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CONTROL HO. // 53 


aemm vu voice communications 


Pages 338 - 67k 





t TJ 
- -< 
► t 



1—4 | 












t— ' 

















— i 



116:11:38 C Now you can see the sun. See, the edge of the sun 

is just going to come up there. Right, directly - 

116:11:43 P Yes, right where we think the sun is going to come 

up there's a very bright - - 

116:11:45 C Orange. 

116:11:47 P Orange just at the - - 

116:11:49 C Now let's look at that sort of a, color of nitrous 

oxide coming in there. See that haze layer? It 
looks just like a brownish - - 

116:11:55 P Yes! Yes! 

116:11:56 C ... of oxidizer. 

116:11:57 P Yes. Now the bright band is further out - - 

116:11:59 P ••• 411 tne clouds. 

116:12:02 C Now it is a brilliant yellow coming up. 

116:12:04 P Yes, brilliant yellow and just barely - not I get - 

that sun ' s going to peek up . ... getting yellower . 

Il6:12:l4 C There she is, right then ... 

116:12:19 P Yes. There she comes. She goes from orange - - 


116:12:20 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 
116:12:21 C Somebody's calling us. We better - - 

116:12:22 P Yes. 

116:12:23 P Okay. Someone's calling, but she's going from 

orange quickly into a white - brilliant white light 

116:12:31 C What do we have after the fuel cell purge? Do we 

have anything else on this pass? I think we may 
have . 




116:12:38 P Okay. lake that, 1*11 get up. I have to turn off 

the power. 

116:12:^3 C Can you get that light switch? Would you get it for 


116:12:1*5 P Yes. 

116:12:50 C D-U/D-7 at 112. 

116:12:51 P A comment of general info: the little handy-dandy 

flashlights which were given to us for the flight 
are very handy and used quite a bit. In contrast, 
we still haven't used the utility lights which are 
resting on our sidewalls. 

116:13:16 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

116:13:20 C Houston, this is Gemini VII here. 

116:13:25 CC Roger. How are the communications to you through 

this station? 

116:13:32 C You're very readable. In fact, almost unbelievable 


116:13:38 CC Roger. We'll talk to you over the HP. 


116:28:59 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. If you copy, place 

your T/M switch to the REAL-TIME and ACQ-AID posi- 

116:29:05 C This is VII. Roger. T/M going to REAL-TIME and 


116:29:10 CC Roger. We have it. 

116:29:16 C You ready for a fuel cell purge? 

116:29:17 CC Roger. We're ready at this time. Everything 

looks good on the ground. 

116:29:20 C Are you ready for a fuel cell purge? 





Roger. Ready for the fuel cell. 



Coming up. 



Purging . 



Roger . 



Guaymas. Purge is complete. 



Roger. We're ready for your quantity read. Would 
you go to the ECS 0 2 position? 



Okay, the FUEL CELL 






Roger. You can place it in the OFF position. 



Everything looks good here . Stand by for Houston ' s 



This is VII. Go ahead. 


ITlcLL l\. ^x~ai • 

X\UgcI • 1UU Eli. c XUI X • 



Understand. GO for 90-1. 



Roger. And you can be getting the GO/NO-GO infor- 
mation ready for me. I'll take it whenever you get 



Okay, Elliot. Thank you. 



The GT-VI sim flight has been completed and we 're 
planning to - we're hoping to launch it on the 
eighth day, so we want to be maneuvering you to- 
day. We plan to do that in about 2 hours or so. 



Sound excellent. 



We'll see if we can fit it into the schedule. 
Very good of you. 

Bucket of bolts came out on the sim flight. 
They made it through it, somehow or other. 
We have a Cadillac here. 

Roger. Frank, we're moving right along on this 
suit situation. I believe we're making progress. 
I would like to get specific comments from you at 
this time, summarizing your feelings on the suit, 
the comfort situation and other pertinent factors. 

Roger. Jim is very comfortable and, of course, he 
has much better mobility outside of the suit. No 
question in our minds now that the only way to fly 
these things is without pressure suits. Those get 
me down. Suits are a great idea, but should be 
stored on-board some way, or used as an emergency 
item. If we have to keep one suit on, I would 
prefer to keep mine on so we don't have to change 
and change out again, becuase we both want them on 
for the rendezvous. If it's agreeable to the people, 
I would like to take mine off. Now we have - the 
cabin suit temperature has gone down now, so I'm 
not as uncomfortable as I was, and I found a place 
to sit in the spacecraft where I take advantage of 
some circulations from Jim's hose and it cools me 
off also. 

Roger. Do you have any additional comments regarding 
the feasibility or the advisability of - during the 
full duration - what in - why don't you discuss the 
configuration regarding full duration. 

I - the full duration I - I'm convinced we could 
run the whole works without suits. Matter of fact, 
that would be the most desirable way. However, I 
think for the rendezvous we would probably want to 
have the suits on. If it would be convenient with 
people, we would like to have the suits on in ren- 
dezvous and take them off again until, say, one day 
before reentry. 



Roger. We copy. 

Along that line, Elliot, I think we'll need about 
6 hours the day before, to get the spacecraft in 
reentry configuration so we can repack and get 
everything the way we want it for reentry. 

Roger. You can 3tand by for a Tp update. 

Roger . 

We didn't get a map that time. We will be trans- 
mitting it again in a minute. 

Okay. Received, Elliot. 

Roger. We got a good map here too. We're in good 
shape. Would you place your T/M switch back to 
COMMAND if you haven't done so already? 

Roger. We're at COMMAND. 

Stand by for Flight. 

Gemini VII, Houston Flight. 

Go ahead, Flight. 

We've talked this situation over with the experts 
here, and if your problem is perspiration, they 
agree with you with regards to turning on an addi- 
tional compressor to get more airflow. If, however, 
the problem is really suit inlet temperature, we feel 
that the best way to do it is to use the Primary 
Pump A rather than B because this does triple the 
flow to the suit heat exchanger. The problem is 
probably due to the water boiler temperature being 
somewhat warm as a result of the high cabin temper- 
ature . So you can use the system as you see fit on 
that basis. 

Roger, Chris. Thank you. As I said, now things seem 
to be under control. If we do get warm again, I'll 
go to a Primary Pump A and B OFF. 

Roger . 




116:1+1:58 C We have a GO /NO-GO for you. 

116:1+2:01 CC Okay. Go ahead. 

ll6«l+2*06 C All main batteries are okay. Fuel cell Stack LA 

at 3.5; IB at 1+.0; 1C, U.O; 2A, 3-0; 2B, 3.0; 2C, 
5.0; RCS A 3,000, 80 degrees. 

115:1+2:1+0 C Secondary 0 2 , 5300. 

Il6:k2:kh CC Roger. We missed the last Secondary 0 2 pressure 

and we do not have the bus voltage yet. 

116:^2:51 C Bus voltage is 27. Last Secondary Og, 5^00. 

116:1+2:59 CC Roger. Copied. 

ll6:U3:02 C Thank you. 

Il6:±+3:0l+ CC Roger. We - I hope to have some word regarding the 

suits before too long. 

116:1+3:12 C Okay, Elliot, no problem. Thank you very much. We 

don't want to cause them any trouble. 

116:1+3:32 CC I believe we have a little time here, Gemini VII. 

I'll give you some of the news for the day. 

116:1+3:39 P Sounds great. 

116:1+3:1+3 CC Incidentally, are you aware that the HF is up? 

116:1+3:1+9 C Roger. We turned it off with these passes so we'd 

be reading a lot better with it off. 

116:1+3:51+ CC Roger. There was a big demonstration in Moscow 

yesterday, against US policy in Vietnam. George 
Bundy has resigned his White House position to be- 
come president of the Ford Foundation. US Steel 
indicates that it might build a new steel mill in 
Baytown. Tommy Nobis still hasn't made up his mind 
whether he wants to play for Houston or Atlanta. 
And finally, John Unitas is out for the season. He 
suffered torn ligaments in their game in Chicago 
Sunday . 

116 :!+!+: 33 C Elliot. 



116:44:35 CC Go ahead. 

116:44:36 C Will you please tell Nobis to sign with Houston? 

116:44:39 CC Roger. We'll tell him a voice from outer space 

had that message. 

116:44:54 CC We'll keep you posted on the maneuver plans. 

116:44:59 C Thank you. 

116:45:06 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Surgeon has a question. Can 

you comment on the charcoal situation? 

116:45:17 C I think we ought to be ... with the ... 

116:45:24 P We need more charcoal and less lithium hydroxide. 

116:45:29 CC Roger. We copy. 


117:05:05 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Do you read? 

117:05:11 P This is VII. Roger. Read you loud and clear. 

117:05:13 CC Roger. Jim, just have a few seconds to talk to you 

here. I'd like to suggest you might start lunch 
a little bit early . We may have you a little bit 
busy here. We plan to power -up at Carnarvon for 
your burn and will be giving you the burn in about - 
it looks about two hours from now. 

117:05:32 P Roger. Understand. We'll eat lunch a little bit 

early. Right now we're just completing the D-U/D-7 
run . 

117:05:43 CC Roger. 

117:05:44 C Houston, this is Gemini VII. 


117:12:03 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Do you read? 



117:12:07 P Not clear yet. Gemini VII. 

117:12:11 CC Roger. Didn't get to talk to you very long at 

Kano. Are you clear on our situation here? We 
plan to do the maneuver just about two hours from 
now and we plan to start powering you up at 
Carnarvon on this pass. Do you read? 

117:12:29 P Understand. Power-up Carnarvon this pass. 

117:12:32 CC Roger. And we suggest you might consider starting 

your lunch early just to kind of relieve the situa- 
tion here. We might have you a little busy. 

117:12:^3 P Roger. We will do that. 

117:12: ^5 CC Roger. 

117:12:^6 C ... D-12 then - will we still do that? 

117:12:50 CC Stand by. Let me see where that is. Yes. You 

should be able to do that. That will be well ahead 
of time. 

117:13:01 C Okay. 
117:13:05 P Houston, VTI. 
117:13:06 CC Go ahead. 

117:13:08 P We have, according to our calculations, 10 minutes. 

and 15 seconds burst of the D-U/D-7 tape. 

117:13:15 CC 10 minutes and 15 seconds. Is that correct? 

117:13:20 P That is correct. 

117:13:21 CC Roger. 

117:13:29 C Houston, Gemini VII. 

117:13:32 CC Go ahead. 

117:13:3^ C S-8/D-13: Lovell missed 7 and Borman missed 11 

this morning. 

117: 13:^1 CC Lovell 7 and Borman 11. Roger. 




117:26:22 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 
117:26:25 P Go ahead, Carnarvon . Gemini VII. 

117:26:27 CC Roger. Flight plan undate for you. 
117:26:33 P Stand by. Go ahead. 

117:26:39 CC Roger. You can start your normal power*-up to aline 

with the sheet here at the present time. There is 
one exception to that; we want the A Pumps on in 
both loops prior to switching the platform on . 

117:26:5*+ C ... Roger. A Pumps on in both loops prior to 

switching the platform on . 

117:26:57 CC Roger. You can start that one now. 

117:27:00 C Thank you. 

117:27:05 CC Okay, Gemini VII. We'd like the MSC-2 and -3 on 

at the present time. 

117:27:20 C Is that an update too? 

117:27:22 CC That's affirmative. 

117:27:23 C Okay. Thank you. 

117:27:36 C You want me to power-up check list now, Carnarvon? 

117:27:40 CC Roger. We'll stand by for a while. 

117:28:46 C Okay. Go ahead, Carnarvon. 

117:28:47 CC All right. We're at MSC-2 and -3; will be off at 


117:28:59 C Will you say it again? Your burn. 

117:29:02 CC Roger. MSC-2 and -3 will be off at 136:00:00. 

117:29:14 C Roger. 




117:29:15 CC Okay. At 118:07:00; power-up the computer. 

117:29:31 C Roger. 

117:29:33 CC 118:55:00: UHF test; delete. 

117:29:42 C Say again the time. 

117:29:44 CC 118:55:00; delete the UHF test. 

117:29:55 C Roger. 

117:29:57 CC Okay. 119:00:00: BIO MED Recorder Number 1 on. 

117:30:12 C Roger. 

117:30:15 CC MSC-12 at 119:48:23; delete. 

117:30:25 C Roger. 

117:30:28 CC MSC-2 and -3: 120:00:00; delete. 

117:30:40 C Roger. 

117:30:42 CC Okay. That's all on the flight plan update for 

the present. You're looking good here on the 
ground. We're standing by. 

117:30:49 C Thank you very much. Everything looks good up 

here now, too. 

117:30:52 CC Roger. 

117:31:35 C Say, my flight plan update is printing out. 

117:31:41 CC Very good, 

117:31:52 C Did I miss anything on that? 

117:31:54 CC Negative . 

117:31:56 C Roger. 

117:32:45 C Flight, we've shown a 4-degree drop in the suit heat 

exchanger temperature since Canary Islands summary 




117:32:54 CC Roger, 4-degree drop. 
117:32:57 P That's affirmative. 

117: 3^: 42 CC Carnarvon, Gemini VII. 
117:34:44 P Roger. VII. 

117:34:46 CC Do you have anything on the M3C in the experiment 

coming up at 118:12:52? 

117:42:08 C Carnarvon, Gemini VII. 

117:42:11 CC Roger, VII. 

117:42:14 C Is there anything on the MGC experiment coming up 

at 118? 

117:42:21 C 12:52. 

117:42:32 CC Negative, Gemini VII on that - - 

117:42:39 C They did not delete that one. Is that right? 

117:42:44 CC That's affirmative - that's affirmative, C-emini VII. 

117:42:48 C Okay. Thank you. 

117:47: 49 C Serial Number 95573-^85-3 just came to pieces in 

my hand. Thanks a lot, Doctor . 

117:47:58 P 118:12:52: recorder going on, IR Experiment 4l7 ... 


117:48:56 CC Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do you read? 
117:48:59 C Go ahead, Gemini VII. 

117:49:01 CC Roger. Do you have pretty good contact at this 


117:49:04 C Roger. 

117:49:07 CC Roger. Mr. Haney passed along your message to Tommy 




Nobis at Austin and he was genuinely impressed over 
your interest. He said, quote: "It means a lot to 
have a man of his stature taking an interest in the 
decision" - unquote. Unfortunately, he said he was 
still undecided and at this point he couldn't tell 
which way he would go, but he asked us to thank you 
for your interest. 

117:1+9:41 C Thank you Elliot. Did you happen to see Dr. La ... 

to determine all ... when we get back. 

117:49:49 CC Roger. He ... has subject ... 

117:49:53 C Yes. One of his urine samples just came to pieces 

in my hand. 

117:49:58 CC Just came to pieces? 

117:50:02 C That's affirmative. 

117:50:03 CC Before or after? 

117:50:05 C After. 

117:50:06 CC Very good. You just struck a blow. 

117:50:10 P Help! 

117:52:47 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

117:52:49 P Yes. 

117:52:51 CC Flight Surgeon's message is, "Sorry about that, 


117:53:13 P This is Gemini VII. Our platform is off. We are 

going to the right now. 

117:53:15 CC Roger, VII. 


117:54:39 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
117:54:40 C Go ahead, Hawaii. Gemini VII. 



117:54:1+2 CC Roger. We show you GO on the ground this morning. 

How is everything in your spacecraft? 

117:54:46 C Very good. 

117:54:47 CC Roger. Would like to have an on - an OAMS prop 

quantity reading, if I could, 

117:54:53 C Roger, they're reading 50 percent. 

117:54:55 CC Roger. Understand 50 percent. 

117:55:01 CC Standing by. You need not acknowledge. 

117:55:32 CC Gemini VII. Would you turn your D-4/D-7 off, please? 


118:03:24 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 

118:03:31 P This is VII. You're coming in weak. 

118:03:34 CC Roger, we're just starting to pick you up at 

California. Like to advise this will be a UHF 6 
pass . 

118:03:44 P Roger, UHF 6. 

118:03:54 CC We will be giving you a fairly lengthy flight plan 

update here, Gemini. You can get your book out, 
and also toward the end of the pass we'd expect to 
have the maneuver updates for you. 

118:04:19 P I'm all set to take the update, Elliot. 

118:04:23 CC Roger. Before we start that, Flight Surgeon has 

a question. Did you get another sample for the 
one that was lost? 

118:04:36 P We're still trying to get it. 

118:04:39 CC Very good. Okay. First item, Node: Time 119:21:28; 

Rev 75; 169.5 degrees east; right ascension, 
11:22:29. Time: 120:36:00; purge fuel cells at 
Carnarvon. Time: 121:00:00; BIO MED Recorder Number 
I off. Do you copy? 




118:05:1+0 P Roger. Copy. 

118-05-1+2 CC S-6: 121:15:15", Sequence 10; pitch 30 degrees down, 

yaw 8 degrees right. S-6: 122:32:21; Sequence 10; 
pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 37 degrees right. Time: 
122:52:00; crew status report on the Command Pilot 
at Texas. MSC-2 and -3: 123:13:00; Sequences 0U; 
stop at 123:23:00. D-1+/D-7: 123:31:30; Sequences 
la 5 and hl6\ Mode 02. Do you copy? 

118:07:19 P Have copied. 

118:07:20 C Elliot, do you want us to turn the computer on now? 

118:07:23 CC Roger. Go ahead. 


118:07:1+8 C Computer on PRELAUNCH. ... The running light is 


118:07:51 CC Understand computer on PRELAUNCH. Say again the 


118:07:55 C The running light is GREEN. 

118:07:58 CC Roger. Ready to copy the rest of the update? 

118:08:01 P Roger. 

118:08:03 CC Time: 12l+:13:00; crew status report on the Pilot 

at Hawaii. 12*+: 1+5:00: PLA update at the RKV. 
125:30:00: purge fuel cells at the CSQ. 125:30:00: 
flight plan report. 126:00:00: BIO MED Recorder 
Number 2 CONTINUOUS off at 136:00:00. Do you copy? 

118:09:12 P Roger. Copied. 

118:09:18 CC Okay, I'm ready to give you the maneuver updates 

for the two burns. We'll be doing this in two 
burns. Let me know when you're ready to copy. 

118:09:25 C Ready to read. 

118:09:31 CC Okay. The first burn: GET of the burn, 119:11:55; 

Delta-V, 61.2; burn time 1 plus 18; yaw 0, pitch 0; 
thrusters, aft; maneuver, Posigrade. Did you copy? 



118:10:11 P We've copied. 

118:10:13 CC Would you read that maneuver update back again, 


118:10:16 C Burn at GET, 119:11:55; Delta-V, 61.2; Delta-P, 

1 plus l8; yaw 0, pitch 0; aft thrusters, Posigrade. 

118:10:31 CC Roger. Second maneuver: GET of the burn, 119:55:01; 

Delta-V, 12.1; burn time, 15 seconds; yaw 180, pitch 
0; thrusters, aft; maneuver, Retrograde. Read back., 
please . 

118:11:11 C Roger. GET, 119:55:01: Delta-V, 12.1; Delta-P, 15 

seconds; yaw 180, pitch 0: thrusters, aft; Retro- 
grade . 

118:11:38 CC This is correct, Gemini VII. 

118:11:41 C Elliot, will you give me an update for my - for our 

digital clock? 

118:11:47 CC Roger. I'll give you a Mark at 118 hours and 12 

minutes, about 5 seconds from now. 3» 2, 1. 

118:12:00 CC MARK. 118:12:00. 

118:12:08 C Roger. We're exactly in sync. 

118:12:11 CC Roger. I have a star reference for your Perigee- 
Adjust. That is your first maneuver. 

118:12:23 P Go ahead, Elliot. 

118:12:27 CC This is for an SEF alinement. You will pass between 

Denebola and Spica. Arcturus will rise at 119:06:04. 
You should aline 12 A degrees below and 1.3 degrees 
left of Arcturus . And you have the burn time of 
1 plus 18. 

118: 13:08 P Roger. 

118:13:14 C Houston, Gemini VII. 

118:13:15 CC Go ahead. 

118:13:16 C We'd like to delete this MSC-12 at 118:12:52, please. 




118:13:20 CC Roger. We have that. 
118:13:22 C Thank you. 

118: 1^:55 C Houston, Gemini VII. Do you have anything further 

for us? 

118:14:58 CC That's all we have at this time. Were you able to 

get your lunch taken care of there? We kept you 
pretty busy in this area. 



No, we have not eaten yet. 

118:15: 08 


Roger . 



We'll go ahead and put the updates in 
make the burns . 

and eat 

118:15:1 1 + 


Roger. Did you understand that the UHF check 
all the procedures with it will be deleted on 



Yes, thank you. 



Roger . 



You have a T x coming up. 



Roger. We noticed the tape dump over 
also . 




Roger . 



Gemini VII, Houston. Did you receive 

the T x ? 






'VII, we're sending the T x again. 



Roger. Standing by. 



Still no T x here, Elliot. 



Roger . 



We received the Tx, Elliot. 




118: 18: 10 CC Roger, VII. Understand you received the , 

Il8:l8:26 CC Gemini VII, Houston. We note that the suit inlet 

temperature has gone down about 10 degrees now. 
Is it cooled off satisfactorily? 

Il8: 18: 39 P It's very comfortable here now, Houston, very 

comfortable . 

118:18:42 GC Roger. 

118:21:12 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Are you still reading us? 
118:21:15 P Loud and clear, Houston. 

118:21:17 CC Roger. We show a change in the temperature drop 

from the control valve outlet to the heat exchanger 
inlet from a previous value of 15 degrees to a pre- 
sent value of 5 degrees. We feel that that's tht.- 
difference that this higher flow is making. 

118:21:37 F You're probably correct. I believe you're right. 

Il8:4l:34 P For information, the moon is about 30 degrees from 

the sky, directly ahead of us. 

Il8:4l:39 P There's a little cloud cover down below. 

118:1+1:46 P Yes.. 

118:42:39 P 35 seconds left to go. 

118:42:58 P 15 seconds 

118:43:08 P 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 

118:43:15 P Well, we have other things to do. 

118:43:17 C Right there. Okay. 

118:43:22 P 2 minutes and 5 seconds, actually. 


118:45:46 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 

you read? 




118:45:51 P This is VII. We read you loud and clear. 

118:45:54 CC Roger. Jim, we did not give you the core load on 

those two maneuvers. We would like to double-check 
you on those. Core 25, on the first maneuver, would 
be 00612 and on the second maneuver, Core 25, 90121. 
Cores 26 and 27 all zeros on both loads. 

118:46:05 C 121. No, 150. 

118:46:22 P Let's scrub this. 

ll8:U6:23 P This Delta- V is 15 seconds. 

118:1+6:29 P Roger, Houston. Understand the cores for Address 

25: first burn here is going to be 612 and the 
Delta-V for the second burn will be 12.1. 

118:46:37 P Roger. First one, they're going to be 612, and 

the Delta-V for the second burn will be 121. 

118:46:48 P That's right, 12.1 feet per second. 

118:46:49 P Yes. 

118:46:52 CC Roger. 

118:46:56 P Okay, lets see last day SEF. 

118:48:08 P We're going to stop at 119:13:13. 

118:48:12 P Okay. 

118:48:51 P That's going to be a minus 12.1. 

118:48:56 C Right. 99- 

118:48:58 P 90. 

118:49:27 C ... what did it say about ... 

118:49:29 P Arcturus ... little bit left. 

118:49:39 C 9:06:04 ... 

118:49:40 P Does it look good? 



118:49:44 C It should be ... 

118:49:46 P Okay. We're in position. There's the old stars. 

There ' s ... over there . 

118:50:15 C I don't see ... 

118:52:12 C You don't like the strawberry cubes? 

118:52:13 P No. Too sweet. 

118:52:15 C I like them. 

Il8:52:4l P I got a burn-rate command. 

118:52:44 C Yes. Don't you think? 

118:52:46 P Probably the best, because it keeps you right in 

there anyway. That's exactly where you want to go. 
Be doing that anyway . 

Il8: 53:15 P This is Parachute Adjustment we want to make right 

now, the long one. 

118:53:17 C Right. 

118:53:20 P The other one is going to be an Apogee-Drop Maneuver, 

118:53:24 C Right. 

118:53:39 P Okay. You're going to need the burn on the IVT's. 

118: 53:^1 C Right. 

118:53:44 P I'll double-check you on the time. 

118:53:45 C Right. 

118:53:46 P I'll just tell you when we get to that time. I'll 

double-check it on my clock here. 1 minute and 18 
seconds . 

118:53:51 C Okay. 

118:53:56 P I have all zeros in now. You want me to put in 










Do you have it now? 



I'll read out the ... to make sure it reads out the 
correct way . 

118: S 1 ^ 1 * 


It's in there. I'll read out 27 for you. 

Il8:5 1 *:36 


Yes. Read out 26 to me? ... 

118: 5^:39 





It 1 s in there . 

118:5*+: 46 


Read out 27. It's all in there. All you have to 
do is go to CATCH-UP and push the Start Count 
button . 



Right . 



You'll get it. 



Why don't you let me have that while you do the 



Very well . . . and see what we ... 






Okay, ... hase gone up. 






it's sure a lot bigger up here. 


X€S j J. vWOUgOT/ SO f vQCJ « J.II&O S illilliy y J. waa J Uo I* 

thinking that. 



Out next burn is 1+0 minutes after this one. Right? 



Right. 119: 55:^ minutes. 






Let's see, we have something on BIO MED recorder. 




118:56:10 P At 1900. BIO MED Recorder Number 1? 

118:^6:12 C Yes, Number 1 on. 

118:56:17 P BIO MED Recorder Number 1, on at 1900. 


119:01:08 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon'. We have nothing for you at 

this time. We are standing by. 

119:02:06 P Roger, Carnarvon. We're standing by to burn. 

119:02:10 CC Roger. 

119:07:0U CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. Please do not acknowledge, 

but we would like to have you raise the hydrogen 
pressure up after you complete the burn. 

119:07:1^ P We've got the heater on now. 

119:07:16 CC Roger. 

119:08:11 C Carnarvon, Gemini VII. 

119:08:12 CC Roger. Go ahead. 

119:08:13 C We've got Arcturus going right on the money. 

119: 08: 16 CC Roger. We were remarking on the ground, you look 

real good. 

11^:10:07 C And we just had our first ... Arcturus was just 

right in yaw but it looks to me that it might have 
been a little bit off as far as the pitch goes. I 
don't think we're going to be that far below it. 

119:10:17 CC Roger. 


119:22:38 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 




119:22:1+3 C This is VII. Go ahead. 

119:22:1+6 CC Roger. How did the burn go? 

119:22:1+9 C Right along; we burned our Delta-V. ... on Delta-V. 

We're seconds ... on Delta-V. 

119:23:00 CC Roger. 

119:23:02 CC How is the star reference? It was calculated for 

the time of the middle of your burn. 

119:23:12 C Roger. We ... ideas. 

119:23:18 CC Roger. 

119:23:22 CC We will be updating your computer on the next pass 

over the US with a 90-1 load. 

119:23:3*+ C Understand. Computer update over the US with 90-1 

load. Thank you. 

119:23:1+0 CC Roger. And we would like to pass up our congratu- 
lations on your passing the Soviet duration record. 

119:23:50 C That's very interesting, but we're interested in 

Peter's and Gordo's record. 

119:23:57 CC Roger. You're bearing down on that one. 

119:2l+:ll CC Gemini VII, could you tell us how soon before the • 

burn you pushed the Start Comp? 

119:2U:29 C This is Gemini here ... We placed the Start Comp 

on about k to 5 minutes before the burn. 

119:2U:Uo CC 1+ or 5 minutes before the burn. Roger. 

119:2U:l+7 CC We want you to power-down after the next burn but 

leave the A Pumps on for about 1 hour after that. 

119:25:06 P Bo you want us to bring the computer down or leave 

it up there, Red? 

119:25:10 CC You can bring it down after the burn, when you power - 




119:25:21 P Roger. And we can bring the computer down also 

119:25:25 CC That is correct, and we'd like to advise that all 

retros from now on are based on h. 20-degree nose- 
down attitude . 

119:25:36 C Roger. Thank you. Another ... 

119: 25:41 CC Roger. 


119:27:54 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. We show you GO on the 

ground. We're standing by ... 

119:28:48 P General comment on food again: the disinfectant 

pills for the food are crumbling and boy, if you 
get those in your eyes, it really stings. Poten- 
tial hazard in space flight, and I guess we ought 
to get something else for disinfectant. It is a 
very poor design . 



. . . (Laugh) 



30, 25 minutes yet to go. 



Okay . 



Okay, ... just stick it in. 



Oh! Ohl 



What's wrong? 



A big one right here. 






Right . 

119: 31: 42 


. . . one at a time . 



How are you feeling? 



Pretty good. 



119:32:29 P Yes. 

119:32:38 P Look at that ... 

119:33:07 P Where's this one on the burn? 

119:33:12 C It was on the same page as the other one. 

119:33:19 P 533, 22 minutes. 

119:33:26 P I can enter this at 25. 

119:33:29 P You can check it out then, if you want to. 

119:33:31 C All right. 

119:34:00 P Okay, we're BEF. I'll check her out. 

119:34:05 C Go ahead. 

119:34:07 P Yes ... 

H9:3l+: 12 P How's that, sports fan? 

119: 3h:2k C Very good. 

119:34:25 C No other trash, Jim? 

119:34:26 P No. Not right now. 

119:34:34 C How's that? 

119:36:05 P It's looking good. 

119:36:14 C I'll take this out now and then you can zero 

and put it in again. Okay? 

119:36:19 P Okay. 

119:36:3^ P Do what? 

119:36:46 P Do you want to go to CATCH-UP again? ... 

119:36:53 C No ... it should go to ... 

119:38:07 C We have a Sequence 423 on D-4/D-7 ••• 



119:38:21+ C Purging the fuel cell. I thought you were supposed 

to be doing some fuel cells . 

119:38:29 P You better check that. 

119:38:31 C Is that what your understanding was? 

119:38:32 P Yes. 

119:38:36 P Ask them about purging the fuel cells before power- 

ing down. 

119:38:41 C Yes. 

119:38:48 C We'll be over Texas before ... we'll ask them then. 


119:38:53 P Yes. 

119:38:5^ C Did you steal my ...? 

119:38:55 P What? 

119:38:56 C Did you steal my ...? 


119:39:01 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. 
119:39:02 P No. 

119:39:03 P Guaymas, this is Gemini VII. Go ahead. 

119:39:07 CC Roger. Everything looks real good here on the 

ground. The Hawaii radar data show that your burn 
was real good. 

119:39:10 P Very good. 

119:39:17 P They have us burning after we power -down, right? 

119:39:19 C Purging after power-down,, yes. 

119:39:24 C I thought you were supposed to wait 2 hours, weren't 





119:39:29 P Ye8. 

119:39:40 C Ouaymas, Gemini VII. 

119:39:42 CC Roger. 

119:39:43 C Vty flight plan calls for a purge at 123.7, probably 

after we power-f'own. As we understand it, we 
should - purge before powering down or wait at 
least 2 hours after power-down to purge. Could you 
check that out with Flight, please? 

119:39:59 CC Roger. Will do. 
119:40:15 CC Gemini VII, Ouaymas. 
119: 40:17 C Go ahead. 

119:40:18 CC They would like to wait until 2 hours after you 

power -down . 

119:1+0:22 C Roger. That's fine with us. 


119:44:35 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 
119:44:39 C This is VII. Go ahead. 

119:1+4:41 CC Roger. Are you ready for your updates? Computer 


119:44:47 C Roger. 

119:1+4:1+9 CC Roger. Stand by. 

119:45:01+ C Update received. 

119:45:06 CC Roger. We got a good map, too. 

119:45:15 CC Gemini VTI, I would like to discuss briefly with 

you the IVI's before your burn. If you - since 
you pushed that Comp 5 minutes before the burn, did 
you notice any change in the IVI's? Sure you didn't? 



119:45:33 P Negative, Elliot. You're right. We did not see any 

change . 

119:45:37 CC Roger. We'd like to suggest that you wait until 1 

minute before the burn till you push that Comp key. 
Minimizes possibility of it's accelerometer bias 
building up. If you want to, you could set them 
up ahead of time and check them out once, but we'd 
like you to wait till about 1 minute before, for the 
final one. 

119:45:57 P Roger. Will do. 

119:47:12 CC Gemini VII, we observe you BEF and we have verified 

that your 91-1 load is correct. 

119:47:19 P Roger. 

119: U8: 21 CC Gemini VII, you have a T x coming up in about a half 

minute . 

119:48:32 CC Gemini VII, would you give us a propellant quantity 


119:48:38 P We're reading 35 percent on board. 

119:48:41 CC 35 percent. Roger. 
119:49:26 P Houston, VII. 

119:49:27 " CC Go ahead. 

119:49:29 P Excellent selection of music. 

119:49:31 CC Roger. We'll pass along your compliments to the 


119:49:56 CC Jim, I know what I'm going to have to talk about 

at the press conference today, after you said that. 

119:50:01 P Please don't! 

119:50:26 CC CN3 asked if you like that classical music. 
119:50:32 P Our favorite. Yes sir. 

119:50:57 CC Gemini VII. We have you coming up on 4 minutes to 

the burn . 




119:51:01 CC MARK, 4 minutes to burn. 
119:51:04 C VII concurs. 
119:52:46 C Elliot, VII. 
119:52:48 CC Go ahead. 

119:52:49 C We picked up that lightning for you. 

119:52:51 CC Very good. 

119:53:59 CC Gemini VII, coming up on 1 minute to burn. 

119:54:02 CC MARK. 

119:54:07 C VII concurs. 

119:54:11 CC Roger. 

119:55:19 P Burn complete. 

119:55:20 CC Roger, Gemini VII. 

119:55:29 P Proceeding to power-down. 

119:55:32 CC Roger, VII. 

119:55:35 P I understand now you don't want us to purge until 

2 hours from now. 

119:55:39 CC That is correct. We'll get you an update on that, 

and did you copy we want you to leave the A Pumps 
on for 1 hour? 

119:55:46 C That's affirmative. We will. 

119:55:48 CC Roger. 

119:56:42 C Leaving the computer in COMMAND PRELAUNCH for 48 

seconds , for you, Elliot . 

119:56:46 CC Roger, VII. And we'd like an 0AMS quantity 

readout . 

119:56:52 C Roger. Now reading 33 percent. 



119:56:55 CC Roger. 33 percent. 

119:56:57 C When can you give us an update on how we came out? 

119:57:01 CC Soon as I get some tracking. 

119:57:04 C Okay. 

119:57:06 CC That is as soon as we can run a trajectory on it. 

119:57:09 C I don't think we were' in PRELAUNCH - or in CATCH-UP 

5 minutes before the thing burned. It was more like 
3 minutes. We had gone to zero, but then we switched 
back out just to check it. 

119:57:21 CC Roger, VII. 

119:57:46 CC Now you can go back to being stingy with your fuel 

again . 

119:57:51 P After that we'll have to. 

119:57:53 CC Roger. 

119:58:47 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Looks like the lift-off time 

for VT will be about 9:54 Cape time. 

119:58:56 C ... understand that. ... lift-off time for VI 

. . . Hoping . 

119:59:01 CC That's on Sunday. 

120:06:59 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

120:07:02 C Go ahead, Houston. 

120:07:05 CC I'd like to report that it appears, from all indi- 
cations, that your burn was exactly what we wanted. 
We feel that we 're in excellent shape for the 
launch . 

120:07:20 C Hawaii, we're going to have to be awfully scarce on 

the fuel. We're down to 31 percent now. 

120:07:26 CC Understand, your ... quantity gage has gone to 31 

percent. Is that correct? 




120:07:31 C Yes, Flight, as I was looking at it. Say about 

33 percent. 

120:07:36 CC 33 percent. Roger. We are working on a very 

accurate remaining quantity, remaining figure and 
we will give that to you at Carnarvon. 

120:08:24 C Wowee! That sun is bad! 

120:08:31 P D-4/D-7. 

120:08:36 P We're doing 423: sextant calibration at 120:08. 

One swing from horizon to the earth. 

120:08:46 CC Gemini VTI, Houston. I'd like to advise the 33 

percent 0AMS quantity indication is exactly what 
we expected you to end with. 

120:08:55 P Roger. Good planning. 

120:08:57 C Okay. The sun's so bad on this - on this sequence - 

120:08:58 C ... a good burn then. 

120:09:03 CC Ready to update you on the fuel cell purge times, 

when you can copy . 

120:09:07 P Stand by. 

120:09:09 C Is there anything else after - just swing through 

the . . . 1 

120:09:12 P 35 degrees, right? 

120:09:13 P Right. 35 degrees from the earth. 

120:09:14 C Okay. One thing we ought to mention on this is the 

sun is so bad I can't even see the reticle. I'm 
not exactly sure where I'm going; we're ... 

120:09:33 C This is for Sweet Sue ... 

120:09:38 P Okay, Houston. Go ahead. 

120:09:40 CC Roger, You can delete the purge at 120:36:00. The 

new time for that one is 122:14:00 and that will be 
at Carnarvon. You can delete the purge at 125 : 30 : 00. 



The new time for that one will be 126:21:00 at RKV. 
Do you copy? 

Going back to Horizon now. It's very, very difficult 
to determine attitude ... nothing is down there be- 
cause of the extreme brightness of the sun. 

This is VII. Delete purge at 120:36:00 and add at 
122:lU:00. Delete purge at 125:30:00 and add 
126:21:00 purge. Is that correct? 

That's correct. 

I'm not even sure we're exactly ... now then. The 
situation here is very, very poor with regard to 
this, Flight. 

Gemini VII, this is ... at LOS. Stand by for time, 


Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 
Go ahead. 

Roger. I have some revised PLA information for you 
when you're ready to copy. 

Ready to copy . 

Roger. Area 77-*+; 122:17:29; 21 plus 59 • Area 
7Q-k: 123:52:22, 22 plus 00. Area 79-3: 125:10:12, 
21 plus k9. Area 80-3: 126:^5:53; 21 plus 56. The 
weather is good in all areas. This is based on the 
20-degree pitch attitude. 

Roger . And do you have any idea what our new orbit 

It's pretty close to circular. Stand by here and 
we'll see what they have. We'll need a little 
more tracking data to get an exact fix on it. 

Roger . 




120:40:58 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 
120:41:01 P Sound off. 

120:41:02 CC Roger. Present tracking indicates that you are 

163.2 by 161.7. We're estimating that by GT-VI 
launch date you'll be in the l6l by 161.5. 

l20:Ul:23 P Roger. Thank you. 

120:41:25 CC All right. And our best available information at 

the present is that there are 60 pounds of MMH left. 

120:41:38 C Okay. 

120:41:40 CC And 128 pounds of usable propellant. 
120:41:44 C Thank you. 

120:41:45 CC Right. 

120:41:53 CC Okay, and gage reading is 34 percent, which corrects 

to 31. 

120:42:03 C Thank you. 

120:42:08 CC 34 actual, 31 gage. 

120:42:11 CC Okay, I gave that to you backwards. It's 31 gage, 

with your actual, 34 percent. 

120:42:19 C Roger. Stand by, let me check my gage and turn on 

the light. 

120:42:22 CC Right. 

120:42:30 C Roger. ... is reading between 33 and 34 percent. 

120:42:34 CC Roger. 

120:44:07 CC Flight says he thinks you do very good work up 

there . 

120:44:14 P Say again, please. 

120:44:16 CC Roger. Flight just said he thinks you do very good 




120: 1+4:19 P Thank you. 

120:44:22 C We get a lot of good help going on Flight believes, 

obviously . 

120:44:27 CC Right. 

120:45:01 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. Our Surgeons would like to 

know if you have been doing any exercises. 

120:45:07 C We're doing right now' our exercise period that we 

missed just now. 

120:45:10 CC Roger. 

120:45:12 P That's because you can't read it out on the T/M. 

120:45:18 C We're really vibrating around in the cockpit up 

here . 

120:45:22 CC Right. 


121:03:51 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. We show you GO on the 

ground. You need not answer. 

121:03:55 C I will anyway. Hi, Hawaii. Thank you. 

121:07:38 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. We'd like your appraisal 

of the weather over Hawaii at this time . 

121:07:44 C We're in drifting flight, Hawaii, and we can't see 


121:07:48 CC Roger. We'll pass back. 
121:07:51 C Thank you. 

121:08:11 CC We'd like to have your appraisal of the weather on 

the next pass, if it could be arranged to be in the 
proper position so they can possibly schedule the 
laser for later on. 

121:08:22 C Very good. We'd like to do that. We'll give you 

the word for it. 






Lovell dumping urine at 121:13. 



Thank you. 

121: 14: 41 


Okay now ... S-6 at 121:15:50; Sequence 10 . . . Mag! 
zine M, S-ll . . . starting at ... 



. . . first shot of Sequence . . . 



Gemini VII, this is Texas CAP COM. 



Gemini VII, this is Texas CAP COM. 



This is VII. Go ahead. 



We 've got you GO on the ground here . Stand by for 
flight plan update. 



Roger . 



MSC-4: 125:53:23; Sequence 01; Mode 01; P-30-D, 



That's pitch and yaw, Texas. 



That's pitch 30 down, and yaw 06 right. 



Pitch 30 down, yaw 06 right. Use l6mm camera for 
this run, one frame per second, 75mm lens nominal 
setting. Node: 125:22:38; Rev 79; 77.0 degrees 
east; right ascension, 11:14:52. 



We didn't get the first update. Would you repeat, 
please, Texas? 



The first one? 



Yes . 



Roger. An MSC-4: 125:53:23; Sequence 01; Mode 01; 
pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 06 degrees right. Use 
l6mm camera for this run, 01 frame per second, 
75mm lens nominal setting. Copy, VII? 



Roger . 



We have nothing further and we're standing by. 



Okay. We're going over Mexico here now and 121:20 - 
see if we can take sequence of pictures here just to 
finish out this magazine. Very interesting terrain 


Gemini VII, Houston. 
This is VII. Go ahead. 

I would like to advise you of the laser status. 
We've got the one scheduled for Hawaii, as you know. 
There is some question, however, about the weather 
holding up there. It's apparently worsening, so 
there may be a problem by the time that revolution 
comes up. The status of the equipment is that White 
Sands and Hawaii are both up. Ascension is expected 
up at 6:00 Eastern Standard Time tomorrow. At pre- 
sent, the weather is good in both Hawaii and Ascen- 
sion, but bad at White Sands. We're still hoping to 
get one of those experiments just as soon as we can. 

Roger. We are in position ... Gemini VII. 

We'd like to report to you that the tracking con- 
firms your orbit at all stations. Looks real good. 
We contacted Wally at the Cape, and he's very 
happy about the orbit. Looking forward to his 
launch. We'd like to change your fuel cell purge. 
We had given it to you for Carnarvon. We want to 
change that to Hawaii. 

Roger. You want to change fuel cell purge to 
Hawaii. Do you have a time for us? 

Roger. That time should be about 122 ikO. 

Roger. 122 ikO. 

And we'd like to advise you we are still working on 
the suit situation. 

Roger. Do you expect an answer by separation? 




121:25:39 CC Roger, VII. 


121:38:0U CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. You need not acknowledge. 

All systems axe GO. We're standing by. 

122:20:15 P Okay. A shot of unusual cloud formations and ... 

horizon. ... that was Magazine C and Frame 1. 

122:31:26 P A shot taken over the Pacific at 122:31:26 of the 

cumulus clouds in a straight line over Hawaii. 

122:36:46 C Last picture taken at ... that is Magazine c picture 

• # • 

122:38:45 C Shot taken over Africa at 122:31:28. Coral reefs 

... Magazine C ... exposure. 

122:39:02 P Look, Frank. Look at the old volcano. 


122:39:36 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
122: 39: to P Hawaii, VII here. 

122:39:^2 CC Okay. How you doing? 

122:39:41+ P Great place for scenery. The Pacific is beautiful 

today . 

122:39:47 CC Okay. We're ready for your purge. We're showing 

you GO down here on the ground. 

122:39:51 P Roger. Coming up with the purge. 

122:39:53 CC All right. 

122:40:11 CC Command Pilot, they want to do a crew status report 

on you over Guaymas and the GET of that is 122:50, 
122 plus 50. 



122: ^0: 21 C Roger. 

122:40:54 C Hawaii, VII here. You haven't had any signs that 

any of my tanks are venting, have you? 

122: to: 59 CC Say again. 

122:41:01 C You haven't had signs that any of our Cryo tanks are 

venting, have they, Ground? 

122:1+1:12 CC We'll give you a readout on that here on the ground. 

Will you put your ECS - correction - your Quantity 
Read to the ECS 0 2 position? 

122:41:20 CC Thank you. 

122:43:57 CC Command Pilot, Hawaii. 

122:43:59 C Go ahead. 

122:44:00 CC Did you have a chance to take a look at the weather 

over our area? 

122:44:03 C We can't even find the island. 

122:44:06 CC That figures. 

122:44:10 C Nothing but clouds. 

122:44:12 CC Roger. 

122:44:42 CC Okay. Quantity Read for the FUEL CELL 0 2 position, 


122:44:49 CC Okay, Just leave it there a bit. 

122:45:14 CC Okay. Quantity Read for the FUEL CELL Hg position. 

122:45:19 CC Okay. Just hold it. 

122:45:48 CC Okay. Put your Quantity Read switch to OFF. 

122:46:06 CC They'll be updating you on the percents remaining 

here . They '11 give you a complete summary on your 
fuel cell prior to your going to sleep. 

122:46:14 C Thank you. 





122:50:12 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. 
122:50:1*+ P Gemini VII. 

122:50:15 CC Roger. We have a valid oral temperature. Stand 

by for Surgeon . 

122:50:21 P Roger. Give me a go-ahead to do blood pressure. 

122:50:37 CC Gemini VII, your blood pressure cuff is at full-scale, 

122:51:22 CC We have a valid blood pressure. Give us a Mark on 

your exercise. 

122:51:38 P MARK. 

122:52:03 P MARK. 

122:52:10 CC The cuff is full-scale. 

122:52:55 CC We have a valid blood pressure. Standing by for 

your food and water report. 

122:53:00 P Roger. The Command Pilot's had a total to 578 

ounces of water - - 

122:53:05 CC Roger. 

122:53:06 P - - and hi3 last meal was Meal 5, Meal B. 

122:53:10 CC Roger. 

122:53:12 P Total for Column 5 for the Command Pilot is 12, 

Column 6 is 2. The Pilot's had 388 ounces of water 
and the total for Column 5 is 13 and for Column 6 
is a great big fat zero. 

122:53:35 CC Roger. 

122:53:^0 CC Now you both had the same meal, right? 

122: 53: ^2 C Roger. We - I gave it to ... but he didn't eat any 

of his gingerbread and I only ate two of the pieces 
of it. 

122:53:50 CC Roger. 





Okay. Stand by for CAP COM. 



. . . strawberry cubes this noon . 

122: 5U : 05 


Say again? 



The Pilot did not eat strawberry cubes this noon, 
either . 



Roger . 

^ pp» sk- PP 


fj*>mini VTT ftnnvmn <3 CAP COM We Vibvp nothinff else 
for you this pass. We'll be standing by. 



Thank you, Guaymas. 



Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Over. 



Come in Houston. Gemini VII. 



Roger. Good to talk to you again, Frank. I have 
a cancellation on your flight plan D-4/D-7. 

Ice I p2 • 


Roger . 



At Time 123:31:30: Sequences Ul5 and k±6, Mode 02, 
are deleted because of weather. 



Very good. 

122 , SS , l6 


O^nv on8 f*fln vmi cH vp vrtiii* 1 n"hpT*TYP#»+'.fl"hirvn nf "hVie 

Hawaii weather? Do you think we can attempt a 
laser experiment at that time? 



We'd like to try. I don't think we came close 
enough to the Islands to make a good evaluation this 



Okay. Well, we'll go ahead and look at it further 
and still keep it in the flight plan. 



One problem, Gene, is we're really "skosh" of fuel 





122:55:40 CC I understand you feel you're really close on fuel. 

122:55:1+3 C Roger, ... It's reading 32 percent now. 31 to 32 

percent . 

122:55:49 CC Okay. 32 percent on the fuel. We'll watch it 

pretty close down here, Frank, and we've got a 
pretty good handle on it. Scheduling experiments 
to cope with it. 

122:56:00 C Roger. 

122:56:02 CC I'd like to pass on to Jim that that request from 

his 12-year-old daughter that we mentioned last 
night will be played remote over Tananarive on UHF 
on Rev 79. That's not this time up Tananarive, but 
next time. We'll give you a call and then play it 
for him. 

122:56:21 P Thank you. 

122:56:23 CC And also, Jim, after looking into the annals, we 

figure that that Column 6, that big fat zero, is 
another space first. 

122:56:31 P Well, that's the way it goes. 

122:56:37 P I hope it isn't a 15-day first. 

122:56:^9 CC I Just won't comment any further on that one. 

122:57:55 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. We don't have 

anything else at this time. Probably won't be 
talking to you again until Tananarive in a couple 
of hours. 

122:58:07 C Thank you, Gene. 

122:58:08 CC Okay. Thank you and you made Charlie very, very 

happy. It's the first time he's ever talked to a 
spacecraft in flight. 

122:58:15 C ... read him this morning. He was a cheery little 

voice at breakfast time. 

122:58:20 CC Yes, his shift is getting better. You'll see him 

more and more. 




122:58:31 C Hey, Gene, we have one question. 

122:58:33 CC Shoot. 

122:58:34 C How long did you say this flight was? 

122:58:37 CC How long did we say this flight was? 

122:58:40 C Flight told me three days when we took off. 

122:58:44 CC Say that one again, Frank. 

122:58:45 C (chuckle). 

122:59:05 CC You're doing so well up there that we're just 

going to keep you going for a while. 

122:59:09 C We're in real good shape. We've - everybody feels 

fine. The spacecraft is neat and clean and it's 
performing perfectly . 

122:59:16 CC It looks real clean and real fine down here. And 

by the way, after talking last night to Sue and 
Marilyn, they both said if I do have a chance to 
tell you, they're fine and they just want to say 

122:59:29 C Pretty good, pretty smart, Gene. 

122:59:33 P Thanks, Gene. 

122:59:53 CC Gemini VII, Houston. And to let you know what we're 

really thinking about down here, we'll have a total 
lifetime for you in about a revolution or two, to 
give you an idea how long you could really be up 
there if you wanted to. 

123:00:03 C No thank you. Don't do that! 


123:12:28 CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. You do not need to acknow- 
ledge. All systems are GO. We are standing by. 

123:18:28 C Stand by for urine dump. Borman dumping urine at 

123:18. Dumping now. 




123:20:45 C This urine doesn't seem to be taking any longer to 

dump, than, the . . . 

123:29:43 C ... Using the reticle the measurement from the earth 

to the top of the visible airglow is 2.5 degrees. 

123:33:02 C Another note here. Most of the stars are ... 

123:45:35 P Comments on... attempts. Jupiter to ... appeared to 

be okay. One big problem with this section of the 
spacecraft is that unless you measure things verti- 
cally like stars to horizon the window - head 
arrangement and the . . . just are not compatible with 
each other . Go harder . . , other than a vertical 
position. It's hard to shoot shots other than in a 
vertical position. 

123:46:10 P That Jupiter shot was taken at 123:36:08. 


123:58:17 CC Gemini VTI, CSQ. We have you GO on the ground. We 

have nothing for you this pass . You need not 
acknowledge this transmission. 

123:58:33 P Hello, Roger. 


124:14:43 CC Gemini VTI, Hawaii CAP COM. 
124:14:46 P Go ahead, Hawaii. Gemini VII. 

124:14:48 CC Roger. We have a valid temperature. We're standing 

by for your blood pressure. 

124:14:54 P Roger. 

124:15:13 CC Gemini VTI, Hawaii Surgeon. 
124:15:17 P Go ahead. 

124:15:19 CC We have a PCM dropout. Will you stand by on the 

blood pressure, please? 



124:15:24 P Roger. 

