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Full text of "NASA Audio Highlight Reels, Soundbites and Launch Sounds"

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Cap Com 


Cap Com 

Cap Com 


Cap Com 


Cap Com 


Cap Com 

Bolts and liftoff* 

The clock has started. 

There's roll program. 
Roger t roll, 

OK your roll is completed. 
Roger, roll complete* 
There goes the pitch, 

Roger t pitch, Yotfre on your way Molly Brown, 
Yah t man. 

Plus fifty seconds 
Roger in Mode II delay. 


"c^ig: Cabin pressure holding at 60, 
Youngs Pressure relieved at 6»5, 

Cap Com 


Cap Com 


Cap Com 
Cap Com 


Cap Com 



Cap Com 


Cap Com 



Roger, Mode II, 
Roger , 

DCS update received, 
Roger f update 

We are a little bit high in the flight plan hut no problem Molly Brown 
OK Molly Brown is go for staging, 
Roger looks good from here. 


0 4, 

update received 

Roger f update 

OK there is staging, 

Roger, stage 

and we are thrusting. 


Cap Corns OK thrust looks good from here* 
;ou~ 1 assume full scale attitude error. 

Grissom*. OK we are starting to steer* 
Grissom: Horizon's about right in view* 
Cap Com; Roger • 
Youngs Our GS is go* 
Cap Conu Looks good from here* 
Grissom or Young: ????? 
Cap Com: Steering is good from here, 
3rissom or Young: ?????? 

Cap Com 


Cap Com 


Cap Com 


Cap Com 

ap Com 


Cap Com 
Cap Com 


Cap Com 

Pretty big problem you got there huh 


Roger Molly Brown you are go from here* 

Roger, Molly Brown is go, 

Roger* Steering right down the Q^-d line* 

OK ??????????? 

Stand by for my mark on point 8, 
Mark point 8* 

Good show* 


Roger % you are go Molly Brown* 

111111 30 seconds 


• * • * • 

Cap Com; Roger » farings. 


Cap Com: OK farings, 

Cap Com: Do you have the IV Is 

Youngs ------ I have 2$ now* 

Cap Corns Roger, 23 down* 

Young s 3 down, 7 right 

Cap C ;m: Roger , 3 down,7right 

Youngs and 23 aft 

Cap Com: and 23 aft ok # 

Voice: Bermuda command carrier on, 

Cap Com: Roger, we have em ei^htyseven byl25 orbit » Molly Brown • 
Cap Con: Molly Brown, Cape Cap Com, 
Grissom: Go, Cape, 

Cap Com: You have an eighty seven by 125 orbit and I'll get you one Alpha 

shortly , 

Cap Com: Roger, new one Alpha time is a lapse time of 1812, 18 minutes, 

12 seconds. 

Young! Roger, 1812. 

Cap Com: Roger, right fast John, 

Cat^ Com: Molly Brown, Cape Cap Com, 

Astronaut: Go, Cape Cap Com, 

Cap Com: Does it look better from there than on a ballistic flight* 
Astronaut: Say again* 

Cap Com: Does it look better from there than on a ballistic; flight, 
Grissom: ??????? 

Cap Com: Soger, How do it look? 
Grissom: It look nice, 
Cap Com: Rog, 

Voice: Canary Cap Com, Cape Flight. 


Voice: Cape Flighty Canary Cap Com go ahead , 
Kraft i Have you been copying? 

Voices Affirmative* We have copied all the way, 
Kraft; Roger, looks good. Stand by« 
Voice: Roger , 

Cap Com: Molly Brown, Cape Cap Com e 
CC: Bermuda has LOS (loss of signal ) e 
Krafts Canary Cap Com, Cape Flight, 
Canary Cap Com: Go ahead « 

Krafts It looks like he got about 13 feet per second. Actually at out 12.6, 
from his burn of about 15 seconds. You might report that to him, 

Canary Cap Com: He got 12 feet per second? 

Kraft: 12,6* He had 15 seconds of burn, 

Canary Cap Com* Roger, 

Kraft: All other systems look very good. Suit temperature was 56, cabin 86, 
Canary Cap Corns Roger, copying, 

Kraft: The surgeon reported the astronauts were both in good condition. 
All other reports from MCC are GO, 

Canary Cap Com: Roger, understand, 

Kraft: Stand by to copy 21 ♦ 

Canary Cap Com: Roger • 

Kraft: Delta V 139, GtfTRC 155547, GETRC 013147, roll left 55, GMTRB 160531, 
roll right 65, 

(Repeated ) 

Canary Cap Com: Roger, 

Canary Cap Com: Canary contact, 

Kraft: Roger, Canary, 



Canary? Roger read you loud and clear, We have your TM solid all systems look good 
on the ground o I have yo, 2 0 **ne if you are ready to copy. Do you copy 
"Molly Brown" o Grissom 0 fr a 

Canary s Roger, Delta V 153 niner GMTRC 15547, GETRC 013147, roll left 55degrees GMTRB 
160 531 9 rollright 65 did you copy. 

Canary ? "molly Brown" Canary Cap Com . • . back to you* 

Grissom? Roger. 

Canary ? "Molly Browns Cap Com 0 

Canary ? Request that you place your radio switch to the flow position « 

Canary s "Molly Browns Cap Com We are standing by for your UHF Comm check, Do you copy? 

Canary s Cap Com Grissom, gr ahead . 

