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Full text of "The principall navigations, voiages, and discoveries of the English nations [microform] : made by sea or over land to the most remote and farthest distant quarters of the earth at any time within the compasse of these 1500 years : divided into three several parts according to the positions of the regions whereunto they were directed; the first containing the personall travels of the English unto Indæa, Syria, Arabia ... the second, comprehending the worthy discoveries of the English towards the north and northeast by sea, as of Lapland ... the third and last, including the English valiant attempts in searching almost all the corners of the vaste and new world of America ... whereunto is added the last most renowned English navigation round about the whole globe of the earth"

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1.0     !SI^ 



ua  ly 

■  2.2 

£f    1^    12.0 






WEBSTER,  N.Y.  14580 



^^     WK 
















Collection  de 

Canadian  Institute  for  Historical  Microreproductions  /  Institut  Canadian  de  microreproductions  historiques 

Technical  and  Bibliographic  Notes/Notes  techniques  et  bibliographiques 

The  Institute  has  attempted  to  obtain  the  best 
original  copy  available  for  filming.  Features  of  this 
copy  which  may  be  bibliographically  unique, 
which  may  alter  any  of  the  images  in  the 
reproduction,  or  which  may  significantly  change 
the  usual  method  of  filming,  are  checked  below. 


Coloured  covers/ 
Couverture  de  couleur 

□    Covers  damaged/ 
Couverture  endommagde 

□   Covers  restored  and/or  laminated/ 
Couverture  restaurde  et/ou  pellicul6e 


Cover  title  missing/ 

Le  titre  de  couverture  manque 

I      I    Coloured  maps/ 


Cartes  gdographiques  en  couleur 

Coloured  ink  (i.e.  other  than  blue  or  black)/ 
Encre  de  couleur  (i.e.  autre  que  bleue  ou  noire) 

I      I    Coloured  plates  and/or  illustrations/ 


Planches  et/ou  illustrations  en  couleur 

Bound  with  other  material/ 
Reli6  avec  d'autres  documents 

FTyl    Tight  binding  may  cause  shadows  or  distortion 


along  interior  margin/ 

La  reliure  serr6e  peut  causer  de  I'ombre  ou  de  la 

distortion  le  long  de  la  marge  int6rieure 

Blank  leaves  added  during  restoration  may 
appear  within  the  text.  Whenever  possible,  these 
have  been  omitted  from  filming/ 
II  se  peut  que  certaines  pages  blanches  ajouties 
lors  d'une  restauration  apparaissent  dans  le  texte. 
mais,  lorsque  cela  6tait  possible,  ces  pages  n'ont 
pas  6t6  film^es. 

L'Institut  a  microfilm^  ie  meilleur  exemplaire 
qu'il  lui  a  6t6  possible  de  se  procurer.  Les  details 
de  cet  exemplaire  qui  sont  peut-dtre  uniques  du 
point  de  vue  bibliographique,  qui  peuvent  modifier 
une  image  reproduite.  ou  qui  peuvent  exiger  une 
modification  dans  la  m^thode  normale  de  filmage 
sont  indiquis  ci-dessous. 

r~~|    Coloured  pages/ 

Pages  de  couleur 

Pages  damaged/ 
Pages  endommag6es 

Pages  restored  and/or  laminated/ 
Pages  restaurdes  et/ou  pellicul6es 

Pages  discoloured,  stained  or  foxed/ 
Pages  ddcolordes,  tachetdes  ou  piqu6es 

Pages  detached/ 
Pages  d6tach6es 



r~l    Quality  of  print  varies/ 

Quality  inigale  de  I'impression 

Includes  supplementary  material/ 
Comprend  du  materiel  suppidmentaire 


Only  edition  available/ 
Seule  Edition  disponible 

Pages  wholly  or  partially  obscured  by  errata 
slips,  tissues,  etc.,  have  been  refilmed  to 
ensure  the  best  possible  image/ 
Les  pages  totalement  ou  partiellement 
obscurcies  par  un  feuiilet  d'errata,  une  pelure, 
etc.,  ont  6t6  filmies  d  nouveau  de  fapon  & 
obtenir  la  meilleure  image  possible. 


Additional  comments:/ 
Commentaires  suppl6mentaires; 


This  item  is  filmed  at  the  reduction  ratio  checked  below/ 

Ce  document  est  film6  au  taux  de  reduction  indiqu6  ci-dessous. 












28X                             32X 


ts  details 
ques  du 
nt  modifier 
Kiger  une 
ie  filmage 


The  copy  filmed  here  has  been  reproduced  thanks 
to  the  generosity  of: 

IMetropoiitan  Toronto  Library 
Canadian  History  Department 

The  images  appearing  here  are  the  best  quality 
possible  considering  the  condition  and  legibility 
of  the  original  copy  and  in  keeping  with  the 
filming  contract  specifications. 

Original  copies  in  printed  paper  covers  are  filmed 
beginning  with  the  front  cover  and  ending  on 
the  last  page  with  a  printed  or  illustrated  impres- 
sion, or  the  back  cover  when  appropriate.  All 
other  original  copies  are  filmed  beginning  on  the 
first  page  with  a  printed  or  illuatrated  impres- 
sion, and  ending  on  the  last  page  with  a  printed 
or  illustrated  impression. 

The  last  recorded  frame  on  each  microfiche 
shall  contain  the  symbol  — ^  (meaning  "CON- 
TINUED"), or  the  symbol  y  (meaning  "END"), 
whichever  applies. 

L'exemplaire  film6  fut  reproduit  grftce  d  la 
gAnirositt  de: 

Metropolitan  Toronto  Library 
Canadian  History  Department 

Lea  images  suivantes  ont  6t6  reproduites  avec  Ie 
plua  grand  soin,  compte  tenu  de  la  condition  et 
de  la  nettet6  de  rexemplaire  film6.  et  en 
conformity  avec  lea  conditions  du  contrat  de 

Lea  exemplaires  originaux  dont  la  couverture  en 
papier  eat  imprimie  sont  fiim^a  en  commenpant 
par  la  premier  plat  et  en  terminant  aoit  par  la 
dernidre  page  qui  comporte  une  empreinte 
d'impreaaion  ou  d'illustration,  soit  par  Ie  second 
plat,  selon  Ie  cas.  Tous  las  autres  exemplaires 
originaux  sont  fiimis  en  commenpant  par  la 
premiere  page  qui  comporte  une  empreinte 
d'impreaaion  ou  d'illustration  et  en  terminant  par 
la  dernidre  page  qui  comporte  une  telle 

Un  des  symboles  suivants  apparaitra  sur  la 
dernidre  image  de  cheque  microfiche,  selon  Ie 
cas:  Ie  symbols  — ^>  signifie  "A  SUIVRE",  Ie 
symbols  V  signifie  "FIN". 


Mapa,  plates,  charta,  etc.,  may  be  filmed  at 
different  reduction  ratios.  Those  too  large  to  be 
entirely  Included  in  one  exposure  are  filmed 
beginning  in  the  upper  left  hand  corner,  left  to 
right  and  top  to  bottom,  as  many  fr jT^iea  as 
required.  The  following  diagrams  illustrate  the 

Lea  cartes,  planches,  tableaux,  etc..  peuvent  dtre 
filmis  d  des  taux  de  reduction  diff^rents. 
Lorsque  Ie  document  est  trop  grand  pour  dtre 
reproduit  en  un  seul  clich6,  il  est  f  iimd  d  partir 
de  I'angle  sup^rieur  gauche,  de  gauche  d  droite, 
et  de  haut  en  bas,  en  prenant  Ie  nombre 
d'images  nicossaire.  Las  diagrammes  suivants 
illuatrent  la  m6thode. 

I  by  errata 
med  to 


une  pelure, 
fa^on  d 











■    ■'* 



.»^x"«ir:4»«-S!«.\,'»\  .•*•  ,r»>:AV.'VJv.!*.*ftAi  >7lK.  Ai/ 

A"-^    ** 

.  J  ■  i 



Englifh  nation,made  by  Sea  or  ouerLaiid, 

*    to  the  moH  remote  attdfartheHdi^ant  Quarters  of 

the  earth  at  any  time  within  the  compafle.  .  * 

of  theft  I  so  o.jeeres.-Dehided  into  three 


icuerall  parts^ccording  to  the  po- 

filions  of  the  Krf^'ons  whcrun- 

lotlicy  hcreUirci^cd. 


The  firft,contcining  the  perfonall  traucls  of  the  Englifli  vnto  ludda,Syria,A- 
rahia,the  riuer  Euphrates,  Babylon,  Baljara,  the  Perjian  Giilfe,  Ormuz,  Chau/, 
Goa,l»dia,znd  many  Iflaiids  adioyning  to  the  South  parts  of  l^4  •  toge- 
ther with  the  like  vnto  Egvpt,  the  chicfcft  ports  and  places  of  Africa  with- 
in and  without  the  Streight  oiGibraltar,  and  about  the  famous  Promon- 
totieoi  BttonaE^eratt^. 

The  fccondjcomprehending  the  worthy  difcouerics  of  the  Englifh  towards 
the  North  and  Northeaft  by  Sea;,as  o( Lap/and,  Scrikfinia,  Corei'/a,  the  Baic 
ofs. Nicholof jthelUcs oiColgoicue,  Vaigats,  and  2{oua  Zemhla  toward  the 
great  riuer  o^,with  the  mightie  Empire  otRuffta,  the  Cajpian  Sczfi eorgia, 
K^rmema^MeSayPerJidyBoghar  in  SaltrU^^  diuer  s  kingdfoms  oiTartaria, 

The  third  andlaft>incladingthe  Englidi  valiant  attempts  in  fearching  al- 
moft  all  the  corners  of  the  vafte  and  new  world  oiK^mcrica,  from  7  3  .de- 
crees of  Northerly  latitude  Southward,to  Meta  IncognitayNewfiundlandt 
thcmaineofr/r^/»Wjthepointoff/<jr/<i«,theBaieoi"cJ?ffx/V<»,  all  the  In- 
land of  2^«4H/^4W4,  the  coaft  of  7'fr'r4/r«i<«,  Brafill,  the  riuer  of  P/^i/^jto 
the  Streightof  cJW<*?f/6«»;  and  through  it,aud  from  it  in  the  South  Sea  to 
ChiU,  PerUyXalifcoy  the  Gulfe  oiCaiifornUy  Nona  Albion  vpon  the  backHdc 
oiCanatUy  further  then  euer  any  Chriftian  hitherto  hath  pierced. 

•,  Whereunto  is  added  the  lalimorirenowmedEngUfljNauigationt 

-  round  about  the  whole  Globe  of  the  Earth. 

tjVidi4rdH*klifitMaPer<)fjtttts,andStinientfametimt  ,  !,'    • 

..;.*"        ■'  I'f  Chrift-churchtn  Oxh>ri<,  ' 



fmfrintedat London ^yGEOROE  Bishop 

.^r      and  Ralph    Nevvberie,  Deputies  to 
'  i  Christopher  B  a  r  k  b  r.  Printer  to  the 

Qucene*  moft  excellent  Maicttic. 

I  Sip. 




i  1  ' 



i^   *.' 

•^-  Jt 

t     f 

»      J  1 




iM.  1. 



/'  4 


ookS!^'>-4v  .*,•  <^:*.y>r-?v-^./»n&.v*  vK  \t/ 



Knight,  Principall  Sccrctarie  to  her  Maieflie,  Chancellor 


mop  hon  ourable  Priitie  Councell. 

I G  H  T  Honorable,  I  do  remember 
thatbeingayouth,  and  one  ofher  Maicdies 
fcholars  at  VVeftm  inftcr  that  fniiifull  nurfc- 
ric,  it  was  my  happeto  viHtthe  chamber  of 
M.  Richard Haktitjt  my  cofin ,  a  Gentleman  of 
the  Middle  TemplCj  well  knowcnvnto  you, 
atatime  when  I  found  lying  open  vpon  his 
boord  certcine  bookes  of  Cofmographie, 
with  an  vniucrfall  Mappc  :  he  feeing  me 
(omewhat  curious  in  the  view  therof,  began 
to  inftrucl  my  ignorance,  by  lliewing  me  the 

___^ diuifion  of  the  earth  into  three  parts  after 

the  oldc  account,  and  then  according  to  the  latter,  &  better  diftribution,  into 
morcrhe  pointed  with  his  wand  to  all  the  knowenSeas,Gulfs,Bayes,Straights, 
Capes,RiuerSjEmpircs,Kingdomes,Dukedomcs,  and  Territories  of  ech  part, 
with  declaration  alfo  of  their  fpeciall  commodities,  &particular  wants,  which 
by  the  benefit  of  traffike,  8.:entercourfe  of  merchants,  are  plentifully  fupplied. 
From  the  Mappe  he  brought  me  to  the  Bible,  and  turning  to  the  1 07  Plalme, 
dircfted  mee  to  the  23  &  24ver(es,wherel  rcad,that  they  which  godownc  to 
the  fea  in  Ihipsjand  occupy  by  the  great  waters,they  fee  the  works  of  the  Lord, 
andhis  woondersin  the  3eepe,  &:c.  Which  words  of  the  Prophet  together 
with  my  coufins  difcourle  (things  of  high  and  rare  delight  to  my  yong  nature) 
tooke  in  me  fo  deepc  an  imprelfion ,  thati  conflantly  refolued,  ifeuer  I  were 
preferred  to  the  Vniuerfity,  where  better  time,  and  more  conuenienc  place 
might  be  miniflred for  thefe  (Indies,  I  would  by  Gods  affiftance  profccute  that 
knowledge  and  kinde  of  literature,  the  doorcs  whereof  (aftcrafort)  were  fo 
happily  opened  before  me. 

According  to  which  my  refolution,  when,  not  long  after,I  was  remoued  to 
Chrift-church  in  Oxford,  my  exercifes  of  duety  firft  performed,!  fell  to  my  in- 
tendedcourfc,  and  by  degrees  read  oucrwhatfncuer  printed  or  written  difco- 
ucries  and  voyages  I  found  extant  either  intheGrceke,  Latine,  ItaHan,  Spa- 
nifhj  Portugall,  French,  or  Englifh  languages,  and  in  my  publike  leftures 
was  the  firft,  that  produced  and  (newed  both  the  oldc  imperfedly  compofed, 
and  the  new  lately  reformedMappes,Globcs,  Spheares,and  other  inftruments 
of  this  Art  for  demonftration  in  the  common  fcnooles,to  the  fingular  pleafure, 
and  generall  contentment  of  my  auditory.  In  continuance  of  tirae,and  by  rea- 
fon  principally  ofmyinfight  in  this  ftudy,  I  grew  familiarly  acquainted  with 
the  chiefell:  Captaines  at  lea,  the  greateft  Merchants,  and  the  beft  Mariners  of 
our  nation :  by  which  meanes  hauing  gotten  fomewhat  more  then  common 
knowledge,  I  paffed  at  length  the  narrow  feas  into  France  with  fir  Edward  Staf- 
ford, her  Maiefties  carefuU  and  difcreet  Ligier,  where  during  my  fine  yecrcs  a- 
boad  with  him  in  his  dangerous  and  chargeable  refidencie  in  her  Highnes  fer* 
uicc,  I  both  heard  in  fpeech,  and  read  in  books  other  nations  miraculoufly  ex- 
tolled for  their  diicoueries  and  notable  enterprifes  by  fea,but  the  Englidi  of  all 
others  for  their  fluggifh  fecurity,  and  continuall  negle(5t  of  the  like  attempts  e- 

*  a  fpccially 



B5   r-  I 


Ipccially  in  lo  long  and  happy  a  time  of  peace,  either  ignominioufly  reported, 
or  exceedingly  condemned :  which  fmgular  opportunity,  it  fomc  other  people 
our  neighbors  had  beene  blefled  with,  their  proteftations  are  often  and  vehc- 
mcntjthcy  would  farre  otherwifc  haue  vfed.  And  that  the  trueth  and  euidencc 
hcerofmay  better appcare,  thelearethc  very  words  of  Po/'/Z/w^r^ inhisbookc 
c  ailed  l!  admiral  de  Frame,  and  printed  at  Paris,  fol.  73.  paj^.  1,2,  The  occafion 
of  his  fpccch  is  the  commendation  of  the  Rhodians,whobeing(as  we  are)lflan- 
ders,  were  excellent  in  nauigation,  whereupon  he  woondercth  muchthatthe 
Englilli  hiould  not  furpaflc  in  that  qualitie,  in  this  fort :  Ce  qui  m'afaitautrejfois 
rechercher  Us  occafiotJS,qut  empe/chent,que  tes  ylnglois^qui  ontd'  ejprit^e  mojens,^  vti- 
teurajfezfoursaquerirvn  grand  honeitrfarmitoui  Us  Chrejiiem^ejc font flusvaloir 
fur  (tUmcnt  qui  lew  eft,  ^  doit  eftreplns  nature  I  qua  autrespeupUs :  qui  Uur  deiuent 
cederenlaftru£ture,  accommodement ^police  de  nauires : comme t  ajveuenplufieurs 
endroitsfarmieux.  Thus  both  hcaring,and  reading  the  obloquic  ofour  nation, 
and  finding  few  or  none  ofour  owne  men  able  to  replie  heerin :  and  further,noc 
feeing  any  man  to  haue  care  to  recomend  to  the  world,  the  induftrious  labors, 
and  paincfuU  traucls  ofour  countrey  men :  for  (lopping  the  mouthes  of  the  rc- 
prochcrs,my  felfe  being  the  lafl  winter  returned  from  France  with  the  honora* 
blc  the  Lady  Shcf!ield,forhcr  pafHng  good behauior  highly  cfteemed  in  all  the 
French  court,  determined  notwithftanding  all  difficulties,  to  vndertake  the 
burden  of  thatworke  whcrin  all  others  pretended  either  ignorance,  orlacke  of 
k-afure,  orwantof  fufficient  argument,  whereas  (toipcakctrucly)  the  huge 
toile,and  the  fmall  profit  to  infue,  were  the  chiefe  caufes  of  the  reiufall .  I  call 
thcworkc  a  burden,  in  confidcrationthat  thefe  voyages  lay  fo  difperfedjfcattc- 
red,  and  hidden  in  fcuerall  huckflcrs  hands,  that  1  now  woonder  at  my  fclte,to 
fee  how  I  was  able  to  endure  the  dclayes,  curiority,andbackwardne(re  ofmany 
from  whom  I  was  to  receiue  my  originals :  fo  that  I  haue  iuft  caufe  to  make  that 
complaint  of  the  malicioufnes  of  diucrs  in  our  time ,  which  Plinic  made  of  the 

o't'^yitM/L  ™^"  of  his  age :  yft  nos  ekhoratays  abfiondere  atij^  fupprimere  cupitau^,  c^Jraudarc 

'yal^"^"^*"  vitametiam  alienis  bonis,  (^c. 

To  harpe  n  o  longer  vpon  this  ftring,&  to  fpcake  a  word  of  that  iuft  commen- 
dation which  our  nation  doe  indeed  dcfcrue ;  it  can  not  be  denied,  but  as  in  all 
former  ages,  they  haue  bene  menfull  of  adiuity,  ftirrers  abroadjandfearchcrs 
of  the  remote  parts  of  the  world,  fo  in  this  moft  famous  and  peerlefle  goueme- 
ment  ofhcr  moft  excellent  Maiefty,  her  fubieds  through  the  fpcciall  affiftancc, 
::  v^  and  bleffing  of  God,  in  fcarching  the  moitoppofite  corners  and  quarters  of  the 
world,  and  to  fpeake  plainly,  in  compaffing  the  vafte  globe  of  the  earth  more 
then  once,hauc  excelled  all  the  nations  and  people  of  the  earth.  For,  which  of 
the  kings  of  this  land  before  her  Maiefty,  had  theyr  banners  euer  feenc  in  the 
Cafpianfea?  whicho£themhatheuerdealtwiththeEmperorofPerfia,asher 
Maiefty  hath  done,and  obteined  for  her  merchants  large  &  louin  g  priuilegc?  ? 
who  euer  faw  before  this  rcgiment,an  EnglilTi  Ligier  in  the  ftately  porch  of  the 
Grand  Signor  at  Conftantinople?  who  euer  found  EnglifhConluls  &  Agents 
at  Tripolis  in  Syria,  at  Aleppo, at  Babylon, at  Balfara,and  which  is  more,  who 
euer  heard  of  EnghOiman  at  Goabefore  now?  what  En  glifli  lliippes  did  heere- 
tofore  euer  anker  in  the  mighty  riuer  of  Plate  ?  pafle  and  rcpafTe  the  vnpafTablc 
(in  former  opinion)  ftraight  of  Magellan ,  range  along  the  coaft  of  Chili,  Peru, 
traucrs  the  mighty  bredth  of  the  South  fea.  land  vpon  the  Luzones  in  defpight 

Ill"in"'?c  '^^  °"3"'»'«'o"Wc  the  famous  Cape  of  Bona  Speranza,  ariuc  at 
the  lUe  of  Santa  Hclcna,&laft  of  al  teturnc  home  moft  richly  lad€  with  the  c6- 
'     '  '  "  modities 

"■S*/^4V  *^.  *^  AV-'>r  2-v  -^ . /t^  ,x^'  Vftv  '  A 

1  H  H    li  1>  I  S  T  L  E    D  H  D  I  C  A  T  O  R  I  H. 




moditics  of  China,as:hcrubici5lsoi  this  now  fioriihing  monarchy haiicdi)ne?       —  .— 

Lucius  Florm  in  the  very  end  of  his  hiftoric  degciiis  Romanorum  recordcth  as 
awond^'rlullmiracle,thatthc5'frfjj(whichItakc  to  be  the  people  ut'Cntkty, 
or  chwa  )  (cnt  Ambafladors  to  KomCjto  intrcate  frindlhip,as  moued  with  the 
fame  ot  the  maicfty  ot  the  Komanc  Empire.  And  haue  not  wc  as  good  caufc  to 
admirCjthat  the  Kings  of  the  Moluccaesy  and  laua  maior,  haue  defircd  the  fauour 
ot  her  maicrtic ,  and  the  commerce  &  traflikc  of  her  people  ?  Is  it  not  as  ftragc 
that  the  borne  naturalles  ot  Japan,  and  the  Philippmaes  are  here  to  be  (bene ,  a- 
greeiiig  with  our  climatCjfpeaking  our  languagCjiind  informing  vs  of  the  ftatc 
of  thc-ir  Eafterne  habitations?For  mine  owne  part,!  take  it  as  a  pledge  of  Gods 
further  tauour  bothvnto  vs  and  them ;  to  them  cfpecially,  vnto  whofcdootcs 
I  doubt  not  in  time  ilialbe  by  vs  caried  the  incomparable  trcafure  of  the  trueth 
of  Chriftianity,  and  of  the  Gofpellswhilc  vvc  vie  and  cxercifc  common  trade 
with  their  marchants.  I  muft  confcfle  to  haue  readin  the  excellent  hiftory  inti- 
tuled Origincs  oi Ictuses Goropius^z  teftimonie  oiVm^Henrie  the  viij.a  prince  of 
noble  memory jVvhofe  intention  was  once,if  death  had  not  preucntcd  him,  to 
haue  done  fome  fingular  thing  in  this  cafe :  whole  words  fpeaking  ofhis  dea- 
ling to  that  end  with  himfelfe,he  being  a  flranger,&  his  hiftory  rare,I  thought 
good  in  this  place  verbatim  to  record  ;  K^ntevmntic^  plus  connnosab  Henrico^"  n<Goroi^ 
Kncuetto  Eqittte  '^nglo  nomme  Regis  Henrtci  arrum  Accept,  qui  conucnerat ,  Regio  /,;.j j>.,t^j4. 
Jumptumetotim  i^fum,  quoad  Turcorumcjr  Per farum  Regum  commendationcs ,  ^ 
tegationesadmitterentur,pcragratHrHm,Ab  hisenim  Auohus  Afu  principihus  fuil'e  fe 
mpetraturumfperakit,  vt  nonfolum  tuto  mihiper  ipfor urn  fines  liccrci  ire,  fed  ut  corn- 
mcndatione etiamipfirumadconfinia  quoquedareturpenetrare .  Sumptns  quidem  non 
exiguuseratfuturusyfedtantaeratprincipicognofcendi auiditas ,  vtnullispecunijsad 
hocttcrnecejfartjsfe  diceret  parfurum,  O  Dignum  Regia  Mate  ft  ate  animumy  O  mefceli- 
centyftDetts  non  ante  c^  Knettettum  (^  Regem  ahftuti[fet,quam  reuerftu  ab  hac  peregrin 
»4r/o»f///^»i;,e^f.Butasthepurpofe  of  Dauidthekingto  buildeahoufc  and 
templeto  God  was  accepted,  although  Salomon  performed  it:fo  I  make  no 
quertion,  but  that  the  Male  in  this  matter  of  the  aforefaid  nioft  rcnowmcd 
prince  may  fecme  no  lefle  worthy  (in  his  kinde)  ofacceptation,although  rcfer- 
ucd  for  the  pcrfon  of  our  Salomon  her  gratious  Maiefty,  whome  I  feare  not  to 
pronounce  to  haue  rcceiued  the  fame  Heroicall  fpiritjand  mofthonorable  dif- 
pofition,  as  an  inheritance  from  her  famous  father. 

Now  wheras  I  haue  alwayes  noted  your  wifdomc  to  h  auc  had  a  fpeciall  care 
of  the  honor  of  her  Maiefty,  the  good  reputation  of  our  country,  &  the  aduan- 

haue  fpoken  of  the  fca  forces  of  Athens.-and  whereas  I  acknowledge  in  all  duti-  the  i.fc  ..t'" 
full  fort  how  honorably  both  by  your  letter  and  fpcech  I  haue  bene  animated  in.  Tl":mirto, 
this  and  other  my  trauels,  I  fee  my  felfe  bound  to  make  prefentmentofthis  '^"' 
workc  to  your  felfe,  as  the  fruits  of  your  owne  incouragcments,  &  the  manife- 
flation  both  of  my  vnfained  feruice  to  my  prince  and  country,  and  of  my  parti- 
cular duty  to  your  honour:  which  I  haue  done  with  the  lefle  fufpition  cither  of 
not  I'atisfying  the  worldjor  of  not  anfwering  your  owne  expeftation, in  that  ac- 
cordin  g  to  your  order,  it  hath  paffcd  the  fight,and  partly  alfo  the  cenfurc  of  the 
learned  phifician  M.Doaorlames,  a  man  many  waycs  very  notably  qualified. 
And  thus  bcreechingGod,tht  giuer  of  all  true  honor  Siwifdome  toincreafc 
both  ihcfcblcffingsinyou,  with  continuance  of  health,  ftrcngtbjhappineflc, 
andwhacfoeuer  good  thing  els  your  felfe  can  wirti,  1  humbly  take  mylcaue. 
London  the  1 7  of  Noucmbcr, 

Tour  honors  moH  humble  alwayes  to  be 
"^  '    •*''  commanded KiCHAKD  Haklvyt. 


Richard  Hakluy t  to  the  fauourable  Reader. 

I  Haue  thought  it<very  requifttefor  thy  further  inUmSlU 

\oH anddireUioHitt this  hiftom( Good Ktiider)  to  acejuaint  thee  hritflie 
rrith  the  Methode  and  order  which  I  haue  vfid  in  the  whole  courfe  there- 
'  of:  and  by  the  way  al[o  to  let  thee  vnderilandiy  whofe  friendly  aide  m  this 
\mitraHcllIhaMehenefnrthered:ack»owted^irifi  that  ancient flieMhtoht 
\  no  le(fe  true  then  ingenioiu.that  the  offence  is  great.  Noil  agnolccrc  per 
,  qiios  profcccris,  not  to  [j/eake  ofthtm  by  whom  a  man  in  hisindcHours  is 

Concerning  my  proceeding  therefore  in  thisprefe/it  u'orke,it  hath  bene  t  his. IVhatfoeMertefiimonie 
IhaHefoMndin  um  amhow  ofauthoritic  appertaining  to  my  argument,  either panger  or  natttrall,  I 
haue  recorded  the  fame  vtrdfor  word,mth  his  particular  name  and  page  ofbookf  r.  here  it  is  extant, 
Jf the  fame  were  not  reduced  into  our  common  language,  IhauefirSi  e.vprelfed  it  in  the  fame  termet 
wherein  it  u  originally  written,  whether  it  were  a  Laiine,  Italian,  Spai/ijh  or  Portingalldifcourfe,  or 
whatfoeuer  els ,^d  thereunto  in  the  ne.xt  roome  haue  anne.  ved  thcjiguification  and  tranflation  of  tlx 
wordesin  Englijb.  <t/fndto  the  endc  that  thofe  men  iv/jich  were  the  paynefu/land  perfonalltrauellers 
might  reape  that  good  opinion  and  iust  commendation  nhich  they  haue  deferued,  andfHrther,that 
enerj  man  might  anfwere  for  himfelfe,  iuslifie  his  reports.andflandaccoumablefor  his  owne  doings, 
I  hauereferredeuery  voyage  tohu  ytuthar,whichboihinperf0nhathpcrformed,andinwritinghath 
left  the  fame :  far  lam  not  ignorant  ofTtolomies  afertion,  that  Percgrinatioiiis  hiftoria,  andnet 
thofe  wearte  volumes  bearing  the  titles  ofvniuerfall  Cofmographie  n  hichfome  me  that  I  could  name 
hoHefubliflied  as  their  cmne,beyng  in  deedmofl  vntruly  and  vnprofitablie  ramajfed  andhierled  toftm 
ther,  is  that  which  mufl  bring  vs  to  the  certayne  and  full  difcouerte  of  the  world. 

tJHoreouer,  I  meddle  in  this  worke  with  th:  N ligations  onely  of  our  orrne  nation :  And  albeit  I 
alleage  in  a  few  places  (as  the  matter  amloccajion  required)  fame  flrangers  as  witneffes  of  the  things 
done,jet  are  they  none  but  fuch  as  either  fajthfully  remember , or fuffcicHtly  confrmethe  tranels  of 
mr orvnepeople :  )fwhom(tofpeal(etrHeth)fhauereceiuedmorelighttnfomereJpeils,  the»  all  our 
owne  Historian  <  could  affbord  me  in  this  cafe, Bale, Foxe,^d  Eden  onely  excepted. 

t/1nditisati:ingwithall  principal^  tobeconfideredfhat  Iflandmt  vponanj  aSlion  perfonrmed 
neere  home, nor  in  a/.y  part  of  Europe  commonly frequeutedby  our  flipping,  as  for  e  sample  •  Not  vp' 
en  that  viBorioHt  exploit  not  longfince  atchiet4edin  ournarow  Seas  agaynH  that  monitrous  Spanijb 
Army  vnder  the  valiant  and  prouidtnt  conduil  of  the  right  honourable  the  lord  Charles  Howard  high 
Admirallof  England:  Nottfonthe good  feruicesof  our  twotvoorthie  Generals  in  their  late  Ports*' 
gall  expedition :  Notvponthe  two  moFt  fortunate  attempts  of  our  famous  Chieftaine  Sir  Fratmctt 
£>rake,theoneintheBaieofCalesvponagreatpartoftheenimies  chiefefl /hippes,  the  other neert 
the  Iflands  vpon  the  great  Carrackjfthe  East  India,the  firil  (though  per aduenture  not  the  lafl)  of 
that imployment,thateuerdifcharged Molucca fpices in  Englijh partes:  thefe  (albeit ftngular  and 
happy  voyages  of  our  renonmcd  countrymen)  I  omit, as  things  diHinB  and  without  the  compaffe  of  my 
frefcribedlimitesjbeyngneither  ofremote  length  and  Jpacioujnejfe,  neither  offearchand  dij'couerie 
efftrange  coaUs,the  chiefe  fubieii  of  this  my  labour.  , 

Thus  much  in  bremtiejhallferue  thee  for  the  generallorder.  Particularlie  Ihauedifpofed  and  di~ 
geftedthewholeworkeintospartes,orasitwere  Clzffes,not without mrreafons.  fnthefSrfU  haut 
martialled  all  our  voyages  of  any  moment  that  haue  bene  performed  to  the  South  and  SoutheaSl  parts 
of  the  worldjy  which  I  chiefly  meane  that  part  oftsAfta  which  is  neerefl.and  of  the  refi  hithermolt  to~ 
wards  vs  .•  For  [find  that  the  oldeU  trauels  as  well  of  the  ancient  Br  i  tains /ts  of  the  Snglijh,were  ordi- 
tiarie  to  ludea  which  ts  in  Afia,  terrnedby  them  the  Holy  la»d,principallyfor  deuotions  fake  according 
to  the  time,  although  [read  in  loleph  Bengorion  a  very  authenttcall  Hebrew  author,  a  teflimonie 
der  the  conduU  ofVcfpafian  and  7  tttu  the  Romane  Emperour,  a  thing  in  deed  of  all  the  refl  mofl  an- 
cient. But oflatterdayes [fee ourmen haue pie>C(d further  into  the  SaU,  haue pajfed  downe  tha 
mightie  riuer  Euphrates,  haue  fay  led  from  Balfara  through  the  Perfian  gulfe  to  the  Citie  of  Ormuz., 
Mtdfrom  thence  to  Chauland  Goa  in  the  EaJl  [ndia,  which  paffages  written  by  the  parties  themfeluet 
are  herein  to  be  read.To  thefe  I  haue  added  the  Nauigations  of  the  Snglifh  made  for  the  parts  ofA- 
fiica^  either  within  or  without  the  fir  eights  of  Gibraltar :  xrithin,  to  Conflaminople  in  Romania, 
to  AlexandriA/mdCajro  in  Egypt,  to  Tunez.,to  Goletta,to  Malta,to  Algier,  andto  Tripolis  in  Bar- 
kary :  withoiu,to  Santa  Crtu^to  Afafi,to  the  citie  ofdiarocco/o  the  Riuer  ofS<nega,  to  the  [fits  of 


Jt  »  V  -w./k;^  ,v 

To  the  Reader. 

C4fer*rde,  teCmtiea,  toBtn^it,  mdromd  about  the  drtAdfullCtpffbmaSftraMt^,  at  jtirrt 


Th'tHorth/tMdNorihtaflertie  vajagei of om nation  I kaHefT»dtKed'mthelttofiipUce,ytc«Mfe 
«w  Mctffc  to  thofe  amrttrsofthe  world  it  UttrandnotfoamiettHtai  the  former;  andutfime  ofoitr 
trattaites  that  wa;  be  of  more  amicjuitie  hi  many  hundred  jeerei,  then  thofe  that  hame  bene  made  t« 
thevefternecoajles  ofhvMxxczynderthu  title  thou  JhMtJirfifindeihe  oldnartherne  Namgaiiom 
•foto-  Trittifh  Kings,  at  »/Arthur,  o/Malgo,  of  Edgar  Pacificus  the  Saxon  tAtonarch,  mth  that 
n^tf/Nicholaiis  dc  Lmnivnder  the  north  pole:  next  totheminconfeqnenee,thedtfcotieriejofthe 
kay  of  Saint  NicholajfifColgoienefif Pechora,of  the  Ifleiofyaigatt/)fNoMaZefnl>la,tndoftheSea 
talhards  tmardes  the  riner  of  Ob:  after  ihu, the  opening  bjfea  of  the  great  Dukedome^nd  Empire 
tfRt^ia,vith  the  notable  andflrangeiottrnej  of  Majier  Icnkinlbn /» /^#f  *4r  inBalhia.  Where- 
$mtothoM  maifladdejixe  of  our  voyages  eleMenhnndredverfies  "jpagMnjtthe  flreame  ofDwinato 
the  tiMnc  ofKologhda:  thence  one  hMndred,andfourefiore  verges  by  land  to  Teraflaueflanding  vpon 
the  mirhn  riucr  of  Volga:  there  hence  aboue  two  thoHfandandjine  hundred  ver/lsdairne  the/heamt 
to  the  ancient  marte  Torcne  of  A  fir ac an,  andfi  to  tlie  manifotde  mouthes  of  Volga,  and  from  thence 
a/fobj  p»p  oner  the Cajpianfea  into  Media,  andfwrther  then  that  alfowith  Camels  vnto  Georgia, 
^rmenia,Hyrcania,GilUH,andthicheefeJi  Cities  of  the  Empire  of  Tcr fa:  wherein  the  Companie 
ofMofcowe  Mtrchantj  to  the  perpetuall  honor  of  their  Citie,  andfoaelie,haueperformedmore  theft 
any  one  yea  then  all  the  nations  of  Europe  befdes:  which  thing  is  alfo  acknowledged  by  the  mofl  lear- 
ned Cofmographers,  and  Htfloriographers  of  Chriflendeme,with  whofe  honorable  teflimonies  of  the 
ailion,not  many  far  number,  but  fi^ient  for  authoritie  /haue  concluded  thiifecond part. 

Touching  the  weJlerneNauigations,  andtrauailes  of  ours,  thejfucceede  naturallie  in  the  third  and 
iafiroomct  forafmuchai  in  order  and  ceurfe  thofe  coafles,  andtjuartertcamelaffofaUtoour  know- 
ledge and  experience.  Herein  thoujhalt  readeJhe  attempt  by  Sea  of  the fonne  of  one  of  the  'Princes 
ofKlorthwalesyinfaylingandfearching  towards  the  wefi  more  then  ^oe.yetresjmce.-the  offer  mad* 
h  Chriltopho  Columbus  tbat  renowned  Genoucys  y  the  tuoflfiige  Prince  of  noble  memorie  King 
Henrie  the /.with  his  prompt  and  cheerefidlaeceptatm  thereof, and  the  occajton  whereupon  it  be- 
camefruitleffe,andatthattimeofno  great  effeiltothtskingdome:  thenfoltowe  the  letters  Patentet 
ofthefiirefaidnoble  Prince  giuen  to  lohn  Cabot  a  Venetian  and  hit  j.fmmetjto  difcouer  dr  conquer  in 
bu  name^ftndvnder  his  'Banners  vnknawen  Regions:who  with  that  rojaUincouragement  (fr  eomribit- 
tioH  of  the  king  himfelfe,andfome  affifiiince  in  charges  of£ngliJb  Afar  chants  departed  \with  s.failes  R<*«« 
from  the  Port  ofBrifioll  accompainedwsth  300.  Englifhmen,  and  fir  ft  of  any  Chriflians  foimd  out 
that  mightieandlarge  trail  of  lande  and  Sea,  fromthe  circle  tArBicke  at  farre  asV\oi\Ai,as  op.      *" 
peareth  in  the  difcourfe  thereof.  The  triumphant  raigne  of  King  Henry  the  S.y  elded fome  p>  ofecuti- 
onofthisdifcouerie:  for  the  j.voyages  performed,  and  the  4.  intendedforall  M\zbj  his  Maiejiiet 
felfe,  doapprooueandconfirme  thefame.Thenin  ^oceffe  ofyeeres  arifeth  thefirfl  Entlifh  trade  to        ■^ 
Bra(iII,  the  firjlpajfingof fome  ofour  nation  in  the  ordtnarie  Spanijh  fleetes  to  the  wefi  Indies,  and 
the  huge  Citieof  Mexico  inNo\izU\(pan\3.7henimmediatlyeenfues.V(yagesmade  by  L^[./ohM 
Hawkins  now  Knight,  then  E/quire,toHi(pinioh,andthe  gnlfe  of  Mexico :  vpon  which  depend* 
fixe  verie  excellent  difcourfes  ofour  men,  whereof  fome  far  ly-or  1  S.wholeyeeres  inhabited  in  New 
Spaine,  andrangedthewhole^ountrie,whereinaredtfclofedthecheefefifecretesofthewejilndia^ 
which  may  in  time  turne  to  our  no  fmaladtiantage.  The  next  leaues  thou  turnefi,  doyeelde  thee  the 
firfi  valiant  enterprife  of  Sir  VmncitDrike  vponNomhre  deDios,  the  mules  laden  with  trea~ 
Jiire  which  he  furprifed,  andthehoufe  called  the  Cmzes,  which  hi/ fire  confumed:and  therewith  is 
ioynedan  oElion  more  venterous  then  happie  of  lohn  Oxnam  ofPlimmouth  written/md  confeffedby 
a  Spanyard,which  with  his  companie  ptffedouer  the fireight  Jfime  of Dztien,  andbuildingcertatne       ' 
pinnejfes  on  the  weft  ^ware, was  thefirfl  Englifbman  that  entered  the  South feaTopajfe  ouer  fjifafier 
Frobtfljer  and  hisailions,  which!  haue  alfo  newly  though  briefely  printed,  andus  itwere  reuiued, 
whatfoeuer  Mafler  lohn  "Dauis  hath  performed  in  continuing  that  difcone>y,which  Mafier  Frobifuer 
began  for  the  nothwefipaffxge,  I  haue  faithfully  at  large  communicated  it  nith  thee, that  fo  the  great 
foodh}pe,^fingularpri)bi£ilities  (^  almofi  certaintie  therof,  which  by  his  indufhy  haue  rtfenynay  be 
knowen generally  of  allme»,thatfome  mayyetfiillprofecutefo  noble  an  oHion^  Sir  Hiimfrcy  Gilbert, 
that  cowagious  Knight,andvery  expert  in  the  mjfleries  ofNauigation  amongfi  the  refi  is  not  forgot- 
ten: his  learnedreafons  (^  arguments  for  the  proofs  of  thepaffage  befisre  namedjtogelher  withhis  lafl 
more  commendable  refolution  then  fortunate fucceffe, are  here  both  to  be  read.  The  continuance  of  the 
bifiorie,  prodticeth  the  beginnings,  andproceedings  of  the  two  Englifh  Colonies  planted  in  Virginia 
M  the  charges  of firWiker  R3.leigh,whofe  entrance  vponthofe  neweinhahitationshadbene  hap- 
fi*,ifft  had  ben  at  femioufiy followed,  as  it  wot  cheerefdly  vmUnaken,  I  could  not  emit  in  this  parte 

\  4  .»** 


To  the  Reader. 

iljttffe  voj4f^tsm4dt  notUnf^JincttelhtStttthwtfl,  whceof  lihmkfihc  SfonjiMrd  hath  had  [ime 
hTwIedtt,  and  felt  Jimr  l>hnei:ihe  one  vf  Af^fier  Biiwird  Fcnton,  and  hu  con  fart  Af after  Luke 
XWaxdcithe  ether cfMtfttr  Robert  Whhrm^ton.and  hishardteconfirt  Afafter  Chrirtophcr 
Lifter  as  font  m  44.  dtfrtts  offottthtrlj  latitude,  fti  out  at  the  dneClioM  and  charge  ef  the  right  ho. 
leerable  the  Sarle  effumler/andMh  which  ih  diners  rejfecle!  majyelde  bothfreftte  atidfleafkri  to 
the  reader,  being  carefti//y  pem/ed. 

For  the  conclufm  ofa/iyihe  memorable  voyage  of  Afafter  Tliomas  Candifti  into  the  SoMh  fetty 
and  from  thence  atom  t  he  g/ebeef the  earth  doth  fatufiemee,  and  I  doubt  not  bm  mil  fully  content 
thee.rvhwhat  in  tityeitu'laterthen  that  efSir  Frauncis  Drakcj/«  inrelation  ofihePhiliffiuaesJa- 
pan,China,and  the  IJIeofS.IIelenaitu  more  particular^dexaihandtherfore  the  trant  of  the  firfl 
made  bf  Sir¥iMnc\sDii\iCwHlbethe  lefe:  vtherein  I  mufl  confejfeto  haue  taken  mere  then  ordt- 
ndriefaines, meaning  to  hone infert edit  inthu  work;:  but beingof late  (cmtrarytomyexpeclati. 
en)ferioHfy  deltvfithall.not  te  anticipate  or  preuent  another  mans  Mines  and  charge  in  drawinf 
allthcfiruicesofth4tworthie  Knight  into  onevoiume,  I  haue  yeeldedvnte  thofemyfeindes  nhich 
preffed  me  in  the  matter,  referring  the  further  know/edge  of  his  preceedtnget,  to  thefe  intended 

J^ow  for  the  other  part  ofmypromife,  Imuflcrauethy further  patience frendff  reader,  andfome 
longer fufpence from  the  tr orke it  fe If e, in  acquainting  thee  with  thofi  vertuous gentlemen,  andothers 
which  paril)  for  their  priuate  affcchon  to  myfelfejbut  chiefelyfor  their  deuotion  to  the  furtherance  of 
this  my  trauaile,  hauey  elded  me  their  feuerallgood  affl fiances:  fir  laccompt  him  vnmerthy  of  future 
faunurs,  that  is  not  thankgfull  for  former  benefites.  In  rejpetl  ofagenerallincouragemeni  in  this  la~ 
borieui  trauaile,ittvere  grojfe  ingratitude  inmee  to  forget,  andvcilfullmalicioufnes  not  to  confejfe 
that  man,  whofi  onely  name  doth  carrie  rrith  itfufficient  eflimatiou  andloue,  and  that  is  A/after  Ed- 
ward DicT,efifhom  I  vtillfpeake  thus  much  in  few  wordes,  that  both  myfelfe  andmy  intentions  herein 
by  his  frendlymeanes  haue  bene  made  knoivne  to  thofe,  who  in  fundrie particulars  haite  much  ftecded 
me.  Morejfecially  in  myfirftpart,  Afafter  'Richard  St  apt  r  Afarchant  ef  London,  hath  fsernifljedme 
mth  diners  t  hinges  touching  the  trade  ofTurkie/ind  other  places  in  the  Sail.  Afafter  William  lim-'. 
ro\rgh,  Clarkf  of  her  Afaiefliesnauic,  and  Afafter  Anthonie  Ienkinfon,both  gentlemen  of  great 
experience /ind  obferualionsin  the  north  Regions,  haue  much  pleafured  me  in  the  ficond part.  In  the 
third  and  la/ibeftdes  myneowne  extrecme  trauaile  in  the  hiflories  of  the  Spanjards^  cheefefl  light 
hath  beHerecetuedfiomSirl6hnH3.vihns,SirWa.lKtKa.Wigh,  and  my  kinfcman  <JYtdHer  Ui- 
chard  Hakluyt  of  the  middle  Temple. 

Andwhereasinthecourfe  ofthishiflory  often  mention  is  made  of  many  beaBes,birds,fipjes,fer- 
fents,plants,fiuits,hearbes,  rootes,  apparell,  armour,  boates,  andfuch  other  rare  andftrange  curiofi. 
ties,  which  wife  men  taks  great  plf*tf>*re  to  reade  of,  but  much  ma>e  contentment  to  fee :  herein  I  my 
felfe  to  mjftng  uler  delight  haue  bene  as  it  were  raseifisedin  beholding  all  the  premifes  gathered  tog  e- 
iher  with  nofmallcoFt,  andpreferucd  with  no  title  diligence,in  the  excellent  Qdnnets  of  my  very  wor- 
JhipfuIlandlearnedfriendsAT.Kklwd  Gixthcyoneefthe  ofthepettie  Bags,aMd  At.  Wil- 
liam Cope  Gentleman  VJfier  to  the  right  Honourable  and  mt^ prudent  Cewi feller  ( theS  cncca  of 
ourcommin  wealth,)  the  Lord  Burlcigh,A/g/&  Treafourer  of  England. 

Nowe,  becaufe peraduenture it  would  bee expeEledasnecejfarie, that  the defcriptions effi many 
parts  oftheworldwouldfarre  more  eafily  be  conceiuedof  the  Readers,  by  adding  Geographicall,  and 
Hjdrographicall  tables  thereunto,  thou  art  by  the  way  to  be  admonijhed  that  I  haue  contentedmj felfe 
rrith  infertingintotheworke  one  oftheklfigenerallmappes  of thewerldonely,vntillthecommingeut 
of avery  large  andmoslexaEl  terreftriallGlobe^oUeaed  and  reformed  according  to  theneweft.fe- 

.     '^>'"f^.''»<i^"fendifcoueries,bothSpanip},'Portugall^dEngliJh,compofedbyAI.Emmcue  Mol- 

•    ported  by  thepurfeandliberalitieoftheworfhipfiillmarchantAt.WiirmnSzndetCon. 

This  being  thefumme  of thofc  things  which  I  thought  good  to  admonifl,  thee  of  (good  Reader) 
it  remaintth  that  thou  take  the  profile  andDleafme  efthe  warke .-  which  Iwijh  to  bee 


■  \ 

•.>\v.t,v^Vv4*?^''.-. .  .  . 

'^^^'fi  ./ii'i 

AS  great  to  thee,  asmypasnes  andlabourhaue  bene  in  bringing  thefe 
rawefrnits  vnto  this  ripenejfe,and  in  reducing  thefe  loofe 

papers  into  this  order.     Farewell, 


V  .* 

Pi;^«fJ  •  1*  A*^^»^»,'^'}u»  (.  B£,»^t  i«. 

/^'atsi  }«»  J;^im  ;?gf7ii  irec  iKTii^i,nn 

I'iifii;<ain;;tiir  /.  <«riir,Ai^i-Tii*n, 
T4Ti»</J'  ku  t^jiWfti xMiTB,  uAi/T^t  A'aXyiitt 




ICnoia  miJlaiei,co»  foe  o  honor  e 
SepultaneiC  ofcHre,antKhe  carle f  ■ 
S'alctm  def^limiei  coajfefa  it  arte 
Nofihaucjft  barfcofertotlmioj^kndore, 
Ramufiopria^teno  d'ardefiteamore 
Che  fan  la  doue  il  Maragnon  difarte, 
E  doue  il  Negro  allaga,  elGai-jgeJcorre. 
}i.ikl»jtopoi  fenKM  verutt  rifguardo 
.    Difatkaodidamtoaccoli  huinjieme,     ■  : 

Cih  c  ha  potuto  hatter  da  Typhi  IngUji, 
Oiidevedrajfte  dotielicllafguardo, 
El  altri  membri  miei  »on  benpateji. 

h  exim'tum  opus  ^  Hakiuytide  An- 
glorum  ad  difiunftiilinias  rcgi- 

oMcs  naHigationiliHs  G  iiilielmi 
Camdeni  Hexadidion. 

ANglia  qurpcnitus  toto  difcluditur  orbe, 
Angulus  orbis  crat,paruus  &  orbis  crar. 
Nunc  cum  icpofitos  alios  detexerit  oibcs, 
'    Maximus  orbi9honos,Orbis  &  orbis  crit. 
At  quid  Haklute  tibi  tnonlhanti  hare  debeat  oibis? 
LaustU3jCredemihi,non  crit  orbe  minor. 

<^  In  pulclierrimam  &  jDras- 
Aantifsimam  nauigacionum  An- 

ghrnm^'-  *1">D  .Rtch.irdik  Uahlttjtifwnmoflu- 
<liu&:tidcclibnraiani,Phi]ij)pilonclij    ; 

E'i^ravmu.  : 

"LJ  Ifloria  J  vcteriim  celebres  rtace  ruemeSj        ! 

•'•  •*■     Supponcisfulcitviribut  AHnius: 

Ncmpc  vt  lalua  forcnttocpril'ca\ci!u[Tiina,Romar 

Inlliuiurlumptu  Bitiliothcca  fiio. 
AfiniiimConful  fcquiiur  pod  Appius,aH;iis 

Inip.u,par  (ludi)s  mgenio^',  fuit : 
Mattia  RonntliiJuni  Bcllonx  ancilia  ilicac : 

Sic  vixilFc  piiccs  ({uos  petijirc  piius. 
Approbath  iiici!liiDi(]ipijcenfuraSi'natus: 

Laus  ftia  Tors  illi  cft,Appie  palma  tibi. 
Scilicet  ingcnia  ampIcAi  non  vltima  virtus ; 

At  magnum  eft  vrbcm  quicquid  lioncftat  opus. 
Ecc  c  alio  tandem  nmilisconcingcrevifacfl 

Nomine  matcrics,iudiciumq',  fubit.  , 

Quifcciircolimconftatjbcncfccitlidcnus:         ; 

Vtilit  ilia  Uccas  proftat  vbiq,  fua:  ; 

SplendiiJa  magnanimiim profcrtinccpta virorum  ' 

Oc  ciduis  na^i  qui  fibi  nomcn  aquii. 
llliq; dum  profcrt  pcccat :  namq;  cxtcra  profcit: 

F.xtcrnumq.  decusprxdicatillaDccas. 
Hinc  HakUitctuus  furgitdoftiflTimcmaiur  i 

Splcndor,quo  patrij  eft  maior  honoris  amqf.      ; 
Ccniurias  nobis  Ncpiunia fa Aa :  Britaniii  j 

Ilia  quidcm  noftri  Iblaq,  facia  foli.  j 

Qi[xq;diulqualidislatucrcocchifa(cnebriB        j 

Luniine  ftrlicf  tota  rcclufa  patent.  ; 

Quxq;  din  foIi)s  manfcre  infcripta  folutis,  , 

In  proprias  clalfcs  tota  coada  placent.  L 

Tota  coada  placcnt,quid  torue  fuperbis  Iberc, 

Improba  vicinis  gens  maccrata  boms }  ; 

Intrcpid.x  Anglorum  claflls  qux  nauita,Duxq;      ' 

Prxftitit,hic  oculis  func  inanifcfta  tuis.  | 

Qiixaiioquc  fatVuros  itcrumq;  itcrumq:  lubenteit 

Iir^omptu  prxfcns  vacicinaiur  opus. 
Commoda  prxtcrco :  fcnfatus  Hngula  IcAor         ' 

Scntict :  atquc  vltra  quicquid  incft  placidi.        ' 
Dcniqucdclciflisfitiudcxxquus :  Edcnus  ,' 

Prxniia,  ledprimasHalduytiftefcrct.      '       : 

.   I       J      I 

.,        BufdemdiWchorL    ,^\ 

I  lie  modo  Kifpantts  tamidus  qui  tempfcrit  Anglos, 
'''     Anglorum  .-\tconitu$nutM:videtiftudoput.      i 









The  order  of  all  the  voyages  comprifed  in  this  whole  worke  in 

ffuerall,  together  with  the  names  oftheperfom,the  jfuthowrs  of  them, 

and  the  annotations  of  the  courfeof  yccres  and  quarters  of  the 

worlde,whcrcm  they  were  pcrfourmed. 


The  Voyages  ofthefirjl  part  tnade  to  the  South  and 

^  SoMheafiregiofUt 

He  voyage  of  Helena,  the  Empreffe,  daughter  of  Coelus  Kingof  Britainc,  tnci 

mother  of  Conftantine  the  great,to  Ieru»lem.  Anno  337.  Pagina  i  .a 

The  voyage  of  Conltantine  the  great,Emperour  and  King  of  Britaine,  into 

Greece,  Egypt,Perfia,and  Afia.  An.  339.  a.5 

3     The  voyi^e  of  Pelagius  Cambrius  vnder  Maxiinus  King  of  the  Britaines  iaco  Egypt, 

andSyria.An.390.  i-^ 

^    The  voyage  oHohnErigen  vnder  Alphred  to  Athens.An.858.  4 

5     The  voyage  of  Andrew  Whiteman,  alias  Leucander,  vnder  Canucus  the  Dane  to  Pale- 

fliHa.An.1020.  5 

6-    The  voyage  of Athelardc  ofBathe  vnder  H.  the  firft  to  Egypt,  &  Arabia.An.  1 1 3  O.      y 

7    The  voyage  ofWiiliam  Archbi(hoppe  ofTyre,vnder  Hentie  the  firll  to  Hierufalem,and 

the  cittic  of  Tyre  inPhanice.  An.i  132.  5.5 

C    The  voyage  of  Robert  KecenenHs  vnder  King  Steuen,  to  Dalmatia,  Grcecc,and  Afia. 

Aii.rT43.  6 

9  The  voyage  ofRichard  the  Hrft  King  ofEngland  into  Afia  for  the  recouetie  of  lerufalem 
out  of  the  hands  of  the  Sarracens.  Anno.  1 1 9  0 .  6 

10  The  voyage  ofBaldwuieArchbi/hop  of  Canterburie,  into  Syria  and  Palcftina  with  king 
Richard.  An.  1 190.  X4 

1 1  The  voyage  ofRichard  furnamed  C4fio:ticm,yadct  king  Richard  into  Syria  and  Paleftina. 
An.  1 190.  15 

1 1  The  voyage  of  Cmlitlmm  furnamed  'Ptrtgrinm,  vnder  king  Richard  alTo  into  Paleftina. 
An.  1 1 90.  I J 

1 3  The  voyage  of  Hubert  Walter,  bifliop  of  Sarum,  vnder  king  Richard  alfo  into  Syria 
An.  1 190.  \6 

14  The  voyage  of  Robert  Curfon  a  noble  man  ofEngland,  andcardinall,vndcrHeniy  the 
third  to  Damiata  in  Aegypt.  An.  1 2 1 8.  17 

1  y  The  voyage  ofRainulte  Glanuill  a  valiant  noble  man,  and  Etrle  of Chefter,  vndet  Henric 
the  third  to  Damiata  in  Aegypt  alfo.  An.  1 2 1 8.  17 

1 6  The  voyage  of  William  Longcfpce,in  Englilli  Longfword,  a  noble  man  ofEngland  into 
Aegypt  and  Afia,  with  LewestheFrenchkine.  An.  11248.  17.18 

1 7  The  voyage  of  prince  Edward,  the  fonne  ofking  Henrie  the  third  into  Afia.  An,U70,2O 

1 8  The  voyage  of  Robert  Tumeham.vnder  y  fayd  Prince  Edward  into  Syria.An.i  270.  23 

19  The  voyageoflohn  Mandeuil  knight  in  Latin,  begun  in  the  raigneofEdwarde  the  2. 
Anno.  1322.  continued  for  the  fpace  of  3  3 .  yecre$,and  ended  in  the  raigne  of  Edward  the 
3  .from  England  to  Iudea,and  from  thence  to  India,Chma,Tartaria,  and  as  fane  as  3  3 .  de- 
grees to  the  fouth  ofthe  AEquinodtiall.  2  5 

20  The  voyage  of  Machanj,the  firtt  difcouerer  of  the  Ifland  ofMadera,  vnder  Edward  the 
third.  An.  I J  44.  g^ 

a  X  The  voyage  ofThomas  Windam  vnder  Edward  the  6.  to  Guinea.and  the  kinpdome 
ofBcnin.An.i;y3.  "     g, 

a»    The  voyage  ofRobertGaynfli  vnder  Queene  Mary  to  Guinea.  An.  I J  54.  89 

»3     The  voyage  of  William  Towerfonmarchant  of  London,  vnder  QueeneMarrtoGui- 

nea.An.i$5  5.  ^-  98 

14  The  voyage  of  WiUiamTowerfon  aforefaid,thc  fecond  time  to  Guinea,and  the  Caf*le 
0fM1na.An.ij56.  jjj 

ay  Thevoyagc  of  WiUiamTowerfon  aforefayd,  the  third  time  to  the  coaftc  of  Guinea, 
and  the  rmer  of  Scftos. An.  1  y  y 7.  ,  ^^ 

a<S    The  firft  voyage  of  RobertBakerioGuinea.An.  I  y<Ji.  xjo 

»7    ThevoyageofthefaydRobettBakettoGuinwihefcconatimc,An.ijtf3,  ijj 

%%  The 



ivorke  in 





Britaine,  into 

es  into  Egypt, 

Dane  to  Pale- 


^n.ii^o.      J 



:ece,and  Aiia. 


ftina  with  king 










.   '7 


ia.  An.  1 270,20 
a.An.1270.  23 
;  of  Edward  the 

det  Ed  ward  the 

^  85 

54.  ^^9 




oafte  of  Guinea. 



28  The  voyage  ofGcorgcFcnncr,toGuinic,&  to  thclflandsof  Cape  Vcrdc.An.i  566.  14a 

2p  The  voyage  of  Thomas  Stceucns,  round  about  the  Cape  of  Bona  Speranx^,  to  Goa  in  the 

EartIndia.An.1j79.  1^0 

30  The  voyage  of  Laurence  Aldcrfey,to  the  cities  of  Icrufalem  &  Tripolis.  An.l  581 .    1 77 
ji  ThevoyagcofWiiliainHuddiCjtoRioGrandciiiGuiniCjfct  outby  Edward  Cottonof 

Southhamcon.An.158^.  187 

3 1  The  voyage  of  Zacheus  Hellicr,  in  the  lefus  of  London  to  Tripolis  in  Barbarie.An.  1 584. 


33  The  voyage  of  lohn  New  bcric,andRalfc  Fitche,  to  Tripolis  in  Syria,  Aleppo,  Babylon, 
Balfara,Orinuz,Goa.An.i  585.  ao8 

34  The  voyage  of  lohn  Euefham  into  Egypt.  An.ijSd.  222 

35  The  voyage  ofLautcnceAlderfcy,  to  the  cities  ot  Alexandria,  and  Cairo  in  Egypt.  An. 
158<J.  324 

3  6  The  voyage  of  Edward  Wilkinfon,  with  the  Marchanc  Royall  to  Tripolis  in  Syux  Anno 
1 586.  '         227 

37  The  voyage  oflohnEldredjto  Tripolis  in  Syria  by  fca,  andfronithenceby  landcandri- 
uer  to  Baby!on,and  B3lfar3«An.i  585.  231 

38  The  late  voyage  of  Anthonic  Ingrain  and  his  companie,to  the  kingdome  and  cittie  of 
Bcnyn  in  Africa.  An.i  588.  818. 

Tl>e  jfmhajfages^Letters^rmkges^and  other  necejjam  matters  ofcir* 

cuinrtance  appertaining  to  the » .  yages  of  ihc  tirff  part. 

N  annotation  concerning  the  voyage  of  Baldwinc  Archbifliopof  Cametburie,  cakenout  of  G*- 
r.iUut  Cimihrenfis  in  his  Itinerorium  Ca»ibri.e.  P<'5«I4 

The  life  ofSir  lohn  Mandeuil  knight,  written  by  M.Balc.  ^       »J 

The  tombc  and  Epitaph  of  Sir  lohn  Mandcuill  in  the  citie  of  Liege  noted  by  Onelius  in  his  Iti- 
Vir.rr'mm  Bel^.  »4 

i    ThededicationofhisvoyagetokingEdwardthej.  *f 

r    An  admonition  of  Richard  Hakluyt  touching  the  new  impreflion  and  purgation  of  MandeuiL  77 

6  Certaine  places  alleaged  out  of  the  natural!  niftorieofPUnie  agreeing  with  Mandetiil  in  his  reports  of  the 
diuers  (hapcs  of  mett.  77 

7  A  note  concerning  the  aide  and  afliftar  ;e  ofEnglifli  merchants  giuen  to  king  lohn  the  firft  of  Portugal]  for 
the  winning  of  Ceut  in  Barbaric.  79 

8  The  ambaflage  of  lohn  the  z.  of  Portugal!  fent  to  Edward  the  4.king  of  England,  to  (lay  lohn  Tintam  and 
William  Fabian  Enghlhmen,prepating  for  a  voyage  to  Guinie.  81 

9  The  maner  of  emnng  of  Solitnan  the  great  Turkc,  with  his  armie  into  Aleppo  in  Syria,  marching  into  Per* 
fiaagainft  the  great  Sophie.  8t 

10  The  prefents  giuen  to  the  great  rurkeatthat  time  by  his  Ba(haes,and  the  Venetian  Confulin  Tripolis.   8k 
I  f   The  fafe  conduft  giuen  by  the  great  Turkc  to  Anthonie  lenkinfon  at  Aleppo  in  Syria.  81 

15  A  briefe  defcription  of  Africa.  84 

13  The  commodities  and  wares  that  are  moft  defired  in  Guinie  betwixt  Sierra  Lcona,and  the  fiirthcfl  place  of 
the  Mine.  130 

14  ThewoorthiefntcrpiileoflohnFoxe,  indeliueringitftf.Chriftiansoutofthe  captiuitie  of  the  Turkcs  at 
Alexandria.  150 

If  The  Ambalfage  ofEdmund  Hogan  merchant  of  London  and  fworne  EfquierofherMaieftiesperfon,  from 
her  higlmcfleto  MuUy  ALidclmelek  Emperout  of  Marocco,andking  of  Fc^and  Sus.  1 5^ 

16  T  Ik  letters  of  the  great  Turke  fent  to  the  Quecnes  mod  excellent  Maicftie  from  Conftantinople.         1 6^ 

17  The  letters  oftlieQuccrtcsMaicilie  to  the  great  Turke  in  anfwerc  of  his  letters.  1^4 

1 8  The  large  priuilcgcs  of  the  great  Turke  granted  to  the  Englidi  merchants  trading  in  his  dominions.  t66j  ji 

19  The  fecond  letters  of  her  Maieltie  to  the  great  TurkeypromifingaredrclTcofthedirordersofPetetBakerof 
Ratclilfe  committed  in  the  Leuant.  171 

»o    The  letters  patents  granted  by  hv  r  Maieftie  to  Sir  Edward  Osborne,M.Richard  Stapcr,  and  cenaitic  other 
merchants  ot  London  for  their  trad;  into  the  dominions  of  the  great  Turke.  171. 

11  Her  Maicdics  commiiTion  vnder  her  great  feale  to  M.WilUam  Harebro wne,authorizing  him  her  Ambafla- 
dour  in  Turkie.  1  j6 

xi.   The  third  letters  of  her  Maieftie  to  the  great  Turke,in  commendation  of  M.Harcbrowne.  1 8  j 

ij   The  pnlfcport  made  by  the  great  mafter  of  Malta  to  cert.iyne  EnglillimcnofthebatkeReinolds.  i8j 

Z4  ApnflTeportin  Italiangiuenbythekirjjof  Algierto  Thomas Shingleton.  189 

1 J   A  letter  written  in  Spaniih  by  Sit  Edwai  A  Osborne  to  die  king  of  Algier,  in  the  behalfe  of  certayne  Englifli 

captities  there  detained.  189 

i6   Notes  concerning  the  trade  of  Algier.  '  190 

17   Notes  concerning  the  irade  of  Alexandria.  191 

i8   The  4.  letter  of  her  Maieftie  to  the  great  Turke  for  the  rcftitution  of  an  Englifli  fliip  called  the  Ierut,and  the 

F.iglifh  captiues  dctayned  in  Tripolis  in  Barbaric.  *  199 

29  The  commandemcnt  of  die  great  Turkc  obtained  b]r  M.  Haibrowne{brthe<iuietpa(rtngof  Engliftt  roer. 





—  J0» 

;o*'ATsl°c«trst™Tu^^^^  coma,aundingAc  xcllirution  of  .he  EngljJ 

raglio  or  Court. 
J  J  The  GrcatTurkc  his  chiefc  officers. 

3<  Aimer  of  the  QuecncsMaicftic,  writtentoYcladmclKubar,  kingofCatnbaja. 
J7  AlettcrwriitenbyherMaieftic,tothckingofChma.  r^k  r   j 


39  A  letter  of  lohn  Ncwberie.written  to  Leonard  Poorc  of  Lomion.from  Aleppo. 

40  A  letter  wriKcn  by  John  Newberie  to  Leonard  Poore.from  B%1°"; 

41  Hi»lc.terwrutenfromOrmut,toIohnEldied,andWilhamShals^  Baifara. 

41  His  third  letter  written  to  Leonard  Poorc,troro  Goa,  contcinmB  a  large  defcripuon  of  hu  voyage,  trouble 

and  caufc  thereof.  ,„        r      ^  "* 

4J  A  letter  written  by  RalfcFitchc  to  Leonard  Poore.from  Goa.  r-  ,  n    v        j.,V* 

44  Thcmonev,wei£!us,mearures,andcuftomes,vfedin Babylon,  Balfara,  Ormur,Goa,Cochm,andMala- 

cha  k  *'3 

4<lhechsrecofaioiirneybylandandriuer,fromAleppoinSyria.toGoaintheEaJlIndi3.  nS 

4$  A  declaratioii  of  all  the  places  fiom  whence  each  particular  comnioditie  of  the  EaH  India  commeth.    xig 

47  1  he  times  or  feafonablc  windcs,called  monfons.whercin  the  lliippes  depart  from  place  toplace  in  the  Eaft 

Indias  *■' 

48  The  dcfcription  of  the  Ifland  of  SanftaHekna/rcquentcd  by  the  Portingals,  in  their  rcturne  from  the  Eaft 

India.  *** 

49  The  valiint  fight  performed  in  the  voyage  from  Tutkie,by  J.  fliipj  of  London,  againft  1 1.  gallics,  and  two  fti- 
gatsoftlickingofSpaincsatPantalareaintheLeuant.  ,        ,.         f,      ,      r  **' 

JO  The  letters  patents  granted  by  her  Maieftic  to  cettaine  noble  men,and  mar  chants  of  London,  for  a  trade  to 

Barbaric.  ,.,,...«.         r      r      1     .t-  .  ..   *H 

ji  TheanibafragcofHcnrleBobcrts,rwornc  EfqiurcofherMaicfliesperronjfromherHjglinestoMuUyHa- 

inet,EaipcrourofMaroccojkingofFesandSu«.  ,...,.  *'' 

jt  ThcediaoftheErooeroutofMaroccojinfauour  ofallEnglilh  men  trading  m  his  domuuonj,  131 

jj  AlctterofthclaidEmpcrourwrittentotheEarleofLcccfter.  jjg 

H  A  letter  of  the  Quecnes  Maicftic,wtittento  the  faidEmperourof  Marocco.  aj^ 

J  J  Tile  letters  patents  granted  by  her  Maieftie,to  certaine  marchants  of  Excetcr,and  others  of  the  Weft  parts, 

and  of  London,fbr  a  trade  to  the  riucrsofScnega,and  Gambia  in  Guinie.  j^i 

;  Tl^e  Voyages  of  the fecond part  made  to  the  Uprth  and  , 

'■'    '  Northcaft  quarters. 

He  voyage  ofArthur  king  of  Britainc  to  Ifland,  andthomod  northeanerne  partes 
ofEuiope.Anno.517.  Pag.243.t^ 

The  voyage  ofMalgo  king  of  Britainc,  to  Ifland,  Gotland,  Orkney,  Denmarlce 
andN0rway.An.580.  244 

J   The  voyage  of  king  Edgar  with  4000.  ftiips  round  about  his  large  Monarchic.  Anno 

973'  .  HS 

4  The  voyage  ofNicholaus  delinnaa  Francifcan  Frier,  and  an  excellent  Mathematician 

ofOxfordjto  all  the  regions  fituaicvnder  the  North  pole.  An.  ij  60,  248 

5  The  voyage  of  Sir  Hugh  Willoughbic  knight  w  herein  he  vnfortunatcly  periftied  at  Arzina 
recainLapland.An.lj;:^*  265 

6  The  vtjyage  ofRichard  Chanceler  Pilot  Maior  the  firft  difcouerer  by  fca  of  the  kingdomc 
ofMofcouia.  An,i55j.  2^0 

7  The  voyage  of  Stcuen  Burrough  towarde  the  riuer  Ob  intending  thedifcouerie  of  the 
nonhcartpaflaj'.e.An.iyjd,  sil 

8  The  voyage  ot  the  forcfaid  Steuen  Burrough  from  Colmogro  in  Ruflia  to  Wardhoule  in 
ferch  ofcertaine  Engliflifliipsnot  hard  ofthcyecre  bcforc.An.i  557,  a  z6 

p  The  voyage  of  Anthony  [cnkinfon  into  Rufl[i3,wherin  Ofcp  Napea  firft  AmbaiTador  from 
the  Emperor  of  Mofcouia  to  Q^Marie  wastranfported  into  his  countrie.  An.i  557.   255 

10  The  voyage ofAnthonylenkiufon  from  the CitieofMofco  in  RulTia,  toBogharin  Ba- 

tria.An.i558.  jj.y 

1 1  The  voyage  of  Anthoniclenkinfon  through  Ruflia, and  ouerthe  Calpian  fea  into  Pcifia. 
An.ij6i.  j<5j 

la  Thevoyage  ofThomas  Alcocke,George  Wrenne,  andRichard  Chtiny  feruantcs  to  the 

GompanyofMofcouieMarchantsinLondon,intoPcrfia.An.i563.  ^74 

'  ''  '  ig  The 


-v.r  A  _  V  m.HM  ,\ici  ^riiv 


at  (be  Fngliih 







voyage,  trouble 




commeih.  »i8 
place  in  the  Eaft 

me  from  the  Eaft 

allies,  and  two fti- 

don,  for  a  trade  to 


ions.  aji 


of  the  Weft  parts, 

'\  -•% 


leaflcrnc  partes 


ley,  Denmarke 


)narchic.  Anno 






ifcoueric  of  the 

1  ^'* 

|o  Wardhoufc  in 



I.An.1557.  31? 

loBogharin  Ba- 

,  347 

|in  fca  into  Pel  fia. 


ij  The 

13  The  voyage  of  Richard  lohnfon,  Alexander  Kytchin,  and  Arthur  tdwardes  fctuanisto 
the  foreUidcompanie  into  Perfia.An.i5<5$.  J^7 

14  The  voyage  ofrhomasSouthann,  and  lohnSpatke  bylandandriuerftomColmogroto 
NouogorodeinRu(na.An.i5d5.  39O 

I J  The  voyage  of  Anthony  lenkinfon  into  Ruflia  the  third  time.  An.  1 5  66.  3^7 

1 5  The  voyage  ofArthur  Edwards  Agent  fortheMofcouic  Company,  IohnSparke,Lau* 
rence  Chapman.Chriftopher Fa wcet,and Richard  Pingle  feruants  intoPcrfia.i jtf8.  4I } 

1 7  The  voyage  of  Thomas  Banifter,&  Gcofiferie  Ducket  Agents  fo.  ihe  Mofcouic  company 
into  Perfia  the  fift  time.  An,i5(;p.  419 

1 8  The  voyage  of  William  Butrough  captainc  of  1 3  ,Hngli(h  Ihips  to  the  Narue  in  Lifcland. 

An.  1570.  ^  4' J 

19  Thcvoy3geofAnthonyIenkinfonintoRufliathc4.timc.  An.1571.  425 
ao  ThcvoyageofChriftopherBurroughmtoPcrfiathe6.timc»An.iy7P,  '-  '  ^40 
ai  The  voyage  of  Arthur  Pct,and  Charles  lackmanfenc  todifcoucrtheNortheaftfeas,  oe- 

yood  the  Hand  ofVaigats.  An.i  580,  565 

22  The  voyage  of leromHorreyoucr  land  from  Mofco in  RufHa  toEngland.  I584.    8za 

TheJmhaJfages,Treattfes,  TmilegeSyLeners,and  other  ohfermtions 

depending  vpon  the  voyages  of  the  fecond  part, 

J  >■  I  HWote(timoniesofGalfridusMonumctenfis.inhithiftoritfof  the  kings  ofBtitaine,  concemingthe 

I         conqucds  of  king  Arthur.  143. 144. 

z     J[^    AtcftimoiueofMafterLanibardinhis  «iv«owp«  touching  the  right  and  appcndances  of  the  crowne 

of  the  kingdome  of  Britane.  ^44 

}  A  tcllimonie  of  Mafter  lohn  Dee  touching  the  voyageof  J^k/m/^i w  de  Hwm  to  the  North  pole.    349 

4    AperrwanonofRobcRThorneMarchancofBriftoll,anddwellinglonginSiuilinSpaine,tokingHcnrythe 

eight  of  noble  (neniorie,to  fct  out  and  further  Difcoucries  towards  the  North.  £)9 

%    Ihcdifcoutfeof  the  forcfayd  Robert.  Tliornc,  written  toDodor  Leighthc  kings  Ambaffadout  in  Spaing 

touchingthat  matter.  a{& 

6  The  excellent  orders  and  iaftruftionsofSebafiian  Cabot}  giuentoSir  Hugh  WiUooghtMeandhisFleetc 
in  their  voyage  intended  for  Cathay.  a|9 

7  ThenamesofthetwclueCounfajilonappoyntedinSirHughWiUougbbyesvoyage.  stf) 

8  The  names  of  the  fliips,captainet>mariners,and  other  officers  of  thatnrftjworthy  cnterprife.  a6f 

9  The  letters  of  king  Edward  (he  fixi  written  at  that  time  to  all  the  Kings,Princc$.and  other  Potentates  of  the 
NortheaO.  264 

to  TheothcminiftrcdtotheCaptayneoftheFlecte.  M| 

It  The  othcminiibed  to  the  Matter*  of  the  (hips.  Uf 

I »  A  teftimonie^Richud  E<lcn  concaning  Clement  Adams,  die  authour  of  Richard  Chanceler  his  Difco> 

uerie,writtcn  in  Latine.  *J9 

13  The  Letters  of  the  Emperoutof  Ruflia  Tent  tokingEdward  the  fixt^y  Richard  Chanceler.  If  i 

14  Thecoynes,weights,andmearuresvfedinRu(rta.  i$% 
If  TheComnM(riongiuento(heMarchantsAgcnts,refiantinRu{fia.  t/fi 

16  The  otheminiftred  to  the  feruants  of  the  Mofcouie  company.  ajf 

17  The  Letter  of  George  Kiliingwonh  the  firft  Agent  in  Ruflia,w[ittento  the  cempanic.  i^f 

18  ThefirftPriuilegesgrauntcdbytheEmperourofRufliatotheEnglilKmarchants.  |M 

19  TheChancrofthemarchantsofthcMufcouie  companic,grauntcd  by  Queene  Marie.  304 
ao  InftruAions  giuen  to  the  Purfcrs  of  the  Mofcouie  voyages.  309 
ai   A  difcourfe  of  the  tionourable  recciuing  into  E/igland  of  the  firft  Ambafladour  from  the  Emperour  of  Rut 

fia.  3  at 

at  ThedcrcriptionofRufnawlththccuftomesandmanersofthelnhabiunts.  359 

aj  The  letters  of  die  Qucenet  Maiefiie  written  to  the  F.mpcrtiur  of  Ru(ria,reque{ting  licence  and  fafccondud 

for  AntlionielenkinfontopaficthroughhisDominionsinto  Perfia.  3^9 

14  The  letter  of  the  Queenes  Maieftie  to  the  great  Sophie  of  Perfia,  fent  by  Anthonie  lenkinlbn.  3^1 

a  j  The  priuilcges  giuen  by  Obdolowcan  king  of  Hircania,  to  the  companic  of  EngLlh  marchants  trading  in 

RufTiaobteinedby  Anthonie  lenkinfon.  374 

\6  Certaine  Icners  ofArthur  Edwards  written  out  of  Ruflla,  Media,  and  Perfia,  to  the  companie  of  Mofcouic 

marchants  in  London.  37^-377-38o.384 

17  ItiediflancesofdiuerspIaccsinRufTia.  ti     '  J>f 

»8   The  way  and  diftances  from  Saint  Nicholas  in  RulHa  to  the  CaTpian  Sea.  38* 

a9  Notes  and  obfcruauons  gathered  by  Richard  lohnTon  of  the  fcuerall  wayes&om  Ruffia  to  Cathay  ouer 

land.  38I 

30  An  Aft  for  the  Corporation  of  marchants  Aduenturers  for  thedilcoucring  of  newe  trades ,  made  in  the 

cightyeereoftheQueenesMaiefUe.  394 

3t  The  priuilegesgraunted  by  the  Emperour  of  RufGats  the  Englifbotarchancsobteincd  by  Anthonie  Iea> 

Lkin&n.  '397 

.   i»:ihc 

-s.-y_^-vrj,,^.  . 



I  li 

3ft  file  AmbalHgcorThoinas Kandolfe Efquire  from (hcQijeenes MaiciUcto the £mpcrourof Kuflia. 

J3  The  priuilegcs  graumed  (o  the  EngHlh  marchants  at  HRandolfc  his  fute. 

'  f4  Acommilliongrauntcdby  M-RandolfefbradiTcouetie  toihcNorthcaAby  Sea. 

}f  lAlbuaionsgiuentodiedircouerersinthacaAion.  •  ■v'CV  j  ■ ' 

J  6  Ccruinc  letters  in  verfe  writ  out  of  Mofcouia  by  George  Turberuil,  Sccretatie  10  M.IUndoIfc,  touching  the 
Hate  of  the  countrey  and  manners  of  the  people.  ^'^A'^f 

J7  Notes  concerning  the  fourtliEnglifli  voyage  into  Perfia.  ,  ^  ,.      ^       ,-.  .^'     >    t4*f' 

38  Obferuations  of  the  Sophie  of  Perfia,an  J  of  the  religion  of  the  Perfians.  ^    .     .    '       >      ^ 

49  The  Ambaflage  of  Anthonic  lenkinlbn  &oni  the  Qyeenes  Maieftie  to  the  Emperour  of  RulHa  in  the  ycere 

»57i.  4»* 

40  AbriefcrchcarfjIIofallihctrauailesofAnthonielcnkinron.  43$ 

41  AnoceofallthencccflarieinAraiiicnts  and  appunenances  belonging  to  the  killing  of  the  Whale.  437 
41  The'ddpofitionofWilliamBurrowghtocenaineintctrogatories  mooued  vntohim  concerning  theNarue 

and  Kcgor.  438 

43  The  rcafons  of  William  Burrowgh,to  diHwade  the  vfe  of  a  trade  to  the  Narue  by  way  through  Swcdea    439 

44  Thelatitudes  9nd  Meridianaltitudcsof  diuersplacesinRufliafromtheNorthtotheSouth.  4^3 
4f  Directions  giucn  by  Kichard  Hakluyt  Elquirc  to  Morgan  Hubblcthorne  Dycr,fiint  into  Pet  fia.  454 
4*  A  coramiflion  giuen  by  Sir  Rowland  Hay  ward  Knight,  and  George  Barne  Aldermen,  and  Goucrnour  of  the 

Molcouie  companic,to  Arthur  Pct,and  Charles  lackman,  for  the  difcoucrie  by  Sea  towards  Cathay.  4} % 

47  Rule$,andordcrsgiuentobeobfcruedbythcminthat difcoucrie.  .    .  ^jjg 

48  Brcefcaduifes  giucn  them  by  MJohnOcc,to  that  purporc.  a<^ 

49  InftruAionsgiucnthcrabyRichardHakluitEfquirctothatpurpofcalfb.  ^  ^  Mg^. 
JO  A  lotnalloftheirdifcouerie  written  by  Nicholas  Chaunceller.  "  "  '  .  -  ^^^ 
ji  The  letter  of  Gcrrardus  Mercator,  to  Richard  Hakluyt  of  Oxeford  touching  that  dilcoucrie.  481 

tx  Theopinion  of  William  Burroughfenttoafriendrequiringbisiudgemcntjforthe  fitted  time  ofthcdepar- 
nire  of  our  fliips  towardes  Saint  Nicholas  in  Ruflla.  .g- 

J3  TheQijeenes  MaieftiesCommiflion  giuen  to  Sir  lerom  Bowes,  authorifing  him  her  highnefleAmbaffadot 

witbtheEmpcrourofMof^ouic.  .g- 

f  4  The  Qijeenes  Maicfties  letters  written  to  the  Emperout  by  Sir  letom  Bowes,  in  his  commendation.  4  89 
J  J  The  dilicourfe  of  the  Ambaflage  of  Sir  lerom  Bowes,to  the  forefayd  Empetour.  .g , 

^6  Ihemannerofpreferringof lutes inRufiia.  ._ 

J7  A  letter  of  Henry  Lane,  toWdliamSanderfonmarchantofLondon,contayninga  briefc  difcourfc  of  all 

things pafled in  ourNorthemcdifcoueriesforthefpaceof33.yeres.  .gg 

J  t  The  lace  Ambaflage  of  Giles  Fletcher  Doaor  of  the  Ciuil  lawe  &om  her  Maieflie  to  the  Emperour  of  Rut 

'•'•  cor 

f  9  The  moft  folemne  and  magnificent  Corooation  of  Pheodore  luanowich  the  New  Emperour  of  Ruffia  ob. 

ferucd  by  laom  Horfcy.  g 

60  ThcpriuiledgesgrauntedbytheneweEmperourto  die  Englifli  marchants,  and  obtained  by  the  fbrcfaitte 
lerom  Horfev.  g^ 

61  The  honorable  teftiffloniet  ofdiuc«ftrangers,touchingthe  notabledifcouetieaoftheEngliflimadein  tlw 



The  voyages  of  the  third  and  laftpart,  made  to  the 

Wcft,Southweft,andNorthweftrcgions.  '\ 

He  voyage  of  Madoc  the  fonne  of  Owen  Gwinned  prince  of  North  wales  to 
theWeftlndies.  Anno.i  170.  Patina  co5. 

The  voyage  of  Sebaftian  Cabot,  borne  in  the  citic  of  Briftol,  wh°creinhcc 
difcouered  a  mightic  trade  of  land  from  the  circle  Ardikc  to  Florida  An. 

J  The  voyage  ofSirThomas  Pert  knight,and  Sebaftian  Cabot  to  Brafd,  SaintDomingo! 
andSaintIohndcPoitoRjcco.An.iji(5.  °  * 

4  The  voyagcof  the  two  fliips,whereof  one  was  called  the  Dominm  VobifcumSoxlko. 
ueneoftheNorthDartcs.An.1527.  •'       *         j" 

5  ThcvoyageofMaftcrHore,anddiuersother  gentlemen,  to  Newfoundland,  and  Cape 
Bnton.An.i52<J.Andinthe28.yereofkingHenrytheeight.  „., 

6  The  voyage  made  by  WUUam  Hawkins.  &ther  to  Sir  loha  Hawkins  to  BrafJ.  Anno 

7ThevoyageofSirIohnHawkinstothcWeftIndics.An.1552.    '  '  520. 

8  The  voyage  of  Roger  Bodcnham  to  Saint  lohnde  VUua  in  the  Bay  of  Mexico.  Anno 

'  Skl^";'^^;;^^^^^  firft,  and  then  to  Noui 

f-s."  -  t\'^-  ■',"■""     ■  ■-■'':'_  II  The 


•»   -^i.  .t*.\V,. 

1 1  The  voyage  of  Dauid  Ingram  fiom  the  bay  of  Mexico  ouer  land  neerc  to  the  Cape  Bri- 
ton. An.1561.  557. 

12  The  voyage  of  Robert  Toni(bntnarchant  into  NouaHifpania  out  of  Spaine.  An.i;5;. 

J  80. 

1 3  The  voyage  of  lohnChiltoii  into  the  Weft  India,\ivith  many  memorable  thingsconcer- 
ning the Itate  thereof.  An.i ^68.  ;88. 

14  The  voyage  of  Sir  Francis  Drake  to  Nombrtde  Dios,  and  Dariene.  An.i^ji.  5^4. 
I J  The  voyage  of  John  Oxnam  of  Plymmouth  to  the  Well  India,  and  ouer  the  (height  of 

Daricne  into  the  South  fca.  An.i57y.  jj>j. 

16  The  firft  voyage  of  Sir  Martin  Frobifhcr  to  the  North  wcft.An.157d.  tfij. 

1 7  The  fecond  voyage  of  Sir  Martin  Frobiftier  to  the  fame  coaftes. An.  1 577.  622. 

1 8  The  third  and  laft  vcn-age  of  Sir  Martin  Frobiflicr,  to  Meta  Incognita.  An.  1578.       630. 

1 9  The  voyage  of  Chriftopher  Hare,  with  the  Minion  of  London  to  Brafil.  An.  i  j  80.   64 1 . 

20  The  voyage  ofEdward  Fcnton,  and  Luke  Warde,  as  farre  as  34  degrees  of  SoutherJic 
latitude.  An.i  582.  647. 

2 1  The  voyage  of  lohn  Drake,  after  his  fcparation  from  Maftcr  Fenton,  at  the  Hand  of  San- 
dra Catclina,  to  the  ryuer  oiTlate.  An.  1583.  639, 

2  2  The  voyage  of  Sir  Humfiic  Gilbert  knight,  to  the  coalks  of  America.  An.  1583.      679. 

23  The  voyage  ofPhilip  Amadas ,  and  Arthur  Barlowe  to  Virginia,  atthecharge,anddire- 
(Sion  of  Sir  Walter  Raleigh.  An.  1 584.  728. 

24  The  voyage  of  Sir  Richard  Grecnuile  to  Virginia,  for  Sir  Walter  Raleigh.  Anno  1585. 


2  5  The  voyage  made  at  the  dirci^on  of  Sir  Walter  Raleigh,  the  third  time  to  Virginia.  An. 

I J  85.  147. 

26  The  voyage  ofEdward  Stafford,  and  lohn  White,  fct  out  by  the  aforefaid  Sir  Walter  Ra- 
leigh the  fourth  time  to  Virginia.  An,i  587.  764. 

27  The  voyage  of  lohn  Dauis,  for  the  difcoucrie  of  the  Northweft  pafTage.  An.i  585.  776. 

28  The  fecond  voyage  of  lohnDauis  in  the  forefaid attempt. An.i  $85.  781. 

29  The  voyage  or  Richard  Pope  mafter  of  thcBarkc  called  the  Sunne-fhine  fcnt  another 
way  for  the  difcouerie  of  the  paflage  by  lohn  Dauis  in  his  fecond  voyage.An.i  5  85.   787. 

30  Tne  third  voyage  of  lohn  Dauis  in  his  former  enterprife,  wherein  hccdifcouered  200. 
leapuesmoretotheNorth-weft,thenmafterFrobiftier.  An.1587.  7891. 

3 1  The  voyage  of  Robert  Withrington.and  Chriftopher  Liftcr,as  fane  as  44.degrees  to  the 

SouthoftheEquinodiiall,fet  out  by  the  right  honorable  the  Earle  of  Cumberland.  An. 
1585.  ypj, 

3  2  The  famous  voyage  of  M.Thomas  Candifh  Elquire  round  about  the  globe  of  the  earth, 

in  the  fpace  of  two  yccrcs  and  Icflc  then  two  moneths  begunnc  in  the  yeere  1585.   809, 

33  The  voyage  of  Will<?.m  Michelfon,and  William  Mace,wiih  a  ftiip  called  the  Dogge,  to 

the  bay  of  Mexico.  An.  1589.  817. 

f  Tl)e  difcowfes,  letters,  priuiledges^  relations  and  other  matenallcir» 

cumltanccs  incident  to  the  voyages  of  the  third  part. 

He  offer  of  the  difcouerie  of  the  Weft  Indies  by  Chriftopher  Columbus,  to  king  Henry  the  feuenth, 

and  the  kings  acceptation  of  the  offer.  Pag.507,{o8 

A  teftimonic  of  Ferdinando  Columbus,touching  the  fame  offer.  '  joj 

The  letters  patents  of  king  Henry  the  fjuenth,  graunted  vnto  lohn  Cabot,  and  his  3.  fonncs,  Lewes, 

Sebaftian,and  Santius,for  difcouerie  oi  newc  lands.  J09 

A  record  of  the  RoUes  touching  the  voyage  of  lohn  Cabot.and  Scbaftian  his  fonne,  ji  1 

A  teftimonie  of  Scbafuan  Cabot  his  difcoucrie  of  the  Weft  India,in  his  mappe  cut  by  Clement  Adams.and 

tobefeeneinherMaicftiespriuiegallerieatWeftminfter.  ju 

AteftimomeofBaptiftaRainufius,SecretarietothceftateofVenice,touchingSebttftianCaboc.  fij 

A  teftimonie  of  Sebaftian  Cabot  his  voy'^ge  in  the  (5.chap.of  the  s.Decade  of  Peter  Martyrof  Angletia.  ji  j 
The  confefliori  of  Francis  Lopez  de  Gonur^  a  Spaniard,  touching  the  difcouerie  of  a  great  pan  of  the  Weft 
India  by  the  Enghlli.  °       '^  .j 

9  A  record  of  Robert  Fabian  in  his  Chronicle  not  yet  printed.of  Sebaftian  Cabots  firft  difcouerie.  j  i  y 

10  Another  record  of  the  raid  Robert  Fabian,  concerning  j.Sauages  brought  into  England,  and  prefentcd  to 
the  King  by  Sebaftian  Cabot.  o-      »       r 

"  Etl'llHF  ^"^'^^  ^""""'*  ^  '''"SE'lwatd  the  Sebaftian  Cabot,  conftituting  him  graund  Pilot  of 

IX  An  afte  againft  the  cxaftion  of  money  or  any  other  thinB,bjr  any  officer  for  licence  to  traffikc  into  Ifclandl 



5-  >"'■'     S" 

r     «n<lNcwctotm<lland,madcinAnnoi.Hdwardtf.  t*' 

I J  1  he  »rriu  j]|  and  c  uricfie  of  (y  r  lolin  Hawkins  to  the  diftreffed  French  men  in  Fieri  Ja.cofcfled  by  Laudonicre 
the  French  capuinc  in  (he  dilcoutfe  of  his  voyage.  54) 

14  ArtlatioftofihecommoditicsofNoiiaHifpan:a,&themancrsoftheInhabitants,writtenbyHenryHawI<es 

marchatitiwho  liucd  j.yccrcj  in  the  coiimric.  J4f 

1 1  The  relation  of  Oauid  Ingram  concerning  his  trauaile  in  the  counttie  of  America.  jj/ 

16  ThcdiicourfcofMiles  Philips,  one  ot  ryrlolinrlawkinscompanie.ftt  on  llioremihebay  of  Mexico,  con- 
ceming  ilic  bloodic  and  moft  tyrannous  cruelties  of  the  Spaniards,  vfcd  againft  him  and  his  fellowe  Eiiglifli- 
mcn  at  Mexico.  f  <^* 

17  The  difcourfc  of  fyr  Humfrie  Gilbert  knight,to  proouca  paflage  by  the  Northwcft  to  Cathaya,  and  the  Eaft 
Indies.  ,,j,     -•      .  J97 

iSrhcdifcourreofRichardWillestothefamepurpofe.  610 

19  The  relation  of  Thomas  Wiars,conccrning  y  dilcoueric  of  a  great  llanil,fituate  in  ^/.degrees  of  !atinide.5j4 

10  The  notes  of  Richard  Hakluyt  Efquire,  dclmered  for  inftruftion  to  ccrtainc  gentlemen  of  mailer  Frobiflicrs 
companic.  *5* 

11  A  letter  written  to  maftcr  Richard  Staper  merchant  of  London,  by  lohn  Whithall ,  dwelling  at  Santos  ia 
Brafill.  6i» 

n  The  lame  letter  anfvvercd  by  diucri  merchants  of  London,  and  fent  to  him  in  the  Minion  of  London.  640 
2}  Inftru^ions  giuen  by  tiie  right  honorable  the  Lords  of  the  Counfel  to  Edward  Fenton,fbr  the  order  to  beob> 

ferucd  in  the  voyage  recommended  vnto  him.  ^44 

14  A  letter  written  to  Richard  Hakluyt  Efquire,  of  the  middle  temple,by  Antlionic  Parkhurft,contcyning  a  tnie 

report  of  tlie  ttate  and  commodities  of  N'ewc  found  land,  674 

If  1  he  leners  patents  graunted  by  het  Maicftic  to  fyr  Humfrie  Gilbert  knight,  for  the  inhabiting  and  planting 

o/Amcrica.  677 

i6  T  he  Icttcts  of  Stephanos  Patmenius  a  learned  Hungarian,  to  Richard  Hakluyt  of  Oxford  from  Newfound 

land  touching  the  llatc  of  tiiat  Counttie.  697 

17  rhe  confcffion  of  Richard  Clarke  of  Weymouth  Matter  of  the  Admiral  fliip  of  Sir  Humfrey  Gilberts  fleete, 
written  in  excufeof  thatfault  of  catling  away  the  fliip  and  men,inputed  to  his  ouerdght.  700 

18  Thedifcourfc  of  Sir  George  Peccham  Knight  touching  the  poirclsion  of  the  Newfound  landes  taken  in  the 
right  oftheCrowne  of  England,of  her  Maicfties  lawful!  title  thereunto,  and  of  the  commodities  that  would 
infuc  to  this  Realme  by  planting  in  them.  701 

i9  A  letter  of  Thomas  Aldworth  Marchant,and  then  Maior  of  Briftoll  to  the  right  honorable  Sir  Francis  Wal- 
fingham.touching  a  voyage  intended  for  wefteinc  difcoueries.  718 

30  IhedilrouTfeof  Mailer  Chriftopher  Carhlc  to  fatishe  and  incourage  our  Marchants,anJ  people  in  general 
about  theaftion  ofplanting  in  America.  718 

3 1  The  letters  Patents  granted  by  the  Queenes  Maieftie  to  Sir  Walter  Raleigh  Knight  for  the  dfcouering,  and 
inhabiting  of  new  Countries,to  continue  the  fpace  onely  of  tf.yrrcs  and  no  more.  7*5 

3»  An  accompt  of  the  particularities  of  the  imployment  of  the  Englifh  men  left  in  Virginia  vnder  the  charge 
and  goueriicment  of  Ralfe  Lane,  written  by  himfclfc.  737 

33  ThcdifcourfcoflhomasHartjots.touching Virginia.  748 

34  The  letters  Patents  of  the  Queens  Maieftie  granted  to  Adrian  Glibertand  others  for  the  fcarch  of  the  north- 
wed  paflage.  y7^ 

Sf  AlctteroflohnDauiswrirtcntoWilliamSanderfon  touching  his  of  difcouerle.  78* 

3<  His  2.lctter  written  to  the  foicfaid  William  Sanderfon  touching  the  difcouetie  of  his  third  attempt.        79% 

•  37  The  letter  ofRaltc  Lane  written  from  Virginia  to  Richard  Hakluyt  of  the  Temple,  concerning  the  ftate 



38  Averiecxaft  and  pcrfeftdefcriptionof  thediftances  fiomplaceto  place  from  thcriuer  of  Plate  till  you 
come  to  the  end  of  the  Streight  of  Magelan,  and  againe  firom  the  riuet  of  Plate  to  Pette  Guarras  nonhward. 


39  A  letter  of  Maftcr  ThomisCandilli  to  the  right  honorable  the  Lord  Chamberlainetoudiing  the  fuccefle 
of  his  voyage  about  the  world.  808 

40  rhe  names  of  the  Kings  or  Princes  of  laua  at  the  time  of  our  Englilhmens  being  there.  813 
4«  Certame  wordes  of  the  naturall  language  of  laua  learned  andobfcrued  by  our  men  there,                     St  j 

I  '**r    d*r*^  notes,and  references  taken  out  of  tlie large  Mappe of  China  brought  home  by  Mafter  Thomas 

f  « .  An  aftigncment  from  Sir  Walter  Raleigh  to  diuers  gentlemcn.and  Matchants  of  London,fbr  continuine  th^ 
V.     mhabKat:on»ofthcEnfililhinVireinia.  ^8ij 

lEnglilh  in  Virginia. 


nt,-    ^-v-.         ,.    . 

.'     .  ..   '       ',  '4.,. 

^■^K  ..-»■»    \U,'  rf%  vW 

V:-v.>l(.A>A,CV,  ./fj>^    ,-, 


VJiTiUQifUn  J;rtf;  ko\\h,m:u 

THE   FIRST  P A%T  qg  THE^^^^^^ 
principall  voyages,trauailes  and  cf  ifcoucriea ;  ^^:j  'p?f 
I  of  the  EnelHh  Jiatiori,mad<i  to  the  Sotithtand .  .1 T  ■     ; 
Sou&a5l^juarfersofthtlforld,'ft>iththelet»  ;  :  >\ 

tm^rmkdges^difcourfesandtreatifu     -     Vt^/^j^ 
''■'         appertaimngthereunto.         •'!;!   /f^'ip^ 
Thi  trauaileofHdcna.  •   "^^j  *^^^-. 

ELENAFlauia  Augufla, ferenirsiiDi 

Coeli  Britannici  Regis  Hants,  fie  vnica  filta^  Magni ' , 
Cdftandni  Cxfaris  mater,  incomparabili  decdrcijfide,  ', 
teiigione,  bonitatc,ac  inagntficenti&  pi^^ulcbiaeti* 
•am  telle,  per  totum  refplenduit  orbetn :  Inter  omnes 
gratis  Hue  fbeminas,  nulla  inueniebatur  e&inliberali- 
bus  anibusdo^tior,  nulla  ininfinimentis  mufickne* 
ritior,aut  in  Unguis  nationum  copiofior.  Innatatn  nta* 
bebatingenij  daritudincnv>ris  hictindiam^acmomm 
omatifltmam  compolitionem ;  Hebraic£,Gizc^,fie 
Latind  cnidita.  Canierat  pater  alia  robole(inquicVi- 
rutnnius)  qu$Reguiroliopotitctuc  Illam  propterca 
bis  infhui  rede  per  optimos  pr jtceptores,  n  e6  com* 
modlusRegnitraftaretnegotia.  Vndeobjnctedibi* .' 
lem  eiuspulchritudinem^tque  alias  eximias  anitni  8c  corporis  dotes^ConftantiusClorusCaBii 
&rUlamduxttinvxorem,atqueekc&filium  in BritanniigcnuitConftantinum Magnum.  Sed 
eotandemEboraicidefun<Sito,  cum  Ann&iUiEuangelic^infan^t&TiduitateperdurauitidvU 
nmum  vitf  diem.tota  ChriAian^  Religion!  dedita.  Sunt  enim  Authons,  qui  narrent  per  iftam, 
cefla.nt«  perfecutione,  pacem  Ecclenjs  datam :  Ad  tantam  codeftis  Philofophiz  cognitioncm 
earn fetiint pod agnitum Euangeliura  perAcniiTe^vtolimmultosediderit  libros, &  camiina 
quzdam  Grxca.quz  hucufque  a  Pontico  {iipercfle  perhibentur.  ViHonibus  admonitaHie« 
rofolymam  pet(jt,&  omnia  faluatOrisIocaperluftrauit.  Romz  tandem  o£logenatiafixUcitetf 
in  Chrillo  (j^icuit.  i  j.Cskndas  Septembris,filio  adhuc  fuperftite.  Anno  falutis  humanx  ^  3  jd 
Regnante  apud  Btitannos  06tauio,  Huius  corpus  non  minima  nunc  curl  venetijs  feiuanir* 

fThefameinBi^iJh,  ■■■-'] 

HEIenaHauia  Augufta^tlebcJrean^onelpURtg^  ofCoelus  rometmte^tttoffoccenMff 
lUng  of  g?ttame,  tl)cmot^CT  of  t^Cmyetoae  Goh^atarihe  t(>c  gttat,6p  rrafon  of  |>cr  Cni 
{pilar  beitutie/ai^,rd%toii,goMnie0  9  SDMp  S^ 

tMtffantousiitian  tl^c  tto^lD.  ''9inongft'aRt^l)ionKiiof^tiint,t^reliNUiiioiicii(itt  intlft 
HSbtttHQtttittviit  Itxctttb^i^iniwtbcaiiKnuiltttiiwXMtiiWf^^ 
oritatfottfmojealmnDantt^ticrftlfe.  Wtt Iwn a nawtaH qafckneg 0? tfuTltmktS tafttftoi 
tputut  dfl]|fta(i|)«  am  a  moS  notable  giatt  fa  aP^ftt^airfym'i  df^lMifftfiieiiitliH^^bitiCf 

&utber,anbtbmfi)9e(atiMbatobetoifaticteofa4eft  tbfas^bp  iNbeft 
(beemfsbetbebttter  latim^mmOjtVMImttbiSmhvnandlmp^^ 
ttStixW  cjxmtmsittt$  of  Bottp  ai»itilnif»ConftantuttCfatants^tfii^amKtnn^i^^ 

..  t 



The  trauailes  and  dilcoucries 


\      \ 

anD<)aDbp|)craronnec«UetCo)iftantinctt)earcat,iD()<Ie  (iceretiMlnro  iitlJ^itAine.  m\ia  at 
lengtti  trreaflitip  at  So)li^*  ^*  Helena  ( no  o^ttire  ^e»  Anns  of  tniiome  mentfon  10  maoe  i\\ 
tUe  netoe  VeOamem)  tomtoueD  a  iimiiou0,anD  tiolp  tmooto  to  t^  cnoe  of  bet  life. 
■C^iKre  ate  fonte  ti^iter0  toliitt)  Mc  aflimie,tNpetftatt<on  reafeD,  «no  ycacetoa^ 

tl;e  Ct)?iAtaii  CM)M  bp  bet  ffooo  meaner. 

aftet  tbe  Ii'sbt  onB  iuiotaleDge  of  tbe  ®olVeI>  Qje  ipretoe  fo  (Itafitn  in  8iuinitie>  tbat  Qiee  ^ 
aio  tompofto  niuetii  bootte(i,anD  rettaine  fi^teehe  tetfetf  airo,tubitb(«f  Pont  icus  tqw)tetb)are 
pcttjceant.  .  1Srttist)oanieDbpfometoiOotui(beeb)entto3IeruraIem,anotiQteQaUtbepUice« 
iifixt,  luljicb  €Hft  bao  frequcntcn.  iS>be  hueo  to  tbe  age  of  foutefroje  peete0i  ano  ^en  opeo  at 

The  lifearld  trauelsx)? Gonftantine  the  great,  Empe- 

<  LauiuiCdnftaotious  cognoment?  Magnus  poft  Gfnitorem  Coftantium  Bri- 
I  tannoruniRcx,  ac  RpmanorumCjefarAugufliis,  ex  Britannicamatre  in  Bri- 
tannia iiatus,&'itrBl-i!tannia  breams  Imperator,  patriam  natalem  magnificz 
Cux  gloria:  patticiptm  fecit.  Profligatis Alcmanis,Hirpanis,&  Francis,corum- 
que  Rcgibus  pro  fpc(i;\acuIo  beftij s  o6ic(Sis,  Galliam  fubiedam  tcnuit :  Trcs 
Helens,  matris  iatiunculotf  Britdnilos^Lcolinum,  Traherum,  &  Marium,  quos 
CKcdM  Ccnipcr  fidcntiorcshabucrat  in  fiiis  fortunJs,Itd(is'  a  Maxcntij  tyrannide  fceiicit^T  libc- 
animij  quam  corporis  virtutcs,  dum  appetcntiflimu»eirct  gloriae  militaris,  fuccefTu  fempcr  in 
b«ilis  profpeixi.tnter  litcras  tarn  Graecas  quamLatinas^aChriAianifsima  matre  Helena  Chrifii 
Mem  cdo6b)s,  eos  honorabat  praecipud,  qui  in  Philofophia  Chridiana  vitam  reclinafTenq. 
Vnde  ab  Occani  finibus  nempc  Britannis  incipiens,ope  fretus  diuina,Religionis  curam  in  rr.c- 
diji  fuperiiitionuni  tencbris  ccepit,  ab  Occiduis  ad  IndoSjinnumeras  ad  aeternz  fpem  vitz  eri- 
gensrgentes;  Anionim  diuinis  exercendo  ftudijs.  nodes  trahebat  inromncs,&  quzlita  fcriben- 
dldiuerticula  per  otiumfTzqucntabat:  Impcriumoratione,acSandtis  operationibus  conti- 
nciidum  ratus,  Egregius  Chriltianz  dtfciplinz  przco,  iilios  ac  proceres  docuit,  pietatem  diui- 
ti)9  omnibus,  at^ue  adeo  ipfi  anteferte  totius mundi  Monarchiz.  Falibrum  Deorum  euer(br, 
Ima^itium  cultus  perGrsciam^^gyptum,Perfianiy/Vfiani,  &  vniuerfam  ditione  Romanam, 
Kij^titis  abrogbt  legibus,  iub^ns  per  edi6ta  Chriflu  coli,Euangcliumptzdicark  facrum^Mini- 
fths'honor^&alinienta  dari,atque  idolorum  vbique  ddlrui  templa.  Et  vt  fidei  fdrtna  cun^s 
4id^retui,  Euangelium  lefu  Chnili  ante  fe  feniper  ferri  fecit,  &  Biblia  farra  ad  omnesprouin- 
eiasdefiinarijdiademaque  Monarchicuin  primus  Britannis  Regibusdedit :  Ecdefijs  infinita 
praftititja^ros,annonani,llipemeocni$^2rls,viduis,acorphanis,proquibusquevt  pater  folli- 
anu.  Eulebium.Ladatitium,  &  fimiles,  familiarifsimos  habuit,  &  banc  ad  Deum  orationem 
indies ipfis in  cius vitatcftibus  flidit.  Vnum  tc  Deum eflfe  nouimusjvnum  te Regeni  intelligi- 
girtjus ,  appellamus  adiutorem,  nobis  abs  tc  viftoria  cccidit,  ex  te  Aduerfarium  fudimus,  &c. 
Pro  dtljcijs  habuit,  vt  Sexius  Aurelianus  tradit,literarum  fhidia  colerc,  bonas  artes  fbucre,  le- 
g?re;fcribere,mcditari:  compofuitGrzce  &  Latin^  multos  libros  &  Epittolas.     E  vita  Nico- 
mcdiz  difcefsit  Senex,ztatisfuzAnno66.  &  Imperij}2.  slGhrifti  vero  incamationc  ?  jp, 
Conftantinopoli  fepultus,  Otlaui^lrt  i^ritapnjs  regn^^^.,  Eius  vitam  in  quatuor  libris  Eufe- 
bius  Czlaricnfis  Grzce  fcripfiti&  Ipartncs  Portefius  Callus  in  Latinum  tranftulit  fermoncm. , 

i,  fThe/ameinBigUJh.   . 


1.  :nrodftl;eaRomattc»,bo?neinlB?jtanieofHelcnabi0motber,aj«>tberenx«e5€mperottr, 

inwel^iuitMrrotnuitcpaitaltetofbidfinpIatslo^^nijreMoume*     , 

fi9a:5«n*fctb|otoiefl«totoflDeheaae0,bebetojrtanteftreIfea»nAiectt^  bim:  annba- 
urngbapprtpueltueteu  tf)eataliaiwfromtbetp?annfeofMaxcntius,becp?ef^  r«of  bftfrao" 
nwijWtoielWibfiin  imtobmrtbeiiattpatbettwo  be  of  d^ 

«i»tbar««inis«i)]c9fiNt intbenaetiftof  matte, min^m  tommeniMtton of  9^wctm 
\  *^" '  wotoelft. 

-^»-  .rfKv  ■ 


ofche  EngliHi  nadon« 


p;ottene,l)C  ueticc  pitcbcb  fieloe  but  bi«  furcefle  in  tbe  battell  tnaf  alteapeo  tiicto^tf.  i)ii  mo* 
tber  Helena  liauins  iiiUntcttBlnm  in  tbe  faitb  of  C  WaltlKwsb  Uee  ituuw  murb  of  all  mm  t^ac 
mere  learnet  in  titc  6m\ui  an«  Latine  tongues,  pet  be  peebeB  ^edall  bono;  to  tbofe  tbat  ^t 
tbeir  time  in  ^c  Quoie  of  Diuiiiitie,tDfHcb  be  caHco  Cb^mian  IPbiiolopbie :  fo  tbat  bcgpinnins  at 
tbe  fiinbeS  part  of  tbe  Z>ctm  rea,ti)bitb  tben  tBa<  taken  to  be  bi^  otonc  natiue  fople  of  V^'taiiit, 
aiiD  tniOing  in  tiic  aOSSante  of  (Sod,  toben  tbe  oatitenetf  of  fupetfticion  biaii  mott  tbirlte,  tben  bee 
biiDmooKcarare  oflSeUQion,IKnins  up  innumerable  nationit  from  tbe  CCXcff  ait  fat  e  80  In- 
dia it  feUcto  tbe  bope  of  eternall  life. 

Oee  palTco  manp  mgbtc0  tuitbout  fleepejbattinsbi0minlieocnipieoittDiuinelhiOie0:anii 
tttbenroeucr  W  leafitre  from  greater  affaire^oio  permit bim^iis  tiacant  timeti  (boulDbe  tftnt  in 
tbe  bfeof  luntiitff  9  otbet  soob  eirerrife(i,allhting  bimfelfe  tbatbi^  itingDomtf  9  <Cmpire  ttcte  to 
be  rotuinueo  9  ftrctistbeneo  to  bim  bp  pjaper  anb  bolp  tno^ketf:  anb  oftentimes  taking  bpon  bim 
am  it  turn  ^  perron  of  a  notable  pKarber  of  Cb^iffian  biftipline,  be  bmulb  tcatb  W  rbilojen  anb 
nobiUtictb  tt  sobiined  toati  to  be  p^eferreb  before  ricbe«t,pea,befo)e  ^  SPonarcbie  of  an  f  toojiB. 

^e  ouertb^eb)  tlje  falfe  soo0  of  tbe  ]t)eatben0.  anb  bp  manp  lametf  often  rem'ueb,be  ab^ateo 
tbe  b)o;ifl)tppi»5  of  SImasesi  in  all  tbe  coumrei«(  of  Greece,  e/£gypt,  Perfia,  A(ia,  anb  tbe  Inbolc 
Eomanc  <Smpirc,commaniiing  Cb^tt  onclp  bp  bis  <£^bict0  to  be  ttojlbippeb,  tbe  farreo  (dol^ien 
to  be  p}eacbeb,tl)e  Sl^iiuacrtf  tbercof  to  be  bonoureb  anb  relieueb,  anb  tbe  templeit  of  3[b(de0  eue* 

aBbitberfocucr  be  ttent  beecaurebtIjebookeoftbe(9oQienofCb}iiltobe(hTIcariebbefi9^ 
bim,  tbat  d;erebp  it  niis<jt  appears  to  be  a  fo^me  of  faitb  to  all  men,  anb  to  apperteine  gcnerallp 
to  alt  nations* 

Oe  \UA£(  tbe  Rrt!  tbM  appointeb  an  3lmperian  Diabeme,  0;  Crobme  to  tbe  Stinfftf  oflS^ttaine; 

i^e  tuaei  ntoH  bcneQriall  to  all  Cburrbes,  bettotuins  bpon  tbem  lanbd  anb fielotf,  anb  bpon  tbe 
poo7e,Grhe  pcrfon!t,\))ibotve0  aiio  o;pljane0iro;ne  anb  tootfiibeiRg  a0  carefuH  of  ^em  a0  if  bee 

!^ct)rcDlramcomcnmoafamiIiarlp,a0  Eufebius,  La6landus  aiio  otber0,anbtbepate1nitii 
neOTes  tbat  tbi0  tu<<0  bi^  bfuall  pitapcr  to  (Sob.  H)  Lo^blne  knotn  ^e  to  be  tbe  onelp  (0ob,toe  are 
fure  tbat  tbou  art  tbe  onelp  )Kins,anb  bie  can  bpon  tbee  M  our  belter:  tb^ougb  tbee  toe  l}me  got* 
ten  tbe  bicto^e^nb  b  p  tbee  tne  baue  ouertb^toen  tbe  enemle, 

Sexcus  AurcHus  repo^tetbi^at  it  tua0^sreatettbeli^tto  innate  tbe  Subie  of  leatm'nff.ta 
fauour  pob  ^rt0,to  reabe,ta;ite  anb  mebitate^  tbatbe  compofeb  manp  bookc0,anb  Cpittleit 
(otb  in  tbe  6reeke  anb  Latine  tonstte0* 

tyt  iitn  at  Nicomcdia,beinff  tben  ^5.pere0of  age^n  tbe  3 1  pereofbi0reipe,anbin  tbe  3  39* 
peete  after  tl)e  Slncarnation  of  Cb^itt,  anb  1080  burieb'  at  Conftantinople,  OAauius  being  tben 
ftins  of  Bjiitaine :  mbofe  life  Hufcbius  biibop  of  Casfarea  batb  tsjiitten  in  (Steele  in  44iool(e0i 
iDbicb  {ifterli)arb0  luere  tranflateb  into  ^e  Latine  tongue  bp  lohn  Pones  a  jTrencb  man. 

The  life  and  trauailes  of  Pelagius,  borne  in  Wales. 

Elasius  Cambrius  ex  ea  Britanniae  parte  oriundus,  famati  illius  Collegij  Ban- 
nochorenfis  a  Ceihia  non  procuJ,przpoiitus  erat,tn  quo  Qhriftianonun  philo- 
rophorum,duo  millia  ac  ccntum,ad  plebis  in  Chtifto  comoditatedi  militabant, 
inanuum  fuarum  laboribu$,iuxtaPauli  dofbinatti  vidtitantesPollquam  plures 
cxhibitos,pro  ChrilHana  Repub.Iabores,vir  eruditione  infignis,  &  turn  Grxc^, 
turn  Latine  pcritus,vt  TemiUianus  alter,  quorundam  Clericorum  laceiTitus  in- 
iurijs,grauatiin  tulit,ac  tandcnii  a  fide  defecit. 