124:15:37 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii Surgeon. We have T/M solid now. 
124:15:41 P Coming through. 

124:15:59 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

124:16:50 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your exercise. 

124:17:01 P Right. 

124:17:27 P Blood pressure coming down. 

124:17:42 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

124:18:23 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

food, water and sleep report. 

124:18:31 P We have nothing further to report since our last 

status report. 

124:18:36 CC Roger, Gemini VII. 

124:18:39 P The blood pressure was sent down by courtesy of 

in-flight maintenance. 

124:18:44 CC Thank you, sir. 

124:18:59 CC We have nothing further for you at this time. We're 

standing by. 

124:19:04 P VII. Roger. 


124:48:31 CC Gemini VTI, RKV CAP COM. 
124:48:48 C Gemini VII. 

124:48:50 CC We have a block update for you when you're ready. 

124:48:53 C Roger. Before you do that, we're concerned by OAMS 

propellant quantity on the ECS 02- It's gone down 
about 3 percent here in the last 2 hours . . . 




124:49:07 CC Okay. Stand by. 
124:U9:56 CC Gemini VII, RKV. 
124:49:58 C Go ahead, please. 

124:49:59 CC Your OAMS pressure has been steady. We feel that 

the gage is probably reading higher than it should. 
We'll brief you in detail over the CSQ. 

124:50:07 C I'm reading about 29 percent now. 

124:50:11 CC Roger. 

124:50:12 C I'm ready for your update. 

124:50:17 CC Area 8l-3: 128:21:42; 21 plus 54. Area 82-3 Charlie: 

129:57:45; 21 plus 52. Area 83-Bravo: 131:51:30; 
21 plus 35. Area 84-Bravo: 132:30:32; 21 plus 39* 
Area 85-2: 134:06:54; 21 plus 39- Area 86-2: 
135:43:22; 21 plus 44. Area 87-2 Charlie: 137:17:53; 
21 plus 49. Area 88-2 Charlie: 138:44:28; 21 plus 
45. The weather in Area 85-2 is marginal. All 
other weather is good. 

124:52:05 C Thanks very much, RKV. 

124: 52:07 CC Roger. 

124:52:59 C ... We'll update that later ... 

124:54:30 CC Gemini VTI, RKV. 
124:54:32 C Go ahead, please. 

124:54:33 CC On this revolution you'll have a UHF 6 over the 


124:54:38 C Thank you. 

124:55:15 CC There will also be a UHF 6 over Tananarive this 

revolution, Gemini VII. 

124:55:20 C Very well. 

124:59:40 P We're now in the process of trying to eat chicken 

salad. Serial number SC-495. The food is so small 

that it takes all my force just to squeeze a little 



125:09:09 CC 

125:09:lA P 

125:09:16 CC 


125:12:08 P 

125:12:11 CC 

125:12:16 P 

125:12:30 CC 

125:12:1*1 P 

125:12:^3 CC 

125:12:50 P 

125:12:59 CC 

125:13:12 P 

125:13:15 CC 


bit of chicken salad out. It's ridiculous. 

Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Over. 
This is VII. Go ahead. 

Roger. Jim, here's that request from your 12-year 
old daughter. Request was made in the hopes that 
it might stimulate her Daddy to have him come home 
in a hurry, and here it comes in about 10 or 12 
seconds . 

(Music: "I saw Mommie Kissing Santa Claus") 
Oh, Houston, this is Gemini VII. 

Gemini VII, Gemini VII. That concludes the serenade. 
Any comment? 

Roger. That's ... when I leave town. That's okay. 
Tell Barbara I saw Santa Claus before I came down 

Okay. I'm not sure that wasn't stimulated from that 
"Ban-Humbug" that Marilyn heard the other day. 

... I didn't hear you, Houston. 

Roger. I said I'm not so sure that Marilyn might 
not have originated that from that "Bah -Humbug " 
she heard the other day . 

Oh that's it, that's it. Tell her we've all got a 
Santa Claus up here, too. 

Roger. I think she's listening in at home right 
now, and she wanted me to pass on that household 
crew still remains at about 3-9- 

Roger. Understand no luck yet, right? 

No. Nothing yet. 




125:13:18 P Well, tell her to do her best. 

125:13:19 CC Okay. Listen, it's a point of interest. There's 

a tropical storm west of Burma in the Bay of Bengal. 
We don't advocate any fuel but we just want to let 
you know that it's there and if you do have a chance 
to take a look at it, fine; if not, okay. 

125:13:37 P Roger, I have it south of Burma. 

125:13:57 CC Gemini VII, this is Houston. 

125:13:59 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

125:14:01 CC Roger. We found out that you can probably stay 

up there for 3 l/2 or 4 months if you really want 
to . 

125:14:10 P You didn't have to say that now, did you? 

125:l4:l6 P December 18. 

125:14:17 CC Say again. 

125:14:19 C 3 days flight leave. Will you cut that out! 

125:14:21 CC Okay. 

125:14:59 CC Gemini VII, this is Houston CAP COM. 
125:15:02 C This is VII. Go. 

125:15:03 CC Okay. The weather in Hawaii has gone up and down 

pretty rapidly from clear to overcast, back to 
clear and overcast. We're watching it pretty 
closely and if there is any question about it 
we'll probably scrub the MSC-4. 

125:15:23 CC We'll pass that latest information on up to you 

prior to Hawaii. 

125:32:09 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. 



125:32:14 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

125:32:16 CC Roger. We're standing by for your flight plan re- 

125:32:18 CC Roger. 

125:32:35 C CSQ, Gemini VII. We - I'm giving you a report today 

to date . . . 

125:32:42 CC Roger, copy. 

125:32:44 C Two magazines of Hasselblad S0217> 10 magazines of 

l6mm color film, four exposures of dim light /night 
film, seven films of color-shifted IR terrain film, 
high-contrast black and white film - two frames. 
We've also used six tape recordings, and today we 
completed everything in the flight plan except for 
those things, of course, which were deleted. 

125:33:17 CC Roger, Gemini VII. We copied. 

125:33:38 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. We have your fuel cell power con- 
figuration for the sleep period. ECS 0 2 is okay. 
No heat required. Fuel Cell 0 2 , AUTO. Fuel Cell 
H 2 , want you to pump the on-board up to 490 . . . 
that should be good for 16 hours . 

125:34:07 P Roger. Understand ECS 0 2 is okay. Leave the FC 

0 2 in AUTO, and we'll pump up the FC H 2 to 490 and 
that should be good. 

125:34:19 CC Roger. The on-board minimum of Fuel Cell H 2 is 365 

psi. ... rate 4 psi per hour. 

125:34:28 P Roger. Minimum is 365. Thank you. 

125:34:30 CC Roger. 

125:34:57 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. We can give you a GO on MSG -4 

experiment over Hawaii. 

125:35:03 C Roger. Understand we're GO. Thank you. 

125:35:13 CC Gemini VII, we have your system status update when 

you're ready to copy. 




125:35:16 C Ready to copy. 

125:35:19 CC Ground equations based on T/M equations indicate the 

remaining fuel is 59 pounds. This represents 33 
percent actual remaining propellant used - - 

125:35:32 CC Stand by one. 

125:35:33 CC This represents 33 percent actual remaining propel- 
lant which is 29 percent indicated on -board. That's 
the number you're asking for? 

125:35:39 C That's affirmative, 29 percent. That's right. 

125:35:¥* CC Roger. This puts us about 6 pounds of fuel above 

the pre flight curve. 

125:35:^9 C Very good, thank you. I was a little worried about 


125:35:52 CC Roger. 

125:35:55 CC We're very satisfied with our platform performance 

• * • 

125:36:OU C Excellent. Thank you. 

125:36:06 CC Computer status is 90-1. Preretro load was right out 

of memory and verified to be correct. 

125:36:13 C Wonderful. 

125:36:2U CC The firing-up today of the fuel cells indicated 

that regulation is very negligible . . . beginning 
of the mission. 

125:36:33 C Roger. 

125:36:38 CC Ground status. Fuel cell Hg tank is not expected 

to vent until up to 300 hours elapse time, if any. 
Fuel cell O2 is not expected to vent at any time 
during the mission. ECS 0 2 tank is predicted to 
vent sometime - - 

125:37:01 C All good news tonight ... 

125:37:03 CC Say again, CSQ. 



125:37:04 C ... all good news tonight. 

125:37:06 CC Roger. 

125:37:10 CC Depends on his fuel cell and 0 2 construction. 

Temperature is below normal on 02 by 3.5 percent 
and below normal on Hg by 6.5 percent. Fuel cell 
appears to be more efficient than expected. 

125:37:27 CC Very good. 

125:37:33 C CSQ,, we really appreciate all this information. 

Thank you and thank everybody for it. 

125:38:03 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. 

121+ : 38:08 C Gemini VII. 

125:38:11 CC Okay. I might have made a mistake there. The fuel 

usage is 6 pounds below the expected usage. 

125:38:20 C We're 6 pounds better off than we thought we'd be. 

125:38:24 CC That's affirmative. 

125:38:25 C Roger. Thank you. 

125:38:U6 CC Gemini VII, you're over us now. 162.8 by 161.6. 

We expect to be l6l by 162 by the GT-VI flight. 


125:39:04 CC 182:21+ GET. 
125:39:05 CC 187:2*+ GET. 

125:39:11 P That sounds great! There's a lot of confidence 

there ! Really ! 

125:39:11+ CC Thank you. 

125:39:16 CC Second run number is 95 minutes after the first. 
125:39:20 C Roger. 






We estimate 50 seconds past TPA at time of VI 
lift-off. . . we'll supply the exact data ... a lot 
later . 



. . . the pre-count on VI has heen completed and is 
GO at the Cape. 



Roger . 

125: U0:01 


I'll give PLA update over the RKV Area 85-Bravo. 
The pass GET - R3 should he 131:44:37, with an area 
... 21 plus 35 . Do you copy? 



Could you give us the time again, please? 



Roger. Area 83-Bravo: 131:44:37; 21 plus 35. 



Thank you. 



Your Area 84-Delta should be 84-Bravo. Do you copy? 



Roger . 




Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 



This is VII. Go. 



How are you doing up there? 



Great! We just passed over the atolls leading into 
Hawaii. We should be picking it up pretty soon. 



Roger. The weather looks like you should have a 
good-size hole as you come up over the top of us, 
and if you can hold your attitude fairly well, you 
may get a good look. 



Roger . You want our . . . C-Band CONTINUOUS . 



Negative. I've got C-Band track at this time by 
command. Just leave it in the position it's in. 

125:51:44 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii. Let me know if you see anything. 



125:51:48 P VII. Roger. 

125:53:46 CC Do you see the Islands at all, Gemini VII? 

125:53:48 P This is VII. Not yet;. We're almost clear ... time. 

125:53:51 CC Roger, I'll give you a Mark, when you're at my TCA. 

125:53:5^ P Roger. 

125:53:56 P We've got one of them down here. 

125:53:58 CC Roger. 

125:54:49 CC You are going by TCA. 

125:54:50 CC MARK. 

125:54:52 P Roger. What island are you on, Hawaii? 

125:54:54 CC Say again. 

125:54:56 P You're - what island are you on, Hawaii? 

125:54:57 CC Kauai, Kauai. 

125:54:58 P Roger. We picked them up but we couldn't see the 

light . 

125:55:04 CC Say again. 

125:55:06 P We picked up the Islands but could not see the light. 

125:55:08 CC Roger. You may still be able to see a little bit 

behind you. 

125:55:14 C We knew what island the laser was on. There was some 

question about where your radar was . 

125:55:31 CC You saw nothing of the light at all. Is that affirm? 

125:55:34 P That's affirm. 

3 25:55:49 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. Let's break it off. 

125:55:54 P Roger, Hawaii. 




125:56:29 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii. We have nothing further. We'll 

be standing by. 

125: 56: 34 P Attempted ... 

125:56:36 P Roger. Thank you. 

125:56:46 P Attempted MSC-4. We attempted ... 

125:56:49 CC Say again. 

125:56:51 P This is VII. Negative. Thank you. 

125:56:53 CC Okay. 

125:56:58 P Attempted MSC-4 at 125:57- Picked up the Islands 

just before we went over but we were too far into 
the ... to get Kauai . We got Oahu and Molokai - 
other part of the chain. We did not pick up 
Kauai. At the time we got acquisition on the 
islands that we could see through the clouds we were 
past Kauai. We could not see the light. 







VII. Go ahead. 



Roger. We're standing by for your purge. 

126:25 :l4 


Would you place your Quantity Read switch to ECS 0 2 ? 









Will you say again the minimum . . . 



Minimum for Fuel Cell Hg for tonight is 490, 490. 



Give me the minimum. 



Your minimum is 265. 






Roger. Thank you. 



You can place the Quantity Read switch to OFF. 



Would you give us a propellant quantity and pressure? 



Say again, please. 



Propellant quantity and pressure. 



My propellant quantity is about 26 percent. 



... propellant quantity about 26 percent, OAMS pres- 
sure above 1500. 



Roger . 



I have a map update for you when you're ready to 



Stand by one . 






Node: 132:54:03; Rev 84; 38.5 degrees west; right 
ascension; Time, 11 : 05: 31 • 



Roger . 



Also, I have a correction for the last block update 
you got. Area 81+-Bravo should be Area 84-Delta. 
The times are good. 



84-Bravo should be 84-Delta. 



Roger. Also, on your propellant quantity usage, you 
are actually 6 pounds below normal. That means 6 
pounds too much we've used. 

1 26*28* 57 


Oh nknv Thev told mf 1 the other wav over CSQ . 



Roger . 



Our last water report indicated that you had - the 
Command Pilot had consumed 6.6 pounds in the last 
9 hours. We don't think that's quite right. 

Could you give us a correction on that? 




126:29:16 C Roger. 

126:30:00 C According to my figures, I had 55 ounces the last 

9 hours. 

126:30:03 CC That's 55 ounces. 
126:30:05 C Right. 

126:30:07 CC We'd also like a total count on the water gun. 
126:30:11 C Stand by. 

126:30:21 C 02138. 
126:30:27 CC Roger. 

126:30:31 CC They'd like you to use ointment in your noses to- 
night . 

126:30:39 CC Also, if you become too warm, you can go ahead and 

use Pump A. 

126:30:UU C If we become too warm we can use both Pump A's, or 

just Pump A in the primary loop? 

126:30:51 CC Pump A in the primary loop. 

126:30:53 C Thank you. 

126:30:56 CC We also have an addition to that block update, when 

you're ready to copy. 

126:31:1^ C Go ahead. 

126:31:16 CC That's Area 86-2: 135:^1:22; 21 plus hk. 
126:31:29 C Could you give us the time again, please? 

126:31:31 CC 135:^1:22. 


136:09:21 CC Gemini VTI, Canary CAP COM. Contact. How do you 

read? Over . 



136:09:31 P This is VII. Good morning; loud and clear. 

136:09:34 CC And good morning to you also. Have you done a fuel 

cell purge yet? 

136:09:38 P Negative. 

136:09:40 CC Okay. We have a fuel cell purge with you and also 

we have a little bit of a flight plan update and 
also some on-board readouts . 

136:09:51 P Roger. We're doing the fuel cell purge now. 

136:09:5*+ CC Okay. 

136:09:59 CC Can you copy this flight plan update while you're 


136:10:02 P Roger. You can start. 

136:10:05 CC Okay. Node: 138:55:11; Rev 87; 130.8 degrees west; 

II hours 4 minutes 63 seconds; right ascension. We 
have a flight plan time line update for you. Change 
136:00:00 to 136:17:00. 137:45:00: PLA update at 
Canary. 138:20:35: crew status report, Command Pilot, 
Carnarvon. 139:02:16: crew status report, Pilot, 
over Texas . And that 1 s the flight plan update . Do 
you copy? 

136:11:47 C Roger. Thank you. 

136:11:49 CC Okay. 

136:11:52 CC I'd like to get an 0AMS propellant quantity readout 

from you. 

136:11:56 C Roger. It's increased during the night. It now 

reads about 30 percent. 

136:12:03 CC Okay, copy. 

136:12:13 C We're noticing a little imbalance in our buses this 

morning. Number 1 reads 10 and Number 2 - what is 
that, Jimmy, 7.5? 

136:12:25 CC 10 and 7-5- 




136:12:36 CC Could you place your Quantity Read switch to ECS 

O2, please? 

136:12:38 C ECS 0 2 ? 

136:12:39 CC Roger. 

136:13:01 CC Can I get a quantity impression from you, please? 

136:13:08 C Roger. Quantity is about 82 percent, pressure 6U0. 

136:13:16 CC Have copied. Would you place Quantity Read switch 

to FUEL CELL 0 2 ? 

136:13:33 C Roger. I read 72 percent quantity and pressure 750, 

136:13:39 CC Copy. 

136:13:^5 CC FUEL CELL H2, please? 

136:13:51 C 77 percent and UlO. 

136:13:57 CC Okay. Quantity Read switch to OFF. 

136:1^:01 C It's off. 

136:lU:02 CC Okay. We'd like an OAMS source fuel and pressure 

and temperature. 

136:1^:09 C lUOO, 81. 

136:lU:15 CC Okay, OAMS fuel temp? 

136:lU:20 C 8l 

136:1^:22 CC OAMS oxidizer temp? 

136:lU:30 C Stand by on those readings. That's 51 for both 

OAMS and fuel and oxidizer is 50. 

136:l^:Ul CC 51 on OAMS fuel temp and 50 on OAMS oxidizer temp. 

136:1^:1+5 C Right. 

136:1^:U7 CC Okay. Temperature on the OAMS source was 8l, 

136:lU:52 C No, that was wrong. It's about 52. 



136:lU:57 CC Okay, copy. Thank you. 

136:15:17 CC VII, Canary. Can you give us an idea of what kind 

of rate you're building up? That you're drifting at 
the present time? 

136:15:2U C Wait until we look outside. 
136:15:26 CC Okay. Can you see Canary? 

136:15:31 C It's about the same as it has been. I guess we 

haven't vented much during the night. We're very 
slowly coming. 

136:15:38 CC All right. Roger. I copy. 


136: 45: 2k CC Gemini VTI, Carnarvon CAP COM. 
136:^6:3^ P Go ahead, Carnarvon. Gemini VTI. 

136:1+6:37 CC Roger. Good morning and how's with you? 
136:1+6:39 P Good morning. 

136:1+6:1+1 CC I've got the correction to the nodal update at 

138:55:00, if you're ready to copy. 

136:1+6:1+9 P One minute, please. 

136:1+6:52 CC Roger. 

136:^7:05 P 0o ahead. 

136:1+7:07 CC Roger. On the remarks that they gave you on Rev 87 

they gave you 11 hours 0l+ minutes 63 seconds; 0l+ 
minutes 63 seconds comes out to be 05:03. 

136:1+7:23 p Roger. That's right. 

136:1+7:26 CC Okay, big correction. 




136:47:28 P Thank you. 

136:47:29 CC Right. We also have some information on your OAMS 

status . 

136:47:35 P Go ahead, please. 

136:47:36 CC Okay. Telemetry after OAMS systems stabilization 

shows you have 63 pounds of fuel, 122 pounds of oxi- 
dizer remaining. This is 36 percent actual, 31 percent 
on your gage. OAMS usage is right on the flight plan. 

136:48:00 C We gained 6 percent over the night. I'm going to go 

back to sleep now and get more tonight. 

136:48:05 CC Roger. This was waiting for temperature stabiliza- 
tion but did not stabilize as fast as we had originally 

136:48:13 C I noticed that also, up here. Remember, it went down 

without any usage at all and then it came back up, so 
I guess we're in pretty good shape. 

136:48:20 CC Right. Real good shape on that. And also, on your 

fuel cell cryogenics, it indicates a pad of approxi- 
mately 2000 ampere hours above the normal 14-day 
flight plan. Feel free to use A pump in one or both 
loops, for your comfort. 

136:48:42 P Is that two or three zeros? 

136:48:45 CC That's two thousand. 

136:48:47 P Wowee!! 

136:48:49 CC That's looking real fine. 

136:48:51 C Thank you. 

137:05:56 C This is Borman about to dump urine at 136:06. Stand 


137:06:07 C Dumping. 

137 : 13 : 50 P Suggestion to the Master Chef . . . Why for morning 




breakfast meal, do you serve bacon squares and 
beef pot roast together? 


137:45:20 CC Gemini VII, Canary CAP COM contact. How do you 


137:45:24 C Loud and clear, Canary. 

137:45:26 CC Okay. We have a PLA update for you, whenever 

you're ready to copy. 

137:45:44 C Ready to copy. 

137:45:46 CC Okay, for this, the RAC 400K beat is constant at 

21 plus 50. 89-1: 140:20:06. 90-1: 141:55:58. 
91-4: 144:48:01. 92-4: 146:23:41. 93-4: 
147:59:16. 94-3: 149:17:18. The weather is good 
in all the areas. 

137:47:13 C Roger, thank you. 

137:47:15 CC Okay. I have a flight plan update for you also. 

Two items. 

137:47:28 C Go ahead, CAP. 

137:47:30 CC S-5: 139:31:50; Sequence 21; Mode 02; pitch 30 

degrees down, yaw 1 degree left. D-4/D-7: 
139:31:50; Sequence 418; Mode 02. 

137:48:36 C Canary, this is Gemini VII. I don't read you 


137:48:38 CC How do you copy now? 

137:48:40 C Loud and clear now. I missed - the last thing I 

got was Mode 02, on D-4/D-7. 

137:48:44 CC Okay, that was it. Just those two items. 

137:49:00 CC VII, Canary. 

137:49:02 C Go ahead. 




137:49:04 CC We'd like an open-circuit voltage on Stack 2C, 

please . 

137:49:13 C Roger, open-circuit voltage. 

137:49:47 C Canary, Gemini VII. 2C is off-scale, high on our 

meter; it's over 31 volts. 

137:49:54 CC Roger. Copy. 

137:50:15 CC VII, Canary. We'd like closed-circuit voltages of 

all the stack voltages right now. 

137:50:21 C Roger. 

137:50:27 P Canary, 1A coming up - 27.9; IB, 27.8; 2A, 27.8; 

2B, 27.8; 2C, 27.8. 

137:50:52 CC Roger. Copy. 

137:51:46 CC Okay, VII. We have nothing else for you. We'll be 

standing by. All those voltages looked real good, 

137:51:51 C Fine. Thank you. 


138:20:58 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. We have a valid 

blood pressure. We're standing by. 

138:21:08 CC Gemini VII, this is Carnarvon Surgeon. We're 

standing by for your blood pressure. 

138:21:14 P This is VII. Roger. It's going to come down in a 


138:21:27 CC Tour cuff is full-scale. 

138:22:24 CC Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. Would 

you give us a Hark when you begin your exercise? 

138:22:29 C MARK. 
138:22:58 C MARK. 

138:23:07 CC Gemini VII, your cuff is full-scale. 



138:24:01 CC Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. Would 

you give us your food and water report now, please? 

138:24:10 C Roger. 

138:24:19 C Okay, to date Command Pilot's had 624 ounces of 

water; we just finished Day 8, Meal A. 

138:24:33 CC Roger. That was for breakfast? 

138:24:35 C Roger, breakfast. 

138:24:37 CC Roger. 

138:24:38 C And the Pilot also had breakfast, main meal, and 

he's had 422 ounces of water. 

138:24:47 CC Roger. Thank you, Gemini VII. Carnarvon Surgeon 

out . 

138:24:51 C Roger, Carnarvon. 

138:24:59 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. We have roughly 

5 minutes left to go. We'll be standing by. 
Everything looks good from the ground. 

138:25:06 C Very good. Everything looks good up here also. 

138:25:09 CC Roger. 

138:26:15 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. We are picking up 

the HF here on the ground. Are you getting it up 

138:26:22 C Stand by and we'll try it. 

138:26:23 CC Roger. 

138:26:47 C Carnarvon, this is Gemini VII. Negative, we're 

not receiving it up here. 

138:26:50 CC Okay, mighty fine. Thank you. 

139:04:08 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

139:04:10 C Go ahead, Houston. Gemini VII. 




139:04:13 CC Roger. Good morning. We have a valid temp on you. 

Give us a blood pressure and stand by for the 
Surgeon . 

139:04:20 C Roger. 

139:04:38 CC Cuff is full-scale. 

139:04:41 C Roger. 

139:04:44 C You sound sleepy. 

139:04:46 CC You're right. 

139:04:49 CC Don't you think his voice sounds kind of hoarse up 

there, Gemini VII? 

139:04:53 C Roger. 

139:04:54 P How much sleep did you get? 

139:04:55 CC Could we have a water report on you, please, Flight 


139:05:00 C Water only. Roger. 

139:05:08 CC This is Houston Flight. How long have you been up 

there, now? 

139:05:11 C Let's see - it's 139 hours, 5 minutes, 14 l/2 


139:05:16 CC Roger. Good check. 

139:05:20 CC Frank, while we're waiting for this pressure - 
139:05:22 CC That's days or hours? 

139:05:24 C Those are hours. I feel like I was born up here. 

139:05:29 C Go ahead, Chuck. 

139:05:31 CC Frank, could you do a check on the total counts on 

your water gun and read them to me while we're 
getting these blood pressures on Jim, and then I'll 
tell you why in just a minute. 



139:05:42 C 2258. 
139:05:48 CC ... exercise. 
139:05:51 P MARK. 
139:05:53 CC That was 2258. 
139:05:55 C Roger. 

139:06:01 CC Frank, we apparently have an error in the counts. 

When we compute the water from your counts and 
compare it to the ounces that we've been reading, 
they don't add up and there's about a - looks to 
be about a 10-pound error. And sometime during the 
day I wish you could go through and recalculate your 
log and see if we can find that error. 

139:06:25 C We will, Chuck. 
139:06:34 CC Cuff is full-scale, 

139:06:57 CC Frank, there's one other item we missed on that 

report that you gave a while ago. We didn't get 
the dinner meal. We need the meal eaten last night. 

139:07:05 C Okay. 

139:07:17 CC Gemini VII, Houston. We would like you to place 

the Stack 2C on open-circuit voltage for about 5 
minutes and give us a reading on it every minute. 

139:07:32 C You're starting to play games with us now. 

139:07:38 C Are you serious? 

139:07:39 CC Yes, we're serious, Frank. 

139:07:41 CC I'm serious. 

139:07:42 CC The current on Stack 2C has been coming down for 

about the last hour and a half or 2 hours, and we 
want to take a look at what the voltage is doing. 

139:07:53 CC We have a valid blood pressure. 

139:07:56 C ... Let's see, D-4 - Day 4, Meal C, last night, 




Chuck, and we'll open-circuit - this for 5 minutes 

139:08:04 CC Okay, Frank. We also need a report on your sleep. 

We need some hours from each of you and something 
about the type. We noticed that your sleep didn't 
appear to be very good last night. 

139:08:17 C It was better last night than the night before. 

Jim slept very soundly for about 7 hours. I'd say 
I slept pretty good for about 6 hours, 

139:08:26 P Chuck, is the blood pressure okay? 

139:08:27 CC Yes sir. 

139:08:30 P Good show. 

139:08:32 CC Could we get a reading from Column 5 and 6 on the 


139:08:38 C Love 11 finally made the Column 6. 

139:08:41 CC Very good. 
139:08:43 P Hallelujah! 
139 : 08 : 47 CC Excellent ! 

139:08:49 P Opening Stack 2C at this time. 

139:08:52 CC Roger, Jim. 

139:09:03 C Command Pilot's got 13 in Column 5. 
139:09:06 CC Roger. 13, Column 5. 

139:09:11 CC Jim, would you keep me posted on how that open- 
circuit voltage looks? That is, whether it's 
fairly steady. 

139:09:17 P Roger. Right now it just stabilized and it's just 

a bit above 31 volts, way at the it op of the scale. 

139:09:26 CC Roger. Keep us posted. 

139:09:32 CC Frank, you have the Pilot's reading in Column 5? 



139:09:35 C Roger. 14. 

139:09:38 CC And your reading in Column 6? 

139:09:42 C 1 in Column 6. 

139:09:50 CC Frank, can you give me a statement about your general 

condition this morning? Each of you. Jim sounds 
pretty hoarse there this morning. How do yourboth 

139:09:58 C We both feel all right. I feel fine. I'm a little 

sleepy, but Lovell is bouncing all over the place 

139:10:08 P I think, Chuck, our noses are all stuffed up. 

That's why I feel hoarse, or sound hoarse to you, 

139:10:14 CC Roger. I 

139:10:25 CC Frank, can you tell rae a little bit about that 

urine bag - where it broke yesterday? Did it break 
around the neck seal? 

139:10:33 C The neck, right. 

139:10:35 CC Right at the neck seal. Okay. 

139:10:39 CC Did you get it - did it go all out into the cabin, 

or were you able to get it contained pretty- well? 

139:10:45 C I caught most of it in my face and hands. 

139:10:51 CC Come on 1 

139:10:53 C Say, after all, we're being conservation-minded ; 

on water too, here. 

139:10:58 CC That's going too far. 

139:11:01 C ... not all over, but I caught it with some tissues 

and we just threw it in the back. There may b.6 f 
some yet left in it, as a matter of fact. 

139:11:08 CC Okay. Fine. 

139:11:10 CC Frank, we had an oral temperature reading that came 




up to 97.7 on your oral temperature probe over CSQ 
and HKV in Revs 81 and 82. Was there any reason 
for this, do you know? Did you have the probe in 
some position that it would pick up temperature? 

Do you have any of those open-circuit voltage 

Yes. He just gave me - 32. 

Yes, ... stabilizes about 32 now. It's just right 
at the top of the indicator, and it's just at the 
top now - 32 volts. 


Elliot, we're not going to use any fuel at all except 
to pursue the experiments. 

Very good, Frank. I was going to comment on that. 
We are actually running okay per day on fuel usage, 
but we're slightly behind on our experiments be- 
cause of weather conditions, so we want you to keep 
being very stingy on the fuel. 

Roger. We're not going to try to pick up anything, 
or do anything in targets of opportunity unless you 
call them up, because you have to maneuver even then. 


How about another voltage reading? 

Jim, do you think that it would help if we used one 
of these shrinking agents that we have aboard there 
for your nose? Have you been able to clear it or 
would you like to try that? 

The nose is too dry already, Chuck. ... don't need 
any of those other things. 

It's just dry. It's not swollen. It's just dry. 
Is that right? 

What I need is Vicks. 

Okay, VII. Could you give me another voltage read- 
ing, and stand by to start your flight plan update? 



139:13:06 P Roger. The voltage is still up there at 32 or above. 

139:13:11 CC Roger. 

139:13:14 CC Ready to start copying? 

139:13:17 P Stand by a second. 

139:13:26 P Okay. Go ahead, Houston. 

139:13:31 CC Roger. The first item is D-5 at Time 140:10:00* 

This will be a Test Number 4* For your information, 
a ground test showed that radio frequency inter- 
ference can saturate this photometer, so we're 
interested in a test where we turn off all RF sources. 
Are you ready to copy the test? 

139:14:04 P Roger. Go ahead. 

139:14:06 CC All transmitters and beacons off. You can give- me 

another voltage reading and get the Stack 2C back 
on the line. 

139:14:20 P Roger. She's still running above 32 and I'll put 

Stack 2C back on the line. 

139:14:24 CC Roger. 

139:14:27 CC Jim, that thing looks very good to us. We'll keep 

an eye on what the current does. 

139:14:31 P Roger. Thank you. The only thing we noticed; was 

a drop in the amps on the indicator. 

139:14:36 CC That's the same thing we're seeing. 

139:14:38 C Looks like it's just Joining 2A and 2B, Chris. 

139:14:41 CC Yes, I guess that's the thing they don't understand. 

It ' s been up so high and now it ' s down - coming 

139:14=46 C Roger. 

139:14:48 CC You would normally expect it to run a little higher 

because it does run hotter. 



139:14:51 C Right. 

139:14:53 CC Okay. Next step in the test is: make normal 

calibration on Jupiter. We nay lose you somewhere 
in here, but I'll keep going as long as I can. 

139:15:08 C Elliot, Jupiter is right next to the moon and that's 

going to be tough to do. 

139:15:13 GC All right, just pick out another bright star. 


139:15:21 C All right. Will do. 

139:15:23 CC Make second calibration without depressing Cal 

button, and count turns from CAL setting to MAX. 
Turn Gain Wheel to MDJ setting. Turn each trans- 
mitter and beacon on, one at a time, and look for 
reticle color change. Report turn to MAXIMUM and 
color change versus equipment activated. That is, 
as you turn those items on. Do you copy? 

139:16:40 P Go ... 

139:16:45 CC Gemini VII, it sounds like we're about ready to lose 

you here. We'll continue passing this up at Canary. 

139:16:54 P Roger. We'll see you over Canaries. We're going to 

do an S-5 now. 

139:17:00 CC Roger. 

139:17:31 CC Gemini VII, do you copy? 

139:17:35 CC Gemini VII, do you read Houston? 

139:17:38 C Loud and clear. Go ahead. 

139:17:41 CC At Time 140:30:00: transponder on. That's in 

preparation for a later test. 

139:17:58 P Roger. 

139:17:59 CC Did you get all of the D-5 test? 



139:18:03 P No. We missed part of that D-5 test, 
139:16:06 CC Roger. We'll get to you at Canary. 


139:20:57 CC Gemini VII, Canary CAP COM. Com check. How do 

you read? 

139:20:59 P This is VII. Loud and clear. 

139:21:01 CC Okay. We can continue with this flight plan update. 

First of all, we'd like your evaluation of the 
weather over Africa. We have an Apollo Landmark 
scheduled on the next revolution and we'd like 
your evaluation on that. Okay? 

139:21:19 P Roger. We'll give it to you. On our last pass, 

from what we could see it looked pretty good. We'll 
give it to you on this pass. 

139:21:23 CC Okay. That's around the coast. 

139:21:26 P Around the coast, Roger. 

139:21:32 CC What part did you miss on this Test 4? 

139:21:36 P Canaries, we're trying to get an S-5 now. I 

wonder if we could hold off on the update. 

139:21:^2 CC Okay. Give me a call back. 

139:21:44 P Roger. 

139:22:26 P Canaries, VII. 

139:22:28 CC Go ahead. 

139:22:30 P While Frank's doing SEF I can copy the D-5. 

139:22:33 CC Okay. Where do you want me to start? How far have 

you gotten? 

139:22:39 P Why don't you start at the beginning? 




Okay. This is the Equipment Test 4. Number one: 
all transmitters and beacons off. Now make a 
normal calibration on a bright star of some sort. 
Three: make a second calibration without depressing 
Cal button and count turns from CAL setting to MAX. 
Got that? 

Roger. I should have taken shorthand* Go ahead. 

Okay. Turn Gain Wheel to MINIMUM setting. 

Turn each transmitter and beacon on, one at a time, 
and look for reticle color change. 

Report turns to MAXIMUM and color change versus 
equipment activated. Use any bright star as long as 
it's not red. Do you copy? This is for the 

Roger. In the last part, turn each transmitter 
and beacon on, one at a time. Look for the color 
change and then report what equipment makes the 
color change and the gain wheel settings. Is that 

Roger. Turn to - turn to MAXIMUM and report color 
change versus equipment activated. 

Roger. Understand. Any bright star as long as 
it's not a red one. 

That's affirmative. 

We're coming over the coast of Africa right now 
and the coastline, I'd say, was mostly fair with 
upstairs QQ hanging on the inside. The desert area 
is clear. 

We copy. 

I have more of the flight plan update if you're 
ready to copy. 

Go ahead. 

140:34:00: fuel cell purge at Guaymas. 140:37:00: 
GO/NO-GO at Texas. Transponder test: 140:44:08; 




Sequence 02; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 4 degrees 
right. 141:00:00: BIO MED Recorder 1, CONTINUOUS; 
off at 143:00:00. Apollo: 141:00:10; Sequence 85; 
Mode 01; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 24 degrees left. 
D-4/D-7: 141:20:00; Sequence 413; Mode 02; use 
Venus. 142:00:00: exercise period. 142:10:00: 
eat period. UHF test: 143:02:56; use horizon 
scanner to control spacecraft BEF for UHF test over 
Carnarvon; use the adapter antenna. Do you copy 
so far? 

139:25:50 C We've had to quit. 

139:27:52 CC Okay. 

139:27:53 C The D-4/D-7. We'll pick it up later over Guaymas. 

139:27:56 CC Okay. 

139:29:01 P Use 16mm for IR at 139:30. 

139:29:15 P Okay. I'll pick it up. Use 1 foot per second for 

correlation with D-4/D-7. 

139:34:25 C Comment. We just took pictures over Lake ... at 

139:31:50. At D-4/D-7, Sequence 418; and S-5, 
Sequence 21, Magazine C, starting Frame A - I mean 
Frames 8, 9 and 10. The thing that I'm - interested 
in the view up here concerning photographs is the 
almost total lack of green coming through. Every- 
thing looks a sort of brownish color except, of 
course, when you're on the water or in the horizon 
when it's predominantly blue. But it does seem 
the greens are washed out. You agree, Jim? 

139:35:03 P Right. 

139:35:06 P Yes, the greens are washed out. Actually that same 

thing pre - 


139:42:11 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 

you read? 

139:42:20 C Go ahead, Houston. 



139:42:22 CC Like to continue the flight plan update if your 

communications are okay through Tananarive. 

139:42:29 C Roger. We're working a little hard here now trying 

to get ready for D-5. 

139:42:35 CC Roger. Let me know if you have time to copy* 

139:42:39 C Roger. 

139:42:58 C Flight, we need some Information on Sequence 14 ••• 

139:43:05 CC Sequence what? 

139:43:14 CC Say again, Gemini VII. 

139*43:34 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Understand you need some more 

information on some sequence. Did not copy. 

139:43:42 C Roger. ... sequence which occurs at 140:44:08. 

We don't have the - we don't know what the title 
of it is. 

139:43:52 CC Roger. That's a Transponder Test. 
139:43:57 C Roger. 

139:44:06 C Go ahead, ELliot. I can copy now. 

139:44:08 CC Roger. I understand you left off on the UHF test 

and you did get the time on it. Is that correct? 

139:44:19 C UHF test. 

139:44:26 CC We seem to be cutting in and out, Gemini VII. 

Understand you copied UHF test and the time. 
Instructions follow. Control spacecraft BEF for 
the test over Carnarvon. Use adapter antenna. How 
do you copy? 

139:44:52 C Fine. But we don't have the time on that one. 
139:44:53 CC Roger. Time is 143:02:56. Do you copy? 
139:45:05 C Roger. 

139:45:09 CC Next item: Time, 143:07:56; begin UHF test; key 




UHF continuously until 143:17:01; voice-modulate 
UHF until 143:12:28. How do you copy? 

139:45:57 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Did not read any answer. 

How do you copy the last update? 

139:46:02 C We copied it. Go ahead, please. 

139:46:06 CC Roger. Understand you copy. I'm going ahead. 

MSC-4: 143:36:44.J Sequence 05; Mode 01; pitch 30 
degrees down, yaw 13 degrees left. MSC-4: 
144:14:58j Sequence 10; Mode 01; pitch 30 degrees 
down, yaw 20 degrees left. Do you copy? 

139:46:55 C We copy, Houston. 

139:46:56 CC Roger. That's the complete flight plan update. 

139:47:01 C Thank you. 


139:56:56 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

139:58:31 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

139:58:36 C Go ahead, Carnarvon. Gemini VII. 

139:58:37 CC Roger. Would you check your circuit breakers, 

please? We do not have an ACQ-AID beacon and we 
had to go to a standby T/M frequency to pick you 

139:58:47 C Roger. They're all off. We're turning them back 

one at a time, running a D-5 test. 

139:58:51 CC Roger. Understand. 

139:59:56 C You should have them all back now, Carnarvon. 

139:59:59 CC Roger, Gemini VII. 

140:00:14 C Carnarvon, can you transmit this to Houston for us? 

140:00:17 CC Roger. I sure can. 



140:00:18 CC On the D-5 instrument we alined and calibrated on 

Sirius. When we pushed the calibration button, it 
stayed FULL-RED regardless of the position of any 
of the transmitters. Regardless of the position 
of the gain wheel. When we did not use the calibra- 
tion button, it stayed FULL-GREEN regardless of any- 
thing we did, including the gain wheel. 

140:00:42 CC Roger. I think we've got all that. We've got it 

on tape, if not* 

140:00:46 C I think they'd like to know it right away. 

140:00:49 CC I'm sure Flight's copying. 

140:00:52 C Thank you. 

140:00:53 P Carnarvon, there is one little explanation to be 

made, without pushing the Calibrate button. The 
GREEN had a tendency to finally go RED at the low 
gain settings, but it would always stay positive 
GREEN all the way up to the gain settings. 

140:01:15 CC Okay, thank you. 

140:01:22 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. Did you get all the in- 
formation on the flight plan update? Are you 
happy with all the plans? 

140:01:28 C One thing we need to know - 

140:01:46 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. Say again. 

140:01:53 C Roger. We need to know after D-4/D-7 at 141:20:00. 

140:01:59 CC Roger. 

140:02:00 C Between then and the UHF test at 143:02:56. 

140:02:05 CC Roger. Okay. At Time 142:00:00: that's exercise 

period. At 142:10:00: eat period. Do you copy? 

140:02:22 C Thank you. 

140:02:24 CC Roger. 

140:02:27 P And Carnarvon, one more item on the D-5 photometer ■ 




we had a light go out in the cockpit just recently, 
and now it appears like it saturated both Calibrate 
down and Calibrate to not down. The reticle is 

140:02:51 CC Gemini VII, was that after you completed the other 


140:02:54 P Roger. That's after we completed the other test. 

We turned the light on in the cockpit to make the 
updates and I was still using the D-5 and noticed 
that the reticle phased GREEN now whether the 
Calibrate is down or not. 

140:03:06 CC Roger. Thank you. 

140:03:10 P And it was a very din light actually. It must be a 

very sensitive instrument. 

140:03:16 CC Roger. 

140:03:27 CC Okay. I have some general information for you on 

the fuel cells. As you're probably well aware, 
Stack 2C has been carrying most of the load and the 
experts feel that during the hydrogen purging, since 
*n three sections are purged together, that 2C 
hasn't been getting all of the water driven out of 
it. So they're considering, at the present time, 
doing a special hydrogen purge on 2C sometime today 
over the States. And they're still looking into that. 
We'll give you more information on it over the States. 

140:04:05 P Roger. 

140:22:51 P Lovell dumping urine at ... over. 

140:24:22 P Okay, would you ... 

140:24:24 C Turn it off? 

140:24:25 P Turn off the airflow, please. 

140:24:30 P You have both of them off? 

140:24:31 C What? 

140:24:34 P lou have both of them off, right? 



140:24:36 C I can't that blue stuff ... 
140:24:46 P What's our next item? 

140:24:53 P We ought to keep this thing up to date so we don't 

have to keep looking in this book. 

140:25:00 C What? 

140:25:07 P Okay. We have G0/N0-G0 and another fuel cell purge 


140:25:39 C Okay. 

140:25:41 P Okay. Just a minute. I'll get this urine thing .., 

140:26:24 C You want some more urine here, or did you put some 

away this morning? 

140:26:27 P I put some away this morning. 

140:26:58 C Okay. 

140:27:58 C What's the next item on the list? 

140:28:03 P We've got a fuel cell purge coming up here at 30. 

140:28:22 C Anything else after that? 

140:28:24 P Yes. Well, we have a GO/NO-GO. Oh listen, we 

better - GO/NO-GO - we better get our stuff out 

140:28:31 C Right. 

140:28:32 P I'll do a battery check right now. 

140:28:34 C Copy. 

140:28:36 P I'll do the battery check. Right now. 

140:28:46 P One's good. 23 volts. 

140:28:48 C How much? 

140:28:51 P 23. 



140:28:52 C 3? 

140:28:53 P 23 volts. 2's good. 23 volts. 
140:28:58 P Whoops! 

140:29:03 P 3's good. Okay. It's okay, 23 volts. I was 

looking at the amps too. The amps up above ... 

140:29:10 P 4? 4's good. Not quite - 28 volts. 

140:29:17 C 1A. 

140:29:22 P 1A is reading 5 amps; IB reading 5 ampsj 1C reading 

5 amps; 2A's reading 3 amps; 28 1 s reading 3 amps; 
and 2C is reading 2 amps. 

140:29:34 C . ... voltmeter ... 

140:29:41 P RCS B is reading 2900 at ... 

140:29:43 C B or A? 

140:29:46 P B. Reading 2900 at 75 degrees. RCS A today is 

reading 3000 at 80 degrees . ... 

140:29:58 C That's the volt - main bus voltage? 

140:30:05 P Reading with this configuration at 26.2 volts. 

140:30:10 P Let me get some more stuff out of here. 

140:30:12 C Secondary 0 2 ? 

140:30:15 P Left Secondary 0 2 reading 54; Right, 53. 

140:30:22 C Okay. 

140:31:34 0 You have the procedures book? Sequence 02. 

140:32:00 P What's Sequence 02? 

140:32:12 C You know, the light above Cape. 

140:32:15 P Okay. 

140:33:53 P This map is updated, right? 



We just missed a radar turnoff . We were supposed 
to turn off at ... 


Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. Did you copy? Place 
your T/M switch to the REAL-TIME in ACQ-AID 
position . 


Roger. We have it. Place your adapter C-Band to 

Adapter C-Band is CONTINUOUS. 

Roger. We'd like to get an open-circuit voltage 
on Stack 2C before the purge. 

Roger, coming up right now. 


We're not doing too good, pal. 

This is VII. Open-circuit voltage now reading 30 
volts. It's probably still going up very slowly. 

Roger. Understand. Just as a precaution during 
this purge, we'd like for you to monitor 2C on the 
voltmeter and the ammeter. If there are any large 
deviations during the purge they'd like for you 
to stop the purge. 

Roger. I'll keep 2C on the voltmeter. It's going 
up now to 30. 5 . 2C amps are reading 0, of course. 

Roger. We're ready for your purge. Everything 
looks good on the ground* 

You want us to make a normal purge? 

Roger. Normal purge. 

Roger. Coming through now. 






Crossover on* 



One more question* Do you want me to keep 2C off 
the line for this second section hydrogen purge? 






Roger. Thank you. 



Hey, we just had another day go by. 






Another day's just gone by. 



Be my guest . 



No, 144. 



Oh, 144* 






... 144? 



Purge 2B now? Section 2? 






Who wft ovftr now? Mevi co? 

140: "59:41 


Not vet . 

if WW J \fV # 



Over the Gulf of Mexico now? 






Purge complete, Guaymas. Couldn't see any change 
on the 2C amps. 






Would you place your Quantity Read to ECS 0 2 , 







11*0:41:10 C Your ... 

140:41:17 P Boy, is there a change in the spread new. 
140:41=24 C Yes. 

140:41:29 P Guayraas, this is VII. Did notice a change in the 

main amps. Difference here between Section 1 and 
Section 2 here after the purge test. About 6 now. 

140:41:44 CC Would you say again, please? 

140:41:48 P Difference between Section 1 and Section 2 ammeter 

reading are about - about 6 amps now. Section 1 is 
about 6 higher than 2. 

140:41:57 CC Roger. 

140:42:04 CC We're ready for Fuel Cell 0 2 . 

140:42:25 P What have you got over there on the left-hand side? 

Is that the 

140:42:29 C the mouth of the Mississippi. 


140:42:30 CC Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 
140:42:33 P Loud and clear, Houston. 

140:42:36 CC Roger. This will be a UHF 6 pass. 
140:42:41 P Roger. 

140:42:45 CC We observed you have the A Pump on in the primary 

coolant loop. Could you tell us about when you 
put that on? 

140:42:54 P Stand by a second. We put it on at 140:10. 

140:43:02 CC Roger. Is that just to get a little more cooling? 

140:43:06 P Roger. Frank's out of his suit, so we put the A 

Pump on for him. 



140:43:11 CC Roger. We know you're coming up on that tracking 

pass at the Cape here. Just let me know when we need 
to stop talking to you for that part. 

140:43:19 P Roger. It appears from observation now that there 

might be cloud coverage over the Cape. 

140:43:24 CC Roger. Gemini VII, you're GO for 104-1. We'll 

get your GO/NO-GO information after the Cape pass. 

140:43:35 P Roger. We'll pass up the GO/NO-GO. You were cut 

off at the beginning. Did you say we were GO for 
another ... 



Roger. You are GO for 104-1. 



Roger. 104-1. We have the Cape in sight now. 



Roger. Would you give us FUEL CELL on the 
Quantity Read switch? 



H 0 on. 



Okay. They should be picking us up now. 



Did Pump A help on the cooling problem? 



Roger. It helped somewhat, Houston. 



Roger. Got the message. 



We're tracking the Cape now. 



Roger. Tracking the Cape now. 



I see they're working hard down there at Pad 19 



Roger. Can you actually see people on the pad 1 
your telescope? 



No, we can't, Houston. 



Roger. Place your T/M switch to COMMAND. 



T/M is on COMMAND. 




140:44:53 CC And C-Band adapter switch to COMMAND. 
140:44:59 CC Roger. 

140:45:03 CC Let me know when you're finished the tracking task 

and we'll continue. 

140:45:08 P Roger. 

140:45:16 CC Stand by for your T R , Gemini VII. 

140:45:23 CC Gemini VII, stand by for your T R update. 

140:45:27 P Roger. 

140:46:01 P No update yet, Houston. 

140:46:03 CC Roger. We've got a little T/M problem we're 

working on. We're transmitting again, Gemini VII. 

140:46:20 CC Gemini VII, you can place your Quantity Read switch 

to OFF. 

140:46:34 P This is a much better telescope, Frank. 

140:46:41 P Much better. 

140:47:02 P This scope is much better. 

140:47:19 C Okay. Tell Chuck ... 

140:47:22 P Tracking test complete . .. T R being received. 

140:47:24 P Chuck, he passed the ... 

140:47:26 CC Roger. We've got a problem with our ground 

equipment. We'll update you as soon as we can, 
either here or possibly Canaries or Carnarvon. 

140:47:34 P Roger. Understand. 

140:47:40 CC We're going to try one more time here, Gemini VII. 

Looks like we can't put it in here. Gemini VII, 
we'll catch you at another station. 

140:47:57 P Roger. 

140:47:59 CC I'm ready to copy your GO/NO-GO information. 




140:48:05 C Roger, the main batteries were all 23 volts, 1A, 

5 amps; IB, 5 amps; 1C, 5 amps; 2A, 3 amps; 2B, 
3 amps; 2C, 2 amps; main bus, 26.2 volts. RCS A, 
3000; 80 degrees. RCS B, 2900; 75 degrees. Left 
Secondary 0 2 5400. Right Secondary 0 2 , 5300. 

140:48:17 P 2A, 3 amps; SB, 3 amps; 2C, 2 amps. Main bus, 

26.2 volts. RCS A, 3000; 80 degrees. RCS B, 2900; 
75 degrees. Left Secondary O2, 5400; right 
Secondary 0 2 , 5300. 

140:48:40 CC Roger. 

140:48:46 CC Gemini VII, we tried the Tr again and our indica- 
tion is that it got in correctly. Did you get an 

140:48:54 C That's affirmative. We've got an update. 
140:48:58 CC Roger. 

140:49:04 CC Gemini VII, would you stand by for the Surgeon? 

He'd like to get a couple of questions in relation 
to your last pass. 

140:49:12 CC Gemini VII, this is Surgeon. We didn't get an 

answer. I'm not sure you heard about this oral 
temperature at 128 hours, just at the beginning of 
the sleep period on the Command Pilot. Do you have 
any explanation for that? 

140:49:26 P Tell him the ... 

140:49:29 C The sun might have shined on it or something, Chuck. 

I don't know what could have happened. 

140:49:31 CC Okay. How are you doing with the water story, 

Frank? Have you got it done yet or 

140:49:36 P Tell him we're working on it now. 

140:49:38 C We're working on it now. We've been very busy this 

last pass. 