Canary s Roger we are standing by for your UHF Comm* 

Canary? Would you place your radio switch to the flow position » 

Grissom; Roger. UHF is still on number 2 

Canary? Stand by for new blood pressure „ 

Grissom? Blood pressure going down 

Canary? "Molly Brown" Canary, Cap Com* be advised on your 15 second burn your 

achieved a 12 e 6 ft. per second „ Did you copy, 

Grissom ? Roger , understand * 

Grissom? I seem to have a pressure leakin my e • » because I get a continaous yaw left, 

Canary? Roger, understand that you get a continuous yaw left. 
Grissom? It is very slight , very slow drift* 

Canary? Roger. Did you copy Cape^ 

Kraft % Affirmative c 

Canary? "Molly Brown? Canary Cap Com, I have your radiator temperature if you are 
ready to copy* 

Grissom? Roger 0 

Canary? Roger, your radiator outlet temperature is off-scale high* Radiator inlet is 

is 74, 

Grissom? Roger, off-scale high going back to back 
Canary? Roger, understands 


CANARY s "Molly Browns 9 Cap Com* Standby to start your clock at 20 minutes 

ground elapsed time on my mark* MARK, Did you copy "Molly Brown"? 


<> * c 

Canary: Be advised we have received your blood pressure f "Molly Brown:" 

Canary: Been advised from the Cape you might put your prop switch off ^nd re-cycle 
a couple of time and it might stop your leak. Did you copy "Molly Brown"? 

Grissora: Copy 0 

Canary: "Molly Brown" Cap Com 6 Do yoc copy? 
Grissonre Say again . 

Canary: Roger , can we have your sea-urchin time again, please? 
Grissora: 20 minutes elapsed c 
Canary: Roger, understand • 
Canary: LOS, 

Cape: "Molly Brown, Cap Conu 

Grissom: Cap Com, "Molly Brown" 

Cape, Roger, how's your status on that thruster? 

Grissom: We're still drifting alittle bit, Gordo, it's not bc*d, I can hold it with 

pulse with no problem & We did loose our primary DC to DC converters* 

Cape: Roger, lost your primary DC to DC a 
Grissom : Roger * 

Cape: Have your tried your circuit "breaker, Gus, on that* 
Grissom: Yea, we have t 

Capes Have your tried your circuit breaker to qut off that one eratic thruster? 

i f » 

Cape: "Molly Brown:" Cap Com* 
Grissom: I read you 0 0 K 4 Gordo* 
Cape: 0cK> How's your control system 



Capes Roger, I'm reading you weak, but readable 
Grissom s » « » 

Capes Say again, "Molly Brown " s 

Grissoms I say, we can't read you, Gordo. 

Cape? Roger,. I f m bearly reading you also. 

Capes How's your control system, Over* 

CSQs "Molly Brown" Molly Brown" CSQ, Cap Com, 

Grissom: CSQ, this is "Molly Brown" 

CSQ: Roger, how is your control system workitg? 

Grissoms Control system working fine. Have a very slight yaw to the left. 
CSQ; "Molly Browns I copy you very weak 9 Would you say again. 

Grissoms All control systems working fine* Have a very slight drift to the left. 
CSQs Roger, understand* 

CSQs Would you confirm that you are on a secondary DC to DC converter? 
Grissom s Affirmative 0 

CSQs Are you on secondary ACME? Yaw logic. 
Grissom s Negative » 

CSQs "Molly Brown" CSQ, Cap Como Are you in the flow position on the radiator? 

Grissom s We are on the flow position and we are trying the ACME yaw logic. 

Switching to yaw logic now. 

CSQs Roger, 

CSQs "molly Brown, CSQ, cap com* 

Grissom s Roger, unable to send a blood pressure the bulb won't fit in the plug 

hole anymore „ 

CSQs Roger, Cape recommends that you place the driver's switch to secondary. 
Grissom s Roger 0 
CSQs Molly Brown" CSQ Cap com* 
Grissom s Go ahead, CSQ 



CSQs Your inlet temp, is 76 degrees* Your outlet temp* degrees 
CSQ: "Molly Brown" CSQ, 
Grissom $ Go ahead t 

CSQ: We have not received a blood pressure or an oral temp* 
Grissoms The blood pressure bulb won't fit in the hole anymore* 
CSQ 0 Roger, 

Grissom: I think the "0" ring is jamned or something* 
CSQ: Roger, we 1 re standing by for**. 
Grissom: Here it comes • 

CSQ: "Molly Brown" CSQ* Standby for a GMT time pack. 

CSQ: On my mark, GMT will be 151110 MARK, 

CSQ; "Molly Browns" CSQ S 

Grissom: Roger, your Mark 

CSQ: Roger * 

CSQ: "Molly Brown" CSQ 

Grissom: Go ahead $ CSQ S 

CSQ: We copied your respiratory maruever and we have your oral temp. All systems 
appear go from the ground* 

Grissom s Roger t 

Cro: "Molly Brown t " this Carnarvon, cap com* Do you read? 
Grissom s Loud and clear, Pete, How me? 

CRO: Read you same* Can you give us your status please? And the Cape would to know 
if any of the remedies helped your yaw problem 

Grissom! N<^ none of the remedies helped % and we 1 re go. 

CRO: Okay, you have a go from down hare for the second orbit and if you will standby 
I will send you a 2-1 TR in a Gemini orbit, 

Grissom s Roger. 

CRO: Standby for TR fi Okay* "Molly Brown" we got your Gemini load % we could not get TR in<> 
We got a spacecraft reject on TR and it did go in at this time. I would to give 
you a hack on TR at 3930 in about 10 seconds. 



CROs Standby on my rnark 9 Mark £ 3^:30 for TR, Your TR clock is synced with those 
on the ground and your spacecraft elapse time is synced* 

Grissom s Rogep 9 I see the lights of ^ertho 

CROs Roger 9 Understand you see the lights of Perth, I will have a radiator status for 
you in a minute <> And anytime you can give me your* GMT blood experiment I would 
appreciate it 0 

Grissoim The elapsed time of the blood 50 minute and 18 seconds 

CROs I read 50 minutes and 18 seconds your radiator inlettemp is 72 and radiator out 
is 38 % your looking pretty good* 

Grissom s Alright b 

CROs And if John is ready to copy any of this manuever word I have it for you 0 
Grissom ; He*s ready to copy* 

CROs 0kay B GMT B 154323c Delta V of 139 duration of burn 2 minutes and 39 seconds 
your GMTRC 15524 roll left 55 GMTRB 164528 roll right 65 D GMT 400 ... 155823 
von* computer load » • « and "Molly Brown" Cararnon here you can go secondary 
coolant loop off and you can go evaporator to normal* 

Grissom t Secondary Coolant loop off and evaporator to normal. 

