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•■4 Vl«lal«) l.lflit t« in*4- 
•WMrkJljr Utf m4 warn.' 


BMin«^«» Offic« 


l«k Pria 


5b-~-S IX lY FIFTH V[ AR 






•Resistlnce Growiiu; >iioiigei 
Agaist New Government— 
JugdStav Cabinet Is De- 



CharAedlThat Bul^ai ,a ih vkj 
latingmeaty of Neuilly by 
Callini Various Classes to 
the Ciors 


Hon. S. F. Tolniii', on Floor ot House of Com- 
mons, Dcnnii ] I justice Be Done to Pen^i(^n- 
ers — Asserts bpint ot Pensions Act Has Not Been 

Lived Up 1 o 

B I.ckADF,, June n \<1- 
vic s from Bulgaria inUi- 
cat ! that resistance to the 
new ( "•o\ Tnnient is becoming 
utronficr; the Agrarians are or- 
^ ini/ing 1 the north, notably at 
I (Mia aul Vratza, tlie railroad 
lias hrcn (lit at several places au l 
tlif -iiu..i >n IS considered sei i. a!> 
hrrr as t c Jujijo-Slav cabinet is 
(Iffrrmincl lhat ihr treaty of 
NciJill> mist be .strictly observed. 
' Bulgaria la alleged tu b« violating: 
th* treaty >y cAlllns fonn*r ofllcern 
into active Mrvle* and It la alao^nn- 
nounced t)i it fraali elaiMa arc about 
to he calle( . 

People of Canada Not 

Satisfied Witfi Results 

O ri AWA, June II. — An appropriation of $32.500.CX)O for Luropeta 
war and active militia pauioa* was takrn up by the Houtr of Commons 
thi? afternoon in committee of supply. Hon. H. S. Briand, Minister of 
Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment, said that m the year endiaf March 31 last 

there wtM 43^63 diMkbd 

Pleads for Veterans 



PRAOUl , 4uae II.— Former rrmi 
')«r fltambnilllltv nt Rulvarl.-i liaa i><'> mi 
arr'si'd '>f hi i »illli<»i y Imdyf: " i i fl 
arcurding to a report publlsheii >>v 
the n««nipl|p«r I'ragpr I'rrase. 

Not CoaArmad 

I.oNDOrt. June 11. — There In i ■> 
lii'l'-ppHflent cnn firmai Ion of tho r» 
port t(ii<f former Pr^nil»r Slanit>i>ul 
l»K> of lliilKarhi In Iio«1#k.«iI In hi'* 
native village of Vkvotza nor any t 
liable nawa of his Vhcreabouta or lua 
fate«' •efla ha« b«4i ailant to^ay, i 
dlapatrlMa Isalnc rletivad (raw tlM> 
ritv and It t« InfarAd that a etiigor- 
ahip haa been esfablsh^d. 

I I (Mil l< I I Io'WmI 

, CONSTA.NTiNuri^, June 11. — 
Official advicaa racdvad in foralfa 
clrtyea here aay tbd the Bulgarian 

rnv^utlon vas coi«lu«ted ^jttmM 

a"if'' Thf '^ovfrn: ti . ffli lnts and 
'*Fnii:ii\ lidvr 1)<" 1 i'iil«'f<l by 
niPii I r ' < if iti'^ b\ilitar>. Th« 
front lern aro deflnltelyU losed. 

An American deatroicr la at Varna 
on the Black Sea and pother la laav- 
Inir for that plaoe torliflit. 



HON. >*. K. nUMIF 
Victarta • iriatnlMr, who, in ihi- 

m 0t war dIaakHUkaa. 



1)1 H V I I (^1 KSnOlf OF 

• • ■ M !■ I IC« )l,l,l .ri 

Two Wi 

to 9« Alkiwed bo 

T<»nd»'ra for the ronet^ctlon Of th» 
k (ii.;*!) Mrtiinrlal Hall lo be built 
tbe corner of Nat^omer and 
Courtney Btreeta. will !*• railed for 
/mmadlataly. Thla actlbn was de- 
rldad upon at a meeting it the direc- 
lora o( Chrlat ChurcM Cathedral 
nutldtnga' Company yMt^rday aftar- 
..111 tha Synod office when ih«» 
. . h) . 1 Mr. J r M Keith, waa 
. call i» I loi lenders. 
fchlHi lo be aubmlttnl by .Mine 


mo iNTOPoaad Ma mortal Ball la a 
fwe-«terltd bttUdlnr to be oon- 
Mtnirted of itofe. It la datlgnad to 

(>tf>\-id»« aceommmodatlon inr tha 
w tk .if tlie chun-h in tha 
'nthedr.*! rarl<ili of tha I>Io.m«.v «nd IJjooenan a 'I nil n i ■! r iti \ e .if 
fl0*a. Hpeclal conalderatl.m • i »>n 
given to the need of jim ar 
The raltfieua aducation of <iiiiaren 
aa« young poo^ wHM to v«ar«ad 
a« ona of tha moat ursont prbblama 
of the day The plana «f the 
XteMorUI llall building InclSde a 
nun be ( . r separate rooma for the 
l>iir(in»»- relt^loiia I n .«t r in'i Ion of 

(hildien. and an .immodatton for 
youpg people* uMidy claaaes A 
eull<l room will be at the dlaposal of 
pu^h orgaattoUona. whilo a library 
naat tha VanoooTor Straat amranrM 
will contain booko for tko uaa of 
( hiUi^n. yoonc paopio, taaeher* and 
parerita Offlcea on the ground 
fini.r I - i iii\tded for tbe Blab.'P of 
•h» ! |.. «-iie for tbe S' n.. t iffire find 
' • tir jm rlah . A • r I n in ' 

Meat too peraune, l~ -ah on tbe 
aaooad floor, and a r«. reation hall, 
ft by foot. wHh eniranca from 
rovrtitay atroot, la kollt on tbo waat 

• ■ .1 of tbe main hulldlna 

ri,# •,»,!ion '■>( the M.'iiiririal Hsil 
yt'i' • a , tbe liejInnInK i.f Itie new 
riirUl I hurrb ( atbedral biilbllngn' 
•chenne, and H la boped that funda 
Wilt permit the commencement of the 
paw cathedral after tha oomplotlon 
oe Uw HaaMTlol Ball. 


l<r«to licada Where Tboy Are 
tar Froa e n t To Oct Extitt 

Mp if Ml 

NtMm ProhUm In 
Simth AfHf JfMto 

CAl iT 'AS. June U. — A review 
of th» k «tiva work of tke aeeelon 
n.iw -1 iwiMg to a cloae. ahow< the 
ni-iat •>■ portant meaaure (..tMned deala 
wUh tbe evila arlaing from the In- 
flux of natlvoo Into towna. 

Tka sow ravvlatlOB eompehi the 
nattOMLlp live In location a of native 
1 I IlifM provided by tbe , m i. ipall- 
wMph are Ki^en i><iweia not 

y, for oootro l Ung tko 

^' p.ipulauuu. 

Rejecting the recommendei Ion of 
tha Finance Committee ibat applica- 
tion* for llif poeitlon of rliy "ron- 
troller" be ;id\erlbod fur. the ("In 
Coiini ll after extended :irKiJment laul 
niaht. de« ld«'d to bavo .Mr .1 M, I,. 
Mlilrheacl .■.mtlime an acting I'lmp- 
troller. and ,Mr. Kdwin C. Smith an 
city treasurer, both offlelala to be 
allowed auch expert aaalaUnee aa they 
doem neceaaary. aubject to the ap- 
proval of the Mayor. Falling, after 
a vlgoroua fight, to win for hia "con- 
troller" plan. Alderman David T^eem- 
Inic announced luat before the meel- 
iiiK adtmirned be ie«i|;ned from 
the chH irmn n.^li ip of thf> Finance 

< 'i ml m 1 1 t C , 111 tllnf fff.rl ,T I iipcp 

Thn r.^aoliii loo in Mdj.iuni. which had 
already befn wntt paaaed. but 
the Alderman declared afterward to 
The Ooloalat tliat he Intended to aUy 
by hia atatement that ho had quit 
the ehalrmanablp. 

The qaeetlon of « comptroller came 
up with the report of the Finance 
Committee, which waa aigned b\ 
Aldermen l.eemlng. Sargent and Ker 
and which Licked thn algnature of 
Alderninn An-lrnw a member Of the 

r..iiimiiiee xvh" oppoaed tbo rocom- 

niendul In I iiiiu ll. 

Tbe re< .imnii^ndation of the com- 
mittee waa aa followa: "Tkat the 
neceaaary adveitiaoaieiao ko placed 
In tko Vietorfa daUjr aowopapora. and 
alao Tbo Voaeoavor Oallir Frorlnce, 
callHig for applicanta for the pooltlon 
of city controller i»t a monthly aalary 
of I^HO. euch nppUcattona to be In 
the handa of the city Clerk not later 
than 10 o'elook U9m6mf» i|V»0 If. 

aiMMiM MoTo wtumtf 

"I don't think It la noeaaaary to 
advortlae." dedlared Alderman Androa. 
Tbe city treaaurer waa willing to 
take charge of the financea of the 
City Hall, and In view of the finan- 
cial atrlngencv the Council ahould 
move alowh If a "super man. ' aii< b 
aa xonie had talked ,.f. were eecuied 
he would h»\e t.. he paid more than 
1260. "Some nt ua may not have aised 
.Mr. Smith up rlxht." went on the 
alderman. Ho orged that matten 
be left aa tber wore for a few Hlontka. 

Thoro wao no erItlelBa* of Mr. 
Smith In tbo fooom mendoMoa of tbo 
committee, explained AMonbon Kor. 
The poeltinn of treaaurer and comp- 
ti'dler were .tifferent. He mfivi-d an 
ninendmepf that the aalarv amount 
be eliminate. 1 from the report, a« he 
tb.Miahl fhnt the heat men ahoutd be 
Induced t.. :)pph'. and then the aalary 
could be de.-tdeU when the applica- 
tlona were In. 

It ehortly boeamo erldont frobi tbo 
dtoeuaalon that a dlattactloB wm 
being made botweon tbo worda 
troUar" and "eoMronor." ibo 
balbS the term «pi tiM 
fommlttee for n eoftfrotllnff head of 
• I ■> • !'T rt meni ' 

Alilernian T< i t »e • I 'xlih Abler 

aaa Andro. n.. -.rii abooM 

Continued ..'ii ^lage • 

The amounta paid during the flacal 
year ending March SI, for European 
war penalona. wan $32,032,074. In- 
cluding Kenlan Raid. RIel Rebellion 
and long aarvlce penalona, the total 
paid out waa fa:.«13,242. Tbea* 
amounta covered pepaiona only and 
had no reference tot expondlttiro for 
treatment of diaabled ex-aoldlere. 

Hon. S V T.ilrni" «did the ad- 
ministration (if Tien.^lnna had not been 
carried out in the aplrit under which 
the Act providing for them had been 
paaaed. Thla waa unaatlafactory both 
to penalonera and to tbo public, who 
demanded that Juotlee be done to the 

man Wfco went o%er«o;i« 

.\n Art of .lu.>»«l<«' 
"We ahould." aald 1 >r, Tolmle, 
' make an effort to the extent of our 
tat dollar to do Justice to thaaa men 
nnd to reatoro tbalr uaefulnooi. 
"The men oompbilnod," bo aald, 
that tbe Penalona Act waa Ineon- 
* latent and that penalona In aomo 
canea, where two men were aufferlng 
frion the same diaablllty that pre- 

\entoi1 (hem finni earning a Ihlnx 
varied cne rei-ei\in|f a I'lBXer 
pen^i'.n than the other There 
waa .Tla.i the caae of the man 
who bad aiiffered in Fiance, but 
had peralatad >n carrylM on hia 
work, avd who now, NbUav 

Im% -t0>^SSHMSkmSI(^ that 
he had r^ ororMoa." 

\ i< tui In Inicri'Hii <1 
Dr. Tolmle quoted detalla aupplle.l 
by "men In Victoria who bad made a 
careful atody of the queatlon," main- 
ly daalint with deelalona of tbo Sol- 
dlora' Clrll Re-KatabUabment De- 
partmest Hi individaal caoea and In 
proof of hIa argument. 

What waa the Act for? he aaked 
In hia opinion It wna for Juat auch 
caaea aa theae that complalnta were 
coming in by the hundreda. The 
public had wmtebod the opwatlon of 
the Aet for a good time In the hope 
ttiat nttle diacrepanelaa would be 
overcome, but reaulta were not aatle- 
factory. Tbe public waa becoming 
e\<ltei| I>r Tolmle declared. .>n fb'> 
aiithorltv ..f an arnn offlcer. that 
.«c\ ent V -flv e ,"ni of the . oaen that 


.^gpd Prlaonrr Allowed Month'a IVeo- 
dom to t arry Through MMag 
Trnnaactlon In M.C. 

SAl^K.M. Ore.. June II. — Captain J. 
D. IXotberoll. aavonty-flve yoam old. 

eonvlet at the state penitentiary, 
nnder ■• I wo* year aentenm for biga- 
m\ <• ■ • I ly released for a month 
eo that he may aaalat in the com- 
pletion of a mining deal In Britiah 
<'olumbla, and thereby aave tala fam- 
ily from doatltutlot, and protect other 
men who are Interodled with him In 
the mine. 

Wethoreli goee out under tbo ctaaa- 
lllcation of a paroled truety, though 
ll l.« *alil he I* nil technically pa- 
roled. He la In bound to re- 

tom July 1 

lioyA M( < / ih aih In 

Week-End Accident* 


May bt; Nocessaiy to Adopt 
Special Measures to Protect 
British Interests, Says Pre- 
mier Baldwin 



American Government Detei- 
mined to Strictly Enforce 
Supreme Court Ruling — 
French Crews Go Dry 


ONDOX, June 11— To mem- 
members of the House of 
Commons who today asked 
for information regarding the 
I'liited States' ship liqm^r ruling. 
Premier Baldwin ^aid the opera- 
tions of the new ruling were bein^ 
rarrfiilly watched and that 
whether it would become neces- 
sary, in defence of the British 
iiitcrcsts, to report to special 
measures to counteract the in- 
juries inflicted by the ruling, 
would receive due conSMtentioil 
from the Goveriiment. 

Rigid Batooeamoat 

WAPHIN<;T<1N'. June II The 
trtaaury will stand pal in ita deter- 
mination to enforce rigidly the 
supreme court declalon barrlas bev- 
erage liquor from territorial watara 
of the United SUtes. 

It So Informed cuRtoms ofhcera In 
new inat ruct ions tn.^iiied tonight, an 
offlcliil dpilared, that further ralaun- 
deratandlnxs with foreign gorN U* 
menta might be avoided. 

The French Government throagb 
Ita embaaay here, had auggeated to 
the treasury that each member of the 
. rew of the liner France. In New 
York harbor, ahould be allowed t.. 
have h 'vtn» ra'l'.n .if miehalf a 
litre a day aa required by the Krenrh 
law. Inasmuch &a the ahip had left 
bfr home port prior to June lo, the 
oCaotlvo day of tbe regulation. 

treasury 'MRMali IMM, UMZ after 
liquor Btorea of tha iroaaol ha4 been 

aealed by customs authorlti^a, the 
former practic* of opening the afores 
for lB.«iiani-e of the wine ration* 
mil ill followed on thi« trip 

AaalaUnt Secretary Moaa, in charge 
of prohibition onforcement. imme- 
diately called olAoora of the prohibi- 
tion unit together to trace down the 
statement but Waa unablo to And any- 
one who would admit it. Mr. Moaa 
later failed the einbassy'a attention to 
the proslslon of the regulations per- 
mitting entrv I.f uhlpa with a liquor 
cargo If they had left home porta 
prior to June 10. but rxplalalaff that 
auch atorei must be scaled. 

Hertdrr Wine Rotkma 

.\l';\\' Y<il;K, .hine 11 -(^rewa of 

Italian and French ahipn In New York 
Contlnwed on page 4 


for CaMdbin 
ItaMac by 

la Flew oC 
VaMotf SMtoa 

RBOINA. Aine tl.>-Sla boya. all 
under aixteen. wore trleUma o( accl- 
denta In Saakatdhawaa ovot the 


John n :le .Vlarquel. fifteen 

and fourteen nere drowned on Sat- 
urday while bathing In a pool near 
Hhaunavon; Leonard Clliott, alg. waa 
drowned Bunday In a wall at Rod- 
vine; Mward Bao«dry, oloeoa, waa 
killed Batarday when thrown drom 
hia horae at CiMbntfe; Mnrwood 
Cloee. of tbe Harrta dictrlct. io«t hia 
life while hathlna Sunda\. John 
Smith, sixteen \eari« old. working on 
a farm near Cereal. waa drowned 
while bathing Sunday evening. ^ 

Firvt ei Smm9i% 

Sea Serpent I'ainn 
Cmm fnm FMdm 

JACKBOmnUJIL Fta.. inao 11^ 
▲ b«wo aea monoler, tMety^wo feet 
lone, twenty fbot around and eati 
mated to weigh more than 2«.00n 
pounds, has been landed at l^ng Rev 
after a da>"s •irm;. - ''i-i-i; :. h -i, 
fifty t.iiHe.. ' .... , V J. ' , 
« » r • f 1 r r , 1 ... 1 . y . 

ararn la«' • k' o The Timva-tjnion 
from .•n'^ •-•f 'he poMy of 

Who capturod tbo 

LONDON. June 11. — A apecial ar- 
tlrip In The Liverpool Journal of 
(.'ommerre myn Ibat the strange pro- 
hlbitjon policy of the t nlted States, 
as applied to ahlpa from other coun- 
tries landing n I'nited Statea' ports, 
ia leading many big ahipping com- 
paniee to conalder aerloualy the quea- 
tloa of ualag Halifax aa aa altema- 
tlvo port of aaM te New Tork. 

For the price Involved In one extra 
day on the voyage tii- !. ivejer could 
eacape all the tmn ! worry of 
the new prfihltilt Ion it\w» the Article 
etatee, and U auggeata that thla could 
be aooompllahed by enterprlae on the 
part of tbo Oaaadlaa NatloMa Raii- 

«T AliiT,VlllR:i 

Tako Scepa 

to Check Ao- 

BBBBN. Jaae n nrr,,,,. «f re- 
ports that ftuaalari .•^citat ..ra have been 

arrl\lnK In tbe Ruhr fomenting strikes 
and other tronhle the t^'.erman aii- 
tboritlea are . r sr;. ni7i nc Btrenuniia 
method" to chef k any F».il«bevlk sd- 
vances. Theae measures are consid- 
ered eapecially neceaaary bocauae a 
large number of towaa arO Without 
polloe protoetlon. 

Oao m ethod aaod by tbo Oernmna 
la to nearob ail pamsairir trahw in 
u aoe ea pled Oar many aa thair ap- 
proach tbo ltahr«ltbealah haaniary. 
Thla la hdlaB doao by ae amtty poMee, 
who reqirtro all RaaiiaM tt sight and 
produce tbo nsi saaary | 
mitting them to t>« In fieri 

In It", hi] Til fi'<v memt.ere of the 
*...'' " * . . 1 ^ m t -. 1 f 1 ; . . r 

]g ....>•.. I i . ( U I I # - « ' mt t r . . . ( 

I f »• •- I . • r J • V ■ T i ■ 

• 'i«f"' ' ' • ■■' li'iriK N » I i . . n.. iiei ■ aod 
i-.,il.'« r.,iU»i.. The\ » ill probably 
be expelled to unoccupied Oermany 
Meanwhile Borhum ie gslng abea.l 

force undar Ifea tanan awCHMd by the 


Last of Foreigners 
Taken by Chinese 
Bandits Released 

rSAOCHWASC. June n.—Eifhi 
cepliVM, At loit nt ihr foreign- 
er$ hiJtimpp»J ky < ^ inr kanJtU, 
■«fce htU up iht a- n Pthing 
nprau neer ^ecjkeii). May 6, aaW 
*«U a< Ike Poelaaki aisantoia ktmd- 
nm mt m •/ A* e«l(e«s sjace ifcal ksM. 

The eight relrateJ loJay ttere 
A "irnconj - Mafor liolanj W . 
> V. S. A. orjn.inir depart- 
ment, Alantla. home. Berkeley, Cat- ; 
Letm Friedman. DrtVort Hottl, Chi- 
cafe; /eAa B. Pt^l, Hmmihmt. 
Me.; L«« 5efeaian. Smm Fnmtiu; 
Shmthm sfaof cf the BM Cmm^ 
panif of 5«R Francitto. 

Hrilith Fred Elian, hroker. Shang- 
hai. Reginald W. /{eir<e<4 Q«mmgr 
ham, EngjlarU, mewa f sr /|s^ ^ 
Cem^en.v. rimllia. 

French— EmM* C aniar f ii . ^Itr, 

lUilm^R. D. Masse. Shmngha,. 
lauiirr inpiialiii, aJMser Is dke CAh 

n««c f ec'crnmenf. 


Ll m ?mm 

After Exciting Debate Which Became H^ted at 
Times, Assembly Determines That Inttnediate 
Steps Towards Uniting With Methodist ahcf Com 
gregatipnal Qiurches Be Taken 

Oi^i^ONLiM^ 61 AND 


Decision of General Assembly Was Reached Only 
After Closure Was Applied to End the Discussion 
—It Is Expected That Result Will Be Early Union 
in Many Eastern Centres 


< ll 

... V, , -,.1,1, \v ,ij 

r\rr, lo ||ia 


feiralst. How- 

PBKINO, June 11. — Practically be- 
sieged In hia residence, enrrou niled 
by only a few Xaithful frlenda. Presi- 
dent fj ruan Sung, who la atrug- 
gllng against (he . ppoattlon of the 
mllltarlata in hia efforta to maintain 
the preaidancy and form a new cab- 
inet. atdAod hero yealorday that the 
reslgaatloa of the premier. Chang 

ahM~9mmm^gmt the cahinot and the 

action of S** BlttropoUUn aollce in 
atriking on Saturday wars ladptrod by 


Picalilent 1. 1 aniioiin. ed hia Inten- 
tion to defy the efforta being made 
to (iiMio.iKe bim until auch time aa 
parliament legally named bla auc- 
ceaaor. To quit bow. he weald haoo to 
leave the altuation eatlroly la the 
handa of the mimarlst* 

CRT ARTHl'R. Ont . .June II.— Tl)c Pred>vtcMan General AMcm- 
bly this aherpoon rejected the amendment of the moiicrales. couhicUiaf 
<Mar in the ehwch tmion pro c aodkif s . and derisively adopted tke mahi 

nioti 11 advijing the as^rmhiy to proceed forthwitli ' n with the Mclhodmt 

and L ongrcgational Churches of Canada on the term* of the prepared bills. 

The final vote was 42« to ijfl lu 
favor of the adoption of the ehuroh 
union commltteo'a report, moved by 
Rev. Dr. O. C. Ptdg«on, Toronto, ami 
to ,i«Hinnt the anien.lriieot 
moved on behalf of the moderatea by 
nev Dr. D. R, Brummdad. of HaaUI- 

Immediately after tke vato waa 
taken the commlaalonera oppoaod to 
organic union held a meeting and la- 

sued a atatement to the effe. » that the 
f'resbytertan church would conituua. 


111 > I ( , N N 

TEHKFiAN, Persia. June 11. — The 
T'erelan cabinet realgnod today. 

Fulith iLin ( an 
. A ot III ti > fcrr in 

CA./v. Duectiun 

QUEBEC Jeae If.— "Oer ehiect 
it lo transferal iks Caaamaa 

N«ti<>niil (Railway* into a MHircr of 
revrnur ind an object of pride for 
the people of C anada. 

"WKatcver pelilKiaat *«y, we will 
roaiinuc uadwhirbcd aad do what we 
ikiak will Bwke as reeck ear sad." 

Seek was the daeleraltea asads ky 
Sir Haary Tkemtaa. presidcet of ike 
C. N. R.. ia ceamsatiai ea ike de- 
bale rr.,,rct la 4e HeSsi Bwibe 

(Pain) Ir.l 

'In iKr n,it,r , • „ ; vitii hers 
I «uied iltai 1 kad placed a priyats 
car at the diipsisl ef His Efciesncis 
Cardiaei Bm. 1 dM«||M *al die 
CaadaSaa Natieaat Rsilwsrt owed 

dut courtesy lo ih^>iiI*- - * i^.* 
r »th .ll. I Kurrh in I *nad*. I lia\« 
I"" trti in ihii renaeclioe. I 

mutt add that theae cnticMaM did ael 
ckaage aiy Js e isiaa I alreedy have 
wkal was miff 

aMi nelBak MM tm 

peliliciaa will suke die ckaage my 
course lo reach this end. I waal to 

d»-»ervr ih/- < onfi.lrn. r tUr C-i 

goveraascat ha* placed la bm 

Hold Australia for 


W kite Races of World 

Antipodean Premiers Assert It Is Determination ot 
Their Countrymen to Keep Their Land as the In- 
heritance of the British Race^Are Guests at Ot- 
tawa Function 

The aoMimbly went through th* re- 
port ef tha tMoa commlttoo elauae 
by ckuma at thla ovgalaf^ aeaaion. 
cioauro waa applied fn d^altelv set. 

tling the church unmn iiue.tii. n II 11 .1 
the debate which opened -m Th ir.ii i .• 

afterno'in ;.i..i which im-.i- 

^tlauouhi'. until 4 .1 I ii.r V 'iii^ .'trt.i 
noon. w«« abrupth . , 

The .Mtriigrle to ir.nh i he plmffirm 
wn« <-xi e» iiinirly keen all through the 
day .. n.i there w'ere moay UBdaUverea 
aper, h,- ,vi,,.„ hotir aot fPT tko 

vole arrived. 

Two incidents marked the cloolnB 
of the dlacuasion. Rev. Dr. Beott. of 
Montreal, made a hard fight to have 
the vote tahaa ^y balkrt In tbe belief 
appareatly that thoro might he aome 
members of the a aae m hly who wottl<i 
vote agalnat union If the fact could 
be eon< • i. 

.^aka »M'< rcc UallcH. 

nev. Dr. Alfred O. Oaadlol-. moder- 
ator, aald that the vote might be 
taken by aeerot ballot by unanimous 
conaoat. otherwtee the ordinary rut- 

of tbo ohureh must t>e ebaerved whi. s 
prevldoa that v»ite» i... i ik^-h i.^ .h..'.> 
of handa, unleaa » ^ .,, , ; 

f'lr the calllna "f li 


T l AWA. Jt 

hold that continent "for the 
strongly by Sir Ctcorge W. 

1 1 --^y^ det c r mi a ali oii of the AtMhraliaii people to 

white race* of the world" was asserted 
Fuller. Prune Mmuter of New South 
\X ale., and Hon. H. S. H. LawMB. PnBM MioMlcr ef Vidwid. today at 
the luncheon tendered to tite Au<dralMB liwluil by lllg C«MMligB MMisB of 

the f mpire Interparliamentary Union. 

Olvra WHoossM* 

lion Rodf.Ipbe l.,emleux. Speaker 
of tbe Mouse of Commons, preelded. 
a nil speechee of welcome lo the 
auoeta were made by Hon. J. A 
itobb, MinlBter of Trade and Com 
■••re^ and Hon. Senator Belcourt 

Hen. Mr. I<emteux assured the 
Antlpcjdean Premier that Can.i'lt) In 
aplle of Us divielon of races, was mm 
^trltish as Australia, while Mr. Rel- 
court declared that no people In the 
t^mplro were more atrongly attached 
■rttleh laatltaUoaa and Rritiei. 




» V 1 > . I . 

Ill Is i 1 ■, I I 



<,.i-iri,»i lontlor (elv( 

'(.I Ifti Istri In 

bcr Trad** In Amrrloa 

Mr T J Humhird. preetdent of the 
Victoria I..uml>er Company, with lla 
treaMadooa ttaabor Hmlts aa Vaaooa- 

> er Island, and the greet mill at 
Cbemainua, under the management of 
Mr. a. J. Falmer, la asaat optBalRle 

aa to the f.'iflnoh with re.«pect lo the 
lumber trade With a very large 
denaand m California, the 'forelga 
trade aloo brlak. tbo reqatooasoata for 
Himber In an ladaatrlal war f«r 
the railroad trade excellent, the pros- 
pecta in the Indaetry are most prom- 
ising. Mr. Humbird apent ' •e^ eral 
days of laat week in ('bemainua In 
coneu'tation with Mr Palmer r«l;«iiie 

to the plana for the fnlll" n \ a n 

couver Island Jl' ■ 

end In Victoria enjoying with Mr. 

Falmer and othera aSOOt of tfeV'tMto 

on the golf llnka. 

Mr ITumbIrd ta skwt prealdewt of 

. < n 1 .mpari\-. .-•nd 
• » . ' I > . I .t her 1 >■ ■ • ^ • 

' . < ■ .. » . i Indiiat ria 1 
ter, ii»»ii'if II" headquar: ' I K , r. 

Hpokan* ^ ' n < n lip with theee. 

sncreeding his fntber aa the execu- 
tive head aome time agn. Mr. Ham- 
bird of aeeeaalt/ koepo lo very olaoi 
ioaeh wHh eeadltkma la tbo Ui 


than the French-Cana 




Hir fjeorge Fuller stated that while 
In Kngtand he had signed aa agree- 
ment to tranaploat part of the Brttiati 
P'opio to AuatraMa with a »low to 
malatalalaB the policy of a whHe 
AaatraBa. *hat was th« only way. ha 
said, lo keep the empty spaces of ■ i 
Commonwealth m the (ace of the 
artmaaa of China aad Japaa. 

Rmphantaing tko aoed for « 
• white Aoatralla," Mr. I^w-on -aid 
the people ef that Commonweslt t, r- 
garded IhHr contlneint as the iniier- 
liaaee of the British race." hut rer- 
ornlted that in order to hoM torrl- 
<< muat t>« MMd f ripgiH. 

aK*"w?^"!?* *• "'•^ »our' as 
lil *■ of 

*Ua.Jr****^ ••rmed lhat If 

would retaia tho laadotBMB af »K 


'11 1 ; I- III 1 .1.1 

' ' . ■ Ml 1. ll • l| 

(he roll niiiKi I.- .aP'.l en l ■ * .- 
custom of the l|;i« Kr-rf, • 

Ilie reply muat be mi le i.y 
mniit h 

l>r H. oit malntalne.i thai the roll 
tiuKhr 1... .niled »nd that each nOm« 
rniafii.iner might reply by dOMgltloa 

of ballot. 

When thia waa refaaed bF the mod- 
erator. Dr. Bcott appaalad from the 
ruling ef the chair and when the 
mod oratar waa aaatalned by the aa- 
aemhly be road a protest which ^n». 
ao worded thdt ITev. Dr. C w f;„r- 
don, Winnipeg, entered a tnoet «ar- 
neat protest. Hev. Dr. Bcott. he aald, 
refic.ied scrioualy OO iho hoapr of 
the aaaembly. . 

At a later time Judge 
Fort Arthur, endeavored t 
the aaeembty an sme. 

main motion and to •• 
portunlty to make n 
mo'lerator iiiU'd that i.. 
order l.iit tii.lge M, Kay p' 
nppeiilrd from the ruling .if the mod- 
erator ami the rwliiiif waa aUSt.alOOd. 

■ludge McKay atlll peralMod had 
finally obtained BdraygMoa ta read 
hie amo a dment. 

Whoa thla waa 'rejected, he moved 
that the main motion be laid on the 
table and this waa defeated. The roll 
of Ih* assemldy waa thea cellOd WKh 
thr reaiili iiiillraled.' .iiai. 'fter the aotlda of tha 

Iftieral aaseinbly deciding tO proaO- 

cute organic union on the baala oC 
the propoaed Mile, a 
gatberlav of thoao opposad to 
acdioa mot aad Ipmw 

Ifo Maadafe? 

M. I- 





VOTt f (IK fillNIIS 

.10 UVIL Mm 

lotevint '.iif ( I, Will nroiiKiii 

III. •• f ■ . I r- ■,, I. „t I ,r 

U> I . .I« ral I itiplo ) 

Oow n 

bill gra 

ix>Nr>r»v jun« »|y-.4ka Wh> 

■ ' <■,, ,,ii„n . attle after having .rer, 

■ oglUh farm* ♦« 1 1 »iel<f at 

\* .1 .11. (them, HufToll. .>'ifi Her-clea. 
Suffolk, on June 31 r he .onsign 

moat will eooaiet of prime, 

prime. we|l- 1 ae« 
a gha n hala I od, 

11. — An interlai 
la iho Oooom- 
for aamrlng 
the approtal oC 

the »«tirtiate« for the present floaal 
'I.f «ae put ihrougb all glogaa at 

the n|.enlng of thO 
mons today. 

One third «f the total amount 
nulred lo prerlde a provleloaal 
at once for tho tn e i de ana 
of tho ohrll 
Tho total asMaat 

list, VICTORIA. 

The World's 
best known 

Bversharp — the 
p«Mil that diMitCl thm 
writing hdblto of the world. 
Handsom*, certain in writ- 
ing with tbe exeluaive up 
Ibat hM» 1b» Imd firmly. 
All styles here — gold, sil- 
«w and enamet A pnM( 
fto tult every purfHt 

$1.5U and up 

Mitchell & Di^Karit Umited 

Coraer Government and View Streets 

Phone 6/5 


■« - 

t I ShKI> AT H ABIIlNt;ft»X 

Htrmitlbtmmtmg (>"i — i'anatlUm 
I at Waalil—loa 

\\ AHH I M ; 1"' '"^ .luiir in A p^rty 

,.f < Miin.lUn .,fn. l,.l» HirUfd li. \\»i«h- 
Ingtori U'lilRht 1 , . '.nrpr r,Hh Hf i • 
iMry Hu«»i»-f( aii.l i <• [. i i>t • ' 1 \ ..r 
tt>». alien iiroi>*i'^ . uhuxI:.! n> <'ni. 
and work out * UBirorm i.ra. r1, « f r 
'»h« dlfVoattloB ef certain urce im.i.i 

of tha^ fc eaai T y. 

Thi> cqafareace «rewa out of in« 

fa. t tr at th« TTwlt«<l Stat«« cu««»«tan 

< ' > I |>i I t'd 1 1 w n 

1 \N hi' ti v^ '•' '• I'l'i'-"-'! ' ■' 
( >rn.M rm In t li lo < iii j 

"Plant Disinfectants" 

• (or* cur* for all lb* tilmcnu your plant* arc worritd with n»w. • 


aFSOAL, ii4W«,4IWS IW 



If you are hi need of Furniture for the home you wilf do 

well to 5ce our large «tOck, whJrh ta being offrred at fx( rp- 

ti'iti^'K lr,w' prices. Phrmc 718 {..r prirr*; <>n W iiulow Shades. 

Wa Claaa C a rpata- P lwia 71^ for Pricaa 

<,f state 

nadia n 
r 1 H 1 ri \ s . 
Ci I ni hi- 
ai.-l Mr 

Aiiieilran orlfln owr-*-.! i^v ..rim^n, 
:i\ in( In Canada. 

Kfforta hava jpada with 

'.UK ile«rea» of m^ce^m by th« Or ' n i i 
.wiiew to rM^eritbaM >W«jrtle« 
...d It la dMtiiiMa tHat tlia 
rule ahall be a«aaCaa tor eaek aouii- 


Thara ara many c<>nipi< «. •iu*-^- 'i • 
to ba dlMUMMd. and th« o.>nf»^i. < •■ 
i-robably will eOBtlaue for aoma un.a. 

Tha Canadlaa oClclala who arrivad 
are Sir L,a#i«r Oouln, Mlalatar of 
jnsttca; Hon. A. B. Copp. Bacratary 

Hon. William Ptta*i*y. 

rf prraontattra baftora th<- 
,,:iH-i.,n Mr K. L.. Naw- 
Minister of JuAtIca, 

Ti f ... M Miilv*y, Under- 
Secretary of «t«ie Alajur Ralph. Ca- 
nadian eiiatodlan of altan property, la 
expected to arrive tomorrow. 

The Canadian party enter- 
tained at lunehaea tamorrow by 
Heoretary of SUU BaChaa. and later 
In the day wlU -bm raaalva« by the 

Trip Croat r» Interfnt 
OTTAWA, June 10.— Sir l^oniar 
Gouln. Jtlalater of JuaUce and Hon. 
A. B. eawi a i wH ar y «l aiaie. have 
cone to Wanaaatan far a eonference. 
the purpoae af villah'kaa aot been 
announced hare. Tlia two Iflnlatere 
left Ottawa Sakurdar and ere expect- 
ed to return about Tueaday of the 
(.iiiiiliin; week. 

Their vl<ill. It U expected, will I'e 
ilie But'ject (.f i|ueeilon» In the ' 
niona durlns the nest day or au. 



SANTA /\N'A I 'ill' lMn»' i| 
Four paraona were killed when Ruy 

maiasW. tf raara aM, arietty an 
— toiaaWle, waa laafctay baefc waTlaf 

f "^ewell at hia mother tnatead of 
M itrliinir train tr.ick-i Mhearl, iioar Kl 
li<\i>. Mvenly mil«<i from hero, jejiter- 
da> . H' Mirdinfc ><> wltneuea. 

A Santa Ke train etruck the ma< 
rhlne. kUlinr RoaaibaM, Mrs. Hasel 
Pomamr, aaed SO; aad her two chil- 
dren, fiiortey,!!: and Ruth, l*. Mre. 
Pomarot waa aa«Kc«4 ta Roumboid. 

Used After Shavinir 
Keepa Skin Soft and Smooth 

Mat!, mrn siiflfr tmm irrita- 
tion of the skin jii, a Ic^uIt ot 
shtviBf. With some it as^uiuc^. 
t form of eoema and Seeomes 
moit laooying and uuichtiy. 
By applying: a little of Dr. 
rha-f's Ointment after ^hnnip 
liif irritation is overcome awA 
r^nber's Itch and Eczema arc 
preveated or relieved. 


a Vvt, all de«)era rw rvtn>«ii.rm i\mii-n M { <, l.rd, It.rt.nto 

NK\\ VonK. .June 10 - A special 
diHptitcli lo The World from \Vn«h 
Ingt'iri »ay«: 

•The arrival f.f h i -i!i;<.1I«m d<>ir-K< 

tlon In WaahinK'^.i. f . .-..nfrT.- 

on alien proi;>erty In the handa "f 
I aaada and the United Statea i* u n - 
derstood te demonatrata the method 
by wblob Canaaiaaa wlU nMat the ot^ 
jections to their appatetasant ef a 
permanent Minletar." 

The World Btatee further that i>y 
Its action, the "Dominion Govern 
nirni ilemonst rated today It haa 
taken an additional step forward In 
the direction of aentrel ef Ha awn 
foreien afTaira." 

Tha dispatch refers to the nefotla- 
tlon of a l)shermen'e treaty as an- 
other instaaee ef Independent setlon 
bjr Canaja In latamational a'Aln- 


MaiiKoha'M I*r«nlrr Ai»f»rrt«< Vu Ol^i. 
Kxlata Between Ivovcrnmcni and 

wiNMl'K*, hine 11 -An abaoliite 
denial of reporta that there existed a 
crisis Irk relatloaa- between 81r Henry 
Alklna, Lleutenant>Oavemor of MaDi 
toba, and the Bracken Mlnlatr>. 
which micht force tha OoTernment's 
reslcnatloo, waa mada today by 
r>remirr Braaksa on his return from 

The J'ao. 

"Xhere ha* never been a deadlock 
hpiween the I^ieutenant-Oovemor end EzecuMve Council," saUl Sir 
Bracken, "and I wish emphatically t 
rontradlet the statement that th' 
riovamment conaidera the Lieutenant - 
fjovemor la unduly interf^rlnK with 
the admlnlKtratinn. 

•■Tlier»> h«« fier-n nn rrlola over In- 
vestment* i'\ the Manltohn .Savlnsa 
ofH< a «ir Rn vthiiiir rl^e. The aueyta- 
tion »H to the poaalble real^atlon Of 

the ministry la too ridiculaus ta de- 
aerve attsntlon." 


{Ths buainess man's ^ft to the young graduate 

From the man wfio haa arrhred to the nan jnct Btartlaf, 
FVKRflHARP i» the ideal gift la hdaatj of daaifn. this pddbll 

re^amhles finely wToujrht leweliT- H easentially a woilter 

an irnplemont of bi,j»ine«« An.! U«fi« a !)fpiiii:t> 

KVFRSHARP rhanfferj tic wr.ri,|> pe'cii hth\in ]< the 
flrat. atuceaafiit mernaniral pennl snri F.VKR.'^HARr . -tn : be 
ropifd No other pen''! ha* K V F" K.'^U A R PS j-n't f«». I N«Ur)P( 
The riflerl tip, which holiis thp lead flrni'v without ultp <>r wnhbld^ 

la ey taatya^ KVEiaHaBP. Tha kad indea teUa atwaja 

(;.vr. FVF.Tl8nARr' At vour r1r.alet'»^i4t ta ilt. Mlgftifll 
higher prtrea. I.ooii; for the name on thajHBw. 

nee. *\t« 

Made ta 

hr The WAA OQw ! 

• \ 





iohf|. Bull (to B^narjliaw): "Tha whal* world ^ wMh yaa la jronr re- 

—11%% Mewa ef Ike Werl«. 

leea to oope WHh the sUifatloiu as it is 
merely a poUea erfaal 


Buleartan Re>olnllfin tiouri-« of \%urrj 
an Buropoait l'«>w<T»" "SIdiatlaM 
llriKirt'Hl na tranquil 

LONDON. June No event 

alada tha Oraak eanvnlslan of last Oc- 
taMir hae ralaad anch appreheasiott 
In tlM mtn«a af the fofalva atatea- 

men recardlne the future gtabUtty of 
the Balkana aa the Dulcarlan revolu- 

' : ' Hi 

I .\ .1 <■ . <^'il •.>.la\ iri iiia'iy 

riuiiri<i>< 'Ati.'her <he new revolu- 
tlonHiv I'suiie would \>" atrutin 
eiioiuti i i realat the pow erf nll> ui - 
(aniaed aararlan party, wl>loh uum- 
t)ere amona tta maaabata a araat part 
of the Bulearlan paaaaatrjr. 

Some observers fear the present 
epiaode may to clvil war. In 
aiich an eventuality, they point out 
the Bulgarian army would be help- 


itaMoa a( a taw 

thoaaand msa. 

SOriA. June 11.— Compteie tran- 
uuiiity pieNaiTed in fsOa ai fin WOT 
liour thif mornlnf. 

Premier Zaakoff. head of the new 
Oovemmaat. haa asslanad the port- 
folio of foreign aftalfa to dirlsto 
Kalloff. whlla Colonai Voulkeff la the 
new Minister of War. The cahlaet 
now represent! all partlea with the 
exception of the Coinniunlaia and the 

The Kinc received the members of 
the new ministry yadta t d a r after- 
neon. Premier Saakott aallad the 
diplomatic representatives and in> 

formed them of the change In sovrrn- 
nient. They have proraleed then aup- 

pui t 

The aciiii - Bulgarian telegraph 
agency publlehe^ a note aatertlng 
that the leadera ot the Communlat 
Party have informed Minister of In- 
terior Kouasoft that the/ wlU be 
loyal to the new regime. News from 
the Interior ot the country, gavern- 
ment circles say, Indlcatf a ganehil 
rejoicing in the change ot adminis- 
tration. What few attempts to create 
diveriion have arlaen have been im- 
mediately oppressed. The function- 
aries of the new mlnldtry hare taken 
over their duties. 

PARXii. June il. — Detachments 
wmi ta apprehead atanboallskjr, the 
dapaaad Beigartah Praastar. bava da 
yet failed in their mission, says a 
dispatch from The Journars Sofia 
1 11! respondent. He adds thnt Stam- 
lioulisky yesterday w:i.>i defending 
lilmself In his villa at SLivuvltz.^i with 
lh(f aid of gend^i Mies and iieasitnts. 

The new Ou\ernnirnt headed I'.v 
I'rofessor Alexander 2ankoff. la said 
to be willing that the former premier 
should leave thsrs^ntry, aa tha min- 
letry seaka abows all to avoid blood* 
shod. / 

Describing the revolt at 8ofla. the 
nelgrade correspondent of the Havas 
Agency differs from the advices dl- 
riTtly from Ike Bulgralsn <aplt«l 
with respect to the " bloodless revolu- 
tion " 

He nays that a regiment refused to 
Join tha movamant and was diaarmed 
after sharp flghUnf^ ,tBa stra«<a of 
Rofia, in which otfltty gandanaos 

ote killed. Ths Belgrade aews- 
P >i>ers declare that a regular hunt orgsnlscd for the lapture of 
Ntamhoullsky, who Is reported to be 
org.anizing a peasant oarpa to aur^h 
on Sofia. 

rrooeh officials ars. openly pessi- 
mistic ovsr the situation created In 
Bulgaria and the Balkans by laat 
Baturday morning's eovp. 

The new regime at dofla. It is said, 
means the reappearance of the old 
pro-German element, some of the 
lesder* of which hn\e now rome Into 
prominence. These men are anti- 



Hli* ''i»i<^ti ■■.^,Tir<>. Herd (^atherrd 
> rom Dominton iilsi^oHmetttal 

tX»ri>ON..Tune 11 - Rom* Canadlsn 
afore cattle were Kf)in> '- King * 

f»rni m R* nd 1 1 ngyi* III h .» sale at 
.Vio\<;fii rti«il.»t wh»ie the- first COn 

•igiiment of Canadian cattle ainoe 
\%%% waa aald an Baturday. His 
Majesty^ agent kaa alee parchaaod 
througa a Kartal|r former a herd of 
cattle freai the Oanadlaa Oavern- 
me^t's exp#rhneatal farma for fisnd 

At th» aal* of Canadian cam* »i 
the Norf .iv market IH animals were 
dtspoecd of at an average price ef 
iti aaeh. 

/^,C. Legislot un to 

Meet In October 

\ ANCOt'VFn. June tl — Brttleh 
( nlumbla'a legislature this year wM' 
meet In Or-toher, «rr>ordlng to ; - - 
plana, and »h»r/. '* no (n.ll-a's'oi t i , -i • 

the se»*io< ,''.-1 ....... »h«n 

laat year, M''«>idlnt Hon. John 
Oliver, who waa In Xan onver an 
aatnvday, aarenta to Ue Meatanay 

"As far aa we can see at preeent 
the leglalatare will meet et ^bont th* 

.« « • . us laKt year '• he ae M A' 

hers get home again (or v hrlatmas. 


I'rcald' III i.f Vi n niifiii I II I <'( Xsaocl- 

atlotj rioilis I iiiu ( niitida 

N< <-ds Mor. <.r I II. Ill 

TORONTO. June 11. — That Canada 
needs more "big Interests^' or any 
kind of "interests" to provide em- 
ployment and increase trade, and that 
those interests sli . t l e encouraged 
Instead of "iieisi-t M>-.1." was the 
propoHiilon pla'ed I'tforf the mem- 
bers of 'lo c'niiadl.iu Manufacturers' lOM thl!« afternoon by the 
president. J. R. Shaw, of, Woedatack. 
ont^ at the opening 0( tha dfty- 
aeoone anneal meeting. 

Mr. Bhaw said that the term "big 
interests" wss a aenseless expreesinn, 
given a slnleter meaning. It seemed, 
ho ssld, that any group of men who 
aeciired Bume capital and began to 
turn raw materials Into aaleable 
producta Immediately attracted the 
enmity of eertaia elomenta In the 
populaUon. He exampled -the Hud- 
eon'e Bay Company and the Canadian 
Pactflc Railway, but pointed to the 
constructive and benefl<-l«l lefluences 
both ilie<i> (Oipoiatlons had la tlie 
development of the country. 

Reviewing tho pdaC year tha praale 
dent said: 

"We can fairly sum up the laat 
year by saying that tha worst la over, 
that there hae bean some raaever> . 
but that this recovery is aot se great 
as was anticipated" 

l{«>pO!l-i of the executive and other 
committees of the orga iiizii l Ion wr-ie 
presented later in the Hftfriuion I !;• 
convention is being uttended by inp-ni- 
bers of the association from Van- 
couver to UaUfax. Ptocoedlngs win 
last four days. 


Pi ewie r of Nrw South Wsles Pleads 

for .Malntrnan<-e' of I. Ink With 
Ovcrwan mmiliilons 

MONTRKAU June 11 Kxpie-* 
Ing the hope that the f .T iooming 
eeonomte conference in London, this 
Ml, woMa give «• leading plaoo in 
Ue diecnsslons to the antty of the 
Kmpire, which Is charaeleHsod as 
the safety valve of the world; Sir 
(Jeorge Fuller. K P.. Premier of New 
South Wales, ^poke on Haliirday to 
t ht" Montreal Hoard of T'nil-" Ac- 
companying him ws* l i l.iiw- 

son Qf the State of \ l(li)ii.i. who re- 
corded hla great pride in blood 
brotherhood .wiyi the people in the 
United Kingdom and Canada. 

air Oeorge Fuller spoke with great 
enthustatm on the serylrea rendered 
by Australian and Cansillan soldiers 
during the war, snd ilei lared that 
the links then forsed in mutu«l of- 
fering and aarrlfice for a common 
ideal must hercime much stronger 
than any mere ties of commerce snd 
reistlonship. The British Oovern- 
ment, said air Oeorge, was salaed 
with tae great need for eloaer unity 
between the Mother Country and the 
component parts of the Kmpire, He 
hoped to take bsck with him to Aus- 
trslis message of Caiiudi'* deter- 
mination to fske lt(i p.Tit with the 
rest of the Kmpire in th* world * 

Mr. I..awson, following iil* col- 
league, confeaeed thst his precon- 
ceived .natlona of t^e Old Country 
being oM'Cashlonad 'and lacking in 
energy, had been shattered byhle ob- 
servstlona In the iTntted Kingdom. 
Despite their fearful losse* in th*- wai- 
and Ita dlsturbance« in commerce, hn 
found everywhere not a whimper Tha 
people were working Jlarder than 
ever lo get hack to normal. 

It waa for Canadians and Austra- 
lians, said Mr. Lawaon, to work side 
by elde to see that the glories of the 
common Empire are always upheld. 


l.iitirely RertirdiedbjrLvdia 
£• Pinkham's Vrgetehk 


rr«'."P» nnd 
■ A If " ' « i,. V ef 
jfel a" rier'-fvj* f - 

Lydia B. PlaklwM'a VanetaMa 
mpeand and I feai that Hb bal^ 
ng ass every dsy. My sist«r-ln-law 
rao haa bean taking ymir medinn« 

b« * agreed to open neg*»l 

reeumpilen «f rel 
two cowMrtsa 

* " 1 * a » t 

tiaflnfiA fnr i 

« 1 'e.i ' "i 

. ea rg afid ! w ■ ^ 
•li'i ha-f1l • ► -a 
hed nr><i I had t, j.ait a 'ha' I w.^j i 
a -ream, and ms mother -''>n,\,- ^'.\ t 
'lor tor t:, give m'' »"rnet), tij^ tsU»> 
At eightj>en 1 married, arvd I have 
four heslthv children but I *till have 
psw* in my right side. I am a farm- 
er a wife with more work than I am 

able to do. taken tkraa boCtlaa 


< omi 

ini, ^. ^ _ 

lO Im bean takhlg'ymir medinne 
for asaMtimaendoeMi vour Sanative 

Wssk.taU me ah-x it if and I reri.rri 
mmd it n«*w, ■■ 1 have received 
great relief fr,ini )f Mrn.||B^0gN 
Yr>TT. R K ! } Serta. ' Int 

l.vdia V. I'lnkhsrn aV egjolsV.i* ' ■>■•" 
)ri«tind i* s medi<-ire fo-- ailment » rriTc^ 
mrm to women \' hss i^ieer, i<wA for 
stM-h trmibles for nearly ftfty years, 
snd thousands "f wotnen hare fr^ind 
relief as did Mrs Yoti. hj- falimf this 
• piendid medicine 

If you are sufTerinf from 
\tniy, painfnl tir 
headache harksrha-'ir melanebelia. 

should St rmre begin to take LydU 
f. rinkhaai'a Vegatabie r.nwipunad. 
Il ie eaaalaat t» stirengthm tlU sya- 

\*m md Mate perform its ftaM>ti«MM 




In pl.\in colors o^ tan. trrey, also whit^ 
'I licy'rc :)upci-^iadc biiii Lb 30U arc sure tu 

Yon .^ht .iiiJ 1 Mk' I »t these if only for the 
rcabuu thai uthci people admire ^our shrt 
if of good quality. 

"^'oii'll %t\ .sal I ^1 iM 1011 (»ut of thtse 
shirts because tht'\ are ot the hnest iiui e- 

rial» are good looking and have loUpf 

Other business shirts, $2.00 to $5.00. 



l1>ai«laa-.We Caa Ik Yei»-We Can Mt Te»-.PIm| 


Yours and the Kiddies' 
HoUday Footwear, 

Wa ke ,''111 V. h' »iv. e ti«>u . ( Jur slock u as 
never better iiad prices wiii please you. 

h4i • V 


HUh-Offt ^ fla ^ paB L far Man. 

Women si4 Clllldran 

Vv M C A 1 1 i L ART * CO.. Ltd. 


W. Ka«* OS Inad twe^eroch^hsnd^slifornta Bsdvesd fsSUag^M rs^s^^flof.. 

Hecoixt hsad VSbso Jm.' Pea ps saeSl aw sad prmsVisll^lrmy ef th. 

1 l.r. , » ,.11 • i p! !■ «t l"n 



n* F.rwsrsf «esely m mm, << 17 a«eed at As ssl s . Msssar-MsrHiCe,. US. Pt<sn«l)93 


Sal. ef ri». Blosrei,, at »J».»t, (){) 
m.m4 mm nieyelae et. J][ 

N*w nicFci.* .t ut.—. ••>7 r. k 

T.r, Bl. T'-l»* 

Victory Cycle Works 

Dauy liter B of Empire 

Meet at ComoeMUm 

QUEBEC, June 11. — Approxlmst* 
1y 200 delecstes. rcpreeenting chap- 
ters In dtlss and towaa throughout 
the Dominion, attsndad tha twoaty- 
ihird nnauai meeting of the Imparlal 
Order DaughtSfs of the Kmpire, 
wMeh bad tta farmal epealag ta the 

Stomach Suffering 

dlaappaar aa If by magic when 

Is used. Oss palaa, add at i m a sk , 

aour atomach, burning aad alt after* 
eating distrem relieved la twa mta- 




Paints* Stains and 
Roof Composition 

Mill'- i-iiiy 1.1 V 


gjsW ^r^a ^» a^^^^_A 

aov xnfCB mrevr 

<A r» * rllnr. b.l'tw . nrnaat) 

NOTI', I iir Wfiilr i'rj.arlmenf 

•ike (.-,11't. il« (oi .i.'. V,s,i\% I'^lht 

iiig, L>ecoiatuig and Root Work. 




Chateau ^ontenae this afternr>r>n. 
Sach df tf»» four Western Province* 
is already represented 

Provinclsl prostdsnta arh^ arrlvodt 
In the city over tha weeK^d laclnd« 
ed Mra A Pe Penriar, ef Vaaean. 

■»er; Mrs. rolin Campbell, Winnipeg^ 

and .M n I'avi.l 1 I!«gln;» 
In abeencf. of .Mr*. A. fi. W o|* 

ley-l>odd, of Calgary. provindgf 
presldsbt for Alberta, ikla pre vines ^ 
belag ire p rsas g ted by Mrs. M. Jons* 
aea, of Iiothbrtdga. 

At ttaa 

Street JpuMk Mailnl 


New England Market . 

Ym Cmi HUfy Offdar by 

per lb 
Pot Roasts B««f. 


(T lb 

lOc ^T"*?*^ 


l inn Ham» W < h» 


Prims F I ' 

prr \h 


per lb. 


Poast Beef, 


^Q^* Beef ftaussgee. 

,10c "irfirin 


;f'fcLiAL Choke No. 1 Creamery Bufter. 

Sold U ii'i ' >'H. - < 










1 > Jo.e »n estate offer, will be; tcceptecf on tour dwelhngs 
.ituated on Goverameat Street/ mear Mich.y.n. produ- .n, 
reTcMue of f58.0O per month. Und i. about lA) <<' lua,. 


■iiZ (joveir.mcnt Street 


* ■ ' _ . 

Ammt% TO WC MOSLL ^-trUJi l.N 

j^Ufp of staff. Most of 

South Africa Is Fruit Producer 


In , >.....ny located --f'. ^i^*'';,;^^ 

well a* hot and *oM '"^ ^' I'l' ',„„^,,„,. t,cd in I ving-room. 

For Immediate Sale 


Foul Bay Beach 

House consisting of 5 suite , at the 
bca(ih (3 upper and 2 lower). 
Rentals $120 per month. Owner 
has to leave for England. 

Fnce $6,500 

For further particulars apply 


\\ (IIIU'U 

Working unu«i u yoU.y -i -nn-iu^ 
inff mor« omi* Uacher. .u i ' 

\, 1 , , the city BchOQl Board 1. dU 
,,. „ . with uv,proxlnaat«ly fl«i»f" 
meii.bc.h or Iti teuchln* ataff t tht 
•ml of «IM prMcni u> r» 

Mo»t of th» t«»c)»trivw»»o«« B«ivKts 
are b.lng atopertiiWl with «r« won.en^ 
«nd In mo«t ca»ei tht rmamon •^•"•'^ 
Is ih« policy of reorurantMtlon 
l)|:inn«d by the bi.-n .1 

"At th« prwent l^me Ui-. a\<'i..i;' 
number or»upll« t*ache. ai,*.ut 
the Chairman of the board, 
i , usteu (Jeorca J*y. "talad laat night. 

11, <, plan .-f the board l» to tneraaae 
that avci use to 40. No changa will 
ha mad* In tha Vllgfc Mhxfl 


Real Estate and Insurance 

ijroporllon of mala 

l.a<■h^;.^ »m11 be employed by the city 
(..I ihf hlghtr grade* of tha publb 
school*. a« 11 U felt that men ahould 
hav« charga of the older boya. 

An mcreaae In the number . 
iminH ill ilif- I ity fcchooU la lookf i 
for ntxt It rill, and with eacli tear»i< : 
handiinc uKut- puinl.i it is Imped ih:it 
Increaaea In the leaching ataft will be 

The regular monthly meeting of 
the board will be held on Wedneaday 

night. Thcif^ arc to \}r- ppvprnl 
changca made in the High tJchool 



l\r sa*od Timber I ' I' tlOB 
Xliruagboat Provlnc-c, i-urt-tiL 



From Your Grocer 
Phone 764 

Never Diaappoints You! 
I ft Taylor (Bakera of Good 
Bread — A Long Time) 

The Cameron 
Lumber lo. 




Short lanfth rtock ol 

attiacdv* l>*k«i . \ 

Material of k 
^ifiptiona ^ 

Prompt Delh^arr 
M« er S7M 


The very beat for the uWe. 
the Sack. Dchvered. 

Pacific Feed 

Phone Nin--trrn "^cv'nccn 

aaaw. oniara. ^J* rcVrT:^**^^^^':?.^.^^^ _ 



MMgy^tn lntrriiall<'MHl 
licMcb CoiiMiMHi 

(MlflTClKT to 

M..r.f.K to 

Carpet CWaaing 

. I J -.M > If r\rt* Bea^ M e H M W 

The Uaroilton-BeaA 
Note: 0«»r Oaly Addrew- 

^, ^.aaV aad Eaehaagt cm - - • c 

Island WUm arfCaipel 
Cleaning C«.^^. 

Kiidiotron l)oul)le 
llftr<tor Ttibrs 

1-1 lament 
$4 .SO 


PMn\Mf •« Fort it. 


f5.00 Per Cord 


Phone 77 IM^ It 


B.II. Mtk Cootncitn 


Furniture Mev«d, Crated 

Pool Lart lot Prairies 
and AU Poiaia East 

Kecwnt 1 alflv, wjrtrtt haira bean gan 

eral throughout tha Provlnoa, have 

been worth mllllona of dollam to 
Hritish ( ■(iiiiniiilii'o timber Induatrlaa, 
Chief Foreater 1'. Z. Caverhtll ftated 

nurlng tha flrtt part of May, the 
fad that forcit llraa a«o«aded In num 
ber thf nren reported during the corte 
■ pi.n.iinK i>eriod of thf prevlouB year 

lfav<> rl.or to c<iriJ"lilerahl« worry on 
the part of foresi ..(Tli lals. They be- 
gnn to wonder whether the 1923 fti <> 
record WOUl4 exceed that of last year, 
whan all racorda for loisea were ex- 
ceeded, and tha coat of tlmbar burnt 
and other deatructlott W«« pl»ea4 at 

•'It looka now aa though wa will 
<v* a normal ytar. ao far aa llrea 
„ « conearnad." aald Mr. Caverhlll. 

The alt nation throughout tha Prov- 
ince la aatlsfactory " 

According to the weekly report 
laaued by the department ye«tcrJa>. 
condlllOM m Prince George anl 
Frlnca Rupart aiatrlcU'are atUl hax- 
ar.loua, with the waathar hot and dry. 
i l.o Cariboo and NaMon dlatricta. 
however, are reported aa "normal;" 
Kaniluopa hud a hot apell early laat 
week, but heavy rains have prevented 
aet-loua resulta. At Vernon and In the 
Vanaoavar dletrlct, which Incl k1 > 
VjincoBvar laland. there have beer. 
1 iRvy ralna and thara ara practlc-xlly 
, n n I o 8 The Va.icouvar 4Mrlot la ids 
all ihP oihera Ir the namh«r of Oraa 
,,.,„„i..,i s.. fa., with 118. Cariboo 
bua had the fo-west with X7. 

Tha nurobar of flrea reported 
throughout tha Provlnca go tar la »27, 
■x?< compared with StI dvrfag tha 
Kume period last year. 

According to figures given out by 
the E>*partmant of Land .yeaterday. 
th' Provincial Government revenue 
from tlmbar lleanca*. hand-loggera' 
feci KTies, 8cal* and royalty amounted 
t,, » '4.. 4:n 29 for the month of May. 
I-t.i Ma>. 1322. the total ravenua waa 
$24».90» 02. In 19-21. the total waa 
,,',|y" 1180, 711. Ji9, Hhowlng a big ad- 
vanca in activity alnce then, with cmi- 
dUtons during the praagnt jraar and 
itSS practicall y tha eame. 

