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Full text of "NASA Audio Highlight Reels, Soundbites and Launch Sounds"

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CA -i 73 

33 -< m 

•-< -O < 

o fn to 

I r ! 




(— • m 


! ^ 

Q • 






7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. 








lift-off 19:30:03. lift-' 



We're on our way, Frank.' 



... Right.' 



Plus 13 Seconds. 



Looking real good. 



Roll initiate. 



. . . Yaw. 



Roger. Boll. 



Pitch initiate. 



Roger. Pitch. 



HARK. 50 seconds. 



• • • 






« • « 



Roger. 5.6 on the cahin. 



• • > 



MARK. One plus 40. 



• • • 






Roger. Node 2. 



• • • 






I 'm Havy . . . 



Roger. Update. 



Guidance Is looking real good here, Gentini VII. 



Roger. Stage 2 . . . 



Roger. Stage 2 GO. 



Attitudes are looking good, Frank. 



Roger . 



Is flight took out? 



Stage 2 GO? 



Delta-P light is on, and off. 


• • • 

• • « 



RKV ... stand lay for staging. 



Roger. Update. 



. . . staging. 



Roger. Staging. 



Going to INIHAZE and second Delta-P light on. 



Roger. Guidance INITIATE, Fuel Cell and Delta-P 



Delta-P light out. 



Roger. Delta-P light out. 



Guidance is still lonkinff vptv unnii rjArmnl 

00:03 :1U 


Very good. 



... off. 



Very good, Jim. 





Md you see that staging? 






Look at the moon, Jim? 






I&nr'a It going? 






Right on. 20 minutes. 






Gemini VII, Houston. You're GO ft*om the 



Rog^r. Gemini VII Is GO. 






Guidance Is right on. 



What did you say? 



Your guidance Is right on, Gemini VII. 






Look at the moon, Frank.* 






That's really pretty, isn't it? 






• • • 






Stand by for Point 8. 



• « « 



MARK, Point 8. V/Vr. 



00:05:14 P Okay. 

00:05:17 P Oh, we've got a Delta-P light again. 

00:05:20 CC You're right down the slot, Gemini VII. 

00:05:26 P Two Delta-P lights. 

00:05:33 C We're just pushing up there now. 

00:05:3^ P What are the g's? 

00:05:35 C Seven. 

00:05:38 C SECO. 

00:05:1*0 CC Roger. SECO. 

00:05:*+! C Bingo.' 

00:05:'+5 C It's a good one. Stand hy for ... 

00:05:50 P ... seven. 

00:05:53 C Seven and up 17. 

00:05:55 C Stand by. 

00:05:57 CC Gemini VII, Houston. You are GO. 

00:05:59 C Roger. Thank you. 

00:06:00 P Okay. 

00:06:01 CC That's the best sim we've had. 

00:06:02 C Stand by, Jim. 5, 2, - 

00:06:07 C MABK. ... 

00:06:l4 C Okay. Cameras running. 

00:06:17 C Okay. Let's see if we can find the son of a gun 


00:06:19 P Okay. Turn around. 27 . . . dOk, 






And ... reads 27, 258o4. 



... this is Gemini VII. 25:06:04. 



Got it. 



Boy, it's going to be - give them a Roger. 



Gemini VII, Houston. Your 1- Alpha time is 






There she is, Jim.' There she is.' 



We have booster in sight. It looks pretty. 



Roger. Booster in sight. 



The booster is venting drastically. 



I say, the booster is really venting. 



Say again, Gemini VII. 



I say the booster is really venting. 



The booster is slowly venting? 



It's really venting. Really. 



It is really venting. Roger. 



We're in just the right spot. 

nn "ft? • l8 


Understand you're in Just the right spot. 



Okay ... Booster looks safe. 



Watch it, Prank! 



That's okay. 



Are you going to - okay. Put the PS FIAT. 



... JjB7 by 178. Roger. 




00:07:35 CC Gemini VII, your orbit is 87 by I78. 

00:07:41 C ... orbit is 87 by I78. Roger. 

00:07:4i^ CC Roger. 

00:07:^5 P Oh, good. 

00:07:53 P Now. Booster's third phase. 

00:07:55 C Would you get it over here so we could? 

00:07:57 C Yes, go ahead. Booster's in third phase. 

00:08:03 P Right. Retro rockets 2 k 6. 

00:Qd:Ok C Safe. 

00:08:05 P Okay. Now it's on vertical, but I can't see it 

just yet. 

00:08:07 C I know it. 

00:08:12 0 Roger. I have it. We're going to have to go off 

at the - I'm going to DIRECT and ORB RATE. 

00:08:13 P Okay. 

00:08:1}* C So you can take pictures of the thing, Jim? 

00:08:21* • P Yes. It's right in the sunlight though. 

00:08:25 C I know it is. 

00:08:26 P Okay. ... -- Come in. 

00:08:31 CC Gemini VII, Houston. They're already cleaning off 

the pad. 

00:08:36 C You got it, Jim? 

00:08:37 P I have it, but it's in the sun, Frank. 

00:08:1*0 C Yes. 

00:08:4l CC Gemini VII, Houston. How is the stationkeeping 





OO1O8 tk2 


Just a minute. I'll put the main batteries off 



• • • 



Okay. I turned the main batteries off. 



. . . very well. 



Roger. Understand. Going very well. 



Okay - going to get the other things. 



... Oh, there. Now I can see it better. How about 



Okay — 



What a fantastic sight, isn't it? 



Fantastic.' Great.' 



Are you getting pictures of that? 



I'll get the whole thing if I can get it. 



The sun's in the way, though, Frank. 



On my side it's completely black. 



It is? 






Yes. See, the sun's in the way of the camera. 



Okay. Stand by here a second. All . . . vertical . . 



Houston, Gemini VII. How do you read? 



Loud and clear. 



OAMS heaters are going off. 



Houston. Gemini VII. How do you read? 



I tell you the reason if you'd start stationkeeping 




this thing, there's a lot of Delta-V coming out ... 

00:09:1+1 P Now I have it. I've got it good. 

00:09:1+3 C Okay. 

00:09:1*4 CC Roger. 

00:09:148 P Stand Toy. 

00:09:51 CC Understeuid it's requiring a lot of Delta-V because 

of the venting. 

00:09:55 P Roger. The booster is venting tremendously. 

00:10:03 CC Roger, Gemini VII. 

00:10:07 P Houston, the ... check list is complete. 

00:10:10 CC I did not copy that last, Gemini VII. 

00:10:13 P Gemini VII, the post-insertion checklist is com- 

00:10:17 C This is VII. The Surgeon checklist is complete. 

00:10:18 CC Roger. Post-insertion checklist complete. 

00:10:26 CC We're about 30 seconds from LOS, Gemini VII. 

00:10:31 C Roger, Elliot. Thank you very much. 

00:10:34 CC Verify your OAMS cutoff is 88 percent. 

00:10:36 C Roger ... out there now. 

00:10:41 P Look at that thing.' 

00:10:43 C Yes. 

00:10:45 P I have the old camera on her, 

00:10:50 C Have you? 

00:10:51 P She's clicking away. 

00:10:53 C That's for getting a - we have a roll in here for 




soae reason and I'm wondering if we got ... 



... proljatly, maybe. 



That shouldn't cause it to roll. 



Can you see the horizon? 



Okay ... what are you in, Frank? 



I*m in DIRECT. 



You're in DIRECT. Affirm? 






Okay. You want to get the reticle out now? 



You got it. Right? 



I got it. 



Okay. VJhy don't you - we go to the pulse now, 



Okay. Go to pulse. 



Look at her spread out the gas. 

on- 11 •■^7 



no • 11 • ^8 


How's everything over in those fuel cells and 



Everything is looking good. 



Okay. Good. 



Boy, I'll be glad when that sun goes down. 



I've lost the horizon. Doggone.' 



You've got the ... don't you? 



... I don't know for sure. 



How close are we? 




00:12:11 P Oh, I don't know. About 100 feet. 

00:12:16 C Are you having to put nnich Delta-V on? 

00:12:19 P What? 

00:12:21 C Are you having to pulse It much? 

00:12:22 P Not too much. 

00:12:23 C Okay. We're down to ahout 89 percent. You want 

to take her? You have her? 

00:12:24 P I have her. 

00:12:25 C That's fine. 

00:12:26 P Okay. 

00:12:26 C I can't see ... 

00:12:31 P I hate to lose the horizon. 

00:12:32 C I have the horizon, Jim. 

00:12:33 P Oh, you have? 

00:12:3^ C Yes. 

00:12:35 P Okay. 

00:12:36 C Okay. I've got it. 

00:12:37 ^ Okay. 

00:12:1*4 P Wish we could get out of that sun. 

00:12:1+5 C So do I. Are you getting pictures? 

00:12:U6 P I hope to tell J 

00:12:47 C Listen, I have to get out the flight plan, though. 

You got it? 

00:12:48 P Okay, I have it. 

00:12:55 C We need the flight plan, don't we? 




00:13:00 P Yes. 

00:13:01 C Oh, darn.' I undid ny safety belt and they really 

■blow up to the top, Jim. 

00:13:07 P did? 

00:13:08 C Tfes. 

00:13:16 C There you go, Ace. 

00:13:17 P Okay. He's over on this side e little bit, Frank. 

00:13:26 C I have her. 

00:13:27 P You have the booster? 

00:13:28 C I have the booster. Go into BEF. 

00:13:33 P Okay. 

00:13 :3U C Oh no.' I think we'll lose it if I BEF. 

00:13:36 P Yes, you're a little close on it. Can you awing 

over - nose a Uttle bit to the right? 

00:13:37 C Yes. 

00:13:Mv P I'm still taking pictures ... 
00:13:50 C I don't even - I wonder if I ... 

00:13:51 P The pulse is ... 
00 :!'<■: 12 P How are you doing? 

00:11^:13 C I'm trying to get this seat belt back down. Can 

you see it? 

00:ll4-:li* C I can't even see it. Well, you ought to be able 

to get good shots. Are you in the dark now over 

00;lU:15 P Yes, I'm in the dark. 

00:lU:l6 C All right. Now I think we can go BEF. 



00:14:28 P Okay. 
00:lU:29 C 

00:li+:33 P Okay. You're going to pitch down a little "bit, 


00:lU:38 C Can you see it? I 'm in ... now. 

00:ll4-:39 P Yes. Okay. Translate down a little hit. 

00:l4:40 C Oh, translate down? All right. I was trying not 

to use any more translation fuel but 

00:l4:i*8 P Well, we've got her to where she's going down on 

the horizon. 

00:llf:U9 C Okay. 

00:lU:50 P And we can see stars. We're going into darkness 

now. At Ik, our - - 

00:14:57 C Okay. What's on this flight plan? 

00:15:00 P I'm going to get it ready now. You gave me this 

synthesis, Frank. 

00:15:01 C I did? 

00:15:02 P Yes. 

00:15:04 C What a terrible thing.' 

00:15:07 P I can't get back down on this. 

00:15:09 C I hope that's the flight plan. 

00:15:10 P Okay. No, that's the Apollo Landmark. 

00:15:16 C Then we don't have a flight plan book. 

00:15:17 P Oh, come on now.' 

00:15:18 C Honest to goodness.' That's all that's in here.' 

00:15:19 P What's that - look out.' 




00:15:20 C What? 

00:15:31 P Okay. You have the booster? 
00:15:32 C Yes, I have it, very good. 

00:15:33 P Something's fOying - that's why I was wondering - 

oh, it's - - 

00:15:3^ C Amrm. 

00:15:35 P Oltay- 

00:15:36 P You think you can put a few of these away? 

00:15:37 P I've got it - 13 minutes. I wonder if I got 15 and 




I've got to change films. 



Have you got the booster over there now? 



Yes, it's moving closer. 



All right. How we doing? 



Oh, we're not doing too had. I'm going to change 

film next. 


00:l6:06 CC Gemini VII, Canary CAP COM. How do you read? Over. 

00:16:09 C You're loud and clear. Carnarvon, how do you read 


00:16:10 C Good. How do you read us? 

00:16:11 CC Roger. Read you loud and clear, 

00:l6:l4 P Tell them to hold five, until they give the summary, 

now because I 'm going to - - 

00:16:15 C Man, we're too close to that thing.' You getting 









We r6 xoo c±ose uo bxi&x Xiiiiig now) aren x wet 












The latest on Bermuda data indicates your orbit 
87 by 177. 



We'd like to change the time when you put your 

radiators to FLOW. 
00:16:^5 C Go ahead. 

00:16:1+6 CC At 37 minutes. 

00:16:48 C Go ahead. Right 37. 

00:16:^9 C Roger. 37. 

00:16:50 CC Soger. 

00:16:51 P Hey, we're right where ... it's continually venting. 

That 's why stationkeeping is costing more fuel than 
anticipated. We're within fifty feet of it though. 
The aft nozzle is venting slightly, hut not had. 

00:16:52 CC Do you happen to have your IVI's at cutoff? 

00:16:54 C ... more fuel flow is indicated. 

00:16:59 CC Roger. 

00:17:00 C We're within 50 feet on the ball. The aft console 

is settled slowly, but not much. 

00:17:07 CC Roger. 

00:17:14 C All right, Jim. 

00:17:19 P Okay. Stand by. I have flight plan update - - 

00:17:21 C I have 18 minutes. 




00:17:2** P Okay. 

00:17:28 C Everything look good? 

00:17:32 P Everything - let me put up the camera, a second. 

00:17:33 C All right. 

00:17:1*8 P Let's continue. Oh, oh, we've got the Delta-P 

light on.' 

00:17:U9 C Cro ahead, Canaries. 

00:17:50 CC Gemini VII, Canary. 

00:17:51 C Come in, Canary. 

00:17:53 CC Roger. We'd also like you to put your C adapter 

at 37 niinutes. 

00:17:57 C Roger. We have picked up a Delta-P light on fuel 


00:18:02 CC Roger. We're getting a light on Hg right now. 

Stand by. 

00:l8:0lf P That's 37? What do they want to do with 37? 

00:18:09 C ... radiator to FLOW. 

00:l8:l4 P Okay. 

00:18:28 C Got a Delta-P light. Right, Jim? 

00:18:29 P Yes. 

00:18:36 C What's it doing? Anything? How's it acting? 

00:18:38 P Everything looks okay. 

00:18:39 P I've got the main batteries off. 

00:18:45 C What are we running? 

00:l8:^ P 22 ewps each. 

00:lB:lf9 C Okay. 



And they want the Adapter Beacon to EEEKTRY to 
COMMAMD right at 3Y? 

I don't know. I didn't hear that. Did they say 

After ... let's erect this experiment. V/hat do you 
say? It's dark now; I don't want to use any more 

Okay. I'll do it. Okay. We're going to get a 
long read now. RCS experiment - experiment. Group 
4 ON ... safe. Stand by. 

Still got a Delta -P light? 

Yes. ... Gage 1, ... experiment, RAD-1, pull IR 
on, IR on, power on, transformer on. Verify 
recorder is off. 

Gemini VII, Canary. May I have a fuel cell O2 
reading from you, please? 

Roger, Fuel cell O2 is 90 percent. Pressure is 
now 150 with the heater on. 

Roger. Copy. 

Okay. Put them in a STAMDBY. Sunset, dark light 
... come on. 

Dark light is on. Prank. 

Okay. I can't see that darn thing, can you? 

There it is - no. 

I have the light, but I can't see the booster. 

Okay. We're 20 minutes. 
Okay. Dark light is off, 






Okay. You go to RATE COMMAKD and OVERRATE. 






... pitch down? Be sure you're far enough away 
from it. 



I am. 



I don't have it in sight at all. 



I do. 



You got her now? 



Yes, yes. She's moving fast, though. 



Well, let's go ahead and start this burn early. 






All right. 



Put down 25 points on it, 9 degrees. 



All right. I'm down there. 









Any Hark. Go ahead. 



All right. On my Mark - 




nn ^o^ • i li 
uu : • xf 




l6 seconds have gone by. 



Okay. Let's Just make it 20 seconds to save some 
of this gas. 



All right. 



Stand by. 






... 20 seconds. 



All right. Pitching up. 






Experiment . 

uu : did : uu 


There goes the cover. 


we sT^ij.j. nave a i/ejJLa-r ±j.gpx i 

uu • ^C. • \JC. 



jLc5 4 \JK.ay t nc navc * • • 

uu m C.C. • U J 


no • p? • 0I4. 





• • * 



Stand by. 



Okay. It's on the booster. 






When do we burn? At 23? 









No. At 22. 






All right. How are we doing? 



Okay. In RED, Okay. 



She's coining down. 






Gemini VII, Houston. Remoting through Kano. 
How do you read? 



X wontier aDouT; Lnau uexua-ir j_l{^i>« 



Bead you xoud and cxearj nousxioii. nuw uu j^uu i c&u. 



Roger. Loud and clear. We're standing by for youj 



■r> TiT— . A *t a4- +V*A TMn«"rk ofiT^lir Vl^Y*^ 'vfi 

already separated and we're performing B-k/D-7. 



Y> n ■ * J T FT T 

Roger, Gemini vii. 



And we svllX have a i?iiex ue-u. jjexT/a-r xj-gai^* 



Soger. Still nave the iueJ. ueu. i>exT;a-r xigni^. 






Is the oxygen pressure coming up at all yet? 



Negative. It's still going down. It's 100 pounds 






Okay, Jim. Everything uncter controxt 



Gemini VII, Houston. Would you give us the time 
of your burn? 



Everything looks good. Let me see. 



Roger. At the time of the burn we had 22:17- 














Roger. 23 plus 17. 

00:23 : 50 


iuia beJJ. nisi btiai; lu was a £:u-secona Durn. 



Roger. We burned for 20 seconds. 20 seconds. 



Roger. 20-second burn. 



I *m right on the booster now. 



Okay. You're max - max up there. Looks like you're 
pretty good. Yaw left and right a little. 



I am. 



Okay. You're coming off of it. 



Off of it? 



Yes. Now yaw right ... the other way. 



Gemini VII, Houston. We'd like you to use the 
cross feed valve to bring the O2 pressure up. 



Roger. Understand. Using cross feed. Okay, Jim. 






Okay. Stand by. Let's go through this thing 
carefully here. 



It's starting to come back up now, Houston. Gemini 
VII. The O2 pressure is now starting to come back 



Houston, Gemini VII. The O2 pressure is now start- 
ing to come back up. 



Roger, VII. 



Ask if they still want us to use the crossfeed. 



Still have to use the crossfeed. We've a reading 
of 125 now. 



Roger. 125 pounds. 




00:24:45 C You still want us to use the cross feed? We're 

reading 125 now. Which is it? Just on one section, 

0O:2U:52 P Yes. Section 2. ... 

00:24:53 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Would you "bring the Og, fuel 

cell O2 pressure up to 250 pounds and then you can 
turn the cross feed off? 

00:25:02 C Okay. Jim. 

00:25:03 P Okay. Go ahead ... 

00:25:09 C We want this on PRIMAEY - PRIMARY. 

00:25:10 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Did you copy? 

00:25:13 C Roger. 

00:25:14 CC Did you copy the 250-pound pressure? 

00:25:15 C Roger. 250 pounds - - 

00:25:16 C I'll get it. 

00:25:lB P This is VII. Roger. We're closing the crossfeed 

now and we'll go to 250 pounds. 

00:25:19 P I'll get it. This is VII. Roger. We're in the ... 

crossfeed Is on feed now, and we're both at 250 
pounds. Is it on 250? 

00:25:25 CC Roger. 

00:25:26 C Yes, yes; you got it. Turn it off. 

00:25:28 P Okay. 

00:25:31 P This is VII, Houston. We're already up there. 

Crossfeed is now off. 

00:25:35 CC Roger. Understand. You have 250 pounds and cross- 

feed is off. 

00:25:36 P This is VII, Houston. We're already up there, 

Crossfeed is now off. 




00:25:^1 P That's Roger. 

00:25:i+3 CC Is the Delta-P light still off, or still on, or 

has it gone off? 

00:25:1*3 P This is VII. Delta-P light in Section 2 is still 


00:25:52 CC Roger. 

00:25:55 C Houston, will you give us an update on the time 

again to go to FLOW on the radiator . . .1 

00:26:01 CC That was 37 minutes. 

00:26:0l| C Roger. 37. Thank you. 

00:26:12 P Okay. 

00:26:3^ CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

00:26:36 C Come in, Houston. 

00:26:38 CC Would you say again the time of your burn? 

00:26:i^2 C 22 plus 17. 

00:26:U4 CC Roger. Understand. 22 plus 17- 

00:26:l4B C That's for 20 seconds. 

00:26:50 CC Roger. 20-second burn. 

00:27:04 P Okay. It's still up on 27, right? 

00:27:05 C Right. I can't see star one, can you? 

00:27:09 P I can when I turn off - turn on the lights. 

00:27:16 P Oh, shoot.' 

00:27:17 C What's wrong? 

00:27:19 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Is the B-k/D-J going satis- 

00:27:21 P Recorder. 









Roger . 



Roger . 



Wish that fuel cell Delta-P light would go off. 






Okay. We're at 20. Let's Dick ud the flicht nlan 
end get a little organized now. 






Okay. We're organizing at 28. We've got to turn 
off the con^uters. 



All richt. 



Computers on PREIAUNCH. 



Right. Wait 48 seconds. 



Right. How are all the other thincrs doinff? 



Good ^ fiTOOd • 1 *fc 1 1 1 rtrtltn iTrtrfcH 



Okay. Computer . . . 



Okay. The next thing coming up is the - - 



Boy, this thing is really boresighted great, JimI 



What's the next thing? 



Okay. At 37:35. I'm taking 2 minutes off your 
line and go for half a minute. 



What? Take it off for 2 minutes. 



Say again. 



Okay, I'll repeat. Aline spacecraft so that the 
booster is 2 degrees outside of the field-of-view 
for half a minute. 



Roger. Going off. 

It's nov 2 degrees outside. 

We're outside the field of view for half 
a minute at 30:13. At 371:00: radiator went to 
low. At 38 plus 00: D-Vl>-7 going outside the 
booster field of view for I/2 minute; D-k/B-J: at 
38 plus 30, going back on booster; at k2:kCi, cor- 
rection - 43:00 - D~k/D-7i booster alinement is 
in line with the moon at this time, and I think 
that D-4/D-7 might be con^jromised by picking up . . . 
The moon now, is about 2 degrees right of the 
booster and 43:20 for D-U/D-?. 


Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Remoting through 
Tananarive. Do you read? 

Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Do you read through 

Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 

Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 
you read? 

Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Broadcasting in the ' 
blind. We would like you to turn the fuel cell 
O2 heater off if you are maintaining at least 250 
pounds . 

Thank you. 


Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

Read you loud and clear, Carnarvon. Go ahead. 

Roger. If your ECS O2 tank pressure reads 200 psi 
would you turn your heater off? 




00:1^9:51 C Roger. 

00:^9:55 P VII, fuel cell ... 

00:^9:56 C Heater is off. It's reading 700. 

00:50:04 CC Would you say again, please? 

00:50:05 C Heater on, Carnarvon. 

00:50:11 CC That's the fuel cell 02? 

00:50:17 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. Fuel cell O2 tank 

pressure, once it reads 200, turn your heater to 
the OFF position. 

00:50:26 C Roger. It's off. 

00:50:29 CC Roger. Thank you. 

00:50:31 C And we still have the Delta-P light. Do you have 

any instructions on that? 

00:50:34 CC Negative. Not at this time. 

00:50:37 C Okay. 

00:50:42 CC Okay, we have you GO on the radiator. Would you 

turn your evaporator to NORMAL. 

00:50:47 C Roger. 

00:50:50 P Evaporator is NORMAL. 

00:50:52 CC Roger. 

00:51:02 CC Okay, Gemini VII, we have you GO for 17-1. We're 

going to update your Tr at this time. 

00:51:11. C Say again, please. 

00:51:13 CC Roger. You are GO for 17-1. 

00:51:18 C Thank you. GO for 17-1. 

00:51:20 CC Roger. We're going to update Tr. 



00:51:23 C Roger. 

00:51:29 P ... update ...? 

00:51:'+4 CC Houston advises that they do not have any solution 

for this Delta-P light at the present time. They 
think it might possitly be a reg pressure or a 
faulty Delta-P light. 




uu : p£ :ujl 

we nave your rjj upaagea., is in sync wii^u une 



Thank you. 

00 :52:15 


Carnarvon, this is VII. B-k/'D-l powering down. 



Roger. Copy powering down D-1+/D-7. 



Gemini VII, your CaCT iirt-off was 19:30:03. 






Gemini VII, would you confirm that your C-Band 
adapter is on in COKTINUOUS? 



It's in CONTINUOUS now; we have it in the COMMAND 



Roger . Unders t and . 



Gemini VII, Carnarvon. We're standing by for youj 
main battery readouts. 



Thank you. 



Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 



Go ahead, Carnarvon. Gemini VII. 



Roger. Do you have a GET of a D-1+/D-7 Separation 



Roger. It was 22 plus 17. 




Roger. Copy. 22 plus 17 . 

Carnarvon, this is Gemini VII. Stand ty for the 
fuel cell tank readouts. 


lA, 7 amps, 27 volts; IB, 7 amps, 27 volts; IC, 

8 an^s, 27 volts; 2A, 6 amps, 27 volts; 2B, 6 amps, 

26.9 volts; 20, 8 amps, 26.9 volts. 


We are standing hy for a readout on the main "bat- 
teries . 

Roger. This is VII with a main of 26 volts. Stand 
by, Carnarvon. 

Roger . 

Carnarvon, this is Gemini VII. 

Four batteries are reading between 22 and 22-1/2, 

Roger. Copy. Between 22 and 22-1/2. You can 
expect your power-down at 1 hour per normal flight 

Gemini VII. Roger. 


Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Do you 

Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Do you read? 

Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 
you read? 

This is Gemini VII, Houston. Read you weak but 




01:12:22 CC Roger, Understand you are reading weaX but clear. 

We are continuing to analyze the Fuel Cell light. 
We expect to have some procedures to analyze it 
further. We will pass those to you as soon as we 
are ready, probably over the States. 

01:12:^5 C Roger ... Understand. 

01:12:51 CC Gemini VII, you are very weak here. Would you 

confirm that the Delta-P light is still on? 

01:13:01 C This is Gemini VII. The Delta-P light is still on. 


01:17:i+9 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

01:17:51 C Go ahead Hawaii, Gemini VII. 

01:17:53 CC How you doing up there? 

01:17:55 C Very good. Except for the Delta-P light, every- 

thing is normal. 

01:17:58 CC Okay. You're looking real good here on the ground. 

I 'd like a readout of your OAMS propellant quantity. 

01:l8:0U C Roger. OAMS propellant quantity reads 82 percent. 

01:l8:08 CC Roger. You have ceased your stationkeeping? 

01:18:11 C No. Not yet. 

01:18:13 CC Okay. 

01:18:15 C ... booster ... no longer have in sight. 

01:18:18 CC Roger. Understand. 

01:16:59 CC All right. We'll be standing by if you need any- 
thing from us. 

01:19:02 C Roger, Hawaii. 

01:19:17 CC How about a GET time hack? 




01:19:20 C Roger. 

01:19:22 CC Okay. Set up 80 minutes to count up. I'll give 

you a time hack in alsout 30 seconds. 

01:19:26 C Roger. 

01:19:50 CC 10 seconds. 

01:19:57 CC 3, 2, 1. 

01:20:00 CC MARK. 

01:20:01 C Roger. Understand. 8o minutes, we're right on 


Ol:20:0U CC Very good. 

01:20:17 C The D-k/B-7 recorder was on for 26 minutes. 

01:20:20 CC Understand. 


01:26:16 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM, 

01:26:19 C Go ahead, Guaymas. You're loud and clear. 

01:28:21 CC Roger. Everything looks good on the ground. We'd" 

like to remind you of a critical tape dump over 
Texas at elapsed time of 1 hour and 3C minutes. 

01:28:30 C Roger. Understand. We are in HORIZON SCAN. We 

should be in good shape. 

01:28:33 CC Roger. 


01:31:21 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do you read? 

01:31:29 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do you read? 



Loud and clear, Houston. Go ahead. 

Roger, Frank. We've been continuing to discuss 
the Fuel Cell light, and the feeling at the present 
time is we want to continue to observe it and 
probably wait at least through your fuel cell purge. 
We do not see any problem that this could present, 
and we feel that that will be a meaningful factor 
to help us understand what's going on, or else 
we're going to continue to observe the oxygen 
quantity. Do you have any comments you'd like to 
feed in at this point? 

Roger. We're Just getting the critical tape dump 
... Just Jumped up. The only thing I was wondering 
about is, do you want us to open the crossover 
valve to see if that does any good? 

Well, that's one thing we're considering, Frank, 
but we do not want to do that yet. 


We 're getting . . . oxygen quantity now is about 99 - 
almost 100 percent and the oxygen pressure is 
dropping again. It's now down to 230. 

Down to 230? 



And you say 99 to 100 percent on quantity? 
Roger. The quantity is Just almost 100 percent. 

And could you describe the Stationkeeping Exercise 
for us a little better? As best we could - we had 
pretty bad communications before. It's very good 
now. We understood that the booster was venting 
quite excessively and tumbling quite a bit and 
this somewhat complicated the stationkeeping pro- 
cedure. That is, it required quite a bit of man- 
euvering but you were able to do it all right. 




01:33:25 C ... Roger. We are staying within aljout 50 feet 

of it. It was venting excessively and this required 
a little more maneuvering fuel than we had antici- 
pated . . . 

01:33:37 CC Roger. 

01:33:^0 C We had difficulty getting a good glimpse of it 

because it was almost directly in front. 

01:33 :'+6 CC Roger. And was there any particular direction that 

this excessive venting caused you to have to man- 
euver? Was it left, right or up, down or back and 
forth, or Just what did it cause? 

01:33:59 C It was initially up and we had to maneuver up and 

then to the left. 

01:34:Oi* CC Primarily up and to the left initially? 

01:34:07 C That's affirmative. The . . . looked like an . . . 

and down the side of the booster. 

01:3l|:ll+ CC Roger. 

01:34:17 c ... The platform mode did not help much. I went 

out of platform because we were - we got too f&r 
above it for a while. 

01:34:27 CC Roger. Understand. Did you actually terminate 

the stationkeeping on your GAMS cutoff point? 

01:34:37 C Roger. We terminated and started our separation 

early because we got to 88 percent vent. 

01:34:45 CC Roger. 

01:35:10 CC Gemini VII, Houston. For your information, on the 

Fuel Cell light, we think the problem is probably 
the regulator. Irritator water regulator. And we - 
incidentally, in case you haven't been informed, 
we do have an indication on the ground that your 
light is due to an O2 H2O pressure being out of . . . 

01:35:37 C Gemini VII, Roger. 

01:37:16 CC Gemini VII, Houston. I have a node update if you're 

ready to copy. j 




01:37:25 C This is VII. Stand by, please. 

01:37:27 CC Roger. 

01:37:55 C Go ahead. We're ready to copy. 

01:37:57 CC Roger. 

01:37:58 CC Time: 02:^1-2:32; Rev 2; 16O.8 degrees east; 13:h9'.hl, 

right ascension. Do you copy? 

01:38:09 C Roger. Node at Time 2 plus k2 plus 32. Rev 2, 

160.8 degrees east; 13 plus k9 plus 1+1, right 

01:38:24 CC That's correct, Gemini VII. 

01:39:06 CC Gemini VII, Houston. We'd like to make a Com check 

with you now if it's a convenient time. 

01:39:16 C This is VII. Roger. 

01:39:28 CC This is Houston standing hy for your call. 

01:39:56 C Gemini on UHF Number 2. How do you read? Over. 

01:39:59 CC I read you loud and clear on UHF Number 2. How me? 

01:UO:03 C Roger. Read you loud and clear. 

01:40:05 CC Roger. You want to check out the HF also? 

01:40:08 C Roger. We'll check out the HF. Stand by a second. 

01:40:12 CC Thank you. 

01:4l:06 C Roger, VII; have you on UHF. 

01:43:17 C Gemini VII here. Houston, how do you read? 

01:43:20 CC Loud and clear, VII. Go ahead. 

01:43:23 C I have a bogey at 10:00 o'clock high. 

01:43:31 CC This is Houston. Say again, VII, 

01:43:34 C Said we have a bogey at 10:00 o'clock high. 




01:43:37 CC Roger. 

01:1+3:50 CC Gemini VII, is that the tooster or is that an actual 


01:i+3:55 C 

01:43:59 CO Say again, VII. 

01:44:01 C Said ... we have several - looks like ... actual 


01:44:05 CC Do you have any more information, estimated dis- 

tance, or size? 

01:44:11 C We also have the "booster in sight. 

01:44:14 CC Understand you also have the booster in sight. 


01:44:17 C ... there are very many - looks like hundreds of 

little particles going by ftom the left out about 
3 or 4 miles. 

01:44:33 CC Understand you have many small particles going by 

on the left. At what distance? 

01:44:40 C ... looks like ... 

01:44:48 CC Roger. Understand they're about 3 or 4 miles away? 

01:44:52 C They're past now; they're in a polar orbit. 

01:44:55 CC Roger, And understnad they were about 3 to 4 miles 


01:45:00 C That's what it appeared like, or further. 

01:45:03 CC Roger. 

01:45:04 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Were these particles in addi- 

tion to the booster and the bogey at 10:00 o'clock 

01:45:25 C 

01:45:28 CC Roger. 



01:1+5:29 C Houston, this is VII. 

01:45:33 CC Go ahead. 

01'.k5:3^ C I have the booster on my side and the "brilliant 

"body of the sun agednst a black background with 
billions of particles around it, 

01:1+5:43 CC Roger. What direction is it from you? 

01:45:56 C It's about 2:00 o'clock position. 

01:45:51 CC Does that mean it's ahead of you? 

01:45:55 C It's - ahead of us at 2:00 o'clock and it's slowly 


01:45:59 CC Roger. 

01:52:44 P D-4/D-7, D-4/D-7 at 1 plus 52 plus 54; 12 plus 52 

plus 34, 2 minutes in void measurements. Void 
measurement is completed; going to take a measure- 
ment on Rigel - take a measurement on Rigel. 
Stand by for a time. 

01:54:30 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

01:54:33 C Gto ahead Houston, Gemini VII. 

01:54:35 CC Roger. We're in contact at Ascension. We have no 

special messages. We're standing by. 

01:54:38 C We'll continue our D-4/D-7 on - at this time. 

01:54:42 CC Roger. 

01:56:55 P D-4/D-7 at 01 plus 56 plus 53; 2 minutes of measure- 

ment on Rigel; recorder on. At approximately 1 
plus 57 booster is deadahead. 

01:57:16 C Thank you. 

02:01:20 P Roger. At 2:01:17 we're taking recordings on 

boosters. This is right near Sirius. Who takes 
the measurement on the booster? Then it will go 
right down to Sirius. 2 minutes off the booster 
and then we're going to 2 minutes on Sirius 




at 2:03:09. H-k/D-J at 2 plus Ok plus hO; 2 
minutes on Sirius; J)-k/B-7 complete. D-k/l>-7: 
we have turned on the recorder at 2 plus 12 plus 
29 to pick up the horizon. We didn't turn on any 
sooner because of the long time to get down. At 
approjcimately 2 hours 31 minutes 1? seconds : both 
ECS bypasses are connected at this time. At 2 
plus 39-2 plus 39: M-1 experiment connected and 
operating. At 3 hours and 2 minutes the fuel cell 
O2 heater back on. Momentarily, the pressure of 
the Fuel Cell O2 went down to 200. Fuel Cell O2 
heater going off at 3 plus 28 plus 26. At k hours 
00:00 minutes, seconds: BIO MED Tape Recorder 
Number 2 is off. At h hours and I5 minutes the FC 
Og heater was on; pressure was at 200. 

Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do you read? 

Loud and clear, Houston. This is Gemini VII. Go 

Roger. Just checking communications through 
Tananarive. We weren't able to get you last time. 
We have no additional information. Standing by. 

. . . understand . . . 

Would you say again, Gemini VII? 

We tracked the booster this pass . . . 

Roger. Is that with the H-k experiment? 

That's it. 


Gemini VII, Hoxiston. Are you getting a reading on 
your OANS gage for the experiment position? 

That's right. ... we turned the heater back on - 
pressure decreasing - the fuel cell O2 heater is on. 

Understand your fuel cell oxygen pressure decreased 
below 200 pounds so you have turned the heater beck 



02:14:11 C Affirm. 
02:llf:15 CC Is that correct? 

02:l4:l6 C Affirmative. Roger. 
02:l4:l8 CC Roger. 


02:2i^:37 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

02:2^:39 C Go ahead, Carnarvon. Gemini VII. 

02:24:41 CC Roger. We have you - your T/M solid on the ground. 

02:24:45 CC You're looking good here. 

02:24:4? CC Also, we would like to tell you we had very little 

damage to Pad 19, and they are on schedule with 
the VI vehicle. 

02:24:56 C Roger, Carnarvon. And thank you. And for your 

information, our Delta-P light blinked off at 2 
minutes and 22 seconds, but then it came right 
back on again. 

02:25:05 CC Roger. Understand. 

02:26:15 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

02:26:17 C Right, Carnarvon. Gemini VII. 

02:26:19 CC Would you turn your Quantity Read switch to the 

ETJEL CEIX Og position, please? 

02:26:22 C Roger. 

02:26:26 C FUEL CELL O2. I read 99.9 percent and 250 pounds. 

02:26:36 CC Roger. Copy 99-9, 250 pounds. 

02:26:40 C Roger. 

02:26:42 C How does it look to you? 




02:26:J+6 CC Wisli you were 100 percent on the ground, VII. 
02:26:1+9 C Thank you. 

02:26:59 CC Okay. You should return it to the OFF position, 


02*27*03 0 Okay. I have the heater back off now. It was 

down to ... when we turned it off, hut it's off now. 

02:27:10 CC Roger. Understand. 

02:27:16 C Carnarvon, will you check with Houston to see if 

there are any special purge instructions for the 
purge coming up? 

02:27:26 CC Roger. There are no special instructions, just a 

normal purge. 

02:27:29 C Very well, thank you. 


02:50:29 CC Geainl VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

02:50:30 C Hawaii CAP COM, Gtemini VII. 

02:50:32 CC How you doing? 

02:50:33 C Very good. 

02:50:3i+ CC Okay. We show you GO down here. They're going to 

do a fuel cell purge over Texas and they want you 
to be ready for it and they will, advise you when 
they want you to start. They're going to wait 
till they get good telemetry at that time. 

02:5O:U6 C All right. 

02:50:1+7 CC All right. 

02:50:52 C Would you tell them we would like to have a good 

star reference for the Apogee Maneuver too? 

02:50:58 CC Roger. 




02:51:35 CC All right. We'll be standing by if you need 


02:51:36 C Thanks, Hawaii. 

02:51:39 C You might tell them ve have activated the M-1 

experiment . 

02:52:00 CC Okay. Will you give me the time that you activated 


02:52:03 P Roger, Hawaii. This is VII. 

02:52:12 P Activated M-1 2 plus 39 plus 30. 

02:52:17 CC Two plus what? 

02:52:20 P 2 plus 39 plus three zero. 

02:52:23 CC Okay. I've got that. 

02:52:57 P Hawaii, this is VII. 

02:52:59 CC Go ahead. 

02:53:00 P By my calculations, we have approximately 20 minutes 

and 10 seconds left on the H-h/D-J recorder. 

02:53:07 CC Roger. Understand. 


03:02:30 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. 

03:02:38 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

03: 02: in CC Roger. Everything looks good on the ground. Houston 

will update the maneuver time and the star update 
that you requested with a new acquisition in Texas. 
And they will be standing by for your fuel cell 

03:02:58 P This is VII. Roger. And be informed we have just 

spotted the booster ahead and below. Quite aways 




03:03:06 CC Roger. 

03:0U:M+ CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do you read? 

03:05:09 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do you read? 

03:05:13 C Loud and clear ... 

03:05:15 CC Roger. We're ready for you to start your fuel 

cell purge now and you might - stand by a minute, 
stand by VII - 

03:05:25 CC Gemini VII, now we're ready for you to start your 

fuel cell purge and you might observe the Fuel Cell 
light when you turn the crossover valve on. We 
think it may go off at that time. 

03:05:36 P Roger, Understand. 

03:05:40 P Starting purge. The crossover valve is on but the 

light did not go out. 

03:05:^7 CC Roger. 

03:09:14 C Houston, this is Gemini VII, The booster is Just 

passing the horizon, the outer air . . . 

03:10:07 CC Gemini VII, we observe you've completed your - 

negative, we understand you're still purging. 

03:10:13 C That's Roger. 

03:10:15 C How do you read now, Houston? 

03:10:17 CC Loud and clear. 

03:10:18 C Did you get my information about the booster cross- 

ing the horizon? 

03:10:21 CC Roger. We did. I was off the channel myself but 

someone else heard it. 

03:10:33 CC Still got that Delta-P light? 

03:10:35 C Roger. 

03:10:36 CC Did you get lights during the hydrogen purging? 




03:10:38 C Negative. Can't tell; it's "been on all the time. 

03:10:^3 CC Did you get the Section 1 light on during the 

hydrogen purging? 

03:10:1+7 C Negative. 

03:10:1*8 CC Roger. 

03:10:52 C Fuel cell purge is complete. 

03:10:54 CC Roger. Fuel cell purge con^lete. Any change in 

the light? 

03:10:58 C Negative. We have reported that it did blink off 

once. Did you get that information? 

03:11:02 CC Yes, that was hack at 2 plus 22. 

03:11:06 C That's affirmative. 

03:11:07 CC Roger. No change during the purge then? 

03:11:10 C No change at all. 

03:11:11 CC Roger. 

03:11:18 CC Okay, Gemini VII. I have some other information 

here for you if you're ready to copy, 

03:11:24 C Stand by a minute. 

03:11:34 C Roger. Go ahead. 

03:11:39 C This is Gemini VII. Give us the information. 

03:11:43 CC Okay, VII. You're ready to copy? 

03:11:46 C Roger. 

03:11:48 CC Okay. We have observed that your fuel usage is run- 

ning a little high. You're running about 10 to 15 
pounds high on the fuel usage, so minimize the f\iel 
consumption as best you can. It looks like Spica 
is a good pointing star for your Perigee Adjustment 
and we are double-checking that now. I have an MSC-2 
and 3 update. Are you ready to copy? 




03:12:14 C Roger. Go ahead, 

03:12:16 CC Time: 3 plus 30 plus 00; Sequence 02; boom extend; 

6 plus 30 plus 00; off at 13:00:00. 

03:12:Ul CC Did you copy? 

03:12:UU C Roger. We copied. 

03:12:146 CC I have your perigee update - Perigee-Adjust Maneuver 

update, if you're ready to copy it. 

03:12:53 C Roger. Go ahead. 

03:12:56 CC CffiT of the burn: 3 plus h7 plus 59; Delta-V, 59; 

burn time, 1 plus 17; pitch 0, yaw 0; thrusters , 
aft; maneuver, posigrade. Do you copy? 

03:13:23 C Roger. We copied. 

03:13:27 CC Gemini VII, would you read that back? 

03:13:30 0 Roger. Understand, 3 plus ^9 - correction - plus 

h7 plus 59; Delta-V, 59; Delta-P, 1 plus 17, 0, 0, 
0 pitch, 0 yaw and thrust posigrade and . . . ; good 
evening star is Spica, 

03:13:^7 CC That's right. And that's with aft thrusters. 

03:13:52 C Roger. Aft thrusters. 

03:1^:03 CC Gemini VII, we also would ILke to know how you 

3_Lke it up there. 

03:lU:08 C It's great.' 

03:1^:10 P Outstanding.' 

03:lU:13 CC You can cover up the Delta-P light if you want, 

if it would help. 

03:1^:20 C No, it's okay. It's just making us feel at home 


03:1^:25 CC Keeping you warm, right? 

03:14:26 C Just like those lOU's fire-warning lights all the 




time. You know. You ought to know all about 

03:lU:35 CC That's a low blow,' 

03:16:22 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Would you place your ECS 

Quantity - your Quantity Read switch to the ECS O2 
position for approximately 15 seconds? 

03:16:32 C Roger. ECS Og switch position. 

03:17:38 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Gemini VII, Houston 


03:17:^1 C Yes, Houston. Gemini VII. 

03:17:4^4- CC The pointing command for Spica would be 12 degrees 

pitch up, 8 degrees yaw right. So that shows you 
how close it is for pointing. 

03:18:14 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Do you read? 

03:18:27 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM broadcasting in the 

blind. We have very rough signal with you at the 
present time. Confirming that Spica is a good 
pointing - pointing reference for you on your burn. 

03:18:44 C I understand, Spica. 

03:18:45 CC Roger. Spica is very close. 

03:18:48 P Did you receive my message about the booster light 

still blinking? 

03:18:52 CC Negative. 

03:18:54 P ... still blinking. 

03:18:58 CC Say again, Gemini VII, We read you pretty good 


03:19:02 P I say: the booster is in front of us and the light's 

still blinking. 

03:19:05 CC Roger. Booster in front of you and light still 





03:26:15 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do you read? 

03:26:25 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 

you read? 

03:26:45 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 

you read through Ascension? 

03:26:52 C Houston, this is VII. How do you read? 

03:26:55 CC Roger. Read you loud and clear. Based on the 

results during the purge, we feel that the Delta-P 
light may very possibly be erroneous; at any rate, 
we do not see a problem of a short- time nature. 
We will continue to observe it. We are not very 
concerned about it at this point and we 'd like 
you to feel the same way. 

03:27:21 C This is VII and I thank you for your information 

that the light is not dangerous. 

03:27:25 CC Roger. 

03:32:17 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

03:32:21 C This is Gemini VII. 

03:32:24 CC Roger. I'd like to advise you Spica is not a 

perfect pointing command. Are you aware of that? 

03:32:39 CC Gemini VII, do you read? 

03:32:40 C Roger, we read. Spica is a little bit to our right. 

Is that not correct? 

03:32:45 CC The pointing command to Spica would be 8 degrees 

yaw right and 12 degrees pitch up, so for your 
purposes you would want to go left and down. 

03:33:04 C Roger. 

03:33:05 CC Roger. 




03:1+3:1+9 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

03;l+3:52 P Hello Houston, Gemini VII. 

03:1+3:55 CC Roger. We're standing by for your burn. Ho 

special infonnation. 

03:1+6:50 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. We're coming up on 

1 minute till your burn. 

03:1+6:55 C Roger. 

03:1+6:58 CC Mark 1 minute till burn. 

03:1+7:02 C Roger. 

03:1+9:30 C Houston, how do you read? Gemini VII. 

03:1+9:32 CC Loud and clear, Gemini VII. 

03:1+9j31+ C Roger, The burn is coagileted; we were interrupted 

for about 2 seconds in the middle but we burned 
for one plus one seven. 

03:1+9:1+3 CC Understand you burned for one plus one seven. The 

burn was interrupted for a couple seconds but you 
did burn a total of 1 plus 17. 

03:1+9:51+ C That's Roger and we hit something during the burn. 

03:50:01 CC Understand you hit something during the burn. 

03:50:08 C Houston, this is Gemini VII. During the burn 

something came far to the right of the window. 
It looked like a strap or piece of paper, or 
something of that nature. 

03:50:22 CC Understand something came by the right window, 

like a piece of tape. 

03:50:29 P Roger. It looked like a strap of some sort and 

I believe it was attached to the spacecraft. 

03:50:36 CC Like a piece of strap from the spacecraft? 



03:5O:U8 CC Gemini VII, did it look like this came from the 

nose section? 

03:50:51+ C No. It looked like it came from behind, and came 

up and hit right in front of the right window, then 
bounced off again and I haven't seen it since. 

03:51:05 CC Roger. And this was during the burn? 

03:51:08 C That's affirmative. 

03:51:10 CC Roger. 


0l+:O0:29 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

Oit:00:32 P VII. Go ahead. 

04:00:33 CC Roger. We'd like to have you turn BIO MED Tape 

Recorder Number 2 off, please. 

Oit:00:39 P Roger. That's Just completed. 

04:00:41 CC Roger. 

04:00:53 CC That BIO MED Tape Recorder went off at 23 hours, 

30 minutes and about 30 seconds - something like 

04:01:26 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. Would you give me 

a readout on your OAMS propellent quantity, please? 

04:01:35 C Roger. It reads 67 percent. 

04:01:38 CC Roger. Copy 67 percent. 

04:01:4l C Now give us a reading on how we stand on that, 

will you please? 

04:01:45 CC Roger. 

04:01:51 CC Stand by one. Flight will come up with something. 

04:02:04 CC What - do you have ACQ over Hawaii? Acquisition 




Stand ty. 

Okay. Gemini VII, that's real good. We're going 
to have the critical tape dump over Hawaii instead 
of Texas, and also - - 

Gemini VII, you will be updated with your OAMS 
usage information over Hawaii. 

VII, Roger. 

That's all we have for you at this time and we're 
standing by. 

Roger. Thank you. 

Gemini VII, Carnarvon, We have indication here 

on the ground of an oral temperature from the Pilot. 

Does he have a probe inserted at the present? 

This is VII. Negative. No oral temp. 

Roger. Thank you. 


Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

Go ahead, Hawaii. 

How are you doing up there? 

. . . usage status so get ready to copy that. 


Okay. You ready to copy your OAMS data? 

Roger, Hawaii, Gemini VII is ready; go on. 

Okay. Up to Perigee Adjust we show 71 percent 
actual OAMS remaining. That's seven one percent. 

Roger. Understand. Seven one percent, bfy gage 
is off by k percent. 



04:26:12 CC Okay. This is 20 pounds. Two zero pounds of 

propellant more than nominal predicted for this 
time. However, Perigee Adjust was two three, 23 
feet per second greater than nominal. Therefore, 
we're right on the profile for actual mission 

04:26:32 C Roger. Understand. We're right on the profile. 

04:26:34 CC Roger. And your new orbit is 120 "by 174. 

04:26:42 C Roger. Understand. 120 by 174 and our GAMS is 

right on the money. 

04:26:47 CC There you go. 

04:27:18 C Hawaii, this is Gemini VII. 

04:27:20 CC Go ahead, Gemini VII. 

04:27:22 C Roger. We have requested a change in crew status 

reports to delay the one at 4:40. Will you assure 
that Houston knows about that? 

04:27:26 CC I'll check on that. 

04:28:44 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii. 

04:28:46 C Go ahead Hawaii, Gemini VII. 

04:28:1»8 CC Are you saying you want to get this crew status 

delayed to a later time? 

04:28:51 C That's Roger. 

04:28:53 CC About how long do you want to have it delayed? 

04:28:55 C Till the next ... 

04:28:59 CC Roger. 

04:29:02 C 

04:29:08 CC Okay. Okay, they'll take care of that for you* 

04:29:10 C Thank you. 




0U:37:12 CC 

04:37:15 C 

04:37:17 CC 

04:37:20 C 

04:37:26 CC 

04:37:30 C 

04:42:32 CC 

04:42:36 P 

04:42:49 CC 

04:42:58 P 

04:43:02 CC 

04:43:19 P 

Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. 
Go ahead Guaymas, Gemini VII. 

Roger. Everything looks good here on the ground. 

Roger. Thank you. We 're in the process of getting 
shipshape here for l4 days. 

Roger. Understand. We have nothing for you this 
pass. We'll be standing by. 

Thank you. 


Gemini VII, Gemini VII. Houston CAP COM. How do 
you read? Over, 

This is VII. Read you loud and clear, Houston. 

Roger, Jim, reading you loud and clear. I've got 
a few questions on this strap I 'd like to ask you 
and then we'll forget about it. Was the - was it 
a strap or was it a tape such as a reflective tape? 

Houston, this is Gemini VII; you were cut out 
completely; say again, 

Roger, Gemini VII. I've got a few questions on 
this strap you saw at the window during your burn 
and I'll ask them and then we can forget about it. 
Was it a strap or was it possibly some tape such 
as reflective tape? 