CROs "Molly Brown" CR0 Cap Com 0 

Grissom s Go ahead 0 

CROs Roger $ Your Texas burn will be 48 feet per second for 73 seconds , 
Grissoms 48 feet per second for 73 seconiso 

CROs We got your TR Gemini load in and your clocks look good on the ground and everything 
is go here* See you next trip, 

Grissom s Roger 0 

CROs "Molly Brown" CR0 9 Cap Com. 

Capes "Molly Brown' Cap Conu 

Grissom? Cape 9 "Molly Brown" Go ahead* 

Capes Roger i "Molly Brown s Cape 9 Cap Conw Now we're going to have you leave your 
propellant switch on and do the Texas burn and we will watch your fuel usage 
across the States ^ if it continues we will have you turn your propellant 
switches off when you are over the Cape next time* except when you need to use 
fuelt we will leave the propellant switch on for the Texas burn and then 
watch the depletion 0 

Capes Roger o Leave it on until after the Texas burn and then we will watch your 
leakages If it continues to leak we will have you turn them off over 
the Cape 0 




Grissoms We can. - t tell if we are usisg any fuel out of this thing or note 

Capes 0kay 9 fine we 9 re not overly comeraed, its just that we would like to get a 

handle on what is causing it here. Your o2 pressure is off the scale on the 
high side by telemetry 0 


Grissoms Say again 9 Gordo 0 

Capes Your oxygen your 02 pressure is off the high side of the scale o You may have 

had that switch failure in there 0 You may have had a telemetry failure in there 
that failed off to the high side 0 

Grissoms Roger 9 and Gordo » 

Capes Go ahead 0 

Grissoms The primary scannera 

Capes Did you say 9 "Primary scaxner-s B9 ? 

Grissoms Affirmative 0 

Capes 0kay 0 Can you give us a helium source psessure? 
Grissoms Say again 0 

Capes What is your helium source vpressure? 


0 0 5 0 

RKVs What is your status 9 Holly Brown? 
Grissoms My status is go c We did drain the ECS 02 
RKVs Roger 1 have transmitted a TR on the Gemini load for your maneuver over Corpus 
RKVs Confirm you are in catch up 0 Oven, 
Grissoms Affirmative 6 We are in catch up now c 
RKVoS Roger. 1 9 11 retransmit the loado 

RKVj Roger c You have a load ii the catch up for your maneuver. 

You are go for the next orbit c 
Grissoms Roger 0 

RKVs Are you ready to copy your maneuvertime? 
Grissoms Stand by c 
RKVs Roger* 



Grissoms We are ready to copy c 

RKVs Roger, you are GMTB» 155700, Your ground elapsed time toburn 012300, 
Your Delta V of the burn 048 the length of burn 0114, 

Ch\i..SSOin % Kov/t, we con] r»d . 

RKVs Roger, stand by for a GDT time hack. On my mark it will be 85 minutes 
and 45 seconds. Stand by. Mark.. Do you copy? 

Grissoms Roger 9 we copy, 

RKVs Roger, you look good on the ground „ Would you give me a readout of core 
25 9 26 and 27,? Molly Brown % RKV Cap Com ; 

Grissoms Go ahead RKV 9 Molly Brown, 

RKVs Would you give me a readout on your computer core 25 9 26 ^ and 27? 

Grissoms Roger 9 25 was minus 0480 $ 26 and 27 were all zeros. Over* 

RKVs I concur. Molly Brown can you oive mo a readout of your GAMS helium source 
pressure temperature and your propellant quantity guago?- 

Grissoms Propellant quantity guage reading was , 0 . stand by and 1 9 11 give you 
the other. Source pressure is 2450 9 source temperature is 85 degrees 9 fuel and 
oxidizer regulated at 235 with 68 degrees t 

RKV? Roger f 295 at 68 e Say again your propellant quantity , 
Grissoms Propellant quantity is 84 percentc 
RKVs Roger S; I copy. 

RKVs Molly Brown f RKV standing by if you have anything else* 
Grissoms Roger 9 we* re in good shape c 

RKVs Molly Brown, RKV 0 I'm getting an indication of OAMS thrust forward firing, 
I have negative OAMS yaw firing on the ground 0 

Grissoms We're not doing any firing. We haven 11 1 touched the handle 0 
RKVs Roger, 

RKVs Molly Brown 9 stand by for Guaymas 0 

Gro ssoms Ko.h< -r e 


GYMs Molly Brown, Guaymas Cap Conu 
Grissom: Guaymas 9 Molly Brown. 
GYMs Guaymas standing by* 
Grissonu Roger 0 

GYMs Molly Brown , Guaymas handing over to Texas 0 

TEX s Molly Brown „ Texas Cap Conu 

Grissoms Read you loud and clear 9 Texas 6 

TEXt Roger, Texas standing by for your maneuver « 

Grissoms All right* 

Grissoms Twenty seconds to burn. Got that* Texas? 
TEX s Roger, 

Page #13 

Air to Ground Transmission 

Cape Cap Com: Molly Brown - Cape Cap Com, 
Grissom; Molly Brown - Cape Cap Com, 

Cape Cap Corns Look better from there than on a ballistic flight? 
Grissom: Say again* 

Cape Cap Com: Look better from there than on a ballistic flight? 

Grissom: Can't read you, Gordo 0 

Cape Cap Corns Roger 0 How do it look? 