\m 111 I'RivY 

Mr. Ro*oipho noudrrau I>'«^, 
dMdv at Ottawa— OntatandUMI 
m Olvtt iWTlc* 

t.ONDON. June 11.— !>oi.i < nrz.on 
had nn Important conference- with lh» 
Krepch .imbaaaador. Count lalnt 
Atilalt. thi!« morning, tl^rf Brltlah 
For^-mi sr. rftarv urging that the 
French Government accept Bertln a 
Utaat raparatlona propoiala aa » baaia 
far nwotlatlona. 


ludi« i>i< - i'"m;« r 
IlapMro I» Removed 



II t w li i I h 
and Bcl- 

We Ch ^ou Tinw 

Mi M0Q«| 

LarsetiVana in % city 
Pbooa t IS SOdlort St. 

The Tea 

ol4e Kng I 

an r1 



Cur. •''■"(iio- 

PHI1-AT>KI-I'HIA .li>n» 11.— Fire 
early to<l«v pi«ctl.«iiv .te.troyed the 
iralaehad of Broad St.e.t ,t«.ion th- 
rhlladelphla termln.i« of the l enn- 

ay'.vanla R< Iroad. A Q^tltv of 
mall and bi gcage and a nKber of 
paaaenger •aches also <-nn- 

ThTe wa* no oflflcUl esflln,,, ^f 
thf loss. I'tji it Is bplleved '»v,t it 
would sppr#irii«ts at least oiy n^j] 
lion dollsrs. A round lip by t 
'lapltala showed 
wera Injured < 
( tbam ware larl 

lire and 
twenty t>er 
flra. None 
hurt, moat 

There w 

In the ten 
when the fl 

tham being llramai 
nearly 299 pMMni 
[>lng care In tfea 


teunts in tht 

««■ aad vour ayglnl li wida open to 

.how iha- I.-, iroportion of 

«.i that has ...nsti «?inn for s 

aSifiig point. T'li. »-i ...-t.-^"" 

KeiioBB . M-'*n. b^-"'-"" 't.wnatnTe a 

rol>-r f">rn <-..n«t • s - » ".^ 1' 
aelentlflcn'iv pr-vr"! -^^"^^ •"^'^ 

It win do what, ao Other ' >o-) r,,n b. 
It WiM gi»e gatf^r' ' i*Tmiinen< 

TCHal if it ia eit«fc regnUrlj- al Wst 
lw<t taWi-vooafnto dally; aa mueh 
with ea-h meat In rbmnK etJes 
> Kello«K'» Knin wond^rfn! in it.« 
aturat. i-.ti'- s'tirn, !• .-'ev- 

•a4 F«ftf« ^ ^"^^ 

OTTAWA. June 11. — Rodolphe 
Bourtrc.t.. Clerk of the P^lvy Council 
of Canada and* Deputy Uaaa. dlod 
suddenly Saturday night. 

Mr Boudrbau waa ona of the out- 
atandlng figure, of tha "^ITi!! 
of Canada. HH wife died a faw waak. 
a(o and al'bouKb »hf.wlng eigne of 
thr etraln of his beres vement. he was 
at his omce regularly >m'il •' "'• 
ao ago. on arlelng Saturday, he com 
ulalned of Indlapoaltlon and aaked for 
„ phvslcian. Upon tha latUr-e •"Wal. 
Mr Boudreau wa. dead. Heart failure 
was the .-laalgned tauee. 

la lt««. When the I^twrler MInlstrv 
rama into power, Mr. Botidrea.i be- 
rama .aeraury to Blr Wilfred Laurler 
He became Clerk of tha Privy Council 
iM >fay 1907. poaltlon which h» ee- 
rupied until his death. He wa« made 
M C.M.a. in l»lt 

He waa born In IMS at St -Gre- 
gnlre. NIcolet. Que. 

He la Burvlved by two daughter!. 
Mis r. n. Wllaon. Ottawa, afld Mra. 
H A Cami'bell St .lohn. and two 
brothera, .1 B noi.dreau. of the 
Marina Defvartinent. »n.l l.uclonBOu- 
dreau. ax-M.P.r.. Kdmonton. 

Th« funeral will ba held Taeaday. 

Vta#iad<f Toharrn 

HaB I intHl Quality 

r nwtlatlona. 

TT TWvw«l^ «h«o. l>Mr* Curaon 
rKiU Inform Germany, It waa atated, of 
the Krenolf f Jovemmeflt'e wllllngneaa 
to -ii^. uss the problem collectively 

with the Allies. 

Great Britain. It H explained, will 
then endeavor to obtain fr...n Berlin 
a pledge of the cancellntlon of the or- 
dera for pa^lve reeletence In the 
Ruhr which Premier Potacaro haa 
named as a condition praeadent to 
any neRotiations. If Oermany ac- 

nu'usces In this. Kteps will be taken to 
convoke an International conference 
far tha ebhlement of tha whole dla- 

The conferanea between l»rd. Cur- 

n.M,^ th.n. nn hour. While 
nothing waa gi- -i -'t ofncially re- 
garding the dls.M.s«i..n. it 1- known 
that tha two diplomats li».! frank 
exchange of view. co"^'7'"*^ ' 
tttude of their reepectlve Govetn- 
nients on Germany*, lataet offer 

I, v.;.s nrriinged that tha lUllan 

and Belgian ,nib,i.,Mdor.«l the 
aame aubjec with Lord Curxon 
afternoon with a meeting -of 
Bfltlah cabinet follow i ok. 
the vlewa «C .F*anoek italy 
Blum wera to he taken up. 

The BrltlBh eabmefr 1. making 
earnest effort, to reach a «Mnmon 
jround with France ""-l 
cement the Entente " 
prance ln.l-ta upon .i- .""V, 

occupation of the Rhlneland until all 
reparation, are paid there '^^ 
tTe proapect of a eolutlon. according 
to the Brltlah view. 

The cabinet here la unrewrvedly 
opposed to this measure. ^^J^ 
Germanys c..,.>..ity t.. pay "e-pet^ds 
entirely on the free and untrammeled 
operation of her great 
plant, and full liberty ol 
for her wbrker.. 

Franrr Brady 

PARW. June ll.-N" >-«'P'> 
recent Oertnan note la 
nereaaary mo far aa France 
cJned it waa Mid at ih^ Foreign of- 
ncl rn n mornlmr. bt.t If the Alll« de- 
r. to improve the opportunity to r.- 
.ume general discussion of "P-^ 
atlona question France Is ready A 
reply by the Allies In , onuoon, 1. Is 
Te^d in official circles, would rer.u re 
Ir-ohably aev.ral jT^X ,t 

r.ons because of the ««»P«>^; 
,„Hr uniting In an 
themselves come to 
only united action by tha Alll*a now 
?iilble in the view of Frsnce t w„ 
M, would be a.common 
"ermeny that .he mu.t 
passive reel-tanca to the 
the treaty of Veraallle.. Afterward 
,he Allies would have the time ta go 
, M over the problem If they were dl. 

no.oed to do BO. 

Premier Polncare will probably oh- 
Ject to a new Allt-«1 conferenre. a 
leaat for the moment. It is tho.iah. 
He la believed to praf.r the more de- 
iXr.te method of negotiation 
throuei. diplomatic channel, and will 
probably decline any •«""^«<»"„,i; 
dlK:uaa reparatlona unleaa the AlHe. 
eonient to unite in giving <;ermanv 
prevlou. notice to ceaae obstruction 
In the Wiihr. 

LONDON. June 11. — Soviet Uua- 
ala-8 reply to the lalaet Brltlah de- 
mands In the dispute between tha two 

nations h;is been delivered to the 
lirlileh Foreifiii tiftlce. but haa not 
yet been pro^rntcd to Ix>rd Curzon. 
the Secretary for Foreign Affaire. 

It la unofhclally expUUnad that the 
situation In Rttsala 1. "uch that 
Leonid Krassln, who presented the 
note, and Lord Cur/on might sec tit 
Inter to withdraw the note altogether. 
At tha- aama tl«» It-la known the 
reply la ol .uch a conciliatory and 
accommodating nntura that any dan- 
ger of a ruiitui«- I'f the exlating trade 
n laticii.s eceni.s to be removed. 

The reply has beiMi in London sev- 
eral daya but was withheld by M 
Kra.ssln, becauae 11 was feared that 
Ita publication at thla time might 
have an adverse effect upon^ the 
Soviet government at homo tot Inter- 
nal political re:)«on« 


Taxation /'mhh /nn 

Confront Austrnlians 

MBLBOI HNK, .lone II ttn the 
reaMembllng of the premiere' confer- 
ence. Hon. A. A. Cooka. repreaentlng 
New South Walea, announced thiCl 
hlfl itate wa. not prepared to agree 
to the federal government', .eheme 
for the taxation of the Inromea of 
• onipanieH. Ic.-ivlng the tax.itlon of 
the incomea of Individuals to the 
Btate governments. 

VIotorta. South Auatralia. Weat 
Auatralla and Queensland agraed to 
the federal government'. propoaaL 

Federal Prefnier Bruea annoUBoad 
timt bis b<>\ fintnen^ WMM pTOCeed 
with 111' ' ■ ■ 


MeetB at Hamilton 


In <on- 

HAMILTON. Juna 11.— Tha tenth 
annual convention of th« Canadian 
Good Road.' AsBOolatlon opened here 
thl<t tnorninir with over 100 delegataa 

already In attendance. 

Hon. .r. T. I'etMin. KC. niinisirr of 
roada. Quebec, pre»j(|cd. .ind de- 
livered hla presidential addrosn 

The premiers, Government oltlcl.als 
and highway ofllelala of the varioua 
provinces will hold their third annual 
conference In connection with the 
convention aa Titeaday and Wednes> 

Mayor Juften welcomed the dele 

An Onpor tune b4ic pi 

Fif ty G iii dicun Tub 


Todas -ai j3.5U lu $9.00 

Every Oingham Tub l-rnck in this Sale is 
spic-snan new. Only through an exceptiona 
buying <>ppt)rtunity arc we able to offer good* of 
such extraordinary merit at these pnjes, . Wc 
advise you to do, voyr selecting: a8 early as pos- 
sible, white styles are most varied. 

On Sale in the Mantle Section. 


A Special i'u rchabc oi \\ lute 



Sale Today 

Choose frotn many pretty styles with Tuxedo or 
pJter Pan collars and V-necks ; quality voie 
„ sixes 36 to 42. They *r« remtrtobl* thlg 
low pftee. View: Window QispUy. 

Exceptional V|)ue at $1.75 


,atea. sayi-.K that llnn.ilton h^J^'^T 
over a million doll u s dnrlng he put 

few years on Rood roads. 

Unted a gold key to the city to Pre.l- 

dent perron. wi«,i. 
Hon. r. C, Biggm mlnlater o f hlgh - 

ly. In Ontarl'^ ».Tte:,de<i 

on behalf of P - f ' ' 

Hon. J .D. McL*an, Troy 
Hecretary of Bmtoh Columbia, 
«ood roada mere fKa baalg Of a 
try', whola prcMyerlty 





High F.M'b.-l^ea Boln^ I-.n, rlr<1 
TkronSh Mre<C«B lliroalrmd 

• DeatrfMstKm 

health "s 



' 'r'ons 
^ ■• n '■■ 1. ^ * e t r 
I ireri.- package I For 
*inme Kellogg^ i 
[Hu Ba4 ehl%a 

in i n (1 ■ V - <1agl 

't at >'oi*x 

^K'NTUKAU Jnne 11— Canadian 
toh«r, ,, I, the bMt grown In any part 
t!.. Hrltlnh Fniplre. accordlnB to 
4 Keoi^v. head of a well-known 
Britilh lol.arco tmporllng firm of 
l)»rbik who arrived here yesterday 
from aaglnnd. 

.May ( anadlaaa do not realise." 
aaid vi\ Keelay. "What a fine grade 
is being grown in Ontario. 

inleraat them to know 
s4ex County diatnct alone 
I, i;ieat Britain laat year 
t' (H'Undm of inhm I .> fur 
in niaklb|[ i tg-nretten pip'' ' ■ 

and plnge/V 

Tobacco Mwn in Canada, siaied 
Mr. K^^'^y \ lookad upon very fav- 
orably bv ib^ Brltlah manufeeturers 

on account ofjia superior na\\ir. 

Kosnov. June ll.— Uvarpooi is 
,11 , xciied over the peril that the 
city was in last Friday when an ac 
Cldent happened to two wa«aM 
loaded with plorU «< M as it waa being 
hanled through the hear; of LU-er- 
by employee, of the War I.e- 
nartment. If en expldon had or- 
ZT.A It might l,.ve blotted the city 
out of e«lstenc«. and It I" t>ellrvea 
auch an eaplo.b n t^„, averted only 
by the great rou. «ge of a watchman, a 
constable and two other men. 

public opinion la ewrclaed over the 
fact that the four men who risked 
,heir llv.1 to prevent an 
h;.v, been awarded oMclally with 
only ttixietn pounds amongst tham. 

The lx)td Mayor of Liverpool ha. 
opened a subscription Hat and has In^ 
vlUd the neighboring towns of 
Birkenhead. Bottia and \Neii.»r> i.. 
co-operate In OTcartng for the heroea 
i., ,,„e.iion Mitable raca««Kk>n of 
) , ' ridld courage. 

I ,,,r.,.,,r« of rViemlsirv aay thaw 

,hrr, to. n. - ' ,v-i pool 

would have h»" n d- |.i u . e,l ,f the arid 
1 Had exploded. 

Is it a food ? 

■ Bran is the outer coat of the wheat k'rai i > 
It is not present in white flour, or even ui 
whole wheat floiir. It is woody fibre. It » 
found in celery, spinach, lettuce aiul other 
yvKvuMea. It is not digegtibie. hence « 
not a food. It supplies the "rou^h i>;e 
that is needed to stimulate bowel ino^ 
ment and keep the intestinal eaoal clea" 
and healthy. AH the bran 6f the whole 

wheat is in fflmfiDPED WHEAT. > i 
r u ed a certain amount of bran in your lood 

every ilay. l^i'' vou don't need any more 
than you find in Shredded Wheat li.s. un. 
Two of these crisp, tosty, oven- baked 
whole wheat insi iiits with milk make a 
complete, nonruihing, satistying, 
supplyitiii all the nutriment you need and 
ail ilu >uu ueed. It is ready-cooked, 

ore m 

IB the 


KMlMi*«<I 1111 
Thm CalMiUt rrlatluc * Pukiuhtns Com- 

Ull-ll Hiuad atrMl. VU'tuiU. Ba 

J I. I AIT. BiMiuaaa MkDaS*' 

•abMriytlon Hat»» *r CarrUT *f 
In niatrtMa CMUCMM* to VtrtarU. I«rv-<a 
ly g lllS lit CWr C.rrl.r. 

n»tM by M«ll 


Bub,, ,l»„r. in — •4*'»«5 

• liiiulil h» ;>a.itl 


' It U obviou* Irom what hai 
developed at the cO«vtiiti©n of ti 

! Prcsbyfrriiin GeHtnil Ai««t«hly iImi 
Church I iiion u »tiU « matter for 
the somewhat dutant future. There 
U a d«i?erence of opinion w • > ' ^ 
ranks of Prcsby tcrianisin whah ilors 
not give any very comforting evi- 
dence of being ameliorated. It i» not 
ciiwiiKli for the advoratfs of the plan 
to have a clear, and even an emphatic 
majoHtx in the Aiaembly in ita favo 

r Where any issue hearing on religion 
ia at stake aomething more is needed 
It is tl^e development of * wholaaome 
gpirit for Union than can alone win 
the day. for otherwise there will be 
secessions which cannot fail to 
weahfn th« cause that i* at heart. 
Where Pre sbyterianism is concerned 
there is a majority for Union; but 
the minority is by far too powerful 

to h^V* its views ignore«l. 

Upon this subject of Church Union 
there doea not appear to h»ve been 

'anlHdcat education, or cite it has 
been etiucation of the wrong kind. In 
much that ha.-* been heard on the sub- 
icd the tfWftion of finance aeema to 
bear a very con^i'lcrable part. Union 
is and should be a matter of spiritual 
dcairc, and the quettions of finances 
should be of very secondary consider- 
ation. These arc not day* to promote 
schisms in any Church that is 

'designed and i>rri)rtuair(l for the 
worship of God. Where the mental 
outlook is somewhat vague and rest- 
less in apiritual matters it is essential 
that the religions leaders of thought 
should do their utmost to promote a 
feeling of unity ma4 «oncord in the 
cntilics of their varions churchea. If 
Church Union is to prove a great 
reform it ia a reform of a Wnd wliich 
can only be proceeded with accom 
i r.nird by that deeply religious Spirit 
whicli can soothe antagonistic feel- 
ings among those who are probing 
f'.i rew nicthods of religious govern- 
ment and an assimilation of the 
tenets of different creeda. The lesson 
.11 the Presbyterian CcnCml Aeicm- 
I)ly empbaaises this. 


Mr. A. II. <Manaf 1^ .the Attornry 

f'.rnera!. say^ one of tli« hardr«l 
things governments have to fight m 
the crime of indifference to political 
responsibility which i-; ^hown by flie 
average man and women. Some day 
we hope Mr. Ifanaon will explahi 
what he means. We agree with him 
that where there is any danger of a 
government engaging in equivocal 
transactions and mortifying adven- 
tuirs there shoiil-l hr the salntary 
restraint.of publi(: ^ptiuoil. U IS very 
certain that thta kind' of public 
opinion is exercised often enough, bnt 
that does not necessarily follow that 
the course of a government becomes 
any more enlightened. The great 
majority of the people is by no means 
indifferent to political responsibility. 
.\ctions are subjected to oritkitm, 
but it is not always that the people 
know the motives lying behind gov- 
ernmental actions, and in reapeet to 
many matters affecting a Rovernment 
iliey are kept in the dark. Thu 
policy might have a tendency to pro 
mote indifference were it not that the 
people ktii.w their opportunity always 
comes at a seated intervals when they 
can "diKide the complexion of the 

government they want in power. 

lir. Manson should elaborate his 
viewpoint of political reeponsibillty. 
Does it, for instance, approve ot party 
patronage, even if efficiency is im- 
paired? Mr. Manson should say if, 
%s a member of the Government, he 
would invite and welcome criticism of 
its actions, and, how far, the Govern- 
ment In its turn Would be prepared to 

reply to •iiuh < ritieisin and i!isfit\ its 
courses of policy. There it a wealth 
df 4tdttdi thit*' .jB%ht he explained 
about party deliniti.iM of 
responsibility. It is matter, in fact, 
in whic;^ the' vlist majority of the 
peoplf* is keenly interested. Mr. 
Man4on is wholly wrong in any belief 
tlvat there is sa<h a thing as ^ "crime 
indifference" against -which the 
Co\ernmcnt ha* to figlit There is 
absolutely nothing of the kind and 
never can he ander our system of 
1 etpi>ii«.ible t^..^ enimeiit If pc.plf 
remain silent about many matters it 
fi simply becauab they are kept in the 
dark, an l *rr not l^Vrn stifTicienlly 
into the conhdencc of those who they 

put i" \«'Wfr 


Australia is Entering <>ti .i new era 
of legislation designed to correct 
some of the evils of the past. 

Courageo^l^ policies are bennf out- 
lined bv Ml Urutfe, the new Premier, 
and their etieci will be watched with 
hecn interest .ail over the Empire. 
Xherr ' ' ainr!,. • -I'ion fos^ the 

taxpa>e>, and it what is prop(>Sed is 
put into practice it will be revoln- 

J, ^ Its ' 114! .1 ' : '1 1 .nil 

,ealth. Mr Brurft sayi. proposes 

w per cent ot the taxpayer*. It pro 
poses also to save £4MJW per 

aiinuni ui administration < nists An^ 
tralia is faced in the next few years 
with the conversion of loans running 
Inl^ htM^radg of millions dm! new 

money is wanir.i ,1 r , riopineni 

purposes. Ml llruif liss plans to 

coordinate the borrowing of the 

^.■o^l^ll>nv^ e.i!th and the States ,in<l 10 
have a *iandardiscd sinking lund on 
lOs. per ecnt ea future lonna. There hi 

d p: ■ .iuunr ol l.i.!.\av ^ rl'.pti" nt 

plaii<;d which will tost i.8,L»UU,0t>0. but 
it ia not clear where thit money is to 
come irpitt at a tntie v\heit such 
sweeping exetn[> 1 10ns arc p^r^mised to 
those now' paying income tax. 
' Australia, Mr. Bnlee says, ia enable 

! . .i.Mer tile !.\iciei' "f .irnwrnents 
lor complete sell protection, and he 
considers an EmpirC'defence seheme 
as most essential 1 " ' < 
ments, he points oUl, are changing 
lapidly, and the character of the 
British Goverjirnent live years hence 
cannot be foretold. Such a Govern- 
ment might repudiate responsibility 
for the defence of the Dominions, but 
" would b' !i possible to repudiate 
a complete :3cheme of Imperial 
defence. Australia has outlined no 
I » l^^Iation of her own in this 
icspect but hcf views will be put for- 
ward at the Imperial .Conference next 

In regard to other policies there 
are prof^s^ls -for further assistance 
to immigration^tid the abandonment 
of the duplication of taxation, elec- 
toral, statistical and health services. 
Here ate proposals that should be of 
exceptional interest in this country. 
Our Tcdcral and Provincial Clovern- 
nicnu waste a lot ot public money 
by the dopilication of services. In 
scores of instances we have two sets 
of officials where one would do, and 
this meahs such an army of offielnldom 
that our people are naturally restive 
over the cost of administration. What 
Australia proposes to prevent dupli- 
cation should be studied in this 
Dominion. Canada, also, might bor- 
row a leaf out of the book of the 
Cotpmonwealth in the matter of cn- 
conraifinc inamigration. 


One racial queation which may 
some day develop into a problem of 

the first nuw" • ide is that aflfordrd 
by the struggle of 10,000 white men 
I'n East Africa to maintain ihe 
siipreniarV of their race Tt is a ques- 
tion that has been drawn attention to 
in a forcible way In a recent issue of 
The Outlook. Where the 10,000 
white men live is a country greater 
than the United States. Included in 
this country is a , tract of 277,000 
square miles iNing; at an elevation of 
more than 4,0U0 feet. This tract, the 
'Outlook says, is a fertile, potentially 
healthy upland, equivalent t i a belt 
90 miles wide stretching from Mon- 
treal to Vancouver. It can grow two 
crops a year of wheat and corn, and 
almost all staples of foodstuffs. The 
climate is more equable than that of 
France. This tract of land, or 
plateau, is empty of popttlation, ex* 
cept for nomadic tribes. 

There is a dispute in Kenya in 
progress' between 10,000 white 
pioneers and 40,000 Indian immigranta 
for the control of the country. The 
Outlook says this dispute "involves 
a principle and issues perhaps n., less 
important to the men of future gen- 
erations than the dispute with our 
North .\merican colonies five gener- 
ations ago." It resolves itself into 
whether Kenya is to be white or 
brown. In effect the question is. are 
the Indian immigrants now in Kenya 
to be given equal voting rights with 
the whites? If they are then Kenya 
pasien from the white man to the 
brown, with the likelihood that the 
immigration laws will be at once let 

■ !i and Keii\ a and the whcde of Africa will become Indian. The 
Outlook b^lieres the claims of the 
Indians must be withstood. It points 
out that the British Government h^s 
not the power, if it had th^ will, to 
impose Indian equality on the 10,000 
white pioneers. .\uother British 
newspaper says it is obvious that the 
claim of the Indiana is the thin edge 

of the wedge. If they acquire equal 
rights in Kenya they cannot logically 
be refnsed the same concession in 
other Crown Colonies, and, there- 
after, they will clamor for equality 
in the self-governing Dominions. 

Kenya is visualised as a country of 
Rreat possibilities. The Outlook says: 
"It is a virgin land, awaiting the com 
ittc of the whiioflaan, raady to nurture 
and breed a great race, to rival in 
wealth and population the Mississippi 
Valley. This is our heritai*. the 
refuge i : ir teeming millions whom 
it is doubttul whether our industrial 
system at home can mu«h longer 
support. It is the 'last white man's 
country" vet undeveloped and suitable 
for hnglishmen to conquer." This 
is a Mt question which it is easy to 
imagine will become fraught with 
trouble in the future. It is a new 
racial prefetam that'll developing in 
.1 '411 I that is romparatively new to 
the white people and in a land that is 
Britisn to all intents and purpose, 
althooth yet unpeopled. 

Note and Comment 

Mr. John Galsworthy does not 
entertain • very high opinion of his 
fellow writers. "Writers,"' he says, 
"are cranky, whimsical, highly egotis- 
tical sometime.*, and highly tndivid- 
iij)isfi( alwavi This is a sweeping 
arraignment which is hardly borne 
otit universatlv. There are manv 

•A ' ' I ' t » who >■ r <.'.■■ I, ,- : 

broi.l «plritfd. uiT-.^lfnh, . n I ^if- 
bnt indivfdualtitttc. as ilirir 

By R. B. D. 
Mr. George B. McCroasan, cor 
poraiioa comncI for the city of Van 
couver addressing the Native s 

of Laiiada on Saturday ihkIh 
arraigned Great Britain .1^ ti e ausr 
■ • all the ill« wit'i v\hich Canada i» 
alleged lo be afflicted. Here is a lis' 

of the woalnl evHa ftoai which v.e 
are Mllfering as a consequence of our 
IflSperial connection: The Federal 
Parliament could not alter the time 

for tal inif tlie ilfi enniat census s^ill: 
out appealing to the Imperial authon 
ties: eonid not alter the nature of the 

Kl.4nt< t 1 f!ir pr.ninie* ■ onld i"'t 

amend the mode ui discharging the 
Audkor-GcMral; coald not change 

the procedvrc ^'r votniK s'.ipp'v 
could not fix the qualifications aftci t 
tng the age of Senatera; could not 

I'.AitfC f'i<- 1... jli. 'I ..f tlir Federal 
lapital, could not appoint a Deputy 
vSpeaker of the House of Commons: 
could ncrt fix the terms of union of 
Rupert's Land, British Colun^bis and 

the Northwest Territoriet. 

• • • 

Canada is afflicted in many other 
waya by Imperial connection, accord- 
ing to Mr. McCrossan, but the ar- 
raignment as stated is sufficient. We 
are being strangled as a nation, or 
as a colony, or whatever our status 
may be. by the fact that we cannot 
elect a Deputy Speaker of the House 
of Commons, and do the other 
things stated, without permission of 
the Britiah Parliament. Because we 
cannot do these things Mr. McCros- 
san states, while protesting like a 
certain person who protested too 
much that he is no enemy of British 
connection, we should figlit for 

sovereign rights. 

« • • 

The emmset of the eity 

of Vancouver in this terrible arraign- 
ment IS of course attacking the Brit- ' 
ish North America Act, which is the 
constitution of Canada. Kow neither 
a British Government nor an Impe- 
rial Parliament had anything what- 
ever to do with the conception or the 
birth of the Britisli .North ,\merica 
Act. That instrument was drawn up 
by men who today are known as the 
Makers of Canada, men who were 
just as jealous of the rights of Cana- 
dians as the genttensen who today are 
the leaders of this Canada First 
movement. Furthermore, the British 
North America Act is not liike the 

acts of the Medes and the Per-i.ins, 
it can be amended at any time, and 
has been amended several times, on 

request of the Canadian Parliament. 

• • • 

.K* to the dire consequences of the 
limitations Mr. McCrossan deplores, 
Canadians are doing nearly all of the 
things they are sai<I to be incapable 
of doing with considerable regularity 
They ha\e repeatedly changed the 
grants to the several provinces; they 
have admitted territories into fnll 
status in the Confederation and fixed 
the terms of their entrance; but It 

ni.i\ be true that ^^ e cannot change 
the location of the Dominion Capital 
nor' alter the mode of electing a 
Deputy Speaker without permission 
of the Imperial Parliament. Cana- 
dhns once had the privilege of select- 
ing their capital, but they were so 
divided in opinion, one section of the 
country was so jealous of the status 
of another se. ti..n nf the cotmtry, that 
it wa3 decided to leave the matter to 
a court of impartial jurisdiction. The 
judge of that court \^as the late 
Queen Victoria, and she selected 

. • * 

The fact of the matter is that ,the 
talk of Mr. McCrossan. the corpora- 
tion conn . el of the cifv of \'ancou\ er. 
was composed principally of rubbish. 
It was worse than rubbish: the 
greater part of it was not true. When 
he stated that Great Britain had ex- 
ploited Canada for her own benefit 
he laid himself open to the Ji.t «c of 
being a malicious libeller, becaui^e he 
must know that that is not true. 
Neither in a private nor in a national 
capacity has Great Britain exploited 

Canada for her own hencfit. 

• • • 

Mr. McCrossan wants Canads to be 
a sovereign state, and states that he 
prefers to rely Upon the Monroe 
doctrine rather than upon the British 
navy for protection in case of neces- 
ci'y. lie would rather see Canada a 
dependency of the United States than 
a Iritish colony. There the case is 
in a nutshell. There is the road which 
the Native Sons of Canada are 
directed to uke by the leaders of this 

movement. • 

• • • 

The people of the United Sf.ites are 
very good neighbors of Canada in a 
social sense, but they are very keen 
business men. and if theie is a single 
instance in the history of the rela- 
tions of the two countries in which 
.American statesmen have not aimed 
a blow at Canadian trade when it 
showed its face across the border, we 
shonM like to have it pointed out. 
The Fordney Tsriff is but one in- 
stance of many acts of its kind. The 
^licy of the United Sutes is to 
rlraw as largely as possible upon 
Canadian raw material and exclude 
Iron ita markets Canadian manufac 
tured articles, Kverybody who knows 
anything about public affairs knows 
that, and nobody hlanief the United 
States for it. but. setting aside all 
considerations of loyalty and dis 
loyelty, of honor and diahonor. what 
V ouM be the prospect- of Canada as 

a dependency of the I nited States? 
. • • 

However, it may be poasible to 
take this matter too serioosly. It 
is not possible to take serioustv 
Justice Martin, who endorsed and 
seconded the remarks of Mr. Mc 
Crossan. The man who emce presided 

■ •■ r' a 1 I '. ' ' ' ■ ' ' 'J * J ' ■ I' ' ' .1 ^ grand 
in us a|in<ii 1- ! n>« n 1 1. .1 i »,-r ■ t f 

dejl ,ot 

Bour1»ons, cannot for a moment be 

considered as in favor of repnbb .m 
•iroplictly. We cannot for example, 
conceive of him a» sitting on the 
ben< li uith his shoes and his coat oft, 
with I 1% iref perched on high, with a 
' IK-*' '1 his cheek and a spittoon 
»itii>n "Mivenicnt shontiag distance. 
That idea is toe oatragtons. 

Poems Thai Endure 

Vmtwmtmw all tiM thtOm tkat Ua 
Taa aioaan aael aC 


\ , iil(hl 1 hrtT<i • tinging 

"> . • me . , !'■,<■, thr ot 
"< fr..rT. lit h«iilii"u( HatM, 

.(T .r,,„» I r«« In foraata fT»« 
thai tiu'fm the WMtcrn malnT' 

"I ' « ryi < n * ■ : < . 7 ! ^t e - 1 . 1 « '« r 1 (J. 

Nor /ft frum oO the t>»' 
Bat I US MM •! UM kird* of r.o4 

Wfciefc stiic tfc* irtMte nlfht t 

Ob, whiatla for Um wtadl 

ha alfht la iMg. tka 
Mjr test it lags M 

'Th« eurraat 

Um aM worU. 

Tba eoffant awaapa tka nasr; 
Tte «M win W«V. MM elo.7 
In mtm kaat salM Umm Uitvvipi." 

— OiMHlM Klagalar- 

By iheWay^ 

(Caprrlfht. Kort* Amarleaa 

Nawapansr A lH aa— > 

and wna the aioeer '"W the reM>- | 
iiiUou wtueh nM ouly advined ; 

I ha 'hoMIng of a puMle meet- 
ing laillnf; ! «- li t r s<' n ' rt 1 1 ^ '' rrom 

. ir ga I! 1 I I • >i t'lii I'lil.iteil 

Ifiit* 1 en. .1 111 !• i II »«» I'lf-.l lipon 
Other /«■.; Iif; <'i|i«i l/AMnim *ii<1orB«'d 
it with tha raauli thai tha r«cent auc- 
caaaful pubUe maettng waa hald. 
which X veatura to Mtere haa been 
produeflTa ef much good. T elneerely 
hop* It will b« of atUt more benaftt. 

F'urthar, allow me to aaw that thn 

\'...;,' .1 ..r St C.forirr th'-.n^: 

Its f «ei'Ullv«' r rnt;\ \<i\tjsr<\ ,i t ^.■»m I i 
tlnn t>ndor»)nK ttx- Ktnml taken h\ 1 1>»- 
returned dinMt ;. ! inen. « copy of 
which waa *• i • i •! BaUnd, Mlnla- 
tar o( 8. C. ii., and tha r«preeent«Uve 
for Victoria In the Ooaslnlon Keuae. 
Dr. g. F. Timia. 

Acting 8«cratary St. Gaorae's 
Society , (li Belmont Uouaa, Victoria, 
B. C.. June t. nil. 

JOHN RANDOLPH, of Uoanoke, 
American orator and stata«man. 
died in Philadelphia in 18IS. desenea 
by many of hia old-tlme friends and 
a phyeical wreck 
John Randolph through the uae of 
D,edThr,uth opium Nearing the 
Utt^tOfiim *'"d be Rttribuled the 

ftiliura of bis I'f* 
"ungovernable temper^' and he Jied 
with tha word "remoraa" on hie Upa. 

Here av* «•!•• Ot Xaadolph'a op!- 
granis I am an nrlatocrat — I love 
liberty. 1 hate equality. " "Asking one 
of the states to surrender part of her 
aovaraigaty ia like aaking n lady to 
aurrender part ot her chastity." 
"Stick to a friend a UMla the 
wrong." "No nnan waa ever aatlafled 
to be half a king." "Tha three de- 
gree.<i of comparlaon — begging, bor- 
rowlnir and •tealtnt: 

"Pay as you go" waa a political 
proverb that Iiundolph started on ita 
rounds. He hunc thla oaylng on 
Martin Van. Buren. that t'he alwnys 
rowed to hla object with muflled 
oara." Van Buren was a "gum- 
shoer." In I ho parlance uf the 
Twentieth Century. Of Clay he ^ald, 
"Clay's eye Is on the preaidency, but 
my eye le upon him." fteferrlng to 
Bngl^nd'e HAval atrength tn llll and 
Madison's pamphlet on "neutroi 
rights" Randolph aald. "Against 800 
shljis 111 ■ ri 1 n I cin \v » enter Ihe lIstH 
With a, three ahilllng pamphlet." 

ih« wrllar. Thi% tuU ndmitii of no aacaptlaaa. 

f^ti ii<l<lre«« of 

Reverted Laada 

■Ir, — It waa with oonaldera>bla la- 
tereet that I read in your laeue of tha 
7th luat. of the request made by the 
Realty Board re the withholding from 
aale foi the present of reverted lauda 
held by tho rltj 

In common Juatlce to the unfor- 
tunate paople whoa* land haa been, 
and la being tahen from them because 
they cannot fcaep up the taaea upon 
It. T think a la.w ahould be p^MOd 
niakinif It tlleftral to dlnpoBe of said 
land until such liniP', at any rate, aa 
the deliii'iiient l.txt^s amount to the 
vulue at which it la anaesaed. Take 
my own case. 1 have loat $l'0.000 In 
Victoria alnce 1»;2. While I was 
nuralng overaeaa. I -endeavored to 
keep up my tazea and paid, on one 
piece of land alone, nearly fS.OOO. 
SInco th»-n I hH\e hern unalile- to 
keep them up. and my property has 
rexerted to tlif riij 1 may atate 
that in 191S. when my property was 
non-revenue producing, tha as— — - 
ment waa raised from M.eOO to'nev* 
ly |S,000. 

If I eannot re d eem It before Sep- 
tember, the eJtyi ist^der the plan n^ 
In opamtlen, can eel! It at any aaerl- 

flcf . 

Thin eeenig manifeetly unfair to me 
and to other property owoara, .^ince 
the value of their heldlnga and build- 
ings la deteriorated by such action, 
which may alao cai\se a slump In the 
market. I. therefrno. most strongly 
aupport the Httl(U4le taken by the 
Real Ketatf Huaid with regard to 
reverted lands, and aincerely nope It 
will comnnend Itselt to the City 

7.12 Fort -Street. VIeterte, B.C., Jun* 
9, 112}. 

Status ot Canada ■ • 
Sir.-^Th* new CXrder ot the Native 
Bona of Can«da eeauiot be concratu- 
lated upon Ita braadth of vision, nor 

upon ttie spirit which Imbuen it. if 
the addrf.sB Ki\en hy .Mr. MrCroasan 
• t the lOniptejHi Ilniel on the 9th Inat. 
roflecta the sentiments of Its mem- 

The speech appeared to be onlcu- 
lated to areuee hoatiUty and an- 

tagonlem. to Great Britain, which waa 
repreeanted to be int erected in Can- 
ada, as a colony, for what ahe could 
get out of It for her own benefit. 

It might b*' fhouRht from v h.ii \va« 
said that ' anada today wan euftcr- 
ing from self-interested meddling in 
its domeatlc affalra by Downing 
Street; that the final eonrt of appeal 
of the Britlah Kmphre waa a council 
like unto n wiunlelpal council instead 
of Its decisions being guided by Judgea 
of the higheet attainments: that iho 
Hrltish Nn\.\ h;irl filled to protect 
<"anada. or <':tnndt:in interests; that 
Canada had l»een coniinltted to take 
part m the Crent War agalnat her 
will, that It was undaelrable to prO' 
mote the Imperial santlment (l.e., the 
unity of the Brltleh Bmplre) urlthln 
Canada; that Canada would do bet- 
ter if It waa now, at the present time, 
nn Independent so%prelgn aiotp un.ii^i 
the crown, maybe, but taking refuge J 
behind the aklrts of the I'nlted States 
and the Monroe Doctrine. 

Most of us have heard the cry that 
"England" la maklifk use of Canada 
(or of aoma other part of tba world) 
for her own aeUlah eada. It's an old 
cry. We heard it a good deal during 
the w«r, but \hen the tonee of the 
voice were those of an enemy. 

There are many great prim Iplea tf» 
be worked out In the e\oluilon of 
the constituent part* of our Hrltlsh 
Commonwealth of Nations, but thay 
will be beet worked out In the apirlt 
of muttwl respect and good wUU and 
without appeal to paaston and preju- 

<40 View Street. VtOtOrla. , B.C^ 
Jane 11, 1*18. 


Sir, — Some daya age there ap- 
peared In your paper a sutement by 
Mr. Despard Twlgg which waa a de-v 
nlal of an Insinuation which had gone 
abroad that he had rvceivad remun- 
eration fill 111* aervliea In connection 
with his advocacy of tl\a pensions 
queation at n pnMle maetlns held here 

I do not know Mr. Twigg but what 
I have heard of him I have no doubt 
but what he said waa true. Never- 

theteaa. and In this T do not wtab to 
aubtract one lata from the credit due 
him. I think If would he obviously 
unfair not to make mention of the 
Conservative member for \iriorta 
in the rrovlncllll lycglalstu r r ( ■;Mi<in 

As long ago as April. is:2. at a 
banquet of the Royal Society of St. 
Q s if s, he told of eeveral ftaamnt 
easea of InJuetlee and waa there 
greeted With crlee of "Shame" when 
he tot4 of the desplcabia eondoct of 
the t'enalons Board In one of the 
rase* Itrnught liefore It Im " • ' 
thla outburst the <"an"n sa i 
fault lay with th» dlslnteresi e.i nea* f 
the people of Canada who permitted 
aueh aCalra to ealst. and he further 
ntreeatad enHeting the enpport of 
the vartoua puMie bo dt ee. eONwnetie- 
ing with the Royal SoHety ef m. 

?*i»vera I time« plnre then the '«•.:! 
haa r»i<-"''''l ' ■ " • fh'"»e sentii 
In rf)n\ er s« I Ion with a prominent 
mamb«>r of tha Armv and Xa»y 
\ ■■ ■ I • \ ' lailon I I'nini ihsf 

< unon lunrbitff "^OOh the Inltlaiive 



Sir, — I have been waltlns to see If 
Mr. B. Maude'a letter in your laeue 
of the Sth Inotant. re the loaa of 
Admiral Cradork and hl!< aquadcpn at 
Coronel, met with any reaponff, but 
BO far have seen none. I am ventur- 
ing a few lines on the same subject. 

I am surprised, hii when one con- 
siders that Eaquimalt, and one may 
say Victoria, was a Britlah naval 
atatlon for ao many years, and even 
now fa a baoa for the Canadian Navy, 
one would think there must be many 
people here who illrectly or nldl- 
roflU were associated wlfli th*" senior 
branch of H. M. forces who woul4 
be ont^ too glad to perpetuate in some 
manner the memory of those oflflcers 
and men who ao gallantly went to 
their daath eii Noven\ber 1. 1914. 
Surely, sir, we are living too fSat 
nowadays to give due regard to 
these matters of sentiment. 

As Mr. .Maude says, "Th« men died 
defending the Pacific Ocean, which 
washes our shores, but their memory 
la not marked by « letter tree or stone 
in Brltah Columbia." 

I think. Mr. Kditor, there are many 
who will agree with me that such 
a lack ahould b« remedied, therefore 
T propoae that you open your columna 
foi H flubseripMn Bst. A small com- 
mittee could be formed to carry tho 
niat'er to a worthy conclusion. 

i think It peculiarly fitting 
that Victoria should have some 
memorial for this purpose; there Is 
no neceeelty for It to be espensive. 
Juat some plaJn record, n stone in 
Beacon Hill Park, or even a UMet In 
aome public place. 

fosalhly In the future the descen- 
iif peine ,,f thfise heroes may 
make iheir homes in our ( ii\ <.f pa^s 
through nn their pc n 1 1 n*- \ n i|r« , In 
cither case It would be gratfymg m 
them to And we had hemembered. 

r. W. STUBBS. 

4S5 Vancouver Street, VIetorta, 
B. C, June 9, 1S2I. 


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tiriining <if Ireaa. 

Aid. Woodward said that 1* 
unfortunate that a citizen ^l 
write ao offanalve a letter. 
mattera reaeh the peraacuilon jp*' 
we ahould r«o«lve and file if '^f^" 
an poaaible." ha dedarad. 
..ut that Ur. Pembprlon 'i" 
the matter up ^vlth tho <•'•'# ' , 
"There Ih a limit to «n ^^W,. 
this man haa reached ih.> 

Aid. Ker did not th - "'"^ 
notice should be taken 
l,nt he did believe that 'JT"""*, 
.-, good time to ronalde^p 
1 nity of ha\inK ;i p.-. i u .^Snmiaaion 
«-onipoaed of a fe>v 


Aldermcii K > 
Idoa — Mr. ( 

■ I mi;. V pprttvc 

( . I'rintM Tton'a 

The Parka Cetnmlaalon plan, under 

which a nmall committee of cItUens 
would aa«l«t the Parlca Committee of 
the f'oiincll wnn found to have at 
leant two advotatee on the City 
(Council last nlffht when tha queation 
of whether the treea were being 
l>roperl]r pruned by city employeet 
wma ufiear eonelderatlon. 

When Mr. C. C. Pemberten aaked 
fof the "credentlala. teatimonials and 
other nualificatlona" of Mr. Thomaa 
Purdy. Parka Superintendent. ha 
rf'Uted the Ire of member* of the 

"Aa the vicwa held by your Parka 
Superintendent are appftrantly much 
at varlaDca with thoae of many rat^- 
payera." wrote Mr. Pemberten. "It la 
deairable to learn: wh*t quallflcatlona 
Mr. purdy poeeeaaea. 

"Will .^ou pleaae furniBh me with 
full partlriilsra of all credentlala. 
teetimoniale and other quallflcatlona 
poaaeaaed by Mr. Purdy, and al«' 
with the atepa — If any — whieh yo' 
may have talMl At any tlOM to verif : 
Mr Purdy'a elaima." 

Al'l Andron ilorlnr^d It WOUld 
an Inault to Mr I'nidv to nnV 
hla credential* • i i oidei 
ihe morbid curloelty of aome uin 
ffcntleman, probably." 

Thorn waa n motion that the l^r 
be raaatvet aa4 flM. bnt /id. 
Leemins vnae and eselaimed tflt a 
troaa error waa'hetaur mnde # the 

would worh wHh thollrka Com- 

Aid. iergent th- i*' h»t J^* 
Natural Hlatory Sorit might well 
be aaked to name men who 

rould aivUe on n^r. P«rtaln "K 
,0 I.«rk.. boulexarA etc. Pointing 
ont thet expert, 1, A <lifferent Tiewa, 
ho aald that he wi. «ure Mr. Purdy 
would be glad to trim '1^* ^^rmn any 
way th*t the council .leKlrrd. 

Ho had exarnlned Mr Purdy'B 
, red«ntlals and waa aatlafied with 
them Mid Aid Woodward, chairman 
of the PiirUd camiplttee. , He added 
that Heattl- had Oh ooeaalon 
Mcured the Wrk Bupirtntendent'a 

iiarvleea. ^ ' ^ 

The letter waa recnlv^ and filed. 



heir wine rat ma yeaterday 
■ nu -w- ''^ntlnue to mtoy tham. 
^«Rpl/prohibltlon regi ktlona to the 
', the Now Tot i Timea aald 
The Tlmea ape led the aea- 
the 7ranch lln t France and 
lian llnera Alber i and Argen- 

I r>ni 
f od 

inuetf from ige 1 


i> something that you can very 
r.isily avoid. But the l>e»t way 
I" <l') It to ha\i- vmir rye* 
tr^lerj by an rxprrirni rd ami 
qiialilicd optician, and Jiavc lum 
prr|).Trc a pair of apeciallfr 
ground ientcit to corraet the 
<ault in yoitr vision. 
I offer to do all thii f.>r ^ ( i 
lor the low sum (J* 4 r/| 

of only «>1.0U 

and guarantee to At roar eight 

Oradaatt: Bradley laadtnte 

1013 0«e't tt Tr!r, h 

celva under ordinary efreamaUaoeak 

It waa Raid. 

Aniolne Itordea. aernrHl reprraen* 
tative of the line, declared he waa cer> 
tain thai the ahlp'a liquor atorOa were 
under aeal. liquor waa In 4ho 
poaet a a l on of employee, do deelnaod, M 
muet have been ef hoetleg mttdre. 

Iif> opinion amtmi 
a." the newapaper 
>• that tha aorvlng 

the forel/n 
Nda. "aeemed 

_ Iwina would 

overlooked by the J hrloan anth 

So far aa could be 
1 n«id, "there 

,.f>\r fur tho foi 

rtmclelo of the Wn\ 
(Irnled reporte that ll< 

. »!»^rday to membera 
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Vlr»i. lUilx-ri M<-K«> In Jiibll»-<- H\>n- 
plua WUti Broken BuiMsa — 

JublUe Hospital, where Mrs. H > 
'ft McKay, af South WeUlavton. la 

i. ^Ment as a result of a ntotar eat 
i^i ! .>n the Malahat Road, «un 

,1,,, ifi- iuoon. laat night reported h»r 
Itnprovp.l anil renllOK M "< 

M> Kay auffrrcrt a brok'-ii I'n i 
i roksn arm and * a^ver* nhaKiiiK up 
in the accident, and K waa feared at 
n,Ht that she waa aertoaaly Injured 

Mm McKay waa one of a party ol^ 

■ [\\ I'f women, nicrnhrrn of tha MOWee* 
h'.iti l.t-K'"'! nian, Mr. 1C<1- 

I'mMc.- wli.i » Pie retUMiiliU' \.i 
the Malahat from t lia Mouse ...n-in 
tlon In Victoria to Nanalmo i > 
"(her members of the party were, 
r rtaaateiy. thrown clear af the ear 

hen It plunsed down « ateep am- 
I tnkment about half a BtAle aattth oC 
th» Hamsterley eUtlon and turned 
over laaat twice In Its descent. Mrs. 
McKay waa pinned beneatti the 
\ ehli le and e riinht'd Her o.-nipan- 
--reaped Willi I'lulnea onl3'. 
.'\<<c>vdlnc to the report of Con- 
M^bien wilkle and Owen, of the i>rn- 
\ incial police department, who had 
an ambulance at the aeene of the 

olrlent leas than an hour after It 

ii. ) Planned, ihre« i-ars approached tha 
1.1 riK' I I'lis point at the name tlmf. Htid 
IliMi <lrl\pn hy .Mr Police w.\n i-iowded 
lo llip ouislde und oMT the edge The 
cir iiimmenced alldlns In the luoae 
gravel and In an Instant wan out of 
control. It turned completely over 
twice, and when it finally ladged on 
the hillside, was badly damaged. 

The occupants of the car that first 
*. ppro.-.ched the point did not ?!op, 
e\ldentl.v not re.^llclnR: that an nroi- 
!-Tit had been <aii.«ed .Mr T .N'. 
Hibhen. teturnlnK from Duncan, waa 
the flr.«<i to reach tlie wrecked car, 
and he rendered aaaiatance until the 
arrival of Dr. Gordon Kennlns in one 

of Cameron Ca'iweU'a ambulaneea. 
.\n h:arller Accident 
Two cars were completely wrecked 
In an accident on the highway about 

■ outoeir Baaday anariiooii, lona two 
houre earlier than the Police mlsfor> 
tune. The earlier accident occurred 

,at Nineteen Mile Poat. when cars 
driven by Mr .1 Itwnrt, of Conrtenay. 
and .Mr l\ l aniphell, of Langford, 
coUlded on a riir\e. Both cars were 
traveling at a fair rate of apeed at 
t>ie time, accordlnc to report, and 
neither driver was aware of the ap> 
proach of the other until it was too 
late to prevent catastrophe. Mr. 
iCwart waa rut «hout the handa by 
flylnB glaan, but Mr Campbell, driver 
of the aecnnd car. escaped wlrliMn! iri- 
.iiiry. Kach car contained a panaenger, 
hofh being allrhtly injured. Mr. 
Kdward Wodle. of Courteaay, rldins In 
Mr. Klwart's car. was thrown clear 
throuch the windshield and sustained 
!>ome cuts oh his scalp and face. Mr. 
ThomHa Mitchell, riding in the Camp- 
hell car. was severely cut about hia 
f'ice. I>r. Kenning rendered flr«t aid 
and they were brou/jlu In to hospital 
by Mr II. B. KleniinK. but were able 
to depart shortly afterwarda to their 


Surocisa Finally Crowned Efforta of 
Thoaa Who Labored Vnclrtaiclly 
to Wtmti Lato r. W. ^ 

SfHAKrrr.R Hl»h era<1» Am«rlr»n 
riano. full Iron train* aatln ixa 
h^aany r»a». Ivory li»5». tt'^ 1"! 
Bood action anil lon» ... 

I'RAHl — r)»rk niahnsan/ •»«• 'ni 
Irnn franta, T 1-t eetav** r'' i« 
new fnr IJtl. •'>W"i 
Sp»rial iP— » • ' 

WILLIAMS ■ n|,>nl»l i1»»ltn b-auil 
tul full walnut rate, nice a« -i 
pvvry raayact. ITSS palil ' 
piano whan new. tt*(W~v 
0»r priea HP«><^'» 

f'UBtOWera folly prol»rte<1 br u» "n 
lhaaa planna «hlrh n\a\ be e>chana*<l 

.* n H ^ I n ' * rn a n 

Small caaa payment, balaaea to aull 


&. Cc, Limited 

.U13 Oovemmeat Street 


1139 Broad 

VANCOrvSR. June ll.^In a dls- 
ebte arer money matters. Ktauai 

Morn and i:. Shlraahl. J.tpaneae bunl- 
iie^ia partnera. fought ttir\lght and 
Sblranlii U Ivliig from wound* aiia- 
talned when hia head struck the 
nidawalk. Moru walked to tha police 
station and gave himself up. He la 
booked on a fo rm d l charga until 
Shiraahl'a fhte la known. 

QKDtR m mm 

>j>,'-h^'n T,|»»01«*iUlMl-<;ovrmor Pnlnia 
I.. I of Palri'^ii- I rr- n, of 

OaiigttteM taf llir I mplrc 

QUEBRC. June 11<— Jhe iwenly- 
third annaal convention of the (Cana- 
dian chaptani of the limwrtai Ordor 
of the Daaffhters of the iBmpIre waa 

. f-nf'd beie thi* afternoon. Bele- 
gaiea repreaenttng chapters acattered 
throuEhoiii the breadth of the Do- 
minion listened to the welcome of 
Mr Chartea Fitspatrlck, Lieutenant - 
Ooveraor of the prtfvlBce of Quebec. 

Speaklnff of preeenteday Canada. 
HIr <'harl«a said that geographically 
there wer» two Canadaa. Kantern and 
V\'eatern. ari.l lit» I m i" •""od upon the 
delegates that theie was no more im- 
portant work with which they wtffiKt 
concern themsehree tha» tho brlaslnv 
of the paople of the eoan tr y together. 

Hob. 1* A. Taachereau. Premie? f 
tha province also extended greetiii»,"» 

Mm I»«.oIiiile of Toronto, natlnnni 
i>re*i<ient outlined the activitiea of 
ih" order, which, she eaM. waa en- 
iFS«ed la important work In conaoo- 
tioa #hh edvcatlph, eMId weUhre 
and relief work. Hhe.urved membeiw 
to rnnirnue their work, endeavorlnt 
to prr>eiv< . .In ..f the OTtfeT 

to the idenlfi tui v%hich it staoAa. 

The body of Francis William Buck. 
■ led forty -three ytnrm, who gccldent- 
tnef hi.* death from drowniny in 
Ksquimalt Harbor, has been recov- 

Friends of the late Mr. Buck ex- 
press gratitude for the untiring rxer- 
tlonn put forth by the volunteer hand 
of xearcher* nfter the liod> until it 
wn* fliiallv reidvered. For da.s* om- 
ployeea of the Yarrows yards had l>een 
working In a diver acow. In addition 
a numbei' of Ilia fellow members of 
the Fraternal Order of Bagica have 
lent /heir aid. As many aa fourteen 
men have been at work nl n lime In 
the ofTort to recover the body under 
direction of Me.«arr>. Louis de Coala 
;i iid K iilirht, dl\ era. 

Vesterday, acting on the auMeetlon 
of Mr. de Obeta. a drag of cod hooks 
waa contrived and thia proved suc- 
reseful. The smaller hooka fastened 
into the clothe. ,,f the drowned man 
and Ihe body w.t* brought to the out- 
face. It waa rero\ercd ii distance of 
about ten paces from where he waa 
''ragged overboard. 

The body la now reposing at the 
B. C. Fnheral Chapel. Arrangements 
for the funeral will be made later. 

The deceaeed was born in .<4uCrolk. 
England. He la tmrvlved by hia 
widow and five ihlldren. « daughter 
111 F-ngland and one in Ihiffcify. Three 
aona reside In \ Ictoria ; one brother. 
Mr l> .1. itiic k. la in thia city; alao 
hia father, sis hrothera and four sls- 
tera are in England. 

Tha late Mr. Buck was a nieinher 
of Fraternsi Order of Kagles. 


.MURRAV— The death occurred at 
her home at Sooke. on Sunday, of 
Mies Janet Anderson Murray, aced *• 
yeara. She was born in ficotlahd and 

c;iinc to this l'ro\ince thirty six years 
The funeral will take place 
fn.iM her late residency ri .Sooke this 
afternoon at 1 4 fi o'clock, proceeding 
to Ihe Prest>yferian (hiircb. where 
service wU^ he held at 2 o'clock. In- 
terment In Saaeenoe new cemetery. 

HAMPTON — ^Thare passed away 


A LuewcAMT-Mtrr a oxArrvt 


early yeaterday morning at hei i..t- 
resideaee. till Oouclaa M treet. Mis. 
.rsna Hampton. a«ad attHT-ikroe 
xeaia The deceaaod waa bom In 

\ 1. 1. .Ill Hiid had resided here all her 

,,f. She Is suivived li*-r huaband 
Bill'' <;,-or<,. |i ,«nd llobert 

I .HI... till'-,- Kiarol. filldrfii Ttie le 
UkSlna ate irpo.slng .« I 1 to- I ' , 
mrti Chapel, where errvl." wl' 

held on Wedneaday afternoon »i ! 
o'clock. Interment will be no..i, 
ti H family plot at Rosa JMiy, Cam 

M,N.A-MAI;A The funeral of Mr 

I ., 11. I.,'-l I M. ">■« '11. r . 1 ' f.l I ' 

I be |i • t- iinei a: . 'Ii.i p-i ■ I.m n. i i. 

log ill 'I I 'to. k "■•-•••lit K 

Andrew's Cath«dr,»i. ..Nlieie mais.s will 

be oalebrate4 at $ 3o o'clock. later* 
mant at Roaa Bay Cemetery. 

CLARKE — ^Tha remalaa af Jameo 

Benjamin Clarka are reatlag at the 

B.C. Funeral . iiapei, whence the fun 

eral will tak, i.l^< e thia afternoon at 

.1 .,.:,,.,< (. I . .<■•-" 1 1 r > ! ' h« l-;ii] 
mi«riu«-l Hdptlsl < vstifie «« i 
vice will »>« conduite.l bv Kev. 8le\ 

enaon at 1:10 o'clock. Interment will 
be made la the family plat at ftatfl 
Bay Cemetary. 

PANKKY ■arr l ca over the re- 
malna of Mr. William Bankey will be 

held thia afternoon at S o'clock In the 
Chapel of the B.C Funeral Co. Tha 
deceased will be h.. < * • 'ill mil 
Itary honors In Boss t,ai * emeteiy. 

MORRlBON^There paaeed away 
at the family reeldenee, ISSf Vlnln* 
Htreet. on Bundey, June 19, Thoaaaa 
A. Morrison, aged alxty yeare. Fun- 
eral, private. No flowera. by request. 

ti. ii. U). DULAR^ 



n of Proflla to 
tor Year Jmm 

Are SahataaUally 

LONDON. June 11.-— The Hudaon'a 
Bay Company'e dividend annouaoe- 
ment shows that the company'g ex- 
perience in th,- \ear Just closed waa 
not so favorable aa that of the prevl- 
oua year The companv v^ropoaes to 
make a diatributlon of two per cent 
In reepeet of its land recelpta. free of 
tax. and to paMflve per cent, with a 
benua of two' and one-half per cent. 
In addition to the interim ten per 
cent paid in January last, In respect 
of the coiiipan\-'a trade 

Theee i)nymenta will bring the total 
distribution In respect of the com- 
pany's trade up to 17 H per cent, com- 
pared with Si per cent In Ittti while 
the land dividend of two per cent 
comikiree with ten per cent paid last 

The aggregate dividend for the year 
Just closed waa 19 ^ per cent, as com- 
pared with the aggregate of 45 per 
cent in 1922. 

An adjuatment is being msde 
whereby the shareholders whose 
namee were on the regleter between 
certain datee will receive a refund as 
the outcome of the company's appeal 
from a court ruling regarding income 
lax an. I this refund will take an 
amount which would have allowed 
another eight and one-half per cent 
on the common shares. 

As a result of the dividend declara- 
tion. Hudaen's Bay shares alomped 
from 7»-l« to here today, 

mm BONU!) 

•NE(>< • M 1 I 1 1 > \ ■. \ 1 . \\ ! \ I ! I R WAY 

Willi I M I I^ D s I \ I f .S 

Over Two Millions In Hceuriilce of 
Canadian Companlcts Selard Dwr- 
inc the War 

"\VA8IITNf;Tr»N. lune 1 1 -The 
Canadian commi.saion aent to Wash- 
ington to negotiate with the Inlted 
.States government relative to i'an- 
ada'a ilalm to certain enemy allen- 
ownerj bonds of Canadian corpora- 
tiona seized by the American alien 
property cuatodlan, haa Jecided to 
return home, leaving the matter in the 
handa of Attorney-Ooneral Daugh- 

The question Involved. It was ex- 
plained after the committee conferred 
with SerreiHrs Hughes and called on 
President Harding todiij, Is purel\- a 
legal one. .-^nd the next step (snnol 
be determined until Ihe department of 
Jiislice has rendered its opinion. It 
waa regarded aa probable that the 
courts would be aeked to make final 

Two MUIloa Involved. 

The l)ropert.\- involved is repotted 
to he valued at approximately i ■» o 
million nnd lo Include holdings in 
bonda of the Canadian Pacific Bull- 
way, aa welt as the bond obligatlona 
of a number of other important Can- 
adian corporations. 

At the conference today no counter 
claim waa presented by Washlncton 
officials for any property held under 
simitar rlrcumatances by Canada, and 
it was Indl'-ated that no euch Claim 
would be presented. 

It was explained lh;il the legal 
onesilon- involved are complex and 
that tlifio WHS not a wide f|.Od of 
Binillar ..i even relatively similsr 
<nses In international practice on 
which a decialon could be founded as 
a nsatter of vovernment policy. 

DttaiU PaymrnfH to 

Pre— Organizatiom 

OTTAWA lone 1 1 —Answering a 
question by A. V. Ueely. Liberal. 
North Eseex. Hon. W. 8. Fielding 
stated In the House today that till,. 
49t.f9 hid been paid to Canadian 
Press, Ijtd.. made oj) of $?«7.4I»9 on 
from the grant of |50 ft^f voiad 
each year slnc« I It 1 7 IR i, 
l .p wire rentala. and }J4,00U 

1 of the annual grant for 
{X ..,.> for cable servlcee, pai4 19St-3l 
lo < anadian Frees. Limited, and for- 
merly to tha Canadian Press. 

Vtatamente of disbursements, whic h 
indiwted that the granta have been 
alloeated all theee purpoeeg are aub- 
alttad regularly, the MIniatar ateiad. 


VAVAIMO. June II The tug Hea 
King, of Beatfle r^aptalo <;Tea with 
1 low of ! i;- ' * - struck 

on Hatie; !•» . r,f ,;ioa,ri.., harbor 
this aft*- and now la alranded 

high and dry at low tide. It la doubt- 
ful if ahe will be able to pull horeelf 
free at blch tide beoaaae her tew 
awuns in apoa hof after ehe etruck 
\ and tknwi Imt fastlur ovar tka rockab 


I** ■ a «e «t Aaaori- 
DecaUa of Pro. 