PeragratisigiturdcinccpsGallijs,in  Aegvptunij&Syriini  aliafque  orientis  Reglones  de- 
mum  perucnit.  Vbi  eic  earum  partiu  Monacho  pndlil  ordinatus,  fui  nominis  haereiim  ^rict- 
bat:  aUerens  honiincm  (ine  pcccatonafci,  ac  folo  voluntatis  imperio  iine  gratia  faluari  poile, 
vt  ita  nefarius  baptilinum  ac  iidetn  tolleret.  Cum  his  &  coniimilibus  impoftricis  do^naefe- 
cibus  in  patriam  fuam  reuerfus,omnem  iilam  Rcgionetn,  luliano  &  Czleftino  Pfeudocpiico- 
pis  fautoribus,  confpurcabat.  Verum  ante  lapfum  fuum  fiudia  tra6tabat  honeftifllima,  vt  poft 
Gennadium  Bedain,&  honorium  alij  ferunt  authores,compofuitque  multos  libros  ad  Chrifii- 
anaih  vtilitatem.  At  poftquam  eft  Hereticus  publicatus,  multo  plures  edidithzreiifuccurren-, 
ccs,&  ex  diametro  cum  vera  pietate  pugnantes,Vnde  erat  a  fuis  Britannis  in  exilium  pulius, vt 
inEpiftolaad  MartinumquintumValdenushdiet.  Claruit  anno  poft  GhtUhunincamanim, 
3  90.iub  Maximo  Biitannorum  Rege. 

9/i  2  fTht 


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The  trauaifes  and  difcoueries       LSrigena. 


famouf  Cdlewtc  of  UmiBoj,notf«mftom€(jeaet,toberrin  liuco  a  *ocittif  of  2  loo.Di. 
umeM*tuDent0of  Cb)ittiaiip()iIoropliie,  apytpinsttrmfrlueieitottiepTofiteoftfie  C(Qi(Han 
oeopIe,mnliu(nsbpt|ieUbooMoft()etrotonel)anDe0,«cro?Oingtopul0Doctrine.  It)eiBa«a 
man  mellnitip  IcanuD,anD  fltilfiill  toil)  in  t^  0rerke  ann  Lattne  tongue^,  aiiD  a^  it  torn  ano< 
tticc  Tertullian,  aftrt  1)10  lonff  ano  great  nrauailctffo;  t^e  gooB  of  tbc  Cb^iOian  Conmuni 
t»raltb,rcdng  liimfelfe  aixireo.ann  Muriouflp  Dealt  tuitijall  bp  fonte  of  t()e  Clergie  of  ttiat  time, 
^t  tookc  tljc  matter  fo  grieuonflp.  tbat  at  tbe  Ia(l  i)e  relapfen  from  ttie  faitf j. 

aabereuponlK  left  eaaIed,aiiiitDentAito  jrranre,anD  bwntg  gmietb^iugQ  f rance,(ic 
tnent  tberebencc  into  <Egppt,  ibp^ia,  9  otbct  Conntrie^  of  tbe  tf  ait,  ano  bring  maoe  p^iett  bp  a 
certatneS^onite  of  tboie  partem,  betbetebatdjeB  b(i<berefie,l>ii)irbarro;tiingtobi(inametoa(( 
rallcD  tbe  IjereDe  of  tbel^elagianis :  tobirb  toac^bat  man  tta^bo^ne  toitbout  Grate,  nno  migbt  be 
JaurobptljcpotDCrofbitf  otnne  tuil  ta)itboutgrate,tbatro  tbe  mirmblemanmtgtit  take  atoap 
faptb anobaptiCme.  mitbtbi^ano  tbelike  o^eggesof faIfeDoctrtne,berettn:neiiagaineinto 
miltUMi  tbcre  bp  tbe  meaneoof  tbe  ttra  falfe  p^elatett  Julian  anh  Celelb'ne ,  t»bo  fauouren 
bi0  bcreOe ,  bee  infer tco  tbe  ttbole  Countrep  tuicb  it.  ^ut  before  W  fall  ano  apottaQe  from  tbe  errrf  ifcD  bimfelffe  in  tbe  beft  fluin'eMJj  Gennadius3cda,Honorius,  ano  otber  autbouttl 
ooe  report  bim,  ano  tuTote  manp  booker  fetuiug  not  a  little  to  Cb^ttian  btilitie  t  but  being  once 
fallen  intobitfbereQe  ,be  ts^otemanp  mo^e  enoncoudbooke)},  tbenbe  oiobefo;ebonell,ano  Qii< 
eearettoberettponattbelaabitfotDne  Couittrtpmen  bantfbeobim.attdaialoenteSifietbin  bii< 
epiaietoipope seattintlje Bft*  t^  ffe^fbeointfie peereafteTt|)e3;ncanution, 3 j)o.Maximus 
being^uKingoflSjitane,  .  ,.^, .  .^. 

.;  r  fjjg  ijfg  and  trauailes  of  John  Erigcna. 

[  Oannes  Erigena  Britannus  nations,  in  Mencuia  vrbc,  feu  ad  ^um  Dauidis, 
[&patiicio  genitore  natus,  dum  Anglos  Daci  crudcles  bellis  ac  rapinismo- 
leitarent,  ac  omnia  illicciTcm  tumiutibus  plena,  longamipfc  peregrinatio- 
nem  Athcnasvfq;  fufccpit,annofq;  quamplurcs ,  liieris  Grzcis,  Chaldaicis, 
Mpf iim  oraculum  Solis^quod  Aefculapius  iibi  conltruxerat.  Inucniens  tandem 
quod  longo  quxlierac  labore  injtaliam  &GaIliam  eftreuerfus  vbi  ob  iniignem  eruditioncm, 
Carolo  Caluoj&pollea  Ludouico  Balbo.accepcus,Dioniiij  Arcopagitae  libros  de  cceleili  Hie- 
rarchia,exCon[lantinopoli tunc miiTosI^atinosfecitjAnno.Dom.  858.  Ptofe6luspofleain 
Britanniam,  Alphredi  Anglorum  Regis,&  fuoruqi  liberorum  fadhis  eft  praeceptor,  atque  ipfo 
mox  ad  hortante,inter  ocia  literaria  eGrzco  tranftulit  in  tres  liaguas,rcilicet  Chaldaicam,  A- 
rabicam,  &  Latinam,  Ariftotelis  moraliajdefecretis  recretorum,reure(5toregimine  Princi- 
pum,opus  cerce  exquiHtum.  In  Malmsburienii  caenobiotandem,  quo  recrcationis  gratia  fe 
contulerat,inter  Icgenduin  a  quibufdom  difclpulis  maleuolis  interimebaturj  An.  Chriuij  884. 


I OhnErigenealE(^ane,oefcenoeoofbonoutabIeparentiei,ano&o;ne  in  t|ie^ott)neof&.Da> 
uio  iu(KI3aIe{t,feeing^e  CngUflmtentobeopp^otnitl^tbetnarreisanotapiitesiof  tbe  cruel 
Danec(,  auo  an  tbe  lano  in  a  Ijurlie  burlie,be  in  tbe  meane  time  bnoertooke  a  long  ionmep ,  euen 
a0fairea«i9tben0,anoAeref\)ent  manp  peered  in  tbe  Ihtoie  of  tl!)e(0reelte,cialDie,  ano  9rabi' 
autongucs)ljetbcrefrequcnteoantbeplactd8nofcboole0of  t(je1t»t)iTofopbersMino  t^eojacleal* 
ror<ftbeS)unne,  tnbirb  c/frculapius^aobuOtlmtobimreUi?*  9no  bauingfotmoatlengi^^ac 
Voitbbebaotoitb  longtrauellfitarcbeOtberetimieoagaiiie  inio3ItaIie,ano  JTrance^tuberefo; 
ln«finguler  Ie8ming,be  toadnmcb  fouoitteo  of  ^tlnoSingd  Cbarled  ano  leb)ec(>ano  in  W 
betngtbrre,betraniIateointolatinetbebookeitofDionylius  Areopagitaronreming  tlje  0ea« 
uenlpl^arrbie.tDbtcbtvere  fentfrom  ConOantinopIein  tliepeere  858«aftertbifli  (^e  came 
backe  againe  into  Ui  otone  Counttep^auo  tna«  frtoolemaSet  biito  aipb^eo  t^  ISingof  €ns< 
IaiiD,anotoMdfbnne0Miui  bponbtdtetiueS,  at  bid  timed  of  leaftne,betran0ateo  9^ 
t^abUe  of  ^a{m(lutje,t»bitber<^tneitt  forbid  ten«ation, ano  tberearco^oing  to  bid  mam 
necDifpitting,anoreaoingtot^  jbtnoentiMimeoftNiniiaiU^ 

^      :  ;  ^v^  The 


-.-rj^  «,'//'  .f"*  v\',  ^  .;-v  .,i(.A>i,x>*  ^.yv,. 

Ajybueman^(^c.  oftheEnglifti  nation. 


The  trauailes  of  Andrewc  Whiccman^liat 
Ltucander,  Qntur,  %, 

I  Ndncas  Lcucander  alias  Whiteman^iuxta  LcI8(luin^Monachus,&  ABbasRa. 
radkufisCamobij  tertius  fuic  Hie  bonii  artibus  ftudio  quodain  incrcdibili 
|no£tesatquedics  inuigilabat,&opciz  praeciuni  ingcns  inde  ictulit.  Acccflit 
kpntterea&ardcnsquoddamdcndcrium.eaproprijs  &  apcntsoculisvidcndi 
iloci^n  quibus  Seruator  Chriflus  rcdemptionis  nolhi  inilUria  omnia  confum" 
inauit,  quorum  prius  Tola  nominacxfcripcurarum  le^Uonc  noucrat:vnde8e 
facram  Hierofolymorum  vrbem,  miraculorum,  prxdicationU,  ac  pafsionii  eius  tcftem  in- 
uiHt,  atque  domum  rcdicns  h&ui  dl  AbbasXlaruifTc  fcnur  anoo  nati  Sciuacoris,  i  oao.  Tub 


A)@D;eD)etruranTiet,ot|)ettDire  caIleQ([a6iteman  (a0letoiiitep(Qt«^)t)M0bpp;Dft(Iioti 
a  $^onke,anti  (itcOjtn  Slbbat  of  tbe  2bbit  of  BamOe:  lit  toast  meetiinelp  snini  to  tlie  Ou* 
tic  ofq^oO  attest,  taking  pained  tf)eretnDap9rasl)t,8nDp;oGteosnatlptbenbp.  9iuiatnongll 
aIlod)crtl;tn90,liei)aDanincreDibIe  ocfice  to  fee  tbofe  placed  tD<t|)|)i0epe0,tol)Cce6iC|^ooc 
^autourpetfounncD  ant  tu^onslitan  tbempfletieiBofoutEeDentption,  tlie  named  of  tolfteti 
placed  be  onelp  hnttoe  before  bp  t!)e  reatiins  of  tbe  ^rriptured.  SQS^eteupon  ^e  began  tws  toinri 
uep,aniiD}e»tto3IcruraIem  aluitnefTe  oftbemirac1cd,pjeactiin(i;  anopafTionof Cb;iitt,anDbe<  . x. 

ins  asaine  refiirneQ  into  bid  Countcep ,  be  toad  masc  ^e  afb^efaioe  9bbat.  |>e  flo}i(beB  (n  tim 

The  trauailes  of  one  Athelarde  an  EngliOiman, 

recorded  by  mafier!Bal2^  Centur.  a. 

PThelardus  Blchonienfis  Cacnobij  monachus,  naturalium  rerum  miftetia,  U  cau- 
]rasomnes,diligenciitamvndecunque  exquintiperfciutatus  cfl,vtcumaliqui- 
'bus vetcris feculi  philoibphis  non  indignd  confcrri pofsit.  Hie  olim  fpedatae in- 
dolisAdulefccns^vtvircnteadhuczcace  iuuenilcingenium  foecundaret,  atque 
'  ad  res  magnas  pararet,  reli6ta  dulci  patria  longinquas  petijt  regiones.  Cum  vero 
Aegyptum  &  Arabiam  pcragrans^  plura  inueniifet,  quz  eius  deiiderabat  animus,  cum  raagno 
laborum ,  ac  literarum  lucro  in  Angliam  turn  demum  reuenebatur.  Qaniic  anno  virginci  par- 
tus,! 130.  Henrico  pilmoregnaate.  '• 

j7  The  fame  in  Englt/h, 

AThelard  a  ^oOx  of  t|ie  abbieof  Vatbe.toad  fo  otltsenta  rearclier  of  t^  fentted/na  c«^ 
kg  of  natural!  t^d,tbat^Derentet|i  too^jelp  to  be  compares  toitd  fomeof  tbeatmcient 
]^t1ofopbetd.  %W  man  aWm^  ponmr,  petbetngof  agoob  toit.anb  being  beOroadeoni' 
creafeanbeim'ctie^e  fameto^^  beftt^tngd.atto  to  pjiepare^imrelfe  ad  ittoereCDH  greater 
matterd  >  itU  W  Countrep  fb;  a  ttme ,  anb  tranaiUo  into  fo^reine  Eegiond*  l^e  toent  tb?ongfi 
€gppt,8nD  9f  idiia,aitt  fbttnb  out  manp  ^ingd  toliicb  fit  beOceo  to  Hi  otone  p^uate  contentmft, 
ant  tbe  p^  of  goob  letterd  generallp ,  ant  fo  being  fatiCSeo ,  returaeo  againe  into  ^  CouiH 
Ke^:iieflo;t(bebrn^epeere  1 1  jo.i^np  tfie  firttbetngtbenKingof  Cnglano. 

:  -      The  life  and  trauailes  of  one  William  of  Tyre, 


LVlielmus,  EcdeiizDominici  Icpulchri  Hierofoiymac^eguIanumCanoni-  Keentm 
j  corUm  prior,natione  Anglicus  vit  vita  &  moribus  c6mendaoilis,Anno.Dom.  CiiilieloHis 
,  1 1  aS.poftquam  Tyrorum  Ouitas  fidei  Chriltiana;  rellituta  eft  a  Guimundo  ]2iI^*HoB. 
I  Hyeroiblymoril  pacriarcba^eidem  vtbi  primus  Archiepifcopuspracficicbatur.  ncominw. 
1  Eft  autem  Tynis  Ciuitas  AntiquiTsima,  Phenicix  vniuerfs  Metropolis,  qux 
'  inter  Syrix  prouincias»&  bonorum  omnium  pend  comoditate^  it  incdarum 
ftequenda  primum  fenaper  obdnutt  locum:  pbft  confcripta  quaedam  opurcula,&  Epiftolas^ad 
Dominum  migraiut.  An.  Chrifti  1x30.  quum  dupbus  untum  fediflet  anois,  £c  io  Tyicnfi  £c- 
denafepelitur.  >      ■.,>< 


WSIEiamt^  19^  of  t$e  <:aNiion0  Kegnlattn  tbe  CfawjofgentCiten,  calkb  t^ 
IfQbH  JbepnJbd^itoatfanCngldtRnan&o^jaioof  a  MttWHtf  nogoot  luHtwiutt* 

a   3  9f^ 


CUruit  Tub 

f  Thetrauailesanddilcoueries:  'R^^^eMAIfis. 

of  Jctufakmmawlitmtljcfltiiarrbbitljoi)  of  Tyrc^nt<jei«fere  1 1  »8,«lliicftTvreii«iwrp  «!• 
dcnt*C(ttr.tbet|^mopoU0of  all  Phcnicia.nnfi^jatti  bm«rcomptn^f()<efett1i9)ouiiiceor 
^p)ia,boti)  fb)  (knitfUn  ronmtooide«8nDnnittituDrofinbaWt«m0.f;|rf0a)ilUnn||«Ungta 
b<«lifetD7inennump looked anoeyifllM.bieDat  laa  intfjepeere  iijo.lMRiingbnK  arctC' 
bi(t)op  ttie  fj^are  of  ttow  prere0,a»i)  toat  burieo  to  tte  Cl;urrti  of  Tyre. 

.■jy  " 

Mil  '•■" 

The  trauailcs  of  a  ccrtainc  Englifli  man,  wliom. 
n^Jler  (Bale  remmbreth  in  his  iJQmturie^  and  caUeth       ,  *' 
him  Robertus  Keccnenfis. 

Obertus  Kctciicnfis  nat ionc  &  cognomine  Anglus ,  deguflatis  primilm  per 
Angloriim  gymnafia  humanarum  artium  dementis  litcrarijs ,  vltramarinas 
f  Utiin  vifuatc  prouincias,in  ammo  conlKcuit:  Peragratts  erg6  Gallijs,Italia« 
Dalmatia,&  Grs:ia,tum  dcmum  peruenit  in  Afiam,  vbi  non  paruqlabore,ac 
vita:  fuarpericulo  inter  Sarraccnos  truculentifsimum  hominum  genus,  Ara- 
bicamlinguam  ad amufsim didicic.  In  Hifpaniam poHea  nauigio  tradudus, 
circa  fliiuiumHibcrumAilrologiczarcislludio,cum  Hermanno  quodamDalmata,magni 
fuiitineris  comice  fetotumdcdit.Claruit  anno  feruatoris  noAri,  1 143  Scephano  rcgnante^flc 
Papilonjcfcpclitur.  ,> 


T^i  Robert  Kctenenfis,  tuast  calleD  an  Cndiflmtan  bp  Q'^name ,  ta  ht  loata  bp  bfrtb :  tobo 
tbeUniuetfitteti  of  €liisIanD  .oetemuncD  to  ttauatle  to  tbe  patte0  bepono  (ca :  anb  lb  trauapUn 
tb^Sl)  prance,  3ItaI»,  Dalmatia,  aho  Greece,  ano  rame  at  laH  into  Slfia ,  lubere  bee  Uucti  in 
great  oancrec  of  OitfUfeamongr  tbe  ctueU^amrentt,  butpet  leanteb  petfectlptbe9raMaii 
tongue,  flftciliiatiitf  be  retunieD  bp  tea  into  &pame,anti  tbere  about  tbe  riuer  Ibems,  gaue  fiim 
relf  tobblp  to  tbe  ttnvit  of  3fhoIosie,iuttb  one  Hermanmis  a  Dalmattait,  mbo  baDaccompanieo 
biminljitf;t(beom^epeete  1143  dtcuen  being  ^  Kins  tfCngUmii, 
anoinais  butieb  at  Papilona. 

-    The  worthy  voyage  of  Richard  thcfirft,KingofEngIand     ^; 
into  j^a,for  the  recouery  oflerufalemwt  of  the  handes  of  the     v   ' 

Saracens ,  dia  wen  out  of  the  booke  of  Ades  and  Monuments  of  the 
Church  of  England,  written  by  M.Iohn  Foxe.  ' 

fp^nameo  Cccur  dc  Liou^  fline  of  l|^encp  tbe  ferono,  afiter  tbe  Mao 
ofbi0fatberrememb;ins^etebenion0  tbat  IjebaobnintetifiiUpiai' 
feu  againff  bim,  fougbt  fo;  abfolution  of  bfei  tte(^al&,anii  in  yan  offa< 
tiffaction  fi)  tbe  fame,  agreen  inttb  W09  tbe  JTcenrtiKingtotakt 
bidr^opagetDitbbim  fojtijececouerie  of  Cb}«te0patrimome,ti^c^ 
tbep calleotbi^HolylandttDl^etebpon  tie  fain  KiuglSictiattiiinme* 
biatlpaf^  bt|(C^8tion^  to  ];2^mbimfi!lf|(^.e  better  totuatoetf 



ft^.i   ■. 


v.-).'  •■, 

- '  1 

.  k:  ji 




acteo  a  tetub  of  tbe  tobole  Eealme,  tbe  Cf^idiaRti  to  mOit  ^mi^  «nb  te^^oufanb  {mniseis, 
anb  tbe  Sletoetei  uibirb  tben  ntoelt  in  tbe  Bealim  tb^eefco^e  t^fano* 

1t)auingtf)u0  gotten  fuffident  monepfojtbe  e]cyIoit,bee  icm  rertaineearletfniD  V^n^tttf  ta 
pilip  tbe  ifreitrbttingintbetimeof  biiilMi<tweittatS.Denis,tovnt^inminiieof  btep^ 
miremabe  fb;  tberecouerieof  Cb^itt^bolppattimonieoiitigftbe  Aaracentf  ftimtZoiamm 
(e  IJmt  ttojb  againe  in  tUfe  monetb  of  Deeember,tt)at be  bob  bounBbimfelftbp  Memne  ot|ic,9ei 
poangt>pontbeeuangeIttt{(,tb8tbetbepeetene]ctfonotDmg,8bontt1ie  timeofeailct,bab  ceu 
caineIpp^(»to  abbitefrebimTelfetotDatbtbatiotttnepf  requiring  bim  UtettifenottofatleM 

tobereabpatt()etetmeabone1itnitteb>ap)nimliigaUbt^pIace  lii^e  bat^4eEitig0(boulK 

an  tbe  pere  t^efoje  1 1  pojRiiig^jicljtti  >(mtng<i«ttiaD^^ 
inbi««b(ienreto  tbe  biibop  (f  eipe  tben  Cbanreloar  of  ^n{|^bniQ,  abuo^ 
nep,8ttDc«wt»Tuionco  iiKetei8it|)3P(ai[^tte /i)a9;^|«i^ 

^     ■■  li^h:^ 


NSto  .V  B»  w.'  rf*  v\,  ^  _■»,  .*.,^a  ,vy/  ..t^ 






|)mtin|itieiie  accte* 

lom.    li 

ion  paruqlabore,ac 
minum  genus,  Ara- 
1  nauigio  tradu^s, 

;nt0  of  gooo9mi8  in 
I, lu^ebeeUucD  in 
lerlberus,  jgau$|)int 

England  :  • 
indesofthe     .  ' 

ncnts  of  the 



meofCaSctibtt  nv* 


I(^i7(icjheh        ^fthc  Englifh  nation* -"i  I 

ip^tbe  JTctntfr  kinjt  9  be  iopniiiff  togrtbct,  fo^  tbe  mo^  rominuance  of  tbcit  imirnr]»,a(nirrD 
(bcmTttoef  bp  (bUmne  ocbe,(V»canns&MUtic  one  to  tbe  ocbet:  tbe  Ibjme  of  Inbore  otb  teaf  tb<«. 

;    TImT  eilbtr  tfthtm  (htti/d  tUfmd  mmI  mamtmiie  ththomtr  ofih*  cthrr/md  ^Mre  trmfidtlitii  m  j),,  0,1,,  ^ 
*i; ;..  VMthm,»fUfr^mimttrsf^W9tU^hemitr^dthMtntiihtrtfth€mfh«itldf4ilt«tH$ht$thtr  fidel.ticbc- 
'^-n  V  M  lilr«n'  t^turtt.-imt  the  French  ktMfJhomUliijule  theKhtj^efEng/Mmi  imUfeHtLtiehu/Mtie  iwixi  King  Rt. 
.  /^j'J  iwddcmiHmsAsbeweMldhmfe/fe^fimJhhepmCilieefP^imifitwmkejKgea.uviiiihdt  chjrd,andilie 
.  ;^. '.    7^ri&4r^  Ji:i»x  •fEngUnillik.entfejhemldMdt  the  French  king  in  defendine  hu  UndMndDo-^'^'-^^"^' 
miniensjno  otherwife  then  he  wtttld  defend  hunene  Citit  ofRtan  iftt  were  bejitgid,  (^c. 

Concerning  ^  latneif  anb  o}Oinance0  appointcD  bp  King  ISicbatoe  fo}  bitf  I3atde,tbe  fo;me 

I*   Vbat  btbofo  MIftoanpperfon  onQxuboatmQmtlDbetpeQ tDftbb<mtbatlDa«aa(ne,anD  ^*!!^!£!S' 
tb?ot»cn  into  tbe  Ilea,  St 

a  *  ^  no  if  be  haieo  bint  on  tbe  IanD,be  (boulo  in  like  manct  be  tpeo  tiiit^  t^t  paitie  &aine,ano 
be  bucieb  Diitb  bint  in  tbe  catti). 

3 .  0^  tbat  (balbe  tomiirtcn  bp  latnftill  tnitnett  to  o^to  out  but  kttife  07  tnrapoii  to  tbe  intent 
tottriheanpman^;tl)atQatb  llrikenaiiptotbeD^tDinffof  bloo0,(ban  loofebitfbanD. 

4.  aifobetbatttrihetbanp  petfontuitbbi^banb  tnitbouteflufion  of bIooo,(baIbepIungeb 
tb}eetime0  in  tbcfea. 

5.  31tem,ti)bo  fo  H^eattetb  anpopp^ob^ioud  ojrontttmeVottjttso^iirtiin  reuilinso^rurflns 
one  anotber,  fo^  fo  oftentimes  as  be  batb  tcuiIeo,(ban  pap  fo  manp  ounce*  of  Oluer. 

6.  sitemui  tl)iefe  o;  felon  tbat  batb  ftollen  heiug  latofullp  rSuicteD,(baI  bane  bi0  beao  (bo^ne, 
ano  bopltns  pitcb  poto^eo  bpon  bi*  beaii,anD  featbert  0;  ootone  Qcatoco  bpon  tbe  fame.tobetebp 
demap  be  hnotuen,aiitifo  at  tbe  fitaiaiioinff  place  tbep  (ball  come  to,  tbcretobecaS  tip. 

'Q:befe  tbin&fli  tbuis  0}QeTeti,Rins  Kicbaro  fenontg^  aaniebp  tbe  ftpaniibfeas,  anb  bp  tbe 
fttceit0  of  Gibraltarcjbettoeene  dtiaine  ano  Africa^  meete  bim  at  Marfilia^bee  bimfdft  locnt 
a0  idfaioto  Vizeliace  totbe  jTixncbtung.cabicbtWiitiitstlfcomtbeitceloentto  Lions,tBbetfc 
tbe  b;iDgeouec  tbe  dodo  Rhodanusfii;  p;e(ft:of  people  b^aite;  ano  maitp  botb  menanotoomen 
Inecebiotnueo  :bpoccalbn  tubereof  tbettooltiiiMfiQtbeconAjanceoftbeirtrainetf.tuerecon* 
Srafneo  to  oitfeuee  tbemfelue«  fo;  time  of  tbefc  iottcn^,  appoiimng  botb  to  meete  togetber  in  Si- 
ci]y:aitD  fo  i^biltp  tbe  jTreitcbkingtooke  biit  toap  ib  Genu&^o  IitnslUcbarD  to  Marfilia.tDbere 
be  iremaineo  8.tiape0>  appointing  tbete  ^ia  Bmit  tb  meete  binu  if  com  tbence  croOIng  oner  to 
Genua  ubcrc  d^e  jTrencb  lung  tDaier,piriftD  fojtnarvbp  tbe  coaOeif  or3itaIp,ano  entreo  into  Tiber 

iKing  Ifticbam  ttaping  in  Marfilia  d.bapeiil  fo;  bii>  l^ie  bibicb  came  notibee  tbere  bicc9  30. 
(Ctalliejat,  ano  I  o«  great  barked  to(bippeouerbtjSmen,anti  focameto  Naples,aio  Ibpattlpbp 
bo)(ltani>1i)agon,9partlpbpt(;efea,painng  toFalemuni,cametoCalabria,ii^bere  aftertfjatbe 
bao  bearo  tbat  bift  (bipft  tnere  arciueo  at  MeiTana  in  Sicily,  be mabe tbe  nto;e  (peeMno  fo ^e  3  ^ 
of^eptentbetemreoMcfrana  b)itbfttcbanop(ieof^nini^et0  anb<&baImeie(,t)Mtbfn(b  anute 
anb  (betue,  tbat  it  toaiai  to  tbe  great  toonberment  anb  tcrrouc  botb  of  tbe  JTreiirbmen,  anb  oTan 
otbertbatbibbeatcansbebolc4)?0gbt»  < 

Co  tbe  faib  totnne  of  MeiTanatbe  JTrencb  king  tnatf  come  befo;te  tbe  I  ^.of  tbe  fameinonetb  of 
^q^tenfbec^nb  bab  taken  Vjf  t^e  pallace  of  Tancredus  king  of  Sicily  fo;  ijie  lobging :  to  ta^m 
Mtig  &'cbarb  after  bii  atriuall  efUbpite*  re(b;teb,  anb  tuben  tbe  ttno  kingsei  bab  conrnnuieb  togei 
(bet^mmebiatlp  ^t  Jfrencb  ktitgtooite  flipping  anb  entreb  tbefe8ie(,tbrnktngtofaiIe  totoatbeiet 
iretncneo  bim  backe  againe  to  Mc(rana.<Cben  king  fiicbarb(b>bofe  bMlging  tsaf  p;epareb  tn  Ht 
(o\jt(a  fenttoT>mcreduskingof^cilyfb;beIiaeTance  ofloaneb^H  QSkt  (tabo  b^  bene  fome* 
time«(Clueene  of  Sicily,  anb  bab  obtaineb  ber  to  be.fent  tmto  btm*  tbe  lalt  bap  of  ^eptendier  paf* 
ttnern^laciug  fnsiti&tt\aitlj  a  ftd^ctent  gatrifbitjie  retumeb  sgaine  to  NfeiTana. 

^e.2«  of  C)ctobet  king  Ei^acb  tnan  ati  otbeyftrottgbott  caHeb  Mohafltriutn  Griffonum, 
befitgc^ttlfeb,i^eteporebt&ere  an  ^ft  fto;eaio  jnooillonof  bictnaIjf,tDb^camefrom<Ciig* 
lanbojotfjerptocejf.  -  ;  •  ,        ..    i  :.....  ;  ^1 

liBaguare,anbdro((ie!eoiiaSe&oft^0riffinn(,anb  MidUih^leatttlie  btegtooulbeittenbe 

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VM  ''"-J'  A- 


The  trauailcs  and  difcoucries       I^.Kjc.the  i. 

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.  ■«!■•-■:..: 


)H0  uot>)etfiut^'rtotnuaiKtbeitCitie,90etifi)croalo4eti4oIe  Jllfe  tf  Sicily,  iiesaiinffine 
apintt  tbe  Siinstf  armie ,  utD  to  Qxtt  t<je  €ii0liQmieii  imc  0f  c()e  ffateit ,  oiD  to]^  t^ 
gaina  tijm.  ^Ije  eiicUOjiiun  feriiijj  tljat ,  maoe  to  tlx  ffateat,  aiiD  ftp  fc?f e  tooutojaue  b;oites 
H)em  oucn,  infoimtt^  tljat^c  King  rioiiHS  antongtt  itjem  tutt^  Wa  Cafe,  ai»  bTeaMngMnent  of 
tbeti  t)eaD0,touli>  not  aObase  tbett  finxene^,  fiic^  inati  ttierage  of  t^  CnffUQmtm  agafntt  tiie 
citijeiwof  Meffana.  ^ijc  «iiig  feeing  tbcftttic  of  1)10  people  to  be  ruc|),ttiattecotttoiiotttap 
ti)em,toolteboate,  aitDtoenttotbe  pallaceof  Iting  Tancred,  totaike  of  t^c  matter  Xavfyi^ 
jTrend)  Ktng,itt  tnbicb  meane  time  tbe  mattet  toaiei  fo  takrn  Dp  bp  tbetiDife  banolins  of  tfie  atm* 
cienttf  of  tdc  ritie,tl)at  botl)  parts  laping  bourae  tbeit  annour,toent  borne  in  peace. 

€be  four^  bap  of  tije  faioe  tnonetb  of  €ctober,f  ameto  King  &ir()arb  tbe  ^rcIjbiQiop  of  Mci^ 
fana  \uii^  ttoo  o^ec  3tr^bi(|)op«t  aUb  tuitb  tMt  jTtenrb  King,anD  funb^p  ot^er  eatle0,7?aninitf, 
anb:XM(bop0,to  intreate  of  peare,b)bo  asi  &itif  tuete  togetbec  confulting,  ano  l^ab  aintott  conclu* 
Deb  bpontbe  peace,tbe  ctti^eitiS  of  MciTana  iffutng  out  of  tlje  totnnc,  fome  tuent  bp  bpon  ^  motut< 
taiiie)},fomcb)itbopcnfo}ix  inuabeb  ^  manfun  o; longing  of  Hugh  Btune  an  Cng^ilb  Captaine, 
CbtttotcebibeTeof  commingtotbeeatcici of  tbe  Sting,  bt^fUbneidpb^ng  off  tafte  init^tlie 
jrrent[)  S(ing  anbtl)eceft,bepaiteb  front  tbent,aiiDronnningto  biiei  men,cc>mmatutbebt|iem  fo^tljc 
mitbtoanttctlKn^usi.  (Iiiaixitl;nttuitl)ocitaineof  bislbniDicrsmabingbpto  tbeto^of^ 
mountatne(b>birbl^cmcbtopanetIjeicpob)ertorIimbe)ti)ereputtbe  Citi^mstoSigfit,  c^aCns 
djera  totone  tlie  mountainc«i,bntocf)eben)  gatciEi  oftbe  citie^  babtm  alfo  rettaineof  tleKtnggfer* 
uant£ipuT(Ueiiintotbcritic,of  b)|)omeGuei»liantfbuIbter0  .^t^itieof  t^ltinir!!t  fentantdtDete 
Oaine^be  iTmtcb  lining  looittngbpan,  anbnotoncetuillingtD  terruetbem,  roi)tTarpto]bi0Ot^> 
aiU)  Uague  before  mabe  bitf)  tbe  Eing  of  $n(^nb :  fo^ttie  JTrenc^  iEUng  toiti;  ^istmcit  beiitg  tliece 
p^fent,tobeintbemibbeaoft!xmlafclp,aribtmtl^out  anpiiannetoanb  fto,anbmigl)ttDell(jatte 
(afeo  tbr  Kingd  pactie,mo;e  tben  be,if  it  bab  fo  Ukeb  bint. 

'^itfbeingtutobieittotbet&iglifbboftbolsetbctcfeUotDedltmflaiite,  rntbtl^  jTtentlmm 
pmnittebin^ntte,anb  tftattbepteete  rjtiuiiebanb  tbegatesbartcb  againStbem,  being  alfo 
ttoppeb{tombupingofbictaan,$oti)er  tliiiig0,  t^depbpon  gieatittbipatioitgatbetFDtfiemfclueiK 
in  atme0^attopcntbegate«i,anbfi:^Dtliettal0,anblbbiiimingd[ieritie,  fct  bptbdrOagstnitb 
t^CngIi(banne0DpontbeD)abi:t))bicbbibentbe  JTren^  fiingbibfi;r,I)ett)a0nn'g|iteIpof&ni 
|i0:  butiKing  lUrbatbto^attnotdbinnoiafeagree,  ttot)Dfef)aanbingtorati(5e^0imnbe,^ 
lit80contentebtotai(ebo1i)ne  bi09mte0,anbtocomntft^cttflDbieof  ^citie  ta^^Q^vuSixi* 
tie0  aub  ^Dnttplane0  of  3lctuialcnt,tiltiiet^  tjiat  Tanctcdiung  of  Sicily  anb  \it  Qioulo  agree 
togetbet  bpon  ronbttion0» 

€;befi^  tbings  being  Done  tbe  fifi  anb  G|ct  bap  of  2)ctobcr4tfoIbtBeo(%ai  bpon tlieeigfit  bap  0 
^Cme,tbat  peace  D)a0condutieDaniongtbeiung0jIiit>)ijic|ipeare,fiill  king  Richard,9Philip 
^e  jftenclj  king  tenetueo  againe  tbeic  otbe  anb  league  before  mabe,conceniing  ^ic  tnutuan  aibe 
anb  (btietie,Dutingtbetimeoftbat  peregrination. 

d»econb(p,peace  alfo  l»a0coucIubebbctD)eette  king  Richard  aiiDTancrcd  kingof  Sicily  a* 
fo^faib,D)i^conbition0^jattbebangbtecofTancrede  in  cafe  king  Richard  fboulbbielui^out 
pfTue,  flnulb  be  matieb  to  Arthur  Duke  of  IS^itaine  ^  king0  nepbeto  9  itejctbeire  to  W  crotuiv 
DiWeof  a  fo^man  cbarte  t»a0  b}aD)en,anD  lettcr0  (ent  hereof  to  '|tope  Clement  bting  batcD  tl^e 

iTcom  tbi0  time  bnttH  iTeb^uarp  t^e  nem  peere,tbefe  tbio  Iing0  kept  fhH  at  Meflana,  eitliet 
fo)  lacke  of  D)ittbe  anb  tneatber^o^  fo>  tije  repairing  of  tbeic  (l^petf  *  9nD  in  t^c  afb^fapbe  ft» 
b^uarptin^peere  i  ipi.  i^tgRichardfentouerbidganie0taNaples,  tbetetotneetebiiEtnto* 

tj^  Elinorc,aitb  Berengaria  tbe  Daugbtec  Of  Zant^ius  king  of  Nauarre,  \^^t  be  tna0  parpo« 

feDtomarcp,DibobptbsttimeD)erecometoBrundurium,  bnbett^conbuctof  Philip  €acIeof 
jnanber0,anQ  fo  p;oceebingDuto  Naples,t^  fouttbe  t(ie  kings  Q^peit  in^eretn  t^ep  (apleb  to 


3IntIji0ntranei\>ace>kingRichardfbeDiebbim(tlfte]cceebittg  bottnteoutfanb  liberallto  all 
nten:to  tbe  JTrenrb  king  firttbegauebiuer0(bippe0,  Dponotbenctlikelmfe  bebcilotDeD  ri4ic 
retuarDe0,anoofbi0trearur.eanDgoOb0,beDillcibutebIargeIp  tobis  fottlDiersattDfetuanttfa* 
boutbim,oftubomeitD)a0tiepo^D,tbatbeDtarattteD  nn^einonemonetb,  tbenanpofbitfpTei. 
oeceab}0DiD  inabtbote  peere  tbp  reafonbobereof  bepurc^afisD  great  loue  ano  fauottcW'cb  not 






-'  >  »*    W>-  rf*  NVVva-v  A.  A.i»  .v*  .^fK«    vl, 

K^J^jhe  I.        of  the  Englifh  nation. 

auB  ttent  to  Cathneia,  a  Citte  ttljm  Tancredus  tttns  of  Sicily  ^n  Up>  lubete  \»  tua0  liono^* 

MprcceiiieQ,atio4iete  cematneDtoitb  kins  Tancredus  ^ee  napes  ano  t^eenistlteis.  iSDn^e 

fraotioaptotien  be  CNlDwpan/^eafo^&i  Tancredus  ofit 

anoObteC ,  anO  i^eciotut  IBkes,  tolieteof  kins  fttctiaiD  tDoniD  recetue  notiiing..  <*••!  one  Uttle  tins 

fo;  a  tokni  of  biis  swo  tnin :  fo;  t<)e  lul)(cb  kins  BtdjatD  saue  agame  bnto  b^ 

length  ^aim  kins  Hi4<ni>  (lioalo  take  bist  leaue,  kins  Tancrcd  tooulD  not  let  bim  (b  Depart,  tint 

lueQetftooulosiue  bon  4.SKat(bippe0,anD  1 5.  s^Hiejii,  ano  fitctbermo^e  be  bimielfettoalQ 

neeoe?  acrompanie  bnn  ^  Ipace  of  tteo  oapeti  ioumep,to  aplate  calleo  Tauernium. 

'Cbcntlje  noctmo^ninsluben^ep  (boalQtakctbeirleaue,TancrcdusDecIareDtmtabim  tOe 
meflase,  ttbicb  tbeiTrenrti  Kins  a  little  before  ban  fent  unto  bintbptbc  Duke  ofBurgundie, 
Aerontent«il»bereoftwi0tbi0:  CbattbeKinsof  Cnslauii  toaiJafaire  ^raptout,anotiM)ulo 
iieuet  keepe  ^e  peace  tbat  tuag  bet\ucene  tbem :  ano  if  tbe  laio  Tancredus  tMmUi  mam  asaintt 
bim,o>  fecretip  bpuisbttraulD  inuaiiebim,be  tni^  all  biopotoet  tooulo  aflittbimato  tbe  Dcfimc* 
tion  of  bint  ano  all  bis  armte.^o  tnbom  Eicbato  tbe  iKins  p^tefleo  asaine>tbat  be  \m  no  trap* 
touc^iio;  neuer  ttasi :  ann  as  toudjins  tbe  peace  besnntte  bettm'ict  tbem ,  tbe  fame  (bouloneuet  be 
broken  tb^usb  bim :  neitbec  coulo  be  belecue  tbat  tbe  Jf  tenrb  itins  being  W  soob  Ur^b.ano  W 
ftaio^ne  Compactnec  in  tbat  bopasc»\))ouUJbtteranprutbli)o?oe0bpbim»(I]QbirbtDbenTan. 
credus  bcai:D,be  b^nsedj  foo^tb  tbe  letteoa:  of  tbe  ifcenrb  iUns,fent  to  bim  bp  die  Duke  of  Bur- 
gundie,  afScmms  mo?eouec,djat  if  tbe  Duke  of  Burgundie  tooulb  oenie  tbe  bjingins  of  tbe  faio 
letters,  be  \axi  teaop  to  tcpe  it  luitji  bint  bp  anp  of  bid  Dukes*  iKius  SUdjarb  meauins  tbe  let* 
tets ,  ano  muQns  not  a  little  bpon  d)e  fame ,  cftucnedj  againe  to  MeiTana.  Cbe  fame  oap  tbat 
RinS  Kidiato  oepaiteo,d)e  Jf  tend;  king  came  to  Tauernium  tojpeake  toitb  Tancred^no  tbete 
abooe  tuitb  bim  tbat  nisbt ,  ano  on  tlje  moplue  cetutneo  to  Meilana  asaine* 

jfromdjattime  Kins  Eidjaromoueoin  ftomackeasaintt  Sins  1^b(lip .  ncuetibetneoanp 
Sentle  countenance  of  peace  9amitie,ai3  be  before  l»aietti)ont:ti)beteatd)e^tencbkinsSTeadp 
manttilins>anD  enquitins  eameftl^  tubat  Qnulo  be  tbe  caute  tbereof,luo;o  maiei  fent  bim  asatne 
bppijilipCacIeof^lanoeriai  firomlKinsKicbaio,  tubat  tno}Oeiaibebao(enttotbekinsofSici- 
)y,aiio  fb^tettimotuetbereoftbe  letters  mere  (betueo,tubicb  be  tnptebp  tbe  Duke  of  Burgun. 
die  to  die  iUnsofSicily:ti)bicbtDbentbe^rencbKinsbnoerflooD,firabebelDebis  peace atc 
Suiltpin  bis  confcience>  not  knotoinstoeninbattoanlbete.  9tlensd)  tucnins  bis  taleto  ano« 
ibec  mat  jc,be  besan  to  qiuaccell  iuitb  Kins  Eicbaio,  p^etenoins  as  tbotisb  be  fonsbt  canfes  to 
b^ke  toitb  bim,ano  to  malisne  bim :  ano  ^erefojie  be  fojf eo  (faio  be)  tbefe  lies  opon  bim,  ano 
allbecaufebebptbat  meanes  inoulo  auoioetomatrieto^Alirebisfitter.acco^ihsasbebao 
pjomtfeo,  9ooins  mo^eouer  tbat  if  be  tnoulo  Gb  ooe,ano  luoulo  not  marcie  tbe  faio  AUrc  but  fiftec 
acco^oins  to  bis  od)e,be  Inoalo  be  an  enemie  to  bim,anD  to  bis,  tnbile  b^  liueo« 

'So  tbis  Kins  Bicbato  faio  asatne,tbat  be  coulo  bp  no  meanes  matcpdiat  li)oman,Mbmncb 
asbiS  fatbecbao  cacnall copulation ini^bec, ano  alio baobp beta  fonne:fo;  p^oofetobereofbe 
bao  tbere  p^efendp  to  b^ns  fo?d)  oiuets  $  funo^p  toitneileS  to  d)e  Ktnss  fatejto  teftifie  toitb  bim* 

3|n  concIuQon«d);ousb  counfell  ano  petrboaObn  of  oiuets  about  tbe  jTcendi  Kins,  asreemenc 
at  latt  tnas  maoe,fo  (bat  Kins  1^biIip  oio  acqutte  Kins  Bicbato  from  tbis  bono  of  marrpins  biif 
fiSer,anoKins  Hicbaroagaineiboulobe  bounoto  pap  to  bimeuerppeercfo)tbe  fpaceoffiue 
peeres,  ttno  djoufano  markes,  tnitb  certaine  otber  conoittons  bcfioes ,  not  sreatlp  matetiall  fb| 
tbisplacr.^no  ^uspeacebeing  betbieenetbem  coucluoeo  tbe  iS.oap  of  die  faioemonetbof 
^arcb,d)e  jTrcncb  Kitts  launcbins  out  of  tbe  ]{)auen  of  MeiTana,  tbe  2  2  joap  after  in  ^  Pallet 
toedte,camctu(d)bis  armie  to  tbe  &se  of  Achon. 

9fter  dje  Departure  of  tbe  iTtettd)  Kins  fromMeflana,  Kins  Hirbarotoitb  bis  armie  petre* 
mannnsb^ino,arnueoClucene  Minor  die  Kinssmotber,b;tnsins  tnidi  berBernegera  tbe 
kinsofNauarsoausbtectobeefpoufeotoKins  Bidjarottobicbbeinsoone,  KinsS^diaroin 
9pMl  &l{oluins,about  tbe  3o.oap  of  die  faio  monetb,  oeparteo  frtmt  tbe  f)mm  of  MeiTana  loitb 
i5o»sreatibippes,ano 5?*S<^atsalItesti>ellmaimeoanoappotnteo,tookebiSiounieptotuarD  «|itjMn<(iir 
Achon:  tnbo  beins  ipontbe&eaSon  sooo  jrrioapabottttbep*boure,rofeamig^e*on^  KmaKtcUiuB, 
ta)inoetuitbatemprll,tubid)  oiiTeucreo  ano  fcattereo  alibis  |3aute,(bme  to  one  place,  ano  Ibme 
toanodjer.  %\»  Kinstoidja  fetuelbippestoas  o^iuen  to  d)e3Ile  of  Creta,  ano  tbnre  before  tbe 
Oauen  of  Rhodes  c£ttanker«  ICbe^ippes  ^atcarieotbe  KinssQSer,€2ueene  of  Sicily,  ano 

Bernegera  dje  kitiS  of  Nauars  Dausbter,ta)idl  2.ibippeS  toCreOjUUen  ^  die  3!le  of  Cyprus. 

Vbe  kins  making  great  mone  fin  tbe  (bippes  of  bis  (Kter ,  ano  Bcmegera  bis  tnife  tbat  (botifo 
be  ,notknoliiingDibered)eptDete  become,  after  dietempeft  tDasouerblotDen,fentfbo?d)b^ 
dallies  DiUgentlp  to  (eeke  tbe  reft  of  bis  ,«3aute  oi^erleo,  but  efpeciallp  tbe  (bippe  toberein  W 



The  trauailes  and  dilcoucries 








fitter  t»a0,anD  tljcmapwii  tobomfteftoulDniatrie,ti*o«Uiifl;tljtBCTcfoan»faft  ai«  mstftit 
cl'evo?ceof  Lymrzem  in  tl)e3ile  of  Cyprus,  notttiit||ttaniiuigtl)ettaiootlier(i)fppeiBiM<(t)ti>at 
intbeir  compantc  before  in  tl)C  fame  (jaoen,  tnete  o?otoncDUutlH>iuewof  4)e  IJinstf  ftruanttf 
reIour,tiib(it»<i0founDtotc()tt)eR(ns!i(iaIe<wnsingaiNiutbi0neclte«  : 

^l)e  kins  of  Cyprus,  tnaiK  t^en  irakius(raneD  alio  ti)e  <^erour  of  ti)eG7fton$)tDlKi  toolt 
tobitfbauDfitde  gooo0  anopjifeieiof^enilodirbluecefounDD^lxiHeii  about  l)i0coalleie(,netttiec 
tpoulo  fuffin  tbe  fljippesi  lubctein  tbe  tliio  LaMeit  mete  to  enter  tantbin  tbe  po^\ 

Cbe  tpBins0df  tiit0  Mttsb^  in  steatbi^satbennsl)i«t  ffal* 
Ite0imoINppe0tosaber,bo7OctbtbelanDofCyprus,ii)bere  be  0ttt  in  gentle  luife  Opifietbto 
kins  Ifakius,  botu  be  tni^  bi0  ^nSlUbmen,  commins  vi  ttranscr0  to  tbe  fuppo^tation  of  tbe  bo* 
titionbelbnsbtbtoinQoD0  bebalfe,  antifo;reuerenreoftbebolpCrol&,toUtsoefucbp?ilb« 
uer0  of  bt0  a0  be  ban  in  raptiuitie,9  to  rctto?e  againe  ^  30000  of  tbent  tbat  tnere  D;o1uneo,  Tat^iOt 
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tiirto^ie.  €be  €mperour  in  ^emeanetime  toidb  bi0  people  ttooo  tuarDingtbe  ^eacoaSos, 
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tbepo^te  Cotoneof  Lymfzem ,  ti^icbtbe  ^tDni0  men  )iaD  left  &;feare,fDnnb  tbere  greats* 

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gcra  Daugbter  of  Rancon  Jhing  of  Nauarrc^n  tbe  pie  of  Cyprus  at  Lymfzetn* 

Jbe  king  of  Cyprus  feeing  bimrelfeoucmtatcbei),tBa0Djiucn  atlengdjtopecfte  bimfelfe 
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K^SRitJthei*         oftheEnglifh  nation. 

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kept  iiifttteM  of  goto  ano  fiUier>8nDto  be  rent  to  tbe  cUic  of  Tripolit. 

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ttfenfeof  tbetotone  of  Achon,tDl)tcf)  Sting  fiicban  at  leng^  perceiuing,  efUbonesi  fetbpon 
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being  once kitotnen in tiberitie of  Achon, adit tnatiagreatbifcomfo^totdem,  foittnaisagceat 
^elpc  to  tbe  Cb^taianiei  fojt  tutnning  tbe  titit:. 

'Sbc  ne]ct  bap  aftet  mbicl)  toatf  tbe  fcuentbof  Sune^tnglUcliaro  came  to  Achon ,  ui^irb  at 
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^i\xtn  bp  compofition  to  efcape  tuitb  life  anb  limme^  fuminiec  tbe  citie  to  tbe  ttno  ktngst. 

9notbet  gceatbdpe  to  tbe  ^jjiilliane;  intninning^e  citie,tDa«(tbi0.3[ntbe  fain  citp  of  Achon 
tbece  tna{(  a  feccett  Cb^iftian  among  tbe  S>an:acenie(,tnbo  x\x  time  of  tbe  fiege  tbcreaf,t)(eb  at  frnf 
D)P  timti  to  cad  ouec  t\)t\aM  into  tbe  campe  of  tbe  CbltittiaiM,  cettaine  btt0  to^tten  in  "i^px, 
<Oreeke,  anoLatine,  mbeceinbeoifclofetrto  tbe  Cb^illiansffromtimeto  time,  tbe  boing«anB 
coun&Ia!  of  tbe  e»emie£(,amtmiQng  tbem  botn  anb  inbat  tuap  tbep  (boulo  bojke,  aun  tnbat  to  bc^ 
1nace,anQ  altUaietl  bid  lettecd  began  ^nd.In  nomine  Pam$,&Filij,&  Spiritus  faiidb,  Amen.l^p 

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t:omakeofa(oitg&gea(bo;tnaitation.  Qpon^ttuelft^bapof  aulptbepecre  afbjefaio, 
tibel^nced«(nDCaptaincdoftbePagand,bpon  agreement  relb^totbetoit  of  iteTempIa. 
ties  to  commune to^t^e  tuto  kingd  toucbittg  peace,  anbgiuingbp  oft|)eiccitie;i^efi)}meof 

1  ^battbe£(ingd(l)oulo^ucdjeritieofAchonfmIp  anofiinpoeIttterebbmo^m,tuit^ 

2  Cbat  500.  capttued  of  tbe  Cb^ttttandfbmtlti  beteOo^eo  to  tbem,  tnbicb  inerein  Achon. 

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tto9btmD)etl)bo^remcn,  tubofocuect^ep^emfebied  toouloc^e  ontof  alltljemti^icbluerein 
4e  potter  of  tbe  ^alanine. 

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felued  (boulD  ranaine  act  pleoged  in  ^  fi(ing«t  banod,  fo?  tlje  perfii^mancebereof,  ^t  if  in  G^ 
oaieditbe  afo^cTaiue  couatanted  toere  iiotaccompli(beb,tt^p  (bmloe  abioe  t(ie  IKingd  mercie  tou* 
cijing  life  ano  Itmme. 

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tt?^  take  abwib^etb  oftljericbeSaiib  beitof  tbe  citie^o  ciofetbem  bp  in  tobxcd  bnber  ihong  kee* 
ping,anb  tbe  reOiJue  tbep  tommitteo  to  bekept  in  bottfed  ant  in  ttreeted,  mtniflring  bnto  tbem  ac> 
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fubereupon  manp  tbere  tocre  of  t!)e  pagand,ti)bicb  fo;  feare  of  beatb  pjetenbeb  to  be  bapti^feo,  bnt 
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comrnanDen  bp  tbe  l^ingditbat  none  of  tbem  (boulD  be  baptt^en  againd  ^  tnild, 

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tec  tbep  \m  olitainco  t\)z  polMion  of  Achon,iiettiMi  bettneeite  tliem  all  tbingd  tbecein  rontaineo 
adtuen  tbe  people  adgoloeanbllluer,  tDicb^nottjerfitinituretDbatfocuettoadremaiiiingind^e 
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The  trauailes  and  difcoiicries       I^.^Jhe  u 

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'  ^ ' ^  of  3eroriiUin,ttcntftDm  AchpnnTynts^octuaijaanbmsiUiisliUdlHurDanBaQttielp^dof t^ 
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fuiRtum     {,eatieot^plei)ce0  leftM^tm  atAchon^ptoottloc(ioppcofft()e{jeaO!8ofru(^(a))ttoiBiof(|^ 

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iMiteeiccbangeMebolpCto(rc,an&cmaoieottierofti)eCiQ  ■, 

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iTttrnttbatce  hiiigEttbarii  pToree&insfUttbet  tmit  to  loppe,  anotbai  to  Afcalon,!^^ 
II  -■-:^  finmofitltdieCtteofloppefojraiienoftbe^ararenier.tubomtdtnota^ 
-rv:  :  Arcalon^eSaladinetb^i»iiotuiietoti)Csrauio,9li%eMfefb}fooltetbeli^IeIanDeofdp^, 
MntkbiMM  ^rictttttonntctafterd)attuttblK.liUri)artr.  2DfantnIjtcbI)i(iat(^n(ance0^eCiiDit,Sidjato 
»iff"°^*^rmW0  letter*  of  certificate  ais 

toen  Ijopins  i>  ^  ®od  tstlltno;  (iioute  be  able  to  malte  W  repaire  aphie  to  tbem  b?  Cadet  ne]ct; 


bhtitbaiti  ttot  die?  fallins  into  oifco^w  oiOeuereotbemrelitejEi  ,bp  reafini  mbetcof  IPbtlip  tbe 

iTtencbMnsntomeo  borne  asairn  mi^n  (bo^t  (^ace:tubo  beinsretumeo  asoine  cftfiwiiefl 

imtaoeo  tbe  Cottmcep  of  l^o^ntanoie,  e^ttns  alio  Jobn  tbe  b^otbet  of  kins  Wan,  to  taite  on 

bint  die kinsoomeofCnglano  in  btit  b^otbettt  abfeace:  tobotbenmaoeleasuet^on  tljefame 

1193.     tuid)^ejrmifbkins^iiinobonnisetmto;Rm,tDbitbliiajSabout  tbefbuttb])eeteof  btnsHi- 

charde.  tHEIbotbenbeius  in  Syria,  anobeatingtbeteof  ,maoepeaceiuitbtbe'CtttkeiEiGoi}tb^ 

ftiitaKidttA  Pem^zanoirttaiff af»r,WnftRichardtbene]«li)?iitgfblloWnj5wtutncoaUb,  mbomb^tfre* 

nnirimt)ftomtunieti)iacnbpDiltafli;oftDea^<;aboiittbepan0of  Hi(M    ina  totonecalteD  Synaca,  toatf 

inman.     ^iittakenbj»Lympold,Dt*ejf  defame  conntrep,  anofo  foloeto  tbe  Cmpetout  foj  ftctie 

tboulano  9^«Axt  :li>bo  fo;nn  fmalliop  tbeteof.ln^ttetb  toPhUip  ^e  f^cencbkins,  tbefeUtterK 


_  The  letter  of  the  Empcrour  to  Philip  the  French  king, 

'''-'^*^''~*  concerning  the  taking  of  King  Richard.  '     * 

PhiliffoilbifiriFrMKtriimRegiftlmm,  &JmcerdJiIeUi(mtaff'e£iHm.  Qmuum Imptrn- 



»:  V  ><» .  )k  i»  ,\v  >/  liv    \V 

J^JT^ich.the  I.  of  the  Englifti  nation. 

toria  Ceifitttcio  non  dnl>itat  RegMem  Magmfieentiam  trntm  Lttiorem  effici,  de  vnimerfu  (juihtu  amni- 
fotentia  me  Moris  uoshi  nos  t^os,  eJ*  Romanian  ImperiMn  honoratierit,  (^  exalUMeHf  Hdtilitati  tux 
tenoreprxfefitium  declarare  diMimut,  <]uodiHmictu  Jmptrij mflri,  &  tmbator  kegni  tm  %tx  jin- 
glia,<]nm»  ejfet  in  trofifctrndo  mare  ad  partes fiuu  reHerfurm,  accidii  vt  ventm  rupta  namftm^  m  qua 
tpfi  erat^duceret  etm  inpartes  HiflrU  ad  loom  qm  eji  inter  ^(jmleiam^  VeiietiM.  Vhi  RtxjOei 

^damitaquefidelisnofler  Comes,Afajfnardu4  Je  Grooxce^popM!mregienisilliiu/uubtP(jHod 
in  terra  erat^  cmjiderato  dilige»tiHs,qiMlem,  Nomtnattu  T(ex  in  terrapromijfionis^odttioiiem  cr 
traditionem,&perditto»iffiix  CHmulimexercHerat,  infecuiifwitjntendentts  ewn  caplitutreJpfind- 
temRege  in  fugamconiier(o,  cepermt de  fuis  oElomilites:  PofimddHmfroceffitRex  oiBurgianim 
jirchiepifcopatH  Salfehurgtnji,  qui  vacatur  Friformn,  vbiFridericmae Betefiw,  Regecmntriim 
tantum  verfns  yJufiriamproperante,  noBufex  milites  defuis  coepit :  DileStu  Mttem  ConfangiuHeMt 
mfter  Lympoldits  Dux  ^uBrix,  ohferuata  flrataptpe,tiiElMm  K^em  iuxta  Deuam  in  villa  *»fi-  . 

Cum  itajj  in  nofira  nunc  habeatm  VoteJiate,  dr  ipfifimper  tua  meleftamt,  &  tmbationU  eperam 
frtfliterit^a  tjuxprxmiJtmiu^mbilitatitMt  inpnuare  curauimiu:fcieMeseadile£HoHttiu  bettepiaci' 
taexiftere/ifiimotuovberrimamimportare  Utitiam.'Datumt^ud  RitheoMHtum  jXalendas  Janiuit 

IKtHg  EtdjatD  bctns  t^btist  ttaiterauflp  tafce»,aniirolDtotI)e€^2)utteof  Au- 
ftridge  fb)  6oooo4nathe((,t))<u(  tljctctiept  m  ruflooie  a  pmeattti ;  mm^js, 

3In  fome  ffo^teiet  it  H  ^Sfxvm^st  Wxi%  Eirfiani  tcttiniinsront  of  Afia^ame  to  Italy  tiijtl)  |^ 
Qierott?  t)DtnDr,\j)I)mI)eiiefireti  of  tfje  l^ope  to  be  ablblueo  of  an  ot()e  mm  asainS  btsi  loiU  im 
cotdD  itotobtctneit:  anofo  fettins  out  fromtbencetotMrWcCm[Iano,painngrbpt^€ou:.tct? 
of  Conradiistbe  ^arquesi,tnl)ore  oeatfi  (be  betnsaatne  a  Ittle  before)  tnasfalflp  iinpntenbp  tjie 
JTcenrblKmstotlje  £(injjr  of  €nglauiie,tIjmtcaitetotiflptDaiii«dtcn(Mi0afi^^ 

poldus  tuftC  of  Auttridgc. 

SlIbettittanoti)n;ffo^e3lSnDetbemattermo)ecrebiblpret  fb^:tiiI)id^rait(itbuiS.'Q:^tktns 
Stctiatofleluetbeb^croftbid  Limpoldus,p(aptn$  Untbbimat  Cbefft  tntbejrrent^Kiiigiti 
Court :  ano  Limpoldus  tahi»s  btst  baiftase.tuast  vktz  mielasaf  nft  bint  aiD  oeliucr^o  Ijim(a0  tt 
raioe)totlje(!£lmpefotir.  SlntD^femttMije^elDaiSMtciHeiiMtt^Hs^etime  abonememioneD,  a 

feafon  ttttrco matte  in  ^^anoie :  mi  €atIe3lo|^ ^  Kin^d b^otbet, maBe flirtc aim  inoawQ 

9tlenstb  ittoascfoasreeomiii  toncitfbetilwtO^>€n^etotir,tbatiKtosHic^lbonIobrte< 
leafeo  fo;  a  bunOKtlj^ano  fbute  tijoufano  poutucof  infiicl)  nnmcp  patt  (boulo  temaine  to  tbe  Dufce 
of  Auftridge4beteft(boulDbed;eCttpecont)e(v  ^befimnK  of  tnfiictiimineplDa&bctrffatljereD 
ani)maoetii€n{g^a^oajf<!DI)alires^CTii(l^i[,^u«,canpi^  ^b  otl^ier  Cbunb  plate^alTo 
luitb  pnblike  contribution  of  ^netis,  ^bSotiei,  anb  otbec  fiibiettis  of  t^  ftealtne :  tobenof  pate 
load  p^efentlp  paiMnb  fo?  tlje  reCouc  remapntnGr,boOaseie(  vm  plebgeis  Mart  taften,lD(iicb  UMif 
aboutt^eSftpcereof  bi^reisnc  :anDtbenittDa«(obteineo  oft^e1^ope)t^1P;telleig(migf^nI& 
b^te  tuitt)  Cbalicciet  of  lattett  anb  tinne. 

9tl»l)attimetbis(afo^eratbe  inoneptoactpapo,  anbtiie()ottase«gtuen  fo^tiKranfomeoftlie 
%(ins,3lbaueanoIoebi(b?ietnbidjrait{j,t^attbeafo;eiaibDtd(Cof  AufbidgetM0i|^         ^'^'^aST 
pIagueobp<Siob,tuitb^runb)PpIagtteiar,_  ;  to^^sSia 

^irtt,  toitb  t^e  bunrins  of  ^iiei  rtiiefr  ^bmetf. 

2.  m.i&) o^otouinsofteiinetbonranDofbifltraetitnafloubbappemnsnomaiiomteniiolv, 

^  !]5ptnntingpantl)ceare((of|iisiCD^efieIbeintobKQmeti* 

4«  tBptakinsatoapaIinaftaUtbeil3obU0ofbit(lanbbpDrat&. 

5.  OSpbKahinsbisc  oUineIeg(rsfaiItn9rfrom^0bi^re,tiD^'^Ie0ge^eeb)aficompcnebta 
cut  ofTbiitb  W  otnne  Ijanojt,  anb  aftcrtoffbeis  ^iz^  of  ^ef^nte :  tubo  tben  at  biis  oeaA  id  repo^tei^ 
to  fojsiue  mi%  Eicbaro  5  ooQo.qtatlttf^dnB  IhtttMfrtie  m  ^oilageiat  tbat  tuere  i))itbbim»9ttb  fin* 
^er  a  rertaine  booke  intituleo  Eulogium^cclare^  tf  latf  faib  Limpoldus  buke  of  Auftridge  ftn 
3?uttbu«(a£;poubauebrarb,IUr()atbt^  Kinsioailir&nromeb^beliueteofTom  t^e  couetontf 
raptiuitic  of  tbe  (Smpetour,  ano  tctntning  borne  maoe  an  enbe  of  bid  bopage  fo;  Ana,to^ici!)b)atf 
boH)  I)onourabIe  to  bimfelfe  ano  to  alt  C\ji0xa  i&tatnr,  but  to  ^e  Sarraccns  t^  entttlieit  of 
Ctj?ittiauitie,terriblc  anb  bilbonourabfe, 

ThisHiftorieofKingRicharJivoyagetoIeitirakDVsvetyexccliendyandUrgefy  ' '.'.'■Ut'J'' 
wriReninLatinc£yCuiltelaiusNeobiigciifitourovme(Qtintr<ynMn.  '  '  Ttril'  " 

B  ■  ".ihm 


The  trauailes  and  dilcoucries   "Baldtif,  Vemn. 


The  life  and  trauailes  of  Baldwinus  Deuonius/omc- 
timjfrchbtfhop  ofQanterhurw. 

,  AWwinus  Dcuonius,tenui  loco  Exceftrif  natus,vir  ore  facundus.cxa^us  Phi- 
k  lofophus,&  ad  omnc  (hidionim  genus  perillos dies  aptiflimus  inucniebatur, 
'  Scholarum  r  ctStor  primum  erat :  turn  pottea  Archidiaconus,  crudiiionc  ac  fa- 
^picniia  in  omni  negoiio  celcbriirfiiit  prarterea  Cirtcrcicnfis  Monachus,& 
I  Abbas  Fordenfis  Cenobij,magnus  fuoruin«liimationc,acvniucrfxcorum 
,  ,^,,  _^^  focicutiquafiAntefienanus:fuitdeindcWigornicnfispra:ful,tuit&mortuo 
dcmumRichardo  Cantuariorum  Archiepifcopus,actoiius  Anglix  primas.  Cuimuneri  Bald- 
winus folliciti  inuigilans,cgrcgium  fe  paftorem  exhibuit,  dominicum  fcmcn,  quantum  paiie- 
batureiustemporisiniquiias,vbjquclocorumfpargcns.  Richardus Anglorum Rcx.acccptis 
nincRegni  infignijs/ummo  ftudio  clafl*em,ac  omnia  ad  Hicrofolymitarum  bcllum  gcrcndum 
neccflaria  parauit.  Sccutus  eft  lUicoRcgcm  in  Syriam,&  Palcftinam  vfquc  Baldwinus,  vt  eflct 
in  tam  Sanfto  ( vt  ipfc  putabat  itinerc  )  laborum,  dolorum,  ac  periculorum  panic  eps.  Pratfuit 
Cantuaricnfi  Ecdcfia:  fer^  5.anni$,  &  Richardum  Rcgcm  in  Syriara  fccutus,  anno  Salutis  no- 
flrx  1 1  yo«  Tjrri  vitam  finiuit,vbi  &  fepultus  eft. 

fXhefaim  in  Englijh, 

BAMwiiie  a  Z)euon(^  man  bo^ne  in  Cmn  of  meane  pacratage.laat;  a  berp  eloquent  man, 
an  eicart  1t9tiiIofq^,anD  in  tbofe  napes  uerp  eicceUent  in  all  htnue  of  ffuinr£(.1|?e  tnaa  Qrlt  of 
all  a  €bc|)olemaSet:  aftcrtoanm  be  became  an  9rcbDeacon,t)etp  famous  fo?  \)vi  learning  ^  tutfe' 
feomeinaHb^ooinss.  |)etBasairo  aCiftercianS^onheano  9bbotof  Foorde^ona0(rie,mto 
^e  cbieft  of  an  Aofe  ^at  tncre  of  ijis  ojoet  :be  scebie  after  t^ift  to  be  bifbop  of  (DOoKetter.  anb  at 
l^^imateof an^i{^b.  3ntbeDtftbarseoflobicbpIarebeebetnsbrrpbisilant,  (betuebbimi 
felfe  a  tuo^p  ISaSo^folMng  tbe  feebe  of  (ffiobs  bio^b  in  euerp  place  ajei  &rte  foo^^  as  ^  MpixU 
tieof^timepnmitta.  SInbistimelRinsEicbatiibiitballinbeuourpjepareba  iTleeteanball 
tbinsSncceOinsefiQloasAtsof  l»arteagai!a^e396belie(  at3letufdem,tdbiiis  tuitbbimtbe 
€NanbecbmtbCnflgRC«of  tbeUagbome*  9pisi  Baldwine  efitlboneiBi  fiiaobiebtbe  King  into  Sy. 
ritaaP«leflin«ka!«oitt«e(iiottt(t»bepatt«dietofbiS trauailes,  paincs,anb  perils  in  Ibbolpa 
bopase^etnasSrcbbiOppofCantemealmottl^peeres :  butbauing  folotoebtbeE^^ 
to  Sytia,in  ilie  peete  I  ipo.|iebieb«  Tyre  to^  be  taKui  «l(b  btttieb* 

:  '     An  annotation  concerning  the  trauailes  of  the  faid 
!Baldtt>ineytakjm  outof^ontKmVirumnimjin  hisltme» 

'i\i\it>i     ranunaiCambriac^ib.i.Cap.i4.Fol.22$p. 

INter  primos  Thorns  Beckctr,rucce{ror  hie  fecundus,  audita  faluatoris  &  falutiferx  Crucis 
iniuria  noftris(proh  dolor)diebus  per  Saladinum  irrogata,  cruce  fignatus^in  ciufdem  obfe- 
quijsjtam  remotis  finibus  quam  propinquis,prxdicattonis  oflicium  viriliter  a{rump(it.£t  poft- 
modum  iter  accipien$,nautgioque  fungens  apud  MarTUiam^tranfcurfo  tandem  Pelagi  profun- 
do,  in  porta  Tyrenfi  incolumis  applicuit:  &  inde  ad  exerciiv^  noihum  obfidentem  pariter  & 
•  obreftum  Aconem  tranfiuit :  vbi  multos  ex  noftris  inuenier*  ^  8c  fcrd  cuncftos  principum  deie- 
^^n  (uinma  defolatione  iam  po(itos,&  defpierattone, .- '  i  :><t  '.juidem  longa  expe6tatione  fati- 

Satos^liosfame  &  inopiagrauiter  aiHi6^os,quordamTer6aerisinclementiadiftemperatos, 
iem  (belicit^r  in  terra  iacra  daufurus  extremum ,  fingulos  pro  pofte  vinculo  charitatis  am- 
pleden$/umptibus8cimpenfis,yetbi$)&vitzmeritisconiirmauit.     .  .     ., 


bibicb  bias  none  to  our  Aauiour,  anb  tbe  figne  of  tbe  CtoiTe  bp  Saladine  tbe  Sultan  of  €« 
Sppe^iungbponbimtbeii9bs^aracter,^couragiou0pperfburmeb  bis  office ofp^eacbins 
in4ieobebiencetbereof,asbtentnfarrebtitant  Countrets  asatbome,  anbaftertoatbestahing 
bisioumepanbimbaifiing  biml^ft  otMarlillis^battingat  lengtb  palKb^e  Lcuant  S>ea  arriueo 
CdiHIp  in  tbe  l7anen  of  Tyrus,  anb  fitmi  tbence  bKnt  ouer  to  Achon  wtto  our  armie,  beficgbig  tbe 
^1mie,«nbpct(asiittttax)be(legebit(idfe.  WSm  Gnbing  manpofour Countrepmen>  ano 
almtf  dlmentemapninffrotaNmbetfiin  penQuencs.aiibinl^re  ^ipugti^ielviAbjabiingof 

ttdw,  Veuon.     I      ^c.CanohicMj^^c,  of  the  EdgUih  nanon. 


anopotietUf,  anDocdniBOItmpmfetitit!)  tOe|)cateof  t<iel9Mt^,bc<ngceaDpl)«ppi{ptoenbe 
U«upM  to  ^rHbly  land,eitil^dtts  eun?  nie  acro^iats  to(K«  abfli^ 
«pBet  t^  at  (ill  coaM  MO  c^afgeiK,  «iollnnst(^  t^l^ 
wnpWofUfer  •'!■  ■'•••-•••• -•i'^--''  ••'-•••• 

The  trauailcs  of  one  Richard  (yrnamcd 

f  tchardus  Canonictis  adTnnitatis  ianuni  Londini  Regularis,  ab  ipfa  pucritia, 
i  bonarum  attium  literas  impenfB  amauit,  excoluit^ac  didicit.  Qiii  ex  continuo 
tlabore  atque  cjcercitatione  loti^i^talis  tandem  euafit  orator,  &  Poeta,  quales 
leaactasrariflimoS  r..a;iebat.  Ooid  Richardo  Anglorum  tunc  Regi  charus, 
htongain  cum  eo  peregrinationehi,in  Paleftinam  ac  Syriam,  dum  expugnaret 
rf urcas/ufcepit.  Vode  in  Angliam  turn  demum  reuerfus,  oiiuiia  qux  prsfens 
vidit  in  yrbibus,agri9,  ac  militum  caftris,fideli  narratiohe,  tain  (Tannine  quahi  ptola  delcriptit. 
Neque  interim  omiiit  eiufdem  Regis  mores,  &  fbtmam,  per  omnia  corporis  Kniamenta  deilg- 
narefiddiditque  przclaro  fuo  opbri^ot  aptjOimum  pro  titulo  nomen,(ciliceT,Itinerarium  Re- 
gis Richardi^  Claruit  amid  rcdetliptionis  noftrar  1 200.  Tub  loanne  Anglorum  Rege.  - ' ' ' 

viJ        ••'   '         -     flTjefamemEngUJh.      "  j.iif 

loite  \M)  Hit  flntn'eitf  of  goon  flitsr  aim  tooke  pa6iei(t  in  ^cm  atio  leatnett^enu  Sno  at  latt 
bp  (jiii  contitman  enoeuottc  anD  Iims  eicmift  AEtek 

(CnslantMiinimDatoototliatlonstopaefitDt^  ^utfceier^ 

;ffomtD^tcebetosixtitmeliaffameii#^glMi^bMfaitbfn  Kfctibetibo^m  (OctTeanD 
^oftan  fueb  tbinsif  ao  be  ban  feene  in  tbe  €itiitJSiSint,tmtem  of  tI)elbulDiei0,t»brte  be  im 
X^^fltOf  amitm  not  to  note  tbe  tebaitiottF*fi)nne,anB  p^pq^n  of  botp  in  tbe  fo^eCuD  iting, 
gitttng  to  bitf  mtabl^ uto^lte  tbu^moflapt  nanttfii;  tbe  tttIe,The  loumall  ofKing  Richard.  V^t 
flotv^rn  tile  pelKe  of  otic  ISImtq^oii  I'loctntot^'ac^  iUi^  of  ^sUmo* 
....  ' ''     ■         -' 

■    ThecrauailestifGuiliehiSiisPer^nus. 

MT^tX^  ^  Viliclmus  PcregrinuStt*oeta  quidam  per  cam  ctatemexcellen$,  getiere  An* 
yj^^^j^ijp^glus  florcbat,  Iiterarum,Yt  multitunc  etani,amator  maximus,&  qui  bona 
Ttempora  mclioribus  impeiideratftudijs.  Hie  cum  accepiflet,ezpeditioriem 
lin  Sarracenos  per  Regem  Richardunji  parari,accinxit  fe  ad  iter  illud,non  tan- 
I  tum  Tt  miles,  fed  etiam  Peregrinus,  Vidit  ca  quae  in  Mari  Hifpanico  ficbant, 
» vidit  qux  in  Syria  ScPalcdinacommiflafuerunt,  in  Sultanum  Babiloniz  Re- 
gem,  ac  perHdos  Sarracenos.  Omnia  hzc  fctipft,  &  viuis  depinxit  coloribus,  ita  vt  quafi  prx 
oculis^totuiii  ponerct  ncgotium,  idemque  Argumentum  cum  Richardo  Canonico  non  infbe- 
liciter^Heroico  pertradauit  carmine.opufque  iam  abfolutuniiHubetto  Cantuariorum  Archie-^ 
pifcopOjAcStcpnanoTurnhamo  Capitaneo  rerum  bellicanim  experti(nmodedicauit,addito 
hoc  titulo  OdeporiconRichardi  Regis.  Multaque  aliaedidiife  Poetam  talem  non  dubito, 
fed  num  extent  ilia  ciiis  fcripta^ihi  non  conftat.  Hoc  tamcn  latis  confiat,eum  fuifTe  in  pretio, 
Annoifalutiferovirginispartu  isoo.fub Anglorum  Rege  loaone. 

f  The  fame  in  Biglijh. 

Wniiamtbe  iplil():dme,  abetpejccellent  }poet  in  tbofeoapeiliano  an^s^bmanbo^ne, 
lua^t  of  great  fame , being  nrncb  gmen  to  gooliIettec((,(ajeimanp  tben  l])ece)anii  belloln* 
eobitigooti ttm€intbebeiIkin!ieoflttitiie0,  (teebnom^oingof ^ep^arationof ]King%i< 
rbactie  agmiiS  tlje  S^anacensi,  p^epaceo  bimftlft  alio  Ut}  tbe  fame  iM^e,nat  onelp  M  a, 
douWout,buta£(a)pttgnihe^o.  ^i^efatae^oletbingtftobirbbappenetiditbe^paiuQireatf, 
anotDbicbtnercDone  in  Syria  antfPaleftinaagafoft^  Sultan  tb^Bing  of  Babylon^ano^  tcca* 
cbecottaiSarracens.^Utobicb  Ai»g)i(  be  to^  anil  eiqQefl^^cin  80  it  teece  in  IineIproIouc«,a« 

7ft  tolficb 


The  trauailes  and  difcoucries  //.  Walter, (re 

liibid>tl^  fo^enameDRicharctC^noiucusiiio*  aiKfKniinsfintQieDlwitoo^beWDirateDteto 
Hubcn<atc||6iillopof£«ittftanc»«nO  to  Stephen  Tumeham  aniptt ejcpmCAvtainc oftlie 
lDatcc0^iiS  it  iSjiA  Cittejhcfxpedition  ofKing  Richard.  SnQ  31  iNNiiit  ttOtinit  tiwt  fo  0OSO 
«l^oa  tt  dee  biatf  pnliliQieonunp  ottier  tl)m00>liut  tobetfiec  t^i!  lie  eictsKt  pe«  p}  no Jl  knotoe 
nott  but  tbis  31  fcnotsc,  tiiat  be  l»a0  a  man  tDcH  accomyteo  of,  ano  flouridieD  in  tbe  pcm  afore  rif 
bittljofCliiaiioo.ttnoetKinuaoljn.      ,,  ■  ,, 

The  trauailes  of  Hubert  Walter  Bifliop  of 



s  Vbertus  Walterus  Sarisburienn$  fpifcopus^  vir  probiiSjihgenioquc  ac  pieta- 
jtatc  clarus,  inter  prxcipuos  vnus  corum  erat,  qui  poft  Richardum  Regem  ex- 
[pugnandotum  Saracenorum  gratia  in  Syriamproficircebantur.  CumcxPa^ 
'  leftina  rediens,audirct  in  Sicilia,quod  idem  Richardus  in  inimicoru  maniis  in- 
fcidifletfOmliroitinereincepto,  ad  eum  cur(un  dtuertebat:Qiiem&illefta- 
itiin,in  AngliammiHt, vtillic  Regij  Senatus'authoritate,  indi£^o  pro eiusre- 
<iempttonc  tribuio  pccuniaincoUigcret,quod  &  induAtius  fecit  ac  Regem  liberauit.  Inde 
Cantuariorum  ArchiepiTcopus  rad)us,po(t  eius  mortem  loanni  illius  fiatri  ac  fucceflbri,  paria 
fidelitatis  ofHcla  prxilitit.Longa  cnim  oratione,toti  Anglorum  nationi  perfualitjquod  vir  pro- 
uidus,przftans,foitis,genere  nobilirsimus,&  imperio  dignifsimus  effct :  quo  falutatus  a  popu- 
lo  fuit,atque  in  Regem  coronatus.Compofuit  qua^vn  opui«uia,&  ex  immenfo  animi  dolore 
demum  obijfle  fertur,Anno  falutis  humanx  1 2p5.cum  fediflet  annos  1 1 .  Menfes  oAofic  dies 
fex.QmimvidiiTctjCxinteflinisodijs^  omnia  in  tranfmarinis  regtOnibuspeflum  ire,  regnantc 

v'r  fTljefanfek'Bi^yh.     ,,.  .        .,.  .       r„     ;_ 

Hvbeit  Waiter  biOiop  of  ^aTifliuneaj6crtuD(^i9^n,aito  famouiEt  fb?  Ufttsoontoftmpit* 
dCjlnatf  one  of  tbe  cbiefdt  of  tbem  t(w  jnIIoli»|l^S  lUcinni)  i^ 
Sarracens*  9ieiberetutneofiomPale(lina9cameni^i0iaun>epintoSilicia,^t^bar&pft^(^ 
ill  fortune  of  ^  King  being  foUeninto  b^c^etwniMbanDefli,  ano  tbereuyon  leautng  W  ioumep 
tbe  Eing  tmmeoiatlp  bpon  but  comnu^  Iqtt  into  ^iWpmtvfflttbp  (jbe  atn^)itic  of tbe  Coun* 
ctl,a  tribute  mtgbt  be  rollerteofb;  (ifo  r^emption :  tDbic^  (l)ii  Hubert  petfiiunneii  toitb  great  ot« 
ligence,  annoeliueteo  tbe  Ring,  after ttoke  toa^mane  9rttibi(bop  of  Canterburie,  ano  after 
tbe  oeatb  of  iKtng  EfcbarD  beQKtneD  tbrmtt  ouetieiel  of  Qoelitie  anti  tntS  to  W  bM»^er  lohn  tbat 
rurreeDeQbtm.  jro;ibpaIong£);ationbepftfinaDrDtbetDboIe  llSattonof  ^eCnglifbnten,^ 
of  tbe  CroUine,  (KQbereupon  be  Mi  fo  reteiueo  of  all  dbe  people  anQ  crottmeo  Sing,  l^e  \aim 
cmaincboofteitf,  ano  oieoat  tbelafi  tnitl)  Dcrp  great  griefe  of  minoe,intbe  peere  i2o;«bautns 
bene  9rd)biflnp  tbe  fpace  of  1 1  .peereo  8.nuinetib  ano  fire  oape0,bp  reafon  of  tbe  ciuill  uTcojliif 
ab)oaiur,\))berebp  all  tfiiitget  toeiit  topfie  tunne^ano  in  tbe  raipe  of  iKing  lohn. 

■/■      I  •  ■ '  - 

'   The  trauailes  of  Robert  Curfon. 


'  Obertus  Curfon  ex  nobili  quodam  Angloruoi  ortus  generc,  difciplinis  tun 
I  prophanis,tum  facris  ttudiolus  incubuit,  idque  (quantum  ex  conie6luris  col 
}iigo)in  celebratifsima  Oxonij  Academia.  Prxftantifsimis  illic  inftitutori- 
'  bus  vfus.ex  fummaicirca  irigenuas  artes  induftria,  &  afsiduo  litcraruin  labo- 
k  re,  famamfibi  inter  fuosceleberrimamcomparauit.  Ampiiora  deindcme- 
^  ditatusParifiomm  Lutctiam,  atquc  Romatp  ipfam  pctijt,  illic  Theologus 
Do(ftor,hic veroCardinalis  cffc(ftus.  Vnde  vterque  Mattlixus,Paiifius,ac  Wdtmonaftcrius, 
hoc  de  ipro  tcftimonium  adfcrunt :  hie  libro  2.ille  S.fuorumChronicorum.  Anno  Domini 
i2i8.(inquiunt)incaptioneDamiatSe/£gypiivrbis,fubIoanncBrenno  Hierofolymomm 
Rcge,  fuit  cum  Pelagio  Albanenfi  Magiftcr  Bobcrtus  de  Curfon,  Anglus,  Clericus  celcberri- 
musjgenere  nobilis^c  Romans  Ecclefiac  Cardinalis,&c.  Boftonus  Buricnfis  in  fuo  Catalogo 
Curfonum  aliquos  libros  compofuifle  narrat.  Claruit  Anno  fuperius  numerate  per  prxdi- 
aos  teftes,in  Anglia  regnantc  Henrico  5  .loannis  Regis  filio:  fuitquc  hie  dicbus  Houorii  ter- 
tijRomanipontincisinAngUani3Qftonotefte,legatus.     .  • 

ffah€r,(src.     ■    '^<Hayn.GlanMle.Crc.  oftheEnglifh nation. 



fTlje/ame  in  Envlijh. 

Robert  CurfonMrcniDcti  of  a  iioblc  famiUe  in  CnglanOiDfeD  great  Dili's^nce  aiSlDcn  in  p?o> 
p^ne  ati  in  oiuine  ttuDieif  in  Hjc  famous  UniucrlUe  of  C)|cfo;De  (asi  31  coniectute.)  It)ee  ban 
tbm  tbe  beft  fcbotemaftcris  tbac  lueit  to  be  sttttenjanb  toad  mod  inDuOriouti  in  tbe9tt0  aim  eon* 
tiuuanoceccifedof  leacnins:  bp  meaner  tobtieof  be  greto  to  be  of  gteat  cenotnne  lubere  be  liueo. 
SftetlnarD  tbinMns  of  gveater  mattetiJ  fje  toent  to  Paris  anb  tbenrc  to  Rome  it  felfe,  ano  at  Pa- 
ris be  p^oceeoeb  bocto)  of  Diuinitie,at  Rome  be  luao  mane  CarDinal:b)bereupou  botb  Matthew 
Paris  anb  Matthew  of  Wcllminller,p;obure  tbi0  tefKmonie  of  bim,  Cbe  one  in  W  2.booke,  tbe 
Dtbec  inbiii  S.bobkc  of  CbM»i(tIc0.  3In  tbc  peere  of  out  Lo^oe  (fap  tbep)  1 2 1 8.  at  tbe  tatuns  of 

Damiata  a  Citie  of  €SPPt  bnbet  lohn  Brenne  IRin^  Of 3|erufalem,  M.Robert  Curfon  an  €ng> 

Ii(bman,a  tnbdfamouci  cleaeke  of  noble  parentage  anb  Catbiiiall  of  tlje  Cburrb  of  Rome,  Wjs 
tbere\))itlr.PclagiusMbanenris,&c.  Bolton  of  Buric  in  jl3o;fbUte  in  b'let  Catalogue  tepo^e^, 
^at  be  Wote  oiueriS  booked,  t^c  flouriCbcb  in  tbe  pere  afojefaio  bp  tbe  ttutnefTej}  afo^efaiD.l^irp 
tbe  tbiroe  tbe  Tonne  of  King  lobit  being  tben  JKing  of  Cnglano :  ano  bp  tbe  fitttbet  tcffimonie  tf 
Bolion  tbid  Curfon  Mfi  Legate  into  €nglaiiD  in  j  oapeiei  of  Honorius  tbe  tiiin  biQwp  of  Rome. 

The  trauailcs  of  Raynulphc  Glanuilc  Earle  of  Cheftcr. 

I  Anulphus Glanuile  Cedrix  Comes,  vir  nobiliflimi  gcncris,&  in  vuoque  iiire 
!erudtcus,in  albo  illuftrium  virorum  amemeritoponendusvenit.  Itaprob^ 
omnes  Adolefcentia;  fuz  annos,  Icgibus  turn  humanis,tiim  diuinis  confecra- 
uit,vt  non  prius  in  hominem  per  srtatcm  euaferic,  quam  nomen  dccufqueab 
I  infigni  cruditione  Hbi  comparauerit.  Cum  prbfcfti  cfTent  Francoruin  Heroes 
!  PtoTemaydem,inito  cum  loanneBrenno  HierofolymorumRcgc  conniio,Da- 
miatam  e/£gypti  vrbem  obiidendam  conftituebant,  anno  Scilutis  humanz  1218.  Miiitilluc 
Henricus Rex,ab  Honorio  3.  Rom.  Pontifice  rogatus, cum  magna  armatorum  manu  Ranul- 

{>hum,ad  rem  Chrillianam  iuuandam.  Cuius  virtus  Poly  doro  tefte,in  eo  bello  miris  omnium 
audibus  celebrata  fuit«  Quo  confe^o  negotio,R^nulpnus  in  patriam  reuerfus,fcripnt,De  Ic- 
gibus Angliz  librum  vnum.Fertur  prztei:ea,&  alia'quzdam  fcripiiflejfcd  tempus  edax  rerum, 
ca nobis  aollultt.  Claruitanno  aScruatorjs  nolhi  natiuitatc  1 23d  confat^us  IcntOjdum  Hen- 
ricus tertius  Tub  Antichrifti  tyrannide  in  Anglia'rcgti^ret. 

■s\  fThefameinBtgliJh.         .     ,      :••• 

RAynulph  Glanuilc  €atIeofCbetter,aman  of  anerpnobte  Wife  anbleamebtn^ot^tfic 
LatoeiBitOeferueiS  of  buetie  to  be  bere  plaretrbp  me  in  ^e  Catalogue  of  too^tbp  anb  noudile 
men.  ^t  appIiebtbtneU  antbepeete^oflfid'poutbtotbeftum'eofijumaneanbbtuinelabiejf, 
tbat  ()e  came  not  fo  foone  to  tbe  age  of  a  mmM  be  bab  purrbafeb  to  tiimfelft  bp  reafon  of  bitf  Om 
l^ler  leaming,renoUine  ano  botnmr.  WMtti^t  noble  men  of  Jf  rannce  bient  to  Ptolomaisjbp' 
Cgpptjint^epeere  1 21  ^.9nbtbeni[)entptbelKtngtipontbemotionof  Honorius  tbe  3«bi(bop  .     . 

of  Eome/ent  tbitber  tbi0  €arTe  Raynulph  toitb  a  great  potoer  of  armeo  foulbiertr,  to  fnrtber  tbe  • " 

enterp^ireoftljeCb^ifitimiSttnbofebalure  tntbattu.irrc  (bp  tbetelUmonie  of  Polidor  Virgil) 
to^iie(countrep,\u^e aboofceoftbeLabt^^of dnglanb.  Sttittalfdrepo^eb^jjeebi^oteo^r 
bookesttbuttimetbebeOroperofmanprncmbjialtfibatb  taken tbem from tiif,  l^efloutiQjebinide 
peete  after  tljenatiuitieofCIj;i(iia3bJ>eingberpageo,ano  in  tfieraipe<>^nrp^ 

ThevoyageofWilIiam'*I:bhgefpec,anotat3lc  and  valiant       ^Qr  fowg. 
Gentleman  of  England  into  Afiajin  theyeere  i  i^Satnd  in  the  5  z.        fu>ord, 

yeerc  of  the  raigne  ot'Hcnric  the  3  .King  of  England. 

;  raigne  < 

Ewes  tbe  jTrcntb  iStng  king  rer ouereb  of  W  Ockenea tofiicft  bee  fitn  into,  in 
tbeperre  i244.bob)eDtbereuponfo;a{rcelMn  fam6ceto(Soo,tbatbe(iftiie 
Counfell  of  b(<(  Kealme  tooutii  (U&r  bim,)  tuoulD  in  W  obme  perfbn  bifite  tbe 
Holy  land:tobirb  matter  tu^iet  opeiieb  auD  oAateb  in  dbe  prttanvnt  of  ^ranre 
belbeiu  tbe  peere  1 247*2KI3Dettatlengtb  it  lua0  conclubeb,  tbattbeS^ingac* 
eo}bingtaIjt0bobx(^lDt9lte  ^<i^ouniepiiitp9i;a,at»t|ie  time  hereof  tnatf 

Vi   i  alfo 


The  trauailes  anddilcoucries     IV.LongeJpee.- 



t)l(  JPitncl> 

niGUirtti  tiir 
jPraity  Iltnit. 


at  toljiclj  time  William  Longcfpccatoo?rtictoan;toiir,toirt)t|)cl)injop  ofcaJojccBet  awjcft* 
tainc  otljcr  great  men  in  tljc  Kcalmc  of  enfflano  (moourt  tottl)  ttc  cjamplc  of  tijc  jf  rcnclj  men> 
uicuatcntlKmfcInMliketoiretotljerameioumcp,  ^     ,    ^     ._     ^  , 

3It  fcUout  in  tWtf  entcrpjirctfjatabouttljc  bfginninffof©rtobntbc  JTrcncljIunBairaufteo 
anbtookeDamiata,  being  tbe  p?iHCipallfi9?to?Ijolboftl;cSarraccnsinanegppt,Anno  1 249. 
anb  l)auing  fo?tificb  tlje  €\m  toitl)  an  able  garrifon  left  tuitb  &A  Z>\xVi  of  Burgundic,  be  remoo. 
ucobi«tent«ftomt()fnfcto  goc  (CaOtnatb.  Jn  tobofc  amiefoUotDCb  William  Longcfpcc^. 
rompanieo  biiti)  a  pihco  noiiibet  of Cnglilb  tnairiouc^  retapning  bnto  bim.  3ut  furl)  luais  tbe 
bifbaine  of  rije  jfte  nrOmcn  againtt  iW  William  Longefpcc  9  tbe  Cnglilbinen  tbat  tbep  roulB 
not  abibe  tbem,  but  floutco  tbem  afirct  an  opp^ob^ioud  manec  miti)  CngliQ)  taile0>  inromucb  ^ 
^e  If  rend)  king  bimfelfc  \iiiii  mud)  aboc  to  Keepe  peace  betloeene  tbem, 

'2:()e  o^ginall  raufc  of  ^itt  grubge  bettueene  djem  begaime  ^i,  iZTbcre  MaM  not  fane  from 
Alexandria  in  egppt  a  (lrongfo?t  0?  cattle  replenilfteb  XcHii  sr'atlabieaanbridjetreafttreof 
tbe  s«rrac ens ;  tobirij  l)o!oe  it  cljanceo  tbe faioe  William  Lon^..  pec  toitlj  W  rompanie  of  eny. 
VHi)  foutoietti  to  get,  niojc  b  v  politique  oeicterttie  tften  bp  open  foire  of  atmc?,  toljcretoitU  bee  anir 
bid  retinue  tocrc  greatip  cnrirbcD.  zaifjcu  tbe  J^rencbmenba^  luiotolcoge  bereof  ( tbcp  wot  be« 
ingmabepjiuicbcreto)  began  to  ronreiue  an  b^drt  burning  iigafnatbc€ngli1bfonlotcrfli,ano 
coulD  not  fpcahe  laiell  of  tbcm  after  tbat. 

3tbappcncb  againc  not  long  afuc.tbat  tbe  fatbe  William bab  intelligence ofacompanie of 
rirbemarrbantttantongtbeSarracens  going  toaccrtaineJTaite  about  tbe  pact  id  of  Alexandria, 
bauing  tbeir  camelj},afre{t  anb  nuileis,ricblp  lonen  biitb  filtte?,  p;etiAi«i  ieb)e((i,(^ce0,golDe,anO 
OIuer.tDicb  Cartloabu  of  otbet  tuarcd,  bcfibc  bictuall  anbod)ecfumiture,lubcreof  dje  foulbiertf 
dieu  floob  in  great  neebc:be  bauing  feccct  \  jotdcbge  bereof,  gadieteb  all  tbe  potoer  of  CngliQi* 
mcnbnto  bim  tbat  be  coulo, anb  fo bp  nigbi '  ling bpon  die S^arcbantdXome  be Qeto  tuitb djeft 
guiocdanotonbuctersijfomc  be  toottcfome  beputto  fligbt :  tbe  Cartid  inid)  tbe  bjiuerd,  anb  tuidi 
tbe  oFcn,camel0,aire«(4nb  mule0,bxtb  tbe  tobole  catiage  anb  bictuAIst  be  tooke  anb  bjougbt  toit^ 
bim,looQng  iii  all  tbe  fkicmilb  but  one  foulbiec  anb  S^biid  feniitojd  i  of  lobom  nottuidtttanbins 
Tome  beb^ougbtbome  tnounbebto  be  cuceb« 

W^i  being  biutuen  in  tbe  Campe,fo^  came  tbe  JTrend)  men  lubitb  an  i^|ii  lubile  loptereD 
tnd)eirpauilliond,anbmeetingd)ici  cartage  bp  djetoap^tookealltbefb^aioep^apetDboleta 
diemfeluect,  rating  tbe  faib  William  anb  d)e  ^nglitbmen  fp;  aonenttm'ng  ano  pfTuing  out  of  tbe 
Campe  tuitboutlcaue  o^ftnotnlcDgeof  tbeir  OeneralUonnarp  to  tbe  oiTcipline  of  tuarre.  Wil- 
liam  faib  againe  be  bab  bone  notbiitg  butV  taionlb  anmere  to  it>  tubole  purpofe  tnais  to  baue  tbe 
fpoplc  ocuibeb  to  tbe  bebooft  of  tbelnbole  arttfie. 

2Bbend»dtuoulonotrmte,beebeing(b)egrieueoinbidminbe  fo  cotaiacolptabe  fpoplebpf 
tbat,b)bi(^ l)ee fo abuenturouOp bab trauailebfb;, tuentto dusting  to complaine} 3&ut  tnbenno 
reafon  no;  complaint  tnoulb  feme  bp  teafon  of  die  y^ouoe  €acle  of  Artays  tbe  itingd  b^odjei^ 
lubid)  bpon  fpig^jt  anb  bilbaine  ttoobe  agaiuQ  bim,be  bimiing  tbe  S(ing  faretoeH  faibe  bee  tnotilo 
rente  bim  no  longer :  anb  fo  William  de  Longefpee  initb  tbe  rett  ofbiti  companie  b^ealung  fnmi 
die  Jfreud)  botte  toent  to  Arhon.  ilSpon  tubofe  oeparture  tbe  €acle  of  Artoys  fatbe,  fi^tn  ii  ^t 
acmie  of  JTrendimen  luel  ciobe  of  tbe&  taaeb  people,lDbtdi  tuojbiit  fpofeen  in  great  oefpigbt  toere 

3$ut  not  long  after  tnbendi^lteepecofCayro  anb  Babylonia>;aringagoobmtnb  to  die  Cb^* 
ttianUcligion.anb  being  ofienbeb  alfo  tuitb  tbe  Soldan,  p^mifebto  beliuec  d)e  fame  to  ^e 
iTrencb Sting, inOrUcting  bim  tubat  toutfe  tuaiei  bett  fb»btmtotaitetoaccompl((bit,tbei(ins 
bereuponinallbaae  fcnt  fo?  Willanj  Longefpee, p^omtOng  bim  afull  reb^elfe  of  all  W  iniu. 
rie0 before  ceceiueb:  tobo  at  tbe  iKingsi  te<ittett  came  to  bim  againe,  anb  fo  topneb  tnidi  tbe 

afiterd)ia  ft  bapiienebdiatdie^tencb  RtegpalQngtoid)  bi«  armietotoamstCayroafbjc* 
fapbecameto  die  great  riuct  Nilus,ondieftttdier  patttobeteofdie  Soldan  bab  pitcbebbimfelfe 
to  toidiftanb  bitf  comtm'ng  ouec :  diete  toad  at  diis  time  a  Sarracen  latelp  coiraerteb  to  Cb?itt,fer« 
•ring  die  CaricRobcrtdjc^renrblHftg8b?odietjtDbotolb  bim  of  tbeabfenceofdieSoldan  from 
Jte  te««(,  anb  of  a  Iballoto  fbojb  in  die  riuet  tbbere  diep  migbt  eatap  palle  ouet,  aaxbete^ 
die  atntie  pffueo  oner  d)eiaittet,aft«  tobom  foUotoeb  W.Longefpec  toidi  W  hanb  of  Cngl^ 

ftuWert.€befebeing  topneb  tog^dlctonMetObeef  tbe  toatet,encoatreb  die  lame  bap  toidi 
H^»arcacen0cema6iiig6ti^ttttttf9piittbemta(belM}tt.  CBbicbbictojp  being  jtottenjbe 


IV,Longe/pee.         of  the  Englifh  nation. 


jrrencb«CarIerurp;ifcDtuiti)p^ioeaittimumpb>  a«tbougb  Oebanronquereo  tbctnbole  eanbi 
ttoulD  iieeoctf  fb;l>i.irQ,seutDitidr  btmrdfe  from  tOe  matne  bottc ,  tbinMns  ti^tDinne  tbe  fpucretf 
aIonc.tB:o  tnbome  tmmt  Tagc  men  of  tbe  temple,  stuing  bim  ronttarp  rounrell,  acuilco  bim 
not  to  Doe  fo,but  ratber  to  ceturncatio  take  tbeir  tubole  rompanp  toitb  tbem,ano  To  (boulo  tbcp  be 
mo;e  fure  againtt  all  Deceitctf  ano  oangetai.tDbicb  nusbt  be  lapD  p^iuilp  fo)  tbem.  ^be  maner  of 
tbatpeople  (tijep  fapo)  tbep  better  knelue ,  anb  baD  mo^e  eitperieiice  tbereof  tben  be :  allcasins 
mo^eouer  t1)cit  tnearieo  boDie0,t1)etr  ttreo  bo^ctfi  tbctr  famifbeo  (biilDicrs ,  aiiD  tbe  infuffirienrie 
alGi  of  tbeir  numberMtrb  tuasi  not  able  to  toitbttanB  tbe  multitude  of  tbe  enemic0,erperial(p  ae 
Af 0  p?efent  b^  lubicb  tbe  amicrfaries  Din  loeU  fee  tbe  tobole  ftate  of  tbeir  oominion  nolo  to 
ronfift  eitbcr  in  tuinnins  aU,o;  lofins  all. 

£UbitbU)benti)ep;ouDe  Carle tnobcare, being inflatcDtuitb noIelTe  atrosanrie  tbenign» 
rance.tmtb  opprobrious  tauntis  retiileo  tbem.rallins  tbem  rotnamlp  Da(tarD0 ,  ano  betraperd  of 
tbe  tubole  rountrep,obiectins  tmto  tbem  tbe  commoit  report  of  manp,tDbicb  lapD,tbattbe  lano  of 
tbe  bolp  crofle  migbt  foone  be  toomie  to  CbriSenoome,  mere  it  not  fo;  rebelUouitf  ^cmplarieif, 
tDitb  tbe  it;>orpitaIahc0,anD  tbeir  follot»er0. 

'Co  tbeferontumeIiousircbu&e0,ti)ben(^e  matter  of  tbe  temple  annuereo  againe  fo;  bim 
anobitffellolueis,  biDDin<|:  tbem  Di(]i)Iap  bid  enOgnetuben  betuoulD,  aim  toberebeDurff.  tbep 
mereatfreaoptofoUotttbinTjasibetogoebefbretbem,  tbeu began  William de  Longcfpeetbe 
toortbp  knigbt  to  rpeake,oc(inng  tbe  €arle  to  giue  eare  to  tbofe  men  of  e)cperience,\o^  ban  be^ 
terkiratDleDgcoftboferomttrieis  ano  people  tben  bao  be,  rommenoing  airotbeircoimfelltobe 
fiifcreete  ano  iuboIefome,anii  to  turning  to  tbe  matter  of  ^e  Cemple,began  toitb  gmtle  tnorortf 
to  mitigate  bim  likeluile,  '^e  knigbt  bao  not  balfe  enoeo  biiet  taike,  \uben  tbe  €arle  taking  bict 
b)O}DjBioutofbt0moutb,bega»tofiimeaniin))eare,  crping  out  of  tbofe  roDiaroip  Cnglilbmen 
toi^  tailed:  dBbat  apnrearmie((apDbe)(boulDtaiebauebere,  iftbefe  tailed  ano  taileo  people 
toere  purgee  ftom  it,t)iitb  otber  like  tnorod  of  biKanp,  ano  murb  oilbapne :  inbereunto  tbe  €ns* 
W)  knigbt  anfluering  agatiie,ti)eU,€arle  Robert  (fapo  be)  toberefoeuer  pou  oare  Gt  pour  fiaote, 
mpttcpfbaUgoeadfarreadpourd,ano(ast3ibeIeeue)  luegoetbidoaptuberepouibaniutoare  ^^toreor** 
toromeneeretbetaileofmpborfe,  adinoeeoe  intbe  euentit  prooueo  true:  fo]i€arIe  Robert  rodiumiont 
iDouttineeoedfetfbrtoaro,  tneeningtogetaUtbe  glo^pto  btmfelfe  before  tbe  ramming  of  tbe  j^t«S^^^ 
botte,ano  firtt  imtaoeo  a  litle  Dillage  o}  cattle,tubicb  mad  not  farre  of,  ralleo  Manfor.  ts^be  coun- 
trepTBooredan&l^agandindjeDinaged/eeingtbe  Cbrittiandcomming,ranneoutli)iti!)  furb< 
mainecrpeaia(botnte,tbatitcametotbedoIoand  bearing,  tubo  toad  neerer  tben  our  men  Din 
tbinke*  3|ntbemeanetime,tbeCbrittiandimiaDing  anoentring  into  tbe  munition  incirrum* 
fpertlpjtuerrpcbeo  ano  paCbeo  tiiitb  ttoned  h^  tbem  tubicb  ttooo  a&oue,\i)berebp  a  great  mmtbec 
gf  our  men  tnere  Iott,ano  tbe  armie  fo^e  mapmeo^o  atmott  in  oefpaire, 

tZDben  immeoiatip  bpon  the  fame,rommetb  4e  Sboloan  toitb  all  bid  matne  potner,  tubirb  fee* 
fng  tbeCbritttaiiarmieto  beDeutDeo,anotbebrotber(;eparateDfhmttbeb;otber,baDtbitttnbic(l 
be  long  iDtlbeo  for,anD  ta  incIoOng  tbem  rouno  about,  tbat  none  (boulo  efcape ,  bao  to^  tbem  a 

Cben  tbe  earle  began  to  repent  bim  of  bid  beaop  rafbned,  but  it  toad  too  late,tobo  tben  feeing 
William  tbe  Cnglifbkiiigbt  oougbtilp  figbting  in  tbe  ^ief  b^unt  of  tbe  eitemied,crieD  w  >  bim 
mottrotoarolptoflie,  feeing  <0oo((aitbbe)Dotb  &sbtagainttbd:  ^tobometbeitniggtan-  ^aoagMf 
ftocring  againe.Ooo  fojbio  (faptb  be)  tbat  mp  fatbcrd  ibnne  Iboulo  ruime  atoap  from  tbe  face  of  »^^*** 
a  ftarraceiu^be  Carle  tben  tinnting  bid  borfe,fleo  atoap^king  to  auoio  bp  ^  ftoifined  of  bid  ^^ 
bo}re,ano  fo  taking  tlje  riaer  Thafhis,oppreireo  tottlj  bamelle,toad  tbere  funken  ano  orotonen, 

'CbudtbeCarlebeinggone.^jTrencbmenbegantooifpaireanofcatter*  tB:;ben  William 
deLongefpee  bearing  all  tbe  force  of  tbe  enemied,  ttoooe  againfttbemad  long  ad  be  coulQ« 
toounoinganoaapingmanpa<g>arracen,  tillatlengtbbidborfe  being  killeo,  anobid  legged 
maimeo,beroulD  no  longer  ttanoe,  tobopetnottoi^anoing  adbetoadootone,  mangleo  tbeir  cDOMUont 
feeteanolegged^ODiDt(;eS>arracendmu(bforroto,tiHatlattaftermanpbIotoed  ^toounod,  ^^L^^ 
being  ffoneo  of  tbe  ^arracend,be  pecloeo  Ijid  Kfe.SnO  afiter  tbe  oeatb  of  bim,tbe  *arracend  let«     *""»**«• 
ting  bpmt  tbe  reiloite  of  tbe  armie,tobome  tbep  bao  rampaflleD  on  enerp  (be^enonreo  ano  oeflroi^ 
eo  tbem  all,infomucb  tbat  fcarfe  one  man remaineo  aliue,(auing  ttoo  'Cemplariedtone  iCHrf'ptta* 
Iet,aito  onepoore  rarcan{bulQier,tobicb  bpigbt  tioingd  bereof  to  tbe  i(ing. 

9no  tlxid  bp  tbe  impruoent  ano  foolifb  baroined  of  tbat  jTrcnd)  Carle,  ^e  iTrenrbmen  toere 
iiifcom6teo^o^att)aliamCngli(bKnigbtouermatcbeo.totbegriefi?of  all  Cbrittian  people, 
tbeglorteoftbedarraceiidi  anDtbeittteroettntcttonai»D  ntineof  ^etobole  jTrencbarmte,  ad 

'    '     ■  ■'    ■■       ^^  ■  The 

ltjal\.v^'^,  *'  #TK  -*   -* 




The  voyages  and  difcoucries  Trince  €(t»ard. 

The  voyage  of  Prince  Edward  the  fonne  of  King  Henry 

the  third  mto  Jfiaj^n  theyeere  1 17a 

:»out  rte  |>ccrc  of  out  lojo,  1 1  <57.oaoboiiu$  t^l|5opc0  IfSfatbeing  in  Cng» 
IdnD,V7inceKdwardcl)e(iMtneof{{aiS  Henry,  anDiiiumotljer  jf^oblenunof 
I  (SnslanDtooket>poncIjemtl;ccroirct)pmtd.  lohnsMpriKt^aptift^ptbcfait 
k  Lesate0 batiDtf  at Nurthhaiiipcon,to tbe ccUcfr  of tbe Ipolp  laiiDc,  ano tte  fub* 
\  uerfioit  of  (!)e  mmiti  of  fl;e  crofle  of  Cb^ift.  ftn  b>b<rb  ptirporMiiD  fo;  ti)t  bet* 
'tec  fitmilbinsof  tbe  yM»r<totuarD0  tbc  ioiicnep,  tbereb).i0  granteb  l)im  a  fubfi* 
Die  tbwusl)out  all  tljc  KcaUne.ano  tii  t[je  monctb  of  fl^ap,m  tbc  pcete  of  our  lo?D,  1  a  70.  be  bc» 
jrantofctfojtoatB,  ...,  *      ..   ^. 

at  SBicljclmasi  tw'tb  W«  rompanie  came  to  Egnemortcs,tob»cb  rt  from  Marfil- 
iia  eisbt  leagues  t])e(nuarD,ano  tbcte  takins  («p  againe  (bauiiig  a  metne  9  i)^l^eniu0  toino) 
tDitbiii  ten  oaies  artiueo  at  Tuncz.tsberc  be  lua0  ta)(tb  ffreat  iop  incIrommeD,  ano  ititcrtaincD  of 
tlje  <L\niiluw  p?incc0  tbat  tbcte  toetc  to  tl)i0  puryofc  alTembleo ,  a0  of  Philip  tbe  jTrewcb  K(n  j, 
U)borefatbetl'odo"'c"s''«''a  btlcbcfo?e,ofCarolustbeKingof  Sicilia,  airttlKttoo  Kiiiff0of 
Nauarrc,anD  Arragon,anll  a0  tb<0  lo?0  Edward  cimc  tbttbCt  fo?  W  fatljCt  tbC  KhlJJ  Of  Cn jf. 

Ianii,tbicbet  came  alfo  Henry  tije  fonnc  of  tbe  Stins  of  Almainc  Eg;  bt0  fatbcr.tubo  at  bi0rctunie 
fiomtbc  uopaffc,bia0  flainc  in  a  Cbappell  at  Vitcrbium, 

dUIbcn pjince  Edward DcmaunocD  of  tbcfc  )Kins0 ano p;ince0 ttbat \ota to  be  Done,tbep an* 
rtuctcD  bim  agaiite,Ano  faiD,tbe  ppce  of  tl)i0  tttic  ano  djc  pjouince  aoiopning^  to  tbe  fame,  batb 
bene  acruQomcTi  to  pap  tnbutc  bmo  tbc  king;  of  Sicily  euctp  pcetetanb  nolu  fb^  tbat  tbc  fame  ba^ 
bene  fo;  tbc  fparc  of  fcuen  peetcd  bnpaico  aun  mo^c,  tbctcfojc  toe  tbousbt  ffooo  to  make  mua& 
on  bpon  bim.^ut  ^c  King:  knotting  tbc  fame  thbute  to  be  but  iuSIp  iicmanDcD,batb  notn  acco^ 
tins  to  our  otone  ocGte  fatifSeti  fb;  tbc  time  paff,anD  alfo  paio  bi0  tribute  before  bano. 

Cbcn  fain  bc.SOp  i  o^DS.lvbat  a  tbi0  to  tbc  putpofc  h  ate  b)c  not  bcre  all  aflembleD,  ano  baue 
takS  upon  M9  ^  107110  Cljarar  tct  to  fisl)t  affaintt  tbc  iiifiDel0  9  tmme  of  CbjiftlttDbat  meaiie 
pou  tben  to  conclube  a  peace  tmtb  tbcm.<0oo  fo^bio  tue  (boulD  do  (oAf}  notu  j  lanD  10  plaine  ano 
batD,fo  tbat  t»c  map  app^cb  f  bolp  ritp  lerufalem.  %\)m  (aiD  tbep^ioto  baue  toe  maoe  a  league 
toitb  tbcm^ucitbcr  in  H  latofiil  fo?  D0  tob^cakc  Ac  fame,  ^ut  let  ))i  rctunicagainc  to  Stciiia,anD 
toben  t()c  totnter  i0  paft  toe  map  toeU  take  fljipping  to  Acra.Vut  tbt0  counfel  noting  at  all  IikcD 
|)im,ncitbcr  did  be  fljctoe  bimfelfc  tod  plcafco  tljctetoitb :  but  after  be  baD  matte  tbem  a  p^tnrelp 
bniikec,bc  tocnt  into  bi0  clofct o;p;tup tbambtr ftomamonsatbem,  neitber tooulDbe partaker 
of  anp  of  tbat  toickcD  moncp  tobicb  Aep  baD  taken.^bcp  nottoitbffanDing  ronttnumg  tbctr  par^ 
pofc,attbcncrtmcttptoinDtookc(bipping^nDfo?toantof(bip0  left  200.  of  tbeirmen  aibuirc^ 
ctpingout^nDpiteouflpIamcnttug  fit^tbcpctilanDba^atDof  beatbtbattl^ep  toeretnt  tobere- 
Wti)  prince  Edward  being  fomctobat  mooueb  to  companion,  came backc  againf  to ^  laVD,  aiiD 

2Ottbtnrcucnt)aic0aftcr^bcparriucD  in  tbe  kingDomc  of  Sicilia,  oner  againtt  A)t  ritie  Tn* 
pes,cafting  tbcic  anker0  a  league  ftom  tbence  toitbin  t!jc  fea/o; tbat  tbcit  (bippe0  toere  of  great 
butDcn^no  tb]iougbIv  fraugbt :  ano  from  tbe  bauett  of  tl)^  ritie,  tbcp  Tent  out  barge0  anD  boated 
to  teretuc  anD  b;iing  fucb  of  tbe  ^obtlitie  to  lanD  a0  tooulD,but  tbeir  ijo;fe0  fb;  tbe  mott  part,  ami 
antbettannouctbepkeptitin  toitbin  boop« 

^  t  Inigtb  totoarD0  tbe  euetnng,tbc  fea  began  to  be  tougb,  9  inr reafco  to  a  great  tempeft  aiiQ 
a  mf  gljtp :  infomucb  tbat  tbcit  fl)ip0  tone  beaten  one  agatnQ  aitotbct0  fioed ,  anD  DjotoncD  tbcre 
toa0  of  tfjcm  at  tbat  tcmpelt  Iping  at  anker  mo^e  tben  1 20.  tottlj  an  tljctc  armour  ano  mnnttion, 
toitb  imtumetablc  rouU0bcODC0,anD  tbat  toickcD  moncp  alfo  tobicb  tbep  t^aD  taken  befo^,ttke* 
toifcpcri(bcD,anBtta0  loft. 

1Buttbetempcttbnttnot(amnrba0oue(btpofp;tnce£dw»ds,tobobaD  in uumbetij,  no; 
petbaDoncmanlofttbetcbp/o}tbat(a0ttmap  bep}efuppfcD)beronrenteD  notto  t^e  tottkCD 

Mlbcn  in  tbc  mo?raug  tbc  p?inre0  anD  king0  came  to  tbe  fea  Coe,anD  fato  a!  tbeic  lbip0  D?oto- 
ncD,anD  fato  tbcic  men  ano  bo;Xe0  in  gteat  numbct  catt  bpon  tbe  lanD  D)otoneD,tbcp  baD  ful  bea> 
uie  bcaft0,a0  tocll  tbep  migbt,f0|i  of  ail  tbcit  (btp0  anD  marinet0,  tobicb  toere  in  number  1 500, 
bcGDe0  tbc  common  fo«lotcr0,tbcre  toa0  no  mo^c  faucD  tben  tbe  mattncr0  of  one  onelp  ftiuMa 

Cbetctoa0inifibat(btpagooDanDtotfeSPattone,8Cottntene0an€atle0toife,  perreimntr 


'.,i>v  .**>:' '4^ 

Trince  tdi»ara,      of  the  Englifh  nation. 


rem^initg;  to  ti)C  (iMMre  tt  tuere  not  poi&b  U  to  fiuc  tbemfeliKi :  be  «n(WmB,^  tt 
inipoinbte,l)Ottbf  It  p  men  tm  tacee  tbettn  bp  «5oiw  beipe  be  DoobteO  not  €bcn  fno  4ie  Conn* 
tiXStSa}  cbe  ftippe  ft^ce  no  toliit/aae  tbe  ronleg  tbctein ,  ano  bMV  to  tbcc  ooubic  tb(  bahie  oT  tbc 
fliiypr:tDbotmmeDi<itIpi)op(iiigtl)e(aiU0imtbaUfa;re,  otnnetbeQiqnie  agnunofo  ntcretbe 
(boarea0tu40poIK&U/otbattMtbtbe  bebemencteoftbe  twatbet  and  fb^ce  be  came  tattball. 
b^  tbe  (hip  ano  laueoaUtbot  tuaf  iiKtbintbeiame,ai  tbci|^alI(cbaDlbcioeo,  anolapb  before. 