140:49:41 CC Roger. That's fine. Any time you get it. 
140:49:44 C Roger. We have to go back and repeat sometimes, 




counted each half-ounce or ounce or something, but 
we'll check it. 

140:49:51 GC Roger. 

140:49:54 CC How did your tracking across the Cape go, Frank? 

Was the weather okay there? 

140:49:58 C Yea, it was perfect. There was actually no problem. 

140:50:01 CC Roger. We'll let you know on that as soon as we get 

the word. 

140:50:05 C Roger. We'd be Interested in knowing if they got 

any good data off our tracking on the boosters. 

140:50:17 CC Gemini VII, I'm not sure we know what you mean by 


140:50:21 C Did ... receive any of the information he wanted? 
140:50:25 CC Roger. They're very happy about their results. 
140:50:28 C Okay, thank you. 

140:50:40 C What do you want us to do about this Section 2C of 

Stack 2C if it keeps going down and we're not in 
contact with anyone? 

140:50:41 C Son of a gun. It's hot in this place. 

140:50:43 P Yes. No worry on that. 

140:50:52 CC We're working on that, Frank. We're considering a 

longer purge or possibly a purge on just that one 
stack. They're running a special test on the sim 
flight fuel cell at St. Louis. We should have some 
word on that for you very shortly. 

140:51:08 C Remember a purge is never a cure. 

140:51:10 CC Roger. 

140:51:13 CC Roger, Doctor. 

140:51:14 P I'm not so sure. 




140:51:19 C Gosh darn it. 

140:51:20 P You're just upset. The same thing that those 

people told you now. The purge goes through there 

140:51:24 C Yes, but the other people that know told us that. 

Weber told us that. 

140:51:26 P Yes, but - - 

140:51:29 C We have to get in the position - and I said well 

naturally you have to watch those fellows ... 

140:51:36 P T hat was a longer purge ... 

140:51:38 C 141:00. Come on, we're all messed up* Give me some 


140:51:41 P 00. 

140:51:43 C We have an Apollo Landmark. 

140:51:46 P Oh, ... pretty good. Get out the book. 

140:51:58 P Okay, what is it? 

140:52:02 P The car. 

140:52:03 C 101. 

140:52:05 P Okay. You got the book? Or do I have it? 

140:52:17 C We're 20 degrees short, 24 left. 

140:52:36 P Acquisition and 8-hour photos, 

140:52:46 P West point on peninsula approximately 3 miles 

northwest of the Dakar. 

140:52:50 C Where is it? 

140:52:51 P Okay ... 

140:52:55 P Thin ankle. That«s what it looks like. 

140:52:58 P What time? 














He said take a picture . . . and then right away we 
have a Sequence 413 on 02 and a D-4/D-7 using 
Venice, Jim, 






Cameras ready to go. What's that sequence? 




140: 53:29 


I like it when we stay busy. Do you? 



Yes, much better than we ... 

140: 53:36 


A CQ-AID beacon open. We better do that right now. 



Temperature warm-up at, what's the time on that one? 






Okay. That « s 00 :10 . What ' s t he D-4/D-7? 






All right. 141:11 I get a load of this stuff. 



What » s the mode on D-4/D-7? 









Now on the mode on Apollo, you want two shots, right? 



Yes, acquisition and meter. 



... coming up for one for 141:00:10; Apolloj 

Sequence 85} Mode 01. BIO MED Recorder Number 1 
coming on slightly before Number 141:00. Track ... 




140:57:40 CC Gemini VII, Canaries. 

140:57:42 C Go ahead, Canaries. 

140:57:44 CC You can turn off the transponder now. 

140:57:45 C Thank you. 

140:58:10 CC VII, Canaries. 

140:58:12 C Go ahead. 

140:58:13 CC We want another Section 2 purge, normal Section 2 


140:58:18 C Roger. What time? 

140:58:20 CC Right now. 

140:58:22 C Is it critical or can we wait until after we get one 

Apollo Landmark . . . 

140:58:28 CC That's okay. 

141:00:55 C ... Okay. Sequence ... photograph ... 

141:01:06 P Canaries, this is VII. Coming through with the 

Section 2 purge. 

141 : 01 : 11 CC Affirmative . 

141:03:22 P Purge complete ... 

141:03:52 CC Canary, Roger. Cape said they probably tracked 

the transponder for about 2 minutes. 

141:03:59 P Roger. Thank you. 

141:04:01 CC You're welcome. 


141:06:18 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 




Gemini VII. Go ahead. 

Out here we'd be interested if you notice any 
significant change in Section 2. 

Doesn't appear that there is any change in the 
amperage; still reads about 2 amps. I monitored 
two or three voltages during the second purge. It 
now reads about 27.2. Looks like it's a little 
higher than it was before. 

Roger. We'll continue to watch it. 

Roger. It's got, I'd say, about a 6-amp difference 
between Section 1 and Section 2 amneter reading. 

Roger, we concur. 

Canary. This is VII, Starting D-4/D-7 at 141 - 
oh, about 1^1:19 - and using Sequence 413, with the 
change that we are now tracking Venice. 

Stopping the D-4/D-7 track at 141:24:20. 


Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

Gemini VII. Go ahead, Carnarvon. 

Roger. We have you GO on the ground. We also have 
some information for you. We're in the process of 
running an H2 purge on a similar stack at St. Louis. 
We'll have more information on this test over the 
States. The one in St. Louis has shown similar 
characteristics to the one on board. 


That's about all we have for you this pass. We'll 
be standing by. 

Thank you. 

Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 




141:38:09 C This is Gemini. Go. 

141:38:10 CC Roger. Have you finished your D-4/D-7? 

141:38:15 C That's affirmative. We finished D-4/D-7. 

141:38:18 CC Okay. We still don't have an ACQ-AID ready. Do 

you have your circuit breaker off? 

141:38:24 C Did you get one now? We'd have to turn it on. 

141:38:27 CC I will check. 

141:38:35 CC Roger. ... 

141:38:42 C Big brother is watching. 

141:38:44 CC Roger. 


142:00:00 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

142:00:05 CC We have nothing for you. You need not acknowledge. 

We show you GO on the ground. 

142:00:54 P Hawaii, this is VII. 

142:00:57 CC Gemini VII, this is Hawaii. 

142:00:59 P Did you receive our last transmission? Over. 

142:01:00 CC Negative. 

142:01:01 P Okay, thank you. Just checking. 

142:01:07 C Hawaii, Gemini VII with the correction to our 

water report. 

142:01:12 CC Roger, VII. Go ahead. 

142:01:13 P Roger. Our recomputed figures show that the 

Command Pilot to date has had 452 ounces of water. 

142:01:26 CC Roger. That was Command Pilot, 2 days, 452 ounces 

of water. 




14.2:01:32 P No, that's total to date, total water. 
142:01:35 CC Roger. 
li£:01:37 P The Pilot, 396. 
142:01:41 CC Roger. 

142:01:55 P Having a Meal B on the sixth day. Just opened up 

the meal and we find another ... first at 142 hours 
and 1 minute. Bacon and egg bites for a noon meal. 
I always thought they were for breakfast. 

142:02:27 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. I have some information 

for you. 

142:02:31 P Go ahead. 

142:02:33 CC Place your Stack 2C switch to the OPEN CIRCUIT 

position for 15 minutes - one fiver minutes. 
Houston will pick it up over the States, and if 
the voltage stays around 30 volts or better they 
will do a single-stack hydrogen purge over the 

142:02:56 P Roger. At this time I'm going to go CIRCUIT on 

Stack 2C; will keep an open circuit. As I under- 
stand, if the voltages stay 30 volts or better, 
they'll do a single-stack hydrogen purge. Is that 

142:03:08 CC That's affirmative. 

142:03:10 C Roger. Going to OPEN CIRCUIT 2C. 

142:03:12 CC Roger. 

142:05:34 CC Gemini VII, will you say again, please? 
142:05:36 P VII was not transmitting. 
142:05:40 CC Roger. 


142:09:51 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 



142:09:54 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

142:09:56 CC Roger. How's lunch? 

142:10:02 P Well, we're sort of eating it right now. 

142:10:03 CC Sort of what? 

142:10:06 P Eating it up. 

142:10:07 CC Roger. How's the voltage looking, Jim? 

142:10:11 P It's off-scale high, Elliot, at least 32 volts, 

142:10:18 CC Roger. We'll watch it for a couple more minutes 

here. I'd like to give you the procedure that we 
have for single-stack purge here* 

142:10:34 P Roger. Go ahead. 

142:10:37 CC It's probably about as you have figured out. 

Essentially, it's Just Crossover open, 2A and 2B 
off. Then purge Section 2 for 13 seconds. 

142:10:59 C Elliot - 

142:11:06 CC Go ahead, Frank. 

142:11:08 C The voltage on this open circuit is higher now 

than the last two times we open-circuited, 

142:11:23 CC Roger. We're not ready for you to start this 

purge yet. I just wanted to give you the procedure. 

142:11:29 C Okay. 

142:11:32 CC And we want you to monitor 2C closely during the 

purge. Of course, to purge it you're going to 
have to put it back on the line before we start this 
thing, but we want you to monitor it closely during 
the purge; and then after the purge just turn Stack 
2A and 2B back on. 

142:11:44 C Right. And, Elliot, I want to tell you another 

thing. We are fooling around with this D-5 again, 
trying to calibrate on Venus and everything else, 
and I tried it too and the conclusion is that when 




It - the calibration button is down, it's always 
RED; when it's not down, it's always GREEN. 


Lets go over this procedure one more time. We'll 
have the Crossover open and 2A and 2B will be open- 
circuited, and then we'll put 2C back on the line and 
we'll purge hydrogen for 13 seconds. 

That's correct, Jim, but I think we should put 
Stack 2A back on the line first, before you take 
2A and 2B off. 

Roger. I'll put 2B back on before I take 2A and 
2B off. And we're not going to have to bother with 
the oxygen at all. Right? 

That's correct. 

And you're to do this purge over the States. Is 
that correct? 

We'll tell you when we're ready, Jim. What does 
the voltage look like from Hawaii in to here when 
you were - all the time that you've had it off? Has 
it been steady or rising, or what? 

Every time we have open-circuited, it goes up fairly 
rapidly. There's 30 volts, then very slowly it con- 
tinues to rise. The last time we talked to you it 
was up around 31 and since we've had it open longer, 
now it's 33 and it might be above that - that's as 
high as the scale goes. 

Roger. I copy. 


Have some questions about the - your attempt at 
MSC-3 yesterday. Did you definitely acquire 

On that attempt, no. When we first picked up the 
Islands we just see . . . and . . . but I can never 




pick up Hawaii* I think it was at an oblique 
angle covered by clouds. And when he gave us the 
Mark we were almost over . . . that • s why I thought 
perhaps that Houston ... even though ... 

142:14:17 CC Roger. So you never actually saw Hawaii, so you 

couldn't scan it with the telescope or with your 
eyes or anything? 

142:14:18 P That's right. We never did pick up Hawaii, but ... 

and ... stood out very nicaly. 

142:14:24 CC Roger. 

142:14:55 P Houston, VII. 

142:14:57 CC Go ahead. 

142:14:58 P Just as a matter of interest, our friend, the 

Delta-V light , finally went out . It ' s been on for 
the last several days. 

142:15:05 CC Roger. When did it go out? 

142:15:07 P Just now. 

142:15:09 CC Roger. 

142:15:15 CC Okay. Why don't you put Stack 2C back on at this 

time and give us a stabilised reading there before 
we proceed? 

142:15:22 P Roger. Stack 2C going back on the line. 

142:15:35 P Okay. We're back on the line and 2C is reading 

27.8 volts now and the amps are back up to 5 amps. 
Highest I've seen it in some time. 

142:15:47 CC Roger. Let's let it stabilize there for a minute. 

142:15:50 P Roger. 

142:15:52 CC What are the other amp readings? 

142:15:55 P 2A and 2B are both about 2 l/2. This is the 

situation we had originally for the first 4 or 
5 days. 




142:16:02 CC Roger. Let's watch it here for a minute Jim, and 

then we'll decide about this purge. 



lt;<c • 1 f • U<+ 


What do vour current s look like now, VII? 



They're stabilised j 2C voltage is 27.8, and 5 amps 
on the 2C ammeter. 



And how about 2A and B? 



2A and 2B each read about 3 amps now. 



All right. You have 2A and 2B, 3 amps; 2C, 5 amps. 
Is that correct? 

IZfr^alf • «i 7 


That is correct. Their both sections are balanced. 



Roger. How about reading off the A Section then? 






I mean Section 1. 



4 j IB about 4, and 1C about 4. 



And C are all 4.0? 



That's affirm. 


D nmr w« w«nt to keen watching it here for a 
minute, Gemini VII. 






Houston, Gemini VII. 



Go ahead. 



We made a couple of qualitative checks on the UHF 
adapter - or UHF antennas, and it seems that the 
reentry antenna is just a little bit better than 
the adapter antenna. 







142:18:45 C Neither one of them is bad, though. We've been 

using primarily the adapter antenna since the plat- 
form was powered up yesterday. 

142:18:50 CC Roger. Okay, Jim. How about giving me another 

readout on 1 and 2 amperages? 

142:19:02 P Roger. Section 1 is reading about 3 1/2 to 4 - 

that's 1A. IB is about 4, 1C is 4, 2A is 3, 2B 
is 3 and 2C is 5. 

142:19:21 CC Roger. 

142:19:24 C And the Delta-V light is still out. 

142:19:38 CC Is that Delta-V light still out, Jim? 

142:19:41 P Roger. Still out. You know what we say about 

letting sleeping dogs lie. 

142:19:45 CC Yes, we're just about to invoke the Taft-Hartley 

Act here. Got a coming up at you, VII. 

142:19:59 P Received. 

142:20:01 C If you want us to purge, how about promising it 

won't hurt it. 

142:20:05 CC How about promising, you say? 

142:20:07 C Roger. 

142:20:08 CC We haven't purged yet. Stand by. If we ask you, 

we will promise. 

142:20:21 CC Maybe we've got something wrong with the ammeter. 

142:20:25 P Might be the operator. I never can tell. 

142:20:30 CC Gemini VII, we are not going to purge. We're 

going to leave it like it is. 

142:20:35 P Roger. 

142:20:3? CC Are you ready for the day's news with your lunch? 
142:20:41 P Exciting! Go ahead. 




142:20:45 CC Mr. Mikoyan resigned yesterday as president of the 

Soviet Union on grounds of health and age. He was 
replaced by Nickoli Pegornia. Branch Rickey died 
yesterday at the age of 83. A big firebal3 was 
observed over Lake Erie yesterday. It apparently 
was a meteorite. Several grass fires were reported 
in the northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania area; 
we should have more on that later. We'll let you 
know if we do. The Gemini news today is all about 
the preparations for the Gemini VI launch on Sunday. 
We've talked to them recently and they're in real 
good shape there. They're through the precount and 
they're in very good shape. We have a sim set up 
for Wally tonight . Everyone got a kick out of your 
message to Tommy Nobis to encourage him to come with 
the Oilers and a Post sport swriter said that he knew 
Bud Adams had friends in high places, but this was 
too much! 

142:22:07 P Outstanding! 

142:22:30 CC Just before we lose you, VII, we'd like to get 

another set of readings on the fuel cell. I'll 
call you when we need that. 

142:22:38 C Did Dr. Berry get all the water information from 

Hawaii, Elliot? 

142:22:42 CC Yes, we got it, and they're now happy, Frank. 
142:22:45 C Good. 

142:22:47 CC If you can conceive of that. 

142:22:52 CC Frank, we got the totals and we're perfectly happy 

with them, and we won't have to go back and jiggle 
the other things. We'll jiggle it here on the 

142:23:00 C Thank you. 

142:23:06 CC I don't know about you, Frank, but I wonder what he's 

going to jiggle? 

142:23 f 26 CC Were you able to see Hawaii at all on that last 

pass - to get some idea what the weather's going to 
be like this time? 



142:23:36 P Elliot, we're drifting with the shutters up to 

keep cool* 

142:23:41 CC Roger. So you didn't see Hawaii that last pass? 
142 : 23 : 42 P Negative . 

142:23:45 CC Roger. 

142:24:28 CC VII, Houston. Would you comment on your fueling 

situation? We were wondering about your last 
comment there. Are you able to maintain adequate 
cooling with the present pump configuration? 

142:24:45 P This is VII. Roger, we're both fine. Of course 

I'm without the suit and Frank's with it. We have 
the primary A pump on now. 

142:24:58 CC Roger, VII. 

142:25:29 C You're all going to have to work a double shift 

today, right, Elliot. 

142:25:33 CC Oh, we'll manage. 

142:25:37 C How are you holding up after these 14-7 days? 

142:25:41 CC Appreciate your asking. Haven't even thought 

about it . 

142:25:45 C How about CM3 and 4? 

142:25:48 CC They're doing fine. They're having a ball. 
142:25:54 CC How about CM1 and 2? 

142:25:55 C We're fine. We're kind of - I guess the person 

we're really worried about is the Old Man, Flight 

142:26:02 CC Yes, we're keeping an eye on him. 

142:26:04 C Missing all those golf games. 

142:26:09 CC That doesn't even deserve a comment. 

142:26:18 CC Okay. Why don't you give me another readout on 

those stack currents, Jim? 





142:26:24 P Roger. Coming up now. 1A is 4 amps; IB, 4 l/2 

amps; 1C, 4 amps; 2A, 3 l/2 amps; 2B, 3 1/2 amps; 
and 2C Is 4-over 5 amps - about 5 1/2, I guess. 

142:26:42 CC Roger. We'll watch it for a while. Thank you. 

142:29:23 CC We'll see you the next time around, VII. What 

we're really worried about here is the Flight 

142:29:32 CC I said we'll see you next time around. The one 

we're really worried about here is the Flight 

142:29:36 P Roger. Is he getting enough water? 

142:29:40 CC He's been hearing noises and sounds a little hoarse. 

It sounds like he's been drinking medicinal water. 

142:29:51 C Tell him to remember all of his dreams, please. 

142:30:02 CC We've prescribed a treatment, but he won't follow 


142:30:16 C Houston. 

142:30:17 CC Go ahead. 

142:30:18 C Got the Delta-V light again. 

142:30:20 CC Roger. Delta-V light again. 

142:40:17 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. 

142:40:22 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

142:40:24 CC Sorry to bother your lunch, Jim. Could you give 

me another set of readouts on the stack amperages? 

142:40:32 P Roger. We're now reading 3 1/2 on 1A; 4, IB; 3 1/2, 

1C; about 4-over 3 on 2A; 3 on 2B; and Just barely 
under 5 on 2C. 

142:40:50 CC I did not copy 2A and 2C. 

142:40:55 P 3, 2A; and slightly under 5 on 2C. 



Roger. Understand about 4.9 on 2C. 

Gemini VII, also I'd like to tell you that the 
MSC-4 for Hawaii next pass is deleted due to 
weather at Hawaii. 

This is VII. Understand MSC-4 deleted. 

Also, MSC-4 for Ascension on the following revolution 
is deleted because they have not received all the 
equipment they require to make their repairs. So 
it looks like we won't make that one again today. 
I'm sorry. 

Roger. Understand. 

Jim and I are both looking at the aurora. A 
beautiful sight. Sort of a yellow green with BEF. 
We're coming up on Carnarvon. The aurora looks 
almost like a rainbow. We can see both ends of 
it and the area underneath the cuff part of the 
rainbow, about in the middle of it, is very, very 
dark. I don't see any clouds in there at all, 
do you Jim? 


It would appear that it's almost ... 


Carnarvon, Gemini VII. UHF test: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 
5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 

Just saw the aurora - the southern aurora - for 
the very first time. Very beautiful. 

This is Gemini VII. UHF test: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 
4, 3, 2, 1. 


Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 



Go ahead, Hawaii. Gemini VII. 

Okay. You're looking real good down here. How 
are you doing? 

Very good. 

Okay. Are you too busy to copy a flight plan 

We're a little busy right now. Could we wait off 
a minute? 

Surely. Do you want to copy it later here or 
over the States? Well, just let me know. 

I'll give you a call" when we're through here. 

Very good. I have a long pass. 

Thank you. 

Go ahead, please, Hawaii. 

Okay, here we go. MSC-2 and -3: 144:20:00; 
Sequence 02; off at 159:00:00. At 144:55:00, 
we'd like a cabin temperature survey. S-6: 
145:27:00j Sequence 02, 03 and 04; take several 
pictures. D-9: 145 '• 51*00; Sequence 04; perform 
Node procedure described after mode number listings. 
146:46:00: crew status report, Command Pilot at 
Hawaii. At 147:19:00: crew status report on the 
Pilot at the RKV. At 148:03:00: a PLA update at 
the CSQ. At 148:22:00: flight plan report at 
Hawaii. At 149:00:00: BIO MED Recorder Number 2 
to CONTINUOUS, off at 159:00:00. Did you copy all 
of that? 

Got it all. 

Okay, very good. We have nothing further for you. 
We'll be standing by if you need us. 

Thank you. 

Gemini VII, Hawaii. 



143:38:26 C 

14308:27 CC 

143:38:52 C 

143:38:58 CC 

143:39:02 C 

143:39:04 CC 

143:39:07 C 

143:39:08 CC 

143:39:11 C 

143:39:14 CC 

143:43:51 c 

143:49:42 CC 

143:55:52 CC 

143:55:56 C 

143:55:58 CC 


Go ahead. 

McDonnell expert, Mr, McDonnell, a Mr. Weber, had 
a theory on what's going on up there. They claim 
that when you took Stack 2C to the open circuit to 
remove the load from the cell, the water pressure 
was relieved from the cell and it kind of cleared 
it out of there, and that's what's solving your 

What you're suggesting is, if it happens again, 
probably a similar procedure will solve it again. 

Yes, but I think you better hold up on doing that 
until we give you word. 

We don't need you now. It's running perfect. 
Yes, I mean if it happens again. 
Don't worry, we will* 

When are you going to get some clear weather down 
there ... so we can see your laser? 

I don't know. It's been raining for a couple of 
weeks. Right up on top of the mountain here it 
rains all the time. 

... time was 13:06 when we first started - correc- 
tion - 143:06 ... Borman dumping urine. 


Gemini VII, this is Texas CAP COM. You need not 
acknowledge. We have you on the ground - GO on 
the ground, and are standing by. 

Gemini VII, Houston. 

Go ahead, Houston. 

Got a couple of flight plan update items, if you 
can get your book out. 




Go ahead. We're ready. 

Node: Time, 144:56:20; Rev 91; 136.7 degrees east; 
right ascension, 10:50:45. Time: 144:44*14; purge 
fuel cells at Carnarvon. You have a T x coming up 
now, Gemini VII. 

VII, did you copy a T x coming up? 

Next is 148:55:00; purge fuel cells at the RKV. 

Stand by for the Surgeon, Gemini VII. 

Gemini VII, this is Surgeon. Have you had any 
dandruff problem up there, Frank? 


Say again. 

N 0, No, negative. 

Good show. He's having trouble with his hearing, 
Gemini VII. You might help him out. 


Is Jim - I'd like to talk to both of you a little 
bit about this nasal stuffiness, and we'd like to 
have you try something here. Did you use the skin 
cream from those little bottles? Did you try some 
of that last night before you went to sleep? 

Yes we did. It works pretty good. 

Okay, I'll tell you what I'd like to have you do 
to see if we can clear this up some during the 
day, is - I'd like to have you keep using that so 
that you don't dry out. Just keep your noses moist 
with that all the time and if we can just use it 
for that purpose, we'll probably have plenty to go 
the route. The other thing I'd like to have Jim 
try because he sounds like he is more plugged* I 
would like to have him try one of the Actyfeds, 



Item E. It will last about four hours and we can 
give a trial to see if this will clear up that nasal 
stuffiness for you. The main thing is keeping your 
nose moist with the lotion tube. Do you read? 

I'll do it if it's in the field of medical research, 
otherwise I'd prefer not to. 

Oh, well it's - we (ha ha) outstanding. 

Okay. You feel that the stuffiness isn't enough 
to bother you. Is that right, Jim? 

Chuck, that cream you gave me is working very nicely. 
I put some more in my nose this morning, and I 
expect a certain amount of stuffiness due to the 
oxygen content, but other than that we are fine. 

Okay. Well, if you don't feel that the stuffiness 
is bothering you as far as breathing is concerned 
there is no real reason to - to have to do this, and 
I think it would clear up the stuffiness for you. 
So we know it's there, and I'm not directing you 
to take it. I think it is one of these choice 
things that we can do if you want to do it. If 
you feel the stuffiness isn't bothering you, we 
won't do it. 

Roger. Thank you, and if I become more stuffy, 
I'll be sure and take one. 


Hey, Chuck, have you got a minute? 

Yes, sir. Surgeon standing by, Frank. 

I don't have any problem, but my brother-in-law 
hurt his back moving a piano. Could you prescribe 
something for him? 

Where is he? 

I was just kidding you. We're all in good shape, 

Very good. The gals are in good shape down here, 



Is everything all right at home? 

Yes, everything is very fine, Frank. I talkie tc 
both Sue and to Marilyn this morning and it's fine. 
Marilyn is out having coffee again, having I-r.noh. 
They're fine. 

Tell her I'm doing my part, now she has to c..- hers. 

Not yet. Not for another week or so anyway. 

Chuck, I want to tell you one thing. There is just 
no comparison medically between suits on and suits 
off. Boy, it's - I bet you half the problems you've 
had with people getting dehydrated were because of 
these darn suits. 

Yes, we're in firm agreement with that statement, 
Frank. And it's pretty obvious, I think, that's - 
do you think that's part of your problem with 
sleep too, Frank? The suit on? 

I'm certain it's part of my problem. I even 
buttoned it up last night, trying to see if that 
would keep me cool; you know hood — hood down and 
everything, and there is just no comparison between 
Jim's comfort and mine. 

Okay. Well, you keep us posted and we're 

Roger, we copy, Gemini VII. 

Houston, this is Gemini VII. One thing - last pass 
over Australia we saw a brilliant display of the 
aurora and we would like to take some pictures this 
time, if we can afford a couple of spurts of atti- 
tude fuel. 

Flight Director says have at it. 
Thank you. 

... Taking a picture of dim-light photography at 
144:34:56; careful at taking several pictures 
starting at 145:76 ... 







Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 



Go ahead, Carnarvon. Gemini VII, 



Roger. We're waiting for your fuel cell purge. 


T^r\ man* IaTb t "1 1 H r\ n 4" n rw Wo 1 tro Kfion i*ro if lnf? ■Frt"** 
lU^^tSX • V»C? JL.4- U,tJ ilUW» ViC V UCtSIl WcLXUJ_llg lOi 










Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 



Go ahead, Carnarvon. 



Roger. I'd like for you to check your RCS B-3 
circuit breaker. 






We lost it. 



Roger. It was out. Thank you very much. 



Roger, Gemini VII. 




Purge complete. 



Roger, Gemini VII. Could you position your yuant 
Read switch to ECS 0 2 , please? 






Okay, to Fuel Cell 0^? 



Okay, to Fuel Cell K^t please. 



Okay. You can go to the OFF position. You're 
looking good here on the ground, Gemini VII. 



Thank you. 




145:10:11 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

145:10:15 C This is VII. Go ahead, Hawaii. 

145:10:17 CC Roger. We show you GO on the ground. We're 

standing by. You need not answer. 

145:10:22 C Well, we will anyway. Thank you. 

145:10:24 CC Roger. 


145:24:58 CC Gemini VII. This is Texas CAP COM. 
145:25:01 C Go ahead, Texas. 

145:25:02 CC We have you GO on the ground. Stand by. We're 

going to send you a T^. 

145:25:06 C Thank you. 

145:25:11 CC We have nothing further for you. We'll be standing 


145:30:24 P Yes, right now, Frank. 

145:30:26 C Fix was taken on ... Charlie ... pictures ... 
145:31:34 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Over. 
145:31:39 C This is VII. Go ahead, Houston. 

145:31:JP- CC Roger, VII. We're .lust checking out a new communi- 
cation circuit. Just want to make sure you can read 
me and we'll be standing by here. And for infor- 
mation, we're always standing by at any of the remote 
siteB - Tananarive, and so forth - throughout the 
flight - in case you want us. 

145:31:56 C Roger. You're coming in loud and clear with no 

background noises. 




This is VII. Go ahead. 


Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 
This is VII. Go ahead. 

Jim, we would like to have Frank - correction - 
have you get back in your suit at this time and 
have Frank get out of his. Our plan is to leave 
you In this mode through the rendezvous and docking. 
After that - the rendezvous and stationkeeping, and 
after that the thought would be to consider the 
matter further, as far as suit configurations are 
concerned. We feel that this is an important step 
in carrying the suit situation further. Do you 


Houston. VII. 
Go ahead, VII. 

Do you wish to program the suit time at this time? 

Whenever you think is the best time to do it. 
Whenever you can work it in the flight plan here. 
We've just got this word, so we have not programmed 
it in the flight plan, yet. 

Roger. I'd like to get some instructions. It's 
going to take a little while for us to get squared 
away here, so I would like to have it worked into 
the program during a quiet period. 

Roger, VII. 

Looks like after the D-9 at the RKV, you might have 
some period in there - about minutes or so - 
before the crew status on the Command Pilot at 
Hawaii. It looks like that might be a good spot. 



145=37:23 P Roger. 


145:44:28 CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. You need not acknowledge. 

All systems are GO. We're standing by. 

145:44:35 P Roger. 

145:47:03 C RKV CAP COM. This is Gemini VII. 

145:47:05 CC Go ahead, Gemini VII. 

145:47:07 C Would you ask Houston, please, if it would be 

acceptable if we remained in our present configura- 
tion until tomorrow when Jim will suit-up for the 
rendezvous, and then I will remove the suit after 
rendezvous? I would prefer not to have us make too 
many suit changes in the spacecraft. The danger of 
hitting switches and so on is great. If it would be 
acceptable to them, we will delay switching suits 
until after rendezvous. 

145:47:31 CC Okay. 

145:47:33 P The rendezvous tomorrow. 

145:47:34 CC Roger. I'll check with Houston. Standby. 

145:48:19 CC Gemini VII, RKV. 

145:48:20 C Go ahead. 

145:48:21 CC Did you say that you wanted to stay in the present 

suit configuration until tomorrow? Is that affirm? 

145:48:26 C That's affirmative. At which time Jim Lovell will 

suit -up. 

145:48:31 CC Okay. 

145:48:35 C We are afraid of damaging BIO MED communications 

and the cuffs getting mi sad justed and so on. 

145:48:41 CC Roger. 




145 48 :59 


Gemini VII, RKV. 



Go ahead. 



Chris would like you to get back into your suit. 



I'm not out of it. I'm still in it. 



No, but he'd like a - I think he'd like you to 



That means we would have to change again tomorrow 
then, RKV. 



I'm comfortable, I'm all right. I'm not comfor- 
table, but I'm all right. It's a big job for Jim 
to get in and out of the suit, and once he gets in 
he probably won't want to get out again ... 



Well, at this time . . , 



... and I'll get out after tomorrow. 






Gemini VII, RKV. 



Go ahead, RKV. 



Roger. We'll discuss the suit situation with you 
over Tananarive. 



How's everything on the RKV tonight? 

145 : 51: 32 

Real nice. 



That's good. How far out to sea are you all? 



You won't believe it. We're anchored 35 miles off 
the coast. 180 feet of anchor. 




Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 
you read? 



Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How 
do you read? 

Houston, Gemini VII. Read you loud and clear. 

Roger. Gemini VII. We copied your comments over 
RKV. We would like to reiterate that we feel it 
is Important for you to change suit configurations 
at this time. 

Let me finish bringing ray position on this. That 
means three changes in 24 hours. Me out and then 

* • • 

. . . I would rather wait for you . . . than make it 
up. It's no easy task to change suits in the 
spacecraft . 

Frank, I think you may be confused on your days 
here. The rendezvous is not tomorrow, it is the 
following day. 

Roger. But we thought we'd get suited tomorrow 
night and get ready for the rendezvous, so we 
didn't have to fool around Sunday morning. 

What we have in mind is for Jim to put on his suit 
now, and you to get out of yours at this time. 
And then in preparation for the rendezvous, you 
would get back in. 

And not until Sunday morning, Frank. 

Roger. If that's what you want, we'll do it, but 
I sure would rather just stay the way we are. 
Since we put this Pump A on, I'm cool and comfor- 
table, and I'm not kidding you, it's tough to get 
in and out of the suit, especially for Jim. 

Frank, let ' s - I think you understand what ' s going 
on down here, and the only way I feel that we're 
going to get both of you out of the suits is to have 
you get out and Frank - and Jim get back in again. 

Aye, aye, sir. We'll do it. If you want us to, 
that's it. We'll do it. I just wanted to explain 
our position. But we'll change tonight. 










CC We understand completely, Frank. 
C Okay, thank you. 

CC We hope you do. 

P ... saw a blue haze by air on the right ... 

Telescope with the blue filter in. I can see a 
definite blue layer around the earth, but it's 
the same whitish haze layer that we see during 
the day without a filter. It - the haze gets 
thinner as it gets towards the sky. I cannot 
see any special blue band around other than what 
we normally see as white light during the . . . 
whitish blue during the ... 

P Okay. 

C Okay. You want to write in there then later on? 

P Yes. 

P Okay. Let me get into my suit. 

C Let me get out of mine first. Let's get all the 

stuff squared away. 

P Okay. ... planning to do it? 

C Well - - 

P Okay. First of all I have to take a tinkle. 

C A tinkle? 

P I have to urinate. Let's power-down the spacecraft, 


C Let's do. Let's power this son of a gun way down 

and not touch it for the rest of the night. 

C What do you say about that . . . 

C Let's see, at 11:46 I have a crew status report so 

we might as well - - 




Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. We have you GO on 
telemetry. We have nothing to pass this pass. 
Standing by . You need not acknowledge . 

Thank you, CSQ. 


It ought to be ... 
... Wasn't it? 

. . . juice . We have to get over there . . . 
Roger . ... 
Roger . ... 

Couple of comments. It's very difficult to operate 
20-80 system like we have on-board as compared to 
the 50-50 one which we practiced with. When we 
try to take star shots or even the same stars-to- 
same-stars, since the light that is attenuated by 
the 20 percent is - cuts out all the - any star 
except Sirius completely. As far as the same star- 
to-same star, the only good star we could use was 
Sirius or perhaps something like Nodus . But any 
one like Aldebaran, Betelgeuse, those stars were 
too dim to take calibration shots of. It was 
also true on star-to-star. For instance, I tried 
Rigel to Sirius and had to use the 20 percent 
light, gathering the 20 percent on Sirius and 80 
percent on Rigel. I could not use the other way 
around, nor can I use any other two stars . For 
instance, I tried Rigel and Betelgeuse for a 
while. I couldn't use those two. This was taken 
about lk6. 

Lovell is dumping urine at lU6:U2. 


Gemini VTI, Hawaii CAP COM. 



146:46:15 P Go ahead, Hawaii. This is VII. 

146:46:17 CC Okay. We're showing you GO here on the ground. 

How are you doing? 

146:46:20 P Oh, we're doing great. We're doing great. 

146:46:22 CC Okay. We've got a valid oral temp. Stand by for 

Surgeon. Waiting for your blood pressure. 

146:46:29 P Roger. Blood pressure coming down now. 

11+6:1+6:42 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

11+6:47:39 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your exercise. 

11+6:1+7:1+3 P Exercise started now. 

11+6:1+8:10 P Exercise finished. Blood pressure coming down. 

11+6:1+8:22 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

ll+6;l+9:ll+ CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your food, water and sleep report. 

11+6:1+9:30 C Hawaii, Gemini VII - - 

11+6:1+9:38 CC Gemini VTI, this is Hawaii Surgeon. Standing by 

for your food, water and sleep report. 

11+6:1+9:1+2 C Roger. The Command Pilot's had, to date, a total 

of 1+86 ounces of water. We had an additional meal 
since the last time. Day 6, Meal B, but he did not 
eat three egg bites. Had a total in Column 5 of 
15 j total in Column 6 of 3. 

11+6:50:08 C The Pilot's 1 a total of 1+17 ounces of water. 

He had Metl. t or Day 6, Meal B, but did not 
eat two egg bites. And he's had 15 in Column 5 
and 2 in Column 6. 

11+6:50:21+ CC Roger, Gemini VII . 

146:50:3^ CC Gemini VII, Hawaii. We have nothing further. 

We'll be standing by. 

146:50:38 C Thank you. 




ll+7:l8:36 CC Gemini VII, RKV. We copy your oral temp. Please 

effect a blood pressure. 

lU7:l8:59 CC Gemini VII, RKV Surgeon. We did not get full- 

scale . 

1 1+7:19:06 CC We have full-acale. 

1^7:19:1+9 CC Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. 

Standing by for your exercise. 

11+7:19:59 P MARK on the exercise. 

ll+7:20:28 P Blood pressure coming down. 

114-7:20:30 CC Roger. 

11+7:20:35 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

ll+7:21:l6 CC Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. Has 

there been any change in your food and water status 
since Hawaii? 

11+7:21:27 P This is VII. Negative ... 

11+7:21:30 CC Roger. 

ll+7:21:3U CC Surgeon out. 


3.1+8:03:48 CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. 

11+8:03:52 C This is Gemini VII. 

11+8:03:55 CC Roger. I have your PLA update when you're ready 

to copy. 

ll+8:0l+:00 C Stand by. 

ll+8:Ol+:03 CC Say again. 




1U8: 04:05 C Stand by a minute, please. 

]A8:04:07 CC Roger. I also want to get a propellant quantity 

reading, and an OAMS fluid pressure reading. 

11+8:0^:17 C Propellant quantity is 26 percent. OAMS fluid 


ll+8:0i+:28 CC I copy. 26 percent and 1300. 

11+8: 0k: 31 C Roger. 

ll+8:0l+:37 CC Also, you should have a radio check for a Number 

6 pass over Hawaii this revolution. 

ll+8:0l+:M+ C Thank you. 

ll+8:0l+:l+9 C I'm ready to copy. 

ll+8:Ol+:51 CC Okay. The RE ... 1+00K on all these areas is the 

same and the time is 21 plus 50. That's the RE 
1+00K. Same for all areas. 

11+8:05:07 C Thank you. 

11+8:05:11 CC Okay. Area 95-3: 150:52:55; Area 96-3: 

152:28:20; Area 97-Bravo: 15^:0^: 53; Area 
98-Delta: 155:02:28; Area 99-Delta: 156:38:03; 
Area 100-2: 158:11:32. Just broke into the 
hundreds . 

11+8:06:16 C Roger. 

11+8:06:18 CC Area 101-2: 159:^7:33; Area 102-1: l6l:15:5l+; 

Area 103-1: 162:51:21+. The weather is good in 
all areas except 96-3, weather is marginal. Do 
you copy? 

11+8:06:55 C Roger. We copy. 

11+8:06:59 CC All systems are GO here on the ground. That's 

all we have. We're standing by. 

11+8:07:01+ C Thank you very much. 

11+8:07:06 CC Roger. 




1 1+8:07:08 C You might ask Houston what plans they have on this 

fuel cell 2C ... stacked up again . 

11+8:07:15 CC Roger. Will do. 

11+8:08:12 CC Flight advises that they will talk with you about 

the Stack 2-Charlie over Hawaii, or the RKV. 

11+8:08:19 C Thank you. 


11+8:22:36 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

11+8:22:39 C Come in, Hawaii. Gemini VII. 

lU8:22:Ul CC Roger. We show you GO on the ground. What is your 

status in the spacecraft? 

11+8:22:1+7 C We're GO now. Jim is in the suit, and I'm out of 


11+8:22:51 CC Roger. 

11+8:23:08 C Hawaii, Gemini VII. I have a flight plan report 

if you're ready. 

11+8:23:11 CC Roger. Standing by. 

ll+8:23:ll+ C Roger. We made one more frame of dim-light 

photography today. We've used 20 frames on the 
third night and these have Magazine C of S0217, 
and one additional tape cartridge. 

11+8:23:33 C On D-9, Sequence k, we used - we completed it, 

but we used two different stars, Rigel and Sirius, 
and we did the third part of that Sirius and 
Sirius . 

11+8:23:^ CC Roger. 

11+8:23:52 C We also sighted a brilliant aurora south of 

Australia, but were not able to photograph it. 

ll+8:2l+:05 C We were unable to get the readout picture of Apollo 



Landmark 85 because of cloud cover. That's about 
it for today • 

148:24:18 C Everything else that has been scheduled has been 

accomplished and I won't report on that because 
you have all that already. 

148:24:25 CC Roger. I have some information for you if you're 

ready to copy . 

148:24:33 C Go ahead. 

148:24:34 CC Roger. Your status on the electrical and fuel cell 

will be passed to you over the RKV prior to your 
sleep period. 

148:24:1+3 C Thank you. 

148:24:45 CC The values for you to hold on your fuel cell 

hydrogen will be passed to you over RKV. 

148:24:52 C Thank you. 

148:24:54 CC You will also have a UHF 6 over the RKV. 

148:24:58 C Roger. 

148:25:00 CC And if you have a little more time, I can give 

you your OAMS status. 

148:25:03 C Go ahead. We have plenty of time. 

148:25:06 CC Okay. You have a - 56 pounds of fuel remaining. 

You have more oxidizer than you can possibly use. 
This means that you have an actual 31 percent 
remaining and your on-board indications should be 
27 percent. That's two seven percent. We're 
evaluating what we want you to try to accomplish 
between now and the end of the mission and we'll 
brief you on that tomorrow. 

148:25:35 C Roger. Will you tell thera that we prefer to save 

2 pounds a day for attitude so we don't have to 
drift the last few days of the mission? Two 
pounds a day for attitude, please. 

148:25:50 CC Roger. That is already included in your budget. 





Thank you. 



Are you still cloudy down there, Hawaii? 



That's affirmative. 



When does it clear up down there? 



Seldom. It's been raining and cloudy for almost 
two weeks now. 



That's too bad. We sure want to get that laser 



Oh. Maybe we can make it tomorrow or so. 



We'd like to. 




Gemini VII, RKV. 



VII here. 



Roger . We 're standing by for your purge . 



Roger . Coming down to you at this time . 



Would you place your Quantity Read switch to 
ECS Og? 












Would you turn the Quantity Read switch to OFF? 

lU8: 56:25 


I have a map update for you when you're ready to 



Standby, please. 



Go ahead, please, RKV. 



148:56:42 CC Node: 150:57:26; Rev 95; 44.3 degrees east; right 

ascension; Time, 10:43:13. 

148:57:05 C I have it, thank you. 

148:57:07 CC Your next fuel cell purge after you wake up will 

be at Carnarvon on Rev 100, at a GET of 159:18. 

U8:57:19 C Have that. 

l48: 57:24 CC We'd like to pass along the bedtime rules for the 

cryogenic pressures. We'd like your ECS 0g 
heaters to be off. Fuel Cell 0g Heater to AUTO, 
and your Fuel Cell Hg Heater off. We'd like you 
to pump up the fuel cell H2 to 510 psi, and your 
minimum for tonight will be 380. 

148:57:52 C Roger. Three eight zero. 

148:57:58 CC Would you give us a count off the water gun? 

148:58:02 C Stand by one. 

1 48: 58:10 C Water gun now reads 2402. 

l48: 58:13 CC Roger. Could you look in your log and see what 

your figures are for total water consumption for 
both the Pilot and the Command Pilot? 

148:58:23 P Roger. Stand by, please. 

lU8:58:28 CC Reason we want these figures is - it gives us a 

real good handle on the efficiency of the fuel 

148: 58:35 C Roger. 

148:58:52 C Okay. The Pilot's used 4l0 - 4l7 ounces of water. 

148:58:57 CC Roger. 

148:59:04 C Command Pilot, 486. 

148:59:06 CC Roger. 

148:59:10 C ... got the count off the gun is most accurate. 



l48:59:l4 CC Roger. 

148:59:17 CC Now, will you place the BIO MED Recorder Number 2 


148:59:20 C Say again. 

148:59:22 CC BIO MED Recorder Number 2 to CONTINUOUS. 

148:59:25 C Roger. 

148: 59:28 C Do you have any additional reading on the water, 


148:59:31 CC Negative. Go ahead and give it to us. 

148:59:33 C 628. 

148:59:35 CC 628. 

148:59:36 C Negative. 528. Over. 

148:59:38 CC Roger. 528. 

148:59:42 CC We'd like to give you a report on your fuel cell 

status . 

148:59:46 C We'd he happy to hear it. 

148:59:48 CC Okay. After the open -circuit check is Stack 2C. 

It is again picking up more than its share of the 
load. The present theory is it probably will be- 
come saturated with water again sometime during the 
duration. The telemetry will indicate this 
approximately 10 hours before it is necessary to 
go open-circuit on that cell. Now, this should 
prevent ground controllers from having to wake you 
up during a normal sleep period. 

149:00:13 C Would you please channel back to Houston that we 

would be happy to wake up on any sign in order to 
take care of that cell. 

149:00:20 CC We figured you would. 

149:00:22 CC Okay. The Cryo status telemetry indicates your 

trial usage rate is still less than nominal. So 


It 58 


you're in good shape there. 
11+9:00:30 C Very good. 

11+9:00:31 CC Roger. ECS 0 2 is expected to vent at 1+00 hours 

and the fuel cell hydrogen tank is still expected 
to vent after 300 hours. 

11+9:00:1+1 C I'll take a bet on that one. 

11+9:00:1+1+ CC Okay. Your Cryo quantity expected at the end of 

lb- days will be ECS 0 2 , ^0 percent; fuel cell Og 
will be 33 percent; and fuel cell H2, 39 percent. 

11+9:00:56 C Roger. 

11+9:01:02 CC Say it again. I didn't copy that. 

11+9:01:25 CC How'd your suit exchange go? 

11+9:01:1+6 CC You're coming in awfully garbled, Gemini VII. 

11+9:18:1+2 C Borman about to dump urine at ll+9:l8. 


11+9:1+2:38 CC Gemini VTI, CSQ CAP COM. 

11+9:^3:01 P This is VTI. Go ahead. 

11+9:^3:03 CC Roger. We want to mention to you to bring your 

fuel cell H 2 up to 510. We'd like to look at it 
on the ground before we start your sleep period. 

11+9:1+3:16 P Roger. We're in AUTO heat right now. I guess 

it's coming up. 

11+9:^3:19 CC Roger. 

11+9:^5:35 P General note to Dr. Chance: I have in my hand 

tuna salad, Serial Number FC565, with the tuna so 
dry at the spout end where you eat at, that you 
can't possibly force anything through it. Out. 

159:06:17 C What? 



159:06:22 C Not that one. 

159:08:05 P Boy, this window was coldl 

159:08:19 C Yes, I agree. 

159:08:Ul P Yes, that points a good point. 

159:08:48 C Turn on the recorder, will you? 

159:08:51 P Jim's taking a picture of what we think at ... 

159:08. Magazine C, 22, 23, 2k on that last 
picture at 159:08. At 159: ^1 we have another 
CST first. Chicken with gravy for breakfast. 

159:09:35 P Lovell dumping urine at this time. 

159:09:37 P Dumping urine at this time. 


159:18:^1 CC Gemini VTI, Carnarvon. 

159:18:50 C Good morning, Carnarvon. This is VII. 

159:18:52 CC Good morning to you. All right, we have a fuel 

cell purge for you this morning, if and whenever 
you're ready. 

159:19:01 C Stand by a second. 

159:19:25 C Purge coming down. 

159:19:27 CC Roger. 

159:22:34 P How's the weather down there, Carnarvon? It looks 

like a lot of lightning down there. 

159:22:38 CC Yes, we have a little storm, looks like, up north 

of us here. 

159:22:U6 C We went to B pump on the primary loop last night 

at 154:32:25. 

159:22:54 CC Roger. Copy, Gemini. 




159:23:03 C For some reason, when we woke up this morning, we 

were tumbling much faster than we ever had been 
before, and our cabin wall temperatures and fuel 
temperatures were about 20 degrees colder than 
they've ever been before. We were chilly. 

159:23:16 CC Roger. Copy. 

159: 51:1*+ C Borman about to dump urine at 159:50. 

159:58:UO P Note 2 to Dr. Chance: at 160:11; second rye and 

beef sandwiches; crumbs all over the cockpit. Could 
not even control it. 


160:10:58 CC Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 

160:11:01 C Good, Charlie. How do you read? 

160:11:03 CC Morning, Frank. How are you this morning? I'm 

reading you five-square. Loud and clear. 

160:11:18 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

160:11:29 CC Gemini VTI, Houston. 

160:12:00 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

l60:12:0lf P Go ahead, Houston. 

160:12:06 CC Good morning. How are you this morning? 

160:12:09 P Fine. The beef pies are delicious. 

160:12:12 CC Very good. How was your night? 

160:12:22 CC Gemini VII. How did you rest? 

160:12:28 P Not too good last night. Not as good as the 

night before . 

160:12:37 CC Your systems look good down here. How are they 

up there? 




160:12:1+2 P They look pretty good from here. The temperature 

• a • 

l60:lU:32 C Another note for Dr. Chance: I agree it looks like 

we're in a snow storm with crumbs from the beef 
sandwiches. At 300 dollars a meal! I think you 
can do better than this. Okay. At l60:29: 
taking pictures of some interesting terrain features 
over Africa. 


160:16:15 CC Gemini VII, Canary CAP COM, Com check. How do 

you read? 

I60:l6:19 P Read you loud and clear, Canary. 

160:16:21 CC Okay, fine. Would you place your Quantity Read 

switch to ECS 0 2 , please? Also would like a 
readout on OAMS propellant quantity. 

160 : 16: 33 P Roger. 

l60 : 16: 37 C 27 percent on the OAMS. 

l60:l6:V7 CC Roger. Can I get a quantity and pressure on 

ECS 0 2 ? 

l60:l6:52 C Roger. Quantity is about 78 percent. Pressure is 


l60 : 16: 59 CC Roger. I copy 78. 

160:17:03 C Roger. 

l60:17:0U CC Okay, Quantity Read switch to FUEL CELL 0 2 . 

160 : 17: 07 C 66 percent, 660. 

160:17:12 CC Copy. 

l60:17:lU C Pardon me - that's 760. 

160:17:17 CC 76O. 




160:17:20 C Fuel Cell Hg is 72 percent, at 

160:17:26 CC Okay, hold it there for a minute. 

160 : 17:^0 CC Okay, Quantity Read switch to OFF, please. 

160:17:^3 C Roger. 

160:17: CC Okay. We'd like Fuel Cell 0 2 Heater switch to 

OFF also. 

160:17:U9 C It's off. 

160 : 17: 51 CC Okay. 

160 : 17: 53 C Canary, we have something for the systems people 

to work on . 

160 : 17: 56 CC Say again. 

160 : 17: 58 C I say, we have something for the systems people 

to work on . 

160 : 18: 00 CC Okay, go ahead. Ready to copy. 

160 : l8: 02 C We woke up - we were cold most of the night. When 

we woke up this morning, we were tumbling much 
more rapidly than we ever have been before and the 
cabin wall temperatures were 20 degrees lower than 
they've been running. The windows were steamed up 
and it was very cold in here. The suit inlet 
temperature I had was about the same . Right now 
we 're running with the highest suit inlet temper- 
ature we 've ever seen - 68 percent . Full warm, 
and we 're just comfortable . 

160 : 18: 29 CC Roger. 

160:18:32 C What I want to know is why. 

l60:l8:3U CC I think it's because of your tumble rate. 

160:18:38 CC Houston calling me. Stand by. 

160:18:^1 C I want to know why we're tumbling. 

160 : 18: 5^ C I think the people on the BLUE TEAM ought to 



figure that one out . 




Okay. Stand by. I'll try to get an answer. 



Well, the BLUE TEAM says they believe the water 
boiler has reached its fill point and it's boiling 
off right now, causing you to tumble. 

160 : 19: 45 


I see. 



VTI, Canary. 