This is VII. It was hard to tell. It was at 
nighttime. It looked like the strap might have 
been tape but it came forward and slapped on the 
front of the spacecraft. Just now we saw the 
shadow of the tape on the nose. The nose is in the 
sunlight and the shadow went on by, but I can't 
tell from the shadow what it was. 



0^:U3:ifO CC Roger. Understand that you've got a shadow. Then 

you might think it's still attached at one end to 
the spacecraft? 

04:1+3:1+5 P I'm fairly certain it's still attached. It might 

be some body tape between the booster and adapter, 
or something like that. 

04;il3:52 CC Roger. 

Ol+:M+:l+3 CC Gemini VII, CJemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Over. 

Ol+:l+lt:lt9 P Roger. This is Gemini VII, 

Ol+;l+J+:52 CC Roger. I'd just like to remind you that these 

Maurer film magazines — 

Ok:kki^9 CC Say again. 

ol+:l+5:01 P You're not coming through. You're breaking up 


Ok:k3:0k CC Roger, Gemini VII. How do you read now? 
oil: 1+5: 07 P Clear now. 

Ol+: 1+5:09 CC Roger. I'd like to remind you that these Maurer 

film magazines should be in plastic bags to con- 
tain any outgassing. Over. 

04:l+5:l6 P We will take care of that as soon as we get them 


04:1+5:20 CC Okay. 

Ol+:l+6:17 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. We'd like you 

to go to Fuel Cell H2 on your quantity gage for 
about 15 seconds. 

Ol+:l+6:26 C Roger. 

Ol+:l+6:31 C Gene, you're still not keying good ... 

Ol+:l+6:37 CC Roger. Understand it's still quite broken. 



Ok:k6:kO P Roger. Understand. 

0U:56:05 C Okay. Stand ty. This is Borman dumping urination. 

Right now. 

04:56:06 C It's not dumping. 

Ok:36:k5> P Are you ... up? 

Ol+: 56:46 C Yes. 

04:57:00 P ... off the line ... 

04:57:14 C 

04:57:15 P 

04:57:23 C Going now. 

04:57:24 P 

04:57:38 P Do we heat that stuff on preheat? 

04:57:39 C Yes. 3 minutes. 

04:57:40 P How long after ... 

04:57:45 C ... What we've been doing. 

04:57:52 P Yes. I think they put it in wine sauce so it doesn't 


04:57:59 C Yes. That's what I'm going to do right now. 

04:58:02 C Okay ... hypass. 

04:58:38 C Okay. Recorder off, dump completed. 


04:59:22 CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. All systems are GO on 

the ground. You need not acknowledge. 

04:59:30 C We'd like to say hello, RKV. Thank you. 




CA:59:33 CC Roger. 

05:05:19 CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. 

05:05:22 P This is VII. Go aheBd. 

05:05:2i| CC Roger. Will you place the adapter C-Band switch 


05:05:27 P 

05:05:30 CC Roger. 


05:19:31 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 

you read? Over. 

05:19:37 P This is VII. Read you loud and clear, Houston. 

05:19:^10 CC Roger. We would like your adapter C-Band to 


05:19:46 C Adapter C-Band is on COMMAND. 

05:19:50 CC Roger. And how does a Medical Data Pass on the 

Command Pilot next pass over the States sound to 
you? Will that be too soon? 

05:20:lU CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII. We would like a Medical 

Data Pass on the Command Pilot next pass over 
Texas. How does this sound? Over. 

05:20:26 P This is VII, Say again, Houston. 

05:21:16 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. Over. 

05:21:19 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

05:21:21 CC Roger. I would like your adapter C-Band "back to 

CONTIIIUOUS until a lapsed time of 05 plus 25. Over. 

05:21:31 P Roger. C-Band is on CONTIHUOUS until 05 plus 25. 

05:21:37 CC Roger. Then you can go back to COMMAND. 



05:21:^+0 P Roger. 

05:21:42 CC I didn't understand your reply. We would like to 

schedule a Medical Data Pass on Frank next pass 
over the States. Over. 

05:21:51 P This is VII. Roger. We are in the midst of . . . 

items . . . 

05:22:00 CC Roger. Understand. We'll nominally schedule it 

for Texas on the next pass and if you can't hack 
it we will reschedule it. 

05:22:08 P This is VII. Roger. We are still in the process 

of getting settled down for a long winter's fJlght. 

05:22:1^)- CC Roger. We know. 


0^:kk:kk CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. 

03:hh:k6 P This is Gemini VII, Go ahead. 

05:i|J+:48 CC Roger. What's your status as far as being ready 

for your Medical Data Passes? 

05:M+:56 P This is VII. I think vre'll be ready. 

05:Mf:58 CC Okay. Will you have a Medical Data Pass scheduled 

for the Pilot at Hawaii this revolution? 

05:^5:05 CC Hawaii's acquisition is 6 hours 00:27. 

05:^5:13 C This is VII. Would you check with Houston? I 

believe they want us to do a Command Pilot . . . 
status over Texas. Over. 

05:i+5:21 CC I'll check. 

05:^5:26 P Do you want to do it on the Pilot on Hawaii also? 

05:^+5:27 CC That's right. 

05:^5:38 CC Gemini VII. Roger. You have one on the Pilot at 




the time I gave you for Hawaii. And the Command 
Pilot at Texas and Texas acquisition time is 6 
hours 1^ minutes. 

Roger. Understand. 


I would like to also know if you've made plans for 
your sleep period. 

This is VII. Roger. We are giving it some con- 
sideration. We're going to eat first. 

Roger. I have a map update when you're ready to 

This is VII. Ready to copy. 

Roger. Title is Node: Time, 5:^1:24: Remarks, 
Rev k; 115.0 east; 13 hours % minutes 35 seconds; 
right ascension. Do you copy? 

Roger. Have copied. 

Would you verify your Cryo Gaging switch to OFF? 
Quantity read to OFF? 

This is VII. We're plotting d\mp temperatures at 
this time. We'll turn it off shortly. 

Roger . 


Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

Okay. We've got that valid oral temp. Standing 
by for your "blood pressure. 


I'll he transmitting you a Tx here shortly, so you 
are going to get a DCS light. 



06:01:l6 P Thank you. 

06:01:4l P Hawaii. Gemini VII. Our Fuel Cell Delta-P went 

off and stayed off for approximately 10 minutes, 
or 5 minutes, and then came back on. 

06:01:W CC Okay. Well, your cuff is full-scale. Tell me 

what time it went off. 

06:01:58 P Went off at 57 and back on at 06:01. 

06:02:03 CC Roger. 

06:02:17 CC Okay. We copied that. Stand by for Surgeon, 

06:02:21 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your exercise on your Mark. 

06:02:29 C Roger, Commencing exercise at this time. 

u6:02:32 C MARK. 

06:03:07 CC Stand by for blood pressure. 

06:03:l8 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

06:03:5^ CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your food and water report. 

06:04:00 CC Roger. Stand by. 

06:04:13 C This is VII. No food. Command Pilot, h ounces 

and Pilot, 2 ounces so far. 

06:0lf:22 CC Roger. 

06:04:24 CC Okay. We confirm all that. Did you say the light 

was off from 57 to 01, k minutes? 

06:04:32 C That's the approximate time. Roger. 

06:04:34 CC Okay, Thank you. 

06:04:36 CC You did get the DCS light, didn't you? 

06:04:39 P Affirmative. 

06:04:4o CC Okay. 





06: 16: 13 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. We have 

a good oral temp. Give us a blood pressure and 
stand by for Surgeon. 

06:17:09 P Houston, Gemini VII. Are you receiving the blood 


06:17:13 CC Gemini VII, this is Houston Surgeon. We are not 

receiving your blood pressure. 

06:17:21 P ..• indicated piimped up at all. 

06:17:23 CC That's a negative. 

06:17:25 P It's pumped up. 

06:17:39 P It's now pumped up full-scale. 

06:17:43 CC Roger. We are not receiving it. 

06: 18: 25 C Houston, Gemini VII. I'll go ahead with the 

exercise and maybe you can try blood pressure 
somewhere else. 

06:18:56 P Houston, VII here. Are you ready for the exercise? 

06:19:04 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII. We had a T/M dropout 

problem. We would like to try this again over the 
RKV if you are willing. Over. 

06:19:11 C Roger. You mean you don't want the exercise. 

Is that correct? 

06:19:15 CC Negative on the exercise. We would like to start 

the crew status report again over RKV. 

06:19:21 C Give me a time, please. 

06:19:22 CC Roger. Will do. 

06:19:29 CC Gemini VII, Houston. RKV acquisition, 6 plus 35. 

06:19:34 C Roger. Thank ypu. 





Roger. The crew status report ftom the Lovell 
house remains at three. 



Thank you. 



Gemini VII, Gemini VII. Tnat time at tne Kitv i-OOJti 
more like about 6 plus 32, 6 plus 32. 







Right, RKV. 



Roger. All systems are GREEN. We'd like you to 
turn on the C-Band beacon for track at Pretoria at 
elapsed time of o6:46, and turn it off at 07:00. 



Stand by. 



Right. You want the C-Band on at 06:46 and off at 



Roger. Roger. 



How about a blood pressure? Houston wants me to 
give you a blood pressure. 



Roger. You can start pumping the cuff up. 



Gemini VII, RKV says your cuff is full. 



Gemini VII, this is Surgeon. Let us now have your 



Roger, you're ... 



Exercise complete. 



All right. Let us have your blood pressure again. 



Okay. Gemini VII, your cuff is full. 



Gemini VII, RKV Surgeon. We have your blood pres- 
sure. Do you have a water or food report for us? 




We've each had an additional - I've had 3, Coamand 
Pilot 3 ounces of water supply, Pilot, 2 ounces 
and ve haven't eaten anything yet. 


RKV, this is Gemini VIX. What laeacon do you want 
on at J+6? 

That's adapter C-Band. 
Okay. Thank you. 

It's in the CONTIllUOUS position now, RKV. 

... turn it "back to COMHAND and then at 06:U6 put 
it back to CONTINUOUS. 

Roger. Will do. 

Have you got any idea irtaat you plan on doing about 
your sleep period? 

We 're going to eat a meal and then I 'm going to 


We 're proceeding right along the flight plan now 
and the pilot is doing the ... test. 



Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. I have 
yoiir B-k/H-J update if you're ready to copy. Over. 

Stand by. 

Hello, Houston. This is Gemini VII. Go ahead on 
the update. 

Okay. Tt-k/Ji-7 update: The Time, 08:29:06; 
Sequence Number 4ll; Mode 02. Time: 09:10:20; 




Sequence kll; Mode 02. Time: 10:Wt:10; Sequence 
kll; Mode Ok; recorder on for 30 seconds. Time: 
11:26:45; Sequence kll; Mode 02. That's it. 

06:56:3^ P This is VII. Roger on the D-VD-7. 

06:56:44 CC This is Houston. Roger. 


07:18:30 CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. 

07:18:33 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

07:18:35 CC Roger, You're GO on the ground. Standing by. 


07:37:23 CC Gemini VII, this is Hawaii CAP COM. 

07:37:29 C This is VII. Go ahead Hawaii. 

07:37:31 CC Roger. We show you GO on the ground. Would you 

give me the position of your C-Band adapter? 

07:37:37 C Roger. C-Band adapter's on COMMAMD. 

07:37:40 CC Roger. 

08:03:37 P At 7 hours, 23 minutes and 36 seconds; the C and 

E - beef sandwich for the first time ... and very 
crumbly - very, very crumbly. 

08:11:34 C Okay. At 08 plus 11 plus 32, Command Pilot closing 

his eyes and resting. 

08:12:12 P At 08:29:06: D-4/D-7; Ziegler's 4ll was turned on. 

We have no turn-off time. We'll turn it on ... 
after turn on. 





08:53:22 CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. 

08:53:^5 CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. 

08:53:52 C Gemini VII. Go ahead. 

08:53:53 CC Roger. Did you do your fuel cell purge at ...? 

08:53:59 C Negative. We moved it up to 09 hours. That way ... 

08:5lf:03 CC Okay, There's a change in that. I would like you 

to start your purge at this time. 

08:5l+:10 C Okay. Ready to start our purge at this time. Roger. 

08:55:19 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. 

08: 55:21+ c Go ahead, CSQ. 

08:55:27 CC Okay. Your next purge time will he 13 hours, h3 

minutes. That's over the CSQ. 

08:55:37 C 13 hours, 45 minutes. 

08:55:39 CC Affirmative. And at that time we'll advise you 

of your new purge cycle. 

08:55:U6 C Roger. And be advised our Delta-P light has been ' 

out now - it's been about a half hour. That's 

08:55:55 CC Say again time. 

06:55:56 C o6:26. 
08:55:58 CC 08:26. Roger. 

09:M+:06 C 


10:li8:31 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii. 



10:1*8:33 C Go ahead. 

10:'48:34 CC Hello. We're getting these data for you. How about 

taking your Quantity Read switch to the ECS 
position, please? 

10:it8:39 C Roger. 

10:^+9:19 CC Okay. Will you go to the FUEL CELL 02 position on 

your Quantity Head switch? 

10:i+9:22 C FUEL CELL 02- 

10:^9:23 CC Okay. I've got your data for you. Ready to copy? 

10:49:35 C All right; go ahead; ready to copy. 

10:J+9:37 CC Okay. It's a Node: 10:10:36; Rev Number 7; ^6.0 

degrees east; 13:^0:09; right ascension. Now 
will you go to the FDEL CELL H2 position on your 
Quantity Read? 

10:50:11 C Roger. Will you say again the right ascension? 

10:50:15 CC Stand by. 

10:50:29 CC Okay. Your right ascension, 13:^:09. 

10:50:U6 CC You copy that? 

10:50:53 C VII, Roger. 

10:50:55 CC Okay. Quantity Read switched off. 

10:50:58 C Still on OFF on the Quantity Read. 

10:50:59 CC Okay. We got all that. 

10:51:28 P Hawaii, will you say again on the longitude, please, 

for that VII craft ascending mode? 

10:51:30 CC 1+6,0 degrees east. 

10:51:34 P Okay. Thank you. 

10:51:36 CC Roger. 





11:20:26 CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. All systems are GBEEH. 

We would like to ask you to perform the B-k/D-l 
experiments, to turn the ACQ-AID circuit "breaker 
to the OPEN position. You need not acknowledge 
this transmission. 

11:20:M+ P Roger. Understand. Open li-k/O-7 - correction, 

open ACQ-AID circuit breakers. 

11:20:51 CC That's during the D-Vd-7. 

11:21:10 CC Gemini VII, RKV. 

11:21:12 P Roger. Go ahead. 

11:21:13 CC Okay. We - let me say that again to you. We'd 

like you to open the ACQ-AID circuit breaker during 
the D-k/B-7 experiment. 

11:21:20 P Roger. 

11:21:24 C You have an update for us? 

11:21:27 CC You'll get your block update over the CSQ. 

11:21:32 C Roger. Thank you. 

11:21:5^ C RKV, this is Gemini VII, Did you get our D-lf/D-T ' 

transmission on the last . . . time ... 7 

11:22:02 CC That's affirmative. 

11:22:05 C Okay. Thanks. 

11:22:10 C Do you want us to run it again according to flight 

plan? ... B-k/D-l ... 

11:22:1^+ CC Stand by. 

11.: 22: 59 C RKV, this is Gemini VII. I checked that last trans- 

mission. We have another at 11:26:15. 

11:23:07 CC Okay. 




11:25:01 P ... D-VD-7 at 10:^5 :10j recorder running for 30 

seconds. That was Ziegler's Ull and ... 

11:25:11 C ... 11:21 the D-k/D-7 going off. ACQ-AID Beacon 

coming on. 

11:25:12 C Oh yes. Good' 


12:07:17 C CSQ, this is Gemini VII. How do you read? 

12:07:19 CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. Read you loud and clear. 

12:07:23 C Roger. Will you tell Houston that we're both 

catching catnaps now. We'd like to start on a 
regular schedule, with "both of us awake about 8 
in the morning, Houston time. 

12:07:37 C And we're ready for your updates if you have them, 

12:07:^1 CC Okay. Stand by one. 

12:07:58 CC Gemini VII, CSQ with your updates. Area 10-Delta, 

Area 10-Delta: 14:15:52; 20 plus l6. Area U- 
Belta: 15:52:45; l8 plus 30. Do you copy? 

12:08:28 C Roger. I 'ra getting them. 

12:08:29 CC Okay. Area 12-2: 17:28:22; 17 plus 07. Area 13-2: 

19:04:52; 15 plus kk. Area l4-l: 20:30:4l; l5 
plus 33. Area 15-1: 22:06:4-5; 15 plus 21. Area 
16-1: 23:1+2:05; l4 plus 3^. Do you copy? 

12:09:32 C Roger. We got them all. 

12:09:34 CC Okay. You're scheduled for a fuel cell purge over 

us, next revolution. 

12:09:41 C Okay. We'll be looking for you then. 

12:09:43 CC Roger. 

12:09:53 C Flight, for your information, the Delta-P light 

blinked off and then on again around 12 hours. 




12:09:59 CC Roger. Copy. 

12:10:06 CC You tell us about how long it was off? 

12:10:08 C No. As a matter of fact, I didn't notice it go off. 

I Just saw it come back on, but it couldn't have 
been more than 2 or 3 minutes because we'd just 
checked it. 

12:10:15 CC Roger. 


13:38:11^ CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. 

13:38:29 C This is Gemini VII. Go ahead. 

13:38:30 CC Roger. Would you start your fuel cell purge at 

this time? 

13:39:^7 C CSQ, we are purging. Gemini VII here. 

13:39:57 CC ... Gemini VII, CSQ. Your next purge will be at 

Carnarvon in approximately 20 hours, approximately 
20 hours. 

13:40:08 C I understand. Next purge 20 hours at Carnarvon. 

13:1+0:11 CC Affirmative. Also, we'd like to have you bring 

your fuel cell O2 tank pressure up to kOO psi on 
your gage. 

13:^4-0:20 C Roger. 

13:U0:22 CC That should be sufficient for the sleep period. 

13:if0:29 CC Houston would like to know if you've placed your 

film packs in the plastic bags. 

13:^+0:34 C Roger. 

13:l|0:i4-l C Did you get that, CSQ? We've placed all but ... 

in the plastic bags, 

13:lfO:l+6 CC Roger. I copy. 




13:U3:U4 C ... CSQ, Gemini VII. Purge complete. 

ISi^S:'*? CC Roger. We copy your purge. Would you give us 

your Quantity Read switch in the ECS Og position 
until my Mark? 

13:^3:55 C ECS O2. 

13:44:09 CC Okay. Would you go to the Fuel Cell O2, please? 

13:44:13 C Fuel Cell Og. 

13:44:15 CC Roger. 

13:44:23 CC Okay. Fuel Cell Hg, please. 

13:44:28 C Fuel Cell Hg. 

13:44:44 CC Okay. We will try to meintain radio silence to 

about 20 hours elapsed time. And we're through 
with your Quantity Read switch. We got good - 
good readouts. 

13:44:56 C 

13:45:01 CC Would you go Quantity Read to OFF? 

13:45:04 G Roger. Going to OFF. 

13:58:35 P ... Ha.' 

13:59:09 P Okay, Borman urination at 13 ... SC O2 on at 16:2?, 

SC O2 heater. 

17:48:07 C Fuel cell Delta-P light, Og Delta-P light came back 

on again 17:48. 

18:16:45 P Delta-P light out at 19:37. 

l8:l6:46 C Two pictures over Africa ... Frame 3: Magazine A 

with a 250, fll; Frame 4 was at 250, fl6; Frame 5: 
250, fl6 ... These pictures taken approximately 







Carnarvon reads you loud and clear. How me? 



You're loud and clear. I'd like to inform you 
that our ruel cell uelta-r xignu went out ai xp.c:^:; 
but then it came hack on again at 17:47 and is now 



Roger. Understand. It came on at 15:22 and it's 
back on again at 17:47« 



Roger. That's off at 15:22, on at 17:^7. 



That's right. We already knew that, VII. 



Okay. Thank you. 






Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 



Go ahead. 



Roger. We'd like for you to bring your Fuel Cell 
H2 tank pressure back up to between 175 to 225 and 
maintain it at that pressure up until approximately 
an elapsed time of 1*0 hours. 



Roger. You have to give me the indicated pressure' 
on my gage here, please. 



Roger. Stand by. 



VII, Carnarvon. That will be 390 to 500. Did you 



You gave me a 390 to 500? 



That's affirm. 



Heater coming on. 



VI I , Canaar von , 



Go ahead. 



Roger. We'd just as soon have you go back to 

Roger. We have had a pretty good night's rest 
and we're having a little breakfast. 

Roger. Understand. We show you GO here on the 
ground and we '11 "be standing by. 

Okay. We 'd like to hear some words on what you 
think is causing the Delta-P light trouble, if you 
have some. 


We don't think it's any problem on your Delta-P 
light at all. Did you copy? 

Roger. I realize it's no problem, but what's 
causing it? 

Roger. We're still looking on that one. 

Okay. Thank you. 

Delta-P light back on at 19:37. 


Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 
you read? 

This is VII, Houston. Good morning. It's about 
time you all got to work. 

We were just thinking the same thing. We're ready 
to put you to work. 

Two weeks vacation with pay. 

Okay. Are you wide awake and ready to go? 

Right. We're in the process now of taking some 
temperature measurements on the cockpit. 




£0:l|6:l6 CC Roger. We'd like to give you our analysis on the 

fuel cell situation and we're also ready to take 
a fuel cell purge from you. 

20:46:27 C Roger. We're standing ty and listening. 

20:1+6:31 CC Okay. Why don't we go ahead and get the purge 


20:1|6:3U C Roger. We '11 purge now. Kow purge. 

20:4-6:36 CO Roger. 

20:1+6:59 CC Gemini VII, we don't see anything. Have you started 

to purge? 

20:1+7:03 C Roger. We started to purge. 

20:1+7:05 CC Roger. We've got it now. 

20:1+7:21 CC Frank, I'd like to suggest you get the update hook 

out. We'll toe giving you some updates as soon as 
possible here. 

20:1+7:27 C It's already out. 

20:1+7:29 CC Okay. Will I interrupt anything if I give you an 

update during the purge? 

20 : 1+7 : 31+ C Negative . 

20:1+7:36 CC Okay. I have a node update for you. Time: 20 

plus 38 plus 33; that's Rev 13; 111+.7 west; 13 
plus 26 plus 1+3, right ascension. Copy? 

20:1*8:06 C Roger. Understand. I3 plus 26 plus 1+3. Is that 

correct for the right ascension? 

20:1+8:11 CC That is correct. 

20:1+8:12 C Okay, Go ahead. 

20:1+8:17 CC Flight plan update at - we have a crew status report 

on the next pass. It will toe at 22 plus 17 plus 00. 

20:1*8:1+2 C Roger. 




20:k3:kk CC Okay, And we'd like for you to be prepared to 

give you as much - for you to give us as much data 
as you can on toth of you since we 're running a 
little "behind at that time. 

20'M:^3 C Roger. 

20:48:55 CC We have a Radar Transponder Test at 22 plus 20 

plus 00; Sequence 01; Remarks, off at 22 plus 
28 plus 00. 

20:1+9:18 C Roger. 

20:1+9:25 CC We have a B-h/D-J at 22 plus 56 plus 00; Sequence 

kOS and 1+0 - correction I+09 and i+10; Mode 02. 
Do you copy? 

20:1+9:1+5 C Roger. Go ahead. 

20:1+9:51 CC We have a crew status report at Carnarvon on the 

Pilot at 23 plus 11 plus 00. We have exercise 
at 23 plus 21 plus 00. Do you copy okay? 

20:50:11 C Loud and clear. 

20:50:15 CC You can "begin your eating preparation at 23 plus 

31 plus 00. We have a fuel cell purge at 23 plus 
kO plus 00. We have D-5 at 2k plus 15 plus 20; 
Sequence 01; Mode 01. We have S-8/D-13: 25 plus 
28 plus 52; Sequence 02; pitch 30 down, yaw 13 
degrees left; closest to purge, 25 plus 29 plus 1+7. 
Do you copy? 

20:51:21 P Roger. Understand, Do you want us to purge again 

at - in 3 hours? Is that correct? 

20:51:29 CC That's what we're planning at the present time, 

Gemini VII. 

20:51:35 P Okay. 

20:51:1+5 P Anything else, Elliot? 

20:51:1+7 CC Yes. I'll discuss the fuel cell with you here as 

soon as the purge is complete. 

20:51:52 C Purge is complete, Elliot. 




Okay. Here 's a little rxmdown on what we think 
the situation is on that light. Can you give 
us a quantity readout on the fuel cell hydrogen 
and oxygen? Just give us the switch position for 
each one. We'll read them out here on the ground. 

Roger. Fuel cell oxygen now. 

Roger. Okay. Give us the other one. 

Fuel cell hydrogen. 

Roger . 

Okay. Brief discussion here on fuel cell light as 
we can see it. We think the most likely reason is 
an accumulation of tolerances of the Delta-P light 
transducer and the regulator, plus a pressure dif- 
ference between the water reference to the regulator 
and the Delta-P switch. In other words, just an 
accumulation of tolerances here, which is giving 
us a light that is really not indicative of the 
true condition, 

Roger. Thank you. 

It's not much help I guess, but that's what we 
think is the most likely thing. Rundown on other 
possibilities. The next most likely thing, we 
think, is a defective Delta-P switch. The third 
possibility is a water valve closed or some re- 
striction in the water line, and that would pose 
a problem, but we feel that we can handle that even 
if it means shutting down that fuel cell, and we 
feel this will be indicated by a deterioration in 
the performance of that fuel cell over many hours. 
We'll be able to watch that build up. It won't 
pose any hazardous condition at all. And the last 
possibility is a regulator which is slightly out 
of tolerance. We think the latter two things here 
now are not very high probability, but they are 
possibilities. Do you have any other items or 


Okay. Do you have a water reading handy for us at 
this time, Gemini VII? 



20:5^:22 C Stand by. 

20:5^:25 CC And do you have a propellant quantity readout? 

20:54:31 C This is VII. Propellant (juantity is 68. 

20:5^:36 CC 68? 

20:5^:38 C Roger. Six eight percent. 

20:5^:^0 CC Roger. Would you place your Quantity Read switch 

to the FUEL CELL O2 position again? 

20:5^:52 C Houston ... six one ounces of water. 

20:54:57 CC 6I ounces for CP. Roger. 

20:55:01 C Roger. And the P's had 52 - 52 ounces of water. 

20:55:09 CC Roger. Five two ounces for the Pilot. And what 

were the times of those final readings? 

20:55:27 CC Do you have the times marked down of the final - 

the last water entries? 

20:55:31 C Roger. CP was 18 plus five zero. 

20:55:35 CC Roger. 18 plus five zero. And yours, Jim? 

20:55:39 P I8 plus three zero, for mine. 

20:55:41 CC I8 plus three zero. Roger. 

20:55:45 P ... we had ... mixed with the food we had for 

breakfast, Elliot. 

20:55:50 CC Roger. 

20:55:55 CC Next time over we'll get this crew status report 

from you and give you an update on the news. 


21:01:43 CC Five zero zero. PLA update over Canary. That's 

on the next pass over. 








At 23:52:00 you receive your GO/NO-GO for 31-1 
over Texas . 



Roger. Thank you. 



Okay. What 's the status of your helmets and glovt 
You traveling with them on or off? 



They have been off since we got the GO for . . . 






Bob, my helmet is on but my gloves are off ... 

21 z02 : 26 





Gemini VII, Canary. 



Go ahead, Canary. 



Roger. Who had his helmet on while they - while 
you were sleeping? 

21 : 03 : 4-7 


we DOun cLiu.. 

d± : u J : ty 

DO on OX you. unucpsuciiiu.. 



Generstl comment on the Hasselblad camera view- 
finder : the viewfinder . . . the holder . . . , 
requires a piece of tape to keep it on, I wonder 
if it's been ... checked before we got it. 



• • • 






You ready? 






Okay, That last dump was the courtesy of Borman, 
In a minute, we will have Lovell. Stand by. 






Ready . . . 





21:1+3:13 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

21:14-3:17 C Go ahead, Carnarvon, VII. 

21:1+3:19 CC Roger. We noticed a rather sharp decrease in T/M 

signal strength here. Did you do any switching on 

21:1+3:24 C We're dumping urine. 

21:1+3:27 CC Roger. Understand. 

21:1+3:35 C Is that better now? We Just turned the Dump 

switch off. 

21:1+3:37 CC Yes. It was just a momentary dropout. It wasn't 

very long, 

21:1+1+: 03 C Roger. 

21:1+1+: 1+1 C Did you get the twizzle stick? 

2i:i+l+:i+3 p Yes. 

21:1+1+: 1+1+ C You fink; 

21:l+l+:l+6 C Okay. That last urine dump was the courtesy of 

Love 11, at about 21:1+0. 

21:1+4:1+3 C Okay, We got the fuel cell Og heater back on. 

21:1+5:02 C Okay. We Just got a picture, at 22:26:15, of 

shallow water on some islands in the Caribbean, 
or the Gulf of Mexico, I think. 


21:59:26 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 

you read? 

21:59:33 P IMs is VII. You're coining in very weak and 

fading now. 




Roger. We're remoting through Centon. Just want 
to alert you that we would like to have a flight 
plan report sometime in the near future; so if 
you could get that ready, it would be helpful. 

Roger. I understand you want a flight plan report 
sometime in the near future. We'll work it in our 



Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 
you read? 

This is VII. Read you loud and clear. 

Roger. Like to advise you that we would like to 
have a UHF 6 pass this time. Is that okay with you 

Roger. Stand by. 

We are receiving your oral temperature. Give us 
a blood pressure and stand by for the Surgeon. 

Gemini VII, this is Surgeon. Your cuff is full- 

Roger. . . . 

Gemini VII, we have a good blood pressure; standing 
by for your exercise. 

Sending another blood pressure. 


Gemini VII, cuff full-scale. 

Gemini VII, we have a good blood pressure. Could 
we start with your sleep report, Frank? 

Roger. We, Jim and I, slept alternately last 
night. I imagine we both got about ^ to 6 hours 
sleep last night. 



Okay, Frank. I'd like to get some idea about the 
depth of that sleep. It appeared to us from the 
ground, from all of our records here, that you 
were sort of in and out most all of the time it 
was programmed. 

That's affirmative. It was rather light sleep. 

Okay. Could we get the food report? 

Roger, We've had two meals, ... last time. 
We 're now preparing our third meal. 

And Meal B, both of you. You're preparing the 
third meal. Was the bulk of Meal A - - 

Roger. I ate everything but some rye and beef 
sandwiches. Jim ate all of Meal A, and of B we 
both are saving our gingerbread for dessert for 
the noon meal. 

Very good. Have you added anything to the water 
report yet from the last time that we got the water? 

Say again please, Houston. Gemini VII. 

Gemini VII, this is Houston Surgeon. We have had 
61 and 52 ounces reported for water and have you 
added, anything to that? 

I added eight one ounces for the Pilot. That's a 
total of 81 for the Pilot and a total of 88 for me. 

81 Pilot, 88 Command Pilot. Gemini VII, this is 
Houston Surgeon. Can you tell me about this 
exercise, Frank? Have you been able to do it 
before each of the meals so far? Have we done the 
10 minutes as programmed? 

Negative. We're going to start it this meal. 

Start this meal. Okay. 


Gemini VII. Frank, can you tell me about the suits? 
Are you fairly comfortable in the suits as they are 
presently configured? 




Yes, I think we're both fairly comfortable. It's 
a little warmer than I thought it would be, based, 
on Pete and Gordo's experience. We're running 
FULL COLD and we're just comfortable. 

FULL COLD and Just comfortable. Okay. How about 
the M-1 noise? Do we understand that you had 
the helmets on during sleep last night? Can you 
hear any noise from the M-1 and is it functioning 
all right at the present time? 

We had our helmets on but not our hoods, of 
course, and you can hear the M-1 and it makes 
noise, and it's functioning. 

I read that you can hear the M-1 and it does make 
noise. Is that affirm? 

Yes, that's one of the reasons that sleep is 
light at times. But we are getting used to it 
now, . . . 

Okay. We better check that again tonight. And 
we may want to turn that off then, so we can be 
sure that we get enough rest here tonight. Your 
rates and things here look very fine, Frank. 
You're both leveling out very well. There haven't 
been any abnormalities that we have been able to 
see at all, and we have a report fi-om both your 
families. They asked us to get the word to you 
that they're all okay. Sue's on her way back from 
the Cape and will arrive here sometime about 2:30 
this afternoon. And said to tell you that every- 
body is okay, and Marilyn said the same, Jim. 

. . . will you? 

They haven't yet. Plane today. 

That's what I mean. Let us know this afternoon, 
not evening. 


Gemini VII, this is Houston Surgeon. Do you read? 
Loud and clear, Chuck. 



22:25:06 CC Okay, Frank. You were going to try and do some 

estimates of ... volume. We'll wait for that until 
a later time. Do you think that this is helpful? 
Do you think you're going to be able to do that? 
If so, just say yes or no and we can try and get 
it on a later pass. 

22:25:23 C Negative. I don't think I'll be able to give you 

any accurate volume. 

22:25:26 CC Okay. Fine. We'll dispense with it and not even 

try it then. 

22:25:3^ C 

22:25:36 C Chuck, for your information, this water gun is 

working very well and the . . . unit also is function- 
ing all right. 

22:25:1+9 CC Gemini VII, this is Houston Surgeon. I read that 

the water gun was working very well. I didn't get 
the last unit that was functioning. 

22:25:56 C ... unit. Bill Halstatter's unit. 

22:26:0lf CC Roger. 

22:26:28 C Houston, this is Gemini VII. Can you give us a 

time hack on the elapsed time, please? 

22:26:33 CC Roger. Elapsed time. I'll give you hack at 


22:26:148 CC MARK. 22:26:^5. 

22:26:53 C Roger. The elapsed timer working beautifully also. 

We haven't gained or lost a second on you. 

22:26:58 CC Roger. 

22:27:Ol4- CC Got some news reports here, Frank, If it's a 

convenient time. 

22:27:07 C Roger. Incidentally, Jim has Just turned on 

the radar transponder. I hope you're reading it. 




22:27:12 CC 

22:28:25 C 
22:28:27 P 
22:28:28 CC 

22:29:02 C 

22:29:08 CC 

22:29:11^ C 

22:29:15 P 

22:29:22 C 

22:29:24 C 

22:29:31 P 

Roger. First item is everyone on the Wasp is very 
hsnry al)Out yoiir launch. Their theme song is: 
'~ ■ 3e For Christmas". Next news item is 
we haa - two airliners had a collision up near 
New York yesterday. Fortunately most of the people 
did survive. There were six lost but 106 survived. 
One airplane landed with ahout a 30-foot section of 
wing off. The headlines in the Post today say, 
"GT-VII and Spent Rocket Playing Tag". They've 
got very nice pictuj'es of both Susan and Marilyn 
on the cover. And down at the Cape things axe 
going real good setting up Gemini VI. They're 
running about four hours ahead of schedule. 
Tennessee beat UCLA 37 to 3^. The Buffaloes play 
the Oilers here today and Minnesota is at Green Bay 
today. That 's all we have right now. 

It looks like it's safer up here than down there. 

We're not down yet, Buddy.' 

Roger. Incidentally, in regard to the strap 
hanging on the back of the spacecraft, we sort of 
surmised yesterday that the report that you gave 
us hitting the front end was caused when it perhaps 
fell over in front of one of the aft thrusters 
during your Perigee-Adjust Maneuver and that caused 
it to flop up in the front. You probably deduced 
the same thing by now. 

When the strap came forward, that 's when we 
stopped thrusting, ... 

Roger. What we're saying - the reason it flopped 
up forward was it probably drifted over in front 
of the thruster at the time you were firing and 
that threw it up there. 

22:56, D~k/B~7- 
Roger . 

, . . reticle out. 
Okay . . . 


22:29:32 C Roger. 

22:29:33 P Okay ... 

22:29:3)+ C No, Jim, it's right here. 

22:29:35 P Okay. We'll go through D~k/D-7» and that's what - 

309, 09. Right? 


22:29:38 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Have you turned the trans- 

ponder off at this time? 

22:29:42 P Roger. Transponder is off, 

22:29:kk CC Roger. 

22:30:11+ C 109, Jim. 

22:30:15 P D-k/D-7. 

22:30:16 C 22:56. 

22:30:17 P 

22:30:18 C k09 and i+10. 

22:30:1+5 P Okay. ACQ- AID circuit breaker should be open. 

22:30:1+7 CC Gemini VII, Houston. We're about to lose contact. 

We'll get ycniT flight plan report on the next pass< 

22:30:5^+ P This is VII, Roger, We're going to turn the 

ACQ- AID beacon off for D-k/D-7. 

22:30:59 CC Roger. 


22:36:25 CC Gemini VII, Canary CAP COM. Contact, How do you 

read? Over. 




22:36:28 P This is VII. Loud and clear. 

22:36:29 CC Roger. We have you (X) on the ground. Your status? 

22:36:35 P We're GO out here and waiting for an update. 

22:36:37 CC Okay. Ready to copy? 

22:36:38 P All set. 

22:36:1+1 CC 17-1: 25:17:08; ik plus 20. l8-i^: 28:07:21; 

15 plus 15. 19-^: 29:1+2:38; ih plus 
20-3: 30:57:1+7; 17 plus 02. 21-3: 32:31^:02; 
15 plus 1+5. These are for a rolling reentry and 
the weather in all areas is good. 

22:38:07 C This is Gemini VII. Roger. And thank you for 

the transmission; just the right speed. 

22:38:12 CC Roger. You're welcome. We'll be standing ty. 

22:38:58 CC VII, Canary. 

22:39:02 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

22:39:01+ CC Did you notice any venting while you were purging 

the fuel cells, especially in the hydrogen? 

22:39:10 P No, we couldn't tell of any and also we didn't 

notice any Delta-P light on the first section. 

22:39:16 CC No Delta-P on the first section while purging and 

you didn't get any sort of venting at all? 

22:39:22 P Not to my knowledge. 

22:39:21+ CC Okay. Copy. 

22:1+2:07 CC VII, Canary. 

22:1+2:11 C Go ahead. 

22:1+2:12 CC Roger. We'd like to know if you got the right-aft 

food box unstowed. 

22:1+2:16 C Roger. It's unstowed. We're in mission con- 

figuration and everything is in good shape. 



Roger. Ifaderstand, 

The only hitch I saw in the plan was caused by- 
having to put those magazines in plastic 
containers . 

Roger. Copy. 


Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 
Come in, Carnarvon. 

Roger. We have you GO on the ground, and also we 
are receiving a valid temperature from the Pilot. 
Stand by and I '11 hand you over to the Surgeon. 

1 think what we ought to do then is number in here 
the things that we get done. Okay? Just write 
okay after them. Okay? 

Right, Okay, 

. , . okay? 

Gemini VII, Carnarvon Surgeon standing by for your 
blood pressure. 


Yes , for everything but . . . 

No. I mean the things we've done. 

We're supposed to get an ... update for 2235. 

Recorder tape. 

... 10 - minute warning. 

At 22 plus 57 plus Ih: B-k/D-J', Sequence 09; 

2 minutes. 

D-k/D-7, Sequence 1^10, is between approximately 
2300. Concerning D-5: Experiment is approximately 




2k hours. Could not get the ... "because of not 
enought time for dark . . . and it was . . . "before 
we could get a good fix on it, and we could not 
get ... "because the sunlight was coining up before 
that, before we could get a good fix on and 
we would not be able to follow it down. The moon 
was out very bright and it might have some effect 
on the star ... photometer. The photometer could 
never go RED, it stayed GEEEK all the time, and 
we had to use it through a green reticle. The 
calibrate - the gain vheel was all the way in the 
DOWN position. 

Gemini "VII, Carnarvon Surgeon. We have a valid 
blood pressure. Standing by for your Mark when 
you start your exercise. 

Starting exercise now. 

... has completed sending blood pressure. 

Gemini Wll, your cuff is full-scale. 

Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. Do 
you have any change in your food or water intake 
to report? 

This is VII. Negative. We're going to . . . 
exercise program about . . . 

Gemini "Vll, this is Carnarvon. Say again. 

No changes in food or water report at this time, 
but we will be starting our exercise program. 

I understand. No change. Carnarvon Surgeon out. 

Gemini VII, you don't have to acknowledge this. 
We 're still having a GO on the ground. We '11 be 
standing by. 

Thank you, Carnarvon. 





23:31:U2 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 

you read? 

23:32:20 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 

you read? 

23:32:28 C Read you weak but clear. 

23:32:31 CC Roger. We want the fuel cell purge at Texas 

instead of Guaymas. Do you read? 

23:32:^+0 P Roger. We'll "be ready to purge when we cross 

near Texas. 

23:32:45 CC Roger. 

23:32:46 P Thank you. 


23:51:57 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 

you read? 

23:52:09 CC Gemini VII, Houston, How do you read? 

23:52:13 C Houston, I read you loud and clear. 

23:52:15 CC Roger. You have a GO for 31-1. Stand by to 

receive a Tj^ update. 

23:52:24 P Roger. ... to go at 31-1. 

23:52:35 CC Gemini VII. Did you get an update indication? 

23:52:40 P This is VII. Roger. DCS Ught ... up. 

23:52:42 CC Roger. Checks out good here too. 

23:52:45 CC Standing by for fuel cell purge. 

23:52:50 P Roger. 




23:53:05 CC Is Frank available to talk to while you're doing 

that, Jim? 

23:53:10 P ... go. 

23:53:16 CC Frank, we have an opportunity to take a picture 

of the Houston area on this pass. It's not real 
close hut if you have - if you're able to, you 
might take one. And on the next pass we have an 
S-8/D-13. Laredo - the weather is very good and 
very clear. V/e have smoke pots set up along the 
north edge of the pattern. The wind is coming 
from the south and you should have a real good 
opportxmity there. And it will be an even better 
opportunity to take a picture of Houston on that 
pass if you can manage to do it after the Laredo 
pass. Of course, the S-8/D-I3 has top priority. 

23:53:59 C Roger. When did they move it to Laredo? I 

thought it was in California. 

23:5^:03 CC You mean Yuma. 

23:5i+:07 CC Maybe it's still in Yuma. 

23:54:10 P Gemini is purging now. 

23:5^4:12 CC Roger. Observing the purge. 

23:54:24 CC You have a on the way, Gemini VII. 

23:54:27 C Thank you. 

23:54:41 CC Reason - - 

23:54:42 C Did you observe the purge? 

23:54:45 CC Roger. We're observing the purge, 

23:54:46 C Okay. 

23:54:47 CC The reason we're asking for this picture of 

Houston is we have unusually clear weather here 
at the present time. We thought it would be a 
good opportunity to take a picture. 

23:54:59 C We will try. 



23:55:01 CC Roger. 

23:57:37 C Elliot, this is Gemini VII. We missed you. 

23:57:^2 CC Okay. Well, you're about 120 miles away on this 

pass so I *m not too surprised, but the next pass 
should be real good. 

23:57:50 C Roger. Jim took a picture of Mobile. He recognized 

Brookley. You know he always stops there for gas. 

23:58:38 CC Even Jim could make it without stopping at Brookley 


23:58:li3 C 

23:58:5^ CC Observe you've completed your fuel cell purge. We 

would like fuel cell quantity Cryo readouts for 
approximately 20 to 30 seconds on each position. 

23:59:05 C Roger. Gone to our oxygen. 

23:59:08 CC Roger. 

23:59:28 CC And Gemini VII, could you give us what you have in 

the way of a flight plan report at this time? 

23:59:36 C Roger. I have just completed everything in the 

flight plan detail in general up to this point, 
plus one humidity transfer reading. 

23:59:^+7 CC Roger. 

23:59:5^ CC Gemini VII, would you also give us a readout on 

ECS O2 quantity? 

23:59:58 C Roger. I'm now going to EOS Og. 

24:00:02 CC Roger. 

24:00:09 CC We're asking for ECS Og. 

24:00:12 C Roger, I'll get you both. ECS Og. 

24:00:18 CC Roger. 




2i+:01:29 CC Gemini VII. Do you have any S-8/D-13 vision test 

or scores that you could give us? 

2i+: 01:40 C Not right now, Elliot. We didn't understand that 

would "be REAL-TIME . . . put away. 

24:01:^43 P Gem ... on one of the other sights. 

24:01:50 CC Okay. We did want those out REAL-TIME, then that 

will be good on the futxire sight. We hope you'll 
have good luck on that S-8/D-I3 on that next pass. 
It's very clear weather and, as I said, the smoke 
pots are all set up on the north edge, and they're 
trying to get a smoke generator set up on the north- 
west corner. They're not sure they'll have that, 
but there are a lot of smoke pots along the north 
edge there, so it should be well marked. 

24:02:15 P Roger. We'll be looking. 

24:02:18 P Gem - here we have a - a GO/NO-GC quantities on the 

fuel cells for you. 

24:02:26 CC Go ahead. 

24:02:27 P lA reads 3-5; IB, 4.0; IC, 4.0; 2A, 3.5; 2B, 3-5; 

2C, 4.5. 

24:02:42 CC Roger. 

24:02:44 P RCS, A: 3,000, temperature 75. D: 3,000, tempera- 

ture 75. Left-hand secondary Og: 5400; right-hand 
secondary O2'' 5200. All main batteries are 22 over 
and above. 

24:03:00 CC Roger. 

24:03:03 P Main - all the way to the main bus is 27.3. 

24:03:08 CC 27.3 main bus voltage. Roger. 

24:03:19 CC Gemini VII, have you noted any improvement in the 

fuel cell performance following the purges? 

24:03:29 P We've noticed no change. 

24:03:32 CC Roger. 





2U:19:04 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM, standing by. I'm 

remote through Kano. 

24:19:07 C We're working D-5 right now. 

2l+:19:09 CC Right. 

24:29:52 P Houston, Gemini VII. 

24:29:57 CC This is Houston. Go ahead, Gemini VII. 

24:29:59 C This ... D-5 ... will not change from RED to GREEN. 

It's GREEK all the time. Ask him if he has any 
instructions . 

24:30:11 CC This is Houston, Gemini VII. We're not reading you 

very clearly. Would you say again, slowly? 

24:30:18 C Roger. The D-5 reticle on here will not change 

from RED to GREEN. The reticle is GREEN all the 
time. Is there any position you want us to use 
for calibrating reel? 

24:30:32 CC Roger. Stand by. 

24:30:54 CC Gemini VII, Houston. We are working on it. 

We '11 probably not have an answer quickly, 

24:31:07 CC Gemini VII, did you read me? 

24:31:16 CC Gemini VII, Hoiiston. Do you read? 

24:31:30 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Do you read? 

24:31:33 P Go ahead, Houston. Gemini VII. 

24:31:35 CC Roger. We understand your D-5 reticle is GREEN 

all the time. We are working on the problem. We 
do not expect to have an answer quickly. 

24:31:53 CC Did you copy, VII? 

24:32:16 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, do you read Houston? 

24:32:19 C Roger. Read you loud and clear. Go on. 




Did you copy my transmission? 
Negative. Say again, please. 

We understand your D-5 reticle is GHEEN all the 
time. We are working on the problem. We do not 
have an answer. 

Thank you. 



Gemini VTI, Carnarvon. 

Go ahead, Carnarvon. Gemini VII. 

Roger. We have your t/M solid on the ground. 
You look good. 

We would like to get some information on yoiu: 
D-5 reticle as you can give it to us - detailed 

Roger. The reticle - vhen you push the Calibrate 
button it should turn RED and then if you advance 
the gain wheel it turns from RED to GREEN and 
flashes. This one stays CffiEEN at all times, so 
we 're running the experiment with the gain wheel 
pill led down. 

Roger. Copy. 

I have the flight plan update for you if you're 
ready to copy. If you're not, we'll give it to 
you over Hawaii. 

Roger. I'd like to hold off on that; we're all - 
we don't have any lights on. We're trying to stay 
dark-adapted for these stars and we want to get 
set up right away for S-8/D-13 over Texas, 

Roger, We'll hold off until you get over Hawaii. 

Thank you. 







Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 



This is VII. Go ahead. 



How are you doing up there this morning? 



Looking great.' Looking great.' 

25 :13:33 


Okay. We 're showing you GO here on the ground. Do 
you want to copy this flight plan update at this 



This is VII. Ready to copy, and also, would you 
confirm the yaw instructions to the S-8/D-13? 



Okay. The yaw instructions for S-8/D-13: yaw 13 



Eoger. Iftiderstand. 13 degrees left. Thank you. 



Go ahead. 

25:14:11 CC MSC-12: Time, 27:00:39; Sequence 01; pitch 30 

degrees down, yaw 0 degrees. B~k/l>-7: 27:00:39; 
Sequence klS; Mode 02; concurrent with MSC-12; 
Mode - correction - Sequence 421; Mode 02; same 
remarks; Sequence 422; Mode 02; same remarks. 
D-.4/D-7: 27:14:00; equipiasnt off. MSC-2 and 3: 
27:15:00; Sequence 02; off at 42:00:00. D-5: 
27:15:00; Sequence 01. At 28:37:00: crew status 
report, Comniand Pilot. At 28:44:00: purge fuel 
cells over Canaveral. MSC-2 and 3: 29:00:00; 
Sequence 03; stop at 29:20:00. The rest of these 
are S-8 - correction - next one is S-8/D-13: 
29:42:00; Sequence 03. At 29:57:00: crew status 
report on the Pilot at Hawaii. At 31:33:00: 
you'll have a planned landing area update. At 
31:55:00: radar transponder on. At 32:05:00: 
purge fuel cells at the RKV, At 32:05:00: radar 
transponder off; it will he end-of-pass. And I 
have a correction when you're ready. 

25:18:10 P This is Gemini VII. Have copied. Say again. 




Okay. The crew status report on the Command Pilot. 
That time will be over Texas. 

Roger, Hawaii. Have it all written down. And the 
crew status . . . 

Okay. They want to change that transponder off to 
to 32:12:00. 

Roger. . . . changing the last transponder off to 

That 's affirmative . 

Okay. We '11 be standing by here if you need any- 
thing else. Need not acknowledge. 

There's heavy smoke west of Laredo, Gemini VII. 


Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM, 
This is VII. Go ahead. 

Roger. All systems look good here on the ground. 
Thank you, Guaymas. 

We would like to tell you that there is some very 
dense smoke about 100 miles due west of Laredo 
with about a 30-mile plume. 

Roger. Understand dense smoke 100 miles west of 
Laredo with a 30-mile plume. Right? 

Roger. We have nothing else for you. We'll be 
standing by. 


Hello, Houston. This is Gemini VII. 



This is HoTiston, Go ahead, Gemini VII, 

Roger. Got the sight ... I read a 3 and a k and 
that was going away, Elliot. I picked up the four 
white "bars just the last moment. We're going over 
the Gulf now, 


I read ... of those, and we're Just about overhead 
and looking slightly south. 


I couldn't find the smoke. 
I "beg jrour pardon? 
VII, Say again. 

Roger, I couldn't see the smoke at first. 

Roger. Understand you read a 3 and a k. Do you 
know what squares those were on? 

They're on the biggest ones, a 3, 2, and a k. 
They're the only ones I could read. 

A 3, a 2 and a 4 on the first three squares. Is 
that cor3:*ect? 

Right. But that was a quick, shoot-from-the-hip 
look because I was on my way past ... at the time. 

Okay, Deadeye, 

Get anything with that? 

We missed that the last time. By the time we got 
to Houston, we were over Mobile. 

How about this pass? 

We're ;5ust about pointing straight up now, Elliot. 
We would have to use too much gas to get back. 




25:31:37 CC Roger. We'll give it another try tomorrow then, 

if we get a chance, 

25:31:^1 C Right. 

25:31:U3 CC I have some modifications in flight plan update 

when you 're ready to copy. 

25:31:55 C Stand by a second. 

25:32:25 P Ready to copy. 