'Cbnut)eKinr;0aniil^nre<(aUeringtbetrpucpo(eafteribii  C)0ieata  Q)ilpiD)acke)tettir* 
neo  borne  againecuetp  onetintocbcicolunelanQ^^nelp  Edward  tbc  GMineofibe  Kins  of  Cng;* 
IanD,rcmatncD  beWno  tnitb  bio  men  anolWpf  >tDbicb  tbe lo^  bas  Tauco anop^enteo. 

Cbm  li^^incc  Hdwarderenouattngbif  putpoCr,  tookelbippins  aga^ne,  anotuttbtnfifteene 
taped  after  <CaSetattuteo  be  at  Am,  ano  lu.'itt  aIantf,t8kinBtDi^  bfma  tboufaiiDof  tbe  bett 
(bulDieniaiiiimoar]tpen,anotaneotbeteatubolemonetb>  cctwWngbotb  bixmen  anobo^fef, 
anfi  tbat  in  tbt<  fparc  be  mtgbt  leatne  ano  lAome  tbe  (emti  of  tbe  Umtt*  Slftei  tbtt  be  tooke  tuitb 
bim^co;irencntbou(anDfoaaiienMmDmarcbeDfo}toarD  tUNntpemileKftom  Acra,  anh  tooke 
Na7arcth,an0tboretbatbefiininiietbetebefletae,8noaftenpatB  retttriteoasa^netoAcra.  TSut 
tbeitenemiesfDiloiMns  after  tbem ,  tbinUnfftobauc  fettipon  tbem  at  fomettreigbt  o;  otbetat»> 
uamase,tteree(pieDbptbe^^ice,  anoteturninsasalne  bpon  tbetnsaoeacbaise,  anBOetoe 
manp  of  tbem^nb  tbc  refttbepput  tofligbt* 

after  tbiMbautSl9tDrommec  tobeutbel^^ebalilintierftanofostljattbe  ftarracentibesan 
to  gatbtt  at  Cakowc  tnbicb  taM0  fo^tp  mfleti  from  Acra,  be  marcbins  tbttber  Ut  bpon  tbem  btrp 
earcIpmtbemo^ii»SianD0etoeoftbemmo?etbenatbou(ano,  tbercftbe  putto%bt,  ano  tooke 
tid)erpot1C{(,marrl)(ngfo}Vi)iitDtintbcpcametoaCaSIe  namebCaUmmpercgrinorum,  fltu* 
ate  upon  tbe  fea  coaft,9  tarieb  tbere  tbat  iugbt>9  tbe  lujct  Dap  tbep  retnnteb  againe  totoaro  Acra. 

S'ntljemeancrearoiitbelKingof  leruTalcmreiKbittotbe  jT'JoUemenof  Cyprus,  oeQctng  tbem 
toromel])itb(^ecoetoapDetbrCO?ifIian0,  but  tbep  bnilo  not  come,  fapine^tbeptnoulD  kcepe 
^tt  otDiie  lanD,anb  goe  no  fnrtb'r.lS^ben  pince  Edward  Gnit  Ditto  tbem,  bcOtins  ^  at  bitf  re* 
iindl  tbep  tuoQlo  come  ano  iopne  in  apbetoitbbim:  ttbo  imimotatip  tbemtpon  camebnto  bta 
Imtb0teacp;iepar8tionanb  Garniture  fo)tbe  tnarre^ ,  favtnff,^  at  biti  tommanbentent  tbep 
toerebouno  to  boeno  lefle ,  fb?  tbat  W  p?ebccefltr.«  tune  fi^etimeit  4e  soacmourtf  of  ^wt 

Cben  tide  Ci^an0  being  bereta'^animateb,  mabr  atbitoe  bopage  ojtoabe,  ano  came  ad 
fintea0tbef9^caUeb  VinculafaiK^iPcui,  anb  tofi>.(Jcorgius,auBliiM  tbep  bab flame  cert 
eamc:  tubeii  tbutf  tfje  fame  of  l^ince Edward  gretiie  amongftbttfenemil^t  anbtiliat  tbep  began 
to  ttanb  in  boiAt  of  bim,tbep  beuifeb  amongtbemfebietf  bobi  bp  fome  polttcie  t^  vni^  oxom* 
sent  bim  anb  b;trap  bint.  Odbereupon  tbe  great  l^^ce  anb  abrnttallof  lopparentlmtobAt^ 
Crining  bimrelfe  bnber  great  beceite  Utilling  to  become  a  Cb^OKan^b  tbat  be  tuoulb  b^  toitii 
bim  a  great  r  nbcr  tl)at  tbep  migbt  beI)onourdiIp  itttettaineb  anb  bfebof  ttc  CbTtSii 
an0.Cbi0CA.  IcaTebtbclt^incetnen,  anbpcrfimbebbimto  finiib  ^tbtng  be  b^b  Gi  inen  be* 
gnu  bPtiQttinga.i  Mine,  tnboalfo  bptljefame  meflhiger  rent  anb  tn^otebatke  tmto  bim  biueril 
timefli  about  tbe  fame  matter,\uberebp  nomiSruttiboulb  fp^ing. 

^bict  mefleiiger  (faptb  mine  Sutbo;)  tna^  one  ex  caute  nutritis,oneof  tbe  Ooniebeatteb,  tbat 
nrit()er  fearcb  (S00410?  b]teabeb  beatb. 

'^bc^timeiDbcutbi0me(Kngercame,anbtn80  ofd^el^^inceisrenianttf  fearcbebacco^bing 
to  dicmanuer  anb  ruffomcwbattoeaponanb  armour  be  bKbaboutbintiatf  alio  bi^put&itbat  not 
(b  mud)  aet  a  kiiife  coulo  be  feme  about  bim,  be  toas  b^b  Dp  into  tbe  ^incctt  (bambet,^  after  but 
reucrcnre  boite,be  puUeb  out  certaine  Ietter0,tiibicb  be  beliuereb  tbe  1^^ce  ftom  biO  lo^  >  a0be 
b'ltiiiQiteotberdbcfo^e.'Cbiflttnadabouteigbtbaieitaftec  SQIbitrontibe,  Dpona  '^Duribap,  (bme* 
Uibnt  before  ni(!:bt,ac  tobicb  time  tbe  It^^ire  tua0  lapb  upon  bis  beb  bare  beabei^  vxW  3lerkin,fb; 
tbe  gftcatb^ateami  {ntentperatureoftbetneatb^' 

(Hlben  tbe l^incebabreab  tbe letter0,itappearebbp  tbem  tbat  lipon^  ^itotetbap  nejctfbl* 
IotD(ng,bt0lo^betuouIiibetberereabptoarcompIi(ban  tbatbebeib  tojittenanopjomlCb*  "Cbc 
report  of  tbef;  netoeg  bv  tbe  \^\tt  to  tbe  Hauberd  bp,  lOieo  tbem  toell,  tnbo  birttie  fometnbat 
bacKetoronruUtbetcofamonn^fttbemfelttetf.  3lntbemeane  time,  tbe  S9e(KngerfciteeItnff,aiiD 
making  bits  oliciTanfe  to  tbe  Prince  (queOtottiiigfitrcber  txiitbbim)  putbnt  banb  tobitf  t»lt,«is 
tboufl;!)  be  laoulo  baue  pulleo  out  fomc  fcrrete  letters,  anb  fubbeidp  be  pnOeb  out  an  imienomeo 
i(ntfe4inkingtabauc(lroftentbel9^iitceintotbebenptbetclmtba0belape:  buttbe  ipi^tncelif* 
ting  bp  biiet  bano  to  befenb  tbe  bIotuc,Uia)S  Oriken  a  great  toounb  into  ^  armcj  ano  being  about 

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The  trauailcs  and  difcoucries  ^rmce  6(ii»ard. 







to  fctcl)  aiwtljet  Owkc  at  l)inMt)e  Rtocc  agaiM  toitb  Wis  foott  toito  J»n  fiujj  a  ^^ 
him  to  tbe  gtotmo :  tttti)  tiat  tl>t  p^ncr  gate  liun  bp  tiie  iKmo ,  auD  louKu^ 
totl)cteUpofti)C99cflengctanttarikCT,anDflttol)iitt.        \  .  .  «,. 

ItooUianDbeateotit  ^  b^inctf :  tol^attbepHnte  Isait  lii^ott  &;  t()at  te 

oitedjattMahilKttbcfi^.  ^      ^      ^       .. .  ^ 

15attbeinmotitoft|iitf  afriitfnta((i(Dia0lh;anse,roit  toentlbone  t()o;oitsl)Out  alltijeCoui^ 
mib  torn  tbence  atmiig  tbe  roniinon  proi^  f6}  li>Oic()  tbep  luete  Mrp  l^aup ,  anb  sreatip  I4(b^ 
vageo,  CobtmcameaUbtbt  Captatneof  tbe  Cemple,  anbb^uglit  t)imacolHpanop;mouii 
o^ikcasatnapoiron4eaatbebmome0ft(icfcnife(lttulbpenmate  t<ieItudpbIoobr,  anbtn  bla* 
imnrrlutferapiiebntobiin:  trittJIitotten  pone  <0tarebefi)^,oftlK  omite  anb  fnbtittte  of  t(^ 
people^tl^otluttlillanbaiSilapbebeJUt  pottt  (Gltatetakea  ffoob  bean,  pouq)aU  notbte  of^tf 
tNunb,nip  lifef^  ponc0.  XutOraigbt  Uaptbe  j|>uigion0aitbpbp(<tum0  turn  rentfo;,anb4ie 
Beabauoblarftetlo()»mipoii^ept|)atl»mabottti)ep^ncr,brgan  to  mutter  amonstWm&ItifjS, 
aiiD  tnete  berp  fab  anb  beaiip. 

jEQbicb  t^ng  be  btmrelf  penciutngXaib  bnto  t^:b)I)p  muttet  pou  t^tf  among  pom;  reluesi^ 
loiHit  fee  pou  in  mescmi  2  not  be  bealeb^  tell  me  tbe  ttuetbibe  pe  not  afraib^SJOtiereupon  one  rain 
tnuoi]im^niiItI(epour($tacepoiimapbef)ealeD,t))emi(lntttiu)C,  butpetittntllbe  bccppaine* 
foil  fo)  pou  to  ^ufict.$^ap  fuffimns  (rapo  be  againe)  tclto^e  Ijealtb  'i  pea  faptb  tfie  ctbeT,on  patne 
oflooGiigmpbeaoe,  'C^ifapo^ep^nce,  31  commit mp  felfebntopou,bQetniti)metal)atpoa 
tbinke  go(0« 

Cbenfapb  oneof  tbc1P^fitian{(,ii}t|ieteanpofponr  j/9id)Ieiettnl])bomepont  <&Tarereporetfi 
Qieaantruft*:  to  luIjometbepTinceanflDereb  pea^namtngcertaine  of  tbeiSoble  mentbat  Ooobe 
about  bim.C()airaiDtI)elPbpfitian  to  tbettBo,lubometbe  prince  fitttnamcbytljclo^eEdmund, 
auDtbeLo^Iohn  Voyfyc.anbboe  poualfo  fai^jfullp  louepoutLo^beanbP^irel  SQlionu 
ftoetoibo^.peabnboubteblp.  ^L^faptbbe,  take  pou  atnap  tbtift  ^entletvoman  anb  Labie 
(meaningbt«ibRfe)anbIetbetnotree|)etLo}bean!!)bu[banb/ilirur||ttmea0  3|tmli  pout^etc* 
mitoJQbemipon  tl)cptooke()ecfcomd)ep^ce0p?erence,tcptni^-out,anotD;ingtng  liertianbtf, 
"Eljen  lapo  tbep  tma4ier,be  pou  coiitentcb  goob  libie  ano  S^abame^  10  bettet  tbat  one  bioman 
0;oulb  Dtecpe  a  IttUitaiNIe>  tfientbatall  tbeUealme  of  Cnglanblhrnlbtoeepe  a  gteat  fealbnv 

tb^eU)  ttftom  tbcm^nb  faib  bnto  bim :  boto  cbeere^  pour  <^ratc ,  toe  p^onrile  pou  toit^n  tlnTc 
Meene  oapcst  pou  fi)an  (beto  poutfelfc  ab^oab  (if  (Sob  permit)bpon  pouc^febacke*  ti^le  ana 
luell  a({  euet  pou  \i)m.9nb  acco^oing  to  dbe  pjomtTe  (le  mabe  ^  P)inre^  come  to  pafiir,  to  tiie  no 
litlecdmfbjt  ano  abmiration  of  all  W  lubierttf. 

salmi tbe great ^oulbanbcacDbereof^nbtbattl&epiiiitre  loaiEC  pet  aline,  Ijecoulbrcatfelf 
i!<ielceue die  fame,  anbfenbing  bntobtm^eof  ^itf  )f9oblc£(anb  pjtnceiet,  eirtuteb  ^tmrelftbp 
tbem,tallingbt(tgob0tob)itneieitbattbelametuaietbonenet4)etbp  bimno^t^ronlcnt.  tSSk\m 
lances  mib  saelftiKgetis  (laiibing  a  loofc  off  from  tlie  IKing^fonne^bso^Ibipptng  ^t 
on  tbe  gtotuib :  pou  (fapb  tbe  prince)  boe  ceuetence  me,but  pet  pou  lone  me  not.  9ut  tijep  biiber* 
Ooob  bim  not^becaufe  be  fpafce  in  €ngIiQ)  bnto  tbem/peabing  bp  an  3ntetp;eto} :  ncuettVeltlR 

Cbuiet  iDl)en  ppce  Ed  ward  bab  beene  eigliteene  nnmctbes  in  Acta,  fie  toofte  Qn'pping  aboue 
fS^  anitmpttonofontlabp^  toe  call it^tetuintngbomeluato,  anb  after  leuen  tne(tteisi)eant« 
ueb  in  Sicilia  at  Trapes,  anb  from  ^enr e  traueteb  tli^gl^  ^e  mfod  of  Apulia,  till  lie  came  to 
Romc,t))bcrebe  tnasi  of  tbepipe  bono^blp  intertaineb. 

JTrom  tl)ence  be  came  into  France,  tobofe  fame  anb  noble  p^tueti  taadt^ere  muclib^teba* 
tttongtbecomrnoupcoplcanbenuieboftlie  jraobilitie,  efpeciallpoft|)eearleofChalons,  tolio 
tboUgbttolKiueintravpeo  bmianb  ^(trompanpe,  atfmapappearein  ^(lo^e:butp)itnccEd- 
\\'ardcontittueDfco?ibbi«ioHr«cpeoParis,anbtoasitbeteof  tljc  JFtcncb  King  ()ono?aWp  inter* 
taincb :  anb  after  r crtainc  baieu  be  toent  tbence  into  Gafcoync,  tobere  lie  tarieo  till  t^t  lie  lieara 
of  tbe  bcatb  of  tl)c  Sing  bit  fatber,atto|)(cJ^time  lie  came  liome,  anb  toai*  ctotonebiawgof  Cno* 
Ianb>intbe  peete  ofonr  I,o}b,i  1744 



rmce£it»ard.     I     'R^.T«rntham,&c.  oftheEngliflinarion. 




idpblootie,  anoinbia* 

D.SIQb^iTupon  one  fatD 

nepout  (Dracercpofctii 
tttletoommi  ano  laoie 
Wa0  3ltmiipoutbnx* 
ID  to^ingtns  bet  banotf* 
sbettctt^one  inomaii 
r  bojfebaclte*  b^nile  ana 

eif,  epifefibimrelftbp 
no}|)i0conlcn(;  SQbicv 

lie  toofteOnpyins  about 
Apulia,  cillf^e.came  to 

latft^  muclib^teiia* 
Catleof  Chalons,  tebo 
I  IKins  boito^P  ^ntni' 


TTic  trauailc  of  Robert  Turneham. 

'  ObcRus  Turneha  FrancifcanuSjTheologiz  prof  elTor  infigniSfLynnz  celcbri 
llrcnorumadripasindisemporio,  collegio  luorum  frauum  magnified  ptx- 
^fuit.Edwardus  Princcps,cognom?nto  Longus,Hcnrici  tcrtij  filius,  bcUicani 
•cxpedldonetn  contra SarracenosAflyriainincolcntcs,annoDom. 
^rabat.  Ad  quam  profc(5tionein  quxHtus  quoque  Orator  vchctnens,  qui  plcois 
' in  caufa  rciligionis animos  excitaret.  Turnehamus  principi  vifus  vcl  dignifTi- 
mus  eft,qui  munus  hoc-obirct.Sic  tanquam  Hgnifcr  con(htutus  Aflyrios  vna  cum  Angiico  cx- 
ercitu petijt,ac  fuum  non line laude  prsftitit  officium.Claruit  anno  lalutifcri  partus,i  2^0.  va" 
ria  componens^iub  codetn  Edwardo  cius  nominis  primo  poll  Conqueftum. 

y  ThefarUe  in  Englijh. 

Robert  Turneham  jrrancircan,a  notable  p^ellb>  of  Dluinitie,  toats  laM)  great  ttisniiit 
]^itn  of  tbe  CoIIense  of  bid  S>totx  tn  tbe  famous  S^att  ^otone  of  Lpmte,  fioiate  bpon  tbe 
riuet  of  3lGc(  in  jT^ijfblke.l^^mce  Edward  fumameii  tbe  Lonsr,  tbe  foune  of  Henric  tbe  tb(rD,p;ie< 
pareDbitfluarltkebopapadrainft  tbe  Ibmmta  otueUingin  Syria,  fntbepeereof  outioTtte, 
1 268«  jToji  tbe  tubicb  eirpeiiition  fome  eatiirtt  pjeacbec  \om  fousbt  to  ttint  bp  ^  peoples  minies 
intbecaufeofrelistou*  Slniitbi^  Tumehamfeemebtotbe1^MncemotttDo;ltbptoperfopetbat 
oStce :  fo  tbat  be  being  appointen  as(  it  teete  a  ftanoan  bearer,luent  into  Syria  toitb  tbe  €nsli(|i 
armie,antipetfo;meiibt0  buette  toitbgooo  commenoation,  itTeflo^en  in  tbe  peere  of  Cb?iS 
i28o,fettinsfb;tbotuer0li)O}ke0l)n9cctberaine^ins  Edward  tlje  fitft  of  tijatttante  after  tbe 

The  life  of  5yr  lohn  Mandeuill  Knight^vvrittcn  by 

MtJier!Bale^,  (jmtur.6. 

Oannes  Mandcutl,vir  cqueftris  ordinis,cx  fano  AlbinioTiundus,ita  iteneris 
vt  aiunt,vnguiculis  literarum  Ihidijs  alTueuerat,  vc  in  ill<$  bonam  fbclicitatis 
fuxpartemponcret.  Namgenerisfuiftcmmata  illuflria,  nullivluifutura 
<lucebat,ninillacIarioradodtis  artibus  redderct.  Quarecum  animumE- 
uangclicaledlione  rit6  inftituiiret,tranftulit  lua  ftudia  ad  rem  Medicam,  ar- 
tem  inprimis  liberaliing^nio  dignanvSed  inter  alia,ingens  qusdam  cupido 
videndiAfricam,&  Anam,vai)iorisorbis  panes,  eiusanimum  inuaferat.  Comparato  igitur 
amplo  viatico,peregreprofc6lus  el\,  anno  iChrifto  nato,  t  j  3  2.&  domum  tanquam  alter  V- 
lyfTeSjpoft  34.annos  rediens,a  paucilsimis  quidem  cognitus  fuit.  Interim  Scythiam,  Armeni- 
am  Maiorem  &  Minorem,Acgyptum,vtramquc  Lybiam,  Arabiam,Syriam,  Mediam^Melb- 
potamiam,Pernam,Chaldsam,Gra:ciam,Illyrium,Tartariam,  &  alia  IpacioH  orbis  regna,  la- 
bel iolbitincrevilitauit.Deniqurlinguarum  cognitioneprsditus,  netot  actantarum  rerum 
varletates,&  miracula  qua?  oculatus  teftis  viderat,  memoriseque  mandauerat ,  obiiuione  prac- 
merentur, in  tribus linguis, Anglica,Galiica,&  Latina,graphic^  IcripHt Itinerarium  3  j.anno- 
rum.Reuerrus  in  Angliam,ac  viHs  fui  feculi  malis,vir  pius  dicebat,  noftris  temporibus  iam  ve- 
rius  quam  olim  dici  poteft^virtus  celTat^Ecclelia  calcatur,  Clems  errat^dzmon  regnatjlimonia 
dominatur,&c.Lcodij  tandem  obijt,anno  Domini  1 3  72.die  i  y.Nouembris^apud  Guilielmi- 
tas  fcpultus. 


IOhn  Mandeuil  Rnigbt,bo^intbe  tobuieof  ^*Albon5 ,  tua0  To  toen  s^'Men  to  tbe  Subteof 
(eaniius  from  b  tsi  cbtlDbooD,4at  be  feemeo  to  plant  a  gooD  part  of  bi0  fi^tidtte  ill  ^e  fame :  fo| 
be  fuppofto  tbat  ^ei^iuxir  of  bi0biitbtooulo  notbins  auailebim,  eicceptbe  coulo  renoertbe 
fame  mo^e  bonourable  b  p  bi0  ItuotaleDse  in  soob  letters.  It)auing  ^etmfz  toell  gronnoes  bint 
felfe  in  religion  bp  reairing  tl)e  dcrtptare0,be  applieo  biff  th'Zki  to  ^  arte  of  HSbpCcIte ,  a  p^ 
felHon  too^tbp  a  noMe  ^aavJtm  nnongft  otber  djing0,be  tnatf  ranilben  jbiitb  a  migbtie  neiire  to  fee 
tbe  greater  paiteti  of  ^emojlo^atfAfiaanb  Africa.  It)auingt^^o}ep}ouiDeDantbing0ttece(Ia* 
riefo^  bi{(iouniep,beDeparteii&omb(0countrep  intbepecrcof  Cb7iS,T  3  3  2,aniia0auotber  V. 
lylTes  retumeo  bome^fter  tbefpare  of  3  4.peere0,  ano  tua0  tben  hnotuen  to  a  berp  fetoe «  jn  tbe 
time ofbt«itrauaiIe be b^ in  Scythia^^e  greater anbleflit  Armenia, Egypt,bi^Lybias,  Ara- 
bJa,Syria,Media,Mcfopotanua,Perfia,Chaldara,  Greece,  Illyrium,  Tartaric,  anb  tttttXHPUm 



The  voyages  and  difcoucries   S,f,  MandeuiL 

iun(pome0oftl)ei»o}Io:a»DlKiuuiS  ffottcnbpttii«(  meaner  t()e  htotelmge  of  t^e  languagetf, 
lead  ro  manp  ano  strat  banctietf^tno  tljiitstt  mivaoilouitf,  tsbereof  dimfelfe  (laD  bene  an  tit  iDi(> 
ne0,fljoulo  per^  hi  obImton,tie  r ommittcD  W  lulKile  traucH  of  3  3  .peer(0  to  tutting  tn  ^j^t  b^ 
uer0  toiigueiei,€ngIi(b>  JTreitcti  ano  Latine.l^rnis  anitieo  againe  in  <£ngIanQ,anD  Uauing:  (eene 
tlje  tmckeime0  of  ti^t  agciie  gaue  out  ttiitf  rp<?acl) :  Jw  our  time  (fapoljejit  map  be  fpoken  mo;e 
tnielp  ^ym  of  oIiic«ti)at  betttie  10  soiie,tbe  Cijurcb  i0  biioer  foote,tIjc  Clersie  10  in  nmir^Iie  tie< 
uinratsnR^,anii  dimonie  beareti)  tlje  (bap.^r. 
l|)eiKeDatLeegc4nti)epem 1 372*tlje  1 7.oapof  ji3ouemIier,  bdnstbere IiurteDin tbe9lN 

hit  of  tl)r  flDper  cftbC  Gutliehnitcs. 

The  Tombc  and  Epitaph  of  Sir  lohn  Mandeuil,in  the  citic 
ofLeegeJpohn  of  by  Orteliusj^n  his  hooh  called  Itine- 

rartHm  Btlgit^w  this  forf , 

FoLi  5.1^.      ^^SS^S  Agna  &  populofa  Lcodij  (iiburbia,  ad  collium  radices^  in  quorum  iugis  niu!ta  ftnt, 

\  &  pulchcrrima  monaftcria,intcr  qua:  magniiicum  nobile  D.Laurentio  dica- 

j  tum,ab  Raginardo  EpUcopo.Eft  in  hac  quoquc  regione,  vel  fuburbijs  Leodij,GBili- 

^  elmitaruni  CcEnobium,in  quo  f  pitaphiuni  hoc  loannis  a  MandeuilJc,exccpimus. 

Hie  iacet  vir  nobihs^  Joannes  dc  Mandeuillc,  aliter  didlus  ad  Barbitii,  Miles,  Dominus  dc 

t  ;       Campdi,natus  dc  Anglia,Mcdicinac  profcfror,dcuotifsinjus,orator,&  bonotutii  largifsi- 

mus  pauperibus  crogator,qm  toto  quafi  orbe  1  uftrato ,  Lcodij  diem  vitat  fuae  claunc  cx- 

tremum.AnnoDoin.i  jyi.McnfisNoucnibriSjDic  17. 

Hacc  in  lapidc :  in  quo  caclata  viri  armati  imaoo,Lponein  calcantis,barbabifurcata,ad  caput 

manus  benediccns,&  vcrnacula  hxc  verba :  Vos  qHtfitfeisfor,tm,^otnXamcwrdeixfro'iesformi, 

Clipcus  erat  vacuus,tn  quo  olini^iilTedicebanc  laminani  xream,  5c  eius  in  eaitidein  cslata  in- 

iignia,Lconein  videlicet  argenteum,cui  ad  pcd^s  lunula  rubea  in  campo  cxruleo,quem  Liin- 

bus  ambirctdcnticulatus  ex  auio.Eius  nobis  oftcndcbant.&cultros,  ephipiaque,  &  calcaria 

quibus  vfum  fuiflc  afferebant,in  pcragrando  toto  fer^  teirarum  orbe,vt  clarids  tcilatur  eius  Iti- 

ncrarium,quod  typis  etiain  cxcufuin  paTsini  habctur. 




dinem  capicula,8f  in  corum  quolibct  quid  agitur,  noti- 


^4  OnmendMiobrtms  terra,  Hierofolj- 
'^^     mitant. 

2     Iter  ah  (t/f^glia  tMUfer  terras 
<luamfera(jiMs,vpjMein  Con/fan- 
$     De  vrhe  CmflMtmtfeli^dr  refiqit^j  ibidem 

4.     Via  tarn  per  terras  quatH  per  a<jMs,  a  Con- 

S    Via  a  FroHcia  (fr  Flaudria,  per  filas  terras 

vftjHein  HiiTHfalem. 
t    Via de  (Jpro  vel  de  Hiemfalem,  vfyuein 

7     De  PaUatia  SokLoii,e^n«tH$mb$uprattri' 

t    De  Campt Balfami in  Egjpte. 
9    De Nilofiiituo, fjr Egjpti terriiori*,-  "■Q..''^ 
JO  DecoMdHElMSf/daHi.        V'";; '""  .'J:-*.':' 
//   DeLMotiaflerioSiiMy. 
\ii  IterperdejertmiSiM^^vfjtuinltidamu. 
Ji  DecitutateBtthlttma-femta,vpmi4le' 

11.  'I  . 

,    .  ■■  ■ 


14  De EccleJiaglorioJtfepulcbriDonuttiihvr- 
be  letitfalem, 

15  De  tribm  dijs  EccUJtis  ,(^  Ifecia/ittrde 

1 6  Deflwr'tbtit  loctsptcris extra  vrbem. 

17  Defacrisloeis  extra  ttmros  cittitaiis, 
i!  De  alijslocis  Hotabilibtu. 

19  'De  Nm^reth  dr  Samaria. 

20  DeT'erritorioGali/ead' Samaria. 

21  DefeEladeteftabitiSanaeeHonmt. 

22  DevitaMahcmeti, 

zj  DecoUonmoAtttherisctmsStUano. 

24.  Perfiu^a  adtion  credentts  terranmtiiHerf-' 

tatesper  orbemterra. 
'S  De  Armenia^  Perjia. 

26  De  Ethiopia  (^  diamaHtibm,aetlemfinia 
&  media  fiuba. 

27  'DefareJIopiperii. 

2t  DeEecUfiabeatiThomaApofioli. 
39  De  fmbt^dam  meridmiMibm  irifidis,  & 


~»(V   Att'ii^  \>,^,,    .  J,  ,     ^_ 

S.L  MandeuiL        of  the  Englifh  nation. 



ojifefulebri  Deminiht  vr- 

Ecclefii ,  ($-  ipecialittrde 

//  Df  mtUtu  *Ufsinfitlu  Mtriebotudilnu. 

g2  T)e  tomtregione MMgi, 

jj  DePjgmeit^ittHenvfjjfrawHCMCathajf. 

3^  DefdUcioImfertaarismMgniQoan. 

3  J  De  ^MMum-  folemmtatibtu ,  tpuu  m*gmu 

ChmceUbratinyinMt.  (jit. 

36'Defr*lhff]smfefio,(!rde  comitMu  fmperatot 
37  QMitCAHfxdicitHrmAgnmChm. 
gt  De  territmo  Cathay,  (*r moribiuTartaro- 

39  ^'  feptdtura  Imptrateru  magm  Chan,  (^ 

^0  *2)e  miiltis  regionihm  Imftrio  Tartaru 


41  *Dt  magntficentia  Imferatoru  India. 

^2  Pefrr^nentia  Palat^,  (frcomitatmlmfera" 

torisfrasbittri  loanmt. 
^.j  Dt  ipiilmjdam  mtru  per  Regime t  Imferij 

44  De  loco  &  Jiffofiione  Vidlu  infatdta. 
4 J  Detpabufdam  altjt  adrntrandu ,  ferlnd$- 


46  'Defericnlis  t*r  tarmmtia  in  voile  infatifla. 

47  De  BragmanHornm  infnlii^tfr  alitrnm. 
^S  Mijmd  de  loco  Paradifi  terrejirufer  audi' 

49  In  reHtrtendo  de  Regnit  CaJJam,  drRiboth, 

deDiuite  Efiilone,vel  tonjmili. 
JO  DecomfoJitionehwH*  trailaim  inCinttate 


loANNES  Mandevill  militarls  ordinis^  agit  de    ^ 

dmrJhpatrijs,^gtombM,^roulmijs^<S'inJdi5^Turm,j{rmeni(i    < 

niaiore  &  iriinore,  t/£gypto,  Lybia  bafla  &  alta,  Syria,  Arabia,  Pcrfia,  Cbaldara, 
Tartaria^ndia,  &  de  innnitis  infulis,  Ciuitatibus,villis,  caftris,8c  locis,qux  gentes, 
Ieguni,niorum,ac  rituum  inhabitant  diucrforum. 

Dedicatio  LiBRt. 
iRincipi  excelUatiffimOipra  cwiHis  mertaliiia  pracipHe  venerando, 'Domino  Ethvardo  eitu 
\nominii  tertfo,difunaprouidentia,  Francorum^Anglornm  Regi  Seremffimo^Hiberni* 
Domino,  Aquttania  Diici,mari ac  eins infulis  occiaentalibm  dominanti,Chrtftianortim 
*  encomia  ^  omatm,  vniuerfiritmque  arma  gerentinm  Tntori,  ac  Proittatis  (^Jlrennita' 
tit  exemplo^rincipi  tjtuque  inmElo,mirabilts  uilexandri  Seqnaci^c  tmiuerfi  erbi  treniedo,ctim  rent' 
rentia  non  qua  decetfwn  ad  talem^  tantam  renerentiam  miniisfiifficientes  extiterint  ,fid  qmtftir- 
mtatiffrpojfi^'btasmittentisacofferentitfe  extendnnt^ontenta  trMantnr. 

^  9arsprima,contmem  (dpitai^. 

C  A  P  V  T.      I. 

CommcftJatiobrenif  terra  Hierofolimitana. 
2Vm  terra  Hicrorolimitana,tcrra  promiilionis  filioru  Dei,  dignior  cu£li«  mun< 
^  di  terris  (\t  habcda  multis  ex  cauhs,&  przcipue  illi,quod  DeQs  conditor  cali 
>  &:  mDndifipfam  tanti  dignatus  fuic  zftimarc,vt  in  co  proprium  filium  faluato- 
i  rem  mundi  Chriftum  cxhibuctit  genecihumanoperincarnationcmexintc- 
f  merata  Virginc,8c  per  eius  conuerlationem  humillima  in  cadem,ac  per  dolo-> 
I  rofam  mortis  fus  corifuminationem  ibidem,atquc  inde  per  eius  admirandant 
refurre^lionem,  ac  afcehfioncm  in  calum,  &  poftremo  quia  creditur  illic  in  fine  feculi  reuer- 
rurus,8c  omnia  iudicaturus :  certum  eft, quod ab  omnibus  qui  Chriiliano  nomine  a  Chrifto 
dicuntur,{it  tanquam  a  fuis  proprijs  hzredibus  diligenda,&  pro  cuiufque  poteltate  ac  modulo 
honoranda.  A  principibus  quidem,&  potentibus  vt  ipfam  conentur  de  inridelium  manibus  re- 
cuperare.qui  eam  iam  pridem  a  nobis,noftris  cxigentibus  meritis,abftuIeTunt,&pei  annos  heu 
plurimos  pofTcderuntia  mediocribus  autem  &  valenttbus^vt  per  peregrinationem  deuotam  lo- 
ca  tarn  pia,&  veftig-a  Chrifti  ac  difcipulorum  tarn  San^prmcipaliter  in  remiflionem  vifitent 
deli6lorum.  Ab  impotcntibus  ver6,&  impeditis,  quatenus  (upradi^^os  vel  hortentur,  vcl  in  aii- 
quo  modo  iuucnt,leu  certd  (ideles  fundant  orationcs.  Venim  quia  iam  nofiris  teniporibus  ve- 
rius  quam  olim  dici  potefl, 

Cejfat  ^alcatur,errat^egnat,dominaxitry 
«cce  iufto  Dei  iudtcio,  credita  c(l  terra  tam  inclyta,  &  facrofan^a  impiorum  manibus  Sarace- 
uotu,quod  non  eft  abfq;  dolore  pijs  mentibus  audiendum,&  recolendum,      EGO  loannet 
MandeiuU  militarisorcUnis  faltem  gerens  nomcn,  natus  &  cducatu.s  in  terra  Anglix,  in  villa 
!      ;  C  Anai 

Loquitur  fib 
cundum  tein* 


The  voyages  and  dilcoucries    SJ^Mant^eui/. 

loannis  Man- 
diujli  pcre- 
tici  Sc  criginu 
annos  ronci- 

Regis  Hunga- 
rix  olim  po> 

Mont  Aetna, 

Aeolidet  in- 


Leura  Lorn- 
Quid  fit  dieu. 


lanCti  Albanijduccbar  in  Addolefccntia  mea  tali  infpirationc.vt  ciuamui*  non  per  poicntiam, 
nee  per  vires  proprias  poflcm  prxfatatn  terramluishsredibus  rccuperare,  item  lamen  per  a- 
Uquod  temporis  Ipacium  peregrinari  ibidem,  &  laiutarem  aliquamulum  de  propinqucYnde 
inannoablncarnationcDomini  ijaa.impofui  me nauigationi  MarfiUenfis  maris  Scvlquc  in 
hoc  teniporis ,  Anni  1355.  fcilicet.per  3  3  .annos  in  tranlmarinis  partibus  manfi,  peregrinatus 
ium,ambulaui,&  circuiui  multas,ac  diuerfas  patrias,  regioncs,prouincias,&  infulas,  1  urciam, 
Anneniam  maiorem,&  minorem,»/«gyptum,Lybiam  baflam  &  altam,Syriam,  Arabiam.Per- 
liam.Chaldf  am,e/£thiopif  partem  nugnam,Tartariam,  Amazcniajndiam  minorem,  &  mc- 
diain,ac  partem  magnam  dc  maiori,  &  in  illis,  &  circum  iltas  regu>nes,multas  irifulas,Ciuita- 
tcs,vrbe$,calha,vill3S,&  loca,vbi  habitant  vari«  gentes,  alpc(ftuum,  moruni,lcguiTi,  ac  rimum 
diuetforum  :  Attamen  quia  fummo  defiderio  in  terra  proniiflionis  eram,  ipfam  diligentius  per 
loca  vclligioruni  filij  Dei  perlulhare  curaui,&  diutius  in  ilia  ficti.  Quaproptcr  &  in  hac  prima 
parte  hwius  operis  iter  tarn  peregrinandi,quam  nauigandi,  a  partibus  Anglix  ad  ipfam  defcri- 
bo,&  loca  notabilitcr  fanda,  qu«  intra  tandem  funt^brcuitcr  comemoro  &  diligentcr,  quate- 
nus  pcrcgrinis  tarn  in  itinerc  quam  in  proucntione  valeat  hsc  defcuptio  in  aliquo  dcferuire. 

C  A  P  V  T.     3.  .        . 

Jrer  ab  Angliti  tamper  terras  qMamfer  a<puu  vfjj  m  ^(mftantinofolim. 

QVi  de Hybcrnia,AngIia,Scotia,Norucgia,  aut  Gallia  iter  arripit  ad  partes  Hicrofolymi- 
tanas  potell  faltcm  vfq;  ad  Impcrialcm  Grecijc  Ciuitatcm  Cottantinopolim  eligerc  fibi 
modum  proficifccndi,(iuc  pcrterras.fiue  per  aquas.  Et  fi  percgrinandoeligit  tranfigerc  viam, 
tendatpcr  Coloniam  Agrippinam,&  fic  per  Alraaniani  in  Hungariam  ad  Montlufant  Ciui- 
tatcm/edem  Rcgni  {-lungarix.Et  ellRcx  Hungarij  multum  potes  iilis  tempotibus.Nam  tenet 
&  Sclauoniam,&  magnam  partem  Regni  Comannoruni^  &  Hungariamj&  partem  Regni  Ruf- 
1 11.  Oportct vt  peregnnus  in  finibus  Hungaris  tranfcat magnum  Danubij  flumcn,  &  vadat  in 
Bclgradum;  Hoc  flumcn  oriturinter  Montana  Almania?,S£currensverfus  Oricntem,  recipit 
in  fe  40.  flumina  antcquam  finiatur  in  mare,  De  Belgrade  intratur  terraBulgaTis,&  tranfitur 
per  Pontcm  pctrinum  fluuij  Marroy,&  perterramPyncenars,  &  tunc  intratur  Graf  cia,in  Ciui- 
tatcs^terncs^finopapc,&  Andrinopolis,&  fic  in  Conftantinopolim,  vbi  commqnitcr  eft  fe» 
dcs  Iinperatoris  Grecinf .  Qui  autcm  viam  digit  per  aquas  Verfus  Conftantinopolim  nauigarc, 
accipiat  fibi  portum,  prout  volucrit,  propinquum  fiue remotum,Marfilix,  Pifi,  Ianux,Venc- 
tijs,RomT,Ncapoli,vel  alibi :  ficque  tranlest  Tufciam,  Campaniam,ltaliam,Corficam,  Sardi- 
niam,vfque  in  Siciliam.qus  diuiditur  ab  Italia  perbrachium  maris  t>on  magnum.  In  Sicilia  eft 
mens  e/£;na iugiter ardcns,qui  ibidem appcllaturMons Gibelle,&  przter  ilium  habentur ibi 
locaGolthan  vbi  fun'  feptem  Icucx  quafi  femperignem  fpirantes:  fccundum  diucrfitatcm  co- 
lorum  hamm  flamnianim  cttimant  Incolx  annum  rcrtilem  fore,  vel  fterilem,  ficcum  vel  humi- 
duni,ca!idum,velfTigidum:hxclocavocant  caminos  Infemales,&iiinibusltalix  vfquead 
ilhlocafiint  s^.miliaria.  Sunt  autem  in  Sicilia  aliquaPomcria  in  quibusinueniunturfrotides, 
flores,  &  fiaidlus  per  totum  annum,  rtiam  in  profunda  hyemc.  Kegnum  Sicilix  eft  bona,  & 
grandis  infiila  babcns  in  circuitu  fere  leucas  300.  Et  ne  quis  cnet,  vel  de  facili  reprchendac 
quoties  fcribo  leucam,  intclligendum  eft  dc  leuca  Lombardica,qux  aliquanto  maior  eft  Geo- 
nictrica;  &  quoties pononumerum.fubintclligatur  fcrc,vcl  circiter,fiuccitra,  &  dietaminten- 
do  1  o.  Lombardicis  leucis :  Gcomctrica  autem  leuca  defcribitur,vt  nolum  eft,  per 
hos  verfus. 

QMn^pedespafMmfacifmtfaffUs^ite^^ceHttm  " 

Poftquamitaquc pcregrinus  fccredidit Deo &mari,fiprofpera fibi fucrit  nauigatio,noa 
afcendct  in terram, donee intrct  aliqucm portum Grecix,fcilicet,Myrroyt,Valonx,Durafe, 
fine  alium  prout  Diuinx  placuerit  voluntaii,  &  cxhinc  ibit  Conttaniinopolim  prxdi6iam,  qux 
olim  Byfantium.vel  Vefaton  dicebatur.  Hie  autcm  notadum  eft,qu6d  a  pottu  Venetij.vfq;  ad 
Coftantinopolimdiredc  per  marc  o£Hngentx  Icucx,  &  8a  communiter  computantur  ibi 

C  A  P  V  T.     3. 
De  vrbe  ConflMitmofoli^  rtliftijs  ibidem  cmttntu. 

COnftantinopolis  pulchra  eftCiuitas,  &  nobilis,  triangularis  in  forma,  firmiterquemuni- 
ia,cuius  duf  partes  indudutur  nuri  HelIefponto,qu6dplurimi  mod6  apptllant  brachium 


S.L  MandeutL       of  the  Englifh  nation. 


Regina  Hele- 
na Bncanna. 


fantli  Gcorgij,&  aliqui  Bukc,Troia  vctiis.Verfus  locum  vbi  hoc  brachium  exit  dc  man  elt  la- 
ta terrz  planitics,in  qud  antiquitus  lletit  Troia  Ciuitas  dc  qua  apud  Poctas  niiraleguntur,rcd 
nunc  vald^  modica  apparent  veftigia  Ciuitatis.  In  Conflantincpoli  habcntur  multa  miubilia, 
ac  infupcrmultaefandtorum  vcncrandsrcUiquijjac  fupcr omnia, prcciofifTima  Crux  Clirilli,^ 
feu  maior pars  illius,&  tunica  inconfucilis,  cum  Ipongia  &  arundinc^^  vno clauorum,&  dimi- 
dia  parte  corona:  fpincx,cuius  altera  medietas  fcruatur  in  Capella  Regis  Fi  ancia?,Pariiijs  J^ani 
&  ego  indignus  diligenter  pluribus  vicibus  refpexi  partem  vtramque :  dabatur  quoquc  mihi 
deiliaParifijs  vnica  Ipina,  quamvrquc  nuncprcciofc  confcruo,  &  efl  ipfa  fpinanonlignca 
fed  velut  dc  iuncis  marinis  rigid3,&  pugitiua.  HcclcHa  Coftantinopolicana  in  honorcm  fandt^ 
Sophiatjid eft,inetfabilis  Dei  lapientix  dcdicata  dicicur,&  nobiliilima  vniucrfarum  mundt  Ec-  rcclefia  Tan. 
clefiarum,tam in  fchemate artiticiofi  opcris,quam inferuatis  ibi  facrofandis  Rclliquijs :  nam  ^^ Sopliia*. 
&  continct  corpus  fandta:  Anna:  matris  noltrae  Domina:  tranilatum  iliuc  per  Rcginam  Hcle- 
namab  Hierololymis:  &  corpus  S.Luca:  Euangclillx  tranOatum  de  Bcthania  ludci,-  Ec  Cor- 
pus beatiloannis  Chryfoftomi  ipfius  Ciuitatis  EpiiVopi,  cum  multisalijsrcliquijsprcciofisj 
quoniaincttibivasgrande  cumhuiufmodi  reliquijs  velut  marmoreum  dc  Pccra  tnhydrosj 
quod  iugiter  dc  Icipio  dcfudans  aquam,  feincl  in  anrfo  inucnitur  fuo  fuaore  rcplctum.  Ante 
hancEcclefiam,  fupcrcolumnammarmorcam  habcturdc  irc  aurato  cpere  fijforio,  magna 
imago  luftiniani  quondam  Imperatoris  fuper  cquum  fcdcntis :  fuit  autcm  primitus  in  manu  Imago  lufti- 
imaginis  fabricata  fphira  rotunda,quxiam  diu  e  manu  faafibi  cccidic,in  lignum  quod  Impe- 
ratormultarumterrarum dominium  perdidit.  Na.nquc  foIcbatcflcDominus,Romanotum, 
GtscorumjAfiaCjSyrif  ,IudeXj«^gypti,Arabia:38i.  Pcrfix,at  nunc  foium  rctinct  Crg  ciam,cum 
aliquibus  terris  Grccix  adiacentibus, ficut  Cali(}rum,Cholchos,Oitigo,Ty]bri3m,Mmos, 
Flcxon,Mclos,Carpatcs,  Lemnon,  Thraciam,&  Macedoniam  totam :  Suncq;  fub  co  Caypo- 
plij,&alti  Pyntcnardi,ac  maxima  parsCommannorum.  Porro  imago  tenet  manum  cicuatam 
&  cxtentam  in  oricntem,vclut  in  fignum  cominationis  ad  Oricntales  infidclcs.  Dc  prxdidta 
terra  Thracix  fuit  Philofophus  Ariftotclcs  oriundus  in  Ciuitate  Stagcrcs,  &  c(l  ibi  in  loco 
tumbaciusvelutaltare,  vbi&fingulisanniscertodiecclcbraturapopulo  fcftum  illius,  ac  li 
fliiflet  fanttus.Tcmporibus  ergo  magnorum  confiliorum  conucniunt  illuc  fapicntcs  tcrrx,rc- 
putantes  fibi  per  inlpirattonem  immitti  confilium  optimum  de  agendis.  Item  ad  diuifioncm 
Thracix  &  Macedonia  funt  duo  mirabiliter  alti  montcs,vnus  Olympus,  alter  Athos,cuius  vl- 
tirai  vmbra  oricntc  Ible apparet  ad  76. miliaria, vfque ininfulam  Lemnon.  In horum  cacu- 
mincmontium  vcntusnoncurrit,riCcaermouctur,quod  frequenter  probatum  eftperingc- 
nium  Aftronomorum.qui  quandoque  afccndentcs  fcripfcrunt  litcras  in  pulucrc,quas  fcqucn- 
tianno  inuencrunt  quafi  rccenter  fcripias,  &  quia  ell  ibi  purus  aer  fine  mixtione  clemcnti 
aqux,ncccflceftvtalcendcntcshabeantfccumfpongias  aquxplenas  pro  anhclitus  rcfpira- 
tionc:  In  prxdida  autcm  fanctx  fophixEcclefia,(  ficut  ibidem  dicicur,)  voluit  olimquidam 
Impcrator  corpus  cuiufdam  fui  defun6ii  fepelire  cognati:  cuius  cum  fodcreturfcpulchrum, 
ventum  ell  ad  maufolcum  antiquum  in  quo  fuper  incincrriium  corpus  iaccbar  difcus  auri  pu- 
ri,&eratfculptumincoliterisGrxcis,Hcbraicis,  &  Latiiis  fie.  Icfus  Chriftus  nafceturdc 
Virgine,&ego  credo  incum.  Eteratfimul  infcripta  data  defundi  fecundum  modum  illius 
tcmporis,  qus  contincbat  duo  millia  annorum  ante  incarnationcm  ipfius  Chrifiide  Maria 
Virgine.  Seruatur  quoque  hodierno  tempore  cadcm patina  in  Thefaurario  ciufdcmEccIcfix, 
&dicitur  illud  corpus  fuiflcHcrmctis.fapientis.  Omnes  quidcm,tcrrarum,rcgionum,&infu- 
larum  homines,  qui  iili  Greco  obediunt  Imperatori  funt  Chriftiani,  &  baptizati^tamen  va- 
riant finguli  in  aliquo  articulo  fidem  fuam  a  noftra  vera  fide  Catholica.&  diucrfificant  in  mul- 
tisfuosritusaruibusRomanx  Ecclefix,quiaiamdiuomiferunt  obcciire  Pontifici Romano, 
dicentcs,quoniambeatusPetrus  Apoftolus  habuitfedem  iaAntiochia,quamuispa(rusfuit  in 
Roma :  Idcirco  patri'archa  Antiochenus  habet  in  illis  Orientalibus  partibus  fimileni  potefta- 
tcni,quam  PontifcxRomanus  in  iftis  Occidentalibus.  Impcrator etiam  Conllantinopolitanus  ^"j""*^""" 
crcat  eorum  patriarcham,  &  inllituit  pro  fua  voluntate  Archiepifcopos,  &.  Epifcopos,  &  con-  """*• 
fcrt  dignitate$,&  bcncficia,  fimilitcr  inucnta  occafionc  dcttituit,deponit,&  priuat. 


C  A  P  V  T.      4. 

f^ta  tamper  terras  quamfer  aijuas  a  Conflantinopeli  vfjue  "Acharon. 

AConftantinopoli  qui  voluerit  irc  pedes,  tranfibit  ftatim  nauigio  Brachium  Sandx 
Georgij  quod  fatis  eft  ftridum,  ibique  ad  Ruphinal  quod  eft  forte  caftrum,  indc  ad  Pul- 
uereal,jc  hinc  ad  cailru  Synopulu.  Ex  tunc  inuat  Capadociam,  ttrrara  latam  fed picnam  altis 
■    -  .i  C    2  montibus. 




The  voyages  and  difcoueries    S.f.Mandeuil. 


Vel  SmjTF- 


Rhodus  M\{- 

Cyprus  In- 



Portus  Tyri, 
alias  Sur. 

Mons  Car- 

Foflfa  Belcon. 

niantibus,dcuidc  luiciam ad portuinThcucron.& adCiuitatcm ita  dictam, nunc munitain 
ftrmisturribus,acmuris,pcrquam  tranfKfluuius  Rcglay.  Podcatranfiturfub  AlpibusNoy- 
rcmom  &pcrvallcsdeMallcnbiinis  in  per  villamDoronarum,&  alias 
villas  adiaccntcs  flluuijs  Rcglay,  &  Granconiar,  ficqiic  pcrucnitur  ad  Antiocliiam  mino- 
rcm  llipcr  Rcglay,qux  vocatur  nobilior  Ciuitas  Syris:  Notaiidum  autcm  quod  Rcgnum  olim 
di6tum  Syria.modo  commuiiitcr  vocatur  Suria.  lib  vero  Antiochia,eft  magn3,pulclua,ac  fir- 
ma  licet  quandoquc  maior,pu!chrior,ac  firmior  fuerit.Tunc  autem  tranfitur  per  Ciuitates  La- 
onlam,Gibcllani,Tortufiain,Toruplam,&  Bciythum  fuper  marcvbi  landtus  Gcorgius  fcr- 
lur  occidiffe  Draconem  .Hinc  pcrgitur  in  Ciuitatcm  nunc  dicbm  Aeon,  quondam  Ptolomai- 
dcm,antiquitus  Acharon,qui  tempore  quo  cam  vltimo  Chriftiani  tcnebant  circa  annu  incar- 
nationis Domini  i aSo.cratCiuitasvald^ fortis/ed modo  apparent cius  magnae  ruins.Porro 
a  Conlkntinopoli  potcrit  pcrcgriniis  facilius  vcrfus  Hierofolymoru  partes  per  marc  nauigarc 
qua  per  terras  pcregrinarc  prididbs/i  deus  illi  propitius  fijcrit,&  marc  fide  cofcruaucrit.Qui 
ergo  a Coftantinopoli  iter  trafire  nauigando difponit.tcndat  ad  Ciuitatcm  "Myrnam  vbi  nunc 
oHa  Sancli  Nicholai  vcnerantur,&  fie  procedendo  per  multa  maritima  loca  veniet  ad  Infulam 
&adEphefumvbiidcm  nofcitur  fepultus:  hanctotamminorcm  Afiamtcncntnuncpeflimi 
Turci,  &  cam  appellant  minorcm  Turciam.  Port  Ephcfum  nauigatur  per  plurcs  Infulas  vlq; 
Patcram  Ciuitateni,vndc  o:iunuus  fiiit  bcatus  per  Myrrheam  vbi  (utit  Ephcfus, 
vbi  nafcuntur  fortia  vina  valde.deinde  ad  Infulam  Cret3r,hinc  Coos  poUea  Lango,  vndc  Hy- 
pocrates  Mcdicus  dicitur  natus:tuncq;  ad  grandem  Infulam  Rhodum:&  fcicndu  quod  aCon- 
Ihntinopoli  vfq;  Rhodu,  per  marc  dicunturducetxodluagintaleucae.  Hanc  infulam  totaii.  tc- 
nent,&  oubernantChriltianiHofpitalarij  nunc tcporis,qua: quondam Colollc  diccbaturriiam 
&  multi'Saraccnorum adliuc cam  fie  appcllant,vnde &  Epiftola.quam  bcatus Paulus  ad  habi- 
tacorcs  huius  Infuix  fcripfit.intitulabatur  adColoffenfcs.  Ab  hoc  loco  nauigando  in  Cyprum, 
alpicitur  abforptio  Ciuitatis  Sathalia:,qux  ficut  olim  Sodoma  dicitur  pcrijflc,  propter  vnicum 
crimen  contra  naturam  a  quodam  luucnc  petulante  commilTum.  Sciendum  quod  a  Rhodo  ad 
Cvpmm  feruntur  plcnc  quingcntx  quinquaginta  leucac :  Cyprus  magna,  &  pulchra  cii  Infula 
habcus  Archiepifcopatu,cuni  quinqucEpifcopatibus  fufiragancis :  lUuc  Famogolta,  eft  vnus 
de  principalibus  porribus  mundi,  in  quo  fere  omnium  mercatorcs  conucniunt  nationum,tatn 
Chri(lianorum,qu-m  multorum Paganorum, &  fimilitcr  apud  portum  Limcchon.  Eft  ibi  & 
Abbitia  ordinis  fan6\i  Bcncdicfti,  in  monte  fand^ae  Crucis,  vbi  dicitur  faluati  latronis  feruari 
crux,qui  in  cadeincrucc  audiuit  a  Chrillo.Hodi^  mccum  cris  in  Paradifo.Corpus  etiamfan(9i 
Hylarionis  feruatur  ibi,  in  caltro  Darners  quod  Rex  Cypri  facit  diligentiflime  cuftodiri :  Vltri 
modum  fortia  vina  nafcuntur  in  Cypro,  quae  primo  rubra,  poft  annum  albefcunt,&  quo  yetu- 
ftiora,eo  magis  odorifera,ac  fortia  cfficiuntur.Vltcriiis  paucilTimz  vills,aut  Giuita^ 
tes  funt  Chriftianorum,  fed  fer^  omnia  Saraccni  poffidcnt  infidclcs :  ct  proh  dolor,  ab  Anno 
1 200.  incarnationis  Domini autcirca,pacificetenucrunt.  Qui  autem  aCyproprofpcr^legic 
fpacia  maris,  potcrit  in  duobus  naturalibus  dicbus  peruenirc  in  portum  loppx,  qui  lafFe  nunc 
nuncupatur,8^  proximus  eft  a  Ietuf3lem,diftans  1 6,  tantum  leucas,  hoc  eft  dicta  cum  dnnidia. 
Etfcicndumquodcircamedium,intcrCypium,&Iaflfe  eft  portus  Tyri  quondam  munitillima: 
Ciuitatis,  hanc  dum  vltimo  Saraccni  a  Chriftianis  ceperunt  turpilTime  dcftruxcrunt,  cuftodi- 
entcsiam  curioftJ  portum, timore  Chriftianorum.  Iftc  portus  non  vocatur  modoTyrus, fed 
Sur.  Nam  &  ab  ilia  parte  eft  ibi  introitus  terra:  Suriz.  Ante  iftam  Ciuitatcm  Tyrum  habctur 
quidam  lapis,fuper  quern  dominus  nofterlefusChriftus  fcdcndo  fuis  difcipulis  vel  populis  prf- 
dicauit.  Vnde,&  Chriftiani  olim  fuper  hunc  locum  conftruxcruntEcclcfiam  in  nomine  Sal- 
uatoris,  Peregrinus  vero  qui  ab  hoc  loco  vult  pcregtinari, morofe  fciat,  quod  ad  o£to  leucas  i 
Tyro  in  oricntem  eft  Sarcpta  Sydoniorum,  vbi  olim  Elias  Propheta  filium  vidux  fufcitauit  a 
morte.  Itcmq;  fciat,  qiiodaTyroinvnicadietapergerepotcftin  Achon,fiuc  Acharon  fupra 
fcripta.Circa  Aeon  verfiis  marc,ad  1 20.ftadia,quorum  i  d.leucam  conftituunt,  eft  mons  Car- 
meli.vbi  morabatur  prxfacus  EIias,&  fuper  alium  montcm  Villa  Saflfia  vbi  fandus  lacobus,  & 
Joannes  gerniani  Apoftoli  nafccbantur,&  in  quorum  natiuitatis  loco  pulchra  habctur  Ecclc- 
fia.  Item  propc  Aeon  ad  ripam  didam  Bcleoii,cft  fofta  multum  vtilis,&  mirabilis  qux  dicitur 
fofla  Mcnnon,hxc  eft  rotunda  circumfcrcntia,  cuius  diameter  continetprope  ico.  cubitos, 
plena  alba  &  rcfplendcntearena,&munda  ex  qua  conficiturmundum  &  pcrlucidum  vitrum. 
Pro  hac  arena  vcnitur  pcraquas,&  per  terras,  &  cxportaiur  manibus  &  vehiculis  prope  & 
procul,&  quantumcunquc  dc  die  cxhauritur,rcplcta  man^  altcro  rcperitur:  Et  eft  in  fofla  ven- 
tus  grandis  &  iugis,  qui  mirabiliter  arcnam  commoucrc  vidctur.  Si  quis  autem  vitrum  dc  hac 
••*  '         •  ~     V*  arena 

.f.Mandeuil.     I    S.LMandemL         oftheEnglifh  nation. 


idam,  nunc  munitain 

itur  fub  Alpibus  Noy- 

Doronarum,&  alias 

d  Antiochiaiii  mino- 

m  quod  Rcgnum  olim 

ni3gna,pulchra,ac  fir- 

ifitur  per  Ciuitatcs  La- 

landus  Gcorgius  fcr- 

1,  quondam  Ptolomai- 

bant  circa  annuincar- 

us  magnae  ruinar.Porro 

ces  per  mare  nauigarc 

:  tide  cofcruauerir.Qui 

;cm  "Myrnam  vbi  nunc 

loca  Venice  ad  Infulam 

li  loannis  EuangeliHse, 

im  tcncnt  nunc  pcflimi 

r  per  plurcs  Inlulas  vlq; 

icam  vbi  (tctit  Ephcfus, 

ollca  Lango,  vndc  Hy- 

&  fcicndi:  quod  aCon- 

rianc  infulam  totam  te- 

Colollc  diccbaturriiam 

1  beatus  Paulus  ad  habi- 

nauioando  in  Cyprum, 

Dcrijflc,  propter  vnicum 

ndum  quodaRhodo  ad 

na,  &  pulchra  cH  Infula 

ucFamogofta,  cfivnus 

lueniunt  nationum,t3m 

uLimcchon.  Eftibi& 

r  faluaci  latronis  feruari 

difo.Corpus  ctiamfan<3i 

ntilTime  cuftodiri :  Vltra 

n  albefcunt,&  quo  vctu- 

ciilimx  vil!a:,aut  Giuita- 

ct  proh  dolor,  ab  Anno 

1  a  Cypro  profpcre  Icgic 

m  loppx,  qui  lafFenunc 

3c  eft  dieta  cum  dimidia. 

i  quondam  munitilTimar 

le  deftruxerunt,  cullodi- 

ocaturmodo  Tyrus,fcd 

uitatem  Tyrum  habctur 

lifcipulis  vcl  populis  prf- 

icclcHam  in  nomine  Sal- 

at,  quod  ad  o6io  leucas  i 

,  6lium  vidua:  fufcitauit  a 

lion,fiuc  Acharon  fupra 

nrtituunt,  eft  mons  Car- 

:a  vbi  fandus  lacobus,  & 

3  pulchra  habctur  Eccle- 

s,&  niirabilis  quxdicitur 

inct  prope  i  oo.  cubitos, 

n  &  perlucidum  vitrum. 

)us  &  vchiculis  propc  & 

eritur:  Et  eft  in  fofla  vcn- 

i^uis  autem  vitrum  dc  hac 


arena  faitum  in  fofla  reponcrcc,  conuertcrciur  iterum  in  arenam,  &  qui  iinponcret  fruftunt 
metalli,  verteretur  in  vitrum:  noiuiuUi  rcputant  banc  fo(Tam  efl'c  fpiraculum  maris  arenofi,  dc 
qno  mari  ahquid  locuturus  fum  in  l'equentibus.Ab  Aeon  via  verfus  Icrufalcm  bifiircatur:  nam 
qui  tenet  vnum  latus  potcft  ire  fecus  lordanem  fluuium,  in  Ciuitatcm  Danjafcum,qui  verb  a- 
liud,  ibit  in tribus  aut  quatuor  dietis  Ga7.ani,de  qua  oiim  fortis  Sainfon  alportauit  noctc  fores 
poriarum:  deindc  in  Cgfarcam  Philippi,&  Afcalonem,&  loppam  portum  fupradi6tum,Hinc- 
quc  in  Rama,&  Caftcllum  Emaus,&  fic  in  lerufalem vrbcm  facrofant^ium. 

C  A  p  v  T.     y, 
Vta  a  Francia  tint  FlandriaferfoUs  terras  vfque  lerufalem. 

ITincribns,  quae  per  terras,  &  per  marc  a  noftris  partibus  ducunt  in  terram  promiftionis  de- 
fcriptis,reftatbrcuitcrdicendumde  alia  via,  per  quam  omninomarctranfcundum  noneft, 
videlicet  per  Almaniam, per  Bohemiam,  per  Ptuftiam,&  hinc  per  terram  Paganorum  regni 
Lituaniaj,  8f  fic  per  longam,  &  pciTimam  tenam  prime  Tartarix  vfque  in  Indiam :  Dice 
autem  Tartarisprimg,quoniamde  hac  exijt  primus  Impcrator  totiusTartatix,qui  fempervo- 
catur Grand  Can,quo  vixmaioremmundushabetterrcnum  Dominum,  excepto  Impcratorc 
fuperioris  India:,  dc  quibus  in  fecunda  &  lerriahuius  tradatus  partibus, aliquanto  eft  diflFufius 
narrandum.  Cundti  principes  huius  primx  Tartarix,  quorum  fummus  fempcr  vocatur  Bachu, 
&moraturinCiuitateHorda,redduntImpcratori Grand  Can,magnatributa.  Eft  autem  hxc 
prima  Tartaria  terra  mifera  &  fabulofa,  &  infrud^uofa :  hoc  enim  Icio,  quod  per  aliquod  tern, 
pus  fteti  in  ea,&  perambulaui  Infulas,regiones,&  terras  circumiaccntcs,Tcilicct,Ru(Tic,Inflau, 
Craco,Latton,Rcftau,Si  alias  nonnullas :  crefcunt  namque  in  ifta  Tartaria  modica  blada,p3U- 
ca  vina,  &  ftuduum,  ac  frugum  parua  copia,  exceptis  herbis  pro  paftu  Bcftiarum,  quarum  ibi 
eft  abundantia :  nam  carnibus  illarum  vcfcuntur  pro  omnibus  cibarijs,ius  earum  forbentes,  & 
propotubibcnteslac  dc  omiii  gencrebeftiaruin.  Qmn  etiampauperiores  manducant canes, 
lupos,catos,tatos,talpas,ac  murcs,ac  huiufmodibeftiolas  omnes  :led  nee  aliquis  Princepsauc 
prxlatus  comcdit  vltra  femcl  indi<},&hocparce,  vclparciflinic:  &  funt  homines  valdcim- 
mundi,quia  non  nil!  bene  diuites  vtuntur  mappis,linteaminibus,aut  lineis  indumentis:  id  nee 
habentcopiam  lignorum,vnde&fimumboum,ac  omnium  beftiarum  deficcatum  ad  folcm 
accipiunt  pro  ignis  materia,vbi  fe  calefaciunt,&  coquendo  coquunt.  Aeftiuo  tempore,cadunc 
ibi  frequenter  tempeftates  tonitruorum,fu!minu,&grandinum,quibus  domus,arbores,beltix, 
&  homines,  comburuntur,  euclluntur,  &  occiduntur.  Nam  &  quandoque  fubrepente  oritur 
ibi  calor  immoderatus,&  improuifo  fiigus  immoderatum.  Deinque  cum  terra  illa,fe  multum 
indinet  ad  polum  Septentrionalem,  fortius  ibi  gelare  folcc,  &  firequentius,  ac  diutius  quam  ad 
panes  noftras,  vnde  &  quafi  omnes  habent  ibi  ftupas,in  quibus  manducant,  &  operantur.Ncc 
valet  a  noftris  partibus  ingredi  ad  illam  nifi  tempore  gelicidij,  quod  ad  introitum  eius  funt  tres 
dietXjdc  via  molli,aquatica,  &  profunda,  in  qua  dum  viator putaret  fc  ftare  fecurum ,  profiin- 
deretur  in  lutum  ad  tibias,  ad  genua,  ad  femora  vel  ad  renes:  hoc  ergo  fciendum  quod  paucif- 
fimi  tendunt  per  hanc  terrain  in  viam  promiflTionis :  Nam  iter  eft  grauc^diftortum,  longum,  & 

Horda  eft 
viuens  in 

Mores  Taiu- 

Hyeme  prx- 
cipue  iter  fa< 
ciunc  pcrta- 

C  A  p  V  T.     6. 
P^ia  de  Cjpro  vel  lerupilem  vfqht  in  Babj/loniam  t^^pti. 

DEfcripto  ficut  poiui  triplicitcr  itinere  in  tenam fanftam,  reftat  videre  de duabus  alij s  vijs, 
qui  incidentcr  folcnt  contiiioerc  peregrinis :  Multi  namque  illorum  ex  fpeciali  deuo- 
tione  dcfidcrant  vifitarc  ofl'a  beatimmx  Virginis  Catharinx  in  monte  Sinay :  Cum  igitur  ipfis 
fitneccffarius  Soldani  Babylonix  conduftus  eo  quod  Imperator  fit,  &  dominus  omnium  illa- 
mm  terrarum,quidam  poftquam  pcmeniunt  in  Cyprii  tenduut  prinio  in  Babylonian!  e/£gyp-  Babylonia 
ti,  pro  impetrandocondudulccuro,atqucindcpergentcs  in  Sinay  vadunt  in  lerulalem.Qui-  "'BXP"* 
damvero  poftquam  pcrfccerunt  pcregrinationem  Hierofolyinitanam,  pergunt  per  terras  ad 
Soldanum  pro  conduii\u,&  tum  in  Sinay ,propter  quod  vtramquc  viam breuiter  defcribo,  Dc 
Cyproin»x£gyptumiturpermarerclinqucndoHierofolymorumterramad)manumfinilham,         . 
&  accipitur  primus  portus  e/£gypti,di6lus  Damaiata:ibi  quondam  fuit  Ciuitas  valdc  muaita,  ^^  f^^^  ^ 
fed  quod  Chriftiani  illam,  prima  &  altera  vice  ceperunt,  Sarraceni  vltim6deftruxeruiU,& 
aliam  remotius  a  mari  ciufdem  nominis  Ciuitatcm  xdificauemnt :  Hinc  venitur  in  portum  " 
Alexandrix  «/£gypti ,  qui  eft  Ciuitas  magna.pulchra,  &  fortis  valde,fed  abfq;  aquis  potabili- 
bus.  Adducit  tamcn  fibi  per  longos  dudus  aquam  Nili  Buminis  in  cifternis  ad  potandum. 
Alexandria  nobilis  30.  ftadia  habcc  longitudiois  decemquc  inlatum.  In  carcftantadhuc 

C     3  plurcs 

V  «rC'<*../^'  '^  -^'  "''- 

The  trauailes  and  dilcoueries    SJ,  MandeuiL 

Cayi  cimtas. 

Abilcd)  ilc- 

quid  lit. 

Scries  Solda- 
notu  Acgypti 

Kcx  Angline, 

pnnccps  An- 
glir,  Kcgis 

Maiidciiil  fti- 
Soldani  con- 
tra Arabcs. 

Potent!  a  Sol. 
dani  Atg)  pti. 

plurcs  Hcdclii  atcmporc  Chrilhanorimi, led  Satraccninon  lultinentcs piduras  Sandtorum 
oiiiiKs  parlctcs  albaucruiit.Dc  Alexandria  per  terras  vcnitur  inBabyloniaiue/£gypti,qunc  etia 
KiiKlataiaatiupra  pracdidum  Nilumfluuiiim:  Diciturautcm  hare  Babylonia  minor  ad  difFc- 
rcntiam  \m^^\x  Babylonii,  fiuc  Babel ,  vbi  Dcus linguas  confudit  olim,  qui  tcndcndo inter 
()ricniciii&Scptcinnonemdilbtabilhdictascircitcr40.nccclt  Tub  potertatc  Soldani,fed 
Impel  atoris  Periarum,  qui  illani  tenet  in  homagio  ab  Impcratorc  Cathay,  didlo,  Grand  Can. 
Hcc  autcin  Babyloniat/£gypti  ell  Ciuitas  "radi^  &  fbrtis,tamen  valdc  propc  cam  ell  alia  ma- 
ioi  dicta  Cayr,  in  qua  vt  lirpius  rcfidct  Soldanus ,  quanquam  Babylonia  nomcn  per  feculum 
dihuhusertcognitum.  Altera  autcm  viaperegrinorum  dc  Hierolblymis  proconduCtutcn- 
dciuiiiinadSofdaiium  talis  citcpoteft.PriinotcndantdcIerufalcm  in  lupradidlamGazamPa- 
Iclliiiorum,inde  ad  Caftcllum  Dayrc.atque  ex  tunc  exitur  de  terra  Syria:,  &  intratur  a  fupcriori 
parte  in  dcfertuni  longuin  arenoruin,&  lterile,propc  ad  feptcm  dietas.quod  lingua  eorum  vo- 
catur  Abilech :  tamen  per  illud  inucniantur  plura  hofpitia.vbi  habcri  polTunt  ad  vidlum  ncccf- 
iaria.  Et  qui  in  cundo  redum  iter  tenet,  vcnict  in  Ciuitatem  didam,  Balbes,qua:  ell  ad  fincm 
Rciii  Halapix:  Sicque  cxplctoDefcrto,  intratur  terra  e/fgypti^quam  ipfiCanopat  vocant,Si: 
aliqui  Mcrlur.atque  ex  tunc  in  Babyloniam,  &  Cayr  pritatam:  In  ilia  vcro  Babylonia  habetur 
pulchra  Ecclcfia  Maria:  virginis,  in  loco  vbi  morabatur  cum  filio  fuo,  &  lofcph  tempore  lux 
fuga:,  &  crcditur  ibi  contineri  corpus  Virginis  Barbara. 

C  A  p  V  T.     7. 
Tie  Pallatio  So/dani,acnum:ro,cr  mmimbusfrxteritorumSoldatiorum. 

CAyr  ciuitas  Impcf  ialis  &  Rcgalis  ell  valdc  inunita,&  grandis,decorata  fede  propria  Sarra- 
ccnorum  Rcgni,  vbiDoniinus  corum  Soldanus  coniuniter  refiderc  Iblct, in  luo  Calahc- 
lick,  id  c(l,  callrn  forti,&  lato,ac  in  cueda  rupe  ilatuto,  Siquidem  Soldanus  eorum  lingua  fo- 
nat  nomcn  limilis  maicllatis.quo  nos  in  Latino  dicitnus  Cifarem,  aut  Impcratorcm.  Pro  cu- 
llodiaiuiiusCallrifunt  ibidem  omnitcmpoic  moraines  lex milliapcrlbnaru,&  pro fcruiendo, 
dum ibi rc(idct,ipfi Soldano,qui  omnes  de Qmia eadem accipiunt  neceflaria, & donatiua.  IIlc 
Inipcrator  Soldanus,ell  Rex,Dominufque  quinque  Regiiorum  magnorum  :  Canopat^ioc  eft, 
e/£gypti;totius  Iudex,ficut  olim  Dauid,&  Salomon;Halapia:,in  terra  Machfyris,  cuius  ciuitas 
Damafcus  olim  erat  principalis;Arabia:,quod  ell  rcgnum  valdc  protenfum,&  cum  his  poHidcc 
dominatus  omnium  Caliphorum:  ad  quod  fcicndum,qu6d  quandoquc  fuerunt  tres  Calipho- 
rum  dominatus:  Ex  quibus  primus  Calipbns  qui  dicebaturChaldeorum,&  Arabum,eratredes 
in  Ciuitatc  Baldac.  Alter  Barbaiorum  &  Aflfricorum,  cuius  erat  fcdes  in  Maroco  fupct 
Mare  Hifpanii.  Tertius  Aegypti :  Ell  autcm  Caliphus  inter  cos,  vclut  inter  nos  Impera 
tor,  ecPapafunuKrcilicet,  Dominus  Tcmporalium,&  fpiritualium.  Exadis  igitur  Call- 
phis  circa  annum  incarnationis  Chrifti  1 1  jo, primus  Soldanorum  fuit  nominatus  Saraconrfe- 
cundus  filius  eius,  Saladin,  qui  Anno  1 1  po.cum  Turcis  totam  fer^  terram  promillionis  abftulic 
a  Chrillianis.  EtfubquoRichardusRcxAnglif  cum  alijsprincipibusChriftianiscullodicbat 
pafliim  Rupium,ne  ille  ficut  propofuerat  tranfire,  profeciffct  vltra.  Tertius  Melachfala,  a  quo 
landus  Ludouicus  rex  Francia:  captiuabatur  in  bello.Quartus  Turquena,qui  Regcm  pra:didu 
rcdimi  diinifit  pro  pecunia.QuintusMeleth.ScxtusMclethemes.Septimus  Melee  dayr,lub  quo 
Edwardus  Rex  Anglii  intraui:  cum  noftris  Syriam,damnificans  plurimum  Sarracenos.  Odla- 
uus  Mclec  falle.NonusElphi,qui  Anno  Incarnationis  Domini  1 289.  dcllrujcitin  illis  partibuS 
enormitcr  Chrillianos,&  pcnitus  omnes  indc  fugauit,atque  recepit  Tripolim  Ciuitatcm.Deci- 
mus  Mclcthaflcras :  hie  cepit  AnnoDomini  1 29 1 .  in  oilaua  pafcha:  Accharon,fugatis  vel  oc- 
cifis  ex  ca  omnibus  Chrillianis.  Exindeamilfis  liiccedentium  nominibus,fextus  dccimus  dice- 
batur  vel  dicitur  MclecMandibronrfub  ifto  (Icti  ego  per  aliquod  tempus  llipcndiarius  in  guer- 
ris  fuis  contra  Bcdones,  qui  ei  tunc  temporis  rcbcllaoant.  Horum  ctiain  mores,  &  continen- 
tiam  populorum,  in  fcnuentibus  dedarabo :  ficut  veraciter  fateri  poflum,  ipfe  ad  filiam  cuiuf- 
damfuiPrincipismeobtulitvxorare.&magnisdotare  poffeflionibus,  dummodo  Chriftiani- 
tati  refignaflcm  :EumqiicdimifiSoldaimm,quandode  partibus  illis  recelli.  Soldanus  prxter 
homines  adluacallraferuandadcputatos,poteIl  educere  quotics  velit  in  cxcrcitumde  ho- 
minibusde  ipfiusftipendijs  viucntibus.&adciusiugiter  mandata  paratis,  20.milliaarmato- 
rlIm,cxfolat^gypto:Etcx  Syria.&Turcia,  &alijsterris,50,miniacxceptisruralibus,  &Ci- 
uitatum  comitatibus,  qui  funtvelulinnumerabiles.  Miles  quidem  llipcndiarius  recipit  dc 
Curia  pro  anni  Tempore  121.  aureos,  &  fub  tali  Ilipendio  feruit,cuintribusequis  &  vno 
Cainelo.  Quodringcnti,  vel  Quingenti  horum  militum  ordinati  funt  fub  vno  rcdore,  qui  vo- 
catur  Admirabilis:  Etillefolus  recipit  dc  Curia  tantum,ficut  omnes  fibi  fubditi :  Notanduin 
ouod  nunouam  extrancus  Nuncius  ircpcrmitiitur  adSoldanumnTiauratisindutus  veftibus, 


\LMandeuiL    I        S.f.MandeuiL        oftheEnglifli  nation. 

cspidhiras  Sandoruin 
iiaiiit/£gypti,quat  ctia 
jylonia  minor  ad  difFc- 
n,  quz  tcndcndo  inter 
potclktc  Soldaiii,fed 
ay,  dido,  Grand  Can. 
propc  cam  cU  alia  ina- 
ia  nomcn  per  fcculum 
lus  pro  condutitu  tcn- 
',  &  intratur  a  fupcriori 
juod  lingua  eoriim  vo- 
iflunt  ad  vid^uni  neccf- 
albcs,qua:  cll  ad  fincm 
ipfi  Canopat  vocant,&: 
ero  Babylonia  liabetur 
5c  lofcph  tempore  lux 


ata  fede  propria  Sarra- 
c  lblct,in  luo  Calahc- 
lanus  eorum  lingua  fo- 
[mpcracorcm.  Pro  cu- 
)naru,&  pro  fcruicndo, 
flaria,&donatiua.  Hie 
rum :  Canopat^ioc  eft, 
[achfyrix,  cuius  ciuitas 
um,&  cum  his  poflidct 
:  fuerunt  tres  Calipho- 
li,&  Arabum,eratfcdcs 
:des  in  Maroco  fupec 
elut  inter  nos  Impera 
Exadis  igitur  Cali- 
lominatus  Saraconrfc- 
n  promilHonis  abftulic 
3hriftianis  cuHodicbat 
tius  Melachl'ala,  a  quo 
a,qui  Regcm  prididi 
js  Melee  dayr,l'ub  quo 
jmSarracenos.  06b- 
olim  Ciuitatcm.Dcci- 
charon,fugatis  vel  oc- 
Sjfcxtus  decinius  dice- 
ftipendiarius  in  gucr- 
n  mores,  &continen- 
ii,  ipfe  ad  filiam  cuiuf- 
dummodo  Chriftiani- 
ccffi.  Soldanus  prstcr 
c  in  cxcrcitum  de  ho- 
tis,  20.  milliaarmato- 
eptis  ruralibus,  &  Ci- 
pendiarius  recipit  dc 
m  tribus  cquis  &  vno 
)i  fubditi :  Notandum 
iratisindutus  veftibus, 

vel  pannoTartarico,aut  camoleoto  ad  modiim  nobilium  Sarracenorum:  &  oportet  vt  vbicu- 
quc  primum  nuncius  Soldanum  afpiciatjfiue  ad  fcneilras,fiuc  alibi,vt  cadat  ad  genua.vcl  pro- 
tinus ofculetur  terram,  quia  talcm  rcuercntiam  facerc,(ignuiti  clt  quod  illc  delidcrat  ei  loqui. 
Qu^mdiuautem  tales  loquunturlibi.autlitcras  ollcndunt,circuin(hnt  Apparitorcs  cxtcniis 
brachijSjlcuatos  tenentcs  mucroncs,gladios,gezas,&  mackas  ad  fcrienduni,&  occidcdum,  fi 
quid  didum  vel  nunciatum  fuerit,quod  Impcratori  difpliccat,  quam  cito  illc  lignauerit  truci- 
dari.Vcruntamcn  fcicndum  cl},quod  nullius  hominis  pcrfonaliter  ab  ipfo  quidquam  pctentis 
confueuit  repcllcre  preccs  rationabilcs,8i:  contra  eorum  leges  aut  mores  non  vcnicntcs.Porro 
ego  in  Curia  manens,vidi  circa  Soldanum  vnum  vencrabilem ,  &  cxpcrtum  mcdicum,  de  no- 
ftris  partibus  oriundum:iblet  namque  circa  fc  retincre  diuerfarum  medicos  iiationum,&  quos 
nominandx  audicrit  cfl'c  famx:Nos  tamcn  raro  inuicem  conucnimus  ad  colloquium,c6  cjuod 
meum  feruitium  cum  fuo  modicum  congrucbat :  longo  autcm  polka  tcmpore,&  ab  illo  loco 
rcmotCjVidclicet  in  Lcodij  ciuitatc,  compofuihortatu  &adiutorio  ciufdem  venerabiiis  viri 
hunc  tradatuin,  ficut  in  fine  opcris  totius  enarrabo.Itcmque  in  Cayr  ciuitate  ducuntur  ad  fo- 
rum communicer  tam  viri  quam  mulieres  aliarum  legum,  &  natlo'num  vcnales ,  &  ad  modutn 
bettiarum  vcnduntur  pro  pccunia  ad  fcruicndum  in  luis  artificijs  .  Habctur  quoquc  ibi domus 
plena  furnis  paruis,in  quibus  per  cultodes  domus  tam  liycme  quam  xllatc  foucntur oua  gal- 
intendunt,pro  ccrto  prctio  accipiendo  a  mulicrculis  illic  oua  fcrcntibus. 

cxhibiu  Sol. 

Cuius  nomen 
ncs  ad  Bar- 

Mos  otM  fw 
nisfbucndi.  - 

C  A  P  V  T      8. 

EXtra  banc  ciuitatcm  Cayr ,eft  campus  fcuagerBalfami :  circa  quod  fciendum,  quod  opti- 
mum totius  mundiBalfamum  in  magnocrcfcitlndix  dcfcrto,vbi  Alexander  Magnus  di-  Balfamum. 
citur  quondam  locutujfuiflearboribusSolis&Lunx,  de  quoin  fequcntibus  aliquidellfcri- 
bcndum.Illo  itaque  Indix  Balfamo  duntaxat  excepto,non  ell  liquor  in  vniucr/o  orbe,qui  hu- 
ic  creditur  comparari .  Has  arbores  feu  arbulb  Balfami  fecit  quonda  quidam  dc  Caliphis  Ac- 
gypti  de  loco  Engaddi  inter  mare  mortuumj&  lerico,  vbi  Domino  volcntc  excreucrat,  cradi- 
cari,  &in  agro  prxdicto  plantari :  Ell  tamen  hoc  mirandum,quod  vbicunque  alibi  fiucprop^, 
fiUc  remote  plantantur,quamuis  forte  vircnt,&  exurgant,non  tamen  frudificant.Et  e  contra- 
rio  apparet  hoc  miraculofum, quod  in  hoc  agro  Cayr  non  fc  permittunt  coli  perSarracenos, 
fed  folummod6pcrChrirtianos,vclalitcrnonfru(5lificarent:  Etdicunt  ipfi  Sarraccni  hoc  lac- 
piiis  fc  tcntalfe :  funt  autcm  arbulla trium.vcl  quatuor pedum  altitudinis,  vclut  vfquc  ad  rcne? 
hominis,&  lignum  eorum  afpicicndum,ficut  vitis  fylueftris.Folia  non  marcefcunt ,  quin  prias 
marcefcantfrucluSjCcrnituradformamCubcbx,  &  gummi  eorum  ell  Balfamum.  Ipfi  ap- 
pellant arbores,Enochkalfc,fi-uflum  Abcbifiu,&liquorem  gribalfe.  Extrahiturvero gummi 
dc  arbufculis  per  hunc  modum :  De  lapidc  acuto ,  vel  de  offc  frafto  dant  fcifluras  per  cortices 
in  ligno,&  ex  vulneribus  Balfamum  lachrymatur.quod  in  vafculis  fufcipiunt,  caucntcs  quouc  quid  de  illo  labatur  in  terram.  Nam  fidcferro,  vel  alio  metallo  fieret  inciflura,  li- 
quor Balfami  corrumperetur  a  fua  virtute.Veri  Balfami  virtutcs  funt  magnx  quidem,  &  innu-  Vimitej  veri 
merofr :  nam  vix  aliquis mortalium  fcire  potuit omncs,  quamuis  inter  Phyficos  quinquagin-  Balfami. 
tafcribantur.  Rarovtiquc  Sarraccni  vcndunt  Chriftianis  purum  &verum  Balfamum,  quin 
priiiscommifceant,&  faifificant  ficut  ego  ipfe  fi-equcntcr  vidi.  Nam  aliqui  tertiam,  feu  quar- 
tam  partem  immifccnt  tcrrebynthinf .  Alii  ramufculos  arbuftarum,&  fruilus  eorum  coquunt  Sophiftlcatio- 
in  olco,quod  vcndunt  pro  Balfamo :  &  quidam  (quod  pellimum  eft)  nil  Balfami  habentes,di-  nes  Balfanii 
ftillant  oleum,per  claiios  gariophillos,&  fpicum  nardum,&fimiles  odoriferas  fpcciesjioc  pro 
Balfamo exponcntes,atquc  aliis  pluribus  niodis  dcludunt emcntes .  Sed  &  Mercatorcs  inui- 
cem nonnunquamfophiilicant  altera  vice:  probatio  autcm  veri  Balfami  j)otcIl  habcri  pluri-  Probariovcii 
busmodis,quoruin  aliquos  hie  defcribo .  Eft  cnim  Citrini  colori«,valdc  clarum,  &  purum,  &  Balfami. 
fortiffim\im  in  odorisfragrantia:  fi  ergo  apparet  ahcrius  quam  Citrini  coloris,fciatur  non  fim- 
plicis.fed  cuiulcunqiie  commixtx  fubllantix.vel  itxfpilTumjVt  non  polfit  fluerc,fcitote  fophi- 
fticatum.Itcmfi  pofueris  modicum  veri  Balfami  in  manus  paima,non  potcris  fullincrc  earn  Ii» 
nialitcr  in  fcruorc  fplcndcntisSolis  ad  fpacium  recitandx  Doininicx  orationis.  Item  fi  in  clara 
flamma  ignis  vel  candeli  ccrcx  miferis  pundum  cultelli  cum  gutta puri  Balfami,ipfa  gutta dc 
facile  comburetur.Itcm  fi  in  fcutclla  numda  cum  puro  ladle  caprino  pofueris  modicum  veri 
Balfamijftatimmifcebitfe,  &vnietur cum  lade,  itavt  Balfamum  non  cognofcetur.  Item  ^ 
contra,fi  pofueris  verum  Balfamum  cum  aqua  Lympida,  nunquam  miflebit  fc  aqux,  ctiamfi 
aquammoucrisvehcmcnter,  imo  Balfamum  femper  tendit  ad  fiuidum  yafis,  nameftinfui 


^w<rC''V>'  -^ 


The  voyages  and  difcoueries    S.f.Mandeuit. 


qiiantitatc  vaUlc  pondcrol"uin,8i  luxta  quotlminiu  pondcrofum  inucncris,ampliils  falfificatum 
noucris.  "  •   ' 

.'•  C  A  P  V  T.     p. 

De  NilofiMmo,&  Jegyftiterritorio. 

Nlliisfuprddiilusfluuius  Acgyptiappcllatus  eft  alio  nomincGyon,  cuius  origo  eft  aPa- 
radifoterrcftri.Hicvcnitcurrcns  per dcferta India; Maioris,  hincquepcr  meatus  fubtcr- 
raneos  tranfit  plurcs terras :  exicnsfub  Monte  Aloth,interIndiam,&Aethiopiam,&Mau- 
ritaniaiu  intra  dcferca  Acgypii ,  irrigans  totani  longitiidincni  Aegypti vfque  ad  Alcxandriani, 
d  ■  N"  'biquefcpcrditinmarc.  Sole  intrantcfignumCancrionini  anno,  hoc  eft,adquindcnam  ante 
l"""  *"°  ''  FcftumNatiuitatisIoannisBaptiftsincipitpaulatimfluuiuscrcfccrc.&inundare,  quoufquc 
fol  intrct  Virgincm,  quod  eft  circa  Feftum  Laurcniij  ,  atque  ex  tunc  dccrcfccre,  &  niinui,do- 
ncc  Sole  venicntc  in  Lybrani  intra  fuos  alucos  fe  confcruetrDiinicjuc  per  inundationcm  minis 
cffluit, damnificat terra: culturas,& fit Chariftia in Aeaypto.  Et/imilitcr  dum  parum  cxun- 
dat,  ingruit  cfuries ,  quoniam  in  Aegypto  rarifsimc  pluit,  aut  apparent  nubcs,  quoniam  fi 
quandoqueplucritinarftatc,tcnaniuribusadimpIetur.  Terra  Aegypti  continct  in  longitu- 
dine  dictas  qiiindccini,in  laiitudine  fere  trcs,  &  habct  triginta  dietas  deferti:  a  finibus  Aegyp- 
ti vfque Nubiam/iuodecimlunt  dicta:. Hi  Nubij  funt  Chriftiani,fed  nigri,velut  Act!  'opeSjVcl 


Phccnix  auis,  de  qua  dicitur,quod  fcinpcr  vnica  fit  in  mundo,viuens  per  annos  quingcntos, 
qux&rcipr3mcomburit,acdccineribuseius,fiuepet  naturam  ,  Hue  per  miraculuin  alia  crc- 
atiir ,  hic  interdum  apparct in  Aegypto,  &  ficut  mihi  inonftrabatur,  vidi  duabus  vicibus.^lo- 
Photnixvifaa  djcilmeft  inaior  Aquila,criftamincapitc  maiorcm  pauoni$,colIum  habens  croceum,  dor- 
Mandcuillo.  ^^^^^  IiiHlcum,  alas  purpureas ,  caudam  duobus  coloribus ,  per  tranfuerfum  croceo  &  rubeo 
regulatam ,  qui  finguli  colorcs  fiint  ad  fplendorcm  Solis  deledtabiliter  videntibus  rcfplcn- 
dcntes.  In  Aegypto  multachabcnturarbores,  fcxcicsaut  fcptiesm  anno  fi-u6lificantes,  ibi- 
qucfrcqucntcrinueniuntur in  terra Smaragdi,  &  circioram  Nili  alij lapides pretiofi.A Ba- 
bylonia Acgyptijvfque  ad  ciuitatem  Mcccani ,  (quain  Pagani  ibidem  appellant  lacrib ,  &  eft 
in  magnis  del'ertis  Arabii) fiint  triginta  dua:  dictf .  In  ea  vencratur  deteftandum  cadauer Ma- 
chonfiucMachomctihonorabiliter  &  reuereriterin  Temploeius,  quodibivocaturMufket, 
dc  cuius  vita  aliquidinfi-a  narrabo.  Per  pra-dicla  itaque  apparet,  quod  Imperator  Sarraccno- 
rum  SoldanusBabylonii.vald^potcnscrt  Dominus. 

Capvt     10. 

Raro  in  Ae- 
gypto pluuia. 



P  Rills  dictum  cftdereuerentia  Soldani,  quandoad  ipfiim  intratur  exhibcnda.  Sciendum 
ergo ,  cum  ab  eo  petitur  fccurus  conduC^us ,  nemini  dcnegare  confiicuit ,  fed  datur  peten- 
tibus conimuniter figillum  eius , in appcnditionc  abfque  literis:  hocfigillum,pro  vexilloin 
■•  virga aut  hafta dum peregrini  ferunt , omncs  Sarraceni  videntes  illud  nexis  genibus  in  ter- 

rani  fe  reucrcnter  indinant,  &  portantibuj  omnemexhibent  humanitatcm.  Verumtamen 
latis  maior  fit  rcucrcntia  literis  Soldani  figillatis,quod  &  Admirabiles ,  &  quicunque  alij  Do- 
mini, quandoeismonftrantur,antcquamrecipiant,  femultum  indinaiit:  Deindc  ambabus 
...    •  nianibus  eas  capientes  ponunt  fupcr  propria  capita,  poftea  ofculantnr,  &  tandem  legunt 

.;  -, .  inclinaticum  magna  vcneratione ,  quibus  fcinel  aut  bis  perleftis,  offerunt  fe  promptos  ad 

explendum  quicquid  ibi  iubctur,  ac  infupcr  exhibent  deferenti ,  quicquid  poflint  corn- 
modi,  vel  honoris:  fed  talcmcondudlum  per  literas  Soldani  vix  quifquam  peregrinorura  ac- 
LiterxSolda-  cipit,quinoninGuriailliusftctit,  velnotitiamapud  ilium habuerit.  EgoAutem  hahminre- 
ni  ineratiam   cefumeo  ,m  qwhiu  etUm  continebatur  ad  omnes  fbi  fubieBos  ffeciale  mamatum ,  vt  me  permit- 
terenttntrare ,&rcificere  fingu/a loca ,pro mex placito  voluntatis,  (fr  mihi  exfonerent  cjuorton- 
cHnque locorum  myfleriadiittnile  (^abfjue  vllo  velamine  veritatis,  acme  cum omni  fodalitate 
mea  beitigne reaper ent ,  ^incnnElisrationalibHiaudirent ^reejuiJftiaHtem  Jtnecejfe  feretdeci- 
MitateconoMcerentinciHitatem.  Habito  itaque  percgrinis  condu6lu,  ad  Montem  Sinay  po- 
tctta  Cayrvnamduarumincipcrefemitarum, vfque vallem  Helim,  vbiadhuc  funt  duodc- 
cim  fontes  aquarum.  Namvnaviarumcft,vt  pertranfeat  paflagium  maris rubri,  non  lon- 
««x,,v„.  Ru-  %^  *^  eodem  loco ,  vbi  olim  populus  Ifrael  Duce  Mole ,  Deo  iubentc ,  ficcis  pedibus 
lUiD  marc  fie  rranfijt  idem  mare.  Quod  quidem,  licet  aqaa  fit  fatis  clara,  dicitur  ibi  Rubrum  pro- 
ppdlacur.     pter  lapillos  ,  &  arenas  fubrufsi  colons :  &  coatiaec  ibi  nunc  cemporis  pafliis  ma- 


auo,cur  1 

S,  /.  iVtaudeuiL        of  the  Englifh  nation. 


>,anipliils  falfiBcacum 

ris  in  laticudine  fcr^  lex  Icucai.l'ranliiiitruquc  mari ,  ibit  fupcr  hanc  long^  ab  oris  ciiildcm  per 
dictas  quatuot,atquc  ex  tunc  rclinqucns  marc,tcndic  per  dcfcrta  ilx  auc  I'cptciii  dicrum.vlque 
in  valicm  prsfatam .  Alia  ell  auccm  via ,  vt  dc  Babylonia  intrct  Dyrcen  dclcrca,  tcndcns  ad 
qucndam fontem,qucm  dicicur  Mofcs fccilfe:&  hinc  ad  riuulum  Marach^qui  quondam,Morc  Vd  Mifla. 
iinponentelignum,ab  amaritudine  dulccfccbat,&  He  tandem  in  prxmiflam  valicm  perueni- 
ant.Hc  rcllat  via  grandis  dicta;  ad  Montem  Sinay  ab  hac  vallc  .  Nam  a  Babylonia  vlque  in  Si- 
nay  jxHimatur  eilc  via duodecim  dietarum,quamuis  nonnulli  citiiis  perucniunt.  Hoc  vcre  fci- 
cndum,neminem  pcrcgrinorum  per  hzc  dektta  line  du^torc  poflc  ccndcrc,cui  notz  I'unt  vix, 
fed  nee  equi  valent  tranlire,przcipu6  quod  non  inucnircnt  in  delcriis  quid biberc.  Aliquo  ta> 
men  niodo  tranfirur  per quod  fc  contincre  ponimt  de  potu  duobus  aut  tribus  di- 
ebus:Etoportetvtitincrantcsferant  Iccumpcr  viam  ncccflaria  advidum  proprium,&  Ca- 
mclorunv>ifi  quod  i"tcrdum  forte  Camcli  aliquid  fibi  abrodcre  poflunt  circa  cortices  arbu- 
ilorum,&  folia  ramufculorum. 

ab  aijuis. 

Capvt.     II. 
'De  Mon/iflerio  Sinaji^f^  reliijHijibeati  Gather ina. 

MOns  Sinay  appcUatur  ibi  del'crtum  Syn :  quafi  in  radice  mentis  idius  habctur  Ccrno- 
bium  Monachorum pcrgrandc,  cuius  claufura  in  circuitu  ell  firmata muris  altis,&  por- 
tisfcrrciSjPrometubclliaiumdcretti.  HiMonaclii  lunt  Arabcs,  &Gra:ci,  &inmagnocon- 
ucntu,nniicum  Deo  dcuoti :  viuunt  in  magna  abllincntia,vtentes  fimplicibus  cibariis,  dc  lotis 
&  daitylis,  &  huiufmodijncc  vinum  potantes,  fellis  cxceptis.  Illic  in  Ecclcfia  Beatx  Virginis 
Jc  matris  Cathcrinac  fcmper  lampades  plurimx  funt  ardentcs ,  nam  habctur  ibi  plena  copia  o- 
Ici  oliuarum.  A poileriori parte  magni  oltaris  monllratur locus,  vbi  Moy li  apparuit  Dominus 
in  rubo  ardcnte,  ipfuin  rubum  adhuc  fctuans ,  quern  duni  Monachi  incrant,  lempcr  fc  difcal- 
ceant  gratia  illius  verbi,  quo  Deus  iufsit  Moyli  ibidem ,  Soluc  ralciamcntum  de  pedibus  tuis, 
lotus  enim  in  quo  ftas,terra  fandla  eft :  hunc  locum  appellant  Be7.clecl,id  eft ,  vmbra  Dei.  Et 
propc  altare  tribus  gradibusin  altitudinc,  habctur capfa,  feu  Tumba  Alabaftri,  fandifsima 
contincnsofta  Virginis.  Chriftiani qui  ibidem morantur,  cummagna  leuerentiaaduenienti- 
busperegrinis,iMonachorumpra:lato,^euaballoin  hoc  inftituto,  cxcipiuntur.  Isquodam 
inftrumento  argcntco  confueuit  ofla  dcfi:icare,fiuc  linirc,vt  ex  iis  exeat  modicu  olei,  vclut  pa- 
rumper  fudoris,  quod  tamcn  non  apparetin  colore  fui  tanquam  olei  feu  Balfami/cd  aliquan- 
tulumplurismagnitudinis,  Et  ex  iftotraditurinterdum  aliquid  petcntibusperegrinis,ledpa- 
rOm,  quia  nee  multUm  exudat .  Oftendcrefolcnt  &  caput  ipftus  Cathcrinx  cum  inuolumen- 
tofanguinolentOj&multasprxtereafan^las,  &venerabiles  rcliquias,  qux  omnia  intuitus 
fumdiligenter  &  Izp^,  oculis  indignis.  Habent  quoque  in  ifta  Ecdelia  propriam  Lampadcm 
quilibct  Monachorum ,  quximminente  illius  difcemi  lumen  per  diuinum  miracuium  variac 
vel  extinsuit.Ego  etiam  curiofii^s  fuper  vno  dubio  quod priQs  audicram,  plures  interrogatio- 
nes  feci  at  aliquibus  Monachorum,vtrum  fcilicct  prslato  corum  deccdcnte  femperfucccflbr  Monachoniiu 
per  diuinum  iignnmeligeretur:&vix  tandem  abeisreccpirelponfum,  quod  per  vnumifto-  °^  '«!«»• 
rum  miraculorum  habetur  fucce(ror,yidelicet  in  miftafepultura:  dcfundti  omnibus  Monacho- 
rum !ampadibusextinifli$,illiusfola  Del  nutu  reaccenditur,  quern  fieri  vultprxlatum,  veldc 
ccelo  inuenitur  miftus  breuiculus  fuper altarc,  infcriptum  habens  nomen  przlati  flituri .  Intra 
hiuic  Eccleftam  nunquam  mufca,  velaranea,  aut  huiufmodi  immundi  vermiciili  nafcuntur, 
quod  (imiliter  per  diuinum  accidit  miracuium:  nam  ant^rcplebatur  Ecclcfia  tatibus  immun- 
ditiis,8c  totus  conucntus  reccderet  ad  conftruendam  Ecclenam  in  alio  loco .  Ec  cccc  Dei  gc- 
netrix  virgr  beatacisvifibiliter  ubuiauit,iubens  reuerti,  &dicensnunquam£ccleiiamfimi- 
libus  infeftari.  In  cuius  obuiationis  loco,  in  afcenfu  procliuo  huius  montis  per  multos  gradus 
conftnixeruntEcc1c(iani,a?dificiumexcellens,inhonoremeiufdcmvirginis.Etaliquant6alti-  ' 

,  ilsjper  ciufdem  montis  afcenfum  eft  vetus  Capclla,quam  vocant  Eliz  Prophetar,&  locum  fpc- 
cialiter  appellant  Horeb.  A  cuius  latere  in  montis  appendentia  colitur  vinea,quam  nominant 
lofux  {cnophis,de  qua  quidam  putarc  volunt,  quod  Sandus  loannes  Euangclifta  cam  pri;u6 
plantauit.In  fupcriori  veto  montis  vcrticc,crt  CapcUa ,  quam  dicunt  Moyfis,&  illic  rupis  fcr- 
uans adhuc  corporis  cius  formain  impreflam  dum  fe  abicondit ,  veritus  dominum  r^icere  in 
facic.Locus  quoq;  ibi  oftcnditur,in  quo  Deus  tradidit  ei  decern  mandata,  ftue  legem  propria 
digito  fcriptam,&  fub  rupc  cauerna,in  qua  maniit  ieiunus  diebus  40.  Ab  hoc  montc  qui  vo- 
caturMofi,reftatviaproduiflaadquartam  Lcucz,  vfque  in  montem  quidicitur  SandxCa- 
iherinT  per  vallem  multiim  frigidam .  Circa  cius  medium  habetur  Ecclelia,no- 
mine  40.  Martyrum  conftru6ta,vbi  intcrdum  veniunt  Monachi  cantare  miilam.  Hie  mons  eft 


ut<l  w  trC'lV  ''  '^ 


The  voyages  and  dikoueries     SJ.Mandeuil. 

loannes  Man- 
contra  Ar»- 


Cinitas  He- 

Vallis  Mam- 

Quercus  aii- 

Gambil  Tpcci- 
es  Aromaiis. 

latii  altior  Moiuc  Moyljs ,  m  cuius  vcrticc  Angcli  Uci  piO  creduntur  aituliirc,&  Icpeliillc  cor- 
puslanctilfinix  Maityris  Catharim  turn  iiuioJunicnto  capjtib  lupra  didto .  Attamcniniplb 
tcrto  Icpulturc  loco, licet  quaiuiotjuc  iktit Capclla, niodo  non  dl  liabitaculum  ,icd modi- 
ciisaccruus  pctrarum.  Notaiuluin,ciu6d vtcrquc  horuni  moiniiim  potcll vocari nions Sinay, 
CD  (]U(xl  totus  circuiDiaccns  lotus  dclcrti  Sin  appcllatur.  Sur  dcfcrtum  inter  marc  R dbruin,  & 
rolitudiiumSmay.dcrcrtumSundcmScriptura  quod  &  Cades.  Vihtatis  igitura  pcrcgrinis 
hiilacrolandismcmorijs.&valcfado  Monachis,  recommcndam  fccorumorationibus,  & 
nicritii:ti'incqucfoIctaliquidvi(ilualium  offcrripcregrinis,  proinchoanda  via  dclcrti  Syrix 
vcrlusIcrulalcm.Htlicutdixidc  priori  dclcrto ,  he  ncc  illud  Iccurt  ell pcragrandum  ablque 
Drogcmijs'd  cll,lcmitarum  dudtoribus.propier  vallitudinem  dclcrti. 

C  A  I'  V  T.       1  2. 

Iter  a  deferto  Sint^vjijue  adImUam. 

PEr  ilhid  latum  &  longum  dcfcrtum,inoratur  vt!  potiiis  vagatur  maxitna  multitude inalo- 
ium,&  inconiporuorum  hominum,qui  non  mancnt  in  domibus,  fed  I'ub  pellium  tabcrna- 
culis-,  quciiiadmodum  &  dim  filij  Ilracl  in  codcni  dclcrto  ambulaucrunt, quoniam  aqui  non 
mancnt  ibi  dm  in  locisccrtis:&idco  mutant  tabcrnacula  fequcntcs  aquas:  non  colunt  ter- 
ras, raronianducantpanem/cdtantum  caincs  btlliarum  del'crti  quas  vcnantur,cociuentcs 
lupcr  pcttas  calcfadtas  ad  Solem  :  fortes  funt  8c  fcroccs,  &  velut  dcfperati  dc  vita  propria  non 
curantes,  qui  licet  non  habcantarmapra;terlanccam,  &tarcliiam,&  caput  grandi  albolin- 
teolo  iniiolutum ,  taimn  non  vercntur  cxcrcerc  guerras ,  &  inire  pralia  contra  Dcminum 
ruumSoldanumniam&cgollipendiarius  incxpeditioncSoldani  contra  cos  farpiiisfui.  llh 
funt quidcmArabcs, fed notiori nomine  appcllantur  licdoyns &  Acopars,  &qu3muisplu- 
rinia  mala  agunt  per  dcfcrtum,  raro  tamen  nocent  pcrcgrinis  beata:  Virginis  Catharinar.  Ita- 
quepcrcgrinus  qui  dcbitumtcnuit  iter,  veniata  finibus  dclcrti  in  primamciuitatem  ludear, 
qui-  dicitur  Bcrfcba :  ell  vicus  grandis Hebron  indc  miliario  vcrgens  ad  Aullrum  :  Hierony- 
mus.  Notandum.Tlicros  Mons  Dei  in  rcgionc  Magiaw  iuxta  Monicm.  Notandum  f  militcr, 
Arabiam  in  dclcrto  cH'cjCui  iungitur  Mons,&  dcfcrtum  Sarraccnorum,quod  vocaturPhaaran, 
Mihi  auccm  vidctur,quod  duplici  nomine,  nunc  Mons  Sinay,  nunc  Orcbvocatur.  Hicrony- 
mu'i.Phaaran  nunc oppidum trans  Orcb.iain  iun^tum Sarraccnis,qui  in lolitudinc  vagi  pcrcr- 
rant.  Hos  intcrfectrunt  filij  Ifrad , cum  de  Monte  Sinay  caftra  mouifllnc .  Ell  ergo,  vt  dixi, 
trans lordancm contra  Aullralcmplagam.&diftatab  Hclyn, contra  Orientcm,itincre  die- 
rum  trium.  In  deferto  autem  Phaaran,Scriptura  comnicmorat  habitaffc  Ilmaclcin,  vndc  &  111 
maelita:,  qui  nunc  Sarraccni,  Legimus  qur  que  Chederlaomer  pcrcuHiflc  cos  qui  crant  in  de- 
ferto Pliaaran  quod  nunc  dicitur  Afcalon ,  &  circa  cam  RegioPalellinorum.  Hieronymus. 
H  re  Bcrlliebacrai  bona  &fpedabilis,vltimo  tempore  Chriftianorum ,  &  adhuc  ibircftant 

Hincad  Leucasduas  venitur in  ciuitatcmHebron,& Hebron abHelyndiftat  ad  Meridia- 
namplagam  qua  lcgitur,qu6dptimistcmporibusfuctithabitatiomaxi- 
monun  Gigantium,Reguinquc,poHca  Dauidis.  In  hac  ell  ilia  fpelunca  duplex,  quar  fcruac 
ofla  fan<5loruin  Patriarchanim,Abrahr,Ifaac,&  Iacob,Sar£E,&  Rebcccaf,  confillitquc  ad  radi- 
eaTimontiSj&habcturfuperillamcumpropugnaculis  adinodum  caftri  conftrudla  pulchra 
Ecclefia.Sarraceni  appellant  illamfpeluncamKariackaba,  cullodicntcs  locum  diligcntcrac 
rcucrcntcr  propter  honorem  Patriarcharum ,  &  non  permittcntcs  quenquam  Chrillianorum 
aut  lud-Torum  ingiedi,nili  ollendcrit  fuper  hajc fpecialem  gratiam  a  Soldano.  Nam  ipli com- 
munitcr  reputant  tarn  Chriflianosquamludacos  pro  canibus,  &  quando  defpe(5liuc  cos  vo- 
lunt  appellare,dicunt  cft.canis. 

Ab  Hebron  incipit  vallis  Mambrf  ,qua:  protcnditur  fere  vfq;  Icrufalcmrhaud  remote  ad  He- 
bron eft  mons  Mambrc,&  in  ipfo  monte  arbor  quercus  aridae,qus  pro  antiquitatc  fui,  fpcciale 
fibi  nomcn  meruit  in  mundo  vniucrfo ,  vt  vocerur  arbor  ficca :  Sarraccni  autem  cam  dicunc 
Dirp:  hare  creditur  ftetille  ante  tcmpora  Abrahi.tamcn  quidam  volunt  putarc  a  mundi  initio, 
virens  donee  pafsionisChrilli  tempore  ficcarctur.  Hoc  autem  ccrtumcll,haberi  cam  ab  om- 
nibus nationibus  in  vcnerationc. 

In  quo^m  loco  prxfatar  vallis  eft  planicies,vbi  per  plures  folfas  cfFodiunt  homincsGambil, 
quod  comcditur  loco  fpccicrumaromaticarum,&  per  villas  dcferturvcnalc.  Scd  &hoc  audi- 
ui.quod  nulla  ibi  folTa  ita  valet  cxhauriri,fi  dimittatur  per  annum,  quin  inueniatur  dc  prxdiila 
Gambil  implcta. 

Ad  duas  Icucas  de  Hcbron,monftratur  fenultura  Loth  filii  fratris  Abraiillte  dc  ciuitatc  Hcbro 
per  quinquc  Icucas  anioeni  itincris^oc  c"ft,in  media  dic,vcnitur  in  Bcthlccm  Iudex.Notandu, 


\LMandeHiL    I      S.f.MandevjL       of  the  Engli(h  nation. 


Arbe,id  cll,quacuor,piimum  ciicam  de  eo  quod  ibi  trcs  Patriarchs  Abraham,  irac,&  Jacob  Ic-  Kiiuih-Aibc. 
pulci  lunt,&  Adam  inagnus,vt  in  ludarorum  hbro  fcriptum  eit,  lic^t  cum  quidam  cundttum  \n 
lotoCaluarix  liil'piccntur.  CarrupuMn noOris  codicibus  Aiboth  t'cribitur ,  ulibicrac arbor 
cQiii  in  Hcbrxis  legacur  Arbe,hxc  cli  autem  cadcm  Hebron  ohm  Metropolis  PhihlUnorum, 
ab  vno  fihorum  Caleb  foniu  vocabulum. 

C  A  P  V  T      1  J. 

DeeimtAteBelhlttm^^Jemtttvfqtu  inleruftlem. 

BEthleem  Ciuitas  longa  fed  parua,  firmata  e(l vndlque  foflati s  fortibus :  cuius  modo habi- 
catorcs  quali  omncs  lunc  ChriOiani.In  ilia  ad  oricntem  honelb,&  plac Ida  habctur  Hcclc> 
iia :  (nefcio  an  aliquam  ciuidcm  quanticatis  viderim  placcntiorcmjcxcrinfccus  habcns  turrcs 
raltaturas,pinnacula,&  propugnacula  nobili  artificio  fabricata,&  intrinfccus  44.  de  marmore 
decoro  coiumnas. Ad  principalis  auccm  turris  dcxcram  in  defcenfu  1 6.graduun),ell  diucrl'orij 
locusjvbi  ex  iniadta  &  bcncdi»l;U  Virginc  nal'ccbatur  Chrillus  homo  Dcus.  Hie  locus  c{\  inul- 
tdm  artificioft)  opcratus  inarmorc.fic  gcncrolii  dcpidus  auro  &  argento,  variocjuc  colore,  cui 
prop^adtrcspafruscllpr.Trcpc  in  quorcclinabatur  natusDominusi,  ibi'quc  vidctur  purcus 
quidam>inqiioaliquipucarcvolunt  cecidiflc  Heilam  dudlricem  trium  Magorum,  poll  eius 
peranum  officium. 

Ell  i?tiamantcprxrcpcDomini,tumbabeatiIntcrpretisHieronymi,&  extra  Ecdefiammo- 
ftratur  c.ithedra,ln  qua  rcddcrc  folcbacSub  claul'ura  huius  ecdefix  ad  dextram,per  i  S.gradus 
apparct  foifa ,  quxdicitur  oiHum  innoccntiumcaula  Chrifti  ab  Hcrodc  impio  occilorum. 
Hmc  ad  quingentos.vclcitra  pedes  habetur  alia  Ecclcfia nomine  SanitiNicholai,  in  quofci- 
licct  loco.poll  rcccflum  Magorum  beata  Virgo  tempus  fui  pucrpcrij  obferuauir.Ibiquc  inon-  j^iw  (?mpli- 
ftrantur  ru jra  faxi  albis  refperfa  maculis,  quodfimphciores  narrantlaxis  eucnilTc  de  abun-  citatem  vulgi. 
dantia  lad's  virginii  ab  vbcribus  eiedUJn  via  Bcthlcem  ab  Helya  miliario  contra  metidianam 
plagam  iuxta  viam  qui  ducit  Ebron ,  Chriltiani dcBcthleem  colunt  circa  ciuicatcm  inultam 
copiain  potum  fui  ipforum.Nam Sanaccni  non colunt  vincas, ncc  vina  vcndunt  Sarraceni 
neque  in  manifcfto  bibunt,c6  quod  liber  legis  Mahomet/acit  fuper  hoc  prohibitionemj&  in-  non  bibunc 
terprctatur  maledidtioncm.  *«""•" '"  «»»- 

De  Bcthlcem  in  Auftrum  duabuslcucis  habctur  clauftrum  San6lx  Charitaiis,  ibidem  fuo  ";*j|°V 
tempore  Abbaciflx.  A  Bcthlcem  tendendo  lerufalem  inuenitur  ad  dimidiam  leucam  EcdeHa, 
in  cuius  loco  Angclus  dixit  palloribus^nnuncio  vobis  gaudium  magnum,  quod  natus  e(l  no- 
bis Saluator  qui  ell  Chrillus  Dominus.Eli  &  tumba  Rachel  Patriarcnx,  vbi  etiam  coaceruata 
iaccnt  I  }.raxamagna,qux  quidam autumant  itlic  tumulafTe  lacob,  e6qu6dBeniaminduo- 
deciinus  fibi  iilius  nafccbatur  ibidcm.Sicque  venitur  in  Sant^am  Ciuitatem  lerufalcm.Notan- 
dum,Bethel  vlcus  ed  1 2.ab  Hclyaad  dextram  cuntibus Neapoli,  quz  primOm  Lu7a  vocaba- 
tur.Sed ex  co  tempore  quo  ibat  ad  Irroboam filium  Nebat,vituli  aurci  fabricati  Tunt ,  &  u de- 
cern tribubusadorata,vocaca  ell  Bethauen,  id  eft,  Domusldoli,  quxant^vocabaturDomus  Bethel, 
Dei.Ieronymus.Sed  &  Ecclcfia  ardificata  eft  vbi  dormiuit  lacob.prrgtns  Mclbpotamiam.vbi 
fcipH  loco  Bethcl,idcft,domus  Dei  nomenimpofuit.  .   . 

C  A  r  V  T     14. 
De  EccUJiagloriofiSepnlchri  Domimin  vrhe  Itmfttltm. 

Ifrufalemcum  tota  terra  promifsionis.eftquafivnadequinqueprouincijsvel  plutibus,qui- 
busRcgnumSyrix  diftinguitur.Iungitur  autem  ludxa  ad  Orientem  Regno  Arabix,  ad  me- 
ridiem Aegypto,ad  Occidentem  mari  magno,&  ad  Aquilonem  Regno  Syrix.Iudex  terraper 
diuerfa  tcmpura  a  diuerfis  poflcfla  fuit  na'i-  .nibus,Cananxorum  Judxorum.^Vflyriorum,  Per- 
barorum,Turcorum,&  Tartarorum.Cuius  rei  caufamerito  poteft  xftimari,quod  non  fuftinuic 
Deus  magnos  pcccatores  longo  tempore  pennanerc  in  terra  fibi  tam  placita,&  tam  fanfta. 

