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VV-'.ri, ,. M'Tlrratr to fl-.\ 

•H/ and » , / ■ I , . 1 . -Well, iri.iii ' > . Iwu' 
iniM. wl( ii .... a .1,,,,. I , ,i„ 

■ i|<l V I' inli> KUcterIx anil 
Ijr Mid MlMU 


( It I nial KMl —m^mmmmm^im^mm' ^- 

J..1' rtuitlMK I , 197 

Kditorud KoooM - M 





Unemployment M.ay 
Prove Problem for 
Invaders in Ruhr 

Six Thousand Miners in Bottrop District Join 
Strikers in Opposition to Franco-Belgian Tactics 
— Both Sides Admit Economic Conditkms Become 
Worse as Industries Close 



Eb^LN. I eb. 13. — Ihe Urike ittuaUon and the accoBpanying tmemploy- 
ment in various parts of the Ruhr area arc becoming more serious 
daily, according to rrixnl'* linr The lateit gioup l^ )<jiii thr strikris 
!■ opposition to tdr ('ranco-bclgian tactics conpriaas b,0()(^ lo H.UUU inincrs 
M tlie Bottxop district. Four mines were doMd mi ooc pithead was taken 

km mm to 


Storm Breaks Loose in ' hp 
mens on Mr. Woodswuiln's 
Motion to Withdraw All 
C\f^m for Reparations 


"Red Revolutiof . ' licnds in 
Germany Havo Nut Repudi- 
ated War I • "Is' Actions," 
Hon. H. H. Stevens 

Oil" AW A. Feb. 15.— Storms 
broke in the llou'^e 
of Commons tonight when 
Mr. James S. VVoodsworth. 
Labor, Centre Winnipr^'. s;:!) 
niitted a motion that Canada 
sIk.iiM withdraw ail claims tm 

C.n many for reparat ii in.^. 

Mr. Woodaworth held that ihc 
Qwrmaiir of th« war lords waa not thr 
Oarmany of tha bulk o( Um poopie. 
In bla arvumant he daclarad that 
qfUMr Mtlon«, inrludlnr Qraat Brf 
■in had drawn up t'l.tnn of mllltm < 
H»{Kri"^"<l"ri upon pa< li <>t lipr ' ti^vtV ' 
llii< war; lliiU nfcrrt ri/\\al and mil- 
itary plann hail bpoii niudp by lirlf- 
iah, Krench and Hclirlaii »ituff.i ami | 
t«ht "Wanch and UuRalnn in)i>r< - 
paradaaaa war* aaytha for BrlUsh 

Ancrjr RcplleM 

Mr. Woodaworth'a apf^f li lirought 
aticnr rapltoa. Han. James M unlock. 
Illnlatar of Labor, daolared tliat wer. 
It ponlbla for tha raaolution to pasN. 
"tens <jf thousands of Canadian 
mothpis mid fathfra would hear the 
tramp "f n.iii>>n run inad witli tho 
tuat and desire for conquest niarch- 
ln« throush Belgium." 

Hon. H. II. Btevena, Conservative, 
Vancouver, d'clarad that Mr. Wooda- 
wurih .i li d L volutionary friends In 
(J*'riiian>" tii'l 'i"* rrpudlated tha 
action of 

Uotwtc Adjourned 

Hon. R .T. Manlon bald that If 

OerniiiiiN \vri r> «-.\finora' "d, and he ar- 
gtied thai w;i«< tho troncl of th« reao- 
lutton, th*> iirtliiu of iiio Alllca and 
oC>^h« United Htatrs durliiK th« wir 
would by tha aamp net. bi» condrmnPd. 

Finally debate on the resolution waa 


at Ai 


In Oaaahn PIncetf M 

at the pin tit i f 
South OrriMliM V 
laff ainoe early 
ntod whloh 

. i-rh IS. — Th<- nr^ 

\i!)ii>ur tk Compiiny. 
) |. ii li 1 > !•<■.■ n l.iii ii - 
Wvilneaday nioriilitf 
cauaed n loaa fn' 

mated at naarUr M.m.Of «. and arbu h 
threw mora than a theuaand men out 
of empioymant. waa late toalcht de- 
clared to ba wider control after a 


Ixinl MiMof "f I »-< II N'.ori. ii <.r 
J|gOit.>.iiri ■ It stT^lfo In .Shops and 

I'llhllc IIOUM'^ ilcfllM^I 

Outlook Dark 

In tlie opiiilfin of Kuhr Industrlnl- 
l.sts, unernplnynient may aoon he thn 
problem confruntlnK h and 

Germane alike Th»- .iir. ■ i - f the 
\<irloua branches of the Krupp W'orka 
>y there is enoufh repair work on 
hand to keep the plants ninnlns 
awhile longar. while the ontlaok for 
tha future la dark In vlaw of the 
' )ghtentnv euatomn rlaff. 

Both aides admit eoonomlo eondl- 
lona In many centrea are becomlnft 
worde B8 the smaller Indu.ttno.** cloaa. 
' Ve.stt-rd.iy the Iron and orfi f.n torles 
near Ii iB.»»'l'!"rf If ■> 1 Ttir^c 

thousand workers, w.-r.. . \.s«'cl owing 
t' coal nhortage. i lund, the 

French have opened food kitchens, 
where they are feeding? nearly one 
thoiiaand cIviUan.i , i 

Hofltlllty I III ri ^i-iM;,' 
111 \\\>- i;.-ivpii (llHtrlit the h.'^itillty 
to thr Kri-nch and lielgiana is ad- 
mittedly increasing aa the Natlpnal- 
iste have taken n stand ajatnat com- 
promise of any kind. 

Pamphleta. printed in French, urg- 
Ing the aoldlers to revolt and leave 
Oarmany to herself, have been dis- 
tributed through the barracks of the 
military iti \;itlc.iis piirlji .if Ihf Ruhr. 
The French say thin in plainly a trick 
I'f tiM Oarmans to incite the aoldlars. 

tfUks BtodMI 

TtaiBo through the Ruhr>Heme 
Canal, an Important artery for the 
transportation of fuel from the Ruhr, 
haa been blocked by the Oermans. 
ticrman workmen sank a barge. 
FMHotle Oatbnrst 

AM the municipal officials of Kaaen 
d fielded today tb suapend work for 
"* hours in protest strike against the 
arreat of Vice-Lord Mayor Schaefpr 

v. > r t !; »» ^ 1 I ; I ^ 1 1" I 1 1 s. h oi . 1,^ !■ I . ..^ • i 
ihi-li .i!nl ..-hMim ;il«ip 

hii.>i:i;' -"s f..; ■'•■\rr;il lir.iiri 

.\ p»-i f 111 niaricfi of "W iill ii , T' ' 
III ih<' Hfate < ipera House w.i- im ■ i 
.Mill a pRtrloilc celebration, tUo audi- 
oiii o rising w hen the vow of Kutll 
wan spoken and repeated tho words 
with upetlon. ' Thia dramatic action 
was foiloirad by tha alnclae of 
- Deutaehland Ubar Allea." 

The singing of "WllUam Teir waa 
recently prohibited Jn the old orcn- 
pled area. 

Iliitli Is tlip IcuenUary ncona of the 
formation ..f tha Iwlaa Liaague 

Weather Condltlnna Itondcr ii 

abiO to !»• I ill. ( ..II.. ri,-i. 

tlve (.iilhi riiiK l'>r W i • k 

The meeting In the Interests of the 
l.i -Conservative party that was 
lo )in\e taken place In Nanalmo this 
evening has been postponed In con- 
sequence of the waathar eoadttloaa 
that are prevalllnr* 

The meeting waa to have been ad- 
draa s sd by tha party leaders in the 
L«giakiture. Mr. W. ,T Howser and 
Mr. Harry Pooley, mmiher fnr k-m,,,. 

malt, who. during (h»- rrcpni J,- 
of the I>eglslature. mudi" -iiirli i i . ire- 
ful study of nuitlor.ii loniiectrd with 
ihr> Llijiior Cniiiroi Hoard and other 
financial i|iir«-l lunji. 

Thf meeting ha.i bean postponed 
for one week, and wiih normal con- 
Oitlona existing, will be held a week 
from today. 

Anks niHfiiH.Hion on 
Dtbl to I nili d Stilt, h 
Be Post pom d for I imv 

BMBN. Feb. Oen. Kournler, 

mreneh eemmander. notMad X<ord 

.Mayor I^uther today that the ooru- 
pailnn forces had been authorised to 

help theinseUen in iiuhlic- h.-unr, ;ini| 
■ htips If Ci.- I'tnprlelors rrfiik.-.| to 
B«r\x th' . t th.if nn\- • . : -li- 

aente where service la ref us< d will 


Dr. Lntlier replied that it vaaeon- 
trary to tHa Oanaaa law for anyone 
to serve htninelf te a Qi 
or public houae. 




UMU Monday M 

1..0.\DO.\. Feb. 16.— Chancellor of 
tha Kxchaquar Baldwin, plied with 
queatlona in the House of Commons 
todar on how the interest on the debt 
' Cnited Staten was to he pnhl, 

Kk' .1 tho Kouie to refrain from 
diHcuMtlon of thin siili|..| until Con- 
greas had cinifirmed the agreement. 
Ha admitted, however, that tkere 
waa no compulalon to pay tha max|. 
mum In atarling. but he bad t>een 
anaMa to arrive at an acraanant on 
tha datalla of the intefaat i^umiiants, 
wlii«h woald hay to be aett lad hitar. 

Mm Tmx CeUeetions 

MOXTREAL. Feb l .-, Montreal 
1 ciistomH H od porta of 

< ill In I olieciign under the sales 
r ' the period from the beginning 
of the current flaeal year, April i, 
l»22. to Ihe end oC Z>acambar. Hon. 
Jaai a aa Baraaa atatad la tha House 
today. Cai l o ctl ei i e for that t>eriod 
were Ill.StS.OI*. th--. 

$15.SS^.#&3. "W'l n Tl ! (ir K li i i jKn 

' ■ ouver It,- 

In CriHcal Condition 

()TTA\v.\. I . Ii. ti,r-^.. kvUatto 

i.-<iij«-d ciiiy 'in~ morning from the 
lM■li^lde of .'Mr w, liter Caasela, Chief 
.lu.stice of the t^xchequer Court of 
Canada, who is lying corltlcally 111 at 
hie hoiaa. cava hla ooadtthM aa grad- 
ually growing weaker. 



covBue p mw nmw oiuHnt 

IKmatowa P l a ukt la How Only Part 
of City Badaded Worn Court of 
Hctliiofi'a cat In Talucs 

The Rockland Avanua aectlon and 
tha adjacent realdentlal area, pre- 
viously ordered excluded from the 
blanket ri-duction of a.^nestsmont put 
into efToci woik hy tlie Court of 

Uevlalon, were yesterday made sub- 
ject to that reduction. 

Tha Court of Revision deflnca tha 
area ao dealt with as follows: All 
lands situated within the area 
bounded by the pro|><iti«s on both 
sides of the following streets, com- 
niencliig nt the corner of Fort and 
.Moss Streets, thence to Kich.irdson 
Street, thence to 8t. Charles Btreet. 
thence to Rockland Avenue, to Oak 
Bay Avenue, to Fort 8trael|-and bac i 
to the point of eommeneemant. 

I-!inds Iti' luded in that area Will ha 
Kl\en a new v:ilualloii on the follow- 
ing basis Lands ■n.x.^ejij'ed at $.( ooii 
or over. 1 o |i"r cent reduction; $2,600 
to 13.00(1 I : per cent reducUon; 
$i'.ooo to r-MO, S per oaat redaction: 
11.000 to ft.m. tl-i per cam re- 

As a i.-.'Miii of rhr- ..o-ii 

' 'I l> en 

a l)i 

■ w ' • .1 1 ; . 11 ■ . .1 ic4efi?»iiieii I 
' I ! ' • i ' ■ A I; . ». r . ■ . . • • ' .(1 11 II Jed on 
ii. \M>-i (.V Ihe harbor front, on the 
'I, iiv M or. I Id Street, oa tha Oaat 
by Blanshard 8treet and on tha aaath 
by Belleville Street. 

mm mm at 


'illOha pan V 1 nl-. (,, I'laif.ii iii 
tpoil Whicli it Waa \ oiod Into 


7 s :> 4 1 ( " It) I v< 1 I 

> 'i"i5" ' ••• ■ ■ < i - ni Moat- 
real waa I.O&k, Joronto Vaaoou* 

ver SSI: wtaaipav IM: HaalNaa ti: 
Ottawa ai . 

have haan taken 

_ . . B MontreHl for 
of taSSa: in Toronto 

II'. I . I M ■ r» r 4 , 

ilttuUton *. 

acalnal Kt 

non-pa vment 

^1 g « I »i«* ^ ' 
ii, uttawa 1 


WIXNIPBO. Feb. IS.— Chargea of 
being false to the party platform upon 
which they were voted Into power nt 
the last Provincial election were 
hurled at the F.irincr ';.i\ , rnmeiii 

from :ill vides i.r the ((|,; I (iQf. 

Ing the [.ei;i.M:;ii III p | d i« .IKrnoon. 
The chfirK's r.-.Hulicfl fri.m t||<> /«l,ind 
taken \iy memlieiw of the (iovcrnment 
group on the renohition moved by 
.Mr. F. .1. Dixon, leader of the Labor 
group, which provided that the L«gia. 
lature enact meaauraa providing tot a 
laiii settlement aeheraa haaad on tha 
aalUng price of land, ownera of idle 
areao being obliged to file a selling 
price on their lands, that prl.e to 
be regarded as the aaaesament valua- 
tion for piir|M>f«'N of taxation. It waa 
claimed that thi.s renoliitlnn present- 
ed in the \ery words ijjxd, wan one 
of the ii|,ini\.s in till- l'.itni''s' J. I. It 

Times Hnve Cliaugcd 
A. McGregor. Government, Olad 
stone, argued that while in fnvor <■( 
the principle outlined in the re.>*oiii- 
tlon. tlmea had changed to the extent 
that this land \s^n so completely un- 
^isleaiijf ihiit owners < mild put their 
\ a liiiil imi fur helow Ihiit olitainlng fo- 
iliiv, and thus evade tanation. Such 
n measure would defeat the very 
object It was designed ta obtain. 

Former Premier Norria ' declared 
that the real reaaen waa that the fel- 
low whf> waa out of power always 
thought he knew what waa beat. .ukI 
II was not inilil he K..t into [lower 
that It waa dlscuverc-d hlx fond fancies 
were unsound. 

Japtmete Labor to 
Help in DevetopmeiU of 
BraxUkut HUe F§M§ 

NEW VOKK. 1-eh. I.I 
maat has lieen reached between 
Brazil and Japan for the immi^ra- 
Uan to BraatI of KOf.aM iapaaeae 
for purpoaee of colonisation. The 
Brooklyn Dally Elagle aald today it 
had learned on good authority. 

L'nder the terme of tha pact it la 
understood that the Tapaasaa Gov- 
ernment la to take care of tha Japah- 
see when they arriTe, dtatrlbutlag 
them to agricultural aaatlona where 
they are needed. 

According to tha newspapT the 
creament waa r aa e had hsaaaas of 
e aevta n s e asa i ly of Japan far Aad- 
ing some outlet for her exeeaa pip 
niatien. It waa said that «b,> had 
taraad to Braall after her vii... 
eolonlaation enterprise had failed to 



Says Rapid Strides Towards 

Realization of Reparations 
.Aims ill FTuhr Valley Are 
Being Made Each Oi^ 


Approximately Five Thousand 

Ti)[is of Coarand Coke Said 
iM Be Leaving' the Occupied 
Area Daily 

Brakil waa said ie have welromet! 
the agreement from an •n.iu^tri.ii 

StundiMtlnt berwii./- ,if Ii. . ; r,,^ 

■ • ' per lalKM- In developing her rice 
' • I ' und ' 

T .s.-I.LDORF, Feb. 15.— 
I ) Rapid strides towards real 
i.'.'itidii iif r^raih r'^ .imi in 
liic Kuhr arc being made dailv, 
accordfng to annotincementi from 
the occupatinnalV headquarters, 
u hich point out that from eight 
! ) niae trains of coal and ccMce. 

(ir apjiniximatrlv five t!!' ni^-rm l 
tons, are leaving the occuDied area 
every 24 hottn lor Bdipv* 

Manned by Frenchnaen 
These trains are entirely manned 
by French civilian railway workers 
Im p or t e d for tho parp aaa . 

The river fleet Includes twenl>- 
flve stearnshipa and hundreda of 
barges, many of K^ flfc^JMBh-Jlfcaadly 
loaded with fuel. 

Tha Fraoeh pin great hopea upon 

this movement of fuel by water. 

In addition, the l-'rench are main- 
tain 'i\e dally passcnK< ' '.rains 
front Mayence to Dusseldorf, some 
of which earry Oermana having apa- 

Cltl permits ^r i-iterf »iy the French. 
Freight I'ralna Kunntng 
Even within the Uawty-OCCUpied 

territory freight traina are running. 
Theaa are moatly compaaad of eoke 
cara, but when tha occaalon ariaes 
the French alao transport Intra-ltuhr 

frelKhf for tha Oerni i iH md shift 
cara of food wherever iii< > aie needed 
by the population. 


vmooccT wnx ooit city tioo.- 


I Ii 

Win I'mor nn R»>miIi of ohji-j-- 
III-1 to Fiirf StriN-i WhlcMlnt; 
« oniiiillt4^< tti'tH Hcport 
Paving of I'aniiiiii Avenue from 
Cook Street to the ''lU Hay Junction 
Will coat the city, aeeordlng 
to a report completed yeatwrday by 
City Bngineer F. M. Preaton. which 
will be preaanted to the Public Works 
< mmlttao oC tha City CovacU this 
;i ft ernoon. 

! • f 100,000 estimate covers the 
cost of laying a forty-aix foot pava- 
maat and two atrlpo of ooncrato atdo- 
walk tha entire distance iMtween 
the Fort Street paving and the end 
of tho ii.-iving on Pandor.i Avenue at 
Cook Street. .Mr. Preston siihniltted 
a figure on that work ahmit two 
yeara ago. Ninety thousand dollars 
waa ths estimate then, but conditions 
have chaagad aince that tima and the 
coat of matariala haa advanced. 

Mr. I'reston waa asked to eatlmate 
the cost of continuing the Pandora 
A\enue route as a |iiii»Hiiile nieana of 
diverting traffic from the narrow 
portion of Fort Street between the 
Oak Bay Junction and Tataa Street, 
known aa tha Oardanalleo. The Couno 
cll la Impreaaed with the importance 
of reducing tH^ traffic strain on that 
street .and has conildered various 
Bchenie.'i for Widening Fort Street. 
Thf<i' ill hemes have recently been 
strongly protested against by pro^rty 
owners. It Is l>elleved. too. that tha 
widening would oeat In tha neighbor* 
hood of llU.dOa, ao that tha paving 
of Pandora Avenue, if It would ac- 
compliah thk dealred reaulta. would 
Miilly he the cheaper f>f the two 
ni hetne.^ and It would also have the 
'fT' . of Htimuiatlng baatasaa oa Paa* 

(iora Avenue. 


wiTii mm mm 

Conwid' 1 11 I'll 

.\»lh' >i H II ■ 

-Ii ... lliiK V\ Ik'M I'ollMii 

M'uiiii III lake Poo* 

• if \lli.Mcd Zone 

\ II..NA. Feb. 16,— The Poliah au* 
thoritlea hava hagun to take poaaso- 
slen of tha aaatral aone allattad to 
Poland. Poliah frontier guarda hava 
elaahed with Lithuanian Franctireurs 
near puskarnia There waa consider- 
able ahootlng, and one ofHecr and two 
eoldiers were wounded. Polish guarda 
occupied tha village of Puakarnla 

Lithuania frontier guarda hava 
blown up a bridge near Woltowo and 
daotroyad tho railroad tmaka May 

SPEi IM. (,l XRI) OS 




WTJiTNIPEr;. Feb. IS —The aboll- 
tl.iii i.r Mil- ...p.-. 1 ^iitiit fur a 111 miii.l'l'.es 
111 Maiuiiiliu HUh ,1 N-' .Spr.-il l.iniU 
Imw taking itn pi.i.i- is i p.i-.sibllity. 
'I'iio Law Amendiueiit Como^tlaa to- 
d>l^ approved of an amendiaaat to the 
Motor Act Wharaby thara would >"< 
»o speed Uaalt, hot a peraon ehargt i 
with "driving to the common danger ' 
would have to prove that the apeed 

at whic h he vva« d i i i i w i m not un- 
reaaoiia till- Iihvimk mh.UiI in the 
li/tflh .111.1 .-'.ill iif ill. hlKhwa\« 'I lu- 
ainendnii-nt will now have to go be- 
fore the Provincial Leglalature for 
approvaL A . similar (aw la now In 
ferea la Great Brttafn. 


CO-OP17R.\TIO\ I I \i>i i;v SI p- 
PORT IMtOPOs) i> I I \ \i 

Will Oonfi r Will, l-lrti.d s|,., |. M, n — 
VbU < linnilM 1 'if ( oiiiiiKTit* 

Alwui Organ Ixatiun 

.News That Lar^c \ c'^.^cl W as in Di.^trc , l U iiig 
Aflame and Sending; l p Flares in Hope ut Secur- 
ing Assistance, Brought to San Juan by liyc wit- 
nesses Last Night 

Propaaa la for tho eaUbUahmant of 
woolen mllla in Vletorla hava tha 
whole-hearted endorsement of Oaaa- 
dlan wool producera, according to 
Mr. William Ilarrisoti. president of 
the British Columbia Wool t^irowers' 
Asuodation. and Mr. George I". Hay, 
HiHi.-ih Ciiliinihia director of the 
< .11. I ii.iii 1 II . . pel ,1 1 1 \ 1- Wool fJrowers, 
Ltd.. who conferred last night with 
the Industrial Cmnnittae of the 
Chamber of Commerce, haadad by 
Mr. John Wood. 

Aslved li\ Aid John H,irve\- (iiaii- 
man of the City Councll'a Industrial 
(^immittee. wliat attitude the wool 
growers would take in regard to 
woolen milla In Victoria, Mr. Hay said 
that while It would probably be 
necessary to import a large propor- 
tion of the wool from Auatralla, tha 
wool growers of Waaterr Canidai 
Wdiild he glad to sell to the X liii.ria 
iutli..«, quoting tha same prices offeieU 
to Toronto less the freight rates. 

It waa intandad laat night to hold 
a confcrenoe batwaon tha wool asso- 
ciation men and Vancouver Islam! 
flockmasters and farmers, but owing 
to tlie siormy weather none of the 
r,..;i i,-,,|s. fiiin, (he country dibtrlcis 
v>eM ii ii- t.i ' . proaent, so the l on- 
feiiiM.. V IK ,..ixtponed unill next 

Tuesd.M' Mi; hi. 

' I ' ■ 1 1 ' ' I i M r , I ..11 F ' 1 r p ■ ~ \ 


FIrat Time in iiutorT of nrftlsh Par 

IIbiik 111 !• I ii.l.illi I I .1 III irll 
Ill liliiit l/onc |)r,\ Ml inlM-r 

LO.XnON, Kcb. 16.— The House of 
Commons, early In the preaent eesslon 
will, for the first time in its hlatory. 
have an opportunity to dlaeusa a total 
prohibition bill, which Mr. Kdwin 
Srrymgeour, prohibition member for 

I'Undee. will inlroduie, \»;i|i tli« 
backing of two or three tertotalli r 
labor nienibers. This is made pos- 
aible through Mr. Ijcrynigeour'a luck 
in accurlng aeventh place In the ballot 
held at the opehing of each aeasioa 
of Parliament for the right of private 

liietiibern to introduce Mils. 

Hmi li r.iii I ; M i-r n me nt hills hava 
fill \ •■ " I i ' ■ I lifini'eH of being 

adopted, but the introduction of thia 
bill Will afford an Intereating oppor- 
tulty of testing tha faaUag of 
Parliament on prohibition. 

urK ncij ( hange in 
Orrupii fi I i rrit(tru <tf 
Germany tonleniplalcd 

Waminga Hot* Hern It4>-«>|< .-.i Thm 
Montreal BdlAOe WUI Be Humcti 

■ : ' A apeclal 

c'lird of Kiin(h:« i.f < olumbua la re- 
. fi-rcing e«tra pollco In keeping 
watch over at. Mlehael'e Roman 
CathoMa Church at St. Lamhert. in 
cuaaa^asnm of waminga received i>y 
*":hief Oravel. of the at i^mbe-t po 

lice. that the ' h'ir> h nr ,t)M t.» 
burned i" ih» i <■ n • fu- \^|,, , , 

waa COn'-»..|>' I -v.. , , 

tinn mav he n linai. the Ht. Lamtwrt 
t'oanrii of tha K. of C. took a eertuua 
view a< It. and hava vohtntaared to 

uk^St^4imjsrs^ wiSa^ *** **' 

BRUStSETJS, Feb. !«.— A plan for 
the creation of new money for tiae 

in the ficcupled territory of (ieiinany 
has been completed by French and 
Belgian representatives The scheme 

will be preeentcd next week to 
Premier Polncare and Finance Minia- 
ted da Laateyrie of France, and 
Premier Thaunie of Belgium, who will 
make a definite declalon on it. Should 
the protect he put Into effect, tho 

new iii'.iiey would be ls"Ueil ]<\- the 

i'4ink of France .ind the National 
Baak of Belgium. 



CIm iiiii-ifiin ' «• y ml- r M liii |i • Ir 

Uenrjr Tltomtua l»clcctc>«l .Not 

OTTAWA. Feb. IS. — It was deeme.i 
in tho paMlo lateraat to daflnltely 
eerure tha %arvlea of Sir Henry 

111 I 'on and, as tite board of dlrec- 
rv h id no* been previously nppolnt- 

ed. Ihe (;(i\ernment deri.l. 1 • 1, il « 

11 n arrangement with him and rely 

on tha hoagtf vatl(]rlaiir it« aa haa haaa 


Tha foregolag aaowar wag given to 
a BSrtaa of qaaattaaa pai hy Rt. Hon. 
Arthar Melghen. Lieadar of the op- 
position, m the IfotMf. of Commona 

li>d..»>. Mr Melgben sAed If the 

rr-'T' "1" had .11 ' i'i'h' it'\ ' ..I" 
I ' » r ! nif n t to 111 1 It . , . . 1 , ' I 1 . 1 n I 1 1 
r Mefiry Tho'iii.'ii jitid wir. Pir' i 

met.t waa aot asked lo grant tbe 
aothortty at laat 

Ha waa taft 
uadec arhteh h beeama advlaahle to 

egorate this eoRtrael were not r, r, 
tempiataid dariag Mat aeaaioa of 

Algerine Sent to Rescue 
Fails to Find Any Trace 

Salvage Steamer; on Hearing News, Immediately 
Made for Location, Finds Nothing and Is 
Continuing Searc h Speculation as to H^tery^ 
Couples JUp Tuscan, Prince 



III tlainc5 

mtsaag ainoe early jraiterday 



AS aaother disaster been added to the tumultuous series i 
catastrophes of the past few dayt> From tlie \X Vst ( <•< 
nigfat men saw what appeared to be a large passenger stramn 
and acodiag up liiMirss flaias Pacl rim I' m When the salvage steamer 
Algerine arrived at the »crnr at one . Iim k llus morning she found nothing. 
It was thought last night that the siup iiugid possibly be the 1 uscan Prmce, 

wIm aha teat out S. O. S. dilb. 

Mrst Word of Mro 
Word of the l>urnlng ship first came 
in a wlrclesK meaaage to the PacUlO 
.Salvage Company from the Algerian 
at Port San Ju«n. Tho nalvaca ateamer 
left Victoria early . yaatartfay for tho 
wreck o^ the ateamer Banta Rita. lost 
yesterday morning near Clo-o«ine 

When at anchor for the night last 
evening at I'ort San .luan. the cua- 
toms officer of that point climbed 
ahi anl and reiiorfed the Inirnlng ship 
off Pachciin It appeared to be, ha 
said, a lui K'- paHsenger boat, and waa 
sending up Harea. Thia waa at 

>iade for the K<'ene 
The Algerine headed out of tha 
harbor, and at full apeed ateamod 
for the poaitlon of the unknown 
veasel. She reported by wiraleaa to 
Victoria at 10 p.m„ aaylng that aha 
expected to reach tho scene at 1 
o'clock thia morning 

Early this inoriiiiig ahe repmieil 
again. .N.i Mlgtl ot a vcK.-ici afire 
could be found in Ihe \lc|ntty of 
Pai hrna Point. The .\lg< rine was 
continuing her search When Tho Col- 
onist went to preaa. 

The veaad. It was oonsldarad laat 
night might poaalbly. hava been 
tha Tuacaa Pfince. The fate and 
•van the pestTlon of thia steamer, 
since ahe flushed out early yester- 
day hy wlre!(«rt the new* Hint ehe 
was In illfitic^" hsa been shrmideil 
in mystery. Ahaolulely nothing in 
(Continued on Page If) 

Area by FVemA 

COBLF..\Z. l-eh. l,^ - Tweiity-Rix 
Rhinelanil offlclabi. I in liid i hk the 
Hurgoniaster of Wiesbaden, have 
been expelled for disobeying the 
French autborltiea. The ofllc{alawlil 
be aent Into unoccupied Oermany — 
nine from Aachen, eight from Treves, 
four from WIeabaden. two from May- 
ence. t\Ni> fi oil) i>jindau, and the Bur* 

goinamter of Oborhiisen. 

Seven students of the Bonn l iil- 
veralty who participated In the re- 
ception when FMts Thysaan paaaad 
through Bonn after hia Hayaaca trial, 
hava bean daportad ta unoccupied 


Can Carry on t^nOrmd Ph^Im iic- 

hixiaiK i' Pull. > liiili Hiiitclv I nli-^ - 
i iioil ( oinplli ni Ions i'n 

HKIIM.N. 1 eh. 15. — Friedarlch 
Stampfer. Socialist leader and adttor- 
In-chlcf of The Vorwaart% haa asade 
another visit t« tha Ruhr and Rhine- 
land, and on hla return predicts that 
unless there are food complicatlona. 
the mine, metallurgical and railway 
workers snd other catejjories of the 
Mil.iting i-leincnt."^ will be able to 
on thoir "unarmed, paaslve rc- 

' I m e" Indeflnitely. 

Herr Stampfer eald ha aneoontared 
grim determination to aea tt through, 
and he believed thia waa bound to 
increase with every further turn of 
the French screw. 


i UL.Nt II ai,PI,^ l<» .sllllKL 1>L. 



OaiKM \l,s Uli.i, III, L\t iAULJ> 

(>fn<-lalN at < II iiiii' I ian<f and 

Cooamluec Held Coofereaea aa 
la Workhw 

Ono Moath'a Imi 


Many OMala 

of ~ 

DUWBLDORF, Feb. IS— A com- 
pany of French Infantry witli ni.i. hlne 

guns oei lljileil the I'Ksrn cUv ll .1 1 1 to- 
day. Mill I'M. with t\,r- ilfi ll 1 .1 - 

tion of .1 i«.ni\ four hours' general 
strike .ii-.iin-i the recent arre«ln. The 

Street car and electrical planta con- 
tinue to fuaetloB. 

Trouble Is again brening at fjeinen- 
l<lr.hen. where feeling is running 
1 against h . ' cupying forces. 

A French ofllcer waa attacked in 
the atreet and beaten by a mob, but 
was finally raacved. The French 
made several arreats. Many offlciala 
continue to ignore the orders of ihn 
French, and one of them, the Iltirgo- 
master of Blankensteln. hss been 
sente'i >■.! fi, ,,,,,, iniinMi'. Iinprlson- 


Arrt at I'ollcc Olrcctora 
DUaSELDORFi Feb. IS. — The 
French forces have nrrented the 
burgomaster and director of poll, r .m 
Plrni.iri«< ii« ami the diractoi nf p. .Men 
at Zlmniern. and have ocruple<l th» 
aaatral rustonis nfnce at Neuweld. 

Senate to SU Until 

Dehi BlU Diepoeed Of 

WA.SI1I.\(;to.V. |->b. 15.— An 
agreement providing for a vote on 
the British Debt Fuadlng Bill before 
the Senate adiooma tomorrow waa 
formally entered late tud.iy after a 
similar propoaal had been blocked 
I ..'.II 

Lnder the asroa m a a t eatared Into 
it wae provided that attar 1 a^alork 
the Um^ af each Senator far dahau 

will be limited to ten minataa. and 

that the Senate would remain in 
continuous aeiaslon until the bill is 


r« Umpe Money Set 
AaUa tmr Amieiance 
Of Bmptra Settlement 

riTTAWA. ^eb IS.— The Uovern- 
ment, before the end of tho praoent 
aeaaioa, Inteada brlnglag down aa Im- 
mlcraUon ecbesne w hl a h wW laok to 
the wtmaatloo of some of tho moni' - 

prrmKad for the aaelstsne* of V.t>>f,>-r- 

M' ' ' '•• III' nt . Hon I <,i- • ^ , , ■ 

Aitmg Mlalet'r «.f 1 ntiuigi aiioa. 

CUMBERLAND, Feb. IS.— A meet- 
ing was held lodsy heiwreii tin m;<M- 
.igeiiii.nt of the i i.lll' ry conipaii\ himI 

'h iiiiiii.- I < prenetit lni{ tin nun- 

erK, when lh«' mailers In dlsjiuli- wero 
gone Into, a i oncluslon was not 
reached and further conferaooea will 
be hel4 before the men will eoaaaafe 
to return to work In the mine. 

Ro work would start tomorrow In 

any event, as It will he ne. rssarj .1 
an examination of the nilna lie i .i.iU 
111 1 irdi r I o .1 V. !■ I 1 11 1 11 I I. .■ !■ ■ i- i iig 
conditions there. A Jolni hafi i , i iiin» 
mittee win at once make an examina- 
tion and on that body Mr. Oavid 
Richarda will act for the men. 
Demands s4-t I'oriii 
At the meeting between the man 
and the company today the damanda 
of the minora ware nude aa aat forth 
in tha reaolutlona paaaad a few daya 
ago. The men's committee demanded 
lhat the long wall syatem should b* 

nholi«he(1 ill ll,, in, ,11 .111,1 It, Hi iiiily 
plliarM and i" n ■ : >. . I. nliuulU bn used. 

In adiiiii..,, I (tie demand waa 

made that only white men ahottid bO 
employed In tho Working*. 

Tho reply of tha offldala waa that 
Orlentela would eontlaao to be em- 
ployed aa there waa an inaaffhient 
number of white men .Number 
mine, w < -i -lilr. wonM ha e ti, rm 
ploy tlir < lilni-nf until new seams wera 
opened When lhat wan nr<r-ompllshed 

only while men wouiij fiii4 employ* 


Ab«>Uah l<ong Walla 

The b>ng w ill- It waa atatrd, 
would i.ikf .o weeks t-i i 

HboiiMbed and as die plllara ware 
sisried, whMa BMa woaM taka tiMts 

The mooting hatwaoB thf aaaa aad 

the company did not taka plaoa aaCil 
thia evening owing to the fact that 

Mr. J. M HaVHH<- K'lKTiii iMiiKcr 
of Ihe compaiiv, ilid nol ri-..i|i l||« 
'•II y earlier. 

Tli<> foinnilitee postponed action 
until tomorrow, when another meet* 
Ing of the union will be held, and tha 
ropilea of tho aomyaay wtn ha 
into aad fally 

PHmm ei Wmlm F^ 


i> I ■ 1. 1 11 

iin rtjM r« 

ml l><.IUr« 


SAKTA iiAl-.aAKA. Cel.. Feb, 
Iff a W setsm 




Of Waka for fff.. 

MfO tada- Tliit 
marks #»ne f>f the f f w in- 

1 I 'ill.. 1 IK i'»i fttp 

wvtk ei a livios axliat, ii «•« 



Iwvt 9a dUpla/ in our Government Street window 
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our stock. 

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IV — E*\U mi Entrmteea 

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>ut)p!y I' l.iiinl(>l. fiviv Suoii 


Manufacturers' Price-Reduction Sale 



The British 
Boot Shop" 


n 1 S Govern- 
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Choosing Paper 

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In vt%rf bom* «h«rt It It 

Call oarafullj 

tally anikars^ 


"4 0^" 


TIMM SMaW* Wilt M«n«v. Lack 

Sir Arihur Wtlaon and I partr.l 
frUndly. rlvll. but at th« aam* time 
cool tanna. Ha ahcwad nst tlw Iseat 
raa«atmsBt et tlis bttsf aintatteisat 
of hts tSBiirs. H« WM as swM-tsm- 
parae and aa distant as «var. Only 
unoa did ha ahow the all^hteat Klfti of 
vaheinrrue Ttiat was whrn I iclj 
him that the I-rlnie Mlnlmri tind au- 
fliurliBd nii» fo aiibinit tiln niim« f.i 
ih.) King for % i>»criia» Jle 
gMfcH.l Mniarir fnuii thla with much 

vigor. Wtiat n .iild ha do wltli such 
• tlifac? It would bo ridlevloua. 
Howovsr, Uis J4ajsstx rsoolTOd to 
«OB<Sr upon him tha Ordar of Marlt. 
and thli^ha waa finally wiiiinK t" a. 
capt. On hia last night In r,fn,-,, ),« 
.'a\ a a dlnnar t,. iho new Hea lyords 
In tha true band of brolh«ra" al>l'', 
and than railrrd to Norfolk I < ..vjld 

not iirii> rhinkini uncomfqrtably of 

tti» f«riiiius Tennlal oartOOOt "DfOP^ 

pine tha Pilot." wbars ths iMSfsrl- 
•aose see tawlsnro OsrAian »m- 

ysree to espktod oaralaasly watrhlng 
tllO TSesrablO flrura of Ulernark <1f- 

soandlnr tha iw id#i n>\ . 1 1 hi-iea* i 
had acted on \n%\\ public grounda and 

< M < > aa ai9B«, gmd I (orttflsi myssU 

with tli^ni. 

A« I,. ■«.«!) In ita proper plaea. 
Sir Ariiiur Wllaon cams baek to tha 
Admiralty thrsa yaars latsr and 
leorkad with Lord risbtr aad res dur- 
lae ths six SMBths of our association. 
WhSB Lord Fishsr realgned In May, 
lfl6. I tnvltad filr Arthur t., t«Ko 
tJ»« <i ■■>>< • r s...: t J ha 

OOnB«r;(.-,i ; , ,( , learning. Imw- 

aver « f,n i„ , latar that T waa to 
U«\ « th, AdinlraUy. he wrots to Mr, 
A f. I'll lefualne to iindertaks ths 
taak undar eay othsr Vlrst Iiortf bat 

_ May 10. i»iB. 

Dsar Mr. Ae9ulth.~In vi«w of the 

'•ports In ths pa para tlils lui.tnlng na 
to tha probabia raeonttru r 1 1 « 

<.i ' < r ',rii»'iit. I ihink I .•!)«!:' \., t< !I 

^' "i aitiKiiiuh 1 agreed to undar- 

rahe •!,,. ,,f YifX. 8sa Lord undar 

.Vr ( iiurchiii bacauss It appsarsd to 
Tne to be ths host msans of malatatn- 
ins contlBUtty bf poUsy under ths un- 
fortvaets eirsumstsness that have 
*rtssn, I am not prapar^d i., imder- 
taka tha duties under 8n\ new i ir«it 
l ord the strain under such < lr< um 
n!nti. e<i would be far beyond iny 

Nl I eiiKf li 

belleva me. your Uijly. 

A. X. 'VnLSON. 

niamr f,)r DarJaneUti 

At that time I hardly sssmsd to 
l ava • (rlsnd In ths sfBctel or psr- 
uamshtary world: All the preaa were 
thrswlae ths bisme of the Dardan 
•Ilea entanglemei'.r SMd of many -'It 
ihlngs upon ni»' und I was f.*- 
I ; ; ; : r s r r , r ,~ , ; , j , , 

I •utnpiu.Hii. ii«,,,Mi \%hom no 

j Hr>ntd .f A.|.i:lr«ll ,oul,I work. Sir 

Arthur had never prevloyaly flvoB ma 
any algn of approval, thsnsh. of 
eourae. we had tobored toesthsr dnv 
sfter day. I was. thsrsfors. astound 
ed to iMrn what hs had done, it 
came ag an absolute aurprlae tn ni»-, 
and r do not niin I ivUik that I ft-it 
pf prniid n your.K .'fII..T ni-'iit .M,,-d 
f'-< 'hf ItrBl tim.' Ill ,li-<).(.>. 1,.'-, I 
iiKht ii v.v duly, however, to try 
J ' .o , ' objections, as I knew 

naval circlea of hla havl-.g be>Mi 

I'Uohrd on fmi. Mio h wrrf I'lp 

I III |M t<»f.loin, niioiK^d in ni> iiitrnj li\ 
ih» name of ihla ofr<rr, and I r«»cord 
them with inlnutenrM becauae the 
declalona which I liad the ^saiSr <>f 
taking In regard ta him WSrs an»»t 
eerviccrol'ia to ths Reral Navy ead to 
tha BrUlsb urrna 

Admual Bcally 

I waa. hswsTsr. s4ytosd about htm 
at the Admiralty la a declslTsljr ad- 
verse aanae. Ifa had tot on too faat. 

I.'! lofiii v InirrcNta ««ho( i- lioi 
in-ur< 11. wholly In thr i<e-i \ li •■ 

Hf> had l'<^eo ofr<<l''d Hii u l<po| I, t nienf 

("lilted to his rank aa Hear Admiral la 
tha Atlantic fleet. And he had declined 

I hla appoiatmeat^ vary sartous ftep 
for a BsnA isAosr to teha wIm4'«p- 
i>olatmsata were few la proportion to 
candtdatee — and he ahould tn conn' 
Quancn not he (iffcr<-(i uny furt'"' • 
ploynirnt. It would 1« contrmy lo 
lirrcnl I t . I n. i ^ (> u r 11 I li". ■■ 
had ii'real\ h^en unemployed f"i 
• Ightexii ii.iiiiiha, uiid would probablv 
i>e retired In the ordloary OOlUfSS at 
ihs sxpiratloa of ths tall three ysenT 

But my flrst mestlae wHh thr Ad> 
mtral induced m«f Immedlstely to dla- 
regard thla unfortunate advice. He 

b*"'!!!!!"- Ill once my hh.iiI •ei-r atary 
( o I I f , (1 • o 1 V ■ 1, 1 ' il X M ; f .1 !■ 1 . ■ i Mt - 

II I •■ I, • \\ II M M. r l! . \- ,1 K I • K ' : 1 r< 

•idr hy oide 'n rooina wnlch conimunl- 
catfd. we perpetually discuaaed dur> 
iMg the next flltssn months ths prob> 
1 ems of a nevml war with Osrmany. Tt 
became InersaalBely clsar to me • > i.t 
he viewed questtona of naval strut ^t. 
and tactKi 111 H dinr»>rent light from 
the avera»p lonal offlorr: he ap- 
proached • iia ft B»-pnird • •■;»■ 
'iin< h ni"!. 11.1 ft soldier would. Hla 
• 1 . r ' lice on land had llhimln- 
*4£{1 the facta he had acquired In hln 
naval tralnlnf. He was no mere In- 
atrewsetsltst. Hs «td not think of 
matarlal as an aad la Itsslf but only 
as a means. He thoufht of war prob- 
lema In their unity by land, sea hikI 

liad t'^cti I f r.dti f d 

li t I . .i Kl ' 1,1 1 I o IIH of 

1" : .ind the ! I !!■ 1 1 fc rli : 1 and en - 
iclifd bv Miiif.i experlancea against 
ihfl enemy afloat, on Nile funboats. 
"lid aahore. It was with equal 
1 leasers sad preflt that X diseussed 
with him our aeral problem, now 
from this anele, now from that : and I 
Increasing struck with the ahrrwd 
.in. I profound wBK.iflty of hln (.om 
inents e.xio i : i . ir,- ulngu 

aence iftpartinent. that vital ganglion 
of our organlMtlon. He was a thor- 
oughly trained and aocompUshed stall 
ofTlcer. with a ftft sf olsar aa« 1«SM 
statemsat aa« all that thimesfcaiH 
and patteat ladoslnr wMib we tevs 
"•ver eeesres Ha ie t eS In the BvllMi 


It was recounted of him that on one 
occasion, when ha vlaltad Kiel with 
King Kdward • (iarniiin admiral In 
high command had leproached him 
with nerving in iti« Hrlilah fleet, 
whereat Prince Louis, ettffenlne. had 
replied, •Wr. whsa X JMasd ths Beyal 
Navy In the year iiti. tkt Osraaa 
Bmplrs did aet sstst." 

Ths part Whioh ha played In th« 
evente with which i am dealing will 
he recorded oa tlie atory unftdda. 

It oypri«iii«ii All rigbta raeerved. Wt 
i:iu«i%. ■•Tiai pusiteetlea rlshta la Tictont 

• n.l Ol.lrltl ti.14 br Tiia CelealSt. Copy 
tl(hi In t»i« I'nl(«a eiatai ot Aa«ii>.» 

1 ui ( !■ Ill uwn l.lni ji «(] I 

( To Ue Continued Tomorrow) 


MInlKrr of I,alM,r I>es<-rlb4-«> Mluatlon 
• ■>. ••Serious Indfted" — Flnw Inti- 
mation Waa Prose Item 

ail H !■( ii.ii'd 
' I li I , k and Hii |. Ill . 



Famous Tliroiighouf the World 
1 Uustrated Caulogt^s oa Rcqticit 



Pr:iih'-t ton Hiiilding Fort Street 

'Ur iTime Aiinlater wanted him to 
« » the post. But It was all In vain, 
lie atuok to his opinion that he could 
lo It with ms aad with nobody elae 
I felt deeply touched. Th re waa 
nothlnff to be touched at^iut. he ob- 
served ••I'ou know all the inovee on 
the board. I ahould only have to put 
the brake on fram time to time. I 
onld not poaalbly manage with any- 
nc ♦ i-. ■ ^nd that waa ths sad of 
it. Ue continued worklnr In a subor- 
dinats position at the Admiralty till 
ths snd of ths war. I hardiv ever 
saw him afterwdrda: but I huva pre- 
served a memery wklSh Is vsry pre 
clous to me. 

.\ few week, „ttn my arrival at the 
Admiralty I as told that amonc sev- 
eral omc.ers of fl/ig rank who wighed 
o .r^ nie waa Rear Admiral Beatty 
I never met him before, but I had 
the foUowlae Imprsaalona about him 
Firet. Uat h^was ths youngest flag 
omosr la ths Asst. Sseendly, that he 
had eommanded the white ffimbont 
which had ( omn up the ■ ; - . 
a- iw,„ii,|^ ,„ «„,,,„„. ji„ i^'n,.. 

ei» «I,on we ma. I. ,,arge at Om- 

du.o,^,, Thirdly, iliat he had aeSB » 
i r , liting on land with ths army, 
una that conssqusatly hs had mlll- 
^ sxpsrlence. 
roarthly. that he csme of a hard- 
rldlae stock: his father had been In 
my own reRlment, the 4ih Huaaar- 
and I had often hf^ard him talked of 
when I firat loined The Admiral I 
knew. «Ha a very nne horseman, with 
what la called 'an eye for country." 

' • • "as much tnik m 


Bicycle Sale 

S ;!!!;!:!:.r:-._. -^ 

Niw taflllMt eieyeMa at MS. an4 OOT "Ji 
10 eiafalaa it ^- I .•>U 

North Toronto 


Asks If Ra- 



•at iMSer MawiX WkBs 

TronpM Hwesp Arlfh 
talna for Follnwewe 

BKI-KABT Feb 1 & The Iriei. ; 
refUlar leader. Hofln. agsipat whom 
the Free Stat* la eoeaeed In an ex- 
teeslva eampa4cn la the Arica 
Meuntalae 9t Ooaaty Oaves, was 
msrtted SB Mandsy 'tn thsr vWee* 
rhurch at Leltrlm. armrdla^ tS a 
report from Beliurbe' today. 

The aweepinc of the hill* whSre 
ths iBSUffent leader and hia foil. .were 
Imve taasn rafUge. waa being ^lc 
•roualy preoeed. aaid toda^ a repor- 

"i-TAWA. Feb. II.— Coal shortage 
la reviewed la questions ot whlcii 
nstlce has been glvSn (n the Mouse 

of ("onimona Mi T I i liuich. 
N'ortli Toronlr. a«k< if 'h.' Bi.rpin- 
iiic;,' iniend* !■> ap|poin! i< •pr. ml 
c"'i! in 11 1 e.. i.f ihr Ho'iae to conatdar 
fiK I «'/ pl\ and whether the UoVern- 

mant will endeavor to secure aa sil- 
Brltlsh and Canadian supply, tosh Ba 

Welsh. Nova Soetla aad Wsetsra Oaai. 
to taka tko plaos ef aathraelts im- 
ported from ths Vattad SUtaa. }le 
aleo aska fer details 9t bitumlnoua 

and '< n ! Ii ri< . : 1 1. < obI 

hawii^jy.jref ^seversd .bjriia any sas^ 
AdarniTa lilt: aealast sIthH 

« ■ 

Ui. Adam 


LONDOV. Fab. II.— Chaaeolter ef 
the Exchequer Baldwin today da- 
cHned to entertain a propoaal ma<Je In 
the finuae of Commona hy Mr »f»nr 
I.orlmer Conaervattve. for a la* upon 

An.eiir.n citiBiee Tiiilias tBe VattSd 

Kingdom I 

Mr. BaMwIa said that ho oo«M net 
la aay sas^ «sr«*. Uk^ dlacrlmtnat* 
aealBst sItlaMe ot the Ualtsd Sutas 

Nat lire sends a warn- 
ing of Pyorrhea — 
UlBdinggums. Only 

larly tree front tecluiical Jargon 
•Wslion Has Come Again" 

I had no H ; 'n a .Matever whan the 
< '>mmand of the battle cruiser aquad- 
ti fell vacant In ths Sprine of ltl3 
appointing him ever ths hssds of 
I to this lasemparebls command , 
the nucleus, as tt provsd to be, of the 
famous battle eruieer fleet — the stra- 
tegic cavalry of the Royal N«v , Mimi 
supreme comblnallon of •>peoii nmi 
power to w 'l:. h th-- iio.iigii'. of iiif 
Admiralty wf-r.- . nui muoiiiU .iiip.if.,i 
And when '«., \ j>ar^ l,iirr .IVhruaiy 

». 19 If)) I M«i!cd him on board the 
Mon, with the scara o( vistorlotts bat- 
tle freeb upon her from ths astloa of 
ths X>oessr Bank. I hsard from hia 
enpuiaa and his admlrala the expre.i 
sion of their reapectful buf Intense en - 
thusiasni for their l.aihr Well do I 
remember how aa X waa lea vine; the 
ship, the tiauiiMv Imperturbal'l" A.i 
mlral Pu Ken hum caught me by the 
sleeve. Mrat Lord. I wish tO spSBk tO 
speak to you In prlvsis." Bad ths re- 
st ruin ad passloB la hla volos as hs 
■aid, "Nslsoa has oobm acaln." Those 
worda often recurred to my mind. 

So mu. Ii of my work In endeii\or- 
Ing to jiif pare the fleet for war 
dependent upon the guidance i. i 
help I received from I'rlnce 1m}\iU of 
i; iiw nherg. %vho. taking U aa a •whole, 
v^a^ my principal counselor, as SSesnd 
seu Lord from January, itll. to 
March. ISll. whsa Sir Francla Brldgc- 
maa'S health tsmporarlly failed, and 
as First Sea Lord thenceforward to 
the end of October 1 ;» l 4 Miat It in 
nPc-BSai' I.. K ^e ,-).ini<> d m pi i, . ti of 
Ihla rcrnnrlsahl.. Iii„,e and Brltlah 
pallor All Die oi-.te H thla necegeary. 
since the accident of his parsnUte 
struck him down In tha opsBlng 
monj|ui of ths Qrsat War Ahd termln- 
atedVls loat ^fsasieeat carssr. 

Prmc9 LmU 
l*rlaos LoBis waa a child of 
ths Xtopel Navy. From his earll- 
eet yenrs he had been bred to 
the sen. The deck of a Hriti<h 
warship vv.«^ hla home A i, .. 
Interem wnn <'entered In the Brit - 
"1. fi.Mi Ho for from hla exaUed 
tank having helped him. It had hin- 
dered hla career; ap to a osrtala point 
no doubt It had beSa of amiatance. 
but after that It had beSn a i.osiiu.. 
drawback. In oeaasquenci ii» i .,,| 
apSBt an except lona 11 V Itre- (,r.,|...i 

tlon of his fori' , . afloat, 

usually III ti... t 
rnand.* On- ; i i ' . ,, i ,! \i„|i„ 
lie iiand lo l.imK hi^ <rulaer squadron 
ii.i.. I he miaii. crowded harbor at 
speed, and then In the nick ot tlmo. 
with scaresly a haedrsd yards to 
■pars, by drapplae his' snchora, 
checklae on his edMee snd rolng full 
"pred astern, bring it safely im , at:, 

OTTAWA. Fsb. ll.—«oA. Jamss 
Mvrdook. auhleter of Labor, la ths 
MeuBS thto eftsmoon declared the 
steel strike In Sydney was part of the 

cjimpalgn of the Work^-ra' Party of 
Canada wt.ici, |,, all Intents and 
purjioaei". « , . ommunUit parly 

In Canada, the patty In control of 

Srrlooa Situation 

Mr Afurdocli .leecrlhod the situa- 
tion lodHN aa io-ifi({ MT UK Indeed," 
and that e\eij ^rr waa being made 

to handicap thi- ladestry la 

Sydney. If ^the efforts wsra saoesss- 
fuU Mr. Murdoch addsd. Irrsparabis 
damafs would be done to the ateei 
plant which was being »Iowed down. 

The ij ■' • . 1 ! \\ UK liiouBh' up In 
the Houan of t .!:,iii.,iih I>> Mr. J. 8. 
Woodsworth i„ri., i for Win- 
nipeg Centre. Mr. Woodaworth said 
ills informatloa was that ths msn hsd 
aaksd fer a Board of ATbltratloa 
ssvsral wssks ago and were refused. 

Hon -I^iiiif. M'li.i'.ik xAi:-\ the first 
1 • 1 111 ,1 1 : < . II hi-i (1 e 1 I ni n I liarl of the 

I !1 

Our Friday and 

Are from Our Boys' Dapartatsat TUs 


Bargain Noe 1 

103 Peirs Boye* Tweed Bleoniers in .1 good rznge of 
colors; good qualities and well madr .MI ! 1 . \- 
eriior fasteners. 6izc& 3 to lo ;>cars. Todav ^1 dj* 
and SatunUy only. A pair. I s4D 

Bargain No. 2 

Bojft* Jerseys. m.iii\- ..t' [\\rui .ill woi.! ([ualitics, in color.'* 
of brown, nav^, wrccii and fancy slripcj. ^izes ^ t I'l 
yean. ' Today aftd 'Saturday only. -■ ■ * ^ q r 

"^"f tT**r*TTTTTT'»ss«sarrTSTfaevesaasasBeBeaeaBeeeaeao»eaMa«ae V# 

Bargain Noe 3 . 

Boys' Vy car well Stockinfe, heavy Mack cotton, ^ 

This i.-; a icai l an^ain. Sues 7 inches to 
10 indies, A pair e...^*....... 

► saaeoeo— eaxa^S' 

1 ^'h. 

' h»- f'.rtii if n I'rem 
iirm. which said the Board waa to be 
aaked for to Investlgats ths eUSSUoB 
of aa slfht-hour day. ths chsck-oft 
systsn and aa taersass of is per cent 
In wages. The article aN.. i<.ii i n.a 

Boai^ would probably be dmieji hmv a 
the stre! Ind'ua; ; .! ; ! ■. ; ...,.*» u ii 1. ; u 
the lliiiila ,)f 111.- l Oii^iMrfl I 
Act Tli»< I'laii'v -(^ ,1^ ,, r ,-. lai,,.,-) 

lip by the Labor Department, aaid the 
.Minister, and the men were aevlssd 
that the company would be asksd to 
Join In the spplleatioh for a board. 


arnwrs I'f-«d Ihcy \r 

Jualice on Sale, Htkf 
" at " 

VoC Getting 

no* I>oaslas SI. 


''Prevention is Better Than Cure* 

Keep Your Feet 

Rubbers* Oum Boots for inrn. Mi men and children. Poo't bt 
without Weterproof Covering for your feet. 

Tligh-Grade Footwear for Men. 
Women sad Children, and 

Bead thee Rspairiac 

OTTAWA, Fsb. II.— Formation of 
a eommisslon to iaquire Into the grain 
trade of Weatern Canada, with a v i. » 

to reaching a permanem ^..ll|| i.,,-, ,,f 
the tiraln inarketlnif pk.Mbio u « 
mo\-fil 111 ttip Hous.. <)>\H li fi'- l , 
Mr. John Millar, i'rogreaalva memt>er 
for Qu'Appelle. Hask. Mr. Miller 
ciaima that the grain merkstlaf 
situation In the Wbst wss fsr from 

Xumeroiia al.eK-i' i* "f v>i..tig 
doiMK had hffn node .jn'i 1' waa in 

the Interests of both i'iaat and West 

that thses MmuM be lavsstlsated. 
An organisation of ffraln boyera In 

Winnipeg had made aerloua charges 

agalnat the c h> ■ ■ a-; i .. ie|*.,i 
that there was in. >-«i»,,f,p n,, 

B'-''ln tiade and 1 !;,.|,.,, with 

w itl' h ihea« hinnra w ero bunded, to 
keep iiioni In niibnilsaton. There was 

more than a suspicion that the nrmsr 
was penalised In maay ways when 

ho sold his grain. 

A rommlasion was nece.saar\ to in- 
veatlgiite these c)i;,.k.h. i,. , ,, 
conimlilee of the M..iin.- v\ hi. h h ,-! 
been naine.l to love.llgai, ((,|, kHmh 

lion could not poaalbly cover ail its 

Ths farmers of th& West feit ihrv 
Wbrs aot sotting Juftlce when they 
had to sail thslr sraia. 


•W* ar« now ahjwlns In our wiiotuws » .umpl*!* lino o( Poultry Buppll«% Inclu.l 

lag »aaeSa t s r » UrseSsta FseS Treaclia, UsMera em Baaea OHakias rouma. 
ete. A wMe TSrteir ef aev aa rtea ef aioeelal iatereai te pasltry kae»era 


*- — lUT — 



See to tlw Rase VMtM 

'..e;:..i !n roofa do damage and 
1 .K'l »xp»~nie of reilecoi at I ng. ISxpert 
men Irom H. K. Newton Paint Co.e 
Work DspartmSat can stop all roof 
Isaks er, If daaueo is doao. rodscor- 
ats — kslsomlBlae. pepsrhaaglng. 
pain! > K " ( >fl1ce, its TatSS. Phone 
l:>aiiniai»-s free. (Advt.) 


BmI Wtllinstoii 



Phone 1377 
A. R. Graliam 

1303 Bleed tt 
&• M. Browa 

vice, enllating from 
was then Urlns* 

On ths eucbrsek of the Orsat War, 
his four sons, John. Rddle, Thomas 
and wnilsm. all donned the kha)<i 
Only I'ddle how e\ < t , was phy«l< •. 
(U t.i oserseas. He aaw over thirr 

ysars' aerriee la rreaee erftli ths 

ISBth p.".' Mrr>ermott was 

married mi ii - age of 41, his WifS 

'lien being only id years of ase. 9hS 

|.i e.iei eii a» d him fl\ c year* n. .. 


OTTA W A. Ket> m \ n . i i r 

th.i-^o intereaiins <>■<•< 

who fought In the 1 iiriiean War, hs" 
luat p;<««e,i away here In thS pSTSon 
of John McOermott. Bora la Ceeaty 
< ork. Ireiead, iff years age, MrDer- 

niott tlret CrOaOSd the VlHnli. t.en 


past forty escapes. 
Thousantis younger 
are subject to it as 
v«IL «• M your 

tlon. Tfe had a far w l.ler l< n 
of " II r 1 ■ !,i ,1 « n l . ' ■ >,,. 

' i i>""' T HI 'It,, i.iom ,.f i 'lo 

other loltnir.da I h,, , t-nown. Hi* 
bioihei, as King r Hulssrla. had 
shown mlliiar)' .t i' ) • 'idee of a Tory 
high order, at the battle of Sllvaltaa. 
and he htmsolf waa deeply versed in 
every detell. practical and the .reti, 
of the British naval eervtre it 

qot wl'honf good reamm tl-H' i -,,1 
been appointed under Lord I' t.. 
be head of the Rrltiah naval Irtelh- 


Sttiii Ibthis Hndicbn 

fourteen year* of 

p 11 rent- .1 ,V| ., ) , 

lo . .»! 0 I <■ I : : ,1 If,. 

1 Jirrr fiam « tooti h^ie 

• —If cktcki ^yorriua 

• iScaodeOfciBtabaa 

" - — 


»»•' to 1.011 h,» 
V Afier ,, 

' Dding half a 
' "'■ ■ - "' •■ " ompley or 
the liuoth Lumber Compeay hsre 
hie dsmles earns at a tieio when h. 
waa oeaSdsatly looking for-. i . 
attaining the eeatury mark 11. i,,4 

n fact, expreased hlmaelf r- 

■ Tir.s am feeling ver i fir Only 

.lava l>rfnre i,ia death he 

•nua at work, and caught a bad ehir 
whiek ealskly prosed teteL St wa# 
la eroad boast that ha had aeoer 
I ••fsrs M^sred any seHem fflneea 

It wss In 183* I,.,,, , |„,1 r,t 

fottrteen year* ftiat Nf.pernior; h«- 

K ■< ' • " ' !i . 'U- ..f I hi- A • l» •■■r-.- 

Ke „:.„ parenu«at Malon* 

»o') lear'n'-i ! ii« trado sf esepor 
^ 'beesueatly he istuieed le asvUad 
tsko part la the rvtmsaa War 

«here h. c r>a : de r » hie »»r» l'-e 

• tut I. «• proni-.te,! ro fhe rank f>f 

■ ergeai;' He a i*o took p«rt tn tha 
Fgyp'iar- .anipaigr -.'fi-rm ha aaw 
considerable awr^ P e In >h# ASMr 

Civil War betwssa the North and 
Roach ho took sa Settvo part en tha 

side of the Nor'! ?r' fine < ♦ 
his brMhera vaa kiMe.l in rh|« ei«i 
flC' t'-ns ' ei'l" |., rhe fj*,) R,. 

beilion he also saw cuostderablo SW- j 

Don't Let Your Meals 
Become a Tough 
Proposition , 

We SsU Msats Hist Satisfy 



•••*••••«• a e •••• *#«ai 



Choice Breakfast Bacon, 

Pure Lerd, 

Prime Ribs Beef. 


2 lbs 


fteOed Koeete Beef 



J^^^ Mutton Chops, 

2 Ibe. 
Sausages iff 

Choice No. 1 

ibi. Uc ; i Ibe. lor 

Sold With Othsr Goods 



! T>ATLY COUrWTCT. VTCTrmTA: B.a FRIDAY. piifeARY 16, 1923 


Poultry Farm 

of one arrr of land, \vith S-room modrrn dwrllin? which 
kai Ijrgp brf^cinrni ami goo.l »atri sm.j.l , Hrn Ip.ujr 4<Xl 
bird*. ItuU Uee» and •ntall fruit*. i uur miles iruiu >.ii«iife^_ii{ 
otjr Mtf cloM lo 0.C.B. lUilway. Price, oa ttnMC oaly 



World s Largest Dirigible Is Assuming Shape 


A man holdlDf an ••r**rn«iit lo purchaM IIO airaa In Haakatih* oan wuul<) *< 
(«r a IMMM lMl««la« Mm* with ud b«r«. ammth 

*t ▼ ■■■■ ■ ^■ r UtoM. tulMMlMWM Im4 sAMm •t»r»M>r. Marly Ml MrM 
brokaa. t-atonr lM«M Mt m ■■Imi . feT MM*> 

>i>«au af IIM Mitf taUrMt •« «%. 

Wbea You Buy a Honesite 

m tmmtmm^i T»> ♦» Itoto it « lrt> Om 

U 1i apMllien rttl.d n.^u tl<t nil* for tU* i in i j«rr . r « i 

r'lO lull >■ ,r II, .lie, Id a f^H.A I li < I in «i . I I" liiilM a hoUM Mtf flMk IMM IIS 

«alu« la^ljeU l«tcr cunatrvutlon lo bts Dal(liborhuo<l la (aUi. 

UflMii to iMMitod to VlHMa 

THE UPLANDS, LIlflTBD, nO Bdmeot Houm 

For Sale 

In Oak Bay 

KoUr-Roonird Bungalow. consistiBC living" 
room, 2 \^^<]fru^rf^t, k''' hm pind pantiy, 3-piecc 

bathroom m wfntr rridiiirl , rooms ^.ind fin- 
ished; wainscoting ui kit<hcn. Low taxes. 
In food loe«lily, clow to beach. 

Special price of ^2fi7o, on tcims. 
For further partictiUn apply 


Real Esi 



's Own HirdMrood Floor Coooorn 

r» mmt rO* Vk-tMte BT iTtotorla \t,„ Fn.|,l„,in« n„i> ^LMl.-.l Hour Man 
BEST MATr,BI*I.»— BKPT WOKk M \ > sHir MOHKR^ I h l im I s 

t^n Vnrf S«ra#t 


I'buM 7S7i 

We're ft a hrmitJ mew •He* hoy 

Whole name u faek McAUn- 

And not aalridt the kaiutUr, 

Pacific Scratch Feed 

I outrun N< ) Dl ! . NO 
t.Kl 1 . It 5 ( Iran. 

Phonr Ninrtecn Seventeen 

Pacific Feed Co. 



HJI. IfaU Contractor 

Oir I piii il ly 

Fatahure Moved, Cratc<] 

and Shipped 
Pool Cars for Prainen 

and All Point* Sast 

We Can Save You Tune 

Largwt^Vaaa ia tht City 
PhoaatSM IM Fort St. 

Carpet Cleaaing 

The H^iuihnii nrA> h \! r'h ,<! 

Note; Our Onljr AddrM*— 

ni * earpata wmmt* tmf tovcly auK rmg*. 

bland Window and Carpet 

CUaninff fn 





Ourtag th* war rranct haa an 
anwr aC am l>lft^. 


M. U on ll<.urKi>uU n«alsiH Vrcai- 
dent of K<>nate to Wotli far tha 
I^MM «ir NMloa* 

PARXa, F«b, II. — M. T.enn Hmir- 
Who waa ra-«>1*ctrd prrwidont 
the aenatp at tlio roopcniriK <.f 
tliat body last timnlh, haa wrltttn 

ti.-. io«iR,u.t„.n, »t,ica Win ba raad 

" n hin n daj or two. 

Nf H'.urapola who la apendlnr • va- 
f«tion at Nice. a»ya ha la datarmined 
i » davota tha raat of hlx llf* to th» 
Lcaaoa of Natlona. ti^^a mprPHoiu- 
ed rranea on tha t,.mri,o m 
and aUn ono nf fi,.' I' i.p. 
r*ii*n»allv»«n lo t»»». HuscMiblv. Ho 
had HH Imtflrtant pai« m thp orea- 
fion of th^ t^f'.-.Kiir Hnd-»a a dalasato 

t" Ihr Purla ( •■■nf. r.-nre and WM onO 
'»i<- fonflnanta of M. UaorgM Clain- 
' Mooati in all quaatlona rairardlnR It. 
II la Laaaua projact waa one of tho^ 
upon which tha final rovPn:,nt wn^ 

Profoundly ronvlncod th^ 
I ••«K'ir. I), ,,„iy prPKoni intf-rnn- 

M 'MHl mp.liuiii In wlii. h Kiiropp ran 
b». nav^d from dentnirilon he haa rx- 
rr^aa^d to hlw frienda the faallnc that 
h,> can do nothing tx-ttar than to alva 
the remainder of hla falUn* atranrih 
tc tha aarvlea of hU araat Ideal. 



Brenohltia amarany baatna Xith 
•htlla. fsllewad by ferer anl h harah. 

ha.-kliin rniith T)iara fa a \ a\» 
1' £ "f rhl'irn- whlrh o- flr^l l« nf ^ 

imht .-o;or I'ljT Km h,. ironl>U pro 

jr»w»»« !' iirf-nrn"n f ^ jrallowlah or 

fraritilali r<ii1nr ani |g aMMatlaMa 

atraaked with bVood. 
All thaaa WiM are troubM with 
will aaa in Dr. Wa««*e 
a ranaajr that win atimu- 
lata tika fc t a a e h ial orcana. aubdu* tha 

Inaaaimafton. anntba rh* irrltalaa 

r^ir'a >»r..| ;>■..■«•;! t (i |.! m^t 

M r • ( « I I V • r < 1 • ( ■ e E • ■ •^ I : • > ■. K 1 1 ^ . 

1 1f-.i P K I , »• I , ■ V( , ■ 1 ■ ' .„ . , 

j,.„f ,>! ! f^<^ \ 1 a.1 vorT bad attacka of 
bvnrirhi'> a%aiv XVintar. In tha evea* 
ins and durtas tha alaht. iIm wa«l4 

aai aaaka va» aa4 
ai a«v ahaM. Wa trlaa 

•«a. but thar navwr 
ta aa her any irnod a noifb- 
adT ta ad aa (• try T>r w.,ofia 

Norway Tina Syrup mhwh «r« ^\<\, 
• n<1 aflar aha liart r a W » n tw . t>. 
aha (TO' parforflv « » ; ! 

rnra S&f and lOc a boUla. put 

Co.. Umlte^ 


The hugt 

nrlU'Ork of 

and iteel 
is practically 
ready to he 

I ot'crcJ 

h ill, 

/ 'l' » pli till !- 

fc'n >. .-. an idea 

of the 
immerue $ize 

•f At 



store Baara: 9 KU. to <, i> \(.. 

9 AM. to 1 i' M. 

New Spring Suits 

To Sell at $32.50, $.S5.00. $.^7.50 

I'reseiUinj^ uiiuaiual \ alue toJav in V\ omen's Navy .MI- 
Wool Tricotiiie Suite at $32.50. $35.00 and $3?.50 

Imliided arc in.i)i\ >inart new Spring; suit inodc-^ to 
select from, and they arc woniieriul value at riicse new 
low prices. 


AlUee Belae Two of fjarveat Hotela 

la dwell (iorinaii<i S« \ « blldrrii 
Suffer IVoin NhortHK'' "f Milk 

KHSKN. Keb. 1.". I lie boycott 

t attle bftween the KrHTifD -Belgian oc- 
ct.pational forcaa and the Qarmana la 
dHlly becomina more acute in tha 
Ruhr , particular ly In Baaan. Tha 
wee* ~ netleealiia feaiurea~ "are tha 
failure of co-oparatlon by tha German 
police and tha rafuaal of hotela and 

fi-rchanis to aarve tha Franeh and 

lii'lgid nn. 

Ill tei.iliM' . ■ ' le Allies aeised two 
■ f the largoHt luitela In Eaaen, but 
uiis was met by further active op- 
poaitlon by the Oennaaa. Teeterday 
tha OamiaiM eevarad the eleetrle 
currant aupplyinr the Kaiaerhof Hotel 
where the allied enrln^^ring: com- 
l.i.'nnlon waa quart<re<I. 

TliP I-'rerirli ruuntered with an iil- 
t'lnatiun tliat unlesa the UkIUh vser<f 
reatored by nix o'clock laat evening 
the entire llghtine ayatem of the 
city would be ahut down. At that 
hour tha Kaiaerhof waa atlll without 
electricity, hut tha city Itvhta con- 
tinued to blaae forth. The Germane 
Huld that a detnll of troopn wn» arnt 
ii> th<> III uniripal liffhtltiK plant to 
( III ih<- p(iwf>,- but fouaa.tha doora 
were barred. 

.1 "d 

HUSSJ \ \ r/AM/ V 


ri<><-<'i-d« Uiii B<- I for Parchaaa 
of AcrteulMiral 

M08C0W, Feb. 16. — Rua.ila h.i^ 
I'Ogun the export of grain by wh . f 
I'etrograd, Ilelalngfors and Odessa 
The exiiorts are not expected to ex- 
ceed 1:0.000.000 buahele. The pro- 
cceda ftnm the ahipmenta. according 
to Qovernment etatemanta are to be 
devoted to the pure l iaae at a a i h iui - 
tiiral Implamanta and to aupply other 
neada of tha peaaanta to whom thf- 
grain belongs. 

Th« Government recently infurmed 
t'le .Amoiiciui lleli.-f A il 111 1 11 ist ra t ion 
Ihiit If wa.H ri-ady tu ciuiy o!if It.i ti. fi-.Ml approxiiiialfly 3,000,- 
000 adijita in the famine area. Tha 
relief administration alao cxpeeta to 
feed 3.000,000 children. 