25:32:27 CC Roger. We're deleting several items on that flight 

plan we just gave you and we 're adding a new item. 
Okay. The ones we are deleting are: MSC-12 at 
27:00:39; D-VD-7 at 27:00:39; all three sequences 
on that. The D-Vd-7 at 27 plus ik plus 00, and the 
D-5 at 27 plus 15 plus 00. Did you copy all that? 
The 01 Sequence on that. Did you copy all those? 

25:33:16 ? Roger. I have all the ones you deleted. 

25:33:21 CC Roger. And the reason for deletion is the instru- 

ment malfunction which you reported. The thing we 
are adding is S-8/D-I3 at 27:03:5^; Sequence 02; 
pitch 30 down, yaw I8 left. 

25:34:09 P Houston, Gemini VII, You were cut out for part of 

the transmission. Say again the time and the pitch 
angle, please. 

25:3^:19 CC Roger. The time was 27:03:5^; pitch was 30 down - 

30 down, do you copy? 

25:3'+:32 P Roger. Adding S-8/D-I3 and deleting D-VD-7 and 

MSC-12. I have it. 

25:3^:^0 CC Roger. And the D-5, deleting D-5. 

25:3^:^5 P Roger. 

25:35:15 CC Gemini VII, we have a question on the status of 

catin lights at the time you were doing the D-5 
experiment . 

25:35:26 P The eahin lights were out except for the Fuel Cell 

Delta-P light, which is loud and clear. 





Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. We have nothing 
for you this pass. We're standing hy. You look 
good on the ground. 

This Is VII. Roger. Stand by, we have a question 
for you. 


Carnarvon, VII, 
Roger, VII. 

We have an MSC-2 and 3 update, and vhen we copied 
it down, the time was 29 plus 00 plus 00; Sequence 
Number 03; and the remarks were stop at 29 plus 
00 plus 00. We feel that we have one of the times 
wrong. Could you check that out for us? 

The stop time was at 29:20 plus 00. 

Roger. 29:20 plus 00 and the - stand by now for 
the S-8/D-13 dally scores. 

Roger. We *re standing by. 

Lovell at 06 plus 53 with minus 4; Borman was 
minus 10, Lovell at 19 plus 10 was minus 7, 
and Borman was minus 10, 

Okay. Gemini VII, Carnarvon. I copy Borman at 
06 plus 53 was a minus k, Borman at a minus 10 — 

Lovell at 19 plus 10 was a minus 7, Borman was a 
minus 10. 

That's Roger. 

Gemini VII, Carnarvon. We copied a Riel Cell Og 
Quantity read. We were reading out 95.2 percent 
here on the ground. 




26:28:33 P VII, Roger. 


26:47:59 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii GAP COM. 

26:1+8:03 C This is VII. You come in loud and clear. 

26:48:05 CC Roger, VII. We have you GO on the ground and no 

other - we have a tracking update when you're 

26:48:30 C This is VII. Ready to copy. 

26:48:32 CC Roger. This is a map update: Node at 26:37:29; 

Romeo Echo 17; 153.5 degrees east at 13:19=29; 
right ascension. 

26:49:05 C This is VII, Could you repeat, please? 

26:49:07 CC Roger. It's a Romeo Ec - it's Node: 26:37:28; 

Rev 17; 153.5 degrees east at 13:19:39; right 

26:49:38 C VII. Roger. 

26:49:42 CC Since we have no further instructions, standing hy. 


27:02 :59 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Will he 

standing by for your real time S-8/D-13 readout. 

27:02:07 P VII, Roger. 

27:04:43 P This is VII. We have the site in sight. 

27:04:50 P Yes, let's see. 

27:04:51 C 1, 3 - I say 1, 3 blank 3. 

27:05:04 P Okay. 1, 3 blank. That's Borman, I couldn't see 

them this time. 



This is Houston. Roger. Got that. 13.3 Borman. 
Is that correct? 

Roger. Frank caught that out about - we got it - 
Frank got it on his side and I picked it up and I 
couldn't read it. Frank got those readings. 

Roger. We understand. We have some football 
scores if you'd like them. 

How's the Army- Wavy game? 

The Army-Navy game.' You haven't been up there that 
long' Qreen Bay beat Minnesota 2h to I9. The 
Bears beat Baltimore 13 to 0, and Buffalo slipped 
by the Oilers 29 to I8. 


Gemini VII, those football scores were the courtesy 
of your other ever-vigilant WHITE TEAM. 

Thank you, Ever Ready, 

... you can tell the invest - look there, look 
there - the investigators on that - the stripes are 
as plain as day but the numbers aren't quite so 

Am I to understand the stripes are as plain as day 
but the numbers aren't quite as cleEu:? 

Roger. The markers that they have out there for 
identifying are as plain as day. 

Roger. Understand the markers are as plain as day. 

Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Did you ever get a 
chance to snap a picture of Houston this time? 

I - we 're too far north. 


Gene, we do get to see this strap and stuff that 
we 've got hanging, again - Just briefly. It 's 
some light - looks like white, rubbery material. 




27:07:55 CC Understand you've seen it recently and it looks 

like a white, rutbery type of strap, 

27:07:59 C Right. It's very Jagged. Looks like your ... 

material. It Just drifted by the window here as 
we went over the site. 

27:08:07 CC Roger. Could it "be any of the stripping that they 

possibly put on a radiator? 

27:06:11 C Definitely not. It's pretty thick stuff and it's 

jagged. Looks like it's some separation plane. 

27:06:17 CC Roger. 

27:08:27 CC We'll have to send up VI here in a few days and 

take - and take a look at it. 

27:08:32 P There's an idee.' 

27:11:41 P At 26:31: Photograph, Haaselblad, which we think 

was either New Guinea or Australia. 

27:15:35 C Roger. MSC-2 and 3, the ... switches on at 27:15. 


27:57:15 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

27:57:29 P Gemini VII. 

27:57:35 CC Roger. We have nothing for you at this time. 

Everything looks good from the ground. 

27:57:^+1 P Thank you. 

SB:OXikO CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. This will be our 

last pass for this series. We'll be back up with 
you again on Rev 27. We'll have LOS in about a 
minute or so, 

26:01:54 C Okay. We'll see you then. 

26:01:57 CC Right. 







Wish we could join you for awhile. 



Oh yes, I imagine.' 




Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 



Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 



Hawaii, this is VII. You're loud and clear. 



Roger, You're a little bit weak. We have you GO 
on the ground here and we have some information 
for you. 



Roger. Ready to receive. 

28:23:33 CC Roger. You have a crew status report due over 

Texas. This is a change from the Medical Data 
Pass. They request a crew status report and your 
acquisition time would be 28:36 GET, Your OAMS 
usage is real good and no discernible change in 
the last 2k- hours, Yoiir on-board gage readings 
correlate real well with ground computations, 

28:2l+:05 C Roger. Ifederstand the crew status report for 

CP is at 28:36 and it's over Texas, 

28:24:10 CC Roger. 

28:25:16 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. We have nothing 

further. We're standing by. 

28:25:20 CC VII, Roger. 


28:36:56 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, we have a good oral temp. 

Give us a blood pressure and stand by for surgeon. 

28:37:14 CC Gemini VII, Houston Surgeon. Your cuff is full- 




28:38:08 CC GeEiini VII, we have a good blood pressure. Standing 

by for exercise on your Mark. 

28:38:13 P MARK. 

28:38:17 P Duane, Praiik wants to know whether Sue and the boys 

... yet. 

28:38:27 CC That's affirm. They all got back okay and she said 

everything here is fine. 

26:38:33 P Roger. 
28:38:39 P MARK. 

28:38:48 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

28:39:45 CC Gemini VII, we have good blood pressure. Standing 

by for your food, water and sleep report. 

28:40:04 C Hoiiston, this is VII. We had a third meal at 

21:1+0, Day 2, Meal B. The Command Pilot's total 
water coiasumption today, 97 ounces. Pilot's 
total water conBuiaption today 87 ounces. 

2&:k0:k0 CC Gemini VII, Houston Surgeon. We copy your report. 

The boys are both doing fine, for Frank's informa- 
tion. Houston Surgeon out. 

28:40:50 C Roger. Thank you. 

28:1+0:51 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP CCM. We'd like your Cryo 

readout, please. Go to your ECS Og. 

26:1+0:57 CC Go to ECS O2. 

28:1+1:27 C Now on FC Og. 

28:1+1:32 CC Roger. PC O2. 

28:1+1:1+2 C Switching to FC Hg. 

28:1+1:1+5 CC Roger. 

28:1+2:20 CC Gemini VII, you can switch your Cryo Quantity 

switch off and we '11 take your fuel purge at this 
time. i\xel cell purge. 



Roger. The Cryo Quantity switch is off. Stand 
"by for f\iel purge. 


At 28:03: Took a picture of general photography 
with the high- type . . . 3^KX) off New Guinea. 

Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. For 
information, I 've just talked to Sue and to 
Marilyn. Everything is very fine and very happy 
on the home front. Jim's crew status report remains 
at three. 


This is VII. Go ahead. 

Roger. All systems are GO. I've got a flight 
plan update for you when you're ready to copy. 

Roger . ... 

We 're ready to copy, 

Roger. This is Sierra 6: Time, 29:24:18 to 
29:32:18; Sequence 07; Rev 19; look for tropical 
storm Alice. 


Alice. Estimated location 13 degrees south, 
78 degrees east. Note the time of closest 
approach to the eye. The sun elevation is 
approximately 10 degrees atove horizon. 

This is VII. Could you give us the degrees of 
the storm again, please? 

Roger. The estimated location 13 degrees south, 
78 degrees east. 

Thank you. 




Just took a time exposure of the sunset. 

Eiqjosure Number 12 ... 29:l6:40 ... 

Okay. 29:20. We are discontinuing MSG- 2 and 3 
at 29:20 ... 

Okay. At 29:20 ^35 took two pictures of the only 
areeL in the vicinity that looks like tropical storm 
Alice. Don't see any East S0217; exposure setting 
fk to 250 is the very ... 

At 29:37 ... 
You want? 

Starting now, keep you . . . down . . . hack up . . . 
Repeating the run, starting at the top. 
Back up, down. 
VII, Roger. 

That is a very difficult task to do without any 
type of wing valves or any other . . . Going to start 
out with a light film on those that are visible; 
right-hand window has a slight film in the middle 
and the outside one; and the left-hand window has 
one that is visible at certain times. However, 
I think that Toy and large we can say they are vezy 

Just took a picture of the moon. Set 10 degrees 
above the horizon, using recommended setting of fk 
to 350th S0217 film. Elapsed time, 30 hours, 
00 minutes. Magazine A, E3cposure Ik, 


Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP CCM. 
Go ahead, Hawaii. 



29:57:33 CC Woiild the Pilot please put the oral ten^ierature 

thermistor in his mouth? 

29:57:37 C Roger. It's in his mouth. 

29:57:38 CC Roger. 

29:59:31+ C Hawaii, you received the teii4>erature? 

29:59:39 CC Roger, Gemini VII. It's coming in. Could we go 

ahead with your blood pressure? 

30:00:00 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

30:00:34 CC Gemini VII, your cuff is full-scale. 

30:00:38 C Roger. 

30:00:43 C This will bleed off very slowly. 

30:01:27 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

exercise on your Mark. 

30:02:25 CC Gemini VII, your cuff is bleeding off. It did 

not reach full-scale. 

30:02:36 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

30:03:29 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your food, water and sleep report. 

30:03:36 C They're the same that we gave to Texas. We 

haven't had anything to drink or sleep or eat 
since then, 

30:03:42 CC Roger. Gemini VII. 

30:03:44 CC Okay. Can you give lae some data on your S-6, 


30:03:47 C Roger. We're not sure we found ours. We took a 

picture of the storm out there, but it didn't look 
too big. 

30:03:53 CC Okay. What was your PCA? 




Can you give me a point of closest approach to 
this storm? 

We used the time that was given to us and took a 
picture of the closest thing we saw. We did not 
see anything that looked like a "big tropical storm. 

Okay. Thank you. 


Okay. This will be Hawaii Just standing by. 
Thank you. 


Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. 
Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM, 
Go ahead, Guaymas, 

Roger. All systems look good here on the ground. 
I have a malfunction check for you to run on your 
D-5 photometers, if you're ready to copy. 

Roger. Stand by. 

Go ahead, Guaymas. 

Roger. This should be done during the nighttime, 
before you begin your sleep period. There are 
nine sequences to this. Sequence Number 1: place 
Day- Night switch to HiaiE; Sequence 2: place your 
hand over the front lens ; Sequence 3 : turn gain 
wheel full- down. 

Full- down , Guaymas ? 


Roger. Sequence 2: place hand over lens; Sequence 
3: turn gain >rtieel full-down. Go ahead. 




30:11:22 CC Roger. Sequence k: verify motor running "by sound. 

We will like an answer to this later, either yes 
or no. 

30:11:U0 P Roger. 

30:11:^+2 CC Sequence 5: press calibration button down. 

30:11:5^ P Roger. 

30:11:56 CC Sequence 6: report color of reticle. We'll want 

an answer on this, either RED or GREEN. 

30:12:09 P Roger. 

30:12:12 CC Sequence 7: switch Day-Night switch to DAY. 

30:12:26 P Roger. 

30:12:27 CC Sequence 8: press calibration button, 

30:12:39 P Roger. 

30:12:51 CC Sequence 9: report color of reticle, either RED 

or GREEN* We'll want an answer on this sequence. 

30:12:55 P Roger. 

30:12:57 CC We don't have anything else for you. Everything 

looks real good here on the ground. 

30:13:02 P ... We'll give this a try. 

30:13:08 CC Roger. 


30:30:¥+ CC CJemini VII, RKV CAP COM. 

30:31:00 C Gemini VII. 

30:31:02 CC Roger. All systems are GO. I have a node update 

for you when you're ready to copy. 

30:31:07 C Roger. Stand by. 




Go ahead. 

Title; Node: Time. 32:36:20; Rev 21; 61.8 degrees 
east; Time, 13:12:W; right ascension. 

Roger. Anything else? 

The CSQ will "be standing by for a flight plan update 
- flight plan report from you. The CSQ's hack time 
is 31 pliis Ih. 

Say again please. Your ... 

I say, the CSQ is standing hy for a flight plan 
report. Your AOS is 31 plus ik. 

Roger. Understand, And we ran your little D-5 
photometer. We cannot hear the motor running. 
The light was RED at "both of the other . . . 


The time is 30:30. We're running a check on the 
hvunidity ... to pilot ... temperature and dew point. 
It is also nighttime out now, and we '11 see if this 
makes any difference. 

This is Borman urinating. Document urination. 
What's wrong? 


Gemini VII, CSQ. 

Go ahead, CSQ. Gemini VII. 

Roger, Do you want to turn off your M-1 cuff for 
your sleep period? You're scheduled to do it 
again after RKV, next time. 



31:15:03 C Okay, If it bothers us we will. 

31:15:05 CC Roger. 

31:15:09 CC Gemini VII, did you originally report your 

reticle as GREEN and then report it as EED 
during the test that you ran? 

31:15:18 C It's - Just a minute, I'll let Jim talk to you. 

He did it. 

31:15:35 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. 

31:16:01 P CSQ, Gemini VII. 

31:16:05 CC Roger. In your initial report on your reticle, 

did you report it as GREEN and then report it as 
RED when you ran the test? 

31:16:12 P Roger. In the day- side of the day, first the 

reticle is RED hut when you go to night it is 

31:16:20 CC Roger. Understand. 

31:16:50 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. We're standing by for your 

flight plan report. 

31:16:52 C CSQ, we're right in the middle of eating. We 

don't have anything to report other than that 
we've done everything that's called up and any- 
thing that's listed in the flight plan. 

31:17:01 CC Roger. Understand. 

31:17:03 P We're eating right now, 

31:17:05 CC Roger. 

31:18:05 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. 

31:18:09 C Go ahead, please. 

31:18:11 CC We'd still like for you to elaborate a little on 

your reticle problem. Would you go back to your 
first indication of a problem with the reticle? 




Roger. The first indication of the protlem with 
the reticle was the fact that the reticle of the 
... photometer would never "be RED. We'd always 
have it C21EEH, We'd have the scale full-down, 
all the lights out and the mobile star would stay 
GEEEN. We couldn't - we couldn't calibrate the 

Understand. You could not calibrate. 
Stand by, Gemini VII, 

Gemini VII, CSQ, Would you now repeat the report 
you gave to the RKV after the test? 

Roger. Stand by. 

CSQ, this is Gemini VII. While Jim's getting 
that out, it's a little warm in here and dry. 
The ambient ten^erature is right at 8l with a 
dew point of 57 in most of the place. We're Just 
a little warm. 


CSQ, this is Gemini VII. 
Go ahead. 

I 'm going to answer 4, 6 and 9, the sequences to 
the photometer check. Bie motor was running for 
Number k. It appears here that we reported that 
the reticle was RED for Number 6. We'll check 
that. We went back and checked it again and it 
was GREEN. 


Number 9 was the calibrate of the data . . . day. 
The reticle was RED, 

Roger. Copy. 


Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM, 



31:33:37 C Go ahead, Hawaii. Gemini VII, 

31:33:40 CC Okay. We're showing you good here on the ground. 

How 're you doing? 

31:33:^2 C Doing fine, having a little meal. 

31:33:^5 CC Okay, I've got a planned leinding area update here 

if you're ready to copy it. 

31:33:^9 C Stand by just a minute. 

31:33:50 CC Okay. 

31:3^:15 C Go ahead, Hawaii, Gemini VII is ready to copy. 

31:3i+:22 CC Okay. Area 22-3: 34:09:37; lU plus k9. 

31:35:18 CC Okay, Gemini VII. Area 23-3: 35:44:51; l4 plus l8. 

24- Bravo: 37:20:18; l4 plus 17. 25-Delta: 
38:12:29; 20 plus 30. 26-Delta: 39:49:55; l8 plus 
4o. 27-2: 41:25:29; 17 plus 20. 29-2: 43:01:50; 
15 plus 58. 29-I: 44:28:14; 16 plus 4o, That's 

31:36:57 C Thank you very much, Hawaii. Got them all. 

31:36:59 CC Roger. 

31:37:01 CC All areas except 25-Delt6 ere good weather. 

25- Delta is marginal. 

31:37:07 C Thank you. 

31:47:20 CC Okay. They're going to do a UHF 6 over the RKV. 

31:37:24 P Roger. 

31:37:46 CC Okay. That's all we have for you. We'll he 

standing by if you need us. 

31:37:48 C Roger. Thank you. 


32:06:28 CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. 



32:06:31 P RKV, Gemini VII here. 

32:06:33 CC Roger. All systems are GO. We're standing by 

for the purge. 

32:06:37 P Roger. An interesting note on the fuel cells. 

A little while ago the Section 1 Delta-P light 
came on momentarily, . . . voltages , we switched 
between 2B and 2C. Each time we switched, the 
Section 2 light would momentarily flicker off and 
then back on again. 

32:06:58 CC Roger. 

32:06:59 P Finally, on the last switch, the lights went out 

and stayed out. 

32:07:05 CC That's the Section 2 Delta-P light? 

32:07:07 P Right, Instead of having both of them on, now 

we have none of them on. 

32:07:09 CC Roger. 

32:07:13 P We're finished purge. 

32:07:1^ CC Roger. 

32:07:30 CC Would you place your Quantity Read switch to 

ECS Og? 

32:08:l8 CC Would you go to FUEL CELL O2I 

32:08:36 CC Okay. Would you go to FUEL CELL H^? 

32:09:18 CC You can turn the Quantity Read switch off. 

32:09:27 CC Your next purge will be over Carnarvon on Rev 27 

at an elapsed time of k2 plus 23. 

32:09:4^1 CC Gemini VII, do you copy? 

32:09:56 C Roger. Understand k2 plus 23 for the next purge. 
32:10:00 CC That's affirm. 



32:10:03 CC We'd like you to stow the photometer and we'll 

give you a complete "briefing at the end of the 
sleep period regarding -what we think the problem 

32:10:13 C Roger. Thank you. 

32:10:20 C I'm coming off the transponder if you have your 


32:10:25 CC Roger. 

32:10:30 CO During the previous purge did you notice any 

venting of H2? 

32:10:35 P We did notice, hut it is difficult to tell 

because we all - we have all this freeze-up at 
the windows and we don't know how we're coming. 

32:10:1+3 CC Roger. 

32:11:33 CC Could you give iis the levels that you're going to 

leave your RSS pressures at prior to your sleep 



Roger. 600 ECS O2, 450 RCS O2, and 450 Hydrogen 






RKV, you want the RCS heaters on at this time? 



Stand by. 



That's affirm. 



Roger. They are going on. 



Purge is complete. 






You both go for the sleep period after our LOS. 



Gemini VII, RKV. 



This is VII. Go ahead. 




32:13:15 CC Roger. You both go for the sleep period after LOS, 

32:13:19 P Roger. Will do. 


^0:37:13 C CSQ, this is Gemini VII. How do you read? 

UO:37:15 CC Gemini VXI, CSQ CAP COM. Read you loud and clear. 

^:37!l9 C Roger. Will you tell Houston that we're both 

catching catnaps now and we 'd like to start on a 
regular schedule with both of us awake about eight 
in the morning, Houston time? 

^0:37:30 CC Roger. Eight in the morning, Houston time. 

^0:37:33 C And now we're ready for the update to ... 

^0:37:37 CC Okay. Stand by one. 

JW: 37:54 CC Gemini VII, CSQ here. Updates. Area 10-Delta - 

Area 10-Delta: 1^^:15:52; 20 plus I6. Area 
11-Delta: 15:52:^5; 18 plus 30. Do you copy? 

40:38:24 C Roger. I 'm getting you. 

40:38:25 CC Okay. Area 12-2: 17:28:22; 17 plus 07. Area 

13-2: 19:04:52; 15 plus 44. Area l4-l: 20:30:41; 
16 plus 33. Area 15-1: 22:06:45; 15 plus 21. 
Area I6-I: 23:42:05; l4 plus 34. Do you copy? 

40:39:28 C Roger. We got them all. 

40:39:30 CC Okay. You're scheduled for a fuel cell purge 

over ua, next revolution. 

40:39:37 C Okay. Will be looking for you then. 

40:39:39 CC Roger. 

40:39:49 C Flight, for your information the Delta-P light 

blinked off, then on again arovind 12 hours. 

40:39:55 CC Roger. Copy. 



Could you tell about how long it was off? 

No. As a matter-of-fact, I didn't notice it go 
off. I just saw it come "back on, but it couldn't 
have been more than 2 or 3 minutes because we just 
checked it. 

Roger . 


Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

Good morning, Carnarvon, good morning. VII here. 

Roger. Gemini VII, good morning from Carnarvon. 
Everything looks good here on the ground. We have 
a fuel cell purge coming up this pass and we also 
have a flight plan update for you. 

Roger, Let me do the fuel cell purge now. My 
friend here is getting breakfast ready. 


Okay. We're ready to copy update. The purge has 
started now, 


Okay. The first one I have for you on the flight 
plan update is a Node. Time: kS'.OkiOlf; Remarks, 
Rev 27; longitude 99.0 degrees west; 12:58:2^+, 
right ascension. The next update: Time, ^1-3:10:00; 
Sequence 01; transponder test at Antigua; turn off 
at 32:18:00. The last item: Time, 1+3:58:00; flight 
plan update at Carnarvon; Rev 28; D-5 check pro- 
cedure to be given over States pass. Do you copy? 

On that last update you just want us to check with 
D-5, or check with you on D-5? They're going to 
give us the word over the States. Is that what you 

That's affirmative. The procedure will be given 
to you over the States. 




Thank you. 

Okay, And they have a rather long flight plan 
update standing "by for you. You'll be given that 
over Antigua. 

Okay. Now we went to bed and the Delta-P light 
was out and we got up this morning and it was back 

Roger. All indications we have are that there are 
absolutely no problems with it, that it's just a 
level of setting that's slightly touchy. 

Kraft just suggested that you put a piece of tape 
over that light. 

Tell him I would, but I'm afraid it would burn. 
It's getting hot. 

Roger . 

Mr. Kraft up so early? 

Right. He Just came on here about 10 minutes ago. 
Very good. 

Flight just advised me he's been on for an hour 
and a half. 

Thank you, 

Roger. Our control valve is cycling again. 

The iBBals evidently were not packed in order, so 
we are eating them at random, because it's too 
difficult to try to sift through every one, to 
pick up the proper order. 

We 're eating them as they come off the lanyard. 

Gemini VII, Gtemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 
you read? 



43:09:56 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 

you read? 

if3:10:l6 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do you read? 

ii3:10:21 C Clear, Houston. 

i;3:10:23 CC Roger, VII. Could you cycle through your Quantity 

Read switch? Go to the first position and I'll 
tell, you when to switch to the next one, 

1+3:10:32 C Roger. We're on ECS O2. 

^3:10:35 CC Roger, and good morning. 

1+3:10:38 C Good morning to you. 

1+3:10:1+1 CC I have a fairly lengthy flight plan update for 

you here. Are you ready to copy? 

1+3:10:1+9 C Stand by a second. 

1+3:10:51 CC We'll wait one. 

1+3:11:05 C Hi, Houston.' Go ahead. I'll copy, 

1+3:11:08 CC Roger. Time: l+l+:l+3:00; crew status reports on 

the Command pilot at the Cape. D-5 : this will be 
a check on the D-5 Instrument; Time, l+5:2l+:00. 
Let me first give you a little briefing here, 
Frank. It appears that the photo tube was 
saturated during the previous D-5 runs, the ones 
where you've had trouble. Want to advise you not 
to turn the photometer on until you're in total 
darkness when in the night mode. If you have to 
turn it on, you may saturate it for 15 to 20 
minutes and it would not work properly for that 
period of time. Now some instructions here: 
delete the first star in the D-5, Sequences 01 and 
02. Are you with me so far? 

1+3:12:36 C I'm with you, but I don't agree. We didn't have 

that on when there was any light around but we'll 
go ahead and try it. 

1+3:12:1+1+ CC Roger. Would you switch Quantity Read to FUEL 






Okay. Here is the teat procedure we would like 
you to rtin on it. Turn photmneter on at sunset 
plus 10 minutes. Aline on any tright star and 
calibrate. Eelease button and tracK star for 30 
seconds. This is Just to check on the instrument. 
It does not have to be a star going over the 
horizon. Do you copy? 

Roger, We've already tried this but we'll try 
it again. 

Roger. The only thing that seems to make any 
sense to us, i!rank, is that you may have gotten 
it saturated. Sometimes it causes it to not work 
properly. You have to be careful not to let it 
see any light. We think even the fuel cell's 
light might be enough to saturate it. 


Would you switch Quantity Read to FUEL CELL Hg? 

Okay. Next update: 45:32:00; crew status report 
on the Pilot. That's at Carnarvon. 46:14:00: 
go/no- 00 at Texas. 46:20:10: Sequence 02; 
transponder test; pitch 30 degrees dofwn, yaw 17 
degrees left; transponder on at 46:10:00. Copy 
so far? 

Roger. Go ahead, 

D-4/D-7: 46:51:40; Sequence 4l3 plus 4l4; Mode 
02. Time: 47:08:00; purge fuel cells. You can 
turn the Quantity Read switch off now. 

I don't think I heard you on D-4/D-7 paragraph. 
ri-4/D-7: 46 ... 

Roger, The time was 46:51:40; Sequence 4l3 plus 
4l4; Mode 02, Do you copy? 

Roger. I read you. 



43:16:11 CC 

U3:l6:l+9 C 

i+3:l6:51 CC 

i+3:17:35 C 

43:17:38 CC 

43:18:09 C 

43:18:10 CC 

43:18:24 C 

43:18:26 CC 

43:18:51 C 

43:18:53 CC 

43:23:37 CC 
43:23:40 C 

Time: 47:08:00; purge fuel cells. D-4/D-7: 
47:55:31; Sequence 430; Mode 04; pitch 35 degrees 
down, yaw 10 degrees right; 30 miles east of Cape 
Lighthouse. Do you copy? 


Time: 48:00:00; eat period. S-5: 48:51:00; 
Sequence 07; Mode 01. S-8/D-13: 49:25:46; 
Sequence 02; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 11 
degrees right; closest approach, 49:26:41. 
Do you copy? 

Roger. Go ahead. 

Right after that S-8/D-13, you'll have another 
chance to catch a picture of Houston. The 
closest approach time is 49:27:42, and we figure 
you'll have to yaw 28 degrees left from where 
you end up on S-8 and then pitch up to acquire 
Houston. Do you copy? 

We '11 give it a try. 

Roger, Time: 49:28:00; critical tape dump at 
the Cape, We're probably going to lose contact 
here shortly. I '11 Just keep going. Do you 

Go ahead. 

MSC-2 and 3: 49:50:00; Sequence 02 off at 
66:00:00. D-4/D-7: 49:46:00. Have we lost you? 

Negative . 

Roger, How do you feel about taking your suit 

off now, Jim? Would you turn your transponder off? 


Gemini VII, Canary CAP 
you read? 

You're loud and clear. 

COM. Com check. How do 




^3:23:42 CC Roger, Did you copy the flight plan completely 

on this date? 

43:23:46 C I believe so. We're transposing it onto our 

flight plan now. 

43:23:50 CC Okay. The last two Items were the MSG- 2 and 3 

and the D-4/D-7. 

43:23:55 C I did not get the last of D-4/D-7. 

43:23:5B CC Okay. Ready to copy? 

43:24:01 C Roger. Ready to copy. 

43:24:03 CC Okay, r)-4/D-7 : 49:46:00; Sequence 4o6; Mode 02; 

cold IR off. I have one more item: 50:00:00; 
exercise period. 

43:24:46 C Canary, VII. 

43:24:48 CC Go. 

43:24:49 C We have copied that and Houston asked about taking 

off the suit. Tell them that he'll be glad to take 
off the suit at their command during the time period 
because it will require some time to do it. 

43:25:01 CC Okay. In the event that you do this - -why -we'd 

like you to keep us informed on your status and 
how you feel - as much as you can, keep us informed. 

43:25:14 C Will do. 

43:25:20 CC At your discretion, you can take the suit off. 

It's your choice. 

43:25:26 C Roger. Understand. 


44:01:00 C I'm calling Carnarvon. This is Gemini VII. 

44:01:03 CC Roger. You ready for this block update? 




44:01:06 C Just a minute. 

kkiOl-.aj CC Roger. 

44:01:31 C Ready for the lolock update. 

44:01:32 CC Roger. Area 30-1: 46:04:12; 15 plus 28. Area 

31-1: 47:39:40; l4 plus 38. Area 32-4: 50:27:35; 
16 plus 40. Area 33-4: 52:03:30; 15 plus 20. 
Area 34-4: 53:29:02; l4 plus 37. Area 35-3: 
54:55:18; 17 plus 03. Area 36-Delta: 55:46:25; 
23 plus 24. The weather in all areas is good. 
These are for reentry. Do you copy? 

44:03:06 C Gemini VTI, Roger. Thank you. 

44:03:09 CC Roger. 

44:03:18 C Carnarvon, this is VII. 

44:03:20 CC Go ahead, VII. 

44:03:21 C We've had another D-4 photometer check, as requested 

by Houston. I noted that we alined on a star and 
used it to calibrate, using the A-9 switch at night 
to turn her off, but the reticle would not go out 
of the RED, There were four low gains; there were 
four high gains. 

44:03:44 CC Roger. We copy that it would not go out of the 


44:04:04 CC Houston copied it as being opposite during the 

last time that you used it. 

44:04:07 C Roger. The first time we attempted to do the 

experiment with the same settings it appeared 
that the reticle stayed GREEN. 

44:04:l8 CC Roger. 

44:04:19 C Now the reticle does turn GREEN with the calibrate 

switch up, but not with it down. 

44:04:27 CC Roger. 




1+4:04:1+1 CC Flight said it might "be a good idea if you send 

it on down so we can fix it and then we '11 send 
it "bacic up to you all fixed. 

1+4:04:49 C Sounds like a good idea. 

44:04:51 CC Right. 

44:04:52 C ... you could send it up with VIII. 

44:04:54 CC Ha.' Ha.' Ha.' Okay. 

44:04:56 C If we could figure a way to get it down to you, 

we would, believe me.' 

44:05:00 CC Right, 


44:41:13 CC Gemini VII, Gtemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How 

do you read? 

44:41:19 P This is VII. Loud and clear. 

44:41:23 CC Gemini VII, reading you slightly garbled. How do 

you read? 

44:41:27 P This is VII reading Houston loud and clear, loud 

and clear. 

44:41:31 CC Roger. Read you much better now. like to advise 

this will be a UHF 6 pass. 

44;4l:40 P Roger. UHF 6 ... Frank has ... 

l+4;4l;47 CC Roger, fell him to keep it there. We do not 

have it yet. 

44:41:52 P Roger. 

44:42:13 CC Jim, Just a minute now. Do you know what the star 

was that you were checking the D-5 experiment on? 

44:42:22 F On the last pass we used several stars. One was 

Acrux and we used both Alpha and Beta Centauri. 



Ui+:U2:32 CC Jiist bright ones then, right? 

1^:42:36 P Roger. We ran through the original check again. 

The one you gave us yesterday. 

kk:k2:kO CC Right. 

kh:h2:k6 CC Okay. They were bright stars. That was what we 

were trying to pin down. 

kk:k2:30 P Roger. They were bright. 

kh:h2:^7 CC Have you got - has IVank got the oral probe, temp 

probe in real good? We are not getting a good 

¥i:if3:03 P Roger. It's in and also be advised that we were 

mistaken yesterday. The motor on the D-5 is 
working. We - our ears got better today. 

¥4-:i+3:lU CC Roger. It's very dim. We were doubtful that you 

could hear it. What's your suit status at the 
present time? 

kh:k3:21 P We're still suited. We found out that we had to 

open up the zipper between the legs to get comfort. 
It was too hot down there and we 're now fairly well 
unzippered but our suits are on. We are waiting for 
a very quiet moment so I can take my suit off. 

kh:k3:37 CC Okay. We want you to xmderstand completely that 

we are clearing you to take it off if and when 
you desire, 

kk:k3:h^ P Roger. Understand. 

M+:43:53 CC Okay. We're going ahead without the oral temp in. 

• • • 

44:43:59 CC ... blood pressure. 

44:44:01 P Roger. Blood pressure coming through. 

44:44:02 CC Roger. 

44:44:05 CC And stand by for the Flight Surgeon, 




44:44:14 CC Okay. Gemini VII, blood pressure full-scale. 

44:44:26 P Surgeon, be advised that Erank had switched to 

light-weight headset and that this thermometer 
might not be working. 

44:44:35 CC Roger. We copy. 

44:44:38 CC Roger. Jim, I copied that. We only got - it 

did not go up to what I'm sure his body temp is, 
so it may be a faulty thermometer. That 's a good 
thing to know. 

44:45:30 CC Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. You 

are clear to do your exercise. 

44:45:36 P ... exercise. 

44:46:04 CC Blood pressure ccmLng down. 

44:46:13 CC Cuff is full-scale. 

44:46:14 P Roger. 

44:46:45 CC Gemini VII, this is Surgeon. Jim, you might tell 

me while we are waiting for this blood pressure to 
finish up, did you have the M-1 on all night? 

44:46:54 P Roger. We had the M-1 on all night. Ko trouble. 

44:46:58 CC The noise isn't as bothersome now as it was 

yesterday. Is that affirm? 

44:47:03 P That's right. We're getting used to noise. 

44:47:09 P Chuck, do you want our food and water report? 

44:47:14 CC Roger, Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. 

Yes, we'd like the sleep, food and water report now. 

44:47:22 P Roger. Had breakfast this morning. We each had 

about 7 hours of sleep. Scaoe of the best sleep 
we've had in weeks. Total water to date, l46 
ounces for the Command Pilot. 

44:47:37 CC Roger. Copy. 



126 for the Pilot. 
Say again, 126? 

26. food was Day 2, Meal C for both of ujs. 

Roger. Gemini VII, copy. Day 2, Meal C, 

Roger. That is our fifth meal, our fifth meal. 

Jim, could you read from your log and give me the 
meais in sequence? Could you read the meal numbers? 
Do you have - - 

Roger. Stand by. Sirst mesil, Day 2, Meal A. 

... meals. Day 3, Meal k. 

Third meal. Day 2, Meal Baker. 

Fourth meal, Day 1, Meal Baker. 

Roger, I copy. Jim, -vre 've been watching your 
sleep patterns here and we notice that there were 
several times when you were awake lost night and 
particularly it appears from both your records 
that there was an awake period at about 37 and 
1/2 hours over CSQ last night. Was there some 
particular activity that had you both awake at 
that time? 

We don't recall any, I think both of us got a 
good night's rest last night. Really felt great J 

Okay. ilne. We'll be looking forward to see what 
happens with the suit story during the day. And 
be sxire to record the time when you finally get it 
off, Jim, and watch for your - we '11 be watching 
for the BIO MED data after you get hooked up again. 

Will do. 




Chuck, here's Frank. I lost the top left-hand 
lead off the EEG. 

Gemini VII, say agedn. Did you say you lost the 
one, the top left-hand lead off the EEG? Is that 
affirm, Rrank? 

Affirmative. It came off someplace. 

Okay, You Just noticed that now? 

It came off during the night while I vas sleeping. 

During the night. Okay. 

Also, the reason - the reason we 're eating the food 
this way is that's the way it comes out on the 
lanyard and it's too much trouTole, it's almost 
iinpossihle to try to sort it out in order - I 
mean in sequence now. 

That's - that's perfectly all right, Frank. It 
doesn't matter, except to try and keep track of 
the meals here. If we can - if you can just report 
it by day and number each time, and now that we're 
up to date, if you keep doing that, we'll have no 
trouble. If you'll do that and report the things 
that you are not eating from each meal, if any, 
that'll keep us up to date. 

And for Chris • information. Number 1 Delta-P 
light came on and then both of them went off. 

Say again. Say again, Frank. 

The Number 1 Delta-P light blinked on about 15 
minutes ago and then both of them went off and 
now our ... is off. 

Roger. You're aware that you can cut both of the 
left EEG leads now, if you want to, since you've 
lost that one. 

I didn't know that. I thought they would want the 
others free also. 

The two on the right can continue but the two on 
the left now are inoperative, 



Since retro, four days are up. So we don't take 
any . . . 

Yes, Frank, I think it would "be best to Just leave 
it for the moment unless it's bothering you. Let's 
leave it as is until we tell you differently. Okay? 

Should have put it back on again for them, Chuck. 

I don't think you've got the right paste. 

Gemini VII, like to advise you that we have studied 
the Cryo behaviors , and we think we 've got a good 
enough handle on them now that we 'd be happy for 
you to use the Auto Heater positions on all three 
during your sleep period. We feel this '11 regulate 
the temperature and the pressure just fine for you 
and you won't need to worry about waking up or 
controlling it during the sleep period. Then we'll 
go back to manual during the day. 

Oh. Can you give us a report on what the pro- 
jected mission completion Cryo quantities will be? 

Roger. We'll get that for you, Frank. 

Hello, Elliot. 

Go ahead. 

I've changed that second nisal to Day 3, Meal A, 
not k. Meal A. 

Roger. And you might turn up your HF. We're 
going to put some music out from here. 

Did you copy, Gemini VII? 

Still have you. 

You can turn up your HF. We 're going to put some 
music out for you. 

Thank you. 

We'll probably lose contact here pretty soon but 
I'll take advantage of the time as long as I can. 




We would like you to tape-record, with your on- 
board recorder, your thoughts on the stationlteeping 
task which you did. 

Will do. 

On your next pass, I'll give you a report on the 

Thank you. 

Okay. Should he receiving some music pretty 

The stationkeeping task was, I thought, relatively 
easy. The one thing that con^ilicated it, in this 
case, was the venting hooster. It was receiving 
continuous Delta-V from quite a large vent on the 
autoxinous line. We came off the "booster, just as 
planned, drove up - pitched up rather - l8o degrees, 
fired "back to the booster for approximately 5 
seconds, the way we practiced in the simulations, 
and I thought that the sumulations and the actual 
event were very, very, close together. The task - 
we 're not able to use the platform forward because 
of the fact that the booster ended up a little bit 
above us and when we put it in platform, the space- 
craft started to pitch down out of view of the 
booster, so then went to pulse and, finally, in 
some cases, I had to go to direct in order to get 
back to the booster. Prom then on, it was rela- 
tively sin^Jle to stay in there. I think, with a 
stabilized vehicle, it should be a task of no 
great concern. However, the continual pulsing of 
the booster plus the continual venting of the 
booster, plus its rolling, made it a little bit 
fuel-consuming. I would estimate that we went 
within 100 to 50 feet of the vehicle most of the 

Are you receiving the music yet? 

Gemini VII, the music should be coming up pretty 




U4:59:UO CC Gemini VII, Canary on UHF. 

UU:59:42 C Go ahead, Canary, Gemini VII. 

M+: 59:^5 CC Roger. In regard to the Cryo usages so far, all 

the cryogenics right now are normal. In fact, 
there's more than we expected at this time in all 
three quantities, but it's pretty hard to antici- 
pate end-of- flight residuals at this time. 

45:00:Ol| C Okay. Thank you. 

i+5:00:05 CC You're welcome. 

45:00:56 C Canary, this is Gemini VII. 

i+5:00:57 CC Go ahead. 

45:00:59 C Would you ask Houston if we could skip the - or 

postpone the crew status report on the Pilot? 
He 's going to go ahead and take his suit off, "but 
he would like ah out an hour to do it and if we 
skip the next one, that would give him time. 

1+5:01:09 CC Stand by. 

1+5:01:51 CC VII, Canary. 

1+5:01:53 C Go ahead. 

1+5:01:54 CC Roger. Flight gives a GO. You can skip that crew 

status report on the Pilot. 

1+5:02:00 C Okay. Thank you. Jim is going to take his suit 

off now. 

1+5:02:02 CC Okay. 

1+5:02:05 CC Keep us informed as much as possible on your status 

and his status. 

1+5:03:41+ C 

45:03:57 C Jim is trying to remove his suit now, at 45:03. 



^5:03:59 P ^^^Y' ••* 

k^:0k'.02 C That was an accident. I'm sorry. 

i^5:04:03 CC VII, Canary. Were you calling? 

k^:Ok:0^ C That was an accident. I'm sorry. 

:0k -.06 CC Roger. 

k^:0k:09 P Okay. I have the suit ... two people, one at a 

time, or rather two people to help. One person 
to get out of the tubes ... and various pieces, 

k3iOh:k^ P I'm afraid now ... I need it right away. ... 

^5:05:16 P I don't think we will be able to wear gloves. 

i+5:05;21 C Everything is going to be too cold to touch. 

k3:03:2k P I think it's just right; the temperature is 

beautiful. I'm leaving spare parts, 
gloves, everything in the siiit; two rolls of 
movie film , . , 

45:05:59 P There are lots of switches. 

45:06:07 C On . . . change you'll have - oops - the heater's on. 

45:06:19 P Okay. The boots are coming off now. 

45:06:20 C Okay. Jim - he's got one boot off. 45:21: Jim's 

plug on the BIO fED read now. 

45:07:09 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

45:07:13 C Go ahead, Elliot. Gemini VII. 

45:07:15 CC Roger. Thought I'd check and see if you were 

able to get the HF okay. 

45:07:19 C Roger. Thank you very much, 

45:07:22 CC And could you tell me what Jim's plans are on the 

suit? Does he plan to put the orbital flight 
suit on? 



I don't "believe so, not at the present time. It's 
pretty warm in here. 

Roger . 

I'd like also to tell you, Ptank, that we're very 
pleased with the OAMS (quantity progress. You're 
finally being very stingy with the fuel and it 
looks real good. 

Fine, Thank you. 

Sounds like you're receiving very well there. If 
you'd like, I could start giving you some of these 
news items or we can wait till your next US pass. 

Go ahead, I '11 listen happily. 

Okay, President De Gaulle received only kk percent 
of the vote, pushing him into a run-off election 
for the French presidency. He is expected to win 
in a run-off, however. In Vietnam, the US troops 
had a clash with the Communists in an estimated 
regiment strength in a new battle at Michelin 
Rubber Plantation. The Soviet scientists are to 
attempt a soft landing on the moon with Luna 8 
this afternoon. Here's an item about Gemini VII. 
It says: "Astronauts Borman and Lovell report all 
is well aboard their Gemini VIZ." You know anything 
about that? And Gemini VI launch preparations are 
still running ahead of schedule and the crew is 
ready for their launch - for their rendezvous 
attempt. Local news is that Secret Service agents 
arrested a former printer in Houston and seized 
1 l/i+ million dollars in counterfeit 20-dollar 
bills. How did you read? 

Read you loud and clear. I wondered where Chris 
got all that money down at the Cape. 

Big spender from Houston.' 

I'm going to get some more of it, too. 

Jim is still proceeding with his suit removal. He 
is getting all his clothes off and so on now. 





1+5:10:30 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Are you still receiving the 

HF? If not, could you tell us where you lost it? 

45:10:37 C We turned it off. It got pretty garbled so we 

turned it off. 

U5:10:4l CC Where was that? 

45:10:43 C Right hefore you called on UHF. 

45:10:46 CC Right before Kano here. 

45:10:48 C Roger. 

45:10:49 CC Okay. Thank you. 


45:20:23 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VTI, Houston CAP COM. How do 

you read? 

45:20:27 C 

45:20:29 CC Roger. We've been advised that you might be able 

to pick up the HF again. We may have Just had a 
skip in the Kano area and you might try it again 
if you're interested. 

45:20:41 C Okay. Think I'll turn it on. 

45:20:50 C You're right. It's coming in. 

45:20:52 CC Roger. 

45:20:54 CC How's the suit procedure going? 

45:21:00 C It's going pretty good. He's taking off the BIO 

MED lead and the blood pressure lead now. 

45:21:08 CC Roger, 

45:21:24 CC I guess we've got a new chapter on what the well- 

dressed apace pilot will wear. 











C Roger. It looks like I can "balance the flow out 

all right. ... "by turning his way down and mine 
up I get some flow in my suit also. 

CC Roger. 

CC Does it look like he will try to wear the 
or'bital flight suit or not? 

C I don't think so. It's just not a real cold one. 

CC Roger. 

P We had to intervert circuit hreaker actuation. 

Both the electronic and event timer circuit 
breakers were pulled and we got a digital elapse 
time hack from Carnarvon. Okay. Cuff's actuated 
again; reconnected at 1+5:1+2. 


CC Gemini VII, this is Carnarvon CAP COM. 

C Go ahead, Carnarvon. Gemini VII. 

CC Roger. We want to run a test on the L-Band trans- 
ponder. Would you turn it to the ON position, 

C Roger. It 's on now. 

CC Roger. And then leave it on for approximately one 

C You want to leave it on for one revolution? 

CC That's affirmative. We'll "be turning it off over 
Carnarvon again on the next pass. 

C Let's see. We have a test over the Cape with it 

one of these days. Just a minute. 

CC Gemini VII, that will "be on the saiae revolution. 
C Okay. 




^+5:35:07 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

45:35:10 C Go ahead. 

1+5:35:12 CC Roger. They'll update the computer for you 

during the GO/nO-GO over the States and that's 
the one that occurs at kS hours, 1^+ minutes. 
They'll also tell you when they want you to turn 
the computer to the ON position. 

45:35:28 C Okay. Thank you. 

45:35:30 CC Roger. 

45:35:31 C Jim is all out of his suit and comfortable. 

45:35:3^ CC Hey, very good.' 

45:36:14 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. We're not getting any data 

on the Pilot. Medical data. Would you check the 
plug, please? 

45:36:20 C He hasn't got it plugged in yet. We'll have that 

fixed in a minute. 

45:36:23 CC Okay. And we're also getting no indications of 

the clocks counting here on the ground. Would you 
check to make sure that the time reference system 
is on? 

^+5:36:31 C Roger. It's off. 

^5:36:35 CC Roger. What's the reason for that? 

45:36:39 C An inadvertent circuit breaker actuation during 

removing the suit. 

45:36:43 CC All right. Fine. We're showing the clocks counting 


45:36:49 C I'll need an update, please. 

45:36:51 CC Let's see, you should he with 2 hours, 11 minutes, 

55 seconds. You'll probably drift, so they can 
update your . . , there . 

45:37:00 C No, I mean, can you give me a time hack so I can 

set my digital elapsed timer? 



^5:37:05 CC All right. Let's see * we'll be setting at 

h3 hours 38 minutes and that '11 be in approximately 
kO minutes or kO seconds afljer the hack. That 's 
45 hours, 38 minutes . 

'+5:37:21+ C Carnarvon, can you make it at k3:h01 

1+5:37:28 CC Let's see, 2 minutes. That's pretty close to my 


^+5:37:32 C All right. How about 39? 

^5:37:33 CC Roger. Can do. 

1+5:38:45 C Gemini VII, standing by for an update. 

1+5:38:50 CC 10 seconds. 

1+5:38:51 C Thank you. 

1+5:38:56 CC 3, 2, 1 

^5:38:59 CC MARK. 

1+5:39:00 CC 1+5 hours, 39 minutes. 

1+5:39:02 C Thank you very much, Carnarvon. 

1+5:39:01+ CC Roger. 

1+5:1+0:37 CC Gemini VXI, has the Pilot gotten his BIO MED 

plug in as yet? 

1+5:40:1+1 C Negative. 

1+5:1+0:1+3 CC Roger. 

1+5:1+0:1+3 C It takes a little while here. 

1+5:40:50 CC Okay. 

45:42:16 C Okay. Jim is back in the suit, ready to operate 

elapsed time 45:47. 





^4-6:13:53 C We are almost in position to do an S-5, pitching 

down now so that Jim can do a series of sequences 
every 10 seconds, shots over Mexico. Time is 
k6:lk:0S, Starting the sequence now of S-5, 

k6:lk:3k CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston GAP COM. How do 

you read? 

k6:lk:39 C Loud and clear, Elliot. 

k6:lk:kl CC Roger. We'd like to have you "bring your computer 

up at this time, Frank, in preparation for this 
46-1 load. That would be A.C. power to IGS and 
then computer on in PREIAUNCH. 

k6:lh:^k C Roger, 

46:15:06 C Computer's on, 

46:15:09 CC Roger. Stand by for a DCS update and you have a 

GO for 46-1 at this time. 

46:15:16 C Roger. 46-1 GO. We inadvertently had our TRS 

circuit breakers off while Jim was taking the 
suit out. Will you check out our TRS for us? 

46:15:25 CC Roger. 

46:15:43 CC We have a proper readout here. You said it should 

be updated now. Did you get the light, Gemini VII? 

46:15:50 C Roger. 

46:15:53 CC Are you ready to check out the Tr at this time? 

46:15:57 C Negative. Not now, Elliot. 

46:l6:06 CC Understand you could not read it at this time 

anyway. It's too big. We'll have to wEiit until 
a later pass, I guess. 

46:16:12 C As long as yours is looking all right to you, 

that's all I was worried about. 



It's looking real good here. 
That's fine. 

Okay. I would like to give you the k6-l update. 
Roger. Can you stand by just a minute? 

Houston, this is VII. Standing by for the k6-l 
update . 

Okay, Jim. GET RC: 71 plus 3^ plus 29; Retro to 
400K, 15 plus 01. RET EB: 20 plvis 36; bank left 
50, bank right 60. Do you copy? 

This is VII. Roger. Copy the k6-l. 

You want to read it back? 

Roger. U6-X: GET RC: 71 plus 3^ Plus 29; RET 
kOOK, 15 plus 01, RET RB: 20 plus 36, bank 
left to 50, bank right to 60. 


And do you have the 46-1 GO/NO-GO information 
for me? 

Not yet. We'll get that for you as soon as we 

Roger. Instruction on your D-5 instrument: we 
are happy with your results in your check. We do 
not understand why it's doing that but we feel 
you made a good check. We would like to have you 
put that instruioent aside for the time being and 
we 're getting another one in here to do some 
analysis on. We are going to try to figure out 
just what is happening in it. We will not give 
you any more assignments on it for the time being. 

Roger. And we'll get this functional check for 
the k6-l while we can work it in. We don't want 
to miss the Cape ... this time. 