A II,.-. ' t.n ..r 'ii,- vv. III. en's ■enofii 

Aaao'ia' . • nieiiit,,-i s In \ IctorIa will 
be he I I - evening to coinidete the 

ptana fur the big convention, which 
is to Uke plaoe In Victoria next 
eek. As this cenvention Is repre- 
sentative of the largest gathering of 

\\<imen which Iih" i-\'-< i tken place 

ti the i-ontlneni i.'ihk p.trt of the 
.scssi • ' n .» w li 1 . 1 1 1 1 .1 \ e \,r<-:: 1 I • K 

|ila< e In It-adliif; I'uclfli < uumi iitl*-», 

from California northwards, during 
the laat two weeka, preparatlona are 
bolnc made ^th here and in 'Van- 
couver. T9 the latter alty the dele 
gatee are to proceed after their vlst 
to Victoria, for <\ gti-al welcome 
.\. leni;ill\e pio^ r« in Inc. \\lilib \«. .is 
1. 1 1 i I - I . • I I The t •oloii I- ■ .111 .'-^n I 

baM lieeit drawn up alirady, bui 
tonight's meeting will endorae 01 
alter this aa the local committee find 
beat and espedlent. 

Thle bit convention, which has 
brought together some 19,000 women 
' •: all parts of the United Statee, 
H.iwali and the ..arioiis I'lovlnces ot 
t'anada. lieiran in I.o» Angeles on 
May 29, and Ita laat phase will take 
plaoe with the biff pageant In Van- 
ccnver neat week. 


(Continued from Page 1) 

without a mandate from the people 
has b>- a majority of the . 'uiimU- 
stoners voted fT) transfer mintaler 
memtiers' property- and trust funds 
of the Presbyterian Church into a new 

"Eminent counsel are of the opinion 
that this actloa of the assembly Is 
beyond the po\ver of their constitu- 
tion and illegal. In any event the 
Presbyterian Church la to continue In 
Canada. We count on all who value 
rivll and rellgloua freedom t»- aland 
fast In this hour of crisis. 

"We heartily assur* all who may 
b« called on to make personal sacri- 
fice for our church st home and 
nbfo.-id of our tirganlzefl comradeship, 
••nioutagement and practb-al help. 

"We send forth this declar.illon in 
solemn dependence on the grscloua 
favor of Almighty Uod. 

"D. J. Fraaer, Chairmaa. 
"J. W. McNamsra, Secretary." 
Leaders In the sssembly who are 

favorable to union slated tonight that 
the effect of the favorable vote would 
be immediately felt The great effect 
will b« the union at once of a con- 
alderable number of congrevatlons 
especially in old Ontario. In the 
presbytery of Undsay. which has been 
strongly oppoaed to union, there are 
aald to be Ave Pnesbyterlan congrega 
thina which are ready In unite \\ith 
five Methodist < ongregallona and 
which have been waiting for the vote 
whl^h was cast today. The Mme 
thing Is true to some extent. It is 
stated. In slmost every presbytery of 
Ihe Province of Ontsrio. Co-operation 
will also become closer in every ,le- 
partment of the church life and work. 

The supreme court in the new 
c hnn h will be known as the council. 
To this ( ..uncil th* aasembly will elect 
160 members and a commit ue n.imed 
by the preeent asaembiy and will con- 
alder the manner In which these 
members of the eouncil will be named 

The date at which the general 
council will hold Its first meeting csn- 
not be predicted. It will depend on 
Uevelopnienta and espe<ially on Ihe 
date at whli-h Icgisl.-illon from the 
Federal Governraem and the provin- 
cial governments can be obtained. It 
is possible that all the legislation win 
be obtained at the sittings of Parlia- 
ment and legislatures next Winter. In 
this case actual union would not be 
long deferred 

.\on-unlon ronimlaaioners, when the 
debate was over, seemed to take a rea- 
sonable view of tho situation. The 
leglelatlon will be threahed out here 
In conference in committee and there 
aeems to be a poesiblllty that the 
dimculty may be ealved without litt- 

liook for Nplil 
There will, of course, be u split in 
the chureh, but the amount of fric- 
tion may be reduced to A minimum. 
If litigation la svtdded, there will be 
no effort made b;.- the nilnorlty to 
prev»Mil thp aei iiriiiK of legislation and 
this will greatly hasten the •••nsum- 
inatlon of the union. The union ma- 
lority la deelrous to be not only fair 
but generous to those congregations 
who do not enter the union and the 
representstlves of the latter will un 
nuestlonably reciprocate. Notice of 
motion of reconsideration of the as- 
sembl\'s decialon wsa given by W. W. 

Dr. Pldgeon resumed his present s- 
tion of tho report of the union com- 


Mrs. Logue States Money 

Failed to Buy TIr tl li But 
Tmnlac Restored It 

"I blees the tlay I atsried nn the 
Tanisc treatment, for It completely 
eaded my troubles, which had kept 
me In mlaery ever since I came heie 
from Scottend eleven yesrs ago." is 
the grateful statement of Mra. Kmlly 
l.ogtie I2t .N. Park Street. Hamilton. 
< I n t a r 1 o . 

".At timea Indigestion, gas bloating 
snd hesrt palpitation tortured me 
till I thought It would drive me fran- 
tic. My ^yetlte waa eo poor i 
rcareely ate enough to keep going, 
and T grew so weak and worn out I 

had to let inv hoUOeWOrk gO. My 
head ached till I thought it WOUld 
split. I had fearful dissy spoils, and 
couldn't get a good night's sleep. 

"I spent enough money on meciirlne 
to buy a home, but nothing helped me 
until I etarted oa Teniae. I now 
have a splendid appetite, my dig^- 
tlnn la perfect, and I always feel 
strong and well for Tanlac hn« built 
me up to robust beilth. and I will 
alwaya prals,- 

Tanlac la for aale by all good drug- 
gists. Accept no subetltoCe. Over 
ST .mllUoa hottlea aoM. 

The Summer Coats 

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And So Very 

\\ iiincii wlm admire llic ^Ix'M 
sport oat of |)(«l.i cloth will liiul 
ail at)uii(hincf ot >t\l<'.s at llii^ 
.•vlorc aiitl their adniii atum will 
he ci|iiall\ tlivided l)Ct\veeii tlie 
beauty of tiie st> Irs and ihc ex- 
i etience of the vahics at this low 



Those who prefer a Summer cost 
in longer, more dftisjr- models 
will appreciate the designs which 
we are now showing. Mslcrisis 
are polo cloth, velour and psnne- 
velaine in seasonable tones sttd 
distinctive trimming. Pritcs 

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All persons .suffering front 
111-heaIth — from whateve 

cause ari^inp to call in at 
our office and learn how t' 

The Wealth of fiood 

\\> will .vnow \ oil tiir wa\ 

. YOU 


KIppen's Hygienic 
Health Society 

314 Campbell BIdg. Victoria. 

R r Pbnnr "^Ol 

W ill you Mds year cei'n er aAWI gee aiefte 

Dominion Plumbiig 

&. Hesting C o Ltd. 

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rnstee st aa^ Netlee 
Seas Vs Tear Orders 

SwMMy-McCoMftt, Ltd. 

■akber Stssaes laiS 

Teniae Vegatahle Pllle are nature'* 
own remedy for conatlpatSon. For 
aale avarywIiMa. , lAdn.) 

mittee. Keel Ion two of the resolu- 
lions called for the appointment of a 
<or>tnilttee tf> IhIc cbarse "f the en- 
abling bill and i.i.iUc «iich . hange«.ln 
Ha detaila as. in their judgment, shall 
ha neeeeeary. Bffoct was given to 
this and other provisions of the reso- 
lutions hy vote of the aasembly. 

A sreat deal o( discusslon took pisre 
which did not result In sny deflnlte 
Hcfion on the part of fhe aaaemhly 
and considarable Impatience waa 
shown by the commlaamnera with 
much that Was provided by different 

PORT ARTtti n. Ont.^ June 11. — 
Ihe follnwinK preabyterfss voted 
naainHt chur^ union in today'" 


Ked Deer, 4 to 2 aiiainal. High 
River. 2 to X: Barrle. 6 to S. and 
Hamilton. It to 7. 

The following were evenly divided: 
Lunenburg. 1 to 1: Trinidad. 1 to 1 ; 
Mrlaco. 1 to t; Torkton, 1 to 1; 
Abnerthv. S to J. Kooter-*- t to 2. 

other weaiern lotes followi 

Kamaack, 4 to o ... favor; 
Qu'App*Ile. • to 0 Argola. 4 to 

Alameda. 3 to S; Weyburn, 3« to 1; 
Asslnbola. S to 1: Reg^a. 4 to 2: 
Moose .law. S to 2: Maakatoon. 1ft 
to 0; Prince Albert. SO to 1; Rattle - 
ford S to 0; Klndersley. 3 to 0; 
Swift Current, 2 to 0; Vermillion, t 
i.i 0, Kdmonlon. % to 1. Peace Itivr 
10 to 0; Laoombe, 2 to 1; I'Hisai' 
R to S: Medlolna Hat, S to 1 . Kan 
loops. S to 1: Carthoo. l .to West 
minater 12 to Tt VIetorle, S* ta 1. 

m AYLMfcK m 

K\ mmk\ tioML 



C AREVS Tees ead Cefess am sslsslsds 

A RE ffsa dM dwiessi #«*ibt 

R ARELY d. they .mf fieai iM palk of 

E y( Fl ! ' V' F". 

Y >a |>rict arc SO higher. 

Phoae 20)2 716 View Street 


Bring in jenr Iron Cord* and A|.(,iiAnc«a to l>« 
rapaued hj our aipmia. 

SUN ELscTaic oa 

Y*ta« St Oee. White UhmIi 


Membere e( the Fraternal Ordrf 
of fSaglee. Aerie Ne. tS. are requeeted 
to meet st the Baglee' Hall. 7SS Fto- 

gard Btreet, sf^tSe p.m.. to attend 
the fnnerHl of niir late Hro W P'. f 
Rsnkei from the B.C. KunersI Chapel, 
Tuesday. JUae IS. «t % p.m. 



Seoretary. W. Praaldent. 

of ItSS end 1170, and waa awarded 
the general eervlee medal with two 
ctaspe. He has lived Cor SMajr yaars 
In the Kooteneys. 





N"KIJK)V. R f ■ J. in'- Major 
(';eaeial Lord A>lmer r in«i.e. 

tor general of tha Cauad.Mn (orcea. 
died thia evening at his home at 
<jueen« Bay, Kootenajr Lake, In his 
'ighty-eeoond yoar. will be hnrlai 
In Nelson. 

The flight Hon. M^tbe* t ord 

Aylrner. aucceeded I" ''.<• i. ... >. , 
onetcy of Aylmer in i»'ti He aerved i 
wim AsthMtlMi la the reaian raMa * 

BUT vou will he more than 

v\ K .VK/H^K. It IS j>cr- 

ted. Just ask any Brtmawick 
wjicr or see it st 


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$890 at Victoria 

• H0 vAtr W9k^yfh*rt p«iMr (>vpri»n4'» price, oiUtn th< 
nunifold a4v»nl>g«t of thi« new model, U May. 

Thomas Plimley, IML 

Whmt iOl9, Oik Bay 



C/^y and District 

'I. iHMir* (>/ UMWk«ia mil |ii>0<il''<" 
« •iM^yl-Ull li> law MvuM M> wm w w—i > . 
(Uy ll«li<<^<>i I'itiiKl*- ImAM9M# M9 

t a ^ A will In «li*n rwMi* 

.-...(,(,« «iuni» «rl'-, l«<.lo(J''J Aii> 

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inc t^nicht •( <h« OmMmI rwNM At 




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lb. i# tfid 

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II). lO^ a 1x1 
Rump Roaata. 

Ih. 22# ana 
Bonelcas j^cwing Beet. 

3 lbs. lor 

Osfortf SauMfM, ' 

8 Iba - 

•O, as.sortccl llavrs, 3 pkts. 

Mr I I 


gayi mw aw l AfMi 

with Mr. AubKy 
Mr W if K«ie hM kM« •»te<«u4 

,.i!u ...iir.i .i«(f|M«r far tke Ki^' 

I), ' ■ t* ') il I r I ■ ) ■ ; 

ljL'«««k lor i,«r|lHX» l l lyk -!»' *.t 

J «(u»i:|( CainiMlduoer W. T. Mc 
i^<MMJ4 l«M t^'t tor • totir »t 
tto« CartWe afi4 ChilMtlii cattia 
. ountry. Ha will attaM a waaUnf of 
»tM;kbr«a4»ra at WHMaaaa laita •« 
Jima If. 

WaMi ' ^ > r MtiK*'!"' "' 

In the Ar«-na and at the Wiil<«w» I'.ili 
uroua4a ba Hnfravae to Uia aatiafac- 
tlon of tlia NtmMsal Haatth OflBcar 
will hm ma I Oak My CSaMMCU 

Oak Ba)' Council la«t niKht in- 
structed the municipal olHcuila ii^ 
inalM nMommaaaatlODa in rafard i" 
•meii4a»aBtii to th» baaltli N'-law. 
and hava tha manlelpa) avHaMar pat 
thf m in(n lesai ahapo far » ia faat a 

v*ry liit*r«0t}ivs ct.ort of th« raaawt 

. (»«if«-i ror*" on fflucaUon In Toron'". 

fiKfn 111* \\ ' " I '« iijclu f I Inl, 

aiiia a r*p<nl uf wl i'Vi ««■> nMf-n mi 
the local pres» /oj h-w i ti' ' ii .m i ' «■'■ 
la laUef Ol'^riiki^tum aliutiL' 

•«i«r fear ratara ta Vi" "'i> 8h« 
»i c«M«4 a wry lMart> v«t« of taajika 
r«r har c«iopra)»aMHra ilfpaal aC tlia 



M<il<«r i «r ** wcW'-H iiw'ii A 
ton, W llo V If ilruinif «rii1 .••ti>'i 

aoya. ha4 « ll'>""«^ cansapa- fr<'i>i k< i 
louK injury aaiwrdla/ 0S*m4n§ wUtu a 
<«.r In wtiiah UKy ware fidifif. 
t<iuf>««<i <>v«:' tha aaifeaaliaiant aaar 

(h« ' „rnfr ,>t TiaMlt Roa4 and Bascfi 

J >i I s f i»ak lia^ »')<! ijt«i»(>«-<j naarly 

f<jijit'»'i f<r»i * i,rtMimt*i' \he car 

than a ateklat ua. 
ly damagaa. 

Wajti Mana tlpaa— 4o»a Inaiaation 
on 111. i.ort aid* *»< atraa* cara aa 

KicMl aaalaiai i' iIk-.-i « h<. u>t. 
ihaw, Caunciii ' ' r^.^-r i.-i-i Wi- <»aii 
I5ax Council laat nlfht. Appruachhis 
irwm • af4a atraat ho aotiM not at 
prcsont tail tha rauta af a paaaiaf 
car ir he kappanad to ka aa tha aMa 

r>|,i > I'l .'iitranaa, ha polati>'i 

I > , i .>iin'':i »mw tha wledem >>< 

H. c. li^laetfu; Jtaii»*«> Cvi^pany to 
remady ^la. 

I fmpiwad wkaii haaMdi 
tour In tha n««r ^«ra 

61Z i^on— i w-» Siores- 

49 Yatea- 


Rrtac «iM 

ratimata tl><r 
M rviaa fuau 

• nf 

viiij wa ll 
nihrr tr<|iilrt<l. 
1 \» .jt jrjil promi't 

C. p. S. LUMBER 

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roat »l "1." 


For the Bride 


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riants- greatly 
thr*t <!»yt. 

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Kirk Goal Co., Ltd. 

flaiiiiPl danca whi' » nourKoil 

far Friday nasi ai ^i. H*ry n JteU, 
Oak Bay, aadar tka aaaaleaa af tha 
Wamon'ff Prosr««Hva Oonaarvatlva 
Club haa hean poatponad owing to un* 

II '. 111'' (iirctjriiatiiiiifa Tho naw 

ilnle will l>e aim ■11 i • .1 lalai. ' 

DonMiilou iHtf iWIMa/-*An ordar^ 
in-oouncll haa l»aat| aaiead by the 
Provtnaial Oavernmant maklaa Mon- 
day. Jatr a hviiday. aa Pomlnlon 
Day Calla on tha pracading day. AH 
aiorea will l>« aioaad on July S and 
< > • *'n ba M rafulaa kalfakalMay 

I6gyra»aaa ApprcotaUow Aparaala* 
tlan af tha Cawncil'a grant and tha 
kindnaaaea ahawn har huaband durinf 
hij aarVi<-«- with tha olty, waa ax* 
prt-aaail In n lei tar raralved by the 
City Council laat itistit from Mr«. J. 
L.. Raymur, wlff of tka lata alty 

TrowMa At tka Wl)arf«-Chargad 

with whoutlnr and aotieltltig at tha 

CI' It w)ioir BailaWIU Su." i(nrry 
(iicf-ii .111(1 I'l aiiarii'U Aiiliui luuinaii, 
liotli dmeiH i>r ultht-«a«ins tttiii. ap- 
pext eil befui e M»g)»tiate -I'ly ye^iU-t - 
day. They were rriu^ndoii for 
tintll neat Thuraday, whan they will 
N *fna»^ by Mr. Frank Utffina. 

^'4>lf> of ( '<>ndo1ont<r A atanding 
vota (if rondoU nc to Ml «. W. K. !*. 
|lanV(r.\. widow of ttu Ist* c\iy ffaunrt- 
kraper, who died of Injui'lea agatBln'-<1 
through an geatdaat with a her«<> ^ 
raw daya agp. waa paaaad ky tka city 
rounell laat ntfkt and thrff wantka* 
>.«lMry voted to her. Tha y aaUow of 
nittng the vacancy waa Ian In abay* 
nnaa. ^ 



Ta Ta a r l a m ani Othera 


\\ r hr^n(^le a sr l«" ' 'mr of 
( |i,n » Silk^ al bargain 

ps i f « and mvite your in- 

^^)C( lion. Alio m 
lilM off Chinese Curios, 
riovwr Potv Ah and a 

l.uD ( ,(>oda and iieaded 

Wing Sang Lung 


6 corNMN-aac ti. W w a a a»S 

The I'oiirtaiiav River BHdpt la now 
open for veliU'iiUr trafDe until further 

When tont|iar»rlIy cUwad tha road 
to CampkaU Rlrar la only lanathened 
by hatf a mlla. and to Comes Ihrre la 
a detour of faur ^tlaa M'ar good 
i nnria. and tkroogk a kaautlffMi eann- 

I ry. 

X>atad June llth. llSt. 

c. i. WOOD, City Clark- 

_1 ."J . . U- — .- ' ■ - ' , ■ lA ' L ili wa .. — • 

af Oartg Maatklg Membara 
af tka 90tm of Canada, rafarrlnc to a 

report of Vr George E. McCroaaan';* 
I , . \ enlriK <"i "Tim 
ttiaiur- i<f ' un.i !» ■ln'w aitentlori to 
a ataieroani • . . ffa< i tliat Mr. 
M. B. J*fkao;i, ai I' r . ohallengtid 
Moma of tka aeeertioim nf Mr. Mc- 
Craaaaa. It la undaratood that Mr. 
iaafcaaa waa annkta ta maka hia 
atatemant bafore the meaClna, aa ad- 
journmant directly nftar tka paaaaaa 
i,< s V,,', of 'hnnha Mf a^it Jit l-^"* 
f I ■ . ti 1 .1 ' 1 k' ?. 

Maa*l«a l>ra*«rtUit|( Mf-aalea atill 
•entinuaa in the alty,^*! < aaaa being 
reported dnrlnfl tka maatk, bringing 
the numkar rapartad ainaa January 
I I.. T«»." atotaa Dr. A. O. Priem. 
( Its Health Offlaar. In kla raport (pr 
II. » < M'Mth of May. "•'^o doubt thara 
ha\t i>a*:n other case* unreported. 
Tha apldainU- apl>«^arM lu ,l>« laaaan- 
Ing and will probably terminate with 
tka alanine aC Ika aehoola for the 

et w w w ar vnaailan. Thar* hav* kaan 
ten eaaaa of chicken pos." Thare 
«ere II blrtha. :t7 deatfca, pad l' 

man taifs ilm Ihk M.< ' 

Waol HtgliMii) Uvpuiir-*! n,^ ...n- 

dUlaa of tka ahorc drive wl ' h^.^^ 
kaan ajoandad latp Upland* from 
Banak Drfvn anaia In far erlUelam at 
the Oak Bay Council meeting laat 
night. TTplanda. T^td.. are under con- 
tract to look uflfr the ui>k«aii -if thia 
portion of the highway anfl will 
■aked to make repalra nt once m vi"w 
of the tourlat aaaaon being under way. 
Councillor Ooodtake wondarad If the 
Frovlnelat Oaveniniaat wald nat be 
induoed to elaeaify Baaeh DHva under 
ihr llifhwaye Act and give tka muni- 
cipality aome aaetetanee In ntalntaln- 
ing M. 

> i< ii"ia <•( opi\ 

Hill' ii.-oi iii» oiKvervnttpna t*»e 

l>iii^v»« •.lluuii'ii ill Itila I'l-'VliK"- 

waa diapiayloa; aicua o( i ••j.rnU i mI>1' 
Improvaniant. Mr. H. T i-ky-i 
wka haa jaat kaaa a^palatad miy»r. 
in4ande«t aC tha hnuMb ataraa a( tha^irt-e Bay caaayaay la feHttafc 

i arrived In Vlctorl* yeetar- 

,l» s fi u ill III* \i , , 1 . ! Mi.1 .. ■ . .Ill r'"" '1 

h\ Ml Aid-'i II i>'J-. ^•«rJ»-l"l'l 

iin»i> oi II.' 1 KMipaoy in i-- n i -ii 
JCaclaMi. wkp kai* chama af th* ea«- 
aacartoi wapk aC fha alaraa. aad wha 
la aaar aa • «aar of Canada. 

Mr l.«ekrar aald that ktialaaaa la 

• anbataRtUil 
«.)\«ivf uinl «tiH. itie demand on 
• In- inierlor »loit» n^K uff i' i i y 
the crpp eomUilona UmK Kali. h« waa 
•< tha aptalaa that ha waaid And cm- 
ditlona rnnah 
hla interior 

H|;,«,ikiii^ I' - ri. <rt .1 pixii n< inant, 

.Mr I .h>.i paiii 1 r*Tr< I of the 

■ li. will t»« IhlH It Will j^lvnr- ti iii li 

Kiraiar local control to our Hiorca in 
jiritlah Columbia, which will In fu- 
twra. ke^ndnnlnlalared from Vaneoavar 
rather thnn from Winnipeg, and tkr 

(Bompany brlitrvea that it will n>i<k« 

for tf'i-Htci .-(ti. N iify In th»» liaoiltlug 

< 1 f ■ • 1 I ■ I . I I - . I I ) I I .1 I ' I . 1 V I I 1 . > 

til. i.iyw nu|)i-i iiilClldcDI lia-M licei) a 

f-i'.i' of Britkih Columbia for 
tlurty two yeara. and waa kaad af Ika 
Vaeeouver krancih af tha Uadaaa'a 
Bay Company fo, twenty-aavan yiara. 

Thia new honor hae been nonferren 
on Mr lxi<-k>'«*r In rn . ifwii ...o i.f lua 
<lote touch with buBineaa afTalra and 
hi« many public nctivitle*. 

Rapreaanutivaa of every phage of 
Vanoauver'a aoelal »nd elah Ufa werw 
praaant at a compllmaatary dinner 
which WM given re<;ently in hie honor 
to c elebrate the ru M a (ipoi n i oidi.t 
«)v«»r forty KUratx wen- praaetu. mikI 
' i.ii^;i 111 ulanoiiM mid beat wiehea were 
tendered Mr. Lockyar aa he entered 
new vmav^gr^gupaf taiauaaiit or 
tko bmneh wtofm of the Hudaon'a 
Bay Company in thin Province. 


MatweliMieai omca. vuterta. P.c, 
pm., tw»m\X. 


Tlia Varomeiar i-maina >ilah «n the <'9aa( 
«ad ahparmaMy \»* iii* Iniarlor Maid 

<e r»9»n»4 ea tha I.vwcr Malaland and 
■eatherara u> Oreeoa. Iwtanaa kaat ia i* 

H«rt,<. .„ Aib;n|^^a.jupua.w,„ 



1.1 a . 







• I 

• 4 

.%ppolBlad .\ adit ore — Meaari. la- 
may, Balaton. Holden A tJe., were 
appointed municipal nudltora by the 
Oek Bay Couneu Uet nlfht. Mr. r. 
r. Holder and Mr. A. T. Orllhtha have 
been Joint aiidltora in the peat, but 
(hf former has now Joined the above 
m«iUi'>ne<l firm whirii waa fiv«M Ihf 
wuri( at the re^ueat of both Mr. 

Hoidan and Mr. oneitha. 

will Invaailgaia — RecMvIng a re 

tjueat froni the Vlr^orla Autoinobil' 
Club for exeluahe right i'< pie*' 
■ iieei KiKria wllhin tha ' iiv fni ilie 
yijiilHOie of niolorleta, tha Cit> 4'oiin- 
('H la"! night decided to have the 
City Bngineer report en the matter, 
it kalne aalntad aut tkat ikare %s> 
peered to be aaveral autamoklle or 
gnnlantlana In tha Meld at tka praa- 
ant time. 

Vetarana~-At a ai'^- 
tag pf tka Tubercuioua Vetaraaa' a^ 
aeoiattaii. whiah waa kald laat night 
In ih* club premlaaa. O.W.V.A, rpoma, 
nrnonr the Important mattera dta- 
i ii.ssr.i w . the donation to Coioiaile 
I- (; .Vlai .Veil; I lie formation of a 
I'll.' iiii V'oleraiia' Alliance, end lln' 
Florence Nightingale Chapter. I n 
D. 15.. tag day on July 14. It wa^ an- 
nouaaad that Mayar Mayward had 
provided »mt\iivm»nt for two af the 
piembera who had Invufflcient pen- 
alona. A danee will be held In aid of 
the orsvniiatioii tomorrow night, at 
I o'olock, in the Hex Theatre. l"',»niiii- 
malt, by the Kequimait Liberal Asao- 
Oiatlon. All the prooeeda will be uaeri 
in a eampeign to educate the people 
on tukerauleala. The nest maeting 
will be held an Monday. Jane S9. 



—they fit well in every 
p.trticutar. Men a«4 women 
cftr gat A aiiit iiiAile to 
order hrrr * 




M Wtt SiMri ai Briatli 

ThretJgh "n« v.- ~. , ( ■ - & 

miwe aiajerlty af people are trou tiled, 
fnara ar lea« wtfh paaM fwm af 
heart traaWa. 

Many paapla may ha ana ware «f 
having anyt^hintf wrenC wUh thalP 
haart till ao"ie llMie eafltemant, 

0wrwark or anriv alarta It to pal- 
pitate and throb aUlp heme baat f%»l 

foe a thaa and ''"^ ** ^* 

gnam alaaaat to atop, than II csauaaa 
frani aaalaty aa« 
«• <n tack 


HMrt and Nervt Plils 

win «n ' i.r..nM't ."1 i"im«nant ra« 
lief Mr" * !■ - Htatiop. IR )law- 
thama Ave.. Hamn T, o^i 
-I tafca plapgure ' « 

Mllhnrn'a Ranrt and Nerve rtUn to 
all peranna tm«hled aa t had kaan. 

"1 an""' "li ' ■ • p* jii''.''-' ■ "f tha 
lif^rt and ehfn r-** •■■•<■>' "ir 
heart would ai.iv) > - - » ■ i ■ • 
nlphl. at tlmae, I would i^ave to ait 
VP «a gat anr kaaa tk i I aaaM aat aa 
•p at aire viChaat w$9 heart ftoMar- 
tna and my nervae were all un- 
f , , , , li 1 . . , r ■ 1 .« 1 n (f V o M r fa meua 
a, 1 ha\a lall i'Wa a <|l»fa>ent per- 

F^agleM KIccf (>ffirrri« Al ihe regit 
Inr meeting of tht Kraternal Urder of 
Baglea. Aarle Xa. 11, held Wedneaday 
laat. the InaiaJlatlen af tha tallowing 
effleera taak plaee: J. Ball. P. W, 
preetdant: W. Nelll, W. preeldiflt; 
A. J. Brady. W. V. praaldent: T. 
Hennelt. W ihnplain. W. W. Ijiinn 
Rairalar;. <> K l''or«l(r, treaaiiror. 
K r CrMfl I iiniliK'toi . H. H Walaoii 

K. McAvoy, J. O. Nichell, truataaa: 
Knifkt, I. a.; F. Chrlataaaan. O. a. 

Hiioal Bay Tenrmma—The ftioni 

Hay Tearoonia are now open al ."^houl 

rta.\. under Ihe pr. . |ir Ui . . r^li I r- f M' 
C <■ ("ooper I 

Monterey Avenue, juai oft ilie Uaat li 
Oriv% and ara invitingly fitted out In 
blue and vhlle. with enrtalna and 
table alatHa harmaaialar with the 
detioratHre aehama. Kngilah after- 
naan fag la kakif aarvaf, and lunehe* 
and gapfara aan ha ataarai. 

W<H Yet I»artd4^ — The city Council 
ia not yet aure that it wlxhei ifgiaUi- 
llon which would enable ii tn pay In- 
tereei on certain bond l.'^auas In 
American inntead ef Canadian funtla. 
The queatlon aama kafapa the Council 
•gain laat night. Aldorman Waod- 
ward thought that If tka new peHey 
of paying In Canadian funda waa in- 
augurated It ahould he adhered to 

.inil no I^Ki^lx • !• .11 nlioiilil he sought. 
Ma\oi' llnyward HftreeiJ with liim. A 
report from the City HoHcltoi en- 
cloaad an opinion from Mr, H. I*. 
Robertaon. K.C., ne to tkree altarna- 
tivea before the Ceuneli, Aldarman 
Leeming wanted (he Bank of Mant- 
real aaUftad that tha forthaamiag 
July interaet paymenta would be 
made in <"iiti«ril«ri funds, but he de- 
cided oi tiring thia up through the 
Klnance Commlttec'a report. 





—a phonograph built by 
piano (^raJUnicn 

(i,...i: :< • 
iitd ji i» nu a Kuai4inuc 

)f the Crerhard 

Tlir >ainr 


U Canada the name i^crhanl Ilcint/- 
tmrt upon a piano is recofrniied aa a 

' ' Mi- Inp. 
Ill me ca.'^f 
letntzman Phono- 

' K ' niatrri- 
iifc. lite ^raiul wuikmauship ainl 
inH studv of l>aalc principles which 

,,,, ! ..itjr iIm- I'.filiatil Hcitit/man 
J'unw lamvua eiucr into the coiigtrut- 
tion of thin splendid phonograph. 

Step in itKiax 

thally invkt yon. Cabisct n 




Ob Smx Ttrmi 


.\ntliorlaP Bainrn of Mone.T The 

return of the guarantee inoMa> (nil 
up for the Ma>tlme Krollc waa or 
dared yaaterdv t>y thg ringpca Ctpi- 
mmaa af tha Pralla, whlah la agaared 
that espenaee will be more than cov 
ered. althaugh a aatflamant of aii 
AnanHal maltara haa aat yet taken 
place. The aurphia will be between 
ir.oo ,ind 11 tnn AMarnian l»ivl<l 
l.eeinlng, ehalrman of Ihe commitlen, 

1434 Ooveramani Sl 

Pbont 26«> 

priee ita a hog at all daalara or 
men*4 diraet op laoalpt af prt<>e by 

Mtikwi ov liipltaf- ^ 

fa*. lA4*i^ 


i.ampman. In the Canty Cavrt, yaa< 
terday. Vmeat W. Orlffltha appenrad 

In an «('l"n f i1«ni«ites on a' 

of Bit .'ill»4«.l i.f 1 !> if ■ rii.'^S' 

I be two ilefe" !.)• ' • •) •• . > .. |4 

afd ChoiiK ilia "iiuw-i )' •i'i«»ilon 

wpa one by whi- ' 'i^' "^'udantg 
avraatf ta eat aardwpod an the alain* 
tifTa pi apai ty . near Calwaad. Jaff • 
meat waa reaerred. Mr. %. M. F aa l ay 
appeared for tka plaHMiffl ABi Mr. 
Frank MMlghM, UMn fff tif «efan- 

TwrtHiio ttui' ri-Hi^ At the nie»' 
ing af Ihe l.oeal council of Worn" 
y^Mg^BiJ Xlaa Ualaa Suvart tare a 

V. H. Reeley. ' ' i 

ielphla. the aoied imna »»ii»ri will 
peraonally be at tha Bmpreea Hotel, 
and will ramain la Vipterta thia Tuea- 
day ani Wtdaaadar aahr. /ana it, la. 
Mr. aeelay aaya: "The gparaMtla 
ghieid Win net only retain any aaae 

ot ruptura parfectlv hut rontrarta 
iha opening n i* i1ii\ii ■ " average 
oaae. Tt»in« » »■' ^i TUf-nt over 
all former metheda eaemplifyinf In- 
•tenuneetM effaeta ImmadUltely ap- 
preaiabie and viihataailaf aay ptrain 
or p4»altlen na mattar tha atpe pr Ipaa- 

\{nn large or dHianIt (B»ea or tm» 
iitaaional e«ipi«v<ra ff<«iinwi«tc npera- 

lioaa ) T" • .oil. lre<J Thia In 

atruiVienf r" » ' ■ »'1 Hutri In 

England and tn >«r« ■• !-■. '....^ • .■ 
•ulta wirhcat aurfery, mjrctiona. 

tnadlaat trag i aiaa i i ar pi aaariptlana. 
Waralar— All aaaag ahaald ha aan< 
•iionad a#alnat tha aaa af any alaatla 
or web truaa with underptrapa. aa 

Same r*e4 where the lump la and not 
J, : , « ■ I-. • h » I, • n ■ n J « I- <t ' I I n » fnns 
p 1 1 I 1 >> • .■•■»•«'''' K 1 rif • ' I .'g I < a ' "I' 
ara'lon* M' h«« rtfi 

menta fi i nite.i iltaio* 

Oararaman ^ afti'^^igton. d.c, far 
laapaauaa. Me win ha akid te 
i aiBgaa i rata wttkaut ahaf*a ar at 
tham If deeirad. Bvalnena damanda 
prevent etepplng at any ether plana 

in 'Hi narllan 

r «♦ r»«-rj •«« iiewteNt In thie N««t4>e 

hm* l»e»n irriaeil l-rfor. the •'niavml j 

init a««ir l^eta — f- %. aa*la> ' 

H<"ne OfNb laT* |l« Bawb"'" 






I''rlri«. Rypei ( 

<'«IC.i>. Alia .11* . . , . , 

V.n Ki ■iM iw ■>. (.'al 

Healilr. U'a.H 


Omnd Kurks 

N • 1 .11 11 

Kvvi'i .....•••.■•*•. ...I 

Kdmeatea. Aita 

naitlererd, Peak 

rrlnra Alhert, gasl' 

at' N DAT 



MInlinuin nri the graaa 4> 

BiiHhi sunshiaa, 7 Uvw, M aUaatea. 

Hsl'i. n tnrl). 

Uaaatal state ^^i^^^Jff'^' 

Mailmain ** 

Mlalinem *' 

A v#r .s^ • 

iwtSt (iAMPAiliN 

< ard« AdveHlnlng VktoHa In Novel 

\\,\\ \r, 11. tiK nialrfbiitrd In 

Ijirgi NuMilM-rK 'lliia W»^k 

Dlatributlon of 16.000 carda, lot i n- 
ducing the raciplenta to the t:iiy of 
Victoria and Jnvliing lham to "Koi- 
low tha BIrda," repraaantad tha firat 

day'n result of the PuWIcUy BureatJ s 
latest cunipHlgn to bring tourtate to 
this cit\ . 

The caids are of the c ailing '< bm1 
else, aaltable for encloalng In bufin*-' 
or peraonal lettera. There wga .t b ». 
demand for them yeaterday, many 
people goinff to tha officaa o( the 
Bureau and aahlng for a quAntlty of 
them. Amang tha polnta ef dratlna- 
ilon for the carda aent «ut yeaterday 
were Knglanii I'lilii.i iind .N'oxm 
Scotia The Hure«u hojics to <irru- 
iHrlse I be w orld by brondcuMliii|{ ib<- 
carda. Th« campaign will continue 
all week, and the carda may b'- oi>- 
tained at any of the fallpWlpf places: 

Poatofflce — sump wiekat aa4 g*"- 
eral delivery wicket. 

nc. Klertric Kallwey Co. — BUI 
wicket snd gea wicket 

Ml" Telephone Co mil wb'ket. 

Tiniea Hunlnen- ...iriiT. 

Colenlet— Buslneaa coupler. 

Vietaria and latend Pvkilctt|r Bu« 
reaa, Balmant Hoaae. 

Ckamkar of Oammaroe, Areafa 

Oltp Mall— Waterwprka, bill wlokat, 
PttkUalty Bureau. 



When Ibe I' inaticf i 'oininii if" i ei - 
oromanded to the ClI) l ounrll last 

night tkat maaay voted fur nnothar 
purpoae In tka aatlmatai ke appHad 

to the payment of wagea for eatra 
belp in the aaa«>aaor'a department, 
Aldrrman Todd moved an amendment 
that the ijiie^ilon of financing the de. 
parlment be lefi to the < ".n i of i» 
vialon for report, aa thai bogy would 
be maetlag an Thavadar ta aaaai d ar 
other maltara. 

Alderman Waaiarard did not think 
that the matiar waa wHMa tha aaurt 
of revlalon'a Jurladletien. Alderman 
llargeni had ne\er known of a rnuri 

of revlaion that met throughout the 

You need therw 

Do Not Let 

your Klettri, Appliance! Itand idle 
fiK- want lir. Send tlirm to 

Our K«pair Department can 



kly rcatara tkeni. aad at 

HftwIuM k HaywarJ 

Elrctrira: Ouallty aBti Service Stores 

1607 Dottclag gtraat Phone 643 

(OrpoMtc Cky Hatl) 
tJtl Paaglge *ptft Pli 

(Near 1-ort Street) 

Useful Housewares at 
Remarkalily Low Prioea 

AluraiaaiB Tea Kaillag. 3-Rhrt aixe. flat bottom, «alck 

H Oua 

ch — ~Y •— — — - 

rt Enamel Stave Pata, will make aA cxcaUaat preaerv 

f 1 ^n 

i:.ndiiici Colandera, each 

Waadaa tpaeaa/ targe aixc. 

aiDoatk fiitiih, each 

G. HalUday A Sons, litd. 

9raa Qtrfck Dehveiy 




Vary ' Neat— liediam Hrei— Kid -w -i' i in,„K -Urapd 

tpaeW Price, S5.80 
TMOBWg'S Yates Street 


.\nU you can depend upon 
ug for prompt dalivgry i>t 
the finsgt 


that tha mines of Vanoottvci 
I aland prod«lce.< 




Evtrything Rfdiicfd 

Mah Jong, drawer chenf. Sale 

$,;= $;* o and MO-00 

Mah Jong Racka, 4 in act fSI**2 

Ora^s Chaiin ' .ilr 

Spun Silks. * f ..«.~.«..B1»*J| 
lieavy Pongef al« SI •*"> 

China Silk, 

Jade Bead NacUaeea SI an 
Crepe Klmanoa. S- r sa 7f. 
Braaa Jardlnlaraa, Sale Sft i»r. 
( inen Taadlatha, MU..«.9ia.»0 
S3 9S Work Baahata. Sale 
Hand Made Ofaag iafg '-••■ff 

Chineae Bcada, doz. M# 

Isia Bia gg i i l gb Sle, tie M# 

Uo Dyo & Co. 

! t 'mportarg 
iii Vtaw i>ucct 
Braaah lOOf 


t^l«py Kino is the thing 
ta giMata tka Mver. elaaaaa Oa 
boweia, pwtfp the kM^baia 

heada'-hea and make yoQ feel tha 

• of bett»r health end strength. 

N'ntupe a own laiatlve and tOIUO 
ro'its and herhe in Celeff 
8oo and iiOc packagea. 

Are You Coughing? 

' II . 1 . ■iii . i ly . , 

Why net end It thia very day? 

A few drop* of (^hlloh re - 

throat t*'*' iiw't.irnsi >" . 

few dnaea heal UP Iha finia 

and Inflamed tiaeuea in the 
throat and paaltr kaaiah that 
eaagh. lar. f«a aad ll.l*. 

AM druvgiafe. 



The Liver Is 

the Road to 


T( the liver ie right the whole a y ali w 
IS right Carlar^a Uttle ttvog flMa 
will gently awahea your 
up liver ana rw- 
licve aomtipa- 
lion, a tam a e h ^ 
travWa. hiac- n 
ttve hawpla, A 

5--- " 

-n. An. I then H cam* tp light that 
,he (duri of revinlon bad not yet made 
lie report of ita work on the aeaeee- 
meni rella. Thia la the reason for 
Ihe maeting thiH email. The court of 
reviwon - pnaaaa apaa two ralia thi« 
V aar. aa nadw tlM gear gahaiai of 
I hinge Iha Iff 4 Pall wBt ha goaiplatad 

t li i» ' ear. , 

IfOMMI Will Make 

VitU io yutwim 

SKATTI.E, Jane tl-— Mrs > la 
a wiikinaan. gragt eaBi a iandar far 

Weahlngten and <Mgon. of tha 

. i>.^r.*rit Awaala(i«>n, eit<>nd- 
.,),. to MIm Ulna M w»8«. 

. f ' ■ ' ! -iron, MIehlgan. ' " 

f > , e !■ ^ " • ' * * t* i" I f . . ' . ^ 1 1 


( ,ivrt a niorr hrautiful )ob, 
iftrtin lU l(c»Knc>5 luiiycr. 
and proves SMNB eeOBOBrfcsl 

in llw leH tm bscause it is 
Absehnsly w i r iBtssd 

IM/o Pvrt 

Ibt Melrose Co.,Uia 

Foil Stieel 

dalea«i'» who eame here after aaa- 

gtona of the r. invention iti T,.«i AH 

fpleo, San rrancis/" ■ "d »'"r'ien<i 
il»a aonvantien goe« from bate 
viatoria and Vaaaauver, B.C^ tkia 

■ I i 


aa« hi tive i f giMi «HI ; 

ia tive 



ciiy iwtia.)- Jdi*a VNcai ueaUed li> 




.,f •l.->r-.». 

nua 4^-Ya. 




JServcd daily frura 11. JU 
to 2 JO 

Phone 1670— Private Excbanfe Coimectiiig All Departmentt 



Served daily from 3:15 
OrdMttni kL attendancAi 




On School 
Home and 


Great Valuei in Writing Pads 
Hudson's Bay Bankhead 

Bond, letter size 

Hudson's Bay Suede Finish. 

letter size - '♦•^ 

}fud«on's Bay Sacde' 

ladies' site ^*'< 

Hudson's Bay Small Si/ 

Irt for l^r 

l-rcnch Organdie. Suedr or 

Linen, letter size 80^ 

French Organdie, Spede or 

♦ Linen, ladk? aia* - — 

Boxed Statk^nenr 

Minto Papftcries containing 
24t sheets of notcpaper and 24 

envelopes, per box 

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tie _ 

» bottles for — — 

Newspaper Wrappers 

Strong and durable, 50 in a 
book !•# 

DcnniaoQ*s Crepe Paper 

In red. pink ;..<<« g rsas i , 
^^l■^i^.« r.inar). leaf green, blue. 

I I : 'c. Nile, orange, emer 
aid, brown, American Bcanty 
sad bhck. Per foM 

1 n,-. 


Continuing Our Great June Silk Sale 

With Hundreds of Yards of High-Grade 
SiUui lUid Satins, Including Many Novelty 

Weaves. Values Up to $4-95 for, Yard 


Included in this wonderful offering arc Black Cliiffon 'r .i u i.i., CoImk-.I Silk l-ailU-.. and Ariimrc-. I )iu liC'.«o 
Satins in black and col' !i:ind-.oin<- Ilmi-lic Silks in |.KasniK i.l.n . ^ .inl>iiiaticins, Xcivcliy Taffetas. I'rinU'd 
Georgettes and Crepes dc Clmic, all reduced 111 sell duiing "ui June .Silk Sale at the very low price of, 
per yard • tl.08 

Cho San 

$6.50 Valuas for 

$2.98 a Yard 

A remarkable offering in this season'.s must 
wanted fabric. I'sed extensively for drcssc?, 
sports skirts and jaquettes. .Sh<i\vn in abii Mid. 
prren, ro?r, pold, henna and furl h'v 
$5.50. Sale i'rice, per Qp^ 

Exceptional Values in Habutais 
Pongees, Wash Satins and 

Spun Silks 

36-Inch White Habutais 

iune Silk Sale, per yard, fl.OO, 
I1.M, •l.TB, and ....9»M 

34-Inch Fine Natural Pongees 

June Silk Sale, per yard, f 

Anil ......••^..••••.•...••••••••••••"•▼••^^ 

4«-Incfa Heavy Weight Striped 

Spun Silks 

Witli alternate cluster stripe>^ ' ' ' 
_ color co mhinationa. Jane S 

yard ^ ♦- yi. 

27-Inch Crepe Spun Silks 

In ivory only. June Silk Sale, per 
yard . 01nr> 

36-Inch Wash Satina 

In all colors. June 



Sale, ncr 

27-Inch Spun Silks 

In natural, ivory, pink, mauve and 
oyster. Jane Silk Sale, yard f 1.96 

— Vabi floor 

New Arrivals in Women s Polo 
Sports Coats 

These Coats are very popular, and useful for general wear 

and for .slipping over tlic Iik''^ Summer frtKk. Made frotn 

good cpiality all-wool pol i i lt)tli in raglan style, inverted pleat 

at back, two-way collar, slii and patch pockets, all-round belt ; 

tinished with leather and novelty buttons. Come in taupe, 

fawn, buck, preen and brown. Sizes 16 to 1 O R/^ 

42. Price « 5^ 1 iO-OU 

— 'tad floor 

RmmrkabU Choosing in a 
Group of Trimmod 

Hats, $5 

.An assemblage remarkable for the diversity of 
mndrls and the value it affords A wonderful a.s- 
sortmei)t of Trimmed Summer liats, carefully »e- 
*i ' y lected from the better liff s of higher priced stock, 
ircltding hats for sports wear, for tiir street, for afternoon 
-•ffair'-; and for the tailored costume. The styles .it- p t 
becoiTimg. and full of individual charm. Spc- q% o r^r\ 
cially priced for today's selling at ^^T^^Trl^r 

Women s Silk Gloves 
At Hudson's Bay Low Prices 

Smart Sports 

Skirtm $12.50 

Sinart Sports Skirts, made from 
taiiiel liair cloth, checked and 
striped v^ooleii fabrics, in com- 
bination effects as well as 
plain colors. Here they are in 
all the newest styles of the 
season in pleated, plain and 
wrap around models. Colors in- 
claoe combinations of brown, 
•and, navy, grey, henna and 
many others. V\ aist sizes 26 to 
32. Price 

C o 1 1 o n G a b ar dine 
Wash Skirts 

Skirts suitable for beach or pic- 
nic wear. Made from good (|ual- 
ity cotton gabardine in straight 
tailored lines, with gathered 
back, finished at waist Itne with 
narrow belt, patch and slit 
pockets and trimmed with pearl 
buttons. Waist jiscs 28 to 36. 



— Sad WUm 

Silk Gauntlet Gloves, with 
pearl buckk; and strap wrist, 
in colors of grey and navy. 

navy and white, nvulc and 
brown. Sizes 6) j to 7'/i, at, 

per pair ^2.T5 

Silk C.auntlet ("doves, with 
tucked cuff and pearl buckle 
with • strap wrist, made of 
extra heavy quality silk, with 
double finger tips, in grey, 
l.lark and white, and mastic. 
Sizes 6jj to 7>i, at. per 
pair . 

Silk Gauntlet Gloves, with 
turn-back cud and strap 
wrist, double finger tips: 
.shown in colors of M.ick and 
white, navy and wiiitc. mas- 
tic and navy, and grev and 
white. Siies 6 to 7} 

Silk Gloves, with 2-domc 
fasteners and double finger 
tips, in colors of pongee, 
grey, mode, mastic, brown, 
taupe, also black and -white 

Sizes sy» to 7y>, 

Children's Summer Hats 

i or Hot Weather Wear 

.lust right for licach «ear, cool, comfort- 
able and ser\ I' ralilr C hoice assortment 
of styles, including poke bonnets, avia- 
tion shape* and turbans, in pique, or- 
gandir ■ ■ ' ; -■■I.-- 

75c and $1.00 

Infants* Bonneta 

In poplin, Jap silk, crepe de Chine and 
satin, in plain shapes or Dutch style; 
trimmed with rosettes. A good selection 

Priced at SOc to $3.78 

Children's Pure Wool Sweaters 


— Mata - 

With round neck. tUtned-down collar, lon^ ^\rr\r-. narrnu Rirdlr; 

very smart striped trimming, in colors of sea green and wb 
and navy, turquoise and^wiiite and navy and red. ^{J 

Sixes 12 to 14 years. Price 

Buy Your Summor 
Shoos Now and 

Summer Sale ol 


Offering unequalled values in tlic season's smartest 
styles in Pumps, Oxfords and One-Strap Shoe*;. 
An opportunity to buy high-grade shoc^ at sub- 
stantially reduced prices. 

Women's Black and Brown Oxforda 

Women's Vici Kid Oxfords, in black or brown; me- 
dium weight soles and Cuban heeis. All sni 
sises 3 to t. Salt price, 
per pair ,. , nu m. 

Women's Oxfords and Pumpa ; 

In black vi^i kid. tan Russian calfskin, patent leather 
and brown Russian calfskin; medium weight soles 
and Cuban heels,' sizes 3 to 7. ttO QB 

Sale Price, per pair M)0.<70 

I'a Colonials, Pumps and Oxfords 
Women's iPatent Colonials, with black s« 

suede trim- 
mings, patent Oxfords, black vici kid Oxfords, black 
kid and brown calf one-straD Pumps. All this season's 
dress styles. Sizes 3 to 7. OR 
Sale price, pr^ . ^•t.WO 

Women's Snow WhiU Fabric Pumps 

White Polo Cloth Pumps, trimmed with "bite ralf 
or white suede leathers: sports lasts a 
heels. Siaes 3 to 7.^ S ale price, QQ 

_j|»ui Floor 


per pair 

Men's ''tiudsonieui 

Boots and 

At $5 a Pair 

1 hese Hoots and Oxfords arc expertly made •'yon* 
of the most reliable shoe factories in Canada. They 

are solid leather tlirouijhotit , and are in every sen^r 
of the word worthy of the name " Hudsunian." The 
boots are Bhicher style, and cotne in black box calf 
and fan Srotrh prain. while the ( )xford'^ conie in 
l)rown vici kid onh', -Ml sizes and all > ' ' \ 
typical Hudaon'a Bay value at, per <|^£2 f^f^ 

—Main rioor 


For tha Porch, Camp or Summer Home 

.We are now showing an extra large stock of 
Hammocks in all styles, upholstered In good 
strong materials in pleasing and attractive 
colorings and designs. Priced from 

$3.25 to $12.50 

Quality Groceries 

ChBdren'a Hammockg 


lev are 

Buy the kiddie- one ..i tlir^e haniniocks. 
perfectly safe ant^ will give a great n"- ' ' 

pleasure and amusement. a j / i ; 

Priced at 4>^-^^ 

— trS riMr 

Gold K>eaL 

V/ ^Irt-Rugs 

Tlie most popular of medium priced rugs on the 
market today. The select patterns and colorings 
which these rugs come in make them wril worthy 
of eoasideratiog for any room where a aallaMe ^n<l 
sanitary rug i^esired. 

SiJ'e 6x9. Price _.. •».7» 

.^ire 7.6 x 9. Price fit.** 

Siie 9x9. Price •l4.eO 

Stee Ox 10 6 Pries 

Sue 9 X 12 Prke f »M 


Franco-Caiudiau Spaghetti, 
vsitli Toinati) Sauce. 

cial, per tin _ • 

'Certo" Concentrated Fruit 
I'ectin, makes perfect jams 
and jellies. Per bf)ttlr ♦Of 
K e r s h a w's Loganberry 

Juice, per bottle - 

I^wler's Orange Sparkle 
or Grape Cider, large bot- 
tles. Special, each Hl.OO 
Pure (iold Hrand Ouick 
PiitldinKS, Tapioca. Choco 
late or Arrowroot, per 

p kg. . 1 "A < 

3 for '*Ot 

Post's Bran Flakes, at. per 

Dkg 1»# 

Quaker Brand Choice Oual- 
ity GreeiiRaKe Plum^. N > 

2 tins, eai h aO^* 

( t!(I ( (.iMiiy r.rand Pure 
Mai>le Svnip. ' 
46f aiHl 

Per tin, T6f, fl.*5 
and , . — 

Cresca Brand Fancy Sweet 
t orn. No. 2 tins. Special 


3 f. 


I I r s Beefsteak an<l 
Onion-. Hee? I.oaf. Herf 
llam Loaf, or Roast Beef 
No. 2 tins. Special at a 


Bine Seal Antipasto, for 
making the finest salads 
obtainable. Regular 45c. 

Special, per tin 88f 

I ihl.v s Corned Beef Hash. 

i)er tin 88<» 
I for rst 

.McCormick's Jersey Cream 

Sodas, per tin 90f 

Choice Quality Black Dried 
Cherries, special, lb. 4Sf 
Monte Brand Fancy 
Dri Pak Prunes, 
tins, each 
Caino^ini liraiul Salad Oil, 
|,rr Kotllr. 40«» anrl 7S^ 

Welcome Brand Auimoni^ 
a bottles for ^ M# 



No 2- 

Fin* Hand-Rolled ChocolaU 
^ Brasil Craama 

Hand rolled and band dipped, made from the finest in- 
gredients possible tn procure. Delicious chocolates^ )ro« 
will thoroaghly enjoy. Per lb. ^. " 

Get Into a Bathing Suit 

The svvimniin^ season is all too short, o 
into a Bathing Suit now and enjoy llie pjcast 
ures of the sea while you may. We carry a fun 

line of Men's an<l P.oys' I'athinj^^ .\pparel, in 
(otion and all-wool, at the niubt attractive 

Bovs' Wool Bathing Boys' Cotton 
dm BMMnff Sulti 

Knit from pure wool in 
na> y ami maroon, 
triinmed with grey an'l 
lanary Stripes; skirt 
<.iy)e Sizes 8 to 14 years. 

Made from closcly 
woven cotton, iii brown 
trimmed with green, red 
or orsnge: skirt style. 
Sixes 6 to 14 years. Price 


—Mala rum 

'1 1 rlr c < it 

Men's Cotton Bathmg Suits 
Made irom fine quality cotton, in one-piece skirt style. Come i' 
brown and blue, with contratting bar *ttripes, in white* mnge i / 
and red. Sicea 34 to 42. Price ^ - *P -wU, 

M«i*a Para Wool 

Made from fine pure wool 1 
black, blue and red, in smart 
skirt style. Sixes 34 to 42. 

Price — . . , ■ ^.....^ 

b r ,•» 1 1 1 r r 

$3.5U Vrul 

Moo'a Pure Wool Bathing Suits 

Pure Wool KathinK Suits, in plain 
grounds, with bar stripes in mauve, blue, 
grey, green 'snd black. Siaes ' « « < 
Come M oat^ieoe skirt style. 

Hartm'a Inaact Destroying Fluid 

This is a new discovery that spells dcstrnction to «U in- 
sects sveh as moths, fHe«. ntosquitos and aats. It is non- 
poisonous, aad is absolutely harmless to hottian beings, 
animals and birds. The lightest application is effective in 
all cases of bisect bites. Price : VS^ and fl JtO 

Uottoi^ Waeii 

In blue and white 
slriprd percale, soft 
wa<h stxie. Very light 
and cool Fe>r boys 
Iron 2 1' 1 < V Price 

If aa'a (b«f FMmimI 

Tn a dark (rrey siiade of 
union flannel. jMais with 

■ - A ....... . - ^^fe t^^M^ M 

five pockets. A gTMt 

and ill all sixes, frfce. 

If en'a AD-Wool Or«f 
(Flannel Trotiaera, fS.OO 

Made from finest quality 
all-wool flannel, in two 
•hades of grey. Extra well 
made and trimmed. 3ixes 
|0 to 44 waist. rrlre5_g^r 
pair ■ 


^1) Social Events 1 


I I III! I i' ' I , 

Scene of the Forthcoming Garden Fete 

Honor* l»aiixtitrr'a Blrtlula/ 

Mr< i^tKhton BVMMI. Olucow 
was ho t — latttrdAjr ««t«r- 
an •nt9r»M9 gatlMrtav ot 
•h* saT* tha avant In 
of har Httia daughter M«rlon*» 

tiXt), t'lrliwlM-. Tfir r:..r(,! . I . . ; . I . - 1 t 
fhriMigh'iiji w.'ro <.r |,ink inK- 

V.llti k,»wplr ['U' r f/(\'.i^ fill 

!«t itie pretty blrth- 

. t.r,,,g ,;.urtitnata4 with- .nlz 
candles. Jolly cbiidran'a gikmm pn— d 
th« tflaniMn vary plananntir for tha 
i*»unCMarak tha followlnr balnv prf^s- 
♦nt: Varna Middlaton. n^rn.T Si»rgi 

tOTl, Hxil«'l SaritUnn K't'. I ' ..Ida. 
'hylll« DoiM- Mini"' < «•!.-■ M .ilon 

Mtadl^turi asaiatrd in* lioatess In 

Mrvinv rafraAmantB to tMm Itttto 
buecesarul Affair 

' V«rr aueeagafui was th«> function 

tald hy tha w<wi'- " k v iniikirv I.. SI 
dka'll Churrli S.iMiMl... ,fr».rn....n ;it 
^h» h.i-r.. ..f Mis \\ H M . ^( . . , !, • I-,,; 
ml'- ii„|„^ n. the Inc'leiiiPtit v\»mi'Ii., 
I' I ■^■••f of \'nrioua (OodM and !• • a 
served in the houaa inattftd Of in the 
tnr4an as pravloualy hrrknwA. Mra. 
Maon. pr**idant of tha 6ilambU 
t>lee«aan W. A.. farmaUr doelarad 
th* Ml* opan at S o'clock, and t(>a 
nat rasults amounted to over tOO. 
Vllnn N"l<yillii. tn the afi?<enrf» of tli*" 
«f 1,11k.- « W A. president. Mm. 
U 'l K. I onvened th* affair In a 
moat capa'^la mannar. and tha aftar- 
aoon's avant prorad moat aaacaaaful. 
Tha aponaora of tha aala are very 
«rat«ful to lira. Wattoa for iu« uae of 
har charmtnc raatfaaaa. 

so that ail mlfbt bear to both on Bat- 
uHMiy awmtac laai. aM th* thamha 
at all aQMaraad ara sratafnlljr t*n- 
darad ta thaaa ktndir wualetaaa for 

A kindly net that jrave v#ry much 
pleaaure hoth to the patlenta In the 
fit. J«s*ph'R Hrxiplful and th#» inniatea 
of th# Aifil U i>nien « Home wan per- 
formed wlien one of the bands ^ be- 
lon(lnr to fhf .Northwest Moose As- 
•B«latlon.TlaUtnr tha city plajrad aomc 
dailfhtftal aalaetloaa on OalUnaon 
■trtat. hatwaan tha two Inalltutlena. 

• • • 

Interi-M-i in Mines 

Mr I! l; \\ili.i.n -pTi' w'ck 
1 1 h . r< I , i M 1 »■ ri ri ' ,1 \ < n 1 1 0 li A » »• i . . •* 

Mr. Wilson Is manafing director o( 
propertiaa ceati'allad bjr tha Trltaa. 
IVlIaeB had Waod Intaraata in tha 
Portland Canal dlatrtet. Propartlaa. 

%«hone devalopmant Mr. Wilaon wnrlll 

Mjpf rvl'e thin ppsnrin Inrhlde the Plff 

M "«f . I I i 11 M ,11:! I II : <•! r' ' • . 

groups on Mif Kritish Columbia eida 

of tha h>H,ii.t<ii y. nnd tha ttonar 

group in Alaska. 

« ■ • 

Gotac to OaMfomla. 

Mr*. A. Miillipa and daughtar. lata 
of th* Choeolata Shop, Tataa fitraat, 
are laavlnc by the Ruth Alasander 

Mils week for fxing Rearh. California, 
\\ here the.v will Join Mr Phillips m'ho 
li.if< .i|ieiied a buKlne.'-' Mitit- .Mi nnd 
Ml" I'hillipn «n.| tiieir family have 

i ■ •> Vtetaria lOr ih« 

l>r Hon lir.Htor Hi-rp. 

l>r Frank K n. iieater. noted 
paycho-physlcal educationlat who 
lectured hara a faw month* ago ar- 
rlvad hara thla moral ng, and la a 
ffuaat at tha Bmproat RataL Ha haa 
juat eoneludad- laetaraa In Calgary 
whar* ho waa wall raoalrtd according 
to tho proaa. 

• • • 

Kngageaiont Annoaaeed 

Mr. and Mra. T. J. Rvans. 42S 

William Btre-ef, announce the engage- 
ment of their >'oungeat daughter. Klla 
\'l<iorl« It) Oliver C;eorge. only son 
of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Jenkins. 1321 
Bunnyslde Avenue. Tha wadding Will 
taU' , I in .luna 24. 

• • • 

ViNllor lo Vitj. 

Mr- n. H. Brown, of Cobble Hill, 
was a visitor to the city aa a guest 
of Mtaa Bthalrada Balnaa for tha week 
•nd. Sha rataraad to Cohhla Hill yes 
tarday aranUng. 

• • • 

lietamcd Monday 

Mlaa aayo J«aty ratumad to Devon- 
a hire Houao on Monday after a 
month'a visit to Vaaoonvorn 

xuUm VaaeoaTor 

Mlaa Albarta Macfarlane la vlaitlng 
\ ancouver. and IB * gttoat at tha Hotel 


• • • 

Hwr* for Jnn* 

Mm pear.e. of Toklo. U a 
guest at the Empress Hotel for the 

month 9t JvBO. 

• . . 

Visits Kamloopn 

Ntu- M..n.-,r N;i,ti is vlsltlng Kam- 
! «(,.!.. I ha gvaot of Mrs. 