I*'lgui«»» on fh<' 'hi'd pup 

milk Riipply nf Ks.fen aif a imr hi n<».ii 
In (lernian guarteia In mi b(itn iit ih t Ion 
of the rl.Tini that the occupation Is 
ciiusini; acute distress. The city, ac- 
cording to thoae flgurea, haa 32,0(10 
children under two yeara of afe. ap- 
proximately 4S.00e, under aUc yei^ra of 
age, and SS.f eo ehlldren of aeheel age. 
The dally milk aupply thus far this 
month haa been 6.800. to 7.000 litres. 
B9 compare*! with 115.000 litrrj for 
the same period in January and 
February of laat year. 

It la pointed out, however, that 
thaae months ordinarily 4re bad for 

provldlnK rnllU. 

The prcs»*nl aupply permits of 
nl'ont one-quarter of a liter fur ©Hch 
(hlld under two yeara, and it la as- 
R»rted that many of the children are 
being given eugar aa^ water Inatead 
of milk. 


Put 1 hrough na ".Means of Coerrion 
Agalnat Germany ffVom Weat,'* 
Otvoneaia off Meaaara aay 


French Reqaeat fur Tranaport I-^cUl- 
Ilea Through Britlab Zone SaM to 
Be Raee ivaa Bymgat hefleaBy 

LO.NDON, Feb. IB. — and 
French cabinet ministers met licrt- to- 
Ar\ ill a coiifii fill f. whhli If It fails 
lo evohe a )iii.»<ra nuiH' for Itiitl-ih co- 
I pri .i! ;>.ii Willi ill,- I"r,.|i,ii and hel- 
Kian.t in s.d\ Ihr (he Iluhr tranaporta- 
ii'in problem, la considered to result 
In the early withdrawal of the Brltlah 
troopa ft>om the Oologna area. 

The British Ministers .11 Uim .,i,..-r 
Ing In Dotvnlns Strf^et \v*>i,. I'riino 
.MinlHter Honai l,a« l^,t,| Curzon, 
the Hecrelary of l oreiKn Affairs, and 
the Karl of Derby, the .Secretary of 
War The French Cabinet Waa repre- 
sented by M i.etroeqaer, the MInlater 
of Public VVorka. It waa understood 
t hat tha French request for additional 
tranaport facilities through the Hrlt- 
ish aone wan being received aymi>a- 
thetl<ally The Hritlnh maintain 
the I'YiTicli have little need foi iiio-e 
rallw.Ty llms (.1 handle reparation 
coal Hliipinents to l""rance, but it is 
realised that the French have a prob- 
lem equally aerloua In the traaaport- 
ing of auppllea f^om Prance Into the 
occu))leiI territory. 

The ijiieMtion m«\- be se|il<d l«>iii- 
porarilj' t>y thf tr.inMfcr to the Kr»"n< li 
of a siv-mile section of tha British 
Tione, containing a double track rail- 
way line. 

PAniS. Feb. 16.— A loan of 400.- 

000. 000 friims to Poland waK voteii 
by the I'rcnch I'arllnnient today. It 

1. s oinci.ilh- <|rscril>f i| as ' fop the jnir- 
poae of improving Poland's nnanclal 
and economic situation ao that It may 
raauma ita proper place in the Euro- 
poan concert of natlena and play tha 
rola tc» which Its geographloal poal- 
tlon and history entitle it." 

The vote on Ihe measure waa r; 1 r> 
to fi I Mnnv of those who v«i;ed 
.Tj:auM ll onclareil th.nt the loan, 
while destined ostensibly for the or- 
eanlz'itlon nf the Polish army against 
"unwarranted attack from the eaat," 
waa really put through as a "means 
of coercion agalnet Oermany from 
the west." , 

Tlir <^nfi;nK''ment .< for the loan ^^as 
undciiaUon hy the llriand Govern- 
inenr in 1931. and Aftlcle t at the 
hill reads: 

•The French Government 1« em- 
powered to opan credit for 4e«,eeo.- 
oet (ranca 10 the Polleh Om'emmant 
for deliveries of material under 
speclnl account, reimhursable at the 
r:ito of i per cent Interest." 

The report of M. Reynald. re- 
poiter for the Foreign Affairs Coiii- 
inixslon. of which former Premier 
Leyguea ia preetdent. aays the lean la 
deatined te balanee Poland'a elvU 
expendltnrea eueh aa theee for the 
r.ilironds. telegraphs, telephone and 
oHkm public utility service* 

'I'll' ru'xl Item. ho"''\''i - ,1 \ « tli.H 
tlio loan Is for llie |iiiip<>'-f> nf n 1 
tlonal defence, to t)»' il»>( idrd upon 
"by mutual arrungcmenta between 
the Ooverrimenta of Prance and Po- 
land, in aeeerdanee with the de- 
cieiene of the Prwnch and PaUahatn- 
eral mllMary ataCa." 


ailAXOITAT Feb l.'.. — Sun \»' 
Pen. depoael .mh ,,f .^..i>»fc,Tn 

(Mna !..,!,> ff)r Canton to re- 

■ I of the turbulent capital 

ri om V. hit h ha and hla followere were 
•l||^en laat Jn»e. Oaa aa4 ptaaaed to 
return te the eeatkam elty the latter 
part af ^anaary. bat cancelled hi* 
steamer reoervatlona when advle^ 1 

'hat faetlonal wnrf«r»- h»<l hr..l,*ti ...1 

The sit" ■ ' ■ • . .1 - 1 

><nliy waa reported iia\ing ((iiieled 



CurliMx> Pioiicor Had ln%ea(nieUa in 
Well«F/qulppe<i Bnt 
Balllon Mlae 

VANCOFVBIt. Feb 15.— No eaaeta 
of value were left in the eatafe of the 
late H. T Ward, pioneer rnribon 
miner, who died rrc<'ntl>. .\l i .JusIki- 
.Morri-ion h-ii Ix^rn lnform»<l in con- 
neition with an iippllcation for «d- 
niinlsirnthm of Ward's aetate. ,Vo 
will waa found among hla papera and 
the Intereat In the Bullion Mine and 
the huadreda of thouaanda of dollara 
worth ef hydraulic equipment altuat- 
ed there waa held to be vnlu"ler,n hr-. 
fa use of the remote aituailon of tiir 
mine and Ibf fact that the eij u 1 1 1 , . , 1 , 1 
had n<*t been used fur many \c; is. 

Mr. Ward waa one of tha principals 
in a suit over the Bullion mine which 
dragged through the courts for ten 
years. Anally reautting succesntully for 
him, bnt another suit ImmedLnrrlv 
\plopfi! iiftwj-r-n .\li Ward an. I U •* 
hark>r-4 so I hat practically no I encOi 
e\ er accrued tO him from his \ Irtory 
In one cf the moat aensattonal piecca 
of litigation ever heard In tbla Pro- 
vince. Tha matter was twiee before 
special commiueea of tha Legfetoture 
and finally detirmlaed by the Privy 


P.Mti.- f . b IS — A bill waa Intro- 
du< ed yesterday in the Chamber of 
Deputiea nuthorlxlBg a loan of thirty 
rnllUard of franea, or t7ia,ef«,aae at 
the pree a nt rate of eaohange. The 
bin provtdea for tha iMua of troaaary 
bonda repayable in 

The nbjecta of th. ■ , • ,n 
pay off the treasury !o...,r. i t nva milllArd of 
francs, maturing m June. Ittt. arfd 
second, to meet Um tettmated ca- 
penaea of p eeana tra a Uwa in the ttb- 
ernted areaa far whiea yurpeaa thi. 
year'a badget aafliorixea an i-'u* ' 
bonda not ■aeaading eight miiiiaid 
of franca, far • 
irn years 

- bill thus niereit k afTect 
i;-,.' provl.ii.n. ,.r lujij^et and 

•s not iiin«Mt , li-ne tO freth 


Cits I I It I N I » - will 

S I It I I I 1; \ I I w \ \ 

NOI lll.l.|> 

CKjr KutfiiK ci \\ III .Show CooncU Uow 
JCipcndltur<> \<lvanc«Ml Owe 
Ctaiglnal Katimatee 

The coat of the Johnson Street 
bridge. Whlctl caused a hitter debate 

among the aldnniiTi it wa.i 

discussed wed*, will b(! intro- 
duce I again ihi.s .iftcrnoon wlien the 
Public Works Committee of the t'Hy 
Council deals with a apaclal report 
rrom City Engineer F. M. Preston, 
givlnir the reaaon for the advance in 
actual expenditure over the eatlmates 
of ii»:.'i. 

The flgurea are being preeented to 

the committee at the request of Aid. 
\V. J. Sargent, who was not a mem- 
I ' r- of tin- ('ouncil when the iri- 
i M .i.'^od c \jM'iuliture took place. 

Just what will be the outcome of 
thla aftarnoon'a dieciuMlon none of 
the aldermen would venture a guess 
yesterday. The plan to appoint a 
consuItInK engineer to check up .Mr. 
Prepton's fi(r\ii-.-i nrid i oport on the 
a<'tual hnaiicial requireiuents of the 
city to complete the bridge waa 
never given very aerloue conelderation 
by the Council, and tha majority haa 
apparently decided deflnitely to have 
nothing more to do with it. 

The Finance Committee wa» in- 
atructed laat week to confer with the 
management of tha Bank of Mont- 
real with a view to working out a 
plan for financing conatruetlon of the 
bridge without the necessity of mak- 
ing an early appeal to the ratepayers 
to Hill horizo a new bund issue, hut conference has not been held 
yet. and Chairman David ix'emlng 
snid laat night that no date had been 

The Public Works Committee, 
which waa to have Interviewed the 
H ICle. trie P.alhv iy Company re- 

gaidlni,- proposed fliianriai co-opera- 
tion in hiiiitiing the bridge, has not 
yet carried out Ita inalructlonia. The 


Perrin's l ine Cape Kid Gloves 
On Sale i uday a t $1.95 Pair 

Here is an extraordinary Clove dtTerin^'^ i'<v t')da>''s 
shupi^crs in the glove sectiidi ; 15(J pairs of I'cr- 
rin's excellent quality Cape Kid Gloves, one dome 
ilasp; shades tan and brown. Spectaliy priced 

lo clear at, per pair ^.^ -.$1.9.^ 

Sizes 6 to 

Children 's Cosy Sleeping Suits to Clear 

at 98c and $IA9 

Children's Ct>/y Sleeping Suit.s, in sizes 1 to 7, reduced 
to clear today at, per suit, 98c and .'^1.4*), price<l acrord- 
iiig to sizes. Included are Watson's fleece-lined and 
Penman's Cuddle Down Suits. Two well-known 
makes. Remarkable values today at, per suit, 98c 
and „ „ $1.49 


Women's Silk and Wool 
Oil bale Today, $1.95 Pair 

A notalilc C'le.irain c Sale ofTerinjjj of Women's Fine 
Silk and Wool Hose in sliadcs of navy, brown 
and camel. Excellent qtiaiity. A splendid bar- 

^fltitl tOdft^ J^A^ra**ae«aaaa«*«*««««*«»««Maa««M«*aea«waaoo««»*^l|93 

cold weather and oonaequent con- 
fuaion of bualneaa arrangeuenta, 
coupled with the abeence from the 
city of rhairman Ooorga Sangater. 

made .T I iinf<-rence hetween H\e com- 
mittee .mil the Htreet car company 
imposf^itile. but negottatlaaa will be 
started in a few days. 

The majority of the Council feels 
that If the company can give the city 
some aaetirance that It will uae the 
hridg* and abide by Its agre-ment to 
contribute $50,000 to the city, then 
■ X no need to ro to the rate- 
l.iyci.i anain for authority to raise 
more money. Mr Preston eatimatee 
that Mt,90» mere than baa alraady 
been ralaed will finiah the bridge, 
and with the B. C. Blectrlc's .appro- 
priation and the revenue from sale 
»>f equipment the city would be able 
to finish the bridge without further 
appealing to the ratepayera. 

Another liig Ht duct ion 
in British Unemploynu nt 

LONDON, Feb, II, — Unemployment 
flgurea for the United Xlngdem were 
reduced by a4,aaa thla week. 


UoTcmment Graata Are aa AM ta 

AvtaOaa ta 

I..ONDON. Feb. 14. — ^Tha praetlea 
of en'ourMK'inK the development of 
commorciai aviation by meaaa af 
Mtale aubaidiee ia bacoming fsaeiai 
In Burope. Oermany. Poland. Oaeeho 
Slovakia, KuaaU and Reamania 
are all maklocjJi* operation of air 
linea possible by Oovernment grant n 
In Clreat Britain TTiT'— Xlf" KTmun r 
pays approved air lines a sum equal 
to a quarter of their grosa t% 

besldea paying It for eveffr jfaeeia 
ger carried and Uirea >^c^ fW laek 
pound of freight moved. J 

FtAKNKT, Vermont. Feb. 15. - The 
little village of Mclndoe Falls, on the 
Connecticut River, found Itaelf wlth> 
out etorea today and a nomber of Its 
reaidente were homeleea.aa a result 
of a flro which waa driven th rouRh 
ito eentre by a high wind laat night. 
The loae ia aetlmated at ftoe.oo*. 

A gentle stroke and I glT* ymi jwntwi^ 

liiiht, from ulilt h springs hMt 
and comfort and contaiil. 

The (jcni of Service is in me, ieaii>' io 

leap at your Udding. 

Behind my mysfit |X)wt'r rests truth a 

riund, stiirtly txuly ;uul a fu id faHhioiuHl 
y the ma^ii of the ablest match minds 
of the indubtry. ' 

You can me **A MATCH**~tNit I am 

*'The" match: and While tin re is _ 

match lor me— i am a match, tat jreo* 

'i r> me and pruve me. 






'•■'WUm Rata* ky Cmn\»t 
*■ MMrlcla <'uail«w>iM I* VI 

1 M 



To Ca - - — - - - 


■ Taar 


All auba* rlpt lott lataa p«y»bltt ^ 
Wail ■ubaLriMia aia i«<iu«»t«<l '" , 
i*u.iuaa««a 41r>ci ta Tha Vmtif ,,,,, 

•MtacrtfeMW »• •r«wt>« cb«— 
■>»«tJ MnleataT to 

I »• 



The shtpwrcck of the Tmtctt Friacc 

rciall- t»se dan nr.- » ' ■ •:• ' -'iM'J""" 
is kubjcctrd <iloiiK lUal "i 

water h m m Kiut l^»l C«p« FMtanr to 

tin N<'rtl:i-rii <_ii<l • : \jni'iu\rr I ~I 
and. it been the s<.ciic ui in^ny 
•liipwrccks in MOW»torm«, in heary 

!<ig and III t^IIlIl^^t\lou» ^ca». iiid lli^ 

record is always emphasizing that 
tkere ovcht to be mere adeyi a te Uft- 
aavMi.; tlitica on t*!<- \ 
amd Cana4i»B cuasUmcs la this 
vfeinitr- It catmot Imrc kM* 
"'Mil where fhr Tn-.a! FrfMS Mi>t 
her dtstrcaa *mtul th^tt the attattcr 
Pacifc, wkkh Milcd from this port 
187S for San Franc iM<> with 275 
pafsengers, collided with the bark 
Orpheus, and bat two of her pat- 
MMCCra escaped drowning It wan 
is that vicinity too that li. U. S. 
Condor foundered with 140 akotrd 
ud nothing but some wreckage, 
washed np long afterwards oa the 
shores of Vancouver Island, told of 
the tragedy The \'alencia wreck, 
with its death toll ut liJ. it another 
reminder fresh in many ifiemories of 
the 4aa9m of these waters, and one 
r>f recent months is the Alaskan, ia 
which all aboard perished. 

Thoac we have alluded to are only 
a few of the many shipwrecks which 
might be rccuuuicd as having takm 
place in the waters atarky. Diiring 

the Ia^t forty yran it is probable 
tiiat suinewbcre m the neighborhood 
of IjOOO lives have btca kMt in thcle 

waters, while the property nmst 
amount to several mntion dollars. .\ 
wrcdi chart woald show the location 

"f more than fiiiv wrciK, betwj^tn 
(Jape Scott and Cape I-lattery, and 
of these the majority are on the coast- 
line ' \'.inf'>iivrr Iiland. Recent 
shipwrecks and the unusually seve r 
wcalkc^ that hat prevailed, will, it 

hoped, direct attention again t., the 
need for better life-saving facilities 
Many of the circtuastaaeea of ve!> 
scis in distre».s vary, but for vessels 
in the vicinity of a coastline such as 
that along the entrance to the Straits 
of Juan de I nta there should be 3s 
sistance available always in ca*c tliey 
meet with mishap. It is a dangeronx 
coast, and. therefore. It iaaU the tuurc 
importai)t tJ|ft the precautions against 
disaster shoaM ke stringent. There 
have been too maity disasters in 
which, given the life-saving facilities, 
human life foiilfl have been saved 

.ri, , liijii, !,..>,, but they arc~aot 
»'-> critical, uor do they cxercuc. to 
aaytbiag fihe the* «Bae degree as 
''o> », the qualiiies of responsibility 
and inituiivc. ia average jclucvr 
menta during the school agr jjuN 
» .>iiM ( X(e| boyt ia the Study of ti><- 
oi tbc i^nglisb laagaac* *Pd liter 
9*nrt. Boys would excel in science. 

! II iMji hriiiatu > hi.v s ^vouKl be 

•upcrHtr. And guU wuuld be ahead 
ia araaic. ia history girls' work is 

>uprri.,r to hoys', but the latter 
would have more ideas, freshness, 
and varirfy These, in effect, are 
><>n>r •iitr<-rence« that have keen ascer- 
tained by an exhaustive ejuuniaation 
into the subject by educational 
aiitliot i(ie» The differences may be 
slight enough ia many respects, but 
they arc sufficiently accentuated to 
make it appear that girls and boys 
want somewhat different treatment 
fn their mental development. The 
-■.ul.M , ( IS one well worthy o( ci»i»- 
sidcralion, e^recially at a time wli> u 
there i« so nmch talk oi educatiuiial 
I reform in this Province. 

A Daughter o£ Millions 

• MAPTKR V (Continued) 
llMt TFlri»lMMM> Wire 
V.^yrra thuurht lie had never M«n 
« iiior* •triaineiy b«uuUXu| weoMn. 
but ■« )ia io«h«<i Ut iMv faaa the gtri 
^•^4 CMO la th« last aaemMl to 
■Ml ads Maatt. aad Ma purtty and 
loveitaera made 
txraaty M«m garhib 


In a iww tone, and 


luug. But 

b ! 1 IK . Un 

f'tilU !t).- 

MS. cmmcMiLLt vroKY 

Ijic articles iruin the pen of M 
Winstoo Charcbill on the suhjcct ' 

H'l'iKi , ijval partu ,.4ti.>n in the 
(.icai \Wi, now appearing in The 
Colonist, make intensely interesting 
irading. Thr. iiK;!! tlieni. fc>r the 'ir*t 
tunc, the people arc taken behind tiir 
sceaca of what traafpired in one . t 

tl ' !!i .st niMiiientons peno<!^ in the 
history ut the ii^mpire and arc told 
what M «y to the decisions that 
prompted thc oaval strategy adopted 
by the Adaritalty. No one is in. the 
saaie poaMoa a* Mr. Churchill to 
tril thc story. The information Iw- 
gives is all at irst hand, and it is lent 
added intcmt to by his ability as a 
writer, for Mr. Chur. ' ^^ . 

papcrman before he bc«.aihc a poU- 
•**•••■ Tha coaac^ueacc it that the 
st(>r>, unlike many other mClBOirt, is 
admirably written and the interest ia 
nertr s H owed to fJar ft hat the 
merit, too, of being a statement of 
historical fact in which the great 
figures in the aervice of the British 
Admiralty in the war days live again 
and take on a new significance. N<> 
post-war writings of any of the 
statesmen who held office during the 
••'ruggle have been as valuable a, the 
present contributions from the pen of 
Mr. ChurchUl. They deal with the 

greatest instrnmn • ■ -Se greatest ot 
ars— thc Britiiii .Navy. \\ c feci 
ertain that all our readers will re- 
gard this feature of exceptional ini 
portance and as an addition of out- 
Maadiag vafoc to tbc hlttory, of thc 

»'-'\ niiich, but we 
<>in» at the taa; oar 

I .or, 

^ »peii<l A 

"^••I he looiid i)»-.iitfui 'ill, (Ilk 
Ood? he would m.t •ufrei 
he Jihali bo avenged.** 

V' , ,h9 murderer asaat ha ftNind. 

r MaiK xad I (Cal it «raadful that 
a thing nhaaM have happened a; th. 
Court. Too eaa rely on our iiri|, Hy 
the way, jraa wii; icMi.iin 
aueetsr* she said 

I- I > <■ t ■ K »■ II 

liiirier will b« walUaa. 
She h awad. 

"Then I won i i,.-. 
»t"lnff to mv 1,.., I 

' »'"'■ dinner, 

I ;.in tomght," aba aald. aa 
V <M,t furward. 
On ih« .lair, uay met Sir Mark 
who asked If thar Would stay to dm 
n«r. but Barker .u, imrd , 
sjrurt hfm that Su .m .,k d 

At the foot of the .tail, .Sir OUbert 
' 1^ tii^, «;..h.-d III,,.,,, good-day, aay. 
>"s h-.i haieiy iin»a to change a« It 
was . U..e on AIamt time, and they 
followed the hotUr to tb« door 

they ste pp ed on to the broad 

•weep of gravel In fionr „r n,^ , h 

the gin thev had Ree,, in ih. inorn- 
Ing-K.oin ,,uiie towards them. .She 
waa diessed In white, very plainly 
t.uide. and not relieved by a parUcle 
Of color. In her band ahe carried a 
buach Of aatalaHa flowers. 

"Tbeee are to be put In the 
Where your (Mend lies d'^ad, 


yon tell u* what you meant 
about ;u.(,tli»r iragedy. young 
I don't know- your name.'* 


'I'liere are .in<I alwa\» ha\e lirrn 
differences in the methods ot eduia- 
tion which should be apflied to i> >y, 
and girl.s So long as there are 
nitacd schools and the attempt is 
made la educate hoth tcaes on a 
ronimoa hasis, there is a g<^<><I -Iral 
of watted effort. It is forgotten too 
much that the sexes in many rc- 
.»pcils liave different outlooks on life 
I hey have different alms to accom- 
plish in their future careers 
I'hysically and mentally thc taxes 
have their differences of power and 
need, which suggest that it would be 
the part of witdoia to make certain 
adjustments in the educational meth- 
ods applied to each, or, in other 
words, to adapt Some different ex- 
pedients to meet ditfrient nrrds It 
would, perhaps, be going too far to 
say that there arc dear aad atcer* 

tained differences between the two 
sexes on which an educational policy 
could be beted. What It ccruin, 

however, is the only true Cdoca- 
tional system is thc one whctCaadcr 
boys and girls are educated separ> 

and in that \y»y il is simple 
enough to make the adjustment, in 
methods which are to deekable. 

For inttaacc, aadcr our system of 
mixed schools there is no special 
provision that wr know of tO reffwce 
' ' • ork required 

truin gills bcluw iliat required from 
boys, ttthottgh thc former have 
doinesti. dniiei in many cases which 
prevent thfm from hsving an equal 
chance for home s(udy with boys, 
(•iris, too, are more subject than 
boys to physical fatigue and nenom 
overstrain, yet in mixed schools ihey 
are expected to compete with hoys 
of their own age Cirls have not tbr 
same physical equipment to stand 
the racket of competitive caamhNk 

ti<iris as hoys, yet thrv have to go 
through thc same protr<!t of prepar 
ttion and the same test in many 
raaes. It is unfair to their physical 
welfare that this should be the case, 
but it meat continue so long as g*rU 
are not flefinitely consid^^ r -H , 
sex in the arrangement ot the cdu- 
ChlioMl. mcthoda to whkh they are 

The untaiiiicss ol mixed schools is 
further esaphaaiaad by an eAtoioa* 

tion of the ,.! atl.'ll. .! 

sexes. It i> gcneraily aJiiiittcd, anU 

is experienced dhUy 1^ teachers, that 

I ■. r\ ia g^^eriinrt^ta! work, in 
iiiiiiative, in the capacity ot judging 
phs a ow eaa aad ia reasoaiat. A ffirl 

is more receptive and a bov m i 
opinionated. The girl's interest u 
arithetic. the emotioa df t htf <• 
nirtrc tkat of curiosity. GMt '^Mad 

f.ifliri ' . reprodnce than t«i reason. 
I'osn/il.v t^irl* have more retentive 

The severe weather through which 

Victoria has been passing imposes a 
heavy strain on the resources of thc 
Friendly Help Association. This 
is especially So wh'Te fuel jnpplics 
are loncerned. Jn thc case of this 
organiaatioa the public onl^ requires 
to be reminded that tiMre it g flCed 
to have It filled. 

aaid Bar* 

"I'm Anna Dalrymple. I aaid I won- 
what the verdlet at the Inqaeat 
woald be. Don't your* ahe asked, fJx- 
her big. brown evea on him. ' 

Barker f. : , ,| j,,^ 

mad* her w . ,is »ef 111 veiy ordinary, 
u 11,. i.esitated ahe took a atep 
rurviurd. then Standing jaat wlthla 
the porch. 

"Aek lAdy Dalrymple who cut the 
telephoaa wire." Then eh« vanished 
lata the hall. 

Tli.i two ineii atailed at each o! Iirr 
111 »iiiuafriient ii» iics a* nr«r to 
• pral, 

"li a no uac foltowlng her, but we 
muat try and ftnd that aiaa who re- 
the wire." ha aaM. 
gin avidentty hatee her step 
no'thar." aald -Mr lurker, aa they 
•ui off at a smuM I'.i^'- 

Y<-o ell.-'; K'" t'"T k'i.r.- Ml--, tut 
■ I'l olirf Ijl'. i-tn- 8 |.-..!..u- ..f iiid 
111.: > M' ' 11.- Ix'Stiiru cf iln~e liico I 
lude lanueiiiluca. -Lady Ualrymple 
•trthae me aa k s lag bath a goad aad 
itUai aaaiaii It iaa't ovary 1 
hi iMr p as Hl on upends aenie | 
tUna e4eh evening witti > )•<.% 
"She's vary beautiful, but i Uon i 
that I «Blla traat bar," aald 

iiai auae that girl haa made apit^ 
f i! iit.aechea yaa diatraat a waaiaa 
o r Lady X>alryas»la.**aaM hia trlaad. 
lu a tone of diag u s t . 

-So. she dldnfmaka exactly a 

fi\iil ilii" 1 1 [1 1> I <-s»ii'ii ri." A:- . 

v> .1 > ^^ II ^•■<• f >• I io \\ 1 1 m i i i c i i 1 1 ■ ■! 

1 il"' I »• l< I'b'"" " ■ 

A fe« !Miriutf-» later they pasiteU 
through K itee and turned their 

atcM lo the directto^ 9t tha iaa. hvit 
they had aat gone far whaa yearaee 

"This Is the carpenter's; hIa son re- 
[1 1 1 ! . 1 1 h <■ ; li- 1' li 1 II !•■ 

] I i 1 K I ' f I ' • tl III 1 1 If d 1 1 > ' I I'O! I n ■ 
Uicati'ii .11. . .-■ . v\ a good-.^ : '^'''l 
tage which bur* tbe algiy "Thomas 
Atklnwm, JohMT aad c arpe a ter. also 
belle riilialred aad pambing done." 

Crorafng the read they opened t : 
111 I- ' k'lio. at the same time that -< 
f. llow rame out of the hoii.v. 
\: \ oil the man who repali<Ml 
tin tfifplione at the <"ourt?" a.>)kr-d 
U;0 nes. 

"Tee. sir," and he looked aurprlsed 
"Woald you tell m» what was 
wrong with It?" 

"It was broken, air. T told hci 

ladysMj. I bene\pd li had bepn rut, 
but «he .said lh;it wn-? impojiislbl*-, 
tliat none of the servant?" -winild duff 
do auch a thing. lian It gone wron»c 
again, sir?" 

"No. X think It'a all right, but we 
Ileal u tT iiBti aovnuur, anu neiiiw to 
know whnt you thought " 

"Oh, It ^a« cut, sure enouKli, 
I ,;h»-r idici!, or --harp srls«iorM bud 
tieen used. Excuse me, sir. but h;i« 
It anything to do with the murder?" 

"It prevented us bearing soone- 
Mr. Tallantlne waa our (rlend.** aa; 
itaynee. aa they turaed away leavliii^ 
the man only half aatlaled. 

"It's a queer look." said Ifr. Bar 

(To Be Coatlnued) 

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Have You Ever Read of Such Carpet Values? 

Wigr. jrov will probsbly uk. do we make such trenicnduu.^ rccluctioub ui liic piu<'\ oi tlif- i 
nni> The only reasoii b became they are the Ufet of a pa.ticular pattern and .^c and 
we cannot allow then to eoaipy the space in our ihowrooai that beIon«s to new merchan- 

(hsr They must l.r movrd at OMC, and wr \^.^^r made thr pru <■ s,, attractive thlt tome 

shit-wd buv.'i vmII sense teal btrgaa aad wiU act. promptly. Why cioii't you ttrmt in 
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at $]\sO() each, C - iI " A 

bale Price ^jbedU 

I r, Only, Five-Frame QuaUty Body Brussels 
Carpet% patterned in a small IVr.viau design. 

Sim.,%3 X 9. Sale Price fSO.Oo 

Site 6J X ^. Sale Pri« ..^ 

Two Only. Bungalow Rugs. s,,it,tl.Ici for bcdrooai 
use, in plain icnirc eflects of blue and rose 
^ 9 * t<L6. Sale-Wca-T.;^-..- - ..v..^tt»*»' 
Stge 9x9. Sale Price ttLM 

By theWay- 

(copyrighe. i»t». jrarth 

Thc Trench helicopter inventor, Nf 
Ktiennc Oehmichen. has bucceedcd, 
by the aid of the model he haa in- 
vrnted, in remaining stationary in the 
air for Z minutes 37 seconds. '1 he 
machine has a nlnc-ejrlia^er motor 

of 120 11 p Tile wliolf maihine uitli 
pilot weighs only 10,14 cwt. The dc- 
velopmeat of a machiae capable of 
r^inaining ."^tatinnary in the air will 
be of high importance both in peace 
and war. 

Professor L. P. Jacks, writing in 
The North American Review, says: 

"Tlie rtid enchantment liCS upcgi < 
deeper than ever; the enchgatnent 
which so long has l>emnsed us into 

helierioC, Ai<l '"('^ moral sUinil>er 
while we believe, that the world is 
to be saved by phrases, formulae, 
hig words spelt with capitals." The 
Professor is right. Too much talk 
and too little action is all that is 
wroBC with the world. 

WTT'i: and extraordinary resort 
has b«en made to number aeven 
In all aeru of eonneetiona. There 
are seven days in creation, aeven 
a p I rl t s b#fo^^ the 
/Viimfi#r .Sfi iTj tlirone of flo.l. Pfven 
In All i»rli aitf-K In th^ of man: 
CeaaeCtfsai the threr RrcHt Jew ish 
f e a a t a lasted aeven 
days; i^viUoal purlfleaUana lasted 
seven daya; eeerjr seveath jrear waa 
aahlMUleal. Tha ancient Greeks sp- 
plled It to their "iievsn 8i»ir#i«," and 
<-allefl the Pleiades "ih* wovpti ntara." 

Therr> nr^ the neven \\ x^Aotu nt 
antUmity and the seven wonders of ! 
tiu> .Middle Ages, the '^even churebe<< 
•f Aata," the "aaraa ehampiona of 
Chfflsteadom," aad eouatleas other 
exaatpNa at the uaa of thta auaMfaL 

watrhed a ship showing dlstre^.o f.\^ 
nals for aome hours, had their ».ii|i 

pei'^ It, (I if: or T iiresunie a I 

nii^^ ■ ■ ord of what Hi. 

had seen to Bunineld on the followinK 
morning. If the Bameeld llfebont 
' id haea waraed there wm a ahii> 
' dtstresa, and had then declined to 
put to aaa, the boat's crew would bo 
tn 'blame; but, an far an the inquiry 
show.' no wHininit was aent. 

ripflf*! ions on the bonfa <r*>w are 
;!,.-> . ircumstances, ;inap<^ni!y, ! 
have done a considerable amount of 
aurvay work on the Waet Coaat or 
the tsiaad. and foaad moat of the 
farmera to be also tehermen. and 
pretty good hoatssaea, aa thejr need 
to be. 

C 1. ROBBB-rs, 

B.C. I<and flurveyoi . 
CIS Blanshard Street. Vletorta. 
B. C. February IS. itas. 

Poems Thai Endure 

l-nlwiatinff all tht rhalti* that ti« 
Tke klMeB asel e( kamony, 

— JokD Milton. 

Out of tlie tiirtit t^»t fnxtr^ mr, 
RUrk aa ih» Tm( fr«i 
I Uisiik wtialfvar go<l« may b« 
Vnt mj UBemafsassaie fosl. 

In n.< 

t hUM 


Mi'i'-ian' » 

The net tonnage of the 4,345 ves- 
sels which passed through the Suez 
Canal in 1922 amounted to 20.74,?.- 
<245 tons. 1 his is a record in Suez 
Canal triMc, thc previous highest 
figure having hern 20.275, 12J) tmi^ v,\ 
1912. It IS evidence ut a great le 
vival in the shipping industry. This \s 
eniphtsizefi by the fart that in Dc 
cember last the canal tonnage waii 
2.02S.761. aad the previous highest 

in<iiifhlv return since thc canai 
opened was in October, 1914, where 
the tonnage was 1,891,210, but thi% 
waa dae maioljr to war traffic. 

I 'I'lrr III* lilii<l(*<iiiliis( of cliaar* 

M) h«s4 Is Meodr. MS asl 

n.-> .-M ti,.. pi^,-. ,^f .. r,th and tears 
1; . I-.; ih» h..rT..i ,,r lilt shade, 
I f*t tilt m«n*c« of tha /ssrs 

Sir, — \n J uu * 
Just rejected by 
moua vote should 


ky. the Water .\' ' 
a practically unani- 
be repealed, be- 

Crockery and Glassware at . 

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Mixing Bowta. regaUr $1.25. 

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Fruit Saoeera. Sale Price, per 
dozen „ $i.B# 

Marmalade Jars, 
with .spoon. Sale Price, 
each B1.B0 

FUnt Olaaa Tumblers. Salr 
Prices, per dozen, $1.20 
i»iid _ ..^.^1.00 

Covered Batter DIelMa, 

Assorted sires and decoim- 
tions. Eatra special vajucs 
at 7Sc aad 

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Enamel Tea Kettles, 
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2iac Wash Bo«de. reg, 50c. Sate 

—w- - — .li'-'""' -I-.--' 

J>c %1« Price 

It m.ii.r. not ksw strait tke latik 

M • i «iv«<i wuh psniatiMMts «M seien, 

I am Uia maatar of my fatr; 
I tke captain of my aoul 

— WiUUmJImaat Heal ey 


V* l*(t«r ta tb« •aH«r wUl 

The fanners of South Australia 
are enfhnsiastir <>\er thr plan or 
bringing boy apprentices from Kng- 
land. Nearly 600 have reached Aus- 
tralia up to date and further hatihrs 
arc due during thc next few months 
The fanners mr't traiaing and accom 
(■dating the hoya. and the Govern- 
ment, in Its turn, insists on a thorough 
apfftatkeahip, the kindliest treat 

iiif lit ati<l rlianK'> I'rii-j; made 111 l Asr 
of temperamental discord. In .Xu.t 
(ratia h la adffiMed ' that no form 

'■• ! tt'iiTr 1 111 niii^rat ioii \m\ \<\.,\r:\ 

* (jrcairr success. The apprentice- 
ship system Is the ideal way of mak- 
ing boys iiiM f,itnie!«. ],\ »c 'i-^ 
t'sing them and giving tbem a tiior 
ough experieace hcfore they acquire 
laad their own. 



8ir, — ^Re huasaae alaughterlng: May 
1 have the atteatlon c< the ■.P.C.A. 
on their moat eattmabie intentions: 
having handled rattlA by the thou- 
nand and aheep h\ 1 hf> Imiulrods of 
thoimsrida In Qiiopiixlaiirt l'< ;i r rn- 
teia Iho bwnNi li> lio ."1aiiirtil''rril whi ii 
tha alaiilttit' I \ uil u flr!«t .tmnto,!. 
There xtioiild liwvo lie»n no rriirllv 
previoualy if competent stocit drivers 
hiiva handled them eeletly into the 
yards. The moat approved and least 
painftel method of killing. I consider. 

ia hy either pithing by spear from nn 
overhead ponltlon or ahootlnir br-hhirl 
llio •11. eithf-r belna \ ery ainiply cur - 
ri»l o'lt niiil raiialnic ln«tn nt;i iiPom 
p« ;il\«!n To lonaon th»" rriiflix to 
l^o |ii VI I'tH-l (o follow, it alir,ii|,| I r 

nio\r<i i.\ I M'l'l transit to the aUurii 
t«r hous« proper by endless rev >>|\ Ing 
traveller. In the caaa of shooting 
white in the crash, a snuOl Unkllng 
bell will alwaya auffldently attract 
tYif anlmara atteatlon to make shoot- 
ine accurate aad eaay far suceeesful 
reai'ita by keeplag Ita attoatiaa fixed 

right ahrad, 

1: It Rii AK A K 
270 Beach Hrlv*. Vl< torla. B. C, 
IS. lfS3, 

.\r^ i ouimI I lot..,, It, 

l>e«th ia 

AHfc.UXi««N. ».D.. »Vb. 1$, -Thre. 
ehlldrea off Mr. rpud Heck farmer 
Nvlag aaar Rureka, we.- ! ,,, 
death ta Monday'a biisMni. ihei. 
iKNitea b^inc dtacovered la iheb 
slelch yrsterdsy. 

life Hairlag oa West 
■ir, — Refereaeea, la the c oa i as of 
the maalry into the leas of-'Che-Alaa* 

ksa, to the rrew of Bamn«ld life- 
beet iMMng comp<>««d of farmem, aue- 
gest that thla rr#w uaa elili"! un- 
willing "I lno,.n,|.»(,-iO to <lo lis duty 

1 h. ! i ;u. l.r'.-' - ![,,. BamDeM <Try,. 
aa fni aa I know I am UUacaualnted 
with any one member of tt; bat I 
read the r s p ar t a< tha flNoiry. aad I 
hava walked over tha rsaid between 
r^tehena Light houae aad 1^.1' '1' 1 

tinny tlm^a The dlatanr.. 

■ ■.11I.I ..(nlk It In thiee hoiiiii *-\fn n 
, 1 . k vri I , ad that two mri, 
on«' desr(J)>f«l aa aa old sailor, 

eauae no tinkering with It could put 
it in such ahaps that the votera of 

the munlolpidlty of Vlctorl;j, who own 
lh« walr.r whirli tlio jiroiiiot e ra of t h i i 
art wlfth lo ow n aiirl control, would 
conaent to \oi» for the amended art, 
Aa thla ia tlie case, I wish to know 
how much this dlacarded act has 
oost Vfetorla ao far. and, tb'at money 
being gone. It Is even more impoH- 
ant that we should know how much 
nioro money our Coiinoll N wllllnR to 
Kiant nrol <;i n j.m;"ii to .Mcsara. Todd 
and I>><*niinK, or anyone elae, for 
waatlng time in tlnkerlnx an act 
Which the owners of the water In 
alght will aurely turn down. 

Aa a voter w lio«i» t;ix»a 1 1 <- he 1 \ \ 
hnrden to hU tiii«irir.« \ object to our 
' it\ rounell •pr.i,.' . , ther dollar 
on this act, and 1 partUiilarly object 
to Its granting any to the membera 
of a commlttea who hava failed ao 
miaerably. In an amalgamation of 
several municipatltlea, one of them, 
the city of Victoria, for inslam f^. 

cinnot rxvrrX to hi»\o inajoiity 
V0I0 on a hoard of control, (u jmy 
"ili^r supreme lnfluenc« : .-on^r 
c|uenlly V'letoria, the sole owner of 
all the water In eight, bar the busi- 
neaa ear p eratlen. the BaeulmaH Wa* 
terworka Company, oanaot Jala in 
any such amalgamatJon as is set 
fCHh In the late defeated act; simple 
rnouRh. ('on»«>niir-iitly, na The Colon- 
lat ^a>•*, It in not worth whil#« to 
tinker wlih the lata act. or to apand 
another dollar In connection with it 
Victoria, owing to the lay of thr 
land, cuts off Oak Bay from 
other munlelpalitlea. flom^ diiv th»-Be 
two miiniClpalttle« ma\- ;t mn l»fa mn 1 »• 
w lirn they f#e1 r»ailv to do ao Thr 
rural munlrlpaiit i#n ndjoinlns ^mh 
other can do the same and spare 
themeelvea the trouble of trying to 
rake In Vletorta: aad. ao far. it is 
vieteriaaa. aad to aay. who hsve 
been trying to arcompiish the rakina 
In. If Ihoee miini< lpalltie« hsve not 
the mater the\ nmt and lannot 
their way to pur. Hint water 

at a very nio.iTaio prlcf. the laa- 
psyera of Victoria are not In a poet, 
tion to give them aay aaslataaee 
nnaaeuily. Aa I hava paiatad out be- 
fora. thoaa mnalelpalltl#.a are f h« only 

purchasers in alght, ..hviouai^ wf ara 
anxloua l.> d<«al vith llif-io. .-jn.l in 
olii .i«ii :ntri.-<f wi,u;d oinUr ;i II th.. 

arrangements necessary am} a*l| th»> 
water at a vary reajmnabe prioe. 

r. M. rkadb. 
• Ml. Bdwarda. Apartmeats, Van- 
eoavar atreet VMorla, B.C„ Feb. if. 


■| ca. Ikti' Salad,.* 
Bir,^Reply1nc to the foUawlna 
oi^frtlane to eertala etatemsata la mr 
latter off relPniary 11 mada by Mr 
Charleewortb (1> My atated eeat of 
aehools ia incorrect. Anawer: Amount 
stated wsa obtained from CHy Slipan> 

<1Hn»-* M\ t .n « > on r I 0 ^ 

• "'H' I ,,^n for 

< "o.,„ «,„| M>s The aaawer 
I ' '> 'V obvious, ta itii laaah* 
• ' < aaUrieo were eat It per eeac aad 
all srbeduled iairissii werw aae- 
peaded. TMs laslcd aaUl 1911," Aa- 

awer: This I establlshea an excdiont 
preoedeht for what we are aaklng for 
now. Then, no doubt, as aow, aa 

emercrn. -.• :iroae which reQUlred It. 

rSi iMpL.Ti'i nitcpayera' foriretful- 
,,,..M ,,r |,r<'\ loii« a.ici IfW c in I '.' 1 .1 17 
Aiiaw'T TliTi" is lliia (llfTi-reiMc Tli« 
former Kacriflcn warn, no (Imibt. from 
a normal height; now we aro aakiiiK 
them to come down from the p«iik of 
a very abnormal period and Join in a 
common aaorldoe. 

(4). (5) snd dually, relate to eom« 
pnrlaona with other Cltlea Wert of 
.Vlontr< In r<>KHrd to salarion paid. 
iiiiiiitinK i-oin i«!i rifon of coat of llvitic 
..I i.lli'i il • I V II n t .1 K'-^' tliiM cWy p... 
aeaaea o\ or all of tlo rn. .Neither nm*"! 
It be forjjotteii iliii th" f;overninent 
Krant re teachers of nearly $100,000 
la also contributed by the ratepayers, 
although It appeara In the returns as 
estimated reeelpta. 

What is needed is eonsMeney. The 
Conciilatinn Hoard invoked by the 
civie emiiloyeea woun.l tip iia .iwar.i 
hy aayinir: "tn the Tlonrd'n opinion 
ilip »cal'. «<-.I flioiilil lio f<ul.J'»^t to 
.h flnlie rlae or fail In thu cuat of llv- 


If thla theory la to take the place 
of the "prevailing earreat rate" 
lirought about by the natural law of 

aupply and demand, to whioh the 
rank and fll" (who work for their 
tiharc of thr money paid to the prlv- 
llcftfd <-lii«,.»i have to aiihnut, then It 
la obvious that It ought lo work 
throiichoiit the privllased coteries, 
and not alone on tlie lower-pald ones 
of those eotenea, as it haa In the eaae 
of the mere nameraaa etna laborer*, 
who have auffered two reductions, 
aggregating %% cents a day out of 
14 40. fMlrly on tha term* tlm 
award It la true; hut 11 ■. , ,,t 

Itiat th« \ Hiul llie prop, r .."vnria 
alon»- xlioulil aiifffi Tto- ih. .,, , . lioijld 
operate throuKhout all clvlo servioea 
from top to bottom, Juat as ft does an 
the ratepayer. Ureat aad email are 
force d to sairer. or the alternative la. 
lose their property. Our objective la 
by Joiat sacrldee to emcourage them 
to hang aa. 

JUll.N l>i!;A.\. 

r <» Box 32». Vletorta. II.O., reb- 

rua t ' 1 ' I '' 1 

OovdtanMM StMM, Oppoaito Postdffica 

It waa found that artlflcisl Illumina- 
tion can entirely replace sunlight In 
•'■e^lOd any common crop idnnt* and 
that, as the seed Ih perfoctly n .r-iii;ii, 
l« will be posalbls to grow three gen- 

• ratioriN ,„ „ instcod of ono by 

thm III. thoil 

A ni..ti,,,,i ,,r liroiccting wood from 
I "Id (ind water insect damage by 

• r'uung wtth panotn dad pdlebnotaa 
aaiia waa dleoofer«t. ' 

In gliding and soaring contest* In 
Germany, France and i;iui.i,.i 

motoTleas Tllfrhta r.ver thif .. h.oii', .1, 
lenjrth were Htlalii...l 

I'lndlni; of i lo. If li..,1ci.|., skiilj of 

PIP liMf.M.- niiin (hirini; tin- pr«-vl..iis 

year revived Interoat and speculation 
In ancient man. Evidence was pre- 
seated that ama ealited before the 
iaa age, at laaat ISS.oeo years 


aewa be* 

Radio brnnd^atlni; of 
mualo, cntf rlaln nir nl aiul 
came contin«ntal In scope. 

Til., diacovery of an archalc pyra- 
mid In Mexico Indicated that human 
history In Amerlea began as early as 
the primitive olvlllcaUeaa areaad tJM 

Kive .Mayan cltlea absndoned hun> 
dreds of years ago were diaeoverad la 
the foreata of Yucatan and Gnats. 


A rich collection of ut.n.ii, niifj 

H'l' 1 ni,,r ,,1.., ,1,000 y»-aiH .,|,| ,ila- 
"> "'<• lonili of King TuUnk< 
li .in. n In \ alley of Kings, aesr 

Luxor l.Kyi.i Uaahington SUr. 


Head ^'oiir 
Aa tliln«M Ml.. Ml 

In H 

l>lhCU\ li.Uil^.tt 

tmpertaat aeleatldc diaeover* 
lea were made daring the tear lt?2 

Researches carrhd on in many (Ird.i* 
raaulled tn a Ixrs* niimb«>r of \alual>le 
a.l.t.'i.'i i\iillal.l>. Unowledga 

of maC<ii.«l«, 111 »■ ' ! p . ..1 " ;itir| pr.>c»a«oa, 

and In other < iih>.. Mw p« i iin#nla- 
tlen Is still under way. Among the 
evants of the year in acleatlfle 
aehleveaMuta were the foUa^lag: 

Aa efttract of the paaereaa waa lee- 
lafed the I'niverslty of Toronto and 
thts 'Inhatiinc*'. called Inantin wh<'n 
.idniin.-'' ' < .1 I., a xufT^r.'i -h 
(..•tf.« hiTn 10 «>Mt n'>iiif«l ffxiil. 

i> '!« |.i.inii*ins lo ' ontrol thla dieeaaa 

which IS usually falsi 

An anti-serum to cure the h^fily 
fatal lUpky Mouaiala e^etffad devar 
waa pewdaaei at tha flaehaffeller ta- 
atttate tar Ifedlcal Research 

A aew^devlr* for sonndinc 

d^ntha hy sound wavra. without ■ - 
uae of the aDtindtna Hnea, wss ptrfet i • 
«d by the L'aMed ^tatea aavy. 

t>rr«,.„(. s rltiicn 
iri »..., of (,|- rialila and dullea 
nia\ HP. n.l aom<> very lahorloua houro 
rrfrrence library before he can 
to hia eoncliuMotis. Tho gif- 
neuitv of spreading pablle kaowiedea 
of sota and erdeia, aa thdr thna f.-r 
enforshaMnt arrtveo. is obviou^iv 
ffreat antess the <Jovernmf>nt i« pr«.. 
iwr^d to spend mon«>.v on i|,,. uork 
A- that .-ourHc la Icni i...r.i i i I v .mt^uu 
fha |>rohahllltl«.a. rarffiil raadlng of 
newspaper* appears to 1.*^ the aureat 
way t.. k Ir of thf varlOMB 

pri\-i|f.s«>a .o reairalnta that the 

^*"rdto '•"Vfdi — Maachaater 



Beet oMhee. Kcc fill to HJD 

$1 .00 

One Pound 
X-Ih, Bogee Rosehoda ...JUf 
^-Ih. Bare Chnrniatee 

Bars and Plgc -t far M¥ 


"^*"«ct, tigvea, JLcmoos. 


Dan Poupard 

Tlia I'liiK ,S,,r. i,il:.,,. 

IIOS DoUyUs btrecl 

to ai.iiHl I he irat of time 

"sppy la 

Thi. Mlante of Plclion 

'" '■•-•'o! of t.^ad Ladle.- 

i{o»ii».iii «»k.-.i i>laiiiih«.iy. "Where 
are ih» anowK of y*«|pry«sr?" |n 
similar plslntlvr atrain one migiit be 
ismpted lo Inquire what hai 
of the "beat seller" of gig gioai 
ago. The oaveHsts or today liiya ; 


hr among thvu « ho, I «, . n.y -fivV Or 
fifty v^ara h.i.c. will prove to be 
•o Ih.. rrad^r, „f ,h.t ,^ 

ee ere Ncod. Ofckens and Tbaeberaa 

•oih^readen, Of today. InthlMSaai!^ 

l^uH^ ^at^ •duutlon Of ether* 
will be able to dlslo<ic«> th«to old f«. 
i^l#S frwn the Impregnable position 
tbey hohS In the tamaie 

Waahlngton Poxt 

Uaa Umf bolMwIs— Both the high 
snd public schoole of flak Oey will 
be cloeed until Monday mornlne. 
Thlm anniyiinrenient 'was inade lest 
night by Mr H K. He« , , -i^anUTT 
off tho Oak iiay frbeol i:<>«rd. 

MM \ ^ tAKb AUU 1 UUAY 

fPfaw Tue Dalir 
t*9kth ft W» r»riarS" >>ar) . 

t.r US . 

'•er»i wa»s It tttrnm* li»«»s 
lal naiet sse t>fisr4 


■'••rd kst sss aisr'Mlan, 
)'.> M..naL aastlMBSS SI l>,i.>,| 
►••'I bf.«ika4 kie last. h> >iii 
•MMi .«4 m«a. Seat aa4 leramoat 

. *." . n,'!T tilt"' «•»• •• - " 

saat I* Prease far isieraMs4, 



$2.95 Udies 
Qxforis aid Piaps 

Beit Vaiitt b Town. 



I 1 hn Uau« bctWMB th* Board of 

I School 'lru»tr*« an.l I hlfi»;»«» 

! |>ai<>ii(ii (kill ji.ii>»->l •lioiily i»t;«-i» .k 
I IiirrMiig t'f tli»- ' (tatrfita ruar 
<llaM" of tlM Or'.rrilal tiixil pupu'-.i 
M k«M ai.'l ••••Ills arntfiK' 


Cub ad tarry fv 

Or l,fjvc Your Ordrt at l.iilicr Siorr 
1901 Government Sucet and Government Succt Market 



Nag FaiBt Ca. 

tut WM Sfrwt 


From the Famous "Waikikl" Farm 
Come and Sec Them or .Writ* for I'articulara and Prices 

Farm Phone 5867 L2 

B. JL Maw 


Try "Oar Own Brand " 
On Sate Everywhere 
mmiAr nauaaaawB or mr.. tto. 

BrtuMl Hi. PIm>m> I4«« 



1 Oc 



Buy V I M P \ niittrr— Made 
111 Vlttoiia and Sold by All 

tal rbltdrea at tke local iMiMfe 

A I A meetloit of the tM-tiuul 

i-'-id yaatardar there wae under << > 


thar tiM 

mibjaetatf to aa cm 

fiw: Iff i ii^iu'i t,, |.<>rm]t of thetn 

< •! I li>' vkiif h xt,...<l I !)•- .•!!•. 

thoae «vi.-> !.. |..,ii,f> f •■ 

.eU uuul aucti tliu« jls itirir 

mciiic »cKn<r to tlie aihuala u a 
-y me a— r e wlrh « tu 

lam iMtnMttai la tka arkaali akouM 

Itf disrontlaued 

The matter wm laid oier until tlia 
mmU HMttas of tfte Board 



Ttif^ fuDeral of th-r l ilr Mm \V • ' 
!:<irii Jrf in«l« mill tak> plai r <>ii ri^iKr 
• afTornooii fr..rii it.t- fatnil i»-->l 

■ I'll ' J,.t u — ,u I4trr«-t. «ti>-rr Ihe 

i«-iriaJu"« mtr i<-»!ifi4C The ••r\i«»'» 

brld at tit* taoMa mt 1 o'clock. 

Rer TV \\ «, W iS.,u ..f :>;- h'ir-t 
I'r. -b . •.•r!.ni «'>,iii.' n ii.l 1 : r- . * 

-It- Owen, of tbc Keformed i:;piaco- 

Thie report referred to the 'deplor- 
ablf condition" < <in«« <ji>':ii upon tin- 

■. rvv • ••I ; KJtiona IM.i'!- .i:. I nugKestlllK 

(iiat tltere had been a suod deal of 


Tnutee Utehlleld recalled that 

thuunands of Canadian rttlxens »rf In 

Chln.i. and, lie ad\<K-;i'' ! . i 

not Ix* the desire of the liuaitl ket-p 
tJi" l<M :il 



at praa a nt 
at f IM.- 

aueation had b— a fallr 

and the attKude of the Board had 

been mado <I<'.ir on thin point. H« 
nio\ ed thi«t ro'iueat should not l>« 

The motion carried. but after 
lengthy dlacuaeion another motion, in 
faror oC a conCereaoe betns held be- 
twaea mambaia of tba Board and 
pareata aad soardlaas 9t tha ChtBe:«> 
pupHa, waa lirttaduead aad earrfad. 

Tha qaaatioa ot the redaction In 
the scale of aalarlM of teachers w.m 

lie. I iValt with \r^tfTi\ay. There u 
l.efore the lUiard a reiKiIiitlon «if t;,. 
City < "< uiM tl urdns a r»> . In the 

scale of salaries paid tea< tier-., and It 
deddad to allow the matter to 
o*«r paadlns (uUar Infbraiation 
tha CItjr OooaelL 
Tliiataa Blow a latradvead a con- 
tentious point whan ha saro notice 
iif motion of a reaolutlon to come up 
11' »h» nenf meeting of th« Bi>ar<l In 

. "i ^ • 1! |i- I, ■ , ;)..,' I > , .1 I 1 11. 
. rhoul'l l»e ^, . '. ■ II I ' • t h< 

.■ this year, but thnr Ifierw 

stiuuld be a five per cent cut In all 
salaries of principals, teachers and 
of tba oAca aCaO; la 9a Into 

I .«»% I,it>rar» NuffrrM l(<-oull <»f 

l««-iacraJ l>r«-rr|at«de ut \ le- 

nt wa« 

The resolution further prop os as that 
an inquiry should be held into how fsr 
there ran be a reduction in the 
teaching of manual training and du- 

!una ta tba valaaMa Hbmrr af 
i^w Societr jraatarCar. vban malttov 
•now dUrorered a laafcy place la tha 

roof of the <iecrepit old Coart House, 
and a tru kiins stream of watar caini 
through the ceilinc and down tho 
walls of the library, whirh is m the 
second Hoar of the holMlas; 
diataljr haafe mt cka Omtt mi 
t hamber. 

The damaga waa dlaeovered as 

soon as the oflclala t>f 'tie So- 
ciety went to the llbrar> >eH(er<lay 
mornmK, and further ieakace mas 
prevented; but n<>' i-i.'il ,'<\eral val- 
uable aets Of law snd t>een 
practicaHy mlaad. Ui. J£. C Saali- 

-ty, deplorlac the fact that tba 
Tsry copies of Chltty on galiia and 

Sales "■n i'hirfy were aMke unftt for 
furllier reference wa- h'>i.» that 
the o< <-urreii<-e ■ .. ■ i. , - 

ih<- compenaatory advaotaae thai it 
wouM asain direct tba attaatlan of 
the Pravtoelal Oavanuaaat Ca tba 
need far a mmw Oaart Haaaa tn Vie- 
to ria. 

other members of the legrai profes- 
. ■ • I i ■ . 1 1 \ r . w • I •■ I hopeful . 

.1 1 , ■ I « r • . -A • ■ <■ -I, : I . )K • lo aa • " 

pro' • ■^.. .i !....! earth 

qu.ike and are tu move tlie Provin- 
cial Oovemment Jn the tflreetlBM af 
the macb-aaa d a d pr e» l el— of aaatt- 
abla baaia 
elty a( tba 



tr CallA TIedalr'v .\ctl 
I ami tuMM 

Albert Taadale. Mears Street, waa 



cauain^ actaal 
*.ife. Mra I^na TIadale. by asaattltlnc 

?• ! ti.- ri , «|{lf<l r ■ • r • ••!! i iii ii ! e-T u 

■ » • » , i ' : a; ' r- I ■ J t h u . I. I '9«1a Ir » E - : 

ij.!!\ 't, t;., w ii.,»ii. »h<i wii!! 1 .'I a 

few luoatba become Um mother ot 

KoUowlng the e\idei 
'T'le^dax wh-ii Mt- TIadaTe rwor* 

> ■ * 'T ( „ - , : ' . . 1 ;.. J ■ ri. h ■■ ! ! I ■ ■ 

!i ' I • t illi,,' 1 .)U - 1 • •■.» A ff h,i 1 

<«*»>ed him !■ mn! .•■> 1.^ f''i i::- 

l'«r four cbiklrea. Ibe mac»^"^" 
onlerad a 

ha« awara that dM waa la a 

condition: and that her husband kn«w 

of It. Tlwlale li- uv-! .ili w 'e r 

Mena" I'.ti* an<l 'fu' !h' t>r';iif« 

don II when she rau out of the buuac 

uat >fonday ali^ ta tba bal» af 

the police. 

Teeterday Dr A K McMtcklnir tea 

• r -.1 itia: Mis Ti—I..;.- had t'.. l ili- 
It i as l> hei ...tnJiljiip T.-.i!u.r 
> :.^ii i.tlltU ui»'l> t>. »a '. »<1 'illn 

aUould not be passed upon luiu. rc- 

**Ia my opinion.'* said MacMrata 

Jay to the prisoner. •*>•*»« have been 

• ' .« ■ . • w 1 : .1 i .t ml II 111.; 1 • ' .1 
I l>o ri > I ' ij : w ; t . I r . , - . . 1 : i ti a •• i > . 1 1 . 
ht re aii'1 ■ . • r f r • -i ' - 1 ~ ■ ,i ' . 1 1 .. i • it» 
to her condition, and >uu must iia\e 
known what it wask Oacl 
aa yea bava baan saOty af ta 
wtfa. St a tbaa wbea 
e%-ery kladnaas aatf eoaeMaaaUaa. la 
revolt inir to any dseaat Sisa Tea 

tiaid i.tbor." 

TIadale came |lnto mora or 

la IMl. la aae of 

whlcb PoUea OeaualHloaefn Bment 
Han and Joaeph North were at that 
tlm# involved Tl!«dale aT>peared in 

thr i><.!!r». ,MMr' In the rapacity of In- 
■ I •■m. , I »: tie police >-omiiiif> 
Bioncrs and was described 

To See These 
New Gowns k 

Aad to take aote of the 

price tickets on esch 


M' 't; fH ^ I , 1.— . : t>i<- re 

: 'IK . f ' . \t ■ '.-IK' -A : l..-rt 

lil.v 1 .1 ^ \<—it ar.'anscd to taiie 

) • f " • It. C. Faaaral Chapel 
on liaturdajr aCtaraoon ad S:M; in 

Air iriin? were Inven'ed %f OVbr, 
of Nuremburs. In K^S. 

10 inch doublc'tidtd tecord* 


liirMa«t;fei:1s Voic^lGLctor Ibec6rds 

Bees Knees— Fox Trot 
Peggy Dear-Fox Trot 

T he Virjjinians 

The Great White Way Orchestra 

Who Did You Fool After All? -FoxTiot 
Rose of the Rio Grande-Fox Trot 

The V irginians 

The Virginians 

HAIVD — Tba f b aaral of tha late 

Mra. Ada Esther Hand will (>'■ held 

this afternoon st 2 «.■<;... k .. t the 

•■hape! i.f tlif. H. <• >' i>.. r,, • . |. )..? 

'■ ' < I'l MiKhton .'^:r.-. i:. ■■ <; II 

\ •'. ■ w ■< will ofi -Lite ^ri.l ! fiq re- 

maiiia will ba laid to rest In Ro.ih 

as It is prr-rn?r.! f. r V, 
inspcctioa, iucaii> that Vi>u 

win be as enthusiastic about 
the Tahws as we art 

Many of the iMterials 

most favored tlii^ 
Spring arc included. 
Among tbem Canton 

» rrt.r, flat cxryr t.i ' 
!rt.i and crepe back 
ti ht afcadea of 

lilai k. iia\ V. Iirnna. 
t«-rigo, toajit, pearl 
Rrcy, etc The i^rsicefuf 

■ Ici:.!r'- f!;r ! .t i 

cittct. irregular hciua, short 
sleeves aad qvamt embroUkry 

niottfs arc itaUe St^fe fea- 
tures. J'n(:c>, 

$19.75, $25.00 
$33.50, $39.50 

w ai>t 


Pboos SM DRY STOVE WOOD phone 564 

Per (•„.! J7^Q i . ^ 

City Mmita 
EMADm ] 


l..ciiKtb Urderetl 


Trout Fishers 

!<enH in Totir r-l rTf>atni VOW. OI*e US tlW* 

to ft Wrm l»...I. J.r !•» •rj«0' 

CAlRXS-JKbe maalaa mt tba bits 
Mr. Tbeaaoa Alfkad QUma are repo- 
ins at the B. C. I^ineral Chat>e 
where aervice will be bald «n .M.-m 

day mominr at 11 o'clock. Rev ai. h- 
deacon 8»et t off t< iatlns- Interment 
will be made in the faaaUy plot at 

Koes Hay < emetery. It b 
that ii • f'"«< r« be seat. 

QUICK— There pa— ■<! away ye< 
■araias at tba Asad WaaMn . 
Home MnL Mary B. Quick at ti 
adraaead as« of yaara. fha r> 
mains are reposing at the B. C 
Funeral Chapel, and due notice of 

JACKSON" — ^The rer.uiu.n of the la.e 
3fr. William Jackson. who puK.<<> <l 
away In the city Wedossday mom n^- 
are rspoainc at tba cbapal of the B.C. 
Pnnaral Oeipaay aatU Moaday 
aieralaa; wbaa tbqr will ba eoaveyrd 
U the Odd FMlewiT Hall. Douslaa 
Street, whiisra ss i 'vlc i e will lie con- 
ducted at S o'clock Monday afternoon. 

I-K\ IKS- The r< riiain«i of lh<% I<t« 
Ivilire-Orporal .lamen f^\.i« 
will be laid to rest in i:oss Bay <eii,- 
etery with full military honors on 
Saturday afternoon. Service will >>« 
held at tha Tbomaoa fvaeral Heme. 
1S2S Quadra Slraat. at S o'rloctt. 
wbaa tba Rev. Caaoa Hiaebllffa will 


Electric Heaters 

Spr.iil S..Ir JTI e »0 




Q>«b««i Kir. A.»<ir>ar. Co 

Phone 3fl05 
fIS Vart Street (Opposite Kirkfaam's) 


lb A^FBUXUdATlXl $d.«M i«l:>tb 



SuMMf-lcCoiiDeli Ltd. 



£dna Brown-Henry Burr 
Peerless Quartet 

f In a Comer of the World 

1 Sunset VaUey 

To-Morrow Harold Harvey 

When the Leaves Come Tumblinji Down Harold Harvey 

"His Master's Voic^ 


TrOfl^DINf; There pameri «wsy 
yenterday mon r »- ,• i, »i,.iiie. i , i o 
Itlrhmond A •• i. ihoTi,;i« 
Kouldinc. husbaiKi of Mra. AnnJe 
Mouidins. asad t« year*. Daeaaee<i 
was bora la WaUlasten Coaaty. On- 
tario, and had beea a niHiat eC tbie 
city far the past iig b tiwi yaata. He 
la survived by his widow, two sono 
of this cii> . two dnuKhtem, Mi« 
Oeorce Mallanl an<l Mr« I* Stewan 
alao OH" ' -ler. Mr- ••"hen. of 

Recira The funeral ;aKe plare 

on Monil.i i. Kehruary I at 2.30 
o'clocli. from the Hands KiinersI 
Chapel. Hev. Mr. Hunt will ofOciate 
and latermeat will be nwide at Boas 
Bay eesMtary. (Ka flawera, by re- 

grOTT— The funeral of the 
Mi». Kanny Allen Sootr. who |>;tiai>eil 
awav at the fariill> r<<<ii|eii. 133; 
I.', all .*tTeei :.i«i Haiiirilay. tonk plara 
Tnepil.i .f-rniion at Z o'riocic 
from the Sands Funeral Chapel. Ilev. 
K. C. Cbaynwa officUted. and the 
hvma eaas wae "Rack of A«ea." Tbe 
• ^taket was c ov e red wttb a prefitslen 
' floral offerincs which bore trlb-ite 
the hish esteem in which the U-e 
.Mra Hrott w .< x h»M The pallbea 1 er« 
were IHeawr. .M riil«l*|e< A M . ., | 
A. Wilklnaon. K. Ifllt..n ■ .« 
and V\'. MIndle. Interiiieri: waa made 
In Rose Hay cemetery. 


i o«i 

to KUi 
Salary Increase 

Approximately IS.OuO waa cut from 
tbe flaaaleb sebeel eetbaatee la aon- 

parison to the 1*32 ficures. at the 

I'leetltiK of the Saani' h School Boar. I 
h«ld >eiiterd»' noon in the 

Kn-inifli Miini<ii..«, 11.1II, U<i>al OaU. 
i lie lt2J e"(irii.i »-s weie mrin k at 

t US, see ordinary eapendilura. plua 
i4,»M ua«er tbe bisthig af astra- 

ef «ltt.««S. Wbleb to^same *Im!>!! 
lower than tha cost of operatlas the 

arhoole diirlnr the year 19t?. 

M I \^ <- <.h headed a deputation 
' M-bool teachera of Saenicb. aaklns 
! >i tba baari raeaaaMer tbelr aetlaa 
u.kea at a » re T laa a aieetiag wbaa 
they «eeMM to eltmlaate, for tMe 
year, the usual incrsase In e»iM < 
r<l'l members of the tearhltiR »it.i r 
' ' '1 ln< re.inea run fro' » ■ .•^Itniiin 
>>l lirf to a minimum of $4u iw each 
uaeber per aaaun. 

Mr. Welsh eeateaded that tha In- 
craMe waa due the teaebars inasmuch 
as the annual aalary Inrrease dauae 
waa contained in the teacher*' aicree- 
f^ent, but It »a« pointed out b> the 
iioard that no agreement had beci 
* o'd between the Haanlrh teariilns 
•taXt and the Saanlch achool board. 
Tbe board however decided to nuke 
no altenUiaa ia thair dectataa to 
tilmlaate tbe la ct eaes. 

Truateen Holioway and O. Mr- 
Wtlllanis were appointed a committee 
to appear before the Haanich council 
la reteraace to otttalalas office 
aaarteta for tbe new aebeal beard 
leaiatanr la tba Msatatpal abll. 

oir Mnra aumiam 


C. J. Carey 

T«M ami C«ffM 

(Uppoaitc^Lcc Dje 4 Co.> 

rtKATTI.K fell I.', -.\||<line| < ,,. 

Ki- proprietor of the I'loneer Safe 
■ >sit vaults here, and Tbanea 
spelimaa were beld at the reaaeat 
>f re«eral ageaU today. faUawlof 

HuBU Baiuft! 

One fomrwTtaf rr^r- ' ■ ^ 
otber, but the/ are unalterably 

Surh a comparUoa is eaasUy 

ai'pHrablr to the "Ampieo and 
the playrr piano. 

'J Jte ",^^lpil o ' rr rfiacn the w lyrit 
of S'*" piani«t« — tiof rrprodur 
inx thrir art in the ii«nal mechani- 
cal way oi a pluyer piano. To 
hear the "Arnpi<-o" i* as if the 
artist arete sittinif m your room 
playing for you. convfeccti. 
I' lmr atl'l hear the "Amplco." 

Willis Pianos 


1003 'i .;, ' 514 

their arreat last nlsht nn s chnrge 
of violation of the If.irrlaon Art 
Arenta aald they aeized 74 oiinreaof 
iiar'</tl'ii \.'ilij''il a' alrout t3i,t90, ' 
pedlars' prices, st tha time «f tbe 
arraei, wbleh followai aa tevaKlsa- 
tion esteadias over aevaral 
af Cebaa's aeUvlUas. 

TOROXT'> It — noMtaf tiMtr 

snnust meiMnjc \est«rday, tbe mem ' 
b<Ta of the < hamiitain florieiv. « • 
oecanizallon founded in IIO( for the 
purpose <<t 'olIectlOK 'nd publlahlac 
valuable material ralatlnf taOaaadtan 
history, eiaoted afnoore far tbe aeailns 
year. They were: praMeat. air Kd- 
tnuad fNTatber. T era at o; Anaone the 
vice>prealdeats were: Sir Inn 
Mlllan •WInnlpeS; Walter <' vt • » 
1 !. •■• f the lTni'-»: • ..r 

.'->.» k a ••(.»■ '» 1 1, and PIr Uli.l.-i T , . 
j»er . \ a nr ovi ■ - 1 

Jadsc Howay. New W 
ta tbe 

If yaw caa't comc^ in phoae ut an<l w.e will SMfca sW »rrans''"'*nt« loi 


C' ivrr nment 





i i 


Mator Repairs 

Was Your Car 





If to let Of repfttr it We have complete c^uipnuat for r»- 
Pftlr% RADIATOIS «ai wMag cyhnUt Modok 

Ltt ua eanUBine the damage and advise you, as very often 
•Pfiircal Mr)oM jdUMge can bo mi^ good witbout the 
nctf ttt ltj r of dismantling any part of tfio c»r. 

Thomas Plimley, Ltd. 

Broofhtoa Street 

PboM 697 

9Mf OabBv 

, VktorU. B.& 


C/Yj^ a72c/ District 

•on Htrect Sriiovl will not reO] 
(11 M*nday luurnluK iiexi. 


HiKh Bohool will r« 
Monday raomUlK 


0«n4 of Health 
HibU OhMi will m««C aa uaual thla 

■ r<ernoon at 8 o'l-looic In fh« PTMlSct 

"f Clirlst ( hur ti < '«f hulra 1. 

l'<>«lp<jQr«l C«rd Party The fanl 
pmt. niid (iiiii-erf, planned \iy lh« 
lilriB' IiiatUuta Club of »^^MfM Xor 
Kridar •▼•nlna. rabniary 1*. kas 
1 can po«t»oa«4 uatll FsfrrviilT tt. 


Will I' Hid the 

Branstoii Violet Bay 

inaliiablr lor sorrir of thr minor ailmrntu irnin uliuh 
toauy suffer. De(non*tration» at our .'s^lr^rooma 

Hawkins & Hayward 

Hin rrntt Q mrnn A mee: 
ins of fruit srower* In I^k« Hiu bi.i 
dlatrtet will be l hi tho .N..rlh 

Dairy Bchool, guiidia Ktr«eC, on Hat- 

urday •vMiag. promptly at • e'elaek. 

