a liftoff 
»i«Jj'43t(»* ; r.». hoi.. 1 which - the time of that hole can vary aoesvhat, nominally 
!<n- c= ii 't. itea, arid we have a 5-ninut- 2 1 *->ecor»d weather avoidance hole 
i*. n.-inutc nark irs the L*omit^.'w:t. i'hat hole is planned right r.ov 
>.ri to be use! In lu» .jr.tire ty. It c?-uld be Just skipped over 
. w --.^ld -v-Tj-iid-dcwr. to on early . aunvh i r we aav bad weather vae 
. - l ?-t right ;-,•.-.*« the fcre:ast we have id that we have a good 

tu.vr-f*. »•/ '?:"".0, goc-i weather rcr a ifu.iich at 3:50, and that's the 
; .< u--s - '..-it? o»" lift-off. If V* lif'.rfi 3 ff earlier, that would not give 

t -:t '..«-aJectory to the- orcSt::^ coyui. Nov T -sinu* I hour i 
. -siite »,v ■ cc\.r.tir.g. ThU is <er.7.edv U.ur.»'h Control. 

; ' v - is Apciio En '.urn Launch Control. We're T minu* 

.-Inj'-s f? seconds and counting, Swing arc number 9, which gives 
fe.-ie?.' v the spacecraft, will be coning tack to a park position here 
,- ;-.u i;, : short tine - expected to come cack T 1*5 ninute sark In 
*.«ax {.-celtU-n. it »one 10 feet or 12 degrees back from the 

aiacear&.-t. It ' II remain in that park position then until T rainus 5 
:\!.!i>i:e* !■ • the count , at which time it back to the fully re.ract 
yt-sitl.-in. Fre/Ious crews have noticed somewhat of a Jolt as the white 
r.-.c-a v.-; is attached to the spacecraft sort of lets"go of the spaee- 
.!-r*.ft sr.! as Jt moves back. We'll stand by to see if there are any 
.-v^arka the crew inside the Apollo when it noves back this time. 

The sv'.i> am, v, umber 9 of course car. be used as an escape route in the 
ovtfi.t <■ f "X, urgency and if the crew needs to gat out quickly they could 
ft *.- ftcv.?.^ swing arm arid down the high speed elevators. "5nce it 
g--i-j t.> standby position, it can be wrought back ^uite quickly to the 

-r 1 "'.'-. However, it cculd - in that standby position you cculd also 
fi-tlvrtt-i -he launch escape systen tevtr. I will stand by now and wait 
f .-x ;vi.\sr <\rv. retract. 7 rainus hi minutes 3 seconds and counting. This 
is .rCenn<?iy Launch • Control'. 

SPKr Minus *0 r.l nutes . 

AC, this is H5TC. 
. *'8** Tow, can you copy Oeorge? 

'-•^fi' What? I don't - 

. Ai'I ! ri : ■ ■ n ,o ahead'. " 

" Iit; ' Ton, the delay in cycling swing arm 9 back is due to 

a probien - - 

i££ This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control, We are T minus 

?9 ainutes '«? seconds and counting. We've not retracted swing aria nuaber 
9 at this tine. There is a problem with the hydraulic (garble) and it's 
not that it is a problem In actually bringing it back at this point but 

*n4 nitrogen tetroxide. if* a ? t?^?* 7 *T f* U * cn Hydrazine 

AH right. LogU. J*' ^* * 8 Kennedy launch Control, 
a- 5 *" ?S' j n * 0ft lrp i two on UP. 

f-. All right, sequential I** J* J g f F ' A * 35-3; Logic 

tlae ^^t. 4 nvl&1 ' iet »• *wv vhen your 70 ae«n* has 

^,j. KR 6 *W sequential. 

C*ay, 5 C bby. How do you look? 

*ot to , e am yo^lf ' Th«X you, 0^."«. you 

. • - .Okay. Stand by. 

catch * vith us bef^'v^E^?! ™ U - v <^ the clock to 

.': TKh ♦ 'i«ht, ge ahead. 

rhaT.s'affikauie"!^ t f., r CT upiau,; 

r,' :* At ^5 ' h0 requirement . 

F.-rror^ ^^uencea fi-fr^d^ll?!^ 1 igaxbie) *<> «*rk your cook not 

«ir.u-'":-i hour,, ^3 J^ea'air^M I? " C ° ntroX - V *'" « T 

has been eo»pi.ted, va. de t ermine ft na't ' ♦ U * e * P1 ^ »«Ju.t*e 0 t 

update at thi. ti«e. We're ^ontiruir tl T * I "° ret * uire ^ *>r target 
P.*. intern Dayliyht 71**. A .hSn fiiJ . £ r a llft off at °3:50 
conductor for the spacecraft ir^f, i * £0t Ski P ^ovin, the teat 
«inua ? 5 alnutea in the?r c o^t rM.* 4 ? ? &t they vere U P to about J 
Brand has coapletei preosurizin; indiCate 


m«M lank, are preJurized vith tuZ COntro1 8 y st ^ 

«aoothly. T ainua 29 ai n uT e . g '■ ellu »' Countdown proceedieg again verv 

i-^«jic.. v^rttrOA. * eu - i vO^jjving. mia is Kennedy ' 


1 - titer* Is a one ©robi** ♦ 

jwl«,«l«g back to the 12 ^rw pSwS lC '^°r, and avin « nJSbJI 9 U 
the spacecraft n0 v M d it 57? po8l ; ion> That's about 10 feet wv * 

in th« countdown Sam* m ****** tnere ur.tU the J!!f ? C * fr °* 
ai*,.« tw * , tlB * ncv the launch 5-minute mark 

*' t -.-,i3t i 3 ftbout tvi . u! * A "<i000 pound* of thrus* 

to the^acecraft chatty at thU p 0 fnt ' *f. Xt.teo 


Tise: CCT, 19 J 22 QMT 


k yc . 10,18 i8 Apollp Saturn Launch Control. We Just pa««?d 

the i>0 mnuU «ark ir. the countdown. T atnus .19 Hinutes, 55 second* and 
counting, Just completed vers aome checks of the C-band beacon, C-band 
beacon number I aboard the vehicle. Theee beacons are used ir. conjunction 
with ground radar for tracking. They can show speed acceleration and 
location of the vehicle during povered flight. C-band beacon number ? 
being dhecked out at this time. We have 2 nore holds coming up in the 
'.ountujwn. o ne M the T ainufi 15 ninute oark. That's liftoff adlua'awn* 
nol-J. -.oainally for 2 minutes. It can be modified slightly to givj 

us ber.t trajectory toward the orbiting Soyuz. We have a second hold 
cal«d n weather avoidance hold, T eiinus k ninute mark in the countdown, 
that * for five minutes 2- second*. We plan to fully use that hold at 
thifl Mr,., it could have been that ve could 30 early by not uain* that 
nnl-i if w. ; r=ad bad veather coxing in, but the weather seena to be ho] dim- 
ateudy r,* t»ua point. We have aof-ly sunny skies here, 85 iegree temp- 
*'r?xtur' , viii.i.i fr-.,s the southeast at 10 to 15 nilen per hour, and the 
went ncr nj.j.^rs to be hollir.g for a 3:50 launch Nov ? ninus 18 

ninute.*, <M : econds ani counting, this is Kennedy Launch Control. 


TUe: l'<:27 COT, 19:27 GtfF 


LCC This la Apollc Saturn Launch Control. W« are now 

at the 15 minute mrY., T Rinya X5 ainutea *nd holding. Hold Just an- 
nounced vlll be Uat for exactly 2 winutea so va'ro continuing to look 
for * 1:00 p.m. eastern daylight ties* liftoff. Aft ve come out of this 
hold, U.r .tpHcecrnft will go to full internal pover. Up t(v thja point 
Jfu U-*'ii L«*{ng supported by ground pover aa veil aa the fuel eella. A< 
appro* livtU'iy T minus 1 minute and IS oeconda in the count Slayton vlll 
trip n <■ .tif-'ie ot H-itches which will bring the spacecraft batterio.i online 
wh«'h t>u.-y will tor? used then in addition to the fuel celle as a backup. 
Vp'r*. a ».-•!»• tiry at this time chilldown of 'he aecond at age a tart tanks un.l 
thruyt cJi'ciU'rji. They will be receiving that super cold liquid hydrug-n 
bo it'n fi'-(j<j3uary to condition ther. for that. FT23 a cDmputer run to' 
en::urf guidance dht& has been properly received and the guidance 
oooputor has alao been run. Ve we holding r.ov at the T ninus 15 minute 
nerfc - »>.{■--' ct. bo picking up our count again shortly. T minus 15 
and holding. This is Kennedy Launch Control. 

Time: lht$\ CDT, 19 t n QM 


aenll.lly ready w thl, „|„t 1^ f '.^ vehlol « 

Kennedy tainch cjntrol! 13 ' U ' lutee «!»«• ThU U 

for 5 „l„ute„. ak.eooid. Sti^-^^m^.".'; Th * t,S 

i.,u«., r , In d lc .to^ j „d «ts r^^r:^ 6 a :iTt- to « vent 


Ai»W» (IMA) MC51/1 
Tfroc.- liiHY CDT, 19:17 GMT 
> ?/ 1 

L< * ; Thla is Apollo iiaturn Launch Control. We've juat 

pa.aed the aix minute mark in the countdown, Tor Stafford Just indicated 
that to tell the orbiting Soyu* ore* to get ready for hia, we'll be up 
there shortly. Stafford and the rest of the crev vili go on the Astro 
warn launch circuit at the ?-»i« y8 four minute urk. They'll be isolated 
to°?kin%nm^ intercom . yt t«. rney'li be able to listen 

to ofcip Sol fin, the test conductor - the spacecraft test conductor. 

, t B ? b *°\ vno 18 the astronaut coaaunicator here in the firing roo/r,. 
and Faul Donley, the launch operation* manager. At the T-minus five 
minute the awing ara - swing am nusber nine will come back to the 

Juily retraca position and it will regain in the fully retrack position 
...rough _tn* taunch period. The count iovr. has beer, proceeding sixthly E-ving ara camo back to the stand-by position a little bit late, Ve 
expect »t to .nove back to the fully retract position on schedule. Ap~ 
pr^acnJug the five minute r.ark in the countdown. Hark T-ainui» five 
rcinutee. T-ainua five ninutes continuing to count. We will have one 
Bore plumed hold period. That will ;oae at the T-r.inu« four minute mark, 
swing arn number nine nov coxing tack to the full retract position and 
* r via, remain, there until - through lift-off. T-r.inus four minutes, 

seconds and counting Everything going well. Let's listen to the 

rfF ' :p When "he pi at fern torque? 

ACIjR Roger. (Garble) torque {garble). 

$f 3ay again. 
ACv.R ■■ ■ (Garble) 

Let's wait until the torque's over. 

The torquing is conplete.' 
^ PKR °*&y. "o»i go ahead and aline the GDC to tri IKS. 

Al ' :?B I'll align the J*;c to the im. 

ff-jS ^5 LCT. 

l/? ' u ' e sr » approach ing that hold period now at the T- 

r;jr, U3 • ,yjr ninutes. M*rk T-ainus !. oinutea and holding. 
'"R Right on tine, 

rive minutes and 1>U seconds- - 
A< ;J R Oka;/. riDC is alined right nn. 

- - «"> Planned, we're at:. I looking for a lift -..>«" f 

T . 


S« <K (Garble) 

T . nlnue ^ niRutes, and in a planned hold, this is Kennedy Launch Conti 
A'-i-'H ■■ (Garble) ■ 

SIKR Very good. 

LC ' ; ThiB is Apollo Saturn Launch Control. We're T-r.inus 

Wee ninutes, 52 seconds and coon ing. Everything proceeding smoothly 
at this time. Launch operations manager Paul Donley checked in with 
tne crew on the astro conna launch circuit. Said "Apollo, this is the 
launch operations mnager. Toe, Deke and Vance, the launch t*am wants 
Z K .^ ov ' v ! 1 8aved th « *"t, till last. Good luck and God s'pted » 

^mMn^ r 1& ; ■ 6lRffOP4 8aiA ' ,trhank *™ ^ 80 th«ks for 

everything Count aovn continuing smoothly at this point. We'll be 

fe oing on the automatic* sequencer at the T-ninus threerninutea seven 

ASTP (USA) MC51/2 

Ti*e> 1^3? COT, 19 ;3Y <JMT 


aecond wk, We're approaching that time at this, point, Once v« get on 

wticaUy by the sequencer. Mark T-»inus 3 ainutee, 7 seconds and the 

launch sequence haa started. 

srxR Three atnutea and counting. 

, l Lf: ' : t «e«j-i*nca now «ust take place at the right tine 

iu,:i in xt,* Pr oper aoquenc, or it would U automatically cut off We would 
get *r, ..utoftHtie out off in the countdown. That did occur once on kZllo 17 
whore v.- h^i a cutoff at the T-«inu, 30 second nark . T-*Lu * 5 Sinuteo 
'»n.> ^-.rain* - T-minua ?. nlnutes , 1*5 seconds and counting. EvewthirY 

{ ^:'--J e ' liquid hydrogen ani liquid oxygen propellant. We'll be 
l>r..-,»r>, t ho« tanks at this point. They're pressurized to ensure I 
r ;!"'^e 'low of iueJ down to tre engines during the powered phase of fH*v . 
^• ; ;ec.'n.ut S ge j,0A tank has now been pressurized, and the first stage 
>ZL~l "M 1 * 9 ^* 8 " We should have y recurvation on all huM 

rl Joint' 0 "' W * i? th f, e "» nt dovn - We '™ approaching the 'J m'nute 

£ , p0i ? U /PP™ w "nR *^e two minute r.urk in our countdown. 
■''-cyiun\g 5 continuing to run s moot h 1a,*. 

Minus 3 minutes and counting. 


~l* a jfl. v w vww mnutes and counting. Vents are coming 

.i.-ed tan^s being pressurize. At i minute, 25 seconds we'll luok for 

a .econ-i ste«e fuel tank to be pressurised. We have a large status boa-d 
riere in tr.e tiring roca which shows these events aa thev are taking place 
i, "v,* ^V-*** " ov pressurized. T-ninus one minute, liO seconds. 

ax the .-ainus one minute, 15 second smrk in the countdown - - 
"■>F'tf« Minus 1:30. 


'. r." 

Astronaut Deke Slayton will put two (garble) in the 
apacecrMt to bring the spacecraft batteries online. These batteries wi U 
'. Wf Miea Metrical power and also are backup to the fuel cells. At 
me one minute mark the water will start pouring on to the flane deflector 
f ^ pad ani KX 50 3e " nda ve 'il set water on the nobile launcj.^r 

<i«H*it ... se »f. Deke now has brought those batteries online. T- ffi inu& one ninute 
ins * &ctlon P««*oraed by the crew will te at T-rtinus fcf, 

* ; - T * Mi nus 1 minute. 

. , L ' ' - - 'id at that time, Tor. Stafford win make a final 

pr.iidFir:;--.- Uisiement . T-i. J nus 55 flftconda - - 
Ji'i'R Minus I minute. 

; (Garble) cona off and increase your VHF. 

A3TP (U3A) MC52A 

Ti«*( H ; J,9 OPT, OOsOl OCT 

P"w«r •nortly. AH i;"^^ - ^!.!! J? i!J n « ! vlt ? h,d t<? lnl "«* 
internal power. Stafford reporU he Ja^S 9 \?\l* re ■""•M"* to 
•tag* 8dcond 6t w4 ln H^ t h ^JJ ■ th. final (J DC al iM *. Flm 

the 30- 8<? cor.d wrk lr. our countdown v.t^V f nternal P^er. Approaching 
nov co»:ng onto the deck ofu£ »Jji! ^ ^"V 1 * 0 ««• deflector, 
emoothly. We'll get a gJ,Uce Please a^hTl'- ^J 1 *'* Proofing 
engines vill actually start l^litl he if <ec ^ »ark. Hi« 

the countdown. w.*X ^fao^? ^"u'lr 8 " J' 1 Me0Bd - U 
ligftt on, 10, 9, 8, ?, 6, 5 l/ \ . . , bu * ldB U P« En «i'-* readv 
commit. We have a lift-off! Ill en^inL ^^7^ 3t&rt » >• °' 
out, clear the '.over. engines ^l^ng up thrust, .-Moving- 

ACDR Bcgerj U)Wer cleR1 , i 

right on the ^ *° U ** «° o1 thr ™t ^ all engirt. 

Roger, I got roll -crograa starts >,,. f v 
^;" h Roger, To«. e started, but not auch. 

3if«- A '^ R w r . <t Nov fl J"' e goes in Pitch program,. « '^li. 

CC-H okay. 

to the proper rou. I^t^rf^^ * > 

C J P lrt y seconda and we're on the way 

>A-; H ^ f-*" Poking re^ftie, 

ACDR Roger! ? '^r. ' of the beach . ; 

rar.«ef A °. Ap ° U ° nov 3 * U * fl ^ altitude. ; ' One /aile dovn ' ' ' ' 


Stand by for aod* 1 bravo. MARK. 1 bravo 
One brave, two g's. r °' 


£ \ cabir ' Pressure's cosing dovn. 

vv "~" Soger. 

«» W» cf ^xi^^;:,.^ 1 ^^ »f*P**i«. Coning up on 
V-AX everything's B till looUng g"od' * " 8tU1 * Ve ' re thfo ^ 

^-h (Garble) on your vay. 

f One minute, 30 second* • < . . 

nilea sennas, etUx xOCAir.g good. 8ix 


CC ~ H Ro^er, 

Acf* ^; 0) Ve hav * - W «CS-A iignt on. 

^°6 e r- x oharJie, Dick. 

AST? <U8A) MC52/8 

Tiner }k-.U9 CDT, OOiOl GET 


CC^H That's affiro. 

ACDR Three ar.d ft half, 

r?°« i" 4 f Bt,> yr *? k «« ttln * • eut «» naging. Go for staging 

CC-H Houston, you're go for staging. 

3P ™ AU right. Oo for staging, 

PA0 v * hwe a report that ve are losing suae data 

here in the control center, ° 
ACDR (Garble) 

PA0 v «'ve lost data froe the ccrauand nodule computer. 

That trajectory still looking good. »P^cr. 

4 'C-H Roger, ?oa. . 

ACDR OXa/, aM the light is out on the bB. 

CC-H . Roger, 
A<'DR. We got acceleration. 

-H Roger. 

Cv '" H . Apollo, Houston. We've had a PiJ - PU shift and !a up 0n SIVBf loeklng real flne . Right Qa ^ 

ACDR R. gar, Dick. 

w PA0 Cap c <» Dick Truly, advising the crev that every- 

thing locks good on the Saturn second stage, 
, ACDR (Garble) there she goes. 

CC " H Poger. Tcver (garble) and your raode - - 

?A0 A" 4 the launch tover no longer needed. Tover haa 

■ ceen. Jettisoned as planned. ■ 

ACrR 0Xa 4'» v «" got the atean inning (garble). 

ACDR Guidance is initiated. 

CC-H Roger. Concur . ' 

PA0 50 ailes in altitude r.ov, 80 niles dcvn 

^■.nuance looks very good at this point. The coamand aodule computer data 
is mt trait tout now and everything looks good. 3 ainutes, 30 seconds 
nov, lO^niies dovn, f.o niles in altitude. 

3 ; 30 cr.l^ard, trajectory looks g^od, Dick, 
: "' { ^ c 'ger, 7on. Concur, you're looking real cood. 

ACM Roger. 

An< *, be advised ve have been dropping out CMC 

aata a little bit here on the ground but the CMC i* go; you'r? doing 

f i ne . . ■ 

ACDR I underofcand. ' 

*' A0 Booster says everything's going very well. A velocity 

budding up to 9,000 feet per sec-end nov, About 30 percent of that " 
required for oiniEun orbit. 

AC ; DR Caution werning on SM RC8-A any rsore, 

CC " H Roger, Vanoe. I copied that. Thank you. 

CC-K Apollo, Houston. Costing up on fa 1/2 ninutea. You're 

<;> anc, Vance, ve think that vae that a package temp that vm low H's 
cc-Eii.g up vithin to le ranne nov and you're looking fine. 


7A5/75 U!l<9 m ' 00101 ° W 

S j£ r « —l^tio. *nd looking f0oa , Mck . 

■U« m altitude. ^^t hl T ^ *»n«wge, 76 

*av* gout 5 »inuUa ro£iS ItlliTZrlTn ^ ™ * 

^'"SV 0 "* beaUtl ^ •i«ht«r #B ' °° k8 800d onWd . Dick. And 

ACDR i iah T X could 

oot * beautVfu, 'f^l? J J e %^ ««» vaiting i6 
,^ J 1 *>*lieve it. 

™> ll'lU V* 1 ^'* «U of that, 

trajectory very g0 od. U a ^ U ^« ^. ^0 miles dwnrw^, 

w\ 5:30 onboard tr&i ec ^*v lv>v- *■ x > 

FAC 5 minutes ^ J? i U - re rlsht on th * «B«y. 

•"ting another statu, ^ l\ **£ a "froo*^ Dlr * Ct ^ P <*« 
6wod ' / ., " 15 And everything looking 

you're™ AJW11 °' Houst ^ You're right on at 6 Blrut „ 

launch Chicle continui^T^ ck HT** J""*" 1 "* in thli burn. The 
-Pidly. Thirteen thcJini 0 ^^^; ™ *»* speed 
£?; h Okay, reke. Thank ^ou CU "* Rt ^"i*. 

" UP °" 7 Wt;;: "X. ve look just 

vt-'r*'**'! ■ w A? 01 ^. Houston. It'g ? «<-..♦-- VA , 

A^CT ,Qina y t0 V8tCh the glcb<ii "otiri." y " ** Md 

MARK a. RCger * 3tarti "S the ginbai notors. Pitch 1 on. 

7p~ p That's a good one. 

y * v 1 on. MARK it. 
ThAt , 9 a 

■ACtffi ■ ■■ ■ ■ ~. ■ • 

the trLI are *reat H ° USt ° n ' You « ot good ginfcal amore and 

S flM ' ^ 3T«» Houston. 

*ur f ood .t^^ 1 ^ -ev they got 

-like a PU shift, Houston. 

A£i7P (USA) MC52A 

CW. 00:01 GET 

C?"" Ro "*'' Tom. 

PAO v>.» a., V nir, 6 lock* gi ->o4 onboard 

on a j.,„ r . 30 <t; . -j^S-^^.^. 8 °oa. 5 W1 

ACDR r> * 

CC-H p minutes, Apollo's go. 


AJ Predicted "u* - ' v , 

CC ~H Nov ve'r. a *° Ul 2,0 3 ^nd 8 . 

re ..reacting a guided cut off « 9 plus 

ACDR for =» de 3 alpha. 

MARX. 3 alpha. 
Roger. 3 alpha. 

CC-H ? */ shut dovn. 



USA Flicko. 

:;?: h Roger. 

A . r ? v *' re right in there, 
in there. 

n! 18 her r 

Okay VI2,6, 9 . S 8t0p nlmje , § 

*3.1. re "«r«U^ to the eo»put«r ir. an 89. k by 

no* ' >-<kay, thanks , Vance win 

'JSA (Russian) * 11 Che< * U owaelf. 

Time i \kik9 COT, 00>Ol GET 

C3-H Main safety »y B ter a8 ^e, 9*f e j wa you »j. ? iR 

ACCB flower. Ami it does lucH up here. 

ft go orMt. 
■■■■■■ ACOR' 

to hail'ws fro- R«^! 10 ' K °^°?' ln * bout 30""««K going 
viiF in Xewfouriaiand™ *° W * U ^ * ^ U 9* 

ACDS ■■ ■ Roi?«r. ■ 
WA Okay.: 

I'm nof,ur« . garble 0 ' V§ y ° U B * U 

,, 1 , ts;j ;? - "' i - ° orr y y^'re 8*1*8 tc have t , say again 

IlfiU bus barbie) off of ».he Batt bus ii e i'„ 
3 -* U ,.r 1 2 v ' ::e; a * Jfl * «r«rage. CcuH you pays cor,f ire (garble). 
fV „ , , 4l fc-Ber, ivke. You're ckay. I'ba; w-.perage frca 

rill- ^' r \f J f' n the \ awn « ^e bottoc of the lis., vhen you get the 
fue, ocil react anee valve to noma! that'll ^ avay. 

v ' ; "'- . Roger. 

C '^H No probleta. 

^W^° - i • ■■■ 7h i a 18 Apc,llc Got*" 1 ; »t 12 ai nut e 8 . ■; Everv thing ' 
,00*, g g ;J0 ,i nere «. the ground, a norma; orbit Insertion. T* e * boo»?er 
eng^r he in Mission Control at Houston rc ^rt» »ha* he boost*- 
doing all tne things that it should) , in not in^t cl ^5 ^^- 
; hing very good. A good burn en ,oth first and second .t£« 

trie oaturn and a very ncraal launch sequence. »<-*g«* or 

CC-K Ahd Apollo, 'Hour u:r,. H""V ,V> v *«i r*** '«.- : ^„ was- " 

through Newfoundland, ' " read * e ori ,nr 

ACDR Fine thus far, DU'k. 

CC " H 0k& y- got yn,; for about another 31 ali,ute«. 

A3 TP <^A> 

for ♦ w h l*ur.,-b towrtioft «*Au ., . *mi rv»rjrW>4y W ' 

all th* v«y wound, to ^ i . e /'? r ft ^ t ? ? ' L os 

~, «, range o- tut *«*f*unaun* irKcMn. mtU*. V*' U 

, n marfi in * little under 5 *U.*o, for a .rort ?M J. Jw .*J.' U ' 
v«, , *t„ure «h.r., though Madrid Art*V r 

i f.ruon ^ good b»i-r. on both the 3»'-urft U\ and ?nd *t*g«, >n 

tc w ,icr -o;uro: -3 th»t. the crfcJt vae very to **» h £*; 

'"i-AO And v. hav* ^uistiion of eigftai trough Madrid. 

TM* vill V* a very abort pM» - - 

4-K - - through Ke-afld, He* 4> you read? 

A COh Lov4 *r.4 «*w, Die*. 

... u Bogtr. Ht%d you the • ThiB la a 

wJl v«' e not sure exactly hov tor* U'» going t: lu«t, 
i';,'-;!': t * aJ ri uU. A.;i AMA U going to co»« ur ^ 

;';;, r And Cy ««• tr^ C<«iwr win+uvering to t»e 

....roirra^e ,cc»l horiwnt*! »Uitui«. ThU m^uver ac.onp.i.he. with 

V^I) 0" tape 

v «Ve h t <i i 0jla tt „, ** u Apollo Cofairo" ■»■» 
">rv ex-tea th W i * Job *«r*a«,:y v^rj^' 4 ^? '-'"ton. 

W**V» t....» * *V'4iU like * " -•»■! • ^w. 

w . fo »- ?.turn I*!*' ^S:.^ " like »m! ?*T! et 

you can ,aKVv?t, you t'e " Ie "^ » ^L^T" Most 0f 

KND OF •VJ'E Apollo-- 001 to. you all. 

'■'**tn* up ft^ui^f! 1 !! J? Control « *i 

«» *«A Hir.rnf?^ \^* n \""ll*> Apollo r.ov 

c " l *»«. w « xj " ct - of Australia *1 iV.'lT? * if *^> 

cr * w «• 'cUmetrv iri^.Ti VWK ^ick. Truly vm * I. tn * A "IA durin* 

th* butvj- -■■» *»T ri,n Ply bt pursed n »**u* bubble - the 

, -< 4 &t» in act. v „ ,„ > "**or« that bc-JuI* j« ,, e ,.4 

a -•^..j. • iw htv * * ^i*, bubble i^^r' if 


We « i J 

••o-aaunicatior^ .h-,,. 1 ? 1 * id A P<>ilo Control V. I-.* 
bo -»■■•]•» s » , **>rough the Van*,-,.* * *' ^ e hadl very poor 

up tft v^guard . . 6 ^ 4<trd ' or rather through thl% Ai 

to&rbjtf) ■ . . ... ... 


», . u , 2 j: 

nov, but 

' : ~ H Roger. Ur«iemiwi" 


ASTF (V;5A) KJ57/1 

Tis#! 16:02, COT 01 t 12 PET 

PA0 Toe Stafford reporting that spacecraft U in attitude 

and ready to do transposition and docking - heading us to believe that 
the Apollo aa« separated a little bit early from the 3UB and ta In po- 
sition now having turned around 180 degree* to »ov* in and dock vith 
the docking module. And exact the docking oodule froa the 8l»B Saturn 
eeccnd stage , 

ACDv* We're off the (garble). 

ACf>H The panel is really going away. 

CC-H ■ Roger, Tom. 

CC " H Apollo, Houiton, One cleunup on the switches on panel 3. 

S buna AUX TV, ve need to OFF, 


tt- h Okay, thanke Deke, and also we've lost a telenet ry 

parwaoter on 02 tank i quantity. If you could read - give u» an onboard 
readout, we'd appreciate it. 

■PW' Stand by one, 

Okay, no hurry, 

A * i!h 3 i<*» got a prob^w. It'f eo bright in that back- 

ground I can't see my COAS. 

CC--H ■ Roger, copy. ■ 

"'^ Stafford reporting that he's havir. t - <pysjrt difficulty 
seeing the docking target through the optical aline eight, Thie 
is used in lining up the coer.and nodule for docking vith the dockirg 
aodule. Stafford reported that the background i» a little too bright. 

Apollc, Houeton. We're about 30 second* frors LOS. 
I'll give you a call - real uhort pass at Roauan at 6 - a* 1 plue 38, 

kCl ' H And 1 finally got the COAS back in finally. 

i-'<;- : i Roger, Too. 

f A This is Apollo Control at one hour 19 minutes and 

we're rearing lose cf signal now through the trackir.g ehip Vanguard. 
Tor, Stnrford ,;ave as one brief report that he appeared tc have the 
crow optical aline eight operating properly. And I expect that the 
crow vi 1 i. be preceding now vith the docking and extraction of the docking 
.nodule. At this time we've ready to awitch to the Kennedy Space Center, 
for the poet launch press conference. Thie ia Apollo Control at one hour 
.19 nlr.u'.ea. ' 


AS7V (UUA) MC f .a/i 

Time i Off 01 i 36 m 


' Yl ' ' Yht s ^ Apollo Control One canute « one hour, 36 

wnuii'.* into the flight of Apollo. How in an orolt assuring 92^ fcy 
vj.i*! nil**. w«»« expecting Acquisition of Apollo thruugh tin- 
HojftMn .-taiiin. We're alerting to get ggme data through Ro»»»n. We'll 

W " H . Apollo, iiouctoft at Msswi for « real ahort 

al-ojt vnt? rd.-.ute. How do you retd? 

w * w Roger. Sot a good hard dock, H look* real lined tip 

and Ail the latches are good. 

c ' :< *y. Super, Toa. Thlo r**« i» real short so i W '; 
r-;g yo>, aw. vhere are two or three thing* that w« wanted to get fro« you 
*iKft tne rM' d«U<, an* the AHS delta V rrjui?*, but I cau pick then up At 
New fovu.oi »,;<,, and that's coming up at about hour and h?. mtnuiee, 

0kav - Cver. We're kirs-3 .if busy. We'll pick it up 


C'.."-K . Okay. No probies. 

. . * <MV Couple of quickies you cki Icok at DUX. We're running »u:t temp here - a little over 7- degree* and aUo the glycol ev»p on 
the tM.<-on<iA.ry loop is off t?*;* high. Should fce -below £-0, 
\ , Okay, I>eke. We don't have, daea here but ve will' fee ■ 

.attain* *t tnoae. I've got a couple of parairetere ■ I 'a gonna need a • 
readout .'i, frc-« you aiso, 

:*w OkAy. . 

vt-'*H See yA'U leter. 

lMP Let «* • * can give you the >2 data here if you've ,i 

time v .» copy H. . ! * 

( ' : ' : ' n ' >»Vrt 80ir»6 over the hill, Oeke. Ut me get it later. 

. Okay.. 1 

:, ' : " H Apollo, Roue ton. Newfoundland for six minutes. 

'-'CP Copy. 

Hi«-5 in the launch checklist connecting - Var.ce i* 

V-t\hf:;>, icfc the ur.bilicald. 

<VMi Roger . Tom, how do you read 

Af'DH Clear. : 

' er * l! ■.■Okay* £e advUedj, we're-going to be sending -one: of 

,*ur ..nsfpL.nal .aotvaanAa here to the booster to ei.abie the extract! on < maneuver 
:u >.v »r per «.he nominal flight. ...plan. ' 

Your ' protectory people - ve each had a panel - Deke arid 
I -a irfiil down be lev us and out in front .of ua {garble). ■ 

. CC ~ H . . Apollo, Kouat or*. Tom, you're fading. in and out and ■ ■ 
i a. only getting about half of your conversation. 
. 'A f " ! PP : i'll.c&ll j'ou in a minute. 

■ Okay.;' 

A ' JDS Houston, right now in the aiddle of this checklist 

Deke;r. pover's off. Hie cows power's off, but aleo it looks like Vance's 
neadsct went out, but we'll call you on that later, over, 

<"'->K Okay, Too. Copy. And 7cm, that transnlasion I 

ticarvi loud and clear. 

ACP-H Okay. : 

; ' C "' ; Apollo, Houston. We still have about three minutes 

here in Nwro^d)^,, j,« „ , , 

T;;; 489 ; * vuch <* ^2*$ u throu * h «»• tun,, 

~"*un4 putl, " or 3 «J IL T * C0Ui>i « of W P » 1 ^ ° M 
VP"«Ute it. * 4 ^ c *« «•* «. tvo q^T^^j^V^^ 

Cc-K p lcH ' r* available. 

■ W»"P OF TAPt 

(USA) MC59/1 
Tittfi 16:^) OPT, OltkC pyf 

Ui* t«*"er»ture. " " ^ U '* ™" M *° v * ft *** ^ h«liua 

th * thini *ppiue xo th*t one. 

ApoUo, Houston. Madrid for )j minutes. 

■U -r^t.lM that they^ri^eat^ Hit T %h 

but v, tMnk H'U b* toil* tin? ' " f< "* * llm * v " iUt * 

?**y OB i«U* V Wat v* 3 ferret. 
;,;? H That w «8 mnua 10.5 PH*. 

result* down at the Van*.!...* *V \ ? n, " ng lfl * *W aop.parlson 
hour, *»d K !XJlL£ T V** Vwi,Wt,p4 " ^ 

-ctiv.tion u«u tomorrow. Z relJ U V h * reM 

tio„s ih, t w, vent in . vtnl thresh on -he £ « V fc w * vitch ««^PuU- 

nave the evonJrur tn tM„> , ' . tonorrov we'll 

J,;-"" 14 J'» W it' 3 no probiea. 


m hatch U bH2k i> Jp ,, Mrn h * V lJ he i! a ? illeal * C0Bn «tea to the 

CV-Ji" , 4 f; ^* in ' Ard al1 inches vere good. 

u * a y> Vance. TTianX you. 

We'll'";; you n , ^RlX U ^Irof ' , W * ,r " aW a <V« I/.'S. 

here ^ c ^ SlS" L vou W T V "" n /* * 0t 4 " « 0t 8 

soro fl. ' * K you hW Vanc * «■* iwth liking ♦.»,« 

?W Just super, man - you Just can't believe It 

really *reat. ^ * &V ° rltl& eVery * Vent U P h ^e, Dick. If, 

C<M< sound- like fun. Wish I v ft8 there, 

^y,, y ou fet. So do we. 

Veil. you one thing la these TV w<rM d on't 

AfcT/' {(A/A) MJ59/2 

Times i6: j6 COT, PHF 

vuA beturin Zero 0 then- , 

Cc ~ h (Umttr) Roger, 

WO ;0? TAPK 


m«u of ^iig^J i'hJK L S ^ W • 1 hou ' ^ into 

««t voic, MfitMt vith Apono till It t " tlatM « **» ^ux^. <^ r 
Jfr, .ugh ^ aircraft ovtr \b. Inl JJ Wro. wt.i, 31 *J U , M 

•W Uu-i.*, ver* locked solidly »N ' \ fN sporting that 
,f in « *f Erection via T'u L*!?* h f ? M " h 
>i* |>m« «bcv* lh« ASIA aircraft ,*! to pUe« 4 win* 

Hcccrdtng to che W « aution contLt 3 " in,,t ^ Mquimion 


Time: H;15 Cfn' 02i25 PET 

l»AO ThU I* Apollo Control, 2 hovr* nut e:* the 

flight of Apollo, 9 haura 55 ainuUs since Goyu* l*-*Y t :ht«i this tcrr-in*. 
Arisi v* 1 r«i lose thftrt a minute AV»y froa acquisition throjgh An Hirer Aft, 
* r«l*y aircraft over the laiitun Cce&n. An* further ccsaaunlcAti:^* 
with the Apollo sp«c»cr»rt . Soayf heart r*t«§ for the Apollo ore* ivrtng 
UtmeY*, Stafford * High of Aivi a U'v of 55. Cowaa,.! so-1*jU 
pU=it \wa'» Brt/ri h«d u high of Ilk ml a lo* of 00. 3ucl<la« «o4uW 
ptiut t x e*e $ iky ton had a high of 123, &rt<i a lov k( (-0, W* #hovil4 have 
acquis U i on i*:m*ntarily for the next 5 alnu.ea thrv-jgh the relay 
* Standing fcy. 

Cc-H Ape Ho, HousU-Ji through ASIA. Soy io you refc-i t 

■ USA ■ ■ ■■. ■ (garble) * 

. PAO : . Rcger . " M»in the e<a«'&*r*. if ''pretty >wr »•.»*> ve're 

■Ju,*t ' *w4t.«g ty . 

CC*H ' ; Apollo, Houa ton . We're SO seconds (ton Aft* A. 

Y&riguar-? at I 5 p-iu* ^3. 
END >>? TAPS':- 


<V<,« r-^uUUJon through trleMn* Tm"? *I In4 ! w Cc «»- ^ur sinytoa 
=f<«'«« of ttltt Vrllfinl vith r! M first Apollo 

'"•■y to the shift h*n<iov« " ^ ^£^Xi? M !, Cf ? l,r ' v « •« 
n»*t 3 minutes for the «eoui» fi^ \v U1 th « oireult for the 

cc-h At>4i! ti««, Apollo Control? 

Apoll*. Houston, toy Jul I ^n,? th * n * f «<»e*My - - 

: ' B 9t *^^ to copy. 

^ °f s » WW 0172 3590. And v *. 
thv . ri £ t *"< «ood. An* Pn M ,umng U.*t v« V ' 

7n*t'a nffireativ©.- 

:. V ' W5 . '0*fiy, Great. 

Tine: 17 f JJt/ CfT, Oi»;'»5 

\" r Ajk»U», Hou^o, V* «r ai.ou«, Kittle fr jn 

W'o. r*>!4»\4ne cuni up at ? \ t^yte. f.e you thtr^ 

ACOH Okay, 

. 0 „ ™« 13 Ap°Us Cajuvl. [>5i4 o? aignta throw* 

'.rftcmfuj enip /«i*ui»r4 in the Souih ,:«t«; *>..Ui' u *. ;i tt , st aUer 
pK-k ^ ApoUo vUi be tmckiag *unu«: in > >W «*» ,.«ar J*r.*t W , 

' he ^*v« .Q*Mrt f . Aieo^ airt^Xf overbid of CoWfiwiV 
^ Ma v* ew't. P4r41y f *.t *>re »fcrftt«hV ur> xhto ih«M "■*« ; ■■■■ 

;: <4Ye f ,V0 le l»«r*«w r - h ** **chang«i ' m v**n tn* director ,,f -wUr* 

fr " i,J<u c ; ,JSS « Academy ,f Science* Aca4e*ieia» V, 4. KriW.iiSc) 
v.4 -,, ;tJ r H etcher, the AiMnUinucr USA. V 4 ^ 

^T^t? T, F , UtCh r re*, a* fell**.: ^n*r»Umionn 

f f vUhest* evww*. Uenov. and m^v W behalf <>f ' &l i o f NASA : ' 

-tfUvr** (row kretelnttovi?* v. F;*ie: : , t r ,a^ *, folia*.: j„ . he r> * a * 0 »* 
;" e of Science* ve <*.»grafJ are v.,-, cn «h* auj^sfui 

.^cft of U^.8^cter«n Ap*Hc.«rtf vhc betjUine" ot. the ; ASTP Y lighiv ^ 
H*f^ot/uUy. A<?»4e*icUii V, A.* ' Fm^iiUkovi?) Aotin* Pft»*iti*nV; : .?^aB 
A.;»dt<ny of scitncM. Avari*nici ar. isM Pe-trcv ar i evei/on* *t tK« 
;Ill¥r ' :i>t ^ Council Join a« if. thi« a^Ur^nt. Voa StafforJ <iurin« this 
cve»- vanjwijM reports that t».ey K«i a r.^lnal extracMoM of the 

: ;^ c **; rH ' x ^^-^ »^«r ?ar.el »e^m«i. lS,i * turnaround - 
•loc*«/ with the « •vccMsfuily Kn/Jjocaed > all latch*-. Rated. Art as 
repor^i aver Yan^uar*. ih*. ^«Xin« «»duJ* v*a mWctfe-ji fVo»' : ii» ■ hte«. r ' •'.^«^ 
.i«ve .y repeat- 0h „ r n tr not! fCoMiort , we're «eU%at elit.ft 7:V» p. a. ('.v r 
'7 ' •* • h « 1 «* :;f »^ir, briefing Jr. the t «sc aA;n avlltor?.^, v' th the 

^•• 5 ^ 1 ^ ^.u by ej.J r A utic*l oile vith orV.ia.1 ^rivi of 8 T ai.ut^ 

; 1y f*- v,;Kl *« 25 .^v feet per Mo^r.a. We'iJ return in 

*rt:rl**n f ^ ^W«ow., ,ftu.;» Af^Uo. (vatroi, '?» hour.,51 : »ainut« ; v" 
ftjtei Apoiic iaurich. 

>jip: or tape 

Time: 17=50 CDT 03:00 PET 
Date: 7/ 15/75 

FA0 This is Apollo Control 2 hours 59 minutes as you 

tf ere i^ours into the fli** of Apollo And ^uis on in a,ou JO 
second through track in, ^.on^oldsto.e mMimm 

£2fiS •^iTtcS.^TtSicn >«t - -X^^r " 

Newfoundland. And ve'il stay up across Ooldewne , ..e-r.o-nuan 

Madrid Thid is Apollo Control standing toy. 
ar* Madrid. £ Hou6tcn , 0old9 tone for 5 ninutee. 

ArnR We've Maneuvered to ACM for the nominal latitude. 

Okav! ?oa and if you'll give us ACCEPT , we'll give 
you a Sd atate vector'/and I've got a preliminary ACM F ad vhen you're 
realy to copy. ^ vou . ve g* ACCEPT, Mck. Go ahead. 

I Okay, "and I understand you are ready to copy *.he 

■ preliminary ■ pad , Ton. 

Give us about 10 seconds. , r . ...i..,. 

Sc-S Oh, Okay, tell r.e vhen you're ready. No hurry. *e 

g.-.> about 5 mir.utea here. 

A r r .r- Okay, we're ready. ^ QV ^ lys 0 ]8 

pJSS^ -,^; -Weight: 

3 ? S79. Trin. plus 080 nanus 0?; %^ us 0l8i plll9 Ml balls, plus 

O00P.\™, 1,3, OOl. oS.S, Ji f "8.W pfleh Mae plus 080, Yav 

..trim minus 050, ovt ' r - , od readback , and you'll 

CC _H * »f flf>Ua' VC tail OFF is' not 1^, ttkd'thal'e because 

notice on there th at the de a ^ burn there was Just no 

^^l^t H Ti>**« -i that 

correct.^ Okay, see g^*^^ , eur upUn * l8 complete, ycu cea. 
g.- back to block. Thank you nuch. 

Houatohwe-re 30 seconds I'll 
Rl ve a call in Newfound* *>* at 3 plus 12 tee you. there, 
Si A , n , R - Rcger, 3 plus 12. Thank you. 


ASTP (USA) MC65/1 

Time: 18:00 CDT, 03:10 PET 


CC-.-: AfoIIc, KoustDn. N'ewf jundland for 6 minutes. 


CC-H /ind Apollo be advised, ve do not have an update for 

the backup GDC aline pad and the star acqusiticn pad today. And also, : 
if you - I've got s one different high gain angleu if ycu have maneuvered 
to the preliminary pad attitude for ACM . " • * 

ACDF Okay. Dick. Go ahead . 

CC-M Okay, these are good for the - the attitude for the 

preliminary pad pitch minus ?8, yav lhl . 

ACbh v Viiz'n ninus 76, yaw laT. 

CC-H Roger and naturally I 'a talking to ycu on - VHF in 

Newfoundland and we'll - I'll talk to you on S band when we get locked up 

ACDR Okay, I'll maneuver to that new attitude. 

. :■. CC-H .Okay. " 

EWlr For your information, Dick, when we powered up .that 

wc- ijot 'x horrendous background noise ar.d it <jeeri3 to stay there. 

CC-H Rc^er, Deke. 

DMP Oka;/, Houston, how do you read through ATS? 

CC-H I'a clear, Deke. How me? 

DM? Cleared up the noise. It's amazing. 

CC-H How about that? 

CC-H We're getting an echo from you and - but we surely 

,• it rid or all that bae" ground noise since you cane . on trie air. 

CC-H Incidentally Deke, I remember from one of the teats 

that we iid down at the Cape when Cripp was down there that he had the 
same - sane thing, wh*f» locking up he had a tremendous loud noise but. 
as soon as we got a good lock it went away. 

EW? That's exactly what it is. 

CC-H ' Okay. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston, When you do this upcoming F5?, 

here, yxsx in the event piflfc-a-pelr didn't work for this attitude, ve 
think stars 2.2 and ^5 will work. 

astp (usa) Mission mc667i 

Time: • 18:10 CDT 03-19 PET 

ACDR ■ i P °i 10 ' H ° Uston - H ^ Jo you read? 

CC-S ^ y °l J 5 ^ Dick - ,o you rea4 us. 

said you'd called, ^ Ydli^^" ?t ^7 t0 °' Tech 
a problem or not. I did V &8ri * SUre vhet ^r ve h*d 

»• »«™ -S? sr!Mu you d ° >«• 

ok & * ( 

a nJifL.s a,o. f ° Und 4 9UFSr F1 ° rida flying arour.d here 

oxperl'moJt to do vith^if ^ 0kH ''" 7 ° U ° 0Uld thlnk of a r ^ 

■•'^-K Okiy. " ' " f " 3 hl ° ° Ur flsh - 

the ,s F ,i *, &^a y .! 8 ^r llB,,,Mr ped vsu lc 

I'» aol sure »helh e r T w"^ a /'?. t .*^ e '". h * V * 6 f ' n!Ll pli • ""1 

»• «» « „^ L^f ^ J^* P- " V,. to you or not. 

in tnf f„ Futer in °^J' d J^l"Z 1°*^' one 
£™< No rush (Garble) 

to c»U vou/l-r v,^ Al , lose *cv n voice. In case I nerd 

couple or throe 1 ;,^^^: C o^ fi V ^ n e J??** %f h ? ^ * 
ouring the burn. 1 11 " v * 11 h * V9 fWtd voice 

ACDR Oka;.-. 

C, '" !i Okay, See you later. 


/vw (ij: a) wu;(f\ 

'VIimi: |« : ao CUT, Oi:29 l'LT 

the central African Lntin n^and v " ? \ , Ap0ll ° S P— ft nov over 
tracking station at Madr d \St S LtL ° f Signal throu «* the 

Apollo range i „s trusted ai rcrSt £ove- n ^ ^ SirCraft ' 

•-"2?— * *~s&ssz, r:;~„r£t: - 

M - {Garble) * 

■ ' ACDR ■■■■ ■ ' Okay. 

ACDR Okay. Pitch 1 ON 

.. " Apoilo, Houston, 

moturs furi good trans 

*™ Rr.g. sa*e here. 

,,,;'„ Poking good. We're al' 

f - c - JI Greet. 

Mark it. {Garble) tfark it. 
We had - v e have four good «itbal 

3 ft 


7/15/75 ^' 03:3 9 P^T 

USA , . 

CMp w*rble) 

CC-il are yoy 

«*y no.. I'fl vith you V.nce^ 0 V V"* 1 "* your ^ 

CMi' ' 60 fi head - ve r. . , 11,1 

roadie mlr5Uf| . Our resld^i,, . " g at th « 

it : l ^; a ^ the burr : ----Pius «... zero . ^ s 

fcl »^ v Q3 30rt o: <9y vo ve .; fi • 

PA0 Ckay, ' 8:1(3 A ^1 give 

Wi 2 *M 3r , _ Q eo ta P e recorder T ■ rd * d h ***e on ♦ les 
^>Uo o4i- neWf!r ' w hlch ridl a Ju3 f dieted vaTthvV r ? Und 
burn ven, 0 ;r ar0Und 93 ^uticL ' f!^^ 6 ^tly^^* Io <Jrcu- 

;f=«.S3 U«» M beer. ur.f 3U „ a °- "f °rtit „ 0 „. ftj"' 1 ?/"* 

AST? (USA) MC69/1 

Time: . 18:U0 COT, 03:50 PET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. We've completed the VTR dump and 

wf'f: hw:A up here for the ATS again for about the next 10 minutes. 
LM.' Ckny. 

fX.'-ll Apollo, Houston. We've completed the VTR 

(lump, we can po ahead and get the VTR power switch - Just that ono. switch • 
on panel hOO to OFF. 

MP It is power to., OFF. . 

CC-H Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse rr.e, Dek.e . Do not do that . 

We're still, rewinding the tape recorder, 

CC-H Apollc, Hour ton. Incidentally, I've got some high- 

gain angles fcr you. For the next ATS pass that comes up either - you 
can write either in the rendezvous book or the flight plan at about it 
hours and u2 minutes. 

ACDR Go ahead. 

CC-H OX ay, Tors. The pitch is minus 66 and the yaw is 078. 

ACDR Roger. Minus 66 and 076. 

CC-H Roger. And be advised the VTR TV was real good. Just 

a reminder, don't forget that when you takir.g that with inner lever switch 
ON your hot - your intercom is getting put on the video. 

AODH Rcger. 

Cfii' Hope it wasn't too bad. 

CC-H Nc , it was colorful. No' problem. 

ACDR Did you get the TV on IT St?'., Dick? Over. 

CC-H Yea. that was it, Tot.. It was. We got some - some 

on - orbit TV before you switched the camera and then wo watched the TD&E. 
It looked like a spectacular shot as you backed out of there. 

ACDR Sounds great. 


m 5 e ; 75 l8:52 ^ Ol* :02 PET 

«S 6 satellite. Se« f^™ 1 : T -°" of signal th 

station Havaii. Mea.whi le ue'-e st n/ ft™*" ViU be backing 8 
In the JSC aain auditorium for aroin l y TZT* <* "hfft b 

Director Pete Frank and the Join ni\v n< ♦ " ^"stt with Flig-- 
; «acov Control Center on this shi* K» , D1 T r f ctor vh ° "orks vith -he 
the Hawaii pa39 ln , J is Bh ^' Littleton. We'll retake 

"•09 Apollo ground elapsed ti.L . yC * CK ' ™ 3 Apollo Control at 


AS'fP (USA) MC71/1 

Time: 19:02 CDT, 0U:12 pet 



lapsed «... Pligh™^^;t2 o s^• c ^is l vl n ^ 1 ,, ho r 21 minutes 

a fev minutes ahead of his earlW \JT . , arrlve at the auditoriun 
leave nov, bringlng ^ Preparing to - 

were - Fran* Littleton. We're eeti^iS £m * te " &S you 

at about 20 past the hour, 7 :20 ?en£al SJ?! ^ at th * """toriu* 

briefing vill begin at that tSe £e^e X sf 1 ^ A ° f Shlft 

acquisition through tracking BtltiZ u 7? seconds now av ay from 

11 v, but, . during^he change* of t ZTil U ^ Carry that ^ s 

the Reside and subsequent ATS^ slteUite^ass^ ^ Plf ^ ack 

ENii OF TAPE ■ • ' 

AHTP (iisa) MISSION MC72/I ' 
Time: iQ ;12 C[>r 0 ^^'l. 

7/15/75 ^ J 

ACD R He! 1 

cc -» okf.'. 4? loud Md 

"fie vector and „. 8 o?"'a- vr, y f"' n «• ACCEPT we'll „,„ . 

«d S - ill ^ „ olse 
r u "-1 vhen you're ret 

CC ~ H oC 7 ' Ve ' re ready to »py 

Plane ch»« la ,* °J However the FIDO t^^ 1 ^ that 

decided ve vili !iT and lfc does 'nt have a LI f 4? lrA9 that th ** 
*>« an out of ni "!V d ° S plane c ^-« maneuver t^f 0,1 11 • v *'ve 

**ht have to P L n : re C °!rr nt Md a phaa * eat^ t on ! here ^ 

*e no plane L„ Son " e P° lnt -oaorrov t , 5 ^onorrov or v e 

A gUne change ^neuver tonU.t . ' Bjt » at W rate, there win 

rv u Understand. Real .-t„, ^ 

go back to BLOCK. P ln3C th * state vector in the hwll U hftre ' 

ACDR „ Pflnd; you can 

, but 1 c ' ir < "ear you D 5 
to copy. 

ACDR rr . , r " " vnen you're ready 

ACDR rj 
CC-H «oger, SLOCK. 

U ' H Okay. - 

ACDR V ? tne s ^ts, 6 Ajld we re wonderinK 

CC-H CU : cut » Houston. 

5 " n " R P«rt way off. MCe 8 ** off « and Heke put hi 9 t „ tht . hlt 

CMP f' 11 i*a"-*e you alor.e 

ACLm Oxt"* ^T. th " WR witch OKF 

OT -H ine ' you. 
about )5 aecondn tVf? ' Hou{,t ^- We are Rolns ?jy^ w 

rao CK TAPS 

ASTP (USA) MC73/1 

Time: 19:22 COT, Oh:32 PET 


PAO This is Apollo Control. : Change of shift briefing 

vith flight director Pete Frank should start momentarily in the JSC 
auditorium. We'll tape any air-to-ground from Apollo that takes place 
during this Iriefing for delayed playback. This is Apollo Control at 
4 hours 33 minutes.. 

SPKR When do ve want to start this? 

GPKR (Garble) 

Dl-KR Okay. 

SFKR Okay. We have on your left flight director Pete 

Frank and on your right another flight director Mr. Frank Littleton. 

ray '- j, 

* ~rj£ft ^ el flpsed 
Sro^i elapsed W at * hou ". l**^ 1 *!™*™*" «U 

tape of the air/ grour /f^f* «»ainl ng at 93.9 i e J ap ° gee to 
^ shift bri 9flr * vM \Vv! ff rec °ri,i during th, , 6 SOIne ^pressed 
exhausted. 6 W "^' Pl V nov and ! w' USt dieted chl^ 

°C-H , „ g 11 /e as soon as that 

locked up „ n fr . ' J4t s right, Vance 

CMP Ajwllo, Houston. f,v v A „ 

CC-H i;;-* clear on ATS y ° U rf?ad °» ATS? 

^>od state vecl0 ^ ^f; ^ you'll g i ve ' UB _ . 

CMP m t * tftr Set load. ^ Vy gel you ft 

echo froayou. You ' v * sot ACCEPT and pno , 

'.'C-tf ana poo an d v , K<r t , 

• .0* ' I'm reading you u „ ' • • • ^ ttn « *^ 

CC-K mother fof ^ aiid V «<*. : 

CMP J^*r, Deke. Copy. f y ° U e ^ 9 s *v H. 

tof 1 ° nt ten *inute*. ... \ 

CMP ^a..-'iter) rt, .-., r u,! - 

W-H ^ , " „>,f ft to P;; M 

^ur« . :tinco , re ta iK ing ab ^ . . ■ 

v «*re taxing «W r f " Ui « to ^ the »W I* ' 18 f, *'"<? " pro- 

worries about the hel « 1 " A7S P«* to Lua r , iv^ Wd U ° 
thnt procedure is ^ , ^bble and then ve'n . f . * y 0Ur ^Htle minr,, 
Portly ^ou[ vh: t °S? ^ t ^V^^ ^ ■ ^ ^Sf^ 

co Re and go. that 1J b ^ But v e fi «u?ed ^'n T. t0 y ° u 

^ Roger. le t th« MCI burn 

' ,3 ° ^f^^ the up^^ 0 ^ 0 ?" «c«ebody in the ^ 

ASTP (WA) MC7I1/2 
■Time: 19: ^5 CDT , OU:55 pet 

we're up cin up£^^ °" 80 

then real veil. 8 7 i0ada unU1 ve have a - ve can uonltcr 

IMr,^ We had 8een -'^ to sor,e upHnking, aaoag other 

CO— if Tha+ ' ^ r i ijv 4. » . | 

slew tho state vector* Ire In ^ t ' " JU6t tryin S to take it klnd of 

"eg" " Md thp tarset load ^ up vhon ve can. 

in also? no ycu «, ^ae/tVli WCk' 6lkir ' g> g0t the tar ' e - load 
^ Hcpr. BLOCK. 

the accumulated tape^Mch ^r^cor^^rl A" C< T' plete9 P^ytack of 
brien„ e . we're nov live for t£~£a?ri^ 55 ^ ° f ahlfl 

aatelliv. relay pass. nir.g 33 nlnut(;9 of th „ ATg _ 6 

A5TP (USA) MISSION MC75/1 ' - 

Time: 19=55 CDT, 05=05 PET 


BMP Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Go ahead. t 

jjj/p Okay, Bo. Hey, vould you like a little data on the 


CC-H Roger, go ahead. 

Cyp Okay. Stars 2 and *»2 - it was all balls and then ninus 33. 

minus 11, minus 2, (garble) 5, 35D- That must have been 505. I can't read 

rry cvn writing. - : : ::v 

Cc-H Roger. I copied star 2U2 all balls, ninus 3:>, minus 11, ; 

minus P, 5, 35. and I didn't get the 3aat numb*r. 

HMP It should have been 50515- 

CC-H 50515- Roger, copy. 

DMp Roger. (Garble) there, Bo. 

OC-H It's been quite awhile since you people been up there. 

US' Doesn't sees that way.. 

CC-H And Deke, while I have you, do you have a m Delta-P? 

DKP (Garble) ■ . . 

CM? Yes, we have that, Bo. It's minus .3, and that's the 

value that it' a built up to since ve put the hatch, vaefc in. 

CC-H Roger, uadersta/.d. Minus .3 and it's built up *o that 
since you put the hatch in. 

■ CMP Roger. 

£>Mp (Garble) infornation, the >Ld biostack is -unnir.g and 

ve ' re barbie). 

CC-H Say again, Deke, ve didn't copy that. 

Djvrp Roger* Vance activa' ed the biostack and we ore nov 

about to start the (garble). 

CC-H 'Roger. ■■■ 

C i,g> Advised that the biostack was activated at <*:5o, Bo, and 

the li^ht was on after it was activated. 

CC-H Understand. !* : 58 for the biostack. 


Time: 20:05 CDT 05:15 PET 
^e: 7/15/75 

Houston, Apollo. 
USA tl 0l l 0t Houst <>*. «o ahead. 

HKe the temperature^' ^^TJftu^iir 1 " ^ " ••«« 
not too hot yet, but it is up on ?he « „ £ ? 2* ° abiB ' ^ 

*»*?estion 9 for cooling it down? & *~ ^ about 77 . 0o you have any 

^en Weaaing, ^ ^abouf 77? that » v « ^der,tand that it has 

but we're Kind of loo^frtg '^eaT'^d'i?^^^ ^ 8 ^°- • 

cooler nov, w.'d p-obably it*" * ^ * W * y to ««fit a little 

( ^~~ H Understand. 

bright vith you guy^. 86, ^'^ g ° ln * t0 8tart th * Mn.wver, if if, 


"° Okay, ve're nanuevering, Bo. 

with ua. Ro * er ' be advi8 *<* that you will p ro babl y loc.e comm 

USA /-.- 

UVC 8 trip bar,, to Hc»tn„ 

staging on the television just ?<ne ^ ** ' } '° U s ^ 

the ground out the vindov tZ «U £ ?f ^ "T""'' EOe 

MP Mari v " , „i! . ' U vas w«»lly beautiful. 

CC-K ' -T?", 8 ^ 3 fta r e 8ee * it *<» vhere we w.« 



DKP Certainly did. 

f.C-H rs_. t * » i cciuan ' t . copper* 

>-o U , vo think it .ujr;; r;.r y o^ 1 :f st ;. b ;* : f f, pr °v ea -^tan^ 

or yo-^r i!p 8 . y0jr mU * 8 «ave slipped out fron in front 

,,MP -ust as veil 


Time; 20:25 CD? 05:35 PET 
*>ate: 5/15/75 

CC A K Houston, Apollo. 

USA V M Bt ? P , VC read you cle ^ but weak 

CC -" Undent l T k «°° d ( «* rble > 

Just reminder to ^i(i) ^ y ° U r * "anaiug by f or the burni 

p oger. Understand. 

Control Center shcwefuV! ^i 1 ^" 1 " ^ dl3pla ^ ™ the 

aboard Apollo. However the IoTb J J™ 1 M U va * underway 

r»lriy closely vith the cutof? of t h ?£? n at ? r f?«* Val ^ -inched 
next yution, havali , ln 1 5 minuter \tV ' ™* theref <>re it'll be the 
« : v o„ the phasing ^ e , V er which was f^Y? f ' * Wport fron th * 

To" 10 128 - ? "*utie^ "J^f V 6? - ? feet second, 

for traekmg station Hawaii. At 5 ^J" * U \ retarn in 15 mirmtes , 
time. This ia Apollo Control. " 0Elnute8 . Apollo elapsed 

ASTP (USA) ,MC80/1 

Time: 20:37 CDT, 05:^7 PET 

7/15/ Vj 

PA0 This is Apollo Control. 5:53 Apollo elapsed time. 

About a minute and 1*0 seconds away from acquisition again through the 
Hawaii tracking station. We'll stand by for - we already do have AOS, 
slightly ahead of the predicted tias. We'll stand by as spacecraft 
communicator Karol Bo Bobko talks to the crew through Hawaii. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston through Hawaii for 2 minutes. Hov 

do you read? 

USA (Garble) 

CC ' H Roger. I have a couple of ite»3. Is there someone 

free to copy? 

USA Yes, go ahead. (Garble) 

CC ~ H The LEM ascent data which goes on page 1-6 of 

the rendeavous book. I'm sorry, that's 1-7 of the rendezvous book. Is 

USA (Garble) 

CC-H And we're going to do a purge burn, and that's going 

to be done at about 6:30, and we'll have more information vh en ve get 
into ATS coverage. 

uaA Roger. Purge burn at 6:30. Wc Hd you repeat the 
first one? 

CC_H Roger. LSI accent data on rase 1-7 which is about 
the center of the right hand aide. CSM weight, 278l8. 

ySA Ve had a Keyhole. Please repeat. We had a cut out 

CC-H Roger. That's 27818. 

USA Okay, 278lc, Bo? 

GC ~ H Roger. And on panel 377, we'd me you to put the 
glycol to radiator secondary to the NORMAL position. Did you copy that 
Apollo? " 

USA Roger. Copy. 

CC-H Roger. And we're - - 


AST? (us A ) M „ 8l/1 

tS/t"' 47 cm% 05:57 PET 

4 Did you copy that Apollo? 

USA R° ser> C3 P that. 

you periodically. Y ° U ' re Intermittent , Bo W .. rA , 

CC-H R e re cnl y reading 

cool you off ana ve-n^f' Let Be try tha * again w-i,. ^ , 

pass. Ve U have aore information^^ re doin « that to 

IMP „ 6n VC have wotlier com, 


377, pleaae Bo? ^ COuld J™ "pea* the po 3 itio Ji v., 

CC-H r , . ^siwcj, you vanted on 

CC-H . V~ vas Siycol to RADIATOR ,^ * 

at 6:15. A *° nt . Houston vS' "^ndary to NORMAL. 

MP 6 U 866 you «*»in at Bermuda 

•U-U >ad. — th . vater ^^ll^V^- 

P-Ulcn only ^JS^g l ^ t! «- doi r , lt ^ ln ^ 

cc-H t0 8 2ero . JU8t r con3W oocill6tion( 

evening meal Bn j *v *POjuo Crev coain- „~ A -v return at 

^ur « 3 rSr^J hM 83 lBC ««atelv into ?he "J™ ™ eat Period, their 

«« thfj:; 0 0d -i«ic«. At p^tod - eigh t r 

spacecraft vii° * " ^ the eoaaand nod/nT? mln, ->tes ApolJo 

time, vhich^eaiw bating in vhatTc all^t! 1 ^^ I* 

* thi8 13 AP0U ° e.-oripolloXt! ^ 


a:;t/« (u;;a) Miaaios MC82/1 

Tlm«: ?0:57 CDT, 06:07 PET 
Date: 7/15/75 

USA H ?^bie) H ° U5t0rS thr0USh Berauda - Hov do you read? 

»w C " H '/ ^Ser. Would you pleAae accept. So ve can give 

you the rendezvous RLT3MMAT . can give 

USA (Garble) 

CC-H ^ And if you - if I can have someone's ear for a 

second I'll explain a little nore about the coolin* procedure 

UbA Okay, we're all listening. ■ " 

USA Sounds like a good 


CC-H Okay, nov I have a procedure here for 'Ms PSM 

purge, and what we're going to do is essentially f oA t " VTn«i, 
turn on the PSM and then simultaneously wi.h bc4 hl"d cor-trVers" 

ASTP (USA) MC83/1 ,. 
TIno: 21:07 COT, 06:1'/ PET 

-and fa*e - opposite'roUe f^TeS to^ ^ eont ~"e«. 

ay be there. seconds to burn out any possible bubble 

that nay be there 

off the" four RCS and^n^the^sfL^tr^^ d T > 80 " Ve ' re « onn * turn 
eofttrollers for 12 seconds then °W*»"« roll using the two hand 

we'd li>"; to go througflt ove'r tension llT"^ P r° eedure but 
with yo, so that if v £ lose ATS c^vera«e v^n^'T^ U St6P by 8tep 
you at Ascension. coverage, ve U be able to still have 

EMP okay. 

there Eay be scne r J d ^ "\ 1 ^ n*" ^ £ > ° PP ° 8i "* r ° lls ' 

Apollo, Houston. You ca,n go blck to ^ ° Ut ° f ™ ATS vindov " 

P52 cut, that w>u2d be <ood° „?ha? ' e c ar^'h *" ^ y ° U ^ * et that ' 

W Cka*. alndt "In? I" V ° r " °" the pUr,? - Procedure. 

CC-H o wandb). And you have block , Bo. 

C ''V- (garble) 

ACDS ^ POll °* Kou9tc '- 3a y H again, 

reading us? 7 ' '* e ' re -^"^'ting on ATS, I think, are you 

Sp H ^ C " :er - Read i"£ you loud and clear. 

CY. ay . 

Cc^h «oustoi., Apollc, you reading «y DSKY. 

difficult to ur.der.tani your trans"*. ai£ ^ °" intei - f «™* «d If. 

Okay, Bo. 

-C F H JU£ *' finished 0 Ption (garbled 

not reading you. ' H ° U5U,n - Cur comnunicatiens are S0 bad ve're 


ASTP (UflA) MC&/1 

Tir.e: 21:1? CDT, 06:27 PET 


USA Houston, Apollo. 

cleav C nov. AP ° n ° " H0USt0n here ' Ve r * * loud and 

option*?. ROger< Wel1 ' WC COffl P let ^ th.'» P52 option 3, also 

^A Ready to copy? 

CC-K Ready . 

, . USA Okay, on the P52 option 3 st^R r» Li . or>» ) v v-. 

s'co^ 395 ^ 3i *' »; Tor^l houx ^^nut^d o 

Piu- 33^:24:00. Under3t&nd ' StarsOi, U balls 39 plus 3 

hours, JT minutes and £o second <£r. ? ? ^ ^ Ve t0rqued al 6 

HO, §67^7 = 1.0. Underatand - 01 ' a11 *all-. P^B 351, plus 1.P3, plu, 

V V ~H Thank you. 

readme copy th . - £ S^To? 8 * *■*•«"•'« »•» 

ve ♦hink^r „■ < ApC J l0 • H ° 1:st <*- This procedure is fairly lor !g and 

. USA . Okay. . 

f; C ~ H As ycu prefer though. 

^A Go ahead. 

°?~ H , Ckr y thia 19 the PSM activation first ■♦• a Srs 

control, mode CMC 3. " ' x * s b0 ° 

J5 A . l ? a >'' SCS control and CMC in 3. All right. 

h to bartU^* a f'" 0 ? qUal hell, » A * E ' C ' Md D cl0 «d. Talkback 
ve get ^e;; " 6 **' A9Cen3ion >' et »o don't do the,, until 

k „ n I! A ♦ ^* - J^*' 1 under » ■»•-«<*• Next step SMRC3 quad hell up, 
•4 closeo, ta.koack barberpole and ve' rs holding on. 

^ \ C ~ H , Rcc»?r . And do you want me to continue vith th* 

procedure then and you copy it? w.i-mue v tlft the 

J£~. H Apollo, ve have through Ascension new. 

Apollo, Houston. Kcv do you read? 

Apollo Houston. Over. 
CC ~ H Apollo, Houston. Over. 

USA . Go ahead, Bo. 

CC " rl Refer, ve have Asceneion nov and you can start on 

TySr/ 1,,T <*-*> « 

us and ve'ro r.i„„< i * we Ve bee n hear vou a1 i" »i„ 

CC-5 l0Sintf * SMRCS <iuad heliums ^ 1 ^"S^ you hav ^'t heard 
USA Roger. 

CC-H f 1 ' 1 that '8 complete. 

°- d ■m—- ws.E2 pr " peiients - i - *• ». c 

CC-H Houston, do you read oe? * 

a. *, c c, „a D .x^X*^,^^ »« «.p i. awes tNf . lUn , 

«*. tt."sss- s~ - i-.t 

l*v-H t)^,, ' rtov do you n»HH» 

air? R ° ger - y*i loud and 2^ » „ 

rr-H CAear * Hov do you r *ai 

CJ ' H JSuo' hV USt0n ' KW d0 ^ us r~v» 

! ' H ^ «* a ° /OU read U5? 

ff'tt e been reading you 

»«n you . «><"> -'or » k ;„ g 83 rany caUs we h> ^ 


Ti.te: 21:21 CDT, 06:37 PET 
Date: 7/15/75 

the station or soaetMng ^oL^'l^ T ° f Up th ™«* 

C C-H Ok^, now ' Cl ° Se the SM RCS <* uad heii ^. Bo. 

^ A barberpoled, 

vi'.. B°barfcerpolo,. ^ ' ^ f ° Ur SM RCS * Uad PwpelKnta CLO::ED 

An * SMRCS ^ P-peUane A , B, C, and 0 open U1R- 
^ and 1, gray!"*' C ° mpi * le - Ws " av © PSM propellana A, B, r, 
tai^gray, and ^ £ ^^^M ^iro,a isolation 

Anu I^s grey. ' ^ U 6 a '^ified, but -ll M , it ^ 

r«? H J nd .: hen 3 yAQ 3, rate 2 « nd that's a , P ri<v 

, Verified, AUTO Bo 'eiify. 

?C-H ALTO RCS3 ELECTS16" , «;„ A , Bftin s . 

£" H J ! y C 8elected *° 16 Uirbie) 

tvo *r\h„.to AC/DC the " r ° tatl0n hMd con -- oli ^ in noraal pover 

<£-H ^° AC/DC * Cc!it! -oHers AC/jX 

3i tC 

-.1 pitch M a yav agrafe c^d!""* 1 * ^ t0 ^ " — -n c^and, 
•^-M 1° T n aCCSl c ^™> «»« rale -o m , in ,i 

^ -J like you to^a u^X""Tr£T * 

I -v.: ■". simultaneously coor*^ » ^ , i f ^^'"n controU.-rs 

«^ lhe» OK and OFF at thVsweM^ * yetS 0N ' And tr > to 
laUon, an, , t .. ■ lbl . S ^I:^^^^ — 

-t^ve should to SJt'M" ^ ^ 1 — - 

?^v tiVe ; Ve ' d 1Ue yOU to do ^ in (garble) 
- c .. ° K ay, understand. CMC. s Ie ' 

""" And then after the burn vp M i • ■> ■■'.»■ 

roU -.o rate conunand CCS con'-ol J/t! w ?,rV /OU to « r ' w> f * 
to -iwp the rates. con *;Ol made to CMC AU£0 and allcv the UAP 

y~- "'-(?«r, understand. 

And then - - 

oo ( ,,nS A WC ' re r0&dy to 8tat "- our plus an minun y,w fop , : . 

CC " K ^ then let -It's a plus and *inu a roll for \? 

a::ti- (injA) McfJ^/a 

Tlwe: PI: 2? CDT, 0C:17 PET 


seconds , and let ce finish the procedure in case ve happen to lcse coicn 
with you. 

USA Roger, roll. 

CC-H And after the AUTO, after the burn do the AIFTO 

RCS Select roll k to OFF - RHC noraal pover 1 OFF. And then do a VERB 
1*9 maneuver back to the sleep attitude that's listed in the flight 
plan at approximately 625, which is 018, 170, 330. 

^MP Roger, we've got that. 

CC-H Okay? We're watching for your burn. 

U SA Okay - we'll start the plus and minus roll in a 

few seconds . 

CC-H Roger, Houston, Apollc, try to be careful not to 

mo'luinte that so you don't get a-iy differential roll out of one nan i 
control or the other. We're watching. 

'-'•'J' Complete 

'■C-H Beautiful is the word we get down hero. 

Okay, looked good here, no big rates. 
; ' C- H Roger, that's Just what we thought. 

We're already (garble) back \o our sleep attitude-. 
USA Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston, if someone has a second, we'd 

like the burn report from MC 1. 

J* 0 ' O'say, I've got it here, Stand by. Okay, on MC 1 . 

It was on time. The residuals, minus one tenth plus one tenth minus one 
tenth. Dexta VC ifter trim was i^.i. Everything was alright. 

CC-H Roger, copy. 1 have a couple of items, Apollo, 

for the presleep checklist if somebody has a chance to copy. When 
they dc, Just giw ce a call. 

USA Stand by. Houston, while we're digging this sleep 

checklist up I have another thing, a little nagging problem here. w, 
don't know if we have a problem or not, but it concerns the urine .:v.;t.,.. p ,. 
We've hocked up the urine cyst em, but it is either dumping ovi-rH>m-d 
at a very slow rate, or not at all. We find that tt 's" 3ueh a r.low 
rate that there's still aoce urine left in the collector after .-.evcrnl 
minutes, after it has been used. We wonder if somebody down there 
kn<.v.s what the flow rate should be? 

CC-H Roger, -we copy your problem. 

And advise that ve followed the procedure and 
v.rify the urine dunp heaters and till that sort of thing. 

CC-H Roger, I understand. 

WW .Okay, Bo, I'm ready to copy your pref light check- 

ii :;t data 

CC-H Rc^er, the firr.t one Is in the CiiM systenn check- 

list on page. lW. Nur.ber 9, the VIR cooling activation. And on page 
l-'<fi, number I? the (garble) cooling activation. 

BMP Okay, got it. 

CC-H And, like you, ve. see both of those pleeeir of 

rquipoent getting slightly warn. And while in STDN contact, you can 

ASTP (USA) MC85/3 

Time: £1:27 COT, 06:37 PET 


do thia now. On panel 27 1 *, we would like circuit breaker DM power, 
main B CLOSED. And we'll call you when to open it - and It's so that 
ve can <jet some data from the DM. 

BMP Okay, you want it closed now? 

CC-H Roger, we have data, and we can watch it. 

DMP Okay, it's closed. 

CC-H And on panel lBl - CM 1 TV station power switch 

OFF. And CM 2 TV station power switch OFF, and ih&t's on the preeleep 
checklist . 

ACDR Okay , you want then OFF now? 

CC-H Yes, we do want them OFF now, and we would like to 

know if they were on at this tine.' 

ACDR N'o , neither one of thea were ON. 

CC-H Roger. Thank you very nuch. 


A3TP (USA) MC86/1 

Time: 21:37 CUT, 06-.U? PET 


USA (Garble) . . 

CC _ H Roger. Thank you very much. And those are ail 

notes we have for you. 

OMP Okay, (garble) , ■ . 

■ cr H And Apollo, Houston. We've gotten enougn M data. 

You can pull the cire^tTreaker on panel 2 7 U, EH power MAIN B to OPH*. 

DMp Oka;,'. Coning OPEN. Mark it . 

CC-H Thank you. 

D ^> And if vou want your scientific report for the day, 

zero n does not seem to disturb the adult female mosquito who's flying 

ab ° U \i-T ^^fc.r. understand. (Laughter) Understand you' re goi nt 


feed it to the fish -^ n> ye thought we vou i d feed him ourselves for a fev 

.iuy.i »nd then we'll feed it to the fish. 
* (;Ml . Another alternative is to bring hia bacs alive and 

give him a pair of astronaut wings. ..... ^„ . 

8 it( .. H Roger. And has our activation of that bext on a 

377 glycol radiator n*de any difference in the cabin te»peraturet^. 

Vmp Yes. It's beginning to improve. It feels cu.h be.ter 

CC-H Thank you. And Apollo, Houston. We'd like to knew 

if you think that that's going to be a good enough thing or if we should 
trv something else to make the cabin still cooler. 

ACDR Yes. The trend is etarting to g*t cooler, Bo. If 

it keeps on it should be in good shape. 

rr-H Understand. Thank you. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. I have an answer to one of your . 

questions. The urine will dunp 1.25 pounds per "ijute. 

CMP Okay. Then, we've got of a problem .nth 

th<, urine system because it isn't during anything close to thnt rate. 

(V-S Okav. And we're looking into the problem further. 

Okay. It my turn out that we can use a Whup 
achcac nere pretty quick. Ve might have.. to use a ba« or sort-thin* 
because it's been quite a while. 

CO-H Understand. .... 

n'np Or, how about dumping without tne filter. 

C ( T _ H Understand. Ve're looking at it. 

And^he other is we need a waste water dur.p and we'd 
like you to ti»e it instead of using the gage and we woula like a k .Inu 
waste water dump and you can start any tine. 

CM? Understand. 

CC _H Apollo, Houston. Over. 

ACDR . Go ahead. . „ , _ . * 

cS The first suggest Ion on the urine dur.p in to clwe U, 

vHSte ntcwage vent valve while you are dumping urine and see if tha- 

helps . 

ACDR Okay. 

AS TK (USA) MC86/2 

Time: 21:37 CDT, 06:^7 PET 


CC " H And the other is that there is a filter 


ASTP (USA) MC87/1 

Time: 21:^7 CDT, 06:57 PET 

7/15/75 .. 

CC-H while you're dumping urine and see if thai helps. 

ACDR Okay . 

CC-H And the other is that there is a filter in car R-ll 

and ve don't want you to dusp without a filter, but you may try a nev 

one . ■ ■ 

CK? Okay. A r.ev filter of the same type. Roger. 

CC-K ' Yes. But ve'd like you to try the waste stowage 

vent 'valve first. 

CMP' ; : - '. ■ .Understand. ".. 

ACDF Okay. 'We've already turned that off. 

CC-H Apollo Houston, understand. You said you've tried 

to dump with the waste stowa.-e vent valve OFF and It didn't seem to help 
any. ■ 

ACDR No. Ve haven't. I .lust turned it off now, so. 

CC-K Okay. 

ACDR We'll have to check it here in a iftinute. 

ACDR Okay, So. The water dump is off. 

rc-H Rcger. Understand. 

A"L>R Bo, we changed the filter and that greatly improved it. 

CC-H Roger. Understand. Thank you. 

ACDB 'Houston, Apollo* 

<\Z -H Apollc, Houston. Go ahead. 

What country are ve over nov, Bet We didn't have 
time to get the map out. 

CC-H You're coning up over Australia new . 

A'CDR Okay . Thank you, 

CC-H You're welcome. 

CM? Hov's it going over in Soyuz, Bo? Anything r.ev? 

1 suppose 'h;?e guys are asleep nov, huh? 

•v_H Roger. They've been put to bed. 

?r'Stt Vance, looks like the only problem they've had so far 

is * j.r->bi.»ffi vith one of. their TV cameras and they're working on that to ace 

if the* i^an get it to work. ■'■',■■ 

Okay. Well, It's good that they haven't hai ar-y 

rore ir .".bie^a '.h an that. 

CC-K Roger. 

iT-_H Apollo, Houston, Just asked you a question c» that 

w«ate 'dump- W* under* tan 5 it's working properly, now. ■ Did' you 
4,, both of ir ase ateps or did not the waste stowage vent snake m-.y 
iiff*r*ftc> and 'then you put the filter in? 

A Well, * iort't think it's working yet , 80. I vss 
U^t about ■ 'tf experiment with It but it Still seeoa to be full of liquid. 

CC-H Understand* , 

AC^R (garble) 

r\& We there's some suction in the device b; cause 

if you eloae the cap for a little vhiie and then put it to VENT, yea 
hf?a"r .*» Visaing vhich U quickly over again, but it aust be a - - 

ASTP (USA) MC88/1 
y™) r * 1: ^ 07:07 PET 

USA M . , 

I understand and v e ] u B ° n ° f SQne ki ^. 

^ aceing you at 0u J ^ ?* Ve 6 while until 

Okay. ' . ■ ' • 

APOIIO, Houston rhr(v..V r r>> , , 

-nrouga Ouan for k minutes. How 

Zln! il 'i *>• Hov <° you read ,, ? 
Apollo, Houston. We read v-,,. k 7 
^'-•'- please? read you, but Wry v eajay , 

Rc«*r. Read you ffllghty fln 

-rted to the food intake * " ^ >*ter. 
**«r. Enjoy yourself. 
J flank you. 

And ve vent to h«a+er n \ * , 


U>8 and and 




'*o you r<-ad 




Would you ;,r,eft>. 




R *Kfct nov v fc 

've a 




you wouldn't 





CC -" Pcler 8 * , °f Se A Vasn,t irking. 

UU'»n ■■■■■■ 

w™i?\ h08 ° and 8ee ^ there' T J 0 "' U » to >-he 
vould^avc- a Uockag*. vnlch indicates that the VM 

CMm' Vance garble). 

CC ~" !Sr tr/ U fir3t opportunity. 

*>ing over minor problems WAa.e Q ^f * d ° V " their spacecraft, 
hentinr r v y ' at ^W e «t«[ ^Ln?^? ,lne<,d .launched fro a 
heating, aboard the *pace<iraf* , tnT^L! f fc0aajr *' Min0r Problem with 
(7, however they a ^nperatures reported «« »,« ^ 

the uL 0 : Jt / OV ' Md th '* 8 «*» to" t Jhat thing a> e eB to have 
."ie. urine duap. ayatew. MHuir.g the proper flow through 

PAO Tho 
flbowrd the Arson r, R - «ev v M s^oachins their N«f .v 

ASTP (USA) MC90/1 

Time: 2P:Jh CD!', 07 :U PET 


PAO Apollo Control. Ground elapsed time 7 hours , i. 3 

minutes. On this pass - stateside pass, the crew will uj date their 
.clock, to put their clock aboard the spacecraft in phase with the Soyuz 
at - so both clocks read ground el spaed time 15 hours and 20 lainutes. 
This v ill occur in approximately - at 15:20. The ground's still looking 
at data concerning the problem the crew explained on the urine dump sys- 
tem and also the ground io watching closely the heat - the temperature 
within the spacecraft. 

CC-H Ape 13.0, Houston. Through MI LA and (garble). We 

may have a keyhole here is about a minute. How do you read? 
USA (Garble). 

CC-H Roger. First is ve'd like you to go ACCEPT. 

,f 3A Roger. 

( 'C-H And I have a note, On the next ATS acquisition, 

try U, acquire at the normal time but laave the ar.terna in MAilUAL and 
VIDE until 15:36:30, Then go to REACT and NAKROW. 

U3A Okay, have you had any trouble with tiie.aide bend 

plUf.-gi»;g up? 

■CC-H Well, tr.i:? is the one of two ATS passes when the 

moon's position say interfere with ATS acquiation and this procedure 
is to get around that. 

USA Okay, say again the tise when ve rro tc NARROW . 

cc " ?{ 15:36: 3C, but of course v-'re gonna be updating the 

clock right now, 

USA Roger. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Hov do /6u read? 

fSA Loud and clear. 

*'C~H Roger. Did you have a chince - have a chance to 

do that LIRA test? 

USA Not yet. We're right in the middle of the eat 

period. When we get thin a?l squared away, that'll be our first priority. 

CC-H Roger. We won't bother you while you're eftUn?., then. us when you're finished, 

USA Thank you. 

■PAG - -did it Art at - they did it 1*0-3 minutes ago, 

Art. Let's oee, they start at 15:20 and they did it 3 minutes ago. It's 
15 : 23 now, 


A3TP (USA) MC91/1 

Time: 22:53 CDT, 15:33 GET 


f •'''- 1, Apollo, Ilcuston through ATG . How do you real? 

A^DH i//jrj and c l«ar , Bo. 

c<; - n Itogor. We're standing by and we've got son..- information 

hire-. Wu'd like thiB to be our last pasts of the evening so you people 
can pot to bed. 

' A!;I>n Okay. Stand by. Let. me get the flight plan out. 

cc '- !i Negative. Ve don't want to interrupt your meal. 

Ju..t. when you're finished, give us a call. 
ACDR Okay. ■ ' 

^ C_H Apollo, Houston. There are about 35 minutes re^ainin^ 

in this HAW pass . 

ACDn Okay, Bo. Okay, I see you've given us the S'CDN uplink 

Jet on monitor loads and all ■ *hdt «■ 

-V'-H Rosier. They're in work. 

ACDR Okay, Bo. And y* u want me to go ahea l and close that 

direct 02 valve tnat's listed back in 7^0 (garble) We're running lavn on 
the ^garble) because of some problerno ie had with the (garble) 

W-H Rogei-. I'll check. 

'-^-* { Apollo, Houston. Ror,<?'r. Go ahead and clos^ it. 

A«DR Direct 02 is closed. 

Roger. And the cabin -. ;nperaturo sy.-crx to be st'«»bi'.< 
rj'w. n it'r; acceptable, leave the system the way it is configured, if 
ii's loo warm, you're clear to activate the secondary evaporator oil 8, 
But if you rto activate It, it should be deactivated before bed tin* 

ACDR Okay. 

Gc " 5i And Apollo, how is the cabin now? 

ACDR ^'s better, but it still could be a little cooler. 

It's getting down some though. 

!;c ~ H Roger. Are you going to activate that evaporator, sir? 

ACDF - Yea. We'll go ahead and activate it for a short 

period of time. 

CC_H Ri'ger. We'd like to ace that during this pass if you 

could io it. 

ACDR Okay. I 'n goir.g to go ahead and fire down this (garM' 

check. Let's tui n the GMAQ off. 
•* -'-ii H >-"r. 

'• "L)R BKAO 1 power 'a 0*'?. 

,; ^** fi Copy. And Apolio, Houston. We've airen-ly dom- ui»> 

vast* water dump so you don't have to do another dno Hi; caU..«<I out m, lv'if, 
in tr r flight plan. 

ACDR Okay. 

cc -" Apollo, Houston. Are you fintsheu enough then- to 

ans*or a couple of questions'/ 

'V'^H Yos. Go ahead. We're still munching and working. Oo 


•' C * H <&*y, It was about the URA test. Have you had tine 

to ac-oraplish that? 

Acm So we haven't , We're still Just right in the ndddlo of c*ti ng period, Re, 

CC-ii Okay. If - - 

ACm If ve get the first meal squared aw&y and ail the trays 

ASTP (USA) MC91/2 * , 

mVri5 22:5i cur ' 15:33 GET 

(B3rb CC-H 8lCVer tha 7^ fUght PlM Calls «>r. ^ That * s ^« used filter, the one v e u 

Time: 23:03 CDT , 15:1*3 GET 

U,SA 0*&y, that's the used (garble) 

C(Mi Yes , that's right , that's for the used filter. ; 

ACDR Understand, thank you. 

CC_H kid Apollo, Houston. This is another discussion iten 

We heard you say that the EMS read lJi.l after the trim on NCI and this 
indicates about a 1 . 1-foot-per-second over speed, not shown by the GN\' 
And could you tell us anything about that, or could you tell un anything 
about the- KMT. setup that nay have accounted for that? 

A /}' H f!ari £ cn » 00 » and I'll go back and look at thi data. 

, 1,hat vaB NCI and you told us cn time, ndnu3 1, plu-i 
I, rninu!; 1, nnd 1U.1. 

Af;w < That's right, ninus lli.l. 

A(:m (barbie) ve set the - EMS delta V vas set for f ,h.?. 

'-£-H Underhand 2. 

AC{)H Ths.t was before the burn, this one vas set . 

CC-H Understand . 

U3A 0ri NCi ve set the IMS up initially before the burn Jus* 

i-er the -,,ao to - vhat you said. And on the burn before that AT 

novever, ve set the - ve set it up to 7.2 insr.-sd of vhat you had on the 
pad which vas 5. something. 

CC_H Higer. I understand, NCI , the KNE vas set up per oa'd 

but bn^the ACM it war ret up for 7.2. Thank you. * ' 

" rA Yeah, that was iiainly because ve were sort of wanting 

to set it up according to the tiNTi total delta V.and to be sure that we didn't 
u ve had an SGS burn that we didn't go through zero on the EM3 before 
the burn started. 

■ CO-H. Hrs-er. .-'.'V: ■■. 

lT_]i Apollo, Houston. You can go block on the computer 

■tnd yo>i hnve a go to synchronise with the clock. ' 
,m Hoger, aft*r we get ail the food tray rj off barbie). 

Okay ■ 

You getting any TV, Bo? 

; Negative. Ve arc receiving no TV. 

VOA Okay. 

B<:- tap?; 

*ffP (USA) MC93/1 
W„ ?3!l3 CDT ' «'»3 GET 

CC-, Roger _ .-homing on the 

»"d static and ve »vJ f0U * StOn * that s band'a «.-...<„ *■ 

USA Apollo, Houstor, G ve r 

cc ., f . Go ahead, Houston. 

"oger, have you hart « 
^ OF TAPE 6 CnanC<? to that URA 


«~< 7 «=„ cor. lC , 13 «r" 


" ™ " "«* on the urine f 1 ' ".porator 1» 

-y'-.-j ™ ^-nutes until LOS. e Vent 0v *r the hill 

Okay. * ' vlth you. 

Houston, . 

!h« J.oac «d lhepe ls V. ! j!.. thl ',? evIce «W the ur i ne , 

-4 'r "" t *"*' ,, »«« -5 the?, jr?.***"** 

' i f ion; 

" U te stable to .> to W 

far den J 

* Oil you people , . . v 

W • r „ powpr /a ON and vf'd 


'tun i > 

optics off 6 th0 

your v^-^mZ \ . V f, the VERB n. ^ . . 

ACfiR ecfta8e of i>TDN coverage' ch is 

•,. , f «'g f > r . At rlltiQ g<? ' 

— -K. 0 :;-" ^ . 

• l '*fty. Fine. 

ASTP (USA) MC9k/2 
7A5/T5 23:33 COT » 16:13 GE? 
report and ve'ji b*» i», 0 * x 

(Laughter) Roger. 

Ml) OF 1'APB 


ASTP (USA) Misszoil MC9 5/l 
Time: 23 -In rryp ir ^ 
Date: 7/%™' 16:23 GET 

Flight director".!, Pl»«ulr, a proWem „,£ h ' 3 •Ppar.ntl, 

"««Jd. pass in « ^.f ^J a V ' «"*<* eon»„ ^ »?t„ 



Time: 00:09 CDT, 16:50 GET 


. ( '' A0 (J1 , A POllo Control, ground elapaed time 16 hours, in 

mlr.ut.,,0 wit acquisition coning through Goldstone. We'll brlr-p the line 
up for Cap Coram Karol Bobco. 

minutes'" Apollo, Houston. Through MI LA for 3 and a half 

« t *- DMi> .u 80 ' We ' r8 in the ? roc esfl of taking the probe out and 

putting the cyro freezer in the tunnel. 

' J . C "" f°8* r : 1 understand. And w>; 'd like to remind you 

here, before you go to bed, to turn OFF the secondary evaporator, 
if somebody's ,.t a pencil, I've got sorce nev ATS angles for you. 

u - " Stand by Just a minute please. 

CC-H Okay. 

Be, go ahead. 

. CC-H v Roger, /'or this next pass you normally wouldn't 

that w in KAKBOW an^eaJ^U S?^.^" *™ ~* " 

NAKRoS?"" RJ^'it, rcger and it should bo left in REACQUIRE and 

^■f Hoger, fEACT and NARROW. 

C °"V ♦ ° n * last ^eation cefore ve leave you and 

that jn what was the resolution or. the urine system? 

Well » *V looks' like it's starting to vork better 

tZ; v t US V C pUl J ed the " that Vaate 3tora «e - you'knov disconnect 
that we've been using to bleed out to the cabin to enrich the 02 and 
that shared the ^^J*^", and ve have a better vacuum with that on. 

^ A Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H rjo ahead. 

cheekHst. ™ giVt? y ° U 6 C ° Uple ° f thlr * 9 0n the Presleep 

Ready to copy. 

r-v^ l^i R v BAT Volts ar * 37 • PVBO BAT A volts arc Vf and 

* » iwii a Voita are 37 • 

;'-~ H Roger, C FYRO A and PYRO 3 all 37. 

i*„< U ' A u • R0i5 * r ' And we've done all steps except the fol- 

l0Wlng : n > e have not the suit circuit return screen behind 

ptinei cause ve think it's a short time and we've - we're hoidlr* 
on the waste management overboard drain and and" that sort of »Mr,r ' 
till wo re all through for the evening, and we're Just now putting i». e 
freezer over the tank in the tunnel. That's about it. ue 

XHl H Roger. There's about 30 seconds until :os. 

"SA Roger. 

*■ A "? Ve ' r * gonn& soci ni 8 ht now un^** you 

ncH 10 tftlk t0 us ««ain at Quito or when ve get into ATS coverage. 

ASTF (USA) MC96/2 
Time: 00:09 GET, 16:50 GET 

\jSA Okay. See you in the morning, vr somebody, who's 

doing it? 

■ USA ■.■.Goodnight. 
CC-H (garble) 

PAO - -it's gonna be through the applied technology 

satellite, however, the crew has been bid good night by Cap Coma Karol 
Bobco, giving his good night call in Russian. Vfakeup tine will be 7:50 
central daylight tine or the 2U hours and 30 minutes ground elapsed time. 
The ground elapsed time clock here at the Mission Control Center now 
reads 17 hours. The clock has been updated in order that the Apollo 
spacecraft clock Batches that of Soyuz . The tru - the Apollo spacecraft 
atiP. T.iaying catchup tc catch th<? Soyuz spacecraft which will ocur on 
Thursday. The two vehicles are approximately 2fc hundred miles apart at 
this time. At ground elapsed time of 17 hours, this is Apollo Control. 
That's only ? minutes of *,apo, the crew called the ground concerning 
a problem the probl**-. vlth the probe. We'll play that tape now and 
rrinp the line up live. 

Hello, Houston, Apollo. 
iT-H Apollo, Iioustor»i Go ahead. 

: .yg' Alright So, we got a probleir.. We can't get the probe 

;t to r-l, -k tt at v~:.i*?rfui little freeaer up there. 

••■-Si : understand, you can't get the probe out. 

'Va Yes, Vance will tell you about it. Her*- 

CM? Okay, Everything in the probe removal checklist 

on th*» cue card i? g.-ir.f - beer, geir.g great up through step 11. Step 
I? l:\ capture latch- release Tool 7. You inserted the pyro -over, 
vo'i i-irri it a iBO degrees clockwise to release the capture latches, well, 
h-.T'.-'r. wheie the probler. t6, and let roe explain it to you. Do you have 
js-.iifij.vly there that known the prob* that can listen? 

»';f:-if Roger, go ahead. 

VHP Okay, as I look in the back ?f the probe, ny - in 

-ther words, at the tack of the pyro cover, I'm looking with ny flashlight 
throuch the hole where ! insert thia tool, and there's something behind th 

/wo rnvrr that's in t!:e way that's preventing ae from putting this tool 
nil the way in, and ss 1 look at it it's - if? actually one cf the 
•vro connectors. It happens that this tool has to go down through the 
pyro cnv»r in between, normally, sose pyro connectors, but one of these 
pyre connectors has mated euch that it's in the way and I can't put 

this in. 

C^-H Bcger , 1 understand. 

jj ov , : suppose the one thing I should do is take the 
■•ov«r off - the pyro cover off - and I've got proper tocls to do that. 

i-jfli Bf, vhat it's getll:.g down to is (garble) We've been 

un pretty late and this whole thing about sticking the cyro freezer 
up U.vrc (garble) and either we're going to stay up another 3 or U 
hours nesting with that prore or else we're gonna call it Quite . 

C( *.H Roger, we copy and we're talking about it right here 


Ttaaj Op{09 CDT, l6»50 OFT 

f w Incindeotly, J, etuck * pencil down in - or a pen 

down in there to Bte if I could easily nove that pyro connector out 
of the way, and it doesn't aeen to want to »ove. 

CC-*H Z underatand. 

DMP Houston, Apollo. 

CC -H Apollo, Houston. Go ahead. 

PHP Okay, 80. Looking up here at the nachanical 

aechantaas involved H'e hard to eee - it'a gorm* take quite a bit of 
coordination with you p»opla down there, and it'a ^nna take quite a bi 
of t 4 me and (garble)- - 

mii OF TAPE 

AW <r«A) Mm/I 
?/S B **». ".WOW 

CC-H S pen<i fou * five houra vorkin- if f\ fr **** r right 

bump - up the Re W. agr «e wlth^I- 2T *?? thftt f *^' 

ACOH * * „? ?? right 

luat , ,i , 1<0 ** r - We'll «t *<T Uh the h »teh on? 


QC-H " ""J"? T" r ln th * "bin. f ° r * """'fw.tlon 

o"^^°rr t \^"" r ^^^^f«?r t i: v «• .... 
«»H«r.ti»." *• •«*• f ««". »»<> tL ^ " b r:rr=",'f — 

AC5S 0 . ' 'oeoptoble alsep 

«r« »n p«g e 1,3 of tie a ExLr! 8h \ the Procedures for th*t 
^e». the E ^erime n t a checklist, nuflbe, ?J ?f C " yc fre *^ 


^C-K Garble). 

J?c „. r . ^o anead. 

probe. Whonova* J « u «t sorse aore ir^™..*! 

Off <he farI n 6 on the back iTZr^ I^uT 


™rl.« L , h . bb 1 ^^™^ lik. you K ul4 f*. off th, 

Arm, "'**•'■ 1 »»4e'«Und. 

»>«;;. u„. Wbl.>."" V ' 8 °- A "" ^ pr.a» ur . bu „ pe<i . 

ACER "" y - "«'~ <•»'■>* that. ' *"* 8 °- 

■vJ-- I* re r *»<H -v about 5.253 Bo 

^ AP ° 110 ' HCU9t0n - * 5.50 now. v»u c« !?ht! , orr 

f-/.^, Inr ' ? ^ 02 off. Bo. 

b.n. ^r^rr,^ S* s «• ^° 

ACDft Apollo, Houston. 

vou And that J8 the •JS^ ivVS!?; ^ d on * it... 

- «■ ar / -VAP whrow; ve need it off before 


,. JSTP (USA) MC98/1 V; 
Vll/n 00 '^ CDT ' "128 OR 

CC ~ H ' 
Out of thor» »v • igurc out none v*v »>,.« . ' 

»"t it« ^ a h t e ^- ^'rJSJtJi 17 t0 

you go to bed 8 th * ■"ondwy m P throw 1 tl T P ' And on « 

ACPR ..... A ' We need H off before 

nodulel it v.. v Wvln « th « Probe from ?>,- . BoUo *aia* he 

had problea vlth ln.I??« ^ Hw * v «r, he told th. °° Ve U and 
Plight director V«f J ng the tco1 «ary t7, U,at h * 

to work on h ?t ^i, I,UtchlMon ^tructlnTTli* lea8e U " P™be. 
the problem her. and Ut the crev 2| c °ntroUe r4 here 

to the crev i^e J^V*" 100 Co^ol C f?tJ? La' they ' U reviev 

B»D OF TAPE ' ' 

ASTP (USA) MC99/1 

Tine: 01t59 CDT, l8;39 OET 


PAO Apollo Control. Ground elapsed time 18 hours 39 

minutes. The Apollo crew has been asleep nov for not quite 2 hours, 
after reporting a problem in removing the probe in the command module 
tunnel. Engineers and flight controllers here at t..e Mission Control 
Center continue to reviev the problem reported by Vance Brand. He 
said that vhen he vent to remove the probe, it hung up In the tunnel. 
And this caused ~ the hatch could not be closed. The probe mu3t b«* 
removed from the tunnel before entry can be made Into the docking 
moduli;. Flight director Meal Hutchinson han aafced his otaff uupport 
rood I" prepare for procedures to disassemble the probe. Ans<-mMy and 
- diita.i.iembly and assembly of the probe has been aucTetssfully dune on 
i previous Apollo flight. The probe - onboard is the probe vhich was 
•arrWd on Apollo 1*» and returned after Apollo 1** had difficulty in 
docking vith the lunar nodule. The probe vaa returned, refurbished, 
and used again on this mission. The crev vill be awakened at IxbO 
central daylight tic* today and vill be advised on vhett steps 3hould 
be taken to remove the probe. VaXe up time, again - 7:50 A.M. central 
daylight time. At ground elapsed tine of 18 hours ^1 minutes, this 
is Apollo Control. 

SPEAKER Engineers and flight controllers continue to review 

a problem reported briefly by Vance Brand before the crev vent to sleep. 



Tim«: 03:00 COT, 19:1»0 GET 


ApoUo Central '^•h, , T ra, ? 9 ni " Ut * 8 gr °^ d eU I ,ced ^ ™* 

tackling the problem of the JScn^JS h S *? ^ m 

Neil Hutchinson's team s»n «!^i.t \ laat reR l concern of 

«i.,„r,™ In biding a. to Z. l ?'>i' r!1 :: 


Af.TP (1JE1A) MClOl/t 

Time: OU :03 CUT, 20iW QET 


MCC-M (Russian) 
MCC-M (Russian) 

PAO A faw moments ago, Flight Direator, Don Puddy, 

speaking to his counterpart at the Moscow Control Center informing the 
folks over in the Soviet Union that the problea vith the probe, that 
off going Flight Director, Neil Hutchinson mentioned in his change of 
shift briefing, was not a very significant problem in terms Pf tine. 
Puddy thinking that the fix would probably take something on the order 
of 20 to 30 minutes, that not impacting anything very important 
totwrrow. Tomorrow's schedule contains several blocks which could be 
moved whole scale, and nothing would have to be rescheduled essentially 
Apollo right now in a nominal 120- by 9^- »He orbit, with a period uf 
an hour and 28 minutes. One of the things the crew will be doing 
tomorrow, in addition to working on the probe fix, is taking photo- 
graphs, fcarth observations and vlaual observations experiments for 
pr'ncipal inveatigator , Farouk Ki Baz. The targets of opportunity tomo 
occur on revolution 16 and Include cloud and iceberg features around 
the Now Zealand and Northern Australian part of the world. The 
Labrador current and also some photography over southern California. 
Our next ft at us report will be at 21 hours and 1*0 minutes, Ground 
Kiapaed Time. Bight now, we're going to give you Neii Hutchinson's 
chai ge of shift briefing nine about 30 minutes lonfi. This is a tape 
replay of the briefing which Just ended moments ago in the auditorium. 


A8TP (U8h) MC1Q2/1 

Time: Okt$U COT, S1jX3 OCT 


, PA ? - *»•«•• ^ MUalon Control. n, he Apollo la northweBt 

ot Hawaii. And we've got data acquleltion through Hawaii for Apollo. 
f;oyua lu about <.',000 aUea tfee t of the Panaoa Canal. They are out of 
remgtt, on Hoyuz orbit lU. Their crew U up and awake right now, pre- 
paring for today* t maneuver. Later on this aorning, about 3 hours from 
now, the Soyut ia scheduled for a oircularisation maneuver which will 
bring their orbit to a circular orbit of 225 Uloaetera, nominal 
apogee and perigee being the sane. The weather for tomorrow's Earth 
observations pass on rev 16 and 17 for the Apollo looks lik<? it'll be 
mainly aloud top observation, since moat of the New Zealand and voet 
coaat area that the crew vill be looking at - be socked in with large 
clouds. Our next status report will be at 22 - check that 21 hours 
and ^0 minutes. We'll get back on a regular hourly schedule, now. 
At 21: U, this is ApoUo Control. 


AS TP (USA) MC103/1 

Time j OU: J9 Cj/r, SltfcQ QET 

7/16/ f 5 

W ■;..J P S^hI r : M ff ly TO * 80i " 6 int0 wbU 10 evolution 

on thLiJ t ?i a J h ! * oyt} <* rn »°»*- P»r*« of South America Soyut 
in Si L ?»* i 6 , "V > * tVMn Africa and the South America continent 
in the middle of the South AUanlic Ocean. Small conference «!og on 

I K v J" Si C ° nt / 01 " nt,r M th " *> n Buddy fU ght team *m ce^ 
up vith a procedure for reaming that atuok probe. The procedure Involve 

S r ^K^'' rem ° Vin<? the Q ° Ver tor * h « »"> cLSctorl, then 
SSLTlirw^nl ^^"""T 0 "' T* r *" ily one cf th * connected was 
ir^er elo? *l * re * 5vir '« t0 ° l inserted into the 

experiment titled geodyr.aniea. The geodyr.aaie experiment is one 'hat 
is designed to test the feasibility of uait. P - orbiting craft whether 

he Earth a crust. Such anoanliea generally occurr alone fau*» 
llTLTl f 8Cl f ntIfiC i«v..tig.tor. for {he geoOyJaSJ. and another 
the Doppler trading experiment believe thav future spacecraft can be 
employed to better map the fault structure of the Earth'a nantlS 7n\ a 
being a result of the recently iqpjeaented plate tectonic tSorl aJunl 
seolcgxsu. Other then the inference on the preoe, very liuio aTtwftv 

til lr Ml3 ? i0n C ° ntr01 ' N ° ° tW thV have „J t bain ao ^ ' 

have cropped up - very quite owning. Our next etatw report will be at 
22:1.0 ground elapsed tine. At il:kO t this ia Apollo Control. 



Tiwej O6;03 COT, 22j<*3 OCT 

p^O 22 hours ^3 alm.tes ground elapsed tine, tM» is 

Apollo Control. Soyutt Is presently on orbit 16, in the Pacific Ocean 
teat of Oouth America. Apollo on orbit 10, juat northwest of Hawaii, 
Use than 2 hour* *.vay fron crev wakeup for the Apollo. Ground planners 
here at Mission Control, Houston, still working - fine tuning the 
procedures for the probe reconfiguration work. They've got to got the 
crev to work tonorrcv to get that probe out of the way, so that they 
can go ahead and perform the docking nodule checkout which is planned 
for later on in the Jay. According to flight director Don Puddy, how- 
ever, he wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if the crev hadn't 
already solved this probleu before they went to bed, Just failing to 
infora the ground tea* here. So it Just may turn out that Mission Control 
people spent all night worrying for nothirg. One of the experiment* 
planned for the oultl -purpose furnace tomorrow - the first time the 
furnace will be used for this mission - is called MAO-lfc surface tension 
induced convection. It's a rather intereating experiment in that, up 
to this point, nsst cf the investigators that haw been proposing the 
use of furnaces in zero gravity conditions have tilked a great deal about 
the advances of having no gravity. Well, the scientific investigator 
tor this experiment, Dr. Rlchari Hoed, who works for the OnX RMm 
National Ube in Tenr.eeoee, is suggesting that, once you eliminate 
gravity as a problen, you then vill have surface tension problems. 
And so this e>periir.ent is designed to dttect what kind of surface tension 
operates, in zero gravity and if, indeed, surface tension rlJl turn out 
to be *a much of a probleo a* gravity appears to be for certain experi- 
ments Earth. Our ntxt status report is scheduled for ground 
elapsed time. At that tine the cr« will be about 50 ninuteS away froR 
wfcXeup. At 22: «5, this is Apollo Control. 


A8TP (USA) MC105/1 

'fine: 07:00 CPT, 23^0 GET 


PA0 23 houia, 1*0 minute* ground olapaed ticue, This 

is Apollo Control, goyui spacecraft presently on their orbit revolution 
number 17 and ovar vettern USSR right nov. Apollo, on orbit revolution 
nuaber 11, presently right over Central Africa, like to clariiy ft 
ratsunderbtar.ding which may have risen fro* an earlier announcement that 
ve had concerning the resolution of the probe problem. We had usentioned 
earlier thf.t night Director Puddy, considered the problen to be 
of such a nature that it was entirely likely that the crev had gore 
ahead and reaoved the probe during the night and had not notified 
Houston became of the simplicity of *he fix. Nov this ia not, in 
fact. Kr.ovn, it'B Just conjecture from the flight Director, fhe problem 
itself would involved about 20 minutes worth of work - to rerwve 
a „'over pUte on the central piston of the probe assembly and then to 
realign one of the pyro electrical connectors which apoeara to be- 
block! rg the acceas for the tool , which is nomally used to unlatch 
tne cloture latches. A very simple fix. That procedure vi 11 be givpn 
to the crew in Just about 50 minutes crew vake-up over Vanguard. 
Breakfast for the crev today consists of scrambled e^9 and hacon 
wafers and strawberries for Tor Stafford. And soaethir.? called Natural 
creau with strawberries, grapefruit crystal*, for Vance Brand, and 
scransblcd eggs, sausage patties, and strawberries for I«ke Slayton. 
The Soviets are presently avake . In about *» minutes before scheduled 
Apcllo crew oeaber vake up Mae, the Soyuz opacecraft will undergo 
a circularization naneuver which vill bring their spacecraft to an 
orbital altitude of 235 miles apogee by 225, excuse me, kiloneters 
apogee by 225 kilometers perigee. Apollo is scheduled for phase 
maneuver later on today. Sometiae around 3 o'clock this afternoon at 
ground elapsed tlnse of 32:21. We're expect! n* vake-up music over 
♦ anguiird. Although it Bay not be neceasary, crev i 9 scheduled for 
,?ust about 30 Binutea worth of post sleep activity before their vake-up 
cfcil at Vanguard, so the vake-up ausic probably won't wake then up. 
We'll be back up Just before crev vake-up tiae, about h$ minutes from 
nov. At GET 23:!* 3 this is Apollo Control. 


aqtp Urn) mm/i 


t„f 8 ? 1 ■""•<"<»■ Bon Putt.. i 1 "" 1 *" of shl « briefing 

* sUiaUsa steel cover M i * h I/; n ' nute Procedure C H1* for «»1 
f^.,,or ?l then rain.^ X 1 ° f k 

'hrou :r? h r orted ° ut »•« •<« ««.r^^nt«i Ver/ 8tppie ^<^. 

; nroj fc h the procedure and n-> contr< >i oy several pecr'e - 

; c think that f he _ > ana 03 J "0 h*ng upe have be« n r -£< S - 1 

"« -Pened for .^iMUon'S V^J v « , » *«T2. 

:«n.hl M «) <HU,1 ' ; »* « BOH Chic^o entitle! "a** „_„.„, 

CC - M Ob (RuMuJi ^ , l5 De * e <«««t«n). 

r,HP M< I . DeXe. 

A.7DR £ U *£• «P «4 ■orir.g around yet? 

Weil J> J?™ ' Until c»llid. 
3 leer. The - 6 good » sUd you're Ke **i., r , , 

* coup;, ae^r.K ^7^%°/, 

?hat A v ^ socd comm * t^ ;;; t k ? F ::: r the hm >«• ~ 

° C ~ K OkT f ? ° Ut - ten I'll *eJ<e «♦ 

anything I JUBt ; '«t - you do.Vt r.eed to vr te'u d v n 

" a riR8 ., 9 a8fl euver - and lt»« 7U*1^ 5 ^ A h * n P r «>«eedin s or. dovn 
flure that we do »t *h»t ll6tjf d at 2U-00 hours. We'd i«V. ♦ 

• ^u a.. a * v is currently 

ASTP (USA) MC106/2 

J)JJ^ COT, BJ.,85 OW 

uthtlon contact win to Kr^kiiJl^l °L m i^ n from WS «•« 
U»U ^rnlng. If* called lltt* r yof to i ^ 1 a,ght r ** lfld ^ 
v«lve to VW and due to th« probi^ vl l^Jt T** >t0ra «* w Jt 
y«.Mt«nJv - we rocosmend that in,, !If M lth the url "« dump 

""'H- nil liter on. lkC t0 h * ar hov ^ey're working a 

t garble). ok«vy - I g . Je „ the i Mt time I tried i* 

"■r»n-4ing the crev * hat they have to ^L« » r JlUt *' CAP C0MM dipper, 
-n so** switches to nak e sura t to ^ \f ' conf Ration changes 

ATS ' * ~l*rt rr^l^Z^^^^lY quired" 

f»j> morn 

^ ,-, * " M : ■ *k ».'• : : ' * 34 -ground eiv.*!*, ? 9ri «*«» 
^ >0w ' » »,. 0 * a A* 1 ** *r»««t>Uy *™va4 ., Up . g »• ' 


' S- : , . ■ V;; 5^ ^ 

. .-. • ■ t:i :';.. ^u^u^^r. ■ r 

' ^A-»..'i« f ^a;,i rt i ir^u^^^^^ 'and.''"'' ■ ■ 

'■he *.«thv- 4 ift t« fv ... , * , "* " fld about 7 hours of sleep; 

gn .;tn. vat*. ,,,,, tff *4 iu f A# '- ^ f a ^^^«:*^ut '\Xy 

mv(WK) Hcm/2 

4on't knvv, gulps, I «ueas. /ny thine elte you nted? 

; , , u ^~* . , 0k *y- ? h<? thir^ I »w«t4 thtre vu To*'« fluid 
""■wf. WouU you r*pe*t that again, pltwtt 

k'f Y«*h. He's fuJi ot vtter. 

Puil of water. Understand. 

CC * }< D f» Houston, Jujt to n&ktt «ur« if vc undoratand rtn 

w«r* «*rc«» in front of thai, or vviat? 

on* agiL? Y ° U V#r * cut out ^ M9Seov * ^ouV4 you «iv« «e that 

th. phm? u»4 J'***' V * ;- inJ * r " v * digit indications on 

y>>y r**a eve tni9 

-^J^ J thou * ht th * p « v *» • 6 in front of Bin*, 

ft/id by and 4 'U aee if the guya h»v« anything «l»e. 

. Appreciate U if you would go back and taXe « 


<USA) HC 09/1 
P 7/16/75 C0T « ? 5i030lT 

w ^ ~ r < ly thro 4- h °; *r gjj. 

cc -« w.i • * av<v the r« for J*!? °f COfi *» ttcht b©t V «*n 

Ctf -« 22; Cri ** «°* Jo i; tt SUJ 4 

AMP 9 W> or so «inut W and tfll 

«e<?ondary («arbl A l t* * An<1 «i«o Crir v ».^ 

1 " h nw.„ T Uunga cooled ofr 

"•^••^'ll!^ ^ou did actlvlate the 

CC-ji e h » v «n't y©t but w» « 

ast? (u:;a} ffiw/? 

■■■■ -W„' ' ■ • ■ ' ■■ 

,\JW . /: OXVt you, • .■/■■ 

.ton*. Its. wrrvcU 

yeu ar«J rUKt, tfc*t v*»o*t do**,' I w " . 

.|i4V*.fov<M«tr»c**i vlt* the i>roV»'K*in*»t 

,,C(Mt... 0*^, .-.fty-M* avew, \ I.- '*\»#* V-v«. going to' ■■ 

itt!; *' r ' ift WW t;oo*4-vh«-h6H"u^ to' m ; V?E hoia "up on th* 

t^vf 1 ' l * rf y.« «* ia « to. ^^ vh«,h*r...w;h^«# forcing jfUfc-ihW - • 

■„:■;-■... W ■ Okfey.."' : ' :■; 

' !fl ' • .' ^f'" •■< CJ *^.^ i '. 'e*>*i Crijv that Vr* ♦ *tl'«« our'' 

*oip* im?: v..utt u: tin* t*.o, .«?.a i ftift:t«';m '■■ i n v -y r- ■ '*> * ir"'/-". ■ -'^ : v ' ' 

ASTP (UM) MO 110 /I 

VUft? i'S j 12 QKT, 00:Ui» COT 

l, tK t ,S, We riW hnv * • «*™b#rry coto-*l apaeacrntt Whit) 

Ah hah * «pUl aiuchr 
J „ <'.<**n't t<*« feuvh up Wo to »(>«» Uke ft lot. 

^ vh * fc *' n * n ** a 10 r>aKe you* right? 
£'.?V ^ i*t off to * ^Vm! 

r .*r- ,„'\ Ini'l-Jaiitaily, your fvlsn&e up tW* < ,,jt m>t 

*P r-^enr. '^ Utf;1 ^. 14 - ^ul lot t* ,poU you, 4*y 

f " L>fetver ntv*r Colt better. 

!£/ b« southing better but it's b*«r. to Long 

V : i,vfe M# ft u , 1 c,^l^U. \r«*Uy \t«il yoy, 

Ro*t.r, that. 

: vrow2 ^<L: : h ^/ ou **** «vo*t tnu 

iT.-r.^ »r*i,.j«ra ! .:;n*ld»r working It, I k^y vj-j'r.» - k<i.< ^ 
br«Hf„t >w e% yo, til, .bout th^ ^ ° f 

vru/^thlng VC 3W *' " *»'t h &Vft to 

dvw't fceaev* if, ^i.:* to be ntct^ary f or you to vrHa JwMn. 

'.'V' ''^^ ■ '- ! Xsty, gO:**' . 

.:.'.! .', Vft f «* »»■» InvwtigaUrn ^1 s.«.« 

1^ Ifi tin t f Photos that ahov on e ft f th» f in4«4 ' . 

Klf in ^ f ^ :IS MUln 8 0ver W «onntoUon point for Vour 

H** out though to b« ai-ie to a83c „ the w « a » u 

m ^. r,URttr *> il lf ' d0 «">'t luok like m ,: h of a proM^ ^, 

f»ut that, doesn't i,-, Uke BW „ of a problei5 at all # Ve ,^ 0 ^ 
jjncr ve R «t tu there, ve'd kind of like to verify the color of dots vlth 
the connector, xo „«e aur. ve knov vhich on*' 3 Jom.ected y v!, 

^nnector it - wnxch vaa the - red one, vhich according t<> 
procedure*, hfev< ? heen the one that vas fired on . 

d t .v* log. Go it Toe,, like the used one is the ihaf '-'V/" 
pr^ lG «. Nov, lf ,nat le the problem, that v-'ticular oon^-tor look, 



TiMi asiia 08T, MtMi 

An}V\? u ht UUU Ui to <«t in an* r « ie4S , 

compter that can - yo^Iot f liHU !i{ i ' * '* tht ytlIw 

Pulled off to .lii y Q f J<> \ 0 \^ \SJ rS JJI"* % °\ ™* U CM 

leave too, of h* to yoJr * w * 1 U,inK ve 

'here, take a l00k at U| «ee JoJ /JS h« 8 !2! y0u *» l U 

a hold of. Rt«JmJ you, youWe \h ( *\" bU) «•«> 

of that p tn .t rti f ht ener kit r FyS iM nf L. P 'T*' vhi *' h io 
ve do vant, after ve get 1 , ** /<?u n * ed tnou * l <> vork on It, 

ve 4o need U for eo««tMng I Htttl itT^t * prCb " Ju,t in c * 8e 
re<i connector if I * Vl # bU Ut,r on « .'»<*♦ ver, that 

* .iSi L?i M^oS^W*? u - u *»•• «t ft i.v to 

out of tho road s0 that if w J* 7 * V Ju9t U P* securely 
probe. * ° thAt 11 Von 1 when v*'rt retracting the 


ASTP (USA) mil/l 


«ivft u# « r-ad-vit * - f 1, H'« "cuv*r«*,* 

to k*e r h i.retty a-...,? 1 ??* very Wich « That Hllova JWtu a 

rv J * " y * U ^ J of what your *WQN 4ovti h* r * 

C C -rH A»v,tr»> o < QUr Battery stutua f* 

vute Mom*, V9 „, V4lv „ c , n " 0 V {f »r«t ni oho«., 

»»-•• vf TAPS 

' U * H - *9 «»« lh , t pvi*? 110 * Huston. Vm . 

ss. j^s?: ^r- « ,,w 

«» ^ v ._ * rt 

you vatch tt 

CMP icX». * 3 *' 

ecu -rur« ^54 3PO 

U P VtXh Uifet A P«ll0, *OU* ton » 

CMP' • tthvi<l. . 

00. it g ° U ve hl> j?o * ' Cr *P..*> perhin. v. 

u r ««• vector. . A » u °. «ou,f 6r 6 ;°y ?^. 

- "' *53% W 

CMP ,H °*<»r, Nice talking , 

J«* tc BLOCKED. 6 
Pao Bo s*r that. 

*t*»i; ' / "'^ fu » »>i««lor r polio Control. ?< k 

*V« *£u » 0 5p ? f th *" «iroff2i L;/ he S <^ 2 or« ,V!5 ht 
maneuver vm v_ ? ki Vetera or 

«econ4e - ? o J'f 1 * rt ?yn<J *lap 8e a - ^ J hours fro w P( , v ,5 np <^ a po11o 

?/ 16/75 

>'ext »UUon, in ;?« ntnuus, via W W'^n , - 


M««»r.J «\ ?« up wi^S^SSSJ T sor 

(V u -nat'a not coraplete v««ii 

Okav ri.,^ v ™**"*' *« U fl#t on it, 

CMP ... 

«"k> I «a»use you v*nt S- V * re s °* rig to ™»et, Dick rt « ♦ *» 

to Activate th« •v.JorltJ*. «J f *i P 0ut of th « loop but v - 




hm ■ ... . ■ :; ,v - p v f ■ ^ «n**.**. ;ui>. 1,*, .thtfAf* w ; 

ASTP(USA) MC116/1 

Time: 10:29 COT, 27:09 GET ■ 


■ CMP Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Go ahead, Vance. 

CMP Okay. A question about the zone-forr.iriiz fungi . 

CC-H Okay, shoot. 

CMP Of course, whan we taluv pictures, the covers are open; 

the ,'?«*t of the tine, should the covers be closed or open? Just in between 

CC-H Okay. Stand by a second, I'll get you an answer, 

Vance . 

CMP Right. 

CC-H Vance, we'd like the covers closed in between the pic- 

ture taking session. 

CMP Okay, so we thought ; thank you. 

• ' CC-H ■■ ' .'Okay. - ■ . " , 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We're tvo minutes from LOS of the 

satellite; I'll be giving you a call down at Orroral Valley at 27:2k ar.4 
ve'll check your status in the checklist then, so we'll see you then, 

2MP Roger. Understand. 

CC-H. Incidentally, Vance. We have been downlinking TV and 

we've got a picture from both TV stations; it's looks like the ore that's 
pointing at the ma?n display console aay be a hair out of focus, but 
other than that good pictures. 

CMP Okay. We'll check it; see it you can get a better 


CC-H Okay. No problem. 

*'AQ This 13 Apollo Control. Lobs of signal from - - 


ASTP (USA) VC117/1 

PAO T . . . 

c/ ;.l, Hellc, Houston. 

Acnn Apollo, Houston. H*n.-. „* ~ 

Iff ° f ^ e ^e, «d ^"^^ ^ing this baseplate 

-•t the 3 screws bursted Iocs if 5 r0l - : '"'- si revs wcr* 1 . 

torque And he h& 9n 'r ™t Z \" Ut ' lt s6eris Uk* it in'*,. * " e 3 
CM? n \ sot tfl e base plate off. treiaendous 

Cfip/'lt doesn't look^ke^rn S 5°^ * Ut ^mething new h~r, 
;,Vf* Vin f cover , n , r^t^ST ^,7*° b8 * e **** <^ ' 

:: f to get P/ro connector m 't^r' tnro ^ h l "« side, I- Ve been 
V;- ir f ° n the M * -that's in the It , f^ 6 * dot off ' And now I ?! 
* out - <e t off - without rSov ^'^ MC " - 1 thlnk I'" be ] ? 0 
" CcT 13 al3 ° 0r&nSft ' * Pyr ° teral ^l- The one tha?. s 

* 3l?ght Eisur.dPrs^'idiniT 1 by Just 1 8 «ond, Vane- j , 
"<* to yc, HMg ln ^^i^tlon,. ' 8 «t I^i „ e ^™ ^ 

"t ™«>ved the connect V Hh ITo™*" 1 g " eS3 the one - I- Ve 

»•{» . Vance, i ► v . 

"^'-i- v G '* d origan; t"o i^v * 

^ -M-.po-.head screws in Thc , to ao v ^ not rwww <-V 

" lif " te "« nut end - that vo . " there'. H lltu 

■ renovc that I hex hut ' " " ~ W and \ , 

j*^" I Just dtdn't^3 V ^dT;'' , '''f '' ^ nur orr. fiu » . 

:ci { C ° Ver Cff ' . " 8 U ^ J ' thought . 

"sut you do have^tt'rel'hV^; V ' U u off, yo ,->> flJfc 

siup»« r A,4i v . , rea^n down to ' '• .h,,. » w 4 » a '• see 

♦ ;f? "ft ^ r4 - A ^ there' re ;■ s 7 t , thero • "'^t - and 

• ■v < hands . 

ASTP (USA) MC117/2 ■"• 

y 1 ,^' 10:39 CDT . 27:19 GET 

.™ on*-, rt'soff. 

CMP " ey * 8Uper: Good - 

■ C/Mi ■■■■■■■■ ■ ' '" 1 1 /v ' ' .. — *. 

And I t Mlft ve . re ,„ ^- : h e ,^ he °'f»»J!"S cnwctor. off, too, n,v. 

talking to you on the ATS here 'r ^ ftre 800(5 ■ 80 ve '^ be 
you to - after you got the. pyro cove^ tV^ 0 "!!' lntended ^ 

connector, and either reinaSi? H so If t^ 1 ' reraov<? ^ offending 
or tape it out of the vay, inltal tV i " * C ° V6r the to ° : Pl«e, 
the pyro cover, Wll| ^1 J^f^T 6 * 10 "' the "> "^tall 

e« ^through lhe durM {o to* uck to r^inal, ttd you 

«ure there', any placed ^x^r^V^ b ° th " rs is - 1 '* not 
be in^the v ay . But I'H try it? ^.r.ector easily, 3o that it won't 

Okay. ■ ■ 


How do you read? AP0UO ' Hou " ton - ™Ung to you through the ATS. 

read vru i--.,-t ,'* U9t ■'-tting you knov ve'v io»>»,i ,„. ~ , 

-,^p " d and clear. Hcv you doing? J-o^ed uj;, De« e . And I 

«Q«areV«v«y f now. I co£d"ot «J tX ° R ' 1 thln * Ve '™ *" 

^vinjr it interfere. So I've left it J< con ™ctor ^ack on vithout 

'«re connected. ' efj " <" "connected. The other 3 connect era 

tw H -°i u ^s t to'.i r M/ here th&t ^ 

'•ho screv on tc loo* d-wn ♦»..! 1° ' iike ~ v * hare to c.„ <* r ..,. 
can', gtSt that ,or. n ectoTc^r-^rMr a ^ CUy " ril * «m*i» 
* r that it . 8 „ a vir r J" ^ ^« ^ U 

" huh. Wen t 

'•'ui-LSsity, why don't vou d^Hhlk /OU yhat ~ ^ U9t for our 

*ncl not connected. ft *W>y that it's out of the vay 

. C ^ 0*ay. x * fhe -v.,---- 

°e ay reference point, here, i J^I t^r butt0 " in to 

«ed in there aidevaye. i,a t . f n ' Alid u s of 

- ; What I coUd dot f U vou id h « * r. * l^ 8 t0 d - « ^ 

ASTP /USA) MC117/3 

7 AC/75 10:39 CDT '" 27:1 9 

Just "eV'a piece of o'l'clT f^v °? Jeet /" h ^at . You ra i g ht 
outside of the cover. It'a in pfg ^ P& 815,3 tape U to t« 

^ Okar. 

you 'J keep us advised, v e 'd a^cia^J & V° U k ° ep workin * on it, if 
should be off by nov .' The cnT'eason - ^Jf***. the biostack 
having all this talk about the /^d 111 fv, f e « nd f«« you is - ve're 
end " c J'«t «dn'i want to nisJ it busi " es * *>out the probe, 

™ Ro g ° UC 0o!" J8tOn - VtBM ' ^ -till listening 

probe^elve., -Ate ^i^! ^? J?^ tl^"* ^ Ic ° ki ^ " the 
the oray caution that ve'd i ike t " ^f"" 8 the ^nnector cut of th» vav 
•Jo fuid the probe, that eonwrtoj J* U-fV? ^ " lhfct • 

- veil, at any rat,-, th/ Virin « - to be vlthin 

m <V »ovr. in the prcbe^^ the J AT ^ t0 " 

a real , Jod i eT S™^. «t.h ft^'Xl 

*«n »« juot vhat I •„ iccj^ fjf 3 * re raiIi >' ™ top ,f this. y,.„ 

* ;ifer of fact ^ 1 SCt °" e about 6 ir ' ch '- 3 ^ fror.t .,f TV r , , # 

after ^thia exercise . ^ 11 ^ b * Ck end of th * } robe very veil 

i : t' -;rsf r '::: tha :- *« ve -n try . 

-r iitu. probe probie^^ ' ' ^ * R ° rC61 ? ' v* have 

.',^ H You're right, there; 

your TVi* Hke lookfng rh^Lw.^: ^ff*' ' Dick ~ ^ you think 

IV ah. I h«»Ar<i iVfti •• . , " ' 

you had a atravberrv^oiortd 7 * \ he * rd t-hat coroner, t that 
'Md you have a .tra^e^v'eol^ **** * ' Vfts Wring 

One little lonely CP. 

Hiink : ♦ > 11 3V8b this Vi.vJOV off th - , ' r , 

tfunk it'o going to fee &u right 1 CflJ1 * i 

■■■ : ts* Si?- ' 

<*f it. ^ ^ ° ra ' lg - drinA ' tut 1 Vfts able to catch 

AST? (USA) MC117A 

•7/16/75 10 : 39 CDT ' 27:19 ° £T "' 

iryo£n Ju9t let uf^ v T e?; a Vhat «« - 

spacecraft when we glT^**™ * beautIrul . F'S'chedellc-colorad 

listen, "one th-^r * C ? d ' 1,11 vatch tor it on the TV h*- 

We're „. vlng a ^ iT-VS^"™*™ *™ * ago' ' ' 

vast* water tank. And one of VCf l™*?* Vith the v *ter level tn the 
EVAP - the S ood nev 3 n L! of co^sY™* ? ^V? that the "«>n«^ 
cooler. But the bad r.evs ia !ls thlt "t ! th< " you * 

water. So if you could stand to turf tn. « V**' heatin « the 
us let the water level build up in^L vl?^ 0 "^ Wnt off ™* lei 
down to 50 per cent - it vouid help u S n T* "tl" lan3t " ri « ht now if, 
aent. ^ ^ JlUa us out on those constables r.anage- 

off eJery time that ^A^\TlL\l^ ln 382 ™« "* turn on and 
if ve just leave that iu A^ ^l ^T^/ ^".tor. Is it okay 
of any^leak* dovn there, are y ^ ^ tiffie? A d <>^ think you're ^ fraid 

A Xnn S ka: ' ' let check. 

The probe is out. 