Grissom; It look great 0 

Cape Cap Corns Rog 0 

Cape Cap Corns Molly Brown - Cape Cap Com, 
Grissom: TVenty seconds to burn. Copying, Texas? 
TEX; Roger o 

Grissom; Three seconds 0 Mark* 

TEX; Roger, Texas confirms OAMS thrusters fired* 

Kraft s Roger; Texas , 

TEX; Molly Brown - how are your attitudes holding? 
Grissom: Perfect, 
TEX; Roger o 

Grissom; Seven feet per second to go; Thruster complete 9 When we started 

out the IVI's were reading 51 feet per second „ I burned down to 2 feet per second 
aft. As I started to burn my IVI's read 51 feet per second and I burned down to the 
place where they read 2 feet per second. Two, Zero zero two* The propel lant 
quantity is 65 percent. 

Cape Cap Com; Molly Brown - Cape Cap Com* 
Grissom:: Go ahead, Gordo* 

Cape Cap Com: Roger, Do you want to get your transmitter up to start your take down 
Ready for your take down. Okay, Molly Brown, looks like your OAMS has leveled out 
for your bum, can you give us OAMS source pressure and temp again now? Molly Brown 
Cape Cap Com, 

Grissom:: Yes sir, source pressure is at two thousand and fifty; source temperature i 

Page #14 

Cape Cap Com 5 Roger 0 It looks like the pressure switch on the 02 is failed. Your 
probably better bring that 02 heater from automatic to off and then manually control 
the temp from then on »= the pressure from then on 0 

Grissoms And by going to high- rate you can bring^it off the peg, Over* 

Cape Cape Corns Okay ? you can bring it off the peg by going to high rate* Is that 

Grissoms (garbled) 

Cape Cap Com; Okay 0 I have a time for when you 9 11 be nearest the booster* Would you 
like to have that so you can look for it„ 

Grissoms Roger 0 

Cape Cap Corns Roger 0 02 plus zero eight plus five two will be dead ahead at an 
elevation of plus eight zero degrees at one niner miles* This will be just prior to 
darkness 0 It should be very bright * Proceed to see if you can rendezvous «, 

Grissoms Rog* 

Cape Cap Com? We 9 re sending you a load now* 

Grissoms Roger 0 DCS load received 0 

Cape Cap Corns Roger * I got you loaded 0 

Grissoms We had another DCS load just fend* too*, 

Cape Cap Corns That was the actual values Q First one was the! PR<, 

Grissoms Roger 

Cape Cap Corns Molly Brown, this is Cape Cap Com p Did you get your experiments in the 
first orbit? 

Cape Cap Corns Molly Brown s Cape Cap Com 0 
Grissoms Thank you s Cap Com* 

Cape Cap Corns Roger d we just want to get a confirmation that you got your experiments 
on time for the first orbit* 

Grissoms Roger ? we got them on time* 

Cape Cap Corns Roger 

Cape Cap Corns Everything looks good down here 
Grissoms Roger 

Cape Cap Corns Okay, Bermuda command carry on* 

Cape Cap Corns Molly Brown, Cape Cap Corn* Our memory loads* »«* .to confirm your loads 
were correct fi and you might delete all theMBIU read outs a 

Grissom? Okay 0 

Page #15 

Air to Ground Transmission 

Grissom; Is your blood pressure down there. 

J <J O O 1 

Cape Cap Corns Okay 

Cape Cap Com? Cape Com is complete , Molly Brown* 
Grissom: Aye 0 

Grissonu Tape playback complete MCC 0 
Cape Cap Corns Affirmative 
Grissom :: Roger 

Cape Cap Corns You still got a blood pressure John? We didn ? t read it* 

Youngs oooo oFll give you another one 0 

Cape Cap Corns Okay, just wondering if you were breathing* 

Grissom; Do you want to give me a time of the horizon scan checks 

Grissom: Cape Cap Com, give me a mark now. 

Cape Cap Corns Go ahead, Molly Brown Cape Cap Com* 

Grissom:: Give me a time of the horizon scan check, 

Cape Cap Corns Okay, sunset time is 16+34, stand-by I'll get you the horizon scanner. 
Cape Cap Corns That*s the time Molly Brown« 16+34 
Grissom ; Aye 0 

Cape Cap Corns Pretty spectaclar up there, huh? 
Grissom; Say again 0 

Cape Cap Com 3 Pretty spectaclar up there, huh? 

Grissom; Yes, it really is, it really is a 

Grissom; There isn't imieh to see though* 

Cape Cap Corns Clouded over? To many clouds huh? 

CYI Cap Corns Molly Brown, this is Carnary Cap Com 

Grissom; Carnary Cap Com, Molly Brown, go ahead 

Carnary Cap Corns Roger, we have systems go on the ground 

Grissom^ Roger, „ 0 d <> 9 <> ^alignment check* 

Carnary Cap Corns Roger, understand and Carnary , „ 0 Q calibrate coimnand* 
Grissom; Okay, 00 coming; Coxj^fi^ 

Page #16 

Air to Ground Transmission 
Canary Cat* Comt Moilv Brown this is Carnarv Cap Com* 
Molly Brown; Go Canary 

Canary Cap Conn Roger ^ after your bum your orbit is 85 0 6 by 92 0 6 d Did you copy? 

Grissonw Roger 0 85 0 6 92 3 6 0 

Canary Cap Com- And I have a 2 Bravo time* 

Grissom; I'll stand by 3 

Grissoms Canary, I hope you have the two Bravo time* 

Canary Cap Com? Delta V 90 GMTRC 16 S2 25* GETRC 02 28 35, Roll left 55, 

Delta V 

Grissoros Roger, 2 Bravo/90 GMTRC 16 52 25 GETRC 02 28 35 Go left 55, 

Page #17' 


CSQs Molly Brown fl CSQ Cape Cap Com, Do you read? 

Grissonu Roger 9 read you weak but clear 0 We have you . o » 

CSQs Molly Brown, CSQ Cap Com, We're standing by for the maneuver. 