I>rajnalurur Poatponed — Tho I* ' " 

I'raiuaiic Bcbool profnunm*, wMcb 
to hsTs hmn gtrm thia wfmmag. 
haa b—m fta tpwa mtU Friaay. 
Mareh t, 

A. V. P. A.-- Tha Anicli. sn Ymnir 
T*ooi>l»- (i (, of Ht. .I..|in> < h'lr' h 
will hrild ;i !.\mlriKk inff-tlni^ mi 
'rhur..|n-. rrhru'ii . 2? rommenrln* 
at 8 o'clock. AttandaAca of mil in«m- 
bars is mn«ttir rxw es U d. 

nartlon « Uh Ilia aniiiial fathar and 
aoii bangurt. vt ihe Y M.C A 1o 
hald on Saturday e\ «<nlnK. I- r lii unr v 

r4. tha COnin;ltt»i« »%\i.lil<l likP I'l 4!«»t 

tks sMr. svar a* jrwws •< •>«, that 
thess bsgrs aleirt bs sstertslBsd 
Suaata at tha hanquat. In tha pan' 
Intarsated frlojida liu%e always iita'^n 
It poBRlbIa fur Ihpflt^ |.<l^ll T<) a'trrid. 
iu«iiv ruen ai tliig /i^i ■ .Iml ■ thu 
u' ration. t'ath^r l'^:- hvyn a • m 
vltrd to call at tlio V Ntt'A anil P<»e 

tlta bejrar sooratary s^out titta. Just 

-iCfsi Clara Pow- 
•U's rvoital, which rraa to hava tai^ft, 
placa thla aranin» ut the Cnna^rxu 

uiKll MarcU 2'i l>\^lnK lo liia bad 

la Ommty Obmt — Judsmont for 

the pUlntirr it. ! he Mjni ..f (Cv w a» 
«lveii b> lu.ljn M. Iiitosh osifidM" 
in the a'-M(.ii i.f A l«- xa i,.|rr .M,l!tilil« 
agaliiiiT r I III^KS. The daCrndunl a 
< "II', I ^ 11 (::, .VKK diamlaaad. Thn 
pladnuff ciaitued dantagiaa la tlia sum 
•f'fSith Is raetae t of psrsesal In- 
JaitM damsc* to car asstalaad 
In a raar and motor collialen on tha 
Oorgp Road M; ,1 s. Brandon ap- 
paared lor the mrr. aa4 Hr. i:;. I 
Van far tlis aar^'.! u.i. 




I.ars« ('anr^ of Worttmi. Aaalated by 


612 FOKT 


749 YATSS 

Peters' Marmalads. tip ^Ht 

iPure Strawberry Jam, quaht} 
guaranteed, local make; 4-lb. 
tin ^ 7S# 


[ bottle 

'Fine Table Salt. 12 lb5. a5< 
iCampbell's Tomato Soup. Z 

\ tins 

New 'Shelled Walnuts, whulr 
halves, lb., 48c; quarters, per 
lb. .M»t 

Fiedb CoodOBUt* lb. ..^^,.f^.JWO^ 
Brown Ondn Vinogar, per b<<i 

tie ^ 12< 

Sardines in Oil, 

for ... 

3 t;n. 


[a ths 

yeUst eoart 

Otaliteo plssase set gutttf ts tha 
ehars* of drtirlne bia motor ear past 
a tram car aUndlns to taka en pas- 
nenrnra. Tlie caaa waS rWBSadsa VB- 

111 n«xt .Mnnd.T 

Yarrow 8 AttilMio tioctety — Osard'a 
orohaatra will supply raMslo for Tar- 
raw' s Athjt le aodaty. whiali to 
tea smKlier eif" its pepnfir ttcneea, 
tha third thla aaaaon. ^ ! !i<' 

of Pythlaa Hall, Nortii l aiK dueui, 
OB Teasaair svanlae Bsat* 

^ttmta Amy aad NsTy— For ih« 
third coBMcutlvo tsrm Major M. J. 
( rahan has bssn uaaalaMMSly slsetad 

i>l'-r^ldent of tha VaasowSMT branch of 
III." Army and Navy Vatarann' Aaao- 

i latloi' l.clnif . hoRi'ii hfnr\ i i' Miss nr 
gaiilr.i : 11 .11 ut •••< in'^f-ling li'-i.l 
• ■ri lli»- Mull :,n 1 «('( k 111 iliiiiik 

I' K Uif ii 'ii.bcih fur lili re-elcctluii, 
Mujo, ( nhan utated that financially 
the branch waa In th« bast position 
at praMnt of any porlad daMav his 
tarm of office. Major Crahan la an 
eatatandinr firura in ratumad «ol- 
dlfTB" (III IfH thi (iii,"-hoiii 1 tip Ii.iriiln- 
lon and Is well k.iowii h<rf. wImth 
ha han floilvM-^d Hiieerh«>« In his ca- 
pacity of Dominion praaiUent of thf 
A. aad N. Veterana. 


Bortfen*a MaHad 'Mifli. regular SOe aiao for . 

Borden's Malted Milk, rpgular $1.00 titt fof 
Borden's Malted Milk, hospital size, for 

Keception Ceffef, bears our guar- 

antee^ . « ..^m^ 

Tinm WMte Poaaa, S lbs* ...JMK^ 

Orange Pekoe Tea, lb SO^ 

Pnro Hmmf, k bricfct, lb. 

Robertson's Caramels, delicious flavor. Regular 45c lb. 



Dry CryitalltsM'0lBger, per tin* 

Chriatla*! Lamoa Biacuiu, per 

lb. ^ 

Hand-BolM Choootettta per lb., 
35c ; or 5-lb. boac'W^L..f 1.80 

Strong toBMli ffiffinliu. per 

lb 27f 

Lean Pesmesl Back Bacon, "^lirpd, 
per lb., 38c; piece« lb 35f | Raw PeanuU, 2 lbs. 

Sweet Fieidad Pieale Mama, per 

1^. . 18f 

Swift's Lard. lb. 20< 

Reception Mincemeat^ lb 20<^ 

Peanut Butter. aO< 

Hard. Dry Onions, 10 lbs. 25< 

Navel Oranges. 2 doz 45^ 

Nioa Watama. lb. ao< 

Roasted Peanuts, 2 Iba. ^. 27^ 

Bulk Sun-Maid Seeded Raiaina, 

per lb. ..t , 


Kod CbaatoA Vlpffia Arylaa, 

per boK 



Roltod Roaat Ba«f, per lb.... 
mmm BaasM, per lb. 

Prime Riba, prr Ih ,. , 

SirMa Roaats, per lb. ....... 

BeBid Bet' Bsanei per lb. 






Shoulder Roaata. ib., 22c and lOf* 

Ifola Om, a«r WMrt, Bar 

£ef SeesM^ lb, |0e aad ^_.....JBa# 

Shoulder Koaati, per lb. ........BS^ 

Loin Gate, per lb. ...... ., Mf 

I effs sa« HaK Lep^ per 1^ „.,^U 

Nice Veal RosSIS, per lb. l»t 

Pint I' .rU Sauaa^M. per lb«-.». 2B4P 

Larab Chopa, par lb 30f 

Sirlsin iMaki ftr lb. . a8# 

Local leMof Vowli^ per lb. 

\ alontluo I ntrrialnoMiit — An ^n- 
tf I t.iinin«nt for tha boaaflt of the 
Bov B<:outa Will bs hsM In tha Ra- 
formad Bplseopal Chareh sehoolroom 
this arsBltts at t:ll. HeaM^aiada 
:>adlaa and other ds U saoiss wUl bs 
jKpoaed of. • 

ll ird limes IMncs llK prizes will 
>••> Ki'-fti thla avanlns st th* "hard 
tunea danca" which la bsiao glvan at 
tii« Rax Thaatra by tbe ScoUlah 
l>ausbtsrs' Lsaeus of Batvlaoalt. Tha 
most oooBomlsal soetsasss will rs- 
eslTS arst SMsMsratloo. 

Saanloll MsSllae r<mip<>n<>4l < « < 
t'> tlic after-affaets of tiio Kr.<>w»tc.rni 
tif maetlns of tha 8aant< li Hatapay- 
(TM- Aaaoclatlon aohadulad tor this 
'•^ ''nlns in ths TllUeusi aebesl has 
baan psstpoBsd for oae weei^ nalll 
next Friday. 

Mra. DsTla TmpmTed Th« condi- 
tion of Ml - Ul' hli ■) 1 >a-. IS ,,f 
K'ii(tht> T,nr,» ■^^ ' ,) ^^ (ta Injui •'■1 lasf 

T-"'. i« 'Fi,MiM V* h»ii tha wat«T loii 
in the atove In bar kltohaa ssplodad, 
waa raportsd last Btglit to be tal- 

EaeBlBMat — Tha P»r*n' 

Tftaohara' Society of E^aqulmalt h' 

rariKlnif fop n (lanr<^ to tak" jihi 
iitid'-r ilif>ir ansplcoiH at the U'-x I lio 
uir« on Tiieaday avanln^ next 'rh<i 
prooo(?dB will so to awall tha milk 
fund for the Lampsoa ttraet Mioot 

ProTlnalal Appotntraenta—Th » foi- 
lowlns appolntmenta are ann»Mni #>d 
In tha ctirr<Mil nf^k a Provincial 
<i»xft\p ATr H Brynlldwen, of Balla 
' Htlpandlary maslatrata 

In and for tha counUas of Prlnca 
Rupert and Vanoouvtr; Mr. Isha O. 
WllsoB, barrlflter, of Prlnca Oaoreo, 
to bo a BOUry public: Mr. Frank 
Rti<<hton, ef Maktisp, to bs » astary 

I \i M: c. 

I nitrraal Day of Prayer— ThS tinl- 
vcraai day of prayer for misatoas win 
ba obaarvod thla aftamooB by tb'^ 
Womon's Mlarionary Soelatlea of tii 

varloua denomination*, tbx TW' A 
and th^ central hran- h of th<» V\ f 

TJ'. in rh« I H,ii.«i.^ fl.nrrh. co- 

i:<«r of Tlnt< ^ !»im1 <jua.:ra Hi r<«©l». 

fron, 2 u riock t . 4 .M p rti, All 

Chriatlan woman ara Invltad to a* 


dona by anow plousha aad atraat- 
cleanlns s^nga yaaterday made 

tha roada of Ward Seven, ft.i.i^. 
fairly paaaable by yeaterday afuM- 
noon. In OUtlylnc parts oT the munl- 
1 Ipallty, however, the heavy 8nowf:>l> 
I Tueaday nlsht ia atlU makln;; trafri< 
practtoalty Impoaalbla. Aeeordlaa t» 
Tho Colonist oorro^BdsBt at Ksat 
Ins no vahlela of any kind paaaed 
there yaaterday on tha Eaat Baanlch 
Road. Ildftil ;.i|.<MH wi'if (lilt Ht 
work oarlv ^ ■•»'t«-i .lav on both fh..- 
Kant Hnaiuch nn.l W«b: SaaiU. Ii : 
and while conaldr>ruble naht-of-wav 
waa olaarod, the heavy wet anow atlil 
praaoBla a formidable barrier to 

Victoria'* downtown traffic alraoat 

re< ii\rmt !'■« norriinl alrldw \<Miterda> 
a« u r>iiii!t of a < onl 1 iiuou r» t'raw. rain 
diiiliij II,., prf.loiia iiIk'", all 
il.i> 111 > t !j t lon^^ of lar ge ganBs of men 
.ini)io.,d 1.^ city and the B. C. 
isiacuic Hallway Omiraiir ia eioarlBg 
tho strsots of sB«w. 

Tho otre^t car arrvlce oporatod all 

day accord tiij i<» regular achadnl*. 

and till* II ( i.i.-i I III- ituUw av I f 

garded ■» miow t :»-arltig ta.K ai prj. 
t;> al>- 'lii'iihr.! I Mie-iH t tie v\'.jiliri 
I ika.H an unexpected turn and fraaa- 
inK '>••"■ !n, BO farthar trsvbia Is aa- 

Eleven anew ptoschs woro opsr etsd 

dartns ^^•'^ day hy tho elty. oUbt of 
thorn bei^ uaad on the cutters and 

"Our tiiniMe ).« jTPtiing!i 
iiornrs for ih,. jt»li. ndid »'i'y hi 
ameer J- m l tret.)ii w Ini lias been 
duporvisins the .I's n iijihi agalnat 
tha aaow. "Moat of tha hoisoa wo 
hsvo are pretty old Mia by lbs ttSM 
theyT* dona five hours vork thoy 
are about aii m." 

Tho dty (• » pei !•■ n. 1- ,1 '.!■> tiriul'! 
ir. building lu. 

jestetduv iihil .ilioii! i,,.-n 
^•■thT . n(i;Hi(»-,j in Htiiiw tleaimjj. 

Uejiorta .l.-oage done l'> various 
t>uildinsa reached the dty UaU yoa- 
tordajr afUmooa. asvenJ avssB* 
houses la the ouuklrts eavod la as 
a rasuH of tho wdsht of anow on 
their giiLM roofs, and minor dun \c" 
waa done to other^ mora aubat&ntlal 
ptt uctures lacking pr S PS^ OATSS SSMl 
gutter facilillea. 

Extanaiva damage at m i 

Itaelf waa dlsooverod by Build^ns In- 
apector J. Barf. 

Tho apartmoate of Chief Janitor 
Bran Z>arl»a, located on the top floor 
of the City Hall, wer,- fl ..ded b.v 
• now yesterday nn)rnln« Tho roof 
cr'i»>he,J i,;"-J*T ' ' Wright t' •n.-W 
!l It had licfii t)lo\\ ri Into a sl.x-foot 
ii i in uiio Coiner, and Mr. Dav:> 
i.t ruiy i!i aaid to hava been ruined 

W, I/— Vie rarular 
monthly maetlng of the Kaquimait 
Women'a Inatltute wa.«i held in th<» 

prirl.ili lull '.i..t T"iiPhd.»> '■•'•iiiTij. 
''"int I'l the liii IcTiier.r wi>nt;i<-, ■fry 
{--■• in"inl)or^ ucie prr5,rnt. <;eri<«i- 

»i buaincaa waa dlicuaaed. Refceah- 
inenu were aenrad by tho followlnr 
heStesMS: Mra. Appleby. Mra. a. 
Bowden, Mrs. Broeker, Mrs. Booth 
aad Mrs. lioeklsr. 



Service, Both Soalli 
irorthbowDd, WIU Be 

Mainline tracha of the Knnulmalt A 
Nanalnio Railway w-er»> ji i • i . 'v n:i 
cleared of unow \o'.toic1n ,i .| 
were making i, .ui ■ •■ 

•hn tiranch Imps and mainline aldlngH 
! ^v-ver, were still covered with aaow 

hlch fall In auch abusdaneo luat 
I uaaday and Wodastdair and In.Son- 
aaquence time waa loat In travarolns 
them. The train from Courtenay 
yesterday arrived one hour and fifty 
minuter late, nnd fhi> noiihtiound 
train. which fr \ irtoria at • 

' k joHtcrday morning, waa forty 
••8 late (in arrivlns at Courtenay. 

According to raporta rooolTOd by 
Mr. H. m. Beaeloy, geBorel saporin- 
tcndent, the etorm eeased ia the m 
cinlty of Cowlehan about midnight 
Wedneaday, I" ' h time the snnw 

had reached a . -i^'-rawe deidti of five 
feet 'VcstcidHy rain « no f.. ' ' ug /i:id 
th.- -o ' ■•ti! i' l r: !iig n«<' In tamperaitire 
u.i- 1' •■ "Hia ti e white mantle. 

< >i •< . r the big plougha waaworhlog 
all day > cstarday oloarlna tho branch 
Una to Port Alborai ABd ft la hopod 
to put a train over the rails Into the 

town, fndav 

Durin^^ the worat of the aform and 
It* art»»r effects nil forces wore con - 
cin'rafe.l In Keeping the passenger 
trains moving, "but the freight aervlce 
waa disrupted. Today, howOTor, OffOfta 

will he made to more lumber and 
' her frelsht both eoatb and north - 

7 ///. n l ATIIl li 

' ROiiitED OF fiLORY 

Cclebrii I Ions W lilcli Hc^fari llcrfi \cs- 
t<'rd»T Hate (>fii\ riillUI Som> 

blaoce of Old Paceanti-y 

Pot Roast* of Beat Quality Beef, per lb., L'c and ....... 

Freih Stewing Vesl, 2 Ibe. ^ 

Freah Beef Haarta, each 

Fresh Made Beef 

•per lb. ... 



Mr <;»,.. \v,i 

f "ived pain- 
- lay while 
Princasi Ade 

RMylvea In)urte« 

llamson. of JEaqiilina) 

Injuria* on 
xt work on the 
lalde. whieh waa sadertslBe repair, 
at tho drydeek, Baeuimait. Owing to 
tho anew en the doekalile he aiUiped 
>md foil headlong In-o *hf d..r.< i, r 
the ahlp'n aide. Injuring l is 1i >.t !, 
neck nn<\ shouldcra. It M. l'ti'r-. 
attended Mr. WllUamaon. who ia now 

Mspla BmM 

7 II. -^.-K I 


H. 0. Kirkhan & Co., Ltd. 



M.teorologlral i '(11 
1' rn., SeeiMllj ](, 1*?!. 


An •st.nslv. nc.H' 
Inland, and mlld.r 
(-n.ral ia We.t.m 
irnsa eeM contlnii.. ,.r< 11, « 


Virtoria >.•«..«.........••... 


Kam loops .•*.........•..•... 

It.rhTvlll. ... 

P' in. H up. ft . 

A ' , ' •! 

I'.waon, r.T. . 

• Victoria, B.C., at • 



■ lum 

^^laary, AUa. .... 
















iaalaeg. Maa. 

rortlaiiif. Or. 
Baa rr.ncl.rn. 
SaattU. Waafa. 

r^atict og >»» ♦..........»#.... la 

Grand l^eaini ..*......«..,... la 

N.lsoa ...•*.......•....«•.... a 

K.sla ....................... 4 

Craabreak tea 

Bdmaataa, am. %%% 

rriaee AlMrt. h-.u .. gtS 


^t•'vtlnwa 4t 

.^finlmuia ..«.«•..................•#... It 

Av.raca .■..•..••.........•§ It 

Minimum oa tha graaa. ■. at 

<;.n«t.i .(.t. nf ih« traaCaer. r\ovfr. 




Sale of Water-Colors 

A OMmiing NtarSdadiaa to Cbeoaa Pvmi 

Clearance Sale of Old Stock 

at Half Price 


Memortal Ba t Tha Tietsrta DU- 

• rlot W.CT.U^wlD hold a meaUns in 
conneotlon with the Francea E. WIU 

lard memorial day in the Kirnt H^ii 
tl.t church on 8a«iTrdn\ n"T» «f n 
o * K'' I !■• .,|[, „, ■ 11 - ti rn 

"1 1 .>:«.-• Mr I i'Miiiick will 

M : ■ i-HM 1 1- » 1 ie»f i nr ^ >-i do by Mra. 
Morion anu recitationa by Mrii 
born wUI bo eIroB. 
wUI bs sonrod. All intorestsd In tom- 
vork ara tarlted to be 

V all iitifls Ssiia^^^i" ^'^ • M-i^i 

'^"nler ToBBO People'a Laasue 
> ' ! ■> third monthly iBtatlsg on 
Aedaaodsy ovealBe, It tekbay th* 
foff i el a ValpBttBs sselaL Doapite 

tho wnBsaal Vealhsr eSBditlon. a lara* 
narabar oT th* yoenns |»«»*.pie wqunr 

!•■ Irudired iliroiiRh »he snow to North 
( itf S're«t wh»'r« t hey wera fha wel 
i;i"st. of M and Mra. I. A 
Vonnc A mo.t (ova hi* OTettlng «p^o< and great credit la dSO to 

Mra. Youns for her efforts la 
ho sselal a easeass. 

lar H aUaa to lutiicneia— la 

' 1 1 

FunuH (hrrcome Three 
Supposed Train Beaters 

S.^T.T I^KC CITT, Feb, l The 
boditR of threa unidentified n . . 
were found t od i \ m a i illroad 
f r iK'T 1 ■ , I >eita. I t.ih .\ ■ 

rordiiij: "Old received here by 

rallrpad oOciala, it la bellerad tho 
throe iBon. eteaUac a rldo Ib the etu*. 
were erereome by fMBoafironsaehar- 

New Tear abMe the 
declaration of the RepubUe haa bat 

a ahadow if it a former plcturaaaua- 

ness and jiiKeantry. Up to twelve 

.MIS .IK'" ovcrv 111'.- in the world 
that Ms I liines). i-oni ui ii n i1 y know 
of th" <o"> y of their N'W \ - :r :i •! 

hour after it besan, ao great waa the 
din of ( rackers and craahlns of 
bomba But with tho dodaratloa of 
th* Rapublle and the ptMslaf of tho 
old order there has MO^^UVadual 
diminintr of the old emiranlsrn and 

ii'ikI"Uh dwnioti -! 1 ii I ; 't;». rtiol op!-, ^ 
pailKl prcf'ni »> of k»-e(i;ntc u [i the old 
custom Is made io(l«\ 

Yesterday's was the twelfth ('hlT\eae 
New Year to dawn alnca the over- 
throw Of Imp*rlailam. But wharaaa 
In ths eMofi days orsryeBo ts the elty 
■melt powisr aad beard the deafen- 
Ine roar of eraekera from the moment 

that tho featlvlllea heKitn. t idiiy th«-rn 
are not more tlimi a l< a Imndred 

Occidantala who n ir ifpst i-<> i..i'ioiin- 
neaa of the emiv ■ f 'Iki oiic«-hoii 
ored anrii\"r«ai In 'he Chln«--«e 
aection of tha city there are num- 
eroua evidaneeo In tha way ef oa- 
plodod flroeraekom slOBa the pare-- 
meats aad In the tsttore. but the 
limited celebrations, sm h as ihev nro 
ar* alfaioat totally < onnncd to th it 

aaarter of the town. 

Only Thrrn Oaya 
The pre H»>iiiihlli an form of flie 
celehriilon extended over a Wboi4 
we.-k. Thla haa now dwindled to 
three day*' fesUTltlss. and H to enU 
a amall portloa of tho Obtoose reri- 
denta. ehleily the older pssple. ^Un 
adher* to the old rnatom of visiting 
th© Joaa houne at mi'lnlithT on New 
Tear'a Eve for the piirpoaw of inrrv 
Ing out the old Confiii-tan rl'r of offer 
Ing up thanks to the good aplrtt for 
good luck and Immunity from elck 

n«sg durlne th* p«wt yoar. OOSrfngH 
•f frttit, ehteksB and dretsed Bioats 
are made by the doroCoea. and the 
hoq>ltaUty, for wbleb the Chlaeaa are 
noted St tbla SMsem la eoaa mad 

frea to all. 

vviiil- perh,ipa rtispenalne With tha 
rltuaUatio part of tha ealobration. 
there are aHi«|aasatal asMOtotlons 
wbleb make the less pa dear to pra' 
tlealty etery ChlftamSn, and in tt .. 

private homea min h outer*., m li.;. 
went on yeaterdav ami win (onnmi^ 

until tlif> eiol of III" wrek. WT.oie.. 

New VcMi si I>i\ under the old 
regime. ' h lu-inda of yeara waa 
observed with faotlngr. under th.- 
newer cod* it ia a festival vary much 
aftar th* order of tho aeotanan ^ 
TradltioBal d^loaetaa^ erase the ban 
esetlae table, amooe tb*m being a 
pastla oallad "gal " which haa « i.iac* 
of honor i" oi"','. . f i, 
hold. H'lK^'i laii^ ]irfHFr\f,i friilla 
and nuta ai* ii'.s.i Ind iej>ensa ide nj- 
juncta of the .New Year'a dn^ feaat, 
and a generally •oboorrod custom 
locally la tho p r aseBtatlOB to each 
child of a twoatr<4Ns>«eBt piece 
<^ rapped IB rod p«per.r flrocraekors 
xtin And favor wRh th* ehlldran 
particularly and With ' h. « r own-upa If 
they he HOT too lone > » ■ . fr om their 
rath • ' 

< liib l><*inon.xira(iona 
In the cluba there have been smai: 
demonstrations In honor of tho oe- 
caaloB. MBstoal lastnuneats ptoy tbsir 
part iB the sele b mttoB, sns-stfta« 
violins, tomtoms. mase(t*s and other 
' 1. i . • ' • iatl<-ally Chinese (.oM»e«alon« 
.'■ .1.' K (» note to the eiiseiiil'lf of 
aoiitid The p.ivnient of rlet.ta i^l" 

tin « oi II,.. customn antcb 

th. ' 1.1 « t.i-ol. at least, hope 

will not be loot Id ihrBMreh of pro- 

The yoaaeer Obi aise^ these born la 

\ ictorla, are for the most part caie- 
hratiaie th* Occidental New T.^»r n^ii 

I'l tha caaa of the Oilne«e i ,ir,;» ii.,,, 
I ■ ; 1 1 i . Ill*, nif n. ' ^ .l ■ . i • .i > < i. - < . .( ri 

1 / a f: • e of ' h " J, . I 1 . ■ I , ) f, , , I ,^ 

• h»pe f'.rni, althouftti I-. . colnri 

rience they ar* hoUUaf a social oa 

■ II kg 

i« on Ita way from th* Orlant at tha 
I'reaent mom»nt to etM>n a two ireeks' 

e n aa a '■I'l e ! , ! ;, • ih" V'lt'e'', '(h.;»trr 
!• »a« grnerail-, liop»>.l 1,\ tlio.e n io, 
eo)<.\ «i. old Mrrie « ' r»i o 'Hi h r i » in 'l.^ir 

celebratUtn* that tha playera would b* 

H«re la a Muaical Inatrument That 
Your Boy WiU RobU/ Learn to 
Play ' ' 

\\ li\ ' Hr(a(ivr if i- [],c niii-ii al "iiNtiiunpnl thtft 

ui%i bu}5 want to . Ami when there ii> that long^ 
h»|f to play proficiently, every practice hour it sixty 
niimitcs of sheer enjoyment 

\\ (■ Ii.ivr Iu«t rrcrixc'l .i -liipmrnt nf t' r I'.Mnoi; C. G. 
Cimii Co. C .Melody Sa.\ophones to sell at the new 
I >vv price of $11000. You caa buy one dC.theae for your 
boy on terms as loar aa 

$10 Per Month 

Week-End Sale Specials 

Ipaclal IMMamaata f or tha Wf«k-lBi 

51 Piece 

With gold 



ironstone chiaa; medium aise 

Spedal, 2 for 9B# 

Covered Vegetable Dishes, 
m^ta, two oi three natlcins to 
chooae from. Sale Price. 91.aO 

Set. plain white 
d decoratiiin. in 



12-Inch Meat Dkh. pisia white 
ironatoae china. A vsrjr aiefui 

-»- mm^^ 

wiwr o^raiB% ^acif 

data Berrr Betn, r.''i >ni<ii pat- 
teni. ia Oaar cr>atal glaaa. 

PHee — I I I,. I , 

Soup Plates. n"ial 
quality semi-porcclaio. 
pattern; 6 for ..... 





Tabl. Tumbl.ra | 

a far sa« 


149 TATBH HT. PHU.MC 158 

rrak Qutrk It^ 

Wa lan 40XLwtit tmH orders 

as soon as humanly posatblat 
but do your share by 

Digging a Pathway 
From the Street to 
Your Gate 

This will aaake detfmies anMh 


Kirk Coal 
Co., Ltd. 

1212 Broad St. 

Phone 139 


Vfam BiMmi 


\\> are showittf a tsTjft dta* 

jilay <if Drrssinp Gowns, 
Silk and CVtttoii Kimonos in 
many irrrttv j)attfrn.5 and 
cnhir* ^I'ti'Il hr nrrding 
tmr lor tlic cold weather. 

Come m today and 


draea Chaira. Sale ,J^M5 

CUaeaa Itafa. Sale, fn n. 
each m 1 " f37.&0 


Direct Importer a 
715 View Street Phone I M 


For All Intttffior 

Bfcauae "Neu-Tone" i» the moit 
durable and nio»t bratitiful w^ll 
(ttiish that It i» possilile to buy 
it will be L.-rd to hiiKhtrn bun- 
drcds of rcKiii :» this ;>[.tmg. 

Why not yours, too? 

The Melrose Co* 


Wm mnm, Vkioria, ^.a 



Tuen LuriR i'<> . of r;,,y 
•mmant Ptraet. wh.. loansKe the 

I 1 I n « ] '1 ...I II. I i.. I, u h <- I ■• ■ re I oil Tl' 

ing on Ik < V .. Look i.M« for tha fort- 
th« plityeiM Hiil t>« b*r*. 

With Every Ton of 0«C 


ToB dae 

e*More heat 
^Less ash 

i*-More value (of 

your money 
—So why not 

Make up yoar aOad to order 
fMs bettor qaality feel. 

J. E. 




Cormorant Street 

Asks for SupervUon of 
Mmmiioba -Expmiditurew 

Wl.N.NIl'KO. Fab, IJ.— Eatabllsh- 
SMnt of a Loeal Oovemmant Board 
SB MaBitsbs te s a psrvtos an < 

tares to 

clpaiatos In th* ProvlBo* la ad^ 

br Mr. ritarlaa Cannon, rhalrmsn of 

t li<. M 'I tl o , |ia 1 < 'olo In H t ' f • ■ I . I I . 
Mnclal l,"«l«l«tiire He Vl.t I. ring bia 
li'-fore a <^o^'errlIr 



at reduced 

spancar. lAA 

HmW- of Uat^rr OsAora 
{^rlce. i.n'isnco UatSO 
lag. View ;*<tre«t. 

ni MnlM 
iaa t f ny ad. 'AOB* curad. 
Mtoa X>avtaon trtvea traaUn#nt to 
l a dles la tholr own homao U daaired 

or aa flaito fie 

The CiMroR 


fltort length stock off alt Ss- 

■Criptionf in Sbipbp, fioards. 
Vloorwg. Ceiling mud biduig, at 

Mding Material sf . 

SN ee Mm 

<.r^al W ar \ rtri 
Ball wlU be held tonlsht at Empress 
l eMMrea, f fo f« tlefceta »fe; 

KaprrSou. Ilatr f^pmiaiw^tlj 

Btrrrymd. .M'liea ■'!< r enef u I ly ramoTad 
- -a'Unimc, )i,itiw»pt|c aafe. absolute 
cur* g'J»ranle*S; H years' 

aaprr)«n<#. lltoi BaaaMB (t 



^ INCORPORATED IH^ A4>- ^fcJ^ I670 f ^ : 

PHONE 1670 
Privftto huchangc Coiutctuag AU Dcpvuocau 

Served OaUy Fran to 5;45 


An InteMsting 
List of 


Ph ilips' Milk of Magnetia. 
\aluc 7Sc, for 9^4 

Scott's Smttltiofi, Tshit 50c, 

for .. 43^ 

Wood'* Norway fmt &yrat>, 
^^Oto 4S*, f «r . M# 

Nujol, value 7Sc, for 58|* 1 !( p. If I. a. \ allK- IK , it 7 c 

KoscmonUc V a n i » h i n g 

CrtMH, raltM SOe, for # 

I.axjtiv.- Hromo Quinine, 
value JUc, lor 

Gtbbt* Boracif and Butterj; 
milk Soap, yalue 13c, 

Full CoiirM 


Today fro» 1140 tO 


icfr „ 

TalU frraiu Liquid Face 
I'liVMlrr, v.iliir 5llr. fur 34<> 

dycerinc and l<^>^^ \V ati i -4 

«ib for , ie<> 

. — JUIa rio«r 



Bay Fresh 

Uudaon's Sajr Lonra 

C'oiifaiiiiiiK fl'•^h jellicS, 
i-'rcnch creams and 
chocolates. Per lb., 

Hurlrson'M Bay I uMir,4 
Butterscotch WaSlcs and 
Bitttar Bloaaoma 

Par lb. 494 

-rMaia FImt 

M B N U 

Consomme Koyalc 
Clam Chowder 

Grilled Salmon Trout and 

Deep Steak and Kidney Pie 
Little rig Sauxagek on Toast 
Turkey Cutlets and Green 

Roast Local Veal and 

Macaroni and Fresh 

Boilrf! or \faslicd Potatoes 
Creamed Carrots aud Green 

Assorted Cold Meats 

Fruit Jelly. Apple Dumplings 

Cheese and Celery 
i'unipkin Pic and Cream 




Orchestra in Attendai;cc 

Big Sugar Special 

For Today 


$9.25 $1.85 

These prices are actually below today's wholesale cost, and still fur- 
ther advances are expected. 

Brr.ikt.i^i J ca, pcj Jb. .. 

U.S. f,;r a 1. 1.-. 

•S Ihs. tor fl.l/O 

10 Ihs. for :!I3.T5 
Pyramid Hrand \a* ' ^ I ,i 
Salt. Special, ** >.ai k ; : i:6r 
Hudson's Bay Co.'s The Seal ot 

i Quality Rolled Oats, large size 
4rlb. sacks for T»» 


King Beach or Empress Jam, m 
16-oz. Jars, varieties including 
raspberry, strawberry, black- 
berry, gooseberry, damson, green- 
gage, apricot, peach, loganberry 
or red plum. Value up to 38c. 
Special, per jar M%4 

five Roses or Royal Honsehold 


'>H II.. sacks, special at ' '> 

4V-lb. sacks, special at „....f 1.8tt 
24-lh. aacks, special a.. M# 

I » o c k e y c 

r.indr ,.t St Charles Milk ' i 

till"- .Special, 4 tins for -SSf 

.Val.ob Brand Red Socke 
Salmon, Ko. 1 tins. 


1 tm Corn, 1 tin Peas. 1 tin To- 
matoes 4O0 

CampbcU'a Tomato Sonp, 2 tins 

for I as^ 

Per dozen ^ 

Del Monte Brand Pork and 
Beans with Tomato Sauce, No 1 
sixe. Special, • tins for . 70«» 

!■ tin* for f 

I'.mprc-s. Malkin\ (.r ImprrMl 
Jelly i'owilers. Special, 3 packets 
for > 

Strictly Local Fresh Eggs. 


per dozen *vVyC 

— Uwtr Maia Floor 

Unusual Value in Men's Two 
Pant Twood Suits at $30.00 

Smart single breasted .st>le» that will appeal particularly to business 
men who want a sood looking but aasviccable suit for evcrvdav 
wear. They arc tailored from English tweeds of exceptionally 'fine 
ciuality. closely woven from sll pure wool v.,rn< The workman^hii. 
is of a high class order, being carefully tailorr.l hv crprrts who knou 
how-to construct suits that will permanently retain thrir shape I h. \ 
are shown in serviceable shaiirs f>f lirown And uto-u niixtnrr-, thai 
» '1 not soil eatily. Suits for ^^ Iik h v,.ii u..iil(| or-hiMrilv he pre- 
>red to pay ^0.00. An extra pair of pants is supplu , 
It. Sites 3S to 4d A remarkable vahte <r o/ a 

at _ JP^^\J,\JU 

— Msia riMr 

Big Clearance of 

Linoleum, Oilcloth and 

\ Feltol Remnants 

\\ r on liand a I.i r : rtit of short lengths 

..I liiiulcum, floor oilcluili and leltol, also ,*tair atni 
passage linoleum and oilcloth which we are offering to- 
day at the followfaiff very low prices: 

."'I -Mot',. V. -lines to S>e. Oddmcnt 
1 < .4., ycr iquarc yard . .a ^.„^^...^„^ 

> rk HaM Unoleam. vahies to IMS. Oddmen 

>!'< nal. per square yard 

inlaid Unolenm. values to ^.50. Oddment 
ft yard 



Window Shades 

Plain Orecn Window Shades 

to fit ihr oi-lmaiv s\tr win- 
dow, complete with fittings: 
site 36 X 70. Oddaaeat Spe- 
cial. eacH 

U-Iach Snf liah WtmAvm 


\V .)Fp Prmtril l'.n(ili»ll Nha.t • 
(li>(h for loose ii-r.^ 
draperies, ciishiona* in light 
(ikI dark shadea; 
$1 =^0. Oddmet 

. 30 

50 c 
.$ 1 .25 

— »rd rioor 

vahMs to 

I. per 

Novelty Curtains 

A gfaince at this price will 
tonvey to yon the wotulrrfut 
value we are ofTerinij m ihr.. 
Novelty rurt;tiii I xira w. II 
made, and tmishnl with (ant v 
motifs, lace edges, fitherr. unli 
hemstitched borders t t 
value tS.SO. Oddment . 

per pair $9,— 

Sxccilerit QvaUlJ 


^ v,de selection of designs 
and colorings smtable 
draperie*. cushions, dr 

et. , ..'ir^ 6Sc. Od'! ' • 



See Special 

Introducing the New 

. Woollen Fabrics 
ior Spring- ^ 

/UttcriDt; 'i'c Wuirst Possible Ciiour . »t Nca Weaves and Colorings in lUitnes^uin, 
Novelty bkiiuu^b, Polo Ciotiis, imports l:*lanncls and £ngUsh weeds 

'I'hc a<l\antage of collective buying for eleven larpe dcpartmriit stores is again forcibly demon- 

.stratcd by our nofatilc values in new Sprint; WOolIf iis. Mamifactiircd hy the juost reputable of 
Knglish an<l Canadian mills and purchased at quantity prices these fabrics arc offered to our 
patrons at vrrv substantial savinoc; 

Homcbpuns in New Check Dcbtgns 

These new Check Homespun Cloths will be in great 
derrund for fashionable sports coats, skirts or dresses. 
They arc w«)ven from pure wool yartjs, and arc shown 

in the follow iim coloriiiRs; I'rai h %\ ith rescd.i chc<-k, 
grey w ith v.xvr\\ ,in(l (.'opriihaRrn ilu-i ks. fav. ti willi 
Cojjrnh.iRcn ami rovr i ( ks, with V'op»'niiaK*'n 
check, mole with .slatr and pnrpir ' ■ ' , , , . i, 
sky and yellow check, sage with 

Srey and ten check; 56 in. wide, 
[ttdson's Bay Low Price, yard- 

Novelty Stripe Homespun Skirtings 

\ new fabric of a nice medium vcikIu. witb wide 
stripes about six inches apart Ideal for Si 
sports .skirts. Choice of black , n. 
henna, tan and red. navy an.l t.41 
hrown and red: 56 inches wide. 
Hudson's Bay l<ow Price, yard 




New bhadcit in English Tweeds 


.AmonRst the new arrivals are these KnKlish tweeds 

.showi) in the following colorinK';; Reseda, fawn, a 
nil c shade of K'cy an<l a new tan 
lioth cheek and tnarle effect^, and . 
who want a inedinni price .suit, 
coat or .skirt; 54 inches wide. 
Hudson's Bay L,ow Price, yard 

Striped and Plaid Homespuns 

A Pure Wool Homespun Pabrie in a correct weight 
for sports suits or skirts. Shown < ' ' : ' 
with brown, navy, fawt^ and yel- £f\ g-^ r-^ 
low stripe, and plaids: 54 inches JbO-OLl 
Hudson s Bay Low Price ^e^w^nw^^^ 



Pure Wool Homespuns in Plain Color* 

Here is one of the. best values in Homespuns we have 
ever shown. Comes in two different weaves, a bas- 
ket weave and a closer mixed weave, either of which 
i.s easily frinRcd and therefore specially suitahle for 

the new styles in fringed .skirts, loats or dresse->. 
I'hoicc of the foliovxing colors: ('.i' \ h' 'iiv( '' ■]t:\ 
hagcn. paddy. nav>. rose, .stop' I 
strawberry, sa\e, tan. reseda, ^\ jn 
|icacli and drab; .^6 inclies w ide. J 
Hudson's Bay Low Price yard "V^ Vi^ 

Nina Colora in Sporta Flannel 

This is a Sports Flannel of excellent quality that will 
tailor and drape MC'ell. It has a nice soft linish and is 
suitable for snits, dresses or middies. Chou oi 
brown, , sa\e, .sky, yellow, (.'ope ii ii.! ■ <■ n i.;r 
tense ,tnd pink, inches wide 

Hudson's Bay Low Price, per 
yard ^.^^ — - ^ 

A New Line in Reversible Polo Cloth 

This is a Polo Coating of t xce|>tic)n«l (|n.ility, with a 
lieaiitilnl soft finish and even texture It has a jdaid 
back, and comes in shades of sand, beaver, light and 
dark lovat. An excellent fabric for fashionable 
Sports coats; 54 inches wide. fT\ ^\ 
Hndson's B*y Low Price, per ^pO.OVj 

Smart Over-Chaek Polo Cloth 

This «ill i)ro\e a \ery i>o|>iil:ir fabric for sp(,rts coats. 
It has a large o\er-check in a contrasting shade, giv- 
ing a chmce of tbc following combinations: Sand and 
Copenhagen, lovat an«l dark green <lr;ili o, ' 
hea\rr and Copenhagen, sand 
and red: 56 inches wide. Hud- 
son's Bay Low Price, per yard 


Plain Polo Cloth in Four Shades 


.\ IV)Io Coating of excellent f|iiality in 
diuni weight, with a nice soft finish 
Women's and inis<tcs sports coals, 
oi sand, beaver, lovat and drab; 
56 inches wide. Hudson's 
Low Price, per yard .... 

a good mc- 
suitable for 

Spring Days Announce 

1 Their Coming in 
These New Frocks 

\s .-i result ot tile rci cnt \ isit i-f our icad} -to-w car bincr ti > the 
1 Ka.stcrii fashion centres wc arc n<»\v ';li i\ving some of the latest and 
most authentic styles in new t^pring Frocks. 

\Itlujiij,;!) simplicity is the keynote of 
tiirir design, these new arriv.ils show 
^rcit versatility in style, 'i'lic freat- 
iiuiits in trimming and draping ertccts 
are entirely new. Such as the handker- 
hirf panels on the ■skirts, giving a siip 
Kcstioii of fuiines.s at the hips. I'opular 
among the new models will be the very 
(harming frock.s of tafTrta with rlo«V 
tittiiig bodices, short sleeves and bouf- 
fant skirts. 

AIho worthy of special mentk>n are 
frocks of flat crepe featuring new bat 

sleeves and gracefully draped skirts 
with uneven hetns. 

Material.s include Canton. Flat and 
Satin Crepes, V'alette, Roshanara and 
figured silks in Paisley arid other pat- 
terns while some of the newest color- 
ings are lanvin green, nubian, bobo- 
link, indigo, cocoa. 

\\> extetid a \ei*\' cordial invitation tO 
our patrons to come and inspect these 
very interesting arrivals now showing 
in our 1 ent. 

PMOM moo to $80.50 nssr' 

New Arrivals of Women's 
Patent Leather 

To enhaiK f thr . harm and gr i--*" ■ f !iiil.u!\'- i;r-,^ ^' . ,,>!,.- ,, 

these patent leather Oxfords wlnth we arc now showing lor the tirst 
They are the very latest in style. wHh a aman Cnhan heel 


and fashiKiied on ^ prrfrc f. -rm ■<\^' 
3 to and m widths ii, C and i). hxceptionali} 

\\J f-^i ailU III WtUlit» , 

good taloc At, par pair. 


Buttons, Buckles and Orna- 
ments for New Spring Suits 
Coats and Dreasaa 

Two-Holad Celluloid Buttona 
In three aUes for Spring 
suits and dresses. Choice ot 
fawn, red, nigger and black. 

Small size, per dozen 
Medium bize, dozen, ai-0# 
Large ^izc, per do/f n. gl^BO 

Celluloid Button^i 

In a smart check design suit- 
able for tweed suits and 

skirts. Come in brown and 
grey check only. 

"Til, ill si/r. ]irr do/en ^^4 
Large sue, i>cr do/en ai-©0 

Draaa Fasteners 

The "Marvel" Dre^s Fas- 
tener, guaranteed to be rust- 
proof, w all sices. Come in 
black and white. Price. S 
cards for" mm.«.mL^^^^X%4 

.FaiKy Dress Ornaments 

Saitable as a decorati\c fas- 
tening for dresses and liglit 
' c6a\s. Come in black studded 
with Rhinestones and black 
studded with assorted col- 
ored stones. Each •— JJ'J* 

and * w 

Celluloid Buckles 

Suitable for fastening coats 
and skirts. Come to aanr 
only. Per set of two, 
and Eyes 

Newey's Imperial llool, ~ :, im1 
Kyes, of I'.nglisb mm 
ture. Made from tlie tmcjit 
hard brass wire and guaran- 
teed rustles*. Come in all 
stses from 0 to 4, black and 
white, Per card, smI M# 

Oddment Specials in Woman's 
and Girls' Underwsai^ 

Women'a Woo! Vesta 
Special $1.50 

V'e^t» of ligbt weight wool, 
1 iicik and strap shoulder, 
also low neck with short or 
long sleeves. Oddment Spe- 
cial, each ai.hO 

Girla' Silk and Cotton Miic> 
ture Vests, Special 98c 

Girls' \ests o\ "Harve\" 
make, in cotton and silk 
stripe inixtnrc, bigh neck and 
long sleeves only; si7< s t , 
14 years: value $1.75 
• . f . tttt^ 

Liii is iJiawcib, Oudiiient 

Special 98c 

In Harvey and Watson 
makes, in heavy fleece cot- 
ton or in cotton and silk 
stripe mixture, knee or ankle 
length: sires 4 to 14 yrar-; 

value $1.71 Odd menl ^pe- 
dal ......... ...^„^^^9m4 

Women'a^Bilk and Wool 
Combinationa, Special 

Combinations fif tnii- ijuality 
t>ilk and wool mixture. Made 
with low aeek and strap 
bUoulders. knee >r ankle 
length, also V neck, elbow 
sleeves snd ankle lenirth; 
si/e.'i t<i 42; v.r 
« "ddincnt .^i'--. . «a.l>a 

Women's "Ceetee' Wool 
Combinations, Special $7.95 

.An opportnnity to get this 

well known "Ccetee" gar* 
mcnt at a low price; heavy 
quality; high neck, long 
sleeves and ankle length; al^ 

V neek, elbow sleeves and 
ankle IcnK'b; sizes 40 to 44 
oni\ ; N.ilne $'> 7.r ( >ddiiiriif 
Special, per suit gT.ttft 

— t«i riMc 

An A£ter-Stocktaking 

Glearan<Ai of Quality Furs 

A number of Fur Coats, Wraps and ^ 

Neckpieces having been taken in on 
our .inventory sheets at considerably 
less than their original prices, we 
.ire now giving our p.itroiis the 
l)enefit of these reductions. It is 
vour opportunity to buy a good fur 
' .(t or smaller piece at a very sub- 

One Sauu^rel Coat 

Oddment Special ygrf.** 

One Hudaon Seal Wrap 
Oddment Spedal 

One Muskrat Coat 

' French seal trimmings. 
Special ...m-m^ 

One Hudson Seal CoMaa 

One b.i mine Shawl 

iilty trimnkcd. < 



— f it*6.oo 

One Blue Fox Choker 

Oddment Special. flOO.OO 
One Lucille Fox Scarf 

Oddment Special, 976.00 
One Taupa Fwc Scarf 


One Baume Mai ten 
. Oddawat special. 

One Beaver Cape 

Oddment Special, f 80.00 

One Beaver Cape 

Oddment Special, 960.00 
Two Only, Ermine Ties 
< iddmcnt Spe 
each a^0.04» 

One Taupe Squirrel Shawl 
Oddment Special. •Tft.OO 

S9me ol the 


Roman's Fibre Silk Hoaa 
With lisle hemmed lops 
snd feet folly reinforced. 
, Comes in black, brown 
and while onlv: sire^ 8t4 

to 10 r , ai.M 

Woman's Silk Heather 

Meaflier Mixture Drop* 
stitch Silk Hose, with re- 
inforced feet, wide hem 
tops and seamless legs. 
Comes in navy and white, 
navy aad green, cordovan 
and tea atnd navy and 
natural: sixes $Vi to 10. 
Per pair » «1 

New Lines in 
B Hosiery 

Wonan'a Uale Hoaa' 

Pine Quality I.i^lr Hose, 
with reinforced lirrU and 
toes and wide nb top*, in 
colors of lironii, beif(e, 
i[rey, also white an<l black. 
M/e-. «' ; in F'air, 

Women's Silk Hose 

Pure .Silk Ho.r witli 
rild>r<l top*, rnnf'.ri rd 
lierN and toes, seanilrss 
feet. Comes in nude, 
white, l>eige and black: 
sizes %yi to 10. Per 
pair 91.SO 

— Wain rUmn 

Smart Reefer 
Cfoats for 


From 4 to 12 Yrs. 

Serviceable Costa in double 
breasted style, specially sniuble 

f r << jr 'birinK the cold windy 
iiAy% ol harly Spring. Tailored 
from showerproof covert cloth 
in a desirable ■ < of olive 
green. Strongly sewn and lined 

blem on sleeve In <ii2e* for 
boys from 4 to \Z years. £x- 
asQcat eahM at 



Our llairdre*tinu and 
Heanty f'arlors nrr i:, 
» barae of the mo«f expert 
attendants. friers are 
moderate, and full satis- 
f;<rtron is guaranteed 
every csttaOMr. CUI^ 
drea*s Hstrsa w ie g a vs* 

Human Hair Nets 
F'l thr popular cap ihapr 
ri,o,r« «| tfK Shades 
* for « ^ JMr 


Social Events 

''•OB W«J 

Mrs. II. yr McWllU»,n... pr«»lJcnt 
.. of the Canadian F«4l«raUon of i ni- 
'•■vawiljr wanMn. aad prMld«iit of iho 

!' Wlnolpeg Wuiii^'ri H < 'a iiHilUiii Cliili, Is 
oa h«r wuy from Kdmonton in Van 
< ',uver ami VI. lorU, of which 

<-iIl>!a mhf, will aprak tiMlMtinsa. 8b« 
i« duo Ti> ap«ak to m* Tmmmitm' 
w..tii«n'a Canadian Club im l§tm§»r 
Mftnrnomi, aad will mntf hw* on 

Tu«mte|r to b* tb« of honor 

, ••4 m«>k>r St a roe*ption to b* h*i(i 

:.ttet •(Umoon at tha Ktnt>r<-Mi Ilotrl. 

of the nuiim or 
gajllXAl Ion The i>.uil pomxl annual 
' m«etinK of t>i». IxK-al ( ■..iinril ,,f 
W..ui.,,i vvlll l.e ,,n WediifnilH V 

Hn<1 'rhiiimlay. |t |„ ,,,,, unllkf-ly 

'lial »h.- will, f,,r ,1 few niliiutea 
at one of the »<>ij«ion« of thla body, 
nt w»-ll UK at a ii|>. i lal meatlnc Of th« 

VictorU Uolroraltir WomoD'a Ctab to 
<>• bald dMtev tlM WMk. WhUo aha 
, to In VMorfa Utm, MoWUiiuns 
b« tbo «««at o( Mm. 8ohofl«M 

»— — " » 

at Hridc« aad Mala foagg 

Mm tliiriibin illrkPtt rrlalinxl 
y«atfrday aft»>riioo)i at tin- iOioprAaa 
Hotel with t>rl(lKci and inuli U>i>K» 
H«r cuMt« Included Mrs. VVall>^r <' 
Nlchol. Mn. O. Prior. Mm. Atrhrr 
Martla. lira. C C. Bannatt. Mra. Jobn 
>o tm i> MIM OtM. Mra. 
(Vanaouvar). Mra. Mdon 
Humphrofa. Mra. WlMo*. Mra. Mam. 
(Toronto). Mm. A. V. Maaan. Mr«. 
Kirk. .Mm Ainl**ry. Vr« Jonea, Mra. 
I'. I' Hill. Mra. A <" Hiirdl.k. Mrs. 
Armatroiis. Mra. W. J. Troup. Mra, 
C Mi TfeSMMfc m m • 

Warti 1^<MB 9itp 
Mr. Bart Maatrop. itMBiboat in- 

ni>r-. tor. has ra t arnad from • irWt t.. 

l'riiir»» ]tup<»rt. « hprB he mad" in 
HP'-, lion of the »..rk KoltiK on In Hie 

ili'.ii.i k il.,'ti i.ri Vrtrluu-* \ cum Im Me 

Will raturu to tho North ahortly on 
his oAitol duUea. 

After ap«ndln« tba paat f«w waaka 
hert>. Mra Mann la laavlns today for 

h«r home In 
ofT at Calcary 

A Nutritious Diet for All Ajlet 
Kerp Uorlick'a Alwajsoo Hand 

u«T. Mr. CoIUbs to flalt 

.^ptinff lalknd yeatardAT afttMr tha 

S\ rii'.l, lifie waH f!i« (UMt 

ot Mr. and Mra. 1... Gordon. (. ttapman 

• • • 

Vinluira l-Vom (.aoc«M 

Mr. and Mra. Frank Bcott, of 
(laitcaa^ MTlTad la TlotorU on Mon- 
ti ay. aad aro tha rueata of Mr. aad 
Mrs. Curtla Sampaoa, "Moltea 

• • * 

Ui'rf V'roni I'rlix'"' Iluport 

Mra. U.- U. Buahby is li'^ie from 
Prlnoa Rupart *nd la vlsltlnK htr 
brother, Mr. T. D. Braa, of 1«0 7 
B#tniont Aronuo. 

tiorm u> VaiM'«>uv«rr 

Mr (V !• mil of • Hlllhiven. 
yratcpdajr for \ ancouver for i 


Itminut i<> HeoM* 

Tha Key. William Burtoa raturaad 
homo yggterday alfra»i 
Ins wtth fitmit im tUm attr. 

iml\ liic Dan<ir 

Frank (iacnn and Dirk Mryaiit, 
who hava b»«?n proaldatit and eacrp- 
tary of tha VaMas laUusd Social Club 
for tho paat fo«n- ysafa, ara gtvtec 
a ftraa daaoa on Haturdajr nlghl, Vah« 
mary 17. at tha hall. Oowtand Har- 
bor, and extend an ln\lt«tioii to th« 
Whola district to coma aud anjoy 

Gas Hot-Air Radiators 

For Stores, Office*, Factories, GanifMy 
)» Ualka Churrhsi ind lbs Hoiim 

Every radiator b « stlf-coiitsuMd hcsUof^^Bt fired 
by Gas Fuel. 

.)Ve ii gladly forniah estimates for hesthif . so entire 
' h»\Mmg or lor one toom. 

6nr apsdal htm Mo of 78^ • Thoustad* CuMc Fast 

(On Separate Meter) 

I thi; < las<^ of scrviet mskcs Gu Fuel ideal for all 

healing purpos' 



Have Those Pictures Framed 

Wc make a tpcuallv uf picture framing. \Vc liavc a large sclec- 
tiofi of moaldiaat to chooM from. 

\V« murafltea Mtitfactioa. Our prkct ara rcaaonabla. Oiva a> 
J uur ordart and help kctp oar a^a at work. 

Only DiMbkd SoMicra Bo^loye^. 

The Red -K" Cross Workshop 

514 Fort Street (Below Govrrnmcnt) Phone "^160 

Snlli • 

^"'^f!?^^ Arthur Holmes 






Is Vlr-lorla 

, *M Yataa St 

Biggest Suit 
B uii i w Ml tl» City 


lUnailti*" turn an<I \\.'ni(ii arr 
trarning that wc give them 
vahM on msdcto order saits 
Prices from fiMt. S«s the 
; new suitiiivs. 


H^Qovemracnt St. Pboae »S» 

im IlalfcaH«# 




25%, U% ni 50/^ 

Sd« •! fin 



Mm Prtf. Il«irilieaull. of (Jowlland 
Hartior. ati.l who has h««» ii <m a visit 
to Vancouver with har husband, waa 
taken 111 wbila away, har slda bacom- 
Ins paralTMd. Mm9. Rotabaaiilt oamo 
to tho CaatpMI SIvar Hpspkal far 
traatmMit aad aftar mbm thara haa 

raturaaS to iMr iMao. 

• • • 

Owlnff to a \ri '.-(p • tiid M' 

Herbert Pldcork. i"C.r<'tiir> l rfiami t »>r 
of the Parrni 'IVa. ti«.rH' AiMo,-iaHon. 
A^n<i unal>U to attend the Valentine 

<iii ni n Ki^'cn I'v tha adMalaCiaa aa flat* 

1,1 .1.1 . nlKli' ' 
- • 

I'll 111 l.n.>l Il<-npc4.;ta 

ari Thulln, Walter Crawford, 
Uarry Chiaholm and H. Taylor at- 
taadad tho faaoral of tho lata 
Deaa laaraham, who 

killed here last waak. 

• a • 

In Hospital 

Jea Dick, of Harlot Bay, a veteran 
of the fAmotin Hill 60. Is In the hos- 

I> wllh an liijur»»d kn«i.". r*-- elvad 

.it .M. K. iiiio s tJamp, V'lllace Bay. 

'•<tfir»"r Hurl 
lui U'H whilst 

I ,< riif), haa 


Ici who KUHtaliiO'i In 

employed at tbe i. T. 
atelttad to tka 

buc<^f>Aful Heliearsal 

The rehearsal of tho C. B. Com- 
muBity 6horal Seolaty laai WaSaaa> 
dar took slaaa at tha haMo of Mr. 
and Uf, MaWall. 

Mra. Hanson. CampboUtaa. haa ra- 

«iKii- .! h". rMt-ini'-'rahip la tka Varaat- 

'rtarli«i AtinocLatlon. 

• • a 
Visited VanoooTer 

■Mr arui Mi." (■hai>r '!!:., .;i jm.ii 

a Xew- day's vinit to Vancouver, laei 

^lo<«-«l \nny 

MrM M'lMiriiipi and family have 
iu'>s"<i I'l'ii.icT HartKff, wkaaa tkay 

« 1 H n r » k •• f h'-: r li onir. 

t.onn to Vanoouvor 

Mr. and Mrs. Walker, of Valdes 
Island, ara viattlaa thair dawghtar in 
Vaaeoavar, B. C* 

a e a 

N. 'vi^DtUa rataraad from a baalnen.^ 
trip to VaaoooTar hM* ali^ 

a a a 

Jj. ilteno. a raotdaat of Valdes lal- 
und, to 111 at the Oeneral HoapltaL 


l^NOFOKD, Feb. 11.— The many 
friends of Mrs. W. Olbaon, Lancford 
Lake, will ha slad to hear tkat aha 
and Jher bahjr Sangktar. bars la Vlo- 
I oriA on Fehraanr lt» ara kotk 4alBc 

well. a 

'■-.' Ir g ' . tfi»> d<»^p enow only three 

t !.'i,.ii!i ! :m\^1 xhf> rlPfnenta to St- 
1 »' li tlil»i iii'.rrilnn. a., ih» 

trustees il»<<lar»"l It f loB«d for tha' 
and th(t followtnff one. 


IlllfrrMllic < ollrotlon of KlgliftN-n 

Coplae W IU Me Preoeated to Boys' 

A haadaasM eollaatloa of eighteen 
(•letoree, oae of a eet of eta aararde'i 
to Vlotorla, Oak Bajr and RsQutmait 

1, ih.. lof'K War Memoii.ii . .>i, 

iin<l whl'-h will 8ul>«"j II r" II I : V 
),.< (,r <■«•• ii ' .1 I.. !li» i.(iv«' iiii'l *lrU' 
c'xntral »• h'.^i* m n'.w . r| i inw in tint 
iHjtltlas M'l.--- »:t,.l..u ,,r Ii.i'.ld 
Rpwncer'a, 1A>I . <nh«»r local a< h'>.iia 
win receive almlUr sets, whlr^h « 
t>s framed at, the Vletarla Red Cross 

Tha pr«a«ntat li. 1 • ' ii,..* i.,.; irc« 
la pnrf f.f fha I ' > I ' h: Nnli>nHl Win 
>i ....... I ., ! „^ ■wh!'-h t\\n'< \n 

I lii.lx't hiiraarlon In f 'linndlan unlvsr- 
ai!lf-a .inil an ovfireona acholaXaMp §9f 

c hildren of fallen hareea. 

The plotaraa ara ct ftaat kktaale 
value, and yssterdajr tkraaskoiit tha 

««ntlra day the window was crowded 

with Intareated ap«»rtai oi •. • a ml tlm 

cilliTflnn la wall wiirfh an loapfrtliMi 
.'^'Iv i.uBa T'ii!..n .lurka srw "Irap^'l a* 

II t>n r k *t nil n "1 . anti fh" r n 1 1 or! 1. . n la 
if.iitii'.l tt If h a linmlai.rna plrtma i>f 

H.H. ti 


will he oa view aeata today. 

Fruit Taplors — H rup paarl tapi- 

"< 11. '4 ' "P aUiK.iiiia. '1 . iipa i-old 

Uit^r. *, tJ-napoon as It 1 In^ h atlik 

• Innainoii nip auifnr i, rup • nr 

^••'1' I, .up citron, % CtiP 

aM-iiv »i .• .r fruit juloe^ 44 •tip 
Sun-Maid assdad 

niaht or far eevwal hem. Oeok la 

aame water In double boiler with eaK 

an.l rlnnaoiin until I r« n ajia r f n t Uf 
M...ia fmrn ran(* and mAi\ riirrafl 
1<'JU ahi»rrv '.vhm nr fruit tiil<-«. 
ainionda t Man. h*.! and ahredded), 
ralsina (rut In places) and Sltroa 

I cut in thin siioea>w Sweatea to T-Vh IS Marv .Mac 

.u .nr\ niinounred today that her aia* 
Annie aad tMrty atfcar wemiii 

prlsonara war* batna fomored by 
from rnttt to the Kllmaiaham jell. 



Costunif-d I Viiiii TiilaoL liaiii«>ir-4 INmih 
to Uo Ute Ldt(«'<«t 'ItUit4( I or 
I'a Fair 


No More tlianac ta Fro- 

NKW YORK. Keh. IZ I !i.> fom- 
inlne modes of Tutankhamen's day 
»ra to be copied eztanslTelF tot the 
modern ball aad drawkar-room. 

VallewlBa aahlhltlaa of Gayptian 
styles of jrean aao In Broadwnv 
nad Fifth Afanve windows, tho int.-r 
aatloaal Silk Show v.n\ < i 

Miss Hazel glauRhter. .irrMH .1. -i.; i . 
1" ' ■ I" i.>.:.\pt .itnl hui'ly iho iinclctit 
it..iticins iiHcovered in connection 

unu t-kia^ .ition e< tha Pharaoh'a 
tr.rnl. at L,uxor.. , 

Accordina ta faahloa aatharltlei^ 
any Pharaoh would feel at home at 
Amerleaa eoelal functions this Sprtna 
and Bummer. The creations now dls 
played In ultra-fashionable ahopn 
have a utrlkhiK llk^nfaa li> ihot:.. 
found In Ih.- \ alloy of th<> KIiikh. 
Painted slIkM. r»ptlle hair ornaments 
nnd carved 1. 1 im .ir<» ainonic exhibits. 


The Kxtrmva«*nxa Ball will be held 

at the Kmpreaa Hotel tonlsht despUn 
tha luclenirnt atiintspherlcal condl 
tlons "Thla paaalng suinmnr avphyr 
will inaka no change In our planrH" 
bays H«cretary J. R. Brown of th« 
Uraat War VeUraaa AaMclaUon. The 
yonac daneeta artn hSTe the Bmprass 
Hotel hallroom floor fMM 1 o'eloah 
until 9 o'clock, and tha adult daaoora 

from » 30 until o'lloik Ileaton's 
Aui;Mientud (dchestra haa h<»^n en 
t(a|[ed foi the oi-caalon and JudK'oK 
by the sale of UckeU there will 

11 Rood atteadaaos." 

The daaoa pfoasiese to be a i" ' 
Hant wiad-ap to the ■atra%aaaii/-.i 
Many of tho partklpsata wiu be 
preaaat wearlaa tHe tutefnl eoetamee 
worn In the re«-ent production and 
Heveral novelty e\eiit« at« promlaed 
' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 )j (hp e 1 o n 1 n (5 . 

Tin. tlnii dancing flooi iif tlm 
KMiiiiri.ji Hotel Is always u nl 

traction to the particular dao. > ih fmi 
maay af the eleretaet dancer:, ti.'- 
etty ware partMpaaU la the Kstra- 

One or two spadal danclay num- 
1>erH art. promlaed durlnr the evening 

.il!h..iii;h thesf. will he l.tlcf BH'1 IioT 
intcrtere with the regular proKraiiiiae 

af tha eveniPKT 

Women Smokers 

MfM l«koii- Riuneey 
1 > one of the private suites of the 
I " pc-'M Hotel yesterday afternoon. 
Rev. Dr. W. Li. Clay officiated at the 
marrlace of Mr. Mauriee MeMleken, 
a vell-kaown Seattle attoraey-at-u w. 
and Miss Laura Rumsey. also ..r 

Seattle. TT\e cereriinny waa very 

QUlat. the only wltneaaea of the r1l.'.» 
beina the hrhleKroom a son, .Mi w 
llam McMlcken. and the hri h' i 
au:.r Mrs. Houaey. .Mr. and .M r« 

vfi'Micken ara returnina to Seattle to 
'nake thalr home there. 


Kcrlew of Sitaathm la Oi 
^ Sfe 


Sir 'William I>nrk.-. director 
National Federation .,r Iron and 
Strrl .M an II tart 11 i ' I fi ht i'.-n ili.ii in 
192 1 thf I1..11 Mini n(... I Industry In 
(Jreat Hrllain had reached the lOWSSt 

level in lie history, havina retard 
to Ita output eapanslty. aad that, 
thouah 19ZS has shown continuous 
ImproTsreent, by the end of tha year 
the rate of production of pli? iron 
was etill fiO per i »>nt of th« averaK^ 

" ' li ' «. I , . in I T I 3. In Rfcol pro- 

duclloii, inK^roitH vMiH more marked, 
and by the end of November, tbe 
rate of output had reached 90 per 
eent of the monthly rate of 191S. 
theaah It must be ramembered. on 
the other hand, that the steel produo- 
Ina capacity of the country wa.a in- 
creased by 80 per cent durlnn thn 

V. it I p. I 

'I'liH I Wo adverse factors have been 
I " slump In ahlpbulldlnr. which cut 
down the production of ship plates 
from 1,C54,700 in 19S0 to C00,000 
tons la and the failure of th« 

railway companies to place substan- 
tial orden for raplaeoment and nialn- 
fensnce material. Total exports 
I'M nMil, I ; i\i raniced from I-LLfilS 
tons In I'chnniry to ,171', tone In 
November, sa c.impared With a 
moBthly averaae for 19 IS of 414.sa0. 
t7«.999 in 19t9. and 141.799 in 1911. 

It to retarded as rash to prophaay 
any treat ravlval of trade for 1991. 
hut It Is encoiirasliiK <■' n<,t,- ih ii tlm 
i iirvea fif demand uiol pi uiUji t 1 . 1 n 1 < I r, iiii.vliiif "l.-Sillly upw.iid 
f r till- pi'i alx months without a 
hifiik 1 !,<■ I ©cent Increase In the 
ahippiiic toanace plaoed oa the 
T>iM-. the llaa aad tka Clyde, to- 
tether wltk tka two oaplui sMpe. 
aad the ondertakint ttran by the 
railways to place ordera main- 
tensnr* and repairs to ths fullent 
pi.KxIhln > «i»iit In the lu-iir future, 
ali'iiil'l KUi' Mil Itipetija t,> I hn InduS- 

ti.. .iii.i ;i ■» iii.ii a ' unslder- 

abla improvement will be , expar* 

WMk aa laaraaaed prodoetloa eapa- 
elty. kowover, of §• per aent ahora 
pre-war. and a ratio of eaporta to 

total production of pre-war of BO 

pp| I VI)' I 1 f » I I n • • I I ,! ,• III i r . , ri 
ami a'.. ; p. i"' !ii'i..(^ed lUO per 

• rv.: if ' I i.'.i-i • I- 'I'ictlon capa- 
city Is to be fully and eooaomlcally 




in two minutes 


There is oertalaly an increase of 
smokiat amont the raak and Ale of 
women of tha middle aad upper 
classes In this country. 

The day has passed when any sen- 
flhle person wioild oliJe< t to women 
hIniii-.liiK (111 }('">"1<1^ " ' " 
more "wrjMig" for h'-r to smuke .1 
cii;arette than If is for her to drink 
her momint tea. It liae eeaaed to be 
remarkable for women to smoke in 
peihMa plase» aad. Sea aM^ paat* I con- 
■Mer that women should smoke open- 
ly when and where they wtoh, without 
prejudice, without criticism from 
tip...', will, hold a eoairaBtla«al eode 

thill in out of date. 

Moderntlnn In the keyalaM Ot Con- 
duct, says Dr. Chester. 

Waatatt ontht not to smoke to ex 
oeaek aer should men. Too mu. ^ 
smokiat Injures the health, often n 
raparably, because tobaoeo cental on 
an alkaloid, nicotine, which has .1 

\<'i>' definite p li V"|. > b 'n! 'H I .-rT.-' • up' n 
the h rt . I .1 u Hi UK I r r ci; 1 1 In I . ■ * i ■ 1 1 
.ml ' . 'ailed "f<n ) • H • ! ^ ( . h 1 1 

H Is a nervi' poison, also, and most 
heavy smokers suffer from diminished 
power ot maatal conaentratioa. lark 
of emotional toaa, - mm w rn, " aad im- 
paired aleep. 

That smeklnt. unleee ta strict mod - 
• ration, la especially harmful to 
women. l.«i very probable. While I 
hellex.. il.a' f ;i i im ic inrn anioke to 
<.x(«na tliiin«n, I admit that the 
h.'ililt may juatly he considered more 
Injurious to wom«»n, and more par- 
ticularly to youna tirto, than to men. 
It is not that women's aenroaa ayate i. 
IS more "delleate" than auia'a Imt h. r 
motherhood fuaetion makes ) 
health of more value fTom the mu> 

nlc Hf a Ih! p"l nt. 

A » "man's chief Importance to the 
comnuinity. iinlexa aha is of out- 
■.laii linK Intellectual worth, la to pro 
.1 healthy babies, to bear and re.n 
utncient men and women for the next 
generation. It la. tharefara. a aa- 
tlonal loee If women lajara their 
health by heavy smoklnir- 

There Is no mor» pithetia Sgive 
than (tia fvpf. of m 'loin yoUHt tlrl 
u:ii, t,.r p. I i.,.i i,., ! '':L;aretts, de- 
K"!)' !"'' ' < I few .^oars Into the Ir- 
rltahii I otic woman with cold, 

moist hands, stained flnter tips, and 
furtive nervous movements. Sraokint 
In her case has become a vice. 

Many women say that smoklnR 

soothes the n^rvra, htjt In auch cases 
tobacco Is heInK ii.acd na a drnc, a 
narcotl.- uhl. h li..« t., l... •ak.-n 1-1 
larifer ami S.iricfr i1"Sf.» lo ..liioin tli.. 
dt.slred rfTri ' 

A great deal depends upon whsther 
or not the tobaodo to lahalad. The 
woman who inhalea aaaaot nfford to 
smoke one-quarter of the cirarettna 
consumed hy the woman •tv hoac • i. 
Ing Is conflned to the upper mi 1 ., 

Never Inhale. tie\ <-r smnlio mmo 
than thrc. .it most four. <|j{^rrites a 
day Th* observance of tbeaa two 
rulea would prevent a good deal of ill- 
health at preaeat eauaad by algar- 

.M \i.Wl I It \l>l II VI,I> 

Ttir. ..•mmlltee in i liarga of the 
Km.kIi'"" of Pythias maa^JTr^rade ball, 

' • be held in the JC of F. Hall. North 
l ark Street. Maroh I. ai^ werMnR 
hard, aad by the aamher of tickets 
already sold. It would eeem that this 
popular annual event will be even a 
greater success than In ths psst The 
commlttes annouin »•« thnt t ■ n 
lent prlzf'a r\ \\\ h.. kIvti f'.i 1 1 •• I • 
coat U III.'" I'll . t M m Im. ! i pi 1 7 ■■ . . n 
alatlnir ..f . n " r.r will he d' 

ll'.'-"ii t. ... i,,.i i.i kv ppraon'a hom» 
Th.- riiirimltiee haa added two prises 
for (he best aovslty oeetvaM lady and 
aentieama. as it waa fait thi^ la the 
past oaMuaea were aeea aa tke floor 
whloh ware really dsservlna of a 
prtaa. hat ander the ^sUna rules it 
was Impoasibto to make the award. 
Dancing will be from 9 to J. 

Speaker Howled Down 
Proponing Cut in Duke 

oi lork'B AUowancr 

mUa'S MIE MOWEI to 1212 ttntt 

Yates aad View fttn 


New Dresses 

-J . k . . * « ' Aa-1» - • 


.Snjart Drcsso'^ <it l'ai--U \ .nid .Ml 'Pvinc Crepe, 
C .uitiiu (."rciK- ami Tru . -t iiif. I lic^i" T)rt's^(•^ 
•ire the new niudc, being made in ilic ihrce- 
piece style, and can be worn as a suit. See 
titcm tpday. The price is only $24.75. 

( It -V < »nr 
- iilore 



Between Yatss sad Viewr Streets 


A 16-OK. l)ottlc at the same |vriie \oii 
pay usually for a 13-oz. 11. >1 Mini IVmuI 
Catsup has a l.^^t<■, .1 ' ■ . ' .."i .. 
value you will like. TRY IT. ASK 


ti««4l h» Ki^rr* 


aatokborhood dreaslst ev 
or pSeae itit 

ValTSt l-bana lisa 

isii UrtMMl atraae 

A Victoria Woman's Idea About Bread 

li.'ii I liuy braail I rhnoa. i .aatbta, a 

I I I I rKlNJII I to And It wall baked slesv tbreagh. Oaths 
^JL X X JLlI\L^ \X X t «e ast ahs a leaf e( toeee 

1 *• I. .11 full ef air helas aad ennaMr 

.w..n .'ui I loek tor a is9 Sat to ssUt 

l>ut nut auggy. 


w Mil iter nft0>T ualfl 


\ wk \ till r I *rocr r 

A Hf»nn to ti 


v>,u.»p»ra withoat halp, wtin 

fr..-> I uilina and Sort til" 

I I I'll. 'UK ti'it. So astra "11 'I J 
Kavaa halt >..ur tlnia aad furl bUla. 
C»«T«rnin»nt Mt Marheti et wrMs 
Wn. Caaspbeil, l>epi. «■ Haira Wsstoia, Uaa 
Btaaiar Ave. nkeae 4S7»I.. 


o.vjt H\\ orviam 10 KiJ*i..\ii 
nuiBmrnvE BT4Ukw 

Special in 


FlTH Be Given That 
WIU Bo Made in 

hisa iiiiBiiil Ii in to 

t f.V !.<.%• F.l, I , T - Kouso of 
Commons N^as plunged Into an ap- 
roar thto afternoon as a raeak af the 
Ftiateetlaa by Mr. iMvld Klrkwood. 
TAhar l e H ir , ct tho paerihraty of 

• ' oaeatfilaS la the allowance of it(.- 

■ iio which fh«» I hike of York win 
• 1 . irm lAdy maa- 

lieth Uowea l,)..n in April. 