46:19:37 CC Roger. Just for your information, I've contacted 

"both Sue and Marilyn last night and this morning. 
All families are doing fine and all the kids are 
back in school. Sue said the boys have promised 
to try to buckle down to their school work and 
Marilyn's particular message was that your mother's 
doing real fine, Jim. She talked to her on the 
phone . 

46:20:07 P Fine.' Great.' I feel kind of naked here without 

my suit on. 

i46:20:12 CC Temporarily embarrassed, right? I assume it's 

still comfortable. 

it6:20:20 P Roger. 

46:20:21 C Elliot, this is VII here. We're tracking in on 

the Cape. Let's have our radar test. 

46:20:26 CC Roger. HF should be available again to you anytime 

you want to tune it back in, 

46:20:40 C Roger. ... can we turn the computer off? 

46:20:43 CC Stand by. We want to leave the computer on a 

few more minutes, VII* 

46:20:51 C Okay. 

46:21:41 C Okay. We passed over the Cape. Had a real good 

track. It was very easy to acquire and very easy 
to stay on. 

46:21:47 CC Okay, VII. Have a report for you. Your D-4/D-7 

data are coming in very good. We have been very 
pleased with the results on it so far. 

46:22:00 C Thank you. 

46:22:03 CC And we're standing by for your GO/NO-GO information. 

46:22:05 C You're going to get it right now. 

46:22:07 CC Okay. 

46:22:09 C We took a little longer to get the suit off than 

we anticipated. 



146:22:13 CC Roger. 

1*6:22:20 C Will you remind Mr. Kraft the computer takes 

electrical power and electrical power uses 
cryogenics and we're not going to be long on it? 

)+6:22:28 CC We'll let you turn it off in a few minutes. 

1+6:22:31 C Okay. 

1*6:22:35 CO Mr, Kraft knows all that good stuff. Stand hy, 

we want to check your computer. 

1*6:22:^+0 C Roger. 

1*6:22:57 CC Last look at the cryogenics says you can stay up 

there about 20 days, 

i*6:23:0l+ C Okay, Chris, we're ready. I may have to take 

my suit off though, to stand myself up here now. 

1*6:23:12 CC No comment. There should be a clothespin stored 

on the left side. 

1*6:23:23 C Roger, That's exactly what I need. 

1*6:25:06 CC Go ahead, VII. 

1+6:25:11 C Gemini VII, did you call Houston? 

1+6:25:13 C Roger. Main batteries are okay. All batteries are 

23 volts. Do you want individual stack readouts? 

1+6:25:21 CC Roger. 

1*6:25:22 C lA, 1+ amps; IB, 1+ amps; IC, 1+.5 amps; 2A, l+.O; 

2B, l+.O; 2C, 5.0 amps. Main bus voltage 27.0. 

1*6:25:1+1* CC Roger. 

1+6:25:1+5 C ... pressure 3000. Temperature 80. 

1+6:25:53 CC Thank you. 

1+6:25:51+ C RCS B: 2900, temperature 75. 

1+6:26:01 CC Roger. 




1+6:26:03 C Left secondary O2: 5^0. 

1+6:26:07 CC Roger. 5^00. 

1*6:26:13 C Right one is 5300. 

1+6:26:16 CC I hear 5300. And Gemini VII, you are cl£ared to 

turn off your computer at any time now. 

1+6:26:22 P VII. Roger. 

1+6:26:51 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

1+6:26:55 P Go ahead. 

1+6:26:57 CC We've got a good check on your computer. You're 

in good shape now. 

1+6:27:02 P Thank you. 

1+6:27:16 CC VII, at some time in the future we plan to contact 

you about possibly reinstalling the EEG lead. Are 
you going to he ahle to get at that kit which has 
the special glue in it? 

1+6:27:30 P Hey, we were only kidding.' 

1+6:27:36 CC Say again. 

1+6:27:37 P We were only kidding about that. 

1+6:27:1+2 C Yes, we can try. 

1+6:27:M+ CC Okay. 


1+6:33:1+2 CC Gemini VII, Canary CAP COM. Com check. Over. 

1+6:33:1+5 P ThLs is VII. Loud and clear. Canaries. 

1+6:33:1+7 CC There's a crew status report on the Pilot over 

Carnarvon. I'll give you elapsed time. 1+7:08:00, 

l+6:3l+:03 P Roger. Crew status at Carnarvon at 1+7:08:00. 



l+6:3i+:07 CC Roger. 

k6i3^:0k P Spacecraft lags by 375 milliseconds. 

J+6:35:06 CC Say again. 

46:35:10 P Spacecraft Tr lagging the ground by 375 milliseconds. 

46:35:49 CC VII, Canaries. 
46:35:52 C Go ahead, Gemini VII. 

^6:35:53 C Roger, 

46:35:54 CC We'd like to change the time on your D-4/D-7 

experiment. The one you have listed as 47:55:31. 
We'd like you to change that time to 47:55:37. 

46:36:11 C Roger. D-4/D-7, Sequence 430, is now 47:55:37- 

46:36:18 CC Affirmative. 

46:36:27 C Canaries, this is VII. Can you give us an idea how 

the transponder worked out over the Cape? 

46:36:3^ CC Stand by. 

46:37:06 CC VII, Canaries. We will have an answer for you 

momentarily. You can turn off the Quantity Read 
switch if you like. 

46:37:12 C Roger. We'd like also to tvirn off the transponder. 

46:37:15 CC Roger. Stand by. 

46:37:26 CC Flight says Carnarvon. 

46:37:29 C Roger. 

46:38:43 CC VII, this is Canary. We're about to lose you pretty 

soon now. We'll probably give you a report over 
Carnarvon on that transponder test over the Cape. 

46:38:50 C Roger. We '11 stand by. 

46:51:13 P We weren't transmitting. ... Okay. We're now 

lining up on D-4/D-7. 4l4 lining on Betelgeuse in 
a RAD position for 3 minutes. 




1+6:51:26 P I am trying D-5 at the saBC time. Okay. We'll 

pvill down on ... filter's dovm and photocells are 
protected from any light till, they get this posi- 
tion. Calihrate switch is now pressed down, 
Betelgeuse has a green light on it and we'll rotate 
D-tfheel all the way out. No red light at all. 

1+6:51:59 C Is the filter removed? 

1+6:52:01 P Filter is removed. 

1|6:52:02 C Try it on Sirius. 

1+6:52:01+ P It stays GREEN all the time. 

1+6:52:09 C Can you see Sirius? 

1+6:52:10 P Yes, I can see Sirius. 

1+6:52:11+ P Next, I'll try Sirius, D-wheel full-down. That's 

Sirius, Calihrate one that is depressed rotating. 

1*6:52:35 P No soap. 

146:52:1+2 C No soap on Sirius. 

1+6:52:1+7 P The vertical lines remain GREEN at all times. QffiEN. 

1+6:52:51+ C In the NIGOT position, I double -checked, 

1+6:52:58 C Ground check okay, 

1+6:53 :01+ P NIGHT position. NIGHT position, 

1+6:53:06 C Okay. Because of the fact that the cockpit is 

con^letely blacked out, I don't have an accurate 
time hack on this one, but I've had a stand on 
Betelgeuse now with a maxliTimii RAD of 3 minutes. 

1+6:53:23 P I turned off ,,. 

1+6:53:21+ C Can I turn it on now? 

1+6:53:25 P Yes. 

1*6:53:27 C It's been 3 minutes. Now I'm going to max IR 

on Betelgeuse still* 



ii6:53:UO C It's hot. 

i+6:54:U5 P No. I'm looking for my light. 

46:55:25 P It's a planet. 

46:55:35 C Yes. Okay. Now we're swinging to Rigel. 

U6:56:54 C Okay. Now Rigel acquired. Starting on Rigel for 

3 minutes max RAD position. Time 46:57. 

46:57:06 P We'll dim the lights, if it "bothers you. 

46:57:09 C Doesn't bother me. 

46:57:47 C She just Jumped up, didn't she? 

46:58:42 C Pushing for 2 minutes to the max IR return, please. 

Still on Rigel. Time 47: ... correction, 47:20 
experimenting completed; Sequences 4l4 and 4l3; 
D_4/D-7 completed at 47:02:18; firing down. 

47:02:20 P At 47:23 our favorite friend, Section 2 Delta-P 

light came "back on again; has been gone for some 
time and decided to come back. 


47:07:55 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

47:07:58 C Go ahead, Carnarvon. Gemini VII. 

47:08:00 CC Roger. Have a fuel cell purge in addition to the 

Medical Data Pass. 

47:08:04 C Okay. Which one do you want first? 

47:08:07 CC We want the Medical Data Pass part of it first. 

47:08:11 C Roger. 

47:08:12 CC Can you possibly get them both at the same time? 

47:08:l4 C Negative, because the CM2, Jim Love 11, is going 

to be doing them both. 






All right. 



We have no indication of oral temp at the present. 



It's in his mouth. 



Okay. Let 's skip that part of it. 



Roger. Sending your "blood pressure. 



Gemini will test . . . 



Roger. Let him bleed off. 



We have a good blood pressure. Would you give us 
your Mark when you begin your exercise? 



Will do. 



Are you getting the oral temperature yet? 



Negative . 



MARK, Beginning exercise. 



Okay. The oral temperatures on both our . . . 
headsets are evidently not working. Mine didn't 
work either, last time. 






You can turn your transponder off at this time. 



It's off. 



Roger , 



MARK. Exercise is complete. Here comes the blood 



... temp ... 



Roger. Bleeding off. 



We have the blood pressure. Do you have any 
addition to your food and water report? 



i4-7:12:13 C No, not yet. Not since the last time. 

1+7:12:15 CC Roger. We did, in fact, get an indication of 


U7:12:l6 C Very good. 

47:12:17 CC Svirgeon out. 

1+7:12:19 C Thank you. 

1+7:12:22 C Proceeding with fuel cell purge. 

1+7:12:26 CC Roger. 

1+7:12:51 CC Okay. While you're purging, we have the results of 

the transponder test. They were negative, hut they 
feel that it was a ground prohlem and quite sure 
that your transponder is okay. Apparently it was 
an error in the pointing data. 

1+7:13:08 C No, it couldn't have been. I was tracked exactly 

on the ... it was very, very easy to spot and we 
were right on it. 

1+7:13:16 CC What they feel is that it was an error in the 

ground pointing data, what the ground had themselves. 

1+7:13:21 C Roger. I see. Thank you. 

1+7:13:27 P From up here it looks like they're pretty "busy on 

Pad 19. 

1+7:13:32 CC Roger. Everything is going real good on it. 

1+7:15:12 C Carnarvon, Gemini VII. 

1+7:15:11+ CC Roger, Gemini VII. 

1+7:15:16 C Roger. While Jim is purging here, he's "been out 

of his suit for about a revolution now. He's very, 
very comfortable. I'm able to stay as comfortable 
as I was. Our suit temperatures dropped and so did 
our cabin temperature. 

1+7:15:29 CC Roger. 



14.7:15:33 C It's the only way to fly.' 

if7:15:38 CC Roger. 


47:27:38 CC Gemini VII, Cape. 

U7:27:lf7 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

U7:28:05 C This is Gemini VII. Go ahead. 

47:28:08 CC Roger, VII. This is Houston. Are you GO for D-4? 

47:28:12 C Roger. GO. 

47:28:l4 CC Fuel cell purge con^lete? 

47:28:17 C Say again? 

47:28:19 CC Is your fuel cell purge ccoqplete? 

47:28:21 C It's con5>lete. 

47:28:23 CC Roger, How do you like the music? Are you still 

getting it? 

47:28:28 C We turned it off. We got a little busy there and 

we tiumed it off for awhile. 

47:28:34 CC Okay. They've got some good Hawaiian stuff coming 

up to you. 

47:28:37 C That's okay.' We'll give it a try. 

47:28:43 CC Cloud cover at the Cape is .3 to .5 for D-4. 

47:28:49 C Say again, please. 

47:26:52 CC Cape cloud cover .3 to .5. 

47:28:56 C Where's that? 

47:28:58 CC That's at the Cape for D-4. 



47:29:02 C Yes, it was just about clear when I went ■by- 

there the last time. 

U7:29:06 CC Yes, you don't know irtiere they're getting it. Sport. 

i+7:29:08 C Roger. 

47:29:33 C ... worry about the ... and everything. It's 

evidently no problem. The atmosphere is very, 
very comTortable. 

47:29:42 CC Very good, very good, 

47:29:48 CC Elliot says that's worth a dollar to him. 

47:34:22 CC VII fl-om Houston. 

47:34:34 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

47:34:38 CC Gemini VH, Houston is calling. 

47:34:42 P Roger. This is VII listening. 

47:34:44 CC Roger. They turned off your HF music. The Cape 

transmitter was getting too hot. 

47:34:56 P This is VII, Would you repeat, please? 

47:35:03 CC Houston advised that they turned off the HF music. 

47:35:07 P Roger. Thank you. And also, our second fuel cell 

light .. back on until approximately 5 or 10 
minutes ago. 

47:35:19 CC Okay, Gemini VII. 

47:35:30 CC Gemini VII, Houston. The music is available again. 

47:35:36 CC Gemini VII, Houston advised music is available again. 

47:35:44 C Okay. Thank you very much. 

47:35:46 CC Roger. 


47:36:12 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 




47:36:14 P This is VII listening. 

14-7:36:16 CC Okay, How are you doing up there this morning? 

if7:36:l8 P Pretty good. A good night's sleep. A lot of 

things to do in the morning. 

47:36:22 CC Roger. Okay. We're showing you GO here on the 

ground. Would you put your Quantity Read switch 
to the ECS Og position, please? 

47:36:29 P Roger. We're in the ECS Og. 

47:36:30 CC Okay. We got that. Just stay there a while. 

47:37:25 CC Okay. Will you put your Quantity Read to the 

^VEL CELL 02 position please? 

47:37:31 CC Okay, Hold it there. 

U7:38:06 CC Okay. Quantity Read to the FUEL CELL H2 position. 

47:38:12 CC Okay. Hold it there. 

47:36:16 P The Fuel Cell Delta-P light is back on, Hawaii. 

47:38:20 CC Okay. Could you give tie the time it came on? 

47:38:22 P Stand by. 47:22. 

47:38:33 CC Okay. Thank you. 

47:38:48 CC Okay. Quantity Read switch off. Thank you. 

1+7:39:01 P You're welcome. 

47:39:04 CC Okay. We'll be standing by if you need anything 


47:39:06 P Roger, Hawaii. 


47:46:16 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. 

47:46:20 P Guaymas . Go ahead. 



k7:k6:21 CC Roger. We have you GO on the ground. Everything 

looks real good. We have nothing for you. We 
are standing by. 

1+7:46:25 P 


1+7:49:32 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

47:49:35 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

47:49:36 CC Roger. We're standing by for your D-4. We have 

nothing special this pass. The D-4 is still on 

k7:k9ik6 P Roger. D-4 on schedule. We're all set to go. 

47:49:60 CC For your information, the possible activity on 

the 38th revolution will not take place and so 
you'll have an uninterrupted sleep period tonight. 

47:50:12 C Roger. 

47:52:26 C Hey, HoustonI We're right over you.' 

47:52:30 CC Hello there,' 

47:52:33 P Hey, Elliot.' 

47:52:34 CC Go ahead. 

47:52:36 P Tell Conrad to get his kids off my roof.' 

47:52:40 CC He's out of town now. 

47:52:43 C We got some very good pictures, Houston. It was 

as clear as a bell. They see the Astrodome - the 
whole works. 

47:52:49 CC You say you got some pictures on this pass? 

47:52:52 C Right over you. 

47:52:54 CC You able to get some pictures this pass? 




1+7:52:56 C Very good ones, I hope. 

U7:52:58 CC Excellent.' We weren't sure you'd have enough time 

"before the H-k so we didn't tell you about that. 

47:54:03 C Houston, this is VII. There have been some clouds 

move in here Just in the time we've been around. 

47:54:08 CC Roger. We've got 1 plus 30 to go. 

47:54:12 C Roger. 

47:54:37 CC MARK. One minute. 

47:54:40 C Roger. 

47:55:28 CC 10 seconds. 

47:55:58 C We've got her; She's beautiful.' 

47:56:00 CC Very good.' 

47:56:13 C Hey, hey.' I didn't know they were shooting that 


47:56:18 CC Something I lorgot to tell you, Prank. Another 

aerospace fir«t.' Sorry about that, Chief. 

47:56:30 C It's easy to track; we're right on it. 

47:56:33 CC Roger. 

47:56:40 C Staging. 

47:56:43 CC Roger. Stag^-^i. 

47:56:52 CC Gemini VII, do you have guidance initiate? 

47:56:57 C Roger. Manual control. 

47:57:20 CC Gemini VII, did you see a nose fairing separation? 

47:57:24 C Saw it. 

47:57:42 P Powered down 

47:57:46 C Okay. 




47:57:51 C What's on the flight plan next? We ought to record 


1+7:57:52 P Yes. 

1+7:57:54 P Cid you have that on record? 

1+7:57:56 C No, I didn't, I wish we would. 

1+7:57:58 C Okay. For the record: D-VjD-7; 430 went off per- 


1+7:58:10 CC Gemini VII, did you ohserve the separation? 

47:58:15 P Negative. It went into the clouds as we kept on 

tracking it and it was just a white, long back- 

47:58:23 CC Roger. 

47:58:30 C Okay. What else do you want to say atout it, Jim? 

47:58:32 P Oh, ... The record - we identified the pass at 

4:30 and it was very easy to spot out of the blue 

47:58:42 C It was very easy to spot and very easy to track. 

47:58:44 CC Gemini VII, understand you completed tracking. Is 

that correct? 

47:58:48 P That is affirmative. 

47:58:49 CC Roger. 

47:58:50 P Okay, Let me get some pictures here. 

1+7:58:58 C The time was right on the given time. What was it? 

47:59:01 CC Roger, 

1+7:59:03 P 55:37, wait. 47:5 ... 

47:59:07 C 47:55:37. 

47:59:09 CC Roger. 



47:59:10 C ^7:55:37. It was a very easy task and I hope we 

got some good data. 

47:59:11 C Easy ;3ob, and I hope we've got some good data. 

47:59:15 CC Roger. 

47:59:20 P General comments on preparing the photographs of 

the Cape from GT-V from the actual views : in the 
actual view, the sky, or rather the water and the 
land surrounding it, did not have as deep a "blue 
color as the photograph indicates. Blue like in 
blue. Clouds are about as represented, only white 
doesn't show in the photograph and the grays and 
tans of the ground are more pronounced in actual 
life than they are on the photograph. Other than 
that, it is pretty representative. 

47:59:44 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Did you make any meter 

readings during your tracking? 

47:59:^3 C Negative. 

47:59:5^ CC Roger. 

47:59:58 C Both trying to observe it, track it, and then Jim 

was photographing while I was using the reticle. 

48:00:04 CC Roger. 

48:00:12 CC Gemini VII, you have a Tx coming up in about 

20 seconds. 

48:00:19 P Roger. 

48:02:31 CC LOS at VII. 

48:02:55 CC Gemini VII, do you still read Houston? 

148:02:59 P We read you loud and clear. 

48:03:01 CC Did I hear that you made an S-5 pass earlier today? 

I think it was across Msxico. 

48:03:10 P ... 5. Say again, Elliot, 

48:03:12 CC Did I hear that you made an S-5 pass over Mexico 

earlier this morning? 



1+6:03:18 P We made one S-5 pass over southern Mexico earlier 

this morning. We were going to do another one 
but didn't have time prior to this last pass. 

1*8:03:25 CC Roger. 

^ 148:07:29 C This is Borman about to make a urine dump. Turn 

^ on the tape for telemetry pickup, 

!^:: I48 :l6:Ul CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 


1+8:26:38 P Lovell dumping urine this time. Wot too much of 

it; most of it's in my underwear. 


l;8:27:0l+ CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

1*8:27: 08 C Go ahead, Hoiiston. Gemini VII. 

1+8:27:11 CC Roger. Have an update on the S-8/D-I3 time. Can 

you copy? 

1+8:27:37 C Roger. Go ahead with the time, please, 

1+8:27:1+0 CC S-8/D-I3 time should be revised to 1+9:25:53; 

closest approach, 1+9:26:1+8. Do you copy? 

1+8:28:00 C Roger. We have that. 

1+8:28:02 CC Roger. And Benjamin Franklin says the pleasure 

was all theirs. It's always a pleasure to help 
another Navy man out, 

1+8:28:11+ P Tell them thanks. They did a wonderful job.' 

1+8:28:17 CC Roger, 

1+8:28:1+0 CC They said you reported staging even quicker than 

they did. 

1+8:28:1+7 P Good cooperation.' 

1+8:29:06 CC Gemini VII, your music is off. We're changing 





it8;29:lU P Thank you. 

48:31:27 P Urine dun^ con^leted, flush off. 

48:35:17 P 

48:37:19 C MSC-2 and 3 going on now at 49:44. Sequence 02 

without attitude control. Okay. D-4/D-7: the 
Sequence is 4o6 at 49:46; performed; the moon's 
so bright it is difficult to determine the Milky 
Way; the spacecraft is pointed directly at 
Cassiopeia and we are taking measurements for 2 
minutes. The Sequence is 4o6; Mode 02; . . . IR 
off. . . . 


48:42:44 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

48:42:59 P This is VII. Go ahead, Carnarvon. 

48:43:01 CC Roger. We have your T/M solid on the ground. 

You're looking real good. We would like an on- 
board CAMS propellent quantity from you. 

48:43:09 P Roger. On -board OAMS is 65 percent. 

48:43:13 CC Roger. Copy 65. 

48:43:18 CC That's about all we have for you this pass. We'll 

be standing by. 

48:43:22 C Roger. Could you give us some idea of how our 

OAMS is doing? 

48:43:25 CC Roger. Stand by. 

48:43:32 CC Roger. Your OAMS seems to be doing real good. 

They were real pleased with your usage of it. 

1^8:43:44 C Roger. We were kind of curious about the last 

exercises. Used up a lot of gas on that. 

48:43:49 CC Roger. We'll have your up-to-date answer here in 

a minute. 



kd:k3:52 C Okay. 

k8:h6:0^ CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

^48:46:08 P Carnarvon, go ahead. 

it8:U6:10 CC Thank you. We'd like for you to boost up your 

ECS O2 pressure between 500 and 583, somewhere 
in there, on your gage. 

1+8:14.6:19 P Roger. ECS ... up telemetries 500 to 583. 

1*8:116:23 CC Roger. 

148:1*6:28 C It's reading 500 now, Carnarvon. 

148:14-6:31 CC Roger. We show you're a little low on the ground. 

148:1+6:31* C Okay. I'll go ahead and boost it above 50O. 

148:1*6:36 CC Roger. 

148:14-6:1*6 CC Also, you're right on the flight plan on your 

OAMS usage, Gemini VII, 

1+8:1+6:1*7 C Okay. Thank you. 


1+9:09:1*2 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

1+9:09:57 C Gemini VII. 

1*9:09:59 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

1*9:10:03 C Roger. Go ahead, Hawaii. This is Gemini VII. 

1+9:10:05 CC Roger. We're showing you GO on the ground, and 

I have a flight plan update for you when you're 

1+9:10:12 P Is it a very long one? 

1+9:10:11+ CC Roger. 




U9:10:l6 P I'm right in the middle of trying to eat. I 

wonder if they can hold off for awhile. 

i4-9:10;19 CC Roger. We'll stand by. 

49:10:21 P Thank you. 

49:10:37 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii, They'll take care of it over 

the States. 

49:10:46 P Thank you. 

49:10:51 CC Standing hy. 


49:20:05 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Hoviston CAP COM. 

49:20:17 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

49:20:20 C This is Gemini VII. Read you loud and clear. 

49:20:22 CC Roger. Have you finished eating lunch yet? 

49:20:26 P We haven't quite. 

49:20:31 CC Understand you have not quite finished. 

49:20:35 P That's right. That is, we haven't quite finished 

with it. We're going to do an S-5 ... minutes 
ago; coming up on it now. 

49:20:43 CC You aren't forgetting your S-8/D-I3, are you? 

49:20:49 C No. We won't forget that one. 

49:20:52 CC Okay. 

49:21:02 C Elliot, we were not ahle to get the S-5 over 

Australia. It was still too dark and also cloudy, 

49:21:06 CC Roger, 

49:21:14 CC As soon as you're able here, we've got a flight 

plan update to pass on to you, but S-8/D-I3 is 




top priority here. We don't want to foul you up 
on that, 

i+9:21:22 P Okay. Go ahead and pass the flight plan up. It 

looks like it 's going to be too cloudy to try and 
take pictures of Mexico anyway, 

49:21:30 CC Okay, Get your attitude on S-8 and whenever you 

need me to stop talking just say so and we'll 
break into the flight plan update, and then we'll 
catch it after you finish. 












Node : 

1+9 plus 02 plus 56; Rev 31; 169.I degrees 
east; right ascension, 12:50:31. D-h/D-'J: 
50:56:00; I+18, and that was Sequence I+I8; Mode 02; 
pitch 90 degrees down, yaw zero degrees. Do you 

1+9:22:33 C I copied. 

1+9:22:35 CC D-1+/D-7: 50:56:00; Sequence 1+21; Mode 02; pitch 

90 degrees down, yaw zero, D-k/D~7: 50:56:00; 
Sequence Number 1+22; Made 02; pitch 90 degrees 
down, yaw zero. Do you copy? 

1+9:23:23 C I copied. 

1+9:23:25 P We better stop now, Houston, and get ready for 


1+9:23:29 CC Okay. Give me a call when you're able to copy 

some more. 


l+9:2i+:3l+ CO Gemini VII, Houston. 

i+9:2l+:36 C This is VII. Go. 




1+9:24:38 CG Roger. The wind is from the north so there is 

smoke along the south border, and your pass will 
be 4o miles north of the site. The weather is 
very clear. 

J+9:24:50 C Roger. 

k9:26:kl C Houston, this is Gemini VII. We got it. 

49:26:45 CC Go ahead. 

49:26:52 C It's 3, The second one is a 1. The fifth one is 

a 3. I can't read the rest of them. 

49:26:59 CC Roger. 

49:27:12 CC Jim make any readings? 

49:27:14 C No, Jim didn't acquire it that time. 

49:27:16 CC Roger. Understand you're the only one that 

acctulred and you called the first one as a 3, 
the next one as a 1, and you couldn't make any 
more readings. 

49:27:26 C Third one was a 3 also, and I couldn't read any 

after that. 

49:27:29 CC The first one was a 3> the second one a 1, and the 

third one a 3. 

49:27:35 C Right. 

49:27:37 CC Is that correct? 

49:27:38 C Say again. 

49:27:40 CC You read a three, one, three. Is that correct? 

49:27:44 C It's correct. 

49:27:45 CC Roger. And were you just not able to make out 

anything further than that, or were you Just not 
able to see the square well enough? 

49:27:53 C Well, we couldn't see the squares very well. 

There 's not ouch contrast down there now. 



i+9:27;58 CC Roger. 

1+9:28:00 C The "big markers stick out very well. 

1+9:28:02 CC Roger. 

1+9:28:12 P Roger. 

1+9:28:13 CC Okay. Ready to copy some more? 

1+9:26:15 P Roger. 

1+9:28:16 C Let me get some books out here. 

1+9:28:18 CC Roger. 

1+9:28:20 C We want to get some passes dovm the islands this 

time too, to check the damage from the last 

1+9:28:28 CC Roger. 

1+9:28:33 C Go ahead. 

1+9:28:35 CC D-9: 51:13:00. Incidently, do you know you 

have a critical dump - tape dump on this pass over 
the Cape? 

1+9:28:1+9 P Roger. 

1+9:28:51 CC Okay. The time on the D-9 is 51:13:00; Sequence 01; 

Mode 01. At Time 52:20:00: fuel cell purge at 
Hawaii. At Time 52:36:00: crew status report on 
the Command Pilot at Texas. Do you copy? 

1+9:29:33 P VII. Roger. 

^9:29:36 CC Okay. At Time 52:1+2:00: Sequence 01; transponder 

on. Time 53:00:00: Sequence 01; transponder off. 
Time 53:55:00: crew status report on the Pilot at 
Hawaii. Time 55:10:00: PLA update at the CSQ. 

1+9:30:21+ CC Do you copy? 

1+9:30:26 P Have copied, 

1+9:30:28 CC Roger. This is the end of the message. 




^9:30:31 P Thank you. 

^9:30:39 CC Gemini VII. On the update we gave you this morning 

you noted that the D-k - the next thing you have - 
the D-k had a note, cold IE off. Do you understand 
that? It just means you are to do that without 
using the cold IH. 

^9:30:57 P Roger, 

i^9:30:58 C We left the cold IR off. 

^9:30:59 CC Roger. 

49:31:07 CC We got a report on your OAt^ usage. I think it's 

essentially been reported correctly to you. You 
are right on your flight plan profile as far as 
0A14S usage. Doing real well. 

i^9:31:l8 P I was kind of concerned. We have "been using it 

quite drastically lately. 

49:31:22 CC Well, we have given you a lot to do today. That's 

the reason. 

4-9:31:30 CC I have another question, Gemini VII. Could you 

give us an estimate, for flight planning purposes, 
on the time required for eating? 

49:31:41 C Roger. It takes at least an hour. 

49:31:43 CC One hour for eating. Roger. And about 10 minutes 

extra for exercising. 

49:31:48 C That's right. And then we have some other 

functions that take time too. 

49:31:53 CC Roger. We've noticed that. 

49:31:57 C We haven't done them yet. 

49:32:03 C We've got some pictures coming up here of the 


49:32:06 CC Roger. 



Gemini VII, Houston. Flight Surgeon would like 
to have a brief discussion with you at this time 
regarding the EEG leads. 


Okay, Gemini VII. This is the Surgeon. We've 
checked with the experimenter and we would like 
to get the answer to one question, Frank. Did 
the electrode come off with your helmets on all 
the time, or did you have it on so that it came 
off during sleep with your helmet on, or after 
you were taking your helmet off? 

The lead came off while I had my helmet on. It 
was loose -vriaen I had my helmet on. It caught 
on the back of my neck. The lead between my 
helmet and the harness caught on something and 
pulled very badly, and one of them caj^e off while 
I had the helmet still on. 

Roger. I copied. 

Okay. That's fine. We'd like to have Jim try to 
reapply this if he can. And here are some in- 
structions that you can use for trying it with 
the kit that you have there for applying the 
electrocardiogram electrode. If he can clean the 
area with a wet wipe and then dry it. Clean the 
electrode flange, being careful not to put any 
tension on the other electrode. Then slightly 
underfill the electrode with paste. Take one of 
the Dermical tapes, cut it to size to that elec- 
trode, and then apply the electrode. Then cut a 
small square of Dermical tape and cover the elec- 
trode with that square of tape. Jim will have to 
hold his hand for a little while over that to just 
heat-seal the tape as we did when applying the 
electrocardiogram electrode. 

Did you copy all that? 

Roger. I don't think this is my job description 
but I'll do it. 

We'll have to redo your job description. We'll 
give you a job when you come back, Jim. 




h9:3h:32 P ... sleep anyway, do you? 

49:3^:38 CC I didn't hear that last, Gemini VII. 

k9:3k:^l CC Gemini VII, if all else fails, try the scissors. 

49:3'+:58 C Roger. 

^9:35:3^ CO Gemini VII, Ifouston. You have a Tx on the way. 

h9:3^:kh C Thank you. 

^9:35:55 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Would you say that your 

readings on the S-8/D-13 were made at point of 
closest approach? 

1+9:36:26 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Did you copy? 

49:36:30 C ... Ty. 

49:36:32 P Kot yet. 

49:36:33 C Roger. 

49:36:37 CC Gemini VII, did you copy? 

49:36:39 P Roger. Do you read now? 

49:36:41 CC Go ahead. 

49:36:42 P Copied. We have a T^. 

49:36:44 CC Roger. Wovad you say that your S-8/D-I3 readings 

were made at point of closest approach? 

49:37:04 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Do you read? 

49:37:06 C Roger. We're reading you. 

49:37:09 CC Were your S-8/D-I3 readings made at point of 

closest approach? 

49:37:16 C ... Houston. We did not understand. 

49:37:21 CC Were your S-8 readings made at point of closest 


49:37:32 C Roger. They were, 








you got a clothespin? 



What do I need a clothespin for? 


"FVrr vmiT noflp* 



To cover my nose? 




I just put up the helmets like this. 



That's a good idea. They say to take and clip a 
little "bit of this thing off. 


Yes, and put the lid of that germicide off and 
stick it away ft-om the Taottle so that you could 

Ul. CCtJl X If • 


PTmj irnn r^rttni Tier? 
nuw ^ Kj\x K^yjin 1 life * 



I haven't started yet. 



Well, listen. You're not going to he ready for 
this so I'd better do this first. 



Stack A circuit breaker "beacon is open, isn't it? 






That's a pretty good idea, I can't see what's 
coins on . 



Wait a second. One more thing I 'd like to get 
DC I ore you - - 



What's that? 



. . . drink of water got over my . . . 



What do you think I'm going to do? 



I don't know. I don't think I want to take any 



Don't let that germicide get out, whatever you do, 



50:15 : 29 





Well, that stuff will burn.' 



Will it? 



If it gets in the eye, it will really stingj 



Okay. Here goes nothing. 



I thought we were going to he partners on this 
thing. Well, let's Just get a position corrected 



You sure you don't want one of those other kinds 
of pills? 



Boy, I hope it 's positioned correctly. 



Not any more than I. 



Let's see where the thing for the ... is. 



Oh hoy.' 



... some good practice for this. 



It helps out . . . practice for this , 



Boy, we got another to do, and right after that 
we've got to get out the sextant. 

50:17:55 C 

50:17:57 P Praise he ... 


50:18:35 CC CJeminl VII, Carnarvon. 

50:18:44 C This is VII. GkJ ahead, Carnarvon. 

50:18:46 CC Roger. We have you looking real good here on the 

ground. I would like an on-board OAMS propellant 
quantity readout, please. 



50:19:00 C 62 percent. 

50:19:02 P 62 percent? 

50rl9:03 C Yes. 

50:19:Ol+ P We are reading about 62 percent. 

50:19:05 CC Roger. Copy 62 percent. 

50:19:10 CC That's about all we have for you here this pass. 

We'll be standing by. 

50:19:17 P Roger. 

50:19:2i+ P Oh, I know. I know. 



50:24:38 C I can't help it; it's either that or ... 

50:26:02 P Squirt some in the bag, too, ... 

50:26:32 C We just had a standby. There are so many factors. 

50:30:50 P The bag couldn't get any smaller. 

50:30:59 C How's that? Pretty good. 

50:31:04 C ... how do you mean ... Son of a gun.' Here. 

. . . Hang on. Hang on , . . 


50:44:02 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. We're standing by. 

We have you GO. 

50:44:27 P This is VII. Roger. Ifead you loud and clear. 

50:44:31 CC Roger, Gemini VII. Standing by. 

50:57:14 P Pretty cloudy though, isn't it, Frank? 

50:57:26 C Got a pitch landing. 



50:57:27 C ... water now. Water. ... water ... 

50:58:42 P Off. 

50:58:^3 C Off. 

50:58:50 P For your track. 

50:58:57 P Yes, you pitched down. You pitched all the way 


50:58:58 P Well, instead of doing that why don't we Just twist 

around? Twist over. 

50:59:04 P No,' No.' We can't get any more than plus 53.13. 

... Just ahout ik minutes ... we can't get it on 
the sextant. 

50:59:14 P Let me record this. 

50:59:45 C ... pretty far south now ... Jim. 

50:59:50 P Yes. ^ 

51:00:30 C Turn around, why don't you? ^ 

51:00:35 P More desert land. Reading IR, reading desert land. 


51:01:08 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. We don't 

have anything for you heire. You're solid GO, 

51:01:09 C Thank you. 

51:01:21 C Thank you, Houston. Gemini VII, performing the 


51:01:25 CC Roger, Houston. 

51:01:30 P Keep the ... running now until I get this heach 


51:01:38 P Okay, Now going to lend to water. Water. Okay, 

that 's enough . . . 



51:01:45 C Recorder is on CONTINUOUS. 

C nnlsh the tape at D-9, 

C Yes, pitch down. 

P All right. Is that far enough? 

P You going to pitch down? 


C All right. Is that far enough? 

C We're doing the 0-4/^-7, correction D-9, on the 
propellent now. Start the horizon measurements. 

C Mode 1, Sequence 1; put the green filters in first. 

C Cut. 

C 3.3. 

C Look around. 

P Which way? 

C Eight to the right. 

P Boy, that sure was . . . 

C Can you reach it? 

P 30. - 3.64. 

C How much? 

P 3.64. 

C 3.64? 

P 30.64. 

C Oh.' 

C What are you trying now? 



C Well, that's it.' Okay, let's go to ... 

C Okay ... right now. It's the lower one, right? 

P That's it. 

C Got you. 


P 5 degrees. 

C Okay. Good show.' 

P Okay. Here we go, 

P Okay. See what you read. 

P It's on the horizon up here. 

P Okay. ... 21. 

P 22, 22. 

P Is that better? 

c * • • 

p 7.061. 

P Okay. We 're Just ahout through now. . . . Why 
don't we just let it go ... then because ...? 

C That's fine. 

P ... up a little, please. 

C How's that? 

51:23:17 P Okay. 

51:23:21 C Okay. 

52:18:37 P Hold on now ... 




52:19:47 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

52:19:57 CO Gemini VII. This is Hawaii CAP COM. 

52:20:05 C Hawaii, Gemini VII. Go ahead. 

52:20:07 CC Roger. We have you GO on the ground. Standing by 

for your fuel cell purge, 

52:20:25 C Roger. Stand t)y. 

52:20:29 C Ceding through now. 

52;21:5i+ CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. Would you turn your 

Quantity Read switch off, please? 

52:21:59 C Roger, It's off now. 

52:22:01 CC Roger. 

52:23:14.1 CC Command Pilot, I have a flight plan update if you 

are ready to copy, 

52:23:ii6 C Go ahead. 

52:23:47 CC Roger, At 53:36:00: flight plan report, CSQ. At 

56:00:00: purge fuel cells, RKV. And we have a 
crew status report due over Texas, Rev 33, on the 
Ccnmand Pilot. 

52:24:17 C Roger. That's at 52:36. 

52:24:22 CC That's affirm. Standing by. 

52:24:26 C Roger, Hawaii. 

52:25:13 C Hawaii purge complete. 

52:25:15 CC Roger. Understand. 

52:31:42 C Jump through. 

52:31:43 P The window filter. 




The window filter. The window filter is cutting 
down the amount of light. 

Recaramend it on all points. Some general caraments 
ahout our first attempt at D-9 restricted at 51 
hours, 13 minutes: first of all, there was no 
trouble with getting the section out; they are 
easily handled inside the spacecraft at zero g. 
The strap on the side is useless, in fact it's - 
in fact it's so close to the knob that it sometimes 
gets in the way of turning the knob. The stars are 
sometimes hard to acquire . . . because one or two of 
the ... of the lens will get in the way on the 
spacecraft structure of the window and block out 
one or the other ... and it's hard to tell. The 
green filter has proved to be useless because I 
couldn't see the horizon through it. All the shots 
are taken to the horizon under the top or bottom of 
the upper air ... area and . . . more definite block. 
The lower horizon down there . . . 


Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP CCM. We have 
a good oral temp. Give us a blood pressure and 
stand by for Surgeon. 

Gemini VII, Houston Surgeon. Your cuff is full- 

Gemini VII. We have a good blood pressure. Stand- 
ing by for exercise on your Mark. 

... exercising ... blood pressure. 

Gemini VII, your cuff is full-scale. 

Gemini VII, Houston Surgeon. We have a good blood 
pressure. Standing by for your food, water and 
sleep report, 

Roger, Hoxiston. Water report on the Camnand Pilot, 
211 ounces to date* One more meal. That's Day 3> 
Meal C, and one *,, blue bag .,. On the Pilot, 
166 ounces of water to date. The same meal, D-3 




M-C, D-3 M-C. Neither of us have had any more 
sleep than previously reported. 

52:38:10 CC Roger, Gemini VII. We copy the report. Surgeon 


52:38:14 CC Gemini VII, this is HoiiSton CAP COM. I've got 

some information on Luna 8 if you'd like it. 

52:38:20 C Roger. What's Luna 3? 

52:38:22 CC Luna 8 is the Russian soft landing on the Moon which 

WELS launched on Friday. The signal ceased at 4:51 
pm Eastern Standard Time amd Sir Bernard Lovell, 
Observatory Director, said the rocket is undoubtedly 
on the lunar surface but whether it made a soft 
landing or smashed itself we do not know. The com- 
ment from Radio Moscow is "No comment". 

52:38:47 C Thank you. 

52:38:49 CC And we'd like you to elaborate on your flight plan - 

daily flight plan report - and give us the scores 
of the vision test, your approximate film usage and 
give us an account whether M-7 has been going okay. 

52:39:09 P Roger, Gene. Do you want that stuff now? 

52:39:11 CC Wo. You can give it to us with the flight plan 

report, Jim, and that will be a UHF 6 pass. 

52:39:19 ^ Roger. 

52:43:15 P I wstnt the whole thing when I tell you. 

52 : 43:17 C Right. 

52:43:18 P These are the following readings of the D-9 pass: 

... stop watch, 33.9; digital clock, 51:17:30; 
aacfcant, 30.6.864 - 30.864 at the minimum.. Stop 
watch, 22.2; digital, 51 plus 21 plus 00; sextant, 
11.06. Stop watch, 35.48; digital, 51:23:30; 
aex±ant , 10:02 ... I believe that was the wrong 
star though. I couldn't find that one. Stop 
watch, 23.5; digital, 51 plus 27 plus 00; se^ctant 
24,077. ... Stop watch, 26.8; digital, 51 plus 
30 plus 00; sejctant 36. 072. ... Stop watch, 21.5; 




digital, 51 Plvis 33 plus 00; sextant, 3^.82. ... 
Stop watch, 11. Ij digital, 51 plus 38 plus 00; 
sactant, 30 plus 925. ... Stop watch, 17.3; ditital, 
151 plus k3 plus 00; sextaat, 51.155* I've an 

idea that is the .*. vacuum cuhe. Since it already 
has speed ... small debris here. Right now it's 
approaching our sleep period and one thing we're 
doing is to tell you that one of the silver hags to 
put over hoth windows to ... 


Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. We have nothing for you. 
We're standing by. All systems are GO. 

VII. Roger. 



This is VII. How clear are we? 

Roger. Loud and cleaj:. We have a UHF Number 6 
test this pa^s* 


Also, we want to pass on to you that the Luna 8 did 
not make a soft landing. 

Roger. Understand. 

We're standing by for your flight plan report. 

Gemini. For the Hasselblad film we've used 1+3 
frames • . . from Magazine A ... 

... We're on the third one now. 

We've used two magazines of the l6mm movie* 

On the D-9 experiment, we did not use the green 




filters. Thought it was much better to leave the 
filters out. 

53:38:51 CC Roger. 

53:38:56 C On the S-8/D-I3, Lovell missed 8 and Borman missed 


53:39:06 CC Say Lovell missed 8 and Borman missed 7? 

53:39:10 C Roger. 

53:39:11 CO Got it. 

53:39:15 C Roger. We also requested that you schedule the 

cabin ten5>erat;ire surveys rather than leave them 
at random. We can put them with the flight plan 

53:39:23 CC Say again last. 

53:39:26 C Roger. We'd like to have you schedule the cabin 

temperature surveys. 

53:39:33 CO Roger. 

53:39:39 P CSQ, this is VII. 

53:39:'+! CC Go ahead. 

53:39:^^2 P I'd like to confirm you want to leave the Cryo 

heaters on AUTOMATIC this evening while we're 

53:39:^ CC Stand by. 

53:^:00 CC VII, CSQ. That's affirmative at this time. You'll 

be advised further over the States, 

53:^:07 P Roger. How's the sea duty? 

53:^:10 CC Say again. 

53:^:12 P How is the sea duty? 

53:^:13 CC It's pretty rough down here. 






VII, CSQ. Have you taken any cabin humidity read- 
ings recently? 



Not recently, riae latest were around 58 for the 

dew pOiUTi* 

53: ^1: Ob 

start your sleep period. 



Roger. We'll taie a temperature survey this even- 



VII, CSQ. Have you been copying the HF music? 



We've been having it off and on. When we're busy 
we turn it oil, duc we ve ueen picKing it up otner- 






VII, CSQ, Your report on your Hasselblad kS frames, 

JL, 1 1 i t J o ^ uuc iiCAU u 1 iJiir: « n uu-Lix v ll x c ^wcbw ^ w * 



Roger. That was from Magazine A, Magazine A, 



Roger, I thought I copied S0217, but I wasn't sure, 



Roger, That's the film. That's the Mil -type. 






Gemini VH, CSQ, Could you tell us how your Mike -7 
M-7 experiment is going? 


This is VII. We're balancing all the calciuBU 
We're drinlsing everything and recording everything, 
Appeaj-s to be okay. 






We axe eating seine of the meals out of sequence .., 

53:44:16 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. We're at LOS. I did not copy your 

last transmission. 





53i3h'Al CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

53:5^:^5 P Gk> ahead, Hawaii. Gemini VII. 

53". 5^: ^7 CO Hi there.' We have a valid temperature. Standing 

by for blood pressure. 

53:5^:50 P Roger, He's sending it now, 

53:55:15 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

53:55:17 P Roger. 

53:55:56 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your exercises. On your Mark. 

53:56:01 P Roger. Standby. 

53:56:05 C MARK. 

53:57:29 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your food, water and sleep report. 

53:57:39 C Roger. There has been no change since we gave the 

food, water and sleep over Texas, except for the 
fact that we're now eating the evening meal. Do 
you want the results of that also? 

53:57:50 CC Roger. Which meal is that? 

53:57:53 C Okay. That's evening meal that we're eating, meal 

- Day 15, Meal B, 

53:58:03 CC Meal B. Roger. Surgeon out. 

53:58:06 C Okay. We've got the water here too up-to-date, 

if you want that. 

53:58:08 CC Please. 

53:58:1^ P For Cooimaiid Pilot, the water up-to-date is 237 


53:58:30 P And Pilot is 178 ounces. 




53:58:3^ CC Roger, Gemini VII. Surgeon out. 

53:58:^+3 CC YII, like to have a ccm^ilete - just a short report 

on your flight plan. Just want to Imow if you have 
completed all scheduled flight plsLn items in the 
last 2k hours? 

53:58:57 C Roger, We have a flight plan update, CSQ. We have 

con^Jleted them all, except one pass of S-5 over 
Mexico. There were clouds, B-k/B-7 over Mexico: 
the IR return from the water and the land was de- 
graded because of cloud cover, but we completed it. 

53:59:17 CC Roger. 

53:59:18 C Other than that we're all up-to-date. 

53:59:22 CC Roger, Flight's real happy with the report, 

53:59:26 C Roger, 


5l+:27;10 CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM, We have nothing for you 

this pass. We're standing by. All systems are GO. 

5^:27:5^ P RKV, how do you read Gemini VII? 

5^:27:56 CC Read you loud and clear, Gemini VII. 

5^:27:58 P Okay, We're just doing a little housekeeping now. 

54:28:00 CC Roger. 

55:00:04 C We're getting in preparation for a urine dump. 

Lovell will be dumping first. 


55:11:49 CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. 

55:11:53 P Go ahead, CSQ. Gemini VII. 



Roger. You have a UHF Number 6 test at Hawaii on 
this revolution. 

Roger, Understand, 

Have you taken a humidity measurement in the last 
revolution or so? 

Yes, We will by the time we get there, though, 
if you want us to. 

I say, we have not yet, but we will, shortly. 

Roger, I have a PIA update when you're ready to 

Swing it CSQ, we're ready, 

Roger. Area 37-3: 58:07:06^ Ik plus 53, Area 
38-3: 59:^1:58} Ik plus 20. Area 39-Delta: 
60:32:59; 22 plus 00. Area iK)-Delta: 62 08:05; 
20 plus 53. You copy? 

Roger, We copied them all loud aind clear. 

Oka^y. I've got some more. 4l -Delta: 63-^:15; 
18 plus 58. Area kZ-2'. 65:22:31; 17 plus 30. 
Area k3-2: 66:58:^5; 16 plus 08. Area kk-1: 
68:23:Oit-; 17 plus 18. Do you copy? 

Roger, Got them all. 

Okay. We have nothing else for you this pass. 
Everything looks good here, 

Roger, Thanks very much, CSQ. 

Roger, Standing by. 

Oh, one thing we encountered. We're getting a lot 
of heat in through the windows, so we took a food 
container bag and put them in an aluminized food 
container bag, and we're trying to cut the heat 
down that could ccme in through the windows. 




55:15:06 CC Roger, Copy. 

55:15:17 C We also had another catastrophe while I weis reach- 

ing dovm to get a food hag. I smacked my head on 
the overhead and it tore off all my EEG leeuis and 
we're in the process of pasting them back on now, 

55:15:30 CC Oitay. 

55:16:12 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. All the weather is good in those 

areeis I passed up, except 38-3 has marginal condi- 
tions - in 38-3. 

55:16:23 C Roger, Thajik you. 


55:29:U5 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

55:29:49 C Go ahead, Hawaii, Gemini VII. 

55:29:51 CC Okay, I need a little info out of you and I've got 

a couple of things I'd like you to do. 

55:29:55 C Okay. Go ahead, 

55:29:56 CC Okay. I'd like to know what kind of configuration, 

as fEir as flight suit goes, will the Pilot he in for 
the sleep period? 

55:30:03 P Suit's off. 

55:30:09 P I will sleep with the suit off, 

55:30:12 CC Okay. He's going to sleep with his suit off, and 

what head gear will the Ccnmand Pilot he wearing, 
and will he have his gloves on? 

55:30:19 C We haven't had gloves or head gear on since inser- 


55:30:23 CC Okay, Going to keep them off while you sleep? 

55:30:25 C Roger. 




55:30:26 CC Okay. I would like to put your spacecraft into a 

sleep configuration, and I would like you to do it 
as I tell you so we csun monitor it here on the 

55:30:3^ G Okay. 

55:30:35 CC Okay, Would you put your RCS heaters on now? 

55:30:38 C They've been on all day. 

55: 30: to CC Okay. Your fuel cell heat - correction - your fuel 

cell H2 auto heaters to AUTO position. 

55:30:^46 C Roger. 

55:30:50 C AUTO, 

55:30:52 CC Okay, your Fuel Cell 02 Heater switch to the AUTO 


55:30:56 C It's on AUTO. 

55:30:57 CC Okay. I would like you to take your ECS O2 Heater 

switch, go to the ON position, and raise it to 580 

55:31:08 C Okay. How ahout putting it in the AUTO position? 

55:31:13 CC It looks good AUTO, 

55:31:1^ C It's in AUTO. 

55:31:15 CC Roger, 

55:31:^1 CC Okay. We'd like to know whether the Pilot will he 

sleeping in his underwear or his orbital flight suit. 

55:31:^5 C He's sleeping in his underwear. We're a little 

warm. We have been since we have been up here. 

55:31:51 CC Okay. 

55:31:58 C Por your information I've got my suit completely 

unzipped, and I'm trying to stay as cool as I can 
that way. 




55:32:05 CC Roger. I've got that. 

55:32:36 C Hawaii, Gemini VII. We just tools, down a complete 

survey of the temperatures around the cabin. 

55:32:^^1 CC Go ahead. 

55:32:^3 C We're emitting ambient about 7^ with a dew point 

of 57. 

55:32:146 CO Roger. 

55:33:27 C Hawaii, Gemini VII. Do you have any other instruc- 


55:33:29 CC Oltay. When that ECS 02 reaches 530 we'd like you 

to go back to the OFF position on the ECSO^ Heater 

55:33:36 C Okay. I'd just as soon leave the others off too, 

unless you really want them in AUTO. 

55:33:142 CC I think they want them in AUTO. 

55:33:59 CC If you'll wait a second, I'll give you the values 

they wsLnt them to be left at, and then you can set 
them up the way you'd like. 