\i K.nn.n Hotel 

Mre of Hottoltila, la spend- 
ing the uummar at tiM Bm»ra*s 




I nrrM'e-ll I)nric>*> 

The Rooke Hal •ry tsstefiillv 

ilerorated on Wednenday evening by 
MISS Msy Hatcher snd Mlaa lathtr 
Wllaon for the farawali daaea which 
waa hald that aTOnlhg in honor of 
MIsa V. MoJntosh. There wer* o^pr 
on# hundred gueats at the hall, nnd 
I t I ' onnmenced about H:30 and 
vMis i; lip iinfii 1 3n Several 
frlp^olo \>M\ ki!iii:\ played, among 

The C^liildrcn's Paradise 




Aa «alr aiMMsI'^ . ntar TlrtBlty ol 

▼Ma-Ntlai Provm** • uaiighttui Place t« Limsh er Dine 

Af«>rrr»>n Tka asmd la Mstsl 
rent catfbers Bay sad 

Piirr kl . • I Crrtm. 

Rtductd Pxt.. , r..viii ontil June II. gaaslal Natss tor salt ml sad ta 
naw St fre^vsat lalanals kstweaa OutfMl Usal 

>' ' ' '"ch «ty, 1$ asMs. . " 

Hotel Ttlcphene, M7IR. «■ y^^^^ TISBXl 

Wedding Gifts 


There is a wide variety of Hotpoint appliances 
for yoU to ehoose from — 

Iron*, loaaterR. Percolatois, Unlit, 
Chafing Duhea, Lie* 

anycne of which will delij^ht and chaMn the heart 
•f the l)ride, Sft the Hotpoint display It tMir 


Showroomi, Langrley St. , Phpnc 123. 

whom wore Mrs. \ ugel. of uiter 

r«»MHi MlM O. Partar aad Mlaa F 

Mnlr. aM Matiin.>. Melntoah. aaalor 

and Jaalor. ha1p*d out with* tht- 

druma. Tables were arranged down 

one side of the hall, but ao many 

f I , I d - I ii rned up 1 1' .< ■ I ii I i ..Mild not 

«li br «r«!ed roiind thi' l.iMea. Bup- 

i" i waa In th- hands of Mra. Hooke. 

Mrs. Cullum and Mra. HUUt^ 

moat dalleloua aaadwtelMfl^ aahaa aad 

jaWaa w*ra aarvad. During aoppei 

Mr. Helgaaon. In a few appropriate 

words, wished tha bride-elect n\i 

happiness in her future home, which 

will ha at Prlaoa Rvp«rt. 

* • • 

To \ itli Itaon 

T' 'I Hail>oi:r. who hrt.x r «-< (i tmival- 
■ ' K at home after hi.-* operation 
fur appandieltla, baa left for Banff, 
wharo ha w4ll opaad ooom tlnlo with 
hla father. Mr. Chaa. Barhoity> who to 
there for the fiummeT 


At St. Paul'a Onirrh. Kaqulrnalt. 
last evening, t > canon Storken 
united In marriage Mr. Robert Calvert 
Plowaa. aaa of Mra. K. M. B^wn. 
Vaaoouvar, and MiM .llalan Pother- 
gin Z>unn. yooagaat daugktar of Mr. 
and Mrs. Robert Dunn, 487 Stsnnard 
Avenue. Victoria. A considerable 
^unih»-r of frleiida of the bride and 
jrroom assembled at th* church to 
witness the ceremony and to extend 
congratulatlona and good wlahea to 
the young coupla. Mr. Plewes la one 
of tha aaglnaar* on th* auff of the 
Prlaeaaa Viatorla. and. with hla hrlda. 
will raalda la tha oltr. 



Continued from page 1 

move bIowI.\. Hp fh<uj(rht that the 
amount set iifild»" m th.- fsiiniatea 
for the position of comptroller might 
be diverted to the aaaeaaor'a dopart- 
mant. whara certain aatlmataa had 
bean ovar-azpondad. 

Rlalng to dafand tha Finance Com- 
mltt**'a atand, Aldarman Learning 
gave what ha conaidered another In 
stance of where a "controller" was 
necessary. In the estimates of the 
I'Ire r)f>p.i rt iiirnt there had been 
I 1 f ' s ini of $<00 for repairs to 
buildlng(<, and yet the Council '^\^ 
already passed the aum of M4S for 
painting alona. "TMaa thlaga show 
tha nood of a eontrollor," ha aaaartad. 
Sttoh an official would help tha de- 
partment heads to make up their 
estlmatea, snd he v^ould see to it 
that these were not overspent. The 
- f ' nhoiild he rr'.iilv b.v 

I ^iiil)er. so that It could \>f l.iirt 
before next year's Council at thp be- 
ginning of tha yaar. "Wa na*d a 
controller, and no aopar'nian, altlMr," 
ha concluded. 

That New Nystem 
Alderman Andros drew sttentlon to 
the fact that a naw ayatem of au^if- 
ing was auppoaad to ahow th* amount 
of axp*nditor«* to date in aaeh de- 
partmant aa eomparod with the aatl- 
mataa, BO a* to provant over-expend- 
Inir. Mayer Mayward pointed out 
that owing to the work heing behind 
the book in question was not up to 

Aldarman Androa thought that tha 
aalary ahouM ho atatad la any ad— 
vartlaamcat for th* poiKloa of a#a> 


"I.s Mr Mulrhead the actltiK c-i,mp- 
trollcr?" Mked Alderman Uewar. 

Th.. M.,(niacrnt Usrdena of ••Arrsn," York ftaoe. Uak May. U«n«ruttsly rtacsA at 111* Ui- 
P»«Ki .r th* LAdy Douglas CtiaaUr. I.O.D.B.. Will aa Obm to thm PakUa aoMnllv at th 


ih« LAdy Douglas CliapUr. I.O.D.B.. WIU Be Oasa to ths PvMIe Oeaerally st i 
rets t« Bs MeM There ow Wsdaea«*y Aftsraeoa. Jaaa It. Fram • ta < e'cioc 



lULmi NenrDUS Headaches 

HgVIIAl.«IA *Ma 

Khaki Drill 
Long Pants 

Hard weaniiK outing pantii 
for youths Fim*lie<t with 
cui> ^ ' : '<rkets. All sizct 


Kr» \<. >orth Boilding 

r>ouR!.» Si.»-f Phoaa 4028 

*^o alga oha^vaa,'^ tha Mayor ro- 

■ "Mr.* Mulrhead should k' • Mi,- 
chsnce to make Kood," argued Alder- 
niiin Dewar. He agreed that there 
should be a comptroller. 

It waa the place of the chairmen 
of tha varlotia commltteaa to see that 
the estimates weri* not over-f vpond*"'!. 
claimed AM'-iimui .SanRMter. He 
wanted to know what the duties of the 
"(controller" were to be. He thought 
that there were men already In the 
City Hall eapahle of doing the work. 
An aocountaat. might }*• B**d*di h* 

"Mr. .Mulrheiiil «mo in .i oou nt .i iit . 
and what was wantrd wa.s a con- 
troller." said Aldt-rman l.ocnilng. 
"The citlsena are looking to us to 
put th» city on a baalnaaa baala," he 

Alderman Sargent said that he had 

ao far failed to find much virtue In 
the new system uml'T ^^ liic-li the 
amount of expenditures could bo iis- 
f-ertalned at any time. He would be 
personally satisfied If he could get 
as much information aa he could 
three or four yaatra ago. Mr. Mulr- 
head had mora work than he (M>uld 
do already. A comptroller was neces- 
sary. It could yjk'(\\y be expected 
that if the city bad had euch an 
official for tht' pust fifteen years It 
could get along without oni- now 
when the Amount of biintnpss done 
waa so much larger AdvertlalnK for 
applicant* for the position would not 
bar local man. Both Mr. Smith and 
Mr. Mulrhaad had b**n "up to thalr 
eyaa" In work for yoara, and had 
ample to do without taking on the 
eOBiptrollersli : 

Wanta ttuartl of C'ontr«>l 

ThaVraoant ayatem waa unaatlafac- 
tory. and what waa naeded waa a 
better knowladga of tha elty'a affalra 
on the part of the membera of tha 
Council, asserted Alderman Wood- 
ward. He ndvoi-ated a boanl of ron- 
trol. claiming thnt the aldermen 
aheuld give their full time to the city's 
bualneaa and be paid accordingly. To 
put In a comptroller would only de- 
lay tha aacurlng of thla ayatem. 

Ohvloutly what waa wanted in tha 
hall waa more clerical nssiatance. and 
not another head ofHcial. contended 
.Mdcrman Todd. The committers were 
lo blame if estlmatea wore over-ex- 
pended. He thought ihii tlir> work 
could be ' 8|>read between Mes.or.s. 
Smith and Mulrhead. 

It waa Impoaeible for Mr. Mulrhead 
to do tha work It he had to attend 
to the datalla,. aald the Mayor. He 
•uggeeted that tha Council define ihr 
duties of the present oflflcinis nnd of a ^ 
comptroller before advertising. 

An amendment to strike the salary 
from the committee's recommenda- 
tion, moved hy Alderman Ker, was 
loat. with only Aldarman Ker. Sar- 
k'ent and Leemlng, the membera of 
'he committee who had signed the re- 
port, voting for If. The vote on the 
recommendation thai ihi- posltlou be 
.advertised was then taken, -iii'l aK^ln 
the only membera voting for ii were 
the signers of the report. At the re- 
quest of Alderman Leemlng the votes 
were raoordad. Mayor Hayward 
wanted It made clear that this ^vote 
>v ' ' iigalnal the jilan for a comp- 
t!. hut waa .""Imply agiilnat this 

particular rrcom men d.T t ion I'er.wn- 
itlly he wn.H In f.ivor of such an ofTl- 
cinl. Ani^'Tcd nt conimenta by Alder- 
man .^droa. Alderman Lieeming de- 
elarad It III befitted a man who had 
not attandad the laat thra* meeting.'* 
of Ala. committee to crltlrlae its report 
aa ha had done "The alderman sim- 
ply can't take a healing." rotorted 
Alderman Andros. •■\\hen n man in 
grown-up he ought to take his beating 
and ahut up. I'm not obliged to at- 

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ten. I the comndttoo m*otla«B If I dan't 

want to." 


The Council left the <tuestlon of a 
fomptroller alone for ii while, but 
later rciurried to p when Alderman 
Sangr.tcr rnfi\f<l that the treasurer and 
acting conipi riiller be authorized to 
•MiK.'iKC the services of competent tem- 
porary assistance If nooaaaary. and 
subject to the Mayor s approval. 

Declaring that tho Council was tak- 
ing H .stanil in fnvor of .\n old and 
antii|uai<'il H.wstcm .\ M. T in;in Leemlng 
aald tli;»t n>. 11. I to be needed 
was n new finance cunimlttae, aa the 
ri'commendntlona of tha praoaat one 
were not accepted. 

"I think so too." Interjected Alderr 
man Songster. "That'* no draam." 

Alderman Sangstar's reaolotion ra* 
celved the support of all members of 
the Countfll eseapt Aldarman tiaam- 
Ing, Sargent and Ker. Tha laat- 
named. however, abstiflned from vot- 
ing, being disgusted, be sta.ted. with 
what had occurred. 

After n motion to adjourn had been 
moved, following tha trahaaetion of 
other bualneaa. Alderman Leemlng 
rose and tandorad his resignation ,-»« 
chairman of th* Sliance commits. ■ to 
take effect at once. Hl.s 
IgnoiPil. howe\er. nnd th<- Council ad- 
journed. The alderman declared 
afterwards that he would carry out 
hla Intention to raalgn. 



Continued from page 1 

Btataa in partlrulsr snd in a general 
way In th. 

lncrx'a»M-<l I'rislut tlon 

With respect to the lumbar trade 
ha pointed out to a Colontot reporter 
that thla year for the first aix monih^i 
the shlpnient.<< from the mills with 
which be is Identified have equalled 
about two.'thlrda of the total outptit 
for the twelve months previous, which 
Indicates a very large prospective out- 
put ff>r the year. 

The outluok for the contlnimtlon of 
thla increased trade in the United 
Statea to exeallent. Joined with the 
heavy demand from>M:^tfornla and 
the foreign trade, the neada tn the 
railroad enterprise.^ nnd In InduatrlH 
w«.\e, there la the fait that the out 
look In respect to tho crop In tlip 
I'nited Htates Is ntost gmtlfylng. The 
\\ i st nnd the Middle Weat promise 
to have the beat crop for some years. 

Ha pointed out that there ta a 
shortage of houalng accommodation 
throughout tho country, whl«h datee 
back to war timaa.. Thla demand muat 
be filled to a great extent at leant, p.. 
that there Is now no difficulty In 
finding an ab.m>rhlnK market locally 
for all the liimhcr th.«t Is not required 
for foreign trade, and aloni^ the llnef 
ladloatod la an induatrtol way. 
Hlgh<»r Plane of lilving 

.Mr. Hunibird, referring to the in- 
creased prices gf lumber as compared 
with pre-war days, pointed out that 
tha eonaum^r. on rafteeting for a 
mom*nt. ahould readily a*a that the 
lumber Industry waa not exacting ex- 
orbitant prices. "It must be reall/.ed 
that tfiday we have moved up to a 
higher plane of livlnc." said he. And 
Mr. Humbird la not one who takea a 
pe.vslmiatlc view of this circumstance. 
On the contrary, he bellevea It la well 
that thla ahould h*. 

The purehaalng public, how«v«r, 
must bear this fact in mind. In the 
lumber trade the hours of labor bad 
decreased from 10 hours a day to 8 
hours, the wanes had, on the other 
hand, gone u|) very materially; an<l 
tho offli-lency Is much lower. The 
lumber trade could not aeparate Itaclf 
from other Iloca of Induatrlal work. 
Theaa had experienced aimllsr dis- 
turbing influences which in turn re- 
flri ied themselves in the lumber busi- 
ness anil MO I hey found, for Instsnce, 
th.ii the i iilroad t ra ns))ortat ton costs 
hsd increased very considerably. 

When everything waa taken Into 
Nccount th« Incroaaa In th* oeat of 
lumber had not h*pt pa** In r*altty 
with the addad coat of prodaotloB and 


W'lilh- h*> spol,i i.f > .tnlilicins as h<» 
l<nf>\v ihein In (he Inne.l Strifes, he 
ox).ien"<>d the \ lew that I h<' situstlon 
must of necessity be very similar on 
both sides of the International line 
If the United Btataa waa proap*rous 
Canada muat almnst' «^rtalnly be 
proaparoua and v • 

PlUdla l>isApp4-arr(l 

While as a mannfactaring country 
the United BUta* nmde vast s mounts 
of money during tha war. the fa.t 
must be remembered, he ►.ii,|. ti,«f 
this to a very great rxtpnt disa ih.oh r<«d 
In th*- "iircocliriK period f.f redii'Mon 
■ • ■ " in. I the losses that SO often 

iin^Tird with these. 
Asked for an opinion aa to tha ulti- 
mata end in ooanoottoB with the 
added coat of production la nmrlous 
llnae and Ita eff*cta flnaetallr and 
Industrially, Mr. HumMrd hesitated 
about expressing his \ lewn ){.. nsid, 
"the character of ih» ough 
whirh the world hss p.issed Is such 

< 1 >t It la Impoaeible to obtain a pr%. 

< edent In history upon which to baae 
an oplnton." Tlma aloa* would toM. 
and th* quMRlono would Imv* to he 
Kradually arorkod oat. 

Ocowauig MMbM ttay 
Tha auklact of th* war being Intro- 
dured affordod hlai the oppnrtunltr 

'o dlgre,, for II l,,.M,.-i.l. 

he ex|ir»«eed bis \|»,. . , i, ,.„ 

I • I 1 1 1 ' ' . !l < > 1 ) n • <■ '1 :ii ■ • • r n ,».'» • . f 

*■ " ' • rep., , 4 ' if.ns qiJPS 

•"tialUles were quite' ii. sriih France In th* effort 
ei f .rc<e upnn o*nMRy th* nsvtnv 
*f what was due. 

•• that Germany 


In All the i\ew Modes 
. . « 

Tri f uriosi I !<• »\l M \kl .s (J.K I AIN \()l'R 
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is not facing the reparatlena quaOtlon 
as she should. She is not ahowlng a 

disposition to pay what she can pay 
For her to escape the pavment of 
what she ran do wouM l<e serious he 
thinks. "It were e\en beter that she 
should have won the war than es- 
cape the paymanl of Juat rapara- 
tlona." ha think*. That country to 
cNcapIng taxation while other eoun- 
trlr« like Oreat Britain are fadng 
tremendous taxes in order to main- 
tain their honor financially. 

Tb.« relations between (treat Britain 
and the United Statea Mr. Humbird 
be|l*v«* ware never ao aatlafaetary aa 
at araaeat. 

"Ifo calamity could occur In the 
world that would equal the springing 
Up of a a^rlous misunderstanding be- 
tween the two grr-nf hr.inches of the 
Anglo-Sa .xf>n race." said he. "It Is 
unconceivable that auch a thing 
ehould take ptoce." 

Thare waira tAog* In oath of tha 
countries that aemed to daaira to atlr 
u|i Ill-feeling hut he wss satisfied that 
li'ihlii rii)lnlf>n on h side was such 
th.'<t nothing of this kind muld e\f>r 

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I'l) Im fhf lonely houae of hla fore- 

farl.'i- ( . ,1 . I h. If II 1' Li't j';i«r<:n»; 
an »-Al>l fill <i{ Uliillln'f.l tn;!«<M. Not 

p\en t)ie chcerinK I«>iififi iha; i >■ 

celved from time to time from 
Mapkta helped to raiaa th« eloud of 
depraaalon that- had aatUad ovar hla 
■out What rallaf aoald ho astract 
fi. )i atatamanta aa Mackte 

111,1 1. . a mid again In the courae of 
hlH < Ml I e«i><>rid» ii( <* , 'I think I hav»> 
torn the heart from the iiiyatery. 
Cheer up. I ahould like almoat to 
promiaa jrou that your name will ba 
iibaolntair ' <l«»r pf 'tka atlcma at- 
tnohing . to . t^ vafdlet of "not 
proven." but w» lawyer* have to be 
caiitloun. knowing eiat there la noany 
.t allp between the' cup and tha Up. 
But I think I «m on tba right 

What waa ttie use. (;aythorne told 
hlmaelf. of having hla name cleared 
now. It eonaortad battar with hia 
ti ood that ha ahould be looked Upon 
with auapiclon and dislike by all 
llip worUI. .laiiPt wouldn't inari.\' 
him. and after that meeting In the 

Almost UnbeHmble ' 

N 1 < II I jli h.ti <1 1 y I r .1 1 i ? c t ti r *« . u s i r 

1 u 1 1 11 1 Jim V e nil n t I ■ ■ v i ' ii i 
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wood/* I'l, ft, 111(5 s'-eiTi'-'l TiKittrr. 
ii|it\ in LiH I, .-III' Ihfir v» .. « .1 fit-ii-e 
w 1.1 tiiiiKlux to Hi-*- I hf f.ii i' 'if 'ill* 
Kill lltat lie k)\ed, even If iii>e< i li 
with her waa impoaalble. He told 
himaajf that nothing would induce 
him to travel back ta liandoft to en- 
gage once more In the myatarloua 
quent which Mackle had undertaken 
on hw i.i-hair The rehHMlltatlon of 
hie ihara ii-i no loiiuii iiitereated 
hini. H«- livr-.l iin. 1 !,• ••f M.iiae un 
fortunate beluga in the puiaatory of 
Dante. deaMno without hope. Mfe 
held nothing more for him. neither 
love nor ambKlon; the ealt and fla- 
vor had gone fronci exlatence. 

The bitterneaa of hla tnood waa not 

alleviated by the :,. v<..( ihal learlied 
lilm at F'ortalone. la nui ii u I'lai i- as 
Blaine and tta Immediate iieiKi<i'<>r 
hood, no mita or woman can dep.^rt 
from the ordinary normal eourae of 
their waya without tha report of 
their action* being circulated 
itiiiHiKL , ,t Mie dlatrict at a distance 
tlKii fi. I 1.11 1 diatanced even the local 
iifwspapera. On* WedneHdas evening, 
uliile tlaythorne v\ as \v a Iking niood- 
il\ In the ground" Hobert KlUutl 
came to him and aaked caaually if he 
had beard the newa from the town. 
Qaythome aheek hi* head wearily. 

"The acrman Baron'* yoing ti> 
marry .lanet Keruuaon In a fort- 
i.iRliI, it was fixed up thin morning 
and Mr Kerau^ntiJi Mn f e 1 1 ng e\ r ly - 
body in the town thla \rrra after- 
noon. Ha'a mlchty pleased to have 
caught a title for hla.laaale." 

Oaythorne turned 'away hi* fare, 
leat the old aervant ahould **o the 
violent emotion with which It wa* 

"A fortnight from today, did you 
aay. Klllotf" 

"Aye. Wedneaday fortnight In the 
forenoon; everyone'a talking of It, 
and the furrlner's a lucky man. for 
there'* a tidy bit of money gotiix 
with the in.sfie. To my thinking he's 
marrying \hc money the aatn* aaMr. 
Kerguaon In for marrying thi» title" 

CJaythorne walked on witlioii' fur- 
thelr coinnient. leaving ICl'ot; to r^n 
about hia buaineaa. ' He t ould not 
truat himself to talk. The blow liud 
already fallen. In aplte of Janet's 
statement that *he eculd never 
marry hini. thrre had alwaya lurked 
within the Inmost receaaea of hla 
heaii ilif hojie that he might win 
liH detire m aplle of all. Kut now 
I hat. there was but a bare fortnight 
tK>(ure hi* hope* were cruahed for 
« ver, he gave up tha atniggle. Hla 
mood of bitter realifnatlun waa 
succeeded by one of impotent anger. 
It ahould not he .Janet, he knew, 
loved him, therefore she was his liy 
all tlie laws human and divine He 
would not allow her to aacrlflce her- 
a«^If fur the aake of her family. — for 
that, he bad decided waa what It 
amounted to. 

Mac'kie'a in veatlgntlona, he had 
determined, could not alter the, con- 
\ictlon whi<-h become flrnil>' 
rooted to his mind. Arthur I'.TRet 
was the man who. for aome mvslci- 
ious reaaon, had commlttc^l that ter- 
nt'le murder In Portalorfe. Accurate 
proof* there might be none, but the 
whole trend of hi* conduct pointed 
definitely to that conciualon. It waa 
raget who had undoubtedly had a 
hand In the kidnapping afTalr. .Mackle 
had told hini that It was I'agefs cap 
that had been found in 'he lead tnin'' 
The nervousness of ih*- hla ir- 
ritability, his leatlesaneni ;ind all the 
other aigna of a physical lapae from 
the normal, ahowed that he lived 
ootiatantly under the terror of aome 
dieeovery. Von Bueeh. baythorne 
told hlmaelf, waa the only man who 
knew the real truth, and he was ua- 
Ing hla knowledge, obtained how or 
when It waa difficult to conceive, to 
force I'.-iget into siipporling hla aiiit 
old Mr. l''ergiiaon, everyone Knew, 
followed blindly the advice of his aon- 
In-law, to whom he owed hia Intro- 
duction to eoclety. and If the truth 
ba told, tha retention of hi* position 
there. It waa Von Bu*ch who had 
compelled Paget to act aa he had 
acted, — to take every oportunlty of 
hurrying on the ni.irrlnge d.4\ nnd 
111 haunt the en is of .lanei with bin 
warmly pressed perauaalons. Th«> 
thing waa aa clear aa a pikeatafT, and 
In the fury of hia mood Oaythorne 
determined then and there to have 
an explanation with Mr, Ferguson, 
no matter what It coat. It was then 
half-pnat seven, but in spite of the 
fact that hla dinner wna at alght. 
<;.i\lhorne set off for Itlalne 

The w.ilU neither lalmed his 
nni\.ea. iiuf 1 oiiled his temper. Ills 
defrrininiition lo a<i w'aa not aicklf«d 
over with the pale cast of 
thought much aa he had though^ 
on tha aubjaet. HI* determination 
wa* atrengar and freaher than ever 
when he rung the bell of the front 
door at r.ahaldle. Thn ser\ant who 
answered It. with dim<iilt> hid hla 
aurprlae. at seeing the .Maater of 
rortalone In the • imp of the enemy, 
for the feud between the two families 
had become well known. 

"Mr. Fergueon'a at dinner, air," he 
eaid, "Hhe gentlemen are alttinc over 
their wine." 

"Never mind." retorted fJaythorne. 
flrmh "Take ni\- name In to \oiir 
mnster. and ask him to spare me a 
few iiioiiiei: t s' conversation ml a mat- 
ter of very urgent Importance." 

The astonished aervent did aa he 
was bid. The dlnlng>room waa aitu- 
ated to the right of tka entrance to 
the house, and Oaythorne heard the 
murmur of voice* aeaae as tha ser- 
vant entered the room and delivered 

his measage. Then the Stifled sound 
of Mr Kerguaon's \olre reached lils 
eara, .ind the murmur of voices Wegati 
again, .•iml Miri,- a laugh, which 

was taken up and then once more 
alienee. Immediately afterwarda the 
aervant reappeared, with the requeat 
that he would "atap thia way." 

Oaythorne had expected to be 
shown Into some private room and 
his surprise and annoyance were very 
great when he found hlmaelf usjiered 
Into the dlrlngroom. There we-e 
three men aeated at the talile .Mr. 
Ferguson sat at the top with the de- 
cantera in front of him. hi* face 
heavily floahad. At hla • rtght hand 
waa Artkvr Pagat: on the left. Von 
Bnaeli. Mr. Fertuaon merely ahowed 
that ha waa aware of his presence by 
turning hi* haad in hia direction and 
fixing ha eyea somewhere in ihe 
region of hla visitor's chest aa If 
to signify hia contempt Hut his 
effort* to make Oaythorne uneasy 
were unavalllnr. In a knowledge of 
aoctal manners and the art of deal- 
ing with hla fallow craaturas under 
all ctrmnMUnoas, tha gaatlanian had 
the advanlaca of the no«vaaa-rlche. 
He remalnad quite l alni and ga\e no 
indii atlon lhai he found the altuatlnn 
i.Mpleasanl or In anv wa\ out of Mir 
.idin ■ III t-wed allghtly lo the 
t»o ud tlMa turned 

» allul. o ii.* ui-'t-. 

11 111'..' 1. I..-K- ' 

i ..ii 1, !■ • 1 K I ,i«. 1 (. 1^- K I « I 
■ .\ II \ I li 1 UK \ I h.i V 1 I "Ml 1 ' ' • 1 
lone J, ,11 can h.i > |.i-f..rf iLrm u , 1 • 
men. I am not over annom, 1,, ba»e 
private conversation with a inan like 
youraelL It's ovor dangerous. " 

Even thla vulgar reference to the 
suepleion that hung over him left 
(ia>'thonne unmoved. 

A I'M. VN. M I'ciiruson," he said, 
laiinu HI .. : H Mmaelf at thf Other 
end or thf lat'll' "You are doubt< 

leaaly the beht Jiidxe " 

"Well, aay wha; m i \e got to aav, 
man, for the aooner yuu get It aald. 
and away, the better I'll be pleaaed." 

Uaythorne'a Jawa aat a little 
harder,, and hia gray ayaa grew a 
litUa eoldar. 

"It's about your daughter. Mr. 
Ferguson." he said, breaking into the 
aubject with a rush "I have heard 
In 'ht- town todav iIimI she la to he 
married to the Uaron \'un Uuach in 
a fortnight from today. la this 

true?" 1 

"Even auppoalng It to t>e true, what 
bualneaee, may I ask. Is it of yours? " 

"I waa aspaetlng that qiiaatlon," 
rTeplied Oaythorne. "My aaawer to it 
is aim pie. It is my business because 
I love your daughter, and she lovea 
me, and I bnvo ,< right therefore to 
ask why Mill i clng har Into this 

unnatural aliLi ic 

Mr. h'ergusoii ,i I'lic.i 1 i .1 lo be on the 
point of an apoplectic fit; the velna 
on hia forehead stood out llks whip 
cord*. He trjed to give expression to 
his pent-up anger wth words, but the 
words would not come. His lips only 
moved Impotently. Von Busch sud- 
denly pill out his hand, and touched 
his pro.tpei 1 1\ e f a I he r - 1 n - la w on the 

"My ilear M' I erguson. allow me 
to deal wth tli?< man." He turned Jo 
Oaythorne. "Vou have had the in- 
credible impertinence, sir, to perfer 
to my marriage with Mlaa Ferguson 
aa an unnatural alliance. I am not 
accuatomed to bandy worda with a 
person like yourself and 1 have only 
to aa.\ leave this house al once be- 
fore I I. ill llie Mei\ant8 and ba ^ e .vou 
thrown out." 

In the blttcrne«a of hia spirit, (iay- 
thorne lavched 

"I am not to ba terrorised by a 
tierman bully. Tou may torture a 
Kirl Into marrlaga— you may black- 
mail ntembera of her family Into giv- 
ing you their support, and Into help- 
ing to extort compliance from a 
woman —but you don't deal with ma 
in that wn.N." 

Von Husch waa taken abai He 
forgot the heatorlng role he had 
alopted. and found hlmaalf trapped 
into a queatlon. 

"What do you mean." ha aald, "by 
saying I liave blackmailed members 
of Mlaa Ferguson's family?" 

(iaythorne ijulelly looked round at 
Arthur I'aget. who sat. hla iiead rest- 
ing on hi!< iKimi. and hia fkca hidden 

from t he ol hti's v lew 

■ I thliil< Ml Aithiir I'agei could 
explain that lu you, if you think it ia 
necessary to go through the farce of 
explanation. You know the hold you 
have over him, you know how you 
have terrorised him Into perauadlng 
MIsa Ferguson to consent to this pre- 
posterous marriaKe '• 

\on Hiisih hail turned sijddenU 
\er.v Jiale He looked over i|iilckl> 
al I'aget. wlille .Mr. t'erguaon gazed 
stupidly from one to the ottier. For 
a brief second there waa silence In 
the room. It waa broken by Arthur 
Paget pushing back his chair as ha 
sprung to his feet.' His face wa« 
li\ id 

"What do you know?" he aaked, 
oiariiig with terror-atrlokan ayaa at 

( ;.i \ t borne. 

Ill, \ oil still press for an explana- 
tion. Baron Von Buach? Is not the 
guilty aecret on which }'Ou have been 
trading written there?" 

He pointed at Arthur Paget. Mr. 
Ferguaon roaa heavily from his 

"(Jet out of this houae, you mur- 
derer," he bawled. "Never let me 
sec >oui' curaed face again. You 
d.nre to come and ask for mv 
daughter, you 

Oaythorne did not wait for more. 
Hs walked quietly to the door and 
opened it. As ha stood on tha 
threshold he turned. 

"May Ood forgive you, Mr. Fergu- 
son. If this marriage ever lakes 
place • 

( T , I',. ( ■ 1 , 


Shawnlgan ImUu inatliutc Will .^b- 
aMla From IJae of Commudity 
<lM P ay Kacfc Wcofc 


The monthly meeting of the Shawnl- 
gan Lake Women's Instltutn was held 
on Thursday afternoon at the home 
of Mra. Kardley-Wllmoi. on the Weat 
Arm The reports of the varloua 
committees were received and dla- 
cu**od. The librarian reported that 
the new book* had been received from 
the department, and ware ready for 
diatrlbutlon. The maetlng heard with 
plea.sure that work on the new bath- 
ing hut for women and children 
wouhl be lominenced Immediately, 
and that voliinlary help In the bulld- 
liiK u( the Inn would be forthcoming. 

The queatlon of the present price 
of sugar and It* effect upon the com- 
munity wna broucbt before the moet- 
ing. and after dlsouaslon ths foUow- 
iiig raaolutlon was unanlnuMtsiy 
passed by tha members: "In view 
of the large increaae in the market 
jirlce of sugar, wlihout any apparent 
Justification. and recognizing the 
serious effect this la having upon the 
fruit growara and the community at 
large; as a protest against tha in- 
crease, the members of the Shawnl- 
gan Lake Women's Instltsta acres 
that on one day of each weak they 
will abstain from tha uaa of attgar 
in their homes. In the belief that com- 
bined ncilon on the part of the 
women of the Iiomliilon v%lll control 
and prevent undue and atbitrary In- 
flation in the price of nei essltiee " 

After the bualneae of the afternoon, 
tea waa served by Mr*. Bardley-Wil- 
mot, the table belns beautifully dec- 


Today We Continue the Special 

Sair of Corsets 

Every Style, bvery Material, Every 
Attractive Price and Every Size 

Buy Now and 6a^d Moac^ 

Coutil CorseU, in pin 
white. Radttced to fx^aft 

a pair. 

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Reduced to fi.«6 a patr. 
Discontinued Corsets, a 
great variety. Radttccd to 
g pair. 

Corseti for the average and 

full 'fiRurr!!. Rcd«cc4 lO 
98.45 a pair. 

Hifh-Gradr Corsets, in well 
itnown makes, in brocades, 
coutil and surgical elastkj 
broken si^cs only. R «4 WWS 
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straps. Reduced to •••50. 
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Cream Flannel Skirts. Special 


Extellent^ tor iport* and fcnerol service is the skirt 

of cream flannel. These are in smart stvles with 
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Purchase Gm^jhamS and Crepes 

UuiiiL^i Lkc buinnier Sale 


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wide. Reduced lo S.yarda 
for fl.OO 

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27 inches wide. Reduced to 
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Plain and Striped jspanest 
Crepes, in a good range of 
colors; 30 inches wide. Rc* 
dtic«d to a J||f4» 



orated with , masses of whits broom 
and linarlH vulgaris. A booH^-guess- 
Ing comi»etiiion caused much amuae- 
ment. .Mra. Wheelton guessing cor- 
rectly the largest number of booka. 
A eilver collection during the after- 
noon added to the funds of the In- 
stitute. A vote of thanks to Mra. 
Bardley-Wllmot for her delightful 
hospitality brought the meeting to 
a close. 

wil l Bl IN PARADE 

city Council Accrpta invitation for 
Her MajMty to Take Part on 
July 4 at Seattle 

victoria's Queen of the MaytlmO 
Frolic will ride In slate In the big 
Fourth of .July parade in Heattle thla 
year. A reqhest that Her Majesty 
grace the Sound city with her pres- 
ence on that oeeaalon waa received 
bv the City Council last night In a 
communlcstlon from Mr. Malcolm P. 
Andruss, charman Of tha gaatUa par- 
ade committee. 

After pointing out that this je.-ir 
the American Legion of Heattle has 
charge of the Fourth of July i"o- 
gramms. Mr. Andruss wrote: "Aa 
chalmisn of the parade committee T 
have been directed to tommunlcste 
with you concerning the tatandance 
and pari li lpatlon In the parade of 
\ lctorta s lecent May Queen, together 
with her ponies and <arri.->(;e 

"I am told by e>e wilneases that 
thla feature of your celebration was 
a rare treat, and it seems to me that 
aa the spirit of frlsndshlp existing 
between our t%rd dtles Is so cordial. 
It Is nothing mors than right and 
proper that we should invlts -your 
co-operation on this big day. 

l.ocil I.egloii I'osis are planning 
a yearly outing to Victoria, similar 
to that of last year, at which time we 
were awarded such a royal time. Aa 
you doubtlaaa know, our annual con- 
vention la to take ^aca in San Fran- 
risee In Oetaber, and aoeordng to 
present plans, the special steamer 
chsriered to take the Oregon and 
Washington delegates will atop at 
Victoria to enable us to pay our re- 
spects to your delightful alty," 

The council decided to accept th* 
invitation tn regard to participation 
In the parade, and arranfamanta 
were left to Mayor Bayward. who 
f-aid that he would seek aid from the 
Provincial Government, the Qoeen 
having been < idldafe of Iho 

Civil Hervlce, and would report back 
to th* CouaM hs f e r e BHUdag any ex- 

InTune WithJune 

sl mmi:r llutuks 




"Most everything in wcarinR 
apparel for grown ups or 
children. At prices you can 
• sfferd to pay. 


Phon« 421 


Keep tham out with our adjustable 
window seraans. All alsaa. 4f« tn 
11.60. Wire screening, II in, to 4R 

In. wide, from 28c to 60r lineal yard. 

(Jalvanlred srreenlniT, ^" In wide 
• Oc yard. K. A. Brown A Co., Doug- 

Whole Wheat 

Try the kind mad* bjr Wvj. 

A«k vn' ' crorer foT 


416 tUanar Strael 

1' »i'-T>t)iiMg ^la* fnHa y^'yt trv fha 

Mbb Medicil 
Mituie aid MtMl 


tot aaass aaS ehreiiie diMa***. Rerom- 
mesAaS ky iaatflns afx-tors of Kurop* for 
•Stcleocy and mp*»Ay r^saiia obialD«4. 


mtm Aa fhsa* M 

kSles aaS Oeatlemen. Items t t* 4 

England and Walaa a4dad almost 
SSS.eee to tlmlr population by 
natural Incraaa* during laat year. 

An agricultural traetor propallad 
by feet instead of by wkoel Ma boau 
iBventad In France. 




TLESnAV. JUNE 12. 1923 



Jim Braid Turns in Bc<~i Card for First Half of 

Qualifviiix Play for l-iiitish Open ( liampi' >nsliip 

With 7?— Hagen, vvitli leu Strokes More, Ma> 

Be Eliminated 

Saracen and Smith Are 

Best of the Americans 

ational, put 
of £22 

f ^ KOUN, Scotland, June 11. — Age, personal and national, 
I youth behind today in the first .half of the stm^^ 

^olfc!- ' (|ualify for participat h m m thr Hnti-li .i))fii rliain- 
pionship. in the firat instance the old golfers of Great Britain led 
the younger generation, as represented by the United States' invad- 
ers, and in the second instance, the golfers of Old England, for a day 
at least, had the experience qi doing^ better on the finks than their 
rivaN from Amrrtra. 

I .Mm Braid ln-udn 


WAY IVTO riN^T Ttor^fo 

Men " t lull 1 lianii'l 'iitiip Will lle 
DrnHle<J Next U . t "nf^^ la 
\% Inner of Svt-ond t'ltatit 

H. ColUnSB and R. Fmeh9r ar* thm 
ftaallats la th* toumamcnt for tht 
m*n'a championship of th« Uplanda 

Ooir Club. ColHnaa haa ahown that 
ti;!> .;. f.-at of A V Price In the flrat 
roumJ waa no fluke by the way he h»« 
diapoaad of hla oth*r opponentu In 
•ueeawlvo rounda. In the aeml-flnal 
rouad on Sunday ha defaatad J. H. 
■driMnda by fo«r «» and thraa to 
play. hey"« defeat of J. B, Handor- 
oon In the other aeml-flnal by two up 

• aiii*- fin a eurprlae to many and the 
n Inner deaervea a «r*at deal of pralae 
for the flne steady game he played. 
Barrlnff tb« physical handicap under 
which ha lahara h* would probably 
b« fanelad ta win tha championship, 
but tha strain of thtrty>sls hotoa will 

he a hard "Uf and will alve his oppo- 
11^: ' 1 Krcat iidvantaire Paachay 

• M ■ II a Kor.(l r.ird Mi'rty- 
aix hoiea of the qualifying round, and 
It la by no meana Impoaalbla that he 
will coma through with flnal victory. 

In addltlen to tha flnal of tha eham- 
pionahlp the finals of tha flnit and 
third flighta will also ba dacldad nazt 


Th*- ««»<<. nrl niKht has been con- 
cluded, J. W. Suttle winning the rtnal 
round from W. B. Toun« ons up. 

Raaalu oC ■tmday'ar aMtdMa 
aa (aUaws! 

H. CoUlaca baac J. H. Bdmenda 
four and thraa. 

R. Peachay boat J. B. Haadanon 

two up. 

Vint Flight 
W. C. Bryajelfaon baat 8. H. De 
Cartarat two and on*. 

A. lAWrta baal A. Shsrst by dafault. 
■aeoad FU«ht 

Seinl flnal -.T. W. ButtlO baat J. A. 
Muntgomary ons up. 

w. H. TovQg baat W. Wttlda alght 
and six. 

Pinal— J. W. Ittttla bafit W. B. 
Tounc ona up. 

Iklt flva 
. Barton 

L. B. Trla»an baat D. I. 
and thraa. 

(- w Hr' boat J. 1 

f>ld Jim Braid, whu began winning 
hla atring of flve open rhaniplonshlpa 
22 years ago, led ths flsld that swung 
woods and Irons under a glaring sun 
and blustering saa brseia today. 

Kla aeore of 7t was eomddarably 
undsr that of ths youngsr Hagan, 
i who drank his flrat quaff from ths 
I championahip cup on))- a y^ar ago. 
Ilagan took 92 today, and. unieaa hs 
doaa much better tomorrow, la likely 
to And hlmsslf among ths spectaiom 
wbsn ths chanMPlonshlp gats under 
way, as only sighty players, plus 
thoaa. If any, who tia for tha atghtlath 
ptaos can appaar In the flnal. 

Today an sven hundred playem 
■lipped In cards of 79 or undsr, while, 
altogether 138 men did better than 
liagan. The baat any of tho Yankees 
could do waa 'l, and thia waa ac- 
complished by Qsns Sarazen, United 
SUtes opsn champion, and Macdon- 
ald Smith, California. Batwaafl tham 
and tha laadar atoad tha namaa of 
eight Brltlah golfara. 

Veterans Do Well 

Braid was only one of ths many old 
war horsss of ths British falrwaya 
who did wall. Harry Vardon, whoaa 
first championship cama In 1999, had 

a 71. and so did J. 8. Taylor, who en- 
tered the ranka of the champlona 29 
veara ago. Sandy Herd, who ar- 
(jiilred the lltip ,,f [{ritlah chatnplon 
many yeats nicn, rn'orcd 79 if><lay, 
Itoger Wethercd. who won the Urlt- 
iah amateur golf title at Deal laat 
month, probably will not qualify, as 
hs took II for tha alghtaan holes. 

Braid, Ilka flmlth and Saraxsn, shot 
over the municipal course, while 
Hagan had to fa('<> thr harder trail 
exerted by th* new coura^ Tomor- 
row, ll^Knn'n thnnce In rnnie b.irlf 
Win be brightened hy hla traneference 
to ths aasler course, while thone who 
had tho softer asaignmsnt today must 
face tha aterner realltlas of ths new 
links. Thraa of tho six man who 
made 7t today, did It on tha naw 

Kirkwood Well i p 
Joe KIrkwood'a luw flying drlvea 
and braaalea stood him in good stsad 
In the prevailing wlnda. His score 
was 71. Oaorgs Danean and Aba 
Mitchell, tha laadars of Great Brit- 
tin's sturdiest act of golfers — thr> n^en 
of middle age — have only to (>i i\ aa 
steadily tnniofrow n« they did fuday 
to aasiire aiiocesa in the qualifying 

aetiee .Mitrhell'g oount waa 77 and 

Duncan's ^* 

.iHtiglp, the former South Africa 
caddie, had an 12. Cyril Toiley, for- 
mer BrHlah aBMlavr ehamploa, had 
a 71. 

Oxford and ( nnibridgr 

t or lour in Atnerica 

CA IMJB, Juiio 11 The mem 

brra u( th« O^ord-Cambrldge tennla 
team which Is to tour Canada and the 
United Stataa thlg fuaamer have been 
•elected. Tha taam la aompoaed of 
five CambfUga men: J. O. N, Lowry. 
(Jesus); M. D. Morn, C. Ramaswaml. 
p. Brokes. J. H. Van AUon. (Clirlsi). 
J. J. Leaeard. (Trinity Hall), and 
four Oxford players. L. P. Hepburn, 
(Oriel): C. H. Kingsley, (Wadham); 
A. N. Wilder. (It. CkUharlnat): and 
A. fl. Watl^. (Oriel). 

Tb»a«iiad will llkaly apead half of 
August I n tha t)omUUon. 


' , * ^""""^ 

Thai Victoria Raolag Pigeon Club 
held a race last Saturday from Eu- 
gene. Oregon, an air line of III milee. 
In which >B birds competed. The ra- 
(ults were as follows: 


Port Alberiil n-xm i . i inj rarkaTlUc 
flay .Match 

D. Dewas 
J. W. ilsaa .. 

!• •! «« 
lA et 11 
19 t3 »l 
!• >t 

T<la p«r 
«(( Jt 
111 fl 
111 l» 
lit 1« 

r. B«saMf 
W. Bryaa 

r. Mailer 1* ST H ITT.ll 

o. auwKTt It II » M».tt 

Other membara eompetlng did not 
report. Anathar laaa will ba held 
next Baturday from Aahkuid. an. air 
Una aC 4 11 mllaa. . 

Colwood Lmdg GoUm 
JMmU Vfkmi$ Tmm 

Ttir lni»r(-ii)b gfilf niatrh i^layed at 
Cot" ■•-•terday afternoon between 

l«dlaa teams of the Colwood and 
Uglands clubs resulted In victory for 
tha homo team by six to two, the re- 
aalia of the iadlvMual OMttchea being 
aa foilaws: 

PORT ALBBRNI, June 11.— The 
Port Albaral Athletic Asaoelatlon has 
aoca^tsd a challenge from the Parka- 
vllle Tenia Club to send a team over 
! irkavUle, and a meeting of Ihf 
t i<»i alve committee of the Port 
Club, hold on Friday evening, selected 
the following to represent the local 
club: lira. Blackmore. MisaD. Bayne, 
Mlaa O. Bird, and U\m U. Molntyre. 
Masera. F. W. Warner. C. Vaughan 
and W. D. Oear. Ths team will leave 
by car on Saturday morning rctumhiK 
the same evening A cli.'i llenKc w nn 
alao sent on behalf of the "B" team 
ta tha Albanil Tennla Club for a match 
to' be played between the "B" teania 
of tha clubs on some date that can be 
muttially agreed upon. The member- 
ship of the local elab Is Ihcreaaing 
dally and tho courts ara batag taken 
full a<JvantaTe of 

W99t€rn ( nrkrtrrn 

Meet In Vaneouotr 


The Keirlea and the Automotive-. 

i-jt\\ t-'aiMii will . 1h«1i Hi Ihc Htadluni 
hlB .w-iiina H tie' I u led \fHgui- 
HHiiic If ihc y.ufien win (hei 
will I H k •• H. I Mill iiiandliiK ieait In 
Ihr t«r.. (iif I lie a"iif*'"'i "" 

ihf uthejr band, should the Auto 
notiveeoeme out un top, the Bagle* 
will iMMW only a half gams lead 
on the CP.R. clan. 

Parfitt will da tha fllnghig for 
< !'« mechanics, whila Managar 
PotU will pick from "Bad** UQ' 
Donald. Kerr and Noble. 

r m pi r r A I \I . I i t ■ r " i ' - i i 

the game ai 6. in p.m. shary. 
■ >i ■ I 



At New Tarh — R. H. B. 

Cleveland 4 . I I 

New Tork I f 0 

Batterlea — Smith and CNalU; 
nock. Ruah and Hoffman. 

St. i,ouia>WaahtagtaB game 

poned, rain. ' 

Detroit-PhUadalphU game 
ponsd. rain. 

At Boataa — R. H. B. 

Chicago ••.*-*•«•«*•«••. I H 9 
Boston 4 II 1 

Batteries- Robertson and 
(^inn, u'Ooul and Devormer 

At Chicago — 

Boat on 


Batteries — Barnss, 

R. M. B. 

10 10 1 
Oeechger and Smith; Aleaaadar and 

New TorfcoFlttabttrgll poetponad. 

Broahtyw>m. liaalo p ea lp a a ad, 

Phlladolphla-Clnclnnatl gama 
poned, wet grounds. 

LOI AN0ELK8, June 11. — Jackto 
May's left arm heaved Vernon to a 

fl tin . (i 1 ■ ■ , f ■ : f. ^c • : ■■s : ' ' . n ■ « 
Ih.- liK'!"" ^^M(•■• elx H"' " »■ 

May held the Indiana to four liH». two 
of which thsy converted into a run In 
the sixth Inning. Vernon cinched the 
contest In tha fifth by scoring two 
runs on an srror, a triple and a single, 
added another tally in the seventh, 
and pllfd u i-, more in the elgli'i^ 
by pounding i'lgg for two trlplen, ,i 
daabla, a Mirllea and a aingie 

R. H. £ 

Seattle •■..«•••*■••••••• t 4 4 

Vernon I 11 1 

Batteries — Pigg and Rltahla; May 

and Hannah ' 
(Only ona game). 


mwm m 

Walter Haf;eii Thinks Ruling of 
Biitish Authorities Will Not 
Be Htndicdp tu American 
Players at Troon 



Was Rpspoiisiitlt' \n> Win[iinft 
of \ht] F ();;• Bali [ yhibition 
Matcti Af'n ! ' Mitchell and 
Duncan ai ulasguw 

Syracuss, 1; Newark, I. 

Toronto. 7; Reading. 9. 
Buffalo-Baltimore, rain. 
(Only three scheduled). 

Cincinnati, 2; Philadelphia, 1. 
Chicago, I: Boston, 0. 

Bro<Alyn<St. I«ouls gama poatponed, 


Washington, 5; St. IiOUls, 9. 
.N'ew "V'ork. 8; Cleveland. 7. 
(Only gamss schsduied.) 

Vernon ft, Seattle 4 (flrst game); 
Vernon «. Seattle 2 (eer<md game). 

San FrRn< \*' •< Portland 1 (flrst 
game): 8«n Francisco 2, IN)rtland 
1 (aecond game). 

Salt Lake 14. Oakland 11 (first 
gams): Oakland 11, Salt Lata I 
(second game). 

Kos Angeles «, Sacramento 6 (first 
game called in tenth on account - f 
lime limit); I^oa Angslea 6. Bacra- 
aanto t (second game). 


W. I. Pet 

.New York 34 14 .70g 

Pittsburgh 27 20 .67 4 

Brooklyn tl 31 .64S 

Cincinnati SI tS .IIS 

Rt Loula 25 tl .621 

( lilcago i9 24 .B20 

Boston 17 as .340 

Philadelphia 13 25 .271 


New Torh II 

Philadelphia Sf 

Cleveland ST 

Detroit 21 

8t. lyoula 21 

Washington 21 

Chicago . « II 

r IT 




San Francisco 


I.,ns Angelea . 
Halt lj*km 
Portland . 
Seattle . . . 
Oakland . 

s • s s e < 

« a • • fl s < 
















l>Wy ; — 




Mlaa KlelAaS 







*l . 

■'•iiKleni . 



. • 


• ■•na<m 

Mtae asywar4 e 

Mlaa AMI i 

Mra. atthet ..^ 1 
Miss lUmt* -««».'jff 

Mm. (illlespU ..^ " 

Mrs I'neorV t 

Mrs r.<tw»r<t« .. I 

MiM Hlrhar<is » 

Ti't«' ■ 

W l-.l»M..'sl» i HH HI I 

Following will be the Hudson a Bay 
Co. ertekst alavaa ta plair 4ha ITnl. 
verslty School at Man at Tolmie to- 
morrow: P N. A. Smith. A Haines 

<" W gprsl. K ^.'Ur-^^ F W-iill 
!• ghrlmc' ^ < W i . 1 < (..Igiiner, 
(. li ihasBn. Ii V\ harf and W, 
I'Oi'i. Keacr^e, c Ellla 

VAN'COI'VKK. June 1 I The An- 
nual meeting of the Wealern Canada 
CHckat Asaockitlon win be held In 
Vancouvar on August I. when a dale, 
gatlan from the Pralrfe ^ovlncsa 

will be entertained by the PrIilNh Co- 
tomhta Aasoclallon, It w:«s nn;iioinc«il 
tonight, following n nieetlnn of th<- 
'- ni executive under the ctialrmsn- 
r Major .Nf J Crehan, head of 
(he Provincial cricketers. 

It Waa daelded that the local colore 
would ba changed to <ddrk graaa for 
blasera and rst>s 


cREDimi TO imo 

HAVANA. June 1 I I>nla Angelo 

^rpo the A I ir»' ■ 1 1 1 T <• h^w' vwlshi 

" Hei man In the aec 

r what waa ta have baen 

' i9-round bout. 
TW tght, whleh was a vary an 
lual a«a aa ragarda the stae of the 
»ea. lairted three mlautas end i» 
aaaaaSSk Fhpa was .to ponnda 
hbavlor. In the firot round l^lipo 
• t>i>*ared to be ti'>l<iii.« I- 

^ '-"»»een «e< .md* afl»r the 
" ' I started tiowever. th^ 


A>K«niinian cut loose and MBt hla op 
poneat t« iba mimima fMr tho fui 

PyoTThra imperils 
thr teeih and health 
oi four prr^TTis out 
ol eveiy live past 
NfCx MKi moaMBds 

yoUliBr. Nature 

w ; \ r n «; \ -'M vi 1 1 
< r>t)ung uh h\ei\i 

log fums. Take uu 
m Act! 

teeth wttk 




Coric*ijon0«nt of TkS CMsaM ta4 th« >erlh 

Aurtiia aawias s sy Almaee. 
(OetpsHgkt. lt2S. ia IMM itetos U4 Oieat 
Brltsla^ Vsrtk Aawlaui Ntwipspar Alllsaoe. 
All H#ila r«••r^cd > 

TROON, rune 11.- Just as I 
foreshadowed, the British 
authoritiei have barred the 
punihfdfaccd irons. They came to 
a decision late Saturday night, so 
that today we have been naving 
the fares tiletl to take off the 
rough edges. 1 hrst thought that 
I should need new clubc, but this 
is not so. All the ruling means 
is that nothing shall be on the 
club to bite the ball and the faces 

mav be left rou|h. 

My only complaint — and other 
Amsrleans taks the sSms view — la 

that tl <■ :«lon \^»» not mads tirfcf 

we )(« , !.,., !'l,i>.iig all the tourna- 
II'. Ai'i I'lS we brought from 
hume and that, until now, their 
legality had not bean qaaatlaaad. 
No New Rule 
It must not bs thought, however, 
that tha^ authorltlss havs int rod weed 
any naw rules. To my knowledge it 
haa boon la force two yeare, but it is 
• mblgaoualy wordad. To Americans 
acoustemsd to play with punched 
I lubs Its inennlnir has not been clear. 
PpTKii nn 1 U . I don ' 'hink <ior proa- 
!'■■■* ; 1 r « a rr f . ■ •■ ' ' I 1 « » ! are 
probably Imvrovetl. I'ho danger with 
the punched club ia to be short, and 
the trouble at Troon Is to get up to 
tha hela. Thus, X think aur repre- 
sentatives wlU continue to play boldly 
to tha flag and will actually arrive 

Tlie truth la that we don t need to 
stop the ball anything like the ex- 
tent ws do at home. We began using 
punch Irons In Aasarlca owing to ths 
conditions of o«^ graaa. which la 
much thicker than here, and becanao 
of our heavy dews we needed a rough 
surface to prevent the ball from 
aklddtng. Yoii see jilavcis rhalking 
ths face of their drivers and the Idea 
la Just ths sams in punching cluba. 
It was dlseovarad that it hslpsd to 
stop the bail. And I admit wa have 
gone to the extreme limit for this 
purpose. A punched club Is better 
than a ribbed club 

lUrfcwood's Profercnca 

Whsn Kirkwood givss eshll>ltlona 
be alwaya uses the punched in pref- 
erence to the ribbed, and with a club 
marked In this fashion he '-an pull 
the ball back after a bourn e as much 
as flftsen feet. As I have said, the 
changed conditions wUl not spoil our 
pro^acta; In fact, wa ahall be all the 
keener to show that wa ara real 
golfers and not players who depend 
for our sui oesB on mechanlc,il devices. 

Vr«'/TilTV Tre iill resteil. nnd It la 
Ju<' H" '* '■' I b/- 1 ourse i!< s^Tl \'v 
a gale of wind and ruin. Aa a British 
playor said, 'it Is not flt for a dog to 
go out." Tha weatharwls* say that 
ws shall get tna cendltiena after this 

Kirkwood and X hava had another 
mst<-h with Duncan and Mitchell on 
tt - A . oursa at Donnyton Moor, on 
the outskirts of (ilaagow. and this 
time I won, one up, thanha ahMfly to 
my partner's fine play. 

Ths seaond round we were one 
down after eighteen holaa, the aeorea 
being, Mitchell. Tl; Duaoaa. T4: XIrk 
wood, 76; myself, 71. How well 
Kirkwood played afterwards may be 
Judged from the ecore of 73 n»xt 
beat, Mitchell. 78; Duncan, 80. and 
mysair. il. 

iM)0(ff{ l{ \ shl{ ALL 

The Indoor baseball game played 
yesterday at Work Point between the 
Clarrtaon and the Cruaadera proved a 
very caay thing for the Qarrlson play- 
ers who won by ST to t. Tha aaore 
by Innings was: 

Cnisedvrs ..ft«SAAAI*n ) 
<Urrl>nn .1 1 1 ) * 01* I • >; 

I he batteries were Oarrlson: Spiers 
and Orlmes. Crusaders: Walton and 






A 11-: ' n • . , , 













I'nlted gervloeo . 









Coagregatlmala . 





hingnton Street Tennis 
Handicap Re&ultB and 
Draw for Today's I*lay 


IMrf v 1« r" o. .llriK ihls week In the 
liHriillcnp ' I ■ u I ?iM fii of the ICIag- 
stori ,Slrr>ei I'lmi^ < ThS raBttltS 

f)f yesterday's J>1«> follow: 

Ladies' Handicap Singles 

Mlaa HIekay (ear.) baat MIm NaHh 
(re«. ll.l), 4-1, I-S. 

Menls Single" 

O'Halloraa (owea 40 > beat Stott 
(rea. ll.l). ••4. 4-f. «-4, 

Mueil I)..uble« 
Miss I.eiKbion and Col. Appieton 
(rec. 16) beat Mlaa SevsrS dlld Xtiat 
(owe II), i-i. 8-1, «-2. 

Men's Doublss 
Temple asd Wlllina (owe 10 > beat 
Evans and Aoton (rse. 16.2), 6-4. 2-6. 


Ths draw for today's play is aa fol- 

At p.m.— OVallaraa plays 


A' 1 .'^n r Temple plavs Acton. 

Blandy - . - Wlllina; Miss M . \ -y and 
Roblns' Mias Jt >•(>' and 

Cowan; Mra. 8haw plays Mlae Severs; 
Mlaa liSlghton and Colonel Appieton 
play Mlaa North and O'Malloran. 

At T:aa ywk— Mlas Orant and Hall 
play Mine Pteroy and Blandy: Mrt. 
Shaw and Temple i>la> Mls» ('«ss and 
Witter, Mrs List and \' « - • - 

Mlaa Rlggall and Mlae i rrss, Miss 
plays Miss HIekcy. 



At a well-attended meeting held in 
the Caledonia Mall on Wedneadsy 

night, ths main topic was the play-o.T 
for the Withers Cup. siso a cup for 

•h" Ki-rond llvlalon, to be run on tho 
same lines >is Isst year After /nn- 
• klerable dls'iisel"n sn i «. "nt 

suitable to all present « < « < ■•d. 
Entries close' June 16. with % "ntry 
money, and must be In by that date. 
Poaltlveljr no sntrjr to t>e received 
later. The draw for tha flrat rouad 
win take pfeaa after eloalag ot entry 
list. Tha laagth at gaasa wtU ba 4i 

The usual good plsy was seen on 
Baturday T H. i-r :.,o| |. McMil- 
lan. In 1 1 ' • ' put up a 
very goo<! ejlUi'lllon ..f quoiting, T, 
Lieiper being the winner by beating 

A. McMillan la the Anal. TIM 


,\ special tueei'i a , f t)i, ,iunb«r 
HABabnll Ke igu» ! ■> • »«> for 

Thursday evealag. at • o'clock. In tha 
T. M. C. A. raaasa; Baaii ahib la ax. 
peatad ta 

CAMBKflWB, Jaaa ll. — The 
«vtme«aa Uatveraity lae r oass taam 
lefsaiad Cambridge Univaralty to- 
day. 1A.L 

RENO. Nsv.. Juns 11.— Rsaulta of 
today's raelag hare follow: 

First race, 4 1-3 furlenga — 1, Bay- 
den (Oartnn): 2. Miss Msben (Mtller- 

Ick ) . 3. Miss I'ryer (Kelluni' 

Second rai-c, 2 1-2 furl"i,a» ; 

Plutrel lOKerfe); 2. Belle W i ■ . " 

(D. Hurn); 3. .Mary Alice (Eri K* • 
Third rare, !i furlonge— 1, I-ii'i'»rn 

(Atkins): 2, 8sa Beach (J. Bmlth>i 
I. Vie Munos (Matthawa). 

Fourth race. 6 furlongs — 1, Due ds 

Oulae (Mclaughlin); 3, Trusty (P. 

Hurn); 3. Hoht I, Owens (Osriron^ 

Klfth r.T'c furi'-inie 1. Ante's 

(Hurn ) : 2. I ■ - .rt- , \t r f .;kI. 

Iln ) ; 3, I>r. .lohn-^on u allumi 

Pixth race, mile and 7n ;,sr(lB 1. 
Peerless .Une (Erickson); 2. Dora 
(Powell); 3. Cork (8. Smith). 

Savanth race, mile aad alsteanth — 
1, Olad News (Kesslngsr): t. Fanny 
Nail (J. Kelly); 2. I>. « Krirksom 

KIghth race. 5 furl-r.^s i I'bil 
llpe Lugo (Martin); 2. Boi w .t o- 
(Erlcka>'ri> i inm st. Murray 


Overnight Jt^ntries 

Flrat race 4 furlongs ■ ■ Teagh Ouy. 
Ill: Maynard L., Ill: Irish Buaaar. 
Ill: Settee, 11(1; Tx>veeong, 111; Vir- 
ginia Holla 1 1 % 

Second rsi^ 4 i 2 furlongs- r *- 
Roberta, in. N..i'"l« Laat. 
Irish Oin. 101; Three X l"l T ra 
montana, lOl: Betsy's Pet, har- 
lotU Safith. 11: Mamie Van, fT. Nor- 
ford Honey, fl: Oueon Cap Tl, 14. 

Third race, 6 1-3 furlongs — Foksy 
B , 116; Caamano, 113; No Wonder, 
113. Fickle Fancy. Ill; fiSdy Moore. 
111. Vera Rita. Ill; Syncopation. Ill; 
Bessie T'oioK 109; Miss li n^'sr lo«, 
SiTtlllng .MaxKle. 101; Stylish Miss. 9f, 

Fourth race. 6 furlongs — (>; i» 
Wood. Ill; Amaokaaaln, 111; Tutt. 
Ill; Baisy. 101: Poaahar. 101: Old 
Homeataad, ill; Shore Aeraa, 114; 
Jerry, 101. 