Go ahead, Canary . 



Roger. Can you give me an estimate on your tumble 
rate, or the tumble rate you had this morning when 
you woke up? 



Stand by. We'll think about it. We stopped it 
right away. 



We think it was at least on the order of 10 degree! 
a second. 



Okay, we copy . 



Time ... but it was very, very much greater than 
anything we've seen to date. 

160:22: Ul 


Roger. Copy. Okay, we have nothing else for you. 
The reason why we had you turn that O2 heater 
switch off is we want to get a few data points on 
that pressure deesv whil p thp hpn^PT* 1 * nf f 






Roger. We'll be standing by. 



See you later on today . 






Memo to ... Thank you very much for giving us 
the yellow pills, because we passed many hours 




Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 
This is VII. Go ahead. 

Roger, Gemini VII. You're looking good here on 
the ground. I have a flight plan update whenever 
you're ready to copy. 

Roger. Stand by one. 

You may fire when ready, Carnarvon. 

All right. The title is a Node: Time, 161:29:23; 
Rev 101; longitude 117-3 degrees west; right 
ascension, 10:32:55. Next item is a flight plan 
time line update: Change 160:00:00 to 160:17:00. 
Next item: Time, l6l: 37:11; crew status report, 
Command Pilot at Canaveral. The next item has 
been deleted. It is an MSC-12 at Time 161:55:13* 
That has been deleted due to clouds. 

The next item is Apollo: Time, 162:09:21; 
Sequence Number 137; Mode 01; pitch 30 degrees 
down, yaw 7 degrees left. Do you copy? 

I have copied, Carnarvon . 

Time: 162:27:19; crew status report, Pilot and FLA 
update at Carnarvon. MSC-12: 162: 1+5:00; Sequence 
Ih. Time: 163:08:25; GO/NO-GO at Texas. Time: 
163:16:00; purge fuel cells after readout. MSC-12: 
163:30:28; Sequence 06; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 
0 degrees. V-h/l)-7: l64:03:lU; Sequence Numbers 
Ul5 and kl6; Mode 02. Apollo: 165:08:30; Sequence 
Number 9^j Mode Number 03; pitch 30 degrees down, 
yaw 19 degrees right. Time: 165:20:00; exercise 
period. Time: 165:30:00; eat period. Time: 
166:50:00; cabin temperature survey. Time: 
167:1^:^-3; purge fuel cells at Carnarvon. That 
completes the flight plan update if you copied. 
Any questions? 

Have copied. 

Roger. You're still GO here. You're looking 
real good. 




160 : 57: 59 P Roger. Thank you. 

160:58: 24 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

160:58:27 P Go ahead there, Carnarvon. 

160:58:^0 CC Does the Command Pilot - is he disconnected? We 

received no BIO MED T/M for the first 30 seconds. 

l60:58:37 P Right. We were removing the orbital flight gear 

and he was disconnected. 

l60:58:4l CC Roger. Understand. 


161:35:28 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

l6l : 35: 35 P This is VII. Go ahead, Houston. 

161:35:37 CC Hello. Houston, Gemini VII. We'd like to have 

your oral temperature and please await for a Mark 
to start your blood pressure. 

l6l : 35: 45 P Roger. Understand you have a valid oral tempera- 


161:35:48 CC That's affirm. But please await the blood pressure, 

Listen, on this next pass over the Dakar area, 
would you check the weather? 

l6l : 35: 58 P Roger. Will do. And I have a question for you, 


161:36:01 CC Roger. 

l6l : 36: 03 P You gave us MSC-12, which is a Sequence l4. 

161:36: 10 CC Roger. 

161:36:14 CC We have a flight plan update too, with regard to 

that, but we would like to make it after the 
Medical Data Pass. 

161:36: 21 CC Cuff is full-scale. 






161: 1+0:18 


l6l: 40:39 

161: 40:49 


P Roger. Hold. We'll stand by. 
CC Okay. 

CC Gemini VII. We have a good blood pressure. 
Standing by for your exercise. 

C MARK on the exercise. 

C Blood pressure coming down. 

CC Roger. We copy. 

CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

CC Roger, Gemini VII. We have a good blood pressure. 
Standing by for your food report. 

P Roger. Stand by. 

C Okay. Last night we had Day 5, Meal C. This 
morning, Day 6, Meal A. Lovell didn't eat the 
peanut cube. Borman didn't eat the peanut cube, 
or four of the peach bites. The pilot had 461 ounces 
of water. The Command Pilot had 536 ounces of water. 

CC Roger. Copied your water report also. Standing by 
for your sleep report. 

P Okay. Let's see. We had about 5 or 6 hours sleep 
last night. Not too good. 

CC That's the same for both crewmen? 
C Roger . 

CC Roger. Would you give us a total count on your 
water gun now? 

P Total count on water gun is 2591. 
CC Roger. Thank you. 

CC Now that the suit is off, we would like to try to 
repair the respiratory trace on the Command Pilot. 
We believe that the connector on the output or 
the lower portion of the signal conditioner has 




come loose, and it's the second signal conditioner 
from the left. We would like the Command Pilot to 
have a look. See if it's loose and attempt to 
tighten it some. 

Roger. You're certainly in Flight Maintenance, 
and we'll get to work right away. 

Roger . And in the meantime would you say the 
tumbling had anything to do with your lack of 

No. We didn't know we were tumbling until we woke 

Roger. Understand. 

We had a - quite a drop of temperatures in the 
cabin last night, about 20 degrees. 

Roger. We copy. Your rising suit inlet tempera- 
tures. I gather from a transmission over Carnarvon 
that the Command Pilot donned his orbital flight 
suit. Did he do that before the sleep period 
started or during? 

He did that during. He not only donned one, he 
donned both orbital flight suits. 

At what elapsed time? 

Gemini VTI, Houston. What time did the Command 
Pilot don his - the orbital flight suits? 

About 1:55 elapsed. 

Roger. Copy 1:55- We request that you have the 
Pilot report over Carnarvon whether he took 
exercise yesterday or not, and if so, his assess- 
ment of the results. We would also like to ask if 
the Pilot can get at the sternal lead sensors 
easily or not? Over. 

He did not take the exercise and his nose is better. 
He's been using the skin cream in his nose. And 
what do you want him to do to the lead . . . ? 










161 :M+: 01 
161 :!+!+: 01+ 
161 :!+!+: 11 

161 :l+l+: 16 


CC We're asking if he can get at the sternal sensors 
easily. We've seen a decrement in the sternal 
EKG since donning the suit. We would like to know 
how hard it's going to be for him to get at those 
two sensors. 

C He can reach down there and push on them. Is that 
what you want him to do? 

CC Roger. Let's have a go at that. 

C Okay. I can't find anything wrong with the leads 
to this amplifier. 

CC Roger. Understand. We're still receiving a poor 
trace. Leave it with us for a while. 

C Roger. What are those - what are those amplifiers 

CC The respiratory trace or impedance pneumogram . 

It's the second one from the left in the garment 
and we think it's the lower connector. 

C It's on tight. 

CC Roger. Would you advise what position your suit 
flow control valves were in during the night? 

C Roger. They were almost all the way closed. 

CC Roger. Copy, closed. 

CC Gemini VII, CAP COM. I have a flight plan update 
for you. 

C Ready to copy. 

CC MSC-12: Time, 162:1+5:00; Sequence ll+; delete. 

MSC-12: Time, l6U:ll+:00; Sequence ll+; substitution 
for the above deletion. And again we would like 
to check the weather in the Dakar area on this 
pass. This specific area just north of the beach. 
We'd also like to know if you can tell us the 
major component of this drift you experienced during 
the night. 




161 : 1+5:07 


No, we can't tell you that, Charlie. It was a 


i • lie; ill 

xox : 4p : xx 

X v WfcLS j eUlCLUili ■ 


in nighttime - and when we opened up - we found 
out we were going around and around. 

l6l: 1+5:21 


I see. What control inputs did you use to stop 
xne ariib. 

16x: i +5:2o 


Pulse . 

l6l: 1 +5:28 


You used pulse. 

l6l : k 5: 35 


Do you note this drift rate is still building on 



No. It's fine now. Just like it was before. 



Okay. You're not inducing any drift now at all? 

l6l:l+5: kk 


No . We 're drifting but not rapidly . 



I see. Thank you very much. 

l6l : 1+5: 52 


Roger . 




Canary, Gemini VII. 



(So ahead, VII . Canaries here. 

161: 55:08 


Roger. We're starting to pick up a slight drop : 
2C again with a down slight imbalance of the two 
buses . 



Roger . Copy . 



Roger. We noticed that down here. We're going 

to have to go OPEN in that 2C, but not right now. 





161: 55:^9 

161: 56:06 
161: 56:08 

161: 56:16 


162: 03:^0 




C Okay. We just wanted to let you all on the ground 
know we see it. 

CC Roger . 

P Canary, VII. 

CC Go ahead. 

P Most of the . . . from our crossing point - up ... 
north the sky is clear. The silk stratus ... 
right above us - right below us - I should say . 

CC Okay. We copied. 

P That's a typical weatherman's report. 

CC Very good, Jim. 

P It looks like it might rain if the sun didn't 
shine . 

CC You guys are in good jolly spirits this morning. 

C I don't know why. 


CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. How do 
you read? 

C Loud and clear, Houston. 

CC Roger . Have you got a minute to talk to me or 
are you tied up with this Apollo Landmark? 

C Go ahead. We can talk. Jim can talk and I can 

CC Roger. We've got a sort of whistle on the line 
here. I'm not sure I can hear you too well. We 
would like to get an assessment from you regarding 
this tumbling, to try to establish definitely 
whether or not it might have been due to the water 
boiler venting. Are you able to tell at all - 




were you able to tell at all what axis the 
tumbling initiated from? 

l62:0U:3l+ P We're not sure, but we feel that it was sort of 

a left-yaw- type of motion . 

162:04:1+2 CC Roger. As I understand it, you just found this 

upon waking up, and you took it out at that time 
and it has not started again . Is that correct? 

l62:Ol+:56 P We haven't noticed it now. This might build up 

a long time. Remember that we close up here at 
night. It had all night to build up, but since 
we took it out we haven't noticed any additional 
buildup of it . Right now we ... GO . 

162:05:11 CC Roger. We've got a very bad background noise here, 

I understand your comments though. We'd be in- 
terested in your thinking about it further and 
let us know if you have any additional points on 

162:05:21+ P Roger, Houston. 

162:05:!+1 CC Gemini VTI, Houston. Your HF is up if you're 


l62:05:!+6 C Thank you. 

162:10:11 C 162:09:21: trying to take a picture of Apollo 

Landmark, Sequence 137 • ... obscured by clouds . 

162:28:02 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

162:28:05 C This is VTI. Go ahead. 

l62;28:06 CC Roger. This is a crew status report on the 

Pilot. We haven't received a temperature. Do 
you have the probe in? 

162:28:1+1 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

162:28:1+3 C Go ahead. 













CC While we're waiting on the temperature and blood, 
do you want to copy a block update? 

C Roger . 

CC Okay, this is Area 104-1: 164:27:03. 

CC Area 107-4: 170:30:56. Area 108-3: 171:47:37. 

Area 109-3: 173:23:17. Area 110-3: 174:58:54. 

REP of 400 feet; 21 plus 50 for all areas. Did 
you copy? 

C Roger. Thank you. 

CC Roger . 

C Have you got the temperature yet, Carnarvon? 

CC Roger, we have your temperature. I'll turn you 
over to our Surgeon . 

CC Gemini VII, this is Carnarvon Surgeon. We're 
ready for your blood pressure. 

C Blood pressure coming up. 

CC We're getting - your cuff is full-scale. 

CC Gemini VII, the Pilot - your cuff is not bleeding 

CC There we go. 

CC Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. 

Give us a Mark before you start your exercise. 


P Blood pressure coming down . 




Your cuff is up. 

Gemini VII, Carnarvon. You're still looking 
good here on the ground. We'll be standing by 
if you need us. 

Roger. We're noticing that 2C is slowly, 
slowly decaying. Do you agree with us? 

2C on the fuel cell. 

Roger. We're keeping an eye on it, Gemini VII. 
The - it has - we have been seeing it going 
down. But you have turned off your Primary A 

Roger, that's affirm. 
Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 
VII, Carnarvon. 

The Flight Director says that you're becoming 
philosophical with those kinds of words . 

That's a nice compliment from the Flight 
Director. Thank you. 

The screwdriver has been invaluable in repairing 
Helmet screws that have come off, camera track 
screws that have come off, and fouled up the 
camera, etc. 







Gemini VII, Houston. 



Go ahead, Houston. Gemini VII. 



Roger. Be advised you're GO for 119-1. 



Thank you, Ed. 



Roger. You know you're all down hill from this 
one out. 



Yes, that's what we just figured out. 



Roger. How about a read back on all your 

163:11:26 C Roger. Fuel - the only thing we have any abnormal- 

ities in is the Fuel Cell 2C. The main batteries 
are all okay, 3 volts. Fuel cell stack readouts: 
1A, 3.0; IB, 3.5; 1C, 3.0; 2A, 2.5; 2B, 2.5; 
2C, 3.5 instead of 3, and is now decreased to 3 
on 2C. Main bus voltage, 27 J RCS A, 2900; 
temperature 75 degrees; RCS B, 3000, and tempera- 
ture is up to 90 degrees on Allen; Left-Hand 
Secondary 0 2 , 5400; Right-Hand Secondary 02, 5300. 

163:12:15 CC Roger. Sounds real good, and be advised the OAMS 

cutoff for the day is 23 percent. You'll not get ■ 
to that under normal usage, but it's just on to 
say the proper amount. You're really being an old 
miser there with that fuel. 

163:12:29 C Roger. For the people who are concerned about the 

water boiler and wondered about it, we are getting 
venting out the left side here. We can see it now, 
quite a good amount. 

163:12:39 CC Good. That confirms what we were thinking down 

here, and we've got some further thoughts on that 
for you later on. 

163:12:46 C Roger. I think ... difficult to determine which 

way we're rolling as we - we stay buttoned up in 
here for 10 hours and then when we awakened we 




just had a very random type of oscillation. 
Mostly yaw-left, though. 

163:12:59 CC Right. Understand. You're yawing left. We 

looked at your control inputs and they appeared 
to be mostly yaw-right to take it out with some 

163:13:09 C Right. 

163:13:10 CC Do you want to go ahead with the fuel cell purge? 

163:13:13 C Stand by, here it comes through, Jim. Hey, Jim, 

wake up I 

163:13:17 P Fuel cell purge coming down. 

163:13:19 CC Roger. 

163:13:25 CC Stand by for T R , Gemini VII. 
163:13:28 C Stand by. 

163:13=37 C T R received. 

163:13:42 C For your information, we were not able to 

accomplish the Apollo Landmark 137* Clouds over 
and light. 

163:13:48 CC Roger. Understand. 

163:14:13 C And another thing that I was wondering about. 

We're running with the RCS heaters on AUTOMATIC 
all the time. Is this what they wanted? 

163:14:21 CC That's affirmative. 

163:14:22 C Okay. Fine and dandy. 

163:14:35 CC That's a good spot in the flight plan when it's 

starting down hill from there, isn't it? 

163:14:40 C It is in this one. 

163:14:41 CC You bet! You are all really doing a great job. 



Thank you. The best decision made was when 
Mr. Kraft ordered rae to get out of that suit. 

We thought it would be. 

You just made his whole day. 

Listen, he made mine all night and day. Lovell's 
not commenting. 

We had some interesting exchanges of bets in 
here when you put both flight suits on. 

Gemini VII, Houston Flight. Jim, how about telling 
us how it is back in the suit. 

Are we a UHF 6 pass? 


It's horrible, believe me I I would much rather 
be out of this suit than in it. 

Give me a little more verbal description. 

Roger. It's mainly - I'm fairly comfortable as 
far as temperature goes, because the temperature 
did drop. It's just the restrict edness of not 
being able to move around. The suit holds you 
down quite a bit. I think that Frank will 
agree, now that he's out of his suit, that he 
has much more leeway* He's much more free to 
move and it's a lot easier to do things. 


Seriously, no kidding on this suit business. 
You've got to remember we've got a lot lighter 
and better suit for a long duration than the 
other ones. I don't see how we can plan any 
long-duration flights in even this light-weight 

I think GT-V crew would sort of agree with that. 




Can you give us any idea when you're going to 
open-circuit 2C again? 

I think we want to wait awhile there on that, 
Frank, until we establish this trend again. 


Understand your report at this point was 
3.5 amps. Is that correct? 

We prepared that report about 10 minutes ago. 
It's now down to about 3 amps in the cockpit, 
but it's difficult to tell because you always 
made a tape dump and so on. It's right around 
between 3 and 3s« 

Roger. Frank, what we're considering there is 
open-circuiting the whole cell. 


... things go real good at the Cape? 
Roger. Looking real good. 

Yes, they're still ahead of schedule there and 
we're going to support their pad test here in 
about 2 hours. 


Purge complete, Houston. 

Roger. Stand by for Surgeon. 

Gemini VII, this Is Surgeon. Could you give me 
a little bit of description about what you think 
your general condition is this morning, and par- 
ticularly as to how you think you are as far as 
rest status and fatigue? We are interested in 
this particularly because we're trying to plan 
something for tonight so that we've got you In 
shape for this rendezvous, which is going to go 
into your sleep period tomorrow night. 




163 s 18:36 C Chuck, I think we're in pretty good shape. We 

are a little sleepy at times because it is 
difficult to sleep that full 10 hours. We do 
catnap during the day frequently, though. 

163:18:47 CC You are getting some good catnaps in then? 

163:18:49 C Right. 

163:18:51 CC Very good. 

163:18:54 CC Was there any moisture in the spacecraft that you 

could tell last night when you got this temp down 
so low? 

163:19:02 C Both windows were not frosted, but fogged over. 

163:19:07 CC Do you think that had anything to do with helping 

to clear this nasal business? You sound better 
this morning. 

163:19:15 C Think that a little water did help a lot. As a 

matter of fact, I've been moistening towels in 
here and putting them over my nose and rubbing 
my face with them. So has Jim. 

163:19:25 CC Very good. Jim, we've pretty well lost that 

sternal lead on you. Have you tried pressing the 
sensors at both the top and the bottom of the 
sternum there? 

163:19:40 P Roger. I'll try it again. 

163:19:42 CC Okay. 

163:20:08 P Any luck, Surgeon? 

163:20:10 CC Negative, Jim. That doesn't seem to help it very 

much. I think we are not going to be able to do 
much with it until we can get you out of that 
business to look at it, so we'll just ride it along 
here now. We got one good lead on you, though, and 
we've got good respiratory trace and, Frank, we've 
got two good leads. His respiration trace still 
is not very good, and that "fixit" we tried didn't 
seem to work, so you might just check yours, Frank, 
and make sure that everything is good there. It 




can't be the sensors on you because your auxiliary 
lead is very good. 

Roger. Both sensors are tight, and the amplifier 
is tight, also. 

Very good. Well, I'd just leave it alone then. 

Gemini VII, this is Surgeon. We're thinking of 
just sleep - slipping this sleep period an hour 
tonight, have you start an hour later and have it 
go a couple of hours longer tomorrow morning, and 
have you try and fit into the program that way so 
that you will be ready to go a little bit later 
tomorrow night. Does that sound agreeable to you? 

Roger. That's fine with us. 

Very good. 

Gemini VII, Houston. 
Go ahead. 

How'd you come on the dim-light work? 

We've taken a couple of pictures of the ... We 
had a good shot of the ... yesterday, but by the 
time we got around again it was gone. 

Tes, I think you'll find the only target of 
opportunity is when they're up. 

Roger. We didn't have the fuel to use it. 

Right. If we see anything down here that is 
particularly - we feel would be particularly 
worthwhile for you, we'll give you an update on 

Thank you. Hey, listen, Jim and I really appre- 
ciate the - all the efforts everybody - it's 
really been great. Everybody on the ground has 
been really helping out. I wish you'd tell them 




163:22:56 CC Listen, effort's all up there. You're making it 

as smooth as silk for us. 


163:30:36 CC Gemini VII, Camuy CAP COM. Com check. How do 

you read? 

163:30:40 C Loud and clear, Canary. 

163:30:4^ CC Okay, we have nothing much for you except we'd 

like the humidity readout within the next pass. 
You can relay it over the next stateside con- 

163:30:45 C Did it change contrast at all, Jim? 

163:31:01 P No. I can't even tell the color, Frank. 
163:31:04 C Okay. ... 

163:31:19 C Thank you. 

163:31:46 P 27. 
163:31:48 C Yes. 

163:31:50 CC Okay, we'll be standing by. 
163:32:22 C Okay. Did you get it? 

163:32:23 P Yes. 

163:32:27 C Never even changed color? 
163:32:29 P No, ... 

163:32:30 c Why don't you tell Canaries that? 

163:32:34 C Okay. Now we've had this trouble with this 

photometer ever since we got it. I believe it's 

163:32:36 P Have you ... in the report? 

163:32:39 C It's all on the recorder. Everything we did. 




163:32:42 C Canaries, Gemini VII. 

163:32:44 CC Go ahead, VII. 

163:32:45 C We attempted Area C-12. The land ... looked good 

through the clouds. However, we had no color 
change on the reticle again. 

163:32:58 CC Okay. We copy. 

163:33:00 C ... the day selected and calibrate down. 

163:33:06 CC Say agaia your last. 

163:33:07 C To tell color ... against a sort of a tan, pinkish 

area such as the western part of Africa here. 
Would you relay that to Houston, please? 

163:33:20 CC Okay. Will do. 

163:33:21 C Would you also tell them, please, that this photo- 

meter is defective? 

163:33:26 CC Okay. 

163:33:30 CC Flight Rogers that. 

163:34:34 P Okay. This is MSC-12, 163 :34. Comments after the 

task has been completed: visual contrast was 
great, the water a deep blue, the land area a 
pinkish tan - the desert area of western Africa. ■ 
Apollo Landmark features: over the area we were at, 
there was a small point of land to the north, a 
light on the camera, which has been recorded. 
Other than that, it is just another smooth coast- 
line. Cloud cover: there was some cloud cover 
to the left. I attempted to use a photometer on 
the clear land that was further to the north. 
There was window glare and there's also a deposit 
on my window, which might have some effect on the 
recordings. Continue with the MSC-12: the gain 
wheel was left in the FULL-UP position - full 
clockwise position - and the color did not change. 


163:37:55 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. Do you read? 



Loud and clear, Houston. Go ahead, please* 

We want you to delete the next MSC-12 activity 
for the time being. We want to look at the data 
on the next tape dump from this one you just did. 
We'd like you to put the instrument away without 
changing the calibration setting. 

Roger. The calibration setting was set in a FULL- 
UP position, since it never changed colors. Jim 
just rotated it full-up, and so we have a very 
ready source where it was. 


Correction, D-4j correction D-12j MSC-12 at 
163:30:28; slightly cloudy below. 

Houston, Gemini VII. 

Go ahead, VII. 

Go ahead, Gemini VII. 

Fuel Cell 2C stack is now down to 2 amps and we're 
getting a 2-amp split, the main bus amps. 


Okay. We'll probably give it an open-circuit at 
Carnarvon this time, VII. 

Roger. Thank you. 

We'll be in touch with you at Tananarive also if 



Gemini VII, Houston. Do you read? 
Loud and clear, Houston. How me? 






Roger. You're also loud and clear. Could you 
give us a reading on Stack 2C again, please? 



We're reading about 2 amps on Stack 2C. 



Roger. Understand. You're still maintaining 
2 amps. 



Roger. Closed circuit of voltage is 28 volts. 



Say again. That's the bus voltage, 28 volts? 



Stack voltages. 2C stack voltage is 28 volts. 



Roger. Is that the bus voltage, or did you open- 



No, that's the bus voltage. No open-circuit. 






Gemini VII, Houston. 



Gemini VII, Houston. Do you read? 



VII. Roger. 



Our present plans are to turn off that section at 
Canton with a power switch and let it be open- 
circuit from there to the US, and then we'll turn 
it back on and observe how it reacts with that. 



Understand. You plan on turning off the second 
section open-circuited Power switch at Canton and 
leaving it off until we get to the States. Is 
that correct? 







Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 



Go ahead, Carnarvon. This is VII. 



Roger. We are receiving ACQ-AID beacon and we 
were expecting D-4/D-7. Is there any problem? 

We don't have a schedule yet, Carnarvon. Stand 
by, we're checking our log now. 


We thought it was later. We thought it was 30, 
but it is 03. 

All right. 

Gemini VII, Carnarvon. We have nothing else for 
you this pass. You're looking good here on the 
ground. We're standing by. 

Roger. Could you have them schedule that for the 
next pass, please? It's our fault. 

Roger. That's no sweat. They say Texas will 
take care of it. 

Thank you. 

Gemini VII, Carnarvon. Would you give us another 
readout on 2C, please? 

Roger. Stand by. 

We're reading about 2 J amps, as close as I can 
read it. 

Roger. Thank you. 

Okay. Flight says that makes us feel better. 

It agrees with the ground readings quite closely. 



Gemini VII, Houston. 
This is VII. Go ahead. 




164:24:12 CC We'd like to get ready for turning off the 

Section 2 Power switch, Jim. Could you give us 
a complete readout on your stack currents at the 
present time? 

164:24:24 P Say again, please. Drift in your voice. 

164:24:27 CC We'd like a complete readout on your stack currents. 

164:24:37 C This is Gemini VII. You're unreadable. Say again, 


164:24:42 CC Would you give us a complete readout on your stack 

current s? 

164:24:52 P If I understand it, you said you want a complete 

readout on our stack currents. Stand by, I'll 
give it to you. 

164:24:57 CC Roger. 

164:25:01 P 1A, 3.5 J IB, 4; 1C, 3.5i 2A, 3i 2B, 2^j 2C, 2£. 

164:25:27 CC Roger, Gemini VII. And what is your bus current - 

bus voltage? 

164:25:40 P You're coming in very weak, but I'll give you bus 

voltages for the complete stack. 1A, 27. 8 J IB* 
27.8; 1C, 27.8; 2A, 27.8; 2B, 27.8; 2C, 27.8. 

164:26:07 CC Roger. 

164:27:04 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. 
164:27:16 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

164:27:20 P Houston, Gemini VII. You're very, very weak. 

Say again. 

164:27:25 CC Do not turn off Section 2. Repeat. Do not turn 

off Section 2. 

164:27:34 C Roger. We will not. 





164:40:41 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. If you copy, place 

your T/M switch to the REAL-TIME and A CO- AID 

164:40:55 CC Roger. We have it. 

164:43:19 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. You need not 

acknowledge. All systems look good on the ground. 

164:43:24 C Thank you. 


164:45:24 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 
164:45:26 C Go ahead, Houston. 

164:45:29 CC This is a UHF 6 pass. 
164:45:35 C Roger. 

164:45:38 CC The Lovell family's all here this morning observing 

this pass. We'd like to tell you congratulations 
on your halfway mark. You're now heading downhill. 

164:45:53 P Elliot, would you say hello to them for me, please, 

and I'll thank you very much. 

164:45:57 CC You just did it yourself. I also see the Borman 

boys are here. 

164:46:06 C Hi, boys! 

164:46:14 CC I have a couple of flight plan updates for you. 
164:46:31 P Stand by just a minute, Elliot. 

164:46:47 P Go ahead, Elliot. 

164:46:49 CC D-4 and 7: 165:43:35; Sequences 415 and 416; 

Mode 02; rescheduled from previous pass. MSC-4: 
166:20:41; Sequence 01; Mode 01; pitch 30 degrees 
down, yaw 25 degrees left. Do you copy? 




164:47:41 P We've copied. 

164:47:44 CC Roger. Do you have the humidity reading that we 

asked for in the cockpit? 

164:47:50 P Roger. Stand by. 

164:48:12 P The average temperature/dew point reads in our 

survey this morning have been dew point around 
58, temperature around 82. 

164:48:21 CC Roger. Copy. 58 and 82. 

164:48:24 C That's 16 degrees higher than it was this morning 

when we got up, Elliot. 

164:48:30 CC 16 degrees higher. Roger. 

164:48:38 CC On the fuel cell, we looked at your amp readings 

and decided we would hold off a little bit on 
this open-circuit technique and just observe it a 
little longer. 

164:48:52 P Roger. Understand that. 

164:49:12 CC Those are the only items we have on this pass and 

we'll be standing by for the rest of your pass. 

164:49:30 P Houston, we were trying out some of this high- 

contrast film on the States pass, but I see 
you're quite cloudy today. 

164:49:38 CC That's affirmative. We're hoping for a break in 

this weather so we can try an MSC-4 at Hawaii, 
but it looks pretty bad for today. 

164:49:50 CC For your information, the Ascension MSC-4 equip- 
ment is still down. 

164:49:56 C That's just what I was going to ask you. 

164:50:30 CC We had a simulation with the GT-VI crew last 

night; final run-through on the rendezvous sim. 
Everything went real well. 

164:50:40 C Good. 



164:50:44 P Looks like the east coast is pretty clear, up 

there towards north. 

164:50:50 CC Roger. 

164:50:53 P If anybody's going up that way. 

164:52:35 CC Gemini VII, are you still having any of the water 

boiler venting? 

164:52:43 P This is VII. Not to our knowledge, Houston. 

164:52:46 CC Roger. 


164:52:56 C When the boiler vents it also gives us a left roll, 

Elliot, which is very pronounced. Well, you know 
it's there. 

164:53:04 CC Roger. 

164:53:37 P Elliot, you can tell the Lovell family that I'm past 

the , . . point . 

164:53:44 CC I didn't copy that, VII. Say again. 

164:53:47 P Did you tell the Lovell family that our grass looks 

like it needs mowing? 

164:53:54 CC I'll tell her. 
164:58:24 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 
164:58:29 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

164:58:30 CC Give us another readout on those stack currents. 
164:58:34 P Roger. Stand by. 

164:58:40 P 1A is 3i amps; IB is 4 amps; 1C just slightly under 

4 amps; 2A, 3 amps; 2B, about 2| amps; and 2C is 
slightly under 3 amps. 

164:58:59 CC Roger. 

165:00:27 CC We'll see you after lunch, next time around, VII. 



165:00:31 P Roger. Adios. 


165:07:51 CC Gemini VII, Canary. 
165:07:54 C Go ahead, Canary. 

165:07:55 CC Roger. We're noticing your fuel cell hydrogen 

is low, almost down to minimum. You might take 
a look at it and boost it up a little bit. 

165:08:02 C Roger. Thank you. 

165:08:03 CC Okay. Also, it looks like your Fuel Cell 2 has 

just about leveled out. Everything looks pretty 
good. We'll keep a close look on it on the 
ground, however. 

165:08:11 C Roger. 

165:08:16 CC And that's about all we have for today and we'll 

see you tomorrow. 

165:08:21 P Right. In regards to the Apollo Landmark star, 

which we're coming up on right now, there are 
so many clouds and a lot of haze, that we don't 
think it's worth taking the shot. 

165:08:33 CC Roger. 

165:08:53 CC Okay. If you can't do it, just don't worry about 

it. Forget it. 

165:09:00 P Roger. Thank you. 

165:09:48 CC VII, you still with us? 

165:09:50 C Roger. We're still with you. 

165:09:51 CC Go to COMMAND on your REAL-TIME and ACQ-AID switch. 

165:09:55 C Roger. 




Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 

This is VII. Read you loud and clear. 

Roger. We'd like to ask you to keep track of 
this water boiler venting. Keep a log of it so 
we can get a handle on how often it is happening 

Roger, Houston. The only time we can tell it's 
venting is at twilight or when the sun shines in 
a certain light and it forms a sparkle on the - 
ice crystals against the black sky. 

Roger. In other words, it is so minor that you 
can only tell it when you see it. You do not get 
any motions out of it that are particularly 

Roger. Although - right now we're in a slow left 
roll. After we had lined up on this Apollo 
Landmark and shut down, we did go into a slow 
left roll. 


VII, we'd like you to just do the best you can on 
that as far as keeping track of it, to see if we 
can establish any pattern here as to how often it 
does vent. 

Roger. Will do. 


Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. We have nothing 
for you this pass. Everything looks good on the 
ground. We are standing by. 

Roger, Carnarvon. 

Yes. We just completed D-U/D-7, 165:50. We did 
3 minutes over water, a little more than 4 minutes 




over land. Land was covered by clouds with some 
lightning in it, so you should take that into 
account when you're inspecting. 

165:51:30 P I am urinating at this time. 

165:54:45 C I have it set up for MSC-4 right away. 

165:54:48 C I guess that's all right ... 

165:54:59 P Roger. 

165:55:31 P Okay. 

165:55:34 C What? 

165:55:36 P Very good. 


166:04:40 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

166:04:43 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

166:04:46 C Roger, Hawaii. VII here. 

166:04:49 CC Roger, Gemini VII. Would you place your DCS 

circuit breaker to OPEN? 

166:04:55 C ... Open. 

166:04:57 CC Tour T/M Control switch to REAL TIME and ACQ-AID, 

166 :05 :01 C 

166:05:04 CC Say again. 

166:05:05 C I did. 

166:05:07 CC Adapter C-Band to CONTINUOUS. 

166:05:10 C Adapter C-Band to CONTINUOUS. Roger. 

166:05:15 CC Roger. Standing by. 




166:06:02 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
166: 06: 04 C Go ahead, please. 

166:06:05 CC Roger. We're going to leave you in this configura- 
tion until Flight advises us to change. The reason 
for this is we're supporting the pad test on VI so 
we'll just leave you in this configuration. 

166:06:21 C Fine. Thank you. 

166:06:25 CC We show you GO on the ground, and I have some 

information for you to copy when you're free. 

166:06:32 C Stand by a minute. 

166:06:44 C Go ahead, Hawaii. 

166:06:46 CC Roger. You have a UHF 6 over the States on this 

pass. You'll be having a manual tape dump over 
the States and I have a flight plan update when 
you're ready to copy. 

166:07:02 C I'm ready. 

166:07:05 CC Title: Node at 166:00:12; Rev 104; 173.3 degrees 

east; right ascension 10 hours, 24 minutes, 
18 seconds. 

166:07:33 C Roger. We have it. 

166:07:34 CC Transponder test: 167:35 :00; Sequence 01 at 

Hawaii; off at 167:59:00. Apollo: 168:08:29; 
Sequence 58; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 13 
degrees right. MSC-2 and J>' 168:15 *-00; Sequence 
02; at the same time replace tracer storage accumu- 
lator if not previously done. At 168:5^:00: 
crew status report, Command Pilot, Carnarvon. At 
169:00:00: BIO MED Recorder Number 1 - CONTINUOUS. 
Are you with me? 

166:09:23 C Right there. 

166:09:25 CC At 169:17:00: crew status report, Pilot, Hawaii. 

S-5: 169:34:00; pitch 90 degrees down, yaw 0 
degrees; single; photographs of the southern 
Mexican Yucatan area. MSC-2 and 3: 169:49:00; 




Sequence 03; stop at 170:04:00. At 171:00:00: 
BIO MED Recorder Number 1 off. Are you still 
with me, Gemini VII? 


At 171:26:00: FLA update; fuel cell purge over 
RKV. At 171:35:00: exercise. At 171:45:00: 
housekeeping period. At 172:10:00: flight plan 
report, CSQ. At 172:15:00: eat period. At 
173:15:00: BIO MED Recorder Number 2 CONTINUOUS, 
and start the sleep period. At 184:15:00: end 
of sleep period. MSC-2 and 3: 184:15:00; off. 
At 184:23:00: purge fuel cells; PLA update over 
Canaries. Did you copy, Gemini VII? 

Everything but the last time. 

The last time was 184:23:00. 

Roger. We have it. 



Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 
Loud and clear. 

Roger. Like to advise you that, at the laser 
site, we have clear to l/lO cloud coverage. 
Should be real good. And we have two grey 
smoke pots 10 miles north of the laser. And 
they are 30 miles apart. The wind direction is 
from the west, about a 5-knot wind. 


Good luck. 

Thank you. 

Gemini VII, Houston. Let me know when you're 
complete with your laser tracking so that we 
can work on the tape dump. 



166:17:16 C Roger. 

166:18:21 CC Gemini VII, Houston. When you get a break would 

you give us - us the amp readings on the fuel 

166:18:27 C Roger. 


166:21:33 C Elliot, we're right on it but we don't see a 


166:21:37 CC Roger. Keep looking. 

166:21:40 CC You don't see the smoke either? 

166:21:42 C I see what looks like smoke. Roger. 

166:21:44 CC Okay. It's ten miles south of the smoke. 

166:21:53 C It ... the whole works, but I mean ... the whole 

works. I see the smoke. I got the smoke very 

166:22:09 CC Roger. 

166:22:10 P Flight, we got the smoke but no beam. 

166:22:13 CC Keep looking. It's 250 miles away. I'm not too 


166:22:44 C No luck, Elliot. 

166:22:46 CC Roger. You're about 252 miles away so I guess 

you're just too far away for it. Okay. I'd like 
a readout on the stack amperages. 

166:23:09 CC Gemini VII, do you copy? 

166:23:12 C Say again. 

166:23:13 CC Give me a readout on your fuel cell stacks. Just 

the amperages. 




166:23:23 P Roger. 1A is 3h IB is 4; 1C is 4; 2A is 3; 2B, 

2\\ and it looks like 2C is either - just barely 
below 2. 

166:23:39 CC Roger. We would like to place 2C on OPEN-CIRCUIT 

at this time, just like we did yesterday. 

166:23:49 P 2C is open-circuited. 

166:23:52 CC Roger. And we'll leave it open for about 15 

minutes-the same way we did yesterday. 

166:24:01 P Roger. Understand. 

166:24:12 CC Gemini VII, we want to do a manual tape dump. 

Place your Standby T/M switch to BELAY TIME. 

166:24:19 P Standby T/M on DELAY TIME. 

166:24:28 CC Roger, VII. Jim, we'd like you to press on your 

top sternal lead again. Just the top one and hold 
it until I tell you. 

166:24:38 P Roger. 

166:25:05 CC Gemini VII, place your Tape Playback switch to 


166:25:11 P Roger. Tape Playback in CONTINUOUS. 

166:25:22 CC Okay, Jim. You can release the top sternal lead . 

and press on the bottom one until I tell you. 

166:25:35 P Roger, Elliot. 

166:25:39 CC Sounds like you have about three hands going there. 
166:25:43 P Right. 

166:25:51 P Elliot, we had a beautiful view of White Sands, 

and I don't think we were that far away that we 
just picked that beam up . . . 

166:26:00 CC Roger. 

166:26:10 CC Jim, I'd like you to release that bottom sternal 

lead and then press on it again alternately on 
and off for a few times here. 



166:26:20 P Roger. 

166:26:31 CC Okay, that's fine, Jim. You can release the sternal 


166:26:40 CC Captain Brent nail's here. Telling me again what 

a good job you guys are doing on the D-4 and 
D-7's. You did real well and you got the Polaris 
real well. 

166:26:49 P Very good. 

166:27:29 C Elliot , we just did a Camera Temperature Survey 

a short time ago. Do you mind if we scrub this 
one coming up at 166? 

166:27:32 CC Roger. That would be okay. 

166:27:37 CC Could you tell me what the open-circuit 2C is 

looking like now on the amperage - on the voltage? 

166:27:45 P Roger. It's 31.2. 

166:27:50 CC 31.2. Roger. 


166:30:29 CC Gemini VII, place your Tape Playback switch to 


166:30:34 P In COMMAND. 

166:30:38 CC And Standby T/M switch to OFF. 
166:30:44 P Standby T/M is off. 

166:31:00 CC VII, Gemini VII, we'll take a look at the fuel 

cell open-circuit voltage and the time and so 
forth again at Ascension, and we'll probably put 
it back on at that point. 

166:31:18 P Roger. Understand. We'll probably put it back 

on at Ascension. 




Elliot, if we lose communication with you, we 
shouldn't leave it on more than 13 or 14 minutes, 
should we? 

That's right, Frank. I think maybe we ought to 
turn it off here before we have LOS at Antigua. 
So stand by a minute. 


VII, stand by for a minute. The Surgeon has a 
brief note and I have - we'll get back with you 
on the fuel cell. 

Gemini VII, this is Surgeon. Jim, we've - in 
checking that lead, it's very definitely the lower 
sensor, the sensor on the bottom of the sternum 
there, so we obviously cannot do anything about 
that as long as you're in a suited condition, and 
we'll have to wait some further developments in 
that area before we're able to have you do anything 
further with that sensor. We're going along with 
the single lead. 

Roger. Understand. 

Gemini VII, Houston. Do you still have the Delta-P 
light on? 

Affirmative. The Delta-P light has been on. 

Roger. And the Stack 2C voltage has gone up to 
the top of the scale, 32 volts? 

It's moving a little bit, but not much. I'd say 
about a tenth to two-tenths. 


Gemini VII, Houston. We'd like to have you put 
Stack 2C back on the line at this time and then 
give us a complete stack amperage readout. 

Roger. 2C going back on the line. 

1A is 4 amps; IB, 4ii 1C is 4; 2A, 3; 2B about 
2&', and the poor dC is still down around 2 amps. 



166:36:20 CC Roger, VII. We'll be contacting you further on it 

at Ascension, 

166:36:25 P Roger. 

166:36:35 CC I'm sure you'll be keeping track of it between 

here and Ascension. We'll be interested in 
whether it increases or what it does. 

166:36:^3 P Roger. I'll watch it. 

166:36:51 CC See any difference in 2C yet? The last reading was 


166:36:57 P Well, actually, Elliot, it looks like it's down 

almost to lj amps now. 

166:37:03 CC Roger. 

166:37:30 CC Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 
166:43:3^ C Clear. 

166 :43s 34 CC Roger, VII. Could you give us a readout on the 

stack amperages again, please? 

166:43:43 P 1A is 3i; IB is hi 1C is 4i 2A, 3; 2B, 2£; and 

2C about lj to 2 slightly under 2. 

166:44:00 CC Slightly under 2. Roger. 

166:44:02 CC And 2A was 3.0. Is that correct? 

166:44:07 P Roger. 3.0. 

166:44:10 CC And 2B was 3.5. Is that correct? 

166:44:15 P Negative. ... It looks like 2.5. 2.5. 

166:44:20 CC Roger. 2.5. 

166:44:25 CC VII, we'd like you to do a normal fuel cell purge 

at this time. 

166:44:33 P Roger. Commencing normal fuel cell purge. 

166:45:36 C This is Gemini VII. The water boiler is venting 




166:45:40 CC Roger, VII. Water boiler is venting again. 

166:46:02 CC Gemini VII, our thought here is to observe the 

results of this purge, and, if it does not help 
the situation, we will probably be doing the 
higli-flow purge again as we started to do yes- 

166:46:20 P VII. Roger. 

166:46:27 C I have ... flight plans ... attitude control ... 

more fuel ... venting. 

166:46:37 CC Understand. You want us to allow some fuel for the 

venting control. Is that what you are saying, 

166:47:52 CC Gemini VII, Houston. We understood you to say 

that we should take into account the water boiler 
venting in regard to scheduling of the experiments, 
from a fuel standpoint. Is that correct? 

166:48 06 P ... fuel to control these rates. 

166:48:10 CC Roger. 

166:48:20 CC Gemini VII, would you verify that the adapter 

C-Band beacon is on? 

166:48:33 P C-Band beacon is on CONTINUOUS. 

166:48:38 CC And place your T/M switch to COMMAND. 

166:48:45 P T/M switch is on COMMAND. 

166:48:47 CC Roger. 

166:49:29 P Purge complete. 

166:49:32 CC Roger. Understand. Purge complete. 

166:49:38 CC What does Stack 2C amperage read now, Jim? 

166:49:44 P Fuel, l£ amps. 

166:49:47 CC Roger. 




166:51:19 CC Gemini VII, I think we are about to lose contact. 

Do you notice any change in Stack 2C at this point? 


167:00:23 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 

167:00:27 C Loud and clear, Houston* Go ahead. 

167:00:30 CC Roger. Can you tell us anything new on Stack 2C? 

167:00:38 P 2C looks like it's maintaining its own, about l£ 

amps. Very low. 

167:00:44 CC Roger, VII. We'll be standing by. 

167:06:49 P Another memo to Doctor Chance: chicken with 

vegetables, Serial Number FC680, neck is almost 
sealed shut. You can't even squeeze it out. 
I'll probably have to cut the bag to get it. 
Continuing same memo to Doctor Chance: just 
opened the seals; chicken with vegetables all 
over window at this time. 


167: 14 : 49 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. Would you turn 

your T/M switch to REAL-TIME, ACQ-AID position? 

167:14:57 P Roger. T/M's REAL-TIME in ACQ-AID and the Fuel 

Cell 2C stack is on the low side of ij, it appears 
to me. 

167:15:07 CC Roger. Thank you. 

167:15:25 CC Gemini VII, would you turn your adapter C-Band 

beacon to the CONTINUOUS position, please? 

167:15:32 P C-Band is on CONTINUOUS. 

167:15:34 CC Roger. 

167:16:14 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 




167:16:13 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

167:16:21 CC Roger. I have an update for you on an MSC-4 

experiment when you're ready to copy. 

167:16:27 P Roger. Stand by. 

167:16:43 P Go ahead, Carnarvon. 

167:16:45 CC Roger. MSC-4: Time, 167:43:24; Sequence Number 

05 j Mode 01} pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 20 degrees 
right. That will be over Hawaii this pass. 

167:17:17 P We copy. 

167:17:19 CC Roger. 

167:17:33 CC Would like to have you transmit on your beacon 

regardless of whether you see it from the ground 
or not. 

167:17:41 P Will do. 

167:17:43 CC We'd also like to know whether you were using 

the special laser telescope on your last pass 
over the States. 

167:17:52 P That's affirm. I was using both. I was using 

the telescope and also just eyeballing it. 

167:17:58 CC Okay. And did you do any transmitting? 

167:18:03 P Roger. I did a few seconds transmitting at 

closest point of approach. 

167:18:08 CC Roger. 

167:18:27 CC We'd like to have you leave your C-Band - adapter 

C-Band beacon on for tracking over the RKV and up 
to Hawaii. 

167:18:38 P Roger. 

167:19:36 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. The ground computation 

shows that your amperage is up slightly. 

167:19:43 P That's right. It was up over Carnarvon. 




167:19:46 CC Roger. 

167:19:49 C You guys do good work. 

167:19:51 CC I don't see how we could help all that though. 

167:20:08 CC There's a possibility that White Sands was not 

boresighted on that last pass. 

167:20:15 P I thought it was. Boy, we had it dead right. 

167:20:19 CC Roger. 

167:21:39 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 

167:21:42 P Go ahead, Carnarvon. 

167:21:44 CC Roger. Our ground calculations at the present 

time are showing 2.46 amps. 

167:21:51 P Let me scrunch down here and see what I can read. 

167:21:56 P Right, I'm reading close to 3 amps now. 

167:21:59 CC Roger. Very good. 

167:22:07 CC Flight says scrunch down just a little more and 

get it up to 5, would you? 

167:22:12 P I'm doing my best. 

167:22:14 CC Roger. 

167:23:08 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. We'll have LOS shortly. 

Would you turn your T/M back to the COMMAND 

167:23:18 P Roger. 


167:40:08 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
167:40:10 C Go ahead, Hawaii. 




167:40:11 CC Will you close your DCS circuit breaker? 
167:40:15 C Closed. 

167:40:16 CC T/M Control switch to COMMAND. 
167:40:20 C To COMMAND. 

167:40:23 CC Okay. And will you put your adapter C-Band to 


167:40:29 C COMMAND. 

167:40:31 CC Roger. 

167:40:35 C How's your weather? 

167:40:36 CC The weather is real good. I'll give you some look 

angles here. General area look angles. I'll give 
you those as soon as we get acquisition. 

167:40:49 CC Do you have your C-Band in COMMAND? 

167:40:50 C Roger. 

167:41:07 CC Put your adapter C-Band back in the CONTINUOUS 


167:41:10 C In the CONTINUOUS position. 

167:41:12 CC Roger. 

167:41:22 C Are you reading us? 

167:41:24 CC We're seeing your beacon intermittently. It 

should lock shortly. 

167:41:43 CC Gemini VII, look 080. 

167:41:49 C What do you mean 080? 

167:41:51 CC If you look at - if you look at an azimuth of 080 

from your spacecraft. Look generally to the east, 
and you may be able to pick out the island. 

167:42:00 C These are not the planing commands we got. 




167:42:02 CC Okay. I'm just giving you a general look as you 

come up over from where ray radar's looking at you. 
I'm turning them around, so maybe you'll have a 
general look towards the island. In other words, 
stay with your mode, pitch 30 down and yaw 20 
right, but try and look in that general vicinity 
from the window. 

167:42:21 C I have it now, I think. 

167:42:22 CC Roger. 

167:42:24 C ... told yaw 2 right. It's yaw 20 right, is that 

correct ? 

167:42:30 CC Roger. Yaw 20 right. 20. 

167:42:33 C Okay. I thought it was 2 but we've got the island. 

167:42:40 CC Okay. Could you give me a readout at 2-Alpha, 

2-Bravo and 2-Charlie? 

167:42:54 C We're looking right on it. We ought to receive 

the beacon. 

167:42:57 CC Roger. 

167:43:26 CC Anything of the beacon at all? 

167:43:27 C Nothing at all, but we see the island loud and 

clear . 

167:43:30 CC Okay. Are you transmitting dump? 
167:43:31 C Roger. 
167:43:32 CC Okay. 

167:44:05 C Are you that group of buildings on the top of 

the hill? 

167:44:08 CC That's affirmative. Right up on top of the 

mountain, on the northwest portion of the island. 

167:44:11 C Man, I got you loud and clear! 

167:44:13 CC Okay. You don't see the beacon at all? 




167:44:15 C Not a thing. 

167:44:17 CC Can you see - can you pick out any of the antennas 

to the north of the building? 

167:44:21 C Now there's clouds over the east of you. 

167:44:25 CC Okay. 

167:44:28 C I see a lot of buildings and it looks like antennas 

scattered around right outside 

167:44:31 P ... transmit. 

167:44:32 C northwest side of the mountain. 

167:44:34 CC Okay. 

167:44:35 C There's also some smoke, it looks like, over on 

the south side of the hill. 

167:44:39 CC That could be true. They're probably burning sugar 


167:44:42 C Looks like it. 
167:44:44 C We're transmitting. 
167:44:45 CC Roger. 

167:44:53 C We're going by now - I got it. 
167:44:56 CC You got the beacon in sight? 
167:44:57 C Got beacon. Saw blink. 
167:44:58 CC Roger. 

167:45:03 C Is it pretty close to the edge of the mountain, 

right by the ridge there? 

167:45:06 CC That's affirmative. 

167:45:0? C Okay. I saw it. I can see it again. I see it 


167:45:10 CC Very good. 




167:45:11 C You're witness. 

167:45:15 C You're not - there it is again. 

167:45:16 CC Very good. Try aiming at it. 

167:45: IS C Okay. I don't hardly believe it. 

167:45:19 CC Okay. 

167:45:22 C You're still a witness. 

167:45:23 CC Okay. 

167:45:31 C We should have gotten you with that one. 

167:45:33 CC Very good. Stand by one. 

167:45:54 CC Do you see any more of it? 

167:46:09 CC VII, Hawaii. 

167:46:13 P Go ahead, Hawaii. 

167:46:15 CC Okay. Have you seen any more of it? 

167:46:18 P I don't believe so. 

167:46:20 CC Okay. You're getting pretty far down on the pass. 

I'd knock it off at this time. Can you give me 
a readout on Section 2? 

167:46:25 P Roger. Stand by. 

167:46:33 P 2A is 3 amps; 2B, 2j amps; and 2C, 2 amps. 

167:46:38 CC Okay. Thank you very much. 

167:46:58 CC VII, Hawaii CAP COM. We have nothing further. 

We'll be standing by. 

167:47:01 C Thank you. 