The I>uka Is now allowed CI 0,990 
a year, hat the Chaaaaller of the 
Kveheaaer. in answer to a aosstlon. 

Ififi«rm»"l M' Klrkwood thnt (hia 
anni iid b* increaaed to IZi.OOd 

an eat alaaady 

I ommona. 

The LAhorlto thea 
It wiM aat thfl 
ment dertaad to 

♦ ha wssen of thO 

he»n ra<1iirad. 

The Hpeakar f,r jha Vfoiiae t..** 

anild criee for order aad a teaersi 
uproar. In which Mr. Klrkwood 
sheti t e d that thto waa a ttorlotis op- 
p or t a H f ty to surt eeoaomtalna st the 

top, wMla the labor class ■« sa atarv- 
Itir H* tried tm mak«> further ye- 

Assurance was irlven last night fcy 

Rdc-v*. H i i I il..wl.-it. of Oak 

Bay, that the oak liny Council Is 
prepared to have the by-law pruhlb- 
Itlnff herso raaiat la the manlolpaUty 
repealed provfdint tnntnoteea of Im- 

II- iivfmenls In tho methods Of run- 
ning; the liicv mc'i t.« St the Willows 
at" made. It la v>ropoaed that tho 
Oak Bay Council appoint a commit- 
tee of not leas than two members, 
the persoanel of whloh committee 
need not necessarily ho composed ot 
counciiiurx, to worjt in conjunction 
with thn H ('. Atrtouhursi Asseda- 
lion In v,ip' I '.isias the koraa raaea la 
the district. 

Thto Uteet development in teapect 
ta tha fate of tha apart of horse 
radat <n the oemmuaUr became 
knoa-n last nlirht at an Informal con- 
ference which was held at the Oak 
Bay Munh.-lpal Mall hctwi . n •ncriit.ei a 

of the Victoria and oii< H .y Coun- 
clto. with Councillor H 1: Moore, 
of Oak Bay. presldlat- The, ooceaton 
furnished tho oppcrtaalty far tha 

elected representatives of the nsigh- 

hotitur miinlclpalltlee to eome lo- 
K. I.. ,11. 1 In a friendly aplrit illn- 
cuKS iiijttors of mutniil Inltreat 

The suggestion wan Hdvan<:ed tVint 
both Victoria and Oak Bay should 
raeetvo asslstanee flnanctally throuth 
the horse races at tha Willows, It 
heiti); pointed out that consldernMe 
mnii. ) was spent hy the 
1' ea in poUclnt I" olh..i u . 

wi. i.. i!i.. raolnt to carrleii . n i...r... 
and that the aoaadto in other places 
la the Pr cv t nee where horse rneee 

1.1-1 1 iil.'^-iM 1 Mlinrv. iif »),« profit" 
CouiM'll lakea So Action 

Aaother naatter that r eael»ad the 
atteatlaa of the eoafereaca waa tbe 

question ef the a s ssssme nt of the 

^Vl!low8 grounds and the Old SU-v o 
11'. me property, th" Hty hsvln« k • ■ <■ 
1 1 . it 1 . < 1 . . • : ' \< i 1 1 M I ■ p.- .1 I .»..''■' ' ' ' «' 
11. aK»<cAf»-i| valu.illon of tij.f." ai cm 
I ••f'.re the Oak Bay Court of Itevl- 
e ! ' 11 Xo action was taken other than 
t.> mare the city deleeatlga that 
their Appeal waaM ka kaard at ths 
aejtt sitting: of the enort. 

AM-r ,,! . n 'I ■■ i i • ■ " . t • •; ■ ti" j'.iiit 
eontrol ' ( the Uiii.i.^H •ihlhniiin 

trOUndS t. 1 ' ' ■• I 'I'l \If>n'a Home 

tha latter cvvsrint about 
hr ■emiMtetk of tko Vi< 
toria aai Oak Bay Couneito aad tha 
Chamber of Commerce, and tha con- 

\ I t 1 f IS • f 1 1 1 la 111 f I'i I tit .1 n ? .- I ■• > ' i . . 11 
area v. I. . ■ h w * . u M i t . 1 n 1 v . l** v . 1. »p 
eporls i.r »1I k.n i- ' T'lrnlah ii<- 
oomssodatlon for footlwll. oricket 
boeeball. toaatoc trapaliootlatf an.i 
other athlettos, but woald provide 
at fraction* for tha Htlcen* and fmir- 

latw. in'^. fti*. 'ilv uri'l I'lk Hoy 

through ifai" ('•• <>!p'a would derive 

tg^gO fOvr'nne 

As 10 l-trw rrrxeir* iot« 
The third spar.flc matter to ha 
dlsri)iMi#<1 wsa ihs quoetlon of flra 

pretootioo. Lsurt ysar tbe Oak Bay 

2 Drunswick* in mahos«ny> 2 
ia famed oak, at a redaction of 


Taraaa Can Be Made to Mt Ya« 


* CO., LTD. 
xsw |||sra,^uu 

Y. W. C. A. 

Hi YatM 

BoaiV and Reeidcnca 

Ci It. I' 't t .(l,!r- ric'iri lorns With 
Hut aiiU Culd Water 
Excellcat Table Board 
Uia of Library, Sitting-Rooms 

and Laundry 
Rstcs, per week, |7.00 to $8.50 
Rates for Transient ('.ursts 

Diain»>Room Open Daily ta 

Mca aad WooMa 
Dinnrr 40c Sapper S5o 

Annex* 756 Courtney Strpct 
Roomi With Light ' 
keeping Privileges 

t'l iirilve nf n settlement aril Nf i . tory 
1.1 . . 1 . , ,. II . , n I \ . 

'I hoso present at last nlglit « COne 

r. rsnce Ineladed Reave Mcanatt aa4 
coundllora Hapaee. gr n ee t Mayward, 
Ooodlafee aad Moore, of Oak Ray. 

Aldermen Andros. W'f»*>.l'j' 1 t M.. i 
sent, I.erinlnic T»»dd. K' 1 '. .l'«p <> 
,in.l K.inn-i'i i"l Mr Tt K i i .i ' 
rU«rk, and Mr. 11. U. Lawaoo. of Oak 



WINr>.'<oH fitit Ki-h H - A. V, 
Ileal-, l.lher il. and < ol Kidney C. 
R'lh r ( °',na.'r\ !ii I ve, wera t'.day 
noininaied as randldatea In the Fed« 
ersi by-s toe tlad la Morth Esse*, 
noi nss H e i e d hp tke /salk of Hoik Wa 

ho keU oa 

for fire proCOCHon, hat Ttctnrln t aa 

this year raised this emount to 
f 7 fioe Although rn dwclston waa 
reacbod on thla question. It Is expert 

' Twmdg Murk GM PU9§ 

Jtl.lci.l .N, y fh 1., rh-!! rteirha- 
hank t'»dar fixed f|;e purchasai pr*. a 
ef Ih" t«eni>-msrk goM piecp f§ 

, jA M Oil tsa Maatft i« akia ^tf«itt mtic sMikib 



Repairs to 



The irlov cinriit-. of l>racelct 
watches are delicate and require 
more than ordinary care in the 
making i>f repairs uikI adjust- 
ments. We guarantee satisfac- 
tory results if >uu leave thi:» 
matter to us. 


*At ite dlkt lie CtedT 


See tlir st.iniuli. dmil 

i li- 

ft s w 

thj» alofc. ilic;>c arc superior ciuaiity boots that uc 

eta guarantee. Sate Price. ^IMO •nA^^^.^J^HMH^ 

lUl Douglas St. 

Say Ce. 

Physical Training 
Classes for Men 

Ara ilrll In Ui* 

Y. M.C. A 

•Von Hwl Pv Dollar" 


A ton of ordinary coal 
neigl'..<i as much a^ a ton of 
■ — hilt there is a c-rr |i JifTe! 
dice III llic healing ami la.'^i.- 

ing qualttiee tberetn. 

Richard Hall 
& Sons 

1252 Gc V »' t ruTi p ri t 8€feafc 

Phone bJ 


••Qt. Ts« Katttaa. l«-4t. Dish 

PaiM, fl.lf: 10 14 -in. DouMo Roa«t«r. 
fl.Of: m-qt. Deublo Boiler. |l.6f: 
fiot of I 14pp«d 8auo«pana, |I.6t; 8- 

«|l l'ro«*rvfnpr K»>tt1*>. fir,!l; 4-f|f. 

< . \ , . . , I I , , . ■ ^ 5 ■ I ; \ 

iJrrmn it to., l>uuj;liM unU tl<>hii>w»ii. 


Cptmh WnrkKhop fnr DtMbled 

|Ol<il<'- ■- \'l'll>u: to Ita 

I iiiii|iiii<'iii < oMsiuiitly 

As the prt /t'-ni jir»Tiil«efl at .'> I 4 I 'ort 
0tr«0t are nuw found to be iiuidt-'iuiiln 
for tho number of men employed by 
fho Rod CroM Workshop. It hM b««n 
doeldod to move to larver and bettor 
euarters. and by the end of Fobro- 
nry the workshop win moved to 
114 Johnson Street, the old Modern 
llacHi .inl Kactory, Ju«t bolow Oovern- 
On'iit Stro^t. ('ormlilornhlp new ma- 
Ohlii>'r\ "li! I'l* liiHlulli'.l .iihI wh«Mi 
til" u<-\'- "hup 1h in full sw iiiK tliA 
tiiH n.i K>' >>"' 'it hoped ti' l"» iiM»' to ■ oni 
pete with hU and oundry In <Mtilriet 
anoklns and woodwurkina, and givo 
their eustomers better work, better 
eonrlao. aim! bottor satlafiMtloB. than 

Amonr the addition* will be a 
large basket-makiriK nhop, where 
basket* of all desn-lptlonii will be 
made, ohairs recanrd. KraK.i (baliH 
repaired, otr. A niodfrn luilnt nhop 
In all,. l-cliiK Ifii Incli'cl, whfrr Kfnoral 
j)a I lit I riK. f'l I II 1 1 ' I ' I ci. 1 ml 11 I. m InK, 

Ki'MH li p' ■ i I" h I nv; , vii u I i I !■<• iihl" I'l 

be duti>' t" I 'ltt-r udvuiitage. A hand 
weaving i ha.s boon purchased, 
and It la hoped soon to have men em- 
ployed In weavlav homespuns. 

It will bo seen that the Red Cross 
Workahop Is dsveloptnr Into a local 

Indinfrv of no r>i«>An proporf lonn. 
Hero we have an Industry •omployliifr 
twenty«ssven disabled soldtors, who. 
If If were not for this lnfluittr\ wunld 
prcitiRlilv he out of work, dissuti&fK'd, 
iinhappy and daily declining In 
health; whereas they are oarnliiK; 
their own Uvings, Independent, happy 
In mind and better In health. Oceu 
patlon la the rreatest means toward < 
haiiplnp5i th<>re li. 

Tile iiiiiiilu'i i't nun riii|il(iyocl .it 
111"" w(i! k«liiiii il"iioiid8 pntlrely on 
Mupport Klv»>n by the public. The 
management today Is finding It in- 
creasingly diftloult to keep the pres- 
ent men fully empU^ed. The object 
of the shop Is most worthy, deservlPK 
the support of one and all, and It l» 
hoped the general public will come 
forward and make the Red Croiw 
\V'>rk.-ho(> this liii-al itidiiatry eatab- 
linhod solely for the piirpone of kIv- 
InK JMii i>loy iiient to disabled soldHr-i 
who aro now unfit to work in tbi- 
or. Unary way — a psi laaasut taatku- 

The committee Is not asking for 

donations, but for orders, so as to 
keep the men employed. All work Is 
guaranteed und prIceH rhnrjcrd vory 
icanoiiulile. Sii pport •> i h will not only 
)i«»lp a Worthy ruuso >Mit will aluo re- 
ceive full value for their money. 


ISTRU, rranoe. rob. IB.— «adl 

I.erolnto, tho Frenoli aviator, fl.\iii^,' 
a 300-horsepower NIeuport, today, 
maintained a speed of SOB kilometres 
(2J« R miles) an hour for ii ilistanop 
of foiii idiom. . - ThiH eclipses the 
re, .,1,1 <M..i. , s Mrlgadler-Oen- 

erai William .Vlitihell, assistant Chief 
of the American air foross, who flew 
3t4.0B miles an hoar at Selfrldgo 
IHeld. Mich., on October II. 

Victoria Owl Drug 

CO., LTD. 


Douglas and JoloMoa Strtatt Pbona 40 

Every week-end we offer exceptional values to 
our customers. You are assured the same high 
quality of nier.-liau'li^c ,11). I jirompt, cottrteoiia 
service with every purchase. 

Specials for Today and Saturday 


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' JO Chase's Nerve Food aT# .35 Djer>K!ts Talcum «4< 

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lOO'" .50 Solidified Brilliantinc .. UK** 

100 <; jm'« Kmulsion of Pure .50 LkjuM Tar Shampoo ....••^ 

1 iM^ I ., ,1 Yra,t n# JJmmnc Jhampoo Powder 

tract ,25 Witch Hasel Cacu-i 

LA GRHTK AND COLD .u^ ^'^r.,, . Tootl|- ra^tr iij 

REMEDIES .50 Derm.. I l'"ace Cream (Day 

.00 A.prolax ^ ri™L n 

—.'^ , ]», . --^ t'lycerine and Rose VVatt r 
J5 Thymol Trocbas — — IS^ g or. ._ so< 

JS Oil Bucal]rptas SS# 50 Pure Glycerine. 8 ox. 30< 

(Pincot Aaatralian Oil) Phillipa' Milk Magneva 4i>< 

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for ~ .Rif^ "^^ Vinolia Castile Soap 1»<* 

•SO %frvp White Phie Tar. Sa# A*** a Free Trial Packate of 

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J5 Grahara'a Throat Ga.^ (Higk Qnalitr Salts, from 

f'"^ 1— — England) 

•;■ ; - -■ *•< J» Aromatic Cascara . :» t ^ 

.40 lb. tin Pare Soda Ph.-; • 


Hrrrham'a Pills 17<> Wasa WrMns TakUt — 

^5 I am's HiidMtf aad Liver .IS Unta Bavalopcs 

I ' 1 ; I - 1 It 

^5 Hi. Ux Juniper Kidney Pill* ZIP 

l<^r A 1 ano<1yne expeetorant d ttssaad. 

.50 Cm 1 \U upentine with menthol and tar 

JS A.B.S. & C. Piila, lOU a. ai# Hichly efftcicot for heavy coubIm 

JO Owl Healing Ointment. M# Per bottle, ISc aad «54* 

«M Perfect F. rrnia t^Hitmrnr ^t^^^^m . 


.?5 Mr.ia <h.,i„irrr I.'-K 'A- H). * aaer Hd Clio...i.*if- 

M) Kf I IVpj.ri (),.,...,-( .IB,. -;>r, , 

l>f. Graham J 1 liioat an. I clic»t Pastille* quickly relieve throat irriution 
and tkfcBaf coafhi; stroaglr aatiaeptic aad hMHnc. A bos „ 

The Eternal Eve 

On th. Bseralav (oUowlaa the 

partr a eharmingtr attractive rotinr 

M , .1 II with 

.1 U II ! V IIP ■! .'I 
if 1 II f*.'Il.' I.i lU 

pri-rts f,i''.' I I 1 .| 

.'all tlllc.l lo MM anal'' 

i...oiiii.'iy tarordod 

hvT way Ihruu^a the city. 

It wsB a PMfaai Uv. Bvs aattfed 
tho SfM fcoM tana of frost with 
keenest plsasnre. Tt was a day that 

H..iiii-h"« Kj.fM V >■ I , ( ij 1 .■ . 

nil I . h.i I K' <t '-^I'.h elfcliully lo iii,iK>- 

III" Mill teatar and tho heart 

■■ThiiiiirK iii:nK> >i i going to hap- 
pen," quoth Alias £ve, prophetto. 

"We want you to drtro a atatlon* 
teader down to Btpnebarrow Camp, 
on Salisbury Plain," she was told oa 
arriving at the R.A r. KaraK> 

"They're short ot cars, and this 

..iin h.'i.-. i>.-.-n liowly iMtfR far them. 

will you tuke Jl 

"Delighted!" h.iki Miss Eve. with 
appMreat noaohalanee. "Any pas- 
BSnaerar* An intareatod aparkle 

glinted in her eye. 

"Only myself — If I dare crave an- 
.'•h.r favor from you'" .anif 
lainill.u. sllKhfly inoiWiiix i..iif.^ Iiom 
aomi-w liefj. In the rear 

Ami in a second ther« stood before 
her the debonair young airman who 
In the laat twenty-four hours had so 
absorbed hor thoughts! 

Tho hsart of Rvo boat au|baa(iag- 
ly. albeit Joyously. 

"Vou Hprliig up at every c ..1 iicr, 
jii^t i.l.i' Jack-in-the-box!" sIk- cai.l. 
..Il l ! i i. d a pretty, gurKlIng liri'- 
i iKh that was vaguely reminiscent 
M ths young man's mind of eountry 
brooks aad meadow larks. "Tou 
maks me feel, somehow, that I'm 
your keeper." 

"I wish you were!" There w.ui .n 
dlsturlilnc fervor 111 his \\c 
took an Iriniulsho step toward her. 
"I i-Mi" - 

"You should have wished your 
wish laat night, on Hallowe'en!" eut 
In Miss Eve, the mantle of her form- 
er pertness redescending. "Today's 
too lute!" 8he faced hini rrsoiui, |\ , 
determined to bo Keiislhlo li woui.i 

never di» to let hitii ^1. (!ie «iin.^^ - 
liitC tionmr thai Jils prcsoiue caiiN<'.i. 

•■\.iu want nif t.« cut out the 
poetry and get down to prose?" He 
ahruinred hh ahoulders In aggrieved 
fashion. "Well, here's my renucst. 
I've business at Btoneharrow i'uimt 
today, and I'd rather ko down hy 
th;iri he ('onped up in II rldlculouH 

Intl.- lUiKiiHh train. Will you take 
III'- \> ith y.Mi?" 

i:v,, nodded. There waa eurtness 
In her aoqulescsnee. Bhe mustn't let 
him see her pleasure. 

Dut the sun shotn- down on two 
rldlculoUHly happy |.. -.iil<« ax. the 
jirc'.-i ih Im .if til., city far hchlnd, they 
howK'd IhroiiKli tto- «iiiainl 
count! ysldf, th*- poi l .uid i ..l jind 
sepia of the woods u glory round 
about them. 

"A pretty little spot, your Eng- 
lund," remarked Eve's companion 
rathor awkwardly nt last. II« didn't 
understand this bewllderlniclv .aiira.-- 
tivo uainsel and hor clillly lltllo \v!i\..< 
Tho sentiment that hIi.- h roiiiod In 
him was even inoro b«>wil. luring. Yet 
ho was hnppy — living entirely In each 
precious moment that he spent l>eelde 
her. Ah! If ho eonld only havo Mme 
Inkling that whm eared for htm! 

She did not answer — her llrni liitl<> 
liandn were on the hig 8f<. nnif 
u lii;cl. (in. I lioi pri ttx . , h int. nf .,ii 
tho illilxin of road bef.u.. lloin. Hut 
She iiilHtook the of his 
remark for patronage, and a wilXul. 
porverse gleam flitted aeross her 

"I'm afraid you And our little Eng. 

land painfully small and eramped - 
nearly .is narrow ns our views?" nlif 
lia/.aidod. a j.rovoi MiKc jcUnt of mis- 
chief In hor <'\iH. She (lung a «lde- 
lonK t;l:incf at hlrn. 

lie sat up suddenly, Straightening 
to the challenge. 

"Bngland'a all right — I'm mighty 
fond of England," he said coolly, 
"tlioURh at tlmt Hallowe'en aff.ilr 
la.«t ril>;ht I had an nrgiinient on this 
vviy subject with a narrow. |iIk- 
lii;;nlc,l HOI t of chap, who boasts that 
he'.s a i:nKlishman! 'Hssven 
help Kngland If that's true!' I nearly 
told him. 'John Carswell,' he oalled 
himeif — but he eertalaly waan't 

Johnny Bull!" 

V.\f ntlfTciiPd. 

"I havi' ft ilcp rc»prit for .Tolinny 
null, or Toii.iii;. Atkin-.. .u whatever 

he calls himself,' went on the 
astounding young man by her side, 
"but In every country in the world 
one unfortunately blunders, on occa- 
sion, into narrow types— xuch as this 

arKiimentntlvo Carswell chHp" 

"II'-'m a frien.l of mine." s.-ii.l i:vn 
'il'iin.!:\ fliiBhlng. Her toiio vtas a 

JShe stared ahead at the winding 
ribbon of road that the big oar swal- 
lowed up so saally, while a vagosly 
troubled young man racked his 

ina for an adequate reply 
litiess I'm a boor I liax^n't sny 
( Rra. en," \\f .«.t|.| h| \hM . a tiliK** 
of wlHtfiilne«B and hoylsh dlnappolnt- 
m.MU In hl« voire. "I'vfi spoilt every- 
thing, juat when I wanted you to— to 
like mel" 

The heart of Eve— both femlninf< 
and feminist — seemed suddenly to 
melt within h««r tier peo'e of 
llc. too. Inf.irme.I liei thil \v >i 1 1 h» 
hi. I mil. I .if .l.ihn w«s ulri. lU ii i. 

My lousln Mary told me of you," 
went on the nirnmn In a more cheer, 
rill tone, "You're great pala, aren't 
you ?" 

Kve nodded and nnbmt. 



- .ti 1 ,.he aar about mmV sii- 

aaked curiously. 
II« lauKhed. 

rll>> «■ 1 . I l.,i ! I . V , ■ \\ .■ !l If y 

v\ ;i II ! t .) K I. ■ . w ^ 11. , ,.t h1 i li ' i > n i, , 
I'iMig.-i I. el iiie tli.1,1 v IiimUiih. 

that you were the pidtlesi girl sh«- •> 
ever MWat** 

Eve nursed her oharmlaa mout'i 
Into a dtsapproving line. 

•Th.ii i~ii't true -and I hate oom 

i.|;iii. Ills' ' ^ll.' iii.M.-rved primly. 

iiii ii. V ,1.111 I md. aa]Wa>. 

! i.Kr.-e «i;li .Mur> h \ei,lii t:'* 

II. r<iiill«)d his frHiik. oagaginR 
Bmiie to an averted proflte— avorte.t 
In so far ss the esigonetos of the 
stooriog wheal allowed. 

"I think you're wonderful?" he 
added fervently. * 

Th.- ...M, .-li-.-ir .ilr .nl by th.-iii 

■<■'•■'■ ' I ^ ■ I 1 . 1 •■ draugh ' 

of lUM lai A feeling of exhilaration, of 
keenest happiness, poaseased her. Bi 1 
aha tried to smother down tho em. 
tlon as ahs said prosaically: 

"Mary'a a dear— but hsr opinion 

It suddenly Mrock her iis i1l<<loyaI 
t'. h.M friend that kIm- ."li-iiM ( r\ 
' 11 1 1 ' ■ I- I ■ • r I ( 1 . . I ! . I ' . . h 1 ,1 1 1 

Thereafter she conhix'd hor«< II 
Strictly to the boalnass of chaffeui 
And It was with a sensation halt rc 
Uef. aad half regret, that at last she 
sightad ths great ranvns hangars of 

their mutual destination. 

They ii issnl .1 K UIli of . onvlct's Oil 

the roa.l from a nearby prison. 

"Contented looking, aren't they?" 
remarked her companion. 

Rut Eve's glance was flaed on on.' 
big. burly, brutal-looking man, wlio 
— a little apart from the other pri><- 
onera — did not budge a single inch to 
lot the station tender pass. Kvn ti.ui 
to Hwervp the Ink car roiiii.I t,. a\.>i.l 
him und a pplattrr of mud flew over 
Ills dismal uniform. Thfrn was .111 
angry, resentful light on his brutal 
face as he eyed the girl. 

"Ugh! What an evil face! And he 
nearly made us have an aeeldf-nt:" 
Kvo cxclalnie.I. 

Her coinp.inion I'-rkcd around, and 

vhook his nst wrat h fn lly a t tei ^ho 

sllll-sturlnt; lellow. 

"I'd like to bri-ak the brute's neck 
— and I win it I meet himt" he sul<i 

Eve's companion alighted nt the 

iifUcerH" mess. lie hesitated for u tiio- 
liient, looKlii:^ U|> at liei. 

"A ihoiiMund thiiikH'" he i.-.ii.l with 
a little formal air Th.-n I want to 
know when you'll be soIuk back ti» 
town — and if by train? We might 
possibly travel up together." 

'Tm waiting orders." She smiled 
down at tiiiii "I iin.l'rsl.iii.l they're 
short of dmiT-^ h.-r.- ami ni.r,- 
to borrow iiie for .1 .1 1;, .ir t\\... 
They'll |iiol.,ililv phono to t.iwii .md 
tet jiei nil.'j-loii ■ 

Sho nodded gayly and drove off. 

Ilor surmise was correct. Bhe was 
ofllclally "borrowed" and her work 

"All our best drhor.M ;ir<' down with 
'llu'— it's ra.'.itiK round llih pLice," .i 
ha I .T.-..' .'.I .■.iiii iii.i iida II 1 inforrtn il her. 
"And mi you're a perfect godsend to 
U.S. . hlld!" 

"I'll do everything I can." said 
Kvs, tho onthuslastie. 

"We prefer to detail men for the 
night driving, but half of them are 
on the Hl.'k list,, .K.) if you're not 
iili.-ild of Ih.' dark ro.iilM well hive 
to I'se you." came in worried ton.'-'. 

It rained thai nlKhl — a dreary 
downp«)ur fhiit jmt out the stars. But 
Eve, like Alexander seeking new 
worlds to oonauer, set bravely forth. 

She was to drive th« tender to the 
neareat railway station, ten ion>; 
miles away, to meet the I, .in, Ion fr.iln 
and convey nonio ofllreis ami men 
li.ick to the tiont. 

How hl.'ick and desolul«> lay the 
countryside, enwrapped In silence 
save for tho swishing of the rain and 
the eerie sighing of the trees! 

The clutch released. Eve swiintc 
out, all alone. Info the jC-awnins dark- 
ni'SH. the puniiiiiiK of her heart un- 

ploa.saiitly prrdomitiaiit 

It was at the lon« l • - : cornor of 
the lonely moorland roud that a 
figure suddenly sprang out from 
soms undergrowth and- directly bar- 
red her path. 

Involuntarily Kve Jamme.l ,,n her 
brakes to luevent an ai-cl.lent an.l 
tlie lender .ski. 1. 1. •. I to a "t a n<l*<t 1 1 1. 

"Ach. Ko wi' meet again, my pretty 
one!" came in r snarling, guttural 
voice — and then It was that Eve's 
brave heart stood still In sheerest 
terror. For slowly advancing toward 
her with a menacing look on his 
coarse fac»», and MomethlnR Kl'-anilnc 
In his hand, was tho brutal loukluK 
iirixoner who had awom at her that 

(To Re Continued) 


< "» I o . 11. . I |-r<-sl(iii w ill n,.(.om. 
inciid I'unliAxc of Kitfin hweepvr 
' ~* Members ^ 


The Public Works Committee of the 
City Counell will be asked this after- 
noon by City Engineer K, M. I'reston 
t o reorganise the city's gHrbago i (d- 
li'ctlon department in order to t.r..- 
\ .do for the Insinuation of rue, h.iiiK al 
apparatus In plac, ,,f band nieih.idK 

Mr. J'ro^i .ii will a-K the comniltteo 
to authorise the purchase of an Elgin 
street sweeper at a cost of about |»,- 
090. This will replace the scrvlees 
of a largs number of street aweepera 
end will effect a connLbrahle Havliuf 
of expenditure, as the initial outlay 
T' r purchase of the machine may be 
.lUlriliufod ..ver tho five or six yoars 
(lint it will i.e in operation here. 

Mr. ( B Huyck. of Muasene. lAd., 
fltjents for the Elgin aweeper, told the 
I'ubUo Works Conunlttee laat week 
that as a roMR of ths Coonoil's de- 
( Islon to eut street cleaning »«tlmit.-i« 
from tSS.OOO to iJB.OeO a yesr. th^ 
' 'e of n; ><u'p<-pi n ? .a p on rat us 
V a« the f.nly w,»y in which efficient 
work could be done wltlMUt sWOSOdlHg 
ths appropriations. 

Hr. Preston's roerganliiatlon pUn 
»vll| bs opposed by Labor menibeiv of 
"le Connetl » b,, objocf to the re- 
plBcmrni • , ef workers by ma 
' ' ""'^^ . i - n the ground that 
•nt opening else- 
-micsed sueet sweepers. 

VANCOUVKR rob. IS Jacob 

ela's salt acalnst J. p. Roberts, re- 

eoloar of B. H. Heaps A Tompany., for damagea fnr the lo** 
<'f a |es wrtn dl«mtaM>d by Mr Junflrr 
M in hv %.-.'ri.i,,v f,rtT the jury bad 
' ' ' 'he defendant 

was not guiiiy of negligence. 


.>lr lU-rnurtI McKvoy 
W rvttlli of LAurel 


i>tore Upc:is i^t V a.iu. aud Clu»c» ai (t p.m. 
. Wc*Mgda3r«, I 

mm, njgnNAno mmwon 

\ A Ni ■' .1 \ I ; 1;. 1; <- . F'eb. 18 - 
lloiioi I.I ih. ,-il\ir links ol Jouriial- 
i.sni wa.s paid by thu newspapermen 
and wmnen of Vanooover last night 
when they crowned with due cere- 
mony Mr. Bernard McBvoy.' the 
doyen of Canadian Jonrnallsts. with a 
wreath of laurel leaves In recognition 
of iii.-i SI St birthday. 

Tho event Wa.M st;i;ced iiml.c the 
au^p|. i >« of tho 1". I ' In i;ii|l.' of 

Journali.'<lH. wlilili »:oin|>"< prac- 
tically nil the workiny n ewsp ap e r men 
and women In the city, and there was 
an hundred per rent munter to pay 
tribute of ei't'^em t o ona of thoir mqf t 
lovable colleaKuofi. 

A iiallvi- ol 1 !ir 111 1 II 1; li.i II I i:iiKlin'l. 
.Mr. .M. i;\.i\ liiiH bc« n m w -n . |.. i 1 n>; 
for lia II I ■ .-ntury, f.'i i ■. \ . 1 of 
which hax been in Canada, prliici|>ally 
111 Toronto und Vancouver, where for 
twenty years In the latter city he has 
been uii thn staff of The Dolly Prov- 
ince. Ho Is known throughout the 
Dominion under the non de plume of 
"JiioKen-s, " tho name of the Athen- 
ian pill lo.sopher of whom It Is ret-ord- 
ed he w.nt f.irlh with a lantern 
lo.ikinK for an huncnt man. and who 
el. < ted to live in a tub. 

Those romantic historical Incidents 
were seized on by the membera of the 

B. C. Instltuts of Journalists as foa- 

tures In the ceremony. 

I'lclurc«mu«' ('(-remony 

At the close of a aeries of choruaea 
and parodlea eulogistic of the octo- 
genarian scribe, the lights in the hall 
were switched out suddonly. Then 
there appeared In the doorway a ven- 
erable looking flaure in Impersona. 
tlon of the ancient Athenian, wearinK 
loii^; Krey hair and beard, dressed in 
I00.-.C roliis an.l carrying In his band 
11 lantern. After a hIioii uiieMt for the 
' honest ■ he locaU-d .Mr .McKvoy, 
whom he spirited out of the room. 

Light having been restored, Mr. 
Sydney Scott, president of the In- 
stitute, called on Mr, Ronald Ken- 
\\n. c'.ly c.litor of Ttie Daily frov- 
Ince and :iulhor of a lir)ok of \ erse 
entitle. I "W.iter I'laint Wall-.." |.iai-l 
as bard <if llo- Hs.setiilily. .Mr. Ken- 
v> n agreed, but di ina nde,! a subject, 
whereupon Mr. Mclilvoy, dressed up 
aa Diogenes and seatsd In his tub, 
was cirri ^d in shouldsr high and 

placed on a dais. 

,\f!ir a llttInK <leclaniatlon by the 
Itard. who eulogized Mr. McEvoy'a 
nobility of character, genially of dls- 
poaltlvn and literary aklll, the laurel 
wreath was placed on tho brow of 
tin a ted Journalist amidst loud ap- 


Notable Vt^rrun .foumallsts 

A notable crowd of pioneer Jour- 
nalists, many of them known 

throuKh the length and breadth of 

C. iiiada. were njwoelAled with Mr. 

.M. l-;\.iy iis K'irfll.s of tile evening, 
an.l Ka\.- lui.'f rem I nl.scont talkn. 

,\iiioiiK till III was I»r. if. D. Scott. 
I.lit. l>., editorial writer on The 
Dally Province, a Nova Scotlan by 
birth, with long experience in Halifax 
aad In the Press Qallery at Ottawa. 
There van Mr. H. P. WlllUms, a 
Provln. i- e.l It .iri.i 1 writer and para. 
Krapliivt, wh<» I.-: populiuiy known 
by his ( oi;»eigu"s .i.s "Had." Mr. 
Wllllani.s forniei ly of London, 
Out., -md studied and practised law 
for some time in Detroit, but revcrt- 
e,| to his llrst love of Journalism. 

Tile man y\ ho was the first lo give 
a lob to the 111.- Lord .N'orthcllfffl 
WHS tlieie In the person of Mr. 
,st.-pli, n Oolder, who has all his 
life been Interested In newspapering 
so far as It had a bearing on sport. 
He was editor of a cycling mngaxlne 
lit Ci>\eidr>, Rngland, when he had 
N'orthiliffe as a cub on Ills nt.iff 
Mr. (iolder i« now editor of a local 
motor magaslne. 

On the list too, wss Mr. J. rrands 
Buniill. aa oidUme Fleet Street Joor- 
naltst. w1m> arrltea In The Dally Sua 
under the name of "ITellx I'enne"; 
Mr. .John Innex, artist ami author 
form. rl\ <>( T.ironto; Mr. .lohii I'.n.l- 
f i i u ho was long identifieii with 
newspaper life in Toronto, and Mr. 
George Hartley, who haa boan aaso- 
clsted with the editorial and publish- 
ing business nt the roast for thirty 
years. The ..ii'ii:<--i of iIiIh pioneer 
groiifi l> ir.iiiii.l hixiv, and nioiit of 
Hum ire i unvidera bly over that age. 

Mr, McKvoy ttM>k up resldeneo in 
Vancouver 1903 and made eonnoetlon 
with The Daily Provlnoo by moans of 
tK>ok reviews. Hs haa boon with The 
Province over since, writing aperlnl 
articles, editorials, verse, and a rer- 

iil.ii feature Ko'iwn a« .Ktreet <".,r- 
ne(» 1. H i; .'oiiimeni* oil current 
topi. ',-" H<- was aUct 
Joint author with Capt. A. li. Klndlay. 
M.C. Of "The History of the TSnd 
Battalion. Canadian Infantry. 0ea- 
ferth HIghtonders of Canada.'* Ho is 
honorary president of ths B.C. Art 
League, seeretsry-treasurrr of the 
B C. M<»ciety of KIne Artx, and ,i mem- 
ber <if the British Institute of Jour- 

"Hard work aad a haakhy hoMry." 
la Mr. McBeoyo motto ta ttfs. De. 
spite hi. years, he puta la a day s 
werk six dajw a week at Ms adMarisi 
iie«K. and wliaa aot wtHtav bo is 

I' 1 1 nt I OK 

Excellent Values in Fine 

Muslin Undergarments 

Stcp-Ijis and Chemises to 
anatch, theae are of new 

plisse crepe and finished 
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mises are made with 
bodice top; shown in 
sky ' •'. 1, Special 
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Step-ins and C'licmiM-s to 
iiiatcli, are made ot hue 
striped or plain mull, are 
lini.slicd with bindings of 
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bloomers have elastic at 
wai.-^t and clirmises have 
bodice ttip, colors inclut^e 
peach, orchid and flesh — 
a garment. 

Tk» Emtkt SUck •/ Frtnch 
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and Han d-EmhroiJtrtJ 

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shown in flesh, 
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T t t e y l niiie Wfr First Il93m7r 

1211 X>aHfla« Street 



Sll' ^» 11. . . ro. I I I. I. 1 ^1 r<>«lll)H 

Willi .Men III > .-NLiiidlnu, I I'U 
Above l<Yeealag 

The vlolonoo of Tusaday*a Aorm 

paFsed as BUd.b nIy as It came Wed- 
nesday night's ralnH and the coiisImI- 
snt above-freexing lemperatiin s of 
yesterday steadily dissolved the snow 
in tho downtown streets, whoro traffic 
and huslna— oondltions were restored 
to the usual wet-weather dimensions. 
T!i. . rfort^ of !!-.'• city engineering de- 
Iiarlnieiil •■tii|>lo\ eeH to keep the 
dr.'ilns clear so that the f-isl ac uinu- 
latlng water could run off were appre- 
ciated by pedestrians and inotorlMls 
alike, and while in places the sodden 
snow stood In deep plies to right ami 
.left of the footpaths, the pavements 
were clear all through the downtown 
district, and StTOOt OTOSSlngS WOro In 
good shape. 

All Indications point to a BUa*alaOd 
spell of the moderated weather con- 
dittons. Mosars. Dean A Hiscocks' 
thermometer recorded a temperature 
of 42 at ten o'clock last svenlng. At 
the same time, Mr. Napier Denlson 
reported from the Oonxales Heights 
« it.s. r\ .itorv that bis I risi luiioiit th.-re 
rec«>r(le,l S»< The nia.ximuiii \esterday 
on the name Instrument uan tl I'll'- 
thaw is wldespresd, and its area In 
Increasing rapidly as the ocean storm 
which wrought stwh danuige to ahip- 
plng on Wednesday moves Inland. Aa 
fsr north as Prince Uupert the tem- 
peratures are much Improved, nl- 
thouKh l ist nlRlit II was still snowing 
nt the noitliein p.irt of Vancouver 
Island, Quatsino. Hull Harbor, etc. 
Much Above Average 

This week's storm has made Keh- 
iiiaiv. I'.t2.1. unusual, and has rolled 
u|> .1 bit Hurpliis In the y.-.n's pre- 
cipitation to dale With .i snowfall 
of inches this month teQulvalent 

to 2.18 inch, n of rain) and a rainfall 
of the Kebruary preclpiutlon now 
sunds at t.M Inohsa. As the average 
total proelpltatlon for. tho month la 

'•■>).v 3.13, this means that In tho <hnst 
fifteen days of the month Victoria haa 
already exceeded by it inch her con- 
ceded amount of water. .lanuary also 
surpassed the averaKe (n imint of 
precipitali.,n. (14 1 Inches (of wliKh 
.14 inch fell in the form of snow I. 
being :.Iii 111, h. N In exc ess of normal. 
Th.- iiv.-KiK,- .lanuary snowfall for 
\ ictoria, worked out on the baals of 
flKurea taken aloce Itlfi, ia •.• ffn rbta: 
the average Kebruary mil la 4J 
iochas. Alroady these amouali 
totalled havs been exceeded by lt.11 
Inches. Thern see,,,- n,,],. r,-;,iron to 
anllcli.ate any further ad.lltions t.i 
this, b.iwever. althoiiKh .Mr Denlson 

says It Is not Improbable that thors 

mi y bo aiors nUa duriaa th* neat lair 

1 1 I ' « 


QL-KltKC, rob. II t/iUfluuCaU- 
olique, the local clerleal dally, an- 
nounced that It had learned authoH- 
UtlVOly that Hon. .J. L. perron. Min- 
ister of Highways, resigned previous 
to rremier T.isehereau's depanure 
for the I'nite.i Hutsa, and that Mr. 

Tascherenu liefsap^A agggptlaf It 

til his return. 

It Is furthor roported, according 
to the dally, that the portfolio of 
highways will go to the Hon .r. b 

PranCOeUr. .Speaker of the l,egl,|al 

ture. who will be suocseded as 

.•-•p-.iker by H4 ~ ~ ' 

Dridge Is an e-isy ganie to pUiv. 

There s noHilng Infri. ate about ii; 
Its dim. ullles fiKle away 

W hat e'er the trump 

wftboat It. 

ar ptayad 

Although It hiiniiin Is t., err. 

And nil men do the bOSt they're 
able, t «t> ■ 

Krrors of judgment don't oeeur 
Unto the dfth aaan at the labia. 

The watcher sitting at your baek. 

Whose talk Is oonAdont and breegy. 
■ees every enrd that's In the psok. 

To htm tba game of bridge is 


for st vlt\ 
conijort tx 


f„,„» Urgsr ^g«r««. 

T"*^ wkick It c n 

WitK increawd KeshK snJ < - * ' 

Clortef* (tiv«» th« stilish contf . '•'• • g 

«lni!in, . . I ijf I .infinni, tKc , i if, ..r of yoiitfl Igali »,,,. 

axxi grscs. i^t inaist jon ths nuxiel d«sign«>d petts -c»rr-' ■ 

for ^^our t^. For t»enisn lOKo sssic st^U •j^T^"^ ' 

' iJe'! .T • e. ,'- .-'iy it's sl^lutslv WOCtK iCgSte iSlaai! 

-vKjU to tslbs ths 

lormct mp^si. Your aer a itia i a wiU Kei^. yVu. tk« ■■■s i si M 

tKt*MgK««ii — 


low makes tbo 
firo hydraaia 

has found 


/oi I 

Goods and Luggage Collected 

aa4 StltTwl bo ssy bsaas s44rM« If, tir^t \^ rs« mtHMat ' . ' *. I i„-*,.\ 
■••a mpsrt f*am% v.-',, . . , . 


SMI F'f'I Vf, 

'. • ; i -, 




W .1 r h <> u t e f, 
' ■ ' - ' I 4%\\nf\ 

vViu^fc. bZZ ^ *') 
Chaacory Lsne 

<">iiut Iliones: 
l<jti> and 1<M 








Prahrie Leafue Uftders Battle With Cgugar^ at 
Willows— Duke^ Keats Is Wonderful Stickhandlei 
and One of Biggest Stars in Hockey— Big House 






!■ 1 'III iv\ m- 1 1 
M iil'li 'I'll s l>< '\ ■< tlir \\ 

\iit«)ii« at 1.1.'' ti\lo».K im.s .mrrniMiM ami j)r ^ 
that will ttart later in thr day bet wren the Prairie lads and the /ast 

I .1 !in. qi t. .1' " will l.p \\\f \v .1 I'f- -''\.'\: Imni.; nUt 
nc paiacf will ir^d ii.mglil ut h ..K) o'clock, 
irir battle in Seattle last evening: against Pete 

^kiinov iiii'lr-r Skipprr Kcat^ w;!! > ■ .tnf- ( i\ <t Im 
k tlii.s .iitrrniMiM ami prcpait t«ir llic .struggle 

trav ellii 



I 1 MU I I 


PARIS. r»b. ii.<--aattiUMr «ki 
In makinc amMtioM plana. BraaiU- 
)>f-t. hU rnanac*r. taUi I**Aiit« that 
HftHi Rikl m**U Mlk* McTtCue. 

I i ir. l .S'.4 r< iiilddlrwelcht. at 
lMil)Un on Mnrch K, h» will Jmiu«< 
A rhallenc* for thr Ught-h»av> - 
wr-iijhf chan>pU'i\»lil[> I'f Fraiir.- 
,, .1 ••((•n ■will ^••♦•W '«K>- 
Marcel NUlM. the French hcav> 
w«hvlit ehamiOoa. 
BroaliWt^y^t^ MM jkq 

fl(ht a man who ha* not y«t hocn 
aelectpd. After that bo«t ho hope* 
I,. t y xtpmMmt, Oroh aM l a air 

JJenipaej . 

t which tMina have hundics that 

Th« wheatfii'M iruilvra may be 
auiiiewhat tlrau attar thotr atrenuoua 
trip aeroao th« country und tho addod 
obatafito of havtns to play two samoa 
In two alahta rvnnia*. Bat thia clr- 
< iimataaoo will not, however, Inter- 
fere wtth tho Kdmonton crowd'a de- 
UTinlnatlOn to cinch victory ill 
i'<>ats thia evenlnf. Tli<> Cougars arc 
not worrying o\or ilif oulcmiio of tlie 
t-ntertaliiineiit. Although the bluf and 
X >ld sextette la fully cofnlsant of thu 
I >ct that the encounter promlsea to 
■ eao 9it (ho warmoot arsumonta uf 
the aoaaoB and tliat the Alberta otan 
la oao of tho boot, If not the beat, 
of the cluha in th o Woatara Cana da 
hockey circuit. " " 

Tile IMtU"iitijii tc.iin is pretty sin o 
to iniik»? .1 liii \,iih l.iral fall^'. s.iy 
thoa* » lio lirt\. »if«_ii n in .ictioti. 
Thoir il.'vA- .(M.I agKrcAfilve playliiK 
has iraln»"4l foi i (u'ni a big followlnn 


Has Baen Flourishing lately, 
Although ProhibHod byState 

i aw Well-Known PugifiSts 
, Have Taken Part 



Law and Ordei Lcdrjie Has 
Made 1ht^ Mow Deprive 
Fight f aii{> of Iheir Favorite 
Sport . 


I / ^SLKKtR.S 


Liu I 

Special Sale This 

Gum Boots and 

At Big Reductions 

Just the thiiijf for ram .iiid — buy 
now, for such values can't be r^eattd 
wlicn our present stock is sold. 

719 TatM 8tr««t Pho 

nc 81? I 


f 1 the p:i"<t 
ishr-d li, c > 
t t 1 )1 'U II M . \ 

VVh I" I'l^vlnjr. whirli 

tlx ni'iiiihs li.i-i floiji 

I ■ 1 ■ > 11 ll Jl n . \ ■ r I I : 

iM.ilclit*« drew from 



r Ni^a to Ue l.»i>i ri 


NEW TOKK, Feb. 15.— Frenaled 
(ellowa foolishly fUunt ftdfoty flarures 
for future fllorst This tenfuo twIMer 
points tha way to "iUrtln« with 

r«r soma tlmo past thoro haii 

-in nlnioot InsattS idea In In 
uniclent offlrlaldom that in onlrr to 
becout* someone in the world of 
athlattoa It waa only nooowary to 
ha halted ae hairlnv eleefced a reoord 
hraaklnir i '" ' 

ilio lUHjulri iiK iith 

To bo a candidato Car such honors 
in Rome quarters only aa iBforsoU 
und plenty of aaaertiveneaa are about 

nil ili;it H n«cd<(l A vntoh «>'n- 
i^bronUcU with one in ixrfect order 
tras aa far from belnK < onfldored 
nacssaary aa waa the neceaalty fot* 
■upremo «seollenea of tho oyeaUrhi 
vith tha ce-erdiaaUen at tanoh Im- 


Oettlnff down t <on- 

cara waa manltoai over the necu for 
aa mnah phyaical perfootion in the 
timekooper aa in the athletea bains 

rlo<!ked. Athletes vary In their dla- 

idny of iiMlllv " illfrcront tlmr*. l.iit 
■wh. n lU II •< ii f-'irp tlilnR "li't •>>' 
niiinf><l iiei foi iiirr "111 I "' four n.iiiI- 
elt hln bext form at 100 yarda. 

TlmeVff prrn. however. Jn this neck 
o woods, .intl others, for that matter, 
have frninontly (MmovoVrd throtiRb 
thft watch louto variations of nlilln\ 
When championa were at tho top of 
thair form of from tSk, ta ♦fa varda 
la s rn' ■ ' • • 

ItM) Miu ii \ariatla« 
Wtthant golns into the merita or 
denertU of tho too froquoatly cred- 
ited • <-t aoeonds for lOS yarda, 

r.i'Mo k 'I fUc yarda in nothinc and 
other ildKUloun flnrtlna». we < «n have 
raoourao to rerrnt liappenlnitn in 
order to show how watchholdcra urr 
flirting with flriha. 

(in .i inuiiiv- 20 Rob McAllister, tha 
• flylnK .oi. una timed by illfferenf 

t lorkera In i< ♦ 1 " i> n.l • 

onda for 100 \tir(1» Ti... I ; 
lowing Mai- w«a tlni- (1 \ ■t. r 

evar * llko dlaiaaoo. Tttr^b of tlif 
watehoa mada hiss ^a aoeeada. 
while the other two agreed on lO i-s 
aeconda, a variation of About 4 ^ 

Tho poiat about both instaacoa Is 
that thara waa too anvoh varlattaa 
hetwooB tha fhstsst and tho aloweet 

tlmea to have any dependence 

pirn • .! In I, ... If the II n,<-U .•>'iM-i - 
\» • I •• lup.ilil' null v^ouM |>t(i|>nlil> 
Ink'- t..-ith iliiit >!•> V ii-* I nht there 
l^ieuld have been no am h variation. 
If Th«y A(rre»» 

Tlii^ till I tlml llif'i, 1 « .i i, li ;v 

difference makca a juke of the abll- 
Itlas of aanM aC tha man, la *a' far 
aa their watch hoMlaff Is concerned. 
It will bo no )eke, however, tn the 

athbf'' "f th«- fnliir'- If ■ i.,> i • \\ , . 
JIae dnNs 1 Ini'xh of Tn;iti>ii;<- 
(0 akC' on !< ' .■> sc. oil. I* foi pill 

farda tuat aa S 9-6 waa iHpreed upon 
^oaia years aa* ant fcpak aae way. 

Tli'-i > lu r- «iiy« epleni-. , >>. . i, 
iiji vvhrti .trM'«"i>i tf* t"' 111 'iioii* 

1 1 rii pei f 111 itin ro \^lln• hiij., i.. 

be net'ded me ppi fe. t ij i<y nchrunlaed 
watohea In the handa of nas Who 
hava paaaad tsato whlah hava aovor 
heea emetod of thaoa who have 

napir' '1 to 'oil! % 
epori* fiinriloi> 

<^JlUilDlliltt OUT 

CRTCAOO. Fsh. H.— «At !• oVl k 
tho Tird ha«r af tlM afT-dav bir,.i., 

rare at the fMlMSNSb the >H.|*rn had 
rovered l.ttS milea an i iwo lepa. 
Maurice Brocco. tho Italian, and Oooar 
the Bwlaa. and the team caas- 
ef AMrod Or saaa. tha Anstrai- 
Ian. and Bmest Ksaklaf, ot Chioa«o. 
were a lap ahead of It of the is 
team*, while the romblnat ion . 
and Koeoaa, waa a lap behind the ( 

around the i'rairle centroa. Only una 
of the team, Abble Nswoll, haa played 
here botoro. NowoU waa a moonbor 
oC tho Vaaoottvor assrosatlon earlier 
in the aeaaon. H-il M'lnkler, goal- 
tender, la a product of the famous 
old .Monarch tfani of W'innlpfK. 
wlikb turiKil mil em h .-imis as the 
tw 1 Louitlilin l>o\.s. I >l( l( Jrvin, 
Toinniy ilnriay and otht-rs. ,loc 
HImpson \s oiu- of tho gr£>utest »i-or- 
Inii defence men in the game, and 
hia famoua "corkacrew" ruahea will 
doliaht Vloterla rallblrda. Tha other 
loo dofs are all wall known. 

KcRiN the Pivot 

'I'll - pl\ot of the Edmonton bum li 
is lin laptaln iJulio KfittB. Ilegardfcl 
ihioiiKlioul the l>o»nlnion na tho 
hralnlest player on tlie pond, this 
lUaklroo atar la a V'K man, but waa 
uavar hnown fur hia ability to burn 
up tha lea. Uta bl* atock in trade 
te hta uneanny stickhandHac ublllty 
and beins able to ahoot the puck 
from ulnioat iinpoaaible ansloa und 
poaltluns" Local funs who h.iv.. Htcn 
JllCk Adatn'l. lasl year \anioii\(.| 

centre inun, can gt-t .m iiiiK as lo 
Keuta' alylo of breuUliig hi."! way 
thruugli iho opposinK defences. Like 
Adauia, Keaia la aluw compared to 
centre man Ilka Foyaton, Frederick- 
son and Bouehsr. yet he thronda his 
way throufh a cluster of sticks and 
bedlfs as though there was no one 
In hia wny. To aco Keats perform 
U alone Worth tho prli-e of ndinlsslon, 
and local h.j.kcy ciuluiMl.i.sts will lie 
watching him (lo.solv totilghl. 

Tho Vlctorl.-! outfit is In good 
shape for tho fray, liuving reated 
Kinco their last battle on Monday 
nigiit in tha Terminal City rlnV. Im* 
modiatoly followlna toal«ht'« conteat 
the local team will take the night 
boat for Vanconvar and niak<- riKiu 
for the Pmlrica, and win on .Momi.iy 
night open their Jaunt aronnd lh«' 
I'rnlrle <Mti.-s. The CoiiffHrs 
iinMous to stnrf off with a victoiy, 

and will exert themaelvca to the u(- 
inuat to hand Edmonton a llakinv 


Edmonton ia ridinc alone nh:ely in 
tha W.CLh, balagf in first place now. 
and haa no Intantion of letting tho 
Coufara beat thorn. I'lunu Krrd<M- 
Ickson will be out tu uaiii nioro 
poinla. while ho will Imvc I h.. as- 
Ctfitanon of lila comrades In endeayot-- 
Ing tu push the local Bipiad nearer tho 
'"I' I" 'he !•.(- II A, loop. Tho Arena 

1 'i-' s to l,c well filled with hock. y 

faiiH tonight, ns ihla match between 
the Cougara and Kdmonton will i>e 
I ha final scheduled IntarleMuo < on 
•eat to ha playad in Vlrfbn.i ihi" 
Winter. Ix>vara of «ood hockey , m 
scarcely afford to miss k' ituiK ., 
gllmps.- of the thrllla thai .no .in- 
sured those who tnkc in ihia prenili r 

battle of tha year. 



nfKF KK.%TM 

FISTIC nmm\. 


- OP LOSING rRO\^lf8 

Ixsoiiard, w.iiki i m,! n. mpecy Are 
l''avorc<i to SMi> ai lop of Their 

I ll<'ap«'cl.^c < la.s.scs 

NEW YORK, Feb. H.— Five of the 
eight univeraally rocotnlsed boxing 
i-hamplona are likely to be dethronod 
thia year, in the opinion of nun 

crltlcH, \yhlle titleholiler.s in the other 
three divisions i)rohably also will face 
•stieiiuous oiMu.sHlon In an ..-frorl to 
retain their laurela. The general out- 
I oi< i3 for one of tha most Ihtoresiinc 
riatlc programmea in many yeara. 

Pugtllatic kings considered to he In 
linnilnont duiiKor of losing iheir world 
crowns are; Jinuny Wlldo, of Kng- 
land. flyv«lsh!. Joe Lynch, of N'*w 
Yoik. hunianiweight; Johnny Kll- 
bunc. of Cleveland, featharwelcht; 
Johuny Wilaon, of Boaton. middle- 
weltfht, and Battling Siki. of France 
and HeiiOKa!. llfrhl lica\ y wc Ixhi . 

The other t it Kholdt-rH - Henny 
l.eonard, of .New York. Ilghlw«>ighl ; 
Mickey Walker, of Eliaabeth, N.J.. 
welterweifht, and Jack Dempaey. 
heavyweicht— arc favored to stay ut 
the top. but whilo tho oppoaitlun in 
their respective rank.s is not » on«ld- 
cred more than tiiieateninif. (heic u 

nr. AWM»i/a 

Two of the nielaataya of tlio Edmonton 
team are ilia great Uake Keata and Ty. 

Arbour KkhIb lo thi- bmlnlral pliiy<>r In 
li.iik,.y (.>,|«v. and M* Hondrrful stick- 
I'HiiaHiiK iiM» iiiHilo hliii truly faiiiuua. 
\^t^ll..ul K-«iB, 111. l'>kliiio», who play at 
iliK Wllluna tiiMiiclit, w'liulil be, Droadly 
•paaklng, like « alilp without a ruddar. Ty. 
Arboar la a boy who ia barnlag ua tha lc« 
thia year, boinr a aourca of atreagth to 
lOdmaatoii. ti' In a to«i<t akatar, aaS forma 
aa eaeBtlya imk in m.- Aiiirna ptwikchaaara' 
forwaril divlalun. 


Three LAdiea' Lioague basket ball 
>.;:irnee are to be played tonight in 
the .Tradaa Hall, the llrat to 
start\ at S o'clock, when the High 
School will meet the Y. W. C. A. 
Kollowinn this game the Victon.. 
Coll. Will |i|;:.\ .Sp.-ncer'M and 
the Normal Suhuul will play tho 
V. 1. A. A. 

$8,000 to $10,000 without newspaper 
publicity, and only thoaa on tho In* 
alda knew where they wara to be 
atatfed. was ordered atopped byCblaf 
of Police Fltimorria tonight. 

The a<-tion Is tlio result Of a Ca 
paigii waged by the Chicago Law and 
Order League, which had Ita inYoati- 
gators play hldb-and-seek w^ith the 
boxinf fana to obUIn aulllrient- evi- 
dence to preaent to Mayor Thompson. 
The ma yor directed Chief I'ltzm orris 
to issue orders to all commandiiiK 

police officers to prevent further 

The oonteau, prohibited in tho 
State by law. have been staged in 

remote nccilona of the city iilinoat 
every night, with enpaeity crowda In 
uti*nilance. The locations of the 
maiihes were not revealed in newa- 
papirs, which meraly rafarrod to 
them beinv atacad hafara » "svhur- 
ban club." 

.loe i{iii-man, contender for llie 
huntam weight championship: .lock 
.MMlone, the St. Paul middleweight; 
Pal Moore, the Memphia bantam- 
weight, and others, hava sataced in 
recent matchaa hars. 



If Your Bicycle is Givmg TrouUt L«C 

Us Repair It. 


Johnson at Broad 

"The House of Service" 


Plume 77M 


uhvay.s the chance thai unv of theiu • ous. Time. 1:08. 

ttiatly be compelled to seek honora In 
the welterweight divlHion. Although 
he failed last .Summer In an attempt 
lo laki' tills liil». from .lack Lirllton, 
losing to llie vcici.iii on a foul, 
I^oonurd would be a formidable op- 
i>onont for Walker, who captured tho 
championahip from Britton. Dave 
Shade, of California, and Andy 
Thomas, of New York, {tra othar top- 
ranking welterweights. 


TIJUANA. Mex , Keh 1 .1. — Fa\ orlles 
and outsiders (!!■ Me,| ilio card in to- 

day'a racini: h.;. i i^vlla had 

a good da\ Jicnoi, ,,mo race and waa 
In the money with four Othar mounts. 
The d.iy s results follow: 

First ritce, dve furlonga — 1, Ro'lew 
(116). Wtlaon: 3. Charlotte «mith 
(107), Flynn; 3, James O (110). Pool 
Time. 1 :06 3-6. 

Second race, five furlontrs 1, iJro- 
laksl (110), Dukan. J. Hanthl.i C. 
1114), Itulls; 3. Krinitana tl(i9». Wat- 




Winner siii\< ..i, i>.(cii-.u, i m'l iii 
Tenth Itouud, Ihon l/ooncua Ip 


Hotariana were told about the work 

■ ' ho Ked CroSR workahop yeat^ny 
by Major Staa. Okall. 

Major Okall aald that about thirty 
man were now employed at the shop, 
and that they were capable of hand- 
ling orders for nil Kinda of . .ihinrt 
work furniture repairing, graaa chair 
I'l'iiliiiiK chinn rlvetlMK. and VarlOlU 
othel kliulw ,,f ti..i. ful work. 

••It la fnr h. ii.-, (., aMi„t theao men 
earn their own living than to keep, 
by chartty.- aald Majar Okell. 
vhu la diraoior of tho ahop. 

Hanihani of tho cluh pomrrienri. .i 
the Red Proas workahop sii.iii c 
It SUed an Important place in the rc- 

■ stahH sl iaiaM of ratam ad aoldlera. 

BrUM Poh 



<I- I VTI Feb. li. -Tlie all- 
star I fi.ii 1 1., team, which ia to 
eompete in the oonteot for tho In- 
tamaUanal l od aar polo cvp at Now 
Tork'fMSt w a n th. defeated the l»ty 
ta^ Rant CInh taam here last night 
t y a aeara of !• to 1. 


LONDOH. Fah. ll—Peatban games 
playad hi tha Vnltad Xlncdoa thi^ 

afternoon reaalted as foiiowa: 

S4>«-<>nf| DlilvloH 
I.,M. 'fr Ci \\ ,. ^ 1 1 , 1,, B 

itiigb) I nioii 
Portanaoulh Sorvlcea, Z, 
talk I*. 

will rcccivy u fttltti tap on tho chin 
Intoreet In D f ip ae y 

<'li:of inlcicst proiniaeM lo centre 
upon J I. ni|is. y , x-, ho pluns an acllyo 
outdoor campalKii after a lapse of 
iivarly i vu yuaia aliice hia memorablo 
light with Georgea Carpantier. Sev- 
eral of his challengers may make it 
mora than Interesting for tho tham- 
ploii. but the present pro.spec i is that 
lio will «uc< es.sftilly rei'iin his laurol.M 

\\'ll'i' . who I:. IS he n iii.icliyc for 
soni-- lliiic. lias lict n >liallciiKed for a 
title match hy P.inch.) \llla. the 
Bcr.ippy Filipino, who took tho Amer- 
ican flyweight title away from Johnny 
liuff laat year. Villa not only has 
taken tha measure of the best Amer- 
ican flyweights, but ho has fr-iucnt- 
1y none out of his claN« with dciiiyo 

.NUCCf ss 

The l-ilii,lno Ih Hinblflous to dupli- 
c:Uo tttiff's feat In :ioldillg both the 
llywelght and bantumwelghl belts, 
and han a folluwinff which Would bo 
leudy to back him atrongly In a title 
bout with Joe Lynch. The latter 
fatoa two other formidable chaiU-nK- 
era in Carl Tremahio, hard-hitting 
t I. velnnder and Irish Johnny Curtin, 
of Juraey CUy. N.J. 

■Ilhnsw Shfwod Vp 

Xllbano haa aKreed to at.ike his 
featherwolifht tiih, against th« 
I'l ciichiiiaii. i;ugene frlijul, holder of 
tho Kuropran championship. In a 
mutch ut tho I'olo Urounda on Doe- 
oration Uay. Crlqul. young and .ig- 
groBsive. will have much in hia favor 
ugalaat Kilbane, who haa slowed up 
as a reault of a long pvriod of inae- 

WllSon, iiiioihcr inactive champion, 
will ha\- dim. ii!. ici .ininK hia title 
If he n.<. |it„ iht rhallungea of aev- 
cral formhiahio ics-pound boxers, 
Including Tommy Loushran. of Phlla- 
dalphla; Harry Orab. of Pittsburgh, 
who also holds tho Amerl an li^ht 
haavyweight title, and H r y an I )o\\ ne y 
of Cleveland Wilson la not roeoanlied 
na champion in a number of Stataa 
bocanae of hia tactus In avoltflnc 
championship inalches. 

Expert a l>eiieve either Oreh. Oane 
Tunney. or Tom Oibbona, tha laadtaa 
Amartoaa li«ht haaVywaighta. cap- 
ahia af itftinc tha world's title h«id 

hJT Battling SIkl. who aequiroii n \.y 
kaocking out i-nip. niin ti.- s. i , 
galeae is still reroirMir.<-<i ii, thu coun 
try na the < ham| i.,n .lospiic tho rul- 
ing of I rench authorities depriving 
him of th'.> title beoaaae of allasad 
Improper condael. Haparu have 
haaa carront that ha IntanSa to aeek 
aavaral bouta m ths Vaiiad ttatsa 
dnrlac tha Summer. 

Thir<l race, one mile — 1. Billy tilb- 
son (90), iJallH; :•. Silex (101). Flynn; 
3, Misuke cloS), Watroua. Tima. 

Fourth race, Ave and n half furlonga 
— 1. Miss Melllck (105). Petsoldt; 2, 
Tempy Duncan nin,;; S. Onwa 
(108), Kose. Time. 1:13. 

Fifth race, /ilne furlongs — 1, Cabin 
( reek HU), Thompaon; 2, Lartat 
< 11-!), Italia: S. Oolph (ifl). Pataoldt. 
Time, a: 02. 

Sixth race, mila and aeventy yarda 
— 1, Duo de Merny (106). < 
Louanna (105), Ralls; 3, 
(104). I'ool. 

Hcyciiih, one 
(S8). Dean, 2. I'oor 
Hiirn; 3. I'low 
Time. 1 :46 4-6. 

Kighth race, five aad a half fur- 
lonRs— I. Emma Wllllama (ioi>. i-et- 
zoldt: 2. Kimona <I0«). Anderson. .1 
Jack Lodi (108). Rose. Time, 1:10 3-6 

. ' 1 1 1 • ■ 1 1 

1 1 y a II I iMio 

mile— 1. I'owtr 
I'uaa (83). I». 
Steel (tS4), Italia, 

Overnight l-:ntrl«<« 
I three furlonga— Qolden 

^ faoee 

hi tha lightweight rsnks^ 

Binding Lew Tendler, of I'lilladals 
a; Sattor Fre^dman. and < hartey 

Whll', >• h f ("hleago n , Uv f«,, I.. ? «« pirvioualy conquered all 
'III-' ho hnea rrltlea |« fhO TFlntta 

that h« will euntinna ta 

The aaoteatloa haa boon made fra- 
attentlr that Leonard, howovor mav 

v^citflit llnut of iii pouuds. and «veu- 


Orba, nr.,, Heths Alibi,. ISI; Lady 
Zelmu, 106; A. Leater. lOS. aad Jo- 
sephine NaweU. US (Neol entry); Ida 
FrancoH, 111, and Ro, k Hem her, iis 
(Marchbank entry); stargo. ill, and 
Irish Buzzer, 118 (Alloa Wtlkaraon 
entry); Ttrnndea. 118. 

Second race. yix furlonga— A 1 1. 
HIchniond, 100, Ilopovrr, lOa- Hldi 
oivmims, 102; Wodlate, 101; Frand. 
Nurae. 105; Maxlne. 106; Clearlake, 
101; Capon. 1S7; St. VWrxf, 107- Vat. 
eran. 11«; Limarlck, 112 

Third rnce, alx fnrh.nKa .Net ,viar 
100; Noraln. mv |{,.in„, lof, ' 

Lorenn M«)ms. KiO; .\i .rmn l'"luke, 105 
Caamano. 107; Mike i)„iy jo; i)„voa' 
Hooat. 107: fanvasback. 112; Cannon 
Bull. 1 1 .'i. 

Fourth race, five aad ono.half fm 
longa—Llchaa. »l: Flckla Fancy, lotj 

LAVaga. lOd; Ancslo. lOfl; RafTerty 
101; Douhia Bya, lei; Kyebright, in 
Operator. lU; cireataia» lit: oatal 

way, 113. 

l-'Iftli race, (he and . ■ i ,,' • , 
lonK»--lie.HHle YoiinK, 104, iilaa Dun 
bar. loo, Can«lon, 106; Poachar, ISH 
Tllloiaon. 108, Felloidad. ial:'TDm 
< Tax en. 111. Kvelyn Rarrl«an. Ill 

Myrtle A.. Ill; fllNter 8h«|«, m.' 
Conlchoa. Ill; Pokey B.. lit. 

SUth raoe. one mile and on. iv 
teeath— B^khorn if. ut. r>f.rius 
I aat Indian, tl; ITInc LNrect <»-. 
Ion Btittona, ion 
I Ii \> in iTitrv » . . - 

I'liil I, I,.-" 

LONDON, Feb. ll,--~Roland Todd 
tonlsht defoatad Tod (Kid) Lewi* on 
points In a twenty-round bout in 
Albert Hall ihoiel.y rcaiiiiiiiK iho 
middleweight <1ih m pjonahlp which he 
lust lo l^wia on November 20 last 

Lewia waa holder ot both the Brit- 
ish and Buropaan mlddlaweight 
championahips. The bettlnf tonight 
was mostly in hia favor. 

I'p to the tenth round I.o« .« w .,^ 
the aggreeaor, but afterwards Todd, 
who haa the reputation of balng one 
of the graateat dafeaaive box*ra in 
Kngland. took the Initiative. Shortly 
after the Mth round I..ewis tried t„ 
get over hia fumoua rlxht awing, but 

waa unable to <)o so, and Vsdd aaally 

waa a victor on polnta. 

Tha Lonadalo halt deaa net go to 

Todd for his victory, but will be re- 
turned lo the .V.illonal Sporting Cluh. 
The luaiiaK. i lif 'I'oild aaya lie \^ 111 
take Iii^ proiego to llie I'nited Htatea 
and challonge Johnny Wilson for the j 
wurld'a middleweight champtoaahlp. 


Golf at L'nlvcvsltlca 

Because of iu peculiar and laating 
iiMefuInena to the buainesa or profea- 
Blonul man, golf ahould ha tausht 4o 
every atndant In every unlvarslty in 

the land. I think it ahould be made 
oren a part of a hlRh nchooi <diica- 
tion. and I am corn inccd lli;it In yenrs 
to come. uhiMi educatlo-n takes the 
Btudent'a phyi«tiai \\clfare Into con- 
sideration along with hia mental. 
s< hoois eyerywhara will be equipped 
with golf praotloa allays, whUa the 
larger unhreraltlcs will mslntaln fully 
e<iulpt»o<l golf ooursoa. 

Voii havo bill to acan tho couiae of 
life of the axcrHKo iinlver^Uy gradu- 
ate lo pfrcieve how beneacial a good 
atart in Kolf, Imparted to him by tha 
university as a dcflnlta part of his ed- 
ucaUon. would bo to him In tha later 
ycara of hia life. 

The average graduate, whether he 
takoB iiuicli of a pm i m unlNorsliy 
athletics or not. steps forth after lila 
^:i K.iiiatioii into the world of business 
— then whot happens'/ Because of 
hia education we find him in a groat 
majority of iostaacaa at aomo kind of 
a "daak" Job. Ra foaa into buMneaa 
or tha law or otherwise heads him 
self tnto httalnesa activities that aro 
aimont certain to land him into a aa- 

dentnry life. 

ri. IS \ve find our hero f, ,, 
later wUh a waist line that haa ex- 
panded .1! way frorai' thraa to 
thirty inches, becauae tha ohaacaa are 
bualaaaa life haa boon suceassful with 
him and a haavy lunehaon has be- 
come a flaad habit in hia life, not to 
aaanttoo honqaata. dlnaara. club af- 


on Ilia 
lip .ind- 
I iliat n 

fairs and other social activlttaa 
which tha molars do hen\y duty. 

Alonao Stagg, the preat athletic 
coach at tho Cnlvcislfy of Chicago, 
agrees that unlypisluea would do weli 
to k!vc the sliident a siiiii In »olf, snd 
no hlgJirr or heii,.r authority on SUCh 
a stop could be commanded in Amer- 
ica. 1 would like to aaa Mr. Stare 
urge a ^ h aa nu aa Ma doing so 
would lead to wldeapread Inierost in 
such a move amoag ooUegea and uni- 
versities everywhere. 

Fat Is mankind's most deadly 
enemy, and fafa great enemy ia tolf. 
Kvery health authority la the oouatry 
haa told and retold tha diaastrous re- 
aulU of accumulated fat 
haman frame, so that tiio 

dolus nia n nowaiiaya Know 
alxty-lnch waisiiine Indicates any- 

lliiim- but K.Mid iilnslral con- 

'I'lioii. Theae preachments on ths 
pan of reoogniaed health authoHtlea 
have done much «ood for the health 

of the nation aa a whole. Now let tia 
have golf, tha game that everyonb can 

play. Introduced aa a more aerloua 
part of Die busliieas of llfg^ iMtOOd Of 

belnir merely a pastime. 