CSQs Molly Brown, CSQ. Would you give us your IVI readouts - before and 
after tha burn? 


a ^ C O 


CSQs Roger* understand 10 feet per second forward. 
Youngs Ten feet per second forward 0 
CSQs Roger 0 
Youngs t o o 

CSQs Molly Brown, CSQ, be advised I sent TX twice on that spacecraft reject and 
1*11 try again* 

CSQs Molly Brown, CSQ. We still cannot get MAT back from the spacecraft on TX. 
Younr/, Roger s I sent the TX * o c Over'. 

CSQi" ;Say again, Molly Brown, CSQ. How did your attitude go during the maneuver? 

Young i - * 

CSQs Roger.; 
CSQs Molly Brown 9 CSQc 
Youngs Go ahead o 

CSQs You still look good from the ground here. 
CSQs Kolly Brown 9 CSQ Cap Come 
Youngs Go ahead 0 

CSQs Would you give us a propellant quantity readout before and after the burn? 

o e e 

Youngs Before the burn it was 66 percent 
CSQs Molly Brown 9 say again* 

Youngs Sixty-six percent before and 61 percent after 0 

Pa^e #18 


CSQs Roger o 

Youngs I'm not real sure of that before burn 


l ike its in the ball parko 
ACfcL logic 9 yaw rate^gyros and attitude drivers now 

o o o on primary. 

(Irissorn; Affirmative 

v. ., 

■i f! " 

ivgiit ail the other stuff? Sound- to me like you've got a 
i:\ the valve* Is that what you figure? 

^ er » lt "i" 5 * be very, very slightc You can't see the pressure go 

K' <"* O TT* 0 

y-u nave turned off the three four seven and eight yaw circuit 
put them back on again and that didn't hav- an 7 affect. 

Yea, we've gone through everything $ Fete e 


- v-li that should keep them happy back there, We're not going to send 

y.,u a Icaa. Your TR is good, I don't have your cl^k counting down with mine. I 
guess you have a different > e , We got your bi^oi pressure and your clocks are 
on as far as SET goes 0 

Grissoms Roger 

for John, I'd like to know how his fox e . , charlie 


T r. 

• ' r - j ■ 

frav<- sunt * •rr- 

f ' -v - 

.1 V'- 1 

1 * v^l V ^ 

a go down here from everybody and do you 

£te. We* re OK, 

:2 rn a rvon 

3lti?!ie telemetry off after LOS from Carnarvon, please 

1 ■ 

•eaitime off after Carnarvon 

HO; vea^ we couldn't get a TX up to you 



CROs Molly Brown, this is Carnarvon * How do you read? 
Grissom: Still read loud and clear* 

CRO: 0K f you've got the go, Gus, you look good here on the ground and we'll see 
you * .Fasten your belt* 

Grisson: Roger, I can keep em up<> 

HAW: Molly Brown, this is Hawaii Cap Conu 

Grissom: Hello Hawaii, this is Molly Brown* 

HAWs Confirm your telemetry in real time and acq* 

Grissoms Telemetry is in real time and acq 0 

X3rissoMt ,Hey * Neil 

HAW j Yea* Go ahead, Molly Brown e 

Grissom: The eight ball here is giving us minus 0 Evidently the scanners on the yaw 
rate controllers 

t * * 

HAW: Say again, Molly Brown, I didn't understand c 

Grissom: The attitude on the eight ball is drifting badly * • » trying to get a 
line on it now* 

HAW: CK understand the eight ball attitude is drifting badly a You have a go from 
the ground. 

Grissoms Goodc 

HAW: We're ready to uplink a 4-1 TR to you« 
Grissom: Go ahead and send it* 
HAW: CK, sending now* 

HAW: And, we'd like to send you a TX as soon as you are ready. 
Youngs Uplink received TR 0 Send TX 0 Over* 

HAW: All right sending TX now e And we confirm your TR^in sync. Give us a time 
hack when you start your * * e guage corelation c teck £ 

Youngs Roger, mark the guage corelation checks 

HAW: Roger, got it. 

HAW: Molly Brown, Hawaii Cap Conu Are both your attitude indicators drifting 

Grissom s Affirmative 9 

Pape #20 



HAWs Molly Brown, Hawaii Cap Com. Everything looks good on the ground, He'll see 
you next time around 0 Aloha, 

Grissorru Roger t 

Page «21 

Air to Ground Transmission 
RKV Cap Com; Molly Brown RKV Cap Com, Over, 
Grissoiris RKV, this is Molly Brown 

RKV Cap Com; Roger, we are standing by for your respiratory maneuver* Over 
Grissom: Roger 0 

RKV Cap Corns Roger, we copy* We are standing by for your pilots oral temp and blood 

Grissoms Blood pressure coming* 
RKV Cap Corns Roger 
Grissoins RKV, Molly Brown « 

RKV Cap Com: Stand-by one. Roger, go ahead and give me the blood pressure Molly Brown, 
RKV, Mclly Brown, we have received your blood pressure and temperature, 

Grissom; Roger, RKV C 

RKV Cap Com- Go ahead 

Grissom: Garbled 0flOCO , aoe , C a.a 

- RKV Cap* Corns Molly Brown, RKV Cap Com* 

Grissom: Go ahead 0 

RKV Cap Com: If your are drifting in your roll and orbit ratq$ a «HggS?t you Select 
a mode of your own, for your tracking test coming up on the coast * 

Grissom: Roger, 

RKV Cap Com: Molly Brown this is RKV, you are looking good here on the ground. Do 
you have any further comments? We are standing by, 

Grissom : Negative 

RKV Cap Corns Roger, Guaymas will be next« 
GYM Cap Corns Molly Brown this is Guaymas Cap Com, 
Grissom: Roger, Molly Brown 
t Gym Cap Corns Your three alfa times are nominal „ 

t * . - 

Grissom: Roger, alfa nominal 0 

GYM Cap Com: We are standing by for your coolant pump check* 
Gissoms 9 « o o 9 9 o Guaymas 

GYM Cap Corns Standing by, re-report on your cooling pump check 

Page *22 

Air to Ground Transmission 

GYM Cap Corns Molly Brown, this is Gauymas* Have you finished your cooling pump 

Grissom:; 0 <, , 0 oCooIing pump test 0 

GYM Cap Corns Roger Q what is the status of the checks? 