167:47:16 CC VII, Hawaii. 

167:47:18 C Go ahead. 

167:47:19 CC Could you put your adapter back to COMMAND? 




167:U7:22 C Roger. 

167:^7:23 C How about having ... tell MCC, if they have 

picked us up. 

167:^7:27 CC Okay. They're copying all that. 
167:1+7:29 CC You in COMMAND? 
167:47:32 C Roger. 


167:51:^2 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. Da you read? 
167:51:46 P Roger, Houston. 

167:51:56 CC Could you give me a readout on your Stack 2 - 

all your Stack 2 - Section 2 stacks. 

167:52:06 P Roger. 2A is reading 3 amps; 2B, 2-1/2; 2C, 2. 

167:52:13 CC Roger. We're planning to do this single-stack 

purge. In preparation for that, we'd like you to 
put 2C on OPEN-CIRCUIT and we'll check the voltage 
at that point. 

167:52:29 P 2C going OPEN- CIRCUIT at this time. 

167:53:27 P Houston, this is VII. Reading 30.8 on the open- 

circuit voltage 2C. 

167:53:35 CC Roger, Gemini VII. Watch it for a minute, see if 

it goes up a little bit. 

167:5^:12 CC Gemini VII, did you acquire the Hawaii beacon, Jim? 

l67:5*+:20 P Roger. Frank got it. I was looking through the 

laser. Frank got the beacon. We viewed the island 
for some time and Frank got the beacon for some 

l67:5*+:30 CC Did you actually have the beacon also? 
167: 5*+: 33 P Going out. 




167:54:3*)- CC I say, did you actually have the beacon also? 
167:54:37 P Roger. Frank saw the beacon. 

167:54:4-0 CC I ssy, did you see it also? 

167 :5k:hk P I saw it for a moment, but then as soon as you go 

into the telescope again you lose it. The green 
telescope fades everything out. 

167: 5*+; 51 CC Roger. So you feel your pointing was very good. 

167:54:54 P Yes, for a spacecraft it was great. 

167:54:58 CC Rjger. 

167:55:15 CC What does your voltage look like now, Jim? 

167:55:18 P Reading about 31 volts now, Elliot. 

167:55:23 CC Roger. We'd like to have you put it back on the 

line now. And after it stabilizes for a few 
seconds or 30 seconds or so, give us a stack - 
correction, Section 2 stack readouts. 

167:55:^8 P Roger. Stack readouts coming up. 2A, 3 amps 

2B, 2-1/2; and 2C about 2. 

167:56:02 CC Roger. Do you want me to reed out the procedure 

for this purge, or do you want to just do it step 
by step? 

167:56:13 P We can do it step by step and make sure we've done 

the correct procedure. 

167:56:17 CC Roger. 

167:56:21 CC Do you see any difference in the 2C current at 

this point? 

167:56:27 P Negative. It's still pretty low, between - put 

it around 2 volts, or 2 amps. 

167:56:35 CC Okay. The procedure is as follows: Crossover 


167:56:40 P Crossover is open at this time. It's off - open. 




167:56:U3 P It's open. 

167:56:145 CC And Stack 2A end £B off? 

167:56:52 C 2A and 2B going off. 

167:56:55 CC Roger. Now would you give us a reading on the 

Stack 2C amperage? 

l67:57:OU C Stack 2C now reads 3 amps. 

167:57:09 CC Roger. Now we want a normal hydrogen purge on 

the Section 2. 

167:57:16 C That's Roger. 

167:57:34 C Purge complete. 

167:57:40 CC Roger, Gemini VII. Let's pause a minute and then 

we'll be putting 2A and 2B back on. And you can 
close the Crossover any time you want. 

167:57:59 P The Crossover is off. 

167:58:03 CC Roger. You see any difference in the current yet? 

Is it still about 3? 

167:58:11 P Roger. It's 3 amps. 

167:58:14 CC Okay. You can put 2A and 2B back on at this time. 
167:58:21 P 2A and 2B are back in line. 

167:58:30 CC And when they settle down a little bit you can give 

us a stack readout again. 

167:58:47 P 2A is reading 3 amps; 2B, 2-1/2 amps; 2C, 2 amps. 

167:58:55 CC Roger, VII. We'll watch it for awhile now. 

167:58:59 P Roger. I have one question that still is on my 

mind. The Crossover valve on that purge is in the 
OFF position. Is that the way you wanted it? 

167:59:07 CC Negative. It should be - should have been in the 

OPEN position. 



167:59:11 P You mean ON position? 

167:59:13 CC Roger. 

l67:59:lU P Well, it wasn't that way. We interpreted it as 

the OFF position. 

167:59:31 CC Gemini VII, we'd like to repeat it and do it this 

time with the Crossover valves in an ON position; 
that is - OPEN. 

l67:59: 1 +0 P Roger. Going to the ON position. 

167:59:43 CC Then 2A And 2B off and a normal purge. 

167:59:50 P 2A and 2B are off and we're going on with a 

normal hydrogen purge. 

168:00:12 P Purge complete. Crossover going off. 

168:00:17 CC Roger. 

168:00:26 P You want 2A and 2B hack on the line? 

168:00:29 CC Okay. Roger. 2A and 2B back on. 

168:00:50 P Okay, Elliot. Let's see - 2A is reading 3, 2B 

is reading 2 l/2, and afraid 2C is still down 
there at 2. 

168:00:59 CC Okay. We'll watch it for awhile here now. 

168:01:51+ CC Okay, Gemini VII. Are you ready for the day's 


168:01:58 P Roger. Standing by. 

l68:02:04 CC Defense Secretary McNamara announced plans for a 

new bomber development yesterday. It's to be a 
Mach 2 type airplane, based on a variable sweep 
wing concept. It's to go into operation in 1968 
and is to replace the B-52's. Everything is GO 
for the GT-VI tomorrow, and we 've been in touch 
with them several times today. Everything is 
going along real fine. Congressman Olin (Tiger) 
Teague says he plans to introduce a bill making 
anti-Vietman war demonstrations an act of treason. 




The Pirates' pitcher, Bob Friend, has been traded 
to the Yankees and the Chargers play the Oilers 
here tomorrow. 

168:02:59 C Thank you. 

168:03:47 CC Gemini VII, did you have the Transponder switch on 

over Hawaii for that temperature survey? 

168:03:52 C I goofed that, Elliot. I have to turn it on - I 

was going to ask you where. Should I turn it on 

168:04:00 CC Okay. We'll reschedule it for you. 

l68:04:06 C We were so busy with the laser that we forgot about 

it completely. 

168:04:09 CC Roger. I thought that happened. 

168:04:19 C That laser is no great big bathtub of light. It 

looks more like a speck in a big vast island. 

168:04:24 CC Roger. We'll make it work yet. 

168:04:30 C I saw it loud and clear, but it just wasn't what 

I expected. 

168:04:37 CC Do I understand that Jim is unable to keep it 

acquired real well while he's looking through his 
sighting device; that the color of the filtered air 
tends to blank it out so that he can't keep in 
contact with it? 

168:04:53 C Well, I don't think he really had it long enough 

to try it well. Did you, Jim? 

l68:04:56 P No. The best idea, I think, is to pick it up with 

your eyeball and then go the ... telescope. And 
what I was trying to do was eyeball it with the 
telescope first. I had the island and we took it 
through the scope, trying to find the light, and 
the green filter makes it impossible, just about. 

168:05:13 CC Roger, Jim. 




168: 05: 18 CC It may turn out that trying to do that at night 

is going to be about the only way to really be 
sure of it. 

168:05:26 P Roger. I think we ought to look seriously into a 

night pass some place and make that a high 

168:05:32 CC Roger. Right now we're trying to get any kind of 

pass. As you know, we've had the weather problems 
so much, and equipment problems. 

168:05 ;k2 P Roger. 

168:06:^3 C Hey, Elliot. 

168:06:1+4 CC Go ahead. 

l68:06:U6 C If you get a chance, how about checking with Susan 

and see how everything is on the home front, will 
you? I'll talk to you next time around if we get 

168:06:5^ CC Everything is real fine. Your boys are doing 

particularly good in school, Frank. 

168:06:58 C Well, good.* 

168:07:06 CC I'll give her a call anyway and get some more 

specific word. But I did get that word definitely 

168:07:12 C Thank you. 

168:07:16 C We're looking for Trinidad now, but it's very cloudy 

down here. 

168:07:19 CC Roger. 

168:07:^1 CC Flight says he'd like a weather forecast for the 

Cape tomorrow morning. 

168:07:^7 C We'll give you one tomorrow. I tell you, I think 

it will be cloudy unless the sun is shining. 

168:07:55 CC Roger, we copy that. You probably notice from that 

big long flight update that we gave you that we're 




juggling your time somewhat to plan for the - the 
launch tomorrow, the GT-VI launch. That is why we 
changed all your times there. What we're planning 
in regard to your suit or getting Jim suited - 
getting you suited back is to wait until after the 
launch because only then will we know for certain 
just how long the rendezvous is going to take and 
we'll have plenty of time after that. 

168:08:29 C Roger. 

168:08:31 CC As you know, it might even be as much as a day to 

complete the rendezvous. So we didn't want to get 
you back in the suit early if it were not necessary. 

l68:08:*t0 P ... you're my friend. 

l68:08:U6 C Lovell volunteered to "spend the next week in the 


168:09:00 CC I didn't hear Jim's comment on that. 

168:09:03 C Elliot, I might also comment that whoever is com- 

puting these planning commands is doing a fantastic 
job. They're right on the money every time, 

168:09:13 CC Unfortunately, he heard that. You're going to 

give him the big head. 

168:09:21 C They are really good. We just saw Trinidad and 

took a picture, but through some clouds. 

168:09:26 CC Roger. 

168:09:37 CC How about giving me one more readout on your stacks 

there, Jim, before we lose you? 

168:09:40 P Roger, Elliot. 2A is reading 3> 2B, 2-1/2; and 

our friend 2C is still barely hanging on to 2. 
Slightly below. 

168:09:52 CC Roger. 

168:10:05 C Elliot, I'd like to reiterate to the flight 

planners - it 's going to take a lot more fuel this 
week just to maintain attitude. The vents or the 
water boiler build up the rates very swiftly. 



168:10:15 CC Roger, VII. We're going to work on that. 
168:10:17 C Thank you. 

l68:l6:4l C 168 :16: turning MSC-2 and 3 on. Sequence 02. 

168:20:00 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 
168:20:04 C Go, Houston. 

168:20:06 CC Roger. I just talked to Sue, Prank, and she said 

everything's fine on the home front and she is glad 
to see that you're on the downhill side. 

168:20:15 C Thank you, Elliot. 

168:20:19 CC She reiterated that the "boys are doing real ... in 

school, and also she said they thoroughly enjoyed 
their visit to the Center here on your last pass, 
and your message to them. 

168:20:30 C 

168:20:35 CC I have a flight plan update for you on this 

transponder test. We've rescheduled it, when 
you *re ready to copy. 

168: 20: 1+1 C Ready. 

168:20:1+3 CC You are ready? 

168:20:45 P Yes. 

168:20:46 CC Okay. Time: 1 - - 

168:20:48 C All ready. 

168:20:52 CC Time: 169:20:00; transponder on; off at 169:35:00. 

Do you copy? 

168:21:12 C 

168:21:23 CC Gemini VII, did you copy? 

168:21:26 C Negative. You were cut off. 

168:21:34 CC Gemini VII, did you copy? I've had some interference 




168:21:39 C Roger, Elliot. Say again, please? 

168:21:44 CC Did you copy the flight plan update? 

168:21:48 C Negative. Say again, please. 

168:21:51 CC Roger. 169:20:00; transponder on; off at 

169:35:00. Do you copy? 

168:22:09 C Roger. We copied. 

168:22:12 CC And how does Stack 2C look? 

168:22:19 P 2C is 1-1/2 amps. 

168:22:23 CC Roger. Copy 1.5. 

168:22:31 C Carnarvon will probably fix it for us, Bill. 

168:22:36 CC Say again, VII. Did not copy. 

168:22:39 C Carnarvon will probably fix it for us. 

168:22:46 CC Still didn't understand you. 

168:23:29 CC Gemini VII, we'll contact you again at Tananarive. 

168:23:35 P VII. Roger. 


168:37:09 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 
168:37:18 P This is Gemini VII. Go ahead. 

168:37:20 CC Roger. Would you give us the Stack 2C reading? 
168:37:32 P 1-1/2 amps, Elliot. 

168:37:35 CC Roger. We would like to place Stack 2C off, turn 

it off, and we will leave it off through Carnarvon. 
That will be 20 minutes. We have confirmed this 
with a test a McDonnell, St. Louis, for 30 minutes. 
Do you copy? 

168:37:58 P Roger. Stack 2C . . . for 20 minutes. 



168:38:07 CC You cut out on that transmission, Jim. Say again. 

168:38:11+ P I said ... open circuit, now clock it for 20 minutes 

and we'll talk to you over Carnarvon. 

168:38:20 CC Roger, Gemini VII. 

168:38:28 CC Like to inform you that the GT-VI midcount is 

completed with no problems. 

168:38:36 P Roger. We just say ... we'll be waiting for 

them up here. We'll have tea with them. 

168: 38: Itl CC Roger. 


168: 51:1+8 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. We have a valid 

temperature . We *re standing by for your blood 

168:51:55 P Blood pressure coming down. 
168:52:03 CC Good. Your cuff is full-scale. 
168:52:06 CC Gemini VII. 
168:52:08 P Roger. 

168:52:51 CC Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. Give 

us a Mark before you start exercising. 

168:52:57 P MARK. 

168:53:26 P Blood pressure coming down. 
168:53:32 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

168:54:28 CC Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. We're 

standing by for your food, water and sleep report. 

168:54:34 p Roger. Wait one. 

168: 54:46 P The Command Pilot has 563 ounces to date, and for 

noon meal we had Day 6, Meal B. 



168:55:01 CC I understand that both Pilot - Command Pilot had 

Day 6, Meal B. Command Pilot has had 563 ounces 
to date. I do not have any data on the Pilot. 

168: 55:1** P Roger. The Pilot has k3k ounces to date. 

168:55:16 CC Understand k3k. 

168:55:20 C I was 563, not 663. 

168:55:23 CC I copy the Command Pilot 563 and Pilot U3U. 

168:55:31 P h7k for Pilot. 

168:55:33 CC hjk. Thank you. 

168:55:^7 CC Gemini VII, have you had any sleep to report? 

168:56:03 C Open-circuit voltage on 2C is off-scale high. 

168:56:06 CC Roger. 

168:56:16 CC Sounds good. 

168:56:19 C Roger. It looks like it takes a little longer. 

168:57:37 CC Carnarvon CAP COM. Would you turn your T/M to the 

COMMAND position? 

168:57:1+3 P T/M attitude to the COMMAND position, Carnarvon. 

168:57:51 CC Place your Tape Playback switch to the RESET 


168:58:01 P ... say again, please. 

168:58:03 CC Tape Playback switch to RESET position. 

168:58:13 P Carnarvon, this is VII. Request to put 2C back on 

the line. 

168:58:20 CC Go ahead. 

168:58:39 P Carnarvon, this is VII. 

168:58:41 CC Go, VII. 



168:58:U5 P 

168:58:49 CC Roger, Gemini VII. Copy that you have placed 2C 

back on the line at this time. 


169:17:13 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
169:17:20 C Go ahead, Hawaii. Gemini VII, 

169:17:21 CC Roger. We have a valid temperature. Standing by 

for your blood pressure. 

169: 17 :2h C Roger. We're turning on radar transponder now. 

169:17:27 CC Roger. Understand. 

169:17:43 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

169:18:07 C Hawaii, Gemini VII. Will you inform MCC that our 

water boiler is venting. 

169:18:12 CC Roger. Understand water boiler venting. 

169:18:31 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your exercise on your Mark, 

169:18:48 C MARK. 

169:19:21 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

169:20:07 CC Gemini VII, your cuff is full-scale, but it is not 

bleeding down. 

169:20:14 C Okay, let's try that one. 

169:20:59 CC Gemini VII, we have a good blood pressure. Could 

we have a total reading on your water gun? 

169:21:12 C 2683. 

169:21:15 CC Read 2683. 

169:21:18 CC Thank you, Gemini VII. We'd like to get the Pilot 

to take in more water if possible. 




169:21:27 P Right. Will do. 

169:21:29 CC Thank you. Surgeon out. 

169:21:46 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM* Would you give me a 

read - stack reading on 2-Charlie, please? 

169:21:52 P Roger. 2-Charlie is reading around 1-1/2 volts. 

169:21:59 P ••• I'm sorry. 

169:22:00 CC Say again. 

169:24:05 CC Would like you to place your Fuel Cell O2 heater 

to the AUTO position. 

169:24:12 C Roger. 


169:31:38 CC Gemini VII, this is Texas CAP COM. You need not 

acknowledge this transmission. We have you GO 
on the ground. Standing by. 

169:33:22 CC. Gemini VII, Houston. 

169:33:25 P VII. Go. 

169:33:27 CC Roger. I have a flight plan update for you if 

you're ready to copy. 

169:33:37 C Go ahead. 

169:33:40 C Go ahead PCM 2. 

169:33:42 CC Node: 172:01:19; Rev 108; 8l.0 degrees east; right 

ascension, 10:17:13. MSC-4: 172:31:11; Sequence 
05; Mode 02; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 19 right. 
Use l6mm camera, nominal settings, 01 frame per 
second. If you have a good laser track, use Mode 03 
also. Do you copy? 

169:34:49 P Roger. 

169:34:56 CC How does the Stack 2C look to you now, Jim? 



169: 35:01+ p Read 2 amps now, Elliot. 

169:35:06 CC 2 amps. Roger. 

169:35:20 CC Jim, in all this changing around we've done with 

the fuel cell, have you had the Delta-P light off 
at any time? 

169:35:28 P Negative. Been on all this time. 

169:35:31 CC Roger. 

169:35:51 CC VII, we have a report from Hawaii that they believe 

they received your laser beam. They will know 
better when they develop film. They had to actually 
develop that film to check their data, but they do 
have a scope and they believe they received some 

169:36:12 P Good. ... 

169:36:15 CC We're scheduling it again for 108 and we'll give 

it another try then. 

169:36:53 CC We're checking the fuel situation. It's possible 

we may have to terminate the experiments a little 
early today in order to save enough fuel to cope 
with this venting. We are definitely keeping an 
eye on that. 

169:37:10 C Let's try that laser though, even if we have to cut 

something else out. Can we? 

169:37:15 CC Roger. We'll get that one a high priority then. 

169:37:23 CC We believe, at the present time, that we will have 

enough fuel for all the presently scheduled 
activities today, but we'll keep up on that. 

169:37:33 C Thank you. We're not even touching the Hand Control 

unless you schedule it, Elliot. 

169:37:^0 CC Roger. 

169:37:^2 C Except when it starts to - tumble pretty swiftly 

from time to time. 




169:37:48 CC I get the impression that it does that at discrete 

times. That is, that such a continuing thing as it 
is, is an occasional pulse. Maybe four or five 
times a revolution. Does that sound right to you? 

169:38:03 C Roger. It's not giving a pulse, but the thing 

starts venting and then it just slowly builds up. 
I just reported one to Hawaii. 

169:38:12 CC That happened about four times a revolution? 
169:38:15 C I don't believe it's quite that frequent. 

169:38:17 CC Roger. 

169:38:20 C You can tell it very easily because the cockpit 

cools off a lot. 

169:38:24 CC Say again. 

169:38:26 C You can tell it very easily when the cockpit cools 


169:38:30 CC The cockpit cools off - as soon as this venting 


169:38:35 C When the water boil boiler - when the water boils 

the - it seems like the cockpit cools down. 

169:38:42 CC We believe that it's simply venting and not 

actually boiling. 

169:38:47 C I don't know, but we're getting a change in 

temperature with it. 

169:38:52 CC Roger. We'll take that into consideration here and 

see if we can add it to our analysis. 

169:38:59 C Roger. 

169:39:06 CC Frank, how do you feel about how much tumble you 

can stand while you're sleeping? 

169:39:13 C ... I don't think it bothers us. We don't even 

know it until we wake up. 

169:39:19 CC That's - what concerns me is if - if you can stand 

the tumbling then we don't have to worry about get- 
ting rid of some of that water. 




169:39:27 CC Do you feel that the tumble actually waked you up 

last night, Frank? You said you noticed it after 
you waked up. We were wondering if the tumbling 
caused you to wake up. 

169:39:37 C I don't think the tumbling did. The coolness is 

more of a problem than tumbling. But we did have 
a terrible sensation, or at least I did, like we 
were standing on our heads part of the night. And 
this might be attributed to the tumbling. 

169:39:^9 CC Roger. 

l69:40:22 CC Jim, could you comment on - could you comment on 

the ease or lack of sleeping in the suit, as 
compared to having been out of it before? 

169:40 :39 P Well, the suit makes you more available for sleep- 

ing. You're sort of rigid in the cockpit space - 
there are hot spots in the suit where your legs 
are bent back and forth under the crouch area - 
which are local hot spots and of course damp - 
those suits - of course you're sort of vented 
all over. 

169:^1:04 CC Roger. Are you operating with all the zippers 

open, the same way Frank was? 

169:^1:11 P No. I have a zipper open in the crouch area and 

that's all. 

169:^1:15 CC Roger. 

169:^1:16 P Also, with the suit on the helmet, of course, 

is right on the back of my neck. 

169:^1:24 CC Roger. 

169:^2:17 CC We're probably about to lose you, Jim. Could you 

give me one more check on 2C? 

169:^2:26 P Roger. No change. It's a little bit closer to 

2 volts than 1 l/2. 

169:42:30 CC Roger. 





All your systems are GO. 

Roger, RKV. 

You need not acknowledge. 
We 're standing by. 

Borman about to dump urine. 


Gemini VII, CSQ. We have you GO on the ground. We 
have nothing for you this pass. You need not ack- 
nowledge this transmission. CSQ standing by. 

Roger, Thank you. 


Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
Come in, Hawaii, Gemini VII. 

Roger. We show you GO on the ground. 1*11 get 
back to you in a second. 


I have a couple of questions here to ask you. 

First of all, how much time do you have left on your 

D-h/v-7 tape recorder. 

Stand by. We'll look it up. 

We have 8 minutes and 10 seconds left. 

Roger. Copy 8 minutes, 10 seconds. 

Okay. I would also like to have your evaluation 
of the weather over Hawaii if you're in a position 
where you don't have to use maneuvering. 



170:55:07 P Roger. Could you give us our CPA? 

170:55:12 CC You mean your PCA? 
170:55:15 P PCA. Right. 

170:55:23 P We're just tumbling now. If we had an idea just 

exactly when we '11 be over the Islands we could - 
we're looking down we could probably check it. 

170:55:30 CC Roger. We'll give it to you. 

170:56:38 CC You're approaching a point PCA on my Mark. 

170:56:1*1 CC MARK. 

170:56:44 P Roger. We're now PCA, so it might be a little bit 

before we can give you a good evaluation. 

170:56:50 CC Roger. 

170:57: 0^ C Has the weather deteriorated any since the last 

time you made it on the laser? 

170:57:08 CC Say again. 

170:57:10 C Has the weather deteriorated any since the last 

time we tried the laser? 

170:57:12 CC Roger. It has quite a bit. 

170:57:16 P We can't see the Islands now. I'd sure like to 

try it again, if it's not bad. I'd like to give 
it a whirl anyway. 

170:57:26 CC Roger. We'll keep you advised of the weather 

situation here and maybe I can get something 
straightened out before your next revolution. 

170:57:33 C Are you overcast or broken? 

170:57:35 CC Broken. 

170:57:36 C Okay. 

170:58:22 CC We have a slight flight plan change here for you. 

You ready to copy? 




170:58:33 C Stand "by one. 

170:58:43 C Go ahead, please. 

170:58:45 CC Roger. The fuel cell purge due over the RKV at 

17 plus 26 - 171 plus 26 has been deleted. We '11 
have a fuel cell purge over the RKV at 173 plus 10. 

170:59:10 CC - 01. 

170:59:15 P Understand the fuel cell purge scheduled for 171:26 

has been deleted and we *re now going to purge at 
173 plus 10. Is that correct? 

170:59:25 CC Negative. That was 173 plus 01. 

170:59:33 P Roger. New purge time is 173 plus 01. 

170:59:37 CC Roger. 

170:59:41 CC Do you still have your BIO MED tape recorder on? 
170 : 59 : 44 P Affirmative . 

170:59:45 CC Roger. You can turn Number 1 off. 
170:59:51 P Roger. 1 is off. 

171:00:16 CC Roger. 

171:00:22 C Hawaii, will you ask Houston how long we can leave 

the 2C on OPEH - when we should shut it down and 
when the amps get below what figure, should it 
be shut down? 

171:00:31 CC Roger. Will do. 

171:00:45 CC You'll be advised of that over the RKV. 
171:00:46 C Thank you. 

171:06:07 P ... clouds taken at 171:06. Confirmation of 30 

degrees apart. 





171:26:18 CC Gemini VII, RKV. 
171:26:22 C This is VII. Go ahead. 

171:26:24 CC Roger. I've got a block update for you when 

you're ready. 

171:26:28 C Roger. Stand "by. 

171:26:43 C Ready to copy. 

171:26:47 CC Roger. The REP of 402 feet for all areas is 

21 plus 40. Area 111-3: 176:34:57. Area 112- 
Bravo: 178:09:57. Area 113-Delta: 179:08:38. 
Area 114-2: 180:44:24. Area 115-2: 182:17:29. 
Area 116-2: 183:50:35- Area 117-1: 185:23:05. 
The weather is good in all areas. 

171:28:09 C Roger. 

171:28:14 C I have one question. Was that Area Ill-Delta? 

171:28:18 CC Negative. It was Area 111-3. 

171:28:26 C Roger. And what was the Delta area at this ... ? 

171:28:30 CC That was Area 113-Delta. 

171:28:33 C Area 113-Delta. Thank you. 

171:28:35 CC Roger. 

171:28:54 CC Gemini VII, RKV. 

171:28:57 C Go ahead, RKV. 

171:28:58 CC Would you read me back Area 117-1? 

171:29:03 C Roger. 117-1: 185:23:0 - you gave me - you gave 

me a 7-digit there? 

171:29:12 CC I'll give it to you again. It's 185:23:07. 

171:29:19 C Roger. 185:23:07. 




17X : 29 : 21 CC Roger . 


171:47:15 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, this is Houston CAP COM. 


171:1*7:18 C Go ahead, Houston CAP COM. 

171:47:21 CC Roger, Gemini VII. I've got an update on your 

flight plan if you are ready to copy. 

171:47:26 C Stand by one minute. 

171:47:48 C Ready. 

171:47:49 CC Okay, Gemini VII. We're being forced to scrub 

the MSC-4 at Hawaii. We've looked at it pretty 
closely from all directions. This is the MSC-4 
at 172:31:11. The weather is broken overcast. 
You've got a bad set angle and the experimenters 
would rather wait for a Hawaii night or very early 
morning pass rather than go ahead and try it now. 
It doesn't look too good at all. 

171:48:13 C Fine. Thank you. 

ni:kS:l6 CC Okay, and I've got a D-4/D-7 update. 
171:48:21 C Roger. 

171:48:22 CC Okay. D-4/D-7 at 172:38:57; Sequence 427; Mode 02; 

pitch 12 degrees down, yaw 95 degrees left; passing 
below, right to left for a total of 5 minutes; use 
30 seconds recorder maximum, and use cameras. 

171:49:08 C Roger. We have it. 

171:4-9:11 CC Roger. Understand you've got it. We'd like a prop 

quantity readout, please. 

171:49:15 C My propellant quantity reads 93 - 94 percent. 

171:49:21 CC Roger. Understand 74 percent. 





Correction. I'm right - 24 percent. 



Roger. 24 percent. We got it. 


£ — LFC1 w^ll u • 



Understand 2k percent. 






Okay. And I'd like to advise you your pass over 
the CSQ will be UHF 6. 



Thank you. 

171:49:42 CC Okay. And Frank, we're taking a good look at your 

fuel cell at this time and will advise you as soon 
as we come up with some reasonable conclusions on 

171:49:53 C Thank you. 

171:53:58 P ... you going to put it on? 

171:53:59 P No. It was ... 

171:54:03 C It was off when I got it just now. 

171:54:08 P Oh? Did you move the big knob? 

171:54:09 C Yes. It was on but ... 

171:54:10 P Okay. 

171:54:19 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. 
171:54:22 C Go ahead, Houston. 

171:54:23 CC Roger. Frank, we'd like you to turn your 

Section 2 Power switch off at this time. We'd 
like to monitor it for about a revolution. We'll 
probably bring it back on at the RKV this next pass, 
and we will advise you further at that time. Over. 

171:54:39 C Section 2 Power? 

171:54:41 CC That's affirmative. Your Section 2 Power switch to 

the OFF position. 




171:5^:^5 C It's off. 

171:5^:1+6 CC Okay. 

171:5^:^7 C Here we go.* 

171:5U:51 P Okay. Roger. 2 on. Off. 

171:56:18 P 2A is off high, 2B is off high, 2C is a little sick. 

171:56:37 P 2A and 2B are in good shape. 

171:58:58 P 3857. ... 

171:58:59 P What happened? 

171:59:01 P Okay. 

171:59:10 P That's 39 minutes from now. 

171:59:20 P How about a little lunch or dinner? 

171:59:25 P We'll get it out, hut we'll have to, pretty soon. 

172:00:5U P I looked over here. 

172:00:57 C I thought I fixed Power 2 switch off. 

172:02:58 C You've got to warm that thing up 10 minutes ahead 

of time. 

172:04:37 P Right down in the water, Kid. 

172:0U:39 C How many do you have there? 

172:04:40 P Rattling around; it's not too many. 

172:05:3^ C 

172:10:05 C 


172:10:18 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. 

172:10:25 C This is VII, CSQ. Go ahead. 



Roger, Gemini VII. Can you verify that the Cross- 
over switch is on the OK position? 

I can verify that the Crossover switch is on the 
OFF position. 

We want it on the ON position. 

Roger. Crossover switch is in the OK position. 

Roger. That's the first we heard. We'll put it 
in the ON position. 

Roger . 

Gemini VII, we would like open-circuit voltages on 
2-Alpha, 2-Bravo and 2-Charlie. 

Roger, CSQ. Coming up. 2-Alpha is off-scale high 
about 32 volts; 2-Bravo is off-scale high about 
32 volts; and so is 2-Charlie off-scale high about 
32 volts. 

Very good. 

. . . Gemini VII. 

I haven't heard of this system. 

Gemini VII, we are standing by for your flight 
plan report. 

Roger. Gemini VII has a . . . situation. We 've 
used two magazines plus ko exposures of S0217. 
That's the ASA-64. Two magazines plus 30 feet of 
l6mm film, 5 exposures of dim- light black and 
white, 7 exposures of color-shifted IR. We have 
not used any of the ASA-500 S0217. Your Command 
Pilot total on Column 5 is l8; Column 6 is h. The 
Pilot on Column 5 is 17 and Column 6 is 2. Pilot 
this morning on the S-8/D-13 vision test missed 3, 
the Command Pilot missed 7. 

That's about it. 

Roger. Copy. 




172:12:33 C That's about it. We've accomplished everything 

else in the flight plan except the things that 
Flight has been informed of already. 

172:12:39 C We've accomplished everything else in the flight 

plan except the things that Flight has been 
informed of already. 

172:12:1*3 CC Roger, Gemini VTI. 

172:12:44 P Would you have a urination there for me? 

172:12:49 P No. You don't have to tell them ... 
172:12:53 P Oh, I thought you had. 

172:12:54 CC Gemini VII, we'll have a complete briefing over 

the RKV on the next pass on your fuel cell status. 

172:13:00 C Roger. Thank you. 

172:13:01 P Roger. Thank you. 

172:13:03 C Okay, Jimmy. One urination now. 

172:13:10 P Sure the section's down and the Crossover is 

supposed to be on? 

172:13:13 C Yes. 

172:13:15 C To keep the regulators ... back pressure. You knew 

that and so did I. We just didn't think of it. 

172:13:25 C I think we're getting logy. No question about it. 

172:13:27 P No. We're not getting logy. 

172:13:29 C Sure. You're calling those volts and I'm doing 

things wrong. We're getting logy. We better 
watch ourselves. 

172:13:34 P We just - just getting logy. 

172:13:42 C ... get this thing turned around early in the 





172:14:01 P Well, in a situation like this, though, where 

they're playing games "back and forth, that's what 
I mean. 

172:14:03 C They should tell you what to do. 

172:14:05 P That's right. I don't know what the heck they're 


172:14:08 C 
172:14:37 P Yes. 

172:l4:4l C Charlie, come on out, will you? I want you to 

meet your brother. 

172:16:05 P Chuck Berry will have us taking three ... 

172:16:13 P Just about like that Polaris. 

172:17:25 C ... to procedures ... 

172:17:29 C Okay. 

172:17:51 P What did they say about cameras? 

172:18:03 C Did you ever hear something doose, or is it deuce? 

172:18:05 P What kind? 

172:18:17 P No, I've already read the log. It didn't say 

anything about it. 

172:18:27 P 10-minute warmup requires 4l8. That right? 

172:18:29 C That's right. 

172:18:41 P Passing below, right to left, 5 minutes. 
172:18:46 C Right to left. 

172:18:51 C What's he have here? Let's read that off and 

make sure we have it correct. 

172:18:56 C ... 30 seconds, 30 seconds. 

172:19:01 P 30 seconds to . . . 






I am set to go. 



Yaw 95 left. 



We 're pitched down . . . 



And it's going to pass right to L 
"below. How can that be? I would 
parallel with us. 



Yes ... 



How can it he "below us and yet we 
coins to co from right to left? ' 
wouldn't be passing it. 



There's one going to Hawaii. 






• • • 



Sometimes there's an instrument . 



The camera is ready. I used the 



• • • 



Okay. I get it. 



Okay. 28 ... 



You can't . . . 



Yes. Turn it on. 

172 :28 :03 


Okay. We're all set to go. 



Transmitter dump. 



There's a lot of water in the ... 



Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 



172:28:51 C VII. Go. 

172:28:52 CC Okay. We're showing you GO here on the ground. 

How are you doing? 

172:28:57 C Well, we're still hanging in there. 

172:29:00 CC Okay. We'd like a little evaluation of what that 

laser looked like to you as far as light intensity. 

172:29:10 C It wasn't too bright. The thing that impressed me ■ 

I thought that up here it would be bigger than just 
a small point source. I guess I was a little misled 
there. It looked rather small. 

172:29:23 CC It's got a very narrow beam at .008. 

172:29:27 C Right. But at a couple of hundred miles I thought 

it would be a little wider than that. 

172:29:31 CC I think they're going to widen it up a little for 


172:29:3^ C Yes. But listen, if we get good weather, there's 

absolutely no problem in acquiring it. We had 
that colder than a mackerel. 

172:29:36 C listen, if we get good and ready there is 

absolutely no problem of acquiring it. We had 
that colder than a mackerel. 

172:29:1*2 CC Very good. 

172:29:^+6 C Looks like a nice little setup you all have up 

there on that mountain top. 

172:29:50 ■ CC Say again. 

172:29:51 C It looks like the national camp you have up there 

on that mountain top. 

172:30:05 P Yes. The weather looks pretty good. 

172:30:10 P Tell you what ... 

172:30:12 CC Can you give us some comparison as far as the 

intensity goes, some star that you're aware of? 




172:30:25 C That's pretty tough to do, offhand. I'd say it 

was on the order of Rigel, maybe. 

172:30:31 CC Okay. Thank you. 

172:30:32 P That bright? See, when I saw it, it was just like 

a real small thin dot on top of that ridge. 

172:30:39 P I didn't see it pulsing. It'd go and then it 

would go away for a while. 

172:31:13 P I think we're coming right up on Hawaii, now. 

Some place.' 

172:31:21 C Hawaii, this is VII. 

172:31:22 P Hawaii, this is VII. We've got you again, got 

the island again. Looks like you're sort of broken 
overcast. Is that correct? 

172:31:23 CC Go ahead. 

172:31:2^ C We've got you again. I've got the Island again. 

Looks like sort of a broken overcast, is that 

172:31:30 CC Yes. Last time outside it looked like about, oh, 

about 5000 broken and .6 covered - .7 covered. 

172:31: 1 tO C Yes, the center part of the Island looks pretty 

good, but your end there has some cloud coverage 
over it. 

172: 31: lH C Straight down here. 

172:31:^3 P Yes, the center part of the island looks pretty 

good, but your end has a cloud coverage over it. 

172:31:1*7 CC That figures. How's it look down around my hotel? 

172:31:1*8 P Oh, I'll be honest with you. Can see the whole 


172:31:53 C Looks pretty good; in fact, most of your island 

is uncovered. 

172:32:00 CC Well, I think I'm going to spend the night up 

here tonight. 



172:32:04 C Hey, you ought to go to Honolulu. Looks pretty 

clear out there, too. 

172:32:07 CC You mean Honoruru? 

172:32:09 C Yes. 

172:32:13 C Pig Island looks pretty cloudy though. 

172:32:17 P There's old - look at that.' There's Waikiki. 

172:34:08 CC What are you having for supper? 

172:34:11 P Well, we had a little tuna salad, a little orange 

drink, apricot pudding - had it last night, too. 

172:34:18 CC Give my regards to the chef, will you? 

172:34:22 P I wish we had one. 

172:35:04 CC Okay. We'll be standing by here if you need 

anything else. 

172:35:07 P Thank you, Hawaii. 


173:03:01 CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. 

173:03:05 C This is RKV. Go ahead, VII. 

173:03:08 CC Roger. We would like to know whether you've 

been monitoring your open-circuit voltage on 
Section 2. 

173:03:14 P We sure have. Section 2C is off-scale high now. 

It's about 32 volts. 

173:03:20 CC Are all three off-scale high? 

173:03:23 P Roger. All three are off-scale high. 

173:03:25 CC Have you noticed any deviations or fluctuations at 





173:03:29 P 2C was a little low when we first went to 0PEH- 

CIRCUIT. It was about 31 volts, and then it just 
went up to 32, and all three have stayed there. 

173: 03: 40 CC Roger. 

173:03:41 P We still have a Delta-P light, however. 

173:03:44 CC Roger. 

173:03:51 CC Would you bring your Section 2 Power switch to ON 

and also leave the Crossover switch on? 

173:03:57 P Roger. Leave Crossover on, Section 2 Power switch 


173:04:00 CC Roger. 

173:04:31 P It looks like it's carrying about between 2 l/2 

and 3 amps now, RKV. 

173:04:37 CC Roger. 

173:04:39 P We put the switch on ... amp meter readings of 

about 5 amps. 

173:04:56 CC We're standing by. We'd like you to purge both 


173:05:00 P Roger. Double purge, both sections coming up. 

173:05:21 CC Would you place your Quantity Read switch to 

RCS 02. 

173:05:37 CC FUEL CELL 0 £ . 
173:05:44 CC FUEL CELL Hg. 

173:05:52 CC You can place the Quantity Read switch to OFF. 

173:07:20 C ... be powered up the rest of the time up. 

173:07:22 CC Roger. We'd like you to leave the Power switch on 

for CSQ. They'll give you some more data when you 
get to CSQ. 

173:07:38 C Okay. 



173:07:1*3 CC We've got your information for you on the OAMS 


173:07:1*8 C Go ahead. 

173:07:1+9 CC Okay. Your ground equations show you have 1+7 pounds 

of OAMS fuel remaining and this is an actual 26.5 
percent. Your on-board gage should read 20 percent 
at this time. This puts you about 3 pounds above 
the minimum, but we want to keep you . . . since 

173:08:07 C Thank you very much. 

173:08:08 CC Incidentally, we have budgeted a total of 9 pounds 

of fuel for contingencies such as venting, which 
is included in the minimum requirements. 

173:08:18 C Thank you. 


173:^6:32 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. 
173:1+6:1+5 CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. 
173:^7:02 C This is VII. Go ahead. 

173:^7:35 C Pilot, I+98. Command Pilot, 585. 

173:^7:^3 CC Roger. I've got it. 

173:^7:1*8 CC We'd like you to turn the Section 2 Power switch 

to OFF, and will remain that way through the sleep 

173:1*7:56 C Section 2 off. 

173:!*8:00 CC Say again, CSQ. I did not copy. 

173:1*8:01*- C You say you want Section 2 off through the entire 

sleep period? 

173:1*8:07 CC That's affirmative. 




173:1*8: 08 C And you want the Crossover valve left off? 

173:1(8:11 CC That's affirmative. 

173:1(8:12 C Okay. 

173:1(8:38 CC Gemini VII, this is CSQ. 

173:1(8:1(1 CC We would like that switch to be in the OFF position. 

The Crossover switch to the OFF position. 

173:kB:k6 P Roger. We understand. Crossover switch to OFF 


173:1(8:1(9 CC Roger. 

173:1(8:53 CC Gemini VII, can you verify that your BIO MED 

Recorder Number 2 is in CONTINUOUS . 

173:1(8:58 P Roger. BIO MED Number 2 is in CONTINUOUS. 

173 .1*9:10 CC Your Cryo rules for the sleep period are as 

follows: ECS O2, no heat required; Fuel Cell O2 
in AUTO. Fuel Cell Sq: prior to going to sleep 
we want it to pan up to a maximum of 510, minimum 
390. We'll monitor that from the ground. 

173: lfcj; 39 c Roger, CSQ. If you want us to stay awake in 

shifts to watch second section we '11 be happy to. 

173:49:47 CC That's not necessary, Gemini VII. 
173:^9:53 C Okay. 

173:49:58 CC Gemini VII, could you give us your sleep con- 
figurations as for gloves, headgear, etc? 

173:50:11 P The Command Pilot will have the nominal flight 

suit on and the Pilot will have the regular pressure 

173:50:18 P Neither of us will wear gloves. Negative headgear. 

173:50:23 CC Will wear gloves, negative headgear. 
173:50:26 P No gloves. No headgear. 
173:50:28 CC Roger. Copy. 




173: 52:34 CC Gemini VII, the Section 2 Power switch was turned 

off in hopes of removing sortie of the water from 
Section 2. We feel that the extraction rate is 
not sufficient to remove the produced water. 

173:52:46 P Roger. 


181:11:1*6 P Canary, Gemini VII. 

181:11:49 CC Go ahead, VII. Canary here. 

181:11:51 P Roger. For your information, the Delta-P light 

went out about 180:30. ... "but it came back on 
about 181:00 ... 

l8l:12:04 CC Roger. Copy. 

181:12:08 CC We have all systems GO on the ground. 

181:12:11 P Thank you very much. 

181:12:13 CC Good morning. 

l8l:12:l4 P How you all? 

181:12:16 CC We're feeling fine and dandy this morning. 

181:12:18 C What's the word on VI? 

181:12:20 CC Everything is still GO. 

181:12:21 C Very good. 

l8l:12:30 P We're still in our sleep period but we'll be 

happy to entertain any . . . 

181:12:38 CC Okay. Have anything for the fuel cells? 

181:13:13 CC VII, Canary. 

181:13:16 P Go ahead. 

181:13: 18 CC Stand by. 



l8l:13:4l CC Okay, VII. This is Canary. A little later on 

we're going to power-up the second section again - 
not right now though, and don't know whether or not 
we 're going to purge with or without that second 
section up, at the present time. 

l8l : 13:55 C Okay. Thank you. 

l8l : 13: 57 CC Roger. 

l8l:l4:08 CC Could you place your C Adapter switch to CONTINUOUS, 


181:14:15 C Roger. 

l8l:l4:42 P ... "been over 32 volts for a long time now. 

I8l:l4:48 CC You said it's been over three - for how long now? 

181:14:53 p Well, we haven't "been monitoring closely, we've 

been asleep, but they've been over 32 volts over 
the last 5-4 hours. 

181:15:01 CC Okay. 


1B4: 09: 52 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

184:10:09 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

184:10:11 P Go ahead. You're all clear. 

184:10:13 CC Good morning. I have some PIA updates and a 

flight plan update for you. 

184:10:20 P All right, Houston. Just a minute. 

1B4:10:47 P Houston, Gemini VII. Go ahead with PIA's and 

I'll get the flight plan later. 

184:10:52 CC Okay. I'll read you your new flight plan first. 

Node 165:33:43; Rev 126 «9 - 126.9 degrees 
west; right ascension is 10 hours, 00 minutes, 
6 seconds. Flight plan time line update: change 
184:00:00 to 184:12:00. 



184:11:51 CC Time: 185 :40:l4; crew status report on the Pilot at 

Texas . 

184:12: 08 CC Time: 185:58:02; crew status - - 

184:12:14 P Houston, VII. 

184:12:16 CC Go ahead, Gemini VII. Houston. 

184:12:18 P Was that time 185:40:14, and was that crew status 

report on Pilot at Texas? 

184:12:25 CC That's affirm, Jim. 

184:12:26 P Okay. 

184:12:28 CC Next item: Time, 185:58 : 02; crew status report on 

the Command Pilot at CYI, Canaries. Next item: 
D-4/D-7 at 187:21:47. 

184:13:00 CC Sequence 430; Mode 02; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 

4 degrees left. This is a D-4/D-7 on the Gemini 
VI launch and take S-6 photos of the Cape weather. 
The nominal lift-off time of Gemini VI is 187:24, 
about. We'll update that later when we get a 
better hack on it. 

184:13:3^ P Roger. This is the Pilot. D-4/D-7, we didn't 

get that up here. 

184:13:39 CC Roger. 187 - jfl7:21:47. 

184:13:48 p Roger. Have it. 

184:13:50 CC Are you ready for your PLA updates? 

184:13:57 P Roger. Go ahead. 

184:13:58 CC Carry a 118-1; Time, 186:58:39. 

184:14:12 C You are not keying, Houston. We are not reading 

you. Say again, please. 

184:14:16 CC 118-1: 186:58:39; 119-1 at 188:34:27; 120-4: 





184:15:08 CC 121-4: 193:01:27; 122-4: 194:37:24. That's 24:13. 

Correction there, 195:54:13. 123 - 124-3 is 
197:29:47. BET 400K is 21:40 for all areas, and 
the weather in all areas is good. 

Ifl4:l6:l4 P Roger. 

184:16:17 CC Be advised to keep your continuous adapter C-Band 

on until TPI, and we'll have a test on your fuel 
cells coming up for you at CYI, so we'd request no 
fuel cell activity until acquisition of Canary 
Islands. In general, we intend to wannup Stack 2 
"before purging. That's Section 2. You'll receive 
a GO/NO- GO at Carnarvon in the next revolution. 

184:17:01 CC Yes, that's this pass over Carnarvon, Gemini VII. 

How do you feel this morning? 

184:17:20 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

184:17:23 C Go ahead. 

184:17:26 CC Roger. How do you feel - - 

184:17:37 C We're fine, how do you read us? 

184:17:39 CC I'm reading you now. We just switched to Bermuda. 

Do all your systems appear good? 

184:17:45 C Say again. 

184:17:46 CC Are all your systems good? 

184:17:48 C All systems are good, right. 

184:17:51 CC Good. Did you have the same tumbling rates this 

morning when you awakened? 

184:17:54 C ... check, we haven't awakened yet. 

184:17:58 CC Well, okay. Sorry about that. 

184:18:02 C ... there's no tumble this morning. 

134:18:09 CC When you rested the last night, was the temperature 

a little "better? 



184:18:20 CC Gemini VII, be advised the count is going very- 
well at the Cape, 

184:18:25 C How are you reading now? Do you read me? 

184:18:27 CC I'm reading you all right. How are you reading me? 

184:18:30 C ... "but "be advised that tumble rates are very slow 

and we do not . . . cabin wall temperatures are 
normal this morning; they are not cold. 

lS4:l8:42 CC Oh, very good. Be advised that the count's going 

very well at the Cape on Gemini VI. 

184:18:47 c 

184:18:49 CC The crew's up and healthy, and we're all ready to 



184:22:59 CC Gemini VII, Canary. Com check. How do you read? 

184:23:02 P A - this is VII, Canary, and good morning to you 

there . 

184:23:05 CC And good morning to you, also. We have some infor- 
mation for you on this fuel cell. 

184:23:10 P Right. Listening. 

184:23:12 CC Okay. Right now we'd like for you to open the 

Primary Cooling Valve circuit breaker. 

lB4:23:20 P We are now going to open the Primary Cooling Valve 

circuit breaker. 

184:23:25 CC Roger. 

184:23:27 P It is now open. 

184:23:29 CC Okay. You want the Radiator switch to BYPASS. 

184:23:33 P Radiator switch going BYPASS. 




184:23:34 CC Okay. This is going to ... to BYPASS on the 

radiator, and kind of warm up that second section. 
Okay? And now what we would like from you is a 
normal purge on Section 1. 

184:23:49 P Okay. A normal purge on Section 1. Section 2 

Power switch is ... still off. 

184:23: 53 CC Affirmative. 

184:23:58 P Stand by. We want to check to see whether our 

Crossover should be off or on. 

184:24:37 CC Okay. We want the Crossover switch on. 

184:24:39 P Roger. Here is our procedure. ... the Crossover 

switch ON and make a normal Section 1 purge ... 
is that correct? 

184:24:50 CC That's correct. 

184:25:26 C Canary, this is Gemini VII. 

184:25:28 CC Go ahead, VII. 

184:25:29 C Would you check with Houston and find out when 

they want us to start getting suited ... ? 

184:25:35 CC Okay. 

184:26:15 CC VII, this is Canary. Flight says that you can wait 

awhile and they want to make sure they get lift- 
off first, then you can start putting them on. 

184:26:22 C Fine, thank you. We'll hold off. 

184:26:27 C Be advised you can tell them the first time we had 

poor communications ... with Houston on that last 
pass - I guess they're remoting us. 

184:26:36 CC Yes, that's right, they were. Okay. I'll give 

you a little preliminary briefing about what's 
going to happen over Carnarvon. Upon Carnarvon's 
instruction, we'll adapt a flow on the radiator 
and then we '11 close the Primary Cool Valve circuit 
breaker again and then you'll perform an open- 
circuit, double-length purge on a second section. 
Do you copy? 



l84:27:04 P An open-circuit, double-length purge on the second 


184:27:08 CC That's right. That's upon Carnarvon's instruction, 


184:27:11 P Roger. 

184:27:12 CC We want to let that secondary loop warm up a little 


184:27:21 P First section purge is complete and the ... is 

going off. 

184:27:24 CC Okay. Can you break the Quantity Bead switch to 

ECS 02, please? 

184:27:28 P Roger. Done. 

184:27:29 CC And I would like some readings. 

184:27:36 C 72 percent at 820 pounds. SC0 2 is 62 percent 

and 750 pounds. 

184:27:53 CC Okay. Hold it there for a minute. 

184:28:02 CC Fuel cell Kg. 

184:28:07 C 68 percent and 460 pounds. 

184:28:21 CC Okay. Go back to OFF on the Quantity Read switch. 

That's about all we have. Can we help you in any 

184:28:34 C No, I think we're in pretty shape. 
184:28:35 CC Okay. Very good. We '11 be standing by. 
184:28:38 C Roger. 


184:58:11 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 
184:58:13 CC Roger. Carnarvon. 




184:58:15 C This is VII. Go ahead, Carnarvon. 

184:58:17 CC Roger. Good morning from Australia and we would 

like to have you place your Radiator switch to the 
FLOW position and your Primary Cool Valve circuit 
breaker to the ON. 

284:58:28 C Roger. Primary Cool Valve is ON and radiators 

in FIflW position. 

184:58 :4l CC Okay. I would like your readout on 2A, 2B, and 

2C voltages. 

184:58:51 C 2A is off-scale high about 32 volts. 2B is almost 

off-scale high and looks like about 32.3 volts. 2C 
is off-scale high about 32 volts. 

184:59:14 CC Roger. Sounded good. 

184:59:17 CC Okay. And we're standing by now for a double -length 

purge on Section 2. That's open-circuit, double - 
length purge. 