55:3^:03 C Thank you. 

55:36:1+2 CC Okay. We'd like you to go to your Fuel Cell H2 

to 500 psi. 

55:36:48 C Hg to 500. Roger. How about the 02? 

55:36:51 CC We're working on that one, 

55:36:53 C Okay. Tell them that I'll turn it off when I get 

there and if they want me to turn it back on, wake 
us up, I'll sleep better if I know it's on AUTO- 

55:37:01 CC Very good. 

56:02:52 CC Oemini VII, HKV CAP COM. 




56:02:56 P This is Gemini. Reeid. you loud and clear. 

56:02:58 CC Roger. We're standing by for your purge. All your 

systems are GO. 

56:03:02 P Roger. All systems GO. 

56:03:07 C RKV. The cabin pressure ... 

56:03:12 CC Roger, we'd like for you to leave Fuel Cell 02, 

750, Fuel Cell H2, 500. The minimums for Fuel Cell 
02 are 170; the minimum for Fuel Cell Rz, 330. Do 
you copy? 

56:03:38 C Stand by, please, 

56:04:05 C Understand the spread for RSS oxygen is 750 to 150 

and I need the hydrogen spread. 

56:04:12 CC The hydrogen spread is 500; the minimum is 330. 

56:04:19 C Hydrogen 500 to 330. How about ECS 02? 

56:04:24 CC ESC 02, 580 to 230, 233. 

56:04:38 CC That's 580, 233- 

56:04:42 C Roger. Will you all please ask the network to wake 

us up if we get within range of these rainimuns? 

56:04:46 CC Roger. Will do. 

56:04:49 C Thank you. 

56:04:50 CC Will you place your Quantity Read switch to ECS O2? 

56:04:53 C There you are. 

56:05:14 CC Your next fuel cell purge after sleep period will be 

over CamajTvon at an elapsed time of 66 plus 20. 

56:05:23 C Thank you. 

56:05:49 CC Would you place Quantity Read to FUEL CELL O2? 

56:06:00 CC I have a map update for you when you are ready to 





56:06:11 C Roger. GrO ahead, 

56:06:12 CC Node: 55:01:lK); Rev 35> 77.2 degrees east; right 

ascension; Tljnfi 12:2+3:01. 

56:06:37 C Roger. Copy. 

56:06:l42 CC Quantity Read to FUEL CELL li^. 

56:06:45 C Roger. 

56:07:13 CC By the way, the pad preparation schedule for Gemini 

VI is going real well, 

56:07:18 C Thank you. 

56:07:26 CC We've got sone information for you on tcmorrow's 

exercise. The current mission plan calls for a 
small Posigrade Maneuver about 10 to 12 feet per 
second to be done at apogee and Rev kk between 
Cajmarvon and Canton, 

56:07:44 C Okay, You going to want the platfom up or down? 

56:07:47 CC Well, they'll brief you over the States after you 

walsfi up, I Just wanted to let you know. 

56:07:53 C I wonder - would you have any idea - can you give 

us a report on what our orbit is now? 

56:08:02 CC Roger, Stand by, 

56:08:05 CC You can place the Quantity Read to OFF, 

56:08:19 CC That's 172,1 by II9.9, 

56:08:27 C RKV, Gemini VTI. Copy 172. 1. How about perigee 

56:08:33 CC 119.9. 

56:08:36 C Roger. II9.9, 

56:08:38 CC Roger. 

56:08: 40 C Thank you. 

56:08:59 CC At a GET in approximately five days, the decision 





to launch Gemini VI on the eighth or ninth day will 
have to be made. If the decision is to launch 
Gemini VI on the eighth day, a Circularization Man- 
euver will be made at that time. The approximate 
GET equals 5 days. This will give us two launch 
windows on the eighth day and one window on the 
ninth and tenth days. If the decision is made to 
launch Gemini VI on the ninth day, the Circulariza- 
tion Maneuver will be delayed until approximately 
71/2 elapsed days. This will allow the launch 
windows per the pref light normal, noa3iinal flight 
plan. You got that? 

56:09:^0 C Got you. Thank you very much, 

56:09:^42 CC Okay. 

56:09;Mf C Ask him what's going on in the world. 

56:09:^7 CC Nothing much; it's dark down here, 

56:09:50 C It's daxk up here too. We've got aluminum foil 

over the windows. We're Just about ready to settle 
down for a sleep, 

56:09:57 CC Sounds like you're getting reaidy for Christmas, 

56:28:56 P Okay. 

56:28:58 C Okay, We have 30 seconds to go. 

56:31:35 C Boy ... 

56:31:51 P Okay. Turn dump off. 

56:31:52 C Two thoughts occurred to us to help future flights. 

Number 1 - we are using a small piece of tape to 
mark our next activity in the flight plan right 
above the panel clock. This reminds us of what the 
next activity is going to be without looking in our 
flight book. Number 2 - we think you ought to color 
the covers of the log and experiments procedures 
book differently so you can pick them without having 
to guess what book it is and then have to read it 
later on. 



.. 66 plus 00. We're starting breaitfast at Day 5» 




Meal A. Also, our MSC-2 and 3 were off at 66 plus 
00, I just took a picture. Magazine A, Exposure 1+3, 
66:14:50, of the sunset. The exposure was 2,8 at 
l/60th. Okay. We're observing the sunset now. I 
can see the entire area where the dense part meets 
the terminator. It's black on the bottcm, black on 
top with blue in between. And as you go out toward 
the middle you gradually pick up a darker red, right 
on the earth, giving way to an orange, then a light 
blue and a very distinct blend of dark blue followed 
by a lighter blue and then gradually going into a 
black. So starting out at the bottom next to the 
earth, it is a red, orange, yellow, light blue, 
brilliant electric blue, then a definite band of 
light, and then dark blue and gradually going into 
a black at sunrise. We are observing no zodiacal 
light that we can see at that time. We're in per- 
fect position to note it. Just after we're drifting 
through, but no zodiacal light. 


Gemini VII, Carnarvon, 

Go ahead, Carnarvon, Gemini VII. 

Roger, How are you doing up there? We've got you 
good on the ground. 

Everything is fine up here. 

Roger, We'd like a fuel cell purge whenever you're 
ready to start it. 

Roger, Stand by for fuel cell purge, 

Gemini VII, Carnarvon, How did you make out during 
the night? 

Fine, We slept fairly well. 
Very good, 

Jim had his suit off. Was very comfortable all 



Very good. 

How was your suit condition , Gemini VII , for the 
Pilot - Ccinmand Pilot? 

I've got the suit off. All I'm using is the ventil- 
ation garment, I've got it completely unzipped and 
I'm halfway out of it, hut it's fairly ccimfortable 
that way. 

Roger, Copy. 

We've turned off MSC's 2 and 3 at 66, and I guess 
we don't have anything else now hut eat and an 
S-8/D-13, Carnarvon, 


One thing we tried last night was to put the EEG 
leads back on my head and this wsis impossible to 
do; so we no longer have the leads on, I cut the 
harness. All four of them came off and we don't 
have the proper size "stickem" to put them back on 
my head, 

Roger. Copy, 

We've got - - 

Gemini VII, Camarvon, 

Go ahead. 

They have a can5>lete flight plan update for you, 
which will be given to you over the States. 

Very well, 

Camarvon, Gemini VII, Purge complete. Crossover 
switch off, 

Roger, VII. Could you place the Panel Quantity 
switch to the ECS position, please? 

There she is, 

I didn't have to use those heaters all night. 



66:25:17 CC Roger, Understand. You did not have to use them 

all night* 

66:25:21 C That's right. I think the bottles are just ah out 

staying there now. 

66:25:24 CC Roger. Very good. 

66:25:28 CC Okay» Can you position it to the FUEL CELL O2 posi- 


66:25:3^ C I have. 

66:25:55 CC Okay, To the FUEL CELL H2 position, please. 

66:25:59 C STJEL CELL H2. 

66:26:20 CC Okay. You can cut them back off now, 

66:26:25 C Roger. 

66:26:27 CC Okay, That's about all we have for you this time, 

Gemini VII. We'll be standing by. 

66:55:56 C What is it - Day 5? 

66:55:57 P Yes. 

66:55:58 0 Day 5, Meal A. Hy compliments to the chef. Out- 


67:06:16 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP CCM. 

67:06:29 P Houston, this is Gemini VII. Read you loud and 


67:06:33 CC Roger, VH. Good morning. 

67:06:36 P Good morning. Frank's out getting the milk. I'm 

minding the store, 

67:06:1*2 CC How's breakfast going? 

67:06: li6 P Hy compliments to the chef. Tell Paul ... that Day 

5, Meal A was excellent. 

67:06:53 CC Roger, 



67:06:59 CC Just because you are eating Day 5j don't think you 

only have nine da^s to go. 

67:07:02 P It keeps us happy that way. 

67:07:07 CC Are you so husy eating you can't taJ.k to me for a 

few minutes? 

67:07:12 P Roger. Frank is doing the S-8/D-I3. I'm available, 

67: 07: 16 CC Okay, Is it handy for you to give us a water report 

at this time? We are trying to calculate your 
weight distributions pretty accurately, 

67:07:27 P Roger. Stand by, 

67:07:42 P The Command Pilot, as of this morning, 271 ounces. 
67:07:48 CC Roger. 

67:07:50 P Day 5, MeaJ. A was eaten this morning. He did not 

eat the sausage patties, 

67:07:56 CC I don't need that part, Jim. Just the water. 

67:08:03 P Pilot was 216 ounces, 2l6 ounces. 

67:08:09 CC Roger. 

67:08:11 CC Also, I would like to ask you about the l6imii camera 

film magazine stowage. Specifically, did you stow' 
them in individual bags or several in one bag, and 
specifically when you stowed them as best you can 
remember; that is , how soon ai'ter launch? 

67:08:33 P We stowed them in two bags, splitting them up evenly, 

I'm sorry, three bags. We put them in three dif- 
ferent bags and we did it about, I'd say, about 5 
or 6 hours after launch. 

67:08:48 CC Roger. 5 to 6 hours eifter launch. We are still 

chsusing that one around, 

67:08:59 CC Okay, Jim, I'd like to brief you on a possible - 

on a definite maneuver plan that we are working on. 
Did they brief you on this at all last night? 




They Just mentioned that we were going to do a 
small Posigrade Maneuver sometime todajr. 

That is correct. That will be done on the M+th re- 
volution, which is two from now, and the purpose of 
it is to allow us an option of optimizing for an 

eighth day or ninth day launch on Gemini VI. We 
will not have to decide which of those days we are 
optimizing for until the fifth day, by making this 
bum today. Do you copy? 

Roger, UnderstEind, 

Gemini VI is going along extremely well. They're 
about a day ahead at this time, so we want to pre- 
serve this option; and this maneuver today will en- 
able us to do that. We are planning for you to do 
it without the platform, if that sounds all right 
to you. We will brief you on the stars here in a 

Soger. No platform. Understand. 

Okay. We'll be giving you more information on that 
bum in the flight plan update on your next pass 
over the US, and we will be giving you a specific 
update for the maneuver at some later time also. 

How is the suit configuration working out? We heard 
the connnents over Carnarvon, Do you have any addi- 
tional ccanments to make, any clothespin problems or 
anything like that? 

Suit configuration is working out very well. I've 
been out of the suit. I became slightly cool last 
night when I was sleeping. However, I'm fine right 

Roger. Have you thought about using the orbital 
flight suit at all? 

No. I didn't want to break it out because it would 
make more of a housekeeping problem and I'm not that 

Roger. The headline over the Qemini VII story today 
says, "Lovell orbits in underwear". 



Yes, I sure feel out of place up here. 

Are you taking humidity reeuiings occasionally and 
recording those? 

Roger. We took a full set last night, including 
some skin temperatures of myself. 

Roger. And did you make that tape recording of your 
stationkeeping exercise? 

Roger. We've done that too. 

Very good. I've got one more thing I would like to 
ask of you now, and that is to make an accurate sun- 
set and sunrise time check. What we're interested 
in is to have you pinpoint what you would consider 
exact sunrise and sunset times to check us on our 
flight planning activity, to see how close our com- 
puter program is giving us to what you consider sun- 
set and sunrise. 

Roger, We'll make an accurate sunrise and sunset 
time check - over this next pass, if we can do it. 

Okay. Just any time is good and whenever you get 
it just phone them down to us and we'll compare 
it with what the compufcer would say. 

That's all I have on this pass, Jim. We'll see you 
next time around. 

Roger, Elliot. 

Gemini VII, Houston. We're going to crank up the 
tape again and you can tune in HF later on if you 

Sounds real fine. 

Be a few minutes before we get it going. 

Gemini VII. We show you running down a little low 
on the hydrogen pressure. You might bump that one 

Roger. Will do. We're reading about 3^0 right now. 




67:13:58 CC Roger. We want your minimum to be 333» ^ou can 

hold it up around kk^ if you want to. 

67:ll+:07 P Roger. Will do. 


67:23:30 CC Gemini VII, Canary, 

67:23:41+ CC Qemini VII, Canary. 

67:23:146 C Roger, Canary. Gemini VII. Go ahead, 

67: 23; 1+8 CC Roger, Like to pass up to you that we will make 

the GO/NO-GO on this pass in preparation for the 

67:23:55 C Roger, You want the GO/NO-GO on this pass. As 

soon as Jim gets through with the S-8/D-I3, we'll 
start working on it. 

67:2l+:01 CC Roger. 


67:5'+:26 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

67: 5^:^ C This is VII. Go ahead. 

67:5^:51 CC Go ahead, Gemini VII, 

67:5^:53 CC We have you GO on the ground. We've got a map up- 

date and a PLA update whenever you're ready to copy. 

67:55:16 C Roger. Ready for the map update. 

67:55:18 CC Okay, we have a Node: 69:58:23; Rev kk; longitude 

152,3 west; right ascension, 12 hours 25 minutes 
00 seconds. Also at 68; 10:00; cabin temperature 
survey. At 68:36:00: GO/NO-GO at Texas. Did you 

67:56:23 P This is VII, Roger. Have copied. 



67:56:25 CC Okay, that ccsnpletes the flight plan update. When- 

ever you're ready, I have your HA, 

67:56:32 C Go ahead. 

67:56:31+ CC 1+5-1: 69:58:08; 17 plus 01. 1+6-1: 71:33:5l+; I6 

plus 08. 1+7 -1+: 74:23:33; 17 plus 50. 148-!+: 75: 

59:31+; 16 plus 1+5, 1+9-1^: 77:35:25; 15 plus 5I+. 

50-3: 78:50:06; 18 plus 28. 51-3: 80:26:19; 17 

plus 17. Weather in all sireas good. These are for 
rolling reentries. Did you copy? 

67:56:36 P At 65:2l+: took pictures of unusual dune formations 

over Africa. Four shots, Mag>:vzine A, Frames 1+1+ to 

1+7:56:1+1 C Ready? 

67:56:1+3 P All right. 

67:58:1+1 C Roger. We have them all. Thank you. 

67:58:1+2 CC Roger. 

67:58:1+6 CC We'll he standing by, Oemini VII. 

67:58:148 C Roger. 

67:59:21+ CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. We would like a propellant 

quantity readout, please, on -board. 

67:59:29 P Roger. Reading 62 percent on-board. 

67:59:33 CC Roger. Copied 62 percent, 

68:30:02 C Better tell what you're doing, 

68:30:03 P This is Lovell dumping urine ... 

68:30:23 P There she goes.' Look at that big piece.' Briliant.' 

Urine dump at sunrise. 

68:30:1+3 C Okay, Now it's my turn. 

68:31:02 C This is Borman dumping urine also. 

68:33:10 P Urine dump complete, 






Gemini VII Gemini VII Houston CAP COM. 


fr^mlni VTT f*emini VTT Hniis-hon CAP GCM- 

68: 36: 1+1 


Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP CCM. How 
you read? 


68* ^6- U6 


This is VII. Sead you loud and clear. 

QO, JD. 


Roger, Gemini VII. This vfill be a UHF 6 pass. 

DO, ^D. pp 


Roger, Understand, 



Would you place you ECS Quajitity Read switch in the 
ECS 02 position? 



Switch is in the ECS O2 position. 



Roger, You have a GO for 6I-I. 



Roger, We have a GO for 6I-I, 



Roger, And I have a PLA when you're ready to 
and a flight plan update when you're ready to 




Roger, Would you like to have your system check now 
at this time? 



Go ahead. 

68:37:37 P All main batteries are okay. About 23 volts each. 

Fuel cell stack readouts are: lA, 2.5 amps; IB, 
30.0 amps; IC, 3.0 amps; 2A, 2.5 amps; 2B, 2,5 amps; 
2C, 3»5 amps. Main buses reading 27,8 volts. Our 
CS A pressure is 290O; our CS D, 2900. Left secon- 
dary O2, 5^0; right secondary O2, 5300. Tempera- 
tures for both the RCS pressures are 75 each, 

68:38:32 CC Roger, Copied. 

68:38:37 P ••• now has the thermcmeter in his mouth and stand- 

ing by for crew status check, 

68:38:44 CC That won't be until the next pass, Gemini VII. We're 




going ahead with flight plan update on this pass, 
68: 38; 51 P Roger, Understand. 

68:38:53 CC Let me know when you're ready to copy flight plan 

update , 

68:39:07 P VII 's ready to copy. 

68:39:09 CC Roger, 

68:39:li+ CC Okay. Time: 68:^3:00; Sequence 01; transponder 

check at Bermuda. This is on this pass if you 
wajit to be setting up for that. 

68:39:33 P Roger. 

68:39:35 CC Time: 68:5^:00; crew status report at Canary. This 

is on the Pilot. 

68:39:50 P Roger. 

68:39:52 CC At Time 69:43:19 will be the forward bum, trans- 

lation for the Perigee -Adjust. We'll have a direct 
update on that for you here in a minute. 

68:^40:10 P Roger. Understand. 

68:^40:13 CC Would you lil^ to take that now or get the rest of 

the flight plan update? 

68: to: 18 P Let's get the rest of the flight plan update, then 

we'll get that separately. 

68:iK):21 CC Roger. Apollo Landmark: 70:10:32; Sequence 31I; 

Mode 01; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw five degrees 
left. Time: 70:15:00; crew status report on the 
Cocmand Pilot over the US, Do you copy? 

68:i+l:00 P Have copied. 

68:41:07 CC 3O; Sequence 01; Mode 01. Time: 71:32:00; purge 

fuel cells. S-8/D-13: 71:147:26; Sequence 02; pitch 
30 degrees down, yaw 8 degrees right; closest ap- 
proach, 71:^48:22. Do you copy? 

68:41:^9 P Roger. I have copied, 




68:41:51 CC D-k/D-J: 71:^7:26; Sequence kl9; Mode 02. Time: 

72:00:00} exercise period. Stand by for a Tj^ update 
caning up, 

68:^42:23 P Roger. Received. 

68:ii2:2l+ CC Roger. Time: 72:10:00; eating period. Apollo 

Landmark: 73:08:^40; Sequence 23^; Mode 01; pitch 
30 degrees down, yaw 2 degrees right. D-VD-7: 
73:08:llO; Sequence kZO; Mode 02. Do you copy? 

68:^3:08 P Roger. 

68: 1+3: 10 CC S-8/D-I3: 73:22:20; Sequence 02; pitch 30 degrees 

down, yaw 1 degree right; closest approach, 73:22:20. 
MSC-2 and 3: 73:lK):00; Sequence 02; off at 89:00:00. 
Do you copy? 

68:1+3:51 P Roger. Have copied, 

68:1+3:53 CC Jim, I want to interrupt here and give you the pad 

update on the maneuver load, Just in case we run out 
of time here. 

68: 1+1+; 02 P Roger. 

68:1+1+: 05 CC Let me know when you're ready to copy. 

68:1+1+: 11 P Copy. 

68:1+1+: 16 CC Say you're ready, Gemini VII? 

68:1+1+: 17 P aemini VII is ready. 

68:1+1+:19 CC OET of the hum: 69:1+3:19; Delta-V, 12. 1+; hum time, 

16.5 seconds; yaw zero, pitch zero; aft thrusters; 
maneuver, Posigrade. And we will update this over 
Camarvon if required. Do you copy? 

68:l+l+:52 P Roger. GET is 69:1+3:19; Delta-V, 12. U; Delta-P, 16.5 

seconds; yaw and pitch are zero; aft thrusters; 
Posigrade; declining star. Over. 

68:1+5:07 CC Roger, Here's the information on the star. You'll 

he SEF, and you'll be Just ccmlng out of the dark 
at this time, as a matter of fact. Your track or 
your pointing should pass Just about halfway between 



Denelsola and Spica, and Arcturus will rise at 69:^3 - 
correction - 69:39:41. You should aline 4.9 degrees 
right of Arcturus. Do you copy? 

Roger, Our alinement will loe 4.9 degrees right of 
Arcturus, which should be rising at 69: 39:^1 > 
the general position between Denebola and Spica will 
be SEF. 

That's correct. Oltay, We'll continue with the flight 
plan update now, if you're reaxiy. 

Gemini VII , do you still copy? 


Houston, this is VII. Go ahead. 

Okay. MSG -4: 73:45:35; Sequence 09; Mode 01; pitch 
30 degrees down, yaw 10 degrees right - correction - 
10 degrees left. This may be scrubbed due to equip- 
ment problems. We'll let you know later. D-4/D-7; 
74:00:00; Sequences 4l5 and 4l6; Mode 02; pitch 90 
degrees down. Do you copy? 

Oitay, That's the end of the flight plan update. 
We'll be giving you a systems review status of all 
your systems and quantities and so forth - if you 
want to have your systems booit out - either on the ' 
next pass or the following one , depending on how 
long the crew status report tsLkes on the next pass. 

Okay. Understand that. 

You can turn your ECS Quantity Read off. 
Read switch is off at this time. 

We have seme questions on the D-9 experiment. Prob- 
ably won't have time to finish them here. Let me 
ccratnent one thing. After you leave our station here 
you might tune in your HF, We've got some special 
music for you. Okay, On the D-9, we're wondering 
about the green filter comments that you made on 
the airglow mesisurements. Does the filter riiin the 
airglow substantially? 





68:1+8:52 P I used the green filter on our first pass, Elliot. 

It eliminated the airglow and the horizon ccmpletely, 

68:i49:01 CC Roger. 

68:i)9:06 CC Okay. I think that covers all the rest of the ques- 

tions, Jim. 

68:149:11 P Roger. 

68: 149:16 CC Okay, You can tune in for the special music now. 

We'll see you the next time around. 

68:1*9:22 P See you around. 

68:149:50 CC Gemini VII, how do you read? 


68:53:1|7 C Canary, how do you read Gtemini VII? 

68:53:149 CC Gemini VII, Canary. Read you loud and clear. 

68:53:53 C Pilot's got the thermometer in his mouth. 

68:53:55 CC Okay. 

68:5ll-:01 CC Not quite valid yet. 

68;5U:02 CC Canaiy. We have a valid temperature; standing hy 

for a hlood pressure, 

68:51+: 21 C CoDiing now. 

68:54:37 CC Your cuff is full-scale, 

68:55:09 CC All spacecraft systems are 00 on the ground, 

68:55:37 CC Gemini VH, Canary Surgeon, We have a valid blood 

pressure; we'll stand by for exercise on your Mark, 

68:55:1*6 C MAiOC, 



68:56:15 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

68:56:51 CC Gemini VII, we have a valid Mood pressure; stand 

\fy for your food and water and sleep report. 

68:57:01 P This is VII. Roger. 

68:57:19 P Command Pilot water to date, Zlk ounces; ate meal 

D-5, M-A at 66 hours, 

68:57:38 P Pilot water to date, 2l8 ounces. Same infomation 

on the food, 

68:57:146 CC Roger, Understand. Sleep? 

68:57:52 P Both the Ccnnnand Pilot and Pilot have had about 7 

hours sleep at ahout 3 or 4 periods last night, 

68:58:0)+ CC Could you give us an estimate of the quality of the 

sleep, please? 

68:58:10 P I would say the sleep was very sound, 

68:58:13 CC Roger, Gemini VII, this is Canary Surgeon out. 

Thank you very much, 

68: 58: l8 P Roger. 

68:59:23 CC VII, Canary, 

68:59:33 CC Gemini VII, Canary, 

68:59:44 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

68:59:45 CC Roger. You can turn off your transponder if you 


68:59:48 P Roger. Transponder going off, 

68:59:52 CC Show it OFF on the ground. 


69:02:06 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP CCM. Do you 





69:02:11 C This is VII, Read you loud and clear, Houston. 

69:02:13 CC Roger, Gemini VII. I'd like to check; I think I 

emitted one update. Did I give you D-9 at 70:41:30? 

69:02:28 C Roger, We have that update. 

69:02:30 CC Roger. A note to go with that. Attempt 01 Mode; 

insure that you're not using the blue filter in- 
stead of green. If it still is unsatisfactory, 
use Mode 02. 

69:02:47 C Roger, Will do. 

69:02:^49 CC Roger. Are you setting that up now? 

69:02:56 C We haven't started on D-9 yet, Elliot. 

69:02:59 CC Okay. I was thinking that was a different pass. 


69:03:02 C Roger. We're going to prepare for our hum now. 

69:03:05 CC Roger, I gave you that complete update the last 

time, you say? 

69:03:11 C Affim, Elliot. 

69:03:12 CC Okay. 


69:29:33 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon, 

69:29:53 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

69:20:55 C Roger. Go ahead. 

69:29:56 CC Roger. You're GO for your bum, but also I'd like 

to tell you, your on-board propellant quantity reeid- 
ing should be 59 percent after you bum. Also, at 
77 hours and 30 minutes your propellant quantity 
reading should be 55 percent, 

69:30:24 CC I have a deletion for your flight plan, whenever 



you're ready to copy it. 
69:30:31 C Roger. Stand by. 

69:30:40 G At 77 hours, it should read 55 percent. 

69:30:44 CC That's right. At 77 hours and 30 minutes it should 

read 55 percent. 

69:30:51 CC That's after your flight plan ccmpletion. 

69:31:53 C Go ahead, Carnarvon, with the deletions. 

69:31:55 CC Roger. At 70:10:32, delete Apollo Landmark. That 

is because of weather. 

69:32:17 C Okay. We copied. 

69:32:18 CC Roger. We're standing by. 

69:32:21 C Give me a time hack, please, 

69:32:23 CC Roger, SGET time hack will be 69 hours 32 minutes 

and 35 seconds on my Mark, 

69:32:34 CC MARK. 

69:32:35 C Put her right on. 

69:32:36 CC Roger. 

69:47:56 C Okay. We accomplished a bum right on time and 

burned for 16 and 1/2 seconds. Used the ... and 
the lines on the window to establish our attitude. 
Everything looks good. 

69:49:04 P Okay. At 69:49:00: I took a picture of a satellite 

moving below us. 

69:49:07 C What direction? 

69:49:11 P Approximately same direction. I'm not sure now 

whether it was a satellite. Maybe it's a big piece 
of ,.. from our own spacecrsift, I have a picture of 
it, anyway. 

69:49:23 C What was the magazine? 




65:1+9:25 P Magazine A. Exposure 1|9, I believe. Took a pic- 

ture of an island at 69: 52. 


65: 1^9: 39 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

69:50:07 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP CCM. 

69:50:11 C Read you loud and clear, Elliot. Go ahead, 

69:50:15 C Could you give us a report on your bum, Frank? 

69:50:16 C It was right on time, I6 l/2 seconds, and it should 

have been a good one. 

69:50:21 CC Roger. Understand you burned for I6 1/2 seconds 

and it should have been a good one. 

69:50:28 C Roger. We also have sunrise and sunset times for 


69:50:32 CC All right. Go ahead, 

69:50:^40 C ... the sunrise was at 69:43:17 ... 

69:51:01 C Roger. This is Gemini VII. 

69:51:03 CC Go ahead. We received the sunrise. We did not get 

the sunset, 

69:51:09 C Sunset was 69:11:19. 

69:51:13 CC Roger, Understand, Sunrise, 69:1+3:17; sunset, 


69:51:23 C That is Roger, 

69:51:25 CC Roger. How is this connection? Are you reading us 


69:51:28 C Reading you fine now. 

69:51:30 CC Roger, Stand by. 



69:51:39 CC Frank? 
69:51:41 C Yes. 

69:51:^ CC Stand by. Deke woiild like to talk to you for a 


69:51:45 CC Hey, Frank. This is Deke. How do you read? 

69:51:^48 C Real clear. 

69:51:49 CC Okay. One question. You've been nominated for the 

National Award - - 

69:51:53 C My q\Jit working. 

69:51:55 CC What's that? 

69:51:57 C All right, Deke. 

69:51:59 CC You've been nominated for the National War College, 

effective AugiiSt '66, and I have to send an answer 
back tomorrow. I assume you want to go. 

69:52:10 C Say again, would you Deke? 

69:52:14 CC I said, you've been ncniinated for the National War 

College by USAF Headquarters. I need an answer 
tomorrow. I intended to tell them you wanted to go. 
Is that correct? 

69:52:26 P That's wrong. I volunteered him. 

69:52:30 CC Roger. Okay. We'll give them the right answer. 

69:52:32 C Thank you very much. 

69:52:34 CC Roger. 

69:52:37 CC You're doing a good job up there, Sport. We'll 

see you later, 

69:52:39 C It's a lot of fun.' 
69:52:41 CC I bet it is. 

69:53:00 CC Gemini VH, Houston. I have an addition to the 




flight plan update. 
69:53:07 P Roger. Stsuid by 1 second. 

69:53:19 P We ajre ready to copy, Houston. 

65:53:21+ GC This is on the flight plan Time line. We want you 

to adjust the Time line by 5 minutes. For instance, 
change 66:00 to 66:05. Do you copy? 

69:53:45 C Roger. We're adjusting the Time line 5 minutes ... 

another 5 minutes. 

69:53:50 CC Roger. That's all we have, 


70:10:56 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston GAP COM. 

70:11:01 P This is VII. Read you loud and clear. 

70:11:03 CC Roger. Would you get that probe in your mouth? 

70:11:10 P Roger, Temperature is in Frank's mouth. 

70:11:13 CC Roger. 

70:11:18 CC Could you tell me how the QAMS quantity gage looks? 

70:11:22 P Roger, QAMS quantity now looks like 59 percent. 

70:11:26 CC Very good, 

70:11:36 CC Has he had the thermometer in for quite a while? 

70:ll:lK) P No. It's still going up. 

70:11:142 CC Roger. 

70:11:56 CC Stand by for the Surgeon, Gemini VII. 

70:12:00 CC Frank, this is Surgeon. Let's go ahead with the 

blood pressure with the probe in. While it's 
coming up Frank, let's get your first blood pres- 



Your cuff is full-scale. 

We have a valid blood pressure. Let's ~ - 

Starting exercise, 


Gemini VII, this is Surgeon. Jim, what probe did 
he have in? Is it the one with the lightweight 

Roger, He has the one with the lightweight head- 

Blood pressure caning through. 
Cuff full-scale. 

We have a valid blood pressure, Gemini VII. You 
can also remove the temperature probe, Frank., 


Gemini VII, this is Surgeon, Frank, we have no 
more to add, I think, to your food, water and sleep 
report. We have all of that data frcm Jim on the 
last pass, I would like to ask a few questions 
here. One, what about the exercise before meals? 
Have you been doing those as programmed now? 

Chuck, we missed those yesterday due to the work 
load. We didn^t get them in, but we're going to 
do them religiously today. 

Very good. Are you feeling stiff at all, Jim? 

Not too stiff. Just about around the waist is a 
little stiffness. We have to keep arching our 
backs a little bit due to our sitting position. 

Gemini VII. Right now you soirnd as if your voice 
is getting a little bit gravelly, and we heard 
this on a couple of occasions yesterday. Have you 
had any hoarseness or dryness in the cabin at all? 
Any symptoms at all? 




Ify voice soimds a little hoarse in the cabin, too. 
Might be due to the oxygen, but no other problems. 

How do I sound, Chuck? 

You must be taking heliunU 

No, we're feeling fine. I'm very sorry about the 
EEG experiment. The ... caught on as I was trying 
to put scmething away and ripped ... three of them 
off. We tried last night but we just couldn't put 
them back on satisfactorily. 

That's perfectly understandable, Frank. You didn't 
have the proper equipment for trying to replace 
those, and it was just an attempt that - it would 
be a real ajnazing thing if it did work out. It 
was worth a try and we're sorry it didn't, too. 

. . . anyway. 


We have one other thing. I wonder if in the report- 
ing on these meals - you're doing very well report- 
ing meal number and reporting the time you had that 
meal, which is real helpful to us in our log here. 
Is it possible from your log of the water - at the 
time you say you had a certain meal at a given hour - 
could you also give us your water intake at the tijne 
so we can get some additional points on our curve 
here? It would make it easier to spread in the 24- 
hour period. Is that easy to do? 

We can give you the water that we added to the meal 
that we're supposed to eat at the same time as the 
meal, plus the water we drink at meal time. How's 

That would be very fine, Jim, if you could do that. 
I have nothing else here, 

Gemini VII, Houston. Have the news for the day if 
you're ready. 

All right. That's a good diversion. Go ahead. 



John Meekham has just bought half of Houston, seems 
like. He's bought five major properties of the 
Jones family, including the Chronicle, the Rice 
Hotel, and a third interest in the Texas National 
Bank of Ccramerce. 

Great Scot I 

The Russian moon shot, Luna 8, did not work. Ap- 
parently they hit the moon too hard. I guess you 
heard about that last night, though, 


And, mentioned in the Gemini VII story, it talks 
about you're the well-dressed pilot. There is also 
a comment, the press is calling MCC the Kraft M\isic 
Hall. We had another big power blackout last night. 
Electrical power was out for about 25 minutes in 10 
counties in east Texas, And the final item, there 
are l8 shopping days to Christmas. 

... about . 

That's all we have on this pass, Gemini VII. 
Thank you for the news, Elliot. 


Gemini VII, you might have your systems books out 
if you want to on the next pass, and we'll discuss 
your status as we see it here on the ground. 

Thank you. 

Roger. Go ahead. 

We would like a report on our new orbit on the out- 
come of that bum if you get a chance, 

Roger. We'll give it to you as soon as we have it. 

Thank you. 




70:21:11 CC We plan to look at the States data and Carnarvon 

tracliing also before we give that. 

70:21:18 C Roger, thank you. 

70:21:21 CC How was the stax reference? 

70:21:23 G Excellent.' No trouble at all. 

70:21:26 CC Roger. 

70:31:16 CC Gemini VII, Canary ... read. 

70:31:33 C Canary, this is Gemini VII, You're loud and clear. 

70:31:36 CC Roger, We have you GO on the ground. All systems 

look good, 

70:31:39 C Roger. Thank you, Canary. 

70:31:41 CC From Bermuda ... 127.2 by 171.1f. Exactly what we 

asked for. 

70:31:53 C Roger. Thank you. 

70:33:16 CC VII, Canary. 

70:33:19 C Go ahead. 

70:33:20 CC Roger, You still receiving HF? 

70:33:23 C Yes, but we've been so busy we haven't ,.. but we 

can try though. 

70:33:32 C Roger. Coming in a little garbled. 

70:33:33 CC Roger. 

70:41:39 C 

70:41:56 P Okay. 

70:42:12 C This is D-9 ... stars, 



I lost .... Do you have it? You can do what you 
want to ... . Is the recorder still on? Is the 
recorder still on or not? ... 

Measure to the top of the bright-hand horizon with- 
out the filter. The horizon is completely unavail- 
able with the green filter in. 


Gemini VII, Houston. Were you calling? 

Gemini VII, You're very weak. Say again, please. 

The green filter on this segment blocks out the 
horizon completely. 

Roger, So you're not using it at all? 
We're using no filter, 
Roger, I read you. 

Right. This is the second sequence. Temperature 

... 15 minutes ... cloud cover on the earth ... 
... is just one bright band .... It appears to 
us as the esirth's horizon but it's va^e and biggest 
of the stars ,,. 

All our shots are ... horizon which is probably a 
glow of the earth breaic -where the cloud . . . 

All of our cloud shots have been . . . rolled the 
spacecraft vertically so that the vdndow . . . 

... shots. ... 

Jim. is now on record commenting on the . . . horizon 
with the blue -haze filter, D-9. I can see the 
horizon and the earth through the blue -haze filter, 
I cannot pick oufc etny alrglow band above the horizon 
though. Just blue -haze color. 




71:24:37 ^ Ttiere seems to be a lot of haze extending upwards 

from the horizon itself. The horizon is very fuzzy, 
but don't see any band above the horizon. 

71:25:00 C None at all, Jim? 

71:25:01 P No. 

71:25:03 C ... back there we had the whole night run plus you 

kept your eyes shut imtil we got here. 

71:25:05 P Right. 

71:25:06 C Okay. Going off recorder. 


71:31:i+l CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CiLP COM. 

71:31: ^4-4 C Go ahead, Hawaii. Gemini VII. 

71:31:^ CC How are you doing this morning? 

71:31:51 CC How are you all doing up there this morning? 

71:31:5^ C ... standing by for a fuel cell purge, 

71:31:56 CC Okay. We're showing you GO here on the ground. We're 

ready for your purge. Go ahead and start it. 

71:32:19 CC Ccmmand Pilot, if you can copy, I have a short flight 

plan update for you. 

71:32:22 C Stand by a minute. 

71:32:24 CC All right. 

71:32:29 C Okay. Go ahead. 

71:32:31 CC S-8/D-13: 71:47:26; Sequence 02; delete weather. 

71:32:46 C Do you want me - want us to delete that because of 


71:32:49 CC Roger. 




71:32:5^ CC B-k/B-Yi 71:47:26; Sequence 4l9; Mode 02; start 

at Mississippi fiiver and continue to Atlantic Coast. 

71:33:21+ C Roger, we have that, 

71:33:26 CC Okay. That's the flight plan update. Would you put 

Quantity Reeid switch to ECS 02 position? 

71:33:34 C All right. 

71:35:18 P Hawaii, this is Gemini VII. Do you have any word on 

the weather over Houston? 

71:35:22 CC Hold on here a second; let me check.. 

71:35:30 CC They have to get soraehody that can look outside. 

They've no windows in that building. 

71:35:33 C Okay. 

71:35:52 CC They say they've got high scattered clouds. 

71:35:56 C Okay. Fine. 

71:36:54 CC Fuel cell - correction - Quantity Read switch to 

FUEL CELL 02 position. 

71:36:57 C Roger. 

71:41:36 P Okay. We're turning on the IR for a run frcm the 

Mississippi to the Atlantic. Getting set here. We 
had to delete S-8/D-13 because of weather; we are 
changing the emphasis on there. D-l4 also. Okay. 
We finished D-4/D-7, taking an IR run sequence for 
4l9, Mode 2, So actually we ran it all the way from 
Mexico to Florida, Pointed down to the earth. We 
have some clouds in there but quite a great deal of 
... We also took some series of pictures of Houston 
and then some color-shifted IR film across Mississ- 
ippi and Florida. All of this is recorded in the 
log book. 


71:41:48 C Hawaii, this is Gemini. Can we turn off the Hydrogen 

Head switch now? 




Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. Roger. You can turn 
it to the OFF position. 

Thank, you. Do you want me to turn that heater on 
or . . . 

Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP CCM. Flight advises they'll 
wait and look at it over the States and then give 
you - - 


All systems look good here on the ground. We don't 
have anything special for you. We'll be standing 

Thank you. 


Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP CCM. 
Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 
Go ahead, Houston. Gemini VII. 

Roger. We would like to have you take a look at the 
weather in the Hoi;iston - in the Laredo area this 
time in preparation for a possible pass next time. 
Can you see it at all? 

Roger, Houston, 

Gemini VII, Houston. Could you place your Qi;iantity 
Read switch in the FUEL CELL HYDROGEN position? 
We're not sure we got a good readout at Hawaii. 

It reads about 38O. 


Can you see Laredo at all? 
We're not there yet. 



71:k6:k3 CC Okay. 

71:^:50 CC Whea it's convenient, I'd like to run over the sys- 

tems real quick here with you. 

71:^:55 C Okay. Stand by a minute, please. 

71:^+7:23 CC Gemini VII. You have a Tx cooing up in about 30 


71:^+7:27 C Thank you. 

71:W:01 P The weather - we're right over Laredo now - may be 

good next pass; it's Just very high ... 

71:1+8:08 CC Roger, VII. We'll give it a try next time if we 

can get it set up. 

71:^:13 P All right. 

71:^:20 CC Got your book out yet? 

71:^48:22 C Say again. 

71:l48:2ij- CC Got your book out yet? 

71:^:26 C Stand by just a minute, please. 

71:^48:37 C Smile, Elliot. 

71:kd:kO CC Are you ready? 

71: W:^ C We're taking your picture. 

71:48:43 CC Oh, okay. 

71:49:04 CC That's all we have down here is smiles, Frank. 

71:49:07 C Roger, Chris. Boy, is it ever clear today. We're 

right over Houston now. The Astrodome sticks out 
like a sore thumb. We can see the whole works. 

71:49:15 CC Roger. 

71:49:27 CC Can you associate the music, the HP reception, with 

the day -night cycles at all, or has it been generally 
good ail the way around? 




It ' s been good. 
Okay on the systems. 

Okay, and you can tiim off your Hg switch now. 

Okay. The first curve I have in your book here is 
the estimated propellant usage. If you adjust the 
curve down for the maneuvers we've made ahead of 
time here, raising the perigee, we feel you're run- 
ning about 12 pounds ahead on that curve. That's 
at approximately 70 hours. 


The next one is primary 02. As you know, you show 
ending up with about a 38 percent at the completion 
of the mission. We show you're running about k 
percent ajiead of that at the present time. 


The next one is the full cell Cryos, We show you're 
expecting about 15 percent at completion of mission. 
We show you're running about 2 percent ahead of that 
on oxygen and about k percent aheaxi on hydrogen. 


On the water, we show you're running just about on 
the line for water usage, based on the equipment 
adapter water only. Of course, in addition to that 
you have your retro water, so looks like you're in 
real good shape on that. 


In regard to the , . . 

You're probably about as familiar with that as we 
are. Understand you didn't have to pump any of 
them up during the night. They all held very well. 
The ECS 02 usage appears to drop substantially dur- 
ing the sleep period, and so it's holding very con- 
stant at about 700 pounds, we show here. The fuel 
cell oxygen pressure dropped the most of all of 
them and apparently we have a real good bottle there. 




It's very well insulated and the pressure came down. 
You had pumped it up ahout, up to about 87O or so, 
and our pressure here and that came down during the 
night, back down to about 500 on our gages, 

71:52:16 C All right. 

71:52:19 CC So looks like we have real good bottle there. Hydro- 

gen came down a little bit. I think it dropped about 
50 pounds or so during the night. It looks like 
we're in real good shape on everything. 

71:52:29 C Veiy good, 

71:52:33 CC Did you get these on-board gage readings to be used 

for yoxir Cryo temperature controls or pressure con- 
trols? We have a set of readings here which are good 
until about 80 hours, if you would like to use them. 

71:52:^48 C Okay. Standby. I'll copy them. 

71:52:51 CC Roger. 

71:52:57 C Go ahead, 

71:52:59 CO Okay. ECS O2: We have a minimum of 417, a nominal 

range of 500 to 582. These are your on-board gage 
readings. Fuel cell O2: Minimum 208, nominal 333 
to 500. Fuel cell H2: Minimum 333, nominal 445 to 
500. Did you copy? 

71:53:37 C Roger. Thank you. 

71:54:11 C Boy.' Hi Fi is really coming in great now, Elliot. 

71:54:15 CC Roger, We're getting it pretty good here too. Is 

it seeming to hold all the way around or do you get 
fadeouts in certain areas? 

71:54:23 C We get fadeout in areajs, but it sure is good over 


71:54:29 CC Does it seem to be related to the day -night cycle 

at all? 

71:54:33 C We haven't noticed it. Actually, when we get real 

busy, we turn it off. It would be difficult to 




relate it to anything while we're working. 
71: 5^: to CC Roger, 

71:55:50 CC Frank, that bum worked out real well. Real pleased 

to see that you were able to do that well with the 
platform down. 

71:55:57 C Roger. You gave us the right stars; you can't miss. 

71:56:02 CC How about the pitch reference? Do you feel you need 

any - do you feel that's any problem at all? 

71:56:08 C Nothing. 

71:56:09 CC I say, do you feel that the pitch reference is any 


71:56:14 C Pitch is no problem. 

71:56:15 CC Okay. 

71:56:17 C As a matter of fact, the moon is so bright, we can 

even pick up . . . at night on the clouds below. 

71: 56: 22 C Roger. 

71:57:33 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Do you know roughly what the 

time left on yoirr B-k recorder is? 

71:57:55 C 17 minutes and 20 seconds are elapsed, but if you 

want to we can play it back. 

71:58:00 CC Roger, Have you seen any Aurora on your night pas- 


71:58:07 C Negative. 

71:58:09 CC Roger, 

71:58:10 C No meteors either. Just quite a bit of fires over 

Africa and a lot of thunderstorms over the Amazon. 

71:58:18 CC Roger. 




72: to: 36 

72: to: 37 
72: to:4l 









CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP CCM. 

C Carnarvon, this is Gemini VII. Go ahead. 

CC Roger. I've got three items on your flight plan 

to delete because of weather, whenever you're ready. 

C Stand by a minute. 

CC Roger. 

CC Oltay. Go ahead, please. 

CC Okay. The first one is the Apollo Landmark at 

Time, 73:08:to; Sequence 234. Second item is the 
D-4/D-7: 73:08: to; Sequence Huraber 420. The final 
item is MSC-4: 73:45:35; and these are deleted due 
to weather. 

C Roger, Thank you. 

CC Roger. Everything looks good from the ground. We 
have nothing further for you. We're standing by. 

C Thank you. 

CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP CCM. 
C Go ahead, Carnarvon. 

CC Roger. Would you check your fuel cell hydrogen 
pressure please? 

C Roger. I'm reading 360 about. 

C What do you read? 

CC Okay. Gemini VII, what we would like to do is have 
you keep it between 445 and 500. 

C Okay. I was working the minimum on it. They gave 

me the minimum on 333 • 

CC Okay, Flight Just said he would like for you to 




keep it "between 445 ajid 500. Would you run it up, 

72:45:51 C The heater's on. 

72:45:53 CC Roger. Thank you. 


73:06:19 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM, 

73:06:23 C Go ahead, Hawaii. Gemini VII. 

73:06:25 CC Roger. We're still showing you GO here. Standing 


73:06:29 P Roger* Do you want the fuel cell purge now? 

73:06:33 CC Negative. 

73:06:35 P Okay. That was in the original flight plan. I guess 

they must have chajiged it. Thank you. We'll de- 
lete it, 

73:06:45 CC Roger. Would you give me the position of your 

adapter C-Band, please? 

73:06:52 C On CCMMAMD. 

73:06:56 CC Roger. All those original flight plan items have 

been changed. 

73:07:02 C Roger. 

73:07:21 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii. Would you please put your 

adapter C-Bajid to COHTIKUOUS for a moment? 

73:07:26 C Roger. 

73 : 07 : 28 C CONTINUCUS . 

73:07:41 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii. How do you feel about an S-8/ 

D-13 experjjaent on your next pass? 

73:07:50 C Roger. Going to try it, 



73:07:5^ CC Roger. 

73:08:1^ CC Roger. Oemini VII, would you go laack to COMMAND on 

your adapter C-Band - your ACQ -AID? 

73:08:21 C ... adapter C-Band. 

73:08:2U C Roger. 


73:17:27 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP C<M. 

73:17:36 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Do you read? 

73:17:38 P We read you loud and clear. Go ahead. 

73:17:k) CC Roger. Are you all set up, Frank, for the S-8? 

73:17:^ C Roger. 

73:17:^16 CC Can I give you some items here - and you just tell 

me when to stop? i^e have several items on a con- 
tinued flight plan update, 

73:17:57 C Roger. Stand by a minute. 

73:18:07 C Go ahead. 

73:l8:08 CC Okay. You just tell me when to stop here for your 


73:18:12 C All right. 

73:l8:l4 CC We have a slight change in the closest approach time 

for this S-8. Time is now 73:23:41. 

73:18:28 P Roger. 

73:13:29 CC Are you just crossing the coast of California now? 

73:18:35 P We're coming up on it now. 

73:18:37 CC Okay. The next item is D"Vl'-7: 7^:00:00; Se- 

quences ^4-15 and kl6; Mode 02; cancel, weather. 




73:19:08 CC Did you copy? 

73:19:09 P Roger. Cancel, weather. 

73:19:14 CC I'll just keep going here and I'll stop, every item. 

You tell me if I need to stop talldng. 

73:19:20 C Elliot, you better stop it now. We're coming up 

over the coast. We'll be there shortly, 

73:19:25 CC Okay. Give me a call when you're free to talk after- 

wards . 

73:19:28 C Roger. 

73:21:^46 P You're coming up on S-8/D-I3. There goes El Paso. 

73:21:55 C El Paso? 

73:22:09 P Yes, vlell, let's see, there are some clouds off the 

coast, hut we just might luck out, Frank. 

73:22:11 C We got the red patch. Up there. 

73:22:16 P V/e got the red patch already? 

73:22:17 C Yes, Out quite aways. See it out there? 

73:22:26 P Come on now.' There is too much haze today. 

73:22:33 C I've got it. 

73:22:34 P Just that little patch. Okay, Now. 

73:22:35 C See the red patch there now? Look, Jim. 

73:22:42 P Okay. I've got it. 

73:23:04 C Any luck? 

73:23:05 P No. 

73:23:23 P It's on your side, 

73:23:26 C What? 

73:23:38 P It's right below you now, I think. Do you see it? 



73: 23: to C No, 

73:23:)+5 P Do you want to roll it? 

73:23:4? C \-ihxch way? 

73:23:48 P Do™ to your left but I don't think ... 

73:23:59 C No, we didn't pick it up, Elliot. There is a cloud - 

high cloud cover and we missed it, 

73:24:05 CC Okay^ Fraxik, 

73:24:13 CC That was a real good pass. Right - almost directly 

over the site, so we thought you might be able to 
have some luck on that. 

73:24:21 C Roger. Well, there are clouds. It's clear every- 

where else but right over there. 

73:24:26 CC Okay. What control mode did you use during the 


73:24:28 C Aztec Sequence, 74:36. We don't see any jet streams 

here so we're taking some pictures of the unusual 
cloud fornations here, Down there ... We ought to 
come up with some. Roll them this way so I can get 
a shot . • . Jet stream ... 

73:24:32 C RATE GOMMAUD. 

73:24:34 CC RATE CQMMARD. Roger. And do you have any non- 

nominal stowage that you could mention? We're look- 
ing into the weight distribution. 

73:24:47 C Say again, please. 

73:24:48 CC Do you have any non-narainal stowage that you care 

to report? We have a question in regard to weight 

73:24:59 P No. We're doing everything according to plan so 


73:25:08 P Stand by just one. 

73:25:12 P ... stands out like a sore thumb up there. 




73:25:20 P I say, you can really see the new airport, 

73:25:23 CC Oh ... . Roger. 

73:25:25 P 

73:25:27 P Okay, Jim. It's 7l|;10:00. Cabin temperature sur- 

vey. S-6: 7^:36:00, Sequence Nimbers k, 10 and 
11; Jet stream cirrus south of track. Do you copy? 

73:26:00 P Roger. 

73:26:02 CC Time: "jk'.hliQO; purge fuel cells; that will be at 

Hawaii. D-9: Time, 75:11:00; Sequence 01; Mode 02, 
Time: 76:16:00; crew status report on the Conmand 
Pilot at Hawaii. Time: 76:28:00; crew status re- 
port on the Pilot at Guaymas, MSC-2 and 3: Time, 
76:^40:00; Sequence Oh; stop at 77:00:00. Do you 

73:27:06 P Roger. 