Itaquc  pcrcgrinus  vcnicns  in  Icruialem  prim6  expleai  fiiam  pcregrinationem,  ad  reuercn- 
dum&facrofandum  Domini  nollrilefuChriftifepulchrum:  cuius  Ecclcfia  eft  in  vltimaci-  TemplumSe- 
uitatisextremitatc,ad  partem  aquilonarem,cumproprio  fui  ambitus  muroipficiuitati  adiun-  pul^hii. 
fto.Ipfa  vero  Ecclefia  eft  pulchra  &  lotundi  formx  coopcrta  defupcr  cum  tegulis  plumbeis, 
habensinOccideiitcturrimaltam&firmam,inpauimenti  Ecclefix medio  adfiguram  dimi- 
di;  compafsi  liiSetur  nobili  opcrc  Latonico  xdincatum  paruum  Tabemaculum  quafi  i  y .  pe- 
dum tam  loagitu  'inis  quam  latitudinis ,  &  altitudinis  miro  artificio  intusextraque  compofi- 
lum,ac  multi^m  diligcntcr  diuerfis  coloribus  ornatum.  Hoc  itaquc  in Tabernaculo  feu  Capcl- 



The  voyages  and  difcoueries    S.f.MandmL 


dc  hoc  dubw 

Tumba  Go- 

dcfridi  lie 

pral.74.u.  latui  dexcrum,continctur  incomparabilis  thelaurus  gloriofifsimi  fepulchri,hab€niis  otto 
pedes  lon<'itudiuis,&  quinque  latitudinis .  Ei  quoniam  in  toio  habitaculo  nulla  eft  apenura 
prztcr  paruum  o»tum,illuftratur  accedcntibus  pcrcgrinis  pluribus  lampadibus,  (  quarum  ad 
minus  vna  coram  fcpulchroiugiterardcrcfolcOingrclTus. 

Scicndum,qu6d  ante  breue  tcmpus  folcbat  fepulchrum  cfle  ingrefsis  percgrinis  accefsibi- 

Ic^d  tangcnd'uM  &  ofculandum/ed  quia  multi  vel  effringebant,vel  conabantur  fibi  effringcrc 

Mclech  Man-  aliquid  dc  petra  fcpulchri.iftc Soldanus  Melech  Mandybron  fecit illud  confebricari.vt nee  of- 

dybrqnSolda.  j.^,] jji  valc3t,tiec  adiri,fed  tantummodo  intucri .  Et ob  illam  caufam  in  finiftro  pariete  in  alti- 

tiidine  quinque  pedum  immurari  eflfratturam  petrx  Icpulchri  ad  quantitatem  capitis  huma- 

ni,quod  tanquam  pro  fepulchro  ibi  ab  omnibus  veneratur,tangitur,&  ofculatur. 

bicitur  ibi  quoque  communitcr  prifttam  lampadem  coram  fepulchro  fingulis  annb  in  die 
SanitarParafciicueSjhoranona  extingui,&  in  media  nocte  Pafcha:  fine  humano  Audio  reac- 
cendi  .Qjiod  (fi  ita  cll)euidcns  diuini  bcneficii  miraculum  eft.El  quamuis  id  plurimi  Chriftia- 
nifimplicitcrinmagnopictatismcritocredant,plen'fquetameii  eft  in  fufpicione .  Fort^ talis 
Sarraccnicuftodcs  Icpulchri  fingentesdiuuIgauerunt,prcaugendocmolumentatributi,quod 
inde  rciultarct,feu  oblationum  qua?  dantur. 

Sin<'ulis  uitcm  annisindieccenxDominiinParafcheuc,&invigilia  Pafchi,  tribushisdi- 
ebu!.  manct  Tabernaculum  hoc  apertum  continuc,&  patet  omnibus  Chriftianis  gcntibus  ac- 
ccflus,a!ias  vero  non  per  annum  fine  redditione  tributi.  Intra  Ecdcfiam,  prop^  parictcm  dex- 
trum,c(tCaIuariiclocus,vbicrucifixuspependitChriftusDominus .  Pergradus  afcenditur  in 
hunc  locum,&  eft  rupis  vclut  albi  coloti j ,  cum  aliqua  rubedinc  per  loca  commixta ,  habcns 
fcifliiram,quamdicuin Golgotha,  inquamaiorparspreciofilanguinis  Chriftidicitur  influx- 
iflc:  vbi  &habeturaltarcconftru6tHm,ante quod  confiftuntiumbacGodefrididc  Bullion,  & 
aliorumRcoum  Chriftianomm,qui circaannum incarnationisDommi,i loo.  dcbellaucrunc 
&  obtinucrunt  fandlam  vrhcm  cum  tota  patria  ex  manibus  Sarracenorum,  &  per  hoc  conqui- 
ficruntfibi  magnum  noinc.jvfquc  in  fincm  fa;culi  duraturum.  Propc  ipfius  crucifixionis  lo- 
cum contincturliterisGrias  hoc  fcriptum:«©i'f  ^anWfJ/^^J  •»«<■»«  «'f7«v«T»Mmfi*,«(u<*«i»»»yJ^^ 
hoc  eft  diccre.Deus  Rex  nofter  ante  fecula  operatus  eft  falutem  in  i  .icdio  terrs.Itcm  direttc  in 
loco.vbicmxfandaftetitcumChrifto  rupiinfixa,habcturhoc  cxaratumin  faxo  lupisiiifM 
'f»  lUfiffvirms  i«  ttV/iw.hoc  eft,quod  vides  fiindamentum  eft  fidci  mundi. 

Haud  remot^  ab  hoc  Caiuarii  monte.habctur &  aliud  altire,  vbi  iacet  columnaflagellaii- 
onis  Domini.cui  ftant  de  propinquo  &  aliar  columns  quatuor  dc  Marmore  aquam  iugitcrre- 
Iterum taxat   fudantcs,&  (fccundilm  opinioncm  fimplicium)paflloncm  innocentemChrifti  deflentcs.  Eft 
ignor anciain    fub  ifto  altari  crypta,42.graduum  profunda, vbi fantta Helena Regina reperittrcs  cruccs,vidc> 
licet  Chrif ti,9£  latronum  cum  co  crucifixoru,ac  etiam  clauos  crucis  Domini  in  crypta;  pariete. 
In  medio  auccm  chori  huius  Ecclcfiar,eft  locus  pauimenti  ftratusrair^  &  pulchrc,  ad  Inte- 
gra cupafsi  fiouram,vbi  dcpofiiu  corpus  Chrifti  dc cruce  lofeph  ab  Aramathia  cum  fuis  adiu- 
torib.i<i  lauit  &  Lodiuit  aromacibus.Ite  infra  Ecclefiam  d  feptentrionali  parte  oftenditur  locus, 
vbi  Chi iftus  Magdalenx  apparuit  poft  fuam  refurrettione,quando  eum  credidit  honulanum. 
A  dexcro  autcni  latere  ad  ingremim  Ecclefis,habcntur  gradus  1 8.  fub  quibus  eft  Capella 
pellafiuciub-  I"Jorum,vbi  I'oIipcrceirinidcIndiaperfacerdotesluoscantantiuxtaritumfuumMiflas,  ce- 
ditorum  pi  if-  Icbrantquc  (jiuinA-Millain  faciunt  quidcm  breuifsimam,conficientes  in  principio  verbis  debi- 
bitcnloannis.  tis  factamcntum  corporis  &  languinis  Chrifti  de  pane  &  vino,ac  pofteapaucis  orationibus  ad- 
dicis,cotum  oratione  Dominica  condudunt  ofticium .  Hoc  autem  verum  cft,quod  cum  maxir 
ma  attcntionc,rcuerenti3,humi''.£ate,&deuotionelcgerunt,&  continent  diuinis. 

Pono  illud.quod  quidam  peruulgauerunt,aut  opinati  iunt,Iudzam  aut  Icrufalem,  vel  Ec- 
clefiam iftam  coiififtcre  in  medio  toiius  mundi,propter  pra;di6bm  fcripturam,  (in  medio  ter- 
rar)hocintcIligi  non  potcftlocaliieradmenfuram  corporis  terrac :  Nam  fi  ad  tcrrjc  latitudi- 
neni.qu'.m  xftimant  inter  duos  polos,refpiciamus,certum  eft  ludafam  non  ciTcin  n(edio,auod 
tunc  efllt  fub  circulo  Acquatoris,&  clfet  ibi  femper  a:quinodium,  &  vtrumq;  polorum  Itaret 
its  in  horirotc.Quod  vtiq;  no  eft  ita,quod  exiftctibus  in  ludfa  eleuatur  multOm  polus  artticus, 
Rurfus  fi  ad  terra:  longituilincm  lpe6lcmus,qua:  arftimari  poteft  a  Paradifo  tcrrcftri,  fcilicet 
a dioniori  &  latiori  terrr  ioco,verfus  ciusNadir,fcilicct,verlus  locum  fibi  in  Sphxra  tcrrx  op- 
pohtum.tunc  ludxa  eflct  ad  Antipodes  pnradifi.quod  apparct  ita  non  eflc,  quod  tunc  cflct  vi- 
atori  de  ludia  adParadifum  tendcntisxqua  itincris  menfura,  fiuetcnderct  verfus  Orientcm, 
fiue  verfus  Occidcntcm.Sed  hoc  non  eft  verifimilc  nee  verum,  ficut  probatum  conftat  per  cx- 
perientiam  multorum.Mihi  autem  vidctur,quod  prxfataProphetx  lcriptura,poteft  cxponi,tn 
medio  terrx,id  eft^circa  medium  noftri  habitabilis ,  videlicet  vt  ludxa  fit  cuca  medium  inter 
r-  Paradifum 

Kcgina  Hcle 
na  Angla. 


An  leruralem 
lit  in  medio 

\f,MandmU     I       r-J" 

S,  I,  MandmL        of  the  Englifh  nation. 


Paradifutn  &  Antipodes  Paradiii.dillans  tantuni  ab  ipfo  Paradilb  in  orientc  96.gradibus,pro- 
uc  ego  ipfeper viatn  orientalem  tentaui :  quanquanide  hoc  non  vidctur  dc  t'acili  plena  ccni- 
tudo  haberi)  eo  quod  in  lon^itudine  coeli  nullx  fteliac  mancnc  iinmobilcs,  llciit  in  iatitudinc 
mancntpoli  Temper  (ixi.  Vcl  potefticacxponi,  quod  Oauid  qui  erat  Rex  ludcf,  dixit  in  me- 
dio terrat^oc  eft,  in  principal!  ciuitate  teriat  lux  Icrufalcnij  qui  eiat  ciuitas  regalis,  fme  <»ccr- 
dotalis  teirf  Iudcse:vclfoitc  fpiritus  fandlus.qui  loqucbatur  per  os  prophctf  in  hoc  verbo  vult 
intelligi  non  corporeum  aut  locale,  fed  totuni  rpiiicuale,dc  quo  intuitu  nihil  ad  prxlens  eft* 

C  A  p  V  T.     ly. 

VLtra  duo  ftadia  ab  EccleHa  ad  Meridiem  lani%  fepulchri  habetur  magnu  hofpitale  fan^^i 
loannis  Hierofolyinitani,  qui  caput  &  t'undainentum  efle  dignofcitDr  ordinis  hofpitalio- 
turn  modotcnentiura  Rhoduin  infulam:  in  quo  rccipi  pofTunt  omncs  Chriliiani  peregrin!  cu- 
iiifcunque  lint  conditionis,  feu  ftatus,vel  dignitatis.  Nam  Saraccni  pro  leui  cura  anxij  rumoriS) 
prohibcnt  ne  apud  quenquam  fuorum  Chriltianus  pcmodet.  Ad  uiftentationem  ardlHcij  hu- 
iusho(picalis,habentur  in  eo  1 24.coIumnz  niarmore{,&  in  parietibus  diHindti  54.pilarij,Sati$ 
prope  nunc  locum  in  orientcm,eft  EccleHa  quf  uicitt)r,de  Domina  noltra  magna:  &  inde  non 
remotd  alia,qua;dicitur  noftrf  Doming  latinoru,^dificat3  fuper  locum,  vbi  Maria  Magdalene, 
&  Maria  Cleoph^  cum  alijs  pluribus,duai  ChriAus  cruci  afligebatur,flcbaiic  &  dolorcs  lamen- 
tabiles  cxercebant. 

ItemabEcdefiaSandiliSepulchri  in  orientem  ad  ftadium  cum  dimidio  habetur  zdifirium 
itiirabile,ac  pulchrum  valdc.quod  templum  Domini  nominatur.quod  conlhudtum  ell  in  for- 
ma rotunda,cuius  circumfc  icntis  diameter  habet  64  cubitos,&  altitudo  cius  i  ;6,&  intrinfc- 
cus  pro  fuftentationc  acdificij,  multi  pilarij.  In  medio  autcm  templi  cfl  locus  altior  x  4.  gradi- 
bus,  qui  &  ipfc  columnis  vndiq;  eft  itipatus :  &  fecundiim  quatuor  mundi  plagas  habet  tem- 
plum quatuorintroitus  per  portas  Cypreflinasarti^ciofd  compofitas,  nobilitcrq;  i'culptas,  & 
tzcifas.  Et  ante  portam  aquilonarem  intra  templum  fontem  aqux  mundar,  qui  quanuiis  olim 
txundabat,  tamen  nunc  minimi  fluit .  In  toto  cirduitu  zdiHcij  cxtrinfccus  eft  vaidc  pro  atrio  ' ' 

latum  fpacium  loci,  ftratum  per  totum  pauimentummarmoiibus.  Hoc  templum  non  ducitur  ' 

ihre  in  eodem  loco  vbi  templum  Dei  ftetit  in  tempore  Chrifti,  quo  poft  refurre'dionem  a  Ro- 
tnanis  deftrufto,  iftud  longo  poft  tempore  Adrianus  Imperator  extruxit,  fed  non  ad  formam 
templi  prions  :  ptacdidum  tamen  cx<teUum  in  medio  templi  locum  vocant  ludzi  fan(5tuni 
fanaorum,  hi 

Sc5atisita6;  qu6d  Sarraccni  magnamexhtbcnt  huic  tcmploreuerentiam,  &  honorcm,fi- 
phis  illiid  dilcalceati  intrantes,  Scpofitis  genibus  denote  Deum  omnipotentem  cxorantes, 
nulla  eatm  ibidem  habetur  imago,led  multa:  lampades  relucentss.  Nemincm  Chriftianonim 
feu  ludarorum  inoredv  finunt  hoc  templum,  rtf  putantes  cos  indignos  ad  hoc,  &nimiumim-  L'terxSoIda' 
mundos,vndd nihvittute l::<iaru quashabui ego fuiflem ingreflus.  Ingrcdicns  ^ "**'": 
aiitem  cum  meis  fodalibus  depofuimus  calciamenta,  recogitantes  cum  niulta  cordis  deuotio-  '"  '"^ 
ne,nos  magis  id  faccre  deberc,quam  incredulos  Sarraccnos. 

Et  veri  merit6  eft  ifte  locus  in  magna  reucrcntia  habendus :  dum  enim  RexSalomon  pri- 
milm  in  illo  tcmplo  per  Dei  iuinonem,&  Dauidis  patris  ruicommilTionem{di(ica(rct,cxorauic 



praefente  cundo  populoirrael,  vtquicunque  tllic  Deum  pro  iufta  caufarogaret  audiretur ;  8e 
Domtnusmonftrauit  ex  auditionis  lignum  per  nebulamde  "* 

ria  veritatis  ;  Jti'gum  libro. 

O  —  ' 

:  coelo  emiflam,  proilt  narrat  hift< 


3r-6  in  CO  loco  vbi  ftatueratidem  Rex  ante  templiim  altarc  hdlocaufti,videlicet  extra  por- 
tam templi  occidcntalem,  habetur  &  nunc  altarc,  fed  nonadinftar,nec  advfum  primiiNam 
Saraceni,quafi  nihil  curantes,traxetunt  m  eo  lineas  tanquam  in  aftrolabio  figentes  in  lineanun 
centro  batellum,ad  cuius  vmbram  per  lineas  difcernunturdici  horf . 

Etiam  mhac  atrij  parte  apparent  adhucveftigiaportf  fpecioi(,vbi  Petrus  Apoftolus,  cum. 
Euangclifta  loanne  ducit  contra6b^In  nomine  Chrifti  Icfu  Nazareni  furge,  8c  ftatim  confoli- 

.^.     :.!>ftf!ii.       C  A  P  V  T.     16,     .■•-•?''••    '■.'><.      •      • 
T  rlaturo  ad  d«jctram  fati j  de  propinquo  habetur  &  alia  Eccle(ia,  quf  nunc  appcUatur  fcho- 
V  laSalomonis  :mrfufq;ad  Meridiem  eft  &  aliud  templum  fiue  Ecclefia,qM5vocatur  Tem- 
plum SaIomonis,qu6d  olim  ftiit  caput,&  fundamentum  rotius  ordinis  Templariorum. 
AclauftrohUitflepIiextnnrccus  in  Aquiloncm  habetur  decoraEcclefubeacfAnnfjin  cuius 

D  loco 


leniplo  Sak>< 
fflonu  diAi. 


The  voyages  and  diicoueries    SJ,MandeuiL     I     iJ.i 

Regina  Hcle 

Probatica  pif- 

loco  crcditur  virgoMaria  in  ciuiaem  matris  fug  vtero  fiiifl'e  genita,&  conccpta,parentuq;  illius, 
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kit  &  intra  hanc  tcdcfiain  probatica  pifcina,  vbi  quondam  poft  tnotionem  Angdi  omnes 

accedences  priiiii,a  quocunq;  langiioic  fanabantur  inhrini.quf  tamcn  nunc  temporis  ita  nejgle- 

'da  iacet,&  dctormata,vt  vidctur  immunda  ciHrina.Habetur  &antc  Ecclefiam  arbor  grandis  & 

antiqua,  dc  qua  nonnulli  fabulantur,  quod  ad  bcaix  Marine  natiuitatem  principium  acccpit,& 



Natatoria  Si- 


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Mons  Sion  ell  cxcelfior  locus  in  vrbc  ad  cuius  radiccm,eft  caftru  fpedlabilc  conflruflum  per 
aliqucm  Soldanorum.In  montis  autein  cacuminc  vidcntur  mult?  Icpulturf  rcgum  ludcx.vide- 
licctDauid.Salomonis^quorundamdefuccefloribus  fuis.  Ad  introitummomishabcturca- 
pclla,&  ill  ilia  lapis  monumenti  quern  lofcph  de  Arimathea  obuoluit  ad  oftiu  fepulchri  ctt  vaJ- 
de  magnus,&  ell  ibidem  aliqua  pars  column*  flageIlationis,ac  pars  menl?  fupcr  quam  Domt. 
uusvltimo  csnauitcum  Apollolis,  &  inllituitnouiTellanicnti  factameniu  fuivcncrandicor- 
porisjfir.  fanguin'is.  Sub  hac  capellaad  aliquos  gradus  monftratur  locus  eiufdcm  c?riaticnis,vi- 
df lic^t  ccnaculi  magni.St  in  eo  vas  aquarii,in  quo Chriflus  lauabat  pedes  Apoftolorum :  iuxta 
quod  vas,a  Gamalicle,&  alijs  vitis  tinioratis primus  fcpiJtus  fuit  protoMartyr  Stephanus. 

In  eo  quoq;  loco  incrauic  poll  refurredltonc  fuam  Dominus  ianuis  daufis  ad  diicipulos  di- 
cciis  pax  vobis,&  agens  alia,qu§  plenius  Euagclica  pandit  Hiiloria,ac  tandc  in  die  Pentecolles 
ijfdcm  fpiritfi  fan(5lu,in  linguis  igneis  mifit  ibidem.  Ab  hoc  mote  Sion  verfus  ciuitatcm  habctur 
Ecclefia  dedicaca  I'aiK^lo  laluatori,  in  quo  nunc  dicuntur  feruari  ofla  S.  Stcphani  rupradi6ti,& 
finiftru  brachiuiii  S.Ioannis  Chiiloftomi,cuius  corpus  vt  didlu  eft  requicfcit  Conllantinopoli, 
Item  ab  hoc  montc  verfus  Auftrum  ab  oppofito  platcx,eft  pulchra  Ecclefia  noflra  Doming, 
in  cuius  loco  diu  niorabatur  pod  afcenfioncm  filij  fui,  quamuis  pro  parte  eiufdcm  temporis  in 
vallc  lofaphac  manfcrit:nam  in  ilia  deKin|cbatur,8c  in  illo  abApollolis  honcrifice  fepultaHiit. 
Icemqut  ab  hoc  monte  in  vicoeundo  verfus 'vallemlofaphatiiiucniturfons  aquz  didlwrNa- 
tatoria  Siloc,vbi  c^cus  natus  a  C  htillo  niifluj  lauabat  oculos,  &  rcgrcflus  eft  videos.  £t  dicunc 
quidam  ibidem  fepuitum  Ifaiam  ProphetWM,- - 

Porro  mons  olim  didhis  Motia,de  quo  loquitur  Sciipturt  facra^eft  rupis  haudlong^  a  fupra- 
ditliiotemplo  Domini  in  ipfiusmeridi^,  in  cuius  rupis  locp  cxcelfo  velut  cminenti  fedcdito 
Dominus  nollcrlefus  Chriflus  frequenter  inllru^bat  fugs  difcipulos,  &  populos,  magnaque 
miracula  exhibcbat,atquc  deprehenlse  mulieri  in  adulicrio  omnia  peccata  dimittcbat, 

AboppolitoautemprfdidUfbntisnatatorij  habetur  imago  lapidca,  nidi  &  vetufioopere 
fculpta,dcformitcrqu>  dctrica^qua:  manus  Abfalon  i\uncupatur,cuius  ratio  lib.2.Renuminon- 
llratur.  Vbi  de  prope  vidi  Atborcm  quani  vcl  citra  cuius  locuni(vt  dicitur)It). 
das  traditor  per  fe  fufpeiifus  crepuit  medius,&  dtiHifa  funt  vifccra  eius. 

Pra-cerea  a  montc  Sion  verfus  Meridiem  vltti  vallem  ad  ia(^um  lapidis  eft  locus  Acelde- 
iiu,in  quo  emptus  ager ;  o.denarijs  proditionis  «ll,Et  in  auo  funt  plures  fepulturz  peregriuoo 
rum,&velligiacellularum,dc  quondam  illiccoiAmorantiousHetemitis,  ., 

C  A  p  V  T.     17.  •  •  1 


EXtramuros  ciuitatis  lerufalem-ad  plagam  orientalem,ell  vallis  lofaphat  c6tigua,ac  I1  eflct 
foflata  muris  ipHus  ciuitatis,  &  Ecclena  vbi  fan6tu$  Stephanus  Iapidabatur,&  obdormiuic 
in  Domino.  Hinc  non  long<5  ell  porta  ciuitatis,  CIU5  dicitur  aurea,  quf  nunc  fcmpcr  obfirmata 
fcruanir.  Per  hahc  intrauit  Chtillus  fedens  aiino,8(  adhuc  ollenditur  rupis  fcruarc  vcfti- 
giaanimalis  in  tiibiis  aut  pluribusfui  locii.  Statim  vltra  valiem  lofaphac  afpicitur  mons  Oliue-  didus  d  pluribus,quia  ibi  tut  oliuarum  Arbotes.In  planicie  huius  vallis  decurrit  riuulus  di« 
dlus  torrcns  Ccdron,  fccus  quciii  habctur  pulchra,  &  honoriiicata  Ecclefia  facrofand^fepul- 
turf  beatf ,  &  gloriof? maitris  Chtifli:defcenditur  autem  in  Ecclefiam  per  gradus  44.  qubcl  ex- 
trinfecus  ell  vallis  incultaperfluxumforta{r<^torrciui$,fcU  per  alios  eucntus  propter  Antiqui- 
tatcm  temporis.  Ibiquc  monllratur  fepulchrum  eius  vacuum. Habentur  iusta  fepukhrum  duo 
altari3,fub  vno ell  fons  Aqui  quf  putatur  cxire  de  vnO  Paradifi  fluminc. 

Satis  prop -ab  hac  Ecclefia  ad  rupemGcthfemanc  habetur  capella,vbifcihcctludf  is  tradi- 
tus  fiiit  Chrilhis  a  luda.  In  ipfa  quoque  rupe  oftcndebatur mthiflguraimprefl^  rtianus  ad  digi- 
torum  extcnftoncm,qui  artificiofiuS  humano  Audio  fculpi  non  poflct.quam  rcfcrunt ChriWu 
fuavenerabilimanu  indinando  adrupcni  eflici(re,dum  ludii  impuras  manus  adcapicndum 
iniecuuntincimi.  HicadiaduHtltipidts  faatcndieorauitadfuutnpatrem,Ccpio  vchcmenti 
■-.  •  \\  orationit 


SJ.MandeuiL     I     S.LMandeuiL       oftheEnglifh  nation. 


}i  fciiicctludfis  tradU 

orationis  iiucntione  fanguincum  cxudauit  fudorcm :  acquc  ibt  non  remote  vidctur tumba  re- 
gis ludcx  lofaphat.a  quo  &  vallis  fibi  nomen  airumpHt :  &  credimus  in  banc  vallcin  Chrilbm 
vencurutn  ad  nouidimum^Sc  gcneralidimum  iudicium,vbi(Iohele  prcpbeta  teflantc)dirccpta- 
bitdeomnia6lioneniortaIium.  Ad  tra^uni  fagitt^dehac  tuniba,cltEcclcliavbi  fandusla-  s.Iacobife* 
cobus  tnaior  Apoftolus  primo  poll  martytium  tuic  i'epuhus,  cuius  modo  facrata  oflTa  vencran-  pultuia. 
tur  Compoftelia;  in  Galizia. 

Vitra  vallem  in  fupremo  montis  Oliueti  apicedifcipulis  cerncntibus,  Dominus  noHer  Icfus 
Chrittus  eleuatis  manibus  afcendit  in  cerium,  &  fuper  cundcm  locum  digna  habctur  Ecclcfia, 
in  qua  ciufdcm  AfccnHone  tale  feruatur  in  rupe  pauimcntiindiciu,  quod  (iniilri  pedis  ChriiU 
videtur  vltimum  veftigium.  . 

Hinc  (atis  prop^  habetur  &  capcUa  medio  montis,  vbi  Chriftus  fedens  prsdicauit  ot^lo  bea- 
titudines, vbi  %c  crcditurdocuiflc  difcipulos  orationem  Dominicam,  fcilicet,  Patertiofter,(frc. 
Ab  CO  quoq;  loco  non  diftat  multum  EccleHa beats  Marif  b/£gypttacx,  in  qua  &  cius  tumba 
videtur :  &  baud  procul  indc  ell  vicus  Bcthpliage,  vbi  Chrillus  miiit  ante  padionis  lux  tcnipus 
duos  de  difcipulis  pro  alina  &  puUo  cius.  In  cliuo  vero  huius  motis  Oliueti  verfus  ciuitatcm, 
monltratur  locus,  dc  quo  vidcns  Dominus  lerufalemjflcufc  fuper  illam,  diccns,qu6d  fi  cogno-  „  .  . 
uifles  &  tu,  &c,  Atq;  vltra  muntem  in  difcenfu  cius  in  orientem  eft  villa  Hue  callcllum  Bctha- 
nif  ,diftans  quafi  ad  leucam  ab  vrbe  vbi  in  domo  cuiui'dam  Symonis  inuitatus  Chriihis  condu- 
nauit  omnia  peccata  Marix  Magdalen^.  Et  in  ipfo  cal  :llo,qu6d  erat  fororis  Marthx,&  Matix 
refufcitauit  fratrem  carum  Lazarum  quatriduanum  mortuum. 

De Bethania  in  Icrico funt  c.  leucx, qu^  quondam  fiiit  ciuitas  fpcciofa  fed  iam  eft  villa  mo-  lerico. 
dica:  ibiDiues  Zachgus  afcendit  in  arborem  Sycomorum,vtvidcrcctranfcuntcm  DominumiSc 
reftituens  (raudata  quadrupluni,obtinuit  peccatoruin  remillionem  omnium. 

Item  de  Bethania  ad  flumen  lordanis  eft  iter  fer^  odto  Icucarum,  per  montes,ac  valles  deui- 
os,  &  defertos.  Porro  dc  Bethania  in  orientem  ad  6.1cucas  venitur  in  montcm  magnum,vbi 
Chriflus  explet040.  dierum,ac  noclium  ieiunio  tcmptatus  eft  d  diabolo,  fuitq;  in  eodem  loco 
quandoq;  Ecclelia,fed  modo  habetur  ibi  quancocnoDiu  quorudamChriftianorum,quiGcor-  Chriftiani 
gici  vocantur.Scicndum  cnim cft,quod  vbiq;  intra  terram Saraccnorum,&  fimiliter multorum  Geotgici. 
Paganorum inueniuntur Chriftiani  difperd,  habitantcs fub  tributo,qui  licet  lint  baptizati  om- 
nes,&beatifsmam  Trinitatem  credentes,diuerniicanturtamen  nominibus,  moribus,  ritibus, 
f!de,8copinionibus:ita  vtfempervclinmultis  velinaliquibusdiftentianca  Roinanz  Eccle- 
/ixconfuetudinibus.  '  lacobitft 

Aliqut  namque  eoru  dicuntur  Chriftiani  lacobit^rhij  errant  circapeccatorura  remilTioncm,  syrij. 
dicentcs,non  dcbcrc  confiteri  humini  fed  foli  Deo.  Alij  Syrij,  Ifti  in  fcrmentato  pane  coiiiici-  Gcorgicf. 
unt  Saaamcntum  altaris  ritu  Gr^cotuin.Alij  Gcorgici^ii  omnes  ferunt  in  capitc  tonfuras:cIe.  Cordelarij. 
tici  rotundas^laici  quadratas,  fcquentes  etiam  in  multis  mores  Grxcurum.  Alij  Cordelarij  cc  : , /'. • 
quod  fe  cingunt  defuper  corde.  Alij  Indi,Nubij,Ncftorini,&  Arriani«  Neftorini. 

Prxiatus  autem  monsmagnus,vocatur bonus  Abrahz,exeo  quod  Abraham  patriarchs  ibi  Artiani. 
diciturcommoratus,&curritprop^  montcm  riuuluSjin  cuius  aqua  vel  fonteDeusfalper  He- 
Jizeu  prophetam  mitti  iuflit,vt  fanaretur  ftcrilitas,id  eft,am3ritudo  aquz.Nec  diftathic  mons 
a  Icrico  vltra  grandem  leucam. 

C  A  P  V  T.      1 8. 
De  Hota^ili&iu  alijs  l<Kis,&marimartm. 

RVrfum  deciuitatc  fand^Ienifaleia  verfus  Occidentcm  itincrc  leucf, habetur  pulchra  fatis 
Ecclcfia,in  loco  vbi  dicitur  creuiflc  arbor  crucis  falutiferf .  Arbor  excelfa,digno  ftipite  fa- 
cta Chriftimcbratangere.Teneturiftud  quidcprocertaveritate:nam&hoc  fatis  tcftatur  con-  Noca. 
ftruSio  tatx,&  talis  Eccle(i(,quauis  multa  aliena,&  incetfi  fcripta  de  crucis  arborc  feratur  per 
orbc.  Hinc  ad  duas  leucas  eft  &  alia  Ecclcna,vbi  obuiauerut  libi  Maria  virgo,&  Elizabeth  eius 
coenata,&  ad  falutationcm  Marif  Chrifti  baiuif  exultauit  Joannes  in  vtero  Elizabeth  grauidx. 

De  ifto  quoque  ad  leucam  eft  Emaus  caftcUum,  diftans  in  fpacio  ftadioru  6o.ab  Icrufalcm,  Emaus  cafle)> 
vbi  difcipuli  in  cocna  die  refurrc6\ionis  Domini cognouerant  eum  in  fratflionc  panis.  Pono  ab  '"™- 
Icrufalem  ad  alium  cxitum,  ad  duo  ftadia  videtur  fpelunca  grandisdequadicitur  quod  tern-  Cofdruilm- 
pore  Cofdri  Impcratoris  Pcrfarum.fucrunt  circa  lerufalem  i  i.mille martyrum  occin,quorum  pcrator. 
omnium  corpora  Ico  habitans  in  fpclunca congregauit  ibidem  voluntate  diuina,  tanquam  pro 
fingulorum  Icpultura  obfequiofa. 

Item  ab  vrbc  ad  leucas  duas  habetur  in  monte  tumba  fepulturx  fanSi  Samuelis  prophets, 
qui  mons  nuncvocaturexultationisvell9tici^,e6quod  peregrtnis  ab  ilia  parte  intratibus  red-  Monsexul- 
oitprimutniand^ciuitatis  afpc6ium.Ab  oppido  autem  Iccico  in  joiiadiotum  fpacio  venitur  ""*""'• 

D     1  Ml»  -.  X.   - 


The  voyages  and  difcoucries    S.LMandeuiU    ■     S,L 



Cur  mare 
mortuum  Ji- 

adiordanis  fluuij  locum,  vbi  beatus  loannes  BapiiftaChrillumlacribaptifi.iaiismerebaiur 
tinecrc  lymphis.  Ei  in  cuius  rcucrcndi  mylterij  vcneraiioncni  habctur  addimidiam  Icucam  i 
fluuio  xditicium  hoocft*  Ecclcfi*  confccranim  in  nomine  ciufdcm  vencrabilis  bapiiftx  mini- 
Ihi.  Ab  hac  Ecclefia  dc  piope  vidi  domum  de  qua  pariebar  mihi  nanaii^qubd  in  eodem  loco 
oiimtucritlercmixfandtihaWatio  prophet*.  r-  ■ 

lordinisd  Noiandumclt.Iordanis  fluuius  quamuis  grandisnonfit,bonorumtamcn.pirciumcopiam 

fcript.0.  nutnt.ortu.n  accipicns  fub  monie  Libanon  exduobus  fontibus.fcilicet  lor,  &  Dan  qu«  no- 
mina  fimul  mixta  nonien  lordanis  efficiunt.  Decurrit  autem  per  quendam  locum  diCtum  Ma- 
ron,ac  iVcus  lla  f  num  quod  diciiur  Marc  fubter  montcs  Gylboe  per  amf  nilTima 
loca.atquc  in  fub«errancis  mcatibus  per  longum  fpacium  fe  occultans  tandem  exit  in  planiiic, 
qui  dicitur  Mcldam,id  cft/orum,quod  ccrtis  temporibus  ibi  Nundinj  cxcrccntur,&ad  extre- 
nium  fc  iadbt  in  marc  mortuum. 

Hoc  rtagnum  quod  vocatur  mare  mortuu  habct  longitudinis  600.  fer^  ftadia,  &  latitudinis 
lyo.&appropinqiui  aliqua  pars  huius  maris  ad  quatuorlcucas  propi  Icrico.vidclicecadla- 
tus  campomm  Engadi,  ex  quibus(vt  fupra  didlum  elt)eradicatx  fiicrunt  arborcs  Balfami,qux 
modo  funt  in  agro  Cayr  t/£gypti.  Iftud  mare  diciiur  mortuum. 

Primo  quidcm  quod  non  viuid^  currit,fed  eft  quafi  lacus. 

Sccundo  quod  amara  eft  cius  aqua,&  foetidum  reddit  odorem. 

Tcrtio  quod  propter  eius  amaritudinem  terra  adiacens  littori  nil  viride  profert. 

Quarto  (prout  dicitur)  fi  cadat  in  ca  bcftia,  vcl  aliud  quid  viuens,vixpoterit  pleni  mori  fiuc 
fubincrgi  in  oSto  dicbus,nec  nutritinfc  pilccs  aut  quid  hmile: 

Littora  quoque  fua  variant  quam  fcp^  colorem,  &  fine  vlla  agitatione  ventonim  eijcit  in  qui- 
bufdam  locis  fc  aqua^xtra  pcopriosterminos .  Pet  huiufmodi  aquam  dicitur  Dcus  pro  indi- 
cibili  vitin  Pentapolim  rubmerri{re^odomam,Gomorram,Adamam,Seboim,&  Segor. 

Quidam  vocant  hoc  marc  lacu  Afphaltidis,  alij  fluutum  Dzmonu,aut  flumen  Putre.  Quod 
autem  olim  prophcta  intcrprctans  dixit,  montesGilboc,  nee  rosnccpluuiavcniatfuper  vo$, 
magis  fpiritualitcr  quam  literalit^r  videtur  intelligendum .  Nani  ibi  crcfcunt  altiflimi  cedri,& 
Non.  arborcs  poma  ferente$,ad  capitis  quantitatem  humani,  ex  quibus  vald^  faporofus  fit  potus. 

Marc  iftud  mortuum  dctcrminat  fines  tcrr* promi(fionis,&  Arabiarjdcoq;  vltra  ipfum  ma- 
re condidit  quondam,  vnusfucceflbrumGodfTididcBoUion  forte  &fbedbbile  caihiim,po- 
nens  illic  copiofam  Chriftianorum  militiam  ad  terram  promiflionis  cuftodicndum.Nunc  ver6 
tempori$,eft  Soldani,  &  appellatur  Caruth,  id  eft  mous  Regalis.  Sub  hoc  monte  eft  villa  di^a 
Sobal :  habitat  in  illis  partibus  magna  Chriftianorum  multitudo, 

C  A  P  V  T.       19. 

>'*' Azareth  in  prouincia  Galilez  in  qua  nutTitus,8c  de  qua  cognominatus  eft  Dominus  vni  - 
^  uerrorum,diftans  ab  Hierofolymis  ad  tres  circiter  dietas,erat  quonda  ciuitas,quz  nunc  eft 
difpcrfa,  &  rara  domorum,quod  vix  vtliz  fibi  compctit  nomen :  &  in  loco  Annunciationis,vbt 
Angelus  ad  Mariam  dixit,  AmgrMin  fUria,  D9ffiw««//«r«m,habebatur  olim  bona  Ecclcftaipro 
qua  paruum  Saraceni  rcftituerunt  habitaculum,in  coUigendas  percgrinorum  ofterendas. 

A  Nazareth  rcdeundo  per  terram  G  altle^^tranfitur  per  Ramathaym  Sophim,vbt  nafcebatur 
fidelis Samuel  prophcta Domini,&  perSylo,vbi  locus  orationis  erat  antequam  in  Ieruralem:& 
perSichcm  magnz  vbertatis  vallem,iturin  prouinciam  Samarix.vbi  habctur  &bonaciuitas 
nunc  di£la  Ncapolts,diftan$  a  fandU  vrbc  fpacio  folius  dictz,ac  per  fijntem  Iacob,rupcr  qaein 
lefus  fatigatus  ab  itinerc  coUoqucbatur  Samaritans,  vbi  &  apparet  ruina  dcftrudx  Ecdefic 
quondam  iltic  habitx.Et  eft  ibi  villa  adhuc  vocata  Sychem,  &  in  eo  eft  maulbleum  lofeph  pa- 
triarchz  filij  Jacob :  ad  cuius  ofta  vifitanda  Tub  deuotione  non  minus  peregrin!  ludzi  aduent- 

Hinc  fatis  propd  eft  mons  Garizin  cum  vetufto  templo  orationis  Samaritanorum :  ex  tunc 
intratur  Samaria.qu;  modo  appellatur  Scbaftc,&  eft  illius  principalis  ciuitas  prouinci;.  In  qua 
fiiit  primum  terrx  mandatum  corpus  beati  loannis  Baptiftx,  inter  facra  corpora  Helizari,  8c 
Abdiz  Prophctarum,vt  quorum  alTimilibatur  virtutibusin  vica.corporibusiungereturinre- 
pultura.  Hzc  quoque  diftat  ab  Hierofolymis,  l-ortaftis  i.dietas. 

Habctur  &  alius  puteus  aut  fons  intra  ilia  montana,  quern  plerique  fimiliter  fontemlacob 
appellant,cuiusaquafecundumquatuoTannitempora  variatur  iluo  colore,  vtfitquandoq; 
clara,  quandoquc  turbida,  nunc  vindis,&  nunc  ruDra.Certum  eft  autem  tempore  Apoftoloru, 
cum  Samaria  recepiftctverbum  Dei,  illosfuifl*e  conuerfos,  8ebaptizatos,in  nomine  Domini 

:      .  lefu. 



V  ;i 

M    V.  ,      ^   .  /S,  . 

S-LMandeuil.    I     S.LMandeuil.        oftheEnglifli  nation. 


lefu^Sc  tamcn  ^ollea  per  quendam  Caliphoruin  pcruerfos,Ogerus  dux  Danoruin  pcrTcmplu- 

rioru  virtutcin  rurlutn  fubiugauit Chhlhanitati:licq;  port  plures  cuentus,&  variationcs,illi  qui  l)j"JJ'    "* 

nucfuntSaiiidrit^,(inxeruntribih2rcfimproprtam,&  rituab  omnibus  nationibus  (ingularcm. 

Fatentur  autcm  fe  credere  inDeum,qui  cundacrcauit :  rccipiuntquc  pcncateucum  fcriptu- 
ri.cumPfaltcrioDauidis ,  acerrimc  contendcntes,fc  folos  dilcdiirimos  Dei  filios :  qui  ctiam 
pro nobili  differentia inuoluunt  capita  linteo rubeo,  Saraccni  autem  albo,Indi  crocco,&  Chri-  jcgumcnrf 
iHaniibi  manentesIndico,hoc  crt,acreo,fcuhiacymhino.  capitisdiffe- 

PorroaNazarcthquatuorlcuciSjCll  ciuitasolimdiC^aNaym,in i.miliarioThabor mentis  kcntia. 
contra  Meridiem  iuxtaEndor.  leronimus.  Ante  cuius  portam  rcfulcitauit  Chriftus  dcfundum 
filium  vnicum inatris fuSiprxfentibus duabjs turmis  hoininum copioforum.  Hinc  quoque ad 
leucasduas,ellciuitasirrael,vbiolim  moral atur  pediiiia  regina  Ic/abcl ,  quam  Dei  iudicio 
cquorum  vngulis  conculcatanijCanes  fere  vfquc  ad  caluatiam  conKderunt, 

C  A  P  V  T.     20, 
'Dc  territorio  Galliled,c^  SamarU.(f;  de  villa  Sardenaj. 

I Tem  a  Nazareth  ad  lcuc2  dimidium,  monllrantur  in  rupe  veftigiapedum,quxdicuntur  cffc 
Domini  nolhi  Icfu  Chrilli  vbi  dc  manibus  ludarorum,  ipfum  de  aha  rupe  piicipitare  volen- 
tium  defiluit  in  ilbm.  Dc  quo  faltu  quidam  intcUigunt  illud  fcriptum  Eaangelicum,Iefus  au- 
tem tranficns  per  medium  illorum  ibat. 

Ad  quatuor  autcm  Icucas  dc  Na7.arcth,cftCanaGalilex,vbiCliriftus  ad  vrbanas  mattis 
prcces,mutauit  vndam  in  vinuin  optimum. 

Ad dilbntiam  quatuor  Icucarum  a Na/.areth.vcnitur inThabor,montc  fpciflabilc.vbi  tranf-  Wonj Tbabot 
figurabatur  Chri(tus,  coram  quibufdam  fuis  Apoftolis,  apparcntibus  ibidem,  Mo(c,  &  Hclia, 
prophetis,  voceq;  dilapla  dmagniBca  Patris  gloria,  &  vidcbatur  Pctro  bonum  ibicflc :  quon- 
dam in  hoc  montchabcbaturciuitas,  cumpiuribns  Ecclclijs,quarum  nunc  fola  rcftant  vclli- 
gia,exceptoquod  ille  locus  tranffigurationiscftinhabitatu$,quieftSchoIa  Dei  nominatus. 
Notandum, Thabor e(l  in  medio Galilea?,campus  mira  iucunditatc  fublimis,  diflans  a  "Diotc-  obfcruetur. 
faria  j .  miUiaribus  contra  Orientcm. 

Item  dc  Nazareth  in  tres  Icucas  elHilla,  feu  cadrum  ZafFara,  dc  quo  recolonic  fupradix- 
iflc  capit^  4.  Et  inde  venitur  in  Marc  Galilea?,quod  qnamuis  dicatur  marched  lacus  aqus  duU 
cis  longus. 

Vltra  centum  ^o.for(itanftadia  eft  lacus,bononimpifciumferax&  vber,  qui  ctiam  in  alio 
loco  ruivocaturmarcTyberiadis,&  in  alio  marcGenezareth,variansfibinomen/ccundum  MareTybcri* 
ciuitates,&  terras  propinquas.   Circa  hoc  marc  Chrillus  frequenter,  &  libcntcr  ambulaffe  vi-  adit, 
detur:  hie  vocauit  ad  fui  difcipulatum,  Pctni,&  Andream  Jacobum,&  loannem:  hie  fuper  vn- 
da  (iccis  ambulabac  veftigijs,  &  przcipitem  Petru  Bliii  tentantem,  verbo  incrcpationis  releuac 
ne  mergatur,  hi'c  denique  rediuiaus  amortc  rcpleuit  difcipulorum  rete  magnis  pifcibus  15;. 

Item  in  ciuitatc  Tibertade,qu2  eft  propc  hoc  mare  habetur  in  vencratione  menfa  illius  coe- 
nx,  quam  in  Emaus  catkllo  Chriftus  cxnauit,  cum  ab  oculis  commcnfalium  euanuit.  Hie  de 
propc  monftratur  mons  ille  fertilis,mons  illc  pinguis,  in  quo  de  paucis  panibus,  8c  de  paucio- 
ribus  pifcibus  iufsu  Chrifti  fuerunt  faturati,  quinque  milla  hominum. 

Ad  initium  autem  prxdi5li  maris  iuxta  villam  Capernaum  habetur  fortius  caftrum  totius 
tcrrx  promiilionis,in  quo  dicitur  nata  fuifTc  fancla  Anna  mater  virginis  Marix. 

Prxdivftis  itaq;  Chrifti  veftigijs,  &  terrx  fan<%  locis  a  peregrino  cum  deuotione  cordis  & 
reuerentia  dcbita vifitatis,  fi  dehderat  reuerti,po(lit  illud  facere  pet  Damafcum, qux  eft ciuitas  Damareus., 
longa,nobiI:s,&  grandis,ac  plena  omnium  rerum  mcrcimonijs,  cum  tamen  diftat  a  portu  ma- 
ris tribus  plenc  dietis,  per  quod  fpacium  iiincris,  cuncfla  traijciuntur  a  luis  equis  Dromedarijs, 
&Camclis:&putaturiplerifquenarrantibusfundatain  locc  vbi  Cain  protoplauftorum  ii- 
lius  Abel  fratrem  fuum  occidit. 

A  Damafco  de propinquo  eft  mons  Seyr,  ciuitas  grandis  (irmata  duplicibus  muris  ac  popu- 
lofa  nimis,in  qua  lunt  multi  in  arte  Phyftca  famoH  profeftt.Item  aDnmafco  baud  remote  diftat 
caftrum  fatis  municum,&  finTium,quod  Derces  elt  nominatum.  Habcnt  autcm  in  illis,&  vltc- 
rioribus  partibus  hunc  vfum :  fi  quando  caftrum  ab  hoftibus  fuerit  fie  obfcflum,  quod  Domi- 
nus  cms  non  poffit  emitterc  nuncium  amico  fuo  remote  moranti,  recipit  columoam  olim  in 
caftro,vcldomoamicinatam,velcducatam,quam  hie  fibi  per  certam prouifioncm  allatam 
detinuit  incaueataiTi,&  fcriptas  quas  vulc  literas  alliganscol!ocoIumbz,dimittit!iberam  vo- 
lare,  qux  protinus  fcftinat  ad  locum  proprix  natiuitatis.  Sicque  videtur  cognofci  in  iilo  caiho 

C{tcrum  percgrinus  a  Daiiufco  rcuenendo,  in  quinque  Icucis  vcntt  Sardcnay,qux  eft  villa 

D    3  in 

:^i-^<'^  -  ■': 

r  "i  ■^-''  ' 




/  ■■'■■] 


Villa  SarJc. 

Sur.vd  Ty- 


Fide*  Saracc- 

The  voyages  and  dilcou^ries     S.LMandeuii, 

ill  alta  rupcjcum  multis  tcclclijs  rcligiolorum  Monachorum, &  fandaru  inonjaliu  lidciChri- 
i\iMX.  In  quaruin  vna  coram  maiori  aitari  in  tabula  lignca  crat  olim  imago  bcatilliine  virginis 
Marif  lion  kulpta  fed  dcpiitaici  piano  fpacio.  txliocrcditurpcrvallcsBckar  fcrtiles.gipro 
paktiuiis  pccorum  grcgibus  cxubcrantCD :  &  intratur  in  montana vbi  copioTitas  ctt  fontium 
qui  cduunt  iiupctu  de  Libano.Ibiqiic  dccurrit  fluuiiis  Sabbatayfjfic  dictus  quod  dicbus  Sabba. 
tib  cuKicntcr  rapidius  traiifit,  quaiii  aJijs  lex  dicbus. 

I'cTiiriiiturliuic  adfatiialtuiiiniontciiijpropi  Tripolim  ciuitatcm,  in  qua  ad  prarfens  plu- 
rcs  Cliril tiani  Catliolica:  fidci  habitant  iugo  inhdeliu  nim.s  opprcfli.Ex  hoc  loco  libi  dclibcrct 
pcrcgrinus,qucm  fibi  maris  portu  accipiat ad rcpatriandu, videlicet  Beruth, an  Sur  vcl Tyru. 

no  vfq;  ad  Bcrfcba  in  Aullrum  continct  circitcr  ccntum,&  So.Icucas  LLimbarriicas,&  ab  Hic- 
rico  in  totali  latitudinc  circitcr  60.  Notandum.Dan  ell  viculus  in  quarto  aPcnncadcMiliario 
cimribus.c  intra ScptentrionL-m:  vfquc  hodid  fie  vocatur  tcniiiniis  Iiidcaf ,  contra  Scptcntrio- 
ncm  :t  It  ctiam  &  f(  n  >  Ior,dc  quo  &  loidanii  fluuius  erumpcns  altcru  fortitus  nomen  loi.  Ter- 
mini ludc*  tern  aBerlabe  incipiunt  vfquc  adDan.qui  vlque  Pcneadcn  terminacur,Icronimu5. 

C  A  p  V  T.    21, 
'De  fcHa  diuflahtU  S4racenorum,dreorfmtfide. 

I  Am  reftat  vt  dc  fcih  Saiacenotu  aliquid  fcribam  vel  compendiolc,  fecundum  quod  cum  ijs 
freqiicnicrcolloquendo  audiui,&  liber  Mahomcti,qucmAlcaron,vclMeraliaf,vclHarmc 
votant,ijs  prarcipit,licut  ilium  lipe  ii)rpcxi,&  Ihidiofc  pcrk-gi. 

Credunt  itaq;  Saraccni  in  Deu  crcatorcm  cali  &  tenf  qui  fecit  omnia  in  ijs  conteiita,8i:  fine 
quo  nihil  c(l  fadum.Et  expedbnt  diem  nouiilimum  iudicij,in  quo  mali  cum  corporc  &  aiiima 
dcfccnfuri  funt  in  infcrnu  pcrpetii6cruciancli,&  boni  cqu'dem  cum  aiiima  &  corporO  intraturi 
ParadifumfoElicitatisetcrnx.Ht  lice  qudc  fides  pcrnc  inert  omniumortaliunationibus,lingua 
&  ratione  vtcnt  ibus.  Verumtamcn  de  qualitatc  Paradifi  eft  magna  diuci  fitas  inter  credcntcs. 

Nam  &  Saraccni  &  Pagani  &  omncs  (cc\x  prarter  ludios  &  baptizatos  Chrillianos  lentiunt 
bonorum  Paraililuni  fore  tcircltrem  ilium  de  quo  fuit  cxpuUus  Adam  propter  inobt  ditniiam 

Erotoplauftiis :  qui  (vt  purant)  fluit,  vcl  tunc  fluet  pluribus  tiuis  ItiSiis  &  mtllis^  &  vbi  in  doini- 
us&manfionibusnobilit^riuxta  nicritum  vniulcuiufq;  idificatur  auro,  &  argcnto &  gtm- 
mi$,peifriicnt«r  omnibus  corporalibusdclicijs, in  cblcdationcanimf  gtcrnalitcr  fine  fine.  Illi 
ergo  qui  fide  fanilx  Trinitatis  carent,&  Chriftum  qui  eft  vera  lux  tcncbris  ambu- 
lant.Iudgi  vcro  &  omncs  baptizati  rcdW  fentiunt  Paradifum  c jclcftcm  8f  fpiritualcm.vbi  quili- 
bet  fecundum  merirumDiuinitativnictur,  per  cognitionem,&amorcm.AttamcnIudii  quod 
contra  Scripturas  fuas  fin>5ti  Trinitati  contradicunr,  &  Cbrifto  obloquuntur,  qui  eft  vera  via, 
ncfciunt  quo  vadunt.Dc  baptizatis  ante,  qui  firmii^r  fide  Catholicam  in  humilitate  cordis  liib 
Ecclcfifprfccptisfcniaucrunt.hifolifiliilunt  luciiSj&inviavcnicndiadcocIcftjfPardifumque 
Chriftus  verbo  pijdicauit.Sc  ad  que  corporc  &  anima,vidcntibus  difcipulis.dc  fa6lo  cofcendit. 
Credunt  etiam  Saraccni,  omnia  efle  vera,  qu?  Deus  ore  prophctarum  ell  locutus,  fed  in  di- 
uerfitatc.quia  ncfciunt  fpccificari,im6  fpccificanti  contradiccrent  defacili.vcl  ncgarcnt.  Inter 
omncs  prophetas  ponuntquatuorcxccllcntiores.quorumfupremiim  &  cxcellentiffimu  fatcn- 
tur  Icfum  Maris  Virginis  filiii.qucm  &a(Tciunt,fermonc,vc[loquclam,vcl  fpirituDci,&pro- 
nunciatorc  fcntentiaru  Dei,in  iudicio  ecncrali  futuro.&'miffu  anco  ad  Chriftianos  docendos. 

Secundo  loco  Abrahamum  dicunt  tuiflc  vcrum  Dei  cu!torcm,&  amicum. 
Tcrtium  dant  Mofi  locum  tanquam  prolocutori  Dei  Miflo  fpecialiter,  ad  inftruendos  ludeos. 
Quartum  volunt  elTc  Mahonict,fanaum,&  vcrum  Dei  nunc ium  ?d  feipfos  miflum,ci!m  le- 
ge diuina  in  di(5tolibroplcnecontenta.  Tencnt  itaq;  indubitatc.quodbeata  Maria  Icfum  pc- 
pcrit.&coccpit vir^o n  inen<! intafb,ac lib'tcr loqiii audiunt  dc  incamationc  in  ipfa  fadla  per 
aiinunciationem  Gabriclis  Archangcli.Nam  &  A!char6  corum  dick,  ad  fakitationem  Angcli 
vireincmcxpai!i(re,qu6d  tunc  crat  in  partibus  Galilei  incantator,  Turquis  nomine,  qui  per 
fulccptam  fibiformam  Angcli  plurcsvirgincs  dcfloraucrat.&bcaiamVlrginem  conuenifle  eflrt  Turquis.  Refcrt  quoq;  cam  pcperifle  fub  palma  Arbcre.vbi  babcbatur  prf- 
fcpc  bouis,&  afinst,  &  illic  prar  confufionc  pucrpcrij.&  verecundiaac  dolorc.fijilTc  in  proxim6 
defpcratam, &  infantulum  in  confolationcmmatris  dixiirc,matcr nc  timcas,Dciis  in  te  cflfudit 
fccrct a  ad  faluationcm  Mundi.  Ha!c  &  his  fimilia  multa  ibi  fci  ibuntur  figmcnta,&  ifti  plura  in 
tcrfe narrandn  componunt,quehoc loco  ventilanda  non  funt. 

Et  dicit  liber  lelum  fandillimum  omnium  Prophctarum  ftiiflcvcracem  in  di(5lis&  6611$, 
bcnignum,  pium,  iuftum  ,  &  ab  omni  vitio  penitus  alicnum  :  San(9um  quoqi;e  loannem 
Euangcliilam  poll  prxdi(aos  Prophetas  fuiffc  alijs  Sanaiorem,  cuius  &  Euangelium  fiiten- 


I  ;> 

»«■»       *•      (l<V         dF      .,     .    , 

SJ.  Mandeml.       of  the  Englifh  nation. 


turcflc  plenum  ralutari,ac  vcraci  doctrina,  &c  ipl'um  Sandhim  loanncni  illuininallc  czco!>, 
Icprofos  mundaiTe/ui'citanc  monuos,  &  in  cxlum  volafTc  viucntcm .  i:rat  cnim  (prouc  die  it) 
plusquamProphcta,  ^abfque  oinni  pcccato,  contradiccntccodemdc  tcipt'o,  lidixcrimus 
quod  pcccaiuin  non  habemui ,  vcricas  in  nobis  non  cli:  vndc  &  li  quaiido  Sarraccniccnenc 
l"criptuinEuancelijSand>iIoannis,autilludbcati  Liicx,  mifUiscH  Angcluj  Gabritl,  clcuant 
ambabus  maniouj  pro  rcucrcntia  lupcr  caput  &  lupcr  oculos  id  ponciitcs,  &  oicnlantur  quain 
lj?pc  cum  fummadcuationc.  NonnuUi  ctiam  corum  iuGrxco,  aut  Latino  literati  conlucuc- 
ucrunc  cum  dcuotione  cordis  id  Icdtitarc. 

Idem  liber  dicit  ludaf  os  petfidos  fuilfcquod  lefu  cis  primilm  miffo  a  Deo,  &  multa  niiracu- 
ia  tacicnti  crcdcrc  noluciunt,qu6dquc  per  ipfum  tota  gens  ludxorum  hiit  dignc  deccpta ,  & 
mcritoilhifa  hoc  modo.Iclus  in  horadum  ludas  cum  pro  iigno  traditionis  otculabatur,  poluit 
per  Mctamorphofin  Hgurain  ruam,tn ipfum Iudam,iicquc ludii  in  ambiguoluniine  nodturni 
temporis,pro  Icfu  ludam  capicntcs,!ig3ntcs,trahcntcs,dcridcntcs,in  tine  cruciHxcrunt,putaii- 
tes  le  omnia  facci c  lefujqui  protinus  capto & ligato  luda,viuus  alccndit  in  cilum ,  dclccnlu- 
rus  ifcrum  viuus  ad  iudicium  in  die  finali. 

Et  addit,  lud.Tos  falfilfimc  vfque  hodic  nos Chriftianos  fuo  mendacio  dccipcrc,quo  diciint 
fe  Icfu  crucifixi(l'c,quom  non  tctegcrunt.Hinccrrorcm  tenent  Sarraccni  obliinati:  &  quod- 
dam  argumcntiim inire  conantur.  Nam  (i  Dcus  (aiunr^  pcrmifilVet  Iclum,  innoccntcm,  &  iu- 
rtumitamiferabilitcroccidijCcnfuramfuxfummxiiiflitif  minuillct.  Scdciim  ipluvtlupradi- 
ilumcrt,intcncbiisainb'jlant,idcirc6ignorantcsDciiultitiam,lbtucrcvol«ntiullitiam,  imo 
iniuftitiam  quam  fabricant  in  cordc  fuo.quia  nos  do  crucc  ChrilU  Icriptum  nouimus,  bcncdi- 
^uni  ell  lignum  per  quod  fit  iullitia.  I(h  tamcn  quod  in  aliquibus  appropinquant  vcrx  fidei,  Conuerffo  Sa- 
muitiquandoquceoruminuenti  runtconucrfi,8>:  piurcsadhuc  dc  tacili  conucrtcrcntur,  (i  ha-  •*r">of"'n 
bcrentprafdicatorcs.finccr^eisvcrbumiradbntes,  quippctiimiam  fatcantur  legem  Maho-  """"'l'"*"" 
mcti  quandoquc  dcfcifluraiTi,ricut  nunc  perijt  lex  ludxorum  ,  &  legem  Chrilhanorum  vlquc 
in  tinem  fcculi  peimanfuram. 

C  A  P  V  T      12. 

PRomifi  in  fupcrioribus  aliquid  narrate  dc  vita  Xtahomcti  Icgiflatoris  Sanaccnorum ,  prout 
vidi  in  fcriptis,vcl  audiui  in  pai libus  illi^ .  Itaque  Macho ,  Hue  Machon,  vrrum  in  fecunda 
fyllabarcribaturN,litcra,vcl  non  idem  rcfcrt:  &  fitertiafyliabaaddatur,  fiidicatur  Macho- 
mct,vel  etiam  quarta.Machomctus.nihil  ditfert,qu6d  Temper  idem  nomcn  rcprcfcntat.Ipfi  ta- 
men  ilium  fxpids  nominant  Machon.Putatur  autem  ilhim  Mahomet  habuide  generationis  or- 
tum  dc  Iltincl  Abrahx  filio  naturali  de  concubina  Agar,  vnde  &  vfque  hodic  quidam  Sarra- 
cenorum  dicuntur  Ifmaelitx,  alij  Agarcni :  fed  &  quidam  Moabitx,  &  Ammonitx,  a  duobus 
Loth  filijs  Moab  &  Amon,genitis  pcrincellHm  dc  proprijs  filiabus. 

Hic  ver6  Machon,circa  annum  incarnationis  Domini  fcxccntefsimum  natus,in  Arabia  pau- 
per erat  gratis  pafcens  camelos,&  intcrdum  fequens  Mercatores  in  Aegyptuni  fordellos  illo- 
riim  propriocollo deferens  pro  mcrccde.Etquoniam tunc  temporis  tota  Aegyptuscrat  Chri- 
ftiani  ntieijdidicii  aliquid  dc  fide  nollra ,  quod  diuencrc  folcbat  ad  cellulam  Heremitxcom- 
morantis  in  dcfcrto.Et  quodammodo  fabulantur  Sarraccni, quod  illo  quandoquc  ingrcdientc 
ccllulanijcellulxoftium  mucatum  in  ianiiam  valdc  patentem,  velut  ante  palatium,  &  glorian- 
turhocprimummiracuIum.Qui  ex  tunc  conquercndofibi  pccunias,  &difcendo  fcculi  adus 
diucs  cfi  cfFed^us,&  prudens  ab  omnibus  rcput3tu$,in  tantum,  vt  poRmodum  in  terrx  gubcr- 
natorcinCorro7-aen,(qux  cltvniprouinciarumregni  Arabix)  afiuincrctur,  acdeinde  dcfun- 
ftoprincipcCodigeperconiiigiumilliusreliiixineiufdem  prouincix  principcm  eleuaretur. 
Erat  autem  fatis  fonnofus,&  valenSj&  vltra  modum  in  verbis  &  fa6lis  maturus,  &  princi  palis, 
&  fatis  diligcbatur  a  fuis,iTi.-.;3is  tamen  metueb.itur,&  erat  cpilcpticus,  ncniinc  tamcn  f  cientc. 
Sed  tandem  ab  vxorc  coinpcrto  cintrillabatur,fc  tali  morbido nuptam,qui  verfutus  fefcllit,  8c 
confolabatur  mcclhm  figmcnto  mendacij  cxcogitati,diccns  fandhim  Dei  Archangelum  Ga- 
briclem  ad  colloqiiendum  &  infpirjiidum  fibi ,  quxdam  arcana  &  diuina  intcrdum  venire ,  & 
pro  virriitc  avit  claritatc  vcni^ntc  fe  fubito  cadcrc  &  iaccrc  adintendendum  infpirationem. 

Port  hoc  aiitcm ,  inortuo  ctiam  Rege  Arabix.taiua  egit  per  fimulaticnrm  fand^tatis  ,  per 
donorum  effiifioncm,8i  copiam  promifsionum,quod  elcdus  eft  Sc  afl'umptu$,in  totius  Arabix 

ConfinnatoigiturMihomctoinregnationis  fuimairftate  fuprcma,  tranfaftis  aconcepti> 
one  Domini  nomi  Icfu  Chrifti  annis  folaribus  6 1  die  louis  fcria  quinca  Hcbdomadx  pro- 


Tempus  Ni« 
tiuitatis  Ma- 

Fibuix  Sar- 




Tempus  pro* 



:f^^.^'^'<^  -  "; 


The  voyages  and  difcoueries    SJ.  MandeuiU 

muloaiiit  praefatum  dcteUatida:  Icgis  liiac  librum,  plenum  pcrhdii  &  crroris,&  a  lubditis  tcm- 
poic'vici  lux  lcruaricocgit,qui&  vlque  hodie  in  tanto  acuo,  &  tot  populis  non  fine  luItoDei 
ludicio  colitur  &  leruatur,  quamuis  milerabilc ,  &  miferandum  vidctur,  quod  tot  animx  in 
illo  pcrduntur.Erat  quoquc  tempore  regni  eius,&  alius  Hcrcmita  in  dcferto  Arabix,  qucm  e- 
tiamquafiprodcuotionclrequentarclblcbatjduccnslccum  aliquos  de  principibui  &fanii- 
Occafio  vina  lia.Suncr  iiuo  plures  corum aitcdiati tradbbant occidcrc  Hcrcmitam.Accklit  tandem  vna no- 
intcrdicendi  ^^ji,,,,^  vt  rcx  Hcrcmitam  &  fcipfum  inebriaret,  &  inter  loquenduni  ambo  conlopiti  dormi- 
barracenii.  rcnt.Etcccehabitaoccafione  comites  gladiode  latere  Regis  clam  extracf^o  Hcrcmitam  in- 
tcrfcccrunt ,  iterum  dim  condcntcs  crucntum  gladium  in  vagina  :  ac  illc  euigilans  virum 
vidcnsoccidim,  magno furore  luccenfus  impofuit  familii  fadium,  volens  omncs  per  iu- 
llitiam  condcninari  ad  mottcni.Ciimquc  coram  iudicibus  &  fapicntibus  ageretur ,  hi  omnes 
pari  concordia,rimilivoce,&vno  ore  tellabantur  tanidiuifnnquam  coniundtim,  Regcmin 
ebrictate  lua  honiincm  Qccidiflcsquaniuis  fortafsis  eflct  fadti  oblitus.  Et  in  plcnariamtci  pro- 
bationcm.dixerunt  ipfum  repofuiflc  mucroncm  in  loculo  nudum  interfuni,  led  calido  ctuorc 
madcntcni.  Qupitaimicnto,  actantisrcx  obrutus  tenificationibus,nimiQmcrubuit,plend 
obmutuit  &conturusrccefsit.  Etob  hoc  omnibus  dicbus  fuisvinabibere  rcnunciauit  :&in 
lege  iiia  a'cuiidis  bibi  vetuit,acvniucrris  bibetibus,colentibus,&  vendentibus  maledixit.Cuius 
maledidio  coucrtatur  in  caput  cius,&  in  vcrticc  iplius  iniquiras  eius  defcrdat,ciim  dc  vino  Icrii 
ptum  c6Hct,qu6d  Dcum  &  homines  Igtificct.Igitur  dc  co  Sarraccni  in  fua  fupcrihtionc  deuo- 
ti  vinum  non  bibunt,quanquam  plures  corum  quod  timent  in  publico  non  vcrcntur  in  fecreto. 
Elt  autcm  communis  potus  corum  dulciSjddedabilis,  &  nutritiuus  de  Cafaniel  confedus, 
dc  qua  &  Saccarum  fieri  folet. 

Mahomctus  ilk  polt  mortem  fuampcffimam  (morsenim  peccatorum  pefsima)conditus 
fuit  honorificc  in  capla,ditirsimoauro,&  argcnto,&  laxis  perornatain  vna  ciuitate  regni  fui  A- 
rabiijvbi  &  pro  rando,&  vcro  Dei  nuncio  incepit  deuotc  coli  a  fuis  per  annos  ducentos  icxa- 
ninta,atquc  ex  tunc  circa  annum  Domini  nongcntifsimum  cum  venerationc  niulta  cadauere- 
iustranflatumcH^,  indigniorcm  ciuitatem  didam  Mcrchucl  Iachrib,vbi  jam  longc  latcque 
promaximo  fandorum,  a cordibus  a diabolica  fraudc  dcceptis  colitur,rcquiritur  &  adoratur. 
In  iplius  tranflationc  ipfa ciuitas rclhurabatur,&  finnabatur  niulto  honorificentiils,&  fotti- 
lis  deltrudltone  fua,qux  per  Carolum  magnum  Regeni  Francig  antca  fiiit  plen6  annihi'  ua,  du 
OocrusduxDanorumprajfatus  in  eatencbaturcaptiuus,qucmTemplarij  ad  filiosBrehir  Re- 
gis Sarraccnorum  cum  traditionevendiderant,  c6qu6dipfc  Ogcrusdidum  Brehir  in  prcelio 
occidcrat.iuxta  LugdunumFrancix  ciuitatem.  Etfiquando  nationis  alterius  quis ad  legem 
conuertitur  Sarracenoriim.dum  aflamine  corum  rccipiendus  eft.dicit  &  facit  cum  Dei  nunci- 
um,&repetitric  :  LaelUchellaaUa  Mahomet  xjajKeldU  htth:  quod  valet  tantum:  Non  eft 
Deus  nil!  vnuSjSi  Mahomet  fliit  eius  nuncius. 

Capvt     iT^.  DecolloijmojiHthoris^HmSeldaHO.  " 

FInalitcr  Sarraceni  ponunt  Iuda;os  maIos,e6  quod  legem  Dei  violaueriint  fibi  mifnim,&  c6- 
miffam  per  Mofem.Et  a  fimili  probant  Chrillianos  malos,qu6d  non  feruant  lege  Euagelij 
_  Chrilli.quam  fcruandam  fiifcepcrint.Incft  enim  ijs  falfa  perfuafio  ita  vt  putent  vnuquemq;  in 

Quiuutantv-  "qua  natuscrtfcdapofl'cbeari.fifufceptamfcruaucritillibat^rideoq;  probant  aboppofito 
numquemque  le  effe  bonos,quia,ficut  dicunt,  obferuant  fcripta  legis  pricepta  &  ceremonias  fundi  libri  fui  i 
ill  fua  rciigio-  Deo  fibi  tranfmifsi  per  beatii  nunciu  fuu  Mahomet.Vnde  &  ego  non  tacebo  quid  mihi  cotigit. 
nc  poffc  bean.  Dominus  Soldanus  quodam  die  in  caftro,cxpulfis  omnibus  dc  camera  fua,me  foliim  rctinuic 
Colloquium  fccum  tanquam  pro  fecreto  habcdo  colloquio.Confuctu  enim  ell  ijs  eijcerc  omnes  tcpore  fc- 
SolJanicum  crctorum:  qiudiligentcr dmeintctrogauitqualiseflct  eubcrnatiovitiin tcrvancltra,brcuiter 
Mandcuillo.  refpondcha,bona,per  Dei  gratiam,qui  recepto  hoc  vcrbo  dixit  ita  non  c&.Sacerd.tes{\nc\\X].t) 
Kcprcheniio  ^fj^i^^uifeiffos  exhibere  deherent  alifs  in  exemflH^n  malis  lAcent  aUibus,  parti  m  cwaut  de  Tempti 
ferMitio.hniim  c^JIttdifsfe  conformant  mundo;  fe  inebriant  vino^continenttaitifrwge>ites,cumfraU' 
dtnegoti.wtcs,acfraHafrmcifibusconJiliaingerentes.Comimiiq!toq.fofMlusyditmfeHis  diebusinte- 
Reprchenfio  ^^'  deberetit  deuotiom  in  tempb,c$trrit  in  hortisjin  ifeilacnlu^n  taberm  vfy^  adcrafulam^  ebri- 
vulgi  iuftifsi-  etatem^i^finguiamoHdMcaKs  c^bibenj,  acin  befiiartPHmoremJuxuriampratMm  exercens .  Inv 
ma.  Jitra ,  dolo ,  rafina ,  fttrto .  ditroBione ,  mendacio  drperiMrio  viuunt  flares  eorum  ehidentcr ,  tie 

Jicjuiialianonagant ,  vt  fatui  reputantuy ,  (^  pro  nimta  cordit  fuperbia  nefciunt  ad  libitum  excom 
gitMe,qualiterfe  vtlint  habere^Mandofiht  indumenta  ^nmc  longa^nmc  cttrta  nimu,ijMando^j  am* 
Veftiraento-   P''-*.^ *"'"'''?; A'^**  ^^"'''  modMm,vt  in  hisfingulU  appareant  derifipotiu:  ijitam  vefliti:pyleoi  ^MOifHe, 
nim vJrictas    calceos,calligaj,corrigias fibi fabricaitt ex(jmfitas,CHm  etiam econtradeberent  fecHndnm  (^mftifiii 
tcptehenTa.     doiirinamfmflices,Dee  deMotiJ}umiUs,verAcesjinuicem  diligeHtei,inmc€coneordantej,&  ntittruut 

Potus  SirtB' 

Alias  Mccc^i. 

Ogerus  a 



SJ.Mandeuil.        oftheEnglifli  nation. 


dcfMili  remitteHUs.Scimm  ttiMH  eoi propter peccata  fiMperdidijfe  /jauc  terram  opiim*m  ^$mm  it- 
ntmm/tcc  tmemm  tarn  mnittere,«puimJimfe  t4littrgtAernant.  AttMntn  uon  d>ihitannu,qMn  mfn- 
tmnm  per  mtlurem  viu  ceniierfaticnem  merehmittir  de  noiltu  earn  mAtiituj  recuperate. 

Ad  hoc  ego  vltra  confiifus  &  (lupcfadlus^iequiui  inuenircrcfponfuni ;  vercbarcnim  oblo- 
qui  veritati,quamuis  ab  Infidclis  ore  prolatx ,  &  vultu  prz  ruborc  dciiiiflb  pcrcunCtatus  fum, 
Domine/aluarcucrcntia,qualitcrporcrtisitaplcnchocnofccrc?DchomTnibus  (ait) mcis in- 
terdum  mitto  ad  m  odum  Mercatoru  per  terras,  &  rcgiones  Chriflianoru,ciim  Balfamn,  g<cm- 
niij,fericis,ac  aro  matibus,ac  per  illos  (ingula  expIcro,tam  dc  Hatu  IniperjtoTis,ac  Putihium, 
PrincipUnijacSac  erdotum,quamPrzlatoruin,  nccnrna:quora,  ptouincias^acdiliindtioncs 

IgiturperadtacoUocutionenoftrafatisprodudta,  egreifos  pr'mcipes  in  catncram  rcuoca- 
uit,ez  quious  quatuor  de  maioribus  iuxta  nos  aduocans,fecit  cos  cxprcfTc  ac  dcbitc^pcr  fingu- 
lasdiuUiones  in  lingua  Gallicanadeftinguere  perpane$,&  nnguhruin  noniina  partiuni,  om- 
nemregionemterrae  Angliz^ac alias ChriHianorum terras  multas,  acfi  inter  nollros  fuilTcnc 
nati,vcl  multo  tempore  conuerfati. 

Nam  &  ipfum  Soldanum  audiui  cum  ijs  bene  &  direct-  loquentcnt  idionia  Francorum .  I- 
taque  in  omnibus  his  mcnte  conftcrnatus  obmutui,cogttans,8c  dolens  dc  pcccatis  fingulis,rem 
taliterfe  habere. 

Nunc  pie  igitur  (rogo)  con(idcremus,&  corde  attendainus,quantar  fit  confuHonis,  &  qua- 
ils opprobrij,uum  Chnftiani  nominis  inimici  nobis  noftra  cxprobrant  crimina.Et  (hidcat  qui- 
libet  in  melius  emcndare,quatenus  (Deo  propitio)po(1it  in  brcui  tempore,  hxc  de  qua  loqui-  infignis  Man- 
mur,terra  Deo  dele£^a,hzc  facrofandla  terra,  hxc  nlijs  Dei  promi(ra,nobis  Dei  adoptiuisre-  dcuilli  pcro- 
ftitui:velcerti,quodmagisexorandumeft,ipfiSarraceniadfidem  Catholicam,  &  ChriOia-  oratio. 
nam  obedientiam,Ecclenz  filijs  aggregari ,  vt  fimul  omnes  per  Dominum  noflruni  Icliiro 
Chriilum  confubftantialcm  Dei  filium  perueniamus  ad  cxlcftem  Paradifuni. 

Exfticit  frimn  furs  hmm  eperu. 


C  A  P  V  T.      24. 

'Perfit^  mI  mm  credtutv  temtrmn  dinerJitMtesfer  ariem  terrt, 

Irabilis  Deus  mirabililia  propter  femetiplum  creauit,vt  fcilicet  ab  intellcif^u- 
alibus  creaturis  fuis intelligerctur ,  &  per  hoc  diligeretur,  atque  in  hoc  ipfc 
creator,&creaturafemutu6iTuerentur.  Mirabiliseft  ergoDcusmaximcin 
illo,qu6d  ipfe  folus  fufficit  fibi :  &  mirabilis  in  altis  Dominus,  hoc  cft,in  cz- 
lo  &  in  cxleltibus :  fed  &  mirabilis  in  terris,&  in  terrelhibus :  tamen  fi  verum 
iudicaucrimus,nihil  eft  mirabile,quod  miru  videri  non  debet,  (i  ille  qui  om- 
nipotens  eft,fccit  quzcunque  voluit  in  czlo  &  in  terra .  Sed  eccc  dum  nobis  contingit  vidcre 
rem  quam  prids  non  vidimus,miratur  nofter  animus,non  qu6d  (implicitcr  mirum  cft,rcd  quod 
nobis  id  mirum  &  nouum.Deus  vnus,nmnlex  quidem  eft ,  vt  creaturz  czleftes  quo  Deo  ma- 
gis  de  propinquo  funt  eo  fimpliciores  exiltunt.Terreftres  autem  qu6d  in  (itu  remotiori  fintjid- 
circ6magis  diuerfzjmagis  contrariz  inter  fe  funt. 

Ergo  quicunque fapicns  eft  non  Itupet  aninio,dum  in  terrenis  refpicit  res  varias,&  diucrfas, 
Tel  dum  diuerracontingunt,reu  inucniuntur  in  partibus  terrz  diuerfis :  fed  qui  intelledhim  fu'  Rcprehenfio 
perfenfuranonelcuant.&magis  credunt  oculofuocorporeo.quamfpirituali,  &  qui  nun-  ""«ff^"j<"u. 

3uam  i  natiuitatis  fu{  locoreccflcruntjifti  vix voluntcredere/eu  poflunt  alijs  vera  narrantibus  ^HJitjiifi  cm^ 
e  mundi  diueriitatibus.  domi  vidermt. 

Attamen  tale$,n  vellent,de  facili  videre  poflint  fuum  errorem.Quia  quicunque  natus  in  vna 
ciuitate,vel  patria,n  tantummodo  moueat  fc  ad  proximam  ciuiutem,inueniet  ibi  procul  du- 
bio  aliquam  difierentiam,vel  diueriitateni  in  idiomate  lin(>uz,vel  in  modo  loquendi,  in  mori- 
bus  hominum,in  occupationibus,in  legibus,  in  confuetudinibus,  vel  etiam  in  agrorum  frut^i- 
bus.inarborum  frugibus/cu  in  his  quzgignuntur  in  terra,in  aere,&  in  aquis. 

Siergoaliqualiterinueniri  pofsitdimrcntiain proximo,  quantdm^iorfitdiftantia,  tant6 
maior  dmerentia  xftimanda  eft  in  remoto,  vel  in  remoiiorii  feu  remotifsimo  loco.  Vnde  ego, 
quia  in  przcedente  parte  cradatus  narrate  coepialiqua,  quzinhis,  &in  pcregruiatione  mea 
vfque  in  cenaui  proiniTsioais  fandam  yidi,  dc  quibus  ctiam  potefl,  &  potcrit  conlhirc  multis. 


M^^'^"*  ^  ■■': 


The  voyages  and  dilcoucries    SJ.  MandeuiL 


qui  in  partibus  iioHris  cadtm  pcrcgrinationc  mc  prsccflcrunt ,  &  Iccuti  luiu,proccdain  in 
dcfctibcndoaliiiua  illorum^ux  vidi  &  pcrccpi  indcainbulationc  mca,  qua  pcragrauimuItaJ 
alias  tcrras,&  pcrlcgi  multas  vndas,  vfquc  in  inultoruin  hoc  tf  mpus  annorum,&  propter  infi- 
picnte$,&  difcrcdcntcs  non  taccbo.Scd  ncc  propter  crcdcntes  ncc  fapicntcs  fans  moucbor;ta. 
men  vt  diucrfa  Dei  opera  qui  rcfpiccrc  non  poflunt  oculo  ,  faltcm  Icgant,  vel  audiant  ex  hoc 
fctipto.Pauca  vtique  vidihoruni  qua-  lunt,fed  pauca  horum  qui  vidi,narrabo. 
C  A  P  V  T.     2 J.  De tyfrmtnia,T<!rfi<*,& -Amatanis. 

E  rcgionibus qui  ludcx  contiguantur,  fcilicet  Arabij,Acgypto  &  Syria,  flatui  modicum 

vltra  narrate ,  rclinquens  hunc  locum  narrandi  aliji  pcrcgrinis.  Fctellinansadterraire- 

motioreSjAnncniani  minorem,non  per  fingulas  ciuitatcs.led  cclcritcr  tranficns,  vidi  aremotis 
amplum  callrum  vocatum  Del  cfpoycr,dc  quo  mihi  fuftinui  dici,quod  fit  vaflum,&  a  ncmine 
habitatum,nifiafantafiicaquadam  Domina,  feruantc  in  medio  maiorisaulx/upcrperticam, 
volucrcm  rapacem,qui  dicitur  Latind  accipiter,  vel  huiufmodi :  quam  auem,  fi  aliauis  homi- 
num  ingrcdicns  fc  cullodirc  pcruigii  abfq;  vlla  fomnolentiapcr  Icptem  continues  dies  &  no- 
dies  po(Tct,ipfa  Domina  in  fine  fadti  apparens  conccdcret  illi  quantamcunquc  faccret  pctitio- 
MaiWeuiUut    ncm  terri,commodi,vcl  honoris/ed  fi  obdormiret,periret.Huic  tamcn  di(fto  parum  curaui  ac- 
nihili  facit has  commodarc  aurcBi,nifi  quod  communitcr  diccbatur,in  bene  tranfadto  tempore  prxdi(5la  fu- 
fabujat.         j(j-g  tctata  p^r  juj^  pcrlbnas.vnum  Regcm,&  alterumPallorcm.  EtRcci  quidem  quodindc- 
bitaiTi  fecit  pctitioncm,vilc  fticceflit  negotium,paHori  peroptime  fucceflit  ncgotium. 

In  Armenia  maiori.eH  magna  &  bonaciuitas  Artyron  addictam  propcHuuium  Euphra-* 

tem.Et  Hint  ibi  duo  montes  euei^^i  vald^.vnus  Sabi(ratcle,alter  Ararath,quorum  vltimus  habcc 

per  anfradus,&  pcriodos  per  arcefuin  vii,  fere  7.1eucas,  &  quafi  omni  tcporc  eft  plcnus  niuc. 

In  illo  loco  fcrtur  quicuific  Area  diluui;,cuius  vnicus  aflcr  m6ftratur,in  Ecclefia  MonachorQ 

a  J  montis  pedc  habitantiu:attamc  nullus  hominu  pro  frigore  nimio  attetarc  pr^fumit  afccnfu. 

Eft  autem  &  ibi  ciuitas  Landania.dc  qua nonnulii  dicunt  qu6d  Noe  illain  flindauerat,  &  ci- 




Hany  magna   uitas  magna  Hany,in  qua, tempore  Chriftianomm  milk  habebantur Ecdefii. 

Tauriza  ciui- 
lai  faDiofa. 
Zadonc  ciui< 

Ruina:  anti- 
que Babylo- 

Manna  Apo. 
Amazonia  in- 

In  ilia  Armenia  fublmpcrioPerfix  eft  famofa  ciuitas  Tauris,  vbi  de  mcrcinionijs  ponde« 
ralibusfitineftimabilismcrcatura.Hincaddec(;mdiecasad  Orientem  habetur  ciuitas  Zado- 
najinealmperatorPcrfarummoratur,  &eft  in  eodem  imperio  ciuitas  vald^  magna  Caflach, 
qui  redo  itincre  dicitur  ftarc  ab  Hierofolymis  5  5  .dietis.Geth  ciuitas  impcrialis,  &  mclior  to- 
tius  Pcrfix  m  hictcrra  nofcitur  efle,cilm  tamenCamaa  fit  fat  is  maior. 
Circa  fines  Perfix  in  terra  "  Sennaar,eft  ilia  qux  olim  dicebatur  Babylonia,nec  apparet  ibi  a- 
liquid.qudm  ruinx  grandis  &  vetuftx  ciuitatis,qux  ab  hominibus  eft  dcfettajfed  a  Draconibus 
inhabitata,&  alijsanimalibu$,&volucribusvenenofis.  Hancterram  tenet  Impcrator  Pcrfa- 
rum,vt  fupra  dixi.Etiam  intra  fines  Perfix,  eft  terra,  vbi  fandtus  lob  patiens  morabatur,  qux 
modo  dicitur  terra  Sues,  in  cuius  montanis  inuenitur  Manna,  quoa  venditur  in  Apothccis. 
Huic  terrx  Sues  contiguatur  Chaldxa ,  qux  non  eft  magna,  quamuis  nobilis  rcgio  habcatur. 
Et  ab  iftaintracur  Amazonia. 

Amazonia  elt  modica  infula,quam  abfiijuc  viris  foix  reguni  8f  inhabitant  mulicres:  cuius  rei 

Olim  cum  infula  communitcr  a  viriSj&mulicribus  habitabatur,  Rexeius  difhis  Colopiui 
cum  omnibus  nobilibus  fuis  in  bcUo  contra  Regnum  Scithix  occifiis  fiiit.Audicntes  igitur  no- 
bilium  vxores  ipfius  infulx  fe  viduatas,  fuper  his,in  dolorofo  fiirorc  animi  ad  plurcs  congrefsi- 
ones  occiderut  &  fiigaucmnt  omncs  aliarum  mulierum  maritos,nc  fcilicet  fua  ingcnuitas  fub- 
iaceret  voluntati,&  notcftati  plebis.Et  tandem  poftrefomiatam  inter  fcpaccm  mulicres  inito 
confilio  ftatucmnt  (c  folas  abfquc  viris  dominari  in  terra ,  atque  ex  tunc  lumi  fibi  regimen  per 
cenam  cledionis  fonnam,qux  robufta,agilis,fapicns,iuucnis,ac  valcns  apparet  in  armis. 

Sciendu  tamcn  eft.cxtra  hanc  infuiam  flumcn  efle,&  alias  modicas  infulas  ,quaru  vna  dicitur 
Carmagite,  dc  quibus  licitum  eft  ijs  accerfire  viros ,  &  amafios  bis  in  anno,  ita  vt  nulla  moram 
trahat  feptem  dicrum  naturaliu  fub  poena  indubitata  occifionis.Infantem  mafculu  nutrirc  licet 
quoadufq;  per  fe  comedat  &  gradiatur,tunc  tranfmittcndus  eft  in  domu  patcmam.  Gencrofir 
nati  puclli  aufcnur  ignito  cultro  vber  finiftrum  pro  fcuto  gerendo,degencri  dextrum,  ad  fa- 
gittandum  dc  arcu  Turco. 

l^i^S'"^  '"'"  '^°"'^'"'^"*  ^  officialibus  fuis  regit  fapicnt^r  &ben^  tcrram,&  femat  omncs 
fibi  fub  diftrida  obcdicntia,per  lcges,&  pcBnas,&  amendas  confcriptas.  Et  ciim  circumiacen- 
Jium  mfularum  Regcs  contra  fc  ad  inuiccm  praliari  folent,tunc  Regina  Araazonix  cum  fuis 
Nobilibus  ab  vna  parte  pro  magno  ftipendio  vocari  folet  m  adiutoriu,vbi  &  inuftae  funt  fapie- 
tc$  m  confilijs,prob«  in  a«nis,acres  in  confliajbus,  &  in  omnibus  Curix  adibus  bene  valeres. 



M-»»      •  <..»«./«... 

'J.Mandeuil.     I     S.l.Mandml,       oftheEnglifli  nation. 


ant  mulicrcs:  cuius  rei 

C  A  p  V  V     26.  ■  >■  •    1     • 

Dt  Aethiofi4/jt  Dida$Mitibtu,  (^  at  infma  Indin. 


Aethiopuconfiflit  i  tern  Chaldzonim  io  AuHrum,qux  dinifiguitur  in  Orictalem  Acthi- 
opiam^  Meridionalem,quariiinprimaintlli5panibusvocaturCui}i,proptcrhominuin         .     . 
nigredtnem,  altera  Mauritania.  Et  eJt ibi  Regnum  Saba,  dequolcgitur,  quodKcgiSalo-  j^'^y'^'llJj^ 
moni  Regcs  Arabum,&  Saba,dona  &  tributa  adduxcrunt.Hoqtic  Rcgina  Saba  vcnit  i  Hnibii  j, 
hoc  cll,a  longinquis  terrx  panibus  audirc  fapicntiam  Saiomonis.Omnes  in  Acchiopia  aque  in 
fluuijs  6c  ripatij$,8c  foncibus  fapiunt  Sa],proptcr  niinium  calorcni .  Eft  ibi  vniis  aqi  x  fons  ita  pj.^^ 
do  nodie  calidus,vt  nemo  in  eo  fuftineat  manum,&  ita  do  die  frigidus,vt  bibi  vix  poiFit. 

Genetalitcr  iftidc  Mauritania  Acthiopescomeduntpati\m,  defacili  incbriamur,  fluxum 
veneris  patiuncur,nec  diu  viuunt. 

De  Acthiopia  incratur  in  Indiam  mediam,nam  triplex  cft,vidcliccc  infima ,  que  in  quibuf-  India  triples, 
dam  fuis  panibus  eft  nimi^itrigida  ad  inhabitandum  :  Media  qua;  lacistcmpcrata  eft,  &  I'upe- 
rior,quinimiscalida.  In  India  infima  propter  continuum  &  j;rauefrigusgcncratu»thriftal- 
lum  de  aqua  per  gclujHcut  quidam  :.<rcrunt.Sed  certum  eft  ibi  haberi  ruprs  chriftalli,  &  in  il- 
lisgigniopcimosDiamantes,quos  lingua  illiusvocantHamefht.  -   -     '  Ditmancct. 

Elt  autcmdiamas  paruus  prxciofus  iapis,magnx  virtucis,ncut  pleniQs  dcfcribicur  in  lapida- 
riis.QMidaminucniunturinmagnitudinc  pifijvcletiampifominores:  alii  ad  quantrtatcm  fa- 
bx/ed  nullus  maior  auellana,vel  nucc.  L  ^icitur  de  eo  in  partibus  iiIis,quod  fi  hie  qui  portat 
fit  continens,&  fobrius  rcddit  ilium  magnanimum  &  audacem,  5c  iuuai  in  cauds  iuDit  ccrtan- 
tem.conferuat  fubftaniias  corporales,aufcrt  praua  fomnia,  depcllit  prauorum  fpirituuhi  iliufi- 
ones/ortilegia,  &  incantationes,  ac  valet  contra  lunaticampafsioncin,£cdxmonisobrclsio< 
ncm,&  venenofum  quod  illi  appropinquaucrtt  cxfudat^Sc  cxnunicrcit. 

Optimi  Dianiantcs  de  India  afsimulantur  in  colore  muhiim  cbriftallo  ,  fed  funt  aliquantu* 
lummagiscitrinij&profut  duritie  pobri  non  polTunt.  Inueniunturautcmibinunnuirifubni- 
griad  coloremviolf :  Alitnafcunturin  Arabia  nigri,&  tenuiores  prxdiclis,  alii  in  Macedonia,    '       '  '  '* 
&  quidam  in  Cypro,fed  in  mincriis  auri,  dum  prima  mafia  in  minutias  confiingitur,intcrdum 
reperiuncur.  Sciendum  enim eft,  fxp^pluiesnmulcrefccre,  necnongcncrant,&concipiunt  Experiwria 
inuicem  de  rorc  cxli,qucmadmodum  &  Margaritx :  quod  ego  pluries  tentans,accepi de  rupc  j        "^"* 
ceipitem  cum  diamante  mafculo,&  femella,plantans  m  pratcllo,&  frequentans,rocillans  ma- 
dcfecideroreMaii.Htccccinbreui.paruuluscxiisgignebatur,  narcebaturj&adolcfcebatad        •      '. 
dcbitani  quancitatcm  :  ftunc  ver6 onmcs per naturam cum  pluribus  angulis  vt trium  vel  qu:^ 
tuor,aue  quinque  Iaterum,&  nonnulli  cum  lateribus  fenistE  contra,on^nes  margatitftnafcun- 
tur  in  forma  fphxricajfen  rotunda. 

Ecnotandum quod mcrca:ores, pro diamantibus,  frequenter  aliud  vendunt:  Mam  fbleil  p"/"*""'!" 
commixtio  fieri  de  chriftallo  Crochee,de  Saphiro,de  Lonpes  Citrino,de  lapidc  Yii^BCit  p-it-  "^  '*'"*** 
uispetris  ex  murium  nidis.Probatio  vert  diamantis  haberi  poteft  his  modis.  •- ;•,         «  Probatioveri 

Prim6,(iitainucniturtcner,vtrcpoliridimittat,noneftverus.  .•    ;r'.ui.    '     iliaaaniii. 

Item  li  de  CO  non  poteft  fcindi  vitnim  criftallum,non  efl  verus. 

Item  accipe  paruum  quantitatts  lapidcm  Adamantem,  qui  foletfibi  attrahcre  acum  2c     '"'..' 
ferrum,&poneverumdiamantemfuperadamantem,  tiiiicque  fi  miniftraucris  adanianti  a- 
cum,videbis  adamantem  operari  nihil,  veto  diamante  prarrente,dum  camen  adamas  non  fit  di- 
amante maior. 

Item  fi  cultellum  laminx  tenuis,habentem  in  manubrio  inrluTum  vd  alligatum  verum  dia> 
mantem  in  mcnfa  vel  afTcre  crexeris,protinu$  vt  ipfi  venenam  appropinquabit ,  ftabit  ttemu- 
lans  atque  fiidaits .  Et  notandum,qu6d  per  luxuriofiim,  leu  gulof  tim  qui  ferret  diamantcm  a-        ^»''  -^ 
mitteret  virtutem  ad  tempus. 

Terralndix  appellaturablndo  ibi  currentc  fluuio, caius angutUx  inueniuntur  quandoquc  Terra  Indix 
vltra  20.  pedes  in  longitudine .  In  media  India  tranfitur  per  multas  infulas  vfquc  ad  mare  O^  ""'c  '^'^^• 
ceanumy  ininfulam  Ormur.vbi  Mercatores  Vcnetixfepitendunt,fcdviri,auiafruetinon  '"'^'*0"™« 
funt  taneum  fuftincrc  calorem ,  ne  exeant  perpendicula  de  corporibus propi  ad  genua,  ibi  fc         ^ 
contra  hoc  dcbit^inuoluunt,&lieant,necaudent  ibi  tranfire  nauibus  ferrum  continentibus,  ,^ '^*'*"'P'^ 
neteneanturdcrupibusadamantum.  ^  ,  adOimufium 

Hic  in  aliquibusAethiopix  partibus  habitant  publice,inhoncftorum  vtriufque  fexus  ho-  na^isantc^ 
minumconfuetudincminhoneftam  gcrcntes,&  in  xftu  meridiano  retrigerandi  caulk  exeunt  talibujhodie 
f  Irca  ciuitatem  ad  riparias  iacere,  &  difcurrerc  nudis  prorfus  corporibus  omni  pudore  teicAo.  *'""'"•■  "]""- 

wquoproculdubioinhoneftavitiafcquunhu:.  hdauil 


^^v.<r;'A  -    '■ 


The  voyages  and  difcoucries    S.LMandeuiL  ■     _ 

In(uU  Cluua, 



Hit  &  non  loiigi  ab  ilb  inlula  rcgio leu  infula  Caua  vcl  Cliaua,  que  4  piiiiio  lUiu  mullikn 
eft  ininorata  per  inare.Hi  funt  infidcliirimi  Paganoriim.Nani  quidain  adorant  Soleni,alij  Lu- 
narn  inncm,aquam,8f  terrain^rborcm.vel  fcrpcntem.vcl  <ui  dc  mani  prim6obuitnt.Ibi ma- 
gni  murcs.quos  noi  diciinus  raitas.luiu  in  quaiuitatc paruorum  canum .  Et  quonlam  per  cat- 

Corpora  inortuorum  non  lepeliunturibi ,  ncc  cadauera  quarlibet  beftiarum  opetiunnir, 
quod  ad  ac.  is  illum carncs  in  brcui  tempore  confuinuntur,nan»  &  tota  inlula  ccnfiftk  Tub  xo- 
natorrida.Indeitanfiripotellperniarein  Indiam  fuperiorem,  fiuetnaiorem,  videlicet  Impc 
riiiin  Pre»by teri  loannis  ad  portum  ciuitatii  Zarkc,  qu*  eft  elcgans  &  bona  fati$.In  ca  habitic 
pluriini  Catholic*  fidci  Chriftiani :  &habentur  plurimx  Abbatii  reiigioforum,  quasolim 
Dux  DanoruinOgerusconftituit.vndc&vfquc  nunc  dicuntur  Ecdefuc  Dani,  acquecxhoc 

Terra  Unibe.  nauigari  poicft  in  terram  Lonibc. 

C  A  p  V  T     ay.  ..     ■ 

Dtfortiio  ?if:ris,(!rf9Htt  ttuuntmu. 




Piper  quomo 

Chriliianiii,intcr  quos  fxpc  magna  fcduiooritur)altcra  Singlantrquas  quondam  Danus  ftrtut 
ftindalic  Ogcrusjvocans  vnam  Fiandrinam,nominc  auise  fuat  ex  parte  patris  fui,  alteram  Flo- 
rcntani  nomme  aula:  ex  parte  matris  rua:,qux  mutato  nomine  nunc  vocatur  Singlant. 

Sciendum  eft  autem ,  piper  ibi  crefcere  in  hunc  modumrlicut  nos  plantamus  vites  aut  quer« 
cus  arb«rej  robuftas ,  vt  vitis  cum  frudibus  fe  fpargat ,  vt  fupportetur  per  ramos ,  fic  coluntur 
arbufta  pipcri^  act  arbores  forcfti ,  &  I'par^untur  per  ramos ,  &  dependent  frudus  vt  botri .  Et 
ycnit  in  eudcm  arbufto  triplex  piper  in  anno. 

Ptlmum  eft  quod  vpcaturlongum  piper,  &  venit  priufquam  nalcuntur  folia  in  arbuftis, 
piper  bngum  qucmadmoduin  nos  in  atbure  videmuscoryloinhyeme  ante  folia  prarcedere  quafdamcau- 
dulas  longat>,quo  circa  initium  vindcmiato^  nafcunturcumfolijs  butri  piperis  viridis  ad  (imi- 
litudiiicm  paruacum  vuaruni.  Qiipdquidem  circa  tcmpus  lulii  in  cadem  viriditate  vinde- 
niiatui^  incftu  fcruido  ficcatur  adSolem,  vtaccipiatnigredinem,  &rugaruincontraAio« 


I^pcr  album. 

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Poftei  exurgit  piper  albumin  granisminoribus,  Scinabundantia  fatisminori,  quotan« 
quani  precipftoii  vtuntur  in  partibus  illi$,&  rar6  vendunt  ad  partes  iftas. 
,   Primum  piper  appellatur  Sorbotynjfecundum  Fulful,tertium ver6  Bauos. 

Sunt  autcm  per  ncmus  illud  fcra  animalia,&  venenofa^licut  parui  ferpentes,  colubrt,  8c  hit- 
iufraodi,de  quibus  nefcio  quis  famam  diftundit  per  noftras  partes,qu6d  vindemiatores  piperis 
tales  vermes  Bigant  per  ignem:  fed  non  eft  ita,ini6  vngunt  brachia,manus,tibiaSj&  pedes  cum 
quodam  fucco  Tierbx  didbc  Limonre,a  quocito  difEigit  omnc  venenum. 

In  huius  forefti  capite  Tub  monte  Polembo,eft  ciuitas  difla  Polemba,  &  fub  eodem  monte 
tons  qui  dtcicur  luuentutis.  Aqua  huius  fontisredditodoreni,&  laporemqualidcomni  gene- 
re  arotnatuni ,  nam  Iingulis  penc  horis  immutat  odorem ,  8c  faporem.  Et  quifquis  per  aliquos 
dies  potat  iciuno  ftomacho  lanatur  in  breiii  tempore,  i  quacunque  interiori  iniirmitatc ,  lan- 
guore  duncaxat  mortis  exccpto :  &  fane  illorum  qui  prop6  liint ,  &  frequenter  bibunt  apparet 

Eertocumvitztempusmiraiuuentus.  Ego  autem  tervel  quaterbibi,  quamobrcm  &vfque 
odic  arbkror  potiusmc  corporaliter  valore.  Putatur  enim  fons  ille  immediate  per  poros  f  iib- 
tcrrancosdiquaridetbntcparadin  terreftris,  itaquod  nulla  via  decurrentium  fuper  terram 
fluentium vttictur.  la  ift^iCtiam regione,&  in  infulis  ciicumquaque crefcit  gingiber vald^  bo< 
num.vndc  &  mcrcatores  fep^  ibi  tcndunt dc  Venetia  pro  emendo  pipere  &  gingibcre .  Gen- 
tes  veto  huiiis  infulx  pcraerif  &  ftolidifsirnxfunt  fuperfticionis  adorantes  boucm  tanquam  a- 
nimal  bcatifsimUm.prQpter  eius  fimplicitatem  manfuetudinem,pattentiam,  6c  vtiliutem. 

Multitude  cuiuflibot  ciuitatis  vel  yiUz  vnum  fpecialern  nniritbouem ,  quern  pd^uMnlt'* 
boraui:  in  aratro  per  fex  annos  immolant  manducantes  patitcr  cum  maxima  folcmnitate .  £c 
quicunque  inde  minimam  minutiam  comedit,reputat  fc  fand^ificatum  totum. 

PorroapudRcgem  teneturbos  fuigulariSjCuius  cuftosdiligentifsimi  vrinamin  vafeauieo 
accfpitrtitipliciter,&  dcr^moin  vafc  confimili:  &  quotidii^venit  fummus  corum  prstlatus, 
quern  dicunt  Archiprotoplauftymjoifcit  perfonalitcr  in  praedi^^is  prcciofis  vans,Domino  Re* 
gi  de  bouis  vrina  &  Hii)o,|tque  in  vjrina,(juam  appellant  G«ul,tingens  manus>defHcK,&  pcf- 
ungit  Regis  pcdlus  &  ftontem^deinde  nmiliter  de  Aino  in  midta  cordis  attcntionc^pd  fiocm  vt 
i.HT.  .  pofiiw 

SIMrndtml   I    SJ.MandeuH.        oftheEnglifh  nation. 


pofftnt  aiTcqui  quatuor  viitutes  bouis  prarfati. 

Poftregcmcilni  reuerentia  acccdunt, &  vnguntur  Barone$,principci,&poftiproscxtcri 
ordinati  quicuncjue  auingere  poinnt,  putancca  I'cfandificariper  rem  pcnitus  non  valciucin, 
iin6niiius  fcetidam,&  inhondlam. 

Prxtcrea  popiili  iHi  colunc  Idola  fa^ta  ad  medium  in  forma  humana,  &  ad  medium  in  for- 
ma bouii.  In  qtiibus  permiHionc  Dei  per  eorum  periidiam  maligni  I'piritus  habitant  dantei  de 
intenogatis  refponfa.  Et  hijs  Idolis  oncrunt  intinita  donaria  quandoq;,&  facriticant  interdum 
ptoprios  infantes,ipforum  languine  Idola  rcfpergentes. 

Duin  hie  nuritus  moricur,  vxor  comburitur  cum  marito,nirideiIlohabeatfobolem  cum  Vxorcum 
quo  viucrcfolet.&velit.  Qua:  fibi digit cun>  prole  fuperuiuere,  non  babcbitur  de  c»teto  ft-  m«i«ocoin- 

de  digna, 
AttameninfimiHcaufa.fivir  non  vult  cremari  cumvxore  mortua,nonminuiteihonorcm« 
Et  forte  vinum  lufcitur  ibirqucxl  mulieres  bibunt^Sf  non  virt,vc  ftc  mulicribus  crefcant  bar- 

bz/cd  mulicribus  radutitur,  8c  viris  minimi^ 

C  A  p  V  T.    a8. 

De  Ecc/ejia  (j-  ctrfort  SMfUli  Thorn*  jipojleli. 

HInc  in  Meridiem  pluribus  cxaiSlis  Infulis  per  viam  dccem  dictarum  veniturinRegnum  Rfgio^^ffit 
Mabron.  Ulic  in  ciuitatcCalamix,  reriiaturinmagnotemplocorpuiibeatiirtmiThomv  CaUniiavei 
Apodoli  Domini  nodcr  Ictu  Chiifli  in  capfa  hononficata.  In  quo  loco  &  martirizatus  fuit,  calumi.' 
licet dicunt  quidam,quo(i  in  Edifl'aciuitacc.  Ifte  populus  non  eftmultum  tempus  tranfadum,  Ihomx  Apo< 
quinfuit  totusin  fidcirciligionCjfed  nunccd  ad  pcffimos  Gentilium  ritus  pcrucrfus,  nccat-  ftolifepukuia. 
tendit,nec  vcneraturrelliquias  fanifti  corporis  Apolloh  ibidem  contentas,quamui$  ijs  euidens, 
•c  vtile,&miriHcuinprx(brc  ruii'b3tbencHcium,quodinfranarrabo.  , 

Per  certas  hillorias  habctur  DuccmDanorum  Ogerumconquifiuine  has  terras,  &  in  cxal-  j^^J^'fuH™ 
tatione  fandarum  Apoitoli  rclliquiarumfcci(rcfieriprzfatamfpcda£^ilemEcclcriani,acin-  iftxhiUotuc. 
traeum  reponi  in  nobtlillimo  loculo,gcmmis,aurOjargentoquedccenter  omato  Sandum  cor- 
pus,acdcinde  poll  annorum  tempus  trecentorumAflyriosabHulinefcretrumcumipfocor- 
porefaiii^oinEditramciuitatcm  McfopotamiZjinqua  &  fuitmartyrizptusfecundumquof^ 
dam,  rurfumq;  poll  fcxaginta  &  trcs  anno>  rccupcratu  corpus  in  liiam  iuillc  Eccleliam  rellitu- 
tutum,videlicet  in  Calamia.  atquc  in  ciufdcm  recupcrationis  (ignum  certum  dimifcrunt  ifli,  & 
dimittunt  extra  fcrretri  locuIumdcpendercbrachiumdextrum,cum  manu  que  tetigiflc  crc- 
ditur  piarefurgentis  vulnera  Chrilli. 

Eadcm  quoquc  manus  fclet  vfque  hodie  fuz  vent  panitentiz  tale  manifcftare  miraculum 
ft  dum  partes  quxlibet  litigantcs  vclint  vtrzquc  fuas  caufas  iuramento  conHrmare,  confcrip- 
tishinc  indc  caulis  ponantur  ambz  cartulz in  Apoftoli  manu.  Quz  cun(%s|| exeuntibus  Ec-  Ulntereaduai 
clcliam,protinusfub  vniushorz  tempore  reie£lalongiusfaintate,vcritatcm  fibi  referuat:  fed  '?''f '' ^""J*" 
nunc  ficut dicere  cocpi  ilh  populi  huic  bencficio  Dei ingrati.&diabolica  illuiione  cxczcaii  mi-  i^njetunt 
rabilitarpaganizant.  .  «erccrc. 

Nam  &  in  hac  ipfa  bcati  Thomi  Ecclefia  ftatuerunt  multa  mirz  magnitudmis  fimula- 
chra,cxquibusvnumqu6dmaiu$ellmu!t6alijsapparet  fedenshomo  in  alto  folio  adopcrto       "/"/"a; 
aureis  fericis,&  lapidibus  przciofis,  habenfquc  ad  coUum  fufpenfa  pro  ornatu  multa  cindlo-  /\3ioli'ere- 
riaprzciofdgemmis.&aurocontcxta.  Ad  hoc  autem  Idolum  adorandumconfluuntperegri-  fhim. 
ni  a  remotis  panibus,&  propinguis,  in  fatis  maiori  copia,  &  vald^  fetucntiori  dcuotione  qudm 
Chriftiani,ad  fandluum  lacobum  inCalizia,  quia  multi  eorum  per  totum peregrinationis 
iter,non  aiidcnt  erigerc  palpcbras  oculomm,  nc  fort^ propter  hoc  deuotio  intcrmittatur. 

Alij  de  prop^  vcnicntcs  fupcraddunt  labori  itinerandi,  vt  ad  tertium  vel  ad  quartum  paf- 
fum  femper  cadant  in  genibus.  Nonnulli  quoquc  demoniaca  infpiratione  fenietipfos  per 
viam  peregrinationislanceolis,&cultellis  nunc  minoribus,  nunc  maioribus  fauciant  vulneri* 
bus  per  lingula  corporis  loca,  &  dum  ante  Idolum  pcrueniunr,  excifum  frtiftum  de  carne  pro- 
pria proijciunt  ad  laolum  pro  offerenda,ac  plagis  durioribus  fe  calligant,&  quandoque  fpon- 
tane^  penitus  fe  occidunt :  in  fulemnitatibus  ver6,  ficut  in  dedicatione,  &  licut  in  tnroniza- 
tiunenniulachrorum,fit  conucntus  populi,  quad  totius  Regni.  Et  ducitur  cum  procclftone 
niaius  Idolum  per  circuitum  ciuitatis,  in  curru  preciolilTimo,  modis  ohinibus  perornato,  8c 
przcedunt  in  numcro  magno  puellz  caiuantes  binx,  &  binz  ordinatilTim^,  fucceditque  plu- 
ralitas  Mufkorum  cum  inllrumentis  varijs  nmphonizantes,quos  continue  fubfequitur  currus, 
cuius  lateribus  coniungit  fe  peregrinorum  excrcitus,  qui  &  vcnerunt  de  rcmotts. 

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50  The  voyages  and  difcoueries    SJ,MandemL 

Ibiquc  ccmitur-nircrabilisaduivltraiHodum.Nam  aliqui  vi6ti  vltraniodumdiabolica  dcuo- 
cionc  proijciunt  Ic  tub  rotis  ciirrus  prarccdcntis,  vt  frangantur  fibi  crura,brachia, latcra,  dorfa, 
nccnoii  &  colla  in  rcucrcntiamDcil"ui(vtdicunt)aquorcnmncrationcinrpcram,vcnircad 
Paradiluin  tcrrclhrtii. 

Et  polt  proccflionem  poflqudm  ftatiicrunt  Idolum  in  tcmpio  fuo  loco, multjplicatur co- 
ram fiinulachrii  numerus  ikpc  plangcntium,&occidcntiunivltraquam  crcdi  fit  facile,  Ita 
quod  quandoquc  in  ilia  vnica folcmnitatc inucniuntur  duccnta  corpora,  vcl  plura  occilbrum. 
tc  aiUaiitcs  propinqui  aniici  talium  diaboli martyrum,  cimimagna muficorum mclodia dc- 
cantanr.-  ;in  rualinnuaofteruntldolis  corpora,  acdcmum  acccnlorogo  omnia  corpora  com- 
burunt  iu  honorcui  Idoloruin,  aflunicntcs  fibi  finguli  aliquid  dc  oflTibus  aut  cincribus  pro  rcli- 
quijs,  quas  putant  fibi  valituras  contra  qua-libct  infortunia,  &  tcmpcilatcs.  Et  habccur  ante 
tcmplum  aqua;  l3cus,vclut  fcruatorium  pifcium,  in  quo  proijcit  populus  largilTtmd  fuas  obla- 
tioncs,argcntu,auru,gcmnias,cyphos,&  fimilia,quibus  minilhi  certistcmporibus cxhibcntcs  fimulachro,  ac  fibi  ipfis  abundant^r.  Quoddam  fabulofum  fcriptum 
cxiuit  per  partes  nollras,quod  in  prf  dida  proccllionc  circumfcratur  cum  pherctro  corpus  bca- 
tiTlioma:,qui&infincprocc(Tionis  populo  comniunicarctproprijs  manibiis dc  EuchariUii 
facrainento,  led  non  c(l  ita,&  nunquam  niit. 

C  A  p  V  T.     29. 

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pifcivia  Ogtrt  Ducu  Danormn. 

INdcvltcrius  procedendo  in  Auflrum  permu'tas&  mirabiles  terras  quinquagintaduarum 
diftarum  fpacio^iabetur  magna  Infula  Lamori.  Illic  omnrs  nudi  \nccdut,&  tac  omnia  I'unc 
fingulis  communia,  nee  vtunturpriuatis  clauibus  fiuc  leris,  imo  &  omncs  mulicres  liint  com- 
munes omnibus  &fingulisviris,dummodo  violcntianonintcratur:  fi:d  &peior  elt  ijs  con- 
.  fuctudo.quodlibenter  coincdunt  teneras  carneshumanas;vndc&ncgotiatorcs  adfi:runtci$ 
crafl'os  infantes  vcnalcs;  quod  fi non  fatis  pingucs  alFeruntur,  cos  faginantlicutnosvitulum, 
fiuc  porcum. 

Hie  apparet  in  bona  altitudinc  polus  Antardicus,  &  incipit  modo  apparerc  in  aha  Lybia, 
ita  quod  in  afta  c/£thiopia  elcuatur  ododecini  gradibus,prout  ipfc  probaui  AHrolabio. 

Ad  meridiem  terra:  Lamori  elUnfula  bona,  |Sumcbor,cuius  gcmes  rcputantfcnobiliores 
alijs,fignantcs  fc  in  facie  ccrto  cai^tirio.  Ilti  fcmpcr  guerras  gcrunt  contra  prifatas  gcntes  nu- 
das  dc  Lamory. 

Ad  modicamindcdenantiamhabetur  Infula  Rotonigoabundans  in  bonis  pluribus:  fed  & 
in  AuHrum  fequuntur  ana:  plures  rcgiones  &  Infulx,dc  auibus  prolixum  narrarc  fuifl'et. 

Et  ert  valde  grandis  regio  laua,  habens  in  circuitu  ambitum  leucarum  duarum  milliuin.Hu- 
iusrexc(tv3ldepotens,&  imperans  fcptem  infularuni  vicinarum  regibus.  Terra  iOacrtpo- 
pulofa  valdc,&  crcfcunt in  ca  lpecies,&  abundantia  gingiberis,  canella,  gariofoli, nuces  muf- 
cat*,&  maftix.cum  aroinatikus  multis.  Sed  &  quod  ibi  nafcatur  vinum.non  habeni:  aurum 
&  argentum  ell  ibi  in  copia  immenfa,  quod  patet  in  regis  lauat  palario,  cuius  palatij  nobilitas 
non  ell  facile  fcribenda. 

Cunfti  gradus  afcendentes  adpalatij  aulas,&  aularum C3meras,&  ad thalamos Camcrarum 
funtfolidideargcntovclauro,fcd  &omnis  llatura  pauimentorum  in  alijs  habctur  ad  fimili- 

Viftorix  O- 
peri  Ducis 

Hinc  patet 
quod  Impc- 
rium  Grand 
Can  adAulln'i 
vald^  olim 


fiis,  cum  tempore  Caroli  magni  regis  Francii-,  ipfc  Ogcrus  armata  manu  conquifiuit  Chri- 
llianitati  fere  omnes  partes  tranfmarinas  a  leroiblymis  vfquc  ad  arborcs  folis  &  Lun3;,ac  pro- 
p^  paradifum  terrcUrem. 

Pro-hac  Rcgionclaua,  (quae  tangit  fines  Impcrij  Tartaric)  fibi  fubiuganda,  Impcratot 
Grand  Can  multotics  pugnauit,fcd  nunquam  valuitexpugnare.Hinc  per  marc  vcniturad  rcg- 
num  ||Thalamalli,quod  &  ||Panchon  dicitur,  in  quohabetur  magnus  numerus  bonatum  ciui- 
tatum ,  Intra  banc  Infulam,  quatuor  funt  genera  arborum,  dc  quarum  vna  accipitur  farina  ad  fccunda  mcl,dc  tertia  vinum,&  dc  quarta  pclTimum  vcncnum.  Extrahitur  autcm  fa- 
rina dc  fuis  arboribus  ifto  modo. 