J'''>"" '«| "'Ion will, I fell aura. 

i.e the next great devalopmant in our 
Hchoots and ooliesaa. So many Isadsrs 
'>f thought now aro uryiBS it that tha 
>id-faahlonod matheds can not resist 
ths Intprovamant much lonso, 

oaa flna way to make a amrr in thia 

direction would be through the KOlf 

courae or the golf practice (curt I,et 
u« have one in every hi»fh school, 
every college and univereity in the 


Oxford liifli men in 
Competition With thv 
American VarsitivH 

o\i ORD. Kng.. Feb 
ford riflemen mada a taam aoora of 
714 in competition with aavaral Amsr- 
lean collage taama. InoTudlng • Tale, 

Colgate, Iowa State Honron l-,;i\»r- 

slty and Pennsylvamu. which me 
shootlnif on tholi ow n ranges n he 
event la m continuation of the 
intci national intercollegiate target 
maichea inaugurated laat year when 
Talo wa« vlctorleua. 

that In \\ 111 


auioiiiobiie truoka. 

inipog at lireaenl 
f if Icon ami two my 

'•itli III,, engines removed aad ^alas 
•'t'u' lied. were being used as horse- 
Uiawn vehjclea. In Montreal and 

IK v.„ ^Ia^1° ■V*'*' ^* had dia- 

ls.— » I ve Ox- . carded automotive truck, for horas 
vans. Tn thia province the demand 
for animals for buah and luggiaff 
camp Work was incrcaalng. while a 
I'.dc.iy of,„ waa recorded In 

I hlJ""-)**!' •»* thiottf haut 

L lilted Stataa. 

i.4igl(>s Win at 
Affoad<-s \i< 


Colonist^ 1 »p, 

^ '•• IS osor 

I l a \ I Icra 

1 !: 

Aimdaae. i:: i 
104; John 

iu. 105. 

V "•• "•iie—vio. ii«. 

I'rlfiing. 110. Mctiee's Pink llO- 
Kannla Natl. US; K««cue Uoooe 11?' 

IT^****Ji!..Jf*"*^"^- l>onatell 
111; DoUifmar. Ill; John Jr.. 112. 

KtShth race, four and one-hair fur 
longa— Liflia Bmlle. 17; Horinga t. ; 
Angela. 102. T a Murray mt 
Puehio 10R 4 ..rti. Mtter, iis; Uooeat 
Oe.■■^;. , , 1 r|:.:i , 1, jj^ — 

1 1 ''■ 1 iM ■■it'ft r. ••, 1 1 U. 

At tho bowling alleya laat night 
the Kagleo stased a ooma-back and 
aurpriaed Tha Coloniat by defeating 
them by 76 pine. Miller was the 
hero who was ntalnly reaponsiiilo for 
this, turnlnic In .'i fine aeon, of r. 1 7 
pins. Chlslell m.ide a splendid efTort 
for the I'rintera. with one pin short 
of Miller, but his team did not give 
him the anme eupporl. Now that the 
Kagtea have broken the hoodoo they 
are looking farwacd to flnlahing the 
Sf>aaon without further trouble. 

Tin- ( ''On itic I , in I Tia\'eleis. playing 

■ loan -hort and having to take low 
«, 01, \M re beaten by tho Arcade 
team by 167 pins. Both teams 
aeemed to be off color, no his aearoa 
being made. Wllle waa hlffh for the 
Areadea wtth 4t«, and Hunter for 

the traveling men with IIS. 

Greb and I uiuk u 
Tu Box i\€xL 


MONTREAL. Peb. 15. -a 
>n. Canadian champion 
Uah bill, I' !■ . u' .low „ y. V 

♦""^ ••• I" yeaierday-a 

' ilia saotn 

i,330 to LeiKh'a J^lf^ 

The aoores follow. 





• • • • 



t : 

\I oorn , , 

• ■ • e • 


1 7 

:i ^ '* 

Morley . 

• 0 e a a 






t • a 0 a 










Forat or 

e • « • • 



4. so 

D .Nelll 

e • e 0 a 





Potts ... 

e s a a a 





W .Nelll 

a a 0 a 














r. C. 


Ho Id en . 





1 n hoi ni 

■ • • • 



• n7« 

' ' 1 1 1 1 1- r 

• • • a 


• • • • 




Lour Saart 

1 • • • 






.\ r. 11. 1 




i ^ K*- - . « 

• e • • 

, •. » 




M » Irolm 

• • 0 • 





>llirtl#OT •aos« 





^ •'•t oaoas*** 





^Ville • • 0 • • a • 









■tMflr 1 

NEW YORK. Feb. 1 .-. —J 
Creb. of Plttahurgh. Cm led Statea 
llBht-hoavywf-lBlii .h.implon, \\ ill .1. 
fond hj,. title aKainst Cene Tuniiey, 
New York, in a ir>-ri.iund iiout at 
.Madison Square Uarden, February SI, 
it waa annouoaed today. Tuaney lost 
the lisht-heavywalsht tlUa to Orah 

last Mn\ ' 

Arv ( roHHinfj H nfcr 
Tu Vancouver Today 

The Coloniat hockey teams will 
leave the city lodav for X'.incoiivrr lo 
play till- firsi aaioci n, Un- •••■riei, f,,| 
the I'roxliMi.ii I liM iiipionHhip by the 
2:15 i.oiji All pi.i\ortt are asked to 
be at tlie <to< k not lutei- than l:4.''i. 
The aocond games of the eerlee ar* 
to be played at the local Arasa next 


; at MoeiiiiL- In 

n to 


BBRLIN. Feh. II— BattHng 
reea t rad bare hy telegraph wor^i 
(he y r snah Boalng Federal to-, 
littoS the i?iln«t him S ki 
to appear In a film 

by • Dutch 


A- ■ ' ■ M- o.-f 1,11, of the British 
Coluiiii,),! .-<io. ki.iee.i..,, Aasoeiation 
h«ld <h Vanooiivor. Mr. R. E. Wilaon. 
fomtnion livestock branch cvnnniia 
ateaer at Calgary, told of Japrovinx 
deoMad for draft harsss. The 
apsaher esphilned that the Federal 
Qovarnment offered aaalatai;'o <o 
ateek breeding whT.. horae bip».liM: 

' ' ■ ^ 1 It wa- 1; 

"l'" ' • i >i • f., lmpro\,. 

' ■ •■• >> .. ■ I . •bllsh per- 

> o -ot t>pra uX high-grade anlasai 
t o different ataak diatrlaca. 
Tba spsaker saprasasd bis hottsf ia 
tha futnrs 4tomaad for quality ^raft 
h<>ross on thia eaadt. Sa!« . . .im ai. 
ways he made of horaea of rjuaiity 

Baatam provinces which formerly 
exported horaes were now buying 
them in the West m .Montreal last 

i^**^* ^•••OO horses belas 

nsos for commercial haalBif. 

Brord Draft nntsca 

"r would strongly advise you far- 

• n H, (' .- concluded Mr. Wilson, 

who bav« good foundation narasb to 
>ai»e g»oa araft horaaa.- 

\.V*h 'he fnivenSly of 

"ritleh Columbl.n. in nddreaslng the 
meeilnsr on .Soii i criiliiy. aiatod tha-. 
peat made the iicsi Ntall bedding, re- 
tainlnK a gic .trr percentage of' the 
M'lr.igen and other eoil fooda than 
81 raw Me predicted that la S few 
>iara Lulu laland peat would be out. 
'ii ied and shipped to all porta of tho 
rovine a for this p«^o ea. 


An intereating time nras ex perl- 
"ooad on Tuaaday nlsht at fi.e wt- 
oraaa af rrano«< (nisrters, i «i ,a 

SirtiOt, Whrn .Mr W Hindi.. ..1.0 
Comrade <».»«en p|„yod n Inlli.iMi 
im.fcb ..f ;,riii up Mr Klndlo con 
ee,|. d H fair slait to )ila op|Minent and 

''^ ""isll margin. Air. 
pia»rrt a very conslatont and 
preiiy niuti Ii and made hranka Of 4ff 
•I. »* and iU. At the oonelusion of 
tiio game he save aa asblWtlon of 
fancy ahota. wMah Bl«?a« OMOI In- 

<.lt\SN llo< Kl l >i/t1cM 

The dance of the Victoria Graaa 
Hockey Club, whioh waa pcatponed 
on account of the r eae nt meteorologi- 
cal pheaomeno will he held in 
the K. af C. Ball on Hobday avanlas. 
Ifarob 1. 

In View of th» s pprriaohing Infrr- 

'I'v match wMii \«'r,,,iv»,_ 
will be pracii, , 
noon, no ma ' 1 • 
may I 


hat iu« 





It waa thought at one tlasa," 
tinned Mr. WHaoa. nbat tmelora on 
tha fana and trucks on the etror-. 
w«»u1d. to a large eTient in , » 
With hctraee. 1 r-.- ;« .. . „^.,, 

offl. Un'iB of Ml.' I '..rti 11, J t.,i,„ t 

».ri;.r.->: .ll|r,,,g ,h, 

>*rlO'— < .tnudian cillea, aa well aa a 
cartain amount of information col- 
lected conoemiag oountry eondiUon* 
have clearly abown thmt for m*tmnm\ 
' -aaans the horse win ik ii, ,t !.«(.., 
■'••and In the near future than ih iba 
pnat tea T^-srs - 


Xged Woman < harged 
WHh Attempt f d Murdet 

hcvrnljr-.Sf « ■ \ rar-Old 
Ail<>gisd 10 


15 — Mra .lofieph Campbell, 74 
old, , .4 far trial at tba 

^° "i'lg Hi>«.z'« today on a nharss of 

mptirijr to mufior ' 
"H January 2t laat by 
food. Tho^ased ssnplo rsaMs St 9L 

'VI I. 





« f r , . ■ i. I 
!*■ tia ' • ! 

Itadogilo a report oa the eonvei.i),.r.« 
aiSBod at the Waablastoa Armameni 

to mo 

T''* Foreisn 
the ItsMfa 

Ufy theaa. 


1^1 i M trt v *- - '«»*i'>*tW^'" 


\\).\\. ]'\-:i>,R[\\]<\ !(.. l'>2.5 






Duke Leads Eskimos 
To Victory in Hard 
Game With Seattle 

Hdiiioiiton Visitors on \<\^\\\ Hnd ot hour to l liret 
(^oiiiit After Showing Class in Three ThriUiii^^ 
FerioOs oi Torrid Hockey Against Pets ot Fete 

Muldoon . 



Sl-AT'l'Li;. I rl». 15 "A f->li//ar'l .md a train i ..iiM riof 

top u»," i liirpc'l I )uk(' Krat^ tlii> iiinriung, "and \>) the j;rcul 
liomid ipoon, iirithrr ^aii th<- SrHttlr MetB." 
V\ he reiiputi the* Imn I )(ik(' .iiu! I^'iniont" 'ti l.-^k iiimh ]>ii>- 

ceeilctl to carve their was iliruugli llic uicrr) men ot Muldoon \>y 

ai brillitnt a display of hoclMy at hat been terved on the frozen 

fairvvav in many iTioon- 

Tho count wM (our (o«.la lo Ihrfe*. 

I.'d by rlic truly Kioar KMtl. aided 
by the corkatrew ruahea of Uttl* JO* 
Wmpaofi and abetted by flaahr de- 

friih, ui.ik i.f ltl|. \hm WliiKl'T in 


H three poim U i< i 'i lu- prulrle l«u 
««•» w«re the oUm ot the loe during 
the firet thlrtr mlntitee. The ac- 
grMilvene«a which hae characterised 
the work of all of the northern cluba 
"wapt Ntiil.l r. |ilii\fiH off their 
ftTl. 'I'tn"!!- !, I U (lif'^ 1M»« ;i 
I hi.l II ,1, I (,!■ -1 !• ..r li.'. ^1 n a till IllH 

iii iiiM I'ip'i gill KhanUniig was betiiT 
■' ill in i f their predec^aeora hm .> 
■tiown and they even taught the Hete 
a leeeoa or two in comblaatton play. 
That li^ up aatli the half way eUtloB, 
#hta they led, four goala to oac. 

llien flcattlc Humped 
Then the Seattle man pinched tliein- 
•eTf*a. Ja6Ue WVnuSt Ifid -CKptKlh 
Veyeton allpped through tha outer de- 
fenee end dup^d Winkler with two 
pratty -'i ■ I put the on 
aoiiiei h . ii( UUii ,11. f\c.n keel Then 
the fun atari-'! >iii4 (luk«>letn and 
the vlaltora canK- mit of th«tr lirl>io 
for tha third frame to (l«>fend their 
one goal lead — nothing more. 

Tha Mete advaacai to got the tying 

On Their Toaa 

Knr 20 ininiii.K thi- 2.000 ( uatoniera 
who braved U>e elements to aae the 
tiff were on their toes with exclte- 
tiiant. Old timara aay it wae one of 
the merrleat perlodo of teeel puek 
history. Tha honors were all with 
the Mots In this framo. They bom- 

British Sports Letter 

LONOO.V. 29 ' • ■ 
pool are gradually shaking uiT their 
pemnors in tha race for league hon- 
ors, and they now have a load of 
two points over Madorland wio 
would appear to bo tholr ontr eorl* 
oua rivals. It will probably take a 
moro coiialatfiit nldc- thun Sunderland 
1(1 (b-jirivf tlif tb.i Til pli ina of their 
li!:irr Llvvriio'il !ii(> making Kre«t 
etloria tu work a double this neaiton 
by winning both the league chnm- 
ptottshlp and tha oup. Oldham Ath- 
letic are still pursuing their In- 
glorious way and are now well at 
the foot of the table, having only 
jicored fifteen points out^bt a possible 


If the situation In tha First Di- 
vision Is more or loss cut and dried, 
there ie a very dMCorent tale to tell 

In the sfcond. There are four rliib-" 
with only n iioint between them, and 
every b»"T" i»layed ahuffles the juikI- 
tlona I-T!«f week I.eada T'nited wore 
on top by reftson of their soul ave- 
rage. ThU week Notts County huve 
jumped again Into the premier place, 
and Leeds have droppM Into the 
third. Bury being tho* runnsrs up. 
LOioester City complete the quar* 
tstte. I.eoda- goal average is a re- 
markebb' thiiiR In Hsf>If. They huve 
aetually nrorutl fewar goals than 
Clapton Orlcni. who are second from 
bottom in tho table, but on the other 
hand they have only ooncaded six- 
teen goals aa oemparo4 with ths lat- 
ter team's thirty-four. With tho «k« 
reptii'u ■ ■ nty and Ply- 

inoiiiii All.,. •. v^'io iiave each only 
lost fourto<'ii, LpihIm tiHH conceded 
fewer goals thnn any oiuar team In 
tho throe big leagues. ^ 

.\ nrokeii SiM'U 'Ml >'f rhiuoiilli Ait,-'-> r " 
! .. • ! ■ nil .^M'lirdnv Norwlrh 
City baitl Ihu Argyla for thn flrst tlnio 
In eight years, and for oni> the fifth 
IMao la sorontoen years, liven eo. It 
was a narrow thing, for. although 
Ny>rwicn >w#re throughout tho hotter 
slda, It was not until more than half 
way through the second half that 
Auatii^ managed to put through tho 
«nly goal of the match. 

Sharp ahooUng at Portanouth 
l^ive consecutive goals In one nr!<t- 
rlawa itintoh. tboiigh oim > MMoid. Ih 
a conslileralilo f"at Alfrrd StriiiiK'". 
the young «;enii» f-''.v.Trd. ai bif>v« ii 
It on Saturday when I'urtsmouth de- 




We now fiave the aprmcy of 

tlir T'vinr I'.i!'- \!i iti n f t 

tlieir Inboard and iJutboard 

iVfotors atid Repair Pihrts. 

Mofurs ».rii( t" \\< for re- 
pairs will receive proiBpt 
and efficient sttention. 

E.B. Marvin 

ldiil.-.l Ml.- i.,.,illi- i.| J K'-illu fn'iii 
the I'lHiiii Willi lid -.■loiM Willi rui k 
leee abandon, leaving lh«lr own ter- 
ritory unprotected In aa eftect to 
scoro tha tlsr. 

Bobby Xowe guartfod ths tronch 
alono, grimly backed by Hap Holmes. 
The entire play whirled around the 

I 11 1 1- I ! 1 , ! ' 1 li t 
toil I i ■ 1 « H 1 I I 

iiKbiM l.ii.K'Mi'. l.v 

I UHlli « ilf J'DIlli- 111 I 111 - 

CoimldfriiiK their Wf-ary 

Jauiil III iiiMH i nunli> 1 (la> |ir<'vlous, 
the Work of tho K.skiiiioH wits most 
praiseworthy. The amooih, raethodi- 
< uliy nonchalant Keats was thO frlme 
factor In the vlotor>' 

TlM Iiln< - I !> 
Beattio position Edmonton 

Uolmss Ooal Winkler 

Rowe Dofoaco Trapp 

FrdSsr DofOaco. . . . . Simpson 

Foyston .... .Forward . < 

Riley Forward , 

Walker Forward.. 

Bridea .... Raaarvo. . 
Morris ... Reaerve . 


. . . Arbour 
Brand ow 

First period — None. 
Second period — Kaata, i min. 
Third perlod-^owa, S watm.; Trapi 
2 mla.; XoaU, 2 min. 

First period — I, He«' n ■> 

10:44: 2. Rdmonton, Keats Irom 

Hiiiii>«.>n. u 00. 3, Bteaataa. Af%our 

f r'ini ( ; .» K 111'. IT 

.Shi (, I II pciimi t. Kdmonton, Simp- 
son. 6:15;; &, £dmonton. Oagne from 
Arbour, 2:lt; «, Seattle, Walker. 
• :12: 7, Seattle, Foyston from Walker. 

.Third period — No score. 
Final — Rdmonton 4, Seattle 3. 

feato^ OllUagbam by C-1. Straaga. 
who hails from Ttlpiey, in Derby- 
shire, earlier In .if .n wcoi.'it 

Sevan out of r 

- i ^ei i>t>>t 

I 'OI tu 

lit hei n 

i-ragua iiiaiclt against iiaauing. 

Tho record for flfot>olaas matches 
bsloas% X heUove, to A. Sown. wr > 
in 1911 scored six consecutive Ki>ai« 

for Swinddii aKiilnct Norwich Ilalsi. 
who now for Cluirlion AthUM. 

erjunlidd atranjfe's feat when |il i hk 
Aston Villa in a First League gauin 
varsue I>erby County, in 1912, ami 
ths sants player once acored sI;k cun- 
eeoaUvo Soala for Manoheotor 
United against Swindon to a ChaHty 
■hlold match In nil. 

Paihnps the iii'ii! i,(.tni..f . iiiinie 
of ( iin' ln • uoal BLurlng wa» put up 
> \ ' Shepherd, of Newcastle 
I iiiittd iind liulton Wanderora, who 
created a rasord by soorla« four 
gotila In one same on aovsn different 

V IM< lliora of 

.Never beforo, I think, has a flrat 
round ot the cup produood so many 
replays. Thrse games hare had to 
be ployed three times each before it 
could be decided who should pass 
Into the second round, and even then 
the' suc<:OH«tful teams ware each onh' 
vlctc^lous by a margin of a single 

Many years ago Bradford City and 
Darnsley met four times before the 

game was decided. nii.l I believe 
there U on record a tie which ncces- 
sltutaU five meetings. 

Nevertheleea, It is protebly a rec- 
ord tor the flrst round to' produce 
throe matohes oaeh aootositatlng 
tbrso games. 

Tlw Shorlff shiokl 

The Shoritt of X^adoa'a Shield, ae 
followors of the game will remember. 

wns u. popular "test" betwe.Mi the 
bant amateur nnd the be.a profes- 
sion il fide of I he year, wlurh ran 
ihiiiuah ibi- ten yaais pui- iing the 
t.|.ii' 1m-'v.».>h the F. A aii'i the A. 
F. A. It then lapsed, but not before 
It hsd produood aomo historlo 
matches. On every oooasion, of 
course, the Corinthlsns represented 
the amateurs, and on one notable oc- 
cHMion. in 1914. they defe.itod ilury, 
who then held the cup. hy lO-S. 

Now that the Corinthians aro out 
of the cup, the suggsstlon is beinf; 
made In sovoral quartere that this 
. ompelltlon — the only other that the 
I>roiiii. r amateurs hars OOinpttnd in 
— should bo revived. 

The Corinthians are naturally 
looking round for fresh flolds to 
conquer, and If ths Shorlff Shield 
wora ffoerganJaod. large sums could 
l>e ralssd/fer charity, and what l« 
prrhapii ruore lmi>orl.-i iit. piu ely 
friirii tlie point of ■ i> «■ of Tlir great 
K i- 'liere WOuM r nther <il>pir- 

tunlty of Uasoni between the jlo 
groat braaohoo m tho >smi»« ^ *r 

To NmohP or \<>i r.. Kmoki ? 
To »moke or ii"i tu amuko on tha 
morning of a match la a question 
which has often vexed the asinds of 
Tuoot maaagors aad tmlaors. Cigar. 

• ttee are undoubtedly bad for the 
wind, but on tha other hand there 
1^ >oin»ihlng to b« sxiii for the opin- 
ion that a man ahould iivs a aormai 
iifo throughoet the week. 

Tho Arataal dtrootaro. at all 
venta, have put down their foot 

•ind n strict rule hns been made that 
1^. •moking of any sort may b« in- 
<1 iki < I 'I mnlch <liim tMtll the 

« ll l^iU- 1.1 . r me. 

The ru;'- 1. !• »<• lilt only to play 

• ra, but is oxtcndad tO thOOO whO SC. 

impaoy th« iea«, ovoa faoladlng 
he frtoada of ^ nuwagoment Th* 

I lea. nf m n i se. Is that tt would not 

These Stars Have Fallen Victims to Inefficiency of 1 imers 


iiitik pudding, the iif thf ill!. 

have to be content with the eaim. 

\ .Jc\» Uli 1 ;ic» r n 
There ie a new inuject on foot In 
the Bast Knd of X^ndon, which Is no 
'> -H h ill to establish a profoeeli n 1 1 
football club whoee membora shall 
be drawn entirely from the Jewish 
community. It is undoubtedly a fsct 
that In all the crowds waf hlriK 
flrst-clas.M London gani-s thi-ri' i.-t .t 
very heavy sprinkling of Jtwlxh 
apeotatora, and It Is witit the Men 
of making a spodnl appeal to these 
followers of ths gams that the 
scheme has been mooted. The 
scheme is by no means a small one, 
and I am told that a sum of (lon.ono 
Is forthcoiiung when wanted for the 
purcha.-«<- and fitting up of a gTOUnd 
und the necessary equipment. 

TKolMafavs' of WiH 

1 «m informed that Hull City. 
who are niakltig strenuou.s cffmist.i 
wards gaining jiromotlori tlie 
1'irst Division next eeaaon, are anxi- 
I IS to eecura the aervlces of WlUlani 
Mccracken. Newoaat^o'a faraoua right 
back, as team manager. 

'Blir* M l rn ,.,ri iM now n9 

i ears Old. and whoao playing career 
ts consequently drawing to an end. i«, 
of course, ths famous "offaido" ex- 
ponent. When two yaars ago ho 
comraenood his nOw method of back 
piny — which simply is that he lies 
light forwsid in the field, and thus 
makes n (i^m* liv 'he oppoit'n»r To ■ ■ 
wards <liitl •' -Ailliout an infrUiK<'- 
ment of tho orr»liie rule — there waa 
H Storm of controversy ralssd. That 
It was quits legal strategy could not 
be denied, but there were tth docld- 
•"\ camps among the followers of 
the game, on.^ ■> ' which held that It 
\va« II ii.HjKii t ma nlke. iiiul tlu' other 
that it was a clever und Jiit»tif Inble 

The funniest thing of sll happened 
whsn in one flrst*elass game Mc> 

Cracken was slightly Inlurod, and in 
order not to weaken the defence 

• ■< ihi. . I'^lde I iKlit position 
Ih" .>ii|i<i.>«hii,- Ifft I' :i> K at (Hire 
ndoiited the r"u nii'hinl \\ 1 1 h Ibe 

result that within a few minutes M' 
Cracken hlmsslf fsll into the trar> 
and was glvon offsldo. He protested 
strongly. but ths referee was 

A Rugby Veteran 

Association hae Its veteran." hm I 
doubt whether the record of a Itugby 
player. O. H. Woodward, ot Lutter- 
worth, a Leicestershire club, can ba 
beaten in tho annate of either code. 
\V'ii.i(lw ird lias been playing for his 
i lub fur ililrfy \eiirs. .^nd hns tiiiiii'd 
mil in e\er\- n'line with tho <\i»'ii. 
tlon of three, 800 out of a po^dble 
SOS. During the Christmas holidnys 
he played his 400th consecutive game 
for his olub, and roesntly on a Sat- 
urday, having already played with 
the flrst fifteen, he turned out nnd 
pliiyd Ihrougli n eecond Kime with 
the r.c I ,. flf!i rn lie U 47 yars 


.\ World's (•oif Cluimpionship 
The St. Andrew's eommlttoo Is at 

i>r. lit .''iii.<idenng a proposal to 

launrb a world's open golf ch-ini- 

plmmblp ti be hehl In KiikIhh!- 
Me.<isrs. Dunlop & t'ompanv. of m..- 
tor-tlre and golf ball fame. hn\e of- 
fered to endow ths event with £1,000 
pel* year for ths next five rears. 

HI l eito the nilll^b rhiTTiplonshlp 
Ij.iiii been accepted ixh re pri'se nt i iiK t Ii« 
Cham plon.«hip of the world. Iml ii i^ 
ohviuUB this cannot hold good 
Indeflnlteiy. and probably the Ht. An- 
drew's committee will consider the 
propoeal favorably aubjoet to tho 
approval and co-operation of the 
Canadian and United States govern- 
ing bodiss. 



NELSON. Feb. li>.— Nelson's sen- 
ior hockey team witl take tho Ice to- 
morrow night with a five-goal lead 

over the Merritt player* in the play- 
offs for Ibe ltrlllr<li ('"liiinbla chi 
plonship In this division, as tonlK'" 
In Ji fR>-l Kariie they handed a kix to 
one triiiiming to the Coal City team 
team The final game Will hO IdayeA 
here on Friday alght. 

Hospital DoctoTB 

Strike if Grin nnceR 

Art Not AdimtM 


CHARLOTnrroWN, p. B. I.. Feb. 
li. — ^All the medical members of 
Prince Rdward Island hnnpltals have 

iroiif nil htrlke" on 11 r 

el,"v WT-^ of n profesoloi-.i . :-i;;;ri> 
» li !• Il I h.. hlatr I oiiK i.|.. I .-d ■ > ' 
have rere|\.-d more prompt tUteri 

'I' M. They pel a deflnlte time dur- 
ing Which a doctcw ohould pmotloo 
In tha otty bofoTo hooomlag oUflhlo 

to mearbershlp on the staff; also 
that In major operations he ehn4i1i1 
have rlfhei Ave ye irs" ini' • < r ..i t 
po«: craduata course, or have served 
>• I intama In a prlvata hoapWeli 

Tho t m s ts s s d eo lnr o they wore 
taken enmplotolr hy sorprlao. Tho 
Immediate result of the "striked WlV 
be that patient*, sf'er fbe lagt «f 
thm month, wtini t . ••<-nt ward 
dm tors' period of lime .xplrea, will 

be without medical attendance, and 
that nureae in training wlU be de- 
prived of lectures aad 

XK', r\IH)()(."K 

lusbUtly u( wfllcuil Uutiiig at tiiri<>ua alliieiii; mMis Uiruugliout Ibe cauatqr 
4^ ' ' febhad tais tite ef ssead sMfekaale e^ sMsy eseeidfc 

has, BO doubt, 


ri.olll-Hl ■■'■( n< ll>lrl:llh>l| Ad- 

Urchhcn i'ari iii liai li< in' Vnttoola* 
«luillor • l(4-(l 

Repreaentiftives from five local 
Parsnl-Tsaehsrs* Associations. Cralg- 
flower. Central, Oak lands. Clovordalo 

and Margaret Jenkins, attended thO 

meeting held last night in the Qlrle' 
I' Siiimd. of itu- \'ktori« Parent- 
Teachers' Kfdfrui Ion when Mrs. .Mulr- 
head, Vancouver, president of the 
Provincial Fedoratlon of I'arant- 
Teachers, and Miss Jean Brown, of 
Ottawa. Dominion director of the Jun- 
ior Red Cross Association, wars the 
si"'akorM. The meeting was an ex- 
''[iilonally Interest Ing and ituitruc- 
Ti\,' line, nna niiKh knowledge was 
obtained by tho'«f attending relative 
to the Work bfinK done by the or- 
ganizations which tha two speakers 

Mrs. Mulrhead explained that the 
principal objeia of her visit to Vic- 
toria was lo induce the local Federa- 
tion of Pan iit-Toai hers to affiliate 
with the I'MM incml a.^sociat ion. The 
organisation, she »ald, was but a year 
old und already it had reached such 
substantial growth that its future was 
aaoursd. Sixty-soven varlouo asso- 
ciations in the Province were affili- 
ated and at the last convention two 
hundred and eighty-t hn'c dili-gaiis 
were in attendance. It waa planned 
to hold tho nest convention at Eastei 

Spoaklag of tho objects of ths 
Paront-Tsachsrs' Assootattons, Mrs. 
Mulrhead divided them under three 
main heade. First she dealt with 

direct benefllm to tbt» pupIN w hl< h 
iimnitKTs could necure, puih «•< 11- 
I I . ' milk funds, jiroioM- I'lay- 
grinimiH and muslc. Second, tha value 
of co-operation between the fathers 
and mothers of pupils and tho pupils' 
te%ehers. Third, ths taking of a close 
interest in tho curriculum used In 
the schools and the acquirement of a 

tb ugh kiiowb (ige of the value and 

Hilvanl.iges of donnstlc science. niHn 
iisl training and tinhnical cdm c ' 

lier lecture was greatly appreciated 
and at Its conclusion Mrs. Mulrhead 
answsrod in a vary clear and ablo 

manner several questions asked by 

1: . mbt i .s of tho aUdleiK o. 

.Mi,MB 1.1 own sketched brit-fly the 
hifttorj of the furni.ttlon of the Junior 
Hod Cross Association and „ Itu great 
value In the work of forming char- 
acter and teaching tj^e Juvenile mind 
tha value of health In. oneself and 
asrvice for ono's community. Canada, 
she said, was the first country In 
which such an orKaiuzat Ion as she 
represented xsu.i formed, and now tho 
movement ha.s pprrad to forty-ri\t» 
different countries. The laleet coun- 
try to form a Junior Red -Croon As- 
sociation waa Costa Rica. 

The organisation, she pointed out. 

Wai» ^ai < • '.;'••:'!• M i Vf::.i i ' Aad 

|t..< r ^1.'. i<» were to pi ■ i m. .1 health, 

■ 1 ! service and k i ■ iilzenshtp 

and lo develop unselllahness and a 

spirit of hlndly sympathy for others. 

In explaining tho system of or- 
ganisation. Miso Brown stated that 
the pereon most able to aceompliah 

the task of promoting Interest and 
enthusiasm among tli.> rbiidren wan 
their teacher and th.' lier could 
be aaeisted i' '! >ii;; "r'"i by the 
members of the i'arcni- Teachers' As- 

At the eonduslon of tho mooting 
hearty votee of thanhn ware tondered 
the two very able speakera. Mr. O. 
Cross, prealdsnt of tha Victoria Par- 
ent -Tuaohora' Foderatlon. waa ohalr- 

Propones Uig Reductions 
In Indian Expenditure* 

ni-.i.iii imiii I • I. 16. — The flret 
part of the report of Lord Inchcape's 
rotronohmont oommlttoo, it is under- 
stood, propooso outs la army oapendl- 
tures In India amouatlag to ton croreo 
(lO.OOe.OfO) and cute in the civil ser- 
vice amounting to three crores (fl - 

999.999). including a crore ami a hnlf 
(£999,999) in the postal and tek- 
grapha department. 


Pollrc Hunting for MT. aad Mrs. J. 
Wataon. Missing Waeo Wedoraday 




loial XkiiiI U«<tiI\<-. Word of I'rO* 

IMWcd i tMtimt'n III larKf U> |>r»W 


NANAIMO, Fob. IS.—Wednesday 
mtirning Mr. and Mrs. J. Watson, of 
Albernl. left Parksvllle by automobilo 
for home. No news of them has been 
received since, and it is feared they 
have boon caught In the bllsoard on 
the Albernl mountala. Today four 
Provincial policemen left Albernl on 
horsetwck Ip an attempt to effect * 
rescue. It Will ba Impooalblo for them 
to return to AlbemI bofors tomorrow, 
anci II is very doubtful whether the.v 
will be able to re»«h the Albernl sum- 
mit. There In four feet of moow on 
the lower mads and many more feet 
oil the mountains mh the result of 
the anowatorm which raged all dav 
Wednesday ahd until Thursday 

AO an Iwdueo m oat to 

^e(tler», the Caiiadlan Nation il Rail- 
Mays Will probably Inaugiirato a new 

achsdalo of paaaangor aad firoIgM 
latea for thsir apeolal taaoAt l» tiM 

near future. 

Ad\ 1 I • .• sffOOt were t <- .'S ' -1 

yesterday by .Mr. C. F. Barle. dwin.-t 
passenger agoat horo for th< < «iia- 
diaa Natioaal agrstom, firem Mr. R. 
Creolman, gonsral ^paOteagor traAo 
manager. According to Mr. Creel - 
man, the company Is Considering wajra 
in I I'H.MMt, r .iitr.o tmg .-"ettlers to 
I' ll aila Irom across the United Btatae 

I - r In hia wiro te Mr. Bartab ha 


"Tho canadlaa Katloaal Xalheagre. 

as an additional attraction for poo« 
sibla settlers from the United Statea, 

annoiini e they hiive under con- 
sideration th>- deslnt'lUfN of lelnstst- 

ln>; ^<i.m.■ of the 1 ■ . . -..1 r _ - ■ iv 
Kiaiiled proapOCtlx « eriueiit i\l \K > t\ - 

•11 II border points In the way of fiu > 
ther reduced fkrea and alao freight 
chargea on tholr sCoote. Xt 1« ox» 
pected that aaaoaaoomoat wdll b« 
made at aa oarly data' as to tho )»asia 
of fares and freight ratea. and un« 
douhtedly this will have tangible ro« 
HiiitH III xiimiiiAting tapignUioa «f • 

desirable el.i -< ' 

Propose Tax on Trading 
At Winnipeg S xek mH§ 9 

WINNIPEG. Fob. lt,i— Aiould the 
Provlaelal Loglalature tail to plaea 
wheat board logtohuiaa aa tho autute 

books, the Oovernflnoat will put 

through a law providing for a tax 
on trading in fntui.H in ti,,. lox'o 
excliHUge. The proposed levy would 
n<-t fSOO.OOO annually, based OU tWO 
oents for svory 1100 trade. 





HHr.SSKi.8, Feb. 15. — German 
treasury bills losuod in connection 
with acrmany's ngroomont to paf 
Belgian reparations woro At when 
they fall duo today. 


Now enjoy the largest 
9ohtin Ih^tr history 

• r 



I , 



' I 








• f 


THE DAILY COLXDNIST. VICTORIA. B.C.. I-HIDAN. I I f'> KM " \ iv' ^ ir,, I'l',^ 




IN lAM McLAKt > S M AH I KUi'lLi. t. 


Bonnie Brier Bush 


MitiD— . Aar 8«at. 6!Sc 


mm THCATRF f% 

mm4 WkBl 




Thnrsdiy, Feb. 22nd 

Seats on Sale, Tuenday, Febru- 
ary 20. Mail Orders Now 

:7fcli 00. 11. so. $2.00^100 

Add ID'.. lu\ 


■Xrurrii.i' I,c.i(|m(f F'rodufCr, Oltri^ 

.1 \l .iKiiiti, Ml' \. w Pcoductton Ol 











With a Superb Eng liih and Amei i 

can Company. Iniluding tlia Fam- 
ous Maxim Hrauty ChonM 

. ;■• rf' M • : i.ifi Orchcsti a 
Original i,oodon Versioo 



8: JO r. M. 

Admiiiion 75c. Children 25i 
Actcrved Seata, $1.10. $1.25. 
Box Seats, $1.50. 
All Prices Inchidc Tax. 

Seats Mow on Sale at 


707 I'ort St Phoiir .•+<)(i 

Comet Ap|>ar«l for Women 

Spring It Jist ■ 
Around the Corner 

Though una wouliln ( IhlDk nn by Hi" 

rt a ar a iMWtatl or*r w««a-*nd. 
Howevar, wa Invit* you to aaa 

Tit Nnr Sprint Silli Mi 
I|irty4)ip ONb 

la tvaal arraj tiara far year 



Maal taaatlMI a»<) aathaatla— tb* 
■aaaeala vaeae: indivMuaittir *«d 
eharaatar ara quit- unuaaaU aaii 
■aak ate4arata prices, too. 


flmartlr rnadn up In plain, plaid and 
tunry pmirrna nf anft mataHala aad 

. .m^i'^ h.ii- . I rrtova ara vary 

1"". »"'i " • -oii'a waar aiay 


8«or« LM, 




At Victoria High School 

1 til- nil l< iiiriii V of til. 

^^ t Ml hi 1 ' ' 1 : J)| (>|>( 1S( (I .M t. ' 

i riHi »( ( li'i i<«drf>. l'cl>ilUir> U>. 
han brni |><'>nc(l UOtil ft later 
date. Notice later. 


MecUn* of ClMSffeii's AIMmmso 

HniUfntl l>< hmtm Pif»arfit 

1( MM IN I'l I I ■•• 'I '1.1! «.-.| »>y 
th^ imIIIm'ii" • r I I 1 1\ I I I 1 11.4 i f iho 
United at«taa ahd I'an^a, when 
thar MpreiMtt. wttk tha i ito h » aa 
mailt ot tha faiCht aAuoatlon aa4 aiia> 
alemnr enterj^rWa Of that Oanomlna- 
ilon In vnr((xua part* of tiM world. 
n«v»>r:il hiini1i»'<1 <ll»t I iir»it"ih#«1 cifrgy- 

jii 1- n H t \ 1 1 I I \ I M i; 1 '>!•'.■' I 1. .. I-., t, , 
iliN I.i ;i|t'tii| Ih.' :ui:,'ia) in'-llni; i>f 
||..' WiM M r 1 . '< In ' I- 1 I 1 n AiliMn-iv 
«ilh«»rwl8»t Iiii-I" 'p'-'lll. <!:■. !(.:. <v II iiji 

tha "Waatei n s...t...., - r i-. r.,irn»d 
ChurcMa Throusbout the World 
ItaMNtt* «!»• r raafcy t OHaw •yMam." 

T(m' |ir'>< PcdiiiB h 'if i)ic . . . !i f PI <■ 1 1 , " 
I li . itilt li 111 rar I \ t < . ti 11 li ,1 I i iM 1 u.l . il t 
piirl.H '>r pr'>li"«'^ III I.. .11.1. : ii- -" ..f 

I'l ».nf v\ I rr I 1 tl .■ n ' r t ; 1 1 . M- \(rv J)r 

Jamf« Ml N/iuicli. I ..r I'hil;i.l».|phla. 
!• praaldant ot tha^ Wor)d AUlaaea. 
!%• preoraMina far toiur toolMad 


Om Mfatk •( Uve 




Conway Tearle 

The Lut Word in Photedraautic 


Usual Prices 



ALL wnx 


Gloria Swanson 


My AMricaa Wite 

A I)r< r/v .\mcrnaii k" ' wmiiinK 
love and happincsji amid hot ijpaii- 
ish pasaioas and tatrigite. 

Capitol Orchestral Orfaa 

Usual Prices 








At 8:30 


Wednesday and Tluirsday 
Tickets May Be Exchanged at 
Box Office. 

Pricoa. 80^, 55^, 85<^ 



Bis DovMo AttzvetioR 

In "MY BOV* 


rtl..nnl Mil 

nie pre«ra««»« 

*lia follnmlnr: 

|tri>iirt i n romrnlttp>> <in wni w „n 

rent 111 ''111 111' I ;in •.(.. i . i . , 

( (toiKl. I'hlla<ti'll>hl.i > iiiM!. A. I 

Kaport p( t'omiiilttaa on chun i 

"Tha Churc h .mkI J'rr«. i ■ i , ,, 
Krvaa." Rev. Dr. W. U Wlshart. of 
New York. 

"Relation ot tlie CtartatlaU Collean 
to the Chtmto la a Tlma •( Transl- 
lion." Ketr. Dr. R. C. Reod. of Oohim- 

M*. B.C. 

Ttir Mo.lprn Minister. HIa Hf- 
■pon«lhil|iy and l-^uipmant." Kev. Dr. 
J. M 8haw. of Haltfaz. N.B. 

"Tita Riaa of Turkay as4 Ita Ugalll 
MM»«e for the Wortlt** R«t. Dr. John 
H. Ftal ay. 

To Exkikii PerMtAh 
PmimgU im it9 Ckumher 

MBLBOtTRVT!. FaK II.— .i^ft^r a 

Conf»«r#nr«» b»"' ■ ' iin \nrltiii ■ • i i.-n 
(•onrn tiod. (h.. \ - i illnn \9:i Km 
t lr« rxhtbltliin . '.Mitiii:(f«i Kaa d^cldvil 
'•• i «'Oiimin«>n.l I he erection of a ra- 
' u'lutt'fl ricimbrr aiiff Iclanlly lUfVr 
i>«rmit ^rrvctlve and attracttre die- 

l%v§Fwa a «'a ^-vaaaaaaiatwv %a4Ul«<i i )ii7a*l>«i v i i ^'V'M * V •fill QiV* 

hiatory. Rav. Dr. Oaocia W« RMMU-da. play of AuatmMaa perlahaM* fTOdutca 
(^.^LaBeaater. Pa, ^ 4 at tha awhlhltMw. ^ 

Jit' tl[Q '^IdyhpusQP 

HittlLiUliD DRAI^ 

TIetoHa l^eatre 

1.4181 lilK»'t "L' I:"'>->1 \l"i"rlii 

Theatre the Oriiin utii I'miiu. hik 
< 'ompaajr preaentad "tiaalda tbe Bon- 
nie Brier Ruali," la a asoat a4aalr« 
able manner. laa MeLaraa'a fameua 

niastt^rpiece la on* that Invariably 

I. .. to the puMii ami lii thi- 
<.i|..:li|i! liunilM of the I mill. any wtiiili 
Ik apin-iiliiK al tho Iiiial thfutie l.i.lli 

tlio pathoa and tbe humur of the 
piajr ara aptoMMlr laterpratad. 

Into the well-known Scotch play 

fh« urtors havo infimed th*lr !>fKt 

tairiil, ami liial lli.-ir i e-- p.-. U v. •- 
puilM with il .l.'llK'ilfii' •.I."'- ttial 111 
aurca tlio »ui i fH.i ..f lilay w Mli li 

N'lU hold tha boarda toolsht and to- 
iiiorrow. Tha raajorltjr of tho psrta 
are "character atudlea," and In theae 

itie artora And their mptJers. A 

1UHK*''I ' 'I .S. i.i Miia II, • l.lfi i.f till- 
klik. ilKi'l I" 111" %u-w» i.r ilKlii ami;. iiuii'k to uphold th»> tiai hiru;'' 

of The Book; auoh were the founda- 
tiona of the charaalaF of I^aehlan 

Camptiell, and in hia portrayal of 
this auBterf<>r Kre<J Rulllvan 
Is at lilH l)i'>' li("<iu'i- I. ■« luii^-l. 1 . 
haviiii" there whh ttonit-t li i iik Iov il.i-- 
In the heart of I..achlan, and 1- i . i 
BulUvan was at the helabt of hla 
abtlttr at the eloae of Act S whan, 
after turning Flora Campbell out of 
hla houae, the proud old man breaka 

down, jiaicrnal afri'itlori WUM. after 
all. atronK<''<t, and he felt the 
>«>ara held no Joy la atore for him. 

Miaa Eunice Richarda as Flora, the 
winsome, fudearintr youna dauahter 
to I^ii hlan. was eappf-iBlly appealing, 
ami ihf> aufll«>npe followed her triala 
villi b3 ni i>.i I hit H' t'.irn. and her flflal 
home comlna with delight. 

HarrsT IBaittli feH tha happy 
lot of apreadlnc joy and breakina the 
drama of the play. In hla role of 
.All hihalil .M' Klurit'k. known aa 
"l'o3t>. a mall carrier. Poaty 
the greateat wit of the Olan, and 
quick sitlUea, witty raipartee una 
Jovial aplrlta Infeetad the audience 
^\ith prolonged mirth. Moat ot his 
«)>irif« he kopt fn a bottle, and aa 

oii-HHioii ilfiiia ridrfi lui clraini'il that 
•■iiiii- f".>^K v\itii ijtmuhi ri'lluli 111' 
' . ■ f I 1 1 • m I . I ; . . I ! , • 
u iuddle tJohii .MiJlardle), and Jun 
trie, a laaa (LotUe Matthews), both 
attired In full HlghUnd kllta, added 
much to the laughter aide of the 
play. u« did Annie. llio d.ilry ni.-ild 
( I^ura Taylor), and Thom;ui, or 
Tammlac a shepherd (James Aden). 

Raymond Northcirt aa William 
MacLure, a doctor of the old school, 

very flm-. and A'aughn Morgan 
liluyod IiIh part a.s Hev. .lolin I'ai 
luli-hacl, l''rr«' Kirk .Ministci ■ ; I ': 
tochty, In a moat convincing manner. 

The roles of the Earl of Kllaplndle 
and Lord Donald Hay, hla aoa, ifara 
played reapectlvely by Flrancia Dee- 
iiionil and 1 .ii- lnkMon. while ATlnn 
IMuiicho Doiixl a-'< .M irKar«-t Howe, 
nnd M1.S.S Kail : n i i.i.l ;ih Knte 
Carnegie, of Carnegie Caatle, rounded 
out the cast to a line nicety. 

The play la put on In four acta, 
and the charm of the Highland folk 
In emphasized in an artlntlc manner. 
AH the actorn aro ronsiimmatf In 
Ml. Ir r«'npe<'l I \ roli .s, ami iIh- pLay i.s 
both intereating and entertaining, 
and win be repeated thia evenlaff. 


i apltul — *^lr aMMii "Wife, 

HtMIIIIIIC lili.rld .S w II liO. Ill 

< ctluiubUt .jM' hir ( ...iKnii 


IMtminloo— I 1 M r Week of JLuve," 
fOataHUK Klutne 

Hoyal— Mr. Fred Bulltvaa tn *nni< 

Bonnie Brier Kuah " 
MaylKNiae — "Alice lu v\ ouU< r 

'hem t xi liungcd or their jiton«> \k 

riii.dt^d HI tha hax odtoa. 

Phone at 01. ' 

rAFtroii No more curly or wary 
HBMUmt hair; such la aiorla Swa 

aon'a decree. The curlinK 
Iron ami the waver have lipen laid 
on th<- shelf. «o far an she la con- 
cernfd t<-ni|>orarll>-, at It-ast. and for 
her characterization of the Aniertcaii 
girl In "My Ainerli.iii Wife," her 
latest starring vehicle, showing at the 
Capitol Theatre this week, she leaves 
her hair abaolutely atralcht when 
dreaainc It Into tha varloua eolffuree. 

lM>M M»ON Quite a lot of noiae was 
XnJdATRE made concern Imk "One 
Week of I^ovc ' li.-fore It 

reached the Dominion, whon. n \» 
nhowlng all week. The noine, liow- 
ever, la but a teinpeal In the prover- 
hlal teapot to the devastating expio- 
aloas that will no«r greet the film. 
The devastattac exploatona will all he 
• nthualastle. we haalen to add. For 
>ne Week of Love" la tha oroajn da 
.11.1111 of them all. It has, like Bar- 
nmu &. H,iii> \ 1 1 ill im •■\i'rythlnK; I" 
fact. It haa .i km. it di il more than 
the part li'ii l.i r rhi iiH mentioned, ('ri 
talnly, the tent ahow has no such de- 
lectable person aa Klalna' Hanuner- 
Htein amooff Ita personnel. 

COliU MBlA Another roBMiaoa of the 
IVKATIUB film world la hinted at 
by the '*wlee onee" of 

TTollywood. And Jackie Coogan la the 
I i i iiiM i.f il\i' rilinorn lliat are fUliiR 
I Ihlik and Here Is how It <.in.« 
ibout IiiiriiiK Ihe fllniinK of ".My 
Hoy." liN latent Firm .National re- 
lease, and whli h Im nhowInK at tiM 
Columbia Theatre today and tomor- 
row. Jackie took part la a ohUdren'a 
party In a aettlement house, in which 
mora thaa thirty boys and glrla of hla 
aga partMpatad. 

11 \>Hi'lsr, Itobcrt Ix.iiN .Steven 
1 III. \ 11(1, .•on Miilil. If I were 
* 1 . . Ill- 1 1 1 n 1 1 «• 1 1 to three 

hooka, I would < hooae the Bible, 
Bhakeepeare and "Alice, In Wonder- 
1 ind." To say that Lewis Carrol'a 
r.ilry tale Is the most popular of all 
1 liililrcn'M "Jtorli-H t,« putting It ntllil'>>. 
an there m iierhapn no oturx- that lii-< 

I. Men "o \\ii|i.|y r«ia.l nn.l « iii.-fi,il 

ly liked. For purposea of pantomlrae 
produotloa no story leada Itself bet- 
ter, aad Mr. Hlaaks haa taken advan- 
tage of every opportunity to make 
hl« next ahow the henf he haa of- 
fiTPd to datr A\ I 'T' ihe fiirtain rlaea 
liirnorrow r • Marie Mc- 

l,«ughlln ain^ng l>olly's L>ullaby aa 
she dropa ott to alaop to dreaaa of a 
beaatlfol trip to Woadarlaad. it w i 
be tha algnal tot tha opening of ti... 

Playhouae'n Mggent ««icre«»i Kverv 
child will w.-%nt to »iee thIa dellirhtr ,l 
Hl.iry depli ted i.n the Hl«|fe. und a« ;r 

Will be preiented with aa much m 
'peal to «i I to yoaag ad parem* 
are urged to taho tha Itttla aaaa aloPK 
aad gtra th sai a treat. West of th* 
favorites of pre^'i.xix ci > houop >.\x,..~x<, 

■ re In the rn*! . I >. r h j v 

1 ■ I .... ■ ■ • 1 • III' eii- ■• ; I . f n: 
mulipil Tonight la the Oral perform 
ance. aad tomorrow there wtll h- 
matinee and etrssrtag parfOraiaace* 
Patroaa wna held asata far Wedaea 
a;Bj^lk«rodair. alcma pa^ Iws* 




X<ettlng the public peep behind the 
screen apmiH ii.i fun, la the belief of 
Rex whose latent iirodiirl ion 
'■r M.fro, "Trifling Women," i- 
( umlns to the Dominion Theatre next 

To acquaint audienreo, Mr. IngKj^m 
holda, with the iiiei h«nli-N of motion 
plcfuie t»i luiUjin- crui k.^ Ihi- ill- 
^loris of the acroen, ami. Ii<i udds, 
peoiiic gi) to aee plcture.i for the 
•-motioniii reaction from illunona it 

"The thrill would >)e gone from 
poettT If, a,i« inargin,'il notes to the 
\erneH, the wrLLfr relal,ed in detail 
how dlfllcult It had been to rhyme 
Nil' h aad auch a line. Take awa.\ 
<ii»- caalag of a piano and throw a 
spotlight upon the wires wtthln ao 
that the esre Is drawn to them, and 
the recital would auffer from the 
dlatractlnn of tnei ha niral cnrlogttv. 
So why revenl hoi\ lain ta made to 
ordpr for iiiotiiic .vrenee; how rail- 
roaii wrTk^ are almulated; Why de» 
uaion when lUuete«» ie the 
prime dealre of the audience? 

Such la Mr. Ingram's stand upon 
thoBe who«ie delight It Is to Fho\v the 
luiblli- how and when it la being 
fooled by the devleea Of Illusion. 

"TrifUng Women" was written, 
adapted and directed 6y Rex In- 
gram. The photography is the work 
of John F. geitc Btarrett Ford was 
production manager. 


iNext Thuraday Uenry W. Sav- 
age's new production of Franz 
Iiehar'a undy^g operatic auccess, 
"The Merry Widow," will conic to 
the Uo>,il ^'lcto^ia Theatre for Its 
local tngagcinent of one night. 

Thia promlaes to be one of the 
most Important theatrical eventa of 
the aeaaen. aa already there have 
l>eea several hundred reservatlona 
made for seats for thin operetta. Mr, 
S,(\avr<', who^e lhe,itilial offerings 
air always of the highest standard, 
h.iH [ironilseii that this One Will even 
excel his former presentations. It 
haa hoen agulpped at tremendous ex- 
pense with a oomplete acanio Inveatl- 
ture from the studio of tha Xamou.>4 
■Toseph Urban, who dealgna all the 
scenery for the "Zlegfeld Follies," 
while Ihe costumes are from tli. 
faahionable shi>p of Peggy Hoyt, 
mediate and nillllner to .New York's 
most exclusive society. Aa to oast, 
Mr. Savage promises that "The Merry 
Widow" will poeaeas one of the finest 
■ inging and acting organlxatlona the 
• • Megoers of this clly ha\e en- 
i" . i..! In many years. Then to com- 
Jiletc the list of 'IvIlghtH. there there 
will be a special orchestra carried 
■by the company. 


"I wouldn't go through It again 
for love nor moneyl" That was the 
atralght-from-the-shoulder statement 
of Ralph Lewis upon the ooncliialon 
of the filming of "The Third Alaim ' 
Kmory .lohnson's great fire niel,,. 
drutna In uhiih Mr l.cwi.s portia\M 
the role of the veteran amoke-eater. 
T>iin McDowell, coming tO the Capi- 
tol Theatre next week. 

"If I did It onoe, I risked my life 
I dozen tlmee," aald Mr. Lewis. "1 
iieyer have gone through auch a try- 
ing tlm«' l"or lioiirM. while making 
the big scenes I h i l ■ . .In. I- fiving 
debris, Iila7.1iiur .itllng 
bricks and what not. Afier that Joh 
I hope tJie folks enjoy It when they 
see It on the screen." 

Bo saying, he patted a hrulsed 
pntrh on his forehead and walked 
to his pretty bungalow a mllo from 
the stttdloo. 

NEWPORT NBWB. Va.. Feb. 15.- 
The Italian ateamer Moaoealato. in 
diatreaa off Cape Henry, Is fn the 
grip of A gale aad heaw seas. ac. 
cording to a wireless message pi, ked 
up here. The Oaptaln and I revv w er e 
reported aboard the vessel, which 
left Norfolk Monday for Mnraeilles 





SUCCESS -"fgg (pggg) (hMHSeSj' 

A f^rrat m.jn said: "Whgll'I gaw The Third Alattn^ 
i naturally thought of dvgry glittering auperlativr 
in Mr. Webater'a Dtctibnary volcanic . im 
passioned, warm, glowifi^;. fervid, gpgrkling. mtoxi- 
. catUlg, abaorbing, aplcndid. poignant— with STU 
PBffDOUS and-COLOS'SAL thrown in for govd 
mtutirot** ■ ^ 

P. ^A.' POW8KS FnMOlt 



St') I V hy 




Keep Your Hands Soft 
and WUe Cdicn 

Wm ted. 

reef h or aore hands - On retiring 
betbain ho« wetet end C«Mloif« Soap, 
dry. aod rab la Cottcura Ointment. 

•Mptt*. « III ■i»»Jiat XthmmtU toM 
th ro s n liw « tbeDaintaion Caawtien I 

" " fc.iwidrifci 

P(UNI2i OUT NilD 01 


Onli <<• lo.r.H-. l:ill«.ii lt<»» 

ceipt* to Aid Counir) H iH-vclop- 

■saat, Bays Railway PresMeaa 

OTTAWA. Fab. II.— <;aaada'a need 
of Immigration of cnpllai sa well as 
farmers, the national raiu>.>vs' cry for 
traffic and the reasons i • tu, m 
l»laoed d a e ts l an of beadquarUrs and 
dlatrteta. woaa ootUned by Mr Henry 
Thornton at the Board of Trade 
luncheon tod*y. 

MIr' ■ iJle wae iin.i i" th- rail- 
way* offlcera of the «iran<l Trunk and 
Canadian NaUonal aystem. No <.ther 
railway haowa to Mr Henry eanbraced 
in tta oftlalal r sa t ar so asaay mteiii- 
geat* faRhfnl and capable officers. 
Tt was a very valuable aaset to have 
men familiar with the traffic snd re- 
quirements of Ihe imi. '• without the 

naaaartty of bringing ''df«!!a 
To Create Tmfftc 
•"Oar problem is the creation of 
'raffle. ^^ - - "> not get any »o-^- 
traffle out of the co«Mry than ealets 
wlthta tt, TH^^ip way -wa ca» fa* 

crease oar gre a s recelirts snd rediiro 
our deficit is by attra 
thia country so aa to add lu ii» de- 
velopment and thereby add also to the 
valuable traOc In which not ottly your 
railway will share, bat alao the Cana- 
dian Pactfle Railway, which you win 
all admit la a thing of pride to the 

peop e I ,r ( ,1 , ,,, ,1 

'Our taak is the task of the people 
of Ca n ada to get behind the country 
and put oar ahouMers to the wheel 
without rrovlMlal jeateaaiaa and 
without undue pi I ds la oar paftlctilar 
locality, to pun togalhar and try to 

reriltre :i 1| the great 

• , o'l )i .if* ir I % f n n * " 

Bishop of Verona Is 

LONDON. F<sb. It.— Cardinal Bar- 
tholomew B aa m aA. Bishop or Verona, 
who fell and idrtick hi« head while 

relebrnllrgr ■ . • i»* , . .Vi •, \n (1o«t.| 
rays an Ki'liarige Tclegiitph dispatch 
from Rome. , 

<:ardtaai Bas iU art wao horn in i<4i 

and wis rreeted a cardtaet In foil 

Aiuinlnum alxtut 4A yearn ago was 

VorcH for hncouragement 

Of Canadian PubUetUi4m» 

OTTAWA, Feb. II. — Mr. H. e. 

\\r>r\^i<n. of Weal 'f. ■ i « < .1 
notice of a motion jn the House that 
"measures should be adopud ta aa« 

cour.ige 111. I, .■ ■n <.r ''.laadhui 
magailne« |.er|..dl< sla " 


»,M 7.1 < >«•«. a r <■ <1 < 
,1 or ■ *. 1 rUu * * 
I* H lieiiiil)' In 
far more attractive tO 
men than mere reguisrity of fsatnraa 
or a in«d"-iii> complesloa. 
should be the first isasHllsl o( < 
•iM waat to win 

tkm. ragpaat aai lovoL Attho firat in- 
<iie«ttoa of UI-hoaMi aa bidicatei by 

dark eireles under tho eyes » sallnnr 
complexion. heada«>hes, ha< ks< be, 
pain in the ni-i' r.«-r i'i»»« irrlts 
bllify and .is. u' Ti en ah., kill 
( lUe I.wlls 1; I ir, t. Im me \«|f»i«I.l« 
( <.ioy..iiii.1 th" .■..M.lHr.l remedy lor 
woman K Ills. «*il'h has been 

to help fS out of every ISf 

New -I. .i.e!„ r, 

>■ '>K • i.iumns to IT.: 

)-e.. 'It if , 

V'!llf). tllt.t 



^ The Colonist's Pictorial Page *^ 



Al'tll* Royal Automobile Club recently, Monmeur Rett (Itft). 
played ten games of chess simultaneously. He 
played *^Imd-folded." 

WoffM's liiiht bfoadcMting tUtion at the top of Mount Coi^* 
govmIo. n>o i— ef t »how tho position of Yho tMthn. 


Levd CMnarvon. discoverer of the tomb of Kins: "Tut," 
Dover on his way to tiie Valiciy oi Kinga. 


Quel Wkit«_£lk._who arrived in TLngland stating that ha oama 

» mimkm to King G ooijp t H« ie to 

Gloria Gould, heireaa to die 
CouU nflUene. ia makkic her 
debot M« 

Four members of the Grecian revolutionary committee which 

Two on one pair of skis. A 
anap taken at Mount Royal. 

Dr. Cook of North Pole and 
gumdrop fame. His wife is 
■uing him for divorce. He hat 
also been arrested on a charge 
of irkdatin^ the proliihtrtoa 

Andy Archibald of Albany, refuses to go anywhere without his 
Consequently "pusfj" ia now at Pabn Beach. 

Mies Cinetta Traini. Italian •rreen star, snapped with Ma 
Maurice, the famous dancer, in Switzerland. 

pilot m bodlf hiimd. 

E^otiicif(p pfoved s^^ti^ to * 260-toQ electric 

om. commitle^ 






Important Notices, Emplpyment, Bus iness and Professional Directory, Wants, Etc. 


»t>awtmmcm »t tboam 
.7 to •OF •»»el»l advvrtlMmMit t* t*« 

.-^^ ° Colamn«. tk* (oil >« lac H« baa 
»'P!««b««>o»ll|' arranc»4. ••oh 
••Macatlon furolaliwl wit* • mWBtor. Tto. 




n« num^r* abown no ma nsht alda •f 
-Mfe haadlns appaar M MMMWUv* ariSar In 

— - 'PP* 
eolutnna. Tha 
• not aoBaacutlvaL 
' "**m • - Wot M^lm 
^«ra•«•^ .ror 

^«r.... wLiU4 ' 
'■•aia vtaotad ., 

v'ssssi:,':;''- • 

' ^.aaa^.aa 

^rM! *^\"'S»«; • ■ .7oa.a.a^« 

"<> P<>»» aaaaaa^aaa..**- 


«*«««llou«J . . . 

•^•rm« lor R.Bt. 

' •rm« for Hala 
"•riua W»ni»4. 

' >« 1* kitj A 

k»j AMTUMau t* Mtmt •••• 

ur.f Jl — . .,» .»»•••• 

urn .h.4 K«MMWMto4 

Vh- 1 • I I 1 All'' ' > f 
anvaa aitd l« 






' urai.had B>tn to ilaat. 



i-tal Ulractury 

iiuuaak.«t>ius KoMM MM ••••• 

•i'uVl *'«'•«»'».. a.. 

■>««all«naoua ,,,»,»;»»mtf- 

f" Lo»o 

I rofMaloDal Dlraciary 

Proparty for Mala 

Kroparty WanlaJ 

Poultry ana l.lvaato«k 

"uiii and Boar4. — 

luuiri and Uuard W*MMl..*a«.a*..- • • • 

luii.inar Haaui la ^a 

'«'<-l-.;i«a anil Lodcaa *••••••••> 

-tituauoaa Wantaa- Mala 

lUuailcna W autad— ITMMi*. . ......aaaa 

r« itant Huua'a .«..••«••••••••• 

£• Kent KuiulaliaJ BMHM* 

r* Kani— MfcallMi— — 

r* SxubanKa •••a«* 

J^w »-^aaa , . . . . . 

I aadiara ant ad. . . •«a«*aaaaa«aa** • ■ biukara aaa«*a«aaaaaaa««««> 

WkOlad— ilaia ii«l>^aaaaaaaaaa«a«a<a> 
Waaillt ITWBala iMpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* ■ 
<*Ulto« to WlBI rW .aaaaaaaaaaaa. I* 

WMtod to Want ^kmtma *' 

WMt«4i to luat— MSii AparmMta If 

<VaB(ad to Rant — HouM* 

W«ni».J ii, Itaiii rurnlaheil tlouaaa . . . il 

>Vai,|«,l I,, Kriii Mlat-alianauua . 1> 

WaniaU— Uuuaekaauins Hooota. ••••••• a' 

WaatfMl tu Uuy -li«llaM...<aa»aaaa««*ai <• 
WaatM tu Uui luW, , , . .••••aaaa*i*a<« 

WMlto#— Mlaoaliaaao— ...».» ....« *• 

ouuuanMSD ADVumaora batbm 

Una au<) oiif half cant* a word aarh laaar- 
lUjfi, (.rir wiHd « wi.nX a wa#k wtin a 
lUluliM Kill ut I t woKla, oaati wllil urdar 
No aU»arll»aiiiaui atoaciaJ tor laaa ibaa 

twanljr Ova caaLa. 
DMth ard V uoaral NoU6*% ILM SraC t» 

••rtic : I for Mfk iMWtmal, ' 

iiarn«ar>, < arda of Tbaala aaa la . 

Noiicaa. II 10 par InaartU B 

Minn Nuiicaa. II <.« pai lua^nioa. 
■■■(Baaa ur i'ruCaaaluual Carda >j< f'Xir llaaa 
Hf Ito4ar. |i OU par uxiulU ▲<!,! > i i >iial apaia 
at 11 ^1 par 1 1 II I* p<*r in.-nin 


ri. aeaompaatad by rafar- 
icatbMMaia, will ba raoal*- 
abia ai tha CHf CUrti'a •fftoa, Viituria. 
B <■ . uatU Ummtmr, tha l»tk Fahruarr. 
• ' ; w-m., tm ih* taaltia* vf OaUactor 
.'•'luMt toianr MM t>ar 

111 v 1. 1 U. 

i ' ihpbi«TBb5! Brt«MarMab Oaatractora 

^ anil Buttdara lllghaat par (ixta t'l man 
M h . I an read piana haird tut ft***; buUdlaH 
i'laii and our botjk. "How to Head Hlua 
l-rlaia." Jual out. Na i>«MH A44raaa. 
Hulidiac Dapi.. til* Chleaca Taah.. Ut Baat 
' Ih t.. Ohla— «» IM. VM.A. 

TOC want la kaaaaia mm aspart In 
(hn ra)l«vlhc yrafaailoMT— 
\t..i., \i. In » aan«a. l«attl*a 

I'm, liaitaix Kkpart. TIfa Rapalrar, Q«jr- 
Aoatrlaaa Waldar, AMa raiatar. tf you 
>>•▼• aa Ucltaatlon tawarda anr of theaa 
iiaiiaa lot aa halp ran tu bacoma proflclant. 
>->parto aro aa«4ad in avary Ursa cltr. 
xisht bara In VIetarta amparta ara noadad 
but no «»a ta fill tha Jab*. Wliy ara ti>ay 
nut fiiladf BacaiMa aniy tralnad man can 
»<oi4 than. Now la tha tima ta laarn. 
Ihtaraatloaai BnalMarUif Sahooia 
•I* Viaw AraM. ^Ity 


I C*aiiau«d I 

Jamaa flay hoina af all rooma. (nod lot 

^^ I ■ I f«Hf ti f ' *r ft>r fijultj bulain*- 

ti' i'rt I .,.1112 Wlir^'Ul In;"!.*! 

1 i> vnti ri«lf a*-' r^aaWalchawar 
AI arala and ai'ik i s 'ixiallloa. Will 
trada at aauriili a v'i>'~ "xl taka amaii 
cuttaca In Irada la<iulr« about thia 
aaap. Aa appvrtunlly tu sal a Baa farm 
Kvtna rhuica xirasa on Sli o I b<> ur i. • 
!■ . .■>.. r .1 f r 11.. What h« 1 ■ V , 1 , 


ink II uouotr, 
I. aptai 
Will taka Victurta 

ry no 

all culilTatad. aplah<M4 trail piw^aaimii 
Uhmmt Calliinua 

hutna, t acrca, 


L la Jank *»« 
(In. •avarya 

U*'-Mv.r. tM local product 
. ^ M« Mf t fl.lO for larao 
H — 4 lara . tit Jonna..n Hii.. r 

trOT Bad Haan. j r i., . . -,:,»,... 

-l-k t ft. by I ft.. »4 da.Unied lu tUa vll> 
All urdara fur ' irmhar af j^inarafil 
■ acaiva carafal attaatMh. 
iha Maora-WfnHUa^toi^ bwbar Ca. Ltd. 

I r ya* WM« to hay a aaad MClaa. marlaa 
*- *y i t a li aaanr. try Maa'a Stara. htora Bi. 


Aaaoaaalhc tha apaalMS aC aa AaiS<«» 
YY^B naad Aatlqua JawaUr far thW ^^t. 
w It you hava any ol4 iawalry ar Jat. ar 
d.amoad Jawalry iyin« aaalaafc W m mjr 

M tlil h B tov larta m tM 

vroparty la trada. 

Irinc aa your proparty tMT tfB4% Owr 
a«chan<a aarvira axtaada both — th 
•aat Try It. 

1>1 .NK^'KD d. I.IKLTKU 
J14 feiiibarton Bids. 

^ly^AMTBD vi.iiirla Homaa or 

t j auOBWBK waata4 far privata cardan; 

^1 riowara and vacetablaa prln. ip*liv 
' umf'irtablo tultaca, walar and iigtK. 
I'rraoQ with Uld Country axpaMama pra- 
farrad. Wrutan appliaatitfa only, atatloa 
*ca. what family, and rafaraoaaa, addreaaad 
Oardaaar," e|a Cawlohaa Craamary. lOo 
Kort atraat. 


A K 1 : il, 


ahuwcarda for 

a — 111 to II* paid 
apara tIma writinc 

aaavaaata*. W* In 

atruot yaa awl amty you with work. Waa< 
Ancua BhawaM* tafrlaak *• Calboarna 
IX >> . Taraal*. 

Vy.v.MTBD— H»a boy* ta aall Suadar 
^ ^ P«para Apply Nawtoa AdvortUtnK 
Aca ncy. 14 WInah Bld«. 

\ % ' 4 N rEi>— Two "Tl-titnw MUftata Ap- 

' ' I'lUanta muat ha prapSM* to fMBlah 

i- r.-, ..„,«.. and full partlculara raflMAlBB ax 

I' l'i. a III rxrdln^ 


Acrraca lu i • • uKr ? ..• 
4ltt-Ai 'HIC pra ' < > a i oa < .1. 

(tvatad, Kuud » . ,..r' ».»u»:y, att 

iiKA.NAIiAN liuil Hall !• , BUlCnKlcant 
iM'tiard, fine buufo. iMillilinaa, ate, 

OHEiloN k'ruii itaiicii, paylkB biB dtri- 

Hrtnc ma your awapa T ran trada tbrm 

II ,\ 111! ■! .\ir 1 1 1 1 , . 

' ' . I ' 11 loll H« [, a \ 1 a I h ' ' : ,^ b '"^i 


UAi'ik;n A.Nii ti »!..NTi,it.»ni„N a 

m ^mmm m 


Y ooaauB.' 

^ iam. toai 


I'a elotk- 

^ MhtA *Mk aaokA blaakat« ate If. 
• * ttn.. Ltd.. IT* johaaoa at. 

J[^*JRA1N Maa«a. liha aaw. a barsala at 


B.C. Hardwara. 717 Kort 4tr**t. 

\f At I >:abi.B ataal raacaa. |» par taaafe. 
i-h .»a I4ai. iiii Oaualaa ■iraat. 

u.^ sHA'V wtu pay eaah at aaU yaar 
diaoardad elolhii.x .,n . ommlaalon baala 

•II*. spj Tort biraat. 

8HAW8 1 \ ' HaSGK 


-riMMUCAKINO— Biouaaa, ktmaaoa 
A-^ ■ llj wrattoaa promptly doa*. Boom 
TH^Tataa StroaL 



1 J. 

U- J 'Will, » . ; 
»* : il e A I 1 1 la , 1 
aiilt. 81. <■ v 
l.rli ea I'liuiio 2 U4 k 

vii^Al door to 
tianl'a avaalnc 

>wa«, apaaiat luw 

I,'<XPBB1BNCB0 draaaiiiakar, worl. 1, 
' ■> day; out from Bn aUn t i-i, -r." ,1 


XPBHIirNCED drr.ln.ak.^, 

Ma raid. VhaM 


•i I'l- > 

ail haudUMB dhtUa 

o! '<ril>t 

1 1 11 
tia cuttinc 

niachliir , 

■ • !i w u fiain 
amall, compa< t 



- a - il. Oak Bay; alaap in) 

- - » Hax till. ColODlat. 

X'l i'.M A waatad by Claaa A aa*ra4ttad 

■^^ hoapKal fivlaa tbi 
Unlforma famlfKMT^ 
l^or tnferr * 
gupt.. Oai 

ijTKNOOBAPHBBb waBta« ta iMa aur 
aiaainc •IUal4% . wbich wa ara st^lni 
m^.~. '■.», Ba m la«ta> VypawTltaa Co. 

ILlmont Houaa 

irBalf Parh Moi»ita«. ChiaMOw fSr 

the <li» I 1 ■!, (li.e ,' ! , t 1 . 

l^'MKST-i.LAsa dieaaiiiaklus 

1 ADlBb' hato niada, atyllak and raaaoa* 
aWa. Mm. Perry. Ill Ifimpraaa Araana. 
I -I. u na 4ITIB. 

LAUiatr aulto and draaaaa ambrvldarad 
aad baadad; children* clottaaa a apa- 
eialty. alao un«<.arwaar. Pho na lllll. 

MAi Alca IBOBJUi^ 
<■ ^datrlA VMM 

21.1 1 r. 

OKV. iNO doao la yaw aw« bava by 
ouchir asparlaaaad dracMMahar. 



i<KiLL.iCl> baada produca plaaalaB work — 
Mra Clarka wUI caw fa 


_ - /or yoa i* yaur 

Pbona IMtL for appalBtmaat. 

Kl-.i.AKDI,Et<8 or COST 
JIIKH. II I .N r la ifihiMK fr.ini builaeaa and 
•"A the larc* u. .r i..ti.-h g«nt»- and 

children'* rlotnii.K u Uclua dUpoaad of 
J ha bmi n aaa caa ba bMcbi a* » satbs 


■uek all tea« wi4 eli 
ata laqulrlaa by Bbaaa. 

»M FOKT wtmmmr. 