Firth race. I furlonga -little OInk, 
ni; Hackamore. Ill: liswls B.. Ill; 
Redman, 111. Hhymer, 111; Black Ill; Senator l>orilan, 107, 
Alawin. 107. 

Sixth race, mile and 70 yards — 
Orlsana Olrl, 117; Conlchon, lit; 
Callthamp. lOt; Doctor Tubbs, 104: 
Peace Flag, II. 

Seventh race, 1 mile — N. K. Beal, 
111; Chick Barclay, 111; Ther^,' 
109; Eva Hong, 109; Car, 10«; Tom 
Brooks. 10«. York I.*ssle, 104; Harry 
Burgoyne. 104 

KlKhth rai e, 1 nill»' tieorge Jamea, 
III. tien HynK, 111, Pretender, 111; 
Pink Tenny, lot; Laura Cochrane, 
lot; Frsddie Fear. 107: Judge David. 
101: Ai Wick. 101: SwansoA. HI. 

Track clear and fast. 

Tfltn h i laiut H ,// ] , / 

litconu a iiepuOUc 

OCn : ' in* 11 M I'ls Msry 

MacBWln^. -peaking at Kilkenny 
\eBterday. said the "ceaae fire" order 
had been given, but that the men 
Who had baen fighting were getting 
ready today to do ao again If tha 
Irlah people attempted to tarn dawn 
the republic. 

She added thst they had no right 
to lake such action, aasertlng that 
the republic was not beaten, and 

would not be b aa t a g , aa last 

land ealatsd. 

Thit fileaming Hiir 
Conies From llsiif 

Today you s"' ' - Mful hair every - 
here. Hair tbai gleams. Women 
wlM hava M haiva Isa rs a d aa Impsv- 
(ant secret. They uso the famous 
olive oil shampoo. Hair aaparta say 
that hair ahoald aavar be waahafi 
arlthant oIIto a<l la the ahamgoo. For 

thev ssv that dry. brittle hsir reeulta 
And dull hair is never beautiful. Now 
yo« aan hav« tha allva all shsmm 

ai home. Juat get a bottle of r A < v 
OLTht SMAMFOO. At any <i « 
atore or departraeat atore. It quickly 
brings baek the ln\*i (heen to your 
hair. l<aavea it hewutiruily soft and 
gtaasg. Ta« wM aMrval ait iha hn 
provamaail (Adrt) 

Importance of the 


M«H«r Hs 


Hri<i*h <>rea Oeir 

IttS. by Kertli Ai 


Nl.t \i<i.f Hg-> 1 inadr the risaerH'oi 

that footwork in aolf conaitiuied a 
vary Mirga ya r o a ntage of the game 
Witheot At aaasfartaMa and aoiid 
stance tt waald ha glWIasU to ac 

compiiah oui' la tha ardg aC lUttin* 

{ the ball 1. 1 .'I.' ly. 

Tbw stHin. IS linpoii'int in •' % ' \ 

shot thaL we make, aad coosequeniiy 
It varies aooerdlag ta arhat Is re- 
quired, jnat aa the atanoa af the 
baaiar vartea aooording to tha blow 
he Is going to strike or to the de- 
fence of his opponent's blows 

1 w.'iiM Buifgen! Mmt ciBiv k Ifer 

ictiiii lu p'Sy gulf by alanding with 
the feet fairly well apart for the 
drive. Just how far agart hla hseia 
should be daganda on tha length of 
his legs, so I will not ggse tf y any dis- 
tance. If his feet are well apart 
there !■« Ii-Ks <bniii »- of swaying nnd 
the 1 II . i>! ,1 1 lori I 1' I'M. soon - that 
is II,- \.- .]\ ■ Kilot be- 

fore Die hands have brought the club 

head to ita prapar plaaa are aslni- 



Ever>one shouM Wimiw i.^ a little 
pract I i f w tl <■ II ! h ' «' !!;!.■ f 1 < !b 1-1 on - 
tf! < »' U M H • r-'e .it '■" .<•• ' ! lied . 

however, to put itie Xeet a trifle tuu 

close togsthsr. Try to rememl>ar thla 
the neat tlasa yoa address the ball. 
I would anggtai that a avre cure for 
slicing would be to spread the feet 
more than usual, aa we all know 
slicing it . Ause^ i,j pulUi^n the handa 
In Inatead uf letting them go out after 
the ball. 

There ara, thraa dlaUnct typea of 
stances. If golfers ara Interested In 
my own ataaaa X will aaglala It Id 


I stand with my feet pretty well 
apart and with the left drawn back 
about three inehae from tha Una o| 
flight. Thia is what la known as ths 
open stance and is tised by a great 
many well-Wn. «. , 'i ji. bi- 

son, Vardon K.i i »« > , ■ ,, (,,1 
^■1 hers staml i> ^- • ., • ' 

differ a Utile in the diaiance the left 
faat la ^teead fraas tha line af flight. 

Duncan and Chick Evans stand 
with their feet on a line In what we 
call th» eqanre slsnce Duncan i'^ 
emphatic in aaying that thla Is the 
beat and only way to hit a golf ball. 
Svans haa fouad It aatlafactory. 
Many athar gaad galfara naa thla 

II' s n re. 

1 rands (>ulmet differs from most 
wr i known players; he draws the 
right fool bs' k an inch or two from 
thr line Just as I draw the left back. 
This Is what we might Urro the 
olaaad atanoa from want of a betatr 
word. Nearly all good players uss 
(his stance when they wish to hook 
the ball, aa tt Is "nr-ter to aend the 
clubhead into the ball from this 

In all three aUncaa tha width be- 
tween the feet is Just the same. 

If one made ^ ihsrt of the feet 
and the position of the club on the 
ground It would show that tha bail 
la In practically the same poaltloa In 
relation to tha toaa. Tha ball aa4 
the two feet would form almost a 
triangle. At laaat, the distance from 
each toe to tiM ball waald ba tha 

When Ouimet takes hla stajice the 
ball agpaara ta ba teed opyoalu the 
right haal, whtia la my awa easa the 

ball la about opgoslta the left heel. 
Wkh Duncan snd Kvana ths ball Is 
about In ' I - 

Weight Distributed 
No gelfar arer made any sueeesa 
out of ths game by playing on his 
toea. When s plsver \m off form one 

of til* Olf .<I ' iMlMl: !: ' ■• , '« ' « fr.r bltll 

to rise on his l-ies I have seen pho- 
tographs of players at the finlah of 
a swing standing on t>oth toes. Thla 
is wrong. Tha earroet way Ii ta' 
stand with the weight well distfibwt- 
ed on the ball of tha foot and ths 
heel. The left heel tiii.>« . •.■.nu h t 
the top of the swing to « • . > n m ■ds t « 
the pivot while the riuht frmt i« 
ing on the toe at the finish and the 
left foot is flat on the ground. If 
you will observe the photographa of 
well-known players at tha ftalah of 
the swlag worn Will aaa that thla is 

When taking the stancs. the ball 
should bs tsed at a poaltloa a club 
leagth away from tho laft kaaa. Take 
the atanca aad atand araat with the 
handa down. Thla wtll give one an 
idea where to the bail. Bome 

golfers ISan ^ver 'lult*. a bit while 
others atand atral«bt»r Tti<- x 
planatlon of that belongs to a dia- 

cuaaion ai tha sgrisM aad tha fut 


The y - i«,i .,««<. team will 

hold ;i i)r^ • ,\t (he Canteen grounds 
tonight at « 15. Ths following play- 
ers ars askcd'to turn out: Fvrdy, Pas- 
coe. Roecamp. Clegg. Paaamare. Mux- 
labl*. gteel< Nute. Stewart, Jenkins, 
M. Hicks, ilrosdhelf Alexandar Rlrk- 
In.^on. Mesber. H . ' ' ... , 
The next leiji... rtj- , , , . ... 
(United H' ' ' -1' U)r- I n:, -isif 
plays United Services nsAt idonday 

BuUf tf^ Flu H ht Ti 

V ancotii rr i ity f 'oiu r 
f'ursue t ugitive 

Association Executivo Ar- 
ranges Conditions for Field- 
ing Prize— Wew Member of 
Setection Committee Ciiosen 



Board Members Chosen fur 
Local Representation on 
New Biitish Columbia Body 
to Regulate Game 

A.MKETI.NG of the exemtivt 
(if thr \'ict<)ria uiul iJistrict 
Cricket Association was 
held yesterday evening at which 
a consiilcrahle amount of l)iisi- 
iiess uf importance tu local cricket 
was di.s posed of. 

The following condltlona were ar- 
ninged for the awarding uf the field- 
ing prise presented by Mr A Booth. 
The captain of each team playing In 
league matches will be required to 
chooee the l>est three flielders of tlm 
opposing team and award thsm 
three, two and one points In order of 
merit. The flelder getting tho highest 
number of points at the end of 
the season will be awarded the prlaa> 
The polnta will be given alggtlgt tra# 
last Saturday's matches. 

Sergteant-Major Stevens was elected 
on the committee In < harge of select- 
ing Intercity teams In place uf Mr. 
Montgomery, who baa realgned owing 
to pressure of businesa. The ( onunit- 
tes will meet at the earliest poaalble 
opportunity after next Baturday^f 
Tnateka^ ^ — 

v. C .<^e«ley was elected as sub- 
secretary for Victoria In the British 
Columbia Cricket Asaoelatlon. ile 
Will receive membership fees of ona 
dollar sach from aayoae wllHag ta 


'\')\*' four members of the local 
l onid of itie asaoelatlon to work with 
Measrs. £. Parsons and K. C. Bealey, 
ez-oAdO mambars. were chosen as 
follows: CapUln Coley. H. W. Ed- 
wards, F. A. Sparks, and Sergeant* 
Major ' « 

Wednesday ix'ugut-* 

The Vlotaria Wadnaaday Crlckal 
Licague has rsoelvai a challenge from 
the '\'anrouver Wednesday League and 

an ■ «ani» will tie rilayed be- 

tween t^atius re [irescntative of theae 
two leagues on July The Wednes- 
day Lieague's selected committee wlU 
meet With tha eoamlttaa of tha Sat- 
urday X^eague, coaslsting of Mesara. 
Parsons, Edwards. L. Wyles, B. It. 
Ix>rk and Colonel Ooodday, at flvs 
oVt". u toda\ . In the Chamber of 
Cor ; ' o rooms, to make srrangs- 
menis for the matches. If Is pro- 
posed to Issue tickets admitting to all 
three Intercity matches in the Satur- 
4Mr> Wadneeday and junior divisions. 
The committee will also arrange for 
ths entertainment of the visiting 

It was arranged that ths match oS« 
twsen Vlctorlfkaad the Five C'a post- 
poaad fram Mat Shtnrday shgtl ba 
played en Septombar I. and daba are 

Informed that In future thsy must 
live up to the rules of the league In 
the matter of postponing matchea. 

Bern/iardt'H Jfinln 

Put Lp At Auction 

PARIS, June 11 — Rarah Bern- 
hardt's stags Jewela went under ths 
hammer at pablle aaetlon today. A 

tot«' of t8,780 frnncs wa* paid for 
«r<«(t» trinkets wbn«e intrinsie valus, 

<> X r ' . ' ' "d to lass thgh 

' •n,' ! f 'I ' h (if I ii« I f .KUre. 

Two decorations of Austrian origin 
which Mme. Bernhardt wore aa hsr 
uniform as the Duke la Raatand's 

' L'Alglon," placed on sale at forty 
francs, were finally knocked down 

aft' 1 trd bidding nt 1 310 francs. 
Tb- Kt.'wt prbe was for two brace. 
1'"^ cheap tlnael affairs, used by 
Ha rah in "Theodora." which brought 
2,999 fraiMSi 

After-Eating Diilrtit 

«nrt ' ' n» of asaamch trouble, 

gw pxins. arid. sour, burning 

utss by taking Je-Xo. J»-X« aold by 

VANCOtrVBR. June 11.^1 
sns ran for cover today when three 

officers of the city polloa opened fire 

rtt noon lo tiio >i<.wnfown district on 
J . .Murd -• !, fc ! « ' f . -i lo re- 

spond lo ^'1 ' I'l'r To stand. Murdock 

waa shot through the leg after aev- 
eral raanda had baan flrad. ' 
Chargad wHh skapMltag. he u 

■adar guard In a hoapltal, where his 

wound la pronouneed not «p>r1oii« 

ri<»>t I H ruiNii rt r%ssj>, 

OTTAWA. June 11.— John Patrbi. 
Oarmaa. wal^fenMra ald-Uasar among 
the Canadian printing frataraity, died 
here today, fla took tha Srst prtnting 
preea up the Itod River to Wlnnlp'v 
y>rfor« the sdvent of rstlwaya In tb» 
West "ij h...ti..i. fft Ottawa. 
Burvivs H» «*s iiorn in Kilkenny. 
Ireland In 1 B&K 


tai4 Vr W*«TW« 

rm St MtmfM' it 


** TWm 8mmm That Lmat* m Ufmtitm*. " 

M«ae-«* Meeaere Mkirta r>t th* keat sraits 
■iiaHah matertalaLOefee^a. V«y«ii«. i^phyr* 

Uiirl, Cellar and Tie SNop. Lli. 

7iS v«t-» »l 

Hotel m\4 


%HB SV4S 1^ 

Tennis Supplies — ZZmU! 

oosB n un tm VMM 


Johnson at Rroad 
"The He 


■s of 

Fbons 77S1 

i»HE DAILY COLONIST, VICTORIA. B.C., Tl l:^l)A^ . II XH 12, 1923 












Brand new, clean and well made, 
received direct from the factory. 

Sues— 5, 10, 25, 42 and 100 


They're the very thing for storing 
the ju^e of logan and other berries. 

Hickmaa Tye Hardware Co^ Lti 

itort PhoM 59 

M4-Ut YatM atTMt Oikt PImnm 2043 

Let Me 





THE Y.M.a.iL 

for $^.00 


For the Summer 

bntitles holder to use of our won- 
derful eqtitptncnt and participation 
in all r pum till 

September li\h. 






Delicious — Dcady to serve. 
No Bone No gristle - 

Saves work and fuel and costm but 
llttkl mors thAn butchers' joints 
rcquirintf cook infi and with a laurgs 
proportion of bone and waste. 


(•Taail«MittMT« AT ■••■TAIJtl. p 





W«tch tf It on ««ur next trip up n.. 

Tnr ••I. Vy mo.» r>rat*( ami 


A fer^ cents serves 
a delicious dish , 



M Witt IOmH's Ual' 
mmX. ft fSMtiilaa dmwa 

not tile fnfla'mmatHm antf 

Splendid for nauralgia. 



Will Study (x)nditions in This (^ountrv 

KM. I 1^11 r ^RMKItKT I f -( KtlR ( \VMi\ 
Font hriK'i' s'^'iiiK Km^Iis^ (till" niigiiij from (iiuit»*ii lo (Ightarii \> j.« i.f .gr, l>.>. r«»i' hcl 

I Uat until Hcpt«mb«r. Ihey r nntcr th« Mr Htnry 
Thornton M hol»r»lili>», .nd .re < t<ii|>cron«<i l»y MiM Wolf* Murr.v. ■ ii»»».i mp<t woman, who U a 
dMt^dant of Uonoral Mumir. The firli arc: Miaa .loan Moorr. I.elroatorablra; Miaa Iw Town. 
Md, o( Humr: Kin midrod WhiU, uf Dfvcmahlre, and Mlia Knima Abaolon. o( Mtddlmj^ I htir 

t« iMek aM wrtto wera laeUra In th«ir aclootlen. Nlw Moora, Um yaaiHrtat. dcfcattd 
kar tftthar to a Mfii« eontoat Juat balB(« laai«« -— 

Premier Baldwin 
Serious Statesman 

By H. SomervlUo 

IjOSDOS^Mmt BrUllant atatca- 
m«B ar* oat of faahlon In Bngland 
Jiwt new. nor* la no laek of flrat- 
elaaa braina, but they ara either In th« 

Owioaltlon <n i.iitiilde Pnrli&ment Af- 
ter the dazzlinc «xplolta of the \\>l!>h 
Wlaard from Veraallle* to Onoa. 
with the climax at Chanak. the coun- 
try looked for a premier, aa acme 
hiMbaaOa ar* aald to pratar their 
wivoa, without -too nueh Intolloet. 
Mr. Bonar I^aw waa aagacloua In 
rotinnel and nkllful In debate, but he 
hart no in^t^no'nnn to wli or elo- 
quence or learnlnB or drivhiR T'ower. 
Nevertheleaa he won ihr • hip of 

hia party and tha verdict ot itie coun- 
try B^tlra' sanaral alautlon, daviilto 
Mr. Lloyd Oeorv*. daaplta tha labor 
Party, and deaplte the defeetlen of 
th» moat eminent leaders of hta own 
party. hat mora utrlklnK'y illiia- 
traten the- country's nuKid la that Mr. 
Bonar Law. with h;^ almost paralya- 
Inir franknaaa, eonfeaaed he had no 
profframma. that hla policy waa 
mainly nefatlva. and that all ha 
aimed at waa to fivo tSo ooantry 

Mr. Baldwin la Intellectually aa or- 
dinary aa Mr. Bonar Law. la juat 
an ataraca apoakar end debatar, not 
very quick or fluent, but ha la clear 
and underatandable. and there la 
often .T llternry fla\nr about, his 
apeechea. for lip i» a lover of gooil 
booka and hlo re«.i ni; Mifluorn-fa hi* 
aptaklns. Of bualneaa problema he 
haa a Arm vraap, and In thla reapect 
ha neod not faar cotnpariaon with 
any of hia raeont prodoceaaora in the 

What has commanded Mr. BaMwIn 
to his party In hla character. Col- 
leafuea and opponenta have con- 
fldeneo In him bocnuao ot hia abso- 
lute atralchtforwardnoaa and dlaln- 
tereatedneaa. tTo attain popularity 

amriiiK inemhpra of tlii^ ItOUaO of 
( '1 1 mm oiis IS no tHsk wnd It may 
Vi* (luris b\ an\l>0'ly who is ii"t a 
bounder or a bore. Stanley Baldwin 
waa popular before anybody dreamt 
h^ would reoch high ofllce. Ha love<d 
to frequent tha amoklng-room of th« 
Houae. puffins at hla Inevitable briar 
and joining In the nenejal converaa- 
tlon. When mf-rnbers he<ome mlnla- 
tara they ii!«iiallv spen.l Utile time In 
tlir sinokliiK t.- ti Ah o<i| d on t of 
the Board of Trade, Mr. Baldwin was 
an ascaptlon to this rule. He kept 
to hia old haunt with tho result, aa it 
proved, of aomathlnv mora Important 
than an enhancement nf bis reputa- 
tion for Boclablllty. By spending so 
tiiMch time In the snioklnK-rooiu he 
kept In touch with the feeling of the 
general body of members more than 
did any other Conaarvatlve Mlnlatar. 
^T. Anatan ChambarMn, the laader 
nf the party, waa hopalaaaly out of 
touch, aa the Carlton Club meeting 
showed. Mr. r.;i!d\vln, thanks fo his 
lo\e. for his briar pipe, knew the way 
the wlPfl w.\- hli>winn 

Whilst he Is liked for his sociabil- 
ity. Mr. Baldwin la admired for deep- 

Little feet give 
hardest wear 

RUNNING. p.„u..rg. 
r limbing, r<->t",p .ijj k i (! 

"■•i^'itiR Fleet Foot sh'i'-i 
for summer. 

Taadar. crowinf foot aaod 
t ht Ugkt. flasibia, MiMtttac 
ioottMBlofft 9i Floot Foot. 

Nsulus alieedom has 

erer mat all ihfmr^ nfr.u i. 
well, nor so fronomi. aHv »«i 
Fleet F-u.f 

prt«i licaigurd ir 1 • h all |i:.<- 

I » t r ll«r'l m lifiexl ffi.ltwr,!! 

Iniilf of be«f nistenaU v.ih 
i.ighest okiU ior children and 

Thar an s«t Float Foot 
I Floot Foot 


naat Font «M nritrinmtw^ mnA i. 
■mO* mlr hr •>» D<wttaiMi aokb«r 

9T**m TK« nasM PIsaa nek to e* 

rrrrjr psi r tt faOT oaMMilM ef 


The regular meeting of Vic- 
toria Review. No, 1. W B A,, will bo 
held In the K of »' Hull. Go\orn- 
ment .Strf-ft. thla everiliiK, Therrt 
will be Initiations and Important 
buslneaa will be dlscusaed. and a 
full attandanoo of mambora la re- 
quoatad. Quarda aro particularly 
aakad to attand. aa plana for the 
Ouard of Honor for tha viaiting 
Supreme Ofllcers will be made. 

er qualities. He has just those char- 
acteristics whir-h. slncf the days of 
<'hfnM-».i •« "very perff-cf gentle 
knight. ' have been found In the best 
tyoe of Bngtiahman. There ia aomr- 
thins of the Puritan, yet nothing of 

ttn pity, m mr dsmiN«mon.~ ~Ra tg 

not above laughing at broad amok- 

Ing-room . Jokes, or even telling them. 
Yet he ha.s retlKlous carnestneaa In 
his blood Hf> himself 1.* <"hiirch of 
England t in li mother w,is the 
daughter of a Wealeyan Methodlat 
mlntater, and hia uncle waa \ha Rev. 
F. W. Mac^onald, a famoua Waalayan 
preacher. Tha eldar Mra. Baldwin 
was ona of the celebratod four Mac- 
donald sisters. One matrir.i the 
father of the present rr< 
other married th«r father of Uudyard 
Kipling, and the other two married 
great artiata. Sir Edwarda Burna- 
Jonaa and Sir Bdward Poyntar. 

The Prime Minister s wife Is In 
character vary iiko himaelf. She is 
the mothar ot a largo family and ta*a 
home-Ioving woman and a raligioua 
one. On her huaband'a elevation to 
one of the highest positions on earth 
she said: "On» must believe in a Di- 
vine Hand, We diil ii"t expert it We 
did not hope for it. We Juat kept on 
doing tha work that lay bofora m '«a 

it came." 

Mrs. Baldwin has reveal^-d the- fact 
that last Ortcber Mr B.ildwin 
thought Ills political career was rtn- 
lahed because he was determined to 
cut looae from Mr. t4k>yd Oaoiso and 
tho Coalition. Ra and hla wtfo wore 
on holiday In France whon he was 
summoned home on account of the 
Turkish i-rlsN He kept on Kending 
wires to Mrs. Baldwin saying that hla 
return tu her was delayed. When 
they did meet again he told hfr that 
even without conaulting her ha had' 
decided to giro up politics. "Wo'll 
now Hava our long holiday that wa 
have ao often promised ouraelves." he 
told her. "Then I'll go lni.i bnsineas 
again, tJtough I don't ki x . 

who will give me a jot>, An\\\.\i, 
we'll live our lives," Mra. Baldwin, 
in narrating the story. eommOBtad, 
"But. |-oa aae, in aplto of hla dooialon 
It waa not to be. That le why X af y 
one muat eee the influence of a Dl> 
vine Hand." 

At a masting of Woresotarshira 
farmara during the war Mr. Baldwin 
aiild: "I7nla»a we are all very much 
poorer at the end of the war than 

Ht the liealnnliig, we nhoiild not be 
able lo look our returned aoldlers In 
the face." He acted on his words by 
imposing a capital leyy on hlmsslf 
and paying ovsr to tho .Bxchoqusr 
one-fourth of hla poasesaions During 
all his fifteen years In Parliament he 
has ne\er t;ikcn ihe s salary of 

(400 a year. When the workers of 
the Kreat flriii of Baldwins were ln- 
volve-d In a strike, SUnlty Baldwin 
paid all the marriad man thalr wngea 
out of hla own poekat. Iliaaa quls- 
otle aaerlflcea aoom tha mora aingular 
In ihe very ordinary man who loves 
nothing better than to smoke hla pipe 
8 11(1 swap good atorlea. 

The underlying serlousnaaa of Mr. 
Baldwtai'a elMmeter aomotlmao abowa 
irt his public Bpee«h»s< Ha ones 

startled the Houee of Oommena by 
iileadinir from the front bench for 
filth, hope, work and love'' ua the\- -ohitton of economic problems. 
He told pressmen when hr was ap- 
pointed Pramior that ho would rather 
have prayers than congratulattona. 

The eldest of the Premier's alx 
rtiililren. (Illver, s .voiing insti i^f 24, 
IS a Socialist. There Is nothing real- 
ly singular in this A very large pre* 
portion of the thoughtful yoonc man 
at Oxford and CaanbrMga hava boon 
Soeloltota daring the last twenty 
yeara. It la a phase through which 
ih» sons of the srlstocrsry pass, hut 
moat of thetn be. onie rnnser " ' ' ■ »• 
later on Y"' s. Hxldwln r], 
like the Socialist parties In England 
and ha la gohaa out to Saat Afrloa, 
wharo. aa ho aaya. "with Nhtsra aa 
the common enemy, all man ara unlt- 
• ' !n the F ork of building up 

'•-ad of K down." Oliver 

Baldwin In) hO gtrlgin mlm§(t$ 

ness ot his tathcr. 

Tha eholeo of tho saw y ^ w il ar haa 
shown up In an Iroslinl light the 
present position nf tha House of 

1,'irds Ar( "ptable as Mr TIa ■ 1 > • 
In his new ofHce, his person. 4 1 . .airna 
nre not to be OOmpared with thoee of 
L«rd Curson. l<ord Curson has been 
r asas a orar aftnply beeauos he la a 
p*«r. and he haa boan paaaad over by 
the Conservative Phrty, whieh prides 
Itself on helna the historic defender 
of th» H.,iin». . f I .,r<1« Tf I' l« 'o 
Unde- 1 : - . ' • t , ' ;.»er 

no ma'" d :«t Ing •! i • '-'■'I bo hIS 

abilities s t «ervlrea tr. ih» State, la 
eUglble for the hichaat omce ataiply 
baa an oa ha la a poor, tho raoaH maol 
be that tha ableot men will doetfaio 
to enter the lte«M# nf T^rda Thi 
< inser \ a 1 1 \ e I'a 1 1 «■ i ! >-;«■•> t , , ■ ' , >■ 
■ I ' ! I I • ' ' \ n r e f '■> I I n . . f t h » !-i • i • ■ n ^1 
I >i.i'r:.>-r and l» ri :*- fsll to Mr R:4t(i- 

win'a lot to remove the- an«ngi|r to 
whleh ha owog hla alovatlo^r 

_ J ramp 

in Paradis'e 

Not the frowsy tramp who 
gathered with hit brother 
'bo's" if t' ? sandpit and 

partook ot the SAvory "mul' 

1' »»■ 

N o c Lonesome Lou and 
Wesry Willie snd Dusty 
Rhodes of the old'time joke 

books— the knight of the 
blind baggage, the brsfie fodl* 
snd the bumpers. 

Not the wandering brother 
who dodged the woodpile, 

" sofnetiinee csught the ~^ 
•tone pile, who marked thl^ 
frie i' > house for aU vi«4|iii|^ - 

■ - ! tiie Coxey's Armyfellowf 

ai ail, friends. 

But You an ^ Me — off for a 
day's fishing oi out cn a Iske 
in A motor boAt. 

drying fish over a pine fire 
A thousAnd mites from the 
tov^ n \N e a e ffd up With onct 

in a while. 

Or gypsytng with that good 
little old joke-proof car, pack' 
ed to the boards with more 
junk thAHf you need to furnish 
4 houM* 

Out where the west befins, 
or the east shows us some' 
' R wt didn't know wsi 


Up amoni^ the gold mining 
boys oi I lie north, or down to- 
the lAnd of EvAngeline. 

For A week or a month, for 
the v^? p sum mere jutt You 
snd Me, brother— A COUpIt 
o' tramps in paradise. 

And a carton of Strollers 
along to kppp tlip lastc in 
tune, and plenty more to 

cheer ut up, AnywhAre» when 
thoio Are gone. 

Strollers for oys who Ijke 
to itroli. SAy Cimme/' 


Just Say- 


(Ml iv^ay 



niiiMUiri| y|yumy||iyuy|m 

it H twUm 
M rtok at 


M An Oroorrg k£iIL|S 


•Tlia - DAILY CO L O N T ST , VICTORIA. B C. Tlf'Sn \N 



N^ll Shipmain 


H • 1(1'' 1 ooqutrcd th« trouii 

mad* II ^itl'l htr fold aii4 io««. 

tti« femooa N«n SMpaMa wtM tmmm m m> 



mtm WtM 



TONIGHT? and f TOMOIWOW .irf TMUMDAYt J, 7 Mrf t 


^dhf Yall Shtik'' WI TH THE BERG SISTl^RS 


■ — ■ — 

JEAN K i I K and 1>1 X I K FRANK MAYO in "The BoltH l>oof^ 



NELL mmm sw 
IN 'm mM\m 

kormrr \ W loria <.lrl In \nalher IMr 
I hal lir*r» Slniiip <»f 
t'nuMUil IndlTtdiuUlty 


Hcrt't • Bora-Pirt Tip 

Jask Pickiord 



Garricon't Finish" is the only 

horsf race drama that Rnod 

'-nough to be classed with "The 


Tlfre'n a Feature Ymill 


i 'r ' r ; H K v tif * ( 1 1 rat S' ■! V 

Brothers Uader 

"The Leiiher Pushers" 

Starring RfKnald Denny 
Ro«ii4 One Die ^a^a«laf 

Two" . ' 
Tvntirrly KcW Seritt • 





The last Moment 

-the thing! the terrible thing i* 
t»o«<" — midnight on the deck of a 
storm-toaaad acbooner. 



One of Her Greatest Pictures 


"The Bells 

>ir Henr/ Irving s Greateat Succcta 


Compton Comedy Company 

w .■rtn»»<1»x--Sp»'-liil rrlr»». *l»r und Mr. 
riiunilay, Fr*<l»y iin<1 Piiurrliy. 

a*i<. •««•. %ir 

Matin** Ralurday. M« 
^ C«irtKln. t »fi l:Sf 

Lecture on Music 

s •TNK MimtTfiv or Alvr* 

TyM<if . Jww MW>. ttiO Ortltctlon 

UtAUmUk iiUAUl) 

for<«i rlefty 

Hev Father J. F. (Silver waa laat 
night unanlmoutly dhosM to head 
th* Eaqulmalt Board of Trade during 
tlif> l!>?3-14 term, at a meeting of 
tlie organlratlon'a dlrectora, " which 
held In tho Bailora' Club'^Other 
offlclala appointed wore aa fotlowf: 
Flrat vlce-preaident. Rooro Alo«. 
I,ockl*y; Kpf -infl vlce-proaldent. Coun- 
cillor .TBn)<»!» N'lcol: treaaurer. Mr. 
William A. Dpavme. ami aecrotary, 
Cupti^in ft. V. Matheaon. y 

Tho mooting, by a vote, exprooood 
appreciation of Mr. R. H. Pooley. 
M. P. r.. retlrtnjc prealdent of the 
r.oarfl of Tiiide who had workfil 
hard to aecuic nfw Industries in the 
luuiiiclpality. and had on every oo- 
caaion lent tho organlaatlon aaaiat- 
anoe. Mr. Pooley would not atand 
for re-election, stating that he be- 
lieved that the precldency should go 
to some other director of the board. 

Considerable diacuaaion took place 
concerning tho number of siteo situ- 
ated on tho weat aide oT l^ulmalt 
harbor that would be suitable for the 
eatabllnhment of ln<1ui«(rie.«. ir bfiriK 
ataled that the loratlonn were < lo^e to 
ilie U. C Klectrlc power, to watT 
"'ipply, and tvanaportation by rail 
anil water. Tho dlrectora atig^eated 
ttiat information concerning these 
araaa ahould be placed at the KmiuI- 
malt' Mui|ieipRl Tlnll, an that Inqulr- 
era coiild secure necessary data. 

The Board of Trade has decided 
not to hold mootlnaca monthly during 
the Bummer months.- but any gather- 
!iiga to bo held will take place at the 
call ot tho president. 

The meeting decided to hold In tho 
near future an ontortalnmoBt to gM 
the members of tho organlaatlon to- 
gether. It is likely that at thia 
function tho inauguration of- the 
drive for .morsi oMmbsrs will take 

l/tring On the Mothrrlnnd 
It has been argued, and hy none 
more loiirfly than those who have 
lived politically on ImperlaUsm for 
years, that Australia tiannot afford to 
pay adoqtiately for It* estornal de- 
fence. Thl4 Is only ancthsr way of 
Mylng that BrtUln. which is raising 
In personal taxation 12 to evary il 
•alued l.y AwBtrklir. ahould under* 
i.ik" the oMlnailona of defending our 
trade, our freedom and Our racial 
purity for us— a propoaiUon that 
ahould be revoltlns to any aelf-re- 
-pecting citlsen of the Common- 
wealth, and that will certainly bo re- 
volting to the average Britisher^ 
Sydney Bulletin. 


Found — Tha place to bay WgU 
Paper. ^It Pandcra Avenua. 

narirlli Wnahing ComponncI on<-e 
used seldom refueed. Phone SfitlT:;. 

OlrW AoHf«y Mie «i 

Christ Church Cathedral Schoolroom 
Wednesday, Juno li, at I p.m. 

It. If itarker. Ill Jonas Bldg. 
Frofeaslonal Maassnr. Tlauulti UgUt 
baths. Phons S440. 

Mail!* .S'J /r«(/f f/ I n^rr> 

n recked 1 . 1\ H. Boat 

NORTM SVDNKV, N S . .lune 11 — 
The «aUner,| innHa from the wrecked 

. (.111 I mlfli kI »>a ni^h I (i liner 
.Vtarvnli^ hrouKht Into port yea- 

torday other materials salvaged 
were three safes from the purser'a 
dopartaiont, eoatalntng eash and 
valuaMoa, tho ship's loc maal« 
fssta and other papora. 

««Biw«e**a"**"«"""""^*"a«a«BBBBBi*BM«:- . 

Gas From Food 

Presses on Heart 

If food doea iit>( ttigeat U luina Into 

p^iaooa which form gas. Thla often 
prssssa en heart and •tlbar Mgana 

e« using a nerrous. res t less foetlnt. 

l.urkthnrn hark al\r«r'!!» 
It, an fnliod In A.tlerlWa remf>i 
r rv «> ■ '"t f""'! nint(«r N (Ml naver 

thought waa lo >nui ayatem « M' h 
caiiaatf gaa and preeeure on ' 
Adio^iha oipele potsssM and gas from 
BOTfT vpper and lower bowel. KX* 
t KI.l.KVT to guard NgoinM appsa dt - 
rltls. ill) II ft Co., DruKgi.-«(v 7«S Tateo 


I'HiM^ ai \ew WtU. Uugfett'a Sta- 
tion. June 11. Od*d flMr add mnsle. 
All welcome. 

I>T. nngli t'lnrkc. Dentist. 414 Cen- 
tral Biiildlna; Houra 9 a.m. to • p.m. 
daily. Monday. Ttiasdny mu4 Thurs- 
day evenings. 

(^Mn Vows Tallyho l«a^e• tsk 
Yatea Street, next door to L,lbrar>. 
for Hatley Park Oarden .Iiin* IS. 'at 
'.' and ^ |i ni t » i.„ fare. 78c. 

Strawb^y \ ale WosMa's InstHnte 
Osrden Party, Mental Horns Oroi^nds. 
Wilkinson Road. Wo^eeday, JunS It, 
commen(>lng t p.m. Orchestra. 

llntloT Park <;ar«1ran open la pub- 
II, V\ n^nfla \ Imh* 1,1. two to sll, 

<wi»r auspices of Florence Nigrht- 
aale Chapter. I. O. IX B.. tie ad- 


" ■■■ iisBBHiaia^ I —III I 

Itiflc. aatlsoptle. eafa atiaoiuia 

cure gaarenteetl: IS yasra' prarttirMii 
• »perl«n.-« llnnman ir«rtl?l 

catad I>ond> ri «ii»rtatiat r Tl Wlaeb 

MlH Christie l4«ak has r«turn*<l 
from an sfetenslvo visit with rflatlvea 
in Castor* Csnads. snd Is asnin re 
eslvlag puRlW for inetrttctlon on the 
plaaofort* at her homo. ItM St 
Asa'a •treat. Phono 4211* 

Nell Shlpman. who was & •••-time 

realdent of this city. Is St tbo lUral 

Th'-'i"- with aniither of thOSO plc- 
tuir» bear tlx" nl/imp of her Un- liidlvlduall! . and ablllt> I' ' 
called "The Orul* Hlake/- an.l ii ip 
to her accustomed /^ramlat.l in ni'.-«i 

'^^pectsand beyond it la others, .m '•' 
i *n tho -sMollaait story written hy 
Miss Ihlpman. she «1vmi a remark 
able eham^terlcatton of a girl - hose i 

by triHis almodt beyond endurance 
who. t>y iiherr pluck and grlf. over 
comea the nrcumala ncen Into wiiloh 
rnt\ haa thrown her In addninn, 
i rre are the amaring .(nimal.* with 
out which no Nell Shlpman picture 
would be eomplste. In her new on^ | 
ihrre are more animals than ever 
t.pfiiie. and they contribute no small 

iurt to the ifxirrrftn of the atr>r>- 

They are the wild animal!" of North 
America — cougsra, deer, beara. bea\T 
I ireuplnes, coyotee, and many othera 

and are in no sense the nralaed" 
■ i iadrupeds of tho Jungle often seen 
i.n the screen. Her seenss wlh them 
cannot he doubled or helped by trick 
photouraphy Nell Shlpman eppeara 
with the anlniala touchea them and 
allows them to careaa her In turn 
and take the chance that the careaa 
does not turn Into a vieioua bit* or a 
rib-eraeking hug. From this stand- 
point the picture la truly remarkable. 

The atory centres around a poor girl 
who ekes out a precarloua llvinit for 
her invalid father and herself In 
Seattle. She encounter* Mark I.,eroy. 
an Alaskan gambler, who promises to 
"grub-sUko" the girl. This means 
that he advances sufflclsat money to 
take her father to Alaska, the Tind of 
her <lreama But Leroy decides to 
marry her rather than lose her and 
goes through with a ceremony whh h 
the girl believes real. Too aoon aha 
learns that Leroy's business la procur- 
ing girls for the Monte Carlo dance 
hall, and* she learna of hia real wife. 

What the Kirl doea then la a credit 
to her moral atamlna And what 
happens to plunge her Into the adven- 
tures that follow, especially her life 
with the animals. Is part of a faccinat- 
ing narrative that should be seen to 
be fully enjoyed. 

Aa unu tl th*" weekly Mualr lA>\era' 
N'Iftiil progr.i III ■' .• |-i\ en by the Royal 
thirty-plec-e ^ ■ i under Director 
F'rescott every Monday evening, waa 
excellent. The nawhors l^layed were 
much enjoyed by the largo audience. 
The following la a few of the apeclal 
numbers played: "Cavallerla Rustl- 
cana" (Mascagnl). "Serenade North- 
ern'" tOlaont. Klectrlc t^lri' 

(Holmes). and "Broken Hearted 
Melody" (laham Jonea). 

COLUMBIA Napoleon ones said that 
THKAT1UB a soldier In fear of lUa 
- life who p'reaaed steadily 

forward, deaplte hi.* trepidation, waa 
a braver man and more heroic, 
than the fellow who never knew fear. 
And In The Lisat Moment," the 
photoplay which was shown at the 
Columbia Tbsatre yesterday for the 
flrat tlnTo, there 1« a atrlMng picturlxa- 
tloB of thia atlrrlng,Jdea, Aa the title 
would indicate, a youth with a shelt- 
ered snd booklah background la un- 
e«pectedly plunxe.l i i ■ , . a terrlfyinx 
altuatton, but for ► i he |ove.« lie 

rises to heights of tha flneat herolem. 
The action takes place on a sohooner 
mastered by a delightful bruts of a 
man who enforces his whims with two 
brawny flats, his boots, or w|th a 
belaying pin. But the feature about 
"The Kaat Moment" which makes the 
picture one of the moat thrillinir ever 
acreened la "The Thlnjc " a n iarht in .t re 
of horror, which suddenly confronts 
the nice young fplka. What "The 
Thinr* la will not bo told, biteauae 
that would destroy the suspmse In 
aeelns the flim. There la aome flne 
flctinx. with Henry Hull, leadlnx man 
fif the Brna.lwav atake hit. "The Cat 
and the Canarj," pia.\-ing the title 
role. Dorla Kenyon, stage and screen 
star, waa lovely so the girl. Louis 
Wolhelm, who made "The Ralry Ape" 
so successful on Brosdwsy. Is the 
cruel sea captain. The picture ia a 
.1. Parker Bead. Jr . prOdUCtlOft, pra- 
se n'eri hy f;oIdwyn. 

DOMINION Madge Bellamys pro 
THKATRIC greaa in motion pieturea 
haa been swift and me- 
teoric. In leas thsn eighteen months 
she haa climbed to thn top through 
clever work In only three releasea. 
\'ery rec-enllj- two rtlfPerent prominent 
periodicals nt different timea aelecied 
her aa tho- I'est bei on the acreen for 
early stardom. She admits she was 
overwhslnsd at this idea, as the 
whole thins oaoM ae a real surprise. 
When Miss Bellamy forsook the stage 
and ventured Into fllmlspd, ahe was 
tlmoroua Those who know her de- 
t tare ahe waa the moat aaatimins, un- 
obatrusive girl they hsd ever seen. 
But when shs got started on her work 
aiHl beeame conversant with what the 
eamera would do. she beeama a dif- 
ferent person. Her grasp upon dra- 
matic proportlona and dramatic feel- 
ing waa regarded aa extraordinary. 
Now ahe haa ecllpaed her p'*«t 1m llllant 
record as .lark Pirkford - . i g l.tdy 
In hIa flr.if Allied Producers in l Ii|«- 
Iributora Corporation picture linrrl- 
son's Finish," showing at the Domin- 
ion Theatre this wssk, and In which 
she has taken seversT forward stepe 
which seem to Insure her all the more 
of the atetlar career no srtlat would 
spurn Misa Bellamy came to the 
SCrer-f <■(( iil)ipe.1 »i I ■ h dr amatic 

know l- U- In the \ ery Aral picture 
she appeared In she was included 
under the term "al^star," so satisfac- 
tory eras her artistry. 

' A nsw eantllSTsr bridge spanning 
the augll River at Oalentta, iMUa. 
will coot tia.eM.ooe. 



Tlir S«Trc#-ii 
t apliol llrc.ihftt I nder the 

»k\x>. carMfiK II •|ll||g"OS0Wlrll 

auU l'«il U'Mallcy. 
< ohnaMn — Henry Hull and Doris 

lCen\iin In ' Tli« Ijist M<iTne-tit" 
I>uiulala«i — Jack f'lckfurU In "Ciar- 

rtson's Finish." 
lioyaA— Nsll Shlpman In "The 
Orub Stake." 

The WUm» 
I 'a iita«e» — ^Vaudevlllo. 
I'injtiouaci — "The Bells," com- 
m«mcing; Wed nea.1 ,i > 


mm m wttK 

Hroih^Ti I iii1«r I lie skin Is I- «c«-*«<l- 
tnxl) K.rii cri al iiliiK Plc^iir''' - Mclcne 
Chad Wick Plays l/eiullng llolc 

"Brothera Under the SMn," the pic- 
ture at the Capitol Theatre thla week, 

la one of those light, exceedingly en- 
tertalnlnx comedy dramas that come 
once in an nn' and which are alwaya 
received with delight. Thla la a (lold- 
wyn picture, quite up to the usual 
Goldwyn etandard, based upon one of 
Peter B. Kyne'a popular magaxlne 
yarna. The story tolls of the similar 
demestle dlSlenltles onoenntered by 
two young husbands In widely diverg- 
ent layers of society — one a 'general 
I .at 130.000 a year the other 
a •.. iM' ng clerk at $30 a week, in the 
aame big corporation. 

The wives of both are young, beau- 
tiful, charming, but luxury-loving and 
irrssponslbls. Both keep .their hue* 
bsnds ln e(Wmal deht and eternally 

But there finally comes a last straw 

at which the two huaband.s lelipl In 
no ungentle fashion the respective 
wives are shown the error of their 
ways. And all, presumably, is well 

"Brothera U.nder the Skin" has one 
of those small but diatinctive casta 
that are seen too infrequently. Helene 
Chadwirk as the ahlpplnR clerk's wife, 
rep,- tihly One performance 

ahe *,''«• .ie the younjt wife In 
"Dangerous Curve Ahead ' I'laire 
Windsor, 'Whose beauty and ac^tlng 
atrtllty have made her one of the moat 
popular leading women of the acreen. 
appeara aa Dorothy Kirtland. the 
other wife. The two husbanda are 
respectively Pat O'Mslley and Norman 
Kerry. Viae Busch ia again the vamp 
In thia laugh-a-mlniite picture, and 
OS uaual a faacinatlng one. 

The film waa directed by E. Mason 
Koifper, whose deft. Ilvht touch was 
evident threushout. 


I^oveless msrrlsges' may more often 

than not Involve great auflfering. 
Whether a niarnafie In which the 
huaband lovea, but the wife doea not. 
mity Involve still more poignant 
anguish thsn when neither loves * is 
ths thsms of "The Bolted' Door." the 
Universal flIm play atkrring Frank 
Mayo, which will he shown on the 
screen tonight and tomorrow and 
Thiir«ilav at matinee and night per- 
formances at Pantages Theatre, to- 
gether with a bill of Ave strong vau- 
devillo acta. 

What rights a huaband may de- 
mand of a H^ife who haa told him 
ahe doee not love him. and cannot 
honor nor obey hini. ia a question 
for aerloua ( onsideration. Whether 
divorce i.s the only aolutlon. or 
whether the man can bring the 
woman to Uve #lth him. is ths prob- 
lem that Is treated In "The Belted 

The vaudeville portion of the hill 
ia headed by Clay Crouch, assisted by 
the Berg Sisters in the laughable 
musical farce. "Oh, You Sheik." A 
second feature will be Krans and 
White in ">7onsense." Purceii.i and 
Ramsey are fresh from musical com- 
edy The Two Falcons are ring ar- 
tlata billed aa "College T'omlques." 
and .Jeanette snd Dl«l«> are nifty girls 
who have a good singing and Ulklng 


The coming lecture by the famous 
Rngllah author. BIr A Conan Coyle. 
Illustrated with aiartllng spirit pic- 
tures, to be given at th« Capitol 
Theatre next Thursdsy evening Is 
creating considerable local iatsrsst. 
TIckeu are n^w obtalnabte at 
Fletcher Bros., who announce that 
their booking edlee win be open nti 
day on Wednesday. 

While Sir ('onsn haa become 
famous fhroughou <• orld as the 

author of the Sherlock Holmeo detec- 
tive stories, u ia not generally known 
that he had had the a^mntaco of a 
thorough scientific training. Hs la an 
U*D. of Kdinburgh University, an t 
for yeara was practising phyalcian 
That hp- Is a cloae observer and an 
acute reasoner is strikingly ahown In 
his remarkabls worka of fiction. In 
which he has revealed a wide range 
or solsntlflc knowlsdgs and a practi- 
cal aoqualntsncs with all grade* of 

With such qualiflrat ions n% these 
Sir Conan was admirably fliie,i ro un- 
dertake the work of pay hlcal Investl 
gatlon. which he began thirty yeaia 
ago when he Joined thv Society for 
Peychioal Ressaroh. Slaee then be 
has made a ce n atant stnSy et ths sub- 
Jeet. He haa Ttalted world famous 
mediums, tnksn spirit photographs 
with his own camera and plates, 
gated Into crystal balls. lived in 
dauri'eil hovisea. snd also lnvesHgate<l 

aplrii communications received by 
automatic writing, tho OnIJa hosrd 
snd planohstts. His eonclttsions have 
been emheCled In two weetts. ''The 

Revelation" and "The Vital Message." 

In proof of bla aplrtttiallstic theories 

' r ■ ' !v ' ti«> win sad 

I \ m .|».»<i oiolliei, his 

• ■ ■» '■ I : ' .1 in the war. and 

eiavm friends who havo passed over 
He has obtajnsd phetegrsphs of the 
astral body of stherla double and the 
I myaterloue substsnee enllod ecto- 
plasm. cm>''ei V -".ma MMiliiiix^ 
which occaa.onAiii U^es human 






During Jiis prsssnt tour Sir Conan 
will apeak on all thess subjects. In- 
cidentally he expects to conclusively 

disprove certain atatemeiUa thai have 
been made regnrdlng Kva, tlie famous 
t irnch ••ctopla'<nui mibjei I He will 
throw on the screen iihotographa 
showing various Stages of n toplaam 
which he has aeon and handled. 

"I have evidence," he says, "to 
back all my atatementa. and I am 
prepared to anawer all criticisms that 
have been made, regardlees ot their 

anil r ce " 

iiH,\i rni!M:ii im 

lU m^i ilMMMll Y 

MemtxTA an Cltlicns Fndorae Amend- 

■aent to T*"mi' «' Re- 

quost of Mi Mnii.-win 

Correspondence read at the Uocal 
Council of Women's meeting yester- 
day Included a letter from the At- 
torney-Oeneral asking support of the 
amendment to the Canada Temper- 
ance Act paaaed by the Commons. But 
diacuaaion disclosed some variance of 
opinion on. .is well aa lack of under- 
standing of. the matter, and the reso- 
lution which was drawn up haa con- 
sequently been sent forward to Ot- 
tawa as ths esprsaalon of individual 
eltlsemi who are members of the 
i.o<^<i Council, and- not by the Council 

aa a body. 

Mr. Manaon'a letter, read to the 
meeting by Mra. Schofleld, was, in 
part, as follows: 

"Personally. I extremely regret that 
there are a few ioda\' who do not 
agree with the Ion I am aak- 
ing from Ottawa. I am afraid their 
reaaons for not agreeing with me have 
really nothing to do with the merits 
of the question. The matter will come 
up in the Senate on Tuesday after- 
noon, June 12. I gather from the 
Senate debates of May 30 that the 
Ren.Tte would iirobiibly accede to the 
re<|iicst ;o eliminate the export ware- 
houses, but that there Is a grave 
danger that they may not accede to 
the requeat to prevent a private indi- 
vidual importing liquor. So long aa 
there Is private importation by Indi- 
viduals there will be bootlegging not 
only within the I'rovlnce but there 
will be bootlegging out of the Prov- 
ince into prohibition territory." 

The resolution forwarded to the 
Senate, which had the aignattire of 
about ten membera of the Council, 
but failed to receive the endoraatlon 
of the Council as a body, la as fol- 

"The amendment to the Canada 
Temperance Act as psssed by the 
Commons is a measure to Insure en- 
forcement of the law of British Co- 
lumbia, and ss cltlsens of this Prov- 
ince, of varying political opinions, we 
beg to express our approval of the 
smsndmsnt to the Act and request 
support of your honorable body ot 
the same" 


URDfciO) fOR WfcfcK 

Na\.\ l,e.igue Se.i Cadef ordera for 
week ending June 16 arr- as follows: 

Monday. 7 p.m.. band practico; 
Tuesday. 7:30 p.m., both watchee for 
Instruction; Thuroday, 7:ie p.m.. both 
wnK hf~s for Instruction; Friday. 7 p.m., 
brnd practice; Saturday, 7 p.m., petty 
ofllcera' mess meeting. 

B. J. Brown Is rsted qualified sig- 
nal boy from thla date. 

Sooke SubdU Islon— Inatruetlen fST 
wt-ek: Knots and splices. 

An Instructor from Victoria will 
visit the aubdivlsion on Saturday, 
.lune l*. for instruction and drill, 
petty nfllcer in charge will make ar- 

(Signed) P TRiBF. 

Commanding OfHcer. 



Burdock Blood Bitters 

The »'irr#-» ira-pepsta. Indi- 

(eetion or other stomach troublsa 

Who has te piek and choose hla food 
<to the meat miserable of all gMnkInd, 
Kven the little that to eston eaoeea 

n .rture, and la dl«-e«'e^ eo Im- 

perfectly it doea but little good. 

Before you can eat hearltlF and es- 
|oy your food, you must pM your 
stomach right so that It will manu- 
fit . wn digestive fsrments. 

Mr. Wm. Kruschel. Morden, Man.. 
wrHsa; "iMae time ago I had quite 
a serloos ease of slemaeh trouble. In- 
dlgeatlon T could scareety eat any- 

and even then i generally had pains 

after aaeh meal. V tried many dlf* 
forent medlclnee. hnt wlthent nay 

Improvement, and had almost gtven 
np h r- • • - ■ - !,■,«•..' A r • ; ( »» 
bor recommended Burdock Hiood 
Bitura SMd star using It a short 
time I Ml SMek hector. I 
ttnQsS to nse ft until I was 

, » ; r can honestly say 
thai n I' n haa done wond*-* ''^r 
■ne after alt Other modlolnes '* ed 

B B R ts put «p only by Tho T. 
Milbnra Co^ T ISIIHl tSvWMe. OsC 

mm\m m\m 


8lite<on-"* car-Old ViotorUi Boy Seta 
Out on Bicycle to See Sonae- 
thing of World 

Stexen Barklev, aged sixteen jears, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Berkley. 
1221 Oxford Street, auooumbed to the 
call of the wanderlust last Saturday 

and left for parts unknown. He left 
a note to hla parenta on the dining- 
room table stating thst he was going 
(arnplnR for a while, hut did not say 
where he Intended going or how long 
he Intended stajl^iR 

When his father returned from a 
trip Into the Interior of the Island 
yesterday and Isarnsd of his son's 
leave-taking, lio eAlIi1ir~ir th* UlAS- 
quarters of the Provincial police de- 
partment and asked for assistance In 
Inatltiitlng n search. The missing hoy 
took his bicycle with him, and from 
the description furnishett by his 
parents he waa traced to Sidney, 
where hs arrisd Sunday aftsrnoon. 
Hs attempted to board the ferry for 
Anaoortos but was stopped by the 
Immigration authorities, Hs inquired 
of them the route to Nsnalmo, and 
was told that he would h,i\e to return 
to Victoria to get on the proper roHd 
Provincial police traced him towards 
Victoria as far as LAke Hill, where he 
was seen Sunday night, and it waa 
thought that he had startsd over the 
Malahat road ysstsrday, but Inquirisa 
mHde led to ths belief that he had 
either returned to Victoria or had 
started out on .mother road. 

LAte last night his father asked for 
the aasliitance of ths Victoria police 
depart msnt. When ths boy left home 
he Wss dressed In khaki trousers and 
a purple sweater, but he carried With 
him a bundle containing a blue serge 
suit with a small white- atrips. 

SL RVICL i: i yRlitU 

Cbambrr of Commerce Directors Will 
Work for Impr<ivcmcnt In Com- 
SMOlen^one to Soohe , 

OpsratlOB of a daily service over 
the Cowichan line of the Canadlun 
National Railways was urgsd by 
direotors of the Chamber of Com- 
merce In a reaolutlon adopted at their 
regular weekly luncheon yesterday 

Improvement of the Hooka road will 
alao be souglit by the Chamber, which 
has pledged itself to work this year 
for the development of all arteries 
leading to the wtat eoi^t of the 

The dlrectora dediled to offer the 
aasiatance of the Chamber to C.tptain 
Roger Pocock. who will re.-tch here 
with the Frontleraman pa^ty thia 

Mr John D. Klaslnger reported for 
•1 ape( lai committee working with the 
rit \ 11 tjt hfirillea and the Inner U.irl)r)r 
A->«oi ! .tlon for the protection of ahlp- 
pinc paasing the Johnson Street 
bridge. Prevention of aoeldenta to 
ths bridgs was also considered, and a 
reeoluMon was adoptsd stating that 
ths sbsoluts control of ths mastsr or 
pilot in chargo of ths vassals navlgst- 
Ing the hsrbor should not' he Inter- 
fered with. 

Need for better pssssnger ssrvlee 
over ths CanadUn National Railways 
Una to Cowichan was dsserlbsd in a 
letter from the Colpman Lumber 

The Chsniber will aak Hon. J. H, 
King to use his Influence with the 
I'oatmaster-Ueneral to sseurs an Im- 
provement In the pareele peat aervlce 
to Victoria. 

he paid out b\ the fjovernment to the 
cillc.s were not annoui>ced in 1*72 
until ihn middle of .luly. At that 
time profits amounting to t(00,031 
were disbursed, the per eailta share 

being 12.0175 

If la expected that profits for the 
last six months' pe- -vilt be ap- 
proximately llie ( aa in 
Half the prof^ia go to the munirlpall 
ties snd half to the (Jovernnient. of 
the amount paid 4 o ths municipalities 
one-half Is sarmarksd for hospital 

Commlasloner .lames H. Falconer 
announced yesterday that from now 
on. liquor will he supplied at 
the Government atores only on 
presentation of the buysr's per- 
mit. ICach liquor purebaae must 
be endorssd on the taralt — nt~ 
the permit ssch tims tno purehase 
la made. This order was made fol- 
lowing discovery that people have 
been getting llqtior nt the t^overn- 
nient stores by Bn>lng that fhe\- had 
lost their permits Oflllclala of the 
Board who disregard thn BOW erdW 
will be dismlsssd. 

LlljllllR MflNFV Tfl 

iio m\ im WI.I.K 

MCiN'TRKAI-. .June in A Salva- 
tion Army party of li'.n Kngllsh boya. 
under the i a re of I .leu tena nt -Colonel 
Onalow Kdwin, arrived In Montreal 
today from CJuehei-. 

After a brief stay hers, ths boys 
left by special train over the Cana- 
dian National Railways for the Weet. 
where they will be distributed smeng 
various selected farms and kept 
under observation of Salvation Army 

Of an average ags of slxtsan yeara. 
tho boys are all of a remarkably Sne 



in your soap 

You know the 
need of fine toilet 
soap in the care of 
your akin. Yoo know 
the need of cold 
cream. Gibbs Cold 
Cream Soap — Eng- 
land's finett toilet 
aid, gives you both 
at oniBe. Over 200 
y e a r 8* experience 
goes into every cake. 
Sold by dniggiati. 


Meri« f-T 

Ubbe N4 


// yee hm<* Jifieulty uemnng 
1km, mrilt SniJtr ^ BshIm, 


Plaaaing IMe- 

nialrilnitlon of the I'ro\lnciaI Or>\ 
ernment's liquor proflta for the last 
aiv months" period will take place 

thla week, it was staisd ysstsrday at 
the ofSos of Hen. John Hart, Minister 

of rinatnee. 

DtvMen of^the liquor profits among 

sixt\ two municipalities of the Prov- 
itue la iMing completed seversi weeks 
shesd of last yesr, as the amounts to 



er Dance 



8:M to 11:10 

Ladies. 2^c Centi, 50c 

tindlcr'i (Jrchcatra 





New Cars Phone 1 


, Vancouver Island \ 

1 J 

Grounds Open to Public Tomorrow Afternoon 


Mew Ha«e ProTltf«>d riMler 

liuiK-nii W I 



DUNCAN. Jua« 11 

optnlag of public r«^i> < < n r.n.m 
a»4 UbrMT eo»Ma*d, which ha* b*«n 
MttklMMtf In DiMCM ttB4«r th* au« 
pMM •€ th« Cowlehan Ubrary A — et a- 
tton and th« Cowlchan Woin«H'a laatl- 
t ,!» t ok place U«t w**k 

Thp library nnd leadiriK room !• 
entablliihed on ih^ ktimiihI floor In a 
room of tha Agricultural H-Hl fa'^uis 
UMll|l9«t, and la open evary <iav from 
t lo I and lAturday avanlngs from 
T U t:N. MMnWa of tha library can 
••t tlMl^ baeha asehaacad avary aftar- 
nO«B. ]>oiiatlena of ma»a«iBaa for tha 
raa4lMr*ra<Mn hnv^ i > en racelved ami 
n»iv«tr«1 pap^rn havo kindly placed th^ 
i«»(iinK i...'fn -ii tiioir axchang* list. 
Includlnc The CowUOan Leader, The 
Ddlly Tlmaa, Tha Colon-- \ nncouvrr 
DtStr ProviiMa. Farm and Homa, etc.. 
to all of wfileh tlM,«emnMta« as- 
tanda it«. .■ii<- 

(>|MTilnK < '•■n-n><>n * 

Tha opcnlnc c^i'-t" ' " i'""- 
fernad by Mr. K. r. Wuncan, M.P.P.. 
whb ronit-atalatad tha raatdaata en 
T nulremr^t of a library and 
I r i: room, and apoka of It aa an 
.,, the whole dlnirlct. Ha gave 
n br\r{ outline of the hlatory of the 
library which wae atarfed In hy 
aoma of tha plonaera of that time. Thf 
beokf war* aftarwards taken over by 
tha CowMhM Woman'a loaUtuta and 
than tranatarrad to tha Oowlehan 
Library AMoclation on Ita formation 
undar the preaant IJbrary Act. Ha 
pralaed th» work of the Woman's In- 
atltata and the Library Aaaoclatlon In 
tbair praaaat undartakins. 

KaOv* J. N. Svana gava an Interaat- 

int lat* 4nr ma irsmr «■ it waa ♦« 

thA old day*, whan It waa lodcad In a 
wooden thaek. Tha mambara In thalr 
maatlnga would often «et up dabataa 
on tha queatlons of the day or aoma 
mattar of saneral intoreat He aug- 
sMKad that aamathlnc on almllar llnaa 
might b* latreduead n«rw aa a baaafit 
to th* eomiTiunitv 

Mamory <>r Pion«>era 

Rer. Bryea Wallace paid a inlojte 
to tha mamory of thoae plonaera who 
in tha aarly daya encouraged a love of 
raadlng by the formation of tha 
library and tha organlaatlon of da- 
batea He offered hia naalatanca In 
ronnectiMD with nnv work among the 
younn (:»npi» ' v ' iin(ce thoi^ In a 
love of • ' - Mr-'' • <(lin». 

Mr. H «■ preald*nt of the 

Duncan Board of Trade, congratulated 
tha Woman'a Inatltuta and tha Library 
AMoeiatlon on thalr work, and hopad 
tha Uma would aooa eema whoa tha 

r e ■< ■ 1 1 n K t 1 

.1 11.1 hbi .iry < ouM I'e 

OP*"o all <1'«> 

Mr. H. R. Punaatt. praaldant of tha 
Ubrary AaMOlatlan. paid a trlbuta to 
tha work of Mlaa Wllao» la oonnoetlon 

with the Inatttutlon. 