CcBo  tempore  anni  pcrcutitur  ftipcs  arboris  vndiquc  propt  tcrram  cum  fecuri,&  cortex  in 
locis  pluribus  vulncratur,  dc  quibus  rccipitur  liquor  fpilTus,  qui  dcficcatus  ad  folis  xftum  & 


^         ..U  I  ^ 

SJMandeuii.   I      S.LMandeuiL       oftheEnglifh  nation. 



Inunenfx  mo- 
lls arundincs. 
Sunt  quidam 
but  ctiam 
II  Vd  Alcnak. 



conctitus  reddic  iarinam  albain,ac  (i  dc  fiuinento  cflct  cofcdW,  attanten  hie  panis  non  eft  tri- 
ticci  faporis/cd  alteriiis  valdi  boni. 

Simiiimodode  fuisaiboribus  melelicitur,&vinumliquitur:  excepto  quod  ilia  non  iicut 
erainina  prima  dcHccantur.  Fertur  quoquc  ibidem,  extra^ionem  huius  farinz,  mellis,  &  vini, 
per  Angelum  primicus  fuiffe  oftcnfam  przdicto  Danorum  Duci,  illic  fame  cum  fuocxercitu 
laboranci.  Contra  venenum  quod  dc  quarto  arboris  gencre  ftillat,  folum  eft  intoxicate  reme* 
diuiii,vt  dc  proprio  fimo  per  puram  aquam  diftemperato  bibat, 

Etcftinhac  InfulaquodaAmmarcmortuuir  <t lacusi^idus, cuius  in plerilq;locis fun- 
dus humano  ingcnio  non  valet  attingi:  mirz  •<<  litudinis  arundincs  crel'cunt  fupcr  hunc 
lacum,in  altitudiuc  ccdrorum  aut  abictum  pedum  (mcentorum,ita  vt  viginti  focij  mecum  nc- 
quiuimus  vnius  caput  iaccntis  arundinis  liiblcuarc  de  terra.  Minores  ctiam  arundincs  nafcun- 
tur  ad  fluuii  ripam^abcntes  in  terra  radices  iongitudinis  trcccntorum  cubitorum  aut  plurium. 
Ad  quarum  nodos  radicum,inucniuntur  t,'rmmf  prcciof(,de  quibus  cxpcrtum  eft,  Hquis  vnam 
habuerit  in  pugno  fuo,fcrrum  corpori  fuo  non  nocebit:  vnde  i\  quis  ibi  pugnans,  putat aducr-  inimicum  hac  gemma  munitum  aggrcditur  cum  cum  hiftibus  non  ferratis. 

De  hac  intratur  in  Inrinam||Calanoch,magnam  &  tcfcrtam  bonorum  omnium.Rcx  eius  po- 
tens  eft  muhum,  &  licitum  clt  ci ,  quandocunque,  8c  quibusiibet  in  regno  vti  mulicribus ,  dc 
quibus  intcrdum  magnum  numcrum  tenet  puetorum.M  ille  quadringctos  habere  folct  ad  pr{- 
liandum  cliphantcs,  quos  fibi  nutriunt  villani  perregnum.Elephantcs  vocant  vcrkes. 

In  littorc  maris  miraculof(iveniunt  ibi  fcmcl  in  anno,pertrcs  continues  dies,quandcomni 
geiiere  pifcium  marinorum,  in  maxima  abundantia :  &  przbcnt  fc  omnibus  libcr^  capieudos 
admanum.  Nim&cgoiplc  cepi  quampiures.  Vnde  notandum,  quod  eodem  tempore  anni 
quo  hiper  di^la  extrahitur  farina,mel,&  vinum.conucniunt  in  hoc  ifti  pifccs :  quz  ambo  mira- 
bilia  fecit  vno  temporcDcus  olim  producerc  fuo  Ogero,quz  &  in  memoria  illius,vfquc  nunc, 
(ingulis  annisinnouantur. 

Ec  funt  in  hoc  tcnitorio  tcftudines  tcrribilis  quantitatis,  fitque  dc  maioribus  Rcgi  ac  nobi- 
libus  delicatus  ac  prcciofus  cibus :  mcntior,  (i  non  quafdam  ibidem  vidcrim  tcftuc&umcon-  quarum  vna  fc  tres  homines  occultarcnt,  funi^ue  omncs  muhum  albi  coioris. 

Si  hie  vir  vxoratus  moritur/cpeUtur  &  vxor  vna  cum  C0jquatcnus,ncut  ibi  crcdunt,habcanc 
eamftatimfbciaminfeculoaltero.  ...,,.. 

,       .  C  A  ?  V  T.     30. 

Ve  %SP''  CytioctfhMlarmi/!r  Mltft  h^itts, 

PErmareoceanumpotcfthinc  vcniri  in  InfulamQKa&.'quiCunque  ibiinfinnarividcturad  UVelCaffcIei. 
mortcm,fufpcnditur  ad  arborem,antequam  monatur,vt  non  ab  ipimundis  Ktrz  vcrmibus, 
fed  a  cQcli  auibiis,  quas  reputant  Dei  Angclo$,comedatur. 

In  alia  Itilula  faciunt  iuos  inBrmos  ante  mortem  ab  edudis  in  hoc  magnis  canibus  flrangu- 
lari,manducantcs  in  conuiuio  carnes  pro  optimo  ferculo  vcnationis. 

InterpoHtis  quoquc  multis  Infulis,de  quibus  fubticco  gratia  breuitatis,  habctur  Infula  ijVcIMckkCi 
|Mylkc,&  hij  vidcntur  omnium  hominum  crudcliHimi;  Na\Ti  quilibct  particularitcr  pro  iv- 
ui  &  modiea  Ihmulationc ,  vulnerat,  fauciat,  &  occidit,  proximum,  vicinum  &  amicum :  Et  (i 
quando  diiTtdcnrcs  contigctit  concordari,  noa  habcbitur  pax  rata,nin  quifquc  de  aitcrius  fan- 
giiinebibcrit  bonum  hauftum. 

Hine  nauigando  per  multas  &  diucrfas  Infulas,qui  in  (ineulas  intrarc,&  moram  trahere  vo-  OVcl  Tracc<h. 
lueric,  ftupcnda  multa  vidcbit,&  poterit  venire  m  Infulam  ITracoidc. 

Illic  funt  homines  abfquc  vllo  ingcnio  pcnitus  beftialcs,  f:rpcntibus,  vermibufque  vefccn- 
tes,neeinuicemloqucntcs,f:d  conccptus  fuos  fignis  8e  indicijsoftendentcs.  Diligunt  precio- 
fos  lapidcs  tantummodo  pulehritudinis  gratia,  non  caufa  virtutis :  &  fupcr  omncs  vnumdili. 
gunt  lapidcm  habcntcm  60.  colorum  varictates ,  qui  &  Tracoides  vocatur  propter  ipfos^ 

Intratur  hine  pcrOccanumin  regioncmNiconoram,  vel  Nacumcram,habentem  incircui- 
cu  fpaclum  millc  Icucarum :  omncf  ibi  gcniti  homines  habent  capita  ad  fonnam  canum,  vnde 
&  in  Grzco  Cynoeephah  dicuntur.  Ifti  ctiam  incedunt  nudis  corporibus,  excepto  ptirui  pan- 
niculi  opcrimcnto,  Iccrctiora  loca  8c  poftcriora  retro  tegentc.  Rationabilcs  tamen  multum 
funt  hij,  ic  plurimum.  v  irtuofi,  ac  de  omni  forefa£to  rigidam  iuftitiam  excrccntcs.  Sunt  (b- 
tura  elegantes,  robufti  corpore,m  przlijs  lanceam cum tcrgia lata gerentcs, virilitctque, 8c 
prudcnter  pugnantcs.  Omncs  prodco  adorant  boucm,  vnde  iL  quilibet  in  trontc  »rgentcam 
feuaurcamfimilitudiacmbouisdcfcrt,8eAquemviuumia  prjelio  cepcriot,  iinevUamirera- 
tione  manducant. 

E  %  Rex 

Infula  Nirn. 






The  voyages  and  difcoucries    SJ,  MandeuH. 

Rex  mulnim  eil  diue$S:poccns,acdeuotus  in  fuperfticione.  Nam  circa  collum  geliatttc- 

cctasorientalesmargaricas,  quibus  quotidi^  anc^  comellioncm  orationcs  fuas  colligic.qucm- 

USiue  carbun-  tdmodum  nos  coUigimus,  Pater  noHer,&c.  Ac  prxtereaportat  ad  coUuin  [|  rubeium  oricma- 

culum.  ]ein,iiobilem,purum,pulciiruin,rerpIendentcni,  &  fumincprcciol'um,  ad  lougttudincm  pedis 

humani.quem  habet  diligent^r  feruare.quod  dum  eo  caret  non  tenetur  pro  ilcge. 

Pro  ifto  carbunculo  Grand  Can  Imperator,  per  ingenium,  per  infidias,  per  precium,  &  per 
prcliu  fxpclaborauir,  fed  nihil  profecit.  Port  iftam  apparet  infula  Syllan,habcns  leucas  de  cir- 
cuity So.qux  paucos  habet  homines  propter  multitudinem  draconum.fcrpentum,  crocodilo- 
nim  in  ea.  Sunt  autem  crocodili fpeciales  ferpentes,coloris virgulati de  croceo  &  nigro, cum 
quatuorcruribus,  &tibij$&latis  pedum  vngulis.  Aliquihorumhabcntlongitudincm  quinq; 
tenf3ruin,aut  citri,  qui  dum  tendunt  per  arenofa relinquunt  fignum  fcuiitz, acfi  Ht  ibi  tra^s 
grandis  arboris  truncus. 

Itcminhac  infula  habetur  mons  altus,  &  in  fui  verticc  fatis  altus  &  dif^cntus  &  magnus 
aquc lacus,de  quo  &  lluiti  homines  fabulantur,qu6d  primi  parentcs  poR  ciedioncm  luam,il- 
1am  aquam  primolacrymaueruntJn  huius  fiindolacus  nafcuntur  margarit9r,&  habcntur  tem- 
per iapidcs  prccion.  Solentquc  pauperes  terr«,accepta  i  Rege  licentia.fcmel  in  anno  ingredi; 
ac pilcaii gcmmas.qui intrantes vngunt fefucco Lymonfx^contra hiriidines,  coliibros,&  fer- 
pentes.  Sed  &  de  lacu  cffluit  riuulus  per  montis  defcenfum, m  quo  nonnunquam  margantf  in- 
ueniunnur.Sc  gemmx:  dicunt  ctiam  ibi  nullum  venenatum  animal  noccrc  aducnis. 

Ibividenturleoncsalbi  in  mira  magnitudinc  boum  no()torum,&  mulrz  diuerfzbcni»,& 
aues,beftiolx,&  auiculz  aliarum  fpecierum  quam  in  partibus  \[\\s.  Nam  ibi  &  in  nonnullis 
alijs  infulis  vidi  vnum  quo  prius  vix  credidiucm  narranti,  videlicet  anates  cum  duo- 
bus  capitibus. 

Eticiatis  quod  tam  hie  quam  alibi  mare  apparet  fatis  altiusfuolittore,  imoquia  rcmotis 
afpicit  vidct  lufpenfum  quaH  ad  uubes.  Et  de  hoc  admiratus  fiiiflem,  niii  quod  Icriptum  I'ciui 
mirabilcs  ciationes  maris. 

C  A  P  VT.      31. 

Dt  nmltit  tdijS  Inftdit  Mtndimnlibm,  dt  qmitu  ($•  Plinitu,  (^  MMnflerm. 

llVel  Dott 



VHrfus  meridiem  hinc  Icgendo  per  mare,inuenitur  regio  fpeciofa  nomine  | 

^Doudim  cuius 
rcximpcrat  feu  principatur  J4.regibusincircuituinfularum. 

bumquishicinfirmatur  tenditproximus  ad  Idolum  fcifcitans  aa  morictur,  &  tirelpondit 

non,add:t  &  diccre  mcdicinam  qua  curabitur:  fl  autem  refponderit  moriturumjfhtim  conuo- 

catis  amicis  occiditur,  &  cum  (ymphonia,  &  folemnitate  comedunt  eius  cames,  cfla  tantum- 

Moiwphthol.  mod6  fepelientes.  In  Infulis  ver6circumiacentibus,habentur  incredibilii^t  diucrf*  genres. 

"^  Nam  vna  habet  homines  encrmis  magnitudinis,  cum  folo  in  medio  frontis  oculo,qui  abfque 

vUo  condimentomanducant  carnes  &  pifces. 

Alia  Infula  habet  homines  a(pe6hi  deformes,nihil  autem  colli  aut  capitis  oftendentes,vnde 
&  Acephali  nuncupantur :  oculos  autem  habent  ante  ad  fcapulas,  &  in  loco  pedluris  os  apcr- 
tum  ad  ibrmam  ferTi,quo  noftri  cahalli  frarnantur. 

In  alia  Infula  funtgentcs  planis  facicbus  abfque  eleuatione  naforum,  &  palpebrarum  cum 
paruis  foraminibus  oculomm,&  fcifTura  modica  oris.Et  in  alia  gcntes  cum  fupcriorc  oris  labto 
ita  lato  8c  aniplo,vtjdum  velint,totam  facicm  de  illo  teganc 

Alia  gencrat  homines  parux  ftatur^  cum  oris  foraminc  (ic  paruo,vt  per  fiftulas  iilimentum, 
&potum  fumant,&  quoniam  carcnt  lingua &dcntibus,monftrant  per  naturalia iigna  con- 
ceptus.  Et  aliqui  funt  homines  debits  quidein  llaturx,  &  forinx,  nifi  qu6d  habent  pedes 
equinos,  cjuibus  ita  funt  prxpcte.s,  vt  fylucRres  beflias  capiant,  quas  comedunt,  &  man- 

In  alia  homines  funt  toti  pilofi  &  hifpidi,vfu  iimiarum  nianibus  &  pedibus  ambulantcs,  8c 
ad  arbores  reptantcs,  qui  quamuit  non  loquuntur,  apparent  rationabiles,  quia  rcgem  habent, 

Et  in  alia  omnesfunt  claudi,qui  quamuis  pedes  habeam,tamen  ambulant  fuper  genua  mul- 
tum  ridiculof(J,im6  mifcrabiliter,  vt  de paflu  in  paflTum  videantur  cafuri  in  terrain.  Et  in  qiia- 
dam,fexumtam  maicutinumjquam  fa:mininumLabcntcs,quidummafculinovtuntur  gcne- 
ranr,duni  (txininino,imprcgnantur  8c  pariunt.  Atq;  ,vt  in  compcndio  multa  concludam,in  (in- 
gulis54.infularum  inueniunturhomine$,formi,ilatura,adibu$  &  moribusHngulis  ab  inuicem 
differentc$,de  quibus  poteft fieri  defcriptio, quam pcrtranfco  gratia  breuitatis,  bt.  caufa  incte- 
duliutisfbn^quotundamaudientium.  •'<  * 




S.LMandeuiL    I      S./.ManiimL        ofthcEngli{hnation.L)-i 


In  iftis  autem  meridionalibus  paixibus  apparcbat  niihi  cicuatio  poli  Antardici  3  3 .  gtaduu,  Aufttak*  la. 
cu  i6.ininuds.  £t  fcicndu  quod  in  Bohemia,  funilit^r  &  in  Anglia  cicuatur  polus  Ar6bcus  f  z,  '""^°  'i'^*' 
gradibus  vel  citra:  Ec  in  panibus  inagis  (eptrntdonalJbus,vbi  fiuu  Scoci  da.gradibus  cum  qua-  nmoiJui. 
tuor  minutis.Exquo  patet  icfpic  lendo  aq  lacitudincm  coeli^quc  eft  de  polo  ad  polum,quod  iti. 
neratio  mea  fiiic  per  quanum  Horizontis  fpherz  teme  &  vltra^er  quinque  gradus,cum 
nutis.  Cum  erg6  fccundum  AOrologos,tocus  tenx  circuitus  nt  3 1 5  oo.milliarium,o£to  ftadijs 

[»r3milliariocomputatis,&feptinginta  ftadia  refpondcant  ad  vnum  gradum.quod  patet  ad  ,ofthel!itcft?" 
atitudinem  tcrrs ,  peranibulaui  6673  3  .  ftadia  cum  vno  tcitio ,  qu;  faciunt  41 70.  leucas  puiatw. 
Geometricas  cumdimidia  velprop^. 

*  •     ■       .'1  ,.  "ji  -  .       .[■.:( 
•■'    ■  •'  ■•  C  A  p  y  T.     32.  .     .      •    .  I  .   ;        ■  ' 

CVm  igitur  tot  &  talia  in  iftis  Infulis  tidimus  monftra  (  qusc  fi  cxpHcaiem  fcribendo  y\x  i  J""  '"'^ 
legeniii>us  omnia  credercntur)non  curauimus  vlterius  procedeie  fub  polo  auftrali,  nc  in  f"'"*"  '*' 
niaiora  pcriculaincidercmus:  fed  propter  auditam  &  inuiiam  nobis  famoncatem  potentix. 

nobilttatis,&  glorif  Iinpcratoris  Tartarorum,vcrtcbam  faciem  cum  focijs  nauigare  magis  ver 
fusOrientem.  Cumque  per  multasdistasfuftinuiflcmusmultapericula  maris,  peruenimus  in  ||VtlMangL 
Regnum  |  Manchus,  quod  eft  in  cunfinibus  fuperioris  Indit,  &  iungitur  ab  vna  parte  Tartarif .  Ddciipiio 
Hxc  Regio  fui  quantitatc  rcputatur  mclior,  deledilabilior,  &  omnium  bonoruni  q^^ 
abundantiordecundis  ibi  prop^  Regionibus.  Nam&homincs,befti2,&  volucrcsmaiores&  Pjmciin  Chi. 
corpulentiorv*  funt  alijs,&  prz  vbertatc  vix  inuenirentur  in  vna  ciuitate  decern  menditi.  For-  na  mendici. 
mo(i  funt  viri,fed  feminz  formofiores.  Sed  viri  loco  barbf  ,habcnt  pcrpaucos  pilos,  rigidos,  &  Chinenre*  ra- 
longos  ab  vtraque  oris  partc,quemadmodum  nolhos  videmus  cattos  habere.  '^  P^^  •" 

Prima  quam  ingrediebamur  ciuitas  eft  yLachori,diftans  vna  difta  a  man,  &  mirabamur,  &  I'shjc  Lateryn 
gauiii  fumus  nos  iDUCDifte  integram  ciuitatem  Chriftianz  fidci.Nam  &  maior pars  Regni  ere-  chinenTct  o. ' 
ditinChriftum,  limCbii. 

Ibi  habetur  inleui  precio'copia  rerum  omnium,&przcipuJ  vifhialium :  vnum  genus  eft  ibi  &<»>> 
(erpentum  in  abundanria  quod  manducant  ad  omne  conuiuiun),8c  nili  pro  finali  fcrculo  mini- 
ifararetur  de  illis  ferpentibus ,  conuiuium  v  lim  modicum  diceretur. 

Suntque  per  hoc  regnum  pler^q;  ciuiutes  &  Eccle(i{,&  rcIligiones,quas  inftituit  duxOge- 
iu&,quia hoc  eft  vnum  de  qulhdecim  rcgnis  quz  qu£nuit,(icut  infri  dicecur.  sunt  huiur. 

Illic  funt  elegantes  albx  gallinz,qu(  non  veftiuntur  plumis  vt  noftrZjfed  oprima  Ianx||  Ca.  modi  cuam 
ncsaquarici,  quosnos  lutras  nominamus,  funt  ibi  mulu  edomiti,  qu6dquouesmittunturin  canes  in  in. 
flumen,  cxportant  domino  pifcem .  '''?  °'f  "*^ 

Ab  hoc  loco  per  aliquas  dixtas,venitur  ad  huius  regionis  maximam  vrbcm  Canfay,  hoc  eft  |,o  Martyre'ia 
dicerc  ciuitatem  cccli,imodc  vniuerfoorbe  terrarum  putatur  hzc  maxima  Ciuitatum;  nam  Dccadibus. 
cius  circuitus  jp.leucis  eft  menfus,  nee  eft  facile  diceie,  quam  comprelTd  a quamplurimus  po-  Canlav.vcl 
pulis  inhabitatur.  Hxc  fcdet  in  lacu  maris,quemadmodum,&  Venetiz:  &  habentur  in  ea  plu-  Qu>||i*yi  ^ 
res  quim  millc  ducentt  pontes,  &  in  quolibet  turres  mirx  magnitudinis,  ac  fortitudini«,miini-  ^  <•<'<"?* 
tx  peruigili  cuftodia,  &  pro  vrbe  tuenda  contra  Impeiatorem  Grand  Can. 

Multi  funt  ibi  Chriftiani,  &mult(  Relligiones  Chriftianorum ,  fed  &  de  ordinibus  M ino- 
rum,8c  prxdicatoruni,qui  tamen  ibi  non  mendicant;  eft  magna  pluralitas  ex  diueriisnationi-  vinumChi. 
bus  Mcrcatoruni.  PcrReeigncmnarciturvinumTaldJbonum,auodappellaturBigon.  Etad  nenTcappcl- 
leuca  extra  ciuitatem ,Abbaria  magna  eft^on  de  relligioneChriniana  led  Pagana:8<  in  ea  for-  l^tum  B'g*"*' 
relhim,  Hue  hortus  magnus  vndique  circumclufus,  conlitus  arboribus ,  &  arbuftis,in  cuius  ' 
etiam  medio  mons,altus  (imul  &  latus,habenshortum  vbi  folum  inhabitant  beftiolf  mirabilcs, 
licutSimix,  marmotz,  Lanbon,  papiones,  foreti  Schuiufmodi  ad  varia  Scmulta  genera,&  ad 
numeram  infinitum. 

Omni  autem  die  poft  refed^ionem  conuentus  Abbatie,  qui  eft  vald^  monachorus,defcTun- 
tur  rcliquix  cibomm  cum  magno  additamento,  in  vans  auro  luccntibus  zd  hunc  hortum: 
&  ad  fonitum  campanx  argentex,  quam  Eleemofynarius  manugcftatdercendcntes,&oc- 
currentcsdcbeftiolisduomilliaaut  plures  fc(e  componunt  relidere  ad  circulum  morcpau- 
perummendicorum,&  traditur  lingulis  per  feruos  aliquid  de  his  cibarijs,  ac  denu6  audita 
campanafegregandoreci"  onttCumquenot  tanquam  redarguentei,diceremi:s,  cur  hxc 
non  darentur  egenis,  refpon Jerunt,  illic  pauperes  non  habentur,  quod  ft  inuenirentur,  po- 
tius  tainen  dan  dcbcrcnc  beftiolis.  Haoet  enimeorum  perfi4ta,  8c  Paganirtimus,animai 
•i,    -11  /!  E     J  ,        nobiliun* 


Ji;l>^i^',>^    '•'      ■'■ 


The  voyages  and  dKcoutries    SJ,MandeuiL 

nobiliuiii  hominum  polt  mortem  ingrcdi  corpora  nobilium  bclHarum,  &  animas  ignobilium 
p.,r  •  corpora  bertiarum  ignobilium  &  vilium,ad  luenda  videlicet  crimina,  donee  perada  poenitcn- 
mo  delHiiM.  tia  trifcant  in  Paradilum:  idcoque  nutriunt,  prout  dicuni,  has  nobiliores  bcllias/iuc  beftiolas, 
mmcranliiu.  quod  a quibufdam  nobflibus  fiindabaiui  in  principio  hare  Abbatia.  Multafuntaliamirainhac 
graiionc.        ciuitatc,dcquibusrciatis,quodnon omnia vobirrecitabo.  ..;..wi^.  ;.5h:' . 

C  A   P  V  T.      3J,  ., 

Tie  Pyptuu,(lr  de  itinert  vstjiu  inpromnciMn  Catlut^. 

■  -  .  ) 

jiVd  MUiJiiu- 
um.    .  . 

EVndo  per  Rcgionem  candcm  a  dii^a  ciuitate  Canfa)r,ad  fcxdietas  venitur  ad  nobilcm  vr- 
[•Km  JTylcnIo.cuius  muri  per  circuitum  tciidunt  ad  Ipacium  icjlcucarum:  &  funt 
tnni  pontcs,quibus  nuUos  mcmini  puJcliriores. 

In  ilb  fult  prima  fedes  rcgni  immerit6,cum  fit  niunita,  dcle^tabilis,  &  abundans 
omnibus  dcintlfin  pr{di6UCanfay,nunc  autcm  tcnctur  in  quadam  alia  ciuitate. 
Tfibutum  Nota.quihbct  ignis  foluit  quohbct  anno  vhum  balis  pro  tributo,quod  valet  vnum  florenutn 

ChincnTium.  cum  dimtdio,  fed  omncs  famuli  de  domo  vna  pro  vno  ignc  computantur :  fuinnw  ignium  tri- 
.  .  ..  butalium.octtcsccnnimmillia.  Reliquiver6Chrirtianimercatores,inifloviconon  compu- 
UuminChiiia.  tantiir.  Copia  cit  ibi  viCTualium. 

Quatuor  fratrcs  minores  vnum  potentem  connertebant  apud  quem  horpitabar,&  qui  duxit 
Hofpitiim      „,<.  j(j  Abbatiam  iflam.ibi  vidi  fcilicct  quod  hie  narratur. 

Clwit       "*      Ad  fines  itaque  reoni  Mangi  iranfuur  grandis  fluuius  dc  J  Dylay,  maius  flumen  mundi,vbi 
|tVd<ic Delay,  l^riiftius eft continet Irptem miliaria.  Odcricus: cuius  alueus mloco diftri«Sliori continet  qua- 
tuor leucas.Et  ex  hoc  in  breui  temporis  fpacio  intratur  Imperium  Tartaroruin/equcndo  fluui- 
'*'■■  umvfque  in  terramPygmforum,pcr  cuius  medium  tranfit, 

Pygraxl  Hij  Pygmfi  funt  homines  datura  breucs  ad  longttudinem  noftri  brachij,  feu  trium  manuuni 

expanfarum.  Tam  mares  quam  feminz  formo(z,8(  gratiofz,  &  viuunt  comuniter  ad  annos  fcx 
■"  vc1feptcm:fiquipertinguntadofto,mir5putanturrenc6hitis.  Ad  dimidiam  anni  ^atem  nu- 

berepoffunt,  in  fccundo  anno  parturiuni:  rationales  funt,  &fenfatiiuxtaxtatcmpufillam,ac 
"^  fatis  ingeniofi  ad  opera  de  ferico,  &  de  lana  arboiis.  Frequenter  prxliantur  contra  aues  gran- 
des  patriar,exercitibus  congreeatis  hinc  inde,&  fit  fhages  vtrimque.  Hxc  gens  tani  parua  op- 
rant  tetram,  pr^ia,feu  vincas/ed  morantur  inter  eos  noftr^  quantitatis  homines,qui  cos  incc 
lunt ,  ficut  ferui,quo$  &  Pygmxi  fxp^  dcrident,  quia  ll  nt  ipfis  maiores:  &  quod  ipfe  non  cefTo 
Miraculuin.  niiraridumdi(f^  homines  in  ilia  terra  generant  velparunt,  non  crefcit  proles  fupraPygmxi 
ftaturam:  Infulanoneftprotenfa,fedforte  i  z.ciMit^aim.Quarum  vna  eft  grandis,&  bene  mu- 
nita,&  quam  Grand  Can  facit  cum  fbrtibus  armaturis  curiof(}  fetuari^contra  rcgem  Mangi, 

Hinc  proceditur  per  Imperium  Grand  Can,admultas  ciuitates,  &  villas  moruin  mirabiliter 
diucTlonim,v(que  in  regnum  lamchan,  quod  eft  vnum  de  1 3.  prouincijs  maximis,  quibus  di- 
ftinguiturtotum  Imperium  Tartarorum. 

Nobiliir  ciuitas  huius  Rcgni  feu  Prouincix  dicitur  lamchan,  abundans  mercimonljs,& 
lamchan  Ci-  '''""''^  infinitis,8c  muUa  prxftans  proprio  Regi  tributa,  quoniam  ficut  illi  dc  ciuitate  fatcntur, 
uitasnotNLfc    valct  annuc  regi  quinquaginta  miliacumanflorenorum  auri. 

Nota.In  lamchan  ciuitate  eftconucmus  fratrunrminorum :  in  hac  funt  tres  Ecdefix  Mo- 
nalf  eriorum :  rcditus  fimu!  afcendit  ad  1 1,  cuman.  Odcricus,  Vnus  cuman  eft  decern  millium. 
Sanma  wibu-  Sumniatrityici  annui.quinquagintamillia millium Florcnorum.I»illis  namque partibus  mag- 
nas  numcrorum  fummas  cltimant  per  cuman,  numerum  i  o.millium  qui  &  in  Flamingo  dici- 
tur lafte. 

Ad  quinquc  leucas  abhac  c  iuitatc  eft  alia  difta  Mckc,  in  qua  fiunt  de  quodam  albiffimi  ge- 
nerc  ligni  naucs  maximx  cum  aulis  &  thalamis, ac  multis xdificijs,  tanquam  Palatium  lellurc 

Inde  per  idem  regnum  ad  viam  o6lo  diparunip?r  aquam  dulcem ,  multas  per  ciuitafes, 
&bonas  villas,  venimus  ||  Lauchcrim,  (Odericus  appcUat  Lcuyim,  )  vrbem  formofam 
fiVelCaremo.  op  "nquc  magnarum,fitam  fuper  flumen  magnum  JCacamcran.  Hoc  flumen  tranfit  per  me- 
ron.  dium  Cathay,  cui  aqua  infcrt  damnum,  quando  nimis  inundat,  ficut  palus  in  Ferraria,  Mogus 

In  Hcrbipoh  :  &  illud  fequentes  intrauimus  principalcm  prouinciam  Imperij  Tartatix,di6bm 
Cathay.Ca-  Cathay  Calay :  8c  ifta  prouincia  ell  multum  diftenta,  ac  plena  ciuitatibus,  &  oppidis  bonis, 
wpnncipa-  &  magnis  oiniiibufquc  refena  mcrcimonijs,  maxinii  fericofu  operibus,  &  iromaticis  fpc- 
lisprouincia,    ciebus.  * 

*  Nauiganda 

.7       y<*  1 . 

iiniici  luni 
prouincijs  <lif- 


Chiitai  Mcke, 
Maxiox  na- 

|Siue  Laiue- 

\LMandeuU,    I     SMMandeuiL       oftheEdglifli  nation. 


iofpitabar,&  qui  duxic 

Nauigandoperdtdhint  flumea  verliis  Oricn(em,&  iuncrando  per  banc  Cathay  prouin- 
ciamadmulta$dietaspcrpluriinasvrbcs&  villas ,  vcr.itur  in  ciuitatcm  "$ugarmago,abun-  "Engannaga 
dantiorcm omnibus  in  incrcemoniitantcdidis,quandofcricuincfthic  vililkintuin :  quadra- 
gint«  libr{  habentur  ibi  pro  decern  florenis.  Vihui  ferici. 

Ab  hac  ciuitatc.multis  ciuitatibus  peragratis  vcrfus  Orientem,  vcni  ad  ciuiiatem  Caiiibalu,  Vcl  Camba- 

2  MX  ci\  antiqua  in  prouincia  Cathay:  Hanc  nollquam Tanari  cc£perunt,ad  diniidium  iniliare  Icck. 
cerunt  vnam  ciuitatem  nomine  Caydo^A:  nabet  duodecim  ponas,  ^  ipottain  portamduo 
ituitgroiTa miliaria  Lombardica,fpacium  inter  medium  iliarum  ciuitatum  habitatoribus  ple- 
num cil,& circuitus cuiunibetiftanun ambit 6ojniliaiiaiLombudica,qux faciunt otio  irq- 

In  hac  ciuitate  Cambalu  relidet  Imperator  Magnus  Can,Rex  Regui.i  terrcftrium,  &  Domi. 
nusDominorumterrcllrium.  Atquc  inde  vlterids  in  Orientem  intratur  vetus  vrbs  Caydo,  Caydu  ciui. 
vbi communiter tenet fuam fcdem  Impcrialem Grand  Can  in  luc  palacio,  /\nibitus  autcm  »i< 
vrbu  Caydo,  clt  vi>;inti  fcr^  leucarum ,  duodccim  habeiis  portas ale  diiiantCk amplii^  qu&ni 
Ihdia  24.  •  •.• 

C  A  P  V  T       34. 

DepMlUtio/mperatoru  Cr4PidCAii. 

PAIatium  Impcratoris  Grand Can.quod  ell  m  Caydo  ciuitate,  continet  incitcuitu  proprij  p^],,,;  [„pg. 
muralis  vltri  duas  leucas,&  funt  in  co  aulz  quam  plurc!i,u)  forma  nobilek,&  in  materia  no-  racotu  CranJ 
biliorcs. Aula  autcm rcdis,quze(hn.iximacxtcrarum,habctintrinfccusproluirullcntationc  Candcfcnp- 
24.xrci$ columnas  fadas  operc  fui'orio,de  auro  puio,&  omnes  parictcs  ao  intus  opcita^  pelli-  "°' 
bus  quorundam  animalium,qux  vocantur  Pantheres :  hz  languinci  funt  coloris ,  &  ita  rcmi  • 
canccs,vt  Sole  dcfuper  reluccnte,vixoculus  valeat  huinanus  futi'crre  t'plcndQrem,tatuxquc  fra- 
grantix,vc  iili  approximare  non  polTct  act  infeChi$,vndc  &  ilia  opertura  pruictum  apptcciatui 
i'upcr  tegmen  aureamm  laminarum. 

Nanique  llultorum  aliqu*  *^^^anorum  huiufmodi  adbrantanimalia  propter  colorum^odo- 
tumque  virtutem.Propofui  retrahere  calamum  a  liefcribenda  nobi!itate,gubcrna(ionc,  &  mi. 
nirtrantiu  frcqucntia,atque  Imperatoris  magnificentiarattamen  quia  cccpi  cgo,propter  incrc-  Inuel.inir in 
dulos,8c  nefcioSjac  inerudibiIe$,non  dimittamin  toto.  Quicunque  enim  niliil  crcdunt,  nihjl  mcrcdulos. 
rciuni,neque  erudiri  ponunt,Scriptura  teOante^i  non  credidcritis  non  intclligctis.  Dico  ergo, 
&  ver^dico.quod  in  nuius  aulx  capite  lit  thronu3,vel  fedes  Imperialis,exceirus,  &emincns  in  ' 

afccnltigraduumquampluriuiiijin  quorclldcre  folet  in  plenariamaicHatejin  cuius  thronitoio 
corporc  nihil  apparet  minus  nobile,auro,  margaritis,  gemmis,  &  lapidibus  preciofis .  Singuli 
gradus  iiint  de  linguli$,ac  inter  fe  diu  rlis  magnis  lapidibus, vtpote  primus  de  Hxmatillo^i- 
us  dc  Sardio,&  alius  de  ChryfolitOiSc  lie  vfque  ad  fuprcmum  gradum ,  qui  linguli  ad  formam 
cuiufquc  gradus  funt  circumtliii,&  cluforio  opere  lirmati ,  auto  folidc,  &  nihilomiini^  per  lii- 
perliciem  aHfijdillindtc  feminati ,  Hrmiccrqucinclulilapilli  cari,cum  ohentalibus  Margaritis, 
fuiDiuicas  autein  cum  fcrculo  relidcntiz  in  nobilitate  cxcilionis ,  &  fabritadlura  opcris  tam  di- 
ucrl'a  cll,&  mira,vt  paruitatem  mei  ingcnij  excedat ,  quanrabrcm  &  ci  cedo,  vUcriiitque pro- 

Ad  Imperatoris  (iniHram  gradu  vno bafsior.eft  fedes  fux  prims  coniugis,totade  iafpidibus  jedcj  print 
aurocircumfiifis.Scinfuperncieaulxdillindx  gemmul^cum  granellis  code  lchemate,&  li>  connigiiliB. 
militcr  de  iafpidc.Scd  adhuc  fubmidior  vno  gradu  eft  fedes  coniugis  fccundz,  ncc  non  &  fub  pcratom. 
illavxoristertix.  Namtrcs  proprias fccum  nabet vxores, Odericus  dicit,illas  duasconcu-  Srdc»coniu. 
binas.Itdinqucrclidcnt  fub  tenia  coniugenobilcsmuheresdc  Imperatoris  progcnie,  iuxtail-  ''"  *'""    * 
luftriam  vniufcuiiifqtie. 

Et notanduin,qu6d  per  totam  patriam  lingulz mulieres maritatz ,  vt  intelligantur  maritis  Signum  fubic- 
fubic6lz,&  vt  dllcernantur  si  foIutis,gellant  in  capitis  fummitate  fimilitudinem  pedis  virijon-  ^loms  vxo- 
gitudinisbrachij&dimidij,  quadamlcji  materia operatain:  videlicet  nobiles  de  I'cricofiso-  "*«'"*» niari. 
pcribuspannorum,fcualij$raris&pulchrispai1nis,  8cprccioli$lapiliis,&  ignobilesiuxtalb-  ^*' 
tiim  fuum  dc  materia  communiori.  \» 

Ad  dcxtramvcrofcdentis  Imperatoris  vno  gradu  fubniilTus  relidet  prtmogenitus  eiusfili.  Primogemd 
lis,&  fub  ipfo  ordinate  inconfimilibusfcdibus  nobilcs  proxiltii  decognitionc  Impcriali.  fiiTr'i'"'" 

Item  fuper  thronum  &  defupcr  ante  ipfius  throni  locum,<^nquam  pro  celato  feu  oprrimen-     ' 
to  in  throno  rendcncium,&  eorum  miniftrantium  ,  eft  extenfa  finiilitudo  vitis  opcrata  in  pal- 
mitibiis,8f  pampinis,de  aiiropuro  ad  cxtenfionein  ciibitorum  qttadtaginta,per  quadnim,at- 
(]ueper  earn  dependentes  botri  vuarum  dc  gemmis,8(  granellK  quinquc  colotum,quonini  al- 


The  voyages  and  djicoueries    S.I.Mmdml. 



fuit  pedibut 

bi  futit  de  chrilUlIo  8:  beiyUo,8£  irilicrocci  dc  topaiio  &  ftiluo  chrittallo,  nibci  de  rub«orum 
granu^oraUo^  ilibandinis,viridc8  de  Sinangdis.pyropii,  &  ch^folyus^  iiigri,  dc  onichinn, 

eaEeti%a  geratetU.  ,.,-^.    .  • 

Tempore  prandij  in  hac  aulajmperator  &  Iinperairices  A  quifq;  de  rrxdiaif,  habet  men. 
fani  fibi  folam.quarum  vilior  pranialet  thefauro  grandi. 

In  folennitaiiDus  ponitur  roenfa  Imperatori  de  cxquifito  eleAro/en  de  auro  exatninato,di« 
ftinda  diamanribus,&  nobis  ignotii  incomparabilibns  gemaiis,  quand6que  de  rhrif  ^allo  pcf- 
fpicuo/cucroceo,  circumclufa  auro  cum  gemmisrquandoouedcHxmatirto,  quandoque 
de  ebo're  candido,vel  rubicundo :  inccrdum  de  ligno  anificioft  combinaco,  quod  defccndii 

His  menfw  attant  Barones,  &  Principea  pro  varallb  atienti  in  fuis  omcijs  niinillrancea.quo. 
rum  nee  vnus  emictete  verbum  aliqua  pr((umit  audacia,niri  Imperatore  annuente,vrl  ad  iUum 
loquente.illis  dutaxat  exceptis.qui  certis  intcrfpattjs  canunt,  aut  rer  itant  de  principum  geUii, 
Et  notandum,quando  in  hoc  folio  Maieftatis  diebus  rolcnnibus  rcfidet  ImperatortfuDfidc* 
re  ad  pedes  eius  notaries  quatuor,  qui  omne  quod  Dou.inus  loquitur/inguli  ponunt  in  Icrip- 
tis :  nam  quodcunque  tunc  ex  ore  illius  egreditur,  neccfle  eit  eflc,  vcl  effici,ncc  valet  item  ipfe 
verbum  fuuin  mutarc^ec  reuocare,nifi  magno  confilio  conuocaio. 

Vniuerravtenniiaquibusinrolcnnitateadhasreruiturmcnfas,  funtdenobilibuspetris  au- 
ro redufujCyphi  de  Smaragdis.vel  Saphyris.topafijs,  pyropis,  fiue  grvophis:  &  priuatioiibni 
diebus,deauroprobatoe  tiamincameris,&cubiculis,  nee  repuutur  ini  claritas  argcnti,  nifi 
pro  pilarijs,columnts,gradibu$,  &  pauimentis. 

mius  autem  oftia  aulc ,  dum  in  ea  refidet,  aut  deambulttlmperator,  mulii  Barones  ingrei^ 
fum  feniant  intem^,5c  ne  limen  tangatur,quod  hoc  habcrent  pro  augurio ,  &  bend  verberare- 
tur^quia  Imperatore  prxfente ,  nemonifi  addu£^us  in  quacunque  camera,  vcl  habitationein- 
tromittitur.donec  interroeatus  iufferitlmpcrator. 

Latitudincm huiiis Baiuicf  sHimo  adfpacium  demcispedibus centum,  8c longitudinem 

vltri  quatuor  centunuln  cubiculo  autem  Regis  dormitorio,conilat  vnus  pillarius/eu  columns 

de  auro  folido  8c  carbunculus  condufus  in  illo  longitudinis  pedis  vnius ,  totum  habita- 

•ulain  tmpC-  ci,|i,ni  de  node  perfiindens  lumine  claro.Hic  proot  ego  notaui,  non  e(l  plend  rubeus/ed  Tub- 

Cvbuncului  nifiis,quan  coloris  Hxmatiftini.Porr6  in  vna  aularum,  circi  medium  palatii, ;(!  alius  cxcelfus 

fcTplcDdcfu.    arcenfus,Odericus  dicit  pigma,ruper  quern  dum  placet,ftat,vel  rcfidet  Imperator,  dititfimd  e- 

tiim  operanis,ex  auro,gemmis,baccis,margaritis,8c  lapidibus  raris,8c  in  quatuor  angulis^nift- 

glnes  quatuor  ferpentum  de  auro  puro. 

Huius  per  ttia!?tera  dependent  retia  feu  cortinx  decordulis  fericis,  inquibusad  fingulos 
nodos.groiTa  marearira  habetur  innexa,quibus  cortinis  tegitut  cfiicina:in  eius  concauitate  te- 
netur  tuniba  quaarata,in  qua  conueniunt  condu^os  omnium  potuum,  qui  bibuntur  in  Curia, 
8c  iunumeravaforum  genera,quibus  potus  omnibus  minidraiur. 

Pr«terei,iuxta  palatii  ambitum,haDeiurgrandisparcifpaciaincntum,diuern  generis  arbo> 
ribus  repletum,fTu£tus  fcrentibus  varios,8c  nobis  inuifos ,  8c  in  parte  media,  aula  fuper  cvceU 
funicollcmde  tammira8c  pulchra  ftru^ura,  vt  eiui  nobilitascfe  facili  ad  przfens,  non  poisic 
defcribLEc  vndique,per  collis  gyrum  aqux  foiTatuin  nrofundum,  8c  latum  vlcrii  quod  pons  v- 
^::-  nicus  ducit  ad  coUem.  Atque  ex  duobus  montis  latcribus,  Hagnum  cum  diucrlbnim  copia  pi£> 

-  lit '  cium,  8c  volucrum  indomitarum,  vt  aucarum,annatum,  cignonim,ciconiarum,  ardeamm,8C 

colledorum  in  magna  pluralitate,  ncc  non  8c  per  parcum,  muitz  fylucftres  beniz,8c  belliolc 

auateniis  per  aulz  fcneOras  polsit  Dominus  pro  folatio  rcfpicerc  volucrum  aucupationcs,  bc- 
iarum  venationes,8c  pifcium  captiones. 
Palidum  in*       ^^  ^^^  procuidubio  fciendum.quod  in  noftris  partibus  raf  a  Tint  oppida  cum  pluribus  man* 
ftariMgniiop'  (tonibu$,quim  in  iHopalatio  coniincntur. 

P**"-       .         Tot*  xftate  moratur  in  India  tena  fripidifsima,in  hyeme  in  Cambalu.Odcricus. 
"j?'~*j|^       PtaeterpalatiumhocinCaydo,habctImpcratorfm(ilitirtria:  vnum in ciuicate Sadiis,verr 
lenulonaUni  fw  Septentrionem,vbi  competens  ell  friguj,  ibi moratur  in  xHate.  Canibalu,vbi  competent 
Afuc  pancm.  calor,ibi  moratur  hyeme.Tettium  in  ciuitate  longh,  in  quo  8c  in  \[\o  Caydo,  vt  frpitis  fetuac 
''^  fedem,  c6qu6diniftiscftacrinagistemperatu»,quamuisfcmpercalidusvideturNoftratibus. 

C  A  P  V  T     ^j. 

OCiatis  qu6d  cgo,meique  fodales,  pro  fiuna  magnificentiae  huius  Imperatoris,  trMJidi* 
venous  aoslUpendiaiioseilcingucnis,  conuaRegem  Maogi  prxoooiinatuni.  £t  fuimuf 


*»  mV  * 

SJ.MandfMi.   I     SJMandeuil.        oftheEnglifli  nation. 


f  rxdi^if,  habet  men> 

ida  cum  pluribus  man* 

apudipruin  i  j.meiifibus,  ficccR^inucniinus  inultdmaiorempineinhoniinum,  mmcdiam 
partetn  nobis  non  Biiflc  relatam:  hominum  (  cxccptis  cuftodibus  bcftiatum  &  volucium,)qui 
intra  palatiuin  cenagctunt  minillerta  ti\  numcnudeccmcuman. 

No(a.Traxi  moram  in  Cambalu  tribus  annis:fratrcs  noftri  locum  habcnt  in  Curia  fua  fpeci- 
alitcr  &  fcAis  dicbus  (btutis  dant  bencdiiiitioncm,  Odcricus.  Et  quoniam  Impcrator  habcc  (a- 
tis  plurcs  quam  decern mille  Elcphanccs  edomitos,8c  velut  vlira  numrruin  alias  bcllias,(qua- 
lu  qiixdam  tcncncur  in  caucis,()abulis  niirabilibus,vel catcnis  Jncc  no  &  aucs rapacc$,&  acci- 
Mtrcs,falconcs,oftrones,gryfando$  gentilcs,Laucroys,&Satyros,rcd  &  auiculas  loqucntcs,& 
lapingos,  ScfmiilcSyaliarque  cantanccs:  rcputatur  numnus  hominuinde  ilHscuram&la- 
>orcrn  gcrcntium.vltra  fcx  cum3n,&  przterca  iugitcr  ad  Curiam  cquitcs  cum  plenarijs  arma- 
curis,quinquc  cuman,&  dc  peditibus  cunt  prceliandi  armaturis,  cuman  decern.  Sed  &  omncs 
dc nationc  quacunquc  mundi vcnicnt»,qui  pctunt  defcribi  pro  Curia  rccipiuntur .  Sic  cnim 
lurtit  Impcrator. 

Habct  &  medicos  Paganos  viginci,&  totidcmPhyficos ,  atquc  (ine  his  Medicos  ChriHia* 
nos  ducentos,&  totidcm  Phy  ficos ,  quoniam  ide  Grand  Can  maiorcm  gcrit  confidentiam  in 
Medicis  Cliriliianis,quam  in  fux  rropnx  nationis  medicis. 

Hoc  ergo  Hrmitcrl'cias,quoddc  Curia  Regis  accipiunt  ncccHaria  fua  inciter  vltri  triginta 
cuman  hominum.prxter  expcnfas  animalium  &  volucrum.cum  tamen  in  ic!^is  maioribus  lint 
homines  prop^  in  dupio  tanti.Nec  valet  hie  Doniinusdefcdum  vlliim  pari  pecuniz,  c6  quod 
in  terra  fua  non  currit  moncta  dc  argcnto,vcl  auro,ali6uc  inetallo,  led  tantuni  de  corio  vei  pa- 
pyrorhorumenini  forma  dcnariprum  (igno  Imperatoris  impreflorum  preciatur  minoris  auc 
ad  Regis  thefaurarios  dcfenintur,protindsdanturpro  illis  noui. 

Quat^r  in  anno  celebrat  Impcrator  ftltiuitates  folcnncs. 

Primam  dc  die  propriz  Natiuitatis. 

Secundam  dc  die  Uiz  primz  przlcntationis  in  cotum  Templo^quod  appellant  Mofeath,v- 
bi  &  fk  ijs^efcio  quod  genus  circumcifionis. 

Teniam  in  thronizationc  fui  Idoli  in  Tcniplo. 

Quartam  de  die  quo  Idolum  ccrpit  dare  refpon(uin,feu  (acert  diabolica  mira.  Plures  enim 
in  anno  non  tenet  folcnnitatcs,nifi  (i  c{tiando  nupcias  filij  aut  filiz  celebrat. 

Itaque  in  i(lis  folennitatibus  ell  populi  mulritudo  abfque  numero,  omncs  tamen  in  ordinc 
debico,&  linguli  intendcntcs  proprio  mininerio:namad  hoc  ordinandum,&  difponendum,  e- 
Ickii  funt  quatuor Baronum  nobilium  genera,  ex  auibus  nonnulli  funt  Rcges,&  alij  Equitcs 
potcntes.Duces,&  Marchioncs.omnes  induti  holofericis^ibiis  infcrti  cu  certa  diffeminatio- 
nc  funt  vbique  precioli  lapides,mirz  virtutis,&  aiirifigia  fpeciofa,  vt  fi  quis  in  his  pattibus  v« 
numdctalibushabcrctmutatorijs,  dici  non  poflct  pauper  imoprzdiues.  Et  habet  quodlibct 
millcnariomminhijvcDibuscolorcmfibipropritnn:  primum  viridem,  fecundum  vermicu- 
lum,teniumcroceum,quartumpurpureum,feuindicum.  Ergo  in  die  folcnni,  dum  dc  mane 
Maicftatis  thronmn  c  onfccndcrit  jvcniunt  fc  przfentarc  hoc  modo  Regi. 

Ante  primum  inillcnarium  proccdit  copiofa  fymphonia  dulcis  chordarum ,  (icut  dc  violis, 
cytharis,lyris,Sc  pralterijs,non  auicm  dc  tubis  auc  tympanis :  &  przcedunt  Baroncs  pertranl- 
ucrfumAulx  coram  rclidemc  Domino  ordinat^bini,  &bini  fuD  filentio,  ferentrs  ambabus 
nixnibus  ante  pectus  tabulam  dc  Iafpidc,ebore,  chriftallo,pyropo,vel  Hxm3tillo,&  ante  faci- 
ein  throni  inciinant  fc  Impcratori  profundi*. 

Ilii'fquc  pcrtranfcuntibu  j/ucccdit  funili  modo  niillenarius  (ecundus,  8c  tcrtius,  atque  quar- 
tus,nec  auditur  i  quoquam  vnicum  vcrbum.Hac  pnefcntatione  cum  debita  matutitate  perfe« 
Aajclident  in  batfb  a  latere  throni  ad  proprias  mcnfas,  muki  Philofophi,  feu  Artillx,  ficut  dt. 
Altronomia,Gcomantia,Pyromantia,  Hydromantia,  Chiromantia,  Nerromantia,  auguriis, 
ac  arufpiciis,&huiufmodi,tcncntes  coram  inlhumenta  fux  arTis,alii  AftTolabium,&  Sphzras 
de  auro,atii  in  aureis  vaiisarenam.prunas  ardcntes^quam,viiiiim,oleum,  &  caluartas  mortuo- 
tumjoquente^  &  non  dc  auro horologia  ad  minOs duo :  &  ad  cundhs  horas 
fecundum  curfum  horrolot^iorum  innuunt  Philofophi  leruis  fibi  ad  hoc  dcputatis.vt  facianc 
prxftariauditumperaulam,  quorum  vnusautduo  confcendcntcsfcallum,  altavoccprocla- 
niant,audite,aul'cultate,&  omnibus  intendcntibusdicit  Philofonhorum  vnus :  Quilibct  nunc 
£iciat  rcucrcntiam  ImpcraiQri,qui  cll  filius  Dei  excelli,  Dominus&  fuperior  omnium  Dorai- 
norum  mundi.quia  ccce  hxc  t{\  hora.  Et  mox  fiiiguli  in  aula  inclinato corpore  &  capite  fc  ii»» 
cliiiantmaicnatimanctcsacdiui,  donee  idem  Philofbphus  dicat,  Icuate .  Atquc  protmilslii- 
per  hoc  fa^m.Mufici  fuis  iolliun]entts,ruaucra  perfonantmelodiain, 










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Scfflcl  in  die 


The  voyages  and  diicoucries    SJ, MandeuiL 

Pollcaadaliquantainmoramfunili  inododicit  alius  Philofophorum ,  inminius  digitus  in 
aurc :  &  eccc  hoc  omncs  faciuiu ,  donee  dicat ,  fufficit :  fic  in aliam  ho^am,  feu  moram  dicit, 
imnusvcllrafupcr  OS,  &  polka  inanusfupcr  caput.  Atquein  hunc  modum  iuxta  tcmporis 
curium  imponinu  tacicnda  figna  diucd'a .  Innuunt  in  eis  latere  magna  mylieria,  &  quocflibet 
horum  factotum  mclodia  tcrniinatMuliccnim .  £t  i'ciatisme  quandoquc  in  tempore  oppor- 
tune ab  cis  intcrrogaflc  dc  his  fmnis ,  qui  refponderunt  quod  inclinare  caput  Domino  ad  illu 
us  horx  moiTicnitnn/orct  connrniatiuonuiibus  dicbus  vitz  fuz,  ad  obcdicndum  ipH  &  fide- 
Jitatcm  obfcruandam  impcrio ,  ncc  pofle  corrumpi  promilTionibus  fme  donis ,  quodque  digi- 
tum  in  auricula  imponcrc ,  obturatio  el)  auditus  contra  omnia  Impcratori,  &:  Impcrio  contra- 
ria .  Ht  fic  dc  lingulis  faCtis  fingula  myfleriaconfingcntcs dccipiunt  audicntcs :  horum  itaque 
fraudulcnto  ingcnio,  ilk  Grand  Can  fcliiuatus ,  non  niTi  ad  talium  iudicium  parari  pcrmittit 
cibaria,aut  fieri  indumenta  pro  fuo  corpore. 

Dumautcnicll  vil'um  Curix  gubernatoribus  fatis  de  przdi<f)is  auditum ,  faciunt  prociama. 
tores  filentiumimpcrarij&incipit  fieri  ofTerenda  Impcratori  hoc  inodo.  Intrant  omncs  qui 
liiiitdccognationcImpcratotisBaroncsadornati  nubilil11m<^pro  cuiufquc  dcccntia  baltcis, 
&  indumcntis,quoruin  primus  cum  refonante  fymphonia  przmittit  ad  oblationcin  quotquoc 
valet  dc  dextrarijs  albis,&  inclinans  ante  thronum  pcrtranlit,  atqucper  cundcm  modum  fm- 
guli  Baronum  ortcrentes  aliquid  dignum  iocale  indinant  tranfcuntes,li!entio  fiiiuc  fcruato. 

Poll  hos  intrantcs  limiii  inodo  przlati  &  Abbatcs,dc  iurifdidionibus  &  rcligionibus  Paga- 
notuiuofferuntrinpuli profuoflatufcrcuercnt^t inclinantcsmaicnati,&  inaior  prxlatotum 
bcncdicit  Rcgi,&  luis  ac  Curiz  quadamfuz  legis  oratione. 

Dcindc  introducuntur  cIcphaiitcs,lconcs,patdi,  limiz,mamiotz,&  diucrfvbcfliz.quaruin 
dudlores  fiiiguli  tranfeuntes  indinant  reucrcnt^r,&  intent^ .  Polhcmo affcruntur  aquilz^lru' 
tliioncs,gryphandi,accipitrcs,&  papingi,cum  diuerfis  auibus  &  auiculis,  ncc  non  i'crpciucs  ac 

EifccSiqiiorum  portiiorcs  indinant  profunde ,  quoniam  dicunt  omnes  tcircnas  crcaturas  dc* 
ere  adorationem  Imperatori  Grand  Can  filio  Dei  excelli:  &  his  pcrfe^^is , 
Mnpct  Cament  ferfolmmtdtbitMfltni. 
Nos  igitur  intcndamus  '10c  loco  quzfo  quomodo veraciter  Prgini  in  tenebris  ambulant :dia* 
bolica  muuiutionc  mens  eorumobtenebrata  non  videt  quomod6,  cdm  Impcrator  lit  homo 
mortalis  nuper  natus,&  limiliter  licut  illi  inlirmitate  drcundatus,  atque  in  brcui  cum  iplis  mo> 
ritunis,queni  cciani  non  dubitant  fub  Deo,clamant  eum  non  Deum/cd  Dei  (ilium,vbi  vtique 
prorMs  ignorant  illu  non  elTc  laudandu^nec  adorandUj  fed  eum  non  intcdunt  alium  filium^li- 
um  mircatum  &  con:iaturalcm,qui  &  ipfos  &  cumcrcauit,rolum  fuperlaudabilcm  in  fcciUa. 

El  hoc  alto  cordc  conrideranies,launemus,adoremus,elorificcmus  &  rupcrcxaltemus  totis 
viribts  Dcum,quino$(iliosluciseircvoluit,&raluti$,naUi,baptizari,educari,erudirirubnn- 
ceritatefidciChri'tianz.excluforchirmatc&errore,  atquc  Tub  inliituto  factofan^^z  matris 
EccleAz,in  qua  Tola  pcn^  ab  omni  ciicumfcrentia  orbis  tcrrz  fides,  quz  faluat,&  per  dile^ 
oncm  opcratur  nunc  rcmanlit. 

Etorcmusinlhnt^r  pro  ipfisPaganis,vtagnitaveritatis  luce  videre  pofstnt  quo  ambulant, 
vt  perueniant  ad  kfum  Chriflum  cozqualcm  Dei  filium,atquc  m  ipfo,&  per  ipfum  laudare  & 
adorare  folum  vnum  v  crum  Dcum. 

C  A  P  V  T      3<f. 

Di  ludu  &frdiligifs  mfMeftflo,(fr  defno  comitMU. 

CElebrato poll  hoc  p  randio latis  morofi^, quia  nunquam  cd  vltra  fcincl  edcnduni  in  die,de 
quo  &  ejus  adminiilrationcnunclongum  eft  rcriberetadfuntgcniculatotcxmiravifu/ua- 
uiaq;  auditupcdibu$>manibu5,brachijs,humcris,capit:bu$,&totocorpore,ac  ad  lingulos  ge- 
ftuSjCorrcfpodctcs  dcbito  vocis  fono.Et  femper  fine  horu  mirabiliu  cantilena  fubfcquitur  niu- 
ricoru.Ex  hoc  loculatores  przft6ruiit,6c  Magi.qui  liiis  incamationibuspr^ftat  pr^ftioia  multa. 

Inprimis  faciunt  vidcri  Solcm  &  Lunam,oricndo^ercendendo  conmetum  diei  intra  fialili- 
campcragcre  curfum.cumtantaniroicratcfplcndoris,  vi  vixfeinuiccm  homines  valcantre- 
cognolccrc  przfulgorc,dicentcs  &  mcntieutcs,Solem  &  Lunam  czli  banc  mittercreuercnti- 
am  Imperatori. 

Hinc  pat  i  ludo  comparent  fpeciofz  pucUz  duccre  femitas  &  choreas,  nobili  gcftu  nobilif- 
limumfrrTcpoculumladtiiiequaruminaurcisvalis,  dc  quo,poncntes  fe  ingcnibus,  traduut 
potum  doininis  &  dominabus. 

Tunc  portantur  &  inilites  in  cquis^  annis  quoq;  pleni  atque  parati,qui  fcruentibus  fonipe- 
dibiis  fc  inuicem  cufpidibus  ad  fragorem  magnum  configentes  hnceas  ccmiuiAuunt,  &  frag- 
menupermcnfas,  &pauiincnudifcumint.  Acdcindi  fantafttc^venantur  per  aulani,cum 


^  ;  . 

'        M 

S.LMandeuii.    ■     S.LMandemL  .    oftheEnglilhnadon. 


iambus  &  papionibu»,ad  ccruos,lupo4,vrlbs,&  apros ,  a il  Icpotcii,  &;  marmotas.  Qu«  liugula 

-  cuin  ad  horam  palcant  vana  dclcdUtionc  Icnius  corpc   cos,mircriani  taincn  inlcruiu  pix  iiicn- 

(i,i]u(xl  cot  &  canci  homincs.ncglcCta  prorlus  animi  I'alutc,  his  dubolitis  opct ationibus  I'c  dc- 

daunt  in  coto.Nam  ccrto  non  ica  fine  djcmonutn  confolationc  6c  taniiliariiatc  prxniilla  con- 

Hiij;i  diccrcm. 

Nota:aCanibaluadvigiiuidietas,e(l  puUhrum ncmus  giransodo  diccasin  circiiitu,  in 
Olio  lunt oiiuiia genera  animaliuui :  cultodcs  liabcc  c  ii ca  cum.  Triciiiiiu  vcl  qiiadncniuo  vtf i- 
tjii  illud  Iinpcratur,&  cum multa  gcntc  ncmus  cirt umdat,cancs  cmittuncur  &  aucs, cum  iv>ul- 
lo  clamorc ,  &  fcras  congregant  in  medio  planic icm  iibi  litam.  Tunc  Impcrator 
ptiiU  iacit  quinqiic  lagittai,poUca  alij :  tunc  Impcrator  dicit,Eya,hoc  et(,mina  btHijs,  &  ficut 
quilibctcapitragictainruamfignatjmjpcrcuiiam,  aliis  rcccdcmibus  ad  lua  loca.Odcncus. 

Pritcrca  ante  Impcratorismcniam  eriguntur  latxtabulx  aurcx  cum  fculptis,ac  Ii  vuicrrnr, 
imiginibus  galloruin,  pauonumacdiucrlarumvolucrum  artiHciofc,  quas  ptxlligiator  facie 
pro  libitu  line  apprchcnlionc  manus  ire,  tripudiarc,  chorizarc,  trcmcrc,  compuj^narc,  bibcre , 
manducarc,fcd  &  cantarc :  quod  quidem  inter  cxtcra  mihi  vidcbatur  mirabiliu<>  Hi  aljuthi  de- 
Icctabilius.Nullus ilUid  plciic  intucri potuif.nifi  qui erai  in  tlirono  vel circa: &  me oportet  hoc 
locofatcri  llultitiamnropriain,  qubdhac  dclcctationc  tradtus,magnamadliibuiapiid  Arti- 
rtamdiligcnti3m,vcrbisblandis,&c]iiiburcunqucmunu("culis,  acmelioribuspromiisis,  quod 
detili  mihi  tradcrct  artcm,qui  lagax  limul  &  fallax  inpriinis ,  I'pcm  mcam  trahcbat  fponfio- 
numflinibus:fcdadvltimuinpcnuiis  abl'cindcbat,diccns  fc  vouiflc  Deo  iminottali,  nccui- 
quam  itoccrct  luli  proprio  riho  fcniorijac  per  hoc  me  Deus  ab  illo  malo  confcruautt  inuicuni, 
&  gratias  nunc  rcddcntcm, 

(Jertum  ell  iUic  homines  elVc  fubtilcs  ad  qualdam  humanas  artes,  &  ingcniofos  ad  fraudes 
fupcr  cmncs,quas  noui  mundi  partcs,vndc  &  inter  fc  dicunt  proucibunii,  Ic  folos  vidcrc  duo- 
bus ocuIiSjiS:  Chiiftianos  vno,cxtctos autcm  homines cxcosH'cd  mentitur  iniquitas fibi,  quo- 
niam  ipfi  vident  Iblo  oculo  terrcna  &  tranrKoria,&  nos  Chrilliani  duobus ,  quia  cum  ccrrenis 
vidcmus  fpiritualia,&  nianliira :  pcrcuHit  cnim  "  Naas,id  el},  huinani  generis  hollis  cum  ilhs 
focduSjVt  crucret  omnibus  oculos  dcxtros/cihcct  fpirituales. 

Cilm  itaquc  narrata  dc  prxiiiifsis  debeant  liifliccre,  quando  Impcrator  GrandCan  de vno 
quatuor  palatiorum  ad  aliud  tranfire  vclic,vcl  fortc^  gratia  viluationis  aut  ardui  negotii  per  Im- 
pcrium  de  Regno  ad  Regnumtendic  per  comitatus,  quatuor  exercitibus  amc&retro,  &ex 

Primus  cxercitus  przcedit  pcrlbnani  Regis  per  vnam  dcfuis  dietis,  vt  fempcrjn  hofpitium, 
dc  quo  recefsit  cxercitus  Rex  intrcc  noctc  lequenti,  &  cl\  hie  primus  comitatus  defcriptus ,  & 
Ibcutus  dc  numcro  quinquaginta  cuman  virorum.hoc  ell,quingcntorum  miHiiim.fcmpcrcjuc 
pra;uiruin,&  prouifum  cl^vt  inucniant  neceflaria in  locis, vbi  habent  quiefcerc,  vel  tardare fi- 
uc  in  hofpitiis/iuc  in  tcntoriis. 

Secundus &  tertius comitatus  fiint  ciufdem iiumeri  virorum  cum primo,  quorum  vnus ad 
dextramtcnditlmpcratotis,  ahusad  HniUram  indiibntia  abiplbati  trium  vcl  duaruin  leu- 

Quartus  autem  qui  maior  ell  omnibus,  fubfequitur  Imperatorcm  quafi  ad  fpatiuin  iad^us 
balilli.Kt  adhuc  fciendum  clt,qubd  perfon^  horum  comitatuum  funt  (lgillatim,&  lummatim 
omncs  delcriptXjVt  dum  vna  moritur  vel  rcccdit,protinus  alia  iii(cribafur,8:  numcrus  iionmi> 
nuatur.Ipfc  verb  Impcrator  tcnditrelidens  inccllareu  camera  xdificata  llipcr  currumgran- 
dein fomia,fortcin robore.nobilem  in llruihira.elKella dc  ligno  AL-es optimi  odoris,& pari- 
etcs  ccllx  operti  in  quibuldain  locis  laminis  aureis,qux  &  iptx  diliinguuntur  gcmmis  variis,&: 

E(i  autcm  currus  quatuor  rotarum  duntaxat,qucm  traluint  quatuor  Elephantes  ad  lioc  cu- 
riofc  in(lriidi,cum  quatuor  hippis  albis  cc]uxdodis  &  ipfi  coopcrti  ditifiimis  tegumentis,  ac 

Enter  aurigas  nobiliter  indutos,  qui  currum  cautilsimc  ducunt ,  adfunt  &  quatuor  de  maiori- 
us palatii  DonHnis.iiuk^ ad vchicuhim habentcs  iugem  curam, de  iniiiationc  eius ,  & nc  vlti- 
rtlo  cxercitu  approprict  intra  iadiim  (vt  dixi)  fagittx.  Ipfc  autcm  interdum  pro  fodalitatc  iu- 
bct  fecuin  afceiulcrc  quam  vult  perfonam,  fed  minimc  vltra  duos .  In  cellx  quoquc  culminc, 
quod  aperiri  valet  &  claudi.alhnt  in  pertica  quatuor grifandi.vcl  ollioncs.  Odcricus:  duode- 
cini  GirfalconcsjVt  fi  forte  Impcrator  in  acre  aquilam,vulturum,ardeam,vcl  colledorcnj  ccr- 
neret.citbdimittcrctirtorum  duasautpiures  adaucupandum. 

Nota.per  Dromedarios,  &  curfores,&  vcloccs ,  qui  dc  hofpitio  ad  hofpitium  pcrmutantur, 
feit  de  rcmotis  noua.Cuiforcnim  appropinquans  cornu  fonat,&  tunc  aHusptxparat.Sc  vlteri- 





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in  litltorijt 



The  voyages  and  difcoueries    SJ,  MandetuL 


ik  currit.Odnicus^cicndumque  tarn  primogciutuni  Rcgis.quam  fingulas  dc  ttibm  vxoribus 
ducere  fimilem  apparatum  in  itinerando  port  ipfum.lcilicctcuin  quatuor  comitaiibu$,»nti,8c 
retto  &  a  Iateribu*,fed  in  valdi  minori  numero  peri'onarum  pro  placito,  &  in  fingulii  cunibus 

Przmiira  omnia  fie  hunt.dum  Iinj^ratori  tendcndum  eft  remote ,  alus  aiitcm  mmuuntur, 
Bcdiftincuuntur  comitaiu$,iuxiaquod  decct,  vc  nonnunquam  onincs  Imperatores  ctiam 
cumfilioJimultcndant.cuinvna  comitatuum diftindtione  .  Tranfeuntc  autctnficlmpera- 
tore  per  ciuitaies  &  villas  quilibct  ante  fores  propria*  piiparato  igne  iadat  puhierero  aroma, 
taredolentem.ftansgenibus  flcxis  ad  reuerentiam  illi.  Etfciatis  vbipropc  tranfitum  illi« 
us  hibentur  Chriftianx  Abbatix,quas  olim  conftituit  Dux  Ogcrus,  exeunt  obuiam  illi  in  pro. 
cellionc  cum  vcxillis,&  fandU  cruce,Sc  aqua  bencdida,&  thutibulo,hynmum,  Vcni  Creator 

rpiritus.dccantantes.  ........  ,    .  ,       , 

Nota :  Ego  femel  cum  Epifcopo  nonro,&  alijs  fi:atnbus,iuimus  obuiam  per  duas  dictas,8e 
portaui  thuribulum.Odericus.  quos  ipfc  a  icmotis  vidcns.confueuit  ad  fe  apnellarc,&  ad  cru- 
cemfuumgaleatum  deponere,  ac  reuercntcrnudo  capitc  inclinare:  &  ptatlatusdiccnsfuper 
cum  aliquam  orationem  fignatcruce,&  aquabenedidb  afpcrgit.  Lt  quoniam  neceflc  ell.vt 
quilque  extrancus  ante Rcgem  apparcns.otterat  ei  aliquid,  prarlatus  in  difco  prifcntai ci  fru- 
dtus  &  poma,vcI  pyra ,  &  hoc  in  numero  nouenario,  ('ratio  pcniturprimocapituio  proximo, 
quod  iltc  numems  eft  plus  cfteiis  acccptus,)  de  quibus  Imperator  vnuni  lumens,  relioua 
tradit  Dominis  prxfentibus :  quo  fa^o  habent  relligiofi  tecedcrc  cit6,ne  opprimantur  multi- 
tudine  populi  fubfequentis. 

Prxtatum  Domini  galcaium,  eft  ita  intextum  auro,diamantibus,gemniunculi!>,&  orienta- 
Iibusmargatiti$,granellis,&dubleris,  8c  prxdiues  in  materia  &  artihcio,  vt  ci  non  fit  xquan- 
dus  magni  in  partibus  iftis Regis  thd'aurus.Item  ficut  hxc  fiunttranfeunii  Impcraton^fiuntfle 
Jmpcratricibusj&  Alio  feniori. 

C  A  P  V  T.    37. 
Qm4 de CM1/4 dicilur  Crimd  (tin. 
I  placet  audire,dicam  cur  hie  Imperator  fit  appcllatus  Grand  Can.  Audieram  ego  in  partU 

'bus  letofolymorum  hunc  eflc  fic  di6\um^  nlio  Noe.Cham :  fed  m  terra  Cathay acccpiSC 

aliam,&  meram  huius  rei  veriutcm.  Nam  &  Icribendo  hxc  duo  nomina  habent  dinercntiam^ 
quod  filius  Noc  Cham  fcribitur  quatuor  clcmentis,quorum  vltimum  eft  M.  &  ilie  Can  tribus 
tantUm,quorum  vltimum  eft  N. 

Poft  annos  Chrifti  1 1 00.  ilia  prima  Tartaria  (de  qua  fupra  fcripfi  in  prima  pane,  capitulo 
quinto^  fiiitnimisopprcflafeniituteliibRegibus  circumiacentium  fibinationum.  Quand6 
autem  Deo  placuit,  maiores  illius  Tanarix  eleuauerunt  de  feipfis  fibi  Regcm  didtum  Guis 
Can,cui  &  promiferunt  fubiedtifsimam  obedientiam. 

Idem  cun  eflct  prudens  &  (henuus  1 2.  viriles  habcns  filios ,  debcllauit  cum  ijs  &  populo 

fuOjSc  fubiecit  cundos  in  circuity  Reges,quibu$  terra  indebitc  diu  liibiacuetat .  Quin 

ctiam  apoarcme  fibi  in  vifione  Angelo  Dei  vclut  milite  in  albo  equo,&  candidis  armis,&  hor« 

**Vel  Belgiam  tantelc,vt  tranfiret  Alpes,permontem"  Beliam,&  perbrachium  tcrram  Cathay,  8e 

ad  alias  illtcplurimasregionestranfiuit,  ficccepitcum  filijsfuis  aliquas  ex  illis  dcbcllarc,  8C 

Cur  albi  equi,  fiibijcere,Deo  in  omnibus  adiuuante  patent()r.Et  quoniam  in  cquo  albo  ei  Angclus  apparuit, 

ftnoucfiariui  qui  etiam  ant£ palfum  prxdidti maris nouem orationcs  Deo  facere  iufsitiidcoiucccflbres vfq; 

numcruirv-  hodi^diliguntcquosalbos,&nouenariumnumerum habent ptxcarteris  in  gratia.  Dumque 

un»  lint  in     q^jj.  q^^  n\on\  prte  fenio  appropinquaret,  conuocatos  ante  Ic  filios  hortabatur,  &  moucbat 

cxemplo  1 2.telorum  in  fimul  colligatorum,  qux  a  nullo  filiorum  parit^r  fi-angi  potucrant,  fed 

dilToluta  vnumquodque  perfe  facili  fi:angcbatur,nc  filij  ^inquit  j  dilc6^ir$imi,fi  per  concordi- 

am  vos  inuiccm  dilexeritis,flc  vixeritis  fcniori  fi^tri  obedientes,  confido  in  Deo  iuxta  promif- 

fioiicin  mihi  ab  Angelo fa6^am,qu6d omnem  latifsimam iftam  terrain,  &  optimam  illius  \xn* 

perio fubijcietis.quod  &  poft  patris difccfTum  ftrcnuifsimcjac  fidcliisimc  (Deo  fibi  profperan> 

te)perfi:ccrunt.Et  quia  cum  propriis  nominibus  habebant  cognomen  Can,primogenitus  pro 

differentia  obtinuit  nomen  Grand  Can,td  eft,Magnus  Can, videlicet  fupra  cxtetos  fi^atrcs.qut 

fibi  in  omnibus  obedicbant. 

Itaque  ifte  fecundus  Imperator  vocabatur  Ochoto  Cai^ 

Poft  quern  filius  eius  regnauit  didas  Guican. 

Quartusautem.qui  Mango  Can  baptizabatur ,  permanfiltque  fidelis  Chriftianus ,  quie* 
ttarn  iniflb  magno  exercitu  cum  firatrc  luo  Hallaon  in  partes  Arabix  &  Aegypti  mandauit  de« 
(bui  iatoto  Mahomed  fiipctflitionan,  &  tcrram  ponitnmtnibus  Chriftianorum.  Etfivtrc 

Vera  ratio  hu- 
Quit  Can. 







If     t^     s-J' 

SJ.Mandeiul.   I    sJMmdml.        ofthcEnglifh  nation. 


proccdcnte,iccepit  nunorcsdc  ftatris  fui  Iinpentoru  nu>neinopinaca,quapropt^r  8(rc(li]t 
Bcgorio  impcriectOi 

Qii|ncitfCDbiltcin,qiu  etiam  fiiit  Chhftianus,&  regnauit  42.  annis,  it  xdificauit  magnam  CobibcaNt 
ciuitatetn  long, maiorcm (atU  vtbc  Roma,  in  qua  &  continetur  vald^  nobile  palatiinii  Impcri- 
ale.  Hincvfi^hodieomaesrucceflbrespagantrmo  fcedantur. 

Teiopore  autetn  mcberat  nomc  Imperaiorii  Echianc  Can,  8c  Prtinogenitus  ciusCofuecan  Echiam  Can, 
picter  qucm  &  alios  Alios  habuit  i  quoru  nominibus  confcnDcndis  noi^cft  cur^  prjlentis,  impCTMc 

Prioia  vxonim  fuonim  vocabatur  Serochan,  qux  &^eft  filia  Pnesbyteti  loannis  kiiicet  Im-  i^MoircKiUn' 
peratorislndiar.  aouUi. 

SecundaVerouchan.  <  Serochan  n- 

Tenia  Caranthcan.  «  C'i^  Cmw 

Iftit  duobus  Impcratoribus  non  creditur  inueniri  maior  Dominus  Tub  firmamento  Cceli. 

In  literis  qu;  huius  Imperatoris  Tanarif  fcribuntur  nomine  ponitur  Temper  if  te  Ticulus.Can 
Alius  Dei  excein,omninm  vniuerfam  terrain  colentium  fummus  Imperator,  &  Dominus  Do- 
ininantiura  omnium. 

•         V   CircumfcrentiamagniruingillifContinethocfcripnim. 

^tm  in  CctUyCaHpiiftr  iert4m,iiMt  frrtitiido.     Ommmm  liMmttumt 
Imfrrtamt  ftfillMm. 

Sciendum  quoque  quod  quainuis  populi  ibi  diciintur,&  funt  Pagani,tanien  &  res  &  omnes 
credunc  in  Deum  immortalcm,  &  omnipotentem,  &  iurant per  iplum  appellantes,  Vroga,id  Yr<>S*>Dnn 
e(U>eum Naturae.  Sed  nihilominus  coluiit  &  adorant  idola,  &  fimulachra  aurea,8<  argentea,  '^'""*' 
lapidea^ijgnea,filtria^ea3&  linea. 

C  A  P  VT.      38. 
D*  ttrtitmri*  C^thm^jd"  mtrilmt  T«rtMt«rtm. 

TOtum  Imperium  Imperatcris  Grand  Can  dilHndhiin  eft  in  i  a.  magnas  prouincias^uxta  n.Prouinciz 
numeruin  duodccim  filiorum  phmi  Genitoris  Can,  quarum  qu^libet  in  Ic  continet  circi-  Chmx. 
ter  ^.millia  ciuitatum,  praner  villas  non  numcratas  quz  funt  veluc  aoique  numero.  Habent  &  ^f umcnu  c»- 
(ingulx  prouiricixregemprincipalem,hoc  elt  1 3.regesprouincialcs,  &  horum  quilque  fub  fe  '"<*'>'<»• 
reges  Ini'ularum  plurimos^ij  5  calij  cetum,alij  plures,qui  omnes  &  Hnguli  fubiefliflim^  obe- 
diunc  Grand  Can  Lnperatori  J^aru  prouinciaru  maior,8i:  nobtlior  dicitut  Cathay,qu{  conTilHt  Caduik 
in  Afia  profunda.    Tres  enim  funt  A/t(,  fcilicct  quz  profunda  dicitur,  &  Afia  di^  maior  quat 
nobis  eft  fatis  propinquior  &certia  minor  intra  quam  ell  Ephcliis  beati  loannis  Euangeliftj  fe- 
pultura ,  de  qua  nabes  in  prarcedcntibus.    Audiftis  (latum  magnatum  8c  nobilium  efle  pcr- 
magnificfl,  8c  gloriofum/ed  fciatis  longd  fecus  eflc  apud  communes  &  priuatos  homines  tain 
in  ciuicatibus  quam  in  forenfibus  totiusTattarix,  In  prouincijs  autem  Cathay  habetur  tantum  AUnJand* 
demercimonijs  ({)ccierum,&  de  opcribus  fericofi$,qu6d  multis  facilius  acquirere  eflct  prxtio-  ^"''''* 
fum  induaiennim,quam  camifium  de  lino.  Vnde  8c  quicunq;  funt  alicuius  honcftatis  non  ca-     ^' 
rentdefuper  preciofo  veiHmento. 

Omnes tam  virt  auam feminx  fimilibus  in  forma  veftibus  inducuntur,  videlicet vald^  laiis,  y.^^^^ «>„ 
8c  breuibus  vfoue  acl  genua  cum  apertura  in  lateribus  cjuamfirmaiu  (dum  volunt)an(ts  quibuf-  uronun. 
dam,nam  vterque  fexus  eft  brachijs  feu  femoralibus  plcnc  tc£hi$.  Nunquam  vtuntur  toga  aut 
collobiojfed  nee caputio^vndd  nee  per  afpe^m  indumentorum  poteft  haberi  differentia  inter 
viium&mulicreminnuptam.  Sednupu(vtrupradi<£himefl)geftatperaIiquodtegHmentum 
in  capite  formam  pedis  viri. 

Nubit  illic  vir  quotquot  placet  mulieribus,vt  nonnulli  habeant  decern  vel  duodecim  vxores 
aut  plures  J*f  am  quilquc  maritus  iungitur  licence  cuilibet  inulieri,  exceptis  matrc,8c  amita/o- 
rore,8c  filia.Sicm  viri  ec]utunt,tendunt,8c  currunt  per  patria  pro  negotijs  fie  ti  muliercs^quo- 
niam  8cip|j;operantur  omnia  ferd  artificiamechanica  ficut  pannos  8c  quicquid  eflicitur  de  ^  v 
no,corio,feiicoq;,  minant^;  camicas,8c  vehiculi/cd  viri  fabricant  dc  ferro  et  de  omni  metallo 
lapidibus  atq;  ligno,  ncc  vir  nee  mulier  nobilis  aut  degener  comedit  vltra  femel  in  die  com- 
n«initer.Muitanutriunt  pecora  fed  nullos  porcos,parum  comeditur  ibi  de  pane  exceptis  mag- 
natibus  8c  diukibns/ed  cames  edunt  pccorum,befnarum,8c  beftiolarum  vtpote  boum,ouium, 
capraiuni,equotum,afinocum,canum,  canonnn,  murium,  8c  ranorunipuscamiumforbentes,  y^.^-!^ 
&  omnis  generis  lac  bibentes.  c<jiufuiii  b;. 

*  'Nobiles  aute  bibunt  lac cquatu/eu  inmentorG,pro  nobiUflimo potu  ti  panperes  aqua bul-  bunt. 
litS  cu  modico  mellii,quia  ncc  vinu  ibi  h8bettir,nec  ceruifia  c6Hcitur;8cmuIti  ac  plurimi  fbntes  AppcUanir 
c6fiiluntinfua(iti,pervilla&/crura.Domus,8chabitacularotund{runtform{,compofit«8cc6-  ^'^-  ^^ 
ttit(panusUgim,&flexitibusvirgulis^dmoducaueaniqiusnos&cttnusptoaaiculis,habetes  ^  *"" 

F  ^  ronindam 

6i  The  voyages  and  difcoueries    SJ.MsndeuiL 




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Arma  lar»- 

rotundani  in culiiunc  apcitura  pfsiiantcm  duo b«acHci«  habiutioni, quoniam  iL  ignis  qucm 
III  iiicilio  Junius  cullituunt  fumum  emit(it,8c  pro  afpicicndo  lumen  immiuit.  Imt lolccua  funt 
parietcs  vndiq;  de  tUuo.led  0c  Kt&uta  filcrcu  cii :  hudomus,dutii  locuui  habiraiMli  mutaic  vc 
luni,vel  duin  in  diutina  expcdicione  pfoccdunt.ducunt  fecum  in  plauHris  quafi  tcmoria. 

Multa*  liipcruacuj*  obfcruant  cnemonias,  quiarcfpiciunt  lo  vaniiates  4c  infaniai fall'u  :  fo- 
lein  &  lunaiii  pr^tipuc  adorant.  cuquc  frequenter  genua  curuant,&  adnoudunium,  quicquid 
elt  iiiagni  etiiinant  inchoanduni. 

NuUus  omnino  vtitur  calcaribut  in  equitado/ed  cogunt  equum  flagcUo  rcorpione/tputan- 

tcs  pcccatum  non  leue,  fi  quii  ad  hoc  flagclluni  appodiat,  aut  lumentuin  percuteret  I'uo  frfnc, 

pleraq;  rmiilia.qu^'paru  aut  nihil  nocent.podcrant  vt  j^rauia,  ficut  iniponere  cultcllnni  migne, 

o^  oJle  confringcrc.lac  feu  aliud  potabilc  in  terrain  eftundctr,  nee  non  &  liuiulinodi  inulta. 

Mingere intra    Scdfupcrh^ctenci pro giauioriadmifl'omingerc intra domu qu; iiihabitatur,flc quidcianto 

doiiium  pec.    jnmine  prodamaretur  alfuetus.mitteretur ad luottcm.  Et  de  fuigulis  neceiTc  cH  vt  confiieatut 

caiu tapiulc.  p^^^ ^^^^  Mainiiii  t'uf IcgifA  loluat  iiimma  pccuniani  deli£ii.Et fi peccatu drturpacioitii  habi* 

taculi  vcncrit  in  pub!icuin,oporccbit  reconciliari  doniu  per  raccrdotem.ptiurqua vlJus  audcbit 

inirarr.     Inl'upcr  &  pcccatorein  necefle  erit  pcrtranfire  ignem,  rcnicl,bis,aut  tcr  iuxta  tudici- 

ii>n  Hlainints,quatenus  per  ignis  acriinoniani  purgctur  i  tanti  inquinationc  pcccati. 

Ncininrin  Itominum  probibent  inter  fe  habitarc,  fcJ  indifTcrcni^r  receptant.Iudxcs,  Chri- 
liiaiios,Saracenos,&  homines cuiul'cunque  nationis,  vellcgis.diccntes  fc  fatis  putare  fuum  ri- 
tum  non  ita  t'ccuru  ad  i'alutem,niri  quandoq;  traherentur  ad  ritu  magis  ralutarcm,quem  umcn 
determinate  nunc  ignorant,im6niultidcnobilibu$  funtiam  inChriOianitatcbaptizati. 


Pcrnt)  oblitus  iraiu,quod  nunc  hie  dico  notandum,  quia  dum  ab  extra  Imperium,  quis  vcni- 
ens  nuntiu)  aut  legatus  cupit  tradere  proprijs  nunibus  literas  Imperatori,  vcl  deponerc  coram 
illo  inandita.non  pertniitur,doncc  prius  in  purit  tranfrai  lineis  ad  vnu  ad  minus|regutn  pro  fui 
purgacionc,  nc  quid  t'orlitaii  atfcrai  cuius  vii'u,  vel  odoratu  I'cu  ta6)u  tex  pofTit  gtauari. 

Porro  Tartari  in  prxcindio  expcditionis  habentfinguU duos  atcus,  cum  raaena  phiraiitate 
teIorujn:Namoinnesruntra^itiarijadmanum&  cumrtgidafic  longalancea.  Nobtlcsaixcm 
in  equis  prcciol^  phaleratis  feruoc  gladios,vel  fpatas  breues  &  latas.lciodentes  pro  vno  latere, 
Sc  in  capitibus  galcas  dc  corio  co^\o,non  altas,rcd  ad  capitis  fonnaindepreflas. 

Quicunq;  de  litis  iugerit  dc  ptflio^ipTo  fa^coofciiptui  dl,  vt  (iquado  inucmui  fucrit  occi> 
dotur.  Si  caiiru  vel  ciuitas  obfeiTa  le  illis  rc<ldcrt  voluerit,  oullam  acccptant  coditionc  oifi  cuni 
mone  omnium  inimicorum,vel(i  quis  homo  Bngularislcdederitvi^lumnihilomimissblque 
vlla  miferatione  occ  idunt ,  dctruucantes  ilii  protinus  aures,  quas  poftea  coqucmes,  h.  in  aceto 
(dum  habuertiu)  poaentcs  inittunt  inuiccm ad  conuiuia pro  cxttcmo  ferculo :  dum^ue  ipfi  iu 
bellis  arte  fueam  fimulant ,  periculofum  d^  eos  inrequi,quoniam  taciunt  fa^tas  4tcrgo,<]iii. 
bus  cquos  &  nomines  occidcre  norunt.  Et  quando  in  prima  acte  coroparant  adbellanduni, 
mirabilit^r  rcfeconlhingunt,  vt  media  pars  numeri  corum  vix  credatur. 

Generalitdr  noueritir,omnes  Tattaros  habere  pamos  oculos,&modicam  vel  rararabarbam: 
u..iuu>  nil.   ^"  ptopf'js  'ocis raro intt^r  fc  litigant,  contenduntjiut  pugnant.timcntes  legu  petgraues  cinen- 
ram^'bain.  ^>^^  inuenitur  ibi  rarius  vii'pilio,lairo,furJiomickbCtniurias,adulter,  aut  form:anus,quia t*< 
Ics  criminatores  inuefti^atione  i'ollicita  requkuncur,  &  fine  vedemptionc  aliqua  pctknuatiir. 

Du  quis  decumbit  inhrmiisfigitur  lancea  unetx.  iltuin  in  teira,&  cu  appropinquaiterit  oiorti, 
nullus  remanet  iuxta  ipfum,cu  veto  mottuits  cflc  fcitur,confeftiin  in  camp:s,&  cum  lancea  fe» 
pclinir.  C  A  p  T  T.     ?9. 

DtfrfiiltmAlmftrnttrisCrMifimitircrttttiviefiiccfftru,        rr.  .  -    ■■U.^n-. 

IMperator  Grand  Can  poitquam  ciits  cognita  fijcrit  dehio^o,  defcrtur  most  i  paucis  y\m  m 
parco  paiati;,ad  prluilum  locu  vbi  dcbcat  fcpeliii  Et  nudato  ptius  toto  ilio  kxo  k  gramint* 
buscinn  cefpite  Hgttur  ibi  tentnrinaii,in  quo  vclutin  folio  regali  de  )ip%o  corpus  6Aia8a  re£U 
dens  collocatur,  paratufq;mcnrapW«acOTan»cocibarij$pr«ioris,at  potu  dc  la  Ac  iuinento. 
rum.  Infhbulacur  ibi  &  cqua  ciun  fuo  ptdk>,fcd  in  tpfe  a&us,  nobilk^  phdleratus^  omiflaim 
ccrto  pondcre'auri  ic  argenti.  Et  efttotumTcmccij  pauimetmnn  de  OMindo  ftramioeSratam, 
Tuncque  eifodiunt  iu  circtiitu  fo(&m  lataui  vald^  8c  pcojundaca  vt  totum  tattaiiamciun 
omnibus  contentis  dcfcendat  inillani.  Eoq;radoitaequalitJrtcnanplaflificantnadopcii> 
unt  graminibu%  vt  in  omni  tempore  locus  fepdnirf  non  valeac  rpparere.  &  quoniam  tgao- 
rantix  nubiJo  turpiter  occ; cati  putant  in  alio  feculo  homines  dcleoarioaibus  Itui^unt  qubd 
tcotoriu  erit  ei  pro  hofpitio,cibi  ad  cdendu^  ad  pocaadum,  equus  ad  equtiandum,  aMittai  8e 
argentu  adrefpicicndii/ed  Scequa  lac  reB»j»irpi^tbit,&puUos  cquinosluccdihic  gemssbit. 


Tanari  retro 

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Po(t  has  ita^  Iinpcntoris  defiindi  miferu  exequias,  nullui  omnino  audcbic  de  ipt'o  loqui 
coram  txoribui  &  fUiji,*  propinqula,  fed  nee  noniinarc,  quia  pet  hoc  purarcnt  dcrogah  pa- 
ci  Jt  quieti  iUiu«,qua  non  dubiiant  euin  dominarif  in  maiori  fads  gloria  Paradifi  qui  hic  ftetit. 

leilur  Impcratore  Grand  Can  fcpultoobhuioni  tradito,  conueoiuntquimciibnobilesda 
fepcemchbubus  prouinciat  Cathajr.Sc  cui  Iinperium  expropinquitate  competit,dicuot  fic. 

Qui  rel'pondet. 
St  vdAt  tmfmtr  tm^m  d"  imt  mtitjf,  hi^0r»,0ftrttitt  vtfmi  mihi  ehtdiiiit  tm»  mJ  mtf 
tm^mm0dvtt0m.  „      .       .  .. 

Et  refpondentcs  dicunt. 

Tuncquc  Imperator  addit  hi«c  verba :  Ereo  fc  irote,  quod  ex  nunc  verbum  meum  acutum  &  s.caihtdra. 
fcindcns  crit  vt  nieus  enfw:  Pergit  quo6;  feflum  in  fuo  |Philtro  nigro  fuper  pauimemG  in  con- 
fpcduthroni  expanfo.  &  cum  ipfo  Philtro  eleuatur  ab  omnibus.  &  intertur  Impcrij  Iblio^ac 
coronaturdudematc  prfcedentis  Imperatoris. 

Deinde  finjjuli  principes,&  fingula:  ciuitate$,oppida,  flt  vill*  per  vniuerfumimperium  mit- 
tuntei  munera  iocalia,vafa,pannoJ,equos,elephantes.aurum,  argcntum,  &  lapidcs  preciofos, 
quorum,qualium,8c  quaiuorum  vix  vel  innumerohaberi  poteft  arllimaiio. 

C  A  p  V  T.     40. 
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BReuit^r  &  nunc  intendo  curfuin  defcribcre  aliquarum  magnarum  regionum  &  Infularum 
Imperij  Tattahx.  Et  prim6  illas  qux  defccndunt  i  prouincia  Cathay  per  fepteotricoalcm 
plagam,vique  ad  fines  Chriltianitatis  Pruiriz,&  RulTix. 

Erg6  prouincia  Caihay  defccndens  in  fui  oriente  i  regno  Tharfis  iuagitur  ab  occidente  reg-  y^,     j^^ 
00  (Turquefccn^n  quo  &  funt  plurimc  ciuitatcs,  quaru  formo(ior  dicicur  Odopar.  ^fum  au-  oaopw. 
Km  Turquefcen  regnu  iungitur  ad  occidentem  fui  regno  feu  Imperio  Perfix,  &  ad  feptentrio-  Cor aline. 
nemregnoCorafiof.quod  fpaciofumen valde,habens vcrfusorientemfuivltracentumdietas  Rrgnum  C6* 
defertifliocregnueltmuhisDonis  abundans,&appcllaturciitt  melior  ciuitas  etiainCorahne.  B>*oo'ua>- 

I(ti  quoq;  regno  iungitur  iri  occidente  vetifus  partes  noftras  regnum  Commanorum,  auod 
U  fvniliter  longum  eft,&  latum,fcd  in  ptucis  fui  loc  is  inhabitatum :  Nam  in  quibufdam  elt  (ti- 
gus  nimiumpn  ilijs  nimius  calor,  &  in  nonnullis  nimia  mufcatum  multitudo. 

De  iftis  Commanis  vcnit  olim  fiigataquxdampluralitaspopuU  vli^ueinterrami/fgypti 
qux  ibidem  fuccreu  nunc  ita  inualuit,  vt  fupprelTis  indigents  videatur  regnare :  Nam  &  de  fe- 
ipfisconftiatetunt  hunc,qui  modo  eft  Soldanus,Melech  Mandibron.     Per  Commanorum  Idcft  Volga, 
tegnum  decurritGrandis  fluuius|Echil,  qui  omni  hycmali  tempore  in  magna  fpiflitudine  gc-  yy^if. 
latur:  in  fuperiori  quo^;  parte  huius  regni  inter  duo  freta  Cafpi(,  &  Ocean),  mons  fublimis  eH  ^^      "^ 
valde  I  Chocas.     Nota  quod  i  nolUis  partibus  non poflit  vlquc  in Indiam  fupcriorem  duci  iter  fjcicndu 
magnus  exercitus  per  terras,  nifi  per  tres  taiuummodotran(itus,  quorum  iftccHvuns,  qui  ta-  tempore  gla< 
men  non  valet  tranHri  nili  tempore  claciei,&  hic  appellatus  eft  Lodekonc.  ''**• 

Alter  perTurquefcen,&  per  Pcrnam,tamea  ibi  funt  defcrta  plurium  di(tanim,in  quibus  nifi 
c0et  excrcitus  bene  prouifus,  pofTet  perire. 

Tertius  adprimos  fine)  regni  Commanomm,trannTetandocamen  mare  vfque  in  regnum  Sarach.  . 
Abchaz ;  principalis  ciuitas  Commanorum  dicttur  Sarach. 

Ab  hoc  regno  verfus  partes  noftrasinucniturregio  Laiton  qux  eft  vltimapaganifmipun-I-'"o">v<ll-^ 
gituriftc  finis  tcrrxChriftianitatis  regno PrufTiXySc  RulTix.  tuaiua. 

Poft  poteftatcm  Impcrij  Tartarix  defcendendoi  prouincia  Cathay  inAuftralemplaeam 
vtnitur  verfus  Perfnm,Syriam,&  Greciam.  Verfus  tenam  Chriftianorum  polTum  aliqualiter 
in  fumma(quantum  conuenit  huic  fcripto)cdnotare,  Dixi  fupra  iam  prouinciam  Cathay  iun- 
gi  regno  Turquefcen  ad  occidentem,  &  iliud  quo^;  iungi  regnofeu  Imperio  Pcrlix.  Adquod 
u;ienclum,quamuis  rex  Periix  habet  ctiam  ab  olim  nomen  Imperatoris ;  quia(cu  tenet  aliquas 
terras  fui  Impcrij  ab  Impcratore  Tartarorum)necefle  eft  vt  in  tanto  fubiedus  fit  illi. 

Sunt  autem  in  Perfia  dux  region-s:  vna  altx  PerfiXjquf  i  regno  Turquefcen  defccdens,iun-  '^  «fl»Euftra- 

Situr  ad  occkdentcm  fui  fluuio|Pyfon.In  ifta  habctur  renomiiutf  ciuitates,quatu  mcliores  du{  ^^,  ,^1 
icunturBocura&  Seonargant,  quam  aliqui  appellant  Samarkand:  Et  altera  Regiobaflx  Boharc! 
Perfix,  defccndens  i  ftumiae  Pylon,  qui  ad  fui  occidentem  iungitur  regno  Medix,  8c  tenx  SamarkaniL 
minoris  Atmenix^  ad  Aquilonem  man  Cafpio,8c  ad  Auftrum  terrx  minoris  Indix.  p^  Ncffibg. 

In hacbaffa Perfia  trcsprincipaliores  ciuitatcs  (iint  I  Ae{rabor,Saphaon,|Sarmafaule.In  terra  I 
ttKJmaions  Annenix  quooda  habcbamur  quacuor  regna,  qu(  nunc  dicuntiir  fubcffe  Imocrio  HIH^  a,. 

F    z  Perfarum  mcnia. 



The  voyages  and  difcoucries    SJ.  MandeuiL 

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Maior  Arme- 

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Diilantia  i 
Roma  ad  Ca- 
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Cadilla  Rcgio 
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Pcrfarum^abctquc  famani  tcrr«nobilis,ac  ad  occidcntem  fui  iungitur  Regno  Turcix. 

Hec  Anneniamultas  valiic  bonas  continet  ciuitates^quaru  famolior  dl  Taunra.Regnu  Me- 
dix  quod  fubcU  Rcgi  Pcrlarum  quamuis  non  latum  cll.tanjcn  longu  ci^  &  ad  occidcntem  fui 
regno  Chaldf  f  coniunthim.  In  Media  incliorcs  dui  ciuitates  funt^cras,&  Keremen. 

pars  fiipcrior.qu^  iungitur  Medij.rcfcruauii  fibi  noinen  Gcorgif /ed  inferior  pars  diciiur  regnu 
Abcliaz.  Ambo  hjc  rcgna,8£  rcges  coru,lunt  de  fide  Chriniana,&  heroines  ita  dcuoti  vt  ad  mi- 
nus Icmelin  hcbdomada  comuniceni  facramcntis,  iuxta  rituGrfcorum  confettis.  Et  quidcm 
rcgnum  Gcorgi^  fubiacet  imperioGrand  Can:fcd  Abchai  nunquam  ab  ipfo  Imperatore  Tar- 
tari3r,ncquc  Pcrlarum,  neq;  Medorum  domino  fubdipotuit,  eo  quod  munitum  c(t  aquis  &  lu- 
pibus  &  aljs  prouifionibus  contra  impugnationes  hoftiles, 

Iuxta  hoc  rconu  Abchaz  habetur  vnu  mirum  &  mirabile,nammagnus  eft  territorij  locus  di- 
dhis  Hamfan.fc  continens  in  circuitu  fpacium  vi{  quatuor  di^taru;  videtur  fcmpcr  opertus  te- 
nebrif  Hcnfis  vt  nenioaudcat  illic  intrarc  profundi,  quoniam  fi  qui  pr^fdmpferinrjnon  funt  vifi 
rcuerti. Attaincn  fatentur  vicini  fub  illis  l"c  tenebris  audiffe  nonnunqua  clamo;cs  hominu,  hin- 
nitus,mugitus,  rugitus,  &  boatus  pecudum,  &  beftiarum ,  fed  &  cantus  gallorum.vt  per  h  jc  & 
alia  figna  confkt  ibi  habitarcgentes:  nam  &  fluuius  dccurrens  monflrat  llgna  Type  ccrtiflima 
in  fuo cxitu:igi)oratur  taincn ft tenebr*  pcrtotum tcrntoiium  fint  ciufdcin  dcnfitatis, an  fonc 
fint  in  circuitu  per  aliquod  fpacium,  &  incrinfccus  plus  luminofum. 

Dicutitur  autcm  tcncbry  iftf  olim  per  diuinum  nnrsailum  aducnilTc.Saboerc  cnim  Impera- 
tore Perfarum.circa  annum  Gratif  duccntcfllmumquinquagcnimuinpcrfccutioncChriftia- 
noru  tendcmc  cum  pleno  cxcrcitu  per  hunc  lot;um,&Chriftianis  tyrannidcm  cius  fugicntibu*, 
coiitigit  ex  improuit'o  eos  ii;i  ar(ibri,  vt  fe  cffiigere  dcfpcrarcnt.quaproptcr  ftatini  ad  orattonis 
rcfiigiumomnesfcftcmentcsclamaueruntad  Chriftum  auxiliatorcm  fuum:  Et  dcu$,qui  pro 
puro  cordc  Chriftianos  ad  f'"  orantes  femper  exaudit,  rxpleuitilhc  litcram  vaticinij  Ifaii: 
quia  eccc  tcnebnc  opcricnt  terra  &  caligo  populos ,  monlhan ^ per  tenebram  tirrrenam,  quam 
cis  fuperduxit,  quas  pafliiri  cflcnt  inimici  nominis  Chrifti  tenebras  infernales^  indicansque  per 
temporalcm  vitam,quam  fibi  fidelibus  conferuauit,eam  quam  po({c(ruri  funt  viri  Chriftiani 
vitam  ncrpctuam,&  ccileftem. 

Itaq;hocregnum  Abchaz  ad  occidcntem  fui  iungitur  regno  Turciar,  quod  in  longc  &  latoi 
vaidt-  cxtcfum  multas  cotinetprouincias  fci!icet  Iconi{,Cappadocic,Saure,Brike,Beficon,Pa- 
tan,&Gennoch;hij  omnes  Turci,cumtota  Syria  SrArabiav^;  ad  Galliziam  Hifpanij.fubfunt 
Imperatori  Babylonif  Soldano,&  funt  in  (ingulis  proui'^ci'.i  &  re^ionibus  ciuitates  magn^ ,ac 
multj  nimis.  Confcquctcr  huic  regno Turcif  ad  Occidentcm  fui  in  ciuitatc  JCathafa  iungi- 
tur per  mare  Greciffupcrior  pars  poteftatisLnperatorisConftantinopolitani,&  quafi  ad  A- 
qiiiioncm  contiguatur regno  Syri; :  cuius  vna  ^ .ouincia eft  tena  promifllonis,  prout  hoc  fatis 
ditflum  eft  fupra.  Sunt  cc  ali;  terry,  &  Iiiful9,&:  patri{laty,&  fpatiofy,  continentes  in  fe  multa 
rcgna,&  reges,&  genres  diuerfaSjdcquibus  nunc  perlingulapenraftarc  non  eft  confJij. 

Ad  fupradi(!:\a  Chaldya  iungitur  Mefopotamia,&  minor  Armenia,  &  velut  ad  Aiiftrum  aua 
e/Cthiopia,Mauritania,Lybia  aha  &  bafla,  &  Nubia.  Exccpto  ergo  duntaxat  diftridtu  Impcrij 
Perllf  &potclUte  Sc»ldani,omnes  fypc  pcrtra6^aty  terrar,rcgioncs,rcgna  Sclnful^-  dcfcendcndo 
fyx  n  per  Aquiloncm,  qua  ad  Auftrum  &  prouin cia Cathay,  vfq;  ad  Cnriftianiiatcm  funt  de  Im- 
pcrioTarrariiGrandCan.  Etnotandumdefpacio  diftantiz,quodinftitores  deRoma,vel 
Venetiafcrtinantesf^m  per  terras,quam  per  mare,  expcnduntde  tempore  mncnfes,&  quan- 
doque  duodecim,priufquam  in  Cathay  valcant  pcruenire. 

Hijs  itaq;  vifis  dcfcribam  faliem  aiiquas  a  prouincia  Cathay  in  orictcm  terras  Imperi;  Tar- 
t  rorum.lUic  habetur  rcgio  Cadilla  fpaciofamultu^mul  ^  fpeciofarcrcfcunt  namq;  in  ca  fru- 
ibs  ad  quantitatc  macnoru  Cawardoru,in  quibus  inuenitur  vna  beftiol3,in  came  &  fanguinc 
ad  formam  agnelli  abiq;  lana,&  manducatu'  rotus  frudhis  cu  beftiola.  Sunt  8c  alij  plures  diuei- 
fi  frui^us.quorii  penes  nos  non  eft  rcfpeiSus  nee  vfus.  Nam  &  funt  ibi  nonnullar  fpcciales  vitcs 
fcrentes  botros  inc  rcdibiliter  magnos,  quorum  vnum  vix  virilis  vir  valet  in  hafta  portare. 

Et  deinde  in  meridiem  per  aiiquas  dianas,poteft  pcrucniri  ad  primas  Cafpix  alpes,  qtiy  dcf- 
cendcndo dcfcendunc  vfquc  ad  Anuzoniam,infulam  mulieru,dc  qua  tra(^atum'cft.  Inter  hat 
Alpes  rctinctur  maxima  mulritudo  ludzorum  decem  tribuu  IfracI,  per  Dei  voluntatcm  ita  in- 
dufa.vt  in  copiofa  numcrofitatc  non  poffint  a  noftra  parte  exire.quamais  aliqui  pauci  non- 
nunquani  funt  vifi  tranfiflfc,  Haberent  autcm  competentem  exitum  circa  infulam  Amazoniy, 
fed  ilium  diligcntcr  rcgina  obfcruat. 

Po!  ro  dc  regione  Cadilla  in  onentcm  venitur  ad  regnum  Backarix,in  qua  mali  &  multuin 


U.Mandeuil.   ■    s.l.Mandeml.        oftheEnglifh  nation. 


crudcles  habitant  homines,  ncc  c(l  fccunim  icincraic  per  illaiii,qu6d  ad  modicain  occaiionria 
(fiDcusnoo  conferuarct)occidcrcnt  viatorcin  Sc  manducarcnt.  lUtciiint  arborcs  fi-rcntcsla« 
nam  velut  ouium,  ex  qua  tcxunt  panno$  ad  veSlimcnta.  Hyppoccntatiri  funt  ibi  pro  media 
ruperioii  parte  in  forma  humana,&pro  infct  iori  figura  cquotum,lcii  taurorum,vcnantes  in  tcr- 
ns,&  pifcantcs  in  aqui$  quod  coincdunt,&  fuper  omnia  canics  hoininu,quos  capcrc  polfunt. 
Ncc  non  8c  gnrphi  illic  apparent  pro  media  polieriori  parte  in  forma  Iconis.nro  anicriori  m 
tonnaaquil{.Seaician!i,corpu<>inagnioryphimaiusclVcodolconibus  lic  partiDusitlis. 
poftquiicquum,boucmvelhomincm,  ciiam  afinum  occidcrit,lciistfialponatplcnovolatu: 
tanqua  conuia bouis  aut  vacc^  funt  illi  vngular,dc  quibus  etiam  tieri  lolcnc  ciplu  ad  bibcnduin, 
qui  plurimilm  rcputantur  precioli.  Fiunt  quoq;  dc  pcnnis  alarum  ciui  arcus  rti^iiji,  &;  fortcs-i  J 
iaciendum  milfiiia  flcfagictas.  Ad  ilUus  rcgni  Baccari^  extrcmitates  in  Oricntcm  fiiiitur  tcna 
potclKitis  Grand  Can:  Et  iungitur  ci  terra  potcllatis  magni  Impcratoris  Indinr,  qui  fcnipcr  vo- 
caturPrcubytcr  loannes,  Notandum,quoiics  perprouincias  totius  Impcn;GiandCan,quic- 
quimaccidit.quod  Impcratorc  non  oportct  latere  ,conftftim  niittuntur  per  rcges  aotbaroncs 
nuiici)indromc<larijsautcqui<:,quicclcrrimc  fcftmant  ad  tcrtahoipiti.'',adhociplum,vchit 
abfcuc  nunicro  per  impcrium  inl tituta :  Ifquc  luincius  hofpitio  appropinquans,  &  r ornu  rcU>- 
nansjdum  auditur  paracur  nuncius  alter.qui  dc  manu  ful'cipiens  htcras,pcr  rcccntcm  drome  da- 
rium  fclhnat  ad  aliud  hofpitiiiin,&  fic  in  brcui  tempore  perferuntur  rumorcs  ad  curix  aures.Si- 
milique  modo  nuncij  pcditcs  pcnmitanturdc  hofpitio  in  hol"pitium,vtcitiuspercipiaturncgo- 
cuim  huius nuncij :  ap^icllaniurfua  lingua  Chidibo. 

Ergo  per  prfmiflTafatis  clucftmagnam  cflc  nobilitatem,potrnatem,reucremiam,&:  chamini- 
tioncImperatorisTartarif  Grand  Can  dc  Cathay,  &  quod  nullusab  ilia  parte  lmper3tor,ncc 
Per{i5,nec  Babylonif  .necGrccif  ,fcd  nee  Rom^  ell  illi  comparandus.Vndc  &  inuitu  mifcrandu 
eft.quia  ipfcciim  toto  Iinpcrio  ncc  ell  fide  Caiholica  illulhatus,  ncc  falutaii  lauachro  rcgcnc- 
iacu$:S(  hoc  orcmus  vt  in  brcui  eueniat.pcr  Icfum  Chriihim  Dominum  nolhum. 

Explicit  pa r  I  Iccund  J  huius  opcris>  _ 

y  Tertiafars. 
C  A  P  V  T.    4X4     DettMgnificentta Imperatms [tuii.t (i-precioftatePAlatif. 

^  Vm  in  prxcedcntibus  Imrcrator  Indix  didus  f«  magnu!>,icfhi  dc  lilius  magnl- 
/ficcntia  aliquid  poni  hoc  loco :  cuius  vtiq;  gloria,noDilitas,&  potc(bs,dici  non 
[habctur  minor,quam  di(fH  Impcratoris  dc  Cachaymam  ctfi  in  aliquibus  vidcatur 
fbrlitan  niinor,eh  tamen  in  aliquibus  fatis  maior,  quia  omnc  (quale  no  cil  idem 
.  cum  illo  cui  f  quatur :  itaq;  a  finibus  regni  Bacharix  fupradidi  vbi  contiguatur 
Imperio  Indi^.eundo  per  multas  di^tas  intratur  in  rcgnumjiPcntoxyrif  quod  ell 
magn^  latitudinis,^  abundantly  in  multis  bonis.-huius  nnminacior  ciuitas,dicitur  Nyte,&  in  ca 
habct  Iinpcrator  palatiu  quo  rcfidet  dum  fibi  placet.  Inipcra  tor  ilte  fcmpc  r  vo- 
citatus  e(t  Presbyter  Ioannes,cuiiis  noniinis  cauf^m  aiidicram  quandoq;  non  vcram:'lediri  iliis 

Eanibus  accepi  rationem  indubitata,quam  breuitcr  hie  enarro.  Circa  annu  ab  incamactonc 
•omini  odingcntclfimu.duxOgerus dc  D3nemarchia,cum quindccini cogn.itionis  iuf  baro* 
nibus,&  amiatis  viginti  milibus  tranfiuit  marc  Grecic,&  faucntc  fibi  Deo  conqiiifiuit  C-hri{iia- 
nitati  per  multa  pr^lia  pcnc  omncs,reciones,&  infulas.iTJas  eiTc  dc  potcflate  Grad  Can 
prfdixi,nec  non  &  omnes.qn^-  funt  dc  potcltate  Imperij  luiius  Impcratoris  Indi^.  liratq;  inter 
Bsrones  vnu<:denominatus  loaiincs  filiusGoudebucf,rcgis Fi ilonutqui  didu* loancs  Deo  de- 
uotus  iuit,&  du  licuit  Ecdcfuiru  limina  iniuit,  vndc  &  baroncs  ci  ciabant  q-aafi  per  iocum  Prjl- 
bytcrloanncs  vocabulum.  Dum  ergo  Ogcrus  dichs  rcgioncs  rxpugnatas  diuideret  in  hijs 
quindecim  fuis  cognatis,&  quemlibet  eoru  in  fuo  loco  coltitucrc  t  rLgcm,quatcnus  Chriftiana 
religio  in  ilia  orbis  fuperficic  femperftabilispcrmancrctjiradiditiUiPr^sbyteroIoannifupe- 
riort:Indiam,cu  40oo.infu!is,rcgionibus,  &  ipfii  picfccic  Impcratorc  fuper  reliquos  cognatos, 
vt  ei  certa  tributa,impcndcrcnt,&  in  omnibus  obcdircnt  atq;  ex  tunc  omncs  fucccflores  Indix 
funt  vocal iPrgjbytcr  Ioannes,8:  vfq;  inhodictnfi  tcmpusbonimaleruntC!iriHiani,&'  rdiqio- 
nis  xmulatores.  Interim  cum  caufa  matrimonionim  aut  piocurationis  filiorum  dilpcrlatft 
primi  Imperij  intcgritas,&  nuiltj  dc  infulis  conuerlc  vcl  pot  ius  pemcrf^  rctroccfl'crunt  ad  vctu- 
ftumfqualorcmpapaniliniprimi.  Nota.  PiCcedcnsaCambahivcrfus  oricntcm poit  medie- 
tas ad  terram  Pr{sbytcriIoannis,principalisciuitastcrr?vocaturCofan,fatispa:uafjcutVin- 
ccntia :  habct  vtiain  fub  I'c  multas  aha»  ciuitate$«  Ex  paci^o  fcnipcr  habct  in  vxorcm  vnam  dc 
filiabus  Grand  Can. 

Per  multas  p'.'rucnitur  ad  pro'.unciimCafan,quc  eft  fccundamcliordcmundo,  vbi  fubtilior 
eftjhabct  dicta;,  jo.  Jongior,'5o.  8c  eft  vna  dc  duodccim  partibus  Imperij  Grand  Can.  Oderi- 

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The  voyages  and  dilcoucries    4^./.  MandemL 

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csM.  Vide  infra  capitulo  49,  dc  CalTaii,  &  dc  Epulonc,  Deindc  vcnimr  in  Thcbeth  prouinci- 
am,  qu«  Indixcil  coiifmis.  Itaque  Rex  &  Impcrator  ilictenci  Ipaiiofiirimum  Iinperium  ple- 
num vi\di  multis  Regionibus  &  Infiilis  amplis,  diuifum  inter  quatuor  flumina  magna  dc  Pa- 
radifo  tcrrcltri  dcfcendcntia,Pyfon,Gyon,Tygrim,8£  tuphratem.  Nam  vltia  fines  oricnules 
cius  Impenj,&  icrrcllrcin  Paradifaiu,  nuUus  liominum  habitit  vcl  dcminatur. 

Prperea  impcrat  multis  alijs rcgionibus  &  Infulis  quar diHingumur per  brachia  maris Occ- 
ani,&  in  quibus  fingulis  continctur  grand>$  numcrofuas  ciuitatuni  ac  villaruni^  multitudo  iu- 
numera  popuioruin  pr^  abundantii  &  prxciofitate  omnium  terrenorum  bonorum. 