■v«r,K ? ey » S JOi, Tern. 

(Garble. ) 

' ~~ U Thank you 

J 'AO ■ 

Y first 10 ninuL h s%f\^ii s 0 ,::^S; playback 

'-he t.jnnel that connects the ^ > ^ inreaovir.g the bulky probe *" rCB 
^url„ e the playback ve had L ^^^0^ ^ t0 the ™££ 
half «f tape, over the 0 litv t.L? °' abwt a aInute ^d a 
vhich^'li play back at this tiw ' ^ 8t *" 1CB in Australia, 

about Tminutes. H^yo^T^' Sh0rt P ftS8 at ^al Valley for 

4f H and ciear, Crip. 

Roger Vanea. HcW„ ya-n dclr , 

"ne - Soke's j U9 t - e9tlretft V ** re ab0>Jt 20 ninute/c-ehin* the 

m> or tape 

ACTP (USA) MC118/1 

Time: 10:50 CLT, 2 7 ; 3 0 GET 



Loud and clear, Crlp( 8 ic) . 
Roger, Vance. How are ya'll doing? 

CMP T oat ■[ * J-J- UOingf 

line. DeXe i 3 Juat geuinfread; " tT*f W *? * inut " the tfe- 

MCT-R ft^-fg read/ to go into the DM. 

are about"' 1 ral nute ^W^IZ?:*" 11 ': H ° U3t ° n ' We 
*t 27:53 then ve'H see you 'or, th .SelliE ^ V\° rt S&ntia S° P* 38 
check Hat are good. satellite. The high gain angles in the 

K0 : ' kay ' Vance. See vou late- 

"t the'orroral vallejl ^ac^rTatat iT™ 1 ' ^ COC * let ** the playback 
r...ucr iU , B ltIon thro J a^o sltelM JJf J* »i«ule. unUl 

'■over.** fro,, these two atattcne Je^ Chile overlapping 

in setting the acceoa c^H^oS 4. * ^ Pr ° blems ^ere 

d-.wn ralrly tight and he had t 'vresti i^H fE^™"* v *™ to ^ued 

and in aero g appartfntlv *h«1e w« l 1 ??" USlnS the r6tchet vrench 

Ba- -e, vcre success; '-X^rTlV F ^ thM U is on 

■-he v,-r^i, ♦ « ^ . V" ' iR£ tj e connector to one side to allow 

t°fr l0S V'* ^ ° f the Probe t: UOV 
Returning in 19 r,;^ I a???"? 0f lh ° ""hanian. 

ela : ,,-j tlr.o. * iS ApC ^° Cont «* ^ 27:33 ground 

knd ck tak: f 7> 51.25 

" ^ a? 

-V-); you loud ^ ^ d0 « VOlJ 

Ui " ? - *>t u d0 ey ^ ( One thing that le a fi , n 

ACDR i" - *^ the ln th t L thi ^ * «o erased * facl 

you ett . t do the rMght « ^ And* £!J thftt *r.£nd huh? 

aw CP PAI-E 

«TJ- (USA) HC120/1 

■ ■ ' ■ SPKR ■" 

CC-H CAP C 0yuM> fl , ght> 

the eheckltc*- _^ ?, ° Aio . Houston T , 

several ?h? ve P 1 " this AW " to *«" "iier« vo„ . , 

/«■ let ,,e ^ <».t the doc^Cf °? J'™ ■ eluding the 

^'-ji^^.M - - ««. tt ,e „.*" 



ASTP(uaA) HC121/1 

Tinie: 31:31 CDT, 28:11 OKT 

S ^ U f"^ l '° V d ° you rea ^ through A'P.'P 

ACD * ^- ok Cl ° ar ' TOir " H ° V 

on thirg-j here. *^ Sh * Pe ' Dick ' Ve 're just slcvlv getting cau-, 

CC H n ° & 

ACDR n !*fr e a f* *n your stuff, Tom? 

vest from Fi to U2. Ir seUi'^^ 5^ ^f" 1 Ju9t transferred the life 

«-e haven't ,ot to the docking s y ste" ^^1^ S^T 26 h ° U " 

start the docking syst"*^ checkout S "* t l% POint ; hat >^'re ready to 
and I understand that the guys are T Md V€ * ,:L1 6° bftck to data 
the dockirg rccdule. MaybeTcan\ " £ ^-^allation and checkout' 

charts^ the various caaeras. " ta the " ^ing at the color 

CC-H they're not qu'te ready ye-. 

th6y J-t U^ue W J^f^f ■* " "hen 

cee.M?°ir. ^o-Xtles^™ ^°J^™ 1 ' The Soyuz crev ha, been 
craft ard we're W v getXg a o\of £ e t'Z'lr*^"*** 0 '" th ° ^ 
coming down on the Soyu* • fievision li£ !hf i^'*" 7 Le ° n0V **« **«ov 
monitors in the nev.roos or in the at™ ? 18 " Can be aeef > °" the 

CMP. . ! i 7 Soyuz roofi5 'in room 13S BuiM«n, 5 

«<*e Md look e( . th0 - c ^ n r^^,;-^ *g «d go to TV dovLU 2 ' 

»ltoh over into there and Jo ?w ve 5 ' !t aet "P «» the DH. 

>«, £ . bMt 3, ,e«„ a , , r „r^ ^ » «^ ^pp*,, «■«•■ 

acdr Houston, Apoilo. 

ACDR G ° Shead ' Toa - 

Wn going thresh the^ocXe^I^VoS W ^If'* ^ Checkout ' 

^ d Ml, but the vhole thins < « t *I . ? ' °* te,idln K the guide ring 

™ checkout up thrre and he's the ^on. ^a ^it^' ?? ln * the TV a " t! ^i 

stand by just a second. 


ASTP (Ma) KC122/1 
- j;-; 75 01:lU CDT, 26:2l0ET 

S ■ J*?" Die"' ¥ JU8t a 8eCo ^- 

Star - d A?D 0 R U ' re t h ^ h 1 Cto r Si. yCU &b0Ut b ^ 1 — 

J£? ^ JU8t bSreiy " ^ *<< Over, 

once wftt the ^^T^Z IX 

hello «a ve-r. PreasSr rig B h 1' on ^^ S 30 ™ every bod y there 

J™ Hcger. Thank you. 

aateliuenov. Hcv ^^™- 1 ^ ,ou b 6ck throu , h the 

vhat vhat the conf^tionXrf ^ **** * at exact * 

bit :L r T d - veli « on - 1 belike ^;;!' h %T * opyin * y° u dovn <>« • 

have to VL a 2? ittlne thrCUSh ^ S oov; ni ^f v :^^ d h th r-^ the satellite, 
to ao mother voice check at * Ut.rli^ U out ' ve ^ 

CMp ^oger, Dick. 

on the TV no.T K ° U9t ^ r?6 .you ,, e the color chart 

CC-H Ok&v ' - * 

eras ^ d H ve ' n at it. "" 6na ° y J ' U - 5t 8 «nd let us switch c m - 

u S tak£a look at the^lor^ 1 ™' * *° h6ve th « Picture here and lot 
it for at least *n • V^*' We '- i iet .vou know. y» V a^ w 

pmp " "okay " ftnd " 80 8ttwd by. "" °°* ftl 

Sh J° ^ ead . Ton. 

D ° the otherlj'c^al; yet^* mi8fi * d With this.vlev nov, 

,V « Negative ve haven't irotten t* ► 

th. -tt th. , , ° k&y ' ^en you «f 4 J ^.{f* f0r ^Wl-t. 

• - at the color c""&r*- r,. *■ . • it on, ve'H ts>» « 

P «P ° Cm ,1 Car ' ertu barbie . * * AOok ftl 

-on 3 turn I've s ,t f t up ^ S^rec 

^ XiX.LV" 6 1UtU * ^e c^ra i f v oy eiA . 

«u«ai« friends read'a** r * a<iabi * 0n ^ ^or ar.yvay. Let oft* cf your 

'•'"''^ Okay, '^'n have aA4 

' 9Xe «et one of those 


ASTP (USA) MC123/1 

™> 28:31 GET 

Wi'C H •' ■ " ounton . Apoile. 

a'(:ds ' "° ahead - Toffi 

«Vnt planner an J f^" ♦ Ut d ° Ins ae a favor, Dick - . 

mccIh Tha ^ you. 

i/<%\ Houston, Apollo. 

have to be' the next r** 1 "° " '- here ' 8 nov vay Ve en* n . 
, «4 - bit th. . tht M ' « " "Wit 'ru™i,. c 

in .hire y--"''L, t*)"' 1:ck nf ""' i "»«• « »»? »™ 

woo - ii. K TOr «' «w . 59:35 or Z n g 



Time: 12:01 CDT, 22:11* GET 


CC _ H Okf v v. We're looking at ths view guides. There is 

some shadow or. the - and the cables are a little bit in the way, so 
let us just look at l'_ here for a second ani I'll get rignt hack to you. 

ACDR Okay . _ , . 

CC .H Okay. That's gat ev^-ythinj, out of the way of the 

color chart new so if you car., stand by with all that speahetf. for a 
aecon.l and I'll get back to you. 

H\P - . ' :■: - Fight . 

rc _ H Ckv We're satisfied with looking at the color 

br,r charts. Thanh yvu nuch. You ce: 4 ireaa or: with the check list. 
Than* 3 Deke. 

DMP . Okay . . 

CC _ H Looks like you all took sosie snakes with you *n &Q- 

ditl^to the BOSquito.^ ^ g;jt ft vehi u? here< 

r;c-H ■ Roger. 

ACDR Ve need a couple of crocodiles to so with then. 

CC-H (Laughter) Roger. 

cc _« Apcllc, Houston for Deke or Vance - on* of you guys 

in the DM. 

SPEAKER Go ahead. . 

cc H Hey listen. We thihk we night make a little aoney 

here by skipping step 12 and delaying the rr.ult ipurpese ^yce prep- 
aration and going ahead and doir.g step thirteen which Is the DAC iV 
edition LsAince we are - are locked up on television where we have 
about another 7 minutes left on the ATS. Sc we'd s th^t *ou *o 
-step 13 and then - and then go back to step 12 if Uiat 9 you. 

CMP Okay, fine. We'll J^-p into it. 

CC-K Okay, fine. If you'll hustle, mayVe you can Just 

^ t H out of. the way before we have LOS , and then you car. go back and 
the other one. Thank you. 

Ui> ')7 TAPS 


.Time: 12:11 COT, 28:51 QBT 


,v P \| Unl l Y Just a fiecond, l>ke. 

W-U turn it on omr^'v.^^ tVf°i ^ °" 7 * " 

MCC-H -icav lylS J ?" lf yoa Vftnt ua to later, 

the TV and we'll vatcToc ahfad ^ " ^ ^ V *' re look1 ^ *' 

r#'P ?* &y - i? an * 0:1 ^ ust a second. 

„ , (Garble) teat here. 

haver •'♦"«en 1* ^ gues !f d wha * probably aayc, but - ve st«ll 
1<wu ' - seen it. Can you tilt + he a i-'.*,* w„ s<^n 

Ir: other vorda - the 4w vav 5V UUlt blt ttwaa ' fron 2™, Deke? 

glare « it. " *" 9 otfter va *. it's got too much 

f.t.' V £r your l„fb^ation°"e-;: 3 ? U3 ^ vith the vibration 

DAC running, so you cau ^ a ' / , ^ ^^^V" »"h the 

good *,e 3S es as to vhat ?r" -."-V",' ' ! ^ f roce> ure » ni " ^ve .one 
tuat e^re the vhite pas* . ' " 1 ° '* * reaJ St because of 

c£.H (Wla^ 1 S:t>i: : " : P a3P9a r ' Jr "<"^ng test. 

?f, ■ That's * bi<( ^Ueru 

• u **>'- vhat. *• f bought;, w^-i r a<r *r 

and v^r, Juat scL^Z^T^Xr J™' 5 **«AW^ 
Orroral Valley. r ™ ;f ™ ■■>•■««. i'll call you at 

DM? - Okay. 

£S? ! R Z r ' ^ U /o« up at Australia. 

c : r , you there. 

ATS-?: satellite. Abou 50 « ^. ° ; <? * of trough 

^ring SO ne of th> teat in*" c>f ' "C e XZi s X;* Xn * in Austra1 ^- 

^ ,,l,r testa, tod Deke Slav ton « i\ ""aa Y rU- I °f 9CJ)ftrati ^ 
Kr.vvi and he turned the cnr-i r ^ ' ? 1% ! ^ a1?Uit f -" st the , 

iy. i-^-^jr, ftt Orrorei Valley and standi n« 

" l ," H Apciip, Houston. Tnrouch ^rrorAl 

iris ^ rt-rlEr:— «-s.^- 

KffI* Of I'AJ'v 

ASTP (USA) MC126/1 
Time; 12:<*6 COT, 29:27 GMT 

n^O This is Apollo Control, 29:26 ground lapsed time in 

♦ v.. ;,«i on of Apollo and Soyvz. Quito, Equador tracking station will pick 
up Apollo In about 2? Seconds. ApoTlo nov in its iHh revolution - near- 

Ue «i of the fourteenth revolution. Apollo nov trailing Soyw by 
sonevJat less thw 1600 nautical ailes. We should have aciui.ition 
though Quito at this tine. We'll stand by for Dick Truly's call to the 

crev of Apollo. u Houstcn through Quito fcr U minutes. 

tew Okay, Dick. We're still finishing up the DM activation. 

h i.t and ve'U have the maltipurpose furn^e okay. We JJ^J have a 
coup'- of decisions on the flight plan. Are. ye going to go that M 
I: J'rc- Ve Koing to extend the docking mechanism, or are ve going to do 
(h . m . the cal oh the UVAX cn that? Over. . 

re h Okay. That 'a - To«u that's what ve 've ; been taUing 

abjuring LOS and I guess to nake cn intelligent decision, ye need to 
£v ox^tiy how. far you guy. have gotten into docking - into the dol- 
ing acdul. checkout. ^ ^ ^ throvgh ^ , actually. I've 
got to" take the readings y*t and close down - it should le in less than 

5 ^Tcii Okav. Fine. Vnen you get the reading, I'll be stand- 

ing by to get then, and" Tor., l*t ne gel right back tc ycu. Okay? 
■■ ACDR Roger. 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

fC _ H Apollc, Houston. Go ahead. 

A p DR okay, Dick. We haven't even thought eating 

v.t. We could skip that and work it - try : > vork it in liter. 
y,t " r r H P Well, ve don't plan on you skipping it. we've ve 

*re trvln* to Juggle things fcr the afternoon and seeing hov ve can - 
tZ v7can c A. And we're talking about, nov, vhat ve vant you to - , 
- hov V3 want you to plan this next hear or so. 

pmp .Houston, Apollo . . 

C,_H Apollo, Houston. We're about 30 seconds froo LOS 

y,» r » Quito I'll see vou when you get lecked up on the A10. Ton, 
Si? ve'S surest s - i.*-iurir. 5 this - is that ve do the Joking ay.- 
Checkout in the Joint CPS set list after ve get locked up 
on. * he ATS and alao during this up-c«lng nffit period that ve try to 
get this UVA C0A3 cal 3n and then break for lunch. 

A.CDR ■■■ Sounds gc-rd. ■ t . ■ , , , ^ 

CC-H Anl ve'll be looking at this afternoon's schedule ■ 

■ for the rest. 


ASTP (USA) MC127/1 

Time: 12:56 CDT, 29:36 GET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston, through Berrauda. How do you read? 

ACDR Loud and clear. 

CC-H Okay, Tom. We vere close to i,OS there. Let aie 

jusr review vhat it ia we are going to be doing in the next few minutes 
and then we'll got on with it. First of all, when ve get looked up good 
on the ATS , we'd like in the Joint systems checklist starting or. page 

to go through the docking aybter. checkout. After vs get 
through with that, we plan on doinp the UVA COAS' cal and at tnat poi*u t 
we'll Ju.-t break and let you guys get a bite to eat. Also when ve cone 
over the RuBSian aide again, we plan to do a real $ulck voice check and 
- once nore. And in order to be set up for the ! A'A COAS cal, we'd like 
to go ahead and deactivate the primary evaporator. 

ACL-K Good work. 

■ t-ti Okay. Real fine. 

'^-H Apollo, Houston. One consent on the decking '■iystea 

checkout - I don't think there is any confusion in your ni::d but Jus', 
t-j mate -jure, there is a couple of places in the procedures that it. 
referrf to - a c:- ;pie of notes vhere it says if ve are clicking sys;^ 
tfrvA^O tor tr.13 checkout today, ve are going to checkout the uysbi^n ALrHA 
only so just ignore those notes. Ve will not be checking out systea S?AV 
ACDR I understand. 

"''--'^ Apollo, Houston. The EECOM noticed that the "£VAV 

ha-;-. \ r . 1 temperature is down real low. You night check again through the 
pr -e-juve on deictivatir.;: the pric&ry evaporator - make sure that :• i:e 
vai'/es all vent in the right direction. 

ACDR Okay. . 

AC£)n (Garble) Houston. Are you ready for us to activa* i* 

tne circuit breakers? 

Ton-, yed. What I was Just getting ready to call 
you was ve've cot data or. the ATS. We want you to go ahead and start 
through the procedure and when you - are you through with step 21 if not, 
vh*n you got through with step 2 let us know and we'll proceed fror. 'here 

A~H We're finished v-;th step 2, ready to proceed. 

■-Z-n Okay. Proceed, go ahead. And let us know what you 

are i j i >;g please. 

ACD.R Okay. Starting step 3 now. 

CC-H Okay. . . . 

ACDR Okay. We have step 3 completed and i:o><? says nc's 

vL'-5i Okay. Stand by a oecond. 

DMP Yeah, and Dick, for your information, th» enly jine 

I run s-io is line 5 and 6. For sosae reason, the rest of are al\ 

CC-H 1 understand that you can see - -".kay. You can 

;;oe lines 5 a;;d 6 only? 

DM? That 'a affirmative. I can see a Utile bit of 1* 

! -'ut I, 2, and I - the ones ve usually use for thU - nonv of them are 
Uible. They are all blocked out by sorae shrouds. 

a:;tp (ur:A) mcipy/J* 

Tifim: CUT , 29:36 GL'f 


CC-H Roger, copy. 

DMP Anyvay, it ought to be accurate enough. 

CC-H I'd sorry, Apolio. 3ay it again. 

DM? I think our (gf.rble) had ft good enough accuracy, I 
would thivifc , vith line 5. 

CC-H Roger. Standby. 

ACDR Houston, we're Still standing by. 

1.-C-H Roger, Ton. We were talking. Let ae get back to 

you right nov. Back on step 3, I probably aisled you there. On Step 3 
we would like to close all the breakers for systems A and B but Inter in 
the procedure, when it says actually activating system E, ve will not 
do that so go back to step 3 and close all breakers for both system? 
and also then we'll be ready to proceed. We do want to. terminate 
the BATT ALPHA charge though before proceeding further in •>.€? - with 
the motors in the procedures. For your information, it' a in the 
systems checklist page 1-6. 

ACDR Okay. 

CC-H And so let roe know when the circuit breaker 

is in and the BAT? A charge i3 terminated and we'll press on. 
ACDR Okay , ail — 


• rt «...: ll:06 : CDT, 29: ! *6 OCT 





breaker is 



step 7 . 






. CC-H 

on t i 

■ yj* 



! >M: 

i nch 

All 12 circuit breakers are in. 

*»• 13 terminated and BAT RKLAY BUB 

Okay. Super. Pres. on and start - starting with 

Okay. Starting guide ring extent. 
Okay. We're watching it on the ua-.a. 
Our passive light went out. 

OkS" We have a sulde ring extent light. 
Skty. We see it here on the ground loo. Vane*. - 
right on through. 
And Peke's vorkir.g the car.era part f lyr- 
Okay. And Just let U3 Know vnez: you - ,0-1 - 

-v.... ns -v fK th"' camera I got 'i *.'•> • ■■ - v ■ " 
jr ..extension as. 3 I r.ow nave 1 . . . a-' 1 - r '- 
»risr.e. 17. II or. the second. 

v-'E Okay, -eke. • opy. , . ... Vt . us so 

,„;;::,; AF lo, Hsuatcn. That exter.a-.or. : ~ > 

tvr.ead an i continue. 
PMP : Hoger 


X-H Okay. 

Okay. Starting guide ring rcrscit . j . 

Okay. ..' y ; ; ■■ ■ ' 

Okay. We have a passive light on. 

•-' C U H Okay. Same here. 

S£ W V.*«^t VU, you Vance Oo 

- ..!>.,•« U.wa In ^'/"f V,f rC, a ;XS°u ^n" on the audio 
0 fcult breakers on panei 815 ana l" ° fflp m to TB . 

nunc' V v!,oevor'» soing to do the COMM chock 1. jw. VHF, > 

™ th™ the. tvo « if 'o-nunt nov, v. «- *° ,t ~ . 

it » tf not, we can catch It another rev. 

ASTP (USA) MC128/2 

S2; 13:06 COT, GET 


CMP *>eke'a on ni9 Vay UP rUn ! iw when you're con- 

ri^unid'and we'll go ahead and do the check. 

ACDR w'also at your convenience, we'd like to get tho 

CC-H / nd a i?° , .J;„e V e've done the docking system 

HATi' Alfa charge going again sin.e ve %e g«« 

,;>,(:c'k - check. 

ACDR Okay. charge is started on A? 

-• R ok^T^^r^nU^he FM closed. We're read, 

, i0 ^e COMM checX.^ ^ ^ ^ £ second . Ut r , give you a 

chLI on the right loop. Har.; on. cle&r througVl ther e 

■ ,E™„ B h as Kooi as VHF REFSMAT. 
coming througn as fc,uu- •» 


ASTP (USA) MC129/1 

Time: 13; 16 COT, 29:56 GET 


i-2-3^5 Over B ° Ser " ^ l0 ' Jd *"* Clear * l ' n gWe you 

ACDR Roger. 

AC l' ? \, . , A " J Dick> after ve c°»plete this ccmr. check, 
you want that circuit breaker open? 

tSn X ger ' ^ Rceer « read y° u loud clear. How 

Af-DR (Russian) 

■ACDR (Russian) 

Acr;u A1 i right. '.Thank you, now. 

™ 7 kay * Di ° k ' We hQd a good conua check vit ^ Bob. 

. . , 0llb *' Ton - * 1p » back on the S-band now. I concur 

Ar„i we w,.ni. you to leave the circuit breaker on channel 8l5, -losed. 

-■ eyj • "Sj vruxe i'a nerft - you want those 

,i> uU'T.K volt raeter readings? 

. CC-M Yeah, go ahead. 

. . ^ , . Okay System A. Number 1 latch, 1.05. Furiber 

iV? «^ e S S i*. 1 "?- *»*er 7 is C.85. On system B - number 

ls. i.,^ <« is 0.8. 6 is 1.0. And 8 was 1.2. 

l : J~ H Okay, Deke. Copy. Thank you auih. 

. i "' M? ,> . And the question on the furnace - I think you 
got our call that the shroud door will not lock shut. It's open 
about an inch or two. * 

CC-H Vhich shroud door - 

u & In ch<?ckii.g it ve - - 

. cc "" Which ahroud door vas that, Deke? I'a sorry - I 

don't, understand. 

tK? That's cn the furnace - - 

CC-H Oh, okay. 

LiM,i - - on the multl rurpose furnace. 

CC-ii Okay. 

u<: " ;! And stand by j^t a second, pl'-aae. 

. , CC ~ h _ Apollo, Houston. Vfoat we'd like to do ncv is & 
fmea-i on p-^e iO-5 and start the COAS cai rrocedure. 

ACDR Stand bv. 

CC-H Okay. 

A^ DR Okay. Houston, Apollo, 

"C-H ■ Go ahend, Ton. 

-tr- ♦ ♦ \°' J Varit Re tC ~ 011 the i0 " 5 in the W absorption 

-Jo yea want to go aheaa and do a T.iRB kg and raaneuver to that - t? 
?0, l* r , and 1 - and 3«8? 

^X~!J Rc^r. We think that's where you are ncv, Tom. 

Apollo. Houston. 
OJP Go ahead. 

(5" * He/ " 1 fc3;JUJr ' e that y a,JL1 6re pressing throw 

ti.e COA.S cal procedure. at locks like in the - ^ttin s back lo th, 

primary evaporator - we think ve Bay have dried out the evaporator. 

ASTP (USA) MC129/2 
7A6/7 5 13:l6 CDT ' 29:56 GET 

We need - if soceone is r 

the back measure vaj,» is „f *' d ia *> "a** sure that 

service procedure, vhtci la o„ 1 ?S ^ f P ri T evaporator 


AUTP (UGA) MCI 30/1 

f . W VjIio, Houston > 

CU-!/ Vn ' ' 

last evenir.g: i. th«t * hree of Suva r^vJ ° U, ° mi: ^Jon 

CMP 1 a fsct? re/»ved your 0 BS harness 

.. Correct 

CC H ^rrect. 

t-MP We' / Cai c °King? 

J££ Stand by. as a sood eal, Deke. P> '* 

2 and &*hRl> Deke P oI nts out that r ■ V ^ 

,„' . a nalf degrees to the left «r ♦ 3 de K r ««s to the rirrM a 

-.otting a good signal vhf^ f tne cente *" of the COAS ! g ^ d 

you about thl* u,c ^y- Copy, Vance, vhi!*- rr» 

CC-H 2k l; ' Jerttand - " C at ' ps vhen /ou 're through 

.. WAB i>'t thank you. 

"~ Okay. 


AiiTI' (USA) MC131/1 

Time: 13 : »i2 CDT, 10:22 GET 

Y/ 16/75 

CC ~ ;1 Apollo, Houston. 

c ;f Go ahead. 

will nm'L . - R °S er « about two minutes to LOS and we 

wxll not be seeing you again until you get up toward stages i£ wh.t 

n ,_/ u * xav.<3r on v.';l3 aiternoon^ 

< i , • feah veli 3f cour£ e the next thine two n f >i- 

io ; 2onnxng the 033 ar.A e.erci 3e which we haven'' f.I^'e-*^ 
of tne,, obviously. Are y 5y saying you vant us^^tln^, 

about the aaneuver at that tiae. W ^ , • ' ^ 

gam angles, please. ?r.~ r> ! .< t-ir,<« -a 

And tnose are good for ycur ✓ » * * '"-b 1 -^. 

cv - : (Garble..) 

;./ ri sorry, Deke, go ahead, 

Minus 39 and 121. 

, , cC ""?' That's right and that's for vow present .finn, 

And - we'll see you at MI LA at 31 :0^ . P-e-ent at„itu-ae. 

. , 0k&: '*' 1 tako 14 y° u don't- vant r.e to do the 
-M experiment activation unless - coverage. 


. , V That's affirmative. Ve want to go ahead an« -.„ 

jwt you guys get square! avay and get a bite to ^t 

•MP Okav 

We 'H tr ? to pick it up later, Vance. 
,n ThiS is A ? oil ° Conirol. Loss of s-ignai at HO h>„„ 

? ! ^ d " eUnc!i Area - "^v^lc the flight plan for thi- 
t ternoon is being rejuggled a little bit to allow the c* ew to v' " 
^g.-.t up. eo«e of the exercise period and the Medical observat i f r - 

..jJuie pilot nas seen slipped until later in the day. Also the-e'f 
3 o« uoubt now as to whether the Apollo phasing leaver scheduled I 

ground elapsed time will really be necessary or not « ^f^ 
.«yn».i« people further passage, their current tracing data tJeJ S f * 



7*6/75 JJt:?3 f;DT> 31:03 0ET 

want o thing done and t- + 

in the timeline -snder the AC rolnmn «! ab ° Ut 30 hours ^ minutes 
you have dor.* that or bu , / ' , Ve d ? n whether 

the B A s^ Ph H?j? V^'™^""!: 


.■a, OR 

i»« to rl«„ the pWohug™ 8 ££ r as * psril of vhat vc'r, s ,.. 

Ok av . 

" 11 Okay. 

tM^^ i it-. , v?s £ — 

. - That's affirm \f Pt cut of P ,une? 

•v;^, : »o get you a ••• *e re fe oing to do it. Rig hU w<. ■ ri . 

it's *,£ llg u, . it , s! °J;. r rr> ':J Sh ° Uld haVe « ot ten to vou - 

— nn PCS burr.. 08 l ° b * 8 Probably j^t ^ To 

engine for a big dt?lt ,; y . "" , , you vere going to use the big' 
«?-H r-r. Vv y - * nOW -he magnitude of it. Over 

* hide the burns J* of it ve really 

^,ti* ; ns / Uft make * h :^ *hat tlf tV ° ° r three cthe r consiJ- 

tj>;un go .head J;'?! ^! iS ^ 8nart to So?^WeM 

AC1>H -> , ■ - - ■ 

: "->' ?r - f: --i'ierstand. 

END Of -, AJ K 

AST? (l»GA) MC133/1 

Time: ti-n CW\ 31:1% OBT 


CC .H .\ooUo, *ou*WO. V*>re about to «0 WS. MILA; 

when yoVget locked .* « AW ri^t here. J>icK back uy, 

ACfP yrtderatafcA. 

Aj>ollf» Houston through Madrid. 

■ x , ■• : it* joud awit clear*. ■„ 

Foger, Ton. Hav* you be«n trys n* to laeA up Uv ■ 

'Vv'" : ^yT" Let us reeheck the *ftglee kr*\r. hrr«. Wp -rv-A 

.raV,, lo-ked up and svitch over to ATS *o « c«* ««t y*U * good 

j a ay 

d up 

. *,! Vit, Hang on. 

r : .ii ahead vith jf our angles. 

\oolic, Houston. Say again. ^ 
Roger. Vhat do you have for your angl — , - 5 "*-' -c - 
We're rechecXing tii*s right fww. 


"■' '' t ■ ir Hou9' •»». rne corr*a angles are r * — ut ai-^ 

'i- ^i}. Why don't yeu *.ry those r,.-*I quick and 1«\ see if ve 

tOfked on ATS. _ ^ 

■ " ;kav, ve got that, ve shculi have ATb no v. ^ 

Okay. I'n reading you load and clear. Tnat s reaj. 
<% ..i. star.d by I on the pad. Hang on. 


Tine: lk:kk CW, 31:24 uET 

7/16/75 f 

ACDB Okay. Vfe got - 3hould have ATS nov. 

CC-H Okay. I 'a reading you loud and clear. That's 

real good, and stand by 1 cn the pad. Hang on. Apollo, Houston. I've 
got a preliminary PCM pad for you when yc ; are ready to copy. 

ACDR Okay. Stand by one second. 

CC-H Okay, Tom. It's in the flight plan; page 


ACDR I'm ready to copy. 

CC-H Okay. Starting with ."OUN 33 - 33:031; 58; ^ balls. Minu 

(jO. rainuii 006.:; minus 006. 0; 2? 3; 0?7; 313. 009.0; 00:2**. Weight: 3. v i6l 
and of ciurzf! the trins ire nor, applicable. It'll be a four Jet plus x K V. 
and }:it»:'3 what the stat needs be; ^llO?. 'Jo .ih«>v.i. And Tom, Houston. 
W" »irc proteasing data frcn '.he last s-?oi tracking ^ass ve had over 

it was a real nigh pass so I may . ave anctf.-sr final paa !\r 
you h"r» m about 5 ninutes and r '- r - atondir.g. by tc ?~py. Read back any 
tine -j r > . have a Apollo, ..r-ustor;. Hov io j real? Apollo, 
Houston. How do yc- read? 

•\Ci)P Houstc:., Apolic. .. - v do you read r.r.v: 

CC-'-i Roger, Ton. I reaa yo- " Oud ar..i olear now. Hov »e? 

ACL'H Oka;/. Loud ar.d clear. I'i' - 7*1: go over - I'll 

read it bajk to you again if you're ready to o. : y it. 

OC-H Oka;/-. I don't itnov what happened there. I called 

you a coupl" of times but I didn't r.ear yon zoning iovn but I am ready 
"to 'Copy. ■ •■''(> ahead. 

A-"DR Okay. C315c; ■•; all ninus. Minu.; . >V.Pi alnus 006.3; 

alnna ')06.0; 293; Obi; 313 - 009.0 ; 0C2.L; *v-ight 32361. * A for the piU-h, 
and I ho yav: four Jet plus x ?SC\ The map I • , -{'?) ia 6110^'. 

C'-ii Roger. That is a gsod rea.-back, Tor. I don't 

j".ri',v if you cc led it or not but we probably will have a final pad here 
in in ,)-j.-.t & .-..Lnute baa«.i on process of data fr~c. VILA. 

AC Lift Roger. I understand. Yet-, ve an see pad A and 

? red] jlea; as ve go passed sver. 

'""-H : •., it soj'-.icd .like that from what Deke said. 

Apoliv, :iou3tc. . It t ..,-n3 out ».:■* preliminary PCM pad that you r^ad 
back is 'JO for the final pad and tr.ere is no requirement for you - for ycu 
'ii ■!•> Vnv V'" - excuse ce, tr.e ?52 prior to the burn, arid ve see that the 
i T-.l :s loaded okay, 

A"jR All ri^nt. Peal good. Thank you. 

;:('-;! Okay. And we're standing by. 

ACDR ftcger. 'o F52 required ar.i we'll do a four Jet - 

'» i: J "} on ii - four Jet born. 

Rcger. I'nat'a correct. 

ACIiR And Houston, to keep corst as lor.g ad you can, when 

is ■-■ you want us to naneuver to the burr, attitude? 

CC-H Okay, Toes. Hang on and let ua check the angles 

and I'll g'?t back to ycu. Apollo, Houston. Tor., it's okay with us so 
you can naneuver whenever you'd like to - Juat tc give you plenty of time, 

*STP ( USA ) MC132/1 

Time: U:23 COT, 31:03 GST 

Herritf Islana Launch1r e i\^ k 1 L'^!:^* *^P^ tine. 

20 seconds. Overlapping Ilttl:^:^ 0 ^ 1 ^^" A ?f"? - «*ou* 
their meal period, somewhat lilat-dly at thl ?• iik<?ly in 

J^t of the afternoon fi ight pla^Lf wav^h Tvi ™ ^ PeftUgn - 

.^ t H tt,^^ — - you read, 

" '"" *'hia is Richard here 

you e-. iy » are in en eat period i/. !™: * 1<?t Ke ~ A as<5 ^ thai 

know what you were doW na*urAii.. - ~ ° n ° tnlng » v ° wa *ted to 
to you about the ut> coS f ™ a * Cther I vanted to talk 

«it* ,]ust about now. °" l ° U ' re * assin * right over the launch 

" > ' S ^ > Yeah, ve can 3»e '"ji ■ 

Tnr eurth obs . Okay. In ansv-r *~ f? ln a fi00d "t-itude here- 

• - " Okav. t e + ~e >»n ..^ " 

and the hum this after noon "anTwha ^ t " ou « hts ™ trajectory 

you can listen. Over, '* propose for the flight plan if ' 

£Jf 0kav - Go ahead, 

in ~ory 

global angle vc-Jd be about <C „ U ^ orr ^' S-sentially the 
it will about double the ,'\ e - ^ T ' S03iethi ^ "ke that, and 
of gas and ao this is b ' ^ob^t * k™ 9 i3 " Ve ?^tv 
'-hat the trajectories if vo^' re ° ther ^deration is - * 

if the trackm/data vent the vr ^/vaC V'"*" CaUSed by tht; W2 burn, 
ooivably give Ufl an NC2 bu \£ t Je £u?£ ' " 6 . ^ f^'*' COuld eon " 
perlg,.e. So, we're essentially f^e7»^w». " " " becau8e ; ' f the 
burn this afternoon - u,e vh -M I? ill enoice of doing the PCM 

awajr- i»r n-.ntnal - for tcacrrov dV^*,.^ 5 the "^"'ou* squared 
'"eh ap on sow of the f]i^t\ ^"^ * ^ ret ««rad* burn and try 

"'•■*• «htW, i S going to cor-,, up f^r,, .- r , ", r " f bu " ^is after- 
^r:tinUy for the tir,- b,. irK V,^, T\ ' ; Sf Sh ° rt Vhiie ^ then eo- 
'•15 f 0on W tll we tell y^ " "° ^ ar * li;!< - 6d ^ the 

■'f Jay. This way we'll be ^t"^^^^ . t ; Bt r oecu »'« ! «* P^ior to this ti WJ 
and the, you can JUBp right back ir^M^ the rend ««>« t,.r,orrov ■ 

:<vr:r. -naisger. ve might have to make, 

um .' VJD ' : ThSt SOU - nds iiXe 8 WUIant idea We're all for 

0C - H Okay. Assuming that', what ve' re going to do ve 

ACDR " :; ■ ' " 

ACDR Alright. 

CC-H Ve 're going to take th» » 

the burn vil Zl' ^ 3<?e ^ ^ -L^T*' now. 
CC-H ? S Va n*»*rd at 32: U. h * ' the » « AOS 

b *t about the hl»h f° llc ' H °Uston. i think T 

probacy vi„ kit 6ain M « 1 « a v hUc- al Thl f/ 0nfUSeJ » "ttlo 
your burr ,1**1 ? V * U lo3e «»- so ve Su'*?'. but tov ^ 

ACDR °^ ld Squire. 8X66 " ^en you W l <o thu 

«\'-M *" r -:-"»*» ahead. 

KND OF TAPS ater - . 

ASTP (USA) MCI 36/1 

Tifcr: 15:08 COT, 31:52 GST 


So" {ffi 1 ?* ?° U 'f° n thro ^ h satellite, 

this ATS-6 pa. 8 and IJout 6 ^ a^alT^ute^V, J*™*" 
Apollo phasing maneuver. IgnUion SL J ^? %S" tl1 i(?niU ° n ° n the 
If. root Per second r^^^ ! lap " d 

93.1* M «tical miles aJ je^^^Tat* 111 Pr ° dUCe " ° rWt ■ eMuri »« 
'•ovaMs taking out the 1 a slL^t ™ \ U ' S ained P'iwrily 

netting , P tomorrows renders Mefnvh?? * 11*1™ i: 
ago or an hour and a half back 1r, th*T? ll\ *° yUZ crev at >°^ 1 
with the crev of Salyrtiv tvL? g ^ * bri * f ^wrsat.ion 

until WS. Vo'ro .tlvUng \j ° V S ° yuZ * 9 " in ^= 

S! ;° UB ^"- Kow do you r **» 

■-V- ' Hount0r! ' Kev do you read? 

" «, Houston in the hVir.«i ■". „ 

««■, w t - notice that the BMAG t-ove- ) . i0a -' if you sre r-.-.i'.R,; 

*t iov Mt rate, ve're no - t^, J°\°V n be * a ^ veTc W,: !1>r 
■■""■•U ail be enable! a£o 6 '° l0C * &t the KC? J<"». ^ 

ASTP (USA.} MCI 37/1 

Time: 15:18 CDT, 32:02 GET 


«t.i^?« u w 4 " Apollo Control. LOS through th» ATS-6 

satellite. We have 12 minutes until reacquisi tion through tracking 
ship Vanguard for the first tirre this afternoon. Spacecraft communi- 
cator Dick Truly was unable to raise the crev of Apollo d£ ng STILt 
fj-v minutes of that pass, as they went into attitude for the fpollo maneuver - which should have taken place alnoat 5 nlnute* ago. 
H partly due to th, spacecraft attitude at the tine' The coZL - 
.■nUon* on^n,er advioed the flignt director that the ere, could ™ 

77!' T U '\T ' h,t;i they chosen ' tv - the y coui <- ^ ™<*i** "ph^ 

if.ln ir, Apollo Control at : 0 3 ground elapsed time. 


S T5 15:33 Cir ' 32:13 081 

time. Acquisition in Jo sZ«S ?h™ &t 32:13 gro ^ d 
tracking shi p Vanguard. ITSe station VangLrd, 

•««tfi»8 around 17 hundred nauUc^i lrails Soyuf by 
ot .'ilft briefing i„ the nain auditor^. T ?« ^ estl »ating change 
T minus 15 or 20 minutes v h ** JSC &round 5 P-~- Plus 

»i«hi director on thrift V an f ^ "5 * w ? f* and St 

^n-arily thresh Var.^ard. L1 «l«ton. Should have acquisition 

A C-!i -"^ 0 ' HoU3 ton, Apollo. 

r]lm ^■■ser. Toa go ahead. 

" **^» vent ri^ ^ you (garble) con, , tlitude 

■ J«ay ■ 

';'?H iS - ta VC f garble 

• >RG ;/7' tf ° rry ' 1 ' j:dn,t C ^ ' ieita VC. Say it * gftin 

( ?arb]f - ■ : 


a " f fi-.e anu v e « r ,. . ....... . >' J?<1 ? ir < ana try arv; sc t 

— --v.' - - • Va,^ ;/ v .,J^.^.i Uv vol at 
,n ' ? "^••r,p ! fc «i : '=» «oin f . '-a get 

•>,*~H ""'kay "V ' 

i ' f "" k. ahe*.-i and. dv. thai 3 wr> mn * he - Ie £ volume -wasuremonts. 

,! 1 ™- ^-nts. w*. rav ». 8 . v , l ° presa 0n vith thn -W 

' Mk !, « ^ ani i -n"^ ^ **** that and we're 

-'- t;: - knvv it Tan. * * ith CUr «eoeiKef;4aUoh here as 

Oka v. "/on va*'* r. e ■> ■» ■ 
P^P then cn ti m e"h^ aiJ ^ i^^'l"! vlth ^at 

K " e d0 3l -^ maneuvers, that 

havo .. . _ : ? : ,en,t ans^r that ri«ht t-av h-,4 t , 

" ' • »:* r^i . » <• 

fh'in^fVfc ':";5it.. 

A-:^-S r Mv " . ;;r:^ C % 11 be "^ h ^ back to you. 

f - H .' • Houston, i-.^-?^, * " u • 

*hea-i, Tom 


trtav. Ask ♦ hf 

cc-h I ieht - rnai « you. 

a ^nut^^ut the ri^l ^'Z^^ <*» * ^ to you 

H^ean. I'v, «ot it '^ht ln _ frcnt 0 , ^ 


., . And Di^k. t*i i ... 

f ... , .vpae -i P with,- n-.6y not sa »to r ^ Ma ; J, :' & ^ 13 r y"«ln K ao 

manxfl Vance, &r-d ■ £ ** « oif1 *' 

' M3 * Vl5 " Okay. The - 


ASTP (USA) MCI 38/2 

Time: 15:33 CUT , 32:13 GET 


it Ujitih out that we looked at all the thlrga in the morning that needed 
1,0 J.r. Won.-, itnrJ priortized them against the things this afternoon and the 
thin* that wf want to make up ia to make oore that we got an OBS and excercu 
rim thin afternoon on the three crevraen. What we roco^nc-nd is 

Him Col living: You're obviously ahead und already started on the furnace 
ami tin? ion volume 60 we'll complete that and also we'd tike to rstart 
Uim Kf pr*«p on time and then when CP and DP finish up or» the leg, volumes 
if Uioy* i 1 ntart putting on the oB3 and can get that exercice our, of tr.» way 
We think that the AC may be able to his during the long EPE OPS from 
about 33:10 down to 3^:30 and it isn't clear exactly what is the re- 
mainder of the afternoon, we'll have to cancel because frankly we 
.Just 'ion't know how fast the OBS donning and exercises will go. 

ACDF Are you ta? Xing about the canceling Eirth OPS and 

napping for OBS to (garble)? 

CC-H' We're talking about it but it isn't clear at this 

nosv;nt that we have to do it. 

A^DR All right. All right. 

:"r_vi Tors, to answer your question directly, yes, we are. 

Ve ■> --.n.3ider the OBS dunning ana exercising core important at. 5 we vc-jid 
::a:-."H It if wo had tc . Ar.i Ar-llc, Houston. I'r: going I/OS here ana 
wo' ] : give yv.s a call at at 32:39- See you there. 

AC I'm All right. 

17,0 rhiss is Arcilo Control. tx>s$ of signal through 

t racking ship Vai.^-.iard. flext station Rasmar In J'8 minutes . Our gros?' 
call ant « f^r' » change of shift briefing is temevhe re around 5 p.w. in 
the main auditorium of JSC* Flight director f'ete Frank Md Joint 
flight director' Fran* Littleton. We'll keep you advised on later 
ysttimaten on this change of shift briefing. At -32:21 ground elapsed tine. 
This is Apollo Control. 

KiiD rr TAPE 

ASTP (USA) MC139/1 

Tl**: 15:51 COT. 3?:* COT 


Apollo Control . Ground t-lopae.! tl» K' : .' / B, as the Apollo crew menben, ™* traeXi n« station. 

— nU " S e o y il F c: 3 Hour,r h ^"Xanr— - on VHK 

Mow fl o you read? Netffoundlan a. How do 

y ° U rQ sntl (Garblp) and then I'll try to get on the - one of 

ACDR „nrf I 'a Parting (garble) of the electrophoresis, 

the Mosensors, and I n the fir3 t haif conven- 

tion way down in the *ad. ar.d 1 didn't copy at. ta sorrj 
you .soy it again? doing the 1(fj , oeasur,- 

«,„r^ °" SS'.I.^r..... th. 0«-» o,c, 

va-oi } < . m 

r-.'.jj Okay , ioa. 


■Tiro*: 16:08 CDT, 32: '«8 CET 

CC-H Apolie, Houston. I'n not in - I don't want to 

interrupt what y'all are doing, but vhen Tom or - anybody that 
could talk to me about the next 3 or !» hours of the flight plan - 
could - I'd "like to s*y a couple of ?. or 3 words about it to you. I 
vaa out off short by LOS back there at the Vanguard and ve real:;/ 
didn't finish talking about it. 

•CDR Okay, Let ne tell you where we're at r.c-v. 

I j-ist got to the BTK prep finished up. I'm getting ready to get that 
r.tart'jd.' Vance and Deke are getting on thsir bio sensors. They can 
i.j' get the - r.aybe get the thing r.aybe before or after the rapping 
pass.'- Wow you go ahead. 

•• ;_H * <V.ay. ".'-ot sounds good vith what ve vere planing. 

Vhat v. ; verc- going flugg*:v. -a.-, the fc.Uoving, Tors. We're hoping t .> - 
rirvt jf nil -jo do vant to set the 01*3 and the exercise. We vculds.'t - - 

• ACDP-' That's in vcrk. 

,;fj_;r Ye.i. ">.ay. tinder stand. Okay, now v<? voul ; ?.l:o 

tVvl v,; v«i'i' to *he P.'-u option 5 af.'i at. lea**, ve figure ve run 
sy> tr.e r.'icping pas» - ve're willing ' o give up the VIS 0:':3 pa^i *'.at 
• ^i^rg with it. and J g.;'-fi;' you guys v->uid h a r;uch better ^f." 

• na-. u : . l"--klr.g '0;»u t- t-.e 

VTH - - - 

V-ii Okuv 

V!£jp n* i'Hy t e i i yrm what I t hi nX ve ought, t ... v.-. 

': -it 'hi.; thing iwr* Crcr. ';'ne tir.e ve g'.;t , and vhat i t 1 b ^ ! . r.g t'> 

•;->.;• ', vo're n .*« hero v ?<?:v'<, ng '.*p to 23 hours. I'll 'f in * ■ ■ 
• >,a; e :':r 'he "r'i'F. pr<:-j ^.i rv--. that. By the tine these guys get 

- going t- •.',/. c tner. 20 chutes ti do that, you\-' gMng^^ 

Lot us goVn-.'&i ar.d gD get these CBS en, ve'll go dc Vl c - OB; 
i ■ -:«.!.■ ping jafs, u/i then r.fter that at the next aeriin t ti : •. , y:u *ih 
? . • -V" gcys worK;r.g ^t . '."';r. 

Okav, fc«tv»re ve nak*f the final deeds 1 on , < 
, - ... »het w; we." nyir^' to vr;.:-cse. '•>> r.i.~sed tVe :**' ^Ai 

vh»! we ver*: going *.s do - ve cir.:.~". ^ th" 

naming >x:\ i vr,<u wo ver« going 

........ ■ i - ;<av vat on . What we ver** go', r.w 

y •; - rf <i • f v t'-'.e VA. ; 7.-."- -car. tha* tv.e:' '.p t v • ' 

, tl . r .,, -.v-r i at >,t:'j! <^ t:!-n's. ard 30 r.inutt'3 ar.i .. tim» 

\:. - M.ftt v-inoi '.5:. g night perli>a to get the t'IM BAV 

-t '..->.*.; ' '.'i' ^5?:iei " t ri T.Ofnir.g. 

■ ro'tl t " Vr- ■ g.- .ark and f i ■'. *-''••" 

,7v,- : ..-it-.t- the ; er: j- li cations oetveer. ' an ' 

v- , :--.;g*-(.r,te 1 ve.- ve'r-? i';i'f? vill'.ng tc give ur the 
..... .. r .i'.-r "5" Jh"- , :-Jt wr still- wanted to £"t the nappirg i :.e. 

Oaty. We r.ny hi' ahlr to to ail this. V<? ' . i f .,t the 
/i ,J u.-t !viMen in *h»iT at that tir.*. 

f:x. i; -. hit we will plan th»r. an doi:-g th* - :< AV 
. t . .' inu'^vi of *•»<• ; <A: • i"SS scan and - why don't ve Just ■"' you guyr 
..; . . ...... -. 4 if, i t> f . >■..«■/.',!.»' 'jk: 30- hc-w i' ic;>s :'cr now. , 

••. :/ wfint » . gv't -he napping pas?. 

;.. ;1 " -'KMy, g-od. Vou can got the b« <l'it *• ,\ yo <r n 

Tim*-: AU ' 

1/lW'l'' . tlier r «l time on rtc 

CC-H atadium passes, U*'- t0 nigh l»t * u . re through 

ATS or any other g dxu P , e d f to . ^ ^. yo^ ^ 

OoWBtone. " v * 4 the n - tben 1 ° U ftl i X need to go to mg ; ihlng » s 
pur exercising and .n 1 ^ . e^ery 

y ACOP ^ ress right on Here 

ron?^ * the *W nne. Keep «• ^fes ***** *° 
*> iTlR 8 OK ay • pe £ UO minute, of this 

CC " U v^ We still got almost waited all those Jets 

9 tHadina bv " , . porting - mhi bU ~ 

ACD " r' M ar,dD'«- Over. to cha r^ 

t ,l, B'/, A3. <3.. advised, ve f u ,ff i-r 

'IC-H ^ uc, Houston. dRta to 

rC-H ,.,,!. Wr'rc *onna au»P 

, (hr ■■ftHtelilt' • . period. 

f , ,i] Tin ■ n 

Vli 'Z H Apono, Houston. Be advised ^f^^lHff 

for you for this upcoming exercise t e 

30 seconds. ■ ■■■ .■ , . . .. 

ACDR AU ri #*' ,, n call you vhen I'm bacX up, Ton. 

"SSic.^i". ' J'* 'OO for voice e*ain here on the 

p^, nrid they're getting ready for ™ i3 lhe of ti«e 

t tn U that ncboiy ever t y j ^ Q2 flov pJur ,. s high 
• t iaV M to ^ ^ and reset the te. ._- because ve've beer. 

I fi ^rtnf of" irs^does'seen lIXe a lot. 

1 P;.-cr. To*. GC *hep,n. e v.n»c*nlist there? . . . f 

1" -"t^n ^ pie - turn (garble), What 

. sure i -< • - 

it- y- 


r/sav. GO .ahead 

"erf or ni »vsp-> ~ » . 
; &y. .--^ » „„ ; t -an net out that 

*- f"' • %/-; :7"'Iot;, J ,V-. 

U'i'-l'i**' 1 - - . . T -,, vJ;ere yru are. 

^ r°!: . ....... ./■'•'.; are. Hang cn and 3ot ne rn«* 

" ■'' v « vou've got it fi^- 

ov*r* and P erfont oteps 9, 

to step 3 then vrcceeJ 

•g'nt h<v 

...... : aVi the ( E *rble). I'll put 

'.«.#iv. »c .. ■ - - .„i„ b which c 

1 n 

-'.■'VVt''! ' 

,an?i« vhich cones 

ASTP (USA) MClte/l 

Time: l6:28 CDT , 33:08 GET 


ACDR Hello, Houston, Apo-ilo. 

CC-H Hello, Tom. Go ahead. 

ACDK You wouldn't believe what Just happened. 

CC-H Well - t^ll tne. ■ 

Af:;-u You k:icw, I was gcing after the electrophoresis 

.:<unpl<- iti the freezer? I pui led ou*. the cap, and it c&nW flying out 
vIU.Mit «-ven Vjving to go after It, and took off across the spacecraft, 
at r.inu:; .00 degrees. We finally got *he littie rascal captured, using 
•;<yr.«- Moel underwear, and we're preceii.ig on. 

Roger. You're right. I never would' ve guessed vhat 

CC- l i Apollo, Houston. F>r Toia. 

AC'Drt Go ahe&a . 

rO-H Ten, vnat do you tr.InX the probler. was when you 

got ;no ff arid the ^arcr!" case filing out? Was it - Just the 

: v r .;e U.-it'y u tock the -at- - ff, or i- ycu think i* vas nay be scT.e 
; r^s.-ur.- in '.here thai - *ha" i*'~ it go? 

That ' : - t <> !" ! . ,<hv. "hei\ ' t U f«rV dr I '* '-f ? C«' V".d 

;w - i Vance was helping ~.e - 'i'. ; * .- . i : . f cane f :.. 

%J1 ve ■ the lid cut an 1 I tart' t r* »e.\ d;v : . * 0 * .-uch the i ' 
t - /-■) knsv - exter.ri.n ti.-ro, *. ' :r:: it - ":'■•=.■ g! W'-.v.v '■ t cane 

;<,j-:':- right rat. Put -t i" .":»• --fl: . ard >ir ";■ ' cr.': i. 

■j-Vi .».ay. vero - while It vv fre.v "n ycur " 

'jhn' vf c.uld ft bout It, '.. .-ee if it vi • 

e could pr?v»>it In the future. 

K-s, it * like a tslnor s^wst'orr. - Ju3t a. littie 
hat c<iT,v :>ut - " " wasn't Vi3. 

■ ■."•_}'! A|-ol to, For >jkf. DeXe*.. when - assuming 

,i r .. ( -',ng to .do this li-.ftppir.g paas toft.;^' ^v, - whe;; have the time, 
"» • y,.. aot ah update rn »h" tine in the Earth V-Ni <*n mapping pas* 

g«. *".*ad with yevr 'han.gV for. fake's mapping. 
-•/. oka;.'- , Vitus" . The change' is the stop tirae for mar- 

m_ • , An3 t;.f* corrfc* i»'.op' tiJte - the. start . i.tfc« i* okay, m 
Vi.a'r->r - fcll data for M-2. The ; - top tine for M-3 nWiid 
! ■ • • : . 

■ Ht; UK?iy . v»:06 - 'a.ii you were eu*; cut on the nwrids. 

,•:■-.:!. r-y. t ;r. that's really t^s only change . '» ^0 

■ . . '•-<'. 

■ ?r?g t *v v . Understand, • 
••>-.»t ?)Xay» Vartce , And incident ally, one of. the things 

- vi :- •<• • got a ropo.r*. t^tck dovn cn vis - vas the VTR cooling 
, ;h' , j r-ic-" iure .done yet? 

!#.':. NeRa* lv» * Iff* not dene. 

(USA) 'AC1U2/2 
Time: 16:28 CDT, 33:08 GET 

• * fiewou to tell us^'when yoTdoloU^i "° U don 

systems checklist. The reuon w-™ ? . ' °" page ^ of the 

doing it is that - ve haS iXinv - r^" 81 ^ in golr * «•» 
We don't think if 3 a^tind c?l TJ™* ° ne ° f the WR »»Pe.. 
Howov,,, ve would m/to do a lifie E? r ^ C lB the 
not scheduled in the flight pi ai n^v A ,° t,roubleahootlrg that's 
^11 w, get that - hoses uT'- ^ ^ ' Want t0 d ° " 

£r£ H So V '"' 1 Undei ^ tftnd ~ and - 

™' And 

«■* vxj^ise the firs?1ne D : ke 1 ^ *° th Instructed. He's going 
''''" H OK ay. Real rine. 


ntart d"ir>K ^. \* . UB . Where's ihc extr 

ln reul ti« data. aiout ^ 1 ? l " p . ™_ 

^ Dtl oS. St^i by a second 

CC "l l (Garble) second. 

AOUB 1 . okay. Hang on a seco 

'<*-» Ton. it vas launchel in A,- 

CC-M . A5 . Okay. 

CC-H W , v ou get oore ai"""' 1 Tf r 

■oion*d lata. 

ASTP (U3A) MClM/1 

Time: l6;U8 COT, 33i28 GET 


ACDR {Garble) the east plug U in the DM but that doesn't 

cnri-v biomed data. We want to get it back down here. 
\xMl that's af fine. Sorry about that . 

AD Okay. You better think about thin, DICK. The DM 3 

, ,ool olace. This command nodule's otiU pretty hot and if I m 
*,r"I^°Srf ft not sure hov good it's going to go but the com cord* 
won't roach from he. a up to there. We'll take a look at it. 
von ^jj™ - ro okft ^ Copy< We wouW like to get at least & little 

bU 1cDK ta dUri ^ ^U^^*o»e back down in the co^and 

a 1 i*' s -re ttv crowded and hot but we'll see if it'll do. 

oodute^here i. . still have aboUt , 5 Binu te 8 left 

in the ATS pass. _ 

ACDH This is like S*yi3b. 

rv_-; Rs.'er. Understand. 

4eJ, Dick. What do you want down there? i>o you want 
,3 to g-t »«a exercise or do you want sone BTC data, t think we ought to 
give you one or the other ^ ^ you g0 ahead where you are 

finish the exercise and ;*en f fJ ou ^hr^. cone ^ " 

vanteu to do both. . v „,n, >, t think ve'n' 

WJB , ykay. We'd like to give you both bat 1 trwnft vt . 

r.sfv- if we don't do sor.ethir.^ pretty quick. 
K .nn 8 to ,.et «it..e. ; i « *™. erstand< T 9Ug , e9t golng ^4 ard finish 

th« ^rMse and then when you get back in the oomand nodule, give 
: u':i sjorao ' b loined data and - - 

ifijr,- Okay, we'll do that. 

„ okav and if we've had LC£ , ATS Just turn on the 

. 1 w «ni we'll wick it up a little bit 

hitfh bit rate and put it on the Dr>E and. ve ii pic* 1* «p 


And Pick, ve are aaneuvering tc ?*> into P20. 
rr- -.( Okay. Okay* Vance. 

'cc-r. Aoollo. Houston. Are you »f.ll there? Apollo, 

Kcnto, . If you .1111- «.d. « «e BOlr., U» ATS. I'll .« you .t 
Var,,»«r<> at 33.M. ^ Ur,e Jl .vvur,, «* 

U« of iro .„ d elap3C „ u- « h^r. . W 

reversion. ^ ^J^'^rl^Hvl^h . 

^ufo uslnl '". «mL •Odifioa - ApoUo ...rcU.r. Th.r.M no U» 

a.;tp (USA) HClkU/i 

timt 16M Cm, 33*26 get 

Ua«.o: 7/16/75 

J y J° * d ? CUng m ° dule f ° r the ^oaen^or harne 36 . When he 
completes his exorciae he will return to the command n^ule, and then 

• 1 ^ f bU t0 6<>t a reaiin « of " *>eke Slaytoo'Aio- 

the SIn n rr!? 8 \ f lS Pa8B ' Tom Stafford vorktng on 

Proper K Iirl!Sf! r S 1 ri. eX 5 erl S nt ' ° f ° erman prinC ^ al inv«tiStor 
K ! . n g f th8 MaX Plar ' ek In stltnte. Next acquisition 

V«du.ra in 10 ainute*, and 55 Beconds at ground elapsed tiL 33 hours 
minutes. This is Apollo Control. nour«. 


^TP (USA) MOJ45/1 

» ««co«dB. ACquiaJtion through the v.ngu»,S ti"?^"^ J™" 

"<* iWma that need t^*^' Houst °n. Good ev en imr r ». 

need to be don. Jf aon , b{% he ^ c \ 6 ' 1 h * v ° * couple 
Oo ahead Bo. ♦ < c "*"c« to copy . 

■ firth f K A *■ ■ 

, r ij that 

Roger --- 

- - - -£3. ^.^--S'rt - 

Vi J*i pitch If{ yav ■Jin u(,v * " w to solar * 

AOS *™ v "f °53 

l : Vr"r .ir,t ■ k * alj done for yon. 

. . . »,' n 


> - -Sv«t- - «-<r sr.- 

"•W^PM.. •*«»-* - into the , garbIe) for tM 


52 atnuters. Lo«- ,,f 'V <Jf ' t,ro1 • Ground elacse,! v_ 

" -mute* io « c ; i -if:?v h r ou * h y ^wd. .5" I ilZl* our < 

uve PhotcKraDh unu -v «' i «»-t8oie, the erev um 

ov r or tin l ? the iSirS? er Lv cior «"*tio n ; : e of h J 

' ^ 5 ° rth A "^lc. the crcv "lii ^ " ;\ e raft cro a3 es 

asKed to observe whether 


Wnej 17:06 COT 33.1,6 oft 
7/16/75 Jl5 0 0ET 

or not they actually 

Uborador current* Jf? thrSeJdl'^i 0 ; ° f ^ 0 * f ^rent the 
*t 5:30 with FH ght Director Pe?r?^f T^' Cheuj ^ «hift brle?i n « 
building 1. Pst0 Frank flight Dir«^ the ° &In ««itorium at 8 

? e, -"« t «*. this is Apollo Control. g Wd ela P°e<i tine 



Time? I? j23 CUi\ 3^:03 GET 


*i rt .,t«° ^ i» * Ap ° Uo Oontro1 ' Orou ^ elapsed time 3 1 * hours, 3 
minutes. Coldatone acquisition coming up in 1.0 seconds. Durina the 

f'l^T V r? gtt ' rd » PQ38 « dOCt ° rs 6Xanon'3 he»7t rate 

following Ms poet exercise period in the docking nodule. Aft" a 

n:v,ev of lM data, doctors here at the mission control center'report 

they cbuerve no change in Deke Slayton'a post exercise ReaaureJnS 

which recorded 78 to 80 be.ts per minuted And the e Jre consts'^t with 

contact coming in 7 secondn. Cap corrai i B Karol Bobko . 

four ;^ t „, standing H ° UBt ° n G ° 1 * £it0ne ^ * llttle ow 

.huttKf down the ex^i e ;:ent £leCtr ° Ph0re3iS finiShe * •»* 1 

C ?7 H . Ro « er - That's good news ana when you have a chance 

you caU me and I 11 give you oc*e flight plan changes' sir " 

ve'U^l you in a Se busy ^ »«■ 

--!;" H < Apollo, Houston. Ve've teen thinkli. s about dolrs 

Uc & »M exjerisen: activation a*, about 3 i.:25. Is that a good tiVe fj r 
you people to start? ' . fe ' or 

ff? R , Yes * r,ir 7BS "HI be over then and ve'U K o - 
1 a stili getting this electrophoresis thing (marble). 

uMl Rof;er> understand. You're still working on electro- 
phoresis i»it. you think v e can esake it. eiectro- 

. CC '" n And Apollc, you can do that deactivation of *he 

iVZX^**?** 00 "" T fiKUre " finl8h the -lectrophoreai. ops and" 
it m,o.Is to be done ten ninutes before we start the experiment 
•ieti vation. 

ACDH Okay. 

Madrif at 34,26. ^ " * ™ S here ^ Ve ' U se « ^ a * 

, , Hey Bo ' do >' ou fi^a want any more biomed data 

or are ve cear to (garble) that off? 

Apollc, Houston, saj again please. 
„ n y es " Did learn any more bionsed data? 

_ «J Apollo Control. Ground elapsed time V* hours 10 

Binutes. Loss of signal through Ooldatone. Next acquisition wili be 
xn ,l« minutes. We'll hold the line up in the even? the press ct,feren~e 
co«a atari. Ve will hold the line - record the air to .ro^fa^ "epTaT 
at the close of the press conference. repiay 


AWI' (UIJA) MCI 1*7/1 

Timet lQiZ2 CDT. 35-OP nav 

7/16/75 GET 

' MUt ' tost °"- "rough JCvfoundlina. 1[ov ao you 
"«-Ual auttuue. ^ Bo. We'll be aaneuvering rt a 9oUp 

^IMi^Mon. Ap0ll °' Housto «- We're standing by f or A T.S 

S S^M^Ir* JS™* Are - «ov do you read, 

Cieaf - * e « deactivating the primary 

'W-rllZx v,tiv R tio, R 7vU- vou'^ , ** * efore ^ -""rt the G f M 
*o that 0(kn get U;c : !J» a f MU Pi« ^ minute, warning 

, A '- :I * Okay. 7ren vor J? r f° elve your *>ta. 8 

Maee ln - he „ Up J -f" jou « the 3I.M activation to take 

Pitch and 3 » yav , ovep> a ' Utuat ' th*t you gave u , , the 19 roll i 70 

activation froa 3 U:30 to 15 hoars '"f^ 8 ** *>ing that 

AC's and CP's columns of t , ! th * ° ther «tivit«es in the 

AC ™ ?eJ &ht Pi&n 41,9 te deleted? * 

CC-u f * 00 you re <" tie? 

nod i t.» r is . jf 3 SUeM y ° U v "- e<3 to knov what our 

<*' Xav^V*'^ Plenty of data off y „ !jr , 

' Native Wp j . J Lhe pu21 P 0Ti - 

it rff and v* thin* we • U prcbablv To i ?♦ ^ thG Vhol « *- n i n K - turn 
ACW Okav ^ - ° better vIth H off. " 

•"T but the PU ~. UKay ' Bo - ine P^P i3 off. birthing elr.t. I ha] 

0kfty ' the se ^-y loop evaporator hao to be 

*?» i'JSA) UC.U7/2 

Sr." p» as* -» 

«.-»«. *■* «... ... 

mi I start fro, .h* r . ""jf "» ™ "»ltun glcv „ . 

f -'MP .f'ff r ' ve ' r * copying. 

ACPR ° Fen n0V> 

r °r ju^'a rainut0 And 4P°"o, Houston. We'd llke t 

"e W the doer ^ ' ^ ^"l^ff ia -'«NUAL. 

TC-H 4*"" pllJ « to close the -door r~ ca ™fully did that 

CKS , iear to Proceed. 

CC-„ cover open nov. 

to V&T. AniJ A P° 3 ^. Huston. \\? i mJnit ^- 

oattcry vent back 

W (IBM) WXkm 
7/16/7? ' ibl0? - 


ACDR £° 8er ' to VEfff. 

ACDR . Might aeasuremen, 

CC-H h °««. 

CC-h Roger. Ve ami do f ' ri * ht? 

"OH change** at 3 A* A » 11 *' ^ Ce'a* 1° l ff e "™*«. 

*>™n gf change - if If/V" £ t lon - °« that 

wperiment you've * Ho " J ston. Thus f«>. .u , 

CKP y " Ve ec ,:! Vfa *^ lorts Just gr^t h * d * t ' 1 orT ^ the 
CC-H J *&n to hear i* ' 

CC-h are v e . 

CC-H , :t k minutes uov. 

CKF Jf a it( 8 5 ninutes. 

W-H understand v* CAn n> ,_ 

CMP *°t*r> proceed. P'oceea vith 5. 

CC-H r -exeacope power av'toh 

cm? opy - 

CC-H RA'. cover, off no v. C Wl r ,. 

Copy. u osed nov. 

CCH Starting x-ray f irfit . 

ACL-K °f ' l * • 

c o-ocup purged. 

ASTP (UdA) MClM/l 
Time: 18: 31 CUV, 35:11 GET 

(:MP . » - starting X-ray first. 

CC-K Roger. 

CMP And the backup purge, talkback (garble) - « 8 

2 1 should be , 

nJrmteo" H Roger. And we'll give you a call at \h and 15 

JjMP^ Roger, 
.., , .^ C "l ! And Apollc, Houston. On the top of pape ^,110 of the 

'llKnt plun everything waa deleted because of this experiment activation 
"nt'' Lh * Primary evaporator and v.«i 

Irkl ' Ven ' wn,ch * fl * 0Vn th « 5P colw,. And - - 

ve'r, ffLhed here ^ " *° l " ^ Ve '" tak « °' ^« 

-n? J^*"' That ' a exaotl y ri S«t, after you're finished. 

, ACDH , Ar,d vhiie ve ' re ''aitiftg her* you can pass on »h- - 

'.gala on m e MAOH. that rjeman electronics - the ihlnV "A vc^ as 
presorlfce.-i and every tnir.* locked like it va* p5c d " 
."-'C-H , Thank you. 

a-Mve'uc- • » Ml f ht ? id th " befor * •tartiag thin experiment 

o tn.- - ycu Miied us - you know. I, 1 would say it vas a partial 

i.uce<fja, ve nud quit* a bit o'* r^i^ i , , 

w u . 10-13, for ex&nplt , completely over 

.ealand. Ve were noping to lock at a fault rone there and Vk 'or 
. iC nQ .tuff or, the water, which vas - then there ,« B 't fcuoh^o sTe 
artuad Wev "calami, but Los Angles the vater Just off shore v ks cloudy 
out it vhs very clear inland, over the desert and so forth. 
' Roger, copy. 

-r - , A ^ DF ' Houst ' ?n > you tell us the. status of 

•lie MA0l'*0 Mfilun injection? 

U * n ' 0ka - v " Bt « y". *t's all done. I 'n up h-ire exerciaii.g 

right r-ov 


-yp Rcger 

Roger. 1 understand it's completed. 

♦ . w d 8n ' after We fini9h tnSs get *y exercise. 

Aro t *-ey A-tting ny Momed dovn there? 

Let me check, Vance. 
,' ,jM! ' And Kl > w 'Rlie you're asking the r.edics questlcr.-' I m« 

: Go ahead. 
4 . , Yes, I checked ny pulse rate, you «nov before I 

: ; art.^ -xeroxing. I *m running H ke ln 8,8 to 52. sor.evhere In there and 

i> l«T" T "* ^ f ° r ° h nftyte 10 * lftttte> ^ 6b0yt « hard a, I couj 

Jo n or,-: change and I could only get it u F to around, oh maybe around 

v« r • ./'I ^ v I?! SUrS excrci6i ^S vas all that significant they aUht 
weru .to review whether they really needed exercising or not. 

. Roger. We'd like the exerci?e and I understand 

% before exercise and 70 to 75 now. 

AGTP (U3A) MCll»8/2 

Time: ifc;3l COT, 35; 11 (JET 


mp and that's not much of a ri&». 

here noj" Houst:,n - Ve don,t 8e » on you down 

CM? Okay, just a second, I'll check ray suit power switch. 

tc-H Roger. 

, CMP Panel 10 appears to be hooked up okay. Bo. And I'm 

o.i the umbilcal for the center cou7h. 


rl?'ii 2 k4y ' Che< : k ^* ln there vas one thin K not connected. 

Roger, we're checking. 

W-H Vance, thanks. Wre g-Ulng data now. 

■ ". ( - Mi . ■ . • ■ Very good. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Vo understand that the data is 

very clean. Thia Is the data on Vance. 

Glad t 0 hear the heart's still puaping there. 
t . / A ApoUo, Houston. Our data shows aoir.e problem with 

^f^;:r:."ie" uould uu you 10 '•*» *■» -»» ««««« v., 

3*', 0ka y- Deke - Ve «ot that. You go ahead. 

.•)«n <v « UkV * Dek(? 3 * id h<? ' 1id U twice vhich v& » v ^at the 

pi an cal la for. Over. 

JJ:" Roger. Understand. Deke did U twice. 

^ Df ; Ves. It'b in the procedure. 

. . CC "J „ , fcger. I know he said he completed the procedure. 

Let no check with experiments once again. 

At'.'JR Ail ri ►-.-)»,, 

f .^ -f J A £? 1 *' Houet <™. Kxperiments say they still would 

..j V it .tone win. Tho y - re havi ^ a0M here ftnd 

ht-Jium inje.-Uon performed another time. 

ACDH All right. That was - waa that a tctal sequence of *v. 

3 hot a or just one shct? aci 4 u„jj<.e oi v w. 

^'; ! Checkirv. 

^ I: f: Vaa that tvo injections or one injection? 

( '"" it We vould <-hu« two injections, Apollo. 

ACDh Okay, it worked ar.i Deke's gjing back there. 

'-.-Ft Rc/er. 

r: " H And Apollc, Houston. Our wait period has t.oen 

,Uf "' !i ;:.Vp Wi ' you can r «"tinue page l-i 5 of the experiment activation. 

Onay, we're starting now, 

> ^ Va ? Ce ' doctor8 arc hfl PPy the data they've 

.i<>-'» fron you and you can let the commander hook up to the OHO. 

0Xs y- That iseana that I can takr my OBS off ncv cr 
•ir would you still like to see exercise? ' 

ve i,. , U l0 ° k9 y ° U PUt the ( * arble) on righted 

CMP Very good. Thank you. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. The X-ray looks good. 


««.t .nxUUn^ e la e done^'ia two more tiae./ 
r«p Roger, De^e. Read vou * n * r. 

win ^ - ciwcxj^, wt h .^,. rlBent „. 

C ™ Sr^i .n Y0 ^ Sh . Clild have on ae 

CC "" \^ CheC * With the surgeon 

CMP e re Setting g 50 d data - - * 

OC-li " * activation is complete. 

^runora except thc^ roU^* to enable ali 

^ the cover? are cJ^S" ' °' COU " e ' »he completion * ' 

;, r ; ! r:' And, of course y ;^ n r d a f er ' Vhftt 

^ ■ - ^unary evaporator a'd vL te sto^° CleSr t0 d ° thfi * «"v- 
" ^/'t "tow.., at about 35. stova** vent valve aa shcvn 

- on the --^Hnenr^cUv^u^r"'^^^ J nf f^ion a hundred 

.'D OK TAPF •nrthing AO o* 8 exactly „ orB 41 . 

ASTP (U8A) MCU9/1 

Tirae: 16:1*0 CDT 35.2QCET 


" C ' H - - and everything looks exactly normal. 

:MP Hell, we'll sure try to bring you back some good 

data in a fev aaya, then. 

CC-H Roger. ■ ■ 

ACl)R Okay, Bo. As far as leaking ahead to the flight 

plhfi nov that we've finisned that. Okay, v«'re going to activate the 
primary activator nov - waste srowage ven* . 

CC ' H Roger, 3ir. Ar.d after your exercise, I gue38 we'd 

Just like you to settle do-m - i or-.' ,:A get ready for the presleep 
checklist . .■ ^ ■ 

ACDR Ai - ri.-ht, 'if-.-. Vh;ir was v pposed to be a relaxed 

day turned cut rather busy . 

CC-H. Ve all agree . 

ACDR 0rl " ,? -'"g, ''■'he:, you look at this whole sequence-, 

thif !hinf is so ::-Mli xr. . :. <. i^i co-spared to sone areas - some 1 think 
oi i-kylab, ;-r evn of th- .th-r -.-.-r.r.d nodules. Uhen - one person 

t garble.) i.e „<-;Pt car:" do i> . - - ' : <.. anything in parallels, gotta 

oe i n aeries on a lot. of it. 

CC-H. '..'riders tar 3.. 

,_.^ Cr ' ? .. Ckay, .'j. Ar. : ;.■ insr. thin,? before we lose you 

jn AT? . Yci w..t -is to a!.«?u.i >. . :ji:;^ivpr to our solar inertial aJ*ei 
attitude when we over " 

. : CC-H That's the uie. that you Ire. now in. /■'.,■■'■:', yX^'^.:^^ 

v "-h. All ri»:r,i . v;c«Ii I 'n checking up on the anal eg' 

here . 

CC-h" . Aj'cli;., Hcust Wj did mis 9 one little ite.% there. 

And that's under the vhrr-* it .--uys all jets and configure the 

DAP. That will thei. grt ;oj in t- he j-rojer :-leep configuration, 
You're ail ready in the prayer attitude. 

ACDK wan*- us to take care of that? And Bo, one last 

thing her«i - we're still in .-ontactY 

?.cger, '--'o T :v still :n contact. We've got about 

t-vu minutes . 

ACDR ,»kay. JtV -vutlir.ed in red there it says "configure 

IGE iov bit rats* record consul 1 ::. r^-el Do you want that done? 
It's at ab.'ut c:i flight plan, ;; . 

CC-H N'egEt'. ve. Zi.-v. vt-r:*. with the raster acan it's not 

required. And, , you ' cor.p": v.v: . We've got enough data on you 
aM you ,wi unplug you-- : f y v-: S :. , Vut continue with your exerciser. 

ACrS A" I r'.ant. 

^"i* >3'Oil.:, Ho-..5ti:n. .'i.ere •$ about a ninute until 

a?: -J we'll you at Orr-ral a?. 35:0? f-.-r a couple of minutes 

ACDR • . Roger . 

^-H Aroll.j, nous'.:: through Orroral Valley for two ainute*. 

A£ 'Dfi Roger, Bo. U-.role) mention about the \?R coolant 

activation procedure. 

CC-K Rog«.-r, Ape-::..-. would like that VTR coolant ac- 

tivation. Apollo, Houston. TLere one siinute until LQS. Next AOS 
will be at Hawaii at 35:<?6. 

ACDH Roger. Ho :!, Apollc. 

CC-H Apo'liu, lioii-.^n. Go ahead. 

ACDB Qkft y» 5 <>« One question. On those little {garble} doai««ters 


Ximti idiUO COT 35s30 UK 

I hat v* had on our underwear - vhat do you wnM ion* vith tbo»e? We 
have big per<OB«l <ioM«eter* vi'h counter* P»v the«. Do you v&nt 

theae brought back? 

CC-h" I'll eh«oK » 

CC-K Apollo, Houston V^u^h Haxail ft* five ftinutfl*. 

ACDB Ho*«r, Bo. Hjw Jo y<,u re*t$f OKayT 

,;c,h Roger. Re*i yc»u e*a/- *>'• «* v * H«« that hi* 

to be -ion* auvi that i« at 36 hours w« vouU UK*; to tenkUate SAW A 
charge an-1 initiate BAIT B cl<arge. Aft J I've ftOt 9 question f r you. 
VouH you like it gel sose new* together fcore for y.-ur \U\u,c periu 
•when v<? ««t into ATi? coverage? 

^ ACUR That woul'3 be greal » 

•r-.H And have you people started '« o e&t yet? 

No, We're Just prerwMtf- Vanrc ivke ar« 
• sparing tu.-l I '« taxing w*«rciee, over. 
rC-H Uniereta/td. 

*W (USA) HmiW MC150/1 

W Owt on th£. pm gSII *?: 1? ? •}"«••■ Apollo i r «. M 
- - Pa " bQm U Vproxieauy U 7 $ nautical ail", 

'* "^'revolution. AP ° U ° ** cXo,ing ° n *V™ « approximate 13s *Ue 8 . 


ASTP {U8A) MJ151/1 

Tinwt X9;08 CCT, 35:38 GET 


CC 'H Apollo, Houston. There it i sUnute until Ooldatone 

IjOS, ATS W8 I* o*xt at 35t*»8, 

ACDR How do you r«al , 80/ 

CC-H Re&<i you, Ton. Oo ahead. 

ACDR Oh. Okay. Va're Juat changing h**4m». Working 
or» *oo<i aroun4 h»r». 

W'll Okay. We don't havo anything for you on thia past. 

j-3<i> OF TAPE 

Aim- OtfA) MissroH mciw/i 

TIm: 19;Q8 COT, 35^6 QIT 
UtUe: 7/16/75 

CC-H Apollo, Houston, through ATS, « will you go accept 
pledge for ust 

AOl'M You'v* got accept, Bo, 

CC-H Roger, and we have sow* « evening news here if » 
you people nre ready for that. Are you eating yet? 

A«T>H Stand by Just one ainute, and we'll get you on the 

:!i|>(fitfii box, 

,,( '»H Okay, w<Al when you're ready Just call us. 

Acuh Okay, Go aheM. 

'"•^-ii Rogur, &a you might have ^Mesaed. Dominating the 

vl. virt-o y-..i t«>rday and today are stories about the successful i auric he a 
* » ti<- i: !; /Lii Apollo spacecraft, yesterday morning President Kurd and 
->yi>'f. Anu.i;i<:»i'ior Dobrynin watched and applauded the 3oyu2 launch at 
<>.>• . '*.•*»»*• IW'partment auditorium. President Ford ttaidl the launch narks 
r." beginning ->f a very epic adventure into space, and vis biasing a 
vrnA ix-v trni i , I'Arynin trawled to Florida, with HAS A administrator 
-.''in : Fb't-'hcr to vi«v the launch. President Ford vatche.J the 
t^;f.';h at >.he White House on television and v&s briefed by fomor 
'i 'r.nait Harrison Schmidt, who is now assistant administrator for NA-lA, 
■■ti'i'T- of Kwrgy rYograjeing. 

,V> -H Second article to - Washington, tho output of the 

lui'i ifi*:- I'tMories, nin<?a, arid utilitiea rose in Jun« for the first 1 1 w 
In it Hepteaber providing further evidence that the deeper. t re- 
■■Iticf World War JI may be ending. The Federal Heperve tVsard 
i«^cr.i.i i day that Industrial productions rose 0,h of a per 

in .»■»»«>. Output of consumer goods, including automobiles, and 
f;!.ij;.> }s->i J upi-Uancec- , r>:»;, offsetting declines in bualner.:; oqui'*wnt, 
>in>l ifftv nwt'.^rlalf , such aa steel that businesses use in manufacturing. 
'Hie r»:Ji • ■ (i i:\ mat aithoi.^ i production of consumer products haa been 
inor-'a-. inj? ii\ 'i rate fa3t enough to end the decline in output and product* 
h: gr> tfth, i revival of the consumer sector by itself is not sufficient 
in'J.i;" ;* .*tr?ng recovery. One government economist said the consumer 
•<'c*',r Ifiding the way, A little more tine will have to elapse before 
h i ir.« i.'vin to increase the arecunt of money they will spend on 
\l<ii '.'. I <•■', iirrr/int . Third item. Tokyo, Japan plans to put cherry 
'r-" ' wf-.jt, '-oast, and ii thrftr nillion dollar theatre in 

r.i'.v" r, , n: i ■.■-■nton! n \ gift to thv United State?, the Prim- 

'■'ifii'*.' r" . ■ !')';■■!' ;>nl<i f.viay. A -■".•vsl tire hopoa to c let »' the detaiss 
i r. ' ir." i'ir frlro- Mini.: r" V>u"".' Miki in miounce t.hi* gift iiv vi:'!i:; 
: ;<>.• I A'-til K'-rd lr Vuiihif.gton it. ^.gust th< v :spoKP!iir.mi :ntld. Tfn* 
' ','0 Ht-t thru' rc would b<f en th». tcj' flo«jr '..f thc> Kennedy <Vntcf , In 
:'.p.'u*<: :;i.-t i>.ild« when 'he center was built in 1971 . Fourth ffxtk-le - 
.'i :-'CM)0 ai« > > r letter enrriera nation - union hen* u!]l Join in a nation 
widf jn>L«tttl ::trlice if on" is called, John Kates, Vice-President of th<.- 
local unions naid. The I'resident of the National Association of i^ettorn 
C'»rrl «■•!■:■, in 'ttnah vngton , threatened a nationwide strike if union and 
narifigi'hv nt M ficiitlfj iWi't n»ree on a two year contract for 600, '.KK> 

AiiTP (USA) K16JI0H 

?i**J 19:09 CPT, 35sl*» OCT 

uatot vicrr* 

Kr-n.ii. 1 workero. "There vill be no »*U deliveries next Mcnda>, if w» 
"un»t n-nch un a«r«eMn*. within '» w<s«k.'* Kwn though poaUl workers are 
j-',rfcl«i*;n by law rro* striking. U vm said that "if we have n>> contract, 
w<- wilt have* * right to withhuld uur utrvicea," Owen Young, public service 
■•nVi-r with th* fonK office here said "we don't know how *any workers 
-j i 1 1 c.tny »ff the Job In during an illegal strike, As far a* we know, 
n-K'.'-Uti <->«>! have not yet broken down, and vo / -i- "iPunUng there will 

h« iU-gai strike. PeepUe the unHwf^iv is of the «trlke, about 
:vo,ooo pwitaJ enployecs struck in 1970, when a I 1 * percent pay raise 
,. !r »...l th«- walkout. Here's one abuut sports. In other news around the 
ftttlon a two run single broke a ninth inning tie and led major league 
ta.^-baUy national league all stars to a 6»3 victory over the American 
<«s^tf ta»t nigni. -Jeeretary of State Henry Kissinger threw out the 
fsr^t »>*U in 'He gaee , an 'i th*r second too, as a natter Of fact, when 
>■ A Cun-v uf the Mi:me3<-,t» Twins who caught, it wasn't, satisfied. For 
■•■tr-v*;: !.»-fu-fit m. i tnat •.>:' \ r.'-.".ogr apher*, Kissinger threw again. 
. :■•». , i.-r,, f<- v j'.r'n. Joe »i v.a* h says he want a to play with the Rew 'fork 
. 'hm -v ^ /f-»tr«. ».h«it <.,p(.;?'-i:ttic note, Broadway J«.-e Miuuath 
• ■ .* ,t' lifi'.i P-.U-hII it. g <? ialiora with the Jets today . Neither he nor 

n.-y ».>:•• tnXiii f - r.!,:--i Mne. V« never had any serious froMew, 
:' -.t' .V^l ing with the team that signed hln to a liOo.OSO 
i.f ; . « r,.- L.-.'tr.e of • University of Alabama ten years ago. 
-.^■■tH... I'r-.if. rr m signing a •> Ml Hon dollar contract to sell vrftwe 
*inJ <:<> 'r.'-t i'.v: , vent t<; Jun hi? sttorney JiR Walsh in a bargaining session 
vitn'un- J.ft;: ; resident t-ril Iselin ar.-l the tea/*' a lawyer Dick Baroviek. 
An=i iiii*.' ia:Jt it<.-?. I have i'? from Paris. Police arrested two men for 
"'-ii-biii,' .rity'e tailed -.skyscraper with mountain picks and ropes, 
a'.H'isv utyte. Folic* raid that the occupants of the 58 story Monfarna 
"».V..e (V-wer ooajlained that the Aipiners, were ruining the side of the 
,v-,:riew designed bull. ling by sticking their sharp pointed steel picks 
.r.u- the vvnicv fraiuia. i'he police report said the iren were asked why 
.\'Iy ie._-i-}"d 'c cllir.b 'his building and replied "because it's, there." 

^r.ifo Very g.*od. Well, Bo, th.anks so much for the news. It 

.■•i:; v<-t-y interesting, all of it. - - 

TJwi 1 pud cm, J-j.58 ow 

ACDR {Qarbie) 

AH of ft. Ah * hl 801 TlwM 80 «<* th. news. Very Int.min*. 

... . Hogor, . 

*CDR Houston, Apollo, 

Apollo, Houston. Go ahead, 
j Yeah., Bo. You night pass on to farouk ther«' B 

treaentous difference down here in this orbit ve're it ^ J™ 
pared to what ve used to fly in Leninl w at 1?0 fo ^1 , 
1ft observing features. F 0 185 * 11 * 3 w •* 

^"j* "3g*r. What kl/i-i of differences? 

;: Vs ". H *»U. as far as detMl. 

' "I* Ycu can 3<?e » lot Boro froa this orbit? 

l.t -> o-«- ,™ . Troner.Jous wre. Also, looks like you're a 

1 -.>t > iOcei soo, e^piratively speaking. 

; " V " H Hcger. Understand, 

V*. wiu°.*it. th» j* A?0U ° Cofttro1 - «1«P"J tine 36 hours, 

vi il ..Mff the line qovn r.ov , to gi ve neveaen and visitor* t„ 

.*ur.,, ,„ 8 s an PJxted version o! the two launch*, lasting 

*Prr. S xii»toly 15 Blnutes. This will also include the onWl% 

■ v*r. »„ the co»„d ^uie during launch sequence Xuftr^g up 

ani «^Uo and play that at the close of this TV. 1 
nov< C °* H Apollc, Houston. You car, g^' BLOCK on the coaputer, 

■ AOPR . ■ ■ .■ . Mark. 

irV l T^'! t , . An ? Ve ' d Ju8t like a S'AJeetive opinion how you 
ink th* ej? W i ur« in the cabin is. We think ve"ve „ot a conffiurat'rn 
at sh^iM be suitable and the one ve-re planning to fly*ih 

"■■""^ . 1 ^ ,ees ltto pretty reasonable, Ho. We all eniov 

u f . the i« though. it» 8 cool and nice. " 

.... ' nc *« r - We coP>' • And Apollo, I have just & couple 

- ■ * that need to be gotten up to you. I ove you a couple of 

Mock uata pads before you go to bed t.v.ight and so when you have a 

SmL. that! y ° U ,fttlog rlght noV> 80 1,11 ^ 

ACDK : Okay. 


t! s 

* (Hit 

<V~H ttt vork, Bo. 

io»nX you. 

AST!" (U8A) 
Tines 19:38 COT, ^Uft OEV 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We'd like to have somebody give 

uh a VERB 'tk, 

ACDR 8 ay again. Bo? 

CC-H A VERB ?i>, please. 

ACDH ■■■■■■ - Roger. - 

CC-H And we have about 15 winutes left in thia ATS paas, 

Whenever you ' re ready, ve have a couple of iteas - items - to go through 
here and we'd like to be able to say good night. See you at the end of 
this pass . ■ 

ACDR Okay, stand by. 

ACDR Okay Bo. Oo ahead. 

CC-H Roger. I have a couple of iiuestlons. One is, we'd 

.like to verify the position of the B MAG 1, that it is nov on OFF. 
ACPR That's affirm. B MAG 1 is OFF. 

CC-H Roger. Thank you. 

CC-H And I have a question about the CM height measurements. 

We vould liKe to know what the neasureojenta were on the CM height last 
night. They are In the Experiments Checklist on page 170 - cn l€o. 
That's page j€o, Experiments Checklist, 

ACDR Okay, stand by. 

CC-H And while you're looking through the books, I 

have s one block data here. 

CMP Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Oo ahead, 

CMP Okay, here's trie data on the 1-6C, Be, CM iwasurteents 

at GET, 5 plus 52. Seated height 15.5 (garble) centimeters, relative 
height 92 - 27 centimeters. 

CC-H I understand. 5:52, 15. 5, 27.6. 

CMF Right on. 

CMP And turning to your block data, standi by. 

CC-H Roger. . . 

CKF Ready to copy block data. 

CC-H This is for rev 33. 058, 3 1 <,55 minus 179e.- 2, plus 

all tails, plus 0166, all balls, 11'*, 001, 1619, 0008, 007, 16252, 
,?5?2^, 191V 1 , 20U0; and A, 309, 050, 26 3 1 * , 2919, plus 1207, oinus 15972. 
Notes I, assuaes no further rendezvous maneuvers; 2, as suites rendeavous- 
REFSMAT; 3, CM-SM sept, yav right ti 0^*6 degrees, NOUN *8, pitch plus C.*5, 
yav trio minus 0.3*, C3M weight 27700. DM weight «*622. Over. 

CMP Okay Bo, block data pap rev 33, NOUN 33 starting 

056, 3*4, siinus 1792 plus all balls plus Ol6fc, 000,: 13, 001, X6l9 T 



' e f' U>M v^pst, 27300; 

„ - SM vei «»H, 27300, 

I'M i.<^ 



^. ,lis Wte toaci about V,-\q 
r U check with Itfeo. 


night »n4 i Hnov ifs^t /C,V 80yd ' 1 8l *l it «™t to the VT R iMt 
y H Okay, 
J^P Houston, Apollo. 

CMP ApoUc, Houston. Oo ah« ft a. 

v- relating „ lr ltl th Of cows* « ? Uve two *o.t. 

CP-h Ft* J C ^'wy're pretty nolsv. 

y „ 4 ^ ^ J,* an* leave U. e hose lh< £ 
•,V H y^u very «uch. 

^ 1 1 & 0v ' J P; t of Bin-Jtea froa new. " ,ere 

®' f <*y< Very goocj. 


cw oklv^T* of * lnute » ^ 

• «nu». A *° Uo » ^t"' 7hrou«h Orroral f or a Um . over 

good night^you !nT?X\™? Wt *'* 30 ■•«»«• «nWJ LOS 
on the night Pi «. y ° U Wd the v< *« u * vm * e « , C h^!a*4 



P A0 Cannisters eh«u,g«4. 

«l«.«t« with * good nSiJ^riw 0 !^? el ^ ed tia » 36 h0 «r.. H 
second day ir, orbit, Tomorrow, \££ ?"J'r. c* Bp ie Ung their 

v th the Soyuz spacecraft. The 8 Urt «f . K\ Tend * >v »w Peking 

Joint experiments. Today •* MtiSn.f ln th * *r.a ptrf^rm 

d*Xet*4 from the nighi J!ai rl ° n * tV ° 8e ^ r<lte **' ^ vsr* 

TM 8 viil occur as the/wllo ™* q U 9 rar * 8 w fc *** *H . Mh Qth ., 
revolution of the E^%Tl°TJ°/^ •PWer.ft concise the "7^ 
cjMt or Chile, J-.^owte^li^/'??" 0 ? 1 * U " " * 

tvo vehicles; hoveyer, at tha» t l t ? ! J* the cio3est •PPtvach of the 

Jf-or. At grouni elated tin, of ]?hoJl t iV ^ Icn ' h0rt * 
Apuilj .'ontrol. nojrs and einutes, this jp 

£ND Of TAPE ■ ■ 

ASTP (USA) HCi56/i 

Tines 20 »n, COT, 37;00 GOT 


reoor? »k. f^? l ° Control, Ground ei»p,ed Uw 37 W«. A 

report here at the aivilon control center on, via tha «loaed eurcuit 
•y«tM fro* Bom, reporting Ml .yataw are functioning w«S£ 

«i «<■ w! 1 ? " d ° Cklng &nd orbital W*»lM. They say TV cSr« 
TK1 wd TKi are in operation at this ti»e. And additional analv.i* htT 
been aken to dM«k the poaaiMHty of both camera? «.S?Sd $ to 
provide proper operation, The Soyui cr«v UiuTn in tKlr eieeo Mr i*i 
elnc r * r °* ld tl W of 3! hour, and 30 alnute, The I X 
morning shortly before 9 a.m., the tvo creva will be in no a itiST« 
Proximately a hunir.l .ilea, a hundred n™ull InJl^Z^n 
** -b,* to um tnoir onboard radios to talk vith ea,>h other. This vill 
ceojjr n the South Pacific off the coa 8 t of Chi?.e, at approxiaa ely 

\t ;J , "*nun 8 , central daylight tiue, tc start their bu»v 

S\ fo ^n^r 4 l ^ b ! ^P^^ of W hour* and ^Cain^es 

, 1 centra, flight tiae. At ground lapsed tine of 37 hour, and/ 

together yuh closing the gap at about UO txiU* per rev. At ground 
e«r>ea tl.e 37 f.oura and 2 minutes, this is Apollo CoJrol. b 



Ti**t St2i}\ COT t 39 ;U QBT 


PAQ Apollo Control, ground elapsed ti«* 39 hour*, 11 

sinutes. Apoilo orosain* South Afr - Aaerica, crowing into the South 
Atlantic, approximately i 200 Vehina Sqm noV( wh revoluUon 

Picking up 138 svU«» approximately on the Soyu* »paceeraft. V*o up 

tiwe for the Apollo crev, now asleep fur aore than 2 hours, vill be 
«C V"?" Tff^ flight U«w toiwrrov. Thursday, the day *ch«duU4 
teV dock scheduled for docking of the fir.t tvo, Hnt international 
Jock»n« of Bpaceoraft. Ground elapsed time, 39 hour*, i? ninuUa, this 
ts Apollo Control. 


ASTP (USA) MC160/1 

TiBe: 23:*«5 COT, ^0:25 GET 


1.0 hours , 25 ground elapsed ti« . thi| ^ 

Ap ollo A 2on, r oi. Apollo presently or , revolu J£ a^ ^ 
/thousand gdle* no.thveat of °% u * ° n t * e Apollo is traversing the 
Presently over northern South America and the A,ol ^ 

Yuca'can peninsular. Ho «fj ? ° ^ r ei g a very big day, the 
African crev presently asleep, tomorrow teing 


ASTP (USA) MC161/1 

Time: £$:10 CDT, i*0:50 GET 

Date: 7/17/75 

FAQ Uo hours 50 minutes, ground elapsed tine, this is 

Apollo Control. Both spacecraft now In the southern-most portion of 
the Sour h Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1000 miles apart. Off-going 
flight director, Neil Hutchinson, nsora-jnts ago '..p^. mission control , 
heading on his way over to the auditorium for a change-of-ahift briefin 
scheduled at 12:15, five minutes from now. We'll bring that proas con- 
ference over PAO release when Neil Hutchinson arrives. At ho : 50 GET 
this is Apollo Control . 



Ti-ne: 00:k9 CUT, 1,1:26 GET ' 
De.te: 7/17/75 

is Apollo Control JusJ Sudfn^^f^ ' 6rOUnd "* 3ed tin *- This 
flight doctor Neial Hutch 8 A fev^ueatf WUh 
as a result of that briefirs - on ^ f * u «*Uon 8 apparently arose 
Control Center for the - nc^inal ifat^ce's^^^ 08 8lVen * the S ^ 
'lOllo and figures being proved bv J^i 1 o the S ° yu * Md the 

cai straighten that up. w-'ve bLn ?° 10 Cont ">l- K«Vbe v e 
131 .ilea for every revoluUor ch 7«*Z 'f^ Cl ° 6in « rate of about 
And working vith those fig-ores J At It *t ? mA 28 ^"utes 

scheduled t 0 occur at GET 51^55 0 n *J " "hich i« 

Apollo Scyua separation dis an ce8 by re 'oi 4 ^ ^ ^ Moving 

•1:^. on Apollo revolution £ the AroTE \ nUBber and GET At 
S oy.«. On revolution 23 at & 32 \w I? U f hly 1061 *»hi„d 
appi-oxioatxy 123 «iles. Revolution ?L '«f 1^" vil1 decrease to 
At 1,5:28 GET , or on rev^lutifn £ ^'P 0 ,** 1 Wll be 68? 

5W. At J.6..56, revolutionary iSiS m * 1> f« c « be reduced -o 

On revolution 2 7 at GET !, ,* \& \t%£ °J &ile8 the Soy, 

Soyu, and vili be vithin sextant b ° ?7 ° 111168 toehin d the 

the Soyue. At GET ApSlo wnTSf ^ raH ° ra ** e 

coMunication has been established^?), ♦ £ * ndlcata vheth ^ or not 

those «^«. vort oir^rV :i::r u ^; to ^ vuh the s <*- 

tne orbital p* rio d f or th? A £?7! °™ h ° Ur and 28 *nute. , as 

^les f er revolution. ^ i'rSifv 010 " ? S f of 13 « «**ic.l 

control. Flight direc V S'm h * re ftt 

duty with team three. JttlZ'i * ^ Bob Cri ™ ln "ow on 

for the multipurpose fur: --e^olo^ nwln V ° r * 1 "* * Procedure 
report is scheduled for , - x u J j' ->f °' ^ next sts tus 

at Mijo J^il Sonot^ 11 * ainUte6 ' 


Date -- 7/17/75 - 6 GW 

PAO ~ ~ To * Stafford, Dek* ci 

i^/Follo Control. £ f^'* 26 ^"^^^^0^°"; Van <* Brand 
tad minutes of «i ^ American crev at nf ? eIa Psed tine • 

the Apo^f 2 u e t 3 gjrt. lh. S^~S /.'•••nti;^ ap . . 

the South Atlantic Ocea^ • so ^hve« t of tf ftf V ° Uth ° f Af rica 
b * ren vlng video. X?: / Gry Sh ^iy foliov in ' ff 4 the aidd ±« of' 
launch and the f lrst Am , ' " 0t llv * ^<l?c U?f thla AT S Pass, ve'n 

-v. ^ruduee the see?. " "*"* ,:e - ?he uaren* ♦ . '--awes roreat ServJ^* 
E.VD OF TAPE ^ ea 

ASTP (USA) MCl6l»/l 

Time: 02: CUT, In :2b GET 


Apollo Control Apollo -d L Bln ^«. Bround elapsed time, this is 

Apollo. They should be about ^SJ ?,' 71)13 ls "volution 23 for the 
of abou* 138 rUea lr ^f.f UeS apart R0V ' cloSin S at the rate 
Crew is .c&Sir t r:^ M^nut... 
the American crev FH^ht ^.lf ^ ^ d 15 ainute*. from now, 
flight te« h^n^IS^^'vS!^^ *W*« with his 
the MA010 multi-purpose fSn*2 * * v ' Bb ° Ut the P™blem with 
helium injection Zstln ^*T\\ P ? ^ the P roblem in the 
furnace normal ly Sois^ M 8 . The 

cooled to touch, and it'sstili fairlv I '2 a PP^atus in about 5 hours, 
the helium inject ion-vsLm th* <s ' Varrc * v * n *«er 5 hours. Without 
to cool devn/t'aSouf^ ^ 

the furnace is when the helium [* *I JSit 1 the temperature at which 
further facilitate'the^^Sr, 18 This* S^^ff to 
as a result of that problem vith the Llul U9Cd ' but 

director, Puddv . ? the hell ura injection system, flight 

nulti-pu^pose furnace exi'rUnr cancellin S '«» of the scheduled 

vhetheJ H vil ^ ^ cLcene, "o^ ^etely positive at this tin* 

to have «.o£dVlS?£?l^ ««> 
Apparently ^bi^M • 
of the cameras. Those cameras can bThw£w«d% Jh^I?* ?° °™ 
mission unit and that's vh*t ti,* » ? T ! 0 the tel « v ision trans- 
It takes about 2 Minutes to *W Sov ^ts intend on doing at this moment, 
camera, whereas wT^the sWtchefi, t between the Soyuz 
all four Soviet ca,.er«s are vorkin, W ^ ^ 8eCOnd * ' »«^r. 
h*« our next status report . IJ 27 * *T "J ff Ve ' U 

Apoilo Control. -J 0 "- ^ "3.2? ground elapsed tiae this is 

Apoilo Control. 


7/j?; 75 03:25 cdi '.' 

The Apollo crei had 8 t CUthVeSt the A ^T t pr es Vt^ A ° f '• adt * as - 
w "h the guidance t*° C ? Utl0n &nd V ™E Si? 00 ? heir ° rbit 

™rth of related alTt tran8j «t 8 . And v e > I evenIn « rela ^d 

CMP V S° live. Right nrv ? 7 ^"'^es vorth 

CC-H J° USt0r -. Apollo ^£mT the I'-tc-around. 

CMP ' e vith you Vance t i« 

cmp v n * nat <fca you an flgurA 

*- / ° ^ght, alarm 1777 : UJ,t0 approxisat-lv v,» , ♦ 

1 Kind of IooVMT + d ° Vn here ^de~?s^ S * progrto al *rr, 

Ht in attifiie • TwT\ Up ricv ^ v * had dri<vL" 1* M ' J Vent 
- *t happened nainly h^t . happened when the &lurr \ ltUe 
c °»e up. But I -il y r 0ttuse 1 was in S^S v*ku!% !^ ^eurred or 
but no iced that f Varited *° '-nr a F?/* f?* f r m ' 1 to 

you c'&jk up . VUh ^ ^U, alar. ^4 n^'f ^X^H ^ 

, ^.H fl , g> 30 ^ c5>i *-o v%It until 

Vrt,t ^*"° ° f -'v^t l vc^ bl r U ' tin* .... -,. ftt 

Ckftv &nt > c ' 1 to taxe her*. ' hHi ' n^ificMiv 

CC-H "a * ' 

r > : a l » 1 thif* it 1 ;* ^„. ih , • ' nest, you di-'ft'* 

ff? (USA) TO65/2 

mm, 03 '* ca! - <w 

«»« J» tre x CMC ^ * " ««, w lf , gQ bsck 

CUP recoimsend leaving n , n 

^ 1a« sure ■<>. I thf r " t &. d be 

CC-H p a crew, i „ "'ax. a be neat. im 

CC-H 1 sa -' that - *hat « * 70U 

m* Jh yea .,. - hat •<>* of alarr. sure up . Crp 

Cc H And Uk,, thea very a *erf 

v * hai some kind g * r * ^"tand h 

- ■» t*. - t*. U8 vhether ^ ^ ^ 

when ve had tv,„ calls ne^ativ* u 

vhile. the Crip, ve t^o h £ ? f " 0t *> - W ,0. Ard al 

CM? f eah - understand. F roa 

, c real good. 21*. one no. to aa** ^t7e v , Vlth 

understand vhat ! e P tiv *- V. vere W . - /-'X , ■■ 

vff here - 0 * ^ » 0< - ; ■& heavy vorV rt«„ * s f a iittie 

- feoi f. yf ft rr.-M«.mf Ue » Inclden'ftn^ 1 «. t,Mf ' -o heir. 

mr,-Lv" v - «oi aaotW nf' Ve ««4 that v P h,v, 

Oopy that. w.. re . .... iS '- J ^ (gnrtle) 

CC-H ... , Mt A "'H vhenever yoiJ 

5 ' Pr ^ r ^ ^ that. -••i^.clr ^, Vi „ , 


■;;r 7 e ; 75 03:25 cdt - »■« . 

CC-H , f ot dovn telov 'u P * 

that you . re getting Sf' Hou8t ^ Up the (^^4°;? "* the *S. 
v ay to mask it. 8 1&l5e right ncv and there - We beli eve 

CMP c re ioo/sjng at eoae 

CC-H "Kay . 

variable he~f ^ A f*->Ho, Houston, r , 

on aonltc ^ b ! recoffin ^J that ve g/^ V,° **** ° Ut on * *°re 
^eht 0n there a^tT^"" 6 ^ ^ 11^ ^"^e the Je? 

ri6ht C^V '* J ~ K 8 ^ h t vm ,0 ahea* ttd 3elect f j 

CC-H have Just 

Houstor., Apollo. 
Acm 00 ahead, 

can t seea tt* «-*/iv 1 a ^ 13 aovm here iv*. T . ' iC> «i, We've 

fUD OF TAPE '4Ult - _ 

ASTP ( USA ) MC16C/1 
7/W75° 3:35 CWr ' U:15 GET 

ACDR .. which 8 eeras to be a 

CC-H ' eS - Let *s hope. 

ACCR ™ ger tha - 

Roger. Alpha did a 

S?; »*f. « «c. 


thing -iar^r.^ d => « « na^"/: " '"'"f '=> a» - ^Tjf 
"UK then p ; ?*h f'e to see i0 " h^eTth 11 We 

- - -FIJI'S ^~?~^-"£" M - 

CC-H £ Cte 't either - we're Tr ^ J^in* ri^.t l~ v 

into S! s dock, " e ■*»>•" t0 Ju,t ^"'-^^ ^ 

)">u ten uj vhlch ... !I\ 1,11 '»«. Just ft,, , k ■ ' ' 

ACDR Cop/ that. 8et ' ^ ©enter hose. 

CC-H p^ 1 '' ve Just had a roll let « M 

impulse and damped i«> ne to d a*P it? 0k* v r. 

CC-H Ped ^ jaej to rate ^1,*°^' r ' V * *™ ^ «,„ , 

J*»P. We're "( «PUl«o. Al 30 had* i U ° ?J C * r « 

la : C - H Poser p b4 U * Qck the 

ok - t , " ma "' Just ~«* ~ voul1 

AS7P (USA) KC166/2 
June: 03:35 CDT, ^i* : i 5 GfT 

curves on those thinsi i r « 

Svf ^ VSnted t0 ^ • loo, at that . 

hov you're config^i*^^ 0 ^ ^ can you give « an idea vh,t 
^ready shaved and n^l a f ter t: ™t no sveat , Crir w„ Kfi 

^ Okay. 

*t tfte , hellua a e 'o"Pi« tli- ^• r ^" ad t0 *o back there 
••^.uffi out. Consequently v G > r „ ifr* * tning i£> acting m. 
one SaB ple that v 0 vore Lin/f % ° have to ««<i iletin^ thJ ^ ing 

vith the Soviets and tLT tf ° d ° tod ^ before ve do th* W ? &t 

ACDR k - t0 hia about that when he I : laeline * .little 

w a j a „. 0*ay. I'n tAl> t„ v.- gets ft chance, 

headset on. v tal « tc h *» as soon as he gets the 

v ACDR ° 0 ^> c i 0 / US !!- F^nty of tia* h „ re 

— ^e heliun s ^ o ^ - ^ey', .1*1*.^ W 

v *-" vacuua. " c * "° " h *t that ve nonudlv «»♦ 

borate one for us/**** ^'^ U ' okin « <" * - ■ It didn't Se «m to 

* STp (W MC167/1 
Time: 03: U tty? j i 
7/17/75 ' U:25 GST 


ACD * J'? SOr: ' y ' v °Uid yo ,j „. 

1 S^t it l ocked 1 ^st inadvertency (J? *« aln P^e? 

CC "« rw U the h ^d contra! , 

you're up and e ,„ „ f p0llf • Houston ■ iWr- ■ 

«Mr £v. i'u «, bacil to '*««*.•»««, 

■">- r * gonna have LOq 1,1" 1 you vhat . v«.<>. A , 

y ?" 8b °« the': c «" " fro E „ u 5f!;" «* i„ 

<™t f „ * v,'^?^'" th, ^ dcvn the " ™£ 

CC-H ; e »»e you shor»lv 

•« ™ « OA" fl ,tin * X to 

5 minut8s - 

t -, ASTP (USA) MISSION MG168/1 
Time: 03: 5^ COT, UU:3h GET 
Date: 7/17/75 

control n,t altogethe?«rtai„ lift \f ^i/**" here *» *«icn 

vere net transients . A»2muJ r^? 6 ,"" 103 WAR ™ **™s, 

•hrw *nyt hirifi cut of noSnir .»-n ^fan^cd^ th * >»» h - -cess to 

here i„ aIs9ion ^ntto! can decidr vhet^r^r Tot .V lf th « peo P ie 

be concerned about over those CAtrrrr, • ! „?, the ^'s anything to 

rate the Apollo ere v ^anbeJs ar^Jv V » d r WAW ™ "snal.. At an.; 

about 1.0 minutes early. No r «i prcbl^m 'u?,^." 6 -' C,Jch J«t 

Apollo Is presently rapidlv c^inTon *n J* lr 8leep tin *- Th * 

eastern aost portions of- "he £vi J ?m ° f thera nov °™r 

Hordinrtf - Ju,t handing us a^rev hea tS'r/ 11 ?^ Dr ' 

crev win have this aorniJ's P ° rt fron y«terday. The 

on. follcving tne {* S?f s ; No heal^ rt /i; h Dr ' "°'«««« later 

the flight surgeon yesto JlJaftl^ ^ "«*Ifi.a by 

obtained froa any three cr^T^J £?. ;?«t« data 

performance by the crevaan. Our'n^t .JlTi ° Ut ab ^tely nominal 

That be through Hawaii / iTU * £1?°? 

time, this is Apollo Control? minutes ground elapsed 

ACDR Tzt l0 r*° U * i0n ' Hw ^ you read? 

H ^J &3r • Cri J. ve read you. 

here primarily resardir* *!! r<u ^^f* 1 n .«* J ^ rundown 
cut to ZJTrlt ^ n&C * ~ lS the AC ""Ming? . Co^ totJa 

ACDR ahead Crip 

a go, and the flight l£i *? S^ZlJ?' ^ °* * ni% °* 

wanted you to zero the NOUN Vrd tj. ^ r °Y thst v « 

NO^ 56. Just e^r it and W „ I?? (s * rMe) th * V? -' « 

ACM Okay. •"" aiJS ' 

«■ S <W* o^i^f ^ * 0t t can talh to 

~ / CXa . v . go ahead. 

Go ahead Crip. 

i* - if" To. ha, *ot°M^ " b * for<? 1 ^ i*.e that that - 

<^ ve'v, «o t ^lled/;"*^ /,^4;:/ heR f* Rd int »"* that VF.BB 49 

thr flight plan. - trVt I,Y thp n '* xt of 

yo.r doing ^nWS r L ' ^J? f ^ H v hil , 

ATS- paS g. K ' nAl s v'«et to get you up for the next 


Okay . 

dc, 9 n't ,een • he - se en tch^v/J/; "vTL^i 1 ^ Wl > 1 *"* Procedures. "' 

verify -^,^"..'.5"!;? ri: ^^ ^d «u,o v«-d 

cio^vj " - h * v "nt valve? ^ r th« furnace 

Tine: 03:5 s * CUT, kh:3h GET 
Date: 7/17/75 

9 kai '' 8tar ' d Vy. I'" go give it a vhlrl. 
USA (garble) 

£ C_H Just getting a lot of squeal there - ve're vi*h you 

&® Okay, J'ta reading - (garble) 

#>. ♦ '!l C ~ H *v l' *'* sorrv ' you're completed unreadable due to 

that box - through the box due to feed back. I»ll wil you vh*t 
if you vm just note the thing dovn, and before you - if you're readW 
ne. before you go dovn in the coamand module to eone ba -,■ vWhat ve 
would like to do is to inject air into the furnace. And if you've got 
.he docking aodule checklist haniy, all ve vant to neod to do- is to 

?S%S r i " l h L ValVeS ° n 880 &re cl08ed ' iik * " e J^t talVed about 

the ISO valye, and the vent valve, and then ve neei you OD .th« htli« 
supply box to open -ne tvo furnace valves and open the PKW DM ntnosphere 
van* for ten seconds and then close it again, and th t r c'ose th^vo 

r^r* ^ at I S JU3t to pUt fti ^ into th * - «»• furnace, Ld allev 
us to cool dcvn vith it rv- re rapidly. 

■ E ** p .. H «y» rJ T = **4 you give (garble) 

thr^t*., v J,' 0 80rry Dek *< 1 can,t read at all through tr.»t 
through that box. We're one minute from LOS nov, cur next sit. ion 
contact vi 11 be through the ATS, >it .^5:18. 

CC " K 0i ««y» with that attitude the, ATS an^es ♦hat vW»* 

got in your flight plan will be okay, to pick ua'up thS and've do rot 
vanv --ou to uo any furnuje pre* operations for the SA0O1, ve'li talf 
about that late.-. ' r ■ ' ■■■■■■ 

^ ACDH 4 „ 1 r<?FsJ f "*> %h»f page in the checklist did you v». v 

'.*ke tc go tc* ' 

PA0 0 k ay. i*'s the furnace setdtvn pre ;t- lures on 

the dccki^ - he awdule checklist T-(, tod ve vant hla to perform ster^ 
and 3. Steps 2 and 3. * 

USA Okay, steps 2 and 3 on page !-(-. 

?M That's affirr-d. 

c:f>L OF TATE 

ASTP (USA) HC169/1 

Time: OU: 13 CDT , 1*V : 53 G*V 



50 minutes ago v e haaTnXuJif "w^V^ ' At ab ^ ^Ofi or rcughlv 
too, place while the spacecraft wTte r IT/*** *° grOUnd ' 
rfe've received an indication thV thin J Rrd ln ac <l^sUion of ATS 
back that our iine fro. here Ho S ^YnT* ^ r ' C ° rd at 7 
ve 're preparing to replay tha< Yeco It* l w 66t that Bi ^- So 
entliy that if, record^ ai^t'grc^d ?!™ % ( ^ s P^«^lly id- " 
•<ext acquisition vili be about £ STt T earlier th i» norning. 
the AT5 satellite. At ^^4^2" nw - **at • U be through 

fft The first U« 4 XI^A 1 ? 6 tMs * s A P°^« Control " 

Ve'^r^r 6 ' " 81 ' SOCe line betveefhere 0 IrT^ P ° rtl ° n ° f the 

*e -e replaymg tnat for the benefit o L ! , the press ce «ter in Moscc 

now abou, k ninutes avay through the' ATS attend 1 ^uisitio 

?Io UP f3r thi9 satellite and we'r* Just going • 

-Upaed tiae. We should ll ^l^™* f.^ h — ' 18 -inute. g^i 
Presently over Tierra del ^ ^^1^ ™' ^ 

,ot you for about a* H °^ 0 J^^f * V0U th ">^ the AT,, 

CC-H 0 \ e ^ y ° U '^wa clear, Bob. 

to Deke through the squirt box'- { I™! ^ pr ° bl6B Ve hav XBg tai^~ 

status report. ™ ace * Uii tnen we can pick up the n^* 

ACDR n;. "* * 

^: jjr ' ottin * on th * new. 

CC-H trJ P* i vent ahead with thnt r,^* a 

irwt < Understand did I f- ? P r <>^re per -heokli^t 

injecting air as v e talked about, procedure on 

CCMf That's affirmative- 

about WS at Hawaii?^' ^ ^ X ° U pick that .Just about that *W 

- have get your fi&t ^ anTv^J'l'' f nn * *> ~ is if you 

^ can . ^ 

you finish brs^fast ve ciw do that! ^ * " t0 hold U P 

ran .J - " ° kV ' b> '' V<U1Ce iS SOl "« f ft Bp . r , here 


\STP (USA) MC170/1 

Tin*: Ok:U?. CDT, ^5:21 GST 


DMP (GARBLE) get our spare here. 

ACDR Okay, Crip. Ve got it. , 

• •r._H Okay. Before ve get started then, basically what ve re 

gcing to do is to elininate this saaple, SA001, and ve're gonna delay 
taltM'K out the - v ,he sample you got current - is currently in there. 
If y.ij look - ve already talked about deleting the prep you had at 
and wv vant to delete the prep - or the op at U^Uo, ny.UO. 

.. rR Oka;/, Crip. Ve're gonna delete the sample 001, right < 

' -H That ' 3 affina. 

?. Okay. 

j H oka:.', fine, and there is a - over at V?:cC, you nave 

a end - -nd of raanual heat soak and perform helium injection. What 
we vcu- like you to do is to add a furnace shutdown, page D7-6, and 
that . i.o for MAOUl, which you- currently got in there. I vould like 
t" ;ar: --ju that the thing - the handle vhere you grab it - the end of 
-he sa- is going to b<» dcvn vhere it's certainly cool enough to 

4 "'-i"h," tit 'the ct».er end is going to be hotter th&n normal. However, 
vc ti". var.t to go ahead and get it out so it won*, interfere vith any 
-• -.-our -int operations today. It shouldn't be aay probier., Just 
vsrn you. icn't touch tne"- the end cf the sample, only grab the ena 
t- it-'s st *king out cf the furnace. 

^-pr. Okay, I understand., and vhat you're saying 13 

we' e gen:. . take those samples oat now instead of vailing until ve're 
int the ' Int activities vith the Russians. Is that correct? 

ko du 

CC-yC We're gonna take the aaaples >:Vve got in th«-re 

♦ U7:£ , that period of tine Just before ycu ?lose out the docking 

;; rp 0kay< Roger, I got that. The furnace shutdown 

i*0 - for OUi a U7:20. 

CC- H Okay. That's - that's fine. Ar.d if ycu'U note over 

at Vc:^o\n the flight plar, ve call wt a heliu- irjection there. 
New that was Just delete! because ve haven't go' anything in the - -n 
the furnace at that titic . 

ACDR Roger, I see' that. 

CC-H Okay. Also, at -}b . 

■ AtCr'f? ' Okay. ' Do ycu : vant . us to .go .and do that . ■ 

heliua inject or not? .■ 

:f _ ;i :iD> we tfanl vcu to delete it *.t that tiaw, because 

th<?i <-;'.- nothing in there and no reason to do it. 

ACDR Roger. .... 

:c . H Okay, at 56:50, ve have a furnace s nut down that 

ve vast vcu to delete again because there's nothing in there. 

,\CDR Okay, I got the deletion at >t-??0. 

okay, fine. .Since ve're talking at you througn 
«he ATS ana ve're getting ready to dvap our tape recorder, we're gonna 
\bve to change our nodes on it. I 'a gonna drop c :t here for about 30 
-«ccndi. I'll give vou a call when ve've got .-oca reastabliahed. . 

ASTP (USA) MC170/2 

Tine: 04:1*2 CDT, 1*5:21 GET 


arS Apollo, Houston. Kov do you read novf 

ACih Loud and clear, Bob. 

the o£"«t ,2, W J" ^""^Ton.- ha? ! *»• 

docking „cdme checklist. And Sey're St ~~^f °" UrrI °« in »»r 
«. «^ to do va. have y0U delate thefcut "Tg.1 " £S* "? °" J 
hero, noraaily when - when vou'-e taki** «„/ I «' ies3 > Just -as a point 
sample fro» Valer*. Deko? I?/! £ '* "» 

' ■ AC£ ^ : . Okay, copy that. 

rt r S .J^'' 1 the onl :-' ^hw item I didn't get o«r 

of - L-e^e earner it he had a chance to read o.* * ™ t vf 1 , 

he vent ahead and *ade the - the air i-^f "wl C~",V before 
hearing what that voltage indication va^ ^ lnie ««^ 

ACDR Voltage is 0. 

t<re "^L - "'f'J «» a «>-"«-J " «" K«Uog ,..„, at that 

\ . vt «-ty that tne biostack was turnsd off veatoni»" 
morning per schedule: The reason for th*+ * r 'r —l V- , rda * 
on *t r.r,-= e ~ i <> ;* !. * or tnav » jlX - fi * a linited batter,- life 

on ,t «i„ if it V a? eft on, we wouldn't be a-ttin- tc u*p th„ j 
up - the post joint datd. 6 " Lv ase the *- o3t - end 

Stand by 1. ^ ° f Can aSswr yCur **"tior. sees* like. 

j-^. . .:.Crip, do .you read?. 

CC-H : . yes sir. 

^ 5f • it got turned off. 

L ^f. r lt<s 1 «* e ' j in the flight plan. 

that's all ve r.esi to Knew 
be °* a Jf'. th en I suess w^ever you Jruys get around 

we iA be glad to taxe your av-ming atatua report 


to copy! Cri.- ^ ^ giW U "° '^"ncv. OR,*, ready 

. Ready to copy. 

, . ^ KE% 0ka . v ' cri the eocAfinder menu, everything e fl ^ P .» 

brea*faat, J.-.inch t Just applesauce - couldn't find ' ♦ a a 1 
»L«ed the stewed tcmatcet, couidn ' t find r J J and ^ 1» g f ^ ' 

couple of them. Are you riady^oV en? ' " ^ ?» n «PPle. • 

fin , J C-!i , Roger, I understand on that last that the oranze 

and pinapple was an addition? orange 

\ rt i\ 1 ^ ? ' ^ ' £ ^ ee P* 4 Koci hours ar.d 2 fair. So abdication 

^neve^are^ Vat6r ' * ^ ^ ^ay, and ready'wi thlhe DP 

^ p (USA) MC170/3 
7/17/75 * 5;a GB7 

CC-H p 

£^ Kr «ss c n . 

END OF TAPE ^ Catl °«- W62> Had 

AST? (USA; MO 171/1 
Ti ce: o<:50 COT, 1*5:31 GiV 

and, Incidentally, aboutM spends oTt^f 8le<!P there ' 00 "»«»«-ion 
whenever you're ready. °" th * Vater ^ 0ka ^ S° to the DP 

Si" * ~ sa .° n> ve ' re ^ th you. 

rye bread, couldn't f Z'^^J?^^* " «» or 
aalaon later in the day It'a qffH yea ' ve found the 

the evening, a couple of problJ^ t* ^ here 8 ° aevhere - Okay, ln 

Pudding, stitch t£t. AnT^e^ aS^'* VanUla 
it and I vas going to try to eat i Trv J? ** ' 1 COaldr ' ,t "^"ate 
age all those little quivers Parted fivE " "T " 1 ° F<?ned the P»^~ 
that one quickly. An J the Je'^peref If^T. ^ *° Ve Sta3hed 

v.. all crunL. and a total disastTsHe M> d ?* ol «\™* c ^ e - that, 
out of control. I had tvo pines^, h & * a "-<- d f -nat one before it got 
WD. 61 002. And on the sleep had % ST*"" 0kay g ° t0 tke ^ dical: 
couple, fair to poor. I tnS'v^ hi d l£™ % %F " d a 

had a raster alarc here about U hovJ* ° f CUr slee F^ v e 

had another one later and all £ ,w ,v Vent *° Slee? &ni th « ve 
aa you're avare of. And I Bleot S - he £V ?** ^ ArJ leen u * sir ' ce 
in there. I think that SJalor "J dHr - ^ lt,a pret '^ COld 

in the tunnel and that seeded U ^ J r ?"i* I.T °° ^ Vance Sle - 
gulps and I've calibrated and I thinf £f / i * &3 Vater 1 had *5 
Whatever that's vortE In then a f Jh^d If 5 ;; 8 ^ ^ far 

CC-H okav rea^ ! end t ° f ,, the old st atu 9 report (garble), 

the calibration in th^ He- *? r t'i* * 1 ^ ted a » r «i"e ' 
about do.i B eter 8 Jest-Say !nd'^ fj >' ou dWn't ask 

about the saae cri You t4e Jv^r 1 "^ 7 ' 0 aake 8Ure veVe talking 
were asking about ^^We' f t £ U ^tSV' 

Is that affi rnative; S 8e wed iJ -- 3 "/O'Jr CVG's. 

under^r, yea. ^'^ ab0Ut the °™* «e on the launch 

other's for en'rfare s^c-d l^V*'** 3up P° sed to ^ there is your 

>ack y used W?Jttl assivf do^erTi^^ ^Y* 3 ■ i* 

are to be saved and returned. ln thec ' * n A - • So, they 

ve 8 o^ B e\haV-arr. 1 ii^ froa the ^ de — *nd 

to throw that undervear ^y. ^ 3 be ^ U " VC ** 6 ^ ed ve v «* «Mng 

the, K so.evhere^^haTwn o^n^f ^ ^ that - -n find 
D ^ Okay. ' 

Hke qSne a bit of pSbl^^i'^I!? 1 ^ T^^ 8 Whfct SO - ded 

- can do to, to helj yoi^/orioL "f tnoseT Are'^y » T ^ 
vnere^ycu think they're supposed to be? ' HOt 8torcd 

^ Well, ve ended up I think v<th „ <tK *v.* 


Time: : 50 CUT , ^5:31 GET 


I thi::k vhat's happened here is that there's some extra i-ems on some 
of these meals that are stoved separately and those are the ones ve 
haven't locate'' properly. > 

CC-H Okay, ve - ve'll check into it and see if ve can't 

give you a little bit of help there eo you won't be missing so many of 
those items. Or. that, rehydration problem you had or. the macaroni, was 
it Just that you couldn't get the vater inserted or vhat? 

DMP.: Oh, ve could get the vater in all right, but it was 

pretty dead stuff and there's no way in zero G to get it to mix - - 

CC-H To get it mixed up good? Okay, understand the problem. 

DM? Yea. Flight. And v' ve started to do this morning 

ve pulled out the menu and looked at it because ve veren't doing that be- 
fore, you know ve veren't sure ve missed something and all until ve vent 
to log it and discovered, hey! I was supposed to have that and ve didn't 
ha\e it. So ve'il try to look at the menu here if ve get a chance. 

CC-H Okay. I'm vith you. ; One other item I guess I'il 

mention here and iet you do vith it as you see time for this morning. 
Of course, vhen ve scrubbed out that height measurement DTO that vas 
scheduled yesterday because ve got so far behind. If ycu gents feel 
like you've got tiiae enough to-to get it in sometia". this morning that 
-.ill be fine and if you don't, veil use your ovn discretion. If time is 
shcrt. our priority vould be to get Vance since ve've already got a 
preliminary reading on him and our intent is to get a curve of hov the 
change occurr3 so is you could only get one, he vould be the prime man 
ve'd be after. 

E'KP Okay, (garble) time and do the best ve can vith it. 

■ CC-H Okay and ve do not need a vaste vater dump as scheduled 

this ; ve do net vant to d^ap it. 

DM? Roger. Understand and vhen ve chlorinated last 

night, ve again opened the potable and tjO perform the chlorination and 
ve didn't close it, I presume you don't mind if ve leave it open nov or 
vould you prefer to have it closed? 

CC-H Ve vould like to go ahead and close it if ve could. 

EMP Okay. Are ve cor-in., up on Africa, here? 

CC-H Tnat's affiraative. 

DM? And ve're looking at some fantast ic scenery here; 

ve veren't sure vhere ve vere. 

DMF We can see fires, grass fireo and that sort of thing, 

burning down here Just like you can from Uo thousand feet up. 
■ ■■■ ■ CC-H . Rcger. 

DMP They're ail over the place. 

CC-H Deke, one item I mentioned, might mention to you on 

that air injection you did, I guess ve vant you to understand that pro- 
cedure because ve're probably going to be asking you to use it several 
tines so it m^ght be vorth making & note on your docking module checklist 
someplace, vith vhat you do vhen, vhe/. you inject air; but basically 
it Just those steps, those tvo steps in the shutdovri procedure. 

DM? Roger. Copy. Thank you. 

iff (USA) KC171/ 

Problem vith *>,,> 0kay > th e onlv nt >, 
Prefer H ere » hatch 0n the W « ^ ltea v ** v e h «, fIl + 

pif^ °- reco 2; -'that ve J^,^* vould 

the other sL e ™ y * ni c catch oJW 3 ^ °« °f £l / Vay 

to retain it that strap o ; *v ° a the furnac- «hr.\ ^Ule 

■closed. U to tn * *uikh«ad. 2 h * that • ^elf, 

r.yp , that yoj Just Velcr^JT v S<?d 

^revhu, h „ VelI « I tell y Cu v ' lc " ^ hatch 

^ f* H cUr— than 1 ^ iTuelT* £ — - help s . 

A , . ■ . , " e gave if c *. ~ 

connector to ^ "^"and that a -*y ar.d 

VX? t0 £° a ^ad and close fL' " hat he ^ 

your c , :ffMo+l . . . ^t'.afrtJfwtnen. ^■' ir « tJ » 

That 'a o-^r ca ° 8e then. 
.-Sgestior. i fl 3tn , 8 a ^irzsed, but it v< a 

still a gcod it binds pretty gc 


jvp Okay. ne> f and I think 

CC-H U o1 °»1. * '- »>«H te ad egu , t f l" s 

*S° vhe„ you Just to ea: <„ S " «>«W 

EO OF TAPE ,nW - «« .*>» mt^', ^^'^ 

ASTP (USA) MCI 72/1 

Time: 05:00 COT, 1*5:1*1 GET 


furnace for us, the o^es tW v ? ^ ?° led th ° 8e valves on the 
were you pretty F oIim" overt J««. Before you cycled the* 

CC_H Okay. Fine. 


Time: 05:10 CDT, 1^:51 GET 
Date: 7/17/75 

J CC-H Apollo, Houston. I don't know hov busy you are there 

but if you are interested, I could give you a little bit of the local mornin* 
news. Other vise we can hold it up and Bo can repeat his . performance of last 
night and give you some this evening. 

USA Okay, that sounds great Crip. The morning and even- 

ing nevs both. ■ >" ... 

i. ^ CC_H , You haven,t hefl rd me read the nevs yet, so I don't know 

vhether you're going to think it's so great or not. But I'll be glod to give 
you what I got. Little bit on your - - 

"! A H You have a reputation as being a great newsman from Skviat. 