GYM Cap Corns Say again Molly Brown, you are broken, 

Grissoms We could get the pumps on simultaneous, 

GYM Cap Conn I copy, We could not get the pumps on simultaneous J>% 

GYM Cap Corns Gauymas standing by for you stand«by TM, Real Time mocul it ion check. 

GYM Cap Com; Molly 8rown fi This is GYM Cap Com,, 

Grissom i Go ahead , Gauymas 0 

GYM Cap Corns We are standing by for your stand-by telemetry Transmitter check with 
real time a 

Grissom: Stand-by for real time, 

GYM Cap Com: Roger „ Molly Brown, that TM check is okay on the ground, 

GYM Cap Corns Molly Brown, this is Gauymas, would you say again the trouble you had 
with your pump checks 

Grissom? We had no trouble with the pump e 

GYM Cap Corns Roger 0 Would you remove pump A off of primary? 
Grissom ; Punro off that 

o o o o o 

GYM Cap Corns Molly Brown this is Gauymas handing over the Tex, 
Cape Cap Corns Molly Brown, Cape Cap Com* 
Grissom s Go ahead Cape Cap Com,, 

Cape Cap Corns Alright, do you have your stand-by telemetry transmitter on ready for 
a tape down? Alright you are 9<t ao 0 MMOH fl ca ««••••«« What is the status of your 
other platform modes, Molly Brown? BEF fray? 

Grissom s Say again „ 

such as 

Cape Cap Corns What is the status of your other platform modes Molly Brown, /BEF anc| 
fray a 

Grissoms Well BEF is fine, the other reading is what drives me off on roll« 
I haven't checked BEF vet 5 I ? 11 ran a check now, 

Cape Cap Com: Okay 0 How long does it take you to build up a quarter degree rate 
in that yaw rate, starting from zero yaw rate 0 

.Page #/3 Mr to Ground xransmittion 

Cape Cap Com? Roger, are you satisfied with obtaining holding your attitudes 

Grissoms Roger, the platform is aligning us s properly in SEF 

Cape Cap Coins Okay fine. Do you want to turn your stand-by transmitter off? 

Grissoms Stand-by transmitter off* 

Cape Cap Corns Roger, Have you tried secondary scanner? 


Grissoms Roger 0 we were/secondary scanner for quite awhile, we are back on primary 

Cape Cap Corns Okay, if you think the platform is drifting too much after th*t 
control" modes characteristic check, you can just delete that. 3+30 

Grissoixt Roger s 1 deleted the one. 

Cape Cap Corns The one earlier? 

Grissoms Yes„ 

Cape Cap Corns Okay 0 1 have your 4-1 weather for you, 
Grissom; Roger 0 

Cape C*p Corns Roger it is broken cloud condition, 20 miles visibility, wind is 20 knots 
5 ft 0 seaso 

Grissom Roger G 20 and S 

Cape Cap Conn Roger, did you have any success on contact with the booster, 
Grissom: we were facing the wrong way at that time, making a horizon scanner check, 
Cape Cap Corns Yes, I was afraid you would be, That was alittle bit tight in there, 

Grissom: Yea*, 

Cape Cap Corns Did you manage to see anything over the US because of clouds? 

Grissom; We could see the southern part of California and Arizona I guess that was 
about it „ 

Cape Cap Com; Did you ever get your real time teieiwrtx^and ack aid on. 
How is the weather generally around the world? 

Grissom s Very cloudy 

Cape Cap Com? I see 

Grissom s Seeing very little land 0 

Cape Cap Corns Than and blue water, 

Grissom; oooMoo^ch water 

Pa^a #24 

Air to Ground Transf;;Lv$ 

4, -? j : 

Grissoaw We jusc pot a DCS up-date 9 Gordo, going over that TX 

50 v.ap lomt Roger, \n got it verified, TR looks good Molly Brown 

cape cap com Molly Brown. Ca&e Can Com, 

Grissonu Go ahead 

Cape Cap Com- w& understand that you den 1 t have this roHing off in the free mode 
Is that affirmation? 

Grissom? 1 don't have O ab 00 any SEF and BEF mode, Gordo, I haven* t check the 

~ ■* - c 

ill*-* aaw w ( i 

. „ *give 


lines properly into the BEF mode, I tried it already 

cape L&p 

?' v. 1 N • • . 

"■'Kiiy^ real good 


■V CS. Lj .- V: i 1 1 o 


We have verification on your load Molly Brown p looks good 

C~ S- 'C- A s'"' ; " 

y Brown s did you get a chance to check that free mode yet? 

Grissonu li> free node now p? seems like it is working alright 

pe Cap Corn* Very good 

ware sort of interested in that 

Cape Cap Co^s felly Srowr^ Cape Cap Com 

Grissoin: Go ahead* 

Cape Cap Com * We would like for you to turn that cabin fan on for 2 minutes and then 
back off for a iitte experiment,, 


r a. 1 1 is v-ii 

Cape Cap Com: OKay 0 Molly Brown , Cape Cap Com 

Grissom? Go ahead 

Cape Cap Com? That next normal burn will be a delta V of 96 

urisBom: f 

^isxt burn will be 96., 

Cape Cap Com.; Ro?er the time on that will be 1+49 


sscm? oooo o '} 1 -49 seconds 


Cape Cap Com* Okay 


Page #25 

CSQs Molly Brown s CSQ Cap Com Q 

Srisapms CSQ this is Molly Brown % go ahead » 
CSQs Roger 9 what Q s your status? 
Grissoms We* re go c 

CSQs Roger 9 you look good from the ground 0 Stand by to copy pre-bravo times 0 
Grissoms Roger* 

CSQ s Molly Brown 9 CSQ 0 Let me know when you 0 re ready 0 
Grissoms Roger 9 we* re ready 0 

CSQ s GMTRC 183758 , ground elapse time 04135 8 3 bank angle % roll left 55 % Delta V 93 0 
Molly Brown % CSQ 0 Did you copy? 