184:59:36 P Roger. You want section and you want an open- 
circuited, right? 

184:59:41 CC That's affirmative. 

184:59:43 P And I'll increase valve on ... by two and I'll 

leave the Crossover - I'll put the Crossover on. 
Is that correct? 

184:59:51 CC That's Roger. 

184:59:52 P Okay. 

184:59:56 P Crossover on. Inboard ... for 26 seconds. 

185:00:00 CC Roger. 

185:00:32 P Going ... for 4 minutes. 

185:00:47 CC Okay. Gemini VT, are you purging to ... Can you 

give us some of your readouts for GO/NO-GO? 

185:00:55 P Roger. Stand by a second, please. 




185:01:38 C Carnarvon, 1*11 give you some of these now - 

The RCS A reads 3000, the temperature is 80. 
B is 2900, temperature 80. The secondary oxygen 
5^00, right secondary 0 2 52-5300. The batteries 
are all okay - 23 volts, actually 22,7 volts on 
the main battery. 

185:02:20 C Section 1A reads 7; Section IB reads 8; Section 1C 

reads 7.5. Cores 2A, 2B, and 2C are zero and the 
main bus voltage is 25.2. 

185:02:33 CC Roger. 

l85:04:4l C Purge complete. Crossover on. 

185:04:44 CC Roger. Would you give me a reading on the open- 

circuit voltages on Section 2? 

185:04:56 C 2A off-scale high at least 32 ... 2B about 32.2. 

2C off-scale high over 32. 

185:05:09 CC Turn it on. 

185:05:11 CC Roger. Would you place Section 2 back on the line? 
185:05:15 C Section 2 back on the line. 

185:05:30 CC Okay. Would you give me a current readout on this 

as soon as you get it? 

185:05:37 C Okay. 2A, 2 amps; 2B, 2 amps; 2C, k amps. 

155:05:^7 CC Oh, very good. Okay. We have you GO on the ground 

for Area 134-1 and we're going to update your T R 
clock at this time. 

185:05:57 P Roger, understand it's GO to 134-1. 

185:06:02 CC T R received. 

1B5: 06:05 CC ... on the ground and I updated you with the T R 

time for Area 148-1; however, the GO is for Area 

185:06:22 P Roger. Understand . 

185:06:24 CC Okay. We have another minute to go here. 




185:06:27 C Bob, will you give us the time hack, please - 

elapsed time hack? 

185:06:31 CC Roger. I'm reading 185; let's see, 06, 37, 38, 

39, to. 

185:06:42 C Right. 

185:06:44 CC Roger. 

185: 06:49 CC We'd like an on-board readout to OAMS Propellent 


185:06:58 C Looks like about 25 percent. 

185:07:02 CC Roger. Force pressure of 1300 pounds. 

185:20:32 P Food stowage in case ... makes it earlier, Frank. 

Saving up for me ... the food packages have expanded, 
probably during launch. We found out when I got my 
food out. It makes it very difficult. It was ... 
they were vacuum-packed - you can imagine, Frank, 
what they are when they ... 187:21:10 of the Cape 
area . . . launch. 


185:40:55 CC Gemini VII, Texas CAP COM. 

185:40:59 C Go ahead, Texas. This is Gemini. 

185:41:02 CC Roger. We'd like you to place your Standby T/M 

switch to the REAL-TIME position, and it will be 
left there for the duration of the rendezvous 
phase. Over. 

185:41:09 C Roger. Standby T/M REAL-TIME. You're very, very 

weak, Texas. 

lB5:4l:55 CC Gemini VII, Texas has you GO on the ground. 

185:41:58 C Roger. Thank you. We read you loud and clear. 

185:42:05 C Was your last instruction to place the Real-Time 

T/M switch or the Standby T/M switch to the REAL- 
TIME position? 



185:1+2:11+ CC Gemini VII, Texas. Say again, please. 

185:^2:19 C I say, was your last instruction to place the 

Standby T/M switch to the REAL-TIME position? 

185: 1+2: CC That's affirmative and it'll be left there for the 

duration of the rendezvous phase. Over. 

185:^2:28 C Roger. What about our DCS circuit breaker? Do you 

want that open now? 

185:1+2:32 CC Negative. We're getting a tape dump at this time. 
l85: 1 +2:3 i + C Okay. 

185: h2: k2 C Texas, we'd like to confirm the last nodal update 

also, please. Was it west or east? 

185:^2:5^ CC It was west and Houston will confirm in a minute. 

185:^2:58 C Thank you. 

l85:*4-4:l6 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 

l85:M+:l8 C Loud and clear, Houston. 

185:^:21 CC Roger. Good morning. 

185:^:22 C Good morning. 

l85:Mi:2l+ CC Would you give us a quick readout on Section 2 

stacks? Amperages only. 

l85:UU:29 C Jim's got his thermometer in his mouth. Do you 

want a crew status report? 

l85:M+:3U CC We're going to get that in just a second. 

l85:W4-:36 C Okay. Section 2 is now reading h amps - correction 

-2A is about 1.5 amps; 2B is about 2 amps; 2C is 
about 4.5 amps. 

185 :hk: 52 CC Roger. We have a valid temperature. Give us a 

blood pressure and stand by for the Surgeon. 

l85:Mt:58 C Roger. 

185:^5:11 CC Cuff is full-scale. 




185: 1+6: 18 CC Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. You 

could start your exercise. 

185:1+6:22 P Roger. 

185:1+6:23 C Chuck, while he's exercising, do you have time to 

take the report? 

185: U6:26 CC Roger. We're ready. I'd like to get the sleep 

report first, Jim, and I think - I mean, Frank 
and I think it's pretty important that we get a 
good hack on this sleep this time because we're 
trying to build some data down here. So could we 
get a pretty good rundown on how you did last night? 

185:46:1+5 C I has 6 hours of the best sleep on that since I've 

been up here. It was excellent. I feel like a 
million dollars this morning! 

185:1+6:52 CC Very goodl Much better without the suit, right? 

185:46:55 C Right. Jim had 6 hours of suited sleep and he had 

a - sort of off-and-on, but he feels pretty good. 

l85:U7:04 CC Okay. Very good. Blood pressure is full-scale. 

l85:l+7:ll+ CC Okay. Frank, you want to go t ahead with this food 

report then? 

185:14-7:17 C Roger. Last night we had Meal C and we lost the 

day number on it. It was Meal C and it consisted 
of tuna salad, fruitcake and apricot pudding, so 
you can determine what day that is. 

185:1+7:30 CC It did not have a day number - just Menu 1, Meal C - 

is that all? 

185: 1+7: 31+ C Yes. We lost the day number on it. 

185:1+7:38 P We lost the day number. 

l85:l+7:!+0 CC Roger. Copy. You lost the day number. That blood 

pressure - the telemetry dropped out. Could we get 
another blood pressure? 

185:1+7:1+7 C Coming right up. 



185:^7:52 C The Pilot's had ^98 ounces of water. Total of 

Column 5 is 19; Column 6 is 2. 

l85: 1 +8:06 C The Command Pilot has had 607 ounces of water. 

Column 5, 20; Column 6, k. 

185:^8:15 CC Roger. Copy. Frank, can you conveniently get a 

reading off the water gun right now? Just the 
total off the gun. 

lQ5:k8:2k C 25. I remember ... 

185: CC Gemini VII, say again. 

185: ^8:52 CC Gemini VTI, turn off your DCS circuit breaker. 
185:^8:58 C Roger. It's off now. 

185:49:13 CC Frank, did Jim send another blood pressure? 

185: ^9:17 C Roger. Coming up. 

185:^9:19 CC Did he send one a minute ago? 

185:^9:22 C This is his third one. 

185:^9:25 CC Okay. Well, listen, don't - stop it, delete it, 

because it 1 s not coming through from the Cape . 
There's something wrong with the T/M setup right 
now, so delete the blood pressure, Frank. 

185:^9:^5 CC Frank, we're going to need these data on this 

exercise and the response after the exercise. It's 
two of the things that we're plotting on the suit 
versus the non-suit configuration here and we're 
going to need it on both you and Jim, so we may 
have to repeat this exercise period on Jim some- 
where over one of the next sites here. We'll get 
to you as soon as we can figure out where is the 
best place to do it. 

185:50:13 C That's fine with us. 

185:50:15 CC Roger. 

185:50:17 C We're going to have a little breakfast now. 




185:50:22 CC Frank, what about the exercise before meals? Have 

you been doing that the last few days? 

185:50:28 C Missed one, Chuck. 

185:50:29 CC Haven't missed one? 

185:50:30 C Just one. 

185:50:31 CC Very good! Is it any harder to do when you're - 

as far as your actual movement of the - with the 
exerciser, is it any different when you're in the 
suited or the unsuited condition? 

185:50:45 C I'll let Jim answer that. 

185:50:U8 P Definitely, Chuck. It's very difficult to exercise 

with the suit on as compared with the suit off. 
Relatively speaking. 

185:50:53 CC Well, we've noticed this in your times to complete 

the exercise. There's a lot of difference between 
whether you're suited or unsuited. You can do it 
much faster - about half the time - when you're 
unsuited, it appears . 

185:51:01+ P Right. I can get much more mobility. I can do a 

lot of different exercises with the suit off than 
I can on . I can arch my back and everything like 
this. I can turn around and everything. 

l85:51:lU CC Roger. Fine. Turn you over to CAP COM. 

18?: 51: 17 P Okay. 

185: 51: 18 CC Gemini VII, place your ACQ Beacon circuit breaker 


185:51:32 CC Gemini VII, place your ACQ- AH) circuit breaker bea- 
con - Beacon circuit breaker OFF. 

185:51:38 P It's off, CAP Com. 

185:51:40 CC And place your Real-Time Transmitter circuit breaker 


185:51:^9 P Real Time circuit- breaker is off. 



185:51:52 CC Roger. And I have your Node update if you're ready 

to copy. 

185:51:56 P Roger. 

185:52:03 CC Ready to copy? 

185:52:05 P Go ahead. 

185:52:07 CC Time: 185:33:43; Rev 116; 126.9 degrees west; right 

ascension, 10:00:06. Do you copy? 

185:52:34 P Roger. We've copied it this time. 

185:52:38 CC And did you have your flight plan time line update 

change okay? 

185:52:44 C I believe it's 14 minutes. Is that not correct? 

12 minutes, that is. 

185:52:48 CC That's correct - 12 minutes. 

185:52:50 C Roger. 

185:52:56 CC For your information, GT-VI is inserted; both 

pilots are in and we've closed the hatches. Every- 
think is looking real good. 

185:53:07 C Sounds good. 

185:53:10 CC And we observed that your Delta-P light is on. Is 

that correct? 

185:53:13 C That's right. It was off for a half an hour last 

night and then came back on and has been on ever 

185:53:18 CC Okay, Frank. We'll see you next time around. 
185:53:22 C How about a lift-off time on VT? 

185:53:25 CC Roger. 

185:53:31 CC In your time it would be 187:24:06. 
185:53:38 C 187:24:06. 




l85:53:Ul CC That's affirmative. 
185:53:^2 C Thank you. 


185:58:37 CC Gemini VII, Canary CAP COM. We have a valid oral 

temp. Standing by for your blood pressure. 

185:58:55 CC Gemini VII, Canary Surgeon. Your cuff is full-scale. 

185:59:0^ C Roger. 

185:59:46 CC We have a valid blood pressure. Standing by ... 

exercise . 

185:59:53 C Roger. MARK. 

186:00:16 C You want the blood pressure? 

186:00:18 CC Roger. 

186:00:30 CC Cuff full-scale. 

186:01:17 CC Blood pressure is valid. Canary Surgeon out. 

186:02:30 CC VII, Canary. 

186:02:32 C Go ahead, Canary. Gemini VTI. 

186:02:33 CC Roger. Would you confirm your ACQ-AID circuit 

breaker is open at this time? 

186:02:39 C Stand by one. Let me check again. 

186:02:51 C I must have turned off the rescue beacon. The 

ACQ-AID beacon is now off. 

186:02:55 CC Roger. Thank you. 


186:3^:37 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 




186: Zh: h2 


How are you, Carnarvon? This is VII. 


Oh, Roger. Would you place your T/M switch to the 




106:3*+: 59 


Okay . Would you place your Tape Playback switch to 



Tape Playback is on CONTINUOUS. 



Roger. We're standing by for your Medical Data 



Gemini VII, this is Carnarvon Surgeon. We're ready 
ior your oj_oocl pressure • 


Understand, you want unis on tne Fllot, rlgntr 



Pilot - affirmative . 



We weren't told you were going to pick it up here 

V_ 1 111 « 3 1 f T i 

but we'll do it right now. 



Blood pressure coming down. 



Roger . 

186: 35:^0 


Cuff is full-scale. 



We have a valid blood pressure. Would you begin 
your exercise on your Mark? 






Blood pressure coming down. 



Roger . 



Cuff is full-scale. 



Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. Will you place your 
Tape Playback switch to the COMMAND position, please? 



Roger . 




186:37:^2 CC T/M - T/M switch to COMMAND position. 
186: 37:^8 C Roger. 

186:37:59 C The second section looks like it's holding its own, 

Carnarvon . 

186:38:03 CC That's affirmative. We plan to leave it just as it 

is for the time being. It looks real good. 

l86:38:lU CC We have a valid blood pressure. 

186:38:18 CC Gemini VTI, Carnarvon. Houston Surgeon requests us 

to get a statement on your last meals. Would you 
give us a readout on what you had for breakfast, 

186:38:32 C This last meal, which we're just finishing up now, 

is Day 7» Meal A. 

186:38:1+1 CC Roger. Thank you. Do you have readily available 

a reading on the water gun? 

186:38:U5 P Roger. Stand by. 

186:38:50 P 2887 on the dot. 

186:38:52 CC Read 2887. Thank you. Gemini Surgeon out. 

186:39:02 CC Gemini VTI, Carnarvon CAP COM. We'd like to have 

you bring the Fuel Cell Hg pressure up to on-board 
. reading of 500 psi. 

186:39:12 C Up she comes. 

186:39:1^ CC Roger. Also, at the present time they're working 

on a power-up sequence for approximately 2 hours 
after Gemini VI launch. 

186:39:31 C Okay. 

186:39:50 C Carnarvon, this is VTI. 

186:39:52 CC Go ahead, VTI. 

l86:39:5 1 + C Is your Surgeon down there from Georgia or Alabama? 



186:39:59 CC Negative. He's from Australia - Southern Australia, 

that is. 

186:1+0:03 C That's it, then. 


187 : lh:52 C Guaymas, Gemini VII. 

l87:l l +:55 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas. 

l87:l 1 +:57 C I was just wondering how everything's going. 

l87:lU:59 CC Everything looks real good down here. We're showing 

2-Charlie at 3-92 amps. 

l87:15:0U C Roger. The two sections seem to he going closer 

together to start the . . . 

187:15:09 CC Roger. 

187:15:10 C How's the launch going with VI? 

187:15:12 CC Oh, VI is going along real well. They're still in 

the 25 -minute hold. 

187:15:18 C They've already had a 25-minute hold? 

187:15:20 CC It's a built-in hold. 

187:15:21 C Roger. 

187:15:28 CC Houston said everything's progressing normally. 

187:15:31 C Thank you. 


187:16:02 CC Gemini VII, Texas CAP COM. Need not acknowledge. 

We have you GO on the ground and standing by. 

I87:l6:,07 C Thank you. 




187:17:29 CC Gemini VII, Texas. Houston reports the weather at 

the Cape is GO for launch. 

l87:17:3U C I know that. I just wanted to know how it's going 

to he for our purpose, but they'll probably make 
it known there. 

187 : 18: 51 CC Gemini VII, Texas. 

187: 18: 53 C Go ahead. 

l87:l8:5U CC Roger. The weather at Cape is reported 5000 

scattered, 10,000 overcast. 

187:18:59 C That's Roger. We have it. Thank you. 


187:25:18 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 
187:25:21 P Roger. We saw Elliot. 
187:25:23 CC Roger. 

187:25:31 CC Everything's still okay, Frank. We'll let you 


187:25:35 P Roger, Elliot, we were in perfect position, too. 

187:25:^ CC Everything's still okay on the pad. We'll keep you 

informed . 

l87:25:W3 C Thank you. 

187:26:05 CC Gemini VII, were you copying the air/ground on that? 
187:26:10 C Roger. 
187:26:11 CC Very good. 

187:37:59 CC VII, Canary. 



187:38:01 C Go ahead, Canary. Gemini VII. 

187:38:03 CC Okay. We have a little bit of information for you. 

It seems they had a program lockout at Cape and 
also they lost a tail plug out of the launch 
vehicle, which gave them the lift-off problem. As 
things stand right now, looks like a 4-day recycle 
time, which would make that about 8:43 AM, that's 
Eastern Standard Time, your twelfth day. 

187:38:29 C Roger. Did they actually get a light-off? 

187:38:32 CC I don't believe so. Stand by. 

187:38:46 CC They say they got an ignition and a hold-kill right 

afterwards . 

187:38:52 P Roger. This is VII, your friendly target vehicle, 

standing by. 

187:38:55 CC Roger. 

187:39:41 CC The word is to tell you we're still tracking you and 

we're right back on Spacecraft VII. 

187:39:^5 C Okay. First things first. 

187:39:48 CC That's right. 

187:39:54 C Have they got Tom and Wally out of there yet? 

187:39:57 CC Say again. 

187:39:58 C Have they got Tom and Wally out of the spacecraft 


187:40:01 CC Negative. They're still in, but everything is safe. 
187:40:04 C Okay. Thank you. 

187:40:05 CC Roger. 

187:40:09 C As you've probably guessed, we're venting an ECS 

O2 now. 

187:40:12 CC Roger. 




187: 1*0: 1+3 CC VII, Canary. 
187:1+0:1+1+ C Go ahead. 

187: 1+0:1+5 CC Do you still have your heaters on the FUEL CELL 


187: UO: 1+8 C Oh no. Negative. They're off. They've been off 

for some time. 

187:1+0:50 CC Okay. What's your reading up there? 

187:1+0:53 C I read 530. 

187:1+0:55 CC 530. Okay. Thank you. 

187:1+1:21+ CC You can turn your Quantity Read switch off again. 
187:1+1:27 CC Thank you. 


187: 1+3: 05 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 
l87:!+3:08 C Loud and. clear, Elliot. 

187:1+3:11 CC Roger. Frank, we'd like to give you a flight plan 

update . 

187:!+3:16 C Roger. Stand by. 

l87:!+3:32 C Go. 

187:1+3:31+ CC S-5: 188:55:22; Sequence 12; Mode 02; pitch 30 de- 
grees down, yaw 3 degrees right. Stand by, Frank. 

l87:M+:07 C Standing by. 

l87:l+l+:53 CC Gemini VII, Houston, 

l87*.l+l+:56 C Go ahead, Houston. 

l87:l+l+:59 CC We'd like you to close the DCS circuit breaker, the 

ACQ-AID circuit breaker, and the Real-Time T/M 
circuit breaker. 






Roger . Understand . 



We'd like you to put - let me give you another flight 
plan update item here. Time: 188:00:00; BIO MED 
Recorder Number 1 on; off at 190:00:00. You copy? 



Roger . 



That's all the flight plan update we'll give you at 
this time. There's a possibility of MSC-4 or 
S-8/D-13 at - on the next US pass - I think it is - 



Roger, Elliot. 



We'll keep you posted. 



Tell Tom and Wally we will still be waiting the 
twelfth day if they can make it. 



Okay. Prank, it's the - it's two US passes from 
now that we have a possible activity for you. We'll 
be letting you know. 



Very well. 



Give us Section 2 stack readout while we're at it. 



Roger. Will do. 



Section 2A is reading about 1 l/2 amps, 2B is read- 

41117 P flnH rvtlT* ft* "t Pn H O— fliorl 1 a 4o y*ao/1^ ner ll 

■LJig tj CLL1U. UUI ii J-CE1U, C~ OilO~L J-XC IB rCclUXllg *+ * 



Roger, Jim. 




Gemini VII, Houston. 



Go ahead. Houston . 



You can delete the S-5. We have weather. 



Roger . 



Houston, VII calling. 





Go ahead, VII. 



Gemini VII, Houston. Go ahead. 



Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 



Go ahead, Carnarvon. Gemini VII. 



Okay . We would like for you to read your . . , 
the following positions, please. 






Adapter - C-Band Adapter switch to COMMAND. 



Roger . 



C-Band Reentry switch to COMMAND. 



Reentry to COMMAND. 



Standby T/M switch off. 



It's off. 



T/M switch to COMMAND 



It's in COMMAND now. 



Roger . 



DCS Power circuit breaker closed. 



Stand by. 



It's closed. 



Real-Time Transmitter circuit breaker closed, 



Say again, please. 



Real-Time Transmitter circuit breaker closed 



/~« /~\ II iri rv r~k. IT 1 A 1 




It's already closed. 



Delayed Time Transmitter circuit breaker closed. 



It's also closed. 



Standby Power circuit breaker closed. 



It's closed. 



Command Control circuit breaker closed. 

188: 11: 3 1 * 


It's closed. 



ACQ- AID Beacon circuit breaker closed. 



It's closed. 

loo: 11: 41 


C-Band Beacon circuit breaker closed. 



And it's closed. 



Roger. We have your T/M. You're looking good 
here on the ground. 



Carnarvon, Gemini VII. We had to go to A prop or 
the primary loop at 187:56 because the Pilot was 
getting warm in his suit. 



Roger. Copy. 



Gemini VII, Carnarvon. How was your temperature 
last night? 



. . . last night . 



Repeat, VII. I did not copy. 



They were very good last night. Very good. 



Roger . Copy . 



Carnarvon, Gemini VII. Have you heard whether 
they're definitely going to try to recycle VT or 



We don't know definitely. The only thing that I 




heard was the transmission to you over Canary. 

Okay. They're just standing by. They don't know 
what they are going to do and they will keep you 
advised when they can tell it. 

Roger . 

Gemini VII, Carnarvon. We'd like to confirm the 
Command Pilot has been exercising. 

You read, Carnarvon? 

Negative. I do not copy. 

I'm in my exercise period right now. 

Roger. Thank you. 

188: kj: took shot from Magazine C at HQ ocean to 
go while crossing Mexico. Shot 56 ... Magazine C, 
Exposure 51 and Magazine C, Exposure 55, taken at 
188:50 ... 189:00 ... 


Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 
Loud and clear. 

We still don't have any definite word from the 
Cape yet, VII. We're going to be extremely care- 
ful with our fuel. Continue to be so and we're 
going to give you some experiments today, but we 
want you to be extremely stingy on the fuel. We 
will try to minimize the fuel-using- type experi- 
ments, but we will give you some which you can try 
to pick up in drifting flight, or with very minimum 
fuel usage. We're presently planning a MSC-1* on 
the next revolution at White Sands. We'll be giving 
you an update on that later. 

Roger. Understand. 



We were wondering if you saw the ignition at the 

Negative. The Cape was open when we went over it 
and we were in fine position for photography, but 
we never saw the ignition. We were waiting for the 

Roger. Apparently it was on and off very quickly . 
We'll be keeping you informed on that as soon as 
we get some more. 


Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
Roger, Hawaii. This is VII. 

Roger. We show you GO on the ground. Have a ques- 
tion for you when you're ready. 

Go ahead. 

Roger. We'd like to know if you had any moments 
when the ECS 0 2 vented? And if you noted the time? 

We - negative. We did not notice any particular 
moments or gyration of spacecraft, and we did not 
note the time. 

Roger. Understand. Standing by. 


Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. You need not acknow- 
ledge. All systems look good on the ground. We'll 
be standing by. 

Roger, Guaymas. Thank you. 



567 - 


l88;50:2l+ CC Gemini VII, this is Texas CAP COM. 
188:50:28 C Roger, Texas. 

188:50:30 CC We've got you GO on the ground this time and 

standing by. We'd like to have you do a normal fuel 
cell purge at this time. 

l88:50:UO C Roger. Normal purge coming through. 

l88:5U:37 CC Gemini VII, Texas CAP COM. 

188:5h:40 C Go ahead. 

188:54:41 CC They're in the process of raising the erector at the 

Cape at this time. 

188: 54: kj C Thank you. 

188:54:53 C We noticed that that purge really raised 2A up. 

188:55:22 C Purge complete. 

188:55:27 CC Gemini VII, Texas CAP COM. 

188:55:30 C Go ahead. 

188:55:31 CC I'd like to get a cryogenic quantity readout at 

this time. Would you place your Readout switch to 
the ECS 02 position? 

l88:55:4l C Roger. ECS 0 2 « 

188:55:55 C Let's see. Our pressure is - 

188:56:06 CC Roger. Ready to go to FUEL CELL 0 2 ? 

188:56:15 C FUEL CELL 0 2 . 

188:56:31 CC FUEL CELL Hg. 

188:56:33 C Roger. 

188:56:48 CC Roger. You can place the Quantity Readout switch to 

the OFF position, and we're standing by. 




188:57:03 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 
188:57:05 P Go ahead, Houston. 

188:57:06 CC Have flight plan update when you're ready to copy. 
188:57:24 P Go ahead, Houston. 

188:57:27 CC MSC-k: 190:27:00; Sequence 01; Mode 01; pitch 26 

degrees down, yaw 34 degrees left. On this one, we 
want you to min imi ze your fuel if you don't acquire 
them, then give it up. We're trying to minimize 
fuel and this is a White Sands pass. However, it is 
a very good White Sands pass. It'll be about the 
closest one we've had and the weather there is clear, 

188:58:11 C Roger. Understand. ... 

188: 58:l6 CC Supposedly, they have and they're ready to go. 
188:58:19 C Thank you. 

188:58:21 CC Okay. Next item: 190:1*0:00, exercise. 190:50:00 - 

you have a Tx coming up. Do you copy, VII? 

188:58:41 P Roger. T x coming up. Haven't received it yet. 

188:58:44 CC Okay. Eat period, MSC-2 and 3, 190:50:00. Sequence 

02; same time as the start of eat period. Apollo: 
192:12:06; Sequence 70; Mode 01. Time: 193:23:00; 
crew status report on the Command Pilot at Hawaii. 
Do you copy? 

188:59:26 P Roger. 

188:59:29 CC Did you ever get the T x ? 
188:59:31 P Negative. 

188:59:33 CC About 30 seconds more. Continuing with the flight 

plan update: 193:35:00: purge fuel cells at 
Guaymas. 193:56:00: crew status report on the 
Pilot at RKV. T x transmitted. Do you receive? 

189:00:03 P Roger. Got it. 

189:00:05 CC Okay. 194:41:00: flight plan report at CSQ. 




194:59:00: FLA update at Hawaii. 196:17:00: fuel 
cell purge CSQ and BIO -MED Recorder Number 2 
CONTINUOUS. Do you copy? 

189:00:46 P Roger. I copy. 

189:00:52 C Elliot, I'd like to ask a question. 

189:00:55 CC Go ahead. 
189:00:58 C Three guesses. 

189:00:59 CC Go ahead. 

189:01:02 C Since we're going to he drifting a lot, we'd like 

to go ahead and take more targets of opportunity - 
photographs, because it's almost impossible to pro- 
gram anything now and we've got a lot of film we 
haven't used yet. 

189:01:13 CC Roger. We intend to give you a lot of different 

kinds of assignments that you might be able to 
pick up in drifting flight, and feel free to pick 
any of them up in drifting flight that you can. 

189:01:30 C Okay. What I say - that if we see anything inter- 

esting down here, I propose we go ahead and take 
some pictures of it. We've been briefed by the 
weather and the terrain people because if we're 
drifting, you just can't program anything early. 

189:01: hk CC Roger. I'm observing the White Room. They have 

the erector up; they have the White Room up and 
they *re presently taking Wally and Tom out of the 

189:01:59 C Very good. 

189:02:17 CC Jim, are you keeping up on the water drink now? We 

want you to keep drinking the water. 

189:02:24 P Roger. Since I've had the suit on, my water con- 

sumption has gone up. 

189:02:28 CC Roger. 

189:02:31 P Any decision yet? 




189:02:1*3 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Did you understand that you 

are free to take pictures of those targets of 
opportunity in drifting flight, as you requested? 

189: 02 :54 P Roger. We understand that. 

189:02:56 CC Roger. 


189:03:25 CC Gemini VII, we have nothing new to report to you on 

the VI problem. We'll keep you posted just as soon 
as we find anything more. 

189:03:34 C Right. Looks like our fuel cells are pretty good. 

Both 2A, 2B and 2C are back to normal. 

189:03:42 CC Roger. We're watching it and we're learning with 

everything we do. 

189:04:10 CC Wally and Tom are out of the White Room now. They're 

in the elevator and getting ready to go down. 

189:04:16 C Roger. Understand. ... 

189:04:38 CC They'll be back. 

189:04:48 C Elliot, ... 

189:04:57 CC I understand your comment was regarding the suit, 

Prank. Is that correct? 

189:05:04 C Roger. I would like to get Jim out of the suit 

also, until Guaymas. 

189:05:07 CC Roger. We're working on that full-speed. 

189:05:11 C Take your time. 

189: 07: 08 CC See you next time around, VII. 

189:07:48 CC Gemini VII, Houston Flight. 

189:14:02 C 189:13:57: a picture of a cloud formation. I don't 

know if it's of a contrail or ship. It's maybe the 
kind that we're looking for ... 




189:1^:09 P 

189:15:08 CC Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 

189:15:10 C Roger, Houston. Loud and clear. 

189:15:1^ CC Roger. We presume that Wally and Tom were unhappy 

with your orbit. They're waiting on a l6l circular. 

189:15:2U C Okay. ... 

189: 15: 3k CC I beg your pardon. 

189:15:36 C They will program our ... 

189:15:41 CC Roger. Would you like your present orbit? 

189:15: U5 C We'd like what? 

l89:15:U7 CC Would like to know what your present orbit is? 

189:16:03 CC Gemini VII, have we given you your present orbit? 

189:16:08 C Please give us our present orbit. 

189:16:13 CC Roger. It is 161.5 circular. 

189:16:18 C Roger. That is a little far off for Wally and Tom, 

I agree. In three or four days they should be down 
on target. 

189:16:25 CC Very good. We'll give them your message. 

189:17:06 C It's 189:03:57: a picture; looks like a shoal of a 

reef ... long ... of the Atlantic. 

189:17:18 P ... ASA 500, Rev 8, excuse me - used S0217 ... might 

have been thunderstorm activity and the exposure was 

• • * 

189:30:17 P 126; time was 189:30. 


l89:U6:06 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. You're looking good here on 

the ground. We're standing by. 



Roger, Carnarvon. So are we. 

Gemini VII, Carnarvon. We just noticed you switched 
your Primary Pump B on. Were you getting cool? 

We just want to get a little activity, and since 
we're not warm we thought we'd try to go back to B. 

Roger. I understand. 

190 hours. Have all lights out in the cockpit. 
. . . and the stars at ... that reflects through the 
window and my window's particularly dirty from ... 
boosting or during our urine dumps. Verbally, 
though, we do have good results . . . Prank and I 
would agree we cannot see any more stars up at 
10061 orbit than an airplane 35 to 1+5 thousand, so 
there are now a thousand more stars showing that we 
never saw before Rev 8. Southern heading down at 
Yucatan, looking straight down to Central America. 
Pretty cloud cover. Looking down to land on both 
sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific. 


Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
Go ahead, Hawaii. 

Roger, VII. We show you GO here. And we are 
standing by. 

Roger . 


Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Do you read? 
Loud and clear, Houston. 

Roger. We're standing by for your MSC-k pass. 

We'd like to add to that, go to the Talk Mode if you 

get extremely good acquisition. 

We will, thank you. 

Keep us posted on your pass. We have a message for 
you as soon as you've completed that. 

Thank you. 




190:22:31 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 
190:22:33 P Go ahead, Houston. 

190:22:35 CC The laser site is marked the same way as the last 

time you tried it. We have two grey smoke pots, 
which are 10 miles north the laser site. The smoke 
pots are 30 miles apart, east and west of each other. 
The weather report there is clear and wind calm. Do 
you copy? 

190:23:00 P Roger. 

190:26:23 C We have White Sands in sight now, Elliot. The Rio 

Grande stands out real clear today. 

190:26:29 CC Say again, VTI. 

190:26:31 C We have White Sands in sight now, Elliot - coming 

up on it - and Rio Grande stands out very clear to- 

190:26:36 CC Roger. 

190:26:^7 C We can even see my old home town of Tucson, Arizona, 

down there. 

190:26:50 CC Very good. Roger. Tucson. 

190:27:00 C Jim's got the telescope on it now. We've got a very 

good picture of the site and we still don't have the 

190:27:05 CC Roger. 

190:27:57 C We're going on by. I've had two blinks on the laser, 

Elliot, but it's not coming in loud and clear. 

190:28:0U CC Roger. Understand you saw two pulses from the 

ground station and that was all. 

190:28:10 C Right. We're still going by, though, as a matter 

of fact we're approaching the approach now. 

190:28:16 CC Roger. 


190:28:51 C ... no luck, Elliot. 



190:28:55 CC Roger. We copy. Have you completed your tenth? 

190:29:01 C Please keep talking if you can. Jim's still gazing 

down there, transmitting. 

190:29:07 CC Roger. 

190:29:12 CC You say he is trying to transmit, or he's just using 

the 100-pulse beam? 

190:29:17 C No. He used the 100-pulse beam while it's closest 

approach, but he unfortunately didn't have ... of 
lasers. I saw it twice. 

190:29:28 CC Roger. You saw two pulses and that's all? 

190:29:32 C That's affirmative. 

190:29:31* CC And you say he never actually saw the beam for sure? 
190:29:38 C That's right. 
190:29:40 CC Roger. 

190:29:^9 CC We have a flight plan update for you when you are 

ready to copy, and you're finished with your track- 

190:30:21 C Go ahead, Elliot. 

190:30:22 CC Okay. You've got a T x coming up here pretty soom, 
190:30:26 C Thank you. 

190:30:29 CC A fligb* plan update: Apollo, 192:12:06: Sequence 70; 

Mode 01; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 13 degrees left. 
MSC-2 and 3: Time, 206:1+2:00; off; the MSC-2 and 3 
off. Time, 206:^2:00: fuel cell purge at Antigua 
and the same time BIO MED Recorder Number 2 off. 
Do you copy? 

190:31:36 C Roger. 

190:31:56 P Houston, VII. 

190:32:01 CC Go ahead, Gemini VII. 




190:32:04 P You might inform the experimenters on MSC-4 that 

the green filter for daylight acquisition is about 
completely useless, because it's impossible to 
recognize any of the terrain around the light. 

190:32:21 CC Roger. Understand the green filter blocks out or 

filters so much it causes you to lose terrain de- 
finition around the light, trying to locate the 
laser light. 

190:32:32 P Affirmative. It might be good at night, but not 

the daytime. 

190:32:37 CC Roger, VII. We'll work on that. We may be able 

to operate without it. 

190:32:57 P Any other news, Elliot? 

190:33:00 CC Roger. I've got that for you now, if you're ready. 

The news is imminent. Would you like some local 
news meanwhile? 

190:33:15 C I was talking about on VI. Any word on that? 

190:33:19 CC Kb, really nothing further. We were watching the 

press conference here a minute ago and they have 
not set a definite time on the recycle, that I 
could hear. I was - they're estimating an announce- 
ment about 4 or 5 o'clock this afternoon as to the 
recycle time. 

190:33:44 C Roger. 

190:33:45 CC It appears that it was strictly a faulty indication. 

An electrical plug dropped out or fell out at the 
bottom, starting a lift-off sequence, but we had 
actually not lifted off yet, and that caused the 
whole kill. So it's just a question now of a re- 
cycle time. 

190:34:08 C Roger. 

190:34:29 C What else is new, Elliot? 

190:34:32 CC I've got some new, regular news here for you here if 

you're ready. 



We're ready. 

Mr. Haney's News Service says there* s mostly sports 
and Gemini news in the papers this morning. Texas 
A & M has been put on probation for some of its 
athletic practices, and he adds that's not just 
another Aggie joke. Oklahoma University has offered 
Daryl Royal the head coaching job there and he says 
he's willing to talk about it. 

Think you're pretty well up on the Gemini news. 

Roger. Thank you. 

Would you read little Orphan Annie to Frank. He 
misses it. 

Roger. ... that she's in the bottom of the falls 
in a barrel. 

Oh, Oh! 

And nobody's ever gone over that falls in a barrel 
and lived before. 

Frank's really worried. 

Tell him the Flight Director's worried about it, 
too. We'll keep him informed. 

Gemini VII, Houston. You can turn it on HF now, 
if you're interested. 

Thank you. 

Elliot, how do your fuel cells . . . fuel cells are 

Looking very good at the present time. We're 
learning something every day on them. 


I'm sure you are too. 
Houston, VII. 






Go ahead. 



For information, window problem hasn't been solved 
yet. We still have deposits in our windows and 
we're not too sure whether it was caused during 
the SECO, or staging) or causea oy une urine uump 
on my side, or whether its on the inside of the 
outer pane . 



noger • unoersoanct xnis is on uvuu winuuwa ^ ui ^u.* 
marily on your window? 

190 i 38: 52 


I believe I have a heavier coating, although Frank 

has 80me . XT> xOOKS ilK.e xinic grease spuoa wiwi 

greasy little spots in it. 



Roger. Understand. It looks like grease spots. 



Roger . 



You probably hit a few bugs. 



Roger . 


jixgnu SSLyo UX1CJ ilUASb we a. J- A Cllita ■ 






Roger, That - - 



Elliot, we can pick up white sand dunes from over 
the coast of lower California. 



Roger, Frank. 



Might be interested - Dr. Semens issued a special 
statement this morning commenting on the Gemini VII/ 
Vt mission, reflecting favorably on the planning of 
it and the contingency operations, and specifically 
citing Wally and Tom for their correct analysis and 
cool, planning under the circumstances there - not 
ejecting at the whole-kill. 



Right. That was good work. 



I hope they can recycle it. 



190:UO:55 CC So do we. We're all waiting on that. 
190:51:51 CC Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 
190:51:5*+ P 

190:51:56 CC I have a brief flight plan update for you, if you're 

ready to copy. 

190:52:06 P Stand by one. 

190:52:16 P Go ahead. 

190:52:19 CC Node 191:3^:^5; Rev 120; lk0.6 degrees east; right 

ascension 9:52:21. Do you copy? 

190:52:U6 P This is VTI. Mot all of it. Understand Node 

191: 30:^5; Rev 120; 140.6 degrees east. And what 
is the right ascension, please? 

190:53:00 CC Roger. Right ascension 9:52:21 and your time was 

incorrect. It is 191:3^:^5. Do you copy? 

190:53:16 P Roger. The time is 191: 3k: *+5 and I have the right 

ascension . 

190:53:26 CC Roger, VTI. 

190: 5k:k6 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston. Do you still read 


190:5^:51 P Roger, Houston. 

190:5^:53 CC Roger. Sorry to disturb your lunch, but we have a 

message here we think you'd be interested in. 

190:55:02 P Roger. Go ahead. 

190:55:07 CC We're coming up on special time here. About 5 sec- 
onds - MARK, you have just exceeded the world's 
manned space flight endurance record and, by sheer 
coincidence, we are pleased to inform you that you 
are cleared to go to whatever suit configuration 
you would like. Keep us informed. 

190:55:33 C Hallelujah! Thank you very much. You're all doing 

good work. 




Roger. We copy. 

Are you out of that suit yet, Jim? 
I've got one leg to go. 


Gemini VII, Houston. Do you read? 

Loud and clear, Elliot. Go ahead. 

Could we ask you what the present suit configuration 

We're still in the same configuration. Jim will ... 

Roger. We have an option here on the HF. We can 
put the Green Bay-Baltimore game on if you think 
you would prefer that to the music. What's your 
opinion on that? 

Okay. Let's try the Green Bay-Baltimore game. I 
think that would be great J 

Say again. 

Let's try the football game, please. 

Roger. We'll give it a try. It's about a half an 
hour yet before it will start, but when it comes 
in we'll put it on. 

Thank you, Elliot. 


Gemini VTI, Carnarvon. You look real good here on 
the ground. 

Roger, Carnarvon. Jim will be removing his suit at 
this time. 



191:22;5U CC Roger. Copy. 


191:^7:36 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. We have nothing further 

for you. We'll be standing by. 

191:^7; UO C How's the weather down there in Hawaii? 

191: ^7: ^2 CC Real fine today. Beautiful. 

191:^7:^ C I wonder if we can get an MSC pass later on today? 

191 :*+7: 50 CC Well, we went through that a little bit earlier, 

but we'll have to stand by. Hang loose here. 

191:1+7:52 C Okay. We'd sure like to. 

191: V7: 55 CC Copy all that? 

191:1+8:02 C Hawaii, for your information, Jim is now out of his 

suit. He's in suit's -off configuration. 

191:U8:U CC Roger. 


191:1*8:57 CC Do you copy in HF up there? 

191:U9:06 C There's been a lot of static today for some time. 

I just turned in on. 

191:^9:09 CC Okay. It's 7 to 3, Green Bay, at the end of the 

first quarter. 

191:^9:12 C Very good. 

191:^9:19 CC That is in the first quarter. 

191:^9:23 CC Maybe It'll get better if you're closer to States. 

191:51:12 CC VII, does your pilot there like water? 




191:51:17 C Roger. He's drinking it. 

191:51:18 CC He better keep drinking it, because if he doesn't 

get some into M« by the time he gets to the States, 
he's going to have the Flight Surgeon on his back. 

191:51:2U C Okay. We'll put some more into him right now. 

191:51:27 CC Roger. 

191:52:39 CC Gemini VII, Houston - 

191:52:58 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

191:53:01 C Loud and clear, Houston. 

191:53:02 CC Right. Did you acquire the laser site on that pass? 
191:53:06 C No, we're just drifting. 

191:53:08 CC Okay. It doesn't look like you have a path that 

will take you much closer than that till in your 
sleep cycle, except perhaps the 122nd and we'll 
look into at least scheduling one for you just to 
look, and see if you can acquire the beam 
and perhaps not use any fuel. 

191:53:21* C Fine, thank you. 

191:53:25 CC Okay. 


191:59:22 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. Everything looks good 

here on the ground. 

191:59:27 C Roger. 

191:59:29 CC And by the way, it's now Green Bay ih to 3. 
191:59:32 C Excellent! 







Gemini VII, this is Texas CAP COM. 



Go ahead, Texas. 



Sending you a Tj(. 



Roger. Got it. 



You're GO on the ground. We'll be standing by. 



Thank you. 




Gemini VII, Houston. 



Go ahead, Houston. 



You receiving the HP okay? 



Coming in a little garbled but okay. 



You want to keep that going, or do you want to , 
back to the other? 



We'll keep it. 

192:03:14 CC Okay. Stand by for the Surgeon. 

192:03:19 CC Jim, we're interested in checking on this lead and 

it looks like you've got a very good sternal here. 
Did you replace the sensor already? 

192:03:28 P No, I think that probably happened when I was 

struggling out of the suit. 

192:03:32 CC Well, gee, you - it looks very, very good right 

now, so let's leave it alone for a while, and see 
what happens. If it deteriorates again, what we 
would like for you to do is just remove the tape 
and clean the sensor out, and start all over with 
new tape and new Stoma Seal tape, and then the new 
tape over it so we'll start off fresh. It should 




be that lower sensor, Jim. 

192:04:01 P Roger, the lower front sensor. Will do. 

192:04:04 CC Bat if the lead looks fine, and your water intake is 

way down, Jim, we'd like for you to keep at it. 
And are you having any thirst at all? Do you feel 
that you ought to be taking more water? 

192:04:17 P Mo, I'm perfectly happy with the water intake. Of 

course I've just taken about 13 or 14 ounces here 
in the last hour. 

192:04:25 CC Roger. Okay. Let's keep at it and we'll keep an 

eye on it and keep you posted. 

192:04:35 P Oh, about 550 something now, I think. 

192:04:38 CC Very good. 

192:04:51 CC Are you a little more comfortable now? 

192:04:54 P Much better. This is really great! 

192:05:05 C If you happen to see Joe Shea around playing tennis 

anywhere, you might as well tell him this is the 
only way to fly. 

192:05:11 CC Roger. We copy that, Gemini VII. Think we got l4 

days made this way, right? 

192:05:18 C In the box. As long as you all don't get too tired. 

192:05:26 CC We'll try and hold up. You just do the same. 

192:05:31 P We have the RED and WHITE team up here. 

192:05:32 CC Well, we're all BLUE down here. Many days like 

this one, we're going to get tired. 

192:05:44 C Let us know about the recycle as soon as you hear, 

won't you please, Chris? 

192:05:49 CC Roger. They're talking Wednesday at the moment, 

but nothing final yet. 

192:05:53 C Very good. 




192:09:03 C Time 192:09: - Okay. We just took several photo- 

graphs starting at 192:12:00, ending at 192:12:56. 
Apollo Landmark 70 and also some from 5. These 
were for Apollo Landmark for S-5. They contained 
Magazine E - Exposures 1, or about 5, to 16. Un- 
fortunately, about five of those were taken without 
the IR filter. The first series also ... Magazine 
13 12. 


192:22:38 CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. We have nothing for you 

this pass. We're standing by. 

192:22:43 P This is VII, Roger. We're having one of the best 

trips here of all. We've followed the South 
America all the way down. 

192:22:50 CC You got a good view? 

192:22:52 C It's an outstanding view! 

192:24:08 P RKV, VII. 

192:24:11 CC Go ahead, VII. 

192:24:13 P What's your closest port that you're anchored to? 

192:24:17 CC Would be Rio. We're 35 miles off the coast and I 

guess 150 miles north of Rio. 

192:24:24 P Roger. Thank you. 

192:24:37 CC That's 350 miles north of Rio. 

192:24:51 CC You should be able to see a river south of us. 

192:24:58 P Roger. We'll get you the next pass. 

192:25:01 CC Roger. 


192:45:20 CC Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 




192:45:27 P This is VII. Read you loud and clear, Houston. 

192:45:30 CC Tremendous communications! We nave the word that 

they're going to attempt to launch VI in 3 days, 
and if they don't make it then, of course, they will 
just go the next day. The launch time on the third 
day, which will be Wednesday, is 8:37 Eastern Standard 

192:45:54 P Roger. We'll wish with him for all the success in 

the world on the Gemini VI. ... we'll be standing 

192:46:03 CC Roger. And from now until then we're planning a 

level of experiments for about 3.4 pounds pro- 
pellent per day versus an average of about 6 pounds 
that we had been scheduling for you. 

192:46:25 P Understand. 

192:46:26 CC And we will make every attempt to schedule as many 

of the minimum fuel-user-type passes as we can. 

192:46:36 P We'll be very conservative on our fuel. 

192- 46* 39 CC Roger. And we have a progress report on the foot- 
ball game. It's San Diego 7, Houston nothing. 

192:46:51 P Oh! oh! Frank's crying over here. 

192:46:54 CC Roger. 

192:47:02 CC Are you receiving the HF all right down there? 

192:47:08 P We lost just a moment ago, so we turned it off. 

We're going to give it a try right now. 

192:47:13 CC Roger. They're going to start trying to send it 

out of California on your Pacific pass, so you may 
get it a little better from now on. 

192:47:28 P Very good. 

192:48:12 C Elliot, are you still reading? 
192:48:14 CC Roger. 




192:48:18 C Boy, the HP is great here! 

192:1*8:21 CC The HF? 

192:48:26 CC Say again, Gemini VII. 

192:52:02 P Comment : Certainly the urine Bio-measuring ... it 

would be highly desirable to replace the cuffs 
every day. 

192:57:07 P Lovell dumping urine at 192:57- Stand by. 
192:58:37 C Borman dumping urine at 192:5... 
193:00:21 C Dump completed. 

193:00:23 P ... Borman ... 


193:10:27 CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. We have you GO on all the 

systems. We have nothing to pass to you. Standing 

193:10:36 C Thank you, CSQ. See you later on tonight. 

193:10:43 CC Roger. 

193:12:04 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. We*re reading HF out of California 

at this time. Do you copy HF? 

193:12:14 C Roger. 


193:23:41 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
193:23:45 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

193:23:47 CC Roger. We have a good temperature. Standing by 

for your blood pressure. 

193 : 23 i 57 P Roger. Coming down shortly. 




193:2^:03 P Soger. Coming down, Charlie. 
193 :2k: 12 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

193:25:1^ CC We nave a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your exercise. 

193:25:22 c MARK. 

193:25 :M+ C Blood pressure. 

193:25:53 CC Your cuff is full-scale. 

193:26:52 CC We have a good blood pressure. Standing by for 

your food and water report. 

193:26:57 P Roger. Coming down. The Pilot to date has had 

560 ounces of water. Column 5 is 20; Column 6, 
3. The last meal was Day 11, Meal B. Did not 
eat the apricot cubes. The Command Pilot has had 
651 ounces of water, same meal. Ate every bit. 
Column 5, 21; Column 6, 5. 

193:27:50 CC Roger, Gemini VTI. 

193:27:56 CC We have nothing further for you at this time. We're 

standing by. 

193:27:59 P Roger. 


193: 3^5 CC Gemini VTI, Guaymas CAP COM. 
193:3^9 P This is VTI. Go ahead. 

193:3*1:51 CC Roger. All systems are GO on the ground. We'd 

like - we're ready for you to start your fuel cell 

193:3^:57 P Roger. Purge coming up. 

193:39:38 P Purge complete, Guaymas. 

193:39:**0 CC Roger. We're ready for your quantity read. Would 

you place in the ECS O2 position? 




193:!+0:11 CC FUEL CELL Og. 
193:^0:36 CC FUEL CELL Hg. 

193:!+1:07 CC Okay. Replace to the OFF position. Everything is 

still looking good here. We have nothing else for 

193:^1:17 C What happened to the HF, Ouaymas? Do you know? 

193 : 1+1 : 19 CC Negative . 
193:41:22 C Okay. Thank you. 


193:^1:58 CC Gemini VIZ, Gemini VII, this is Houston CAP COM. 

Over . 

193:^2:05 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, this is Houston CAP COM. 

Over . 

193:1+2:21+ CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Over. 

193:1+2:27 C Go ahead Gene, Houston. This is Gemini VII. 

193:^2:30 CC Okay, Frank. The hall game may have been interrupted 

slightly. We went from California transmitter to 
Canaveral transmitter. 

193:^2:1+8 C What's new, Houston? Anything? 

193:^2:56 C Houston, Gemini VII. 

193:^2:59 CC Roger, Gemini VII. Reading you loud and clear now. 

We have nothing new right now. We 're still looking 
forward to Wednesday. 

193:!+3:03 C Okay. 

193:^3:05 C So are we. 

193:^3:07 CC I think there's two other guys who are, too. 

193:^3:10 C As a matter of fact, we*re all looking forward to 











193: 59: Uo 

CC You getting itchy? 

CC Gemini VII, Houston. Are you receiving your HP now 
from the Cape? 

C Roger. Very good. 

CC Okay. 


CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM, We copy your oral temp. 
We're standing by for blood pressure. 

C Coming down with blood pressure. 

CC You didn't get full-scale, Gemini. 

CC There you go.' Pump is just a little bit high, up 
there. Real fine. We have it. 

CC Gemini, ... Surgeon. We've got a good blood pres- 
sure. Standing by for your exercise. 

C MARK. Our exercise. 

CC Right. 

CC Full-scale. 

CC We've got a good blood pressure, Gemini. Has there 
been any change in your food and water report since 

C Negative . 

CC Thank you . Surgeon out . 


CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM. We have you 00 on telemetry. 
Standing by for your flight plan report. 




19 I *: 1 H:39 


... Gemini VII ... 553 flight plan ... 
... 17 and 500 . . . 



Pilot now 5, Command Pilot, 25; ... Pilot, 3; ... 



One eight, Pilot, 560; Command Pilot, 65h 



Roger, Gemini. Would you give me the first item? 
"Die first item you reported. 