MIXBOOBAni aaaabtaaa (K«laa». 
IMak) SMI atpiiaa BMlaatt* 

t, oak liiiirau, with larca baval 
oniv JitanU Ki- 

rotripi '>.^nlon typa* 

aVAllXJKlMO. draaamakiac by 


\\ c.^r« quAlltjr count* 


^^J»liX|^XlU>iB WAMXItU — IdAl^ 4 

/^ArAVmr. tkdnW mm, aoaad axparlaai.*. 
• nnndaniiai dark, Maaotttaat, aseaUaat 
' rraponilanl. wlab«b j wi U i a . P.O. Bm 

' - •■• V 1 .■ 1 o I I » 

PATBRION— At Vancourar Oanaral Ba*pt- 
tAI, oa rabniarv in to Mr. and Mra. T. B. 
PMaraan (n- 1 ^^'oott*a^ Craacant 
catirt. Vaac ■ 

in. \ I If* 

TAIHNS I'll hubiiiarv 14, II'J^. at hi* lata 
r*alO«nc«. 421 Magara Streal, Tlioma* 

Alfr*<l Calrna. a«ad *• yaar*; born in 
l-orth. Untario. Tha dataaaed waa for 
many yfar* aaalatant poatofflra Inapartnr 
I lia rcnialiia ar* rapoatng at tha B. 
Kiinaral fhapi-l. whara aarvica will ba hr.i 
baturday mornifiK, at 11 o'clo<k. Iniei- 
inrnl at ni>*» Hay t.Vmetary. 

\\ li r u'iui.-»tril thai tio Tlowar* he »• n' 

Idi'ltrilY— In thl» city, on Kabrua' > 

Uaorga Albart Morpby, a«ad - 
ieara; horn In t,"arlaton Piaca. Ontai 
He |i ave« lo mourn hi* lo**, hpald«-» h . i 
Hldo», iw.i aii-p xnna. I(. A r.>«i i. I'l 
Ihia rlty. and li. W. I'owit. in l aiilornia 
Tha raniBlii* ara repoainc al the 1 hap»l 

of tha B, C funeral Company, what* a^r 

vica will b* conduGtad on Saturday attar 

noon, at liH. Iill*ma«l at 

■;<>malei y. 

Ml'NBIE — At the fanilfy rreldfat*. Ihorn- 
blll. on »*hiMar« 14, lili. < alharina 
I>unn, wldo>«r oT tha lata William Mi- 
UilUvray MunMa, Mba waa 71 yaara of 
aca and born In Tatamacaucha, C«>leha*t*r 
• ouoiy. Nova Hoatla. 

The luneral will taka plao* at I o'riock. the hniiia. oB Baturday. tho ITih ln*t. 
Intcrmanl will ba mada at l«o*« Bay t ern*- 

Bori.llINO — On Fahruary IS. al hi* lata 
liumu. 1710 Ithhmond Avenue. Uaorca 
Tbomaa Uouldlng. balovad huaband 
Mr*. Annia Uuuldlni, agad I* yaara; born 
In WalUnclun County, Ontario, and a 
n-ildrnt of thU city fo» tha p»*t II yaara. 
1 ha iieeiiaarU I* aurvlvad by, baalde* hi* 
wlUoW, two sun*, of thla city, two daugh- 
tara, Mra. «i««rca MoUard Mi4 Mr*. P. 
Mtawart, alio Mr*. Uattaohaa, » daiMr, alt 
i«*ldlDc al Hasina, Haak. 
1 lie funaral will taka plac* on Monday, 

laiiiuaiy 1», at 1:14 u'vlMK, fr<MB thb^Haada 

V uiiaral I 'hapal. 

rVx.i.sKKA. Jrd olaa* atatlonary, wMtb 
-'-^ job; food all rauna maehlnlat; do 
tbl««. ai Mbmptaa Kaad. Pboaa Il4«ia. 

T.-'Noi-iBU \a4.r, r*nr a«B*n*ncad 
^-^ laiau. waato BvyUa ar daily 

any Oialri.t, Uatial ' 

Itai Uu. ( i.lonlat. 

y poaltloa. 
ITraaob. inualu. 

^looii, capabia yanac Ctrl would llka 
posHiaa at 

Thnne 7I0IR2. 

bobaoifoyi. dip BnfarroA. 

tool aharpaoinv 

r-l'lilr^U, all 

I ort. 

kluda of 

iqp HOOD 

ta I4ia Doaclaa St 

HAMOV lM«la« Ubrary^Lataat Oction. 
••* BMT aoatb. Saa oar llau 6haw . 
Bsnkaa**. aaa Fort Stra*t, Jaat abova Biaa- 

OUaa balMtaB and woodwork i hard- 
wood laid and aerapaJ. Pboaa 117 *. 

J IT your pipo* ar* fraaoB, phaao IT&iv 

LAWNS, « r daa » a>a.| »t4art«i, all ktedaT 
fim-oiaai work. Moa* I ~ 

MAKHn k 
ihatige. 7JS Kori Mren 

OXJfi Wolf Jr. lea p.ani 
i tona dally capii.ii> . in r.mi , uaa con- 
dll'on, price 1 1.200. i um bei laud. UC Rall- 
wa ■ • 11 » beinc cloaa to plant, removal can 
I"- ■ " •■ ariiall cipenae. l:;verythlnc Com- 
i i'ia «i> f pi motor. JTor addltlooal Informa- 
H u apply to CaaibarlM« KlaatMo HBkH— 
' o . Ltd.. Cumbariaad. B-O. 

Mra. Dal*, aia Tort Mtraat. Phona III?. 

RADIO Spaelaiial* ta eommarctal. azparl- 
mantal and amataur equipmpni. hand- 
llns Canadian, Indapandm. \\>at iiiKhouan. 
Morthara JCiactrlo aata ana a coiuplete iin* 
ot yarta. 

Vrlh( your radio troublaa to u*. 
\Va Siva aarvloa. 


Vlatorta, B.C. 
»1» Fort Etraat Phona IHj 

U'AMTBD-otd Mayolao aMi 
oaMlttoo. Victory 

Worka. Fhuaa lii 

Will oalt at any . 11 



TO IlLI.Mi .-Kl UMMltO) UOUUCM >• 

HM 111 i i |-ro<Ma aaiai-baasBlOWi Im 
hi.rm Jiasas Bl^paat 

-a- i.a 

1 1 < I 

].■ 1.1 


>a' I? a I. a 

ii.'.m fwMboi h««a*k fu 
1: epiaca. ralrtlalA dlatrui 




Mrm or I«a*a — l-roomad modern 
•A. houaa. No lloj Hurklaod Avaaua, ad- 
JoiataH Uovernmani Houa*. with 2 ai ra* 
■rouad, tennia l ourt. ,tc , fully (uralahad. 
Apply Ownrr. liax i-,\t: I'olunlat. 

iriODBHN »-iaom*d auasalaw. tari 
*^ pUae: ae baddlac. Uaaa or ablna: lai 
ta aaralal laaaat*. Bwi till. " 

lv\.-U l.NTO CASH 

Wli^ buy raaa auU lM4tJaa: alao iaola 



BBST rBic ^^i ;j3^ ^ 

taa ITOrt Btraat i'bona 411 

Room am> ho^d 


BO!f ACCORD, 141 i>u 
aad Itoard. cloaa lu. 

Pbaaa 4441. 

isa Ava — Room 

Iioii.a cooklnii 

/^^HERRT BANM. au MoClaro 
and aohtnui lonas ao«orM 


TtiBWOLD, T*4 Cook St.— Comtartabla 
vara bouaa. auaay raoma. lood aarvloa and 
cooki ng; aaar boataaaa caatra. MIoaHadwan. 

■S8 room aak board; tenua 
Phona TtllO, "Cabalan 

ukiaa htrcct, oi.iK.nlte llracon Hill 

AjrByBIlAt. foraiabad aad uafurnUhad 
aonaa* and flata (or toat. Ita«»hawa 
Sayward BIdB. 

A COi. 

O ROOMEU cottac*. aoorly n a*ra>*<. «aa 

^' a month. IniludlOB WatOf. ApSiy aai4 

Kern Wood Koad. 

KLH>MBD modara boasalow, ta i>ak Bay: 
^ voa^d loeatiaa. Olaa laaa* (ar aa* roar 
taaehUdroa). 1411 Oalaa ia*l Broai St. 

1:1 M 

MKn h 

rooa. aia.**. 

jt_'^U!''k -CIIKN KULBT, 111* modal. 

waior. la aylaadM *aa«ltlaa. 
Thla Far aa* ban vary caraful 
a \ I ha motor raaa llka a 


< iiK\iiOLET. lata 1*!* model. I- 
*<-aiar. al^aolutaly a* (ood a* a 
new lar In avory raapoct. Thla 
to Ubo oasy bail bas Jb 

•QtCAr-OKAT-DORT. lis* aiod*!. 

^MfU Mater, la vary ««e4 «*a«ltlaa. U 
hai vary «oo4 tlTa*. wBh a 
and tho malar ibbb .«Mlb 

ftlTfC— MolaAinuani MMUr bib tuuHas 
VSIM ear. In load r«aaU« ar«ar. TMa 


car haa 

Hilill CI,A.- 
lll..,1, I ut 
o'Jit i'tiui^laa 

'VJl' Kl^V furnlahad room and tKiard Wltbprl- 
vate rautily; avary hama Timfrt- ftiaa. 

/ \KK BAY, ii»s St. Patrlob St.— Com(art- 
V' able room* aad beard, rbeao lailLJ. 

1>ouM and board, eoauortablo mmoi 
V looklnc; 

I'hoiie ;!»i6X. 

fuma** boat; moSaraio ratoa. 

WULJ. fui-nlahad room In modern prha>-- 
buncaluw; brrakrait. dinner; lovely 
aliuatlon; »vrry iiiiniort and convenlFnce ; 
nil othfr «iii-!H |iu prr month. Box M. U., 

VTRBMKlfDOUS prica raduci Inn on our 
While leghorn chlika an.) !,«■ -.inC 
rsia for Koldar now re^.D I .n t 

uidir until you bava aaoB It. *'ew Una 
.',"'*,;""« (or aala. 

1 w i « roar. R. M.D. Wo. 4. Victoria. B C. 

A 1-YKAR-OLD Kobblar and U hen turkey* 
for aala. Mra. John»ion. ill* Ki.ul 
liay Uuad. 

^1 75" 

il, I a>-at*r. 
avory way. if 
" yarobaaiac a 
;o BOO thla 0*0 



OlItU aior*. IIU t»ov*rnmenl— Alunki >a! 

whita rata, rshblta pifaooa. bantama. 
ainglnc canal la*. aabra dnckaa. oranca 
biauop waavara Pava ayarrowa aU broo4la 
of dwaa aa4a Syratt'* 4tor blMWIb m? 

nEBT prlcaa paid for poultry braUaw 
AJ Poultry farm, iZi liaiiaa 11 1 1 t ,.ne 

lit >( >M 


1 board, for 
jPhoaa ,7Tt(H, 

KuoM aud board, for lady with y*ar>eld 

CLOBR Jamea Bay liotal — Co*y room*. 
ruonlng water, caa. carace. Ph. laTIL . 

FUR.MBHBD Rooma to l*t. Aar drydook. 
i:>» AbardaoB Btraat. Baqulmalt. 

ROOMS for 

A \ -i. I 

tor onfuniiahrd fu. - 

, n(ce location. lu»3 I'anlora 

I>AI1V Chlcka — Order your l^aainiia >.bi<-k* 

i-* now lor Syrtac dalivarr. Tbia la my 
>( broodlac (or 


icnlb year ot bra 
lai|e-*Urd an*. 

Hiiicka, Laaitortf. 

Uaa (ar haavy lay ara a( 
rrlaoa rishi. il. a. 

I- H-ix II, I'm e ^1 : aiivi i^ou^iaa. lur 
i.i'.n.a. .lay waak. laoatb. 

■•i--< i«l«a inu.lrratM. PboBO IL 

fcoao aauc. rrad 

JJUU'bKK KKI'KH, llioroiithlv eiparluii el 

a' liool are H 

widow ei with children 
•^10. Colonist, 

runt a fu _ 

apociallata la 

JAUT. doiMi ni I. aind. dreaainakar, aa halp. 
ale-li ..111 prafarrud. Box 2110, CoIonl*t. 

VJTENotiKAi-ificB]^ to gala asporloaco, 
VI will work for BBall rMBiUMtaUoa. Boa 

(. < > n II »* 

1 U« 



Ifi-Pulr*. Rancaa, IPtuvei. 
1' '-. <•!' I'rmn rra«onable. A. 


I ' ti I ■ I n I » 1 

t [la M 'la> 

I d( 




rnUAl.NKD aura* h4M room (or invalid or 
aiataralty yatloat. lail Blabardaoa St. 

WAKTSO— PooitloB by roflnad lady as 
eompanion ta oldarly lady, or chsrca 
of xmi-iBYalM . Box :?ll, Colonl»t. 

AX^ANTKD I'osltlon as rompanloa, our- 
> V aery govarnaaa 00 mother's halp; good 

r»faranc»» Bo« 2711, Colonist. 

AV'A.NTKl} by raflnad paraoB— Pocitloa aa 
TV taouaakaapor, sapaM* ol taking antlra 
ehargo. Bob aaaa. Crtoail. 

lyAN'TEO. by osyonoaooS womaa, hatol 
» » w ork or caaaral claaning. Phona 

t7llL. aftar 6 


J. J. ROMS, 144 Pambroka. 

corner (Jiiadra. Phona 2242. 

1>Al.vri.Ni;, paparhanglns and d'.oratlnc. 
Km hilar*., fraa. 8atl!>fa. t Um stiaianleed. 

C, H I '.i-p' 

Phona 71*11.1 

WJAWU. all klada fUad. aat, gummad. 
noao w. ■morp. taiT olasi»a* A 


M' latc and Iniari 
bay Cauialary. 
Mb (lowora by ro««o*t. 

K«r. Mr. Uwat wtM^ot- 
•at wUt M aMd* at R«»» 

BEOWN— Thara passed awsy on Mondsy. 
t'ebruary 12. at bt. Jossph'* llo*pUal. 
Jam** Kaewn, ag«d 17 yaar*. of 14 19 
Vancouv«r Utr*»l, Victoria Tha dacaaaed 
la muurnad by Mfa. Kaown and two 
d*u«hlrr», Mra Kawllnl". rt l.iW*. C.S A . 
and Ml*, hianouf, of vi.ii.nii. and llva 
sum Vl. Harry, (laorxt. an.t ]■ rank, of 
thto'city. St"! Itrsinai i. .1 .^'■aitli-. and 
Bdward. of Vancouver. 

Th* funeral will taka place on SatuiMay 
«ft«raoun. at ::•*, from MoOali Bros.' 

^UMTal I'liap*! Intarmant will ba maus 

llJMJi-"' - - "'■ ".V— — «i^m^»B 

„j_i_iu ijn. » -> ii i r i nr i n • '~ 1 . m ^ 

MOMrr. nrFioumv snnoi 


1^4. -US wwwntku OQw 
aaia quadra stbsbt 
libSy IB Sltoail*ao* 
pb«na*t Oitaa UN Boa aaaa aas laaa 

ici>i;<;a iio.n Ai> 

lUA.M.LUill Mill. St, Ml.UOUL 
lor iivj/m 

Fi in ■laclnnar*' cuuia* 10 matriculation, 
icxcaiiant aooommodailoa tor boardara aaJ 
day bora ft V. lUJamMI, A.aK^ 
Tha %Hlaw* Phona 44W 

CBRTiriCATBU taacbar. axparlancad In 
eoachlag. will glva privata laaaoaa In 
PttbU* aad High Mchool aubiacta. tea* mod- 
*r a«a Bas U ll. Colonial 

E MULISH cu^o'iiaaa, hichly racommanSad 
aad with II rat claaa axparlanco, will 
shortly ba diaansaced, privata family pra- 
farrad. Write tu Mis* U. v|o Mra WatemaS, 

Cold*tr«sm, Varnmi. Ii < '. 

J^^NULNKkiMli Um 

W () Wlntsrboi u. M 1 
■ 1: I iiria, B.C. 

A , 221 Canlral 

AUOUST-SOWN eabbaso aad kalas, m 
varlaty, par II*, I* «anta; per l.ono. 
14. Uarbaceoua planta In great vaiiei . 
1* to I't cants; dusan, tl to n. 1 . ■ 
Montana and Ruhena In pot*, li c-n{-< 1. 
Kos**, Cllmbara, Dwarfa and iiaadarda, lo 
choice sorts, each II cent* to |i. Applaa. 
paacbaa, paars, plums. In splendid ijiialUy, 
11 eaato la fl aach. Orchard* snd (ruit 
traaa pruaad and baadled as they should h* 
to produ'e food fruit. Lawn* made and 
aown wlih the lineal (rasaea. \llla 
• rounds thoruuahly made out and planted. 
Landacapo work of avary kiad sallclled and 
aatufactury work ansurad. Inqulrlaa will 
ba aataamad. Jama* SUayooa, 111 Suyorlor^ 

v iotoria, B.C. Pfcoao laai. 

KOCK UAHUEN PLANTS — Wa grow nolh- 
Inc al'a and wa grow thani aa wall a* 
Wo can Price ll*ta Ira*. Rockhuma Oai - 

dena, Wllrnpi .■^Iixi Thone 4l!ill, 

V^ » I ' V ■ 11 .. «1».. : v» , . tain 

^ I-'- «' li.' f. : •- 1!H« oak Hay Avf. 

'P'l' ' II 1 10 w .iincn'a l^xchaiice. l^veiiins 
^ d rraaea. fura. ahoaa, ate . Phona 44l»l 

V'lSITORS to Victoria ahould visit Mra 
Jowitt, i;i P 'J iirloa antique*, 

old Jawelry. a;. i„iir vpry (ine 

' Ulckana" picture*, uuujua. Pbona 2114. 

used, t:7.IO. 



t Y^"'TO.V rug, I « », hardly use( 

»» Inland L:x.'hancr. T1;i l-nrt .''It 

WHITE cnamal h#d, spring snU felt mat 
traaa Por quick aala, |ia.l«i 

Baehanga. 711 Port atraa t. 

<> PKRPKCTION oil hetalrr*. alao 

tired bucrr. Appt.v lSt6 King * 1; .a 1 
or phone If.l. 

Hu\ K Lodge — Housakaaping rooma Chil- 
dren not obJaotoS. PfcOM ISaaO. Ill 

&I1. higan titract. 

HllUMKKlitll'l.NU Hooma. all convriiien 
110 an. I Ull. stl Hurdi u A\r. I'hona HJU 

TTiM .SK;k b-KI'l.Ni. i.i.jins. ateaia huai, «lat 
-I- 1- tiic light, hot and cold watar, alavator 
ai-rvi.r. iiiciudlnc Munday, at low yrlcaa 
111 lib. II Hone Bldg. Tha UrUbth Co. 

HUUSKMBBPIMO aad alagla reama Pair- 
SalS Motai. oppoait a cntr Hall. 

HOUSKKKKIIMi loonTT gond. 2 fur- 
nlahsU. noar In. btl Superior »<treot. 

Phona ll»4. 

paoiCB boiling (owl, aay wolght. Il« 

V> per lb Fine aal*«USB bTOttora, roaoltaS 
cl.i kena and egg*. ttP tko VBBSB MUor, 
uiiik and ciaain. 

jOMJf OAT. taaoa T«i*g stnaa 

„ and at 

Oovoramaat Straot Markat (lata llo Stora) 
Alao Mala Batranca Stall. City Marka|. 

Phoae* nil .and tltj^ 

/^(APlTAL ciiy II j 111 1 1 I I nin BnadaiO 
V-» Amociatiou - Lio«. loi .alas foslatara* 
*t0S dag* ot all kinds. Informatloa aad 
partloolara at MlrS btaro. llli Uevatomaat 

Ut.. pbuoa III; or V.C K i\ phona 7j«»U 

C^AL.V' wanic.i. i 
' lion Hpol caah. 


I'holia bb,) 

/ 1HKAP canarisa, from pure Itolln*. guar- 
* ' anii-ed alngera; hsna |1 each. Honia 

II ning*. evenlnga I lit Deninan Ml.U. 

l^'^.MjLIMi eeliar pupa tar *ala tboruuga- 
-> bred hunting ato«k. VSona I2I1R1. 

h^OH Sal. Hay-old .hick*. WkltO WyOB^ 
A .lol-lr 30 crnia rmh. |l.|g Sgai SM^ 

' In* at ra In I'honf ' " 


I '"" ."^ale -?ii young LOSbOTB*, •yUsdld 
• la.\»-ia Phona Z074L. 

L""^" ttsia— oookorol. sooS ■•rain'; 

r^aaf'"" f^sl'oni ooeboroL Pbuao 
4.itu or liaa AlblBQ St root. 

QUEEN Incubator, llO-egg capacity, uaad 
once, good aa new. ito. Apply B. E. 
tireenwood, corner Olanfoid and East itoSd. 
I' u uddrva*. Ilo.Nai oak. 

KKijl.STKUKU Jer7e7~ 
I'avld. paper* ail in 

I »u I trig - 
> !i tl 4 a 



Bring your proMams to a violin spaclal- 
1*1. If yo.i runttimplnta etarling yi>ui*elf 
cr your boy oi gl.-! into mualral ktudu*, 
(.all at a *lii<p where advl.e will be freeW 
Canted, You < an alao find violin* 
priced from |6.|i> to coatly old rare 
mastora birincs for all klpdo aX la*tr«- 
maatos alao other aupyltog at vary moS- 
oraw yrlooa. Call at 


Ttl PORT ST. PHONB till. 

■OVfiEJiKU'INO i|*i^bft 



Y\7.^'"*' ' K" — T" o unfui nl»!ied houaekcaping 
•V rooms. In private houav. for imn lady; 

Miuat hi. It 

• I 


( -ol- 



f. imI, iiimKi 

. I. .1.11 ri 

K.II..I drlv.r 

I.- til) ■,' 1 ■ 

• ilenga r r > 
a lao .'Il - 
.T aaililla 

rami Jeraey Aviary- Hars Mountain and 
Bolsiafi Roller caaariaa My birda al- 
way* yraaa*. Apply till Wark Rt. 

iU af horaas, doublo bar aaaa 



plough*, harrowa oulUvatora Me., "far 
•ala or iraSo loT a Usbt SaUirary ^trnfe. 
Kandy a Msfsoiy. Ctooordalo Aoai noao 


l' I..\ls .\M> .\r.\il I .>U-.>T8 
JO lltIM' 

\ T Mount Ed* 
- * fi«i for i»ni 

waiS* V afBWtlalmS 



ALL bUtk aou 
' Piougbiasi barrowlass al*o 

lar*. dallvarad. 

aMarvwHaS alao gaaoral 

teamiBc. U. V y*. 1*41 Klag>* Koad. Pboao 

Auouu fragraat eigar. omdo la Viotorta. 
Try a - ProviMO" Usloa LaboL tao. 

and 1 fur Ulr 

\14kt, aeir niling (o 
Haiisfaotiun gnaraatood. 

il4Mn pen fur 11.71. 

_ II vol*, 

Harvard Clasaloa tor IM. T. M. Hlbboa 

A Co. 

A FINE cnain«l .hiff.,niei. Just 
-<V 111.71. Oddy *. 1117 l>oucli 

llWe new 
ucla a^ Htreet. 

Mis.^ ItiUWWLL, cartincatad taachar, ' 
B.A. Yerunto, will glva ooaohlag claaaaa 
for juaiur and aaalor matrlculaueai alao 
apaclal Univaralty *ubJo«ta Pboao aiklM. 
or write 1.21 MurSott AvoBIM. 


tl4 Broucbton Btro*4 ■■lablMliaS IMT 

CVALLa raapundad lo day or olcBC Chargaa 
J raaaonabla. Bmbalmlng (or aiilpmani 
0 d^aalalty. Lady attendant 

Phonaa: 1211. t2i4 mi» 

Mm. ( «i a ' f 


A perlencad with ratarSotf MOdoata 

11,,, I,- ev«ninca. 2VI4X. 

It' 1 l.NKli lady will glva letaong In Proncb 
V ,.| liallan Apply Box 2111, Colonial. 

biiuiiiUAino aUMWUU 4*11 Moforama^t 
dtraob Mr 

tallloai Sk 4 

Couraaa: Cemmarclal. atanograplry. cleri- 

cal, higbar accoUBUBg. ooilaciaie prepara- 
tory, rivll aarvlca. Phone I«. or »rUe for 

■ yimtiiia li.iU'MiiKi iiifi r .1, 1 1. II New 

W'".»| .i^'lg * j-.ui.ii» will o« accaptad 

eai.h Moaiiay fur day actiuul and aach Tl 
ilay for night ac hool. 


K»« 1 Ba I'l M » > " r I 

Preaaduk casauuu. 


rpill. HOME (JF HGKVICE, I'riree leaaon- 

L abla Calla yrvmpiiy attandtd tu. nigbt 
or Say. 

ia» OsaSra Stroai 

rnurriii.N in v»«i,i , 

1 Parker, aniiaii. I iii.n, 


• WW lawMaiBaM ^^*^>^ 

(9a«r*o* la plaaa. violla vooal (Itailaa 
matbod). thoory, harmony, alooutloa. Poylia* 
raoltaia ovary maath fraa, and oyoa to tbo 
public. 11*1 Bro ad ItroM Pbona tl7l. 

ADVANCED and elenieniary vinlln tuition 
Special terms fur Uaalnoars. Drury 

VliARQAlN— Boy'* blcycl*. bur*aus, ga* 
range, in ascallaBt ooadltloa Phoao 

• «»4L. 

4 NTiQi K mahagaay SlaHig>tablo« g bar> 
gain i hoBo liaix. Mra Woolatt. 

loss SI. I'harlaa St 

«arraai. dawbarry, rhubarb and 
yrlooa (or 


■ ' uaparsgua planta. Hpaeial 

.|ii*Miitiea. Phona llllLi. 

mgo; olao (luS n 
Co.. Ill Port Btraat. 

HJ .M I I 1 1 , 
• now ..p,.|i.-.i 
.h.,i, ., 

/ li.l A I 

' y a.. 


I ug I ae. 

I iTd, 

t t 71, 

iai» »lih .rim Bryant, haa 
H III. >. \- end general repair 
r Miiiia..n'a Hay. 

oai, I oai per sack, |3.i* I 
k» ( nrdwood. |7 I* cord, Il.Ti W 
t^hinclaa. No. 1. 14.71 1.1*0; Ko. ». 
Phuna 1714. 

I lOMBI.MATtON *af* on counlar. III, alao 
^■J other stora flsturaa 741 Port St. 

Phona 4111 

T\ei,:p atuffad Masllah CbamarSalS, la Al 

cnndlilna. A mtB, ITB. OSdy'a laiT 

T>niiglas hiroat. 


1141 l-.,rt. Phona 1114. 

•triagad iaatramanto 
PlOwngBt. 1111 Broad btra^^i 
H»a> yaoaa lllivi. Houra. i tu » 
Satoroara • to 1. 


I ' I .. » ^ 

Ofl I A K an.1 

1., A 

I •(> J , 
p. Itt. , 

DOES your auto top naad r«rinl«hlnc? 
make a COod lob by •l..ppUig thn leaka, pro 
lactinc tba material arid making it look 
lIha saw, Hava this done befura it Is too 
lat a 1«>I Broad Stroet. 

I^'^v^KT day ta ovary way. wa sivo boot 
■ ^ Kiirnltaro ValiMa in the city. Vletorla 
i-urnitura Mart. 711-741 Viaw stroat. 

TM Port HI reel I'boao 1413 

Osk Dining laMn aad Six Chair* . .171 10 

Oak Itoll Top Desk St.l« 

( oluiiitila Phonograph aaS 1 BaootSo.. 17.1* 
Kii. hen Cabinet, giam doora aaS bloa 11!** 

Oak Music Ca:.iTi. i 

(lood Drassei i- .i mirror .'. 1.0* 

Osk Library labi* 7. to 

We Buy or Bsofcaaga CSuud Purolture 
Eaay Terma MonihlyPaymsnls 

'U\ DAYS' SpacUl— Ladias* and gantr owa 
CIV/ matorliU* smSo Up from ISI. D P. 
SyrlakMbs. taMor. Pboso IIM? idsht lliir: 


711 YATKS ST. 



Muni ri-al 

I.a ll.iy Apartincntn — Choice furnished 

AT Normaadl* Apartmanta Balmoral and 
Caok Streat — Furnlahad or unfurnlahad. 

AT Balwu ApartBMnto— Pumiahed *uu* 
(tor roat. till Douglaa Phona tl>>4(j 

\\'ANTEI>— Poultry, 

' ' i"a«h at il.ior W 11. 


U'KLI, hui;d 
Whone I4<». 

II. I», 

pigceaa ato. 
quits lIL. 


POKD. l>2*.iSl 
aOUBl to BO 
you ara 
new car. 
firat Terma 
KtiKD, t aealar. ta 
ruaalng ordar. It haa good tl 
a f94 toy. Ota. aaS tho sm 
roao liko a obana. Toram. 
— P>>RD, lit* modal, a<ooa(or. TMa 
la ai. rxraptieaally y o*S boy aaS 
It baa vary good tlroy. aa oaool- 
lant top, aad aamarasB ostra 
_ aeeooaoriaa Torma 
#fi7R*-^*<*VROLBT. l*a*-lt modal. 
W*JtV Haby Orand touring car. Tklo oor 
la absolutely as good OB BOW IB 
r^riy respect, and it 1* SB OStra 
good buy Term*. 

wClQfJ'"'*' ■ ' ■ Inuring car. In beau- 
WVVtJ tlful ri.ndltluB. ThU ear looks 
like new. It rung lUto ■**, Sa4 
It I* aa good aa naw. Wo WM 
take >our car In Irada. 
•^<1~:-M, LAI UHI.IN Baby SU touring 
WXC/cf rar. la aplandid ordar. Thla oar 
has a BOW top, good Itraa *b ax- 
<-allaBl yalat Job. aad th* motor 
run* llka a chana. Torma 
ft'>ri()->*'Rr>. i-oaaiar, ta oaeoHoat «••. 
^•^^ d 11 Ion. It haa a vary good tay. 

good tiraa. and tha momr rOS* 
and pull* firal rat*. Tarm*. 
•OS|V— PORD. nil model, 1-ton worm- 
WMV Sriva Irurk. Thla truck baa bad 
v.rv mile uaa anS U kSS * VOiy 
good bodv. »»Hb " - 
♦ ablald. Termi. 

Victoria'* LargoM t*ad tar Daalaro 
111 Tata* Btraat tcornar *( QaaSra Sliaal) 
Phoa* 171 

8 EE th* WoBdar Car, Th* Staru M 
...B «__"»JUfWOOD OABAO^ 

TjSKD PARTS (or Chov., CaSillao Bight, 
^ Twin 8i« Packard. D4I Bstoh. lail 
Studabaker. Korda saS all fUoTadMa ol 
• ara at a savlas Ol M to N^W MBl sS 

naw prirea. ■ ^ 

Twin H„ PA'-KARO BoaS*t*r as,iM 

.1 V. 'K""i'^i i-AfKAB© ataso osr...,|t;aaf 
Bl U K L4», sevaaafMMBBO* .7. .^ail 

, Mr. "rameiB" 

Ml Mew „„ 

W* are only In tha wrai 

and do no rapair 

ara quoting vory opoclal 

aa wa muat 
ahlymanta of nsw MclAughllB* 
Uauauai valu** oa Ilboral t« 

ito>.k uoekarala 

ALANDALB Apta, LladOB A»a— Mao, 
brlcht l-roomad aulta. Phcna MtlX. 

BROADWAY Apartmaata Superior (uaar 
ParliamaBt BuildlBgai — Commodioua 
aolf-containad, hraled, unfurnlahad *u|to. 

'L'^URNISUBD altllnc-ruuin and kiiobenatta. 
A aad oaa or two badrooma. upaiaira 1147 
Port Straot. Phona IIIIL. 

HILL Jtosao, Boacoa Hill Park — Pur. 
niahod Sata alao beard. 144 Stmcoe. 

\| lllSO.N Apartnivnta, 
1 alrlleia— SinaU ■ttlto. 
heated, alao araplaca. tlllL. 

Hilda Strvai. 


1:9 YATL3 PUONB 1121 

B*tabll*b*d UN 

"ASoortMas i* to baali 

I* to 

J.^'^I.ICCTRIC v*«uum r.leanar. with all at- 
laehrmonta; guarante. 
1:21*. Island Eachange 

I^^I.NK bo.iki aaa,~ 
drawer. < neay 



Bt Bympaibaili? K.ti.eral 
at Mwlarata Coa« 

iMia Mocan ta 

p 1 i* n , 

«('1.4a> MU(MC. |,on an.l 
- ^v„bl,. I .s M Violin. 
i» ii.Miy itie-jiy I'buoe 

■glaa Street. 

uarante.d like naw Snap, 
JK^Port St. 

With glam door*~*ni 
at lia. Oddy*^ 1117 

Lj'^ Hh-Mi'i^u. vtviioiat aa4 loaaBor 
JEJ 1241 Mli^eii Btraat. PhOooWil," 

li^ANcr saaotaB 

H H . > A .M . A V K. 


Al'lU/.l^ ,>aittii.K ' unpelltlun n l.i b« 
bold In tb>< calodoata Hall oa Sat«r<tay 
atsat. Hunt a apodal tao*!*. With •yoUlski 
attraetlona. Uanu Ma, ladioo l ie. 

RITA N N I A~ L«dga III. Lo »» A . meet I 



Moaal^r larma. 

aad otoUa aaa 


lar of pian..r..i le. vL.iin and theory 
StaSoaW a«o«aasrully praparad lor axamlaa- 
apply III* Piftk SL 


M^ra W. BLACKBTT. loaobar o( 
fort<v ■ 

PhOlM II**. 

baratoay. tkoory. 


povn, p. 


( . , ' • a I li - H .1 ! I : ■ ,> 

all m«in|.i-ia pi"*'* attend. 

n ANOrOR" 

an.l ew 

planrt l*Tipil. 
n- I l.ina If .lealra,| 1I4( 


Bowling dob card 

party at St. Mark * Mall, toalgbt. la 
HUT yoo t y*ao« . 

SatorSay algbt. 

•CWSMCB saavoraauoa 
f WiaiaB'a Isaututo 
Tatoo Sirool. toaisbt al 
Bilarfaa ala 

ape- la 


a Snrrop Bloofc. 
t o-aloak. Ad- 

• ' 1 IM. UOJUU 

■ •■''» I . lay. t!Sa, Oraag* 

Impoitant bualneaa. 

tny A TO Oaaadlaa Lagtao wklai Sriva at 
▼▼a |4Sa Douolaa Streat, mnlght al I t* 
a'alaolL II highaot a<-ora. rire othar gnod 

gr-rlfta |Svervt>.>4v welroma. Admlaal.'ii 

'/vy- i-'i- •• , '' i*a ttar.lanera « ■ • 
IO-.-I1.1M (.up.. lied until Wa<lne><i*' 
! let 

•• A n II. 'ft s li.M-lai I 
1 HC! North Pa-k 
• a. « .t» lo l: 31. 

«Yl|aM«« t>i lA<tos 

!iih dan. ' 
.■^ t r » a t . 'T 

Mf" B HKMri K PlaKlat 
[•etien .l l<.aoli«r nf plan 
pi.p.T.,1 for 

Vl 1 ' , I. • I Hire. 

KKi.lNAI.D II |-,,x, pianoforte taachar 
H.iinaa viaiiad If daalrad. P«plU pre 

""la poor abtaiB** 

l.^iNK lono Bngllah yiaao la walaot eao*. 
* In A I cohditlon. Bargain, |I**. Island 
K^rhsng*. 711 Port Btraat. 


A 1 1 iin 

ITion Sal 

Sel. M^a- 

M , : , U r |i.' '< 

»in.- iinad travallng 

llione J727R. 

(lood family raasa polished 
ip. Hi. Hajestlo and otkora Wa make 
rolls, move, rapair aad akOkSaSa Southall. 

711 rurt. 

1^"^OR Val* — High rial* hadronm furniture, 
no draUra. Phona 7III.X 





never ba 
en (ondition* 

US'd It vtlll 
make It* 
own conditions. 
If ooBdllioaa 
In your 
litiallieaa STa 

not all 

shoald ba 

hava In 



STANLEY Apartmoata UaSos Avoai 
II right haataS ayartmoat. (oraHboS or 

IJ n f IJ t M I .'1 ed. 

• I MiCIt modarn furnlahad flata; ra*y 

" tNuiklng dlstanca. A. H. Harlon, 111 
i imborton. Phone SlOt. 

fo man' 

I^'^AIHPIl'.I-r\ Close In— 7rm. seml bunga- 
l.w. fijuliip'-d Willi gas runge. Fully 

modsrn home, high full cement bssaniai.t, 

(nrnaua. tubs. Viotoria Realty Co . 214-117 

CantrsI BUIg. Phona 2*14. |.1l monthly. 

I^"^On llenl 

I I.. I II 

<-.| Il 

1 ,11 ; 

■|^. . on prim . ** 
I V I H ' 1 ' a 

1.IOH HenI i roomed m ..1.-tti No. 
712 Pin* Ht,. Vli'lnrla Wrel; ImmadlBI* 
posaaaalon. Phoae 4ai7R, or at botmo. 

1r«ot'L Bay Naarly SOW. 1 rooiBa batb, 
•tr : splendid viow. Ayyiy 141 HoUy- 

a nod f.'ra*! ent. 

I^^AIR btraat. Willow*, eloee eai>— Nowly 
dacora^d l-roomad biiBgalow. real III. 
Phona 4111. • 

mod am how**. 


Y''OI Nil spilngi-r apaniel dug I.. -h1». 
A chaap to good h.jme phone ' : 


Having baan appointed Victoria dialribu- 
if (or Uray-Dort and Uray Motor < ais, we 
find It absolutely naceasary to make room 
lor the new niudalB. 

Our laig..- .lo. k of Ooed i:*ed Car* muat 
ba reducd, Bo we have dn ided en drastic 
lOSHCttaUS lo •<•. lire qui. k a. lion. 



cut 10' I 

1120 tvno rouBiNo 

tu« to 


TOURINO cut to 


ruURiNO cut to 


It i*A liar Kit cut to 


tut to ••......■•««.,.........- 


Co ••••■aaaasios*.* *•*....« 




AaS aa other Big Bargaiaa oa Diayiay 
al Oar OMtoid* showr* 


Ill Tat** Strooi Pboa* IIN 

^l(tn modal a-paaaangar lai 

"U-^yv/r/ economlral to run. In flito ooaul. 
Hon. Box I7II. Colonist. 

K.ilt (It 11 NKW STOCK. . All 1.1. ADS i.l' 

1Q10 Tot ni\<]. ju*t out of tbo *boB 

■At/At/ A gqod sarvireahla lar at aa 


low pilce. 



-inOI t orPE. Tha •MTon and *a*y 

riding qualltle* of thi* popular 
mo. lei are well known Thla 
I'oupe haa undergone a ihurougU 
ejarbaol from top to bottom, 
wo oaa ro4»ommeBd thU rar fn 
Saalring a closed l ai . Illil 

ri4 Johnaon St, Pbona 
Oray-Dort Car* oray < ara 


Perd tfarvloo 

III View Btraat 
Pbona 2111 and I4IIX 

1.*^ AIRFIELD — Bevan* 
furnao«aaaS sarBB*i roai fia. 

1,-«>n Pal. Large tbraa-**at*d 
I'Im.n> 40* 

^are.1 for aiama on 
llgbeat mar ha thro 


\ ,1 

Pboaa mil. 

VlOLONt Kl I. . 
Prtaeaaa ( . 1 


»» day*, fram I II 1111 .s 


Ui U»,.(IM>, III 

Horai viotorta 

Ulilll.. wllh 

. ^-- am I II I 

Calvmt. MiWa Uadin 

gn.M] plann 


10 KxcnAJvas 

Ij^OR Sal*— Complete sat ArmatroBS 
Stao and plpa viae. 114 71: aet Ol 
meblla tools, ftl 71; Twin Indian 
cycle. 141, It-hrackel ban),.. Ill I*; oloMBgL 
|« (n |1K cii.aea. |«. Nugaot ataol 

<■ •■•her vBllae*. II.M! a- 

t 141; sultcaaea 11. Ta: 

iiiariDe iei«i»cope. |i il, new outer blfyrle 
tiroa, at. II: BOW taaer lube*. 7lr; bleyria 
aaala. Il Tl : playing .ard*. :ir. .pirii h,,i 
.ompa.. )• a-p"rl«rU« f-oni Si' 

a'i> • . la. oil Aaruna-ii a .^ ww » •, 

''*' " 8iiir. Ill Juhna'n Hir»e( ,« 

<*ni - • t Kir-eti Phona 7 >l 

lOiv .'-^a.e Monarch rana*. I burner Per 
faetleo all ateve. aetie*. da^enpon 
atngle bodataad. kitchen thalr, and lahlaa 

Aaooaa boao ood female Airadaia pupptca 

tlMTI. 1241 Maple " 




di Ilred 

linpr<>\ ernent. 

NKW T' I.N " 

Advartlaement Wriiera and AdvartlaiBB 

I "i.ira. lore 
M I «iaih an.l M 1 111 e.ig 1 ■ ph Circular Lat. 
. . .n.l A lill"»aln( Mailing' 

liaiea (Juoied for I.»cal. Doinlalea 
korelgo Pul ■• •■ 

HCUBBS. lurolahea BBS aafurBlshad. far 
roat aaS u 
Uo y S ypsBB A Bl 
Phoae liaiT 

MAHM.r ST— » room boBM, ftS month 
\i<ioria Really Co.. Ill Central Bid* 

panelling, beaming. 

\'er y 

■ retiy l^uu'iii buacslow, 
bulTat. eto : high, 
full cement baaament . 2 lots; adult* enlv; 
121: near private arbaola Victoria Raaliy 

<n, Sli-217 Central Ridg. Phone laa*. 

-| 714 DAVIB Btraat— Modera S.fwemaS 

J bungalow te let Now vaoaat. 

%\ A.N 1 Kl» 

♦ II-, 1 I.I.ANIUIIJB 'I.l Ttl.V II - I . 
piano*, gramophoi . 
pel*, rangea, els. Pboi." 
re. .1 . wuj J, 

y. ' ~ , ...I 

•a 9ald for 
'Iture, ear- 
and our rep- 
C txcbaaga. 117 

Mp say bigboat prloeo for bMUeTvWa 
toolA atovaa fornitura or anrihina 

-'— '■►■■'0. .... ->..., , 

I y:-^ I H..11.I. i i,,.„, ,.9, ,„„ 

rfar car- 

114 PAMmiIIa \\> 

f'iliv modern, 7 
1. rent |4«; III 

I 1 lie. poae. Mar 1 h 

I ..nil, -oil .•" . I rooma. iniriied pnaa . rant 
|:tl .111, 10:1 •'aledoiila Av~ , \ rvoma poas 
March 2. rent 122 »•; 12* HMOd a'v*.. I 
rooma, Immad. poa*., rant III. BlObop A 
w.irthlngion. lAd.. Ill Brvoghton Street 
t'boB* 7 4. 


-—■ni.iiv. will eall Bed cnar car- 
r-ni pit, -.a. Ka.haBg*^ "The 

Bio. - 

CALL 111 

4 I |.''.r I ai reel 



1.XJR family of adulta, a cotiaga nf 1 
A 1 ^1 ma wttk kMOkoa caraan and lawa; 
B* s aim* l t Slatrlot yro(«rr*«. Apply to 



AMTRI) to Rani —Small aha<-k, fur- 

» ♦ nlati 

in f ',1 r II l«li-.l 

Hot ITU. Col. 

*A k PAT H»C<r 

rasa tooia ai'.- 
•aytkiag al*a yeu wlai' 
all aayWkere ana Mm* T. 

WANTRD — SovoB-ro* 
foralehoa. WUI 

elaoo wheat 


ttUa goartor aeftion nrei 
., - -t land, all hr..i<.n th-.. 

Ti'il^".'"'" •'"^' '" I'h. .. 

Albarta, f« axrhange fn: . r,,,,, v ,„ 

Hov I aigarv 

\ ' A M 1,1 \ ER client ofler. • 
.P*«V«»elr CABOIroelad ho" . 
-.idanital aerijoB. at a aacrin. .. f„r a vk- 
I iST BJttf. Particalara at victoria Raaiiy 
* Oa« StMlT Coalral BlSa. Phaao atMtL ' 

O^^aan IB AB KMB t 

pBBSM PISH aa« JNattry. Boiola Boo 
A topraato aad ^' 




Ml Kort 

• ' ■ ' . I ^ry I . 
^-.a lent* 

Phone f 1 14 

met I door ta 

p I 

alSooBt. ero 

alao do.ll.le 

► ««• • a III 

» I R- in. ,»,r,, irttb a r««e. 

ho wTll .-« ■ mna hne ladW 

nt >.-.1.11»i« .ir 
-..1. • MM ■ 


aoaUral (an-bosr 

oppar warm nven*. fn esceller 
v-aloa whaa new |||l; will a*. 1 • <, 

Call today end aea thla ot • lti'U~i.,.i.v«r 
B«ib«aso, Ml r*H*B St., 
MooBa^ajBoao »** . 

» I n a w » n r . 
•"1. latloa wl 
g»ot^ aad rklld'ex 
■ III T>ea*Iaa at'..- 

/ \A K I' ,» V A .1, - '.,„ .„ , 

\ / - f 1 , . , ^ . f :j . y,, 1 . „ r » ' , . n e 

(\ 1 . 1 1 » tt 
' ' »i r • 

OR l-ROOM modern heua*. 

pr»ferr'l ."'i h . .. I o m . . .1 a I I on for 

U A.> 1 I.l) ro liK.'VT — 

ANTKD to Rant. 

Ill • "Oaa lo bur S" 
ra'peia rancas ala 

r«l<1 Ph"n. 

hilT aell . 

I'hoaa 2ti> 

^laaa foral- 

furnlahad, ot aar'y 
!'• or 7 ronm hooaa, 
« .ra. HI rather 

'nAROAJN — iiif Ford tourmg ear for mie 
A J cheep; owner leaving atty PbOBo IIIt T 

I^^t^UU, 11117 tuurlug, all In go<id ahape. 
A new lop, new cuahlon lovaii running 
fine. |3»<i. 1111 louring. In wonderful 
aha|>e. «o...l rubber and a buy at |I2I 
ttvarland. CM: touring, |l«. (.'hav , lkl» 
dallvary i:»«, or cbaaaia for 1171. I'raller, 
wHb iiolld ttraa 111. Dump i;«r (er 
••f!* •« ^•*»« eempleia. |ll. t wreck, buy. 
sail aad aaehango all makaa of oara Parts 
(or 'moot all ear* 10% »rr naw yrtoa 

14 » View Street Phona Ull 

■^▼EW Pord lope. III.**. Other oara at 
Al proportional* rataa; alao aldo cortala 
and top repairn. Cartlor Braa. TM " 
Street. Pboao SaW. 


T'.N.M K Df>WN Price, In Cd cara - 
AX J i..ida. all l-paaaengar touring, at 
ll»o, litfc and 1171, Uroy-Dort, hn 
McLaughlin. |*7i, Repablle traek, Ii7i 
cola, 7 paasanger III*. Baiek. a resi 
*aayk |ii*. Wlllyp-KalsM. 
AU la-Carat 

U( MO| 
727 Johnson At 

Phoae 1177 


'brcT.Ai ';iii.iN Maatsr SU, 7-ysaaBas*r. 

e>l 7 Ilia haa been aOOd S (OW taoalb* 

only and la abaolutely Bg gOSd ga aOW IB 

► >.iy reaped, a new eord tlroa A oaorlfloo 


^IHKVIliil.F.T i.ji. In new r.ndHlan TbI* 

■4HKVIII il.F.T. 

J .ar haa had I be very bast of COra and 

runs like now, all naw lire*, ai Hit 
I^VBRLAMD aa COBotry .'luh. In baau- 
Thia car ha* had the very 

V llful order ,._ _ 

beat of .are. i wire whaels. all cood'tirea'. 

IN ADDITION ta ihesa rara wa have lao 
Bodol Ruaabouta Wllh eiac. 

^lasr at .fgf^ aa«k 

Oar OusrsslSB ta bsktaS gvaty «s^ 

Heaaa a< Fori ta Viotorta 
iJi Taua Mrooa pboao iiii 



lUKi ^VlI.l.YS-KNiailT. 7-PABHIC.N(jlCR 
X»yj.O Tl>URINa. AN IDEAL " Alt KOK 
NEW TOP AND MBWlaV mt t duL 


10'>n < "KVH.)I.KT. MODBJ, «H TOVBa 
J a'^Vf I.m;. i;iiin> 'II HEM. IM PlBBCa 

TioB. nuTATBiar vtmo #iOU 

JAMKHON A WllJ.lfl, I/n^ 

raomi SIM 

IQIj) lay aad tireo 

oomylotoly govnwBlod. lata, 
^ak WaHtas (so UaaS PorS QSaB 
til PtagarS BtaaN Pboao titn 


OVt 4 TfJH l>ay Elder abort wheal beoo 
logging tru< k and Unlvaraal logging 
irallar, cempleta aad ready (or work. 


Far aaMSB^ Ayyiy to 

tAmmmm a willia ltd. 
T4* BBovMiiMr viotuau. »a 

' ) I ' Car VALtTMS 
III* — DOLKeE Inuring ovarhauiad and II 

boat of ahapa 
ITT^PORD Sadau I.lka new and equlM 
with too axiru A '•Uer ' 
a BOW oaa. 
ia*S— 111* CHBVMOUCr lourlaB. 
Ata* tw* r««S TililSBS yi1»l< 

A m. mmpmujM motobsi ltd. 

If*. C oram Plow saS Vaa*oa«*r Bta 




OVKKUAND »» louiing. In perfect order 
•» liu 

ill! POBD touring. 4 new tirao at... .1171 
IIN OayaOLKT iu.i overbaaloAsa MII 
IMI irOMEBAKKH r„ad«.r MT^.7..|ttS 
May terms. 

IS stkar tan to ch< 



aaa viow Btroot 

a W* ^ ' •'■ '• ' a» 1 

1' r f- * r , , * • VI.- i.^rla 
Panlora I'boa* 1111, 

Wo o s s i iiloo 
atak C ,W*m* r • 

oor Mlr«.r ^ ai>, ..u»er. B.CL 

O'-'^li'^Hi S*^"'^^ BTCOBBAKBR. 
BVSBBLL raSiatora aasBMA Sana 
isboo BBS tlrea balf yHas aaS loea 
POBM tnm m SA 
*ia4Ba TrsBoyi^ gig,- 


BBNMiB at Hit COOK BvmaaT 

O - ' ' ' • ■ • ■ ■ ■• >'■'•,., ,., ; ymtmlf 

... i . , 

fcI \ A 1 
i ttm 


THB IBM AM SCOUT baa tbam all boat, 
and I* clean, too. Come la 4U><1 let me 
show you. Now I* the tlma to baya the 
•Id m4MkiB* goBo ever ae It wiU be ready 

i. p. 


PIra Ball) 

90A MiM M 

"ing r..r 

I I n. ^^^t 

a I > I o r n ' a M 

1 (V>*> SKBaB lo* Rtaa Bettovoa Test 

1 •'—•» aernlce 1*1 tt^f 

^ i4Mnr AJiia »oojr» §§ 

LffOT At entraiMO la A' ' • abo«| 
January 2*. IB OpaaaOtad vilea, Il fagl 

leas, t oobad witb wi**. yWer ytoada 
aoiify St* BaywarS 

J iHi 





roadojor, yeafoot ao4uiin/.n . ■ .1 | — . . 

MVi lass oaaA PbMa i2i;h afte< i jj^ifT— a Bays SB timm. 

la. a 

^^btaok. Pfodar 

I* lillA.. 




A Mart for Busy Readers— House and Business Property for Sale and Exchange 


lA»i T_Af>il> kX iLSU i* 
T 0«T Oolit tmft tMl. I.liwpxl ball •! 

■* Atinoiitt, «r am M«. * ^ ' •< oi 
Hirii or pMa* CitM* 

"I Uh I ( >i, «.r,,,,l, ,„ y^,,^ |<, 

I'». >| 1.,,. Ir,, Ai». lioi.Jljaf ■ 
lalBlns I iiisa, gold wriM w«|ih su i 

LMT— Pair •r«ct4Mw«a. la stiff Mack 
PO— Ihly noar <'l<'«(nuL 

p;»a** i>li»n« tjttltl 

Notify B.i » J u ; 

I '>'*l l.l> Mil. 

^IKaYK(> away rrein tvi C^orga Road, a 

oPTQwmnrai m 

«»-lalm« t*«« wttk l*rM »*rr*il. No 

flsturva in buy. ll.*a« go with «i ■ <■ 
t?t nio<'k at Intnli*. »K<.iil f1 i' 
roomad modarn houaa ran b« r*nlcd <<Tr |>» 

If iMI w i. ^ PH« flkaikM <«r m<i 


tt.«e»— RI.BBPINO or MlKo »snMr*hli> 
In a ttralvki, kiNltflMa-IUM pt^fiaittm, up 
Island. «k«M jMi mmn «M kf okraod 
Outdoor WWV Mr anNHMr MkMB M aetlvs 

It.tO* TTANTKI* fnr d«« alopmant In luin 
ksr Induatry. Moaay ursd by rirat 
Mortgavo «• propartr valusd ll«,m. Rata 
of iMlaroat or ahars of profits t 

e ba ar- 

1 K u ' t r • parr l T 

P ' " t 1- « i mat 

For r>a rt 1 <i : a ' a . . ■ ■ > . . . m ■ i r • 

kHS aiMt III . .-al inr. .. 

Tt»-» ^ B.C> Parm. Uoka Rld«. Pkoa 



tJOtMmO and <!«tit laiiirn • ( lin.iahlni 

M, I'Ma!*-'! t.Mi Mialii Hi rarl In a'»<' i 

k»' Irt ad< town, old aaiablMhad busloaaa. 
■kvlas flrst'ilata trad*. MtMk ii 1 1 

■Mtoly II. M*, la aood ooadlMM mmt mt 
{WMIIt >whd«>. /. M. WklttMM * C». 

DAIKT farm for raat. of ITS aoroa; ■•'> 
Mrsa andar cultivation, all battom lanu. 
No Mumps or lock*: ons thousand Mcraa of 

food paalura vn iidawatar flats; bulldlnxa, 
room dwalllnir. 1 room dwallln*. aaraRr 
r'M l.^n Iiouaa wlit» h'>iia*. s-aii-*' ' . - 

alalia fi.r ftO lira. I .f .all,. l , . 
niriii aliad, i rnllaa fruni Nacial no. iiaa I. am 
a milk dallvaiy l'> Nanalin'i I'm ia yiaia 
Tha boat niarkat In B.i.. . milk sold ai «0c 
par (al. I'osoasslon 1st Marrh. W. Ralna*. 
iiKtiar. ••• Albsrt Mt., Nsdalmo. Phono (TTft. 


1 ^ >oa want tu aail buauiaaa yli4#ba 
J parii.iilara tu liualti^-aa !>•' pai ' men i . HiU, 
I ii.Ki. Kaaliy A Invastmant C>>. 

111A\ IC a Itral Uuyar for • Real I'-ualnraa 
— Conrarcionorjr. Orooory, aarthlnc 
•oiiMd and raspoi'tabla, ihowlng a rs««on- 
Akla ■MAt4..aiMt. kaM- iMMilMMlk^ -Mmhv 
Ampktatl. »t tIkiM Skkk VU*. ~ M«m 

BD8INfc.H<< rilANCkk 

19 yoQ ka** a bualnaaa (or aai« 
lot Oa bava particulars. 

W* kk*a all— n waltlks. 

"X'li If, liu^a ii.>.».y liuniiiria In rity. Wwiiar 
Isavlnc fur calir»rnia. This ts no kum- 

k— . twi— n— A M— rm»k. /«t r>n m. 

Vor Infoi'malle* Ml hmW t* 
lacrsaaa your inarkot% writ* 

•OX »t». COIaOMlST. 

fpOWN o( niiiilu »iil sivn a raw raaldsn'-a 
-L Ints to dralrsM" appli'snis a* an a<1- 
^»i tUnmriii. Abaiiu'i ai minimum <'0S(. 
Addiass Mavor'a Ufflca. Ulthlo, riorlda. 

WANT lo maat part]> with law hundrrd 
d.'linis to lako tnttraft \. ilh in« m 
l>lt profll-makln* bualiiaa«. Will |>ay bl«>ar 
)..iiiri.-, I ii . M anvlhlnff alui in M'' i ..-in' 
■•••k only . 



1|AI I' . A ' Mas Maohlna" — Only toa 

* k > k • AaK for danionai > a M..n In vrv'tr 

*n Ijnitad Typawiii-. i . 

^ I ' I MM^BSstMiUSsSiii^^MMia f I " 


1 lk« Ufr «a« Faador kkaalalMk 

*iR»ium SUISSE 


- - - g' k r'krWkr^ i O»'k^% » i ^^LTk- -i_n. 



111 b.-uaa rapaira 


\N 1 I I . i . • ' • "> I - i . . 1 1 i.fc .1 I f k-a 1 1 p r ti.»oa 
,.'jt II. ...Ml. a a apaviaiiir. 1'. ritlrkalL 

X>tl>>NK Hunt * itiaacklay for allaratlona 
a»« Mpln. fandora. Pkoaa 


\l • > > 

ti.i.wiM. VM» ri;i ..s.'^i M. 

KKMOL*lbUi.l.NU. aUaialioua, by a lallar. 
Phaoa HIT 

1 101 < ■ I II I I. ■ Nl I 

UA«N, tka alau awaap. Ciaaaii- 
kM» 99m»t—l»t9, Mkrtaar. Pko«o 

rpMK rhaitu ..f ti»wiiraa lo your kprlng 
X clothlnc. I><-I us rlran au<Ll»°aaa tham, 
rMtfjr tmt anothar aaaaon. 

fITY nvK WonKS 

I ;m i,l-li V !>■ DRTOOODS— T«niar. Baa 
V |..n a Cn . Mil . wholOaalO >1r>( >o,1a 
lincci' -'* •"<! ir.anula. ' urara Man a fur 
•iaktat*. (rnts. Uig lliiro" Brand ablri« 
^ifa Mall orda« attatdsd to. 

I.I I I t 'i n i: ^r^^;^( Y 

aMtK V\ 1. - I I '1 IiK I KCflVIO AUkNCT, 
. is-ii I.I o( Trads BM». VMiarMk 


1|%la4.H.>HM » .1 >««r.l ami ■Ir.' 

' pallako*. i'a> 1 ..loa JOSS, nlchi pho»s 

i:\ \ \ iNu 


KNKHAI .iBiavrr. alrncll rll'ISr Sn.l 
acal »n«iu>'i <lao. Crowthar, Draaa 
Ijok. HI* l<"'a.l ■■'Uraal. oppoaUa t\.loj«'aL 


PRtVATB aTATtOMBJIT smbossa i n . 
daalan or color Th* Culonlai riimir f 

I IP'lla I 

|..XI'III:SS \.\I) 11 AM I.N <i 

DRATWAN — -loaapk Haanay, oflloa at 
Wharf Btroal Pbaaa ItL 


U. » . |i • a . : ■ 


- M M 1 


u iiul.K;fc.a. ktt Ardaal 
Praalac apraruis. lawaa 





'> alia 

guamakar: rapalia and 
taratlOMi anskaa tun at>,. aa tura, 
bioau aud blua aarrala Yi » u.i, an.l aail 
aratclaaa tuns. riAaa fhun* ..^< liit 

STRAW and rait Hal* for kpriPg: ol4 oasa 
elaanod. romudallad right up to data. 
•M]|kTki««. »okr I>o«clkft YlCTOBLA. HAT 

MOVK your ruraiiuro by Mata t m UMai 
oulck and rallabid mtytf, WkUWM t» 

J. D. willlama Phono ftlk 

fHHK t rarhportaiion Co , Ltd.. coaaral aad 
X ttina (flaianra liniillns, I tn t Ion irurka 


'"iMIM'xr < A N A I ! A v Kt 1 pioTii'«nt aad 

llilai P"' "^'^ ' ' "'■ * I'l. -t . U. 

n ii.Mii iti: Mi>\i\(j 

ABOITT furnli"i« r,,,.-'ng la.ains. ahip 
Mac or »tora»« a-. <-•▼«• m tiamb 
•rraMrfar Co- Koi » a i.iiik ami dlMrlb«tla«. 
<'«t ralaa on liaifh' in Ibsatom polata 
onira phnn* iKtr 7:r I'andora Avaaua. 

I.-ltiRNiTl uK inovuig. banago aad gaa- 
•ral hauling. Tko Ooaoral karvtoo 

*p4irt. LiinUad. 

111 Jehnsea Mtraoi. 

ri a.M I xiii. I'oi.iMti.Nti 

[4°^UnMtTURB rapoiianad, piaaoo, ale. 4laoa 

l.mna t 'l 


IklOkKN wiodowa laadad 
» aalrod at skailggt Bkllggk 
•tiriirttt* OkHk 


IrrilMlllAri.'I.Ml I-lllio»,, .!> 

Cia i.a aud ail. Lioaaliia .Votiiiiic ; uo 
lai(« a., i nuiiiins lui, aniall, your sta- 
tlditrry la r. ui a.l^aii. a agaiit. Wkfll ik 

ui.aMua'iru wral u( iui...oiu 1 aa CblaklflV 

^1 MMi'i'ii^Mi iwMlLaaiaiaiM ■ i " a i , ' .1^ 

OXY- \ C JCl Y JLK> t W k.lA} I .N ii 

VL.i. claaaoa of waUUag. oay-aeatyima ..r 
• lactric proeoaasa. Uritlsk Waldlag 

Co.. 11$ Ram broka ktraoL Pfcoaa Hit. 

/ lAkT iron, knui^ aual u4 ktaMatua 
^ waklta,. M. jldwai^d. >k4 Oa-^aa. a.^ 


1 Ai.LBM. rUMarar—lfiMljaataa gtw^m M 
• I . plain aad oraa a iaa t al plaatartac «a> 

ii.arit v.. .IK. ra pair lag, ota. rkokk tit*. 




I III Kiis a«r ■ E&at, 

! i t.kii. 'I. « t«t t . 

» I I (n - 1. 1 "■ 


- - - ---- - , _ 


J^-<r.A^ii>.i I iMi. kataomlatkC elaaa. flrst-c 

riata laiaa fboao 44IIL. 

falattag aad Uaaoratiag. ahoaa 

J. Pt 

:>I«U. Kkiaomlalv. ll.Tt to II.M par 
room, akjr ilka. A gaad. alaaa job. 

T>AiNTlNa. kgldgiallk«. pk9krkik«titg. 
A i-iiraa iiiodorato. BMliCkMlkk kaaraa- 

•I...1.. tjiii. 

aad payartaaagti u a» lk t> VkMaT i'koaa 


PAT org, trada laarlui daalgii*. copy- 
rlgktA Psatfcaratoabaagb A Co., tha old 
aataklMkad kmn a( pataat attomays. Olkcaa, 
i«H Rogara MuUdUi>. Vaacuu var. B.C. 

rp U UUYDISN. Palanla' and 
1 • Trail* Markfc 417 Ualon baok Buii.i 


A MITM. 117 Pandora— PtMinblng and 
Maatiag. Jobbing a apa Malty. Wring- 
•ca nwMwA; aa» railara gaMUak. fkoa* 


I bonaa 1114. MMIt Nt MH kL 

^▲rwAM A soPA 

STOKt \Mi ori It I. riXTURES 
ANU Al^lii.ll.VriON8 

SPKCIAL Puraltara. Makaa flktarak. Oabl- 
aM M*kar% Jakkte*. Okp * Frtaad. 
aar.-gklka IL aad Vaaaaa^ar. Pkana ..i^ 


Mif«B rnui 111 /t 
atrtaUlr ngkliMMI 



QAVORT'B aaart Stora, «4n .Iolint..n Sir. at. 

I' I ■■..■I H 1... I'...a'a.^^ 

1 Ark.Uliriii.lCS AMi hLI*l'l.Uk-i» 

tW aad igaaak kk a k. ropam raatala. 
Mkbana for all maohlaoa Uadorwood 

Typowrltora TM ITort Itraat. VkstorU. 


tBLAMO WniPOW • CAU»aT ouiAiioro 

CO STpanY 

Pbonia 7«I1 

(tl Port St. 



Dry, Nnn (<alt Watar, par cord 14.10 

Fir Maavy Mark I.IO 

Urjr Pir Cordwood, par card k.I* 

Atdar. par rord ', 'ih 

>'or • arr> ing In i DO 

rhena iikt r t> I AO I A< '< )M I 


BK»T nr iurUwo.j.1, .liy. i: It In 
rnirl. balk. I'J Hl.llry Jl M.,iia, b 1 1 1 L 

.,1 : 

Hk.M 1 I'll iiluva W..U1I. la UU par toiU, « 
fart 14 00. f'hona :i>; 

DRY load Btillwoud, baavy bark and kind 
lla«. HtBoraai W— d Ok. Fkaaa t*44. 



mwuip * rooT 

BknlgKark^ffiMttanL Nauiilaa. Bte. 
Maaibara aT NO%'A aooTU. Manituba. 

«lt II kayward Midg. victoria. B.C. fhon* HI 


>HA.<t. A. an.l 1.- >a il K«ll*y. ka.ab- 
liahad uvar I y.aia Censultatloa fraa 
Pbonaa 4I4« and Ikit *tt kaywafd BIdg . 

COLlalJCK, U.C. I'k.c, PalaMr lofckal. 



DR. LCvrik HAial^-aawall Blook. aar 
Talaa an>1 iHiualaa Rlraata 

]| I' J •>• Ml •■ I.. al . .t - • . 
' 1 - ir 1 . i.i ■ I , .1,. ] . i : 



WANNBLL * NOAKRa. • B. C Uk.. 


1\ ii. J I I, .~ ; r . ..I ' » « • « a L, • 
' clallat. kufopaan lioapllal atparlaara 
111 Walkar Btdg.. Maooad aad UalvarMty. 
iaatila. W aa h. 

DR. David a nock woman'a dlaerdar* 
apaulallyi Ik yaaia' raparlaoca. kulta 
• Paaugsa BIdg. 

Haa' tia. 

Irti ml t'nivaraity. 

fftm AAUi 

ARBAL MOMB kNAP— l-roAia kaaaa. la 
abaolutaly (Irat-rlasa condltloa; built by 
day labor, workmanship of klgha<it ciaaa; 
4 larga badrooiaa, •Ith ampio r.a 1 u 1 ....m. 
'Itiad <i|> with riral-grada pluniMia an- 

• a 1 . ' |.a !■■• living aad <1ii. m. 

a «• k ' '.ai, an I paalry, will. I in 

(lUlnga. alaaplng pofrh; rooma la whita 
aaaaMlt tkkaa ap«a (Iraplaooa Nias lawa, 
ahada iraaa gad fla«ar«: appia, paar aad 
plum trooa, with amaii fruits, back at bouaa. 
uwnar gaiag to < a ir,>rnla says sail for 

11.104: IflO raah. baiaiioa |H laoatk. Par- 
thar partlaular* at Croira Roalty k lafaM- 
maol Co. 


VI.MOfT flaw (-room btingalew, full baia 
inant. modarn bathroom, i Isrca bad 
rnnma With duaala. dining rnnm and ritlad 
kllc'hax ra'-aptlon hall: 'air» "wnar 
lis* inatriinad u* tn aS' . > t «lt 

ANcn'HKIt gniwl buy « b> r.a liiai-claaa 
• nd. all undar rullKallaa, iagt oft Oaakra 
. aaiy It.kkf. Basy taraa arraagad. 

fITT HRiiKKnAOK 1 A. T Ahhav, Mgr 1 
404 t nloB Bank Bids. I'hona lit 

VkRaL kaaig la tha conntrr— Approti- 
niataly aiM a«ra of good laml. all In 
fi'iii I r»aa a| VkriOUa kiti<ia. riurkan bnuaa 
and garag*. Bungalow nf four larg* 
room*. 3 opsa flroplsraa, bath and pMltnr. 
mo«torn plaatktag aad dsitiroa: full eaiMai 
baaaMMMt ^atkMa fauadattaa aad ptaga 
rnak IMIki Mnaa arraagad. 



Md^ PkMM tkkk 

APIVK-BOOMfeO ko".* gx>^ .. „ 
fully taadarn. II l«a 'aah st 'T.i-t i'.. 
from Cli p HdIL Raplr R- i i«' a» 

A .^kW 4-r«wn> anna alow irannaUi. auf 
f\. fat. I span Rrapiaooa: largo io«i oaatok* 
ioaowtoni i:.«aa Apply I0I4 Batrdoti Aaa 

i «OMPORTAALa kkRBalaw. iiring rnom' 
' o^an Arat>ta«>a, hllrhaa pantr. batk 

■ .... h- I rai • ■ . - a . • 

• a* ar. ; f". h.*OSaa * ' I » 

laaa*. saar atri><o4. M.4sa >]'« llihiia k*. 




■•ArRriEi.D DikTRi' ! A •■'■« »r 

kapt buagalaw containing 4 ruoma . " 
aaaa kail, alttlag-ream and dlalBg-ro«i» 
Ith opon rlraplara panallad waits, kaam 

• •llTif. Ul'.t.aii m\<h 
f i: .laa ai.'l rMKia* inna a' 
^iiiial.aU 111 witlta anama. S' 
Ith larga cluthaa lupbva'i* 


1 ni oil a ' n 
1 , „|.l,..a"i» 
. .1 l.adri.un.a 
Mill A III 

PURKACB. COBCrata baaaman; Thia 
buagalow is la B»lk eaadttloa and roady 
far eccupaltak VtHMI fkTtkgg k^MMM 

Prica M.104. 

tt'7y\f\ WII.I, handia a .iighlr inodarn 

V * *f\J bungalow of i larga room*, with 
a go antranra hall, which could tM uaad 
a» a a.tiing ruum , illnlng-room with opan 
Ciiaplaca and buffat, panallad wall*, baam 
• alllaga; X good bodrooois; pass pantry and 
kitohaa; iotty baaoiaaat. oaaerata ticar. 

1 'al BMata. riaaadUl aad Imtmmt 

viiiMik, mc 

oTasuMKUia ooiiaB 

BRAND naw, w*ll-arrang*il aiuo u bun- 
galow, pratty location. )usl off pavad 
road. Uvlng-reom with opsn riraplao, > 
badreoms with bathroom batwaaii; kit.'iir'i 
witk aleotra, aaparata pgMtnr. Jtwt oampiotad 
by owaar aa4 aaaatraMlaa >• ftm M k gi 
suaatod akava Ilk laat (raai 75*^ 

WT%9^ •••ap«s aaaakkkaddk 9SgVV9k 

nsw'M i<k»»ai»» 



nr.ui nrM)Ai.<>w. akjoining 
iba Uoit l.ii.ka and aarruuudad 
with trara la unduubtodly tha 
■ 'aataal baigair i.fiai. •! Tn' 
aoiiia till. a It l.aa ii\liia m.i.iii 
with larga opan flraplaca and 
b«llt-ln window aaata, dining 
room, rraii. h glaa* .li.ura la*. I 

Ing tu a \ olll.l. . .a. 

looka tha .:,ir 1 inka. kn.ian 
With tka uajal built In fastum 
tkroa kodrootna. batkraon 
fall-Maod kaMntant, faraaca 
ale Prica. far a tew dcra paly, 
t« mo Raaaaaakto V"** **" 
b* Biinngad. 

r. R. BRUW.N A SUNk 

Sakl BgUtk, ruaaeial kk« 


ill] Uroait Siraat 

Phuno 1474 

roai a a, and thraa lata, cleaa to 
achool. Rocmg ara all of good six* and 
wall arrangad. Built-in affarts. Ami. a 
cloaet room i -".an ''ra^.ia-aa haamad ■ 
Ing* and pana. a.l »,>. • > . ^aiiianl baaa 
msat, wash tuba i big lota, chlrkan houaaa 
aad garaBa. Praparty la alttiatad aa ktgk 
grouak, gvart kkklkg atty. kad tuaa kra Uskt. 

HBMTmauM, roAMAM A ca 

III VIgfr Mngk MkBk U 


(^HOK.'L sli-roeiri bungalow, full plumb- 
' Ing, basamani. waakiaka: half ncra of 
gaidan, small frulta. chlcksn huuaaa: cloaa 

to car Una Pri. a I:' Sitn Tarm* 

H.VI.r ACtlll. Ill fruit*, high ami 
dry. watar. Hglu and phona; small 
halMg, Tour mlla* out Prlo* |<44. 

1134 OoNrrnmant (<tra*t 

/^BAP tor Qaick flala— ta Viotonaa 
yj chalea rsMdaatlal aaotloa. 4-roomad 
.nttag* fai Ing south, nsarly 1 aera land, 
fi i ' . I a <l and vagstabls gardsn. barn 

ai.i !.:.aa,. houaas. AI*o furnltura aad 
outal'l* *tu. k It daalrad 1 'i " ■ <<a^ ^Ijll 
from cantra of town Api r " aaiV Igsa 
Rlcbardaon ktraat. or phona 1144. 