Youngs GMTRC is 183758* 

CSQs Roger 6 

Youngs Bank angle 55 left* Delta V 93 0 

CSQs Roger© Molly Brown 9 CSQ Cap Com* Cape recommends you perform your OAMS retro- 
burn in BET after alignment .and stay in BEF up to retro-fire a 

Grissoms Roger 0 We agree with that 6 

CSQs Molly Brown ^ CSQo Haveyou started your retro-fire check list? 
Grissoms Roger » 

CSQs Molly Brown t CSQ 0 Stand by for a GMT time hack, 
Grissoms Roger 0 

CSQs On my mark, GMT will be 181440, Mark 0 
Grissoms Give me one on another counts 
CSQs Roger » Mark* 
Grissoms Roger* 

CSQs We're standing by for your sea urchin egg experiment 0 
Grissoms Roger 0 o 0 

CSQs Roger & will you give me a GMT when you turn the handle „ 


Page #26 

Grissoitu Soger 8 GMT yours 0 Fifteen 20 a 
CSQs Roger, 

CROs Molly Brown % Carnarvon Cap Com stand by for TR mark of 3400 in approximately 
30 seconds e 

Grissoms Roger 0 

CROs 5 9 % 3 S 2 g 1 9 mark. TR 3W>0 0 
Grissoms Roger 9 clock is counting down* 

CROs Molly Brown s Carnarvon 0 The medics would like to get your respiratory maneu 
when you get a chance 0 

Grissoms Roger 9 upcoming. (Sound of breathing) 
CROs Molly Brown 3 Carnarvon has it loud and clear e 
Grissoms 0 • » 

CROs This is Carnarvon, Molly Brown 9 say again* 

Grissoms What°s this GMT retro-fire you gave us? 

CROs Say again 6 

Grissoms ; What is the GMT retro-fire you just gave us? 

CROg Roger, the GMTRC is 185723 for a GTTRC 043323. Molly Brown » Carnarvon o Do 
want the rest of the quantities 9 the Cape said it wasn't necessary unless you want 


0 0 O 

CROs Molly Brown 9 this is Carnarvon 0 
Grissoms Go ahead 0 

CROs Cape recommends I give you your backup quantities for GMTRC 185723 will be a 
left 55 s GMTRB 190823 roll right 65, and GMT HOOK 190129c 

Grissoms We got it t Pete 0 

CRQs OK Gus» -lly %%& ^ULfgt&cwK f&F f@m>hi@P&r€ ¥®$&g® m'mf tftCJhllk 

CRQs Pete to GT-3 0 1*11 see you next pass next year, 

Grissoms OK 

HAWs Hello Molly Brown 0 Hawaii Cap Com* 
Grissoms Hawaii a Molly Brown 0 Ail ready to burn* 
HAWs Roger give us a hack on your event timer* 


Grissoms OK, it will be et 1?%'^ my ^.Tk, . 
HAWs Rights We're right on e Hawaii has i ^Jar contact* 
Grissoms * • » 

HAW j Roger and give us a start when you burn* 

Gr:lsGorn i Roger » • o 

Grissoms & » » getting ready to fire 0 Mark*, 
HAWs We've got your start of burn. 
Grissoms That's good, 

Grissoms. • . There's 80, 7Q, 60, S0 % that 9 ^ . , 

HAW: Hawaii command carrier off 6 

Grissoms Mark, End of burn* 

HAW: That's mark end of burn. Good show 0 

HAWs Give t*£ your IVI readinge 

Grissom: IVI reads and up for two. There 9 s the end of bum, 

II W: OK and how did your attitude look 9 

Grissom: Attitu le looked right on plus or minus two or :hrw dsgr 
HAW; OK a You looked good on the ground, 

Grissoms Right. . , . indicated 22 percent. You got that Neil? 
HAW : Twenty percent, right? 
Grissom; Ho, 22, 
HAW : OK , 

RKV: Molly Brown, RKV Cap Conw 
Grissom: Say again, 

RKV; Molly Brown, RKV Cap Com, How do you read? 
Grissoms Read you loud and clear RKV, 
RKV: Roger, have you completed your TR-5 check list? 
Grissom: Roger, 


Page 28 

RKV Cap Corns Molly Brown, RKV* 
Grissom: The adapter ? s separated,, 

RKV: Roger* we confirm on the ground 0 Adapter sep. 
Grissom; \ . . 
RKV: Say again 0 

Grissom: I could feel it kick off 0 

RKV: Roger o Looks like you had a good kick-off on adapter sep 0 
Grissom s I am over e « 0 
RKV: Roger, confirm e 
Grissom: I get a retro « 

RKV: Rocket three,- rocket two « rocket number 4 0 Molly Brown, do ycu confirm 
all rocket firing normally? 

Grissom; All rocket fired timely and attitude's right in the center 0 
RKVs Roger, pass your IVI readout to Guaymas 6 RKV out, 
Guaymas: Molly Brown, Guaymas Cap Corm Do you copy? 

Grissom: Roger, the IVI reads to a 331 amps, 105 right and * up 0 Right in the 
center , An automatice superfine retrofits downths line. 

Guaymas: Roger, I copy. 331 amps, right 105 down 0* 0 

Grissom: Roger, retropack is jettisonedo 

Guaymas; Roger. 

Guaymas: Molly Brown, Guaymas Cap Conu 

Grissoms Go, I'm ready 0 

Guaymas: I'm prepared to give you a TR plus 3 minute time hack if you need 

it 9 

Grissom: That v d be good, 

Guaymas: OK, Now I hav, some- in depth times fcr reentry 0 400 K feet 19 10 29 

Stand by, Molly Brown* 9 


Page 29 

Guayrrass Molly Brown, correct my 400 K feet* That ? s 19 01 29 9 
Grissoms Roger* 

Guaymass Molly Brown, I'll give you a time hack in approximately 30 seconds 

Guaymass Molly Brown, stand by for a TR plus 3 minute time hack 0 5, 4, 3, 2 
l t marko Do you copy? 