At the conclualon of the maatlns. 

lira. KleinlnK. preaideAt of the Cow- 
lchan Won*en'.« I^^ I'u''- .V^.I.l'l Ml 
Invitation to all piesfiU lo < l;in> s 

tea protrldad by mambern '> ' 

readlac>roon» CQiuMttaa anU aerved 
In tba Woman'a Inatltuta roama. 




yamr Modkai 



he Oritinai Satin-Lika l<imth 
for Wang or VwniM 

You will he lurprited 
and dcli|httd with the 
lovely ftnith which 
Satin r.lo 8;i\r< to sur- 
faces to which it i< ap- 
plied It'* )u*t as good 
on your furniture a» <>n 
the wall», and «o you 
can make one match 
the other. Satin-Glo 
can be applied by any- 
one with cscellent re- 
»ult». Price, per tin. 
from - 

Agfc for Color Cord 



720 Yataa St. 

Phone 1386 

BOOKE. .IiiiK' '.I Tli>' r<'«;ill:ir 

meeting of the ."^ooke \Vorii»-ri's IiihM- 
liile wna heM in Sooke Mall laM Tufa- 
day with a fair attendance- uf mem- 
bera. Mra. Curtia Mutr w'aa unanl- 
moualy alaotad vlca-prealdant In plhca 
of Mra. lleBrtda, reMgnad. ' 

After eonaldarable iiisf-n.^ion it wna 
decided that tha ln»(lLutt< would not 
hold a flower ahow this year. 

The aacratary waa Inatructed tu 
aeed a Mat of the mambara of tha In- 
atltute to lira. Helen Campbell, of 
the Department ^ Agriculture, Ot- 
tawa, asking lier lo aeud each one a 
copy of the pamphleta which i hat De- 
partmeiil haa Juat imtilliihed deAlltm 
with the food valuea of dairy prod- 

It waa decided that a apeolal ef- 
fort be made to raise the b«Ianc«- of 
funda neresaary for the purchase of 
a piano for the arhoola. Thia fund 
waa atarted about two years ago, and 
there la now nearly $200 on hand. 
The aeoretVY waa Inetructed to write 
to aak Mr. K. H. Pooley. M.P.P.. to 
bring down a eoneOrt party. If poa- 
alble. thla month. Further particu- 
lars will be announced later. 

The secretary read ;i letlcr frurr. 
Dr. Kelton, medical lnM|>e<-tor of 
schnola, to the effecl Ihnt i; im hia In- 
tention to inapect the Souke school 
children on Wedneaday and Thura- 
day, June IS and 14. Dr. Feltonwill 
be at the aohool at f a.m. on both 
daya, and nl»o ,nt i p m. on both 
days In case any parents wiah to a«n 
hini and are unable to attend In the 

The subject for diacuaalon at the 
June meeting waa "Bducatlon and 
Better Bchoele." and Mra. Lundle. 
convener for thle subject, read a moat 
Intereating' paper that Dr. Uneworth 
had recently flven In Dunean on th:« 

^Ipprell, Mr. Owen 

and 8e\erai frlende from the Metro- 
politan Church vialted Boohe Thurs- 
day oYontot and a moat hearty and 
impreaalTe aerrlee waa held In the 
Knox Presbyterian Church. Tho ob- 
ject of the aarvica was to give the 
Hooke people a flrat-hand account of 
Prlce a rnmpaigna in \ ictoria 
and Vancouver After opening with 
several hymna, Hav. Mr. Owen led 
the congregation in prayer, and after 
another hymn gava a moat Interest- 
ing account of Ttr. Price'e mleaion 
' \ tcti-'ri.-s ' Vancouver. Rev. 
i " ^ p i' " ' I -1 1«- 1. i • a moat Inter- 

pmMpk I —* I'l l tii'fof*. fllo clfiw 

Ing the Kr\. Mr. Uundke spoke a few 
appropftafo worda. 


UNLES& you see the name ''Bayer" on tablets, you 
ate not f ettinj: Aspirin at all 

Accept only an "iinbrokr-^ r i kage" of "Bayer TaMct<; of 
Asplfin," which contains diicclions and dose worked out by 
physician^; durinf 22 ycarr ind proved safe by milli -i^ for 

CoUl'- Hc.hl.iv he Pbi^'imatibm 

Tooth;! Jic Neuralgia * Neuritis 
T nra( f iimba^o Pun, Pain 

Hajndjr ' Barfr K i-^. ■ f ! t«t 1. ' 1 Alao KittU., t anil 100 nniggl**"- 
Aeytrin it • ' •■ noA' >' •*»< --t «•" • m i »n«<l»' of l'«>i>r Manufariur* of Mnno- 

ee«tl«ar.i<i*«t*r of aaiio ucai la whn* it ts v*ii haewa (bat Asplrta m«*M Barer 
iMMvfaatare. te aeeiat tke aaftiie aaalaei lasNaMeaak tbeTabMeaf aarar Ceeigier 
WnT ba etamaed with their awaaril tfae* Mark. "flmvr Croas " 

Woodworkers and Cabinet Makers 

Wa moke to order anythinf in wood. Give a« yo«r order*. Help 
to keep diglhteti aoHiera in employment. Wo alao do picture framing, 
(■unitut'' repainiij.: niaWing. chair recantnfl:. Rf^^^ chair 

airing, etc. Wc t;>>4iaiitcr satisfaction. Our charges are moderate, 
o aiake a aaccotg of mr aa^ortakiac wa MMiat haeo yovr gapyort. 

The Red 

584 Johnaon Street (Juat Below Gov't St > 

Cross Workshop 



Yott are sure of being nourished 

if you talie 

CUMBERLAND. JuM • — OP ^r^' 
.i;iy evening In the AaCllean Church 

I Til I inii > ii 'commlttea held a 

\eiy cajojai.le whlat drive and Uance. 
Mra. A. Muana won the ladlea' prizo 

and -Mr. yymxnds the man's. The 
W. A. served i elro«luii»-nts. Dnnctna 
oommeoead at lu o'clock, a larger 
orowd itMiartajr. 

* '''AW -^W.J 

The maaqueradaa ' off Wn Ahghlo. 
near Mexico, ara famous. 

After Every Meal 

MAI I KY PARK. RKrtlDK.NCK I'l-- MM i \ \i h.s lUNHMI lit 
wtilrh, ihrnush Ihi- kindness of Mr» I luiifiiinilr. will tor thrown opm I i n.n kjubiii- loniorrow sflsraoon. b«lw»»n |hs hour* nt i <»" 
■ n.l mit (.fl..rl<. In slil .if th» Klorenr. .Mthnri»»l» Ctispt^r. I.O.O.K. The beeUtUul Kardcns •r<« st lh» hrlfht of thsir .'*unmifr 
(lory al pr*s»nt, and It la anttclpatad thiti hundreds of cIIUads and visitors to Victoria will, •acerljr svall titemaclres of this nppoi 
taaltr of vtewtag Ue eeleferalea grauada Tea wiu he aervee eartag the altemoe a . aae traaagortatlaa te UaUey Park wajr fea iiMMe 

either %r private ears or atght-aeelng vaatelea. 


ARION Cl.llB (ilVFS 

Kfcu i AL AT mm 

VU'lorln'N I anions Mule ( liolr to Sing 

at N<MtriiiM>rlii|c <>ut|H>rt on 
Uvdiiosday Kvoning 

SlDNfiV. June 11. — Tba Arion 
Club, under the leaderahlp of Mr. E- 
H. RuaacU, will alna at the Audi- 
torium. Sidney, on wedneaday, June 

13. The club wiU be aasiated by Mr. 
Drury Pryce. violinist, and Mrs. C. C. 
\\'«ri». ("npraip - itt Adnilash'ii 
will liP liy iliKtt.*. which arc belntc 
sold in the district or cnn obtained 
at the dour. Thoae attending are 
aakad to be In their aeata by t:15. as 
the concert will commence promptly 
at 8: SO. and thoae who come In dur- 
ing the progreaa of a number will be 
anked^ to remain at the back of the 
hall until fhp f»iiMiber Is flnlahed. 

An •'Krellent iiroRDi iii hip has been 
pr^paiPd. and lh(if<p who iiltf-inl are 
assured a rar»» treat. Tlip pro- 
grammn is us follows: 

c'avaller'a Song R. Werenath 

Threa Doughty Men Hunphreyo 

The Arlon Club 

\ lolln aolo — ■ 

Mr. Drury Praroa. 

Matona Orlando I>i I^aaan 

Sylvia oiry 8|>eaks 

The Arlon flub 

'Ml Lovely KIght . l-mdnn U<inald 

'Mra. C f. \\.irn ^ 
( \ lolln obllgato by .Mr Dnir v I'ryrp) 

Tba Olft of Nature .J. II. Brewer 

(Baritone aolo) Mr. Arthur Ooro 
Prayer of Thankagivlng. . . Anclant 
Kolk Hong of the Netherlands 
The Arlon Club 

N'lolln aolo ' 

Tl«'st. Deareat, Reat Muoken 

Waltz Vogel 

The Arlon Club 

I Wept As In a Dream O. Hue 

Mra. C. C, Warn 

Men of Harlech Arr. by Boerer 

The Arlon Club 
Qod Save The King 


I'lincral uf Mrx. Patrl«-k \\Mlla< «' Waa 
IilirK''ly \il<ml«il — llrslilfd ill 
Itlstrli-t l\\«nt>-Five Vr«rs 

COLRTENAY. June 9 — This morn- 
ing at nine o'clock the funeral of tha 
lata Mra. Patrick Whelan waa held 
from the realdence of her daughterr 
Mra. P. Leo Anderton. thle city, to 
the Roman Catholic cemetery at 
I omox. The fuaeral waa largely at- 
fnded. the little churnh beinc filled 
Ipv llip l.irKP number of sympathizing 
frlf'n'l^ who li;ii| rome to pay (heir 
liiwi I .•Miifc; ■< to one who bu<l lived 

in the (listllit f"t i>\rv ;i ijiialler of ii 
("nlury nii'l lixl Ibe r<<teein of 

thoaa with WImum she Jiad roine in 


Service at the rhur<-h waa conduct- 
ed by the Rev. Father Beaton. The 
church choir aang "Nearer. My Ood. 
to Thee," after which the cortege 
wended Ite way to the cemetery on the 
shores of Comox Hay. where the fol- 
lowlnit aotInK '<« pallbearers rever- 
ently laid the body of their friend: 
Mewnrs .Inhn .\1 • K • n /.i.v (Jeorge 
Leighton, William lliinnali. Thomas 
Hudson, Philip Ryan and D. M. Mc- 
Oer. Flowera were aent by the fol- 
lowing: Spray of rosea from the 
family; other apraya: Mr. and Mrs. 
Theed Pearaa. Mr. and Mra. W. 
Hiwlgaon, Mr*. WtlUamaon, Mra. Mil- 
lar (Vancouver). Mr. and Mra. Law- 
ler. Mrs. Chiirrh, Mlaa Charlotte 
t'hurrh. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hagarty, 
Mr and .Mrs. .J. McKenele. Mr. and 
Mrs Cyril i'lerry. Mrs. and Mlaa 
Bourne. Mr and .Mrs .1 KniRhf. Mr. 
an<l Mrs Kdinund Ubrhm. .Mr. and 
Mt:« AInslle, Mrs. B. Cr.Twfoid. Mi 
and Mi s. A. T. He- u ^nsoll. .Mi . and 
Mrs. I;larry Idlen* .M > and Mrs. H. 
Helm, Mr.' and Mrs. Arthur Knight, 
Mr. ^nd Mra. J. B. .Holmea, Ifr. P. 
Corto and family, Mr. and Mra. T. 
Knight. Mr. and Mra. Ronald Stew- 
art. Mr. and .Mrs. Hlles. iVoaaea: Mr. 
and Mrs. Kdward M(I.ennan, Mr. und 
Mrs A T. Heckanaell. .Ir . Mr. Thom- 
as Wrlirht. Mr. Philip Ky.-.n. Mrs Mr- 
<;er. .Mr. and Mrs AuKUstiis pfiwoi* 
\\ renih: Mr. and Mrs. Hoberl Mc- 

Mesldea theea the members of the 
i^zo Women'e Inetltute. for which 
the deceaaed had hoan an Indefatig- 
able worker, aant a heaatlful wreath. 
The Altar Society of the League of 
the Barred Heart alee aent flowara 
and Mr. and Mra. Thomaa Bambrtrk 
and Mrs. .T Hudson aent mas* cards. 


Sunday m .nn..; lUii.- i> i he 
PtcaMlws of (.i io')< i ~. i Miiipany 
F«"" ^t' t< 

NANAIMO. JaM llv-^At aa aarty 
boor on aaaday aaonaar ^ 
i. lately gutted a larga two-atory 

frame building On Wiillne Htreet, 
occupied by 'be N-n..i MM Crindera 
Company, atn i i < n ne repalr- 
rra. The bhuo hod gained consider- 
!>ble hoad#a)r hotora an alarm waa 
tiirnad in. and although the Are de- 
pirtment regpendad quickly and aoon 

liinl two y^lie.Ttn-i ivf « I'r: i>li\ir>g: on 

[h" flrtt.K- ii n ,it not liefore the roof 
..II. I .Ktoiy were ovmpletely 

icsuoyed that the blase waa got ua- 
<er control. 
J Inaide the building were three cars 
^ .1 nd a uuck, which vera practlaally 

deetroyed. Two of the former were 
owned by Mr. L. Voltkevlc. and the 

third by Mr. V. B. Harrison, while 
the truck waa the property of Mr. 

Mr. Kmdo, jiroprif; ni- of the Na- 
il. iliiio (Jrlndcrs, bint m-v im.m liliiery 
in the bulldinc valued ui aoma aU 
thousand dollars. Although this waa 
not totally destroyed. It was badly 
damaged by the flamea and water. 

The basement of tho building waa 
used as the city pound, init fortunate- 
ly at tha time of the ftr.' tbero were 
no animals 1q the building. 

The Nanatmo Orlndera. who are 
one of the heaviest losers, carried 
some ItiaurAnco, hlil " Hbt eirenttr to 
cover the loss. Tha building was 
ovvix d by Measra. Reifel, Home and 
( Tho orlflln o( the fire la 

COMOX t£acuj!:b»' picnic 

curRTK.VAY. June 9. — Thirty-two 
teachers, members of the Comox Dla- 
trlrt Teaibera' AssoiMat bm. held an 
enjoyable oiitinR lo Polni Holmes to- 
day. The> line ns I heir quests all the 

Normal School atudenia from the dia- 
trlot. A meeting was also held, at 
which it was decided to hold the an- 
nual Bchool fair on Friday next, June 

15. at I be riy Public SchOOl. 

Competltioi.i vamlnatlona were 

held In connection nith ibis fitir some 
time ago, but tb*' nwanls will not be 
made known uniil tb»> ond of the 
week. All the achoola uf the district 
have entered work, and oompetltlen 
has been ext remely keen . ^ ■ 

QUALiri M < orpi/i: wrn 

QUALICU.M BKACH. .June 9 — .Miss 
Irene Todd and Mr. U. P. Balrd were 
united In marriage ai the Anglican 
Churoh, Freaoh Creek, on Wadneeday. 
Tha ceremony waa performed by the 
vicar of the pariah. The wedding took 
place at the gu.nllcum Beach Hotel, 
wheif .1 1 ci Piii Icii . waa held ufti-r- 
waidH Tlif bridnsinultls weie .Miss 
Freda Parker, Miss Mary ,M()ney and 
Miss Shirley Davidson. After tbo 
ceremony Mr. and Mra. Baird loft via 
Nanalme for tha Matnland. 


No InlcrfrrcMoe With Tonriat Travel 
to CarapbdU lttv«r North 
of Ooartenay 

t orrtTK.NA Y. .lime 9 —It haa been 
learned in t'oiiiten.Ty tbiit the Impres- 
sion has gone abroad that the < on- 
atructlon of the new steel brldRo over 
the Courtenay River has out off vehi- 
cular communication with that por- 
tion of the ialand lying north of 
Courtenay. Thta Is <|trite Ineorrect 
mnd la aapeclally lajurtetta to the 
Comox Vallay and Camphelt River 
Districts at thle time of the y«»U^J* 
tourlst travel la expected' tS W^alT 
all records. 

True, at tltnes the bridge Is dosed, 
but by making a detour along the 
Lower Road nu>torlsts are enabled 
to travel through to Campbell River 
Just aa If the Courtenay River never 
existed. Tha closing of the bridge 
means .in added distance of three 
miles to be traveled to reach this 
famous summer resort. 

There is a large crew of men work 
inff on the construction of ih.- new 
bridge, the con<rete for the lin!«e of 
one of the foundation piers has been 
put In place and the work is i>r.. 
grossing favorably. No more fat.iM* 
tie atory than that the road north of 
Courtenay la cloeed eottld be conjured 
up and could ot»ly have been given to 
the public through Ignorance of tha 
facte. . 

POltT AlJUBilBn 

Most al VII eat too 
liastlly mm€ not 

local records for aarly airawbei rie«. 
were broken this year by MifMHubert 
K. Cook .It bta farm at Bproat Lake. 
Magoons b.-vve beeh yielding eteadlly 
alnce May 20. and the earliest at 
which they cuuld be picked in any 
previous year has been May 24. 

The Albernl DIatrlct Horticultural 
Society will hold Us roeo and Irle 
show In the G. W, V. "A. HaU on 
Tliursdny. 14th instant. 

A (lance was bold in the C, W \' A 
Hall on Friday night by tha band and 
w;>s l;;rpoly .(Itended. 


to bring it 
to yom 

Tl people realized 
how iiiucli more good 
tlielr food would do 
the 111 II properly 
maslicaied* and followed up 
^ Mt jBi WRlGIeCVS to 


wc^ hmv tar 

Keep teefti clean, breath 
sweet, appetite keen and dlges- 

tton good wllli WRiC^i FY'S. 

WU«liEY*S ii tke perfect 
mafir ol p ar ft materials, 
la aiOtfern, sanitary 

The Great 





• • « 

Why not tire assurance? 

THE man who has that assured 4e- 
pcndabiHty which Dominion Tires 

^ivc hini misses iiotiiing of the pleasiires 
of touring. 

With Ida car Domiaion Tirenihod he knows he haa 
the utmost tire aerrice that can be pat into a tire 
br reaourceful and determined makers. 

Unhkr rx\\;\ qiinlity in .tnvtfniu' rlsr buys, this 
iS'uirrd (jr prndability — Ku[)cr scivicc — adds nothing 
lo hib Duiniiuon Tire costs. 

DtOQlinion Royal Cords 

Dominion Nobby Traad 

— tlMfaWfotiM 


Built for Canadian roads 


^ RUBBER i5) 

IXESDAV, JUNK 12, 1923 
III il l T I I I I I — 

TMB iHirns evenly 

and coohj^ 

and j^ves the rich aroma of 
real W^ntolea^^ cured 
a^ #d Mid blondtfd* t. i i ■ i 




Auktrmtbm Premien 

VUUing In Ottawa 

OTTAWA, .lunp 10 Sir Ceorice 
FllIlT I't^niler of N. » South \Val«*. 

and Hon. P. S, W. i^waon, Premier 
of Victoria. Accompanl«4 by Mra. 
LAWrien 'mi4 tiro ■•eratarlM. arrived 
In Ottam t«>day from N«w York. Th« 
two AuitraUaa PHHnivm. who are on 
tholr wajr liomo n«m Great Uritaln. 

"are jurats at Covernment Houn«" 

A iiprrlal luncheon of tho ( "a iiail ia n 
Club ha» Uvi^n arranged for 'riici«iln> 
In honor of Sir Oeorse and Mr. 
Bon, who will both addreaa the sath- 
ertng. The members of the Auatra> 
llan party go frorn^ Ottawa to Toronto 
on Tueed*)'. 

Statieties ahow that 180.000 per- 
sona died In the I nlled Rtatea f^om 
cancer during ilie paat year. 



MpiALY anm on qobivion 

Irn-<'oiicllalilf l>lf frrfiu-«K t r»>ii I p at 
UailieriiMc — Ut't. I>r. Jubn Mc- 
Kaj Propoeas ComproaMM 

PORT ARTHUR. Ont.. June 11.— 
At th« openlfif «t tlM Preal^erlan 
Aaaembly today Prliwlpal John Mc- 
Kay, of Manitoba CoUose, Winnipeg, 

recoRnlzlnit that there waa an Irrecon- 
■ I Id M-' ,\<", 1 '■ . ■ .['! n |. ■!! \u Ml <- 
K'lK'Iai rt sNr rji 1 1 U mhI in Iln- • liuii !i 
and that a Iiimiu ^^ h m i i i : i><Mi<h ' i k 
poMslbK' of ( c/iisi il t- 1 a li !i- luii Bnltuile, 
liiM l><;fi>re I h<- Ixxlv m plxii lo lanM 
the break aa much aa poaalble. 

Dr. lioKay** propoml t«li«i the 
form of as MMUdaiMt to the amend- 
ment.and io In afVMI ■•etionn. In 
■ome foi l I !Im prefNM|al may heconie 
the flndliiK ' f 'lie nasemlils 'I'Ih- pru 
poaal In as fnii ■< 

1. That thi« i<8M<'iiilil> I ■'■'•^ 
that there M an Irreroiu il.i i . i f. 
ence of opinion within the church on 
the queation pt unlea wHh tiM Mfo- 
tiatinff ohur^ea, and that «• hava 
come t« tho parting of the ways. 

Urges Co-opcratlon 

2. That we may part in the spirit 
of Christ, which la the spirit of Iqre, 
wo ahould allow time for raneors to 
abate and new viewpoints to emerge, 
and now enter upon a period of five 
years of the closest poejible co-opera- 
tion with the other negotiating 
churches looking toward the comple- 
iion nf union with them at tl|9 as* 

sf^mbly of 1931. • 

3. That from thU time, all partisan 
propaganda cease, and a representa- 
tive union committee carry on a tem- 
perate campaign of education in 
which fair statements of both sides 
of the queotion are prsssnted on the 
printed page. and. If need be. on the 
plalforn>, ever\ surh prenentatlon to 
be with the appro\aI of tlie union 
committee until the assembly of 1928 

4. That between the assembly of 

mill ihHt of 19:'». wherever ten 
members of any congregation' present 
a written request to the eesslon. a 
\ote of the membership of the coa- 
gregation ahall be takon to deurmine 
whsthsr or not it Is to go into the 
unttsd eharsh, the question to be de- 
lenBined by a mulonu <.r i)i<- uwin- 

berrtlip of 'he roniii cgal i ^n h -< 

asmbty to t^ii^;'' i>i,i< whcif-V'-i iiin'- 
I" a pronuuncad iiiajorliy uu sittjer 
^ le, thsk congregation rsmatti iataet. 

5. That «t the aasembly of 1»i'y h 

Avoid Motor Uiis 

containing prnrmMn, maphmtt or any other 
non-lubrir atinK substance. Aristo Oil is 
ref^ncfl l>v thf most edvancert processes, 

'-iigti-;i *<> f-movr rvrrv thing in the 
irud; which has no lubricatmg value. 


Seek More 

in motor oil tlian simply perfection 

as a U^bricadng film 

In Aristo Motor Oil there is every lubricating quality 
that the best oU can posse ss . 

A stAir of ehensical experts produce it, backed by 
"Union o «cilities permitting of the most exhaustive 

r'"<;r irch and conclusive tests. 

A iurablc. fine film results, penetrating to and pro- 
t the motor's every moving part. 

Kvriv drop is as near to prrf'^rtmn as a lubriOMtin^ 

film as nifxirrn «^rirnce can iihik^ iiiofcr oil. 

But there IS more to look for m your oU. 

1 WO ( iif l lons^* 

— one is t linty. Hard 

All motor oils, as all oil makers know, deposit some 

carbonaceous residue. 

O; k 1 1 r; utirt , flinty, hard— hard enoiii;^^ ^ > score 
It has a tendency to chinj,. it acts ;!•; ;tn iiiuicu ? < HusmK 

wear. It bec omee ineandescent, pic igaitu;n luiiuwing. 
It ooala ipark plUfs, shoct-drcidtiiig the spark. 

Lost cnmprcssi op rcstdts from its accomqiation around 
valve heads and seats. 

The Other Kind 

< The ! «^ i i*- from Aristo Oil ia jHufiy, 90ti. BeOSUW of Itt llOO* 

fl'.riKinii •'-i.irn. -r.. .-!' of ,t i^low^ oat Witb the exhaust. 

It IS solier than tiic nieul it toucfaea, to can't cauat WMT. It ia 
depdthM la HBaDer qoantitiaa than the other kind. 

withoot pre-ignitioii» dMrt* 

four motor trotibVn d ri -nJasted by it In ilif'tH'* 
to Ita aervioe aa a perfect 

Thare'a a daal more tatistMctiuu m sucli oil. For sals aft all 

Uoion Oil Ck mpaqy 

Aristo Motor Oil 

Madr in Canada 

I ' « t n 1 1 . I "I?" : . ■ ( i . . f 
a ji I'l /I II 1 O.I 

11 1 *■ 111 ilr ! ,1 .1 1' I" ! 
<■ lei • I . r I r II 1.1 I II 

f : rw nic 111 t If 1 n B L n ; ! 
' ' ■ ri •< l.-il 1 1 ijj (if 1 h I i-e 
. ! • ' I I ' \ f 1 1 • ISC « ho 
lUt . M nU I h I »•(• li \ \\\f 

1 rsl nf Ihf rhurch, with U rhalllllrtli 

;<i>!ioiiit> .1 by the ooounisslon iln the 
•-" '>< ' r dteajtrsshisat. by the Chief 
luaiice of Canada), whieh oommiaslon 
'Hit determlaa what Is ths fair equity 
<>r e«oh party ia the common prop- 
« rty of the churoh as it exists ot that 

6 Thii I t h- 1 a I I of i hf ■ Imi rh 
ulilih i-U-, \ H ■ < , ifiiiiii! mil lit( freely 
I iini cileil ih- ilKtit lo take wlijiw er 
iiniiie It (leNlres. SO long as n doea 
■ I t take the corporate same of this 
• hurch. 

7. That ths commission present iU 
' port to ths assembly of If 10. and 
that during ths year following all 
necessary steps be taken so that the 

fi'-"! iii.-.-MiiK I'f III. I n:i.-il ('huii'h 
iif '".iiuiiln .mil iif the a•-^»■ III tily of 
those who e!<'(| i,, remniii .ml. If 

there be auch, may be held in 1931. 

9. That the other negotiating 
churchea at once be approached with 
the proposal that a unitsd opagTe- 
iratlon for ths dsspening of ths spirit- 
ual Ufa of oar people, and the prea- 
entation of missionary obligations of 
the Church of Jesus rhrlst he beKun 
this Autumn, to extend over a period 
of five years, reaching its climax at 
thr tlms of the assemhiy ot lt£S. 
Voire Olescnt 
PORT ARTHL'R. Ont.. June 11.— 
A document la being signed at the 
prf-BPiit lime In the Presbyterian Gen- 
eral Asspinhly here which will, with- 
out any question, become history in 
the Christian communion. 

The present protest is that of thoss 
TNho will dissent from ths ffndlags 
.of ths prsssnt aasembly in ths mat- 
ter of church union. 

The document was. In 11" fir.t In- 
stance, prepared h\ a minister ot 
the church In .. .in.l \\nn after- 

ward carefulls i' . i^ed by legal coun- 
sel. Seventy fUe ministers and 
elders have appended their names to 
the document up to the preasnt. The 
document Is In part as follows: 

"We. the uAderilgned ministers 
and elders. commissioners to this 
general assembly of the Presbyterian 
Church In Canada, in our own name, 
ami In the name of all whfi may 
rhiMise to adhere fi ii.^,- hereby record 
our dissent from the deliverance now 
come to. I'urther considering that: 
"1. The Presbyterian Church in 
Canada la a ehuroh of Christ, com - 
posed of esrtain four Preabjrterian 
churches of ths Dominion, that en- 
tered into a ro\-enant of union In 
1876, and of su. h additional persons 
US Since then havs chOSStt tO UnitS 
themselves with it. 

Averse to ITaioii 

";#And ■•.insiilerlng that the 'basis 
of union" negotiated between the 
Methodist. Congregational and Pres- 
byterian Churches contains very many 
features ln<onsistent with the stahd- 
ards of the church secured unto us 
by the aforeaatd eovsnant of the 
union of itTt. 

'"i. And eonsldsrlng that the reso- 
lution adopted,'by the C.eneral As- 
sembly of the Pyeebyterlan Church 
of Csn.ula heM In the city .>f ^Vinnl- 
peg in 1916, approving the basis of 
union was beyond the power of thfct 
or any other general aaaembly: 

"4. And considering that ths mih- 
istsrs met in thfai gsnsral assembly 
havs corns under a solemn engage- 
ment, and now lie under e«ld engage- 
ment to maintain and defend the 
government of the chtirch, h\ Krttslon 
)>re»b>terics. synods and geneisil «s- 
senililies. and Io follow no dP. i<<i\e 
course from the jireseni onlei estab- 
lished In thla church; 

"k. And considering that the elders 
ra«t in this gsnsral a s ss m hly have 
eoms under a aolsmn sngsgement 
and now lie under it. to maintain and 
defend the government of the church 
by seesion presbyteries, synods and 
general a/'semhlles. 

"6. And considering It furlher that 
it is beyond the jifHver of this <»r any 
other general assembly to sppro\e 
the proposed draft of legislation now 
approved and directed to be aought 
for by tho prevailing party in thia 
general assembly by reason of their 
illegal action as aforesaid, have sub- 
verted this assembly and have there- 
by, in effect, secede»i from the Pres- 
byterian Church In Canada; 

"Illegal Acta" 

"7 And we do further protest thst 
any or all such Illegal nets of ;hls 
general assembl.v shall have no force 
or effect In the rhurch; 

"8. And. finally, we do protest be- 
fore the (Jreat God, the searcher of 
all hesrts, that we. and all thoae who 
shall adhere to us, are not responsible 
for thia thrsatsnsd schism in the 
church, or for any consequences which 
may flow from our enforced sepsrs- 
tlon. In humble dependence on His 
grace and the guidance of the Holy 
Spirit. \^ e Kl\e this our testimony *fo 
Hllii t'l wlioni ne . .niirnen.) ..ur cause, 
and we pra.v that in the days to come, 
ills richest blessing may rest upon 
the church of our fathers for the ad- 
vancement of Hie own glory and the 
extensioa of the GospsI of our .Liord 
snd Bsvlonr throughout ths world, 
which rhurch we srs rasolvsd by Hla 
help to maintain." 

Against Uakm 

C. 8. McDonald, of Brampton, Ont., 
who hag* l>een closely alllsd with the 
general work of the church, was the 
first speaker In thie morning's debsts 
on church unhn 

"I am well aware that li\ the worM 
of commerce there is a decided ten- 
dency to mergers and comblnationa, 
but I know, too. that geveraaisnta 
oonsldsr thsm such a tfaagar that 
they Isglslats against thsm," hs ds- 
clsred. "It seems a pity tkat WS 
stmuld desire to Introdaos Into jllw M WB i l 
affairs the most vicioaa Csatars of 

modern commerce. 

"We ha\e been told man\' time.s 
that our church is governed by pres- 
byteries, ay nods snd general aseem- 
bliss. and that ws must aoesi« ths 
mis of those bodies. In fact, ws 
are told It is wrong U> rsfoas to rseog. 
ntse their authority. Tf we are wrong 

In this, whst glorious company we 
« re in There woulil have l.e.<i, ,,0 
Christ I.T n It v if "ne niHii ha. I n . . • (1 
to resist the ii'\ of hi. .!«>, 

and there wow ^en no t^ro 

testant church it L<ulber and Calvin 
aMd all the Other rsHglSiw rsfofTners 
that foiioVsd thags had not rsfvaed 
s b sdisnc* vo iRonstttuted rsllglous 
^^ItHori'" ' 

>ifm Orfcal of I'lan 

Union congregations wars formed 
In anttetpattsm of ths aalaa «C Msth* 


aaloa Is teltaS. 

I oiigregul loii^ In .S.iska ! I HI v» a II »' 
be .force.l iiilii un iiulepe mt*- n ! hIkhh 
laation, in w ylle Cl.uK > r 
tooa, said, during an addreaa favuriug 
chareh union hsfors ths assembly 

koralaf. -Bs 
ssmhiy of ths danger ot nsclsetlaa the 
weaker congregations and ssetlens of 
the church and declared tiis accept- 
ummond'a amendment 
ineaiii ,1. fr^.n nf the whole union 
III in t II . I 

Ker<- r n ■ i K I . . I h •■ r r . I \ . II I f : r a~ 

ka I che « .1 ii , I '! I I.I I K r, i : d I I • '1 ■ 

ment fur union in ilic West was the 
result uf the better Ji^dgment of the 
people from tha Cast.' Only a vary 
fsw polats oatatds tks largsr eltlss 
and towns of Saskatehswaa wars now 
without union churcbss. In 'tnly 2* 
placee did the Presbyterlaa churches 
atand alone. Tills, he said, was all 
dona by psople from ths Bast 


SUin ia FliM Over Woomus— Five 
Otittaaa Also Shot la 

1)1 .SM i,i)t)RK. June ]<• T«o 
Frenih non-commiaaioned ofTlcers 
were killad on Saturday by Garmans 
duftng a pistst flght in Dortmund. 
As far as the Wench authoritiss havo 
been able to as. ci-taln. the ttghtlng 
occurred duiing a br.iwl over a 
woinu n . 

Jt Ih considered likely that no 
penalty will be imposed upon th« 
town of Dort.mund in eonssquaaes of 
the flght, a* it hss been established 

to tho satisfaction of the French 
headQuarter» that no polithal sig- 
nlflcance att.irhett to 11 

The French troops were notlfled of 
the affray by German civilians, who 
gave good descrlptiona of two or 
thrss German civilians involved in it. 
(■rrmans .Slain 

BERLIN, June H.—Pive civilians 
wars shot dead and one ssrliously 
wounded In Dortmund last night, ac- 
cording to semi-official advices. It 
is not stated wh.i wa.s responsible, 
although the report adds that troop 
reinfoi cemenU have arrived and OC^ 

cupled the city hall and that more 
than 100 peraons are under srrsst. 

Ths French arrested actina Lord 
Mayt>r Fluhme and acting Police 

Chief Martlnlus In . iinseijuen. e of ihe 
shooting Satur.lay hIkIiI of the two 
French non fonimisHlone.l ofUcers. 
The German authorities of Dortmund 
have offered a reward of flvs milHon 
marks for the Identification of thoss 
responsible for this shooting 


Mm im m 

Completion of Banff- WiaderaMm 
RoaS WUl ACord Added Jli 
* tkm to Vlflliom * 

Plenty of Hot Water 
on^^^sh Day - with 

VANCOUVER. June II.— "British 
Columbia and Albsrta ars dus to rs> 
ceivs a grsat influx of American 
tourists this season. The numbers 

will exceed any previous record." said 
Mr. Colin (5. (Jroff. chief publicity 
commlsshjner for Alberta, « ho was 
In the city on Saturday after complet- 
ing a 4000-mile trip through ths 
Westsm and Pacific etates h) oonnse- 
tion with auto tourist traffic to 

"From as far South ,ts I.os Angeles 
and othei- points In .'^iiiithein Cali- 
fornia, aufo tourists are making plans 
to visit the Western Canadian scenic 
reaorta. Many of them are already on 
ths road." said Mr. Oroff. 

During' the trip Just completed, Mr. 
Oroff waa accompanied by Mr. John 
11 ll;inna. secret a ry -ma na ger of the 
Cslgaiv Hoard of Trade.- The pur- 
pose of the trip chiefly was to link up 
the various highways that will con- 
stitute the "blue trail.'' the new in> 
ternational "Grand Circle Tour" that 
haa bsen mads possihis by the com- 
pletion of the Bsnff-Wlnrtermere 
highway over the crest of the Itockles 
beiwesn Albsrta and British Celam- 

The occasion was taken to acquaint | 


BY THE aid of the Hotpoint 
Water Haster you caa hava 

an abundance of hot water 

bv simply turning a switch. No 
tires to li^t, no fuw or boChtr. 

The Hotpoint Water Heater is the 
(a.4test and most economical electric 
water heater manufactured. Its pst- 
coted airtal-clad eiaoicat is practkally 
tod mi uc tl ble. The heater itself, k 

eifrrrnrlr nrat in appearance snd may 
be attached to any domestic 
The coatrofiing switch may be locai 

ia aay coawriiBt part of iht hoiaa. 

Hotpoint Water Heaters arc made in two 
styles — the circulation type, as iUuatrated, 
will give you hot water almost as soon as the 
cunaatisUmtd on, wliile tiM ianagniaa tjrpa it 
for mHllaaous operstloa. 

Your electrical JcjUci cau give you full 

Hotpoint Divisiqh 

Cf|l«t«l £lec(rtc Co,lajnU«4 

the citiss and towns alonr ths "Qrsnd 
Circle Tour." of the scenic ahd other 
attractions In Alberta. 

trench H rilir, Dun 

HEPn)ATE. France. June 11. — 
Pierre I^otl. the novelist, died here 
yesterdav The end . ame peacefully 
with his bedside surrounded hy his 
clr.ldreii and a few of his friends 

M. Loti had been In frail health 
for a long time. Hs returned to his 
beloved Baaqus eoantry last Tussdsy 
and sank rapldlr until dsath Inter- 

The body will be buried In a tomb 
IjOti Vailt on the Island of Oleron. 
in the i^lantlc. off the coast of Char- 
snta laCSrtsure. 

When at his bsst Pierre L«t I was 
judged hy many critics of literature 
to be the finest descriptive writer of 
the Isst quarter of the Nineteenth | 
Century and the early yeers of the 
Twentieth. F'or forty years he trav- I 

Slsd the ssaa aa a French naval offl- 
^r and visitsd landa In all parts uf 
ths world. Rsturning from these 
dut ii I Journeys, he would his 
• -•'lonM in novels 1 niher 

^^ M wherein he blended fact and 
on, aotobiography and, romance, 
fantasy and photographld j^ascrlp- 

His m\ nams was UHPvicsrls 

Jullen Viaud. The parenta. to whom 
he was born at Koc-hefort In Is.'im 
were of old Huguenot families, ainl 
they Intended that the aon he a min- 
ister, but at seventeen he entered a 
naval school and rose gradually in 
thia profession unUI. in 19««, aa waa 
eommlsslonsd a captain. 

Returning tourists say that the 
German hotels ;ind restmiinnta po.-' 
signs to tell the French and Belgians 
thai they will not he served, and that 
at the Lelpxiger-Messe this legend 
wan conspicuous: "No Trade Desired 
with Frsneh and Bslglans. Bnglish 
snd AOiarleans Wsleome. ■spseially 
Rnglish." Aa ws rseali it. ths 1114 
slogan was: "Gott Btrnfe Rngland!" 

< 'hlcago Tribune. 

' SfTLT ' 

Ua Pli r. AW ^ ^?i HC I 

^ tNViC'' H/iTiNC ' 

tkWi ALTH r.lVlNG 



iKKiMT RVE!> <~]v.]i\trv. - mgH/"'^ ■ti;:jnil5j 
W!<i; hfr iivA fi dsy 'ii-aith keen ul f hnr 

liei at their play— becaiaie Ihiy'u heaUkyl 

A daih ol BHD k ft gtan of water to good lor 
cbOdfoi in the moming. END eootiiot no lynpl 
or draUk Mite— or ortiAdol flcvodag. END if 
pofo and hamdoii. KNO it Natwa't Rtat 

Aatifltant — and, In the Sf>Hnf( rai 
Canada needs ExNU t Fiuil oak. 


' nW wm4s Fruit SM"mi ENO, ami Iht l*h«l 

§§^l$ktiLmul St , 

rn$mtimi9^J. C. Sim. Ud., Unim, Emg. 



Jil ike Cadle 
end ike Collate 


ifA^^nb COFFEE 


aaly la K> 1 ' 1^ airtltlit tin*. Whole, ground or fine 
' f«r TricaUtor or Por coUtor u»«. 


< orri 


\ lattor J-yoiii M«-M(iii I'^rtjr 
MoraiVf nt I I'UkkIh to Hmmp 

'^111«M» tdl ma thf wtjr 
to arount Tolmt*?" 

Tlir up'- < i. • ' « 

■what pa»t iii..t 11- 

r«al4«nt ot Viciuila 

• woman, k 
Without wait- 

litf (or M MUiwer aha •splalned : 

"I am as Bag UahwomM ana I iutv* 
eom« fr«in IR7 honia in Saattl* b«- 
causA I have been told you have ak\ 
larlta hara, and I waat to iMair one 
• inc. .Mount Toiinlo was roeommond- 
•d lo m»." 

Tho tima waa liafoir #>lx o'riock 
on* rnomlav laat waau. Th« vlaitor 
from ••a^tla had riaen early la tha 
tliat ako mlcht haar the mtia(<^ 
of tlia Htlto (aatharad aonsatar that 
means a« aivch to tko Mfllah asTha 


»> man /iiui iiryrther thay bnardcd a 
Mtreet car Ixuind (or tha Uplanda. 
Tha otojact of tlMlr ^ouraay waa ax- 
platMi to tha eonduetor. Ha, too. 
clalmad the tifht littla- tola aa hia 
natlva lanr], and he knaw (he deslra 
In (ha hi«;»it of tha traveler from 
fieattle til li'iit I hf noiiif of tlio «Uy- 
larU Ho he loirt tham of th.- l;irk« 
at Uplanda unci of tha many other 
i>lrda which mada that dlltriet thtir 

At lfidlM« lUad ho atoppad the 
car jAd diraetad hla two paaactifera 

to down tha highway. In a 

nioi.KMit H cock pheiiaant flew cloi«' 
l> '^iftn. Mnrt a little later th'-- eu " 
i uiifiilier iif guail. Tii<- ico.t ninx 

i.eiiutlful otie, aii<l a .south wiml 
Ireab from th* blue ribbon of aea 
tkat mna botwoan VaBeoorar Island 
m4 WaaMnitCB 8Uta, and eoolo« by 
tha hraasaa from the anow-eroWBod 
OXfm^^'' MniintBlii- ^1 ' h bound the 
aouthern horl».on w n. iheir vlola«?e- 
ous Imlk, bronchi Koiiif of the rral 
Joy of living tw thi» two early wan- 
derara. Tha vlaitor waa chartnad 
with tha hoanty of tha day. 

• Bvea If wo do not hoar a skylark 
alndnv wa ara rapsM tor our journoy 
here," aha aald. "It seams atranva w- ^lioiilil hr- lh>' i>t\Iy onOO #f 
whole- <ity-(iill lo fome to thIS en- 
( il iil.ti f IhlH iiioriiintf " 

Uut Iba lingllehwoinuM from Seat- 
tle waa to receive full paynieiii for 
har offarins to tha Sar^h-aplrlt. 8he 
had hardly linlahod apaaklnff whan. 
n»«r the Robin'a Farm a burst of 
m»>lody heralded the rlae of the full- 
throated Mingater that "flew above 
tha gune In Klandern Kleldn " The 
traveler waa contmt an'i li»*r com- 
panion and (ulda left her alttlng hv 
tha slda of tho road llstenlnv, and 

vlW many y IWf ^mw^fmq^i^ w^^^otw 

other larks In another distant tend. 

M<^»VTRBAr.. June 10 — Kev. Ade- 
lard I>alorme. charged with tha mur- 
der of hl.s half-lTother. Itaoul. pleud 
eti not KuUly when mriiKiH-d In Uuj 
Court of king'a Bench here thia 

morning. Jun« SO w«s tho 4at« sot 
for tho trial. 



i 1 " . • - 

,.,,,.4- ' 



Sitiialctl ill Oak I'av ilirrrtly f;n:inp the new <J)ak Hay Park, 
tmc-half block from street car, unc block from beach and 
haiulv ttj ilic links. 100-foot frontage with garden in lawn 
and flowers. }"stablished fruit trees, cherries, pluint, apples 
an<l pr.trs, also loj^jatis, raspl>crrics, loscbcrricH. clc. practically now, has distinctivp a|)pcaraiuc Imi.slicU 
in cream itucco. Six rooms, two bathsv, larj^c attic, hot water 
lirat. TK' hnsrnirnt, electric range, two fireplaces, garage- 
iJuilt b.v day labor. 

Price and furttior partfeulara hf poraonal application to «waar, 


NOTE: House suitably arranged to accommodate two couples, 
in independent suites if necessary. 

Heather Is a Soft Paper 

,,n I n an outstanding axsmple of ilie *upf'f >r quality of paper 
"Madr in UC" Few people know that tlie paper products of British 

Columbia ranW '"w'' '" ""n.-r.Mi ..rii 

Heather Brand 

is a soft, fcnaiae crept tiMUc, ttroac a^forbeat, and atcrniMd witb 
Uv« tttaok 

Vevr O r aaer or Dr«fgiai Oaa tapplr Heatker 


Matrnfaetaten aad W li elaaala Vaper Dealari 




riir A//-Wdra#lier Cagui 

by Hm meommry and its 
4Mlniity to increase the 

Goodyear means Good Wea r 


(>rfU'<-r» of Tiocal Aaao<4a(lmi Mako 

Itr^giM-M of <.>r»> < ltit» — W orfc at 
Stj«nd»>1III, nirt>ug-h Iji<-U of Mm 

A l'le.j ff.I >oljiiB in»n ti> l.«< r>lli« 
t^, •■Ml ir,.»«»«'ri< tlif Irfrk i>r whiOihaa 

brought (ha aeoui muvament to a 
atandatlll In thlg atty, waa made at 
tne lunohooo of tho Oyro Clnb y«» 
erday by Moasrs H. T. lUvonlifll and 
Ml A R gharweod. ehaimian and 
\ I e . hMirtiuin vaapaetlvaty of th« 
' -^-'iitlTo of Hm Boy 

A»M>< la I 1 1 'II 

In Ini I ■••) ■ K ' •■ 1 k *• I - ' ' ' 
praaidant of tha club. Uyre (iuibbart 
Holnooa, pointed out that on Ma re - 
oant TiaH to Vtetorta. Oanaval air 
Robert ■ad«n«Fowall, founder of tka 
s< <'U( movainent, h«d exiira«i>e<i .> 
t oll, tlii<i the Oyro Cluba would get 
o'- h I !i i| tho Hi . .u I * ork 

Ml KHxt'ohlll. In opening hi" 
..(1 iif<>' nrfid (hat tha Chief Scout 
had paid tho Oyrw a oompltmant in 
formlna tho opl nl — that thor wara 
tha typa of rowng man ftttod to bo 
aeout maatars. The work required a 
aacrtfica of tlni«- .mH >^ but Ita 

baneflt<< to the !,,.>>. i!ini'\ j isiified 

t ll la . 'I' 1 1 <- n 1 ■ • 1 . a I »i » 1 1- 1 1 1 , i « ' i I <- al' ■ '• 
lo k'^« at leaei on« ewfiHig a. vveak 
to his truop, and must give a lot of 

thought to tha work. Camping 
formad an Important pntt of It, and 
each troop usually spent from a waok 
to ten days under canvas in tha aum- 

rriertlina Men who took up acout 
Work iiiuat ha of kood character, In 
order that the boy*, who would ba 
under their < jie nt their ntoat Im- 
I'l < .--aio lii« would davalop 

along tha beat lines. It a gyro could 
not take up tha work htaMalf. he 
might knew yonag mon among his 
friends who weald like to do go. The 
lack of aeoutmastars had brought 
the movement to a atandatlll in Vic- 
toria, and alx more of them would 
make It poaalble lo practically double 
the number of acouia i' n^'Mla 

(ienaral Sli RoLieri I'.a den - Powell 
had atarted aornething larger than ha 
antlelpatad, when ha had flrat organ- 
ised the Beouta. aeoording to hla own 
aamkwisw. oaia Mr. aho i wes d . Tha 
full bonellt of the work would ba fait, 
he t>eiie^ed. when the chlodren were 
brought lip In homea where the 
father and mother had been a Boy 
Bcoiit or a (llil (Juide. reapactlvely. 
Hn much of the bad feeling and Pre- 
'iidlce exiatent waa due to lack of 
1 nderatanding between Individuals 
and between nations, and the gcout 
movement would do muph to over- 
come thIa otNrtaele. Tha speaker re. 
ferred to the big .Tamboree held >n 
the Old C'ountr\ for Seouta of ail 
i-ountricB. It bean found that no 
ri.. liter what part of the wffld the 
i >v!« r.ime from the\ «»-r<» '►*ent(H)ly 
•'.e same, and, thoii«: t lif- 

ferenl tonguea. they had davtloped a 
apeclal language for common Inter* 
course during their sojourn tegotkor 
at the Jamlwree. Pointing to the 
lack of adequate supervlelon of boys 
during their playtime. Mr. Eherwood 
explained that it wan here that the 
Scout movement was .able to do Ita 
work, keeping th<' Indn out of trouble 
and developing them Into good rltl- 

The Gyro orchestra, under the di- 
rection of Gyro Chris Wade, provided 
the muatc at tha lunohoon, rendering 
I number mt popnlar seloattons. 

Tbe chairman, Oyro Rol«nd fhrla- 
tv. announced that the Civic Affair* 
("ommittee would hold Ita regular 
meeting at Terry* at twelve o'clock 
noon on Thuradav. t 



Tokyo'a aliopptng thoroughfare 
riinn from Ahlmbashi Station, in tha 
heart of Tokyo, to Dalmpn (Great 
<:ate), the entranee to Sejoji Temple. 
Not more than an alley In width, the 
only traffic over It ia pedeatrlan, In- 
< iiiding Jinriklahaa and hnndearta 

Though narrow, the lane la quit* 
xiralght. and the crowdiing ahopa on 
eaeh slda contain about all the 
thinga a modest Japanoae house- 
keeper might want. The small shops 
apeclallse, one containing aeraena 

flnlahed and In the maklnr. another, 
fr iiH oiil.v, or paper lanterna and uni- 
1 I ell, of heax y waterproof tiaper 
There nre baker's shopa, fruit atalla. 
and f^sh stalls. There are ahopa that 
ni:pply futon (bedding) and ouahiona. 
and ethers eontain only the heav\- 
crny and white watta (raw cotton) 
ffir cuahlon atufflng. Xorl lallppera) 
and geta (w»<o<ten eloga). with for- 
eign atyle ahoea made entirely of 
rtibber. seme for small children 
1 cing of bright blue, green or red 
rubber, ore proudly dkvlayed* 

Kimonee. koth new and seeond- 
hand. and much material for th* 
inaklnR of them, and exqulalte obi 
leaah) ntuffa fill other ahoiia. and 
mere ia n box of n place wher" ratri 
n'lnia of fine ailkn and brocadaa 
from luaterlal* need In tha temple* 
• aa be bought. In one little ahop a 
iiualnt old eouple pre si de over a 
colleotinn of ahrine and temple ware*, 
their peaceful fanea brightening to 
f'iendly sniilva \\heii a viwltor atopa 
In frank adniirallou of pome rare 
carving or quaint old Image. 

On certain evenings each month 
the street Is invaded by an anny of 
Itinerant peddlers, who set np tabiea 
On each aide In front of the ahopa 
Than, indeed. It la gay In Pettleoat 
l.ane. The jostling crowd ereepa 
along. happ> and 'ba'tlnc. Candv 
loya, t)alloona. flnwer«, d w ,t rf ed t reea. 
prlnta. curloa, kitchen war«. all are 
t«mpttngly arranged, and much bar- 
gaining la done. The buay aoene M*ta 
until nearly midnight, when the 
crowds disappear asthengh by magic 

If l« during a re|t(tloiia fentivat. 
however, that th* llttl,- •treet |« jit 
Ita fa treat »i 1 > >• i'- Urix i.uni 
tng atretche* from aide to aide 
throughout tia entira length. Flags 
flutter from every >pre|oot|oa and at 
iriakt there lo a Maae of Mghta. 
Almost every hopr processlnna are 
met. wanding their way, rhantllng. (a 
a naar-b> ahrlnr, and the fairt 
amell of In.^iB* \n r n> [r-»t,y,]f a 10I 
the aoft » » ; ' ' p . « 

V eil boom a» ' ' "la to lima. 

M l f uH^ B of Floating 

emit MvMf 

TANCOUVRR) lado 11.— Mystery 
aurrounding the ftndlag flaturday of 
a rowboat whieh -had been rented 

I ■ lw ' •,<>r '.K I \ four >ounR p«""ii'a. 

n..,.tlii)t •>,< lir'"'^ off Point '>rey, 

has bean . f ^ 1 • ■•; ■ : ,) 

According to ttia poliea a member 
nf the party t ai tetod Sunday that 
after a laadinjVliad boon made on the 
ahoreo of tha hoy. the boat had (inai 
ed 8W3> f inding of the hoai ■ 
Haturdav led to f e» " the (ate 

of Its ocedpg»a»» 




Koa Can Bank on 

Bulldog Sole Leather ; 

It ia twice as economical aa ordinary 
Loathor, aa it will eaai|y if far twice 
oa long. 

It to taniMd by an mcIiisIv* prooMt» 
•U mir own, and hat takan manr 
yaan to piffaote 

"Bulldog" Sole Leather it Genuine Leatbera 
JneUt onjt for your »ho% repair 9m 

3 - / 




mtmers Sifm m 
. ia*# ^ 


Be It ever j»o Jnimble, 
Tlieru s noplace like home** 




TWff .nAILY rr»TOMlST. VT^TOT?r^ B.C. 11 I'.SDAN M \K IJ, VU.^ 


«>.\ \ AN* <H \ y.H «MU.«) 

Co«ft of Apftml A»kc«l i<> ll<».r»«« 
St AKatOM lB«Ur«n< «- « t> 


l::xport«r, wrackeU on Ui« W lllupa Hai 

teat rmr, •n r»«t« (rem V«seauv*r 

to PortUad, Or«»'<-. " 

th« Court of Appeal >Mier(lay, when 

hearing' was beifun of tha caaa of the 

<liaii«re.l linni i.r Ilidia. AiJdMHiii 
nnti (,;hlna ngalii.n ili'^ ra<tf(' Ntnnrif 
Inauranc* CompanN . im .u i/fn; ^^ ' !i« 
lAttar eompftny irom. Uie juiignt'-nt 
•f Mr. JmUm Oratory- 

JM^amant In tha Buprama Court 
WM vhran acalnat tka Inauranca eeip- 
pftBT. In tha aum of |17,0O« In ra- 
ayaet of th* Inauranea on lit erataa 
of ranrfi s. K)ii|ii>e<l to tha order of 
the bank fioin Vancouver to Yoko- 
riMinu 'I'hn Ju<lK'n*Mit appealed from 
tichi ihnr (he inaurance policy 
(arht-.i to tiiH rojrasa trom Vaaeeuver 

I 'I F'ortlaiKl. 

rh# appeal waa taken nn U\f tr«<in,] 
that tha inauranea waa for the tran« 
paeiflc voyaj;* only; and that the voy 
M« to which tha poUey attachad had 
net oo«|manead whan tha vtMal waa 
lost. <^ttnaal for tha appellnnt cem- 
PVtr njtvuad that, aince thara waa no 
Olauaa \hi tho policy permitting the 
rail at: Portland, Inwurance could 

not ba racovereil, porilnn'l not being 
on the recognized route lielwoen Van- 

viT and i<ilv<(li.ima It had tiaii?«- 

plfo.l sai l 1 iiiin^*-! iti^' whip al- 

ways w »nt (|fiv\ n ' ■> > ' I to < (>n>- 

plete har ladlns for ilie orient, hut 
nlnca pi4t fact h«d not been made 
known, t* the iaaurnnaa eoaipany. tha 
ineuraMe iMser oe«M not to raeerar- 

Arir^BMnt for tho dafandanta-appal- 
Inat waif epenod yaetarday by Mr. L. 

O McmntTlpa. K. C. and will be con- 
' ' ' ' f. morntnff. Mr. S T. 
i!iir!ke\ appeared yesterday for the 
i> alntlff-reapondent, arguing for 
whom will ba conducted by Mr. A. U. 
WUntKtt, JL C. — — 
Appeal Allowed 

Hearing <-oncl\ided and judg- 

ment for •: • . ; pll.inf Kl\fTi yenter- 
day In th» i s- ..f tlic Trij»t(»eB Cor- 
porntUin, I.irniteil. .Tgajnut the North 
Coaat I^nd Company. The appellant 
waa Mr. L. A. Matthews, of Vancou- 
vor, reeelTor nnd manacar (or the 
Ndith (3mm Oempany. who appealed 
Cram an order matfe by Mr. Juatica 
Merrtaon. by which remuneration waa 
refused for aarvlcaa as raeelTor ever 
a three-year period. 

\I r M (> r.rlin ;t|ipoaied for the 
11 1' pp I 111 nt , Mi.Tt th« order refiis- 

.\\g till* , 1 ■ i!|on h.irl been made 

nitlioijt leH^ori"! >fi\cn for Judgment; 
>»nd that the only remark made by 
the learned judge was u question as to 
whether the receiver waq the same 
peraon who had acted in that capacity 
for tha., Canadian Pacific JLumber 
Company. Mr. B. P. Davla, X. C act- 
ing for 'tha bondholdera of the bank- 
rupt copipany. did not eppoaa the ap- 
peal. Counaal said that his specific 
nut ructions, as contnlned In » t^lp- 
Kr.itn he had Just received, were that 

• " Kb. i! I leave the laaaa entirely to 

n» court. • 

Mr. o'Brian. outllalpff the financial 
alfairs ^f tlia bankrupt company, said 
that the aaaets ware tl.SOO.oeo and 
the llahlUtlea |S.7J«.tM> The iaaeU 
were YaM land hetdlnM in the north- 
ern Interior of the imrovlaoe. The 
Judta had allowed for tha 

services of the racalver durinv the 
first six months of his work: but 
tinr» that linip. althouKh several 
« Pplif-.-vtlonJi had been mad^. and the 
ippellant had dealt i\lth sums 
imountlng to more than $200,000 and 
had actually (Iven 300 days' pro- 
fealenal aarvlcaa, no ramunaratlon 
had been allowed. 

Cotanael aaked for remuneration at 
the rat* of |l,M9 a year for three 
years, a total of t4.S00. The unanl- 
nrtous Judgment of the Court of Ap- 
peal allowed the nppe.i', and fixed 
the remunT.Ttion in 'h<> aum of |4.- 


V%lls<Mi «s. V\el«:h 

Hearifv waa concluded and Judg- 
ment reeerTsd in the case of "^'llson 
vs. Welch, an appeal from the judg- 
ment of Mr. Justice Morrison. The 
ludgment appealed from waa Riven 

• gainst the (!• ' • t. Nelson U >lrh. 
In the sum ■ ' J - .■18, In favor of 
lldney V\'IUon , 'liorlted truatee of 
McNeill. Welch and AVIIaon The 
;lalm of the plaintiff wsa for the re- 
turn of f 14.000, together with a team 
»f horaee and a dray, alleged to have 
tooh received by the defendant-ap|>el- 


I ,1 III f 1 ■ ' 1 U i ' I il M i ■ I / 1 I ' i 1 

out < II nn. (1 >■ I J ; 1 1' n 

The Judginenl in i ' • 
held that the tran^.i' ' > ■> 
vlree of the eompaoy. ^^ua tu.r \- h-- 
the managlav director to pay * \"-< 
sonal debt; and waa oppi-eaelve of tije 
minority etoehhoMera. For the ap- 
pellant it was arsued that the traae- 
nctfon wss lawful and recnlar, and 
I .11 n i<.,<n made to McNeill. 

Mr r. !• Davis. K. C. appeared for 
M,»- pia.iiiifr 1 . r-iM.ndent; an<l 
M. Mcdi MHi l r. f the defendant ap- 


I'cremiHurjr L.IM. 
The peremptorr Bat of cases set 
down for hearing today la aa follows: 
Chartered Bank of India ru. Tadfle 
.Miiine Insurance Company <*t bar>: 
Hex vs. Somers; and Res. v». M«l- 


'n....i««i..|- M..OI.II..'. IlirouK'' Heovy 
JUinn hwclllim KIwn* — live IN r- 

mam I/om- iiit-lr 

With at least llve poceona reported 
kiiifd thousan da driven from their 
homes, anil property damase eatl- 
maied In the niiih. na of dollara, many 
districts in IS-"- ' ...1 .hnni.-< and 

Tesaa are flooded loda) Ti>rrentlal 
rain over Kanaas for the lairt three 
day* cauoed rivera and amaller 
•traama to overflow, deatroying crops 
in tha lowLinds and Inunda^in* real- 
dentlsl and buslneaa aectlona of 
ar\'eral tor no. The northern half, Of 
Oklahoma virtually ia Inundated. 

RMidenta In the- lowlands of the 
Trinity River, at Fort Worth, Texas, 
early today were prepared to abandon 
their homea after heavy ralna in West 
Texaa eauaed the river to riae »T fast 
with a continued rIae of aeven Inchea 
an hour. * 

Arkan«.Ta City and WinflHd, Kaa., 
suffered giestly from the floods. 
Three thousand persons were de- 
clared homelesa in Arkansas City. In 
an appeal aent by th# mayor for out- 
side aid. The estimated damase there 
Is 12.000.000. 9ne thouaaad peraona 
»ere niar''-on»d la^ r nighMa- a a cthnn i * 

m mi MMl 

Deputy Mlntotetr McXIvcn Saya Per- 
centage of \\<'io'-o i>" I anna Will 

Be Gr< «i< r I liln Numnscr 

Although there is a mimimuin of 
surplus labor In British Columbia to- 
day, there will be enough workers to 
harveat the frplt crop of the Okan- 
agen nnd oth4r (niit produeing dia- 
trtcts this year, according- to- -Mr. J. 
D. MiMven. who has Just returned 
from a tour of the okanagan coun- 

There will be a largpr percentage 
of women In the armv of llrltish 
Columbia fruit handleis this year 
than ever tofore, Mr. MeNlven stntes. 
This Is because the demanda of lum- 
bering, mining and other induatrloa. 
which enitiloy men almost exclualva- 
ly. ha\e h^en so much greater than 

The Provincial I.abor Hureaii tmy 
btf required to send o^O fruit, pickers 
to the Ukanagan this year, according 
to Mr. McNiven. The workeri will 
aurt leaving about August 15. main- 
ly from Vancouver. It la expected 
that many of them will be achool 
teachers and ofllce cmployeea who 
( hnuxp fr ilt picking as a means of 
gettinK -in open-air holiday and some 
cash as well. The Ol.anagan will pav 
a minimum of five centa a bu.v thl<i 
year, and the averaue earnings of the 
.fruit picker should bo about four dol- 
lars a day. 