73:27:09 CC D-k/l)-7: 77:09:00; Sequence Ul2; Mode 02; use air- 

glow, measure for 2 minutes. 77:33:00: flight plan 
report at CSQ. 78:24:00: PLA update at the RKV. 
79:08:00: purge fuel cells at the CSQ. Did you 

73:28:05 P Roger. 

73:28:08 CC Okay. That's the end of the message, 

73:28:12 C Elliot, I think the flight plan is going real well. 

You're keeping us busy but not too busy - looks just 
about right, 

73:28:19 CC Very good. Glad to hear that and sorry we had to 

cancel so many of them today due to the weather. 

73:28:26 C Roger. Did Mike and Ed get back all right? 

73:28:28 CC Oh yes. They've been in and out - kibitzing - and 

one thing and another, 

73:28:33 C Did they have to stop at Brookley? 

73:28:36 CC I didn't ask them. I'll check with them when I see 





73: 28: to C They hardly ever make it nonstop. 

73:28:44 GC Roger. 

73:28:54 CC Frank, I really think that we have got a real good 

hajicile on what these hydrogen and oxygen quantities 
are doing and how you're going to \ise the rest of 
them during the flight. And I think that you should 
pay attention to using these auto heaters. We are 
going to try and give you our test advice this after- 
noon, and when they give it to you I think you ought 
to follow it. 

73:29:16 C I have been, Chris 

73:29:19 CC I'm talking about the use of the auto heaters. Auto 


73:29:24 C Roger, We've been following any advice you gave. 

73:29:29 CC Okay. 

73:29:30 CC We're talking about leaving them in the AJJZO posi- 

tion during the sleep period, Frank. 

73:29:36 C Okay, fine, if that's what you want to do. 

73:29:38 CC Very good. 

73:30:03 CC Frank. We're real pleased about how everything's 

going, usage of fuel and the productiveness of the 
flight. And I think we just want to say: keep up 
the good work, Eveiythlng is looking real good for 
both of you, 

73:30:17 C Thank you, 

73:30:20 CC How's the suit configuration doing now? Are you 

both fairly comfortable? 

73:30:25 C Roger. 

73:30:29 CC You have a Tx on the way in about a half a minute, 

73:30:33 C Thank you. 

73:30: to CC Frank, are you squared away with what we're doing 




with the orbits now? 

I think you're getting us in sync so you can put us 
up for a good window launch on either eight or nine. 

That's correct. 


Look's like we're going to he well within the fuel 
budget to get almost a perfect l5l. 

Very good, 

Jim, could you comment on the ccmparison of the suit 
configuration versus the non-suit; that is, as to 
ccanfort and ease of getting aroimd the cockpit and 
so forth? 

Well, Elliot, there is really no comparison as far 
as getting around in the coclq)it. I can get back to 
my food box and wsiste basket with no strain, 

. • • 

I have a lot easier way of getting around, suid I 
stowed the suit as we planned, ... Mike's sugges- 
tion. I'm dry and canafortable. During the night I 
get a bit cool when I sleep. The circulation is not 
as great with the suit off. In other words, it 
might be a tense spot scmeplace. But my hose is in 
position whereby I get nice circulation . . . the 

Roger, Understand, Jim. 

Elliot, one other thing required for perfect suit- 
off operation in the spacecraft is the proper place- 
ment of ventilators. 

Roger. I copy. How about this business of getting 
a little cooler at night? Do you feel it was too 
cool, or did you adjust the temperature up slightly 
to take caxe of that? 

Right. I could adjust itj however, I didn't want to 
because of Frank and I think it's just because my 




metabolic reaction ... Frank says he gets a little 
cool at night , too. 

J3:^2:k2 CC Okay. So possibly by turning the heater up - the 

temperature up a little bit - it might Just take 
care of that part. 

73:32:^49 P Yes. Because I think we slow down, and sleeping - 

we're not producing much heat; and, therefore, we 
just slowly get cooled off. 

73:32:55 CC Soger. 


73:36:52 CC Gemini VII, Houston Flight. 

73:37:12 P This is VII. Go ahead, Houston. 

73:37:15 CC Just want to wish you good day. 

73:37:29 CC Gemini VII, just signing off BED shift for today. 

We'll see you tomorrow. 

73:^:33 CC Gemini VII, Houston GAP CCM. 

73:^:53 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Do you read? 

73:^:57 P Roger. Houston. This is VII. 

73:^3:01 CC Roger. Like to ask how you took picture of the 

Polaris. Did you use movie camera or still camera? 

73:^+3:17 C Say again, please. 

73:^3:19 CC What did you take picture of - what did you take 

pictures with yesterday on the missile launching? 
Did you use the Hasselblad or what was that? 

73:^3:31 C We used both. We had the l6ram going and we used the 


73:^3:37 CC Had everything going, correct? 

73 : ^3 : 39 C Everything. 




73:^^3: In GC Roger. 


7lt:l6:23 GC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

74:16:28 P This is Vn. Go ahead. 

74:16:30 CC Roger. I have one item here for you. It's a node 


74:16:36 P Roger. Standby. 

74: 16: 37 CC Roger. 

74:16:49 P Go ahead. 

74:16:52 CC Roger. ... Time: 75:57:39; Jtev 48; 115,9 degrees 

east; right ascension at 12:17: 13 > and that's it. 
We have nothing else for you. You look good here 
on the ground. We're standing by. 

74:17:25 P Roger, Thank you. 

74:17:28 CC Roger, 

74:17:29 C Carnarvon, this is Gemini VII, 

74:17:31 CC Roger, 

74:17:32 C Check with Flight. I understand he wants me to go 

to auto heaters. Is that correct? 

74:17:38 CC I think it was just during the sleep period. Stand 

by. I'll ... on that. 

74:18:01 CC Roger, Gemini VII. It will be only the auto heater 

on the RSS O2 bottle during the sleep period. They'll 
brief you further on that again over the States. 

74:16:12 C Very well. Thank you, 

74:18:14 GC Roger. 

74:18:17 C That sure sounds like Gene ... It's not, is it? 




7i4-:l8:20 CC Down here? Negative. 

7^^:18:22 C Okay. 

74:18:23 CC ... down to Houston. He just cajne on. 

74:18:27 C I thought maytie he took a good deal and went to 


74:18:30 CC No. He's not. 

74: 18: 32 C Okay. 


74:41:12 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii GAP CCM. 

74:41:26 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP CCM, 

74:41:27 C Did you get a picture of that program? 

74:41:28 P Yes, I got a picture ... 

74:41:29 C Go ahead, Hawaii. Gemini VII. 

74;4l:31 CC Okay, We're GO here on the ground. We're ready 

for your fuel cell purge. 

74:41:36 P Roger. Stand by just one. We're taking am S-6 

picture now. 

74:41:39 CC All right. 

74:41:49 P Okay, Temp of 59, relative humidity ... 

74:42:54 C Okay. Take a pencil and mark "used", or something 

like that. 

74:43:27 P Okay. We just took some pictures, 30 through 36. 

The temperature ,., and cloud ... Gemini VII, 

74:43:28 C You took a picture of S-6 at 74:51:13. Cloud for- 

mation over the Pacific. 

74:%: 58 P Hawaii, Gemini VII. Purge couplete. 






Olcay. We've got all that. Do you need anyttdng 

7h' 14.7*0? 


Nnfi fL "h hi HP"* 

You need not acknowledge. 



Thank you. 

74:5^: 58 


3-6 at 7^:5^:58; taMng a picture of what looks to 
be a low forming over Mexico. A very well -develop- 
ed flow pattern. 

1 ^. jj. ±>j 


Ta^tt "OJT an S — ^ SpnnpTi(^p» 7li» S7* Ll-'^* T uflci ■f-'mrnno- 

to record then ... 


7i+: 55:36 


Gemini VH, Gemini VII, Houston CAP CCM. Over, 

7^+: 55:39 


Roger, Houston. 



Roger, How have things been going up there, Frank? 






Good. I've got a briefing on your Cryos - what we 
would like to suggest you do, if you'd like to 
listen in. 



Go ahead. 



Okay, First of all, the ECS 02. The pressure de- 

crease has pretty well stabilized out to be about 
zero. Between now and the expected time that the 
sleep period begins, it's probably going to start 
increasing in pressure up to a point of about 3 psi 
per hour and then continue a slow increase during 
your sleep cycle. So what we're going to be re- 
commending is that you keep your ECS 02 heaters off, 
and they're probably going to remain off throu^ the 
rest of the mission. 



7^:56:2i+ C All right. 

7)4:56: 25 CC Olcay, the RSS Hg. Prior to the sleep period, we'd 

like you to build it up to about kh5 psia. This is 
an on-boar,d reading, 

71+: 56: 36 C Right. 

7^1:56:37 CC This gives you about 5 hours after your sleep period 

before you actually hit the dome, or before you 
actually would need heat with the present decay rate, 

7k:3S:kQ C Right. 

7k:'^6:k-<^ CC So what we're going to suggest then is that you keep 

the RSS H2 heaters off during the sleep period. 

74:56:56 C off also. 

74:56:58 CC Right. How your RSS 02. We'll give you an exact 

time account on this, but what we're going to like 
you to do, or want you to do, is go to the AUIO po- 
sition on your heater, probably about one revolu- 
tion prior to your sleep period. This will give us 
a chance to monitor the heater and the temperatures 
and watch them stabilize out. 






And we'll give you a hack exactly when we want 
to go to the AUTO position on the Og* 

74: 57:28 


Fine and dandy. 



Taking an S-5 picture. 

74: 57:4o 


Say again, Frank. 

74: 57:43 


I'm sorry. I was trying to record that hack. 

74: 57:45 



74: 57:46 









74:58:03 C Haclt. 

74:58:15 C S-6 sequence continuing. 74:58. 

74:58:16 C Hack. 

74:58:25 CC Gemini VII, Houston. The rest of our pass is pretty- 

empty. If there's anything I can peiss on home for 
you, I'd be glad to. If not, your WHITE TEAM will 
he watching while you're sleeping tonight. 

74: 50:27 


74: 58:37 



74: 58:38 



74: 58: 40 


Say hello to everybody for us. 

ry \, r-Q lit 

74: 50: 41 




I said to say hello to everyone at home for us. 

74: 58:43 


Say hello to everybody for us. 

74: 58: 48 


Say again, Gemini VII. 



I said, say hello to everyone at home for us. 

74: 58: 51 


I sure will do. Right after we lose you here. 




74: 59:00 


I might add that everyone's fine and everybody's 
very happy down here. 



Thank you. 

74: 59: 06 


Thank you. Okay. There are not many clouds now, 
Okay, Ban into cloud trouble, ceasing at 74:59:11 

74: 59:17 


I guess Jim knows that he's been called the "man 
the flying underwear" now. 

74: 59:22 



74: 59:27 


Do you smell that underwear? 



74:59:30 C Yes. 

7^:59:3^ C Okay. Let's see. Let's get those ... 7^:15:09. 

How many did we take? 

74:59:39 ? 9 total ... 

74: 59: 40 C Yes. 

74:59:41 C What's the sequence over northern Mexico, Jim? 

75:00:01 P Wait. I'll look it up. 5. 

75:00:06 C ... Mexico had just what they wanted. 

That's a Number 1 priority. 


75:00:42 C Well, they want all that info on there too. 

75:00:46 C Time, sequence, mode, 

75:00:49 P Okay. The time for the last one was 74:59: Maga- 

zine Number M; Shot Numbers 2 to 9; Frames 2 to 9; 
Sequence 01; Mode 01 on S-5. We have taken, approx- 
imately 74:36, cloud pictures over the Pacific. 
Ahout 5 frames. Magazine A. We've taken 2 frames of 
Magazine M, fll, at 250. we've also taken, over 
southern Mexico, about 01 stipped photos of Mexico. 
Approximately 74:59. Do you hold the position now? 

75:04:06 C That's what I'm going to do. Why? 

75:04:07 P I want to get a moon shot. 

75:04:13 C Take it with 26mm. 

75:04:34 P 

75:04:35 P Recorder tape just blinked. What's the time, Frank? 

75:04:42 C 75: 06. 

75:05:06 C Now taking measurements D-9; Mode 1; Sequence Ij 

Mode 02. Just started with . . . and presently now 
to ... I am having trouble with this D-9 measure- 




ment because the moon is so "bright that it makes a 
little difficult tiylng ... stax, Jim. 


Gemini VII, KKV CAP COM. You need not acknowledge. 
All your systems are GO, We're standing by. 

Thank, you, RKY, 

I have an S~8/D-13 from this morning. Boreman mis- 
sed 7 a-nd Lovell missed 11. 


We're doing D-9 now. We Just completed a sequence 
for S-6 over the Pacific aind also a Sequence 1, S-5 
over southern Mexico, Sequence 1, Mode 1 on S-5. 


How is it down on the ground? 
Real nice today. 

. . . stars because the bright moon . . . identification 
» • * 

We did not use . . . 
We do not . . . 


Gemini VII, CSQ. We have nothing for you this pass. 
We have you GO on the ground. You need not acknow- 
ledge this transmission, 


Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM, 




76:17:01+ P This is VII, Hawaii. Loud and clear, 

76:17:07 GC Roger. Hold the temperature a little bit. V/e're - 

it's still rising - we're showing you GO on the 

76:17:16 P Roger, Understand GO on the ground. 

76:18:11 CG Gemini VII, we have a good hold temperature. Stand- 

ing by for your blood pressure. 

76:18:17 P Coning down. 

76:18:23 CC Your cuff is full-scale, 

76:19:27 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your exercise. 

76:19:32 P MAJIK:. On the exercise, 

76:20:02 P Blood pressure coming do\m. 

76:20:05 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

76:20:^7 CC We have a good blood pressure; standing by for your 

food, water and sleep report. 

76:20:59 P Roger. For the Goramand Pilot: total water to date, 

298 ounces. He had one meal. Day 7, Meal C, at which 
time he had with it about I5 ounces of water. 

76:21:19 CC Roger. 

76:21:21 P For the Pilot: total water to date, 23k ounces; 

one meal, Day J, Meal C, 12 ounces of water ^ 
the meal. 

76:21:35 CC Roger, Gemini VII. Do you have a total water con- 

sumption at the time of your Meal 7-C? 

76:21: i+9 P For the Pilot, I think total water comsumption is 

around I5 ounces during that time, 

76:21:55 CC 15 ounces at that time. 

76:22:00 CC Roger, Gemini VII. 




76:22:02 CC Would you turn off yoiir BIO MED Tape Recorder Num- 

ber 1? 

76:22:09 P Roger, Number 1 cut off. 

76:22:14 CC Thank you, Gemini VII. Hawaii Surgeon out. 

76:22:19 P Roger, The Ccamand Pilot had about 19 ounces dur- 

ing his meal time. 

76:23:20 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. You have a UHF 6 test 

over the RKV this pass, 

76:23:29 P VII, Roger, 

^6:2^: 3k C Gu£iyraas, this is Gemini VII. How do you read? 

76:29:37 CC Loud and cleeir. Loud and clear, Gemini VII. 

76:29:41 C Are you getting our oral temperature? 

76:29:42 CC Roger. It's coming up real good. They want to 

conduct the crew status report over Texas, Your 
temperature is up real well. 

76:29:49 C Okay, Thank you. 

76:29:52 C We vere given 76:28 but we'll hold on. 

76:29:57 CC Roger. You should be getting to Texas in about 2 


76:30:01 C Thank you, 

76:30:18 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP Ca^I. 

76:30:20 C Go ahead. 

76:30:21 CC Roger, They decided to conduct it over Guaymas 

after all. We have a valid oral temperature. Stand 
by for the Surgeon. 

76:30:27 CC You can go ahead with your blood pressure. 



76:30:32 C Blood pressure coming up. 

76:30:42 CC That's good. 

76:31:22 CC We have a valid blood pressure. Standing by for 

your exercise Mark. 

76:31:26 P MARK. 

76:31:59 CC Cuff full-scale. Oh^ oh Jim, pick it up again. 

Okay, let it off. 

76:32:55 CC VJe have a valid blood pressure. Give me what you 

can of your food status and your water status. 

76:33:01 P Roger. Stand by. 

76:33:06 C V/e just gave that to Hawaii, Guaymas. 

76:33:10 CC Roger. 

76:33:^7 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. Everything looks real 

good on the ground, 

76:33:52 C Roger, Thank you. 

76:if9:10 CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP 0(M. 

76:^9:17 C Okay. Here we are at 76: to, starting on MSC-2 and 

3; Sequence OUj ... Also, Jim just took a picture 
of a sunset. 76:59:36 ... IR off. 

76:^49:29 C Just a second, RKV. Go ahead. 

76:^^9:31 CC Roger. All systems are GO. 

76:^49:35 CC We'd like to give you a status report on the G and 

C systems. Your QAMS meters seem to be working well. 
Your thruster temperature ranges from 60 to 80 de- 
grees when the ACME is powered down. Your thruster 
temperature ranges are from 80 degrees to 105 degrees 
during use of the pulse mode. Your source temp and 
other systems temperature have stabilized in the 




range from 55 degrees to 65 degrees. In summary, 
the system works beautifiLLly, 

Sounds good to us. 

Your RCS source pressure has stabilized at 3000 psi 
and the temperature has stabilized at 65 to 75 de- 

They seem to be in pretty good fom now. 

Roger, As far as the ccmputer goes - eveiy time we 
have seen the computer run it looks completely nor- 
mal. All updates have been verified on the ground 
by reading out the memory. 


Your fuel cell water pressures indicate your con- 
sumption of water is equal to the amount produced. 
All your collant loop temperatures are nominal. 
Your radiator outlet temps are running 0 to plus 10 
degrees. And your suit heat exchanger inlet temp 
is constant at hj to UQ degrees. 

Sounds like we're serious about that two weeks. 

That's affirm. 

Oh, by the way, the next hour and a half of unin- 
terrupted mood music on HF will be brought to you 
by the compllmfints of Station WRKV, Among the sel- 
ections are the excerpts of "LA Boheme" by Puccini, 
"Symphony Number Three, The Rennlsh" by Schumann, 
"Try to Remember Broadway" by the Fantastics, "Sym- 
phony Number Two" by Rachmaninoff, "The Lawrence of 
Arabia Overture" and 'Vater Music" by Handel. 


We're sorry but there will be no in-flight movies 




76:59:^ C IR on. 

76:59:148 P Right. 
76:59:^49 C Power on. 

76:59:50 P Right. 

76:59:52 C Stand by on the transmitters. ACQ -AID beacon is 

open. Standing by . . . kl2 ... 76 - correction 77:09 
... We're using the airglow ... and tracking ... 
Okacy. At 77:00 we're stopping ... telemetry ... 

77:00:09 P We will attempt now at - what time is it, Frank? 

77:00:10 C Almost 09 . . . 76:09 or 76 ... 

77:00:31 P Okay. We will atteropt now at 76:09 to taite some 

ni^t photography, with the high-speed film, of the 
airglow and the cloud covers beneath it. We for- 
tunately tonight have a practically full moon on 
the beam, right angles to the method of shooting. 

77:08:50 C Listen, you might turn on that transmitter before 

you . . . 

77:08:51 P What transmitter? 

77:08:55 C B-k/B-J transmitter, B~k/B-7 transmitter coming on 

for Sequence klZ at 77:09. 

77:09:02 P The first show - leave it on. 

77:09:03 C I am. 

77:09:12 P Okay. The first shot with high-speed film will be 

f2.8, 1/2 second. 

77:09:26 P The next shot - you want 1 second? 

77:09:28 C Yes. 1. 

77:09: to P The next shot, f2.8, 1 second. 

77:09:1+5 P Hold her steady. 

77:10:02 P 2 seconds ccaning up. This will be a time exposure. 




77; 10: 12 P Next shot is 2 seconds tijne. 

77:10:28 P 2 seconds. 

77:10:29 C I just saw a meteorite. 

77:10:32 P Four. 

77:10:33 C I just saw a meteorite falling, 77:10:32. Left of 

BEF and it wels left and below us. 

77:10:45 P h seconds down. Airglow. Time, You all set? 

77:10:52 C Yes. 

77:10:53 P Very little cloud coverage ... We'll see just ... 

signs of clouds, 

77:11:12 P Next shot. 

77:11:16 C Jim, you can turn off D-VD-7, We've finished 

Sequence hl2 tracking up here. 

77:11:26 C D-VD-7 is cloud ... 

77:11:33 P 3 seconds now. 

77:11:50 C Take it? 

77:11:51 P Okay. 

77:11:52 C You only have ko rolls of that so we'd "better - - 

77:11:57 P Yes, 

77:11:58 C - - save scsme, 

77:12:00 P Very good. 

77:12:04 C Now we have to log all that info ... keepsake. 

77:12:09 P And finishing airglow high-speed photography. 

77:14:12 G All right. We have a target of opportunity, a huge 

fire. Tracking it with IR, Record, Ccming up on 
it right now. You want to get the time, Jim? 




77:1^:19 P Roger. Time is 77:3-^* about - say around zero 

seconds. 77: l4. Huge fire on the ground. We're 
recording this on IR« 

77:l^:2l| P Did you get it ...? 

71:1^:2^ C Yes ... 

77: 1^4-: 26 P Okay. The sun's coming up ... 

77:1^:28 C All right. 

77:14:31 C Mark at the end of it at 77:1^:31. 

77:1^:33 P Powering down. 

77:1^:3^ C Yes. 

77: 1^:^ C We have - you weren't transmitting that anyway. 

You were using the recorder, weren't you? 

77:14:55 P I put the transmitter recorder on. 

77:111:57 C ACQ -AID beacon was on ... 

77:15:00 P No. 

77:15:02 C 

77:15:11 P Okay. Let me get a record here on D-k/H-J, Got the 

log book? 

77:15:14 C I have it right here. 

77:15:19 C 

77:15:28 P Here it is. 

77:15:33 P Just as a matter of comment: The screens on the 

exit hoses of the suits were a good idea because 
they act as sort of a vacuum cleaner. Mine does. 
Ify extension hose does - the right -hajid side and 
we don't have to clean up the cockpit that way. 

77:33:39 CC CSemini VII, CSQ. 




77:33: ^+8 C Go ahead, CSQ. Gemini VII, 

77: 33: 51 CC Roger, We have you GO on the ground. We're stand- 

ing by for your flight plan report, 

77:33:56 C Roger, Today we've used one magazine of S0217 stan- 

dard Hasselhlad; 1^4- frames on the second magazine. 
We've shot six frames of color-shifted IR, five 
frames of Hasselhlad high-speed black and white. 
One frame Hasselblad high-contrast, low-speed black 
and white. We've used two magazines of l(mn movie 
film and two tape recorder packages, I gave our 
scores on S-8/D-I3 before, but here they are again, 
Borman missed 7) Lovell missed 11 this moming. 

77:3^:32 CC Repeat that last again, Gemini VII. 

77:3^:36 C Roger. Borman - 7, Lovell - 11 for S-8/D-I3 visi- 

slon test this moming. 

77:3^:^1 CC Roger. Copied. 

77:3^:M+ C % GAMS fuel now reads 57 percent. 

77:3^: ^+9 CC Roger. 

77:35:1^ G Anything else, CSQ? 

77:35:16 CC Negative. Gemini VU, we got it. 

77:35:19 C Okay. Thank you. 

77:36:16 P CSQ, Gemini VII. 

77:36:19 CC Go ahead, Gemini VII. 

77:36:20 P I inadvertently knocked off the electronic circuit 

breaker - Time Recorder circuit breaker again. 
Would you give me a time hack, please? 

77:36:27 CC Roger, GET time hack 77:37 on my Mark. £0 seconds 

to Mark. 

77:36:55 CC 5, k, 3, 2, 1. 



77:37:00 CC tIMJIC, 77 hours, 37 minutes and 00 seconds, 

77:37:0U C Thank you very much ... 

77:37:19 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. 

77:37:22 C Go ahead, please. 

77:37:23 CC Have you completed all flight plan scheduled items 

for today? 

77:37:27 C Roger. All except those that were deleted by 


77:37:31 CC Roger. Understand. Thank you. 

77:52:28 C Last dump. 


77:5^:00 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP CCM. 

77:54:14 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

77:54:15 CC Okay. We woiiLd like for you to put your Fuel cell 

O2 Heater switch to the AUTO position. 

77:54:22 P Roger. Fuel Cell O2 is AUTO. 

77:54:24 CC Okay. We have nothing further for you. Hawaii 

standing hy. Need not acknowledge. 


78:24:38 CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. 
78:25:05 C RKV, Gemini VH. 

78:25:07 CC Roger, All systems look good. I've got a block 

update for you when you're ready to copy. 

78:25:11 C Roger, Stand by. 




78:25:lfl C ... when ready, RKV. 

78:25:M+ CC Roger. Area 52-3: 82:02:18; I6 plus 23. Area 

53 - Bravo: 83 plus 38 plus 57 > 15 plus 37. Area 

54- Delta: 8^4-: 29:31; 22 plus 21. Area 55-Eelta: 
86:06:02; 21 plus ik. Area 56-2 Charlie: 87:1*2:05; 
20 plus 03. Area 57-2: 39:l8:l8; I8 plus k^. Area 
58-I: 90:1^3:50; 19 plus kl. The weather in all 
areas is good. 

76:27:23 C Roger. And copied them all, 

78:27:25 CC OKsy. I've got a map update for you. 

78:27:28 C All right. Standby. 

78:27:43 C Go ahead. 

78:27:M+ CC Title, Node: 8l:56:4l; malie that 31:56:51; Rev 52; 

2i4-.0 degrees east; right ascension; Time, 12:10:02. 

78:28:li+ C Roger. I have the update, 

78:28:16 CC Roger. Your present orbit is 127.1 by 17I.I. 

78:28:25 C Thank you. We're getting up there. 

78:28:27 CC Okay. You've got a UKF 6 over the CSQ on Rev 50. 

78:28:1*0 C Roger. ... IHF 6. 

78: 28: 1*2 CC Could you give us the Pilot's sleep configuration as 

far as suits, underwear, et cetera, go, for tonight? 

78:28:50 P Roger. I think I'll try the underwear bit again. 

It's pretty coanf ortable , 

78:28:54 CC Okay. How about the Coramaiid Pilot? 

78:28:57 P He's still in his suit. 

78:29:01 CC Zipper open? 

78:29:02 P Just about everything is open. 

78:29:04 CC Okay. How about gloves? 



fo: dyiuo 



o gxov e £> » 

(o: d^iOo 

xs n6 goxng uo ws&ur a. na.Xi 

( o ; £iy ; 




Oltay. Your fuel cell H2 pressure is adequate for 
your sleep period. 






There, that's the end of the dump. 



Here it is. ... 78:^7 ... 



Thajnlc you. 




Gemini VII, CSQ. 



This is VII. Go ahead. 

79:09:22 CC Roger, Gemini VII. I have you GO on the ground. 

We also have a GO on your tank, tank pressure - your 
fuel cell Og tank pressure, 

79:09:35 C Roger, Understand, 

79:09: iK) CC I have a fuel cell purge scheduled for this pass. 

Your next fuel cell purge is at CajisLry Islands, 
That's a GET of 57 hours 89 minutes k seconds. 

79:10:01 C ,.. say a,gain ... we're going to purge the fiiel 

cell ... 

79:10:06 CC Stand by. 

79:10:15 CC CSQ, Gemini VII, CSQ. 

79:10:24 C This is VII, Ccme on in CSQ, 

79:10:27 CC Your next fuel cell purge will he at the Canary 

Islands on the 57th revolution, with elapsed time 
of 89 hours, kl minutes. 




79:10:39 C Roger, We understand you want a purge now. Stand 

by. It's costing down, 

79:10: k3 CC Roger, 

79'lO:kQ C CSQ, this is VII here. 

79:10:50 CC Go ahead, 

79:10:51 C I understand they want me to leave the fuel cell Oo 

Cryo on AlITCMATIC all night. 

79:10:57 CC Roger. That's affixmtive, 

79:10:59 C The other two ... are olssy with the heaters off? 

79:11:03 CC That's affirmative, Gemini VII. 

79:11:05 C Thank you. 

79:11:26 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. 

79:11:29 C Go ahead. 

79:11:30 CC Do you plan to leave your M-1 experiment on for 

the sleep period? 

79:11:35 C Roger, 

79:11:36 CC Thank you. Wo\ald you place your Cryo Quantity 

switch to ECS O2 and hold it? 

79:11:^^ C Roger, 

79:12:^ CC Gemini VII, CSQ. Give us FUEL CELL O2 on your 

Qxiantity switch, 

79:12:53 P FUEL CELL O2? 

79:12:55 CC Roger, 

79:13:28 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. Give me RJEL CELL H2. 

79:13:33 P FUEL CELL Hg. 

79:l'+:l8 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. Place your Quantity Read switch 

to OFF. 



It's OFF. 

Roger, We have nothing else for you this pass. We 
have you GO on the ground. 

Thank you. Be sure you walte us up as we start to 
get - I don't want to go into ... with those bottles, 

Roger, Will do. 

Gemini VII, CSQ. 

Go ahead. 

The lower limit on your fuel cell H2 on-board read- 
ing is 300 psi. 

Roger, I'm not sure that the bottle will stabilize. 
I think it might be below there even though the 
people in Houston don't feel it will, so all I'm 
saying is if it starts to get that low, please wake 
us up. 

Roger, Will do. 
Purge complete, CSQ, 

Gemini VII, CSQ, We confirm that the decay rate 

established over a 24-hour period. 
Thank you. 

And we're taking the shots now at 88:15:50 and boy, 
they're phenomenal over Africa,' We just woke up 
and saw this long stream of clouds. Look like ... 
Okay, we just wasted ... high-speed ... 

Okay, 88:19:07: taking a picture of land, water, 
and beautiful clouds. We just woke up with ... 
over Africa, Big ... Magazine M, Exposure I6. 

Okay, We just took another picture of the Nile 
valley at 88:21. Magazine M, Frame 2P, evaluating 
Apollo Landmark Number 5I the . . . and another shot 
of the Dead Sea here and that ' s it ... 

hour and that's a trend 




All these are taken at drifting flight, 

Ccffnmenting on the Apollo Landmarks: I thought the 
map here was very adequate. As a matter of fact, 
it wajs a very fine representation of the view of 
the esLStem Mediterraneaji - particularly Africa , , . 
taking a picture at 88:29, 

Oka^r. At 88:31:32: taking pictures of stratified 
cloud formations , , . Indian Ocean. 

Also, at about the same time, 88:l6, there's a 
heautiful shot of a full moon against the "black sky 
emd the strato formations of the clouds of the earth 

Borman's dumping urine. Urine's approximately 1 

Standing by, Lovell's going to dump urine. 

There's a sight to behold.' 


... what? 



Gemini VII, Canary CAP COM. Com check. How do 
you read? Over. 

Good morning, Canary, This is Gemini VII. 

And good morning to you, VII. How are you this 

Oh, very nice, very nicei 

Okay, We have a fuel cell purge coming up, whenever 
you're ready. 

We just purged them about a half -hour ago according 
to flight plans, 



89:i+3:06 CC Okay. Now we'd like you to place your Fuel Cell 

Heater switch to the AUTO position. 

89:43:18 P Roger. Fuel Cell Heater switch is in AUTO. 

89:^3:22 CC Roger, Surgeon. The Big Brother is watching on the 

ground, right? 

89:1+3:26 C Right, and we purged at 69:05. 

89:43:30 CC 89:05. Copy. 

89:43:32 C Roger. 

89:43:35 C Our Fuel Cell O2 is quite high on pressure though. 

We're reading 68O, 

89:^3:39 CC Okay. We want to do that. 

89:43:^42 CC They want it at 68O. Right now we'd like you to 

go to the Quantity Read switch ECS O2. 

89:43:50 P Roger. We're on ECS O2. 

89:43:52 C The reason we turned it off AUTO, I thought they 

just wanted it there for the sleep period. 

39:43:58 CC Roger. They want it left there. 

39:44:00 C Okay. 

89:44:08 CC What do you read up there on quantity and pressure? 

89:44:12 C 89 percent and about 56O, 

89:44:17 CC Roger. 

89:44:39 CC Quantity Read switch to FUEL CELL O2. 

89:44:43 P Roger. We're at FUEL CELL O2. 

89:44:45 CC Roger. 

89:^+5:12 CC V/hat is your reading up there? 

89:45:15 P We're reading about 82 percent at 680. 




89:1+5:26 CC Okay. Quantity Read switch to FUEL CELL 

39:1+5:30 P Quantity, H2 - and we're reading 87 percent at i+00. 

89:1+5:1+0 CC Roger. 

89:1+5:58 CC The Quantity Read switch to OFF - and thank you. 

89:1+6:03 P Roger. 


90:17:58 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

90:18:19 C Oo ahead, Carnarvon. Gemini VII. 

90:18:21 CC Roger. Good morning from Australia. I have a 

flight plan update, a brief one, and also your 
PLA update for you when you are ready to copy. 

90:18:31 C Roger. Go ahead with flight plan. 

90:18:37 CC Roger. It's five items. The first one is Nodal 

Crossing: Time, 92:25:19; Remarks, Rev 58; 137 
degrees west; right ascension 11:56:08. Second 
item: Time 90:50:00; that will be a cabin tenqjer- 
ature survey. Third item: Time, 91:03:00; that's 
a crew status report over the Cape. Time: 19:17:08; 
that will be a crew status report on the Pilot at 
Canaries . 

90:19:1+9 C The last one should be 91. 

90:19:51 CC Roger. That's affirmative, Gemini VII. 91. 

90:19:55 C Okay. Is that it? 

90:19:57 CC Okay. And the slight change to the flight plan - 

you will be updated with a complete flight plan 
at 90 hours and 10 minutes . 

90:20:10 C We're already past that. 

90:20:22 CC Roger. Gemini VII, Vfhat they mean here is that 

the time line has changed by 10 minutes as of 90 
hours . 




90:20:32 C 

90:20:33 CC 

90:20:37 C 

90:20:39 cc 

90:22:17 C 

90:22:18 CC 

90:22:22 C 

90:22:24 CC 

90:22:56 C 
90:22:59 CC 

90:23:18 C 
90:23:20 CC 
90:23:22 C 


Roger. I read you. 

All right. Are you ready for your PLA's? 
Ready . 

Roger. Area 59-1: 92:20:31; l8 plus 23. Area 
60-1: 93:56:^+0; 17 plus 15. Area 6l-l: 95:32:1+U; 
17 plus l6. Area 62-k: 98:22:kk; 1? plus 56. 
Area 63-4: 99:58:51; l6 plus 53. Area 6U-3: 
101:11:54; 20 plus 01, Area 65-3: 102:48:40; l8 
plus 45. That's it. 

Thanlcs a lot, Carnarvon. 

Roger. We have some general information for you. 
Go ahead. 

Okay. They say the weather over southwestern US is 
not too good today; however, from the Mississippi 
River to Florida it is clear. It will be cloudy 
in southern Florida. There is a frontal system in 
the -1 areas, so it's not very good. The -2 areas 
have high waves. Areas 3 sind 4 are good. 

Roger. Thank you. 

Okay. They say the sim flight is scheduled for 
this morning. They have replaced the computer in 
GT-VI. It now has the same math flow as GT-VII. 
There is still a chance to launch GT-VI on Day 8. 

Roger . Themk you . 

Right, and that's all we have for you at this time. 
Roger . 

, . . Meal A, Day 4 ... 

Okay. At 89:26 we're taking pictures of some 
strange cloud formations ... 89:29, Magazine M, 
Exposure Ifuraber 24. We took a picture at 89:35 
. . . Magazine M, Exposure Number . . . 




Pictures taken at 89:7^ of . . . Looks like a lava 
flow in a desert over Africa. 

That's Magazine M, Frame Number 25. 

Take it back; the last one is Frame 26. 


Gemini VII, Qemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

This is VII, Houston. Loud and clear. 

Roger. Gtood morning VII, Are you set up for the 
crew status report? 

Good morning Houston. We're set up for the crew 
status report. 

Roger . Stand by. 

We have a good temperature. Start on the blood 
pressure and stand by for the Surgeon. 

Blood pressure coming down. 

Cuff is full-scale. 

Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. You 
can start your exercise. 

Exercise, now. 

Jim, while Freuik is exercising, I'd like to talk 
with you one second about this food and water report 
before we get to it. Apparently, I gave you a wrong 
idea yesterday when we talked about it, and you were 
giving us details of how much water you had with 
each meal and that's not what we had in mind. What 
I'd like for you to do is to just take your M-7 log, 
the way you have it in your logbook, and Just start 
and read the time and the water in ounces that would 
appear across from the time that you ate a particu- 
lar meal package. We have a valid blood pressure, 
Gemini VII. 



Roger . 

... cuff full-scale here. 

Understand Chuck. Actually, the way that we 
normally eat a meal - we pitch the water with 
the meal; therefore, we have one drink either 
before or after the meal. That'll be all during 
that meal period. 

Well, Jim, what we really want is yoxir total that 
you've had up until that meal time. So in essence 
each time you would report that. If you reported 
two meals, we would get two different totals - a 
total at each meal time, and then we woiild get a 
total at the time that you are reporting, if you'r 
reporting at some time other than just right at 
a meal time. Does that - do you follow that? 

We follow, but I think we get a little complicated 
in our procedures. 

Okay. If that - if you can't read that directly 
right off of your log, we won't do it, Jim. If 
it's a lot of calculation, we don't want to do it. 

We do have this valid blood pressure, Jim. We 

have a couple of other questions here now. Can 

we get your food, water and sleep report? Let's 
do food and water first. 

Roger. Stand by, 

Roger. Stand by. 

Jim, this is Houston Flight. I didn't understand 
it. I don't know whether you did or not. 

We're doing our best, Chris. ... the Command 
Pilot water to date la 3^5 ounces, 

Roger. And we ate a meal about at 89:30, D-k, 
Meal A. 

89:30, U-A. 




For the Pilot, the total water to date is 283 
ounces - at the same time eating meal B-h, M - 
Day Meal A. 

Okay. Could we have your sleep report? 

Roger. Both of us slept, I'd say, approximately 
6 to 7 hours last night, probably awaking 2 or 3 
times during the night. 

Roger. 6 to 7 hours and awake 2 or 3 times. We 
can see those wake times very easily on your 
records down here, Jim. And it appears that at 
about - over CSQ, at about 83 hours and almost Sk 
hours - 83:53 or so - the BIO MED Tape Recorder 
Number 2 was turned on for a few minutes. Vfhy was 
that done? 

I don't believe it was done up here, Chuck. We 
turned off BIO MED 1 some time ago and both of them 
have been off since that time. 

Okay. It may have been a spurious signal of some 
sort. Looks like it was on for about 10 minutes 
over CSQ, according to the report. We couldn't 
understand how it came about. Do you think that 
you're sleeping better now from last night, than 
you were the last couple of nights? 

I believe our sleep has been pretty consistent 
since the first night. The first night was pretty 
poor, as you could probably guess, but we both 
needed a good sleep the second night and we've been 
sleeping the same way since that time . 

Very good. Okay, how about the exercise? Are you 
getting it in now before the meal times? We saw 
one scheduled this morning and it appeared you 
were exercising. 

Roger. Both of us did our exercise before meal 
time, and one iftore meal that we had, which we 
can't find the title of. At 78 hours we had 
shrimp, potato soup and an orange drink, but the 
number was not on it. 

Okay. We can get that off the list, Jim; that's 




91:09:1+5 P 

91:09:56 CG 

91:10:03 CC 

91:10:09 P 

91:10:13 C 

91:10:16 P 

91:10:18 P 

91:10:19 CC 

91:10:55 P 
91:10:57 CC 

91:11:32 P 

fine. One other thing that we might ask you real 
quickly about the sensors - we're having a little 
bit of erratic reading in Frank's respiration 
sensor, which we're not going to do anything about, 
unless he gets his suit off later. And the - his 
ECG leads are just fine, and so it can't be in the 
sensor itself. It's probably at the connection of 
the signal conditioner, which he can't get at there. 
Are you having any itching or problem with the 
sensors themselves? 

No, neither of us is having any trouble with the 
sensors. There's one ... advantage with this suit- 
off operation. I can see all mine, feel all mine 
and scratch around a bit, as a matter of fact. 

Very good. Okay, we have nothing else here. I'm 
turning you back to the CAP COM. 

Oemini VII, I'd like to start on your flight plan 
update if you're ready to copy. 

Stand by one. 

91:01, 91:10; two pictures of overhead. One of 
weather . 

Go ahead. 

S-5: 92:40:00; Sequence 15, Mode 01; pitch 90 
degrees down, yaw zero degrees. S-5: 92:1+0:00; 
Sequence 12. We may lose contact here, Jim. I'll 
Jiat keep reading and we'll get as much as we can 
and then I'll finish up on the next time around. 
Have you copied okay, so far? 

Keep going. 

D-1+/D-7: 93:13:00; Sequence 1+28; Mode 0l+; combine 
radiometer and IR spectrometer measurement. That 
is for a total of k minutes measurement. In other 
words, instead of doing each one 2 minutes, do them 
both for a total of h minutes. Do you copy? 

Roger . 




91:11:3U CC 'D-k/li-7 : 93:28:00; Sequences 1+15 and kl6; Mode 02; 

pitch 90 degrees down, yaw zero degrees. Time: 
9U:08:00; OO/NO-GO at Texas. Do you copy? 

91:12:08 P Roger. 

91:12:09 CC S-5: 9'+:13:19; Sequence 12; Mode 02; pitch 30 

degrees down, yaw li^ degrees left. 9^^:16:00: 
p\irge fuel cells at Bermuda. 94:20:00: exercise. 
9^:30:00: eating period. Do you copy? 

91:12:52 P Roger. 

91:12:5U CC MSC-U; 95:'+'+:39; Sequence 01; Mode 01; pitch 25 

degrees down, yaw kk degrees left. D-9: 96:11:35; 
Sequence 01; Mode 01. Correction on that, that was 
Sequence 02. Time: 96:^5:00; cabin tenrp survey. 
Did you copy? 

91:13:1+4 P Roger. 

91:13:46 CC Okay. That's the end of message. 

91:13:49 P Roger. Elliot. 

91:13:51 CC On the ^BC-4, we're going to try White Sands be- 

cause the weather is clobbered at Hawaii and 

91:13:58 P Roger. We'll give a try. 

91:14:00 CC Roger. 

91:l4:04 CC The HF is on any time you are interested. 

91:14:09 C Thank you. 

91:15:33 C Magazine M, exposure 30, 29, 28 and 27. 


91:17:44 CC Gemini VII, Canary CAP COM. We have a valid oral 

teng). Standing by for your blood pressure. 

91:17:49 CC Canary - Gemini VII, Canary Surgeon. 



91:17:57 C 

91:l8:08 C Blood pressure now has become full. 

91:18:16 CC Right ... cuff is full. 
91:18:23 CC Cuff pressure coming down. 

91:19:18 CC We have a valid blood pressure. Begin exercise on 

your Mark. 

91:19:25 C Roger. Canary. 

91:19:52 P Blood pressure ... 

91:19:53 CC All right ... 

91:20:05 CC 

91:21:06 CC And we have a valid blood pressure, thank you. 

Canary Surgeon out. 

91:21:12 CC VII, Canary CAP COM. 

91:21:15 C This is VII. Go ahead. 

91:21:17 CC Roger. You might look at your fuel cell hydrogen 

pressure. You can bring it up to around U50 if 
you want to. 

91:21:27 P Roger. We've just been looking at them. 

91:21:33 C Thank you. 

91: 21: 31+ CC Roger. 

91:21:1+9 CC We have a short flight plan update when you get 

ready to copy. 

91:21:53 C Roger. We're ready to copy. 

91:21:56 CC Okay. This is a Sunrise Test, and we would like 

you to note the following time during the next 
night you will report on the next US pass. That's 
when the sun ' s lower rim touches the horizon emd 
the time the sun's upper rim sets, the time the 
sun's upper rim rises and the time the sun's lower 
rim clestrs the horizon , 



91:22:27 C Roger. We'll get out our strong sun classes to 

catch that. 

91:22:32 CC Say again. 

91:22:33 C We'll get out our sun glasses to catch that. 

91:22:35 CC Okay. 


91:27:01 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

91:27:15 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

91:27:19 C Come in Houston. Gemini VII. 

91:27:22 CC Roger. We feel that your fuel cell hydrogen tank 

is performing better than expected. We wonder 
about the possibility that the hydrogen tank squib 
could have been blowi at the time we used the 
oxygen crossfeed on the first day. Can you confirm 
that either way? 

91:27:50 C Stand by. 

91:27:56 C That's negative. We have not had the Bus Arm 

switch on. It's been in place the whole time. 

91:28:03 CC Roger, Gemini VII. 

91:28:55 CC Gemini, Houston. 

91:29:10 CC Gemini, Houston. 

91:29:12 C Go ahead, Houston. 

91:29:15 CC We'd like to try that one one more time, Frank. 

We feel that the Bus Arm switch would have been in 
the EXPERIMEatT position at times for some of your 
B-k work and we wonder if you are certain that it 
was not on at the time crossfeed was used. 

91:29:U5 P Hello Houston, this is VII. 



Go ahead. 

We had the Bus Arm switch on the E5CPERIMENT posi- 
tion only twice. One was to erect D-4/D-7 equip- 
ment and the second time was about several seconds 
or minutes later when we jettisoned the IR - ... 
IR equipment. Since that time, we put it right 
back: in the SAFE and it has been that way ever 

Roger. Gemini VII. 

That was a modification flight plan to leave that 
squib off unless it is being used, Elliot. It 
should have been inked in flight plan, ... 

Roger, We understand that. 

We've got full-moon operation, which we have at 
this time . , . 

Full moon. 

. . . above them. 


Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

This is VII. Go ahead, Carnarvon. 

Roger. You're looking good here on the ground. 
We'll make the GO/NO-GO this pass over the States 
because we want to reconfigure the pass to support 
the Sim flight for GT-VI. 

Roger. Understand. GO/NO-GO over the States. 

That's affirmative. We have nothing further for 
you this pass. We'll stand by. 

Roger . 




91:5^:00 C Carnarvon, are you busy at this time? 

91:54:03 CC That's negative. 

91:5^:05 C How about relaying a message for me? 

91:5i+:07 CC Roger. Will do. 

91:5^:09 C To N!r. Roy Botchum of the Australian Trade 

Commission in Berlu, Lebanon, and tell him we 
said hello. Will you please? 

91:54:16 CC Roger. Will do. 

91:54:18 C He came through MSG some time ago and was a very 

fine gentleman. 

91:54:22 CC All right. 

91:54:50 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. Will you give us a short 

test count, please? We want to mark the squib 
bus voltages . 

91:54:58 C Roger. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Gemini VII, 

91:55:18 C That sufficient there, Carnarvon? 

91:55:22 CC Roger. We're going to want another count from you 

here . Stand by one , 

91:55:27 C Roger. 

91:56:21 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP CC»d. Will you give us 

a long count, please? 

91:56:24 C Roger, Gemini VII, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 

Gemini VII. 

91:56:40 CC Roger. Thank you, Gemini VII. We were noticing 

a decrease in the bus voltage on that, but it 
doesn't look too serious. This is during the 
time you transmit. No problem. 

91:56:54 G That's isn't it? 

91:56:55 CC That's affirmative. 



91:56:57 C Thank you. 

92:24:02 P Also, while this is of the alrglow ... to see the 

airglow with a full moon is alnost impossible ... 

92:33:56 C We're going to start S-5, Sequence 15, Mode 01. 

Magazine number and frame number coming up, 
^felgazine Number M. 

92:3i+:01 P M. 

92:3^:02 C Frame number starting with 29. 

92:3'+:08 C Frame Ifumber 29. We'll be starting this at 92:Uo. 


92:35:OU CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

92:35:08 C Gro ahead Houston, Gemini VII, 

92:35:11 CC Roger. You are GO for 75-1. Standing by for your 

data . 

92:35:18 C Roger. Understand. GO for 75-1. Thank you. 

92:35:25 C B batteries are all 22.8 volts. Fuel cell lA, 

3 amps; IB, 3 - - 

92:35:3^ CC Gemini VII. You cut out after lA. 

92:35:38 C lA, 3 amps; IB, 3 amps; IC, 3 amps; 2A, 2 amps; 

2B, 2.5 anips; 2C, k ejaps. How are you reading, 

92:35:59 CC Loud and clear. 

92:36:00 C RCS: A 2900, 75 degrees; B 2900, 75 degrees. 

Left-hand secondary Og, 5^0 pounds; right-hand 
secondary Og, 5300 pounds. 

92:36:19 CC Roger, And you have bus voltage? 

92:36:2i+ c Roger. It's 27.5. 




Roger . 

Have a flight plan item for you here. We'd like 
you to run a D-U/D-7, Sequence U17. We're not 
going to schedule a specific time because we feel 
you can pick that the best. This is one of clouds 
illuminated by lightning, so we'd like you to Just 
pick that one up whenever you think you have a 
good opportunity. Do you copy? 

Roger. Will do. 

Are you ready for the day's version of the Haney- 
See Managed News? 

Roger. We're Just - we're Just starting on this 
S-5 run. 

That's at the Atlantic Coast isn't it? 

It's coming up 92:40 here in a minute, "niree 
minutes. Go ahead. 

Roger. Internipt me if you need to. 

Roger . Looks okay . 

They reported an important capture in Vietnam. 
The First Infantry Division troops found a major 
Viet Cong training can^ on the outskirts of the 
Michelin Rubber Plantation, including underground 
command bunker and complete classrooms. 

Sounds good. 

Jim, Surgeon has requested if you could check your 
external ECG leadings, (Jetting some spurious 
signals . 

I'll press down on the belly and see if he gets 
any better signals. 


The QemLni - Gemini VTI story today says: "Borman 
Hitches OT-VII to a Star." He talked about your 
burn yesterday, primarily. In the sports area. 



the Oilers' Billy Fraxier is out for the season 
with a shoulder separation and it looks like the 
Oilers may sign Tommy Nobis, 

92:38:^4^4 P Oh good I I thought he was going to Atlanta. 

92:38:48 CC Apparently not definite yet. 

92:38:50 P I hope he comes to the Oilers. 

92:39:00 CC It looks okay, Frank. He fixed it. 

92:39:03 C Okay. 

92:39:05 CC And the last thing is, there's 15 shopping days 

till Christmas, We gave you a wrong number yester- 

92:39:12 C Thank you. 

92:39:13 CC You don't get credit for 3 days in one. 

92:39:16 C Roger, Let us know how the sim flight comes out, 

will you? 

92:39:21 CC We sure will. We'll be reconfiguring the center 

right after this pass, to work with the aim flight, 

92:39:32 CC Let me know when you're finished that S-5 pass. 

I've got another item, 

92:40:01 CC Gemini VII. Standby for a Tp update. 

92:40:04 P Roger. 


92:44:43 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Are you completed on the 


92:44:48 C Roger. Complete. 

92:44:52 CC Roger. Have you reported the sunset and sunrise 

times from that special test we asked for? 




92:Mv:58 C We couldn't get them. It's so bright we liave to 

get the Polaroids and sunglasses out to get it - to 
look into it* 

^2:k^:06 CC Okay, Well, just keep it in mind and whenever it's 

convenient get them. Any sunrise or sunset would 
be all right. 

92:1+5:13 C Roger. We could get than now, as a matter of fact, 

92:45:14 CC Roger, How was the temperature in the cabin last 

night? We noticed you adjusted it 15) a little 
better. Does it seem canfortable to both of you? 

92:45:27 C Roger. We're comfortable, but I didn't know - 

we didn't touch the temperature, 

92:45:32 CC You did not touch it for the sleep period last 


92:45:36 C Negative. 

92:45:38 CC And you were both comfortable last night? 

92: 45: to C Roger, It seems like late in the afternoon, Just 

before we go to bed it gets real hot, and then 
after we settle down in here it cools off, and 
you're cold in the morning. Hot at ni^t when 
you go to bed, and cold when you wake up. 

92:45:52 CC Roger, I was just wondering if Jim wouldn't like 

to try out that orbital f3_Lght suit, just to get 
another data point working toward the ultimate 
flifi^ suit here, 

92:lj6:04 P We will. 