T . LL ~ n ; 0n » ves < 1 got several reputations froa that .mission . 

x have an item requarding your cohorts up there. Don't 
ve lock like the Jack of Diamonds, Joked the Soviet cosmonaut as his 
partner drifted upside down beside him in their Soviet spaceship. We're 
proud of you cause your doing everything so veil, the Soviet ground 
controller replied as the space duo readied for today's linkup with 
the .3 American astronauts. Lieutenant Colonel Alexey A Leonov and 
his civilian partner Valeriy Xubasov were so busy vith space chores Wednesday, 
they didn t have time to stcv avay their blastoff and helmets. But 
the 2 .cosoonauts promised television viewers to have their tiny 
ccLin tidied up in tine to receive our guests. So it sounds like 
they're looking forward to seeing you. One of the .tasks' taking up so 
much of their tine vas repairing a bulky television easier a that had 
prevented viewers from Earth froa watching their activities in space 
Leonov and Kubasov got up an hour earlier than' planned, to work on 
the camera which vas finally fixed under the direction of expe-ts at 
theii- control center. The picture of Leonov vith Kubasov floating 
by upside dovn highlighted the first day., of "cabin telecast to millions 
of Soviet viewers back on Earth. And ve even have a - have an item 
for the commander, there, from his state, Frcm Hu^c, Oklahoma - S-arc-te-^ 
"edneaday, flew over the brush in airplanes and tramped on foot and 
horseback, hoping for a sign of 2 baby elephants. To Dixie Loader it 
vas like Founding the neighborhood, looking for a missing pup. . They 
are like pets, he said. They mean something to us ether than Just 
working elephants. You know hcv you have a pet deg or cat - it has a 
sentimental value. Apparently, she vas driving a truck loaded vith 5 
elephants from Michigan to Mexico, and stopped to rest in tha* 
winter quarters of Careoh Barnest ? ) Ci reus , Saturday. Easteri ; '• and Lilly 
the smallest of the 5, at U-l/S feet and 1000 pounds to 1500 pound- each 
were spooked and bolted into the countryside. So it locks like v* got 
some new wildlife in Oklahoma. An item regarding some veather. 
We re getting information from San Juan, Puerto Rico, that a cloud o' 
sand, from the African Sahara, is hanging over the Caribbean Wednesday - 
inhibiting, for the second time this month, the chances of rain to 
ease the wide-spread drought. Jose Cohen, the weather bureau regional 
director, said the sand cloud, which has blown thousands of miles across 
the Atlantic, was at a height of about 6,.>00 to 10,000 feet. Cohen 
said the sand was reducing the amount of the sun's radiation reaching 

AST? (USA) MC1T3/2 

Tine: 05 = 10 CD?, = GET 


in 2 veeks. It's a tough life 
USA * eah - 

IS 0 ! I can't 'read the funnier because I Keep getting 

chokea^up. You can't Wk vhile you're laughing. 

S T^'used to tell *e that, when I read the news, 

that vas the funnies. Cri And thi3 

■omi^. had ere S^tTli.^ to that aort of thing, than y-erday 
""^SS'h Yeah. A little bit nore relaxed today. ■ 1 J Jjeii - 

because you poor guy. nad to got up so coUo pi £n _ 

*r*v, lend to your "^P^^!"' yj.£ "ill looXing into 
«t ;4 ,iv* you a Httle bit of Ration; g We've 

. And 1 5 iea- v e ha«n t had * ^ k on John Young . 8 flight, 

i th«* ve had S or.etning a nc.t .dent. ^ ^ ICW , ,., 

^t^Zl*?. ^nd wn-'aay of a probler 

iv'.ect^.. *cg.e. ' t , n looVl ing into it. And 

k giving nuisance « a 6 bacK with 

information va can get - give to /ou ve *± b 

Ckav real *ocl. We haven't had it for quite j* 
So you thin. U coSflS any vay be associated vith the ^ ve , 


■ *" 

fa ; . . :re 
.,' ■ Mi as 

Vfl I At" 

ad ruining last night? 

ASW (USA) MC173/3 

Time: 0:>:-iO > "?-?- L v 



. , „^ tr ,«.« But ve ended 

Vel i - we'd xmd of tho.ig 

„ "tttng - I believe, 1 answer. We did terminate 

" trnw Okay. d it RO v but, before 

in a Apollo, Houston. W- *° Vave to you for another 

ycu innate it. I'n afraid i- . 

fat.ery charger current jolt-ge. J ££J OQ doin - right -v 
vp'« dumping data, wnich ve hadn t px ^ wfort „„atels . 

the du,p line. ^ Pi- to help us ie ep a .tatus of 

it': covering up our * B "«^.™" b ve r ^ ed that information. 
II *uch juice ve've get ^'V* r^ing about 39.2 volts and 

on «. ^™ «^»- 

( ,^_u ■■.■Ana, i ^ *. 

thftt charge at this tire. 



Time: 05:21 CUT, U6-.00 0«r 

7/17/75 , v. * 

DMP OKay, Crip. I'» reading about ».* volts and *c* 

!.! on the aaps . Thau* you very «ch. And if you'd 

m. ^ can go ahead and terete that charge at this tin*. 

0 *^\* u o*«n W*'re coming up on LOS through the 

AK . „t uSJ".^f * — 

That's at U6:21. »*6:21. 

S A „ - go over the hill ve're seeing the CW. 

g?; H (Garble) master alarms and (garble). 

CC : H Car, you ^11 us VhjV it is? froa Q . . 

through the ATS-6 sate^ite relej £;J^ e ^ifon the ground 
Before loss of signal over ea- tern Sib ri a, / ^ tion ^tern, apparen 
noticed another caution earlier today. The general consensus 

.. he saae one that avanened me crev earlier * to sort 6u , vhat's 

is that it's a transient type al arn They T^at rp * ^ ^ te 

causing it at this ««.,^ ^ Lg U Minutes, this is Apollo Cor. 
rather busy anyway. *t -b.W. r-t-.n ft 


ASTP (USA) MC175/1 

Time: 05 i-o CDT, «*6:25 GET 


PAO This is Apollo Control at U6:25 ground elapsed time. 

3 minutes away from tracking ship Vanguard, hove' er in - over Havaii with an 
extremely iov elevation angle pass ve have son* tape that wa3 accum- 
ulated over the Havaii pass we'll play back at this time and go live 
across Vanguard. 

CC-H ~ Apollo, Houston. We're talking at you through 

Havaii. Got you for about 2 minutes here. 

ACDR Okay. (Garble) 

ACDR Crip, I've g- t a question. 

CC-K Go ahead. 

ACDR For the 3NC, if ve don't get th± ■ thing fixed dur- 

ing rendezvous, and if v.-' re in then pr^graas sequenced like 33^5, , And ?, 
and this cos?s up, :s that going to st.p the sequence on us? 

CC-H Okay. Ve have checked that all the v«iy through and 

it vill not inter: ere vith anything as long as the alarms are false 
vhich is - that's the indi --*ion the.*- ve. have - that they are nov. 

ACD? key . 

CC-H tor -.he L?. Deku, vould you like to aake those min- 

or codifications to your -locking nodule checklist regarding that furnace? 
Or you un:-*rstand it veil *nough such a3 vh&n you come to them and that 
you vili Just delete? 

pyrp Well : think I understand it. Dick, but I'd Just as soon 

make anyway, Just s-; I got thrri. 

CC->: Okay. If you ^.jt that checklist handy I ;an tell 

you vftert t..ey are and you can go- ahead and scrub theis. 

DM? Okay, "-'and by a sec. Go ahead. 

CC-H Okay. First :.;.e is en Peking aodula checklist page 


L<M? Okay. 2-U. 

OC-K Okay. A-.d step 7 down there at the bottoc - left - 

hand side ?f the page .ast three lines - ve can just delete those out re- 
garding the heating injection. 

there it has doing - a 
;te that since we've already 

: trobably note, thepe, if 
;i for earlier, you prob- : 
-u furnace and the hatch 
closed, and of ;rse ycu v: :■ i natch and reoove the caps 

so you can install MAI 50. 
DXP Fight. 

•-C-H : ot'r.^r th"- - '.nit's all ve got . I'm 

going tc go ar-ad and tv. yc <-»•.-*.■ and next station con- 

tact'is going ■ .-■ \~-: thro'- t «»d I'll be turning 

you over to Richard and he' -here. 




Okfc.y . 


;,, C-K 


k * c ♦ 





rn ■' 


ut down . 

L >T 

Okay . 




ve i: 

r.e the shutdown z 




the - the littl- 

r ap . 

ASTP (USA) MC175/2 

my 7 ^ :k€ CDT ' 1+6:25 0ET 

£™ See you later, Crip. 
CMP 8er " 

CC-H Jf°f er * yoU ' Crl P- 

DMP S ,, you for 5 Minutes. 

accept if ve could . , "owl"* to you. We'd Ml., f v 

t». rretovou, bool[i ^ ^J°B" 1 ™ sot a,, „ C2 pr ei iB l pa a i° 

— !«. ou?Tet. Sta " d "V «,« of „.. V, h „„. t 

i MP /• i. . . " 

""'J ? ka ^- Oo. ahead. 

'* (Garble) 

OZhh^pi^ a ^„ 1V _ ^ ay ", parting vith 26- ofcft v ) * , 

Hna tne T?i " ig ti^, h^oT^lo ^V*!**' St * ITS*, * ' 
ACBR '> ' * uu> J0 &head. 

. , * ' * v -'--— Voight, "ITS pt* u , s » «ul bails, -?Ln fit? 

b, c ,.".;: 5 ... . ;,.:^ t ™ °»:»'»'*>. °— 

;r ift ^ tnat U « " J *t about * 8 close m :!? teil you ln * «*Ort vord 

* c . r f-f r - r - « could be. ru ha £ : * JJf be jU3t abou *- 

• v ^"t ycri vhst :-?u eto expect V--,- 'V , a tev words for vr^ 

CC-H r nounds «reat. 

s - ATS. ^ gCci c< - irrti »8 to you Ton, we ' U w 

r.- ^..^ rrl ; , •" : ;fie early ivortior<« o*^ ^ 7'^" 1 of Con ' 

-^r^d u^. - --:>mroi at 1.6; 35 ground 


ASTP (USA) MC176/1 

Time: 06:ky COT, 1*7:2? GET 


change of shift briefT ' Ve^v , 0 ?f * ^ conolu »*<» of the 
over central Asia. We"?e getting Tv froTtT P&3B ' 

£11 try to play bTOk the first portion of this ^^3^°!^^ 
ATS iuaf, of signal and Vanguard Knveen 

(garble), pressure ^U^^^^^' «* 1 ^ 

that T^'Lera in pan^i/the - 7 J? *** 'J*""* U * knw ' B ^ to 
to check f-stop mil open «uid then "averse? * picture. We'd l ike 

ACDR r Hou ^ on ' ve over Russia now? 

launch site. v*. 3a T* ^ w of t^A^i^Yi 0 U ^ > asse * °™ the 
reminded » of that airr ^ I t ^ t ! J M 1 5 coast there 

.bout at the - about 5?degrees T#t £ 'iStt • ' ~ ^ y ° U ' re JUst 
and vest of the launch J*ft*L"*» v the . hi S"e S t point in latitude 

A CDS t i f 'V* Severad Biles. 

>ut here that you J^te ^Tafthis ^."^ &n <* 

. fee aotne contrails' too. •' 
*h» voriw •■ U lc 'f ks Uk<? Pretty rugged country - this cart 

^ t -- {! Roger. '■ ' • 

then™* m *> ™ that " aching the TV out th, vlndov 

" hftd shift*"! t h.» -.»,* . , 

t»e inside television v M - the Hi H TV becau * < ' 

tning and - and E'EN CO va* Jwt nh*~lxt fc^k J rf f, Wtt 5 en H 8* U *»S any. 
ir.« southing else. e Ut * and for ' h vhn « you v ftre do- 

A '^'^ All rinht. v •■ 1 v. a „ .„.,.»,. . 

-it the vir.dcv? * * rstt > Picture on It 

' CC * h " did on the out v < .,,1... v , 

t'--r.s oit that- th* gre.-n ll ah* 5-. „v 1' ' ' 1i; -fl' e<3 out tnerei. U 

«»Pj-ropriat*. But, it's - it'* fl'": *H T whft " " ^chev-r one i a 

ee extra diligent in l«ttl- e y a , LZ\,vV' m lx)m viii ^ 

ACDR Aii r iht ' ^ dov » 11 '*i"«. 


it ay . Hcv ' « y our r i : " f. - 1 r r 


CMP* V'oT'"'^' V:S1J " U 9f * l{i sc * ! ^i«« at the sane tisae 

u ' : ' thrA h y v'^^t « second plfw*. 

■~* 8 -* . see a lot of light 

y:--,i • 

ASTP (USA) »J176/2 

Time: 06:^7 COT, 1*7:27 OET 


from the - from those tvo windows vhi oh it* ..u 

b,t Just for your InftmU^S^ C « a « Pretty poor 

of view. ""V UB get tne two windows out of field 

out the*! Tot,, your ItT^v U a itil?^i'''?i"? ^ y ° U ^ °ne of the* 
ACDn Jkay th ° f ' eld Df vl<?v * "ttle bit. 



win 6 '"' 0ET 

J£ H Soger, vhSever you" ZT/^ *** «™« there. 

ACDR Go ? <l co =eback. P there ' D*ke. 

"ere ao ' impressed ».ft"[ B *\ e aid <Ue of Constellating n • 

CC " H Poser " VaS « oi *S on. teliation Orion, here. We 

PAO 4 

through ATS-6 satem™* 1 .LJ p(>110 Co ^rol . Ve'v- had 

through the tracking -m" 1*^ aoa * ^ ninutes 1^ ii"' ° f 8ignal 

•nift briefing, earlier S^* 1 "*- »Wr, b^ e ^ reaCq,ll9itlon 

ACDR ApoUo, "custcn, through th u 

CC-H you ioud and clear? Dick S ' H ° V do «ad 7 

give you a c? upl e JIT;* * n " fte ^r,dezvous book"J5^ Ve « ot a 

CC-H V ' 4 '^ Cher*, 

in the f!Uf,# . *-*ay . Crip ■« !u ;„ (i . 

the i n ^ I ^ wanted l;*^ £ ? late* - earl ier 

^at soak ed °?f ht ' to t^n e t^* b *= k ' <.7-20 on 

ACD? F ^ heiiu, " a Section. 17 tbat *«J" i„ ^ua? 

^ the dockin, scdul^^y w * ct thftt " p.,, ■ . ■ • 

CC-H v.; ;:. St - . " ' also ' 1 think, 

to you about th*t. t I>8h » ' v»ts here vhP, - , 

.tart ,. hJt ^ r , iw . ^^.f^ - ><r« vV^V! > W \ 9 tUklhg 

;. n th * TV -«^kHn. vo^r;, 0 :' ;<* ^ ha«i ;:.^ e ! n . °° k to 

g«t the pov^r , '° & iter r .„„..w ... '. * *" ft P«<!e, 

ACDf: ,-. * ♦ •- of tht.R, 

Von vant -h, ;)C vcr . "'•;'*';„ * ot ^ve^thin^ : ,.,.. rt 

CC-H -.., nt tq \.;" v -- ri^.t; ' -'^ off now. 

switches neesl a ^ ,.*,"" ~ ns '*- • erit.or >;. v . ■, , . 

extra tvo v J 8 bWk ' Sn:1 th *<> - -x, m;:'^ .^f^ 1 ?"^ ** **** 
A CDF , r fL " 1:S «S «Hh these 

-v.; ri#h-. ' hl »h gnir; angles, 

Over thrr- -v. . . ^ 

" - l - , ide , pUch 

AST? (USA) MC177/2 

Time: 06:57 CDT, ^7:37 GET 


yai " ^ACDR ''oger. Pitch rainus 21* a:;lyw lUq t that's - 1*6:20. 

CC-H That's - th-t's vight, that's correct Tom* 

Okay. Let cie Just s\y a couple -oris about the rendezvous. After doing 
the little out of plane correcti.r yesterday, vt-'re set up right on 
center line, looking real fine. The way the trajectory tracking is 
going, it does turn out that the. NC2 burn is going to be Just a little 
bit smaller than you've usual!?; 3een it in the - in the SIMS but - 
that's no problem. SC2 through TPI TICKS are nominal and be very 
close to where you've been seeing them before. Because of the slightly 
smaller NC2 burn, when we get to NSR It will have a little more of a 
radi»l coapenent then you have normally been seeing, but that' 3 no 
problem either. All will be very close to nominal, all the way 
in. Or.e moment on the NSft burn. The - it could go either way, but 

- it nay be as snail or at least as small enough such - like - a 
burn we did the other day, when ve had U load a different &!S nuaber 
other than 13. .0. Wa never really got to talk about that again, but 
in any ease,' there's the numbers that we pass to you to load in the 
:Vj ' though' thev'r** lever than -7, are okay to load in there and 
thVnunbeV to trim tc will be accurate. So 1 don't think there should 
be any problen i r, the rendezvous this morning. 
ACDR Okay. Good. 

CC-K Also, as ycu know, we've got a new team on here. 

We've beer, looking at what's been happening about the false al arts on 
the IS;- during the evening. I've read this report - as - to John 
Young's* flight on Apollo H' and ah - I don't think we're ffliasi hg any 
of th* «ace indications, at least, that he hid and that turned out to 
be false alarna and as Crip told you awhile ago, assuming that they 
are false alarms, you won't get any interruption of programs you re 

AODB Cf.ay. That's gocd. 

CC-'% okay . I gu«P3 that vafi a'r.-f>u'. it on the rendezvous. 

* vi >„k „,.,,riguratj *h*r*'« ••-t.c thing we'd like to get done.. 
ui'U got the 'secondary U^p deactivated. There's one valve ve would 
lust to get us in a n.'minui. cotifi gurAtion&l , on panel 377 we see - 
we'd like the glycol to radiator secondary valve to bypass and this? 
will p»» us in a* wapletely known ccn figuration. 

ACDR ■ > /• Cn 377 to bypass. 

iX-V. Th.'it afflra, Ten. 

■>-yrf Then ve have the VTi* cooling irtpier-ented. 

X-H Okay, Seal fine, Vans*. Thank you for letting us 

knew." pjd you do the ?\?.. Cm t get that data? 
CM? * f-oger. Tom has It here. 

ec-H Ckay. 1'n in no hurry, fcu* whenever you get ft 

r,).rp ok«y . Dkay That's star 31, at all bail?,- 

T( : n ,.„ 1"7, tb. tHirged at ? -?6: 3<St 15. 

" rr-tC okay, I'eke. Thank ycu very r.u* v - radiate It* 

ASTP (USA) MC177/3 

nZ: 06:57 COT, U7:37 OCT 



DMP 0 Oklv" Crip. Panel 377 la in bypass. 

CC-H ff\ «£. - -^s you , re 8U 


. : , ..... ..^,,^, v . :v ,, i : : l - , lfi 

astp i usa) Kenan 

Time: 07:06 Ci?i\ l» Y a 1»6 GET 



'i'irs' re y j sire-. 


! ".'X 


*" ' r ■' . 

■■" • • 

havu ,yO"a got 

' CC-H 

''> «S 

Tl s ' 1 jO , , i i" 

.»'f- -a stt.vte'l dovn- 

linking i '. .. -X . 

i ' J ' . " ' 

-v; • 

■.tie -r'i piiifil IJ . 


■' ''v 

v • 

't' '' 1 'Vi '1 

... tf* .. .. .., 

Yeah , •■*•*: pr< n i y 

, ,, , 'a , 

J U3 'C * 

' - :i cr,, tco - as of your 

aire? » . yny - 


if. V i- ' * ' L « i t * l' 

JL V * 4-*. -*■ " ■ * 

" ! O'V p 

- '. 

;>'.-■■ /, : .y'i 


r J- ' ' ' 
.... . 

•. . .. ■ >■ ■■ 


'. ,1. *, t <■ 

".: , f "ra ^;or 

■ r.v ,';«"-*; back to 

the previ yt$ • 

. , " . . < r 


f : ^ ■ 

at. ^ j* s '> .1 r c 


.:• :. 1 ' : 

. . ;i,;.v '-') - t.he 

W ^ ^ <». ■ J. - 


\ a-n-i '/OC. 

■■ -. .:■ 
j' , . . ; ■. 

: f.?v . 


", t,r, - 

... . 

-. ,kK. ... ■ * " * ■ 

 Also, Tca» 

in ftKvr. :') - i r-:i 

;■■ *,.■;" : 

■-. f ; ' i-'i '.. 

■:r; Uic downlink 

17 h;. i ' 

i-- . ': 

sranters i'r 


'■' 5:''' 'V 

v. ,. 

.... 3 

:, '.rir in 

r-. : •- 

■ • -i . 

- ' 

!1 . ' :■• 

ts we ' r* gc-inR to 

be */.ir i.iiiic. ' 

V a 1 : v 

~ : 

- .- ri.'. ■ xy Iftjiat. i on 

i;a tar gr 1 


■ ■■ ■■■ 

tit ■.■!!.{ '.;,■•■-'■:■?. 


; '. .i •:. '. : :U': '" '. 

. ■■(..'■■■ 

■.>■'?>». '.'*!- 1 ; ' - 

i.asr 2aa«ra or 

-ci: <■-■.'.- 

..-.-..•■•i : c 

1;? Ira". >hri 'M ,c 

■ "! ■ 11 ■ ; 

over *o lev; -"• 

, 'i; . 

; *. f A:-'- .i-.j,,* o'h^Vfi 'I'r in 

ASTP (USA) M0I7£/'*f 
Tine: 07:0* COT , U7:^> 

SLAVE an, 1,o verify th. - that the interleave, and telemetry power bitches 
cn panel s are ON x ^ fw the DM vhich one do ve 

va „ - - ^ . SLAV, here in th^CS. ^ 

Apollo, Houston. The noise changed on the dovnlinV., 
1 ^8*Y ^ 6 M^dfc^tec/H^ton. Net 1; Hov do 
y ° U C S-(KM55 aoddari voice, HoMton Com ,ech; COS conference. 

USA Ap^ic/H^ton, Ksv do you read? 

^^-(^^ Ooddard voici Houston Ccm tech; 629- 
' ' Yeah, 5 by. 

USA {Garole} 
USA Garble) ^ ; 

H?* K Apollo, Houston. Hov do you read? 


Atoll'?, Houston. 

A C^. J^^ir^i out there because for a minute ve 

c0 " H . w n *Z M.\i tt y0 n v»H!V that the - you've cnecked 

ether, , Uo0 is 8 q« ar «d way and the one on 

^ ™jl , n ^InereTaon MASTER, all oth*ra on SLAVE and 

cic**cut 1. ^^^^^S;. We're going to be switching 

*0 seconds »r call you Vac*. 

ACEB * U , litnt" P-»*vn. I'ta told I'm GO for voice again 
CC ~ H * - i«"'*nd ve pr^ably can correct the 
ar , 5 t - ve are getting a *< F* R " a * 

Polaroid filter vhen y h av* Us*. 

AOP AU ri ! h : < B ^ w . iVs a verv dark picture. 

V Aoy ' , .Iv^ it a turn and let u* <u«* 


look at It here for a „ thftt , ilfeet - that diree- 

aorc. HaRg ; . :Rt Mclu Wt'rc trying to get hatch 1 back up 

, .. f.V v_ Htfifi< ps th« TV earner*. 

1, th* .tunn*l. We',. V« ^'^J;,^ vm ar , „ Mi n| with hatch 1 

ASTP (USA) MC178/3 

Tirr.e: 07 :06 CW, 1*7:1*6 GtfP 


CC-H When you get back to that TV camera in panel 11, 

might check if the f-stop f-ill OPEN and that you're in AVERAGE . Bee 
it 5s real dar.* . 



Time: 07:l6 CDT , Vf:56 GET 


be 113.7 nautical aiies at apogee, ^.9 na«-icjl ^ le P ^ 
Apollo spirals outward to « ert *^. 8 ; °f t £ e pLce at ground 
ofSoyu*. the final thrust toward ihe TP? or Terminal 

elapsed tine 50 hours, $2 ninutea, 59 se ^- ' " turn of 2 2 feet 
PhJe initiation naneuver. »?« ic %^tr2ac<o^« tSe line of 
per second. It produce, « «t r pt c -Jec^ ^ ^ ^ 

sight of Apo-lc - -'(^/t: ;^ biUt the end of that maneuver will 
horizontal. w>c ; £ ;™ e?sent ialiy the parking orbit of 

be 122., by . £ A ^. mlcator Dick Truly, will begin reading 

Soyut apacecraft. ^ ; r ft ^ \. ard ln about 30 seconds for the 
up the B o-calie4 pad data the .a.^ua . q x the second phasing 

"two of these oaneuver* ar.d } x£ and H.v. That is . x. AO g 
and the corrective ei.t.r •«j.^i = 

Vanguard. Ycu're low at the Vanguard T::>r 

CC - H ■ ^ tr 1 /:^:;^ t here for you. We are going 

it update the Nti- i ma. taKl - • 

vou're r?ady to coyy. 

CMP. c *^'» ready ccp>. „ , dfl *^ r *M v R ry ffiSnor 

•„ .. avuv ■■"♦■«• r*in* with «Uu« ^o- ' ner - ^ * 

oj : rt . ft ^i&*r;;., r bin* ■!««• 0250, F iu* ^ur 

change in trae one . r on COQl g0 sheai, 

plus four bail?; .J«0. , V^UaeK . *0U8:31 all balls; aim* 

0230, f 3t* alt :;; a ^ f . fld , ft ^; 7 ance. Sane F ««* I. want to 

■..-.-> .» rVi*» jnah KiiT. •■- *»•-•* . fV ' -e 1 * ' turn 

jo. ^^^-^r^r^uu U «Vih,n .»•» 

bacic an-; revi ...e -<><. 

gct '.neither r*t*. ... _ $thrs 33 mA U2; NOUN 05 va* 

CMF ^V,- v, »tnui three hall. 19, F lu» four 

five V*'H«; ^ ""' " 

i*Us ( n tore.** * ^ . t ^ vhilc yM . rt U,«re, vouid 

Vight <^r*. ...^ ( . ,.,, 0 . lr .. U ; r ,ion >7^'3. 

* M: ■ - v .^,; " ,v. r y. if vou'Vi turn two over, 

r ^ t; uiu I'vv gM.'an NCC r: -ellnir,ar/ P vf 

^ . • t f-v„. Lb i riuS 0 3"«» R ' !l IS ■ ,t - • ?t * 

^ v<ay. ^^9:^ tR V 4 Aw, ..i u « n60 t 

.vii,<,. vf4 t 0^0. v..-., ■«•!,.>•• 

i-jc! ■ w«»v, '•*» >-*♦. n?, jfo ahead. 

ASTP (USA) MC179/2 

Time: 07:16 COT, 1+7:56 GET 

nt*}?* 1 Pltch plua ° 69 ' «» 37 , 

■. ^ . ■ ■ ' Ready. : 

trim,, plus 06 9 .mS SI bu^ aUUud^ : °? 112 -' Veight ' 

We've got little over a ni ™t ^tilf^ S^ 9 '/^ °^ '"59; 237. 

CMP Okay NSH ni*u i^' s-^ead vrith the j*© ad ba ck v 

minus 0M9. Di nu 8 Ollf^ite ^ JJ?'^ r *W^- Plus 0125, 

3198,, piu, 6 . plu/o^9 t[nS 6 5 p 50 bu^ 5 att?? 0 ^ ^ 

CC-H ^v ttv V J ? V burn attitude star I- 1750- pry 


ASTP (USA) MC160/1 

Time: 07i27 COT, l»8:06 QET 


r{ « V - You've got them all. They were good resdbacks. 

The _ C «V re ab0 ,, 30 seconds fro, WS. The next acquis it ion is at the 
I-J ♦ «JL* -a 22. So we'll sc-e you there. Yo-i'j.1 also notice 

tVS weliS'W p*.d - that the delta VC tail-off is 11.2. 
And •hat'fvhlt : vanning about earlier, about being less than 13. 
CMP Yeah, okay. Thank you. 

r'r u Okay. Keal fine. ■ : 

l\: Tn Z is Apollo Control . Loss . of signal through 

« cr ' ** •"!*:.» . . v ,tn.-i .t srcuni «i«f«a 

. . Vft r.-.-" .-l.ln at=ut fw« bein« *- r ,.ni 

t,oe - v"l - m , ".- 5"; -n-.!.,*-^. -lout" of oovern-o. 

Bir,;'es ■>•'»:. fi -'■ - "... . r ...,; - sr ,»ecr.l, servi ce propulsion 

y ° vi r "^' five by. :lov do yov real us, Dlakt 

"IvH Loud and clear t L'ekft. 

I Mp" Okay . 

ApOliO, iioUfltOn. 

^Sl*** ''""""^'11 *> «M r,.U„,d, 0 v,n « «« » 

ASTP (USA) MC180/2 

Time: 07:£Y CDT , 1*8:06 GET 


check thejq and make sure that the delta V's are loaded per the PAD 
JfOUN 81. 


if you needs to. 


the program. 





Okay. We'll do P-30. Okay? 

Oka/ {garble} . 

Yeah. And you'll relaod P-30 as you go through, 
Okay, we got her in. 

Okay, Vance, We're vat chir.g you as you go through 

Dick, we're at attitude and ready. 
Okay, Vance. Thanks a lot. 
Roger . 

Hey, they're all good. 


ASTP (USA) MCl8i/l 

Tiae; 07; 1*7 COT, l4 8;28 GET 


Okay. . 

Okay. Residuals plus k balls "in „, , ' 

^ oaixa, iu, and tainus k balls 

■■■■■■■ Okay. .Copy. 

■ ttlebi?' Xt VM a soodburn. Burn Jerked your TV C&ffi- 
■ -Okay . . 

And what v R9 the delta VC after the trim please? 
Minus 12.9 cn ti*e and or. attitude. * 

Q*«y. Real f'ne. Thanks Vance. 

Soyui, Apollo (Russian). 
o . 0 Soyue, Apollo. (Russian). 

ications with Soyu Z . APOll ° "° V llt "» tl « ^ "tabliah VHP commun- 



m thQ ft 








1 If* * 

■ ■ 



around e 











AJ5TT (USA) MC 162/1 

Tiodj 07 i 5? COT, U8; 38 OET 

7/17/15 . . 

CMP Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Oo ahead,. 

CMP Ckay, Diqk. Vo've got Soyuz in the sextant . 

CC-H Hey super. Have you got a good viev of hin Vance? 

CMP He's Just a speck right now. 

CC-H Okay, As you know, we're really - va and the Moscow 

Control Center and a lot of other people listenii.g are sure interested 
in how this rendezvous goes and hov the Soyuz (garble) as you guys get 
closer, oo just keep us advised. 

CMP Okay. Right nov he's hard to distinguish from the 

stars except that the stars are moving relative to background and he is 


■.' CC-H ■■ Roger that.'' 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We can see you beginning to take 

itarks here. I've got a couple of ninor checklist changes in the rendez- 
vous book. They're over on page 1-18 an i 1-19. If anybody's got tine 
here «.t this - while we're kind of quiet, I'd like to go ahead and get 
them in. Page 1-18. 

ACDR Go nhead. 

CC-H Okay. Tor. they're - let ne explain them to you 

first, They're additions to the VTR/L'AC eviteh list ever there on the 
right hand side of the pag3. And the reason we're putting then in is 
to - tnat Santiago pass is going tc- be very short and we're net sure 
■EN CO can get in a command. Bo, vhat we want to do is to add to the 
VTR/DAC switch list on panel l8l we want the TV select to go to CM and 
ve want the CM 1, CM 2 cvitch to go to CM 2. And then I've got another 
corrections on page 1-19. 

ACDR All right. On finel l8l , TV select to command 

module and CM 1, CM 2 switch to CM. Over. 

CC-H Roger Ton. That's correct and on page 1-19 also on 

the right side of the page on the VTR/TV switch list, panel 181 , we vant 
both the TV select switch and the CM 1 switch to up telemetry center. 

ACDR Okay. Hew about getting that again Dick, pleaar . 

CC-H Okay. Panel l8l, TV select switch to up teleaetry 

center. And also the CM 1 , CM 2 switch to up teleaetry center. And 
that's to be done at - in the V7R TV switch li3t. 

ACDR Okay . Readback, on panel l8l , TV select up telemetry 

ter and CM 1, CM 2 up telenetry center. 

CC-K That's correct Toe, thanks a lot. 

CC-H Incidentally Tom, during that last transmission, there 

vas - there was a big squeal and (garble). 

ACDR Hello. Soyui, Apollo. (Russian). 

SFE (Garble) KelAo everybody. 

ACDR {Russian) Valeriy (Russian). 

CMP (Russian) Valeriy. 

SFE Hi to you, Tom and Deke. 

CMP (Russian). 

A$m» (USA) MC182/2 

Ti»e: 07:5? Ciyr. U8t38 OCT 


spx Hello there Vance. 

vant to ciaXe sure that that a your 

feeiback. . 
SCDR (Garble). 
CMP Alexey, (Russian). 

K'nou.ton. GO ah..*, you "14 there «« » lo.a 

il 'still cn and it ought to be ofi. 
is S ^ R OXay. We'll chec* ar.d see. 

Oy.rty.. Super. 
t^ DB The one on the - - 

CC-K ' - dor ''; * J" - ■ ffii , ht possibly, but 

A ,, DR The one on the apcxm*, -aa**- r. r 

♦.his cne's off. ^ an . T dldn , t heBJ . the 3qU eal that tin* so 


We,11 ACDR M the ° n ° in ^ ^ 18 °" that ' 3 right ' !t 

♦houMn". bother us here. 

CC-H ?kay. , 

ACDR Russian.) 

,, 3SR (Garble) Dene. 

AC'uR (Russian.) 

USSR garble), 

ACDR (Russian) 

USSR (Garble) - - 


ASTP (U3A) MC183/J. 

Tiw: 08j13 CDT, l*8r 53 OET 


USSR (Garble) 
ACDR (Russian) 
USA (Garble.) 

R P g erf 

Soyu*'™ an AM. ^ ^ ^ ^ g0t g °° d C0 «° 
CC " H Roger, Dexe. 


ASTP (USA) MCi6J*/l 

Times 08sl3 CDT, i*8s 55 QET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. Ve've got the TV picture nov, Ton. 

Arid, we're go for voice. Hov do you read? 

ACDR Roger. I read you loud and clear. Hov , no, Dick? 

CC-K We Btill have that squeal. I'm not sure vhere it' 3 

feeding back, out I aa reading you but with a squeal in the background. 
Also, if you have the time I think it would - and you wouldn't mind 
putting a shade over that left hand side vindov, to your left, it vould 
sure help the TV - yeah, that one. 

ACER Like that? 

CC-H Yeah, if you could - a vindov shade over that 

vindov vould improve the TV trer-endously . 

IMP knov, Diek, ve left the speaker box on up in the 

DM. I don't vhether that, cay be viging ua the problen or not. 

Ton transmits, 
any, ?s'se. 



Oicay^ I think the squeal is primarily coming vhen 
When you transmit it - I'm not sure ve're nearing 

Cuav . 



'*e are ready tc begin 

Hov do you read on VHF AM?) 
Hov do you read?) 

c.\7!r check en VHF A.M. Are you ready?) 

ACDR .^cyua, this is Apoilo 

ACDR '.Soyas, this iz Apollo 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. 3ne thing that you night check 

or. the switches, Tod, about the squeal that 1 3 cosing out of you, ie the 
set up on panel 10. Make sure that ;he intercom and the S-band are 

since you're -ve've got an intertie to that panel. 
Okay, cheeking* .'Both, are decreased.' ;■ 
Okay;'. ■" 

Intercom' and 3 -land. ■■■ 
Okay. Tha/ika, Too.'' 

both full decrease. 

didn't th'.Rk it vas 
hear you. 




you can copy, page 

plus 03 s *?, ainus 

Is there any squeal nov? 

It a It sort of cones and goes. That time I 
very bad at all. In any. case, I can certainly 

"ksy. Hcv do you read nov, Houston? 
I read that t Transmission loud and clear. 
Ave lie, Houston. I've got an HCC final pad. 

l-i«. 'o-:'-') r.' ;v i 

All righty. T'b ready to copy. 

Okay, Ton. Starting vith NOUN 11. 0U9, 15C, ^80, 


■ t'tart all over, socaebody vas cutting us out . 
Okay. I think ve are. Stand by ■ 1, ; '-:''. 
(Coma check on VHP FM, I announce I vill speak 
over VH« PM in 5 minutes.) 

CC-H Apollo, Houston, oay ag&ir,. please, Tom. 

ACDR Okay. We vere cut off by some interpret, a one 

background line. Go ahead and give ae the vholv pad R^ain for N'CC 
filial, please. 

AB?P (USA) M018V2 

Tim«5 08:13 CDT, 1*8:53 GET 

7/17/ 75 

CC ~ H Okay, Torn. I was waiting and see if we could 

find out where the problem waa before I read it up to you, maybsi wo 
could get clear coosm, hand on Just a second. 

CC-H Tom, that Interference ie probably on the VhF r"M. 

On panel 9, if you'll turn down your FM volume to full decrease, you can 
probably can get rid of it. 

ACDR Okay, Dick (garble. ) 

CC-K Okay. 

ACDR Okay. It* a really baa, Dick. 

CC-K floger. I understand, standby. 

ACDR Okay. It's cutting in and out. Try to get your trans- 

missions In between it. 

CC_H Okay. Let ne go ahead and start again with NOUN 

li. And I'll try to break it up. 0^9, 15,01.80; plus 03l*.;\ minus O0 : <.'-\ 
plus 001. 1 j 179, 037, 353, 021,7, 00:0?, readback. 

A0DR Roger. 0U9, If ,U .80, plus 03^.2, minus 001. 3, plus 

00 U. lj 179, 037, 353, 021.7, 00:02, over. 

C ^~ H Okay, Tor. Good read back. Okay, turn the page. 

I've got a final NSR pad for you. 


* c -' d Oka;,-. Starting with NOUN 6l . Plus 0130, ainus 

003.1, minus 013.6; 189, 599, 351, 006-1, 00: i, 0.8,'.> - correction, delta 
VC tbiloff 13.0, go ahead. 

A ^ 3R Ckay. Plus 013.0, minus 003- 1, minus 013.6; 189, 299 

351, 006.1, 00:01, 13. C, over. 

cc - !l " Okay, Tom, let r.e sake sure - let ae read vou the 

last tvo again - the delta VC at ignition is 0.6, and the delta VC 
tailoff ia 13.0. Did you read those back? 

ACDR Roger. 0.3 and 1?.0. 

CC- H Okay, Tor.. Good readback both pad?, thank you. 

AC DR Houston, Apollo. I think what's happening is you're 

getting feedback all the way through, back to Kcustci. , back up on 
3-band. I*ve got AM and KM both off. 

°C-H Roger, Tea. Thanks and ve'il continue to lock at 

it. When we figure it cut, I'll get back to vcu. 

ACDR Okay. 

CC-K And, Apollo, Houston. We're going to be gMr.g 

out the TV down link aicde, I'll be dropping out about 30 seconds. I'll 
call you back. 


ASTP (USA) MC\85/1 

Tine: Q8,-22 COT, iiO : o? OET 


ACDR okay. 

call you back. dropping cut about 30 second? and I'll 

on VHF^. (S ° yUZ ' thi8 la ApoUo - x, » ™ a V for cob* check 

u SSfi (Garble) 

tjj? (Roger. Correct.) 

USSR ^T^' o hi8 iS Ap0lic ' VHF FM ' »cw do vou read') 

CCH ■ >/ igh - 1 you by i*.) 

^ Okay H0U3t0ft ' WC ' re bRCK ^ ° n •ir-tcgrour.d. 

USSR (Garble) VHF FM. 

be beu"L in 5 inuti^"^, 1 ^ ^aLT" ^ nW ' Maybe we vil1 
"SSR (Garbled Apollo. . hear you excellently.) 

and ve'll to- or, ^FM.) 0 " ^ ^ eX ' 2ellent1 ^ ™ the VHF AM 

dr^out about 3^ d^^H *> l J**° *° * he ~ 

We're back u, on the air^ ground * ' ^ ^ ' H ° USton - 

^ Roger. 

annate or the^:^^ ^ & ^ « ^ ^ 

USA (Garble) Okay. Go ahead, Dick. 

Pitch niL 05, vav 3^ ° f th? ^ d ™ «" the bettor., 

CC-H Sod V shcv. g0t 8 ' 0d aerM,Mnt t&i?lrig the CMJ 

? ka y- f if «ch ainus Of,, yaw 3i« . 
JooR (Garble) 

USS H (Russian) 
USA (Russian) 

ATS wt:* We're ^ing^'^of ou^Wst^ ^ * '"I* 1 * ° f f ™ 
at Guam . * F ° Ut Jll3t a short tlE * ve'll call you 

ACDR okay. (Garble) 

us3li (Russian) 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. Hov do you read? 

L03 ATS Go ahead. ^ ™' Ve '« cl * 8e to 30 second f ron 

,-a £,. e Mt Ajaz ^ ss rr- 

All right. 

2ND OF ?A?E 

ASTF (USA) MC186/3. 

Time: 08:32 COT, fc9:12 GET 


, m , , PA ° lw 3hi8 is Apollo Control, I,ose of signal through 

ATfc-o satellite. About a minute and a half until re acquisition through 
ouam tracking station. Ana igniiion on tfee corrective combination E an- 
euver ehould take place just about AOS ti>« and we'll get a report 

\* r '\°+< hOV It* 3 » ,Mu 7 r SO* 8 ' ^:15 ii t:,e ignition tin, 
ground elapsed tim*. that is. 3»t.l foot per second, BPS burn. This 
maneuver will take out any dispersions in altitude and plane differences 
between the intended Apollo orbit as it cvertakes Soyu.. We're standing 
by for ACS Guam tracking station in about, a minute. 8 


stand by for burn status report 

Apollo, Houston. Ouiup tor 6 ainutee. 
Roger, Diclc. 

(Coyns, this is Apoiio.) 
(Soyuz, this is Apollo.) 
(Soyuz, this ia Apollo.) 

Ana.Apollu, Houston, When you guys get squared avay 

four balls 1. 

hoger . 

(Soyuz, '.his ia Apollo. Hew do yyu read?) 


3V do you readi 

Pur:, status was 

Loud and clear, Tea. 
Okay. Burn was on tine. 
Okay. - - 

■-.-minus, minus (garble). 

Right. Minus four balls, i minus four balls, 1 ainus 
The- SMS was set at 23.0 .for the OW solution and w i8 turned 

to 13.5 and it was on time, on attitude 


ranging please. ) 





time sgo. ) 


about 120. aO miles 

do you read? ) 



Okay, Vance. Copy. 

(Soyuz, this is ApoUo. Hov dc you r«ad?) 

(Very good Valeriy. The MCC cocplete. Turn on your 

Soyuz, this is Apcllc. 
\ it mixes . ; 
(12 miles. } 
12 uiles. 

(Valeriy, we've aeen yo>. 

Ranging now established.) 

through, the sextant a long 
Okay, Dick. Ve locked on thee (garble) ranging at 

Oka:-, Tom. Thanks a lot for letting ug know. 
(Soyuz, this is Apollo. Purr, on your -angir.g. 


Say again, please. 
(I'a talking about 
I read you Dadly 

I did not understand you. 
rang! ng . ) 

(Roger. Understand.) 

3 by 3. 

A$TP (USA) WC166/1 

Tlt&v: O8j30 CDT, 1*9:1,2 GET 


ACDH (Talking on the ranging.) 

2 I'd me .witchw JKS: H0U3t0r " If °°»*™ ift — to panel 

ACDB oo ahead, Houston. 

■vllcS t! lev. ° n PW,el 3 ' 1,4 like the "<>ml P<-er aaps 

ACDR 0^«y. Got it, Diok. 

CC - H Roger, Deke. Thanks. 


saws dsLH^"* * a^wa:. 


^Tl> (USA) MO 167/1 
7A7/75 09:U CDT ' 19:51 087 

surer vhleh lb the coelli^r- itft ^^on Uoe for the i« J 

lately J.S 5 mioB,U„ «r r **" * r,ei ' maneuver vll? ^ ° 

r , } QMP Hou*tcn. th' = ?» f \ completed . ) 

ftes auals were all balls, . us iV*^ 0 ' * ^ finished WSR . 

wading atnus u.Q. ve *T Da ' lfl l ' ain ™ Ml balla 1 ;v f . 

' j o/mz through t v e „, ♦ , . aikc to report that v* 
OC-H «f \ sexta,lt shortly ^ter Vv> e 

- only copied tvo or * 7,^/ ,*';' Ui - ^ read te the -e«<^* * - , 

ac?r , , ^ ' ' 11 have i+ - 

CC-H . : feer '- < h&t ' s '-■'t air.ur lf ■> , , 

CMP Th« A < ai,-. ' Cver « 




* — • P * 11C ' HOUSt ° R ^ - Houston for ^ ^ 

CC-H ?o«J-.«d. 

■ -Inute*. You're loc'^'g *£. P ^'' taU ltwt th * H « ^dget here ft.. 

™ Understand, Di o> 

>urn, act, just likely s^w?* ^ fc * •v.rytlw ? e a 
3ld lV nd " 10 o«h Se" 0 " 1 "* l ° the it turn, 

DYP S ger ' Vance> Understand. 

SCDR i«aneuyer JfSR completed. ) 

ACDS " eS " 1 '^erstand. 




Time: 09:11 CDT, ^9:51 OBT 






A range is 18 - & miles. 
Santiago and ATS, ~i * £ ^ ~ 

read? Ap0llO, H ° U8t0n throu « h th * satellite,. Hov do you 

CM? 5 by, Pick. 

confections on the^ound? ^rlV" It^' " ^ r6Checked °^ 
problem of the coro interference J Jr.!. " f y COrrect ncv ' If the 
try is to turn otttlTU^ ^L ^l * °" e thln * that ^ »W 

if that cuts U out ^dleTuf and' f.TTf BVltch ° n panfll 10 ••• 
continue to wort tne^rnble*, let U * *™ 6bout ^ tfe 'U 

<Th 2^' h6Ven,t heard Jt lat «ly. Dick. 

wC " H 0k& y- hoping ve have it corrected 


ASTP (USA) Mt\d6/1 

JiW» 09 1 26 CDT, 50:06 GET 
7/17/ uaA 

to pitching overT^'i^'ru^^ 6 "l* 1 ^ 
saecnds. I'll call you back? ^W-V *ut for .few 

USA 0k _ 

Jo yo./re*d? Ap ° n0 ' Hou8t °»- -.Throufh the aatellit* 8ga in. Hov 

X-H - iVe by ' Dlck ' 

to u e NSR bur,. If^ap^s ' ■ ^ Uo ; f °<* V «« ^ regard 

you l^ea prior to tha^r: in ^^A^™*' *° ™ ~r v ijat . . 

. ■ vC-H ■ ■ ■ . . okay *t • * 
would have written down in l^^T^T.:^] *°» nonnally 

S«A V ° rry ab ° Ut U " erUe2v ~'- — < and lf you don't renenber 

n a v (barbie; cn d" ■ ♦ o ~i ,, 

9-8 but i.» 8ure it Vftg 9 , CMthin '.; a *3 and it 9t rike 3 « that it vaa 

r. ; -H f'T C °ry. Thank v.u ~u*h 

.tin have li ? ,, t pS^*^ ^vision *™ linking win . 

cattera after the SPS bur,,, ve ^- f !* e " ve "adjust that the TV 

a,so hat K*tch 3 window .iro:nin g "' a r\^\:t t ^ lar ; Sln « and 

CC-K the .f- ve- 11 take . look at ^ C °" ln « Up 

CC-H S1 ' ie Vl ^' »»* u, a bit ,ver here. ■ 

, . \ * guess we're seei-,* *k p i<v , A „ -ce, r ,g t3 ail 

U does look good to African Coast new coair, up 

Okay — 

Bi*o OF TAPE ' 

V «H X gue 8S ve i_ p * r the vhat «*• 

0MP ... wether that va« water 

'., *'m^y , el limit w, .. " * * ' » 

w ' „ " * J> b " »«wbo4y in here &re 

: ec-if fr** r : t© copy. 

Mic*. CU >" ^ —J OOi/ VavV^ h f 1 r ^ the" NOUN 2? 

t-W T * * ' "* ,0U 80 •he.dand rea<i that 

J*. i05; 

ACDR y . - that » T oi5. ' °*«y. I changed 

u,t sr* vni * *fc Sri.-* * «* 4 < NPy 

. \v. H ;-V.*r. 130. V> 

• riie veight; - _ 
•-iair;.' s^,. -,r "''re getting all + w 4 

' get in hetvee- it' 1 ° 8 - r * 1 h **ring it too , 

: ... C e_ H • . ne y> Wok? ■ ■ 

ACDR (Garble) 

a^ebedly coaea on vit^l'vll 1 ^' throu « h «c S cov to Sovu, tv ♦ 
^r. ^ th a var l0U , trans^isaion our rX e i ^ ^ liae 

Cv-K range i8 bating lock. 

"o«*r. we win do that. 

ASTP (USA) HCi«9/a 
TWYS 09 ^ 50516 m 

rT» you're, 
Ir-;,^ n - f - h < arln * >^ - uMemJS. • 1 <00V faring 

, - understand. 
-?cl:5 ? iF ***** taxing Uck. 

^ v 1*' rt 

wh*ro *U tr.e 'rmsrS,^^' W * 6,18 1 * 5av * * ot out of the &r«* ♦ 
1 - n Oksv. 

?-<••' OF TAPE 

ASTP (USA) MC190/1 

Tiaei 09'M CBT, 50i26 QET 


8PKR (Russian) 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We' i*« going to del«t« the downlink 

TV and go back to the air-to-ground voice code . 
ACDR Okay . 

USSR Apollo, tfoyu*. What is the range now? 

USA (Ru&aitin) 

SPKR i»8 aiiea, 

ACDR (Distance l»8 alias.) 

USSR Okay, I'n on docking; on ti»e. 

ACDR (Okay. Roger. I understand you, 00 for docking. ) 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. When you have tine to copy, Tor., 

I've got a final TPI pad. 

ACOR Okay. Stand by. I'll be ready - - 

CC-H Okay. 

ACDR Okay. Go ahead. Ready to copy. 

CC-H Okay. Starting with SOUS 37', 050, 59, i*3^8; plus l5'f, 

plus 01.1, adnua U9, plua 22057, plus 01208, ainua C2U0; 0092, 0001, 356, 
013, 002, 39, 130. 00 ahead. 

ACDR All right, on the readbaek. 050, 59, W% plus 167, 

plus Oil, ssinus U9, plus 22057. piua 01208, minus 02110; OOy? , 0001, 35?, 
013, 002, 39, 130. Over. 

CC-K Roger, Tor.'a a good rea4back. And Tom, 

Houston. Be adviaed we have confirmed for aura that the interference 

here you've been hearing ia interference from ground station. That last 
voice that was interfering Just a few ainutes ago was interpreted 
and it was a weather bulletin being - putting out. Must have been 
Moocov Metero(f)' 

ACDR Okay. Thank you. The weather's pretty clear up here? 

CC-H Roger. 


ASTP (USA) MC191/1 

Ti»e: 09:56 COT, 50:36 GET 

CMP Hey, Dick, did. you see over recycle solution? 

CC-H That's affirtr, Vance. We di<J, 

CKP (Soyu*. this is Apollo.) 

U5BR (Oftrble) dp you i*«*d »•? 

ACPR (We read you veil, 3oym, thU U Apollo. We 
your beacon. Some mlnuteo u^o.) 

USSR (Garble) beacon on. 

ACDR (All right, I aee it nov.) 

USSR Thank you very much. 


A3TP t'USA) 

Tiutrt 10iO6 COT, 50t<*6 OW 

. fj"!* . Apoli-j, Houston. Tots, vh«» you get a ««eon4 Uk, 

H V ° U S * W our '"'S tines 50*56. 

„. Ha ... . * * l $M> '^w. Jgst v anted to aay a couple of 

i - y0U " i0in * " aJ f ^- B ontowM! both theTtOWe 

^* J' l * d J turn °« Ulftt <"»*•• va 9 comet, but you . btcwat of the 

loading Halts - you burn- 1 ! vaur« « i *>«*.*uoe oi sne 


, n — '-*ve aUut i ainutes here ur.- 

vnen we cob* up at Santu*? at 51. £6. y * t ** 1 

CHP Sight-*. ' 

-.0 Oft ay. 

U t4T-kc -v !t • !!tili have Vou can read that. 

If cot er sUt^JZ "X,?' V»V ; * - <*. » - about 

•w ? 5 tlL ?\? f*r.*ecoMi V.'.yithifi a little, over- 

1, -ino*. ve're _r:gM *n - the ti: W * are inert - ve're hcr.e, 
v r'^ge.-. KV're oe.nrj.3ent the vav v-u , 

er-f thljg «for« v ever the hlil nere . - AM^n iV, ^ 

pa» and if this interfere,;* com* « P ar,i if, bctheVin* you i tt ( 

either Ott cr vc^uao rul i DSCRiiASE. 


": C " H Eut » 1 car! P^ 1 y? vith it: It's oaav '>,r t~ -a. 

in nr.d out l-etween that interfere;.- " ' fre * 

rH? - ----- - - ^^Is^:-^^:,- 

ouard boyu= for the final approach. As ve c.e up c« AW 3 S ai° ^ w 
should bo in station keeping at between 20 and 50 xetera 
Apolxo new see IT nautical .Ues Velc-v the orbit of 4-; ^"'th 
«i- "T'/f Apoiio *P«ecraft vill actual^- overtake and pull 
slightly ahead by so*e 2000 feet, of E-.-vue an 4 Then by brlkiJ. 
Wch the velocity of the tvo .pacecrnft and app^c^froT ^e^fo^rd 

f ( ; f t r; -f rt of * fc*' looF maneuver, "the r«de«vou • twSSji 
used in this mission was developed and ce-f^t^ <r ,° *^'"uque 

"wi.r ten " vely i° ^ ii0 S e j,ir: : le ^a 

SHyl«b progr^. During thi. lent ATS !M . 0 «r the Soviet Ucioo? there 

ASTP (USA) MC192/2 

Tiv>$ 10:06 QUI , 50:^ OBT 


PA0 va» VHF Ut0f r*rtu9« <m th. VHF v«ry hig» frequency 

«<ii/ L«r«ntly haa »ort«d out froa Soviet Aviation ««^h»r 
SJl^Ttadl! Herr in the HtMlon Control C«t«r. tha Soviet A»b«*ador 

uSSS'BtSn. Utoliy Dobrynto U in thieving 
Waited tnJ Soviet flight control sp«cialiat staff support roo» wxt 

'or Wll r^rnUabout * *inuU* m ^ •"J.^ J* 
K*epi«i« 20 to 50 efctera apart, cot* a<?ro«s South America. IMe ApoiiO 
Control at 50 ground elapsed tia*. 


ASTP (USA) W3193/1 

Time: 1Q:M» CPT, 5it2U QET 

7/ 17/75 

P^O This ift Apollo Control. At 51t 2** ground elapsed, 

time, v» have aoae 30 second* of air-to-air - that is, epaeecrfttt-te- 
*p*cecr*ft - communications, that were recorded over Orroral VWiey, 
somewhat scratchy and hard to dUcern what is being said. We'll play 
that beck and go live across Santiago and ATS -6 satellite . 

ACDR (Russian) 

UOSR Marble) 

ACDB (Russian) 

I va» ,}ast experimenting - Belie, listen to me, 

ACPR Have him wired. 

CC*»H super, i os . . 

.\CDR Mi -J courses were 2/10, n/10, and the second one 

was a big ont - like 6/10 an-l 8/1C. 

CC-H Roger. 

IMP Okay, I've got It pretty veil centered in my 
monitor, Dick. 

SPKR Okay, Oood, Deae, ., • • 

CC-H OX ay, good. This ont- is going on the VTR. We U 

be picking it up - real lis* - shortly, hare - over the ATS. 

IMP • " Okay., 

ACDR Starting * raking, pick. ■ ■ 

> CC-H . Roger, . . ' ■ ■ 

ACDH Less than 20 feet per second. 

CC ,H Apollo, Houston. I've got 2 messag.-a for you. 

Moscow is GO for docking. Houston is GO for docking. It's up to 

you guys. Have fun. . 
AC DR Ail right. It sounds good, (Russian) 

3CI>R F.-ger. bOO iseters (garble) What is the range rate? 

ACDR ( Russian) 

A(?DR You can see hi a antennas fro© out here, Dick. 

CMP Yeah. 
CC-H Roger. 
CMP (Pussian) 

USSR Thank you, Vance. Thank you, Vance. 

Acjjr Going to the second brtking gate nov . 

0C .H Roger. And Houston Is about U5 aecends^from LOS 

at Santiago. We'll see you when you get locked up on the ATS, 

ACDR (Garble.) . . 

PAQ This ip Apollo Control. Apparently, the TP I 

maneuver vae , indeed, successful. And Tom Stafford reported from 
Apollo that he was beginning the braking maneuvers to go into station - 
keeping with Soyun, at from 20 to 50 meters' distance. Both control 
centers. Moscow and Houston, have *iven a GO for docking at the usual, 
or the flight plan, time. President Ford will place a call to the 
ere.' of Apollo and Soyui, speaking to Tom Stafford and Aiexey Leonov 

A9TP (USA) H:i93/i? 

* wiring this pass - of tht tctutl docking. 


ASTP (WA) WX9k/l 

Tiae: 10i5«* COT, 5X!3fe QRT 


Houston, hov do you re*df 


ACD3 S?! 1 ? 1 ?° u> **»' "<> v «© you r«»d? 

here 8 horUy. ' " 8 ° in « to b « Parting the TV -iovnlink 


-^--H Apollo, Houator- . p«m»*i ; in >-~ , 

.witch to relay, if you ^^X* H.' UP 

Avt>H Stand by, 

«-H . Okay. 

■ now. t?ve io*.*:^,^^^^ 
switch over to the TV »><i*. * ln€ real *°° 4 ' v «'™ ^ing to 

Cfui you aee the aeyur.t 
: '- v -« Yea . 

■cdul" look. real ?r*t?y: ^ C0 ° eS ' : -th. docking 

I thinf it's te EF er a tu^ 8 ; D t ; v i:t'? aVe * ' "« ht- ** <* B "* 
CC-H That's affirr., Var.ce. 


A8TP (U8A) MG195/1 

ACDR /„ 

V3SS (V»b, v»,y .Jovly.) 

U33B i*o«er.) ......4. 

ACDR )^ 9j 

Periscope.) 3e * It's very beautiful, v* see Vrt 

USSR , , * 809 /our 

CC-H j \ 8 * « 00 'i Picture. 

U' S been real gocd Ap £ 1 ?' Huston. As fsr a9 

*vera«e elave aj iff, 14 d °* s very bright. - ,UVUght 

ACDR J^ble.) 

ACDR ) T ery ^ od - °n« -half meter > 

SOBe? AC OP ^ ^ Cl ° 8e f -to, 

ACDR (3 meters,) 

t;a SR Contact . ) 

ACDR Hi v eIso h *ve capture.) 

USSR : 6 have succeeded. Everything < 

w'd like to close de^I i° U ? t0n - D ***. vhen vou have a 

too bright. " thC f SU * 6 ' We do have a ^o7 Dict f T ? ' 

CC-H v v Picture but 

* a "tHe acre than 


jaantuvar . ) 



;?, yyu *, > .*«»• tall "8 vh»n you btgto your 

(geyua, tfcU I* Apolio. Hov <lo you t«*dl) 

trti «. vhea you your mmuw 

Soyu« initiating orientation aanauver. 

(Yes, very tlovly.) 

Visual orUirtnUon initiated. 

{Rog»r. ) 

o'-yua ir'.'^irij; syeiw> is ready, 

,V<> are a.*o r< ; »dy, Ajolio if ruady.) 

Do you ma spacecraft? 

(Yes; ) 

(Ve see it. It's very beautiful. We aee your 

t er j scope. ) . , 

, K io That's ft gcoi picture. 

r?H liollo, H^ton. A* far =ur TV picture *o«. 

H«* been «.l gcd. 'it U. « y*u Mneuvr ?™Vf 

llils on th« < spacecraft It does get very bright. If you re in 

average slave 



linear • . 
The ffar.auver is completed. 

(Soger. '< 

Visual orU-ntation established. 
1 Garble"' slaving. 
,'Jood sii.-:v. Let's stay there, 
ii'r. &s; reaching Eoyuz.) 

Looking fine 

f picase, icn't forget about your engine. 





{ Laughter; 

I Garble. } \ 
I Very c ' r - e hftif aeter.) 

C.esa than 5 set era distance.) 

Hasten, "an you close dev.". t 


f atop 

( i no ter' 

.{Contact .) 

Capt •.*:•'.!. . ' ■ , 

(We alsc have capture./ . 
(We have succeeded. Everything is excellent . ) 
Soyut and ApoiU are shaking hands nov. 

(We agree,)' , 
rr K Apollc, Houston. Deke, vhen you have a chance, 

ve' i lS to close down the f ato P *. We do have a g:od picture but 

it' 3' too' bright. .. _', ■ 

CC-H Yeah - right there, Deke. 

nvp' Is that okay, Dick? , 4 14 , , H1 , 

Deke, <t got « little bit better, but it's etiU 
Mt ^ h bl . . w br X? «iif. you were fooling arcund vith it, though. 
« ild* I "I Sd 5Su« vn« y- vera cloaod dovn a little aora than 

7A?m , foHovio* you o» th« 

ini - we got ihe aveatft, v« « your 
you ttf* " l„ good. ^ c°V ie4 Kl ** V 

^Si Houston, Apollo . 

J?* <kr *he»4, To*' Buahuy<> v it v** * oprtiB*.) 

CC-H , p ro fea«or Bushuy«v 

S your Utoh loose. 

A0DR FMfeot. geautlMl. completed.) 

IS*, active hook e / i9 coated, 

Bffl,,, 5;, Soger, tW*" 1 ^.^ B gc »i «hov. We'W 

U55B • S sbafclns vlth y0U \" * £ry much to you 

inking forward nov }0 J£j*"* f M „ey. Than* Vei7 

GooA Vine. 

f.--t (Puss i WW 

iRusBiw) u for me. t*'-« c-n that 

vt— M .,., n „ Houston. *^is 

,u Mltr VOU tO fc3 tv " 

tv oasera. we - a * e >l ve'U try her. 


ASTP (USA) MC196/1 

Time: 11:1^ CDT, 51: 5** GOT 


CC-H Okay • 

USA (Russian} 

USSR \Bu83iarv) ,. , 

CC-H Acollo, Houston. I'd like to check two switches on 

panel 181. We'd like* the TV SELECT and the CK1 - CM2 switch - both of then 

to UP TELEMETRY. That's v.^c center position. 

arnB Sav u*zairu Dick. 

CC-H Okay Panel l8l, TV SELECT and CHI, CM2 to ihe center 

position; UP TELEMETRY. 

ACDR Roger. (Garble) 

ACDR Okay, Dick. We're turning off the VKF cn panel 10. 

CC-H ■■■ Okay. 

tcm Okay. N'c* we can - okay. . . 

CC-H Okay, liow, Toa, if you can hear ne. I thin,, you 
ccplef that. Panel l8l' TV ?EI£CT and CK1/CH? to UP TELEMETRV ; that '3 tne 

center position. 


Okay. „ . . ■ 

(Soyur., this is Apoilc. Turn off power of the 

( c ovu2, this is Apollo. Scyua, this is Apollo.) 

(Soiras', this is Apollo.' How do. you read?) 

(Very Diking ayatea power OFT.) 

( Sovu2 ; this lis Apollo. Cocking ay a tea power OFF.) 

(Scyu?., this is Apoilc. How the docking system power 


(ciarble) (garble) . 
Kcustcn, Af.-clVf. 

; « ■ v^toh • 
Dirk, w« -»*ve ?« 

:*afit t 



docking system. 5 


is OFF. Over.) 


range In* any tine , 


that I Just turned 
int f> ■!'•£'' »• .rat i - n . 


» , • 

■v., 1 > ■ 

e< -.'i-v and ' h» r ..•*'•«-,*,••: 
' '-vF 

■ an ''f 1 * . 



. ahead, Var.ce. 
7 <ir» 3 ve - a.- reset the VH? 

t ' I;..: us know . 

„xay. Yea aren't re*4y to dc 
. : 1 •-. better get it back 


":;ir."r at 

idtr: ' c 
» ,' ■■ » r i\ e ' 

"l .■ft.'.i.'i 

t>» vh *»?•••• v.* heck were 

■ ... ■ + » 

, ^H-r-bie; ,1unt fiUf'H t*" 

i f you -ook» yon 

U : 

need? sc-r.v t a', i ti-.a'. *''-*"' T 

ACDR ■^i'-'k, 

of :r.y "CAS if spl.U\ ; r<r, ' xfc 

hi:* ifir»f«»* - cr the crrhf «r '■" : " hi 

•* .-iv ;"-:.'; Vcak, I 

, able t ■•> terr.inate th»? 
;vi vc'i or th*i* a fid < " ; 

, f ,,. ». ^(wtera in »» lot r.uK^*'* t-: 
gn-tce: 'It c-uf . rhanxs, • 
ir.ier^f t(i*« f',--r al ! .rs«»«Rnt». the oe'tr *r 
t:;.'" bolt UitC " * in" i ding os. 

ASTP (USA) MCx96/2 

Time: 11: lU CDT, 51 : 5 1 * GMT 


CC-H Great. Sounds good. 

CC_H Apollo, Roue ton. Be advised you're pretty close to 

coming across - over the Soviet launch site. We're past the places that 
ve got the previous coann interference; you might vant to try reconfiguring 
the comm and that vould get ue back the relay. 

ACDR You got it. 

CC_H 01ta y' And if it's a problem to you, Tom, go hack if 

you need to. 

ACDR Okay. 


ASTP (USA) KC197/1 ■ 
Time: 11:2U CDC, 52:OU OCT 

7/3 7/75 

rc k Apollo, Houston. It's 52 plus 0> and Vance, 

y0 u cS Uminate the VHP biaa check. Thanhs «uoh. 

CMP Okay. You bet. „ VmIIy cood TV picture - / 

£!„ Apollo, Houston. £ ^ J £ a ly go ^P ^ 

Vance, when ve vent into th « ^r^eS i t . And you did 

Sr Sm<*. I'd estate *y final closing velocity *e- 

, we en 0.3 and 0.U of^f^per second -^^ontact .^^ ^ ^ ^ 

df»ad center. . 

ACDR don t you - - 

■J3A Garble) 
r^p (Russian) 

Houston, Apollo. „^ 

ACDR 4 * , * e 3 

docking module < v garble) - - . u 

Ageing on ^'oxygon *«ks right nov. And ve're 
going w ^Ic.e that hatch ^ ^ vh.t the probl« i.l 

Kind of velri. BOM thing like (garble). I can't tell. 

th. l«X com i= il - U " " ^ 0,i ° r • 

J;™. V? sot «coJ partial pm.sure in the module . 02 

u Mo'j=ili»,.te"- Anr , tfc . „. e thi „„ that ... g«tl«l T« »« 

UK,? burnt **.lue. ... Mflll > «*» *h&t. Okay. 

, s Burnt glue or something rB 

v eah . it could aaeli something a*.eta.e. 

it. * R *Ue like acetate 
At i-." - — 



B*5«^ fnd«r»t*r.J Ton. that in 

But I think wo noticed - * ve 

rte v vehicle. ^^"'^ ?orry Yan , t , ve dropped =ut . 

ACDR Zl^lT^ Vance .aid it - do you 

.a, i'£Vu tM* ^- r ned the odor £^5" ^ 

lf j* lJL . h , .^Sk in.. ^ *i^ * «* 

ASTP (USA) MC197/2 

Tine: H-.2U CDT, 52:01* 3E7 


vehicle a couple of davA «<-,-> v~, 

spacecraft i„ P ft f Ja„ e L g ^ !" S0Ce - iBe beln « 

that they u 3 ed to put on VeSo P th " 30rt of thir * 

CC H d " 

. 1 ^ Lr Wot yet . 

ACDR NO) * the hatch j , 8hut ' yet v , _ . , ■ 

stay here for a minute We'v« _ " y e re J^t going to 

then on. No sveat ** thG ?>«*ing by so ve car, put 

her,. C LW the ATS^o : ple^e £" p ™Ji ^ 15 Bl " Bt " °' 
ACDR Sure wi 11 . 

gjj ^ e ; M o d o ;v o " h *' e a MB *»' » *™ 

ve c«°m the aodulfto™ Sd'revo^vn/n* 1 '" 4 ° lose l, « tch 2 «<> 


ASTP (USA) MC198/1 

Time: 11: 3b CDT, 52:1 ! ' GET 


USA Okay. We're going to go ahead and close hat A 2 

lf ve «n flip -JO. _ 
v« thl* Ju« for preoption that would M a good idea is that at .east 
one oyou W s „ put j ^ ^ ^ R r t 

v.m. J" ,v-H-- the do-ilin* of the TV on ^anel 18! . V.'d Ha. to 

Eft CM; and CM2 pcvers to OFF . , . • ■ 

8 ' A CDR V.i f ^r. -3ot it coning in vor* nov. 

cr-.-A Ok<iV, Ton. Thank you. .•• :.v 

^'sr «'«arblpj pressure integrity chec* is onay. 

«A->p iP-.aer. I understood you, ) . , . 

tick. It locks like it aay be - nay be 

anti gating a iitw, t "l r . « e flMt noticed Lt when Deke opened .he 

hftU ",^;| veRt " ir • n i/JTrir-.v. We're taking about it but the beet Infer- 

,»...., .... .. • y-, <,..i* V«i>n US TVOSltCd* 

,atic, Lo ,m»», «r. , ; . -a - ; ke^ r - issipate4 ^ a bit after the 
. ^S;*.- V v r f r and ve'r* folng «t«irt thai */m atnosphere n.x.n b 

an<i see P^-* "- rc> .. , , » , n a sec0 nd please. 

''•C-H - K,1J -- * n v( ..j U ke 10 cake to you 

' ■' -a * • , ■, »<„„*•;..■.»■, *r-- _ t-h» fact that the ssr.ol. 

that r.v very veil ret se a go i ' " ;~ te , eU , u?ei to 

»«• ^ ^ aV8 >' ^1.^;?^ vC- -Id 5 on CV , I'M *tr*spher: * 

'J •T.VZ:'!T^ ■ ^ ioiit , little — and Ju.t cc- 

nlxir.g «r^.r. .-1 • -• - 4> .„ ^,4 j-lease keep us 

f iru»' cn through the ctner parts ot vhe * 

w * up there «*«.in and partial 02 is a little ever 
ur tboui xf.O. And CO",? 1? about • 7 • So ever:/ things 

l-yfrln* rrc'y * c;:r i<.d thnt on the ground. 

;; fi'i* -V'i if', 

i k v ndn stftjvi'.ng by here f 

i'Ur.e {■!■■■*.'>- *.-. ; :-i. 

Ht. 11,'-. Vn,l-riy .,n.i r.e ,'urt rr.>v 1 
v:,<,'. v-« r'iggert 

joe 1 f I fee! any 

i . got fil'.i i" 

ASTP (USA) MC198/2 

Time: 11 fO* CDT, 52:1 s * GET 


natter of fact, we see a benefit to continue on and doing the lA-m 

rg. We vouM august to Vanco that ve think looking at the checklist 
they'll probably be the last inconvenience to Mm would go ahead and 
; • en the naaK until ve 3ort the Whole thing cut. Also, one though. 
In that the furnace *ar>pie that we took out this norning was rather 
v«4 when it was placed into D! . There is sane Velcro in here that with 
& I., as vou kn,v/it right be that - that night be a location of the 
^ r In anv rase, v,. think you ought to go ahead and start the u>.- 

m fixing and press ^ saaple wasn't renoved this naming. 

r*.i» ■ l*V h«l-i aff cn removing it. . 

ASTP (USA) MC199/1 

Tine: n : kU CE/T , 522^ HOT 


r>M. If ve coulf t£'t^ -r^ 1 " °>« 'P™*" "<»< in the 

on pane! 330, w . a Tl ^ 8 lot ' ««. 

center. ei ' 7 sv.tch to up teler.etry, that's' 

j*^ Okay. That's In vork. 

The speaker box is off. 

rn 5 ~ - intercom is on the OT aask . 

expiration „ - is thBt P :e^?^h,/^rl^^?^^ a » 1 ^' ^ °° 9t likel >* 
U « hours and the 6W1 ^";Jr u?f+ aedul * clo "<* «P for 

■ion' t anticipate a big rrob ^ t Vl" H k P * J ltUe Mt * We 

ATS LOS and i- n *ive\4' I ^ V" about 2 mi ™ tes fro* 

of ninute drop out 0rrcrftI Valley after juat a; couple 

ACT'S Okav. 

VniJe Vgot ycu. * let * e g3ve y<™«oae quick readings here 

5i K X ' K ^a-iy to copy t-eke. 

3 is 5.1. Number . ^r"^^ ^ f ' V Ur - 1 l * 5 ^ *-»r 

— , *f « ^tt number 2 is 5i - 

systws Biters vere^?!.* if that^f^t*** ** &ln> ***** AU of the 

vn ^uMrfi-':!^:^^" pr * ^ ck / ft %iing 8 dov n there so you 0&n do 

here la", er. 

'■>'< r'o". •? ; 

H :.';.° v .: : '.\ rr ' your • iuftl ;Hr *x, please.) 

ier* ';.'f.v»*» n ■ ' . V'!.*," " c ' :i ' r,: /' ^ cut i oin-jte droo out 


s little -.aTn't...";;^'; : r ; Kovevers there 

ockin. ^:>iui- t , my « nK v.,;.;",:- v ; < , : ;'- rs ' conjecture is that the 

™r<-., ha. jra.abH- .; J !- J , u . lMl u and one hajf 

furnace ^^pi^n " hVj r ^ ' :. ; : . "r 141 811 « h , 1 , h5Vff ^ one 

""' n ' :cl,n,lU1: '^ ^ t'w decking nodule i 

ASTP (USA) .MC199/S 

Tine: 11. COT. 52-2^ r.FT 

7/17/75 CT 

~t.Tr switch to direct 10 ' °» ™ ve need the up 

;™ (Russian.) 

^ £? li0 ' Hou3tor " How dc vou read? 

r~M* . v ., Mo3t of thi ?a fere un and - es j., > <. : - , ' 

** --;:' H F«- J'our directions. * ,e6 ^ bufc 1 n supposed to 

iin,inrt,at ey r^f^i ^ ^ to you. V e are no , doVft 

■V V Ar ' d A P cI ^\ Houston. n<-v «,-*',• ' 

AjkHo, Ko«»- - 1 5 are you reading **? 

% li ' m - ic >«• After tkini tn ?, C ° WCt * iast that 
" h4 * tne - tnat the » r .«u a, " a ;«^« to the aur«eon« ve f e «t 

think that i, a - w " ** th * «a«U changed *o vW f 

^'v. got about'ti, ^ ^ indicator of hcv you're^oing {Xl?"" 

{!>.? «... . '• ii cc:r.Sr-«. «> .,»»>. ve d tike - 

* ^ r '«' e ^•>'rrcral V aUey ,. "*> '* Wi " h odor problem 

D5ck ' ^ d ; «*t ^tn'rvVjJl J' V « b «« the DM all the tia* here 

every thi-g — ]coJl <e*rble) if an V bMv«* ir* 

n*ich Ruib— * ' * i,ov is - th e ^^"^ • interested 

n;:y * ;■ < » f 

.7 ;-««<>*mi i g jr.-v, ri * h . ;v, v 7 R 4CJ 15 anytody's inter 

n * « "u»b*r 3 *«d . • '.;f : \>* «*n i» strongest tovard, 
^ "* S'^-nt - " ' ^ U B ^«' not -,otherlr ig r.e 

- ■*>" ^y , I>Xe. If „ A . 

im^., .... * eaA '^'re - 

•••v-h 'h» - • : the AiS pass but ve 

iHic;-. ° * e ^ catch up the 

a^ey, v,.'.ij 

- ^'-t thess up - beet I can f^rble) 
<^y. F.« fj };c .. 

; «t n-.oi ^ Minute r r0B lm Orroral 

w - e darting to Up 2 Jlik the 

ASTP (USA) jMC200/1 

Time: 11:5'* COT, 32:34 GET 


PAO This is Apollo Control . Apollo successfully docked 

vith the Soyuz spacecraft about 6 minutes prior .to the prerniasion flight 
plan time, vith a ground elapsed time of 51: 1*9, \he capture latches had 
engaged and some 5 minutes later the secondary hooks had engage! for the 
hard dock. All of this tock place at Central Daylight Tine 'of about 11:25, 
I beg your pardon, about 11:15. Olynn Lunney, the AST? technical direc- 
tor for the United States had a conversation with his counterpart in the 
Soviet Union, Professor Konstatin Bushuyev. The tvo directors exchanged 
Congratulations vith each other on a' successful ■docking. As the docking 
nodule pilot, Deke Slay ton and Apollo comnander, Ton Stafford vent into 
the docking module to begin preparing it for the first transfer, they de- 
tected a - an odor; unexplained odor, that smelled as Tom described it 
as an acetate esse 1.1. It's unexplained at this tine, but no one here in 
the control center is particularly concerned about it; the conjecture is 
that since the docking &odule has been closed off for some U and 1/2 
hour? , the odor likely has accumulated frcȣ sonething like the furnace 
sample that vae renoved earlier in tho day and stoved in one of the lockers 
in the docking nodule and perhaps scorched some Velero - sonse Velcro tape 
that is used to restrain items stoved in the locks - in the locker. 
During Bushuyev arid Lunney' s co n\*ers at i on , Bushuyev did aention that 
Soviet leaders . vould converse vith the Soyuz spacecraft crev at 22:23 
Mcscov time; this is sor.e t ninute? ahead of the call that's scheduled 
by President Ford to the Apollo ere v. Actually, President Ford vlll speak 
to Stafford and Leonovj Lnonov will be vearing Deke 3iaytoi«'s headset so 
that he will be on the ar.e eocusunication circuit vith the Apollo crev. 
Next station in 21 :&inutes at ^uitc, Ecuador and a brief dropout after 
Quite loas of sip-rial; thic will be the final Quito pass of the afternoon. 
Brief dropout and re acquis* it ion for 55 cinute? of continuous coverage and 
first transfer underway - preparation* for the first transfer vill be 
uniervoy at that- tire and in the follovinp revolution the Apollc cc-susan* 
der and docking aodule pilot vill move into the Soyui. At 52: **0 ground 
elapsed tiae, A polio Control . 

2iD OF TA?F. 


ASTP (USA) MC201/1 

Time : 12 : 19 c DT , 52 : 59 GET 


tire Lr* r, . 18 Aix>11 ° Control. 53 tours around lapsed 

tin*. * e r * 50 seconds avay from reacquiring thr- doeW ' -wn , 
ooyu, spacecraft the Quite, Ecuador, ^acXlng t • at ion Fi^al 

S^'^f if e . d **\. And - *"er a brief dropout f Lt qX lS^ 

:ttvoZ^ P - ^."^"^ for 55 rubles of conU., 

'.i w\eiag?. tv , second:- &r,et standing by. 

Ccod iftLc.Vi. AP ° U °' H ° USt0n ' thr <>^ * *or 5 minutes. 

Apollo Houston, through Quito for 2. minutes 

ixr> r**» *\ /■* * * .-s. , * c v. - 

'.•'•^ Vc read you 5 by. 

lii;t ; ,KP JuSt KeUlr 'e started on page 2-5, in the DM chock- 

:jK -.heckllsl. 1 """ :er ' rea * tfsat ^ OU '« on P a «* of th- 

• ah * Jli{5t getting ' a t&rtad'/ oh . the ' top of that 

,d«r;? tan-i . 

r- •* t'..';. ourijelv4's all confuted here 6n what*: 


id'ar. /iv- -I-..-. - : . - ai:ri? the lin * we sh ^3d ^ttvc 

V V.. I;' i • '*;' it, to *aX» that sa-. P l P cuf 

A, v: ; . ? - ; ;.: e ' 1' • r a^vnlr.* that ih«- aanple viU c\ -<? 

' _ • > •■ :!..,v do you road us now? 

tartSnR*\rt P-^'^f^/^fV, Ur '^ rst f lii fc ^t you arc in the DM 

h* heliua injection."' ^ /0U hu * ttoBe th * Procedure and 
V s ?* (SwhleJ prcblea." 

' ••■ - - ' --if .\*f* v., ... ,. ,> •. 

• •„*: • v. ■ ' ■** • *.--a-j,v a: f.«i cwia c»>. 

" :v - c: s about tr.fl ^wriy.- 

' / : H <\ 'f"" •^-•r^ thtt'y in the furraco at l he pro^v 

i' J '!'! a V' > " : ;' rvh( ' r:: the i f w, it «;e«r S v.. should 

V^v"' Vt " 'l<'i. And that was in cur fl i ^h 

: v »ri:'i ?»nd w m-ji-t hnv«» nisc^i tfm*. v 

" '"; n ; r: jr.. 

'ili : is, • a,^<- 


■■■1 1 ."< 

Vr the pi ft<:em»n'. of th* : 

" » " : " "• y ■■•'■> t'- thnt th-n . 

f i«' J.!,. 

ASTP (USA) KC202/2 

Time: 12:19 CDT , 52:59 GE? 


«d veU! see ycm at^U *- ^ 30 8eC0nds '«» «» 

C^H S k M,' Y ou ' cut out on us. Houston. 

r^P "V 1 see y° u &t ~ at Bermuda at 53:11. 

r ''\. Understand. Bermuda at 53: n 


ASTP (USA) KC202/1 

Tine: 12 = 31 CDT , 53: U GET 


C^and Mo-e ^ Houston^ ^rea^ of 

CKP .SI it'll be JuBt a moment, though, and 

.we're Und of crowded in here. It 11 be ju i wd 2 os . 

ve'll lo that for you. |! a i^J 230 - we'd UK" - you to verify 

CC . H Roger. And on . irp toleMBTTR* position. 

that the UP TELEMETRY sv.tch is in the centei 
Qtp Stand by. 

coaputer in ACCEPT. ■ 

USSR ^ £ =tand *y one. Okay, ve put the switch 

CN[P Okay, ;* r .% Ui it vas not there before. 

UP TELEMETRY in th* «n* r P^U^ ^ r / OJ ' 

^ R STelieve it or not, I can't quite reach t n« v., 

CC " K ^ ^--iL cur (garble) just a secono. 

CMP g TfP TELEMETRY switch coming on. 

u£r ( Hussiarw , ultch t0 UP'' TELEMETRY nov. 

rvr? say ' -'• , 

C n « Rcger. Than* you. 

USSR (Russian) 
,,-. 3F {Russians 

S IpcllorLatc. We're staging by for ATS ac.ui- 

ACDH X?;^ 8C '- ra8 u-n through ATS. Hcv ,io you read? 


',- . >„^i-> •-• v you read? 
!v?u3 t05i , Apr . ■ ~ \ - 

Haw ::o yot. read ->e? 


Time: 12:k0 COT, 53:20 GET 


CC-K Apollo, Houston through ATS. Hov do you read? 

CC-H Apollo, Houston . We canr.jt understand you. Very 

garble! . 

USA (Garble) 
USA {Garble) 

Cc-H Apollo, Houston through Madrid. Hov do you read? 

CC-H Apollc, Houston through Madrid. Hov do you read? 

USA (Garble) 
USSR (Rusbian) 

PAO This if Apollo Control. Some difficulty here in es 

tabiishing coaar.uni cations with Apollo and f'oyuz through the ATS -6 sate! 
lite. While that's being sorted oat, we have the following ar.ncunceaen 
Ihe Soviet ambassador to the United States, Anatoliy Dobrynin will r.eet 
with newscen in the JSC main auditorium at 01:15 Central Daylight Tire. 
To repeat-, Ambassador L-obrynin will r.eet with the newspecple covering 
AST? in the main JSC auditorium at 01:15 Central Daylight line. 
A ^Garble) 

Cc-H Apollo, Houston. Ve heard you once about 30 ^coni 

age; hew do. you read us? , 

USSR Prussian) 


Apollo, Houston through Madrid. h'?w do you read us 
ryrp Houston, Apollc. How do ye.: read, -is? 

.CC-H Roger. ■ We-.. read you now veil . : ./' '. : . 

CKF ' Hjusto:;,. 'Apollo. , . Hov\. do .you read? ..;' 

CC-H Aroilc, Houston. read you well. Could y'-u tell 

as what vcur com pro's ivns': 

CC-H Apcilt, Hov.;- ton. We st-en to be getting data; per- 

haps ve can also apeak. How io ycu read? 
. JJ5A (Garble) . 

CMP Houston, Apollo. How do you rcftd 1 

Cr-H Apollc, Houston. Ve seemed to read you ckay that 

ti&e; how do you read us? ; .: 

CMP Loud p.r.d ;lear. And we hai a whale of a tice 

locking on, : ; - , »ni we've had a lv. of background noise fror. ^^ound fr«»s; so, we're lo.-'rted on ?.n-i we turn-id off VHF-.-M aga*?:. 
CC-H' • Roger. 7n«nk you. 

ACE*? Oka;,-, Bo, i you're read in*:, we've about .-..r.pletei 

■a lev " here - * 

.CC-H . 
ule checklist. 

! J::ier'3t and. You've completed step. 7 in docking 


bleir, here. We ivn't kr. 

Yeah, exempt we got one prooleia nere. 
where the Z'r'lr : arple i. r , that's v .pp-'aed to be in the DSF to go to the 

J.VU2 . 

CC-H i-eke, would you say that, please. You were 

out OUt'. 

:.;M? Yeah, we're supposed fc transfer a 17? to the Soyy 

number iA or ASi. We don't know where that thing is. 

AST? (USA) MC203/2 

Time: 12 ^0 CDT, 53:20 GET 


Cc_H Roger. I'll cheek with FAO. 

DMP Thank you. 

CC _ H Apollc-Soyuz. The REFSMMAT is not onboard yet, so 

we request you do not do the P52 yet. 
CMP Understand. 

Cc-H Cotnaand module, Houston. Over. 

CMP-CM Houston, ccnmind module . ^ogei . I understood and 

I'm holding on. • , - 

0 -_H Roger. And ve Know you vere busy before and we a 

like u. check if you had a capability to turn that CM1 and 2 TV powers 


CMP-CM :-Afty. I think sor.ebc-iy did it for o< •. but let me go 

down and recheck. 

ry^-'^y Okay, 7 j. They should be ON now. 

CC_k"" ?cger. Ar-;d in" raaol >, we would like S-3AKD NORMAL 

^vr-'» AM r FI^H-LCW switch -.3 OFF; that's center. 

CMP-CM Please repeat. f:u were cut out by th«? ground ata- 

ViCn ?cger . Iha . i, hP - on puiel % c-3AKL' NORMAL POWER 

AMI" HI1H-L0W switch -C ??7; rer.t'-r. 



Time: 12:50 CDT, 53; 30 GET 


CC-H Docking module pilot, Houston. 

DKP Go ahead Bo. 

CC-H We have a good picture of you Deke and an answer 

to your question is that the the D - ZFF photos should either be on the 
bulkhead right off ths optica vhere they're positioned for the photos or 
you'll find then in R5. 

Okay. We've got tvo up there on the bulkhead that 
we're - we've been, running vith. Are we supposed to transfer one of 
those to Soyuz. 

CC-H Roger. One of ..those is supposed to go to Scyu. 

DM? Okay. There vas n't any label on it so ve weren't 

sure vhat - Just - either one of ther. , huh? 
CC-H Roger. Either one. 

DKP Okay, fine. 

CC-H Conusand module, Houston. We wruld like you to go 

to accept so we can load the REFSMKA7 
CM? You've got it. 

CC-H Thank you. ' ' . ' 

CC-:-I Apoll< , Houston. We have the REFSMMAT in. You can 

go back to BLOCK ana do the ?52. . 
. .' CMP ■ Roger, Bo.' 

CC-H . Roger, Vance. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. On that taster alarm we ' re Look- 

ing at ar. 02 tank pressure that is lev. 

CMP Roger. 02 tank pressure. 

CC-H Yeah Bo. We have a - an indication of a full scale 

lew on nusber 2. 

CC-H Roger, ve agree. 

CMP (Garble) Houston. We have VKF/FH back on ag>=iin now 

triat we've passed the noisy area. 

CC-H Roger. I understand you put the VHF/AM back on. 


ASTP (USA) :«205/X 

Tim*: 13:01 CDff, 53: M w» 


Anollo Houston. The 02 tank pressure now agrees 
CC " H «ber ' Ti W the transducer is working again. 
vith tan* m^er ^ , 3 ^resting isn't it. 

^1 Sand Kcdule, Houston. We're going to dunp data 

wc-n have voice Joss here for * few seconds. 
" ', rA Understand. 

.-.",Vp near that. Okay. 

Co^ Module = . r r^. % u 

bi , ~. ,,til ve 

a , r:Lld like ^fo ^rSM HCS engine package heaters and 

that they're all on up into £ ^ u off , ' 

o- all quads and - reported the 
»„..,*„.,,. «,. were get-ir* - ' back or. for you. 

Li^ht.., turned trie* olf, ^ ^ * ^ 4 ftt about (garble • 

lV ^ er - - 'TcJi-z up above 200 on all of them 
?cger. ie~p v&s goi.<g J? » tu 

at t'n;iL tir>:-. . ,>,...,! The press conference -'1th 

, ^j%;\ ? ^n n viU ;egln in approximately 5 

Soviet Asbaasader, ~f ^-I ' . vollo Soyua air-tc-ground 

ainute* in the JSC auu ttoriva . ; -e ^ of thl , A1? _„ 

accumulated during tnat tir,e -.a. i^S - ^ J playb ach at the inclusion cf 
satellite P a.s viil b« ™^ c »' ^ea^he pre*s conference 
^Jt^X;^'^in vill begin in app^tely , 
:«;;;t, :l in the JSC ^".J^^ Kct had the chance to get the high 

„» n yip 'into the corxuter yet. 
e " r ...,.«. Hog. Understand. 


L^^.'U .ad a outer alari* 'for;' .the cryo }r-\ 
pr^^.o. i;t . FOr . Tcr ., -i-deretanl. Cryc pressure, master 

,tiu, ' r ': i'.v.- vo-.» sot telowtry, 3o? 

' * ' "> h*ve vlaybaek data ri b n* r.v*. 

' ? a r bV.> Ckv It vent on about _53:*8:jQ. 

V* S^^i.^e^O's-for that tine of the 


fliori *". .... venh, about '- r > seconds ago. 

ASTP <USA> i.!C206/l 

?ime: 13:21 C K , $kiOl GMT 


W-H Apollo, Houston. Over. 

k i° £Jiead ; 00 ^ead, Bo. 

5f" H Seal fine. 

cedurefacvr; there. 3 ; ^ 'V TnoZhV^ ?™ al " nor *> d *° ^ur pro- 
sync right down here in t'h (gSbleTJ^? ™ t0 d ° the tira * 
uncoupling. parole) messing around; coupling and 

So H 3 V again, Deke. We did no* ur<**r-*o»,i , ■ * 

K - Okav. I'm cow «»-ei 04 ,and vnat you said. 

DM v.dl .i, the tisw ^7roT^ '-'^ S ° ing to Stay co ™ected into t.,e 

CM" ' ."pi. w ''V ■ ■ 

the AT?". you ^1^1^^^" * **** «P vith 

-^re rrob: t «? ' ftS and should ve expect any 

check on *hftt with INCO. 

Al's iocklns ant° R : ^ ^ haVe ^ «** reason for 

Win. 5 " ^ &XX Ve Ca!1 s Wt U try the normal procedure 

" v«ay , 

r:..l' " euo > Vance, tiouston. 

C^"'* Huston, Apollo. 

*atel^te ,nd Orrorar^Uyf^xt'sUna; through ATS -(J 

Kerritt r^ lC , Area > a .J ^ Jj^™ j *f wnuie. avay will be the 

AT2-£ satellite. ,; US t -rl« VPl "* C0Vera S* again vith 

s'i-ior Anatoli lobry: , *We ^Va ^ - ' f nferenco b * Soviet Aobas- 

i? H,ecraft for ^ A-^enf" **? alarE aboard 

lecture her, 1, ^ I l .Ti t ^ essure warning. The 

^n - r?fcl „ and -he rorusenfu Sn^^or ^ iMtruaenl a- 

^i«5i is r.ot concern: a* -h'<- , vatcnes the spacecraft 

-——ion pro,:,,: Vuve^ If^l i*;,^;* convinced it i. ftn 

■■!^-'oa..< -it - > i a prefix conference vhich ve vili 

We,r '^f. t '» FV-"!:" opaon'^: Tf y ° U,re watchin « our cor. F uter, 
not sje^ y .,a;- P^. 7 ""^' ftnVln,? ^ vfc «* d ^a right nov, So we're 

V " i ' r *'"''» *'- ) > /ou vant f-5 rift? ^„»« «^ 

r - 81 -f 16 *o you on the f'5;»? 

ASTP (USA) MC206/2 

Time: 13:21 CDT, 5!*: 01 G.vfp 


data. 00 "" ROg6r - Plea8e d °- We onl y •« receiving playback 

ACDS Roger. 

ve'li%ort that. ^ ^ "° > r0Ceed With the 1 and 

CC-H Roger. 

c?h !°' d ° y * u vaut to c °?y °" the - on the option 3? 
n0 ger. Go ahead with -the option 

,>--c V. I'- + , -°* ay ' 1,0 30rr y- 1 8 av e you option first- 

triiS is tr.e option I; the rpaMm <-> - ■ -I -> , " ' 

. reiuign o : <.h« oroital orientation. Sane stars' 


5, 37; 905, all balls; KOUX l<p p u \Wi nine i< - "° n " Stars 
orqued at W, plus 5>s plus J?:' Sr. ' P ^ ' ^ ~ plUS 37 " Thal WM 

I- 19?' plus I6t , i'lu!^^ S 6 ?? U ° n 1: StSr 35 ' 37 • a11 ^lls, 

ACDH KogerT 

you ready to copy? Ap0ll °' K ° US ^ n - 1 h * ve a ^sage for you all. Are 

ACDR Go ahead, 

r ., . . , f~* n * the fir3t -r-msfer. Just after the acquisition 

crevs or the Apoi lo-^\>yuz ^.t-ion. " '° Pfl8S * ******* *° the 

^ Ver>' fine, tr.ank you. 

.Go ahead. ■■ ■ 

hri.jT-li - InBedia tely after .they have finished their 

biing tne camera into the 0M and set it up as planned. The AC and *>e ' 

™^ay * aessa « e t0 Uie confers of both vehicles % I 
T^i^^l^l £ into position and alio. the^L ' 

, ':\-' '•*»:•*• ""'2 tftink. ve that. 

/' A ' J ' . . This . i?! Arol;o .aontrol;- That completes playb'w 

... - - Vv ' a - •* b • >-o. jet arc-ass acio r« r /,„ 

.. . " ' •-" s -* tv.-4-o.i'ii3iticn H*. Merritt. island 

;•;■"':,.„: I'f »^f*f»» -fervv r .» r ,, .„„ „„t .™ h 

A3TP (USA) MC207/1 

Tirje: 13:58 CUT , 5 1 * r 38 GET 


?Au Thi3 is Apollo Control 5**: 37 ground elapsed tine. 

We nave acquisition threugn Merritt Island Launch area p.?. this time of 
Apollo and Soyuz as they prepare for first transfer. We're standing by 
••:ere for resumption" of cumrauni cat ions as spacecraft communicator, 
Kar?l Bobko, ~.akes the call to the crew. 

;;~ H Apollo, Houston, through MI LA over. 

Loud and clear, Bo. How do you read? 
CC " H w « voui - the UP TELEMETRY switch to direct on panel 

UP TELEMETRY direct. Roger. 
CC-H , Ard v ''>'le y.->ur down there, Vance, the other thirds 

ab -~ * 3nel " 00 « ve v cuid like ->.- VTR power switches to TELEMETRY, inter 
ifver, and VIS ■> I for the ON position. 

, r ... , '*«;.'. Vou were cut ->ut . Please aay again. VTR 

t' ■■ i > i CT: t 'V.I r' po v 6 r / 

C ' : ~-~ : r.oger. Three VTP power switches on the right - on 

t^e left hand ail, /on the': OS position. 
CM?' • . That, ';? verif ied . 

~ C - y ' Thw.k you. And Apollo, couli you give us a proeress 

rtport in the ACL.-?, transfer? 

'-^•A Yes, if you'r:- rending we've - we're on step 19 

but actually, -we've also completed 20 and ' -2U'. . ■■'-'. 

: f -H 1 Aiders tana. You'rv on 19 but you've done 20 and 2k 


ACDH ^ That's right. E>--ept the last part of 2k. 'We'll 

i: \ garble* configuration. 

CC ~ H ahe.*d. And Ccisaand Module, Houston. On canel 

2 J- , we would iikc tne U? TtLEMEThY switch to UP TELEMETRY . 

; _ UP TSLKMETRY switcn to ( T F TELEMETRY. Roger. 

CC_H Ari,i ■" It » ve shov the spacecraft in free at the 

sent, time. ;' ■ /'-^ ■/ ■ 

Roger. Back to CMC auto. 
CC-H Thank you. 

'-'SA And would you like a maneuver back, Bo, to 'he Vj^t 

"ignt attitude? - ■ 

CC-H Pog«'r. ■ 

;^ A -; fi y angles you'd like, Bo. Poll, pitch, yaw. 

-•sA ( riuaiu an } 

- 3CDR (OarM*.^ 
'V3A (Bus Hi on) 

CC-H . Go ahead. 

' '-'SA , (All right. Ve too.) 

Docking Module, Houston. Could you tell us if the 
■cr'able light is o.-,? We're getting a picture that's a bit bright. 

ACDR Negative, it's not, Ho. We've got it set up to turn 

t -,n but we haven't got it on. 

:c ~ H Roger. I understand. It is p.-m on at this tine. 

ASTP (USA) MC207/2 

Time: 13:58 CDT, 5^:38 GET 


;^ A . (Soyu?., this is Apollo. What is your step 19? Is 
stop 19 in normal? Hov many minutes piease?) 

USSR Apollo, Soyuz. ^.ver. 

. 'USA Over.' 

USSR (Garble) Step number 19 is complete:. 

'-'SA (Russian) 

USSR . . Roger. 

y 3 * (Soyua, this is Apollo, Nov our step 20 is completed.) 

Uon Uo y° ,J »&ve a good lock up on the ATS? 

USA Houstor., Apollo. 

CC_H Apollc, Houston. Go ahead. 

'^ A . 3o » do y°' d h&v « » good lockup on ATS nov? 

e „ ho UC ~" Roger. Ve' re reading you but you have a hi \ of an 

l ^f! (Garble) tunnel I, Soyuz. 

!;SA . (Say, again, please. ) 

Time: 1^:08 CJDT, 5'k ^8 OCT 

..■Ut>3fi , - - tunnel 2, Soyuz. ' 

(Say agair., please.) 
At ; D H (Soyuz, this is Apollo. We're doing 21. Over.) 

, ACDR Houston, Apollo. We've coiapleted step 20, and 

they're vo rising on step 21, 

C t C ~ U Roger. Understand. Y ou « ve completed step 20. 

ACDR Poger. 

♦ ♦ • C °"? • * , And TOC1 " We>ve got a P icture of yo" J rlgKt there, 
to tne rig:it of the hatch. Looks fine. 

Af:DR Okoy. He's got (garble). 

-*-!- p Yeah. 

_ 2txe, ve had a picture of you, there - in front of 

1 , ,",. ana rsay VC su ««est you move tc the right or the lef^ of it. 
'^'ft Yn-i talking to ne? 

that was tc - the docking module pilot. ?or , 

your." icvkr; just fine. 

; A 5 ; UK 

i'ou var.t re get your I garble ) 

A . .iidn't f.eur your message there, So. Okay. He's 

tftijtin*.; iil-.-uV that cwvjj-a. rh. 

. - :,f: ' , ?,h: Okay. You didn't like the picture you had on 

ct.r,er :r.e, { -..vj^r.^r ' Ve can't fix that. 

*-^ R -'-ay- --'a 37 easing at k , right n-.v. 

?* rn * ''Ot to perfora a (garble) right here. 
-'■- 1 - rt 'Soyuz, this is Apollo. Now hatch is open. Over 

noger. rcger. I 

A 21 right, go ahead, ENCO. 
M 0 C - H N ? g a £ I ve . 

?■ On, oka.*'. 

: i ,v; * ; _ Hey, I cars it. 

*' : -' f ' (Match « is cper.. Ve are nsw equalizi:.- the 

P-"'-"' «'■•; i"*-vecn the -s.-tklng c^uic and the Soyuz.) 

let's tell then ve're not hearlr.k- 
•-, ■ ./ olfor roir.ark/. right ncv. Ve vere a little vhile eo. 
' 'iidn't near you transmit. 

■ "■■ Y "Jh. Opening. ■ 

We're not hearing the S;>yuz relay 

.V.\v. V,-? think they said hatch h is open. But 

-re'ns .standing by to con fir* it. . •• 

y: ' J ' R-'ger, Iv.. Le*'e give it a check. 

ACDR " ■ ■ ■ 

.hing's :!haky. 

(Soyuz, thin is Apollo. Hatch u is open.). Some-. 

r ';\, - k V» 3o. uie configuration looks good. 

'. t ' : -"-- Ve. copy, Vance . 

Oh hell, that's Vance, thrusting. 

A.7fP (UHA) MC208/2 

Time: tic 06 C*7?, 1 >li:i4» 3?.? 

£ loa't knot/. 
CC-H . And, Vance. 

««pl£™ over.) tS ^' ; - thia lsA ^- /our .t,p * ringed. 

^ I think that's those guys sharing around there. 

* • ''* ey * 7550 P honj ffii * e inter— connector is on. The 

' " 13 on re «;iy«- Ana the setting's about 5. 

'S u 5 ' /o ' r * e run a coupl* of ainutea behind { garble > 

"CDS ;::v's f pressure? 

^ving'trcuble vith Lt^"^ ^ ther6 ' ^ ks like tht *' re 


-2. ' '.m ic Ap'jii.--. ncv do y ,u road ne? ) 
- ,;-:i in cpe: : , open. 

■ 1 i VIC 'it. ! 

? ...... . J." '"- " iCV vor5ci -« on SVf ? 2i ' v '-* fcre equalizing 

bc i i v i ty '. 

.... ;•»£-. 
here, in - 

i you var.t par.-i 0, aode to VOX for (garble) 

v- It';-? open, fcexe. That's enough. It's open. 
- Or., ; garble). We sight have aissed a step 

Wf.' t - . aid. 


.. :,, Jufft a second. 

l -'V go- it. Hcv»s that? 

v>.en v.? step his. 

* i ;. t ' f< v - " 'n -the -heok vas that? ; 

- ! ••»•"•' the TV 'camera- thin<? 
' ( «»y . Let put. it to 7"X~ 

ft vr can sse ' ■ L .-- — ? 

'/. ; -~ :: * ' v . 

- . r^vfiere. 

• ''" " ~- *". ♦ 'iok , rack, L-ack. 

rlgnt ar^^d - prepared A^oi . : .V. 
'♦ t -OR it's bac's one -orp step. 

/•'^ , J lt VRS " teli hi* it', around Ul ainutes. I 

don't think ve're - do 1*- yet 

it's - Just ke«p ahead. 
t m ' J s*e - the"'t2»e 1* - 


Vt'u.:, it whs here. Yeah. Right 

ASTP (USA) MC506/3 


ACDft ^ b ° Ut 52 ' : sums. 

ie £t 5£ open, 

DM? Okay ° ?&n ' 

? Okay. 

£?: v.»i'; • »-i *. »■» to vox. 

the so^ai. " 58 " tVa, t -vh ?S ! vol** „„»„ to ellBiMt0 

'.'.that '■■ au. ;it-. : . 




ing on si'ep ^ . ' ; ' Cyu - c ^ «e r 2 3 la completed. Ve are nov 

[>Mt» ■■■ ' 
light or;. 

_ . * ' "V HI 5 

iuaroxe. ) open. let ne 


Ar .- -.- set the 

^h,duV;, Okay, thelr?^' ? Caa " r< " ^Te right on 

rvt. : K! ^ V • ^ ? ° unlock.* ^ r..-. 

:!v-' H f £ £ nt on schedule. 

:,:;\, f ( ° ftft,i *> opening 

hear rlgh(: -'" e ' ' !0 « ts «- Ve're not hearing Scyu*. 

3. ) 

Can vou 

'"MP '.* ""' b ' re not "earing then, 


^»'t hear the* doVn h *re. 
re id :;..yuz. * " lo • , '' 5;; » ; loui and -j e «ir. 


■ jt 

rr A !•* Oil. 

wi -;ader£tfind. 

wlli '-"!. r :f ioo "«6 ^ay Jcvn there, Bo? 

- : & .ffW Picture - 7^ and the « tch 
■ '»« openiv h»tch 3.) 


Tln><2 : \U :08 COT , 5*» : M OBT 




turn It on. 



' \JTZ> ■ ■ 


: -r 


Hellc ! 

It'll Stay open. 

CfO ahead - go aheai, Ton. 

{Garble} . 

Alexey - 

Just a none at. 


{Garble! . 

{Hov arc things going?) 

(r.arble) tell (garble) cut n - {garble) it off, then 

<G%r". :i) 
Li 5ter,T 

«. Garble) at 51. You're suppose! to go into the Soyuz 

in here and shaft? hands. 
<G< ie.) 

{ "oci- here , please . ) 

..-.oXa like they got a fev sna/.ea in there, too. 
\ eah . ■ ■ 

They're aimer: *3 bad off as we are (..irble). 
(Aiexoy. Our viewers are here. Cor-.e here, please.) 


'Yes . re."--! here. ) 

Csay. Turn on the camera. Kit the hrXOTE, 
Ckay . 


Onay . 

ad ■». o see you. 

' to see you. 

.Her<? . - ' ■'■■^yv ■.r:[l : .^:-:\p.'i 

I;eke» r' ; /;\'V ."v :v - ;: 'A'-" ■ >-'"v"'\^ ; . ; ^'' =: ^.^^- 

' Very - v»rv happy to see you.)' 

i : r: ; 

/ : 

H ''" i. 

Jnitei States {La .».-.ter) . 
aleriy?. Hew are thti.*3?) 

Ve're still r.ct hearirv 

ASTP (USA) MC209/1 

Tinier CLT, 5 2 » : 59 GET 


USA Okay . 

CC-H ■> rmoij'? Module, Houston. We're still not hearing 

Soyuz veil. Are you hearing therCl' 

AC.-:-.. Loud ana clear. See us on your picture? •• 

- "^cg. 

USA J hoar there — 

CC-K V.-i. i. Jr. irl-r to check the e.. gurnti or, , would 
yc'i check os page 3 .;.--<t0. 

cy? .iay fig.aiji. 

"C-K Ve'd -ike yuu to chock, the configuration as per 

S - systeas checklist 1~ 

C'j" Peg. -'Oiich sheckli'Btt 

CC-H The ccsaand wciul« systems checklist. 

'C3 : P.Ojg, 

'v.-t / • 

'CA Vei . 

'-A (Fcrsfriar.) U align) 

Cotojr It' ■ ?ood ricture. 

'C3A Hev •i-? y:.'i read, Houston '« 

CC-H Vie ret: y-.v.t loud and clear, Tor.. 

ACT? C; vOi; g»; 1 the picture.: 

CC-H ftogar . * " vt- )*0 1 a good picture of the hatch and 

yoli pec pie 1 i ie t her-- In the v. • inn el . 
*!£'A i K-.iPi-'.i ; ; > ; ; 

CoA ' e.v : 

UCSB fKuetlar.} 
MS . (Oarble) 

CC-K Ton, are y-x; rouCy fcr the owsra up (garble)? 

MCC-H (This t?~ a reeling to Alexey Lec-nov, V&leriy Kubos.ov, 

Jion&ld- ;Haffcrd, V*«ce Frai:d, ar.i r-„>» 31 ay ton; In- the nfcse' of the Soviet 
people- and frcrs nynelf per:- r.aliy, ! m congratulating y.r.i vith a signifi- 
cant event: the first <V?cfcliu of the C^.'iet spacecraft., 0©yu« an 4 
the AnT i cun rpacee'raft , A p> 'i 1 • • , "he vhcd* 'or;-! with great fttfention 
and «i* light iff sbiterv 5 h* yrttr v i ; .• of t> vorX that yci are perform! n« 
hi carrying -. >C ^n^ro 1 ;":- ■ >,■ : tr. . The :v; -;:.--rr fu! lacking proved 

t-ve correctness ' f the derision!* y**rt» ^ssde vMch v»*« carrle 1 cut in 
join? cc<?f:.eraHcri and friendship v>tween C-^vi'-t an.? Aneriean -ie;» I gner5 , 
^eienti ?* e , and costtenau-t- 5 . . • It cciid be 1 i ti.ft' the Soyut itt-d the Apoi < > 
is a prctotyv^ o.f future orH tai apaoe >i«'t ion&. Sine** the time ;:f 
layheh ei the first 'cpntnik and the fir.-?? f'iJgtit of nan Into space, 
apace h»a becrfte an arena : f interr,ai!cnal c'ooperat ion. Detente, 
positive cwvcsient nhci 5 i n H.-. « et-f^-crl.^rjn re.iat'ic;ss have created th»- 
r^^per conditions' f:>r •• h<- first internaticsifti .-»pnee flight. -Sew pc* !. - 
l-.lltie:? n»/e epenihg ut :'w :'r«iitfnl dc*veiopcter*t ; 'f scientific eoopera- 
t*-:;n between covin tri *s and tr;f peot4t»» in the ihtTest of peaee and 
ji-fcgresu 4 •-*-f all ''-.-isarii ty , ) 

CC-H f\ro5 Id, ??5s<.u'V-.h. ahead. 

-'CC-M {—to o'j, '-he t'ctiivnf< m cohqurora'- of npaee, have 

grea ' h-:::;or -.if -vpetti ng « n'-'- r'M'v'-' '-" th».- h\;.?tcry of research . 1 
v|.«h you '-'-.iC^'T-sf u.l .w-spie*. irn - t ' Ut p^anneu proaraft and a «*;fe ret-trn 
to earth . ;>o!",v.t Prerhti^v . ) 

ASTP (USA^ MC 209/2 

Time: lU : 19 CDT, 5^:59 GET 


USSR (Moscow, this is Soyuz. Hew do you read?) 

CC-M (I read you well.) 

USSR (We are veiy grateful and excited by these warm words . 

And ve will work even better. Thank you very much.) 
LKi Okay, Tons, I guess - - 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Ve are now reading Soyuz. 

,\ CDS Roger. 

USSR (Everything is nominal. Have you turned off the other 

camera? Once inore ve would like to thank you for these warm words and 
would like r.o cay in answer, there is so 'much to say and we have so 
little tine.) 

ACDft Houston, Apollo. Hcv do you read? 

CC-H We read you well, Go ahead. ; 

ACDR Okay. You want Deke to give his headset now to 


CC-H Toe, ve would like everybody around the table and 

the TV set up ar»d then we'd like Deke to give his headset to Alexey. 
USA (Garble) 

•Y-K Apellc, Houston. We're getting - 



ASTP (USA) MC210/1 

Tine: lh-,29 CUT, 55:09 CE7 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. We're getting a pretty good TV 

picture from the orbital nodule, but it appears to be upside dovn. 
Could you check the shoei?)? 


Oh Jesus, I 'sr. sorry. 

( Garble) 


Got it'.' 

Going to have to turn it to 

Okay, iet r;e see. 

I think ve can get it Tom' so it'll . 

' .Okay. ' 
- - lo'-k straight (garble).. 
'(Garble) for & while, {garble). 
£o, hov's your picture? 

: ' r; * Fixture loor-e good, if she f-step is not full 
-ponea, pionse open St. 

'^-'^ OH ay. 'ilm . 

A v r ' ! ; (Garble) all right, Be' 

,'-' G " H Apolio, He as ten. It's still a little dark but if fun epened, that'-; as gyed as ■ ve can do. 

AC - lR Yeah, -he's vide cr*n. 

■*W t It's vide open. 

0C ;! i Kcger. the only ether tfci n* i? to verify that' the 

proper lights are or: f.n »fc« Soy.:-. 1 ' 


ffn-j H?,usU6rt< 

A CD- 

".i r.'if. 

fir." ;.>; f ;t 

■ t'is i t :■ you 
u; i 

t'-il ..X-r.piet • 

-.ftltctjfl f'Vi'M, 

'"■'i 1 . ftli:- i'---r 
tiiejan? viij 
«-r this v.»ry 
roup-; rat i ::n. 
•perar • •' 
t>,^ dny ; is a 
.'..■ir.f' -iffrrt 
v.- your Sfiff" 


f-v yo 

'. /. n .y . 

"Jh<?t ; 


'■>i-.:«;« r 

;v- . 

. ' A ■ 1 


*::.• rent 

.'..''Ks >?ood r.ov f : ]-,.i v» • re ready for the SO speech 
'*> get - Aiexey 'r zii !>ke? head ;*et. How do v 

r.v; .: 1 

- v - ; Icsi rind 0 
■.!ii"id. A;vi •'• '. >. <• 

. :\>.i;ii r .:.!, 
: ;, e:) . 1st p.© I 
'-■ . y*uv a,!: 
■ : - - r.itre in Wns 

the tho'iijfin..i:: 

iave worked t.- 
hie tor i a;,.): 

ttr't* taken .', 
; ! pftL>e between 
>t far f f v ; 

return ■'!.; : 

■'■ur tit 

■f ,^:':ri.:»;: j. ' 
-'•''-her for thrr 
very 9ucces*«^{ti 

hany yr»r t .--* « :^ 
* vc tovantri 
ii rpftee •nia&ictns 

fvilcv it v!*h 

Icai* and we have a good picture 
y. has on .Marh^t, 
the l.n«, «ir. 

express :1y re ry ^reat ftd- 
t i:-r. in : • - - f vine for this 
• her' h ■■ the '.'tiited ;,^ates , 
:*h f '■• ;• ■ ■ " .'I'lcc^s^ful ren- 

"h'.* ;rv fer a su^ct":-:;- 

«!? v -:; -,• flight is a no- 
" v;uy ' j- the 5 of you, 

- "'■•?*„ : cnti st3 and teeh- 
. yajui » - insure .the auceeas 
experineht in international. 
open thJs 4^.-r.l<? useful co- 
es. Ar.d I'n confident that 
? ofls i hie by this* firat 
ft . Ve a; . lock forward 
?y ?r%i interei't, the nucees* 

ASTP (USA) MC210/2 
^' 75 H.:^ COT." 55:09 OCT 

Jof:kin< 3 1" ' r * f>c '9i dent, I n, tjr „ n . „ 

°™ ''^r v 6 ./°:t. ''K 2 hCUr * ««»» : ^ hero - - re 

lie fr 


kc^bs:; i ;;.„• 
* v - 

?*"-"■- Fit n:;:;. 
icrjif 4 .., 

1 ■»... „ , ' "a procedure* - 1 i 

rIe iv " the 5 Of y6u. Let ne 
^arMe' it's «, i 0 . . _ ' ; 

J :t rriVTi ^T ° f the Joint « i8Slon . 

"d.Vtft&n&t-f,,,., '7 A "f 1 "" Gur Joi?it flight J* *■ H 

•>in-.** - t , ~ xL au our beat, ' J 

— ,.,r-.,,- i c;^*!.!.,** . • '* r ^ave done v«rv' 

• *r. ^.avt^:'^,t: ;; ,y, ia /^ f soclates on tl, 7 ' 

;• ' .. , ; "* : 7^ rrep.Hr^ cth v r , t . Ve ^ ^ 

: ~<WS ■' f-j" ;i ff e - vou the crev 

•h*;v n-iv?,-;- .v.".*.;^ • ' ,! * the Aril's oldest 

MO, ..ii 

- /« P-ple vho ho rP io Ay 

r-r»*u\e*. '-^T '- y ^3 1 ion? 


i f find ~ 

'r*j».;t*i ■; t for me 

•' ; » i have 

y one of »h<» 

*' "J J 

w,,s: yt,-., r^«), iv vl( ,^ 
"■' u '™ -i- It. 

t „ ^ . . . . ° " * 

• ' RSi'uci at»r.' . 

" 'Hi i [; !. r\f} 

i-V rcr, : , eh 

ASTP (usa) MC210/3 

7ni/K k:29 cur ' 55:09 - oar 

think K'i: been & ,-v.n, „>, ., • 

-d f, be ablo to S SuTS "ZtTtt t0 -T* 0n learni »* 

on t,.*t , r)<} . ;yable SaturJv iU« -> 't . l,TOn0 ^ 1 both of you 

' ■•K • 4 ..iie .1; i f ->«».. B „ . . ■ w jAii - a B sure you're 

'V-^™^?; 2 * BpacefC3 ^ Tr.«re are 8 «,e R„ Mlw . 

• return, rt'p -,... r fi . '■ 1,1 " Uft > ve forward 

ii .'»•:• •: »(.,'.!,. .... , * c«-cftj*i clans and m» a-^.--. : 

'. • : •tiir.fe- -. .-.^n.iw * lUla Particularly the 1 

'" itv ' --eft ' ' : say in si a -ni, 1( ; off 

.VTfi ' .:: ; r ' ; ;'J •;" u ' r;uc;. ■. 

h':;n .-r ! ^,- () . "-h* • v * cu » ;, ' r - ^resident. it'»- ee*4 ft tr.n. - 

' K ne cujr -'- w y ana vorX here. " e *^* nl > 00?tt ^ 

ASTP (USA) MC211/2 

Time: Xk:h6 CUT, 55.-26 GET 


^ (Garble.) 

< G -bl*.) 
Houston, Apollo. 

prw-ntation. 'k^' Ap0llC - *' e ' re standing by for vour 

AODfi 0 v v ... . .. 

; .r. ; tir.0 ^ S7 '^ "J* t». pr, s „„..„.lo„ „ ov Mj llou 

' c -:r." on i;vr,. 

Okay . 

♦ h 

(Ai?,!xey, Vol«riv P,>~. t 4 . 

•;-. f ,t the Keop l, f S th I'wet^-!^ : T VUh 5 fla ^ your 

• « ;r. .pa.e t^rve forth* ; Wfi / l „ - «V " our joint. 

''Thar,* you w-rr'Kieh'V^ ^ V<Jry auff *» Alexoy, thank vou 

!ne Vt >n ^^S^^r, Houston. Vi>* r ~ .tin „„. k ■ 

rcnfl^rjt^ '"^ y ° U * 8 * 1° check th^ »S hWlB * 

?"' S V :£'^- ^K^W^***' f ^ * h ". - th »* ^ niU don't „- 
S U rlg hv Bo. 

* hi3 lB how do yr,i -»*a 

""^^e' *h*y are CgSe)]^ 1 In * r * ft * «»» l'"^ t.h* ft v,a. t , 

f K ■!., ^ lhwa . 

A V£? n' -long a*y, 

A ^o- i on « d«,v.' 

ASTP-(USA) MC211/2 

Vnvi^ 1 " 6 CDT ' 55:26 GKT 

u JjJ* (Garble. ) 

r'A; Ko-..ctori, do you read me? 

.?a.-o juswtV''* he "? you vel1 nw -> 

k-ri:*?. people er.d thef-^V?^ . 88Ve us " ent& * plaques from 
™* r01 ' v, ry e; p ;; isive '^ t j^ Ca \f vu ^^- Thank you vwy 

■ •-• ^HiYrd f,^ , ur pcopl0 Md f ;; ! : S :, )r ^ yuz are (garble) to 

A CDF ■ • • ,JUr government. 

' '"wik you ai.px. . , . . . 

, . . ■- i'aa^iiter J , ■ ■■ 

■■•■■>■ ; j* :! -tiS* jfi . Vi'f? oon ' f '*»!»■-'• ,' f -. 

.* su f%n v-ii • » ..-,» . i , <* K "iOrf 1 1 voxi r«tn «•«••■♦ .» .-» < < 

' ' '■■ 4 - n - -WS- ir.AYtK.VJf « " ' 

'J.T.': ' 

' VC '' 5 :: ' h ' :iic -^' th^v He. . ;whf, h on* y:>u 

r-'.ich *""it J.,, . „ ,: . , ' 

'i/.* be*,t->r picture 

; . : » 4 .v. i .u, v ,.i . * " ' 

« . ■' ■ ■ rtTl!: - ^ 

ASTP (USA) MC212/1 

Tine: COT, 55:36 GET 


CC-H until LOS. We will see you at Vanguard, at 

1 :33 transfer time. 

CMP Roger. 1:38 transfer tine. 

DMP Okay. What do we do next here Kubasov? 

AC'DR What time do you have? 

DMP I got 30:26. 

ACDR Yes, That's what - - 

IMP I'll tell you Tora I thin* - 

DMP Help connect those connectors here one at a tine. 


CC-H foimar.-i nodule. Houston. VTe would like you to turn 

•-fie three TV power switches o-i panel l8i off. 

CMF' Pc«jer. 182. three TV power switches off. 

PAO This is Apollo Control. Loss of sigral thro'igh ATr- 

satellite; We - we'll be coning up on tracking ship Vanguard in afcout 
10 tslnutea . and Merritt island Launch Area in 35 ftdhutes froft now. Fur- 

ther television on the next revolution as the Joint activities continue, 
and thf first visit. We'll return for Vanguard in approximately 10 min- 
utes. This is Apollo Control at 55:38 ground elapsed tiae» 

,^ TP <«SA) MC213/1 
rS; r5 15:09CW . 55:1,9 GET 


,Apolltl i Houston Th 



1 the Soy U3 w 

read you velj ~^ 
And I ' c nrfV 

f Garble) 5 bUli read veil. 
y«h, Va nee . r reai 

* e speaker h->» j 

Tcr., v e rpad 

Wadset. vhe speaker box <,!♦,-. - 

,' Ml ' — w ' vu * fl eol -quite ■«« 

- ;. .. - t}ij ^n the 

'- i * A . ■■»td l v ...... 

•c- - Jcier., * pj f'*'* istA ■»-.»«..,,' cr * 

A;>. ; ■•, S ;„ * ••Oil'. . 

j..; - s -.-,... ... , , , ., ' * £ 

1 . v- . ' '' ' ; "* ? -ft * ' . .. A * ; • * • - island 

■"^ ' ^ • ■ , „. t ■ '• ">.;r:a..:.v ,,f ..... .. J "^-i-ri 

".: . v • ' -vi... "; '- •■ • '■■'PX.snUi 

•r. tf... r,. ' • ••• ^ .■. ! 4 i . i ,,. - v ^its, but 

- --^r- or iufe-; 1 °r fe3 »'•• nv ia J.,t 1U * l «t er . 

Veen d ' v{ J ,f f, f ^m*U 

•° v '- i<f,J -«*• -"r-^ce r-r r ' 5T? ' d the 

■ A 

vVer ^» HiH her- 

ASTP (USA) MC213/2 

Time: 15:09 CDT, 55:1*9 iCT 


Iree seeds from each country which vill be exchanged and a Unite i 
Nations flag which was launched with Soyuz and to be returned on Avollo 
nt,.l exchange of 3 CO pi a3 fvom each side of the 8 p*ce •utreeaent. We'll 
return m about 15 ninutes with Merritt Island launch area an* A-.T-fi 
r.HWlite coverage. This is Apollo Control at 55:58 e^rs-i 
t t mo . ■*■■,.■■■"•:* 

ASTP {USA> v.:,? Ji/i 

Time: 15:52 CDT, 56:12 GET 

7/17/7 & 

PAO This ia Ap-oiio Control at 56 : 15? gro^md elapsed time. 

Acquisition in 50 seconds through Kerritt Island Launch Area tracking 
station vith ulraoat coi.lir.'Wis cowrie across ATti-6 as the crew of 

Aj-oj 1 ,-/ an.i :"oyuz continue -hi* first tran=:'or. 

CC-H ? garble) through A for 5 minutes and a !,:'.! f. 

■ ACDR Roper. 

A^DP Hov ao you re;.i , Bos 

;.:;-;{ Ten, ve ref.i you rather weafciy. 

ACDR {Garble 

•iCI'K Kov co you read nov'i 

•y.t-F We rea-i you Vetter new . . 

A"pr -*t .'ye axcr l::< here. I'm going to turn 

the Sji'-' bo .x ot - n£ ic>t** ve ' re »r» ..c-y . 

• -;-H r we -i-.i '.and. 

U3SP He is ,ea*. ir.t; His ' epi £•«•::• ; 

?PK? ' Garble 


* ' >jr t he £ barbie . 

.•rev o:>ni;,£ up R i ' K ar ^ ". " 11 
:u read'.- ■ 

'.'-'■i ■ . •?*•?•-'•/«; Rlreaiy 'lone that . 
; eah . 

vk<iv. rt'ep'n aireaiy coiapletert. 

,^'%K i.r-c Houston. v\]i l/OS in less than a 

{*; • , »*e. * 1 i sen you cn 
AiTS Poger 

• ;9t t : ; {; ;.M«e a}-'!*) :5 t i r>: ar.i irons ?er time, Bo; 
♦'■■I r.avi" tc Lick' fh%* • up, Twfti Hold cr JsiH.a S«C- 

■ f,j ? jj. n ,,v , r ; v : t^-ie \sr- il r '^ ar.d ve'll have 

it ab". it <>: 10. 

*f:nR ATS ir. K r ; r.u* • • * Tr-sru y'o'.i' So. 

rts.n Ai<c-1 ■ ^v.-r-;; « H-v l<r y.Vi re*H Cor.r.and module' 

r i.» ; ." T*<*i2*ar • t ear , ''ve r'hifi '•- switched off 

V ' " r nvh SI <; ' • 

„--vv. ' •. - . i 3 ,,• tc turn thcie three 


ASTP (USA) .'!G215/1 

Okay, Bo, you've got VHP back too. * 
Roger. And we're getting a TV picture. Ve see you, 

Roger. ':' 

" OAa y c on, I n sending best wishes 

(The command nodule also sends its «reetin«t 1 
Apollo eonaander, Houston. fi"etin ?s J 

Go ahead, Bo. 



to V :: u . : 


o-reaker'b'ox in the Soyuz orf* *° U t0 r ' ri * that X<>u turned the 

i^'J That '3 affiraative. I did. 

-«y^ ycu :.adn't had a chance to " ana ve th ^t that 

?! 0 » 1 r'ec.hecke/i U." (garble) 
— Omens tand. 

■ Tn* 1 >t»pVmv v ...... ■ .. . . 

:*2 ' u un iri "»* docking nodule. 

^ u^ea^ Or & ^ th.t one off. De*e 

u\ { off. l-hat, any better? ■ 
Hcv do you read nov, Bo?. 

That's reuch tetter. ; - 
Yeah, i can *••»•} ? v. v. . • 

picture,- i» B sorry. " n » we d a better 

Z^f' I th °^ ht U VaS " checX it. 

y*V« Hcv aoet that k,ok to 

:heck .,.l t ... !md let knw vhen*j! ^TiL ' J t '; h IS ' ^ ni ' tor « & °- So » « * said, 

c! \ <' u;3t * ' ee-r.d, please. . 

>*«,■ . 

A. 'I.' 




' k -iy . 

M " !"-'■! 

. .n: • 

AST? (USA) MW26/1 

Time; 15:1*7 CDT, 56 :V GET 


ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

2™ Apollo, Houston. Go ahead. 

i. Just the „„„„. It ., ^ ■«{.■' °*" «*■« "* —tf 

"!L v, „. t^JH'-vra" look '" 8 " ""° aovn th < 

youvfolten 1, fro„fo'°n 4r TV"'" 8 * «. but 

location for tL c£»». J "ppo.ed to b. » ,t™„g e 

ACDR Oxav. 

ACDR Okay, v'/ got the DAC TV all aet UP . 

ACM Rogo,": Y ° U ' re t0 Sign the c ^tificate. 

see thettle r ,ite J&\"*i^%^E^ «* « 

certificate that should be a gojd and? ^ 8 th * 

ACDR Okay. 

conference at U:?o ^M-a^avH^t'7- : ^ >T 3ll ° M * ln « a P r '« 
. „_ -Qjiigfst tie- ^ the J?C a-:Ut.oriun with 

^T.ln.ST """"•'r-''- Cfce ' ^ "IT technic*! «r.cWr foj the 

IRS? - ^ recover the tube in * minute, Bo. 

ACn? ~° g T 1 ' ?U3t didn,t vanV y0u b « looking for it 

ACDR Tnanks. Appreciate that, 

the len^r -v H&Jst ^' we have you open 

y caaera vide open. . 

"'-^ Boger, Can do, Eo. 

ASTP (USA) MCai7/i 

Tio*» l6;02 CDT , 56iW GST ■ ■ . 

Date i 7/17/7* 

m , u'a all the way open, Bo. And it has been. 

CC-H ThanX you, 

ACPR Houston, Apollo. 

CC-K Apollo, Houston, go aheart. 

ACDK Ye*. Bo, do you have the camera in the orbital nodul 

ctl I don't Know, sir. we're loofcine at the one down 

the tunnel at you, & ^ ^ ^ ^ Jn fche 0JpWul 

CC-H 0*ay, we'll a*k IHCO. - - Soger, we see the one, 

<„ the orbital module ,^and we see - the - tube. . That', "soup" on the 
right - "soaks" on the right hand aid*? 

AC PH In English you spell that CCChA. 

A CDS '^at ia the Joke? 



Time; l6tl2 COT, 56:52 GET 


CC-H Apollo commander, Houston. 

ACDR ahead. 

CC _ H We're getting a good picture here, and we're won- 

dering w»**< you" re eating down there. It you have a chance maybe you 
could tell us a little about It. 

AQDR Sure thing. Right now, I've Just finished some 

strawberries, reconstituted. And Dc-ke and I - Deke's eating some, too. 
We're getting ready to eat some boreht, that you can see here. 

CC-H Roger. 

JVCDR In the tube. 

fc_H We see the tube. 

ACDR Af ter that, I'a going to have turkey with cranapple- 

cranberry sauce. Mao, I have apple .Juice hero, which they cade a little 
joke and had a different lrtel on the other side of it. This is (unusual 

Wice.) It's apple Juice. 

'ajp Mv wau is borsht, (garble), roquefort cheese, apple 

cranberries-, and apple ar.d plun sticks and sweet apple Juice. You can 

tell I like apples. :• 

.-r-H boefir on the apple Juice. 

ACIJR Anii t his is (Russian) cheese. Known as (Hussian). 

'"O-H tober cheese? 

A /; DR And here is Russian bread, known as (Russian/ UtUe 

bitty sraali ni nature loaves of it. 

ACDR (Russian) • 

A ODR Turkey, which is (Russian) 

Cr-A Ve can read it. 

AC p R Houston, how much core tits* do you have on Aii>. 

qq_- : 1 We have about 10 minutes left on ATS, 

ACDR Okay. ■ 

ACDR I guess you're getting the good picture from the 
decking aodule looking down here in the tunnel, right * 

wvre getting both the picture through the tunnel 

and the one over your left shoulder. 
ACDK ' Okay. 

Here'.s cranberry dressing. 
A Q0 P " You always have tc have cranberries with turkey, 

riSflt C0-H 3^ agai*-. Tom. I understood the cranberries . 1 

iidn't understand the lant. 

ACDP Usually have that with turkey 

■-•:-!{ i^ger. 

( ;f_jj ■ '•..<asa«nd module, Houston, wver. 

'•>»? Go ahead, 3c. . 

C r :i Vance, we'd like ycu to check that vhe corasand 

nudule camera is ou AVERAGE, and we'd like you to turn up the. lights 

a bit, in the casaand nodule, if you car. conveniently do so. 

c-KP Ckay. I'll see what we can do. 


7/17/75 16,28 CDT ' 57:02 0fiT 
CC if 

see fr*- ^ over the 1,1 11 • 

lea tr "" 9 re!- Ur*. 57:51t that s »>«>« 3 hours 

" " H Uncle 1-3 taiA yvUl ln ^°nnation. 

^ you at vangj^rd at 57:21. And ve ™ going LOT, 

/-.,•>.■'.. '•u'xay , three svit^Ke- . - ■ 

V t^ era -^S 1 ^"? K5ySt0ft - " you read do not do 
cJMP ?^ rieht B«. we sure viu 

rr w n ve « ot or <e of our stAn/i * 

We copy. Ur st ^ara 3 alams, Bo. 