The flrat earload of Saanlch and 
Gordon Head atrawberries will start 
rolling towards the Prairlea early 
next Thuraday morning, according to 
the Ix-parlment of AKri- 
rulturc. which has diawn up the fol- 
lowing schedule of demonstration 
meetings In connection with th^ 
packing and grading of berries 

Keating Dlatrlct — Tueaday. 10.30 
a.m., Mclnteah'a farm. Elk Lake; 
i.:;o p.m.. Ollddon'a farm. Keating: 
3 :ut p.m., W. Whyte'a farm, flaan- 


North S.Tsnich — Wedneaday. 10:30 
a.m.. Bawdens farm. Breed's Cross 
Roail; 1 :';0 p m.. Jackaon'a farm. 
T'eep Uny 

Metchosin Thursday. 1 :ao p.m.. 

Poachey Bros.' farm; i:S9 p.m., Daah 
Bros.' farm. 



Loodoa and New Toe* 'Over aakaorib* 

Their Qnotaa aa Soon as Offer 
Is Placed on Marketa 

! c . V 1 K , ■, Imp.. ' I •! I. « eleven- 

. , I 1 I , , , (, yi. 1,1 r..| 11 .-I I , IlK I.!"' i- I ' r ' b •■ 

AusUlari Iw.m wlw h ihi- H.ini. I-HK 
land undertook to fh.n' ^^ -« •< « i i 
received by the Inveatlng pubiir tim' 
the llat waa claeed hofora noon today 
atthoagh the p r oapectua had atate i 
that the subaortptton pHvlleto weul i 

not ce.->«»- utitil Thiirndav 

Sew \<>rk t>versal)errlboa 
NEW YORK. June 11 Ths Ameri- 
can of the international Aus- 
trian loan amounUng to lli.MO.000 
aeven per cent bonda waa over aub- 
aerlbed fifteen mlnutoa after the hooka 
were opened today, according to an 
announrement by J. P. Morgan a 
Comii;i ii 

NKW V'll{l^ .liitj- 11 I'.-iMe r#- 
porta stated l"MgliiM(I'« ahmi' wa.i n er- 

sub^ribed and the books 
hour and twenty mlnuteo aflar the 
opening. The loan was offered sim- 
ultaneously In eight ceuntr'lea. 

Prelimiii.i t > r'lH.rti t.. .1 I' Mor- 
gan & Coiniiaiiy, whicli heal.'d fh»> 
banking group offering th»^ ■ .m is 
here, indicated the total aubscnpiions 
might reach aa high as |126,000,000, 
or more that fovr timea tha aosonnt 
of bonds available for Amerlean In- 
\ eetor.'^. 

Tlip Issue was mad'' in the I'nltert 
States by a ayndhate . ' i n kera head- 
ed by J. P. Morgan A Company, con- 
sists of 20-year, 7 per cent, sinking 
fund gold bonds, offered at 90, to 
yield Investors t per cant. The bonds 
are guaranteed aa to principal, inter- 
est and redemption paymenu by the 
governments of Qreat Britain. France, 
Cxecho-Slovakia. Italy. Belgium. 
Sweden. Denmark and Holland and 
are secured by a first charge on tha 
gi uas leceipt-i of the AuatriaS OtUtOms 
and tobacco monopoly. 

Mr McMBtatM KovaMM's Tlawa 

lAMfDON, June 11 — Sir Moatagua 
C. Norman, Governor of the Bank of 
England, gave the Aaaociated Press 
his views of the meaning of the loan 
as follows: 

"The point of greateat importance 
in the Austrian lean Is that the peo- 
ple of that country have stopped look- 
ing backward and are now looking 
forward Within Austria, great ele- 
ments of strength already are ap- 
pearing. ^ 

• With some help in financial mat- 
ters, from the outside wlmh a demo- 
( rstlc world, bent on co-operation are 
not only willing, but anxious to «up 
ply the new Austrian Republic, haa 
convinced the Inveatora of the world 
that whatever Ita past. It now Is de- 
serving credit. Consequently credit 
has been forthcoming. 

"Evidence of this credit may be 
seen In the fact that the loati lie- 
Ing simutaneously placed in the lead- 
ing countries of the world, a fact 
w hich Is evidence too that the inveat- 
ora of the allied countries are not 
only able but willing to Join handa 
with those in countriaa they uaed to 
call enenty. Nine years ago war broke 
out in Austria. Today, peace in the 
real sense of the word hegtna la Aus- 

tr' ' ■ 

HhHh tKOld EAST 



I<> .Vdcln-vs ^Iwanlan* Mr \V 
Walsh will addrean the KNvsnls « 
at its iuocheea today on the aubjeci. 

MOKary M»— The JjUiaaT Aaxill- 
Ktv to the Boya' Kaval brigade Is 

holding H military 109 on Wednee- 

<U\ HI i:'30 ( 5i .V T n iiir M ( S'f»>r' Th' 

pruceeda will b« for the benefit of 
the boya. 

ffalhw PonglMsrs oC G^-^* 
annual meeting of the ICatiee Sai^- 

I tera of B C. Post No. I. Wll! to held 

,.11 \\»-dne»drt\ fvenlng, JunO 18. «' 
1 h , . In. k in tti.- V ictoria riub.'Cain;. 
h*!! Iliilldlnu A'.] irifnil>«t» ntr re 
iiueetpd ''I he present as the election 

,,r <>m< era for the eoaaiag ydhr will 
take place. 

Lady Donglaa Chapter — Tto regu- 
lar monthly meeting of the L*dy 
Douglaa Chaptrr I. O. D. B.. Will be 
held at hea.iijua rtera this afternoon 

at 2:S0 o'cl". k Final arr .t os^'inents 

fur thp irurd*-!! frfi- tn hi» hPlil on 
V\ ••dn.'Milav Iiiiif- will I'c ma.!'. 

and contributions inwrtniw 'lie i>i/iiii 
and fanoy work NiwifH rtmi nah iun<<\ 
would to asttcb appreclaUd by the 
eoavenora at this meeting. A good 
atteadaneo ol asMntors la rowMoUd. 

Mu»t< itr.^fal srrlcw M i •■ Blanche 

|..irlK>iir8 rrtu-s .r tr .iaU on 
musical suti''-' !» v\ ii h<-«in on .'-ni'ii- 
day. June 1*. The sariea will be given 
I in • the Now ThotlglU ' Temple, the 
' subjects to to aa toUMra: Saturday. 
June If. "The ^velopnent of the 
Element- ' Musical Form;" Tues- 
day, .lull." 19, "The ClaaslclBts;" 
Thursday. June 21. 'The Early Ro- 
mantlci" Saturday. June .23. "The 
New RoMaatle." • 

* aiiMillc Women's l<eognr — The 
loveiv gardens of I.>r. and Mrs 
Thompson. 104 1 Colllnaon Street, will 
b« thrown open to the public on June 
JO, when tha Catholic Women's 
L.aagua will hold a garden fete there 
In aid of St. Louis' College. The 
uaaal hootha eontatning attraetlve 
purchases will be present, a.nd tea and 
fortune telling will no doubt prove 
popular with the guests. Ruppcr will 
also be served, and dancing to the 
strains of 'BaCtOg*>"'VrdnMni~'Wtll 
take place. 

Womb's Prs«reastvo Olah — Ar- 
rangements are row complete for the 

flannel dan.~e to be held at Pf Mary's 
Hall. Oak Bay, on Friday, under the 
auspices of the Women's Progressive 
Conservative Club. Tlcketa are aell- 
Ing well. They are on sale at the 
Balmoral Hotel. Stoddart'a Jewelry 
Store and tTlsrence Cleaners. There 
will be a buffet supper, and dancing 
will be from 8:J0 to 12 o'clock The 
club will hold a business meeting 
tonight at the dubrooms In the Bal- 
moral Motel. 

The O.S.K. steamer Africa Maru. 
Captain K. Komiya, was in port ynm- 
terday morning from the Far East. 
A fine trip waa experienced by the 
veaael. the master said. Thlrty-aeven 
pnnsengerB, all save one of them 
1 steerage ttaveiera, and some cargo, 
I werp lindod iier» The yeaael pro- 
ceeded to .Seattle after completing dis- 
charge. For the American port she 
carried 2> cabin and (• steerage pas- 
sengera. Only two Europeans, Mr. 
snd Mrs. Starr, were aboard the 

MoNTREAi., .lune 1 1 . -The Rrosa 
earnings of the Canadlsn National 
Railways for the weelt ended June 7. 
It23. were |4. 697, 031, tolng an in- 
crease of $418,161. or ten per cent. 

The groaa earnings of the Canadian 
National Railwaya from .Tanusry 1, 
1t2S. to June 7. 1»28. were $»)|,164.- 
an increase of $13.2«2,34S, a« 
1 ompared with the corresponding 
period of 1922. 

Canadian Pacific Railway earnings 
for tha week ended June 7. were $3.- 
llt.OOO. and inereaae of |21S,000. 

* ' _ 

Meeting Today — The regular 

monthl.N meeting of t^le Ijidy Doug- 
laa I'hapter. 1 O.D.E , will he held at 
headquarters this sfternoon at 2:30. 
Final arrangements will be made for 
the chapter's garden fete to bo held 
on Wedneaday afternoon, June SO. 
and contributions to the plain and 
fancy work tables, novelties and fish 
pond will be much appreciated by 
the con\eners st this meeting. A 
good attendance of members ia par- 
ticularly reqaested. 

GardoM Feio— 'Final arrangementa 
hav^.been made for the garden fete 
to be held on Wedneeday. Jane 27, at 

the home of Mr. J. C Newbury. Col- 
ijijitz .\venue. under the suaplccs of 
.St. .Mjde'a Soi lal (iijild Th» niembera 
have planned to hAve a picnic at the 
lagoon on Wedneaday, June Zt. It ia 
hoped that all raambera who were 
not at the meeting, and who wlah to 
go to the plealc, will kindly phone 
Mra. F. W. Ball, photo SOStyi, so 
that tranaportatloa aan to arranged 
at once 

Nativ*' I itji; h I <- 1 •> of iirtilsli < o- 

Inaabla — A meeting of the executive 
committee of the Native Daughters 
of British Colombia, Post No. t, was 
held yesterday afternoon at Terry's 
drug store. Much of the lodge 
liuslness wss discussed, snd sH mem- 
bera are urged to attend the annual 
meeting, to take place tomorrow- 
night at \ictoria Club, Campbell 
Building. Offlcera for the year will 
be elected, and many aotlritlea .-of the 
lodge will to dean with, The'mMt- 
Ing commeneea at t o'aiock. 

Wf'l«li Society Mrct* The Victoria 
Welsh .Society will hold Its regular 
monthly meeting In Harmony Hall. 
724 Fort Street, on Wedneaday at t 

Concentrated Nourishment 

Grapr-Nnt^; svipplie^; iron and i l iisj-'n.i'cs 
from t he !!.ti UJ .li • 'ts ■••-pirnfi.i':! r M - 

luup.'ird iiiitsnnenl vasv < i i rst i hii 1 1 v aiC 

wondeiiui builders oi iicaiiii and cuci^y. 

And highly concentrated I The 
process by which Grape-Nutt is made, en- 
hances the value of wheat and malted barley 
as food. Ready to serve right from the 
package. Order from your grocer to-day. 

^^There^s a Reason 

Hmi4 CMfioi; Tgforts . Futrnji 



BmmlUmK VieUm ' 

4eW ■■••^^^^F^^W*^ W ^^^^^^^^^^ 

Of Stmmlf J^ker 

H .\ M I I .'I 1 '.\ < Ml 1 1 ijiie 1 1 
Sent'- bate braliK-.i !..l,rr » i< » i' 

sponsible for the spread iif Hi'- 
nunor yealerday that the Prince 
of Walea had toon Aoctdentally 
killed. , Newapapar offleoa were 
toaieged with inqolHes aa to th<- 
accuracy of the report. 

I imuti 1 ^!« iiiii .!. 1 1. T ..ugh the 
y itiadian l"r»*-« ji-v.-iinl thai the 

' II mOr Wa« h4««'l'"l>l .11. H" 

nouncement lu this effect was 
made In aoae oC tho drarehaa last 

p.m. All membera, their ranunes and 
frlenda are aaked to attend. The 
meetlog will open with the aiaging of 
two'hymna which were favorltea of 

)! r Mrs Margaret Jenkins and 

.Ml \ ivt. t) fcllowf.l t>y a few num- 
l) (• : ^ I ■ ' ■ ' , r f .1 ! • ; n I \ . ! i , I M ■ sev- 
eral artists. A letter from the lion. 
David L*loyd Oeorgo will to read. In- 
formation ahottt tho garden party to 
be held on June M will to given, 
also about th t ' mi to be held July 
1 An lnvlf.«i . II r. Kiven the public 
I •pjiiil .in »\t-TiMi(5: witli tlif liM-al 
WeiMh .Son PI J (Ml account of the 
lengthy programme no refreahmOPta 
will be served on thia oeoaaloa. . 


Flac n ia t hwM In SeaaenaMo Finilta 
aai VotMaMca, Aceordlng to Sap- * 
pl7« O aly liocol n iawgaa 

The local strawberries at? ripening 
quite satisfactorily for the growers, 
sihough from the standpoint of the 
consumer they are too slow In ap- 
pearing. From KeaAlag comes the 
word that yesterday to crates were 
picked and forwarded to the marttet. 
Of thfa* th»- nialnrtty were Marahalls. 
although Magoons In limited quantity 
were also Included in the shipment. 

The price of local barrlea in conse- 
quence of the increaaed iwpply eaime 
cloae to the Imported oaea yoaterday. 

Apart from a few fluetuatlona in 
the prices of local vegetables and 
fruits the week atarted oft without 
change from the elose of the preeed- 
ing week. 

The wholesale prlcea were yester- 
day as foUowa: 

BMier— * 

??ewiebae ■** 

Ceatea « • 

Oaft SpiInt l«lani1 •<* 

H. ybr..k, carteaa i' 

"un.rcup tt 

i*lk««a JJ 

Clov.r V.ll.y tf 

Mra— accordiot te aoe eC pes*- .... 

Mra. l ib. brlek. 1»H 


*>«tsr«o m>nt,. m»mt. nske.... 'J 

On ,rlo n.w ■•IM *» 

Oniarl, n.w tirlas 

Alb«rt« mild. i»in. 

n c. Crram. do< !.»• 

Kr lb . ... .1* 
•••■' •r.a, Crtmm. <1o». •rr.all.. 
""*r.»'a Cream. Asa., assd. ^i* 
II , .rea-, CrMm CheasiL~rs.. ••♦ 
i , r.»', K. aft. fwlMra. ... •• • 
^< Tsa's Kraft. Ota. Fa »> 

Est*— ■• 

B.C. K«v UM. 4mU 1. par 

*s.a ••••«,«•«..«•••.•••«•• .s# 

"•1.11... it.ik. bes. Ik. i; 

•abiessh. aiists. U's 1* 

Ceenak Tablet^ SSI1'« l^-. 

- Ae*«to Csariak. tilt's Mt 

>*«Uts«i»— Ase«r«ini ir. gr^twrn *a* 
eoalttf. y«r 

Sainton AnSM. 0«bb M ~ 

' **mr " ' 

•"■•tft Potato*!. p«r hamp.r ... *'* 
Oalost — 

Cryaiai Wss. il ls, crat.s «-M 

i^^Oaiiferaia. per sosO s-f* 

^•retslil.a — * 

AasarasB.. Walla Walla, 

nib. b.x fctl 

Aspsraga% lecal. 1-1*. 
feoadles »» 

Arnchakss. Otoks, Cattt.. SOS.. M J*. 

rrt.B II r. 

' n.w araaa. Gelll.. ik . m p 

UtmiB. p.r Ik SSM .oj'i 

Csrrets. s«r Ik. •> 

TBraipa. y«r iS ** 

Parsnip.. ».r lb SIS 

N.W bunrh I'arroH. p«r da*. .. 

.V«w buneh Turnip., p.r dos. . . .4t 

I'auUflewsr. l(i«a> M.P. 

Ca>ka«e. Calif , erale At 

I,ssa .ifuantltl*. Iisttuca. local. p.r crat. t.Tt 

Kkakark. par ik. esta ■•*% 

Citeemkers^ per daeaa, ,.. t.fS >.M 

(Isells .«.•......•«*•■.•.•.... .te 

Teai.iMS — 

Hothouao. No. 1 t.K 

Hothouaa, Ne. S , 

rmlis — 

Appl.e—Okaesesa. fss Me. t grade— 

T.llew N.wton !.(• ^ 

Okahacan Wlnsaaps l.TI i > 

thecals ....^ M <- 

Aprleet*. Clllf.. crta . . * • IK 

Cantalonpes ■ • !i 

Jnierriee, CMM. •.. Mr* 

>l«a|a, - CaUfi M P 

PeacKes UP. 

aaesakaryiM. U», per erate «.•• 

Straw^.rrl'a. Iiwal I 

Strawb»rii.. K.nnswick 

.Oeiit Ei.phaat t.9t 

aapMac all stssa ».¥• 

cikle*, all slsas I.M 


Sun^tst (■*• 

Choir. • 


CU7. IS .11 

CratsA. Ik. II 

4-kaakst sratss S ts 

Baekists. 1 «ea eask is 

Oras»irun— AissrS l s a te ilse— 

flsrlAs t.M 

Osltleraia S-M S.eS 


fallewl. beta, tttt erep .es 

kir, kslk. IftI sree 91 
arkaa. ••Ill', lapeslal). ver 

sese ...••...•«.....•«••••... ■ . sv 

VrsiMedary, per seae ......... 1*9$ 

CaSMl. N|}« ac ■..*• t.M 

_ III., eartaaa. Mil a|S ....... M.P. 

Calif., aerieesk ilV ••••• M.r. 

K at.— 

AlaiMds. esr Ik. .........41 

Brasus, par Ik. ..m. ..*•«• Jt > 

PllkaM^ per Ik. M .11 

Wataeia, Me. 1 M M 

WaMaUk Mew Maaeka .«•« Ul M 

■"""^[^'•"ffli ::::::::: "1« 


PmrHf .eoo»«eeoea«ooo*«o* Ill* 

Map'* .••■••••ee*eoeee«'' B!# 
liojral l«i«»r*/l»r^ .•••••eot*ese«***-.«* S If 
WU4 H<1*« i I'utryl ooooeeoo«ooo*o*o* 
Kofcl lli>u««l>ol4 eeooee*»eooooo**««« 
0 <t K ytail^ eeoaoo*oopo«ao*o*«*te« 
|ri « * H eoo«oaoo«*e«d«******0*«M 
II * III. y^Mtf ••••.eeeeeeeeeo 

M M l M a t >riai< IW J 


Sid nm. I mmutm 

I^i^gbk ....f.»<»»»»»»«»»«»«»»«' • " 

I .................. ..... .ts t. If 

••'JV i* if* 

aM***.M*. •••••••••••• •*! |e ,M 

.^..•s..*** ••*—*••* ••. ^^e ^o ^^s 


a a II wr 

on C«k« 

e.r*t'b i 

ea.ri. . 

Alf UmI 

ns r«Mi>a 



i#**0«ea*eee>*e**tt C 

a oo*o 

• OOe e eOOO*«*««*# 
•eeeeo*««»«*«*« . ' 

ee e • • " 

• • s e o**«**o** ' 

• e e ehoooooooo* ^ ^t 

• •oo«o #••••«•»•• J- 1# 

• •eooo«*»*«*pa*« S-^f 

• - eo*********** 


«4 •* 

• ; *« 





Good even in the days when the 
aMtomobiic il#elf was an WLperimentg 

pUNLOP TIRES are 111 the 

lorafront to-daj for 




Oidsiuobilc pi ioci «re now ]<ww 


025 YatM St. Phont 270 • 






31X4 ^ 

EnaoQll ed only by 

04P^€iymmp m<?cii\« Oo€»ct Weir 

Douglas Street at Rroinhton (Otto Weiler Building) 
Telephones Oflice. (S.SQ, Battery Department, 669; Night Phone 6> 

^T ronT AliBERNI 
Canadian Ulnurr lAJWds •M.OOO Fuct 

Oa Oafela 

PORT ALBSKNI. June 11.— The 
C.O.M.M. Canadian Winner. Captain 
Wingate. which has heen loading 
•JO. 000 fp»>t of lutnber for Atistralla. 
at the export whnrf of th* AlbernI 
Pacific I.nml'er Coinpanv. rompleled 
loading yesterday afternoon 

Tlia Pacilic Cable Boar.l <ahl" 
•hip Beatorer la at present engageg 

in work for the BaaifldM oahla au- 

tlon and U working a thOTt AdtMOO 

from Bamfleld. 

The stesmer Marsaret Cou»hlsn. 
bound for .Montreal with a full cnrKo 
of Britiah <"olumbla lumber, some of 
it from Victoria, passed out to sea 
yokterday at 4 a.m. She atopped for 
a time off the breakwaUr, whora she 
waa boarded by Mr. A. M. Ihaakd, of 
nithet (Consolidated. UiL, VIdCarU 
' agenta for the veesel. 



m/ide EDDYS fan 

j WvHrv Maafc ...•••....•.«•• SpSS 

i ns ..a....—.... m IrJJ 

ioe» r^»* ....j^^....*...... iJs 
ghsB fc-ifc 0 fhM wm 
■MA ..MeexeaaSM... eV 

outwear all other^s 



siiiiliiiii tf ••■••f •IffffMlttS • f tMMfff PttStfl 1 1 ' 

mk^ DAXLX CULy;!^Ai>i, VidOBIA, B.a 

f - * 

^ The Colonist's Pictorial Page «^ 




,Skipp«r Siun Gr«iv«t of die 
,tf«wl«r Loitl After, ythotm 
capture hy the aoviat lad to 
Mi«ltinMitum from Bntaia. 


■ — • • i ' ' - . — r^rjt 



' n 
. t 


'. ! 



|>ito» Hdm Pukmad, IwtUet dimf. po— • ow tdfc of • Lm At>ltt riyw p w 

■wtbdnlil aftttr a Modem fflgthroT 

KIm BOvilktM at EMtport. L.I.. Iwteninf to tl»«ir Klaaflo ordof 
fat tlMm to igaofo N«w Yoik't iimimlrim low. 


1 * 

Kfoo BokIw • Co M wt" tlu- 

The latest photograph of 
Reginald McKenna, soon to 
be Britain'* chancellor. * 









JoJm D. Rockefeller. Jr., and Walter Kidd. aftir • 
iMquvt^m a Now Yock fool. 

The photographer caught theae sprinters at the instant thry responded to the crack ol the gun at tha 

university meet in Philadelphia. 





■ I 



Lady Cynthia Mosley, 
tar of L#rd Cwewom. 

Judge J. D. Harvey of Houa- 
too, Tasaa, who broke all ro- 
corda giaating 212 

fa 243 mfaotaa. 

At an exhibition of valnablr stamps in London, thr rxhihiu 
took no chance* on their collections being stolen. Ilus 
mtm slept bgr Ua UiW| i al ai^ 

Hon. Mias Kathleen Brown, a London debotanto. 



THK HATT Y rOT.OXIST. I'TCTORTA. P. C . 'lU i'SnAN' H \1" 1-2. I'LV^ 

Important Notices, Employment, Business and Professional Directory, Wants, Etc, 


F»r tk« ••■▼•nUnr* »f tli»«» who " ' • 

r«r«r to aiiv ai.x;.! > 1 T»rt iMmant In lh« 

I la..!'!.! I I... 1.'^ fi.lKiwlBg H»l 

• in. ... 'u, ,ri.i.' 1 w.tfi k aaruMr. 



J.^XMERIBNCBD f«rm«r iiiarrlad. fur «0- 
^ dairy term. Mum flra«-<'iaa« 

man >-apabl« «f lakln* rhars* wham •••»«• 

!• ulixnl <Ii»m1 naa<-« far tba liski NUkn 

Afj'iv iifK, I' Mi'h^ii. I41T HrMd IMr*«L 

I ti oil.' I .:<i ; or I <:ii > 

y I I \« < II I'.I . I llfy (<j| 1 1 u> >. .1 . 1 > I n(, 
^'1. autu rtpali, kiailery vulranli- 
lav aa4 waMlBS. Wrtta »r rail fur fi»» 
noatar an4 ap»rial plan llvinplilira Au'u 
kn>ln*»t Ilia H. : tiiaiivlll* it:, 

Vancuuvri III ii« nam* Htinp- 

|,l'i ' i ,. o . ,| ■ . <• '1 liilly Kllabia 

Mvno f 

IB. B. aaitPLB — PtMlaC and ai- 
^rlancad laarhar <•( plana. Pupili 
praparad for aiaiTilnallona it daalrad I'.:*! 
Mill ■ — 


tchall ttrcai 

MUn IMA UOBIMJN. l«MlM« •! plMO 


i«7s rmn at. 


« r 

r In 

T>i» n 111! l.» T . .h. 
Ilia celanina. I ha aH>li««»«i i«. »i »i ■ »'i<" »""' 

A I I •* H * \'v » n ' f il 
Al*>n'a ^SMlI••<i 

A 11 n .Kill . •• I 1 - ala ..«..•••••••••••• a( 

A Ul. 1,1 1,, 1^ 

Autua r >i HIra 

BMlnra. I iiiortunlllM 

BIIIUi la ...1 Pool 

BmIs I « 'iM * al 

Xwln«.> Hi . i,.,t 2| 

Cjralaa and Moioic/tlaa ^ 

n»*reh M«UaM f"* it 

Ztaaelac • 

Praaamaklnc ^ 

Rducadoaal 4% 

Farma for n»n( 

Fartna for ^a 

rarmn Mfani.i 

riaU Md Apnrtmanta t* »••» ,t 

For ■»!»•— Ml M lllaB M — V 

rumlahcd Kooma^irMitnA •* 

y .ii-l H'<..n.m ta • .1 

K - It 

>liiuMa l,,r Sala jj 

Hotal Dlractorr •••» la 

Hooaakanplns RoviM t* BMt n 

I^at and Foiwd t 

Msala , !• 

Mlarallanaoaa "H || 

Money to L^an 
I'f raonal 

Profaaaional Uiraoiuiy 
Propartjr far Mmlm .■• 
Fr6partr Wantad 


ju«/ ai Huutr > • I'*** r-^*-^ 

-.^kljr tor jrw^r apar* nm" ".ruing 

akawMrds f*r Na canvaaa.i a Wa la- 

atmet jtmi and riMly yM wUk Mwtk. .Waat- 
ABftia Bk«wt»r€ I 
Hide . Tornato. 

Kl i 'Al.l.K liai.ll/ man for pualtlon upllin 
. ..aai imrriaUly ui>r laklnf at oik Ap- 
ply KIJ M«»oii HU»»I . » to 10 or 1 - to 2 _^ 

U'ANTlili Two amart jaal»»iiirM for 
laaualiv liiauranc*. KltfTllii- iimat i>ro- 
gt»«aii« lonipaiiy ta Canada. u«o<l <.oii« 
11*' t for riKhl ni»n. tt»K lltl. Coloalal. 

»» I M - 

Applv S \ 
Mono I ,. I 1,1 

ii<M>illal»ly--Tvkii flrai-ilaaa 
,< r, > no olhrm nr«<l ai>pl.v 
It-iUrai^. Hupl .«l 
>3I Vaira Hirrrt 

ll'A.vrKU Mld«lla-ac»a man for farm 
woik. »na with exprrleni. r In Jrlvlna 

|i t #• f f I in] 

I'hona J. 

■ • • • • 
» • • • • 

• • • • 

• • 

■itMtiona W«iil»4— 11 

To Rant— Hoiwaa •( 

To Rant— Furalahad H*iMM 

To Rent— MlacalUMM * | 

To Bschans* "* %i 

Ta LAaaa' , ik 

Taaebara Wa»U* «t 

Tlttfbar Brokara % 

Wantad— Mala Halp ••• j 

Waatad— ramala Halp •** 41 

^Vantad to Rant— rarma ^ 

NVanlad to — *<"f . AMMti «» 
Wantad U Rant— riaia and Apartm«»l» 

Wantad to Rant— Furnlahad Ho»«oo.-' j 

M-aota.1 to Rant -Mia. • lanaoiM j, 

Wanta.1— Houa»ka»pln« Hoo»« ■ 

Waatad to Buy- Houaaa • j, 

%*Mk«4 *• B»r'o» 14 
Wanlad- Mlacallan 


' A I I I > - 1 aro llva aulomoblla aa '•-•iii<in. 
*i i V rartlar Broa.. tl4 Joh nion Hi. 

.1 !' i-.ok f. r turvay ••rop. 'n- 
... 11. V 7t»«. Colonlat. 


TO_ ■igBAWOg^ 
uMroBira ■xcmamos araeiAiaB— 

1. Sevan-roomad homa, Forawood Hill: ra. 
nirnl baoamant, furnac#. larca lot. Will 
ronaldar ear ur l>uiiitt>iic l><ia fi.r niuity 

3. Miiiall ator*. on kokI aiivi i;.i..i alta 
for am«U cnanary buainaaa. Will lakn 
r«r »r vMaat Oak Bay lot aa »art pay 

3. FIva-rooniad liom» In Vancouvar to tiaila 
for >l>lnila rultace In hlfh lucallon 

4. Will pay caah and glva claar daad to a 
rhuica kulMlM atu I* kast _p»rt a( Ra- 
ima, for raisil IwMWi**. VTetarj* auk* 

I. Mlx-roomail lioma, BOar Uak Kay Avanua. 
larao lot. aplandM fardaaa. lu traUa tor 
amaii koata. Omrf dlairlaC 
Many uUar tt«««a Call la a»« 


Xti I'anibarton Bid*. 


Ci(j«»I) Waca fur Home Work— Wa naa-J 
' yuu lo iiiakr a. Ilka on llir fait, caally 
laarnaci Aulu kiilUrr. e » tie 1 Inn <• \innffL-ra 
aaiy. dialanca iinmain lal , no 
canvaMlBc; yara auppUad. I'arllculara, 3c 
atainp. !>«»». ti-C^ Avlo Kalttar Cu . 

on, anrt on. half •.'"•^ wlr^ a 

Hon. nina canta a word a 

tr'Ja.Tr.ii'i.T-'.-.v..''.", ui" .... 



:r , 00 par monlb. AddUlo« 

. t ■ t par UM 9*»j;;^^ 


(1 IRL «ani...| f..r ilKlH homework; muit 
T alaap at lniiii<> l h..n<> «9"«ni. 

(liKUS wBiitr.l fur la-pii'irj pUkIng, good 
I arrommodation, with alngla b«da, tprlna 
an, I inaitraaa: larga diBlnc-room wUh t«ff 
dani'ing floor: bathinf and boatiag. W. 
b»an. Halilc laland, Hatalc. B.C. _ 

J)l(. KI£ll»--Olrl», o^»r 1* lo plrk itraw- 
b«rrl«a, heavy irop; Hv» unil''r .anvaa. 
pick In cool uf thi< lUy. l>a()ilnK In Koknilah 
HIvar. Wrlta V. na«ak aw«. Cuwichan H in 

^TRAWBBRRr plrkera wantad: «ood 

^ patrh In pli-k from; iplandld MvlBg 
(jnarirra pro\ Kle.l W 1 lie H. Bucfct*. 

Sliiggaita I'.U., »r phona 4.I.'<)II>. 

S^TRAWBBRRY Pickera wantad to ragla- 
^ trr lagmodlairir I'irking ta k*f>n 
ii.Miai<- oT inoaili. for Keating and Ooroun 
H«ail dlatrlcta. Apply to Women'a Branch, 

I; tn [)Io> inent Ser\lca, 

ylTi:A\N UKHRY pickera wanted; good ar 
^ voiamodatlon. aploadtd patch: with op- 
tion of gtaylns f or lo»aaa. Phoaa T»T4I., 

f^lX itrawberry pirkar* nanted; accom- 
k^ modatlon if daalred. Tinhorn, Elk I.,«ka, 
Eaat haanlch Koad. fhone (.oUjuH* oK 

ll^'ANTKO— 14 e»p«rlenced alrawberry 
' » pickera. to ramp nIna mllaa from elty. 
Telephone 440JI.. or apply »14 Qu»>Wa Av e 

ll'A.NTKW— I ; »tr«wt>eri\ 1,1 k-... iw..tii>-n 
V\ or glrla). g-ioil li\.lnK n.i.ii!.i' Ai>i'i> 
I> Raid. Kaal Haanlrh an. I M .1 1 n n .1 u lt< It. .1.1 
!• O.. R.R.I, Royal t)ak 

BII.I.INaM.BT-At f»e.tH;. W^.H^. ^f,* 
nth mat.. 10 Mr and »*'^". "1.1 a aon 

JuMloa Moo»4Ml. !• Mr. >^ \ 

UMlaayAloswdar. lt»T Vm* at«»w». 


Drt W. ««1> O—wortfc »— B. • — - 

V.nro.ver '•'"?Li'"'i^t,Ji2r ^ 

ijeaaiei. late of OraaaacB. 

her TTth >e»r , , 

Kuner.l KBO« C*^*"' ,*i,m" 

,, . I'.ck. alanda'd tima. TBiaaay, — 

HAMPTON— <>n June ll'h, 1»:3. •< 

. \iV VL-iAraea »U: I>oa»l»a St . J»ne 

siGs's: Sa'TiJsrr'^tt..- 


We.lnead.y .ftern.«n at "^S^S:, A;^;. 
moat ID tho family »»oi ^•"^ 
lory. . 

VOORE-On June 10th 1»:J. «» 

hia iJth year. >*••• ■JSKL*;.} "o 
rowing widow. thf«a daagaiof* aaa 

ThTfon.ral will »«>'r ''i":;* "iei-rirBTol' 
nrorning at IgtM o'clock "i'"' ^t^^yT'^m- 
funeral chapal. "^Aa wll7»a toM t» Wt 
Clutlng. The renialna Will Wm WW w aw . 

at Riiaa I' - 

t \Hl» 01 THA>KR 
Mr. Bollaek aad family wt.h 
klad frlaada «or tkair tympathy and Howara 
Tilt ai 4aatl» ct Bra. May Bullock. 

CABD or rmAnma 

Mra A. Poleh and family wU* t- •«P;'" 
,h. r alncer. thanka for tha "•'•r V . 

,-«,. -" •«" .lurln. the of f,«aban. 

and i .th-, aul f-r tl.* kind aympa.hy ant 
llotal trlbutra_ar,u_l n ' h«l^^Lj "'''*V: 7'/"' 




pta o» BMwr 

Lady la Altaadaaea 

Fbenai: OBeo SIM 

Baa. MH aa« fMi 

B.C. rvnmnAi. coupant. LUcnsD 

Tl« Braaglitaa Btraot Batabliabad 1I«T 

g '^ALl.g raapondad to day or alght. CkargM 
raaaonable Eir\balrMlnf tar AlBaMSI a 
apaCtalty l^ady altenUanl. 

Ftaonet liH. till. li/IR 

Baglnald Bayward, Ba^ratary 
yi adarlak Caaaltoa, Maaagar 


Maak*^ Tha aaouming of all raapenalblllty . 

Iha arranglnit and larrTlng 001 nf ill .latall* 
by a (omprt^Tii dtraiior. iha o«« 1-' an -.leal 
MOBB far tlia aarvtcaa ir daalrad, and II 

Thnna 411 
ICt wuadra atraat 


na aorrow af daath can ka BriiaUy 
rvllavad by having all datalla la til* haiMa 
af ena eapabia af rendarlag yaa 4ha higk 
atandard of aarvloa you want. 

Somaoaa eapabia, wtU. aapartaMai wkaaa 
praaaaoo la aavar (tit hai wfca la alwaya 
Uiara whaa a aad ad. 

. Bart la tlM aarvkM wa readar. 
Faaaral tfoma: 
Caraar Johnacn an.l Vaii'-oiivar BtraaCa 


lO 4anra. Caledonia Hall, Tueadat. 
ton* 1'.'. I 14 till 11.44. Admlaalon li.. 
1 w aiooma. F aray'a mualr. 

I |.\.>< Ir.. TUOaday, • to 114, t-olw^nd 

U Hall; t«>laaa arahaatraj raftaakaianta. 
A4ait«aia4i Mai 

ItalTABT 9H, Qmm* H*!^ Court nay at.' 
Tuaatfay. I'M. 14 aarip pri*aa. 

iK»VMiJHT et. iir ai..ii by W A. to t'ana- 
dlan l.«glnn, laavlng >' P R. wharf I 

r.m^. «ity lima. Ratarday. Jaaa l«ili. Ttekata 
I. far aala at CP.B., Caaadlaa t^agtoa. aad 
aa aa— aaaad. 

l7ANTBI>— Naraary govcrn«aa for 2 ainail 
dilldroa. aaa who eaa apaak Prcm h 

Brafarrad: goad wagoa paid. Apply Woroea'a 
ranch. Kmpleywwt Barvlea of Caaada. 

\i'ANTED. Immadlataly, woman aa house 

keeper aad aaraa, tn gu to [>unrBn, 
In family, no a mall clilldren. Pbona 4H0. 

W'ANTKD. In Haptarab«r. at Croftoa Houao 
Hchaol for Glrla Vaaeaavar. a raal- 
dent iniatraaai to taaca roartli Form aab- 

lerla ^^^^ 

■YY*ANTEI> — A girl aa mother'i help, by 
'» tha day until .luly 1. and for whola 
tlma aftarirardA Telephone 1^741. 

IV'ANTF.n -l.aily help, to lake rliaree 'if 
'» bahv an. I hf:i> light hnuaework . l O'in 
try .\pp;v, null parilrulari, Mri Didliain, 

. i.l.t.lf Hill 

U'<)M.\N or gin for ganoral houaework , 
family of 4 gdalta Apply Bra. 

Hepenaial. Dunran 

■im'ANTF.O- Houae tablrmald Apply Mr«. 

Ward 8plnkr. 11&4 I'raigdarro. h Road. 
I h. re «(4ll. for appointment. 

VtTA.NTKU— 4 atrawbarry plckara; good ac- 
▼ V rommodatioa aravldaC Vkaaa JL P. 

Johnaton. 14P Keating. 

VlTANTEn at once — \ary eipeHancad 
' » ihlldren a nurte; mutt underatand their 
f«-ed!ng and health and liave good refar- 
rnraa, rorofortabla placa, country {or Sum- 
war. Victoria for part of WIntar. Maat ha 
of bright dtapoaitloB aad davotod to chil- 
dren. Willing to do own nuraery and 
children'! needlework only. Two ihHdren. 
ona year and threa yeara. Apply, atgting 
aipertcnea and aalary raqulrad. ta Br^ 
Choat, Dunran. R M.D. 1. B.C. 

Y^ta.ntf;i> \'i agyartaarad mothar'a halp. 

.SI 1 I .\ I lO.NS >^ A\TKD — MALI, 4 

Vf;i"Ol".NTA.N'T. manager, lacratary, confl- 
daatlal r lork : man af latagrtty, tact aad 
.tparlaara In commtrclal affairs. P.O. Bu« 
Mj Victoria. 

rpHKKI': nrn a. niihln eaay diataaoe of city, 
I on Interurbaii r.l»rtrli', two undar cul- 
tivation, apleadld aoll, remainder aplendld 
building alia. Would earhange for good car 
or aiiiallcr car aa part paymant. aaiy tarma 
- ••-'- iBca. Baa 1IH. C«j j|gm^ 

N aaparlaaaad draaaaukar. wartt ky tka 
k day. Fhoaa ITSgU 


• kla 

aaaa aad 
Baaaa II. 

alterallona promptly 
T07H Yatea Vtraat. 

MAL>AUB ISUUBU Franoh drcaamaklng . 
good atyla; raaaoaabla ekargaa, Pbeaa 

aVAlLiORiNoT draaamaklag, by <Uyi ao 
• botchad work. Phaaa T»4>H. 

■WKET tilRI, tjnAKl ATEJI. 

AXU TiiK U'as. r<Mi: 

At thia pridaful time In their Uvea, 
A Photograph ! 

.V'o baitar way to koap the record In 
Nlew of latar yaarg, ami for tha family 
album, nr to oarhango with achoolmalea. 
'I'hera la nn better photngraphiR work, 
holding finer promlaa of aatlafactloii 
than la lu be. found right hara In Victoria. 
PJhUU |:17 fur an appolQtiBcnt, 
Wllfrca aibaon 
•U Vlaw Btraat (Caatrat Blaek) 

^VOID glaaplaaa alghta avar kad dakta. 
Try aar INSOMNIA aara. 

417-4:o IIIbban-Bona Bids, 
Phonaa 174* and 7114, 

BlITTKIl ba aaf* than aorry. PalaUag, 
paparbanging, kalaoinlnlng. BatlBfaa- 
tlon guaranteed I'hune (965R. 

A It r K.N TKU, painter, paparUang'r — 
KsilMiatea furnlahad; chargea raaaun- 
al.le Mrlnnea. phona 34411.^ 

I.'«I.KC'TKIC vacaams raatad by bear or 
^ day. carpatarto Oak. Ml Van Bitaac 

Phone 1414. 

HIJt'SKS built. In town or country; a.« 
Hummer real.lriicci; contract or Oa/ 
woik. i'hona S'j:'9V 

HAPPY la Ihr man who la wrU draa4Md 
aad kii'.wa tl .Moral 

novernmant and Talea 1117 

II' you want a real mechanic to px your 
bicycle,' try B. J. Smith; II yakra' ax- 
perlei.rf Douglaa. near lludaon'a Bay. 

1)A1.N'I I.NHI. I'aperlianglng. Kali 
H. Uonaldaon, liiu3 Bay 81. 
Phone 404IX 

1>AINTlNa. Paporhaaglog, Kalaoailalag, 
. etc. O. Matfclaaa. lit lliekiaaa Biraat. 

Phona 4»I7R. 

1>ANAW%.S and atrawa blanched and 
blocked; al«o felt hata, by axpart bat- 
ten Phona 17211. or call at W% Tataa. 
near Uouglaa. 


MININU J. J. BOM. ■•« Pamkraka 
Fkaa a tft. 

SAWS, all klnda. fllad. aet, gummad, ate. 
I'hone W. ICmery. 1447 Rladitona Ava 

1314 Wharf St. and 143 Johnaon. Buyara 
nf all kittda of junk, tiMita. atacklaary, atu. 
Old-' a profliptiy attaadad ta. Pkaaaa IStt 

and 1 » 

TO ltL..N 1 

\l i .1. I 

i \.\k.iJLii it 

R Rant— 4 tula, wiiu CN R. apur line. 
Fhoaa I44<f>. 

SIDNF.Y gnrage to rent, on main atreat. 
iippoalte hank, convanlant lo Balllnghaiii 
aiKl AnH('.ri>.a fnrrlea. from Jaly lat, «a Im- 
prnvei'Krii i<-Hae I 'a i tloalara, owaar iR Vic- 
toria. • " 

\I>VRRTIIIBR would like tak* cara nf 
residence during owner'* abaanne; t»- 
apertable. married, ao rhIMran. R'ply Bos 

I^lSr. kalaoinlnlng. paparktuiging and 
painting, dnn* by expert. Mlddla-agod 

Kngliahinan with grown Up faiSlly : work 
guaranteed I'bon^ H.);n 

^Ki'ltRTARV or nftl. e manager dealr»a 
pnaltlon. ten yraia Hrttlah t'oluinbia 
eieruMva experience, expert ahorthan'l 
«ri'»r. arrounlant. rar>able nf taking r>atlre 

rhitrgm r,r rnrreapondenca or oNlee. niachan- 
irai knnwiedg*, •aeallent rafaraacea. Box 

»J«J. <'olnnlat • 

ll'ANTKD— caretaker, ky rallabta 

^' n an rr^m' ' »i line, fruit, garden, etc 

f«-. ■ t : • . I .il..rila! 


VSTO.NIC dealrnua nf obtaining (Jid t'oiin- 
try domealf h»lp. g'-nlle* om»n. wrlia 
for ail partl<ijlari to H"« 4;«. Nelaon 

I.l'^NCI.lHHS^oMA.N (Widow I detlrea a poal- 
■J tlon aa houaekeeprr lo hachelnr or 
widower. Mhrre ihe roiild have her boy, 
>ear( of age; relerenrca etrhangad. Box 
>4li», I'olunlai. 

UAMi-U iU 1CJ:.-\T— 



XPBRIB.VCBU drasaaiaker wlthai «»ark 

'J by tha day. Phone 1449. • 

'AN'rKii, bv .'tpabie woman, hoaacwark, 

by day 4I« t'erilU noa<l 


It'^^'TKI'. by good atenograpb'-r I'em 
• ' porary or primanent potlllon. I'hona 

'itrANi'Lir 'III take .era of rhildran, by 

** the da>; niiial'a. Apply Mlltan, 

Y « ' A ' oo. I n» > hi r,.»t 

'A:>rKI> Hy F.ngi nn Woman, honaawork. 
t4« hawr. y«ul Bay dUtrlct. 141 
Rakartaaa k4r— t, 

EyWATlOlfAI* ■ 

• Fkaaa «IM. B laaat i a a . 4to g ar f igat. 

NAVlOATtOM taaskl far ~ maatarV aad 
>naia# aaaHaatHW avaalaga Fkaaa 


SHORTHAND BCHOOL. 1411 Oovaramaai 
ntraat. Baataaaa avbjaalai tkarougb 
tuition. K. A MaaMlilan, priaaipaL Fkaaa 


\Y*A.V'TKD i,eaae of good warthouac, eaa- 

If ally located. P.tJ. Boa 4SI. 

AKBMONB Japaalea, la « nrta, aaefc. llo. 
AnilrrbinuRW la Ik ktata daaan. llo. 
14\ 11.40. l,Nf. llMk. Aatsra. ainaia 
and doubla. doaan, tia; IM, Aatara. 
perennial aaadllnga, dagaa, lie: aamad 
aorta, dnxan, 12. Chryaaathamuma, dosan, 
41 la tteediinga Bridal Itohe, d.^xen. 

tc I • duien. tic t'u< umbera and 

Marrowa. each. Ic. Dahlia*, aeadllnr*. 
1»c: doubU*. 11.44. Tuchaiaa. !•« aaak. 
Oaranluma, Zonala and Ivy Uatad. lie ta 
lie each. Llbeiia. dozen. lie. MarL 
gnlda, Franch, doxen, 24c ranaUa. extra 
Ane, doaao, lie; 104. 12, 1.000. tU. i'arla 
I>al*laa. dasaa. 11. Faiunla* doiaa. lie. 
Block* In 11 kladA tie and 34a per doian. 
Vlulaa, doxen. |1; 140, |4. Zlnalaa, doien, 
3ic. Aiparagui, Ulant. 13 per 104. B«- 
gunlai. Tubular. I4c each. Uroccoll, in 4 
aorti; Uaullgower In I aorta, 100, H ; 1.0*4. 
II. Bruaaal* Mprouta. t aorta; Oabbaga, 14 
aorti. Kale, Pcotch, Jeriey, 'i'raa and Thou- 
aand Headed: bfe>oya In 2 aorta; Li*ttuc* 
•a 4 aorta; Paraley, all abav*. 1**, Itc; 
t,*ci, 14: I4,e*4, |l«. Hoaa Btack*. I0«. |4; 

II*; 1*.0«*, im. C.W.O. tram un- 
kbowB caatomara. Jamaa SimBaaa. ill 
Buparior, VIetorla. B.C. Fkaaa lill. 

AL'TO lania — U4» ona aat up in our fae - 
lory We make awnlnga Victoria 

Tent Karto'y. r.o.l 'a A.- I"' ..... 

AKItW g. 
going ibaap. 
Fort ttraat 

U tiai O * ai a, < W 

PR1NCBB0 Aloaaadra, teagklar* of Eng- 
land -Oianga nf tviialnaas laaotlng. avery 
foartk Thuraday. anriai. te r aad Tkaraday. 

8"'BiurBMTIMa~daac*. Taaaday. Ja«M»~ii! 
Tradea Hall. 1111 Bfwad airaal, tiM ta 
It 3* ! arda and ear«a p rat i da d far 
genii' ' wiaMng to daaiia. Jitaa ar>. 

rkaai ' • ' '* ■ •*'.■•> '■ 


EN — Qualify fir gond paying (Xtattlona 
aa tr.i .-. ari'l « bat- 

tery and i«ni!:"-» •»(>»''!, > 'i . j ■ » and 

• •latrlng of Mrea, a .Mr'n.obl i« r*"." n« ..p 

• a lnn aad *«a*trurtlan nf radl.. b'^a' 
ra.i'ng and r«eel»H»» apparalue «pi.n^'i 
..fT"" i»a '"r anihltt'.ila ■ 
l^.ia ri-." M . lh« l*ta«at and ^*a. i- ■ ' 
rractiral e'lirfl In i anada iMtd'i a»)a"loi».» 
prarileal ln*trurt«r* witfi y«wr* "i^wwaf^* 
anra aahlad Mham. Internallaaal 
11^ BtBaal. Vlaar Btraot. 

I - 

SrmnT BHAW Ri'giNKaa ivbtitutb. 
< oiiraea ' ommerrlal. clenngraphy i lerl- 
I ral. higher arcouallng. rolleglaia prapara- 
1 lory, lUii aer^I.e I'hona J» or wiita for 
•yllabua Individual Inatructlon .New Wallar 
bldg. .Saw aapiia will ba aaaapud aaak 
Monday far day aakaal Aa4 tBak Taaaday 
tor night aabool. 

UEFfON •'oi.l.Kilf. lor giria. 144 Maailaa 
O Vlrael. \ i.|»iia I'liinary In matilrula 
tian. Kxrell.>n( a ' ' 'i ro m od a 1 1 on for iMo'fdtta 
Aaiumn lerin brgini Mapiember ^ HaaU 

ailatraaa. Ml«a k.. ► Hot.«fta. UL.A. 

MUBin T 

Caaraaa la Blaaa. vlalia, «a<«l iliailaa 
Matkad). tbaary. kaimony. alaaailon Paplla' 
raeltala •■<i»rr ataath fee aa.4 epen la tka 
public. Il«l Braad aire-i I nnna 1171 

\ I'SAN KD aad •Urnealary vbfBB IBllHB. 

^ "f .iai iara»a far baaiaaara MWP 
' 1141 Pari. Fkaaa l«44. 

MANDOUN. OOrVAlt umi bM 
Ingad Inalrumeata laugkl by W U. 
Plawrlght, 1114 Hireai Pboaa l<4« 
Re* phone ii . i > i h o.i • t i . » i .o . 
"aiurdaya. * ■ i 

If » o. 

* * etrln 

l,"''«^'KaT HK.Mri.fe. ...1 .* 

' '•• Mllrhell glreai rhane I 'I 7 

\ 1 • ^ l» »\-ia , , ,, . I 1. ■., '...«e 

*»l i-»fi,.. r.iplia ... . . .i.f.iHe 

!.--''•''*■' '■" •••flea" i.,,.a 

344a ( eaac Hill U«a«. 

awJMtuai l**IN* 

AKTiguB turaltarg^ akiaa, allraf. ata. 
t bone III. MfB Waallall. IMC Bt. 

("bar »• H'reet. 

Villi. .HI roaatad cklekaa eaa fca ob 
talnad any hoar at tka day fram Bra 
Ual* . 141 Fort BL Fkaaa »jlll. 

\ltl('Kl.IN'<l'H nargalii* - Bitaaalon 
• table, 44 60; \lolln, 113. 40, Baaaon 
rarnat, II*; banja, |».l«i cbaal drawar*. 
17.11. T41 PaMd«.ra A»c. 

••AdvartMa* la ta kaalaagg 
aa gtaam la ta waaktoar y " 

Nf»T A 

( >Nr. HIDED 

A ► K A I Ft 

M aa 





• racaiva 
I nu moat 
giva aa 
la warfc 
ar la 

It y*M 
Aa aai 
■Hta tmn 

llualneaa la 
a iwo aldad 

l4' WiMara atkA 
Com ( a< inra 

Maiiigrapk^ H 
l«fa aad Faaiaarda 


<*r L«f 

ft aai _ 

Rata* tt<i»<e4 for Liaaal, D a w ia la a aaa 
poieign FakMaatlaaa 

••Ha Mf 

( ( 'out Inued > 

a.- . .11 1 I.* II. I 
. I.»a|. 

ai.|» I. 

\l I . K II la i.r I 
.li.l .oii,l|.|.i 

\ N Lntila plan., rbonitcl a.'.'d tuu*. In 
'» pei fect i on. Ill I. 11 ' lltl cnah. 

Ala*. ^ Ancdtia yearllnge. ia>iiig; 71 oanta 
ea. Ii Hux 4344. t'olonlat 



VHKAI'riKI'l Kngllah l«i..adwuod piano 
mot I be . 1 '«a 1-1 >i »i. really aa 
go.xl oa neM . I . I >k. aah |340. "r 

|40<i ..II Irniia .1 |i(iO caali aii.l balance |3M 

nilil>. without Inlaraat. lo la* .inalble 

paii> ('an be a«en at 414 Courtnay dtrect. 
between 4.I* and ».!« a m., I gad J.vl R.i» . 
and evenlnga * 

A ' IIBAL. Bargaln—^ltound aitanalon table 
^ and I oak dinara with leather aaat*. 
In Al eaa4tttaa. 137.4*. (Mdy'a, 1I17 Uoug- 
laa Mtraat. 

I.A''K aolt. manure, clay aad Itana for 
aai. Ilaayy teaming aad ploughing 
riiena 2444. 441 IMyward Mldg^ 

A iiOAIN— Dandy wardreba. In good can- 
dltlan. Il.t*. Oddy'^ HIT Douglaa kt 

BUTTlaiUI— It you waat battlaa ar Jar* 
w* kava thain, all alsaa, (ran* Ha par 
rt<.B*B. Wm. Allan, till Roaa PL 

CtARPETS, ruga, upholatary, bSlad*. alto 
> dirty paint, graikae. oil and tar apot* 
ranmvrd Ilka aaaglc by Owan'* Blu* boap 
PoHder ona Packet cleana 4 aull* of 
clothe*: lie a packet. laaulra Farmai* 
Praduca ktara. III Jakaaaa kt. Fkena 3>1*. 

DANDV golden ... . a* new, fU. 

mahogany fin'- ole'. Al aba|.e, 

|:6: chell* of dra".-ia »< up. Victoria 
Furniture Mart, 741 Vlaw »^t. 

DELlcToLg g^ta' milk dalUeiad dan 
by arrangaraant. I'hona 434! 1-, or ap- 
ply Itoabay Hanch Htall lit Public Markn, 
Wadneaday and Saturday. 

ENULlbll baby carriage, beat quality, 
whit* enamel: Orat-claaa condition, coal 
4S0; will aell for III 44. Phona I1T2L. 

i.'^tiit ^aie Fairhaiiki-Uoraa dracaaw. ap- 

-A- ply 34111 InlfM A«e. 

J>^OR Bato— II acre* maadow'and Timothy 
hay. a* It atand*. Pleaaa auika a cagh 
offer. Albert Mtiacktoa, Matahaala. 

IiX>R f<aie -Large mallaaMa raaga, gaa In- 
cluded; cheap: maat call, till Uovern- 

nient Btreal. 

Sal* — Oood Charter Oak range. It*; 

rouch. In good r.indltlon. I*: b*d*t*ad. 
and apTlng 14. aewing ma. hliie, In good con- 
.lllloii. other liouaeh.'l.l good* In go 

ili>-*|. At 714 Maik'l 

r.'^l RNl miF,, rooming hou*e, 14 room*, 
aiwaya occupied, paying ooarara: would 
erirhange. Phona 34l4y. 

1^"*OR ?l*il» \ aingi* Iron b' l. ai i Ing and 
iiiattreaa, .)ual Ihe thing f .r x iur Sum 
iiier rotlagr I'li.nir 46n4Y 

I,,1<iR .Sale LMniuil/ aplendld oid»r. anap. 
»»» »Tt> .Niagara ^i rb -v k'-'-N 

14^0H Hale — Uood tout, l*xl4. Apply Box 
■ 1344. CalaaUt. ^ 

J^tm Pale -Mouaelioid fiirnlVure. Ilrltaniila 
range, roll top deak, .miir'". rifle, ahot- 
gun, \acuuiii . leaner, ao« ing luachlua, etc. 
314 Cook Street. I'liune 70:oL. 

1,,"^(>ri fair lio\'s nen ICngllah grey flannel 
• lltl. alan oiiiKro«ri clothet; fit boy S-»; 

■hone 2S41X. 

• lilt . a Ian 
grey allk Jiinii><"r. elie 34. 

1MJH Sale Vaughan dragaaw. In i.erfe<i 
. condition. |1»». Apply Bchofieid. 

1,">l>Jl Sale— Drophead machine. attach- 
-T inenta. aa new, 130, lliiol»uni iu». 
» X 12, |4: oak bureau, good glaa*, |i», 
fumed leather rocker, |I2: leatherette ea*y 
thair, J»4 Cook, evenlnga. 

1,''<iK Sal'. I 11(1 aarli. doora. bi.a » .or- 
Ing, Including 2x4 and 2x4 •caiiiling, 
Kiao gaod BklBSlaa. at IM Boaa. Pbona 


ITMtK Sale — Btaadlag crop of oats, readv 
to >ut. McAulay, Pollock Road, Gor- 
don Head 

I.'^OH Bale .M<e bab. .arriau*, ».'.. ("all 
mornlnga, I 114 \ l»w Stren 

I.'^OR Bale — Two tenia, 10x13, ona with fly. 
* If* Domlnloa Road. 

IilOn Fala — B.B.A. Target rifle, |3! 14: 
ri'ld gUii. {*; lainple ault.aie*. 11.71: 
real leather \allaea, 11.75; apUt bamboo 
rod*. IS. 76; *t*el rod*. 14.10; al*rm clock*. 
41 76; child'* automoblU, 111, motorcycle 
*prlng cuihlons, |3.I0: blcycl* •lecti'lo 
lamp*. |i.7i: prUm glaaaa*. III: laathar 
■ampi* ca***, |4: playing carrta, 35c; hoy'* 
bicycle, llt.l*: new outer bl.-yrle i' " » '>4 
new Inner tubea. 'Ic, apacta.l-a a 
aigkt from >i<L Ja4:ob Aaronaon • .Naw a:, i 
Bactmd-Haad Btata. kSl Jakaaua ' Btraat < 4 
doora kalo w Oaifara«aaat Btraat). Fkaaa Til. 

FOR Bala — Ona B. Uaag Mfg. Ca.. lAd.. 
aawmlll head rig. complete with tight- 
enar pulley anJ two 14-ln Blnu - 1. aawa 
and two 42 In Stmond* eawa ' . ■ are 

M. A M Lurn'jer Co.. Ltd . Coiiitaii«« H.C. 

i^OR Hale Logging engine, WlHamett* 
mak-. tcete.l 174 Iba.. alaa H<xl2, com- 
pound yardpr. with drum* and caklaa com- 
plete. Addrca* Box 4016, Colonlet, or phona 

Ii'^lNK toned player- piano, 200 rolli good 
. mu»lc, cheap. W»5 Foul Bay Ro4td. 

Oil Bala 



kala MeClary oaaaat«vab ai- 
MHB. tlST 

/ ^ (»ii> dropkaad aawiac w B ak laa. Pbaaa 

yj 2260n. 

aplaca aa tbap raa. Cklaf Loula^ Bam- 

IHAVB prima aeal ekin* for *ala, 121 

flald. B.ft, 

LADY leaving iBUMdIataljr Will aall ebaap 
Oerhard iieiataaBaa caklaat graM pteno. 
Phaaa 4121 Y I. 

LARQK reonty wardrobe, atrongly made. 
Hna.r, 111. laland Baekaage, 711 Fart 


aLLbaBI^B aiaiM raaaa*. II rer w««h. 
Phon a 4*1*. 1*14 Poaglae Btraat. 

Al.tJIABI.B ataal raagp. rackar aad 
nthar artlelaa. raaaaaakla. lltl Vaa< 

• ixiAKY bedroom ault*. 1 placaa, iuet 
Ilka ri<.w Barg*ln. tlU eamplete. 
J. land Kxrheiige, 739 Fort BtraajL. 

OROAM. la Brat-flaga caadltlan 


M%— DtBOOUKT— tl % 

/ \N all our coata, autta. wrapa. dn 

nig hargalaa la stare for Toii. Invaatl- 

g*te *nd *a»a Mg ■»ne\. The Famou* 
fttor*. Md . 7*1 Tala* Btraat. Country order* 
promptly attended to 

lUANTITT of corrugated roofing for aala 

at Mac'* Blnre UlS Klore St 

*ln'a Meat! FI*'or iinaurpaated : Ih* 
moat rell*bl* pack In the city. luat try 
tb.m one*. Fraah dally at FARMERB' 
F'KoDlt'K STORB. .Ill Johnaon Ktr**l. 
Phona 3*11. Alao n*w potato**, pea*, heata, 
carrot*. B*4dlng-out nianta . hig aalectlon. 

UOr'K OARDKN rt.ANTS thoiild be aeen 
now to make your »»le' l'.on for Fall de- 
livery, fame and lee our gardena. TltX K- 
IIOMR OARDENf. Wllmar «f. Phone 41I4U 

SINOKR dropli»a.l aewing inachin*. In 
flrat-rlaaa . ii.llil'.o Cnod buy, |2S. 
laland F.xchanKe. Kort Ftreet. 

8NAP--»lnger drophead fawing marhlna. 
la perfect running order, 127 40. oddy'a, 
1417 Daaglaa Bt. 


SI Pr LI KB — If It la anything in Ibe Tt.. 
- line, we have It SAVoRVS KKKO 
KTORB, BO* .Tohn*on Hfreat. Phaaa 1*34. 


ITORK. aaaa aBd be . 
rrland. IBtf Tataa. 


la Dap A 

— the concentrated Fertlllaer In tablete: 
guaranteed aatlefactlon or money hark ; 
pachagea l*c. He and |l. and tin* of 
I. Ann labiate for |4,3I: obtainable at 
Miidaor. a Ray, Wnodward'a. DavM 
Span ». a standard »**d Co , Vlct<»rla 

Fe».l .'.. 

tlTlM 1 fl.ANI .>rl privluce FftA- 
barton BI dg. Fkaaa 1471. 

TWO tennia raeaaeta far aala. alaiaat b*w, 
U aaak. Fkaaa ITBIU 

two aaaC Wklta aawlits l aak W aa. B«ar- 
' aalaa*. fraatly radaead (kr «alck tala. 