92:46:05 CC Roger. 

92; 46: 06 P ... data point ... 

92:46:09 CC Say again, Jim. 

92:1*6:13 P I'll try out Rannawski's special suit for us. 

92:46:16 CC Roger, We'll be very interested in your comments 

on it. 










P Incidentally, Elliot, I bet somebody in JCC that 

I'd have to turn the hydrogen heater on last night 
and I had to . 

CC Roger. Looks like we're picking up all kinds of 
goodies aroxind here. 

P I think it was Mr. Kraft I bet. 

CC You say that was Mr. Kraft you bet? 

CC No, that wasn't me you bet. 

P Okay. 

CC I'd like to make you some - all kinds of bets down 
here that we could turn on the auto heater on the 
I'^drogen and forget it. 

P Roger. I had it on this morning for Just a while 

and then they told me to turn it off over Australia, 
or somewhere . 

CC Roger . 

CC Well, the people in the back room are not quite 
ready to do the hydrogen one, but I'm pretty 
certain you could. 

CC Ifow you making out after 1+ days? 

P We're doing pretty good, Chris. It's amazing. 

The spacecraft seems to be getting bigger and 
bigger. Either we're losing weight or we're 
getting used to it. I don't know which. 

CC Very good. 

CC Gemini VII, the Surgeon would like to make a 

comment to you - to - to you - about this external 
lead again. 

CC Jim, would you check that external lead pretty 
carefully if you're going to put on that other 
garment? It looks like it probably was loose. 
I don't know if - it has been going somewhat 
erratic still. It looks pretty good most of the 




time now, but it was - it looked like it was 
completely loose there for a while, so you better 
check that pretty thoroughly as you're putting on 
that other garment. Would you do that? 

92:i+8:l8 P Roger. I'm checking them all right now. 

92:k8:2h P 

92:U8:28 CC We didn't quite copy that. 

92:1+8:31 P ... the lead ... 

93:12: UU C S-5: Sequence U20 - correction - Sequence 15; 

Mode 01; completed 92:1+2:52. 

93:lU:U8 P Okay. We're starting D-U/D-7 Sequence 1+28. On 

the moon. ... on the moon now. k minutes on the 
moon. Was it fl6? fl6? f8 not ... There she 
is right on the ... The time, 93: 15. 

93:15:29 C You have the recorder on? 

93:15:30 P Got the recorder on now. 

93:15:31+ C 

93:15:35 P About 6 minutes, I guess ... 

93:15:36 P How much film do you want? 

93:15:39 G (Jive me two frames. 

93:15:^8 C 

93:16:00 C Okay. Taking ... pictures also. 

93:16:03 P On T)-k/D-7 at 93:17, we used l6mm cameras, ... mm 

lens in ccnjionction with the moon. Our measure- 
ments, fS and 250. Taking a series of source 
sequences at 6 frames per second. 

93:17:31+ C What happened to that ...? 

93:19:51 C Now moving off the moon. 

93:19:52 P Recorder was off at h minutes after ... 





Okay, Back up. 



You sure? 






No, it was 6 minutes. 



That's right. 



,.. I hope we got some good of ,.. Polaris. 



. . . altitude. It sure flattened out there. 



Boy.' Me too.' 



Okay. D-VEi-7: Sequence 1428 completed at 93:22:lU. 
Next sequence. 


This is ... 


• « • 



Roger, We're doing now 4l5 and l4-l6 at 93:28, 
which are night land and night water measurements. 
We're over the water now. There's quite a bit of 
clouds down here. 




Gemini VII, Carnarvon, 



Roger, Carnarvon, 



Okav. We have vou sood and clear on the around. 
We have one message for you. We'd like to move 
your purge hack from Bermuda to Texajs, The Texas 
CAP COM will advise when to start the purge. Did 
you copy? 



Roger, You've moved the purge from Bermuda to 
Texas and CAP COM will tell us when to start the 



Roger, We'll be standing by for his call. 




93:2a:ij9 CC That's affirm. 

93:28:51 P Roger. We*ll be standing "by for Bermuda's call. 

93:28:53 CC Roger. 

93:28:51+ C S-8/D-13 ... degrees down ... 

93:28:58 P No, no ... 

93:29:22 P This is D-h/D-7 again. The night water and night 

land measurements, Quite a few clouds down here 
and I don't know whether you'll get good results 
from this. We should "be passing over water, not 

93;29:4'3 C Yes, we're over water now at 93:29:30, 

93: 29; 1^5 P 93:29:30 over water .,, 

93:29:53 P Walt a minute, Franlt. Water. 

93:29:56 C All right. 

93:29:59 C ,*. clouds, 

93:30:01 P quite a few clouds, 

93:31:19 C Now we are getting some water intermingled now 

with the clouds. Water now. 

93:31:24 C Water and clouds. 

93:31:29 C Water, 

93:31:3^ C Clouds, Very bright moon. The clouds should 

appear much brighter than the water. The water is 

93:31:^1 P Do you feel you're straight down now? 

C No, I toiow I'm not straight down. I'm practically 

. . * 

93:31:^5 P Oh, 1 see. 

93:31: il8 C ... water ... See what I mean, 



93:31:51 P Following the water? 

93:31:55 C Yes, I'm trying to follow water right now. I'm 

on water now, 

93:31:59 C It's not quite straight down. ... 

93:32:03 P Okay. I think the sea ... Wait, here cedes some 

good water. Here comes an island. 

93:32:11 C All right, 

93:32:19 P Here ccmes an island with a light on it. And 

we're going to go right over it. At 93:32:23 - 
93:22:33 - :Sk, an island ha^ a white-looking 
spire on it. And we should go straight over it. 
Do you get it now, Frank? 

93:32:3^ C Clear water now, 

93:32:36 P With the island. 

93:32:39 C Land, Coming up on land now; right hy the fire. 

93:32:41 C We're now over land. 

93:32:^46 C 4 minutes over land. 

93:32:51 C Land is also cloudy hut not as much &s the water. 

93:33:05 P You covered a great cloud bank "back there. 

93:33:10 C ,,, Came over a great cloud hank right now. 

93:33:12 P Got your UHF ... 

93:33:32 G 

93:33:39 P No, let's - well - 

93:33:^+1 C 

93:33:^3 P Okay. We're over a great cloud bank now. White 

clouds. Hey.' They want us to get lightning too, 

93:33:^ C Yes, but I don't see any. Do you? 




93:33:52 P There's some GOming up over here, 

93:33:5^ C Whereabouts? 

93:33:58 ^ Just keep the wa^y you're drifting right now. 

93:33:59 C ... Sequence of lightning and ... 

93:3^:02 P RAD 1. 

93:3^:03 C There's Lightning right now, ... 

93:3^:05 P Going to RAD 1 for lightning, 

93:3^:10 P On RAT 1 for lightning only. 

93:3^:12 C 

93:3^:17 P The transmitter's on, 

93:3^:22 P I got it ... recorder on ... 

93:3i+:25 C 

93:3^:27 P Okay. We'll use the recorder time hacks. ... 

You better power -down at this time, 

93:3^:3^ C Okay, Powering down, 

93:3^:35 P At 93:3^:33 powering down. 

93:34:44 c 

93:35:15 P What time did we start that? About 93 hundred? 

93:35:21 C 

93:36:12 P What else do you want to talk about? 

C , , • 

93:36:27 P We want to report we have 10 hours - 10 minutes 

and 1+5 seconds left on the tape recorder, 

93:36:31 C 

93:36:32 P Yes. Next time we get over the States ... 




93 1 3°: 41 

Oltay. How Jim, the sun ougtit to 
right there. We're looking right 



... Are you going to take a shot : 















How's that? 



Okay. Looks good. 



I can't ... okay? 



That's okay. 



See if you can see the ... light. 

to be able to see it. 

93:37:43 P Swing over that way to the left. 

93:37:^ C Swing over that way. 

93:38:10 P Yes, there's the Ught. 

C Go ahead, Hawaii. 

93:38:11 C ... wait Just a minute. Are you in good shape 

for the sun now? 

93:38:17 P Yes, you're pitching up. 

93:38:19 C Pitch up now? 

93:38:22 P Okay. I'm in good shape for the sun, 

93:38:^^) P ... I turned down the filter all the way so we can 

get the first strike of the ... ccmlng up. 

93:38:43 C Okay. 

93:38:47 P Now you can ;3xist barely make out the horizon ... 





93:38:52 P Right . 

93:39:07 C Still in good shape? 

93:39:22 P Yes. 

93:39:27 P ... lot of refraction around the earth's atmosphere 


93:39:28 C Yes. 

93:39:29 C Boy, she's coming up.' 

93:39:30 P Yes. 

93:39:31 C 

93:39:^ P I'm in good shape right now. ... 

93:39:^ P Yes, she should be. Let's see, what are we? Are 

we SEF or BEF? We're SEF. Right? 

93:39:52 C SEF. Right. 

93:39:55 P All right. Then she shoiild be off to our right. 

She should be caning at an angle off to our right. 

93:39:58 C What, the sun? 

93:40:06 P No, the ... lights should be at eui angle off to 

the rigbt where that orange is, 

93: to: 07 C Yes, ,., you should be able to see it, and I can't 

see it. 

93:i40:08 P Well, that's what probably could be, 

93: to: 12 C 

93: to: 19 P Olcay. Yaw just a little bit to the left. 

93: to: 21 C Left? 

93: to: 27 P That's good. That's fine. 

93: to: 28 C You have a good hack, on her now? 



Have a good haclt. I have the filter right downj 
just barely visible now. That lamp shotad go out 
lifce a sore thumb. 

Stand by for 

Coming up on an S-5 ... Mississippi mouth, time 

I'm going to taJie one shot of the delta Mississippi 
in blue water, 


Gemini VH, Gemini VII, Houston GAP CCM, 

Gemini VH, Gemini VII, Houston CAP CCM, 

Houston, Gemini VH. Go ahead. 

Roger. VU, Would you turn your DCS circuit 
breaker off and leave it off until further notice? 


Roger, Did you copy? 

Roger, DCS circuit breaiter is off. 

Soger. And we'll be doing a manual tape dump 
when you ccme through the US. 

Houston, how do you read Gemini VII? 

Loud and - weak but clear. Go ahead. 

Gemini VII, did you copy? 

Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM, Did you copy? 

DCS Power circuit breaker is off ... 






9it:05:27 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. 

94:05:33 P This is VII. Go ahead.. 

9^:05:34 CC Roger, We'd like you to turn your T/M switch to 


9^4-: 05: 39 P Roger, Go to REAL-TIME and ACQ, 

94:05:^*2 CC And place the adapter C-Band in CONTINUOUS. 

94:05:48 P Roger. G-Band is COIWINUOUS, 

94:05:55 CC Everything loolts real good here on the ground, 

Gemini VII. We have nothing else for you. We'll 
be staading hy. 

94:06:00 P Roger, 

94:06:51 CC Gemini VH, Gua^aiias CAP COM, 

94:06:54 P Go ahead, Guaymas. 

94: 06: 55 CC We would like an on -hoard readout of Squib 1 and 

2 and the ecmmon control bus, please. 

94:07:03 P Roger, Ccmmon control bus is reading 25 volts at 

the present time. 

94:07:08 CC Roger. 

94:07:12 P Squib 2 reads about 25.7, Squib 1 reads about 


94:07:19 CC Roger, Thank you, 


94:09:10 CC Gemini VH, this is Texas GAP COM. 

94:09:14 P Go ahead, Texas. 



9^:09:16 CC We have you GO on the ground here and we axe 

standing by for your fuel cell purge, 

9^:09 '.23 C Roger, Fuel cell purge coming up, 

94:14:17 ? h, 3 secondjs, I'm going to purge the fuel cells, 

94:14:22 P Fuel cell purge complete. 

94:14:23 CG Gemini VU, this is Texas GAP GQM. We read your 

fuel cell purge. We'd lllte sane Cryo quantity 
readouts at this time. Would you select ECS O2 

94: 14: 28 C Okay. 

94: 14: 33 C On ECS Og. 

94:14:35 C Quantity, ECS Og. 

94:14:38 C 

94:14:48 P Okay. We have a hatch temperature here ... 

94:14:50 G 

94: l4: 53 P Look at those two cloud fields down there ... 

94:14:55 C Yes. 

94:15:00 C Now let's see, right up here .,, 

94:15:02 P Jacksonville should "be right over here someplace, 

94:15:05 P Now, here's the tape again. Let see what ... 

94:15:07 C 

94:15:09 P 

94:15:22 CC Would you move your selector switch to FUEL fTKT.T. 

O2 now please? 

94:15:29 C Got it, Jim? 

94:15:31 P Yes .., 




94:15:38 C Okay, I'll keep you ... 

9^:15:^ P Boy, they're really working on Pad I9 down therej 

... Wally. 

9^:15:52 CC Gemini VII, would you move your selector switch to 


94:15:57 C Roger, 

94:16:00 C You ought to be able to keep seeing it, 

94:16:05 P 

94: 16: 17 C Can you see the gantry and everything? 

94:16:18 P No, I can't, 

94:16:25 CC Gemini VII, this - we've got good readings, i^ould 

you turn your switch to OFF position? We are 
stsuiding hy. 

94:16:30 C Thank you, Texas. 

94:16:31 P You want to swing around and take a look? 

94:16:33 C Yes, I'm right over it now, 

94:16:34 P 

94:16:38 P This is VII. Roger. 

94:16:1+2 P Gemini Vn, Roger, 

94:16:44 CC You doing your photograph now, Jim, on the S-5? 

94;l6:l46 P We couldn't take the picture reaJLly. It was 

cloudy over the Mississippi Delta, 

94:16:55 CC Roger. Okay. Would you get your - we want to do 

a manvial tape dump here? Would you place your 
Standby T/M switch to DEL^Y TIME? 

94:17:00 P Roger, Stand by. Going DELAY TIME. 

94:17:04 P Roger. Standby DELAY ... DELAY TIME. 

94:17:12 CC Place your Tape Playback switch to COMTINUOUS. 




94:17:1^ P Tape play"back is on CONTINUOUS. 

9k: 17: 21 P Roger. 

9^:17:22 CC And you can get out your flight plan update book.. 

I've got two items for you, 

9il.:17:26 P Roger. 

9^:17:29 CC For your information, the Spacecraft VI sim flight 

is underway. 

9^:17:31 P Roger, We ^ust passed over the Cape and with the 

telescope we could see them worlting on I9. 

94:17:^ CC Very feverish activity, isn't it? 

9^:17:43 P Right. 

94: 17: 59 P Okay. CiO ahead with the update, 

94:18:02 CC Roger. The first item is a deletion. D-9 at 

96:U:35 is deleted. 

94:18:16 P Roger. Understand the D-9 is deleted, 

94:18:19 CC We'll get that later today. A new one in that 

same area is D-5: 96:13:00; Test Number 2. I 
have the instructions for that test when you're 
ready to copy. 

94:18:34 P Test Number 2. 

94:18:35 P Go ahead. 

94:18:33 C Go ahead. 

94:l8:4l CC Okay. Number 1: calibrate on Venus; "Number 2; 

if calibration successful, release the Cal button, 
track to occultation and report number of gain 
irtieel turns to maximum from the calibration 
setting. Do you copy? 

94:19:14 P Roger, We have it. 

94:19:15 P Roger. Got it. 



94: 19; 18 C Roger, We have it, 

94:19:21 CC Step 3: If normal calibration not successful, 

repeat calibration without depressing Cal button. 
Track Venus for 15 seconds. Move and count gain 
wheel turns to maxi Tinim, Continue traclsing to 
occultation and report results. Do you copy? 

94:19:31 P Roger, Understand, 

94:20:14 C Roger, Got it, 

94:20:15 CC Caution: Ground equipment tests show that sun- 

light on the photo tube can have an adverse effect 
even with the power off. So we'd like to advise 
you to keep the unit out of the sunlight at all 
times, or any bright light. 

94:20:32 P Roger, Understand, 

94:20:37 CC Like to advise you that the weather is marginal 

for your MSG -4 pass on White Sands on the next 
revolution. We hope to try to get you a weather 
update on this at Carnarvon so you - we might be 
able to tell you just not to unstow the gear, 

94:20:55 P Roger, That*s a shame. We were looking forward 

to that one, 

94:20:59 P Roger, ,,, 

94:21:02 CC Roger, So are we, 

94:21:03 P Where's the ,,, 

94:21:09 P No, I was looking for the log book ... 

94:21:11 CC That's all I have right now. We're standing by 

for a completion of the manual tape dump. I'll 
call you on that in Just a minute. 

94:21:14 C Roger, 

94:21:17 P ,., log book ,,, 

94:21:22 CC Haven't had a chance to try out that flight suit, 

have you? 




94:21:26 P That's it, Elliot. 1*11 try ... this evening. 

How's that? 

91+: 21: 31 P I'll try it this evening. How's that? 

94:21:33 CC I heg your pardon. 

94:21:34 P I want to try it out this evening. How's that? 

94:21:36 CC Roger. Whatever 's convenient to you, Jim, 

94: 21: 4o CC Would you place your Tape Playback switch to 


94:21:43 P Tape Playback, CCMMAHD, 

94: 21: 45 P Playback to CQMMAM), 

94:21:46 CC Stajidby T/M switch to OFF. 

94:21:50 P Standby is in OFF. 

94: 21: 54 P Standby to OFF. 

94:21:56 CC Roger. 

94:22:04 CC Frank, this is Houston Flight. How are you this 


94:22:07 C Very good, Chris, Very good. 

94:22:11 CC I talked with Sue a little while ago. She thinks 

you're doing great. 

94:22:12 C Well, thank you. 

94:22:16 C Thank you. 

94:22:17 C No, we're all in good shape - waiting to see how 

VI comes out. 

94: 22: 19 P ... we 're in good shape ... Wait till VI ccmes 


94:22:21 CC Tes, that's what she's looking forward to also. 

94:22:24 C They don't. 




9k: 22: 31 


We kind of lost our dam log book., Chris. 



Jim, I would like to advise you that Marilyn 
apparently came by the Control Center here last 
night and watched from VIP roan and nobody knew 
she was here. 

94: 22: kQ 


That's kind of sneaky. 




94: 22: 55 


They are all over having coffee this morning. 



How badly was ,,, 

94: 22:59 


Probably with ,., drinking our coffee. 

94: 23:07 


I wish I could find that book. 



They've been monitoring all the squawk boxes thai 
we've got over there and they are both very happj 
about that. 



That's a very nice setup. We appreciate that. 



I said ,., 



I'll see you after lunch on the next revolution. 

94: 23:29 






94: 23: 45 





What's coming up next? 

94: 24: 19 


Gemini VII, Houston, Just to advise you,we want 
this DC circtilt breaker left off because of the 
Spacecraft VI tests that are going on. 

94: 24:33 


VII, Roger. 

94: 26: 19 


What's oiir next activity ,,,? 

94: 26: 50 


,., I'm going to try to get ,,, 




94: 2d: 53 


Tnat ' s the next tnxng? 

• * • 


ciiiuuxu. wc gcTj up TiO Qjcree on slxj. ijujls s&uxx oeic 
we eat? 



• • • 



That's all we have to do now? 



* * • 



Maybe we better breaJt it up in little nibbles. 



Yes, why don't you ... out the food ...? 



• • * 

94: 28: 55 


Let's see, the log book. 



• • • 

94: 29: 29 


. • • me up to • • • 




94: 29: 36 


1592 to 1604, 

94: 30:05 


• • « 







Gemini VII, Canary Coea check. Hew do you read? 



Carnarvon. Read you loud and clear. 

94: 32: 19 


VII. Read you loud and clear. 

94: 32: 20 


Roger, We'll get a C-Band telemetry from you. 
We'll have to turn the switches off in aboufc a 





Roger. Standing by. 



Roger, Standing "by. 



Gemini VII, Canary, Would you place the C- 
switch to COMMAHD? 



Roger, C-Band on Ccsmand. 



Roger, C-Bajid switch to CCMMAKD. 



Roger, Place Fuel switch to OrT", 






, • • 

Sh: 33: l4 


Roger, Copy, See you tomorrow. 






I'll try and use your suggestions .,, 



,,. will do it. 



Oka;/, , • . 

94: 43: 04 


Boiman about to dump urine, 94: 46, 

94: 52:53 



94: 52: 53 



94: 53:03 


36, 41, 52, 

94: 54: 48 


Meal 4. 




Qemlni VH Carnarvon, 



This is VII. (jO ahead. 



Roger, We would like to have you turn your 

switch to REAL-TIME and ACQ-AID position, please. 



95:03:59 C T/M, REAL-TIME and ACQ. 

95:04:01 CC Oltay. We've got it. Will you turn your adapter 

C-Band to GONTiriUOUS, please? 

95:04:07 C Set C-Baad on COMTIHUOUS. 

95:04:11 CC Okay. At elapsed time of 95 hours, l6 minutes, 

00 seconds we would like you to turn your adapter 
C-Band switch to CCMMAMD, This will allow ,,, to 
track you. 

95:04:32 C Understand that 95: l6:00, adapter C-Band to CCWMAHD. 

Is that correct? 

95:04:38 CC That's affirmative. 

95:04:40 C Roger, 

95:04:43 CC Also I have same information for you about the 

MSG -4. 

95:04:l49 C Soger, Go ahead. 

95:04:51 CC MSC-4 has been scrubbed. White Sands will bring 

up their equipment and track you. If you see it, 
go ahead, but don't use a lot of fuel because it's 
a good long way awa^y from you on this pass. 

95:05:12 C ... Understand MSC-4 has been scrubbed but we will 

look for the beam, 

95:05:17 CC Roger, 

95:05:21 CC Weather is pretty bad also, VH. 

95:05:25 C Understand. 

95:05:28 CC We have you solid on the ground. Before LOS, 

we'll have Elliot ccme up, tell you when to turn 
your T/M switch back to COMMAHD, 

95:05:43 C Roger. 

95:10:56 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

95:10:58 P Go ahead, Carnarvon, 




Okay. You're still looking real good here on 
the ground* You can turn your T/M switch to 
CCWMAHD position. Okay. We have you and we're 
standing hy. We'll have a couple more minutes 
in acquisition, 


Carnarvon, Gemini VH, 
Go ahead, Gemini VII, 

Would you relay to the Flight in Houston please 
the following times. The sunset, the lower end 
across the horizon, 93:10:57.5; the upper end, 
93:11:15.5. Did you get that? 

Roger, Copy, 

Sunrise, the upper end across the horizon, 
93:^:3^.5; the lower end, 93:43:22.0, 

Roger. Copy. 

Thank you. 

Roger. Gemini, 

A cotnment here at 95:22: I've been wrestling with 
a beef and gravy package for at least the last 
15 minutes, Serial Number SC596, and it just doesn't 
come out. You put water in one end and it doesn't 
get to the dry material on the other end. No 
matter what you do, you can't mix it and then you 
try to force it out of the eating end, and it 
takes an awful long time. 


Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM, If you read, place 
your T/M Control T/M switch to REAL-TIME and 
ACQ-AID, and your adapter C-Band to CONTINUOUS, 

Tananarive, Gemini VH. 




95:29:08 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii GAP COM. Would you repeat? 

95:29:10 P Roger, Hawaii, You're ccming in very weak. We 

have T/M ... adapter CONTINUOUS, 

95:29:17 CC Roger. 

95: 29: 29 CC VII, we show you GO on the ground. You need not 


95:29:36 C Thank yoa. 

95:36:16 CC Gemini VH, Hawaii GAP COM, Would you place your 

adapter C-Band to COMMAND? T/M Control T/M switch 

95:36:31 C Roger. 


95:^:56 CC Gemini VH, Itouston CAP CCM, 

95:ijO:59 C Go aiiead, Gemini VII. 

95:41:02 CC Would you place your T/M switch to REAL-TIME and 


95: lt-1: 06 C Roger, 

95:41:12 C C-Bajid adapter CQNTHJUOUS for wide hands ... 


95:41:15 CC Okay. That's what we want. 

95:41:24 CC Hey, we're going to he giving you several things 

on this pass but we don't want to interrupt the 
possible MSC-4, so let me know on that one. 

95:41:32 C Say again ... 

95:41:34 CC We've got several things for you this pass but 

we don't want to interrupt the MSC-4, so keep me 

95:4l:4l C Roger, We can't hear you. You're just cutting in 




and out. Say once more, please. 

95:UL:47 CC We've got several things for you "but we do not 

want to interrupt the MSG -If, Keep me posted, 

95:41:5^ C Thank you« 

95:43:U4 CC Can you teil anything atoout the weather, Gemini 


^5:k3:k6 C It loolts like it might break up right hefore there, 

95:^3:^9 CC Very good, 


95:^5:57 CC Gemini VH, Houston, Any joy? 

95:^5:59 C No joy. 

95:^:01 CC Roger, Place your Standby T/M switch to DELAIED 


95:^46:07 C DELAm) TIME. 

95:^16:15 CC We have a flight plan update for you when you're 

ready to copy. 

95:^:18 C Okay. Stand by. 

95:il6:21 C Too many clouds, Elliot. 

95:46:23 CC Roger, Understand, 

93:^:^ P Gk) ahead, Elliot, 

$3:k6:k6 CC Roger. Incidentally, toward the end of tUs pass. 

Spacecraft VI wants to try to talk to you. We'll 
try to work that in. Node: 96: 5!+: ^5; Rev 6I; 
154,2 degrees east; right ascension, 11:50:56, 
Do you copy? 

95:47:17 P Roger. 

95:47:19 CC S-6: 97:16:46; Sequence 10; pitch 30 degrees 




dovm, yaw 0 degrees, MSC-2 and 3: 97:iK):00; 
Sequence 02; off at 112:00:00. D-9: 97:^1:34; 
Sequence 01 j Mode 02. Time: 98:ll+:00; purge 
fuel cells at Camaivon. Do you copy? 

95:148:211 P Roger. 

95:1*8:25 CC HF: 98:20:00; Sequence 01; test stop at 99:50:00. 

Time: 98:5^:00; crew status report on the Ccmmaad 
Pilot at Texas, Place your Tape Playback switch 

95:^:08 CC Did you get that, VII? 

95:^:09 P Roger. Tape Playback, CONTINUOUS. On the HF Test, 

that was stop at 99:50:00? 

95:i^9:15 CC Roger, Did you get the next item? 

95:49:17 P Roger. Have the crew status. 

95:1*9:20 CC Roger. 

95:^:23 CC Time: 100:05:00; cabin temperature survey. Time: 

100:15:00; crew status report on the Pilot at 
Hawaii. Time: 101:32:00; PLA update at CSQ. 
Time: 101:50:00; fuel cell purge at Hawaii. 
Time: 102:00:00; BIO MED Recorder Number 2 
CONTINUOUS; off at 112:00:00. Do you copy? 

95:50:lfl P ... copy. 

95:50:1*9 CC We're still worldng on the dump now, Gemini VH, 

Gemini VI can call you in here if they make it 

95:50:59 P Standing by for VI. 

95:51:05 CC Gemini VII, one more message for you. Place your - 

this is at a Time 96: 27 - place your adapter C- 
Band to COMMAND. 

95:51:19 P At 96:27 adapter C-Band, COMMAND, 

95:51:22 CC Roger. 

95:51:33 C6 Gemini VII, Gemini VH, Gemini VI on the ground. 



Do you read? Over, 

95:51:39 C7 Roger. Read you loud and clear, Gemini VI» Go 


95:51:it6 C? Gemini VI, this is Gemini VII, We read you. Go 


95:51:52 C6 Gemini VH, Gemini VI, We do not read you. We'll 

come up and look her over and see how we heair you 

95:52:05 C7 Gemini VI, this is Gemini VII. How do you read? 

95:52:12 CC Apparently they're not reading you, VII, 

95:52:15 C7 Okay, We read them^ 

95:52:17 CC Roger, 

95:52:19 <JJ Not too loud and clear, iDut we read them, 

95:52:21 C6 VH, Roger, We do not read. We read you. Flight 

and CAP COM. 

95:52:29 C6 Very good. We'll get a little closer range next 



95:52:52 CC Gemini VH, Houston, 

95:52:55 P Go ahead, VII, or Houston, 

95:52:58 CC 0^3 says you're Just now passing his retro time, 

95:53:04 P Roger, That figures. 

95:53:15 CC also reports they did not have to stop at 

Brookley on the way back, 

95:53:21 P Roger, We might have to, 

95:53:24 CC Place your Tape Playback switch to CCMMAKD, 






CQM^AHD on the Tape Playback, 

ueininj. vxi, liouston. lour oroit today Is 127»5 
by 170.7. 



Roger, Thajik you. 

95:5i+: 53 


Elliot, what time do you want us to turn the C- 
uand adapter dacK to CCMMAHD, please t 

Is that the one X gave you a siinute a.go? Right, 
That's 96 plus 27. 



Thank you. 



Gemini VII, place your Standby T/M switch to OFF, 





ijentini vxjl, wouLd you turn your ACQ -AID besujon on? 


Beacon circuit breaker on. 


unaersuancu fujat-iijjj circuit orealter on. 



, , , 

95: 57: Id 


Gemini VII, Hoviston. Is the music ccming in okay 



Loud and clear. Thank you Kraft Music Hall, 


95: 57: 


Roger, The Director just took a bow. 



Gemini VH, turn your T/M switch to CCMMAHD. 

95: 59: 10 



96: 20; 50 


Okay. Special D,5/!lD on ninth. Gain wheel full- 



Temperature normal? 



Yes, C food is stowed, ,., with the reticle and 

screen. Calibrating button went down and ,,, 
gain wheel from full -left rotated clockwise. The 
reticle stays free. It will not switch. Stays 



96:21:21 C 

96:21:23 C Calibration unsuccessful. Released Calibrate 

"button and cal not s\iccessf\il. Repeat cal 
without depressing Cal button. Try doing it 
without depressing the Cal button, 

96:21:35 P Okay. 

96:21:53 C Did it work? 

96:21:57 P I don't know, 

96:21:59 C Is that in good position, Jim? 

96:22:02 P It was pretty far to the right here, 

96:22:15 P No? All right, in the same thing, ninth scale, 

no filter - - 

96:22:21 C That sure is right, I double -checked it so it has 

to be, 

96:22:28 P Okay. Hinth -• Can you read it? 

96:22:33 C In the ninth position. 

96:22:35 G What happened? Anything? 

96:22:38 P The reticle just stays GREEK. 

96:22:43 C Okay, repeat cal. Track Veniis for 15 seconds; 

remove and count gain wheel constant max. Okay, 
it doesn't matter ... count. It just stays GKEEN, 

96:22:52 P Calibrate, to me, is when we go from BED to GREEK, 

or frota - - 

96:22:57 C But you can't get it to go froa RED, can you? 

96:22:59 P Wo, now it went RED if I go into daylight, now - 

I'll go into day. This shouldn't hurt it at all. 

96:23:04 C Yes. 

96:23:07 P All right. We have a brilliant RED, 




96:23:09 C All right, 

96:23:16 P I'm sure it is going to stay a brilliant RED. 

96:23:26 C Yes» We can't get a normal calibration with the 

• • • 

96:23:28 P No, it stays a brilliant RED in the MY svdtch 


96:23:31 C Okay, Kow try it once with the - icLthout pressing 

the Calibrate button - you Imow, Just - - 

96:23:38 P Gain wheel ccmlng baxilc again. Going up now, 

96:23:43 P Full -down. 

96:23:^5 P Still the exact sajae thing, 

96:23:1+7 C Still GREEN or RED? 

96:23:50 P Still RED. ... RED. 

96:23:52 C All right. 

96:23:55 P Now I'll switch it while ,,, 

96:23:59 C I can't maJse it change color except by changing 

from day to night, right? 

96:24:07 P That's it, that's iti 

96: 214-: 11 C Ckay, 

96:24:16 P Okay, Now I've got the ,,, receptacle on, 

96:24:18 C Yes, 

96:24:19 P Cut the line. 

96:24:21 C Right, 

96:24:22 P I can hear the motor running, 

96:24:26 C Oltay. 

96:24:23 P Nothing I can see, 




96:2i+:33 C Ail right. ... let's p\ib it away. 

96:24:35 P We'll tell ... 

96:24:38 C Yes, we will, but I mean there is nofcliing we can 

do about it, Ready^ 

96:2k:kO P Yes. 

96:24:41 P 

96: 24: 45 C Yes. 

96:38:09 CC Gemini VII, Gajmarvon, 

96:38:24 P This is VII. Go ahead, Carnarvon. 

96:38:26 CG Okay. We'd lilse to have you close your DCS 

circuit brealser, please. 

96:38:35 P Roger, DCS is closed. 

96:38:37 CC Okay. Very good. 

96:38:45 C Now, will you relay a message to Houston for us? 

96:38:46 CC Sirre will. 

96:38:48 C On this D-5 photcaoeter, when we aline on Venus, 

in the NIGHT position the reticle stays GHEEN 
regardless of what you do and in the DAY position, 
it stays RED regardless of what you do. 

96:39:05 CC Roger. Copy. In the NIGHI position it stays 

GREEK and in the DAY position it stays RED. Is 
that affirm? 

96:39:14 C Whether you have the Calibrate on or not and 

regardless of what you have it pointed at. 

96:39:19 CC Roger, We copy. 

96:39:50 CC VH, you're looking good here on the ground. We 




liave nothing else for yovu We'll be standing by 
if you need us* 

96:39:57 C Thank you very much, 

96: to: 18 CC vn, Carnarvon. The reason we had you go back with 

the DCS circuit breakers to the CLOSED position, 
they finished all the command work with Spacecraft 
VI, They're continuing on with the tests, and 
everything is going real well, 

96: to: 33 C Thank you. 


97:04:41 GC Gemini VII, Hawaii GAP COM, 

97:04:56 P Hawaii, Oemini VH, 

97:04:59 CC Roger. VH, We have you 00 on the ground here, 

you need not acknowledge. 

97:15:18 C Okay. 097-97. ... cloud fozmation. 

97:15:23 P I thought maybe ... 

97:15:25 C 

97:15:28 c Am I right? 

97:15:30 P 


97:16:31 GC Gemini VII, Guaymaa GAP CGM, 

97:16:37 P So ahead, Guayraas. 

97:16:39 CG Roger, All systems look real good here on the 

ground, Fli^t said to pass along that he had 
somte of your friends watching this afternoon, 

97:16:52 P Who was it? His girl? 



97:16:54 CC He didn^t say. 

97: 16: 56 CC Real close friends. 

97:17:47 P Yes, Okay. We'll get ... 

97:17:56 P ... Gaxnarvon ... 

97:17:59 C 

97: 18: 146 CC Gemini vn, Quaymas GAP COM, 

97:18:52 P Go ahead. This is VII. Go ahead. 

97:18:53 CC We'd like for you to open the ACQ-AID Beeuion 

circuit breaker. 

97:18:56 P 

97:19:04 P Roger. ACQ-AID open, 

97:19:59 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

97:20:03 P Roger, Houston. This is VH. 

97:20:07 CC We have some flight plan update for you, and also 

Flight suggests you say scjmething pleasant. We 
have a couple of girl friends of yoxars here, 

97:20:20 C 

97:20:23 C Bah, HumhugJ 


97:20:27 C I'll come back, Marilyn, honest I will, 

97:^:35 CC Turned out that was bum dope we had last night. 

She wsis not here last night. This is her first 

97:20:ij2 C Roger. 

97:20:4-5 CC Let me know when you're ready to copy. 



Roger, We're right over southern Mexico now, and 
everything loolcs beautiful from up here. 


Are you ready to coj^? 

Go right ahead, Elliot, shoot away, 

D-5: 99:50:OOj Test Number 3. This is another 
test to try to troubleshoot the instrument. 
Attempt an MSC-12 groimd-observation type run on 
the water. Spacecraft pointing away from the sun. 
See if instrument will calibrate. Record number 
of turns of gain wheel from calibration point to 
mayitnnui. Do you copy? 

Olcay. Write this down, 

Roger, And you have the results from our PDS-10 
didn't you? 

That's right. We did. That's what led to this 
one. At Time lCX):ii8:00: flight plan report of the 


Elliot, this is Frank, 
Go ahead, 

I think we ought to try this test, but I'm pretty 
well convinced that we've got a defective instru- 
ment, I hate to keep wasting fuel on it. 

Okay, I'll - - 

- - working on analyzing it here, and apparently 
do not understand it caompletely because they are 
still asking for these tests, but I'll pass that 
coinment on. 

Okay. Won't make any difference but we haven't 
had any luck with any of the tests so far, ajid 
we don't have a lot of fuel to waste. 




97:23:36 CC Roger. 

97:24:06 CC Gemini VII, Hoiaston, Would you give us a pro- 

peilant quantity reading? 

97:24:11 C Roger, We're reading percent. 

97:24:14 CC Roger, 54 percent, 

97:24:23 CC Been talking to Spacecraft VI during the sijn 

flights, making the Com checks. Everything is 
looking real good, 

97:24:30 C Can they read us at all? 

97:24:33 CC They apparently did not reeid you at all, I read 

them, and I read you both veiy well. And I 
understand that you read them, 

97:24:43 C That's affirm. 

97:24:47 CC Say, here are some more instructions to go with 

this Test Number 3* 

97:24:54 P Do you have any idea when he's trying to have 

them in orbit? 

97:24:59 CC Roger, 

97:25:05 CC Chris wants to talk to you on that, Jija, 

97:25:08 P Roger, 

97:25:10 CC They're still trying to make Sunday at the Cape, 

Jim, and we're going to talk this thing over 
tomorrow around noon regarding the sim flight 
both on the spacecraft and the launch vehicle, 
ajid try to make a decision at that time. You 
have to make a bum approximately 3: 4l Central 
Standard Time, so that will give us plenty of 
time to get you "ginned up". We're also thinking 
about having you bring up the platform at that 
time, because we want to teike a look at a higher 
amperage reading on the fuel cell to get a little 
better look at the EI curve, 

97:25:51 P Roger, Understand. 




97:25:53 CC It also tiirned out that, if we decide not to go 

for the eighth day and go for the ninth, the 
maneuver comes out in the middle of your sleep 
period. We're probably going to reshape that 
thing so we do two sets of maneuvers; one before 
you go to sleep, and one after you wake up, 

97:26:12 P That's very considerate, 

97:26:16 CC And the way we're going to do this thing is do 

two maneuvers. We'll bring up perigee and then 
bring down apogee within the fuel budget we have. 

97: 26: 2? P Roger, 

97:26:37 CC Gemini VII, you have a ccraing up in about half 

a minute. 

97: 26: in P Roger. Is that the finish of the flight plan 


97:26:146 CC Negative. I've just a little bit more here, 

97:27:12 P I've received the Tjj, 

97:27:17 CC Roger. VII. And for your information, if we 

don't circularize tcjmorrow - if we go for a 
Monday launch - we will be circularizing you on 

97:27:30 P Roger. 

97:27:33 CC Are you ready to copy these additional instructions 

for the Test Number 3? 

97:27:38 C All right. Stand by. 

97:27:^ P Go ahead, 

97:27:47 CC When you try to calibrate on this test, if you 

get no calibration, here are the instructions. 
If reticle stays GREEN, put a hand over the 
objective lens and see if the color changes. If 
the reticle stays RED, remove the day filter leav- 
ing the photometer in the DAY position, and try 
to calibrate on the water. Do you copy? 



97:27:51 P No calibration. We had no calibration ... 

97:28:^4-3 P Roger, We copied. 

97: 28:^16 CC Okay. I think we're about to run this down, and 

I think this test should certainly wind it up. 

97:29:00 G We have it. We'll tiy it. 

97:29:03 CC Roger. 

97: 29: 16 P 

97:29:25 C Is that all? 

97:29:27 P At k-1 we have a D-9 ... 

S7:k9:23 P I've gotten in a D-9 and we're trying to shoot 

Aldebaran on the horizon. Two factors sort of 
force this operation. One of them is the fact 
that Aldebaran, due to the moon being full, is in 
the vicinity of Orion and it Just about blanks out 
any stars. We did manage to pick up Aldebaran, 
but it is so high and so faint that we never could 
get a really good shot at it, 

93:06:13 P Our ... ccBnnients on D-9: temperature ,., First 

of all, Aldebaran is, as we previously stated, too 
close to the moon and we used Mirak and Almak, 
Almak was fairly high but we could just ,,. to a 
degree, because it was farther away frcm the moon. 
We went back again - 

98:06:32 G 

98:06:37 P We didn't ... Almak so we went back to get Mirak 

and the moon's light wa-s so bright that as we 
tried to bring it down to the horizon, it Just 
faded into the airglow on the horizon. You 
couldn't get a definite horizon at all on it. 
The star itself was too dim with the bright full- 
moon background to get a good shot. Instead, we 
plan to u^e stars away - at least 90 degrees frcan 
the laoon, and the full moon is due in seconds ,,, 

98:07:34 P One more caomiient on D-9: now as there is a - 

moon is full ,,. two things it does. Number 1 is 




it ruins any vision to pick, up ,,, stars near itj 
and Number 2 is that reflection amuxige on the 
window is such that it Just blurs anything that's 
out there. It's Just a big smudge, 

98:08:17 P Oikajr, 


98:13:43 CC CJemini VII, Carnarvon, 

98:13:45 P Soger, Carnarvon, ,,, 

98:13:43 CC Roger, We're ready for your fuel cell purge, 

98:13:52 P Coming now, 

98:18:49 P Purge oanplete, Carnarvon, 

98:18:51 CC Roger, Did we get a Cryo quantity readout too? 

Switch position on the ECS 

98:18:59 P Pilot, now, 

98:19:14 CC Okay, FUEL CELL O2, please, 

98:19:17 P Roger, 

98:19:27 CC FUEL CELL Hg, please, 

98:19:39 CC Okay, You can go to the OFF position. 

98:19:57 CC Gemini VII, this is Carnarvon, You're still 

looking good here on the ground. This is our 
last psiss of the evening, so we'll lae seeing you 

98:20:08 P Roger. Nice work, 

98:20:20 CC Roger. 

98:35:10 P This is Gemini VH. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - 5, 4, 3, 2, 

98:35:15 P Gemini VH. This is (2!T ,,, Gemini VH, 1, 2, 3, 

45.,. > * ->> 





^a-.kO-.Ok P This is Gemini VII. 1, 2, 3, ^, 5 - 5, ^, 3, 2, 

■La • • • 

98:i*0:i+5 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Hawaii GAP COM. 

98: 111: 02 CC Gemini VH, Hawaii CAP CCM on HF. 

98:1(9:10 P This is Gemini VII. 1, 2, 3, 5 - 5, h, 3, 2, 

1. Gemini VII, . . . 


98:54:38 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, this is Houston on HF, 

We have a good oral ten^. Give us the "blood 
pressure and stand hy for Surgeon, 

98:55:10 P This is Gemini VII, 1, 2, 3, If, 5 - 5, 1+, 3, 2, 

1, Gemini VII, ... 10 - 2 0, This is Gemini 
VII. ... 1, 2, 3, 1+, 5 - 5, k, 3, 2, 1. GET 
... 1 5 0. This is Gemini VII. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - 
5, h, 3, 2, 1, Gemini VH, ... This is Gemini 
VII, ,., 1, 2, 3, 5 - 5, 3, 2, 1. ... 
GET 25:31. 

98:55:17 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VH, Houston CAP CCM on HF, 

We have a good oral temp. Give us blood pressure 
and stand hy for Surgeon, 

98:55:53 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP CCM on HF, 

We have a good oral temp. Give us hlood pressure 
and stand by for Surgeon. How do you read? 

98:56:01 C Loud and clear on UHF. 

98:56:03 CC Roger. Understand loud and clear. We'll stay 

UHF throughout the pre -status report pass. 

98: 56: 10 C Roger, 

98:56:16 CC Gemini VII, This is Houston Surgeon, Your cuff 

is full-scale. 



98:57:12 CC Oemlnl VH. We have a good blood pressure. 

Standing lay for your exercise, 

98:57:36 C Stand by exercise, 

98:58:00 C Gemini VII ... exercise. 

98:58:04 CC Houston, Soger. Understand you're steurting your 


98:58:30 C 

98:58:32 CC Gemini VH, your cuff is full-scale, 

98:58:36 C .,. start it pumping again, 

98:58:^5 CC Gemini VH, this is Houston. Can you turn your 

H off - HF off at this time? It's very difficult 
to read you. We'll go back to HF after the pass. 

98:58:54 P Roger. 

98:59:24 CC Gemini VII, we have a good blood pressure. Stand- 

ing by for your food, water and sleep report. 

98:59:37 C Houston, this is Gemini VII. Are you calling? 

98:59:^ CC Roger. This is Houston Surgeon, Gemini VII, we 

have a good blood pressure and are standing by 
for your food and water and sleep report, 

98:59:^ C Roger. 

98:59:52 C Ccmmand Pilot has had a total of 387 ounces of 

water. ... Day 4, Meal B and ... 

99:00:07 CC Roger. Ifeiderstand. 

99:00:13 C Pilot has had 317 ounces of water. ... Meal 4, 

excuse me. Day 4, Meal B. 

99:00:25 CC Roger. 

99:00:26 CC Gemini VH, Houston Surgeon copies. Houston 

Surgeon out, 

99:00:31 C Roger, 




99:00:32 CC 

99:00:59 C 

99:01:24 CC 

99:01:37 C 

99:01:47 CC 

99; 01: 53 C 

99:01:56 CC 

99:02:12 CC 

99:02:40 C 

99:03:34 CC 

99:03:54 CC 

99:04:45 CC 

99:04:58 CC 

99:05:29 CC 

99:05:40 C 

Gemini VII, this Is Houston. We'd like to try 
transiiittlng on HF, I'd like you to go Number 2 
Audio to HF - not to HF/VF but just the HF. 
We're getting the tone and we can't seem to get 

Houston, Gemini VH. You're blocked out. We 
cajinot read, you now, 

Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston GAP CCM. Broad- 
casting HF, How do you read? 

Loud and clear, Houston, ,,. 

Gemini VII, Gemini VII, this is Houston GAP COiA, 
HF not reading you. How do you read? Over, 

We read you loud and clear. How do you read, lis? 

Roger, Gemini VII. Understand you're reading us 
loud and clear. We're reading you clear but pretty 
weak, more like you're in a big barrel. Over, 

Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Would 
you confirm the position of your Antenna Select 
switch to ATlAPTER at this time? Over, 

Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM, UHF. 
How do you read? Over, 

Gemini VII, Gemini VH, Houston CAP CCM, UHF. 
How do you read? Over. 

Gemini VH, Gemini VH, Houston GAP CCM broadcast- 
ing UHF, Now how do you read? 

Gemini VH, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM on UHF, 
How do you read? Over, 

Gemini VTI, Gemini VII, this is Houston GAP CCM 
broadcasting UHF in the blind. We understand 
that your Antenna Select position is REENTRY and 
has been since lift-off, Roger? 

That's right. Gene. How do you read me now? 



rraok, I hear your broadcast and I hear you 
talking but it's very, very garbled in the back- 

Roger, That's all because the HF is still on. 
How about now, Gene? 

Roger, Reaxaing you loud and clear. You UHF now? 

Roger, UHF, When we - when we turn the HF radio 
off - then you can read us. When the radio's on, 
you can't read us. 

Yes, okay. We're apparently UHF, You said you're 
reading us loud and clear and I can read noise in 
the background. Sort of like you're in a big 

Okay, we're going back to our HF test then, if you 
don't have anything else for us, 

Roger. We don't have anything. Go back to your 
HF test, and it appears that if you're going to 
talk over the station HF, Frank, you're going to 
have to go frcoa the HF/VT position to the HF 

We did that. 

Okay, Roger, We understand. And we'll be stand- 
ing by all night. See you toDiorrow, 


Gemini VII, RKV C3AP CCM. 

Gemini VH^ RKV CAP COM on HF, 

Gemini VII, If you read me, I've got a tone on 
HF, Beep me on UHF, 

This is Gemini VII, Broadcasting HF. I, 2, 3, 
^> 5 - 5, ^, 3, 2, 1. Gemini VH, GET 30:30. 



99:20:05 P Gemini VII. Broadcasting HF, I, 2, 3* ^, 5 - 5, 

1+, 3, 2, 1. ... GET ... 

99:30:05 P This is Gemini VH, 1, 2, 3, ^, 5 - 5, 3, 2, 


99:35:26 P Gemini YII. GET ... i«D:to, 


99:^40:03 C This is Gemini VII. ... testing 1, 2, 3, i)-, 5 - 

5, k> 3, 2, 1 ... 

99:i|0:07 P Gemini VH. Broadcasting HF, 1, 2, 3, k - k, 3, 

2, 1. Gemini VII. GET 140:20, 

99:45:07 P This is Gemini VII, broadcasting HP. 1, 2, 3, k, 

5 - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Gemini VH. ... 


99:58:09 CC Gemini VH, CSQ GAP COM. 

99:58:13 C Go ahead, CSQ. Gemini VII, 

99:58:15 CC Roger, We'd like your evaluation of the HF test, 


99:58:21 C ,.. sequence order. All we did was maiie trans- 

mission. We didn't get any reception. 

99:58:30 CC Roger. 

99:58:31 C My evaluation of it is that it is a waste of fuel. 

99:58:35 CC Roger, 

99:58:1+5 CO Also, your pass over Hawaii this revolution will 

be a UHF Number 6, 





99: 59: l6 

99: 59: 26 

















Gemini VII, do you have any preference in the 
selection of HF music for the next series of HF 

Scmething quiet and restful. 
Say again? 

Sotoething quiet and restful, 
Roger, Copy, 

No, scmething loud and noisy! 

What are we going to do now? 

Is Chris still on hack, in Houston, CSQ? 

Say again last. 

Is Mr, Kraft still on Flight and Systems? 

Negative. C. C, Yira£t is Flight this time. 

How about advising him that I am thinking about 
coming in with a request about taking my suit 
off also, please, 


Okay, Just like that? 


I wanted to tell them that. 




100:01:36 C ... your choice, ... 

100:01:43 CC Gemini VU. Standby, 

100:01:51 CC VH, All systems appear to be GO on the ground. 

Flight said they would malce soiue selections for 
you on the HF and surprise you. We're standing 

100:02:00 C Roger. Thank you, 

100:02:02 C We are a little concerned about the unbalance on 

our Section 2 fuel cell and Section 2C ... 

100:02:13 CC Flight advises they'll brief you later, 

100:02:16 C Roger, 

100:02:25 G CSQ, did you receive my transmission about the 

fuel cell? 

100:02:28 CC Roger, Copy, You have an mbalance of Section 2, 

Stack 2C, Is that affirm? 

100:02:34 C I just wondered if you noticed; it's been that way 

all along, 

100:02:37 CC We don't copy 2C or IC on the ground. We only 

have the 2A and 2B, 

100:02:45 C What do you read for 2A? 

100:02:47 CC Stand by, I'll give you a reading for 2A and 2B. 

100:03:02 CC VII, 2-Alpha is reading 2,36 amps and 2-Bravo is 

reading 2,19 on the ground, 

100:03:11 G Roger, 2C is reading about 4,2. 

100:03:14 CC Roger, Copy, 4,2, 

100:03:57 P Yes, but look at ,., 

100:04:05 C I wish we had ,., problem ,,, 

100:04:15 P 

100:13:52 P Why don't we put ... and fly by recorder? 




100:16:03 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii GAP COM. 

100:16:05 G Go ahead, Hawaii, Gemini VH. 

100:16:07 CC Okay, While we're trying to lock up here, I've 

got a short flight plan update for you, 

100:16:11 C Stand by, 

100:16:26 C Go ahead, 

100:16:32 CC Okay, we've got a valid oral temp. We're standing 

by for your blood pressure, 

100:16:33 C Hawaii, VII, Go ahead, 

100:16:1+3 C 

100:16:44 C Blood pressure is on the way-, 

100:16:58 CC Your cuff is full-scale, 

100:17:03 C Roger, 

100:17:40 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your exercise on your Mark, 

100:17:44 C Hoger, 

100:17:48 C MABK, 

100:18:13 C Blood pressure coming, 

100:18:25 GC Your cuff is full-scale. 