A?o 6 sa'ollW p ThiS 13 A P° 110 Control. L03 , f e < , 

vtn A3TP til w re3S con ^rence cooing . r, SlgRal ^rxgh 

co„*r e „«. This LX=Uol«*^:f ° f »» 



■ : '*C-F: 

6 »i„ut«. Sn1or! 0 ;;o^ t J n rOg t r . e ! a - *«« tape. 

AC0R ° n ' thr<w *» Vanguard r 0P 

ac-tivltiis? COula ^ teli us hov 

AG» w . / OU are Progressing on yoUr 

CC-H "°' re eating. 

A r DH Understand. 

U shortly. inning a i U t)e x 

CMP . , „ ' ve 11 got back vith 

CC-H Andlioustor, eoffinand nMme 

- fara trlgger ;- ^ vor.ed on'a cc apytor patch for ^ ^ 

yr'ieMUnS." tHgSerin * <^ite often nov. 
"* Mw » * 3t °"- "»»• W setting a™ 


CC-H ^ease repeat. 

1 '« «r Blnute - 

7S *— ' ~* a " OOH,.^,. ^ 

«c ahead. BMd you fi " e - tou vere cut ou . hv 
CC-H R y " Wound i r>ff , c 

^,iicat,o n , Ar e yoa ^ -Jt a note here about thi, ICW fail 

iteration 0" n-, tc- £t Just the prose, y*. Mn( * , 

o. an I to for ICDU f ail n^a ti L° th ° CM < 

CC-H *3ger. Standby T 'v» . 0n ' 

USA " " SOt X ° ^ ^ HP OFF to copy. 

" there °" set 181 , ve Rff ed 

Td»e; 1?:U CDT, 57:51 GET 
Dates 7/17/75 

those Cf : camera switches back on. 
USA {garble) 
CMP Rea<ty to copy. 

CC-H ftoger. V»'e vish to inhibit the CMC generation of an 

ISS warning for ICDU fail indication. And this vill Keep false ICDU 
failures from turning on the caution and warning tone during the sleep 

CC-H . The Jet ON monitor iMP, can't - can be run in a normal 

fashion and we'll still set the ISS warning for Jet problems, To perform 
the inhibit* execute the. following. Are you ready to copy? 

CM? Read} . 

CC-H VERS 2\>, mm 7 ENTER, 1323 ENTER, k ENTER, and 

1 ENT'tR. And you can do this any tir.e you wish, now while we have data 
over Golistone. 

CMP Oka;/, I understand that - when I load that - that the 

EMP win go int-j effect. The ICDU EMP. And this is VERB 2^, NOUN' 7 ENTEF , 
1 3^ 3 ffiTSR, h ENTER, I ENTER. 

CC-H Right on the numbers . 

CMP Okay, I'll do it right new. 

CC-H We're watching. 

CM? Okay , it's cccplete. 1 at: il have ar. 155 light •: n. 

CC-H I'll check or. th'jt with guidance. 

CC-H Apollo Cownander go ab^ad. 

ACDR Yea, for one thing 3c, you sight have then Chech 'the 

frequency of tower. It's coning through ioud and clear. 
CC-H Understand. 

ACDR I'll take that back, Bo. It is ground control 

'j)ot; : :'tOver:. ; Vv "' : ^ ■;■ ■■'■■■.;■■■-■':.■' ■■::-'■'■" ■'' ■ ; - V-'.-'-.' '':"^i '■:■■'■-''". "L:- 1 .'' 'SV^'^-' ', 

CC-H Roger, understand. Los Angelos grounds. 

CMF And, where do we stand on the RCS curve? 

CC-H Say again, Vance, you were cut out. I 'a sorry. 

CM? Roger , where do we s'tazvi on the RCS curve? 

CC-H Let r.e check. Vance I understand ve're very ciose 
to nominal, very very close. 

CC-H And Conaaand Modulo, Houston. We request that ysi 

terminate battery Alfa charge. 

CMP Oke.v, terninat* BAT Alfa charge. 

CC-K Apollo, Houston. There's one ninute until 1,0- . 'rfe'H 
-ee you on ATS at. 57 : 52 ♦ 

CMP Roger. Understand. 

CC-H Arvi that's about i hours, and minutes, transfer tiir<o. 

CMP Okay, and we have most of the prealeep checklist done in 

advance. Did you want any ir.erBory ciunp tonight, 3o? 

CC-H Soger, understand that you've got cost of the jre- 
siec»p finished. 

CMP Roger. ■ One ilea on it is the E sensory duiap, and I 

woniered if you'd iik£ to have that; 

AJiTF (USA) MI33I0N MC220/3 
««: 17:U COT 57iW COST 
Date: 7/17/75 

t«Kl.\i;.r, through MS U ° 00mMaer - »<"*'°". »e ,„ ycu ^ the 

» ES? ST- ■"■■««■ 

r f .y ^ d fonraand aodule , Houston . 

" So ahead. 


5f - vhi'^, <<- .J?.'' 2 iike " you Perhaps to do step r-unber *q u > ■ - 

— - i,e setting tfte ho3 . t v..,, r,,W) f r whion 

^ Jure, nc- sveat . V ' *" they rc coair * tack. 

tt-H • ^'; s t " a ;Jf 55. you said? 

you get to then. ri8M DeXe ' aU -P- «d 55 together when 

~ Okay . 

f ~ ^ '~ — - ^^;;«ttch^ a P52 *«« 3 

^1 S'SJS: VC ai " e VatChlng at < hi * tine. 

Vill you take the ( g arMe) module < wrble) 


AST? (USA) MC221/1 

Time: 17: 20 COT, 58:00 OET 


BMP Be, the VP. 

CC-H Oo ahead, sir. 

&MP X preauuw* at this stage in the g«uae here you're 

interested in expediting this ASAP, Is that correct? 

CC-H Roger, that's affirmative. 

IW Okay. 

rMP That influences ny activities here in the furnace 

once they get 3tarted. 

CMP Houston, command itodule, 

CC-H Go ahead command module. 

CMP Okay, here's the results, F$2: at »rs Uk and 35, 
NOW S> all bails, NOOTf 93, X0O019, Y00019, Z sinus 0000. 

CC-H I understand. Stars S»i and 35„ all balls, plus 19, 
plus firf and all balls. 

"M* } Roger, except 'f is ninuc i*,?. 

-C-H I under.?*, and, minus U 2 . 

CC-H .:oar.«irid iuie , Kouat?.'.. Kov do you read? 

'C-H "ocr.v.-i nodule, Houston. Do you have a torquini? 

t ice for •«!»' 

CM!" CM, fl-j&s* repeat. 

'-'C-H Hoger, ve would like a torquing tine if you have it. 

CMP Okay, you're - you're echoing. I understand you 
want some Kind of tine. Let's ?ee, we've teen into the transfer 3- 

St'SAd by . ; : , 

■■"C-H Coaaar.d soduie, K',v.sta\. Ve would like a torque U 

* CMP Oh, okay. Poger,, 3: -si': 50. 

K Soger, 

\C'J-}2 Co&sand icJule, h'oustcn. We never did get a good 

iiaeYack from you on the transfer time. *'e have coming up on 3:5^:05 
now; . . ■ ■ ■ ■ ' ■ ■■ .'. ■ 


.••-*» v r*. ••»..»&••♦•:••«#«« •.• ifi guv J.jii i/( i-uvw •• • 


Thank you. 

ACD. 5 ? 

Sc, I'll he working on the nul tin furnace per - nulti 



shortly and getting closed cut. 


Roger, I ur.derr t and . • 


And we're already added the nitrogen. 

*C^H : .' 

I understand, you've idied the ni'.rogen. Kow EuchT 


?0 nillireeters. 


20 niliiaeters. 

I understand. 2 zero a: llineters . 

We're up to 537 total. 


I understand. >37 total. 


This is Apollo Control. In view of the press 




project directors, Just completed a half hour or bo 

t he re 



be a change of shift briefing with flight director 



* ' ■ 


Docking aaodule pilot, Houston, 

7/17/75 CDT » 58i <*> ^ 

DMP ; - . J 

furnace an^ we'd ilk* . ' \°!? n havin * 8 °™e problems vith 
those valve* ti^hf 5? tel1 th *<- it's iJI^Inf !J tho 649 tn the 

DKP 0 . lf lhat Bi «ht help 

CC-H Jou« tor,, Apollo. 

CMP ? ahe&d * 

3AT seat btlt* *^ „ v ' P ftr Presleep checklist r . * 

^ H I understand, all 37 37 &n<1 ^ ro »™ » volts are 37 

for the procedure. ^ h&Ppy to yo, a VERB 7 U „ yot; v ^ t u _ 


ASTP (USA) MC222/1 

Tiwes 17; 31 QUI, 56:11 OBT 


^ L CKP - " and ha PPy *o give you a VERB ?l» if you wanted 

further procedure. 

CC_H quite real:,- for that. We'll give you a 

call, sir. * 

USA hlght. 

CC ' H Ve see the co»ing in signs. 

MCC-H Off hand it's Bo, on the close out. 

CC-K Welcome aboard Soyu*. We see that too. And the 

snatches. It's upside down right not , but I guess in space it doesn't 
""7 difference. We read " oh brave nev worJd that has such people 
in it. Ifa still a little upside down. Do you see that sketch of 
r*>*e with his cowboy hat? And Toa next. 

ACDR This is a liitle of Alexey'a art. 

CC-K Poger. 

ACDB Here's another one. 

r '-~ H 1 guess that's Vance and you, Tor., hnh? 

* cl ' ? It says (Russian) Soyuz. 

* W'-' see the (garble) again. 

Okay. We're located - this casera down on TA2 . 
Houstcj. , Apollo. 

Apollo Ccraaander, H^usu-n. Go ahead. 

t'X 1 * Bo ' Setting this located on TA2 or. step U2, 

Understand. On step i»2. 

AC5a 1 i 'b supposed to look up at the hatch but it 

icons lixe it'j going to be difficult fron this angle. 1 don't Know, 
e/en though wo did it before over in aaykcriur. 

I * looks pretty good. We car. see the hatch. 

<X-H Decking module pilot, Houston. When you moved the 

TV - - 


ASTP 'USA) MC223/1 

Time: 11 iM COT, 56:21 GET . 

CC „ H Docking module pilot, Houston. When you move the 

TV camera to H73 verify that it is in AVERAGE. 

[)».jp Okay Bo. 

D ; >}p BOj you want, that to say on the back to be AVERAGE, 

"^CC-H Roger. Deke we vbuld liko it in AVERAGE. 

CC _ H Docking Mcdu-Module Pilot , Houston. 

DV{p Okay Bo . 

r ' r a When you did the experiment active - putting it into 
the furnace, did you do rteps 8. 9, and 10 on page 7.2 of the docking module? 

DKP Y<?s, affirmative. 

CC-'.f Understand. 

ACIR (Russian) 



Times 17 J 51 COT, ^8r 31 OtfT 


DMP Onay, Bo. If you read!, we're both back in the DM an<J 
4 he hutrh is go.«ng 10CKED. 

CC-:i Roger. Understand, you'ro in the DM. 

IW (Russian) 

DM? (Russian; 

nre 's Number ^ closed. 

ACDR (Russian) 

SFE Apollc, Soyuz. When you ready for (garble) preparation? 

DMP (Rus8i&:i) 

SFE ( *n do:. i tor: 

DMP (Russian) 

CC-H ■ Comaanci r jdv.le, H ;Stor<. Over. 

CMP Go ahead. 

,;C-K On panel : 31, we wi. i like the three TV caraerft power 
■; witches turned OFF. 

CM? Ofcay, Bo. l;ifi- ' s the end of oar TV for tonight, huh? 

CC-H Roger, They'v-.- hwv. gelling a little varr., and «;c 
we've teer. turning thea cff here when v.- don't h*v«? 7V. 

CMP Okay. 

ACDR (Russian) 

3CDR . Roger, Ton. 

CC-H Apcilc , Houston. There are 2 ninutes until ATS LOS. 
Wf'ii see you at Orroral at 53:--. Tret's nbout h minutes from now . 

USA (garble) 


Hjbo? J6i0l COT, ^6;i«l QKT 

(garble) Gl J , bow do you rtadt 

lf SA Houston, Apollo, 

U3A Ym, 

! * JA No, standby, Vf$ ought to have the hatch shut, 

CC-rf Apollo, Houston. Did you calU 

USA Bo, are you still there? 

W-H Roger. St 111 her-i, 

L ^ Soger, Bo, l>p here. Can you read? 

; C * H 5 V again. And ve are just ready to go over the hill. 

^ We're supposed to have greater than U on the 

vcit aeter, For the furnace pressure, I read 3.6, as opposed to (garble). 

■ Jtani by,- ... ■ . 

, 0C " H Understand. Ve ' re going over the hill . We understand 

■ >.o mstsad of ii, 

Apollo Control. Ground elapsed tine f>9 hours, 1*3 
ni The hatch is »h 0 m ready to be closed by the crew of the the 
Apoil?, »o :iose out the first day's Liansfer tetween the tvo crews aboard 
Af«vi.;o - i'oyuz. We have loss of signal through the ATS -6 satellite. 
:<ext acquisition through Qrrornl Valley tracking station. We'll hold 
the line up for this pass through the Australian tracking etatiop. 

CC " H Apollo, Houston, through Orrorai for another 3 and 

hal t minutes . 

&® Okay, Ho. DP here again. That pressure is slowly 

decreasing, so eiaybe we're Juat going to have to wait until we get to 
put the proper tiese en that step. 

L ^- H Heger. Just suspend furnace operations for nov, 

and we'll call you back. 

A:DH (Russian) 

S-f'R Hatches number 3 adn h beacon. 

ACDS. Say again. (Russian). 

(garble - - number 3 and h beacon. 
. A:DF (Russian) 
;: ~ H Docking aodule pilot, Houston. You have 

T.s prOv»ed with furnace operations. 

* (garble) L , 6", (garble) 

ACL;h 1 think it'll cool down that such, and I'm * the 

tixe I get - I can't read that on my gage, Bo. 
'••Sr.P (garble) 
W Valerei, (Russian) 

■SCPf . Kc , nc , no. 

OZ-ll Apollo, Houston. We'rt> getting f\ lot of Interference 

«Ltn c-ur cowiuni cation . if you can turn down the speaker box, it. 
ratably vovid help, 

■JSSH (garble) 

i-'SA Just a little bit (g-trble) 

We nust open and close the gate, (garble). Is there 

nat a (garble). 

Aistf (UoA) HC225/2 

CC-H ApoUc, Houafcon. Thtre U a little over « oinuU 

until LOS, v« vould iUe you to proe««4 with >\»rnace op«ratio«a vith 
the eurrert pressure. And v*'U *ee you at Hawaii at 59:02, 

*-~H Apollo, Houston. Did you copy my last transRiesion 

-ibvut the j'urnftoe? 

CO-H Apollo, Houatoft. 

CC-H Apollo, Houaion. In the blind, Would you have the 

>vyua orev to 40 to 3l«plex AM? 

ACDR Yes. (Russian) 

CC-K Apollc, Houston. Over. 

ACDR Okay. You want to repr«fssurU»? 


AS'fP (USA) 

finej 18^3 CCT, 59l03 GET 

PAO Apollo Control. Crowd elapsed time 59 hours, 3 

minutes, w e h*v<« »bout 15 seconds of tape froa the Havall paei. We'll 
bring that tape up and pley this Naval t pasa live, 

ACt'R (Russian) 

I read you lcud and clear. Just a accent , 
ACDR (Russian) 

'-^-H Okay To»». We're atandtny by for your status report. 

ACDR ■^.^■^..■■.■.■■■■■■■,0kay r 8o, Pardon cie-Cripp-on the on this one I 
-.oy'ivir.'t atu- v.y decrease in our pressure. Our rules a ay* that it's 
less than I : ; KiUJaeters for *t minutes is okay, i guess they have a 
r- lie if it's greater than I miUinwtar for t> <ainutes, it isn't okay. 

*, fitT'J t ft hi?- ;*» scropuncy botvec-n ground rules that I guess aoiwbody 

! *?-ii We-ve're nvaj-e of that Tom and I gut a - - 

■■ ■. ■ Xf-ri (Russian) • ■ 

'"■"-H _ Vu'ro looking at th« procedure on your decking 

wiule Jheckli3v where that gives the check and we're assuming 
* hs«. y'ali have progressed there. 

V&'SB Russian 

A ! -r-? Right, we've already gone through it, to re-equalise 

ti:t: pressure, -^f#n the hatch, piunp *h« pressure up, equal it* the {garble). 
'•«V'vv >i«i.i b;».h hat.-hes opened again and now v*'re doing another one. 

'.V-h C.-ry that , 

A ! -i"R But I think vnea ycu bleed the pressure down, it's 

going to Ji v c>rea«« the temperature in that tunnel then the pressure is 
going fall off sooie- svore. Yea. 
■ CC-H .We. 'concur. ■ 

U;v-S (Russian) 
•.•!<tt'-M • i Russian) 

vi'r'n . . (Russian) 
. I?;k7if; : . (Russian) 

MC'JfM ■ . (Russian)' .. 

US?.-* ■ . (Russian) . .. • 

«"-X (Hessian) 

A'"-H. Okay to. It »js the end of, of 6 cilnutes here nearly 

•ir. i ..Tfui** aee any change in ours. Of course, our gages not havv> t>,e that, Their 's Joes. 

•'C-H P">gor. Copy that. And v&'re about a nir.ute fron 

Ten, And mxz. station contact is going to be Goldstcne in (•> min- 
utes. Anu I gut-as if Poke is Just landing by vailing on that ve s*<g- 
gtfat that he can go ahead and press on with the furnace operation. 

Yes. I'm already (garble) vlth that (garble). 
L*S- (Garble). 
USSR ' (Russian) 

M:c-M (Russian} 

Apollo, Houston. Why don't you Just stand by on 

the hatch thing instead of trying to repeat it. If it's flunke-i again 

AiiW (USA) MC226/2 

Ti»o; 18;'^3 CDr, 59«03 Q&V 

froB the Soyw then we'U let it t^y to stabilise a UU1« bit, 
talk to you at Golds tone about it. 

ACW Alright. Real good, Cripp, 


%ftB «Vr« AOS through CoUatoo«. 
w B Apollo, Houston. *• r« 

Vv , v ; t you for 3 for 3 

CC-H ApoUo, houeton. 

•In****' «A fl «r. »t you. haA cl ear. H<* uS? 

AST5> (USA) VCm/3 
TIae; 18:33 CDT, 59^3 


Apollo hutch ard get an JnU«riJv SlI fl"" atUB * te * to the 
the erew vi 1! to aivaed & ?hl «! 1 th * Control Center, 

i Ar V. 

ASTV (USA) MC2?8/i 

Times l8tj»l CSff, 59*23 OCT 


cc _}{ Ayollo, Houston, we're AOS Newfoundland, mid got 

y ju for a total or about an hour here, an4 - have coordinate* with 
Hosvjov, and /our ao to ccntinue in your proe«<lur«s vtth the - DeH« - 
V Integrity -.heels that we've had, 

IMP Okay, gv*4. (garble) give you a call, because our 

/OS's getting up to 15, We're allU (garble), but w* Just v«nt«i to 
tell AU. ^ tt _ g<?t u ouU 

^■KP Did tt.ey say what action they'll take over in Soyui? 

C o.,i i gueai we're - we're Juat going to go ahead and 

.-(.nti-iu* vim no action rignt now. Just keep an eye on it. 

AC . lR ox ay, ?o 'sic). Juot to reconfirm, you want ua to go 

■iheaTHrid - mi go ahead ar.i go through our transfer back In the eonmand 

••■..viu>. . aff irs»atlvet 

XUhx is Kffi rma» ive, Tob. VTe want you to continue on. 

'V/Jlj Comas. J nodulr, Houston, Vwjce, if you can, we're a 

v'Y,» - 4 r r.r cur et*.!v.4e, an* with - to arte sure we got ATS all 

vU'l"-»y thr^gh this evening, If you oauU Just - do us another ViR* *9 
w-«;t '.-a.**, v-.-j, we voul'A *i, ? re e 1 at e i t . 

, :Mr oho;.', i-. Isle). £>e glad to, Interesting, though, i 

v>jjv .v,w we :ju!t<' drit'.e?. o\*t . 
" * V _ H v»V that you did it during yoar P*>? when you 

wr»rt: in i £». r . 

' f jjp . .."Perhaps . 1 

Yeah, vt'vs - s-ht: that occur, you Know vhen we 
v.-re rJ w!ir.g sins down her*, and '-hi? Dm occurred a couple of other tinea 
■i little fci* earlier in *h'; mission. 

' 'MP ufcay . = ,,■ ■. ■■ ■ 4 . 

r V., „ Houston - for counano eodule , Vance, if you U 

.- .tV.oaT'ar.i give u? AC-.T-i : . we vill go ahead and - close your general 

>v : n" * or - f '^r vou. 

•vr ' uv. j * .* have POO and ACCEPT, **rip. 

'.\"\. gc-r vou're squared away with what we did on 

*ha« If''r" 'ri-'* I'-'n.' We're confident that this general 

..V. t ' 1 vcula ha;.:-- any probien* that really cane up in ycur 

•' : ' ! ^y*^'*' , :<ay> and is there - anything in partiuclar thai 

; '.- r r-hi'i.i'.ed frcn -ac i r.^ vl*.h the jompuu-r? 
r;;_H That ' s? s negative 

n,»" >.:v ihin/ that vould re:?ci it - w^uld enable th.-.t 

; , r e7it H^ain wa5 if y-.u iii a V2RB UO forgone reason which we 
rn i. _ rh.ere'n no reasor you should be doing It. 
' ,- T r, a t ' s r i gh t . Ok ay . 

16,53 m > 5S»l33 GET 

.;i; M (Pus si an) 

j-A (Oarbl*> 

tur . lwl , t 5 ^ *; ™ to Ke, P the dortffg 

t 0 «, Umlw whetht/^e 1 !> ' * r * n *'-** ^"i^t in ar,J 8 

» ..... tv , . . . , ■" ^ *po.uo :rcv VH.1 ' 

:- h * co ^« - from ApciC ;; :f frora i ^ or. 

« l5 .... , c , Kin , •}*■ >•« hatches h*v, 

* •' .Cw-'l rUtTft!'^" 1 "*- !f ^ *^ t,„,inK it 

0 **. v • Vcu got it pack. 

^ ' l - >y ' ryir; '- ^ «i«%r vcu up for * I^u ng 

iUt theri off. .w-ouj. ^-o v# >: ot ovad anti'; 

astp (usa) me&tt 

Tiae: X8t 53 COT, 59:33 QBT 


ACPR (Russian) 

>"<Ci.<B ^gartift) Tom, vat eh it (garble), H is a good idea. 

CC-H I ian^ine you guys ar* getting a little bit tyck*r«J 

by; ftoi? . ' ^ \ ; ' : V^ : : : ' :; '^''" '■' 

CMP Oust eoaevttere in th* aiddle, Wre a little 

bit Vjck^red, yes. 

O-J-H Well , ve nope that you can get it squared avay and 

gt-t to btfi fere pretty quick. IneMentaHy , j;ext tiswj somebody's up in 

triat va'tr.ity, v*»M appreciate another delta P reading on hatch 3, 
CM?' OHay. That ♦ « in vcr'.:. 


Times \9iQ:\ CDT, 5»9s**3 GET 

CC-H {Garble) • 

W okay. That • 0 in vorkfi. 

C*>K - '* *orry I ciHn't vaM to sajke anybody *ake 

1 speei<4. trip, ■ 'v...:,'.: 

WW Okay Crip, we're back on the air ho re, I '» roaming 

about & - as cl ->a« to «ero *a ycu can r*a4. 

W-B Okay. Very good. Thank you Deke. 


And Crip I completed step here arai vent to 65 

earlier (garble) 

''<"-W Okay Lvke. Seal fine, 

^ '-'rip, f-jr a first tireer, it sure is interesting tu 

s»« h.-v eati-y yoi v.w lose things ip nere. I've Joat asy spoon tvioe 
r:.:v I wts really virri*.! aY'O »t *t v,>i each tis« I shv it flying by 
.las', u 'itr.'i tit later. it srwsts you uon't lo:»e things permanently 

'-' Well,'s g,x>A i) h«*r. I Imagine there's prub- 
:V:y vler.ty pinoea for tr.em to get lost. Unfortunately we .ton'*, hav 
'.hat little screen like vc had back ..n t?kylal. to collect things there, 
■C^?? that right.- : 

Van talking about atacsphere a little bit, car; 
you tell when yov. got t ,<■..? cm in to-Aay? 

*'« pur -;-e in first thing th;* morning, 
■ .Cv-H-. Okay', . 

CM* And ve haven't -icne any thin* 

C v ^- : y«a. • notice that a litt' , • »ter here you got 

■'#n.e schedule.! for this: evening' too ,'■.,' ;■'■'■' .7.' '.;■ 

v ! MP : (Garble) .-'■.' \\ v ; •■■, 7 

Ckay. I guess we - we'll have to check 

• hit . 

A'-^ Crip, how do you refui :-,e back in cvmand noiule? 

CO-H We'* re reading you loud an4 clear now, ?o», 7 

ACER . ■All rig;ht . 

v" Afc-ilt, Houston. VtV finished with the router ar.A 
>'■".- .'fin v.fai an i g:- i-&;v. f. SI^OCK a:iA go ahead and give us that 


timet 19;15 COT, >9i53 GET 

ACDH Houston, Apollo, Do you read? Over, 

W-H Loud fluid clear, Toa, Go ahead, 

ACDR Do you read Vancft 

CO-H negative. 

C °- H reading you loud ami dear tut I have not hear.} 

Vance call. 

ACDR Okay, here co»«a thv> *""SKB 'Ik. 

CC-H Okey-doke. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Ve ehov that you're aUH in ACCiTf. 

You can go back to BLOCK on the cosputer. And Ton, if yon got a f*v 
minutes, ve'<4 like to talk to you about where you ar* iM« evening 
-is far as getting to bed and about getting up in the norm rig. 

ACDH. Okay, go ahead. 

Okay, had. a Uuio squeal there on the «■ coning t: -v„ugh 
•h* aviaVK ^x, Ine - I guess it i-joka to us like you're prob&Vly pretty 
■lc:-> to an hour avay frora getting *.o lei '.nd that'., gonna &&k»- vakeup 
■.v.-:^ - coae ktni of early in the raorMng. Do you still feel «>ike you 
w*ji» to call as ve previously talked about it, to get you up on tice. 
Are you (garble). 

^M? Hov early vas that Crip? We're discussing it, ve 


-"-K ^ Oka;,*, f>6 : UO is vfct-n ve were gonna give you a oa - call, 

"nat 'a about. 6 hours ar.i !«0 rJnutes IV oa ncv, 

A-T'K Well, I think ve can keep pressing on. Ve'll try to 

Kevy preying on tne sane flight plan then. 

•-C-B ^kay, your option. Men of steel. 

CC-K ApoUo, Houston. We still got about 30 sinutee of 

thia Al\v pas : t an-1 a HtU« of Orroral Valley, Ard, Ton, ve understand your 
concern about keeping everything t?n f.tae. You eight continue to think 
about it. If you change your Bind before ve go LOS here, veil, Just '.el 

a5tp <t^5A> wmn 

Tim*; i9i?3 COT, 60;03 GET 

p A0 Apollo Control. 0 round ©lapsed time GO hours, 

Y ainutet. The crew preparing for their third night in apace. Stafford 
and hie crew r*«b«r« , PeJie Slay;on and Vans* Brand, finishing house- 
keeping chores before bedding <Jtvtt for their sleep period, The pressure 
problem developed shortly ago vbert, as the ApoUo crev left the 8oy\u, 
the nuater k hatch on So;, u* vaj closed, number 3 hatch, vhUh. form 
the tunnel between hatch 3 ami 1», wa* closed. And then the tunnel vae 
brought down to 5 PSl, Soy us remains at 10 PSI. And then the »e*ai ,t*- 
of the iocfcirig nodule, the two between Apollo and the docking 
sudule, hatch I azid 2, ressain open. Hew during the pressure integrity 
check of tunnel number «?, between hatch H and h, on the Scyuz tide, 
shoved s slight pressure drop of I ailUaeter per ainute. Going - fol* 
lowing a second prer«ure ehe=j*, again the pressure read shoving a slight 
drop of i r»i 11 er per ir.Lnute. This was reported by the Soyui crev. 
vines ti.ei r Svcyc- do r*vord pressures at tlmt luv a, that lov a drop. 
The - "ibsard A^Uo the ,'a^ea ic; not show that sinnll a pressure change. 
So vitt-. »hf present situaMon as it stands is that the tunnel will re- 
train it '- Yiil t the tur.iel between the hatch 3 and U, arid the remainder 
of the .locking nodule will be open *o the conwand nodule and this will 
le r.aintainei at 5 Pol, 

* tAv Norstally the -.'oaaand nodule hatches 1 and ?. renal n 

:pen letveen - perioia between the transfers and this tunnel ivnd docking 
r»dule is naint-ainel at b PSI vhile the £oyus is pressurised at 10 PSI. 
The crew should be retiring very shortly. At ground elapsed time of 
60 hours and 10 ntnute? , this is Apollo Control, 


CC-H ^ead. J 

ACDR nv u , -■- , co «ld not r^4d vo- 

■ fVi.ii ■ *v ' rft ' aian't «et i < ir *w . 

: ACM w . r ' 0t * 6t the hei *^ « MlJ re. 
^'re^oing to go to'bed ^v.' '' e ' 11 SiV ° yau s ™* mrt 8turr iater ^ 

^ .(SbU) - to *> «* say - - 

i-ND OF TAPr.' 

AoTP (USA) MC23V1 

Time: 19:59 COT, 60 : 19 GET 



minute! The Apollo ifot in t'/™^ elap " d llne ' C ° h — > 39 

abca,4 spacecraft A w. L ^exr sleep period for the 3rd night 
this time. Todays a^tivitie » laZll J T' eduled als ° tu be aalefp at 

grou„d elapsed time ^8 hours and zf^nute Si «™euver at 

combination maneuver va<i pertoraJdrtlttl' lh V?° blnatl0n - corrective 
docklr.g - soft docking JaJ ifS?ed a* ?i £T A' » inut * 8 ' And 
sec - seconds. Follo5ini\ period <n\h* 5 8 52 ainUtS8 and 30 
returned and closed S£ hMrW 1ft J yUZ C1 ' aft ' thf? e *"ev, durtfj n ^ £.2 ^ o°f ^e'unnel ^"r 3 V 
I* formed by hatch number f and £?cJ Iber helo" sid*^ 

ooyuz crew rennrt«»H « <o { „w ine oo/ur. side. The 

per nlnSe. ^n e f.Vie2 -?Sf - !T T ° f 1 or .eroury 

after'conver'a Uon t ?h''hfv ?' ^r^T PS* t0 bed ^ he «P°rt 3 
reel the 8fl *e way. ^ ^nf ^M^'S J^f l"*^" they 
to avakc tooorrov corning at ,-ound -la-sel^W^r >\ I " '"^^ 

Ar-llo/.-<vu a in 3^th revolution ,f -.he -nrtf dl^ \ 
rr.H*; a» ^-""1 ■ 4 ' . . -'" tr -« -neir day begins 

'■■ - ->f \: * centr*! daylight tin- or ground elated 

'.-! bi hours. At gi.-mr.s elapsed ? ! r*> M h-^- / eiapsea 

i *u-.r l ;c '"cntrol. n«Jrs, minutes, this 

ASTP (USA) K0235/1 

Tine: Sl:Uk CU: , 62:2k GET 


Sr^ 0 The erev haT^" ' n^Vl^ ^ h0U "' * 

Wake up tir* at 2:10 tomorrow ^ J r l L 'S^? than 2 h0urs - 

6f hourr. The Apollo/Soyuz new r S , sr0und ela P 3ed tine of 

further transfers between the 5 crew™!* * * ctivitle * «re scheduled, 
1-pWr.tation of Joint experirents -"If" t ?° ard the A P<*WSqyuz, 
eastern - central Ll-'^h ^*J n V4jl * U P »«* 2:10 a. n., 

Apollo/Soyu. now crtssiS *he Unif^t t^*'* ti,De ° f 67 h — 
Krouod elapse,] tine 62 h* u -s ?f If ? tRtea ° n rev °^tion 36. At 
p A0 4«5T. TS' tM9 13 Apoil ° Control. 

rrc,,ure drop waa re£r£ on The ?* f^"" 8 * 0dUle ' * Sli * ht 

the Soyuz vehicle. Kw^r fiJlvfff ln f the 7 ° n the hatch side of 

f ' fll8ht d ^ector, Neil Hutchinsor., reports - 

Ktl> TAPE 

ASTP. (USA) MC236/1 

Tine: ' 22:h6 CDT, 63:26 GET 


a£Tr"l£ ; er v f ° raed thC &CtiVe docki ^- Captured occ^d a f it 
to ace ate So " at 51:52:3C ' ^ uz tl^. 

do- Sta ; foM ™l -I ' POU ° e0CM «*« greeted the Sw,: comnar.- 

b-h" t A^n ; r ; M » u - ed his congratulations to the cr^v 0 ? 
h . 1 ig 1 ! 0 " 1 S ° yuz> Headsets transferred from the a'-o- 

' UXQ s pea* to each individual crcvmAr, ct-cc.-j , . ■ . 

the functional capability the Isw rf^v n \ \ interrogate.! a 8 
■nla*irr« in w • ) dociting system for future apace 

h*s i .'' SI' , I" .S!? 1 "' ! \™ V *«' " tb. three u.? he 



Vlr ^r* J " ran « ln ^ i8 believed to have been caused by an 

sirnaft or a weather reporting station. Noise clicks in bc!h th! 
co^unicat ons and the television picture also occured !hr ^ J 

, I;!" ^ i ?Oli0 VaS 0ver Asla « Th * rate of the noise indicates 

■'r.r ^t W °" Ht ' WeWr ' U!C " tren * '^"violet SurV cv 

: "l >e t ^ ' 'I" T Jelete ' J fr ° n the ""vatlon procedure * 
- r 1: • ilCr ' -" e al » si ^.. Th* MA'.Ui sables, vhich arc beli* 
;rr^ in hc ^-^V^ ^nao*, KA-iC vere in th, 9 oaX reriod 

t,i . ...... via*. At t'j:,^, thin Is Apollo Control. 

Tine: sk :29 CDT , 6U-.09 GET 
Date: 7/17/75 

bAr, J? seconds 

Apollo Control. Apollo^^ 9 ndnut0E ■ S^ound elapsed tine tm , 

line when it hac D er« ». ri fi 8 " at brlefina ov., , ' 

Control. apPen6 - At * elap aed tlffie ^ £ ™ Q \[™* 


Time: 00:U< CDT, 65 :2k GET 
Dfito: 7/10/75 

i* Apollo Control v ' J ninute - «™und elapsed time. This 

™* S C , ery r ji et, evening here in Mission Control. 

The dockel /spacecraft presently northvest of the United State,. About 
UOO miles .off -the .coast 6f Oregon on Soyuz revolution 38. T^e SoTz 
crew i. scheduled to .awaken this morning, just about an hour fro7nov 
a 66:30 grouhd elapsed time. And 30 minutes later, the Apollo rew 
•ill be gutting up at 67:00. The 3 Apollo astronauts, will be elliL 
He .£r; 9 V? th f ir ° V ° S ? aCecraf ^ tomorrow, as. will the slluz coTZtut, 

" ° r r 8t 1Un t' l J ey Vil1 have transferred, and the Soyuz corurarX 
f n'^r° V ; f» f ta ^d, and Deke Slayton will be eating lu^S in' 
the ApoUc. And Valeriy Kubasov, and Vance Brand will be eat Ins lunch 

^ov e J° yUZ ' T \ er<? ^ S6Veral television: items scheduLrfo^om^ow 
f ' l n Jf^atary over the Soviet Union which will be with V e 
^^or. Each of the ..luncheon meal,, will ha J > 
* i rL aSS ° Cla T Y lth the food - ■Thtf-'Soyur commander will be'talking 
abou, Russian spacefood. And Vance Brand will be talking about Le?ieM 

P T/?°'- then later on Vahce, Brand will be providing c^n"T 

' 1: "'66 2 V f} w J^ C0*-t.-. Our next Apollo aZinceLnt 

be at 66:26. At 65:26, this is Apollo Control. 


ASTP (USA) MC239/1 

Time: 01:'*6 CD?, 06:26 GET 


PAO 66 hours, 25 minutes, ground elapsed time, this 

is Apollo Control. The docked spacecraft presently due south of the 
subcontinent of India on Soyuz revolution 38, had a somewhat interesting 
experiment here in mission control. Flight director Don Puddy requesting 
suggestions as to vhat it was that the Apollo crew sraelled when they 
first opened the docking zaodule yesterday morning. The crew noted a 
smelJ somewhat like that of acetone and during the evening the crew had 
performed a Einor fix on the nultipurpose furnace which is stored in 
the decking nodule . That fix involved the use of a velcro retainer 
and the experiment, here in mission control involved burning a peice of 
/elcro to see if a similar sr.eil is emitted by the velercw when it 
burns. According to Don Puddy the test shows absolutely nothing because 
velcro doesn't sr.eil very much when burned. It's a self extinguishing 
material and as remarked here in nission control it like burned 
velcr: , not liAe acetone at all. A couple accents earlier Joint 

i. A. ~ Iff. .IV \* A 1 V * - t. . I- Ul. * k\J V . V. v 1 » VVl..i.AU*>..g^ V. riV'JvU* 

flight director about a pressure integrity probleia noted earlier this 
evening. The Soviets proposed a change in the specifications to the 
pressure integrity check. During the second and third transfers tomorrow 
the Soviets wish the transfers to be carried out perfectly nominally 
according to the prografc. They do want to change tho specifications 
for the integity check following the Hh and final transfer. They want 
to be sure that hatch j and are pressure tight. Essentially, vhat they 
want to do, they want the tunnel between hatch 3 and h to be therraally 
stablized and they're proposing two pressure integrity checks to accomplish 
this. The first pressure check will be a noraai check and the leak rate 
for that is 1 tniliiraeter in 6 ainutes. Jn addition to the no real pressure 
check, the Soviets want one' performed vhich would be 10 siillimeters in 
less than 6 ninutee. That's the magnitude of one difference there so 
f nil owing toaorrov's fourth crev transfer, the. Soviets vill be performing 
two pressure integrity checks cr. Apollo/Soyuz hatch U to sake Sure that 
the Soyuz hatch is air tight. The problem could be a problem in the 
dr.? king r»dul«. hatch, that's h&tsh 3 cr It could be as Neil Hutchinson 
mentioned cr. this evenings change :?f shift briefing juat the problem 
with teapreture differences in the gas* sea and then responding to Boyles 
I nv , these gasse? Would change t res sure as tenperature changed, The 
fcy.u crew if- scheduled to be awakened in about 1 r.inute frcrn now. The 
h|.;iio crev vill be awakened tliul "0 r.inutes from now so. we'll return 
shortly before Ape i to -tpw vnke .;p . At ground elapsed tine 66:29, this 
Ajollr> Control . 

Tine: 01:59 CDT, 66:39 GET 
Date; 7/18/75 

PAO. 66 hours 39 minutes ground elapsed time. Presently 

the erev is not avokc but night in Mo9cov is being up-linked. That's 
by singer called Dee Trochiar., and a choruf . Sc, we'll just keep the 
lines open, for the wake up call and nights in Moscov. Crev presently 
.• rer eastern Russia. 

y.OC-M (We'll give you the count time right new, an 5 the 

time for the correction. Ten seconds, - ten seconds to 10:00 - 10:00. 
In one minite I could give you raore precise information. Get ready J 

M ' :c ~ M (GET will be 66:U\ Moscov tine 10:01. Forty seconds 

to go. We're waiting for you. Okay, pad ll . Find it please. 

USSR Okay, nov I ' ve found the pad Ik . 

MCC-M (That ' j good.) 

M3 (garble) 

cc ~- } Gcod corning, Apollo. Ve are vith you through the 

end of. an ATS pass. We're about to go LOS. Our next station contact' will 
be Sftnti&go in h) ninutes. I v. nov it*-- kind of early to start a day, but. 
right as veil get up and get vith it. incident ly, we're not positive whether 
you- guys chlorinated your water last night. If you did, you left the 
portable water valve closec, and it would be kind of potent if you took 
a drink out of it. 

USA Would be what Crip? 

CC_H would be kind of strong if you took a drink out 

of it . So if you did - so if ycu did chlorinate, you better open up the 
portable water valve for a while before you - before you take anything to 
drinking out of it . 

US A Okay, stand by. We'll check it out. 

CC_H Okay. That's something that Vance would normally 

pr;*»bly do in the pre-sleep checklist. That's soaething that was 
c*l\*d out, and we're Just not. sure whether you did it or not. 

ASTP (USA) >\C2hl/\ 
Time: 02:39 CDT, 67:19 SET 

PAO 67 hours 19 minutes ground elapsed tine. 

Acquisition about 2 minutes away through Santiago. Apollo and 
Soy-uz presently vest of Chile on orbit revolution number 38 for the 
SoyU7.. Flight Surge eh Jerry HcrdiKsky reports m known h?nH* rrcbletw 
among the three Apollo crew members, and had an additional corjr.ent 
about the acetone odor. According to Dr. Hordinsky, the docking module 
odor not specifically identified, but; it could be methyiethylketor.e 
which is a solvent, and that's a strong possibility. And that chemical 
io associated vith the insulation layers surrounding the furnace. Crev 
sleep has been on the low side, but no performance decrement is expected 
according to Dr. Hordinsky. With less than a minute away from acquisition 
through Santiago, we'll keep the line open. 

CC-K Apollo, Houston. We are AOS through Santiago. It's 

a real short pass. Abou*. & minute and a half. 

ACDR Okay, Crip. We're with you. 

CC-H Roger. For that upcoming pass we've got - I've 

got a new stop tine for the camera, if somebody wants to note it down. 
ACD? Please stand by. (garble) 

CC-H That' 3 on the rev 39. 

ACL? Okay, Crip. Go ahead. 

CC-H Okay. The start time is the same, the ?Mp time ; 

«& now 68: GU : 10. And we're about 30 seconds from t£3. We'll have you 
again when you lock on the ATS. And we should be able to get you at 

about 67:39. ^739. 

ACD? 6739. 

CC-H Roger. Thi: ' s about 1 6 minutes. 


ASTP (USA) MC2*?/1 

Tire: 02 :Uy COT, 67=?9 3KT . 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. We *ve coming at you through 

ATS. Should have ycu about ^0 minutes. 


Time: 02:59 CUT , 67:19 GOT 
Date: 7/18/75 

ACDP Ckay Crip. We prepared breakfast here . We • -e W 

IcoyJllL. Ve °" C ° r ' irifi UP °" the tip of Africa ^«ht nov 

4CDR rnat-s affina. We're still over the waters. 

u ,. ( , . , A P° iA! ■ Houston. We'd be Interest -id in f<r.din K out 

want the status of the portable inlet valve is, Vhether it is"o P en or 

oi?"?ea.T " " re ^ rding cM o ri "«0" " X«i coHd°Je? P 

voru/on the vater. ^ ^ aCrnlr '-'' Crlp " I<U * U * *™ 
;;J; H f'Say, Vance, we'd appreciate it. 

< -- i * r Okay, t ehlrtri na**d • t /s..^.v. 

>,«,.» *k„ .„.,„v- ■ \ . \ ... ■ « :,'«5iivi ana further procedure 

had ...,e portable inlet valve OPWED. An-3 afterwards closed it because Md 
i supped ycu still var.teJ to be fiilina no the v%>-- ?J> t.«v - v » 

*%; ^5! e r, J :. 1 ?! t ! n8 1 lt < ui >* 8 Mt ^* """^.g, and - taste 
. ■ S : ' H °** V ' Vflrice « li/te to go Ahead ar.3 h*ve it oien^d 

1 j, " , ""' H> vas «ny ve alerted you 

_ Okay 

. lt .^.;T":' : *r??!;.' H ^ 3U/1 ' 1 « ^n* to neec* to get «ome 

* . ;• * V" ; y " J " >'° ,J priaarily regarding the furnace 

TJnl V^l'T 1 V ll*V h * in ft iUtl * «t late, and v™re * 

^ " ° **** 1"» vo hnndl * *a far as cooling it 

1 ™ * oin * fe lf 1 Without interfering with 

: i "M , ; ig *?f e *f nerft - y,5u «W* help «e out there, when you 
y^*;; break fU?! C ° py 8 ^ of U ^thout interfering vith 

litUe tied^'h^.^' 1 ,JS Valt ft HtUe Vhil - W ^'- 


Time: 03:09 CI/T , 67:^9 GET 


ACDR Hello, Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Good norning Tom. Go ahead. 

ACDR Well , vc're doing a bunch cf things at one time 

here but let mo give you the crev status report . 

CC-H Oh, we'd appreciate hearing that. 

ACDR First of all we're etill very ruch alive and healthy. 

Feel in great ehape, but to the store cwndane things. Ready to copy? 
CC-H Yes, sir. Shoot it at us. 

ACDR All rght . For yesterday. I ate all breakfast. 

For neal 2 there vasn't rauch time and we used a snack and that 's all 
it was. 1 had tur key , apricots, and orange pineapple Juice for meal 
2 For the 3rd neai", we were in Soyuz. It was like at Tashkent. Ate everything 

in 'Sight . 

CC-H Brave Van-?. 

CC-K How ab cut the e-.ra? 

ACDH Foger. [ Laugh' er) 

AC&S f ay " had 5 hours of good 3leep. I had 3 iobotai is 

.. . . • • t .-..■■<-. 4- ..•*♦*»•• <*1»«< A Anil jgrf 

lust as propr.yiactic . iui.. i r. i^* w uv «-*»« » .• •• * •,»—.--.. .■--•' *-»■ 
d0Ji«s*ter - sane as the day I launched - I10C1. Okay, for the CP, ate 
everything for breakfast . He had the sane kind of sna.dt for the 2nd neal. 
he had an orange pineapple drink, turkey sr.d apricots. And for the evening 
real, he ate everythi;.* but the Potaai ne soup. *> hours of good sleep. 

had 2 lototils - same (garble). Satiated 90 seconds of fluid. 
. ?.D reading I»8i07.. For the DP, ready "c copy'/ 
CC-K Yes , Sir. 

ACDB Oh'-.. , ha bad everything for breakfast plus 2 orange 

drinks _ orange pineapple drink?. He had the .-"use thing for lunch, 
a: ~Ubl :■• , turkey and orange pineapple drink. Fvcr.'ng tr.eal was over 
in Soyus. He ate everything. Okay, his r?r leading ia 6l00h. 5 hours 
of - 5 hours- of excellent sleep, ? loboss in a preventive node and 

estimates 20 sulps. . 

x->E, S-;rge:r appr-.~i -it e fc::-vi:v. when you t 'W. t-,.e 

loarttil and al: they - • * i the;- vruMn't really re -vwr. 1 taking them 

pr;:.phv) aclicly . 

ACDr. Tel 1 hi* ■-- *11 h»i it before we vpr/. t :-M 

last night , t -.t what va;. the i-»st rcnftentl 

CC-H I aiders tf.\i >'■:% ■' •'"?"<.• y - i von*. » •> b<- i , v\r ?»-.n* 

r I t 

A-;;.:H Tiiat r' > A - 

•\>K Okay,, an! Surge x. 'ur.% -*ying that he . 4 nr-t 
-rUv ' >-:c.ffj6- id taking the?, prrr'.y i act i ■ '. 

\ Cl .i; v 0 ji h*«s rr;i here a hundred nlies above ths 

Earth'" J K^'Ki full of «r -craft and hnv to r.ect a tight tire line 

eithc/. Ke can v .k or.- to the potty wv> can't. 

CC-H *o*er. 

CC-H < ^aj- , ve'vo g< • «11 the report there ♦ appreciate it. 

^ Tp (usa; 

did a little bi* of 

ssir.^ *•« p««. w 

etc or taps 

ASTP (USA) MC2'*5/1 

Time: 03:19 CDT, 67:59 GET 


here.TLov that De^s^f^ vi l*^*- * ^ 
thing, but need -f l„ TS t ~> I ^PP^S pass from loth sides 
CHARGE . If soLbodv has \tTt!L^l ^ * aUery Br4TC °" 

appreciate it. * ^ t0 S ° ahead aBd P ut U on CHAR-IE, we'd 

Vita drogues and probes VJere^d S""** " Dr * aW ^ previous "nnents. 
can't even fro* o e ™ 1 ."iS , ; o "b% 0 S h :; ,( irh:. the ^ ^ ^ : 

? ka y- We copy that. Pine. 

J^";; (Soyuz, this is Moscow.) 

;;;";! f°^ z - s°y«. This is xoscw.) 

(Soyuz. This is Mosccv. ) 


™™ (USA) m2k6 j x 

im m 13:39 CKr « 68 ^ GET 


answer. ) 

MCC-.M <Moscov, Soyuz. j heflr % 

USSR f 'ear you well ) y ° U ve ^ • Hov do 

, . 6 b ««*fast. That's vhy ve dn : 

USSR Sony fo r the info 0 nct 

MCC-v ^ <*ay . « o n i e "? pti °n- > 

the ti raes please of v ' WlU give ^ a raJL^ 7 t0 Vor * • > 
for this TV » ' ^Port. A n * A. ra(lio «rac:. p-,» P . , . 

v-r /re P°^-> And then y ou can coJlfJ' Write *»n 

iK* /"-v. a cha^e to _ ft| P ~^ons 

USSR <*>• But that's an V\ t?> 

w* „ (We've <->-«m, j 11 ri €ht. rv-r' + 

MCC-M qUl ' t 3 ««.) "° " niB « though ve have w 

USoR ***y- Ho eer .) ftave been 

Tiae of bur ft * p£id <> number 15 i„ n 

OcnST i M ™ »i ?08 - 86S9 - Orbit , 

MCC-M J^ngUude 206. 88.80 o/< . ' 

"»*t wans y ou havp ^"eot. ti^vii! H:51.39. > 

8PE (Oood to hear yours, 

important dnv ^ " ave been < n Bw , 

Slayton cp'ned\ h ! rnationaJ such rel* the hos '* to e \ ( 8 V<?1 "' 
^irc- ♦ ^-ned the hatch on re *- e Ptzon. Tom American 

intensive prep^™ ♦ ~ but befor e v e en.fS ° V<?r the hill Hav*^ 
had very Loo h ^ » ««PeeiaH v n«V? hake the se hards y ' 

ASTP.(UoA) MC2U6/2 

Time; 03:29 COT, 66:09 GET 


USSR (Ve exchanged flags. We signed a Joint document, 

desides that, ve exchanged a number of Scientific experiments. The 
Zone Forming Fungi. Everything vent well. When the American astronauts 
were departing ve were delayed a little Mt, there, and consequently, 
our meeting lasted about an hour or so later. Longer than we anticipated 
It was very hard for us to part at this first international neeting 
in space, but ve had to in order to continue with our operations - 
program operations. After they left, depress uri zed tunnel 2, checked 
the- integrity of the seals of the tunnel. When we checked the integrity 
of tunnel 2 ve did find some additional leak either from tunnel 2 or 
from tie decking module. And therefore we had to spend more time to 
cneck this integrity tod be very careful in the depreasurization of 
tunnel We had to contact mission control and inform them of this 
slight leak. The mission control in Moscow took necessary - - > 

end of tape 

Time: 03:38 CPT, 68:l8 0ET 
Date: 7/18/75 

USSR (Tha Mission Control Moscow took necessary measures, 

and gave us advice how to deal with this leak. We again went through 
this procedure of closing hatch. And check the integrity of the hatch 
and monitorel the pressure of our spacecraft Soyuz. After that - 
after this check, ve went to sleep. We - and we slept well. -After 
we got up the first thing we did we checked the pressure in our ship. 
There was a slight increase in pressure between the two ships, but it was 
in signi ficant . It is net a big problem. And ve feel confident that 
we don't have to worry about this. Yesterday, we received a greeting from 
Soviet people. Greetings to the American astronauts, - presents of 
medals. Once again I want to repeat - this was an exciting meeting for 
both crews . This gave us great impetus to work harder. Yesterday, 
we had an opportunity to receive the greetings from President Ford. 
Close your window please, there 'a too auch sunlight. Okay, there's 
great - great - a great deal of reflection. Likewise there's a lot 
of humming, a lot of whistling on your microphone. Check on the panel. 
Vnat else do you have on there? - Maybe that's the'- try turning 
off the separation, maybe that would help. That's not the illuminator - 
That's not the window, there's no sun reflecting, that's the working 
l:tght. The reflections is on your sleaves , and the right hand, the right 
side of your face.) 

r'AO This is Apollo Control. At 68;23 ground elipsed 

time, loss of signal from ATS 6 satellite, and Apollc, several minutes, 
a?o. however we had the coacuni cations from Soyu2 who passed into the ■ 
U.S. air-to-ground channel downlink, televisicr. . ; And commentary from 
tne Scyut crew through their Siberian tracking stations. We're less than 
four minutes. s.-*y new fron reacquisition of Apollo, through the tracking 
f.t&ticn Hawaii and we'll stay up for Hawaii. Apollo Control , standing 
by at 68:23. 


ASTP (USA) MC2<*5/1 

Time: 03:^8 CDT, 68:28 GET 


for 5 C mlLte S . AP ° 110 ' HOUSt ° n ' Ta]king at ^ u throu eh Hawaii 

, Apollo, Houston. We see that vou have got th- ■ 

« ™ £ Char6 °' H6lp US ° ut a little Wt if you can give us 

■ a rough tine vhen you turned it on. 8 

£ C-H Apollc, Houston. How do you read? 

Apollc, Houston. Hew do you read? 
u< * (Garble) 

■ B~aYo C iV'on - h „ n ° k ! y ' .'"' e,re VUh yOU nov ' and we see that battery 
fir?, f ° - h f, ll! « charging. It would help us out here in keeMn* 
the .tatus up lf you could tell us about vhen you turned it on * * " 

tv?\ . ' gUeS3 about 10 *inutea ago I had *o leave 

-hat Eartr. ops to come over here and get with it. 

Cop - v * har -. I need to pass on to Ton hero Tn m<> 
SSSW^- *'» «* ^ m hi' procedu^oloVSE ^ 
because 1 trS te i ° n h13 transf " time. And we want to dele- that 
because we got the furnace sample started a little bit late yesterday^ 

mF Delete the HELIUM INJECT. 


«.w o~ H Yeah ' Tor ' lf : '' ou w«*-*d tc, I could oake those 

^ C ~ h Apollc, Houston. Standby 1. 

a lit*' Ait w Apon ^' »o««on. The BAT area charge current looks 
a little bit lev, ^5 ve haven't seen Bravo come up. Deke we'd 

SlSlSMi It y ° U 'f ^ f ° r US ° n Panel 5 ^ g^t the battery 
relay BUS BAT Bravo circuit breaker OPEN 7 

r;MP Yea?., it's OPEN. 

CC-H Okay. Thank you. 

DM? v 1,11 teli - vo; -' the reason you weren't seeing <t 

thot^n, because I'd switched it over to C instead of Bravo! * ' 
uoisr (Ru3° • 


ie j 


on the ATS. ^'^ ° Wr the hil1 " Ve ' n * e<? ' ou at 68; 58 

Hawaii We>W -a-™ * ^ ^ Control. Loss of signal through the 
ATS?" « tell te ^ v \ ^"tyfour minute, to reaequl.i tion thrW 

, i J !: • Poking *t a change-of-shift. briefing at i,.-»o AM 
cejtrax daylight time in the JSC auditorium with Flight Director Don -i^ be played back on a delayed basis at the conclusion of 
in* change-of-shift briefing. Meanwhile aboard Apollo *Z Sovu' 
"rlS'w n° nS are ;« aw V in vhlch the Cc^nd Module P Hot vl^e 
-rana wil, transfer to the Soyuz. The Soyuz Colder Alexey LeLv 
vul cone aboard Apollo for joir.t activities . Twenty- three mi n ^s 
to next acquisition and about a half h,ur to change-of-shi i- VrZs 
conference. This is Apollo Control at 68:35. 


ASTP (USA) MC2l»9/i 
7/18/75 01 " 57 CUT ' 69:37 GCT 

We have about t, e fir! J hilf^Ji^i' ^ ! , 37 « round ela ? sed »«. 
tape, which we'll play back at thJJ tf * atelli te pass accumulated o 
tape i, caught up. Roll tape! 6 ^ g ° 1We as soon «- the 

^ (Russian) 

"f* (Russian) 

j£ A (Russian) 

AcS i^ 11 ^ Houst °n- Good morning. 

CCH Mornmg Bo, You read us? 

listen for a second? ""^ 1 haVe & C0 ^ le of note... Can ycu 

CC-K 3Ure ' G ° aheai - 

eo« s^eal, „ a ve wo£d ash JSJ^u^ ^f*^ bOXe3 ™ Ca - ln * a 
eoaar.4 sodule and the DM *ur-,ed Jul 1 9pe ** er boxes *» the 

ACDR 0k / ed fUl1 dovn vh ^ possible. 

last nSt with tunnriV^a™ SS Ce J r ; h rv ln ^ Srlty Ch6 ° k pr ° blec 
toierance to 10 si 11 inters? ' 6 S ° yuZ viU increase their 

CC-K Roger. ?hat ' S Vh&t Ve Mld " *" Vas onboard there 

^ V L t r? e n ; t " f ^ if he's ready. 

And*. Vance and I are in the dooming acdule rig>t 

on systeas step 7. " 8 OD aeheoule, and we're working 

CC-H Understand. Step 7. 

CCH ^je're coning u; l 7ainutes . Hark : . 

ACDR ■■■'«•' I" ■■■ 

night in our sleep conditio; vTcnw'l^ ^ therEal peo *> le ' L «t 
the DM, ar.i we had tv 0 del „ ,S i^ff f h0Se * up to 

better. ie w ' &nd l+ - seemed to work out lets 

if- 7 ' 1 Understand, 
the v M -e », ter „ £ 6 , " r »- in the night pi*-.. delete 

^ ^V- Got that, Bo. 

scienct'the sto F tifeT^ ncw^: 30^°" ^ ° B ^ * C ' '° r ° rMtai 
"- DMF - ' : ■ 69:30-50. ■ ' : ' 

f °- * •» »* 

l " - ' ■ ' Ckay , 

there and we're not - we crtut i £ S ? Cti6n , at " <» the third atep 
standing by for y0ur in ^J&;. ,he hollu * Ejection. VeVe just 

ASTP (USA) .MC2li9/2 
ml/ 75 °' :57CW > ^:37 GET 

CC ~ H Roger. 

upJate to your decking™" you have * chance im ' 1 

h6li ^K >Cti0n " 0hMkli8t - U 2 Put Sat 

1 hour and 12 ninutes u« ? ' tep nmber 20 that occurred at «„ < 

ACDR r ,- ea at approximately 

CC-H 0*^' 11 «» there. 

ACDR ' ^ *><*i<« module 7 _J" ace nell *» injection procedures 

- 4^ ~Hr - 

ACDR Oka ~ °° ' 

schedule. *t locks i ike ve - re cl 

CC-H mcxing avay on 

CC-H Ana if vou ftill . 

S * - ™* se " nd - cn ^ - - 

Awn f n , ? 

fCDR 1 Russian " 


5 by ? , u'oa. 
ifiussiar. > . 

<v w rte^lo, Houston. a~--v i- 

dtep that starts," "AC r^,'"-- *'° iR S to ^ave you clinic 

'•; ; ' - "" ^.^ ^ about th.t uter. 


Titfte: CU:57 CM, 69:37 GET 


ACDR Okay. Real fine. Thank you. 

Cc-H Ccmaand module, Houston. 

ACDR 3o ahead. Bo. , , * *u 

C<MI sir, on 183, ve would like you to check tnat the 
TV power switches are cn. The three switches. • 

ACDR You'll just have to stand "by there a minute, Bo, 

This is (garble) 

CC-H Okay. ^ 

CM? I think it's that or Surely (garble). 

3CD K Apollo, Soyuz, What step are you doing now? 

ACDR (Russian} 

CC_h Vance, Dekf , do you read me? 

CM? Yeah I read you guys. 

f"f_H Coisnarid modulo, Houston. 

h Sir. Can you give us a call when you have those 

switches on i8i, and we'd like to check that the CM car.era is in 

MASTER. " ■ ' , 0 , 

ACDR Okay. The three power switches on lol were 


Time: 05:06. COT, 6 9 :h6 GFT 
Dfc-e! 7/I8/75 

- the CM earner** is 
r,v nv fVl „ . . ^ iS *n master. 


turned on, Bo. 

cc - h Sri for , ?4aster 9 e artie ) • 

°C-H ' £2 Ve / e e° lir -g to TV nov. 
Cc.^^ ^SJSS , can you wliy that the 

ACDR (Garble) 

USSR f° y ' J *' A P oll <> (Russian) 

rj^p 1 Garble) 

CC-H U ' s in HASTBR, Bo 

^Vur , Apollc . 

Go ahead. " ; :"-':v"\;'-; 

(Russian) ;V : : \: V .. ;: -T. : v v 

Soyur., Apollo, (Russia) 

£r , r t i itude (garble > 

""^ ^ * '«* - ~r -or- 









«*>i*g a pressure integrity check 

here , 

'i at. 




- i°,f? r ; i his ™^ ^ • Md 1 tMnx 

1 tMnk V "="' that they . vt 


■V : :,' v :; 'CMP ' 

docKing nodule 

Let me to turn 

Seeas better, nov, 

off the speafcer box, hirf ?? t0 tu ™ off 

U3A (Game) do <*^*^ule. 

W 11C ; H T t0r " U 80und * better nov 

f«V again, Bo. ■ 
J t is better. 

0*ay, v e just turned off th. » , 

a orf th « speaker box in the 



Date; 7/18/75 

~r » « Ash look healthy this aiming, Bo. 

; C ~H Th«? fish do? 

c . • -'^ Yea » we hhVe th em over here on the vail Thev»r<> 

svirwung around - happily. y re 

(Russian), Bo? 
cc - :{ (Russian) 
CMP (Laughter.) 

us that?" ^ fiBh ex P eriEe "- *»e on day 21 Could you tell 

»***f MF , v . 11 Sur6 VaS ' 1 8hot 611 ki n*s of pictures of -haae 
^tUe rascals but that was done dcvn in the cawrj module 

w ■ .» n understand. And ve'd like you to try that shaker 

box Cd m tne docking module but leave the volume all th* w«J 7 8 ?*« er 
lets see hou that vorks for Juat a fev Minutes 7 dOVa 

again^ Thfet ' 3 JUSt th ' lt vaS but v « *> -hat 

CMP Okay 
speaker cox. 

You're in tnat configuration nov vith the 

.^" H ?hat still sounds good. 

l,C5 A Irussian) 

Soyua, (Russian) 
ACDR (Russian) 

Roger, Step nu&ber 8 is completed. 


Sft Turn on the pressure equalize 

CMP (Husaian) 
C>Q \ (Russian) 
^ C ~ H Docking nodule, Houston. 

^ Go ahead. 

♦5°r H 7116 canera on 8 73 is picking u© sose of the lis*** « B 

as* that you tilt it dovn and that - Roger. That iooka better? 



(Garble) opening hatch nunber h. 
(Russian) Okay, 

' U ~ H , Docking Module, Houstcn. Have you veri 'V that 

:ynz turned their speaker box off? 
9^ Valeriy, (Russian) 

Srt- (Garble) 

< : ' F ..3c, - he. answered -that he did. 

?vrH ■■■■ Roger, 

" r - Number 4 open. 

' : (Russian) 
V?* (Garble) h2 (garble) equalize. 

A ^R (Russian; 
"3A (Russian) 
,J SA (Russian) 
; - r 5A (Garble) 
uSA (Garble) 


Apollo, -v TAMFRA, 0??. 


Tine: 05".l6 CDT, 69:56 GET 




yS A Lost volume. 

CC _ H Conmand Module, Houston. 

* B S. Ve^ve^een having trouble vlth our TV. Couio you 

S HS5lS)'-<*P3. 13 the TV okay now, Bo" 

CC-H Roger. We h«ar you . ^ 

, JSA Rcger. Is your TV oXay them 

CC _ H The TV is oiay r.ov. 

U3A ff°you gentlemen can »ove aside a Mt we'll be able to 

' CC-H ..' 

* eeb lcDi> r ' I'd transferring the TSB in the Soyuz. 

Ve're worKlng on . tep 16. 

c ^ H Rcger, Ton. Ve see you. 

CVF-OM Okay, Tom. Do you read? 

v„ r^Arl vou loud and clear , vance . , 
cU J~ In the orbital *odule up on comm here. 

Heytaleriy, but I ar. going to go to (garble) 

USA (auislan) ^ 

USSR (latter.. 

3CDR He ^ Val * 

SFE (Garble) 

ACl ;i Valeriy, (garble). 

USA 0* ft y- . 



USSR (Garble) • ^ Valeriy '3 

,lct«rBlnin« if he neesft rv 

■ uSSS ' ' (Gar ■ . ■■ 

-C-H ■■■■ ■ Roger. • • 

I'SSR 1 c&r , we . r « about over (garble 

CTP Hoystc: . - • -v 

' CC-M ■ .■■ ■ ■ Soy.:" - •■■ , ■ 

USSP M 03 '- • 

oc-m ^ USf: ; ■ ... ^■ : c'?r.:: ; :;^-v:;.":r'^'^ 

uSSR : R!iS31 '; i You look li.<e you're 

CC-H Conr ' " ■ 

probably a little north 

OC-K (Run* 

■ ,««- ■garble). 

USSR 1?r 

ASTP (USA) KC251/2 














■ * fcj- l 

. I'SSB 

vssn . 

• ™ >• <V 



wood corning. 
( Russian) ■■ ■ 

(Garble) Moscow, 1 hour (garble), 
•-oyu*. (Russian) 

'.Russian ; . 

' ?u38 i «ini . 

"f*«*. I thin* cm- (garble). 

''Jirbl*) ' " ^ ""^""S'-and you. 

1 Suss.iwrt) 
f6arbl* . ) 

*t a ™ (garble) . 

Ivarblo . ) 

"l d us jf i a/I . j 

U go, p 8 K«t ' 

'^rtu.) : 

i^'!/*** a at °^ (Russian) 

P'MMan) Soyuz (Russian) 
i^JBsim) soy,z fFuusifti,) 

! ^i5Fi*n) r-ojm (Russian) 

A1.TP (USA) MC252/1 

Time: 05:26 COT, 70:05 GET 


USSR (Russian) 
USSR (Russian) 

Ctfp . (Russian) Okay, Bo. I need 30 milioeters of 
nitrogen, and I'll be at this shortly. 
SCDR (Ruesian) 

CC-H Roger. We understand. You need 30 millimeters. 

SCDR (Russian) 

ACDR Ckay. (Russian) 

SCDR (Russian) 

SCDR (Russian) 
■ ■ ■ : r»MP Step 20. 

SCDR (Russian) 

[MP (Russian) 

ACDR Okay. (Russian) 

IMP (Russian) 

SCDR (Russian) 

ACDR Hey, Bo. How do you read? 

Go ahead. We read you loud and clear. 

ACD ' R Okay. I see you on this - here. Alexey Just gave 

j.e a present. you know vho It is? 

r ■:-]'. it looks like you. 

ACDR (Russian) 
. gr^p (Russian) 

.v'lpp I'll have to add e. little more hair to it, though, 

.t» Roger. We have about a minute and a half until 

\TV : S. And we'll see you at Havaii at (garble) 
.-- { Hues lan) 

A ; DP Hefner. And I vould like you to relay the transfer 

i:>,ro the' ;osw«ind. - in the decking module - step 19? 

Koger. I understand, 
tigs? ( Russian) 

CC .H A-ollo, Houston through Hawaii, for I fan than a 

V -nt*. i't.anding by. ., ..... • . 

■ oxny, 5o. Look, t 'm irt hers In the doling . aodule 
-ifh iiiex-/, >!>>'« fte*. his headset on - on the SoyuZ - you know, 
"..n-x A'ld Hf d^f-n'-i have any inte'reoa. I don' t hesitate, though, 
Vf*r as ?#iws hln on over into the 4ocfcing nodule. But hi-can t 

rPB ' 1 ^nderstond. He can't read you on intercom. 
,V : - That '* affi relative. 

:j C .K Apollo, Houston. 1 take it you're - you're just 

planning to press on ; . 

ASTP (USA) MC252/L> 

mm, 0 **""- *»"» »* 

ACDft ^v &t t 

A CUR AjJ ^ , —u-iavana. 

i^s •■"gel . 

Okay. (Ruggjan) 

v -,.„ (Russian) 

i-^i i ,. 48 ctosed here. 

■ - > <3 s> i an / 

Understand.' ;{ * , 

: >y. Can h* - *** b ' 3 ' he * ^ 

It?' try ! n<? t0 caii now. 
•«i,r rend yeu? ' ;!o ^"Mnder, How ion. 

'■ an ; i; ! nf3 us real 

^ ,, • ■ - -«•» " i-i finsmit. . ' * "« v<vt re Ad 

i.H«8 8lAfi) * U " A via you? 

Can you tvfta ;,? 

AOTP (USA) ?C252/3 ■ ' < 
*ine: 05=26 COT, 70:0., ^fcT 

SCDR (RU ! 8 '^^ t-vp checked - his miXes are close to 

, mB Yeah. And I've cnecn'-u » up' re Roing 

over „ v„ e cowl -^:; 6tuld . 

ECD * ^r"(L.l.n> V««c. And ok.y. l ta " m> 

ACDB u*ay. \ - 

•: C DR ■' .vflussion) , 

ACDR (Russian) 

S p D t, (Russian 

x ^r.,V. (FuSSiftIV 

1- vtiUng on hln vh»r. ': get *-° S»- 

w-> ' 1 1 - * - A . -i-s 

. i^fvBSrVve netted 200 milUm^". 



^ . garble.) 


USA Z7 *" thi * floating* 

ACDR nt y l h0V do you read? 

U2. below that earth JS' **' If We tc th«. 

USSR £; v e *n't you hear? y e hM , 

USSR y (Do * 0u ^ar U8 ?) Weh **ry 0u .) 

£S gSj2r the — <*™ ng is n0TOai nov , 

2>KP Uart^e) read ne? 

SCDR i n llent « A iexny.^ 

1>MF ?^w hC r. d ° you read ..7 

SCDR Cki ' Aiexey.) 


nwp uus * on^ sec hern r-i. 

aIr : got ^the :l^^V g ^ 

SCt* P 16 *'" CaBerai 'to" turn f garb:e) 

t". s r * -4 - ^ .. . . 

mp ■Six* 

dm? OXfi o • 

A <™ ^JJ" turned box off. 

n . A ;l' arbU r turned then --v / . ' 

r. 3 .; ? * r,era (garble) . 

AC!;-- ' 
USA I3arl>;e : 

SOW A *e«y. (Oftrbie) 

USA ' ello. Ch > rnr , 

DMP jOarblvs) ^ Farmer. Mr old fr . { „,<j. 

r«P garble) 

8CW/ Jff 

CMP J n * re ls >V place? 

SCDR * f °r now e.r~*« rU-ht i»f, v. 


ASTP (USA) MC25l«/2 

Tine: 05:^ CDT, 70:36 OET 





















orbital nodule? 

the eotsnand module 




.Okay, , 

(Hcv do you feei. ) 
.■Very veil. - 
(All nght.) 
Okay. Mow (garble) 

I think (garble) flight plan? 

ies. Just a moment 

(Garble) " 

Oh. This one? 




(Garble) photo card3. 
Houston, Apollo. 
Oc ahead, Vance. 

Or rather Soyuz. How Is your view ln here in lhe 

Right now - Vance, right now ve have the pi^tur^ 
W have a good viev. F s ur 

* Httle / xplan a tion°;;f y ;ha?": r i n y h I r ;; 1 bC -^S ^>« Give you 

(GfrMe) V ' ; " ,re l0 ° king f0rvard to it - 

H^ifrf"!,!^' f^^'^ booking, Bo. There's 
! . Vlf * r *^* ™* two children, daughter, son. 



Vaieriy's family. 
Let's see it's Kat 



Boger. We can see Lyudaila and Katya. 
:^ Sf 1 a "w!:r^:. n5rUr r that's 

,*u, S „t afi Di»i tri . Good looking Lily, bS 

the toy, 

Soger. Ve can see them here on the TV 
now in a dacha having/! or Tnl Z^* ^ ° f th * M "* S ** right 

*c se, that craft. 6 an * 8 lot or P*o r le are anxlou,, 

: 5^ R (Garble) 

you please *ta^t t^V^^iyT 1 ftnd ' V * leNy ' here is to 

can Center in .pa?^ 1 ^^ 1 ^^? 1 "' >: ,s th « ^vl.t/A-rl- 
spacecraft, r a« L«n« - ^ arb * e > <>» 0 ^rd the docked Apollo/ S »yu2 

^ceerart con^Utfo^^/co^an^ 

— nt a^bly u*H, ^1^^ - 

ASTP (USA) MC25l»/3 
7/18/75 05:56 CDT ' 70:36 
one ciftin chaa> 

one main chaa> - chaaber tnot 

used f., maneuvering i„ erbit deorbUi^'f en « lnu ' ««ine. are 

The ins:rurajnt assembly unit '° aeorWt *ns ir; the - at the end or tv« »« , 

in orbital module, ft e ortif J^JS/fi*^ «* -e not rec^"^™ 


ASTP (USA) MC255/1 

Time: 06:06 CDT, 70:^6 GET 


RW We are in orbital nodule. The orbital »dule la 

used conduct^ scientific e^i f nts \S 
rest There are every feeling of rest .or 
cosmonaut* and for astronauts. 

SCDR Astronauts. 

S pg Astronauts 

S CDR Astronauts. 

SSSu'th. foe!, ve *eep 1. * order. 
Vanoe, out there ti (g.rbU) kitchen 
v„«v ThRt.'s lunch, huh? 


* MtSTiriSIl »«U pene!. *o» en ... 

or, your TV screens nov. control ard uonitor the 

SFE twos* of t^e P™Jj; " environmental control 

orbital module systems. These are the teB {garble ) and 

systen. the TV, and the "lainatian ./ate... t / ^ ^ other oftft< 

the orbital (garble) systems ™";" nt * rity ehecX or for Soyuz 

v. can use this panel for nonltoring ^« 8 u« inte^ J rMBUPl * lM of Soyuz 
spacecraft - in tunnel 2 and for air preasur-ii-B «« r 
in tunnel 2. avs'ema - vith the vater supply and 

supply^ in your nount, - - f ^ ^ R Jn . M K ,..v, » at ., the v W t, 

take a drinfc, t>uh ? 

c.yg You can drinx* 


ASTP (USA) :-K256/l 

Time: 06:10 CDT, 70:^9 GET 


SCDH There are two windows in the orbital nodule, the 

right one and the left one. One (garble) observes the ground (garble) 
through this vindova . Ve use this window for (garble) experirient. 
There are three hatches in the orbital module. At this hatch, number 
this hatch is used for (garble) from one spacecraft into the other 
spacecraft. This hatch was opened after docking and pressure integrity 
check yesterday. There is the other hatch (garble). We use this hatch 
for extra vchicul*.r activities. Welcome to Soyuz. The fuel pressure 
is used for (garble) fuel from the descent vehicle. There are small 
folding desk in the orbital sod - this desk, ve used yeFterday to sign 
the - sign the document to start our Joint activities into space. 
Tom Stafford, Seke Siayton, Alexey Leonov, and ne sit at this desk 
and (garble) - and (garble) our phase talks. Ve - ve are using this 
desk foi our space lunch too. Our space - spacecraft,, Soyu: , has two 
live-in coapartsents. The second Hve-iu cospartcent is the descent 
•'chicle. During - 

CC-H Vance, Houston. We seeded to have lost Yaieriy'* 
voice . 

SCDR (Garble) 

CKP Ckay. We'll talk wit?) voice check here. 

CMP Do you hear him nov? 

CC-H Negative. 

SCDR (Garble) 

CMP Do you hear nov? 

CC-H Negative. We? do now. It looks i like you vero abcu*. 

finished there with the tour. Perhaps you can get it squares avay and 1 
we'll see you again in the depcent vehicle. 

CMP Okay. Yeah. That was a real good lovk anyway vii 

we'll see you down in the dtsc*nt vehicle scon. 

"C-H Roger. And I knov Valoriy car't hear m . Vcui. ': 

ycxi please thank for a most 1 n^erea* i nf. four. 

■ MP a i a I do . 

CC-H' .Coitiiani aciuie pilot, Houston. It locked t" us as 

ii Valeriy my have knocked something wtth hie e'lWv .4h*ro ever the 
oro itai T»:auie panel . 

CKF Oka;.'. ■■>> ' 1 \ check. 

CC-K Apollo, • l^fstOn.' i v d« you r«ad? 

CMP Bo, hov do you wi \ r,<?'i 

Hcgcr, We re Ad you. see yyt'ro gHt h,g ready 
for the *.-'ur c: trie coaaand jtcdule . 

CC-H Apollo , Houston, «e i<.3t ccr^iiii 'Nation a with 

'.'.ileriyi Wd you do anything in ihv ooaafiand «&oduk> that say havtv 

ACDR Could be. Wh»t do you vat.t m to ea'e<*k on panel 10? 

1 tried to hock into the center headset hut i couldn't get' the thing. 
*v 1 osoved over - l'n on the r!c.h>-hand seat headset, ncv. 

■"C -H Unde*# tw.d. 

AST? (USA) MC256/2 

Time: 06:10 CDT, 70: *9 GET 


ACDR Hey, Vance? 

i. in'SL so vhy ^Vou'cheS o£?tll7 h '~ 
that? ACDR ° kay " ^ P^ioularoneon 10? You vant VOX on 

CMP That's affirm. 

USSR (Garble? Hellc, American people. {Garble) 

A{ " m There, ve got rid of it nov. 

USSR Hov do you read ne? 

, . CC ~ H Apollc, Houston. Ve can't read vo> y 0 

aight use the checklist (garble) on page iSo g868t *™ 

ACDR (Garble .udio. (garble) audio. (Garble) 

SU* iKo«cov, ibis 5, Soyiw. Hov do you re*d ne?) 

if H ' :v ™ • r-'J r.DV, B->. Okay T 

have Wtu a bit of £Tic. " "" "** ™ h *<«** n0V but J™.?*";. 

red us!^> wl ^" " ' We ^^^ i^^er^.V^ - : 
jjlj Ve gct rid of our squeal, • 

2?, , JM* ; 'sarblfl) suppose to b* (garbl*H ' 

*r''J : No * ir '^'« suppose to be (garble). 

Apoll-, Kijuston. there is so ouch - 


ASTP (USA) MC258/1 

Tirse: 06:fco C&t, 71:09 GET 


ACDR (- indicator. And here's the backup indicator. 

We have a nain and also a backup inertial plat - gyro platform. Here 
ve have a fuel cell plus a battery.) 

SCDR 'ft™, does it take auch time to learn to operate 

an spacecraft systena? (Russian) (l ask, did it take 6 long tise to 
learn how td operate all these systems?) 

< Y *s, it does take a long time, Alexey. I tfciak 
about a year - a year's work - should take a year before the ft*t*-c~ 
nauts know all the systems.) 

SCDR (Garble.) 

ACDR (Here is the place where I sleep. This is the 

Apollo coreaander** place. You kncv vho the Apollo conaaander is?) 

ACDa (Dear viewers, with this ve are ending our short 

TV coverage. I think we'll meet again in space at least once, or oore 
- and, certainly, we'll see each other or: t&r+h after we return - after 
ve all return, each of us to his cvn homeland - in the Soviet Union and i 
the United States of America. 


body has to 4c any 



Thank you, Tots. Thank you very nuch.) 
(Here rta -,-c a ?nall kitchen aboard.) 
Tell thes we're going to switch over to the descent 

f There is very little r .va here but, after all, no- 
dishes. ? 

Okay, So. Hov are you reading us down in Sovur, ncv? 
Fin*. ' ■ . " 

Vance, ve're reading you veil. 
J tst n>v t Vance, (garble). 
Okay, - 

Tun, we've had an interesting tour, there. And 

ve'r: about ready fo switch over to Soyut now. 


(All right.) 

Okay. Valeriy and I are down in the descent vehicle, 
that part of the Soyui that is really the control center and the pa-t 
that cooes dcvn for landing. And Valeriy's on the - in the right seat - 
(garble) engineer's seat - about ready to #ive yo-i a few words. But 
first I'd like to make sure that wc have eoraauni cations with Val^riv 
now* We lost hia a little while ago. 
W'A Tangled in cables. 

SFB Hov do you read ne? 

CC " H Vance, would you relay that we read Valeriy. 

CMP (Russian) 

SFE Ve are in the descent vehicle nov. Deke, 

you control certain - monitor the operation of the spacecraft 
aain ays tela froa the descent vehicle. There ts an inatruasent 
bdard. Here it is* You cart see it on your TV icreena nov. I - I 
would like to iU^stfate the purpose of this paViei to you. 
l?SA ^ to get it stowed, for nov, H All, 

S? " B (Garble) globe instrument, Shovn automatically 

the - point of the Earth our spacecraft is flying ever at ihi* »»racnt. 
In front of »• ~ in front of ae the.-.? is a - - 

«TP (USA) KCSit/e . /■' 

^. th. Ap „H 0 ,) " eU ' « ve harine . „„ loil _ 

ACDR At v • ■ " ■ 

Cc?H ^sialr 8661116 thiS d ™ th.„ Bo? 

- » r ^ a ^^-; - to 7 1 0 _ dovn to 

scr* °* ay ; good. S 0n * USSR w *oo. 

5C i,P 0*ay. e " tlal tod telescope.) 

ishei%' he second trj^fe/* -IT th * sec:>n - ^ of UU r fli^t „ 
spacecraft and T ll • 5' SAce Brar <* is with Ji > fli ^ T - *e fin- 
Tor., ccj hero - ™ ' he Ajwil ° ?^ ^ °I ° nboard th * ■ 

"Ma f r 3 nL\ °f t0 the ri « ht " He H ^ L T 3 f ° Urth fU $*- Deke 
,sl Hight into ,v ow r - 0id *Pace veteran *v* 

ACDS f«^v£. -i eft Jwa Stafford.) " er « »ut thifl is 

eoap-.ter.vhat our apegeTJ* r & l ' Ur 0nb ^d computer and 1 r - . 

computer. And tMg i* tv SGC 122 *V 121 anl« J 8bout 

SCDR 3 I 3 the second important vor> *; A Vei * 

ACDR hi f* ; *McJ »y«le» is the hear? or f£ the dp8Ce - 

the inertia! orro 0 ii t ^ e hC&rt of ^ "P»eecraft i. tvi 3 F a «^aft.) 

leal p 5' ej ' — ^« A,,i h .« v e ^f', ""'is the 

AC53 fi""' com here fo r » «^* r . of »»»tchM.) 

Apolio crev. Here v e h." 'tri'f ^ the '"M iwSL St** "T* 

' V^t::* 00 ^^ • ve ****** «t the ^/u/thro'! h 

•'*<(■•?♦. ^-r. Ve 


ASTP (U8A) MC258/2 

V/xtm 06 ''^ c&r * 11:09 0ST 

DMP (Russian) 

st re ■ ■ 

is operating - nov. ^H^el^Rf ilif"" 1, , U 8hw > U8 hov the astern 

one *or,v unit - here. nWu^s ^1*™*"* *^<V* . Tnere 

P*nel in automatic « yt t« w , Here are 2 1^ !* n ? * igital dttt * " this 
t " ei ^°- C ' * oa * ab ^ 3§S (farS)"! ; ign&1 deViCeC ' Brighton* 

Sre Tell them vhere ve can find H. 

can see the 2 couches" n*o Se ul? 1 ™ 1 the Spacecraft, you 
right one i8 nin e. Van^i^Jf ' ^ C0I ™ d ^ «* the 

theae ,eau during landing IZVAl^f 7*^' W * 
garment asaembly on. Nov (garble «f 'n i\. i,i?fV lBe ' hftve a P^ssure 

SPEWCEP (Garble) 

3FE ' " 

than "he orbital ^dulT"^^^^ 1 u^^T V * Mel « has ^ui^„ t 
orbital sodule. And, Vance, *voul^°- ^^Ui!^ ^ tlM *» th * 

the ftoyuat spacecraft? a you llke say hov do you J*ke 

nov if? didn't eajoy'c^'in^r^k^ "^•l' be in here 
like it'd be a good air - !Y?JS lookin S *™«d and - looks to ua 
really enjoyed your to4 hire.* to be flying in. We-, 

' Svf! r, v Ir C ?' Ve h **rd that veil . 

'leva fcdre . It '« * reL^lnte^Lrn? "*S ViU b ° the end ^ M« tour 

a chance to be here in ffi ^ " ^ Flr8t tiae Pv * 

yo.i nov. Bo. 6ht " And 1 ^as ve>n turn it back to 

S*" 1 * ^ be "»*-»,^ our dally ac «ion.) 

5 ^r^Ro^:^ theae8si ^ ™»->« . 

CC H ahead, Bo. ( , 

3 television camera ^veTsWuL" off^ t0 hW tu ™ 

( '' SA Okay. Stand bv 

SPEAKER (Garble.) '* 

SFS (Continuation of familiarisation.) (Russian) 

ASTP (USA) HC258/3 

Tiae! 06:1*9 CDT, 7I1O9 GET 


^ ACDS Okv, Bo. And «•„ 8 „t W COMrM „„ Cor 

CC-H Thank you. 

therefor you. ' 80t th&t h « Uu ® ** .bout . U - 

CC-H Roger . 

SPEAKER (Garble.) 


AST* (1/iJA) MC259/1 

S j£* C0V ' *• Soya,. Turn It on.) 

JCDR (Russian) 

8CDR *' ° k ^' 

coarade TV vievers. *2 ^0^^^^^:^ ^ ^ 
ve have - Uonov is ncv in the ADolln inJ^f h ? spacecraft. 0nl)0ard 
Soyuz with Brand; ve are i n h« orbUal i^f* V ! h&Ve Vano « Brand. I„ 
We have Just had two TV scions for S/? f ° f th * 8 P««raft. 
about the Soyuz spacecraft vehicl ! r Aaerican P eo P^ in regard to the - 
program and also fell youWv££ Sl?^ l ° teU * ou our 

* o'clock, ve completed the ?"Jt trLsfer ISST"* ' , Ye8ter ^ •* 
sion vhere there ver. a lot ft r ^« . And her ® ve ha ve our TV 3e *- 

and also ve exchanged - ^e vUl hive t ^ ^ * l0t ° f * U11 Picture!, 
scheduled to perfona a nuaber of jii„! eSer'lX ^T^* 41,(3 ^ V<? are 
program is very tight- here ir ti,: v , MntB ' As y° u 8ee . the 
is necessary for J 'Ji JS co Stably!)* ^ ^ haVe that 

Hae natives on fii^ ^t 'a^cellerf ' JVV'f^ ^ ' ^u look 
a™ (Hov U i* nov') T4k * the light off completely.) 

CC-M (Excellent.) 

<Rc € er?) ^ ^ li6U ln * ««*«nt pUce.) 

lights. iieht o/X vs/SJ^rsi 1 ^ r ha r 

for aovie photography. Our TV aewion U?2< f *' f ° r tei * v i8i°". and 
ve will say goodby to you our deT ™ vfev^ Ir^- ^ 

f -.. jthing. Goodby.) " e iV "evera, and trie be&t of 

TnTl^.^fr 1 ; 2 / n ? ^ X ' Bv ^'thing vent veil ) 
loss of signal throuS^TO^Jiu^^i: ^ tea 4> 

spacecraft by Valeriy Kubaaov ^ ?J V , Hovewr the ^ur of the Soyuz 
their Ussurisk station mTtl « v iCt pe0ple vas carri ^ through 

discussion and to collet t^Tot-^ KU -"° V ^ thlt 
in eastern Siberia. Ve'U r^urn ir ^ " th<f Btatlon in ve3te ™ -" 

Evrythlr* pretty veil on thl ^elLe'to J""'! ^ 8hlp V «**r*. 

rer. p At 7 i:* .round elapsed uStoUo^l^ tM V«ond 

TracXin, ship Var.guarTwin a^ui 1 ? e C the^ 0 7 L : iV r °' and eUp8ed Ub *' 
Into the second transfer of crew^n fJv ld S ° yuz s P a «C"ft midvaj- 

co-^der Alexey. U 0 „ov aboVrJ^^fr.J*^ Soya* * 
pilot Vance Brand aboard Sovuk <^?- v t ^ 60(5 c oanand module 
this transfer will exe^iaTvUh 8oyu=. Vance Brand during 

pander. Thia will be S fini^ vl, ^f' eXer ° iSe d6Vlce Called " «- 
have acquisition at thia ti^ V "*"»* P»« 'or thia .^rning; v e 8ho,ad 

C ^-H ApoUc, Ho-aston through Var.^ard for 7 minutes. 

A8TP (USA) MC259/2 
Time: 06»M> CDT, 71:20 GST 

BMP Okay, Bo, 

CC-H Roger. We r^ad you, Deke, And ve vould HK6 Aih 
panel 10, the VHP-FM thumbwheel positioned to fc, which should fefaiout 
1 number lover. 

DMP Okay, stand by, Bo. We're vorking the ftre^. 

CC-H Roger. 

IMP {Soyuz, this ia Apollo. Ready for orientation, } 

7A8/ " OT O^.V^,. 

MO once »« *<• ♦'"^JJrty for the » u »» v^r • , 

~o„ to», <«•*!•> this. 

attitude for com ana we a* 

u Hon for the tour. ' 
|f ^1"; 1**. me « .re ri«ht on th. 

Ap oll< . Houston. We'd WW «. you not ... pro** 

-•"i'° 5 - is A^no . r .uga 

,M. "mlug through tr.=kin ? sh p V«*£ * ; t(W of , u soviet 

.ei'lre Apollo end Soyut 1" " f """" i°*«v Lcooov. *o'il "turn 

»o,ul8ltlon oy ATS-6 »«teU it. or •» J- te «vi«lon tour vlth 

in ^seconds on that 820. - 3t&nd , 

CC-H Roger, a ^ n an»uveri£g- 

^ CDR AnA we're on the vay. 

vyr, OF TAPE 


Houston, HoU8 ton. Oo the way you 

ACt* . "polio Co^de . Hou«^ M 8e1< up mm ^ 

ACER « v rig ht nov. >irsv, 

v.nt »- *• 

COM . trt turn tn© * *' * ... 

CC "?i „« ve em "*J u " t „„, the vtr.aov 

•'° U \cW AU '^e'got 1 sl "»" ne 

- Tc.r r one *H>* « — «-» — 


AST? (USA) MC262/1 

Time: 07:36 CDT, 72:16, GET 


titude yet. 

Apollo, Soyuz. 
Co ahead . 

Are you - Tom, are you In the local horizontal at- 

ana vev, ln lwl **« ™ «' 

CMP-OM (OarrH' 

ACDR-CM Oh y^,. Okay I've, got that in here. 

bit to the left and down to J I £u°v vlT ^ CWn & 1,tUo 
J CDR How' 3 taat, Bo? 

CrlS ^ f" 6 U a little aore left "lease? 

let's^ve it down a°HU le ^ ***** «"* '° ^ ^ ™ 

(garbljflight. AU rlghl ' ° n therC f ° r 6 Second ^ v *^ h tte 

ACDS All righty. 

CC-JJ Apollo cooaander, Houston. Over. 

ACDR Go ahead. 



listen to? 



a voice teet? 

a count vill you? 



. ACDR ' 


Houston, this is Soyuz commander. Hov do you r^ad 
R:ger. Ve read him. Now can ve have Valeriy to 

Houston, how do you read me? 
Say again Bo. 

We read Alexey veil. Could ve have Valeriy give us 

(Vaijriy please give a CCHM to MCC Houstor.) 

Oxay. Vance, are you ready? Have Valeriy give Houston 

Houston, HouBtcn. This is Soyuz. Hov do you read 

Bcger. Whoever opoXe that time, ve reed then veil 
Hov do you read me? . 
That vas Valeriy giving you a call. 
Okay. V e read him. 
All right. 

Okay. Vas the communication satisfactory? 

ASTP (USA) MC262/2 

Times 07:36 CUT, '{2:X6 GET 


CC -H We have sou» annoyance und ye're trying to track it 

down. We feel that, hovever; ve read Valeriy quite well. 

CMP-OM Very t,ood. 

CMP Hey Bo. Can somebody there tell me quick vhere - vhere 
our IR film's stashed? 

CO-H Say that again, please. 

t>MP JR fila, for the 70 millimeter aolar camera 

CC-H You're saying you vant the film location for the 
70 millimeter camera. 


CC-H IF. ftoger. 

SCDR He looks like Vance. He looks like Vance. 

CC-H Deke, the IR film is located in A6. 

SPKR (Garble) 

CC-H Apollt , Hcuston. Over. 


ASTP (USA) KC265/1 

Time; 09;06 COT, 72:^6 GET 

7/18/75 s 

USSR (Where are ve sliding over now?) 

USA (Mongolia) 
USSR (Russian) 
USSR (Russian) 

USA (Roger. Ve krjov how. Ve turned it off. I Just 

turned it on specially for this session. Roger. (Garble) vaa at c<?. ' 
Right? We'll turn it OYY ~ after the session. 

ACDR Loud and clear, 

USSR (Roger, Understood. 

USSR I move ajr (garble) next tine. (Garble) (laughter) 

USSR (pressure in tunnel ?. is know 280. Initial 265 

pressure . ) 

CC-H cosscand aodule pilot, Houston. 

CM? Go ahead. 

CC-K We've still been having a one coram problems and we 

think possibly Valeriy has got his mike and constant key and that's 
on the orbital module panel, (Russian) and if it is, naybe you could 
ask hie to only go to the press to ta3k node. Apollo commander , Houston. 

ACDR Go ahead, Bo. 

CC-K Sir, before on page I had you change some of the 

furnace operations. Nov it seems that the furnace is cooling down as it 
should and ve .-ould like you do all of the furnece operations without ar.y 
..exceptions'' as scheduled.' 

ACDR Okay. What place you want ne to pick up then? 

CC-H The changes I gave to you vere on D^-2 and I had you 

cake a fev deletions. You'll have to do those steps that I previously 
nad nct»d to delete and continue as if everything vas because 
; it, is ucv. ";":/,. 1 -^.v;/ ^-^"^ '■■■■^ X^'V. 1 ^; 

CM? Okay. I'll get uj there in Just a minute. I'a changing 

lens on the TV caoera, . 

CC-H Okay. Roger. 

VSST. (Russian) 

USSR (Russian) 

USSR (Russian) . 

ACDR Koustor. , Apollo. What you are talking about is 

the shutdown sample 150 as normal. Right? 
USSR (Russian) 
CC-K That's affirmative. 

ACJS Roger. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. There is about a minute and a 

half until LOS. Next station is Guaa at 72:57. 
USSR (Russian) 
USSR (Russian) 

USSR (Question is fron where to do the transnission . ) 

USSR (Russian) 
USSR (Russian) 

USSR (Soyuz - this i3 Soyuz. This is Soyuz 2, How do you 

read? Over,) 



AfP (USA) HCS63/I 

ml'h 5 07tk6 CDT - OE*p 

ACm \ * Hou8 ton. over 

it ko "°— ^ 

ACDR "J^- 
U's about 5 Th* Bo- I got Voy o 

CC - H iJ: f° k vlth E «C0. U J P °r down? 

ACDa Ton, ve , d X1 u. 

MCC-H S kay « l6ave lI >* VOX at 5 

ACDR J5' r * the - 

SPKR ^ thumbwheel f« «: < . . 

ACDR (G&rble) A 16 5 garble). 

USSR s -band and 

ACDR < Where •« the experWt vi*v 

^1 decrease? " th »^heel if (garbl^ f the nsh? > 

ACDR Russian) 01 that 

CC-H " ov d <> you read, Bo? 

noise. Go «**ad. v e read ' . 

r ea u you, but you have « w . 
S <Uug hteW ^•background 

or full deereas* h> AWne that T . ♦ 

CC-H re83e U g°"- 1 thumbwheel . , 

ACDR Wnderatand S-bar.d thu»W, , ^heel out 

5 the checKll^r^ ^ T^f ** *U decrease 

decreased. SfJ ^ ^tercoin f fl OR < ?* * Udic • the *£tV r . 

- J£&v£ -Six p-nvs-r r i 

dcwn to 2. * To*. And v , < ; 

CC-H Okay, lt ., ^ ^ M ""■fcvh.ej 

S -i,t credere - h^YS** vUh 

ACDR 5T' CnetK vU? » one of the 

ACDR u «a k .t . 

CC-H did y»u read Alexev? 

ACDR "egative, v e did not 7 

CC-K « Sy> Vance have Vm,^ 

CMP Native. ^eriy nt ^1 then? 

CC-H s JU3t 8pea *W to you. Ut . s . 

SFE J 0 *^. Ve'd n ke <o trv ,k V 

~' «ov do you r,ad H ::? t0,i ' H ° U8t0 ^ thisT.^^^-^ 3 - . 

• now do you read 

AfP (USA) MC263/2 
Time i 07;kS CDT ^ 
7/ -6/75 CPT » 7^:26 OCT 



CMP read hu veai 

0OO4. **** 

K ° Uat0n » th *« !• Soyu ? Colder H 
8CDR Anon, . °«»anaer. How do you 

sra Apoxio, Apoiio, this « 

^•rxy I hear yo « e c S W *° I reaf' " 

vhat? well, take * w ? Uy - are ve y ° U ^Uently. 

C;*P f* S °« CO01 « on down t0 ^lX. I» ra 

CC ~« C« ^ * 6 * lo °* at th. globe > 

(jfp Vitus Is +he Medit 

■■. .. . : Okay. : ■ ' * u 

^* ^It e rr«i. nJ (Ve ' Ve ^ U3t P«»»d over Africa an, „ , 

SfE / y iCR Ma v *'« nov over 

0v «r.) <Koscov, this i fi 2 

SFE Moacov this is S oy ue 2 Ha , 

n:>ar the port-hole J"* you vJu . Ve V ^ EM*'*' ° V * r * > 

(Garble) 8 a»f«vKy y0tt 

SPS ^ uch be tter. 

USSR }r?, the 7K3 b ^cket.) 

CMP 8 better them to hav* it > , 

*eks like ve'r* 20 ' I think ve'™ J h,wd h * 3d -> 

various cable S P a«d^ s "J f 11 Mt of ^ e u< f * ^ 
ho«l«d here, the *<> tell yo^lm" 

P'We ahead. " Jnlon » ™*y big country nv. V bout 

' * LJt *y. Val eriy, 


astp (usa) mzGk/i 

Time; 07*56 COT, 1%i36 GET 

« " ~ tnst is ftH one near ua ; the Soviet Union a «w m» 

country. Okay, Valsriy. Pleaae, go ahead. ' ^ Mg 

(LaughterV 1 * lrfield wher * 1 «° 10 W in Craberin (?) 

tt* s™?^ « Dear ^ rlca ? TV P 60 ^ 10 • y<™ show feelings about 

the Soviet Union. Soae of you visited my country and you enjoved the 
beauties oi Us cities and towns, rivers, forests, mountain*; and fields. 
Alexey Leonov and ae visited the United States several times and really 
did enjoy Kb beautiful landscape. y 

CMP r 0H Are you reading him, Bo? 

cc - }} Roger. We hear Valeriy. 

. .fi E , r Roger. It would be wrong to ask which country's more 

&™ ;> / ou v d be ^t ght to aay there 18 ~ tMR » wJfw th» 

« .J ?f f\ Y ° U ViU enj ° y the Slght of U together vith "us and 

ve shall help you. explaining what flows below this Spacecraft. They 
are going to tell you about a little part of our country which you via 

aw.'Visss ™5.:'»ss-3 skm-sks- r'.TJZ- 

SLDR Valeriy, please. Tell our people about *e . 

(Alexey, where are ve flying now?) 

SCDK ( Fast the Volga.) 

® (Garble). 

SCDH (Juat past the Little Volga.) 

«» biggest «. ur^^rS^^t^^r^^r.t^" ' S 

19«*2 - 19^*3, German fascist troops were defeated bv the s™m** D J I 

?Sfi ru !i W ° n,t tav * tla * to f ' tnl3h u lrt 3 minxes.) 

SCDfi-CM (Moscow, this is Soyuz . How do you read?) 

U read you excellently.) 
nrafl SCD J* CM U aa now in the comand module of the Apollo space- 

craft. I am here together vith Dcke Slayton and Ton Staffo.l! We are 
flying over the Soviet Union's territory and we are observing everything 
which is speeding by below us. We began our observations over th7 * 
Cr mean Fe nn nsula arid now we're Approaching the Ural Mountain range 
It s a beautifm Earth b«lcw ua; blue, cover*! with slight cloud!) 

2™ ru /r? U ^ d y ° U d ° that in ^U&h, Please.) 

*>.. - r? I ? ( °° k6 like a v * rv beautiful day on - over 

the entire territory of the Soviet Union. There's a lot of sunshine 
everywhere. Green fields - -) sunshine 

CC, ~ M (Soyuz in English, please.) 

CMP-OM Houston, Soyuz. 

ASVP (V8A) W26U/Z ( 

TtMJ 07:56 CDT, 72:36 QSC 


S£ H r>u Command aodule pUot, go ahead, 

„„ ^ . 0k ^' * 6 J «an Valeriy'* finished, and you cot a 

vord - a few word* at the end there fro* Alexey talking™' hil ZlvU on 
the ground. It's a very lorvg tour over the SovUt UnioV^re^UU 
passing over it. The eastern part here is steppe, or deaert, Ld there •* 
iZlrllt VTirv" Z a l0t ° f *>™ here oTthrate^es, 

s^rdi-fr^tr;: 7 ° hortly veui u at tu p «*^ 

XSth f F S« M l^h of ^h,*' Apri1 ' 19Cl> Fr0n thRt tJ * e ve celebrated the 
Wh4 ye6r " * C08B0 " aUt ^ -P^«ft v« 

vaf ^Ld f ro^h],' Y^onuATunch p^ ^ ^ ^ ul>a30V «* 

r ss^- Ka^h 8 r: n r:^t g aiStXis vj:r^ xsir- 

the Siberia, the biggest part of our county , rich natuVai Source*. 
o« Comaand module pilot, Houston, 

ow^.; Ve are ove " mountains nov. 

CMP-OM Okay. Go ahead. 

♦ f C_i ! ^ We ' V * bCen « ettir 'S a good picture here; ve car see 

bee* eSjinTit ^ ^ y ° U ' e11 ^ 

CKP-OM ' Okay. 

CMP-OM Okay. Apparently it's a little hard to see the 

ground nov; Valeriy'a still looking at the clouds. 

C^-OM S°a^ead! nS integrlty ' ^thing's nomL) 

CC-H We've lost our TV. Tell Valeriy that ve enjoyed tho 

Tsl'.e the™?""" h " lnUresti "8 an * P""* * «untr;, it ll ZZ£ *** 

CMP-OM Right. We'll just call this the end of the tour 

becauce ve are coding up on the Pacific very shortly. Of course .lot 
of interesting cities here in the Soviet Union, espLiaUy in thi Lltr, 
part, and as you can tell, So vI*t. very «eh renenber the va? 30 ye"s 

Si. ^S^'S^ 8 l0 ' g ^ Sin °* ^ -o^feid. 
CC " H .hank you very much. 

3CDR (Russian) 


m» <vsa> m&m 

w > ThU i« ApoUo Control. 72*5^ V*»r* low - nave 

ic** of signal through W8-6 iiUUU*. W ♦♦cond gap Wlnjnj h#W 
m the fine! Ou«a m*nd VWXlng iUtloft pj»; purine h • last revolt 
Uon a fairly «osp*«ft«fi#iv* tour of the Soviet Union by ulavUion with 
co£ert£r to thTVvo Soyu* ereneA. C«n»Uer*bl. **>unt of cloud coy. r 
»rX'i Zr£. A*i* e»4 the better part of the Soviet Union. Should have a^ui- 
aition at \AU U*e through Oua* and ve'r* a tending by. 

cc .i { Apollo, Houston through Qua* for about »muve«. 

ACDR 0>*y 

CKP U>ud and clear. 80, 

SFKB (Garble) 

3PKP (Garble) , 

A ^R :kay, Vane©. Drive awtor on. Hode la r«cor<J. 

c Jp Okay, here ve are in Apollo-Soyui In the Soyu? space- 

craft. V«l«riy Ku^mov and ray a elf. And at the awMnt, we want to cluw 

ypu a f#v i nieresting de^'hSt ration*, 

^ And I'» going tu do a little talking in English and 

Mflaining. Valero vlll «x?iain t, you io Rwiaft. Fi«t thing we 
hftY e to show ie a be;.* gyro, A tr<* gyro U siaply aowetMn* ahapeJ 
me » book mat can be re - rotated »o, at 3 mm. ^f^i^f^'' 
it's jfvbl* afcaut £ of tfcw* e*i» unstable about the third, it a 
ttable about the ainircu* - about the axes of ainimuw and maximum 
L^ent cf inert U and ratable about the .Mdl* txla. Mw Ufa give 
you a little ration of thia. 

, :Mp First, maxlaum, A* you can »« v« have a stabie 

situation here. , „ Q 

cc-H (Garble) tf>3. ATu at ?3j 30. 

U6A Roger. 

U3A {Garble / . , > ■ 

:MF Well that's fairly atabl© anyway. (qaroAe) the in- 

betveen axis, and thU should be unstable. ~ 
PAC This is Apollo Control, Apollo and sjyut apaeeeraft 

have cone ovi the hill froa the Ouaa Island tracking a tat ion for the 
final time this norning. Coooand oodule pilot Vance Brand and boyuz 
flight engineer Vaieriy Kubaaov are nov recording on the video tap* on- 
*-i\rd recorder the science denonatrations as scheduled in *.ne flight 
P Un. Most of the activities today are following very ei«^y t0 lh f 
fi»eht plar., including the KA-01?Q furnace aat^le which via be run to- 
A< Here In the control center a replay of earlier onboard television 
i« .u.Uervay. it is not live television ina&auch M we're ioss of 
nal at Ume. Next station Santiago. Chile in 28 airritea. This 1. 
Ape Ho Control at 73:05. 


A0?!> (USA) MC«>6?A 

fUei 08s^ CDT, 73iJ*t OKT 


PAO This It Apollo Control ot 73*33 ground elapied tin*. 

Acquisition through Santiago, Chile in about t>0 second* and of course 
overlapping coverage aa v* continue a second t ranB f er \ activitiea in 
the ««con4 tranafer upvoAing "wring U*U p<M»a will ft aboard 
both spacecraft with t«M subjective coaaentary fro» the crmea or 
the other hogta spacecraft menu. In oa* of the back roo«i here in 
Miaaion Control Center, there are three air-to-ground interpreter* 
working 3 ahifta to interpret voice over on the Soyu* cowunieaiion 
loop. And attached to the top of there conaole ia a handwritten aign 
which saya "Happinef \ is IjOS". These Interpretera vho rotate through 
this poaition; there naae* are Boss Lavroff, Pete Afanaaenko, Ar.atole 
ForoatenXo. We have 50 continuous minutes of coverage now, Should 
he AOS through Santiago and ve»re standing by. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston, trough Santiago and then ATS. 

. ACDR .'■■■Roger 1 Bo. ' 

ACDR Ale*ey, ovyuz oosss ,&nd<!r . 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Oyer. 

ACDR ■ . ■■ Go ahead, Bq»: 

Cc-H Just a stewege note, you'll find Soyus comaander's 

iteal is In L.i which is atoveJ at the opposite end of L3 fro» the pantry, 

ACUft Vie've already got it cut, thaivX you. 

Ofl-H hoger. And I have one other thing. At 17:18 Moscow 

Use, 73:?ft GKT vhlch ia ovor Madrid, Moscow would like to talk to the 
Soya 31 commander and we'd like you to have hi® relay to Soyu* - to have 
simplex A and the other items necessary to do that. 

ACDR Okay. Simplex for him. 

CC-H Roger. N5os cow would like to talX to the Soyut 

commander and it'll have to Ve set up. 
ACPR Okay, 

ACDR Okay, Bo. I'm going to sinplex A now. 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Roger. Stand by for a second please. Apollo, Houston, 

We'd like our spacecraft tc remain on Bravo and we'd Just like the 
Soyua Grander to set up 30 that he can apeak through his own spacecraft , 

simplex A on radio. 

ACDR Oh, Okay. I understand. 

USA (Garble) 

ACDR Vance, did you read that? 

CMP (Garble) . 

ACDR Okay. 

CC-H And 1*11 give you a call a minute or bo before Madrid. 

■ ACDR ■ Okay, ■■■■ ■ ■ ■ 

CKP (Russian) 

ACDR Okay. He wants simplex Alfa for the setup for the 
Soyuz commander, Moscow wants to talk to him over Madrid and set it up 

Tor 5 -.10. It's about 10 minutes. 5 plus 10. 

ACDR Go ahead, 

USA (Garble) 

Tiw> 081^ cor. 7S> 3' 

get to Madrid. 

J™ Sfi'KJ; . meht r un not. f«r /«■ »» 

have a chance, pi>W» 

him (USA) HC268A 

CC-H And I havft ft - ft flight plan noU for you. When you, 

have ft chance please oftll *e. 

ACOP Okay, Bo. What have you got on the flight plan 


CC-H At 76 hours and about kH minutes. 

ACDR Qo ahead, 

CG-H We understand the preald«nt of Ecuador and the am- 

bassadors of the United State* and the USSR will be visiting the Quito 
site during that pas*, These g«nt}*aen are President Rodriquef, Aabas- 
sador Brewster and Ambassador Qhlyapnikov. And I'll sp*U those if you 

ACDR. ¥eah, I got th* Brewster, 

qq-h Okay. Rodrique*: Roaeo, Oscar, Delta, Roaeo, India* 

Quebeck, Unifono, Echo, Zulu. Brewster and - - 
ACDR Okay. 

ec-H Sierra, Hotel, Una, Yankee, Alpha, Papa, Sector, 

India, Kilo, Oscar, Victor. 

AC0R Okay. I got those tvo and that's at 76: «0 something, 


CC „ K Roger. 76sU2 over qui to. And it's requests that 

you relay our thank a to Ecuador and it* people for their support to the 
AST Program after sending your greetings to the elation visitors. 

ACDR Will do. Be glad to. 

CC-H Thar* you . 

ACDR Oh Bo, one thing. On tne furnace ehutdovn, it's 

still too hot on that 8 e . 

ACDR We don't have the cool light yet. 

CC-H Roger. Understand. We don't want to shut it down 

until the start of the third transfer as per the noraal procedures. 

ACDR Okay, 

ACDR Okay. I told Alexey about the pass at Quito. We're 

all squared away. 

. CC-H ■' ■■ ■ ■ Roger. ■ 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Over. 

ACDR ' Oo ahead. 

C C-h Apollc, it seens that ve don't have any TV frott the 

OH and on panel 808 - 808 in the DM we would like TV station powers on 
for cameras - for TV stations 1 and 2 , 

ACDR Okay . 


ASTP (1-8A) MC269/1 

Thank &. »"» «• °« r«. 

front of the CMW „ ughf^ * U x,t ' Toa * of in 

ACPR Hoy's that, Bo? 

ve'U tell you t** w!. h * V ?, t0 \" % for th « to settle , ioVr 


hot «4 cold vater vitf thf food Ha^^ 1 " 8 th * ^ Putting 

CC " H S^ ger * Wf! "that. 

CC M l; * ay ' 
Madrid site. ' Attk A »* ve'r* Ju ,t about over the 

C ^ \TJ,Vt *'" 3W \ Ho l*° you Over.) 

r««dt Over.; 1 ^ 4 ' '"^ l - !•,. Hov do you 

■ CC-H ' _ 

you juat'try turning off JlXn" l ii*M* lng I"* ^ ther *' 

ACPR Yeah. hhts ' wd 8ee if that helps? 

^*1? CC 0?,r.) (S ° yUS 3 ' £cyuz *• Thl» i« Moncov. Hov do you 

Is that better? 

can see, it's a reflectiVo^nVs^^ V*" - I 

off the righthand one. I don't Jet toiaiif J* w ttl * r ** 1 horned off 

CC-H It , 8 t w! f iymore dcvn vh *« *V hand is. 

that's setting w ^ ^J^J* ™' ° r th * of the 

~™ (Russian) 


terminated, Ap ° Uc « K ° Uston ' V * ,d "k« the batter/ B charge 

ASTP (USA) HC2$>/2 

TU«> 0^113 COT, 73x53 OB? 


US3R (Garble) pover. Qo ahead. 

^ CJ)R okay. We got tha atrut light* ofT» 

SCDR (H^v 8oyu« 2 is ftUrtlng.) 

CC.H Apollo/Houston. It dot.n't loo* like the light*. 

H loo*» ltt» if* probably coming fro* thn vindova. If you ow g«t 
to the», appreciate your putting up the ahada. 

SCDR (Garble.) 

USA QSiAy. (Garble.) 

USA Hey, Ton? 

ACDR Ye* 1 ' • 

USA (Garble), there - 

ACDR Keep talking to Mw. 

USSR (Russian) , , . 

A?DR Okay, Bo. I fair* this stuff* coming in froa 

the right window over there - I **** the Xefthnnd vlndcar. 

CC-H Roger. W« agree. If you can gat to it, we 1 

appreciate you putting up^the shade. 

cc% ApSio!*Kouaton. If you're at the shade* » perhaps 

you could put It up in all the window* , And than we'll have constant 

USSR (Russian) 
SPEAKER (Garble.) 
iCDR Say again. Bo. 

put thai in all the windows, and then we could probably have constant 


USSR (Russian) 

a PEAK KB (Garble) 9-6-7-9-. Across the top - 


u„» ve rt» **** 

plus tt»» V s4 * 
8PKB ^oe; («wfMt> 

3PKB ** BB 


ACOB ° m > a Kl . ve vaU till the c«**r* 

rU clue you. , 0 Ju9t . a »^<?»4 vhU * W 


••f.le*. (Garble) 


. : CC-H 
»ec*r,i please. 

»rr>R ' ' 

Ho, ve're got to .m vetter, Jwi van- w 

S "TMtrt h So Sit with Moscow for 

ACD ; *og*r. Understand. ™ & MtT 

CC "\^ vou to i the UghU up on 5 ar.i 

■ fQuasian) ^. vi th Vance Bran* in the 

vords for the R isaia-. v ^ G; ^ aa* • ^ h03p H^Uy 

, 1 orbit ar.4 ve nave found very ft vftry auch 

Tht. i« W first ln a V 0 r. we »l.aU eat aud i thl* ™ 

£ re -bear* th. ^*; a ; t ;°i hlB food. It * everything lj 

would Uke t; try to ta * ^ , otve "^* lMng i. going very 

^ "cc"or ^ \f ^tU -oh other very veil. 

prc^e«a*'^ e founds, * e w ^ 

* Yl 0 f course* .« 4 

^ " " brea. fell off. ^J lMier . I thinK ve'H «Pon 

ACDB _ . that aoorv ve'U have 

? F -r ) , e «,re question , or. » ^ ^ 

have dinner. > . to a3 * one wore 4 

USSR 1 W *~, A o^cecrxft. H'» verv 

^Tre. V,ry comfortable .) 

A3TP (USA) MC2'fO/2 
Tiwr. 09*23 COT, f*»(63 GBT 

>,vtU«« with Vnci Brand «ho v*» vl.itijg, ^^^ m vftl7 HttL 
«*SVVr Su ' Jol* uTSo £ U«* Joint din- 

K left. Tho only ^c«dure th»t vj h^v ft tnU| ^ our joint U«», 

w*. have held several TV <50V0 ' a f°. ■"!"* hare t c approving, to 

for you r««i*er your • * J 9 of th4 eo yu* *nd ApoUo- »ov 

In. novltt - the Kuwlw people ft " " screen. The »m» Wnd 

ih« .»ovUt to see H on your g? lon . y *mrd*y. 

you vwld - yo-* i«M u , 10 Stafford and Deko »*«y ion J 

.... , ,-iv/ 1 or. presenting tft» *" < *T' i , you very wwh.i 

AM ^ I 211^1 fr^Uan people to you. 

< Garble) 

* <? The Apollo-Soyut. n v4 are beginning 

,«« »J^ r * ,!1 - ,t ( !lar hie) ^ couraee . S can't 

^uace food consists of •evenu w 
S?S Tno?e'» lome interference here.) 

even here ny s « tf • incr 


A8TP (l#A) Wm/l 

timi 09:33 CDT, 7^*13 pgr 


fer««f«\*^ u. (l "J?! 1 ? v * n b * w *' W««lf. Thtr«»« sooe inter- 
ference htr*. **coy t , 1? Soyut ?. Ho* do you read! ^ver) 

How do^ou read? oiir^ ^ 4ut °""* nc *' *Wi » SoyJ 2 , 

(I hear you normally,) 

Su Moa^ov thU is Soyuj 2, Hov do you read? Over,) 

£S £ Z° u ' Ut *° of yow * nla ™>" button? ) - 

USSR ?T£ va$ th * plc * ure (»rtU)t) 

vim sauerkraut . And - eon* people like fl r**r 
jw.rkrwt .oup (garble), s^nd cSSS^'Sv!^*: fo7t!. tMrd 

course we have Juice* , black current Juice „i?I «Zr vl llL c 0f l e 

eyer/thJng that U necessary in order to prepare this food al „v 

right, here is our unioue - kitten p »i v«™ t ' * 

verv eonv^u^ n«t ~; . ^ [ v * * '* r / small, mimaturited, 

rt irll ? 11 v Mn4 of nitchen. And I think that our house - housevifa 

at hoae »igh*. te envious of such a kitchen. Jf I can can this a 

first course, if* right her*. It 'a already heated Tnis tub 

heating it. 1 vould like to Mk Vance hov he like* our ,pao* food.) 
^ C Z , % des, very auch. I like, expecially, the cat* 

differenced " ° food " Th «™ iB «»t too ,uch of 7 

USSP thie evening ve ' re scheduled to be i n 

spacecraft, so we'll try your food.) to be in your 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. (Garble.) 

CC ~ H Apollo, Houston. Oo ahead, 

food HJSt POg * r ' Y0U Vant ^ eXey l ° 8iVe a ««»tary about 

CCH Roger. V? vould like - sone con-.^ntary by Alexey. 

USSR Toe. 

SFKR (Are you ready?) 

. SCDR (Soyui 2 is ready.) 

CC "? Apollo, Houston. We would like a coanentarv bv 

Alexey about space food, if he's ready ^mnentary Oy 

Vrt „. f C r H , Apollo comander, Houston. When you wove forward 
your hat corns into the picture and it cause a it to biooa lino 

^'' ; ;%o a od kH8t ° n pSr - el 3 that ' 6 CaUSi,!S U t0 ' Wt.' 

ACDR (Garble.) 

USSR (Russian) 

ACPR Are you reading Alexey? 

CC-H Negative. We have not re.<ii Alexey yet. 


09s 33 CDT, 7^13 GET 

ACCft Houston, *r« you reading AlewyT 

AC0R Looks lUe it 'a barbecued . even 5v*v*» in. «♦ t. 

SCDR (Garble.) 

Ff" H w « h « v * before, but not lately. Ana v* n** 

v*.t A( r R v 05wy " 1 thlnK th4t ' s ivitchei over t a 3ov« is 

into HoSon^ 1 "' WUld Vale, ' iy " * so h,\4\alK 

»• , ACDR ll >«y're taxing care of that, A^exey's con- 

■■■.won . (Russian)'' ■■ ■ 

OPSR (Kcv do you read? Over. 

not readi,* - - 1 °™ "* dejJr ** si ^ ve're 

SPKK (Garble.) 

Mt , . CMP v Teil y° u Bo. If y 0 u vant, vhUe ve're 

oveJ hfre ^ 8qU&red C& " taU 31 U ^ io * b °« our food 

CC * H . 4 Roger, Var.ce. That seer • like a goe4 idea. We've 

got a «ood picture of you and ve see you fi-.e. if youM, ii* to vou 
can call us about the Soviet food. * yo 

A ,° R AUcv " ht> y' Vance, teil aleriv that Alexev reads 

h iffl and tho rest of ua loud and clear, but ... 96n 't trwInU? 7 

-MP Okay, Bo. Well let's pre is on. 

. , ^ SF ' So in the third - in the third - truster vcu 

don't have to do 1'v coverage 11.1 froa the d .eking nodule. This is 
what M6. cw aaid Your TV - 11.1 TV sesaio, is eiSj m d vou 
io - did you copy?) ■ ■ ■ *■ 

^MT Okay, Bo. Let's start in the neal there. If 

>ou re all set. 1 think you co,! see - l thirk you can see that Vale- 
J" spread out a neal for us on the table. Ve have a little collapsible 

i it tie rubber band type devices, such that it won't float *way. Moat 
of the food coaes in either in tubec, auoh as vhet you see here, or 

Sa^hZri 1 ?! E tUna C ? n ' ,° r iU9t ln pack ^ 9 - ««^«ie Parages. 
w.I f 6Xanp3 ° ° f 8 ° Beth i n S i« cellophane package. It's 

bread Nov, also, there's a heater for heating up theae tubea. The 
heater'a over here on the vail. I don't kr.ov ff you can \Ttl aee it 


Tiw»i 09:33 COT, 7*«U <3KT 

H'» «tf»yhw, H»« «> electric Mater. And - Vftierly Juat a short ttM 
uo put two tubta o* ioup in ther«, and ho*t«d then up for u». And, 
It didn't u** ion« for th«* to h«»t up, to new Vta*riy»i Just op«ned 
up on© or hU tut>« *nd h«'» trying • HUH of thi« «oup. ThU i« 
called 8tcKi, Vary cpawn »nd delicious *oup. Incidentally, tn« - 



module i Mla *,r A *>*1°. Houston, oi iflf * v ** y «° od - 

SCOT h «™ ,i»pHi n8 . . 

SCDR ^ ' ; ' 

S*T I^IV^ h ° V do reset a e 7 

cartridges vith you n< y ° U 00:5,1 in h *»*e t«Xe vffK 
CMP o± r ' Cver ' ) 

thing. tfiri^^V' th * food Ju?k & \\ he Va/ yoy V **W 
the bread v b^V' ■ 0&UrS *' vtl1 ea*ti It il** VeJ1 
convenient letup V^rV" "Jr*" 4 U L° 1 *r. *S. 

think ve'U nrea. Jn !' Uh thafc '^less you hi!. ' 3 * ^ 

r C V P on Wld ««t. y, - u h *<* Nations, 1 

Ai ^r- - ;«! - «. - ... 

S H,'r ~'^r W ° f '-re. 

and ve , . . A POi*o, ■Houston. • »... . 

flight plan? Ukajr ' vua that tax, pi ace » lfi + 4 

SCDR S r " er ' 7^-55, Bo. 

U rea4 you veil.) 

ASTT (U8A) KC272/* 

tlmi 0^t*»3 CDT, 7^*23 QST 


* tt SC ? R 0k V' Houston* Ju«t o« - Bi*ht now Toa, Dekv and me *r* 

in the Apollo spacecraft, V* fill with lunch} it i« * good linen, i ii™ It 

^.JR^**« Mjfl^J*« y° u row 1 eat wy *££rho4^ifcwT^ 

very gooT and y*ry nfce old Trials, To» and Defce. Before I have beautiful 
dinner on Apollo spacecraft - in Apollo spacecraft. I have potato aoup. 
nrwberry and breed and a cold te*. 1 like it very Such. P 

iAnS ^ ^ 0<3 ' 1 r ** d y°« wry clearly.) 

* tPR M<* you get that on the tube? 

w U ; C :" , t Negative, Unfortunately, ve didn't iee that on TV, 
out we did understand it quite clearly. 

ACDR Okay. Qood. 

. . \ C * H Apollo, Houston, We think that the earlier problen 

with tne .'CBmunicatlon ray liavo been X h*\ Uu> Soyu» wa$ not properly con- 
figured for the transmission of Leonov'e voice down here 

ACDR Okay. 

A Apollo, Houaton. We think that it aay have been in 
thw node that th*/ talked over Madrid. 
ACPB Boger. 

u 114 W " H Apollo, Houston. There are 2 sinutes until ATS LOS, 

Ve»U nav? yoy out Val opa a J 

AODF Okay, And I'll get those TV cameras OFF, Bo. 

CC-ri Thank you. 

ACDR Sight now Alexey is finishing his desert eating 

strawberries . • ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ 

CC-H Understand, 
Ar-fi^f-liw '"^ 18 AP0l, ° Controi - U,3S of • i « r '» 1 through the 

IKv -iW- TAPE 

ASTP (USA) fc>2?3/l 

Tis*i 09:53 CD?, 7*»:33 GET 


PAO This is Apollo Control, Loss of signal through 

th* ATS-6 satel lite. Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft crossing the 
Indonesia Fepublic - the islands in the Republic of Indonesia, in 
the vestem Pacific. Sext station in approximately 6 minutes - Orroral 
Valley. Hovever , it appears that Orroral Valley vill not be called 
up - *hat it's #. rather lov elevation angle pass to the northeast of 
that station, *&d there is a range of mountains between the station 
and the grc^nd track of Soyuz and Apollo. AOS next revolution., on the 
Santiago, Chile trying station. And ATS-6 is 35 minutes away. If, 
per en ance, there are any -.roKnuni cations through Orroral Valley, ve will 
play rhose back on a delayed basis. This is Apollo Control, lUi^k 
ground elapsed tiae. 


7)?3/75 10:29 GDT ' 7 ^ :09 

S ? F 2t 1O it 0,l 'T der ^ did you copy th * t? ■ 

CC-H okfv ^ ^f 6 ^ 80* " marked out. 

by for their AOS. ^ ° nly thin « ls ^at you do have to stand 

ACDR Okay, Bo. 

nal through Santl^LJleJ^^iS: At " ^ ^ui-itlon si«- 
caai and responselnd ve're 6 ome S LTf S ft*** 1 * frC ° the fIr8t 
tion through ATS-6 Satellite L *w t h f lf , Blnut « ^om a,-quisi- 

stored on the recorder vh c X/hf 8X1(1 3 ° SeCOr ' ds ° n th * " 

10 ainutes. AFOll °' H ° USt0n throu « h ™lops for approximately 

ACM Roger> Through Wallops . 

-tU LOS. The nex^s^go ^.Jj 1 ^ 

ATS is'at 75:17. APOli °' H ° U3t ° n thr0 ^ h Se * tla «* « a short pass ; 
Af» Roger. Hey Bo, thie i9 Toa. 

ACD* ahead, air. 

of the tMrd tran^e^'Do'you'C 6 ^ 1 ;! ^ Vork1 ' ' <» «ep 2 
checuiat „ far a S reaving ?he 3 " .^.f Up Md *° thl. 

checklist noainally" 06 * 1 "" ^ llk& y ° U to do ever/thin* a9 in the 
cool uSi.,. on S0 vTcin Z' dlTu*™ is * S «d the furnace 

S^tiago, Chili pasl Thre^fa'Srii' V &t coa P le ^ 8 playback of 
through the aatellite ahTv* 3 faS5in g iy ** ^•Wftrom acquisition 

ACDR 5 P ^°' K0U8t ° n ^ nrou Sh ATS. Hov do you read? 

on p*Sl H l8l turne/on.^ 110 ' *' ^ ^ th * thr «* ™ ^ switches 
^ i think , hey , re an of( 

u -~ h Understand. 

AfP (USA) MC27V1 

7/r 8 e ; 75 l0:29 roT - 7 ?**<*r 

ACDR Apollo corasandsr, did vo„ M 

CC-H L 60tlt - Already 1°) , that7 

■ ^ for their AOS ^ ' ^ t i lj \?. a " ed out ■ 

Z R 8 18 that y - - 8tand 

nal throve S«rt i » ' niS 13 A POllo Control 

> a -V"» " % XT* • -tr lis - 

10 M sr- " Houston — - appro , fBttely 

»*» < Sf ae £S2S 

A,s J i5 75:17 - „ ' hsJSton ttew * « . 5ho „ PMS . 

rr_u "-«■.. r . Hey Bo 'v<„ . ' 

ACDR * lr 
c'A^h h,rd ^•'er/"^ 1 ^ 1 " Peking r»dul e vorkin- 

checklist nominally. ' f like you to do eVm , M 

ACDR " ' ej ^ hiil g as i.n the 

cool iight'g on 80 ^ temperature is ?A ^ 

CCA 8 °" e can €o do it. 13 29 degrees a«d the A, rn .„. 

E H ^ .can eli^*^ £ d 1 have <>ne deletion , 
Santi i^o, chili Caq " V 8 A ^ Uo Control/ ThAf * 

CC -» ii hln ? they ' re *H on Bo 

understand. °* 


ASTP (USA) MC275/1 

Time: 10:39 COT, 75:19 GET 


Apollo, Soyuz. How do you read me? 
I think step 3- 

Apollo, Soyuz. How do you read »ei 
(I hear you excellently. Stand by. ) 
What step are you doing now? 
(Step ?-.) 

Apollo, Houston. Over. 
Go ahead , Bo . 

I'-n - I'd like to check and see if the transfer 

V A r S DR Started 00 s"'it was - we started the transfer ti,e on 
schedule We had to go back and pick up the furnace sample and 
sien in a couple of books and things 










module . ) 
(garble) . 

preasurization. ) 

nodule up to ^90 millimeters.) 

Roger. I understand. 

fo7el. We're coning up on H» minutes transfer Use. 

But we'll be making it uj.. 

Okay. Hatch 2' s closed. 
(Hatch 2's closed. (Garble.)) 

(Valeriy. Scv I'a vortin* on step 7 in the docking 

Soyuz tunnel 2 pressure equalization. 

All done, Bo. Are you reading oK ay? 

Roger, Deke. We read ycu all rign.t. ^ 

Okay. Yeah, I got mixed up. Our (garble) says 

(Soyu- , this is Apollo. I as now beginning 

Rog^r. Understand, ^ 
Okay, Bo. We're presauritir.g the DM. 

(Soyuz, thS'i* Apollo. Pressure in the docking 


ASTP (USA) MC276/1 

Time: lO:^ CDT, 75:20 GET 


CC-H thi / iS Ton ' Hov *> read? 

Picture. ^ reSd y ° U a11 ri Sht, but we've lost our TV 

in here in both the ca^as he^^th^V^^ 3 Vere JUB * In " ™»* 
CC ~ H Roger. 

Go ahead, Bo. 

concurrence , we sugges^ou iTi^ ^ ^ * oi * and vith your 
integrity check. ^ ^ elioinate ^ cut short the hatch 2 pressure 

D.vtP f?^^ gr v eat - I<3V ve can press on. 

/our step 9 ? Over. ) ^ i8 ApCll °- E *«P 6 completed. HoV 3 

you have" in master, pW? H0U8t0h " COUld you tel1 * 9 vhlch camera 
CC^ ^ you call B e, Bo? 

Apollo, Hous - - 
CC H (Garble) ycu have an echo, 

in aaster at this liiX* 10 * Boxiston - c °^* /ou tell us vMch camera's 

conunanTLule or thi^nJ-SSiSi} 6 ' We y ° U CaUir '* th * 
time? 00 '" 000X1116 ° odule > vhlch !■ in wt.r at this 

CC H » ~ the S °y™ is in caster, Bo 

ACDR H J Bo- g ^ f Rn <- Ml ^ right. 

CC-H CO0 ° iand "»4ule. Hov do you read! 

camera into .lave. ***** We "*« the co^i nod.le 

S o\T , Van C :r an ^° dUle,fl in * iav *' 

number - step nuaber 9 ' r * ready f0r y° u *<> open hatch J» , 

sp K* ( Garble.) 