20 magazine plus 10 exposures of S0217 AF6k. 

1 Oil* li?>« lift 

uKay . iou niu so nave cropped oux tnen • l pic&ed 
you up at 13 exposures of color-shifted IR. Any 
a. uciua yr±.wir uu oiui l# w± ^ne cACcpbion oi une one 
you just repeated, I have not received. 



Roger. The - that was - you received it all be- 
cause the IR would be the second item. 






. . . Gemini . Tell them at Houston that we have run 
a cabin tenmerature survev sinpp vp'vp h^mt wH+hmt+ 
suits, and conditions are the same as they've been 
for the whole flight. 






We have nothing else. We're standing by. 



Roger . All ... 


19^:59: 13 


Gemini VII. Hawaii CAP COM. 



Go ahead, Hawaii. 



How are you doing? We're showing you GO down here. 



Will you say again, please, Hawaii? 



How are you doing up there? 




Very good. 

Okay. We're showing you 00 down here. I've got a 
landing area update. Let me know when you're ready 
to copy. 

Roger. Ready. Go ahead, please. 

Okay. Area 125-3 199:05:27; 126-Bravo: 200:42:01; 
127-Bravo: 202:30:19*. 128-2: 203:14:37; 129-2: 
204:48:31; 130-2: 206:24:34; 131-1: 207:53:25; 132-1: 
209:28:41. The RET at 400K at all these landing 
areas is 21 plus 40. 

Roger, Hawaii. Thank you. 

Okay. The weather ia good in all areas except 131-1* 
That one is marginal. 


And there'll he a UHF 6 pass at the RKV and also at 
the CSQ on Rev 123. 

Thank you. 

Okay. If you need anything else, we'll be standing 

Very good. 

Photograph at f5.6» J/ 2 5> at 195:29:30, and zero of 
wave clouds over the Andes near Volivia. That was 

Magazine C, Exposure 59* 



Good evening, RKV. 

Roger. All systems are 00. 

I have an over status for you when - whenever you're 








195: 3^:09 
195: 3!+: 12 

195: 3^:16 



P Roger. We're - we're ready. 

CC Okay. You have k7 pounds of fueling remaining. 

This is essentially 26.5 percent actual and your 
gages read 2k percent. We've seen essentially no 
usage of fuel the last 2k hours. We're planning to 
use a total of approximately 3 pounds of fuel per 
day between now and GT-VT lift-off. This will leave 
you the necessary reserve for contingencies. 

CC On the ECS 0 2 status, as a result of the open -cir- 
cuiting of Section 2 last night, the section came 
back strong. We believe it was because the water 
in the cell had time to fuse out. The ECS 0 2 vented 
last night. It's predicted it will probably happen 
tonight again when metabolic consumption decreases. 
We'd like to leave the Quantity Read switch in ECS 
0 2 tonight in order to calculate vent rate, to 
evaluate the heat rate on the bottle. 

C Roger. What's the diagnosis for the fuel cell now 
that the water's out of it? Do you think it's 
going to load up again? 

CC It's hard to tell right now, but it looks real good - 
at least on the curve we've been running. 

C Yes, I'm still worried why we have the Delta-P 

light. I guess nobody really knows down there. 

CC That's a 100-dollar question. 

C Right. 

CC All your Cryo quantities look good for the 15-day - 
plus mission. 

C Thank you. 

CC Your bedtime cryogenic rules for tonight will be 

ECS 0 2 Heater switch OFF; your Fuel Cell 0 2 switch 
to AUTO and your Fuel Cell H 2 - we 'd like you to 
pump it up to 510 psi; and your minimum for tonight 
will be kk5. We'd like you to leave the Fuel Cell 
H 2 Heater off. 

C Roger. 




195:34:47 CC Okay. We'll update you on the status of the GT-VI 

launch over CSQ this revolution. 

195:3^:51 C Thank you. 

195:34:53 CC I've got some ball scores for you. 
195:34:55 C Hey, it sounds interesting! 

195:3^:57 CC In the third quarter LA 28, the Browns 7; Green Bay 

42 and Baltimore 27 J that's a final score. 

195:35:08 ■ P Sounds interesting. " 

195:35:13 CC We didn't tell you last night, but the two previous 

nights we had a visual on you: over RKV. Had a real 
good look at you. 

195:35:21 C With the naked eye or a telescope? 

195:35:24 CC The naked eye. We had about 10 or 15 troops up 


195:35:27 P So what do we look like? 

195:35:32 CC You're the fastest star we've ever seen. 

195: 35:3*1 P (Laugh) Okay. 

195:35:38 CC Okay. Before we lose you, I would also like to con- 
gratulate you, both of you, for all the Plight Con- 
trols around the world on the way you guys are 
flying this mission. You're making our job real 



Our pleasure, believe us. 



Thank you. 



Houston will be giving you a call over Tananarive. 



Okay, RKV. We'll be seeing you tonight. 



Did you look at us on your last pass? 



Couldn't find you* 



195:36:39 C I've got an admiral on -board, too, and even he 

couldn't find you* 

195:36:43 CC We don't have a wake, that's the problem probably. 

195:36:46 C Right. 


195:53:26 CC Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Over. 

195:53:34 C Houston, this is Gemini VII. Go ahead. 

195:53:37 CC Roger, Frank. We'd like to clarify a couple of 

items on the flight plan report. Did you accomplish 
all the items that were updated today, all experi- 

195:53:45 C Yes, everything that was updated except the ones 

you already know about, like the laser. 

195:53:51 CC Roger. But you did - you did attempt everything 

that was updated, is that correct? 

195:54:01 CC Gemini VII, Houston. I understand that you did 

attempt everything that was updated today. 

195:54:07 C That's Roger. 

195:54:08 CC Okay. And can you give us an estimate on your 

D-4/D-7 tape remaining? 

195:54:09 C Stand by. 

195:54:30 C 7. 

195:54:33 CC Say again, Gemini. 

195?54:35 C We have 7 minutes and 40 seconds left. 

195:54:39 CC Roger. Have 7 plus 40. I've got a node update 

if you're ready to copy. 

195:54:49 C We used 30 seconds today waiting for GT-VI. 




195:54:53 CC Roger. Understand you used 30 seconds for GT-VI. 

195: 51+ ; 58 CC Gemini VII, I've got a node update when you*re 

ready to copy. 

195:55:02 C Roger. Actually that was yesterday when we tried 

to look for that Sequence 430. 

195:55:12 C Didn't use it for VI. 

195:55:14 CC Roger. Understand. 

195:55:20 P Go ahead, Houston. 

195:55:22 CC Okay. Node at 199:06:06: Rev 125; 25.3 degrees 

east; right ascension 09:43:39. 

195:55:51 P Houston, this is VII. We didn't get all that. 

Could you give us the longitude and the latitude 
again, please? 

195:55:57 CC Okay, the longitude is 25.3 degrees east. 25*3 

degrees east. 

195:56:06 P Roger. And the right ascension? 
195:56:07 CC Roger. Right ascension is 09:43:39* 
195:56:14 P Roger. We copy. 

195:56:15 CC Okay. And we have someone here who want to say a 

few words to you. 

195:56:23 CC Say, Big Shortie and Prisbee, this is Short Biggie. 

I want to offer you my sincerest congratulations. 
I can't think of two guys I'd rather see the re- 
cord go to, and for Frisbee - everything okay at 
home. The Prime Driver's standing by. 

195:56:1*0 P Thank you ... Pete. Just stand by and listen in 

case anything happens, 

195:56:46 CC Everything's fine on the home front. 

195:56:49 P We'll see you, Pete. 

195:56:50 CC Roger. Have a good flight for the rest of the trip. 



195:56:5^ P Roger. 

195:57:03 CC Gemini VII, this is Houston CAP COM. Can you give 

us an account on what you actually saw during the 
attempted QT-VT launch? 

195:57:16 P Houston, could you say that one more time, please? 

195:57:20 CC Roger. Can you again give us a short account of 

what you saw during the GT-VT attempted launch? 

195:57:30 P Roger. We went right over the Cape area. Inside 

the Cape area we saw actually no ignition or fly-by 
or anything. We were Just photographing with the 
l6mm and the 70mm, the Cape area at this stage 
of the launch after the countdown and the read. 

195:57:51 CC Roger, Jim. 

195:57:55 P We were also performing D-lf and D-7 at that time. 

195:58:15 CC Gemini VII, this is Houston. 
195:58:18 P Go ahead, Houston. 

195:58:22 CC Roger. The Surgeon advises that your sternal lead, 

Jim, is still a little bit noisy and if you get a 
chance, you might take a look at it, 

195:58:31 P Roger. I'll look at it. 

195:58:33 CC And have you been receiving the LA-Cleveland game 

via HF? 

195:58:38 C Roger. 

195:58:39 CC Okay. 


196:16:38 CC Gemini VII, CSQ CAP COM, We're standing by for 

your purge. 

196: 16: C Roger, CSQ. We're going through. 




196:17:52 CC Gemini VII, I would like to get an on-board readout 

on you - propulsion quantity* propellant quantity 
and OAMS source pressure. 

196:18:00 P Roger. Coming up. 

196:18:05 C Propellant quantity reads about 23 percent. The 

OAMS source pressure is 1300 psi. 

196:18:12 CC Say again pressure. 

196:18:15 C 13 high, 1300 psi. 

196:18:18 CC Roger. I copy. 

196:18:24 CC We don't have any further information on Spacecraft 

VI launch. We'll advise you tomorrow after your 
sleep period. 

196:18:33 CC Okay. 

196:18:35 C How far out in the water are you, CSQ? 

196:18:38 CC We're about halfway between Okinawa and Manila. 

196:18: h2 C Fine. You got any rough seas out there? 

196:18: CC Oh, you bet. There's a storm over us, I suppose. 

We're in rain squalls now. 

196:18:50 C No, it's very cloudy. 

196:18:53 C ... 

196:18:59 CC Yes, we've had some. 

196:19:03 P Just wait until you get to Hong Kong. Good liberty, 

196:19:07 CC Yes, we'd like to. 

196:19:09 CC Maybe you could talk to Flight about that. 

196:19:23 CC We're going to try to rush back for Christmas. 

196:19:26 C Roger. 

196:19:29 C Were you able to get reservations, Smiley? 



196:19:31 CC Yes, we've got confirmed reservations all the way 

back in, 

196:19:35 C Good show! 

196:20:07 P Standby ... 

196:20:12 P ... But can you imagine? 

196:20:2*+ C Thank you, Jim. Three meals in a row we've had 

fruit. For three meals in a row we've had apricots 
and pudding. 

196:20:37 CC Flight advises that you requested the "Rambling 

Rose" earlier. It's on HF now. Do you copy it? 

196:20:^3 C It's running now. 

196:22:14 CC Gemini VII, we'd like to remind you to leave your 

Quantity Read switch in the ECS 02 position for the 
sleep period. 

196:22:21 P Well, I just put the hydrogen up to 510; I'll switch 

it over. 



Roger . 



"Rambling Rose" is N0-0O. 



NO JOY. I copy. 



I'll request that Flight give you a replay. 



Thank you, Dick. 



196:0: took several shots of the Hawaiian Island 



Gemini VII, San Diego beat the Oilers 37 to 26. 



There's no joy in Mudville tonight. 



That's affirmative. 



A bad note for your sleep period. 



Wait till next year! 




196:23:47 CC Roger to that. 

196:23:53 CC We're approaching LOS. We'll say goodnight and 

we'll be talking to you tomorrow. 

196:23:57 P Okay. Pine and dandy. 


196:35:12 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
196: 35:1** C Go ahead. 

196:35:15 CC Roger. I have a quick change to a FLA when you are 

ready to copy. 

196:35:23 C Go ahead, Hawaii. 

196:35:25 CC Roger. Area 128-2: Time 203:15:11. Did you copy? 
196:35:39 C Roger. We copy. 

196:35:41 CC Roger. We have nothing further for you. We're 

standing by. 

196:35:1*8 C Thank you. 

196:38:29 C Hawaii, Gemini VII. 

196:38:36 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

1; »6:38:38 C Man, we're right over you now! You're loud and 


196:38:47 C We can see your little - your little camp up there 

on the hill. 

196:38:51 CC Roger. It's been clearing up this afternoon a 

little bit. 

196:38:56 C Well, there are some clouds but the ... looks like 

it's pretty good. 

196:39:00 CC Say again. 




196:39:02 C I say there are some clouds over the middle of the 

island, hut your end of it looks like it's pretty 

196:39:07 CC This is the way it has heen for quite a while here. 

What does it look like on the south end? 

196:39:18 C South end doesn't look too good. The middle has 

just got a layer of high stratus clouds. 

196:39:24 CC That's where we live. 

196:39:26 C We're going right down the chain now. 

196:40:13 CC Are you receiving your "Rambling Rose" at this 


196:40:25 C I don't know what it is. The HP was great when the 

football game was on and now it is just sort of 
cutting out on us. 

196:40:55 P Magazine C ... 250. Exposures 66 and 67. 

196:41:07 C 66 and 67. 

196:41:17 P I mean 6l and 6 - 6l and 62. We've got to change 

the film now. 

196:42:25 CC This is California rebroadcasting on the 15016 to 

the astronauts on GT-VII . This is California 
rebroadcasting on 15016 to the the astronauts on 


197:09:42 C RKV, Gemini VII. 

197:09:44 CC Go ahead, Gemini VII. 

197:09:45 C Tell Plight that came through great. We heard it. 

197:09:49 CC Roger. 

197:09:55 CC For the next couple of revolutions we'll be re- 

moting through the Cape and also through Hawaii. 




197:09:55 CC Thank you. 

197:31:21 P Lovell ... urine is 197:31. 

197:3^:45 P 

197:35:52 P Ha! Ha! Ha! 

197:36:09 P I'll tell you what I'll do for you now. 

197:37:31 C Next time I'll ... 

197:U0:2t+ C ... we walk everywhere ... Ha! Ha! Ha! ... Let 

everybody try it ... 

197:57:35 P ••• one ... How are you doing? 

197:58:21 C Well. 

197: 59*1+5 P Who turned the redamp screws? 
197:59:59 C Your ... 

206:3*+:53 C 206:3*+: peanut cubes for breakfast ... a couple of 

them. . . . for the peanut cubes . . . now. 


206:U0:39 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

206: U0: 1+1 C Right, Houston. Gemini VTI. 

206:1+0: 1+2 CC Good morning, Gemini VII. 

206:1+0:1+5 C Howdy, Houston. 

206:1+0:1+6 CC Would you start your purge on Section 1, please? 

206:1+1:11 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Could you tell me how difficult 

it is to get to your tape recorder? 

206:1+1:18 C Get the tape recorder? 

206:1+1:19 CC That's affirm. 






Which one do you mean? 



Your T/M tape. 



I '11 tell von the tvpoM &vt\ Ifo *m+ o 11 *4*i a 

problem in getting the tape rewound on it. Seems 

to h&Ve ffOTIP frtrWftTrt fha an/4 +hA *<. «a _ 
w A4a " t c qv/iic iui vtcLL \JL WJ uUc dlQ. OX uQC wftpB ftnd V6 

can't rewind it. We're wondering if you're in a 
Position where voti gjui \mr%n\c i + anvftii mr i 4 va 

w * vu wire* c jwu ^cui JULiv/c a »& Xw or QUuYvIiXrLK L X Kg v fifty 

to vibrate it. We've just about exhausted all of 
our means to try and get it to work. 



We have a bag over the top of it, but we can kick 
it maybe. 



Can you kick it all right? 



Yes. We can kick it. 



Why don't we wait, perhaps till Canary, and we'll 
give you a xivuLe procedure over Canary. 

206 , l+2'^'3 

rr vxx, Houston, would you start purge on 
Section 1, please? 


Roger. Stand by one minute. 





Rocr pr 



VOll WArft". VlrttVl ao/tf 1 Ana /Inn l-i* . IM .a 

■*■ wu vfeuj b uu sew uions ^ don t you * 



jj^u a juow uu ocuiiiwi x rxgnx now* now whs your 



Very good. 



Were you tumbling at all when you awakened? 



We were rotating very slowly. 



Very slowly. I see. 



Was the temperature all right in the cabin? 



... but not too badly last night. 



206:^3:30 CC Okay. 

206:43:50 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

206:43:53 P Gto ahead. 

206:43:54 CC Request you open-circuit Stack 2C and not purge 

Section 2 until the Canaries. 

206:44:02 P Roger. Open-circuit Stack 2Cj do not purge until 

the Canaries. Roger. Will do as soon as I get 
Section 1 purge here. 

206:44:09 CC Okay. Fine. 

206:44:13 P What's wrong, Elliot? 

206:44:15 CC I beg your pardon? 

206:44:17 C Why do you want to open-circuit 2C? 

206:44:20 CC It's dropping slightly in load-sharing. 

206:44:24 C Okay. 

206:44:26 CC I've got a flight plan update if you'd like to take 

it. If not, we can wait till a little later. 

206:44:31 C Why don't we wait? We're just in the middle of 

breakfast . 

206:44:34 CC Right. We'd be happy to. 

206:44:42 P You know, it seems like our mornings are getting 

earlier every day. 

206:44:45 CC Yes, we're finding that down here, too. It's 

around 4:00 our time. It wasn't long ago that I 
couldn't talk to you at all. 

206:44:56 C Right. 

206:45:03 CC I'd like to give you the morning news, but I 

really haven't heard any. 

206:45:10 P Nothing's new up here either. 




206:1+5:21 P We've completed purge on Section 1 and 2C is open- 

206:45:25 CC Okay. Thank you, Gemini VII. 

206:45:31 CC Is there anything I can do for you all down here? 

206:45:36 C From now on do you want to leave this open-circuited, 


206:45:39 CC We'll get to - when we get to the Canaries, we'll 

give you further instructions, Prank. 

206:45:48 P I can ... this bag off, Charlie, and see if I can 

do something with that T/M tape recorder. 

206:45:59 CC We'd appreciate that, Jim, if you can. If all else 

fails over the Canaries, we'd like you to Just kick 
at it a couple of times and see if we get any motion 
indicated down here. 

206:46:12 P Okay. 

206:46:52 CC Incidently, I wouldn't be too concerned about this 

stack - Stack 2C. Things don't look any different - 
any worse than they ever have before. No one's 
really unduly concerned about it down here. 

206:47:25 CC Gemini VTI, Houston. Can you give us an open- 
circuit voltage on 2C? 

206:47:32 C Roger. 32 volts. 

206:47:34 CC 32 volts. Thank you. 

206:47:39 CC We'll leave you alone now. Enjoy your breakfast. 

206:47:42 c Right. 

206:50:26 P How to the food provision CST. 

206:50:29 p Suggest the food package labeled "Chicken With 

Gravy" should be relabeled "Gravy with Chicken". 
At 207:03: an oblique shot at the Sahara showing 
sand dunes and the ... that was a horizon scan 





206:59:0U CC Gemini VII. 

206:59:06 P Roger. ... okay. I'm trying to kick. 

206:59:18 CC Okay. We don't get any indications down here. Tell 

you what. Why don't you open up that Tape Recorder 
power circuit breaker? 

206:59:33 P Right. The Power circuit breaker's open. 

206:59:U3 CC We'll think about it a little while and see what 

else we can do later. 

206:59:58 CC We thought we would leave it in that position for 

an orbit or two, and then we'll try and bring it 
back up again - possibly give it another kick. 

207:00:07 P When in doubt, kick. 

207:00:08 C Roger. 

207:00:10 CC Affirmative. 

207:00:29 CC We'd like to confirm Just one thing, that the Tape 

Playback switch is in COMMAND right now. Is it? 

207:00:35 P Roger. Tape Playback is COMMAND. 

207:00:38 CC Okay. 

207: 01: 1*5 CC What kind of rates did you build up during the 


207:01:^9 P Very slow. We've got a very slow rate. I think we 

had nothing . . . when we went to bed with us . 

207:01:56 CC Okay. ... 

207:02:05 P Roger. We're eating applesauce now. 

207:02:08 CC Roger. 





207:31:57 CC Gemini VTI, Carnarvon. 
207:31:59 C Roger, Carnarvon. 

207:32:01 CC Roger. Welcome to Australia in the daylight. 

207:32:01+ CC We're standing by if you need us down here. You're 

looking real good. 

207:32:09 C Roger. We were just discussing that. We said we 

think we might be able to see Australia before it 
gets dark, 

207:32:11+ CC How much can you see? 

207:32:16 C I'm picking it up right now as a matter of fact. 

I think I see - let me see - George Bay maybe. 

207:32:21 CC Roger. Copy. 

207:32:29 C Right now there's the land down yonder. 

207:35:28 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 
207:35:30 P Go ahead, Carnarvon. 

207:35:31 CC Roger. We noticed your EKG phase is just starting 

to get some static on it. We wonder what kind of 
movement you had in the last couple of seconds 

207:35:42 C The main play-over went down instead of banging 

on the tape equipment down there in the footwell. 

207:35:49 CC Roger. Copy. 

207:35: 5^ C Borman dumped urine at 207:5. 

207:49:30 C Urine dump will be starting S5, Sequence 06, 08, 

52. It's ... North Africa. One every 10 seconds 

• • * 

208:13:30 CC Gemini VTI, Houston. 




Go ahead, Houston. Gemini VII. 

Gemini VII, Houston. Request you place Tape Re- 
corder circuit breaker on and give us OAMS propellant 
quantity readout. 

Roger. Tape Recorder circuit breakers on and OAMS 
Propellant Quantity reads about 21 percent. 

Roger. I have a flight plan update for you. 

Go ahead, Houston. We're ready to copy. 

First of all, a note about the laser filter. We're 
getting a laser - machine down here, and we're 
going to be working on it and we request that you 
not try to remove the filter until we get some more 
information on it. 

We won't. 

Okay. Here's your Node update: Time, 208:07:39; 
Rev 130 ; U.3.3 degrees west; right ascension; 9 
hours, 32 minutes, 20 seconds. Flight plan time 
line up-date change: 208:00:00 to 208:10:00. Item 
S-5: 208:52:00; Sequence 06; Mode 01; pitch 90 
degrees down, yaw 0 degrees. Time 209:0**: 37: crew 
status report, Command Pilot at Carnarvon. 

Time 209:45:56: crew status report, Pilot at Texas. 
Time 211:21:00 will be GO/HO-GO at Texas. Time 
211:29:39: purge fuel cells at Bermuda. Item, 
Apollo Landmark: 211:44:00; Sequence 85; Mode 01; 
pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 1 degree right. Apollo 
Landmark: 211:59:50; Sequence 130; Mode 01; pitch 
30 degrees down, yaw 5 degrees right. Time, 
212:10:00; exercise period. S-8/D-13: 212:59:20; 
Sequence 02; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 10 degrees 
right. 213:10:00; eat period. Item S-8/D-13: 
214:34:58; Sequence 02; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 
12 degrees left. That's the end of the update. 

We have it all. Thank you, Charlie. 

Will you turn your T/R Control circuit breaker 




208:19:02 C Which one? UHP T/R? 

208:19:05 CC That'll be the Tape Recorder Control circuit breaker, 

208:19:09 C Roger. It's coming off. 

208:19:11 CC And I have your PLA updates also, Frank. 

208:19:16 C Stand by. 

208:19:29 P Go ahead, Charlie. 

208:19:31 CC Area 133-1: 211:04:14. Area 134-1: 212:1*0:34. 

135-4: 215:32:16. 136-4: 217:08:00. 137-3: 
2l8:24:5 1 . 138-3: 220:00:33. 139-3: 221:36:04. 
140-3: 223:11:55. RET 400K remains 2l4o, and the 
weather is good in all areas. 

208:21:10 P Have it, Charlie. 

208:21:12 CC Okay. I'm afraid we're giving up on your T/M tape 

recorder. We've just about exhausted everything 
and it looks like it's still caput. 

208:21:24 C What are you doing about Step 2, Charlie? We 

didn't help that out either. 

208:21:29 CC I beg your pardon, Prank? 

208:21:31 C We were talking about Step, Charlie. We didn't 

help that out by open-circuiting it either. 

208:21:38 CC We'll hang onto it for another revolution, Prank, 

and take another look at it. 

208:21:43 C Okay. 

208:21:45 CC I have somebody else that wants to talk to you 


208:21:50 CC This is CM4,. Frank. How's your home- sweet-home 

up there? 

208:21:53 C Pretty good, Mike. How are you doing? 

208:21:56 CC Just fine. You get your Tape Recorder Power cir- 
cuit breaker open, off? 




208:22:00 C Roger. It's open. 

208:22:01 CC Thank you. 

208:22:02 CC Everything * s going real well down here on the home 


208:22:05 C You want the Power circuit breaker open, or the 


208: 22:08 CC We would like them both off. 
208:22:10 C Okay. They're both off. 

208:22:12 CC Thank you. 

208:22:13 C How's Sue and the kids, Michael? 

208:22:1^ CC Just fine. Saw them yesterday evening. Everything 

is going great over there. 

208:22:18 C Fine. 

208:22:20 P Hey, Mike. Your suit storage is working out pretty 


208:22:23 CC Say again. 
208:22:26 P 

208:22:27 CC Roger. I understand your suit storage - is the 

helmet visor in the way at all? 

208:22:32 P Ho. It's tied ... over here on the right-hand 

side, completely out of the way. 

208:22:36 CC Good deal. 

208:22:Ul CC How about a cup of warm belly wash? 

208:22:1+3 C Listen, that would taste good right now. I'm 

getting withdrawal symptoms. 

208:22:1*8 CC Roger. 

208:22:50 C We just couldn't hack the peanut cubes this 




208:22:5U CC Roger. 


208:31:22 CC Gemini VII, Canary. 
208:31:25 P Roger, Canary. 

208:31:26 CC Okay, one little favor. Would you close your Tape 

Recorder Control circuit breaker? 

208:31:33 P Right. It's closed. 

208:31:39 CC Okay. The reason for this being - in the event 

you may have to set your ECS circuit breaker or 
your relays in ECS system. 

208:31:50 P Right. 

208:32:01 P Canary, this is VII. 

208:32:02 CC Go ahead. 

208:32:0U P Does this mean now that you're getting only Real- 

Time data, no delayed time? 

208:32:08 CC That's affirmative. You didn't kick it hard 

enought . 

208:32:11 P Man, I tried.' In fact, the Surgeon in Australia 

thought I had a heart failure. 

208:32:16 CC We understand. 

208:33:11 C Canary, Gemini VII. 

208:33:12 CC Go ahead, VII. 

208:33:13 C Would you give us the last time on the last node 

update they gave us? I think that something's 

208:33:18 CC Okay. The time: 208:07:39. 

208:33:26 C Okay, How about the time for the S-5 sequence at 

208 then? 



208:33:30 CC Okay. 208:52:00. 
208:33:37 C Okay. 

208:33:^3 CC Something doesn't jibe up there, or something? 

208: 33: ^7 C I didn't realize that Africa was almost as big as 

Texas, I guess. 

208:33:52 CC Roger. 

208:36 27 CC VII, Canary. 

208:36:30 C Go ahead. 

208:36:31 CC Roger. We've rechecked that nodal update and also 

the S-5 and the times are correct. 

208:36:37 C Roger. 

208:36:38 P My buddy here didn't realize that Africa was so 


208:36:Ul CC Roger. We copy. 

208:36:55 C Very presumptuous of you calling me a friend. As 

a matter of fact, I'm going to start relaying 
messages through ground stations. 

208:37:0U CC Okay. 

208:37:06 C Will you please tell Jim to bank more to the left? 

208:37:08 CC Bank one left, Jim. 

208:37:12 P Right, Al. 

208:37:15 C You sound sleepy, too, Canary. 

208:37:17 CC Hoi Ho! We're wide awake here. 

208:37:20 C Okay. 

208:37:32 CC The Surgeon said to speak for myself. 

208:37:38 C Too bad we don't have an airlock. I'd send you 

down some peanut cubes we couldn 't eat for break- 












CC You guys never eat those things? 
C Right. 

P The photographs that we carried on -board here 

Canaries ... concerned Houston . . . pass the word 
... a little deeper . 

P By and large that's a very accurate target ... pro- 
duction. What would you say, Jim? 

C Right - but have no way of knowing what time the 

photographs were taken, but other than a little 
deeper ... it's very, very close. 

P Another thing that ... up here. 

C Right. 

P Green cannot come through. ... brownish color, 
brownish gray. Green cannot come through. ... 

C ... Picture 208:47 ... lead with an island and 

ended up with Apollo Landmark. 

P At the same time I'll be switching on the ... 
per second for four . . . 

C ... Five I started ... before our times went into 

effect. This time's no good. ... Five zero. 


CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. 
C Go ahead, Elliot. 

CC Roger. We'd like for you to cycle your Tape Re- 
corder circuit breaker to the ON position, please. 
This is the Power circuit breaker. 

C It's on. 

CC It's on. Okay. Listen. 




209:05:36 C Carnarvon. Is this going to be a crew status pass? 

209:05:38 CC That's affirmative. We'd like a crew status report 

on the Command Pilot, please. 

209:05: kk C Roger. Do you have my temperature? 

209:05:52 CC We have a valid temperature. I will hand you over 

to the Surgeon. 

209:05:57 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon Surgeon. We have a valid 

temperature. We're standing by for your blood 
pressure . 

209:06:02 C Here it comes. 

209:06:13 CC The cuff is full-scale. 

209: 06: k9 CC Gemini VII, CAP COM. Okay, will you turn your 

Tape Recorder Power circuit breaker to the OFF posi- 
tion now, please? 

209:06:58 C Roger. 

209:07:09 CC Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. Start 

your exercise. 

209:07:12 C Roger. 

209:07:37 C ... here comes the blood pressure. 

209:07:38 CC Standing by for blood pressure. 
209:07:^9 CC Cuff is full-scale. 

209:08:41 CC Gemini VII, you have a valid blood pressure. We're 

standing by for your food, water and sleep report. 

209:08:5^ C All right. 

209:08:55 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon Surgeon. Did you copy? 

209:08:58 C Roger. 

209:09:03 CC We're standing by for your food, water and sleep. 

209:09:08 C It's coming up. Okay, to date the Command Pilot's 

had a total of 69U ounces of water. 



209:09:16 CC Understand. 694. 

209:09:18 C Right. For breakfast we had Day l4, Meal A. The 

Command Pilot did not eat three beef bites, or any 
of the peanut cubes. 

209:09:27 C The Pilot did not eat any of the beef bites or any 

of the peanut cubes. 

209:09:31 CC No beef bites and no peanut? Say again. 

209:09:36 C Cubes. 

209:09:37 CC Cubes. 

209:09:38 C And the Pilot now has a total of 593 ounces of water. 

209:09:42 CC I understand. 593. 

209:09:44 C And I guess we got probably about 5 hours of sleep 

last night. Not as good as some - just about average, 

209:09:53 CC 5 hours of light sleep. 

209:09:57 C Well, a little heavier than that, say 5 to 6 hours of 


209:10:01 CC Very well. Medium -type sleep. 
209:10:03 C Listen. Any you get up here is good. 1 

209:10:07 CC Any you get anywhere is good.' 

209:10:12 CC Gemini VII, this is Carnarvon Surgeon again. Could 

you tell us how long you had the temperature probe in 
your mouth, please? 

209:10:19 C Oh, about 3 minutes. You want it in again? 

209:10:21 CC Negative. We have a valid reading, but I think it 

would be helpful to have it in a little longer. We 
don't seem to come up to full-scale. 

209:10:29 C Okay. Pine. Maybe I'm just not percolating as fast 

as I should be. 

209:10:35 CC Well, this is possibly true. If it's in a little 

longer, we'd know. 




209:10:38 C Okay. 

209:10:39 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon Surgeon out. 
209:10:42 C Adios. 

209:10:1+5 CC You're still looking good here on the ground, 

Gemini VII. We'll be standing by. 

209:10:51 C I'm glad I look good on the ground 'cause we just 

looked in the mirror and we look terrible up here. 

209:10:55 CC Ha, ha, hal 

209:10:59 CC Yes, we had a visual on you here, just a little bit 


209:11:02 C Did you really? 

209:11:03 CC Affirmative. 

209:11:04 C The RKV said they had one the other night, too. 

209:11:07 CC Oh, we've seen you a couple or three times. 

209:11:09 C Well, as a matter of fact, we saw - I think it was 

Sidney, the last pass. Of course, we're drifting 
and juat tumbling around. It's difficult to pick 
your location up, but we saw two cities right on the 
coast here last pass . 

209:11:21 CC Roger. 

209:13:06 P Lovell is dumping urine at 209:13. 209:13. 

209:14:37 P That 60mm, 1 ... per seconds; movies of the convoy 

... Apollo 108. 

209:14:55 C Apollo Landmark Number 108. 


209:45:56 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. 
209:45:58 C Morning, Guaymas. 



209:45:59 CC Roger. Everything is GO here on the ground. We'd 

like you to place your Crossover switch to the ON 
position . 

209:^6:09 C ON. 
209:46:10 CC Roger. 

209:46:17 CC Houston will give you an explanation of this after 

you get over Texas. 

209:46:21 C Okay. Fine. 


209:47:37 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 
209:47:40 P Hi there, Houston! 

209:47:42 CC Well, hi there to you, also! We have a valid oral 

temp. Give us a blood pressure, and stand by for 
the Surgeon. 

209:47:50 C Roger. 

209:47:51 CC You guys sound awful chipper this - you guys sound 

awful chipper this morning. 

209:47:58 C We've been sleeping all the way around this time. 

209:48:09 CC Cuff is full-scale. 

209:48:19 CC Frank, while we're getting that blood pressure, 

could you check and - check your meal for dinner 
last night? We got Day 14, Meal A for breakfast 
this morning. We don't have a recording for dinner 
last night. 

209:48:34 C Roger. Checking. Stand by. 

209:48:46 C Day 13; Meal C. 

209:48:52 CC Roger. Copied. 13 -C. 
209:48:58 CC Did you eat all of it? 




209:49:OU C Roger. We both ate all of it. 

209:1*9:06 CC Very good. 
209: l +9:08 P 

209:1+9:11 CC I believe it. 

209: 1+9: 3*+ CC Okay. We have a valid blood pressure down here. 

We're ready for exercise any time. 

209:1+9:38 P MARK. 

209:50:16 CC Cuff full-scale. 

209:50:21 CC Frank, while we're waiting for this pressure to read 

down, could we get a check on the total count on 
the water gun? 






3207 . Roger . 



Column 5 for me is 22. Column 6 is 5. For Jim it 
Column 5 is 22 and Column 6 is 3- 



22 and 5 and 22 and 3. 



... is low . . . 



I think we probably lost a little weight, sir. 



You do? Can you tell from looking at yourselves? 



Yes, I think so. 



Valid blood pressure. 



How long is that beard right now, Frank? 



You'll have to talk to Jim. He's the bearded one. 



CAP COM concurs that you lost considerable weight. 
I think you're down about 170 pounds. 




209: 51:kk 


You *n are playing with our fuel cells again. 




209:51:47 CC We're going to tell you about that. 
209: 51: 1+9 C Okay. 

209:51:50 CC Frank, I've got two other quick questions here. On 

this sleep last night, we got that you both got 
about 5 to 6 hours of what you call medium sleep. 
Was that better than the night before? 

209:52:02 C No. Not as good for me. 

209:52:04 P Same. 

209:52:05 C Not as good for Jim either. 

209:52:06 CC Not as good for you. Were you having thermal pro- 
blems at all? 

209:52:09 C No, we were very comfortable but - just didn't go 

to sleep. 

209:52:19 CC What was the position of your suit Flow Control valve 

during the sleep period? 

209*52:24 C They're all - they're just full-flow and the tempera- 

ture in here is just ideal. Just like it's in an 
air-conditioned home, beautiful. 

209.52:44 CC Frank, you said FULL-WARM and that's the position 

now, also? 

209:52:49 CC Roger. FULL FLOW - both valves. 

209:53:11 P Chuck, did you get the blood pressure okay? 

209:53:14 CC Roger. We got a valid blood pressure. We said that. 

I guess you didn't hear it when we were talking 
there. I'm sorry. 

209:53:20 P Okay. I was just holding my arm here. 

209:53:33 CC Gemini VII, Houston Flight. 

209:53:36 C Yes sir. 

209:53:37 CC Tell you a little bit about George Weber's newest 

theory. You ready? 




209:53:^3 P All set. 

209:53:^5 CC They think maybe the oxygen pressure coming out of 

the regulator in the Fuel Cell Bomber 2 is being 
blocked off possibly by the check valve and that, 
as a result, they're not getting enough oxygen to 
Fuel Cell Number 2, which besides the fact they're 
not getting rid of the water, is also not giving it 
enough oxygen to develop the power. So we're going 
to run for a while with the Crossover Valve on and 
see if the increased oxygen flow to Fuel Cell 2 
improves the performance. 

209:5^:19 P Very good. Number 2C is pretty far down now, as 

you know. 

209:5l+:2U CC Yes. We've been - it was pretty steady until you 

woke up and it started dropping again, and that's 
been its characteristic for about 3 days. So we 
thought we'd try something different. 

209:5^:36 P Fine. 

209:5^:39 CC How much water did you drink when you first woke 


209:5U:M* P Not too much. Well, we filled up all the - all the 

breakfast meal so that is a pretty good amount. 
I'll tell you exactly. 

209: 5**: 51 CC Yes. We think that may have some effect on pressure 

in the fuel cell. 

209:5U:57 P Chris, we noticed it when we opened circuit at the 

fuel cell but it did - 2C dropped about an amp. It 
never recovered. 

209:55:05 CC Roger. 

209:55:13 CC Jim, are the M-l cuffs still operating as they - 

are you aware of them? 

209:55:21 P They're still operating. No, I've gotten quite used 

to them by this time. 

209:55:28 C Guess we took about UO ounces out of that right at 

breakfast time. 



Roger . 

Gemini VII, we'd like to have you observe a couple 
of the Apollo Landmarks on this revolution, in 
preparation for your photographs on the next revo- 
lution; specifically, 85 and 130. And, also, check 
the 108 site for possible use later today. 

I don't want to use fuel to do that, Elliot. You 
mean just drift and look at them, right? 

As best you can, right. You'll be - you're set up 
for a pass on them the next revolution after this 
one. We thought it would be a good idea to get a 
weather check this time so that we can scrub them, 
if necessary, so you don't even do it next time. 

Okay, fine. Our fuel is down pretty low, Elliot, 
get sort of a status report on how you plan to 
handle VI and VII now if they go up Wednesday or 
Thursday, and when we're going to reenter and all 
that sort of stuff. 

We don't have - I don't see what you mean on that, 
VII. There wouldn't be any change in our plans. 

No change in that, Frank. We're still planning the 
same kind of flight, hoping to get off on Wednesday, 
and that is what they're working towards. They do 
have some things that they don't fully understand 
about the launch vehicle that they want to check 
into; but they are pressing forward with a Wednesday 
launch, picking up an abbreviated midcount tomorrow 

Did you copy that, VII? 
Negative . 

We do not have any change in our plans as far as the 
rendezvous and reentry and so forth are concerned. 
Did you have a specific question there? I'm not 
sure I understand what you mean by that. 

It appeared to me that we might both be coming in 
on the same day. 



209:57:39 CC Negative. If they launch on Wednesday, they'll 

be back Thursday or Friday. Your day is Saturday. 

209:57:^6 C What is our T R time? 

209:57:^9 CC You have 120 hours to go, right - 

209:57:52 CC MARK. 

209:57:55 C Okay. Thank you. 

209:57:58 CC You're right. We are taking a look at what would 

happen if we had to launch and get you both down 
on the same day, and right, now, it looks like 205 
and 207, with you coming down on 205. 

209:58:1*4- C What's our nominal then, Chris? When do you plan 

on bringing us down if everything goes normal? 

209:58:18 CC 207, and that was the GET RC that I gave you. 

209:58:23 C Thank you. 


209:59:25 CC Gemini VTI, Houston. Your present GET RC would 

be 329:57:53. 

209:59:38 C Roger. Thank you. 

209:59:UO C That's at 207-1. 

209:59:^3 C Right. Five days left, 120 hours. 

209:59:57 CC Essentially, I think that the best way to look at 

it, VTI, is that our plans have not changed from 
pref light planning, in regard to the reentry. 

210:00:06 C Roger. That's fine. I just - I'm glad to hear 

you're considering the possibility of ... I just 
wanted to ... 

210:00:17 CC Roger. 





210:00:50 C Canary, this is Prank. 

210:00:55 C This is Gemini VII. 

210:00:56 CC Go ahead. 

210:00:59 C This morning we picked up an Apollo Landmark that 

was obscured by weather yesterday while we were 
doing an S-5. It's Apollo 137. ... 

210:01:08 CC Apollo 137. Roger. 

210:05:29 CC Gemini VII, Canary. 

210:05:31 C Go ahead, Canary. Gemini VII. 

210:05:33 CC Roger. Looks like you lost your Delta-P light, 


210:05:36 C You're right. 

210:05:38 CC Okay. Tell you what we're going to do. We'd like 

you to leave that Crossover switch on for a revolu- 
tion, and we'd like you to monitor current and 
voltage and try to give us a readout on what's 
yours. Okay? If there's any variation at all. 

210:05:51 C Oh, we were just suggesting that. It's already 

jumped about an amp and a half since we put the 
Crossover Valve on. 

210:05:56 CC How about that? 

210:06:00 C Actually, we suggested doing that about 8 days ago. 

210:06:08 CC I have no comment on that. 

210:06:13 C I bet Flight does. 

210:06:15 CC I didn't hear anything. 

210:06:24 CC Flight says that he's had all kinds of suggestions. 

210:06:27 C Ask him how his golf game went this weekend, will 





210:06:30 CC You just asked him. 

210: 06:4l CC Flight can't remember When he played golf last. How 

about that? 

210:06:44 C Canary, could you give me an update on the elapsed 

time, please? 

210:06:48 CC I sure will. It's 210:06:55:67. 

210:06:58 C Okay. Fine. Thank you. That last sequence time 

for S-5, you know - we were concerned about it being 
a little late? 

210:07:05 CC Yes. 

210:07:06 C It was late. That's the first time they've missed 

on it. We started early though, and got the 
pictures . 

210:07:11 CC Okay. Very good. 

210:08:31 C Canary, the weather looks real good for Apollo 85 

on the next pass. 

210:08:36 CC Okay. We copy you. Thank you 

210:09:00 CC VII, Canary. 

210:09:03 C Go ahead, please, 

210:09:05 CC Roger. Check Apollo in 108, too, if you can, will 


210:09:09 C Sure will. 


210:16:59 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 
210:17:03 P Gto ahead. 

210:17:05 CC Have you been able to check the weather in the 108 

area yet? Looks like you're about opposite that 



Roger. The weather here looks pretty good, Elliot. 

Are you looking down through the southwest there, 
where you'll be next revolution? 

Well, we can't really look anywhere. We can just 
look the way the spaceship is pointing and any place 
it's pointing is good weather. 

Roger. We're considering adding in a 108 on the 
next pass, which would be between Dakar and the 130 
site, Lake Niasar, or whatever it is there. It's 
a little tight in there, but maybe if you get your 
attitude set up you could hit all three of them 
fairly easy. 

Well, that's - we ought to take more advantage of 
this because once we get our attitude set up, it's 
no trouble taking more than one picture along our 

Okay. Well, we'll get an update for you on that 

Elliot, did you copy that our update for S-5 was too 

Roger. We're looking into that, Frank. 

Gemini VII, Houston. Surgeon says that your sternal 
lead is deteriorating on Jim there and he would like 
you to replace it as discussed yesterday, if you can 
manage that at this time. 


Thank you, Dr. Borman. 

Wait until I can get out my razor so I can shave l yjm 

Operation beginning. 

Do you want me to send up a nurse? 




210:19:23 C Tell Mr. Kraft that as of right now we're still 

... 15 days, we may need it. 

210:19:33 CC Roger, VII. 


2lO:Ul:lU CC Gemini VII, Canary CAP COM. We have nothing for 

you this pass. We are standing by. Everything 
looks good from the ground. 

210:^1:21 C How's the Pilot's sternal lead now? We just re- 

placed the . . . 

210: 1 +1:36 CC Oh, Roger. It's looking good. It's coming in real 


210:^1:1*0 C Thank you. 


210:*+2:U8 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. If the Section 1 Delta-P 

light comes on, turn the Crossover switch to the 
OFF position. 

210: te: 58 C Roger, will do. 


211:18:00 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. As you copy, place 

your T/M switch to the REAL-TIME and ACQ-AID 
position . 

211:18:12 CC Roger. We have it. Place your Adapter C-Band to 


211:19:11 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. Everything looks good 

here. We'll be standing by if you need us. 

211:19:17 C Thank you, Guaymas. 



211:21:18 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

211:21:26 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

211:21:29 P Go ahead, Houston. 

211:21:32 CC Place your T/M switch to COMMAND. 

211:21:1+1 P This is VII. You were cut out. Say again, please. 

211: 21: Ml CC This is a UHF-6 pass. Place your T/M switch to 


211:21:51 C Roger. T/M in COMMAND. 

211:21:51+ CC And - C-Band Adapter switch to COMMAND. 

211:21:58 P C-Band Adapter is COMMAND. 

211:22:07 CC You have a T x coming up, VII. 

211:22:18 CC Gemini VII, did you copy? We have a T x coming up. 

211:22:21 P Roger. Copy, and we haven't received yet. 

211:22:21+ CC Roger and you are GO for 1U8-1. 

211:22:28 P Roger. GO for 1 1+8-1. Do you want a systems check? 

211:22:33 CC Roger. Standing by. 


211 *22: 1+1 C The main batteries are all 22.8 except Number k 

which is 22.5. Fuel cell stack readout 183.0; IB, 
3.0: 1C, 2.5; 2A, 2.0; 2B, 2.0; 2C, k.0. Main bus 
voltage, 27.2. RCS A, 3000 psi, 80 degrees. RCS 
B, 2900 psi, 79 degrees. Left-hand secondary 0 2 , 
5I+OO. Right-hand secondary 0 2 , 5300. 

211:23:19 CC Roger. Copied. 

211:23:27 CC VII, can you confirm that the Delta-P lights have 

continued to stay out all this pass? 



627 - 

211:23:34 P Roger. The Delta-P light has stayed out, both for 

Sections 1 and 2. 

211:23:39 CC Roger. 

211:23:43 CC Have a flight plan update item for you when you're 

ready to copy . 

211:23:47 P Roger. Stand by. 

211:23:54 P We're ready to copy. 

211:24:05 P Go ahead, Houston. We're ready to copy. 

211:24:08 CC First, Jim, let me ask, do you recall approximately 

how long after you opened the Crossover valve that 
the Delta-P light went out? 

211:24:17 P Stand by. We have a time on that. 

211:24:37 P We think it was around 2:09:50. 

211:24:40 CC 2:09:50. Roger. 

211:24:44 P About 2:10:0Q. Correct us on that. 

211:24:48 CC 2:10:00. 
211:24:51 P Roger. 
211:24:52 CC Roger. 

211:24:57 CC Okay. First, I'd like to mention that the S-5 time 

that we had given you was incorrect. You were right 
on that. Flight plan update. Item Apollo: 211:54:03; 
Sequence 108; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 5 degrees 
right. Also, in the nature of flight plan update, 
but not exactly that type, we have some areas of 
weather interest that we'd like you to observe and 
take pictures of if you can in drifting flight. We 
do not want to use fuel for these. We can jot 
down the areas. Frontal clouds, northwest Florida. 
Frontal clouds north and west of Hawaiian Islands. 
Do you copy? 

211:26:15 C Roger. Our Number 2 Delta-P light just came back 




211:26:19 CC Roger. I copy. Number 2 Delta-P light back on. 
211:26:23 C It was on at 22:11:25. 

211:26:1+5 CC Okay. We copied the Delta-P light, VII, and we 

got your time here on the ground. 

211:26:53 CC We are standing by for your fuel cell purge at this 


211:27:09 P Starting purge. 

211:27:10 CC Roger. 
211:27:28 C Houston, Gemini VII. 

211:27:29 CC Go. 

211:27:31 CC How do things look at the Cape on the recycle? 
211: 27: 3^ C Coming along real good. 

211:27:35 CC Very good. 

211: 29:5^ CC Still no report, Frank, on exactly what or how it 

happened - this plug coming out. They're still 
looking into it. 

211:30:03 C Roger. 

211:30:28 CC VII, the movies indicate that plug coming out, but 

there's no evidence of why. It's clearly shown 
coming out but that's about as far as we can get. 

211:30:40 C Roger. 

211:30:51 CC VII, we're standing by for your Og Section 2 purge. 

211:30:57 P We're purging the 0 2 Section 2. 

211:30:59 CC Roger. 

211:31:07 P Aren't you receiving it down there? 

211:31:10 CC Not at the moment. 

211:31:12 P Og has been out for about a minute and a half now, 

coming up on the second minute. 




211:31:16 CC Roger. 

211:31:41 P Purge is complete, but the Crossover is still on. 

211:31:45 CC Roger, VII. 

211:31:56 P Houston, do you want us to keep the Crossover on? 

211:31:59 CC Gemini VII, do you still have the Delta-P light? 
211:32:03 P Roger. 

211:32:04 CC We'd like to turn the Crossover off for the time 

being . 

211:32:10 P Crossover is off. 

211:32:11 CC Roger. 

211:32:18 CC We'll continue to observe it and then we'll go back 

to that if we feel it's necessary. 

211:32:35 CC Jim, would you check Fuel Cell Control No. 2 circuit 

breaker just to verify that it's closed? 

211:32:46 P You're right. Fuel Cell Control was open. 

211:32:58 CC Jim, that means we'll need to complete your Section 

2 purge, both hydrogen and oxygen. 

211:33:04 P Roger. Going through it again. 

211:33:10 CC Did that take care of the Delta-P light also? 

211:33:36 CC Did the light go off when you put the Crossover 

valve back on, Jim? 

211:33:41 P Crossover is back on and the Delta-P light's still 

on and purging oxygen at this time. 

211:33:45 CC Roger. 

211:35:30 CC Gemini VTI, Houston. I presume you do not know 

any reason that that circuit breaker came out. 

211:35:37 P Houston, VTI. 



211:35:38 CC Go ahead. 

211:35:41 P Purge complete. Crossover off. There's no reason 

why it went out. I might have hit it inadvertently, 

211:35: CC You say you think you might have hit that circuit 

"breaker open? 


211:36:18 CC Gemini VII, we suggest you just keep an eye on that 

circuit breaker there in case it did pop for some 
reason. We'd like to be aware of that. 

211:36:29 P Roger. Will do and the Crossover is now off and 

lights are still on. 

211:36:35 CC Roger, VII. 


211:42:11 CC Gemini VII, Canary. Com check. How do we read? 
211:42:15 P Loud and clear, Canary. How are you? 

211:1+2:16 CC Roger. Read you loud and clear. 

211:42:18 CC We'd like to check to see if you have your fuel cell 

heater on. Hydrogen. 

211:42:28 P Negative. You want it on? 

211:42:29 CC No. Negative. 

211:42:35 C I had it on earlier this morning, Canary, because 

it was getting the minimum they gave me last night - 
44.5 - but I haven't had it on for awhile when it 
got up to 510. 

211:42:44 CC Okay. Would you go to PC % and give me a pressure, 


211:42:49 C The pressure now is about 525. 



211;l+2:5 i »- CC Roger. Copy 525- 
211:1+5:18 P Canaries, VII. 

211:1+5:19 CC Go ahead. 

211:U5:21 P Apollo No. 85 was obscured by clouds. 

211:1+5:2*+ CC Copy. 

211:U6:5^ CC Well, VII, that's all we have for you here. Every- 
thing looks good on the ground. We'll see you 
tomorrow on Rev 1*4-3. 

211:U7:02 CC Roger, Canary. See you tomorrow. 


212:17:16 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. We have nothing 

for you this pass. We are standing by. 