Grissoms Yes, we got ito 

Guaymass Molly Brown, stand by for Texase, 

Cap Corns Molly Brown, Cape Cap Com. 

Grissoms Molly Brown, here* Go ahead « 

Cape: Roger e I f m getting your bank angle times momentarily* Your start of 
communications experiment 19 05 14* 

Grissoms Roger « I have » « ♦ 

Capes I didn't read you on that^ 

Grissoms I*m getting initial bank angle commando 

Cape: 0K o 

Cape: Molly Brown, I have your backup times on bank angle and times reverse 
bank angle. 

Grissoms Coop, go ahead* 

Cape: Bank left 45 degrees, back right 55 degrees 
bank angle 19 08 17 0 

time to reverse 

Grissoms Give me the left 

o o » e 

Cape: Stand by one, 

Grissoms I am hauling to the 60 degrees left 
Cape; Roger, bank left 45 e 

Grissoms I mean 45 

Capes 10 plus 54 after retro D Reverse bank angle 
Grissoms Say again, Coop c 


Page ? j 

Capes Time from retrofire to reverse bank angle is 10 hh - ten minutes, 
5^ seconds a 

Capes Cape Cap Com, Mclly Brown, transmitting to you in blackout for 
communications experiment 0 Over D 

Capes Molly Brown, Cape Cap Com, transmitting to you for communications test 
over o 

Capes Molly Brown, Cape Cap Com, transmitting to you for communications 
experiment - over 0 

Capes Molly Brown, Cape Cap Corn, with a 1, 2, 3, 4g 5 S 3, 2, 1 0 Over 0 

Capos >llv crown, I a 2 fl 3 fl 5 a 4 

Molly Brown, Cape Cap Com, with a 2 P 2 S , 5. u 

9 ^9 o 

Capes Molly Brown, Cape Cap Com, transmitting for communlcat ions experiment 
1, 2, 3, ^ 9 3, 2, 1 0 0ver 9 

Cape? Molly Brown, Cape Cap Com, with a 1, 2, 3, 5, *+, 3, 2, 1 0 
Capes Molly Brown, Cape Cap Com, over c 
Gr issom? e o o 

Capes Cape Cap Corn, Molly Brown 0 Go ahead & Molly Brown 0 
Capes Molly Brown, are you reading Cape Cap Com now 0 Over 8 
Capes Hell, dere 0 

Grissoms Roger 0 We copy you loud and clear like we should* We'll be about 
25 miles short 0 

Capo: Koger, indicating about 25 miles short cn your computer 0 Very good 0 
I have a drogue time 19 10 42 = what is your altimeter reading? 

Grissomi; 70,000 0 

Capes Did you say 7G,OOC7 

Gr issom s Af f irma r ive 0 

Cape j Roger o 

Gr issom s Yes, we have a drogue 0 

Capes Roger, drogue 0 Looks pretty good, doesn't it? 


Grissjoras * * o it 8 s really out there* 


• ft 0 * 

Capes Roger o Approximately one minute for main* 
Grissoms Hey* Intrepid* this is Molly Brown* 
Cape i Roger * go ahead 0 

Capes Molly Brown* Cape Cap Com, how's your main? 
Grissoms I don°t have a mi in yet - « 0 50*000 o 
Cape s Roger * 

Capes Molly Brown* how e s your main* Over* 

Gria&om: Oh* manl 

Cape: Molly Brown * Cape Cap Com* 

Gr iss-om t Out, 

Cape. Roger & we're reading you now and then - how us? 

Grissoms Loud and clear* I have * * 0 rate of descent * passing through 
5,500 o 

Capes Roger* 5*500 0 

Cape: Molly Brown # Cape Cap Com* The carrier has a solid communications lock 
on you now* 

Ships Your chute is right above us* 

Capes Roger* understnad the drogue is right above you* The pilot chute* 
Cape: Have you got the carrier deck In sight yet* Molly Brown? 
Capes Molly Brown* Cape Cap Com* 

Air to Ground Transmission 

Page 3 2 

Aircraft i One i^rrroer on the way and shute open 
Cap Corns Roger 

Aircraft : 0 . « jumper on the way, sir, 

9 * * do you copy d * 
Cape Cap Com: Roger, understand, one jumper is in the water. 
Aircraft s Roger, he basnet splashed as yet, 
CapeCC? OK he's on the shut o 9 huh. 
Aircraft: , „ * * progress? 

Cape Cap Corns Go ahead Big Box 15, Cape Cap com here. 

Aircraft? Cape this is Big Box 15 „ 

Cap Cap Com? Roger , go ahead „ Cap Com here. 

Aircraft, 3 Molly Brown, Big Box 15.,*we have a jumper about 10 yards. . . . at this time. 



Cape Cap Com: Roger, read you loud and clear. 

Aircraft* We have one jumper in the water at approximate. iy JO y rr rf s from the 
capsule* A second jumper on final at this time, over. 

Cape Cap Corns Roger, read you loud and clear on tint.. 

Aircraft: Roger, read you loud and clear on this frequency, There is no 
transmission from Molly Brown at this time. 

Cape Cap Corns Roger* understands 

Aircraft: , * * Calling Molly Brown, « « do you read? 
Grissom: Roger, five square * 

Aircraft; We have a jumper about 10 yards away, 

Cape Cap Conn Understand you are in communication with Molly Brown, over. 
Aircraft? 1 am swinging in with it, * 9 * on my final pass. . .55 miles away 
Aircraft; Sent jumper away ~~ shute open. 

Cape Cap Com: It will be about 50 minutes before the carrier is there, over 

Aircraft ? Roger, understand 50 minutes. , >55, . * one in the bag and two in 
the drink.