S J°\ you d0ir,g therc > v «ee? 

ACDR S 7f " t (G&r ^ le) 9 tep nuaber 9. 

5 ,.„ B J«oger. Understood. 

5 V KP (Garble.) 
*oduif an d lne soyu/^J (Pr * flsUr * equalization betveen the docking 

ACnS S ,?T ' HfttCh nU3,ber ^ opened. 

USSR Roger. 

A ° DH (I VU1 °P eft hftt ^ 3 when you are r«*dy.) 

A STP (USA) MC276/ 2 


SFE ,» ° USt awalt A03. 

JThia is Soyuz 2. ) 

SFS read you w ell. ) 


(Moscow this is Soyuz ? „ n , - 

/UZ c " Hov 'a the picture?) 


AST? (USA) MC277/1 

Tine: 10:59 CDT , 75 : 39 GET 






(Moscow, this is Soyuz 2. Hov is the picture! 
(How is it nov?) 

(rfhat did you want to say to him? 

I n showung Aloxey all the rish we have in tho docking 


(Apollo is ready . ) 
(Ready to open hatch 3?) 
(Hatch 3 is open. ) 
(Russian) ■ 
(Garble) ■ 

(Valeriy, do you need any nitrogen?) 

*"*oyoure.dT DockfnTmodule 
Docking module, read you loud and clear 

back cr. schedule « d *° " te ? ^ 1/>0 * 3 iike 

on hatch 2. ^^"'^ tne °n the rapid check 

(All right. ) 

And they don't need any nitrogen. 
Und.mand No nitrogen retired. 
He^o hour-ton, docking modulo. 

^erythmg is going smooth here. J« f € W^ 
Roger, He's listening. »*nryrl?) around there? 

. . ... ■ . . Okay. You Eight (c&rbli'O * ■. ... >. 

1 1 ' and than v- — ,., . ** aroi f> 1 vrist happened v. r| 4 *,+ 

J ^-- ^ "-oisaand aodule and docking 


It's about as as Von , >, f „ 
* 50th of a dogrce off. * " U 2l?ro » M Vbe It's u*» 

w »f> H better than Wvi'., ia . . t , 
Yeah, i- 7 V ;° 111 his ?«*«tior.V in^x Hn^"" 1 ' ** th " ™ ro linff ifl l*vrn near 

Ec>cr. He <-oyi«d. 
Lftught*?:- . 

'< thing. 




' Ir.r th»; 

AST? (USA) MC278/1 

Tine: 11 '.09 CDT, 75:^9 GET 

7/18/ ^ 

USSR (Garble) 

USSR (COMM chec>. at 19:? 1 *.) 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. How do ycu read me over in the 
orbital module"? 

CC-H Apollo coBtnander read you 5 by in the orbital module. 

ACDR Roger Bo. Read you 5 by. All connected up in the ■ 
COXV. over here in the CM. 

CC-H Understand. 

SFE Beke, hov do you read ne? 

[•;/? (Russian) Valeriy. 

USSR (This is Soyus. Hov do you read? Over.) 

CC-H Comnand nodule, Houston. 

DMP Oo bhead, Bo. 

USA Turn up the microphone (garble). 

CC-H We vould like the CNQ and CM2 pover off cn panel lBl. 

ACDR OXay. CK1 and 2 coining off. 


A3TP (USA) MC279/1 ■ 

Time: 11:19 COT. 75 = 59 GCT 



( Ovg r • ) ■ - 

Vance, hov do Valeriy , ho v do you hear 

{I read you excellently- va^eny , 

W .eriy. >~ do you read -1 I do n H ; ra a d ^ nov. ) 
Houston, Apollo. 
CC-H Apollo, 6° ahead. Valerly ' 0 having the sane 

ACDR Okay, Bo. fun- , but he can't 

trouble Alexoy had thU «rning. H can ^ ^ ^ do the 

transmit. But Vance and hin are goii s 

^ " , , ,v » ., noae we B~e gome, 

v~<v>r* vou close the hatch in case we 

bei0r !^« Roaer. Will do. _ , _ We us a shor 




*.. »•■ 


, , L 5. did you read that?) 
Roger. .1, * . ; ^' 
(We heard you right . ) 

(Thank you. < Hov do you read 

Houston, this is S°yu* c«i»a..-er. now 








(I read you loud and clear.) ^ ^ . ^ ^ i. 

1 e ive you voice conra; l» -' ' \ 
U!2 you (Russian) loud and clear.) 
How do you read .»e7 
(Loud and clear. Hov me?) 

I read you loud and clear. Ton. hQW do you 

ACDR Okay. I'll checX with .**cov. U-oscov, 

read ^ This 1. A^oT^ u'*.. * ^< *° ^ 

van t us the check hJS'you call, but I didn't hear 

, rw > {Moscow, Mosco, ttus ^ »~ 

„* , Mttv^e we're configured 

now?) j aon<l gct them anyplace. Maybe we r. 

ASTP (USA) MC279/2 ... 
Timet 11:19 CDT » 75^59 GET 

7/19/75 . - , . 

USSR (Russian) . 

rr M (Valeriy, Soyuz 2. I hear you well.) 

CcIm Soyuz, this is 11J. Laurov(?). On 19 you have -you 

using tbe hand button and also try to - Mopcov, can't hear Ton Turn on 
mike power on the control panel if it's not turned on. And also tak 

*™ ST C ° ntr01 £ SK P^^er's turned on. 

I. there . light aboard^interc^on . ) ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ _ ^ 

- Set^n touch wi^Moscow again.) ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

Hov me? 

Apollo, this ifl Moscow. Read you loud and clear. 


ASTP (USA) MC280/1 

Tine: 11:29 CDT , 76:09 GET 


ACDR (Moscov, Moscow, this is Apollo. How do you read 

me? > 

CC-M Apollo , this is Moscov. Read you real loud and 

clear. How me? Over. 

ACDR Roger. (Yea, I hear you excellently.) 

CC-H (Moscow, this is Houston. Hov do you rep.J me?) 

CC-M Loud and clear. How me? 

CC-M (All right . Our tests have been completed, fou 

can start yoiir tests . ) Leonov, this i3 Moscov. Hov do you read? 
SCDR Roger. Hatch h is closed. 

CC-M (Garble) 

CC-M Soyuz, (Russian) Soyuz f 'vussian) Tnis is Moscow. 

How do you read? 

SCDR Moscov, this is Soyuz. 1 hear ycu loud and clear. 

CC-M Roger. (I also read you veil.) 

■ SCDR ."Okay. ' 

ACDR Hello, Bob. Hov is it going? 

USA Quite a show, Toe. Quite a shov. 

CC-K (All right. Good, Tor, good.) 

CC-M Deke, docking nodule, docXing noiuie pilot. This is 

Moscow. Hov do you read? 

DMP ( I read you excellently. Hov do you hear?) 

CC-M (Deke, I also hear you veil. Soyuz 2, Moscov. Hov 

do you read? Over. Soyuz 2 , this is Moscov. Hov do you read? Over. 

USA (Alexey, are you ready to duap pressure in tunnel 2?) 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. There is less than a minute until 

LOS. AOS vtJl be at Orroral at 76:13 which is in about 2 minutes. 

USA Okay. (Roger. I understood you. ) 

3 CD? Deke, hatch nuzber U is closed. Ready for tunnel 2 


CC-M (Soyu?., this is Moscov. Soyuz, this is Moscov.) 

SCDR (Standing by Moscov. Hear you excellently. Second 

L <:--s check with Houston M-CC an 1 the USSR special J at group at ?0:18 
Moscow tine. Hov did you receive? Over. 

CC-M (Soyui, this ia Moscov. Hov did you receive? Over. 

Soy us » goyuz, this is Moscow, Hov did you rend second cores check at 

SCDR We reeei ved. 

CC-M Soya?, i, ve hear you nomslly. Second com cheek 

u» 20: J?, Over. (I've already given you the readbaek many Uses. 
Second t i re'e check 20 ? 19 • Over. ) 

CC-M (Well, you Just nov com* through to us. Before 

'..hat «e couldn't hear you. 

SCDR (Did you hear Soyufc 21) 

CC-M (No, Soyut, ve did not.) 

ACDR {Alexey, I an initiating integrity check of hatches} 
% and U - v 

.V I 

( Mt\*eev , this ia Soyuz. Hov do you read roe? 
CC-M (?oyu;. , thia is Moscow, Excellent ly. Hov do you 

read r.e '. Over. } 

3Ct>R (You didn't hear Soyuz 21) 

CC-M (Not - negative. We did not hear hir.. But there 

won't be any cowm there because nav I have no eoaaunica'Uoft with that 


j;w i:29CDT ' 76:09 get 

M-rt ^ou don't hej'M^')" 0 "' ^ 2 ls fbr you. Do you hear 

'^^tt« the ideals ^ou'S'it ™ 1' yOU ««"i„g the 9ignal 

W? aV i gSt afU ' r you vork to flL ? J * r6qUe6t for >' ou " 

VHF AM whenever necessary. ) "Msh - to turn OFF the 

loc Apollo, Houston. Therp sro ■ i,,-* 

*iV 3ee yoj at «i»"o at 76:U JUSt a fev 9econd s until 

Ro « ej -- VCrUfc. Thank you. 

KiD 0? TAPE 

ASTP (USA) MC281/1 

v m il)n U39 co *- 76:19 ™ 


PAO Th , 

follow ng till of Stat ^tics on t tH ^h^' 1 * ou ' 

number * ^ h °£ " up * point of Los or th* * C ° Pied th « 
began at 75:28 L ?\ at 75:2 5- Docking ^Jf™* 9 '? th » tr *<^ 
e ooyuz comander and knoll* ~ Hatch 3 opened at 7c.' 

"dale dcwn t o ^he . ??" fIro »«°'> /rt J dep- "^ ,r 4 «" recused 

Houston viii'i;! "I"? co "«8F0.ilent 8 covering I?-? f *u Ccr * r * rene « . in 

elapse, tla ., thJ , ^J*^** 

K3TP (USA) M"82/l 

Tin: 12:03 COT, 76:1.3 Oil 

7/18/15 „ . 76-1.3 ground elapsed time. 

This i» Atoll* O-^J Evador, and the AT6-6 
W sec^. ava, fro* •^^W.f&.'l"-™** Join; ; 
S at*llHe. Upc-J«£ SJ. heen fitted £ — » Yo Ihe 

r^TeT^ Houston -1. ^•ji.^.w* «» 

V^ers over . hair hour P«^ 8p ™ r lft ^ ^ „ 

^the'v i^tlr.s tea* of Soviet special s s Val^ jr ^ 

S h f i ^ ^trr^-doYorn/ed a, he W 

h*ve been able to bring the note 
,wb (Russian 1 
AC S icu vani us to go ahead t 

* !tt- qodreiquei. Al*^ to the r * " h for the wondeful help 

* ft t the -*it*. «e want tc lha * a^iir. Soui Test Project. 

a , ™rt~'hat you have given the Apoll , bo beaut iful country, 

0 „ y times and «= hope ^ ^ 

"""«.« '.S^l =a,«r. TV pcver <*. CM MM. 

fT^-Tr S" Cl 1 1 ' " U ° af f ord „ 4 ne in orMtal module 

5™n "i8 ht ncv ' T ^ a °„%ovu 2 -Apollo spacecraft. 
oC0H f u n aboard on boyu^ nr- r _ <. vovl 

£ Z th, people cr -a*,,, Than* 

v ;ry *uch for you ^tenuon.^ ^ ^ heUo theret 

ACDB Sfilo Houston, Apollo. 

ACDR rte „ „ A ,.,ton Go ahead. 

rp 4 Apollo, Houston. t through? 

g &d%r^".rrii^^ s -c. - „ 

he ard the* loud and £ear 

SLln! Module, Houston. 

J' ^T^e vb«n someone has the chance, ve 
CC-H /^"Jm clierk number f. TV power to ON. ^ — 

would IU*. on P^ 1 ^; i gofyour message on that, hut . ve ^ 

g et the camera co ™ e ^J; and . haa Valeriy's com been ^ 

ASTP (USA) MC282/2 

Time: 12:03 CDT, 76:43 GET 





Bermuda, At 76:52. 

tunnel 21 


1SI (garble). 
U Jii R 
' ;3FIj'.':.:; 

Yeah. Seeas to be. 
Tim , thank you. 

Apollo, Houston. Less thar. a minute until LOS, 
Command nodule pilot, Houston, How w«l8 the check of 
Apollo, Houston through Bermuda arid then ATS, Standi 
Okay, Bo, We have the power on dovh there nov on 

Vaieriy io you read me? 
{Okay, 1 read you veil.' 1 
Very veil . 

You want to drink soae Juice, Vaieriy? 
Yea . 

What about peer? 

ASTP (USA) MC283/1 

Time: 12:13 CDT, ?6:53 GET 


about beer? 

sre ■ . Oh. ■ ■ ' ' ■ • ■ 

ACDR Are you still with us Bo? 

«?K Sj!f; D f d y ° U hear Valer ^ that tine, 

the OOKM check with thTloyuf JS°ve M T A ™ COWra »» Ve ' U start 

n Roger. 
c ^ ? h Be, the DP. 

en up.Jnease sav aga^ 0 ' If y ° U V6re CallI ^> were brok- 

■:C-H S^; f -- /anC f is , re **y *° ^art (garble). 

^ fcse^io? ~ (garble) read the » Apollo. 

cSh Se^?' ?° y ° U reS * the orbi ^ module. Ov, 

•v_m i r-M /oa ioui vith an echo. Over. 

'"" '" toaanand module. Ho 1 "^™ vs^ w«_^i va 

you to v„n, the phone ntXe ioterconnict JwTich Sff 10 " V0Uld Uk * 
£r OXay, it's off. 

read?"" Ap0ll ° ccrajander ^ Soyuz, Houston. Hov d, you now 

~> 3, , Houston out. 
„.; t- J Yo <; still have the echo. 

V:~., Ve're reading you much better. 

l<r;r Full 


Apollo colander in Soyut, hov do you read Houstod 


™ {; J— • do you read?) 

you read a-?) * ' 15 1S Valerlv I*onov. I don't hear you. Kow 

(Sa^neVvlVVf U " 1 read y ° U "Silently.) 
■Ul here.) hW X ° Ur pitture hand va * very - very 9ue - : 

cessful here. ) 

sera (Svu^p fM U "- 2 \, Hotf do you r ^ d - ov "-) 

Give ne a count.) 7 2 tWa 13 Valeri * I hear you excellently, 

for JssL - u k e tSs*- 0 -* piCtUr * together vUh v *l*riy Leonov froa 

ASTP (USA) MC283/2 
Time: 12:13 CDT , 76:53 GET 
, 7/17/75 

S?E Houston, Houston'. 

SFE R tewtn/^^fr' TOK Staff0 "> -it down - - 

-J,* giving a countdovr.j 

; ■' SCDR ' ■ • ~~ — - • .. , 

CC-H I",?" ^ do ° kSn « «>d"le. DeXe Slayton behind you 

I' Apollo eoamander, Houston. 

r p .. Hew d0 - vou read the count? Ov»r. 

w«p / P ° 11 ° coa *ta**r, Houston. 

UbbR ( Hov do you reed the count? Over. } 

us>wrt Vance Brand - _ 

ACDR Go ahead, Bo. 

S J 0 ? Seea t0 be on mike there. 

„ We re on hot Bike. 

CC-K ?°*, S ° rry U vas Alexe y v ^ vas broaicasUne 

Houston? toeing .cdule pilot, Houston. Hov do yt^sd" " 


tT H J cger - Read you 5 by, Bo. 

™, That any better? 

CC-H -hat is better. 

^ _ Oka;/. 

CMP i dn „. t P ' 4l0U3tcrl - "ov do you read? 

rc ■ w * don,t hear :' cu transmitting! 

OK? x read , u " _ * il01 ' nous ton. r.ov do you read? 

- CC " H Wel1 Vance » you case through ve" 1 at M, a v„ ■ 

of your tran ?miss ion but then you cut out in^JdS rftS'ioT* 

™P Sfv b« 5 y ° U ' bUt VS d ° 7301 read Vance at all. 

r „ r r" 1 -'' Fov do you reau, 3o. 

count?"" Th&t tia * Ve **** c ^ly. could we have a short 

^;f- Roger. Read you clearly. 

r ' p K (We too'!} 4 "ad you excellently.) 

;;!:P R (Roger. Excellent.) 

( ;' ve «ive:. you a count, did you read it?) 
Hv, KTo us again pie™",?) ' 8 Vhy ***** again. 

<• 9.'lO. Hov did ^: a r 0 S) 2 *«ount. 1,2,3,.,,, 7 , 

'"" Ci \ R (Excellent. TharJt you ) 

rtCDR Okay. Stand by one. We'r* «mm *~.< - * 

cables tied up here. iU tr y in S ^ get the 

CC-H Roger. 

CC-M {Soyu?., Soy uz. This is Moscow. ) 



Time: 12:23 COT, 77:03 GET 



How do you read me?) 

CC-M ■ 

do you hear a.e? 


{Soyuz, Soyuz. This is Moscow.) 
(Soyuz, this io Moscow. How do you read? Over.; 
( Soyuz, Soyuz. This is Moscow, for COMM. Over.) 
(Moscow, this is Soyuz. I hear you excellently. 

Before this , you didn't hear?) 

(Roger. ) 

(Soyuz 2, this is Moscow 
(Moscow, this is Soyuz 2 

Over.) ,, , 

(Excellent. I hear you excellently.) 
(Apollo Cocxander, this is Moscow. How do you 

Hov do you read?) 
I hear you veil . 


Roger, Bob. Read you loud and clear. 
Roger, Tom. Read you loud and clear. 

Hov ae? 

Module Pilot, this is Moscow. How do you read? 


Loud and clear, Bob. Hov do you read? 
Roger, Yance. Loud and clear. Docking Module 

Pilot, this is Moscow. How do you read ne - DeKe7 

checks , all 3. 

Yeah. I read you 5 by 5, Bob. 
Roger, Deke. Read you loud and clear. 

Good eom»: 

Okay. Okay, Bo. We've had good coaa check with 
Moscow. Ani we're ready for one with you guys, I _ 

rr H Rcgev. We still have a few minutes left 

conference, and we would Just like to get this TV adjusted at this 

tiTLe, ACDR Okay. Tell me what you want vith it. - I've got 

it sitting where I thought « ^^I^^. (6ftrble ) Hold on one, 

PleaS CC-H Dcke, we'd ask you to take those cue cards dcvn. 

They cause the picture to blooa. 

copy, please? 
on TK camera 1 
conversation . 

■ 0o**v 

(Soyuz i, this is Moscow, for COMM. Would you 
To do TV 11.-?, at the 5Ute orbit. To switch on - - 

(Would you say again, please? You were interrupted.) 

(In order to 11.3 - TV 11.3, at the 5*th orbit, turn 
. And at 3V? - US 3^7/13 and cable 3W10.) 

(Unclear. Please repeat . ) 

(3l»7_I0-l and US 3U7-IO.) 

What do you got there r.ov, Bo? 

(Connect those cables together.) 

(Please don't hurry. We have - ve have a big 
I couldn't get the muabera down. So don't hurry-' 

me/75 33 C *> 77:03 G ET 

USSR Just a j,- c araer a .) 

«SA («S 34 7 i u « oore. 

' CC-7f (Garble ) n to *® 3*7 in x 

USSfl (Garble)' ^ 

USA (B 0ger \ 

.* - 0 V;4rF "* — . 

■iiJte *~ p„ there *«• ■ 

CC-3 ^ust a n aore ' 1 that Positi 0rj 

. j m> That lo okq 16 If ' '" 9 Vo *ld 

v ork out i n 

2fW (USA) HCMk/3 
* ime: 12-?* rrv> r,„ 
7/I8/75 ' 77; °3 0ET 

tne future for 

•»r govern^ v^ftf J 0 . 1 "? 4 -*""-!™ n£°t „ ° 00U °'''I«, 

Might Engineer kI^' Bo ' < (Garble } + 
MCC-Ji }J° ^ ou have a D i cture . 

MCC-« you, v^ rly ., 

MCC-M ; e4h » «e ahead. 

■SSTP (USA) MC28l!/l. 

th, Soviet pre38 cen^rL^^rBLf ^ tMrd ^^ion f roa 
have not L eard ^ r:ews J S of T for 3 davs nov, yon 

Ur "?W StS? ° Ver ' V0Uid like t0 hear f 'om u 

nevs. For exaapl,, it^be^nice 'to^eAi-^^ 81 " g °° d neva lns * ea <i of bad 
in many areas of the vorld, £»t t L ™ * worthing i 3 ^ peac X 
right at this moment, as ve really\e^ }? to « eth ^ 2 - 

al years. Ve think since the w^ r ^ ^ ♦ I ° Ver a C0Urse °f «ver- 
getting smaller. Ve vould lihHf JL th&t the world ^ been 

Thank you, Va^ce throu Sho«t the vorld. 

Mexey Leonov. Wherein ho^W S° 2* S ° yUZ comander 

-r threes V h ich ^^trJiSii^r ^ ^ 
conscience, the mndZX.^^**?* ^ " P th ««- So - «V 

You ha^ildren; J^t^J^^ Kubaaov. 
veil « all the children of the world? > -° theS1 <*» «P«*. aa . 

-he r future would be a peaceful one L ?ht*t? 80 thai thia - 

the lr paroata and - in happiness ,t ^ VOuld live vith 

all the children vho are nov ^ Vai " 1 v ouid like to wish to 

ity of th ?B ar<, tch0Cl a cMldret n' ?h° T iiVe ° n th * **** - the ™jor- 
to vleh. the* a ,ocd vacation so'tha" ItZ lllT T^™ " 1 
the ,peo«J B4 studies in 8cbool ■ ^t^rCe^X 1 ^^ f ^ 
M,C-M I "Hank you.) ° d ° f the . ) 

int.= c^Lratio, thte^^or^ ^7 T °° StaWort - taking 

-nv rertam^'^evS 1 ^*: *« been MXed 

ve Xr.ov the ia \Ui<f*o3 il - ft * Ve ' hin)t that - in fact 

ve ha/r j ut ov - nu^bo^ ; T; er the 3ci ^ific effort JJ« 

fro- thia fn> a both counsel" 6 8 k ^ ^ thBt are ^ to L derived 
benefits that'll b e derived^ t ^ ^ v-'n 1°^ eff ° rU " the total ^ 
have been .pent upon it. Over ar outsha *>v the costs tha* 

«d« .long UM S g t .. i^f? 8011 '•»'« ^r«i„ s . This ar»» lng „.7 


Tine: 12:23 CDT , 77:03 GET 


SCDR (As far aa the question, is to say. I have done many 

of the drawings here. For example, here's Tom Stafford. Itoes it look 

like him?) . 
MCC-M (Very much. Very excellent. Thoughtful . ) ■ 

3CDR (Nov I'll show you a very complete - a very young 

Stafford. Here he is, younger.) 

MCC-M (Excellent; exceptional.) 

SCDR (And one other person from Texas. This is our friend 

Deke Siavton. But the portrait of Vance Brand; I Just gave it to Ma 
and he is not here. So you see, here's a vhole coscvic portrait gallery 
in space. Thank you ver> much.) 

ycr-M Be, (garble). Thank you. Go ahead. 

HCC-H (Thank you.) The first question is for Toa Stafford. 
He- do you evaluate the operation of the Soyuz crev 


ASTP (USA) HC285/3 .. " 
\?ime: 12:^2 CDT, 7?: 22 GET 

00 - H (The next question is to - io for Alexey Leonov . 

Wiat type of space flight would you like to participate in the future?) 

d *» deeply convinced that all of us now - those 
tnat are flying aboard spacecraft and those who are not flying but vho 
are watching and listening to w - all of us are participants of only 
the beginning of a great human journey into outer space and there viil 
be all kinds of various space missions* in the future. Of course, I would 
like to once again to be aboard some other spacecraft which would be 
able to fly for a long tiiae around the earth so that with the eyes of 
an artist I could see the aulti-faceted appearance of our earth a very 
varied colors and appearances to forever retain it into memory and to 
give it to people. But also we would like - I would like to be at al- 
titudes higher than we are now. Troa there, the earth looks completely 
different. I think that at the beginning of our Journey - 1 think that 
x am at the beginning of my Journey and still we have - we have stfll a 
reserve of strength and age and I think we will participate in future 
apace sissions . ) 

MCC-H The next question is for General Stafford and it's 

tiie same as the one Colonel Leciov Juat answered. What kind of mis- 
sion would you two like to fly in space yourselves? 

ACDR Veil, you're talking about the next nission. "I vouid 

thin*, naturally, with the background and flight tests that you'd always 
like to fly a new and a better - well Eodern device and ve have one cok- 
ing along called the Shuttle and I would certainly like to fly that. 
And I would hope that if Alexey would have a vehicle developed by their 
country that we cculd fly nay-be in a Joint mission. And that would he 
why my wish that a'yis progress has always been a geonetric progresa and 
the benefits derived fron Science and technology have always helped all 
of cankind. t wouW hope <;hat the next mission - if I do fly one -- will 
be one of the nore code™ r.ype of vehicle that could have aore benefit 
for everybody, 

SCDR (And I also agree with Tote and I'd like to s&y that 

its- the spacecraft is one thing but another thing' is with whom vou're 
flying and r»d - this is what I'd like to point out, that I vculu iuwsy* 
iike to fly in space with friends to whom one trusts anrl who trusts in 
one and with whoa it is not dull to work with.) 

KCC-K The next question is also for General .it afford. Fron 

a practical standpoint, did you find talking to e\d. other i;, the listen- 
er's native tongue a desirable vay to cotsraunicate during th<» eo.T.tiicfct*d 
rendezvous and docking iaar.euvers? 

ACDR ^f course it is very inpertant) unci I ?.s*v cf course 

it was necessary again -. we developed this technique out of working to- 
gether over a ptiiod of nearly a year and that was over & year 
and a half ago that ve determined that, if we would listen to the other 
person speak in your own tongue, the individual would speaX slower, also 
oore distinctly, and would make fewer aietaXeH. And so it worked out beautiful 
as you saw in the rendezvous and the end results you saw on television 
and what you're seeing now is. U's also been a great experience for U3 

AEf? (USA) MC2&5/ 1 * 

Time: 12:U2 CDT, 77:22 GST 


« c rnr a« a - vav of conaunicating with each other. Over. 

as far as a vay 01 que3 tion to Alexey Leonov. How do you 

think £nat - how important do you ?Mnk tbe rescue capabilities that was 
V I 0 * , _ tM „ f-ncht will be in future apace missions?) 
demcmjtrat-i on ™* fi^^lX^ worXin/on the Apollo/Soyu* pro- 
war Ihe first part of our program was the working - out of a rescue s/s- 
f : B Snf iqnile andrygnaus docking unit and testing of that unit. 
S now we ^an ^hS wf have done - we have coveted ^or^art - 
Sasic part of this program. We have tested ** e f ^f/ n * ™ U J a3 ^ 
work well and thev hold us together tightly - strongly. Thi* was 
the Waning of a large effort in standardizing futw systens not Just 
vHh bo^h oux governments or both our countries because future space- 
crafts of Zr country and of the United States voul.V use such unzts 
Tut we wiU surest that other 

SarTzefdo king 1 ts o tna^'they Jould be able to perfonn any kind 

wZ* The next question is for Vance Brand. Sew thjt.A«r- 

icans Sve pet Russians in space on an international venture for the first 
tiS! w'nlt So you think the chances are for a Joint manned exploration of 

a ?1 *cm? 7 Vel1 1 - 1 tMnX frankl y that the ch<mcea sre very 



ASTP (USA) MC2&6/1 

Tin*: 12:57 CDT, 77=37 GET 


unn K Russians in apace on an international venture 

for tSefLt time. Shat do you think the chances are for a Joint u*nned 
exploration of a planet? ^ ^ ^ ^ 

goo d Z 1 don't thin, it will happen ri 6 ht -^VZllV 

it vould probably taxe at least 20 or 30 years oeio probably reason- 

t - th* Proeres, 1. aiva;,* »l faster than « 

W01 ' ld MCr H Thar* vou, Vance. The laat question is for General 

courtries, the comunications procedures and techniques coui. a u 

llZl 'ali'erf in SVti.torr of «. «, tM. and it vlU *« 

0Ver- v, r - „ Roger, Tor.. Thank you. That vaa the last question. 

x.» th. -^rr^.r^'s r«" e " „.> 

gpt back and continue your vor*. IPreaa comerem-e 

SPXR (Garble) 

HCC-K (Good ttigM . ' 

USSR Thank you very nuch. 

SPKR Thank you. 

gcDR valeriy, can you read ae7 

... , gpjj . • Loud and clear..' 

SCDR Thank you. 

f,F£ ■ Okay. 

CC _ K Command nodule, Houston. 


ASTP (USA) MC287/1 

Time: 13:00 CUT , 77 : lo GFV 

7/18/75 fcr 


Sjf and clear 


Valeriy, hov do you read ae? 

°" - ^ »>• ^ 3 TV pover 

DMp h CoinMnd aodule, Houston. 

CC H garble). 

the w crras ^ ve R ^ y^r^;^ 8 ^ P«>W« Wth one of 

871 in the DM and substitute it f • ^ ti£ 0aaiera that is "cv on 

«-H S^.^eTi-V:: 871 ^ °» Panel 11, 

;-5 (Garble.) S ln S?1 to onto 11. 

• '-'^--H And vou'li >i«iva ~« 

agam^as they are swapped ^connect the. and hook the* up 

you 4tave to holder 1^ 'fe^nu^^ 4 — , so 

out , nd ye have on other thing JtTj i s £ ? ^.l** Chan 6 e the » 
on the rignt instead of the left. 2 **» the should be 

c£f S:;.'t ; i v V /; 9 ' Sta ?^ * *** ^t « chert ♦ 

° * ° ne <° be looking o'ut the 

*22? Hey, Vaa-e - - 

J^J Houston, (garble). 
v ftcger. 

:c!h Apollo. Kow do you read? 

!^ -.-ouster, reads you loud and i r . 

^ l Garble) Jear if have a aoe-.ent 

? t ,; hey rtad yo« fint-, Tom. 

fl.,h yo , , on ;^; r ^^JJJ ("j***"* dead o, the Nikon 

out a ,,,re battery frr the m Y^"?' Y"". fitter ,ne. 

i,Mi i>S»h T thirl I 11 S 1,1 B 5- 

^ I ? U ?, £e ^* VeBther b&Ck ir ' »°<*«*nl 

76:,.. " e - J«t .bout to go we; ve'U be AOS at MIU 

Apollo, Houatoa throMg,, vallo^. Hov do you read? 

at . 



ASTP (USA) MC287/2 >' 
Time: 13:00 CDT , 77: ''0 GET 


( X SA He reads us. ' 

'"C-H .\oolio, Houston through Orroral. Hcv do you read? 


Time: *- - - 


>A0 , r , . t 

ATS-6 satellite 8 A P°Ho Control 

Wai Valley t r"lr iSU r essf,a ^tipt et °f Si * nal "'rough 

va- only abo!f *? tr * " t ,acKi^ g « t " ' ""^ 

Unsuccessful in ta t?M? vf OVe the h °J*izo n ^ 0 J ln Aust rali B . That 

wove SOH e »iZ::T & iTo e a r\ act * tf.; ; L of that "«'o». 

through that «t*.»f< • rora Me *"ritt IsIa-,* t * ava «on angle, 
'"-flight Joint p^V" Fi0rida ' ^in w* area ' «**«itio„ 

control centers were «iTST ^ ApolXo • Quest! ~ * onunan ^rs aboard 

• 77:52 «°p^ t,« Md 1< " u "* "•«• n-i. il ? Apouo'^r 

f«r is ~ -. ■ 


ASTP (USA) MC289/1 ' 

Time: 13:'*0 CDT , 78:20 GET 


PAO Apollo Control. Ground elapsed tins 78 hours 20 

minutes. 56 - 36 minutes away from the Ulh transfer of the Doyua and 
Apollo crews, with Kubaaov and Slayton going to the Soyuz. On this 
pa38 across the States, Deke Slayton will be performing the Earth 
Observation Experiment. As Apollo crosses the Yucatan Peninsula, he 
will take photographs, looking for the eddies in the Yucatan Channel. 
And also, as the spacecraft passes over the Gulf, he'll be trying to 
determine if he can photograph and visually observe the Florida current 
in the strait of Florida. As Apollo passes over Taapa, he'il be asked 
to describe whether or not he's able to see the Red Tide, west of 
Tarspa Bay. And again, Red Tide will be the object of photographs as 
the vehicle pass»3 over the Cape Cod area. On this pass up the east 
coast, Vanc» Brand will describe in Russian, as he photographs in 
television, as the vehicle passes up the east coast of the United 
States. Acquisition in 39 seconds, through MI LA. Vfe'.U bring the 
line up for Cap - Capcoa Bo - 

CC-r. - Apollo. Over. 

CMP Roger, Houston. Hew do you read? 

CC-V. Rcger. We read you loud and clear. We need th*> 

ciiiccra 3w:!.:h'.'i .js: , cii lb* . 

C'TP Okay. We have all 3 on. 

(•■'.;] R.ger. We're not petting any IV here yet. We should, 

;m a fie^oni, ar/i I ciii tell you about the picture. 

Or-V. ''orxiar-d Module i'llc* , Houston. Ve have about fi 

9;>-.;econ-J wait here, until ve get a varr.up. Lvt rae give you a bit -\f 
a weather triefiRg . Florida locks like it wilt probably be clear, as 
will New Y..rk. Put tt.ere are quite a few clouds over the middle 

Atlantic coast . 

<•}'? Oka;/. 

i-i.'}- "kay. "- --.Mi &oc the coast of the U.S. cording un. 

f ; Van.;?, w»'re getting a good picture. You're clear 

* Start, your tour. 

i-Ki}' ' { iwa day, -Sear friends. Vc find ourselves nnv - 

'f>:; (Garble) your p*,one rnkf? connect switch to "•:< . 

r.PFAKV'R (Garble. ) 

r>kv «<5t thft phone rvike on, Bo.. 
a isrr.v, Uii? t '.. ! oyu?.. Kuv lo y^u read w'') 

r'ft ' I.--ar t.p*;"visi ~r. viewer. a of the .for if t • *n i <jf. . A* 

it v»'r'- going 'a :.'>hc ft liM> tour over "he easMfrn 
,.■ t.p .;'r<t,'fl. 'ihis i : a f.-finu\e 'cur, ;'in>'0 vt'i-? nyirp. 

Jf™ (USA) HC289/2 
?/Ta)n 3:h ° CDT > 78:30 GET 

climate in Florida nh , 

f .h.? -,0 {T ^e state of 

•-7»» f rAT V tattles t h ! j /ir «mi a la a v 

if '*r. ;v fort J h&r ' k .vou, vail 
fc ' W SAW 

a 1m. S ^' ° th * north and i n tN> ^ ♦ 

. r r«© -center of 

ASTP (USA) MC290/1 
7/l8/7 5 13:5 ° ^ 78:30 GET 

CMP t ' ' 

Our scree*, » e saw a L^f ^f^? t0 thS N ° rth 6/1(1 iri the center of 
enough.) & l0t ° f illness, So v e couldn't really teU you 

2 C ~ H (Russian) 
CMP Rog. 

USSR ? T ha l k /r ^ V — • 

USSR (l ot »uv;ii, ranee, 

so you^ceuld measure s£e c^the^nln^ s'eV) * geoio « i8t »»«e , 

that? °Over) (l ^^'^ "nderetan* you.' Why don't you repeat 

if (^at^:^ 1 )' 3:37 f^e,.) 


(Russian i 


^iuifi'uun. BOdttle ' Ho ' JSton ' Standing by for ATS 

S« You *hould have it, 3o. 

Cl -* And ArJt t connectors hooked up.) 

to POO at this time P ' houston - We "ke to reaind you ,o 

St£ (Russian) 

TOO aft'L ti«e. APOll " , H0USt0n ' We;d llk0 to you to go to 


^Jf .. 03ta * • have POO 

Thanfc you. 

P''-)S CHe connected - connected 3U7.IO to TK 7 . ) 

™* (^I^) ^ vho's calling^) 

{What's. the natter?) 

/ T ....... . . . . . 


f ft: 


f '.ft* 

!l roger that. ) 
'"*o ahead, 
•Just a reminder 

,j. f .. : : ' bluiimbi - 

13 • " jv *> *» «•» -»> 

over ..h<,„. VOUlJ : ' ou "y •««•«• Vou cut out 


ASTP (USA) VC290/2 • 
'Time: 13:50 CDT, 78:30 GET 
7/18/75 , 

CC-K Apollo commander, Houston. 

4CDR Go ahead, Bo. 

r ' C -H I toov you don't have a docking module checklist, 

but on this next trans! er on step number 26 ve would like you to 
delete the steps where you take the DM/Soyuz tunnel vent isolation and 
open it, and a DM Soyuz tunnel vent to vent. I'll caII thooe out 
*gain when we get into the transfer. A/>d the reason is, that Soyuz is 
going to be performing a check on the tunnel 2 integrity and ve do not 
want this dumped to tunnel 2 vent, to vacuum. 

ACDR Okay, Roger. Do you vant to take it out and get to 

the nomal pressure down to - norrc pressure minus to 60? 

CC "H It goes Javn to 50 and then we'll Just leave it there 

and we'll finish it at some later tine. 

ACDR Okay , I understand that you Just vant us to 

take it to 50. 

CC-H Roger. ' 

ACDn Okay , real good. 

MS ■ ■ '.(Garble). . 


ASTP (USA) MC391/i 

Acra 2£er 00 ""ow- 

Set,S c - thg30 « W y ^"*"' ** C< "« «"« P™e»tation of 

CC-H (Russian) 
Command r 

CC-H ( ° arble > 

"» S-»™, th^bv.eol t7£ " V ° UM »*• to repeat yo, to chec* 
^ v (Russian) 

sssir" 11 "- " ott,t -- *«■ 

to 3/ Coacand nodule, Houston Th.t 

ACM , w * ^ the m thuabwheel 

CC-H » 30 " You ready? 

«, JSi ... ... e ,. ■ ".if^r *« 

Fovernnen»"« . States °" Aw-ic* ♦ ^ to P re9e "t to you 

CC-H i d0 ™»4 •»?) 

!*«" **ccv ti R r:° 5 7 b : V torlf,M e f r t ! 1<?Vi9l °^ friend, i# . f „ h , . , 
^ Still lower, 4 litUe 

the • . .UilO I'-'eSOnl tin© nnh no ,l u „ 

well * 40,3 ™Pi^v grovfn* RJ to of * K>x of 

an i vorv r»ti f a i ». \ * "« • 'in pine trt?«*i ',*>.«.. -v. , , • A 

torritorv b,? 1 " * fio0: ' *l«"»to vhen thev 7 ° Uld ftrov V '-T 

-)-oh„ , uy , j: viS »^ - ^^%^T'»"^4 f .^;. 

' ASTP (USA) MC291/2 / 
Time: H, :0 0 COT, 78:1*0 OF" 

S°5r - had t„ J^ilTn^Tc ^ * h ^ ■«»«,.« 

of tiae. We had to do a aeries of tiJJJ 8 10 a ver * Waited amount 

board our spacecraft. Ail Jhis rJ£~l alS ° Vatch the •yste.ToT 

careful observations. Also "J US I ^ Careful Storing, verT 
series of reports, -till ^ t ^. W l ° ^ fo ™ * 

betveen the two .pao-eraff. Iftri ^ I" 6 ° nly ^ People here 

enough people to do all the thin£ 'ZllTl//: that '» not 
X v to do it.) rungs -nat ve had to do, cut ve had to find 

CC D H ° kay ' Hou3ton - 

5 ^tcin^ ° f ^* -^-"n our^ thP " J ° inir ' g the «^«on. tfe go t 

SCDR CO T nd iyjdu]e garble). 

* ■ • t#fh0 turned it off? V- . M i, v , 
vut " Ci *n>-oouy. ; -ea-".!/ ^«ouxan't have anything 

Cr'J Vance, hov do you read? 

>, ' Dekft, hov : do. you read? 


ASTP. (USA) MC292/1 
Time: 1^ : 10 CDT , 78: 50 GET 

ACDR Deke, how do you read? 

CC-H Apollo Commander, Houston . 

ACDR Okay. 2 vas Just trying to get through to see if 

the - Deke or Vance are putting the dias together with Valeriv. We're 
going to say something ou TV an<3 X vas listening to {garble} 

CC-H Roger. 

USA (Garble) 

CC-H Cooaand Module, Houston. 

CMP Go ahead. 

CC ~ H w e see you there vith the medallion and ve'd like 

to have the filter adjusted so that the couch lights don't blossom in 
the pic, ure . 

CM? (Yea, ve don't have the filter. Roger. J 

CC-H And Command Module, Houston. We'll be standing by 

for the clock sync in 3 oinutes here. 

CC ~ H Conraand Module, Houston. We didn't hear you, although 

you looked like you vere talking to us here Just a ninute ago. 

ACDR Vane?-, hov do you read, I haven't teer readine voy 

at all. ' ' ' " . ' ■■■ ft ' 

CKP -'^ay Houston. Heading you loud and clear and Ton 

reading you loud and clear. 

ACDR Okay, i can read yon non, 

CC-H r--'ger. Ve can understand you now, Vance and we'd 

•suggest you got tne clock sync r.n time and then proceed vith some 
of these other activities. 
: .CMP Okeydoke. 

CMP (Soyuz, this is Apollo.) ■ 

SCDR • (Garble nov do you read fist' 

C? f [Go** Alexey. We've got about l<) seconds to tir.e sync. 

:, p dotting count dovr. nov, 7, 6, 5, l t 3, 2, l, MARK. 

>'CDR We are' synchronized. 

■; That's good. } 
• CC-H We ccpy that clock sync. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston - cr Cormond Module, Kv-.-.'^n. 

CMP Go. ahead . 

'""~ !{ " h * lights are in - ir. our picture are tloBSomtng 

i-re-ty badly, perhaps you could either get the filters on trea or block 
: hen in. soae Manner. 

CMf ? > iter* ar.«! on, Ho . 

Vp're looking fur t»:c Mg caaera filter, 

CO'-H Understand. 

A - Tp H °y Vane**, it vi\a either back on the eft* in 605 or in F2. 

CHF- . Pager. Not- in 

CC-H rcaaand Module, >'ou*ton. Ve ho - heard the Apollo 

Coenander hofor<™ »8k for n »>et of Jiik^n batteries, to wave y:u the 
problem of looking up vherft they are, they're in B5. 

Tifce: U:20 CUT, 79:00 GET 
Date: 7/16/75 

Cc-H Command Module, Houston. We hold - heard the Apollo 

ebmnander, before ask for set of Nikon batteries , to save you the problem 

of looking up where they are, they're in B-5. 

ACDR Got you. 

ACDR Okay, Bo, if you're reading, I got the 35 flash 

battery. . 

Cc-H Negative, we did not read, but we do now, thank you. 

CC-ri Apollo Commander, Houston. 

ACDR Go ahead, Bo. 

CC-K Looks like you're having fur, - if you'd like to tell 

us about any of the things you're dc'ns, we'd be anxious to hew. 

A"D« Oh, okav. - well, we're Just finishing up - the 

third period up here, and - relaxing a little bit. We've had a wonderful 
experience hero. And Alexey , and I are looking at the procedures to 

f,i thrcugh now We also had a f-naek. 

rc-H 'We saw the snack* 

Ac;>fi Bo, are yoj sending ifco TV over to the Soviet Union 

nt Miis* ti !.".»:• ^ Over. ^ ■■ . ■ ■ . ; , 

:'C-: ! rs-.gcr. All the 7V wo g»-\, gee? to the 2'-". lei 'jni^n. 

ACDf. I'd like ',c Just say hello to the people there. 

CC-\i I think we 'vs. - got tinw. 

ACl.\s Ckay. It will *ake about a minute or two. 

rc-H Fr-g-sr. I think w«'ve got. the line. 

ACPR i'Jv&r Soviet television v J evert, allow me 86 the 

representative of the Vnitei otates of Anerica to trftnamitt to you 
be-s* regard, fr-^n the fe;pie ->f the United States. This is e ha s py tin* 
for't'se crew. We»r* happy, very happy to receive - to he together 

h-rf- in the flrat international flight after two year* of Joint preparatt 
•suid * raining. We astronauts, and eopfficnauts, - not only - not only nnv* 
v-rkcl * get her, but we've bsc;r,o geed friends. T'ta sure that our Joint 
w;r'., frivr.5*Mr, wi:i continue, even after this flight. I too an sure 
• ■ - ' ::■ vir-vcrr, '.ha* *Mr- f 1 1 * will -r*n the way to further 

.-A'.ior-' ar:'i frienSttnip better, --ur '-Vv countries. Trie - yestt-. Say 1 : 5 

vi.^'-.hiT -.g* '.hat wert en yesterday in our flight and today b* a good 
'W-t* i-:r btth J ':ur p"",p1e?. Tn ar.k you, and g.iod luckJ 

'"':«>«.!{ (Russian) . , ' 

;»•: ^iy, B-.>, or*; yen reading the I'M? 

r -:?*!, ■l-i'jkire t- -j-,3\i 1 pil.:l, reAd you 1 urJ a* -J 

'•/j- K av, rfhi '!. • r IV JO you want b*iofc h-re. 

■ .'•„'« v.--.: knvw,' and l'a *mj , "d to check the editor am! we 

u ' t.^hi;*- here right this r'. nule. 

•J3SP Ladies and £e»U <>non of ?he uresa. You can Bee 

wf'-i ir.e Ten Siaffvrd, the eoyuz - A^oilo coEaaander. 

ASTP (USA) MC29 1 */! 

Time: lU:32 CUT, 79:12 GET 


DMP —(garble) which the TOM or TV do ycu want back in 

h#re. We took one out you know. I'm supposed to check the monitor and 
we've got nothing here right this minute yet. 

SCT>R Ladies and gentlemen of the press. You can see with ce 

Tom Stafford Soyuz Apollo Ccsasnander. Today in space the orbital module 
of the Soyuz spacecraft the representatives of two countries Soviet Union 
and the United States - United States and Soviet Union. We are conducting 
our Soviet - our Joint with American flight because our people have - our 
govenaents wants to work tether in spirit of cooperation between our 
countries, because in order (garble in American and in the Soviet Union did 
a great job to sake this flight possible. We worked together during - for 
2-1/2 years. We - 1 know each other very well. I know Tom Stafford, Deke 
Slayton, and V&nce Brand like a. very hard-werking guys*. We like tc work 
together again. Before our joint flight we were a lot of tines in the 
United States and their American astronauts were a lot of tirae r in the 
Soviet Union. Zvcrytizne we knew each other better and better. We know a 
lot about American people - ibout American customs. We know what the 
American f*~P-* «v.l. I az very glad that today we work, we are working 
in srace together with our good friends, Too, Deke, and Vance. I'm sur^ 
♦hat our Joint night is • K» e i ~f very great cooperation in 
space. Thank you very much. 

; -C~H (Thank ; very much Alexey.) 

"C-K Docking nodule pilot, Hou3tor. . 

'•'MI' Go ahead, 3o. 

'-'-'-i' reke, vi would Like you to place the camera in the 

pc-j i t i <.>i-i of -i 7 i where you get the old one out. 
t'M? Yeah i but which one? 

J 1 - 1 -*- vant to replace the one underneath 71 that v&s 


that van in the TSB that should have gone c-n 

poai 1 1 ' !! i i - - 

^'FKB Hey Lex*, (garble) - 

~ ~ — into Ml , because you took the one fror. H ' 

' W .. . , . l thought you wanted the TSB (garble) because it 

was »; "ra5 'i-i-rs, 

'•■*V< Okay. 

Poger, it U but. w'ft think it will work belter its the m. 

Deke, htv do' you read Ret 

W« ( G arb 1 e ) n ow ? 

. .*-T (Ru?.sri ftn: 

ECDFt (How 4c ycu read fcet) 

Cft-Jl Cosasand fcodulc, Houston, 

So ahead, Sc. (Garble). I'm in the DM. 

fSTP (USA) KCZy!,/2 

a sein please v« 4 . Co " B " a nd Module Piint * in 

hE /0u h «* quite a bit of &\° r ^""S Module Fiw 

,Mp J understand you're putt," 7 * to W statin 

CH J e f • that', Uere you Lff " 00 H71 ■ 

«o LOS . 

(USA) w»95/l 
/ ; 7/13/75 15 ' 1 '' ™' 79; 5 1 ' GET 

Through Vang Uard for _ . 
( ^ssian) 7 unites, 


■nutes . 


DMP , 

r*n^u Houston A--'' 

(g. Alc)pre , ^Ui^te^. 

/Russian)' *« a ™A<M seven: 
Houston A — * " ■ ■ 

"o g «.; Vl - «• , 0 bc ^ "J ■« «. ^ 

cmp ^uo, Hc>ust0 „ Wr ^'"mm™. 

Right. r ' Jtrs ^> you're ln thc-jicr^H • 

-a <5k V . ?;% ° nuS 401 then 



VTA °*V . So. 

Cn-u Garble) 


Apollo ffeustAn 

- - 3te P 2 f,. ,„ > , *h*n ATS, 

ASTP (USA) MC295/2 

Tina; IJjli, CDT, 79 » 5^ GET 


^ WP Standing by for your info on step 

, t . CC ~* Roger. Where it s«y« AC DM Soyuz tunnel vent i»r> 

UUon OPEN an* UK Soyuz tunne! vent VENT erosa Iblse t£ sills oT 

25*. that iater Uarbie) - 

DM? Okay, 


USSR (Garble). 

USSR (Russia) 

W*P (Garble) 

«SSB (Russian) 

USSR (what time did you say?) 

>m or tape 

ASTP (USA) M0296/1 

Time: 15 1& CPT, 80:05 GET 


yggp (what time did you say?) 

USSR Ut is 5^:^0 - Bravo.) 

CC-K Command nsodule pilot, Houaton. 

°rf « Tn ?our d fl^t plan down on page ^ . there's a note 

S"? ft t« 60 decrees vfvould like to change that to 100 degree* . 
to Allien to 60 ^ eft ' At W 5 0: , l4 roll left 100 degreea instead of 


CC-H Roger. 
USSR (Russian) 

SS (SS'Si. to sleep see m ore but v. don't nave the 

ti»e. Sst night we only got five hours actually. .If. oka,. We feel 
prett^gooi.) Qn p&nel l8l vo vould like 

the three TV <-*~^^uie , ^ ^ m<; the three 

TV camera rover switches on panel l8l turned on. 
CMP They're on Bo. 

CC-H Thank you. 

^SR Yes.lSoyM. We're experimenting (garble) with 

(gartaeWiquid ""roge^ ye , re getting a goc4 picture of you there 

in the conciand module. 
CM P Okay. 

S OxS; Bo. We're hooking up the TV car-eras in 

the orbital, nodule to DM 1 on the docking module. 
CC _H Thank you for the report. 

HeT^ (garble) svitching the*e things is that we've 

after ve got through with the svitcmng aru (G ftrbl .^ 

right cameras but they're going to roach in difierent ^ar 

^A H £a?'. DM 2 power's ON and that's the power that 

goes into the orbital module 1, Bo. ^ 

Zr^ST'lm-X soe, into «. orM,* .dl. 

now. , 
CC-H Understand. 


A3TP (U;5A) MC29?/i 
Dftxe: T/ 10/75 

USA (garble) 

ACDR Bo, hc« do you v«ad me now? 

CC-H Apoilo, Cowaander, we read you fine. 

ACDfi Okay, I'm hooked up back on the docking aodule audio. 

CC-H Understand, 

USSR (garble) 

CC-H Coaaand module, Houston. 

CMP Go ahead. 

CC-H On panel number 10, we would like to check the yhj- , 

FM. thumbwheel no higher than 3- . , , , , 

' Cjjp Okay, you're echoing - echoing, but, understand on 

i and 10 The VHP - VHP FM thumbwheels on 3. ^ , , 

CC-H Negative on panel 10. Panel 10 only. VHF thunbwheel 

° n 3 'cMP Okay, you're echoing badly, but I tx>k that to mean 
those two pa"* 18 VHr thvabvheel on FM on 3. 

CC-H Negative, only on 10. 

CMP For sure. Thank you. 

ACDR Tnat'f. good. 

CC _ K And the S band thuabwheel all the way decrease. 

CMP Vhich thiBBbvheei? 

CC-H 3 -b arid decrease. 

For oure, S-band decrease. It's already there. 

Full decrease. 

' ' CC^-H' '"'■'■'""■■Roger. ■■ Copy.".'" 

CC I H Ccsaaand moduli.-, Houston. Are we «ti 11 echoing? 

CMP He, you Just got rid of it, Bo. 

CC-H Thank you. 

ACDR Sound good now Be. 

CC-H Thank you. 

cc _u Docking nodule, Houston. Are your televisions set 

up vet so that we can turn on the TV in the DM? 

DM? Roger, you're all set. Yea, they've been up for a while 

Bo. They're already turned on. , 
CC-H Thank you. 

Cc-H CocHcand module, Houston. 

CMP Go ahead. ; -. ■ 

CC . H on panel 181, we'd like you to check or verify that 

the CM-EM caaera power bw itch is OH. 

CMP Okay. Yea, that's verJfied. It's ON. 

CC-H Thank you. 

TV station select is on CM however. Would yci uku 

that ^UP TEL^RY^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 
CM? You've got it. 

CC _H And docking aodule, we have a good picture. 

DMP • 


AST? (USA) W298/1 

Time* COT, 80:21* OCT 


MB (Russian) 

DMP (Russian) (We hope - -) 

DMP (Ve wish you the best of success. I'm sure that 
we've opened u>>5 a new era in history of man. 

D HP " . (Our next meeting will be on the ground.) 

DMP (Step 20, Valeriy.) 

gvE 20 is completed. 

DMP Hey Vance, do you read? 

DMP Vance, you read? 

r}>\> Yea, I read. Go ahead Deke . 

DMP Okay they're delivering (garble) 6 VHF FM to RECEIVE , 
AM OFF , audio control NORMAL, veri IV power OFF. 

CM? Okay. That should work. 

CMF Power coaing OFF now. 

DMP Ck&y Vance. At (garble) FM PR, AM PR (ga.-ble. 


ASTP (USA) HC299/1 

Time* 15 1 5 1 * CDT, 80t3U GET 

Date; 7/19/75 

ACDR (Yeah, this is 

ACDR Okay, Bo. Vale 

thing3 set up for the EVA eclipse. 


















Roger. Copy. 
Solar eclipse. 

Okay, They're closing hatch >s . 
Roger. We see it oo TV. 

(Garble) is closed, hatch 3 la closed (garble) 
Hatch 3 is closed. , ■ . 

Vance, you read? 

Vance, you resd? Read' vis? Hello, there. 
Vance, hov do you readt 
Vance, you read? 

Soyuz , how do you read ne? 
Houston, read you. 
Hov do you read. Ton? 

Loud and clear, Vance. , 
Okay, I assume you got the cable disconnected o*ay. 
Yeah', right, yeah, the cable's disconnected . We 

Okay, ve mu9t be out of configuration. Didn't get it 
Okay , Vance would ?. ou set MASTER on the CM camera? 
Roger, MASTER on the CM. 


7/?8V 6!< * CD *y *»kU 0SS7 


CMP touaton, - . ' 

5S" * 4£ P52 Cor „ u . 

lhe Pr«$ure i„ tl { ^u?., this i B ' 

U8SH in tun " el *. over. > Ap ° 21c • We're gettina , 

ACDfi **«r. Copy. nS ***** to DU^P 

f«n«. ^ ert /011 ?o a , x .« the pressure ) 

CC-a J»P*r idea. mght » vha ^ do you JhinM* ' «° ahe *« and 

"V "Enough, a 80 ' J'.'™ '*« it ■,, """'""Inj 

iwsR ;f oyuz > this lB » 

CMP <;?«1 good.) Ap ° Uo ' Hov d0 y0u 

?AQ 0J ^ a y. fc h ° M neuver for soW . 

Ki ««w. Final fa Ap0ll ° Control «■„ , 0ri «tati 0 „ . ) 

7.20 P . a . centr<a ^^/^Cor^n, 

^:SiSS^r.f§i^ ... _ 

AST? 'dSA) MC^i-'-. 

vi th y«>" v. «fc 3:50 - 

ujitloo through Vw.^'iV^^f ""en, daylight «„. We xt 
*i tine Ao hours « '.. ■ nunutes and 50 secondr *f 

- .o fi> this Is A W llo Con"o ^ Brouml 



ASTP fU8A) MC301/1 

Timet 16:23 COT, 8i?03 GET 

Y/ 18/7 3 

PAO ApoHo contf ' , Ground elapsed time 81 hours , 3 

minutes. Acquisition coming througn Vanguard , * brief pass. A low elevation 
of only 5 degrees. The crevs have closed out hatch 3 and U, and the Apollo 
crev completing closeout right now housekeeping in the docking roodule 
before returning to the comnand nodule for the rest of the evening. 
Sleep period begina at 7:20 a.m. eastern daylight tine vith wake up 
Saturday morning at 3f20 a.m. eastern daylight time. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Through Vanguard for five and a half 


ACDS Koger, Bo. We're in the middle of the purge now. 

CC-H Say again, Ten. You were very low. 

ACDR Roger. We are purging the DM now. We'll be able to 

drop the pressure ehortly. 

CC-H Understand. You're purging the DM. 

CC-H Docking module, Houston. h*ave you heard from the 

Soyuj. concerning their integrity check? 

P?^ Roger. They said theirs was good. 

CC-H Understand. 

But we're Just going to stand by with that pressure 

we got in here until ve hear from thera - you knc.v, as far aa dropping 
the rest of the way. That's no problem. We'll go ahead and - we're 
gonne equalize with the coaitand nodule shortly. 

CC-H Roger. Ve agree. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. There is less than a minute until 

LOS at Vanguard. We'll see you at Goldstone at 8l:22. 

ACDR Okay, Goldstone. 

PAO Apollo control. Ground eiaosed ti::e 81 hours, 1? 

minutes. Loss of signal through Vanguard. Next acquisition in 9 minutes 
t«? seconds, will be the Goldstone tracking station. Tom Stafford completing 
a closeout of the docking module, transferring equipment back to the 
comsittnd module. They've got approximate ly — 

?A0 Apollo control. Ground elapsed time ol hours, 13 

minutes. Acquisition through Goldstone in 9 minutes. Tom Stafford 
completing oloseout of the clo/klng cvolule. Approximately 20-some 
minutes left to complete ^Is task. Then the crew vill settle down for eveni 
meal am» an early rest >>eriod. The c/ev has only fad 5 hours sleep last 
night, and 5 and 1/2 hours sleep the "Aight before. Plight director Weil 
Hutchinson jelling his flight controllers that he would like to have tne 
crev g.-s to bi'd early tonight. Hext acquisition in 8 minutes and 33 seconds. 
At ground elapsed time 81 hours, 13 ninutes this is Apollo control. 


of Grumman Aerospace Corporation. On • ™* f ^p^nt froa the 

docking «odul* into the cw« l^tor i« Heil Hutchinson. 

Cap Co.. »<* '^SWtS! "eXlo at Gorton, for 6 minute. 

Hello DicK h^-eyo^ yQu? 

CC-H Hi , Tom. I JfJ^f JJri had a good day today. 

ACDB . 5«t - everyti»no I turned cn 

CC - H v, f tne W "o^U «. P*" in * the vord around the 

the radio or watched the TV, «» a J°^ ded re&1 goo d. 
country about you five guys. It QUt pretty good. It 

firnn We 11 tn * tlire ,». f„n but it va3 all 

«. crowded - the «.»». • «» »P*-"»" v " 

- .-en, » lMlie Ulw 

t m holding the probe and we ve gov v 
rr k Okay . , . 

£ C -K »t ■ "uoJ- do^ou read « ~ * W6t 

MCC-H O"™ 4 -., cot !~ jlVfor our Information ve vere 

vondsrin* if Al «w h.. ca ed o e £ jt-d ^ _ ^ ^ ^ 

to dump tunnel 2 after cneir » 

part of it. . he ackno vled 6 ed that our integrity 

ACDR hG * J* v recheck with him agftin. 

check was okay - I'll check. I ve ve , e Just U» for awhile 

CC " H „ - tS'-as gating that ti« where you . ght 

ftn'< we noticed tne Use -as g j . , , And Aoollc , Houston. «e r0 
"\eard and ve vere J»* vonderl^ (n a „„ ut , 

3 0 seconds fro- WS Alonec* vlth hi., W*. 

fV-H Okay. . lRtJfle( i tioe &1 hours, 28 

So Apollo Control, ground elapsed^ confirffiing to 

nlnutel? Acquisition coming in 5 -i cent er, that the 
^director, Keil Hutchinson ^"^J^U , qu alUed at 5 PSI . 
docking module and command Dick Truly, Truly counting 

And Ton S^fford discussing with , C »J ft ™ d indicating the time line 
J£ things went so vail J^^^iSt veil. Slavxor. stowing away 

S^^ened^^ " *" 


away . 

ing nodule, 
in the tunnel... 

CC-H 0k y 

._ T ^ ,:SS^S^^^^^^msm^mmmSMMiM^M 

ASTP (USA) MC302/2 a ^ 
Time j \G-M CW , 8l:21 GET 

Interfox.nce coming from apparently IK ar.a «U j. ^^f" 
tondon. Next acquisition viU be in U •i-utOT. V e 11 hold ,he line up 
£r tMs pas* as Apollo/Boy u* conclude tho U7th revolution. 



ASTP J USA) t«30*i/l 

Time: 16:31 (JlT, 8\;31 OKT 

Data; 7/18/75 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Newfoundland for 1 minutes. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston, AOS In Newfoundland for 2 minutes - 

for 7 minute*, excuse »e. 
USA Soger. 

CC-H ; . And Apollo , Houston. Judt so we can keep our records 

straight, vender - if we neuld varify a couple of switches. One ie on pans! 
i6l - lik* Jo varify the the TV amplifier has been put to bypnss. 

OMP That's verified Dick, 

OC-h And the other one is - when ve had data which ve 

don't have rifcht now here at Newfoundland - it didn't look like we had 
started the - or gotten the waste stowage vent valve to vent. So, we'd 
just liice to verify tha- those 2 callouta about 61 hours in the flight 
plan ir, Ihe CF's coiuiro in the flight plan had gjtten done. 

. Yea, that's done, we have the attachment en the 
waste vent, and - the vent is open. 

CC-H Okay, real fine. We'll be locking up on ATS here 

very shortly. Sonsetiree this evening, I've got a new block data pad 
for you. c'o at your convenience when somebody gets cut the up- 
daieli book I'll be *lud to read it up. 

USA Okay, waybe we — 

ACDR Soyui, Apollo. (Pus si an) 

tj^SR (Russian) 


A5TP <U3A) W30*>/1 

Time: 17:01 COT, $1'M OJTt 


USSR (Russian) 

USSR (Rur.sian) 

USSR (Riwsibn) 

CO-H (Ruasian) 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We've befcn having sojse discussion 

cn the ground here as to wh&t is causing the echo that you've been heari 
I a» presently tranoaltting siao 8 EAND through the aatellite arid VHP 
through the Madrid tracking v.&Uor.. Wanted to get a voire check vlth 
you and see if you'vh got an erho nov. 

ACDR . We've got a heck of an echo, Dick. 

USSR {Russian) 

CC-H Okay. Fine Toe. Stand by. 

CC-H Okay. Apollo, Houston. Nov we're configured where 

f/l,e VHF uplink is inhibited at Khdrid and I "a transacting only S BAJiD 
through the satellite. How do you read and how's the echo? 

ACDR You're reading loud and clear, Dick. And there's 

iVaoJutely no echo. 

CC-H Okay. Copy. Thank you very asuch. 


ASW (USA) MCJ05/1 

w!Kn" ,a CBr> ai!51 *» 

that's a 7 i!? t Pe r Cent *»«»teuif S ier g 2°f t0 «»• vast. 

A*d i-n t i ae 1 1 * 30 if W'a'd like ?o S ?+ 00 " Vhlle v « have 
CMP i-i i* 1 chec Wl*t yet? " °' ve Ve ™ voider- 

S "» - T « uX ~' - - « 

that vato>> *u y * wd J ue t an id«»A 

cc-„ ^ v « 11 »»t the 8e ,. onaary 

CC-H 7 ' 70,1 "aiing us? wnltor loM. 

>«g you , ^ a ?r tM - . thJr . k thst vas you ^ 

DN?' f "- v - -*<•• Copy. 

CC-H ~. . 8 that 8 h «PPentnR 

<W <>eke. Thank, for letting us knou 
fJilD OF TAPE ' 

*wt (U8A) mm/ 1 

7/16/75 ' 

think in* ^bout -low u m ' v * ~ U»y'r* *t«§4y ^ ukf? ,W,0M 

AC08 v ' 

^ °*V« * 0k V . ^ -«wM«> br«4k«r in • 

incidently the .m'lii « * 'thmk you fa» 

" » .bout t»(V »lnutt» *«»^ \tk«i to h«*r **» %Vr« 

ready. H*. J»f ^ 0 <* ^ 

ACDF ww 

7/18/75 0 . llt _ B km AT8 W>8 and ve'f« 


ASTP (USA) HC3jW/i ™ 

11 m apoxio «^j*«^n^ste^ 
.j^ii 0 with ^ • i< °? t }!j , aSi s tScJS h»v^u. c ^ nl 

thU i* Apollo Control. 


Dtttt 7/19/75 fc i» D8 «d Wto*™. 

m or TAPB 

CC-H ^ fih rt pass for 

w lnuU». Apollo^ *or* 

2 mUUtes. Houston ^ io v ^ oVftV f f a f /evfo^Al^ i» 
le of WinJet hero an* 

PAO * through « oi *V c 0 M «on4» . JJ 5 g »t*UH«« 


Apollo. Houator.. ^ u * n 

CC ' H Th*n it vm ok»y. Hw do /0U read nov* 

ACDR SaJ. Apollo. H*ufV». Hov 

v , 3 honing th^ U^«« tainng 6bout .«»tMng 
give ^ call ,-^ r> 


A8TP <USA> HO 313/1 

<Vi«*; 16*35 CPT, 83tl5 OCT 


t-CH ApoUo, Houston, 

•» p£? «* X'v jTi lUUf thin*. ■* «J«" * h tK' ^ 
Swiff U 5 .U t!; f» to - start *1"ngJ* you »b out iht ». And 

re »V echo ^ ft 8<;con4 p ^ Me< 

,v h Apollo, Houston hov 4c you read ngv? 

ACDR U-s loud and eletr, wit untU I get * peacU. 

o,>-h Okay, real fiMi Tern, 

procedure which is ent tied H,CHOj P»«J' *J *J J, m the P?0 2 ia 

Jh»t ^^"SJi^: ? U you ci change th*t nu^r 

greater than 2U0 «illU»ters, ini» / M r . An4 . lf that - 

to «• vwt to punp up th J_ ^VwL wlJTtht CAWIOH and WARNING 

and then «M1 vhat veM ^«st U 6 ff^^^^Ling the 

,,,1 don't worry Wck in fcUl va3 170 to ISO, when I left 

V? ,„ ,JSwi*.r than that except for those transients. 
t» I'v<> never seen n «"v 1U " C1 "**»«*" . n ~ Y/>n ni^h* - - 

Okay, m«yV»e cur gage - - 
. . ^v-M ■ ■ ' .Okay? 
; '5, ST MU'tX^t tt* th.n. on= 

tr ?; U 'n" g° *»" tiM - 81,0 

U ^ u^mr yo„. o;tW) th>t , e ^ ^ rlght ww _ 

A8TP (U3A) MCJU/a 

m«t i8»35 COT, S3 i 15 OET 


«v h Okay, another thing out of tfc* pr«»l**P J 1 **"** 

m *. ^ ■» x*a™ « . ™»> io $ - su. 

bfttunr roarings that's B«uy, And the tvo Fim? o»tw*w, ^ 

'* 37 CC-Vi Okay, apund* real good* Juat * «*c°nd w iocK 

down tay Its'- hare. 

"? A H two Picvas of thing. T n«*d to g*t up to you, 

CC-H Okay, real fine. 

ACDR (Garble) 

acdr Starting to dump now. Thank 

CC-H Oka>s I'U call you back vhan to secure it. Thank 

y ° U " DMP Okay. Dl-A. I've got the supplemental and I> 

on Vance'* W her ^^ i ^\ h0 c ^nt Seke - the first on* 1. on 
page 1-26. 

OkS' over th.rt in the It ft, coluan for 4ay 5. ~»1 

raisin and spice cereal. 

ST, Say! ^n y i C »ti B tfttr SaU™, «,. 

f w .l then 1» i« «•»! Chtrli. iei «" rruit cocXt " 11 - 

S* E - »* va* , W», I «»t you to 

...K, - ch«w?:««tly to day 9. Mel* A, 1. .rt c. 

5& SS: e « r in the oth " lMns 

I n.™ here U a blcA 4.t. pad f« the , 

SSI n^W^ fU atart vi» HOU, : 



CC _ H I'm sovry Tom we - 

ACDR °k«y • _ 

CC _ H Are you ready to copy i 

ACDR Go ahead. 

CC-H Okay. 

Okay, yea, ahead. 
Okay , starting with HOWf 3 r - 



A3TP (USA) MC3lMi 

TUat 19(53 COT, 83*33 GET 


CC-H I'» »orry Torn* V« - . 

ACDR Okay. 

CC*H Are you r*ad to copy? ; 

ACDR Oo ah«ad, 

CC-H Okay, 

ACDR Okay, ye«h, go a/>$*d. 

CC-H Okay, starting vith NOUN 33, W9, 38* 3<*, »inu* 1989. 

plus OOOO, plus 0213, 00-., 331, 352, 1820, 0008, i9fl, 1560?, 25773, 
2705. Tho second H«» thare, th* NOiBt 66 i« KA, tn,nli angle 397, '/1»2, 
3235, 3536. pitta 1U75, wtmw i6i»25. And Tom, before yon go ahead and 
do your readback, ve're at th* point whare ve can atop the vaatv vt>t*r 

ACDH OX ay , waste water <iump OFF. 

CC-H Okay, I understand you've secured the vast* vatar 

dyap and I'm ready tc hear the - - 
ACDB (Garbl«) 

ACDR Vance is at work on that. I assused (garble). 


CC-H Okay, fin*. Now - and I'm ready for the readback, 

ACDR OH ay, 129, 38, 3l, alnus 1989, plus ail balls, plus 

0215, 00t, 331, 352, 1830, :>00e, 198, 1566. , 2**/73, 255?, 2705. NA. 
297, 0»2, 3235, 3536, plus l>»75 6nd ainu; i6U25. Over. 

ACDR Okaj,', good rff&<3baek. Incidental iy, I forgot to tall 

you, this is for rev 78. *>.id I've got three reaarlw for you on the pad. 
Number 1, it's an orbital REFSKMAT. Huaker 2, the CMSM set is yav right 
to 037 degrees. And note 3 >a a flOUN 1*8, the trims or pitch trim ia 
plus 0-.ll, yo.w trim minus O.63. And the weights are as *"oliows: CSM, 
26650, Docking Module, $620. Over. 

AC DS Okay, readback rev 7£, orbital REF3MMAT CMSM yav 

right 037 degrees, NOUH 5,8, pitch plus Oil, yaw ad but O63. Weight 
CSM 26650, DM J*62, aver. 

CC-H Okay that's a good re-.iback. I missed one thing 

In the flight plan, supplement on the mea'.H, but it'a not important 
to git it up tonight. If you still have the book there, I'll give it 
to you. Otherwise, I'll catch it later. 

DMP I've got the book right here. Go ahead. Okay, 

again it's atili in the sace section. It 'a in Vance's and it's the 
first one for day 7, which is on page 1026, Deke, up there in meal alpha. 

CMP Okay. Go ahead. 

CC-H Okay, Stand by Just a - oh okay. Fjccusc- me. Oka;/. 

Day 7, seal alphr,, you need to put a 2 aftrr the breakfast roll and do 
the sam*r thing n^ain on the next page to day 11. 

DM? Okay . 

CC-H Oka:.-, let me get off the line here in a eecend. I 

think that's almost all the official things I have. I do havt some news 
here in a second but let >ae come back to you. 

ACDR Okay . 

CC-H Apollo, Houstoi.. That's all the official business . 

ASM* (USA) HG3W/2 

we h*v*. kf«» v * got about 20 aoro minutes left in th« <n +m. a*w 

problem. Well first rt r v '"a" 1 ' *'+ , * n * * »ure so no 

'I^ thV'i* Ju»t - they foil,™ 2* y£ leuJitiS 

f*"* 1 ^ 8t « r,i V Price eortroJs expiring A«£u»i 31 w 11 
continue thresh the enl of the v*»r. p*r- >- 1 J 

u <, ^'™ Mr « Dppartawf,t say the vom recession since 

V*S started T^lf ^ t>nded b * tV ™> «* "21 IS 1 m Wry 

orders that ^U«U States Navy to .Uvllo! a S 1 W^^ , hM 

b«.- w.% rt i Ml .mo .Si's, sow,", s tt M r 

ass ?«£r«w-* 

A«r C„ the Ort t «4 ptcitsd . Jp (r<>11114 ™ both \£E rt«..T 

riv«« in the we.t.m dlvaion. vhlle the "ed Sorts gSoeJ I fuij ««i 

1 f. r -JL iff. gMa " tn li,e VMt *"« the Pe " ^ *» ^ »n.l 

^' ess "">; '"ley '-i«ssic gold to-jriwuKnt. He r*d» 6 VomIm 

traded bv n-ft L^Jl n?l n ywar hFL v et^ran, Thm-aJay veo 

tr<ided by^the Dallas Covboys to the San Francisco te'ers in exchange 
for undisclosed do! - - exenange 


A3TF (U3A) mWl 

CC "* ( * Wy*p4e» <wid » 10 year XFL veteran SWs iw 

for *n undl.p;*.* high draft choice, Tfc t f» the end of I hVvT* 
:*re in front of ** for the new, tonight. a!kt, \£ thiol th tt I Znt.A 

a* nor accident *„vn at th* <*ape regains in very good shape. She's 

*>ing to be re« M «d in th* n**t couple of three day*. She wis able 
to watch the lawwU out the window of the hospital Voo», An* for Si of 
you, your fjnlUe, are doing real fin,. 1^y\nJvyed the SiS vjry 
awh and naturally are very interested a* the days of th* «u t i oa » tv. 

^ 4 Vn&nX /ou, Dte!i, 

r CDP , , *r.*nX8 a lot for a complete report, Pick. Dies, it's 

U*k a re!»l l„ng day as yo:» can tell, and J also want to think yen 
i*r all ue work you did a-, getting a,\l theac Joint aetlvjtiv »h»n« 
g^ng when you car.* on Ward. * 

- . v «"» thanXs , Tor very auch. Jt - today sur* turned 

cm right, i v«8 tf ?ae all day of course, but when X got in here and 
saw you ^guys after thU long day wero exactlyon schedule, I knew it had 

CC r H Apollo, Houston, It has been a long day. Ve have 

tve *•» Jlers f then I<» going to go ahead and sign off and 1*11 .lust 
** «*n*ln« rest of this A?S pa». V* want to «ak e sure 

ve aeactivate the secondaiy evaporator prior to you going to bed. The 
procedure*, page i-16 of the system checklist. Also ve want to be 
sure and turn off the secondary loop PWp , We'll - ve have about - okay 
we have about u or 1* minute* left in this ATS paea and I'll be aif iZ 
here standing by but I <o»'t any we calls 3c yoVg^s V swifed 

away and go to ned and ve'll see you bright and early J, the^S^? 

'vMP ukay Dick. We'll see you in the a^nin?, 

vC " K Okay. Occ-d night , all of you, 

*W Okay. Buenas nochea. 

?A0 Apollo control. Ground elapsed tine «'* >.3urs Uf- 

Kiirxts with a good night froc cap craw DU* 'IruJy, 7k* ki'-Mlc crew 
settles down for their last night being docked with Soy«. 7ooorr5w 
another busy s V , especially for i*?ke Hiaytcn who wil} be Pvjr.g 
cc^M ^dule after -^dooking froa i?oyuz at ground elapael "time oVr.oure 
ana h2 nUut^s. He will riy the ^ceeraft arowi Scyui to gatherVta 

? ul * ra -^^ ; et abaorbtion experiment and redock again with Soy Ua 
at 96 nours and 2o ninutea, whereby the crew - the two vehicles vUl 
stay docked for approximately 3 hours and undocX for the fina\ maneuver 
away fro. Soyui ^ 99 hours and 6 minutes. Several Joint ^.perinents 
will be perforised toaorrov and the final separation of the two 
vehicles is scheduled for ground elapsed tine of 102 hours and 16 minutes, 
^ight director Neil Hutchinson polling hie flight controllers here and 
wfcing and receiving from the flight controllers a GO for the crew to 

m? (USA) MC3U/8 

. ft mtl- eari y tout . V«U1 hav« lo«» of through 

v« h*v« lo*» of vlth AT8-6. 


ASTP (USA) K0316/1 • , . 

Time: 19:13 CDT, 83:53 GET 


• cc-H Apollo, Houston. We can still hear - see that you're 

•till up because we can see the purge going on in the DM. I just wanted 
to be aure and remind you to get the furnace started. 

PAO R ApoUo Control. Ground elapsed time 83 hours, 59 

r^.« «r <;i!rrml *hrouRh ATS-6 satellite. The crew apparently 

norning for the Apollo crev to begin ^. n J^ h f Several 

cuLtinn vill be at 3:20 a.m., central dayllgra t *r.e. """^ : , 
Zil [f & :^eZeni) betng conducted tomorrow in addition to the ultra- 
itoie/absorpUon experiment , which will have docking *>dule P o 
Me SlSton! piloting the command module around the Soyuz craft in 
See aet&rat/aaneuvers. And final separation from Soyuz coning at 
ground el£ei uL of 102 hours and 16 minutes Again wake up tine 
«t VPO a q central daylight tine, Saturday. The crev naa 
i i Sven li? go ahead'o go to'.lSep for the night And at ground elapsed 
tiS of 6b hours and 1 minute, this is Apollo Control. 


■ '/ > ■ 

ASTP (USA) MC31* A ' ■ 
Time: 19=53 CUT. 8U:33?ET 


„ d Soyu, presently «"^™ 5 "tE^^Si™™. vill^rob.bly t*. 
briefing «"Y* Ce?lfgft a n"e tin* for that. a. flight 

place around 8:30. we ll get. a "'•^ oftpl ., lf , nn a t 3:00 p. a. central 
Slrector Don Puddy arrives, ^.^^i be a sconce briefing, 
daylight time in the uin ^ditoriun ^project scientist. Dr. Farouk 
and that vlll be with Dr. Ton Gjuli. A STP P r <>J inves tigator for 

El Baz, of the Smithsonian ^^t ion, he D J. c . stuart Bovyer; he's 
the 136 Earth Observations and ..apping. HeUum Qrov experi „ 

principal Invert! gator for the Extreme Fredric V oubur, from 

Lr.t,, MA083 and 08e, from ^"^or fcr^e 128 Geodynsnlcs experiment. 
Goddam; he's principal inves tigat or Jor a ^ 

And Bob Snyder, Robert Snyder from ^ all '_\ he y<AOl0 multipurpose 
about the two Marshall experinetns on board ^ briefing 

furnace, and the MA011 Electrophoresis x.erinent ^ ^ 

again will take P^'.^t^;^^ occur here very *oon at mission 
»^ ri ™oJT« r^rt e vm be at 8 5 : 3 U .round elapsed tiae. 

At 8^:3S this is Apollo Contro*. 


"STP (USA) MC313/1 - 

7A?; T5 S1:50 cdt - 85:30 ™ 

Apollo Control. The t^ *' 3 ° nlr " utes ground elated ti™ -m, ' 
on Soyuz r^voluti^ 50 ^ aCecra< ^ Presently over w« ? e £ Tut J,' iS 
Ageing fllght d^Sor, H el T2L a | Cha,,8e ° f SMft > r^'iS - 
■•in auditors. ^ ^41^^^ 10 nlnute's "t^" 

status report vili be *t fl* ™ ' 1 ft scheduled for 9 D - -■■■«„ 
Apollo Control. " 86:30 « r6und lapsed tine. At 6^:31 thiTit 


Time: 21 J5 CDT, 85:35 OEi 

7/18/75 • ' _ ' 

" pA0 - . &5 hours, 35 minutes .round elapsed tine. This ^ 

.^Control. We have . correction U , ^ to the -.ti- ^ 
this evening's change of shift. Neil n - l repe£l t, this evening 

be the tine rather than <, as announce * Sutchinson, nov 

2KXl°- for^^M au^or^ -'85:35 S-nd elapsed 
Ur£ this is Apollo Control. 


ASTP (USA) KC320/1 _ 
Tioe: .\ 21:09 COT, 85 :U9 0B3T 

Date: T/lS/75 . . . ' // . \\ 

PArt ' 85 hours, "»»9 minutes ground el*>sed time. This 

is ApoUo Control. We've got about 1 ninute v6rM of recorded „r to 
is Kpoxj-M v, i n inutes,«go. 
ground, which took P^^ tori> tBlking ,. t y0 u through Guan for 
3n-inutes. Sorry to give you ft coll but , (©fble) 

lr\ llollT*™toK. Talking at you through Cuan 

, CC T Sorrfxo give you a call, but CMC doesn't put the cabin 

£essur"e TA£ ^ suggest *™ close your waste stowage vent 

^CC-H Apollo , Houston. - On™ V—!™^ 

was condng down pretty iov, and the u2 the rellef 

the waste stovage vent valve closed. Also maxe sure ^ ^ 

valves of the EM are buttoned «P„"»^«^' * ™ "hat off, if ve 

left * ^X^usT J'g 'to F^cAin. An* also 

can - and - oecauee it * ^st *oi ag to * uS a little 

if vou can get the Rotable inlfet val\e e^osea w 
of water, we'd appreciate it "aignt. rMOrd <ng. we'll probably 

PA0 That's tne end of tne ™ co ™-?« back fol i OV ing 

have wre -corded ajr to grouna t J cSS«. ' configurati 

the presa conference, *o crew Cp^. *n ' ^ tea here as the 

charv.cs. They're goir* to try ^J^ t >%tve ninutes from now we'll have 
AtsM1*> *rrip* A'^f over </OJ,dstone. *i-oui. live « 1I " iV . , „,, iTr 

changtoShift with Heal Hutchinson froa the naih audllbriur.. 


: ASTP (USA) MC321/J, ' ■ .• ' 

Apcllo control w^-- T 8 ' 32 Routes ground i»l B . „ 

■h">ge cf shift brie EL £' OUnJ ^ Pl*« Li^Jm ? J ' t0 ground to* 

0SA oL gr °S 1 ? dUoVir '« the repuC w ♦ coverage and 

USA Srf;, } Ck> Ve '^ ready tTt^ ^ reC ° rdi "S- 

CC-h Garble) u/ 10 ta l* to you nov _ b 

CMP' Ap0 J lc \: Houston. You're calUn 7 

USA J > 3, *< 5 « 1, -s mailing? 

DMP Garble) ' * " ' J » 2 » i. hov do you reaa* 

b,ck fef 1 " • TT Ve calied to (e " ,^l « , ~ "» to ^ 

SPKR Houston. Hov do you r»» „ 

o-w_ it a points _i , w . , ■' ou readr 

f«r to ( e . 1 .bLT 1 r< 3U " ,ni 
SF ™ vs * '<•««.) «i, T . H . 

Arno t Russian) 

«~um «*,u»i„uo" s , ^ no > r «ov"t. C ho«X c rrf n a,r ""'t 

in a(r to sir ^- the frequency fh« ♦ ,uae f °r their air ta 

K'ip OF 7APK 

ASTP (USA) MC322/1 ' > 
Time: 22:58 COT, 87:38 GET 

. .. pA0 87 hours, 38 minutes ground elapaed time. This is 

Apollo Control. Spacecraft presently over Oregon on revolution 52. 
Both crevs presently asleep, the Apollo crev back to sleep after this ^ 
•thing's inopportune* vake up. The American crev has vet to go to bed 
on f L and has yet to get more than about 6 hours of sleep a night. 
?Sis evening Neil Hutchison made the remark that all three Apollo crev 
22!.S "erf Kind of dragging. They were -mevhat ooncerne d t h£ they 
wouldn't get enough sleep tonight so there vas a little bit of hesitation 
to vake tLm to make some valve reconfirmations. Pressure in ^he 
Apollo is presently quite stable at about U.96 PSI or 257 inches of 
roer c ury I m sorry mi 11 i ree t. e rs mercury, metric. We have some changes 
for Slev sTon for tomorrov. The Soviets have indicated they have 
boL problems vith their camera, TKU and that will affect scheduled 
tetev?sion transmission at 96:15 and 99:20 ground elapaed time. The 
Srlt ooeis identified as TV lh.2 in the flight plan and that calls 
for eUner Soym crev activities or Apollo through the vindov of the 
£y«t And tJe second one is identified as TV 15 and that', scheduled 
To ll the Apollo through the Soyoz vl.,dow, ooth Of those presently 
being deleted from tomorrows flight plan due to problems v th 
Alio wp have an estimation from FIDO here in mission eor.tnl « to the 
geogrlph c locations of tomorrow's undockif*. redocking 
SeKig. If everything goes according to the flight plan , the t rst 
unlocking is scheduled for 95:^2 ground tlapltd time and that vi 11 take 
Sare at longitude 87=33 vest, a latitude of: 51 10 douth and that's due 
vest of a Chilean town by the name of Puerto Satales. The first unlocking 
liTl occur over ?he Soutn Atlantic Ocean. The, the redocking It tched- 
Sid ror^6:ll. through 96:20 ground elapsed time. If the redocking 
icur. at the head end of that target of opportun "y. U vill occur 
in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea at longitude 15 I* latitude 
3^ 36 north If it occurs later than that, at 96:20, It will occur 
•-Ahe Black Tea and anywhere in betveen it vould take J - over 

Greece. The tracking for that redocking includes ^Athens ^JJ^anbul . 

■*rt it'*? «nt 

booking, which » scheduled for 99:06 vi occur ^ ; he 

H'« entirely possible that the redocking could occur anyvhere 

Mfdit?rriu:?an Sea and the Black S*a, ov*r Greece or Turkey. 

,nd i.,.' H »uft aVuut midway between the Dominican Republic and the 
™V->,v Elands. And according to the flight P lan,the target of 

^.nV.v for that final -Peking, the couple of »lnut«9 allowed lor 
.^"v^l\ut thr ■mdeckir.g over the aiddle Atlantic Ocean no matter 
CP*;:' .J:; V c-ccum. So to J*ca Pl th« fl«t uncocking will occur over 
* "i'.o^'i raci'ic 0*an t west of the coast of Chile, RedocAing vi, 
^c,r anyvhere Vetv«n the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Pea, includ- 
'.^ I Ts ViHty over Greece or Turkey. And the final unlocking will 
; u i , "he nldlAtlantlc Ocean. Our next status report vi U be about 
t L U fwn now. At 87: I* ground elated time, this is Apollo 

Tioe: 23: 33 CDT, 88:13 GOT 
&ate: 7/18/75 

is Apolio Control Ipa^rafX prt^n Tf? el * PSed tlne ' ^ 
The crev - African, Sovi^c^v ?, ° '?* S ° Uth Atla * tic 0c ^- 
here that the Vanguard track i* £ p viU ^ f 1 ". 1 hBVa " ind *<^on 
position at 25 degrees iouth fs? t?^ '?* U °" in(Ll ^ TP tracking 
Vanguard ie being requirel to s u^ f t ^ ^J' p f lor *° teminat?, 
Supported froo.noairial locaMon E h 5 ? launch. The last pass 

on July the 21st, tha" C/iv ^Vf^ ViU be -solution 
the reminder cf Ash while on rc^'e S 8 ?^f V " 1 Continue to 8 "PP^t 
tracking locations of the shiu 1 h 'v AU3triak ' *** the 

report. vUl be 30 ndn^es nol ^^J^TH' ^ ^ 

is Apollo Control. e^™* ela r *ed ti*s. This 

i* Apollo Control 

M*,**" C ». 88,38 GET 

l ° b« Opera^M; °" box ™* ^de s^L °" b ° X ' Th « Soviet. * Sovle t* 

Aj\ r louC^\ Cc7tvv\ 
: y?(>c;!XAJ K > yft it Staffed 
TaiK ahou^ Soviet OhtcnrK 

meat's I i 



SOYUZ LHTOPP - 7:20 a.m. CDT July IS, 197$ (Plus 005 sec \ 
ORBIT INSERTION - 7:29 a .m, CDT July ^ 1975 ° 
ORBIT » 186.3 x 221.9 KM 

PERIOD » 88.52 minutes; JNCI l.S'ATION ■ si tu9 

ORBIT - 154.7 x 173.3 KM 

PERIOD = 87.63 mim, INCLINATION » Si 71° 

NC2 - 7:51 a.m. July 17 (CDT) 
NCC - 8:35 a. ni. CDT July 17 

NSR - 9;12 a.m. CDT July 17 

BEGIN APOLLO BRAKING - 1 0 : 1 4 a , m , C DT lulv 1 7 /2 2 9 4 J r> ' 



FIRST SOFT 000^^^;.^^^^ . 50 n,ter 8 

POSITION ABOVE BARTK = I8°-48%V 4<y5-?Q'v , 4 v^ , *™ x . 
FIRST HARD DOCKING = 11:12 a.m. CDT Ju!v 17 ' ° ^ W " ° f 

FIRST PRPW tp " -c 60 N ' Mil ° S W< ° f Ih6ria " Pe ™^ (Spain) 
FIRS r CREW TRANSFER = 2:19 p.m. CDT July 17 

SUCOND CREW TRANSFER = 4:45 a.m. CDT lulv 18 

THIRD CREW TRANSFER . 1 1 ;03 a . m . C DT Jul y 18 

solarS;:^^;^- 33 " (ov ~ — *• - c -> 

BEGIN = 7:05 a.m. CDT July 19 

END = 7:09 a.m. CDT July 19 
SECOND SOFT DOCKING - 7:34 a.m. July 19 

POSITION - North Africa 
SECOND HARD DOCKING - 7:40 a.m. CDT lulv 19 

POSITION - 35°-38"N, 15°-M'E. Mediterranean Sea 
FINAL UNDOCKINO - 10:26:16 CDT, j„i y 19 ULrranean Sca 

POSITION - 1905-N. (Mid-Atlantic between Dominic Republic * Ca 

Verde Islands) 

ASTP EVENT SS (CoDtinued) 

APOLLO SliPARATION MANEUVER - I -42 p m CrtT r i .« 

' "-ANDINO . 5:51:0^ COT Iuly21 ' 
POSITION. S0°-1S'N. 6/M2'E 
APOLLO JBTTISON OP DM - 2:41 p m 7ul„ 51 



/p/o .{fjn.c/irrv 

/ivs/mMsccu., £C 

7 rtc-c/a'Aci 
Scyu^ c>?\ TV 

crAi/ici /p/ipum 

So/"/ ;-'.(••/( Au / . 


AVCL" 10 / ( 

/ne /?->/ / 

Time: 01:01 CDT, 89:^1 GET 
Date: 7/19/75 

Sovxiz and t>.« _ , ' Aitio or sight between the 

as the- occult"™ It? I. P a " J 6 l ° US0 th " "P" 11 " »P«««fl 

a. seel, fro. the SoyL 5^ 0 1p1 -he ' v 2 S1>1 ' ,! - 

firaphy will be rJtrWZ., ""'"'" i '~ t " ! »3"« automatic sequential phcto- 

or Photograph, wu2 c„ ^Sd' rSJovT nTthTr^Jf o'rT 

ex f , e/ J«rLe -•m™^ t L = no U » r f " S " 0<:lB --« 1 'o-aorrov" 
*. nr., on, of the.™ H ^iJ^tT^VL^^T ** f^' 

The next KaneuvS -J iToccuT !• ap^xi'^W ?0°?8 " *, °f M *' i 

A=4 the Apollo .,11 m 500 »tS*" "f^"*^ f rT^'"- 

, iWD, -*" L4, Ul aeverax inconsistencies In erour/d rioti *♦ 

pro.«t the awun, of atomic c w „ - th.fa 0 ?„ 02 1 

S?h"hL"e"; i r n t r i t « a a z/ are rot 
z the -^^•.vx: sc.^ 5 ,? H 

txpefincnler-s have <V1* ihm n ...» .v, * 8 * Po "* 

Time: Oi:01 COT, 8? : Ul Gffp 
OaUs 7/19/75 

"odJle? ^rSSrt^ 1 '^/ •r 011 ^ 101, ° n th * e o"*^ <^<3 service 

the Mount of light reflected beck , £ ® UlltIn ^^bratlon laap* 

of data, the seientiet vili be aM» * \? Soyu ** V3th th ose Wo aets 
vhat via be left viU S mewuSL the ««*«**•• arY 

*^nt of oxygen „ d nitrogen InSi^ 601 '" 1 ^ ?"«»"5y * the 

1JO » iJe . above the Earth." U th'J tW ' bei?> * ab ^ 

clear up a lot of the oup.m^! rMul,s of this experiment h>av 

involved in a scientific preas ?rl.f\\! J * t9tS * r ° sc heduled to be 
3:00 p. B . Ana this is oertaUly ,n J^"* 4n th * »««to,Iu* it 
be performed during thi« ~ * lcl Fr>rtant oxperir-nts *o 

ultraviolet ab-orptio* ^i/J^^ *"v*«gator for t'he 

/: '^rov's rre.c conference. t ° I?' V ' U1 be involv ^ 


Tiiae: 01; 01 CDT, 63:^1 GOT 
fate; 7/19/75 

modulo. The ab^rbp^n £l \2lllT^ r ° n the '«* service 

or rather ~ vith the 0 r l ff ^V*" knoVr - P ath then - 

the ^unt of light rSSUii ScJ fJi't£°t Ullt, 5 calibl - a »on 1«P* and 

of data, the .dentin viU be ^l*Tr a ^f T*' WUh those tvo 

vhat vill be left will £ ^uSln 'C ? dlfftf ™« 

amount of oxygen and uitro«n in^£\ ^relate precisely to the 

clear up ft lot of the a»+«*i n «, ~ of this experiment nay 

involved i„ a scientific preeJ brJe^rl t! " Scheduled to be 
*M p.,. An , tMs u , e f£ i ' ; l J ^f rov " the auditorium at 
be performed during this t i$«ia, %/ nportant experi^nts to 

ASTF (U3A) MC326/I 

Timet Q2:0U CDT. 90. lib GET 

7/18/75 . Uhf 

Apollo Control. The ApXwso^,* *5 t ° Und ela P" d ™« 
California on revolution 53 CrLlTt Presently west of Baha, 

name ve haven't translated vet i£! L <° * y * *° vlet 8in « er ^ose 
in Mi..icn Control every^h; ^"'f. 8 pitied -Tenderness." Here 

no «o.alle, fro« the day kefping anybody busy ?Sf thU ° Venlnfi ' 
the command and docking modules Drea^/L <l in P re38u re inside 
for about the last four hours at £! Im? 8table U ha * been 

per square And the^eLiL " 4 J hneterB dreary, 1.92 pounds 
fairly constable for JleJ"? JJJ^xt ^Tf AP ° n ° * b ° Ut 68 a ^«». 
from «,.v. aafll be et 91'^ SlJS^i J* f ep0rt VlU be « houi ' 
Apollo Control. Sr ° Und eia P3ed tine. At 90:1,5, this is 


ASTP <U8A) MC327/1 

02i58 COT, 91:38 OK? 


i~oi PA0 ?1 hour, »' 38 ainutCB ground elapsed time Vm,. *. 

Apollo octroi frev presently 20 minute* ^ay from vake^ ™„ * 

A8TP"(U3A) KC328/1 

Tlnei 03ill CDT, 91:51 GET 


PAO 91 hours, 5>1 ninutea ground elapsed time. We 

expect wake up call very shortly. The music vlll be "Tenderness," ny 
a Soviet lady singer, whose first nane we don't know, whose last name 
is KrisiolinsKic, We'll ke«-p the lines open for that rauaic and Cap Coot., 
Bob Crippin'a wake up call. 

MCC-M (This is Mjscow. Hov do you read rae?) 

3CDR (Moscov, this is 3oyut. 1 read you veil.) 

CC-M (I read you well also. Are you ready to do TV12?) 

SCDR (With eoEuseritary?} 

MCC-M (That 1 » correct. Did you do all the preparations 

for this broadcast?) 

SCDP (Yes we have, all of them.) 

MCC-M (Okay, but this tir.e I want to give the floor to 

your backup crw. ) 

MCC-M i In J;? in for the eighth, "I heard you. Soy us , how 

do' you read nse? (tJarblc). 

SCDR (Anatoli, thank you, I read you very veil. 

3ayker.ur( \ ) here to the mi: - si on control center. We slept very veil and 
I knov that you slept very well.) 

MCC-M 'Vi: hear your - 'cice very well. We ware at the Cosmdrcsie 

and now we have the opFurtur.i ty to come here to the tenter. How's everything 
going? ) 

SCDR (Eve 17 thing is going beautifully. A3 they say in 

English, everything is going on schedule. Everything is going smoothly.} 

SCDft (I think that it will continue the same way also.) 

MCC-M (I have the .privi lege of conveying regards fron your 

wives. They are worried, excited, watching your flights very intent- 
ly. They are waiting for you to land.) 

3CDR (Convey to them that they don't have to worry. 

Everything is going well, all the systems are functioning perfectly. 
Ve feel beautifully. If we iidn't have aoy Hesitation, we would stay up 
here eve', longer. We feel very well, especially today. On previous 
evenings nights we had to sleep. How about in Apollo?. Are they awake yev?) 

MCC-M (They are, they should be getting up also.) 

SCDr. (Hew about the jj^ple on the ground. Are they uj , 

ready?')' ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■■ ■ 

■> .MCC-M. ..(Yes, .they're up.) • 

.r'C:;? (Okay. Convey sane regards to then.) 

MCC-M (How was yesterday?) 

"CPH (Yesterday waa ft very bury day for us. We had *..<■ 

wjrk n'Ard. W» hud all the transfers nod obviously we're a little t 1 r«--i • - 

MCC-M. (Here on the ground, we followed everything ana 

we-we're in the conclusion that everything went beautifully and ths". 
•.'verything wij.1 continue Just as SEiOOthly.) 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Good corning, talking at you through 

the ATS (garble). We'll be in 'garble) in about 13 minutes. 

cCDR (Ws're ready f:-r the undocking and the docking and 

■ for the solar eclipse, the UVA.) 

CC-M (Sure. You'll have a very long day even today. 

You'll "nave to work hard. New I want to give Jiikolay microphone, he 

ASTP (USA) MO 328/2 

Time; 03:11 CPT, 91: 5i GET 


vant to say ft few words to you alao.) 

Mi r m S h ,',° h T U ' at cap ' hat ls fl y in « ar O""<i. Okay.) 

MlC-M (Well, I von't take to- ouch time r uan f *i 

*y regards to yo., viah you the best. At^h™r«.i^tiL T 
want to give the microphone to Shauni ( 7 ) because 11 don ^hle tha* nuoh 

p2na M / < !° y ^* thlS is . Mos - cw - Hov do you read me?) 

v Head yuu veli . ,> 

^ (Okay. I have it.) 

pe^cif °"t , t ,l ? ?f ^, S ^ P 3 r 5 ' Correction page 1.2, tnke a 

* * M,Jl 4t f 5-f. P^'-?j. ly^ok at the block at - -) 

(Which block?) 

SSf [At :he top of the page. A 100 hour a and 5.) 

vu ,1*^9 ft> (B , i0C * ° Ut CCB P^tel yi ve don't need it. Did 

' *V n V ° Kaar * W r here s X *>* radioman, using the pad.) 
o.urt (Okay.) 

pleted!" M Fad 2.) ^ r&di0i5rcm vithout the P a * y°u'v« already ccr,- 

f'^ R (Set too such. Okay.'; 

6 -■ .) V: ' C '" M ■ (Lor -* ituie « 205 • Porlcd of rotation, 88.8V. Orbit 

^" ( R ( Ti oe again. Over) 

>•.,-„ l^v* 1 i ^ ^ !,e8 ' 8T - Vaier *? ^-'V «p. Orbit 62 and J.. Ti c<» of 

-v..n Uo.s U:_vi ^. Give ae a confirmation.) 

cc.fir^ng tS) " of bum, U:3i: 5 2. Ar9 yo ., 

° C ~ H ^ Al " :«*'- ready for pad 1 u? Niusber ?8.) 

ASTMusa) MC329/1 
03:21 CDT, 92 : oi 0 ET 

f3r<l, 03:13-01 7* At °* 71st, 00:07-T7 71 j , i^.n^i^U. 

you a ecnfi , ti r'r ? receiv ed evervthiL 5-T' , + E v ver/thIn * '» 
PO ff>r ♦ ' I1 " catlor '- I have one other tw, * ■ don 1 ha ™ to cive 

fo^et f Xt C0M "sslon. vt vl V ?* n « f °f *ou, though. Get pS 
*<->*get about pad V j ,.■ ' -' a 'fc - never aivin It *^ , v 
Because v s J 1-1 Ve don ' t « «-i pa4 3. W W ^ J ° U ' 0k *y- 

PAO " T 8 y0U ' ,:!er - it ready. tfle 20 ^ 'or? 

■ fann il= V he Soviet ^ s^ en *J ' ' n k ^utes through Hw»n 

irie?!; f r ° a 006 ° n the Btudios""^; Vere meeting videf 0 " the fo V i«- 

CC-K , ' Al y<?:( *. this 

6 ninutes. Apollo, Houston. AOS Hawaii 

CC-H . We h&ve you for aW 

cr u leah. it's fc,-„ d rt v 

t n *i.?t * havaii pass. uv.t v „ ™ V J,,e iten 1 ™e3 to «et im 

■^eotion at about 92-Xo h ' ' ^ « 0t scneJuled under Dek^ a i-fii " P 
started a little >.i+ ' snd Ve n^ '<?'' , ■ to deleto '-e^iua 



* STP »-JMJ ICJ30/1 

- look*/ Ue\f I] * fo <" oTtiZ/i't t0 "* *• you 

* Ht'-i* bit. *** cars 0 f. 1 ««t * reaper 

J ^ •••con. i, vf« wllcM 

V' ?V - ^^rairtion viil b* Vi*"* 1 * h ™'S»"the tracking , t >, 

w -'th coin ereva avake *. ulte Avsfi - At ™. f 1 ** th ™"&* the 

,t; '^ittf I.™ ^put ?n , grees « coverage th-ruth fv f aUU W*te 
; * ''v^n ror'ul ° ° in '^- - ay . We 8 .i 3 th ;:S t h £ ^ Techno^ 

AFOH,. Ho«tca. AOS thresh th- - , 

^ ' •»>•' for About it > 

Good cx^rnlng. J!f,T 


Veil ■ vo'-'rf> v 

Ve 0 - goo4 . — Pi-ting the fuel i;<kil ^ 

oou] Jft .t «t " 0n ^ because vi . then cor# *«ck 

ACDP gtt r\^ u ' you enllgJui us ! h T 8 ° nuch concerned 

ACDR ^ iJU ^ 1 ; ' JI«ln't even h« r It 4fter that lon fi 

ACDR *'f» 'wtodjr heard it. V 

• ■, "ignt now the cab' 

vwn 3,n evf > »-u 

".Z ifflS*- — 

«<•> hot z r «{r? , ." ti ""^. ,M u " wuu * 

cc-h w - u °^<t to b* tri * 4dtn * «o 

then. When v e trUd^' thn ■«* W trt «»rin« cwt4wj 

h OkL , Sour '' 3s "kft what ™ coyl ^'t J r \\ 

... , * ay » v *'^ stanoing by t * V<>re 

V 19/75 0ET 

ACD» fine. U ManB - 

l£? P. *>' the ^ 

r J J oner r sk .. *te ev-^vthi US ' r *I»tt? 

(usa) wmoH mm/2 

Ti*#J OfcrQi, COT, $2 f U OST 

^ <P>*<* you.) 

ACDR (Good »orni^.} 

to record ia on that UOH cS ch^r^e'vf g J t -'?eTl' ^ 

« w «d change both of the» »»h »w 6 "OMuled at 93s 50, 

r*ad at 1*3:30 that vaj aup^aed taTt I T yw Cftn «° «d 

fcoth of the* out at 93:50, * ** d th * 1 ° ft to th * - « you car, change 

CC-H F ;, Dcu ? ie ch *"«* <* 93:50. 

ve tried ,a end up gi \ iBg ^% J *■* ^us about - u nft> rtunaflv 

i thought you vere trying u> ca" «t «J "l? 1 * 1 * of t,le 
h*i - ve v&r « copying a Iver ? * & fr i« ^f* ° Ut 1 thir * ™ 
oocatand nodule and back down here I J« -L . AU ^ la trough the 
you guy* tn the , wnIngs7 * ert h93 * h ** M« of stuff been bugging 
■■■■■■ ACDR Yeah ' i * v- «. ' 

slept *o .ound v« dtdn't'h ar "v^l^t^ b * lMt ni ^' everybody 
tover^eathrov, Pu... M0 rf. an?^I h " Atlanta 

and it va 3 turned of f^SoTh J'^^MM^ f '5° this WrB ,„ 

• ooebody on the headset, bu t -rSS£ ( Z B ' Jt 1 th "* v« fd 

probably one vhy've .l£t'£ «}j tlll^ 0 ^ S °« 1 gu * 3S 

«■.« jntlng every tcver in E^/^i.^'^;™' U« w, Uw 

: couldn't get to you*Xen Vv./-?* ^ P v robatly 4180 why 
JMn't re.H,e that P«*e "J p^I^^Tt^ ^ ^ 

evening ve should be rid of *ha» "SS there. I guess - after thi* 
vorXing in the relay u»de any* ? ° thOUgh> 3ince ve v ^'^ be 

■ USA Bight. 


(USA) MC332A 


v* vent to shoot s<*» picture" of the^L^ th f Vr ° uble of looking up, 
"P* ^ ^ ' at 500 > to «*ve us fron looking It 

right Gov! r ""' WUl4 *™ l '« " ■ «,« l. M d0 h . v , „„ 

«-H Jw!" ** vi *° a °« l » 1 «» «» «*on. 

AfT? (USA) MC3*3/i 

ACM . Vi \' -«Ur W for «.# ph«o. ^* W y ° U 8os * ^0 

in '">« f 1 •* n;s / with fh0 j.*,,; '» f * 1 " vouia be 

. ; : ; ' ■ in a *H meter oh the 

•'i^n >..te.jf 

^ - h 

^m*. n*v,,. ur . V! ;-4>.^ 'fr* *r* ^vib^'bV^Ji^,^: f <« about 

■ * * * sni .,,>,,■.; !^ u,,ta HU s evening _ 

fiV :,;;. :c! * c — n,^ e e « the n ne here , 

• — v^.j you Uv(f Cfu ^ 


V*. . ■■■ " ! '"f.''t ■ itQVe- - ho r>, :V ! i'.. 

; ' • • C JJ l« t; le VQy 

t,.;:::: * •■■ . ; : : Ad . thin,c ^. that, bi 



AST? (USA) Hom/l 

(,xvm fR * Picture for ua a Jiti 

^ with a utile bU SV.^V^'W* «re dolnAna??^ ^ , 

iter, here fr-» u-,^-* " ? M * Mr)e th6 *-'* kln-W u, d ° you ■■«?> 

to th« ■-Aoc ~ ~ rifi * na'sed his * 7, you **** 

-to„„ TASS r^f^^ vorka in »^ f^fV" 

hea-J barnaji i r « i-,**' f ' " /er: in London ni'« . - St?a i-precto^ 

CC-H S °y^'. this is Kosccv i Ce ' " - 

CC-H »foyu2, this is Moscov. pi ea «e , . 

cor^ratulatioM ore beiV^F 5 ° f the c -^*ii aio^ , 

USA J~ ; e ~ en 3 "eturn tc E%n* «ooston in i-v- 

congratulations t c ^/Iff 1 '' grea *' ^uld^t v-u a - n » , 

^.^^ . , s;* t ^*?««- *. yju „. ItJ wtl 

•nnouncea hla l„t„ t ".'-.^ " e ?" M *-= MM thea. rn .\! L ? «'"«««nen 
CC-H i c °y-2, Soyus, this i t - Moscov \ 

a I' 1 * aenber sen A tr.>.< Ii " h f nded the tvo letters t-» R>--v 

Kre,li n July""!*!' 1 * 1 a "^tion net v ith ZXl^lTZ^ J* &nd 

CC-M ^« a *t.le; in the 

CC-H tSojruE, ^u.-, this ifl Mosccv w , 


ASTF (USA) miik/i 

•uch light. too «ch J&o."^ 1^ I"!, 8 I!*!' 1 ' th ^'U bt too 
CC-M , , wu * ee hw wu <* Hght there is?) 

««« » fi Va,.ce U going ^ Z'V* *** Pl ' tUre ^ ™ « 
one right your s ^ J r , ? ^ g " that U ^ «wlng, the 

W-K ' (cry;: ' ' * »* those are filtered . I 

pwesur^tlon 1 i * ' iS tosc:0V " We ' fe to receive rcporl 

tyA they are rov. 

adjured ,i,vn. Thar* ™, /V'*,* 4 Ui « r ^*roi4, thm vo Wl 

vay o, that last " ' ^ Ju3t alo5lt th w . y t . tt go ,^ fo , 

Y<f:J - w e*ll have u-. .k-* 

A3TP (UtfA) MC33V3 

Tiwei 0*1:33 COT, 93j13 QST 


CC-44 (Received you. Thank you, tJoyus,) 

CCH Hold it right there, that'a good. 

CMP Okay. Hov'e the focuv ? Qkayt 

CC-H I 'a no expert but It looks good to roe. I think I've 

got a majority vote here thud It looks good. 

CKP Okay, 

«VM (Russian) 

US3fi (Garble) That's the pressure.) 

Ctf-H I didn't think you guys got to hear ay good wishes thi 
morning » » 

CC-M JPeoeivfld it, Soyu* XI.) 

CCH - - speaker box turned off, 

CMP • Yeah, ve were kind of wondering what it would be like. 

Hate to h*we aliased it. 

tV-H 01, well. We'll cone back at y<u, 

CM! 1 I think we'll have to give you s«*e wake. up »u3ia 

ii return s once time, too. 

CC-K We'd appreciate that. 


*W (W»> HCJJ5/1 

USSR P^urtv.) 

cut tr.e wiMiov. 


t Russian) 

m h <**>.) 



•«ry gog.j. DiUk vl th you again,. 

(Russi sin} 

. rlgr.t nov if, . V J- V f* 1 , 1 " » sunny attitude it t ilHe 
the ph^os or not. ' U * ^ *™ if U couz'a ^L.V'hVsX"' *' 
Vance." ' r0es - : «i-P*ar v, be outside? r , , h „, . 

USSR 'M^'* °* *« the iJiie'o^ t h T * ° f 

about 2* minutes avj." '^-^ to through tho VanRuaV* M . 

CMP > "»'^,u«r :, and that's 

iic*d' nw b« nave « >,,>-.._ 

(sum.,., " """""«•>. «'rou „ ir5 „ Jv 

JSKJ « ' . f r>, „„ ' a,j!r '« fine. 

ii^ B j-'i'-'sian) 

"C^H Russia:,) 
tjct-J (Garble) 

PAO w^aiBa) 
satellite as JJ 1 ? ^ Ap ° Uo Control. r oss e . , 

e ve8t t( > «»ve into 


experiment and a fiy^rouml rXTlnd W ? g ; f * U ? v ** ^ tht UVA 
absorption •xp.rimjt... « • n ?a I?'"? 1 * 1 * f ° r th * ^violet 

A6TP (USA) mi$/i 

Tr« k KS .nip y»*J5Vw^M 

Offgoing flight tractor Son Pu^w ^ °f briefing. 

record for delayeX plvbwk k? er ImI , T * P«b wiU b« 

for trucking .hip v^^rd P ™" «nf*«i, V .. SttMlo, by 

CC~H Apollo, Houston. w^«>- to« .- ■■ • 

for about 6 atautea. ' "muS'-ik*. w nv/s you 

IN;-*. -.Vi F . 

to Shortly. OnW J ^ C [!^r:Vny^ pr ° baUy * ,n * U ' «* It 
I brieve, if that i ' ,' H . 1 ! ^ ° n tW * • 

va« causing a littk V , / M thtt *^ your TV canvas 

station » -^ei II, WIlM v« YlUe you to Z Tt JTEV* 

do net exenw*. the c «r.era ii^ * " Ue CM * ra " ltl ot! '*' 

exchange'* out. ^ ' >1V ' *' U do Uiat ftls '- get the MOH 

*->"-.«•• ih« 02 flow 1« •'ovttv' WfV 

the waste r.,v^ v,„ v,iv, ; s ! lAeV/l^t. ' * wri * l ^ 

urin lhw (garbiof^i;:."'" 111 * Vij> ' V « vift * 

'^-' d , "'■ ; *y, Vnat'j fine, 

. . ' A ^ n °. KOtie.^n. ->e ar^'aK.Tjt is'.^,,;i/r,.^. ? ,/. 

Our next^st.tion cornet «u{ ' t^hrc^h « a::; 

^•■-:3. .oa, one iter. tut. c «*r» exO**- v ,-' - • 

vant u,e ,ne that ycu eni .r.^Ui;.* M ^.4^ 7" JT^,., 
aril tne that you t^o :-,vr A71 f -. v , P - :, "... " 1 " K 

ACDR Hc^er, panel II MA^ 

and talk to you in th^rn^. * ^ " ** yi "* ^ ^^ ' 

* c }'* . .-O'AHy. ■■■■ 

' " : H C " H ''. The worninu: that .^s,." 

Control at ^ hc..v ? . 1 aaIn ""*"orl,i*. ™s is Apollo 



Ww 're t n »^ul 8 i tl ^ U AjjoJIo Control at, c „ 
^lalni* £™ J ™ ^ AT ^ ^t*U<u " t ^ i5a «*m«d lapsed ti« 
of shift brilffl! £ rtlon 9/ th l8 PM8 Uh 8 05,8 W niout^r ' 

- ^ -^^^ 

ACDR e *oiJv«, RoU th» tap* 

CC-H Kouaton, a F qH 0 . 

Sr-ss s jSwsb jay- T u ,^ 

/ou » «; 5£riWj .. * eciii < '«t«. U!r , to 

P*S« 7-1, vcl-^ ,r ™ rt ^ 

but H (g*rfci« 

ACDR .. 

»• one acre t . hM v:,i i e ym ,., , 

' n Pitch nyBbe . A J?"^ »«»tcn. Soae 0ne g ° ba ° Ck - 

ASTP (USA) MC 337/3 

ACDR Oxr 1 " 6 " ^ 8h ° Uld ^ l?72 ° 3 - 

in. £at" ya don't mftnt^!?^ ^ t0 , We the 

got better TV. UVA ' 30 that it von't - so that ve 

that you S aid you vanted Ih^ yt^JtT ^ ^ Dld 1 ^"tand 
DM? Yea a ™? 3 * vindovg open for visibility? 

CC " H Rr er. * Ve ^ing ve got. 


getting"* TV of the f^?-/??^ ' 88 y0U can Probably «ue 3Sl VA are 
be .cwthir.* over the"?V ' W CW>Mnd »«. there seL to 

iS H Th&nk you ' 

t*in? of Africa right ^ — ^tanic vievin, and picture 

Vft 52"ier*SS? i^^S^iT" c ^s? i * > 

was in front of that cajserft that VaC h \i^/'!? era that - lt« that 

piping. Before it vaa biocMng J Lt^PJ"™' reAlly vas 

of the center hatch window. S *** ° f the U * ht that was coning out 

DM?" That's F erf»ct, right nov. 

J? .. that help? 

ACDR ' U5t H6ht - 

* amp. i to e S that heU r 6 tlyckeu th * number i vindow here with 

*et 1>n « 0nn * hftV * ^ *«*e ^ Awn rarlndlcaHy t , 

"cS Hnuat™, Apollo. 

ACM J* 103 ' 0 ' H;™^n. 'io ahead. 

vaXeup »usio. * Flr,it * hln *' ve bought we'd give you aoae 


?™. r ' (Oarbi 

*, loyus ^bi^ » galn . 

, ....... (RUftRifUi.) 

;t Fro.rt Mary 

for yo ;? later on. U "' V " 11 ™** *»« other *>od section. 


\ f m-b*<» ? ve «» v., 
* Mn * - C! «o t* descent vehic-.' * " " wsnt - /c ' li - *n iteyu* ve're 

, "' a Hou*t;-.n,, 

ASTP (USA) MC337/3 

Tine: 06:12 COT, 9^:52 GET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. Go ahead. 

USSR (Russian.) 
SPKR (Russian.) 


ASTP (USA) MC338/1 

Tine: 06:12 CDT , 9^:52 GET 

Date: 7/19/75 

SCDR (Russian) 

vievinTbecause of aUU^e 've'aSer ' coLT^'l W ^ ^ ««* 
visual observations, things thaf^ V " JUSt nW 80t a CCu P^ of 

For example, sav th. : £ 3 r L 1ST J ^ * ble t0 « et 68 before. 
Pyramids; that's - th S 8 t S " 1 ^ have 8een 

see a picture or a layout^ I'of W £? P ^^S^' *?* "° V I,Ve ** to 
back but I sav two s'ecks th , it °^ ^^^^IT ^ ^ 

happen, to be a visual ote^'ion" Tl^'l^ ° f that 
SPKR (Garble) 
US3R (Russian) 
CC-H 1 understand. 

CUP (Garble) 

^ ° C ^ H Experiments asked us to relav that' m.;', 

the good vork. re W tnat they appreciate 

SF E (Russia) 

CM? T V , 

vork in that area so far^becausl ofa'^Hn ST**"' V * haven '- auch 

»3A H o« C e L 5 C f Cl ° Ud C0Ver and <wbl.) 

Picture out the vindoir andTt looks SeHv fan^M 1<WklnS St that 
Just over the horizon. P * fantaati c .noy vith Soyuz 

CMP . Right 

USSR (Russian) 
USA 3oyuz. 
SFE (Russian) 

Soyuz, Apollo. 
CO-H Apollo, Houston. Go ahead. 

CMP Jov ve'ro cftlUng Soyue. (Garble) 

^-ft I 'a sorry. 

Jfi Apollo, Soyuz. (Russian, 

^ (fSS) APOil °' tM9 iS Sojru *- ««" *> read «r 

S/S (Russian) 

{ - Mr ( Rn3s i rui ) 

' sn (Garble) 

^ (Russian) 

of AT^ until AT? Lr/^M.^r^' J^f*'* alou * a cimit * * half 
' ; * c - u vc1i At Vanguard at **is?k, 

!: — .>.;?.<• tar.)* 

signal at. „^ satellite as Apollo and 

ASTP (USA) MC338/2 

Tine: C6:12 COT, 9^:52 GET 

Date: 7/19/75 , 

Soyuz cross the Siberian coast and the Japanese Island chain. Sixteen minutes 
until next acquisition at tracking ship Vanguard. And we're about 35 minutes 
away frora undocking. -Undocking will take place at 95: 1 *2 - first 
undocking. Just about 3 minutes before AT3-6 acquisition again. The 
go for undocking will be given at the upcoming Vanguard pass - co- 
ordination between the two spacecraft and between the two control 
centers and their respective spacecraft for the go no go for the 
undocking. The second docking, redocking will take place prior to loss 
of signal on this upcoming ATS-6 pass . Unlocking will take place over 
Chile at a latitude of about 51 degrees - 51 degrees , 10 minutes south 
at a longitude of 87 degrees, 33 nirmtea west. We'll return in 15 
ninutes for the pass across tracking ship Vanguard, final morning pass 
over that ship, This is Apollo Control at 95:08. 

PAO This is Apollo Control at 95:23, ground elapsed 

tine. Acquisition at tracking ship Vanguard in about 1»5 seconds. 
During the pass over Vanguard, both Spacecraft will be given go/no go 
for undocking at 95:^2. Undocking is at that tine. The Soyus crev 
will start their countdown clock at undocking minus 20 ainutes. And 
there's considerable spacecraft to spacecraft coordination involved 
vhere the Apollo crew will inform Soyuz on such events as opening the 
active hooks, opening the structural latches and the final countdown 
to the actual Undocking. 

CC-H - - for 7 Ri nutes / 

CM? I read 5 by, Bo. 

ACDR And Be, we have synced our clocks with the Soyuz. 

Ready to copy the P52 Bo? 

CC-H Ready for the P52 and understand your sync. 

ACDB Roger, Star 3?, star kO, NOUN 05: all balls; plus 

Si; minus 101; sinus 1*9; torqued, 951 i *l6. Over. 

CC-H UnJorat&nd 3?; **0. All balls; plus 8l; r.inus 101; ainus 



*T taj) K339/1 

CC-H "oger. * t0 c h&ng e your 

deactivate the r„, Apoll °, Hous*or a 

*ure the e va P 3 r ^ *ore 8fflall itofl 

o^- vj v rr?~» s- 5;: e * 
s- ve, "^tiv2^^ aeed 

- -ell" uM^^ eva FOrator 

We ' U «ee you at A Tc Ap f 110 ' Wouaton Th POth the Primary fK 

ACDR A ' 3 95:4,6. ° n ' ™«re is abou , ^ J* * the aeeorHary 

CC-H Rc «er. 1 nln ute until JOS 

to ™ OFF aa quiekiv A f° llc> Hou «to n . „„ , 

ACDR iCk ^ « you can , :et * 0 * « *>ing to need t . 

ACCR A ^ the puB p. 

ACDR «o»;r. ^ th * evaporators 

PAO ^ thl « »• Apollo coht^j 1 Ai ^ loV™* lk 

tip or South A-a-ri " ac ^^3i tiorj 0 f A*m7 95 : ^5 ground .u 

tur<. of ; f r h -->efu :iy J™" 0 * ve , h ; u te « * h * ^them ao ^« 

cor ; ^ ?r "» ° tt /ipoil ° « t C°° lon ^. « r*£ltV COn «m»ul 
. '^ar e^Wn** baeXs »v»v * rff(U tinH» tcl^vi.j n 

tutors;;?; r ho ^7 *i here « ^1* »t 

ACI^ J " , v "« ^ stand by for ( ;° r tha «l»r 

•'♦•-it eg, ! " «8inut»o *> 

^ eJ to c ^trol ROLL nrtt , " 
^ don't? r not? it , v , 

Y ° U ^ntualiy have to. 


f-^ «.-« cot, „: 9 0ET 




CMP ou ~ ev entuallv von k. 

USA y " - ».«u„ yc/v™^! lo ■ rou - - 

USA v 50 netere . ) 





"-ton th re ^ ATO . Andver 

CC-H f ^thing vaa on ^ "J? ' UtIon k «Pin«. 

the-vindow canera ^J 0 * Th *** you. a** 

OF TAPE He ° " °* v help our picture, 

^<OSA) MC340/1 
^07:09 Wl 95: , 0 Qeg 


CC-Jf Everything was on ti- ~ 

p^i; : — -.-"sr. j;- - a J?- — ». ca sot th 

Sn; ih *nk you. 

CC-h (Roger.) lights on. 

ACDR ho «er. cu,-the~ 

Pr« u You eot 

». ■■■ ■*-"*"t oo. 

CC-K *1anfc you. 

7£L£MET7»y switch * llP 11 *' Houston n 

ACDR "Oger. lw w 

th « future's even ^f*"' ^ tut *« *>? 

arrvB ven going to ce ? >>„♦. e bo >«, the™ »„.» 

CDF J^VMsu) 

CC-H ' 


M "if*; 1 !* m ? ^r &1 - the rv 

.V-r ' v - rro„ tV: .• fctr:< -'" win ^ 



Time: 07:09 CUT, 95: ^9 GET 


gpE Soyuz , ready for orientation. 

ACDR (Okay. Ready.) 

USSR (Garble) in orientation? 

ACLR (All right.) 

CC _ H Apollo, Houston. The TV picture is so good ve can 

seo the capture latches. 

ACDR Roper, Bo. Roger. 

cc .h Apollc, Houston. Could you give us an estimate of 

your ?* g 6 ? 

ACDR okay. The - DeXe has the same problem I have, 
the CCAS is complet y vashed out - it's roll up - it's so bright out 

CC-K Understand. 

ACDR We can look in ball park - it's about 50 neters, 

plug or ainvis 1 or 2. 

CC-H Roger. 


TInf : 07:18 CDT, ?5:$8 GET 

" S ?? Or$entBtion(?) established. 

ACDR (All right.) 

»S2 f GfU ' ble) rin 8 extending. 

*u>R (Roger. Understand you.) 

the o^L-window * ^ ltto * 0U to *° on 

ACDR Rcger> 

JCDR You've got PEAK , Bo. 

? eAh ' 80 • understand. 

^i^\Kcn l3ay again.) 

on th. c^lnST, 1 ^^' 4 ala ° " M * - « 
ACDR Standby. We're real busy. 

cc -'"* Okay. 

^ You've got 1/2 GAMMA, Bo. 

Thank you. 

exact^vhat we've g^Vthe" III?** ^ M * d0ckir '« "n't 
L?3A v e Know it'g not, Be. 

£a ? CS9,i , V *' J; 5h *<* that. 

S-h u^ r :w :cJ ' Fltch &ni yav a - * iiUi * 

any daUhere, ^cJTll r^ScMni ?T h6V * 




APLe mole ncccrcpli shed . 
(Say again, p.lca*t? . ) 
A.PVS It accercpl I nhi' .! . 
:\ r ^ r : Pe*«r. »mj*rstand y. jU . ) 

" * lve /ou " ! ' r diking attitude -is natm a? we 


'.'Inrl ).• 

*ay, v f v re F rettv .-lose 

th- i.-. kinv altitude 

«■>. VP. 
v.r-'iid like you 
ready . ; 

is A; 

1 entat 1 ; =t ■'■ 1? * t &k j i « >■„ <* 4 , 

tftnj.^ sVu are ren-iy. } 

A lexey . ( ijn j M e } Under* land . ) 
n the out-the-viudow caitera, 

•■'folio, •\-:u%i::n, 

sfc AVERAGE a«ain, please. 
' * t5Sra * ' Ak nr ' 5 "' SfT'^acht.-.g ;?cy>j2. We are 


Time: 07 = 18 CUT , 95:58 GET 


ACDR (Am approaching Soyu/. . ) 

USSR Ana, Keep coming, Tom. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. On the out-the-vindcv 

we'd like you to go to UNBAR again, please. 

a ens (Garble) 

CC _ H That did it. That's a good picture. 


ASTP (USA) MC3l»2/l 

Time: 07:28 CDT, 96:07 GET 

Date 7/19/7^) 

USA That did it. That's a good picture. 

ACDR Okay, Houston, .Deke's having the same problem vith 

COAS washout that I had. 

CC-H Roger. Understand. 

DMP There's absolutely zero COAS. 


USA (Distance 30 meters. ) 

USSR (Garble) pi ease vait . 

USA (Very slow, very 8 low . ) 

USA Bo, hold on a second. 

USSR You read us? 

Cc-H Apollo, Houston. We're got. ting a good picture but 

the camera ia moved a little. Can ve usk you to move it a - to the 
right and up - up a little bit. Thank vou. 

USA (Contact. ) 

USSR Apollo, Soyuz initiation retraction. 

USA {Okay) 

CC_H Apollc, Houston now. It vas a beautiful docking. 

We had a good picture. Ve can see Italy cooing up in the Mediterranean 
right nov. 

USA (Russian) 

USSR have capture. Nov in the process of closing 

the latches. We di? the solar eclipse experiment. Everything follow! n« 

the program. ) . 


ASTP (USA) MC3l*3/l 
11^07:37 CDT , 96:17 GET 

USSR t., ... tu 

So « so Ti„ il.^ 8 *^ 'f'V'?"! out ..h,«, „,,, for 
ttV* 8 V< " r0 • tt:tua « right ° Ut ther " - Probab" 

Understand ■ ■ 




Time: 07:38 CUT, 96:l8 GET 



(This is Scyuz 2, interface seal compressed. 

Over. Soyuz . ) 


Interface seal compressed. 


(Okay , Roger. Understand you. ) 


APD mode - APDS mode accomplish*!. 


(All right.) 




Apollo, Houston. Over. 


Go ahead, Bo. 


We see you have the secondary of - loop and pump on. 

And - ve think that 

you probably don't need it on. Could you comaent 

on that? 

ACD n 

Yeah, ve're burning up in here, Bo. 




A little hot vith all the cameras on. 


Houston, Apollo. 


Go ahead. 


Yeah, ve're in soce random attitude here, due 

to getting into that giiabal light situation. And - ve're debating 
whether to maneuver back to the locked attitude or l-save things go; vhat's 
your reconmendation? 

CC-H Let oe check cn that for yeu, Deke. 

PXP Okay . 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We suggest you aaneuver back tc 

the docking attitude at this tine, and that's 197, 205, Oil* . 

CMP Ok&y. Roger, That's our opinion, too. Just 

( garble ) . 

SPKR (Garble) 

USSR (I hear ycu excellently. Hov do you read me? 

Everything is noraal. Ve're doing the rough pressure integrity check. I 
ninute, time. The contact vae proper, everything is normal. This is 
the third day that ve've been bothered by - tormented by son* other 
station. So every tise ve pass ever this area, 19 2 * degrees, then ve get 
interference from a very loud station, soce sort of airport veather 
station ssA it just ccnple'.oly Interferes and blocks all the cofisa.5 

USSR ^ (The r.orv.* r." ve get into the dockinc or undocklng 

area -) 

CC-H Apollo, ve rewind you Just to tell Soyu* you're gonna 

r.aneuver and ve'd like the 3 c-vecra switches on iSl, OFF, and we're 
going to be doing a WR duap here, 30 there will be no down voice for 
approximately b rainutes. 

USA Okay. 


ASTP (USA) MC3l*5/l 
7/29/75 07 "' 148 CDT * 96:28 ° m 

■ USSR f 
descent vehicle.) (PrM3u " »°0 in the orbital actae, 810 in the 

>«. eee ? ou ^,^6% ^ « 2 »tll ATO 

WA cable connected to^.^..*?^!* SOt th * and. the 

*» ">« you the ha<<!h oul , 

we d iik e you to do a hnU,-*, « « an addition. At 96-hd ^pt 

you^ai„.4>. .=..,„' S'^ch"^:. 10 "- dm oM?:^r- 

07 dash";. I, " t ' 3 «* ve got that h , Um Ir , Jection 



7A r ;; 75 07:58 CUTt 96:38 get 

USSR TrtI _ . t 

ACDR Se^ y"° V ^ f 1 * 6 ln the <»*ital znodule 

CC " H Apoilo* H Y °\ are in the orbital aodule) 

^ ■ X" 8of OU8t ° n thr0Ufih Guara f - * S-tes. 

so E ebody can copy. 1 ** the Seconfi undocking p ftd on pag& ^ if 

c „ H Just a second. 

Apollc, Hcuaton. Over. 

rr> u nc e>e*\ Bo. Ready to <*#m v +u 

CC " H Roser Ti,«f«. Py the second unlock! n~ 

°C H g ae a ro11 angle e nomi nal 

ACDR 1716 roli vas 02600 • 

experiments rsdJ.ine. ' ab ° Uv 200; you're about 200 above the 

VSA Roger. 

cc-h 2 kay * 80 • you. 

CC-H R ° eer ' 

s£:a S , at 97; ?|? U °* *«• less than a . lBut , ^ 

J*ct at' thi. tin, , ^ ***** /o« wanted the heliun in- 

ACDR ^ St ' S affi ™*tive. 