OfeLlOHTVUX. nAlVnmV^ BtfMOAl.O^'^ 

rtALiroRMlA daMgn; aaaallad hall opan- 
Ing Into larga, brlgat racaptlon room, 
artlatlcally tintad. with opan flraplaca and 
built-in arfrrta; dining-room panallad and 
built In buffat. polishsd floors throughout, 
axtra spaclal alartrto fliture*; Uutrh kit- 
Chan In whits with svsry labor-iavIng d»- 
vica: twa airy, bright badrooraa, flna big 
iiosatsi batbraom la whIta ttlaa; wida var* 
andaa; tall aagMkt kaaaaiaM, A maM 

ssiT"*rt'5aikiw sivVi «ur '^'■^ 

SMttta PPIOM V#l#W Mn M ffiVW, 

OAK AAV MOMM frkki II.HI U t<t.N«. 
■avaral fkr Akkt. 


in* I V m i.a r < ..n Fiidg. Phona Till 

e'MK^il' lhan lariMng an apariman' 
' Wall built 2-riMim cottaga. romplata 
with gakd Iwrattara. atraa ta ewtiary aad 
badding: ale* !•! gad outbuildlnga; llti 
fih.a kaanaara Btroat : immadlaia possasalon; 
g .< 1 iriay garvloa. Raducad prirr, l( gold 
thia aaak, |1|1M. Terms. |tlO cash, bal- 
anea aagy. Bsciwslvaly by T. P. MoCoaa 
nail. Ilk Patabartoa BIdg . 


4 raakia. fully modarn. furnaoa. Fair* 
Md lOM 

< rioma," tally modarn, furnaca, Kalr- 

f.' t ..,,*•..• ■■..•••,«..... I.lll 

n > tally aiadkra. Okk Sky dis- 

trlit • > •...,....> 1,1*4 

4 roams, tally madara. Oak Bay 

Municipality l.loo 

I room*, fully modarn dak bay 

Munlrlpalliy 3,100 

4 r«><>n>*, fully modarn uak Bay 

Municipality I.llt 

I rooma, fully aiodora. rakallt, Fklr- 

Arid 1,110 

« ro< nia. fully Hiadara, aanl-kuagalaw, 

• >ak Bay 1,114 

Tha abo< a huu*** ara wall locatad, all rioaa 
la car linos, and ars In good oondttloa. Tha 
ktki paykMki wlU raa fraai t*H la ll.klk. 

A. V. WINCH A CO., lalMlTBP. 


I,"'XCKI'ri(>NAI,l-T atlrsctlva llllla |. 
moniad bungalaw, modarn In KVKIIY 
raapaot and at pteaant la tha "Pink" of 
condition. It Will appaal to th* partlaular 
buyar looking for a raal romfertabia an<l 
mn^anl'ni llltia hnina. Tha rnoni* ara all 
bright, with nira <ippn outlook. Wondarful 
\iaw of Mt. Bakar from front varaada. Liv- 
ing -rooma paaallad. kkva aavaral built -In 
faaturaa aad with aa apan flraplaca tn aaeh. 
Two larga bodraoma^lth elothaa oloaai*; 
l>ut<-h kitrhan: thraa^lara baihraom. and 
back and front l.uiiways NIra high haaa- 
rnant. fully lainani.-d and guaiantaad tu ba 
bona -dry all tiniaa of th* yaar. Larga. naw 
hot air fiirnara. Plaa big lal, 4*1 1 41, all 
H (^l lani rd: lawna and gardan, young fruit 
liaaa, hadgat. at.- Holld »ft. ronorala 
dritaway full langth of lot to garage at 
raar. Wall-bullt frama cottaga. cadar 
llnad and with watar and aawar eaanar- 
tlana, alaciHo light, lonvartad Info asc*llant 
garaga and chlrkan housa Alao aaparaia 
t'hiekan bouaa anU Ilia ii .calling liaa 
jaal baan palnlad uuialda and thoroughly 
radaooratad inalda. A mora compact llttia 
hamd could not bo wlshad far, and It I* 
raady (or aimoM lataaadlat* aocapaaop. 
Wa Ara RselkMva AfMit* 
•44 Port ktraat 

HAAOSdMr: mm. 11 fttlb bi'V«atxjw 

SITVATB on «l> 'uut .uinrr lot In altrac- 
tttfa woodod iii'Stluii III tlia I'Uy, \«ry 
rIoaa to <ars. Vaai:Oulr. bright and apa. 
living room with lugla-nook a . .1 .-ina a 
Olpliig roi'in «l(li buflal. I-.- ' ' 1 ■ n n 
with vary complata alialvlng. ihraa-placa 
bathroaoi: two kadraama wlik alaaata. Uaaa 
I'loaats. Pall, madam baaamant, with hut 

air f urn«' a Tlila tiungalow. wbaii <on- 
• iru'la.l a 'aw yaa.a agi. IvC'k I.iat 1/ I ta 
lu a L uiiipatttluii lur baaut v of rxicilor and 
Intarlor, auparlerlty of dealgn. cuoatructlon 
and aicallanca of flnlah. Now uffarad at 
only 11,1**. wltk |1!,1*0 raab, aad balaaca 
kk aurtkakd ki T par oaat. 

Batter hava a look at thi* 


Ill AAkiikl Bd 


-* IffRABT — II.UOu laduclloo — KSTora 
.1 huy that Kalrflald homa. inaria 1 
I ^a iiw, fully modarn as lagania 

pan- .. ng and baaming, built-lii etrcil". 
modaru balbroon. high, full camaat '>aa. 
manl. furnaca. garag*. Wa'ra Inatru.ta 1 
lo ulf*r this at ll.OOU or mora r'.-duiti.. 
It muat ha sold, ragardlsaa ot coat. t>wna 
paid 14.10*. Tha Victoria Raalty Co., lilt 
III Oaatral Aids. Pkaaa HM. 


NBAR Kaaklakd Araaaa k lart* raama 
and attic, sultabia tar MlUardaraom . 
4 brdroum*. i with rir*pia«aa: larga dlalag- 
loom opaning Into drawlaB» r aa a i. wl tk ttra - 

pikogg: ifkrur tfon^w tmn vmrnrntmri 

stona foundation: baaamant: hot watar haat- 

Ing ' lota frull traa» garsga Vary high 

p..»ll|r,n. flna \ia\\ llrduia.l to onl> |7.0uO. 
open In ..ffai Miial a»U ICxcluaUaly — 

llA(iH)lAV\K *i ( >>. Havward BIdg. 


HOUkB la tha boat part ot Pair- 
kald, containing Uvtag•roo■^ dlalaga 

room braakfaat-faaM, jMBaJUMAaB WiGk 

l«'i» I'autry, ' — 

- u .1 I garaga. Oas Instattsd. 

I nil oaaamant and hot dlr fumaca. 

A «aat aaaatortkkla ka«M Ik Via- 
tarta'a aMM IkvkVkd dtklrlkt. 

IIM AfkBd ilffkkl Ylklk i Ab M 

\VTllo WILL BITT A 17.000 Htll SB POR 

VV |«,2t4T kavan-raom Colonial typo 
housa. with haavy granlta facing*, recaption 

room 10 ft by 14 ft , wi''. fr. .ling .t..ora at 
baik. mal<iii« ..■•.v .1- » »' 'i-n lira. 

Tliia room opana Inl.i • m <•. afluara hall. 

panallad and baamad; dinlng-rt>om panaiiaii 
and baama<l. opan fira, auparlor built In 
t.uffal. Dut'-h klihan. laundry on back 
<aran'la. )>arilno>..i floors throughout ground 
floor. Four dailgtitlul badrooma with alaap 
Ing porch, llnan . iipt f-ar.l . l.a'li aaparaia 
Chlnaman'a roani in la'amant fnnia.a 
Uardan with fruit traas, pratty front lawn. 
This proparty la Ib iB U kd l d akapa luklda 
and out. TBRmB. 

IIAimv AVrillaETT 
111 L'alon Bank BIdg. Phona 410* 


Ai|Wk/^— 7 HoiiHf*. fully modarn. camant 
^r^'-»'J\/ baaamant and good furnsca. 
I.lvlak aad •llnlng-rnnm* romhinad with 
• itdlnfe daars, both hava larg* ba\ wlndnwa. 
dinlag-raam has biiffat and ulata rail*, 
vary flna klichon and pantry, with all con- 
vanlanca*. and lhara I* a flna badroom and 
hallway downataln I'patalia a flna laml 
Ing, llnan "-lo**!, i.ath and tolUi, and I'lraa 
asraptlonally fin* badroama, with larga 
clelhoa alaaM*. Oloaa to tlaorga Jay kchool. 
Tarma. I1,**0 eaak and !«• a mkiith. in- 
cluding IntargM at 1 par east, koa ua akaut 
tbia NOW. 


with I, 4, I. 1. 7 and I reoai*. on Orahama, 
Uaaman, Pambroka. Bay ward, Karnwno.i 
Rd., Glanford llii..|.|a Ava., Langford I'l . 
Pewdarby. Iiiirnai.ia Rd., Ckray Rd-. f'OXi 
Kt . and many oihar pai kl k. Ak aMV 
payment and balanca ka rakt, aaaaTk lkk tu 
yaur rlr. umalanca*. 

Lal ua ki.nw vour wai'a ami wa v 1 1 ; giv* 
you fik^RVICB aaU gATllaKACl lU.N. 



TJ'VICRT modern convanlanca. Including full 
^ alxa.J ■ f 'i \ ■• i.a-' laai 
. fcfcla,..ia i» - ' 

Into a larga ll^l■'g room. pana<ia<l and tia^ 

Ing a larga opan flraplaca; dialng-roam Is 

l.aaniad and T<*nailad; nico airy kitchaa. gas 

.unnaita.l • r. 1 • t 1 pantry. There Is alao 
a nl'-a. ..... ■ 11 - .o(.in. four ^ary fine 

badrooma, •epaiai* baih and toilet, ona aa- 

fha tatiat. Tkig ara p g n y gHkktkd tk tha 

high part ot Palrflald, oa a larga lat In 

riowar*. lawn and gArdan. A good garage 
an.l .III. kan miii Thia \ary daeirahla pm.|). 
arty can ba purchaaad on g./od teiine. i'ri'a 

aakad, |«,4**. 

t^EW riva-roomad bungalow an<> 'wn ia^el 
■a.1 lot* for sal* St a low price, and oa 
attractive tarme. Wo affar ikia dadlfkbla 
hnma. within th* iwo-andaa-half-mllo circia 
and handy to alroot car, at an e^capllonal 
figure. Intatlor arrangement in. ludaa fo- 
trance hall. Ilvlng-room. dining-room, kll- 
I han and mo h.dr.inm*. a* wall a* pantiv, 
haihronni and lullet; larga npan f|rapla< e 
In living room, lata* low t'laeting appear, 
an a and nloa iian. On larma of i,%t .aah 
and balance aae> Ihls property win be 
said lai a leiai prlra u( tl.JOO 

01 1 I KtvPI r IIAHT * liil'ti I II. 

1^' . I' I' n -vi .... (an. a « ■ h -••■-,.:•«. 
baibrvona a<)ulpBeai, Ctorgo dlatrlol. 

it \ IIUI MuDEU.v i-roam cottaga, with 
^IJLUU i.pigao batkraaa^ olaaa Ik. 
Taaaa only |l* yaar. t?laaa ta t oar llaoa. 

• »>r'A— < KXfl.CBIVKI.Tl !• • ..Ian 
91.^ I " ( room bungalow 
Avaaua. Tlils Ig asssptlonally good buying, 
will «kr kvar II par caat ak ika ik uM k H k*. 

1*5 Tat«a Stnat ftkag IT* 

!ttLl'Mlik thAT buacalaw— I koaun 

nr*^a»U" I,. I T....n.a on aao riaari ssisct 
loiaiiiy 1: ' n. iain ooavaalakea, baaio- 
Ing. panelling bulli in fealuraa garage 

S») 4 rv/^ - r A I RKI Kl.U- I r a<>iiaae, naal 
^•^UU anil clean «Jn i>e.ei |4i 
•-| VH T'iUIA W KUT 
^XUvfU bungalow, romplata 
haaaoikkL Akgp targfts. 
KNkCLl. Ill Patnkortan BIdg 

a I naw 

• prtaa gl |l.k|lk pb 
A IkaagMMTSk 

^ 4 . W ki\ TlCItMtS I- ur 'i home* on pata.i 
m'/V/ tiiaat, 10 minutes' walk to <°lt> 
Hall: an I'l Lit*: daap gardtn aoi . out- 
building* l'i>e lu oua ana rant the othor. 
V luiaria ItaaOkJljp., 21I><1I tJauirai Bitlg. 
I'hqwa If I*. ^"ItV 

QUA * > >IAM, LTOb 
i^stablUhad lltl) 


ACiucAce roit haljc da 



1 1-1* Al KEk 

[ITI ATBD mr tka kaaaVk Raad. aa tha 
t-MUa Mrala. MktMa kaa kaaaa^at. aad 
iMd la all ettpgad. klckir Miaatad aad fa«Ma 
Waal. Mck, aa la^ag, ••.Wk. 

AT till 

PAR A' Ri: 

•> ') ACRBB on the Haanick PaklBPala aad 
on aaala thoroughtara. laMMk A ft» 
I he vary baM and vary p l dkkk klly 
•ituaiad. Only light bragk. 

.ii;i«T t)Pr 

dlEl-UwI lt.Vi; J'TP.KET 

AND A FRACTION At. REB. ail < l*ar*a 
v aad aadar calllvatlan, city watar can 
ba anally had. Wall aultad far aaiall fniHa. 
will. I. I ava kaaa crawa vary gaaaggidwlly 
intkc prapgrty. MM Pkr kkPA 

1 er ma. 

ts A'Hi;.S ON' 

l>l :^vi I. , tba Eaat pavad road and >'or 
do>a Hay. Commanda boautlfui Maw 
of tha lalanda. saa and mountains. ^oll 
Is light and wsll suited for small fruiis an'i 
■ hliken*. Practically all cleared with Ihe 
cKceptlen of a little light brnali I'rlco f*i 
li.e 111. > II. out). Eaey term* 


tn Oavg rk l kl St. T%0f If* 

/ K.'Ml' oltTABI.B four-room bungalow. 

with balhiooin. fully equipped, .-amani 
baaamant: opan riiapUca In living luum 
l-'iuntlng ua island Highway, sis iitllsa out 
Kuur aeraa at gu«>d land, bara aad ektoken 
touaaaa Prica ll.l**, tarma. 

123* liovurniiiaat ktraat 

/^UNTRT ktoro aad Aoraago— kitaatod oa 
ona of tha «>ulf lalaadk la tba oaatra of 
a weii-eattiad eommuaUy, aad withla oaay 
a. aaa .f \ ictorla. thia pvaporty oSora a 

nj.ri. ) pp. 'tuDliy for a ooiafortabla llve- 

.11^.. .1 ui. >i |.,,aaaa:.l i 1 r. ' umatlkaOOa. 'Inr a 

i a ' at' ' r a ^aa . r laatl. Wltk Bkan y tiuu 
I iiara. baiu. au i-liU-kau houaaa and oiber 
.>vii i.„ua*a, large water tank, with gaaullaa 
; i -ii 1., never-falling creak. Houaa cuaalat* of 
aioia. larga Uvlng-reom, parlor, 1 bodrooos 
downstaira and I apMalr^ baok kitakaa aad 
woodehed. alao ahad tor atorlng food. A 
poatuTi - I* run In ownjunetlon with lun 
atora . 'II '111 bunting around. Price l« .uu 
l*rn:a a 'Had. Per full partlculaie apply 
A. MiK.a r.,a tl* kayward Bulldtag. 

HnK»': TKMPTI.V'l pi ya 

-PRETI r HI .MIAI.OVt. wall 
built and flnaai condition. IA\ ■ 
Ing-raom with bakms. pane- 
Ihik, bukat aad apan kra. i 
(PM badraama, aadora bath- 
room, kao kitrhaa ang pantry, 
vainant basamaat. laundry tuba. 
This IS tha Past valua la city 

BUNUALOW, Wltk ka:<, Ilvlng- 
room T'Sioiiing aad baakaaaaa. 
dining room, paaallad, opan kra 
and buffet, 1 bodroamg, kit- 
akaa, p«air>, kkihraam, la- 
mant bgaamaat and furnace 
i.ood distrlst. 

1 : m: ik.MK wMb 1 2 ac. 

fin* |«-'*ar. w>l>T »oma voong 
ff " ' - ■ tie 1 II ving -r>M>in. 

dini.ig . . I t. kiicnan. paniry, t 
badraome. baihrnam. baama 
uanelliag. opoa flrka. kW}t>ln 
fakiarag, aad kkkgflMBt. a 
•rgk« k«r> 

I.tot'R HtK>M hoaao, bath, paniry. lot 44 
hy 144. |1.;*4 lat Bllary Kt. I'hona 

MkVK.MI K PROl>i;cliiK 

IP yoa Waal gwod valua la a ratanaa pro- 
doctag prnporly. let lia ehow y»a llilo 

pr»pari» lo Kaaiing I'a' PIvo acraa 

In iiaia ..r ... • ali-roomod 
hMiisa, .J sa acrea In ang >aai atiawborry 

pianta. wltlak akaalk kaar baavy t-rap af 
iruii nast saaaaa. P r apa n y la wall l<aaa(od 

and haa ampla aupttlv af watai with aovor 
Iwiling epilog iianar wi:i laka t.»ueo ap 'O 
\aluo of I J.*a* aa part payment. PrIca Il.tia 

lag Tlow atraot Pkaaa »* 

kPcriAL kNAP 




MOI»BBN T-ragiaad kaaaa with all large 
rooma; fall Maa kkakmant. wlib atone 

ROW Ik TOfB rMANi-R «i!<t|.T U.ll* 

Taaiak to arrange i 
M- A OALBT * • •• 1 

>«••• . WPP kpaaaar a I 

1*4* t>aa«la« kirakt 

Pkaaa l<4 

ad an a 


$. ( J * riHjm bungalow, aiiuat 

^i\MJ Arai-ciaas aami-hdslnaaa 
kvo ml Ba l ar walk ta aoatro of oiiy; aimaat 
BOW . ballt aapM'iBllv wiilr a view of een- 
varting ' a ".a .! iir.g Into a 

More » - • r r • 'I'nf alar*, 

coalactlonery. i>aKary. grocary or maat akap. 
tjapaMia aaa at atM kaM aatka. Amaaa 

Pkaaa mr. 

MUDRRM HOMBk P<>R maI.K on RahT 

D. M. Balo. CoatjMtar. ^Port aad ktadacoaa 



1 Ika Mkti— 4 a«« 
akdar neiiivatu 


I ^ t-a I h ro*> 

, ar- a- 'ao 

pu.. r g. rami'."** aaiaaa and Ciiinamaa a 


I.^'^UU hal« Vsncnuvrr liland farm lamia. 
Til rii. oiiraga bona fide aatllna wa aia 
offering lhoii*and» of a. ra* of goo. I 'aim 
land between Nanoona ann < am.-ron Lake et 
I:;* per acre or leaa. M-ally locatad noar 
thriving s*lllamant% with bank, churchea. 
arhoola, kMola. Moroa, talagraph aad tele- 
phone rommtinleatten, aad dally train aar- 
^i.a gn.ii automebllo highway and within 
rise mil. 1 of cjuaUeam Baaeh and gnir iinka 
LAOd la auuabi* for mUod farming, fruit 
grewlag and chirkon ralalng. Thia prico 
aaaaat ba duplicatad and aualliy of aoii 
oomparaa favorably with anytktkk aa the 
laland. Addraa* Rallaaoa Tradlas Oa.a Ltd , 
P.O. Boi I Nanalmo. B C. 

5|«r' Ai'KhJS. vaiy ailiabia for poultry. 
aU i aina 1 fruit and aaed (arm: natural 
dralaage. excallant watar aupply; weii 
altaatad: romfortabia t-roomad dwelling. 
U. kPd C. waur laid oai kMr|^i^k^ak9kkai 

kB Rkkd tkkd. kaar Mgl lkB 
l4Ma iMMi M 

aad laaa 

laaargafig Agaa* 

cowkAaa ktatlaa. & A H. RaUwag. 


Pentnaula — Poal- 

'nr H.I59— 

I I'raam of kaanh-h 
lively a ll*.**)* r' ■ 
Tan acrra, eight In cu ' family or- 

chard, ona acre atrawberriaa . barn, (hirkan 
houaaa. and an abaolutrly modern hous^. 
equal tu ths baM city itandarda. toned 
■aia, awaar calac kaatk. 

?H flilaa Aank AldB. Pkaaa b»" -< 


<• Ai-PKS of rinaM fruit and vagatabia 
*' land, la ga and email fruit*, all cuN 
ilvaied. Moilara 4-roomad houaa, ritv 
watar. light aad phono; ftabia and ekick 
houaos: vary class tn city Raducad i 
|4,t&4: 1740 raah, balan.a k\ par .ant. 

ML'TL'AL llEALTT, 414 bayward BIdg. 

PMBbaitkk AM«. J»k*kk 17 >o 

4 1 <t At REB. wllh aboat t* riasrad, with 

** aaaortad kaarlkc trait traaa. alaa a 
■plandid aaaortmant of small fralia Tha 
ground* near (ha hnuaa ara nlcaly laid out. 
an axoeptlonally good aaaortmant nf rare 
■hrub* and flower* The dwelling ha* eight 
room*, covering a ground apace 4* feat x 
14 feet. The houee la well planned, with all 
modarn convenience*. Every room Is In 
portaot eandlilon. Barn accammadatlon for 
4 head. Poultry houses for 1*4 bird* 
<>arage and othar oulbOlldlnga. A nevai 
falling water aupply Thit propeiiy |* «e I 
• iiuatad. commanding an sxoollant vlaw, and 
nose to tha gak. , 

Ths ewBkr kkk PgdBggd Mg pUf to 
1 1*. 

Phoiag akd gtkgr tafknkkUkB kl aar 



Akkl AdUta. pinaniiai aad 

Pan Bttkat 

1^ RRk. all ' learad. faaoad, tlla dralaad, 
^' end partly planted In fralt irsaa *nd 
•mall fruit. <>(i mala pavad road. Baaatl- 
ful vlaw. Phona and alaetrig llgkt. Ooad 
l-ra«niad kaagkiaw. la krataplagg aaadUtaai 
bara aad aatkaiidinga 

Prica 17,1*0 
Adjoining I.I acraa. all rlra^Ki, caa ba 
pareUasad at a very reaaonable prica. 

A. A AARTUN WlkB A CO., l«TO. 

Ill Pamkart^^ 

N > V fl M M K.ltl A Mi- 

-AV and alfalfa farm, < acres baaring or- 
rhard at tha fcaai ronimaralkl varlttlaa. 
UWBor'a aatimal* at crop ikM yokri 
l.m botas Appiaa 

lit baiaa P<\tma 

lao boiaa Aprlcnia 

l»0 hoiaa nertarlnaa 

140 boiea I'lierrlea 
Tha Whiile of pioperly planted tn al'e.fa 
Camfortabla houae, full equipment nf 

toalk aad in*.-hin'r' Vny plaggaat iakk- 
tiogk aakr i*ka ai. i riia I4,**k. 

(J, (' huwklL 
1*1 Paikkyriaa Ridg. • Pkaaa Till 


\(IiiriMI -n' ' tit-l '.'r. r-.,| 

M . ' . ' .'• n >'■ I • • 1 V'l . ' ■ y 

Dunlop A yoo\ barriatera *i. aaywar.i itnlg 


WE hava aavaral 
on Improved 
I ir rant rata af lnt< . 

rorj bt^ ^ ^ . yi>Oa* 4*1 

stina raB ^lklt_ IPBk} NM la IM,kk«k ak 



h'TI,vr.«TKU Karm at a « n i gan - J*4 

^ar.a. tK ac,a« under • ml i« al Ion , running 
a?' ' - h .iaa and barn Apply gylvaetar 

faa.l . I . O'l T »l a*. 

WA TKl>^TO^ *!9S^S9L«NJPf 

IOAN Wanted Miiet iMtrraw manay ak 
J S'Slria farm valued |l* Me cUar tllla. 

M. ■ ■ i: mat 

Y\*ANTF.IJ Tha loan of 11*4 or 1 4 40 

v» e month* al t por *aai MtaraM: i 

teiurity In citf, BoK ITM. Cotaaial, 

'ILL par It par coat aad (|*o good 

Ity I 


I'lar HFiH« A ho..- n, a^) ..i n nantea 
-> for loM baira and mlaaing kin front kit- 
farent paria af rha world Otan^ar-v '''.art 
of k.nglanil Ira'an i aa l Paav • V and 
rnciat" a.i n,. t i . , . • ' -'H 

' ' I a in, ... a ' a a a a - ' - ■ - -i - a 

>AiUdk i'OU laAlelk dl 

AAAtr A AtfA. LVA. 
•:i Port kiraac Pkoaa 113 

R*at AkUt*. rkuaalkl kBd Iki 


S^i iCKOL'NnBD ky krat - riaaa 

1^ faotia. and within Z mllea of the 
city uf l>utican, wa are offering S 'i 
aeraa In high aiata of cultivation, 
logolkor wltk atadara kaw aavoa- 
rooni aoml-bangatow nn (loacrota 
founilaiton with h 'i an.i old walei 
lal.l on (latage an.l aiabla f.ii f-.u. 
liaaU . pouiliy liuueee. watar tuwei 
tvlili gaai.lina engine, elactric light 
plant (wirt.l 111 houea a:id bwflil 
Ingai. The hoiiia la aarruundad by 
Ana lawa. tkara ara ainall tralta In 
abundanca. Proaani ownar'a btlsl- 
neaa will nnt periiill him lo give 
iiei raoar.\ tuna rcyuira.t lo il.a farm, 
a. I lie offaia It fur tin i >ia il la t e ev- 
1 lianga ai tn lu'i foi a place in Ilia 
■ 11). wlij. h i. uat b* i.iudein. wall 
ait Ua ted. and cuinbrlao Ms raania; 
value arakkd I*,**!. Aalakkk kP* 

ykitkar pkrtlcklara kt aAgg. 


rVlebT B^l.lPl'EU 




;oo acre* cultlvsled: 14 head high-grad* 

llal>taln*. luine lagiaiered, *hrai>. 
1... aa. I III planian I II, (IC, . and furiileliad 

I. . . V 11,. > iicr, 

6 ; -a a .la • ' 

Ad N I ^ V\ V.M t.l> 


HANK < la ka I ,- . a apara iline a* Gov- 
ernnient and city bond ealaanien. na- 
aurlng Incraaiad earMlnga while learning 
bund aale*man*hlp. Rsoallaat prospacta for 
right men. W. L. Olkkakk. ill lU Ava.. 
N an York City. 


ST. JOHNSON, 407 Aladdin BIdg. 17* 
• Ml IHrmot Ava., Winnipeg. Inventor of 
wonderful naw all lamp that burn* 44% 
air and kgktP |ka ar M a Mrl d tt Pi ta offartag 
i.i gl^e one frea lo tha Aral uaar In aaeb 


LARUE aad aiaall traou ot timkar. aaaaa 
elble to rail and walar, tar aala. Wlaa 

a ("o lot Pan baitnn Hl.lg 

rilHAf'r.H of four to a't ii. Illion teal of 
-L crown granted tlijibar for aala. alao 
Ilea, mine propa. etc , on Eaat Coast bl 
Vancnuvar laland, on railway, closa to tlda- 
waiai Kranou Canadian Compaay, Ltd., 


P. U JAMBk. Ili kaywara Uatldlag. 

Mil. » 

BlociL Phone 1141 

AlTOMttBIl R Br.rAiBC 
TUB MBCiiANiL'Ai. M>.>T<>H wurtAA UM 
Oak Ray Avenue. I'hona 4*44. 

Mg^^SMkAV all flegaru niraaU 


J O 4 NB< ) N Mllv^ATltM 
I'uatia «tl4. 


t- J I.AWRBNCM. Maatip Caady ktava, 
1*14 Mlaaahard ktraat. 1 miaata (ram 
naval Vlatoria Tkoatra. Pkoaa MlU 
'BK AMD -"til IT AM 

tikM. .*7a uSmm RklA 

I'hona lam 

A, h 1. J.iMtS, with J r aprlnkllag. 
corner Vlaw apij bi.iai. I'HoBa i 1 *a 

HENKON A CO. Ifg Udfg* MMd. fAkBkl 

*»tl aud 11>X 


H Cl.AHKIC <l> uauii.i lauildina Pkone 

RI.Kt TKlt lANq 
PV>A A MAINW A I i.NiJ t-aiaiaarioB BlUldlaB. 

tCl 1 


11^^-'^'-^^'^. <)• C.aiillaJ 

lOIAOM a VMii.i:^. 

W. J. BRICK. Iff AU 
BMIdiag. Hhoaa llTk 


Kamea af gva i ag.i riime tway he ilblBlaad 

trom lha Iiaaiiaoi I'l'.oa lt:t 
1J4MD Bt H\ KtUN 
P. M ALl.\\<><<l> It 1 u a .it Marward 
Bunding 1 h oua I II < a 

A RCMHHk. 411. Maaiiueai Uaad. Ill 
Niagaia ai'aet 

T.^^^MMi's-^U 14<* Hay a«(aa4. RhkM 



aad Laaglay. i'buoa •oii 
R. 4. CorrELLO. i^aka \l\U Pboao 



w M Hii'ivvN 71) « Pormaaao! 1.4>aa 

Hul.Li l i. >na II I i I.. 

J tl I.I. UK.11 III.. Ill aort ktraat. Pboaa 

i li M ' < K a < o . • • « M OL 

laoaa I'boae 17*1. 
O. U MORKia. I4«* Mroad ktrooC 

•*•• aad 44*1. 
WAMUAi.!* M. kHAW. 1*1 

BkRdlaB PkMM k*Tl_ 

J. DiRt'M. Hnraa Oboa ■ iger gtaad. Iktl , 
Oaveininani Kiraai t'buae 7 1IIO I 

OBMBBAL. (>h.Kv|. h. 1 HA.Nel xit I. LTIX \ 
llkl Laaglay I kooe I* ' 

JMUjkC'M MMOk.. gi4* Avabarv ktraoc 





Tendara win be frtivA u» lo It oVIotih 
noon uf Monder Pebmary I4ih. lilt, for (ha 

nurchaaa of all nr any of the following 
houaaa All hoaaaa ara fully niodern 

I Piva-room houaa.J bathmoin. aruliarr i 
^antrv and cellar nn flhed and |ia< I 
.\vanuaa Mnuaa la h..iin» iiia i n al r 'ir i : .. n 
and •tuico flnlah*'^ "ai'i. i a.iae> 
of land, being l.«ie 4. «. ;. I, la and II, 
BbMik ri Map 1144 

I. Houaa at II* Rlanklnanp Rnad. on T.oT 
IT, Block 2. Map 1707 P'lur rooma. bath, 
pantry knd basameni 

I. flOtMa nn Kent Road on 1.01 I. biap 
III. PaWr rnoms. halh and pantry opan 
kreplare, with b«aanieni 

Pull partlcaigr* can ba obiglnsd from tha 
un^leraigrad Taadera lo fca aaalad ik aka 
yelnpee, plainly andoraad. "Tender. ** 
Tk* hldkkM ar any nffer not naraaaarlly 

R R. P. kBWBLI.. 



aad OamiaMglak 
liaf acfioa gaaraatodd. 

aad .lallvarad Merr.ovala (. 
laairari KBsaa Ai4|. 


AT ApOl aprrpA PRMiBB 
at tka BMi iaat Dlabiat 

t I. In Mango* Mtnsaa, Badg, 

H jreaiia, rti 


kiO Paadara kL ;Jka Plagg |g 



rf#ffNtjr*" "'^ ~ 

kaalvd Taiidrra will ba racalvad Ly UM 
undarelgned up to 4 p.m., Marak Ilk, IMA 
f«r li e aaaply of l,4*« llaoal foot of Tl-TliSl 
t a*t Vip. :44 lineal fa.. ,,f I incli I'aaf 
Iron Pipr. and apaclal Caa' |i >,> , a. 

Pporlflcatloiia .an ba ubtali. .1 at Il.a ..(tT, 
of lha i iiv Pui liaalng Agent, lo whom all 
lenilaia muai u. a.ldii-aaa,l an.l marked ua 
III. i.uiai.i.- of ■uvalopa. "Taadar tar Cast 
I'-n rii« ■ A markad t/tt^im Ut \% aC 
the .iMouni itf tka t»ad*r. BtkAo PkPkMk 
lu the city Troaaara*^ laBM mtmmai^ akPk 
taii.ier. Tba luwaM ar kkP l*k4»r kat i 
eailly aoceplad. 

B. R MiepAUa 

l> <ia liig 


Warnlna ta herabv given that iha ratu.a 
lloaa rega'.l un' l...,». .aa aal 

carts aia 1.. al . „j ,„,i in», 

•kyporaoa_j»oi^_obe^ ma aaid reggiattagM ta 


ta praaaoatlaa 
ikdkr aTu ~ 

Ua Patlaa 

& A. r 




Node* la harebv given Ib ii. . ord*Bc* Wltk 
the alatWtaai that ail aaaeaaed laxaa. In- 
•lOdlna achool tanea. aeeeaaad and lavlod 
under Ihe "Tavallon *.t- and "Tublla 
.Schoola Al I and aniendmania ar* due and 
pa.vable on the uHi ,iay ..f Kabruarv HIS 

AI.I, tales due and ...llartlbln fir lha 
V I. toria A»soBsreen( District ars dus and 
pa.v.bia at my aAa*. at Uovomaiaat BiMd' 
inga Annex. IN Oavarnmoat Uraat. vW- 

lorta. Ill 

Thie noilca. in taima ,,f taw. la equlvgleal 
!.**..■. t'V»" >«l demand by me on all i araona 
liable for taiea. 

Dated at VIclorla. HC. this 14th day of 
Pabruary. lltl. 

Cailagtpra.VlklBdA. * 

Sala Tadgp at S PMr^ 


N n. I loo,. . I,., vihii,.-! \. I, lion tiaaard 

■•iir-ei Ittn III. I Kaiahllahed Firm 

aual Hen 


Poultry and Laivestock 

Alao Hoaaokald Parnltara and Cffacta 
Including: Ik Vary Flaa W. l.aghani Pallata 
flavlng) and otkor Poaltr^: I Mk-qgc la* 

.-ilhatora and — — - 

oikor Poaltry: I Mk-Hn 
jra, Ikigfcg aad AgMki 


othar UvMrtaek akd RAfetk rkoatvad «k 

to 1 J o'clock. 

roDtv rnii'W tT » «)Ti»>fK 


AaoHaMoar Pkon* t4*« 

Auction Sale 

Iioiit I'nrj^ct Oui bale al 

14S Mokk StTMtr 


Commenciiig 2 o'Clock 

f"of pBitlculnrn Moa Tti 
TlRira or Wadneadky'g Colon Ikt. 


TM Vtaw au«M 



hava I ho hntior of Mnnounclug to tttglr 
Patnins that thoy hkPB ArA RRAilAAtA 

I . . I I . tt I t h o IIIOHt 

Unique Collection of 
Old Dresden China 

c\ or aarn In thik country, comprlalnc 

aotnw fllty pi area, nil V^BtjrtM knd 

Oil. Ilia iiiMtiy of tlipni having coma 
( tho Koyal I'aluioa of tieintany. 

Thk.^t>ova will bk far kklk ka4 OR 
vikw Br«lik OImmAM Irr. M« BMW. 

' -i !-' ' r c e f 

Today and Kuiiowing Days 
Crom Id o'olOBk dAeh ter* 
For furthkr pRrttoBlan i ^p ly^to^ 

4IA>«I1 tBAMl'BMf. MlM latk 


li.iiT Dreaaei • bargaia fig 00 

Wan it Me. ret a Ira Boal i aBa* 24 00 

Hawing Mo hli.ea. III. Ill 10 and k SO 
Maat ruatad i»ali I lhrtry T.t.ia 1 ) SO 
g Place Uoldan Oak iHning Suii* 100 00 
7 Place ruined f»ali llli Kal g7 'jQ 
I'uined Hilling Hat. 7 | la. ea 
ClilBonlar, 4 drawer*, mlrrei 
Oag Raraau. >•«• l>*>el mirror 
Wall Mirror, Inlaid mak'v frame 

U,.lao.|l.4 knieaala < a'l.a'. ! I 111? 
A . , < » 1 CM »i ■ » » : "> 144. W 00 

■ ■ -' \i • i I 1 5 0« 

4S 00 


H '>0 

• I 1 1 

>' ' ' • i • I J 00 

Brttikh Furniturt MArt 

751 fart $i Phono JkkJ 1 



MM AkRitH ai. aad lllk-17 1* l.,i », 

nnmmitB ■asoains 


"•ha ya w 

tat a "kwkkt. 


kA5(nSR ACAMntT ~ Bra 
' Claaaia alaa privau 


New compantpn iitrorporki^d iluring 
lha trust waak krk knnounckd la tllk 
curre-nt wkkb'k Maakttd kk ftllBlPBi 

Thd ABta PAtnpr CotnpRRjr. UlilkA, 

WitA RR «««hBrte«4 CRRitAl of 

Rni hpad oflW at Vlrtof^n: Aarnhkrl 

Brpg. A ftplndlor, lalmliad linAAfi 

V'anr-uuvor. Rrlliah Inrlii Ag'-i a« 
l.iDiiincl. ll'iO.oOO. N'aiKOuver. t'harla* 
i iniii.i I, I.iti li*id. 110.000, Vancoirvar; 
I>onmiiit>n Rpkclalty Company, XalmA* 

• tl II VARkawrw: OkOffB iV 
Lkidlpr A CompaBr. Il#.d««. VaRaaR> 
ver: Hum*. Rumkla A Co., LloiHkA. 

Itf.kkk. Now U eatrnliiatar. Mltcball 

Banks Rlartrl' <'oni|iBiiv. I.lmllarl.'Mi. \«rif Oliver l'li.n<er H«iri/1 A 

Uraval Company, Umttad. IM.kdk. 

Octohi r M ( nt inn*'d 

Ontario lection Date 

Tfilf 'I' T' ; 'i' a laa 

raf»ori • I - .« . ■ ■ ' d 'he I OI 

rAMTk ar the »-• • 'he cfc 

that the govaimi ei ' lua da- ded »>n 

• >rir>|.ar 31. a* 'ha d.^ta ,.f tho pro 

vincikl olaciiona. Xo akaflrBtattaa H 
iRtdir fcawapkP* dRRM Ra dM0liM4 tf9^ 

tha aniRlalarB. 





Finance and Commerce 



WrtlliK Ur«<||«xl Ila HIkIkm for the 

•T itMnM jctmr om Um Htm 

VMW TORK, Tth. 1» Rpeculatora 

•-•'il' it III bidding 
prie«fl In t.xUy n m.,. k market, but 
th^jr werr ti.. rii I)»t .• J t,y 

VWlUDl" (rf 

t]l9 hlifhT (till inulK-y ! a I 1-;.h 

•P«n«<l at 6, advanc«<l to b l-i and 
then t. mU fan kMk to • ••Ala At tk« 

, ItMli %Vla« pow«r MStnd lai««iy 
M UM In 4»»» « <l w it atMl. oU and 
9«pp9m eompanr rtiaraa, but a numbar 
of apMialtiea w t bid up sharply for 
Individual r«a«<Jiia 

i . 

Mil.- v'lno 
Mii^ .|ii.,i.'<l at 

' N' I nni 1,1 • ' h« 

ttiMSB groupa. Th« 
condition of th« 

Toflgu Mwa d«v<ilopn«Bta were 
largely i«iior«< b«t tha yaar'a hlsh 
tor atmtUtt^ haifL m 


MiKt.Hi l.rl. «-» f ,r 
Jiri.l tJi-' l.iit. 

H n<"w h ijfti ,,f ! ., 1 
l>u> InK uf sliartrn lit 
npparenfly chaotic 
Cuban raw futura* and raflnad augar 
markata Impartad an frratuUr trand 

t# til* HMKur cfiTn > ii-ik -- 

Mlgli li<-<<-<»nl» for Mix'kn 
Naw high record* for the year were 
mada by a number of stocka Inciud- 
Ing Amarlcan Can, at 1>4; Coadm 
Oil. at fll-S: OttU wmm Maal. « 
MS->: Nortk AMrtcaa. at li!* 
Waatlnvhouaa XIaetrle, at «S7-S; 
Utah (5bpp«r. at §9 »-4: Chandler 

Mo', orn .It .11 1,1, r.irii U I ■ - 

leiirn. v.. ' < \ .i ii i ■! ; i rii S'*"-!. .i • 

*2 . M I r ii, ihln Hi ; ,. • ^ : - 4 . 

Hep!i.»;;« Sioel, at 31 f "> <• • i ' tilted 
-^meltln», at < ' moat 
Of the*e pHoaa war* ahadad at th* 
cloaa. North Amartoaa droppiaff to 

XlTI*t tor ^ nof ti.., ,.f 1 1-1, 

Tha haritenlng t^'nclprw v nf iitofl 

prleaa. noted in tha waakly trade 
rartowa, eemblaad with rap o rt a that 
aaaaatefltarara wara effarlaf pra- 
mlaiBS to ta4apaa4aBt aonpaalaa (or 
prompt ahtpanaatft tfrair attention to 
Bte#I aharea, TTnltad MatM Steel oom- 

nii'M H [ipr ■ nil h I iiK wi i li! n ,i .sm 1 1 1 f r i r- 

timi i>r U!t year's hltfb, und itie liiile- 

i>»iiii.'nt laaaaa aaarlav ta saw high 


■etaa of tha Indlvidoal atrong apou 
were Atlantlo Raflntna. Tidawatar Oil. 
Dupont. Plttabarfh Coal and Waat- 
inchouae Alrbraka. all up t to « 


Bond Mariiec Vparartfa 
Irregular prica morananu took 
plaoa in today's bond markaC. bat tha 
main tandaney waa upward. Copper 
aempanr Hena wara bought at higher 
prleaa, angar company Ijikuph were 
reactionary In re«t)on«o to the li - 
I'Kul.ii t'.wer stock prices, munii 
I.^N.M'i^ w ' r <> In Kiiod demand, aiul 

' "It'-'! i^i-.i.... ,,rjipnt cr^curltlca 

were inclined to eaae in raaponaa to 
tha delay in the Sanata fwa oa tha 
dabt funding i.iii. 

Total .aa ICS. par valua, wara 

(ruraiabaa br Paraiek, aralkeip^ Unttad) 
I Pkaetleaa in BlvhtKa 


J»f opk»— 
> ills.i'halmara 
Am. Real ituaar . 

' an <■<> . com 


Bmrit a Hat. 
Buaar H<M. •, 
T and Tol. 

Wool. rotn. 

rrty. , 
Bum. Tob. . , 

A m 



A ni. 


Atlantlo oiiir 

Baldwin I-"' 

eniawra A Ohio 
Ihlebam Itaal 
Mllirn Tranatt ...... 

"■n*<1lan rs'irio 

<>nlr«l I/^atlK-r , 

t'ruribla Ht»«i , 

<'tiaaap«a><* a ohie ... 

Chip.. Mil A Ht P 

t'hir . B. 1. a Pac. 

Con» Oaa 

C'hlno I'oppar , 

Cal ratrnl*iim 

f'hUa <"opp»r 

Corn PrcHlucta 


<l»n F:ia<-lrla 

' Molora 
' ' I h (B. y.) 

.Niir. Ora. ......... 


Ot Nnrtharn, ptA 

1 n«i ■ ' » ' l'>n » op 

1 ' • . ■ T 

inl I Mar. Marina ..... 

Keaaeeett Ceaaer 

Kan. ritr ffouthara . 

I .tiitti \> " 

1*1 111 t f . . [.p.- ( 

•Nailonal I<«ail 

K. T.. N. H. A Haft. .. 
Haw T«rk Cantral . . . . 

V.-... I >, .rr, T'aPlflO 

I «T . ■ ^ » ■ la n. R. . . . 

} >• i>l . a I iaa 

T'raaaed fltaal <'ar 


II, flprtnc 

. nm. Mining . . . . 

li-l .g .l.- St»<-l 

kin I'll 

a«lil h" n I «i Ifir 

Hoiitli»rn Hy., com. .... 

Htiidahabar Cerpn 

Hloaa nherriaia 

Th« IVwaa c«Biaa«r .. 

T oh I'tn<l • 

Inloa rapiria 

I^ah Coppar 

VT. a. In<t Alpohol .... 
U, a. Rabber ......... 

U. a. SI aa I rom 

Weetam UnleD 

WakaaH a a.. "A" ... 


VTaat Inahnuaa Klafl, .... 
.Mllad t'ham a Dra. .. 
>'hllllpa Patrniaam 
Com put. A Tabalali 
piatKlard OH, 

t'ara Roabuck 

Am .<ihlp a Commarra 
1 nion 0(1 ...... 

Am I ii'..- i 

Qaiiria. v»i'' 

Kelly aprtugfiPid 

Oaea Caia 

Cetamaia OraphaaheMa . 

'hi.- a Rv. 
I ■ M -.1 Fruit . . 
Kaitiixia Play Ijia I'or 
Kay rir« a niit't»«r < o, 
Nat. ICnamal . . . 

Navaila Conaoitdalad , . 
Traaaaeailnaatai Oil .. 
r'i»mlB. Pan. Naw .... 

T'lil Ini. n • .. 

i'»i irii 111; 

I'an A m. I I - a n 

•r Motora 


Csbaa Cana S«aar .... 

riarra Arrow 

Ilatati ^toraa , 

ftan I'll ..f < 'a'lferala. . 


hoyal l>ulclt 

raaaa Paettle XT. ....a 
Coadan . . 

Mtrembura Car 

Middlaatalaa Ot] 

Tasaa Oalf Saiabar ... 

Sutaa m a r y Wafd .... 
Idvala Staal 

^wra OW «» 

Maalean ae«h««r<1 

4» •. 


«4 t 
• 1-4 





I Jll-J 




I I ■ ' 


t* I 


2« ( 

10- 1 

13- 4 

14 « 




14- 4 

11- l 




• I 

• 7-1 


4« 4 

ni n 





«) s 



«(. r 







14 4 


• 4 





* h 

Ti> I 

• eeaaaaaa 




• 0 7 






• 74 

• 1-4 




•a- a 


«.» 4 


«S 4 




134 2 

10- a 

; 4 





• 1 




I 4 

11- 7 
>* t 




• • t 

;7 a 



• 7-1 

17 I 

.IS 4 
V" I 
I-' • 
ll« .> 
to 4 




40 2 

J»7 I 



«3 1 



II 4 




«4 4 

» J 


llA 1 


nt 4 

14 4 


47 4 

• 1-4 





« !> 

• •• 


• 1 



61 S 

• •-6 

ST 7 

24 I 
111 4 

i: 4 

77 2 
in 4 

40- 1 

41- 1 



• 7-1 



. n 




• 1 







• t-4 

• 1 


li 7 





? 4 

«« 4 

i>4 ( 
• -i 

• »-4 



I jn 
SO 4 



47 4 

• 1-4 



.V/ !{■ YOKK srC 'i!^ 

(f'i:n*«h»it hr Burdkh Urolhara, L4mita<li 

Ha* f'uaar— Claaa. 
r it>. ...a... a. 4.704 

per lb. •,••« 

.luly, p.'p lb, 

Mapl.. par n» t.*tc 

W*s« aer lb. v. o.4»« 



raw TOaK, raa. tt.- I(a» •tisar. ! 1 

ta^^fMi raOaa* gaa a a i ai | 4 1 



KEW ^OHK. »ab. 1».— SlarUi« 
rhaofa ape. at a4.«« »-i« tar ■tetar-day 
billa and at a4.«a% for deaMalT 

1 .1. .'11.11 .t, lU'. '>a-tt. 

KfaiK a, UcmaiMl, 4.11. 

LlN. f-miel. 4.7a. 

Belfiwa — PiaiiaJ, A.aa; eabUa. 


Holliai naawat. as.M| 

aa At. 

> ^a4a• — Pan ail, lo OA 

I'pTimark — Uamanal. 10.07. 
.s.vitMrUnil Namaii'l. 14.71. 
S(,ain IlamaiKl. li Hi. 
(iraaoa- -l>aroand, 1.20 
Poland r><nand. 00?» 
< rr, h,, si,,t.,kii> Damand. US. 
.ill,. |.r,;,.„.|. 17. la. 

ill , . I Ir-M,... I I I f. ■' 

Burtac pHce, 4.rt. 





Clih Hto MmiU'-i < iiiidlilona .%lTect 
Cai i a4llau Uraiu Kxctiange— Large 

WI.V.MfKO. rmh. U roMnwint Ilia 
trrnd of tha ('hlraco markat tha local whaat 
pit broke after the hlahar opaelna and teat 
about 2 canta. Thia waaknaaa waa broualit 
a>>nut by larga arlllnc nrdara In tha Amarl- 
' an niarkal. Tha nialoil(v >,f the trada 
■ i>i'«arad baartah and thara waa conaldarabia 

'..r aala ihrouaheut the aaa al es, tbe 
I ■<■ overinc a loaa ot 1% eenta freai 
yaitarda/'a final figuraa. 

O ea r ee sralas wara faataralaaa. 
insaeatlena tetatlad i: cara, of which II 

Opan. Hlfh. I^ow rinaa. 
n7a 117% JUS lli^a 
117% 117% llt% lliH 

• •••a*. ..a 

^ haat— 



' >at 

May •..••* a. a 

■'"')' , ♦.»a 

May .... ft«*M« 

July -.aaaaaa 

til ill 

May ......... 14a% I4«H 

July a IS ai4% 






^<-> IT aT a4% ii'a 

July .. .. t*% 

t 'aah prleaa: Wheat — 1 ner.. 111% i * BOr.. 

no. I nor.. 107H; ffe. 4. laiH; Ne. a, aa; 

No. 0. It; faad, 7tVi; tfck, 112. 

Oata-2 (■»., 4IVt, 1 cw. and »^tra 1 fpp<l. 
4IH; 1 fead. 42«k. 2 faad. 41%; rajactad, 
tt^; track. 4 1 VI 

Barlay— I pw., ii>s: 4 cw., (1%; rejaeted 
and faad, 41; track, tt%. 

Vlaa— I awe.. att%: a ew., liaM; • cw. 
aad rtlaeted. 20m; track. 212%. 

Rye—a ew., " m 


(Furnlahad by Burdick Brothara, Umltad) 

Aema Coal 

rar U a Pow. .. . 
Durant Motora .. 
Ooedyaar, com. a, 
Oeodyaar, pfd. , 

MaaabI ,< 

Phil ICerris 

Stuts Motora .... 

Radln. com 

Radio, pf'l 

Tob. Kxporta . . . . 
I'n Profit Bhar. . 
I n, Ret. Candy . . 
Wlilya C. %% pfd. 
I It laa Bvc, com. 
I'lttaa Sve., pfd. , 
citlaa ave.« Bkn^ 

Allan .... ....aa< 

Roaton Wyo 

Carlb Rynd 


*il«IW oi k 

Mudaon .., 
Int'l Pate. 
Maraealbo .... 


Mountain Prod 


* >rnar 


Hvan ' "ona . . . 
Ball Cr. Trod. 
Vail 'r. Cona. 

nnitnn Mont. 
C'al. a .laromo 
I'onpol Copppr 



Kuraka Cro. . . 



Mow a 8nuad 
Ind. I.rad .... 
Karr I.aka .. . 


Ray Hare 

I'n. Kaaiarn 
t n V»rr1» KM 
Wayna 1 



I .... . 

. . . . 
• • . • 

. • ......... ... a. 



.*••.. I 


, . . . 

■ . .a 



• 1% 








1 1 
1 1 


1 1 





»»«e aaei 









a i-ta 





I 5 




1 «4 


'• c 







I? 'j 




1 •-• <i 


4 II 





■■■ 'i 



(Hy 9, W. ataveaaon, laa 

Aihabaaea OU ... 
now*na Copp4»r 
Boundary Hay Oil 
B C. Parm Loan 
Hf. Flahinc Co. . 
B C. Reflnlna Co. 

BC Silver 

Canada Coppar ... 
'an .Nat. FIra ... 
Cona. M. A B. ... 
Cark Provlnea . . 
Crow'a Naat Coal . 
Dnuaiaa Channal 

K:n>p)ra Oli^ 


Ulaat Wa.t f.riii. 

}loa« ^*..^1l.| 
Hamlock Uoid . . . 
ladlaa MInee .... 

Int'l Cnat 



rarldr Coaat Flra 
Raiiiblpr -Carlboe 


••Ilvar Croat 

-Spartan Oil 


Hiandard lAtad ... 
8uniorh MInaa ... 

Surf Inirt 

.Ht-warl l,anda ,.. 

Tn.Jan oil 

inillty tMI 

Whalan rom 

Whalen pM 
Wond. i pii 

.•. ...... 


..... w . 


nid» ) 








• 1.00 






tn on 

XT. 00 






.ni «i 



40 00 








.01 »; 

a. to 





."1 'i 









30 00 


aea aeaa oae 



tKurnlahrd hy Hurdlck lirothara, Umltad 1 

All Praclleaa la BtakthB 

Bell Talephona 

Bratlllan Trar 

Can f»r Fdv , com 

• an P H , ' nm. . . 
Can. .>< S . pfd. . . . 
< a n " ol I ona . . . .• 

• an (If-n Bl'ctrlo 

<cna M a 8 

I>Ptiult 1 nllPd . 
I>om RrldRp 
U of Wooda Mlt. . 
I.aiiranltda Ce. , . . 



tirompfon Paper 

Mon. Power 

At lanlh- 8<iaa r 
llim aril Hm ii li 
I 'an. Convartara . , . 
Natlanal Breweries 

On. IHael 

guabae By 

Klordon I'apar 


Hpanlah Itiv Pulp 
8t*al of '-an 
Wayaaurt:. 1 • ■i, 


•fronf ft»d <'h«««« 

• • a a • 
a a • 0 I 

t * • m m t • 

• e « e • • a 





















• 1 










• • 














pnfatoaa firm 

• I,-., rina't l.aai.rna. 2tHc lo 24c. 

iini. aat croamarn 4a« to 44e. 

' • 44p tn 44r ♦p|»ptad. IOC. 

Pol . . • t . , >•« a - » r ■ , ' . » 


'Fmnlohad bjr Burdirk Brothara, IJmltadi 

Opan Ulsh i^af. « loaa 

.......... 24 nt 24 1 4 24 00 21 a* 

May a0.4O ai.4T tt.|« II. 1] 

Jeiy a.. .a 17. aa S7.»« 27.44 27.77 

»• 40 *t 41 21.11 It 17 

la It. 44 2t,47 


I- r,'.>,,,i Rurdirk Hrothara, Umttad) 
•'aaOai^ «.«ai 

I.Ira, 4.10 


WINNIPI ' . I ■ ' ■ ■ ' ■ » II. n a i • , 

tha beak ilrannsa Tor tli« principal citlaa I 

•r tha Domialoa of Ceaada tar the week i 
andins today aa compared wllk the eer* | 

raapondlna parlod laat yaar: 


114.044. T47 

74.011 '-i 

Toronto . 
Kt. John 
M.jn. I'.ri 



Kaakalij'.ti . . . . 

< alsary 

Bdweatea « 




Patarboro , . . . . 
Ilrantford . ... 

KIK hanar 

Fort William .... 


Prtace Albert ... 

aaeeae Jaw 


aiedidae Mat 

Mew WeeUNlaator 

t a • a • a 
a a a a • « 

ai,006 k4v 

•1 244 

1 0 •• ', ' ' I 
. ^ ; ' ' 
4. ,' 1 tn*« 
2.104. 724 




441. 4k> 

: j4.i.. I 




114 212 111 

yt I "4 (>" I 

13 M>1 » ■ 


t 474 111 

«4I, VIO 

4 '•>» 5«| 

4.!, ;».4:i 

1. •14.714 
1.011.41 . 
• 27.411 
« •I».4il 





victory l>u..o .''."a 

V, III L4uy Will Sail 

lat Nov. 1123 1001.10 lull 6ft 

lal .Nov,, 1»24 1001.40 1011 tO 

lat Dae. 1027 14a4.44 1034.00 

lat Nov. 1012 taao.o* lOOOOO 

lat .Nov , lk.14 1010,00 1040 on 

lat l>a< , 1 437 1071 OU 1014,00 

lat Nov. 10:400 1033,10 

Wsr &aai4 a^ 

lat r>ec . 1»:s 1001,40 1011 in 

lat «>ct . 1131 . 1444.00 1014.00 

lat March, ltl7 (payable ^ 

In Naw Tork) 1.. laia.aa 

Add latereat aecrmd' ta date: _ 

Par it.M*— laaa, laat. taai vtetewea 


Per— laaa, laaa, laaa. laaa vto 

tertaa, 14. aT, 


War Is 1Mw« 
naaa Two Hours 


I.fiNUON, Fel. IS -Har allver I4%d »er 
ounce, Muna^ L' per cant. 

UlacounI rataa Hhort and thraa BMBtk^ 
bills a% and 2 0-14 per rani, 
Naw York Batoa 

N«W TORK, Fab 14 Koreign bar allvar 
*f,i. Mexican dollara 4I\ 

Call Bonay streog; hlati •: low t; ruling 
rata a; cleslas MA •: affarad at •%) last 

loan 1 

' • agalnat accaptanesa 414, 

I nrni. T<,ii>"t coUatacMa M*l# 
daj », «\ and t. 4-4 montha, 4%. 

Prime eesaaMf cU l rarer 4% aad «% »er 



NEW TORK. Fab. It —Coppar atrona 
Elaclrolytir, apot aad futurea ItWc to ltW<' 

Tin firm : apot and naarby 441.74} 2u- 
turaa 141 60 

Iron atvady and umhangad. 

I,aad ataady, apot tl to aa.aa. 

Zinc firm, apot and naltray 

Anilmonv, apot 17 12. 

At i.ofidea 

standard copper, apot 144 ta; futurea 147 
10a. Kl'i ' rolvt I. . apot (72, futurea f"S 10a. 
Tin, »p..t ilST :» fcd, fiiluraa till 1<>». 
I.aad, apot (21 ta; futuraa ill. 
aiae. a»e4 «a» ae adi fMnree 444. 


I.lbarty 3',k'a 
Liberty lat 4'a . . 
L.ll>arly 2nd 4'a . . 
Liberty lat 4>«'a 
I.lbarty 2nd 4 ','a . 
i.lbarty Srd 4S» a 
Liberty 4th 4%'S 
VIclorl-a, 4%'S .. 

I ■ 4 ' . . 



• 1.41 

• 1,44 

tl «n 
»S 44 

1>9 nn 
I. » « < 

. ,1 I ii" r: 
'>»tf 100.00 

I.f>.NDOV, Keb l;i liiinnMllafo 
fluiiesa utlentled tlie piaclng on tlie 
market here of an Issue ot 1200,000 
debenturaa of the St. Maurice Power 
Company, tMMarlng • 1-1 par oaat In- 
tarasL •ahsaHptleoa toUlltag ovar 
£S,«o»,M» wara raoatva« within two 

The tjiii' k ^ii<-«eas of this iaaua has 
aroused cuuaiderabta intaraat ta flaan- 
dal olrelaa In Itoadoa. aa thia la tba 
flrat Oana4lan ladaatrlal issaa oSarad 
bara siaoa tha war. 



I 15,— The foretKn af- 

faii s I omniiBsion of the Chamber of 
deputies today gave Its approval to a 
loan by tha Franeh Oovarnmant of 
40«,««9.«a» franM to Poland. 


bids fi 

p Cor 



rhlcago liii'l > s.-i,.o i f (.rata Vb- 
luadliiK \ I u'lii I IK' 1 1 1 1 • indMla 

I (4 |>i >r 1 1 d Siiia Hit 
(FuriilaliPrt tl^ Hiothaia. I.lmlt».l) 

CniCACo. HI, 1>I> 1 — WhPBt : 
fleneral nelling of wheat was the rule 
today after an early period of 
Btrangth. A braak o( ovar four canta 
anthuaad with long llqaMatlon heavy 
and general on tha way down. East- 
ern Interests were credited with aell- 
InK, and It was probable thin was true 
to .some extent, hut the Helliivv was 
Rcnerally lun^, iinloiidins; bpliin tho 
rule. Cables were I 1-8 hlnrher, but 
this was given Uttle attention, and 
the general news cut but littia figure 
In the aituatlon. Argantina ahtpmanta 
wera aaiallar than liwt waak, and also 
einallar than a yaar ago. Tampara- 
tures were not as low as axpaetad 
over the VVlntar wheat belt. 

Corn: Tha ciuUl corn demand was 
fair, with aome export buslneaa 
worked, and cash situation locally 
waa not particularly waak, but the 
flump In wheat was too drsstie to be 
iRnured by com bulls, and they pro- 
ctedcd to dump their lines rather 
unceremonlouHU , ('diiniry ."wlcs were 
not hi'.'ivv ;ind ttiPic w :m notne fair 
buying. The mmket temptirarllv will 
be dominated by wheat. I..ocal houses 
bought aome corn st Omaha, tha first 
to coma hara in some tinia. Argantlne 
Hhlpmenta wara much amallar than a 
year ago, and a good export trada is 
counted on by the bulls. 

<>:itv.: Cnderlone was firm early, 
with piiiPH ixit-k to the recent high 
tnark. I>iit l.itor the mlling bacame 
general. Wheat weaknaaa eaualng 
free offerings and at tha aama time 
limiting tha demand tsmporarlly. 
TTnderlyIng conditions are not 
chnnseii t'oiintry olTfrlnK.s being 
light anil primary rccelyla wore 
amallar than a yaar ago. 

(yurniahail )>y PurdlcU lirothara Umltad) 
All Fractlona In KIslilh'a 


.luly . 

Opan. High. 
114-1 114-1 

• I a • • a 
> • • • e e 







I 11-2 


... T7-4 


74 H 


... T4-a 



74 4 


... T7-a 





... 44-7 





... <•-« 

4 7 ;f 




... 41-4 

4« 1 





<C0Btlatta« fraaa Fa«s 1) 
I^nrl» I tha fata of tha vasssl ar 

her crew. 

From <Caattla eama. yastarday par- 
iiatsBt raporta that aha waa aahera 
naar Bstsvaa Foint. West oCast Tha 

coaatguard cutter Algonquin, from 
Astoria, wlreleaaed early last nlRht 
that the ahlp was wre. kf <1 at K8f<M4n 
and that she was heading for that 
I'l'"! With til" ■ X I ' l tatlon of arriving 
there some time thia morning. 8ha 
ia under ordara to haat tor tha Tus- 
can Prlnca. 

The wireless operator at Elstevan. 

In (-onuminlratlon With the Gonzales 
Hill atatlo'i li« rn iilRht, w;is<'m- 
pliat !(• I I ■ ' 1 r I I « I 'r 1 1 V , w aj4 
not ashore there, ile waa confident 
that aha waa iMWhara In that vi- 

It Is believed that the vessel must 
haveatrii i- the WashiriKton (•i.;ivi 
lieltiw <'4i|'.' 1 buttery, or, If tiot. Iihvx 
HiiriU ,it Hca.. To teach Efite\an. she 
\>iiiilil have had to be a tremendous 

'1 • • off her course. Her fate 

bids fair to ba a ramarkabla myatary. 
Coppar in ahingla nails 2nakaa 
last many yaauv loogsr than 

ordinary nails. 

Tha Spanish protectorate In Moroc- 
co has a population of about 400,- 
000 parsona. 

Tha largaat packet 80 years ago 

had a tonnage of 1.200: the largest 
one today is of nii.fioo 

The word "liiruiniure" h«s been 
adopted by Hntlsli merclianis in 
designating stores daallng in house- 
itold slaetrieal davlaoa. 

W<>ak S.O.S. Call 

The flrnt intimation that the Tus- 
can f'llnie waa in trouble came at 
4:55 a.m.. when she sent out S.O.S, 
calls Baying that she was "braaking 
up fast" and aaklng for halp. Tha 
meaaagaa wara waak and faint, ap- 
parcntly~ aant with the nhln's emer- 
gency set. an indication that the ves- 
sel was In a precirlouH < nnditinn. 

The S().^ was api)nren'!y only 
heard by tlif I'lriidian Oovernm'-nt 
slut ion at Kst4van. West Coaat, and 
tlie stpamer Kewanee, bound for 
Seattle. Both broadcastsd tha in- 
forfnatlon at onca. and tha oparator 
at Estavan asksd tha Tuaean Prince 
for har poaitlon. 

At 6:16 am. the Tu.scan IVInco 
gave, or uttempted to kIxc, lior wliere- 
ahoiits. bill interferenic from the 
wireless of other 5<hlii|>lnK was %o 
great that thp me!«.aas-<- from the dis- 
tressed veBsel could not ba diatin- 
guiahed. To Batavam'a rapaatad re- 
quaaU to rapaat, no answer came 
Thara was W reply thereafter, ami 
the impre.<inlon left in the mind of the 
operator .Tt wn.M that tho 
at<am>'r li:iil broken up ot li;i(l f;^!^ 
ARalii and axain i-:ste\an called tl"> 
Tii.acan Prince, but not a signal cam- 
from tha t>thar In response. 

f*poke inght FrcTlooa 
The Tiif.. an I'rinoa had baen spoken 
tho pr<<Mo(iB night, and had given 
no Indication of trouble. Kstevan was 
In communication with her at t:40 
p,m,, but the steamer did not then 
give her poaitlon. She waa raporteii 
Indirectly during tha araning as :c.' 
milss south of rmatllla I.ightnhip. 
south of Caps Flattary, nt 8 i> m 

The Tuscan Prlnca la a liriiivh . art.'., 
ateamer, operated by the l iirnp«M 
Prince I.Ine, a siibildl.-i i y of l''iirnes..--. 
Withy * Co. Her p,,rl it in 
Newcastle, Knglsnd .Sb. k ,i phip 
r'.276 tonf«, commnridi'd by i "a pi 


.1. Chllvers, and carries a crew of 1 'J 
men. She left San Franciaco last 
Sunday for Seattle, and waa dua at 
Port Townaend yastarday morning. 

Other vasaals of tha Prlnca Line, 
■aeh as tha Mongolian Prlnca and the 
Slbarlan Prlnca, hava loaded or dis- 
charged cargo at Victoria, but the 
Tuaoan Prince had nevar been in port 

\ll< r tt <.4 ii< rill I |>~< tiiiijj |>f 

SItaatInn I- iweinning to 1 
come .Normal Agatha 


NBW TORK. Feb. 16— PartlMT 
sharp daelinsa in the market for raw 
sugsr futuraa followed ibp r\. iiti,,n 

today of the openUiR of aellmR orders 
which It wa.a iiiiiionalble to hand's 
at vp.«f erd i \ a inlrilnniin price. The 

''" "f 'I' :t points crtrriod 
.\lav (onlt.xta off to 4.06, or 17S 

poinia below the high market raaahad 
in rc4iBnt buying, aad wltbht faar 
palats of hu« ■(ttartfaifa clotting 

Tha markat ataadlad. hawaver nr. p. 
tha aelling orders wara abaarbed, 
there were rallies of aeveral po,„ < th.< lowest indicating fh.if 
*•■■>•'■'■■ irain w«a heroming nonnaL 

ly all leading raftnara waTa 
rc ^1 'ctuig tha markat at 
rangingifpaai • ta t.M'far fiaa 

la ted. 


A|»pl> t<> \Vll>OI|u,,; (-(.III. f,,, 

( 4iniiiilu<xl to Wall 

• "rotrtr 

FAllia. Fah. 1».-.A HaTaa dispatch 
Faklag tatfay annooncea that t hp 
braaahaa of Banque Induafr 
Chine, whtrh aiiaf 
will ■ . . , , ( . I. 

Mlarighai and Uankuw 


■ I ■> 1 

T p I) 1 «i ,, 


Wi.N.MPSa. Fab. lB.~Avga8tlna 
O. Sehlmaawilil, praaldaat of tha 
Domlidoa TIekat and Finaneiai 
Aganey. which failed racantly, waa re 
fuaad bail this afterncMin and coni- 
mlfted to f'ro\iri.i ii !. ! t.. awalt trial 
<"1 " . I SI 1.000. 

■^'^ I • . . „ .»< ung for the 

' " - ' ' ' ' 'I .Magistrate Rlr 
iluKli John Macdonald la tha FoUea 
Court thia aftamoaa that fartlaar 
ehargaa weald ba tald agalnat tha 
■ " —ad and that tha iM.teo 
on whielt ha had haa» at Hhart] 
not sufficfant 

I > I r p » ' , r « , ' , . . ,■ ft.. r 

a r— 

" ' • 'Jf'- !■ ■l<-l>oeltor8 

ftfi.iie.i I . I he pwiite for protaetton. 
ii..iign..-i. n ia rifa. It la daclarad, 
among a iar«a Bambar aC parsons 
ho dppoiMad aaaay la tha 
th^ diraotara 
" taJBvy. 

tvrho d« 


iinvor i-i IN MKirisH 

M a w as tatd that f a no th er w ard. 

these were so ahoaktngly mutilated 

tin; !t v-ax b.iid'.v deairablf f<'i bn i 

'.1 f-. <• thri'i The I'rini e. li'i»e\. I 
mM..»le'1 and ml ii;'-< .n ■ uMlinKl.'i 

took hii:i llllo lire «Mid. Wllh t-aih 

of tha six wh(>iii hr found there the 
Prlnca chatted chaarfully, and than 
ash ad whara tha aawnth waa- Ha 
waa told that no one except tha doc- 
tora and nuraaa wsre allowad to see 
this Buffared, who lay atloBa In atlll 



The Prince expresnad a desire 

\!,tlt hini. Tile iiiembei of th. i, 

!•! • 1 I ~l iifT >' 1 1 . • .- I I h,. «t ..I \ 1 . . ,1 

■ . . , 1 . Urt , 1 i r ' , ' ' , : It,. Ill- .. \. 
>ii.-<isteiit MUd was Anally ooliductad 
Into a Itttla room. Ka walkad firmly 
to tha badsids. hat turaad vary pala 
whoa h« saw tha afflicted vataran. 
For a faw moments lo- ptornl with 
bowed head. Then hi plorv ly stnnpeil 
down and klaeed the sb.cien d f„, 

1>().N"|)| 'N. Fell. i:. -Tiue to their 
a\owed p.ilu> of upnetlliiK I'riiiilei 
Hi'Uar l,aw'H Ideiui of Ii .i< | ii, l> the 
I.iliir- lieiii'lieH again pi'v l'l lun*'! 
■ r 'h" animation in t4>da> -iii,iik "f 
the llouaa of Comm<ma. Klgiti llun. 
J. R. Cfyass startad off by moving 
tha Labor amandmaat to tha Klng'a 
apaaeh. oeadamnlng tha Oovarnmant ■ 
policy on foreign and domeatic af- 
faira. The proceedings were en- 
livened when Mr .1, T W, .N'ewbold. 
I'ommunint, Kaiiur k. came into col- 
IIhIoii with his bench eompaiilona l>y 
tu 'ung ih« I,jibur party on Its uttl- 
'o the big International questions 
and BUggsstlng that if it got into 
pa war it oould Eettie ths Amarlsan 
dabt by hiring Albart Hall and paaa- 
ing raaolutlons. 

Finally, he referred to tha Clyde 
Labprite, Mr. Neil Mclean, aa "the 
apportaaist msmber for Qovaa." 
Aa Aawry Laaca 

Mr. McLaan, who waa sitting In 
front of the CominunlHt member, 
srose angrily, and 'untscd at Mr. 
.N'ewholil with his fist. HiK muscular 
loiMrnles. however, helil him down, 
miift iniK hla cordial invltstlons to Mr, 
Newbold tO "coms outslds." 

Mr. Naarbold subsaauantly apolo- 

A plaaaant contrast to tha proceed - 

ings came toward the close of the 
sitting In the ffhape of a parliamen- 
tary "discovei .\ " in the peioioi of Mr 
J. C. Waish. k ( oat 111 idk;p. who 
is the new Labor niembei ex- miner 
and poet. His speech delighted the 
House and brought warm oongfatu- 
latlona from all partiaa. 

42,000 Point Grey 4)^% Bonds 

Du^^-^l, l'ii>ablc III i.cibioii. 'Jl^ 64 


A B. OhrfsUa, Mji>ac*r VieterU OSes 





Gillespie, Hart & Todd, Ltd. 

rboB* ti4a 

4 trl«rta II < 

711 K„rt 

YUUH IN VKSTMENTS Probably Need CarefiUly Checking 

bhiiting Vaiuaa iiavc pUcad Boaao aaetiritiss Aheve Par. la nwny casaa it weaii ks 
«1S> «• aaU lAana and take the seaAt — It yea watt anUI wMtaHW yaa a^l lam Mh 
^ Taa asy amaalT sa Mthaly wltheal av lakgrtias 

Ra P. CLARK ft CO.. LTD. . 