Imperium  Indiat  habcturfamofum  per  vniuerlum  orbem.Scd  &  famofius  habcrctur  fi  niei- 
caiotes  mundi  cominunitcr  poiruit  &  audcrent  adirc  ficut  Cathay.  NoHratibus  cniru  perrarus 
ell  lUic  sccetTus, tarn  prac  longinquitatc,  quam  prx  maiinis  periculis.  Nam  exceptis  alijs  funt 
ibi  quanipl'jrcs  Adaniaiuini  colics,  ad  oram  maris^  &  intra  marc,  qui  fua  virtute  attrahunt  fibi 
naucs  fcrrjm  contincntes.Quoniam  &  mihi  nauiganti  molh  abatur  per  !iauta$  a  rcmntis  qua- 
fi  panrjla  Infula  in  mari.quam  aflcrebant  lotalitir  ab  antiquis  tcniporibus  paulatim  ibi  cumu- 
!atam  dc  iiauibus  per  Adamantc;.  retcntis. 

titimaturautcm latitude luiius  Imptrij  per dietas  quatuor  nicnfiumjfcdlongitudininon 
dituredimatio.eo  qu6d  tenditur  vfque  Paradifum  vbi  nullus  acccdit. 

DiHindum  el\  Imperium  per  duodecim  prouincias ,  quibus  totidcm  prcfunt  rcges  princi- 
pales  fru  prouincialcs,  &  quorum  linguli  haoentfub feReges,Duccs,Matchioncs,&  liaroncs, 
prfdantes  atquc  rcddcntcs  prjsbytcroloanni  promptam  obcdicntiam,&  certa  tiibuta.S^-pius 
&  cumunitcr tenet  fedem  Impcrator  in  palatio  vtbis  Imperialis  Sufe.  Hoc  autcin  Palatsum 
talc  &tantum  eft,  vt  per  mc  noncredaturdcbiteelhmandum.  Klud  tamendicoaudcntcrm 
luiuma.qiiod  grandiu$,nobilius,prcciofius,&  placidiut  cll,in  auro,  gcmmis,(hud\uris,&  ichc- 
niatc  fupra  defcripto  palatio  Grand  Can  in  Caydo. 

Ft  ex  Ipcciali  Iciatis,  illius  palatij  principalcs  portas  eflc  dc  Sardonico,  vndiq;  in  iborccir- 
cumcluro.-fcd  5c  tranfucrlx  Unci  fiint  omnes  Eburncx,au!arum  &  cubicuioruin  fcixHrx  cliri- 
(hillinx,  Mcni'atuin  quidam  Smaragdin^.aliquat  H^matiftina:,  extci orumq;  lapidum  prccio- 
forum  per aumin  fibimct « oniundomnj.  Et nonnullac in  toio aurcx vcl  gcnmiunculis diiVimi- 
natz,^c  vnaquiquc  de  menfib  cum  ilabilimento  proprij  <;cncri$.  Dc  throni  quoquc  prcciofi. 
tate.quiamcidcmonftrationis  exccllit  modu,  iblummododico.fingulosafccniionis  gradui 
cfTc  lingulorum  lapidum  precioforum :  Primuni onychis,  fccundum  cnrinalli,  tertiuin  ialpidis, 
quartumhfmatilli,quintumrardij,rcxtumcornelij.  Ecfeptimus  qui  cflfub  fedcntis  Impcra> 
luccnics.  Scd  &  anibo  tluoni  rcclinatoria  ex  i'niaragdis  auro  conibinatis,coquc  diflindo  nobi- 
lifllmis  granis,  Sc  gcmmi$:cundtipii..rij  in  camera  Rtgis  dormitonacoriliuntdcaurofuluo, 
dincminattbacci$,&  quampluribus  cirbunculorumrubctis,  totumdc  node  liabitaculumiU 

Et  nihiluiiiinus  in  ca  chriltallina  lampas  plena  balfamo  piHico  fed  ardcns  &  lucens,  tarn  pro 
•ugendo  lumine,qua(n  pro  corrigcndo  aerc,tamtn  ctiam  pro  niiniftrando  optimo  odofe. 

Forma  ledi  Imperatoris coinna^iaclhic  purls  &  nnbiliinmis  Saphyris.conclult  vtiq;  aurcis 
vcl  cburncis  ligaturis,  vt  virtute  fapidu  capiat  fuauem  romnu,motiiiq;  carnis  inhonelii  Ihmuli. 
in  eo refrenentur. Niinqua  enim  iungitur  miilicri  nifi  foli  coniugi  proprix,  fed  ncc  illi  nifi  qua- 
tuor quindcnis  anni  videlicet  in  capitc  hycniis,vcris,^'(latis,8>:  autiimni  caula  fobolis  ocncrad^, 

Vttj;  breuif ^r  tranfcam  dc  multa  huius  palatij  nobilitatc,mirabi!c  hoc  (olumniodo  pr^mllis 
fuper  addo.Qiiia  circa  medium  illius  in  fummo  apicc  turris  maioris,duo  funt  nodi  icu  pomclla 
dc  decoi;\ilTimi  auri  mctallomirxmagnitudinis,&  fcrcii{rcrplcndcntix,&  in  ipiis  formati  duo 
carbtincull  gran(lcs,&  lati.fua vittute  tencbras  ctHigantcs,  &  vclut  ^>icndorcm  plcnilunij  n<v 
dhirno  tempore  mcnticntes. 

C  A  T»  V  T.     41. 
-  'Dcfre^mmiupdUtiic^comiMuImpfrMtorii. 

SEruiunt  &  prffl6  funt  lugiti^r  Domino  Impciatori  fcptcm  rcgc^qui  in  capitc  finmilorum 
nicnfi£i,alijs  fcptcm  regibus  pro  illis  palatii'i  ingrcdicntibus  rcccduiu  ad  propria,  donee  re- 
noluatureistcmpusllatutum.Hijcuram  habcntoe  rubernaiione  adminiflrationfi  in  aula  ma- 
iori  per  fubiedos  cis  71.  duces,  &  j  00.  &  fi  ^  comites  feu  barones,viuorum  vnufquifquc  opti- 
ma nouit  &diligentii  inter,  iitpropriominiftcrio. 

Nam  ilh  funt  Imperatoris  Cuoiculanj^fti  Camcrarij.ifti  fcindunt  Rcgi  morfcllos;a!ij  de  ap- 
ponendis  curam  gcrunt  fcrculis  &  dcponendi$,deaffcrcndis,dc  afpcrtandis.ali}  ptnccmx,Ar- 
chunandritXjOilumj,  8c  fic  de  fingulu. 


SJ.Mandeml,  I      S.l.Mandmil.       oftheEngliflinadon. 


Lim ,  fed  longitudini  non 

Ncc  non  abfque  lam  diifbs,manducant  omni  die  in  aula  coiim  Impcraiore,  duodecini  Ar  - 
chicpircopi,axo.Epifcopi,quibui<;tiainalijcotidem  certii  tctnporibus  fucccdunt  per  vices. 
Verumtamcn  ad  qHotidianas  cxpenTai  vfqur  prxinifTavcniunt  dc  Curia  joo.millia  prrfena- 
ruin/ed  non  ampliib  ■'  fed  ficut  prxdixi  de  Curijprarcedentis  Imp«raiorii  He  nullum  hie ,  cu- 
iulciiq;  Tit  ftatuj,aut frxu$,comcdit vlrra  femcl  in die,&  hoc  ipfuin  lobrit^  I'atis.quoniam  prout  T*«f  gL,ofi. 
xliiinarcpoiTuniiCXpcniirduodcvimhotninumdenolhis  coiuniunit^r  compenraremtrigiaia  utem  i  uto- 
honiinum  in  partibus  illis.  patorum, 

DuniloannemPresbyterumcontingitproccdcrecum  exerciruin  plena  exliibitioiie,  non 
dcfcruntiirvcxilla,  fcdtredeciin  crucesinagnx  altituJinij,  &grolTituilinis,Hcaurodi(hn(ito 
pretiofifsimis  perris.inlioiioreinOuiHi  &  luoruni  Apollolorumduodetim.  Hx  vcdtantur  in 
lingulis  curribus,&  fuigularum  ad  hocmaxiinis  curribus  cum  cuUodia  cuiul'cunque  crucis.rtc- 
ccmmiilccquitum,&  centum  millcpeditum,  ncc  camen  hie  nunicnis  augctvel  minuit  prin. 
cipalcm  cxercituin  Paganorum, 

Tempore  pacis  per  terras  propi ias  de palaiio  ad  palatium ,  aui  de  regno  ad  repnum ,  dum 
tcndercciplacct.coinitaturviiqucmagnajiiultitudinc  hominunianti&rcuo,  &  ex  vtroque 


Tiincqucportantur  coram  eotriavaId<}notabiIia,qui  tarn  iUiquam  omnibus  ea  dignt^no- 
tantibus  eflc  pofl'unt  (alutana.Prxccdit  enini  cum  in  Ipatio  circitcr  odtodecini  pniTuuni  dilcus 
onulhis  veiut  omni  gcnere  prctioforum  vaforum  auri  8c  argenti,  geminarum,  &  inxHimabilis 
artificij.lllumque  dil'cum  fubfequitur  propinquitb  Impcratori  id  Ipa tium  centum  palliium,  j- 
lia  crux  lignea  nullo  penitih  auro.nullouc  colore  aut  prcciolitate  artificiaiis  opcris  adornata. 

Dchinc  ad  icx  pafltium  luccedic  ibidem  propinquans  Imperatori  dilcus  aureus  terra  nigcr- 
riina  plcnus.Sunt  enim  prxdidi  comitatus  in  cuOodiam  ?i  lioncrem  peifonj  Iiiipcratoris,  jif- 
cus  vafomm  in  oUenliouem  diuitiarum,&  maielbtis  Imperialis.  Crux  in  rccordatione  paliio- 
nis  &  morti$,quam  in  truce  ligni  fimplice  ChriDus  partiis  ell  pro  nobis .  Et  terra  nigra  in  mc- 
moriain  diri  mortis,qua  caro  iplius  Impcratoris,  qux  terra  elt,in  tcrram  ibit  corruptionis. 

C  A  p  V  T     47. 
Di  ifuitHfiAm  mhufer  regiones  Initt. 

L\ch  plurima  mira  habcantur  in  terra  Impcrij  Prcsbytcri  loannis,  nc  nutei  ia  opcris  niml- 
iJm  protclctur.multa  tcco  fdcntio :  &  loliiin  dc  quibufdam  in  principalibus  Infulis  narro. 

Ergo  inpriinisdicovidilk  me  magnum  marc  arenofum,  quoddc  ibliim  minuta  arena  fine  Mj^ttmfflai 
ylla  aqua  cum  lapiUonim  j'raneliis  currit,&  fluit  per  altas  elcuationes,  &  dcptelsiones  ad  fimi-  re  arcno(uii). 
litudman  maris  aqux.ntc  vncjuam  quicfcit :  &  qu6d  ipfe  non  ccffo  Hupere,  inueniunturpif- 
ccs  ad  littus  proic(iH,qui  cum  Imt  altcrius  fonnx  &  fpccici,  qudm  de  noftro  mati.videntur  ta-  /„  oriemili 
men  gulhii  in  cdcndo  delicatiorcs.Nullo  tamen  humano  ingenio  vidctiir  hoc  marc  tranfuada-  India  vlque 
ri.aut  n»uigari,aut  illo  pillari/cd  nee  propter  fui  longitudinem,&  plura  impedimenta  de  pro-  '"•J'c  venti 
p^  circuiri.  !?r^?.'lA[l'* 

Itemab  hoc  latere  miiispcrtresdietashabenturmapnimontium  alpcs,  inter  quas  vcnit  fluminum (iif- 
quafi  oricns  dc  Paradilo  tluuiiis  dccurrcntibus  pctris.nilnl  penitils  habcns  aqu{,in  quibts  xfli-  fu<ant. 
mandr  liint  p'l  iriinum  magnarum  elVc  virtutum,quamuis  de  fingulis  humaiif  Icientix  cohfla. 
re  non  potclt. 

Hie  pctranim  fluuius  currit  ad  intcrrifiim  tcmpus,  quali  in  tribus  feptimanf  diebus.pcr fpa- 
tium  deft  rti  Ii\'iix  plurium  dictarum,  vclut  fluuius,  quoufque  tandem  Ic  perdat  111  marc  arcno- 
fumpr.Tdidhim.atquc  ex  tunc  iptt  lapides  penitiW  non  comparent.  Tempore  autem  fui  curliis 
nullus  appropinquarc  prxfumit,prx  (Irepitu  eius  K  motu :  fed  tempore  quictis  aditur  fine  pc- 
riculo  vitx. 

InOricntcmverfnsfluuijorigincmadingrcirum  dcferti  magni  inter  quofdam  de  monti- 
bu$,f  cniitur  grandis  tcrrx  plaiiic ies  tanq  ,::m  fpatiofi  c  ampi  totalitcr  arenofi,  in  quo  vidcntur 
ad  Soils  ortum  e xurgerc  dc  arena,  &  IccundUm  creuationetn  Solis  excrcfterc  quxdam  virgul- 
M^tque  in fcn*'>re  mcndiei  produccrcfnidlum.  AcdeilloujSoiisdeciiuofruituscumarbu- 
ftulis paulatim  mniii ,*  mi «k t  j 1 ,1  pcnitii*  depcrirc,  vndc  if.  nullus  hominum  aiidet  illorum  vti 
frud>tiws/ie  (it  quid  fantali  ■<  um  &  nociuum. 

In  hums  dcferti  intenoribus,¥(di  homines  in  toto  fylucftrcs,aui  etfi  in  fupcrioribus  forniam 
prxrcndcrc  videantur  humanim,^cfcTndunt  in  fubtcrioribus  ad  fomiambelUx  aliciiius. 

Horiini  qiiidam  froiucs  f/« unt  <: omibus  alpcratas.grinirtues vt  fcrx vel  apri :  akj  nnnnull* 
Vti  vidcntur  loqucla,  quam  nemo  rationtlium  nouit,  &  quibufdam  fignis  .onccpta  dcpro- 
munt.Et  eft iilic  pluralitas  fylueftriuni  <  snum,  qui  dicuntur ptpioncs,  quibus  poHquam  edc- 



\x  ,!* : 

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Tiie  voyages  and  difcoueries    «$*./. Mandtml. 



miti,&:  sd  vcnandum  inKrudti  hicrint.valtiw  t»pi  multar beftiat  per  delcrtum.  til  &  copiofius 
papiiu'omim  luiiim  vitiduim  in  colore  quas  appellant  phicake.&quariim  diuerl'a  I'unt  genera, 
noDiliorrs  habcnt  latas  in  roltro  lingiias,  Hi  in  vtroqiie  pede  digitos  duos.  }:c  qu;.<iam  ex  iliis 
Tiitiffilitcr  loqtiiinrur  verba  aut  prouerbia/cu  faiutationcsjin  patrix  idiomate,  vt  eutdenter  fa- 
JutTsconccdiJir,&  rctld»niviatoribus,8c  nonnunquamdcbitum  iter  erraAtibus  pcrdcicrtum 
oflcndant.Minds  autnn  tiobilcs  non  loquuntur  ex  natura,  fed  fi  latas  habent  linguas ,  &  non 
funt  vlira duoryin aiinoruinartatis.poiluiit  per  alsiduttatcm inllrui ad  ioquelam. 

Ali.r  ner  loqMuntur,ncc  enidiuntur.fed  i'oliim  clanutant  pro  voce  inilui,  &  niH  trcs  digiiot 
habcnt  in  pcdc. 

Nota :  in  qiiarta  orientali  Dcus  dcdit  ftatribiis  minoribus  magnam  gratiam,vndc  in  magna 
Tartaria  ita  cxpellunt  aboblcllis  darmoncs,»icut  dedomo  canes :  >,  ndc  quandoquc  per  decern 
die tas  ad  eos  adducuntur  dxmoniaci  alliyati,&  Ibtim  fratribus  pricipitntibus  in  nomine  Icfu 
Cluilli, cx(unt,& libcrati  b3pti7.3ntiir,& comburunt idola, & plurcs crt dunt ,  &  quandcquc 
txcuntidoladcignc,  Stfrairesproijtiunt  aquam  bcnediihni,  &  clamat  darmon, 
mco  halntaculo  cxpcllor  propter  fratrcs  niinorcs.  Jta  n)ulti  crcdunr,  &  baptizantur.  Oderi- 






Item  nota.-dum  reccdcrem  dc  terra  Prafsbyteri  loannis  vcrfus  occidentem,applicui  ad  con- 
tratam  vnam,  qui  dicitur  Mclcfcordcqiif  puiclirn  cl^,  &  muliiim  tcrtilis :  inter  montes  tiuoi 
liuiMS  *'  coiurat^'fcccrat  quidam inurum  circundaniem  m6tcm,&r  in  co  foiitcs  nobililiimns,& 
oinnc  dclciflAbilc.Et  luinc  locum  diccbant  patadifumjlkut  hie  t'cr^  continetur.Idco  Odcricus, 
qui  po(^ca  narrat  de  vallc  infaurta  in  hoc  rcterniinat. 

Adliipra'dic^um  IndiircgnumPcntexoriarfatispropt\  &  lata  eft  &longaInfula,  Mifcho- 
rac!i,bonis  copiofS  "^cfcrt J,(ic  qua  vnum  fcribo  prartcritum  initum. 

AntcpaucoshosannoSjVillanus  ditifsimus,  fibi  valdc  prcciolum  conftruxerat  paianum, 
quafi  pro  ParadifotcrrcHrijCircundatum,  muiiitumfortalitijs,  ac  rcpletuinomnibii!.  torpoia- 

Illic  arcac,turre5,cimcrx,cubicula,cum  alijs  idificijs,in  multo  numero.Sc  gloria  pcntiagni- 
ucs  &  auiculx  di{ciirrcbant,vo!itaban:.&  per  p'.ignas,garritus,colIurioncs,mcncb3niur  viucrc. 

Ill;c  prara,  &  pomcta,&  fcruntoria  circi  dclicioli  cfllis  congcllum,  dillinCta  velut  omni  gc- 
nerefljrum,  arooruni,  &bcrbarum,  cum  multisfontibus&riuulis,  quorum  pcrrp!cuita$,8c 
fluxU)  in  glarisfuaiicm  &:  auditui  prarllabant  refc«5iioneraj  &  fupcr  aliquos  fuerunt  cxccptio- 
riia  tificij,circumlHu(i^i3uro,&argcnto,&gcmmis,  &ticsprincipale(fonte$cmittcntcsa(i 
paLuium  Domini  per  occultas  tondudtas.riuulos  vini,la(;^is,&  mellis. 

Copioliis  quoqur  numcms  fonnoloruni  pucrorum,&  pucllarum,  artatis  inter  decern  &  fcx 
decern  annos,indutorum  torriuibus,&  cycladibus  rxauratis,excrccntium  inter  iocos  cantus  &  fcruientium  fuo  Domino  propc  nutum. Audicbantur  ex  tunium  coftodibus,  i»ec 
non  vidcbantur  duk iinii.T rympboni.T.'^cncmm  diucr'orum,vt  ccrtilsimc putarcs,non homi- 
num.fcd  Aiigclorumi&inilbs.acfimilibuSjdclicicbatiirillcvillanus. 

Scd  &  auruinliiiido nil  iuuat,im6 nocct:quiacnim  hie  iiiuidix  &  otij facibus fupcr  ingenu- 
itatcm  mentis  omnium  gencralitcrnobilium  principumvcrebaturincordei^ingcnuitascnun, 
&  nirticitas  nunquam  coFiabit  at  in  cordis  vno  domicilio)  Compofucrai  ilia  fibi  in  hunt  fincni, 
vt  per  fcfingulosaduocarct  aliquos  vafalloscorporcrobullosjmcntcq;  audaccs,atq;adomnc 
proteruiain  bcnc^  procliucs:&  cuilibct  pro  placitis  nnineribus  commifit  vt  ilium  feu  ilium  prin- 
cipcrn  feu  Baroncm,quemdtcebatfibi  aducri'ariu.dam  perinfidias  vcl  impctu  occidctct,pro- 
mittens  qucnquam  poll  fadium  ad  fc  rcccpturuin  perpetuo  in  hunc  locum :  led  &  vclut  vatici- 
hilomintis  ani;nam  cms  in  hunc  amtrnum  Ptradifum  recipi,  &  viucrc  in  xtctnum. 

Perfume  igiturmodumnonnullisnobiiibusoccifis ,  &mtcrfcC^is,tandcm  nudabatur  eiu« 
r.cquitia  tant2,8c  congrcpati  regionis  Barones  mifcruni  occidcrunt,cius  opera  dcib^uciucs.Ip* 
fc  ego  inibi  du<^s,  vidt  tontium  luca,S£  muiiarci  vcOigia. 

C  A  1»   V  T      44. 

Delococ^difpoJitioHex  ■'!tjiHf<iu/f,c. 

HViusadinfulacextremitatcsrioii  procu!  afluuio  Pyfop,  habctur  locus mirabilis  parity 
&tctTibi!is,vltraomnemundanfi,pcnc^&  procul;dc  eucntibu5,ac  laboribus  infmicis.qu* 
mihJiHf  ilque  in  tempore  itinerationia  accidetunt  hucufquc  iubticui,cuin  iam  vnum  dc  tnaio* 
fibus  ens  narro. 


lI.Mandtiul.     I    S.l.Mandml.        oftheEnglifh  nation. 


ongalnfula,  Mifcho- 

Ell  illic  in  alpibus  vallis  infaufta,quatuor  (ertnd  leucarum :  longitudo  vallis,quali  ad  qu4tu- 
ormilliaria  Lonibardica,appellata vallis  incantarionis/ctipcriculofa,  feu  propnut  dzmonio. 
la: intra quamdiebusacnodibus  refonant  boatus  tt  niinultus  iunitruorum,tcmpefiatuni. 
clamonini,&  (hidonim,diuerfique  generis  ronituumtcrhbtiium,  quos  illic  exercet  niulticudo 
rpirituummalicnorum.  .:«js      •■ 

i'ropi  ad  vallis  medium  fub  vna  rupium,apparct  onini  rcmporc  vifibilitrr  integru  ac  maxi- 
mum caput  dxmonis  vfquc  ad  huincros  tantum,cuius  Tpccicni  pr»  horrorc  nullus  plcno  intu- 
itu humanusaudetdiu  oculus  fuliinere :  nam  refpicicntcs  contra  afpicit  truculentcr.agitans 
oculos  miiiacitcr.tanquam  ex  palpebris  ciciilurus  (qu*  &  fcmtillant)  flammas  in  altum.  To- 
iiiinquc  caput  l"c(c  rotat  ad  miiias,&  variat  tcrnbilitcr  modum  &  c  mitinrntiain  lub  rcpcntO  di- 
iicrfiii  manericbus.Exitquc  de  illo  per  totunt  ignis  obl'curatiu  fumo,  &  fcctor  taiitus,  quod  per 
magnum  fpatiumvixpeirtmamvallcminfcif^at. 

Iiigrcdi  autcm  vo!cntibus,apparct  fcmprr  ad  introttum  vaHis,magna  copia  auii,argenti,va- 
rorum,vclhum,&  rcriim  prctiolarum,qnasprocu]dubio  ibi  d^ioncsconfinguni,  quibus  &  ab 
oiiinmultiinfipicntiumliominumconcupilccntiatraili  tntrarunt,  &  vfquc  nunc  intrant  pro 
colligcndothcl'auro:  rcddeInHdelibuspauci(Timircucrtuntur,!m6nccdc  Cluilhanis,  quia- 
uaritii  caufa  ingrcdiiintur :  per  vallis  autem  fcmitam,  qux  inter  monies  &  monticulos.tortu- 
ofa  &  afpcra  cll.gradicntcs  vident,&  audiunt,  dxmoniacos  fpiritus  multos  volutant'*s,&  ima- 
ginibuscorporuni  viribilium,fcrpcntum,voIucnim,vIularuin,lainiarum,&huiufmodirpccic- 
rumiiorribiliumdcntibiisminitantcs.vngulas  cripentes,  incognitos  llbilos  fpirantcs  propi 
fupcr  capita  ad  aurcs  rraiirgrcdicntium.Scmpcrque  luinuitur  lumen  acris,  donee  ventum  fue- 
rit  ad  terribilifsimum  locum  capitis  antedidti. 

Si  quis  autcm  fincer^  fidci  Cbiillianus  per  contritionc  vera  &  confcfsiont'/c  pofucrit  in  fta- 
tufaluationi>,munitus  corporis  Chrirti  fignocruc  is, cum  intcntionc  ibidem  agcn- 
di  poenitcntiam  dc  admi($is,&  caueiidi  de  admittendis ,  putatur  puflc  banc  tranfire  vallcm  fe- 
curus  quidem  a  mortc.non  tamcn  liber  a  Iaboribus,horronbus,&  tormcntis,&  cxirc,dc  omni- 
bus culpis  prxtcritts  corruptis^acdefuturismagislolitocautus/icuticriptuinei^jterhiipurga- 

Nota  aliud  mirabile  magnum.Vidi  cilm  irem  per  vnam  vtllcm  pofitam  iuxta  flumcn  quod 
egreditur  dc  paradifo,vidi  in  ea  miilti  corpora  mortuorum,  in  qua  ctiam  audiui  multa  genera 
Muficorutn,  quiibimirabilic^rpulfabant:  tantuserat  ibi  tinnitus  Muljiorum,  qu^dincufsic 
mihitimorcm  horribilcm. 

Ed  autcm  longitudo  illius  vallit  qtiafi  ad  quatuor  milliara  Lombardica,in  qua  fi  vnih  InH- 
dclis  intrat,nunquim  egreditur,  fed  fine  mora  moritur :  Et  licet  t'ciui,qu6d  intrantes  nuxiun. 
tur.tamcnacccptauiintrare.vtvidcrcm  quid  ibi  eflet.Duniintraflem  tot  humana  radauera 
ibi  vidi,  quod  nifi  quls  vidcrer,  credere  non  poflct. 

In  hac  valle.ab  vno  eius  latcrr,vidi  facicm  liominis  vald^  horribilem,qui  tantum  horrorem 
mihi  incufsir,qu6tl  putaui  me  fpiritum  exbalarejpropter  qwod  farpi  repetij  verbum  vitx,  fciJi- 
cetjVcrbumCaro  factum  eft. 

Ad  illam  facicm  non  audebam  acccdere,nin  ad  diftantiam  0^0  pafTuum :  poftea  iui  ad  ca- 
put vallis,?;  2(ccndi fnpermontcm  quo vndique circumfpiiiens ,  nihil  videbam, 
nifiindrumciitamuficaiia.qux  audiebam  fort  iter  pulfarcCiim  fuiflem  in  capite  moniis,repc- 
ri  multuin  argcntum  congrcgatum  ibi  in  fimilituaincm  fquammarum  pifcium ,  vnde  pofui  in 
grcmio.fcd  quod  dc  ipfo  non  curaban),dimifi  illud,&  fie  illxfus  tranfiui  Deo  concedcnte. 

Sarraccni  cOm  hoc  fcirent,reuerebantur  ine  eflc  baptizatum,  &  fan^ium :  mortuos nunc  in 
yalle  diccbanr.homincs  infernales. 

Odcricusadliteramhicterminat  fuumlibrum:  nonfuittot  perpcflus  in  vallc,  Hcuttgo. 
Anno  Domini  I  ^  t .  lamiarij  nono,  migrauit  ad  Chriftum,  in  conucntu  Minorum :  cuius  vi- 
tam  ftatim  in  finc.Sc  vfquc  nunc  'iris  miracniis  diiiina  prouidenti.i  approbat,&  commcndar, 
proutconcinebaturin  quaternr  i  quo  concordantias  hie  fuperfcminaui. 

C  A  P  V  T      45. 
Dtfericule  (jr  tormtmit  im  vdlU  til  Jem. 

TTaquc  dico  vobis.olm  ego  cum  fodalibus^qui  fimul  eramus.qiiatuordecim  diuerfarum  naii- 
lonumantc  ingreflum  huiu^tantipcriculi  perucni(remus,nostra6tatulongo,&  delibfratione 
acutaconfiliabainurjVtiumnain  ingrcdi  dcbcrcinus,  &  quidanialTinnabant ,  alii  verdnega- 
bant.Erit  autcm  in  nutiicro  duo  deuori  fi-aire$,dc  relipionc  beati  Fr*ncifci,natione  Lombaidi, 
qui  vidcbancur  pro  feipfis  non  inultum  curare  ingrcfwin  j  nifi  quia  uolueruu:  nos  animare  ad 



The  voyages  knddilcoueries    SJ.MandeuiL  I     S.LMandeu 

\  1 

ptzmunuent,  iiigt  c«ktciitur  cum  illiii  quo,  ib  omnibui  mediaute  debits  prouiAone,quun  ip. 
fi  trauct  pcnc>  fc  gcrcbant  pcrado^pvuiimus  mcntct  noliras  cum  pcdibui  ad  iotnjidum. 
Scd  ecce  quinque  de  iiobis,duoGrcci  &  uci  Hiipani,  rcmctipfos  ab  aliji  rcgregintci,  vili 
*  flint  aliuinrequircre  introitumno*pt^ederecupientes,&ccrt^notilloicxuidcnonvidimui, 

U  quid  CIS  accident  an  pcriculuiniTubieriatiVelne  ignoramus. 

Nos  autein  nouein  per  vallcm  ptoceflimus  in  Alciuio ,  &  cum  cordis  ea  dcuotione ,  quam 
quilquc  fibi  potucrit  obtinere:  &  eccc  in  brcui  iranfa^to  fpatio  appanictunt  cumuli  niafla- 
rum  juri  &  argciui,&  precioforuni  copia  vaforum.  Sed  dico  vobis  pro  pane  nwa ,  cjuia  nihil 
horumtciigi.fcputansid  fallaciam  oarmonum  confinxiHc  ad  mittcnduin  concupilcentiam 
incornulltutn,  imbftne  lacermiTiionccooabar  cor  mcum  cullodire  ad  dcuotioncin  incep* 
tarn.  I' 

Protcdentibus  igitur  nobis  lux  csliminuebaturpaulaiim  &  augebacur  horror,  quoniam 
propcnoi  viuliaueetiamfubpedibusnonriiapparebant  iaccre  radaucra  monuorum  homi< 
nuin  peniiui  dchindia:  alia  adhuc  rpiraniia,6c  nonnulla  femiuiua/upcr  qus  duin  nos  aliquan- 
do  calcare  contingcret,conaucrebantur,ac  ^Unoii  fubtnuimurabant. 

He  lie  ^  non  ccnum  id  habebain,flliinaui  hoc  fieri  in  parte  vel  in  toto  fidtione  dzmoniim, 
rcpgt ant  in  brcui  tempore  tantam  multitudinem  homiitum  fpontanec^  vallcm  intraifc  >  &  li  a 
longo  tempore  in  ea  perijflent  putrefadtos  fuilTe. 

brgo  in  initio  nuliriproceflusquaTiprop^leucaminucnitur  iter  Itib  pcdibus  fatis  promp* 
tuin,(cdluminetanquaniad  medium  nobis  ruf!icicnte,viatorqucbaturniiius,  &  alpetahatur: 
&  eccc  figurx  dTmonum,ciicuni  &:  Aipra  in  acre  fe  fcieniiiim ,  ad  imagines  honibiliiim  lupo« 
um,gannieiuium,hian(es  orc,intentantcs  dentibus,roltri»,ac  vnguibus,nos  cencte,  mordcre, 

Quaproptcr  pro  breui  interdum  foluto  fdcmio  nos  inuiciSit  hortabamur,  ne  quis  pro  pufil- 
lanimiiatecerroriccdcret,&  tanto  deficeret  in  agonc.Hoc  igiturmodo  per  fecundam  leucam 
cxpirantc  nobit  vfque  ad  cenebris  luinine,quoulque  quis  vix  vmbrani  proxiini  agnofcere  pol« 
fit,  prartcr  prxdidia  in  acre  tonnenta,uicurtebant  nobis  ad  tibias,&  pedci  piuialitas  quari.po ,-. 
corum,vrromm,&  caprarum  grinnicntium,8c  impellcntium  nos  ad  lapfum,  quod  vel  ad  terti- 
um,velquartuin,aut  iextuinpairunirolatenuscMlcbamusinpalmas,fcu  genua,  vel  proHeme- 
bamur  in  facicm.aut  fupini. 

Ac  ruperuenereprztcrhuc  ventorum  turbines,  fiilgurum  corufcationeSjiooitinjorurii  V-nt- 
tus,grandinum  cai'us  &  eiundatio  pluuiarum,  qutntas  &  quales  nunquam  accepimus  in  hoc 
mundo,  quibus  iadabatTiur,ruebamus,quaflabamurA  periclitati  fuimus  cxttinarrandum.. 

Interdum  quoquc  fcnfimus  tanquam  graucs  baculotuni  i6^us,perhumcros,dorfaJa(era,  & 
adrencs,  ali;  quidein  grauiorcs ,  alij  vt  puta  fccundum  dcmeritum  vniufcuiufque .  Etcert^ 
dum  per  tanta  tormcta,  quaTi  exhaulHs  totis  viribus,  iam propc  medium  locum  valiis  erat  ven- 
lum.acc idit  rcpentc*,  Tub  vnico  in(^anti  temporis,  quibuldani  noHnim  cspalmacio  ita dura,'  vt 
omncs  paritcV  coilil),&  prnlirati  laceremus  in  extau  per  vnain  vel  diias  furfitan  horas. 

Etif}ode((:duviditquilibetfuomodorpiritualcra  viTionem  fupermirabilcm,  Accxccdcn- 
tem  omne  di(i^um,&  frriptum. 

Ego  ver<S dc  vifionc  nica  nihil  aufus  fum  fcribere,  vel  loqui,  quia  &  frtiUcs  ItnguU  inliibuc- 
runt,nirj  de  his,qu*  corporalitir  intuebamur,&  pai'si  fumus. 

Grauiliimuin  finguli  fullinuimu!  idum  per  corporis  loca  diuerfa.vnus  in  facic.alius  In  j>ec- 
torc, ad  co(bj,in dorlb.vcl ad humrrum,& inanfii cuiquc  fignum perculliux nigcnuiiuni,  ad 
formam  virilis  manus  humanat: 
MiiahUiii^i  I(ituni  autcmmciiin  in  colli  ceruice  tali  ac  tanta  pafsionc,  vt  putabamcaput  abfciflum  de 
corporeauo!are:&  hinc  ad  ododecimu  annum  manfit  mihi  in  prima  magiiitiidine  ngnum:red 
&  vfque  nunc  variatocolore  locus  ille  dcmonflrat  plenifsmimi  cicatricem,  donee  cum  cada- 
uerctotamutabiturinfcpulchro:  porrovbi  nosabextafi  in  his  tcncbris  feparauiinus  HnguU 
per  diuinam  gtac.ain  refpirando joquendo, palpando,  nos  ipfos mutua  liumanitate, 
vt  Potuimib,rccoll<piinuj,&  cohortabamur,cOm  fubito  nobis  apparuit  Tub  tencbrofo  lumine, 
velpotiiKfumolacaliginc,  locus  die  (patiofus  mcdi«  valUs ,  continens  antediituin  horribUe 
caput  dxmonii.plcnus  foetorc  inxftimabUi,&  lugi  occupatiis  exercitatiunc  innumerorum  fpi- 

Hunc  crg6 locum  ineptu  cilm  vitarc  vcllemus, in  toto  nequiuimus  cxtrcmitatem  cius.quo- 
cunque  girantes,imllus  nolhomm  perfeflo  afpeAu  audebat  refpitert  qu^  getebantur  ibidem, 


^   :T:\'j^ 

S.l.MMdeml,       of  the  EngUfli  nadon. 


quiA  iouadcM  ucmor  tlatucbat  horiipiUtionrin,  extrahebu  lutloicm,  &  puiiorcm  omnei  ex* 
rioguerc  VHkbaatur.Ncc  tamenpocuiic(I<t<;ontiliuindcicucnrndo,  nc  propter  iinroutatum 
propolkum  confclhm  a  Usinoniuia  iiruiguJarcmur. 

Iraaiiuinuis^Dci  gratia nobuopitulaiiu-, led nonruMmaximo honoris,  (arton'fque  tor- 
mcnio:  ruriuinqueex  tuiKproce(ienteinosapprchendebatcrncbroU,validiquei(mpc(la4. 
vcntoruiii,coriil'caiionuin,tonitruuin,grandintui),tk  pluuiaium,  cuius  qualliuiunecollabcba- 
baniur  in  t'aci<»,&  in  dorio  dcxtrorrum,8c  rmiiirurum,intcruoluentc  ad  tibtas,  lu  ut  pnUs  muU 
ti(udincgrinnicnriumbcltiaruin,ncc dubitat'cnbcrcquoqueampliUs, quam  joo.vKibuipcr 
hanc  valKinquil'qucnolbuinlictncbaturadicriam. 

Poll  v(i6  exadtain  tertiain  lcucaiii,C(xpit  nobis  augeri  lux  aerii.ex  quo  aniinoftorcs  cll'e^ii, 
ill  vnotranquilliori  loco  nos  paruin  paulan(cs,graiiak  Deo  palmu  cxtenfu  m  c jclum,rcdd>di' 
miu  iinincnlat,fl<  pi«c ipuO  qu6d  nitllus  dcctfct  dc  nouciiario  numcro  fociorum. 

Nihilomiitus  tainen  ipiritus  in  acre  nobis  minari  non  ccflabant,pr{tep,dcniet  in  dcridoneni 
fua  pudenda  funul,&  fixda  virilia  &  poAeriora. 

I'tocerto crgu habeatis de  hit qux  vidi,  &  lenft,  nuUam pofluin  vobit  iradcte  xquipoUen- 
tiani  vctburum,  ciiin  quia  grauillima  erant ,  tuin  quia  lingulis  nc  mihi  deuocionctn  minuctet 
nona(tcndcbttin,iuiiictiatu,quodptxhorrorc,labore,&dolorc  muha  inemorixnon  com- 

Per  quartam  autem  leucain  (duc\rice  gratia)  leuiiis  tranfeuntes,  fuDinuimut  tainen  fubpe^ 

Nunc  iCM]uc  oblecroinagno  cordu  art'ectu.hcc  IcgenietSi  audientcs  ego, qui  in  illahora 
quid crga  ine  agcbattnii'ericordtlsimi  Dei  pietas  ignorabim,  vtveiitisprome,  fmul&me- 
cum  ex  mentis  ultimo  collaudare  ipltim  Doininuni,  qui  tunc  de  potciiatc  tencbranim  illarum 
eripuitnte  indignum.Ac  proutconhdo,  a  dehdis  iuuentuiismeput^auit,  quateiuisdc  polled 
commirsis,&  rommitteiidis,m)hi  p' '  piiitu  tore  dignetur,(i^ii  iamleniorrimeiteChit.Quoni- 
am  ctli  ex  tunc  prnpniui  moref  cor rigcr^-  ,cx  nunc  Haiuo  in  melius  emendate,  per  Hiium  eius 
IcruntChriflum  Dominum  nollrum, 

Adlioc,addo  bmiitur,  qucxl  non  ludetein  hortari  quenquam,  ineconfulcntem,  vt  fponta* 
ati  ingrcdcretur  banc  vaUcin  inhiuilain,c]uamuii  ego  curioius  intiaui.  Venicntes  polihac  ad 
proxHnac  habitationes,nec(ilc  fuit  •obia  iiHendtread  recreanduin  corpora  <ibati)s,  &  balnc- 
ii,8(adinedeAduinvulneribus,&quai£MMhs/i«n«cpcraliquodtempus  vnulquilqucaccipe- 
ret  dclibcrationcm  fupcr  luo  tuttiro. 

C  A  f  T  T.      4(f. 


VT  mod6  proccdain  in  tradUtti.  Sciatis  ad  paiKas  iiide  dietas  grandem  infutam  habai  gi- 
gantium,ad  Haiurmn  alrttudiius  viginti  quinque  pedum  noilrorum ,  de  cjuibut  ipfe  vidi 
nonnulloificd extra tenamconmi,&audiuiniuscircimiinlecu»quoldain  in^mta pedum, & 
vltra :  hi  operiuntiir  iinn  veliibus,  led  beHiarum  pellibus  vtcunquc  fibi  appenlis,  comedentes 
animaliumcacnesciudas^At  lac  pro  potu  fotbcntes,  atque  appctemctlupeiu^Miem  efumcar- 
ncs  humauas. 

Ilh)rumno»  cutauiintrareinrulain.-mm&audtuiquodadmBisliaus  folcni  infidiari  iia- 
utgautibus,naucrquc  liibmergere,  niliimrr<faimiedn«a:tuu  uibuaautquatuovper  lorTrmho' 

Verlu*  Auiltim  hinc  in  man  Oceaiw>,bi^etur  inter  alias  inrulat,Tn»,vbi  crudclibus  quibui- 
dam  inulieribus  nafiiiur  m  tKulis  lapis  iatus,fic  raalas,  qnf  fi  per  team  rcCpexcrint  homiuem, 
more  HaJiliIci  intcrfitiiint  (olo  vifu. 


I  ctlferi  tf^ 

Etvlirihanc  inlulamiliAmator&poptiktrior,  Tbicibimuhi  fmt  vlus  nobainfueti,  vnuin 
delct  ibo. 

■  Dum  derponlaueht  vir  puelloni,  Tkgioem,mandat  hominem  incomponium,  velut  ribal- 
duin.quil'uaidoneaclaiicpcrcxpcrto'idipfrlioc  diligcn'^r  conliderata,  rtteputatur  idonea 
rt'ieret  &  rdiigot  liib  node  vnica  virginalnn  conclauem,pro  mercede  fibi  tradita  compcien- 
ti.Et  (\  poUera  nod^c  acccdens  fponfuj  ita  non  inuenerit,poterit,&  confueiiit  hominem  impe- 
ICTC  ad  mortis  mdtcitim  indcchnabilf .  Citmque  huius  mori*  difcere  voluiflem  caulampiccepi 
relponkun.procertistempnnbusapudeos,  virgincs  habuiflemmatriobukptiuo  lerpeittci, 
quibus  noccbantur  primi  ad  illas  intranut. 

Idr6q;&  viri.quipromcrccdctantum  I'ubeunt  periculum ,  vocantfua  loqutla  cadibrum, 
ciVbltoi  delpcrato«. 

InfuJj  vb«vii< 
smur  ante* 
i]uain  nubani 



'  ><i , 


The  voyages  and  difcoueries    <$*./. MandmL 


tx  hac,apparet  InluU  in  qua  inter  alios  vfus ,  pcnierla;  liint  matres  contra  naturatn  &  (crip. 
tura,cuni  pepcrerint  connittanrur,  &  dum  prolei  mcritur  iocudantur,  ia^antcs  in  nugiio  imc 
cuin  conuiuio  &  cxuUationc.dumquc  maritus  ante  vxorcm  dcccdit,patebit  viortj  plena  due. 
&\o,{\  cum  coq>ofe  mariti,quod  toco  uailitur  (c  ladUt  creinantiani,vt  quia  in  iltofeculo  ftete- 
runt  amorii  rinculo  colligati,non  nnt  alio  fcparati. 

Nee  tamcn  intclligunt  illud  lcculuni,nifi  quod  iibi  confingunt  terre ftem  ParadtTum  .  Pue- 
rum  aut  minore  anni>,trihct  matei  fccuin  li  placet,lcd  xtatis  pucr  pcrfe£tar,eligetproproprio 
placito  viuerc  lupallcs.aut  mori  iuxta  parentes. 

Hic  etiain  non  fucceduntRcgcs  per  general ionetn  fed  perele^onem,vt  afliiiratur  non  no. 
bilior,  aut  fortior,  fed  morigeratior,&  luiiior,  y o  ad  minus  annotum,  nullam  habens  fobolem 
aut  vxorcm,  feniatiirque  illic  iudici*  rigor  in  pleniccnfura,  in  omnibus  &  contra omnes,  eti« 
amfi  t'otcfc'.  crit  ipCc  Rex, qui  nee  cximitur  a  traditii  Icgibus  pro  concupiiccntia tcI  contetnp. 
lione  qilarumlibct  perlonarum. 

Veruntimcn  Rex  fi  pe.rauerit  non  oeciditur  ob  reuerentiam ,  fed  qu^  fub  p<rr<t  mortit, 

f)ub!i<t'  inhibctur,  nequifpiam  in  Regioneciverbovcl  vlJofadocoinrr.uniict,  ficquoniam 
ui  loco  alter  rex  conlbtuitur,necefl'e  ci\  illi  breui  vita  dcp.ere  vel  pcrpctuo  exulare. 

Connatpoiiipfam,  &  alia  Infuiamultii  bonis  !ocuplcs,f<hominibuspopuloia,de  qua  re. 
colorcribciuiuin,  quod  nulla  occalione  comrdunt  tria  genera  carnium,  callinanim,  Icpo. 
rum,&  auearum.quasetfinutriantin  copijs.vtunturdiintaxat  pellibuiautpTumis. 

C»tcrarum  vcr6  bcdiarum  &aiiinuliuinlicitivefcuntur  carnibus  pro  vidu,  tc  ladtepro 
potu.  Ibi  qullcj;  virlicit^potcllconiungicuiqucmulicri,  quamumcunquc  propinquet,  cx- 
ceptit  progcnitoribus,patre & matrc .  Nam  eoKabitaiio, & commixtio omnium virorum ad 
ftngulas  inulieres  apparet  ib:  commui)is,vnde  mater  natum  paruulum  fuum,adicit  pro  fui  pla. 
citocuicunqueviro,  qui  circa  generationistempusfecumdormierit,  nee  valet  yllus  virorum 
cflc  certusdepropriogencrato,quem  moduinodegem  arbitror  &  turpeni. 

Sieut  ergo  prstlatus  f  iim.mulca  mira  vidcntur  per  Rcgiones  Indorum,  mir*  quidc  nobit.fed 
illis  aflueta,  quibus  (\  nollra  recitarentur  alfucta,  audircnt  pro  miris .  Nam  &  dum  quibu!  Jam 
dixi  aueas  viuas  apud  nos  nafei  in  atboribut,  admirati  fuiu  latis .  In  multis  locis  fcminatiu  lin. 
guli]  annis  fcmentnm  de  ||  Cothon,  quod  noidicimuii  lanam arboreani ,  exurgunt  ei  modici 
arbu(ia,vel  potius  arbuilula  de  quibus  talis  lanahabetur:cft  arbor  Iunipeius,de  cuius  ligno  dc- 
fieeato,  C\  carbones  viuos  Tub  proprijs  cinehbus  tenaeris  diligenter  opcrtoi ,  igniti  feruabuntut 
ad  annum. 

Eli  &  genus  Nucum  incrcdtbilis  nugnitudinisad  auantitatem  inagni  capitis :  8c  bcHia  vo* 
cata,  oraflans,vel  fcrfans,  cotpurein  noltrorum  altitudinc  caballorum,  &  collo  in  lo  longitu- 
dine  eubitomm  adprofpiciendum  vleradomos  flc  muros,  quoiuiu  poneriora apparent  vtliin. 
niculi  Hue  lerni. 

f  jcnuf  eO  etiam  Camclionutn  ad  formam  hynnulorum,  qui  (emper  patulo  trndunt  ore,  vd 
nil  mamiiirantes.  Viuuntdeaere,  quaccciainadruuin  libitum  vidcntut  fibi  vanare  colorctn, 
exccDtij  ^vt  (kitur)  albo  vel  nibeo. 

Maximi  qin^;  rerpentes,inuieem  qualitate,&  genere  differentes  at^;  colore. 

Aliqui  crilhm  in  c  jpitc  gcmnt,  quidam  more  hominum  ad  duos  pedes  ercdU  iocedunt,  & 
nonnuUi  qui  dicunturKeguli,venenum  per  ora  diHillare  non  ceiTant,nec  non  (]uam  plures  eo* 
codrilli,  de  quibus  aliquia  in  prscedentibus  retuli :  &  apri  in  noftrorum  magnitudinc  bourn, 
fpinofi  crici),in quanticate  porccrurn.leones albi in  altiiudine dcxtrarioruro .  Louhcraiui,  feu 
Edouches  per  Indiani  hal>entur,  quod  ferarum  genus  fatis  ell  maius  nonriscommunibuse. 
quit,  gerens  in  frontc  tern  capitis  (rialonga  cornua,  ad  formam  pugionis,  exvtr&que  pam 

Alic  quoq;  belHz  cnidelcs  vt  vrfi  cum  capitibusfrr^  aprorum  &  habeiitcs  pedes  fenos,qui 
nnduntur  latis  vngulisbis  acuti.s,&  cum  taudis  Iconum  fiue  pardcnun. 

Et quod  vixcreJetur,nHues pro quantitate;io,aut  la.noftrorum&vefpcnilionct  admo* 

Scd  &  auca:  m  mplomaiores  noftris,  plumis  indutc  rubris,iu(i  quod  in  pedore  dc  colloip* 
paret  nigredo. 

Et  breuiter  tarn  ibi  quim  alibi^tabentur  pifoes,beftii,volucrci,aut  vemics  diucrforum  tj©. 
nerunt,aut  I pe\ ierum,clc  quibus  hoc  lot  o.vcl  iiiutiliSjVel  prolixa  poflet  ftcn  nairauo,quod  nec 
illis  qui nunquatn  propria  exieruiu,credtbdts  videretur. 

CA»f  t 

|Vcl  Cotton. 

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borit  K  jniba* 
funi  fcrcnui. 

Nux  (ndici. 

Camel  lone  I. 

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S.LMandmL  I     S.LMandeuiL         ofcheEngliOi  nation. 


babcutcs  pedes  renof,qid 


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khI  in  pedore  6l  colloif* 

C  A  p  V  T.     47. 
2)#  BriunmmMfrmm  ^  ^Uivrmm  hfiAi. 

BRaciaanaonutilnruU  quail  ad  medium  Impcrij  c6hlli'.Pi;ibyteriIotnnit.Hij  licet  Chri- 
Ihaoinonfunt.viuunttainen  naiurali  opciino  more.  Kudo  ciiim  &incoiiiparati,tunpli- 
ce*,&talct;omniiartis apparent.  Nun  cupidi,  liiperbi,  inuidi,iracundi,guloli,  aut  luninofi 
nee  iuiant,Hraudant,autmentiuntur.  Lal>orantcorporr,ledmtendunt  ammo  iinpleie  quoad 
valenc  naturalc  mandacum,  hoc  tacus  aiij*  quod  tioi  vit  Heri:  crcdemes  &  adurantci  omntuin 
creatorem  Dcum^  fperantes  ab  ipfo  firoplicitcr  Piradifuni. 

Sobii)  (^uoquc  I'unt,  quapropter  Ac  longo  tempore  viuunt :  &  C\  quis  ab  eorum  moribus  de- 
ffencrai.prot'crbitur  perpctu6  line  mura,oinDibus  nulla  polita  di(fcreniiap?rror.arum,vntle  8e 
iuiuiio  L)eMudicio,quod  nacuralem  exctccre  iulliiiam  conieiidunt,tlcincnc:i  cisiuiuialitcc 
oblequiintur^  raroeoitangit  tcaipcflas^ut  fanies,peliUciHiaautgiadius. 

Maena  nparia  dida  Chene  cuntc  per  inrulam,  ininiihani  piluuiit  it  aquanini  copiam:  Fium«„  q^^, 
Iflosoliia  Alexander  rox  Grccorum  dcbcllare  ciipiens,  mifit  cii  literat  comminatioiiis.cui  ne. 
inter cztera  notabi!ia  rciuanduvriitu,  nihil  t'c  liabcre  curioli^quod  Kex  tantuf  debcret  ioncu- 
pifcere,nihilquc  ita  lir  linierc  perdituros  ficut  paccin  bonam,t|ti.ini  hadteniu  lubiicrunt  incof^ 
cuHain  :  deque  diuino  nutucll  aduinvtRex  truculentus  ad  alial'c  vcrcrrct,  acquc  in  bicui 
polhnodum  caderrt,<{uia  ilifTipat  Dominus  cos,  qui  bclla  volunt,  &  iili»  maiict  pax  ir.ultj  dtli- 

Pytaii  Inl'ula  breuis  continet  pwcos  &  breues  habitatores,Pypm.«it  modico  lon|>iore«,qui  pyno, 
decoris  vuliibusnuilo  vni]uaiii  cibo  velceiucs,  tpccialis  pomi  quod  tecum  portant  lulictantut 
odore,quo  li  caretent  ad  parum,coior  in  vultu  marccrccret,&  die  tenia  vita  pctirct.  • 

Difcrctio  fit  ratinnabilidk  i)s  .)dc.(i  modica^ncc  cnim  habeiii  1  jborare  nili  pi u  vcititu,  quein 
fibi circa arbulb  collipuncictconHcK  vtnilquilq;  pro  1  i.annisvicclu.T. 

Vluahanc  Intulairi  liltfcfim,  &  forte*  habentur  hoininef,lc(i  bcihales,venici  per  totuin 
carpus  proprijs  capilin  &  piiis.cxccptis  palmis,&  fiicicbus,  qui  vidcntur  pcnitus  "ubcrnatione 
ft  pokia  carere:  venamur  carncs  perliiuat,  &  difcutrunt  ptlcaiitcs  in  aqui>,  omnia  ctuda 

HMUiad  terrcmetas  manat  fiuuiusBriemerlatiiiidinisduarumleucarumi&remis,  quern  FluuiuiBti- 
■oitnnrirenequiuimuijBecaulifuimus.  QjjoniamiUouanfmifloinliantdcU-rta  i^.aucplu-  *^'"''* 
num  diattarum  inhabitata  nut  tcmporis(prcut  audieran)ut)<iiucrlis  &  nobis  ignutii  ^cncribui 
U,vt  centum  millia  armatorum  fimiil  pertingere  vlqu^  ad  arbore»,quar  ibi  dicuntur  iulis  &  lu- 
nCiVixpoffcnt.  Actamci)  liio  tempore  Alexander  magnus  fcribitur  pertigiilc,  &  (]uxdaiTi  ab  ar- 
boribu>  tidtua  luticpiilc  roiponla. 

Circa  has  arbores  excolitur  Balfamum.cuius  liqu«ris  comparatio  nufquam  fcitur  contincri  P*"*""""  ">• 
fiibccelo.Namibid>:inhomincs,dci(ljrumarbonunfrut5libus&  lialfamo  vccntcidicunturil-     ^^'''*' 
lomm  virtutc  quadnn^cnt > .  Jiit  pluribui  annis  viucrc. 

Peruenitawem  &  liux  Danus  Ogerus,  ac  manducauit  de  illis,  vndc  &  nonniiUi  prat  fcnfus 
ftoliditatc  vei  tidei  leuitate  nutant  ipfum  -tdhuc  alibi  viuere  ih  ten  is.  Ego  autem  quia  tantuin 
pro  dilatanda  Chrillianitatc  laborauic arbitt  or  magu,  cum rcgnarc  cum Chnlio  in i cvlts. 

Vcriu«i  oricntalcs  partes  indorum  confinit  liiagna  regio  Taprobanc  cxubci  ans  optimis  ter-  Tjprobam 
lenoruin  bunorum,in  quain  nauipio  intiaiiimiis in  odovel  circa  di^is  per  .i(]uainlaiis  lenurm,  Inlul*.  &  ciut 
haud  proruadam.Ibi,licut  &  in  alijs  inuKis  Inlulu,rexnon  nafcitur  led  cligitur  per  partes  tctrj:  J«'"'P"°> 
&  ci\  hare  ««a  de  quindecnn  nominatis  Refionibus  concpiilitionis  Ogcri.  Kb  ,1  um  modic  um 
^eclinet  acHSfulu  terr«  tub«/£quatore,pantur  in  anno  duas  zHates,  &  duas  hycmcs,  fi  tamen 
hyems  aliqua  dici  dcbeat.ALnon  magis  xs^at,  quia  nuUus  hic  dies  anni  caret  frutilu,  tiore, 

Habicarorcs  iunt  axi'cm.J6t.  iiooerti.vnde  it  mercatores,de  remotis  partibus  libenter  cum  iji 
communicant:Acrparrim  per regionem  habitant  plunmidiuitesChrilliani. 

Hi)siun<;unMKAi|inluJe('quaMiosvocaimis,Oriiia,&  Argica,)quanquam  illalingtiaaliter  Orilla. 
nomincnciir.Io^paHiBi  prima  lunt  multc  mincnx  auri,in  iecunda  argcnti,&  propter  c]uandam  Argiu. 
crallitudinem  a«Haamtinuaiu4>crpauca  apparent  fydera ,  prxtn  vnum  quod  dicunt  Canopu,  y^^^^  locum 
quod  xliiino  planetan  X'cncn ..  Et  quod  mirum  ell  vald(J,de  onini  lunationc  ijs  apparet  nili  7 .  ,„,,„  Ocrar- 
quana.Cuius  rei  prubabilis  ratio  elfugiiettaiiiAilronomos  valdc  pcritoii.JlAcque  pet  has  Iolu«  dui  Mercaio* 
las  quoddam  rubrum  mare  a  mari  Oceano  fcgregatur.  >" '"» chaita 

Itaq;  in  Onlia  in  locis  multit  rffoditur,  cotligttur,  &  conflatur  optimum  auri  mctalliim,per  K*"*"'*- 
viro«,niulieres,&pai;uuio«  uxkoc  lalhudo&^lcd  &  m  nonnuUt^  ib< montibus monlirantur 

G  congrega- 


74.  The  voyages  and  dikoucrics    SMMandeuii. 

Defer  ipiio 

Ocniei  id  lu- 
ftruin  Actjua- 



coiiKrcj'Miones  bclholarum  in  quant hatt  nolirorum  caiulorum,  in  foimicaium  forma  ac  na- 
tura  totali :  qui  pro  luis  viribui  elfodiunt,  punticam.flc  colliguni  cum  interna  occupaiione  auti 
minutiai,eaircponcnt«.&rcporitJi  rctrahcntcide  caucmu  flifptcubuiin  caucmaiaelpccus. 
Et  in  conleruindo  funt  diliga«c»  H.  acrci,  vt  icino  au<kat  dc  hull  propinquate^ifi  quod  in- 
lerdum ab illii  paufantibus, leuabairtu Ic occuUantibui,aliqui non  Imc  pcncuJo ia dromcda. 
rm&*er<datijjrapium,vcl  (urantur. 

Solct  ctiam  ab  cis  obtincri.qubd  cucogitato  ingenio fupcr  equam qur  nuprr  ftttum  «di. 
dent.imponcntes  lioniinci  duai  dc  ligno  ciliulai  feu  cophinoi  nouoi,  ifacuoi,  &  apertos  a  la. 
tcribut  dependentcs propi terrain  .banc  t'amclicam  dnninuni  vt  lepalcatadherbatuimon- 
tern  t  Quam  torniicx  vidente»rolam,faiicntet  &  iocaniei,  colluduntadram&adciuiion. 
iinef  pro  nouitate :  8c  quoniani  eii  dl  naturalc.vt  ciKa  le  omne  vacuum  implerc  concoiur 
t  oniportant  certatim  aurum  fuum  In  vaicuii*  luu  mundis,  Cumque  homines  a  remotis  tempui 
obforuaiicrinr.emictunt  pulluin  equar  vt  videat  matrcm,  cuius  alpedtu  iain  diu  i^etu  priuatut, 
•d  cuiu!  hinnituin  protinu*  cqua leucftitur  onuftade  auro.  Hijt  crgo&  fimilibui modis ho- 
luines  aurum  diripiunt  a  formici*. 

C  A  P  V  T.     48.  ^  ^     *.'    '     • 

/Hi^mddtt9€oP4rMdifnmtflritfrrMiMi$m.  .    ^   „'!• 

Al'inibui  Impcrij  Indix  reJ^a  linea  in  orientem  nihil  eit  habitatum  vc!habitabil«,propier 
nipium^iiiontiumaltitudinem,&afperitatfm,&  propter  aerii  inter Alpcsdiuerlitatcm: 
naminmuliis  lotisjuetquandoqueaerfrtrcrcnu*,  nunc  ht  fpiflut  nunc  tuinofiis.vel  vrne- 
nofusflc  trequentcrdic  medio  tencbroiui.  Durantijue  aut  potius  aggrauel'cunt  buiulinodi  di& 
ficuliaces.vrque  ad  ilium  amznillimum  Paradifi  locum, quem  procoplaulh  per  inobcdicmiam 
fibi  &  poUeiis  pi-rdidillc  nol't  untur,  qiiod  fpacium  li  mairi  noflct,  ell  muliarum  vcique diria- 
larum.  C^uia  lain  non  vlicriiis  proce(ii,ncc  procedere  quiui.pauca  duntaxat  de  illo  Icxo  refe. 
r  Jin  \crilimilia,  qux  didici  per  auditum. 

Paradifus  tcrrcliris  dicitiir  locui  fpaciofui  ai*  ainplitudincm  quafi  quinq;  Infulatum  noHra- 
rum,Angliz,Noniiannix,  Hibernix,Scotix,&  4^..ruegix,  aut  forl'an  fans  plurium.  Cuius  fitui 
el^  pertineen^  in  ahitudine  ad  aeri«fupremamfuperficieni,e6  quod  illic  terra  veltcnforbisfii 
multum  ^ilTior  quiin  alibi  per  modmnexccntricuroi  veto  centre  mundi,  nee  valet  hoc  de« 
indc  ab  abquo  eyperto  refelli,  Icriptura  veritatis  clamante,  qu6d  ibi  fit  fons  irtigans  vniuerfam 
fuperficiem  terrx:  aqiix  enim  efi  naiura  temper  fluere  ad  ifna. 

Exeunt  autein  ab  iUo  fonte  verfiis  noftri  partec  hemirpherij,hoc  eft  nobis  de  illo  loco  in  o<> 
cidcntem  quatuor  flumina,  Pyk<n,Cjyoii,Tygris,  &  Eupnrates,ab  iHa  dimidia pane  tenx  cir- 
ca «/f;quatoris  circulum  tcrrx  innitemes,  quapropter  &  merilo  crcdcnduni  videtur,exirede 
eodem  fonte  &  alia  quatuor  flumina  irrigantia  tcrram  oppofitam,  qux  eft  circa  alteiam  dimi* 
diam  partem  circuit  t^qtiacoris.quamuis  not  corum  fluminum  loca,virtutes,&  nomina  igno- 
rainus,qu6d  homines  habitant  ab  alia  parte  c>>£'quinodi;. 

Hoc  tamen  volo  fciri  pro  veri &  audiui, illic  terrf  faciem  inhabitatain  in  maxima  multitU' 
c  iant  fibi  inuiccm  gentes  &  principes  per  literal,  ac  alijs  modis  deftinarc  funt  vifi. 

Vnus  noftrorum  ftuuiorum  Pylon  currit  per  Indiam,  &  per  cius  deferta quandnque  fub  ter- 
ra,fed  fxpius  fupra,  qui  ii  Ganges  illic  appellatus  eft,  ab  illo  vltimoPaoanitatisrege,quem 
Dux  Ogcrus  dcui(^im  cOm  bapti/.ari  renueret  in  ipfo  flumine  proiedhim  fubmerfit. 

Ad  littiis  huiusrcperiuntur  multilapidcs  prxciofitatis  immenlar&metalligranacariinmi, 
necnon&aiirimineriT.multumquedcfcendit  ineonatanslignum  Aloes  ex  Paradifo,  quoJ 
rebus  niirx  vinutis  inferic  Salomon  in  Canticis. 

Hinc  fccundus  fluuius  Gyon,currit  per  Aethiopiam.vnde  dum  vcnit  in  t/Egypt  ri,accipit  no- 
men  Nilus.  Tcrtiiis  Tygris  veniens  per  Affyriam  influit  maiorem  Armeniam  &Per(iain:tan- 
dcmq;  fluuij  fingulipcrlocafingulafeiaftantinmarc  per  quod  defluunt  vlq;  ad  eft, 
ad  oppofitum  di^mctrum  paradifi:  Tdeoq;  merito^hmantur  omncs  vaiuerfo  orbc  aqi'f  dulces 
originc  capere,  a  Cupradido  paradifi  fonte,qiiamuis  fecundu  diftatiam  maioicm  vel  minoremi 
&  Iccundum  naturas  rerum  per  quas  meant  diuerfos  habere  inueniuntur  fapores,  atq;  virtuten. 

Porro  ipfum  Paradifi  locum  audiui  i  tribus  plagis,  oricntali,  meridionali,  &  feptentrionali, 
inacccflibilcm  tarn  hnminibus  quam  bcftijs,  eoqu(Sd  apparel ripis  pcrpcnditulariter  abfciflii 
tan  quam  ineftiniabilis  altitudinis.  Et  ab  occidente  idcft  noftra  parte  tanquam  fuper  omnium 
hiinianorum  intuitumrogusardes,qui  in  fcripturis  rumphea  flammea  appellatur.vt  nulli  crea- 
tur{  tcrrcnf  afccfus  in  cu  crcdatur  nifi  quibufdam  volatilibus^prouc  decreuit  iufti  iudici)  Deu<. 


UMandemL  I     S.lMandemtl.      ofthcEnglifli  nation. 


licaium  tormt  ac  na« 
>inquate,pir)  qucd  in- 
pcnculo  in  dioincda- 

|UK  nuprr  fixtuni  cdU 
icuos,S(  apcrtosala* 
feat  ad  hctbai  m  men. 
ad  cam  6f  ad  citii  t  on- 
urn  implcrc  concotui 
lines  a  rcmotis  tetnpui 
lain  diu  Ueiit  priuatut, 
&  Amdibus  modii  Lo- 

vcl  habitabile,propteT 
tcr  Alpcs  diucrlnatcm: 
inc  tuinofus.vel  vtne- 
udcunt  huiulinodi  dif- 
\ii\\  per  inobcdicntiam 
nultarum  viique  diria* 
iiaxat  de  Jlo  lixo  rcfc« 

lin^,  Infulaium  noHra- 
tis  plurium.  Cuius fuut 
ictcnavcltcnfoibiifit  valet  hoc  de- 
tbns  iiiigaiis  vniuctfam 

Jimidiapanetenar  cir- 
ndiim  vidctur.exirede 
rtutes,&  nomina  igno> 

iin  in  maxima  multUu- 
III  frequcnunt,&  nun- 
re  funtvifi. 

rtaquandoquc  fub  ter- 
Pacanitatis  regc.quem 
in  lubmcrfit. 
nictalli  gtana  cariHiini. 
Iocs  ex  Paradifo,  quod 

n  t/€gyptu^ccipitno- 
neniam  aiPcrfiamttan- 
it  vrq;adNador,ideft| 
luerfo  orbc  aqc?  dulces 
maiotcm  vcl  minorcmt 
•pcndicularitcr  abfcifli, 
inquam  fuper  omnium 
ppcllatur.vt  nulli  crea- 

Via  pcrouafli 
tc«li)i  in  An- 


Ambulantibui  eniin  illuc  Hue  tcpentibut  hontinibui  oblUrent  tcncbrae  imo  nipci,aei  inte- 
f)usi>elhc/erpciue«,ftiguf,  0c  cauiiia.  Nauigatc  auiein  contra  idum  fluinioii  nitentcs  impe- 
diret  iacriarecu<recurfus,acimpctuoiui  flcquandoqucrubtetrancutaauarcurfut  dcfcendrn- 
in  cum  vchcmcntia  ab  cucdjlTinio,  vt  diduni  eli.loco^ui  luo  quoquc  Ittepitu,  per  pctrai  atq; 
(btdoa  alio(que  diucrfot  cadeiu  gurgitet^efticerec  rurdos,&aeru  mutatio  caccos,vndc  &  muU 
ti  cam  nobilct  quim  igoobilcs,fatua  Icfc  audacta  in  illo  ponctei  periculo  pcricrun(,aJiji  cxccc- 
cati*,alij*  abfurdatUA  nonnullii  in  ipt'o  acccdii  fubitanca  monc  pcrcinpii*.  £x  quo  luminun 
credi  habetur  ilium  Deo  difplicerc  conatum. 

Quaproptcr  fl<ego  ex  illo  loco  liatui  ammum  ad  rcpatriandum,c]uaccnu»  Deo  propiuo,An- 
clia  que  me  produxu  I'ccuto  Tiueucetii,rul'cipcrcc  moi  icnccnu 

C  A  p  V  T.     49. 

h  rtmntndo  4t  C*ff».&  'Kj^lh,&  ttf  'l»^t  Efm/tnt. 

EXhinc  de  iUis  qux  inreuertendovidt  fcribo  curfim  pauca,ncmoduinexcederevidcatur 
materia,  Reuenebar  itaque  quaA  per  Aquilonare  latus  Impcrij  Presbyten  Ioannis,8<  nunc 
certx,nonmari  nos  commcndantcs,  tranfiuimut  Deo  Du(flore,multa$  Infulas  in  mulcts  dixtis, 
& perueniinus  ad  regionem  magnam  Cadan :  hrc  cum  fit  vna  de  quiadcciin  liabcns  longitu- 
dinemdixtaruin  6o.0clacitudincm  prop^  jo.polTct  clTcnonitnatior  omnibus  ibi circa prouio* 
cijs/i  a  noliiis  frequentarctur. 

Notandum.  CalTan  (fecundum  Odaicum)  eft  mdior  proulncia  de  mundo.vbi  Hrifliored, 
habetdixtas  50.  vbilongior  6o.ic  eft  vna  de  i  z.prouincijs  Impcrij  Grand  Can.  eft  iftapopu- 
lofa,  diftinih  ciuitatibu*,  vt  quifquc  i  quacunque  plaga  de  vna  exeat  ciuitate  nouerit  aliam  in 
media  dixta  prupiiiquam.  Tenctque  iltamrcgionem  Caflaa  rex  diues&potens,  pro  parte  de 
Iinperio  Przsbyteri  Ioannis,S£  pro  parte  dc  linperio  Grand  Can. 

De  ifta  in  rcuerrione  noftra  vcnimus  ad  regnum  Riboth,quod  fiinilitcr  eft  vnuin  de  quinde- 
cimjatmn,  &  rpcciofum,  in  quo  dc  inulds  bonis,  habetur  plena  copia.  Hoc  tenetur  in  coto  de 

Vna  eft  ibi  inter  0c  fuper  omnes  ciuitas  Saccrdotali$,8c  Rcgia,in  qua  Rex  liabet  fuum  mag- 
DificuinpaIatium,0cruinmusidolorumPontii«x  quein  LabalTi  appellant,  cui  omnet  Regni 
obediunt,8c  populi  (icut  Domino  Papx  nos  Chriftiani^quoniam  0t  iubct^  bcnedicit,ac  con- 
fert  facerdotibiis  bencHcia  idolorum. 

Ciuitatis  vndiquc  muri  lunt  compafli  albit  0c  nigris  lapidibus  conquadratii  ad  inodum 
fcakartj,omnesquc  concradtz  fimili  paiiimeiuo  funt  ftratx,  Tanta  eft  dlic  rcuerentia  facrifu 
ciorumvt  d  quisvcl  in  inodica  quantitatc,  fanguiiicm  hominis ,  fcuimmolatici^pccudisfu- 
difle  deprehcnfus  ruerit,ncquaquam  iudicium  motw  euadet^Et  inter  innutncras  fuperftitiones 
eft  illic  vna  talis. 

Hxrcs  cuius  pacer  defur>ginir,ri  alicuius  vult  effe  reputationis,mandatcognatus,amicos, 
RelIigioros,0c  ucerdoces  pro  polTc,  qui  certo  Die  conuenientes  fub  magno  Symphonic  fc- 
ftOfComportant  dcflinifli  cadauer,  in  montis  fublime  cacumen.  Ibi  accedens  dignior  Prarla- 
torum,tuneri$  caput  abfcindic,  tradens  hxredi  in  aureo  difcodecatanti  fubdeuotionc  fuas  ora- 
tiones  cum  fuis  in  propria  lingua.  Atque  interim  aues  regionis  rapaccs,  it  iminundx,  vt  corui, 
vulture$,0c  aquilx,  aux  pro  confuetudine  optim^  morem norunt,aduolant  magno numcro  in 
acre  1  Tiincque  Relligion  cum  facerdotibus  detruncant  corpus  in  irufta  vcluc  in  macello, 
proijciences  pecias  in  jJtum  auibus,ac  dccatantes  cenam  ad  hoc  compoHcam  orationem,can- 
quam  fi  noftri  facerdoccs  cantarenc.  Subucnice  fanfti  Dei  .0cc. 

Et  habet  eoruin  oratio,  hunc  fenfum  in  fua  lingua.  Refpicequ^miuftusOcfan^usextitic 
homo iftc,queinAnccli  Dei  coueniunt  accinerc  0c  in  Paradifum  deferrc,  Taliquc  diabolico 
errore  delun,  putant  nliu$,Sc  amici,quod dehindusfit  in  Paradifum  trannatus.viuai  illic  fem- 
piteme  beatus,  quoniam,  vbi  plures  conuenerc  volucruni,  ibi  maiorem  Ixtantur  0c  iada/)C 
hiiflenumeruin  Angelorum. 

Hinc  deindc  rcuertentes,cum  chorts,  0c  rcfonantia  M  uficorum.filius  paratum  prxftat  om- 
nibus conuiuium, in  cuius  fuic  pro  cnrcmo  rerculo,uadic  Singulis  particulam, de patris capite 
fumma  cum  dcuptione.  Hanc  cciam  capitis  caluariam  filius  facit  polhnodum  debit^  ibnnari  0C 
poliri  fibi  pro  quo  bible  in  conuiuijs,ob recordationcm  amantiflimi  patris. 

Abhoc  Regno  deccm  dictis  per  poteftatem  Imperatoris  Grand  Can,  inuenitur  Infula  de- 
K^bilis,&  fpeciofa  fatis :  cuius  Rex  eft  przpocens  in  gloria,0c  in  diuitijs  fuperabundans,0c  de 
nuiUis  qux  iluc  gcruntur  adiiiirandis  vnuin  iccito  Ibluiii. 

G     t  Quod 


Labaffi,  Tub- 
niut  uiolonia 




La  121    12.5 
U,  lU   12.2 



IL25  m  1.4 







(716)  •72-4503 


The  Voyages  and  difcoucries    SJ.Mandeuik    I    ^ 

Diue.  Epulo.  Qu6d  ctt  ibi  homo  quidam  diriflimus  nuUius  dignitatis  nomine  honoratus,  fed  byflb,  ac  fe- 
ricoa3omatus,&  fplendide  orani  tempore  cpuUtus :  non  ergo  vuli  dici  princeps,  Dux,coine$, 
miles  aut  huiulmodi^c^Aiperioritatem  habeat  fuper  raarchiones  aU^  &  barones. 

Eius  poffeflionis  valor  aeftimatur  in  anno  3  o.  cuman  dc  aflinarijs  W»di,&  rifi,  nee  quaerit  ni- 
fidelitioft  viuerein  iftofeculo.vtcum  diuiie  Epulonefepeliaturin  inferno.  Cumetiamfibi 
dereliftus  fit,  ifte  viuendi  modus  a  renrogenltoribus,  eum  &  ipfe  pofterii  derelinquet.  Hie  tan- 
quamlmpcrialircfidetpalatio,  cuius  mud  ambitus  ad  traftum  leucx  tenditur,fontinensar- 
bufta,vincta,riuuIos,fontes  &  ftagna,  aulas,  &  cubicok^iuro  ftrata  depifta^ue  mird ,  &  fculp- 
ta  artificioft,  vltra  quam  vales  cxplicarr,  &  inter  omnia  ad  medium  palatium  in  celfo  vertice 
atrium  amat  num,valdd  tamcn  modico,  fed  cunftis  pratciofius,  xdificio,  quafi  ad  fcema  noftra- 
nim  Ecdefianim,  cum*  turribus ,  pilarijs,  &  colummis,  in  quibus  nihil jprominet  indignius  au- 
ro.  Nunquamvelrar6  hie  exit  defuopalatio  cum  folispulchris  quosfibiconuocatSc  conua- 
riat  paruis  pucris  &puellis,  nonexcedentibus  16.  aonos  astatis.  Tendit  dumlibetpedibus, 
quandoque  veftaturequo,intcrduniducJturvehiculo,nonnunquam  vult  ftrri  geftatorio,vel 
certi  puellaribus  brachijs,  &  vifitat  fspiflimi  prarfatum  prsciofius  zdiHcium :  atquehijs  & 
modis  aliis  excogitat  delegare  vifum  pulchris,  auditum  fuauibus,  olfafhim  redolentibus  ,ta- 
^umlcnibus,&jguflum  pafcercdelicatis,  Eleftas  femper  habet  prarfto50.puellasei,&de 
proximo  exquifuilfimi  miniftrantes  tam  ad  menfam  quim  ad  cubiculum,8e  ad  omnc  li- 

Hx  ad  prandium  recumbenti  afferunt  proceflionis  more  pro  fingulo  ferculo  femper  ;. 

genera  dapum  nobilium  cum  dulcifonz  refonantia  camtilenz,  quarum  aliquae  ei  fingulos  de- 

Verfus.         truncant  genu  flexo  morfellos,  aiiquz  ponunt  in  ore,  mundis  tergeutes  comedentis  labia 

Nam  ipfe  quidem  in  menfa  continet  lacentes  manus  puras  &  quietas.  Poft  deferuttionem 
ferculi  primi,  feruinir  pro  fecundo  in  5.alij$  dapum  generibus  modo  quo  fupra,dE  renouatut  in 
apponendo  cantus  fuauior  melodia, 

Ifta  ab^ue  vUa  Domini  cura  per  miniftros  quotidid  reparantur,  etiam  in  maiori  fatls  qudim 
effor  nobilita  < ^nifidum ipfepropladto iu(rerit,quando4ue temperari. 
Deliciofiusigitur  quo  vultdeducic  camem,  nqn  curaasaniman),fednecptobitatemcutans 
'■''  terrenam,pafcitlterilem,& vidua: non bencfacit^Et  ./    . 

Long^Jo  Pond  quod  eum  din  manus  tenere  quietas, nouerids  ninurum  nil  pofle  manibus  capere  vel  te> 
Tngnium.  nere,propter  longitudinem,&  recuruitatem  vnguium  in  digitis,qui  fibi  nuUo  tempore  prgfcin. 
inHoIriii""'"  duntur.  Seruatur  enim  hoc  pro  nobilimore  patrif,  &  viri  diuites  delicati,  qui  proprios  poifunt 
principetloo-  habere  miniftrosnuquimfwidioiittuntvngues  refecare,  vndeSenonnuUiscircumdanturvQ' 
gisvneutbus.  diquemaiius,acfiuiderenturarmatz. 

NouaTi^ria     Foeminarum  autem  mos  eft  nobilis  fi  habeantparuos  pedes,  vndc  &  generofarum  in  cunis 
t>  --"■*      (ifi5^|]jjot)uo]untur,vtvix  ad  medium  debits  quantitatisexcrefcerepofHnt; 

C  A  P  V  T.      50. 


IN  reuencdo  igitur  venitur  ab  hac  infula  per  prouincias  magnas  Imperij  Tartarorum,  in  qiu- 
bus  femper  noua,  femper  niira,  imo  nonnunquam  incredibilia  viator  poteft  videre,percipe- 
re,&audire.  < 

Et  Noueritis,  vt  pratdixi,  me  pauca  eorum  victifle,  quz  in  terns  funt  mirabilium,  fed  nee  hie 
fcripfifle  centcflimam  panem  eorum  quae  vidi,quod  nee  omnia  mc  notiae  commendare  potuiy 
tt  decommendatii  miiltafubticui.propt^modeftiam,  quam  decet  omnibus  a6Hbusaddi. 

Idcirco  vt  &  alijs,  qui  vel  antd  me  in  partibus  illis  fteterunt,  vel  ituri  fun*;,  thaneat  IocusDar« 
randi  fine  fcribendi,rnodum  huius  pono  traflatus,  potius  decurtans,  quim  complens,  quoni- 
am  alias  loquendi  non  e(Iet  iinis,nec  at  .tcs  implcrentur  auditu« 

Ita^ue  anno  i  natiuitate  Domini  noftri  lefu  Chrift  1 3  5  $  .in  patriando,  cum  ad  nobilem  Le- 
giaE,  feu  Leodij  ciuitaten^eruent{rcm,8c  prz  grandeuitate  ac  artericis  guttis  illic  decumberem 
uvicoquidicitur,Baife{Mnemi,  confului  caufaconualefcendi  aliquos  medicos  ciuitatis:  Et 
acciditjDei  nutu ,  vnum  intrare  phyficum  fuper  alios  aetate  fimul  &  canicie  venerandum, 
acinfua  arte  euidenter  expertum,  qui  ibidem  dicebatur  communiter,  Magifter  loannes  ad 

Is,dumparitJr  coUoqueremur,interferuitaliqtuddiAis,  per  quod  tandem  nolHminuiccm 




UMandmL    I    SJ.Mandaull.   .ri  of  the  Englifli  nation. 


lenoiubatur  aotiqua  nocitia,  quam  quondam  habuerainus  in  Cayr  Aegypti  apud  Melech  Ma-  . 
dibron  Soldanum^prouc  fupti  tedgi  in  7,capttulo  libri. 

Quj  cum  in  me  expojentiam  anis  fux  excellcnter  monftraflec^adhoitabctut  ac  prxcabatur 
inftanter,  vt  de  hijt  que  videram  tempore  peregrinationis,&  itinerauonis  mcz  per  mundum, 
aliquid  digcrercm  in  fcriptis  ad  lcgendum,&  audiendum  pro  vtilicate. 

Sicque  tandem  illius  jfionitu  &  adiutoiio,  compofitus  ell  ifie  tradtatus,  de  quo  ccrtd  nil  fcri- 
bcre  proporueram,donec  faltem  ad  panes  proprias  in  Anglia  perueniflcm.  £c  credo  przmifTa 
circa  me,  per  prouidentiam  &  grattam  Dei  contigiiTej  quoniam  a  tempore  quoreccf{i,duo 
reges  nolni  y  Angiiac^  Francis,  non  ccfTauerant  inuicem  exercere  defiru6liones,deprxdatio-  Edwardus 
ncs^infidias,  &  interfcdiones,  inter  quas,  nifi  i  Domino  cuftoditus,  non  tranfiflcm  fine  motte,  icruus. 
vel  mortis  periculo,  &  fine  criminum  grandi  cumulo.  £t  ccce  nunc  egrcfTionis  mez  anno  j  j. 
conititutus  in  Leodij  ciuitate,qua;  i  mari  Anglie  diftat  folum  per  duas  di3nas,audib  di^s  Do- 
miaoruminimictuas,pergratiamDei  conropita$:quapropter&  fpero,acproponodc  leliquo 
fccundumniaturiorcmstatem  mc  pofTe  in  propnjs,intendere  corporis  quieu,anunfq;raluti. 

Hic  icaquc  finis  fit  nomine  Patris,&  Filij,&  fpiritusfandi^A  men. 

Explicit  itinerarium  1  terra  Angtix,tn  partes  Hicrofolinuianat,  &  in  vlteriores  tranfinariius, 
cditiun  priin6  in  lingua  Calticana,  a  Domino  loanne  Mandeuillc  niilite,  iiio  authorc. 
Anno incarnationis  Domini ijfj.inCiuitatcLcotlicnli:  EtPaitldpoftincademciuitaie, 
aanflatum  in  diftam  formam  Latinam. 

RichardiMakluyti  breuis  admonidoadLedorem. 

^JDmnem  UHdmUfulltm  tiofhatem,  emiitHm  ^  mfignem  AMhorem  (BalM^efCdterty 
lOrte/so,i^altfs^e!litut)iU>  innMmms  Scrihantm^^  Tyfegr^^htrim  mendit  refrngnndo, 
\€xmnltnHmytorumeiMeo^tmtmiMtxemflarimnc<ilattoiK,qwdfrAfiiterm,  vtrorum  do- 
'Samm,  &eorpmpraciptte,qm  GeogmfhixJi'  ^/fntiqmtatis  peritijimt,  tfio  imlicom» 
QjUMtemhi^etdemmi^iferu  htmimp»prmisitiHtrmipiifrtctdentu  et^itiimtrigeffane^ri' 
^^anofrimopigejfimo  tertio,ffrfparfim  $tifit}kentihu,q*uuf»tim  MetftiegtmMfillafort*jfe  ^drnt 
emm4UieHbtvifrfHilfejmMornanw$  ex  fttrte^x  Cmo  PlmioficwidohaufiavideMtiir fit  facile  f4ii' 
tebit  eacMmhisPlimMtSfhicideo  ameajipojKtu,collatttro,qiuideK  'Plini$u,ptigtdu  fias  Mmhariim 
fagnUrefm^mearumfUrifykefidemJiiammiHimeebJh'wgeHs.  Valet  4tfiU4mtmelurad4ao,im 

£x  libro  fexto  Naturalis  hiftoiiae  C.  Plinij  fecundi. 
Cap.  50. 

[  NiuerTa  vero  gens  t/£thcria  appellata  cR,  deinde  Atlantia,  mox  a  Vulcani  filio  «/£- 
>  thiopc  v£thiopia.  Animalium  hominumque  effigies  monltriferas  circa  exuemita- 
j  tes  eius  gigni  minitne  mirum,artifici  ad  formanda  corpora  cffigiefquc  cxlandas  mo- 
bilitate  ignea,  Ferunt  certe  ab  Orientis  parte  intima  gentes  cfle  fine  naribus,  xquali 
totius  oris  planitie«  Alias  fuperiore  labro  orbas,  alias  fine  lin  guis«  Pars  etiani  ore  concreto  & 
naiibus  carens,vno  tantOm  foratnine  fpirat,  potumque  calamis  auenz  trahit,  &  grana  eiufdem 
aucnzifponteprouenientisadvefcendum.  Quibuuiam  pro  fermone  nutusmotufqucmeni- 

Ex  libto  eiuIHem  Plinij  feptimo,  C  a  p.z.  cui  titulus  eft^ 
l)e  Sethis  j^ff'MtarwndiuerJitate^mtium, 

ESfe  Scytharu'm  genera,  &quidcmplura,quz  corporibus  humanis  vefcerentur,indicauU 
mus.  Idipfum  incredibUe  fortafle,  ni  cogitemus  in  medio  orbe  terrarum,  ac  Sicilia  6f  Italia 
fiiifTe  gentes  huius  monfbri,  Cyclopas  &  Lxfbigonas,  ic  nupcrrim^  trans  Alpes  hominem  im- 
molari  gentium  earu  more  folitum:  quod  paulum  i  miindendo  abeft.Sed  &  iuxta  eos,qui  funt 
ad  Septentrionem  verfijhaud  procul  abiplaAquilonis  eXortu,rp6cuque  eiusdi6to,quemIocu 
GefcUtron  appellant,  produntur  Arimalpi,  duos  diximus,  vno  dculo  in  fronte  media  infignes: 
quibus  aflidue  bpllum  effe  circa  nietalla  cumgryphis,ferarum  volucrigenere,  quale  vulgo 
traditur,ementecx  cuniculisauruni,rairacupi<ntate8e  feriscuflodientibus,  &  Arimafpisra- 
pieatibus,multi,rcd  maxim^  illufttcs  Herodotus,  &  Arifteasproconnefius  fcribunt.  Super 

'  G    3  suos 

s},A  K  r 


The  voyages  and  dilcoucries    SJ.MandeiuL 

alios  autem  Anthropophagos  Scythas,  in  quadam  conuaUe  magna  Imai  monus,regio  eft^uat 
vocatur  Abarimon,  in  qua  lylucltrcs  viuunt  homines,  auerfis  poft  crura  plami8,'eximj«  veloci- 
tatis,paflim  cum  fcris  vagances,  Ho*  in  alio  non  fpirare  ccelo,  ideoque  ad  finidmos  reges  non 
pcrtrahi,neque  ad  Alcxandrum  magnum  penra£tos,Beton  itinerum  ciusmenfor  prodiditJ>ri- 
orcsAmhropophagos.quosadScptcntrioncmeflediximus  decern  dierum  ItincrefupraBo- 
ryfthcnem  amnenijoffibushumanorum  capitum  bibere,  cutibiifque  cum  capillo  pro  manteli. 
bus  ante  pedtora  vti,Ifigonu$Nicsenfi$.Idcm  in  Albania  gigniquofdani  glaucaoculorum  a- 
cic,a  pucritia  ftatim  canos,qui  nodu  plufquim  interdiu  cernant.  Idem  itincre  drerum  x.  fupri 
Boryrthenem,Sauromatas  tertio  die  cibum  capcre  femper.Crates  Pergamenus  in  Hcllefponto 
circa  Parium,  genus  hominum  fiiifle  tradit,  quos  Opbiogencs  vocat  ferpentum  idlus  conta6tu 
Icuarc  folitos,  &  manu  impofita  venena  cxirahere  corpori.  Varro  etiam  nunc  efle  paucos  ibi, 
quorum  faliuz  contra  id^us  ferpentum  mcdcantur.  Similis  &  m  Africa  gens  PfyJIorumfuit,vt 
Agatharchidcs  fcribit,a Pfylio rege  dida,cuius  fepulchrum  in  parte  Syrtium  maiorum  cft.Ho- 
rum  corpori  ingenitum  foit  virus  exitialc  fcrpcntibus,vt  cuius  odore  iopirenteas.  Mos  ver6Ji- 
bcros  fcnitos  protinus  obijcicndi  faeui(fimiscaruni,c6qucgcncrepudicitiamconiugumex- 
pcricndi,nonproflieicntibusadultcrino  fanguinc  natos  ferpentibus.  Hxc  gens  ipfa  quidem 
prope  intcmicionc  (ubiata  ell  a  Nafamonibus,qui  nunc  eas  tcnent  fedcsrgenus  tamen  hominu 
ex  his  qui  profugerant,aut  ciim  pugnatum  cft.abfuerant,  hodieque  remanent  in  paucis.  Simile 
&  in  Italia  Marfoium  gentis  durat,  quos  a  Circes  filio  ortos  fcruant,'&  ideo  incfle  ijs  vim  natu- 
ralemcam.Ettamcn  omnibus  hominibus  contra  ferpcntes  ineftvencnum :  fcruntquc  i6tas  fa- 
liua,vt  feruentis  aquae  contadVi  fugcrc.  Quod  fi  in  fauces  pene,trauerit,etiam  mori:  idq;  maxi- 
mh  humani  ieiuni  oris,  Supra  Nafamonas  confincfque  illis  Machlyas,Androginos  efle  vtriulq; 
naturz,inter  fe  vicibus  cocuntes,Calliphancs  tradit.  Ariftoteles  adijcit,  dextram  mammam  ijs 
Tirilemjxuammulicbrem  efle.  In  eadem  Africa  familias  quafdam  eflfafcinantiuni.Ifigonus  & 
Nymphodorus  tradunt  quarum  laudatione  intereant  probata,arefcant  atbores,emoriantur  in- 
fantes.E(re  eiufdem  generis  in  Triballis  &I!lyrijs,adijcii  Ifigonus,qui  vifu  quoque  effafcineqt, 
interimantque  quos  diutius  intueatur.  Iftts  prxcipu^  oculis :  quod  eoruni  malum  facilids  fen-i 
tirepuberes,  Notabilius  efle  qu6d  pupilTasbinas  in  oculis  Hngulishabeant,  Huius  generis  & 
fominasin  Sythia,qua  vocantur  Bithyatjprodit  Apollonides.  Philarchus  &  in  PontoThibio- 
rum  genus,  multofque  alios  eiufdem  naturz :  quorum  notas  tradit  in  altero  oculo  gemina  pu- 

Eillam,in  altero  equi  eifigiem.Eofdem  pifterei  non  poflcmergi,ne  velk  quidem  degrauatos. 
[aud  dilTimile  ijs  genus  Phamacum  in  e^fthiopia  prodidit  Damon,quorum  fudor  tabem  c6- 
tactis corponbus anerat.  Fceminas quidem omnes vbique  vifu  nocere, quz duplicespupillas 
habeant,Ciccro  quoqu«  apud  nos  autor  efl.Ade6  naturf ,cum  ferarum  morem  veG:cndi  huma- 
manisvifceribusiniiominegenuiflet,  gigrtere  etiam  intotocorpore&inqucrundam  oculis 
quoque  venena placuit:  ne  quid  vfqua  mali  eflet,  quod  in  hominc  non  ctTet.  Haud  procul  vrbe 
Koma  in  Falifcorum  agro  familix  funt  paucx,qux  vocantur  Hirpi^:quz  factificio  annuo,quod 
fit  ad  montemSora6lcm  ApolIini,fuper  ainbuftam  ligtii  (Irueni  ambulantes  non  adunmtiir.£c 
ob  id  perpetuo  fenatufconfulto  militiz  omniiimq;  alioru  numerum vacationem  habcnt.Quo« 
lundam  corpore  partes  nafcuntur  ad  aliqua  mirabiles(icutPyrrho  regi  poUex  in  dextero  pcde: 
cuius  ta£tu  licnons  medebatur.  Hunc  cremari  cum  reliquo  corpore  non  potuiflctradunt,con- 
conditumque  loculo  in  tcmplolPr;  cipu^  India  c/£thiopumq;  tra£lus,miraculis  fcatent.Maxt«. 
main  India  gignuntur  animalia,Indicio  ilint  canes  grandiorcs  czteris.  Atbores  quidem tantz 
proceritatis  tradutur,vt  fagittis  fuperart  nequeanttHzc  facit  vbertas  foli,tempcries  cali,aqua- 
rum  abundantia(fi  libeat  credere)  vt  fub  vna  ficu  turmz  condaniur  equitum.  Arundines  ver6 
tantf  proceritatis,vt  (ingula  internodiaalueo  nauigabili  temos  interdum  homines  ferant^ul* 
tos  ibi  quina  cubita  conftat  longitudine  excedere :  non  expucre :  non  capitis,  aut  dcntium,auc 
oculorum  vllo  dolore  aflici,  raroaliarum  corporis  partium:  tam  moderato  Solis  vapore  duraii. 
Philofophos  eorum  quos  Gymnofophyftas  vocant,  ab  cxortu'ad  Occafum  prarftare,con- 
tuentesSolemimmobilibusocculis:  fcmcntibus  harcnis  toto  die  alternis  pedibus  infitterc. 
Inmontecui  nomen  e{l  Milo,  homines  efle  auerlis  plantis,  oftonos  digitos  in  (ingulis  pe- 
dibus habentes,autor  ell  Megafthencs.  In  multis  autem  montibus  genus  'ominum  capi- 
tibus  caninis,  ferarum  pcllibusvelari,  pro  voce  latratum  cderc,  vnguibus  a....atum  vcnatuSe 
aucupio  vefct.  Homm  fupra  centum  viginti  millia  fiiifl*c  prodentc  fe,Ctefias  fcnbit:&in 
quadam  gentc  Indiz,  fceminas  fcmel  in  vita  parere,  genitofque  confcftim  canefccre.  Item 
hominum  genus,  qui  Monofceli  vocarentur,  fingulis  cruribus,  mirz  pernicitatis  ad  faltum: 
eofdemque  Sciopodasvocari.qudd  inmaiori  zftu  humi  iacentes  reUipini,vmbrafepedutn 
ptoteganty  non  long^  cos  i  Troglodytis  abcfle.   Rurfufque  ab  his  Occidentem  veHtu 


SU.Mandmt,  ■      Sd.Mmdaul.       oftheEnglifhnadon. 


quofdam  fine  cenuce,oculos  in  humetis  habcntcs .  Sunt  &  Satyri  iublblanis  Indorum  tnonti- 
bus  (Cartadulonim  dicitur  Rcgio)peinici(Iimum  animal.tum  quadtupcdes,tuin  rcd^  c  uncn- 
tes  hiimana  effigie  propter  vclocitatempifi  fenes  aut  zgri,  non  capiuntur .  Choromandarum 
gentonyocltTauron  niuettrcm  fine  voce,ftridoris  hcuTcndi^hinis  corporibus,oculis  glaucis, 
dencibus^aninis.Eudoxusinmerid^iai^is  India:  virisplaataseflecubitalcs,  fbeminis  ade6pai- 
uac,vtSttuthDpodes'4pp«nentur.McgaftenesgcnteminteiNomadasIndos  narium  loco  fo- 
ramina tantdm  habcntcm,anguiuni  modo  lotipedeni,vocari  Syridtas .  Ad  extremos  fines  In- 
die ab  OrientCjCirca  fontem  Gangis^  Aftomorum  gentem  fine  orcj  corpore  toto  hirtam  vclti- 
ri  frondiiim  lanugine,haiitu  tantuin  viuentemj&  odore  quern  naribus  trahant :  nullum  illis  ci- 
bum,nllumqucpotum:tantumradicumflorumqMe  varios  odores  &  fylueftrium  malorumj. 
quz  Tecum  portant  longiorc  itinere^ne  defit  olfa6hjs,grautore  pauIo  odore  baud  difHcuIter  ex- 
animari.Supra  bos  extrema  in  parte  montium  Spithamaei  Pygmari  narrantur,ternas  fpitbamas 
longitudine,hoc  cft,temos  dodrantes  non  excedentes/alubri  carlo/emp^rque  vetnante,mon- 
tibus  ab  Aquilone  oppofitis,quo$  d  gruibus  infeftari  Homerus  quoq;  prodidit :  Fama  ef^,inn- 
dentes  arietum,caprarumque  dorfis,annatos  fagittistvcris  tempore ,  vniuerfo  agminc  ad  mare 
defcendere,  &  oua,  pullofque  earum  alitum  confumerc,  temis  cxpcditionem  earn  menfibus 
confici,aliter  futuris  gregibus  non  tefidi.Cafas  rorum  luto,  pennifque,  &  ouorum  putamini- 
busconftrui.Ariftotclesin  cauemisviucrePygmzostradit.  Czteradehis,vtreliqui.  Cymos 
Indorum  genus  Ifigoous  annis  centenis  quadragenis  vtucre  Jtem  ActhiopasMacrobios,&  Se- 
ras  e»ftimat,  &  qui  Athon  montem  incolant :  nos  quidem  quia  viperinis  catnibus  alantur,  i- 
taque  nee  capiti,ncc  yeflfljus  eorum  noxia  corpori  inefle  animalia.  One(icritus,quibus  in  locis 
Indiz  vmbrznon  fint,C6h)pra  homim(m  cubirorum  quiniun,  &  binovuni  palmorum  exiftere, 
&  viuere  annos  centuolijiglnta,nec  fencftere/cd  vt  medio  aeuo  mori.Crates  Pergamenusln- 
dos,qui  centenos  annos  ^itcedant  Gymnztas  appellat,non  pauci  Macrobios.  Ccciias  gentem 
ex  his,quz  app6llatur  Pandorepn  cohiiaj^lbus  (itanitannos  dudenos  viuere,  in  iuuenta  can  dido 
capillo^qui  in  feneftute  nigrercat.Contra  alios  (^adragenos  non  excedcre  annos^un6los  Ma- 
crobijsjquorum  fominx  femel pariant  ;idque  8c  Agatharchldes*tradit,  prjterea  loculHs  cos 
ali,&  efle  pernices.Mandrorum  nomen  ijs  dedit  Clitarchus  &  Megaftenes,  trecentofque  eo  - 
rumvicosannumcrat«  FceminasfeptirnoMatiiannoparcre,  feneftam  quadragefsimoanno 
acceaet^ « ^ Artemldbrw^i  in  Taprobana  ihfula  longifsimam  vitam  fine  vllo  corporis  langUore 
traduci.DuriisJndQi'Utn  quofdatn  (^xm^ris  coire,mift6rque  &  femiferos  efle  partus.InCa]tn- 
gis  eiuTdemlndiz  gehte  quinquennes  toncipere  fGeminas,o£lauum  vitz  annum  non  excede- 
re,8c  alibi  Cauda  villofahomines  nafci  pernicitatis  eximiz,aIios  auribus  totos  contegi.  Oritas 
ab  Indis  Arbis-fluuiusdi^enpinat  .li  nullum  alium  cibum  nouere,quimpircium,quos  vnguir 
busdi0l(^iblecoi1ttttft/iit<iufch^p£nift)aex  hisfaciunt^vtrefenClltatchtis.  Trogl^^as 
{iipci;Ae$Hulf>iamvdi9<!JlAt^«fleequisjPergamenus Crates.  ItemAet^iiopas  oflonactiioita 
longitudineexcedere.Syrbotas  vocari  gentem  earn  Nomadum  Aethiopum/ecundibi  flumen 
Aftapum  ad  Septentrionem  llvregentium.Gens  Menifminorum  appellata,abeft  ab  oceaao  di- 
ctum itinere  viginti,animalium,qu9Cynocephalos  vocamus^ad^e  viuit.quorum  armentapa£> 
cit  maribus  interemptis,przterquam  (obolis  caufaJn  Airicz  folitudinibus  hominum  fpecies 
obuiz  fubinde  fiunt,moment6que  euanefcunt.  Hzc  atque  talia,  ex  hominum  gencre  ludibria 
fibi^obismiracula,  ingcniofa  fecit  natura:  &  fingula  quidem,qus  facit  indies^ac  prope  horas, 
quis  enumerarc  valeat?  Ad  detegendam  eius  potentiam^fatis  fit  inter  prodigia  pofuifle  genres. 

This  note  following,concerning  the  aide  and  afsiflance  of  the 
Bn^tfl)  MarchantSj  gtum  to  J^ng  lohn  the  firSl  of  Portugal  Jor  the 

nvinning  of Ceut  in  Barbaric,  which  was  the  firfl  occafion  of  all  the  Portugall  difco* 
tiertes/t  taksnoM  ofTljvmAsfFal/inghamtLMme  Chronicle.  Ahho  i^-ts- 

Oc  anrio,Ioannes  primusRex  Portugallif  ,fretus  auxilio  Mercatorum  Angli^  quiia 
maxim^,&  Alemannorum,vicit  Agarenos  in  terra  Regis  Betinarinotum,multis  eo* 
rum  millibus  ad  generum  Cereris  deftinatis :  cepitque  ciuitatem  eorum  quam  am^ 
plifsimam  fupra  mate  fitamjVocatam  Ccuc  corum  lingua* 


t,-  . 


j7  Thefemt  in  Btglijh. 


*T^i peere lohn t^eSrftfuitg of l^o;tusaI,betnsy}ntcipanp afltSeo bp  t1)ek(pof 4( tfnff'  1 4 1 ^ ' ^ ' 
1  Iiflj^arcl^i},aiai  aimatneiSjOttercame  ^e  ^ooieif  to  t^nmtin^ 





The  voyages  and  difcoueries  Machamm 

bat<e,vuttinsntaiip^ou(anD0of  tl)emtotberiuo}i»,anD  (ictooto       €iti«  in)^  \aa$  bcrp 
misi)Cie,(eatcD  bpmi  t^  rea,ti4Hc|l  it(  raUeo  Geut  in  (fieic  lansuage.       . . , 

The  voyage  of  Macham  an  Englifhitiaii;  wherein  he  firft  of  any 
manjifcouered  the  IlandofMaderaj  recorded  veibadm  in  the^  ^JPortih 

■  ■'■  gallhiftoriCjWrittenbyAnthonioGaluano.       ../ir    .  ■..Sciu'^i    ■  ...    .;.i  .i-;:  i.  ; 

Xi^mtn  1 344.1KuisPeter^fiMtrtbof  il)Ati«m^  ratsninff  in  Snaffon.. 
Dins  in  3  2,tiestee0,tua0DtrcoumD  bp  an  <SnsUl^n,l)^lj  tua0  nameo  Ma^- 
chim,\iA)o  rapb'nsnicafCnsIanDimo  ^paine*  tot^a  tooman  ti^at^eOan 
aoInr,atiuei>  Ii?  tcmpcO  in  tiiat  3!Iano,anii  nin  caff  anitct  in  tbat  bauen  0;  ba^, 
^  lu^irb  nob) i0  calleti  Machico,aftcr  d;e  name  of  Macham.  2  no  htcmtt  his  Io> 



J^'       ■ 


ucrtoa0rcii0rkejbet»entonIauo  \ui:l)romeof^i0conipatue>  aitotljeflsppetDitbasiMSi  tninDe 
maoe  faile  at»ap,aHii  tbe  tanman  uica  io}  ttimistit  *  Macham,  m^clj  louco  (;er  Demlp ,  built  a 
r0<ivpcli>o?()n^itasc>toiiucpt)n;in^auinsitbptt)eitameof  Icfus,  anDcaufcD  i;i0uamcana 
<  ji£^''^"  ten<  to  be  m^itten  07  grauen  Dpon  tbe  Hone  of  bet  tombe,  aim  tbe  occallon  of  tiictc  atriuaU  tbere  t 
2m  aftetUiatii  ijeo^oainetiaboatemaDeof  onetree,  (fo}  tbece  betTee0of  a  great  compal&ai 
bout)  aiiD  lunft  to  fea  in  it,ttiti)  tbofe  men  tijat  OebaD,anD  toere  left  bebtnbetDftb  bim,  ano  came 
Dyontbccoa(lof9firicfte,\sitboutrailco;oate«  Snstbe  S^oo^0  ti^i^  raise  it>  (ooitetttobea 
matucilous  tIjtns,ano  p^enteobtmbnto  tbe  Sting  of  tbat  Cotintrep  fo;  a  tmrnbet^no  tbatltiug 
Blfo  ftitt  btm  ano  bi0  (ompaniou0  fd)  a  miracle  bnto  ^ Bins  of  CalMr* 

aiitljepeete  i3p$4KitisHenry^tbtt6oftbatname,caipiiisin(£a!liIc,  bptbeinfojmati* 
on  tubicb  Macham  gaue  of  tb(0  aiauQ,  ann  alfo  tbe  (bq^e  of  W  ^mq^me ,  mooi^ep  nmip  of 
jfcance  auo  Caflile  to  pe  aun  to  Difcouet  it,aoii  alfo  ebe  great  Canaria,9r«  \ 

3[iitbcpeere  i4i7,iKinglohntbefeconii,flu'giiingiitCaSilc,aniibi0motber  laiiie'Kithe. 
linebeingEegentjOneMoniieurRubcnofBracamont,  ijibirbtDad  Simtttallof  jTranre*  be* 
ihaunbing  tbe  conqjuctt  of  tbe  3Ilanti0  of  tbe  Canane«(>lm'A  tbe  tide  of  King j^2  a  hinrmaitt  of  bice 
iiameb  Monfieur  lohii  Bet3ncouit,after  ^t  Ae  Otetne  bsn  giuen  bim  tbem,  attp  boliieii  bim, 
bebeparteb  ftomSbfupIlnitb  a  goob  atmie,9tntbep  afimtte  al(b^ati^ep;6kcipittcAtfflri^irb 
nuHf  eb  bim  to  tbt0,txia0  to  bifcouer  tbe  3IIaUb  of  Madera,  tnbitb  Macham  bib  fliitmbe^  ^/ibidem 
pae.ljifAndionioGaluaDo,  .    '  '/  .' 

*       "  ,     I       '.    ^  "^  '.^  *  ■      ^i'    ■.      -:    "  ■  '.  lift    -"    i  .  .     i    ,ir'T-'-i'J     :-,     :       .    :.  .  _  l.  .f.  »  .-r   r  ,  .ffx  ir\t 

'*iili.rlJ  <    ..i^i;Un~^ij 

;r ': 


'  .- , 


Confirmadb  treiigarum  inter  llegem  Angliig  Eduardui^  4|uar'. 
tum^^  loannemJecundum^B^em  ^ortugaBA,  datdrm  mofi^oiHontU 

'   •  Maioris  8.Februarij,&  apud  Wcftmonaftcrium  13.  Septembris,  1482.  anhoreg(U.9Z* 
'   Regis  EduardiquartyinguaLufitanica  ex  opertfcqucntiexcctpta. 


quetraftada  vida  i  feitos  delRcy  dom  loham  fecundo. 
fimbaxada  que  el  Rey  mandou  a  el  Rcy  D'lnglaccrra.  Cap.  33.    .       ' 


'■on  '11^ 

Efrrampor  nurmtijf  honratUmente  com  nuif  ion  comfMihia :  hos  ^uais  foramen 

name  del  vey  confirmar  at  ligas  antitfiMs  com  IngUtterta^  qiiepoUa  condi<^  Jel- 

lashoHouoRej^dehumrepoe'dooMtneraohrigtSoa  mandarcmpnKar.-e'tam- 

titnpera  mcfirarem  ho  titoto  que  elrej  tinha  nofetJhario  de  Gmnee ,  pera  tpie  difois  de  vifio  el  rtf 

I>'^>tglatenadcfendeJfeemtodotfeiurejttos,ipuningKenarma{fetiemfodefemanddraGmnee:  i 


niaJitimloamTintamehimGHilhermefabiamlHnefes.  Comha  ipultmbaixadael  rej  D'lngli^. 


ICptfttntb    tmamente  ho^Hefellosmf><uxadoreslbifiyre\iuridoi  de /pu elks troMxetaH\\^enticai  efcriturat 

"-■•««     'l^dilige»cmscjueconfttbricosfrego«esfix^am:eajftasfroMtfoHesdasafr^ 


c-^:..-  The 

'4  ■  . 

11 V     \'>    *£>. 

Macham.     ■    ji^i^nf  mam.(TC.      ofchcEnglifh  nation. 


Ditie  tt^ict)  twu  licrp 

m  in  the^  *Porttt' 



^i  tDommt  ti)at^e^aQ 
m.  anobecaureljtebK 
icoijcrDecrelp,  Iiuilta 
of  a  great  compadea* 

laine,  moouei^manpof 

lomrtallof  jTranrc,  ne* 
ni^,  ait9]DoI]^rn&(nr, 

LduarduQi  ^luari 

,  1482.  aniio  rectU;^z« 

",  ■.•i'-filjiffi! ■"  • 


>J42  el  retJont  Dfu^le^de 
ifaberecredii£,ile^ue  ct 
mdePind  for  ftirtttatiom 
mhia :  has  «j$tiiii  fortanm 
rtty  qitepeUa  condi^  deU 
tandar  cmfrtKar :  e'tam' 
ipie  difois  de  vtfio  el  r^ 
t^e  mandar  a  Guinee:  i 
Diiq$te  de  Kj^dm*  Sido' 
tiaixadtiel  rey  D^Ingliif' 
•ecebtda^e  em  tMdofcKinm 
tOH^fiMenticas  efcritmrM 


The  AmbafTage  which  King  lohn  the  fecond^  King  of  Portugall 
fziA  to  EdUford  the  fourth  JQr^  of  Bi^land,  which  in  part  was  tojiajf  one 

JobaT!SUin,and  cue  William  Fabian  £nglilhmcn,ftoin  proceeding  in  a  voyage  which 
1lgfor.GinneejI481.TaKc  -■    -     -      -  ._      . 

as  de  Refende^whidi  inn^teth  oFthe  life  and  a^s  of  Don  lohn  the  frcond  King  of  Por- 

diey  were  preparing  fosGinnee^i  48 1 .  Taken  out  of  die  Bookc  of  the  workcs  of  Gatci- 

asdeRefende,wr  "      ■-'—-••- 

tugal.  Cbap.33. 

I  jBttaftKtoawtte  Mngfcwtaa  anibaOdi>otm>fromt^c  totoneof  Montemaior 
toltai$Edward^fiNint>oftfiisIanli,Ruy  deSoufa,ap^nripaIIprtfon,anii« 
k  man  of  {ceat  toifeBoine,  ant  eSimation,  ano  m  istKimc  t^  lUns  rrpofn  sreac 

I  tCaStjW^  DoCtO)  lohn  Deluas,  anO  Ferdinand  de  Pina,  80  d>etretarie.  QMO 
^p  mase  tbeic  Dopage  bp  fea  terp  bi^iojidilp,  being  berp  inell  acrompanieb. 

'  'C^eft men toeic fern  oncdebebalfeof  ^  Kins*  toconfinne  tbe  aundent  ^fHtMumb 
IeBgue{lta)&ti^Slanb,tabeteinttt)Da0conofttoneb^attbe  netDkmsoftbeoneanQofcbcotbet  Dtttwambai* 
lttoM»me,Q)ouIooebouiituorentitonnifinm^oloeleasueie(.  anolftetuiletbepbaDo^betto  ^^iitnttt 
lbeiDeanDm^b^acquatmebl»it()tbetitteliibtri(i  die  IKinffbelb  in  tberepcttrieof®^^ 
Hjt  intent  ^  aftet  tiie  Kins  of  ^nglanb  \m  feene  tbe  fame ,  be  (boulogine  cbarge  tb^usfr  all 
W  tanipmMAn  no  man  ^lo  arme  o)  frt  fbo^^  fl^'p«(  to  6innee:  ano  alio  to  requett  bim>tl)at  ^n*  4iA 
ft  tuonloplearebimto  sine  commanocmenttoiiiablaeacettaine  fleete,tDbicboneIohn  Tintam,  '"^ 
anb  one  William  Fabian,^tgii(bmen,toete  maitinff,bp  rommanacment  of  tbe  Duke  of  Medi- 
naSidomajtogoeto^eafo^eTaiopaiteieiof  6innee*  Sfl3itt»1nbitb  ambaflagetbeKingofCns* 
laMi  feemeb  to  be  betp  WW  pIea(eb,ano  tbep  tnere  receiueo  of  bim  teitb  yjtxp  great  bonour,  an« 
beconveTcenbeotnitoantliat  tbeCCmbanhiNnnsreqiuitebof  bim,  attnbofebanbiaitljepreceaueD 
8n^)etittcantn}fting0of  tbe  Diligence  tuljicbdbep  babpetfigurmeQ ,  toitfj  publiration  tbereofbp 
ibe  $eralDiS :  ann  aUb  p^ifoc0  of  tbofe  confimutionsi  tnliicb  tnere  iicceRarie^ano  bauiug  Difpa^ 
dieb  afltiitngis  tnen^auQ  b)ttl;tbe  iStngiei  gooo  tuill^ep  retucneb  ^ome  i»to  Hjeix  cotmtrep. 

The  manner  of  thccntring  of  Solyman  the  Great  Turke,with  his 
armie  into  Jkppoin  SyriUy  marching  toward  Terfia  againSl  the  Great  So* 

phie,the  fourth  day  ofNoucmbcr,!  j  5  3  jnoted  by  MaAer  Anthonie  Ienklnron,preicnt« 

5pem(,o(berti]f&  calleo  liglit^ojlemen  Derp  b}aue>tIotbeD  an  in  Icatlet* 
\   9iGKt,maccf)ebioooo,mett/anebNortan5jliiiiit|betn1itttaric0to^(&teat^mt, 
'clo^^allinpenotobelne^  anbbttdof  tbelame,  of  Ae  €aitatie  falbion,  ttrafiiote 
bng^tni^agitat  role  of  tbe  fame  colour  about  tlieicfojelieaoiEUcittilpbecIteb^ts^ 

9fter  tbemmartbeb  foure  Captaineti^en  of  armeti,  rallebin  ZmiaXb  Saniaques,  do^eo  an 
fiiureincrimlbnbeIuet,euerponebatingmfier  bitfbannertlueltte  tboufanomen  of  arme^toeU 
amte&tDitIjtbeirmo^iflitipont6eirbeat«(,roati^'ng  in  gooa  ojner,  loittia  tbafi  ioeaponbp 

9fiDer  came  I  tfooo Janizariesjcalleo  ^e  flauetf  of  ^  Grand  Signior,an  afbote,euerp  one  lia* 
tting  lliitftiacqtt^buibe,  1»l^  be  t)i0  gaCMl  clo^eb  in  bMccfiflte^nb  apparellai  ^ 
loi^aarangefo]ime,caflcQCuocuIlucia,fa0^ionebintbit{lb7t:  tbcentringinof  (be&^abi« 
Iftea{kullmaoeoftnbitebelue^9ba^atrainebangingbobiMbebttti»>tn  manner  ofaiTrent^ 
liootie^^e  fame  coIour,«ib  bpon  tbefo^act  of  tbe  rai&e(lttdl,intt  in  ^e  mibbeiai  of  (iietfio^ieaB 
t(^iBift8ubingbolctip)igbtlikeatrttnIteofafiMMelongof  fllnet}  gamiQicomoSric^pltiit^ 
6oniGnitb(ttiio^te,anbpietiou0ttDtie0,  anbintl^toppeof  (tie  faibetnndte,  agreattuQioffiM* 
4ertt,tD^iirb  inaueretb  bp  ano  ootante  moft  bjauetp  Tnoni  Ik  mart^etb« 

after  tb^^bene  came  looo.pagetf  of  bonooc  all  clotbeo  in  rb^  goitre,  tbeljalfeof^em 
carping  |arqnebu(be0,mA  tbe  ot^  IraftCe  Qfiiiiib  tetttli^ 

€ben  came  tb^ee  meit  of  armesi  todl  armeb^ana  bpon  ^  bacnelft  coatetf  of  tbe  ^TurbeiS  fa> 
IN(m,of  Libarorkiniie0,anDmtnnon0bpon^beab0,t|ikr(peare0tNgeb,  anbattbeenbeof 
tbeir  gaffe  barbbptbcbea»Df^Aieace#lio?reteifebittfaaMMOpa>lflnr,t» 

9ftett$emcamereimipagef  ef(iottoncincIottoflBiter,i»poR(htfiilii^         Wf^\i'^ 



The  voyages  and  dilcouenes   JnthJenl^nfm, 



taaafiiiimimAon  vAitft  itioSitc^lp. 