CC-H ^f" T) " ,at,s P a *e 7-3 in the D v ch-kH,t 

ACM ' h «t vaa page 7-5. ^ 111131 • 


A3TP (USA) MC3U7/1 

Tine: 97:15 CDT, 08:35 GRT 

Date: 7/19/75 

tl«e. Acquisition within seconds S ^ ^ el W 

J: s ««**>. Chile. Another of the nTl ? . &h trackin 8 station 
'^V^ *> -upport a canned mg," ^! t }f n8 fcr vh °* it's the. 
vas 96:13 on the capture latch™ It* me oa the fir st redo~M 

than that for the hard Lrtf^L^A^' ' C ° Upl6 " lnut « ^ 
calculated that S0O e 200 pourfs^ ♦ ? 8 Vere It was 

faction Control System pSSnJ^' " e P " d lcted b ^t of RCS 
«a the solar eclipse exjer^t vhi'I ' ^ the fi - v 
'■■peomlRg at 96:07, less thar.^ hour ^ P ° ^ vere '"locked 

Pardon More than tvo honors £oa cv " n ?°T " 99; ° 7 > 1 /our 
undoing which vill take p iace over til' ^V* ^ he second and final 
-nat's 19 degrees 5 alrut-4 nort? f -tlositlc Ocean at 19:05 nor*- 
vest Ve should have ^^1^^!^ 5 * 

cc-h £i; p ^^r ycu loud ^ «?■ 

ve.ll^ad the data c^'^r^pV' ^ ^ *^ 

ACDR s^ 1 "' We ' re f«A*-V for the daU 

Plus 9 ^ 3 :1 5 . Und "»*»<. 33, *S . ail' hails, plM 13 , ^ lQ 

Stanfby?'" ^ ° PU ° n 1 ^ 
in da^ht »r darJl^ ^v^. Ca " *> that option 1 either 
<*-H ISn^V*' 1 " 6 * oing to *> it - - 

respect to the grou^^.' l^f ^ Pitching dev n vith 

t*r u itexlo, Houston, Apollo. 

CM? J**" 0 ' Ko,19 ton. Go ahead, 

and net vcrry about tve'^ng^t IT^X? t" '°* tMS 3FUon <>"• ™ 

anJ that's fine vi( h u ^ tV ^^ " U P ur.til the n*xt ftight J § - ion 
pass «dw you pre fer^'i] "o'u 1 ^' that 6r " on the next ni 

ASTP (USA) MC3*47/2 

Time: 97:15 CDT, 08: 35 'GET 

Date : 7/19/75 

ACDR You got re 1b;/. 

CC-H Thank you. 

CC-H And Apollc, Houston. We need the 

switch new back to UP TELEMETRY. 

C -" H Apollo, Houston. I think ve've g 

lockup now. 


ASTP (USA) MC 3*8/1 

Time: 08:^5 CUT, 97:25 GET 



go narrow and 
' CC-H 
go narrow and 

on the ATS ar.: 







ATS ante Tin a. 
■ ' ■ ACDR :' 





How do you read? 

Apollo, Houston 
Apollo, Houston. If 
re acq on the antenna now. 
( Russian) 

Apollo, Houston. If you read 
reacq on the ATS antenna now. ; 

Apollo, Houston. If you read 


you read - we think you can 

we think you can 
n\r row and reacq 

Houstor. , Apollo. 

Roger. Ve read you, Tom. . 

Hello. Houston, Apollo. 

We read you. How do you read us? 

Houston, Apollo. How do you read? 

Apollc, Houston. We read ycu loud and clear. 

Apollo, Houston. Please go narrow and reacq on the 

Hello . Houston , 

Apollo, Houston. 

Apollc , Houston . 

Apollc, Houston. 

Apol lc , Houe ton . 

Apollo . 
We read you loud and clear. 
How do you read? 
How do you read? 
How do you read? 



Tine: 08:55 CUT, 97:35 GET 





Madri d? 


Go ahead. 



Hello, Houston. Apollo. 

Apollo, Houston. Go ahead. ' Ve read you loud and 

Apollo, Houston. How do you read? 
Houston, Apollo. Hov do you read through Madrid? 
Apollo, Houston. We read you. Go ahead. 7 
Hello. Houston, Apollo. How do you read through 

Apollo, Houston. We read you well through Madrid. 

Apollo, Houston through Madrid. Hov do you read? 
Houston, ApOllo. Do you read through Madrid? 
Apollc, Houston, through Madrid. J low do you read 

Apollo, Houston. How do you read: . 
Apollo, Houston. How do you read? 
Apollc, Houston. Hov do you read? 
Okay. Read you loud and clear. But the needle 
keeps wavering on your station through Madrid. I wonder what happened 
to the S-band? Over. 

CC-H We're trying to figure that out. The angles that 

ve have for your ATS are a minus 19 and 252. 

ACDR Okay. I've got a minus 19 and 252 in the 

react. Is that any good through ATS? 

CC-H Roger. We see3 to be reading you (\uite veil now. 

Hov are you reading us? 




Loud and clear through ATS. 
Roger. That's good. Do you have any messages? 
No. You've got an echo. 
Rcger. That's probably the VHF at Madrid. 
And Apollo, Houston. We would like you to go 

Rcger. ACCEPT. Oot it. 


ASTP (USA) MC350/1 

Time: 09:05 CDC, 97:^5 GET 


CC-H _ accept. 

ACDa Roger. Accept. Got it. 

^ And -he option 1 vaa completed. 

cc ~ h ' Thank you. 

1? CC " H Apollo, Houston. Do you have a time on that option 


S?iCR Would you care to proceed? 

S?KR ?GtrtU) H0USt ° n " *> y ° U hSVe a Une °" that °P tion 1? 

cc ~" Apollc, Houston. Hov do you read 0 

cZ* -1 ^ Cl S_. r I.. 3c "." - H0V - *™ reading us? 

interference , 

night pass 

Negative. You've been cut out by a lot of^H ! • • 01 ? ay ' T ° n VU1 COae Up vith the tin,? in Just a 
minute; he's looking it up. 

USSR (Mosccv, this is Soyuz. I read you veil . Over.) 

ALL,H OKBy, 3c. It vas 97 plus 20. 

i^p-i'??? „ inte ^rity check results excellent. Exact 

i^e*r_> - pressure integrity check vas performed for 10 minutes The 
results are also excellent.] ' e 

read CC " H Apollc, Houston. We vould like to go block if you 

ACDR (Garble.) 

u** .? C r H , te&r. Go block on xhe computer and ve copied 97:50 

Was for the option 1? y ' 

Rcger. We'll (garble) the* before I get - on the next 

AC2S Houston, hov do you read nov? 

C J;~ H Vg read you fairly veil. Go ahead. 

AGZ> * Okay, just doing a ground check. 

is ready'to copy, P ° fier " 1 U '° n ° t6S f ° r th * WA ' Vhen sooebod - v 

ACDR * Gc ahead. 

th*t it* H ♦ * . 7h " nrSt 13 on the field of Yiev ' n ifl Possible 
that the star tracker cculd indicate lock and be outside of the 

spectrometer field of veiev in yav without an oscillation. And, therefore 
Wn?\ fl >V he , SpftCeCr8ft VUh Soyua "fleeter within plus or minus ' 

vaS l-^T *T< ° f the CCnter ° f the C0AS Vibration mark in 

yav. Pitch is operating no really. 

i^v ^ C0R v R06*r. Possible on the field of viev for it to indicate 

lockeo oi. but really be outside, so you must fly within plus or liw 1 eVl 
a quarter degrees to center of the COAS. Over. 

* . fc CC " H Roger. That's right. Within 1 and a quarter dewe* 

of the center of the COAS cal mark. That's only for yav 8 
L'3A Okay, Bo. 

h**r i yeahf E0 ' Ve h6d a * 3 to the right and 2 and a 

haif tc the left, you nay re-enter, on the cal (garble). 

r A . You're telling him that ve K ot (garble). 

« ^'"'n^ t.^ fi °ge»*- That's vhat brought this all about. ,W - 

vh^hV * ° Ut ° ff ' if th * can be used to depletion 

vnich is f percent of the onboard meter. Then you are cleared to 


continue EVA „ «. d3 ^ ^ 

rro A 0ka y- Get that. 4 . reads 80 percent. 


CC H 6 1 * 

check the VHF TO thu^eel^^ 0 " panel 10 ve vould liv vhere it i s . Vheel at *o higher than 3 and co^d you t0 

Wff Stand by. . 

to about 3 or less. ^ VHF fM thu °^heel v fts at 5 t,„ 

CC-H p Position it 

*™ to three. ' "°*»- ^erstand it vaa 5 and your u 

end of tape 

ASTP (USA) MC 351/1 

n!f 1 S :15 COT > 97; 55 GET 
Date: 7/19/75 

vould lixe to veri^^h^^^jnne! - on channel 230. We 
P08it ^J- TELJffiTR/ i8 i n the center ^ 

^ yZ* ^ ***** g ° inS to W TELEMETRY . 

SCDR 11 he jr you excellently.) 

£™ ?« "*S™?° is 99:03:00 flight 

told us that the tiJl^:oToh 01 tVe°?<° V M1 " ion °°^rol said _ 

H^er, laid. Soyu. told you Moaeov told them 


ACDR f H ° d ° y ° u rfcad 

vhat you're getting Q t?'' ' An avhile *>r the a to undock so I 9ee 
ACDR /n /OU read Ke? 

£0D « The^L "; de "^ you excellently. ) 

ACC * Yes L ^f^you. All right.) 

.uite^vhile to undock! ^ere^a^~ m . * «™ it takes the. 

right nov to nake aur^' believe SO but v « diacuaaing it 

*t that' tke, and It^esn-^'" f*^ ?,° g ° ° Ver thelr 3 ^ence starts 
CC-H wca " " complete until 99:07. H c starts 

solar eclipse go? ^ ° ne questi ^ «* that 1. : hcv did t he 

We called thea - aai i't^V^ 4 fine 48 far 46 1 could Wl r« 
creeping in Sere'^^ °" th ^ "^or "'j*^ 

C " H 1 understand p f ? 53, 5U 8e conds. 

you gave then, a call saying LV?*"* 53 ' 5 ^ B * cm * s when 

ACDR That' OTe 8u n- 1 -i^ht. 

but I thought I'd better bel^^vaUve^ ^ b ? en * on i- 

£U t0 - thllt " " Co ' 9e ™tive became I reneaber hov sensitive 

f W -H " Okay. 
ACDR (Russian) 

* ln ftV ° d *fiape. - e .' v ej e above ihe horiton. We 

ASTP (USA) M:351/2 
Time: 09:15 CDT, 97:55 GET 
Date: 7/19/75 

As soon as they not h«»i^u v i 

.. . ° t5elov the horizon that 

trying to julge, tra^sUUonS iZuilLtT j"? VMhe ? ° Ut t0 

enough so we can see that cross on there t£!? I , 8 ° lng t0 be in cl °" 
expecially if w e re ( ? ) ln the ear" ' " at ^off cross on t.h-~ 

probably be in 
the problem. 
• ACDR ;S 
of music that - 



a background. 

cross on there, 

Roger. We understand what you're savins ■ 
Apollo, Houston. We thin:, Sat" U^re. 

- • ■ "v. i. 1 1 x i Lr% 

local horizontal cost of the. tfr« , 

oi tne tine so you shouldn't have 

We hope so . •:' ! "'':v,-- ; -' , ~:-''-V"-- 

you should 

Yes, that's trj«. 
Houston, Apollo. 
Apollo, Houston. 
Roger. We've got 

Go ahead. 

a little Present here ve wanted 

(recorded music) 
(Garble) - - 

ASTP (USA) MC352/1 
Tine: 09:25, 98:05 GET 

Moscow? (Recorded music for the crev and ve vill do it by 

Sic) ° kQy ' U ' S 801118 t0 be pla y in « nov " " 

ACDR Over. 

CC_H Apollo, Houston. 

ACDR Go ahea-i. 

' cc "' { That sounded like it u«= f r ™ <•„». ;• A ' 

around Kiev. a ° f 1 0In far astern CklahotA, 

, . ACDR I don't know whether w at A <v4 er • n . 

c£S 8 * ,t "j^.r so * Dt " a that or not - he ' s f ™ ™- 

ACDR Go ahead. Please give ne a call. 

Plus Jlfball.; plu/ol^' oST ?V ?«%^ !2 S !3 r MinUS 193?; 

575fl ' p , u * iU -» 00c » 33C, 355 1770, 0008, 19? , 15716 p«;77r 
*0J. 2720, not applicable, 0 5 1, 309, 3^7, ^977^1%^ 

ACDR oka;--, you want a readback on that 7 

" c-tl If you wish. 

ballses 020 ^ 00^330 "l?. 9 ^?^?'*' 39 '' » inu8 1939 « P 1 ^!! 

REFSMATT CS/SM ae, , yaTIeft^f V r & Siw T^*' ReM " 3: 0rbital 
•67, CS.M weight. %6 2 {?; W^e^isST **' ^ PlUS ^ ^ ^ . 

and tJfNOUN -8'.. P ?iS^£ V^I' °™ ^ left 03! degrees 

C ":'l „ Roger. You were cut out on that yav left 

" Va IrS " ° the,vise U ' 3 • readback. 7 * ' 

ACDR okay. 

«h. «t err ror S£ L^S £\r£ - <„ 

ACDB Bcser. 10 per cent. 

P« S8 UoYrorU at ^i.""'" ^ ^ * Q '" Ute fr0 " 1 ™« »«« 

ATT o£~Le .-. ^stfad „" StS'<.r" UU ' " tb " «" 


ASTP (us A) MC353/1 

iime: 09:37 CDT, O937 G FV 
Date.- 7/19/75 

ATS-6 satellite ,h 6 , 18 A P°^o Control r " 

Coral Sea be ^/S' 8 ^ 7 *lnute gaTa'ross^V' through 
. Orroral Valley, i^EaTS" " d Sev Guinea ^til **^* of Inderal, 
gating set up inth Pr «ently the A^r re&Cc 3*isi tion at 

^ completed *t So pr ° per «-itudJ for '° yUZ C ~ v are 

and atoaie nUrV- lnvesti £aticn of - and ^! Perinerit wh ich has the 
»«t vill J^S?* Prides iD Earth^ A^!^ ° f atoD ^ Zr*n 
Apollo toTret^ iC ^ Sen "* ^tro^' ; 3 fnr^ h ; re - ^ ^S?. 
in turn vili^^ f * eCt °' bunted J s£ z^f * be *» «2c ed 
aboard Apollo. The * ™ ~ fco ^ced back to o*ti«i PaMCraft ' ™«e 
•nd v ftvel £ • .Wat ion distances for^^!^ 1 ™ .pectro BPt . 

v »" range froa i?n \ ° ~ of th * tv 3 e w™ di ^erent aesu.jr— 
^-stiga^oX^ters to 1 „ d 

of Michigan, ^.£„1 I are Dr . Thoaa, u ! tV ° Principal 

«°ber, D? H d ^ f Atmospheric ZTlc^t? ° f the "Mver.i, v 
Project Office % ° Johnson Space Cent** J f Sci *™c, and D r ' y 
orbit, v ith a ier^r"^ «* ^«««ent1 "Effect" 

«ile higher ill o & ° f i21 " 6 nautical mil* *" ainost circular 
reaaining £ r e L 9 nautlc » l F lve ftpo « ee of abwt. 

Valley a.?i h v e e r ? re be ^ e d n .^ and the ^uK?^ th ^ ° f 

ACDR standing by, ^uiaition through Orroral 

CC-H ^ e lo » Huston. A»oll rt fj, 

Apollo, Houston. Over » * 

■:»d or tape do you rea <*? 

i&* (USA) MC35Vi 
inV/l, 09 '-" 1 ™> 98:27 get 

E' 0 " ' ml 1 !: Over. 

conversation tnere ,h 1S '™» Control » "° "»> 

--v: ^."s.roTs.r * - 2 - 

• 1ext station vm v„ ? tatlon v 11 nr»t v. eIlit e at fw ♦ , 

there that v e had a loWV* ApoUo Cor-trol at oft.*-, 

s tV Cal1 to the^^Vl 0 ^? 3l8nal 2 5!ffo ?J' * * h ^t briefly 
station at „ extreme^ il^ 1 "* 1 ** 8 * «t t ° S out h 8 , C<lp Coa * to - 
«te avay fr 0a predl "J lov elevation an«i e „ ? 0j theast of the Qm tn 
Apollo an,; SeyE^Sj* * C \ ulai tlon th^" A J e > J "ttl. over a ttl „ 
^decking, J c Jo„\? 0eked at tl« Si /! tellltB S 68 the 

eidophorea h*.^ rip Reorder- <t>. C f g ' tad a televise V 

SC£ ,„ Apollo, Hou - rrcucfd 

CC-H Rc « e "-. So. Seal ATS - 0 «r- 

»?. tfc. W lel R ^r *» have .VX? «* ««'• 

AC0 . B you <,n * vhen wu "•»* • 

CC-H il h * n * you. 

ACta ApoUc, Heuatcn. -„> 

"DR "POilc, Soyuz . 

■ 3R \OverJ 

SCDS A AU Hght.) * 

ACm ;"'JccklR S , now> 

/.^ < Roger.) 

seon I; h ^ that. v.. n , h _„. n<?w 

CC-S or OFF. Int«- OA *, ■ 

■« u._. u „/- - — c* m - --. tf U W , , 

^ - " ^^Uo.Ho ust o, If>Wu " 'V 

? . J l$ cu Pty, you cw, 

^ OPT. • ■ ^ . 

res* I iJ *v.) 

* '•' -' 3 < fce e a.«*e ful , 

AfTP (USA) MC356/! 
m?/ 13 10:27 CW ' 99:07 GET 

USSR ,„ 

USSR (Garble.) 

ACDfl jwusaian) 

USSR }^ out 20 aeters . ) 

ACDR til ^ * 

USSR jRight.) 

USSR ;;\ r ! >le) rea< ^ nov? 

ACDR " ' lght « : 

USSR (Velocity minus.) 

USSR ; t °* rb ^-) 

CC-H t^-isnian) 
^ Increase. ApoUc ' »OMten. v e need th* „h 

(Ml,, " ^ 6VAr0m - 


ASTP (USA) MC357/i 

Time: 10:37 COT , 99:17 GET 

Date : 7/19/75 
















take you need 








Apollo, Soyuz ve (garble) orbital orientation* 

(I 'a beginning the experiment . ) . 

We don't under - we did not understand you. 
(Garble) ve did not understand you. 

Do you have station-keeping? 

Apollo, Houston. You have until 99 : 39 for full 
the time . 

(Garble) waiting for 
( Soyu?. , 

through the vindov) 


this is Moscow. Hew do you read?) 
Soyuz, this la Moscow. How do you ri 

CC-M ... 

■USSR (Standing by Moscow.) 

CC-M (Roger, Soyuz.) 

?C-M (How did the undocking go?) 

ygSP ^The docking vent nornal . The pressure 

are now in orbit - orbital hold * mode. Apollo has left 
v'ew and we cannot see him «o far.) 

ySf ft {The reflectors are opened .* 50 meters 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Ve may loae ATS here 

angles in your flight plan. 

CC-n Apollo, Houston. We raiy lose ATS here 
there arc aisles for reacquiring in your Flight Plan. 

ACDR Foger. I've got the plus - pitch plus 




is normal, 
the field 


If ve do 

I f ve do 

ASTP (USA) MC358/1 

Tine: 10:1*7 COT, 99:27 GET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. We may lose ATS here; if we do 

there are angle* to reacquire in your flight plan. 

acd r Roger. I've got the plu3 - pitch, plus 15 and a 

yaw, plus 2lU . 

CC-H Roger. We still read you fine. 

USSR (Russian) 
USSR (Russian) 

C C_h Apollo, Houston. It looks to us as if you may be 

out a little far and ve think that perhaps a correction dovn and to the 
left would be appropriate. 

Yeah, that's the way we read the last one. 

CC-H Roger. 

Beacons On. Orientation lights ON. 

ACpR (We see your beacons*) 

CC-M (Soyuz, this is Moscow.) 

USSR (Russian) . V 

CC-H Apollo, Hbuston. Just another reminder; if we losn 

the high gain acquisition, you'll need to go recorders OH. 

ACDR Pay agfti". 

CC _ H Roger. If ve lose high gain fantenr.a lock -on, you 11 

have to put the recorders OS. ■ , . 

ACDR okay. That's high bit rate, forward, cooaand and 

reeiet , right? , , , 

CC . H Apollo. It doesn't look like we're going to lose 

you. We'll try to keep you clued if it looks like ve vi U . 

CMP Okay. 

ACDR All right, Bo. 

yah - -the canera - - 


ASTP (USA) MC 359/1 

Time: 10:57 CDT, 99:37 GET 


(8oyur., this is Apollo. Turn off orientation lights.) 
ACDR (8oyuz, this is Apollo.) 

f? D J « . ( 8 °yuz, this is Apollo. Turn off beacons and orienta- 
tion lights , also. ) 

^ (Scyuz, this is Apollo. Hov do you read?) 

ACDR (Soyuz this is Apollo. Hov do you read me?) 

CM? Houston, Apoll". 

CKP (Soyuz, this . Apollo.) 

, ACDR (8oyu;:, this is Apollo. Turn off your orientation 

li giits and beacons. ) 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Did you call? 

ACDR Yeah . 

C 5' 5P Hev > would you call the Center and have them - 

veil, I guess ve - ve'ri- not over the USSR but ve have a problem. We 
can't get the Soyuz beacon and orientation lights off. Apparently 
they're not reading us. 

CC-H Roger. Wileo. 

f ACDR (Soyuz., this is Apollo. How do you read? Turn off 

your orientation lights and beacons, please.) 

SCDR I thought 1 (garble) off. 

USA (Turn off your orientation lights end beacons, 

ianediately, please.) 

3CDR Soyua orientation lights off. 

ACDR (And beacons too.) 

ACDR (Also turn off your beaeone , please. Turn off both 

the beacons and orientation lights.) 

CMP (SoyuE, this is Apollo. Turn off your beacons 


SCDR Okay. 

ACDR (Thank you. Thank you.) 

SCDR you were celling our spacecraft? 

ACDR (Yes, of course* ) 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Experiments says it looks like 
we're getting good data, 

ACDR i hope ao. 

^ Roger. We had a hard time making thea understand to set 

the beacons off. 

CC-H Roger. We copied that. 

ACDR I think the tine factor vas (garble). 

This ig Apollo Control . The television presently on 
the circuits is a replay of thft earlier television from the studio video 
tape recorder, it is not real-tine television, The - both of the spacecraft 
are in darkness at this time, doing the UYA fly -by. 


ASTP (USA) MC360/1 
VT 9 ) 75 11:07 COT » 9**7 GET 


^ould y „ u sI r^gf 0 * finished ^ 

r*rv H Itituik you wry - uchj - ope 

Cft£p Roger. L °S- 

looking p P e tt3r *"* Ve ' re tracking in . nrf 

CC-H hJUU ' oOi *"« in and out of 

* Progress report or^uT' httv * to - ve'll t '° 

good. 1 evaluation at OrrorE * lV * ™» 

c °f H Ok*,, ^xtloc*. Pretty 

USSR < 60 oetera . ) 

USSR 60 **t Br8 wd . 

AC0R ™ «*ter 3 . 

(Correct. ) 


ASTP (us A) m3>Sl/l 


o» 'Potlight.) (3<VU2 > 'M. Is Ap< , Uo 

2 - i/2 i"— ^ u °- H ° u °^ o rwal Valle/ for 

gave you .05 t ^ 8aid °ur VHF Mno<„ . 

Sc'h * c ***- I think 8 thfm 

Orroral LOS. AO q /*° llc » "ous ton . * hePe c oneur B . 

PAO^- A ° S at ^ito at 100 hours ^ £ ^ * *nute until 

Robert Snyder, the ° nbun of 8*^^. * <Uld heli u« fdov 

Pi™ the science L^ f PUrpoae ^na« Zd^ffV* perl * e " t * and 
Mission Control ^Tn^T ^ h ^ 1^?^ rlBf „ tf 
docking. Jan nov thfi 8 ^ dlrect0 « are vat!* °" ASTP ' Herein 

but a replay froa « " * V repeat . la no J " dr ' ftln S by. under- 

»au Op TAPE 

ASTP (USA) MC 362/1 
vT 9 m ll:U3 CDT ' 2.00:25 GET 

ground elapsed tin,* * ? Apollo Control. 10fl 

«.M* Quito" Su.*3S , ' tl « 5° »«co„a°°th^1 JSSf- 
Soyuz at thi-i mJT ? Y do the 500-aet-r n v 1 , tracking 
ShTuli have acqX'tiof' ho * ef ^>-. ve'U^/^J* 3 ^rsft 

Ms caly, the ^ting baek ^ ^"^^ ^ 

^ a AC h D f- " POil °' H0U8t ° n thr °^ ~ fllnute 

CC-H ;^ r ' , We 've just rolled l&a a. 

pood it wv'-v,, R °ser. Ve ha^* a < t * * iW de ^ees, Bo. 

center Wd ?ikr ^ e ' Ve VCuIrt «* ^CrSa?"? lh ? lr r<?6r re ^ 

ACDR llke eaJt ^0 then thr^t^i^J? theB ' thelr co ^rol 

USSR feH hi8 *• **>l2Y IP * 

ACDR JG&rble) 

Over.) ' (Garble) Moscov v* n ts to talk tn 

USSR Vil iU t0 ^ U our ehlp. 

CC-H th ^ Sot it 

attitude 8et to ODC, if [; v *ry "uch and v eM liv. 

U33fl' /^t n °t. Q iIlc « your 

•* 2 70 96. On the . Sof tP' hetP y0a •"•llently v. , 

Dmp ■■ Apollo, llvJU . e . ' V5 e the A *° Uo -> 

£P H Uud ^ clear T Bena,Jdft - °»*r. 

^ H 3o ahead. ' ~"' Bo » ve h »ve a quenion. 

or perhapa not covered t l° Ufiht Y* * cul<J «e ft light 1*** V ^ 
the experiaent? ^ or th * other. Vould tba £J n th * * indov « 

USSR ,* 11 ? hec *> 

you ^cellenUy.) ™* 18 <* "ad you •xc.ll.ntl,. , httr 

ieak could have aff#£SJ*?? "'f^ 1 *' Houston, ve don't h.ii 

• *rd-.u* gmiftg r: 4 * 0 : h - rd ^ A«i?JlTafSw 

(V-k ™ •■>•■ turn -off t>,«4. 'cxn^v xo Moacov v* u*a 

. H ' RoR*r v« » , ;elr oeacons and li ff Ht« had 

«nt Une do the ori.^«*l\ ff* V retrof U.. t0 r ^ V. 

the frsoe or r«L V ! Uo " viih ft v^v an-J r * At the pre. 

e P ft « e - • ?0 in accordance vlth 


ASTP (USA) MC363/1 
Time: 11:55 COT, 100:35 GET 
DaW: 7/19/75 

! P70- <50 ; 270; 90; in accordance vith the 

USSR **e 1,2 53 of the detailed Flight Plan. Change 

frame on page 42-53- ******* „ 70 . Q0 \ 
vaw angle - instead of l80.0 to 270, 90. t 
ya (How did you read the first hairu 

CCH (Soyuz, this is Hoseov.) 

ik«W (Moscow, this le Soyui.) 

S ( tf e' ve « lready d ° ne th6t V 

270; 90.) ... , qovua. Our yaw was automatic.) 

1„ ,«S I ™* »«=ond „.r.euv.r in crder to do the 500 »t.r 

Bo 8 eO (MMr co^Uti^J.JIJtJ.tgJ. do * 

, t u A r «..v,. .ptti Arvolic appears in /oar r.gnv V1, ^ u v 
lu tiie, Tie,... •»»• - ; ,i 4 .= vr>u r ^ C ci over. > 

follow the nc*inal program ™£* ^ yftV noV 270 ; 90. Tr.e 
«33S <«« ie . n " - " cno rseters and we have tc 

Apollo, n^tcn. over. 


AC: ' R :~' t M-i .he lU'ht that was cMalng from the 

CC-H ApP k A ?^? L that coding bac* from the reflectors? 

window appear to be ftO«gn aB Uftt v« -o» s 

' USS8 off' 

• ^ SuorH^ton: In the blind it looks Just *i 

if you nay have biauped the at iefc. 

,,«v5o Causal an; 

c ' c l V : Apollo, Houston. .Over. 

,„ (II?, so far not. > 

!£j Arol;o, Kenton, Over. 

-heir maneuvering. Car, you it? 
USSR llhttilft*' 

^« Weil* i'r. not sure what - - . 

VL They're .till yawed 90 degrees, do. 

A - l H ; w on wreea orbital or to plane? 

«g JU'* ,oi yfvd in plane, Bo. Th*r« 90 degree 

' c " n t ■ , m » row one. if that is now finished, 

, B , ftR **ine ^t l ,^^Vio^in n . . . 

y«« <"* cic " ci t0 ? " I tabbed that one when I eoultaM, 

. 'l^V^ w {garble), (Garble) iMt time we ,aae 

Vnek u- plana Wi* were *vM t - « •'• Jfiift 

th«. Soywu {Garble) 

ASTP (USA) MC363/2 

TiiLe: 11:55 CDT, 100:35 GET 

Date: 7/19/75 

ACDR OkS w + T re&i yOU ' You ha vo a bad e , h o 

around ve caae into pl^e £££.1° 'J 1 *™ ^ that th * l«t 

sunrise's directly behind Scy4 ^T^had'aT cn tUrn6 OUt th « the 
the sun got overhead. Do vou eipeetJe Sli \£ U&<! there »*U 

a^ter? - u expeet the 9< "«i thing to happen at the 500 

that the «eo*etry Bhoulf.e th^^T^' Jl'tT 1 " 411(1 1 

eyes. * 8Mie » 80 again the sun will be in your 

sun vin\e behind y^iowu^SLfH inf ^ation. The 

ACTS v e s J. / * ble t0 8ee Soyui well 

here (garble). ,M ' jU3t " Ve J*" ^ured that out for ouLive, 

you neeYt; start th^u^Wi ^S. 8 '' * ^ tAe ° n thl « 


ASTP (USA) MC36l*/l 

Time: 12:05 CDT , 100: U5 OET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. To get a full data take on this, 

you need to start the maneuver by 1 : 01:08. 

ACDR Roger. Is that the data take? 

SPEAKER (Garble.) 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Over. That 1-0-1-0-8 ie the 

start maneuver time. 












Understand, Bo . 
( I see you, Alexey . ) 
We see you. 
Houston, Apollo. 
(Garble. ) 

Apollo , Houb ton. Go ahead. 

'Garble. ) 

(Roger. ) 


(Roger. ) 

Okay. On this start - here - right now - we're 

going in plane forward; ar.i he's yaw 90 degrees . Affirmative? 

' CC-H 


ret rare fleeter. 


Is he going to keep his present - 

That' 3 right. He's going to keep that present 

Okay. Yaw 90 degrees to the velocity Vector. All 

And , therefore, you should be able to see his rear 

(All right. ) 
That '9 correct . 
( initiating the maneuver.} 

Apollc , Houston. Over. 
Apollo, Houston. Over. 
Okay. He's working there. 

Okay . We stopped the maneuver, Bo, if you didn't 
cutch that, I had a wrong switch configuration here. 

CC-H Roger. May we suggest that you go back and start 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. We have about lb minutes until 

you n#*ii tc start the maneuver out of plane to get the full data 

DM? Okay. 

CC-H Apollo - if somebody has a chance , we would like 

PEAK cn the out -the -window carer a. 

ASTP (USA) MC361*/2 

Tine: 12:05 CDT, 100: U5 GET 


USSR (Rub si an) 

SPEAKER (Garble.) 

(This is Soyuz. I hear you excellently. How do 
(Moscov, this is Soyuz. I read you excellently.) 

you read oe? ) 

CC-iM (Roger, Soyuz.) 

USSf * (Ncv the situation is as follovs. Apollo vent by 

our reii-, and we sav it through our right windov. The distance was 
about 30 or uo meters. It is holding distance very veil. Nov I »a 
watching it through the right vindov. And after that vill (garble). 
Over> ) 

USSR Ut is a 180 degrees roll, in relation to us, 

upside dovn. ) 

' USSR . , {Russian) ■ 

CC ~ H Apollo, Houston. We'll becoming up on sunset 

here, in just a fev uinutes. 
ACDR Okay. 

cc * f{ Apollo, Houston. There are about 5 ainutes until 

sunset at this tiae. If soceone has a chance, gamma 1/2 on the out - 
the-vindov ca&era. 


ASTP (USA) MC365/1 
Time: 12:17 COT, 100:57 

CC .H Apollo. Houston. It looks like you just did your 

maneuver. Could you confirm that? 

CMP That's (Garble; . t 

CC-H And Apsllo, Houston. We're out of TV, ve re jubx. 

watching data again. 

please . ) ... 

SCDR Beacon OA. 

S [Hilt, i^OH ^ur orientation H^f 

S (I see - turn on your orientation lights.) 

SCDR orientation lights OK. 

ACDR (.■Shank you. ) 


SCDR Ranging 0.i. 

ACDR (Garble) 


AST? (USA) MC366/JL 

Time: 12:33 COT, 101:15 GET 


Apollo, Houston. Could ve have you hit arrow 


&MP Roger, We'll hit it again, 

CC - H Roger. We don't think that, it's any problem, but 

we'a Just like to see if there is another (garble) litfht. 

ACDR (Soyui this la Apollo. Nov turn off - please, 

turn off your beacons and orientation lights/Over.) 



than the last 

500 meters, but I don't. 

Beacon, off; orientation lights, off. 
(Thank you. ) 

Apollo, Houston. It looks as if we're getting 

And, Apollo, Houston, this data does look better 

If you believe our VHF ranging, Bo, ve're exactly 

meters . 


the yav and the pitch 

CC-H " Roger 


Roger, 'bderstand. You shov yourself at 500 
That's vhat the gage says. 

Apollo, Houston. If you called you were very weak. 
(Garble) Soy us vhat is the range now? 
(500 meters . ) 

(Garble) What is the range now? 
(500 meters.) 
500 meters. 

Apollc, Houston. Experiments liked your data. 
Okay. It locks good from here. Should be on the center 

ASTP (USA) MC367/1 

Time: 12-1,3 CDT 10l 23 qj~ 

Date, 7/19/75 


USA 7~" data talte completed. 

s»- — :~ on 


ACOR A P°llo, Houston. Over. 

CC-H garble) go ahead. 

but getting close ani^e'd lit?'. ^ y ° U ' re »«U above the r,<* 1* 

over on th* pcsw . ke to. remind von ^ red line 

USA reM " - An v d U ^ ve'd voX^ 111 ^ BVltch 

usa Jl fe . r - 

USA Houstor, Apollo. 

ACDR <^ 1 ; 2 ' '"J" i« ApoUc.K?) 

p A0 Ro S*r. .21,. 

Later on durim* h»i- * extreme ultraviolet ° ut -°f-plane 

avay f ro^ Soyut ^! P"*". Apollo .^ tlM e ^i^t. 

out the vindow ' d^ h ° exten8lv * -till photo* oTThJ si * b0Ut 50 B * t ^« 

the s£-oalleJ1oi n t J * lon * day « And that e S8er i'I n " f ° r a 
vili „, ^ f, f nt rev act ivitie3 Flight pi MBenti »lly runs out 

™?rritt Island Launch Area in v ^ next station vili bn 

END 07 TAPS ^ 

ASW (USA) HC368/1 

Tin*; X3;?3 CD?, iO?}03 QET 

7/19/75 ' 

PAO This is Apollo Controi, 102 hours 3 minutes ground 

elapsed time. 50 seconds away from acquisition through Merritt Island 
Launch Area tracking station, Juat adjacent to Kennedy Space Center in 
Florida. The Experiments Officer here on this team of flight controllers 
Skip Larson, is uncertain at thiB point as to why the ultraviolet ab- 
sorption experiment data was degraded, but he does suspect that some 
sort of reflectance (sic) interferred vith the light beams emitted from the 
optical absorption spectrometer on the docking module toward the retro- 
reflector on Soyust. And he's continuing to sort out the data and try to 
establish what the interference was. We're up live now and have contact 
with Apollo. 


A3TP (USA) ' " '9/1 

TU»i 13:39 vJT, I02a9 GET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. Through ATS again. Standing by. 

ACDR (Russian) 

CC . H Apollo, Houston. When you have a chance, switch 

the P8M. We ehov it's empty. 

USA (Garble) - empty. 

USA (Garble) 0-1-6 

CC . H And Apollo, Houston. The ATS angles are minus 2k and 


USSR (Garble.) 

(Soyus, this is Apollo. Maneuver completed. ) 

ACDB (Soyuz, hcv do you read?) 

CC-H Apollc, Houston. Over- 

CMP (Scyuz, this is Apollo.) 

ACDB (Soyua, this is Apollo. Hov do you read me?; 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Over. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Over, 

USA Go ahead, Houston. 

CC . H Roger. You can switch your PSM. We show that it s 
eapty. And your hi g:i gain antenna's at minus 2-U and 1-5-0. 

ACDR Minus 2-U and 1-5-0. Roger. , 

CC _H Roger. And the PSM is on systems checklist 1-3. 

CMP ■ 
lit per cent . ■ ■ . ■ 

OC-H Apollo, Houston 

nu&er. mivi wi\v »v»« ~-- -•/ . 

Rcger. And we're shoving lU, but we'll switch over. 


OX ay, Bo. I've got ainus 2-U and 1-5-0 on PEAC. 
CC-H Understand. 
ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

Cc-H Apollc, Houston. Oo ahead. 

ACDR (Garble.) 

(Moscow, I read you excellently.; 


C C_h Apollo, Houston. Go ahead. 


svitched ever to the QUAD'S. 
CC-H Thank you 

CC-H And - 

Rcger. I *aess we're locked up now, and we're 

SCDR Vance - H?w read Be? 

CMP (Excellently, Alexey.) 

TbanX yon very much for your bi;- lob. 
(ThanX you, also. This was a very K^od job.) 

cnnR ■■■■ - . was well dont- . 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Could you tell us if there's pov-r 

the evaporator? 

SCDR It was a very good show. 

ASTP (USA) MC369/2 

TIm«! 13:39 CDT, 102 19 GET 


Nov I aee your spacecraft very, very veil. (Garble.) 
ACDR t (Unfortunately, I cannot Bee you. All of the nun 

i$ In the vir.dov. ) 

SCDR Yee, yes, yes, yes. Sorry. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Over. 

ACDR GO ahead. 

CC ~ H w «' d like to confirm you've deactivated the activated 

primary evaporators, and secondary, as veil. 

ACDR That's affirmative. We've deactivated them. 

SCDR (Garble.) 

SCDR After our flight - - after our flight - Hov you do? 

ACDR (All right.) 

^C-H Apollc, Houston. Over. 

ACDR Go ahead, (garble). 

Cc-H Is that checklist to protect the camera from the 



?A9/75 13i3? CDT> 102:29 0ET 

ACDR ^ UOt Hou3 ton.' Over. 

?T UH Oo ahead. 

the 8U £ H 18 that flh,ck »*t to protect the caacra fro. 

*f R Yoah, 8Ure j8< 

*hov -southing 0 ;~ l e -2 r t«U vhether you vere trying to 

camera. Nov it JuBt^tUn'g^d'th^e^f, 8 " 1 ^ ""<> th. 
M.. «i,ht there at the .ui.t^li^IutX*- ^ ^ - 

^ C ° Uldn * 8eethe ° for l«t five B i„utea, Bo, 

Kill tTu A "V r o * ^ 10 • ««. »ode nov". 
Alec, y i3-.\.««%^ gi ;i'-I 1 ^ ?J fur orients- 

and - 

tlon lights 

USSR Apollo", Soy U2 . Repeat it. 

experiment redllne. 6 re J 1 " 1 »PProaehlng the 

Tracking R ( S arbU) h * V<? 0ur ••Pwatlon burr, and v £ .. re going R v 

aoors open a MUle f^/ ff^^ ^Z^lt ^A" . 

l^hta^plea.e. I A^"^^ 11 "- °" your orientation 

cedurfto" turn j» S "^W^.^ " >~ . 

V,- DK , do vcu read ce? 

S ^ ^rdfrv" Very ' Very *** Valeriy.) 

USA #! d you before? ' ' 

«!* Nothirg, Valeriy.) 

cc-h openine the 

Could C yo"u please do ^^'J^* S °™ * ha ~ ^st range data. 
12<D 0? TAPS - 

ASTP (USA) HC371/2 

Time: 13:1*9 CUT, 102:39 GET 


good data. 

Experiment* says we're getting data. 

Apallo, Houston. It looks like you* 



7i»«s 13: **9 COT, 102:39 GET 


CKP Houston, Apoll . 

CC-H Apollo, Housiton. Go ahead. 

CMP Bo, rignt now it's very interesting. We're looking 

down on hie and he's got a beacon flashing and ve can nee the two lignts 
very well. He 'a pulling ahead <>t us and you can uee the dark Earth in 
he backgroundj It's Just a* If in airliner's maybe going underneath us 
and pulling aheal of us a littli* bit; maybe a thousand feot below us or 

CC-H Roger. Thanks. We don't have TV, only data right 

now. Could ve uik you to hit the VHF range reset again? 
ACDR Ok<vy. we'll try. 

ACDR Okay, nothing happened again. 

ACDR (Soyus, this is Apollo. Please check your VHF ranging. 


scdr os. 

ACDR : (Thank you, thank you.) 

CC-!i Apollc , Houston. I have UVA supplet&entai data here. 

Is someone fret* to copy? 

ACDR (Soyuz, this la Apollo, Now please turn OFF your 

orientation light s.) 

SCDR Okay. Orientation lights ON - OFF. 

CMT Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Roger. I have a change to you at the end of this 

UYA. T.eady to copy? 

ACDR 00 ehead. 

CC-H Roger. At 102:50, ve'u like to - there's a VERB 1»9 

maneuver; we'd like to change, that to read 10252, change the VERB 1>9 fai- 
euver to UV inplane scan ettitude 20; , 301, 320, by 102, 59- 

ACDR Roger. Change it to UVA inplane 6 can »t angles 302, 

301, 320 by 10?, plus 59. 

CC-H Roger. That's after this thousand aeter coarse, and 

maneuver to out-of-plane attitude by 103, OU, 

CKP Houston, Apollo. We have a little, problem here on 

getting data. Ve haven't a3ked bin to turn OFF his beacon yet, because 
it's just inpossible to see the reflector at this distance.. 

CC-H Understand. 

CC-H And Apollo, Houston. Down about 103:30 it call3 

for waste vater dump; don't do that dur.p. 
CMP Roger. 

ACDR (Seyu2, this is Apollo. Now please turn OFF your 

beacons . ) 

SFE Rogvr. Beacon ON - OFF. 

ACDR (Soyuz, this is Apollo. Please turn ON your orient- 

al ion lights . ) 

SFE Orientation lights. 

ACDR (Thank you. ) 

ACDR Hey, Bo. Can you tell us if they're getting data 

or not down there? 

ASTP (USA) MC372/1 

Tine: \Ui09 CUT, 102:1*9 GET 

Date: 7/19/75 

CM? Okay, Houston is that enough sweep data for yout 

CC-H I'll check with Experiments. 

■JC-H Apollo, Houston. We'd like you to con ti nut. 

CMi* Okay. 

CC-H And Apollo, we'll probably lose you on ATS and not pick 

you up agnin until Vanguard at 103:13. 

CMP Okay, Bo. Do you want to give ua a cut-off criteria on 

this data - take? 

CC-H Roger. I'll ask Experiments again. 

CC-H And, Apollo, Houston. feM like you to track the 

light there for a second so we can see what the life looks like cn our 
d;Aa. And then be able to filter that out later. 

CM? Okay . 

CC-H And as soon as you do that you're - we're ready to terminate 

the experiments . 

ACDR - - (Garble) . 

CMP Okay Do you want to - never mind. 

ACDR What I've been doing, Be, is fuding orientation light to 

where I think the beacon is because I think that's where the reflector is. 

CC-H Roger. What, they'd like you to do would be to 

track the light for i bit so that perhaps they can detemine something 
fron Unt and later filter that from the data. And aa soon as you're finished 
with that you're clear to go on to the in-plane scar, attitude. 

ACDR I understood that. 

CMP You mean his beacon light, Bo. 

CC-H Roger. 

ACDR Okay, I'm done tracking the lights. 

CMP Do you need any data on the beacon too? 

CC-H Roger. We've got enough. You can new go to the 

in-plane scan attitude. 

CMP Ok^y. Roger. 

>^£P I'd be curious to know - could you eee any data fron that 

Hill's red light? 

CC-H Ve don't think it looked any different but they're 

evaluating it.' 

f.'MP Ckay . 

CC-H Apollc , « eee you maneuvering and you're going to 

lose ATS. W?'31 see you at Vanguard at 103:13. 

JMP Okay. We're maneuvering and we'll do the out-of- 

pls/ie maneuver at .103 : 0 - . 

CC-H Roger. 

PAO This ia Apollo Control, 103:02 ground elapse! time. 

We've had losiS of signtvl for the last, several minutes, actually, through 
.VTS-6 satellite because of tho maneuver being performed by Apollc as 
it dcos the 1000 meter in-plane data-Ve^e for the ultraviolet experiment. 
We'll have contact again with Apollo through tracking ship Vanguard 
in approximately 10 minutes. At 3:00 p.m. Central Time, in the JSC 

ASTP (USA) HC 372/8 

Tiaos IU\Q9 GDT, 102; »*? GET 

Date: 7/19/75 

auditoriua, therd vlU be a briefing on the ASTP science activities. 
The participants will be ASTP scientist, Dr. Tom Guili, Dr. Faouk El 
Be*. , vho is principal investigator for earth observation and mapping 
investigations. Dr. C. Stuart Bouyer, extren/; ultraviolet and heliua 
glow experiments, Dr. Fredrick Vonboo, geodynamics , and Mr. Robert 
Snyder, multipurpose furnace and electrophoresia experiments. That, 
will be at 3:00 central tie* in the main auditorium at Johnson 

Space Center. The Apollo separation maneuver to begin this final data 
take at distance of 1 kilometer began at 102:22, va? an RCS burn and 
during the course of that burn, as the spacecraft ditched over, they 
did lose lock through the ATS -6 satellite because the aten - the high 
gain antenna was not programmed to track the satellite automatically, 
therefore the next contact vae made through the Madrid station through 
the the C-BAND OMNI antennas and shortly thereafter the crew vaa given 
nev highgain ateima angles so that cocaauni cat ions could be resumed 
through the satellite. The balance of the afternoon will be relatively 
>4<iiet as the crew goes into a meal period in about an hour. Meal 
period starts about liOU hours ground eiapsed tine. The joint operations 
Flight ?lan essentially ends at that point and the solo flight plan 
picks u? at 105 hours on the extensive list of experiments scheduled 
for the* remainder of the Apollo flight. Seven minutes to reacqulsition 
through Vanguard. This is Apollo Control at 103:06. 


ASTP (USA) MC373/1 
Vl°9m 13 '' n ^13 GET 

r . • " »oon as ve s+«».f ' i v»vor a call th fh. 

to turn off Si ? iS* ^* " uff - «C t w **°>»' 

My have been «r„ a iaps y°u vere alvava on -m. . * ere for 00 r « 

3o ne of tS Jat" ITS' 0 " 0 *' off of theXSvi^ th.« 

CC-3 ^i/J^* 1 ' 8 encou ««tng. 

the data - M d " e * rfe «- ^00 J ^ -J report 

retroreflector o V ? °! f^' of Aether they If lB ^n»i»tIng 

Sir; ^ "s"^.^" l ?:f "^r 

a pr< craned. ^ h<w *° do everytMr,, , \ • 

ACDR 0fc e iS , i n the Bigslon 

si-LS ^i^r^tr t - ---- «o^- - — • ^ 

CC " K tZll w 1 ^ be Over? Vhatab °^ 

- - <™ it- - 

CMP 80 • ThanX you, ' gGt 

d B °' M *« nice vords are bM, < 

urus are being aaid, I'd 

Afp (usa) mm/2 


SWTS JSi;. 5H'" k " - - S! arsr* Tf" 

And the second LI 1 8top P ed their opening !°/ ast into 

knocked It off and J threv u » *«Jt of attit^l v J C0Baand ^tead 

jua* 413 if they were dravn right 0^^" ^ %hos « ™**P 

^ - ^. H ~ Minute u,t ilWS . 

PAO «°S*r. 

onl/i it vin "I ? ^ ihe science briefly „ f , ! *~^led to connence 
transcribed on a °J the ?ublic br aL„ \* f the ««torlu. 

t»ose peraona iJli^^ ° Ver th « K*li?t$ir* IT* "^-von* 
^ in JeraS if S^aff h f &r the 3 *^« Kii?iZ £»T ^ ' and 


ASTP (U8A) MC37l*/i 
7A9/75 13 '' 59 CDT * 103i39 m 

*«ft through the Iterrltt SlSy L^K^ qUi8Ulon °' A*>Uo «P«e! 
mentioned enrlier, the 8cl e ftC e brtSlS Jor*^* 1 ?* * Ufc1 ^ *• 
is beginning ^entarily in the mil f 6clerice ^"l-nts 

not be carried over the - Public J ^ ™" bri6fln « vlii 

on* nust be in the auditor^ v££ £ Br ?* dcwt «"«. To hear it, 
during thi 8 w^oinc cas • carrying the live alr-^una 

th.t;. with Z^ilillT hXJ h SmS^?.?'Tr lB about * 5 

lapping coverage, naturally, J tfl^ s *t1??,^ Ch Area ^ 

CCK AP ° UO C0ntMl ^ ■«»lllte for the next 55 

Minute. " H Ap0litJ » HouB ^" trough R oaMn for a UUie 

second^ Ve'li see y^I^^ 'or J«.t a fev 

receive radiogra. Jft^ VEE^S?: ««* t0 

ioyu*. ve have a question for you . h °f d ° Re Rlftut «- **h 

absorption?) y Jl " ~ ve turned off the CO? 

qp y : e3 » w * have. 

USSR ; A L d t ^ rRvd ? n ^e automatic?} 

USSR - ' KOger --' 

to number 12.) r,eCfc ' " p ve unhooked it and hooked it 

(VHP turned off* 

USSR f R ° Se r " ? h *** yo u " > 

^ also\urned off.} ,SiB?l0X ?M is the " r ^ r ^ retaining, rangin* 

"SSR S 'T^ 5 '^ 1 "'' Is ^, ready?) 

status of ayetew. Okay. Wahead!"}' r8dlogm c ' r . 3 M 

... V'-SP... uiuaber '66" Pt->** ~^ -i ;p 

wrere-hours. Fuel of the main PO v*r- « vf^**" Uttez ? v ^'^ & 
reaction control engine.-- ~n kilo Z , kii0grar ^- F«erv* fuel of the 

Roger. I K • • 3 m °* ra ^- Hov did y0 y receive this? 

ort - V 'Volume :r*ain re<- - * * ~n 

20. Correct. Next TV shov -To'~J^ l6b * b ^-up, 

of the Uses . t .,e first time/the sec- ,\ V Wl1 1 reJnyte to ««h 

eo-fortabl., you , h , lt " S'the^cond^ 5 " 91 th *I 0n " ^ U « et 

secondary ,:- op and the yjK p Md ve 

nm<- H:^ Off, Wi? * 01T 

think with tM e«»rU off «4 *g ^J^^^MCOa^ry 

i« at.«y in th* rvaet petition for * *u«*v» v 

flMh :S ,W ' OK*y. I think, Bo, the CH vUl pro>*bly , In jr 

.pini.n, .ttrt ^^ n r / t ^ . * £^011 u- 8oyo* end up unUi 
« sioew* «4 I notiw* U v« pretty v»m in th«re iMi n*«M„ 

xnAt, that v*'r'* net gctng to na«r a ne« 

ASTP (USA) KC37!>/\ 

2fu -T (i ;tC::"l r..«. W. .1.0 tM* vllh jiX iht cajjrM 

roi%n4 .Uh the AW V-r ^-.:fi« W *»d ^In,, * that that 

rf H vi£*iw b*r* U that v»'r« gsrtng to run our oj 'v-U 

«f; exi«r,d*d peM*»i ( >f Ur*. 

Apolo T4C*»r*f. t> <x at v* her 'jui- regards 

* ' ' . - ■ » L ....... ^ . ^« ..t *U 

?: .*•'-,' ...-.ot vi* -- r*^ 1 ipht switch** agree vith the 
i vvr.'t th 4 - AC r-'U oyn 


; <, AW-. -. : " ; " ■' : . ' ' l ' c 

V. SFjCS ■ '•,.{-0A|$tE; : 


iTKJ* (OAHlv..'-/' 

^ (Gavb-e) I have ( gar*l- ■ your <gartue> . over. 

Garble) activate r.ow. "very 

. ,^ f , ....,;' t v'r r « tho w^at* ■water. .We' kr>ov that ./.our 

• • C;Nh . . 1 t:^'t ri tr, U UuyTve been pioUi , r th> 

g*#> »* v-ry .**Y ;■- — ; ;; . Wik ig , c ,,, down to abo-xt 

:j5 «©rc»?r4. ;:r V pounds ar.'i j.o «f« UKt «• ou V ,w . 


■if & y , --ond'ir-y, the c:< » r,VO! 

'Xay'.'ve got the secondary loop OFF now. Bo. 


S -rS;'v. got the secondary loop <""• ? - 

Roger. And we'd HXe to- - 

ENI>.;0F. TA?S 

(USA) HC 376/1 
TImi 15 1 19 CpT. I03t29 OBT 

ACOR - - okay aecondary dovn, keep the pri*ary ON? Over. 

CC-H Roger. - _ , 

ACDR Okay, ve got the secondary loop brought aovr., bo. 

CC-H Soger. And ve*d like you to aet the aesondary loop 

totally down, art* turn the pump off too, 

^opR We've got the evaporator reset and the pump ia Or* . 

CC-H Thank you, 

CMP Hey B< , would you like us to elo«e the potable inlet 

valve . 

CC-H Let ejfi ask EECCM. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Ve agree vith you. We'd like you 
to cloije th*» potabl. '.ank inlet valve. 

<:w Okay, Bo. 

Cc-H Apollo, Houston. We're getting ready to du»p the 

Wfc. You won't » any dovn voice for about a half hour vhile ve 

ACPR All right, 

Tiae; 15 J 39 CDT, 10**t09 QET 

CC«« Apollo, Houston, We'r? back vith you for a f«v 

einutea until AT3 LOS. 

ACC8 Oinay* 

CC-K I have ft couple of item*, 'No of them are 

questioni and on» is a tatfk. i» aoraeone free who can answer the 
truest lci>3? 

AC2P Oo ahead. We're still eating. Ho problem. 

CC-H Okay. One 1st what was the relative brightness 

on thfc vindov lig^t - of the window light of Soyu* on the 150 s*ter UVA 
vith respect to the retro reflector? 

AC PR Deke's off the head set nov, and he 1 * the only 

one that can ar«aver that. 

CC-H Okay- ^ ether oiw U s^so of the IT/A. And the 

request. is after you finish your dinner, we'd like someone to go down 
atvi the cryc freezer cap, and then replas* the cyro freewr cftPi 

and the reason we're doing thai L-.< that wo thiak that there nay be 
smm let' buildup and we'd liXe to break it loose, so tnat it can be 
opened at a later tiase. 

CKP- • • • Ton would i Ike to knew hew long you won't it 

open, 3:>. 

CC-:-t Psger. J'ist long enough - Apollo, Houston, Just 

long enough to open it, wait a few seconds and put U back on, 

r*£' Bo, I>*ne. Are you trying to call 

C>:„h Roger Dene. Ve had two questions on the UVA. The 

first was, vhat vas the relative brightness of the window light on 
Soyua on the 150 raster UVA vith respect to the retro reflector? 

H<? Veil, the retro reflector was brighter, but I was 

very sur>-rise4 that 1 could aee that - the window light down there and I 
couldn't see it as veil aa 1 could the 150. It was dinser « - 

CC-H Deko, I'n afraid you have broken up. Ve heard you 

say that'll was diwter, but after thfet we couldn't reafl what yoj said. 

l*tp l said it was obviously dinsier. It's difficult 

for to evaluate mmerioally how raieh different. I'd say raaybe k or 5 Hawever, ve had a pretty CAL I thlnK, and ve were locked on 
pr<n*v veil to the reflector, and I would guess there night have beer, 
* degree llsriaceitent lovn to the vindov, jo I would hope that the good 
iVK yxi were getting ia coding froa the reflector instead of the 

Wi !i-V. V. ' 

Roger. Understand. And were you able to Keep 
♦.he '.\>Ai cer.terud on the retro reflector • hile the Soyut teat oetfir 
indicated volts? 

IM 1 That's affirmative. 

CC-H Okay. And - - 

r,K? (garble) CAL MARK. 

•X-H Roger. Do you have any other cosnenta while they're 

at ill fresh, about the UVA? 

Well, s£ far f* the data takes are concerned, 

they vent pretty good. 1 think V* M the trajectory pretty wall accurate 
Initial conditions were all righn. Sweeps vent well. And ve vere locked 


T'k«i 15! 51* COT 1 , lOU ( 35 GBT 

CC-H Dckft, you read? 

CC-K Apollo. Houaton. 

PAO Apollo Control, Ground elasped tits* iOU hours 

find 3!> »imjte». U»i of signal through the ATS-6 satellite, N?xt 
acquisition vUi be through Orroral Valley. ThU'H b« a low elevation 
pass* wii approximately 2 and a half alnute* in duration. Cap cown, Karol 
fribKo, ;iuerylng Defce 81a,yton concerning the relative brightness of 
the winiov on the ultraviolet fxperisent, The vindov vaa used inadvertently 
as a target rather than the retrorel'lector. And ha va* aafced the 
relative brightness of the vindov versus the retroraflactor *t the 
ISO set*r distance during the UVA experiment. Nmt acquisition viU l>e 
wnvral Valley in 3 «inutes. We'll held the line up for this paaa , 

PAO Apollo Control. Ground elapaed tine 10* hours 

\h rahiutf^, Lois of signal through Orroral Valley. Next acqusition 
In - will be through Vanguard tracking station in approximately 8 
minutes aa tne orev concludes their operations for the day, and as Soyuz 
nn\ Apollo sicvly irlft apart on this the fij»al day of the Joint oper- 
ations of Apollo-Soyua. Next acquisition through Vanguard in 7 
minute* and 50 seconds, At ground elapsed tiase of 10 ! * hours, 39 
minuter, this Sa Apollo Control, 


Ap (USA) MC379/1 

v^lfy? ^ ^IpH, We h*d you once the,,. Why Wt you 

<f.*L>. w * e *„° K ^ n ^"^V 11 : <«^J> then 


quette.}. you tola ^ , I /; S J g0l ?« t0 *h. fre«er M re , 

the jocJi pojitlon, thJ o.iy «V ^ i k C *»' from 

if. really . 9 , U cH In 'th^^itj; ^ Wrtl »« ge.tly up her., b , 

ease l*e*u.e of the L J J"* 1 " that bt the 

night. V. thought you P fo b lMn^ 1 f^ v vUh tb ? * lWh P««ure iLt 
trouble end that 'a J n * £ Jon v. e •<*•*«»» - «»™ 
•rtjjjoon *nd S ee hov t ^™« ^^^^ 

ACDR 0kftv T , 'fee 

CC-K - ' Pl wop * l «»* or, it right rev 

J** Ajolic^HoInon, , M| ahead. 

or D.k,. - -eke, then *U f 1 ""^ hear either you 

*e mtt a " ~ jd> rfe C1 6-^ reposition the aike if 

ACDR 8 **e. Thank.. 

"1 ra,, a couple of t^? ^IIIV/^^ " ^t 

AooHr : J ne \ TOS3 ' Th ^« « lot. 
Mevfoun^iand in 5 llSli frS"^?" 1 ^ ^ «old.ton.. 

KtwftumUan* in i6 ninutes . ^ fn 5 ^JT' ^ ^ isUi ^ though 
«"id Soyu* drifts slcvly apart? Dri flint *? d 7 fie<Jon ^. « Apollo 

•Part on each ration o? the ^f 0 ? 1 ^ 6 ^ fc to 5 

we tartn, V, P 'a have a chart ge - 0 f- ghift 

A8TP (U8A) MC 379/2 

P.U Frank Jid Joint fSSJ bJSJSp ! n^^^^ «th 
bring it t««k up it tht oloa* o? f!I ^ 11 i*\ n ? thr Mw *»" » n * 


astp {mh) mmn 

ViMt 16; 57 CP?, 105:37 om 

PAO Apollo Control, Qround. eUpeed Ui* 105 hour#, 37 

■lauttt, We have an »oou*uUUon of £ ninuUa of up* through the 
Yanguard pass, We'll pl^y that tape nov. 

CC-K Apollo, Houston. Hell© to Vwgverd for 5 »inutte, 

How y'all doing? 

CM ? Just fine, Dick. How are y 9U t 

^ CC ' H , J ^ In * ™al 8r«at. Sounds like you guys have Had 
another good day, 

CHP Yea, u»* been » big day and alot of fun. 

V C * H v<,u » lt 8ur « sounded like that down here. It's 

ft real preUy day outside in Houston, 

- * ^ ,,. • Tht V 8 right > u »«U i« day-dayti** Houston, 
seem* to us line u ou^ht to be nighttime over there. 

CC W K Apo^o, Houston, Tvc switches on panel 230 we'd 

like you to check. First, ve would like the UPTKLfJUSTRY switch t C DIRKCT and 
also the UY absorption power to OK, if a - that second one is listed in 
the flight plan, 

'DR Okay, 

ACDR v » have the UFrELSMENTRY to DIW£CT and the 

UV absorption power to ON.' 

10 "C-N '-Stay, Tec. Thanks alot . 

..» «r». C SrL 0kay * ncv Tcn whu * y«« f r* 4ovn there, ve would ltk» 

UP WJHOTRY tick to IT- TfiLlMETRY. that's center, ve need it to get in a 
quick comw-'l there. 

Acpfi Okay, I have UP TIUX^NTBY center. 

OC-H 9k ay. Thanks. 

♦ m v 0 ^- 1 thinit Ve Xost ccm in th * ffi ^dle of the transmit 

tntnx + wet anything. You guy* got any specific options on anything you 
vant &<i to afak ne? 

5 C<NH 05tav Peke. I tell you what, why don't I'a 

sure the expeflaent officer is going to be listening to that tape and 
so he'll Know vhei»e you lest it and if ve need any more information from 
yoj we'll write up a rciecicn note and ask you a MtUo bit latvr, okay? 
CMP Okay. » -v 

^-H Apollo, Houston. We're 1 ainute fron I'll 

give you a call at Ooldatcne at. 105 plus 05. 

CC * H Apollo, Houston. I understand 1 dropped >.-s , we're 

-VJ seconds fron f.-OS and Goldstone at 105 plus 05. 

CC * i! A:-v3llo, Kcuaton throv.~ T i the satellite. Hod do you 

read? ■ 

CC " H Apollc, Houston. Through the satellite, we've got 

aiot of loads to *et in this pans. Ve»d like ACCEPT, 
ACDR (Garble) 

, CC - K Tor,, we'd like ACCEPT , We've got a guidance officer 

that's got a vhole bunch of loads he needs to get up during the pass. 
ACDR (Garble) 
ACDR (Garble) 

CC ~ H Roger. I car;, I can hear you, I can't hear 

you what you said, but I do see ve have ACCEPT. Thank you «uch. 


to ». off. A»o al.o w. VO uM lu, to .olii!! SI «*>t 

v*r* with M», no probX*. * ^ hUrr/ ' v * thou * ht ^ P*MM* 

h^tnZ her* |, ve of^M^^L^ !?? 'T w «>««««« here. What 
(Cirtle) here. w * ' w aolR S th *<- «>v (garVU) ao ft little 

r.-.u Wck. Sf^u guyc vhen vhft*. centers? 

Uterf ^ ye&J,> *' K? - OV vhen the >* reefer. I 3 it uwrrov or 

tV u f° c5 * 4tf ^« - « Just curious, 

thing wothtr ?Wo"^ "^m,*^ 0 ; G l °- vu ;/ 1 ^ ^ "I J«t 

a HI hours and 1,5 o»SthU g m Li"Lt ^ 'V'^"* dov " is 

flight U«e her, in Hous on „S aLr4U« to%r V'""' ^ irhl 
viU he in the »iJUt of a eleep period . f ** h Plftfl ' you 

^ °*» ck«y. TirwuA you. 

I don't"*™ hov bus^iui lr?TiJ % " ,! » no ^ bec«u« 

on what v.',* upl4,?« '-to ^» «wnl, but T «. I 2ft n brief you 


^7* AjoUo, Houston. Go hhe*1. 

have. " eJ V * tn rai>)e - A can copy A -.t. ^ything you 

tell ratoc iv-""^' 'Tf _ thm vss thlnijs 1 vanted to 

ASTP (USA) M03&0/3 
Time: l6;S7 CEff, IQJsTf OCT 

depth constants w<X efte XI Hi* o4d ball bit that vaa sot there in the 
UVA today mi that-v* 're tUo going to give you a high gain BMP. An4 
the - i do h«v« * update to the «e*t Mapping p*4», H'a in the Kaat ob» 


CHP C**y. 3tan4 by *nd J* 11 get H> 

CMP 0*«y. R**<Jy to copy, 

CC-H Okay Vance. ThU I* on mapping pass M6" and Vve got 

a start and a stop ti«* update for you. The start tine is aa follows? 
107t^i:50. Stop Ua» 107:53; 30. 

CMP Bog. Rev 6k Mo Rapping pasa, start tiaa 

107^1; 30. Stoj, Us* 10?;53j 30. 

^*' A Okay. VhlU you're at it, if you can got up « if 

you've got the flight, plan there, I've got a - at the tail end of 
today at about iOd hours and *0 Bir.utes, ?'v*> got a couple of deletions 
there . * 

-5 s C-*ay, Seady to copy. 

Ok*y« If a res; simple Vance. In the AC'8 column 
at about plus where it says verify cabin vent PC installed <uid the 
waste stowage vont to YEJTF and alac that note below that. Delete all 
v'f that, we're n."t going to have io do that tonight. In other words, 
vleitfie starting at verify cabin vent QD all the way down through the 
note that saya the tiste of 109 plus <?9 . 

CM? Okay. That was - oh I see, I see where the note i«. 

Okay. That's all , that's deleted fron verify cabin vent QD through 
the following three steps after that. 

Cc -H That's right Vanco. And that's all I've got right 

now. Tha/jts alot, ve still got about another ?0 oinutes here and I 'a 
a tanking by. 

'-MP Okay. Very good. And - would - if it's okay with 

you, we 4idn't turn off the VHF FH at the appointed time. We thought 
you probably wouldn't »ir,d if we left it up until we're out of range 
of yuz. Or until sleep starts. 

-C-H Ckey, Thanks for letting us Know and I don't think 

we'll have *ny -;\iejtion to that, but we'll talk about it her*' for a 
se^nd ani keep the flight plan out Just a second. I think there nay 
te ~t;e iwre correction I have. Hang on ,fust a ninute. 

*f» (USA) MC381/1 

°« of that ccnfUu™ !& ? U 1 w<mt *° *° th»r* i« it 
Plying on havtnfiou^f °f P ' An * «>• "mcT™?* ?f th * r *^<* 

tonight, her « quick, so vTc^ ZT/i *T* 

ycu later. tha * ' **d»t. Ofc Vi thw4 , & , , ( 


civ Co*' to' HjU8tc,n ' 

«e»n liftoff .V**^' In °*her vor<3e you'r* 

cm ; ott,r » J«t adjusting J£! <V?> " ? htl d ° 

CM? ,„ . . ^ a Just ar« !J?1{rA 

■■«---' Th»t«« right. 

, 0 Xay, .'■ ' 

ASTP (USA) MC3&2/1 

1MY CW. 105 » 57 OBT 


CC-K Apollo, Houston. We're a couple of «|nutu fro» 

ATS U>S. I'U «lv« you ft call at Orroral YaUey In « »tnut«*. 
CMP Okay Dick, See you* 

CC-H OKay, 

PKH Ju»t saw * beautiful sunset or sunrise. 

CC-K Koger, 

p A 0 Apollo Control » Ground &)apa*d Use 1W> nour« 

t *inutes «• Apollo /Soyux drift acrost* the South Pacific coding up 
ov «r Australia. 'Jest acquisition will b« through the Orroral Valley 
tracing aUtUri m 3 ulnutes, The ?pa«*craft drifting Mrth*r anj 
♦^rther »par* . Soyu* is belov and ahead of Apollo and their rate is 
f netting U to 5 miles per revolution. The next Apollo passes over 
U;f Orroral Valley tracking station, the crev vlll be engaged in the 
te rXh { ;* e «rvatlcns part of an expariswot. They'll be asked to photograph 
suni deftsribe the color* in the Slop* on Desert in Australia. And as 

ap*-i».*raf, *ro*s«» over the coastline, they vlll be »$Hed to observe 
j.„i r .»-.,.t^rarh w,v ausiiended atdlnent* off the coast of Australia, and _ 
V - i«- xht-y'^n observe eddies in th* Coral 3«a. Tn«y»» also be acae* 
♦ •• - ho*, t graph *r.d describe cloud features th> spacecraft crosses 
-wr tr.e s-ithweii Pacific. The crew is completing several expert nenta 
*>.>«ri Apollo, -in the next AT8 pas* at 108 ground elapse* tine - during 
*»at AT. : ; pass ve'U have 16 nlnutes of - where we will not have cows- 
-nicatlc-n - voice ec**unication , As the spacecraft will be oriented for 
•he experiment, therefore, wa vili not have voice coBwunicfct ion at 
that"ti«e, for i6 minutes. Acquisition in 1 winute through Orroral 
valley. We'll held the lii.* up 4 >r Ctt> COW Disk Truly Flight 
Director is :>- f >'. Hutchinson, 

A3TP MC383/1 

Tine: 17 ".28 CDT, 106:08 GE1 

CC . H — coapleting several experiments aboard Apollo on next 

ATS pass at 106 ground elapsed tine. During that ATS pass v*' 11 have 
>6 minut-s where ve will not have eoaasunication voice ceamunication. 
^•he spacecraft will be oriented for the EUV exp*ri«ent, therefore 
i'„ V ili nc* have - voice communication at that tin* for 16 ainutes. 
Acquisition in I nlnute through Orroral Valley. We'll hold the line 
uo for i'AP COMM Dick Truly. Flight director is Heal Hutchinson. 
* CC _ H Apollo, Houston. Orroral Valley for 3 minutes, 

rjjjp {garble) Dick..' 

,"^_H And Yancu, Houston. Any tisse you have a chance, 

no* In a hurry cwie we've still got a couple of hours tut I've 
get a up-date to the raster scan time and a couple of cownente and that s 
in the flight plar. and - 108 hours and 25 K.inutes. 
CM? Okay. 

CC _ H And Vance, we do not need to get this up as fast 

if you're busy. No problen. 

CMP Okay, I've got it here. ft 

,v_w v ftf4v , r;v? lime in the flight pi an is 108 plus^about 

?' it's *n» A:'s "corjan. The ras'er scan Mr.e should read iW:£5. 

,m/p Okay, th«» new virus is i08: i l»2< - 

; 'rl H ' "kay, and right belov * hat Vance, we'd like t ^ 

tha» 7fS? maneuver. And right after the VTrfi ^ rfar.euve- 
>'.-^*< 3 * -ar«r.lh«tic:i: st detent that says "by 106 plus SO." - - d 

iifceVvj iciet" ♦}■.*♦ vA replace the Vy lCdi5C to road, not befvre 


pMP Not before IOoj 32. • • i , 

,^._tt v« a , and the reason for this is - i» that wiii 

give vj'i' - that'll srie" ^ure that the EUV raster scfen .SHP .is ccmplt-te 

t K» VS*P. to fiar.*uver» which w&s - .and , : we don't vant .to: da 
^>..V«H $ nn ">c '--f it.. Plus it starts.. the VEBB ^ maneuver to ?i, 
• ' ' ^. early *s possible ATv aa-jul » 1 1 i r*n so v* 

g«?t the rastrr scan dsta down . 

c 'fifty. 

Cknv, we're *b<r t t * nlnute frc» LOS. K*va»l c<*#* 
*r.-T i net dent ly. ' sw»nt - awant to tell you while %*e, 

r< > ir.r.erested in voting thiss raAter r.c*n data in 
• "n— w» •i'ar.'t d'~ * raster scan the 0' »<<* day you 
'..i^t whs the *<s.r?r.i day - ye want U*c ft «*t 
lr<- if ts.'^'e nr»r r»i nr-r pad chari*"* f<'r ♦furrow'.-- 
. ~n 'iic"; »••• ^ocr. >i" we cft*;« 
'•k ny , ande rs tand . 
; -Kav. '■• y<v>. in Hawaii. 
Hbtht -'.-ut. 

.. the r»*t 



nt IC* ri 

• » >••_> j-. Ci : 

i-.irry, i 

ii~ f,nd - " 


T'A V«; ■■;?■;-: 



ASTP MC3&3/2 

Time; 17*28 COT, 106:08 GFu 

PA0 . Apollo Control , ground ?l*P« d . ^"j"^ ^liey 

and ifLutes. tt'iTh* loss 

tracking station in Australia as Apollo and Bo/u- cros- M 

Pacific. The ^J^* • e *iXi t iS*°5Ti"« ll S»\Iie .pent. . And the 

control room coming up with sooe d 10 n i nu teo 

A^llo crew spent aboard Coyuz. A °' * Ccmffiand Module 

for Commander Tom Stafford 6 hour . and 30 "^J^ Module Pllot De Ke 

iilute. spct *o«a V»«^r« ^ hour 

» in*., by D*. Slayton. ^^^^J o{ 10 6 hours and 
10 minutes, and 20 seconds, m gi<>^' j- 
17 minutes, this is Apollo Control. 

A5TP (USA) MC38V1 

Time: 17:U6 CDT, 106:26 GET 


_ e , PA0 Apollo Control. Ground elapsed 106 hours and 

A minutes, with acquisition through Havtii. 

CC ~ H , Roger, Tom. And I don't have anything for you 

-ere. We're standing by, we - I -a assuming that - you naven't started - 
ve don't see anything on the VTH so I'n assuming that that setup is 
.■still. going on. . .. . v. • ■* 

ACDR On the VTR? 

T1 CC_H . Well » 1 was looking at these demonstrations that 

I m assuming Deke is setting up to put on the VTH. 

ACDR Yeah. Deke 'a working that right new. 

CC-H Okay. No problem. 

,, ,., CC * H Apollo, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS Hawaii. 

We tl see you when you get locked up on the satellite. 

ACDR Roger. 

CMP Oka;/ . 

„. . rAt> Apollo Control . Ground elapsed time 106 hours 

35 minutes. r,oss of signal through Hawaii tracking station. Next 

Mv»i° n W ^i rt be the - MILA - wil1 be Newfoundland tracking station in 
It ^ i i 0 ,* ?COnd6, ^ e crev to bei dew,, for the night 

at iQ9 hours and 30 minutes, approximately 3 hours from now, for an 
e hour scheduled rest period. Wakeup time ia scheduled for 117-30 
ground elapsed time or U :5 0 ar., central dayirght time. Next acquisition 
in o minutes and 35 seconds at ground elapsed time of 136 hour3 

36 minutes. This is Apollo Control. 


ASTP (USA) MC 385/1 

Time: 18:09 CDT, 106:^9 GET 


, PA0 Apollo Control. Ground elapsed time 106 hours, 

^9 minutes. Aecqusition coning through Newfoundland. Bring the line 
up for Cap Cobuh Dick Truly. 

Cc-H ApQllc, Houston, through the satellite. Hov do you 


ACDR Loud and clear. How do you read us? 

CC_H 1 read you loud and clear, Tom. I've got a couple 

cf consents for you. First of all I just wanted to tell Deke that ve 
would like to get this furnace experiment work done about on time and 
so if he's running a little bit late on the denos, I don't know if he 
is or not, we'd like Ma - for him to interrupt that, do the furnace work 
and then back to the demos. Also, we're having - on the UVA experiment 
that's running now, we've got an indication that either we've got a 
transducer problem or possibly a problem with the N'2 lamps. And 
30 I've get a change to make for the UVA shutdown that you're going to 
be doing here in a few minutes. It's on page 10-7 or. the Joint ops check- 
list and that's - those pages - page 10-7, the Joint ops checklist. 
The pages are also located in the back of your experiments book. 

ACDR Okay, well Deke's running la^.e on t hit (garble) . It 

takes a lot to set all those little things up in zero g, lots rare than it 
did m 1 g. And I'll tell hia about the furnace? 

' CC-H . y ea h - - ■ ■ ■ ■ 

AC ^ Ve can go look at this Joint ops check. 

CC-H Yea}., we Just wanted for hin to - ve figured he was 

running a little late, tut that's okay. We Just wanted to let hin know 
to stop, do the furnace and then go back to it. 

S.FXH (Garble) 

US A Apollo, Houston. How do you read? 

CC-H Loud and clear, Toa. 

ACDR Okay, I've got the iO-7. You said there's anv nod 

to it? 

». CC-H ^ Y ^ a}| » * t,s vei 7 ninor. y^ Ht we VfUjt you t0 Jo ig 

the following, Tor.;. First ve want you to complete . the UVA shutdown 
there at the top cf the page. After the shutdown U complete ~and prior 
to doing the UVA atow, what ve want you -to do ia turn the UV as^rptlon 
lamps and power to ON and leave it on for 30 seconds and then turn the 
lamps OFF and the power OFF. And then go ahead with the stow and this 
will p U t so«e data on the recorder or real time if ve happen to have 
h 1<K -'* U *> 61 that tift<? ani Rive us sotae data to look at to see U we've 
ft'fHy got a laisps probien or not. 

ACI * Okay, let m read that back. At the to do 

the top paragraph UVA shutdown, then turn the UVA power and lanrs ON for 
30 second 5 then OFF, right? 

CC_H That's correct. After the shutdown procedure and 

prior to the stow procedure. Thank you such. 

ACDR tf-^J, thank you. Deke will knock off on that 

find atari of the furnace checks Int . 

ASTP (USA) HC385/2' ' 

Time: 18:09 CDT, 106:^9 GET 


, . i .a„_ + vc've been vatching 
cc H Okay. Real fine and incidentally ve %e d 

you guys load P20 ' U l0 ° X x B °° d t0 

If* ve're in the maneuvers as you Xncv. 

i£V I*n sorry, Vance. Say again. 

2k H We're in the roll ^ are to lose 

ATS LOS here in the maneuver for aooj. ? o 
ve g-t locked back up. 

" ACDR 0k& y; _ n lugt a reminder, it'3 not printed 

CC _ H Apollo, Houston ■ a r £ 1o . b «** and get 

in the flight Plan, ^ Jhe oecjujUi o^-J^^ here 

" still seed- 

CMP 0ka >'' 


ASTP (USA) MC386/1 

Time: l8:19 CDT, 106:59 GET 


satelli te. 

Apollo, Houston. We're locked up again through the 

Re{LL Sood Dick. We're about there in roll. 
CC-H Okay. 

Bte P s ACDR ^ D1Ck " If y ° U Want me t0 ' ri1 cal1 0ut lhes * 

*: C : K 0ka y Ton - Si -ice I don't have much else to listen 

to and it vill help U a vhy don't you? 

ACDR Okay. UVA absorption lamps OFF. MARK UVA 

pover OFF. MARK. UVA covers closed. MARK it. Barber rate in gray. 
Lt-H . Okay . ■ . °. 

*>, i ACDR ^ ™ YCS ' 1,11 g ° " 1,11 go turn the WA P° v er ON and 
the lanp3 on for 30 seconds . 

CC-H Okay. 

AC &R Fewer OS and lamps on. 

CC-H Okay. 

ACDR stand by. lanpa eff, pover OFF. MARX it. 

CC ~ H Okay. Thanks very much, Tom. 

ACLR Okay. If you're all finished, vo' re *"in* »o v%« t 

for awhile to drag that cable through. We'll do that later. 

. *u 7\ . Ckay ' fine * Th&r,X you ver ? auch - Ve 'H take a lock 
at the data and let you knev. ■ K 

ACDR ■ /■Okay. 


ASTP (USA) MC 387/1 - 

Time: 16:36 COT, 107 :l6 GET 


ACDR Houston, are you reading pur DI3KY? 

CC-H Thank you, Tom. We're dumping data, and so we re 
not getting live downlink now. 

ACDR Okay. 

ACDR Vance is doing the P52. 

C 3_H Okay. We're not gutting the data. So when you 

get it, ;ust read it down to me, please. 

ACDR Will do. 

ACDR Okay, Dick (garble). 

CC -H Tor., I'm standing by to copy, but you're breaking 

up. ':Say again. ■ 

ACDR Roger. Hcv do you read now? 

CC-H Loud and clear now. 

ACD p Okay. Star C# - Star 0207, NOUN 5, all zeros. 

Plus 50, minus 81, plus 20. Torque; 107 plus 17 plus 17. Over. 

<y-_H Roger, Tog. Copy. Thank you very much. 

C C_H Apollo, Houston for Tom. Tor, for your information, 

that little test that ve ran on the UVA - that you ran for us verified 
that that M2 lamp probler., was not a lamp problem but an instrument.- ion 
proh>n, and not only that, when you did it. it resynced the timing in 
there'and fixed the telemetry point. So it worked well and no degradation 

to the experiment. 

ACDR Okay. Real gvod. Thank you, Dick. 

. ff.H Roger. Thank you. 

rC-H Apollo, Houston. We still don't have any data, so 

ve really can't monitor how you're coming along. I Just' wanted to 
knew how you're doing on the option 1? ■■ . . 

CMP Not very veil, Dick. We're maneuvering like mad 

h*re. And it was a reel mistake to make an option 1 while we were 
maneuvering At this rate. If there wasn't so much light lost in 
the telescope, it vould be no problem. But it takes quite a Period 
of dark adaption to see any stars, and I can't even pick out Rigel yet, 
so I know I'm off several degrees just due to movement while the thing 
was post ch »rgit,.-.. 


ASTP (USA) MC388/1 • 

Time: 18:^6 CDT, 107:26 GET 


CMP - - several degrees Just due to movement while 

we were making those false torquings. 

CC-H Okay. What we'd recommend you do then is go ahead 

and we only have about 7 oinutea of night time left. We'd recommend : 
stopping the maneuver and be sure and get the option 1 because that ' 3 
mosv; important and - and then star*, the maneuver again. 

CMP Well, that's not the probler, Dick. It isn't the 

problem of having to stop the motion. The problem is that while the post 
torquing was going on, the spacecraft was moving and the platform vas 
frozen and auto optics is no help at all now. 

CC-H Roger . 

CM? I suggest we Just maybe press on since we only have 

7 minutes and let me go ahead and do the Earth obs , and then maybe the 
next night pn&s try to tweak out on a good P52 option 3. 

CC-H Okay. Stand by Just a second, please. 

CC-K Vance, the problem that we had looking at the flight 

plan is that we Just will not have time to do it during that next night 
pass because each EUV raster scan starts almost right there at dark- 
ness itself. And ve really want to get the raster scan since we missed 
the one the other day and - - 

CMP Okay. Well, I'll tell you how bad it is. I don't 

know if this telescope has more light loss than usual. It's not any- 
thing to compara with the simulator. And in my vhole telescope field 
of view right nov, with the dark adaption I've got. I can see one 
star. . ■ ' 

CC-H Roger. 

CKP Oh, I can see two nov. I'll try. 

• CC-H ■ Okay. 

AC£>R Yeah Dick , looking at the way they compress things 

on the timeline here to mtke sure that one has to follow ancther, 
it's really success oriented. And to iv? they've Just crammed too much i 
this one period hero. Although it's - doing this (garble) rate like 
this i:5, from what you can telescope, It's kind of bad. 

CfT wcrks grefvt for nn option 3, but It'*: very poor 

for an option .1 . 

CC-H Roger. Understand. And we're talking to see 

how we can help you Cut. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. On panel 230 ♦ we'd like the UP 

TFLrMWRV switch to relay. 

ASTP (USA) MC389/1 

Time: 18.56 CDT 107:^6 GET 

7/19/75 " 

•sa i P ''° Apollo Control. Ground elanqpi t ^„ u 

38 as Apollo vill cross over Aur»!alS S 1 houra and 

take observations and ohotocraohs^ t£"c? ? e Crew ^ers will 

on the Coral Sea on thfs pas" Ulr LtJ a^?* 8 ^ ' l0 ° k f ° r eddies 
for the Extreme Ultraviolet L^eri^ ^^sf n^^^ the vehicl « 
telling CAP CCKM Dick Truly eSl m\ ° n thls pass ToQ Stafford 

eraaned into this short^w^Jn ? P°«iWy too man:/ iteas were 

hold the Lnf ^ °w co^mo^^ ^ lhi3 * Veni ^ 
the Orroral Valley tracking.^! T ^ * 2 Binute pasS thro ^' 

C?l5 Apollc , Houston through Orroral Valley on VHF 

^ Apoilo, Houston, through Orroral Valley or VHF 

of thl^Sarth obs plight r£ . " ' ^ "»'• middle 

like thfuF TELBffiTRj^rtch't'o'SSSr! 8 °" ^ 23 °' Ve * d 

^ 0ica >-- Tor's getting it . 

Hew -Jo you read me, Dick? 
AC -,.. clear, Tom. How ae? 


- , .. — <"f letter now. 

another"^ „. lor £ tt^^T^' not ^ *° ^ 

^ r*-<> pi for to trie next Newfoundland Atc Arte u . 

to do the PASTER SCAN p,» r the checklist i^ r f, t V * W&nt you 

SCAN , v*'i ii ke t0 pic £ up «oSS"U -DtfSJ J" " g ****** 

struct the data after t^iSL^ 3 " Aml V ° Vil1 

stav ^ att> ex-at J™ °™ d ° U tha * Vay ' We Said 

■ ^ * illT ' i<? ext - Q in this sK-ep period (garble) 

^leep period. l ° kt?Cp yo ' J after the «»d of the 

■ ACDK • . Okay. . 

'ft? 17- TELtMBTPY CEKTKft. 

ApcUo, Houston. We're abou' to J( i -,n~ ... a' 
>fuiey. Tee you on AT. 1 . 0 go s> 0 6t Orroral 

>,c . Apollo Cent rol . around elapsed Ur* 107 w*~ 

It's nov h»^ n > : ?t a'nutec ?0 second*. 

And at *e«\Va;;;.;«r *» u * ««r»r*te4. undoes. 

vehic iM -ire now 12 to jti i<f , w .> t v ov » , U 0 

the Apoa:~ SFR ,ec raf* . \>x> ll,! t!i I',' h ""f yuz below ^ead of 

r 17 },ours U6 th» S i f! Apollo Control. 

fjiv OF YAF? 

A3TP MC390/1 

Time: 19:U0 CDT, lOP-: 20 GET 
Date: 7/19/75 

PAO Apollo Control, ground elapsed time 108 hours and 

20 minutes. Acquisition coming through Bermuda tracking station, as ' 
the crew continues operation of the x-ray experiment and the extreme 
ultraviolet experiments. As their fl]cep period nears for the night, 
they're scheduled to begin their presloep activities in about 25 
minutes, we'll bring the line up for CAP COMM Dick Truly. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Bermuda for 7 minutes. 

CMP USA Ah, Roger Pick. 

CC-H And Apollo, Houston. I was - dropped out on - LOS 

during the middle of your Earth obs and I vas - Just wanted to make 
sure that you got the message that I had. What v&'d like you to do 
is go ahead and do the EUV raster scan on the times in the checklist, 
and then after you ha%*e maneuvered to the So - to the sleep attitude 
an 1 still in tnat night pass, do a P52 option 3. Over. 

CMP Okay, Dick. Understand. 

CC-H Okay. And then - *. 

ACDR I think that wii.1 be a pood opportunity to do that 

P52. It may take about 15 minutes of dark adaption before I can 
do it. And that'll give you enough time. . 

CC-H Okay, real fine. And then well be able to recon- 

struct the data - after you d" that option 3 and I don't think we'll 
have any problems. 

CMP Okay, I'm glad to hear that. And the other pos- 

sibility, I could have put a square search out for that star but - in the 
short time that I had. Bit the dagger there is that if you can't identify 
it in the telescope you don't really know that you have the right star. 

CC-H Roger. And star.d by Vance, l'a getting another input 

Stand by. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. The DAP is not set up correctly. 

What we need to do is do a VERB k8 and set up the register 1 per the 
flight plan at 61101, even if It delays the raster scan start. 
And then we'll - - 

CMP Okay. 

CC-H And then we'll. - after you do that then we'll 

have tc trim - X 'n sorry. Just do what I told you. 
CMP Boger. 

ACDR That was 61101, right Dick? 

CC-H That's affirm, 61101. 

CMP Advice. Way lack we had to put ther-n phoney 

nunbers in the tw to - you might check then later in the NOUN 1»7 
but t Y.ny ' re e lm"c . 

>'-'.V'l Okay . 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Your attitude lo.Vits good to ua 

now, and we're not too late. 36 we can go ahead and start 

CMP okay, we'll - right - Okay, we entered on ihc 82720. 

CC-H Okay. Thank you. 

ASTP MC 390/2 

Time: 19:Uo CUT, 108:20 GET 

fV%f L \ how long do you vant thi8 raster ccan to run? 

n«M « v , . minutes Van^. And ve're about - you'll get a 
flashing 37 vhen it's - when it's done, and you're - and after that 

froa LOS , and Ascension comes up at 108 plus kO 
CK? Okay. 

UlP .JS"* Vanct ' one reminder. We'd like you to acquire 

the ATS as soon as you get in attitude. q 
CMP Okay . 

?n k * J? 0 } 10 Confcr °l. ground elapsed time 108 minutes 

20 - ,06 hours and 29 minutes with loss of signal through Bernr"da 

acquisition through Ascension tracking station. The staTecraft out 
; w °;; ; " h * Ration Satellite - applied technolo^ * ^ 
satellj .9 do to tne orientation of the vehicle for performance of ♦ >,. 
extreme ultraviolet experiment. Next acquisition in 9 ml"'" and 

SotH^rof! gr ° Und 6laPSed 108 hOUr8 &nd 30 {hS*!. 


ASTP (USA) KC391/1 

Time: 19:58 CDT , 108:38 GET 


PAO Apollo Control. 'Ground elapsed time 108 hours , 

38 minutes. AcqueAtion coming through Ascension, lite last pass for 
the crew today through Ascension. Following the operation of the 
X-ray and EUV experiments the spacecraft will be reoriented for the 
sleep attitude for the evening. Ai*ter Ascension the spacecraft will 
be reoriented to acquire the ATS satellite. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Ascension for '» - 3 minutes. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Ascension for a couple of minutes. 

ACDR Okay, Dick. Read you loud and clear. And, we're 

maneuvering now to the sleep attitude. 

CC-H I didn't quite copy, Tom. I understand that you're 

now maneuvering to the sleep attitude. When you get in the attitude 
we'd like you to get a quick ATS block and then do the P5". If you should 
have any problem though getting the ATS locked up don't delay the P52 
too long because that's what we really want. 

ACDR Okay. Very good. 

ACDR Houston, Apollc . 

CC-H Go ahead, Vance. 

CC-H Apollc, Houston. Go ahead. 

CM? Hey Dick, we're ebout half way to through the night 

pas3 I believe and this is a very slow naneuver rate. I wondered 
if you wanted us to stop here and do that P52 since it's important 
and then continue on , or - because you know if we don't get through this 
until the end of the night pass we might slip another rev on getting 
that P52. 

CC-H Okay* stand by Just a second, Vance. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Vance, we'd like you to go to 

the sleep attitude. If you'd like to go to a * at a highei rate, 
either by doing it manually or - cr increasing the rate in the DAF. 
that'3 fine with us. We're about 20 seconds froa iOS and we'll see 
you when you get us locked up on the ATS. 

CMP . ■ Okay. . 

PAO Apollo Control. Ground elapsed tine hours , 

mnut»8. LOS of signal through the Ascension tracking station. 
Vehicle should be reoriented shortly for acqusilion of the ATS- 6 
satellite and we say have further corrn.ur.1 cation with the crew as they 
complete out the experiments scheduled for the evening and begin pre- 
parations for their sleep period. 


ASTP (USA) MC392/1 

Time: ' 20:08 CUT, 108: U8 GET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. In the blind ve think you ought 

to be able acquire the ATS now. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. In the blind ve' re seeing 3 one 

activity on the ATS. We think you ought to be able to acquire it now. 


A5TP (USA) MC393/1 

Tiajei 20:13 CDT, 108:58 GET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. Through the satellite, how do you 


ACDR Loud and cl-»ar. 

CC-H Roger Tom. Kov are you doing? 

ACDH Slow. Stand by, we'll talk to you in a minute. 

CC-H Okay Tos. 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Go ahead, Ton. 

ACDR Okay. Vance got it. And you ready to copy? 

CC-H Roger, Toss. We van-ve watched you do them so we 

have the data, thanks very aucb . 
ACDR Okay. 

CC-H And Apollc, Houston.. Ve got behind on our uplinks 

because of all this. And now that you are in POO, ve would like ACCEP7 
ani we'll giv-we'I^ finish them up. 

ACDR Stand by. V*mce wants to do & checX here. 

CC-H Okay, fine. 

CC-H And Ton . Houswn. When-vhen one of you guys got, 

get arour.d to it, ve would .like somebody to, or like DeXe to do the 
furnace ops, that's listed up there at a little after 10$ hours. 

ACDR Okay. Yea, this while thing, they've really j ansae d 

this timeline on us. Ever;/ thing is running behind time. Either on* of 
the three of us will get it, okay? 

CC-H Understand, Ton. 

ACDR jkay. You got POO and Accept and the star checked. 

CC-H Okay, real fine. Thanks much. 

DMP Dick, are you reading? 

CC-H Loud and clear, Deke. 

DM? Okay. I finished the deaoes and I was supposed to you sor&e data or. the fcaaing (garble) appearance and color of liquid 
crystals. You ready to log it on page- 171 in the experiments checklist? 

CC-H Stand by Just a sec-nd, please. 

DMP Okay. 

CC-H Okay, Deke. Go ahead. 

BMP Okay. Nusber 1 is n dark blue. 

CC-H ' O.iy . 

'■■ DM? Two is greener . ■ 

CC-H Okay . 

DMP It*9 if? a green green. Number three ia a dard green. 

• CC-K . ■ Okay. 

DMP And number four is a kind of a dark redish browa. 

CC-H Okay. Real quickly, one is dark blue, two la green, 

three is dark green, four is a dard reddish brown. 
DMP That's affirmed. 

CC-H Thank * alot, Deke. 

if"' (us*) m39yz 


"-»;..,.,„,. »»•• • ~~ 

CC-H . \ see « ay. Co then. are - 

on PWel 1,00, t he ■^ P ° 11 ° t Huston. ^ 0 th . n 

m> or tape ■ 18 0UM ' «« y=? to*" ^ 


r/il'm 20 '' 26 01)1 ' 109:08 oer 


can get a few ., nut J ^f*^? 0 *" b *'°re sleep ti De , you 

1-t p„ 8 tonight> wMch ^ ^Ld^t y n o £ u tot CaU *>« «Hur 

" P .. Houston. 5 y ° U to turn " off. 

cc u Houston, Apollo, 

cmp °° ahead . Vance 

CMP Okay - - 

that it looked likn f£ &i \ Ve ' Ve got the vat er boiler r- n1 » 
vhere they 3hou f ^ '^.J ^ «*Y a coupl! ^ 'fro^ 

I could see the fi r3 t tlt\^ « tol^* 0 " 

the Tall ' 111 the 6ext ^- So'thats In ?\ rd " e that 1 decked on 
the problem on how ve have to Just to « ive you an idea of 

particular light lost. ^ on a -o optics vita this 


S" n? Iad if U out. 
ve-:i go to vork^^^ ^ ^> been 

Okay. Real fine.' 

overheard our conversS^' J° uston - 0™ other come nt !#V « 
thAf ii,. \ tun/ers ation about the VHP in *- „ , ll «X-Mo9cov 
that the f lrst couple of hours after vou'J? , =»™ing. it turns out 
very b US y ^ d th you re up, they're going to be 

119 hours, ive «de , note ^nVehe^L^Y** ^ * 00 

f?l t0 ' 80(1 at that time ?nMi n here ' so tha t you 

ti« you can turn it on and leave S ^tV.™ ^ ■ ^ ^ 

-U yculet.Kno^- ^ ^ ^VSSZ^ ^ t 

this ATO pas.. EEC^°iJ^Toti'^% 80t *° ut 5 left in 

that the 02 flov i« m<* ? noticing for the last sev*r*i 1« V 

I ^ink^Mek. ° kay - V6 ' re J ust «ir.« our waste *»^ eaent ey3teTr> 

CKP °^ay. I understand. 

CC ~H I™iV° ^°^ linct ion with the purge. 

to - I thought I'd «ot th*t t.„ FJrge this evening, s 0 w *»h h- 

get the purge terminated ° P ~ 90rr * about «»* " «nd^M 11 £ to 

to you. oh, ar. houl . or * ? J '* 0 ' ?• «"»• <*« vaa vhat f 4 r( , ad „" 

*™ (USA) mgU/l 

CC-H r* 8 /. Stand hy 7 

CMP 0k ay. And - J " 

CC-H 5 11 rJ «h*;. Okav An 

f couple of thine, ^ In th7 * 

^. A1 S0 , ve'Je \ tice ^ can *?! /""^checklist ^ ' 
also, ton/^f 55 ~ Also > ve neei c fiIve us a V3RB 7 L ! there 's 

CMP ^ readout °n the R CS ouLn 

If VOll .^ Okay. r „„ . ^ uad Percent aee 

/-re read, for th f ' ^ fi ,, you all those , Mn , ; ^ 
CMP Th ^> s af^;/ J 1 it. right no v. 

volts <*a>, It , s ^/anc e v . 

CMP ^ see /on at Guar ? re a c °uple of Bf „ . 

CC-H *°Ser. Oka; ' J, ? ee * °" reading ^f""^ 6 * fron 

CC-H J U5J C ' /?; 

CM? 0 **y. 

CC-H Quaci 8?. 

CM? 0ka V> and also Vo 

CC-H *««r. VS need «>« PSH, pl ease 

ln 5clnute C . T , n ' *f; v - Fine, r fio t tv 

CX? . * ^ call yoiJ th 1 then all. And ? 

PAO °**y, Dick " -an coo e3 Up 

*7 minutes r A Pollo Control /- 

WD OF TAPE - af -ons i„ foan 

*STP (USA) MC395/1 
5/WTs"** CDT " GET 


fowa 1„ Jtro gravlt ; ™ ° n f s "»a reference to „„. th . „„ 
actions in foV^'. ™ ^X^'.'"* <*• ^0 r^^* 1 

another pass. * C "* n feet thfco Up *ere v e won't havf ^ 1 

Qrp * na^e to use 

CMP 3 aaneuver. * D/ S°ing through VERB - doing 

tine we'll hav* + n R ^er t I understand, tfouji w i(I , 

- s£ <-" c ^ - ^ so " e " 

CC-K y * BLOCK. - " 

aeaetivate s „e ev.poW £^7^" » »ant'° 
CC-H ^ ' that *6 in work. 

secondly cool ent loof- eooffri f " e,<i ll]te to keep th. 

ASTP (USA) MC395/2 

Time: 20:18 CDT, 109 :l8 GET 



♦■•11 for sure by our IT^o^T^to ^ """ft"* you ' ve " ve ca »' 
terminated also. We can't tell. th&t Ve gct the P"r 8 e 

cZh I-'® teriainate<i already. 

is the nominal one. aT^gutd"! E ° rnin «' s makeup tine 

be calling you there. va "8^rd at u? hours and 30 minutes and r 

I *aj. t *t that on^i Stjr^otTttt^e' 1 " 1 th " ^ ^ 

in the update boo. tiaW^^^V^X 80 '. 

tne second thing, I think I mentioned was the \ ^ Md 

vrnch you've done. ' e ~ Vas changing the DAP 

we missed. ^ ' yea!l * U Vac the thing that I knew 

here ff'you can find^S 'uJLJm SS^dT '"J 1 **" ^ 2 minUteS 
tir.e on re-, ;3 and rev 93 Upaates ™° A mi 1 ^ed to update the TIG 

C«? ckay, go ahead, Dick. 

the - ° kay ' the reV 73 710 -iw «hould be 129:36:3^. And 

CKP Go ahead. 

USA H n!^ reV 93 TIG tiae ^oiold be l^-lS-lu 

153:l8i». R ° ger ' UPdate 10 78 TI ° ««• 120:36:3^ 9 3is ' • 

cc'h ? kay ' 6tand by Just a second - 

for tonight are pitc"^ SMS" yt^f 2^*^ 

^ ? Okay. That's In! 55 41,4 V * r ' eed to 6et tho 

We'd Jik"e the second^cSlVnriLr' 16 ^/ 1 ^ thC eva P°^°r now. 
20 seconds fro* £S £ ^taX? £ Xncldentall >". -'re about 
on these upcozaing next cou^e stadi^^^e^' arT als^^ here * nd 
got .«* news here that I Haven't had Mre to^ft °" AM ^ 1 ' Ve 
you'd like to hear it or talk about Uxlll else ^J™,?"^ ^ 
when ve get locked u P for the flight ^an. J g ° e * caU 


*f (USA) MC3 96/1 
vS/T^""' CBT - **« GET 

; n ,„ th ok ^ ««« I'll SU11 „ B ° rnln «- th ^ 

CMP UKH * - Great . 

CC-H ^ says to tell you hA . 

3° alnutes, this ls A^on' At ground elapsed - ik to the 

Apollo Control. apsed - •«» of l 0 o hours an* 

0? TAPS 

ASTP MC397/1 

through their m g h\ w" g ^ fifth ^ in space LlT * Ifiht ' 

of au'threi c ^r«:S c *P«*«nts. inciting 1 " " £" tlflc 

Earth observation, "J' *** &i3 ° do <*i»g module S 

iaenx . Th* x-ray experiments arM tv, ^™ rrcv as veil as 

n»P«ctJ-« vehicles aS'"* ~ >r ' th<m « "«^ Xth.J i"*.""* 1 

conversation vi th the crev w 6 don 1 anticipate furthi- 


ASTP (USA) MC 398/1 

Time: 21:l8 CPT, 109:58 GET 


CC-H Apollo, Apollo, Houston. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston, in the blink. On panel 230, we need 


CC-H Thank you much, Apollo. We're going over the hill 

at Bermuda. 

PAD Apollo Control. Ground elapsed time 110 hours. A 

one-sided conversation between Dick Truly, and the Apollo Command Module 
not responding, Just to reconfirm alignment of the high gain antenna 
for use of the ATS-6 satellite. We ant - don't anticipate further con- 
versation with the crev tonight. At ground elapsed time of 110 hours, 
this is Apollo Control. 


ASTP MC399/1 ■ ~«cvti 

Time: 21:19 CDT, 110 :0U i,ET 


the crev of Aro-U-o. *e •»■■»■ 

s aUon - ' Houston One of the things that I forgot to 

CC~H Apollo, Houston. une speaker box is 

verify this evening I ^^ni^^rntgh" V.'d appreciate knowing 

Lfy this evening, a . 
ON', so we'll have conn if ve need it all night 
that it is . 


ASTP (USA) ML' 1*00/1 

Time: 21:50 CDT, 110:30 GET 


Apollo Control. Ground elapsed tine 110 hours and 
30 minutes. The crew now 1 hour into their 8 hour sleep period. Wake 
: up .time Sunday morning, U : 50 a.m., central daylight time. On the flight 
plan for tomorrow are continuation of the scientific experiments aboard 
Apollo, including two separate Earth observation passes on revolution 
78, when the crew will be asked to photograph and observe upwellings 
and uough waves or island waves around Hawaii and take photographs of this 
oceanographic feature. And as the Apollo passes the stat-over the state 
of Washington, the crew will be then a*ked to photograph snow covered 
mountains in the Seattle area, including Mount Baker, Mount 'Olympus, ■ 
Mount Rainier and Mount Adams. .On the following revolution 79, at ' 
ground elapsed tine of 131 hours and 22 minutes the crew will be asked '' 
to observe and photograph the Lake Ara{?) region, Salt Flats in Australia 
and observe and photograph desert erosion and dune patterns in Australia, 
as well as, taking stero photographs of the great barrier reef and 
eddien, if they do see then, in the Coral Sea. WeJie up tirce is U : 50 
a.m. ., central daylight tine. The crew now 1 hour into their sleep : 
period. At ground elapsed time of 110 hours and 31 minutes, this is 
Apollo Control . 


ASTP (USA) m:1joi/i 

Tine: 22: 51 CUT, 111:29 GET 


29 «Wes. The c^l^^r ^V'T'' U f, 1U W " and 

further and further avav frL a™ ? hours - s °yu* pulling 

ahead and belof A^l£ Z tMs Se°' 31 statue ail es 

the flight activiHrngh 8 ; ^ vi c-iceTat ^ 

control rtom. The Soyuz crew snent a t'Jj J missions operations 

ani U0 minutes in the Apollo cS«LVf n ° f ^P^^^ely 10 hours 

spent 5 hours and 'nTh" ufv^" * >CkIns Leo <^ 

57 .inutes. Sunday's act W ty v U hfvelhe KUba9 ° Y Spent U hours and 

Earth observation exDerinen** «t eV concer < -rating on 

Wa^eup is scheduled^" T c Tn7 **?*^s . 

And here at the r^ion c^rJi centS Su^tehf* 

of the silver tear, reports all looks ^ 1 ? n3 ° n ' fiisht director, 

"'^ <* 111 • AST 


ASTP (USA) MC^02/1 ' 
Tim* : 00:30 CDT, 113:08 GET 

is ApX control. A^llT-^T^ ^ 113 h ° UrS 7 

it are presently vest^f the n^^rT™ m 3 ° ^ ln fr0nt ^ ^<>v 
node, revolution 68. The ^ ° f CMle on a ^scendln! 

their sleep cycle with™ hour" IZ lo JiJ^ ^ half V <* th ™& 
on the western fron'. and ve^reiSl »n ? U teR . aore *<> go. All is very quiet 
in Moscow toe. no JMnt activiTp^iei! r^i?" ^ e&3t * m 
reported fro, either Kouston or Moscow oJnTJ 1 ^ Pr ° blen3 bei «8 
be at Ua hours 8 minutes ground tll^A ^7 . * t&tUS re P° r * vi ™ 
Apollo Control. 8 elapsed time. At 113:08, this is 


ASTP (USA) mhoi/i 

Time: 01:30 CDT, 1U:08 GET 


Apollo A Ltrol. Cre^Ls^ou^Vwr TS* tiE *' thi ° i8 

period. No, no real activiS h^rc Z liTi™ left io thelr 6lee P 

activity like the firat eonX «J Qt mission control and certainly no 

and warnings - ^ansient ™Sf , * f * f 0 *** Apo110 ' cautions 
the crev has beenleJ? n« a eo^ir^ Varn " g f J*** been trolled and 
two days to ^rufpro^blv ?or?hM.T d "t^* ° f Sleep in th * ^ 
first couple of B , a! 8 ^ 11 ^ 110 8leep ^ riois the 

-rnlng. b'oth wTb! dlf S^i^vTlf be^i V ^V°~™ 
Earth's observations exceriir^nt rt « ? Y involved in an 

vill take place oJer th e Sv eh at ^ * " aw,la « P ass «"d ^hat 

of Africa which ?hL Jast year hJ ^Su friC4 ' that ' 3 the *° rtion 
Princ'ral investigator fJou^ L I™" ^ 0,lght 

specialist there look[n« Xr^iS* ^' f * 0f African 8»ologie 
tapped to help£t that drJEIt « ^ f ° Un * Vater that ^ 
b. looKing at^op:^^ °^ n gXurWih.l:^ ^ ^ 
the Alps , the Danube River deit* ph! «5 7 i traits of Gibraltor 

chlnge fron the Siylab Earth R-source. ..J^Zl!,. ^ ' ,u> "* a 

«.* ,uut .< ?t^r , m. , ;. ,, ^ 1 ir c ^r* ,,,i r, ° probiem> - s ° 

This is Mi scion Control. There will ho a* 
announcement in i air.ute. A P° 110 


ASTP (USA) mkok/i 

Time: ,02:30 CDT, 115-03 rrr 
7/20/75 ' -to.ud Gfrr 


i 'AO »pu { . 

vorth of experiments on tac \ They've got Just about a 

-atrophysical - the exTr^f' ° f theB Eart * observation/ ^ &y 

v i n v. . extreaie ultra-v-t^i oc ' "anions and 

8 " lmtfs ««p«a tL r ! « i^,^'."?" r " 116 

TO or tape 50110 """IK*- 

ASTP (USA) HC|i05/l , 

Time: 0?:29 CDT, 116:07 GST 

7/20/T5 _ a 

7 Suites eround elapsed time, this is 
pA0 ll6 1 h ?^' Lfvny heS S Mission Control Houston , , 

Apollo Control. Very ^J^"^?! counter part in the Soviet 
V n mi flight. John Temple talking to HordinsXy's evening 

inTon Sit now. We have ^^J^J %f r di endnotes there are 
health status for nission daj 5 crew * e *\ , Dr . H ordinsky 

no significant tarith J* len. too - - of input8 tha; must 

indicates that the £ or other drugs are reported in 

be made to the crew if any or , t Knov whether those 

the^pooaing morning statu9 + rep ?^\ h eV r ev gives us their statu, report 
^estLns are read up or no unti ^ ^g ^ ^ ^ ^ w hour 

r« 6 "°At n no : or this is Apollo Contro!. 


ASTP (USA) MC1j06/1 
Time: 0U-.3U CDT, 117:11 GET 

117 hours, 11 minutes ground elapsed time. This 

And once again, since S£ sa£ song, vhich they 

day's vake up msic v« and it's by a Soviet 

tried to use yesterday. That is ^noerne Krostolinsky . 

fenale artist vhose ""VnMj. « " £j fl0 ^e ^n't be having a 

And we're about half way though his sh > t so ve n ^ ^ ^ 

change of shift until later o n « "^plo bring you, once 


ASTP (USA) mhOf/X 

Time: 0^: 53 CDT, 117:31 GET 


Apolio Control. Acq^sUi^ f™™* Clap9ed tine ' this ia 

than a ainut* av 6 y ? w !^ L ! ??i tracking ship Vanguard le 38 

Mrs. Krystalinksy^J.^^de^eas ' 0Pen f ° F the V ^ mu3ic b * 
3PKR (Russian) 

. vopn (Russian) f 
CC-H (Music) 

recordings, if yru could 6 4 2? W t0 * loW U8 t0 duM P 8 °» c 

contrary to what you will be r»tn?. V * P Ve VOUid a PP«oiate it 

a look 'at it. ;* : i « x * r^" 1 .^* p la * " 

ve taken 


Lee. °L H „ x t ^i^l^n\^^A ?? up ^-T? froa 

have a scheduled waste va*er .| lm - ^Tv/l * at Ai7:5j. Ve 

vould like ^ dclpfr L'; ■ " hat partlculM P er ^ ^at ve 

iiivt. „ 0 aciete. And assuming thAt «>-^v,iV.i.. • ,. ■ 

soae problem, with the Soviet usiL your AM £ IK 

yeu to reiect VHF bravo - bravo tilUTtrZ ^ "° VOUld 11X ° 

| : M? Okay. Simplex bravo. Good zaorning. 

eyed an C d\. J3 hy tai^ ^rT^' ^ ' ^ ^ <™* ^ bright 
we vanf to go V, VHF A ^fa?' Ve ^ ^ :SreRLZVER a »* that. And 

si*piex~bravc. " BW * "'^ f,lf& nov «*• to go to 

JiJ? • Simplex bravo. 

b, OFF ifit '" BC<?< That ' 6 aeans sim P ie * »Wd 

,l l a sorry. 

\'f BJr.piex aifi a ho . old be OFF 

^ H ° k * iy ' A Vf»'» 0?'F and Bravo 's ON. 

'J!T Sfl nice * U8ie there this morning. 

VKf ,H„" 4 , \ a> ' Gisd J^u enjoyed it. That 's what you nissed 
yesterday. A.leo, ve shew that the VHF- *, you mmei 

jvevejuay. Mi-80, ve shew t r rt* thi» VMF * , , *--•■■■«« 

front yefttfrday if v ; m f>, . ^ gin ^ U vr " Md ieft over 

CMP OkL "5m thal fcr ue » v * * appreciate it. 

, , ukay . It's secured. 

ail ^d Hko that!°X^ ^ Jtart throwing switches 

rwfp ^ ^ we iA reiax a little bit here later. 

switchet by nov. 7n0rC 9 n ° ^ ,blt ' n ' We '»- e of used to throw, n« 

rTft* H ^°8'' r ' "oing over the hlli, 

c ™ Okav . 

t,. ,,„ aV ». v , »»-Piiiie in about ii» jainutes. W<»«31 

oe hncK ,^:st before 5antiajff At '17,1a „ , . , l " ' we 11 

Apollo Control T~ , , ; f l ; 17:16 8»"^d elapsed time, this is 
.apoi^ (cntjoi. i< s hvurs 5^ ninutes ground elapsed tir*. Like to 

ASTP (USA) M: 1*07/2 - 

Time: 0U-.53 CDT, 117 = 31 GET 


correct something I said a couple of moments ago. We vent LOS Vanguard, 
not LOS Hawaii, as I had said. And ve 're about 30 seconds away from 
acquisition through the Applications Technology Satellite. And we'll 
keep the lines cpen for reacquisition through ATS. 


ASTP (USA) MCfc08/l 

Time: ''-05:16 CDT, 117:5VOET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. We're AOS throught the ATS. We 

have you for 1*3 minutes. 

IMP Okay, Crip. Read you 5 by. Hov you reading 


CC-H Loud and clear, Deke. Hov are you this morning. 

D v,«p Just fine. Seemed like kind of a short one but 

mighty fine. . . 

CC-H Well, we're locking forward to getting the (garble) 

experiment later here . 

DMP You bet. How's everybody down there today? 

CC-H All bright eyed and bush ey tailed. 

USA Outstanding. 

CC-H You guys did a super Job during that Joint phase. 

CMP Thank you. A lot of people did a good Jab on that 

t, oo • 

CC-H One item I could use this morning, if anybody's 

handy to do it, is to get the potable inlet value opened up. 

ttfp . Potable inlet valve opened. Okay, we'll dp that 

in Just a second. , 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. If ve could have ACCEPT please 

we're gonna uplink to you corning up on this Ascension pass and also 
we'r* gonna be dumping our VTRs so we're gonna lose voice here with 
you for a few minut-js. I'll give you a call when we lock it back up. 
There is no update on the tine for your flapping pads on this upcoming 
pass . 


asvp y:kQ9/x 




CC-H . 
Ascension. "FOllc, Houston. V e « ro+ ,,. 

CC -« ■ ^ f ° r ftb0Ut ^ ^Yl^^f «" nov through 

">S. Ascension h P r/ P l l0 ' Huston. w e • 4 \ ? , ' 
back to BLOCK and ve '11 C0 *P^ belong t a o 0 ^ <* *»«e. from 
VPR duop so we'll r ° P 0ul > v*'re Z/ n °" ° nc * so yo U can „ n 

Problem w lth t" n S u C C^ Cr ° 88 the "' ^VoZJ^ '"^ion 
^ - rrent due to cloud; J^l^^ 

CC-H Crip. " e "- 


V20/75° 5:36 CDT ' 118:111 GET 

on the ATS. Our nex^SC cl^ct EnV^ 0 * 1 " 8 ^ ^tly here 
H9 0b - 119:01*. And that's a£St 36 I 1 thr ° Ugh the V«guard at 
your aorning report there H w^V ^ nutes ^vay. We'll try to get 
across Africa? HaK dld ~ hov did the pass go , co ^ ° get 

CMP yjin , , 

up - alaoot to LeXa Chad, and^e^r^ A l0t t0 See< 1 had clouds 
- scattered to broken. So^t tel p^flT'^ ^ 6rea ' Had 

then 0„, it Vas vide « P°° rf or - for photography. But from 

I got a good viev of - Cairo area pi!f pl f ur « B : - of course, 

into the tape recorder now And - J HiJ^^ ^ be 

doing it out of window 5 tad^^S? 1 ; 8 P ? rt ' 3 kerned, Dick, we're 

colder than number 1. And vf naliV^ ta , oh *»»* considerably 
v.ndow fogging over on us continual problem with that 

CC H , ' 

MP i*iT " ' S f0S6od P"«y good 

CC- U fi' 1 ' ' 

PA0 " f ee v ou a'„ Vanguard. 

cjjv through th. i r .£ * h | ^ ' ™ « the 

this is Apcllo Control. * VAnguard - up shortly. At 118:29, 

™h i^n v ! n8 S ard ; ft,r aW 7 alnutes - 

7 -Jnute.. "° ljC " K0USt0n ' * *re AOS through Vanguard for 

it*asTneed to .:pdaJrJo« , 0 J! W "i O t n nl ," y °? T*' 1 " « ot * couple 
CM? 0o ^"arVH^ S Ring's activities. 

CC-H r-v-y , 1 : rlp ; Hyw d0 y ™ Crip? 

you guy. kft d talked abo^ tuVnlnr^r'^S" ° n * " 1 thir * 

to your busies if you y^jT . g °? y ™ r VHf >Mb, So you could talk 
"4 <toin, th.t, if J 0U ^ - • ™ you've got a 00 on «o!ng abead 

>«• Z^n do it^t^LcTw; il gh \^r' te to ° to *> 

U«* toaaX* a couple of sfeali MoDs in vour 'tilf ff I X ° U h& * * * 
J,f K All ri(;ht . USin « v 0jr "«* line for this . *>rni n g ? 

1 - bhTrtout 119-3M? S£ Sret°^! he *** tMr *' ° n " ^u, 

you have there - and^ ifovef tLlSl J*i et * that hellua Ejection 
-at', due f gating it ^'1^ bT ^iS".^ »• 
Oitay - stand by (garbln). 


ASTP (USA) MCl+11/1 

Time: . 06 : 27 CDT , 119:05 GET 

Date: 7/20/75 

CMP - - Okay, next. 

CC-H Okay, fine and then ve'll get it moved over. What 

ve want you to do at that time, at 119:35 vhere you did have the 
helium inject ve saw a little problem vith the x-ray vhen ve vere doing 
that EUV raster and ve want to do a purge on it. Actually, ve have 
checked the attitudes at the - that you're at there arid everything's 
ok&y. You can actually go to the book and do it or it's only 3 steps 
ve really need and I can give those to you if you vant to vrite them 

in now. 

CMP Okay, I'll vrite then. 

CC-H Okay, at 119:35 ve vant x-ray cover open. 

■ CMP ■ Go, 

CC-H Okay, x-ray , low voltage pover ON. 

CMP Go ahead. 

CC-H And x-ray purge START. And that's (Garble) you'll 

pick up everything else when you're - you're doing the cal, you can - 
which is called for next in your activities. You'll find out later 
vhen you pull out the EUV pad, you'll be folloving this activity vith 
a cal and If you do that on time everything vill work out hunkydory. 
CMP Okay, very good. 

-C-H Okay. One itea is that - and I'll try to give you 

a call to remind you vhen ve t?t AOS through the ATS but - but prior to 
doing thia activity ve're going to have you shut down the primary 
evaporator - deactivate the primary evaporator e^rly eo it von't get 
involved or von't be on vhen vc-'re doing this - this purge, 

CMP Okay. Understand. 

CC-H Okay. We've ,jot about 3 more minutes left througn 

this p*.-3 and either now or a little bit later vhenever it's convlenent 
ve can ve can get the morning report in. Incidentally, for the 
upcoming mapping pass there are rcc - not - no ti«e update so you can 
sirrt those nominal time. 

Okay. We'r* saving a real hard time getting breakfast 
here, Crip. Could ve either deity this morning report * - 

CC-H Okay, yeah. **<?'ll delay it. No aveat. Incidentally, 

3hcv the urine dump porter 3t ii active and of course we'd like t*. 
get that aecured before ve also get into - get into doing this pass. 

CMP Okay, ve've :een venting it. I'll ci-ae It nov. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston.. We are \ ml hute from L06 next 

station contact vill be through the ATS at 1 19 : 26 . . See you there. 

CMP Okay.. 

PAC Loss of signal through the Vanguard. ; 

PAO Sext 4o^ui*i«.16n 15 minutes. That'll be through 

Santiago at 119:11. This is Apvlio Control. 

PAO 119 hours sinutei ground elapsed tine. Apollo 

about 3 ainutes away r-otn acquis itioned through Santiago. We hav* 
♦he prograa manager's report r-: * - report nusber 5 indicating that fol- 
loving the unlocking yesterdf>, the siaulated solar eclipse was perforated 
and :,he rrev thought *.he simulate! eclipse vent very veil. Earlier 

(USA) MCUll/2 

fine: 06:27 CDT, 119 :05 GET 
Date : 7/*o/75 

^ie^ca^ ItTy To & SV"" — th.„ the 

as planned. UltravioLt abso^uSn ™ ^f^* 1 ^lar eclipse vent 
retrorefleetors on the - on Z£ ex P erim ^t yesterday, apparently the 
the Apollo. The prtnM^oXwt'S f " ad * the «P-tronetL ' 
and 1000 *eter fi separation he «™J KinV ^ dicated that *t 1 50 meters 
vanted. Hovever at 500 meters iS^? * VAS Siting the data he 
good. Soft x-ray exp^ri^^ Jf^™ * h * «« data vaa cuiL* 
feel eves that the detector chaibe? on^ in t^ h\ f f ° r that ex P eri °ent 
ApoUc has contaminate gas and he vLl* nv he * ardv »« aboard the 
^t. That may occur latfr oTtodL ^11}?? f™* to cha ^ that 
wa 3 activated. And that exreri^'h Cry * tal «™ v th activity experioent 
but photography of the wSJ^ ' '?? h f ° rth ^J 1 Cal1 knotting 
Seoiynaracs experiment conceded vTS \ A " d f ° r the 

ve/e 3 additional revolutions of d*t. P £? ? ^^m. there v« there 
^Pcriwnt and the multipurposff^f?! 10 ^ for that 

hat's sodiu* chloride lithi^ fS L^T**^ thC 
4ay was quite good according to 1 7 Earth Nervations yester- 

ve've got about 3 Earth ob.frirtl^. P ^;'J hl 1 , nWBtl f atOP toda > 
ForaJng Fungi photo - photography vL ^ J wraing alone. Zone 
be "ortfn"-'* ^-~.,-,> K * ' WftS Carried out yest««dav *> B *«' - 

— uugn cue rest nc ♦»._ _i „ . , „ * ■ "* J *v • *na» • xi 

threading and fcaofng d«M«r«liS e 1°" th « v,ckln *. li <^<* 

ccpietM yesterday. Those are ^ vi'deo tan^ ae f M *ff"oa. vere* 

tape back here in Houaton aoj nl P V * 11 « et thftt video 

•hcvj that peg prop ellanT ^ n ^« tunable, statu* 

»n the mission. However, that • d-l f ^ planned for ^ie point 
system problem aboard ♦ he A^l^ J? na "*^ero and not due to 

at nominal level or Mt«^J y A Xo^'i«'J;. r !' t are 

•yt« prcpelUnt. About 10 Seconds avL °J *J« *«Wlon 

Santiago. Ve'U vait cap cor* Z CrT^r * Ui ° n thrOUeb 


ASTP (USA) MCl*l2/l 

Time: 06:l>7 CDT, 119:26 GET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. On panel 230, UP TELH4ETRY to RELAY, 

UP TELEMETRY to RELAY. In the (garble). 

PAO Been having some problems acquiring the ATS sat - 

elite this aorning. We'll stand by - expect ATS coverage, any moment 
actually. At 119:36, this is Apollo control , standing by. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We're AOS through Ascension and 

we're talking at you for about 6 ninutes. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. I'm going to have to give you s 

time update for this EUV rev 72 pass ve goVlf you can get your flight 
plan supplement up. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Hcv do you read? 

CC-H Apolio, Houston. Hov do you read through Ascension? 

ACDR Sound's good but double echo. 

CC-H Good oorning. I have a - an update to your EUV rev 

72 pad if ycu vant to pull out your flight plan supplement. 
CMP Go ahead, Crip. Go ahead. Crip. 

CMP Houston, hov do you read? 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. I read you loud and clear. Hov me? 

CMP With a lot of echoes, but go ahead with your EUV. 

CC-H Okay, Vance. Sunset time will be 120:ll»:33. 

CC-H And I'a assuming you've initiated the purge. Did 

you get the prinary evap secured for us or deactivated? 

CMP The echoes are making it bad. Please repeat. 

CC-H We copy your drifting-out Attitude. You want to 

give us a VERB. 58 to get back in, please? 

ACDR Crip, you've got about k echos and you're completely 

unreadable . 

CMP Crip, the one thing I did get is that the - ve are 

now counting up to 120:11*: 33 instead of 120:1*4:16. Is that affirm? 
CC-H That is affirmative - affiraative. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. How do you read ncv ? 

ACDri There you go. Lots better. 

CC-H Okay. We had a double COMM configuration at you for 

a nvaen*. . '«•'<-. neei to verify that the primary evaporator is secured, and 
we also need n VERB 5& to - because we're drifting attitude here. 


£7 <«SA) MCi.13/1 , 


vant an X-ray cal , 
' CC-H 

Houston, Apollo. 
Go ahead. 

° n the *» at 35, d0 you stir 
^H7o^ ln f/ Ou ; f ™» here - 

to go through «d t% tTlo VniCh is ereat ^ An ^ C !" e °" vith 3/1 J * ' 
*™v you gyys atlll £ * ^ ^ates on all thZ. J, Ve Von,t »»«ve 

v * g*t a chance, J?! 6 f 0u fi<H ^ *-52 £t S ?f Uc * ° n " 

CMP Oka^ th&t dat * *nf ° f the «nd". whenever 


•'■> IK' 

^; ?5 °7*^ COT, 119,53 OW 

C^H ^ Ry ' Cri P- the P52. 

CC-H okay. Give it to w, 

f*nd „ U r» fro* that .mtudJ^lJuii o^fV^""*! * 90 de « ree 

u- 00093, minus 00004 . I aw an 1 L oL 6 '/ <W ', 93, plus 00106 • *»- 

5, 119; '6: 25. 7 that one «««in. 3 ainus four balls 

you h«; H W{i w . u J^; u % I*"!?*"'** - ^ing to lose 

ainutea away. X ° U&a at 1 " 120:1 5 and that's about 25 



Tin©: 07:25 CDT, 120:03 OET 


u . C ^" H . , . Apollo, Houston. We terminated pur VTR dump, io 
minutes thr0Uah ATS> h * Ve y0U f °' ab ° ut ^« 

CMP Say again, Houston. 

, CC " H Ju8t ^'iUng you that ve had terminated our VTR 

^AJ^lT^ tly \ I . C0Uld taU t0 you agaln ' or *™ talk to me 

. DM L 0kay " Well « ve ' r « otill trying to get regrouped 

'"'J 'f 3 ' Carth 0b9 ' So - - ao * e Of us etaning breT 
fast, and some trying to finish. 

CC " H 0ka y- Understand. Getting up and cettir.a that 

pass off early there kind of complicates the wrntn" fu Ce 're 

6 " 8t < iU at&nding by for the BOrnin « « ta ^ report, 
anytime it'o convenient for somebody to give it to us. Also^d 

b!5v In* Vr ading °f f °f the Q'JAD Alpha propellant, anytime some- 

™« ^\m\ " We ^ 8 dl «"PWcy betvaen cur fading and 
yours. We think yours is correct and ours has just got a Mas on it 
Tall can vork those in at your leisure. ' 

t _ LM? 0>ta> '- Toa ' 8 co »i^ back on the air, here. Let me 

ACDR Okay, Crip. Hcv do you read ne? 

cc * h Loud and clear, Tom. Hcv me? 

A ^ DR Loud and clear. What do you - Okay. I «ot QUAD 

Axpha fbr propellant; quantity - we're reading about g and f/J ptr" cent . 

»rn« ay ' 1 fIne - rnank veiV such. 

. . . , f 0kR y- For "V yesterday. For breakfast - T 

I lftVe ^ t J e COffee ' 1 di4ri,t take th0 " ^er^X vi lint And 

I had tea with sugar and lemon. For lunch - I didn't eat the soup or 
the coffee but I added tea with sugar and lemon. For dinner - l\Z 
everything but the vanilla pudding. Added a strawberry drf£ and til 

CC-H Tom - 

ACDR Oo ahead. 

CP's ° C " H Roger. Ve copied all that. Standing by for the 

CKP (Garble.) 
ACDR Okay . 

™n„ A ? D \ * , Here ve 6 -» for Var ' te - He ^ ad 2 breakfast 

Fo ^1 ° KnCCk 0U ' the 8piCed cereal - F ° r ^ " eve"thin,. 

tor dinner - no fruat cocktail, but Kdded in a cocoa. Okay. 7 hours 
of good sleep, TRD reading 1.-61-82, No - no medication. 

* AuDR 0Kay ' Ckft y» ^ke Bt * everything on his menu, plus 

strawberry His reading is 6-1-3-0-6. 7 hour! good sleep. 3 S gulps • 
And we got to get busy. T*lk to you later. P 

AS'fP (USA) HCU5/2 

'fine i 07 1 2$ COT, 120 1 03 OCT 


CC»H Okey dons. 

DMP Houstonj Apollo. 

CC-H Oo aheai. 

PMP OHay, Crip. X «ot Uj* helium inject done. The 
temperature is 5 **9> 

CC-H Okay, peke. Thank you very much, 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We're going to loae you here, 
Shortly, And your maneuvers - and we'll have you again at Ouan, in 7 
minutes . 

ACDR Roger. 


A?TP (M8A).M(7l.l6/l 

ACOB * *fflm.tiv,. 

« amr, u,,nt 10 fomn cmw, 0 

-v.Por.tor „, U r R„ 0k S'- f «*• t. v, rlfy that th# glyool 



ABTfr (USA) MC<417/1 > 
Ti»«5 08:18 COT, 120:56 GET 
7/20/75 .. 

Pf. w - ' 011 poaniQi'' - that'e center off. 

a litti. r, ^ rea8 ° n for that *« that we're - our da a look. 

a XJttle bit funny dovn here nov looks 

ACfS ;^ > "^l>»v.ltl„t 1 ..«,,o,itl.»t 

^"jj 0ka /. fine. Thank you. 

SantiP* r-Mn , j 05 ' Guaffi : Next acquisition JO ninutea avay through 

r»- jj.. . 1<s . 4 t 1 j?-s; 8 ri4n: d c:„^o 1 f . ,,our8 

ABollo Lt^i < VT . UrP ' I 6 ■ in ' J -« f » B^und elapsed tine. ?h<8 is 

DMI Roger. 

^ Okay. Stand by. 

CkE V- What is it Crip? 

Can you tell us where that is? PiayDack. 

S^w X Tim * alnute - Or UF TlH rather. 

J£- ri Sorry Vance, say again please. 

poaitio; . *iddie positio r ;. ^ realti ™ playbaf:k wuch 18 «P ™ 

?f" H , 0kv '' Flne ' And w « have drifted out of *tt<r..t. 

w« noticed and somebody ' 8 g3 in S to have to give «. a V?S ;J. atUlJde ' 


08:38 COT io> ,r 
Date, 7/30/75 ' 12I{16 0« 

CC-H .' A 
the rj ev Dftd tiMMk , *P°Uo, Houston u*,* 

CMP J k V. it's 121^3.27 „ 

CC-K Got it. 27 * U - ^1^3:27. 

SJ Ok*.™* the c.M/ D „ ^ that we've 

CC-H That switch lB „ , 

turn it OS. Understand it w« 0 fJ» fi f Flp ' 

CC-H coding 0n . " 

on now. yXa /« Ani Ve ' re lust a . 