Ifesrs B.CL Bond Daalara- AanucUtlsa 

iwaifBAWiiB Phsaw Mi^ dNI 

WK C)M 1 K 

$5,000 City of Victoria 5K% Due 1931 

Price 98.01, to vir'd 70'-; I',i- .ib'r y .-MMi, ( a- 

Burdick Bros., Ltdo 

■cid Mew York 


Prlvata W^i^ ti»^AIl J^aadlng Etctoangoa 

1 IS 1?0 

Cua/tl t.iiard I iilH I \irU(-«« III 
to ,sav< I Ti \s ,,t ilio Km 
less hiranier Nlka 


PORT AXGBLBS, Wn., Fab. li.— 
A tala of nghting flra on a rudder- 
less ship at sea In a 70-mlla gale 

wa.^ related when the craw of the 
steanitr Nika, which burned off rma- 
tllla Reef last night, arrived at Port 
Angeles this evening. Tha BMB laft 
here for Seattle. 

Some Were In Boata 

'I'lie eiia.'^tpuard cutter Snohomish 
aiilved in time to save the lives 
of mon on the NIka, aald Captain P. 
Johnson. Part of tha craw ot IS, 
exduslva of tha captain. waraaAioard 
tha Nika and part wara in tha boats 
when the Snohomish appeared. Those 
on the NIka. nt the auggentlon of 
First Mate J. A. Illgglrui. who was in 
a boat, wera rescued first. They were 
carried In a braacbea buoy 4Urcct to 
tha Snohomish. 

\Va.« Prl fling 
The Nika left .Seattle Tuesday at 
4 p III. She struck heavy seas 24 
hours later and was drifting when 
fire appeared in number two hold 
near tha forward bankers oa tha 
starboard aide. Tha battle against 
this fire was begun with a stasm 
line and was carried on until raacus 
was cfCsctad by tha Bnohimilsh at 4 

FRI \( f: /'T \( i:s A7.S.S' 

Pays Touching Tribute to War Hero 
tSo Horribly MatMatad He la 




St. Maurice Power Co., Lid. 

IM Mertgagc, tliildaf Fund OoM Baeds, 
Doc Fabmary 1, 19iJ 

Principal and Intaraat payabla In Caaada r.nd Naw 
York. Ouarantaad by tha Hbawinlgan Water A Pewar 



Pnr full pat^lpulara regarding ttila Iaaua apply to ttia I 

British American Bond Corporation, Ltd. 


LONDON. Feb. 16. — ^The story of a 
visit made by the Prince of WalcH to , 
a ho8pil.ll x\ her<- thirty-nix hopeless- 
ly crippled \\ I . t in.s are spending 
their days i« punted by The Dally 
Mail today. 

After aaaing twenty>Blna ot the 
men auid offarlng thsm hla con- 
dolaneaa, tha Prince asksd whara the 




Printing, Lithographing aod 

Wr arp cquipfv-d to handle your rrijuirrmrnta 
hom the smallest order to die largest catalogue 
end booif WoilL^Our raprtMoi 
•U ev ivoik end ii fifiooiia Id 

Lxwac Icai iup{)lieft 













New Shipment 


Range Boilers 



to 100 Gallons 


Kegular and Extra 



Hickman Tye Hardware 

tieraPlMMli m4m Yam Unm OMee VImm JMS 



Marine and Transportation 


t>l<"Minci Rant, I RiKt Total 
Lub'o L,;;4 (it ('lo ixTse - 
Gait) Ycstuiday Completed 




Victor ii.ii 


1(1, StRiinrh in 
Body, Swam to 

Icy ou 

With Line Througn 
f . 

Hnoth'i III 

t h« ii nna 1 v 

• I f hi-i tiimu In ii .1 .1 • 1 1 ' • I 
. r Ml.- West <.oof' ""i-i 
Thp WMMcl In tlie AOMftCM* ■t«aiiiL-r 
hum I KIta, 1,000 tons, whleh croahe l 

to her doom b«for« dawn jrMtMrday 
•a • rMf oM mil* out of CIo-oom. 
Th« braro (rtory of the r^ue of ths 
mon aboard haa h* Its central flfiire 

Keaman Victor Uautoi.p, who kvvani 
to iihi)r«> wttfi :t lliiti jiiid rlarnbered 
('111 f.f ( h" uinl' i'uw tliroiiKli the Biirf 
to III'- >- II . .\\ 1. , 1 1 ifd. rocky shoro. 
maUint; r i !>!• for a breechM huov 
to b« ngc«a and all tba erow to be 
takaa ofC wUbout Urn of Ufa or of 

Tl^norts from the iic«>n»i oT tho 

^^ : ( h i ' .' nielli I li i1 1 1 ii I i-il (I, Hi tti 0 
>li!| 1' ' 1 t'ltal l0K«. A heavy HO\ith- 
• aa' waa Mowtnc and ehn was 

KoinK lit pieces rapidly. The tuf Sea 
Monarch, of Seattle, which arrived 
t rh> <Mt t-AOt p» yMtorto»> 
rtportoA AftoM nhitttoo lalor that the 
VMMl warn npoo Uto beaoh with h^r 
doek vone, heavy aeaa brealiins over 
her anil nM i<iiy poundlaff her to a 

thouaainl fngitienf«. 

The ship atriu-k at 6:16 a.m. yester- 
day, and her 8.0.0. waa pic iced up at 
•iM« by tfi* Oovonment wireloaa ou- 
tlOB M a«t«ra«, whloh broadoa«te<l 
tho latomatloti. gho went aehore in 
a etronff eouthraat fele, accompanied 
by rain unrt mint, and brmiRht tip on 
« rf' f ,1 Im.i;» ■ 1 r- ; 'i I- .--! I ! !- front 

I !ie lie .-1 1 h . .Si' I I ; 1-1 ~. f ■ . Ill ). . , , 1 1 i I ( 'I ■ • - 

I . ,11 I 1 II ^ 1 - f ' ' . •■ i| l^ . ,1 ' ' • ! I - : 
tliair way to lli<» nhoro wllli ili«» pur- 
poae of doing nil poasible to help the 
mon aboard, it waa after their ar- 
rival that lIautopi» pluiwed boldly 
Into the broakoro and fought hia way 
to dry land. The people on ah ore 
plunged into the water to meet him 
and dr.iKK<*'1 him to aafety thn 
im<l<iii'%v f i.-i i-niii*; upon liini 
'■ne.l 1.1 ilraK hini hai k to a wni. r 

II 11 

lished between ship and kuki l^was 

u • otnpuratlvoly oeay mattor to fOt 

ihi' \osi)rrB brpechen buoy la aotlon. 

Miiil ull ilio i Tt-w nere saCi^T tCMBO' 

Ifrreil Iiom tli« wrn-k. 

It was expected yeetertajr morn ins 
that at h%h tldo tho ■toamor mtsbt 
bo patted off. eho waa thaa olttiaa 
hiah on a rooky lodao with ooreral 

Iiolea In her bottom and the enaln*- 

iMi.rii floodr l Had ttii» u'.iilier inod- 
i-rji'fi fill" iiiiglil liHse rHVfd. 
Ilii- wiiiii iiKicueed li> h galu Ui thn 
Hftt-i riuoii, MUil tho iraft, undei' llial 

baiterlav, begaa to vo to ^oeoa 

Me— gee from Totocraph Oparatar 
W. MoOee at Bamfietd to Tho Col- 
ottlaC yesterday told of tho partHalaw 

of the wrerk and rearue. 

riii-ri- \\ I ■ f no I ii Bii ,1 1 1 li -1 of Hir. 
deai riptii ii lieyotid Klrri Kngliiee. 
I'arl .Mj t.«"r«, whuse hand was ba'Jl> 
cut by being thrown acainst a win- 
dow. He will be takan to Bamfield 
In tho BamtloUl lll ob oa t > aooer«ln« to 
xMtorday'o plana. Tha llfoboat waa 
on the scene yeoterday and stood by 
durlnir the day, attempting to get the 
ni»ti .1 f\, .ro off. The condition of 
thi' .1 » iti Hijch, howover. that li 
wan III . I'linf ; 1 1 1« fi i !!n- ImmiI I.i ► > ' 
iiTH'" 'li'- I'l-at h rill- Mien H I bfin^ 
I ,1 I i-.l f - -I I . t,i- M I. I J. ! ■ la poH- 

fii'ii- ihiit ihe> may be pu k« .1 nii I'V 
> < I'rim eaa Maquinna, whti h ii d >•> 
off. Clo-ooeo toitlyht on her way back, 
to Vlotorla, and dao hora tomorrow. 

The Santa Rita waa owned by the 
Crowley Intereats of San Francisco 
and WHB hound from San Kranclnco 
for Seattle. ("apt. H. IloMtad 

I'piin.iridg the vee»el, whlfh haa .i 
iT<>w of thirty. She waa going f t full 
•peed whi-M ahe hit. Those on iho 
Ship thought after strllilnff that they 
worn aahoro aaar TataoA oa the 

with communication thuo eatab- I 



Uoorglua Ilolpb H-id UuUUde Bar 
~ IW T*lrij X 'or-. -OM JMNM 

\ l-lllTllHy 

8A.N KUA.NCIgCO. Feb. 16.— The 
steam schooner Oeorglna Rolph. re- 
ported aa haVlay boon thirty hours 
overdne at AstoHa. arrived at that 

port today with the explanation that 

■he had been held outside the harbor 

tiy hta\y noan brraking over the Co- 
lumM* IU\ er bar. the McCormlck 
Steanixhlp Compatiy., IMT apOTators 
here, announced. 


MAMKAX. Feb. 14.— Great flelda 
of let.' HVv reported on the eaat roust 
of Nova BcoiM, in radio messagca re- 
ceived by the Canadian Marine De 
partment here tonight. 

Tho steamer Waao Is held fast 40 
mllea south of Whitehead, and thn 
^l• liner Shoba la Jamni'il in the \, 
off l.lacomb. The Government is di--* 
patching the ice>broakor ataaloy to 
(re« the obtps. 



t II l<lf<IFH, 



10-lnch Double-Sidad Fhonogniph iUcordt 

Beautiful VIOLIN Records by 


Song of Love 

(Prom BloaMMii Tiin«> 

Chu Chin Chow 


Human Hearts Rendezvous With You 

M. SdMTMr't rtdBlmi ol Tht Song of LoTt inm 
«vtr wmh, B« am to hm it 


Burnmg Sands 


Kiss in the Dark ^it 

ToMrrtw Si 

Th« Coaipa Ca« U4n Clfait, Morris ft A4ams, Ltd., Vgacoavcr. B.C. 

Baby Bloc Eyes 

Running Wild 

Lcafes Come 


Wooden Soldiers ^'^^ 

Honasick 4tii 



1 01 <i \k'-i>'^ Apta Bicorti ut4 

t ; ''1 



for Oood AccommodaiioaM mt Modermtm Rmtem 


Ob Oseiy Ml. last eg t7Bta« geeara, la tka MMat af tfea Smt^ alene, aefae m€ 
tfcilns. MenlHie iMljirt eai aMaili aerrloa ai Terr •iga r ela rsAea. Tka 
Ma» Isisa waalsla tte OaMedaislis, traatfaat. vMklaye aa4 1 a ^ lay a. M«. 
««• aa« Laaek. WMk4aya. S»«. g eelaya. Tft«. Otaaar. waakaara il.3ft. 

aaa«aya. tl IVO. Bama rata* faralshaA np«a ra^iaaav T» taaara ^altlT* ac 
aeaSMWattMS, SaOaita raaarTaUan Wora arrlTal ta aSTlaa^. Maelstpel eat Uaa 
BMBM MSr. gtawart Baa ■••ia toalMM4 ataMaort 

gle^ar^ fteptftalers 



baab. Bagloa. l a ll oa Da To n pt gl 

Goeo I'p to Aam-ouvcr Tl>la Morning 
JKovar JDae la Port 

Tho OaaadlaB Tolunteor. of the 
Canadian Oovernment Merchant Ma- 
rine fleet, rearhed fiuarantlne last 

nlsht nhoilU «ft«-t 1') o'<MiM-k She 
\' Us froni IIhIIThx \i»i Mia I'.in.iioH 
I'aiial, and will go into the .on 
pany'a coastwise eervlce with th*' 
Canadian Bovor, Caaatflaa Farmer 
and Canadian Ofea«nr«r. AflMr paas* 
ing inspoctioa this morning at day- 
light, aha will go up to Vancouver. 
.She curites a cargo of sugar loaded 
at ( ijt>a:i p'-ria »■ n route. She In 
atJguiHtt-D \<n southbound ^ailnigw 
from \a;; otivf-r KebrUHrv !H A\ ■ I h 

'he addition ol tha Vuiuntet-r, the 
' O. If. M. win have a weekly serv- 
ice botwooB British CelamMa and 
California porta. 

The Canadian Rover la due In port 
on Saturday morning with CaUfomia 
freight from laa Podra and Ian 

1'"mi 111 ini o. 

The I'anadlan Importer left Cham- 
perico February tt for Vancouver. 

She 18 due Fobmaiy St. 

The C a n adlaa lavoator aallod Feb- 
ruary 11 from Tekkalehl for San 
Frapclseo. She 4s expected in British 
Columbia waters by February 26. 

The Canadian Highlander sailed 
from Honolulu for Vanoouver Fob- 
ruary IS. 

The Canadlaa Sklrmloher left New 
rastle, N.S.W., February 6. with a 
carso Of opal for Honolulu. 

(iR.^!N 0[,^LFR mis 

CorapotitlOB .\moBg A >«ari Brokrr.^ 
Not the Kind That Urines Itatcs 
DowB, Saya IWItMgB 

WINNirEG. Feb. 15. — Competition 
among the three Winnipeg brokers 
dealing In carga space la Canadian 
grain boats Is eompetltlen only in 
servlco. so If. B. Sellers, a witnosa 
before the Lake Freight Commission, 
stated in evidence this afternoon. He 
waa manager lust \ for the nim 
of Ooodeiham & Mela<l>, grain deal- 
ers. He said he could recall only one 
instance In which vessel brokers had 
wndorbld OBo another. On one occa- 
sion laat Sprins one broker had 
quoted him a rate of IS cents a 
bushel to Montreal, and a rival brok- 
er had offered him 11 1-2 cents. "I 
couiiiiTt »<.i lie a.iid, "that there 
waa much cumpetUlun laat Fall." 

Mr. Sonars said he saw no reason 
why charters should not be signed by 
tho shippers dlroet with tho ohlp- 
ownorsk through brokers. This, he 
thought, would prevent speculation 
by brokers In cargo opace. 

The maximum rate which he had 
paid to BafCalo last season, said the 
wltBoss, was S S«4 oonts, and most or 
tho charters to that port were at 3 
( onta His company had had allotted 
to It by their Toronto agents one 
( !o^ crnnifnt-owneil bout on v' 
they had pnid the Toronto firm t ; * 
i-enta for tho flrct hrilf of OiIoJut. 
4 1-2 cents for the latter half of Oc- 
tober, and B cents for November car- 
riage to Ooorglaa Bay ports. He did 
not know whnt amount, if any, from 
thl^' I ■■•^ ^vnn retained bJT thO TorOBta 
firm MS L '•minlsslon. 

Mr. Sellera eald there had been verj 
much congestion at Bay ports from 
oarly October to the end of naviga- 
tion. Thsy had ohartered one boat 
for the season, expecting it to make 
on« trip a weok. but owing to difll- 
I'lltlei in unloading, they found It 

Ida one trip In about three wceka. 
AdniittlnB Amerlran bontji to thi.i 
trude. through suspension of the 
coastal laws, would have added to 
tho eongoetloB, fai Ms aplaloa. 

"Wltnesfl mentioned hOTlas pnId S 
ronts a bushel on one boat. "It \» ,i ^ 
the price the broker asked," he eniil. 
"He was out for all ha i^uubl get and 
wo could asU on that basis. The 
trip was very expensive." They had 
paid S oonts on a goremmont boat 
for Winter storage at Bay ports. He 
said he had found the vessel brokera 
11 rcommodat InK and very fair. nn<l 
they were In a position to render 
masF gorrlees to the shippara. 


Ship ilMllo KriMirt* 

(By Canadian Oovernment Wireless) 
PoolUoaa at eight o'clock laat night 

BBlosB otherwiBo spociriod. 

Princess Maquinna, Matilda Bar at 

6:16 p.m., aoulhbound: Venture, 
leaving Port Il.'«id\ 4 40 |i m footti 
bound: I'anlol K<ip .inilo • I Ki-n 
I ' i \ IbIh mi I 1 i nil 

Prince Ueorge, off Hallle Island 6; 10 
p.m., northbound; Prince Joha, left 
Prince Rupert for Fort Cleraenta 4:SS 
p.m.: Alameda. Mnibank Sound <:S0 

p.m.. aonihbouiid; Northwestern, 
rroaslng Cjiieen Charlotte Sound 2:50 
!> ni norlhhoiind. I'rlnreaa Kna, .it 
Mhuaharlie' fl p in., (ttormboiind . tiiK 
giilimsa and flahing vac.el I>MT. at 
Hull Harbor • p.m., sturinbounU. 

« P.M. Weather. Feb. 1» 
Point Orey — Drlnllng: S.R., llfht: 

Sfi |(t IS xrii amooth. 

F;«t«.M«n n.iin, S K . gale, .10 30. 
.17, «en I ' ■ ■ 1 ir h 

AlTt Ha>— Rain; HE, atrong; 
30 rtS . 4 0 sea rough. 

Ocean .ITaila— Ovorcast; oast; light. 
St.SS: Sf: soa smooth. 

nrlaeo Raport — Rala: S.B.; fraah: 
Sf.TS: SS: sea moderate. 

Bull Harbar -Cloudy; flB.: S^i 

t4; 40; aea rough 

:>ead Tre« I'oitit — Snav; oaUSi 
SS; sea smooth. 

SBATTLB, Feb, 16,— Arrived — 
Nome Clt> Kdaa. Kewiinee, .Sun l-'rm,- 
I Im o, J'r'-fildeiii .Mailleop. Tm orna. 
hailed-^ Admiral H*-bree. Han I'edro; 
.N.on»- Ctiv. K boli-rUj k, TacoOia. 

I<KI.I.1.\(]MA.\1, Feb. H. A lll rot 
' — Olympic, 8ao Fraacloco.' 

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. ll.-^Ar» 
rfrred Fraoldancla. Abordeea. Sailed 
PtasMont Harrison. Aglvlstar, Seattle. 

NEW XORK. Feb. II.— B. I. Bo4- 
ford, San PoSro. 
LONOON. Fab. If^— Katma. Baa 


Nil ANCilAX. Fob. IL^WMt Joo- 

r ^^. u- 

I '.c I M.iW l eb, H.-— City of 

."T o U .1 n •■ Seultla. 

i -M -M " I Ti#, Fob. 14.--Klf|^ Xaru. 
Fort land, Uro. 

GIBRALTAR, Feb. IS.— BmprOM of 

SootkMi. Nosr York 


i HIL.ADELPHIA, Feb. IS.— J, W. 
Van^yko, CoM Harbor. X«oo Aacoles. 

BALTIMORB. Fob. IS.— Northern 
Star, Loe Angeles. 

HONO KONO. Feb. 14 —President 
Wilson, San I 111 » < 

CRISTOBAl.. IViioiiiift Canal 1 f l- 
15.- -AKwIpond. 11 II Ilogern,' 
ula, Tulsa Uas, Kos Angelea; liana 
Hamaoth, San Francisco. 

NEW YORK, Fob. IS.-^elUgolsN . 

ST. MIHBL. Fab. IS.— Adrlati. 
New York. 

Tiur.s \ I 1 1( I OKI* 

K K 11 H r A R T . I 1 1 

Uay ,Tlni« H l.TIni- 11 t'TIma. H't Tlma. H't 

Im. m. pt.iH. M. rt |h m. rt. m, m. rt. 






1 < 

1 ft 



• :t* ».• 

e <« 

0 01 

t.4a » • 

1:14 •.» 


I 4 
• « 

4 0 

• :S« T.i 

Il:l> (t 


7:*1 IT 
7.41 II 



• 1 

4 • I 
4 .11 
4 (4 

4:10 It 

4:44 l.t 

• ll4 4.1 

• ill S t 

• 14 1.1 
1:44 I.I 

4:tl 71 

14:44 t.T tt:t4 

14:14 II l]:tl 

II 17 17 

11:30 4 0 

14:11 44 

11:14 1.4 

llill 1.1 

l:IT ».» 17:14 
10:44 4.tlli2« 

» t • «l I 1 l» ■ 
• i. ,01 
« 4, I 01 
13 I II 

I 41 4.lll4:tl 




II 01 l> 
24.11 If 

11.11 '-• « ■ • . 61' 
7 T,I1 4 1 11 ;oi 21 
7 3,11 34 | l:!l;07 

It 41 


T:tt 1.4 
14 4.4 

14:24 4 4 14:11 
11:14 4 4 14:4* 
l}:lt 4.111:1: 
I 1 11 ?'i 
I 0;l« • I 
1.1 14.40 
4.1 11:14 
4 01 1111:17 

17:14 S.I 
14:44 S.4 





> * 
4 4 

14:44 S.» 
11:44 t( 

: I 
i I 
ll:4t S.l 
}3:t4 4T 
tS:4S 4.S 
:!I:I4 II 
^4 II 

• :i 10 

14:17 8.1 

Tha Tlma aaad la PaoIHa Standard, for 
III* l.'OOi Marldlan waat. It la oaant«il from 
0 fo 24 hours, from midalgkt to inianlght. 
Th. (Ifurfa for h.isht Mrva to di.llnsulah 
High Wnt.r from l.o« W.!. \\':,... 
bliinliii ocput In lli« iuhl*. i' - \<' ; 
or fall* coiitlnuoualy duiinc .i 's.iv. 

ildal p-rloda without turnlni 

'I'll* llaltht la In r««t and i*ntli> "f a fo,>i, 
abova tha avaraga la -al of lowar Low W'atci 

Baqalmalt — Ta ftad tha dapth «f watar on 
tha alll at tka drydock at ear tida. add 
14.4 feet te tba baisht of wik Water aa 
a^eee gtvea. 

Tlma at Buarlaa and »uiia«t iTauinc Sttn 
Serf Tlma) at Vleterla, B.C.. ler tke aMnm 
e( Fahreary. Ittti 





1 1 

:: l!n 

. 7:41 

. 7:3» 
7 117 
7 .". < 
s » 
. ,1:1 
. 7:11 
. 7:S4 
. 7:17 
. 7 11 
. 7 !4 

7 '1 

.\1 r \ •<! r. 

• !}4 



I 17 

e, ; » 

I i- 


I )l 
t i 



1 1 

.. , 



•■a- Oaa- 
rlfS aat 

T:}1 |lS4 
T:T4 ill 

» . . . 
. i . . 

1 3 
t •» 

• >M 

I It 

i J* 
I ji 

I 4 I 
i> il 
I 44 


4 If I . 
•:if 4:11 
', Oeasaia. 




i« i?fTKNnn> Ton.w 

I'oaalbllli « "f "MiiiiiK X i-HH< I tr Ui-uilicr 
Cotiuiix-- < oiin M< II Htay 

li.v 1 111 \V ri-< U 

There la still some pon.nbiiity that 
the motor vessel C<»ol«ha, h shore at 
Albert Head, will bo pulled off. Yes- 
terday there was practically no wind 
V hatev#r. and if this contlnuea to- 
il!i\ there will be a good chance to 
•• her, A .-M onk' In eene from the 
fioutheast would l onipleteU u n-rk 
the ve"nel. bowi-ver. ila .ilio :• fully 

exposed to that quarter. The Pacific 
Balvago Company la aendlBS a veaaol 
out to make another attempt at aalr- 

ng tha Coolcha today. 

The veaael haa not been nV>:4ndoned, 
The mate and tha third mate are 
ataylng by her. while Cnpt O, Maland 
and Chief Engineer J. H. Harder are 
remaining In tho elty. The reet of 
the complement of the wrecked ahip 
were aent to Seattle by the afternoon 
steamer y»aterdny 

Kven ahoiild It be found Impoaaible 
to get the \i'K.Hei off the rocka. atepa 
will be taken lo ealve the engines 
and all oqatpaMBt that eaa bo ra< 

The ship, it Is understood, was not 

inaured. The men aiaying by the 
wreck preserve the rompany'a Inter- 
eat in the M-sxrl In lb* I n»M ,,f ,ri 
Inaiired ship, kIi<> bei omeM 111,, prup. 
orty of tha undf>r»-i itrrhi uii. n iil.Mn- 
doned. If carrying no Inauranoe, she 
paaaes under the control of tho oos- 
toms department. Whilo the owners 
havo mop aboaPd thoy rotate poesea- 

Liver Trouble 

Palm In Stomacli 


ABKWrVKKV. Feb M i^rrlve I 

M \ ^^ ) : ■ ia n- I !■ 1 ■- f,i 1 , . 

^.on *> I i', ,is,.i f ' ^ i) ' . ' ' A .^'»i4t I'-, 

Saiiri'! \^«,T,i;ii ("omoa, 
n c, President Madiaon. Manila vU 
Seatllo: Slaaalaal. Moaohihi via SO' 
auM: Fort Ai^laa^ Fart Aasalaa; 
Nome ritv, Rvaralt. 

!•< ittrr \ >. Fob. IS. ^ • ■ d 
Cuba. Kg<rla, Wllliiaalla, Irank H. 

MaaCaf tha aUsary aaS lU-boalth 
that humanity ia ba r taaaS «lth arlaa 
from disorders of tho Uvor, stomaoh 

er bowels. 

If vou era feeling out ff iwiria. 
1 » . « (.nina In the atomarh < v 
nf'.f -u'ing. eotir stomas ti lo ioua 
m\ r- ]m all k or bllioiir haadaibaa, 
heart till rt, w«t*r i-raah, etc., you 
should :«ka M raw ioa«8 of inibani's 
•Uvor FUia. Thoy WW Svaa a» 

^ Cuba. Kgoi 


Mr. T. C. Halhnaa. Hlghsate. Oat 
writes: "I have Ka4 Uvor troabi* 

and palna In 'ha ainniaAh for a long 

lime I B»«rt«d 1o >ia« -.ii' MiiloirnB 
1 AJIM Liter f't;»a anil In a «h..ft 'i-iia 
I notlfed i'ia> were heiping m» Nnw 

I would net be without Ihem 

asmoad thorn too highly.'* 
Laxa-Uvor FlMi are SSa 
at all daalora, or malM Slroai 

ra4-elpt f pri«e kjr Tha T. HU- 
GO^ iOiaUod. 


TK.\>M'KR or 1 iLaaKLi* 

* KOM 

Transfer of aevaral America n- 

OWBOd \.->.s,.i> C,i Miiil i.i o leiilBlrv- 

IS bOlnn Ik-M -1. la iffun.ll of 

the Can.nllHn iiilTi!n:r. . r rii.irllit; I ■ 
accept I I'K Illations lnipo.'<ed by tha j 
United .--^iiii.n .Hiopioij; Hoard, it de- 
veloped yeaterdsy. The primary pur- 
pose of tho shipping board oea41tion> 
la to proraat the tranafar of AoMri 
canfvaBaola to Canadlaa radatry for 
use as rum runners. 

The situation is eaJiI to have been 

I'l 'o a orlsl'' t' •!,!. lerent »' 

'fo-li! ' I nerure Ca' irgUitrj- foi 
l-'-Ki KliiK .11-1 Wingf BHid !o 
h.txe I.e. -11 iiui.!m.-Bd for use lU tllo 

V li>U;, I milling trade, 
'i iie canadiuii iitlnistry Of marine, 

.u^swerlng the appltoaUOB of thO 

ifenry & McFee Compaay to traaofar 
r agiatry, rofaaad tho applioattoa on tho 

registry, rofusod the aplleation on tho 
grounda that the shipping board 

form on which the application was 
muili- plarea "reetrictlons against full 
llix i tv of usp ■ by the Canadians. 
Tlo- ilewne In tbe application to 

w ;. oi'j' ' ti' : " . I- by tho Oaaa- 

dlrtiis l«, In pm t, nn follows: 

The veaeel shall not bo BOOd for 
the Importation into or ex|>ortatlon 
from tho United Sutaa of aay. .. 
iinuora of aay klB4...and that upon 
uny broaoh of thla eondltion by tho 
purchaser, .said vesael shall bo Im- 
mediately subject to aeliiire. libel an.1 
forfeiture to the rmled HltCm of 
America whenever and wherever 

found, without oomponaatlon to any 

person therefor." 

Shipplni^ Board Mired 

P M. Henry, of the Henry * Mc- 
Fee Company, yaotorday wired ship- 
ping bosurd hoadquartora at Waahlng- 
ton, D. C. asking that, in view of 
'be attitude of the Canadian authori- 
liea. the regulations to which tlioy 
objected ' ight b<. ri-moved. la the 
veaaels Henry was Reeking to register 
In CjimOa ■.•.. re acows wbhout ;'ower 
2iid loulii ii-.i lie uied for rum-run- 
ning pi ■ 1 ~. 

An-«-. ng Henry's wire, the shlp- 
r K < d reaf flrmod Its deolston 
>nd refueed to ehango or aMdll||r the 
I egulatrons. 


»CTuaif o ifgA CTt natpAT 

Hulk of SmbU Vaaaal Now DHfts in 
Fath of Shlpptar— Warning 
of MOnaoe Broa4loasir<l 


' o . 



A Superior Train 

BiitiMM or PlMMura 





Vancouver. Powell River, Oc 
Princs Rupert, Suwart. Aarox 
Connecting Whh Tratais for Boat 

Tourist and Travel 

911 Government Street Pboaa IMS 
Or wriU C n^aru. OisU Paasr. Agt, VIeterta. 

C '1 ' • ^ 



(ContlnooS from Page 1) 

A shining exnmi'le of «i»fiii 
ne»» of a Keaff'i.K ■ ■ ^."i- fni ,:rfoi'. 
lug w.ta affor.Ird \«-.o..i i.», with the 
reacua by l!i« I'nIlo.I M;nies COaSt 

guard cutter .Snohomish of the orow, 
thirty-four men iB all, Of thO aBMll 
steamer Nlka. 

The Nlka, at S o'elook tho prevloqs 
evening, had sent out S.O.S. oalla. ro* 
porting horaelf helplees with a broken 
rudder ten mllea aouth of Umatilla 
Lightship, near Cape l<'latt»ry. The 
Siiohonil.ib. ni that tlnie b,.uiid from 
Port Anjelea to the wri'ilc of th« 
Coolcha Ht Albert Head, luineil o[f 
on pick ins: up the 8.(J.H.. and ,ifl«r 
■ leimini: h'-r hardest throughout Ih-s 
niKht, reai bed the Nlka )'<»aterday 
morning before daylight. At S:08 
O'clock she reportOfS by irlroless that 
aho had auoooeded la «*ttlas all the 
orow'off tha orlppla. 

Tho fact that tho Nlka was a flam- 
ing derelict wan flrat revegled in the 
rescue nieesage from the Snohomish. 
The vessel had btwned to the water a I 
edg«', the cutter anld. Mow and when 
she took fire was not explained. On 
flrat calling for help the Nlka had 
said nothing of the conflagration 
aboard. It la surmised that the flames 
broke out bm- in the night, whM iMr 
wire lees bad become usoloaa. 

To tho timely arrival of tho Sao- 
hoailah la duo, it la raaaeaablo to 
think, tha rooeao of the men of the 
amall steamer. A heavy gsle wna 
blowing from the southeast, with rain 
and sleet, and had the crew been 
forced to l;iUe to the boats It \»oir.| 
have been retu.irkable had si' 
through all\e. Th« bowia. h. i.iv, 
Would never have been be,»rd of ugaln. 

An ll la. nil this mornUiK aie safe 
ot Port Angeles, at which poit they 
have probably arrived by this lime 
aboard the Snohomish. Their ship la 
a bUekened hulk, irtfUng In tho path 
of abipping. Waralas of thla 
to navigstlon was botes 

hy wlrele^ia last night. 


The ateamer Yokohama Slaru. of 
the Nlpp<.>n Vujicii Kalaha, reached 
(ju.Trantlne from Japan Inai night 
Bhortly after S o'clock. She will 
berth at tho RItbet dooka thla 
ing about S o'clock. 

A general outline of how il<e Co- 
operative Wool (iro^^ l r« wi | i- brlnij- 
lug about better prlce.s j,)d a higher 
quality of production was glVOB by 
Messrs. Harrison and Hay. 

Mr. Hay roealled that in IIIS. be- 
foro tho organlaatloa of tho asso- 
ciatlan, the wool growora aold to mer- 
chsnta and buyers who ocoaaionallv 
visited thidr territory on the basla of 
ao much per pound Thla .ir:°ange- 
n'ent ntade It to the advantac- of the 
^ • : 1 to eell a poor grade of wool, 
lis v\ eight was about the only factor 
that counted. The reeult wa.-* that 
Canadian wool shipments contained 
a large prosartloa of sticks and 
stoBoot dirt, watar aad olMtff, and they 
gwlBod tho reputation fo being tba 
worat In quality in th.> w i i 
Raise Wool ataodard 

The live atoek dlTlaloa of the Fe<! 
f-rai Dapartmont of Agrfaeulturo br 
gun to Interest itself in tne wool i:, 
duatry Hiid i i ■< l the ralMng of 

the \«ooi si 1 1 , ' ; Ibis country. 

with tiir 11-1, ' ,,» pi-ratlve or- 

Ktinlxatloiia wii. f.-m r.| In 1914, 
ihe first yeiir of tlir - itlons, wini 
branchea In only yucbec, Untario 
-Manitoba and Alberta, 101,000 pound'* 

of wool waa aold through tha organ i 
/atlOB. Thla volume was more thun 
loubled the following year, a'ld In 
1316. the output of the aaaoclatloii 

"n-" 1 7 ■' .T'th [I .liode III yeiij- 
Hritiah i oliimbia Joined the u.-ihocI.i- 
ilon and began to mako ahlpmcnta. 

The Canadian Co*opamUro Wool 
Orowora, Ltd-.-waa not or g a al aod aniii 
1017. when It waa roaogaktod that a 

national organisation coutd aooom- 

idlali frir more f • (he u.duatry With 
I'-a.M dnpli' ntlon > r rffoi i In 1414 the 
o r L. rf n i f.ii I I . . n bHioi;'-i| 4 .100.000 j.oimoIh 
of wool, f, nd the orpiinlantlon waa 
able to offer the growers better prices 
than other buyers could. After that, 
the wool baateaaa wont through a 
dopraaalea. oaaood by tho collapse of 
tho war boom, audden cessation oi 
demand and the accumulation of tm- 
ealeeble atoi-V The I vo or- 
ganlr.i' I . ■ , d thr I ■ loiM be- 

en ilsi- • » .1 ; I . ! ;i i . \ ( ),(. oil I V 

n 1 ' 1 ' \ ' ' i . I * p ' K • ' ' ! r 1 ! h 1* ■ o n I U * ' 

.Mr. Hay said ibut the Wool Urow- 
crs. Ltd.. had establlehed fHMdly 
relatloha with the mllla aad that their 
own gradeo woro aooaptod without 
queetion " manufaoturors. An 

enviable i i Ion had boon bulk up 
for CatiH.: » liloh WSS now 

being MO. I . o t-: ii- ibe .\niti a II.1 I, 
prodij ' ' . , I . 

MwxiUi .Mniiufaciuro Here 

Mr. Hay felt that manufacturing < ' 
woolen goods could bo carried on in 
British Colambte juat as well as i i 
the Bast, and ho said that his aa.«' 
elation would staad behind any offon 
directod at tho oataMMtsBoat at miiia 

Ml Harrlaon ".ild ihii on an 
Mveruge. low grade wool was being 
produced In British Columbia. In the 
Coast district merino and Other high 
gradoa of ahoos did not do well, and 
tho wool waa oonaoouontly ot not the 
flne tostaro obtatnablo In the Interior 
In llintted quantity. 

He pointed otjt that the rnvt of 
wool produced on the Coast wr>uld 
be suitable for the hot mifai inr*- of 

blankets shd maikiom .. .i imr 
articiee not requiring a fine flbre. lie 
said that the mill oporatlag In Van 
oouTor uaod only tho lowaot sv^da of 

Mr. W. E. Naohtrieb, local managtr 
far Blaslnger * Compeny. dealers in 
hldoa and wool, dlaput'^d .Mr lUrrl- 
eon'n assertion thiit pull wool" waa 
tiemg used in \anoou\er. He held 
that pull wool w.T^ of tha fineat 
riuallty, bOOauNe m it the full length 
waa p p aatrvad aa a natural roault of 
tha pr aeaaa aaad. wbiia tha Taaeaarer 
stttC a^aa maraly rafaaa. 

Mr. Naehtriab aoM that on Van- 
couver leland the wool was considered 
a aecondarv < onslderalion by the 
ah' o ': * 'he lambs fetched lii" 
prii « ibdi w moat worth While, hihI I 
therefore mrnit i<( the flocka ware 

diatfiM PMifio 

Week-End Fares 



Vtmouvtr ire! Ref'-m S3.7S 

Sesttle end Return, #4«0* 
iKkcts on S^lr !^,«taidayi and 

Su ii'lay 9 

maal Katurn Limit* MoaddF 

Morning StaMBSr 


HOTEl $4V0Y 

■om> BATnT 

Second Ave. and University St 

tia ll<Kim». Mn^prn 
Winprn n t — < ate— 4>Kn>s» 

Balaai gi-Ao npi bsih, si no ae 

ajwUI Winter Kaira 
l(eit^iin»rt*ra fiir \li'toriana 
W O. lUag. rr»^ STraO 14. Seaka/. M«r. 






I -no 
» .on 
!l 40 
1 1 


4 00 

a o(» 


• l«4 

« 40 

It . 4 

• :4i 

• OS 

W II :> 
■I 1 1 
V li 




Roeka BWer Ed. 1 1 :44 .« 11:44 

iliii'-hlii*.in I'oTa 11:48 

K..< k\ I- t 1 1 M 

V)-|. I ,,a|. I - 

IllfllW .IV I l>-M«,||g J 1 110 

Ilai.|iy V.lUy 11 lOS 

Ultii I.tika 11:04 

Colwooil Vlllaga 10 It 7 

Oolwood Natal |i> ^ 

iSiraon'a Briilga lu.4l 

Blaehvoed 10:41 

Bumalila Kaa4 10:44 

Juiirtlan 10:44 

Al|.li« 10 14 

\lctorta 10:40 



• ■47 

• ;41 


f « 
(C I 1 


.'. ". g 
ft t. . 
It II 



— ■■ ■■.M«jma»4W!iiimi»B^ 

ll RA. Kii^OOton I.loyil a 1»« Al-^Dallgbt- 
ful aarvlre. Srtfaay Short Maa — Mamna.-- 
Hnnolulu -QuIrVaat Paaaasa — Loweet Ralaa 

I'.rifl, OM, llt.h '.I.'*.. 


\I .1 

( a.. 2 1-laa at., HM J^ranclaM. 

developed with a Tlow M 
lamba of go4>d atoo. For that 
shoop producing tho highest grade aC 
wool were not considered profltablo. 

Mr. Harrison aald that his refer- 
ence to "pull wool" w.iH |.o««ihiv due 
to confU"|on of (eriiifi Me (■l.ifed that 
nieinbera of lt;< ;,»»or|ni|on In Jii.llah 

( olil III Inn wrn- jiHol rdlng to the 

trade of ibfii i t and that 

freight ratoe to shipping point woro 
pooled, ao that tha gvawora la tha 
outlying dlatrtau had aa aoal 
ohaaoo with thoaa aloBa ta tha mala 
railway line In goltlas • SSSr STtat 
for their wool. 

W>n Vl■>»s^.l,^» 4<»i>LiDK 

NORFOLK, Va., Fob. IS,— tjM .da* 
•troyor Faraahar waa ramaaad hy a 
battleship arhllo ongagod te battle 
praetice off Fanama at noon today. 
a<jeording to a wireleaa rneoeage re- 

cct\ed at the naval at-ition The re- 
I »ri III t be deal ■ • • ^ ■ •» ' -i ni n l< - 
,iiK coiiiiltiMii and . I na ■ oov j 
liy tha I'nlied Btatea alenmr-r Ai - 

N I 'i; K< <I .K \» I""!' 1 .". 
schooner I-"rtrnd^hip .» n :i U i ■ 
inilea off < iregoi. c ' > . .o -: . 
advlcea received ib.-* m*"'' ' • 

(Utter Modoc fro n i.t:: ■ . ' 

has been »ent to her aid. The entir" 
orow of the Friendship is undorotooJ 
to bo stiu oa board, aad fasups ara haki 

for tVtr sefatr. ' 


OTTAWA, reb. IS. — Sir Vonry 

1'homton, president of tho Oanadlan 
.•■'■nal Itallwaya. Is thla wi--'U »n 

,i-«'-'i Mf". ^),r. wrW €,f ..,iTM-'»' '.)r 

'I'l-iooU h«re thai an announce 
' " ' nrtn be mado early noxt week 
leg afjUa s t ho M S rt a tm aa t af tho 

iho laat twa asasyMi 
haa rlahod tho oarlaaa 'dtatrMa 

served by thO national railwaja sad 

on theaa Ineper'lr.n tr.p* I »e c«n 
lerred <« . i I ti- . ,. . i' , <• . . , 

r«ad, both to C anada and me Lniiod ^ 

""I Now Feel Fine'' 

Mn. P. G. Miv^eek, Boa 

"I WB4 trouWed for yearn 
»iifi biliou4ac44. coBstipatwo. 
kxlnry asi ihwimdUsk i 

tried masy different kind* of 
■M^CIM^^^UO^MtkaiC ^ 

CKsfc'f Kidnry-ljvrr P9k. 1 
now feel fine. Kut am »rver 
witkout theee plli in tk« kouae. 
Dr Ovaie't Ointment has re- 
lieved my husband of pile*, 
ham wti^ h» vmd ta mMtt 



Me a b«»L a 



, V^cQuver Island 

• »» 


9t Hon. hmltho, l-\>rniCT 

r <>r HrliUli ( olui 

lilt-M ut 1>UI1('UII 

I'L.NCAN, I'mti. I4..— The death 
t«ok plao* laat •maag at Ui* family 
h)t^ ot Mrm. Maltha tmUlia. at the 
of VI yun. niitt of th« late 

.Hon. Wtlilam Smith*. In thf i.untinii 
•f Mr«. Umlth*. Cowlrhan ! 0- « uu 
other link from thi> .h ii 1 ..r Uu fHtt 
UlrrilnlahlnK band »if i.ioin?ern « hu 
cHiiit) i,> Cov.lchan In the early duvK. 
and have done so much towarda Ita 

Doeaaaad m-us bom .>. iwu. <• coiin 

ty, Ontario, in .uii i.. 

lirltleh Colutnlrl 1 h.i 

Iho I.I t.^ \I 1 M I - K l.i fin , 

eiK ll ' • . ■ ^; - . I . I . I t.K : ' ',^ H M 

to hear her lell of the trip Weat, 
when tb« journaf' ovwr the plains waa 
mad* hy "pralrla fOkooDar." toUvm- 
ina thm laata Fa trail. 

With the fx. .-i'' I' ' I ti 1.- 

that her late hu»i>., ,. i,,,- > . >■ 
mler of the Provln^ • . » u- n -i,. r, 
aided in VIetoria. the deceaaed had 
resided praetloally eeatlBMMljr to 
Cowlchaa district slaea eomlBg to 
tha ProTlnea. Th« lata Wllllain 
Smltha rapraaanted Cowichan Id the 
Provincial Houaa for fifteen years, 
.-Mid ni tha tisia aC hla daartia 


In recent yaara lira. Imltha 
not baan abia to taka an aetlva part 
In aoelal and publio activities, but in 
yaara gone by her name was clone I v 
aaaociated with all leading aoclal 
fuMctioim and With wooiaa'dr Mtlvltlas 

in ^eufrmi. 

Tho (lei-eaeod in nurvlved by two 
sons, Mr. W. 8. Snillhe and Ur. O. T. 
BmKhe. and six vrandchildrea, Mra. 
J. H. Bast, of Karfmeos; Mrs. R. W. 
Coata, of Naramata; Mlas Alma Mae- 
donald, taaehlnv at Atltn, and Mr. 
Ian Maedoaald, at Kelowna. and 

M,i.ii>'r<< '-^"^i^n f ^ ffirlfl iwtttoi of 

Th^ funeral Will taka pl;<<<> on 

Haturday aftamaon, leaving the fam- 
ily hama at 1:10. and the remains 
will ba md to rest baslda theaa of har 
lata husband In tha Mathodlat bary- 
1ns f round at Somanos. 



the following: Mr. Frank Oasn#. <>r 

\ aJd^ Island, for his sacr^Kufiii . r 

f..ri« ih. lr HUCtloncfr M' I i dy, 

(■'I 111/- .-1(1!' 11(1 i'l |)ut>lli ;!\ iH.v . ■ Mr. 

SI 11.1 I I (ii< III-, In ■ ■ I .1 I I 1 . . I I > - 

framed ' valeuUne, ' whlcli th>' 1. idles 

ire charmed with and propose to 
baas la a promlaant position In their 
hall. A larsa eal^ left over from 
tha danca waa handed to the srhooi 
loacher. Mlaa Wldowson. for the en 
tertalamaat of tha JMhool chUdraa. 



Ad\ itllinKcv l^l^s<'-..,' ,1 li> die l^luiid 
I'urt ^M•t liiMli III it<-M)lijtli>n 
Atloptctl by Uoard of Trade 

(•A.VlPBELr. riI\KK. J-.b 13 An 
fxftit took plarp Ihki wpek .Tt cjuii'i 
l;i."iki \ uMfj! Inland, that am f y i 

lis \\ '' '1111 find out Is unique. Mri" 
Stewart Dawson, who Is the proud 
poascssor of several (Ina soata and 
who tenda and looka after tham with 
a ntoat vantla rare, has been re- 
warded for hi r lnt<>rest In her family 
of costs 'by <t"* alrndBf unh<*flrd of 
Bitiviil of tlire« .\iitinl"-< nml otip 
Illll.\'. .Tt oni f to one mother goat. 
.MI fiiiir kill- nnd their mother are 
doing well. The kiddles, as spry and 
livaiy as any grown upa, ranning. 
Jumping and butting almoat before 
their tlttla fast had become aceus- 
tomad to tha hard p u th a/< .1 rule 
but two arrivals >>''fr.ic ii:i|>i>inp«^ t'> 
tha Biothar goat ^I'^i h.'i .lun.- 
nny one tima. and this we believe em 

i.-ibiiflhes a raaord, at laast for thi.i 


Frank OaRne. of V'aldes Island. ha« 
mavad over here to atart work on the 
naw float and landing atapa at the 
M-horf. tor which ha haa a Oovara- 

rnent contract. 

The cantiiln nrnl rrew of 1 lip T T. 
<"o'« tug bciat Quinslm, linvp been 
rierted a^ niemberii of the 
noble order of Cheerful Drifters, m» 
a slight token of gratitude from the 
Driftara thay so choarfuUy assisted. 
This rank WH\ ba confarrad upon 
ihotn at a dinner in the near future 
now belna planned. What Other tltlen 
^nt\ ninkfi ill l<p dlKtrlhuted to ihr 
heroes and h'''"lii<~.H of a great 
ine rescue. 

Arrangemnnts are being made to 
bttild a Jail at Campbell RIvar ax 
•eon as a slta haa baan ehooan for 
the same 



Oyatar Bay Community will give a 
dan(*e on .March I to ralaa faadg for 
the school. 

The Wllferf I, umber CO. 0( CMop- 
bell Rtvar. shipped Itt.OOO fast of 
tiaa and lumber l%st waak. Tha tias 
ara eonslffnad to India, and in»re tIas 
ara now bein# cut for shipment to 
that far land; while the lumber has 
gone to Vancouver for export. 

.Mr. I' r|i> <;ip\. Innpertnr of Ho»- 
piiulN. for th« I*ro\lnrial Uovern- 
ment, whs h visitor to Campbell 
River General Hospital laat waak and 
was plaaaad to And tha hespHal so 
wall ran. and avarythlng In sueh ex- 
callant ahapa, thanks to a meat an- 
argatie hoapltal hoard and aMat afll- 
dent stsir. 

Tho (lull-, lil.lll innlol nt.l^-.f. to 

• 'out tensy. oiiemted by Frank La 
londe. riirrieii nonis tlnit>cr magaatae 
on Thursday last. Tha psssa^sis 
wara Wgura Na«a. of Campbaii Klver. 
who raoaatly aaourad large intere!H« 
on tha Malnhind in addition to hu 
'*ampbe]l niver holdings; <;eorre 
Moore, ht . . f the Merrill and Rln« 
I.oxkIiik i-.i. Hum. i.ii Bay. whose Hny 

••'•'P-* 1''^' I n recently moved to 

lh«- 111 • i logging railway. 
nb«ut n\e miles Inland; Pete Wain, 
contractor: and Jack Phillips, of tha 
Klh Bay Logging, Co. With tha party 
was the Oove#nment neater. 



Parent -Tsarhern" Ajiii.>rint lun m.-m « 

mn^l nil ■ fulfil I li.iinn lit llw I .1 I 

laniL rmlUoii. .MhI m ilny. hVbruary 10, 
when the att**nd;ini «> rxoee<l«d aN OO- 
peotatlons; as also might ba said fOr 
tha generona manner in whl«h their 
frianda of tha lodging rami>M ro 
apondad to tha atiatloning of vMriou* 
4l%0labU dellca^as. chocolatea and 
HW^n. Thia danre reall**.! t?'? fr -ni 

- ' t ^ • .i-^iwi ■ • .1 r ■ 

< M ' ^-i I r\n\i„n', funds. 

1..^. i.-i.;. •: .nith xh» Caa* 

ailtrin Hun. mmerce, amooat tn 

IR12 2K. t M ilan they hava |4« 
oaah. and 1 4 it In lumbar, bringing the 
total fands to dati> to li.oio *k with 

rOf^enM to the danre. tl ' .<« ,.,;. 
ttoH desires to thank moat «in«-«i«|y 

NANAIMO. Feb. 11 — At ths monthly 
" .eoUag or tha Board of Trade, Tuaa- 
'uy evening. Alderman Uarrlson, aa 

I special committee from the City 
' ' Ki' il. (I (lilresaod the Hoard on the 
|| I' M' mil i.f v\h«-iit ih'vators and the 
•1 i f .Nanuimo Hai bor III 1 i.n ih ' 1 ion 
V. iih u terminal point for the (.'una- 
dlaa National Hallway. He Illustrated 
hi» address by maps, showing the 
1 rain roataa as now in general use 
' tid tha Waatarn route aa propoaed 
10 a Pacific port. Ha also dealt at 
length with the question of Nanalmo 
Haibor and the way in which It 
tOttld lj<< iitlll/.i-d (iH a tfiniini: |M.,nl. 
At the ciinrhiHion of his uUiIii '-m .ui 
open disc-Uhnlun took place <!"* 
most appropriate way of briiigiiiK to 
tba attaatkltt of tha propar authori- 
ties tha mattar undar discussion. It 
waa swggastad that Mr. Harrlaon anb- 
mlt a draft resolution covering the 
so llent features of the whole scheme 
for tha uso of tha Board, which was 

It was moved by Mr. J. F. Doyla, 
sficondad by Capt. Bradford: 

Wharaas wheat from tha Pralria 
Frovlncaa ea^n be shipped to Surepe 
vlu a Pacific Coast port. 

And whereas It apiicarH Itiat a pi^rt 
of shipment (.m |..- uspil to ailvantaKe 
f'jr the purpcMi \ iniuuvpr Island. 

And wheroan .Nanalmo Harbor la 
k.tuated S7 miles from Vancouver city 
and is tha most available ahlpplng 
point on thIa Zslaad and oaa ba made 
very sultabla, at amall axpanaa, for 
I all way trackage and tlheat elevators 
anil ' ' ! he advantage of being nble 
to 1 1 1 1 oal In lart'e (|uantltiea. 

Hi- 1! therefore reeolved that 
the attention of the proper 
r.itthorltles be dravsn to the natural 
advantage of Nanaimo Harbor' as a 
terminal point for tha Canadian Na- 
tional Rallwaya and a shipping port 
ior wheat on the Island. 

Be It further resolved that 
f < opy of this resolution of the Board 

Trade be sent to tho r.iL;lit U ni 
Murkenzle King, The Hon. J. H. King, 
.M DC M., and the local BMmber for 
the Federal riding. 

The above motion on being put to 
the meeting carried unanlmoiisly. 



tiil I iKii mil b; tiXil W ulll«^tl B lllfftllM"'. 
an. I iii.ii,.l when tli«l l>od> la Hi 

ubarga uf tba coaamiaarui. every- 
thing waa a p lsai H ly <loaa. Tlnwa alt- 
tliiga ware naoaasary, but aaoh waa 
a ri aagOd w<th Hgbtalag s»aoi. In 
this work the r;irt Qa l daa also vava 

valuable aneiiitance. 

IImii! .| I'rrhfKti.i fturn Nlitoim, 
played, and dauclng continued until 
two In lha morning. 

Tha prises were sobaerlhad for by 
tha following orgaataatleaa: Fhraiars' 
Institute, 16; Ancient t>rder of For- 
esters. tS.2t: Cobble Hill Amateur 
Hramatlc Club, $3; Women's Instl- 
I jf< . $2.50; Helullera" AiinoclHtli>n 
J .1' Ml I A r.irl.-r ..U' < .f i h. 
anioiiiit (liiiialt'il iiiil\ $1.' '•>" wun tx 
pended. and a bat.uH uf }l 2& was 
carried to the general expenHe ai- 
count. After all payments ha\o i>feri 
mada tha hall funda will benefit to 
tha aatoat of about ovar and 

above tha hall roatal of |1*. Tha 
oombined committaa that orvanlsad 
fhl.n cnterf ainment Is to be heartily 
riiiiKiatuluted upon the true spirit of 

iip.Mution which waa dlsplayod 



CdLWOOD, Feb. 14. — Several en- 
thusiastic acholars tried to attend 
school this morning, but wara forced 
to taka a holiday, as the teacher. 
Miss Hawkesford. who Uvea la Vlc- 
torls. waa unable to attend to her 
duties, due to tha fui-t that no ataKi.t 
were able to make the Journey owui«; 
to til" lii i p snow. 

I'or the first time this Winter the 
members «+f the Colwood Whist Club 
decided to abandon thalr waokly 
game, owlnff to tha Inalamaat 
weather and tho dlfflealtF Of trans' 



i:n ANT> III ! i> i!i:rf 

.\cw.'»pu|>' 111 I ,i~i M.iii II I) .Story 
of A<'iii II •! ■ I Mib<-//.irinrnt 

DUNCAN. Feb. It.— Oraat la tha 
demand for snowshovels, for front 
three to four feet of snow fell within 

thirty hours I.asi mIkIii u tiirnril i.i 
r.Tlti and \\!in been laiiutis inti rtnit- 
iTitis nil (lav. 

Kohiiul.s are olo««>(t til] Aiond.ij npxt. 
A few anloiiHilii Ifs l.iavcil tbe roa<ls 
yeaterdny niorninK. but durinR the 
d«y tlioroughfures became impum- 
able, leaving cam sullad Impoaaible 
to reach their point of daatlnatlon. 
They ara tbara to st.iy, till Providrm e 
or aomaona alse puts forth a h( iping 

liittle attempt (mild be m.Tde >os- 
terday to iI<mi iIi<> .-.rnivs. for a It h'iii»;li 
the snow pIiniKh-i went tbe round.s 
their efforts a i.j.fa 1 futile, and the 
same wlih .oho vel 1 1 ng. it ^lyiowlng 
Bteadlly iiii 'I'oday, gitnga Of 

men have been busy and six horses 
on the tractor did good work on tha 

Tha chief query seems to be. 
whether or not the snow 1« an bad 
as the big fall In l»l«. .MfMi> 
".Iiint an bad. and iio .ssili tn ili;,- .Mm 
out ■• for the SSth Uatlalion wa» 
, itfiMPii hTP then and did great 



tnj" ' ' I .sponi at Aanaal 

L\cui of liic Comniaattjr 

COBBLE HILL, Fab. 14.— In spite 
of the fact that Monday night was 
tha coldest this Winter, about 1«rt 
poople attend<-il tlu- i'<.l<li|i' lliii 
munity a nnua I iii.isiiu. r.ide (birn i lo hl 
In the hall It innnt unforlunate 
that the wemlipr should have been 
00 miH-b nitHiiivt this event. 

Tbe building was very prettily 
decorated with bunting and colored 
streamars. Arrangamcnta warn made 
to accommodate onlookara In thi bal- 
cony, whence a aplaadld Tlew of tha 
gaily dressed crowd could be obtained. 
Masks were tbe order until 10: SO. 
when the (trnnrl iniiicb took |d.icr. 
nnd the Judge.'i. .Mi-fturs K. I>uiican. 
M I' a Kriiyne iin.l U. Cutllff, bad 
"1 lil<' upon tho prir.e wlnnen". 
.M '\ate'.. i f .^hawnigan l^ke. 

dreased an a I nKinb woman, a-onthn 
lady's prise. Mr. Denny, of Duncan. 
reprasanUnc an ISth century gentle - 
man. rooalrod tho prisa for tha be^t 
drasssd gontlaman. Mlaa Kaene wan 
awarded a prUe for the most original 
oharaoter. beinu aitired an H ja«J! 
queen. Mr. T P ii.ins u f pi. ii.iid 

aa a flwa.sti f<-i 

•^..01. iif 
Th.- r..ii..vM 
not.i.'il Mm. 1 1. 
.Mra X'alsdorf, 

» • • I i i 1 1 ,1 1 ' ■ 1 » 1 H c«.>n- 

1 icter. 
I 111 * < i>.| n ini-s 
X 1 "St II iiics were 
,\|p.xandrr. black rat. 
tin of Crteco; Mrs. 
Hreton. Arabian: Mlas Bairy and 
.Mlaa RoblnsfMi. Tom flawyar and 
Httoklobornr FUia: Mrs. Oaasar. Arab 
woMaa: M4bs Chatlay. Btae Colum- 
bine; Mra. Duncan. Queen ..f I > n 

Htepben Power, of TlenUln, China, 
who wao hald hoio Vy lha hical Pio- 
viadal Police autborltlaa from July 
to Noveml>er last year, pending his 

extrnilitlon to Tientsin on (•barK»'s of 
embezzlement, waa found not Kullty 
before 8ir Skinner Turner, KittlnK In 
Tientsin aa Judge of tha Brltlah Hu 
pre me Court of Shanghai, and a Jury 
of Ave Hritlnbei-^ • 'itmary 17 lust 

NcvSH of .Mr l i.\%.i br(|Ulttal was 
containi'il 111 lelter.s and newHpapera 
sent by the defendant to Mr. It. f 
Lowe, who rapraaaatad him during: 
tha proti^ted proceedlnga la the 
Provincial courts; and to Provincial 
• 'on.slaliles UobPrt Owrns .mil .Mal- 
colm .Ml IMiail, who hail personal 
cbarKc of bim at the time of his ar- 
rest here, and at various timea there- 

.Arrested at Ont4»r Wharf 

Mr. Powt r. y\hn \\,i-< in agent of 
the .Sun I-ifi- A 111 ; inpany of 

Canada, and who bad written busi- 
nrtiH in China for that company to the 
value of $2.(00.000.00, waa arrentpil 
here on July 18 last, as he stepped 
off the as. President Madison. Tip wa^ 
orrPKted by Con.stabb-a OweiiH and 
.Mi'l'liail. on r.ihle a(|vl<'*<.>i • Ifoni 
SlianKhai: and was held in custody 
on the order made by Magistral •■ 
Jay at the Instance of tha fun Com- 
pany, reprasentad by Mr. H. A 
AtAclean. t< ('. 

The dif( ndant. who said that be 
n.-is on biH way home fur a liolldny 
iti ( hii aro. waa iield on three charge.s 
• MiiMvziinif money of tho lnauran< p 
company, to a toUl of M.OOO. He 
was held here under the provlsionn 
of the Fugitive OfTenders Act. of 
Knglnnd: and donpile the strentioun 
f fforts of .\|r Low p. v,im finally com- 
niiliPil by .MaKiHlrate .lay for rclorn. 
Ill 1 u^tintN of nn ofllrer nent from 
China, to tlie Jurisdiction of tha Drlt- 
Ish court of Shanghai. 

Local right Uptc 
Further efferta to prevent what 
amounted to extradition, or even to 
iioportation. were made by way of 
habeas corpus applications In the 
ijupreme Court. .\tr .lu.itiip Morn 
son. In thin city, and .Mr .lustbe U. 
A. McDonald. In \an<ouver, .■?upce8- 
plvely refused npplicntioiis tor the re- 
Ipni'e of .Mr. Power; and bafbra a 
third could be made the prisoaar was 
taken to China. 

The PPijijel. nn conlniiied In The 
North Cbinn Star for .lanu.iry IT and 
1 « 1.1 «t. HlmWH that Mr. Power waa 
acquiiipil on all three chargea pre- 
ferred against him. Sir Sklaaar Tur- 
ner. In his cbarga to tha Jury, criti- 
cised tha proaacttUon for Its conduct 
of the case. 

The news has been received here 
with con.-iil.ralilo satisfaction by Mr. 
l.owe and the pohcei ofncers who had 
charffo of the prisoner dnrl^ hin 
long detention In thla dty, among 
whom Mr. Power had mada a very 
favorable Impraaslon. and who fre- 
quently expressed their belief that 
he would pfitabllMh Ills liuiii.pni.v An 
unintentionally huniorou.n touch waa 
Riven to tbe court proceedings In 
Tleni«ln by the defendant's assertion 
that he left China to get away from 
the drink habit for awhlla; and that 
In fnrtheran<^ of that object he r^ad 
reucb».| \lctoria on hln w.i\ tn ih. 
I'niled .Sliitea. when be arrCctcd 
In this city. 

piiBi mm mm 


Rcvelatlonn .iXmi. i. .1 \\ 1,, ., j ,,, 
NrwNpaprr .Man 1 a. c^ irlai for 
lalcotlag With 

monds: Ml 

Ml" H-«tr 
K I Hit.-. . .(i.' 

SUM 1 \ HI 


Hsnham. Fren< b »iti..i 
1 little (Tlrl. MIhk M 
S . II 1 1 111 n \t r • \I . 1 - .-r ■ 
• 1 1" .1 1 1; M 1 \i 1 . I ; n 
tM 1.1 \tf« Muleeworlti. M JaT.J! 
I ' M « M' lhulwh. Queen of 

Hparta, .Mi«» .Melroae. gipsy; Mlse 
RadcUffe. Japan^ tody: MfB. Bprott. 
Columbine: CapC Ghaaar. a Turk: 
Mr. a. c. Chooko. yoHow plorrot: Mr. 
f>aIoma. ShMi: Mr. Daly. Uaela Sam: 

Mr. L. H. Oamatt. Chlneoe renrle 

man; Mr. 1>. Hamilton, s 

Mr T Keeiip t, ,,,,,( \(| I 
iv , K I " 'men; Captain 
' ■'■ fK 1 t. •'•leman; Mr. 

I Mr. a. 

tteti. cowi>o}. Mr. J. Voaav, rod 


Ml.: ^ 
1 ». . 

Vf . 

s [ . r 1 ■ 


Tho aa 

ita woaa 

PAni«. Feb 15 — The return of 
Ernest Judet, former owner of the 
newapapor L'BataIr,, to face charges 
of communicating with tha anamy 
duHng the war. has cauaed a senas- 
tlon in French political rin |p, 17,* 
former publisher Is credited with 
ponaexwlnc a number of i>eri»a ; iona I 
doiiinifiilM All Hort« of revelations 
aie f,,r.«een for the trisi which 

probably will be held in May. aad 
which now hide fair to rank among 
tha mart* oolabratad la thO omoM 
of Fteaok joatlea. 

M. I^OUC. Judef- lawyer a.i)ah« 
will eaa lt« witneseee. including 
Clomoaooaa aad othor aalah- 


The Kch '.nai*. tho Clomca- 
ceau organ. afTtrma that tha proaoan- 
Uoa win wttlMkaw f»om tha aaae. n 
promlss to that effect having b»en 
nsado to J««at hafsra he decided to 
rttarm IMw ' 

D.\VIDSF^[{N(:i-R, L I D 

bture Hours — 9 a.ui. to 6 p.m.^ Wednesday to 1 p.m. 
—————— — — I 


February Home-Fnrnishings Sale 

Chesterfield Suites at Lower Prices 

Choice French and British 

Block Print CreLonncb 

For February Clearance 

Tiicse include many exclusive and beautiful cretonnes 

iliat have- Ik-cm t-.i ■<■:',.] tt-ni tin- i!< |.,n tmciif ..f Ititcrior 
Decoration to llic iJiai^cr^ Depariiuciit. Tlicy arc now be- 
ing offered att very low prices to make a February clearance. 

Block Print Cretbnncs, of extra fine grade, including Frrnrli 
• nil Sui^our Fabrics. Rcguimr to |3.95 valuer < 

- fX.&5 

A I'ine Sclcctiuii of Block Printed Cretonnes in beautiful 
designs. Regular ^2.3? values at, a yard . f 1.75 

Block Print Cretonnes in a large range, including many 
fine Freoch pieces. On sale at. a yard ...f 1.W 

tad fleer 

1 leiiLbin Rugs 

At Lower Prices for • 
February Sale 

Our stock of these handsome Oriental Rugs ii 

many beauties and all are offered at j^rcat reductions. 

Tientsin Rugs, 9 x 12 ft., designed with blue ground and 
blue border. A very select rug that is exceptional value 
*t ^ f 187.S0 

Tientsin Rug. 9 ft. .x 12 ft., designed in mullberry ground 
with blue borders. Extra fine grade and on -,ih 
<-ach f225.00 

Tientsin Rugs, 5 ft. x 8 ft., in blue ground with rose border. 
Special at 959.75 

Tientsin Rugs, 4 ft. x 6 ft., in several attractive designs. 

Special ftt •••••"•••••»«••*•*•••••••••»••••>••■•■••••••«••••■«. M«**««*aa«***eB8flMp*00 

Tientsin Rugs. 3 ft. x 6 ft. These are offered in very neat 
designs and are of best grade. Each ^35.00 

— Hue*, tad tloor 

Women's Knit Underwear 
' Harvey Brand 

New Stocks — Just Arrived 

\\ onien .s Ve.^ts with fancy 
hand-made yoke, low neck, 
no sleeves, also opera top 

and bias t.ipc pt n Ii 

cial at 05c to ^l.UO 

Women's Heavy Combina- 
tions, with low neck, bias 
tape finish and of fine knit 
cotton ; loose or tipiu 
knee and \vith faiu\ 
beading. Sizes .^6 to 44. 
At, a suit, $1.25 to f 1.65 

AVonicir.«; iMtie Knit Cotton 
Drawers with 'loose and 
tight knee and lace trim- 
nifd. Sizes 36 to 44. 
Special at, a pair. MOc 
and fl.OO 

Women's Drawer.s, oi imc 
knit cotton, elastic at 
waist and wide leg; all 
sixes. At, a pair....f 1.S6 

Women's Fine Knit Cotton 

Combinations, with round 
neck or no sleeves; also 
opera top. wide loose 
knee, step-in '-txics. larc 
trimmed. Sizes 3b to 40. 
At, a suit, 90c and fl.OO 

Women's Harvey Bloomers 
of fine knit cotton, made 
with gusset and with 
elastic at an<l kncp. 
Sizes 36 to 42. \t a 
pair 85<* 

— >\onicu a Knit LndtrwMr, 1*1 ri«or 

French Ivory HairBrushcs 

At bpcciai Pi ICC Reductions 

^ ou can buy the best quality bristle brashes in French 

I\ ory at a big sa\ iw^. 

r.rushcs, values to ^11.7.r .Vow... 

IJru.shes, values to $8.75. Now... 

Hrushes, values to $6.75. Now... 

Brushes, values to $5.50. Now 



UpholbLered Furniture 

«Reduc^ in Price for the 

February Sale 

A Three-l'iccc iiesterfield Suite, including a chestcrlield, 
arm chair and rocker, each with spring seat and bade, 
roll arms and "Marshall" spring cushions. Thev are up- 
holstered with fancy tapestry trinuiied with^crimson 
plush. A big special value wt,..^^^..^..^^.,^!^ni$MO 

A Chesterfield and Two Arm Chairs, with roll arms, spring 

back and seat, loose spring cushions and covereil with 
good grade tapestry in a small floral design. Special 

VA^U^ r-n I [ I I ■ i^^^L^^^^B^^^^ 

A Three-Piece Suite including a Chesterfield and Two Arm 
^ Chairs, all with pillow arms and fitted with loose, 
-spring cushions and ^pring seats. They are upholstered 

with heavy *='prstry with a dark hhn wwirgri i The 

three pieces at $225.00 

A Chesterfield and Two Arm Chairs with loose M tin:^ 
cushions, spring pillow arms, full spring scat au l l i 
and covered with ali^ver tapestry in blue ground i < 

three i)ieces for $185.00 

A Chesterfield, Rocker and Arm Chair, a Walnut Living- 
Room Suite, with fancy cane panel back. Queen Anne 
design. It has upholstered spring seats, loose Marshall 

^ spring cushions and covered with mohair, trimmed with 
plain blue. A handsomfc suite and big value at $310 

A Three-Piece IJying-Room Suite, consisting of Chester- 
field. .\rm Chair and I'vocker; made on walnut t'lauies 
with cane panel backs, upholstered spring ■^eats and 
loose cushions. They are covered with mohair and the 
suite is remarkable value at $165.00 

— rioaltanii m rim 

Select Bedroom I ' liriniui e 

At February Sale Prices 

Six-Piece Ivory Enamel Bedroom Suite, dresser with plat« 
mirror, chiffrobe. vanity dresscr, bowfoot bed, chair 
and rocker. On sale at „ .$210.00 

A Seven-Piece Bedri.oui Suite, walnut or i\iir\ tini>-h. The 
.suite includes a dresscr, chiffonier with minor, full size 
panel bed, triple mirror dressing table, bench, chair an<l 
rocktr. Remarkable value at ^ .$185.00 

Five Piece Bedroom Suite, in walnut includes dresser 

chiffonier with plate mirror, bowfront bed. dressing 
table with triple mirror and bench to match. Priced 

ftt * *'««**««4aa**a********>****««»e**e»a.»*a*e««ae*>«eaaea.«***»« >-••••••••». 

A .*^ix-Piece Enamel Bedroom Suite, dresser with bevel 

plate mirror, chifTonier with low back, full panel bed, 
iriolc mirror dressing tabic; all rub finish. Yerv special 

A Six-Piece Solid Oak Bedroom Suite, including dresscr 
with shaped mirror, chiffrobe, full panel bed, dressing 
table, bench and rocker. A snap at only $185.00 

— rwaiteft, 2ad rioet 

Dai Ml \ \c\\ Ijiigerie 

At Special Prices 

W omen's Pajamas in two-piece Stylet; made of "Krinkle** 
Crepe and in shacks of blue, maize and ro«:. ^ 
stiit ^-^.iH) 

Knvelope Chemises of pink mull, with lace tops and satin 
ribbon etrapt. Bxtra special value at ~Jpi.S8 

Nightgowns of white mull trimmed with applique in colors. 
Special at, ea€h.«..«.....«.....«M.Mf....M....«.M..Mw«*.M....MM.M*..$l.S^^ 

.\l>o inan\ other lines in Kreii' h i\ ofy at ^>ecial pHces. 
W e have a big range tu choose from. 

irwtf SeMea, rieer 

inrl. j.r c h< iiises ol daintv colored dimity; step cs 
trimmed with lace and ribbons. Special at ^L.7S 

Bags and Suit (Jasi 

Oi tile Newest Type — At i^w February Prices 

Trunks of heavy constrnotion. canvas b..nnd and with heavy hardwood au I 

strong brass plated triniiniii>,'>, l'«k an i i ' hcs. The tray has a covered iMpcr hnfl 
apartment and each trunk has heavy leather outside straps. Size 3*^-inch *1 I .IK* 
Siae 36 inches at f 1 

Extra Large Canvas Covered Trunk, fibre bound, and with JiardwcKxl .siai- It ' ■ 
l)ra-srd trimmings, tray wit !,ox, a StOUt kxk and catdMt and tflKJ noi: 

ing cowhide straps. Size o4 inches f l |.7.% 

36 Inches „ f 15.25 

Extra Large Fibre Bound Trunks, with vuleaniced hard fibre bindmg. heavy pressed 
steel trimming, bras^ plated, paper bne.l, full covered tray with hat COOi| rut 

and lock and side catches. Size 34 at f 14.76 

Sixe 36 at _ „ f 15.85 

Can\.is Covere.l Steamer Trunks, with heavy hardwo<)d slats and steel bm I r 
, strong lock, and containing tray with ha t d >nipartnient . Si/r V> at , , ,, |(I(K.%4> 
The same Steamer Trunk with two heavy out»idc straps. Si/r .,t 1^12. Z.'t 

Extra Large Matting Suit Cases, with leather comers, swing lundle. sbirt fold m 

cover, press straps in body and paper lined. Sim 24 inches at 

Sizes 26 inches at ...^.^ 

Fibre Matting .Suit Cases, the same 
Size 26 inches, at 

ive, but with 2 leather outside »lraps; size 24 

Four Ch«.irc Split Cowhide Bagv brown only, itttd with Idcfc. aide mmd almmL h 

stout, serviceable bag. Siae lo inches, at I.! ^ 

Slae 18 inehca.....