9ftet  AeinalTo  came fl|cino)e  pages  of  ^onoucdotlxt  in  riotfi  ofgoIte,caerp  oneHauing^ 
boibK  ill  \ii9  ()anD,ata  tfsfabKiiineof  ^CutlttfaQmmbp(it0l2De* 

3!mmetiatlp  aftet  ta  tma  tbe  <9rcat  Curke  bint  fm  imA  gteat  yompe,  9  impifictncr, 
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«o;neota)itbanri)eof  rIo^)ofgdDe,cndiji^eonioOe  riciilp  ruH^aitmoa  pactions  flonen,  ant 
iq^  ^«  (leali  a  gooDip  ti^  ttttit,amtatoing  m  lengA  bp  efti^ 
of  roke  aniiIinnentiiouentoget()er>celenibUnglonict|)ing  Cantcutclot^,  iKitismucUmo^fine 
«nDrir(i^niiaubetotipeof$(icniime,aUt1epinnarioflii|iite  JDOnrf)  teat^m,  mt^  Ija^ 
tnotttidlilp  ayyateUeiiin  allpoints  to^e();onoent  to  dft  (mm* 

aftetbimfoIIoti»Dl^gooolppoungL8iiie0,ttnRtnte&tipon0neti$ite  UtfmtUi,  cIotlKiifti 
dotb  of  QiuecjtuliiilitaKte  of  ^e  faQiion  of  mens  garments,  em&^eteo  berp  rirfilp  Untb  neatly 
aniip^oiisiloiie0,anoiKititii^t^itbeaoes  caps  of  Colofmtttislso^Mng  great  f^^ 
of^ace  (ganging  outon  eadi)fiiie,Weoasreo  as&IooD,  ano^enafles  of  tieirfingersbitnof  tU 
fame  coIour,euerpof  tliemliauiugtlno  cnnncdeson  eactiftoe,  annlitlebolues  intlieitiwaMri 
after  an  SnttkefaOitot. 

aftctmarri>eDt^(Sce8t7Ba((M,(bee&conmtctp;of  tbetnliote  armie,  clotbeotrn'tli  a  code  of 
^^oUpmant  crimibn,anti  upon  tije  fame  ano  Aec  Qio^  garment  Deep  cicb^um  about  bim  fiftie  3lai 
ni^artes  afoote,of  biS  otnne  gaco,aU  clotbeb  in  crimGm  beluecbeing  amieo  as  i^t  (Sceat  "CuAs 

<Cben  after  enfueo  tb^ot^er!BaQias>tiiit|i  Qauesaboat^iem,beingafboce,to  tlie  nunAecof 

.  aftetcameacompanieof ^}remenberpb^tte,anDin<dlpointes  taen  acmeo,  totiienunAes 

an  tbis  a{b]tefaiB  amrie,moa  pompouS  totefioIoMitb  toas  in  number  Gmre  Tco^e^ano  eigfic 
tbauran&men,ciKampeod)out^ecttteof  Aleppo,  anDtbe6rantiSignior  btmfelfetDaslo&geo 
liilt(tntbetdtime,in8gootlpcaftIe,  fltuatebiponabigb  moutttainet  att^fintetDbcreafrun* 
netb  a  gooolp  riuer,tobicb  is  a  b^ancb  of  tbat  famonsrroet  Euphrates. 

^teff ofbisarmiepairebouer^mountaines of  Armenia, calleDnolnet^mottntaiues of 
Camarpe,t»bicb are fboreoaiesioumep from  Aleppo,  appointeotbece  totariet^ecommtngof 
tbeOrano  Signior,ttitb  tbercSof  bis  atmie>iiiten(ingtomarcbitttoPerria,togiue  batten  to  t|ie 
^mountaines,asaUb^fetbatcameto  Aleppo,^cottipanieli)it|i  Uim,  M  iHOTemen  «ai 

'^  camels  tnbicb  cariebmuuitibnanii  bictuaI{8/o2^faioacntie>ereinnmid(ec  2ooooo« 

A  note  of  the  prefents  that  were  eiuen  at  the  faine  time  in  Aleppo^o  the  Grand 
Signior,and  the  names  of  the  prefentors.  .r.. 

T^ttttiiel&a(baofAleppo,toliicf)isasaCt(cetop,p}efinteii  ioo*gantient0ofcldt(ofgo&iea 
JLattD  i^Mv^i, 

.  ^beXaQtaofDamaTcojp^fhueb ioo.gannetttsofcIotdofgolBe,anottnentie||o^,  ttftft 
Btuers  GQtes  of  comfitsjiu  great  qnamitie* 


^be  Saniaque  of  Tripolis^p^Iente&  Qk  camelS4acgeD  alt  toitbfi1t(ts,2o*bo}&SjanD  aUle 
cloc&eof  goI&e,gan^ilbe&  tnttb  pjetiotts  lIones,elieemeDtto2tb  tbto  ^iD}epmickets. 

^be  Onfitlof  tbecompameoftoe Venetians  in Tripolis,  cametoMO^^  iSranbSigniors 

The  fafc  condua  or  priuilcdgc,  ^ucn  by  Sultan  Solving  the 


Vltan  Spljrman^&c.  to  an  CUcfcopetf,  l^MniaQnes,  CaMc;,  ano  ot^  oncSWK' 
cers,  flDmcerS,anO  ^tdiiectSof  Tripolis  in  Syria,  Confhnuoople ,  Alexan- 
dria in  Egypc^  ans  of  an  otbei  «0tanKS,«n»  Cities,  tmbec  ottcDomintoi,  no 


/InthJenl^nfin.  M    JnthJen^tn/on.      ofcheEnglifh  nation. 

itte  UitmeisSt  cIoc^Bte 


ntnlUrttontttetMUnioeomitMmihpou^attDNn  poitlbtriirce  Anthony  lenkinfon,  bearer 
igii0tvftkuimtt,tmtt^tiM9(lmHmixi  Cnslaiit,  0^  ^t  fimo;,o;  anp  odtmr,  beaiins  ^be 
firift(ctmMfi9))<m>aRtneftioar  mawot  imtnt,  ^niOtW  Owppco^  Wvifn,  v^ottfetruOklM 

tnitol)<m,trfiffikfngfo^bAnftlft<RaII  oarcouttCrieit  ano  DotiUiitoniy,  toitliout  btnu^ns  o^anp 
lB«poflbirt^orb(m,^«Qifppe,b<!ei  people^  marrttatiDift,  anttnftJlKiutenfoKins  btmcopap 
aitf  o^cnihmte«}toUl)HimoM(r,manpIb>c,o;to  anpperToitf  iDb  laittom* 

!p  oiir  o^narpoueint,  cBntapnen  in  our  cullDme  bouleitt,  tuljidj  uilicn  be  Ijatb  paioe.tuc  MU  itKtt 
ie  be  {t8nlte,8no  ftee;  as  tnell  fa;  bmrfi(lfir,a0lb)  l)<0  people,  marcbanin(e,(btppe,  0;  tbippev,  anB 
all  otbcr  tieflt'lti  tobatfoeuec,  anp  in  lb  ooins  tbat  be  map  traffiicite,  barsaine,  relMnb  bup,  {anci 
atiotmlaor,inanourfb7efaiDeC0umtie0,Ianiie«,anQ  oonuntontf,  iiilttte  fo;te>anD\nitbtb( 
IikeUienieieianDp7iut1eO0e)i,AiE(tbejfrencbmenanti  Qenettamrbrr,  aim  itiiop,aiiiinio;cif  it 
bepo(I8)1e,ti)itbouttbebiniirranceo}impea4nnent  of  anp  man«  9nD  futtbenno;ie  \»t  tbarse 
anttrommanitDe  all  Uireropetfjanii  Confoto  of  tbe  /renrb  nation,  anD  of  tbe  Uenctiaiui ,  ant 
allocbecConlulitf  rrfibent  in  otir  Conntreptf,  intabatpo)to;p;ouiuce  roeuettbepbe,notionm* 
Qtaine,  0;  raufe  to  conttratne  h^f  tbem,  0^  tbe  (hpoe  St^iniSerKt  ano  SDGRicertf  tebatToetier  tbcp  be, 
tbefapoc Anthony  Ienkini'on,o)bi^fact07,  o)b<«  feniant0,o?  Deputie0io;bitiniarcbanoire,to 
pap  anp  binoe  of  confullagco)  otber  rigbt  tobatfoener,  0;  to  intcmeODle  0;  biimn  tis  afiaireift 
ano  not  to  moleff  no^  trouble  bim  anp  maimer  of  tuap,  beraufe  our  tuill  ano  pleafure  10,  tbat  be 
li)allnotpapinal)pur($;ountnej(,anpotbertbenmn;o)iiinarie  cuaome.  Sno  inrafeanpman 
biiiDer,anD  impeatbbim  aboue  anobeOiiejs  tbefeourpie&ntletteriai,  tuedjarse  poumoft  ejcpieP 
IptoiiefenDe,anDa(ntt  bim  ac^aintttbe  fapoe  Con(ul0,anD  if  tbeptoill  not  obep  our  pjcfnit 
conrntaunDement,  tfjatpouaoumirebstbeteof,  tbat  toe  map  take  furb  ojoerfo;  tbe  fame,  tbat 
otbetsmaptabeejcimipletljerebp.  SBo^eouer,  toee  rommannoe  all  our  Captained  of  our  <DaI« 
ben,  ano  tbeir  Lieutenants,  be  tbep  iropltesi,o;  otber  bedels,  tbat  luben  t()ep  Ml  fiiioe  tl)e  fapoe 
lenkinfon,  o^biai  focto^  bid  flnppe  0;  flXppes,  tnitb  bis  fcruantSianti  marrbanoire,tbat  tbcp  burt 
bimnot,neptbettnbooieno)({ooDS,but^tfatbettI)epa(n(MuiiDefenobtm  againffallfucb  atf 
ftefce  to  Ooe  bim  tn^s,  ano  tbat  tijep  apoe  ano  beipe  bim  tnitb  Victuals,  arcojoingf  to  bid  inant, 
aniitb«tt»bo&euerfi)anftetI)erep!icfents,  obep  tbe  fame,  as  tbep  mill  auoioe  tf)epenaltieiit 
&oinst^rontraTie:£^aDein  Aleppoof  Syria,tbepeere9<$i«of  ourboIpl^^opbetMahomet,  9 
intbepetteof  aefus,i  ;;3 :0sn(&tDftb  kbefeepcer  ano  tiffnetof  tbe  QranoSignior,  MifyW 


The  very  originall  hereof  was  deliuered  me  Rich.HakJ.  by  Mafler  IcnkinfoQ  in  the 

.•.r  ■ 

Turkiih  aiid  French  tongues. 


A  voyage  made  out  of  England  into  Guinea  in  AfTricke ,  at  the 
charges  ofcertaine  Merchants  aduenturers  of  the  Qtie  of  London ,  in  the 

yeereofourLorde.  i$5J. 

fCtnfl^ocfireObpccrtaincof  mpfrienos,  to  mabe  fome  mention  of  tbidbopase, 
^'tbat  fome  merao^e  tbereof  mtgbt  remaine  to  onr  potteritie,  if  eitber  iniquitie  of 
>time,conrttminsaUtbinss^;ipo;anre  creeping  iubp  barbaronfnes  anocon' 
'tempt  of bnoUiIcDse,(bouIo  bereaffer burp  in  oblbtion  b  tDo;itbp  attempts ,  b 
^o^attbeteatt  fofrequcntetMSat^ts  p^fenttbep  are,ano  mapbe,  to  tbe  great  j(inkW0n. 
immoliftieofourseercbants,iftberamebenotbino^obptbeambitionof  fucb,  asfo;  tbecon< 
pterins  of 40. 0)  $o«milesbcreanotl)ere,anQerectinsofceTtatnefia;trefltS,  tbinbetobcLo;ios 
sfbalfit  tbe  tuoiilo^enapino:  tbat  otber  (boulo  eniop  tbe  commioittes ,  labicb  Miep  djemTelucs  can 
not  bibolp  poilcire.9 no  alcbousb  furb  as  baue  bene  at  rbarff es  in  tbe  oifroueting  9  conquerins 
flffitcblanoes,  ougbtbpfl^oooreafontobaue  rertainep7ittiIeogeS4i^eminences,anOtribittetf 
reaibnanoconfaencrD^ratberapinStbecbaritietbatoas^  tobeamons  Cbiittianmen,  djat 
iiKbasbioIentlptnnaoe  tbe  Dominions  of  otber,(boulDnoc  permitotber  fnentiptobfetbetraoe 
of  metcbanoi(  places  ncerer,af  feloome  frequenteo  of tbem.liibetbp  tbeir  traoe  is  notbntb;»ii 
btCtcbpIacesMrretbeptbemrcIucsbaueattbeir  obineelettion  appointeo  tbe  matttsof  ^ieft 
KiQcke.l^fo^mucbasat^sp^&nt^tidnotmpintcntto  arcuTeojiiefeno,  app;ooueo)im> 




The  voyages  and  difcoueries  IVindam. 

p)ooue ,  31  tmU  rrafr  to  fpeake  anp  fitnlict  (mtof ,  aiio  p^ecu  to  t<ic  Defnriptton  of  t))e  HfS 
tiopase^a0l>)ieilpniofait(^UpaiS31  tiM<  aoumiGmof  tde  rame,lip  tdeinfo^madoBoffitrijciif 
>AIe  ptt(biMi,a0  maKBOisett  miyii(ton  to  knotoe  t()e  tnteti)  i^cof,  a«  mw^ 
(ite.omtttinstofpeafceof  manp  panicuUttbin0e0,iiot(nceatIpuer((QirietobekNOl»ai  ttoiicl 
iKaertbeIe(&,lnt()  aUbtliecjMacourfeof  tlienatiiffation,  HwH  be  mo)e  fiillp  oectoreo  to  tbf 
feconobopagc.  9nbif  Oeittafaumito}fhciiD()iip^npcrbapjicaurelbme  totbinket^atfinm 
lHUiebencClNitpelptoacl>eo,I<ttbeml4papactfauoucanbfrifnQi<p,ano  giie  place  to  tnie4 
tbat  boneff  mm  map  ceceiue  p)aife  fo^  toell  oohiff ,  aiiO  leubepetfoiiif  tepiMcf),  aft  tbe  iuSffipf  m 
of  tbeir  rail Derectitf,tDb(t(bp otbCK  map  be  betctteo  to  ooe  t^  UHeiOnD  bettuotui  men  encom^sig 
to  p^eeoe  in  bcneft  attempctf. 

:Buttl)attbe(ebopasc«mapbemo;epIaineIpbnDctiIooQeof  allmen,  3|J^uc  tdougbc  soob 
fQ;tbi«ipurpo&,befo^3I  intreatc()ereof,  to  make  a  b^efe  brfcrwtionof  Ailrica,  being  ti« 
great  pacteof  ^etto;tbe,onb)bore  dZIettGDebeginnetbtberoaitof  Guincaat  Cabo  Verde, 
about  tbKlue Degceeiai  in  latituoe,  ontbittUoetbe  <Cquinoctiall  Iine,anbttoobegteeie(inlon* 
giattteftom4iemeafuringIine,roniiuiingftomAe  .^tbtotbe  Aoutb.aubbpCaa in Ibme 
pla(t0,ti)itbin6ur/Mire,anbtb}eeoe(p;ec0  anoabalft  biito  tbe  ^qumoctiall,  anbfofboittb 
nmanneroirmlp  eiXi  anobp|3o;tb>fo?tI)efpa(eoftbinieC|;  ocgree0,o7tbete  about,  in  Ion* 
giMoe  from  tbe  mat  to  tfie  Catt,  aiei  (ball  mo?c  plainelp  appeate  in  tbe  oefoiptionof  ttie  (erono 

«lv  nan  of 


.'  ■*!*;^f'! 


A  briefcdcfcriprion  of  Affirike,  gatJicredby  Ri- 


•"■■.•.    .,1 











«}  Aifrica  tl)e  leOfe  are  tbefe  ktngbpmeiei  t  djekingoome  of  Tunes  anb  Conftao- 
tina.tobid)  10  attbi0  bap  bnbet  Tujoes^to  alio  tbe  region  of  Bugia,  Tripoli,  anb 
Ezzah.Cbtis  partof  Aflfrike  is  berp^barren  bp  reafon  of  tbe  gr)cat  belertiei^  ^ 
oefcrtd  of  Numidia  anb  Barcha .  %\jt  ppdpall  ported  ti  ^ekingbome  of  Tu- 
ncs^are  tbefe :  Goletta>Bizeita,Pocofamia^oua^itO  Stora.  %}^  ^fe  citieiH  of 

Tunes^Conftantina,anbBoua,tr^^biueniotbet,  Unbet  tbittkingoome  ace 

mmp  3llanb{l^0  Zerbi,Lampadola,Pantalarea,Limofo,  Beit,  Gamelaro,  anb  Malta,ti^ecea( 


be(ert0  of  Lybia.9Utbe nations  in  tbitf  Afirica  tl)e  lefle^aceof  tbe  lecteof  Mahomct,anba  rufli*. 


eoiftof  tbe  fea  MeditcrrancOm. 

Mauritania  (noba  calUD  Barbaria)  i0  DtUibeO  im  ttW  patte0,a0  Mauritinia  tingitana  >  anb 
Cffarienfis.Mauritania  Tingitana,  i0iuiteecallebtbe  kingbome  of  Fes,  aiibtbekiugbomeof 
Marrocco.^be  p^itctpall  citic  of  Fes,i0  caHcb  FeiTa:  anb  tlie  c^e  ritie  of  Marrocco,  10  names 
Majrrocco.  i "  .  "  -  -  •      ,    ' 

Mauritania  Cf  raricnris,i0  at  ti)i0  bap  calleo  tI)C  kingbome  of  Treniiren,lDitfj  alTo  f^  citie  ttSf 
iebTremifcno?Telcnfin.'Cbi0regiani0fonofbc{art0,  anb  rtacbetfj  totlbe  fta'Mtdit^rr&ne- 
um,  totijetiticof  Oram,bittbtbepo;t  of  Maflaquibcr.'Cbekiugbomeof FesreacbcHlbntotbe 
S)ceanfea,fcomtbe^ciltotbecitieofArgilla:  anbtiie  po^  oftlie  (apbe  kingbome  t0  callcB 


Cbc  kingbome  ofMarrocco  10  alfoc^nbebaboue  tbe  2)ceanfea,  bittotlte  citieof  Azamor 
anb Azafi, \Dbicb<treaboue^ei3Dceanrea,tobtarQetbe2S(ettof  (bcfaibekingbome.  3lnMau- 
ritania  Tingitana  (tbat  i0  to  fap,  in  d)e  ttoo  kinsDomc0  of  Fes,  ano  Matrocco)  are  in  tlje  fea,  t^e 
31lano0of  Canaric, caHeoinoloetime,  tbefii7tunate3Ilanbe0.  liTotnarbtide  ^Mutbof  tbi0re» 
gion,i0  ^ekingbome of  Guinea, tnitbSencga,lalofo,Gambra,  anbmanpotfiecregion0of  ^ 
blacke  S©oo?e0,f  alleo  Acthiopians,oj  Ncgros,an  b^cb  arc  toatcreb  toit^  tberiuer  Negro.cri* 
leb  in  oloe  time  Niger,  ^n  tbe  faib  region0  are  no  citie0jbut  onelp  certaine  lotoe  (Dttage0  maoc 
Ofbougl)e0oftrcc0,plaaereotmtbtbauke,anbfouereb  toitbttratoe*  antbefe  region0  are  alio 
bcrp  great  ticfert0* 

^b^kingoome  of  Marrocco  I)aA  bnber  it  Aefe  feuen  kingbome0 :  Hea^us,GuzuIa,t^  tee* 
rito?ieofMartocco,Duchala,Hazchora,anbTcldc.  Cbekingbomeof  Fesbatb«0manpj8i< 


region0:Tremiren,Tencz,mtiiElgazaet,anb)bid)areMachomctifte$.  IBtitall  tbetegfonfof 
Guinea  are  pttre<0entt{e0,anbiDolatrou0,tnitboutp^fe(non  of  anp  celigion,D;o^knob^^ 
•f  0ob,^bp  ^labieof  tuture. 

•■'     .  -  ■■■;::k'  Affile* 

ff^intfam,  ■     ff^mJam. 

otche  Englifli  nation. 


Africa  t(e  Steatite  one  of  ttie  ti^^ee  pattca  of  tdrlnqllthnotoen  in  oltie  tiine,anD  rcuercDftoin  A-  "^^«  »* 
fia^on^tfaabptlieriufiNilus,  ontl)e{aett,ftomC»»pebpt<iepaict8ofOerruk0.  'd)Cbi> 
ttiecp!tit(((nb\iicaUeD!BailMtie,  aiiti^peoplejlpoo^tf.  V^einnetpaitiflraUcDLibyaaiio  E- 
thiopia .  Aftikc  tjie  idEr,  10  in  t\iia  toire  boimM :  2)n  tlie  COeft  it  \iit!b  Numidia :  SDn  tlje  CaS  flirnriu  itt 
Cyrcnaica :  ®u^  jl3c^*t))e  Tea odleo  Mcdicerrancum .  3inttiii>couixrepta»0t|)e  uoble  citte  of  ""^- 

3ln  4e  €att  Hoe  of  Africke,  bmeat^  tl)e  reti  rea,  mneOe^  t(e  (pm  ant  itnglitie  Cmpera^ 
Cb}ilHanlUns1p?caer3lo<m>luenimolocniot(ie)9D^in0aUintbcitbopa  l|pt0i>O'  Vi<ftii34ii. 

injiijon0ie4d)Wrpfamonettnpflttetano|iat<itonmbtmmanpotiieriitngt0i^  .....  ^ 

beat^tliat  p«ipl)tmtri()nte.  'CPbitmigtiCte  p^iue  U  caUeo  Danio  tbe  (Cmpcronr  of  ^tiiiopu.    . «        1 
Aome  tu^bat  tiie  iuitff  of  l0oitiiiffaa(hisct|ilRm  peetelp  ei^ 
lt^«  kinSDomecmifintt^  tiiitb  tlje  tcD  &a»  aiili  ieacbet6  fam  into  afifte  toloato  CffFPt  a 
he.  i^OUt()ttirtlitronfi»ett)tDitl)t^&atOtDatBt^Capede  Bona  Spcranza  rantioiitbeotljer  ftSTinli'^* 
Qoe  uit^  t|ie  fea  of faniyKilleti  Mare  de  Sabione^  becp  tiangetoufl  fea,lping  bcttteene  tW  (p;eat  n>  ht  ii»  ot 
tieofAlcayer,  0;  Cairo  in  ^Sgppt,  an&tbecountiepof(Rbiopia:3!ntietnl)td)li)a))()rentan;'biv  ^^^^;„ 
babicaUe  oefatttf,  (omiimins  fo;  tibe  l]pare  of  fine  iKt^itwniep ,  9ubtf)cp  aCR^ 
Zfft ctiiefe  ritie  of ^tbiopia/lalicre tliiiei  (ptat  Cmpetoitt  is  tttbavjxt  calleo  Amac aiz,iffin((  a faitc  Amioii. 
dtic,)v(ioQ:  inbabitaiud  are  cf  tf^  talwt  of  an  flDUtte «  ^TdereateaUb  maiip  otijct  (ittcei,  asi  the  ritie 
ofSauabpon^CTiuerof  Nilus,  to^'tije  CmpmurisiacctiSomeo  to  mnatnein  tijc^omnicr 
ItaGm .  €^rce  i0  Ilketuifea  gccojt  citienameD  Barbarcgaf,a>ni  Afcon^fiximtDbenre  it  it  faiD  tbat  frwinrtnw 
tI)e!3DueeneofSabacameto$ieimfa!cntto|earet^tDifttDmeof^alonion,  ^i0citiet0l)titlit>  i|rfiunitttf 
dcpet  Derp  fistte,  aiiD  one  of  tlie  tijiefe  citieB  in  Ethtope .  3!n  lie  fail}  hmsnomeid  a  p^uittrc  taUeo  ^^^  '"^ 
Manicongo,  tu^ofebin^td  a9@oo}e,aniitafittade(ot(ieempetourof  Ethiopc.3in  tbiaip^outnce  Mmiconia. 
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K  ;  j|^  after '^^" 

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The  voyages  and  difcoucrics  Wyndam. 




^ttet  tt)atoucfl)ipsD(pancDfrotn  ttje 3(Ui«>  of  Madera fo^tDflrtontlKirtoopage,  brganttitf 
toomti)Pcaptainc  Pintcadosfo7«taMUi«  nttxtopncntettottixbe  tmim  of  atmAle  li)pD^,tui)o 
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factoM :  fomctimeg  luit^otni)oii;iou0  lw^0,anD  (bimtiitM  tnOI)  ti^ 
buCDS  tbrm.  takins  fnnti  Pinteado  ttK  Grtuirc  of  tde  iwiei  rnio  rettaine  maniira  tfKtt  tavtr  aOIgi 
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ano  carping  lim  ant  t(jm  at  die  bclatt3IflmiM  in  tiie  t>MP>  bn;*ttf(  tbep  t»^ 
to  tiKtountrcp  of  Guinea  fo}tbe(ieatr4niit8tping(btivtobattooIatff(G);ittibatcanbetDellmtni> 
ttceo  ill  acommon  iMaItb,t»()mineitnaUtieti]<t||tp^intelDUlndealoiie)tl)ep  (ante  attbelenipb 

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ct)e4t«m(or  attemptingtoaimenea«tbeCalIenpeminingtotbekfogof1po;ttiigaQ,tiibicbtaM0tsft^ 

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oaflpDKinuefojionr  contempt  anbiittpiftic« 
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^^'m     Anbnobitorpeatolbmctt^oft^commttitirattontfKittMitbettDemttelt^         imtt, 







Knifttnct  to' 

^"^^^'    I   'U^indam.  of  the  hnglifti  nation.  . 

^Kbopage,  began  tM 

aptoetetorolDfo;  great 
1}  tatijev  Aifo^nmnt  of 
de  golfi  oCt^  autaxtp, 
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if  tijepem,  bjtfiar^ 
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MU  (IjaUfirttiiitDcrftmiii  tdot  de  i)()it(i;lfccoulo(^ak«t|K]^o)tiigu(e  tongue,  to^cb  ^  b|i>lra»  *»fm»m 
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tiKcaafeoftbtttcomitiingintvtIjaecDuntTep,  ttep  anfbentitipPinteado,  ttiat  tt^  toere  nut.  k";s«'»n«M 
c))aHtt,  ttatutliitpr  into  tljofe  yactirs  fb)  tOe  commoBfticf  of  ^«  (ouiitrep.  fb)  errbange  of  taafta      ""  """' 
iDiHrb  tboi  1)^0  (oouglit  from  tbeit  rountcepii,being  (Ucb  a«(  QjoulD  be  no  W&  rommoMorai  ib)  bint 
a»Dbi0tKOtfl(*  'SbeKingtbcnljauiugofolDelptnginaattataeao^boure tbntie o^fbtntie km* ^mn. 
taU  of  pepper  (eitecp  ktntaU  brpng  an  bunb^  tn^)  todleo  tbem  to  looke  upon  tbe  fame,  »iq 
agapnetob^bima figbtofaitbinmbanbiKii«itbepb«bb)oiigbttoitbtbcm.  anDtbcmipon 
fti«ttitbt()eCaptaineanbtbemeicb^nt0,  ccvtabvofbtimentaconbuft  tbemtotbetaateteODe, 
iDtib  otbcr  CO  b}ing  tbe  toan  fh>m  tbe  pinnelTe  to  tbe  row.  (IIEMo  tn^ 

liiate0rcenf,tbeMnggrctototWaicnoctoitbib«»»Krcbant«,  Iopiouibe<iitbiniebape0tbe(abing  C'JSr*' 
of  all  cbeit  Wfi  toitbpepper.  ano  in  caft  tbtic  merebaniiiafai  tnonlb  not  tpsan  to  tbe  balne  of  (b  >"«>• 
imttbpcpp^f  bcrptomifeb  to  creDitecbemtotbeitnoRretume  t  anbtbenupon  fcnttbe  rountrrp 

lOunbabomtogatiytrpepper/auQngtbe fame  to  lieb^gbc  to t()e  court:  AtotbatW^ntbefbare 
of  ibittie  napetf  tbep  bab  gatbereb  foucefro^e  auuieof  pepper. 


oftbefiwte0oft|i»uiitrep, anbbjiulungtbettincoftfie»3almettce0tbatb?oppftb in  tbe niffbt  Sl?««,?"' 
ftomtbectttoftbeb?«nfbe0oftbe(ame,  aiibinnirbepreame  beate  running rontinuaUp  into  tbe 

bMtcr,  not  \>rebbefii?cto  (itrti  fubben  anbi)CbrmnitaIteration0  (tbot  tbe  \ubirb  notl)tng  is  mm 

Mtg(rou0)  tuete  tdercbp  bjougbt  into  fbieUings  anb  agiie0 :  inromurb  tbat  tbe  later  time  of  tbe 

pcere  comming  tm,  cautti  ^em  to  b<e  fometime0  tb^etanbGrniettem  foure  o)  fiue  in  a bap,^ben 

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teadotuitb  tbe  rctt,W^tebaritetobimagaitte,rettiQiing  bint  of  tbe  great  quantitie  of  pepper  tbev 
babaIte8bpepitI)aeb,anbloaiteboailptb}mtt4inio^tbeCiu^  tte 

gteatp^e  anb ii8niettiepnjotttbVmnne,if  tbep  came  Wne  p^ofSttroidl^;  anbtoi^t  tbame  of  tbe 
conttarp.  mtfy  tob^cb  anitore Windam  notfatiffieb,  anb  manp  tf tfirft  itten  bptng  baap,  tutU 
IebanDrontntanbeiit(Kntagapiieeitberto  comeataapfimtiituitbt  O}d0tb^tteb  to  leane  tbem 
iie<iinb.mb{  Pinteado  liiimil^fixnOfmAlbai^  toOx^ipap 


an^enteanefeaCin  Windaindlragfiig»  b^bpPinteadosC^i,  b;ake  openbttttefliec 
fj^  (urbp^nifion  of colb  Oilleoiiiateitf  anb  Ai(l(et0  a0|^  fiaby^ibeb  &?  b<0  beal^  auo  left 
Ijim  nothing,  nettber  ofbi0inllruiiient0ta(ai(e%no;petof^0at^anU:  aubint^iiKaiie  tpme 
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bjbfpetin  bi06tt,ainiccanittgfttm3letfie,  fipingtbatbe  bab  b?ougbe  tbem  tbttber  to  MU  tbem:  2?rtJof!i!i"" 


tboulbneeoetfattttPi  be(iieDtQemtDtatiktbatbemigi6efRt^tbeiea  of  t^iitctfc^un^      toctii 

Icftatt^ecDutty  btkt&ep«MuIblu)tg1Sim^tt[0rellt|cf;  AfabbeOceirfe^  togtue  b^tbelbip 

baateMb  a^nmdjbfah  otbi;  failea0  migbt  fetuefo^tbe  lani^^  p^bm^ 

j9icboIa0iLambeitanot()eceiliii(o<Ctigl«ib,butaIltna0in^ne.  tiU^ttTotebealecterto  m  ^'•>«»' 

cottittotbemeccbatit0,infoim%djemofal((bema(ter,anbp^miG!«  iilMmif  eob  uoulbleiiii  i^m* 



enb&uoue  at  tbe  cooftoi bant),  ^benbepacteb  tiiep,Ieatting  oneof  tbc^v|)(p0  bebtobttem^itibicb  >>>«o>"'<^ 

tbepfunite  fo)Iactte«f)neit  to  catpber..9ftertbi0,b)ittliin  ((l(eD)ihi^ 

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of^mtntanptiieb.  anbt^ito mait(botdbfun)ert^eb)o^t^icb3( bauefaibinconnoniDtti 

tionofPintcadOftoberpobenbponfauour  ottinniniretl^i  tntetbi  3[b<nte  tbougbt  goob  to  abbe 

beceunto  tbe  ropteoftbcktter0lubi(bt()^ifiitfiof1P(ntiIigdeanbtbe  infant  bi0l^^ 
biintorecMiaTebiin,atfurbtimea0bpontbetogbt0tfi4ilb06irpleartttc  (anbnotfo?  anp  otfttt 

aigtottD,itobetebefttl|  perftt«bebowmereba«sto  fijtippttl|t&pbbrtage0toGuJnea;»uta0  K 
—    ""^iitfij^lftolatttcpentcbbimtbatbcKiaii  C»,p«tii<^iiPait«a4pyjiponntabcion0  iu>  gSUT,?** 




«^.»;ft     *te?**^^  WteJ*  (wibeKbbjtiewiitempt,  i9.)Kbebbp  t^lidpe  oft^ 
poojetmftjWtopftijfbittot&cl^ofeibpe.  r  y.»-if-    •»* 






3*       ■,!*' 







— — — _^ — 

S8  The  voyages  and  difcouenes  Wtndam. 

Thccopieof  Anthonic  AncsPintcadohis  letters  patents,  wherby 

•  I    imprironment,  which,  by  wrong  information  made  to  the;  king,  he  had  fuftcined  oflong 
;  I;    time,  being  at  the  laft  deliuercd^  his  cauTe  knowcn  and  miuiitefted  to  the  king  by  a  gray 
,...'.  v.-  fnerthekmgsConfeflbr.  rttr- 

ICIieUnsM  gAtepiraobitKtttanlilb^inJ^ 
tnp|ioii&,  t(ittinconOMnfionof4e0O0{ireni<»tD|iicfr  Antonie  AnesPinteado,  tteroimeof 
3lo(iiiAnes,  otuOii^fotlietotDnecdleBtie  )po;t,  ^ttmeutfome,  mptoia  ant  pleaftne  10,(0 

ggpwa'  lioiift.lpi^wtmsdtiM^wtt^a^irccnielRitoiieim 

*'^*'"'*"''  on,tW(<iK(tn!etDtife^teci(cq^tooi»  figi^raftisfitcbmen  to  mattplojgcnmgfiic^ 

c^Ii^iaie(imgl^rurreeBtl^  int^ctf  aOotiMncr,  tii^iis  (^pemjSaficrt^maitinsoftwipa> 
tent,  OjtSixMtfpixatb^^rmtmtp .  Slt^mlb^  tomnumopoutocauretlifoitobceutmiiii 
t  ^bookeratieiit^MatricuhofourtiouQioQiejmMrtfietWteofimi^ 

ttnsbnto  tt^  fain  Antbonie  AnrsPinteadofo;  ^csbiarraitt. 


pemofotitio^o  1551 .  anotfito&eneuolenretfieiungsanettito  AnthonieAnesPinteadotl^ 

.........  "^    ■  ■.■•.',•.•;■ 

/'.     The  recretariesde(;laration  written  vnder  the 

\r  lIDts  S^aitfiie  tiat^  bottt^thfto^  fti^  «hO  lonflonatj^ 

I  nesPinteado,mndUnsfot|»po?^amiroillKQfIohnAnbs,ttmaf»(|^ 
I»tbo}biit8tftanolxauce,offttten(wni>^it6(pm({onli|>4iemo^     anoone  atea^ofbadpfip 
cotnitiont|^l)e(^al{|^atteiittt  one  manrtagegiftjannt^nottiiibin  t^fp^ 
Hiemafcfnff  oft^eCrletterietptentif ,  t^eBcretatieieinote,  entno  int^booiteoftie  Matricula. 

.,    .,^,^,,,».j,.,j,„j,v.  .      ,y,,,     FrMcifcoaeStquera*::-.'.: 

The  copieofthe  letter  of  Don  2>wf  J  the  infant,  and  brother  to  the 
.,  hfn^ofTortmgaBjfetttmtoEn^ndto Anthonic Ancs Pinteado. 


{)onnui»fteeIpano  tiift^all  feaie(ome|iome«  9n!i  AIt|Aig^tl^b)eatbetbeGntIeanii0ffim<^, 
pctfaOenotto  come :  fb;(ntietemet^  lltoS^aMlie^gfitenpon,  pottmapinmanptl^ 
ponccongmtattoiantgttfffpfoff  tteit(ng»  tolKnofSItoouloberigbtgliai  rantitofolmrtfeC^ 
topaafcttomoD  aS(tolietb6iniefD)pottrp|ofite.  Vtttfiojammcif  asiPeterGonfaluestoflimalte 
wttlwjertaiwtaitef^ttiwo  pottos  SOnttenfo  l^isbonetfe  eieiie 

»apof®etember.  AiiH.iy52.  i;^-;  •*••»¥• 

va^j««K^^r.w.wi«r:v  TheinfantDonlwpej.    -  :'-^:iS'C--;"  •'•:"- 

A  ii*!^^*?  to?i»riJ«3ri«tobniief  (e8fe,mtbeio«reofmp  ftfttmiSirliibitflfcft ,  loftt 
::^t:?t2L^"1***'**''*'^^  atJfeWnfinamate  Dejiaafeffto  Guinea.  Bat  notbAbOantiinff 
«tttWitftto«j»fattniaiwfcice  p^oitiO^,  Pinteado  utS  not  attempt  ta  (pteliomr,  nefttoni 

:    •^•^  .  The 


•  if    J>. 


■tiv    v.>    A'An 

IVtndam.    I     'R^tGainJh.     of theEnglifti nation. 


>atents,  whcrby 
dil  his  troubles  and 

le  had  rufteined  oflong 
d  to  the  king  by  a  gray 

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md  brother  to  the 
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The  fccond  voyage  to  Guinea ,  let  out  by  Sir  GeorgeSame, 
i,,.    SiTJohnTorke^TlmMs  Locke,  ind  Edward  ^ajleljn  ^  in  the 

y  "*i 

ycerc  1554. 

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(b^  t^  coucfe  of tbefame,  acco^Dtng  tf)  tbe  cbreruatton  ano  o^Dtnatp  cuflome  of 
tbeseatbtent,  anba<  acecrtueDttattljc^anMofmi  cjcprnplot,  be<ngonrof 
tbec^c(n(abf0bopase,  tnboalfo  tottljljii  otdneb:ml)i8tD^(eab^ei>erIaratt> 
onofti)efame,a0b'fi>toiDanottiebaIltbiitS<>>iu)tbproniraurr,^utb?t(teattofrailins,an!rmft^^    '  <     . 
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tntei)ntaotbcr,ncitbccftboIoea0manppatttod>tit(|[rd;idt!)c:\!]tivt><rporetbco;moftf;t0bopa^^      < 
ta  MxlA  ob&rueo  bp  act  aitb  cicpencnie,  %  bauc  tijottsljc  csoo\j  cr  let  fad?t[)  tfit  fame ,  in  furb  (b;t  ano 
pli^fe cf  fpcecb atf  tocomrnoiripbfco aiitonstbem,  aiib  aict  3;  tcrciurt; it  of  tfje  fatD plot,  a0 31  baue 
&iD«  €abe  (t  tbectfo^  aiel  ftllobictb. 

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tbrt  calfeb tbe  :?actl]0lomel)),a  (btppe  of  tbe  bucDt  a  of  ttinute,  tbc  t!;tcD  bias  tbe  S'abn  Cuaiiseliff,  cnangciui. 
8  (ixlp  of  (hint  fco^e  tuime .  mit\)  tbefaib  (bippce;  aim  tbio  ptniitfTr  et  (tobetcof tbr  one  toae  n^otuneo 
ontbecoattof  €itsl«n>)  toe  ti)cntfejb)acDonoutboj»aje,  fmbftainatDottrtfotimccncbapciJ, 
SEeSaiDalfo  atRtctb^eeo^fbutebapCjS.  f|3o}eouecIa(lofanb)ctonrbeba;Dartnioutb« 

Cfjcfirilbap  of  «2oucmba:atinncoftbe  rtoc^xatnigfjt,  bcpsttingfromtf:.  .^aflofenglanb, 
te  ftt  of  tbe  S)tart,b?ari«5  ^outWtd  all  tbat  iiigJjt  in  tbe  fea^ib  tbc  ncyt  bap  aU  bap,anbt^n£)< 

3IttmfcomttocIueoftbccIocfetbetljitbbap,tinttMCltieoftberiocftftI;cfourtbbapoftf)efap6  ^ 

^  to  ai^tcene  leaped  tbc  bibolc. 

3i(cm  fco  tboelue  of  tbe  docfte  t(ie  fbtiR(i  bfip^to  tbieltte  of  t|ie  doc6e  ^t  fift  bap^ncmnig  ^otit|K 

,    3;tnnfcom  tudttc  of tlje  dodte  ^efift  bap,  bntin  WAui  of  t'je  clorfte  t\tz  Cn  bap,  ntunins 
S»ou^raS,oibtun»e  eigbtcene  leagtte<t, 

aim  ft  from  tbieUiz  of  tbe  rtocfte  tbe  Diet  bap.bntill  tturttt*  of  tbe  docfte  tlje  feuetttl^  bap.rannmj; 
J&outbftutbtBea,btb  ton  cuctp  boute  tbio  leag^e0,\))bicb  amotntt  to  cigbtccttc  leaguec  1^  baboIe« 

3!trm  ftom  ttnelne  of  tbe  doctte  tbe  feueittbbap,  till  tb^ec  of  tbe  dodte  tbe  eic^  Dap,d>otttbfont|< 
toea  runntng  in  tl^  (ea^ina  tunne  tbirtie  leagued. 

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faucbb)dl,Dio  ruinte  tbirtie  leapeu. 

3ltem  fr5  tb;ieeofd)e  dotbe  tbe  nintb  bap,  tin  tl^eeof  tbe  dorkc  tbe  tendjbap^i  tunning  ^outi^s 
(butbeait  in  tbe  fea,  bio  tun  tbe  funnne  of  foure  anb  tbimtie  leagued. 

9llb  front  tb?ee  of  ri>e  do  Ae  tbe  temb  bap,  bntill  tbielueof  tbe  dor fte  dje  dcuentb  bap.wb  runne 
dnttbfoutljbseittbefumme  of  ttudue leagued,  $  from  ttodueoftfierlo^  till  fiiceofilefaib bap, 
bib  ntnntl^  leagued. 

tbe  tU)eI6  bap,bib  ruinte  (b;e  aito  tbittie  leagued* 

I'romlticeofdjedodteataftetnoonetiieibielftbapttinfiFeoftlbedocitetljetfiirteeitt^bapat         .   , 
after  ttoottc,bibru>ntetbirtccnc  leagued.  .-..', 

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tbat  tonnnetljintbe  ti^o^tbttojitbeaflpartbp^igbt  lanbintbetodtpartofit,  anbbetpbigbtanbto  '^^*'*^ 
tbe&outbftudica(lalob)lottgta»b,anbalong  point,  tDit^aftDb!etbo^1ii  tlje  miVDeSofit,  San* 
biiigin  ttbi  (an>  tljirtieoegcecd :  aito  in  tbe dStdf  pact,  manp  i^'ngd  of  taiatec  rttimihabottne 
fcomtbemauutaiue,  .ntb  manptubitefidiicdlittebnto co^e  fidbed,anbfomeiDf)itebonRdto^ 
dwtbeaSpartoftt :  attbtbe  toppeofdjCinountainelbebDetbbetpcaggeb,  ifpoumapi^icano 
fnt^e  ^ij^ieal! pattt^idabigfit  o}  bap  ad  ^ogbit  baere  sMw^obi:  Slfttu^raibpatt, 

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The  voyages  and  difcoueries  ^bert  Cainjh, 





«»(Uteo(        Cfaettinttend)  havatttueltteofKiedbtfte,  meiahfig^oft^KiHeof  i9«lm»anii  Tenerif&ami 

«ft(«<»uu<(s.  taeSpattiiiletiieft.  3|nt|Kdon^acoanii<KUou(tti)etie80lanMniianoc|)ern)ttnii^lIainue 

dTcoin  9«ttM  tkt  in  tlK  lano .  ^I^r^  acebcttitfcncdK^outticaa  pan  of  t(ie  iOe  .if  Madera  auii  ^m^ifiuttt 

u£»  "'    na(tofti)eifie«fpalnttrettmano  fiftfoltiignof.  Ciwt  iOeofpttmeUet^iit  nineanottonitte  t»< 

acres.  anDottrratR&ftomMadcratot()etaeonpaImeli)a0S>oatb,anD<g>out()anD]ipmdMb 

tbattoe^aoOgbtofTcneri&anftoftiieCanaries.  «<)edottt|)ea3paitoft()ei(fcofpa(me,9ttie 

l3o;tdii^tiieattof  Tcneriffa,  Iut<i  ^10(1(80  9  laqtlitueff,^  bcttaimietdem  acettteutleleagueieF. 

(Vratmittria.  TeneriflFaantrteBteat C«MrM>llel>Grancanaria^6t|>CffiadlpattofForteucniura^Hltt| 
^ttiumitra.  ia(hienaniitU)entt(iKSte(«ianiia(Kdfc.  Gomera4iiafaireiQaniibutbn}>tasgei>,9liati(ISXcOi 
«9(iiunDar  (^„t^)|g^gff jenerif&.9nDl>i^(broectntn contebettiKenetliemtU)oiflanoiet,mttacomei&otit( 
ano  bp  (Sad,  anomtlic^outbpact  ofGomerai0atotmie  anoasoooioiiein  t^  fait  paitoftfie 
iOano: anoitflaian(|innueittieani)rcamticg;ce»anBt|)^tme0.  Tencrif&t8an)itgbIanD,ma 
asieattiisbpfite,  utteafasctloafr  tanubpontbefaiDp^ctelitotu  t^Qousboutailtlie  We  pmr. 
aMbpteafon  of  ^atptcfceitmapbehiiotoataboucaUotiieciQaiitisi,  aniitljtrei^eluerebecalincD 
^  ttnenttit^  Mpof  ji3«ttmbct>  from  Oiceof dje  docl^ 

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C()e  t\ixi  ano  ttuentt^  oap  of  Bouemkc ,  Dnnct  t^  €ropilte  of  Cmirec ,  t^e  Sbunite  gor^ 
QOtune  (LSM  ano  bp  ^on^.  Upon  tb^  ruatt  of  Bacbam  iiue  ann  tluenttr  leaguciEi  bp  jm^ 
Cape  bUnke  at  t^  league^oCTti^  maine,t()eceaccGftcciu:faiNnnes(,  ano  soooQieUp  gioioto,  ano 
lanoamonor,  anonoSceamns,  anotbutCnalliflanojiiflanoutgnt  tijctluo  anotlDentieoesiteisano 

Jftom  Gomera  (oCape  de  las  Batbas  ii  m  (uitoieo  teagttetf,  ano  OttC  coutfe  tDa0^Uti 
ano]^<Efa(l,  'S^  faio  Cape  aAiiDctf)tntrooanonuentieanoabaI& : ano  antbatroattuii!atte, 
fiictmieo;  Grucntenefaoome  oeepe.  ^mno^ti!^  leaffunoff from 4icriuec  dcOrotoCape 
de  las  Barbas ,  t^  irfi;  manp  dpanparoett  ano  IPo^tjhsdil  to  ttaoe  fb;  fiQ)mff,  ouifngf  t^e  nto< 
net^of  V^oucmbfc  t  anoaO  t^  toatt  titbtrp  lotn  lanoti*  aUblne  inent&om  Cape  de  las  Bar- 
bas  dotttbMUufl,  anodotttdtvea  anobp  S>out^  tfHtue  b^nstitour  felncsifn  ttoenttete* 
sreciGianoal^,  mkonfns  one  rdnen  fetten  leasocif  otft  ano4)at  \uaji  tlie  IcattflKiIeieiof  Cape 

€ben  w  Wat  &ontlb>bntta  Hxhpt^  one  fdueis  fn  tliitteaieoesreesr,  redtonfttgrourrclucii 
^^i»  tuiemte  anofiueleasaesioK  9uo  infifceene  oesr?e]},bieoiDteatetI)e  CtoOient^to  lue  mfQljt  bane 
'    rcaccotbcmlbona;(fttc^Ioaiaofb}d)an..^bepaieitotrfs<)tacro(&fntbemonetiiior.)l3o^ 
brr^P  cealbn  tfjat^iugbt^aielbo^tlitce .  JlScuerdjCleffi  W  ^uU  flsiit  of  tliem  tl^ninc  9  tmcn* 
Htb  oap  of  tb?  (ato  nmst\)  atmgbt* 

C(iefitff  of  December  bents  in  t()ittecneocsrniE(,  toe  (^  our  routfe^ou^  ano  bp(Eaa,ttitffl 
tl^fourt^oapof  December  atttoelne  of  die  dortietliefameoap.Ctieii  toe  totre  in  nineoesreeti^ 
atet(e,te(ftmuns  onr  (Uue^^ictp  leageg  of  die  (boU0ofttie  litter  calleo  Rio  Grande,  beitis  SOcii* 

^befoait()  of  December,  toebesantoCtottrcotttft  Aout^l^  toebeinspinf^oesteeiEtane 

Cbe  nint^oap  of  December  toe  Tet  onr  cotttft  CafUbutlieaSttfie  Giucetccnt|iOapoft|eraio 
monc4toefit  our  courCeealtttoe  being  iiiftueoegrecifanoalialft^recftoniiigotnreluesi^itieaia 

-I^  nineteen^of^  faio  monetli,  toe  fet  onr  coutfe  Caff  ano  bp  )l9o^  tedtonins  our  (Hues 
feuencecne  leamteit  oiffant  from  Cape  Menfurado,  ^  fUo  Cape  being  CaOno^'^  of  00;  ano 

^lieoneanottocmtifboapoftlelaiDnionetli,  toeftlltot^CapeMrnfuradototbeftotttlieaff, 
about  ttoo  leaped  off.  ZW  Cape  mapbeeafHpitnotoett,bptearontberifbtgofiti0ltitea]09}i 
po(e|ieao.  9Ua  tttoaro  tfje  %m^uff  4eieare  tii^trectt,  toWeoftbe  Caffetmofftrceiis^ 
bisj^  ano^mioolcnmff  i«Ititea^ttacite,9^&entibeitnoai^^ 
maine,«re6it(eo;i6uebifibbtlIetf  cifingoneafteranodierlfiterouno  I[)ommoclte0o)|ii(iot1t«.  9ttO 
tlje  dotttfieaff of tbet^ccccAb^toierotodit  t  ano aU  tilie  coaS along  id  toliite  fano  *  C^  (aio 
Cape  Oanoetb  toitliinalitleinC^Desceed. 

vfjettooano  ttoctttit|iof  DeccndietjMe  came  to  tfteriuerofSefto.  anoremafneot^bntin 
tlienineanottoenttt|)0apof^(iiiomo»t6  *  |)ttetoet^gbtttb(fttofhtobefb)eb0^pimielB 





%  ^  ..- 

Ig^bert  Gainjh,    I      ^RobirtGatnJh,      of  the  Englifti  natiop^  u 



MmrtianQ  Tcnerif&anH 

ideraaim  ^  jfSo^tittieft 
■  ^out^aniibpQat^ 
tftlieifle  of  Palme,  qrdbe 


Iboutant^^ole  pccrr. 

entte  leaguciet  bp  J)%i^ 

it&om  Cape  de  las  Bar- 

ur  felnc0in  ttneiittete* 

tecr,  rectonfo{^ottrrduc0 
OienMio  uie  mtgljt  baue 
fntbe  numet|)or.)i3onein« 


ioGrande,  \xtA%WfS^ 


Braietccntl^  tiap  of  tlie  fiifii 


ifuradoto  tbe  j&otttbeaff, 
iiBi1ii(iitefanii«  ^fain 


iDtbrnaa  Di^ce,  calieb  Rio  Dulce,  tbat  tbep  ntiGrtlt  Iwte  tbe  begmnins  of 

tan,  jri«Mtb(nnerofSeHotoRioDulocyaKfitteanbttoeittieteagite0.KioDulccaaniie^in«^ 
fiarBqftfC0aitti8bdfe«  Vbe  itaetof  Sefto  us eafietobe  biuAani,  b}>  tcafou  tbet<!i0aleDge  of  ju^f^uuf. 
nckes  ontbeiftoi^Kattpanof ^Bobe,  anbattbetnttfiisiittotbe  bauen,  uc6ueo;{ijK  tmi 

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ttdlbaio(iKin^baum0moittbrfsl)iagpoDentct.  ilnbaUtbatnnftbMMcneCapcd  <««(»    t 

te^capedelasPalmas,Iietbdoatbeaftanbbp Caa,)Oo^bica9bp!IItra,bnngt^|eape0 '"'^    ^* 
offtbeQioK.  9nQpouQidI<iaQeut  fome  plate0nicit0(!tinleasa0offiaiibtbat.b(tuieenetbrriiuc 

ifSeftoanO  cape  de  las  Palmas.  <aprt«l4< 

VabKenetbcrinttofSeftoanbtbertoerDuIce  ate  fine  anotb)znt^le8gne0:aiibtbcbisbl^^ 
tbatM> bettoecitctbnnbotb,i0 caIteBCakcado,bet>iseisbtleasue0ftomtfegriaetdf Sefto.  dnb  ^untor 
to  tb^  don^fRoarb  of  it,  t0a  place  calleb  Shawgro,  anb  an  otbec  calleb  Shyawc  o)  Sbauo,  ^"'^°* 
H^^  poamapget  firefb  tuater.  ®frtbi0  Shyawc  linbaleb^eofnt^J  t  anbtotbr^dutbeafi*  j&D'w* 
loatb,!^  a  befiianD  calleb  Crokc.  t5ettDeeneCakeadoanbCrokc,ateiuiico?fmtoa0;tte0.  ii^  «nk(. 
tbffton^ieattbiacooG^  10 a  batbo^tucaHebnimt Vincent :  HtgbtonnagabtSfaint Vincent,^ )»«int«itM 
aradwttrtiftrtjetijatiT,  ttoolcagusanbabalfeofftbelbo^c.  €otbcg>outb?aabjatboftbatrodtt  J^wtw'''** 
pan  fl^dl  fee  an  i^^Bi  about  tb^e  o;  fottee  Ua^iui  off:  (bid  idanb  10  not  {kitt  a  league  offtbe  (bo^e.     ' 
C;otbe^^otttl)(attofti'^t(i^b,  j0atotke  cbatlictbabouetbettater,  anbbptbatroriaegoabtn 
^TinnDuice,  tabu^  ponlbalKuiotu  bptbefatbmteranbiotfce.  'Sbe  iido^bbttfifibeof  tbeba*  ^crmn 
(btsftnocm  anp  o^place. 

of  ^  Booe  to  bjing  ttie  iflanb  ttO)  t()e  laoyibeaft  laiib  togct|)er,»ib  iiete  ]« 


|3otetbatcape  delasPaltnas,t0afaiceb%b  lanb.biit  lbmelotiipto0ttem^ 
looke  Iftentt  diae0bxtbbibite  OralM  lOte  bte  tDape0,  a  cable  leugtb  a  piece,  anbtbi^ 
paitof ^cape .  ^bi0 cape i0 t^ie S^out^ieimott  lano 61  dlt^ie coaftof Guinea,  gtftaiaKtl) in fonte  citrcuR ot 
Ugcee0anbatene.  i  ""    " 

^CoaSftomCapedclasPalmas  to  CapeTrepoyntes,  o;  TiesPumas,  i0fittceanbdeate 
toitbontnitke  0;  ocbcr  oangtr. 

Cbiemieanb  fine  league0ftotn  Cape  de  las  Palinas,  tbelanbfoVglmr^  inanpplace.bntfll 

llie  comtto  Cape  Trepoyntcs .  ^nblfoutten  {eagnC0befil^  poa  come  to  Cape  Trepoyntcs;  tbe 
lanorife^ttfllbiS^ano  bigb^;,  bntiflpon  come  to  Cape  Trepoyntcs.  9Ub  bcfit^ponomieto 
(befaibCape,  aftccotbcc6ueleagnr0totbe  l^o^ttettpaitofic,  tbetei0ccitaitteb;iidungcomui, 
liitbtteogteattodte0,  anb  tni^ntbemintbebigbtofa  bap,  (0  a  cafleU  calleb  Ana,  peitetningto  flirraiMiaf 
JUt  kAigofpiTCingall.  ^u  (baU  bnotoitbp  tbe  faib  ncite0  tljat  lieoffit:fb)tbetei0none  fncb  «n«. 
{tomCapedelasPalmastoCapcTrepoyntes.  fE^t  CoaftUetbtCaaanbbpBo^  (UManb 
bp  ^otttid  *  JTrom  Cape  de  las  Palmas  to  tbe  faib  caffcU,  i0  fbucefro^  anb  fifoaieleagtte0 ,  Slnb 
tbe  caaS  1^  ftom  t^  faib  cattell  to  tbe  SQeOetmoi!  point  of  Trepoyntcs ,  dout^att  aim  bp 
ftotttb,  fSc^tnctt  anb  \i:^  )l3o^b «  Slfo  tbe  (OlXefotmott  point  of  Trepoptes,  i0  a  loto  laiur,  -  'i 

lpingbaifcamileottiittbefea:anbbpont^imienitottneci(etot(ielanbuiacb,i0atnftoftree0,  >^ 

anb^bie  anuebtbe  elraentbbapof  aanttacp. 

^^tbi2tftoapof3laimacp,toecametoatotiRte  caIlebSammao)Samua,befRgeigbtlcagne0  ctetginncof 
from  Cape  Trepoyntcs  touiatb  Ca(tno)ti^.  Veflneene  CapeTtcpoyntesaHb^tolDneof  &«>ittM. 
Samua,i0agceatlesgeof  ror{te0agteattoap  out  in  tbe  lea.  SOe  continueb  fbmc  bape0at  tb<it 
tobme,  anb^captaine  tbemf buiulb  neebC0  ban^aplnigeaflwe.  TSat toben^ceretnebtbe  ^hfuMM 
ptebge^keptbimaill^bbioulo tca1fi(kenomo;eM^8fftfKito;biRanceatb0«C<)epbane  m»^^m 
ttooo?t^piece0ofojBinameanbnomo^«  &»* 

Cbeihtant^bapof^efatbrnonetb,  b)em>tbececiiontRgto  cometoaplacccallebCapeCorea,  c/p(«^M. 
ttbece  raptaine  Don  lohn  bttrlletb,  babofe  men  cntectcineb  b0  ftienblp .  ^i:bi0  Cape  Corea 



t0fbaceUagar0€aVb]acDoftbecatIenofMina,  0^ieCtlrifeaaiebLanuna,o;Caftellodcraina,  «iMraiMlar 

inbeie  toe  amnaitbeeigbtetntb  bap  of  t^  monetii.  |)eecelse  mabeWeofaHiQcclotih  faning  ^^StlttSt*^ 
£b)oo)tbiccpaci(e0*  fcmgofyvyi 

t:be^  miottotntt^bapof^lanKmoiietljtaebxisb^aidter^anbwpattebfipomt^cetotlie  ''■vau. 
CdnJtie,tD|i(tfb»0fencnlcapc0<E!aat0dCbofb0,t»|pmQie  Clmdjicpoftbe 


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The voyagesandxlifcoucries  ^hertGainJh. 










CtimtictttUettostogo  ea(ng0a(iioCt()attig^o;nteetojq(iR0^rai  panofffiittoyrgji  a  plan 
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**""'"***   Umftirea0fanea0  Cape  de  las  Palmas,  tnbere  tbe  ntctant  fittnii  allinpciftotbe  Catttoato, 

SliOttftb^nttDltitirlcagtiMtfaBlnatlieof  Cape  de  las  talmas,  itatfuctn^li  DelosPotos, 

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tmn  8anMt()bifonre  tiegreiM»  anDalmoSttamcentet.  flnbtibai  pan  ledunponr  feUirai  finte 

QiDta<  Cape  de  ks  Palmas, ktns in  a iiesn^io; aMpce ano m^ 

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li9oitb»o)tbbitff « iTutt^io^ebenDcnte  Cape  de  Monte,  anbCape  vetde,  gogttattucranM 


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^  tomb  bems  at  ^  Amttbtocff.  anb  baubis  tbe  3Qe  de  Flores  eatt  of  b0>anb]ebiUcagiir0  of, 
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3lflede  Flores,aiainninemib^btieb(srenianba  ba(ft« 

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qafoS  atltt Otbct  tOtoOC.  9%et0bme a calteb  Sammao) Samua.  fb;  Samma  anb  Sammater- 

ra^are  ^nametf  of  tbe  ttoo  fiiS  totone0,tol)cie  toe  fitb  ttafiqtiefb;  golb,to  tbe  Bij^i^ 

Tn»(poiilts.  :^     •  - 

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^enGainJh.    I     c^bertGainJh.      of  the  Englifh  narion. 



a  tntU  ()^aH(  rometuI;at  of  tjie  coontcep  9  people ,  ntn  of  Mittiiigsi  ais  ate  ti^ougbt  front  tijeiice. 

Q;bep  b^ttgi)tfiDomt(Knceatt(ieIa0iiopage,fiMitebuiui9^  of  ^1^^*^ 

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ofcaIu«E(,ofoiieo;ttiM>o)tiQeepems(i  tuIjcmifromci«cea(iNitanDa|)aUi(,rometinofiiot,9ronie 
t^^}mo}e,ac(^iDtoff to t^ ajce  of t^ebeaS*  Wti^t gixattmlid;  turM^smtuint^tippeciata 
BomneuiacDt  anDnotiii(fieiiet5ntett  bpmaiD ,  miimtn^l^tntmianii  anaxtaoTlkettf  a»H' 
(ciaeD.  9t4)t0laStiopage  tM0ii]tottg|itfcomGuineat|Kbnkoof  an^Slepbant,  offud^buseb^  «btiiif«be(«ii 
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QDofog  aUb  bttixttftb  tbe  taidgbtof  tb»  Aub  ffieac  (eetb,  tbenrtbcciatotnitbtbebiKtrctbt  tbe 
tongneitbe  great  tK^lsing  eaK0,tbe  b%{^  anD  tons  fiiouto;  troonkr,!^^ 

^fiuebun^eDtteigbt*  CNtibeaiiiKtter^bauefeeneintbe  bon&oftbe  tmo^ merchant  fir  %x,knke^ 
9nti^tt3inBlie,  m^aUbSII^^  anlib(^&tt,noton^pUtitbmpboDi(pepe0,  bittmucbmo^  ^(csnttm^ 
tn^  tbe  epQi  of  itip  minoe  onb  Qiitit,  conQoem  bp  ^  ino^,  tbe  nmnins  ano  totreoome  of  tbe  pi?tims  of 
lM);kemattter :  biitbotttttbirbcfinfiKiation,  tbefisbtofrucibftranseanoiuoontiafidltbJnstinuP  f  "»'<"'»''*' 

I^e  eiepbant  (b^teb  firnie  caU  an  €livbam)i0tbebtsgefiof  aVfbure  fboteo  beaffm,  Wfssp  ^iKopn* 
IrgSM  axe  longer  tben  W  bbtuer,  be  batb  amleflitn^  lobictpatt  of  bt^binber  leggeit,  autifiue  tusof  tutcn* 
toc0  ou  bte  GmbnbntaietUiidrnmito;  troonlte  10  roIong,q(to  nicb  fb^itbat  itfo  to  ^^ 
ofabano:  fo^beneftbeeeambno^b^e^  butbpb^ging^  troonteeo  bi0moiitb,  ^lefcbttbbe 
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tbeplotteniiet0, 8110  t»ai  often  goe  into  tbem  bp  to  ^fnoitt, ttbcretaitA  tbep  bloto 
plaptu^toater  tbnt  fbimme  tbep  cannot,  (b|  ^  melgbt  of  tiiiefcboo^ « PlinieanbSoIine 
Incite,  (liattbepb&none  amtlterie  *  3f  tbepbappen  to  mtettot^i  aman  in  toilDemefft  bebtgoiicof 
^Mp,geittlptbepb»Tlgoebefb}eb(m,anbb;iiigbimintotbep(anietiMp.  3ro6ieiiiRbaitdl,tbep 
baneita  Cinall  refpect  bnto^iem  tiKitbeiiiottniKb:fo;^p  b^ing^emtbacare  bnrtojtaearpnuo 
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battefl>iitmuallt»3rreagaiRttD;agon0>tnbi(bbefice<ffiibIoob4iecaitrettfaiberpcoto  tanotben  IgSSmKs 
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ant  liibtn  tbe  Clepbant  toajcetb  Grint,  be  &AIctb  ubineou  tiiie  fopen^ 

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iutbotttofbtominglebtoge^  bib<tbbcmgcolBe,i0tonge^tnt»^  fiAQance  t)4i^ 

po4etarie0CaflSanguisDncoTU$,(tbati0)D:agmi0biOlA,DfbeilM(eci^{ti)Cinnabari  Sn^itD» 

tberebeanotbetitiniieof  Cinnabaris,  commonlpcalleD  dnopeto;  bermaiott,  b^icbtbepaintenai  ^^^;;^„^ 

Wm  aieairooftb)eeMiiQe0,  a0oftbem4r(be0.  t|eplatite0,  auttiltfniotottatejt,  no  leftttffe  ^SS^SSL 
ring  in  comntnin0*  PhUoftratustu;itetybata0mocba0tbe€9epbaKof  LibyainWgiiel&pd^  ««■(»««* 
|])eT)0)(|(«fNyrea,  Co  nntcb  boetbe  Clepbanttf  ofSfttxaeiEaeae  tbcm  of  Libyatfoiof ^  tfie< 
p^antdof  3|.rttiitfi>mebattebeieiv  fteneeftbebeigbf  ofninrcubieef  tKieotbecDoeibgmttp&are 
tbe&,  tbtttbeonareiucabibedlieligbeoftbem.  S)((be3Inbiatt  CIepbMt0,ondptiema(e0brae 
tunte>,bucofAemof  Ethiopia  anikLibya^bditiimibeifatetirflteDi 
tb>ditett(|ittecne(  auDfinttteoKbtiDijanc^i  cwgfpboi!)ant  being  a  iiMfat  oTniBe  in^pw^  jfcotne 
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p±  Thevoyagesanddifcoueiies  ^R^ertGainJh. 



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X-ibjra  Interior. 

intte(faatane(cpl)anti0fNen;ect<Kntl)2(el)itt(ie2)^;no}:0ia&l(.  «^of3;iu«iareblactu.o)of 
the  CDlouc  of  amoulc,butt^i*  of  Ethiopeo;Guiiiea,  m^Mm  t  tl)e|)ioro;(kniiu  of  tittmali  10 

©utmcn  rawoneftin*i«iB««riuainGuiricaja0t|>epraflco  totorte  bno« 
awttbfc  m  t()etotttf0,  of  tWr  genctationanD  cjbaftttie,  tDbm  H^ttertfirttfteneintliet^eatetit 
bi0n«titan|illinie.  l|^aabtu^<n^<>>>^^l'^^^<>^<*"''tiiepmaoemaitpgooUp 
tan^  of  tiio^po;  eiepi!)anMte(tb:a«taUM,  mdHir,  poOetfof  boul^  taflos,  \miXBt$fa^\m* 
birsinane0.  Cljepbaoftici^pleiitie  tl^creofto  oloettme,  tliat  (as  facasa  cemtmbtt)  aoTep^ 
fei^^,  tlwoneof  tijegate0  ofi|?tetu(alml»a0  calleoPonaEbumea,  (tf)atNt)tf)e3luo;psate. 
C^Ui<»tene(irtbmof  toa0(ii  mtic^  elleemet,  t()atitD)a0t|iong|ttotep^eittti)e  nantraUfairei 
ttel&ofmaitf  nuroie :  inromur^  tbatruc|)a0  taxnt  about  to  ftt  foo^  (o;ratftnco;tiivt)naturaU 

tuttin,  ^makeiuo^pUibitetuitbuiKe*  ^poet0iiro,b£((nbutst()efafteneck«of  beaatiadl 

atib  tnojPiit  map  fuflicc» 

btaet0od^etsrmanbIais^testoii0  about  t(jeOimeAomin(Abe  time  taOebEtbi^^^^ 

liQpton^  common  tteal^  anb  (b  fcoK^  anbbe]ceD  tiifti  ^  bm  of tlic  Ihnnr 
^epnttftttbi^ttnfctii.  fl)ft()cnsfoii08iib)MO9leabontttieimKt  Libya (caflcbLibyaLi- 

terior)Gemma  Ph^fiustujittttlt^. 

Libya  Interior, i0bnplitgeanbbe(UatiMit^  li)|)i4iaieiitaipio;iflriktbflKnicflhi  vmotm- 
taine0,  rep1en((beo  liAb  biuevs  ittooetf  oftoftbe  a0bmoiiflcoilt0beat0anbftcp(nt0.  jFttftftom 
tant0  are  boflbe  atib  feaanbeitns  people .  9ftet  tlieft  Unobt  tlK  people  caOeb  MelaaogetuU  ann 
Pharufijtb^cbtDanbet  tntJ^biflbentefl^,  canptnffbnt^iti^  great goutbe0Ofl»«ttt.  ^Ijee* 
tbibpfan0,  cdlebNigritx,  ocn^agceat  paitof  Africa,anb  neeictnibeb  to  ^tsnettJDcean. 
d>outbb)aita!ro^ita4i(o(|iertuec  Nigrids,  n^oft  natnte  asceetfi  bnt^t^^ttoec  ofNtlus, 
tiieCn»Dbfle«  ^pieafbii  ibbeteor,  %  tbndte^itftobettelame  rioeetiri^tlie  po2ttogd0(idi 
Senega :  jTo)  t^i0cittec  f0  aUb  of  ^  lameitatute .  3It  ttfftntfietmo^emaniefloaifa^ 
aiibbl«M,jntoaitl)eot|eclIbe,of  Ii^tmieojtatnifetdour,  aiiblotoltatmr,  W^i^t^tm 
men  conficmeto  betme; 

^[;^e«trd(bo^peo^e of  Libya cs|[ebGaramante$,tb|ioretiioiwn ait common:fb?t^ 
CQiitca»M)mHKttmattie;tt(^|iaueiefp(Ktto(t)a(^  ]|fiiti||eftatet|»ettatim8oft|iepeop{e 

calleO  Pmi,Sathiodaphrttt^Ocb-angi,MimaceSjLyn3(ainatf (Dolopes, Agatigin^Lcuci  Ethi< 
opes;XiliceiEthiopes,CalceiEthiopes,tntli  Nubt.  C^ b^ue^ fame (itUatbrnniPtolomie 

tbati^ep4inu  istototbt  iiiii|rtiomeofNubia<  |)eeceatecet(aiReC|Qiffiait0bnbet^bomtntoi 
i»ii<in  attm.  ^^  $t^  €^npmittc  of  Ethiopia,  caIU!blp^3!obn .  I^totri  d!itretoi»atb  Hie  VfUBt,  H u 

peat  nation  ofpeoi^IeciOleb  Aphricerone^,  ttf^ecegion  (a0GiRea0map  bega^eteobpontec 
Kc(mnti«>«i  mte)iittberameti)aef0notoc«RebRegnumOreuene,tonfining«pon^  CattpattffOfGuinea. 
^^^        JFcom|iau&([iaefhiMCb,8nb{bmetobtttotaiato$elSiQ^ 

"^'""^      clomel,ttotf«neftom^tiuer  of  Senega.  aitbftom^cetotitaiBtbeinlaniivmiomryanbalong 
«|2|«*2^  bptbeftatoait,atetbec(iKtott0ofGinoi««)Gwftb,tiK)ft]it]Kcommonlpa^  fi>at^ 

«^v«itin«  (inMtflbeof^eiesifl«c(niinbt^l)tini,f04be(apeo}poitt 

Ota.  to  Amia-ica,  ojti^lamrctBtifiltt  ;C;>tn JKrtMlttgftuiii  bo^tliep  tome  to  tfiei^diit  tiaato* 

lDaiat^t|uactetoetIjeti«tehri»ebGarb!nio;tgibi(^tebccbMftiet|^  »at 

ei(MttJbiAeb)N:'mo^of£thlopiat  dtljtfii^tbeccmro«ipn«ioD0flfpiBtf^nait»b,ptt 




Robert  Gainjh.    I   ^g^gr^  Gainjh.     of  the  Englifti  nation. 


«nDritl)tegioii.  f[;otOi0pcttrinctbtteJflaniiMeroc,miO?arcaroimiJaUiutluuljtbfflrcamc8of^^^»^^^^ 
tljehuecNiius.  3;nt|)ieiiflaniit»omaireigneDiii(rtnetime.  3;orep()Ui8tn)itctlhtl)atitU)a0romr<  ' 
timccallcD  Sabca :  ano  t[jat  tfje  quccne  of  Saba  came  ftom  t^tcc  to  Ounifalcm,  to  Ijcatc  tijc  \uifi>  |JJ3""""' 
tnmte  of  Salomon .  iTrom  bcnretotuaro  tlje  €aft,retgntti)  t^e  rain  Clj^ittinn  Cmperaur  H^kOct 
Jo!)n,tollft»nfi'Wc  call  Papa  lohanncs,  anoot^faptJjat  Ijc  10  calteo  Pcanluan  (rtjatisi)  SKat^,',',5JJ?„»«JJJ 
3oI)n,\))l)ore€mpiieteac^et()  facte  iiQ)onD  Nilus,  ano  10  (jcteni^co  to  tije  (oaftcisof  t^erco  fcamio  ctinopu. 
Indianfea,  ^ljemioiiIeofti)Cce^ni0aIinottinti);eefa>^antiG]ceti(an^ec0of(oiisitiU)r,»ttoclue 
watcc0oflatttuw,  Stout  tW0tcgtonfoJ»abite  tfjc people calleD  Clodi,  Rirophagi.Babylonij,  Vwp|»jf^« 

Axiunitx,  Molili,  aittlMoliba;.  9ftectl)Crci0ti^ectSUnicaneoTroglodytica,t))tKlfeini)abitant0  ttfruo, 


Plinie,  a»'o  Diodonis  Siculus .  %\iPf  Iiaite  110  fpeecl),  liuc  catlicc  a  gtinning  and  ctiattenitg« 

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The  voyages  and  difcoueries  2^,^* «  Gamjh, 







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1(oher$  C^yn/h.       of  the  Englifti  nation. 

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loz  The  voyages  and  dilcoucries  WtUTinnfon.    i. 

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toeflermoQ  patt  of  it,toe  fatoe  a  peat  lebge  of  rodtes,  tobid)  lie  toeff  from  tbe  €ave,about  tb^ee 
leapeei,anD  a  league  o^mo^e  from  tbe  laiio.^bo^lp  after,  toeljab  figbtof  tbeCailermottpait 
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%^vi  Cape  Dos  palmas,lietb  biiber  foure  Degrce0  aiib  a  balfe,  anb  bettoirt  tbe  faio  Cape,anb  ^  f"'  i554< . 
tbe  Ttues:  de  Seftos,i0  tbe  greatctt  ftoje  of  gtaine0  to  be  ()ao^nb  being  paS  tbe  faio  Cape,  ^cie  in 
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gaine,anD  toent  along  tbe  (boare,toitb  tbetr  oare0  anb  faile,  anb  toee  toaicD,anb  ranne  along  tbe 
^ate  alfo :  ano  being  tbitteene  leagued  bepono  tbe  Cape,  tbe  Rafter  perceiueo  a  place,  tobirb 
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lano  comming  out  into  tbe  fea,tobereupon  grotoetb  fine  treed,  tobt  cb  map  toell  be  bifremco  ttoo 
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The  voyages  and  difcoucries    H^.Ta»rJon.''^. 




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toe  ftU  totti)  tbe  lanb  agaiiie,anb  tbe  fictt  of  tbe  teno  tobttb  toe  ratfeb^IietoeD  ait  a  great  leb  clift 
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bpon  tbe  top  of  ita  great  beape  of  treest^nib  all  to  tbebvOtoatOtf  of  it  full  of  reb  clifit!ii,aieifarrea0 

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The  voyages  and  difcouerics    H^STamJon.  i. 

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Thcvoyagcsanddtfcoticries    fV*T(r»rJ(m.  i,  I     — 

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(SncthDAtt  of  ttK  Eintr  de  Seftos,  abont ;  oittofpitt, 

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Ions,anb  (b  became  calitie  asatnep^cntlp. 

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to  be  tielineceD  tlient  atone  comming  borne. 

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beigbtof  t^  Azores,  i 

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'S:be  T  24lf9^apbteft^  b)it{)  tbe  jQe  ofLundyint^ieC^amielof  Bri{loll,tD|fit|ilpe4idhiiit 
;  .leaped  from  tbe  maine  lano  of  Cngtanb. 

^t  I  ^bar  bice  came  betbnjct  ^  flat  Holmes  aim  tlie  (leepeHolmes,to|»ic|iaceabont7* 

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at  iBiiffgut.    tb^  ancTCb  in  rafette,anb  gaue  ^anlieit  tt  6011  fb}  out  Cafe  arriuan. 

The  fccond  voyage  made  by  M.  William  Towrfon  to 

.     ...      with  the  Tiger  of  London,  a  (hippe  of  I  lo.tunncs,  the  Hart  of  London 
of dOftunnes^d  a  PinaciTc  of  1 6.tunnes. 


^^  «^  t^ebeparteoftom  Harwiche,  anil  oitetteb  out  coacrefb?Ae3lfleofSillye,to 

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e  Hart  of  London 

lytlSlmrfon.  1,   oftheEnglifli  nation. 




f;te  ^  M9  ofDccembet  tue  ftn  taftl)  tbe  3l0e  of  Palma,anD{be  9  Jbie  ime  iftf^ 
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of^  Vbe  beftnuiketdatUKecaitlD  take  of  tlie  place  toknotaie  <t>  ta»0t^)ee  ^ai«gi,M)ifb  Ia]>a. 
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greattW0  itanMng  to  figic  ait  It  toot  a  iaifetf  b|eiiM()  onefirom 
j^a^taeOruarDci  are  rename  tionmtodui*  l|;>au(ns  fafleQfotiwMiac  intotlieQmre,taxetook( 
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a  litle  after  tore  \y»  fij^t  of  tb;ee  failed  of  Qiippeii,  aiio  ttn  piniiefl^d  ti]^c|)  Uvre  in  ^  taiea^ef 

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Bopfe  of  tntmpettf  berp  b^elp :  fo  iniien  tue  met,t()ep  liaQ  ^  toeatfier  of  b0,  aiu»  loee  being  be* 
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Qi^SDnetotbeMinatooefenDeit,  ano  ^  t^epme^taidb  ano^  atttieHiuerdeSeftov 
lB|rfm0ai{iippeof  t\ao  (ittnD|tt6,tabict^ep^bbanKb,  anbiiabfaueo  none  but  tlie  spaSec 
ai«tlDoo^tb^Negro<»,iBiiQeettaineotber0  taiNcli  Ineee  (m  lwnteb,1i4iciitOepftftaQioaic 
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to  be  at  out  commauBbetnent  in  an  !^^i^^« 

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4^fii8b|?of3i8mtatpotirbo«ti<(«iti^ttiii|il9gM^  "SmugHf 



114.  The  voyages  anddiicoutries  H^tLJtntrJin,    i. 








Ci)e  >.iMptM  toemiiitottiefituctanQbatgnneD^QCoofo  ;.On«n0if9«Wt^ 

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t»kbti09  roentii  rnke  Cl(i^lMUiti.micimiibcaQ«Uliidlttm«»1ii^ 
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iiil)ict»ttic8nOkeBfucr0rimMWtb  birqarbainr««iiobiqrbot»cf  Jmc^eplMttaiMiifnmM 

cue  6.  Dap  toe  fell  toltli  tUe  H(uer  of  S.  Andros,  at  titbicb  pUce  Ae  bnM  M  lbmcto<i«  iiidt 


Cbey.BapttetitentintotUe  Hfier  niDfiiunanot)iQ«(;f,bitt  cmatwrMlDe  Negroes  notan 
(utomrD  to  tc4Be<3|ti«aMrp  great  IUaer,8Nb7/aoomlgMtct  tnfome  placcK  at  ttjeentring:  licit 
ive  fineo  tnattr,anti  after  fet  fade; 

COe  s.oap  tiie  faiUD  along  tUe  Oio^e  atiD  came  to  t(ie  RB  dfflirif,  (mo  tocnt  (iqliHQVe  to  (h^ 

Zf)t  I'p  toe  came  (ogetbet  to  conftctaid^  Captaiiie  Blundel  9nnjral  of  tUe  JTrendi  fffift, 
laom  Baudct  W  Bice  aBmicaMtiB  lohn  de  Orleans  matter  of  8  tijtif  of  70 jnmie,anBtPftb  t^ 
matrbant0,(mBagreeBtbattDi)en  (0oBQ)milBlhiBet)0to  anp  place  tniietettemigiit  make  fale. 
tbM  tae  (boulo  be  of  one  acco^B  ans  not  oite.of  M  Uurt  tbe  maifcet  of  tUe  ot^er,  but  ccnaine  of  one 
boaters  to  make  tbe  pjice  fo)  all  tbe  rtlt  anB  tbcn  otu  boate  to  mjdte  fale  fb;  euetp  IWppe.  ZW 
ntgbtouc  bc*atp«  going  to  tbe  (bo«re  met  bs^tb  rertaine  Negroes,  tnbo  (UbtbtttbepbM  ffolb/ni 
^refoje  l»e  bete  cattatirte. 

W)e  I  i.bap  alltbeBaptoetookebtttone^alfe  9ngelwafgf)tof  4.gta(iteii,bib((b1»et0Qlebp 
bunBift^tbeyeopleoftbid  place  b«B  no  tnrigbtttbe  Negroes  callcB^ffplaceAllowe. 

Vbei3.BaftDerannealongtbecoaaanBfiMnB  but  one  totonctbnt  no  boater  toottlo  come  one 

€be  I  ?JBav3ltookempboateanBiJDCiKalongtbc(bom,9pa(nrBbyMan«(htantoliiaef,anB 
tM«  tnaueB  to  hnne  on  (boareM  ^  .placefi4)uttl)e  fea  toemfobigbbpon  tbcfboitrcitbat  itti^ 
ibatftMfttb^ttt  hit  boate,anDone  of  tbe  men  tnatB^ounc  o,i»bitb  tbe  pcopIelamemciMno  cnrtt 
^lem  to  tbelrtotmie* 

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toBcfctieBMnblubentbeppentiueotbattoetteteno  Portingais,  tbepran  tB(tbmtbetotamea> 
galnet  fm  tberci«  ftgreattottne  bp  tbe  caftUj  tublcb  in  caneobp  ^  Negrocs,Dondow«&{[!itb< 
almoftlfteanjIUnB.  Vefo}ettecameattbiiti<attle,t))efbuiiDibelanBfo| j^i tfieagtteiirtobee 
big()  lanB,anB  about  7.  teagnee  before  toe  came  (0  tbe  cattle,  left)  lanB  bntill  toe  came  at  tbe  c 
anBtbentoeCimidi  AUmBbigbagaine.^bfttcaffle  ttaiiBetbabout  5.leagtte0on^iis(listd)eCape 
Trois  points,  iDere  a  tooketbe  boatetottb  out  Negroes  aubiitmie  alongtt tbe  Iboare^tlll  31  nmte 
to  tbe  Cape  9  fbunB  ttoo  fmall  totonen,  but  no  boatrtt  at  tbem,  neitbec  anp  trafique  to  be  bab,9t 
CbefeplaceitiourNcgroesBiB  tonbetttanAtbem  toell,anBoneoftatoema(boareatan4epto' 

Vbe  1 5.BAp3f(w*eouc  boate  9toent  along  tbeQ»ace,9about  ^league«brponBibeCcfln> 
mott  part  of  tbe  Cape  toefounb  a  faitc  bap  tobere  toecantn,anBfimnB  afinalltotone^anB  cettatne 
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%\fc  2 ;.  out  men  tamefrom  tbe  l^ing  Ebaane,  ano  toloe  \sfS,  tbat  be  ban  recentes  4em  betp 
fcicnolpibut  be  bao  litle  golDc,but  p^omtfeD,  if  toe  tooulo  tarp,  to  re;i&e  titto  all  W  countt(p,fo| 
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tbe  toatcbmen  eettatne  cojodmaoefaS  ouet  tbeic  toate0,l)tbirb  leabe  into  tbetotDne,ano  eeitaine 
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tbem,anD  fo  t  jAe  tbcm,  9  otbettoife  tbim  bp  tbe  toaied  it  10  itot  poITible  to  enter  ^  to1ime,bp  ret* 
Gm  of  tbe  tbicl(et0,ano  bu(be0,\ubirb  are  about  tbe  lame,ano  tbctobnteid  alfolnaneorowa  about 

SSIbeii  onr  men  came  to  tb£  totinc,tt  feaa0  about  fine  of  4v  clodte  in  tbe  no^ 







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take  oat  of  tbe  lame  D;in!te,anDput  it  bpontlje  ponniiitt  A;eep1ace0,  ano  in  O(UcriE(pIare0^ 
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ptitinlmmo;(ntte,intng  steat  reuerence  in  allplaccdto  t^  famelpalmetrcc0. 

an  tbcfe  caxmonicd  &ttt  Donc,t1;e  ^ms  toohe  a  cup  of  golbe,  ano  tbcp  put  (lim  in  laniK,  anb  (if 
D^e  of  it,an])  tu^  ^  D;ankt,tbe  people  crieb  all  toiti^  one  uxce,  Abaan^Abaan,  toctlj  certatnc 
o^too^oeti,  likeastbc?  crpcommonlptn  iTlanoectf,  bpon  tlje  Ctuelfenigbt,  tbe  binning 
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monlp  Ottino^  bp  bim,etst>t  0?  ten  ancient  men,t»itl)  grap  beatbiet. 

^^Dap  toe  todte  one  pounD  anb  ten  otmccis  of  solbe. 

9l)e  34Jiup,bte  mdte  t6^ee  pouiiD  ano  feuen  ounces. 

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t^c  fitttlSajtingail  llappes  at  antter,ano  tbis  Dap  bp  nigbtitoc  fetc^eb  shamma. 

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tb^  leagues  to  tbelectoatDS  of  bs.t2[.bt(el^a^ingalssauebStbecbafefcom  nine  of  tijedoclte 
in  tbe  mo^g,tdI  fine  at  ni«;bt,but  bio  no  goobagainft  bS.  9t  la^toc  percciuing  tbc  SlDmical  to 
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bus  unr  brS  comfe :  but  tl^  1^  toas  (b  Grcce  to  tbe  leetooitdN  toe  coulD  not  Doe  it,ecccpt  toe 
b!?enbep(irettieD,bcIoffirb  too^atto  toas  aUr  to  Iteasnrece  asbebfbbefo^e*  9t  nig^tol)en  toe 
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anDtartbateouranotoanccofD;iniur,to  matte  itinDucet^e  longer:  anb  (b  concIubeD  to  (ct  our 
courfetbencr/otoncotonerounttep.  -     -^ 

trbe  ttodft  of  Sj^arcbJ  fbuno  mp  felfe  ^toart  of  Cape  Dos  palmas. 

Cbe  itf.bap,toefdltoitl)tbelanD,tobicbtoeiuDgebtobetbe  Cape  Mifcrado,  dHntttoliit^  <^>t>*  <9t<(T«* 
plare,ttttetpmntf>Wgf)lanb.  ••• 

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Thevoyagesantldilcoucries"  W*T(fP^rjon,-i^.  ■    — 








^ije  3  y.tap,  tte  fell  inOsteof  ran  fmaU  aflahnif,  lubicf)  Ipe  bp  oar  mkonins  C)ce  leagnci 
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toa?,Kcto  tcgarte^c  c«crant!<,\»W4>f«ce«3o?tlj«3o?tl>toea,  o}  elit  ttfepmap  tetrauliK' 

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intfietDcatlietofDifjpetcame  notroomc  toitl^D^,  tubmbptoc  iutigeo  t|Kit  ^ti  feom  bounoe 


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C^  ofourcompanie/alleD  EdmondPerkinc^cealeO. 

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t:befiiltiiapof£^ape>HeivieWilfon«uc  dtetoato  oieo:  auDtI;eite^oapoieii  lohn  Va. 



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2kfRainc0,but  asi  it  toellfcloutjtue  itao  tije  toeatbn  of ttiem/o  ttiat  t^ep  toeceable  to  tXK  nottiing 


'C^2o.oap,toemettaKtfia(^eof^o.tunne,  ann  toe^stKtt^  benetde  )t)ait,batit 
toaci  iiot,ta)eiuoo;eDittobean  €KsUQ)Q)tppr. 

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tuljo  raittc  iDit!)  b^  a0  ttoutlp  anD  asf  Defperatelp  a0  misbt  be,an]>  commins  neere  bs.pmeiucD, 
«*rrnrtibi«'  tljattucbaubeucDponatongbopaffc,  antiiuDginsMtob^^aite,  aflimoecoetoctoctc,  carat 
conimautioci)bsitoftrkefaile:V»l)ereupon\iiefaittijemromcof  ottrOitfie,  none  batrciet,  ano 
djaiiie(b9t,aniiam\ne0,rot^'cte,  t^atitmaoetbebppet  tuo^keof  tbcir  fl^pc  flee  about  t^ 
earc0,  ano  toe  fpoiUD  toitti  all  \fi$  men^iurtoare  W  Hw  ifnfetablp  tui^  our  great  ojninanrt, 
miotbcnbe  besannetofaQattcrneof  ii0,aniitopaiJ«eoit^fuletf^ntogctaiiMp:  anoineliBi 
VA%  tW>SMe  bint  foureo;  fiue  goon  peered  mo^fo^Ijisiii^lpell,  .aimtliuieitDelDerenDof  ^ 
irrcncbman,tDl)oDiBi)0noi)amieatal(,(IBeltoQaboo^Obje(a  iTmuiimait  a^ntinpctter,lu()o 
beins  Gcl(e,anti  Ipuig  in  \»A  bespoke  l)i<(trun^et  ttotluitt^aiiuiucano  blctoe^inUe  coulo  biota 


Cljc  2  S.toe  confcrreo  tosetlier^iiD  agreen  to  goc  iiito  ^euen)e,anii  fo  to  B^iOoI,  btit  ^  famt 
enb,to  soeinto  3>eueme  Jrnt  tuere  foKeo  to  beare  in  tn^rtlje  Li^to* 

^^e  2p.  Dap,about  nine  of  tl)c  f  locke  in  tUe  mo}mns,  toe  arrineb  (a&Ip  tu  Plymmouth  ^m 
p?aife*<!Joofo^outsooi»aniuaH,        ., .    ,,}, ,       ..j. t .  - 

The  third  and  laft  voyage  of  Maifler  William  Towrfbn^o  the 

:'    .  .  coaJlofGufmejamthe(^aHledeMinajintheyeere,i^^y. 

l^^c^  o.  Dap  of  3'amiBtp^l)e  peete  aboue  {apD,tte  ocparten  out  of  t^e  dtotwvof 
k  Plymmouth,tuitb  ti);ee  (UppeiS^uo  a  pinnelIe,tut)creof  t|ie  name?  luere  tlicic; 

'     I,.   '?t\)eMinion,aDittttafloft!)CfleetC, 

2.  CbcChryftophcrj^liccabmiralU       r-        '     •••rt-rr'!'    r 

3.  ^IjeTygcr. 

4.  apimtel&,caneiitlieVnicorne:  being aUbounbfii^^eCanatie^^anB 
from  tbrnrcbp  d)e  grate  of  6oo,to  t^  coaS  of  G  uinie. 

SrthSbrtiir  ^^nwi>ap,bcm5tl)e laftof tljis monetfj, intbe aftemoone,  toemettc toftfj  ttoo  i^xMid 
n  m»  n'nw,  Dant7.ick,tbf  oiic  ratlf 0  rije  Ro(c,a  fljippc  of 4oo«  tunnefi ,  ano  tbc  otijcr  calico  tlje  Vnicomcef 
S?m"!i?tiiJtt  ^ JO'ttnn'MitbcspafteroftlieRofc toatfcalteo Nicholas Ma(rc,anot!)C spaOeroft^ Vnicomc, 
cngunbjuiD  Mclchior  Whitc,botl)  laocn  at  Bourdcaux.ano foi tf)C mofl part,tDiti) taiinr0.  Wi^  toe  camett 
funu,  rtcm.toe  caiireu  tijcm  to  boifc  foo?tb  tbeir  uoatett^ano  to  rcme,  ano  fpeak  toitfj  b0 ,  aio  tee  ocami' 
neb  (acrponeoftlKtn8part,toWirreitc(wtcn0gooo0t()ep()aiDin^irn)ippe0,  aiiot^pCnK. 


•  i(U." 


li^iLl cfuprfon.  5.      oftheEnglifti  nation.  - 


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izz  The  voyages  and  dilcoueries  H^il,7oT»r/on, 




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liamauo  tlien  me  lit  ibem  Depart. 

ZhtiMHf  in  tbe  moaning  toe  founD  a  great  leaKe  in  tbe  Ocmme  of  our  (bip>  aiiD  in  one  doutt 
pumpcQ  400.  Otohetf,  ano  bf  aseit  tue  founo  t^at  our  boltfp^etc  ano  fo;tmaff  e  Doere  botb  fppg, 
tbat  Dice  couloe  not  utell  beare  anp  faitefi  bpon  tbcm,  ano  fiiioing  out  felued  to  be  24.  Uf-sati^ 
tbercabout  ^);cb  from  Cape  finiiler,li)ee  bare  ttit^  tiit  Tyger  ano  ajetuco  tbe  Scatter  tijat  )m 
iDoulD  ruime  6)0Utb  to  runnc  bnocr  tbe  Cape  tottoppe  onr  leakc>  ano  fiibour  matter,  bbirJiRi. 
chard  Packman  agrceo  bnto :  ^en  t»c  bare  mit^  ttie  Chtiftopher,anb  ibeDKii  t  bem  tbcrof  in  like 
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Chrilbpher  hcpt  bcr  courfe  ^outO  ano  bp  CQcit,  ano  tuoulo  net  rome  neere  i3£i,ro  ib<it  iii  tl;c  afs 
tenioone  toe  lucre  fojreo  to  goeroome  toitl^  bint  agune,ano  reftife  tbe  going  toitb  tbe  Capc^puti 
ting  botb  out  matt  ano  (btp  in  great  Danger,  W^  'loH^  tlie  Ijdpe  of  tlje  rarpnucris  in  3  ,i;ouir2in 

'CbC4.Dap  in  tbe  mooting  tbe  Tygerfp;u>ng  tiietjioolingtf  of  berboItfpKete,anD  fo  yon  foKtti 
to  takeinbettoprdiledanomaineraile,anoUiitbbctfb;eiaile  lap  tot^je  SQtftluarDetomcuiiet^ 
fame  agaiucano  tor  folbtoeo  bcr,  bnt  tbe  Chridopher  oio  not, 

Cbc  5.Dapluc  rcckoneo  our  felues  to  be  in  tbe  beigdtof  Cape  S«Vincenr« 

Cijc  7,Qap  Mac  met  tuitb  tbe  tuinoe  at  doutb  tiitb  guStf  of  rainc,  ligijtning,  ano  tbunocr,  ata 
fo  continucD  all  nigbt  following  tbe  toinDe,rometime0  S>outb,anD  fomctimes  ^utbfoutbiDelts 
but  altaiapest  M  foone  agtlic  pttd  toereDone^tiie  toinDe  camcagaineto  tbe  jCio^i^aSU'^W  nig^t 
toe  tocrc  in  tbe  beigbt  of  Porto  Sandlo. 

1DtjCio.DaptocrechoneD  out  feIuecttobC2^Ieagufs(  from  tfie  Grand  Canarie,  ano  tljieitiap 
about  94if  tbe  clocke  our  pinneOe  b^ake  ber  ruDDer,fo  tb'^  toe  tocrc  fo^ceo  to  totoe  ber  at  tljc  Dmt 
of  tbe  Minion,tobitb  toe  tocre  able  to  Doe,anD  pet  kept  companp  toi^  tbe  tettof  our  (l)ip0.Sl!)oiit 
I  I4)f  tbe  clocke tbilB Dap  toe  baDfig^of  t^Grand  Canarie* 

niDecoetoebaDfigbtoftbeGrandCanaric,tot)ir|)Iiet(ji2,league!S  to  :be  C^atttoarDdofTenc 
rif:  ano  becauft  tbe  roaDitf  Teneriti!»foulegrounD,anD  notfiing  toa0  tbere to  be  gttten  fo)  t|ietitl> 
ping  of  ourpinne(&,bauing  tbe  toinDelarge.toe  agrceo  to  goetottbtleGrand  Canarie. 

Z\je  1 2.oap  toe  came  into  tl)eroaDeofd)etotone  of  Canaricjtobit^Ipet^  one  league  from  4t 
lame  totoncSnoaftcr  toe  baD  (bot  offDiner0.piece0  of  o^Dinance  to  blute  tbe  totone  anD  tbe  caSIr, 
tbe  goucniouraiiD  captained  of  tbe  I^HanD  fent  to  iKttobicbtoere  tbe  captained  of  tbe  (bippcsij» 
quinng  Dstocomealboare.SnDtobentoe  cametot^cmtljepreccuicD  bsDerpfrienDlp,o^ring 
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toent  to  tbe  totone  toitbttoo€ngli(bS^arcbant0  W^  lap  tijerr,  anD  remainco  in  ttiefrbottic 
tbatoap.  '^befcrouD  Dap  follotoingtoecameaboo^QetoDeliuerourmarcijancifcauDtogetotK 

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dies, tobicb  tocre  in  nombtr  ninetccne  failc,  toljercof  6,  tocre  ll^c0of  400.  anD  5  od.a  piefc,ttt 
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a  banquet  31  DeparteD,anD  31  being  gone  Duto  tbe  boate,bee  caufeD  one  of  bid  gentlemen  to  Deiiie 
Francifcotbe  Portingale  tobid)  toad  mpinterp?etcr,  to  require  mee  to  ftirlempflaggc,  Dcri» 
ring  tbat  be  toad  (Sencrall  of  tbe  Cmperourd  fleete.^CQbidj  tbing(betng  come  aboo^ojFrancifco 
QrtocD  me :  aiiD  beraufe  31  refufcD  to  fitrle  it,  but  kept  it  foo^  ttiH)  certaine  of  tbe  rouloierd  intiit 
iUpped,(botte  Diuerd  barquebuO)  fintte  about  tbe  Ibtppe>anD  oner  tbe  flaggc :  ano  at  tbe  fame  timt 
tbere  rame  certaine  gentlemen  abooitDeourflxppe  to  reebentotDbome  31  fain,  tbattftbeptooulB 
not  cauPe  tljofe  tljcir  men  to  leaue  tboottng,  31  tooulDQioote  tbe  bettojDinanre  31  baDtl^ttglj  tbctt 
fiDed.  9nD  tobm  tbep.percetueD  tb«  31  toais  oCmMQ  tbcp  Dei^rteo/Dio  canfeD  tbeir  men  of  toarn 


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ano  roulDietii  to  fboote  ito  tito^,  ano  aftntuacDif  ttiep  caim  to  mee  agoinc,  ano  totoe  me  ttjat  tbep 
fiaouumfbenttinc  men.  ^l)atfotte,3rQKtiieD^  ttjel^pe  ano  mane  tljiemrucij  rl)cma0  jj 
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tljtm,anD  rent  me  tno^frtlyat  tijeir  <Z$eneraliuatf  berp  ro^tliatanp  matt  flmlD  itqunt  me  to  forte 
mp  flasse^D  d)at  it  tnaiS  Uiit^out  ijis  confeut:  anQt^erefb^e  [jee  tequcfteD  mee  not  to  tliinKe  anp 

^Ije  1 7«Bap  tue  fet  raite  in  ti)e  coant  of  Grand  Cananc,anii  p^eenen  on  our  bopage. 
banfisiltof  ^c  riner  del  Oro,  tujjlct  UMj  almofl  tmotr  ti^e  troyiite  of  Cancer, 
'^tie  3i«oaptnefountioucreIuedto  bein  2o.Qe9ree0aniiaIjaIfe,tai)irf)  itt  t^^eigijtof  Cape 

Blanke,  Vsfi,  z  ^.tue  1)311  QsOt  of  C^C  (anO  int^e  bapCOt^e  If^O^biartl  of  Cape  Verde. 

C^e  2^,  31  toofee  Francifco  ano  Francis  Caftclin  toiti) mee,  anB  toew into  tOe  pinnetft,  aiiD  fo  if/u,^^^^ 
tDtnt  tc  tlie  Tiger  inljtcb  mas  nccrer  tlje  dioarc  tijcn  tl^e  otijcr  ll^yMno  tuent  aboop  bcr,atio  tuitb 
tlje  clocke,  at  tuljicb  time  tue  lucre  bato  aboo^oe  tbe  Cape,  ano  tben  tae  ramie  in  $g>outI)\uctt^inD 
bcpoiio  tbe  Cape  about  4.lcasuesi  toe  founo  a  faire  3:Qano,ano  bcfioee:  tfjat  2.  on  .3iaaiiO0,\ul)trIj  4,3fl4fttis. 
mete  of  oerp  bigbrocbi^tbeius  fiiUof  Oinertf  fo^tf  of  Gra  fmile,ano  of  piseonst,  toitb  otbcr  fo^cs  of 
to  t)t)ite  ail  if  tbc  tubole  Jlflano  bao  bene  of  cbalke^anotaitljin  tljofe  JfianDis  toas;  a  berp  faire  bap, 
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tocccamcto  an  aurr( toitb  tbeTyger.  <ino  after  tbat  fte  Minion  anotbe  Chriftophcr  aiicreoin  ©"f. 
like  cafe  :^en  toe  caufto^epinneiTe  torunne  bepoiuieanotber  Cape  of  iano,to  fee  iftbcre  toere 
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ftooi  tbrChriaopher,ano  ^  toe  a|(tcffito  taite  ^  ptifneift,9  weome  along  tbelboare,bcraure! 
tbat  tobete  toe  riooe  no  Negroes  came  to  bst,  ano  t^  nig^t  before  our  piratede  b^gbt  00  too^oi^ 
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Thevoyagesanddifcoucries    W^^oiMjon,  3. 

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ffone  tcbMi«i8  t^e  Minc^tw  sap  toe  tMke  bac  frinc  gcatoeir. 

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tntotioirome  anrt  of  tbt9  plotf  1 4«  of  out  mm  in  tde  Minion  uim  Mien  Odie,  liiee  Mtctmino 
toMpatt^nO  tnitt)  all^tt  to  soe  to4e  Mina« 

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talent  in  ta)it<)  out  tocl(e,mtDtooke  1 2.QMn  Cleptwttifteetb. 

Cde  1 ; .  oap^ftet  ttee  l^ao  taken  a0  nuutp  teetti  an  me  coulo  set,aboiit  9.of  t^  clociu  taiet  fet 
faile  to  soe  toyomi  t()e  Mina. 

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oneortl)CgaDgion0of()erniooer,rottiatttcuerefD}ceDtototai(ier.  ^NjfMpairotoecaUent^ 
3$otenx>aiue  before  taai,aitD  lapD  to  \ii  rbaigr  cenaine  mattentMetetn  lie  ban  mObemeaneiititm 
rclfediutbponbf0(UbmilIion9tntceatie  or^acoon^anopKmitreof  better  bcbai^ 
of  peace  ano  qtu(tne<i)fbK(n>t  bim. 


Cbe*9.taieranne along djecoatf.  -      -    "' 

Cbe  3 1  .toe  came  to  Hanca,anbniabe  lale  of  reitafaie  (|Banfltei){« 

%\it  Sttt  of  ^p?tt  toe  bao  Qgbt  of  finefiiae  of  Poningals^lobereupon  bv  fet  faile  ano  toent  off 
tofea  tosettbe)iii»iieof^em,lDbirb  biee  (bouloebane  bab  if  4e  iniube  babiteptbiito^uip 
coiit(e,bibi^  itf  (dltbeoapattbe  AoiitbbieS,anoOQeft^ontbtiieS:  bnt  tbiti  oap  \t)itbaflatoeit 
kept  alltbe bap  at  tbe€aS,anb  €attftoatbeaft,ib^tbe  Poningalsbab^etatinbeofM^nh 
leo  not  fo  toell  an  tlie  reO,  tnitbin  (botte  of  btf  t  tben  it  fell  calme,  anb  tbe  toinbe  came  bp  to  tbt 
fimubb>dI,IxitDbeitit  bla8neecenisb^  aub  tbe  Chriftopher  bpnteaneti  of  berboate^bias  abont 
fbure  league!^  to  t!je  leebxtibd  of  b0.  mt  tackeb  anb  tanne  into  tbe  taieatbtt  of  ^  abmicall,  m 
^^emojieofbidcompanieymobtbeii  ^  taieteneetebim,li)erpaketobim4itttbebnuIbnotan> 
f\»ec(:tt)ai  ttiecatt  about  ano  lap  in  tbebnatbet  of  bint;  mo  caOingabwt  bee  lbotteatb$,anb 
tbmiue(boeatbim,anDlbottebinifiMitQ|fiaetimeiitb)D08b*  Itbcplbotbinenttimeftb^ougb 
attBb)ouIbnatmcboleb)itbtbem:«tecttecb«itbu<  bugbttosetbet  tbrabottten  o!imo}e,aiio 
taMiulo  not  lapbimaboo^oc  bccaufeitbiatfmgbtttneleft  Qnotins  one  attbeotbet.aiakn^fiiQ 
ibe  iiteatbet  of  cbem*  ^ben  tbr  Tigcimb  4^>pinn!^  kf  pt  dmt  anb  came  to  b<,  aitt  aft^ 
<beCi»riftof<her,  ,  v  :^~'r' ;  i 

:  iCbifniffbciAoiic  ttnekteofAedodtebciBSbetp little tDiRbe,anbtbeSpaSet of tbrTigna 
onmaincrmle^nbbetboatebeint  becitfiftM  toanbjiikenanbrwike, 
btfk  in  bec,attb  tbe  (bippMloailctf  inete  Ji^iktn  ttftbber  omiegen  peein^^ 
l0(tboiK  mip  raoie  bint^  but4e  bn0  in  btiHb*  (0  beb^iim  bobme  to  ^e  bMter« 
.HCbefeconbbaptaiebabfigbeof  tbeChriftQpbcf,an»lDereneeixbntober«(btbae3ltoAeoiit 
boateanbtaicnt  tober.9nbta4en3i  ra«e.tbiflkt^beplbebiebinee,tbataftertbePottingalsb8b 
M  b«,  djep  isent  an  toomebiib^.  «A  idHmt  tbKlue  a  rlocke  at  n^Bbt  mrtte  bim,  8^^ 
atbtet>anbbeeattbem,aabtbepibottebini(lvotigb  tibt  Jailen  in  bjnen(t^acet(,anbb0niootbit 
Sreatbttct.9nbtobentoeebabbnbftftMii  Att  4ep  bab  bene  blitbbAnadbidl  anbntbbjJAsee 
agceenaltogeiihR  tofecke  tbcmCifluee  nicttfinbe^nOanb  keepe  a  toeatberonrplareitof 

-  f^^toermmeaHbaptqtbe^eu^eabMrbis  tofoketbePortkigals,biitcottlBebaiieno 
(ifbt  of  dkem^nbbaQeo  into  4e  Qware. 

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totbeCa(hoacD0ofonrreckoning,b)bicbb)eii)onbereb  attb^tbefirSlanetoeemaoejxwBl-a. 
gua.  "Sben  a  caufeboucboate  tobemanneb.anb  tbeChriftophersidib^AnblMtnttiKbeQioate 
anbtooleMvNegrotoitbb^tShibonQMremeeleaciKbtbattbere  taacre  finre  JTiencbbi^etf 
bpontbecoa0;oneatPerinnen,tbbicbi«(iiee  ieaguen  eo  tbe  dOctttoam  of  Laguataintbecat 
Wcamba^iebifi  fnnie  leagiMto  tbeCaflbMnb  of  Lagua ;  atbiibeat  PeiTcaw,ii4^ 
(eagnef  to  tbe^aflbtatbof  Wcamba  :anb.(be(baftb  at  Egrand,ttb^  iji  fbure  tais«eittDtb( 

SOSbenbiebaB  imeni8cnte9ftbe(ene1ne«,1ne«ecMbto  goeto^tfiMMM  tnitbtbe/cewbi 
mentaputtljem  fbmtbeictraf(iiMe,aibibittflff  tbioflttb^e  piere«itt«e  ttaMtariirfittbc 


IV.ToiMrJon.  ],  M    ff^tij^trfitt^vi^:     ofthcEnglifti  nation. 



<tb2  ^MptiK  fiiuno  3^t|ie  jrrm()(i)iy8ac  anmt  one  caHeli  La  foye  dc  Honflcur.a  Qiippc 

oriiO.nnmeftaflO^calUDt^ Veotereureo)  fmal Roebarge  of  Honfleur,  of  loo.tunneiB, 
bott)appettapmil0  to  Shawdet  of  Honfkur,  t^  ^.laMtMot  tde  Mulet  deBacvilleaQlippe 
«f  I  ao4nniie«r<ano  tliinQilppeiKlonseo  (o  ceitainc  flpcrrbantttof  Roan. 

00^  tie  came  to  tf)em  Mat  oetermincii  to  lap  tbe  aimtttal  aboo)Oe,^  Chriflopher  tbe  ^Oitt' 
iDcntro  faQtibatttecouloenotfctcbcbev.ltbe&rftttiattoee  cametotoastljeMuleginbljectuee  ^f^^ 

jro;t|)eSltHnicaUbitiitaIt;n  about  8o,lt.ofsoIo,anotU  Roebcrgcbao  taken  but  2a.pouno,anii 
aUtt)ii{ttc  IcarneB  of  tbe  ^tencljnun,  lul)0  fcnetne  ft  wtp  toell :  fi^  tbeptoere  all  in  contort  toge* 
t^etanDtjaobenebpon  tbecoa(lofMina2.ntonetb0anbotRieiMpeiai:|iottbetttbe  Rocbergeban 
bene  tbete  before  tbembiitb  anotbei  (bfp  of  Diepe^anii  a  Caniellttibirl)  ban  beaten  all  tbe  (oalt, 
atio  bias  Kpatteo  one  monetb  before  out  arrfufnfi^ere,9tbep  34>ab  taken  about  7oo«Iuof  goto, 

Qii  tone  ad  bx  ban  lapo  tbe  (Up  aboo)be,anB  left  cettaute  men  in  bee  to  keepe  bcr,tne  fet  faile 
anil  pue  cbafe  to  ti)e  oti^  3«fllxp0,(ir  cbafeo  tbem  ftl  Dap  anb  ni5bc,9  tbe  luitt  IMP  bntil  ^a  tlorke 
tii^e  a&etnoone^but  \ae  emtio  not  rarb  tbemt  anbtbeefoje  reetng  tbatbie  b^ugbe  out  febie^  bCf 

^be  7JDap  31  rent  fo;tbecaptatne,maccbant((  9  nuSenof  tbeotbetQiip0,anbliibentbep  came  ^^SH^m 
HKbiapeb^gotobttjicb  bicbaofcomtbeiTtencbntniAttbitbbtapeb  50.11.^0  5.oancci((of  soto>  tot  fmut 
tbii$MnebieasfeeDtaputmenoutofeuecpQ)ipiniotbep?ifetokecpeber.  i»^ 

^e  I  x.oap  toe  came  to  tbe  furtbec  place  of  tbe  Mine  eaOeo  Egtaiul,8nbbeing  come  to  an  an< 
creiurcbatgeDalltlje  msecl^antd  gooi>0otitoftbep|<re^anbbKiutoOauerotocbeIbipb)itbtbebic« 
tnaliito  ^/cencbmen^but  becauft  (be  toafi  leaketbep  toottto  not  takebn;butDertreb  b0  to  r^ 
tbebiltue^nitakins^em  into  out  obine(bip((:^)entneasieeo  to  take  mit^ebtcttMlieianofhU^ 

ibei4»aemgbttiiee  mane  an  ense  of  Dtfcbarsins  tbe  pMfe^anb  beuibeb  all  tbe  jTrenc^ 
ineneiccept4.lobt^t>ieeeOckeanonocable  to  bflpetbem(eIue0,iiibicb4.botbtbeChriftopher 
31  i»a0  foKCD  to  fetcb  tteminto  out  (biip* 

dje  1 5^of  ap^T,mQOuta0oittcompanie  fb^dietnopagrof  Binnie^moilpattortbemdltek  '"^^ 
^iiit»  €bei6»&eins^bnb)aitiipe)eioftbeampanietogoetbi^,biebeteimineotoQie^ 

tbeMinioD  bcce  at  £gTand,tbe  Tyger  to  go  to  Pericovy  Inbicb  it  4*league0  0ff,9  tbe  Chriftopher 

to  goe  to  Weamba,b)bi(b  v*  lo.leaguect  to  tbe  yae^ieeiam  of  tbi«i  place: anb  if  anp  of  tbem  botb 
(boutb  l^te  Q(i;bt  of  mo^e  failed  4nt  tbep  tbougbt  goob  to  mebble  iDitbali,  to  come  toome  lb  ^^ 
felobKdito  teit,fici(  tbeChriftophcrtocomebiitbtbeTygcr^nb  tbenbotbtbep  to  come  tuitbbier. 
meiifeIficke^(b6.oftb?inM>ieb,9nbbete)i)ecouIbbaiie  no  traSquebtitb  tbe  Negroes  btit  341?  4«afntft^ 
b^dintbetueekcanball  tbeccSoftbe  toecke  cbepbioulD  not  come  etb$t.^:^bereloSoneani 
etc  m  bjokc  a  cabMno  in  tbe  ipaptng  of  anotbtc  ancce  fome  of  out  men  biere  btttt. 

^be7«of^apnotbauingtbeptnnellbfeiitb0bgitbclotb from  tbe  otbecibtpd  ad  t^pp^mi'  gtmr. 
to,b)e  folb  jrcciicb  clotb,anD  gaue  but  3 .  patDd  tbcteof  to  euetp  fufie, 

^be5.tiaptbeNcgroesoepatteb,anbtolDebd  tbepbintlbcome  tobdag^inetBitbtn4^8pe]!r, 
b)b(i4b)ebetecmiiieotbetetotatie,{riAougbb)ebabiituerd  ofourmenficke. 

^  8  j»p  al  out  cloi^  in  tbe  Minion  bents  folDi^  caOeo  tbe  cqmpanp  togetber^to  knob)  tobe* 
rattfptnof  tbe  beatb  oj^^lbme  of  ^mentao  tbe  p^ttlicktMiiif  ?iQjno;e^  bmtto  not  ta^ 
buttepaireto  tbe  otbttft^tMif  tobometbep  baobeatono^ig  Once  tbe  37.of  9p;il  :anQ  pet^p 
^bour  pinnelft  trntib  tbem^ouelp  to  cacp  nebcdfcomone  to  auotber« 

^be  I  o.Dap  in  tbe  mojnitig  toe  fft  fafle to  Gteke  ^  Chriftquher  anb  ^  Tyger, 

f^  X  i^^captaineof^e  Chdilopbetcimeto  bMnoMOM^^  coiilD  fbibefnvdl 
#i](d«4eplacc«b4a»ttoi  iHiDbnK, 


■  ••**:  :*  ■  '•'  '  m-*-**^***  ••       ■  - 

ii6  The  voyages  and  difcoueries  IV^tLTtmfim.    j, 



toiuiu  or  &m 






'C^C  1 3 .  tor  ftnt  atoa;  i^t  Tygcr  to  Egrandc,  berauft  \U  fbunte  notilins  to  Boe  «t  Pcreninr, 

toojttftbe  wiping  &?.  .      .         ,    . 

Weaniba  tn^  il^  (kid  bene  before,  ano  liaD  taken  tiine  I  oju.  tfgoRv* 


%\it  ip^bapljauutg  fetfafle  tnecame to  an anm before Mowre^anbtiiattaietaruo  zAipt^ 
buttookenocanoonreof golor.  .     >  .  > 

^()e  2 1 .  UK  came  (oan  ancte  befinK  Don  lohns  tobine* 

Vbe  2  i.toemanncD  mnboat0  ano  toentto  (boatr,but  t(ie  Negroes  tDOttlD  noc  come  at  bit;^ 
^  Captaine  of  ^  Chriftopber  ano  yjmtx  a  i^kifle  aub  8.  men  tutb  tier,  aub  inent  anb  talhtb 
l^f  mfelfe  I<ipe,to  aMterttle  ^m  of  otnr  toimntosr. 