CM? "»^'s affirr^ y 

«naerat«u,d. ° """" 

°» that 6 ho.- ;1J . A " ,i 1,11 " »"U s.t vith you . „ 

■ ""v • ■ wi /OU a little ♦ ■ 

Okay. 16 Mt inforaa. 


ASTP (USA) WM 9/1 

CMP „ 

CC-H Jouaton, Apollo. 

CMP ^ *head. 

CC-H **** ^. 


looklna *h» . fine. Vane* 

^ 1* ^ or data^'en^ ^t ion, ve were 

realtime da'a VL * * ve ' re *um pln « JUS?? throu « h Madrid; ve're 
^ther that i 0 op 0 ; a S : q a U ? t nU y- stf / S R ° " 3t a 

^at ve got that lt ™' , B «f au «* it locked like S nOV ve ' r « 

Jnft Sir J, 1 ? Pr ° Perly ' MUrP ° f da '-* 

yo«. ?? yo 5 8 \ n0V ; 1 ti't^T, 1 ? o ab ° Ut th * 4abUi ty of the 

it on JusVfor a* " Vh6n ve t«lke* £?o™ C real qUlck ar "i *** fol 
«d tinefrr 1 ; J Ut U «*»'t 1^ iiS f t tarted td turn ^ 
CC-H , r t v Pl « ht off - U VW 8°in« to vork 

experiments ve «>, rt „^ v * 1 think, per OUP 0> 

*e can turn it OfT rl J? t „ P te «T Mature doin t v 8 nonaal 

CC-K Ignt n ov. " e aovn to about 39 0r I^q * 

CC-H ■ _ A! v- Ve vere _ _ • J 

CC-H p v " Ve vere - - 

CMP before you secure - 

CC-H lo '°il around ar,i u n . 

Pressure and - _ By ' don't you a , „>, ^ 

the glycol evao Steam Pressure is 13 

coolant *ov» to ^ " ' « on the prlmftry sygt 

™» rignt ncv. Ve 're holding to tur It Uie *econd- 

OFT until v e hear 


*«T (U3A) MC^o/x 


ACDR * ° 8 °*Ty. Say H J!?? f 

ACDR **J« by. to turn that KVAP off nov? 

CC ~ H tL? y ° U Vant to look at th - 

^activate it. ^ 8 » f «~tlv*. We * \ V ata 80a * *>re? 
ACDR vant ^ go ahead ana 

DMP f l8ht - ^ it off 

CC-H Houston, Apollo. ff ' 

DM? Qo ^ead. 

■ lUi'lf **** • 

DMP " upy that. 

— cc ^ ing the r.£ " 6 «+* 

2* Xvsr* ri * ht Wlng . that 

CC , H Je 8 sir. '° P«« on with the next one? 

x-ray hi*h A P<>Uc, Houston v» . 

ASTP (USA) MC»»21/1 

Times 09:05 COT, 121$ !»5 GET 


C ?" H - ~ and now we've got a amall problem on the X-ray hi*h 

pcver down on panel 230. We'd lik* you to take it OFF an* then 30 t7 * 
f ir you vould * a one body can «et it tct u*. 

ACDH Understand. 

CC-H Okay - • 

ACD3 Hold it. What high voltage pover to 2? 

U,~H (Garble) 

CC-H We want you to delay in off for 5 seconds. 

Voul/-™ t, „ V K0USt0 ^ in the blln<3 on high *' dn «*enna. 

would ,ou go to narrow and reaeq please - narrow and reacq. 

a * . Apollo, Houston. Ve're looked back up with vou. 

We dropped out the.-e avhUe. ' 

„ n * n CC ~*A v. /polio, Houston. We aee you're a little bl\ behind 

on tne tad there. Reconsnend you go to the 3 plus 30 DET tine and go 
ahead and proceed with that one. 

A^ DR Crlj, hov do you read? 

CC ~ H Loud and clear. Hov ne? 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Read you loud and clear, 

read? Apollc, Houston. Ve< re back with you. Kov do you 

... CC " H Apollo, Houston. In the blind. If you read ve would 

i^r^V^T " P0WES Dora - x - ay mvs * ™*- "» «»»• »• «* 

. : CMP . Crip, how do you read? 

CC ~ H Loud and clear. Hov me? 


#« ^ COT ' . h Orror ^ , 

CC ;L- 2 «laut.t and we nor**!/ ■ ^ 

we were lo^« t X-ra, . 

6 , ACPR w power dovn. Crip 

CC-H OW- *" ray iiiC* y° u * from l*» 8X14 

CC ^ntact is trough ^ . Orro ral Valley. \ * w , 

,t at loft contact ^rougb °^° n r * chi le. I2 2 ' u ' 

fctf? °'fte though SantlagP. 

P*° ♦ c And that'll be 
, -on 28 •inula* ■ ^ 
U^pollo Convrol. 


A8TMUSA) HC»»2l*A 

Tin* J 03i»? CDT, 1S2i37 OCT 

Pete; TWf5 

{« 4 J!t?„ „ A ♦ , i 22 hour «« 35 »inut«$ ground ©lapsed tine. This 
♦ I ^ £ Contro1 ' Sp^waft about 20 seconds evay froa Luis Hon 

c£.rf That "off^ ^T^ 009 Photograph, of the H^ldt 
Slfn; «r ?! ? COiat Cf ve » te ™ South America, and the 

thtou^luito, APOUO ' H0U9tQn ' h * re vith you briefly 

Hot do you read, Houston? 
?S2 Ve ' re readin 6 y©" clear but scratchy. 

(Garble) w« k ?" Kft vUh Farouk< ^ attitude for visual obs 

lrtk £ •! A^fJ Ut M e r' m 9 "° r ° 0a t0 * et your head around or 
look up,... down (Garble) this »*es everything about twice as easy. 
CC-H Tea, If you're still reading we're brertir.f up 

yOUr COwen J whea ve fi * c ■ «<* ln # -he ATS contact 
, k * , 1/068 of si &*l through Quito, lev elva+ion anri* 

UP TeS™ t, RELAY^°i.l«a3e? l8ton P«.l 230 v* 

AC&R Houston, Apollo. Do you read? 

Ton. CC " H Apollo, Houston. Reading you loud and clear nov, 

ACDH Okey, did you ,et sry last trans«issicn7 

. . , L ~ h Negative. I - I understood you vere hav<n<r arm. 

to get that again, if I could. 

* CD? ' 4 v 0k8 *. l«k. I> sure this :.hi 8 i 8 optiaized became 
sometimes you do the vis cbs at the mapping aFpi . attitude. " 

ZT l ?r l K? U ? T,' Ve g0t " l0t 01 cload COver ' <* course? I; I „, 
ITSo 's E o " ?°; h l09 ! r ' S tC > 0 * talking to yo^. What' ve v** t ° 

to do iS to - to just the vis obs. only - to roll to heads Because 
if ve could s t down behind the couch this attitude vouidn' be bad 
But the trouble is there •« not enough room to sit down behind the 

tTo lT Z ° Ut Vhei " y0U ' re *° in *' >^ can>t « et there Yo.'re 
too high. So ve want to «11 to HEADS UP, pitch DOW looking strlLht 
foward for the vis obs attitude when i t 's not associate dvHh" the 
napping. Can you get Farouk and his troops tracking on that? Over. ' 

♦! , v * ay * T ° B ' 1 thinX ve '-^erstand that and ve'll - 
*e 11 taxe a look at it for the upcoming passes. 

^ CD ? YeB « thia H£*03 DC>«7?; vhen vou look out like -hat 

to get the vie-,, you're straining yourself up again^the instrL^ 

ASTP (U3A) \Kk2k/2 

Tine: 0?:27 COT, 122:37 GET 

Dates 7/20/75 

panei, holding your fe«t in the struts gainst the tunnel wid all you 

can look is left and right. Well, you can overcome that but /ou Just 

can't get the lead in, I tried sitting jpside dovn on the couch, but 

then all you can see it out is through other side of the vindov. It's really 

a hell of an awkvard situation. So ve want to pitch down at least 30 

or hO degrees, nose dovn and ve'll take everything coming head on for 

the "Is obs wings level. Over. 

CC " H Okay. If I'm understanding, you're talking about 

wings level, HEADS UP, PITCH DOWN, about 30 to Uo degrees. Is that 

ACDK Yes, at .".east. Whatever it takes to get that window out 

good instead of this HEADS TOWN, 

AC&R The napping passes we'll have to leave like they are. 

We understand thai. For when he includes mapping with vis obs, there's 
nothing ve can do about that. But as far as Just pure v!b obs by itself, 
we want HEADS UF, PITCH DOWN 30 degrees. You should be be able to determine 
that. I'm going to say - oh at least pitch down at least 30 - 30 - 30 or **0 degre 

CC *H Okay, fine Tom. And Just to make sure that we do 

understand that we're talking about with docking module FORWARD. Is 
that correct? 

ACRD Oh, yes. Docking module FORWARD, pitch DOVN . 

CC-H Gkay. 
ACDR - Out window 3. 

CC-K Roger that. 

CC-H Okay, will scKebo-dy get the chance on that panel 

230 we can go ahead and go back to UP TELEMETRY on the switch. 


A8TP (U&A) MC^25A 

Time; I0j07 CDT, IZZikf GET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston, for the AC. Ton, when you get a 

taoment there you cen talX a little bit, we'd like a few clarifications 
on that attitude that you were requesting. 

ACDR Yeah, Just - for - hang on, I got a target here. 

CC-H Oo ahead. No problem, ve can Just get you - whenever 

you have some time to talk. . 

ACDR Okay, Crip, Back with you. 

CC-H Okay, Toa. One of the thing* we want to clarify ; 

we're assuming that you want to be with your back to the couch. la that 

ACDR Yeah. Well, (garble) the back to - I'm with wy back to 

the couch now, looking forward i And again, you » you can do it , but 
it Just seees eawier if your head's up on it looking down forward. Of 
course I guess you don't get the high-gain antenna, so that's something 
to play off. 

CC-H Yeah. We're going to have to look at tho high gain 

antenna. One other iten; have you got any real preference as to whether 
the objects are moving fross the top of the window, down or from the bot- 
tom of the window up? 

ACDR No, I don't think so; you talking retrograde? 

CC-H That's affira. 

aCDR No. I think it's easier when you get a lead into it 

coming for.-ord. 

CC-H Sorry, I didn't quite get all of that. You said a 

lead into it; would you prefer causing from the top of the window do vn, 

ACDR Veil, like right now, yeah, they're coming from the 

top of the window down, as they're going forward here. Listen, let's Just 
go ahead and see what we've got here for a while. Sometijue later on, as 
we get an opportunity where it's not coming into an antenna angle, 
we night Juat 'Jake a look at it and do it ourselves. 

CC-K Okay. One :ther - Okay. We'll - we'll go ahead and 

take a look at it. One of the things we are considering was the - 
using soae - the attitudes similar to the mapping pass that ve used for 
window 5 and only to set it up for v::idov 3. But we'll - we'll get - 
look at it dcwn here and get back sc that w can give you a new one. 

ACDR Okay. 


mmy nr **** l2at57 m 

^ ^ * ot ***** T** ww tin, ift 

defray ^^tr^.^- W deiot* - that i. 

CCH Und. Delate X-ray OPS, 

>ou vould. 3«*o, iVft te m* rdwy evaporator %♦ tfeft Mm 

"itch that I n..dVe£Z« Z/l^lV^ 0 23 °* 1 « ot one 

there. * *" a ycu - 1u5t ®« vhen scwwbody's dovn 

?c!k ^ *° 4pvn ^ ^ *bo«t iO aeconde. 

' u*ay, here's no rush. 

Okay, sheftd, 

you to turn on the X^^ov^^^rAt'^th^ 1 :, '° *" d «> 

to leave U on, fa*e n ?uUy be^Ii IJ 1 * tia * * n * ve,r * 6 oi "8 

the mission. Vhat ve'«^i!I ♦ 5* J t&vln « ** *r the remainder of 

ve're eaying vaa^hLV ltlT*ll ?! v h4t ^ cure the Problem that 

that rJS'.iitoTiS* UtuTo ; c ^^° 0 n ! e rff U ^ l . Wttld 
■edify the S< exueriBfJ » * Up * 0ver U » ^ *loo can 

the & ^t^rSf-s: ^xr to ^ 

lt(T) an the tiae. ^ 30 X0U viuit 810 tQ *> *• P«" th* pover and higher 

thing^Ly dory un.iS*x!l.! f Sr;i l ?I\ M4 U '* * exC<!pt for every- 
Put a verify af^It £1 Z^il^'^l* Y ° U V&nt to ^ 
that vould probably help out. VoUa « e P^r on normally 

^ Okay. We'll fix it rt«« ™ 

0ka y- Pine- Thank you very ouch. 


Cusa) mtevi 


,s a ^ H . Apollo, Houatoru V* ««« tha* yo«»re sitting h«r« 

irtl «q U 4r*4 *vay» r*a«y for thl* upcoming b*U« glow put. MUht t£l 
rwijd you **%l« - th« vay y'o ,* Ue * ftl % ui n. tSa/J! r av 5S 
v«»r« not going to t>« Uoing U - occurs several liml A.VjIini it 
o««4 off aioag «ith t» «w yr > uu« pj.. Of coIE* th^a to **,* 

tti« x-ray fcao* on. An4, of «our«« t v« ,lo want to get th* gw r>^*r 
4own at W iicrtU placaa, «,* then pcwr it btck XhT<£Tfnfo,* 

i rov r«pr«$«nt the vole* of the AKb«r Team, Frank LittietaM* t«L« 

» tfc. rest of ^.'I^fS «\! 
x-ray S. ^ vij... Undomv.d. Wasn't want the 

CC ' H Ro^r » Vance. 

c ^ Houston, Apollo. 

€ ^" K Hog, Vance. Go ah«a4. 

that SI „art fo, i?^' ?* ,Ve ^ ^ °P tloi: *• v« .„ 

load u^l f?L U kT V ir ~^ at °'° °" th « «*». to sse 

ve a load up a tiae (garble) 3v, .-.onsally. Don't ve? 
v-C-H Negative* 

• »«w"" K . 8o » v *n*«. wt'r« going tc "ee doing . yon 

a ar US * * ^ 4 * " *"* ths W *»« initiating 

al* of tht*e on up»Ue prolog on your NOUH &»e. 8 

_ CM f* a ?**>'• A* long «g tht tlaw>'« in the n*u. we're 

okay. ^Urjderatan*, (Garble) o-0 (garble) . ' 

t, „ C fr- w that's fir*, mat'* what - Okay. And ve'r* about 

to go LO», *htn you initiate tnt» B-20. An4 w«'U havt yo« again in 
about 11 slnutta, through Orroral. Vhaf, at l:33t36. * 
CKP ^ay. Ua4er»tana. 

or tape 


Tine s 11; 00 Ml, 123 t^O OBT 


CC-H - - vh*t we saw was looking good. V* v»r« dropping 

out dua to your maneuver tbsre, but everything right nov U looking 
okay. Va'ra not - ve'ra not looking at data at this particular aoatnt. 
V* talking to you on VHP only. 

ACDR Right. Okay. 

CC-H Apollo. Houston. V« need UP T8UEMEFRY to 6TP«. 

ACDR Say again. 

CC-H Va need that panel 230 svltch up telenetry avitch to 

direct, please. 

ACDR Okay. 

CC-H Apollo. Houston. We arc one ainute froii U)S. Next 

station contact through Quito in 27 ainutea and if v« could hav« the 
up teleaetry switch tack to up teleaetry vh«n you get a chance. 

CMP Okay. Up telemetry svitch b»clt to up telemetry. 

PAO This ia Apollo Control. Loee of signal at Orror^l 

Valley. Ne*t station vil) j>e Quito, Ecuador in 55 ainute*. Change of 
•hi ft briefing in the audltortujs at JSC about 10 ainutes froa nov 
with flight director tM ' Jddy. ThtV* at 11?15 central daylight in 
the JSC »ain auditori* 1 - The interpreter vho handles aost of the con- 
versation* between Aff». ftnical director Qlynn Lunney and hU counter 
part Professor Konstant*.* '".ishuyev in Moscov is f} year old Alex 
Tatlstcheff. Alex is voaevhat of a amateur poet and he put together a 
six verse poem In the form of a aeaorandua at least with a aeaorandun 
header. The aeaorandua starts off to the aen of JSC fro© the A3 - the 
ASTP interpreters, Suoject appreciation and thanks on ASTP's finest 
hour. Then he lapses 6 verses of k lines each which run h$ fol- 
lows, Tom Stafford's naao is knovn throughout the length and breath 
of USA, both Vance and Deke are household naaes and so are Val'a and 
Alexey's, all people sing their praise on high but vho has heard of 
Glynn and Guy and Pete and Bob our agent Ed who's labors to thi3 success 
led. At ASTP's finest hour with prai&ea then we v*nt to shower. We 
who translated ever/ word of wisdoa froa their aoath we heard. We the 
interpreters of ASTP we thank you, aen of JSC, For you and all your 
friends with grace aade possible this livik in space. We thank you for 
the patient way in which you vhll* the time avay and waited for each 
of us to pass your thoughts on to the Rus, The net result that can't 
be beat was an unpresedented feat of aaster sindir.^ cooplex thoughts that 
link the eoano/astronauta • And that is the concision of Mr. Tatistchef f ' 
poeo. At 123 hourf , '.3 alnutes ground elapsed tiaes. Returning in 22 
nlnutes unless the change of shift press conference is still undervny. 
If it is we'll tajie the air/ground and play it back at the end of the 
press conference. This is Apollo Control at 123:^ ground elapsed time. 


ASTP (USA) Wit 30/1 

fliwi 12 til COT, l?fct$} OCT 


. PA? %i Apollo Control at 3l2^ii39 ground •l»p»»a 

ti»«. ApoUe ipactcraft now Juat east of the Black »ea vitb iqm 29 
■inute* renaing In ATM satellite wvtrm* however Apollo U out of 
attitude for the AT8-6 aa ihwo in tht flight plan and ara enentially 
L08 even *hou*h under tha aatellite coverage. Soae 6 «inuteft of air to 
grou/14 tape ve* accunulattd during the change of ihift briefing. We'll 
play ba<& that tap* now and stay up live *t tha conclusion of th* tapa 
playback for tha remainder of thi* AT,. 6 satellite paa». 

CC-H Apollo, Houston, AOS through Quito for 5 ainute*. 

CHP (Garble) 

ACDR Okay. 

CC-H r» aorry ve dropped out there Ton and I didn't 

catoh all your coacents , 

CC ' H We got {garble) COMM right now. Why don't you wait 

a moment? 

CC-H Okay, Apollo. I think ve locked up pretty good, 

J'U try to etay out of your hair on thU pa»8. 

ACDR Okay* Crip. Everything aeeaft to be going real 

good on th» (garble), 

^C-H Roger. Thank you. 

ACJW Cr *P» to$sy eeeR£ like kind of a *ore normal work- 

day ccepared to vnoae last five, 

0C * H w «li. v « hoped you»4 be a little bit nore relaxed 

there. Still, it's going to keep you busy 1 think. 

ACDR (Carble) but it's not like three people trying to 

crawl over each other for about 1$ or 18 hour*. 

CC -H Yeah that vehicle's not that big. We're going 

over the hill and we'll pick you up at MILA in about - about i minute. 

CC - H Coing over the hili. See you in MILA in about a 


ACDR Okay. 

CC " K Apollc, Houston. We're locked up now through MILA 

and with the ATS ve should have you for about 5$ minutes. 

t-'fcayi Dick. I aean Crip, Sorry. 
CC-H Okay, Charlie. 

CMP My naae'a Jack. 

CC-K Roger, Ed. 

CC - K Apollo, Houston for the CP. We don't want to 

Ress up your maneuvering here, but we're goir.g to verify - you told us 
you tried to turn the secondary evap on after wo thought we had the 
problem there. I'd like to verify that you did that and what you aav 
with it. 

CMP 1 turned it on I gueea for about a half a minute and 

I Just, noticed that the stftam -pressure didn't want to come dc-vn. H 
only cawe down a little bit. 

CC-H Okay. 

CMP How 'a the primary evaporator appear to you from 

down there now? 

*^ W h,^ w4 , 8W "» . that vf w «« w 

CC-H u. t w CWI5 'W« vh»t v« «M» ♦ *! fot * blockage 

ACW - , * r0P y0U1, «W Getting 

Mie £r 1 8 " ol 1,1,1 - <•» «*» „„ ,. ra 

cc-H J[**f» W W thai. 

fro* U»S ihruuafc N»o* i?' HQU9 ^ft. We're aW* 

*ttuui. .„ v. ?« r' !*' U tolktL to you *J h f Ugh the AT3 

*o«t 5 ainu^f J J" a story vX? ^ V * 

i vat i tic th* «.T 0 COr «"«-'>8 «*, *, S° Jn * to have Madrid i r 

rest V? Z ^^^vapora-r *m ^ « * ^•t?^ e \! 

A ^^- Ji a„, p r , aM jHBt off the 

contrail* and ' , M , btf ri *»«. on the af™.!!' * 
*bout the rri*. 3 Probably prettv JZi dc * r ' ther *- Vcv. 

S «yr* ilatH — «" " s s? 6 
««• uu ° l8,u -* «• ^ mng 

Vri a^fti,) ve ,,. Jff 11 *' H «^«i>n. Oettine r^l« , 

ASTP (USA) wan 

ti»e: 12 tn COT, 12*., n ORT 


youforl6,i„utee, APQU °» Hounon ' V.»r, A08 through the AT3. * h *v. 

to «aktL* ^ific^rtf ^ 0 ?i ia ?f' r ? A °*' Jf ^ X W4 

dig H out - ' our fU * ht P*™ h»re, and tf somebody could 

Co H tt a v*ear. tiov do y<m read, Crlpt 

ac^ «* here S^lJS/Sll to^n t0 htv * * 

Uon, vhteh v» don't think'* a bi/dKtv (iS? °w 0Ur 
*n<* point 41 tht tw « I Jn«"fd iiSiII . J Ut , Wt Ju * 1 V,uU • 
try to solve our X„rey problea 21? II ; A " d <a,0 » we,r » « oi »« ** 

19 Tir * r:i v ;^ 0 t^! i,ri »* 11,8 «° i <* - 

Ugned earlier v» had the activate n*wJ/! ih$r * ve * * «en, 

that. v« . lt0 vant J 9 delew at abfS^ "H»'«t9ri vc, **nt to delete 
maneuver. ** cui thd 8WW that verp - V5RB «9 

A JW Cvt then. 

• uver^aw, H« 4 in a VERB «9 «an. 

ws:»o r *^ 8 c ^L. in ; iu 1 ^ 1 ^; r ^s"*.*^ * bout 

I vuuii Hfcc to delete those- in Vh. , ^ ° r X " ray 0P ^ EUV OP. 

ACOP S!*: y h ! *«3P*'i»nt» checklist. 

■»nt checklist, ^ bacXu? pur « e ' 1-23 ot the expert 

UUngf^d tfter he f^ahe^^I** 8 U f p ° r< " y «°««wtion on that 

•ratten, and whoever you feel^ best to Lf Jll* th * BWi UPeortng op- 
in the flight plan to call vllr Put that note - either here or 

that checklist out and ™a/I attention to it or to go ahead and pull 
X-ray ZU\ZtV^ «" ' ^ ™ I 

ACW w»»U put it in both. 

^ ' Okaj , fine. 

J 00 * y° u still reading okay? 
Lou.i and clear. 

Mt=h of sinus 21. M4 l ° t * J ^ f a ^ tU ?-f ? 8 °f r >'' "* J 5^ that's a 
ACIC- ya ;,^ JJ 6 * for lf S 1 « h antenna »ngl«. 

Pius 186. y< Wit ° the nev 752158 ^: Pitch of minus 21, yav 

we voS H lik. that pSkeJ 1 ^'.^^aiT ^ X " rRy lftCHUP PU ^ - 

Roger. S-ray backup purge'. «5: 38. 


your X?;l!y p«a for «^*76 l < i:wlWo , Ihf^? i, y0U CM 

Ojwy, atwd by just X »inuU. 
CC-H 0Xv. Vance, Th* t>OT tiae V $U be 126:10-09 

At * PET time, C iirr«atfe if 55 L!t ? V V 0UI)le of 

muff At 55 « t2 ssw ^vsr w - 

:-PS t f Could m« ic^V^' Adti^f n^f th !V*»" « h *» th. 


A3TP (USA) MA 32/ J 
J^ 1 *'* 1 W > ^5.01 OCT 

•Wm* the verify; ^ 'j voJd^ifv^ Ua * of 55. For tho OP 
Povor nu*b«r 2. Vould Uw m * * «o.U to uae hign voltage 

b ^ CW Ar.a croaa out^i ^ J^f'r/^f 50 ' »* 55 in th„ 
cc '» Okay * 44 ln Mgh voit««« povor m»b*r 2. 

that ^UituS^i^^-^o^'^T' At 10i * I 

k»h ot^' St® r * mt thos »«' 

•cc«»ey for 2 star a vntch ^^1^" * il '°T M * n8 th * 

then othwvJae. At 10-5(5 ve nl!7^ ; , V ? 400 * thin * *«'U get 

of l-^.point.'i.o, * " Md roil of 3-5-Q-point-U6 and pitch 

v«t thrt j«?^^l^%°r T*' J"" 1 St 3a -». For roil . 

9-9-pot„t-7-0. 5 > For pitch . I vant to Mke th,t 

£ B ^ 35 ' 355 ^^ 99.70. 

have your choy, 9n you > Al ** you can go ahead and 

JjJJL <*«jr <ioke. Very goo4, 

«5 ^ ou ** on » Apollo . 

wjy backup purge OFF 'Then u ^3 vf^iV*? And it ,ay. 

high voltage power I. Vhat yU'rHavw \l° »*? ut w. Then x-ray 
x-ray lov voltage 2 ^ o^t'S^hMiJSr JL" ^ to 

x-ray lov voyage 2 and Sit X^IF ag ,f htrt 18 to « 
«»• Jotto.. where wV5^1V° Blm,te ° ^ th «" « 

;^. you ' So PU ^Cle it! 

CC-H Thsnk you vsryauch.Tois. 

should be. m.o, veC^ing^ hi 2 J T " P * W n0rDial ' vha " 
higher than H should be. And ve'l J? "Jf 8 *? rU " nlnfi » iUtl * 

« thelstr^nt, o?^^^^-- ^ first 

« va, ^U, 1 ^^^ ~ ^ ^ 

A8TP (USA) HC^2/2 

v?om* t21 cw ' 425,01 

that ftN r«t»r «cu)'» vh«r« v» k ^ 

CMP I a««. 1 ogUd * problos. 

on the next ATS P a* s Tit SJTlL A^**?/ 0 ^ * 1 *no"! 2}ff 

CC^H ■■■■■■ Qh Y i j > 

couple if ainutw> B £' r J lock, n - probabiy . , 


AfTP <U?A) K?I»33A 

Tiiwi 12:32 COT, 125.10 om> 

1 h*r* in the uu..*. „ ''•unch Area. Meanvhila th» « f ri ** t 
the fiiiS, 5? H1 f**°0 Control Center * * of Tom, 

transfer r>r L \ i4r " J-Hnt flight 

^TfL'.r.rr'fr'" » £ £2Jf * sir f 5 ^ « « 

*v ***** in AdoUo-Sovub t*. r 8 • There 've «i SQ v... . 

be the u„ uL ij tht lMt WiL of !V5 AP0U ° 

use of parachutes f n » n , "* Wl * ««S. spacecraft u<n 

J*«neh on the 15th l M T^TJ °' r ^ tt&nn «* J£2' " d th 

*4iuicn vehicles i» i, e **ignt oy any of th« <j... r" fe ' Ail « 

station -5?. , ,0B th ™<«h the MerrlH ialiJI r ? ainutes avay 
— uua is Apoii0 Controi> Launch Area 



A3TP (WA) Nft3«/l 
limt Ui06 COT, 
Patti 1/90/1% 

PAO TnU I* Apolio Control at, l&ikk ground elapsed Ubo 

and ve'ra in contact through Harrltt Island Uuneh Aroa with Apollo 
»pac«craft. iiovdver , thin will b* delayed sossvhat and playback re- 
corded. Inciinini; fro* Moscow, «r« - is uoa* television fro* dalyut 

ataUoi* vith thul* cosmonauts Peter Klysoy* and Yttaly Sevastyanov. An4 
a conversation btrtveen the Salyut ajid 8oyiu. We're rolling at this 

UfvJR (Good day, today.) 

CC^H (I h*v« 30 second* and in 2 sittute* you vill «j««?t 

over the Yuri lagarin ship.) 

(Soger, ) 

KIO (Thia js Soviet Mission Control CmUr. Cn one 

ainute the Soyvu 1$ spacecraft will *nter the un« of coverage of the Yuri 
s'J^garifi tracking ah J p. We vould liki> reaind you that at the currant 86th 
ortii In order to - Kupatorla and Tbr.lisi tracking station* vill also partici- 
pate jit setting up com vith the spacecraft . ) 

CC-N (Soyu*, this ia Mc»cov.) 

CC-X ({>jjrua, thiw is Moaeov<<) 

CC-M (Soyaz, this is Moeccv.) 

CC-M (Soyue, thie ia Moscow.) 

SFg (Okay for coaa, 1 hear you veil.) 

CC-»H (I v&r.t to give you t'ora 3.) 

CC-M (Yee.) 

SFE (Wait a minute. > 

SVB (Okay, give. ) 

CC-M (Hunger 80. Orbit 85; the buffer 
battery ie 1^. The rcain system - control system fuel 80; backup 20 . 
Hoy did you copy?) 

l#?H (Fuel 80, tackup 20, bait wry capacity 125 a»pere-hours , > 

CC-M (Affirmative. Rofcer.) 

CC-M (In 10 minutes ve vill h&v? cob*,} 

USSR (Thank you, } 




J i3il6 COT, 185 »» Qff? 

tiM p? . _ <ThU u the SovUt. MiMlon Control Center. Moacov 

^4 oJirL t IcJ^ :^ 89 '! l °? hM Uen over ?J! 

hW 4, Ytah ' th «»* tr *»P» 4wn her* h»v 9 v««a working 


AST? mA) mk&/x 

Ti««» n»n cor, i35?59 oasr 

i mm 

the ri,r„* *>, - « ^V 0 * hei P P«opU like you and 

the rt.»t of the* in that Center on the ground, too. ' 



aS» 5 htM 5wn hirilive been working hard 

♦hi«» t * . Crip * bov » h °uld v» treat, the water boiler aftar 

No - v « vault to hold up on activating It T 
walk you through thia day'. OPS , but we voJld iUe to «ve it Iff for 
today, until ve talk to you - look a Mt further It it! ' 
wMi* okay , 

the* Sfout? VOUH y ° U to *> th ™«* with ypu and *ark 

T< . v * u » lon, t w *nt to interfere with thi« 

operation you're doing, «w«en witn tnia 

a few^natw? ^ °° thW « M ' d ° n,t V « hoid HP for 

•he* "v!— Iri lf y ° U lUe « ve *> n,t hav « to mark 

when v/get a chance!^* ^ '* Ju " PM*»ophy . 

CC " H Ye * h » We'll leave it off until we - We'll i...t 

CC " K You «tlU fairly comfortable, as far as 

temper a ture goea? < vuv*c , as iar a$ 

lately.^ Strangely enough , it 'a been pretty good, Just 

v« * ( ??. * We Kin<1 of lho «« l »t H '4 heat up quite a bit vhen 

J'ih! VSter * vil6r and ve h *™'* noticed it 

Well , that 'a good. 
it"'" 1 Apollo, Houston. We're still seeing hi ah count 

ro* tut x-ray data and, if ve can, we'd like aomebo^dcvf in S to 
iJ"ti« ; i : gJ ;, V ° U ^ ^ ^* the x-ray. OFF fo^secoU , 

ACDh okay. Deke's working it now. 

iJ -~ h Thank you, Ton. 

WO* Okay. She's in 1. 

CC " H Oiiay- Thank you, Deke. 


ASTP (USA) MCl*37/l 

Tine: 13:31 COT, 186:11 GET 


cc H Apollo, Houston. Our X-ray's still not looking all 

^°to off £d It 53 vhen .-r. b** to the d.t. teXe it. 
„. 4 1*. to turn — ™ th . x _ r . y off a t 10: 5 6 md 

tack on at 15s"*. ^ ^ ^ w kMp buggl „ s you 

round on here, but «•« trying ••= Improve the data as e «d as ve can. 
ACDB Understand. No problem. 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

m u ■£}£> ahead. Ton. , v. \ ■ _v 

^™ 0ka7 AMln revlev - at 10-.56 the high voltage 

off anfthen after —uv er »d .t ».W bl* voHa ? ,e 

back on ar.d you want number 1. R-5^t? 
Cc-H That's affi mat ive. 


AST? (USA) HI* 38/1 ^ 
Time: 13: UO COT, 126:20 G£T 
Date: 7/20/75 

c!< p Houston, Apollo. 

r/'wH Go ahead • . _ 

cup Crip, hoVs our hydrogen and oxygen going? We 

hav <X talked about that all these days. I Just curious. 

' ° C - H u 5^ l0 ;«c"w% e I; ftOOd shape. We're running 

I luess on oxygen but «e we've got 9 day capabilit) . 

OH? Very good. 


ASTP (USA) MC^39/1 

Tiae: 13=50 CDT, 126:30 GET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. We had good data there for about 

3 minutes off the X-ray and now it's gone out on us again, and if ve can 
ve'd like to get that high voltage once more turned OFF for 60 sec- v 
onds and then back OH. 

ACDR Okay. Vance '11 go right in. 

CM? OFF and ON. 

CM? Coming OFF now. 

CC-H Okay, Vance. Thank you. ■ 

C:-5? And it 'a back ON a^ain. 

CC-H Okay. Thank you. 


ASTP (USA) VCkkQ/l ' 

more for^us we'd like'to'go LTto'p^V ' m °° Uld d * " — 

give you ycur start time for £>ur S-r L f!. '? * ^ 660 Rnd 
itM back-to-baek. Vou E i K ht vl ^ " e ."?f t . pM » co *^ up and 

oacK-to-back. y 0 u mitrht UB „f + ' , AU pass coming up and 

CM? Okay? That ^3 H h I {f ^ dWn ° n the P-«* • 

CC-H v e „ 7 ' -I „ 3 " - hellua *i°v scan? ^ 

127:00:55. ' Hellum « lov 77; start tine on it is 

Cjf 1?7:00:<;5, Cri D . Got i* 

J£"Jj 0kay - ,rh&n * you. 

ats v,.u hftve /ou ^n 1 ?; « u S; M v :; r ; abou v° *° aos «« 

^' See you the!!. Van <wa. that's 126:53 - 126*3. 

sateime. w e -« f? 3 " 0 "J 4 ™ 1 ■ of signal at ATS -6 

«d tracking ship V^afd^l £ vilt ^"1* V'^' ATS "* 
tape from the first part of t his ATS 6 llll • ? S f X ° ttInute8 of "cumulated 
* incoming video feed fron Ucsco- ^"L* VMch V ° dcl ^ ei b «^e of 
fro. the salyut space „a?ion Zlr'Sl ll T*^*** *™ 

P»ck up live at Vanguard. the 10 ^"utes of tape. We'll 

Florida - KCg<?r ' C "*" Ro « er - We see we're lipping past the 

S Rc^r 0 ^:.^- J eouldn ''- cow that, 

pretty fast. * * re Seein « the coart of Pl orida ^ past 

c-Mt'i^M.xico there^and nSid^Jh^lVl ^^"^ ° V<?r ' act ^ 
minutes. 'iorida shoiud be coming up in Just a fev 

S ?X » V - «»t (garble). 

See Houston? " ° JSt Came ovor end of the Oulf of Mexico. 

ACD * Yeah. 

C< :* H Very good. 

We?? th ° Vh ° le ° ulf Coaa t there fron Brcvnsville to 

ASTP (USA) MC U!40/2 ' 

y/so/ts 1 ^ 00 CDT> 126:110 G ^ 

got^pretty weather^ ' * ha ' ven ' t had a chance to look outside today. 

CC-H ' ^s^ ^^/r™ h — I see (Garble) 
fev minutes. You ^ ^on^ ^X^^ ^ ^ g0t * 
tell you that the EUV telescope il Lt} 1 l\ hlt ear2iei "- ! - Like to 
new it's approaching right « h \J£ °S fl^ t J tandln «--Vlt - right 
r Or better. out of it. e Sl " ate of technology. -- 

ACDR t 4v . 

CC-H eJ' 1 " at f OU " d3 Sreat, Crtr, itself. 

*ent through vith thr^terlo^'?: ^i^f 1UtIe " little d <^ « 
raster scan Just a couple degre^ off J SLV tended up doing the 
to and we lucked cut, v e picfed L I ? V* ori ^ na ^ pinned 
w to define vhat the accurfcy Jf" ple 1 0f | ^« -tars that allowed 
than we would have teen able to 1 v,- , ?° . *? g VM ^ ch accurately 
looking forward to really «tt?nf - Peking those up . So v t • ^ 

t „ ACDR J ^ r f ^f-«; -t. out of , hat experinent . 

; - to do. . &ive x - to yo"- Just let us know what 

CC ~ K Okeydoke. 

? et1 ^,^ ^k out, huh? 

I don't know - - 
*MP Soaetines y ou i ucX ouf ; 

«?-H That'/^nf 1 ^/'^ iMt planrtftd - 

CC-H cc^' in of your X-ray - 

TELEMETRY switch to DI*Stf , please™*"' ^ C " 230 ' • the UP 

cfu S X8y ' Y0i Sot it. 

"""" Thank you. Beke. Ok»v <r » ». 

^ now and you can go back on that iw< tch L ♦ ? 80t our eonnian ' J 
K<? (Garble) center, UP TELEMETRY . 

'-hr,.., A h"tS. eo anyhow lGarM ^ Vel3 « 1 h *« n 't got a chance to go fl yiriK 
^ Too bad. 

Houston, Apollo. 
Oo ahead. 

;^-.-;"t,ey don't loo^that^n -.^Vi, '^ d ^°™ *™ 

We couldn 't ask 

•1 ! ho r" r> 

ASTP (USA) MCfcltO/3 ■ 

Tine: 11*: 00 CDT, 126: HO GE^ 


very veTl; very big LtrooL™ ^ quality of the, 

trocps'lovn here have°co^ t^l^T *™™, but our 
If it is getting kind of war* " e i y ~ Pr <\ tty « ood "**le idea, 
suggestions U, that ve c<Tt ia? ^tu " ° ne Cf the 

in the DM to mix air vith the S^uV^nS f v UCt h ° 3e that ve use • 

«dule. Maybe since tne a r in £ r isTim^t ^° ^ 
night make you a little Mt nor* n^r/f !, Ue bl J cooler u "ight - 
a little bi- better/ Ih^ d wSS jrSir*t ^ ^ ^ U RrOUnd 
be able to connect it in - for'- ^ one h f \f lltjr Strap 
tunnel. ° ne of tne 'garble) there in the 

ACDR sounds like a good idea. 

™ at "you ncv ? ^ y0U ^ Hk * * e try to throv a little 
ACDR sure . 

that piFi „ 6 »„ e f lo Dim „£ l ly - «*<; r « « 

Mr« iw,4 ~„ » 1 «arsav , Buen&reat, and BelcrAdo 

cor. ? back at you a little bit later. Up r a ^"t- I'll" 

ACDH Roger, Crip. 

« mUe'Mt about th^oun!^ "IT" °' ^ keyhCl * * eain ' W > talked 

FJl»ell died Saturday nTght fro^ a L 8 ^e atr^f Tr^ J'T* Lefl ' 
the <,ne that really got famous for lit! «-! 5 re » ea *er Lefty was 

Honey, I've ^ t the Ti^,^ 6 " Jf You w °°t the Money 

™ Stfi. ^"vVr 1 V ; U - .bout it. 

-nr. .^ivad-.r, , Finla/l a/, n f 9 / rcn ^un south of here. The - 
—thing like ^^^^^^^^^ P-^ced 
'-iv<:~. fron ?0 other countries ?/fL Jf f ra * over represent a- 

out the worid ^0/3^!^^ pageant broadcast through- 


ASTP (USA) :« J* 1.1/1 
Time: li*:lO CTf? r« 
Bate: 7/20/75 M 

X B » h S2 ""^^"r?* Krr ui ° f »» 

Torn 70 othir ^ t :r.r" « «I« feiver s n975 S „ Pr ' : " ,OU " Ced "»»- 
ACDR „ „ think Ve ** that cle,^ up 


CC-H ? Cger " 

€ years ago today 7 1 '^ le Uen of - that «n , 

At 9,% vten\eU ;:?, C M r ' tral flight i £ , VM 

r ^H 6iarit ^ Wjs *^ iss 

CMP "'° Scr ' "eaonter it veil 

ACDR ?f*"' vhat J ay of the v ee > ia , 

■« c . « Garble) dav off 

' ya'il, ya . J: ^ £*; S^t then off a f>*- you 

rwp * re not f»ff{« 7 -e. you guyg Ke > 

AC:.1 ^';*-ina. wth the „,„ . . 

tt-H « el a ™ J Y*' off. 

service £ er l™. "'"^l-I. j,o,t U stri>„ " , " OptlM»» 

pr.or to resuming foirt -a 0<3i,lt ^ r9 «*in**lin* b !; , ce met 
^ensecr/iii • * 1,1 •*»»iot» later in tv« ^ e oth sides 

t.iorv I,. ff ra V0R th « ««i round ^ V^' Senat * 
* ^ '^'^ tactics 4ir!n\t t'i V helr 

«iix to extend the voting 


Time: ■ lh :10 CDT, 126: 50 GET 

Date: 7/20/75 

rights act for ten year* j= 

action nn * u „ , a toU "tn loi receqfl <<> 1C August : ; 

iapW,.t f - tM. month r„ r le^SS^"" 

«1 sss? " 


conversation here for^'ur ^oj^t ^ 

Okay _ 
DET (Garb: 1 


ACDR 0*oydoke. ' « .ot it loaded J„ t „ raR3 

CC-H £\T - vou for the neva. 

««t of it. " e11 ' vasn,t "ally exciting. You _ 

ACDR Uj .,. . 8KS SUiA "Ming 

ACDR t ' " 

and the rest of the-^™ S °V S0BW great frcn Pe ^e 

<*<r i,ie iirst bu* '>va«> °" u a a „ it»n *.._-..s 

w All rig ht 

i,"-^ l -*ay. 

"."J (Garble) Hey, (Vi r 

" 'io Ahead. 

' " , f /" n working on that boil or «. 

t . r> .f^as it caJW Q , it fn p)jnl ^ h4 inat boiler. s.-,,* big hlinKg 

" ; H ; ^y\ ,r %or^in>'%%\r^ ^ Fie ' ?efi of Ice. 

H;; r j.,.rt is: t,liru ?f,C3 ^ c«e off where the - the 

^ Oki. — ^ ^ that Mde all rig , t . 

• AST? (USA) KCU.1/3 ' ' 

^ 7/20/ 75 " 6 >° GET 

take that cap off r ar u , Bn , . 

PAO S*^'. 0i?a y- 3 '11 do ln a litf , 

central, f irst ig n caTl^is^LT^ beglnnln * * * » ^ 

Cooperation In Space" - _ 18 C&lled Tor Launch", ^"second 

PAO S /0U that ac ^ time la?e^ h&t helira 8^ 

Mission Report" Vhl-~ ^ the third fll = is called »o n 

^glnnlr.g - 0 tnree «*« will be l*^* t 5*™. 16 Post 

rv P p,n - central time. n t?5e min aaditoriur., 

CC-H S US k°^ Ap0ll °- 

< CMp - °o ahead. 

'-n that one t«_ „„? k * 3 ''' ° rij ' We ""'istakenly <r-,t ♦ >,- „ 

vMf j.6a/ing the low v»i»„ " JvV " 

■> ( r H rtcger, » Mie iov voltage pover on. 

ve'vs got a short cne^ 'r^ f ° 1 ninute f 'o~ IX)?. Next 

cne a, uoldstone in 15 air.utea at 1?5 i) °° eonta « . 
EfD Of ,'APE ' " 

ASTP (USA) MCU142/1 

Time: 1U:20 COT, 127:00 GET 


cc i Okay. We're 1 minute'from IflS. Next station contact 

we|y *-t o^^ ciSed on tne x-ray > 

before ve start our roll ^ ne ^' c trol . Loss of signal through 

PA ° T 5 18 I 9 . Sutes aw! now, from a very brief pass 

tracking ship Vanguard. 13 ^J ut *f De3er t. At the time ve 

a. Goldstone tracking station in the Mojave De»« bfi out of 

have nominal acquisition hrou* the^ _ &i 

have nominal acquisition J hr °3 s Ai ^ c ^; e 3 ^ a scheduled helium glow 
attitude for voice corWcations, because of a of this 

experiment at that tin*. J " . fa ^' ^ vltfthe circuit , Just in 

upcoming pass. Ho^er . ve -J e ^ tegin confflU ni cat ions 

case, for Plan that runs to 128:57, VMch ii 

again. According to the flight plan, Toaorrov morning, at 

way beyond the iur at ion of th * ^ n e9 Tailing - U 3 0 nautical 

Soyus deorbit, the Apollo viU Jf*?^ Soyuz thumps dovn in central 
Jles behind Soyuz. ' However ,lv ^«e ^u. ; P ^ people 

Asia, Apollo will .be, out f f^.^J^^ ' At T ground elapsed time of 
are calculating an es t mated di » ta jS; AS.V^ vas 212 nautical 
126:30, which va.-*bout - *' ?*J^££ Sh nd at some 13 nautical 


ASTP (USA) MCUU3/1 - ; • , ' 

Time: lU:35 CDT, 12?: 15 GET .. - - 


PAO This is Apollo Control at 127:13 ground elapsed 

time. Acquisition for - about total pasa of 2 and - 2 minutes - across 
Goldstone in the Mojave Desert. This upcoming ATS-6 satellite pass, . 
the spacecraft will be Out of attitude for the high gain antenna, because 
of the experiment timeline.. However, we will leave the air-ground , 
line up for the rntirft duration of the pass. We're standing by, now, 
for Goldstone. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We're AOS through Goldstone for 

2 minutes. 

ACDR Okay. 

CC-H We are 1 minute from LOS. I.'ext station contact 

will be Newfoundland, in about 7 1/2 minutes. 
ACDR Hey, Crip. 

CC-H Rog. 

ACDR Hey, I Just remembered to start (garble) out the 

flight plan - and our furnace pressure is reading 0. It's supposed to 
be greater than « . Which means - 

CC-H Copy. Reading 0 - supposed to be greater than *« . 

I'll ■try to have word on you - on it for ycu at Newfoundland. 1*11 
hold up on it. 

ACDR . ■■■ Roger. 


^STP (USA) NckUk/i 

• ae: 1^:^5 CDT, 127:25 GET 

j CC-H 

Should have you for a\*"°7 We '™ A0S ^ough Goldstone. 

JCDJ (Garble.) 

ACM ihv*ZZ«« w Sb0Ut Nev ^ciland? 

scop, a,, across l*. Mi^a^^ SoSTT 1 " JT^ ° Ur 8p0tti » 

Ah »u *„ev -ere^t^e^f^l-^rjti; 

;or rev flo vas - l.^^^^ J^%*W conti„i^ 

oould^neax u.nder the couch ^^^^f A »>' -ocebody 
DM? (Garble.) 

£ running. And ve , r iJ«; ^fj^^/'^e" fro* .hat 

« little while for £h*t *L» ^ * ° CV « &3Sin 8- If* 
Uke y*» to do if, 5u8 t t« „!h pre " ure t0 « et down. So vhat 
check it a Htn e b'* " U avhiie on An<< *~ bar* !„ t 

concern^ Vn had - ^ at . far M * ^ 

^r,- ,f t ,n than r'olZry ° ' V * do »'* the Hd cuf 

J» 8 Th*f P ar?ir«? ? theM ^ve» » 

p ^ ??lV, 1 \ di f n,t ^"^d whether - 

'!••<• w,, 1 » W copy, tr you'-,) g!v , 1; 

51 • lc fc ~ " *« «•« o„f;„; ^^jr,, 

Jts *- * v vO replace 

«TP (USA)' SCU V2 

^'e rev 80 pad that v ' 

2& sot in your ni8ht ^ »u PPleite „ t . 

U< V. Vance. Th«i •,, 
WD OF TAPE * " - hat ' S "w- ^ittk you. 

ASTP (USA) MCi»l«5/l 
7/20/75 11 * 155 127:35 GET 

for 6 minutes 


ellite such 

Apollo, Houston. We are AOS Madrid. We have you 
Roger. Understand, here's no ATS voice until 

leased it. 

that you^M,^™; ,J".?fJ the sat- 

nv »„ ,i * * l wanted to. 

un, really. .■ 

We figured ve wouldn't, - voni^'# * 
the* - i et theB r e „ V ° Uldn 1 « oiR « need it « 

* Bl J?< M Veli let n , thea " then, relax. 


Will ve have it on and off r^r tv,„ A „ 

Oh. yeah. It's ' ,r o 't\^ 6 ° f the ai3si 

„ust. icr this one rev that we re- 


Oh, okay. . . . .. 

J^o-ldn't give up all this good vS^MtB 

his ear for a accent ' a0U8tOn ' ** the ^ available t3 le t n* bend 

„ c .. ieah, .jo ahead, Trip. 

Htrii s?t,r 129 hour^ve 'v^ ? ^ 'J 1 " 1 " ^ " Touna a 
And ycu probably heard us alscuLnY he^alt « ^ ^ CUt for ^ 
camera that's - we're - w*'™ £l -J couple of days about a 

that currently i/t^ one v"ve 1 "? al 1 e ^ 4i £1* 

do is to take the one we've got tnSl \ ^ \ 671 ' ^ v ** d to 
for that boning TV. Ld kind - "If ^-^ th&l 671 l **««> 

do is take a piece ~f ? * recozmending that vhat you *i«ht 

out of S7i a/- 6 ;: ^rin^ ?s ~ Jf* 

you can put it soaepUce and '^iTu V/.r pUt 11 in 6? 3 or 

probatly t~, ROt to u. e thSt ■ Z > t *. TOl4 ' 1 beli * v * 

vhen you - when you war it ^ t^i ° f th& " iMlon - Aiso ' 

a« - the cables' in the^U-^ Tt^^J?', f able ? as they 

DM? Qkav y— aeea to pull those? out. 

to fi 7 3 r ajd vi., e ^r^'u^ZT^ % ° ^ f ™ ^ 

873 again a lit,.: t bU^tVlf ^inT^'v' ■ ^ SOi " g t0 b * * sin * 
»<. it vould just require ^nc^ "van" ' to put one back in it 

U*e with that one ? 0 u JuU ^ o? S?i AV^.?° !* Mewr ^ 
it. ; f b73's a good place, do that. 

: DMP 


_„ y r JU would 

the best place you think to stow 


ilrection to be. 

Okay. Ve'il do that. 
M there, or up there, whatever way you eontidcr that 

Any way ycu want, we'll call it. 


Time: 1^:55 CDT, 187:35 GET 


A CDR Say, Crip, I just now checked it. Theraal cell (?) 

reads 2ero with that pressure (garble). 

Cc-H Okay. And, of course, Deke you can't verify for us 

that the vent and isolation valves are opened, because I can - 

Ojp Yep. I've done all that. I checked the caps and I 

even got the old shroud cover closed for a change during exercises. 

Cc-H Okay. We copy all that. And we'rfc trying to oake 

up our mind here what ve want to do about it. We'll get back to you. 

' DMP : ' ■ Okay. ■ ■ .. ■ ■■ > : . ■ . 

CC-H Okay. We are 1 ainute froa IX)S. Our next station 

contact will be through Orroral in about kO minutes. That's at 128:18 - 

128:16. ' 

cyo Incidently. I Just had an opportunity to use the 

new binder proposed for Shuttle, I think. In the supplementery flight plan 
we'll have a couple of comments on that a little later 

CC-H Okay. We would appreciate it. 

CC-k Apollo, Houston. You got a GO to cor.tinue furnace 

operations. , 
ACDR Okay. We're going (garble;. 

MCC-H (Garble) Houston contact man 1. 

3PK? Loud and clear. Hew me? 

MCC-H You're loud and clear. 

SPKR Okay. What do you say we get one of the sights up 

there and have you a voice check with then. 
MCC-H All right. 

SPKP Let ce see, who's coning up here. 

MCC-H Orroral 'b the next site, but I'm not interface with 

hitn yet. 

SRCB All right. 

P A q This is Apollo Control at lU?*. ^0 ground elapsed tirae. 

We've have had loss of signal through the Madrid station. Our next star ion 
is Orroral Valley in 37 minutes. ATS -6 satellite has been released from 
• supporting this vascular revolution in as much as the spacecraft would 
be out of attitude anyway, for the highgain antenna aboard Apollo. We'll 
return at that tirae at Orroral Valley, Australia tracking station in 36 
ninutea. This is Apollo Control at 127:21. 


Time: 15=37 COT. 120:17 GET „ 

, „ *. ,o 198-17 around elapsed tiir.»;. 
li iSliy °n1 eooids 'An extremely ^ief ■ 
Acquisition through OrroraL ^elW lj > y standing by for Orrorai 

pass of about a mi an ^ final pass this afternoon over trading 

Vall-y and shortly thereafter the f 

shiF Vanguard. This ig ApoUo ^ of Ji^*^. 

«nklr° ship - as you were - through Orror ^ Val ^ * t * live across 
n. SS Vangu'ard up ^[^ZZ\li^ of i n ." H S Zealand group 
•his gap here as Apollo croaks the nor™ Be asuring 120 

on Its 77th «vo!ution A^ currently i. ^ ^ ^ , f 

■lies at perigee - nautical mles by x veloel ty: 25,-91.1 

orbit: 1 hour, 28 minutes, 50 J^*™^ J ulsitlon through Vanguard, 
per second. 3 minutes now avr^ from re J h . A d 

also a fairly low pass - 6 J f BCquUi tion time. ApoUo. cur- 

5 Binute9 . 5 minutes and uU seconds ^ the docXing m0 4ule a.- 

rentlv weighing in at 3C~lf pounw , 

tached. $ ApoUC( Hou8ton . V e are AOS through Vanguard for 5 in- 

ula.. ^ Rcger( Crip . ve , re progressing right on schedule. 

*"« I^tflfinfon.ation for future planning: ve're 

£oi n g rend up ^^^^^^ ^ 
?ad and I'll be giving you that vnen 
vou finish this helium glow. 

AC DR Jc : Q Hrustcn. How do you read? > 

ACDR Heil0 ' veak but clear. Go ahead. 

i e .ve got ^SU^out - .Wat that . ' a ? ° . 

» «« «■« one he pulled out - 60 and do 

ACDH Ciiay " 


Time: 15 : ^7 CDT, 128:27 GET 


CC_H ~ " f0 »* tha t pasr. , and we're not going to do any - 

any pass. I'll oe talking about - About that a little bit more at Gold- 
stone. We're going to save that one he pulled out: 80 and it at 80. 

ACDFt Okay. 

CC_H F " r /our information; for Defce, I guess ; the - on 

that furnace we're looking at data now and the teicperat /re looks good 
and ye tnink ever/third's squared away, and it was just that particular 
sample tnat was the reason we souldn't get the pressure down. 

. , 0kav - w ell. I was reacing 1.3 when I put it in, but 

it s back down to zero again now. 
CC-H Copy . 

b] f Incidentally, Crip, I started that, thing on 127:50. 

CC ~ H 127:50. Thank you, Deke. Appreciate that. 

Kind of helps us know what' * going on down here when we get those m»ie 

3M? Ok v.-. 

CC_H Cka i'' tt'^vs. We're 1 minute from LOS and cur next 

station contact will be through Goldstone at lh minutes from new, and that* 
about 128:26 - l ' a sor ^, about 128: Ub. 

ACDR Okay. 

?A0 This is Apollo Control. Loss of signal through 

tracking ship Vanguard. Final Vanguard pass this afternoon. 13 ciru'es 
away from reacquisi tion through the tracking station at Goldstone Cali- 
fornia. Vanguard tomorrow will start steaming westward from it's cur- 
rent position in the South Pacific in route to Sidney, Australit for 
support of the eoain vi Viiing launch. We'll return in 12 minutes at 
Goldstone. This is Ayollo Control at 128:31. 



Time: 16:05 CDT , 128:1<3'GFT 


PA0 This is Apollo control at 128: !»3. Acquisition through 

Goldstone in UO seconds. Goldstone and Newfoundland through which the 
:;-band OMNI antennas can receive the uplink from Mission Control. And 
this rev, we'll have the satellite back. Standing by for Bob Cnppen s 

' CC-H Apollo, Houston. We're AOS through Goldstone fo.\ 

' ACDR Clta y. Roger. We're coming up - Just about to finish 

the helium glow scan. _ . 

CC _ H Okay, When you finish that up give me a holler, loin, 

and I'll' give you a VERB **9 maneuver for where we want, you to go next. 

CC _ H . Apollc, Houston. We see that you're back in POO now 

and if you co-id zive us ACCEPT we'll go ahead and load you a state 
vector and when you're ready to copy I can give you the roll, pitch, and 

yaw for a VERB *9. 

ACDR • Ready to copy. Go ahead. 

CC-H Okay. Fo.- a roll' of 110 - I say again, roll is 111 , 

pit^h of 129, yaw of 000. When we finish your uplink here you're - got a 
GO to po ahead and perform that maneuver. 

ACDR Roger. Roll, 11C ; pitch, 129, yaw, 000; on the 

VERB 1*9. 

CC-H Ckay. That's fine. 

cc _«i And the ATS angles that ve got down below are still 

going to be good for picking that up. 

ACDR Okay . * , , 

Cc-H And if you're still copy-ins, I'd line to tell you 

what we want to do over here on -His X-ray pass at 12?: 07. 

C'.rp Go ahead . 

cc v Okay. What we'd like to do is to perform an X-ray 

ba.vup purge, similar to what we did while ago. It's on the Experiments 
Checklist, page 1-23. And where it calls for it for 5 nlnutej with the 
purge to GC, we want to do - do it for 15 minute* instead of 5 - before 

you turn it off. , , , 

CMP Okay.' After ve set the attitude I - I suppose 1 a 

vour key will do an X-ray backup purge at page 1-23, Experiments Check- 
list, do a 15 minu'e purge instead of 5 minxes. 190 .ftA 

C r_K That's affirm. We want to do it at - do it at 

which will be sunset. And at the conclusion of that purge, in:t«-»ad of 
turning your high voltage power CM as called for, we want you Just pj 
ahe*l and close the door - close the cover on the X-ray experiment. 

ryp Oka;/. Understand. The backup purge- will be performed 

U I29i08 and at the completion of the backup purge we do nothing mere 
than close the cover or. the X-ray. 


Time: 16:05 COT, 128:^3 GET 


^"^^■Yc'h--"-- ^^^ That affirm. The current checklist does call for you 
to go anead and turn high voltage power OH but ve don't want to do tha. 
VP go «"«u we've completed our load and the 

in this particular case. Okay. The e P ffia neuver at 

DSKY belcn s to you guys again so you can go aneau 

your liesure. _ , _ 

* ■ rv p Okav. Starting the maneuver, Crip. 

- Okay Tha* - that's fine. Vance, one item I need 

*a ~ s , -Vi t- hfivp fouled vou up a little bit in ^.na^ icy ,7 r 

:£li"e^° that and ve are .i.U going to need that one in 
rase you did pull it out of the bock or anything. 

r./o Okay. Understand. ; ■■, ■ 

CC-H We're about 30 seconds froa LOS ani we'll have you 

again at Newfoundland in 6 ainutes. 

IZ* Okay! Ve copy that you did not I* a rewind on the 

DSE and ve need that. 


ASTP (USA) iattg/x 

V/Sny' 15 m ' 128:53 0CT 

Should he> ■-■!♦>. Ap^Ho, Jloustor.. We 'ro anc *u 

you coated. C ""- CH "- ■ rfe '" *e ready at the thM 

trying to look ahead, here Md .^f ° ther Uea 1 "ieM suggest in 

?f set thG3e out a liti-ie bf f J ? ° ght thin * rtout t>-v« nc 

^periods . «— '»» * r-lly S(Md . ^ ^ ^ 

If , t .. ^ £\Z"o4To lit * In so*et iB e, , f . 

-_ B i^,^- set the 

TEIOETBY switch to BEUY *? P" £ ' °" "0, the UP 

CC-H ^ U "« h - 

i li 

056, 3!l; 324S, 3536 2 " 5f; f 55 *' <«ov„ r „„ ; r f*' ... 

*. tj. » TELEMETRY svf tch to RELAY ! "please^ <° '^"^ 

u " ar s^.rsjj^w-" 1 — • 

CC-H S ° ° Ut ° n th * latitude 7 /OUr reaib *<*- 

«inua 16300. V ' Uti tud e is plus ? 200. Longitude i 8 


vTon, 16:15 m '- 126:53 GCT 

*inus 19M, pi U3 all £*n s p^s a o^ °^/ ata: rev 108 > 176:57:2l.- 
0007; 197; 15*67, 25756 255? ? 7 n 3 ;.°° C ' 329 ' 1769, ' 

minus l6 3 00. ^ ' ?55< ' 970 " 2 ^ »A; O56, 3 H»8, 3536 D l us 

re«rks for you. N^'o^E 'for " adback ' Ar 'd I've go*. I, 

left at 311. de£ree£) copy °3^" f01 command module FM SEP. ? av 

cT-H p° Py 3lk left for seven, 

so-aule veight is « 5 00.' Qv^r lgh " i3 258 ^> docking 

~~ * Ci e.--v -oH 2555;, the DM U50O 

—n ■■ 0 * 1 ■" ■ ■ ■" ■/=-■. ■ 

' pup 1 J a Sood readbac> Van^ " ir- 

CMP Okay. ' vance - Thanks a lot. 


ASTP (USA) MCJ4 50/1 
Tiae: 16:2? CDT, 129:03 GET 
Date: T/20/75 

Seek! * *** readbaL>k ' v «ce. Thanks alot. 

this .Way instrumen^'To^'et -L'vnL" kMp cha>ln * af ter 
froo it so its not be ng c^^eTv^oV l & ^ 8 ° Ee 6 ° 0i **a back 
the probien. That's vh£ v^re doir« the ' in * 31111 trying ^^^t 
it to ce correctable wth tenpera^' cf ?vf ° f COUrfie - Ve thir * 

it's real cold, if ve '>- e no !h ! instrunent and that when 

to understand that. A iso a \i~Ul Itt oTilt,^ "l'" StU1 ^ 
heliua glov is -orkirrf real « 1 .« 1 in / orBa «on for you. The 
-Vesting exceUent 11 S ° * Md the ^llua glov 

x-ray C 'fTxed up. ^ ' rnat ' s grea,. Hope we can get the 

2" 7 've-n r h S f ng t0 keep &fter **• 
less than J. minutes ° ing that - bac ^P P^ge in a little 

the nUt plan cut voSing'wR i^oll^' JV^* 8ti11 *" 
following this x-ray c .™ «n following tale purge there is - 

the DP column to acUvaJf + he ^ ^ VAS 6 C&11 ™' ™*er 

still leave that Sa\^^ «• «^ to 

temperature situation's going nov, Hov do you £.1* ^ th& 

it too badly right n^str^lv^. " &>n't need 

ur.comf^tably war,, v^ilf Kn U^V^ tia * Vhen U 

to make it feel better. Particularly because circulat ion tends 

fron Sim into the^'or U ^ dTie^^^" J 0 " COair '* 
PJifP • 1 xti u J-i«e to XiiOw vhen vnn d« < 4 

^Lfortable, ^period^nj £\' U ri *« ^ * 

But. ve - we're kind of SldWtW ? " ° n ' he fan * f ve nee <* 

for tonight. lding that in our ^ c, «t in case - especially 

since^could slow 'you" Set^olic'^/if f IT' W 

be heating up and we're cSnsid?* v th * thin * 'houldn't 

ivated. 8 leaving the evaporator deact- 

at the purge - or - ^'ex^ se th the I?.' 1 " ^ ar ' d Ve '~ ^ 

suggest to try to get as clos" to the end of Z^ J^ " P here ^ 
uaeJ the longest conn umbilical which ToJa "I Can ' ^ " ve 

couch, normally Deke's. be the one for the right hand 


Time: l6:25 CDT, 129:03 GET 

Date: 7/20/75 ' • ■ 

CMP Okay, I'll pass that on to hin-. He's up there right 

nov . 

CC-H Oka;.-, also Vance, he's got a TV press coning up and 

ve would appreciate verifying after he does that press - - thai, particular 
camera light comes on make sure that it is operative. 

CMP Okay, I think the prep's probably done nov, I'll 

check . 

CC-H Okay. 


ASTP (USA) IK'^l/l 

Time: 16:3k CM', 12Q-12 OFT 


ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

It h.s b«„ =o»pl« ed . -^^1 ^ a '= "f «P- Th. prep ls llke , 8ald 

CM? Okay. ' 

JH: 11 One a day. 

CK? (Garble) 


CC-H S And this is his day. . 

vil(?>. y ° Ur ln *>™tior., Vance, toaorrcv's your turn 1^ 

ii. 's 
or so 



' *> -1 Jiist spread it around h*r* 



Tiae: l6-.Uk CDT, 129:22 GET 


PA0 71118 is A Pollo Control. At 129 -'U cronn* *i<,™^ 

ti-e we're still 16 minutes avay from loss of sign, ^ough ATS?" 
sateLxte. Toward the end of this revolution as Apollo spfcecrax- 
co*es across the Hawaiian Island chain, th* first of two scheduled Earth 
observations will be made. Starting at around 130 hours Tt t rt Jtl 
Vis-ml observation sites at Hawaii vill be for observing upvelMngs in 

trac* as the spacecraft crosses the Pacific Northwest of the Unite 
States, anov p e «s cn aountains in Oregon and Washington as veil L 
glaciers will be observed. iX ^ 

I--™* h C r H „ ' - Ve StiU go *' of: ' 18 ninutes of night 

here but v e assumed that should have finished up with tha* surce aW 
now and ve Just wanted to *ake sure that ve got'the cover cS S 
before ve go out in the sunlight. • 

... CMP i ■ 1,a 9ti11 - &ft " turning the purge svitcr I 

waiting ten minutea and I sort of assured that that was for the case of 
vnen you turn on the high voltage rover but not bain* Sure. '%Zlt " 

u d n^v:;^r es Gue3s 1 ~™ h - ■ 

C< T H u ' 8 okav *■<> &o ahead and close it and I - you 

assusea correct about the - the wait there. One other iter, whenever 
you get a chance to it after you do that I have the updates 'or III 
t>». for rev 79 and 80 when yon can get thesur>plLent ou* 

r^u 3tand by ' ^ dcil,t 1 close the cover first? 

'-'/.a;, , no rush . 

C^P Okay, ready tc copy. 

c,c> Kou3ton, Apollo. 

♦ „ CC " H - ^ If 1 COUli talK °" the ri « ht lQ OP I COuld «t UP 

to ycu. ror the ?ET time for rev 79, Vance, it's 130:36:36 And ve are 
planning on aoing that x-ray pad and seeing how cur data locks 

^P 011 ' ' Houston - you copy that tine. Vance? 

. vrt * ' „ noger, I did. Yeah, excuse ne a minute but vhat 
do you mean by DEP Use there? I guess I Just don't find the right 
3pot or it doesn't- - fe 

CC-H Okay, I 'a - it's the tine that ve set the DKT Ukt rz 

up to -up there at the toj, which is your sunset tine. 5 

CM? ,. 0h ' oka « v - 1 thought you said - very * ;od I thnu^ t 

you said DEP . Very good, I got it. And ve'il go aheafvtth It! ^ 

- : „ ujSay » fir,e - Als0 nov th * tisse for the DJV cat' ami 

tens is -.hat rev 80 contingency pad I had you dig vhlle «o i-J? 

wait till you get that out. *" 1 11 

CKP Right. 

CC-H Okay. It's 1 - 132:05:2?. 

cx? Okay, got it. 132:05:27. 

Cc -H Okay Vancr, then 

ASTP (usa) 

Time: 16:U CDT Ipq-oo 
7/20/75 ' I<?9;2 2 GET 

CMP • _ 

CC-H first - _ 

CMP Sorry, go ahead. 

That's ri*" vas A30;36:3$, 

one iten here I ©urf.t t~ J 8 "" 1 3° '36: 36". T n »t f. 
Pads as * Jch J ru/ emln<i " 1 ^ Ust *"»*ir£ about T w^' V&nc *« 

to remind you that *T runrun S this CSC and ve're J? loo **«« at all 
tc be able'to get aho^r ^^"8 you sav £ yOU }USt ^ 

CJ|p get of since it's ^cori^^^ Ve ' re **»*Sing 

CC-H f^' for the reninde? Lt^ f ° r us ' 

ACDR * f nov 1 vould. nder - Probably f 0rget . 

CC-H 7 "J * hov do you read »e - 

A0I,R «l rS t ! W ' T -- *>'-««. 


astp'(usa) mc:U53/i 

Tiinfe: -17:03 COT, 129 :«0 GEP 

trm Cripp, hov do you read ne? 

Loud ind clear, Tor.. Go ahei/ 

£5 £ HoS^n. We're reading you loud and 

J? R H SSj.^^tTJSWi- jou vant to t.1* t6 

gu Sot you for & about ^ u rtwt doin g ao B e 

ftXerC S C "H <* r^V'ftS 0 ^. for this. 

*5 (^-f ^* M you're finally «*ting 

wonderful Karr.'-s . e talking about . 

And for a reminder on that ve - ve re 
CC-H 0R& y- ^ Jd ve vr-i need the DSC on to - to re- 

looking at live d & ta now, i«. vc ree 

°° rd JJSr' MC on - you eean the VTR. the ISC or vhat? 

CC-H Ta? */ eC v" e ;;n ^cn I •» inforoed that we've Rot 

CC-H Apoll ^/f;; SI;. C- ^d unfortunately vith 

-tie 3hov and tell scheduled here . »« ^ « ^ necd you >o 

our iata recording plan and ^J?.^*, £ J ftt J t on DSC and YIP 

delay starting that ™ d ? ;/J e n £ ava hUh and that's not goin* 

as vhat - as planned right ^ nut „ ^ no v. 

t0 b-njil about oh ; ' ; an ^ 

AT-^/rv,- ^nd Slayton to Vne *.rees - a - a - an! 

r?-H '"■«•;.' f'/ Wc ar e about to lose you hero 

CC ■•< Apollo, houston. " c ^J r J h J 1J? 7ELEM btry nvltch on 

through the ATS and one & TELEMETRY portion pleaae 

,anel ,7*. Vie need to go ha, ^ o ^ 
and ve'li see you in abou- ^ » 




Timej- 17:13 COT, 129 : 50 GET , 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We're talking on VHF at you through 

Orroral. It's- only a little over a ninute here and our next station contact 
is going to be at Hawaii in 15 oinutefi. That's 130:07- 

ACDR , Okay, Crip. ' 

CMP Okay, and Tom would like to know vnen he should start 

the- exercise. Right. 1 presume, as scheduled at 130:15. Is that right? 

C r_H That's approximately correct. We're going to be 

rewinding the DSE when we go over the hill at Hawaii and you're going to 
have to wait until if a rewound by looking at the talk -back. And vnen 

t.i'-at happens you can have at it. , , . , . ■ 

CM p Okay. When the DSE talk-back "3 barberpoled he 11 nave 

at it . 

Ca-u ■ That's affirm. v ; ' ^ „ , 

FA n This is Apollo control. Loss of signal througn Orrorai 

7*1 ley tracking station. Hawaii in 13 ninutes. We're making a broad e cf change of shift briefing with offgoirg flight direct ^ JjanX 
'itti^n for f en. central tise in the min Auditorium. As that tine firms 
" ve'V. pw'the word. 12 rJnutes till Hawaii. At 129:5^ this is ApoUo 

ASTP (USA) MCi>55/l 

Tine: 17.28 CHT , 130:06 GET 


£ n , P ?° , Apjllo Control. Ground elapsed tine 110 hour* 

tt r .^^i: s^s^r* r h ™» ^ ^ 

CC H a™5\ * J UP f ° r CAP C0MM *> b Crippen. 

AC0R Skav! Cr?p U ^ 6 BinutM - 

wp Okay! Crip! 

^i-ljf'crlp. How lo^do ^ v e "t r 7 Ci3ing ^ UP here 10 "» 

-hat I C vas trying to^en'* f .'£," 1 Up there ' because 

when wen^^-H^rr OrZT'* *°* * ^ " 

Ai'D* vTT^f 0 ainutcs » Tor., that's not bad. 

*= ve ^t that v« ^' ter) ° k8y ' Wel1 ' Ve & ^ STO^ 

V»'r/s~L <r ti,* SOrr/ * b ° Ut tn **- 1 JU3t didr,,t **** «y«lf P^in. 
ia/wE." * l^UZr : 01 CX ' y ° U tcK US What ^ - you started 
CMP^ 'Jeah. About 5 oinutea ago. 

aheadlnd D re* e >^ J^vlJ?*': " , Y!X \ ve started it. You can g 

aU -,? 6 11 *" : ^'"' ead an ' 3 « et Are ve siting VTH 

' l> ' f ' that 's right. 

Cr'S ? k8 ?; :hat ' S fine - *° Preblcn. 

Apollc, Houston. Ton, ve'yp ua-Pv 

b f r, going for a, long as you said there on Uo'rot^'^ Jo?™ 

adequate aaount , and we'll iy 8 < a v, ca ^ ,* ' , e 1K « ot ^ 

and rewind it and set it upVor fur 4xt t'^U w\ l P " r * corde < 

Hke regarding further exercise P " y ° U C& " ' ic what vou 

vwfu. w , f ft r rU «° h0re aboat U or r > aorc minute*, 
-ant us to rewind it or Ac you var,t to connand it? 

We'll' go - ve'll - - 
v. .. Rog * Y ° ,J CWI Press on and we'll ge «h»*i and 
ACDR Okay. 

. ... . And Cri P- Ju3t - general Interest, it lock" 
And we t? - irA they eddies because there are g$, n t 

v. r-.' • , ' -1 «, 

...... ,V:„ . / ell » V<J 11 « lve aore. They're all 

rVirtiy! " l ° Rivv ynu S08s ' ! R *xitnu«a and ralninmw hero 

.. , Okay, fine. Also, Vs> votilJ tie iii!pn>o>>»! t ,■ 

v*-.v v s • u "" on ' ! ' ■ - 15 tt this morning and 

*.„ ...... '.. ( ' * c " v ' nt - tn*ng .»i fferent. Hovever. it 

- ri ^- r " T - "'-^» we were wrrvlcring :aavb»» 

ASTP (USA) MC^55/2 
Tine: 17:28 CDT, 130:06 OET 

it's Just a -flatter of getting used to it a little bit. 

DMP " WeiJ » I'll tell you. We Just passed Havaii , and 

got 2ero for two reasons. Number one, it's cloud covered over the 
Island that ve're looking for, and secondly, it's too far to the north, and 
don't know - this attitude is probably not the greatest. But I hesitate 
to reccornend abetter one right at this point. 

CC ~ H Ckay. We're still looking at it. A little bit 

reluctant to cos* up with attitudes because of a different attitude ihat 
we haven't really vrur.e out, like ve have wn&t we got, tut we're not 
getting the. data with what ve got. We'll press on and continue to look at 

aJ!p this is a good attitude to acquire things 

l.i you knev, you see then coning u f , which is good. The problem is that we 
really rotating along here, and once it gets into view where you can 
ahoot it with a camera, you *o by it in about 5 seconds. 

CC - K ? -S- ic-rstand. We're about 30 seconds from LOS. 

And our next station sent act will be through Newfoundland in 15 oinutes. 
P» y.u there at 130:26. 
■ ■ : Mt ' .Okay . 

PA0 Apr-Ilc " .tr-1. Ground elapsed tine 130 hours 

1- aiin-jfsa. We've lost **.■» signal throng." Hawaii. Next aciuisUirm 
w-*ll b» N'evfcuindiand in i*. nlnutes and 12 seconds. Vance Brand 
describing to CAP CQMM Bob Crippcn, the observation of - he sees a 
lot of ediie.? if, the Pacific. He .--aid the Pacific is full of eddies. 
Ve see thei & is*. Maker think -'hat the areas are hotter or 
c-jl.ier, ".his is a v-'ief-oae.-.j, tnat was first observed during the Skylftb 
program, and the crew has been asked to observe and photograph find 
describe these ocear.3grapr.if ph-no=»'7a, which were discovered during 
the Skylab prcg-an. N*xt ar - t u ; s i - i >,<, will l e through Newfoundland at 
13 rsir.-ites and *0 ■> *->ee n d s . U ground elapsed tine of 130 hours an 1 
i'» minutes, this is Apollo c-.ntrol. 

A8TP (USA) MCl*56/l , 

Tine : 17 : 1*9 CDT , ' 130 : 27 GET 


PAO Apollo, Control. Ground elapsed tir.e 130 hours, 

27 mintutes. Acqusition coming through Hevfoundland in 55 seconds as 
the crew of Apollo continue to perform the scientific experiments aboard 
the Apollo spacecraft with command module pilot, Vance Brand, and 
commander, Tom Stafford, performing the x-ray experiment while docking 
module pilot, Deke Slayton, works on preparations of the television 
camera. Opening the line up for cap coma Dick Truly. 

Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Go ahead, Deke. 

CMP Okay, Dick, we Just finished on Earth obs here, and 

talked to Crip about the Hawaii one. We hit the Washington (garble) 
line ar>d we did get a few pictures of that area and have accomplished our 
effort th*re. And we've been doing a little bit of experimenting since 
then. We've managed to strike in 10 degree down pitch towards the horizon 
ana we think we can tolerate about another 20 to get us into better viewing 
attitude for Earth obs. Problem we've get here is that ve can't wait to muc 
stuff above the horizon and out to the horiaon which is of no value to us 
at all. And when we get over the target ve t even get above it and 
it '3 already disapeared through the window. .-e having a real tough 
tine her? with this L'srth ops attitude. 

C r: - Yl Okay, i^eke. Copy, I did copy your conversation with 

Crip while as:. I'vp teen here for about the last hour. 

1 guess we propose to try another 20 degrees adjust- 
ment in pitch. . . 

New, you r-.ean a tofal of 20 of a tcat&l of 30? 
IMP (garble seen to do much - it was Just obviously an 

itrcp rove ment . ■ . 

CC-H Deke, Houston. The only confusion I have on - on 

what you said was that - I thought you said that Vance haa already tried 
about another 20 i-?grees down and then you mentioned the 20 degrees and 
I was wondering if you thought that n total of 20 degrees for the pitch 
down or a total of ?0 for the pitch down would be abcut as much as you 
could st arid. 

DMP I'm talking a total of 30. We fried 10 and we're 

-itiii looking at a let of 3 tuff above the hori.-.on. So we think another 
20 on top of that might be about right. 

0O-H Okay, why don't you let our guys think about that 

l.'Oke, and we'll get back .to you. 

I'M? Okay, 1 hank you . 

CC-K Deke, Ffruttan. You got a minute to talk? 

MP Yes, (garble) . 

-C-H I te.H. yea what, we're gonna lock at the - we have 

another Earth opr.! pass ccning up down here in Just a minute and if we can 
g»r. up a new n-jsber for you before this Ascension past, nuybe we can 
update this upcoming P20 and you can give that a whirl an! let up knev 
how it, tuiv.« cut, For your information, it's printed in the flight plan 

AST? (USA) MC^56/2 

Tine: 17:^9 CDT, 130:27 GST 


elr^ t : ve h * ve ~ «»•—««. tM , PMS ^ . due to thi ottltude 

adjust but v. onSXw'Sli' .""fT 1 "' in the 10 de «"« 

Newfoundland. 1 1 11 g^e'v^n^-at'll" ^ 1 * We frora "» <" 
about 11 ffiinu te s fro * 1 &t Aacensi ™ at 130 plus !»f . That's 

-inutw? Loss of sign^lh^XLfS' f aP r'. UBW 130 hOUrs > 36 
9 Binute. and U 7 seconds viiite Ascensinn^' • ■"*»"«™ m 

timber 79. The Apollo spacecraft in" ??« C * iD8 * tati ° n on this "volution 
will be asked to £ ain perforTeL^ >, P * ° Ver Au8t ralia and the crev 
looking at the Ukl ^ r r e ™ ea ;i? 2,T? tlon ^erinents. Again 
be asked to vis - observe l?d c^are 21 ° f they'll 

Niger river, the Palo(?) delta 23 iVn \ g i°" of A «3tralia' to the 
Erosion and dune patterns in th^ re ^ 0n ol"/ f^/" 010 ^^ 3 of the 
rpacecraft crosses over the row! £ 1«, , Au3trali& ' And as the 
rtwcrib* and photograph any ZULt U « S f ^ ' thcy ' U b * as * eiS to 
Australia and also taK , f B 'f ° ff the coa3t ^ north 

Again they-13 «m be asked'o TsTrf^ ^ %T * arpUr R « f " 
observe in the Coral sea. And or n • r^TL^ U,&t th< * B *y 
they'll be asked to photograph c cloud'™?? th « 

may pass over. On a »revi~,a Cl .° ud P &tte ™ «hich they 

to the ground that he' had eblerv-edlhT ''T'vTJ! Br * nd a *"r«e<i 
eddie, and he said ve see alot of the' f!' ° OC ?" vaa ^1 of 

oh - earth observation e»erw«tY™ \, p&rl of the e *per - 
SKylab. Hext ac.*Xor*I "5 I. Tr^nrV it^ T ""^uted 2ri„g 

is Apollo 

ASTP. (USA) MC«»57/l 
«^M=33 CBT. 131 !l0aB 

fnufac . v. ... . **w.>oni,roi. Ground si.^.j i.. 

in 12 minutes, and we'll brir.a t f ! 1 b * throu «h Orroral ValW 
<£°H ASCen3i0n nov - UP ^ VC - PWthi 

A^Uc' !£ US , t0n - As < ens *°n for 1, ainutes 
CC - H aShc' ^ US ,° n ' A8cen ^on for k n w as 

ainUt A lDR A9CenSl0tl ^ 3 9 a 6 nd a half 

JTh ^ Xt ' S ^ hOUrS 15 QinUteS - 

r<^» _ p r, vger. . 

76, VERBV VERB 25 kSV'T'JV N0US ~ th ** one change The H«m 

cn the experiment, Vance ;'fron Jjf"* that » *ue to the data that v e see hf 
*«t ycu to do. R ight now vfvould IS' * Chw * e *» the ^ d "J hf 

^ minutes. ^ And * 've got one vrite-in 

M ? h voltage pover to^X-T^^ 'f Vrite - lri «*« x-ray 

win. exactly M is. * at 29 n *™t ee . The r*n of the pad re- 

■ . CMP 

"- ff No. 

Fart of your save ; the ■ ■v^kr ' ^a--* 
MtMri . „ . I'll ten vou what it i- ^ tear pretax? 

feet .i rifi aftf a on } , U is » we d on't thinX ve'r* 

th *™ *' ?9 «Um M . We'Je*^; ri /fr + e 3 6 if5 ^tant target d^v/ 

u Understand. 
,.J"Jj Great. 

CC-K y° u there. 

UKay , 

t . ' q» mT , 30 n Desert right noV ' 
Hey, we're going ° ve V^t TlooXs^ ^ 
C" p . Mr If s rfot dunes in it, ^ AW 

H'a lust fantastic. n * 6 
: : And it a ju t h e y lOOK HXe 
very long and the> A Hou? 


hcw do y° u read? 

■ First 

Apollo, Houston. 
Apollo Houstor.. 

i or minutes. 
Orrora.1 Valley fov 3^r 

On VHF through Orroraj. 
Orroral Valley . 

DeXe . 

ApollC Houston. ...... 

y cu. n«t thing - M t activate th. pr l~r/ ^ ^. 

' . - v"rit> had toia. jv - » . . , >«rte up there » *■ 

assuming that ^un and one "r 

^ . i? aa'd in the flie^ ? lan do '.hat. 07? completely. 

vhere ^ S J-J ^ verify tbat you di<™ t qj evaporator u*r . 

i '-"anted ^ affinitive. J;'" le tha t . There 

ACDR ?ine . And y-w ^ * £ the day where it 

T-f -re placefbetLn no* Z ^ to the 

ifo-l^W ^ th Vtt- Houston. ic ^^e^^^ ^ 

^ oxaT. Tu "11 you what J^o fitter. 

TC-H 4 t ™n s<>t the rest or v " Ui -/♦he x-uycoffiing 

«,vAeep on. The - and i ^'y^iey . At the aturt of ^ r 1 ^ 
you gujs *eep 4 frcn orroral s * kXl ± t 55 minutes. I ^ * eAA ' 

Vc'rc about 30 ee.-n e x-rfty op9 ft t. 

HJV , delete X-i&j • 

AC W ^ • 8 af flrnjtlv. , To;- ^/ d % lw ni hour. "J 

X:f Apollo Control. ^^^ Va ne y tracXing station. 

, 9 or - f -ro^t^ r^l^on V; 

^ST^ 11 orned , ^ feature. 

£«*U i. ™ ? lr P tTr the nt^t surgeons ^^nt again 

M ct.going «P^" e ^ e J° to perform th. ^^^^Se^nt^ ™* 
r, pa re ^onter. ^ e t ^ W t ; e 4;jC xin« *odule hei^jt **JJ ftl ht program 
• his evening* then t.^e nexl «anft*4 * t4 

.\,,inr,ed to P^* l J?/£t P " P M investigate for ih«« g a ^ u i*ition 
U . ■,. .'hu^tlo. The pri^-H JfthBilcn Spftcft Center, 

V 5 n.. <b .. ^oh Johnoon of *ht «- nd ^lapsed ti«* 01 

V.r.. in ?0 ^ - A Uo control. h our« 

< V*- Acauisitioh coming ^hrcugn 


t he 
; vi "i 

JfTP (USA) MCl.58/2 - 
Time: 19. : 4 -j rTYV 

7/20/75 ' 131:20 GCT 

Bond of the en*l£« < er ls Ro *ert Vard r! ^ 8 P r °g r «« h. 
Johnson SpMe &t e ^ T^* M - *~ 

P ior Cap Com Dick Truly. seconds. Ve'n 


ASTP MCa59/3 

.T/»A5 W ; a . cra >. 1 »'»«w. 

sorry I w&s «,t. ' ance > hw a-e V nJ» - g 

Pass ^TZldr't jL tM '* J I^VS el & J'Sv™ 

CC-H Y , C<U1 thftt from onp of 

understand vhaf, the'^Vt'" 6 T d ° lr ' g our *>«*t to ee f 

that ^ c onfigu rat i cn4 tvn we r * going to eJe* p * 

■ ■ cc H - Roger. ' 

AC0K "kav ^ "° Vent - B °- 1 W! «t to dej 

CC-H - Ka *' Di:: *» hav» that 

2MP j^J*' th *nX >'ou, 7cr.. 

rnnk ♦•iU °* A « V » rt?R l good, y.,»-- t . 

v ' -1 whv d^r't w<» * 

■ tnat approach for * vhUe? 

ASTP MCl*59/2 

Time: 19:21 CUT , 131:59 GET 

tylo help' Jo°u ouT ^ ^ J»t give the, to us an,l v.-!! 

coura^ng to have to'sla* "vi tJin t^TlnZ^ filE - lt>s ^ 

thinga to shoot. filn budget vith .this aany - rest of the 

CC-H p" f °r Unately » ve hav * no ^her choice. 


JSP? Kousto;., Apollo. 

2o ahead Toe. 


about 32: 3^ . It 3ay f ^ ^'pr^" ^ \ ^ in that 8aa « a ~ a ~ 
to leave this off? ^ tlvate * ri - a ^ evaporator - do they still want us 

activa^prinary evapcrat^r^ iTtL^s ttTJ^ V ™ ^ Sf *' s 

going to leave it off. he last one of the d v . Wi're 

CC-H Syi,"!^ i r lB ti 0 leaVC " night huhf 

a minute from ws. Ascension Jc^, « 2 T °° V *' re abo,lt 

See you there. UP about 10 oi nutes froa nov at 132:19, 

ACDR REal good. 

ATS before ve get As^i™. **** ^ Pr ° baUy * et on 
ACDR Roger. 

END OF TAPE ' ' ' ' 

ASTP (USA) MC1.60/1 


ies ve are Tom w • 


wjna, and coareand reset 


cc'k T ° C ' S ee "' nS " rieht " cv - 

requests U? TST (Wrnv i^'. w e've got our eosKajld i n v 

one> UP ^TRV fcaeh to UP TMffiPm ™ d J™ on panel 230 

(; W " " inav s tne center 

CM? R ° eer ' 

«« « hi. oc^nt «W thf^f DrtS ' S 1ISte ""*- I »«. • con- 
,,fr Okay. 

■■ CC.-H ■■«»■}■* r i. vV then v « oah talk 

A „ 1R ■ >nd9, located in 35/"" t0 U8<1 th * B on. The n^bers 

Alrea ^ used those. 

•■'f->? e u bit 

END OF ?Arj? 

ASTP (USA) MCU61/1 ! '.. .. 

Tine: 19:51 Cr/T, 132: 3 1 * GET 


CMP ' Houston, Apollo. 

/v.H Apollo, Houston. Go ahead, Vance. 

' CM? Dick, right now, Tom's doing the contingency pover 

TXIVPl and there's a step that says - let's sec - it says X-ray 
foZr WEN Verify." and of course it's closed, and he vender, - vants 

a little advice on that. 

oxay. We do want to open that. cover, Vance. 

CM? Okay ,,''.« 

ArDR Okev, Dick. Everything ia done except the clo-ing 

the X-ray cover. We're in that 5 minute wait after the X-ray low voltage 

POVer CC-K Okay. Real fine, Ton. And we'll be watching you too. 

Thanks a lot Tecs. 

SPKR Thanks . 

ACDR Yes. 



Time; 20s06 Clff, 132 ;M OHT 
■7 /SO/ 75 

" CM! And Apollo, Houston. We're getting ready to atart 

6 4wp now that youVe through with that pad (garble) 
CMP Please repeat, Dick. 

CC _ H okay, 1 was gonna tell you that I aight drop out 

for a a*cond because we're getting ready to start a dump, but I dropped 
out in ihb middle of vhat I was aaying because ve starting the dump, d 
now I ' n back uy . 

Ci'-tP Okay. 

CC _ K And Apollo, Houston. Vance, when you get .a minute 

to listen, I had a comment to you about what you told us about the elites 
that you saw out on the Pacific awhile ago. 

CMP Okay. All right, yeah, go ahead. 

cc „j{ Okay. Farouk is here and we were talking to him, 

tne question that he hai that you might notice on the future passes 
over the Pacific if you see the sa*e thing was the color and the texture 
of the ocean down between the clouds and he's interested '.here mainly 
in the -ea surface conditions and not Just the clouds. Thought you 
might - I have aone news soeetiee later on this evening that I'll have 
available if you'd like to hear it. There's one iter* in here that I 
thought I'd read to you. It s&ya an earthquake which struck an area 
off the western Pacific today proopted a tidal wave alert for parts of 
Hawaii but was later cancelled. The University of California Seismograph! 
laboratory at Berkeley reported that an earthquake registering a 7.7 
on the Bichter Scale occurring at 7:50 a.m. Pacific daylight tine and 
they were centered in the region of the Soloman Islands. The - for 
your information the Solomans are about 2Q00 miles to the southwest of 
Hawaii Ve did check with our recovery weather people Ju3t a minute ego 
and itturns out that they have not seen any tidal wave action as a 
result of the earthquake either at Hawaii or at ^uadland. 

COT YeAh, that is interesting. We've been flying re- 

peatedly over that area of course but 1 don't know if you can see 
something like that from up here. 

CCH Roger. Yeah, you're not going to be flying over 

direct area here in the Aext pass or so. I Just thought you night be 

interested in that one. 

CMP Yea)., that i3 very Interesting. After our last 

conversation I took distance *ea - or siie B eas'uren*nts on a f«v of the 
eddies we've seen and seer* like a typical size is 10 to 15 kilometers 

in diameter. 

CC-H OX ay. Copy. 

lPA But we have seen some giant ones that would be tens 

of kilometers so we'll try to look at them nore closely in the future 
and see what the 3ea state looks like . 

^C_H Okay, thanks alot, Vance . 

USA Right. 

ACDR 0k8y) an d Did, do you v<mt us to maneuver this vtw* 

1*9 to our solar inertial plus sleep attitude new? 

A5TP (USA) ^ 

Ti»&: 20:06 CDS', GET 


CC-H Stand by on that Just a second, Ton. Please. 

CC-H Tom, in answer to your question. As soon an you 

get the x-ray cover closed after your ,?ive minute wait, yeah, go ahead 
ami do the maneuver. 

ACDR Okay, ATS is coming up right now. 

CC-H Yeah, I uarked it too and I noticed it was very 

clwe to that. 

ACDR Okaj-, that x-ray cover is closed. 

CC-H Okay, fine, tois. Incidentally, while I'm talking 

to you and we're talking about maneuvering. * wonder if I could have 
a second. It appears that we're developing an unbalanced in the propellant 
in quads Alpha and Charlie and we think we can atop thi3 imbalance 
trend by changing the one J«t configuration on panel 8. And that ia 
ir. *.he roll Jets, what we'd like to do is turn Bravo, correction, turn 
D<?lta 2 to aain A and then turn bravo 2 to OFF. And of course if 
vou needed to got back to the nominal configuration, due to soaie problem, 
or forgot what Lt it', those little decals that mark - that's pointed 
v.vard B? would remind you which ones it was. Ani inci ientally - - 

~MP Okay. Understand , Dick. We'll - would you like 

to have us do that right ntv 

CC-H Yeah, what we'd like to do ia go ahead and put 

D2 to MAIN A and B2 to OF? . And incidentally for your inforration 
we're not going to have to be switching these back and forth. This 
configuration ia good for the SIM BAY experiment. 

A CDR Okay, good, Ve have a Delta .?. ON and Bravo 2 OFF. 

CC-H Okay. Heal fine. Thanks a lot . 

/CDR Dick, where are we nowt Ve heading across Africa? 

CC-H" So, you're - on ATS ending; pas?, you're Just 

crossing the coast of south western Australia- And then you'll be, of 
»urs<-, crossing Indonesia then you'll get another long pass over the 
western Pacific. 

/tCDH Okay. Sometimes it's hard to remember where you re 

t- - you're in and out, playing with the UV attitude all the time. 

CC-H Roger. Well, you guys move so fast, I'm not surzrised 

\CDH Okay, we'll maneuver the solar inertial attitude. 

CC-H Okay. Fir.*. 

CM? Key, Dick, you still there? 

;C-H Yea, we're here Go ahead. 

,'MF Okay 

A3TP (USA) MCl»63/l 

Time » 2Q;1(5 CD?, 132:51* OCT 

T/aO/75 ' 

CKP Hfty, Dick - are you still there? 

t ; u " H Ye» i ve'rt* here. Oo ahead. 

a t^f . . „ iiey » we ' re 6°ine over the Simpson Doaert right now 
and U' 8 Ju*t fantastic. It's got dune* in it - it looka like f thlT 
are very long, and they look like road track*, there're ao «any of 
hej - like nundreds of parallel road tracks. And w6«ll commen on it 
in our usual fashion with the onboard tape recorder but - 
c< f-" Yea, okay, thanks alot. 

U ^A just plain spectacular. 

CC-H Roger. 

ni ni . A ?!!,M.l t There's a long red streak that matches about the 
color t garble) , I vould say, on an orange wheel. 

f ? C ^„, r m ° k&y ; ^w** « lot for the input - wish I could 
-ee it ev*eli. Dine, and I are whipping out our color chart, and 
seeing vnat color it is ourselves, 

CM f This, i 3 one of those cases vhere there vas licht 

v-'oaing in the window failing on the color chart. That aade it easy to 
use. ^oneticea vnen it's i n the shadow, it's hard. 

CC-K Roger. Understand", Ineidently, if you ever do have 

a question about the chart or any coewnt on it we've got one here at 
the console that's just about identical to yours, I think 

r™» Ja" H ' • Ap ° n °» Ky,J3 ton. we're a couple of B <nutes 

/ion Uto. .'1a give you a call at Guan at 133:01, 
CKP Okay, understand.. • 

^ v And soe* of thpde long atreaks - those long sand 
streaks could have even gone to *,he - between 9 and 10. 

q ^ ° K ! y * thank9 ^ 18 £t - couU Xw differentiate 

9 or 10 A or B? Tney dark or light? 

ACDR the Sun gets on the vheel vhere I car, see i« 

it was more like 9. ' 

CC-H Okay . 

J^ A ;I sorry. Okay. Be about like 9A. 

CC-f! Okay, thanks a lot. 

, t PA0 . Apollo Control, ground elapsed time 13? hours 58 

ftinutea. wss of signal through the applied technology satellite, 
rfext acquisuion m 3 minutes and 15 seconds will be through the Guam 
tracing station, Var.ce Brand's comenta during this pass on the view 
out the window as ne wa 9 performing the Earth observation experiment - 
.iaual observatxen experiment on the Auotralian Simpson Desert. Cob- 
mowing that the - it vas a fantastic view that the dunes in the Simp- 
son Desert looked like hundreds of road tracks. Comander Ton Stafford 
aading his coawants referring to the color vheel. Vheel in about toi 
inches irt di&neter with various colors that they hold up to the window 
to match the color that they see from their spacecraft. This is one 
°S ^ ndsi * ht3 . thafc *h« <^ew has been asked to photograph and describe 
on the tape recorder onboard the spacecraft. 

FAO ti , , ln le3a than ten hour9 froffl noV > Soyuz will aplaah 
down at its landing spot near Karaganda in the Kazakhstan*?) Republic of 


Tiftfts 20il6 COT, 132: 5l§ OET 

th* Soviet Union. When Soyu& make* its - ft/ea its retro rochets 
Soyui will be in the center of ;he aouth AV-antic Ocean, W Apollo 
will be sligntly behind, approximately 200 wiles behind ijoyuz at the 
U*e. Apollo will be approxljcately 1000 jalles aouth of the Ascension 
elands, and about 1680 «llea. east of Rio de Janeiro. Apollo will be 
trailing Soyus li07 nautical alles at the time of retro fire. And when 
Soyuz splashes down, cr lands, in Karaganda, the command and service 
aodule will be approximately 660 miles southeast of Tokyo in the Pacific 
Ocean. Next acquisition will be in 1 minute through Guan. We'll hold 
this line up for the last pass through Guam for the evening, as the 
crew finishes out theii performance of the scientific experiments and 
begins preparations for their eat period and presleep period. They 
are .-uheduled to bed down for the ..ight at 12* hours and 1*5 minutes, or 

^f?; ! i m ^!i y n- f ld ^ 5 ffliriutea **** nov » We '^ ""Id the line up 

for ^AP wMM Dick Truly. 

Apollo, Houston. Guam for 7 atinutes 

♦ h rt™ , , 0 i*y Diok ftnd ri « ht over thi * area, you can mark 
the OCT'S a whole series of ediies - aaybe 15 to 16 kilometers in 
diameter - Just clunps of 'era. 
CC-H Okay, copy. 

U3A We're using the Nikon to shoot it. 

CC-H Okay, 

Cc-K And Apolic, Houston. We'd like ACCEPT please 

and we'll get - got up the evening loads here, the new state(?) Vectors ( 

ACDF: You got ACCEjPT. 

CC-'/J Okay, thanks. 

f^DR Houston, Apollo. 

vCH Go ahead Ton. 

, ACUR °kay f we'll get these height aeasureaents later on. 

We re getting such good - Earth observation data here, we'll Just delay 
Wat. you'll get" it or the VTF. 

CC_H Oka;-, vhene/er you get a chance. From now until 

bedtime, as fry as flight planning goes, it's mainly your time. So 
just be sure\fnd get it, please.' 

CC-H • ' Apollo, Houston. The computer is yours. You can 

go back to 3J£>CK. - ■ 

ACDR *\ Roger. Back to BLOCK. 


R03ttan cam*. a » H °U8ton. We'ro i . 

anno * *J3:32. See you there U 68 from Ouajjj. 

Aj.1 right. 

PAO A kSy * 

•tation. As Sk/f ZTlo^ 15 3eC0nds ""2h th *T 
trailing behind Soyuf ?Jf 08863 the no ^ Patflf* 1 ° " tr ** in * 
Module Pile w£ J' FolIoW1 ^ a very vivid J,.: ? """^n* track, 
view as he phc Z ° ? ° f th « Si °P3on W *' 8 f rlptlon b * CoBrlnd ' 
colors L L g , P ,ed thw Simpson Desert h i* " 0Ut t0 vln *°v . 
v<« r ' Dr - >»«»uk El Baz, one of tZl he des cribed the vivid 

«*or. The pu™i"of ?h ^ bas 03tid ^ed, givinTit Jf pa *? n ?* ha * 


Af^ (USA) 

van** 7 *"*- 133530 ™ 


s » art rJS« w "'"' s - 

D « height measureir-ntT Hi Kad ° n * P«>WeBi with th* 

«ore than 10 p'rai^-' KflK • 611 toi - dU*'« ^ 

turned £t on it «n *- rc,c, "'"--.J • Deke turned it ,„ ^ the Jar 

Personnel in the -^erert - * 0,MU « later vhen ve vJre^?. f 
At that point ve te£^ ' t ' Ced that both liLTsLtt ^ 8 

second or tvo to a« £ aT ..I 6:10 decide 'i ve'd rewlS Jt J ♦° Ut ' 
rerlnJ. then OFF a^in Ar '??? ned - Hit the headvhoel '/° r * 

r- t v. ApoUc, Kou«*o- •% a ecvna, han ? on. 

ACDR ■ get lo ««d up 

docking aoJuie. Tnia i 1 ? ' 6 crew ' Meftsurenents lrl<7 11 ^^ure- 
and operation of C Snutt". ^ ti0n Vhich bHaed fn £ ^ 

■n- bhuttxe orbits. Flicht'di^ * the de sign 

8ht dil ^tor, Keil Hutchinson, 

ASTP (y8A) NC»*65/2 

Tine: 20:57 COT, 133; 30 GET 


presently looking over iravlnge vith his ENCO officer here. 

ASTP (USA) wh66/i 

Time: 21:02 CDT, 133^0 CST 


PA0 ' - „ shuttle orbitor. Our flight director, Neil 

Hutchinson, presently looking over drawings with hU IN00 offlwhere, 
"tteipt to determine what the problem is with the video tape reporter 
onboard Apollo. Next acquisition in 30 «conaa. We'll ho^d the line up 

fcr Cap coma Dick Truly. ♦.i 

CC-K Apollo, Houston, throv.jh the satellite. 

CMP Loud and clear, Dick, 

CC-H Okay, 

CMP Just having supper. 

CC-H Okay. Real fine. Incidentally, we're having some 

comm problem in our ground gear. We do have air-to-ground voice, and I » 
assuming wy're going to keep it. 

ACDR Key Pi or., Tare. 

'*C-H Oo ahead. ■■ .■ „ 

I.- D q what ao we hear froa Orerayer these aays m .ioaccv. 

' ( ^ c i s veil, a? a setter of fact, I haven't talked to 

h'm T-isV">n»ocr.. Of course " Kept in touch with him, talking to his 
t"u»-.»t'aU *he tise when ve were - ya'ii were docked up and during 

the wnleavcfw. I«» not sure when he's leaving - he's going to be on the 

v«v back I ' ii .check*...'."/.. ■ ■■ ■. ... ■ 

J okay. Tell hiia hello fron all of ua and ve 8 ire 

appreciate his verk, and all those guys who worked at the center over 
there for us. Ve haven't forgotten about thea. 

•> Okay. I'm - I vas sure you hadn t, a'tu i ii sure 

pas* -U to them. They have supported you in nighty long hours over 
there in the Koscoy .control center the vhole tine, as you know, and did 

a real fine Job. 

USA You guy* don't {garble, 

u Thank vou. Incidentally guys, eithei no* or atter 

you eat I have sor-o new* here if you'd like to hear any of it. No hurry. 
We still got a good while before bed tine. 

AC DP Okay. Yes, go ahead now. 

7- u Okey. "Nearly enchanted by the unique encounter in 

tv» <kv" Pore ='iu* VI said today, he became one with a multitude of nen 
To v che^he^l YApollAn* Sovu* in these day. The Pan UfV spoke 

t s c .w. tv « «h#» ?a^al Palace in his nilltop resort near 
^ Cr Z;iX^^ o7Sace venture,, told of watching television 

* " s L the ni*ht»- s'-V in the vain hope of having a direct glimpse 
?f *ou™i 'he Ly^ k. Hd, "He toe, our eye* dazzled by sky light 
viae t^n cverd the depths of nj*nt tl« space will shout out long 
"ve the heroic n*n of such a fantastic feat. Man has won and ve cannot 
refrain fron foretelling nore wonderful advap.^ in the dominance «f 
^beyond the heavenly sphere. Man will vir," Also I have an article 
a thlr/here that *oi»ts Out that except tci< the ApoUo 11 firs Moon 
Lndinl tKre are' more reporters and prer.c that are here in Houston 
i«riSiU S cover the Apollo Soju. -P«v. flight than any other apace 
fligl,t in the history of - since ve started. Hitn a - - 
kCPB Sounds great. 

7/SO/75 ' 'M-'OOW 

thiols the n»v e * u I'd i. 

J uly 30fs ♦ . °*tttr4ay to vi*<* 5 he Pre *i^nt tn 8ee the movie 


n both : *ft«e« Ci nc " a J 1 Mi f. to the j^y?!** 84l<i - 

c"£* ? t ll r auXw * to I r?t h 4Wt ' the Pi Jl* b<?at ^treaf 

iSSt I have r t !f & in the ^t zZe T ^ti^L, f 


Tirao: 21<.\2 CM % 133:50 QJ5T 

CC-H - - while Cleveland was defeating California 

and tho Y.ankeea took Minnesota in J chn firrt game of & double header. 
And the last thing I have in the news here is also on the sports scene. . 
It turns out that Rs^ph and Tgneoio scurried down six foot plastic 
tubes and crawled away with top honors over the weekend in the first 
Hawaiian cockroach racing festival . Soae 2000 persons shaved up at 
the park bandstand near W&ikikl Beach to watch the coppttition sponsored 
by a local radio station and the city's department of parks and recreation. 
Darryl Avora ( ?) 15 years old picked up his champ Halph at the festival's 
rent -a- Poach booth. "The ore I caught at home was too alow, he explained 
after Ralph streamed down his tube to victory. Rene R&maeio l?) 15 
years old borroved a roach from a friend to run in the adult competition 
md christened his competitor Ignacio. He frantically tapped on the tube 
to urge Ign&cio on aid his efforts were rewarded when the roach abandoned 
his initial hesitation and scurried to victory. Avora (?) said that 
he would keep Ralph as long as possible with en cutside chance that 
there will be a defending champion next ye<»r. We'll Just have to see 
how long he lasts. And I like the last line the best. He sa^g "Right 
now I Just want to take him house and show hira to ny aother." 

CM? Sounds like a new sport is born, . 

CC-H Roger that. Ve've still got about i*5 ainutes left 

here in this ATS pass. 

CC-H And ApOUc , Houston. We're through with uplinks. 

You can gc back to BLOCK. We're going to be starting the DSE dump bo 
I may drop out or. the com here for .lust a second. 

ACDR You've got BLOCK 1 

CC-H And Apoiic, Houston. I forgot '.o call you back, 

but I ms go for voice again. I'm standing by. 
ACDR Oka;.', thank you Dick. 

CC-H Roger. 


Tine; 21? 22 COT, i 3^:00 GET 


CC-H Apollo, Houston. 

ACDR Go ahead, Houston. 

CC-K Hey, Tom. I guess you guys we still in the - in 

your meoi, hut this t« the last pass thi.s evening and vhat I'd like to - 
what I'd liks to do is go through the things chat I have and interrupt 
you here and then y'all can get back and have it to yourselves. One 
^in 6 v* want to to U go ahead and get the VfflB 7* done ^ J 
is looking at his data, vhich he is now. And also ve would «o«e- 
body to go to panel feOO, the VTB and turn the power and verify that the 
POVES switch, the TEuEMETRK switch and the INNER LSVER switch are all 
ON ani ve'r* going to look at the data. We think it's possible that we 
may have been at the end - end of tape there. There have been some 
reports of the tape position indicator Jumping around during testing 

°" th AC§R CUnd " Okay, Dick. I' 11 go down and do that - right now. 

You've got the VERB 7k , , 
nr'_» okay. Another, another something that sonebody 

cauld'bV' icing, would be give oe a battery readouts. An<f also ve'd 

like the quantity readouts o>i all U quads. 

AC[) R Give them battery readout and, Vance, ycu can give 

- then the - quad 1 'readout 1 ?' . : " ; .--- v ■ '7< ,: 

ACDR Okay- I*« <* ovn here on the VTP * Dic * g ° 6head * 

r^ln Okay. Well, vhat we wanted - - 

A CDR All threv* switches? 

C rv H That's affirmed, all three power switches to Oh. 

ACDR Okay. TELfmTBY and the lever of VTR is OK. 

CO- a Okay, Le - - 

ACPS An<5 they read 3S8Q. 

Okay. We'll be doing soce comanding there, Ton. 
So I aay get back to you a little bit later on to do something else, 
but for right now I don't need an/thing else down at the VTr. . 

ACDS Okay . 

m? Okay. &<■-■>, you wanted batteries. We get 37 on 

C, aarae on BATA ar.d pyro A and b. And you want the others. A is 35-2 

&n<1 ^CC-H 3 o;-ay. I got then and now we'd li'.e a quad read- 
out if ve could get it. 

rvf (Garble). 

'\cvn Ok»y, 1 can get it for you here, Dick. Just a 

Elmil pC.K Okay. Real fine, Ton. And incidentally w« did 

verify that we were at th« end of tape there on the VTR . 

C{f ? Okay, and Dick. The quads (sic) quantities are 

' ^CC-X* Okay. There's. a couple of other things if soaebody 

would get out the flight plan, I've got soae a-few minor changes to 
r-ead up to you that are real early in the morning tomorrow And also 
it turns out with this steaa duct problem that ve have, that we - U s 

ASTP (USA) WU6&/2 

Tiaej 21:22 COT, U 1 *: 00 OCT 



'9 ~ then tt'a possible that that could effect the reH*r „.~o>,<>-* 

PHP Okay, stand by. One. 


nught^ve, 0key ' ARd I,D ready to co ** "VtMng else you 

c£ H 22'. SI"; H 8 r have ' th * ni8ht 

II* hSI and 55 BlB 2X; p £™ t0 ^™ at a ti*e of 

CMP OKay, I've got it. 

It™ reads plus 09 3 balls. I vent to change it to read p"S 06 3 

balls?* 1 Uader3tand> Cha ^ e 09 and 3 balls to 06 and 3 

about C l£?.n< w^"- Rlght belov there ther - **e's eolunn at 

CMP Oot it. 

hours ^^u^ So- 
under your column. I want to change the. to read pitch* ^"'^ 

CMP copy. 

•v • 7? , ° k6y ' Mew if y°u'll turn bac> a couple of BM « 

CMP':,,:"; Okay. 

durin* it»t uh^ a Ur0S ° Ut thHt Ve ' ve "leased the ATS sat 0 i lu ,-. 

Sn - com a^M^rr* •°/° U « ^oing to have no ATS, ao that contlnl 
*Te A?S ZJ: rr,t *" 601 ff t0 d ° yOU "V «ood if you did need 

tSri™; iK Ld Srs^' the 507112 - th * orbU 18 

, P , , 0kft y- that's good to have. Co - IkO hours 

and hov many ainutes? nours 

1*6 ? C A^ n „ t( Vel V le ? 8ee ' The vord 1 ha<i vas * 1*1 Plus 
didr- : m J time vhen they would be on the parachute! . bu? I 

nJo U dOVn " 6ht nere and 1 don** have it right ncv 
tnr Okay. 

CC ~ H Okay. Hov about enter - - 

CMP U»l and UC. 

f p . And (garble), Dick. 

<?C-H Okay. Deke, two valves, first on patel 8?l , the 

ASTP (USA) MC68/3 

W«#J 21«22 COT, UU:00 GET 

pressure relief valve referent t * 

DMP . ov«v p t0 Jmt that to VACUUM. 

cc-h & LT*T e relief 60 i n f to VAC ^- 

valve to Al/TO. ^' * nen on J*"* 1 to low pressure relief 

r,,!P Low pressure relief to AUTO 

^£ jj ^, . "* wvu y o«;e'«riQt' I've i&issed 

last night and P. nSn^.^^J!.," 8 C ™<^ *«*t, 

in. but I gave you a couple of calls ? ^ • ^"^tion y'ali were 
ably had off your headset. We ^we Ju t 'J' 11 UJ> » pr ° b ~ 

when you do do the prealeep checklist th«t T I **** 6&vn $ur * that 
either somebody is on a he d s L , naXe sure that - that 

boxes, the one probSw in the coLJ^ ~ 1 'V"* of the speaXer 

««d configuration la^ighT^W • ^ ^ T*' 1 think Ve had * 
call. Mg/it - >,asn ** ava ^ that you were trying to 


AS'?** H^£9/i 

fiat: aiiS? Off, i^»lT OS? 

CMP Okay, Vfc'U try t< a«X« »ut*. I this* ve l"ad * p' 

W nfiguratlon last nigh*. I vwm't «w that you vm tryin* to oail -i. 

^.{j Well I - I - UiU Borniftg when you » wh*n Crip voke 

you mp, I vas Just handln* over to M» and J - I a«r** with you - I va* 
pretty auu ve did *\d I h«wd you get up. *t the right, Us* buo I - right 
iftvr th« s-^duled period I did call you and iidn»t *et a reapona* 

«nd I ju*it vorried «b?"t it. And yw *igfet writ* your»*lf a not* - 
...ou Know it the ^f*tle'jp checklist on pa«* l-fc<> the wm configuration 
la listed th^re J- it It says "requl red for Joint operation* only. 
fk hm w ^ with pu»V 10. ¥ou nUght v "u$t telete that joint op» nwU- 
there, ar^. juat put iwi, there *Wify speaker box < vowebody wearing 

•1.3. Yea, that's - ve understand thfit fiat's* what 

we iid last night and pvrhapa th» vqIwk wasn't up . to wake us up, 

Cc-H Ok*y, incidantly »lnce Tom vail) fhll* ago, we 

talced to the specialist Ua» that's in Mojoov, and « out they'll 
be depar* iivg there on Wednaaday. And - which ifl going 10 be coaing up 
ahertly ' course and each heading their own way back to Houston. And 
they've really appreciated " - 

ACPR (Garble) 

, - wid t -,ey certainly appreciated your word* . 

A 0;;-B Roger. lnai>k you for relaying th*t , Dick. 

■*C-'d ^kay. 

.',>„« Okay, * couple of aore Rinor bysjineae things. One 

»*vi:is"*hat ve thir*k there >=.\gnfc*be an outside chance that it might help 
•i« if*ir,z Vie stew duet tT.avwd out would be to open up the door that 
Is in" front of the LiOH canister* and get a piece of grey tape or 
3cif.*vr,ir<g <*ni .lust leave it -pen and let sorve warmer caVin air filter .'.r. tr.*«re behind - in that area. 

>{ ; >j ^V.a;',- that's o; *n up the door - panel 350. 

C %J H .kay, ar.d - herd's ne last note back again on the 

via op ''ila. ' ♦hinfc vou're already quite aware of this but I »ust 
• »ii y.-tu'anyvt-y. 3V.erl a't? three black ca&e- a oagntines that according 
1 -ur "recr-.rW - i-eeausa c-f paot cancfiiationa in the Earth ops, thai 
hav-.- extri rra» =- if y-'t haven't airea^ used them. They are 

CTv* , . ana 

■ 0 yrp v e vere no re concerned Dick about the silver caneia 

rUf „ t ,',, d ( g{iri? i e ^ that U,e l^t tiir* wa talked to you, and we've 
i-y > and l/> nags *f that left. Bo ve need four by our records, 

w.. «•■■=• .-.till in soji shap^:, I think. 

, :C _H Okay, real fine. We won't worry about it. 

;'.jjsp' Ssy, Dick, one t» ing I wair.ed io tell you. We 

•Ion' t want to bring back cne frase unexposed it we're going to shoot up 
al' that bank on - a lot of thea will be c« outside and Just checking 
for anything they've got in there thRt couldn't be used for outaide 
U3ir>- tha light meters onboard the camera*. Over. 

■CC-V. Time» 1'n not sure I undewtand the qusstion and 

t 4 iUo to aur « J | t on properly r r M n.. 

DMP ; P 0 S *J ««\ ln » th »t queation please * 

film and * lot of it i f wtS'to X ** f^f U * 8111 thftt 

to see if there Is my till thl? v^VbT*, f* j4n 0h * clc 

up to yc\i. J aqvic * xn the writing ve'H get tt 

wuh ASA 5 0O e n*Im S iS ^JTJ/JSV" f ° r »Uh a 

ZFF. Aru w're using that i£„ for Earth , % i* CryStal gf0vth of th * 
interesting. r Earth °P S v h««tver ve s«e soaethin* 

Roger. I una© rat and. 
if i didn't it turnel'ouf^heV, 1 * 1 tMflk 1 * 0i this U P »*«>re but, 
nnoaaly fcecaue* of the end If „~ P**o**biy that that vaa just . 

".il .cave it at tli? e „a . ,, t th . yll,',"" , "* * la clei "l off the 

Ve *. Ml right, okay. 

futti^'Jp it. VitnKl£Vc*»t m S* ione li3t< for 

«t«iinjr by until the end of tha^TS p L; 3 mi " U£eS ' * n4 X ' n be 

Ven / e^od thaivk you. 

JJ r ^ Houston, Apolio. 

i 3o ahead Too. 

V*a, vhat terrain are ve crossing over right now? 

i'ou'ra on an ascending pass - at *b-v,* ia ^ 
-a your getting ready to oroaa tne 8 ^"^ ^12^? - f ^ 


Time) iUU9 CUT* OK 

USA Houston, Apalio- 

£5 2i STi-. . .«.r you cro., *™ 

descending pass coadng dovn T,4ls 

A £h incidentally Ton, one of the «i«st thing, tr.*^ 

H but right now ve're having Cheese caXe in the «■ .... 
AC DP (Garble) (Laughter J 

.. D Oidn't know Cy vaa a oooX. 

S P K 2eU JmI U - thl. i. Charlie r**i*' group 

Ir*w Okay. I didn't fcnov Charlie va» either. 

«S i«S; they have outdone them»lv««. V. ate spaghetti 

t0nU A*D* Ai Bean K uet be around there «ooevhere. > 

t k You've guessed it. He's the g-jy on duty . , ?*f" r » 

^ 5 Atoll-. Houston. We're coring up on about * mnutea 

l. f -~ Ire LOS for ilrill P*« of the day. One thing ve vere curious 
7 V did you ever talk to Soyu. on FM today, th . morning? 
CMF No, ve didn't Dick. No. never did. 

! : i H Sr. Ve never got cranked up to hear th« - 

-aiftly* became for the first 3 hour- we vere too toy to think 
,bout it and I guess after that, why, ve Juat didn't thin* ve 
til ,t to the,. vell , VR8 JU8 , adoring, » hji ^ej 

h\ HUle bit JJ.^ «J they're ^- « - — 
[^L^r^^e'gatn: va^cali U the .rning 

varvuard at lU 2s uS vhieh ia right at the scheduled time to t..e 
^he sleep period. And ve're going to be saying goodnU.i 
ve'il see you in the corning. 
ACD?. Okay. 

OT p very good, see you in the morning. 

o*~ H ApSio Control. Ground elapsed tint 13** 

3T .inntes. Loss of £gnal through the ATS(- •at.Uit. . Cap »c* 

ASTP (USA) MCl*70/g 

Truly bidding the or*v goodnight At lU-^ .u,,^. u . 


AST? (USA) HCkn/l 

tbU 14 Apollo control, »*«P««4 Um 13<i hour* ana ki minutes, 



» Apo ile cc„t£:. M elapaea Co „ % , 

WD OK TAPE ^^^W^U., 

AST? (U9A) HCkn/l 

'limx 2a j 46 CW\ 135*2$ OUT 


p A° 3,<\1. Apollo Control, ground eUpaed time 

135 hours and ff ttinutea, A call froa Apollo to the ground by conwand 
*v*iule pilot, Vance Brand, Juat checking out the cooaa equipoe at for 
th« evening. XoraaHy it»* « habit her* at claeion control cent«r 
that th« uplink voice com is inhibited on the ground in order that the 
cap coara doesn't inadvertently wake the crew up, Vance Brand Juet 
checking on the com »y«te» aboard the apaceeraft before they sign out 
for tht night. So the crew did get to sleep a little, late, as earlier 
repovied. They said goodnight at Hkt3$ t however they are Juat conpleting 
the checkout prealeep aotivit'.ea aboard Apollo. We will have acquisition 
throughout this ATS pass, liovever we don't antlaipate further convocation 
with the crev. At ground lapsed time 135 hours and 28 minutes, tbU 
■i» Apollo Control, We'll jell the tap* that ve Ju»t acquired through 
this uplink call, We'll flay that tape now. 

CMP (GarVie) How do you read? 

CC " H Apo}!io, Houston. I heard you call, Go ahead. 

c & 1*9 just aaking a radio check, Dick. 

C(, * H Bc#er. We're standing by down here. You are - we've 

got you on the ATS fo,v the next minutes, And we had - the reaaon I 
was delayed calling /.a that after beat lav, we usually inhibit my uplink eo 
Z don't nake * mietrAe while you're aaleep. But I'« standing by. 

CMP °^«y» Just wondered if the com worked. I guean we 

^ave it set up thU time. 

^" c - 4 It works loud and clear. Thank you very much. 

•5c jdnight. 

H<F Goodnight. 

?A0 That 'a the extent of the conversation between 

Vance 3r*nd and cap conn, Dick Truly here at the MOCR. At ground 
elapsed tine ..'.35 hours and 29 ainutes, this is Apollo Control. 



Times 33<^ COT, 136523 OET 


VA0 Apollo Control. 0 round U» 136 hour a, 

?? »!.,**». Apollo cresting high atov* the AleuUan lelanda on rwlutioo 
1\ Wake ud tU* in the aorning at 6i05 a.m. central daylight tin*. 
Monday £oX Tor day It active,, concentration ^J*;™"*™- 
Further experiment vith the EUY and x-ray experiwenta . Additional leg 

and docking *>dule heUht «Mur,i»nt, 4aU vhtch 
for the Space Shuttle program. The orev has heen wleep 
^ for Tre Zn 5 ho5.. Hoveve/a SaXeup - cop. check hy Vance Brand 
V"Jih£l hour ago. When Soya, debits the Earth toaorrov awning 

. ; at lUltc ground elapaed Use, Soyuz will Ve approximately 
VJiS'J-U <>f ApSio. An/vhen ^ut landa^in Ru.aU Ap.H^i ) 
be W roxl«Wly o60 .outheast of Tokuo. Landing tine for 

totr-rrw « e ground elapsed time of lU8 hour* and 31 »inute*. VaXoup 
tit ^rol^rntng *>r the Apollo ere* i. a.n. central dayl ght 

WZ, At ground elapsed time of 136 hours, ?.U minutes, thtt is Apollo 



TUet OliOO CP?* mm OST 


PAO 137 hour* 38 »inut*« ground elapaed ti»*e. ThU. 

ie Apollo Control. The Apoilo, with the Soy us several hundred si lee in 
front of it, are presently ov«r China, And the Apollo crew '.9 very 
much aaleop right now. A little interaction 'between the Motcov MUfion 

Control Center and the Houston HJaaion Control Center. Off going 
flight director, Neil Hutchinson, vising the Soviet ground tew good 
luck on their recovery tos&orrov. The Soviet-Soyu? ic scheduled for a 
deorbit burn at lHi*»6 ground elapied ti»e, and they will he over Acaen- 
tscion at that tiKe getting ready for their rentry. Their landing ie 
scheduled to Lake place at 53)35 north, a«<j 67:19 eaat, That's in the 
west Siberian plain, Just south of the Petropavlovak tracking station 
and northwest of Karaganda, We'll he bringing live video from the Soviet 
Union of that recovery this earning. They expect to have tvo helicopters 
vlth cameras onboard* Ve won't he getting video from both helicopters. 
The plan it? to have the helicopters at either end of their landing 
foot print and, depending on the exact moment of deorbit burn, the 
helicopters ^an go in either direction to bring ua video of the Soyus 
a» it parachutets down. We'll be keeping track of the Soyui all evening 
long. Expe.-t that video to start some tide around 5:30 thie nornlng. 
We'll also be providing Soyui conm engliah as the audio associated with 
that video. Our next status report will be at 136: 1*0 . At ISf^Oi this 
ia Apoilo Control. 


Ap* (V8A) Wkj&i 

return to l*rtf, j«w on tJfJ b * 80V CM **»w wSJ.??! 

^ descent vehicle hU BOrn ^*. Thay'v* *I lQn$ fw 

**i « period of m "! ed •« orbital b 5 « *h* 

contain ffliaTnforMtT" ** f ° r th * ul? ?' 5i * 76 

* indicate,! thnt v. ^H Un "»«mlng Ih^orMtt* * Ulu * ^rt 

** fight behind thf** * 3t ic ^it'i<2e. ** tfJ 53 «outh 

«5TI> (U3AS 

Tl»t COT, 13fi3* 0« 


Aoollo cootrol. Apollo P««tly vithln d.U «,»l.lUoa of th. W«I>1»« 

it ^M^i vehlcJ" and at thai point the *vo vehicles vlU b* over 

rental Africa at ar. nmtua« mj w- ,.- „v.-t«i»»« 

h*' ^ Ukcui vill fcegln. At that point the deacent >ehicU » 
•XllXi viU be UlcMt.r. and it viU at that U»e lr 
ulek Sea . The ra-Uo blackout vill la»t for about 5 »lw At 5:35 

Hol. Anl aoacti* 5:50 and 

^.fr : 14^ with Al*xei Uowv and Valeri Kiibaaov vill touch dovn 
V.51 the tv/u/ witn * Po kUcsM tcra northwest of 

J 1 " *T vM^i rot « v^4^ earlier at 53.35 north and 67.19 east, 

m* 50 ^gVe* ^ri./ar.d 71 le a r.« W .t • wfil put the 
if« xore 11** ^^rHnate- o»» when ve get tr.en frca th« Soviet 
exact target point .wrlinjt... ^ v J ^information. The 

^?; n V : V 4 IlW^ Vio have the night crew surgeon' 

written vori i „ inlK , 6tl ^ there is no evidence of crew 

report, tr. -en, ; ?f >Mir.s\i at thin naming'* change of 

health probleaa. We expert .-r. '^J^'" T Stafford'* blonedical 
ehift briefing- Also he Apo, £ .Yth« ground station 

r;;::r;,;s s ..u, ^ ™ Tn t 

occur in about 35 alnutes at s.*? c a <v &ct ivity presently occuring 

activity here tn fission cont«u. J' 1 "^EY £ r » ction on 80 *e 
at Biwiion control Moaew. 'ff*^"^!!^ iith Uonov .ad Kubaaov 

£2. B X^ 2/5 SSi: 1 ^ Ti ? e r ... j«t. 

aboard, jne genvrn* . ^ ... . v(k » t Siberian plain. It is 

ESHSS s.r..r„« rss- 

this is Apollo control. 



Tiae: O^tQO CUT, lfcQt3& GET 


PXO VtQ hours 3d Blnuies ground alapsed ii«e. this U 

Apollo Control, The 8oyus presently over the. BovJ*t Union and tl»s 
Apollo not far behind, moving nov Into the Soviet air territory* At 
the tin* of the Soviet deorblt burn, the Apollo vlll bo about «50 
nautical stiles behind, and very soon thereafter vlll be of the Soyu* 

as the Apollo continues in Its orbital plane, This evening's ta ller 
Moscow press conference, we have aoae cements on crev health. Dr. 
(garble) Soviet flight surgeon on shift vith (garble) Indicate that 
both cosmonauts had been requested to take nild sedatives, and that's 
something the Soviets nonaally do at the end of thsir als»lcns. Aluo, 
Dr. (garble) indicated that Alexey Leo nov had shoved tllghtly sieved 
heart rate on the eleetrocardiagraw, and had bean requested to take 
a pill - a pantgan(t) pill, which would increase the amount of potaselua 
in his blood. And Dr. (garble) indicated that that would indicate on 
the EKO teleaetry that they have a better heart rate for Leonov. Dr. 
Jerry Hordinsky Is not unconvinced that the Soviets were not prescribing 
panlgan(t) as a prophylatic svedlcine. There's nothing in the air-to- 
ground that Dr. Hordinsky saw which would indicate that Leonov had 
any proble*. Also, (garble) indicated that for \he past several Soyus 
missions, th*ir recovery helicopters have accoopanied the spacecraft 
within about 10 miles of its recovery point, »o they expect that ve'ii 
be getting so»e good television for this, sioce their landings have 
been very exact. They also have about 1000 people or so Involved in 
crev recovery. And Dr. (garble) indicated that the crev would be 
recovered within 10 ainutes of touching down, that the ground team 
neabers would be on sight in 10 sdnutes. At l*»0:*U ground elapasd 
ti»e, this is Apollo Control. 



auo a J h ;"^lJ mi : „^ itu ?L h fl ? U9in £ th * itlfr ^ 4 v *^^ 

This attitude vill be ^inllSS'unlil tLtT*V:! Wjtwt# * f0r bmkir '*' 

At the preset time thrillfUS ^tveen^h* fJ* 9 

spacecraft is 672 kiloaetera 770 « f n S ^ ua th « Africa* Apollo 

center ha* cUcS^WS. e V o^H^^^r^/rT 1 
caterer into the proaraa <»»»,( ,1 4 rh ** *^t* had been 

braking. The tieorbit data Has S^Sl?!?? 4 ^ commands for 

calls to , M ft lhe spacecraft fn^ JSft i L?*^*/ 9 '' Th * br ** in « 

viU operate for l 9 l.9 econd«. rilX tt* Jt J?V ^ m Wrk ' 

At 13 hours and 9 ainutea at thi* t?L ««>• altitude pf 21* kUowtere. 

•tabUUed u«i^ th^ yjth oHentl^n ^ f*™ -P^Wrtft will b* 

engines vill turn on at ho, l 9 «°gin*». The corrective 

point tho eatitX 3m to 1 ? WU * m * * At tkU 

at 13 hours, atnut.a, % econ^ ^', ^V* 1 ™ *>*™ vill e „d 

13 hour, »W.ute. the * vi 1 be U^l/T* J* tlB V * mt ™ 1 *'* 

that r^ent the altitude of flight ^ % ?V - tV ° At 

the altitude of I0fc.8 kilometer? thi I «i totters. At 

The G overload vill iff 13 -J* T"T ""^ th# 

35.6 kilowtera. At 7 kilc£ete« «tt\\ f ^J. *iU be 

23 second, the parachutes of *he tl * " 1J hou " ' *' 

hours 51 inute/tie So- " S m toS" 4^™^^ Al 13 

control center.) is aiaeion 

Slje Sebin and his eMff 'cAP^^^LS T' * 8 «» i8 

landing target point ts preeenUy so d««« T ' ^ Soyu ? 
degrees, $0 minutes eaat A^\L I t' tl ? ^•"^ 
Union is reported aa ver, JwJ 5<H f thftt of th * S< > v iet 


ASTP (USA) MCi*80/l 

Time: 0U:k6 CDT, ll»l:25 GET 


KT0 (This is Soviet Mission Control. Thla ia 10U 

hours, Moscow time. (garble) spaceship Sojrux ia coming out of shadow and 
is coming on to braking at 15 hours 50 minutes and 50 seconds. Then they 
will have AOS reception. The (garble) spaceship is (garble) 120 meters 
per second. Time l&.l seconds. Patch of clouds, 1500 meters; visibility, 
10 kilometers Wind velocity, 0.7 meters per second. Temperature, (garble) 
degrees. (Garble) correction. Spaceship will land at longitude (garble) 
67.32 degrees. This is Mission Control Centor, Moscow. 

r *£ A °o w 8 ° Vlet Mi3Sion Control indicating that the landing area 
for the Scyuz has now moved about 100 and so miles east to 67:32 longltirle. 
67:32 degrees east. Yri Roaanenko is the normal shift Cap coma at the 

Trl nlftlZ C °? tr 1' ^ ^r* 1 VUdi£lr ShataldV » ^e Soviet cosmonaut 
Zr II, 8 w, r ' there. And boea of them are expected to be con. 

vereing with the crew. This ship flight director, once again, ia (garble) 


AST? (USA) MCU81/1 
Time: Ok CDT lkl 


vith the crev. Shift" b ° th ° f thetI a « expected k 

nutos . 