212:17:22 C Roger, Carnarvon. Will you inform Flight that the 

Fuel Cell Control No. 2 circuit breaker popped 
again after we reset it over Houston? 

212:17:30 CC Roger. 

212:17:31 CC Roger. We copied that. Can you - have you got a 


212:17:35 C It was off at - stand by. I'll give you the time. 

212:17:39 CC Roger. 
212:17:1+1 C 21:20:3. 
212:17: 1 +8 CC Flight copies. 

212:18:31 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon. Would you confirm that you 

have been exercising during the past few minutes - 
the Pilot? 

212:18:38 C I don't know. We've been asleep. 

212;l8:U0 P Seriously, we were exercising. 



2l2:l8:U3 CC Affirmative. 

212:21:23 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. Next time it - the 

circuit breaker pops - if it pops again, leave it 

212:21:30 P Do you want us to reset? We've left it open now. 

212:21:33 CC You still have it open? Okay. Leave it where it is. 
212:21:36 P Roger. We're leaving it open. 

212:22:27 CC They've found out some interesting information on 

the GT-VI launch vehicle at the Cape. They'll brief 
you on that a little later on today. 

212:22:39 C Thank you. 

212: 22: ill CC Roger. 

212:22:1+5 C Does it affect the launch on Wednesday? 

212:22:53 CC It means that the launch on Wednesday will probably 

come off on schedule. 

212:22:58 P Thank you. 

212:23:01 CC Roger. 

212:36:59 P 

212:37: 1+7 p is that 15 minutes and 1+2:01? 


212:39:53 CC Gemini VII, Houston. How do you read? 
212:39:59 P Loud and clear, Houston. 

212:1+0:02 CC Roger, Jim. We'd like to delete your S-8/D-13 

coming up. The weather is too cloudy. 

212:1+0:10 P Roger. Understand. S-8/D-13 is deleted. 

212:1+0:13 CC That is affirmative. Too cloudy. 




Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

Go ahead, Hawaii. Gemini VII. 

Roger. We show you 00 on the ground. How are 
things going this morning. 

Very good, thank you. 

We have nothing further for you. We are standing 
by . 

Okay, Hawaii. Thanks very much. 

Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. Everything's looking 
good here on the ground. We'll be standing by if 
you need us. 

VII. Roger. Thank you. 


Gemini VII, Houston. 

Go ahead, Houston. 

This will be another UHF-6 pass. 

Thank you. 

Like to review the circuit breaker situation with 
you. We've been continuing to analyze it here 
and at present time, as we see it, a couple of 
significant factors. The one is that the circuit 
breaker took approximately 30 minutes to reopen , 
which gives us a very good idea as to what the 
current drain might be there, and another is that 
there is not a continuous flow through that circuit 
breaker. If you've had your systems out you've 
probably already seen this. It is used only for 




212:58:21 c 

212:58:26 CC 

212:58:30 C 

212:58:31 CC 

212:58:1*0 CC 

212:58:55 P 

212:59:58 CC 

213:00:38 C 

213:00:41+ CC 

213:00:^7 C 

213:00:1+9 CC 

operating the purge valves and also for operating 
the Section and Stack Power switches. So we feel 
that we can operate under this condition for - with- 
out a limit. We will have to put the circuit breaker 
on for purging and then we will turn it off after 
that. And normally that would be the only need we 
would have for it. But even if we would need to use 
it for Section or Stack Power switches, we could 
also turn it on and then turn it on - turn it off 
afterwards. Any comments from you on that? 

No. As you say, we have been through the systems, 
but we came to the same conclusion. 

Roger. We're continuing to analyze it and we'll 
keep you posted on that. 

Thank you. 

Have some flight plan updates when you're ready 
to copy. 

Incidentally, in the systems book, if you haven't 
done so already, be sure and look at both drawings 
121 as well as 122, 'cause there are some circuits 
shown on 121 that are not shown on 122. 

Roger. We're ready to copy. 

Node: 211+:08:l+2; Rev 13I+; 15I+.3 degrees east; 
right ascension 09:24:1+3. Transponder test: 
211+i31:00; Sequence 01; Transponder on. Time: 
215:29:00; purge fuel cells at Carnarvon. HF 
test: 215:53:00; Sequence 02; begin tests, horizon- 
scan mode. Time: 216:00:00; BIO MED Recorder 
Number 1 to CONTINUOUS . MSC 2 and 3: 216:27:00; 
Sequence 03; stop at 216:37:00, REAL-TIME T/M. 
Do you copy? 

Roger. I copied all but the one item after the 
radar test. 

Right after the transponder test? 

What part did you miss? There was a time and a 
purge fuel cells. 




Okay. I missed the time. 

215:29:00. Purge fuel cells at Carnarvon. 

Okay. We have them all, Elliot. 

HF Test: 217:23:00; Sequence 02. That's an off 
time. That's the off time for the test which was 
started at 215:53. 


Time: 217:29:00; crew status report on the Pilot 
at Hawaii. Time: 218:00:00; BIO MED Recorder 
Number 1 off. 218:03:00; crew status report, 
Command Pilot at RKV. 218:47:00: flight plan re- 
port at the CSQ. 219:39:00: fuel cell purge and 
PLA update at RKV. Do you copy so far? 

Roger . 

220:10:00: BIO -MED Recorder Number 2 CONTINUOUS . 
230:10:00: BIO-MED Recorder Number 2 off. Do you 

We have it. 

Roger. Have the day's news report from the Haney 
News Service if you're ready. 


There was a big management change announced for 
the Houston Astros today. Paul Richards has been 
relieved as general manager and Grady Hat tan will 
be a new field manager. Understand he's coming 
from a Pacific Coast team and has had a very good 
record out there. Other people involved: Eddie 
Robinson and Lyman Harris are going to be offered 
other positions in the Astro organization. The 
Soviet News Agency Sunday finally got around to 
confirming fact that two Cosmonauts became ill 
during the Voskhod I flight in October 1964. 
These were the two non-pilots and they had a re- 
action of the seasickness type, and among other 
things, they suffered from illusions. There's 
heavy coverage in the papers and on TV of the 




Gemini VI attempt yesterday and also it's being 
noted widely that you two now hold the space 
endurance record and are increasing it daily. 

213:0l+:te C Thank you. 

213:05:49 CC Have a good lunch, VII. We'll see you next time 


213:05:50 C Roger. 

213:05:53 CC Incidentally, we looked into trying to substitute 

a on this pass, but the weather there is 

also bad. 

213:06:00 C Roger. 

213:06:07 P Houston, Carnarvon said you'd have some word on 

the cause of VT's ... 

213:06:13 CC We don't have that ready for you yet, VII. We'll 

let you know as soon as we do. 

213:06:18 P Roger. 

213:06:36 CC VII, Dr. Berry would like to pass along his thanks 

for your work on the sternal lead. 

213:06:1*3 P Roger. Anything for inflight maintenance. 

213:06:^9 CC Still coming through real good, Jim. 

213:07:19 CC Gemini VII, we had the HF cut out there for awhile, 

making some circuit checks. It's back up now if 
you're interested. 

213:07:33 C That's outstanding, Elliot. 




213:53:07 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. We have nothing 

for you this pass. We are standing by. 

213:53:13 P VII. Roger. 

213:58:38 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

213:58:42 P This is VII. Go ahead. 

213:58:43 CC Roger. The S-8/D-13 on the next pass has been 

canceled due to weather. 

213:58:50 P Roger. Understand. 

214:10:22 P Observe a meteor at 214:10; meteor - meteorite 

falling from the direction of Gemini, below us. 
Actually, I have Taurus and Pleiades in view and 
it was right underneath Taurus and Pleiades. 


214:17:42 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
214:17:46 P Hawaii. VII here. 

214:17:47 CC Okay, how' re you doing? 

214:17:49 P Oh, pretty good. We're just watching the sun rise. 

214:17:52 CC Roger. We're showing you GO here on the ground. 

We'll be standing by. We have nothing for you. 

214:17:56 P Roger. Thank you. 


214:31:20 CC Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. 
214:31:22 C Go ahead, Guaymas. Gemini VII. 




214:31:24 CC Roger. Everything's looking good here on the ground. 

We'd like to remind you of your transponder test 
coming up. 

214:31:29 C Thank you. 

214:31:55 C Transponder's on. 

21^:31:57 CC Roger. We have it. 


214:32:26 CC Gemini VII, this is Texas CAP COM. 
214:32:30 P Roger, Texas. 

214:32:32 CC We have you GO on the ground. We'd like to get a 

cryogenic quantity readout at this time. Would 
you place the Cryo Quantity Read switch to the 
ECS 0 2 position? 

214:32:44 P Roger. It's there. 

214:33:02 CC The FUEL CELL 0 2 position. 

214:33:25 CC To the FUEL CELL H 2 position. 

214:33:42 CC Turn the switch to the OFF position. 

214:33:49 CC Roger, Gemini VII. We have nothing further, and 

standing by. 

214:33:53 C Texas, I'd like a clarification of the flight plan 

update. What time are we supposed to turn this 
transponder off, please? 

214:34:01 CC Stand by. 

214:35:54 CC Gemini VII, Texas CAP COM. 

214:35:56 C Go ahead. 

214:35:57 CC The off time is 214:50. 

214:36:03 C Thank you. 




Roger. Standing by. 

21A:40: Magazine D for Dog; Exposure 31; a picture 
of the tip of Florida in the shallow waters around 
the Keys. Continue the same sequences, with picture 
of the - pictures of around Cuba, of the shallow 
waters there. 

Also, covering with 6Qmm film at one frame per 

Okay. Magazine D; Exposure 36; it's a river with 
blue water. 

Gemini VII, Houston. 

Go ahead, Houston. Gemini VII. 

Roger. I'd like to inform you of our latest 
thinking on the reentry situation in case we do 
bring both of you down on the fourteenth day. 
Present planning would be to use Revs 205 and 206, 
and we are able to target - we are able to target 
for the same touchdown point from both of those 
revolutions. So that's the way we would do it. And 
at the moment we feel we would want to bring VII 
down first and VI after that on Rev 206, although 
that could be changed, if necessary for some reason. 

Roger. Thank you. 

Also, we'd like to, at 
Carnarvon purge to the 
coming up on. 

this time, change the 

next US pass, the one you're 

Roger. Will stand by. And not purge until we're 
back over the States. 

Roger . 

VII, were you using any attitude control across 
the US this time for any reason? 

Negative . 




214:46:23 C Why? 

214:46:26 CC We ware just noticing some beacon performance here, 

and wondered if it was due to that. 

214:46:33 C As a matter of fact, the spacecraft is hardly- 
drifting at all. We were almost straight nose-down 
all the way across — 

214:46:41 CC Straight nose-down all the way across the US? 

214:46:44 C Roger. Most of the way. 

214:46:46 CC Roger. 

214:46:52 CC This looks like another one of those good South 

America coast passes. 

214:46:56 C It sure is. We're looking right now all along the 

coast here. It's just beautiful. 

214:47:42 P At 214:59; a matter of general interest: on the 

right-hand side of the forward end of the spacecraft; 
the retro and the recovery section; little specks, 
looks like little fine sand grains of frozen urine 
crystals have formed from urine dumps since the 
start of the mission. 

214:47:58 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 

214:48:03 C Houston, you're barely readable. Say again. 

214:48:05 CC Roger. G and C tells me he hasn't seen any 

noticeable fuel usage since before the rendezvous. 
You guys are really cutting it off! 

214:48:16 C That's what you told us to do. 

214:48:19 CC Roger dodger. 

214:48:20 C Okay, we always ... if they're good ones. 

214:48:26 CC Say again. Tou cut out on that last statement, VII. 

214:48:33 C I say we always follow instructions, if they are 

good ones. 




214:48:37 CC That's the only kind. 

214:48:39 C You're right. Like: take the suits off. Don't 

use fuel. 

214:48:45 CC Drink water. 

214:48:48 C Yes, drink water. We're doing everything. 

214:48:51 CC Very good. 

214:49:03 CC What do you show on CAMS quantity? 
214:49:07 C We now show 22 percent. 
214:49:10 CC Roger. 22 percent. 

214:49:27 CC It turns out, VII, that we really aren't limited 

very much at all on scheduling experiments by fuel. 
We are having so much weather, plus we have com- 
pleted so much that there isn't a lot left that 
isn't covered by weather, so the fuel really isn't 
hurting us. 

21^:49:49 C Very good. 

215:16:50 C Urine dump on Borman ... 215:16. 

215:18:00 P Oh, Franklin. 

215:18:03 C What's wrong? 

215:27:58 P Lovell dumping urine at 215:27, 215:27. 


215:29:22 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. We have nothing 

for you this pass. Everything looks good. We're 
standing by. This will be our last pass for this 
series; so goodnight from Australia. 

215:29:35 C Goodnight, Australia. We'll see you tomorrow. 

215:29:37 CC Roger. 

215:30:00 P Thank you, old buddy! 




215:31:20 C Ought to clean up ... 

215:31:31 C ... right tank needs adjustment. 

215:31:36 P 

215:31:37 C ... myself. 

215:31:38 P ... stick to it. 

215:31:39 P I don't want to get all loaded up with that junk. 

It isn't that bad. I have had any - I haven't got 
any mess or anything. It comes out and plunks in 
the bottom. I don't want to get it all foggy. 

215:31:55 C All I can hack. 

215:31:55 P What? 

215:31:59 C All I can hack ... 

215:32:00 P Did that get messed up? 

215:32:12 P I'll beat the fighters down. 

215:32:14 C You get in there with your riding crop. 

215:32:22 P With my swagger stick? 

215:32:24 C That's right, swagger sticks. 

215:32:29 C There were some guys that carried them for a while. 

They got left out of . . . 

215:32:34 C You guys carry around little swords, don't you? 

215:32:38 P Swords? 

215:32:38 C Yes. Don't you have sword parties of sorts? 

215:32:43 P 

215:32:43 C What? Don't you have swords, too? 

215:32:46 P 

215:32:55 C What do you carry around swords for? 











P ... swagger stick . 

C The new Commandant of the Marines sort of put the 

quietus on that though, didn't he? 

P Darn it. 

p ... send it now . . . 

C What's that , James? 

P The Cryo reading. At about 215 or 217. Just a 
minute, let me check. 

P At 215:40, just as the sun is coming up, I spotted 

Scrapo City, . . . and also have spotted Berkeley, 
for the first time this flight. 

C Is that okay? 

P HF Test, Sequence 02; started at 215:53:00; received 

Hawaii at that time; much static. 


CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
P This is VII. Go. 

CC Okay. We want to run a little test here. We're 

showing you GO here on the ground. We want to run 
a little test to see about this tape recorder. 

P Roger . 

CC Okay. I'd like you to take your Tape Recorder 
Control circuit breaker to the OPEN position. 

C Tape Recorder Control in the OPEN position. 

CC Okay. I want you to close the Tape Recorder Power 
circuit breaker. 

P Tape Recorder Power is closed. 



Gemini VII, I'd like you to close your Tape Recorder 
circuit breaker. 

Tape Recorder Control closed. 

VII, Hawaii. 

VII . Roger . 

Okay. Will you take your Tape Recorder Control 
circuit breaker and close it please? 

The Tape Recorder Control is in the CLOSED position. 
Do you want it open? 

No, I wanted just to make sure it's closed and your 
Tape Recorder Power circuit breaker to the OPEN 

Roger. Tape Recorder closed and Tape Recorder Power 
is now open. 

Okay, very good. 

He really hit me. Okay, it doesn't look like we 
solved it. 


Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. 

Go ahead, Guaymas. VII here, 

Roger. You should have your tape, BIO MED Tape 
Recorder Number 1 to CONTINUOUS at this time. 


And your transponder test should be over at this 
time also. 





216:07:19 CC Roger. We have It. Everything's looking good here 

on the ground. We don't have anything else for you. 
We'll be standing by. 

216:07:25 C Thank you. 


216:08:22 CC Gemini VII, Houston. 
216:08:26 C Go ahead ... 

216:08:28 CC Roger. I'd like to clarify a point in the flight 

plan update I gave you. The MSC-2 and 3 experiment 
at 216:27. We gave you a note on the end of it, 
said REAL-TIME T/M. I'd just like to make sure you 
understand what that means. It's just indicating 
to you that we'll be taking REAL-TIME T/M data on 
that, since the tape recorder's inoperative. 

216:08:59 P Roger. 

216:09:06 CC Gemini VII, we're standing by for your fuel cell 

purge. You've got to remember to put the Fuel Cell 
Control circuit breaker on, Jim, before you purge 
Section 2. 

216:09:20 P Roger, will do. ... up or on now? 

216:09:24 CC And then we want to turn it off as soon as you're 

finished . 

216:09:26 C The ground elapsed time of 215 plus 58 minutes. 

Hawaii on HF was very clear. 

216:09:28 P Roger. 

216:09:32 P At 215:59: photographs - photograph of a - looks 

like a funnel center clouds. Utilizing Magazine 
D, Frame 37. 

C Okay. And the HF test at 216 hours: weak and 

garbled; worse transmission; weak and garbled. The 
HF pulse is now coming in clear. It's clear with 
some static to it. 




P Concerning the HF test at 215:58: was very clear 
and good; 216:00: weak and garbled; 216:08: weak 
and garbled; 216:14: weak and garbled , and we 
haven't been able to read anything from then on. 

216:14:13 P Purge completed, Houston, and fuel cell control ... 

216:14:19 CC Roger, Gemini VII. 

216:14:27 CC We showed that circuit breaker stayed in all the 

way. You had a good purge. 

216:14:32 P Roger. Good purge. 

216:14:54 CC Gemini VII, Surgeon has a brief word for you and 

then I have a comment for you, or statement for 
you, on the Gemini launch vehicle for VI. 

216:15:04 CC Jim, I'd like for you to tell me if those cuffs are 

still firm around - if they're tight enough on your 
legs there to the same extent that they were when 
you launched, and if not can you tighten them up 
with the laces. 

216:15:22 P Roger. I can. They have been tightened several 

times. I can get in them real easy. They're still 
working good. 

216:15:29 CC Very good. You've already had to tighten them two 

or three times? 

216:15:34 P That's right. The original knot was rather loose. 

216:15:37 CC Very good. 

216:15:41 CC We're going to give you a maintenance certificate. 
216:15:44 P I'm working on one, Doctor. 

216:15:47 CC Jim, is Frank listening also? He'd be interested 

in this. 

216:15:52 P Roger. 

216:15:55 CC We have a statement released today on Gemini VI and 

I'll read through it fairly quickly. It's probably 
the best way to give it to you. 




Are you ready, VII? 
Roger. We're listening. 

"Early release of the pad disconnect plug caused a 
command to shut down the engines of Gemini VI 
A-booster Sunday. The early release of the pad 
disconnect plug is under investigation and will be 
corrected. Subsequent data analysis of all systems 
also revealed that one of the first-stage engine 
systems was malfunctioning at the time of shutdown. 
Further concentrated review isolated the problem in 
the gas generator system, which provides power to 
drive the propellant pump. Late this morning the 
gas generator system was disassembled, and a foreign 
object was found, which confirms the analysis. This 
object was a plastic dust cover inadvertently left 
in the oxidizer inlet port to the gas generator. 
The system is being cleaned and will be reinstalled 
on the engine late tonight. All work schedules 
indicate that a Wednesday morning launch attempt is 
possible. Even if the problem with the pad discon- 
nect plug had not occurred, the engine malfunction 
would have caused shutdown to be commanded 1.03 
seconds later. These and other safety features are 
incorporated into the Gemini launch vehicle to 
prevent the vehicle from lifting off with any mal- 
functioning system" . How about that ! ! 

We'll buy that. 

Gemini VII. If there's any tracking problem, we're 
standing by for when there's lift-off. 

Roger. We're going to send them out to you. And 
position them to you. 

VII, both of the MSC-4 sites - that is, Hawaii and 
Ascension - are down at the present time for 
equipment. We do not have an estimated time of 
operation. White Sands, as you know, is scrubbed 
today as an alternate because of weather. It is 
operational, however, and we will try it as soon as 
we get it. As a matter of fact, we're planning a 
pass for tomorrow on it in conjunction with a D-4. 
We feel that Frank can boresight the spacecraft on 
the D-4 site and Jim can try to sight the laser 




independently on the same pass. I'd just like to 
confirm that that sounds okay with you guys. 

216:19:57 P Roger. We'll give that a try. 

216:20:00 CC Roger. 

216:22:01 CC VII, Flight is interested in how are things on the 


216:22:07 C It's quite a journey, better than Disneyland. 

216:23:00 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Do you still read? 
216:23:02 C Roger here. 

216:23:05 CC We've had a question of whether you can see the 

Andes Mountains front your present position. 

216:23:12 C We're flying at HORIZON SCAN most of this HF test, 

Elliot. Yesterday - last night - we saw the Andes 
just perfectly and we got a couple pictures of them. 

216:23:21 CC Roger. 

216:23:27 CC Is this hurting your miser soul, Frank, to use a 

little fuel here? 

216:23:32 C On the HF test, yes. 

216:23:34 CC Roger. Copy that. 


216:27:43 CC Gemini VII, RKV. All systems are GO. We're 

standing by. 

216:27:47 C Roger. Gemini VII. 

C Considering the HF check: the time is now 216:32 
and we hear nothing on the HF even with the volume 
all the way up. On - that's on HF. 

C Here's a present for you. 




P Is it empty? 

C Yes. 

P Bless you. 

C That stuff stinks, doesn't it! 

P No . I have one down here that . . . 

C Do you? Okay. 

C I get some 20 ... 

P Tes, by themselves anyway. 

C ... 

P ... lose your . . . 

P ... control ♦ . . 

C What? 

P Waiting for ... get back. 

C ... 

P I thought we were going to lose ... for a second. 

217:12:50 CC Gemini VII, CSQ. We have you GO on the ground. 

We have nothing for you this pass. You need not 
acknowledge . 

217:13:00 P We will anyway, CSQ. Thank you. 

217:13:04 CC Roger. 
217:16:50 C 37? 

217:16:51 P Yes. This HF test goes on now till 17:23. That HF 

test is a waste of time! 

217:17:26 P Okay. Spec mag off. 




217:1705 P Are we using this pulse? 

217:17:36 C Tee. 

217:17:53 P Sounds like a Mexican revolution back there. 

217:17:57 C ... range. 

P Fog? 

C Still listening on the . . . 138 . . . 

217:30 :48 CC Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 

217:30:52 C Go ahead, Hawaii, Gemini VII. 

217:30:54 CC Roger. We do not have a valid temperature. 

Would you just leave it in, through the first 
blood pressure check, and we're standing by for 
blood pressure. 

217:31:01 C Coming up now. 

217:31:17 CC The cuff is full-scale. 

217:32:09 CC We have a good blood pressure and you can take 

the thermometer out of the mouth. 

217:32:15 CC Start your exercise. 

217:32:18 CC MARK. 

217:32:41 C Blood pressure coming down. 
217:32:48 CC Tour cuff is full-scale. 

217:33:55 CC Gemini VII, we have a T/fc dropout. Could we have 

another blood pressure, please? 

217:34:00 C Roger. 

217:34:08 CC Cuff is full-scale. 




We have a good blood pressure. Thank you. 
Standing by for your food, water and sleep 
reports . 

Roger. The Pilot had a total of 614 ounces of 
water; Column 5, 23; Column 6, 3. The Command 
Pilot had 703 ounces of water; Column 5, 24; 
Column 6, 5. Our last meal was Day 11, Meal B. 
We all ate everything. 

215:43: one meteor ... facing Gemini. One 
meteor . . . Start to glow off the highest possible 
... 217:01 ... took a high-speed photography 
picture of the rise of the Big Dipper with the 
airglow . . . Magazine change . 

Roger, Gemini VII. Thank you. 

Gemini VII, we have nothing further for you at 
this time. We're standing by. 

Thank you. 


Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. All systems look 
good on the ground. 

Thank you, Guaymas. 

Gemini VII, Guaymas CAP COM. 

Go ahead, Guaymas. 

Roger. We noticed you had your horizon scanners 
on. You were in the PULSE mode. We wondered if 
you were having trouble with staying locked on. 

No. We were using the HORIZON SCAN full on and 
then we want to PULSE to stay zero, zero, zero, 
and then we went back to HORIZON SCAN. 

Roger. Very good. 

We want to form lock-right at sunset. The scanner* 



scales say good pitch downrange . We lost it and 
we had to go to PULSE to bring it back. 

Roger, understand. Thank you. 


Gemini VII, RKV. We do not have an oral temp. 
You can start your blood pressure. Leave the 
oral temp probe in. 

I sent T x for 

Our fault, RKV. I was going to . . . 

Okay. Cuff not full-scale yet. ... full-scale. 

All right. Commenting on the HF test, which was 
conducted 216:08: weak and unreadable, 216:14; 
I could hear nothing but some foreign language 
broadcast and some foreign language broadcast 
... Morse code calling. At 217:12: the tone 
started coming in clearer; at 217:13: I picked 
up Hawaii, loud and clear, and I heard them again 
around 217:18 - at 27 - at 217:13, and also at 
217:18. At 217:23: ... they were again, weak 
and garbled . ... long-range communications . 

Gemini VII, RKV Surgeon. We had a T/M dropout 
about half way through the blood pressure. Can 
we have another blood pressure, please? 

Roger. Coming up. 

Cuff full-scale. 

Gemini VII, RKV Surgeon. We have a valid blood 
pressure. Standing by for exercise. 

MARK. Exercise. 

Exercise is coming down. 




Full-scale . 

Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. We'd like for you to 
place your MSC Experijnents 2 and 3 to the ON 
position and leave them on from now to the end 
of the mission. 

Gemini VII, we have a valid blood pressure. Have 
you had any change in the food and water status 
since Hawaii? 

Negative . 

Thank you. Surgeon out. 

Did you copy that experiment, MSC? 

Roger. And we're clear on that. We'll leave 
them on until the end of the mission. 

Roger. I've got a map update for you when you're 

Roger. Stand by one. 
Go ahead. 

... 220:09:44} Rev 128, 61.9 degrees east. Right 
ascension: Time, 09:17:06. 

Roger . C opy . Over . 

Okay. We'd also like you to give us a flight 
plan report over Tananarive on this revolution, 
rather than CSQ. The time for Tananarive LOS is 

Roger. Will do. 


Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Over. 
Gemini VII, Gemini VII, Houston CAP COM. Over. 



Houston, Gemini VII here. How do you read? 

Roger. Gemini VII. Reading you a lot better now. 
Standing by for your flight time report. 


3 ASA-54, plus 35 exposures] 3 magazines plus 35 
exposures. 217, 500, we only got three exposures j 
IR film, 13 exposures; high-speed black and white, 
12 j high-contrast black and white, 5; 16mm, 2 1/2 
magazines; tapes, 9 1/2. S-8/D-13 scores today; 
Pilot minus 9, Command Pilot minus 11. Go to the 
day Column 5, Pilot 23; the Command Pilot 24. ... 
Pilot 3, Command Pilot 5« We accomplished every- 
thing in the flight plan today except openings, 
which were canceled because of the weather, and 
you were notified at the time. 

Roger, Gemini VII. We got - we got all your 
flight plan report. Just one question. Can you 
give us an idea of what you've been afcle to 
accomplish throughout the flight in the way of toe 
dim-light photography? 

Roger. We've got some pictures of the airglow; 
the night airglow' s about it. 

Understand. Airglow, the night airglow is about 
all you were able to get. Right? 

Right ... 

Okay, Frank, I think we got it all and we'll see 
you, probably not for a while, tomorrow or so. 



Gemini VII, CSQ. 

CSQ, this is Gemini VII. 

Like to advise the Command Pilot that his external 




EKG is noisy and like for you to try to do some- 
thing about it if you can. 


Also, Houston would like for the crew, both 
members, to bring up their water intake just a 

Roger . 

We have you GO on the ground. All systems 
operating normally. 

. . . external leads . . . 

Sequence camera: taking shots of the Andes ... 
217:54; short cloud formations are out. We're 
entering South America and around the country of 
Ecuador. Continuing Sequence camera at 17:57: 
just showing the many clouds over the Amazon 
Valley, and South American has . . . funny-shaped 
tops of thunder storms in the photo. Color IR 
shot of . . . Frame 14 - of Central Brazil, showing 
a contrast of two greens, dark jungle green and 
light - looks like . . . green. 


218:20 was the time. 218:00. 
Man, I ... 


Gemini VII, Hawaii CAP COM. 
VII. Over. 

Roger. You - we show you GO on the ground here. 
We'd like to have a fuel cell pressure reading, 
please . 

Roger. 740 psi, has 56 percent. 




219:06:04 CC Roger. Understand 740 - 56 percent. We'd like 

to also have an QAMS propellant quantity readout. 

219:06:12 C Roger. Reading 21 percent on-board. 

219:06:15 CC That was 31 percent.. 

219:06:18 C Negative. 21 percent. 

219:06:20 CC 21 percent. Would you give me an CAMS source 

helium pressure? 

219:06:33 C About 1300. 

219:06:35 CC Roger. Understand. 1300. We have nothing else 

for you at this time. Standing by. 

219:06:43 C Roger. 

219:07:12 CC We show your external lead on the Command Pilot 

as still being bad. 

219:07:22 C Roger. Also on operation ... 

219:07:25 CC Roger. Would you turn your Quantity Read switch 

off, please? 

219:07:31 C 

219:07:33 CC Roger. Thank you. 

219:08:39 CC Would you - have you noticed any change in your 

fuel cell O2 pressures in the past time? We have 
a suspected stuck transducer. Your ground T/hL 
has not changed in the past 20 hours. 

219:09:01 C Our gage hasn't changed either. 

219:09:04 CC Roger. Understand. 

219:09:05 C But the heater is cycling in here because we're 

getting jumps on the ammeter. 

219:09:26 C Did you read, Hawaii? 

219:09:27 CC That's affirmative, VII. 




219:09:30 C Okay, thank you. 

219:12:30 CC Gemini VII, you also have a IF 6 coming up over 

the RKV on this pass. 

219:12:39 P Roger, Hawaii. 


219:39:24. CC Gemini VII, RKV CAP COM. 
219:39:16 C Go ahead, RKV. Gemini VII. 

219:39:18 CC Roger. Before you start the purge, I'd like to 

run through the sequence. I would like you to 
first purge Section 1, H 2 and Og, then close the 
Fuel Cell control 2 circuit breaker, then purge 
Section 2 Hg and O2, and then open the Fuel Cell 
control 2 circuit breaker. 

219:39:35 C 

219:39:37 CC Okay. We're standing by for your purge. 

219:39:39 C ... Section 1 has been dumping off all night. 

219:39:43 CC 

219:39:47 C 

219:39:49 CC Roger. 

219:40:33 CC It looks all right, Gemini VII. 

219:40:37 C 

219:40:40 CC Roger. 

219:40:42 CC I've got quite a bit of information about the 

rendezvous when you're ready to copy. 

219:40:45 C Go ahead. 

219:40:49 CC Okay. I've got a block update. 



Area 140-2: 222:11:57. Area 141-Bravo: 
224:49:06. Area 142-Delta: 225:46:10. Area 
143-2: 227:20:08. Area 144-2: 228:55:58. 
Area 145-1: 220:24:38. 146-1: 221:59:57. Area 
147-1: 233:35:28. The altitudes ... for all 
areas is 21 plus 40. 


The weather is good in all areas. 
Sounds good. 

Tour next fuel cell purge after you wake up will 
be at Carnarvon, at Area 144. The time will be 
230 plus 01. 

Purge on 230 plus 01. 



Roger. I'll bring you up to date on the OAMS 
status. Tour fuel remaining is 45 pounds. The 
oxidizer remaining is 109 pounds. The oxygen 
percentage remaining is 25 percent. The on-board 
gage readings are 21 percent ... that's one per- 
cent of what we expected. 


I'd like to give you a bedtime ... Okay, ECS 0g 
. . . switch should be off, your Fuel Cell 0 2 . . . 
switch to AUTO, your Fuel Cell H 2 switch to OFF. 
... ECS 0 2 position tonight. 

. . . fuel cell now. 

Okay. Tour ... per maximum. We'd like you to 
pump it up to 490 and the minimum for tonight 
would be 445* 

490 and 445. 




219:43:46 CC Right. 

219:43:52 CC I'll give you a little rundown on the spacecraft 

• • ■ 

219:43:57 C Go. 

219:43:58 CC Okay. Your Fuel Cell 0 2 pressure's been reading 

about 910 psi for the last 20 hours. We think 
the transducer is stuck on that fuel cell with 
control 2 circuit breaker which keeps popping. 
We have a good explanation right now. It's 
probably one of the coils didn't make contact 
when it opened. 

219:44:21 C Roger. 

219:44:22 CC Over a long time of conducting, the coil may have 

burned out the insulation, resulting in a lower 
resistance yet. I think this might be ... on 
Section 2. 

219:44:32 C Roger. 

219:44:36 C 

219:44:39 CC Roger. 

219:44:47 C 

219:44:49 CC I'm going to revolve the ... 209 ... section, 

the Delta-P light went out about 210 and as you 
know it came back at 211. ... O2 H 2 ... raise 
the O2 pressure slightly . . . water . 

219:45:10 C Roger. 

219:45:26 CC We'll give you some music on HF for the next 

three hours. 

219:45:29 C Thank you. 

219:45:34 CC ... over South America this last time. 

219:45:38 C 

220:42:19 C Okay. Bo man dumping urine at 220:41. 





... go now. 



• • • 


2 percent. 






Yes, sir. We're ... on the spot. 



What'd he say? 


I can't eat . . . 


• • « 


I wonder if I got . . . 



Pardon me! 



Let's see. We only have 12 more meals? 


Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? 


12 ... 


223. Roger. 


Eight . . . Lovell dumping urine at 220 : 59 . 




. . . really . . . 


230:01:01 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. Would you place 

your Crossover switch to the ON position and 
leave it ON for 30 minutes, 30 minutes, 30 

230:01:10 C Roger. Crossover coming ON for 30 minutes. 

230:01:14 CC Roger, and we're set up to have a purge for this 

pass. We'd like to start out with a normal purge 




230:01:22 C Normal purge on Section 1. 

230:03:00 CC Okay, Gemini VII. Before we start the purge on 

Section 2, we're going to have to turn that 
Section 2 Control circuit breaker off. Let me 
know as soon as you finish with Section 1. 

230:03:12 C Roger. 

230:04:12 CC Roger. 

230:04:54 CC Okay. Would you place your Quantity Read switch 

to the FUEL CELL H 2 position? 

230:05:01 C H 2 position reading about 490 psi. 

230:05:07 CC Roger. Okay. I have a three-item flight plan 

update if you're prepared to copy. 

230:05:20 C G o ahead. 

230:05:22 CC Roger. I don't - Node update 5: 230:41:31; 

Remarks; Rev 144; 99.7 degrees west; right ascen- 
sion, 09 hours, 03 minutes, 58 seconds. A flight 
plan time line update: change 232:00:00 to 
232:10:00. HF test: 232:10:00; Sequence Number 
01; attitude control not required; use UHF for 
station passes; stop at 233:40:00. Last item: 
232:17:49; crew status report, Command Pilot at 
Texas. Do you copy? 

230:06:44 C I have it all. 

230:06:49 CC Okay, would you place your Quantity Read switch to 

the FUEL CELL 0 2 position? 

230:06:57 C Purge is complete and Fuel Cell Control Number 2 

circuit breaker is off. 

230:07:01 CC Roger. Thank you. 

230:07:16 CC A reminder that the BIO MED Recorder Number 2 is 

to go off at 230:10:00. 

230:07:26 C Roger. 

230:07:29 CC Okay. Tou can place your Quantity Read switch 




to the OFF position. 

230:07:46 CC Okay. We'll have an LOS here shortly. Good 

morning from Australia, and that completes the 
items for this pass. 



Thank you. 




Gemini VII, Houston. 



Good morning, Houston. VII here. 



The BLUE TEAM wishes you a good morning. 



How is everything this morning? 



Pretty good. You're coming in pretty weak, 

Charlie . 

230:47:23 CC Okay, Jim. Could I have an CAMS prop readout, 


230:47:28 P 21 percent. 

230:47:31 CC 21 percent? 
230:47:32 P Two-one percent. 

230:47:35 CC Roger. Would you please verify your Crossover off? 

230:47:38 P Roger. Crossover is off. 

230:47:41 CC Did you see any rates resulting from ECS 0 2 ? 

230:47:46 P I'm going to look outside. Just a minute. 

230:48:11 P They're not bad, Charlie. 

230:48:13 CC Okay, very good. Listen, E-CCM thinks your 

pressure transducer on fuel cell 0? is hung up. 
We'd like you to turn your Fuel Cell O2 Heater 
switch to OFF for one or two revolutions to let 
the tank pressure decay slightly, and perhaps to 




unstick the transducer. 

230:48:31 P Roger. Fuel Cell 0 2 going - Heater going off at 

this time. 

230:48:34 CC Okay, and you can turn your Delay Data Transmitter 

back - Transmitter circuit breaker off and this 
won't be used again since the tape - the tape 
recorder has failed. 

230:48:48 F Do you want the Tape Recorder Power circuit breaker 

back off? 

230:48:50 CC Yes, that's your Delay Time Transmitter circuit 

breaker . 

230:48:58 P Okay, the Delay Time is turned off. 

230:49:02 CC And listen, are you aware that last night you 

passed Cooper's individual time in orbit? His 
record was 22 - 225£ hours or so and you're now 
standing almost 240 hours. 

230:49:18 P No, we forgot about that. 

230:49:20 CC Almost 231 hours, I guess. 

230:49:25 P 230 hours, 49 minutes, and 28 seconds, Charlie. 

230:49:28 CC You're exactly right. 

230:49:39 CC Did your Delta-P light go out any time the Cross- 
over was on, Gemini VII? 

230:49:44 P Negative. 

230:49:45 CC Okay. Next stateside pass will probably be a 

UHF 6 pass. 

230:49:52 C Very well. 

230:49:57 C How's everything in Houston? 

230:49:59 CC Real fine. 

230:50:02 P Charlie, could you take a message for me? 




230:50:04 CC Sure, I'd be happy to. 

230:50:06 P Would you tell Doctor LaChance, of the Crew's 

System Division, that his chicken with gravy 
should be labeled gravy with chicken. 

230:50:14 CC Chicken with gravy instead of - okay, I got it. 

230:50:24 C Charlie, this - - 

230:50:25 CC Okay. 

230:50:26 C Cell fold mode out of this venting seems to be 

a left roll and a left yaw. 

230:50:30 C Left roll and left yaw. 

230:50:34 C It's very close to these smoke and we haven't 

even looked outside for 10 hours. 

230:50:39 CC Okay, real good. 

230:50:46 CC Would you like to hear some of late last night's 


230:50:49 C Sure would. 

230:50:51 CC Well, there is quite a bit of stuff from Vietnam. 

The Marines and the Vietnamese troops eased into 
mopping up stage of Harvest Moon today. There is 
an estimate that ground and air strikes have 
killed about 1000 of their quarry, which is a 
hard-core Viet Cong regiment. US officers said 
the area where the 3700 Viet Cong had stopped to 
hold their ground against an allied task force of 
several thousand men is not secure, supposing to 
keep it that way. Here's something from Notre 
Dame, the college. There was apparently a group of 
students that were going to fast for clerical 
freedom of speech. The college told them to go 
right ahead. Then all of a sudden all the f asters 
disappeared . 

230:51:49 P Great. 

230:51:54 CC Psychological warfare experts are mighty happy in 

that, voluntarily, a group of 22 Viet Cong platoon, 




a group of 22 in a Viet Cong platoon surrendered 
to the 173rd Airborne at Quang Ngai, which is 60 
miles east of Saigon. A US spokesman said that was 
the largest single defection of armed insurgents 
in months. 

230:52:21 CC Don't have any sports news. Apparently we don't 

get that on our tape. I'd be happy to give you 
some if there were. There's been a little turnover 
in the management of the Oilers. 

230:52:34 P Of the Oilers or the Astros? 

230:52:37 CC That was the Astros. Had you heard about that? 

230:52:41 P Yes, we heard about that yesterday. 

230:52:42 CC Okay. 

230:52:43 P Checked with Frank before they made the turnover. 

230:52:46 CC Yes. 

230:52:54 C How are things going at the Cape, Charlie? 

230:52:56 CC Things are going along real well, Frank. They are 

going to do it in abbreviated mid-count this 
morning and pick up the counts tomorrow night at 
the regular time. 

230:53:09 C What time is launch scheduled for now? 

230:53:12 CC It's 8:37. 

230:53:14 C Houston or Cape time? 

230:53:17 CC That's Cape time. 

230:53:22 C "M" equals four. 

230:53:24 CC I beg your pardon. 

230:53:26 C Is that the rendezvous at the fourth apogee? 

230:53:28 CC That's affirmative. 

230:53:35 C Can you tell us what our orbit has decayed to now? 




230:53:38 CC Stand by one. 

230:53:45 CC It's right about 1 and 61 1/2, Frank. We haven't 

tracked yet this morning to get any good updated 
information. We'll give you that just as soon as 
we get a good track on it. 

230:53:58 C Okay. 

230:54:02 CC Say, we have some dim-light photography updates we 

would like to give you if it would be of any 
assistance . 

230:54:10 CC Would you like to take that? 

230:54:12 C Get it later on, Wade. We've got all of our - 

we're eating right now. 

230:54:14 CC Yes, I understand that. We'll give that with your 

big flight plan update. 

230:54:19 C Very good. 

230:54:22 C We would like it. We want to get the photography 

taken care of tonight and Thursday and Friday night 
if we can. 

230:54:30 CC Okay, real good. We think we'll have a pretty 

interesting day for you today. We hope so. 

230:55:06 C What time do you go off duty, Charlie? 

230:55:08 CC I go off at seven. 

230:55:12 CC That's seven local. Can I do something for you, 


230:55:19 C No, I just wondered. It's been a long time for you, 

hasn't it? 

230:55:20 CC Yes. I bet it's been a lot longer for you all 

though . 

230:55:26 C Yes, Jim and I are beginning to notice the days 

seem to be lengthening a little. 

230:55:30 CC Yes, I'll bet. 




230:55:34 CC But believe me, we can hack it if you can. 

230:55:38 C Got any problems ... Frank ... 

230:55:52 C Who is the Surgeon on duty with you, Charlie? 

230:55:55 CC I beg your pardon? Oh, it's Nick Kuhns. 

230:56:07 CC Gemini VII. Nick Kuhns is the BLUE Surgeon. 

230:56:10 C I figured he'd have the night shift. He never goes 

to bed anyway. 

230:56:14 CC (LAUGHTER) 

230:56:16 CC He's laughing. 


231:35:58 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. We have nothing for 

you this pass. We're standing by. 

231:36:03 C Thank you, Carnarvon. 

231:41:35 CC Gemini VII, Carnarvon CAP COM. 

231:41:39 C Go ahead, Carnarvon. 

231:41:41 CC Roger. We're starting activities on Pad 19 at the ■ 

present time and we'd like to have you turn the DCS 
circuit breaker off in approximately 5 minutes from 

231:41:52 C Roger. DCS circuit breaker will be coming off in 

5 minutes. 

231:41:56 CC Roger. And we'd like to have you turn REAL-TIME 

T/M on for Texas, and their acquisition time will 
be 232:16. 

231:42:08 C 232:16 acquisition for Texas, and the REAL-TIME T/M 


231:42:12 CC That's affirm. 



Lovell urinating at 231:53; 231:53 Lovell ... 
Borman dumping urine , . . 
. . . that with a player . 

No! No! No! No! ... 
With this vehicle. 

Voltage ... this isn't holding like it should be. 

The fuel cells aren't working. ... 

Roger. Suits are off. Both of them. And every- 
thing ... cold. The cabin, of course, is cool 
hot . ... by warming up a little when we go to 
sleep and then turning to cold when we wake up. 


Gemini VII, Houston. Gemini VII, Houston. 

Go ahead, Houston. Gemini VII. 

Roger. This won't be a UHF 6 pass as previously 
mentioned. Would you verify your T/M in REAL-TIME 
and ACQ-AID? 


And place your adapter C-Band CONTINUOUS. Place 
Tape Playback to RESET momentarily, then COMMAND. 
Leave C-Band and REAL-TIME and ACQ-AID in 
CONTINUOUS until Canaries LOS. I note you have 
temperature. Would you start your blood pressure, 
please? Am passing you over to Flight Surgeon. 

Gemini VII. Your cuff is full-Bcale. 

Gemini VII. While that's bleeding down, could the 




Pilot tell me if the M-l has been going continuous- 
ly, and whether he has any comment on the cuff 

Houston, VII. 

Gemini VII, this is Houston Surgeon. I'll come to 
you again in a moment. Stand by. 

Gemini VII. We have a good blood pressure. You 
can start your exercise now, please. 


Gemini VII, Houston Surgeon. Would the Pilot 
comment on the pneumatic cuff comfort for thigh 

Here comes the blood pressure. 
Roger. We copy coming. 

The cuffs are okay. He's on an HF test on another 
frequency, and the cuffs are okay. 

Roger. Gemini VII, thank you. 

Tour cuff is full-scale. 

Gemini VII, Houston Surgeon. While that's bleeding 
down, could you give me a reading on your Suit and- 
Cabin Temperature Control valve setting? 

Roger. Suits FULL FLOW, both of them, and every- 
thing is FULL COLD. The cabin, of course, is 

Roger . 

We can retain very nice conditions by wanning up 
a little when we go to sleep and then turning them 
back cold when we wake up. 

Roger. Gemini VII, we have a good blood pressure. 
While you're turning over to your food and water 
log, would you comment on your sleep last night, 



Jim got about 7 hours and I got about 6 hours of 
pretty good sleep. 

Both pretty good? 



The Pilot now has a total of 653 ounces of water. 
We had this morning Day 10, Heal A, and he did not 
eat the peanut cubes. I did not eat the beef 
sandwiches. He's had Column 5.24, Column 6.4. 
Command Pilot's had 730 ounces of water, Column 
5.26, Column 6.5. 

Roger. And we're standing by for your supper 
report last night. 

Had Day 11, Heal - stand by with us, that's not 

We had a Heal C last night. I think it was Day 10, 
Heal C, I think. 

Roger. Frank, we'll put it down and check to see 
it wasn't recorded before. Would you give us a 
total gun count, now? 



3521. Your lips and nose satisfactorily comfort- 

Say again, please? 

Are you having any difficulty with drying of your 
lips and nose? 

We're using the skin cream. We're about out of it. 
We're getting to the stage now where we're starting 
to itch a little bit, Nick. 

On the skin generally, or on the scalp only? 




Scalp and the crotch and that - we're just getting 
a little crummy. 


Understand. Gemini VII, you did a good job of 
putting the bio sensors back on. We appreciate 
that good work. Over to CAP COM. 

Gemini VII, Houston. I have a flight plan update 
for you. 

Stand by a minute, please. 

Right. In passing, I might say that the experi- 
menters on D-4/D-7 are extremely happy with the 
results that you've given them. 

Well, good. 

Go ahead with the update. 

Time: 232:35:13; PLA update at Canaries. Time: 
233:11:13; crew status report on Pilot at Carnarvon. 
Next item: Apollo Landmark; 234:21:11; Sequence 
97; Mode 01; pitch 30 degrees down, yaw 15 degrees 
right. 234:47:13: purge fuel cells at Carnarvon. 
S-8/D-13: 235:30:00; Sequence 02; pitch 30 degrees 
down, yaw 1 degree left; time of closest approach,- 
235:31:18. Time: 236:00:00; BI0-MED Recorder 
Number 1 CONTINUOUS . Time: 236:10:00; power-up 
platform using on-board platform power-up and 
alinement check list. Aline platform SEF and 
switch coolant pumps prior to turning platform on. 
Time: 236:20:00; exercise period. Next item is 
dim-light photos: 236:50:00; Sequence 04; Remarks, 
day sky, pitch 0 degrees, yaw 180 degrees, roll 35 
degrees left. If there are any questions on the 
dim-light photo, I'll be happy to try to answer 
them. I've got a good list of them. 

That's a day sky you say? 

Say again? 




232:28:13 C 

232:28:15 CC 

232:29:05 C 

232:29:06 CC 

232:29:09 C 

232:29:12 CC 

232:29:24 C 

232:29:25 CC 

232:30:09 CC 

232:30:15 C 

232:30:16 CC 

232:30:17 P 

232:30:21 CC 

232:31:42 C 
232:31:50 C 

You say that was a day sky? 

That's day sky. Sequence 04. You can expect a 
GO/NO-GO at Carnarvon at 233:11:13. 

Houston, Gemini VII. 

Gemini VII, Houston. 

Why are we bringing the platform up today? 

We have a critical D-4/D-7 that we'd like you to 
monitor. I have some more flight plan update for 
you. Are you ready to copy? 

* * * 

D^4/D-7: 237:04:02; Sequence 429; Mode 02; pitch 
25 degrees down, yaw 36 degrees left. Turn REAL- 
TIME transmitter on for this measurement. Do not 
use experiment recorder. Time of test is 237:05:21. 

Gemini VII, Houston. Request you turn HF off for a 
few minutes so we can get good T/M. 

Turn what - - 

That's HF. 

Roger . 

Continuing your flight plan update. Time: 
237:10:00; will begin your eat period. 238:00:00; 
BIO^tED Recorder 1 off. Item D-4/D-7: at 
238:18:40; Sequence 430; Mode 04; pitch 63 degrees 
down, yaw 90 degrees left. Turn REAL-TIME trans- 
mitter on. Kwajalein will receive. Make 30 seconds 
of background measurements. Last item: 238:25:00; 
purge fuel cells at Hawaii and power-down. Gemini 
VII, did you read? 

Roger . 

. . . read you. 










CC Gemini VII. I read you loud and clear. 

P Okay. I'll be signing off. 

CC Thank you. You can turn the HF on now again, 
Gemini VII. Thank you very much. 

P Roger. Can we turn our HF back on again, Houston, 

or do you want to leave if off? 

CC You can turn HF on. 

P Roger. 

P HFC ... UHF. This is Gemini VII. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Gemini VII, at GET at 232 hours, 
35 minutes and 20 seconds. 


CC Gemini VII, Canary. 
C Go ahead, Canary. 

CC Roger. I have a PLA update for you when you are 
ready to copy. 

C We're ready. Go ahead, please. 

CC Okay. 148-1: 235:11:09. 149-4: 238:03:30. 150-4: 
239:38:59- 151-4: 241:14:25. 152-3: 242:31:51. 
153-3: 244:07:22. RET 400 K is 21 plus 40. Weather 
is good in all areas. 

C Thank you, Canary. 

CC Roger. 

CC VII, Canary. Would you turn your HF transmitter 

off for just a little bit, so we can get some good 




232:38:16 C Roger. It's off. 

232:38:18 CC Just the keying. 

232:39:40 C Okay, VII. You can go back to keying on the HF 

transmitter . 

232:40:13 P This is Gemini VII. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 

Gemini VII. GET at 232 hours, 40 minutes and 20 
20 seconds. 

232:43:42 CC Gemini VII, Canary. 

232:43:43 CC Go ahead, Canary. Gemini VII. 

232:43:46 CC Roger. Would you place your C-Adapter switch to 


232:43:51 C Roger. 

232:43:54 C Canary, Gemini VII. 

232:43:56 CC Would you place your T/M switch to COMMAND also? 
232:44:01 C Roger. 
232:44:02 CC Okay. 

232:44:03 C Listen, that 2C is starting down again, and tell 

Houston I'm concerned about turning on that 
platform, and making all that water with these 
fuel cells the way they are. 

232:44:12 CC Okay. We'll relay the message. 

232:44:14 C Thank you. 

232:50:08 P This is Gemini VII. This is Gemini VII. 1, 2, 3, 

4, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Gemini VII GET at . . . 

232:56:27 P This is Gemini VII. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 

Gemini VII GET at . . . 


232:58:27 CC Gemini VII, Houston.