100:16:27 C Roger. 

100:19:04 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your food, water and sleep report, 

100:19:09 C Roger, We've had nothing since reported last, 

100:19:14 GG Roger, Understand. 




100:19:17 CC Olcay. I've got your flight plan update, if you're 

ready to copy, 

100:19:20 C Go ahead. 

100:19:22 CC Okay. You're going to rvn a Radar Transponder Test, 

At 10 - correction - at 100 plus kO^ transponder 
on; at 100 plus 55 > transponder off, 

100:19:42 C Roger. We have that. 

100: 19: CC Okay. 


100:27:27 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas GAP CCM, 

100:27:i|-5 CC Geiaini VH, Guaymas CAP COM, All systems look 

real good here on the ground. We have nothing else 
for you at this time. We '11 he standing by, 

100:27:53 C Thank you, 

100:28:26 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM, 

100:28:27 C Go ahead, 

100:28:31 CC Roger, We would like to know if the request you 

made over the CSQ should be taken to the management 

100:28:37 C I think it should. 

100:28:i« CC Roger. 

100:28:41 C I'll tell you what you might do. Ask him to call 

Deke tomorrow or sanething and tell him that I 
was thinking about both of us might as well be 

100:28:49 CC Roger, We copy. 

100:38:14 C The recorder .,. computer ... 

,., 00, Stand by ,,, 



100:41:04 C Standby, 

100:4-7:03 P Continuing with the D-9. Last two 75:30:30. 

100:47:14 P Stop watch, 6,3; sextant, 33,082; ,,. tolerance, 

0075> 3400, Stop watch, 200; sexbant, 44.116, 


100:47:26 CO Gemini VII, RKV GAP COM, 

100:47:30 C Came in RKV. This is Gemini VII, 

100:47:31 P Okay, One more D~9: ,., 4335 ,,. 02. Mode 02, 

Did not measure the ,,, too close to the moon. 
It was fiiLL, very "bright to try to verify ,,, 
430, Stop watch, 4l,3; sextant, 32.19. ... 
sextant, 37.09, Stop watch, 33*92; ... 0530, 
Stop watch, l4,6; sextant, 16.265 ... 

100:47:32 CC Roger, We're standing by for your pipeline record- 

ing when you* re reeuiy, 

100:47:36 C Roger, 

100:47:52 C OJs^, Gemini VII. Todaor we acccanplished all the 

fli^t plan activities with the exception of the 
following: Number D-4/D-7 at 93:28 bum. We 
tracked, but there was a great deal of cloud cover 
over both the land and the water, 

100:il6:08 CC Roger, 

100:46:10 C Number 2, S-5: Sequence 12; 94:13:18; cancelled, 


100:46:16 CC Roger, 

100:48:22 C MSC-4: 93:44:39; cancelled, weather, 

100:ii8:23 CC Say again, 

100:48:25 C MSG-4: 93:44:39; cancelled, weather, 

100:48:30 CC Roger, 




100:^48:32 C D-9: 97:kli3ki the moon was too "bright to get 

our dimmer on more than one measurement on the 
other two passes. We selected Majrfik and AlmaJs. 
in place of Marflk and Aldebaran. Aldebaran and 
Marfik are both very close to the moon and it's 
almost impossible to measure them with the sextant. 

100:ii8:55 CC Roger. 

100:^48:58 C S-8/D-13 score: Borman wa^ - 8, Lovell-7, 

100:49:OU CC Roger. 

100:^9:06 C Okay. We used 39 exposures today on Magazine M 

with a Hasselblad; 10 feet of l6nim. film and two 
tape recorder cartridges, 

100:^49:13 CC Roger. 

100:^9:20 C I guess that about covers it, 

100:49:23 CC Okay, 

100:50:^48 P Just another .,, 

100:54:17 CC CSemini VII, RKV CA? COM. 

100:54:25 P This is VII, Go ahead. 

100:54:26 CC Roger, You can go ahead and set the transponder 


100:54:30 P Oh Roger, Thank you, 


101:09:21 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Over. 

101:09:41 P Hello Houston, Gemini VII, Go ahead, 

101:09:43 CC Hello Gemini VII, Read you loud and clear. First 

off I would like to advise you that we're working 
on that suit request; we don't yet have an answer. 
As soon as we get it, we'll shoot it up, I might 
say we're working quite hard on it at the time. 



Thank you very much. 

And we have a couple of questions Jim, if you'd 
like to answer them. We'd like - this concerns 
the results of that Photcmeter Test, Were you 
able to calibrate? 

We haven't had a chance to run it yet. We plan 
to do that the very nexb today. If you could 
hold off a little bit we would appreciate it. 

Okay. Fine. I understand you have't done it 
yet. Question concerning the film report. Was 
that used diiring the last 2k hours or is that 
the total of the flight? 

That was the la^t 2if-hour usage. 

Okay, Fine, And I'd Itfce to update you on a 
fuel purge for after you're awake. 

Understand an V5>date on fuel purge. Okay, 

Okay, It'll be on Rev 71 at Canaries, at Tinie 
112:05 elapsed time. 

Understand, The next fuel cell purge will be at 
111, Rev 71, Canary 112:05. Is that correct? 

112:05. That's affirm. 

Gemini VH, this is Houston Surgeon, Jim, I would 
like to pass one more item about this water thing 
which woTild help ua a great deal to pin down your 
intakes here. If you give us - give a last report 
on the water- your water Intake at the last station 
contact before you go to sleep, which tonight will 
be Hawaii. If you'd just give them the total water, 
ounces of water that each of you have had at that 
time. And can you also then give us a total 
tomorrow morning from Column 6 - Columns 5 and 6 
on your M-7 log? Just totals, 

Roger, Check at Hawaii on water input totals 
tonight and tcanorrow we'll give you Columns 5 and 
6 of the M-7, Hope you ,,. much. 




101:12:27 CC Very good. 

101:12:29 C Hey, Gene, this is FraJilt. 

101:12:32 CC Oo ahead, Frank. 

101:12:33 C Listen, this request to take the suit off is not 

a big deal. I'm very coraf ortahle, I've got it 
unzipped and everything. So don't make out like 
it ' s an emergency, will you? 

101:12:41 CC Okay. I think we understand it pretty well. 

101:12:44 C Doctor Miller was pretty much against doing it 

now, I didn't want him to think it was an 
emergency but I thought since we've had the good 
success with him he might change his mind. But 
I'm comfortable the way I axa. 

101:12:55 CC Okay, I think we've got your request, 

101:13:01 CC Gemini VH, I've got a node update for you now. 

101:13:08 P Roger, Go ahead, 

101:13:10 GO Okay, At Time: 107:23:13; Rev 68; 6.8 degrees 

west; right ascension at ll:37:l6. 

101:13:28 P Would you give us the longitude again, please? 

101:13:30 CC Okay. That's 6.8 degrees west. 

101:13:36 P Roger. 6.3 degrees west and also the right 

ascension. We've missed that. 

101:13:40 CC Okay. Right ascension is at 11:37:16. 

101:13:4Q P Thank you very much, Gene, 

101:13:49 CC Okay, Everything seems to be going great down 

here. It sounds like it's going real fine up 

101:13:56 P VJe've found all kinds of room in the space ... 

101:13:59 CC Where? 



101:14:02 P ... over the Islands, 

101:l4:0i^ CC That's outstanding; Keep that a secret; I'd like 

to find out how, 

101:14:09 P 

101:14:11 CC Yes, 

101:14:14 C Listen. Do you still read? 

101:14:16 CC Go ahead, Gemini VH, Read you loud and cleax. 

101:l4:l8 C Olsay, If you get a chance, call my boys and wife 

and say hello. Will you2 

101:14:22 CC I sure will do. 

101: l4: 24 C Thank you, 

101:14:44 CC Gemini VH, this is Houston. You still reading? 

101: 14: 48 P Roger. 

101:14:49 CC Okay, Probably tcanorrow night, if we get a chance, 

maybe the last pass over the States, we have a 
special request for a song fram your 12 -year-old 
daughter, Jim, that we'll play on up to you, 

101:15:00 P Okay, Thank you, 

101:15:02 CC We'll let you know when it's coming. 

101:15:35 CC Gemini VH, this is Houston, Are you calling? 

101:15:38 P Negative. 

101: 15: 4l P This is Gemini VII, Negative. 

101:15:43 CC Okay. 

101:15:45 C Communications on this flight are phenomenal, 

eiren't they? 

101:15:55 CC Yes, They are extremely good, Prank, very fine. 





101:32:10 CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. 

101:32:34 GC Gemini VII, CSQ GAP CCM. 

101:32:41 C CSQ, this is VII. 

101:32:45 CC Roger. You'll have a UHF Number 6 over Hawaii this 

revolution. And I have your PLA update when you're 
ready to copy, 

101:32:54 C Roger. Stand hy, 

101:33:00 CC .ilso, on your cryogenics tonight, I'd like to 

leave the fuel cell O2 heater in AITTG, On the 
fuel cell Hg, we'd like to have you pump it up 
to 525 psi and your low level, or your minimum 
tonight on that one will he 310. Ajad no heat on 
the ECS Og. 

101:33:38 C Okay. I understand that you want us to turn on 

the fuel cell ©2 for the evening and want us to 
blow up the hydrogen to 525 with the minimum of 
310, Is that correct? 

101:33:48 CC That's affirmative. And no heat on the ECS Og. 

101:33:55 C Ro^r, I understand, no heat on the ECS O2. 

Ready to copy the PLA update, 

101:34:00 CC Roger, 

101:34:07 CC Okay. Area 66-3: 104:24:57; 17 plus 32, Area 

67-3: 106:01:08; I6 plus 32. Area 68 - 68-Bravo: 
107:37:46; 16 plus 01, Area 69 -Delta: 108:27:23; 
22 plus 27. Area 70-Delta: 110:O4:31; 21 plus 
21. Area 71-2: 111: iK): 05; 20 plus 21. Area 
72-2: 113:16:52; 19 plus 03. Area 73-1: 
114:42:38; 19 plus 51. Weather is good in all 
areas. Do you copy? 

101:36:03 C Roger. Copy, Thank you. 

101:36:06 CC I would like to know if the pilot is going to 

sleep in his orbital flight suit tonight? 



101:36:13 C Roger, The pilot will put on iiis orbital fUght 


101:36:18 CC ... Roger. 

101:36:35 P CSQ, Gemini VII, 

101:36:37 CC Go ahead, VII. 

101:36:39 ^ Roger. We're playing with this photcmfiter now. 

There is so much cloud cover ovrt here that we 
haven't been able to get a good stretch of water. 
We've ••• bub we're working at it. So far we 
haven't been able to get it to change frcm RED to 
GREEN, Exciise me, from RED to GREEN unless we're 
right over clouds. Then it changes. 

101:36:59 CC Olcay, I'll pass that back. 

101:37-.Oiv P Thank you, 

101:37:^5 CO Gemini VH, CSQ. You look real good on the teleme- 

try. We have nothing else. Standing by, 

101:37:51 I" Roger and thank you. 

101:li9:03 C We would now like to record a cccmentary in the 

case of the womded leg. 

101:it9:08 P We see all this - our efforts ,,, on the left- 

hand side, .•• Colonel Frank Borman on the pulled 
muscle of his leg, 

101:^49:24 C ,., my left leg, doing isometric exercises, and I 

just don't want anybody to think that this is the 
result of the OQA* I felt it go this miming when 
I was straining against the safety belt. 

101:149:28 P That's about 85 or 90 hours, 

101:lj9:30 C That's ri^t, 

101:^49:31 P And I will authenticate same, Lovell dumping 






101:50:07 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP CCM, 

101:50:23 CG Gemini VII, Hawaii GAP C(M, 

101:50:25 P Roger, Hawaii, This is VII. 

101:50:28 CC All right, we are standing by for your fuel cell 

purge. We're showing you GO here on the ground. 

101:50:32. P Roger, Coming throu^ at this time. 

101:50:i|4 C Hawaii, Gemini VII, 

101:50:^46 CC Go ahead, VH, 

101:50:^7 C Roger, Dr. Berry wanted the water left with you 

- we haven't had supper yet, hut the total to 
date cLS of right now - 387 ounces for the Canmiand 

101:51:05 CC I've got that. Go ahead. 

101:51:07 C 322 ounces for the Pilot. 

101:51:09 CC Roger, 

101:51:10 C Now we'll probably have about 30 more ounces 

tonight and that - I think that's close enoiagh, 

101: 51: l6 CC Roger, Okay will you put your - correction - 

will you give me axL QAMS propellant quantity 
readout ? 

101:51:24 C Roger, 52 percent, 

101:51:27 CC Roger, Put yoiir Quantity Read switch in the ECS 

Og position, 

101:51:32 C ECS O2, 

101:51:34 CC Roger, Can you give me a readout of your QAMS 

source pressure? 

101:51:50 C 18 - no, about 1900 pounds, 




The Queintity Read switch to the FUEL CELL 


Roger, We've got some data for the Coaamand Pilot, 
if he would like to listen, 

Go ahead, 

Olcay, The fuel cell status. Stack times have 
been halanced within .5 to .75 amps for the mission 
with the exception of 2-Chaxlie. Charlie has been 
a hot stack both prelaunch and flight, A plot of 
percent total load sharing versus time shows the 
following figures: Prelaunch, l8,6 percent; 20 
hours, 20,0 percent. Quantity Read to the FUEL 
CELL H2 position, please, kO hours, 20.0 percent; 
60 hours, 20.0 percent; 60 hours, 21,0 percent; 
100 hours, 20.5 percent. Data indicates load 
sharing has not changed depreciably since lift-off. 
Looks like we have a good stable fuel cell system. 
The Q-Stacks normally share a larger percent of 
load since the coolant fluid is higher in these 
stacks. Over, 

Roger, Thank you very much, 

Quantity Read switch off, please. 

Quantity Bead off. Understand you want me to 
monitor and keep above 310 tonight. 

What we'd like you to do is - you don't have to 
monitor it, you - it shouldn't drop any lower 
thaii that point. 

Okay, If it does, you all give us a call, will 

That's affirmative. People on the ground will 
watch it for you. 




101:5h'.k2 C Thaak. you, 

101: 5^: ^3 CC Roger, 

lOlx^kxUh C We appreciate all the help, really. Feel a lot 

better sleeping if you know somebody is down 
there keeping check on these things. 

101: 5 U: 52 CG Okay, Very good. 

101:55:15 CC Okay. A little bit more data here. Your GAMS 

propellent remaining - we're ahead of the flight 
plan. And your numbers agree real well with 
ours, and your orbit at this tijne is 127,4 by 

101:55:34 C Roger, Thank you. 

101:56:00 CC You got any data on your M-7 log for me? 

101:56:05 C No, What I gave you just - had them - do you 

want Columns 6 and 7 added up today? 

101:56:11 CC If you don't mind, 1*11 take that from you. 

101:56:14 C Stand by. 

101:56:25 C Okay. Column 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 on the Ccsnmand 

Pilot is 2. 

101:56:31 CC Roger, 

101:56:35 CC I've got that. 

101:56:43 C Column 5 on the Command Pilot is 9. 

101:56:^46 CC Say again the number, 

101: 56: 47 C Winer. 

101:56:48 CC Roger, 

101:56:52 C On the Pilot, Column 6 is 0. 

101: 56: 56 CC Roger, 

101:57:02 C And Column 5 is 11, 



101:57:0U CC I copy that. 

101:57:06 C Thank you, 

101:57:10 G You might mention that I wish they*d had a 

little more charcoal going and a little less 
lithium hydroxide in this canister, 

101:57:17 CC Oltay. Veiy good, 

102:17:57 P At 102: l8 - - 

102:18:55 C Don't play games with that thing,' That's a 50- 

watt heater, Lovell. 

102:19:02 C Is she running through? 

102:19:04 P Yes it is J 

102:19:19 P Okay, thanks, 

102:19:20 C Okay. 

102:19:35 C 

102:19:38 P AU right. 

102:19:52 P Borman dumps here. 

102:19:59 P Borman dumping here. You have that? Second 

dump was Borman 'a on that, 

102:20:55 C End of dump tape. 

103:00:09 C ... 112 elapsed time. Borman minus U, Lovell 

minus 6, 

103:00:16 C Bozman dumping here. 


112:05:50 CC Gemini VH, Canary GAP COM contact. How do you 


112:06:04 P Okay, This is Gemini VH. 




L12:06:10 CG A pleasant good morning to you from Canaxy, We 

have a couple of tilings for you. Have you done a 
fuel cell purge recently? 

Il2:06;li+ P It's overdue in the flight plan but we thought 

we'd wait until we were over samebody, 

112: 06: 19 CC Okay, Very good. We're ready for you now, 

whenever you are, 

112:06:22 P Okay. One purge coming dovna, 

112:09:09 CC VII, Canary, Would you put your Quantity Read 

switch to FUEL CELL U^7 

112:09:13 P Roger. FUEL CELL Hg. 

112:09:14 CC Roger, 

112:11:11 P Purge complete, Ganaiy. 

112: 11: 13 CG Roger, We need seme readouts here on the ground. 

You can keep it there on FUEL CELL YL^, 

112: 11: 19 P Okay. 

112:11:20 CC What are you reading up there on quantity and 


112:11:28 P About 82 percent and ^400 psi, 

112:11:33 CC Roger. Okay, You want to go back to 1 to FUEL 

CELL O2 on the Quantity Read switch? 

112:11:44 P Right. We are at FUEL CELL Og. 

112:11:47 CC Roger, 

112:12:08 CC What are you reading, quantity and pressure, 


112:12:15 P About 77 percent, Ed. 720. 

112: 12: 20 CC Roger, I copy. Now Quantity Read switch to 

ECS O2. 

112:12:42 CC Quantity and pressure, 




112:12:45 P 86 percent ajid 58O, 

112:12:48 CC Okay, We have a flight plan update for you. 
112:12:52 P Okay. Stand by. 

112:13:06 P Go ahead. 

112:13:07 CC Okay. Time: 111: 52:35} Rev 71; 75.6 degrees west; 

11 hours 32 minutes 5I seconds; right ascension. 
Flight plan Time line update: change 11 to 00 to 
112:17, We may have LOS and in the event we do, 
we will continue later on, 

112:13:47 P 

112:13:49 CC 113:40:00: PLA update at Canary. Il4:l6:00: crew 

status report on Command Pilot at Carnarvon, You 

112:l6:04 P We're over Canary here. 

112: 16: 06 C ,,, strange, no, no it isn't ... 

112:16:49 P We must be ,,. over southern Africa. 

112:30:47 C One comment here on these meals: we are going on 

relatively normal. Just a day. I think it would 
be better to plan our meals so we don't have any- 
thing but peas and shrimp - peas and salad for 

112:30:56 P I concur. 


112:42:58 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon, 

112:43:03 C Oo ahead, Carnarvon. Gemini VII. 

112:43:05 CC Roger, We'd like to have you turn your Cryo Gaging 

switch to the OFF position, please. 

112:43:09 C All right, 




112:i+3:13 CC I'd also like aji OAMS propellant quaxitity readout, 


112:43:18 C 52 to 53 percent, 

112:4-3:26 CC Repeat, Gemini VII. I did not copy, 
112:43:31 C About 52 to 53 percent, 

112:43:34 CC Roger. Copy. 

112:43:39 CC Also, I'd lilce to complete the flight plan update 

you were getting over Canary whenever you're ready 
to copy, please. 

112:43:42 G We're ready. Go ahead, 

112:43:50 CC Okay, Did you get the 111 - sorry, 113:30:00 time? 

112:44:00 P Back up the time 113: 140:00, hut that's all. He 

faded out then. 

112:44:32 CC At Canary. 

112:44:42 CC Okay. Il4:l6:00: crew status report for the 

Ccjmmand Pilot at Carnarvon, 

112: 44: 58 P Roger, 

112:45:00 CC 115:01:00: crew status report. Pilot, at Carnarvon. 
112:45:11 P Right. 

112:45:12 CC i3-6: Time, 115:l8:28; Sequence Number 10; Remarks, 

pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 12 degrees left. 

112:45:34 P Roger. 

112:45:35 CC Okay. That completes the flight plan update* You're 

looking good here on the ground. We'll be standing 
by if you need us, 

112:45:43 P Roger, ... 

112:45:47 CC Very good. 




113:26:58 CC Qemlni VII, Houston GAP COM. 

113:27:00 C Go ahead, Houston. Gemini VII. 

113:27:02 CC Gemini VH, Houston CAP COM. This is the world's 

most untalkative CAP COM conilng to you with the 

113:27:10 C Roger. Stand by a minute. How are you doing, 


113:27:13 CC I am doing fine, Frank. How are you today? 
113:27:16 C 

113:27:21 C All right. Just a Uttle warm. 

113:27:23 CC You're just a little warm. We're mighty proud of 

you guys, down here, 

113:27:3^ C I'm ready, Charles, 

113:27:35 CC Okay. It's a D-VD-7: Time, 113:57:37; Sequence 

l*27j Mode 03j pitch k degrees down, yaw II5 degrees 
left; passing from right to leftj closest approach 
at 113:58:00. 

113:28:10 C You faded. 

113:28:12 CC Say again? 

113:28:15 CC Your closest approach at 113:53:00; record 30 seconds 


113:29:01 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Did you read that i4)date? 

113:29:01* C Negative, CharUe. You faded ccmpletely. I hear 

you now though, 

113:29:07 CC Okay. It's a D-lf/D-? at 113:57:37: Sequence Umb^v 

kZJ; Mode 03; pitch if degrees down, yaw II5 degrees 
left; passing from right to left; closest approach 
at 113:58:00; record 30 seconds mftTHm nm, 




113:29:55 C Roger, Houston. Gemini VII. We read you. 

113:30:03 CC Koger, Gemini VII. Did you get that update? 
113:30:05 C That's affirmative. Roger. 

113:30:08 CG Could I get a readback? Negative, you don't have 

to do that, 

113:30:13 C We got it. 

113:30:17 CC Did you sleep well last night? 
113:30:20 G Yes, except we were a little warn. 

113:30:26 CC CMk sa^ys to get to work. 

113:30:29 C I heax him. Tell him to get his bloody eyes back 

on his homework. 

113:31:18 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

113:31:20 P This is VH. Go ahead Houston. 

113:31:22 CC Can I start giving you your big flight plan update 

for this morning? The next pass over the States 
will also be a crew status psLSS and it's a rather 
large - - 

113:31:3'^ P Roger. We can start taking the flight plan update. 

113:31:38 CC Okay. The first item is at 115:^:00: a cabin 

temperature survey. 

113:31:^ C Hey, Charlie? 

113:31:50 CC Right. Go ahead, Frank. 

113:31:56 C Listen, the cabin temperatures haven't varied much 

at all. Can we cut down the frequency of those to 
maybe once a day? 

113: 32: 06 C Do it this time, but ask them to cut the frequency 

then, will you? They haven't varied it 2 degrees 
over the whole flight, 

113:32:10 CC Sure. That'll be fine, Frank. 



Well, why don't we go ahead, with this one and we'll 
cut out any of the rest of them for today. How's 

That's what I'm suggesting. 

The next time is 116:29:00: fuel cell purge at 
Guaioaas. D-Vl^-7: 116:58:00; Sequence 1+24; Mode 
02. At 118:07:00: you'll have a GO/NO-GO for 90-I 
at Texas. MSC-12: 118:12:52; pitch 30 degrees 
down, yaw 0 degrees; do over west coast of Florida* 
118:20:00 is an exercise period, 113:30:00 starts 
your eat period. At 118:55:00: use horizon scanner 
to control spacecrsift SEF for UHF test over Carnarvon 
use the adapter antenna, 

Charlie, you faded on that when I got horizon scan- 
ner to control spacecraft. 

Control spacecraft SEF for UHF test over Carnarvon; 
use the adapter antenna. At 119:00:00: key UHF 
continuously until 119:10:00; voice-modulate the 
UHF until 119:06:00; note, that's the first 6 min- 
utes of a 10 -minute key. We realize this is in the 
middle of an eat period, but it's a peurticularly 
good pass for this test over Carnarvon, 

Gemini VII, Houston, Are you with me? 


Gemini VII, Canary GAP CCM, Com check. How do you 

Loud and clear, Canary, 

Okay. We have a PLA update for you whenever you're 
ready to copy* 

Stand by a minute. 

,., update, Canar:,'-, 




Okay. I wasn't going to ask. you. 
All right. 

Area 7^-1: 116:19:10; I8 plus 3h, Area 75-1; 
117:55:26; 17 plus 23. 76-1: 119:30:56; 16 plus 
27. 77-^: 122:21:12; I8 plus 09. 78-4: 123:56:17 
17 plus 12. 79-3: 123:10:37; 20 plus 08. 80 -3: 
126:47:12; I8 plus 53, These are for rolling re- 
entry and the weather is good in all area^. 

Soger. Thank you, Canary. 

Canary, could you give us the D-4/D-7 update that 
we heeird from Houston? Do you have that yet? 

Yes, I do. That was B-k/li-J: 113:57:37; Sequence 
427; idode 03; pitch 4 degrees down, yaw 115 degrees 
left; pELSsing right to left; closest approach at 
113:58:00; record 30 seconds maximum. 

That was record 30 seconds maximum? 

Roger. Record - record. 

Roger. Thank you. 

Coming up to 13, 113:57, D-4/D-7, Sequence 1|28. 
We're ... 4 degrees down ... 

Okay. Power-down equipment 13:59:27. No joy on 
the 427 ... 

30 seconds of recording, Houston. 

15:17:53: taking shots at ... Sequence 10, off the 
Canaxies ... 


Gemini VII, Carnarvon, 

This is VXI. Gro ahead, Carnarvon. 

Roger. We have a solid temperature. All your sys- 
tems are GO on the ground, I'll he handing you 




over to the Surgeon here shortly, and after the 
crew status report I have a message and a flight 
plan update for you* 

114:16:51 P Roger, Blood pressure ccniing down, 

114: 16: 58 CC Gemini VII, this is Carnarvon Surgeon, Your cuff 

is full-scale, 

114:17:08 P Roger. 

114:17:54 CC Qeminl VII, I have a valid hlood pressure. Give 

us a Mark before you start exercising, please. 

114:17:59 ? MARK. 

114: 18: 28 P Completed, 

114:13:37 CC Gemini VII, your cuff is full-scale, 
Il4:l8:40 P Roger, full-scale. 

114:19:29 CC Gemini VII, we have a valid probe, exercise and 

blood pressure. Do you have any change in your 
food, water or sleep report since last report? 

114:19:36 P Roger, Stand by, 

114:19:47 C Carnarvon Surgeon, Gemini VZE, Here is the total 

water now: for the Ccoimand Pilot, 435 ounces. We 
both had Meal A, Day 15, except the Pilot did not 
eat any of the gingerbread squares and the Ccoimand 
Pilot ate only two of them, 

114:20:11 CC Gemini VII, this is Carnarvon Surgeon, We copy, 

114:20:15 C Roger. The Pilot heus now had a total of 350 ounces 

of water and we've both had one urination since 
la^t report, 

114:20:28 CC This is Carnarvon Surgeon, We copy. This is Car- 
narvon Surgeon out. 




114:20:36 CC 

114:20:39 C 

114:20:42 CC 

114:21:09 C 

114:21:11 CC 

114:21:41 CC 

114:22:02 P 

114:22:04 CC 

114:22:09 P 

114:22:11 CC 

114:23:49 P 

114:23:51 CC 

114: 24: 25 P 

114:24:27 CC 

Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP CCM, 
Go ahead, CAP. 

Okay. We'd like for you to know that the suit sit- 
uation will he discussed over MCC on the next rev- 
olution. Ihey want to discuss Lovell getting back 
into the suit and Bormaji getting out. Did you 

We copied, 

On your last plan update at 11:55:00, use a horizon 
scanner to control spacecraft, small end forward, 
for UHF test over Carnarvon, You copy? 

Roger. We copied. 

Use adapter aatennsu 


Tijae: 119:00:00; key UHF continously until 
119:10:00; voice -modulate UtIF until 119:06:00. Next 
item, MSG 12: Time, 119:46:28; pitch 30 - 30 degrees 
down, yaw 0 degrees; due over west coast of Florida. 
MSG -2 and 3: Time, 120:00:00; Sequence Nuraher 02; 
off at 136:00:00. Do you copy? 

Roger, We copy. 

Next item, D-4/D-7: Time, 120:08:00; Sequence 
Number 423; Mode 02; do even if cloudy. 

We copy. 

Roger. Okay, one other item. Have you had any 
success with doing D-4/D-7 4l7; lightning, and 425, 
cumulous clouds, as per measurement of oxygen op- 





llU: 59:00 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 
11*1:59:03 C Go ahead, Houston. Gemini VII. 

114:59:07 CC Roger. We observe your oral temp. It isn't - have 

you got your temp probe in? 

111+ : 59: 15 c Not yet. 

Ill+:59:l6 CC Okay. 

llU: 59:21 CC Prank, have you eaten yet, this norning? 

llU: 59:25 C Roger. 

llU:59:27 CC Roger. 

llU: 59:33 C Just a little bit warmer up here than we would like 

to see it, Elliot, and it seems to be getting hotter, 

11^:59:39 CC Roger. 

lll4-:59:43 CC Okay. We observe your temp coming up now on the 

temperature . 

llU:59:'+9 C Fine. 

UU:59:56 CC Okay. Standby for the Surgeon, for his discussion. 

115:00:02 CC Frank, irtiile the temperature probe is coming up on 

Jim, could I go ahead and ask you - let's check on 
this meal. You had Meal 15A - you had 15A, appar- 
ently last night, I assume. Could you give me the 
time on that, and then for breakfast this morning, 
coTild we get your food report? 

115:00:20 C 15A. 
115:00:21+ CC Roger. 15A. 

115:00:27 C Flight, Jim didn't eat the gingerbread and I only 

ate two of the gingerbread. I gave that to the 
Carnarvon Surgeon, I believe it was. 




115:00:33 CC Roger. Well, that was breakfast. That was not 

dinner last night. 

115:00:53 CC Gemini VII, Oemini VII, this is Surgeon. Do you 


115:00:56 C Yes. Go ahead, Houston. 

115:01:02 CC Frank, what meal did you have for dinner last 

night? We're missing this - this one meal. You 
didn't report a dinner meal. 

115:01:13 C I had Day 7, Meal C. 

115:01:19 CC Roger. 7C. 

115:01:22 C lUC. li^C. 

115:01:30 CC ihC. Read l^+C. All right, we have a valid temper- 
ature. You can go ahead and get your blood pres- 
sure . 

115:02:07 CC The cuff didn't go full-scale, Jim. 
115:02:11+ CC Full-scale. 
115:03:06 CC Have - - 

115:03:17 CC Gemini VII, we do not have a valid blood pressure 

here. Can you repeat that pressure, please? 

115:03:25 P Roger. Stand by. I'll piunp it up again. 

115:03:29 CC Roger, Jim. 

115:03:31 CC Frank, while that's going on I'd like to ask you - 

are you sure of the Cabin Temperature setting 
being down FULL-COOL, both of them? We concur about 
the slightly warmer cockpit , Some of our data are 
showing that it's running a little warmer. Cuff 

115:03:50 C Our Cabin Temperature is FULL-HOT, our Suit Temper- 

ature is FULL-COLD. 

115:03:58 CC Roger. 




115:OU:13 CC Frank, would you check the Suit Temperature valve 

for FULL-COLD position? Our data show that it is 
not at that position . 

115:0lj-:22 C Say again, please. 

115:OU:23 CC Would you check the Suit Temperature valve position? 

Our data do not show FULL-COLD. 

115:0U:32 C It would take three men and a boy to move it and 

I've got it as tight as we can get it. 

115 : oil : 37 CC Roger. 

115:OU:U9 CC Frank, how about trying the Cabin Temperature valve 

a little cooler? 

115:04:51+ C That will cut off some of the coolant loop's flow 

through the suit loop and should make us hotter. 

115:05:00 CC Why don't you give it a try? 

115:05:04 C All right. 

115:05:08 CC Gemini VII, this ia Surgeon. Jim, we're still not 

getting a valid blood pressure here. We're not 
seeing any trace of it. Let's don't try and repeat 
it here, but I wish you would check. Check in your 
microphone and the cuff there before you do any 
changing with the - with the suit configuration. 
And also, did you have to do anything to those 
sensors other than just press on that external sen- 
sor yesterday? 

115:05:32 P Negative. I did not. The cuff's still way up. I 

could check it very easily here. 

115:05:40 CC All right. Fine. 

115:05:43 CC Frank, can you tell me what you had for sleep last 

night? We don't have that report yet. Could I get 
your sleep and the quality of it, also? 

115:05:52 C We slept about 6 to 7 hours last night. I think 

Jim slept sounder than I did. I was warm most of 
the evening. 




115:06:01 CC Roger. Copy. 6, 7 hours. 

115:06:OU C Sure would like to have some sort of petroleum 

Jelly or Vicka to put in your nose up here, 

115:06:11 CC Is it getting pretty dry, Frank? 

115:06:19 C Houston, do you read? 

115:06:21 CC Roger. Gemini VII. I read. Frank, you could use 

some of that ointment that you have there, that 
cream. You could use some of that for your nose. 
I suggest that you do that if you are getting dry. 

115:06:U2 CC Gemini VII, did you copy? 

115:06:i+9 CC Gemini VII, do you read? 

115:06:55 P Houston, Gemini VII. 

115:06:59 CC Did you read the transmission about going ahead and 

using the ointment that is available there, Jim? 
I would suggest you use that for your nose. 

115:07:09 P Roger, understand that. And also it looked like 

the cuff did slip down. I could see the microphone 
just half way out of the cuff. Do you want me to 

115:07:20 CC Jim, I think we ought to get this suit discussion 

here. Let's hold this one and we'll get a recheck 
on yoiir pressure and exercise later. Let's let 
them go on to the suit discussion now and make sure 
that your cuff is all right and we'll check you 
later. All right? 

115:07:33 P Roger. 

115:07:35 CC Gemini VII. We are working on that suit situation. 

We would like to ask for a report on the orbital 
flight suit at this time. 

115:07:U8 P Roger. I put on the orbital flight suit last night 

to wear it to go to bed but it's just too hot, so 
I removed it about 1:? minutes later and stowed It. 
I'm very comfortable just the way I am. 



Roger. I copied Gemini VII, Jim. 

Jim, we'd like to ask if you are - if this cabin 
temperature is comfortable for you in your present 
configuration or if you are also feeling somewhat 

I am at times plenty warm. It's 78 in the cabin 
and a comfortable temperature would be more like 
72. However, I'm perfectly dry, much more free of - 
freedom of movement, and certainly Just as cool as 
I'd ever be in a suit. 

Roger . 

Flight, I opened this Cabin Heat control now to 
FULL-COOL and the suit ten^ierature ' s gone up about 
another half a degree since I did that. 

Roger . We concur . You can turn it back down . 

Frank, we are - as I said - we are working on the 
suit situation to accumulate further data. We would 
like to ask for Jim to put his suit back on and you 
to take yours off. Over. 

Roger. I would prefer to leave it this way if you 
don't mind. 

... be able to get back in and he ' s a lot bigger . 
Why do you want him to change? 

Roger, Gemini VII. The purpose was to accumulate 
more information on the suit situation. We have 
your input. If you are able to change suits, we 
can delete the cabin temperature survey at 115:140. 

Okay. I would prefer - if we have to keep one suit 
on - I would prefer to have me keep my suit on and 
let Jim the way he is. 

Roger. We copy, Gemini VII. We will discuss it 
more with you at a later pass. 

Roger. I also would like to go to two-suit com- 
pressors here if this keeps going up. 




115:10:22 CC Roger. We'll look in - we are looking into that and 

will concur with you on that at a later point . 

115:10:28 C Thank you. 

115:10:Ul CC Gemini VII, I'd like to complete the flight plan 

update. We almost finished it at Carnarvon. Could 

you tell me how far you got? 

115:10:57 C Stand by, Houston. 

115:11:08 C Our last flight plan update was 120:08:00; 

Sequence kB3 • 

115:11:17 CC Roger. Did you get the note: do even if cloudy? 
115:11:21 C Roger. Got that. 

115:11:23 CC Okay. Then we have a question. Have you had any 

success with doing the D-U/D-7, Sequence 1+17, which 
was lightning, and k2^ cumulous clouds as measure- 
ments of opportunity? 

115:11:^ C We have not yet been successful along those lines. 

115:11:44 CC You have not gotten either one of them? 

115:11:46 C That's affirmative. We're standing by for a good 

opportunity . 

115:11:50 CC Roger, VII. 

115:17:55 P Could you - - ? 


115:19:44 CC Gemini VII, Canary. 
115:19:46 C Go ahead, Canary. VII. 

115:19:48 CC Okay. What we want you to do is turn off Pump B 

in the primary loop and turn on Pump A in the pri- 
mary loop after you get done with the survey. 
That's the cabin temperature survey. That's 



Roger. Understand. Tarn off Pump B, turn on Rinrp 
A primary loop after cabin survey. 

Roger. That's affirmative, and you might take a 
look at your pressure. Pump it up a little bit. 

Canary, this is Gemini VII. Our cab - our suit tem- 
perature's gone down a little bit now since we turned 
the cabin cooler - Cabin Heat control back to WARM. 
I prefer not to go to Pump A on that big loop. I 
don't want to close the fuel cells. I would prefer 
to go to Compressor 1 and 2 if they don't mind, for 
a while, just to get it cool, and then we'll go 
back to 1. 

Wait one. 

In the meantime, I'll run it the way I am until we 
get too hot. 

Flight says he concurs with you a little bit, but 
turning on Primary Pump A is going to bring the amp 
up and it'll help the fuel cell rather than hurt it. 

Okay. When we get too warm, we'll turn on Ponqs A 
and turn off Pump B. I'm not worried about that. 
I'm worried about the coolant - change in the cool- 
ant flow throxigh the fuel cell. 

I don't want to put a load on it. 

That's no problem either. 

Record the . . . 


S-6 completed in about 115:17 to :l8. Three pictures 
were taken of the Canaries, showing the cloud for- 
mations on the islands. The Magazine M of S0217, hk, 
h3 and k6, I believe, were the exposures. 

At 115, one note occurring, pertaining to cabin 
temperature: the sunlight, ^rtien it shines directly 
through the windows, produces an awful lot of heat 
in the cockpit. I'd say the temperature rises maybe 
10 to 15 degrees right by the window. This is a big 



source in heat - of heating the cockpit, and by 
keeping one of the spacecraft window areas from 
the .,, or to, the filters up the deflectors, you 
could cut down the heat of the cockpit by quite a 

115:23:21 CC VII, Canary. 
115:23:22 G Go ahead. 

115:23:23 CC Okay. We're going to lose you in a little bit. 

Did you talk to me about that fuel cell hydrogen 

115:23:26 C Roger. Sure did. 

115:23:27 CC Okay. Very good. 

115:23:28 C The heater's on. Thank you very much. 

115:23:30 CC Okay. 

115:23:35 C It's a pretty good bottle, isn't it? 

115:23:37 CC Yes. 

115:23:53 CC VII, Canary. We have HF on again for you. 


115:29:15 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Do you 


115:29:19 C Go ahead, Houston. Loud and clear. 

115:29:21 CC Roger. We've been looking over the cooling situa- 
tion and we would recommend that you go to Pump A 
on the primary loop in place of Pump B, and go back 
to the one-suit band, 

115:29:37 C Roger. If we get too warm, we'll do that. 

115:29:41 CC We - it looks to us like that would do more good 

for you. 






Okay, fine. 



And for less amp. 



I realize the amps. Listen, can we give Jimmie 
our . . . status report over Carnarvon this time? 



Okay, that'd be fine. 



... we're going to be busy around ... 



We've got a lot of static here, and I'm not readin 
you now. 




(Jemini VII, Carnarvon. 



Go ahead, Carnarvon. Stand by for a Pilot-crew 
status report. 



Roger. Also, after the crew status report we'd 
like to get your status on yo\ir heating problem. 
I'll turn you over to the Surgeon at this time. 



Roger . 



Blood pressure cuff coming up. 



How's it look, Surgeon? 



The cuff is full-scale. 



Okay, good. 



A little in-flight repair. 



Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. Give 






Gemini VII, your cuff is full-scale. 



Surgeon ... water intake. We'd like to discuss 

this with you briefly. You copy, Gemini VII? 




115:5^:01 C Go ahead. 

115:5^:03 CC We would like to aak first of all why - how is it 

that Jim is not taking in quite as much fluid as 
we think he ought to and wonder why. Does he have - 
first of all, is he thirsty? 

115:5^:18 P This is Lovell. Number one is I'm out of the suit 

and Frank's in it. I'm not sweating as much as he 

115:5li:26 CC Well, that's one of the problems. First of all, are 

you thirsty? Do you - is the reason you're not 
drinking because you're just not thirsty? 

115: 5^1:35 P Just not thirsty. I think that's ... 

115:5^:38 CC Very well. Is Frank sweating? Frankly, just a - 

overtly sweating? 

115:5^:^+5 P He said not much. 

115:5U:l+7 CC Does - do you notice in looking at him that his skin 

is moist? 

115:5^:51 P I'll let him answer that. 

115:5^:53 C During the 10 days before when we ran the 1070 

experiment, I drank almost twice as much water as 
Jim did, and I think it is probably natural for me 
to drink a little more . I 'm pretty comfortable 
now. Our cabin temperature's gone down, my suit 
temperature's gone down, and we both feel we are in 
pretty good shape. 

115:55:09 CC Understand. Have you been sweating at all, Frank? 

115:55:19 CC Gemini VII, this is Carnarvon. Did you copy? 

115:55:22 C About sweating? I'd say, yes I'm perspiring a 


115:55:26 CC Very well. Thank you. 
115:55:27 C Roger 

115:55:28 CC Then, I think that all we would pass then is - Jim, 

can I get you to take in a little more water? 




115:55:35 C Very well, we will start drinking. 

115:55:39 CC Very well, this is Carnarvon ... out. 

115:55:Ul C I've got the gun out now. 

115:55:50 C Carnarvon, Gemini VII. 

115:55:52 CC Go ahead, G«mini VII. Carnarvon. 

115:55:5'+ C You probably noticed that our suit temperature's 

going down now. Our cabin temperature's also 
going down since we've turned the Cabin Heat 
exchanger to the ON position. We feel that when 
in doubt, do nothing. We've done nothing and it 
seems to be clearing up. 

115:56:10 CC Roger, Gemini VII, 

115:56:13 C And if we get hot, we'll take Flight's advice and 

turn on Pump A and turn off Pump B on the primary 

115:56:18 CC Roger. 

115:56:2U C If we're going to stay one suit on and one suit 

off, we'd like to stay the way we are until Tom 
and Wally come up, and Jim '11 get back in his suit. 
I prefer not to switch out and have him get back 
in. Let's go the way we are if we have to stay 
with one suit on. 

115:56:37 CC Roger. We'll relay this on to Flight. 

115:56:40 C Thank you. 

115:56:U5 C Wonder if we're all going to see you all in the 

daylight . 

115:56:U8 CC What say, Gemini VII7 

115:56:50 C I wonder if we're going to see you in the daylight. 

115:56:52 CC Yes, we should hear, maybe in a couple more days. 

115:56:55 CC Flight reported that they wanted to talk to you 

some more on this suit problem, over the next pass. 




115:57:01 C Okay- 


115:58:3li GC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 
115:58:35 C Go ahead. 

115:58:36 CC Do you have both the compressors on at this time? 

115:58:39 C Negative, negative. We will not do that. We were 

told not to do that . 

115:58:1+3 GC Roger. Understand. 

115:58:1+5 C We've done nothing. That's Yardley's philosophy. 

When in doubt, do nothing. 

115:58:1+8 CC Roger. 

115:58:56 CC Flight Director says that's Kraft's philosophy. 
115:58:59 C Okay, it's also Borraan's. 

115:59:01 CC Roger. 

116:02:26 P Concerning some airglow phenomena, as requested by 

the Academy of Sciences: we are now looking out at 
the nighttime, practically a full moon. It is very 
easy to spot the earth below and the white clouds. 
We can see definitely the airglow, it is consistent 
throughout our entire range that we can see, and 
through prior observations have noted that there is 
no patchiness or inconsistency about the airglow 
layer. It's one band and we'll get the - one visual 
band that we can see when we get the measurement a 
little bit later of a greenish gray color. Would 
you agree, Frank? 

116:03:11 C I agree. 

116; 03: 13 P It's not a definite green, it's - - 

116:03:15 C - - there's a star going right through it now, very 

dim star going right through it ... 



Could you measure the time? 
Time was - stand by. 

Well, let's see, maybe we can get a colored star 
here . 

I just got . . . star. 

ll6!03:3U, Star passed - dim star passed through 
the airglow and did not . . . 

I don't see how the airglow could be used for hori- 
zon measurements . 

No, definitely not. The bright band, I say "bright". 
Just as relatively speaking for the rest of the 

Now look, there's a dim star coming up right out 
there now, Jim. 


See it? Very dim, coming right through the airglow, 
following it all the way through, not occulted at 
all. Right through the airglow. 

You can see through the bright bands, which is - - 

Right through the bright bands. Right. And it's a 
very dim star . 

I'm sure you can't use the airglow, the top airglow 
layer that we see as a - as a navigation mark, since 
it is too fuzzy. A much better one is the horizon 
of the earth, which is probably a bright airglow, 
and we just don't notice the difference of that and 
the end of the clouds. That is probably much 
better - horizon - to use than anything else. 

I'm - I'm struck with the clearness of the clouds in 
this full moon. 

Yes. A full moon makes a big difference. 
You might think you're Just in daytime - - 



ll6:Oi+:U7 P Right. 

ll6:04:U8 P And now I can see just - just barely coming up - 

now the sun, the first glimmer here . It starts 
out with a light blue , The clouds are sort of a 
grayish color - 

116:0U:57 C Jim. 

ll6:Oi+:59 P I'll take a check here as we go along if the space- 

craft manages to stay just the way it is. 

116:05:07 C Want to pulse it over that way a little bit? This 

might be worthwhile . 

116:05:09 P Okay. 

116:05:10 C Give you some power. 

116:05:11 P Okay. Shine the light over here. 

116:05:16 C Okay. 

116:05:21 P Pulse of the spacecraft ... 

116:05:23 C 

116:05:28 P Okay. We pulsed it once. All right? 

116:05:35 P Okay. We're looking at the sunrise. It starts out 

as sort of a blue - a light blue - as distinguished 
from the grayness of the blue-mist clouds. 

116:05:^7 C Now you notice the stars are starting to go right 

through the airglow again. Can you pulse it down 
a little? 

116:05:55 P Yes. Coming now, coming down now. 

116:05:59 P Right beneath this blue there is a thin band of 

orangish red. 

ll6:06:OU c Right. 

Il6:06:06 P And between the blue and the orangish red there is 

a dark thin band. See that, Frank? 



116: 06: 11 C Yea, and you notice now this light blue layer of 

the sunrise la still below the airglow layer? 

ll6:06:lU P Oh, yes. 

116:06:15 C You see that? 

Il6:06:l6 P Yes. 

116:06:19 C Yes, the - almost it looks like two airglowa, if we 

didn't know it was the sun coming up. 

116:06:21 P That's right. There's a dark band through - between 

the - - 

116:06:23 P ... dark light coming up there now. It isl 

116:06:26 P You got it? 

116:06:28 C Yes, I can see it. Right now you can see a shaft of 

light coming up, dim light, looks almost like the 
Milky Way, coming up. 

116:06:35 P Whereabout? 

116:06:38 C Right straight ahead. Right up above where the lun 

ia coming up, tilted to the right slightly. 

116:06:43 P ... light ... 

116: 06: C Yes. 

116:06:U7 P Yes. That it? 

Il6:06:li6 C See it? 

116:06:^9 P Yes, but our eyes are well ,,, 

116:06:50 C Very dim. 

116:06:55 P Yes. Pulse it back a little. 

116: 06: 57 C Now we can still see the whole sphere where the 

sunrise is occurring and it's a brilliant blue, an 
electric blue. 

116:06:59 P Yes. 




116; 07: 00 P And then beneath it, where the sun is probably going 

to come up, the band of reddish orange is now in- 
creased in diameter. Do you agree? 

Il6:07:09 C I agree, increasing and you see the - and you can 

also now pick; out clouds on the horizon. 

116:07:1^ P Yes. 

116: 07: 16 P And the blue band now is sort of washed out to a 

little bit - - 

116:07:19 C Toward the top? 

116:07:21 P Yes. Toward the top. 

116:07:23 P It's still beneath what I say would be the thickness 

of the airglow, would you say? 

116:07:2U C Oh yes, it is. It certainly is. As a matter of 

fact, from horizon to horizon you can see the sun- 
rise . 

116:07:^+0 C Yes. 

116:07:^5 C Now as the sun comes up the airglow seems to vanish 

in that area . 

116:07:^8 P Yes, just about now the airglow is Just about van- 

ished, but away from the line of light coming up, 
the airglow is ... 

116:07:57 C ... see it. 

116:07:59 P Right. 

Il6:08:02 C It's obscured by the brightness of the sun - the 

sunlight. We still can't see the middle of the sun. 

116:08:07 C Now the reds close to the earth are getting more 

vivid, giving way to yellow. Right, Jim? 

116:08:11 P Yes. 

Il6:08:l4 C And you can see blimps of an occasional cloud in 

there. You notice it's not a uniform horizon any 
more . 




116:08:19 P No. No, there's cloudiness breaking up in there 


116:08:21 C And there Is some green coming in. Either end of 

the little wedge. You see the green coming in at 
the edges? 

116:08:28 P Yes. Yes, there is: There's a little green at the 

bottom there. 

116:08:33 C Right. 

116:08:35 P Right. And now there's a deep red, a deep red over 

on one side. How far over does it go on your side, 

Il6:08:ij^3 C You know, now it's patchy. We have it because the 

clouds are breaking it up and obscuring it. 

116:08:4? P Yes. You think that's where the sun's going to 

come in? 

il6:08:52 C I hope it is. 

116:09:1^+ C Now you notice there's a bright star rising. I 

can't identify that star. See it off to the left 

116:09:19 P Don't see it Just yet. 

116:09:21 P Definitely see the clouds now. 

116:09:22 C Yes. 

116:09:23 C This wedge is getting bigger and bigger. Now you 

get almost a 3-D effect, like a cave - like looking 
into a cave where the iBouth is red, the top is 
yellow and then the exterior part of it is blue. 

116:09:33 P Yes. 

116:09:35 P There's still a definite band, though, above the 

yellow and red that is, that separates the blue 
from the reddish. 

116:09:^17 C Yes, it is; sort of a mustard color. 




116:09:50 P Yea, that's where your greens come from too, I 


116:09:55 C Yes. 

116:09:59 C Now looking at the horizon you see, very vividly, 

clouds . 

ll6:10:OU C Not a smooth horizon - it would be very difficult 

to make a reading on that horizon, too. 

116:10:07 P Yes. That's right. As a matter of fact, the hori- 

zon which we were making readings on at night is 
probably that lower airglow air above the earth. 

116:10:21 C Now you notice the blue is getting even brighter. 

You can really see daylight out there now; a thin- 
shafted blue sky, 

116:10:28 P As a matter of fact, Frank, I think there's more 

yellow over on your side than there is on mine, I 
bet the sun's going to come up over there. 

116:10:38 P What do you say the length of this whole light is 

now - the left part - what degree? 

116:10:^5 C Almost l80 degrees now. I can't see the edge of it 

over here on my side. 

116:10:47 P You can't see the edge of it? 

116:10:50 C Just barely. 

116:10:51 P Okay. I can see the edge of it. I think if we 

point towards the middle, we'll be able to - she's 
blotting out quite rapidly now. 

116:10:59 P Yes. Now the blue area has increased. Toward the 

top it's lightish purple; it goes into a very light 
purple to blue. There's that band area that was 
orange and red. ... cloud forms. 

116:11:33 C Fantastic sight.' Isn't it? 

116:11:35 P Yes. 

116:11:36 P Notice the blue.