13 mlnutej It v'Vl s . over the southern part of Ik. - "rth's 

longitude ?* ? t th ! lartiiE 6 P«Int arr aa fv"^™ ^t*li«t *«puMto. 
65:?r - . An u ^*te on these O rdinate, So VUI 

i ainute is i m w f ' 3 '* 9ovi * t M *"ion Control ^W*,. » 

{This is Ma* c «v ' k 
OF TAPS Vcy - -) 

ASTP (USA) :*:^82/i 

Tine: 05:06 COT, lUl A5 GET 


do you receive?) 

SCDR (Roger.) 

(Soyuz, Soyuz. This is Moscov. I hear you. Kow 

(I understand. I hear you excellently.} 
(Orientation is precise. The divergence is about 
o fir decrees. Everything normal onboard.) 

CC-S (Roger, Soyuz. Thank you very much. The last 

COMM session vas very short, and there were some changes . ) 
8CDfi (we hear you intermittently.; 

CC-M (Roger your report, Soyuz.) 

CC-H Again, the nev coordinates provided by Soviet 

Mission Control Center: 65 degrees 15 minutes east longitude, 52 
degrees 32 minutes north latitude. 

USSR (Moscow, everything Is nonsai.; . 

cc w (Roger. 69th narfc - nomal. Over.) 

SCDR (Moacov, this is Soyuz. We have engine fire. 

Stabilization is stable.) 

SCDP (Thf engine fired in a stable mode for 20 seconds.) 

C" (Roger, Soyuz. ) 

(Uo seconds . ) 


y . (90 seconds, firing normal,) 

■ C"< \{ (Roger. 90 seconds.) , •• 

g tiJ p (2 minutes, normal firing.) 

rc-K (Roger. 2 rsinutes.) 

Scrp (Everything operating noraaily. ) 

r"? Sovms r.ov out of range of Ascension. We show 

that their leerbit burn began *t 5il0 •nd 35 "<*«« n *?i™?* 
'4«vittM time. Soyuz crev reported at least a 2-iainute ourn. 
"* rl ? K , (ThU is Soviet Mission Control Cent*r. Moscov 

V: n hourS 16 minutes. The Hat* final stage cf the flight 
flh' Sov. T P L4lfft ha. begun. Nov it ha, left the ^ne of coverage 

of he Vi'c,r.,ion loland tracking .tstlof. ^^VV^S? •J&fdiA. 

V* 11* broached the -oast of Africa iw*r thf Oulf of Guinea. According 

t J J" e^ts! "the^ngin, at the calculated tl* and turned 

,, ff Rt n hours 33 ainuUi 38 second At the present tin*, the 

aut ..tniti •: - ) 

vxi ftf TAPE 

ASPT (USA) MC1483/1 

Time: 05:l6 CDT, 1*U : 5*» GET 

Date : 7/21/75 ' - . , , 

KI ° f — 38 seconds.) At the present time, the automatic 

onboard equipment is i.ov doing the final programming. So this i3 prepara- 
tion for separation of the modules, and also the maneuvering and control o 
the deorbit and entry into the atmosphere section. According to calcula- 
tions, separation of the nodules shall take place at 13 hou/s 22 
minutes 26 seconds. At that moment the altitude of flight will be 
15>3.8 kilometers. Thia is Moacov Mission Control Center.) 

PAC ' About 3 minutes away from orbital vehicle 

Jettison nov. Soyuz over Central Africa. 

PA0 The Apollo crew is missing all this. They're 

scheduled for about ho minute* more vorth of sleep. They're re- 
scheduled to wake up until 6:05 a.m. central daylight tine, wher. they'll 
be in acquisition through Vanguard. All three crc- -members are - -"" 

KI ° (This iu Soviet Mission Control Center. Moscow 

time 13 hours 21 minutes. Until the separation of the modules of the 
Soyuz spacecraft, 1 minute remains. The flight of the - the altitude 
of the flight a*, that moment will be 153. 6 kiloneters. Somewhat 
later at 13 hours 26 minutes and «8 seconds at the height of 10« 
Kilometers, altitude of 10L, the descent vehicle will enter the 
atooosphere. This is Moscow Mission Control Center.) 

KI ° (Separation of the uodules of the Soyui space- 

craft has taken place. This data was received by signals trans- 
mitted fro» the orbital module of the spacecraft Soyuz.) 

KI ° (Thio is Soviet Mission Control Center. It's 12 

hours 2U ninutes Moscow time. The distance between the spacecraft 
and the lt-nding site was approximately UOOO kilometers. In one 
minute, the Soyuz spacecraft and its descent vehicle ahall ^ will enter 
the atmosphere. ) 

C( - VM (Soyuz, thi3 is Moscow. I can bear you.) 

3FK (Roger. Everything onboard is normal. Separation 

was on tlrw. Everything is working. The descent - retrofire engine 
worked fine. The engine fired on schedule arid at the proper t i w . 
■The engines were switched ON, The button was j,ushe4. Everything better - 

(Continue your report pleaae. Ve <\r? listening 

t:-' you, ) 

£ *~ e: can hear the engine firing. And we can oee 

it through the rorthoir . ) 

kn:: of T/.t k 

astp (usa) mm/i 


Dft r«mofL. ! t^if ! r the Contro1 thruste-a P ~ C !° raft 18 moving very 


£b M (Roger. sSyu'e? K t 8 M r r0 «"™e4. ) 

(we M .^'rij?.^," «~ll»t„. ! 



KIO thi * is Moscow. H 0V do .. nil A 

between the spacecraft fr^ Di ^«« «osct tlffl e J?'*" nw?) 

C ° nt -} 0 - " e ' re - reCelV1 ^ ^-i- fro n Soviet Mission 

between the .pacecrafj 3 ^!; fj^T^ *° BC ° V tic *' Distant 
the Caspian Sea and is now "f % a . ce - raft . the descent vehicle ? 

Th* distance be•»e»n < ^L h0U^S • 30 •'■»<'•». 50 second. u~. 

cow.) loaeters , ) 

KIO i??*' thie *• Mob cow. How 4 

*r««craft.) ^ e ' e i9 ^entary f ron onboard %l 

CC-M ( c " 

-r.hin f . v, can «-ov.H t . ver, difficult to 

CC-.M (Very good*) 

USSR fofv^^' Ve ' re 8tlu Siting - ) 

AST? (USA) MCU8U/2 _ 
Time: 05=25 COT, lU2 :0U GET 


CC-M i R °e er ' ^Ta'our altitude nov, approxi-nately* ) 

TO £ A Bive you the distance. 25 

* the calculated landing point.) 

Kilometers to the cal^^ ^ iB MoBCOV .) 



7/21/75 ♦ is Moacov.) 

teen ei^ed. > , ^ helicopter* .have e S hute .) 

«$ 15?;.%: ^ r sss M 5r« 

: (This y . A c8 cendinB a ~.° ; r. 

c ftucop«r. «. f»°" lne 
SSUrt« it vl»^W; C( , ntro l center *w 
CC-M U . 1. tfce b«vl«i .1= , M • S l „g to 4- 

vehicle of tM SC'^J,,, 5 0 ;«« 4 ^U«.> „ .„ ,,Uovin6 «« 

13 hours. »" "(juituae f ,»0 n.iujpttr 8 is folio 

descent of tne « 



Time: 05 : ^6 CDT, 1^2:33 GET 


t . ' KI ° < - ~ P ilot (garble) of helicopter 8 ia following 

the descent- of the descent vehicle. Moscow time 13 hours, 1*5 minutes.) 
\, , K1 ° . (Altitude 1,700 meters. Moscow tine 13 hours. 

4b minutes . ) 

KJ° (The rescue unit reports that pilot f garble) h*s 

establisned communications vith the Soyua 19 decent vehicle of the 
spacecraft. ) 

KI °. (Altitude of the descent vehicle 1,-00 meters 

.-loscov time 13 hourB, 1*7 minutes, 50 seconds.) 

^ ■ (Descent rate approximately 7 to 8 aeters per second 

the descent rate of the spacecraft. 1,000 meter altitude. Moscow time: 
13 hours, ho minutes.) 

.. . KI ° (The crev has gotten set and ready frtr contact of 

tne descent vehicle with the ground.) 

J}9. j 1 ^ area of the landing io a smooth field.) 

* 10 , (Altitude 600 meters . Moscow time 13 hours , l»S 

minutes, 50 seconds. ) ' y 

. K l? ' (Contact of the descent vehicle at 13 hours, 50 min- 

V™ " 8 Mo9 ?° V time ' ^Parachute has been Jettisoned. ) 
, , °, soft landing engines fired and a snail 

cloud of dust Tose. The descent vehicle is lying on iu side and the 
helicopters of the rescue unit are approaching it.) 
PA0 Soyuz 19 on the ground. 

, a ^ I0 ,v , * 13 hour8 ' 52 oinutes. The rescue heltecopter has 
landed near the descent vehicle. Members of the rescue - search and 
rescue group are approaching th6 descent vehicle of Soyui 19 spacecraft.) 
. t K f° (Specialists of the search and rescue group are 

beginning to open the hatch number 5 - the hatch of ths Svyuz spacecraft 
descent vehicle. Moscow time is 13 hours, 52 minutes, fc* seconds.) 

. KI ° (Th * P lace of landing is being approached by heli- 

copters carrying the press.) V 7 

„ . KI ° . „ (Commander of the spacecraft , Alexey Leihov, hai 

Just exited from the spacecraft. Moscow time at that tlse was 13 hours, 
y« minutes, 25 seconds.) 8| 

f A0 Alexey Leonov waving at the rescue t«au members, ap~ 

parently in very good spirits. 1 

, Ki0 (Moscow time 13 hours, 55 minutes. 7h: flight 

engineer of the spacecraft Soyufc 19, V.aleriy Kubasov, ha* Just come 
out of the Soyus. The cosmonauts feel veil.) 

PA0 W Alexey Uonov, Valeriy Kubasov, the ASTP cosmonaut 

tern neabers on the ground safely in the Kazakhstan province, USSR, 
surrounded by members of the press, presently. 



Time: 05 55 COT, l)*?:33 GET 

Alexay Leonov, Valeriy Kubasov - the ASTP cosmonaut 
PAO Aiexey ^ » tf ft , ft vh 3 tan Province, USSR, 

tea* members - on the ground safely in J»«J 8t ^ 4 rescue team member*, 

thl. moraine, 10 **«»"~™\tL ££«., Alaxey Uonov and 
« Sa.oT^S cfU - * — » - 

.ale point »^ r ^^; h ^^"wri.^ HU.1- Contro! 

towards the rescue and ^ * 

Center.) ' ^, t „„n»v ncA program manager for Apollo-Soyuz, 

PAO <> len Lunney, f^° g ^ the ^viet Union, Professor 

presently congratulating hi. J^^C, c ^ h^crev on live television. 
„tin Bushuyev •^^^ c , ^ Renter director of the 

?A0 planned landing position. And earner 

vm 10 kilometer* away from ■■ * l gJ£ t iJrteto? frO* the Soviet 
this ^rning. Vadin Karvez, thift m*h * ^ g ^ iti 

Mission Control Center, indicated that tn v ^ 

into the rescue helicopters. 



Date: 7/21/75 

n 10 helicopters at 
Looks lite fro. 9 D „.iaily in the process 

PA0 ,i^m covered. Everybody Pf"";* 19 lan ding 

the rescue site £ departure fr0O the Boyu* 

of boarding the hen y . vft v e . U p for the Apollo 

crw . They «. f»" U " JUS , transferrlng PAO 

Vang-d. f orev — ~ Uo-gro^- . t** vm 

release frott Scyus air-" 8 l/2 

Sivr .KW.nt.rll/. Apoll0i „„„..,„ through Vanguard .or 5 

— Cod- 1 t^> ."^rST 

Good morning. read , Bo? . t l00 kii.g 

CC ; H „ .con « ioS.ow has a «h»«; „ lmte „ Ve'r. Ju»l t>ar«ly 
to atari on u »»" »^ ?ou 8lve „, a couple ol » 

,tarU?g\o -» -re meftt te lbU w so. . »• 

ACDK Okay. 

CC " K rtkav. Bo. 06 ahead. - n4 it, concerns 

ACDR 6k5. flr8t W \ Jip *U vaste vater to UO 

AC0R Too. I think I heard you , R3e? 

ACt* Roger t ^ 

change th. high-gain 

cb ange«; Ihe --^Ko^r. M-^^tr^ P«P » 

ASTP (USA) MCfc88/2 v 

Time: <tf:Oli CDT, lU2:U3 GET 

Date: 7/21/75 

ACDR '"Jot it. r 

CC-H Okay. And there's less than a minute until LC - 

and we'll nee you at ATS at lU3:07- 

ACDR Roger. H*3.07. And I guess the angles of 1^3:07 

are minus 7 and 323 - okay? 

CC-H That's affirmative. Minus 7; and 323. 

ACDR Okay. And we'll check on how our water boil's doing. 

We should have it okay. 

CC-H And, Just as we go over the hill, everything 

looks fine. We still have live TV from the Soviet Union in Kazakhstan 
where the spacecraft has landed and we saw it touch down. Saw the 
cosmonauts ^et out and ever/ thing was good. 

ACDR Okay. 

PAO Loss of signal through the Vanguard. The American 

crev informed of this morning's unprecedented live video of the 
Soviet recovery of their two ASTP crewceoberp, Alexey Leonov, Valeriy 
Kubaaov. During the time that Karol Bobko was talking to the crev, 
Seegaic Sedbln(?), the shift flight director of the Soviet Union, said that 
this morning *<3 and the entire mission stood as a ^<?od basis for future 
canned international spaceflights .mi exploration of space. The Soyuz 
touched dowtt, at 5s 50 and 5^ seconds Central Daylight Time this morning. 
13:50:51* Moscow time, I figure according to the Soviet Mission 
Control Cehter. Next acquisition for the Apollo will be lU ainutes 
away. That'll be through the ATS satellite. AT 1U2; 52 ground 
elapsed tirae, this is Apollo Contn " 


ASTP (U5A) hJ<89/l 

Time: U6:2TCW, lU3:06 GET 


_ 1U 3 hours, 6 .lnutes ground elapsed time. Rearing 

acq uiInion, through t^ATS *ff^ 6 "hi ™£\ '^Boom 
Pete Frank, moments ago presented J ?h« howrary «S«r..- of 

specialists her< , In ^^^X^^li^ ^oi and a 
the Mission Control team. The ^ et flags . Apollo crew 

fl mall reproduction of the American and Soviet £ break _ 

Ambers this morning pe J^^^TJS o^rJaUoiT ^eriments today, 
fast. They're scheduled for mere 0 ^ afte raoon, 

along vith.«>re -tropical e^r^ts^Lj ; e , ^ ^ ^ ^ 

£S£ ""u U?P° ^rTuptvX a Cq uisition momentary through 

the A ^1 H Apollc, Houston, through Santiago and then ATS, 

ovm ' ckp ^r^;. T^mta*; ^ m*t 

CCK ■^fTou coulo"" out the flight plan .upplewnt 

P J;r:ff a ^^.nhJ^ y ran e :^inue vit* on the flight plan. 

'Otp ' Okay, stani by 1. 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

riOUS , r>^™ 

ArollO, Houcton. ahead. 

OXay. We got the v**t* vater dump going, ->e re 


ACE* Okay, 
tining i v. 

S X^O, doe, ,t look like ve cculo us* that 

evaporator to boil v^ter today? Over. 

AST? (USA) HCU90/1 
Time: 06:3B CDT , H»3:l6 GET 

ACDR And Bo, does it look like ve could use that evapor- 

ator to boil water today? Over. f ^ ^ ^ eTapora to r , hut 

CC-H Well, were joins one of the 

down until the evaporator, activation at U9, and « 
flight plan changes that I was going to give you. 

ACDR A^hov is the vehicle , i. i * comfortable* 

It's a little vara in the c^jmana , module* - 



ACDR WeThrve'the VTR off as per the flight plan, 

CC " H Okav 1 "" Re*dy to copy your changes nov, Bo. 

S£ H So ou have the flight plan supplement Out 


nip That's correct. 

S£ K Okay. E - rev 68 0JV pad. 

VV ' 1 j \ 

CHP ( Garble J 

rr « That's on page 6-15 » _ 

%* <*»■ T vtvz ft SftfiW 

Cc-H Okay. The • l*e on-lt >«.-.*m3..o.«j. 

sr.* * .»» * • « ° r w - 

X-rtyM* -»lt«* fj""^ k6 „,„«,.„, vhlcl. .ouia be .t the =»d of 

^ * * . c™ t ---- — ^ „ „. t D n 

Stand by. . 

S£ M Si*. A? ?8 ielete the X-ray and do the WV as 

9Ch "1^* Ro^r. Delete X-ray, do KW. 

ecl H Pcwn about 3 quarters of .he way at 

v-j-Ay power down. 

>- H Ckfty That's EOT pad rev 89, lU6:5U:13. 

cf H RoSr. that', all 1 h*vo in the flight pl» 

pXement'now go tack to the flight plan. 

T?VA like to verify that water du«p's 9 ainut*.. 
CMr Okay, rroiedtng along. 

ASTP (USA) MCI490/2 

Bo > how d <> you read? 
CMP S? J 8 ? lead : 1 re * d y° u Hae. 

cc-h L^r u ; a d v : s T, aore ?; the m ^ pi«* i can C o Py . 

*-3.27. ' Tftl8 vould be rev 88 - rev 8? 88, , 

CMP Okay. ' v, 

the page" is pitch £i^ a J\\"8 ln the *' ' 

page 1-25. y ^ at X-ray contingency P rep, 

ccTh : e < &ve tha - ■ - 

BUG. number 1 varaup.' " 5:10, SC ™ tCh ° Ut deat ' tiv ate primary evaporator and 

add bS» 1 varmup. ** 11,5:10 S<?ratCh dea =tivate the primary evap, 

dp if ,■■ ' 

w o= s ^; ad A " d lf ; ' ou ' u *»• w «». 

and th1s' H ia the starf of Ihe^. 1 0n ^ that 3ho * d b « * 1*6:02 
I on. 00 "" That ' 8 «»• VERB 1,9 *aa*uver . ^ nunsfcer 

and a^ in 1*6:02 aSl^ ^ 6: ° 5 SCratch out activate priory evap 
and £; H VHHB ,8 shoSHe .^^rTo^^Iig^ " * U A ™ 
maneuver 60 - the ^60^^ U ' 9 VERB *8 

one in the flight pla^Tab^ ST!'! " %U "' B 811 ' Imjr 

end of tape 


Time: 07:^6 CDT, 1^3:25 GET 


CMP - 6-C - the DAP is 6-0-1-0-2 and 0 and four l's. ' 

CC-H Roger. And there - there '8 already one in the 

flight plan, at about 1*»6 03. 

:MP Yeah. We have it. 

-'C-H . Okay. And now that VERB U9 maneuver, that says 

VERB ^9 maneuver to target 3 - 65 A attitude, is going to be moved 
down to 1U6 UP 37. , That's after the ATM burn. And it will be the * 
VERB tj maneuver to target 365 A - 178, 10,' 037.60, and all zeros. 

''-"'MP Okay. So that VERB 1*9 maneuver is ckay as is - 

except ve change the time of doing it, which goes dovn to lU6:37 - 
was that? 

-'C-H Roger. Right after the turn. 

CM? Roger. Got it. 

CC-H, Okay. And instead of that maneuver, there will 

be a ta: euver to the ATM burn pad attitude. 
CM? Okay. 

C'C->: At 1^6:17, there are high-gain ar.gles . ANd change 

them to j itch minus 2c , yaw 305. 

CM? Minus 22 and 305. And where does - and that 

puis that maneuver to the burn attitude, then, at - right after 
yoi. turn or. BMAG 1. 

CC-H Rcger. That takes the place 0/ that VERB 1*9 

maneuver to the target 365 attitude. 

CC-H And at 1^6:36, perform the burn. 

CMP lU6:36 - perform burn. 

CC-H Roger. And I already gave you the 1*46:37, which 

is the maneuver to the target 365 A attitude. 
CMP Roger. 

CC-K At ll»:U0, VERB k8 t 6-1-1-0-1, 0-1-1-1-1. 

CM? Okay. After the burn, go back to a slew LAP 

r.aneuver rate, which is 6-1-1-0-1. And the same, 0-1-1-1-i. 

CC-H Okay. And then inhibit all Jet9 except Dog 1, 

Dcg 2, Alpha 3, Charlie h , Baker 3, anJ Dog U. 

CC- i And you'll notice there that we're using the Dog 2 

instead of the Bravo 2. And that's to conserve quad B propellant . 

CMP Ckay, after that - 

CC-H Say that again? 

CMP After that, inhibit all Jeta - To read back after 

that, inhibit all Jets except D 1, D - or, Delta 1, Delta 2, Alpha 3, 
Charlie t, Bravo 3, Delta U. 

CC-H Roger. And then go to the flight plan supplement 

rev 89. 

CM? Okay . 

CC-H And we think thax the waste water dump should - 

is about finished now. 

CMP Okay . 

ASTP (USA) MCl.91/2 

Time: OT:^ CM, H3:25 OEM 


And at 1*6:26, there hrt *..» that YEW M - «« 

tMt . a to bo deleted.^ ^ 

CC-H =° ""J*- Sr^ft I', hold oft o. the., supplant 

CXP 0*ay, Bo. Why «on t report uorlted 

direction for you to do nov ^ ^ dovn vai „, 

then . C 1 vould - . K°r t o » 2* ^ ^etHin* else, i-t « ^ 
, 1M? Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Oo ahead, Vance. vhere yOT 

CK? ! JeTn'tnfsuppteler^SfuSt you give 

X?. ™f ^"a^ S- . »- ^LlMted ell 

^"except - U^^'Sl * * - S - leM "' 
r«v 89. 

CM? to nake sure we've got thi. atralght - 

CC-H And - jast to th(J ♦ on this ATM maneuver. 

let «e Just start or^the "^thlS V Vve go t it. Let *e 

read if all back to you.' Thafd be better. 

CC-H Startin* about lU6:02. We're going to 

turn S* on, weVe^n, ™ — ^^^e^ 

ve're solng to farn BHA"i Ion, «anejver tfMch is minus 

. - that's a pad - , af.jr that, e 11 ^ do r Icffiedi6 tely nfter 

22 and 305. Then at H6: 36 ve 11 « e -h _ vhlch (g9rble ) 
that we'll do the maneuver *« v "£ Q *\£* r thBl , VERB 1,8 put in 

VERB U9 maneuver ^;-^ pt 6 ^5 B»on^l ^ m _ 
a slow maneuver rate DAh , o i. i. « 


Inhibit all JetG, AC-wi , 

— cc 8 i ' ~" B " 

ti ae vas the DAP change a,d that 

on, 60102, 01111. We have tbat coo, and I forgot 

CMP * & . 1 

you. OXay, ve got ^ ^ lU9:02 . 


Go ahead at 1^:02. Qps atti t *ie. . 

cf H ^ er ' ^r^ynrfron Pl^s 09000 to plu. 

06000, and that's 80 that yo 

out the windcw. ■ ftrouJ . a . hat 

KCtivat« prinao evap ^ ve 

ic thia norning. To lU& ve <n emphas^ t» 


prob«bly lose ATS. ^ 

c c f , 2£ w. *u i js. «•« ^ to 1065 you 

,o» ~ P o« » ^ te 1 ^ -"in. repor-- 

CC - B Sow tor., !>o» do k . Oo aheH vHh /our 

M? Read you loud ■»« « le » r ' 

CC-K " eady ° .,,««« AC had 

Bornlns "port • okay . ;«t«rdw vM « CMf . For 

pecan eooXie. «vej;°fl 
and tea. Got all that? 

ASTP (USA) MCU92/2 " 

Time: 07:56 COT, lU3 85 GET 


CC-H All breakfast. Lunch chicken salad, cheese, tea 

strawberries and pecan cookies. And, dinner, no cherry nut cake, added 

cheese and t&fe. ■ ■■■ . ■ 

EMP Roger. Okay, PRD, you ready for that? Tell me when 

you're ready, Bo. ; ■ . ...... 

CC _H We're listening, but I did not hear tne PRD. 

m? Okay. I was vaiting for you to switch pages. 

Okay. It's 11009, 7 hours, good; no medications; and a full tank of 

vtit c r • j . 

CC-H • Roger. 11009, 7 hours, no medication and a full 

tank of water. . 

DKP Rog. Okay. CP menu. 

' CC-H Go ahead. 

; CM? Everything - everything for breakfast. Scratcn , 

the haxTfor lunch, addsd tea and cookie, add a cheese for dinner. 

CC _ H For dinner that vas an add or subtraction of the 

cheese? \K 

IiMP That was an add . ,^ 

CC-H Okay. 

DM? And his medical report. You rea3y\ 

CC-H Ready? . - 

Pj.rp 1*8216, 7 good and 70 seconds. He m\vst have a 
lousy PRD or else I'm absorbing the radiation at a much ligher rate than 

the rest of us. • ^ 

CC-H Understand, !«2l6, 7 good and 70 secona-u 

DM? Rog. V". 

EM? Okay. Then the DP. Everything for brea. fast, 

scratch the salmon for lunch, eat that as a snack, okay leave it on, 
and in the evening, scratch the macaroni and cheese, and choco. ate nut cake. 

CC-H Got it. Okay. The medical report. Okay PRD is 6100P, 

7 hours excellent sleep, and about kO swallows of water. 

CC _ H Roger. Sounds aa if everybody slept good last 


DMP Yeah. Sure did. Super. 

CC-H Great. 

£iv? That old DM' 3 cooling down pretty good ni/v, ac, so 

we're getting some cool flow up there. I usually sleep there and Vance in 
the tunnel and Tom down here with the hoses blowing, so it works out pretty 

WC CC-H Did - did I actually wake you up this morning? 

DMP You actually di'.. 

CC-H Great. 

A CDR Yeah, I had to Bcranble to answer you before you 

went over the hill. 

CC-H Good sign. 



ASTP (USA) MCl<93/l 

7/a/75° 8:06 CDT> lU3 ' M GET 

ACDR e, v - 

rr u ^ » you have some change, < „ 

AOTR (Carble) for sample nlm ber 1. ' 

you had'it ready? Ap ° ll0 « Hous -^" I did not hear you. Didyou'sav 
ACDR Yfm * 

- got to get it. y ° U Ca " ^ ^ That . 8 in a separate book 

CC-.i • Sorry. 

boo, is?. vs , re ij^x^r^^ 

CC-H So> tne main one out. 

CBS book. 

then . 

you yet. 

■lute bock 7 


T rl f \\ 1 c«n go ahead. 

*>, I don't have. I've got something to the Earth 


Tine. Go ahead and give Ton the updates bock 
I'b ready to copy that maneuver, Bo 

8 ° rry Ve *™ the na neuver ready for 

0^ Ckay. Bo, do you have any 8tuff for the up _ 

it - then it viH goVjJi JSte^rTf "V™ ^ ^ 

«P All righty. ^ But Ve have it right nov. 

0k~* niaY^ 0BS b0 °* here. 

ACDR ?'* a I* rev 88, ,ite 8D. 

CC-H r V " rget 60 4nd rev 88 

at 1U:W SW . And> *J 2 nearest the center of the vindov 

y , ACM Hang on. TnTed * Ailr 90uth of ^ir. 

book - ed & pencil to vrite on this 


•"her." 1 see vhat ' try ta U on nine 

c5-H S R J. VM Over. 

ACDR ■ S?^. nDatlVe " ^on.iteas. 

Vlil Ef degreeS «^ o/iSiJr aU:nber 1 MB0 and that 

«™ 8t t r U ,^ i ' ;,46:3 f 20 defireM «o«h Nadir. Okav 

Mao is 20 degrees •Si ^ * is 

south of Kadir. ^ 1 * ot th «- 1^:^9:15 and also 20 decrees 

•itlon is. We're passim- over'aLV I lght "° V vhe "ver cur po- 
«* long rich dune* and on^ ^^^J;-;^^ _ 

*? W (USA) MC^93/1 



WD OP TAPE ' s > 1 main A op en , 

AST? (USA) MC2.93/2 

7/a/75° 8:06 CDT ' lk3:k5 GET 

I mean they are big bibles. It's Ilk- <„ 

basin I don't know where we're at t « * nearly a sediment aery : 
tine. It's 1I»3:50;3U. eVeieat " 1 1™} vanted to report the.t a; th 

CHlJ™ R ° Ser - And " looks like you'.-e over - Hke ,,0,'th 

ACDP. . okay. ■ • 

CC~-H f U ! t . cff . th ? ^ard. 

CC-U S?J JW ODS(T) Copied all that. 

It', a little cloudy at ^V^S,' ^ * U * U 
should cloud up across iraier iSt/«5 J ff °™ r ^ er ^a. It .mil you get Jp ^rro f d * Ren U 3h ^id clear u 3 

ACDR 8 ( Ovf F ^ JUSt SCllth of tli * Alp 9 . 

^xpe.^nt checklist page i9 and t^™ sL 5 * r0c * 3 ^ *>r sa.ple one. 

0.<ay. Got it. 

perrc«"the following Sr^Jt ^aS"!™^ 8Mple " ™ at ^^t". 
wter Bark, the., proved to the S lES. '° the U0 

front ban* has no. advanced to the if i lll^?^* '""""^V. If *h 
vr.ieh is to reset the portable tiwr •« £ ^ f° Pr °° ePi noainaily, 
ainutos, do the 2P E frUzs praedu^ ' And then after W 

vrite that fast. * . '° U J Mtt «' « l ™ » all of that eg.!., t „„, 

110 milineter nar* - f f *° nt ' the front bar 'd has advanced t , th* 
A P S Oka:/. 

ACDR C ":,5? n ?r ° Ceed 10 ^ freeae Procedures iaaediateiy . 

«ter then vrolirtlJZ™^* ** Bdv ""* " the 110 ,i l.l- 

t^lf Okay . 

«J then'do a brief.^' ^ th&t y ° U raset th. ti*e r ror 15 

out of^tis call. ™<>Tl ha^Tc^l'f' th * ST ™ 

U and if at 60 minutes yo^ no 1 ,1? 1° US " you ^ *«* »t 
not, youva>t ttoth.^^ 1 ^? e f S? ^ " 4 lf 

band Si 3 ° ne ° the <* its - th« ve d 0 ne ed to W where ta." 

ACDH okay. 

■ CRs^f * ... 

ASTP (USA) MCl*95/l 

vlihs 08 '' 16 CDT ' 1,43:55 GET 

Guam WS". JS^Si * ^ * ^ »«1 

than what is shows in your fli«K nLf J ? ' a llttle different 

CMP Okay, iey and be ««»e the ship is steaming, 

were telling Tom about the spLnlown ° ff the line vhe » ^ : 

interesting to hear vhat it warlike an* ^ t0day ' U ' d be 
they Jumped 0ut . Mfiy be ^ ^^J™ eve rybody looXed when 

following then, with^ca^i^ 1 v f ' they had 6 bu » ch of helicopters 
chute, comi ng dovn, you ^it T^AZ ^ -T ^ 1 
And Just before thpy hit th« „ t kind of a divine bell 

Must have been vher£ fhe rtk °nrV^Y* S * Mg " 
and they settled dovn quite - looks n*/ ^ 6 " the dust blev awav, 
Sot to then, they got out ard stool ,t niCely ' Vhen the people 

so they looked like they v Tre 1?-L**l ^ b ° th 0f then vaved. And 
W So^ds great . & " Md *** s ^t S • 

?AO h f2f,^ r9 | JW, , t Bb0Ut S° iR « LOS here. 

"iS'ir* 6 -stlngX^S r^-^^-n ing . 

Hight director Pete Frank to the Sovf J ° U3ly tra *sferred from 

in M ssion Control. The intend Vas S ?f ^ r °° a a P^ists, here 
10 visiting specialists who ^r^viVSe' £ 'K?* 1 ™ ^ < &Ch ° r ««« 
+ n Houston. And it vas presented J a e«^i * COntro1 teams her * 
^siting specialists, to commemorate the7r*«\ f^' t6 " each ° f the 10 
here, working with the Houston™ igh t col wl*? &Cc ^^ n ts 
vere approximately 20 by 2k inches AnS-^*** Eenbers • ™* Plaques 
vas a small American flL in f?f / ™ the up * er lefthand corner 

flag an J, in between the\ * tiU^/^^ a «a£™£ let 

Jn3 m Russian, the writing read f* Missi ^ Control emblem 

the name of the specialist^ "as'an^L Certi * thatn ~ then 

Aeronautic, *nd Space Administration TlZ^r™?** 0f the ^Uonal 
active p^rt "in the implement*^ of ft** ?? Rtro1 Teaa « ha * taken an 
July 1975... ^ it £ ; 8i ^ S n^f° m ^ P *> Ject ln 
the Mission Control .Center in Houston- £1 S ^ dir * cto ™ for ASflP for 
Jo; Pud,-, and Nei i Hutching ^Is"' v!^ ^f?* Frank Wttleton, 
mission report - mission report numW i ^ th * P^ao director's 
* this report is 122.5 nSueVrfSl ' The f rM t Of the ApoHo g ven 
Perigee, and orbital weight of m l™ ap ° See ' 1 10 -° nautical ffl lies 
Apollo - the:extrew:St«Jiofet i^.^* Sci6oc « "PeriJnts on 
72. 73, and 80. Supplemental da ta^^ ^ ^ data revolutions 
77, and 79. The instrument vas w?th7! f ^ on evolutions JL, 75, 7 ^ nS 
va 8 vithin the H specif icatlSa^ ft? h , ^f' & " d that P^ameter 
operational and took data on re^luUons 7^ f lov det "tor was fully 
x-ray detector - detector for ^fl ' * 5, ^ ' 7 ' ^ «o?t 
in revolution 72, prior to a «nn^i! ! , X ~ rfty ex P^iaent was Purj , e d 
e ot>a, but 8 u P plem.n P tard^ta in Sv 7 Tm r^', ? e r6V 72 ^a'lXd 
-tor for that experiment re.ues^^Xlt ^SSff^ 1 " 

AST? (USA) MCU95/2 

Time: 08:l6 CDT , 1>43:55 OET 


each data take and asked that the low voltage be left on while the 
door is closed, to varm the detector itself. As a result of theae 
problems, the x-ray supplemental passes in rev 7* and 75 were "rubbed. 
Also, data was taken from 2 additional revolutions for the geodyn amies 
experiment. And tre multi -purpose furnace sample, MA131, vas processed 
and removed. And a nev sample, MA085 - excuse ne . MA085 crystal growth 
w-re inserted in the furnace. Earth observations vere conducted as 
scheduled. And there are several Earth observations passes sched uled 
for today Those icoluie passes over Europe and over tre United States 
eastern ^aboard, looking for red tides and currents. Cur next acquisition 
vtll S through ihe tracking .'.at ion at Santiago, Chile, at ground elapsed 
time 1U1*;12. This is Apollo Control. 



Time: 08: 16 COT, U»3:S5 GET 
Date: 7/21/75 

heaters!" "J MAIN B OP^ heaterS - 1 ^ A ° PE *' 02 tan * 100 vatt . 
™v^ t .„.^ ^.0*t.nK - 

ACDR Gofthe** A ^ 2 MAIH B 0PEN - 

and 2 C Sl?N- A CLOSED.^ ^ ° 2 ^ 5 ° vatt heaters > 1 MAM B CLOSED 
ACDR Okay, got those. ' 

Cu- H Thank you. 

a fev C changea later tit l^nlvTt'?^ ^ it,U pr ° babl * cause 
number fcOOS, the colorwheef is s tJk b^ v * f that ' s cane ™ 
in the DM on panel 8 7 1 . And l£Tk£ ^ ^^ CUr " nt 
the black and white is ok*v ' hold the color synch; 

. you've put it on nwblr «73." ° Current1 ^ the DM and vc think 

CC-H Ro g J er ha ^rt h C f yCur yesterday, 

-other e«e r . tbit^^™^ ^ -™ «ot 

A<-ur! Okay. 

doublfchec:, those. ^ thOSe 3Crial nUmbers - *>• ««ain so ve can 

CC-H ' ' a J .J h * better of the lvo I gather 

to do exactly vlth th^se ' *" B9i ° n DOte f ° r later °" vhat 

ACDR oiay. 

your bre'Last thou^J^er."^^,^- , ^ f ° r "-turblng 
Pick you up shortly^ Gui J ? DiaUte8 Until "» but w'll 

SatellUr. Reacaui^iL 0 ^ 8 ^^/ 1 ' 00 Technol W 

6 ainuts. Standinc^ 10 ' H ° U8t ° n thr0Ugh ° Uaa for a over 
ACDR okay. 



Time: O'f^O CDT, UU:19 GET 


ACDR Rogftr, Bo. 

ship Vanguard, ^^tion for h minutes through the tracking 

^ P f°. ' 1,03 Vanguard. Reacquisition 16 minutes avav 

through Santiago, Chile. 1^:21 ground elapsed time. This is Apollo 

, . PA ? „ , lUk hours » 37 minutes ground elapsed time. This 
is Apollo Control. Acquisition less than 30 seconds avav through 

Sl^J'S!" *J hlB tine> TOffl Stafford should preparing himself for 

ft ;;\ p v I t,ass over Central South Aaerica - He, ii *• Poking 

at the ,al«land Current and that - sand dune fields, Just east of thf 
Andes Mountains. And, Deke SI ay ton is scheduled right now to be takL 
Photographs of the crystal growth experiment and zcfe forming fL g T. ' 

Th:" CoEes th rcugh Santiago and then ATS . 

ACDR Okay, Bo. Read you 5 - by. 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

ahead 00 "" Apollo, Houston. We read you loud and clear. Go 

ACDR Okay, Bo. I'm starting this Earth Obs pass. Okay 

tl \l\°J , C °r Ple> ?f ainUte3 ° r ' GET from vhat ^ «dl! 

talk to you later. I'm busy nov. 

CC-H Okay, 
a chance! Apollo, Houston. We'd like ACCEPT if aoaeone has 

ACDR 'iou got ACCEPT; ye 're running B20. 

Cc-n Roger. ACCEPT, then it won't hurt. 

PA0 11513 is Apollo Control. We've receive* eor,n™»t 

through the Mobccw press site, that Valeriy Kubasov !aa the" fTr^™* 
of the Soyuz this corning. And, Alexey Leonov was second AnS not 
first as previously indicated from the Soyuz commentary. Once Lain 

Me'xey^oSo'v! 11 ' ^ ^ V " Valerly b> 

you can'go BLOCK. ^ ' " nlrt " 1 Vith th * 

ACDR Ckay. 



Tine: 08:06 CUT, lhk:k6 GET 

Date: 7/21/75 

a- H Apollo, Houston. We'd like the x-ray contingency 

r rep Parted 30 we con get our x-ray cal in at the proper time. 

ACDR ° ka y- 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

cc h Atollo, Houston. Go ahead. 

ACDR ^e x-ray contingency prep has been Completed. 

Would you just reaind me what getting the backup purge to OFF does. 
Would you ju ^ r . res8U rizes tne detects. See las t night 

ve had the detector venting and so now we've r^res.urized it and ^ 
th^n ve're noina do a calibration here &nd turn - that turn the 
lit ^oltageliver OFF and evaluate the data and decide wha, they're 
going to do with the x-ray. 

ACDP Okay . 



■>bt vith outgoing flight director Don t,le main auditorium at 

»t 0:30 ln the JSC auditorium. munlcator K ^°l (Bo) Bobko. This i 8 


ASTP (USA) MC1»99/1 

r/UJ Ior this trim jsaneuvor « v " °° K *o I can give von *h« 

DM? c,^' Juat a second. 

•» you fi„ lsh thu ,°f v f r ? 1> i™ is that « e . re „j t 

Okty. Give it to me, Crip. 

'JKfty. I understand you've mi tv,- ^ . 

- juu ve got the updates book 


CC-K mat's afira 

AV - L,rt Han* -r « - - - 

f^/i "j "^'(S ~n a second, 


ACDR //Wxi \ v ■ ■ 

CC - K !♦« * 3tand b * 

A maneuver update. ° rry> vhat * ou need i» one of the P30 pad's 

ITSll'* J U « ■ C^IJ.'lij^';,. *'«" - ««« in th. 

* Jet ainua X, aet delta V ? ■ 1 att ltude maneuver ( ! fl 

^t^up, of course,^ IOt!^ ° l00 ' 0 ' «* *iU Y eounUr v Ui 

»*.».«• X, delta V to lof'sho^r 88 ** 1 * Uitud * aaneuver, ? , et 
CC-H 1,' *5? uld WiJ >t UP to 107.1.. Jet 

j^p c **y» fine 4 

by tov,r dovn therif"** 11 ^ e<JtUf '« out a fl ain today, 

Hi Siuve A :° ^ flylng Vlth ™ ™ on nov ? 

* terday ^Z^^^ *P P~.«d dovn iA lhe 

Z re to havfthe 1 ^^^'^ 1 other Hen, on this . 

thls °' thl. burn ^['Hola , f^V £ lV « you * for 

Okay. No probie. t0 l04d * d dually.. 

*«* their corning vi^i? ^.JKiJf Contro3 " Crev of Apollo nov 
deluding the ChfiSS SdS Tun^^r: ^er .everaT.ner e0BpUt - 
fff^ *^ P^ana River and , n , IlS, f 9t t0 th * of the Andea 
lh*t 3 «.e area. Clou, featur^ 1 : L^* 1 ^ 1 i! 

n,? - ne ground track, Th# 8tr*it 


Wi-octor, Don Pu^y 3ur _ e( £ ™ e oa *n auditcrium in JSC vu\> 
***>. At the tiS ofThe sov^ ^ Hordln8 V, CAP CO^Ka^ 8 


ASTP (USA) MC500/1 . I' 

l/Tl/ 15 09:3h COT « lh6 '-^ GET 

PAO { . 

el»pacd ti». A M ul 8 ltf™,V P ° U ° °° nt "-ol, H6 hours IP -< . 

vhich ls . bout thel^tTn^r^ * ,lt °. Ecuador iTaiLf;"'? 8 8rou " a 

Orrorol Vall«v u ? . f ao i<V!d tape ve h„„» . , 3 "Inutes 

««~<W.. " "* ttat tape at M^f^" 

-- h E'u 3 "s ~- 

CC-H i, h T kB 4 lot « D ^e. ' Crlp< 

npnip ftf , , w re going to leap ..„., i 

dS i0ral in * bout 33 ninutes '° U here * hort ^ have you 


»•• ~ «... , .,„£"•> >— • -.v. „ „^ „ r „ tu ____ 

£• £2: SX: S J k S ;:™ —»> . 

■^-h Won »* iou caught «•'* * . 

sodMhin- <r ; *feii, it oust ha V p v a „ * ^ * ^ S'ypiise. 

your check J lM thor*. I 1 ' 1 *' * ' ,H> ' VHS "ccnfca ., n H „ 

ACD7? «" °3 y:: " ir n; K ht Pl to * * P^viou, 0 f 

AC DP P " 19 00 the ««*t ATS 

CC-H * " *" 

ACDH - - 'J? See you there. 

^ N ~^ fal *»" 

»»ftut*<i. We'll - ve'U 8eo you at oV^ i 

you at qui to in ft b6ut 28 

ASTP (USA) M0500/2 
Time: 09: 3 1 * C.T, U*6:ll* GET , 

♦ rt PA0 , „ ' 17118 18 A P° 1Jo Control. That completes playback «r 

last revolution. These two vere recorded during the chan R e-of-lhlfE 
briefing We should bP at this time in contact thr^h"he Qui?o 
Ecuador tracking station. A brief gap after Quito until tie .a^hite 
acquires Apollo again. And ve're standing by. satellite 

°?' K r v ^PoHo, Houston. Ve're AOS through Quito ve've 

got you for ciout a minute and a half. v»*o, ve ve 

Jcdr ApoJio, Houston. AOS , Quito for 1 minute. 

Roger. Copy. Hear okay? 

and record anythir* SgerbJe^ ' ^ ^ ^ W00rdeP °" the f — 

WP Deke you're so veaX I can hardly read you. 

inject- - temperature in the furnace prior tj helium 

s „ vhv^r't w-ft^*?-! 1 w thRt COffi ° 8eeias t0 be Poor right nov 

-my M „ n t rfe wait until a little vhil* until ve c-t thrm^fc thL t' h 
get you a furmice report there 8 through then I'll 

W*> ohay. 


ASTP (<JSA) M0501/1 . 

Time: Oa-.Uk f W, lU6:2k GET 

.7/21/75 .: 

th» aST" * « ^ AP 2i l0 ' HoU3ton - We ' re talking at you nov through 
the ATS. Got you for 52 minutes. • ff 

USa" (Garble j" 0 ^ 0 "' We ' re - Vlth y0u throu ^ u > e ATS. 

<n *xf C K- • Apollo, Houstor. I can hear something very fain* 

in the background, but - unreadable. ' 

^ Roger. How do you read novf 

CC ~ H On! Loud and clear, Vance. 

T * CMP * 0Kay " We ' re ftl1 *«*• coming up for our RCS burn 
t" Amazon * ° Ver ^ Am&20n - AE621 ^ cleVf.y 

vm ^l" ♦ O^at. Sounds like a pretty viev. Vance, vould 

yoi - do you got - do you have ti Ke to give r-e that F$2 results, Just 

wo give us a quick idea whet the P 3 at form looks like? 

CMP Yeah. Tom's getting it right nov. 

u « , ;I t w . Ai3 ° " VherG ymi n °™* Uv Eight go ahead and give 
us - turn the tape recorder on - the high BIT rate and so forth - for 
a burn - ve do not vant to do that one for this one. It vould certurbat* 
our scheduling over the DSL for the experimental stuff. P^rturbate 

'-^ Okay. Understand. 

Acm Okay, Crip. Ready to copy? 

C ^- H Yes, sir. Shoot it to me. 

^ A ?°? Ai l ri S htv - ^"l star is 06. 3econd, 15. NOUN 

?U:3i!ao? ' PUlS ^ ni "'' ia i8?4 BlnUS 128 ' And we torqued to S 

Roger. Was the Z component a air.. 49 108? 
AC PR Minus 128. 

CC " K Okay. Copy. Thank you. 

' — "h'Sr- v*.-* V'? lde o a f ly ", y0U P rob * bl y ^eady noticed on the 
n^'.'v " \ I * U in tMs * ttUui * ^ »inus X because it i< 
pretty cxose to the next attitude that ve have to go to for the EUV t>ad 
coring up. Didn't think you'd aind a Mttle eyeballs L therl * 

r v., n °" So P roble «- O^d way to balance up the 
quads, too - (garble) there. K 

CC-H Reg. 
, i. . . x Apollo, Hon j ton - for f>eke. You v«n.- trying to give 

ecu JnU^r^ 1 ?h0 fT' 50 ? AVM1 * »*" through: Qui tcsandw^ * 

gi" it to us nov. ^ ^ ^ ^ - bt? 6iad itS « et If ^ 

^ Okay, Crip. I Just wanted to give y<v,i a report on 

' ht on the And it. tfw h9? for our heliun ch-ck. 

'±: H C!l ^'> ^miks a lot, Appreciate it. 

DMF Sure . ' 

Yeah. That lull look? good. That if. about 'what 
ve vore predicting it vould be. Cat *nai 


KNt) :5K TAPE 

ASTP (USA) MC502/1 

Time: 09 ^ CDT, 1146:31* GET 


S fjff " S e re COffll "f to 2 .mute, on the burn, 

ing at playback data ttr ♦ £ " * tandlo « * here. We're nov look- 

data. We Jin hSi | Murt a^ ILrTi** 8 f rL haven,t « ot to «•! tiao 
a minute from noT J 8 °° n M Ve get A0S M&drld whl ^ i8 about 

AC&R And ve'ns burning. 

C C-H ' . ■„ .Copy. - 


ACDR And the EMS reads 107.8. 

tC-H Copy that. 

die coae'Vnursday. ^ g0Od " ^ * h0Uld put y0u ^ dovn in the aid- 
■■^R Sounds great. 

Straufof Dover ncv^* ^ y0U ^ Ve Ve ~ flb ^ over the 

i •" = ail ifm&tive. 

5c-H - }rfiat ' We g0t a *> icture ^' ^ then, 

and get 'this VERB U^ZZlV " C " 8 ° ^ 

ed to get there in U« ^TJhe' sGv^^ ^ l ° " " ^ U ata ^- 

ACDJ It . s in Workf Crtp> 

our probien with the instrument! A'so Ve i2t K b * CaU8e ° f 

rev 90. I'll - if yotJ vanrvr^.M* ♦ tn4t 8ame thln « on 
on thoae, I'll su^by To rl^lTlZ. ^ ™* -te C 

A p DR And we're k&i euvering. 

W Stand by. 

CC-H Copy* 

Okay. We got it out. 
~ ^>ted to d^t^fraT^ 1.% J*^* ™. 

using fhat In.i^.^uK'ut^ ^ " ^ U ^ Ilk * "'^ * 

back vut you -n tha— It* I* ^ We'll get 

really lipJrt«J eMeV- f '} " "f^ 1 1 * Hht SUUe is that the 

.tn^nt^L? «t . u tr^r^f h rr u v ° in - 

P^iority rev. and targets upcoming - J,, faft fblm.,! !m 

you ' rc doinc ri-v h*« i( .„ S , 1 beiUve this one that 

onV or th(l ki »w , ; U 8 about lh * ^oni highest priori!* with - 
one or the highest priority ♦ara<»t« i.„„i„.i 5 . . *v "* vn 
fh*i t»* *♦ « * v ^ I\ , y -irgets involved. We had a problem last. r( »v 
hat ve h don't understand. Ve're trying to take * look It it f/ 

ASTP (USA) MC502/2 
7WT5 09:5 V COT - ^ 


ASTP. (USA) MC503/1 ■ 

Time: 10:0k COT, lUC:Uh GET 

Date: 7/21/75 " 

Just i£t It v Mr /t ' 4 " " l ° * " JeStl< '" ° f or 

at . 0?"" Wel1 ' WhlCh VV " yoU Were 8U PPO«ed t» have Btarted 

ACD * 0ka y' Cri P- '*> have a checkoff list *e're 

using end everything is checked off. 

* rti - »~ » ** «» p^"- & « ««. 

A ^ DR Rog. I understand. 

, Apellr., Houston. In looking over your ccnflaura- 

ticw failowinc that burn v e shov that EMAT 1 l, .tin on and J " 

need that turned off please. 

ACDR Okay. Turn" 4 OPT- 


**** (USA) MC50^/l 
Time: . lo :1 fc CDT ..... 
Date: 7/21/75 * lU6 -5k ^ 

ACDR J° ahead - 

^oks real good 


CC-H * ri eht. 

An ^"ns food dau. 

° Ut °f r K Ur halr * 1 JU9t 8Utlng d ^ < 

ACD R »v... eins <5uiet to stay 




/ou really ,. r * ^ • ' . • ' 

0h - - ^1 ; e ; xr h r > 

r . P< ^'thing's going 

iC o^i. Vhen - -"-id l^l*^^ 1 *' ^ 
CC-H . ntlt 3 wh «« you verify f h *t » 

ACDR fi t thing initiated t£ 

the**. In in ea. ^ 1' , 

AC ™ Okay 6 Bl88ed lt < that's vhy the 

ACDR ■>** jr * 7 e 

ACDfr ° 6 *h**i. 

"w'i "Ben RrankHn" been a V 

buttons , ft 0h ; ^ » a ^-H havin« a bAl1 

ACDR ° rlf * t0 ft that data i". a b * U pU8hl "« *U theae 
acdr 4 e *> ten, 

ACDR " ' o/^%; B fS^ y 
data back< *«*h. 1 0^ f inp ^ 

, . CC ^ Dev. - tMll * n t0 »t thl. 

«'i<D or TAPE 

169.00. iVU - ni ™ er * sh0 ^ d ^ 169.10, ve aee it though, 


ACDR Thank you, Crip. 

one button hard enouSto ft^ £ tlffi^. 1 h " th * 

keep all .traight? ^ th ° 3e nua ** ra 0n there « 1 **'t see hou you 

the cfoss check here!***' *"* Wally * tvo ttan J ob ' to coordinate 

CC-H Roger, that. 

here on'the ATS , ^Te'lVs^ylTin l^JAlTf S *° ^ 
about five I g^ss, through Or^rll 1 ^ T&U'wT"' °" 
ACDR okay Thank you, Crip. 

Got you for a little over a -i'nutT* * * yOU 6hrcu sh Orroral . 

ACDR Okay. 

CC H nv* er " 1 "' tiln 8 18 Veak . Crip. 

JJU. ve're just abouf^/^ ^ Jf^ £?i V'" " 

30 aimitea. We 11 s<4 « you at Quito in 

cc l jj Anything you need real fast? 

ac&R act it. 

ftn%l Quito pi 9 J£ thiJ «;J?r"i S f ^V 1 ? 2 btf Qttil ^ Ec "^^ 
*t that «« on revolut on 9[" -Xh Jl V a IT.?"* "'^ r ' tU ™ 
««V fr« the preaent spacecraft \LtioS ' ^lll °in \°? * half 
of Earth -".-bservaUon r htto«rati- in •> \ Ul be * n °t'»er «*rl* s 

logical S truct^,/ in "f S Vr CP f 8i0n ' Vi ° U be 

of Mexico. The u^iu^ L'^ m Currents a.M in the 

*d Tide, Sediment and J ' r " /[X^ 1 ^ «•£ 

TM, along the »« Eng i^ d ce4 ,™ ;Jf B ^"f Bay. Red 

c.-r.fluei.-cf of the g, jlf stre *, ar>d thl rlv" ? £ P lo ^Wl* the 

*i„ufB m Quito. ti,i. i8 A POi i; ccf^ 1 .?-^;?;^ be feB * l » ^ 


2 XX 

AST? (UiA) MC506/1 

gtation Qul s^^ ^,. c °^ •* f^-^r^ 4 6ia ^ d "»•• 

continue through Quito, Merritt T« 5.2 ? f * ° Ut *° ••conds. tfe'll 
through ATS-6 «tSllti .^S^S 1 ^.^}"* «* 

- »inute and a half/* 0110 * K ° USt ° n ' * e ' r * A0& «»«>ugh Quito for *bout 
to go - R ° ger » Crl P' log voluBes> 8tin haye Deke 

aSL C ; H^n* S;[V reakiD ^ P - standby one. 
of miimvM. Why don't w ^d £ ,L f V * *° U in MILA a couple 

°C>K ApoLlo ' 5^* Set a littlG be «er there 

MILA . iiovdoyourea^ ' U8t ° n ' r * nw »t you through 

Cc!h ^ V ., ab °^ 1 you loud and clear, <Vi P , 

A r D s sot you the aa-e r.ov. 

.J ;^ in th , „JS,r { ^n , S SalSs,;;*"- * — t the , 

And ve'ri e itUn« - -rT^'li I, g 2* readbac *- *»>t 1* correct, 
that U.t ,no, ve ^T^. J ^a?^" ^ fb<>uld have b ** ft refect on 
»"e irking on * m U „ ^ 

ve io.t earlier. And one T^Y^* J? T^f ^ " th&t d * ta 
I oan talk to you abo-^ " V « ", lf you « ot a fev «inutee there, 
'■<-t page at abVutl&VcJ'.o Ve'v ^ 'J' 8 * 1 pian «*« to the 

*«* CXay? wj e V * * 0t ^ <*H*d out then,. 

ACDR Roger. 

Jel^t'hat C4 1 and ^.W^^wl n^i/h* *° "° ^ We * r * to 
little spocUi procedure Sich i« f t™ do a - kind of a 

to activate the or I L \ «U " ^f 1 " 0f 9vltch throvlhfr 

them out to you vh<E £ get ^OS thVo^MI iT* \ V * 1 ?° * And ^ 
believe Bo told you earlier th 8 Sin« ^d hT f ^ 9 f' C ° ntrar * to 

ACDft ^7' , We 11 4elet* that nov, 

W* hav« ATS to folic, about ItL^ 0 ^^ 110 " 9 through MILA. 

sir :l{,-n fc . Rbcut actIva in « the « v *}> rate on your i n ~ 

CC * H Beal fine. Thank you very mich. 


ASTP (USA) MC507/1 

5/S/75 n!l9 COTf 1147:59 GET - T 

;^ ; V\^V . ; Jr :':U l .'v;-'i.V-; , '> , r ^ ^'v'- i'?:-'^--:- ^V. v''"v' ■ivA'^'^ jjf : i ^' .A 


CC-K Si* h r d ° you read through ATS? 

CC-fl ^ d &nd clear. 

1 Ti* 001 to 1o °" p " tly ' tor »• - «*■ *».' 

CC-H J.?.*™? '1 locl, «^ that far ahead 

Acer , dM ' ■"""> *■»» if «LTf' 

JS^ I don't - i ion , t t^5; r * ou ' *<" ycu vanted it. 


ABTP (USA) ,»iC5oe/l 

to let m bend hia nw^^J^f " « ot a 

next paaa? "ewoing upcoming via 0p9 observations for hU 

hM*2* J48t * 8 * cond « Crip. We'll - aeK h*» to get on a 

«o«e infonr.aUon regard* ^al^^I? Y<> V, h * gent that requested 
for targets of opportunity? ttiUia ^ er fll » ™* hov to use the MUon 

*£MnB if v. «.d«V;ilSi?.^ g 2;V f "i a ?Jf ht - H ? V - essentially 
object cue card on light settings f tZl add * tloos *° the photo 7 

«* ( f 0^bleV MnX V * t0ld W * that " - 

•f'^t 1 aid hm^^lSj!,*? 1 ? M * thSt he co ^ the Ugh, 
Of that to Dexe, if he to e^ ^"^ 4110 "- 1 ^ ^ all 

He's Kind of busy now. * C ° ypl * °" ainut * a **wo he can get up. 

M«e Sats eonvenie^or ^uVt^lk^h 1 V ~ - any 

things that I vas go in* to ^ about U * 0n « Vf the 

had UlXed ^ro^.^^isaiS 'l hl ^ ab0Ut ' W - - I thiL you 
Bite.. And I vas' g oTn g 1o e°J{ hf*^ T' °' C0U3t " U '« «Wo£n g 
Sea, ao that he aught be able to let Jt X? VdS, / n thC Adri ^-ic 6 
it next rev, and he's going to b. Li . * 6 ° lng to be ^ing over 
he might be able to J a ahot of it? 6 ^ ° f hl * ° bs » ^ hov » ?o 

something in that ^'u**'!!* ° Ul t0 hear can do 

the location. * 11 " vhen »»• ««•• up. then he can copy 

C<MI Yeah. 

LKP J f £y. CU&T ' DeXe - Hov ae? 

^ You and me, both. 

CC-H Okay^"^ ° V * rhead a » d counting. 


DMP "^n. 

*>t a good EP. H'^^ll^Z" WTt^ <«"«e). We 

very fine this B c Tn* t'n i^' 6 ^ ee " r plu * can * 

couple iUm. of inter'esTon £* d *° he " "at. What - we had a 

abou,, o„ this upcoming paM t£Vj£"£i££*£ d ! • 

One of the 

ASTP (USA) 508/2 

Tiawi 11:29 CDT, ll*8j09 Q2T 


ie that - we've had a rather large oil slick, about 1»0 miles long and 
5 »U*8 witii, report, Od about 50 miles east of Key West. And ve think 
that, that probably should bo visible from th* number 1 window in the 
command module, when you coee across there on the next rev. 

DMP Okay. That's 50 vest of Key West. 

CC-H East. East of Key Vest. 

DMP Okay. 50 east. 

"C-H Okay. And we're - It's going to be available to 

you Just about - oh, part of that red tide area, when you're coning 
across - about the ease area, there. A little before it 

DMP Okay. 

CC-H Okay. The other one was - 

j«P Before it. 

CC-H Okay. The other one was that - I think Vance had 

asked Farouk to look in the Funk and Woods "Captain Cousteau" regarding 
Bose sea-fortcing sites. And we got some data back that one of thea 
is going to - that he's considering this on tho eastern edge of the 
Adriatic Sea. And you're going to be coming across it. And it should 
be visible froai number 3 window, on rev 91. at abcut GET. And 
you con take a look at your book at target 9 -J and at least get an Idea 
of the area by the Adriatic. 

Z' 1 ® Okay. Rev 91, 11*9: Uk t to 9-J - and what was the 

window number? 

CC-H Window nuzber 3 - the big one there. 

CC_H Okay. The other itesr was that - is - Tom hid talked 

t'j the ground yesterday, regarding use of the Nikon, since you" guy* 
vere getting a little bit short on film there, for targets of opportunity. 
Basically, we're telling you you need to use the photo cue card, but I've 
got some recozmendations, if you want to copy them down. 

2MP Okay. Go ahead. 

CC-H Okay. Recommend using the 300 millimeter lent, 

although some of the problems we've had from Skylab indicates it might 
- that might end up blurring a Sittle bit. But we can try It. We 
recommend a shutter speed of 1/1,000. And for your. CI film, your 
interior film - use your exterior photo cue card, table bravo, but 
increase each settir^ by 1 F-stop. For example, instead of - if it 
calls for K-8, ve want you to use F-ll . And for CS film - Charlie 
?ierra - *e want you to use table B directly. 

DMP Okay. 

CC-H Okay. And if you have a chance to record any of 

your photos on your voice record- - 


A8TP im) H3509A / 
Time? U;?9 CUT, i^«X9 . 

CC-H - • v# want you to uae Fil. And for C8 

film, Charlie flierra, ve want you to use Table B directly. 
ACDR Okay. 

CC-H Okay. An< * if you have a chance to record any of 

your photos on your voice reoorder, ye'd appreciate It also. 
ACDR We've been doing that. 

CC-H Yeah. I thought ycu probably veve. 

CC-H And that's - that's all I vas holding for you right .. 

now. Let you get back to - to observing the world. 

ACDR Okay. Fine. I appreciate that. Probably they'd 

have it here - it seems like about the time ve get ready for a good old <; 
dip or crystal growth is when ao we ace the exciting things. Of coura* -*©Vo 
out of the way and we're not really very euro, but those (garble). 

CC-H Okay. Hang in there and Xeep after them. 


A$TH (USA) MC530/1 ' ' " * ' 

Tin*?; m\tk9 (JDT, 11*6:29 OBT 


ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

MCC-H Go ahead. 

AC ^ °*ay- I <Tiea« we'll b* losing you shortly and ^hdt'tt 

when it calle out at 2706 to verify the DSC tape motion? - • 
CC-H Affirm. 

ACDR Man I hope the data's coning in good for Shem. 

CC-H Hey, it's still looking goo«l, 

ACDR Okay. 

CC-H Okay. We're about ready to go LOS through the ATS 

and next station contact quite a while avay b* through MI LA in about 
37 ainutes. That's at lM^S 1 *. Ste you there. 

ACDR Okay, Crip. Take it easy. 

? M This i* Apcllo Control. 12*8: 51 ground elapse! tins©. 

Loss of signal through A7S-6 satellite 32 minutes from reacquisition 
at Merritt Island Launch Area. Apollo conaand aodule pilot Vance Bi\»nd 
scheduled, during this upcoming pass to go through a physical exercise 
period with the biomedical harness attached. While he's doing that, th< 
docking module pUct Deke Blayton vill do the series of Earth observations 
ar.-i photography and a fairly rapid sequence along tho ground track start- 
ing with Central AaerJca geological structures, currents and eddies in 
the Culf of Mexicc, the fish killing rip tide aloi g tho Florldi coast, 
sediment and pollution plumes that Arc flowing out inV> Chesapeake Boy, 
a red tide along the Nt-v England coast, the confluence of the Gulf Stream, 
and the Labrador current, oil slicks along shipping routes and shipping 
lanes in the north Atlantic and fir ally it, the caused 
by nicroorgajiisias in the Red Sea. We'll return in 31 oinutes at Merritt 
Island Launch Area. Apollo spacecraft now .tJdvay through revolution 90. 
And if ve can locate the display we'll get acme orbital measurements or, 
Apollo. There they are ,\l6.5 nautical miles at perigee, 120.9 nautical 
miles apegee. Period <. f orbit 1 hour 28 minutes, Uo seconl3. Present 
altitude 121.3 niles. Velocity 25,511.:? feet per secord. At lU8:5^ erour.d 
elapsed tJoe, Apollo Control. 



Tiae: 'WiW COT. l><9<* «BT ' . 

Date: 1/21/75 

. P A0 ThU 1. Apollo control. j*^*^^ station. 

* thU "r^^TouS"^' 1 " SpSE*. mu an* 

vl * the A TO V. --^^S,^* "riSS-^Hm 


fi nore minu*«. before vo begin «« r «}"- mtle lBt0 on that, 

vn Z it in Worf Si of ^! k °B- rt^nov V, he lp in 6 ^ 
L 1 !, fvU on, Turn, o U t to *Kl*.f » - „ 
6h cv ,t»^t vs^r o,e„eo vUch v. nee< it for *. W - 

It's called a few minuU* earlier. 

if„ K Stale' stove* vent valve nee.* 

CMP <**■. V, .urposely hel a off 0 . £ to 

or rake sure you wanted tna», dyne. And - »o ve u. 
little section done tight new, 

vent b« W of the ftigh plan there a. wUv . UoB ,, ot - 

, yjt *, it spec'l'-feTl - y oS can *, H if you let r« 

the procedure. 

?f „ SUS "to make sure that the glycol evaporator water 

Cc - H J ,TZ fA tftVe the stoara pressure VP 

flew is in off vhere it should be. Want to -JJLJJJb for 10 seconds. 
' MANUAL and then STEAM PRESS we want to go to DEtREAbB for « 

S^H SSlf you do that, we'll sit hsr* and watch you 

DECREASE FOR 10 seconds. 

,. ^ Ti%ri" m ?r^, on the veter evaporator 

« tethers on the -J-^-- fher,, »v y o. 

do it, Vance. 

A6TP (U3A) M3511/2 

Time; 12tU6 CD:, ll<9:26GBT 

Sate: 7/21/75 

CC-H Did you - you got the v&?t4 stowage v*nt valve open 

I understand, 

CMP That's right. 

CMF Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Go ahead Vance. 

CKP Just one question about the Adriulc that's 

going to corse up here later this - this visual obs. .1 understand 
which aide of the Adriatic and both north and south and east and veot 

CC-H Okay, the vord were getting It's on the eastern 

edgtt of the Adriatic and basically its the vhol* eastern edge along 
Italy there. 

CC-H I';a sorry, 

CMP Eastern edge la not taenticned • - 

CC-ll I'm, .Vm son-y, yea on the opposite side along 

Y'igoslavia, across through there. 
CMP Okay, 

DMP What specifically are we looking for? 

CC-H Okay. That's Just an edge of the sea that - that 

in considered a high potential for sea farming. 
CMP I see. 


ABTt 1 1U8/J MC 512/1 

TJjne: \2i5$ CDT, iU9: 36 GET 


ACOR HouBton, Apollo. I got the dapple r activated and 

warmed up at 11*9:26:00. 

C £" H , Co ^» that - Thank you very much for that report 

Tots. That. -a „ M you . re avaro of _ the Um , 9 crit , C4l later cn Md v<j 

need to male sure it gets properly vanaed up. Appreciate your tilling 
ue. Go ahead. 

AC & R And the Earth ob» guys may be interested in knwing 
that ve ye just seen aoae icebergs here in the Labrador Current north of 
Newfoundland. /f 

CC-U - " I copied about seeing some icebergs and 1 didn't «t 

the rest of It. 6 

♦ A °r R w , ' I eah ' the y <re in vhAt v « think is the Labrador Current 
nortn of Newfoundland. 

CC-K Copy that.' 

. . ACDR Wether they're bergs or ice cakes, I guess It'd be 

hard put to say but they're very visible at least at this altitude. 

CCH Yory good. 

♦v^ A £ DR £n , Hey * *" d Crip> the Russl « ul People would like to knev 
that when the 60 minutes v*re up, the first band had regressed from 118 
to Ul, so ve put it right avay to the freeze cycle, so it's electro- 
phorasing av«y, 

CC " H Ck V- re «l fiw. Appreciate that report also. 

ACDR Ciij, I forgot to tell you that ve did not see 

the oil slicks you talked about east of Key Vest. I think ve vere 
too far. North for one thing, and secondly there was a cloud cov-r all 
over the vest coast of Florida, pretiy *uch over the state. 

CC-K Okay, I vas afraid that was too much of an 

oblique angle for you to get a shot at it. We thought, take a look, 
at it anyhow. Pretty - reported to be a pretty good size. 

ACDR Hey, Crip. ■ On that STE, the first band vas stopped 

a.,,60 curates. Tne first, bsr.d vent froa 118 to 122. aillileters . The 
second band from 87 to 99 alii ileters . The column voltage was fluctu- 
ating around 009, ever. 

CC-K Okay, copy. 

Ij! f* Thla aight «lao pass, on to Farcuk. Ve have not see: 

any red tide -est. of Florida, because of the cloud-cover and the sane up in 
the Hevelend area. And, ve - Cape Cod was clear and ve got some good pic- 
tures tht>re, but everything north of that of our angle, vas cloud covered 
and - bo ve've seen nothing In those ether sites. 

Ct'-H Copy. Too bad, 

DKP We should have Sense beautiful cove race or Caoe 

Cod, however. . 

CC^H Hog. 

LKP And also, for the earth obs guys, the North Atlantic is 

alao nostly cloud-covered. We. see a lot of interesting cloud feat-ores 
Igarble; tornado patterns, but ve Just don't vant to waste film on that 

We /i °"' t ." h&ven '^ se *" Oil slicks. Lots of airplane contrails, hovever. 
0C-rt Roger. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We've been sitting here vatching your 

evaporator. Ve think it's in pretty good shape right now, and we'd like to 
go ahead and go v*ter flov to AUTO and stean pressure to AUTO, if somebody's 
got a chancs to vork those svitches in. < .. 


Time; CDT, 2^9; 36 OET 


ACDB 01s*y, I'll get It. 

5 C " K <>K V » Tom. I'd appreciate letting us kn^v 

when }% happens and we're also u ft wring that when Vance gets ready 
to get started m his exercise here, he's going to give us a holler «o 
ve can go into tue proper data mode. 

. ACDR ^ ks i. he'a working on it - geUing it. This Earth cbs i 

nearly a two aan Job, I'll clue you. Okay, steam pressure coEirg to Al/TO. 

H20 'lew AUTO" 8 k[mi ^ U " ° XV " Y ° U 6Jt 8teW1 pr,,8Sure AVr0 « &nd 
CC-K Okay. Thank you. 

Oka;/, Crip. Are you still reading? 
cc *-< !'» sorry. I Biased tliat last consent. 

t V j ? 1 sa y« if you're itiU reading ve JUEt went down the 

Adriatic coast there and - getting into new problems. Ore - what we can see 
cloud-covered and we can't see very veil, on count of the oblique angle, H 't 
clear Imt it's such an oblique angle, we veren't. able tell anything. 
C;-K Okay. Copy.. 



Time: 13.09 COT , X\$ ; k9 OBT 

. and anxiously Writing It . " " Pi * tf>r0U « h th * AT* t*r> your exercise 

to gof S to do it Yeah " * he '' 1 8tUlng * om °* n 'i6ht now trying 

CC-H Okay, 

u,t gar, ev. P A^i'^r — - 

Stand by. we ftlectrophoreaia and Doke's in Earth ct> 3 . 

C ^~ !J Understand. 
' SJ' H van get to it. 

«ot th. aunrtin. nice ar.J bright r^ J v^a" ' 6M 1 

CC "-K Rog. 
<K-H Yeah. 

-ythi^. But I.. no^c^Uc^ 1 U " 1 

ACM Okay, Cri P . What - 

CC-H Toq, 

under th. „<,«. ,nj * „ot v.k P»« to the right , a pair directly . 
a hit „! s Tw v *!i c f 3 'k™' 1 cf »■ like thsy're .order 

•re. at this ti«. * " ^ ™ COml " s Ju3t L. 

ve caHee ,„,. «^ ?&. ^-'^are^i £ - 
«.n U te and that doe/lT '™< *r «. 

it^eare, th ^. ^a^ £ 25 n^' * ~ « 

All right. 
J? ff Houston, Apollo. 

c ; t " K Co ahead, Vance. 1 

you pJ!£ ne up? ^k^' ^ ° n Mo0l<Jd on the center s <^ CCU. Can 
CC " H Let 's take a look at it. 


tCU ^V he " t0 « Ut ^- 86 ' °° nflgUr ^ hCre for V <™« and v..Jl 
vith Exorcise. Cl> ' I{ouat ° n - *, Ve locking at you nov; proceed on 

CMP Okey doke. 



AStP (USAj'MC5ity* 
7/?V75 l3;19 CW > 150,59 0£T 


garbled here CP> Hoya ton. Vance ^ . „ 

trodes. ^ " d v « «*«m that, If^yVc^ ^ "tUng pr«tty 

CMP r* - l " Chec * y0ur «lec 

CC *« No v/? ° ne In P»rtloul«rT 


CC-H U 13 look in« good? 

CMP 2 3 af "nMUve. 

CNP We-u exercise. 

CC -« £S lei* ^ , 

CMP " eu » Je t ae ask C u- fri*„*J 

CC-H JJP* it didn't go d 0 vn ^ OVer 

YV h Ai *t Vent - T ,<„., t , «... , 

SL1 J^t 1/2 a ' H did. 

CM? Wor * hard! ' U Wa3 ^3. 

CC-H rj at aean 9 v or* harder. 

CC-H -° ger - 

CC-H that any'beZ: ? r, 

W -» ' SS* V"? *^e. U not ' I'U try again, 

oncecwre. 0ka *. That '« looking good t« , » 

CMP 8 800d to ua » Vance. Try it 

CMP ^ Ju9t v «nt to 101 y rt ,,i 

your ancles - w^' t ! lln « " can vork a 

^ requwt to do f! "i-VPdatt. We vere *oinfL J g0ln « *> try 

*«Her lost due to our thl4 dat * «»! * I ,^ t ^",° r 

ACOR t0 ° Ur tH P« recorder problea ' er ' tion<!d . that ve'd 

with the E.TE i ' T < " **** Sntll ve - re f fc 
CC-h ' 1 got you- ■ • . vereiil the middle 0 r 

CMP th *t'j fine. „ . 

CC-H Houston, Apollo. ^ 11 gel 11 there. 

PMP* °° ahead - 

heart rate up to^c*?' f° r y ? ur ^^mation, Ve v 

* , «^ at one period, there. gGt your " *av your 

exd of tape 


TUti 13:26 ijd; 06 OCT 
Date i t/21/75 

. _ . * ' really the bicycle ergoaeters - first-class way 

to go like they had oi. SKyl»ib. v 

«f« ?3« H * A * R ° g \ your info^ior, ve got your hoart 

rate 125 t6 in a ana period (garble) 

u«a t°!?L. *k » ,<° k *£' Alao thi ' ,}ust excises certain muscles 
and I have the feeing I could probably jump tall buildings after 
this but possibly not valk - be - be ablo to walk. 

CC-H (Laughter.) Roger. 

jJp-H Vou aolng to put a big 8 on your chest? 

CHP »o. I better not. 

. CMP W ' - Crip, I guess I'll clean up and get ready 

for lunch. How's that? ' 

* n,o" H v« . We , ,Cl t0 " if you ' U kee P the 0BS on there 

a little bit and Just let u* look at a minute or so of your recovery here 
we'd appreciate it. ' 
CMP Okay, 

CC-H is Deke tied up there right hov? There vaa 

one item I vanted to mention to him soaetioe. 

. Go *h«ad, I'm working on reatoving the freezer 

here but x can listen. 

5 C " H °^ & y- All it was - was that ve - notice in 

your book here you'ry going to check the Bios tack in a few minutes and 
the M was getting a bit little concerned about his batter/ on that parti- 
cular item and when you look at it, if the light is off - ve would like 
you to go ahead and turn it OFF at this tU*. If it** ON we want to 
leave it ON. 

ACDP. Deke, while I'm waiting for that safl>pl<» to unfreeze 

I can get up and look at it. Just a alnute. 

ACDR Okay, on. the bios tack the light is ON. 

CC " H 0k *y- v e'U Just leave it ON and I believe the 

next time you check it is when you go ahead and turn it OFF normally 
and that will be, oh, about 15^:10. Thank you very much. 

ACDR Roger. 

ACD ? , Crir * to those of you who are trying to stow this 

freezer (garble) in OG. It's really (garble). 7 

CC ~ H W*H» I tell you it was - it was fun enough in H. 

J<??? VvT ^ U V ° ald be Hke at 0 * tr ^ n * t0 8 et that ~ set that 
little fold-oyer thing there to stay in the right position. I thought 
it'd be a little bit easier in 0 C. , 

A S? R , Well » 1 vas hoping so, too, but what happens is it 
keeps floating out of there of course. 

CC-H Yep. 

ACDR We got her. 

CC-H Very good. 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Go ahead. '■ 

A STP (WA) ^5i5A: 
Tli»i "W, *5< : <* OET 

D&to: 7/21/75 

B «,, enousn «... w e „ ever tb. MU on 

Okay, «'» » bo f "I \» og u»r4 in 11 

t£ut 15 minute,. Flight ™*f«*' " , : . n30 ?e is very *«WV 

Sptain. Peter Wlttlnf « jt ^;^ sy peried fro* the co«*and 

:liil. he pl^ ""11 l^^i^lt^nutes for Y«*»rd. Thl. U 
Apollo ConUol at 115: 18. 


A8tP (USA) 

about 6^ It i' - " 

. *~ I'll vait for y;-»sr 

you * dip. I've got a *o on tW«. J ™ data 

n.f v - y-vi vere talking afcout *n the h.j. wa oan 

igu , ^ tn-«U^ or v. can go 

Si g'tVnX Whatever you'* llkj to do. ^ h , ml8 ^ if It'f 
^ ACDR V « n ;**\** oZ n Z m *o I'U try to get chov 

likely that ve got « ncresus gofng ^en you get that 

CC-H Okay, 1V». ^ A t ,.» for the temperature. And 

wi p£ss on with the BR. * » "J* ^ ^ ° a * %f S MJ and W. 
Swon our UUe f try Jo- am. £ *^ n f U)te v ,»t v 
Dtt y«u th * V* h*d a ^ter cawtlon D«Xe and I looked 

all c*eTarti couldn't find a thing. 

CC-H Okiy. Copy. ana e! , MkU it» (garhle) 

W A 1 * ca Y $\S ! % S*HS I never aav anything on in. 

r'flht nAv. And * ea»ig<»* viiw ♦ •»> « .... 

clRr ** 1 ion't f t^u'take a loo* at our data dcvn 

— S"* tf if e s siiiJ *. ^ - ^ t. 

bB * Er " ' Veah . I , S , ^ : ^^SSil^f 1 - 
To. th*t v^r. I «ee Mm at the ™* A t?J& Vr %l** to do 1. take the rev 
Srt correcting that - tha^ ^ S ^ " t0 USS 10 ^ 

38 pad that ve used earlier, the v*a 

« as: ^ . - S o, . ««t » uv . - *- 

your ear about another Ue»? 

Tlswi V3i^ OCT, 150 \2h 067 

OKP Okay , Stand by Juet a second so X can gat ay hand? 


IW Okay. 

CC-H Okay. A little bit later in the - Id the flight plan, 

you're going to have a TV installation and it's set up - I believe to - 
to cover the m th« fUh. And Oft that « th« - v* believe that both of 
tV caneras, both of the TV cameras in the docking aodule are not work- 
ing property, to what ve would like to do if they'ra - if you currently 
got one in 6?3, you can do it like ve Mentioned the other day, go ahead 
oivi R&rk it bad tmd temporarily atov it in D3 if you'd like, and ve vant 
to use the camera that ve've got in location $0$ right nov and - for 
that setup, 

ACDB We vert vond*ring what that camera va» for. 

CMP Okay you vant to put that up An the DM on 673? 

CC-H That ' e affirm. Also, vhen you do that, you're going 

to have to n&ke sure that it is put in - in master for using in there. It 
be an averse roaster and linear like ve normally operate on. 

r«P Okay, I 1 11 fet it up that vay right nov. And I 

Misuse you vant the vide angle lens on it also. It** got the long lens 
on it, 

CC-H That's affirm. We vant the vide angle lens. 

DKP Okay. 

1*1? You said either one of those cane r as are working 

up there, is that correct? 

CC-H That's correct. They're working, but they're not 

working properly. 

©MP Okay. 

EKP Speaking of fish, a very important itew, did anybody 

ever figure out whether in saaple 6 it's supposed to be 5 or 6? 

CC-H Well, it so happens that all of them were supposed 

to have been 6. 

IH? That's amazing. 

CC-H May be the little boogers are eating one another, 

I ' a not s ore . 

&MP Well, as a matter of fact, I think you any be right. 

There'* one up there, I thought I could tee a fish head in but I thought 
no I'm seeing things. I gueaa that background is pretty difficult to 

CC-H Yeah. Also from vhAt your question previously, Deke, 

can you tell u& if you pulled out the second bag, the one that had the 
«'g£S in it. 

DMP Yep. It'a up there and I've token one stt of pictures 

of it per flight plan. 

CC-H Okay, You noticed any - any hatchlings yet. 

DM? Weil, I didn't any yesterday, but I haven't looked 

at it today. 

CC-H Okay. We're about ready to go over the hill here 

and we'll see you at Golds tone in 15 - 15 minutes and ve'd certainly 
be ^nterester! in hearing there, vhen you take a look at it whether ve 

(WA) HC516/3 
JiSL, 13 ' 5 * COT » 15013". OCT 

got any 

X'U chwk U for you. 

for vievt,* th* fl«herie 8 ^ot e ntiIl! f^S Jj ?° BpUU °* v opportunity 


7/S/TS ? **' W, » «» 

into th*, h»Hua *lo£ AT8 ^ «Ms»UitI 2 /J nov » th « •P»«e» 

, '~ 7 ~ i'&^s'sv' 

**«n't on a n M wl:* ? f°»«W««l right for it ^ « 

DMP a ! b0 l ut hi « ther*. fot - w *» on the h««d«et. 

An<t the l»»t * ,< * f » but * 've - r< 

1 4i ^v- v '' V 1 cw ° - 1 - "Aw.* «a 

cr w You not ho*!- <* „ 

CC-H **« r - *> it no,", ^ y ° U 00 Arc « 

w fl sr 4 f - ««• /ou ibw -« to m a degreo 



"' a'" - ■ m &s^ - - — 

CMP Standby. /?3 ^^»upple BH>J1 t. 

oc-h ~° *h«*d. crip 

Wia. , And t£.^. W , Sector 1 

CHP 60i0€ *° on here *^f^ bt for t hl V p&d 0nl 

CC-H 1 P 10 * U P the ATS P ° nly * 

oth ^r U<sa j8 °k«y. ^' r e back vifh 

CC-H Ve ' r * there. * per 

you about v« .„ r fff> *. Th* «*v 

^>nin g Jhi^' " 1 wntlowu several h it<?B 1 Vant «<> to 

CM? St «*<J by. a / P**. rev 86. * th<lt 

CC-H 00 ahead 

U P to win b* 15i, , f fl ^ ae-/ tiae fn. 

CMP for setting the DET C0UBl| 

CC-H Co W- counting 

7 CaI 48 called for 

A6TP (U3A) HQnm 

i^««5 0W % ,5! ,05 Qffr 

CMP"" fo * - to d.l„u th« *. r ay at 58. 

»m« c U or high voiuS r ^;; a 0 j f iw " ' of *>* 

pmr ^. '♦r^vw iwaa roi loving >v at 

Except for P :-.v* r Jown*S'. ' 8 U " enf| 0f the P»*. "••aentlally . 

vhat wj rt golr g to lo^'/J'^ **** Ve ' re g?in * - 1 v ^ to tell vou 

P&s b t *h*t ye.,-* . f0P lhe ; t 4iu<j«r ^ 4 th ! rt th »«*o«t that 

you cycling the x-ray high rafr Si >*4 r ° e ° tn * *• ha ^ 

f-r ^ alnutw and back OH for * ffnf? °! *° r ? ted then OFF 

4o a P ov«r dov„ of the ^ ^l* «<> «*eaJ 

tine to you, also. x rAy> And * caU thoae in real 

C C*H That*.*™ 1? ^ in * 18 af«rwY 

J-ou, tc ♦nt.r .t 12;07, v? U beThe be ?J* V m to 



* "«* to give you til^'gh ^i?^.^! - "J 0 " 1 "? * " llh '* 'h.t 

to be nodifled slightly. antenna angles, since those are g oi/, K 

' PUB '■■■'* . 

o« the^d f or you caV!^^ ^t^/ Can <^ ^ the, 
whichever v<v you vou^Ue £ JoVAuh ^ pl " - 

the« i^the pad here? Ka/ * ^ d ° r,,t yCU Juat in - we'll put 

P«t pHc'h of W inu3 iifXi yw t of h ?Sv in ^ f* 4 ' At W on the DOT . 
is curr«»Uy written iTyJ^ tUAt ^ ^ WlU dJffer fro « ^at. 
problee. " ^ your flight plar. but it ahoaldn't caus« any 

CMP <v 

that right:- Aay ' th&t ' 3 - U at - near the be g ir.ning. I s 

1'iMM X^tS5 COT, 1H:05 08T 

CC*R Y«ab t tb»t»« *fflro*Uv». 

cmp 0*ay. repeat the «*le» 

CC-H Okay, Minus Mi 


Cc^H That'* affins, 

£Hj> Houston, ApoUo. 

•>v*.ry thing after »,*J .M .rfwt* * "1. ch.n»«. *» J* "»* 
,t '»:k3 tl» v. «n liuerllon to put in 8*r 6-1— 0-1. 

CC-H Okay » ■■ * . , ' ■■: 

CMP Wasn't your laat cogent redundant? 

£ H Okay. I had intended for you to delete all I tew 

^ * It really doesn't w*e . ar-jr difference. Once you're in 

ftf:er that. *t realty act mi * 1 v ul ,j»hi»ver w&y you would 
attitule, you can go ahead an* put it in - whichever vay yuu 

Like to Jo it, 



C<;,H - - intend** for you to d«l*t« «U ltw» after 

that. It r«aily doa»n»t Mk« any different one* you'r* in «UU4«, 
you can go *h«a4 *n<* put it in. Which«v«r way you <ould itk« t« do 

t«P Oksy . 

ACDft Houaton, Apollo, 

CC-H Oo ahead. 

AODB Okay, Crip. J noticed for about tha lost hour 

or »q on* of these suit ho»«9 was spitting vater out (garbl*). So I vent 
« to the r just nov ve atarted taiXing about It, I vent up to tha doek- 
*,>« u i« the other - the docking nodule i» spitting vater out a litUe 
bit, .:■<.- Pd aaauwe the one that'* going dovn the VTR i* fitting «<** 

■ v-fi OHay. Copy that (garble), 

r : „ H oxay. Our 10*00 friend vould like to set that hoee 

cut hi*.YTH then. " ■ ■ 

Bet that really cooled off all that vater evaporating 

in th*t thing- . , . „. t „ 

CC-H Well you don't knov hew long you cried to get it in 

•' t , u , ?arl yciu gyyg tell whether our squeezer's working or 

fl „t? *;i night be coupled with tht* 02 flov buainesa. 

CC-H i'm aorry DeXe. Would you say that again please? 

IMP Can you guys down there tell whether our water 

sciueeier's worXf ng or not? This *ay be coupled- to our 02 high flov buai- 

nt8S ACDR Hey, Crip. You cm tell your WOO friend ve got , * 

J get a couple of table apoons of vater out of the entrance to his VTR 

CC-H Gkay, Copy. M , 

pr.H As a - as a matter of information if the AC a still 

listening, iie discovered that he caught us with a emU «rror there 
on that checklist awhile ago on the KTE that ve had you waiting on the 
vror.g - or, the wrong temperature. We v«re supposed to have been using 
the TK tern versus the column ten? and ve need to get that noted in the 
checklist aoae tire. If it's not convenient nov, ve can do it later. 

BMP well it was - say again. It vaa supposed to be the rt- 

tocsp?^ ^ -ivtih. That - the cheoXlist was in error dovn there 

o« the'bettom of that page 1-7 vhere it Bays "column tenp" it should be 
"TK tersp." 

DHP Ah hah. TE temp is 11 degrees. Ckay . 

CC . H Okay, If you get a chance you might - might make 

a notation here. Say, also, To*, earlier when you were talking about 
sample 1 you mentioned a couple of bands ve were expected to see 
3. Did you - it's not necessary to go dig it out, but can you remember 

seeing '} or vaa it only ?. ^ 
CMP Well it looked to me, Crlj . like there vas a - a 

leading band that was a narrow one, wouldn't you say Tom? About > rdlilite 
ACDB Yeah. 

Tim: 1^*35 151 as OST 

^ jm thfn th* »«con* «• v f Wo or turn «»• 

BMP * M « W 3 " A ^ 1 don't knov. 

or th« 8«coo4 un» , vM T ™oId«d that - **• *"* lw * bWld V "? ♦ 

6 " ,i r ' ,u *' 'SJijrsJ* 4 " «"»•» ^ » rt,t '° u cw " ■•■ eouu 
"""•acdb »«»• *»* uw v " e t&th ' ** you ,,wW 

auve *io as a favor . ■ ■ 

C r-H 0lta y« 1 4on * OBf exercise that they got 

u vhil<? ago and it iockb aim; 

" W "cro Hey, Cr'.r, I an idea here just r«al fM». 

CC-« °° ^VTF vhat about Just leaving a return hose 

,„ ^.o ^ uJT* f« ™i 22 around i, U. VTR Keep the inlet 

vhUe it's spiUlnS v*". ^ _ u ver/ rtB , 

CC " H ° k S' 1\n 4 cooling and that', not re*Uy nec-, *o ve really don't need all \ f ve nt>w<1 U Uter. 

but it -unds^Ke ^ar. out or the VTP. 

oc _ si Thar.fcs a lot . 

"™ <«w> hpsso/i 

7/31/75 l5i,250BT 

v * hm \,« i tb«t if; , v !? k °/ ou * bput your 

«•■« vhen 
got now. 

*0 XiY6 with. 

ok» v . 9 801 *° have 

££jf Soger. «<*»th in< going 

early los hmr* A P°Uo, Houston. v*n> 


A3TP (USA) MC 5)21/1 

Tin*} l**i55 CUT, 15?.) 35 OW 

ACOR K*11q, Houston, Apollo. Vow b»U read? 

CC-H i<o,v Ve'r* getting r*ady to cut y«v off 

shortly though , Oo ahead. 

ACOR Oh, Okay. Qood, Qo ah«*d - you know where to 

contact vith ye*4 on thit data w ittll go KJC high bit r»te, record forward 
and RESBT, Pogor. 

CC-H ThaVs a f. '"ins. need INCO to get a coiuaand 

in firet though. 

ACDR Okay. 

CC-H Soon aft ve - we'll go LOS (Garble) 

PAO This io Apollo Control, 151:36. Spacecraft 

occifnumeator, Sob Crippen was sosjewhat nonpulsaed, as in aid sentence, 
the cc-sMsunications officer sent a coasaand to the spacecraft turning 
5ff the power ajop to S-band transmitter . We'll have contact through 
Orroral Valley in about 22 Rinutes. The spacecraft was approaching 
the attitude at which lock would b« lost through ATS-6 satellite. 
And ve»U have no further cotsnuni cations through ATS-6 until 15^:11 
vhich is abcvit 2 and 1/2 hours from nov , However , the t3-band stations 
along the ground track through which we can communicate through the 
b - omni antennas cn Apollo viU be useful: Vanguard, Goldstone, 
MI.'A, Madrid, Orroral VaUey. Will return fo» tracking s v ip Vanguard 
in - 1 t«»g your pardon - Orroral Valley tracking station at 21 minutes. 
This is Apollo Control at 151:37. 


59 wig... «^tt^*S^s-- HI few. 

£* H (M k ^e)' 7Ue9S V * * iUd ° f that. 

on t 

shut . w- 

behind there? - running a little bit 

cv-w Sight. 

■hut dow and ve 8hov £ J ^ ht P it .hould hav« bee* 
*Mnd there? fevered up. Are v* running a little 

AC TiH ■■■■■■■■ t». 

ASTP (USA) MC 523/1 

TMw; 15s 38 COT, 152-42 OCT 


CC-H ApoJio, Houitgn. V* ax* I »iaute fro* LOB N**t. 

ACDB 0h V . R*»l good. Thank you, Crip, 

pr, P for ZtoT*' ^ *** U Pff 

u ^ ST" , u . t *?«\ I« *ookUg hov ve got here I gue 98 ve look 
lu \Ym Zilt MT 111 oin « 4ovn th * **»t that, had th. proUe* 

P«««Uy .u« injJ v„t In the P^lfio Ocerrr^pjor f& m n« 

■ J < q i < 10 " * hrou * h in 12 Mnute* and 35 aaconde. 

,t jr-.-ind elated UBe of 15? hour* and 15 ainute*, this t, Apollo 

ASTP {Wk) MC52U/1 

Time: COT, 152:2* GET 


* AO Apollo Control. Ground elapsed tl» 152 hours A 

ainute^ Acquisition* cclnj throueh floldjtoj. in J ^^^ 111 

up ^CAPCCM Bob Crippen.^ ^ , ^ ^ ^ for 6 


??*H Si, Houston. For th. AC, vhile you'resiUUg 

*.„ vtning for lo^ng your next P*> - got on. „ore >U. I 

•U-:"us:3 with you briefly. 

^ S^ e ?l;. C "ou guys havo probably be.n doing n 

» hat if you haven't, you might g«.?v 
already - bvt a requeat here is -ha e . ii / of gjyfl 

some DAC footle, using 2". f raaea PJ' thft spacecra ft then-, 

ve surest y,u could 

vhich should be in 

"ray a"lO .Xltaeter lens vouid be good or 

. ^ ' . <♦ „t ?L, cause it vorXs out much better. 

Apfnc, Houston. We're about a ninute froi* LOS. 
)V , ™%. 9rt st.ticn U^o, in 7 minute, through Newfoundland at 

Roger. Sewfoundlpnd. 1:52:37. 


AST? (USA) MC525/A 
^; 75 15:56 CDT, 152:33 G:,T 

for 7 minutes. ^ ' Hou£ton - We're AOS through Newfoundland 

Af*DR a 

r.c-v latitude. gCr ' Ard 1 ""^"tand, we don't have the accurate - 

™ That is correct. 

C-l - ~ Apollo. 

A'-DH Apoilc, go ahead, 

good ol us? What do ' Cri P ? Are you down there looking 

and /which Beans ve •r^onlylalki^ '"f^ " evfoU1 ^^ right now 
ten't have th,r. , p u^U ? h i s * T !2 J 00 * 1 ?* ° nly ' So Ve 
ACDR Vav vw^', *\ had been looking good. 

<*-H Ro^' I S^ 1 ?^ bCen « 0ir e rl « ht 0" schedule, punching the DISCT. AboS *o va/oM haVlng ^ 8iUin « 

Loose finger tips and this machine's over 
mS' T «*« °f .11 finger prints. 

ACDR Bight 
ACDP l/ellCi Crip> ApolJOi 

Jo ahead. •• 


... a I «a3 .lust thinJUnr- t# t v., 4 

s:rt*t-, ve could have n v-n «^ \* . penny for ever y 

CC-H Well " ? spla^hdovn party, couldn't v,? 

I think w should have Ll £yh 0 w ^ C<?rtfti ^ • idea, 

A^J Oh we yill. 

tM 3 nike here to DiVJriw I'l ^"V*** lnforaat ion. After I give 
tie touchdown Wto^J^^T™^ ^ ^ . f it ! 

A;ra v'^ U g °f d - S ° rry Ve ^'tjotn you. 

you gc^,n *. wd thftr ,: y ° 1 ' tan h *« a Utile or^ge Juice cr whatever 

ACDR All fj j?ht v. 

1 yr.'j Still PlI .~..l; ; - , . 

ieah. 1 wii!.'. . i ... 

,l " Vf : bad i 7, J . 7 l * 1 ^x-,d 

1 «"**«* T*r.<w , • : t ,., / t 1 ~' vi ™ •»..->- J tfi the 

\ • " Arti " ; vl.'.fi nil r v ... ' V ( ' " " H 

for . * ' ' " c ' wnvinw y v; t» 

^^il , that ic^y ?s a 

ym. i'jr.irea righs. onboard 

AST? (USA) MC525/2 

Tire: 15:56 CDT, 152:33 GET 

7/21/75 - 

. cc _a Yeah. It - it vas a problem ve had here - dovti 

here. We knov it was not onboard. . 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We're 1 minute fron LOS. Next 

station contact in about if minutes through Madrid. .Call you there. 

ACDh Roger. 



Tiae: 16:06 CDT, 152:kU GET 

7/21/75 ' 

CC-H . Apollo, Houston. We're AOS from Madrid for about 

2 and 1/2 minutes, correction on that - for about 1 minute and 1/2. 

ACDR Okay. 
' CC-H Apollo, Houston. We'ire 1 minute from LOS, nice 

long one here. Next station contact will be Orroral in about 1+0 min- 
utes . And that's at 153:30, 153:50. Correction 30. 

ACDR Roger. 153:30. 

CC-H Tom, Just one thing we're working on dovn here is 

the caution and war.iing tone vhen you - nov since you've had some cau- 
tion and warnings without a tone. Have you had any subsequent one3 
that you've had the tone vith7 

ACDR No, not a bit. That's the only time. 

CC-H : Okay. That concerns us somewhat that the tone 

warning's not working, 

CC-H We'll go ahead and sty good evening to you and 

be turning you over to the silver team. 

ACDS Okay. Real good. Thank a lot for all the Crip. 

Seedless to say, we've been busier than the proverbial left -handed 
paperhanger up here. 

CC-H Rog. Sounds like you're having fun. 

ACER ' " ' ' Yep. 

CC-H If you want to lock at systeo, checklist 1-33, you 

eight run through a C ind V check. 
ACDR Say again. 

CC-H Checklist 1-33. 

ACDR Roger. 

CC-H That 's to allow you to check it out if you like. 

PA0 Apollo Control, ground elapsed tiae 152 hours 51 

minutes LOS of signal through Madrid. Sext acquisition will be through 
Orroral Valley tracking station in 38 minutes and 30 seconds. The 
ATS -6 satellite not providing oupport during this revolution. The 
next acquisition will be ground elapsed time of 15*» hours and 11 min- 
utes. This is due to the fact thht spacecraft is oriented - iti atti- 
tude is supporting the helium glow experiment and the x-ray and e - ex- 
treme uitra.ioiet experiments . Next acquisition through the Orroral 
Valley tracking station at ground elapsed time of 152 hours and b2 
ainutes. This is Sky Lib Control (sic). 


ASTP (USA) HC 527/1 

Tir.e: ' 16 : 3»* COT, 153:11 GET 


- Apollo Control. Ground elapsed tine 153 hours 
p A0 ap<->iJ.« vw» , t „ 15 seconds 

.U ninutes. We will have acquisition in 18 J^ 8 ^ A chQnge of 
through the Orroral ^^.^^^ ^ V Ueton and CAPCOM 
shift briefing vith J h ? " l8 J> Tiain euditoriun at 5 P.M. 

Bob Crippen vill be held in the Bullae 2 *a ^ a fron the 

Apollo new in revolution 9 , apprcx * a ^/ . crossing, the 

R £sian spacecraft Salyut .t ^ -.^ ^^hereas Salyut U is 
tip of South Anerica - South «frica right . iBfi . ely , at this 

Juot crossing the Black Sea - J200 miles apa , ™ , ch of 

And Apollo l. 50 .1 « be lor th J'^.^ Md 
shift briefing at 5 P..<- vi th J x Cen * er ve . ve had a 

CAPCOM Bob Crippen. Here at the /•"» s *°? ^ead of the Silver Tear.. 

change of fli^.t ai rotors: Jell Hut ch^so ^ead^of ^ ^ 


ASTP (USA) MC528/1 - ■ 
Time: 16:51 CDT, 153:29 GET 

PA.O " ,! This is Mission Control. There vill be an 
Apollo announcement, in 1 minute. 

ACDR (Garble) 

ACDR licllo. Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H : Apollo, Houston. Ton;, 1 read you. Go ahead. 

ACDR Okay. Loud and clear. Deke is doing the fish 

experiment. I'n still working the helium gLov scan, rev 92/93. 

CC-H Okay. Fine. 

ACDR And Vance is working in between, on both things . 

CC-H Roger. 

ACDR We're all set to go to that con - nev contingency 

pad for the x-ray. Then we'll start that - in fact, we'll get busy 
on tha< , starting about 15k:00. One thing - we did check the caution 
and warning. Everything checks okay. The only thing i3 that the 
warning tone in our headset - we can barely hear it when it'J turned 
u;. , but it's real low - it's dropped considerably, ccnpared to when w? 
first - first couple of days in the spacecraft when that 02 warning use 
to kf.-ep us wide awake - you know, all the tiise. 
CC-H Sure. Yeah . I reneober. 

ACDR As your warning goes on, the red light gjea on. But 

ycu can Just barely hear it. That's the only difference. And we haven' 
had any rore funnief , vhere the warning light would go on with no other 
warning of it. Over. 

CC-H Okay. Fine, Ton. Let ua talk sb6ut that Just a 

ainute, and we'll be back to you. Thanks for letting us know, though. 

ACPB Okay . 

CC-H Apollc, Houston. We're 1 ainute from LOS. Hawaii 

cones up at 153: *<8. 

' ACDR ... . Roger. 

CC-H And Tom, one of the things that we alco want to 

check about the loudness of the tone on the caution and warning is how 
leui it is with the speaker box turned on, cause that'? the sleep con- 

ACDR Okay. We can che;k that. And we'll have an answer 

for you by the tine you get to Hawaii* 

CC-H Okay. Real fine. Thanits, 

?A0 Apollo Control. Ground elapsed tine 15 i ninutes - 

\>}-< hours and 3'» minutes, toss of signal through the Orroral Valley 
tracking station. >xt afquisi Moh, in 5 3 minutes, will be through 
Hawaii/ We will have a change of shift briefing. Off-going flight 
director Frank Littleton and CAP COMM Bob Crippen will be at the main 
auditor' u» in Building 2 in approximately ! » minutes , to begin the 
change of i?hift briefing, firing the change of shift briefing we will 
record *ny live air-to-ground and play it back at the close of the 
briefin.*. At ground elapsed time of 153 h'ourr and 3" ffiinutes, this 
Apollo Control. 

ASTP (USA) MC 529/1 
17:26 CDT, 15^:0U GET 

PAO This is mission control. There will bt an Apollo 

announceraent in 1 minute. 

PAO Apollo Control, ground elapsed tine lf>U hoars, k 

minutes. We have a two ninutes of tape recorded during the Hawaii pass. 
We'll play that tape now and bring the line up live for the Newfoundland 
and ATS-6 trans - communications. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Hawaii for seven minutes. 

DMP Roger, read you loud and clear. (Garble) 

CC-H Okay, Deke - - 

ACDR We've checked the caution and warning and it'll 

blast you right out of the spacecraft . There's no problea with the 
speaker box, as far ae the speaker box goes, it's Just in the < 
headsets. (Garble) 

CC-H Okay, one question, Tea. Do you have the sane 

problem with the low tone from all three audio centers, on the head- 
■■ sets?."' 

ACDR Roger, all three. 

CC- H Okay, I understand. Copy. Thank you much. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. One cowmen t on your Jet selects. 

ACDR Go ahead. Well stand by. Sounds like we may be going 

in the keyhole, hang on a second. 

CC-H Okay, you read ae loud and clear, Ton? 

ACDR Pcger. 

CC-H Okay, ycu know yesterday, we turned off ore of the 

roll Jets, Bravo 2 and turned on delta 2. That balance worked well 
and the quads are core balanced then they were. The next tine you 
come to a Jet select — it's in the flight plan about an hour fron now, 
and it's printed there and we want you to go back to the nominal 
configuration there, at 155 plus 07 and then Just follow the flight plan 
after that. 

ACDR Roger. Hoainsl Jet select en auto RCS at 

155:07. Roger. 

CC-H That's right and then after that Juat do what 

thef flight plan tells you whenever you coae up on it. Thanks a lot. 

ACDR Okay, Deke. Pros Jet 155 on we do exactly what's written 

in the fli«ht plan. 

CC-H That's affira and we're about a ralnute from WS 

Hawaii, Newfoundland comes up at 15*« plus 10 and I'll see you there. 

ACDR Thank you. 

PAO That concludes the recorded pass through Hawaii. Next 

accqusition in 2 minutes through Newfoundland and Bermuda and then ve pick 
up the AT3-6 satellite. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Newfoundland for 7 ainutes. 

ACDR Roger, how do you read? 

CC-H Loud and clear, 7cm, 

ASTP (usa) MC529/2 


CP-H read loud »ph 

ACDR S kay - ' r50V> 

CC if Kcuston, how do VOU r-^A *v 

re m-v Apollo, Houston t though ATS? 

ACDR rt , "™jgn Mevioundland. 

CC K ay ' 

- ^ ard ^ *" J au" a . t Ve 'i:. lMke ' J « 

CC-H ( «" r *>l«> re *™i»ng dow= i„ the 

'-'.I couU review » llh °^ ?> B : Sin.-e I handed over to Cr'n * . 

CC- ii Ofcay, go ahead. 

Chip's markup. As t .^JJ' + : ' ve the pad h ere th*t < a , , 

pad dovr/to il^TeT" " ~ Ve '~ ^l^Vgo^VM ?? P * r 

*?* T^t^r^ says 12 p»«> «i°t£ n r: 1 tnr0U8h 

on * T U lnt the jjj, ^ oa ^ o jo ^ _ 

CC-H g€r " 

r '^r <° —3 * » - l - 

" J '°- V! »« »»• third s ««pi e 

ASTP (USA) MC529/3 

Time: 11:26 CDT , l^k-.Oh GET 


our little old Kitchen timer got away from us so we're kind of doing 
it by stopwatch or, you know, good old Earth watch. f 
CC- H Roger. 

IX'/}' And by my watch ve've been running here almost 2 

hours on this one sample and it still has not shut down. They're suppose 
to shut dovn at 75 minutes and the voltage is down to somewhere near zero. 
I'm still reading about 335 volts in her. And I think my timing's 
pretty good 6o I wonder if somebody could tell us if we got a malfunction 
or whether to Just go *head and shut it down based on our time. 

CC-H Okay, Deke, Let us talk about it a second here and 

I'll get back to you. 

DM? Okay. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Answers to Deke, we'd like to 

proceed on and do the ETE freeze that's sheduled there. You've got it in 
front of you, I'm sure. It's page 1-9- 

DM? Okay, do the freeze and don't worry about the voltage, 


CC-H That's affirmative. 

DMP Okay, thank you. 

ACER Houston, Apollo. 

CC H Go ahead, Tom. 

ACDR Okay. Just wondering how the data's coming down there 

On the gi*ound since we're taking it back through ATS. 

CC H Okay, let oe check. We've been - I've been vatching 

you here doing the maneuvers, let me check with experiments. Looking 
real good Tom. So reports the experiments officer. 

ACDR Peal good, thank you. 


ASTP (USA) MC530/1 

T^ne: 17:50 CDT, 15>«:28 GET 

7/21/75 ♦ 

. report! the experiments out, sir. . 
, Real good. ^'{ ou - _ _ it doesn't look like 

^KlllVll^ .Tver 

tiD8 ^4 Ve may do it. here . vihen ve get 

ACDR Okay I vas vatching it too, here. ^ 

,n C °6 H Tor we can go ^d *» d *° ^ SvSS^ iSm to 1. 
t0 ^ ^ve *e a HARK when you put the hlO VOLTA ^ & 

^oSf heil you -p ^;;-;, ^V^'th. 5*p ^ u.^ 

you convenience you could g ^ prinle4 ft j ^ the 

there at 15 pw« " 3 " w , re coming up to now. 

ACDR <-*R/- 
DA? and then start it^ ^ ^ ^ 50:i8> 

2T Wve got the (g^le) DAP. 
ACDR Jkay. ^ you much. 

rr-H 0Xay - ^ 6 , " -w- rea<iv for a SAM CAL? 

^ SSi ^ *e see. That's .ffirn. — 

™ wo. Ccal r. s on in 20 teeonds. 

rr , u Okay. , „ 

cc ■ You read ae okay? . , 

sr.d no. w'd 11" c ?? or do yo" «nt « u " vH \ j see » SftX CM.. 

v,C-h *. . t _ a t vhen you 

CC-H 0KA; '* 


* ASTP,<U3A): HC5^1/1 " - > * ' , 

Time: 18:05 CPT, 15I* : U2 GET ' - % < 

7/21/75 , 

I*iP Yes, he did. 

'CC-H , Okay, fine. Let us check our lata. .I'll be light 

back, Dcke. 

BMP Okay. 

MP He was waiting for you to call back. He went to 

work on some other stuff, 

CC-H Okay. I'll be right back to you. 

Okay. In 5 seconds I'm getting a high voltage power 


CC-H Okay. 

BMP £?, 1, HARK it. High voltage power,' one OFF. 

CC-H Okay. 

Yen, Dick, I gave you the cal you called up (garble) 

there for 20 seconds for a checklist 

CC-H Roger . 

DM? give you a 230. 

CC-H Roger. Dekt?, stand by a second. We did not see 

the CAL. We nay *»j*k you to be doing another one here. And, Tec, when 
you turn on the high voltage power this next time, after the 2 minutes 
has elapsed, leave it on until I call you to turn it off. Those first 
two tiraes ycu turned it cn our data is looking a lot better. 

ACDR All right. 

CC-H Deke, Houston, About all we can ask you to do is , 

is ask you if you see the - verify that the SAM indicator light was on 
and to recheck the connections - the cable connections and we - we'll 
have to try to get another SAM CAL. 

ACDR Okaj'.' I got the high voltago power back on. 

CC-H Okay. Just leave it cn until I call you, Too. 

ACDR ' Okay. . ■ ■ ■ 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Tot., would you turn the high 

voltage power off new, and I'll call you to turn it back on. 

CC-H And Apoilc, Houston. Dcke, did you copy what I 

aai'd about the GAM. We'd like to check i f the light is on and reverify 
the cable connection. 

S>MP Yea, I reverifiei everything. I don't hive a light 

on, <-»r.d i'n trying to figure out why. Stand by. 

CC-H Okay. We understand. And if none body has a flight 

plan handy, i»w got an update to the SAM start time down there at 
ftbfiut 155 plus 

Okay. Let's try th i « CAL find see what happens . 
CC-H Okay. Do you have a green light, now, Deke? 

frX? Yea. If 1 can ever see (garble) 

CC-H Oka)'. We're 00 to try another CAL, Deke. We're 

watching our data. 

DM? Okay. 

CMF And Houston, we're ready for a flight plan (garble). 

CC-K Okay. And the SAM CAL looked good that time. 

'-■'7 * "v Y" ' ' 

:5 s 

ASTP (USA) MC531/8 

7/a; 7 5 ie;05 CDT ' 1554: 1,2 GET 

Than* you very much. 

ACDR Okay. . ■ ■ : ' 

on, ple^e. T ° D ' HoU6t ™- like the high voltage back 

C<Th Houston, Apollc. 

x-ray puV g0 Evitch do^'c^oT^ °" ^ ?3 ° We ' d to put the 

CDR Okav. Down in / 0f lns trunent. 

to "cci- J - HAhr - 0 »:f ra slve • ™« 

ACDR MARK. Back to neutral. 

CC-J ?J ay ' * I7iank y°v, Tor., 

to get the set svU^ o^Tthl'lW * f * ^ Ve *^ 
**. v*-, llk , to g et the h* 6 h ^W^i M ~« *»■ 

Hey? S^/ 66 P0Ver COaiin * 0FF - HARK It. 

- thij. h., ^^^^^^^ or „ w 

upUlc?"" V """ ! ' """'ton. Ma you get the SAM atari tiw 

■* M -7r- ~ r i 1 ^ ™« <« «<• 

^/10 - kV * 156j23; ^' ^t's the start U,« a t about 

S H That ' s riRht. IWks 6 iot . 

•<'C~'i >-.,.,,„, , " \\ Uj fi «h up hens 

Ser! th? fl8h h*T Very good. 

:w " 1 ' '■•'•» Mbc lost n n „ ^ a nf , . . 

4 •• U3t '««• evaporated av«y, vn 1 

ASTP (USA) MC531/3 

Time: 18:05 COT, l? 1 *:^ Q£T 


ACDR Vance, those guys thought those poor little fish 

That's most likely. 

ASTP (USA) KC 532/1 . . 

Time: l8:l6 COT, 151* :5k GST 


u « * - - and Houston, Apollo. I presume everywhere where 

ve see activate primary evap to, keep crossing it out. 

. lo ,°r H That ' s affirmed, that 's-.aff ineed Vance. Just keep 

deleaUng those step 2 whenever you see th-m 

CMP Right. 

C J® And Houston, Apollo. 

CC-H Go ahead, Vance. 

of** 1)0 /OU 8tili vant us t0 h ° ld this attitude .'or the 

:uuudS ray or are ve ciear to *° ahead ■»* it ; ; nis 

ST** , %at VC ' d like you to do ' Vance ** conin/'ic here in 

tTl* ° in ^ at S DE time of 38 * lu - 30 « ve *d "like you to go 

ahead and do an EUV pover dovn and an x-ray power dovn on the x-rfy r n 

^ " d ° iS / l0Se the c ° v «- ^d after you've done thV! you^e 
clear to go ahead and go to the same attitude, 

C? f Okay. Say the tiae again. 

CC ~ K 4 It,s 38 P lus 30 and that's 30 seconds froa ncv I'll 

*ive you a MARK if you change the DET . " : 

CMP Okay. We've got it. 

OC-H Okay. 

t C '"" !f -,r„ * , Apollo, Houston. You'rt ciear to go ahead and pover 

f ~L eloce the x " ray door » and Proceed vith th* maneuver 

Houston, Apollc. 
C^"* 1 ' ! 'io fthoid, Trio. 

ACDR , Roger. On the x-ray pover downs you ae to *o 

to purge cal f» r .10 seconds or - fe 

°r* K Negative. All ve vant you to do on the x-rays is 

. -t c^ose the cover and do a complete EUY power dovn, 
AC0R Roger. In work. 

CC-H Okay. 

- *W)8 Okay. Okay, Dick. Both the x-ray and the EUV are 
powered dovn. 

, ,. CC ~ ii . Ck *y* ThanJt you very much, torn. T03, if you're 

hour* *r*io? * ° r ° 0Ulfl y ° U iOCh At 6ne r6al qulc * at about 

■ i A ?f'* , ,. on " t,ro in * corner here and helping leke and 

auing that and V:\nce t« up there, hang on. 

ACDS Okay, ahead. 

!Vf . ^ Ck ^" «™t of all we're 2 nin-ite. vj LOS and froa 

UU Aio pass, the next station contact is Newfoundland at 15^ plus 09 

.w »:t V&nteti t<J Su «* e8t t0 you on this exercise business was to see 

that AiS pass, it starts in about 157 plus 20 or so, we've got a dunp 

tTU rV "J™ 1 ? 8 ° f 080 dat& lhere< Ve vere h °P lr '« ^u could 

don the OBS prior to tnat and then as soon as we've dunped that lata 

Tn ^/ a - Ch l0 * illu i« of exercise and 5 ninutes of cool down 

operation 1 "* int * ffer<? vith the ttfo other doing the SIM 

ACDR Okay. If we can keep on schedule, we'll do it. 

x-h Okay. Real fine, T->a. Thanks a lot. And ve'U 

see yovt :» ?»>vfoundland. 
ACDR ftoger. 

ASTP (USA) MC532/2 

Time: 18:16 CDT, 15b:5k GET 


PAU Apollp Control. Ground elapsed time 155 hours 2 

ninutes. '..'e have had Loss of signal through the Applied Technology- 
Satellite. Next acquisition vill "be through the Newfoundland tracking 
station in 39 minutes and 55 seconds. The crew ttill troubleshooting 
the x-ray experiment in an attempt to have it perform properly. DeHe 
Sl&yton coximenting to cap comm Dick Truly concerning the fish experiment, 
the killifish. He mentioned they are starting to hatch. There vere 
eggs taken up of the killifish and also some snail fish that were - and 
he commented - - 

CC-H Houston, we've got a VHF pass here that wasn't 

originally scheduled, or at least it wasn't on your flight plan there 
through Honeysuckls VHF. How do you read. 

ACDR Loud and clear. 

CC-:i Okay. I got nothing for you here, Tom. I'a Juut 

standing by. 

ACDR All right. 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. We're one minute, fron LOS Nevfoundlani 

at 15l plus 09. See you there. 

PAO Apollo control. Ground elapsed time 155 hours, 6 

ait.utes. Unexpected cousa through the Honeysuckle VHF station. It was 
not scheduled and network advised cap conm we did have conmunlcat ion and 
•irk Truly did call up to the crew. Next acquisition will be through 
:,-?wfoundlund tracking station in 35 ninutes and 38. seconds. At 155 
1. urs and 6 minutes, this is Apollo control. 


Af P (USA) HC533/1 ■ 
7/a; 75 19: ° 2 Cm - »5=*0 GET 

CKP Th * t 8 «f« raati vp u ? 

XT Yeah, ve « r/ t v ahead ' 


ACDR ^P 011 ^ Houston . k T 

PP J That's be*t-r V f" °° Ut now? 

C_:i Ok ft v «■ f Much better 

Just cade vhut _.*y» Defce T - 

en v u «ey. We , *« a *n, please. 

CMP 1 a *> ln « to have to as* *ou Ll" ' Ctoe ° n I 

CC . H C-kv. Hov do you read no£ ^ pleas *- 

DMP * reftd loud and clear 

run for Ba *, B ^ f^' J"*** cheJef tt^'o '.t'S.^ hMr the 
v ^'re troubleshooting ** d that v * hadn't ahrV V!** eod of the 
** -he lens n ° V ' ^ U ^f,^ thin «. And 

CC-H r ««htened out all the vay. llXe We »V have not 

DMP , K< ^- Copy, Dekft ' 

be« in good s S h ^ 8 i- the center of Z S«.t. 

sure <C P*al «f" "» S ™ ™» »«l'4 0U1 ' J 

-"re it's as nuch of a hi... p ** e - va'li . . 

it. but ve'J aee ,f ^ P,lntBe " t « W „ n i, S"* " 1 '» 

ASTP (U3A) MG533/2 

Tine: 19:02 CDT, 155^0 GET 


rr-H Stand by, please. 

Cc H De * e ' Houston. How do you read now? 

turns out that our prizne SAM data is tele- ^ schedule d. 

down here, and we've got a couple of sun se an ^ ^ ^ 
So ve think we're doing Just f ne ev en^ . ^ ^ ^ ^ 

DMP 0Xa >' 



cc-h okav 

fZie Of comments, Dick, before I forger i: on 

the ^phoresis. 3* been going along fin. ^oth -g*- ; 

and U had one small butti* right in th. ^ Ae end in bot h 

bubble. I vas able to ^^ th ~%^V?ne" Wle- But I thought I'd . 
case*, so hopefully it will not inuuen.e the sasip 

better^*"* you of«»at l^any case.^^ ^ we , u pBS9 it b*=* to 
the back room. 

DM? 0 * av ' u . r We , re „ oing to switch mcies her;, 

cc .„ Apollc. Houston. Wc re goin* rn 

a^d start a dump. I»n be dropping out tor about .J 

give you a call here in a second. 

DMP Cka -'' ' 

cc _u Deke. Houston. 

DMP i G f ' nn^;-, sample U business, when you think that 

CC _ H Deke on t 3& ^; e ^ in case it 1: esn-- 

ve don't vent to cut that one shoi t £r sure. u 
shut down somatically *^er aocut 50 do the TERMINATE , you do 

T^ISATE. Over. ^ tte other one v.. eb«t 335. 33* v. 
teminetjd it. ^ ^ ig ^ llate ni«g up there, or is re 

bUSy? CMP I'» U«^ning. 3o ahead, 

2£ H Vance, I vented to pass »P \ cogent t 0 

the ,S Shout the ATS SET ""^^^ t ay In Sc°vh„n 
thing that us to want the ATS JET jv iten ^ ^ ^ ^ 

y ou're not doing a GDC *iine. And or el<ctronl « - the 

fact that the presence of the ATS SET equ p over a p e , iQ d 

presence of the ATS SET cq«p»ent in reftdoul of the rav( 7) 

Sf tine creates inval jj J™^^ lltt o(c wants you to net leave 
resolver errors , and that 3 
H in the IMU position. Operationally, it 

ASTP (USA) MG533/3 

Time : 19:02 CDT, 155: ^0 GET 


CMP Okay . 

CC-H Operationally, of course, it doesn't make any * 

difference . 

CMP Yeah. You're exactly right, although it does make 

a difference in some maneuvers and that sort of thing. But if it 
affects the TM, that's a good reason. 

CC-H Okay. 'One other thing, and there's no hurry on 

this. But when you get a chance, ve vere thinking about asking you to, 
isolate the audio centers, one by one, and try the caution and varning 
tone, and see if ycu had any difference vith less of a load on the audio 
center. So sometime this evening you night Just sequentially turn all 
the audio centers off .but one , and then try the caution and warning tone 
and see if that taades any difference. We're Just trying to isolate : 
the problem if we car.. 

CMP Okay. So you want power to OFF, two at a time. Go 

around the range( ?) ard see how it comes out, right? 

CC-H Yeah . 1 think that would be the easiest thing, Just 

put up there, go from power from audio tone to OFF. on two of their., and 
then on the one that's listening, create the tone and see how it turns 
out. And you c^uld do the - - 


AST? (USA) MC 53V1 .» 

Tirae: 19 21 CDT, 155:58 GET 


CC_h _ - and see hov it turns out you could do the- 

CMP Okay. 

CC-H And Apollo, Houston. When somebody gets a chance, 

I've cot some updates on the SAM times. The. first one is at 157 plus 
15 but we've got lots of time whenever somebody's got a flight plan in 
front, of them I'll give you the numbers. ■ ■ 

CM? Staid by. 

CC-K Ofcay. 

CM? Okay, ready to copy. 

CC-H Okay, at 157 plus 15 there, Vance, that little pad 

that's in there, the tine should read 157:13:22. 

CMp Okay, at about 157:15, it's 157:13:*?*. 

CC-H Okay, av3 if you'll turn the pa ? e over there to 

about 157 plus 1»5, those times should read, 157 '.52:09. 

C^p Okay and about 157^5, it's 3 57:52:09- 

CC-H Okay, thanks alot, Vance. 

CMP Right. 

CC-K Deke, Houston. 

&MP Go ahead. 

cc . H Ok&v, on this next SAX operations fcr sunrise since . 

we missed some of the film, for that first one and it's not good - that 
fila is not good for anything else, I've got one minor change to the ■ 
procedure on .age 13*.. And it's real simple, all I want to do is - is 
to turn the intervelor.eter 0?F at 3 ninutes instead of 1 minute and 
that'll use up the filia in there because we're gonna be changing tha- 

rag cut after this anyway. «„ a * 
2MP Okay, OFF 3 insteai of - okay, ny checklist says Just 

a half? You vant shoot 3 minutes instead on i and a half worth of 

film. Is that the idea? ' 

CC-H Veil, let's see, you lookinr, at page 1-3--' A trui.x 

intervelor.eter OFF is at 1 ninute. I want to change that to 3 minutes 
but of course that's for this operation only. 

K!P Okay, I got you. 

CC-H Okay, thanks Deke. 

DM? Roger. . 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. Incidentally, we've been vatchin h 

here in the MOOR a film of Alexey and Valeriy landing earl J e ^ h '* 
jaornira. They snded up in a stable 1 and a half lying on tneir side. 

ACDR Beautiful. 

CC-H It was - - 

act* Vas that vith the {garble} guard off? 

CC-H Oh, I doubt if there back there that far but they- 

we watched them on TV when they got out of • they turne V^T'w^f 
uc and chey opened the hatch and they were walking around. Looked real 
fine. looked happy to see hoae. 

CM? Were they on level country? 

CC-K Oh, ye*. 

cvp Good . - 1 

CC-H Very fiat and good pictures of it. Of course the 

ASTP (USA) MC 53^/2 

Time: 19:21 CDT, 155:58 GET 


pictures, they shoved pictures of the - descent taken from a helicopters 
ut the scene. But it looked real fine. 

CC- H And incindentally Deke , 1 guess I imagine you've already 

done this but prior to that next SAM data take after you've - after you've 
gotten a lens on there, you might run off a couple of frames and Just make 
sure it' 3 vorking okay, because ve h*ve pleuty - • 

DMP I've already done tha 4 . . 

CC- K . I assumed that you had . ■ 

DMP Yeah, ve already diu that. (\ 

CC- H Fine, thanks alot . 

DMP (Garble). 

^M? Yeah, ve got faked out because ve could feel the thing 

runnir-s but it (garble). 

. CC- H Roger, no problem. 

ACDR Okay . Dick. On sample h on the electrophoresis, in ky ■■ 

minutes the colunn voltatre vent dovn to about U so it looks 
like it's all shut off and vorking good and I'm in the freeze cycle. 

CC--H Okay, thanks, Ton. 

CC-H And Apollo, Houston. Tom, hold up on the freeze. 

We think ve're Just supposed to do an ETE terminate. Ve're not 
supposed to do a freeze on tha'. saraple. 

ACDR Hang on. 

CC-H And Tor., Houston. He did recheck vith the back roon 

and ve vant to do a ETE terminate procedure on that sample, and not 
a freeze. 




Apollo, Houston. If you called, say again please. 


.No, ve di'Jr. 't call you. 


Okay . , 


Houston, Apollo. 


Houston, Apollo.' 


Go ahead, Tom. 


Okay, I'm looking at the checklist here on the ETE 

operations on page 1-8, 1-7, 1-9- And Just going by the checklist 
and it doesn't tell you not to freeze. Ve could see samples k all right. 
Maybe the flight plan has a thing that says "Do not freete," or soaething. 

CC - K Yes, I think, Toa, that the vay that it vas intended to 

by done vas go to the flight plan to tell you which of the procedures 
to do anU then of course go to the checklist - you knov - to accomplish that 
flight plar. for the previous experiments • I mean the previous sample 
did have a freeze in there an: there, I'm sure you've looked at it by 
nov but at about 156 hours and 20 minutes, it shovs ETE terninate and 
that's for sample 1*. 

ACDR Roger . 

CC-H So it's - it's -- I can see hov it could be misleading. 



Time: 19=37 COT, 156:15 GET 

ACDR Houston, Apollo. 

iocp you ola^ease 1d M lsnple .. 

CC-H H ? ,J ?;°".'it% de^H, vo» Brotaoly outf.t to *. 

*£?r::ri? ,r.&c. & ws--;. ™™» a * out u - 

JU " SS"* " " TSk. b*. W*t CnH ve *«ep 

ths t of^se - Vna^oes -t^pl^t,^ ^ freeler llreaJy . 

CC-H * eB ■ 0Xay * 

ACDR (garble) 

ACDR garble) Never understood that ve were supposed to 

brin^ back 

"SI Apfuo. Houston. On panel 230 ve need UP T£t£METBY 

" U ^^Houston' "on pane! 3 ve vould me to stop 

t*. KE You J»t i^-ter on that forv.rd revmd svitch. 
ACDR You « ot centei "" 

SI ^.porr^to,.. 0„ Pane! « one I need 

W WlEHBH -It* to »«««^ loouf o d^ - «tt W <». 

CC - H . * .„ -U°oe C dr< « °/°n 30 seconds . I'll c»U you 
DS£ dump. And so i 11 be art »»» v 


ACDR Okay. h a i r _to-graund. 

p^du^ve^ i^^S - « under.tend 

^^'ACDR Houston, ApOllO. 

CC-K Apollc Houston. Go ahead. coor dinate 

ACDR »ay. I th. (garble «« ^ ^ Knov 

eY erythin g real tight ^^f^^AbTut that ti- Poke got 
— -a M Sd\£t Uow your data, _ 

ASTP (USA) MC535/2 

Time: 19:37 COT, 156:15 GET 


CC-H No. We're doinf our best to it. I guess we can't 

say right now. We're dumping the data now and ve'll get back to you. 
What we thought perhaps you had done was the sunset procedure instead 
of the sunrise procedure because the sunset procedure does have a 
command reset. But at any rate, we've got the data on the ground and 
we'll take a good look at it. 

ACDR Okay. Real good. 

CC-H Okay . 

ACDR Just a question asking - kind of a busy time. 

CC-H Roger. Understand 

CC-H Apollo, Houston. It turns out we only lost - the 

impact of that vaa is we probably wrote over about 30 seconds of helium 
glow data and we got all the SIM date, so it looks like no problem. 

ACDR O/.ay. Real good. 

CC-H Roger. 

ACDR Okay, Houston. Before we leave ATS, what tine do 

they want ce to hook up with that bio-ned data? 

CC-H Okay, Toe. Here's the deal. On this next ATS right 

at the AOS we got a little bit of BSE to dump vhich is not going to take 
too siany rainutes . And after that for the whole rest of that ATS pass 
we don't have anything that would interfere except for that SIM - there 
is sotae SIM operations there at sunrise. So, ny suggestion would be^ 
to - at ATS AOS would be to - for you to be prepared to do the exercise. 
And I'll let you knew when the dump is over and you Just let us know 
when you're starting and ve can Just watch it in real tine and we'll 
be all done with. 

ACDR Ckay. 

CC-H Okay, real fine. 

ACDR (garble) say it. 

CC-H Go ahead, Toes. 

AC 08 Ve used to say if this data gets lost, the cabin 

temperat ire's going up about 3 degrees if that request up again. 
CC-H (Laughter) Roger. Copy. That's about - - 


ASTP (USA) KC536/1 

Tine: 19:58 CDT, 156:36 GET 


CC-H Go ahead, Tom. 

ACDR - - to say if this data gets, lost the cabin temperature 

is going up by about 3 degrees if that request comes up again. 
CC-H Roger, copy. 

CC-H Incidentally, that's one of the reasons we're doing 

it real tine so if we do have any data problems we'll be sure and know 
it right there and ve can fix it. 

ACDR Roger. 

CC-H Apollc, Houston. We're about, 1 minute from ATS LOS. ' 

I'll give you a call here in about h minutes at Guam. See you there. 
CMP Okay, Dick. 

PAO Apollo, control . Ground elapsed time 156 hours, 39 
minutes. Next accqusition through Guan in 2 minutes and 25 seconds. At 
this time in the ai>sion Defce Siayton is performing the SAM experiments . 
This is the strAtospheric aerosol measurement. He places a photometer at 
tne right hand window of the Apollo command module and this is designed to 
measure the amount and location of aerosols in the stratosphere to determine 
vhether a set of simple photoiseters would be effective in