VOe  2  ^iseliienta  QMMreagameiftb^  Negroes  tolb  biettfiatttiiiS  bap  t&emarcfiantiei  of  Don 
lohnbMXiIb  come  bourne  :ro  toe  taiiebt^erebntin  ntfl^t,anbnoman1miulbcomctobieitbutliii 
uec0  of  clie  Negroes  niabe  btf  fisnetf  to  bepart, 

%\fi  24.  ttie captaine  of  ^  Chhibphertookedteboate^tsenttoMowre^bto^nibecame 
9Imabe,\o|)icti^nibseb  came  ftomt^raffIe,9caurebant()e  Negroes  to  bepart  from  bim:ant 
anb  tl;en  d)e  Negroes  cafifloneif  at  t(iem,9bioaIbnotruffi(rt^m  to  comebp  to  t^irtotatne.  9nb 
luben  ttjep  ratD^at,tfieptookeceTtatneof  tiiefc  9lmabeiei,9putt^emtotbe  Tea,  ^aftettoanwbt* 
patteb.  ^l)e(amemiQning3!toenta(|)oaieatDonlohnstotune  ^tookeatDfiiteflagtoitljmr, 
but  none  of  tbe  Negroes  cotdbe  come  to  me,tblHc|i  cauftbbit  to  iubge  tijat  t^  Portingals  ttere  m 
^  tob)ne,9fttt  Ai0  out  boatc  came  to  bet  toen  manneb^b  31  rent  one  man  bp  to  tlie  totpne  tDi4 
a  tobite  (kiss*  in  ^i(lKinb,&at  iBben  be  ttatf  come  tlittliCT  an  tbe  Negroes  liien^ 
not^eakebittbbtm.  v;bm3|GmtoneaIoneitttotbeuioobi!(aftettbatt,&uttbepinnorareb)ouUi 
come  to te(,8nben  tK fato  t|Mtt,li)e  tookc  t  i.s6ate0  anb  1 44iemte0,tab^  toe  fouitb  m 
oinrpinnelftcomeftS  Conjiatin,t^tbbdi  taken  tbeie2»U,^uiunceiEi  of  S(Ab»CbenafiK^ 
boe  toitb  ^e  ftotoatb  s^arment,  toe  toeiit  tbi^beetoacbst  ttitb  out  ([)ip,  9^  Chriftopher  toentta 
Mowre,  <2;be25.baptbedBatlerof^Chriftopherfentbi!SboatecotIje(boarefo;b8laae,aiiii 
tbe  Negroes  ttonio  bane  beaten  tbe  companie  fram  tbe  (i)oare,tobmttpon  tbe  compam'e  reM^ 
^em,  anbfletoe  anbbortbiuctiiof ^em,  aiiirbauinsputtbem  to  fligbttbtorneb  tbeA;  totone  am 
b^kealltbeicboateiS.  'Cbe2tf.bapourpinneiItcametobifftomCormatin^nbbabtaken3.K, 
1 1  ^nceoof  golb :  anb  lohn  Shirife  tob  \s$  tbat  tbe  Negroes  of  ^atplace  toere  beep  bcOnwiXQ 
baueafljip  comebackeasaineto^etctotone*  'Cbe  27.toetoapebanb toenttoCormatin, 
•  %\it  28^eChriftophercametob0fcomMowre^notaf(iiiuebtbetettoooape!ei« 

attbtbep  ttoobabtidtenid>om5o.1t.ofsoTbenncetbepb(panebftomb)f* 

Cbe4.bavtoeDcpatteb  ftomConnatin  to  pip  bpto  Shanuna,  being  not  ^(etotattieanp 
lonsecbpon  tbe  coaff  fb)  lacke  of  btctnaliMnb  fperiallp  of b^inkr* 

tB^be  7.bap  toe  bab  Ggbt  of  54)f  tbe  king  of  Poningals  Qjipit,  ta^  came  to  an  anc^  befioetf 
tbe  Cattle. 

'Q[;be8«bapGeorgeanb6innycametobi$,anbb70tigbttoitb^em{diout2.{i«ofgiAie*  ZW 
nigbttbeChriilopher  anb  d)epfonefle  came  bp  to  b!},tobitb  bab  bene  3*  bapeiS  aOeniebfbiet^ 
tbe  Spatter  of ^  pinneO^  tolbe  bit  tbcic  eictremitie  fo}  toam  of bictnall,  anb^erefbje^  befinb 
to  be  taken  out  tftbepinnH&.battoetntceatebtbem  togoeto^epimtd&againe,  anbgatietbcm 
beere,  b;eao,poike  anb  flockfifbto  bictual  ^em  bntill  fUtb  time  ajs  toe  came  to  Shamma,  tbatbie 
migbc  fenb  ber  atoap  tottb  fome  of  one  JTrentbmen*  lo.oapintbennpnigStDokeonc  flnan  ptnne(G,anbtbeC^tanieof  ^Chriftopher 
toitb  me,  ano  manneb  ber  toen  anb  toem  to  tbe  rattle  to  btctoe  tbe  Portingals  (b^tf^  tbete  toe 
founb  one  (bip  of  ^ont  3  00.  tunne,  ano  4«catnc1ie(:  toben  toe  bd>  toell  bietoebtbetii^toe  tetania 
backeagainetoourlbtptitob^toefbanb  y.leagueitatfea. 

Cbe  I  i4bapintbenio;nnigtoefbimbottcKItteiStoel(bottotoatbShamtna,anb^Tigertot4 

btf^bot tbe Mimon9tbepimKacb<0 not toapeo  tbat nig^,(o tbat  toe toereoutofWoftbeim 

-*'  -'  Mb 

tlTmfm.   J.  I   mi.Tmrfon.  3.      ofthcEnglinination. 


tt^'ns  to  Hoc  At  Percninc, 




lowrcjann  to(>cn  be  rame 
te  cmai'ne  meiitDitlj  [nun, 

lat  tije  Portingsils  tom  la 
ki  \am  atuap  aiiB  ttxwlD 
^  tDe&unli  iti^totnif, 
m  31  came  aboo^^SI  fbuno 

!t^  ChriftophcrlnenttO 

itfjeOnarefo;  baIatte,aiiB 

rmatin^IlD  tHHl  Ulun  3  Jf, 

lace  tnete  beep  Befinujfio 



e  ptnnefle  from  Weamba, 


?(nsnot  ^lecatactieaiip 


(bottt2.It*ofgoIOe»  Vbftf 
)  ant^etefbje^iiep  KfirtB 
amenshatnma,  tbatitt 

ptaAte  of  ^  Chriftopher 
;ingals(b^iet^  tbete  iDC 

irietDeiftbetfijtxie  tetumAi 
tmtna,anO^  Tiger  t# 


ano  bauins  bimsbc  our  ftluetf  in  tbt  tnetber  of  tbe  lBo}diigaI«  Qvp0,  toe  came  to  an  ankct  to  ta< 
lUlto  tte  S^iniol^o)  eU  tse  misbt  baue  fttcbeo  nisbt  t)K  9^inion,ano  tlie  p  to 
came  bp  to  tt^ut  amiQ  not  fetcb  ft  (Mce  to  tbe  tneatlieiliunt  a«  tiie>  ano  tbm(^ 
itouta  Uafjuealoetbec  tbe  cattle,anii  tM  tMietintbe  Cb^ittopber,  aoA  taemroome  toitblKr. 

Z^  I  i.oaptbe  Cpgeccame  toome  Mtb^Mno  (be  ans  tbe  Cb;ilIopbecfiinnistbemfelue« 
toOtrnvinsceatneeoofoictualtf,  tooalobauegonettitb  tbe1i3o;tinsal0(bippe«tobaue  ftttbeo 
romt  of  tbtm  fo^b :  but  (AC  inaittee  ami  companie  tMnlD  to  no  caft  ronfem  to  goe  i»i^ 

aftntbi0,bpreafonofdje  luaiit  of  DirtuaUitntbepinne(&,  HibicbcouI&teceiuenobictitaUi 
from  tbeotbecfljtp0,  but  from  1)0  onelp,  \ue  tooke  out  all  oin:  men,  ant  put  I  a« /rentb  men  into 
brc,an»gaue  ^mbictuatotobnnstbemto  Shamma. 

V^  ip.oaptbe  %i^  mioSl^inion  aniueb  ai  Shamma,  anb  tSi^  Cb^itopber  toitbtottDo 
leasumofftbcm,  but  coulQnot  fctcb  tbe  tninbebpreaGm  oftbeftantneOeof  tbebiinbe,tBbicb 
batbbcne  fo  fcant,  tbat  in  fifteene  baped  l»e  baue  pUeb  to  tbe  tuinbeiMibiBt  but  ttoelue  leagued,  «  « ,, 
btljiltb  bcfb^  b)e  nib  in  one  bap  anb  a  nigbt. 

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tcDpraceablp  from  bint 

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tbatmc^tbep  conlobo noting  but  taerep^omifeb  tobauefomegolbetbeneictbap. 

Z\it  nc]ct  bap  (bibtcb  baa0  tbe  ^  2.)bnug  come,b)e  fent  oue  ptonelli  toHantaagtiine,bnt  tbere 
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Cb<^oaptoe  putaioapmtrpinncl&,  biitbfitteanDttBtmtc  jTrentbmeninbcr,  «Rb  gane^^ 

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2,  D^iefatitofb^ab. 
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•;-•  ii  <)ogfteabofbecfe» 
■•'•*•  2.  jritWn*  of  butter. 
, . ,     75.  atockefilb*         ....  .  "'  '''"     • '• 

I*  fatten  of  bonp« 
fl)ftbefe25jnen)toefcti5«attbtirraunlbnte,tBbfeb«y«lB<tetafattfntbei|ntfett  t^eb* 
diet04innecametobittnapinneflMnb(bme  ftomtbeibiuse,  anb^etefo^e  liiepnt  4em  attu 

f  ieiitbmen,tnbi(b  tne  put  in  betjnete  dielMinng  an  of  tbem  ranlbmeb* 

Peter  Huguillc,of3attuillc,  _;;         ' 

Robert  muene/if  Roan. 

Stephen  BennetjOfHonfleur.     ^  ".'."'' 

Michael Haguille, of Batuillc^  .' ' 
;      lohnChapon^Battuilc.    _''^^^  \, 

Legjcr  le  Feuer^HonfleUf."    '  ": 

Bamardinc  AdanijOfBIankuifte. 

'  '  iDotoftbeTjrger^effe, 

Ricard  de  Mont^Roan. 

Peter Ncftw,  of Hpnfleur. "  I  ' '.  *'    ;      .. "  1  • , 
-  .  ,.  ■..,..        ^tlt6ftbeMimon;b«ft," 

;*     OnuerBowchetrfHonflcur^  , 
'''••■^IwmasD'Orleimce^HwiHcw^- ;:'.';..■  ;:;:l;-^ ' 
...  HubertColyn^Battumc      '"j' '.I  •,;:?;.    ., 
;!;    NfichaelVairellofHonfleur.  .  ■'^'  ""     ''"''  ■' 
:\    Maft]fnleBuCjtfHonfieur.     ' 


'111  (' 

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■  rtt. 




The  voyages  and  difcoucries    WfTtmtjwi,  ^. 






Zl  1 

11.  IP ' 


Martyn  oflcraye.  ail  \oliic|)  Uirre  equAlIp  catifomeo  fq  Qjce  cntaineii  a  yeece. 

Vbe  » 3 .  of  3;uiu,oui  piiineCDt  rmie  to  Vil  (torn  Hanta^no  olB  M,  t<)at  t^c  Dcgntitf  (kb  BMk 
tfiptllttitlitiKm^nDlwulDnoctrafiike  tntbttemtouippuryoie. 

ClK34.taietookeoarboate3tnopinnei&>anoimnw«tbenitoeII,  niDtoentto  t()e  totonttf 
Shanima,«nDbec«ufet<)eCapt(iinet<)eicof  \M«berwu  fubtetttotdc  l|9o)tta0alf  .toebocM 
tb  e  totmie,atiD  out  imn  reruns  tbe  ()^te  of  fucb  mfleitf  ag  lum  tbm/ouna  a  1^0^ 
tt|)m<nt)M0(bmeofbigapvareU,ano|)«tneig()M,  aiiBotielettnlhitto  ||imfcom^C«ai(, 
toberriip  tw  gatbrno^tbat  tbe  {^oTting  all  (ha  bene  tiiiete  of  a  long  time, 

€(x^^bap,abouttbK<  ofdjeclockeataftcntoonc,  \uerct(ai1e,anBputfoio(befta,  fujaii 

^be  lattMpaftb^gmoiietb,  tuecfell  toiibcbe  Qmnreagaine ,  anb  mabc  our  trckontag  telt 
(isbteene  lr.iguc0  to  ^  tDcatberbiaro  of  tbe  place  tobere  toe  IiRofr.SSUai  ^came  tomahetin 
la»b,tDefbunoouc  fdueitobe  cisbteciu  leagues  totlie  leettMiboftlie  place,  tibete  toe  frt  off, 
tubicbc'!metopa(Ie,bpcealbnortbee]ctceamecutranttljat  runnetb  to  tbe  Cattbidrii:  tobentae 
pmciueo  out  felueitf  To  abufeo,l)ie  agreeo  co  call  about  againe ,  anb  to  Ipe  ag  neete  tbe  Isinbe  u 
Die  roulo,tofetcb  tbe  line. 

Vbe  fcurntb  of  3|uIp,U)e  bab  figbt  of  tbe  3|0e  of  S.  Thomas,  anb  tdougbt  to  baue  Ibtigbt  (|ie 
toaoe.  t^fM  te  anheceb  tbete:  but  tbcncjct  mo^ingtbc  toinbecame  about,  anobieefccptow 

^be  niiitb,tbe  toinoe  barplng.bic  kept  about  againe,  anb  fell  toiA  tbe  3lflanb  of  s.  Thomai, 
anb  reeking tberoabf^wrebecalmebneece  tbe  3!flAnO)  anb  liictb  tbe  currant  biereputneere  t^ 
(boare,  but  coulbbauenoe  gtouiiotoanker)rotbatbietoerefo}cebtoboifeoutottrpuute(rc,ina 
tbcotI)ec(btppei2  tbetrfRifftgcotobieftoratbe3|(Uno,litbicbbibUttlegooo,  but  intbc  cnbctjii 
llwnbe  putbtftb^ee  leagues  offtlAr  (boare* 

:  Cbetrntboap,tbeChrift(>plier,anbtbeTyger,caftabout,  tabetebp  lueiubgeb  tbnntobnil 
agreeo  toge^,to  goe  leeke  fome  (bit^c0  in  w  roabe,anb  to  leaue  bg:  our  men  tocte  not  taiilbng 
(0  goe  after  tbem^o^  fearc  of  running  in  mitb  tbe  JUliim  agatnr « anboC  putting  our  (eluef  into 
-  ^  Ihnie  banger  tbat  me  ton:  in  tbe  nigbt  bcfo^ :  but  toe  Ibot  offa  peece,anb  putout  ttuo  ligbn, 
':  anb  tijep  anfiuereb  bsi  ttitb  ligbtis  againenubercupon  toe  kept  our  courfe,Q^  tbougbc  tbat  tbep  bin 
•'  fbItotoebbiee,butiittbemo;mngtoecoulbnotreetbem,(bt|NrttbepU&bgli)dPUiglp,  aiibtoetei 
' '  temrinebtofollototbcinnomo^e. 

lSuttbeii.bap,tocaIcereDouropinion^rotnfe,anBconlhttebto  caSdiout  againefo^ibe 
3!fl.inb,to  reeke  our  (btppcs^no  about  foun  of  ^e  docke  intbc  afi(cnioone,toe  mettoitb  tbem, 

%\)t  I  ^tocfe^againetoitbtbe3l(Ialtbof  SThomas^iui^famenigbctoefoutaiiour&Intii 

Cbt «  3Iflanb  i0  a  bcrp  bigb  3!flanb,anb  being  bpon  tbe  toeft  (be  of  ft,  pott  QmII  ree  a  berpbisb 
nicke,tobicb  iX  beep  rmal,ait&lbdgbt40  it  toeretbe  ffeeple  of  a  Cburcb,tobicb  picke  lietbbiiec^ 
vbubet  tbe,IiiK,anb  attbe  ^m-  »oiitb  enoe  of  tbe  Sflanb^  tbe  toetttoam  tbenof,  lictb  a  litiaa 
30anb,abbutamile  fhmtti^e  great  3I(Iaitb* 

. ,  ^betbicpfff 9ugu(t,toebepartebfromtbe3IfleofS.Thon)as,  anbntettbeli)inb(«ttbe(i?tt4> 

t:benrtbap,toefmmb6utielue«{uiejgbtbegteerf«     . ' .       ~, '"'    "  '     -'"^  ••■••  -^ 

'JCIic  1  a.bap.toe  twrein  tbe  bcigbt  of  Cape  Vcrdc. 

^bc  2*.tiaPitoefdltoitbotteoftbe3(ne«of  CapeVerde,caneBtbe3!ncoffl&aft,mi8  beftig 
tnfo^mcDbpa^cottiOiman,  tbattoetooke  among  tbe  jfrencbnten  twon  tbe  coaft,  tbat  tbetc 
toercfteib  btrtualgto  be  baD,toe  came  to  an  anker  tbete. 


toe  ratoefoucenten,tobicb  kept  tbemfelueg  altoaiesi  fatreftomM,  atffo}  cattell,  toecoulofinoe 

none,but  great  Ho^  of  goatetf,  anb  tl)ep  toere  fo  toiib,tbat  toe  (;onlb  not  take  abouc  tb?ee  oj  route 

ban  great  ttojeoffcabitbi*.  ^      .     .     ., 

!atragbt,tbcChriflopherbjakebercablejmbloaananket,rotbatlliecottIb  tatpnotaigit, 
lotoealltoaieb,anbrttfflflc.apontb«lame3flanb,toelefttl)e  ftrottilbmfiti,  tobitbtoag  tbeoc* 

caunn  of  our  going  alano  at  tbat  plact,  but  wtt  bit  ttais  left,  tne  rontt  not  teU :  but  a0  toe  6tbg0^ 
tbe  people  of  tbe  jnano  fbnnb  bim  fleq)ing,anb  fo  carieb  biln  atoap  :k  at  nigU  31  toentmp  ftft 

«:i;ei4.bap,tbe  spatter  of  tbe  Tygcr  came  aboo?bb«,»totBWtJ(rtb(ijm^ 
aubtbelbtppelbleaite^be  lMiitiocabktoltee]^b((«botte«eiMt(r,mbtb(tdveci^^ 

.rrnr.,  *^ 

ill  II 




;.     ^.   A^^ 

lV*T(if»rJ(m.^,M    jl^il,'JoT»rfofh   }.      ofthcEnglifh nation. 



ittco  ilimfcomtbeCtflk 

DD  put  into  4efta,tig;fllB 

maiK  our  trckontas  ttit 

Ipea0  nemtijelutniieu 

ioustt  totjaue  IbiicH  ((e 
;  about,  aiiDUice  kept  ow 



p  tnefuBgcD  tbontobm 
if  putting  out  leluc<  into 

(a0about  asainefo^4e 
nisit  toe  fount  out  &Inef 



;  •'.  : '.::ui&::.::i 

(2fleofd>aIt,miii  beins 
pon  ^t  (oaft,  t^t  dxtc 

ta!ieabouctb?^eo}  route 
ibit^  lap  bptbe  lame,  toe 



t  ^iE(  tifn  toetc  lb  iMali^ 
(■8110  toetenoc  vettuefltv 

)ifttof«twckca04iiU9t(ie3iQ«nB,  tkaememisUoiftbarscber,  anoguie  bet  top:  but  win* 
titdUibintotakep«ineii>ttbbeeai0Wk,aii»tMputairtenc1)  Carpenter  into  bet,  tofceifbe 

coalofinw^ctMi^^^^Mv^^l'*'*^*^'*'^*^'''*''''^'**'''^^'^^^^^^^^^^'  ^"^  tJuvtuuu 
the  Q(fceaUb,ano  toie  fbuno  tbot  in  all  tbf  tb)ecQ)tppco,ta)Ctc  not  aboue  tbirtie  founo  men.  bplli;!'!!!!^!!!. 

^i$.tfc(i40(i|{btaft|«3flcof  S.Nichola$,anotbeoap  foUotaing,  of  tVt otbet  3Ifl(i(> S.  booniMcoMi 
Lucia, s.Vinceat, ano s.AnthoDy,t»b<c1» fiuire HOtt  Ipe tbe one ftom tje otber,iao?tbtocil,aiu>  "*"•"•*• 
bpQ[k(ti^(tbeaa,ano  bp  <SiA, 

Cbe  1^.  Mit  came  againe  Mtb  tbe  Sflano  of  S.  Anthony^no  coulb  not  botible  tbe  €taft,ZW 
Dap4^hiiip  loncs,cbe  Scatter  of  tbe  Chhaopher,  came  aboo^  \a,  lobo  bao  bene  aboo;o  tbe  Ty- 
gcr^uD  toloe  to<  tbat  cbep  Uiere  not  able  to  keepe  tbe  Tygcr  jiecaufe  fbc  toa0  leake,  aiio  tbe  !^a< 
Oct  toctpttea(ie.AttB  t^  ffVtl^  be  iHi^tgteeo  tottb  tbe  q^aact  ano  tbe  companp,tb«t  if  tbe  ncjct 
oap  tDc  coulD  Double  tlie  aflano,tpe  Oioulti  nimie  to  tbe  leetearo  of  it,auD  tberc  Mfrbarge  brr:  but 
if  tte  roulD  not  Double  itioen  to  put  in  bettoijct  tte  StOam  of  S.  Vincent,  ano  s .  Anthonic ,  to  (ec 

CIk  27.  feeing  toe  coulonot  Double  tbe  3lfbnb,  toe  put  in  bettoeene  tbe  fb;efaiD  jflanDit ,  ano 
ttent  tb^iugb  tbem,but  founo  no  roaDe,anD  tbeitfbje  tarico  fo;  out fellotoe0,  auD  bp  ano  bp  it  fell  tl)at  tor  tocce  in  ba^ato  to  fall  aboo^o  one  of  anotbct,  but  <9oo  fent  tos  a  fmail  gale  of 
DitiiD^nD  uu  Uicnt  before  tbcin.anD  left  tbeni  a  Seme. 

Cbe  1 8.toc  tocce  out  of  Hgln  of  our  companptbut  toe  kept  about,ano  fato  tbeni  againe,fo;  tbep 
iBcre  bccalmcD  tonbec  tbe  J  lano  all  ntg()t. 

CbetbicDDa^  of  *eptcitri)ec,3I  toent  aboo>DtbeTyger,toidj  tbe  flpa0er,ftno  mcrcbantjf  toitb  ♦'wnnNr. 
ntc,to  toicto  tl)c  fb(ppe,anD  raeuMiiD  toe  founo  tbe  (bippe  toerp  leahr,anD  onelp  Qt  labouring  men 
inbcr,tobcteofonetoA{(tbeS^A0ec®unnet:rotbattoe  feting  tbatibeptoere  not  able  to  hetpc 
tbe  ll)(ppe,agrecD  to  take  in  tl;c  mcn,ano  of  t^e  gooost  tobat  toe  coulo  faue,anD  tben  to  put  tbe  (Inp 

Cbe6ftoap,toetoe«toinrcbarged>eTyger.      -^ 

€I;e  cigbt  Dap,bauing  taken  out  tbe  a]tillerie,goow(,bictualjMnt  golo  of  t1)e  Tyger,  toe  gaue  cbi  cpon  «b 
tec  Dp,i  5 .  oegreeo  bp  jf3o?tb  tbe  line.  '^' "» 

€be  27.  toe  bao  Qgbt  of  ttoo  of  tbe  SfleiO  of  tbe  Azores,S.  Marie,anll  S.Micharl. 

^be  i8.Dap,runni»g  alongbp  S.Michael,toe  bao  0gbt  of  oiuetg  nnall  catuelti,  but  toe  couIb 
^eake  toitb  none  of  tbem,3o^e  nigbt,8)oiitttoelue  of  t^cIocfce«toe  fato  a  (bippe,but  (be  tooulo 
not  come  roome  toitb  b«i. 

VbetbitD  oap  of  October,  toebaoOgbtofano^ecfaile,  anb  bare  roometottbbet,  to  base  joccobn. 
.JniotoenfontenetoeiJof  €ngIanDdiuttbetoeakenei(ofout(bippe,  ano  men,  cauieoiiit  to  leaue 

'Ce  m1»  of  pfnfl^,1»e  G»no  our  (Huetf  to  be 4 1 « oegreeii  ano  a  b^^ 

t^oe  nft  oap^e  toeatbet  toa0  berp  fcule  toitb  totnDe,anD  raine. 

%be  litt  Dap,  tbe  Chriaophcr  came  to  toiei,  ami  toilleo  W  to  put  toitb  tbe  Cape ,  fo;  tbep  airi» 

^b(V^%ap,  iH;eCh^liH>phettol|Kiioin^  toijCbtpCape,  Buttoebaotnga  merrie  toinoefo; 
<Cnglank,attD  fearing  tbtDangerofeiifmieiei.  tobicbo^iinarilp  Ipe  abouttbe  Cape  x  beOoeiS,  not 
knotixng  tbe  Hate  of  our  Couiit|:ep^^^,  ano  altbougb  it  toete  peace,  pet  t^ere  toa«  litle 
^eoffnenDlbipattbeirb^»UM',to»Mii«et?  j;tbett>pagetbattoeb»Pmaoe,anoto^ 
toe<dtf  ,tb«t  bp  fo7ce  auD  bi^Ience^toe  cput^come  bp  nttbinff*  mtt  ooubting  alio  tba^tbe  iKing  of 
l^^tingall  ktu)  toing  of  oitr  ixtiv^f  tb^^  J^'gbt  too;ke  fome  toap  toitb  tb^  counfcfl  of  dpapne,  to 
tiDHb{eMtanDfiirtber,con0be^^g^Mif^  bio  put  in  toitb  anpl^ 
comeontaisoine,til  toe  (en(&{;|  nii^tMfito  CngIanD,tobicb  tooulo  be  a  great  cbarge,ano  lolTe 
of  time,anD  meaneit  o^ra^  i^angiEM^aQ^iele  tbingtt  ponDereD,toe  agreeo  toQibote  oifctoo  pee^ 
ce«ofo}Dinanre,toiiurite^tbeC^ii(T9r/^riffnl*tbe^^  toent  our  coutfe  fb)  Cnglano:  (be  bea* 
ringonrpeeces(,follotoeDtoiE(j'fno}necft^«  iigbtfb^btr,  bnttbene]ccDapintbemo;ning,ic 
to«itbicke,anD  toe  coulo  nqtMi^tiili^^ft^^  tbattoelufpetteOj  tbateitberibe 

to«Et  gone  toitb  &papi^'|Ui^  (if  b4)»  PjBt  fiwtb  mo;e  failed  tben  toe  in  tbe  ragbti  ano  toatf 

attbetimetobentbe  Chpi^ppherMt^toetoeretoitbin  i2o.](e4gue)Sof4N(l^<>^>u>45* 
leagued  ll%)^btoell4intibplIJit($UiR0milC^  Fmifter :  ano  at  tbe  fame  time,  in  out  ibipd  toe  ban 
not  aboue  (itemariiiief((^(i|(eit^c^(«^^ 
«Hiippe,toreekea!bjtmbatbo?,       ■?;•".■ 

" '  «be 

The  voyages  and  difcoucries    ^R^t'BaJl^er.  v 


■  v.'.-...! 


crmanw      ttcft^nti  tocOjonD  out  nuM  being  bieakf  ,aiw  not  aWc  to  lairtle  out  Gfletf,  lue  lott  tbe  fame  nigdit 
muimw  or   „„,  ,„j,j„g  faHc,fo^etaile,ani>  fp^cetfafle,?  toecc  fi>?«»  to  Ipe  a  liulUnff.tintil  t^  eig|)teenet|>  oap, 
anD  then  iwniawteaD?  an  olw  cowTeof  afoiefaite,  anopntitto  tl(>e  pam,aiiB  t^jetctn^ 

our  fcUie^  fatfljotinto  t^e  ftleeue ,  toe  bate  toftb  out  otoiif  toaft,butt|)atfb?cfaflefoiittmieDnD{ 
aboue  t\i)o  MeiBJbefo^  it  b»0  Uotom  from  tbe  patM  tmt(  a  fteat,  ano  tbm  Ine  111^ 
lieahiUafiai«e,imtin^eninttcentbMp  of  ©ttober,tntbemo?ninff,  anbtijen  toeput  anobe 
boimettoonrfo|cpait),\»l)icW»pt|ie«ooD  bWTniffanbpioufiieiireof  ifiOD^^jouglUbsitotbeaik 

^;     The  commodities  and  wares,  that  arc  moft  dcfircd  in 
'!?!•  Guiniejktwixt  Sierra  Uom, and  the fartheH      r  • "    ■ 

place  of  the  Mync,  .-.,, 

"''    \>f9lnfltfofb?aa*,jmbTomeofteaoe,  - 

)«••  lVlBafon0on»iuer«fo?tc«,buttftemoaiatloii»  '^ 

''      prtsiofroutfctiime,ofa(iuarte,anomo?e.      .>.';<..        ':•       •  i-. 

fi)omccoincjiofp)«in.  ''-■  -'■■' 

V     g^arffaretM»btcrtaineot^flcisinbcaDejf.    '"''• 

*omcMcU)cCojrall •   '  i'     

dome (jo?f« tailed.        '    "      m  ^^       ..<u  . 
timicndfltbp?incip«np.      ■    rji;  .       .<:joi5if  : 
TSafontfofJFlanbera.  r'. .  ^i    ' 
^Kl    ^omereDiiccloti)ofa1ot»epM'(t,aiaironteItffSer 
Kcttelti  of  Dutr^Ianb  tDitlj  b^fcn  danble^. 
dome  great  b^affe  bafoniet  gcaueb,fucb  ait  in 
donttgreatbafimsof  peiutetianbttD^m  gtauen* 
fi>omelaue»s/utl)a«bcfo?b»atcr»                   ,v    tiriirowt."  :;l.,r.c,7' 
«tcatk«itte«;ofaIotocp?ife,  .  ^"^    '%^          itO^li-i-    "tf  »-::;- 

dleigbtJFlanMWicaflttt*.  ^  ■^'^ •'"'  ■•,'  rf'^w ':>  J .;f  ■'iJr,i.:im,:;;  •.J.H: -. 
CbeflftbtRoanofatolMKitf^anf  w^tM«.' ''-"  tii'^^^n^clv^^'    ' 'l^'  ■     '• 
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l^t^a^gr,  V  I     'R^t'Bal^sr.  i.       oftheEnglifli nation. 





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to  put  in  memoir, 
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()elpe^lpe,pe^ufe0  nine, 

2)  Clco^O  Calliope, 

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erde^ng  in  euerp  line, 
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<0iue  eare  tiien  pe  tbat  long 



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frapingtlie  gates  of  bell, 
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in  pleafant  plap  if  Jtring, 


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9nDljotD  be  paS  alone 

ttniougl)  great  king  Piutos  Court 
JDea  ferrieD  oner  tuitb  Charon 

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i^i  The  voyages  and  difcoucries   .  %>tert^a^er,  u 

^Ct  Orpheus  pal&QbPf 

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^bcot^pcere  before 

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in  taIkr,Iooking  about, 



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80  tuebttopnr  before 
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leiert'Sa^er.U  I   ^^^rt'BJ^erA.       of  the  EngliAi  nation 




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1^4.  Thevoyagcsanddifcoq^ries  V^bertVa^^.u  I     qU 

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The  rec9na  voyage  to  Giiiiiie^and  the  rjueir  of  Sfeik)^  out 
w  tU  Morteth  of]>^!oUimber  h^S^^iy  Sir  JTilRm  Genan^JSir 

am  Winter.Maiiter  LibtieU  Duckev  Aiithonie  Hickraaiijahd  Edward  Caftelin, 
with  two  ihips,rhe  one  inlHed  chelohn  Baptifl,whercin  went  for  Maifter,  Lau- 
rence Rondcll '.  and  the  other  the  Marljn,wherein  went  aJfo  for  Maift'er^Robint 
Reueil,  hauine  fbrFaApn^RobertfakerJuflinian  Goodwine,Ianie$GICideUj 
and  George  Cage:  iandwritttn  in  Verie  by  the  forefaidRx>bert  Balcet. 

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Thevoyagesanddifcoucries  ^bert'Bakfr^ 


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^bert^Ba{er.  2.       of  the  Hnglifh  nation. 


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'  1^8  •  The  voyages  and  difcouenes  .  ^bert^aJ^,  I    ^ 

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V^bert^a^er.  I    'Robert'Bal^er.        of  the  hnglilh  nation. 



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^bepnakeogoe  Itketoire, 

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CQe  cannot  Itue  after  tbcir  gtrifc, 

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tbat  fcoKb^b  toitb  facb  Ornish, 

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CQbat  place  tbat  tbi0  flnuld  be, 

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but  none  ofMitbiM* 



The  voyages  and  difcoueries  ^Ifert  'Ba{er.i. 

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1^1  The  voyages  and  difcoucrics  Vfhert^aJ{er»i, 


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l(l»C:cagebie3|  cnb,         R.  Baker. 



The  voyage  of  M.  George  Fenner  to  Guinie,  and  the  Iflands  of 

SSfcomfo^' a!  M  ^^^  '  ^^t-^^'i"  '•""  ^'^''°  ^«»*«  AdmiraU.  called  the  Ci- 
ftd  of  Comfon.ihe  May  HowcMnd  die  George^d  .^4»efle  alTo.     Wrioen  by  Wdcer  Wren. 


«... !wlLyiL?i'ITi!i«***^****^  Oj*tOf Cape  Finifter, 

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MbsoQctKof  nio^  JKlano  (anm  Madcra^(r|iMtf.lea(ptcg  from  Porto  Santo. 

^  Ud  a  5  .lup  bctngt<)C  luf  oftlie  AatteUr,  tte  \0n  out  oticboate,  mto  fet  Sea^flrt  Ed- 
wtrd  Fennel  Capcaine  of  ^SDap  /lotacc  «boo?ii  tm  beinstntbe  (Ceo^g?,  tottb  tbr  (^uSr 
)ol^iMinclB«( Robert  Courtife,  aibflttetf  Of  ti^tfapbQiip.anbfratteiitbeintu^ftictctienc 

Cbr  i8.Qap  toe  firtl  tBf^  an  3!flaab  callcb  Tenerif,tsWcb  (027.  feagur^  fhmt  ((c  (Mb  Xfbmb, 
mb  oHtbr  Call  (&ir  tbncof  \i)C  came  to  mi  anket  in  (Mie  fabome  butrr,  VDittin  a  baCt  Cbiottc  of 
t|K(|)o;e,bt8Utt(e  Tair,  bWintaimtb^eo^fonrennanboufMitibittjBaicanbtonrnilum 
giSantftom  a  Utde  ^bme  ralleb  Santa  Cruz,  a  leafpie  o)  tijercabout,  anb  at  bx  nab  in  tbe  bpo 
TaiCi  bit  nu^  (te  an  3ltUnb  ralleb  tb<  sratib  Canarir  ,hi(ncb  toan  6^  y.lragno  from  b0. 

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brr,  bp  teafon  tbc  tninb  mi  offtbe  (bo^e,  9  bttaufe  (br  bare  rootner  from  tbe  lanb  tben  bx  ^irt^  m 
tbcino^inscamebearinginiuitbtbetobme  of  Santa  Crur,  tblnitinstorometoanaiiKet  in  tbc 
toaoagainHtbeeobmr.anbbrfbjefbecamebx^utbcreacboraiipoftbciro^biiuincr,  ttepQjot  at 
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about  oiieof  tbe  docfce  in  tbe  aftrr  noone,  tbe  fbjmameb  Captaine  of  tbc  O^ap  JTIobierAuiote  a  Ictttt 
a  (|)o^,Dire(tins  it  to  tbe  bcab  officer  of  tbe  tobmeof  Sanca  Cruz^o  t^c  inteiu  to  bnorrttahb  t^  p;6 
tenr:  oftbe  (bootinff  of  tbe  fapb  o^binamt. 

^belttier  being  b)?ittcn,  Robert  CourtifemalfcroftljeSpapjriobJtr,  anb  Walter  Wren, 
tone  appointcb  to  oeliuer  tbe  fame  a  lanb  at  tbe  tbjee  o^  foure  boufctfito  be  ronucieb  to  tbe  fb^efapb 
ubine^inb  lb  tocnt  tntb  C^e  mm  in  tbe  boate,  anb  robtb  to  tfje  (bo?c  an  neccc  at  tbcp  migU»  fb) 
Qttingtbe  toate  on  grouno,fo^  tbe  tea  toentcniellpat  tbefbo^e, 

Cbe  people  QoobinnundieT  ^o.perlbnif,bit()fucli  armonra0tliepbab:  tie  (b)(Cipb  Wren  caN 
Ubtotbm  in  dpanifb,  beelaringto  tbemtl^attljep  bab  a  letter,  toljirb  tbep  bxrtilb  berp  glablp 
tbtirbdptfiQtbeconueianoeoftbe  lame  letter.  (Ulitttliatoiieoftbe  Apaniarb0  tndlebbfl  to  come 
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aii(b)m,%it  bp  raifl'oTtnne  toe  lott  tbe  oompante  of  pur  9bmirall,  anb  being  bounb  to  tbi0  Sflanb 

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ttttitacro^bingtotbe  birectioii,  anblbtberapb  Walter  knit  tbe  letter  inabfabber.anb  teliuereo 
ittnto  bim,  ano  alio  gane  bim  fbure  ropaU  of  d>patti(b  htoncp  fit)  W  paittttf :  anb  parading 
QooDreabptocefeiuebim.anbafl»t^tbtpbabtdi(Cbb)ilbbim,  anbbnbetltooo  ourmeaning, 
fome  of tbnn  tb^eio  bp  tbefr  bat0,auD  tbe  otber  pttt  tbem  oflFbolbing  tbem  in  tbeir  banb0,anb  mabe 
tototb  bathe  ag<nne  aboojb. 

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(lanb  bi  tbe  aire,  tben  mtp  otbrr  tbing :  tbe  bAI  10  ronnb  anb  (bmetobttOnan  at  tbe  top,  it  batb  not 

nwtt  Aommit  fttoome  ttftbont(hobi« 

144  The  voyages  and  difcoucries    George  Fenncr, 






Jn  tins  jClUtiD  abou  ttuo  leagues  ttom  tUc  Ciiiii  Santa  Cru7^s  d  cine  calleb  Anagona. 
CI)etl)iciilMptDCtiepactcoat»uttt)C  COeOcnic  point  of  tbelflanD,  aimt  1 2.  o;<i(swtf 
from  Santa  Cruz,intoa:»aicUiWct»i0ng(jta(iaiinfltl»cl)OHftcf  one  ParodeSoufes,  muiiiicti 
9air\ucramcto  ail  anker  djc  j.fiap,  Wtt  tucijearDtbat  our  9MiitraUiK)ti>iicne  ttcrcar  \xim 
ker  7.oapc0  before  m,  ono  MtaA  gone  tlicnee  to  an  J  Oano  calleD  Gumcra,  luiittcupoii  toe  Get  bp(t 
ctap  m«tf       ^¥  6.  'WP  toe  C'wnc  to  an  ankct  againtt  vmt  tumt  of  Gomera,  iu(j£tt  tax  finl»  out  anmindi, 
iQctrSDiiuiai  ijt;{cb  tuatf  bcrp  lopfiill  of  out  ronnnnig,  anb  h:c  alfo  cf  (ns  (igljt. 
•ganu.  jj^,  ^|^j  f-^p^  „^^  ^^  fgynQ  hd  ward  Cooke  in  a  tall  Qxp,  anb  a  (|)ip  of  tfie  Copperfmttte  of 

ionbonMui) tlje  pi^ngals  (lao trecJ^uOp  Otrp^ifcb  in  t^  '6ik  of  Santa  Cruz,topon  t^c  roaft 
of  Barbatic,lul}icft  QhP  \J)C  left  tfjm  aU  liwileb. 

£Dur  Ccnml  anb  mcrelianttf  bouglx  m  t^  fa  ib  totune  fo;  our  p^ouirnu,i  4.butc(  of  tmnc,v»^ 
cott  I  j.biiratsa  butt,la])iri)D)atoffi[teb\»acSan(«i  CruzinTciu-rif.fb;  8,9^nb  lo.bucats. 

%\fi  9Mf  UK  bcpartebfrom  tljisroabto  an  otbrr  l5aie,about }« lcague0ofr,  anb  tberctootit  in 
fre(b  tD'iter :  anb  fo  tbe  1  o.bap  lue  fct  faile  toiuar&s  Cape  B)  jnkc,  \a\it\)  10  on  tije  roatt  of  Ginnir. 
COc  i2.bapU)efcl(iiitod13aietotI)eCaauiatbofCapcPargos  tubicdiitf  35>  Icagocsfiom 
Cape  RIankc.  ButbAtungnottnoluIcbgrof  tVatronO,  Uic\utnt  U)iti)Cape  Biatikc,  anb  att^ 
fall  of  tOc  lanb  Uie  founbcb,  anb  (jab  1 6.  fanomc  uiatrr  t\uo  leagues  from  tbe  Qjo^.  Zifi  lanb  \% 
berplotue,anblDl)itcfanb.  apontb:fallofcbcfa)>bcoaa.bclD.ire()obpoubo^toin  12.0;  10, 
faTiomf,fo;lott(H»  241^  ^calIsof  tbcleabpoum.ipb:on  grounb. 

Cbc  1 7.  bjp,  lu:  fct  faPle  from  Cape  Blanke,  birccting our  rourrc  ^out|)  anb  bp  €nlt,  ani 
^sutb  among,  anb  fo  fell  into  a  TSaie  to  i\fi  €»Qli}arb  of  Cape  Vcrdc,  about  i  <$.  leagues,  anb 
about  6,  leagues  from  tbc  fba^r.  ^be  fapb  laub  feemcb  biito  bs  ad  if  it  \m  bene  a  great  numbetof 
Q;ips  bnber  faple,  being  iw  bccb  notbuig  eld  but  tbc  lanb  tuljidj  teas  full  of  l|;>ammoiui,  fomc  bigb 
fome  lo\ue,luttf;  bigb  treed  on  tbnn.  CQe  bare  tuitb  tbe  fapb  lanb  till  tec  toere  tettbiit  j  .leagues  of 
in  ftttibjp  fruls  f toimnung  teitb  tbeir  iiofa  teitb  tl)e  bjimme  of  tbe  teatrr. 

trailing  along  tbin  roaa,tee  ntigbt  fee  tteo  fiiiall  rounb  biUr,  feniiing  to  M  about  a  league  one 
ftomtbe otbctjubtcbidtbeCape.anbbctteecnetbcmarc great (to;eoftteetf,  anbinaH out ba^ 
failing  tee  fate  nolnib  fo  bigbtftttbe  faibtteo  bils. 

Cbc  1 9.bap  tec  rame  to  an  anker  attbe  Capejn  a  roab  fattbp  tbe  CSIcflcnnoitfibe  of  tteo  bilif, 
in  io.fabomcofteatcr,tebmpoumapn'bciu6ueo;0refabomr,fo)tbegrounoceifatre,anb  aU 
teaped  pou  lb  til  bane  tbe  UiAib  off  tbc  (bo^e.ano  aifoone  as  tee  tecre  all  at  an  ankcr,our  <8cneraB 
ramcaboo)bbs,anbteitbb<mtbcniaactoftbc9bmicall,  tebofe  name  teiiti  William  Bats,  anb 
teitbtbcm  tbe  Captaineof  tbe  Uicrabmirali'tobofcname  teas  matter  Edward  FenncT,anbRo> 
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GeorgeFenm\  I  George  fenner.     oftheEnglifli  nation. 




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(^nge  from  bint  ano  leapt  into  tbe  boate.  Qiw  a0  Tr  .ine  ait  bee  bvui  in,  one  of  tbe  Negroes « 
Hioare  began  to  blobte  a  pipe,  aub  p^eTemlp  tbe  otbec  Negro  tbat  \&as  in  out  boate,  Qttiiig  on 
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liurt  tti^  tbeir  popfonco  arrobics :  ano  tbe  popfon  ii  tmcurable  if  tbe  arrovae  enter  toitbin 
tbe  fltinne  ano  o^ue  bloun,  ano  eicrept  tbe  popGm  be  p^efendp  furbt  out,  o>  tbe  place  tobere 
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Vk  Negroes  bauing  nfeo  our  men  biitb  fucb  cniettp.tDbote  named  biere  Nicholas  Day,WiI< 
liam  Bacs^nD  lolin  Tomfon,  Icooc  tbematMp  to  A  to^Duc  tp^icl)  UMti  tDitbin  a  mile  of  tbe  buiter 
fioeiijtbne  about. 

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Day,tDbome  tbep  oetaineo.  9nb  bi^cn  tbep  came  to  tbeQmre,anb  tdoe  tbe  Negroes  totMt 
^p  ocfirtD,  tbep  biem  ano  fetcbeb  tbem  (tom  among  tbe  treed,  ano  b^gbt  tbem  loolk  anunigS 
bBRieo^&ftieoftbem*  9nD  being  come  toitbin  a  OtoudcaS  of  tbe  fea  Qoe,  William  Batts  b^ke 
ftom  tbem,  ano  ranne  ta  fad  ad  bee  couloe  into  ^fea  totoarbed  tbe  boatr,  anb  bee  toad  not  lb 
foone  in  tbe  bioter  but  bee  ftll  ootone,  ettber  being  out  of  bjeatb  o)  bid  footing  fapling  bint  in 
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tbeir  popfonco  artotocd,attD  bun  one  of  our  men  caUeb  Androwes  in  tbe  fmall  of  tbe  Icgge, 
tobo  bcinn;  rome  aboo^oe,  ( fb)  all  tbat  our  Aurgeond  coulbe  boe)  toce  tbougbt  bee  tooulo 

€)uT  Oenerall  (nottoitIj(I<inDiug  an  tbid  billante,)flrat  againe  to  tbem,  ana  oflfereb  tbem 
anp  tbing  tljat  tbep  orfhrco  fb^  tbe  r'^unfome  of  ouc  men,  but  tbep  toouloe  not  oeliurrtbem: 
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tbem  againe,  toee  (bouloe  int  baue  our  men,  attboitgb  toee  tooulo  giue  our  tb?ee  Ibipped  toit^i 

tbe  1 1 .  Dap  a  f  rencb  (Uppe  of  tbe  butaen  of  fburefco^e  tuitned,  (o^  (bere  abotttd,)came  to  tbe 
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toe  committcD  rijc  matter  to  tbe  jTrencbmen  ana  aepartea. 

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pH  aime  cut  off,  Andiowct  ^  toad  US  of  «n  burt,  lape  Uum  uoc  able  to  belpe  bintfelfei 

a  onelp 

1^6  The  voyages  and  difcoucries    George  fenntr. 




Mitfctfflile,  «       -  -  ^  «-_  e^  . 

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^(je  1 8.MP  ttie  fd  ttitb  an  3fl«iB  calUt  Botu  vifta,li4iic<i  if  ftom  Cape  Verde  86 Jeagi^ 
«be  m^^t^m  Um  aflanwtt  fiill  orto|ii»Cnoiebi»(if>anBMle0,8no  fomctotitl^ 

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9«  (bone  a0  toe  ttne  at  an  anm,  out  0enmn  (hit  <ii0  pfmulK  n  Imi^  ant  nttnoc  fine  o;4i 
(hiaHtiourc0utt(iepeoptetere(lesM  into  tbetnonnt«'neaisanDt()enen  nap  tee  GnttaliMR 
fffliiif.anp  niette  \Bitl)  a.Poningals,tB||o  imTIinglp  >oem  aix»)Del»itt  ^ 
^.       ■    imngbcWnmmini(iKm,aIt^slit^imebtttpoojcanDfimpte,9saaeect)eoft|iema|iite 
of  Cboe0,ano  To  (te  ttjcm  a  Qioate  agatne. 

Z^  3  o.tMp  toe  tnapeo  ano  rafleo  into  a  bap  toit(itn  a  rmall  Siflano  about  a  league  (hrni  m,m 
tookeplnmcofDiuer0(b^of8QiiCUe  (bjefaiw  3!flanK  Ipetfi  in  0|cteeneDesree«.  9ntifpH 
meane  to  antre  in  t^  Taio  bap,  pou  map  bopoto  ni  fsnt  0?  fine  faBomeof  tbe  ^ftontbermollpgte 
oftberaiDeSOanB.tD^lyponmapreetabenpouTiKin^nMlie.  l^betnarc oftbe miiMttf 
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tbe  \jott(ti,\a\tnt  ^e  fiMii&diieiue  Pomngab^naUtbe  3lQanD  tbere  tnete  notabooe ;  cpctfin^ 
tobicb  totrcbani(b^'DmenfQ;atime,romefo}nio;e  peere0,(iBmeroj  !cire,anl)an»ns8t()cmtiitit 
teas  oitc  Qinpic  nun  tobirl)  ttiatf  tbctr  raytaine, 

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gale  4C000.  fkiimetf  in  one  peete. 

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tbep  smie  M  ^  flt(b  of  a0  manp  beeHioatr0  a0  tect  ttonib  bane,  anb  tookc  mntfi  paine0  (b)Mk 
taking  tbem^nt  bringing  tbem  fiom  tbe  nuNnttaine0  tipon  tbcit  afl^« 

Cbep  bane  tbere  great  Oo^e  of  tbe  opie  of  ^Coppfe0,i)ib((f)  toftoi^  i0  a  fi(bt4it(  fbto 
metbtntl)ereA,\>)itba(beIIonbi0backea0bi0aoea0atargct.  3Itrainetbnocint^3Ktanobnlii 
tb^e  monctb0oftbe  peete.fnm  tbe  mitmettof  Jdpto  tbe  mitMttof  £)ctobet,anbiti0bcnili 
biape0  wrp  totte,  Rine  baue  bene  b^oogfit  bitfjer,  butbpreafim  of  title  il^ateanbb^gUt^ 

Cbe  3  .of  f  cb^narie  toee  bepaitebftom  tbi0  3l(Ianb4nbt(e  fame  bap  fefl  tDitli  anotberSlflMI 
calleotbe  3:fleof  Maiyo,tobirbi0 1 4.1eapr0from  tbe  otbet  3:flano:t()etei0  in  tl)e  mibotflofllt 
toap bcttucenr  tbefe  affiants  a oanger  tobicb  10  all»ape0  to  be  feene. 

meeancTeDin  Hje  Ke^tbtoefl  Ooe  of  tbe  raiDe3ineinafaitebap,ofeig^fabom0tBater«l 
faircfantie.butbttt  tDcettapeiitiot.but  tbe  fbnrtb  bap  toapeoanofaileD  to  anatber3!flanbralkl 
S.lago,tubtrblpetbofr  tbe  Ciio  aOanoeof  Muiyo  Cafi  anb  bp  %Kttb>anb  about  fine  Ieague0  ok 
fromtbf  otbrr.  Bring  come  toitbin  tbe  CQettetmott  point,  toee  Tatoe  a  faireroabeianbafrntO 
tat»ncbptl)eruatrr(iDe,  anballba  fg^t  o)pIatfo;mebp  it:  tbere  tneepurpoGebtocometoantit, 
ano  out  $Barcbant0  to  make  fome  fale.  Kut  before  toe  came  toitbin  tbeir  Qiottr^p  (ct  tte  at W 
ttoo  picce0,  tubcmipon  toee  toent  roomer  anb  ban  along  tbe  Oloare  ttno  0;  tb^ee  Ieague0fkM 
tbe  roanr ,  inbcre  \at  founb  a  fmaa  bap  ann  ttuo  o)  timt  fimdl  i)oure0,tD^e  toe  came  to  an  antn 
in  1 4. ^uxim fairc  grouno. 

mitbin  anbonre  a(^tae()aB  anrreb,toe  mi8te(trbfoer0  ^^enrni  anb  fiiocnnenont^UM 
rigbt  againtt  b0  riDing,  ano  running  to  anb  (ro. 

Vbennrtoap  being  tbe  fili  of  jTeb^uarie.a  great  companie  oftbeir  bo^emen8nb(bo(rnw 
appeartb  on  tbe  (boareaDe,bntototnmout<i(eneTanrent,tobnber(lanbetote4ettt^tooril 
quietlptrafiquc  tottbtbcm:  anotbepfhK  bim  too^  againe,  teChtegtbattbepm^beib 
taitb  bim.p?«nifing  tbat  ifbe  came  to  trafiqne  a0  a  marrbant,be  Qmdb  be  taebome^ni)  altot^ 


George  Fenmr,  I   (/gorgg  Fenner.       of  the  Engliih  nation. 



nCape  Verde  Stfieagmg, 
ii»iUi(,aiui  UmMj/n\i^ 

CAouc  <  league  tofttotb 

!^  litt  mentOiB  at  tbcii  (M 

iliont  a  league  fhrniMiM 
Itteene Degrees.  9ntitf]« 
Jutbetoarc  ofttie  mOMttf 

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ano  about  fiue  Ieagur<  OK 
t  a  faitc  roaiie,ano  a  Cmtll 
purpoftD  to  come  to  antrt, 
ttooojtbjee  leagued  ftM 
ntiete  toe  came  to  an  aiKR 

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ing  tbat  tibep  wjgtit  Q^ent 


{Qhcn  4tf  anfbecc  l»a0  b^ug^  buto  out  (0enetall,be  ttus  bap  gUD  tbcrtoUuD  tbc  bibole 
aicm«Xt  <n*  P^fcntlp  (tni^  w  nmrb  ^itm  80  bt  toulo  )  bee  caufeb  b»  boate0  to  be  maoc  rtai 
i^Hbva  DWbcwgtbe  ulUnteof  tbc  Poitingals,  anneb  b» 

Kutof  i)t0  pumede^atfi  tUM  Qngic  bare0  inj^ie  bean  of  bU  $&kiffe,  aub  fa  lent  to  tbc  May  Bourc 

CIcre  boatc0  bong  tbu0mannco  ano  toell  appaiuteD,  our  (Scncrall  cnttcointobt0  fbifle, 
anotsitbtbercftratDCDtocbeqiutebibetcbirre  tbjiecfro^eijo^cmen  ojnto^c,  aiio  tttobuno^ 
totrmarcaDic  torccciur  Acm.  Cur  ©rnjrall  ntanjcifeb  ti|)at  tUep  came  in  fo  great  a  uom- 
btr  ano  di  amtco,  ano  tl}crcfb)c  bxtb  a  flagge  of  truce  fciu  to  tljcm  to  kiwuie  ^cir  pf  cafurc: 
aoDtbcpaoIbKrcbtbcm  toitb  ntaup  fatre  pioimrc0  ano  otbeSitOnttlxirp^itcnre  bias  all  true, 
ano  tbat  tbcv  meant  like  (Sciulcmen  ano  fl^arcbants  to  trafiquc  biitlj  Ijint,  Declaring  alfotbat 
tkuCaptauiebtas  rommtng  to  fpcoiubHCbUtm;  aub  tbcre&i^coeercb  oitt  <&cucrall  to  come 
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{brm^no  as  be  came  ucerc  tbe  (baare^tljep  came  in  a  great  compaiue  tuitlj  mucb  obepfance,  opc> 
singt^ir  bJtiDC0,  ano  armr  0  ab;oaDe.  boluing  tbemrelue0  Uutb  tbcir  boimets  off,  Uutb  a0  murb 
|lombleialutatioD0  outtoamlpas  tbep  mtgbt  t  earnrfttpbeCrtng  our  (Scnerall  anb  $|^ar(bant0 
to  romc  a  laiioe  to  tbcm,bibcrruiKo  Ijce  bioiilo  luit  agree,  butbout  fufSiient  gagc0  of  (:9cntlemeu 
«bo  b9arcbant0.  St  Irngtb  tbep  p^mtfcD  to  thine  tbio  gage0  to  our  (Scncrals  contentment, 
monuiing  frc(bbMtn-,birtuaU,  nunrp, 01  Negroes  fo;  luare,  if  tt  tocrc  fuib  •10 tbep  likcotanD 
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141  ».. 

Ji.-:     * 


The  voyages  and  difcoucrics   GeorgeFenm,  ■    pr" 



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one  (ucb  oiece  at  niem  e^ttmBctlinntD  retire, «»  at  l«i8tttDlpn9e«lM?Utttiiit(nH 
iRliatof,mattboit6t  tlicF  ttMfianira 

But  ff^ctiiff  t^K  M'Banie  of  ^r  nttn,  tw  tfioaslit  ft  MIto  Sip  tficte  no  longer^ntf  j^^ 

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afldnoofFueeobieramtto  ananoret^  ii*Baporibt0inomt<i,agatnSalii<ifte4ippcntai|i 
CQeS  cnK  of t])e  raio3:aanD>lBftbin  iMiIfea  teaguf  of  aU'tlctotnit.eiiB  t^ 

aboBt  of  the  Mtmnoft  point  ef  tbt  faio  3I(ianB« 

S^ottm  about  j.^CTttf  paa>t|)e  tai!)0le3|QniBlBaf  lOteio  bebomcBUttt^abitiiBiKiif 
r  that  came  out  of  ft* 

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tbrv  can  Mill,  aim  cmait.epealbn  like  Guinie  pealbm  rx^fiat  Mill  nudut^igooii  b|eatt, !« 

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fl9arc<ittcb«iifi8btofoiierftbemcaneb  riures,  ano  tben  tte^mtgtitfo  another  ^flanBtDiti 
iM^onb  of  ft  ralleo  Cucruo^Ipins  s.Ieaguesoj^iereaboutgofrtlye  attttx* 

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Mtbutin  tbeni^btbp  a  saleofr»inDe,bMcattfebbf  tob^toe  our  ancre  after  b<,toe^ 
fafltanobitntto  tbeafayfaio3lfl««b  of  Flores,tB^;eretneefiitoegHiiigefttai»e0ofb)atcrna> 
ninfbotone  from  t^c  W)  cUf^  ^H  ^'^^  ^  ^  V^  abunbance  of  raine  tN  ^  fBtbciir 

^n^sp-oap  toe  came againe  to  Cuemoami  raff  attcrr,(ittaflD|meaioreanbcon(mtt(BlhRi 
o>  ei|(bt  botntis  togetbcr,  (b  tiytt  toee  let  flippe  a  cabte  ano  anov,  anb  afi»  tbe  fb)ntt  toaf  dq« 
toce  came  againc  tbrnkins  to  ^erecouettbt|ie(ame«bntt|iePoitingal$<iabcftbcrtakcni^i| 
Ipwiebftttbe  cable  to»onetoanbneUertoetbctby,anabotttv^  table  anbancretoa<  better  \B^^ 
tbeii  4o,U.  Ao  tbttbx  acfompt  our  (Mne8  mutt  bcfioMnsto  ^  (oneftPottingals. 

Cbc  iSJMpof  9p;il  toeetooke  intoater  at  tbeSflanBcTnores^anbfKmingantrcb^oanlk 
toa<  frettcB  in  funoer  toft<i  arorteanob  btttflttoberetoeelofft^  cable  anbantrealiojanbiaio 
partco  to  our  coaS. 

Cben  toec  fet  faile  to  an  %Qtam  nameo  FaialI,aboutt(ettMtfiIiet6;e(ot^3|BaflM,ti( 
one  calteo  Pico,  t^  ot^  S.  George,  anb  tde  Otfier  Graciofa,  to||i(ti  toee  (ao  C^t  of  oiiit 

'Cbeap'toecametoanancreint^^ftou^tocttObeofFajralinafairebap.anb  la.Cdionilv 
tcrsainSaUtUtotom,toberetoebaDbotbfrcq)btateranb(RQibfttaaI.  3ln^'ii3inaRbbptibei» 
ter  d)Cntbetooabe  of  S.  Mtchael,o)of  Ter^enu 

^e  eigbt  Bap  of  SBap  toe  came  to  Tercera,  tobere  toe  mette  toi^  a  Pottingal  Qippe,  anite 
ing  oeOftact  of  a  rable  anb  ancte,  out  0tneran  caiifcb  bo  to  keepe  bet  con^anie,  to  feeiflK 
coulb  conutnientlp  fpare  bO  anp.Clie  nctt  ttioinins  toe  mifflft  (h  bearftig  toftb  bf  ajpvat  tt^ 
ano  ttooCaruclK,tobttbtoee  ntoscb  to  berof  t^Ung  of  Poitingalt  SlrmaboumbuttepiBRfi 
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ftloeo,antmabeafltbtii|ftfele8tf  (b)ottC(]ift0itbaiftiretei«toi<oiilBL  CtttttbtgrcstKMc 

GeargeFenm.  1    ^^;/v„„;r.     oftheEngliih  nation. 


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ndlfaueuoAeWlup  eb^ee  Ij^m,  ano  tobni  ttwnistit  lout  rotne,  ^p  left  off  Qiooting, 
Kt  ooctRitliflanoinff  kcpc  tioio  bp  w  all  tbc  mgbe.  jn  tbe  meane  time  tocc  liaD  ag  mucb  ao  ttee 
nnlN  w  all  tbe  nlgbt  to  ntntbe  out  copeo,  aiio  to  fircnstben  out  bultoaikc«,  putting  out 
hhS  v^  ^M)  ano  itfoluhis  one  relue0  ratbcc  to  Die  in  out  ocfenfc ,  ibcn  to  bee  takra  bp  fitr^ 


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UtS  I  oojtunnco  apiece,  tbe  otbn  not  Co  bigge,  but  all  tocU  appoimeo  ano  fiill  of  men.  911  tbefe 
ttgcAtt  (Bine  bearing  loitb  >ii  being  in  out  Slomirall,  ano  one  of  tbe  great  Camelo  came  ci.  ^xp 
M«boo)W(a0U)t;iuDgtD)fo)ti;(pbaop;tepareDtbeirfatrenettingo,anoall  tbings  fo^  tbat  put' 
lofe^b  ^ac  cljc  6alUa{i  cante  Dp  in  out  latboo)B  floe,  ano  tbe  Camel  in  out  ftatboo^o  (bie. 

CncCaptaineanDO^aaec  pcccciuing  tbetr  p^etenceicaufeo  out  gunntmto  make  all  ouro^ 
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OUT  fioetf^bat  tbep  iucrc  bod)  glao  to  fall  aSerne  U0,ano  (b  paufeo  tbt  fpacc  of  ttso  o;  tb;ce  boure0 
bring  a  ^jcrpfmall  gale  of  toiufic. 

Cbm  cainc op  tbe  otbcT  fiue  ano  (bot  All  at  D0,anD  (b  fcl  an  aOcmc  w,ano  tbcn  toent to  coun^ 

Z^  our  Tmall  batkenameo  tbe  George  came  to  t)0ianotoee  conftnrcotogetfiera  great 
fpace.  9nDa0tbe  Poningall  (bippcsano  Caniel0tDerecommingtoO0againe,outbarkcmiiii 
Bingtofall  atteme  of  00,  ano  fo  to  rome  top  againe,  fell  quicklp  topon  tl^  lee,  aim  bp  reafiin  of  tbe 
Ittle  toinDe,  it  V»a0  !b  long  before  (ije  coulD  fin  bet  raile0  againe,  tbat  botb  tbe  Oiippe  ano  Carucls 
isete  come  top  to  to0«auD  Ibe  falling  in  mxar^s  ('cem,maoerraronable  Qjift  toitb  tbem,  but  tbep  got 
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t^obtr  fclfe  agatnfftbem  all 

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Cbc  May  floureoar  o^ronfo^t,  being  toerp  goob  bp  tbebiinoe,tooke  tbebeneftetbereof, 
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toutfromfttbcp  gaueouet  tbcic  figbt  ano  follotoeo  Mall  tbe  nigbt. 

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Ijiopletf,  ano  toifbeo  tbem  if  tbepcoulDe  fpare  balfe  aooten  ftetbmen,to  bopfe  out  tbeir  boate 
ana  fenoc  tbcm  to  bim,  bnt  tbcp  couloe  sut  fpare  anp,  ano  fo  bare  aboap  againe.  CObicb  tuben 
en  memie0  &tae  in  tbe  ncict  mo^utngitbat  toe  toaere  one  from  anotiKr,tbep  came  top  to  00  agame 
ano  gauc  00  a  great  figbt  toiitb  mucb  ballobring  aiio  booping,  making  accompt  eicber  to  boo)De 
td 0)  cl0 to  flnke  00 :  but  altbougl)  out  companic  xa&i  but  lead  tbcp  Qmtloe  fee 00  anp 
to)bitDifmapoe,U)I)rn  tbcp  baUoto)eD  luec  bidlotueoalfo  a0  fall  a0  tbcp, ano toaueo  to  tbem  to 
am  ano  boo^oc  00  if  tl)f  pOura,but  tbat  tbep  toouloe  not,  feeing  00  ftttl  fo  couragiou0,  ano  ba*  |^^,-^  ^ 
ainggiuciito0tbatoap4.figbC0,atwgbttbepfb?rooke  00  tuftb  Qwne,  00  tbep  cametoto0at^  blt^Sam 

Cbcp  bao  maoe  in  our  (bippt  Tome  leake0  tontb  tbeir  Qiotte  lobicb  toe  againe  Ooppeo  toi^  an  ^  ^"^ 
Qxtoe^o  tbat  being  oonctax  toohc  fome  re0  after  onr  long  labour  ano  trouble. 

€be  neit  oap  bi  tbemo^ing  tbe  May  floure  came  to  b0,ano  bjoogbc  00  Cte  men  in  ber  boate, 
b^  oio  toix  mucb  plearute,auo  toe  rent  to  tbem  tome  of  our  bmt  men. 

Cbentocoirecteoourcourfefo)  ourotune  countrep,  anbbp^efeconooapitf^JunetMCtocrc  7*™' 

ononing  to  o«(  tbe  lucadKr  being  calme,)  our  Captaine  catifeobim  to  bopfe  foo)tbbi0  boate 
n  come  aboo^oe  to  fpcakc  tottb  bim ,  ano  at  tbeir  comming  our  Captaine  ano  £8arcbanttf 
jnwmoeo  of  tbem  tobat  loare  tbcp  baD,ano  toabi^  tbep  mere  bounoe,  ani  tbep  maoe  an* 
nKic tbat  tbeir  laoing  \a$  ^uget  auocoKOB.  ILben  our  Cq^cafoe  ano  flpartbnitii  Qictiieo 

«    3  tbem 



The  voyages  and  difcoueries        fohn  Fox, 

tf)cm  J.  Negroes  HjU  tuec  iKio,  anB  afkeo  tticm  tnlicttiec  t^  IbooIb  bop  item,  tD^cb  4ep  Iks 

Uautnsnot  alwue  ztf  JoanMtaapicce  trptbeptottbc^cttbotfeitiiftttti  toofAtctclte 

iuiiMiig«ii  tDarreo^Eoueni^inQtijentalUQtbePortingals  to  rattetbcicragcrtotlimQitppeasaiiicpn^ 
iMfrnMbp''  linstomake  outfductfceaoie  fo^onc  nefence.lhittbePortingalseanidHpintreateDourCii^ 
rar  iranrtoin  taine  not  To  tofb^aketbem^nbpjtimtrelibtm  (if  bebMmlbfafitsarDtbemO  (o  gnie  (mnaiioiiettr 
"  barpiiie  lo.rtKlItfofGisctttobmuponoutCapcaJnelDaf  coitt^ 

SooD  of  faactoe  fpareo  our  topTailctf  fb;  bcr ;  fo  at  laff  tbe  fo^efaiOe  (bip  bate  biitb  b«,anb  (rntni 
tbat  )ax  bio  tiot  fcare  tb(tn)saueb0  outr.anb  tbe  neict  moaning  came  On  adtrn  bcanns  loi^iM; 
anbrcringbtinotaboattofte  afotframtbnn,fb;fookeMr«tib. 

Clje  5.  bap  of  3!une  twc  bab  Qgljt  of  t^  Start,  anb  about  noone  tore  tDcre  tttoait  of  t^ebap  c( 
Lime,  anb  fo  (banbeii,anb  bab  3  f  .faoom  toater* 

^lie  (^  bap  lore  came  f  n  at  tbe  <f3(ebleif,  anb  fo  raim  to  an  ancre  bnbcr  ^  3fle  of  Wight  tti 
place  calleb  Mcadholc,anb  from  tbence  faileoto  ^»^rtiampton,tt(eretoeemabeaneiairBf 

The  worthic  cntcrprife  of  lohn  Fox  an  EngliOi- 
7nan  in  deliuering  266.  Qjrijiians  out  of  the  capt'tuitie  of 

the  Turkes  at  Alexandria,  the  3  ,ot'Ianuarie  1577. 

Spongouc99«rtbaittttbere  in  Cuglanb  it  iK  a  tomimmbopasr,  totrafiqaeiai 

to  ^pain; :  ttbcreunto  a  Q»ppe,  being  calkb  The  three  baife  Moones^maraui 

]  tmtb  eigbt  anottHttie  men,  anb  men  frnfcb  teitb  (^umtionK,  tbe  better  to  m 

|toumertbeirenemie«b)itbaI.q^i)atiin8b»nbe9a'be,mfiRmiPortr^       15^), 

lanbbenbco  beriottmeptobntbeSiuiUaCitiein  Spainr,intenotngtbcre  tottii 

'  fique  biitb  tbem.  9nb  falbng  necre  tbt  Saeight$,tbep  pitreineb  tbemlHacftote 

befetrounb  about  luttb  eigbt  Oallietf  of  tbe  fDurkiB,infQ^tDife,tMtberela9aiSnobMpf(i;dlna 

toflieo;efcapeab>ap,buttbateitbertbepmuapee1be  o}  dfebeefimhe;  taibicb^obmerptti 

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fohnFox,  I     fohnFox. 

of  the  Englifli  nation. 


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Grnietobatfltillun  in  tlie  (Caft  of  a  73acbour,bp  ceafon  ^eof  maoe  great  Ibtft  in  belping  bt0  fare 
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rettaineOipenb  tmto  tbe  kecper,anD  rearing  a  torke  about  bi0  legge :  tobicb  libertie  liketbilr, 
1^  mo^  bab  bpon  like  lkifiecance:tsbo  bp  ceafon  of  tbeic  long  imp^ilimment.  not  being  feaceb  o| 
fnfpecteb  to  Oart adoe,o;  tbat  tbep  moulo  too^ke  tbe  1i:mke0  anp  milrbiefeibab  lAectie  to  goe  in 
anb  out  at  tbe  bio  coaocin  fucb  manneria0  tbi0  lohn  Fox  oio,  tnitb  p^nf  on  tljeir  Iegge0,  anb  to 

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on0»  9mong  tubitfi  tbere  toecetb^ee  tfnglUbmen,  tebfceof  one  toa0  names  lohn  Fox  of 

Woodbridge  in  SufFolkr,^e  odjCC  William  Wickney  of  Ponfmouth  in  ^e  Countie  of  South- 
iMmpton^KDtliettlirDRobertMooreofHarwichliit^CwmieefEll^.  (I^irlilohn  Fox 


'■■]     -if- 

.  '  ■       I  ■  .        I  —  '     ■  ■  . 

151  The  voyages  and  difcoucries        John  Fox, 

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aiiD  tontnuiallp  pontcrtug  tnitb  iiimrtire  ^crcofitooke  a  goon  dean  bnto  b<m .  in  (qie  tbat  0ai 
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cenwo  cntnrp;ire,if  tliat  it  (bouKcrDouno  to  W  gIo)p. 
jTSoc  fdnt  fiwt  t<^  roa w ,  ano  romctulMt  fnmi  tlicncr,  at  one  Cm  of  t()c  Citie ,  t<K^ 
.    tatnc  aictunlbig  bouft .  inbirMe  Peter  Vnticaro  bas  bitcb ,  paping  attb  a  rettaine  fee  tnita 
:    ""^  tbcKeepctof  tbecoaoe.  €bi«PetcrVnricarotaa«aApaniaiiibo;ne,anQaCb|iiKan,anii(wi 

bmc  viiironet  aboue  tibiRie  yang ,  anb  ivurt  p^anireb  anp  meanrt  to  efcape ,  but  kept  bimfeift 
qturtixMtbouttoucbo}fti(^of  anpamf^itarieibntfll  Htatnotne  (bis  lohn  Foxe  bOngnunb 
tb(tbn:,tbep  b^ake  one  to  anotber  tbeit  ntinb«,  concerning  tlie  rclttaiitt  of  tbeir  bbcnie  ano  tn^ 
(bnmeiit.dotl;attbi0lohn  FoxatlengtUpprningtHitotbisVnticarotbebcuiieliibicIibcbMmli 
fatne  put  in  pMutife ,  mabe  pMuie  one  mo^  to  ibis  tbeir  intent.  SUbicb  tb?cc  oebatcb  of  tiiis  vm 
tcr,  at  fucb  ttines  M  tbcp  coulb  compadit  to  meete  togetbct :  inlbmucbitbat  at  fruen  bieeitctt  cntie 
tiKp  bab  fufiinentlp  conrbioeb  bobie  tbe  matter  Qioulo  be,  if  it  plcaftb  <0oo  to  fattbcr  tbem  tberc* 
to :  ta)bo  makins:  fine  mofe  pjiuie  to  tbi0  ttieic  ocuife ,  bibome  ^\>  tbouglx  tbat  tbep  migbt  raGc< 
Iptnia.bctmnincb  intb^ec  nigbttf  after  to  arromplilb  tbeir  beliberate  purpofe.  ([£lberciipai 
tbe  fame  io!in  Fox,  ano  Peter  Vnticaro,  ano  tbe  ocber  Ore,  appointeb  to  meete  all  togetfjer  in  tbe 

vtitmo(9t.  p^lbntbencttoap,bringtbcIaa  oap of  December  :tobcret^Iohn  Foxcettifiebtbcrcttof  tbe 

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tbe  fame  lohn  Fox  rceing,bdiueteb  bnto  tliem  a  (b^eof  filef,  toOic^be  bab  gat^iereb  togetbcr  fo) 
ti>i0purpore,bptbemeanes  of  Peter  Vnticaro,  cbargingt(irmt^teuerp  man  Qxiulb  be  reabp 
bircbargeb  of  bi0  p^ons  bp  eigbt  of  tbe  clocke  on  tbe  nen  bap  at  nigfic. 

Jfmuk,  On  tlx  not  bap  at  nigbc,tbiii  faibe  lohn  Fox,  anb  \jit  Ore  ot^  companions ,  being  allconic 
to  tIjebottfeofPetcr  Vnticaro,  paflingtlie  time  atoap  inmirttiGt)  feateof  fnrprct,tiUtbcntg|it 
cameon,fotbatitbM0timefiB)titmtoputin  p^ctift  tbeirbeaife,  fent  Peter  Vnticaro  to  iVr 
maOer  of  tfie  tbe  name  ol  one  of  tbe  ^aOers  of  tlie  citie,  toi^  tofiome  ^iskeeper  toil 
amuaiitteo^no  atb)()ofereituellbeaUb  tuouwcome  at  tiieOrff  t  tr^  befircb  |^m  to  take  tjie 
paints  tomertcl)imtI)ere,p}omiiingbim,t()atbelBOuIbb;ingbimb«keagaine.  Z^  keeperai 
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long.but  bft^Ib  come  againe  tsitb  all  l^ieebe* 

3In  tbe  metne  feafoMi^  otber feaen  babp^ouioeb  tbem  of  (Ucf)  tueaponif,  as  tbep  cotdb  get  in 

tbat  boufc :  anv^  lohn  Fox  tooke  bim  to  an  oibe  rulHe  (\BO}b  blabe,  tnitbout  eitbtr  bilt  0?  pomen, 

tubicb  i^  mabe  to  fcrue  bis  tarne,in  benbing  tbe  (kdoi  nibe  of  tbe  nwib,  in  ttcebe  tf  a  pomdiiO^ 

tbe  otbec  bab  got  (Ucb  (^its  aitb  glaiues  as  tbep  fwnb  in  tbe  boufe. 

t  Cbe  keeper  nobibcingcometonto  tbe  bouie,  anb  perceiuingnoligbt,  nojbcatinganpnopfet 

.';..''',  flraigbtbMv  (Ufpecteo  tbe  matter :  anb  rettnming  backetoaib,  lohn  Fox  Oanbing  bd^b  tbe  co|> 
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mbcreupon Peter  Vnticaro  ttfnt  in.  anb  certificb  tbe  rrll  bote  tbe  cafe  Ooobe  toitb  dbe  keeper: 
mbo  came  p^eftntlp  fbo^tbianb  fome  teitb  tbeir  limits  ranne  bim  tbiougb,  anb  tbe  ocber  teitb  tbeir 
glatuesbetoebbiminAuibcr/utoflfbtf  beab,anbmanglebbimfi),  tbttnoman  (boulb  bifcemc 

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tobom  one  of  tbem  aOtf B,raping,tiibo  bias  tbere^  (piotb  Fox  9  bis  companp ,  all  itienos.  CObitb 
tebmtbepbtereanbiitbin,p)oaebcontrarp:  (biquotb  Fox, mpmaiS(TS,bere  is  not  toeuop 

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m^  in?  ^e  gate/onte  to  tbe  ii;c(Rns  tq^  of  a  rettaine  galUe.  tiiOicb  tM0  tbe  bttt  in  all  t^ 
110  tD«(  talko  tbe  taptaine  of  Alrxandiia>|icteinto  (bme  tarieo  mailer,  laiie0jO«re0,attb  ocbet 
(tab  fuiniture,a0  Ml  belons  bnto  a  gallie. 

9t  tbe  P?ifon  toere  cettainc  tiiaiMt0,tB(|ome  lohn  Fox  ans  ^  tompanp  fletoe  t  to  tbe  kiltt^^ 
af  kiboine>tbnt  luere  eigbt  moje  of  tbe  Cucke0,tiibMi  percdneo  tbem^o  sot  tbem  to  tbc  toppe 
oft||tp)tlbn:  bntotoliomelohn  Fox,  aioibif  companp,t»erefaineto(omcbp(aiKirr0,  tobere 
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fine :  ano  alGi  oiiier0  CtDiflian0  tncte  albell  butt  about  tidat  flunnflb,a0  €urke0  Ilainr. 

flmonsfl  tbe  €urke0  Uis«  onet()^S  tbo^toe,  t»(o  (let  D0  not  tap  tbat  it  \o&»  ill  fortune)  frfl 
affCcDm  tbe  toppe  of  tbe  p?ifon  loalI,anD  mane  fUtfi  a  loluing,  tbat  tbe  inbabitant0  tbereabout  (a« 
^iRD  ^ete  uattertns  (loooe  aboufto^ttoo)  came  ant  batoeo  bim/otbattbep  biiDerfloooetbe 
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drU,tobicb  Upon  tbe  toell  Qoeof  tberoaoe^ano  a  CaSIe  Mb  toa0At  t()e  Cttic0  ttatjnm  to  tbe 
iDiBe4iiBairoanot(iec/o}trtOetD(icfiI«pont^jf3o^t(|fiKoftbcroaiie:  (btbatnotoe  ^pbaB 
ne  map  to  efrape,but  one.ttbicb  bp  man0  tealbn  (t^e  ttoo  liolort  Iptng  fo  bpon  tbe  moinb  of  tbe 
iDiBe)  nn'sbt  feeme  impoiSible  to  be  a  toap  fo;  ttetn.  fto  tDa0  tbt  teo  fea  fmpofllble  fi^  tbe  ifrac- 
lites  to  palK  tb^0b,tbe  b<Iti  anb  lockef  lap  fo  on  tbeone  GDe,ano  tbet'r  enemie0  compos  tbem 
oat^otber.fto  i»a0  ttimpofliblejtbat^  tnaboflerichoQiouloGiniiotime,  bciuffneftberim* 
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tins  canons  of  tbtobelUIbfojce^  l|)et<iat  kept  tbe  fictiragefo  tbeboe  btffnAig  2)nen,ftomtbe 
t(9eetbflii^n,Aatp)a<(eo(ii0name^tnot9ekeepei(ieficni  flaming  blaOeg  (torn  amonffUn 

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todloftbetoflQe.1hittobe(bo]tt,tbm\iia0not6nemirpeitt,nomattiDle,iio;anp  manii  labour  H 
btflotDCOiOjintiahie.^^otb^inlbo^  time,tb(iteanplM0  reabp  trimmeobp.  Cdberrintoeuerp 
inanleapebinaUdaflc,  I)Dp(nhStipAerafle0biflflp,  peelbtost|iemftlue0  to(il0  mctrie  ans 
gntre^  tD|io(e|ianM  10  bottitotnteano  toeatbcr, 

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MKOk  to  1^  it  ^  t^ece  il  no  man,bttt  tooulb  tliinkc  it  mnfl  ntebe0  be  fimke. 

^lytetMfnocoiKof^emidatrcaKbtdef^iotte,  tobitlitnent  tbunt^g  tounb  about  4eit 
CMMioji  pet  twee  once  ftaicn  ui  tiMcddi,tantb  fine  anb  (bjtie  fbot^is^^  came  (Vom  tbe  Caflle8[. 
vMWbCkfttibttJfbntddii'btttilci^elWelbetdm  tbeicfaitdtotde 

bitimiofl.  Roto  crttiiiuib  bit  Ij^tidntKlpetpea^uen  toben  man  tWRk0  tbem  pafl  an  belpeitdeii 

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teibppicftf  6flOet>Oile«l(M^«MngnoCMrreoiu|J»  taitb^  gtamceof  a(liot,(mbaK 
9iicUpoatori9KX;iii(ii(^cMta«i^C|ett^iii(^  bpb^ei 

40  tiictoatet  Ibf  ^  compan{e0  tflte  bntoIliMrmM  of  beeitf,maktog  Qietn  to  come  ato 
|»nit0^tumiiii|'<t(imfete^0tbt?e|ft:bpttcga!Ue0,  tBbicbMnlBbe  aflnift  pecceof  lwM>c 
m^fmtit^Jb^^ii^iim^imtciiim^  gabb)>*  no)«t;  t^  ett  tftfpin 

154-  The  voyages  and  dilcoueries  fohnFo3t,M   fohi 

anp  gallf .  Vut  pet  t^  «r  catpms  tton  into  tticm/otnc  mto  one  g«Up,anD  (bme  into  an  tDfOt 
(b  t(Mt.bcing  fuct  a  ronfuflon  Mwnga  t)Km.1nt|)ow  «ip  cmaine  suiM,  It  tu^ 
bIetooiieTt4ketb(m:bcQo(t<)U,iticrciiM«nomanttKttlMiuU)take  cbatseof  agallp,  t<)ctM» 
t^\iMflrorDUSi),anDt|imtauruc^anamarcmie0anumgttt))em*  9nBt)mlp3|t<)ink(t^ 
40OD  tt>«0  amafcD  ^ccdt :  it  nuto  not  be  btt  be  mutt  bluQ)  fb;  (banw ,  [ie  ran  (pealu  neiKt  a  1^ 
fo}  Dulne «,nuub  Itllenn  be  belpc  tbem  in  fucb  an  entemitir.  VSklU  (wtnrocuet  it  it,\)t  it  uttf 
nmrb  lo  blainc^o  fiiScr  tbem  to  rttcioe  futb  a  g  Ae.9ut  (vtDlbeuet  tbeir  em  bebaucD  bimlitift, 
our  <0oo  ibttoeD  bimTcUc  a  eoB  in  oeeoe,anD  tC«  be  tnag  ibe  ontip  Uuiiig  (0OD :  fo)  t^e  (ea0 11^ 
ftttft  ttnoec  bii  fdttbfua.tnbicf)  maoe  dn  encnues  agatt  to  bcbofo  tbem,a  nuIfuHct  l^ploc  Udtii 
tbcm>m)Dtbrtc  mariners  bclliiRtbmliiailp:butt$e^uiltci<lHDneit|^cmaniicriS,^plott,M) 
anp  fkiUuU  £8aaet,tbat  taM  in  a  reaDineUe  at  tb<J<  pinrli. 

SUbcn  tix  Cl)^lbang  tacie  faCt  out  o(tbc  euemietf  coattjohn  Fox  calico  to  tbem  all^MIini 
tbem  to  be  tbankfull  imto  abnigbcie  Coo  fo;  tbeir  ncliuerie^nti  mod  bumblp  to  fall  DoUinctipn 
ti)Cir  knera,be(eetbtttg  bim  to  ane  tbem  bnta  tbeir  fricno?  lanbt  anb  not  to  b;ing  tbem  into »» 
tbctnaunger^f^bcc  ban  moQcmiglitilpQcUucrcD  tbem  from  lb  greatatb^loomc  auBiw> 

CbudUibraeuerpmanbabmatiebof  petition,  tbcpfeniitraigbttoaptotbeir  labour  biitl)^ 
oare«,tH  \)t^]fing  one  anotbtr.iubcn  tbcp  t»ere  tsearico,anb  ttiitb  great  labour  Ihiuinti;  to  romtti 
ibmc  Cb}tOiuii  IanQ,a0  iiccre  M  cbep  route  gcfle  bp  tbe  ftane0 .  Jfut  Utt  toinbetf  tuerc  roDiuog, 
one  wbile  o^uting  tbem  tbifl  io3p,an  ocber  tobile  tbat  tuap/o  tbat  tbep  totre  noU)  in  a  ucbie  nuft, 
tbinking  tbat  Ooo  bao  fo}bkcn  tbtm,an&  left  ^m  to  a  greater  banger.Snb  fojafmucb  ad  tbi« 
tune  no  r>ictual0  nobK  left  in  tbe  galUeA  migijt  baue  bene  a  raufe  to  tbem,  (if  ^ep  bab  bene  tbt 
I  fraditcs)  to  boue  murnuircb  againS  tbeir  <f  oD :  but  tbep  Imebi  botn  tbat  tbeir  (&oo,\ubo  bat  1^ 
Iiuerebtbemoutofc/£^pc,bM«fuebaIauingattb  nitrriftiU  (Sob,  atftbatbe  tmulo  not  fulEct 
tbem  to  be  ronfbuuDCD,m  X/Ajoxnt  be  bob  to^ougbt  lb  great  atuonber-:  but  bibat  calamuie  Sotm 
tbep(Ufiatneo4bepknetsttbu8butfo)tbeicfartbettriali,  ano  alfo  (in  putting  tbem  in  miitU< 
tbeir  farmer  miferie)  to  caufc  tbem  not  to  ttiumpb  ano  glo^p  in  tbemTelueitt  tbercfo)e.ijpautng(] 
Uf)  no  birtuals  in  tbe  gallpit  migbt  Grcmc/ittC  milcrie  rontinuallp  to  fal  bpon  an  c0)it3  ntm 
emtmidtBf  buttobcb)iefe,tbefamincgrctDtoberogteat,tbatina8.baie0>  biberein  ibtplsere  on  tbe&i, 
f«nin*.        tbcrcoicbcigbtperfouuo^aOonilbmcntofalltbercS. 

d>ottftlIout,tbatbpontbe  39.iMp,after^ep(etfn)m  Alexandria,  ^p  Cell  on  ^  Sfle  sf 
Caudic,anOlanbeB  at  Gallipoli,  ta^tbep  tucre  mabe  mucb  of  bptbe  Sbbot  imb  ^onks  tbti^ 
b)boraurcDtbrmtoaapt^,b)biletbcptuteloenrrfi«(bebanorareb.  'SDbcp  bcpttben^t 
&nt*mM  iWi^cbabetttoi^IohpFoxbaokillcbibekeeper,  ett(emingitasiatnDaK«citiu0ietoen,aai 
'  btinc;itl'Pfi>)>ntonumciit, 

(Iltljentbeptbmigbcga(di,baningIcattc'tsbepatt6romtbettcr,  ^ep  (adeb  along  tbe  roaitttt 
tbep  (tmuro  at  Tarcino,\ubtrctbcproloe  tbeir  gallic,  anbbcuioeoit,  euerpman  bauing  a  pai^ 
tberrof*  %Mc  ^urbcttceceiuiitg  GiQumefolla  fbile  at  tbeir  banb,  pur(ucDtbcCb}ittianii,att 
■Ih)utfbtbcrej{(,iDbcre tbep rottloinugtnc^tbep bab beuttbeir  coutfe.  flabtbe  Cb;i0iaitf 
baboepartcbfromtbenreontbeoncbapuitbemo^iing,  anbfiniengallietfof  tbe  €uriu0tanic 
tbitber  tbat  nigbt48ttlaai}rcrttQebbptboreb)bofollot»eb  Fox,  anbbiotompflttie,  (eating  leii 
,^  tboulobaue  bene  met  biitb.9nb  t^entbep  came  a  fbote  toNaplcs,tBt)ere  Ae'pbeparteoalltek 
bcr,eucrp  mantaking  bim  to  bitf  nertbia^liomc,  jTrom  b4ence  lohn  Fox  toolie  U*  iouniep  btiio 
Ronic.tobere  be  b>a<i  biell  cntertaineb  ofan  Cnglilbman,  bibo  pTefnitcb  Ua  tno^Ap  oecbe  tmo 
tbcP80c,b)b9  icbtamcbbtm  libeuApwqtb  gauebimbetUt^erfbnto  tbektngiif  Spainc,  Ubefe 
ie  tba0  bet^bien  emcrtaincb  of  bimtbcte ,  ii^  fo)  4^«i  buimoflc  booitbp  eiitap)i(e,  gaue  bim 
fafyttaemppcacetDap^nmibBbrret^'ngbefirouiat  to  awwe  into  bittobwr  canit 
tbitbcratfucbtimeattbcnmienttnd^prai^.bibicb  toatfintb^peercof  our  tvf»  <S8B,i  v  7j>* 
CQbobeing  rome  inteji^lanb,tocntbiito  tbe  Court,anb|^b  aa  bis  traucU  bntotbc  €mw 

SDBboconfibetiiig  tftbeOateof  tbiimim,  tntbat  be  Ibibfient  anb  Ibttafittat.pattotbil 
,fo  tb^albomeanbbonba^M^ttniebtobim  tbeir  Iibenaptfe,tpbr1i^^ 
.  ;,totbcir  rigbtlmwiMntbtbe  iittfuagementofan 

THv  vopie  of  cbf  ^erdficateior  John  Fox,and  his  oonipiini^  mtiw 
hythefmr^andthebmbimtfGa&poU^hmt}^  • 

WEthePrior,8c  Fa»hq»oftbc  Couctofthc  Amerciate*,  of  the  jjiq^oift^fllifoli,  qffHif 
Mdcr  ofPreacbets  d9  cefttfi^tim  vpon  /  t^^Uunfff^  \»St  {aji^ili  J7^fc  f  ^^">^  >? 


'  ,1 


fohn  ^.  I    ^ohn  Fox.  of  the  Engliih  nadon. 


CO  ibe  iaid  ci(ie  a  ceminc  gallic  from  Alcxandha,takcn  from  the  Turkcs,  w  ith  two  hundrcth 
fiftjc  inJ  eight  Chtiftuns.whereof  WM  principal,MaAer  loho  Fox^n  tnglifli  man^  gunner, 
and  one oftlicchiefcft  that  did  accomplifh  thatgteat  woike,  whereby  lb  many  Chnfliani 
haue  recouered  their  libertiei.Tniokqnfiiditincmbrancc  whereof,  vpon  our  carnelt  requefl 
to  the  Time  lohn  Fox,he  hath  left  here  an  olde  fword,  wherewith  he  lie  we  ihc  keeper  oi  the 
ohfon :  which  fword  we  doc  as  a  moounient  and  memoriall  of  fo  wotthie  a  dccde,hang  vp  in 
tbechiefc  place  of  our  Couent  houfc.  And  for  becaufe  all  thingi  aforefaid,  aic  fuch  as  we  will 
ceftifie  tobe  they  arc  orderly  paflcd,  and  haue  therefore  cood  creditc.that  fo  much  as 
usboueexpreffed  is  truc,and  for  the  more  faith  thereof,  we  the  Prior,  and  Fathers  aforefaid, 
hjue/a«ifi<«i««'*"'>^<^"'»***  «^«f«  ptcfcniS4yj«ucn  in  GalHpoljj^tbe  third  of  Feb.i  J77.    . 

i  fnerAltfrt'D.m4tro,cfCaJltp«^^Jfrter^0Mfirme4jmmh. 

/  Frirrt/f>rtbo>i^CeBeferofG^,c9HfrmfMMfrrejMd,  r 

J  frierBmUmtwofCMB/ftlf,  nmfirmt*s4teiuf»ld.  .     .       '  '    ' 

I  fntrfnumcisofQ^dtffuh^cMfrmttumtKb,  •.    . 

.  , ,n .    The  Bifliop  of  Rome  his  lettcrs^in  the  behalfe  of 
^^^.^^  ...        UnVox,  ''^'"'^        ':"'  •       - 

B^itknowen  vnto  all  men,to  whomc  this  writing  fhal  conie,that  the  bringerhereoflohn 
Fox  EDgliHiman^  Gunner,after  he  had  ferued  capciue  in  the  Turks  gallies,by  the  fpacc  of 
foureteenc  yccres,at  len{;th,thorow  God  his  helpc,taking  good  opportunitie,  the  third  ofli- 
Duitielaftpaft,flew  the  kcepcrofihc  priron,(whom  he  hrft  llrokc  on  the  &ce)together  with 
ibuieand  twentir.  other  Tutkes,by  the  alTilbnce  ofhis  fellow prifoners:  and  with  ^66.  Chti- 
ftians,(of  whofe  libenie  he  was  the  author^  launched  from  Alexandria,  and  from  thence,  ar- 
riued  nrft  at  Gal li poly  in  Candic,and  afterwards  at  Tarcnto  in  Apulia:  the  written  teflunony 
aDddedkc  of  which  ihingi,&s  aHo  of  others,  the  fame  loha  Fox  hath  inpublikc  tables  ftom 

Vpon  Eaflereuc,hecaitic  to  Romc,and  is  now  determined  to  take  his  ioumeytothe  Spa- 
aKh  Coutt,hoi)ine  there  to  obtaine  fome  reliefe  toward  his  liuing :  wherefore  the  poore  di- 
fbefled  man  humbly  befeecheth,and  we  in  his  behalfe,do  in  the  bowels  of  Ghrift/lcfireyou, 
thattaking  cornpafiton  ofhis  former  captiuitie,and  prefent  penurie,  you  doe  not  onely  mffcr 
himfreely  to  pafle  throughout  zll  your  c  itics  and  towne$,but  alfo  fuccour  him  with  your  cha- 
litaUe  almes,the  reward  whereof,  you  fhall  hereafter  mod  aiTuredly  receiue, which  we  hope 
you  will  afibord  to  him,  whome  with  tender  affe^on  of  pitie,  wee  commend  vnto  you.  At 
KoaK/hexx.ofAprUl.  1577. 

RichMrdFiUetm  Prior  Anglu. 

AitJreM  LmdtmcMjtefiihr  to  e$er  SemerMgne  Lord  tht  Ptfe^  which  for  thegrtsttr  crulitt 
•fthtfrttmfes  .home  Jet  mjfeaUu  theft  Prefentt.  At  Rame/bt  dtn  MtdjttrenktiH  writttn, 
{^Umricim  ClemtHt^hegoturHeurMMdk^efnofthe  Engl^HaffitnUiMtht  citit. 

The  King  of  Spaine  his  letters  to  the  Lieutenant,  for  the 
j^'m^  ofldhn  Fox  in  the  office  of  a  Gumerfirc. 

TO  the  SluAtious  Prinee.Vefpafian  GonTaga  Collonna,our  Lieutenant  and  C»ptaine  Ge- 
ncrall  of  our  Realme  of  Valentia,hauing  confideration,  that  lohn  Fox  Englirfiman,hath 
Rraedvs,aodwas  oneofthemoflprincipall,  which  tooke  away  from  the  Turkes  a  certaine 
pllie.which  they  haue  brought  to  Tarcnto, wherein  were  two  hundred,fiftie  and  eicht  Chri- 
^weaptiues.Wc  Hccnce  him  to  prafHfe,andgiuehimthe  office  of  a  Gunner,  anuhaue  or- 
<iained,that  he  goe  to  our  faid  Realme,thcrc  to  feme  in  the  faid  office  in  the  G  allies,which  by 
out  commaundement  arc  1  atcly  made.  And  we  doe  commaund,  tliat  you caufe  to  be  paied  to 
mm  eight  duckets  pay  a  moneth,for  the  time  that  he  fhall  feruc  in  the  faide  Gallics  as  a  Gun* 
ttx/x  till  we  c  an  othcrvN  ifc  prouidc  for  him ,  the  faid  eight  duckets  monctlily  of  the  monev 


]i  frit K 

ifd  The  voyages  and  diicoueries    Edmund  Hog4^ 

which  »  alf  eiciy  of  our  mouiTmm,  pitlcm  and  to  come,  andto  haue  regatde  of  tholie  wkid 
come  with  hun.  From  EffiWMllbftfffldkQrAugHft,!  177. 

*■''«'''      '  {'■•''.  i.  ijib J'.^i  ..  'l■*')T 
..  ..... '-     ..,,/.if)j:»(i,'  ..Mufif".  ItheKing.*  '«n«-i 

1..  /o.7«6flj;;i .  : . 
«i.  IjilitiolH',''  ■ 



S'';,?;jfr  !  i'    j':i' 
:,uu:>  9V '   .;  '1  u;...    j^vmUr  thMntitfimmimnfthtCtmeH, 

A<\\  I  ./(111,/   ,l'iJJ3«..'  l.JJ 

Ver(es  written  by  A.  M.  to  thecurteous  Readers,  who  was  pie, 

M  \ 




4Mtriifitngtijttt\tMi»€n»trmh«imfmtt       tkmAtfthisftumttmrtfiJkUtimdvmntt 
Lothtnb0wih«iul(4t  Itfigth)  th$$^h  Itngdi-  Nttm*lfIimthttmBtt0rtbm»iit, 

imftltUlbflutit  4  tmtMMdrMrt  rrfnt  t  (fi$fii       tut  diMtrft  m$r»  thttt  didbisfatttnu  vitm. 
T9tltulth»fimmdff»htpttkjhtir€Mtrut%^h   jiiidvmtoiiuf*r»lnldtljflddrtf0f:        (mm. 
ijfrtftridfmnst't^MXthifhgffjheUk,  tkMmmght  Immutb lAm  Fexitthhtrtif 

\tmt  I  w*t,whtm  Ftx  id  tbert  mm :  B^fiitt  httr't  mt  rnuflstu  with  him  im  ibr^J, 


thtrifuti  InmjfMcttMtf  txtrtfft 
toOm/ir     '  tvlkartitlMt  iaj  hts detdts  did ihtrt  rmm 
toM  ipmiMfe     ig  ,1,  ij^f,  efthofi  which  httrdhis  vntimtntt, 
Aidhfwtht  Ptftdidrtctn^tnctbitfsitut, 

MKdUitr'jgM*  t»  mm€  mtgrttutrgtmut. 

vmihUb  im 

littefy  rttmmdmtt  our  muim  Umd  : 

whiUmttdtthtiurt  iforwitftthitmyfimii, 
And  thus  I  tfuU.VMfidduig  whdl  Ikmm : 

the  tthtr  Kum  mtriltirgerfrtt^  (^mpmit. 

•  t  I 

.   I 

Honosalitattes.       A.M. 



The  ambaflTage  ofMai^  Edmund  Hogan^one  of  the  (wome 

^  Efquires  ofherhfaujiies  per/on  from  her  HtghneSj/toMull]iAb<Ulme'» 
*'!''  !ech,EmperourofMatoccus,andKingofFef^n(lS(t(:intheyeereij77.vvrineob«  \ 
'"»^'  himfelfe. 

Edmund  Hogan ,  bring  8p9oinm9nAtf]Mttft»m  Ac  QttKttNSPddNb 
(ticaboueiuimiKCmiKtoitc  ant  WngMuUy  Abdelmelcch,  BcpntttMl 
ip  compmie,  rniBfenianM  from  lutiiMn,  Acttw  anPttoemiciMpor  9nA 
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Edmund  Hc^aa,  I    BdmunU Hogan.      ofcheiingliili  nation. 


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i6o  The  voyages  and  difcouenes  Thomas  Steuens,  I    fhmaiStet 

A  Letter  written  trom  Goa,  thcprincipall  Citic  of  all  the  Ealt 
hidies^  by  me  Thomas  Steuens  an  tnglijhmanj  andjent  to  hisfathtr^ 
M.  Thomas  Stevens,  ^^i.  i  579. 

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Stekent,  I    Thomas  Steuens.      of  the  bnglilh  nation. 


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i6i  Tlie  voyages  and  difcoucncs    Thomas  Steuens, 


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of  tbifl  rountrcp  is  gooD  tnatrr.o?  biine  of  tbc  Palme  tree,  o)  of  a  kuitt  caOcD  Corotf.ano  tbtstbii 
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Your  louing  Sonne 

Tbotnat  Steuem. 


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homas Steuens,  I    n^Tur listeners,    ol the Englifh nation. 


The  letters  lent  From  the  Impcriall  Mufulmanlikc  highncfTc 
ef  Ziddan  Mnrad  Qyan,  tothefacredregallhfaieUitoJ  Bu^eth 

Quccncot'EngbndjthcrittccnthofMircli  1 5  7  y,  comcmuig  the  grant  otthe 

Rgrr«tnc1ft  mo  glo^te  moftrrnoUtmcD  ^i^abrtt))  mod  rantB  QMrair,ano 
noUc  prince  of  tbeinott  migtitictuo^nxpycreot  lcfti0,inoah:ircgoarmo7oftUe 
cdurcfl auDAffiim  of  1^ people ano  fdtmlttof  i^a^rcd),  rlouoofmottpieardtit 
ramr,  aiiO  (tKCtett  fountauie  of  i»bUiirnc<arti  iicttue,  laou  aati  \itivi  of  tte 
pftpctuAlI  bAtfPincfle  aim  slojte  of  ti^iwblcBfaimtof  ^nQlottD,  (iubom.iU 
is$ti  fetfcebntoaiiD  fubmit  ti)citt(Huc0)  Uic  UitVmoft  p^ofpfrouR  fuacire  ano 
^tc  AIM  (0  all  pour  aittotiit,  aim  Doc  offtt  biuopou  furl} plcarutcs  ano  cuTt(Qrfla«arc)uoo>' 
t(ipofourmutudUauO  ctrrnaU  fanuIianticit^BmotngCasbcttticrccnutljbs)  oucfojttvtfalu. 

}r.  moS  ftiaiDlp  mantr  toe  gtue  vw  to  bitMiftano,  ti)at  a  crneiiv;  mxa  m\)  oHmbnto  tw  i« 
t((  name  of  pour  mott  eFrellctuErQaK  i^aieflie,  ronimcninngbiuot)^  from  rou  all  kinoiicOr, 
(unrfitAtiDfririiDlP  ofTirrs  on  tiour  part,  ano  UD  i)uml)ivrrqmretl).tt  our  JinprruaOtgibiirlli: 
Hiouio  UBurljfafc  to  siuclcauc  auD  libcrticto  \m  .uioinito  [tuio  otlKnttirrivuiwof  fouihuig' 
Borne  to  rf  fo^t  Ijubcr  ano  retumc  asjainr .nno  tljat  lip  uiap  of  traffikc  tl)f  p  nugl;t  be  fiiftrro  to  trabc 
^tl)(T  hKtl)  tbcir  sooDd  aiiD  ittcrr^antiiifr js  to  our  Impcriall  boinmioiis,  auD  in  lU;c  fo^  to  make 

Cur  (l.UflP  Court  ano  Countrrp  b'Wl)  brr nr  rucr  open  fojflicacfrfTf  botli  of  ourrnmufaanli 
fttcnu .  X^va  be raufe  \i)C  ace  lufo^nuD  clK't  pour  xxu^  rjEccllrnt  Ucgall  O^airftu:  ootl)  abouiiD  uutb 
0oo!i  b»ll,  ^inaiiitte,  9  all  Ktntie  of  loutiig  affrrtion  tou>arD0  bs,fo  mud)  \\ft  r^t  bcr  fl)all  Aye  lame 
out  Co'.mtrf !'  Of  allixipf «  opf n  to  fudj  of  j'our  fubiccta,  aa  bp  Vuap  of  mr rcljanli^r  fiwll  traoch. 
ditt :  aitDUxlL'iU  ncucT  tailcto  aiD  ano  fucro;  anpof  tbcm  tbat  arc  o)  (bail  be  lulling  to  (ffcmtcof 
our  (hniDfliptfauo^mD  aiTiOanre;  but  Inll  reduin  it  Come  part  of  cur  tmme  to  granfic  timn  bp  all 
gDoDinranta.  QnDfojuifmurliadotir  Jmpcriatlbiglineflf  tagtuentobnocrftanotliatpaarmoa 
ntdlntt  Ergall  CBaicSir  botO  r^ccU  111  bouiitie  aub  rurtcfie,  ux  tijcrr&^e  baur  fcnt  out  our  Jrnpe* 
tuUrointunoeinent  to  all  our  kings,  iuDgeti,anbtraucllcnibp  fca,toaUour£apianra  aiiDUtM 
Buwntffafaringmni,  aKconocmucDperfona,  anDoffirfrsofljJojtcaane  cnflowfi;,  draigt^p 
ttutgmganacominanDmgtlinn,  tl>u  fur!)  fojcfato  prrfona  aalbillrffojtbttbcrbv  fcafromtbt 
Bralmcof  CiiglanD,  ttdjcr  toitb  grrat  o^fmall  bf  (Irlato  trabcbpliiapof  mrrd)anin^e,  map  latU' 
fiaipcomf  to  our  Jmprnalloommiona,  auD  ftcclp rctumr l^imc  aganif,  ano  tlntro  maii  Ml 
iurrtonralrfto]  trouble  t!)rm .  vlnDifinUkc(b}ttl]cp  fl»ll  comf  i)i(oour(t;mintonsbPlanb,rt> 
tiKron  footcoionlxi^frbatUr,  noman(ly.illatanpttmctutrl)flanDcil?tiib(rti)cm  :  butaa  ourfa> 
imlwrflanDtoiifctJcraifa,  tl)C  Jfrcndj,  Ueiictiana,  polwiawa.anatbf  jl  kingofOtniunic,  Uiitlj 
ttticra  octiec  ouriingbboMra  about  Ds.ljatu:  libcrttc to  com?  \n\ytr,  ano  to  n' turnc agaiiir  into  t ^cir 
•teffowifres,  mlikc  foittbf  nim!).in£3ofi'Our  moOcrcflScnt  Uctiall  i¥)aif(htB  hniQCome, 
ftsD  bauc  Uz  cisiDurt  auo  Irauf  to  rcpairc  f)iri)rr  to  our  Jinprnall  omrantoiia,  ano  fo  to  r.  tumc  a. 
%mt  ptta  tlKtr  otainc  ^o'ttttrp :  Qrcigljtlp  dtarging  tljat  rliep  be  fufiirrf  b  ta  ufc  ano  traor  all  binbe 
of liimt-monc aa  as  /^ at{)cr  »£b)iOtana bo,\«tl)out let  0?  oiflurbancc  of anp. 

ti)mf njc  uibcn  tijffc  our  Jmpcriall  Ictttra  fb.Ul  be  bjougljt  to  rour  moflfrfcflnrtKcgal 
(BMfOie.itfhallbe  mcet,arco>D(ngtoDttrbmcitt>lence,fiumanttie  anbfemiliariacntuarMpour 
mafl  rrrr Unit  iT^aiffhf ,  tlwt  pou  likewft  betbinke  pour  ft Ife  of  poor  like  benruolnirr,  liumanitic 
andfnciiDniipiK  tovu.nroro  ua,  to  open  tliegatetljereof  biito  W,  ano  to  irourill)  bp  al!  gooD  mranca 
tt>i9  hmonrflb  ano  frienoaiip  i  anu  tljat  like  libertic  map  be  granteo  bp  pour  biglinrflt  to  our  fub* 
(m«anamcrdiantfi  to  rome  toitfj  tbcir  mfrrijauDiwtitopoorDomiiiioiw.atbfrljpfratoitlitljf'r 
ftwpj,  01  bp  lano  vuit!)  tlKJr  iiHgona  01  bo^rt  •  uio  to  raume  borne  againe :  .mo  tbat  rour  mofl  ct. 
ceUent  B'li^ill  b'^.u.'ltic  do  alUMiira  oertan:  ,^ur  t)umamtie,gooD  toiU;inDfrini&Q)ipts\uatDflba, 
Wi  altajpcaiifcpf  open  the  ooic  tlrrf  of  unto  ba. 

diuni  at  OUT  ntie  af  Conaatttinopk  clK  &ftceiitb  IMF  of  •]9<>^^»'U'-^  >ut^  £^i<  ot  out  nuQ 'po< 
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1^4.  Thevoyagcsanddifcoucncs     TheQJettcrs.  I  TheQHjenesk 

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•••»  •«»• 

The  an/were  of  herMaieSiie  to  the  ajorejaid  Letters  of  the  Great  Turkejm 
the  15  of  Odiober  1  ;  7^ ,  in  the  Prudence  of  London  by  Maiflcr 

L I Z  A  B  E T  H  A  Dei  ter  maxinii,  &  vnici  ccrli.tctrxq;  Conditoris gntii, 
Anglix,rrancix  &  Hibcrnix  rcgina,fidci  ChriUianx  contra  oinncs  onjiium 
inter  Chriftitnoi  degentium,  &  Chrilii  nomcn  ialfb  profucntium  Idololt. 
trias  inui6(i(riina&  pocentiiTunaDcfenlairix,  auguHi(fimo,iiiuidi(Iim6()ue 
principi  Sultan  Murad  Chan,  Turcici  rcgni  dominacori  potcutiflinM),  ImpCi 
^  rijq;  oricntis  Monarchy  fupra  omnes  foli  &  fupi  emo/alutcni^  mulios  cum 
Krumoptimaru  afflucntiafi»lice»^fonunatojanno$  .    AuguftifTimcfc  mijifti/TuneCxfjr, 
tccepimut  inuidtiJfimar  Cwfarear  vcJlrx  cclfitudinis  litera$,  die  dccitiio  quinto  Manij  currtn. 
ti$anniadnojfcripta$Conftantinopoli,exq<iibui  intcUigtmus  quam  benign^  quam«j;  cle. 
mentcr,  liter*  fupplicesquxCarfarcxveHrzccirnudini,  aquodam  fubditonoUroGuilielmo 
Harcbrowno  in  ImpcriaJi  Cclfitudinis  vcrtri  ciuitatc  Conlbntinopoli  conimorantc  offctf. 
bantur,  Ilterx  profeftionis  pro  fe  &  foiijs  ems  duobus  hominibus  inrrcatoribtis  fubditij  no. 
fttis  cum  mere  ibusfuis  ad  terras  ditioncfq;  Iinpcrio  vcJho  fubicdtas  tarn  per  mare  quam  ptt 
terras,  indeq;  reuerfioni J  venix  potcHatKq;  humillirnam  complcxx  petiiionem,  ab  iniiitftiiru 
ma  vetiraCxfarea celfitudinc^tccptx  fuaunt .  Ncq;  id  foliim.lcd quam mira cum ftcilititf, 
dignaq;  auguUiflima  Cxfarca  cicmentia.quod  crai  in  diiftis  litetis  fupplicibus  pofitum,  ei  fo. 
cij<q;  fuiidonatum&conccfliiinfiiit,  proca,  vti  vidctur,  folilm  ppinione,  quamde  nobis,  J 
nolUa  amicitia  vcflra  cclfitudo  conccpit .  Quod  lingularc  bcnrficium  in  diClos  fubditos  no* 
ftroscollatum  tarn  grat^  tamq;  b'*neuold  acccpimus  (maximascelluudini  ve<trxproptcrca& 
•gent es,  &  habcntes  gratias)  niillo  vt  vnquam  patirinur  tempore,  pro  facultatuni  noftianim 
ratione,  proq;  ca  quam  nobis  infcuittcr  maximusnuindi  monarchaDrus  (per  qucm  &  cu- 
ius aurpicijsregnamu$)naturxbonitate,  qua  remottdimat  nns  cfTe  voIuit,&  abnorvemesib 
Ingratitudinisomnivc!  minima fufpitione,  docuitq;nulloruin  vnquam ttprincipum,  vlliiin 
nos  fneritis  nos  fincrcmus  vinci.aut  iuperari,  vi  apud  ingratam  principcm  tantum  bencficiura 
dcpofuifreffe  veAraCelHtudoexinimet .  Propterca^;  animumnonrum  in  pr»rentiarum,it> 
ftrx  celfitudini  einetimur,  ben^  fcntiendo  &  prxdicando,  qtiantoperc  nos  obHrid^as  bencfirij 
huius  in  fubditos  noflros  collati  putcmus  meinoria  fempitcrna  :Iong^  vberioreni,^  amplio- 
rem  gratitudinis  crga  veflram  cclfitudinem  nc^x  tethncationem  daturx,  cum  tcmporaioci- 
dcnt  vtpofftmus,  &  a  nobis  dc(iderabitur.  Quoniam  autem  qux  no^ris  paucis  fubdttiii.nq; 
fuis  ipforum  precibus,  (inc  vlla  intercefHone  nodraconceffa  donatio  eH,  in  xqu^  libera  potc* 
ftacefitieftad  omnes  terras  ditionefq;Iinperiovcnro  fubicihs.  cum  mercibus  fuis  tainofr 
mart quim  per terras,eundi&redcundi,atq;iiiui^i(rimxCxfare.T  vcftrxcdfitiidinisccnftt. 
dcritUjGallis^PoloniSjVciictis,  atq;  adeo  regis  Romanonim  fubditis  largita  vnquam  aut  do- 
natafuir,  celtitudinem  vefb-am  rogamusnctam  fingulari^beneficcntix  laus  in  tani  anguflis 
tcnninis  duontmauttriumhominumcondudatur,  led  ad  vniuerfos  fubditos  noiiros  ditfiifa, 
propagataque,cclfitudinit  vcftrx  bcncficiuin  eo  reddat  augidHus.quo  ciufdcm  donatio  latnk 
patebittSf  ad  phircs  penincbit .  Cuius  tarn  fingularis  in  nos  bcncficij  mcritum,''6  crit  cc ifitu« 
dini  vcftrx  minih  pa'nitcndum,qu6  funtmerccs  illx,  quibusregna  noftra  abundant,  &  alio- 
mm  principu  ditiones  cgent,tam  nurnanis  vfibus  commodr  tamq;  necclfari^^ulla  gens  vt  fit, 
qui  cis  carcrc  queat,proptercaq;  longifl'imis,  difficillimifq,  itineribus  conquifitis  noii  vchc- 
menter  caudeat .  Carius  autem  diHrahunt  a!ij j,quo  exiabore  I'uo  qutlq;  vi^'i  k  quxliij  qur« 
ritat,  adeo  vt  in  earu  acquifitione  vtilitas,  in  cmptione  autem  ab  alijis  onus  fit .  Vtilitas  cclfi. 
tudinis  veflrx  fubditis  augebitur  libcti  hac  paucorumnofiiorum  hominum  ad  terras  vcAni 
profciflionr  :onusm!nuetur,  profc(Sionisquoiumciinq;  fubditonrm  noHrorum  donatione. 
Acccdet  pr.Ttcrea  qux  a  nobis  in  cclfitudinis  veftri  fubditos  proHcifcciur.par,  xquaq;  mcrci- 
uin  exercendarum  Iibertas,quotics  S:  quandvj  volucrint,  ad  rcgna  dominiaq;  noftra  mercatu- 
rx  pratia  accedcrc .  Qiiam  celfitudini  vcrtrx  pollicemur,  tain  amnlam  lateq;  pstentcro  fore, 
quim  eft  vlla  a  conficdcratoium  vcftronim  vllis  principibus  anteclidij.regibus  vidclicet^o- 
manorum.Gallorum.Pollonorum,  ac  repifblicaVcncta,  celfitudinisvcMrxiubdins  vllovn- 
quam  tempore  conccfla  Si  donata .  C^a  in  re  fi  honcftx  petitioni  noftrx  inuiiSiffinu  Cxfi- 
rca  vcftra  cclfitudo  rligna!)itut  aufculturc,  facicto;  vt  acceptis  noftris  literis  iiueliigamus  pt- 
tumni^liibitura  fit  quod  ab  ea  contendiiiiius&roj'.amus,  ea  propofita  prxftitaq;  fecuiitatf, 
qux  fubditos  nollros  quofcunq;  ad  doniinia  fiia,tcrfa,niariq;  proficifcentes, indcq;  icucrtcto 
cutoi  Sc  fccuroi  reddat  ab  o:niii  C|uorum'.unquc  fubdicorum  (uoruin  iniuna,cfHcicmus  vt  quf 

fluibus  catete  ncqueun 
atlkciuer  tamq;  cuinul 
futcunatur.  Facit  prxte 
gentium  regetendo  in 
bmatedonati,  nobis  pr 
ftrx  Cclfitudinis  in  nos  I 
omnes  eft  acerrimusid< 
fosDcosZelotcs,  prxci 
tiate  eofum  donorum  i 
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bp  toe  buoetttanD  bote  ff 
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