II*— 111— lit 

Baa tkaaa aaflp. 

B. TATIiOB * ca 
fit TAlaa Wu 

•OtJE Bark raafa. with caiia, la At 
ardar. BuBg^ M«-M. tataad Bacfcaa««k 

7lt Fart 


-M.F. FTVIR *p«*lal atatlonery enflna, 
la g o«»d ehape, |4I. »o« 7*41. Calaal w. 

ROOM a of aka«l ftna*4ara, awaai laaviag 

city ; aa 

Mil Vg 

TMB atooBB-wHiTTimrroM 

rn t.Tfv 

onr oankir. ■ n 

Diac ARKKl. 

IN PfiB* bt; 


bhaw • Oft 

*. fcl K. ^ a 



B6ULLi£.LI MU II . ..111.^1 I ItlCI 

I , I H . . I ( 

FIANO" ' . t ^ V . !■ II. >.'^' EB. 

MQU.'^irH' I 1^1 itMii'RB 



AMIIULC lk.i.k lieet iligh-CUaa Ulacardad 
Bought and Bold at 
MRS. JOWITT?. Ill FerL Fhoae till 
I Btaraa Akatre Raltakia Maaaeagar 

ATTBNTION!— Mra Bkaw, larmar*? of 
WUalpag aad Bdmaataa, wlU call 
aad pay caab fo. diacardad alatklag. 
PkaMl4>4 IM Fart Btraat 

', BMII>*n»*a'* 

BEST prtcaa paid tor li 
and rhlldraa'a gaod. 
bauaehoid llaeaa, eta. 

1111 Douglaa St., block below H.B. Ca. 

Fhen* 1411 

DON'T Uealtata — Phone I44( If you have 
any furnttor* yoa wlgb to diapu** of. 
Our repreeaBiatlv* will call an. I offer -ur- 
rent prlcea Island Kachaage, 7 2j F>.rt Bt- 


]^OR bottlaa, rage, toela. atovaa, furoKara 
or anything alaa you wtab to diapoaa o*. 
We a^ll aaywhere. any ti me, 'iry ua, 


i». ■(■«. H r 

BUT PRICiv ^ t A ; wa CAU* 

Ml A iS A (.J 

\| Alii/CANt •AlaiialuD dlufig labia. Wool 
•i'l latt 

OUUT'a are open la buy goad-cUsa t-tral- 
tur«. carpaia. 

I'hona 441 
bla. Wool- 

1034 St. Charle* r-.. Phona 416. 

I to buy goad-cUsa t-trai- 
raaaaa, ate. 0.*ad prlcaa 

paid i'hona 3461. 

I V'AN I'KH ImmffdIateU - Small cook *to\e. 
'» i;i\a pan 1. ulat r, Itox Ii2l»0, Colonial. 

U'A.Nl'Kli -Stoi.e Bil l charcoal water fil- 
ter, wheeled garden water barrow, 
(heap, good ooadltlon. Box 1311, celaalat. 

't'(''ANTRl> for laali ''omplata acta of 
bathiuom flxtuirr iiiu«t be la gaeU 
condition. Teleplion* 434 

iliAIS AMD Jk^t 

TO Morr 



ancouvar^ - 
bona 1112. 

AT Beacon Hill Apia. 4tl Vi 
Nice front furnUhod eulte. I' 

HELL Block, uak lia>. . K.aa aea- Fur- 
nlab*\l aiille. \acaiit. luw lantal 

HKI.I. Al.a'lmrnta. 10.1 i ook hi Infur. 
mailed frunt aulte, garage. Apply Bulla 4. 

BItlUHTLIcOT, It Measlea St.— Superior 
furnlabed apartment, near aaa. lar aad 

BTtiiADWAY Apartmania (uaar Parliament 
Bullillngat, Superior. I'oromedloua. 
inoiain, furaianed and unfuralshad •ultea. 

L4.JUFORTABI.T furalakad apartaaeat. Ilka 
' homa: madarata charge ; aaar Parlla- 
meat Balldlngg. 414 FowalU 

CLOBB-IN wall-turalaka4l a«tlta( alaa kad. 
*ltUaB-Ta4iauh flreplaea. ggraBa. Pkaaa 


/^RAL COUR'J', Jamaa Bay Olatrlct— Fur- 
i ' ni*h*d and uafaraiafcad atiltaa; maJcra 
building. *v«ry aaayaataBaat III Stmaaa. 

I'lione 3*44 

(tAKI.lO.N -Thrae-roJmed furnUnad aaltaa^ 
Alaa alnda louma. weak i.r iiiunth; cen- 


111 I a .1 Inn 

4 :4f R 

I.^LILNiaMLD flat, upatalra; al*o houa*- 
k**ping raaata, graua* t\—r, claaa la. 

Phone I462L 

1^'<l 1. ^. I SH kittlng-room and kUcbeoott*. 
and on* or two bedronni*. upa'alra 114T 
Fart aire. t. Phone 3*421. 

LBI^AND Apartmaiit*— Ui Iglit. mud*ru fur. 
alskad aad nafaraUkad gHUae: apl«adl4 
location Fkaaa HIT. 

OLTUPIU Apartmania, lit* May— Kur- 
nlab*d Sat. Phone 4IIIO for appoint- 

^T. Helena Apartinenta. 4X4 tjoartnay St. 

rpo Let— A furnUkad 4-ro 

-L rhon* eOttR. morning* only. 

IXfA.NTRD to pur.'baaa A light eipreee 
(for alagla horae). U F. Solly. Weal- 
holme, B.C^ ^ 

1¥ WANTED— Btareoptlcon : muat ba raaaoB- 

* ' able In price and In good (ondltlon. 
Phone 3131. 14 lo 13 am.; 3 to 4 p.m. 

pay bigheat prlcaa tor kottlaa. rage, 
iaola. atava^ Caraltara ar aaytklas aiaak Top 
prlcee pal4L Pbaaa 


ANTBO ta Buy — Twa or tkraa 

good furniture. Phone lltl. 

JllK.N YKl'H I'HAdH l.NTO CAttli 
tl'K buy raga and Ikotllaa, alao tools, 
t I alavaa and (uraltura, ale. etc. Pboa* 

WANTBD — Old Mcyolaa aad parts. In any 
eoRdltloa. Victory Wreckage Cycle 
Work*. Pbaaa Tit. ill Jakaaaa Straal. 



A NICE airy bedroom to let. wHh or 
without l>oard, cloae tn, quiet locatloa. 
Apply Mra. Bdwarda, 717 HcClur* St.. or 
pkaaa 114 IR. ; 

V PLEASANT Summer home, near aaa, 
car and golf ilnka. goml lo. allty; bame 
looking: reaaonabla. Phona 4>44L. 

ALAROU. aaaay raam. wall furalshaa. 
■ultabl* far caaplat I alaatas from 
Empra»a Matalt kataa aaaklag. IM Suparla r. 

AT Baaoaakarat. lit DaogtaA averlooklag 
Baaeoa Hill lake. Oaad acoammodatlon. 

BON ACCOBU M Prtaaaaa Ava.— Raam 
aad boardt alaaa la; kaata aaakta*. 

Phone 44*1. 

UBACON IflU Park— Board-raaldaaoa and 
A-* furnlataad aaltaa; caadarata. 141 Slmoaai 



OARD and room for gentleman In pri- 
vate family, cloaa In. Phona 4033L. 

(COMFORTABLE bedroom (bathroom ad- 
Joining) In well appointed private real- 
dance; Ideal Summer locaMoa. mlauta from 
car; every convenience, kraakfaat ^laaar 
optional): bualnea* man pr*ferr*d. Boi A, 
11,1 "olonlal . 

COMFORTAULK room and board. Iroma 
cooking. 1034 MrClure. Phone 1040X. 

ETIIBWOLD. 70C Cook Street — Bunny 
ritanu. gaad aarvloa aad eaaklact lars*. 
pleaaant gardea; aear kaaiaaaa oaatra, Hia* 


ii^URNISHEO rooma with uaa of kitchen, 
ar kaanl and room; ona bad-sltUng- 
raam. Pkaaa »>4I. or 1 041 Fort St. 

r|7BRBT*Ct<ABB accommodation for bual- 
" neea women, cloae to town. Apply 
Box muri. Cr.lonlal 

{^''(iR bualneaa people, etc. — Rockland Ave, 
home racking; terma mod. Phona 5704R. 

I/MRST-CLAIIB rooms: maala aptloaal: aaa- 
trel: lovely BIMBAB Ml MkaahaMt. 

Phone 174tO. 

IARtJF. furnlahed front be.lrootri; board 
or liniiaekeeping privlleg** If dealiad: 

..-nlial I'Siii* 734771, 

IINDSAT Ix>.1re. V an. ouvar, B C — Unilar 
new ma ia«emeni ; good table, rno.lern 
rooma, .-omfortable 1- unge; »ar-ma moderate. 
i:fl ITarn Ktraet. CI .me Dnog 1330X. 

I>.".M and part board. In private home, 
t I .aa to park *nd ***. Phona 77*41.. 

elaaa la: II a weak. 

riAi.1 i;ent--R*droom, with uaa af bathraom. 

1 In private home. 
Box 4304. Colonlat. 

r|V> Let- T^rg* double and (Ingl* •. ■ma. 
-A- with br**k(a*t and supper. Phone 

YOUNG maa dailraa raaag, widaw ar prl> 
\ata family. Baa MM. Colaatat . 


or 4-room • 
P hOBa 447 1. 

ICBL.T raialahad badraamA prirata 
faoillri saar PaglteaiaBt BttlldiasA 144 

>gla* for 

• .V month. 
I'lioo* 41 

TTH>R R*Bt— t. I or 4-room •ulteA 14$% 
X Port BtraeL 

TRY the RItx II. • - »• • ■ -■■ < ' 
clean, r nay i • 
fully modern; rataa i.iodarate 

» » r N 
• » > I 

(appoalta Catkadral). ^ , 

rooma, alngla aad aa aatu: badraataa 

Phona MIIO. • ^ 

flat, eaatral. 


rpilK largeit and beat furnished apart- 
I manta In tha 'lt%. aeparata eBtraae*. 
Inrge grounda. garage, an Idiwl Same. 411 
Michigan. Phone 1114. 

IIRBB-ROOMBD uafumlshed suite. III 

per month. Including light and water. 
Apply 317 Cook gtre«>t. 

yno Real — Completely furnlehed 4-room 
-L apartment, naar car and aea; rent |l* 
per month. Immediate pessexsten, for I 
mont hs. Phoae 3IITR. 

rpREBARTHA Apt*. 1(»4« View Si.- Choice 
1 unfurnl*hed 2 and S room eulte*. atrlctly 
modern, a*lf -contained, quiet; cloae Ini flra- 
praaC kalldlaBi bat water and heat aupplled 
Ch eap raatala 

aiHB Keaalagiaa. tlBH Pawdara A«ab— 
. BuKa for rent. Fkaaa 14 H O. 

'■"NFL'nNi."<HF;n, rotir-TBom, fnmt tamor 
•elf-cortalned aulla. RIt* Hotel. 71* 
Fort Ht. Pbone 61 

4) I'NF'IKNIBIIBD four-roomed eelf-con- 

^ tained apartmeala: aisa t fnmlahed 
housekeeping rooms. Phaaa IMIR. 1311 

North Park St. 


-| 1*0 MAY ."^T,- Linden Apartmante — Thraa- 

-1 roomed unfiirnlahed eulte. Apply Pull* 1. 

fr07 SIMCOK — Furnlahed ault*. 2 room*. 
*J piano; three month*. I'hone 244 in 

II PANDORA Av»iiue — Single, furnlahed, 
with kitchenette: al*a 2 and l-r<»omad 
apartmante. furaisbad; raaaoaabla raat. 
Fkaaa I>Ha ^ 


ATHRBB-BOOIUBD aattasai Applp to 
D. Fraaar. CalaBlBl OMaaa Pbaaa 11 

or IHIR. 

y-^IiOBa IN — 1*61 Balmoral Road- t^rnom 
botiaa. eleaa. gaad condition, low rent. 
Phona 441IL. 

E8Q(T|Ma1T ^*^ I.ampao.i si»ai, .The 
pirs" 1 .. . c.llaie 1 ' rv Ten 
rooms, modern, ona acra of garden. Includ- 
ing teaala lawa, garage, etc.: cloae to golf 
Ilnka, baaekaa aad car; ar will aall oa vary 
eaay tarma Apply Owsar. U. SUtar. Ill 
Union B ank Bldg., . 

I'l^lVK ROf>MEl> roav and modem bunga- 
' low, lint off Foil Street and clo»* fo 
Foul Bay Road, built-in featur**. c*mcnt 
baaement. furna", garage, large lot: rent 
434 per month to reliable tenaal. P. K. 
Brow a A BatiB. Hit Braad Btraat. Pbaaa 


1~.'<i! K.sii Lv de. ..rated 4-roam babtw ta raat 
In Fernwood dietrlot. Phoae TIIIT.1. 

"KVJUR-ROOM bungalow, t» month, flve- 
Jc room houae. 114 month. Apply Inaur- 
ance I'ept . I'in.ilay, Durham A Bradla. 

li..' 1 MAnk Hldg. 

5 room houae, clean, Blanahard 
' - ;,.--i. i\b per month. In. luding water 
riione 47»2R 

IT^OR Rent — 4-room*d bungalow on Olad- 
■ stona Avenue. Fhoaa •71*R. 

HOUSKn. fiwriiaiiod end anfumlah*d. 
for rent « ' ' eaie nn *asy tarma. 
Lloyd -Young A Ruaaell,' 1013 Broad Street. 
Phon* 4 5 2 3. ^ 

■XJICE €-room*d hou»e In g.iod condition, 
^ rioea In. Apply 1014 Burdett A\e. 

>TICB, quiet. BOW, l-room buagatow; nlca 
^ locatloa; July 1. Pbaaa ataralaBa. 

44171,. _ 

14b HOLLTWOOD Creacent — 1 nice rooma 
aad katkraam. nearly aew, ault coupl*. 
411111. avaalasa. . 

4-ROOM bungalow, walktag diataaca. fir*- 
ria** condition. 111 maatk. Psaaatt. 

1 1 1 P*mb*rlon PIk. 

^■'-ROOMBD modern bungalow, p*rferf cnn 
»> d It Ion, good dlatrtct. naaa ear »«•; 
leaae tn raspaaatkla partT. raat ItlM. 
I'hon* 214. 

rNFfItNIl»HFT> ro-im*. 410 a m..nih. i 

1 , . . ..r I'hona 4IIOX. 

Ul) t t»i^Kt.i.r IjSU KOOM8 

AT III Michigan etr**t — FurnKhad bou**- 
k*ap ng room and b*d-*lttlng-room. 






^l!RNIBHED hou*eke»plng rooma, Fal:- 
n»Id l|..|el rppnalla City Hall 

I.'^ori Kant— Clean, furnlehed houaekeeplag 
. room*, fhua^ eaklaa, Fhaaa tlMU 
Reata raaa aaakla. I>M Hlllalda Are, 

ir^L'RNIgHBD houaekeeping room to rant, 
172 Michigan Ht. Phona I934R 

tiVF. LODGE — Houaakeeping ronma. 
chlldien not objected. Phon* 734IO. 
M4 Michigan Street 

HolJSKKKEPl.NO ronma. ground floor: 
coal range, iraa. every convenience: 
r^aaonahle rent: alao bed altting room, larga 
kitchen, gaa range 421 H.nuna Hi 

I I -FTKEEPINti room*, phon* and all 
< ' aniane**. 1011 Pandara Avcl 

Hu^ E LODOE — HaasakaaplBS r aams. 
Children not a 
114 Michigan Mraet 


cit S K K EE P I NO ronma. . nnv entanree; 
alan flat to let, furnlahed, . loaa In 
Phnna t*74X 

TWil iolte rooma, 114. i .» o block* from 
the City Hail 14;i (Jiiadra M 



^MALL fully furnished houae or apart- 
1^ ment, for reliable coupl*. wlthla 3* 
minutea from poatotflce. Tel. 1TI*X. ar Bam 

H04 0. ( olonlet. 

WANTBD— By a Forilaad bu*in***man. 
to exchange fnr the mantli of August, 
en eight rrviined home for * or l-raam*d 
home Willi \i. |nrl*n w h^. wieh*a to kalldajr 

In rnrtland. Box 7*24 . Colonlat . 

W ANTED by .luly lat— Furnlahed 4 *r 
...omed biingainw. with garage pre- 

f • 1 r .1 II. . « I I K . nionlst. 

TO ItOT-^finMll MIKD 


III* Baltaar Strrat. • raaaH. folly modera. 
well furafafcad; pganiBlia ist July. 

Rent .vrrvTTT. 

430 I'arry Slreet, I fagmg. Immediate poa- 

aeasloa. Rsat a 14*4* 


731 Vancouver Bt . 7 room*. Rent. 127.1* 
411 Cornwall Ft . 7 rooma Rent . 131.** 
1314 Beach Drive. I* leo.ns. Rent, It*.** 
71* Eequimalt Raad. T raami^ P'^'TSf^ 

Itth June. Rent Ifl.M 

1114 Leonard Street, 7 room*, folly modera: 
garage. po*ae**lon 3ltta June. Rent, 44*. M 
1131 Fort BtraeL I roomo. Rant .14* ** 
1731 Dai I* Btraat. I raem a : pasaea a loa i*t 

TO UENv-e^nmirnnnED Rovna i« 



JICEI.Y furnlahed huu**, i loaa In, 4 or • 
looma. gaa, garage. 3T44.X. 

.'|. ELY furnlabed hauae at Cadboro Ray 
for real. Phona ItllU. 

fj>i.> i.ei, for I moBtha — Nlealy fu'inahad 

*■ modern bouar. 4 rooSM. avary <on»*iil- 
enc*. ten mlaut**' walk from poitofflc*! 
rent III. Baaumant Bogg* * i:a , Ltd,. 
I emk erton BIdg.. 4 ;o Rroughion Bt. 

#TVJ L*t--3l|x- roomed bungalow, furnlebad. 
A For partl.iilari phone 4774L,' 4>r aPpiy 
r II ttiown a tuna 

IV^KLI. furnlahed I room houae. with fire. 

place and » liediooma piano and \ i. - 
trola. 1244 McKentle St I'hoaa 472*7. 

ROOMS, near car an.l ara^ Fbasa TiVim! 
it dallar*. including aater. 

O-ROOM furnlsked cottage; t clesn, fur^ 
nishad kouaakeeping rouina 11:0 Van- 
couver Straal. 

rr-IlOOM bungalow, near Beacon Hill Tatk; 
" larxa l.i Ing loom, two fireplace*, piano 
antJ gaiag*. amall (rulU: ckaica location; 

tiifr** ta BsiBfki isasBt. Pkua* 


ASHIPMBNT af flaa ya«w« Saekliaga Jaat 
arrived. Order aarly. Brallara. Spring 
Chlcktn and Bailing Fowl, freah klllej an.l 
milk fed. 1 kill dally. *o let m« have von. 
order far a fraih killed chicken. Bpectal 
prlcaa all tkia waak. Uafima kaas aad 
piUlaMs far aala. any tVBBtlty. 

.JOHN DAT. »3:' Yatea. phon* 194«, and at 

(io^ei.^menl ..-I.eet Market, phone 21»1; 
alan at Main b.ntrari.e 8tall. . Itv Market 

ALL catti* moved. AUaa MeaalaawayT 
I'hone 3430L or 7H4L1. 

A. A. DALM fcaya all 
at top priaaa lag 

Phone 4443. 

a( Paattrp 



AT Stud — Pom*. P*klng**a, Alradate*.' 
Bo*ton*. Tork*hlre Terrier*. Scattles! 
Oockare. Wire Fog Terrlara Capitol dtp 
Regletcret Dog Braadara* AaaacUtloa. la* 
formation aad partloklacs at Ma Blr4 
HI ore. 1314 Gov't KT PhaSa IN. •wy.O.tLOi 
Phone 734IL. 

A TEAM of . hdeadala marei. 7 and » 
years old. weight 3.1**, guaranteed 
hoaaat warkers, for sale cheap, ar will trade 
far lighter team; alao a 4-Inch tire wagon. 
3 aets heavy double barneaa J. Vallsy, 114 
David Fireel. I'lione kollR. 

iRRiVRD-on* taam. t,SM| i taamal 
1.7*4: 1 teams, t.MSi 1 baraa. i,T»a: 
anma wall matuhed taam*. all readv for 
he avy arartt. R. Wllllam*, froepeci i.ake. 

AFINB "mtaT^f ~74Hiigia«a«~Baalykam' 
terrlar* for aato at Ua BIffS ttara, ills 

Uoi t Mtreat. 

4 I.L of my kraadlRf alack to ka said In 
A 1. pen*. 110 far flva klrd*. This la yaur 
cbanc* to get sagta af tha best Plymauth 
Rock* on the a aB > lk aBt._ ky aa#«lMa»aat 

Sr.^rV" Al"** MMCadar 
Hill Road. 

"DARRBD rock lien* for **le~two and" 
thr** yeara old; alao rockarels fram 
prlaa atrala. IM C ral«flwwar 9*»^ 

UIRD AND PET SHOP. 1314 Oav*! ttraat 

Roller Canarlea 
Talklag I'arraig 
Pupa. Cata aad ather Patg 

FRB8H milk goaL milking ti^ quart a, 
1 heap. Phone 44ir>Ll. 

I^^ltKSH J*raey heifer *n.l nanny goalT 
cheap Apply 3:30 Alblna Ht. 

r.'^Oit Kala— Oood riding aad drlvlag~korae. 
A sound, i« haadA Raply Baa IIT, 


I^"^OR t«ale i« lavini lien». Wvandotlea and 
Rhode, 414 ih. lot orifl each. 
Apply 1131 M( Kenxle .street 

Lf'^uR Bai*- Six purebred Torkablra pUia. 
A two month* old. Apply ParBPaaa. Mar. 

tindale Ro a.i K'..iing. 

WOB Sal* - ».Jlg7.ed . - . aa 

A taatar apaoiai* (female*;. 4 menlha. 

gggs &,.t 

1^"'OR Sale — Toung atoie. York* and 
Durocs. Prestod. near t<l» Mile Hour', 

FOR Bale — Barellant itock 8. tJT^Whltt 
^ t(atkorBa, Sally aad Bradlay'a atraln. 
4*4 pallets, 311 yeaninga, 11, VM. Tkaaa 
bird* i*id M.tM aBSB SarktB March, AmMI 
■ nd May. Apply pCiaa SHSlIl, atiBM SMI. 

Colonlat ^ 

I^on »<aie, black bucfc; I Laghorn 
chicken*, cheap. Phoae Nil. maralngs. 

[^'H>it Sala — Balataln-Jaraay cow, gaad 
t milker. 4 yeara old Apply W. J. Am- 
broae, Ollea Road, Keating 

,,^OR Kale— Baglleh aetler papA • waaka 
- old, iittor reglatered at Otuwai tkaaa 
pup* are fram gaod kaatlag alack aad were 
aired by Laaaldaa at Wara, C.K.C. llll*. 
Imported by Bert Hill. Apply B. P. John- 
aton. phone I4F Keating 

UIIET .leraev cow for aale, |50 :17I 
Central Ave 

I^ECURE good health by drinking goata' 
*J milk all the year round; good do* milk- 
ing now and one due Octokar-I: win aarri- 
fbe tha twa fgr |l* caak. Apply IN St. 
Charlaa Straat. 

rnHB Jaraay Aviary— Mars Moaatala aaS 
A Belalaa Bailer eaaarlea My birda M' 
w*r* pUaaa. Apply till Warh Btraat. 

giT fit to kllK 

\\'A N TED— Heavy f*t ho 
»» Box iJ4?, Cnlnnlat, 

Ti^AVn(^>rTE and Mlnor(* aeitlnga, al*(> 
♦ V y.-mng rhicka. Phona lltlRI. 

WANTBD— Fawltry. plgaaaa. rakkua ihra- 
*ta«i| aaah al ««sr. Pbaaa SOW Oat* 

n Ha 

r n » . 

Imoni :«v 

fr*ak,~ aaeatid aaU. Pbaaa 




*9aa«a»a*B« a«a aa 




y fMM a age aaaaaBSasBSSBSBSkSaaa 


l^fMB a eg a aa aa aaa««B«*««««S««aa 


yf#ni a ** a • • a aaa«a«aB«B««as«aa« 


Wf99tk a a** ••*a**g*««aB**«BC«asa 


• a* **«aa*gdaaaaa *aa •■* as 




July. rwHi m» w 

l-raaaMd aparfkoaat. Maaalga •I'Mt; Im 
■•dlaw Igiggitlag. B«ai ttt.ti 



All la gaad ruanlaf orditr aad aaay terma 

r ART! BR aRoa 

714 johnaon Street Pkoa* Ittf 

< ti4K\R<>LBT oar far aalA MSI Paaawaad 

^ ltr*d. 


Fkaaa t4 (1> Breughmn ^ 


\Bi-MMBR eat tag* at Paul Bay. '*nt 
leaeonabia: im m aJIsia pa**saglaa. 

I'hon* IHIL. 

^ N i . A » V n r 


V yUblaT furnished hoaaa. Faal Bay. 
^\ near car and beacli; T raaas*. garage 

' desired. Phon* 6IIIU 

FUHNKHED ...liage 

\TTRA<?TlirB furnlahad apartment, heal, 
hot water Stanley Apia I indrn A' a 

ANICBLT furnlahed ked-alttln^ room and 
kadroMt to raat. wlik uaa at kM«kaa- 
etca if daalrad: alaae in. «alat laaatlna. 

Ap*lt|r Mra. BdWards. T17 McClara. ar pkoaa 



ira ftnuiabatf a— rtmaat. 
la. Pbaaa IHSR. 

f«raiaha4l, 6- room unfurnished eattee. 

^T Calltaaaa Apta, tiu roiiiaaaa— t. 



Haunt Bdwarda, Vancouvar Rtraat- 

»Aa.if I fifnlahe.1 .lune ?• t or 

on f I 

» , . 1- 1^ ... 1 11 1 I 
H a .ri |i t on ("our. 

■ n 1 a . . * 

T the October Manalona An uofurnlshed 

AT the « 
Bat t 

o real 

Fhoaa IMS. 

laAMOAUB Apt*.. Ltadaa Mwm. 
L.NSt. ar *IS Bayward BIdlB- 

SUPBRIOR agtrtmaat. aa aalte, avery 
Bvenlaaca 4|| Qaakee Bt. 

Apartment*, ceek Pieaot — 
■afarntehed *<al<e* in real 

tkay Apar 

•Klaaly «i 

rnem*. f . ali 
liaafnl garilen rioae 1.. M Marra'a- a 
► »hnni ll*» Oiadatone Ave . Fka ne tltHL 



HLACTlFtTAl.T faralBkaB 
garaga. centra! : will I 
7»4*.\T 1*1 Hlbl>*n-aone BIdg 

rZ^On ffieot— Furalrhad ka«sa«aw, 1426 Fort 
r Btraat Phone Itt a««_l*SSU 


11 iaiy 

1.,tAlRFir,i.t>, cloaa Raacoa HM aad kaarh 
— 4 room houae gaa. ph4 

and Attguet 


r July 1-Oci 

Phaae *31L 


l-raom*d rumiak4>d cottage, 
tkar tl. reaaaaabia. 

V den. elaaa 

ta piu% att4l SM. 


I-^fiR Ren! Oa aaa fn»nt, at 
r-Mvin fiiri(iah#d k atme. far Bamttipr. 
Alan attracii'e modern iMtaae Jaat Salake d , 
bardvnnd foora, far sala. Appty Calaalat 
Box lltl 

Read, near Opdaa Fatal ; 
Crown Realty fkaaa 




J.y>H fale Itit Veil* i...i.|o« .heap f-e 
caak. Apply O. Mullard. phone 4444Y, 

I.'tOR Sbla-.aray-Dan aar. Ifll, IH*. 
Appl y 414 Biaaaard Avaaaa. _^ 

1/oR sala— »tdaral S1|<MB mtafc. wttli 
J l-toB trailer, a«l4MStf tST laBBlBS.' 
Phone 1*11. 


-CH>R Bala, ebaap— Fard laBHag, 
M: palniad. aafla* ararbaalad, tire* good. 
aplendlS raaalag o adRlaa. Itt Claraara 

Rtreet. . 

IjV:>R aele— Doage Roadaier, gaad ttraa. 
good hatlery, good palat, gaod every • 

thing P»* t47tU after 4 p.m 

I' j^R Sala^ McLaughlin ear. Bpaciai *>i. 
. la good ordar. ebaap for caah. Applr 
1314 Felrfleld ~ 

IjVJR Sala— l-tan irurk. abort wkaalka a a. 
. power duaap bodv W 
t-ton trucV Pbaaa H»4R 

T."^Ori Hale Ford Inuring, In good ahap*. 
A^ Appir 1344 I>enman Kl. Ph»n« 14:4R. 

J' jlOR Sala— Cbav relet taartag *ir. gaM 
. cAndiilaa; Blagar 
cheap; fir«tlaaa r 


lag markta% 
Pkaaa ttllB. ' 

X* . haalcal caadHlmi: bmS cMa a a H alSB . 

la flrai-eiaaa ma- 

end top, ptaaly af spare tirak, twa raag 
aimnat iMw: anap. lltl. Bas tttt. C 

MiifiF.ns t-r u am bangataw. haedwoad 
flMf^a linen ellvar. rat gta4U ^ri-^ Vir 
t.nU, !• eeref.i' lananle (Bnalt*). ' 


fhnne 1*171 

LIONT delivery r*nrd iraaB far gala, t* 
ceah hjye It rnaign WgwafS. BstrBttaik 

Army. IJI Jehnaon ai 

til ARr>-n Oaraga, Skalkaaraa Bireac 

nCPil IRB 

aa. oil e'lpi'ii" a r- 1 ' ea atr Phona 431 

|4fl: alao ladiaa 

N'K r.l.T ruratehod 
hungalnw, cla«a la. nit 
Fkaae 244IL.. 

matarc yOe E- e Brea . Ill View St. - 

I |\ PR~*W|» •♦, la flaa eaadmati. lattF' 
-d. Ihevaa aaw 

ttraa, gatra aa 


r dafWi 
phoae 34 4- lie*. 



A Mart for Busy Readers— JSouse and Business Property for Sale aiid Exchaage 





A|Mpr .irn r' fn Tnurlnf, In '•rr •""'I 
VViD r,.. a n»w '"P. 

l ing, with • 
1 (ooA tH»«- 

Um mmm hum ttn< u« H fii •*» 
WOtSf Un» chap* TMBto • alM »••• 

ntnt lltti* car. 

wiih a fUH^rUft 
nint flKI rata. 

•flfUV— FORD T«url»». la •••« •■••ir* 
tripa. at*. 

#vi%> p— w«»r Mi« tt to t» rMt. «M« 

90iO «M MMtiiM. ir«rii lUu thi* 

Vt>CD WmUA l»Ak« • (IM MM* 

1— TRAILER. Thli t* a r»al too6 and 
airaac tralUr <ar anr car. ^ 



0«r Cara Ara QUABAItTBSD Car* 

til T«iUt Btntt <aaraar a( QuMf* Mi«*t> 

PaONB IT*!. Ca* A rarkUa^ •» Vlaw 
Mvwat. Wlat«< t*arta« as4 4a- 

nwry badlaa kulU ta ardar. Topa. aiip 
rav ara aa< <aM aarara asada ar ramada. _ 

Vt/AMTBD— Rynakaut aar. aiiMt ka la 
>'V .«ad eaadUtan: will paA ISN aaab. 
Boa ilM. Oalaatot. 

ANTBD — Ford or fhavrnlat teurlaf eai. 
Will axchanga iliy ruldanr* lot. coal 
1 1 OOP. claar tItU. Phon* mornlnaa. 411 JR. 

\\^ANTBI>— 4;ara Ipet cask wattlac for 
>v you DHra la, aa« walk aat with 
tha monaj. I can waa Cara of raeaot modal 
lar raaala. and cara of oldar vlatac* t 
cara ta poor coadltlon. for wrarklng. I'aad 
parta aad acoaaaarlaa at tt% or mara aS. 


•4* yrum at. 




.,«atl«u*4 > 

• : • h * • f of 

aad maaf. 
aatraa; » (aad tlraa. A Sitt 

r..,j,lrn I 
toll, •ttix.k aOavrbaia, 

rOBO Baatetar. laat avarkaalaA. Tlila dar 
haa kad varr tmkwtM «aa aad ruaa llka 
a aaw car mA kM rf**'-" thork^ 

U i L H I A • I . 4 •. ' r, i , , ■ - ! ■ on- 

dltloii IhH cai Da* l>««u piiv»'« . .x^rvad 

1 HK\rt()I.EI 'Iour:nf ; n !« f ■ ) ht»l • ' 
cundlltoo. Tbla car ta a raal 

■nap at <^±^*> 

OVBRLAND • •Roadaiar, >Mt ovarkaalad 
aad rapalatadi • «aad Uraa: a ftr^fin 

raal (aad buy at Vi^vf 

■Tt'DSBAKrcr nn mo<l»l t-paaaangcr 
Roadatai »«fr of C^lfWl 

caadittOB. A .t»i bargaio al- ITTtfVf 

(rd> > lod 

DODOB ;ra«rtBa. in 
Uraa, Saa ibia om 


riMea IMt 

Maajr Otkara. 

TAST * ataSAB 



l»tO FORD COUPE, aalt-atartar. in «ood 
niaehantcal ordar. MA Uraa 
In (ood akapa fP*J^*f 

111* EORD TOUBIMO, la ri • 

Ca«a prtvatair awaad, aa« la 

a good buy at ^Oirf 

Itll rORD TOURIMO. with lata modal on* 
Miaa tafc akoak akaarkara ta front ani 
18 ta (oad raaalag ordar. S'UUk 
A aaap at ^>tMni 

■ ummar la hara, ao buy a Ford ear and 
hava tka wkala taaattr aaiay tAaaMaly**. 
Liva whila yea llTa: yaa will fea a ttma 


VMM aC tkd WtHL kk TMartA 
111 TatM M. r%M* «!•• 

W W UB ' lO O 


ATTBKTtOWt Btarete •ata B aya 
111! Maaaay daoMa bar, |1T I*: l-ayaad 

Rudt» Whitworth. «*: < ^ - '»ct. Ilka 
aaw. Ill l»: lad» ■ . * . lady • 

Rudga-Wkltwortk. Ill, aiuoat atn RalaICk, 

mmui Mfaa». 

AaBNT far C.C^ Ivukaa ayalaa. Cyaiaa 
rapalrad. All aceoaaarlaa ataekad. 

Hacond-hand bicyclaa bought. dmltk a 
Bicyila Hapair Shop. Blanabard dtraat, e»> 
jjoait* rubllc Library. _____ 

i^lOR ««la - Indian motwrcycia and aldaaar, 
^ lata nadal, ISI*, aasr tanaa. Bva Braa.. 
Ill Vlaw Mraat 

FOn J"*!* Lady ■ blcy<-l». In \»ry aood 
ro ndiilon. Baa im. Caloalat. 

rSon saia— (tadF** MayMa. aAaa«^ Maaa 

1 ifoeR. 

/ 1 E.NT'ii bicyela, naarly naw, parfact eea- 
^ ^ dlllen. |l». Baa TMl. CalaatM. 


l AOmUAC BIOHT, 1-paaaan(ar It.l** 

PACKABD aTAOB. H. c aatagar. llka 

aaw I.TM 

COlfMRW^ TRl-rK Tia 

OTBRI.^^.i' I'M Rlvr, la . . . Tj 

•aack Ma(aataa, Colla, Oanaratara, Badlaik 

Ailaa. Whaala. t^uahlana, ate. 

VNDBBTAXBB. at tha Hotna of a Mllltoa 

TIRBA— 1:14. Slat. tfa4. l«i4V4. 

»«l Vlaw »tTaat FkaaallM " 





•II Tataa tuaat (aaraar at Quadra Straat) 

Mmm If a 


Wa kava a lar(a ateck of uaed parta for 
tha fallowing can. 

irtUak wa aall > ' r i h« naw »rtaa, 

Brary la<t liuaraataad. 

mabtbbb hotob ca. ltd, 

• It TMa« BifMt (aa«a«r at Qoadra •traat) 
Ffca— nt 



ItSt rOBD TOUBINO .....|«ll 





4 QOi\ DODGB toaring. In Brai-claaa ord»r, 
J.«9^VP (aad tlraa. witk a»ara; 
aad tka »rlaa la aaly 

■•■vr, I - 


■|Q-|Q MaLAVONLIN MaMar Bis tatniaa, 
X«fXir la b*tf*r rnnditlan lhaa any othar 
ear la tka cliy of th«i Tlntaga. ttl I KA 
Do not fall lo ■•a thia at ^±X*J\f 

If \ i -» I)0|)iJK roadatvr. in flrtt riaaa 
I • ord»r nawly palntad. Jtri7^ 

aoiil iir>a Only W*J * 

1010 CHBYROLBT tourlBd, Medal 410. 
±*fXO la ara(-«Uaa ar««r. •••« #J/|A 

ilraa^ with apara 

1Q1fi BBBIBB BIc Ma atadakakar. 7 

paaa., wllk a flrat-elaaa (i, 
flva flrat-Flaaa cord tlraa, aad pall 
An Ideal car for alaga Wark, 

for ... 

T4* Brougmaa at. Phone »4< 


Itta CBBV. TaaHaa ...V Ill* 

Ilia FOXo Taartng •t4a 


WKPrBLIi" Iia* 

I'laaay nOAD«TBR« |1M and !<•• 

rOBD B«S 11*1 

Maay Mara at 
RENXir,aicRvirf:. itu rooft arREr.r 

'^ara want *d for ra*h Ton haltar a»a Rannla 

-|Q-|»J FORp touring, prartically brand 
■»-i^XC> f,r« In aa perfect maetiaalral 
aandltlon ran be daaa kT awaer, a Fard 
aaparl. Ilai h*»n antlrely ararhaulad, fitted 
with Maaalar ihnrh ahaorhfra. oil gauge and 
Atwatar-Kani ignlilon. new top, 4 new 
itraa; newly painted. |llt. Pkaaa 4M1Y. 

I \ nr*a kiryela far aala, vary little «aed ; 
rnai l*t I*, will take III. Apply lUa 

Johnaon (tre at, or pkena 4IT*B. 

SUB-AOBNT wanted In every up-Ialand 
lawn far Indian and Ara Write far our 
p#l«aa «a aaw and uaad parta. t-epaed In- 
dlaa, heavy duty aiuteli, aehebler ear. 
baratar, kick atartar. Jaat avarhaulad. I 111. 
terma. Camaraa Matarayala Ca^ Ta^a and 
V a nee u V e r . Phoaa tilt. 

WANTED -A late model metorrycle; will 
trade a four-apeed chaaala for eame. 
Thin rbaaaia will paaa aaythla( In tawn, .luit 
put on a body ACt ««l«k. Apply 111 View, 
or pbona 3»JILJ 

101 f JNUIA.S la. I-»paad. In 

X«7X'i: (aad ardei. > aaap ai It*. Talt 


McLAUOMLlN cara tar ktra; ahapftag. 
Il ia •a* k—r. Fkaaa itA 

nriWi nmttTii 


LOaT— From 
evarpoat. batwaaa 
Phana TTllU 

t, ■aktlaaiaB'i 
(•« Oarae. 

IO«T— On Friday avenlna. from meter en 
J t-niita lo Horge from Oak Bay, amall 
b*ad«1 bag. containing one dark blue and 
on* whita bandkerchlrf. Reward. Bex 
till. Colonial. 

10ST--On Friday, aula kaa4ll(ht rim, on 
or aaar MaUkat. Fkoaa ilMO or 


rOST — Friday afternoon, parrel coatalning 
i ron(ee illk ailp aad etber artlclee. 
rhone *»l»T,. Reward. 

Io^r r;rip. initiala "W.W." aa aataMa. 
^ Finder rommul 

Da,rl<laon Road. 

jnMMa «ttk Mr. laaa, III 

LOdT— Between Biaaatera, Tate* aad 
Dau(taa atraata, a paia ptala waMln( 
riaA Raward. Pkaaa |41<. 

LOST— I.ady'a l*ath»r hapOafc 
noae glaaaaa. notaboafe, awall tMMMit (• 

chang e. Phone H»4r. 

I' car— A acray kataa (mm HlllaMa^ Ma«* 

LO0T~B«« laathar waltat. allVar keund. 
oaatalning Yaluahl* pep#r« to ownrr. 
Ret urn III Kalrin Roed. Rewa rd. 

T oar aa rrM«r. taM kaaAM packTt 
i-t knifa. riadap plaaaa pkaM 4i4*u 

»H>1 I.I. l»IHI.<n"ORl 

Onder New Maaagement 
lOHT airy rooma. boi aaa cold water. 
i ta^j^i oaa every roo m, pr ivate batka 


Corner af Calllnaon and vaneauvar Siraata 
Prapert/ il a •* ft Brick Oarage, (1 x •• 
ft., «amant floor, plant aqulptnant int luded. 
II*,*** OARAaiC FOR K.&OA 
For full pertlculare. apply to 

KxciuMr* Ataata 

414 Vlaw Straat Opp. Spancar'a 


l>-4a Mrl.AtOHT.IN 7 peaaengar. privataly 
and onlv nin a f*a thnu«and nil)#a. 
ehanre to get a late 
aaa akaap^ Only , 


A. Tf CAnren 
Hudaaa Sapor au and Eaaex Motar Cara 


*f AAA— McLAUOHMN. T pai 
vAvwv paint and good r<ii>Kar. 
AQS^/b^Driix.r nr>.(h,ra rourlaW 
V^KIv mo<i*i ir, p.rr.rt ahaae 
*CAA->DODOB Brotbera BaaSalar, aaty 
VPW ran !.*•* mitaai ~ 


VL m miMFMBi 

taar Vlaw aad Tai 

Bt.TCilER'S atora and hoii** romblnad, 
Vancouver lalaad; fully equipped, going 
conoem, claar Ullat aaap far ca*h. uoic 
11*1, Calaaiat. 

TcTCHBR buataaaa aalr |>**; a gaid mina 
to maa of pieaatkS penenaiitr: lit- 
l<aallh compela aala Vrlca «<>iili| not buy 
fixture* aad axcaplionally good l.uiihar'a 
loola. It'a a good alxad. brlgbt itora, ad* 
Jolalag aaather thriving kaalaaae. Juat aut« 
aide mtta circle. In wall aattlad aecllan; ta 
tka aaly afcap haraabouta. The builneia le 
nnalr aMawtakad. Tka apportumty la 
Tourt Rental only III: ladaflnlta leaaa If 
<iaaii*'i Tt'c opportitaUa ta ma a (raaa_ 
gro,.,v .iv. M<<ter|a BaaMy Cika tli«ilf 
t'entral Hldg P hoaa NM. » 

/ lONFBCTlONERT. Soda Fountala. To- 
kaaoa. rrnlt. Caaay, ate.: I aaah ragie 
tera aad atApr Patara^ all alatm ataek wiih 
a farafiliaa . Mtnf <wiiiaa at Ba«iiah Hay 
B*»ejfct^|j| |t M ll il >i r aala. ll.*0«. C Hal- 


r Mv 

after V 

:., Vancouver. 


tit IkSa 


J? haawa aa "Tka BSlakarpk Cata." loi 
Fart atraat. 



eaaavar Sle Phaaa 4Ti 

tm MrLAUQHUir kastar Ml ^ . in 

flaa cendlllaa ^ t i iu\ 

tkraugkaut . •? I M M f 

FOBD Caap*. In axceptlawal eondi ftTviyk 
tien: Atwaler-Kent l(altlaa. . V^vlU 
Othera from III* up. All aa eaay laraia 

w • 1 J 

A DA Via. LTD. 
'ahlla-Batok As< 

niaaa tt— 


4JV WBB (4 

IBBB fcaat will 


FRBB ladaatrlai Sttea— Tka Ctty at Aa- 
terta. Oregati. la la a paaltlMi to (Ire 
free aNea far amall ar large laduatrlaa wba 
BMaa kaalaaaa. t a a atad en ran read aad 

aaaaaMMa ta municipal d»<>ba r-^r rtvar ar 

a««aa aair'-''-t ■ ■ la 

ifcia (aae'f • -"la- 

innntrat* >■ "-.'.h i.t* vnarauar of i. om- 

H^^r.^^ ^».. i RT Ovx'tna. NOTIO.Vf 
d, .iiPNiTa ' ommanding pneillen It 
ibrlilng *ub'if'<an lo.atlon. all aaleabia 
• lo'k. gt>«d pi ri» r>w real If yea are 
a r»"'iina bu. ». wil| lat yon atand 
's'-'T • ha C4»'intii' and fh*w-l< up fb« trada 
' '-If \aioallin ahoiii | ■> n»fl 
A •A^l'il-.'^, ICE*. JI'TT nRI.NtCll- 
V' cupving pramlar in'-atioa In tha b • 
neaa and amii»ar»»r> ■ "i«it nn-A 

and making .,p th« 

bualneea for ■ , . ri Rp.a 

l>TOCK AhD UCAtl r"\\ li ♦•«. 



teriy, prtaelpaJ 

yaur aurata 
Bex llll. O 


M, eetabllahed Meat Department for 
■ale In eld eetablleked Orooery atora; 
aatlataetarr raaaa4U far isavlaa: flaaat leca- 
tiaa. Apptp Baa llW. CataalM.^ 




A#| BBDBOOMP. remptataly fun 
vV aare lead and rmiax' 

Modern ron»»nl«nr»» 

Hotelman llka dlatrlctt wi-b 
BglUT'" baa It- -Hotal doee 
DRTD< x-K 
Million* (u tia apaat. 

XSBCi ' 'K.- i r KSTATB aaf 

■ KLl. wl ICK.'" 
I am (harvfora open to raaalVa TgaAara 
In writing, ataling price far aaah, ar an 
tann*: if the lattar, la«t*r aiaal atala wkat 
amaaat af caak payMaat, aa« wkirt tanu 
ara ra«ulrad far tha balaaea. 

Tkia preparty eoet the 
lata awaar IT 5 one 
Lait data for recalvina <>ni- • li June 
IS, list, the higbeat or any bid nat oacaa- 
aaittr aaaaptad 

■BRT O. ROBINSON. ItlT Braad atraat 

aCVUITinc u*aua*at aa4ar tka peraeaal 

^ Bupervialen of a London Expert tnaurca 

(ta h«ai'(v . r I h« Akatt' aiiJ l.atia Of 
ai. ! I) II, tufan'e ninhutl of 
Itaimanaul waking. the fluffy, wavy 

^H^^^f aa Mtiakf daa&raA— da aaaaraA 
Ouaraataad aatlataatlan U eartala If 

*ou avail yoaraelt of tha aeivleaa of- 

ferad Do y<-u uaad advl<a In rrgard to 

■ ij . , 1 r • . ■ (I ■ VI « ..1 

i f, a 1 .■ . , ■ 1 .. ... 1 , » 

GROUND aaa paBaiaaAi bbbb aad gam- 

Braad .{U SSSSftf* WKS? wSUm*ui 
aa4 44MC 


BT yaur lawa mower tbarpeaad aew. 
11 **. Carvrr a aoB. *IT F«rt. 


LITHOaRAPHiMU — L4taoarapbla«. aa 
(ra«ln« aad am^aalua Nutblea taa 
.«raa and Dolhlng leu amall. your eta 
llonarr >« yoer advanoa aaaat. our work >a 
■ Ba<|ualla4 waet of Toroalo. Tba Outttala* 

OX V - AC ICI YLJCMC wsnjnna 



fO'-'t^BBBTADBAMT. ftitly faratahadi 
. > < ■ ' Riaa ktialaaB% lf«r raati aaatral. 

LL elaaaaa of weldlaa. exy aoetylaaa ee 
alaeme preaaaata BrlUah Wa" 
•at Fembrake atreet. Fkoae aaiA 

/^lABT Irea. braaa, exeat aad alaauaas 

\J waldlaj p M Kdwarda 414 Co<|ftaer at. 


<c i I ki i^AMDT. Fralt aad Takaeca Stara. 
rp-±yjyJ raglatar. acalea and tlxtvcaat law 

< — /■» — OARAOE. Maohlne Shop, toala, 
'T lOU gaa tank, central, lew rent. 
Hg-jwi REST Al RANT, central, doing 

•^UtJ Heady bualneea; fully aqulpped. 
•ir> H • ) low rent, cloee In; a real aaap. 

—FRUIT, Caafaetlonary aad lea 
Craaai kaalaaaa aa OavaraaMat: a 

9XUVl\F facttaaary and lea Craam Itora ; 
fixteree. acalea. caah raglatar; aear buay 
rernar A anap. 

ftl »>rk/k— STORAOB, Teaming and Purnl*- 
vX^UV/ tura and Piano Moving buatneee; 
paying cdncarn. Will accept |71t caita. bal- 
ance 140 monthly 

d Oi^Uk— OROCBRT aad Caafaetiaaary 
9L^\I\J kaalaaaa> aa aar Uaa. ta waU 
popiiiataA aaetlaatW4r akaaaa far llva 


*-| ^f'rk— DAIBT ktMlaeee, Including da- 
aP-L ( llvarr aiwi aaparatar, ateaaa 
boiler, ka t llaa^ l A aaa, aa*la g , C" 
capper, aaaai a raai pajrtea 
ftQOrWl — ^ LIVB, profitable Ceafeetloa- 
apO^vyU ary, Paatry, ice Cream aaA 
Afiarnoon Tea kaalBa * *. aa bjMF aara ar; aa 

old «atabll(h*4 
two pal eon*. 
A.4 4>fm— AN up-te-dala DBTBOODS and 
4^4^UU Ladlaa* Purnlxhlng Store, NaveK 
tlaa. Light Iiriiga. Stationery. School Hooka 
and Magexin«a. fituate In tha bait part ef 
ih« ditirut ThIa la a chance la a lifetime 
lu (al Into bualneaa. 

ttlil nAA~'^-*^''^ VIeterla'a oldeat 

V-LVfUvv Hardware and Craekary bual- 
aaaaaa, aa buay corner ; haa aaeallant 
reputation and ataadlly lacreaalag trada. 

If yau are looking for live bualneaa let ua 
ahaw yoH what wa have, the pleaaura will 
ba mutuaL 

ImpaHal Baak BMs- OavaragMat aad Tataa 


ARKAl Tlfl l. little plaaauia boat, Well 
built and perfect running Evinruda. 
which la aa gaoa aa aaw aad haa prlailas 
cup. B«at ia flaored with ahlp'a allelath, 
making it \ery eaay to keep ctaan. Im- 
movable rowlocka, good pair of oara and 
paddle: all lodla. b-gal. gaa can with apout: 
centre pole and hea^y aheet af watarpraafed 
canvaa far ute whrre there ia aa l»aathoiita. 
Price for raah. »l»(. Sea M. A. WyMa. 
strathcana Lodge, nr Syd. TataA aaar Car- 
tar'a store. Khawnlgan l.aka. 

OAT; llxi; Palmar eagiaa, diagky, ata, 
A anap for caah ''auaeway Baathal 

;^OR Sale — Ten- foot dinghy, 
(iriirhy. 74$ t'liguard Strait 



V,^UR Sale— Flab beat. Palmer engine, good 
P ahaaa. IMa: Sak carrier or work boat. 
4*xl. Il-k.p. rairkaaka aaglna. Beach mag., 
generator, alectrlo llghia. l**-gal. tanka. 
now. II. I**. Alio auadry amall boata for 
aale. Apply Empreee Boatbouee, Belleville 
Street. Phooa T«41 

DB ORUCHT. boat builder, etc., 141 
• Plaguard Street. Any claae of boata 
built and deilgned. Special deelgn* for 
Bvtarudaa. Spara, oara aad klacka ataSa tu 
ardar. coatraot ta larga s aa j Bi ii aa a 


-rT. CABIN crutaer. In geaA 
muat be aold. Phone ITI. 



KOor powar dinghy hull, oaly 
2 montha, aaata t; priaa |U. 


'XkALTOM A««ia( Maafclaa"— Oaly tea 
XJ fcapa Aak far dAmeaatratioa ta 

Pkaaa 4Tia- 

_ fcapa Aak far d«m eaatratloa ta yaai 
rwB aaW. Valtad Typawrtlaa Ca. LmU 
TM Fart itraac Victoria. Pkaaa 4Tia- 


d'di ( »r a H'l F"«rt '1 Ar 

» ah ! 1;: t f', a t - « i ^ n « 

■ Pit i Pi i w ou u 9 Mfimm 

a/u »rM' ■ ■ * ■ ■ ■ ' ■ • "'•^^ •'■• t* I • ' ' I i ^~ M a 

ANTTHINO In building or rapalri. Pkaaa 
ITtl. Rnnflng a apaelalty T Thirkall. 

hTTMINU la boaae #ep«lra. 
L paired and tarred Work aaaraalaad. 

ITtlREPLACB Ftsturea, Maatela, Oratea 
. and Tllaa. Plate. Window. Leaded Glaaa 
and Mirrora Old Mlrrora Reallvered. Wm. 
N. O'Neil Co. (Victoria). Ltd. Pkaaa HIT. 
Ill Tataa Btraat. ^ 



XX of 

KM, al 

•waa^ t4jMa tka wa aai 

^ . _Pyj gyC - .- L-.- i .- i .n rL nj Li_. 

YOUR ' r-'T BFST HCOS— Toa'ra afratd 
to ruga to tha claanaral 

Wky, thar* ■ n'.dilng to ba afraid of whea 

Km aoad them to tha Cliy Dye Worka. 
eanae they wn mma bark tn yau like 
• r. If. « • ' • ! '.'aphnne Tl. 



Vrrri .iK-^ALB DRTOOODA— ^rn« 
> . a ' ' I t.l a.h-.^t.««l. rl .4a 

Iff, p. ' a ;^tr»'» M.^K Twr 

'varalCa ^CiTafAail MaasaaA'taT' eairt^ 


P paliakaA Da» pkaaa SSIti alfAt 


. R-P,, ! .naraver, ateaail eattar yt ■> • 

VJI •-• Oao Crowthar. Oreea 

l>liO»»MU> aiAlltiMliV 

i>K 1 1. • I r. STATIOMBBT eBaiM^*.— ' 
<s>aitu or aalp r . Tka Oainri'.a- 


¥TI7MT aead year prlallac erdara Beat. 
VV wkaa pan eaa get them dona ba«tea. 

Slafcar aad at Um aame artae at The 

At. ANu cm 



aal warka ^. 

~»«a»-h D' 



• n rort at. 
iKJua^ LIU. 


LiOTi> A foNa •ixaciaiiata la raage aad 


>aaa - 

tfa>)« nsarka daalena "opp. 
{Tra t " I •<.< ntiauah A C^^., tba old 
arm ef palest attaraey^^P 

7a HtaSa Mt %Bioa 

lap. f>o»» Fkoae *ia 

JOHN R. MARTIN, lOiO Yataa «t PhoiM 
TI7IR. llouee painting, kalaoinlnlne, 
atalBlag, at*, liairaat rat**^ takar ar full 
contract. HlBkly raeommaadaS ; rafarance 
for antira aatlafaatloiL 


BIONS— S»e Perkli 

VICTORIA ftlO.N \V'.»1. 



ISS PIKB. Ill Jaaaa 
atrlaily aatUMaatlal. 

4I** aad 

~i i~i i ~ r r- r-i i ~ir~ i — ii~i --.-i— , — — — .^f-.— — - - - - 

IF you wlah yonr typewrltera repaired or 
ov*rhaul*d, rrn>ambar that wa apaclallxa 
In thla work. Ramlngtoa TypewrlUr Ca.. 
LtC Pkaaa iiiA 

TTraWBllsBI / 
Bapalra ta all mat**. 
Blhban*. CarVh*< Bte. 
Underwood Portable Typawritar, 
DALTON Adding Maehlaa. 


Tai Fart Straat. Pfcaaf 4Ttl. 


EN'S and ladifi' tallaraj altarisB, ta* 

pairing and praaalag. ' 


A BSOLOTBLT dry aar«waa4. tt aa lA4a» 
A II.*! aar k^ aarS. MlvaraA mTV. 
itni WapA Oaa Fhaaa laSlBl. 


ABBOTT WtoAaw ■^T'TTB FlMaa sill. 
R. Ciawahawa Oar aala ta at yaur 
a arvtaa. 


Phaaa' llll IIT VPrt Mraat 

•The Plonaar Firm" 
Wa don't advartUa our work — «ur work 
advartlaea Itielf. Our auiu aarOca a at youi 
lominand. W. H HIJ<im:8. Proprlator. 




SnrrMaaa. ioiiriior. .N.xarli 

Meaabara at' Nova mc. .tia 


, .1 H ■ 1» ' • . ' 1 . ti< Phi 

CUii<<>rit.^('i «>iui 


R. taBWIB MALL— Jawall 
Tatei and Douglaa Straata. 


DR. J. P (HtJTR dantlat. Ofdce HP, Itl 


s>aitu or oelar. 

■a d'alanca baollag, 1 L0 t («• 


Street Pfceae 


fi* JJ!"^ tt l fM^ JawSaTX Lamb 
fraa«** Oik VMwardia* awl dia u tka t iaa. 

Ki nviTt-RB Movnro 



rreaepMA AAMiad ttl ISSb VmS 


SWMDI8M medical maaaage. ladlaa, (aMtla- 
laaA Oa BJaraatalt. AM,, Matal Bits. 


^ ^ If i^uawQ nqta 

REST Home for Chrlatian (rlantlata — 
Room and board; nurWar If naceaaarr; 
flna altuatlon. half block from ear. Phana 

wnvnm for bami^^ 


AMOPRRN California bungalow nf 4 
bright rooma. panelled and beamed, 
aak mantel, l-place baibroem flataraa: «lea 
large garden; lot 11x21*: law ta>. Price 
11,400 for quirk aal*. Vary aaar terma 
jaAANICH Juat ..ulalda city < roorn«d 
^ cottage, modern, and garage; three nlca 
Iota ia tralta, A anap at IS.iai, aaS aaay 

Batiaaat W aaa* P.O. Dra«rar Til 


\WAnNIP1CCNT ROMB nf 12 raa'ma. 
heaullfullv altuatad on larva t-OMnd* 
• II In irrea. lawn and hadgaa. douhia tan 
• rnurt If wanted. Our apace ta not aaf- 
-Mt in daacribe thia place; It moat k* 
.■•II to be appreciated. "The main Idaa^a 
want tn Impreea la tha fact that the whnia 
prnpertv la going to he a«ld at away laaa 
than the rnat of the building. To a man 
wanting a beaatiful heme of ihia elae In 
thia Incelltv. a naah aaving nf over II. me 
can be made. It le a fareed aacrlflra »<• • 
allber with or without Ita beautiful f 
nlahtaca. Kaay terma caa ba arraagfd. 
Ka pka a a tafanaatlaa glraa. >^ 

B. wnsm A 00k, mmitbo 

A' I ma loohinc tar a 
(aoiaa rxxrictt Wa kava bungalo«>'a 

prir.d al II }«o. ti.aii. •J.aa*. ii i«« i* 

la ta* 


lat ua (Ivo yaa fall partlealara 
laaitv a lavea t maa t Ca. 

ABAROAIN— A new thraa reamed bouea. 
wall built, with balhrnem, aa fall etaed 
lal neer Cantral Park, rioee le city, price 
ll.«a«. Apply owner 1*41 Voneeaver PtreeL 

ad Seuae. cealrel: 
Phnna 7«44X. mr 


t*» " r ar 'I m ^ P 

JAMVB BBBBM. ga a a aa k ar; rapaira aad 
alterattMe: mak.a gaa aleck^ bare, 

kee» " •*>'' »^l.i* b*r"al» ^'arrlngta 

ra« i i '■»'" '•[■•>'• r. > f a« ickia 
ttl*. ^114 Uo»erameal Streec 


f»''W<IAfj<»W rontalntng J eitt lng-re««ne. f 
* t.»1r«..r,« Ka'h'..'w.> Wl*-|i».rt* n»..»rv 

' ' - ' ' ■ c -1 « » ' •! • . HOI ' 

■'» "iiiia In * >a errea ef land, all riaared. 

•iiag p a r dap aaA aaikardt IM yarda mt 
. freatagef boac h e a ae. paraga. harm. Oa 

a ' r'««"' r'.a'K'* a iv'i 1 <i • . raaaa Agwnt. 
Co*l<l>eo eiatiea, A N. lUy. 


PembertoB Sldg. 


Pkaaa H* 

Yf OSS aTRBBT~4'loae ta aaa aad par Maa 
aU. — A comfartable haaaa at • • 
In riraf-claaa caadlilan; - 
haa*ii>>"i' >i • « ' 'Menace and «a«li 
tub. ... .> with aaadara 

fixtuiri and ruiingt; I baSraama 
Kaaallaat (ardea wHk Baarla« fMM 
traaa aaA aaiaii trutta. 
PBICB »!.»•* 

1|M3LX BAT— Claaa ta beach, medera and 
In firat .rid"i,.n Wur»«''^w 

contalnliut " ■ ' • 

em fixtiu«* and tuUnaa, dunaia 
aad apaa tlraplaca. hutfat. KMahaa 
with (laaa eupbaarda. laaMa aa- 
' trance ta kaaamaat. Oaraaa aaS 
good garden. Tazaa ••• par aaauaa. 
Laeal imprerementa all paid up. 
PRICE 11.000 

TrWI WILL HANDLE a thcraughly rood- 
t\J\J orn and wall-httitt faur-raomed 
bungalow. Juat aft Oaraa Baad. aad 
in a goad locality. Larsa lat with 
a few fruit traae aa« ektehaa haaaa. 
l-arge living room with ballt-la buf- 
fet and open fireplace, panelled 
walla, beam ieilin(*: hltehaa and 
two bed rooma: all raa a i * a»a larpa 
aad ii(ht. Latty kaaaaiaai «Rh 
oaacrata flaar. 


BETWEEN' i; j, and Burnilda 
ilaing K • 1 h 11 pall. Al* 

meet new bunaaiuat li l>e<liuoma>. A aturdy, 

bright, aubataatial haaiak craaaSa aaatiy 

fenced: gaod a«RktilMMa«a. Tkt* price la- 
ciudai the furniture, || eklakeoa Adjacent 
awa fui 171. A vary (Paat bargain, but 
ownai niuat be In Seattle. Victoria Raaliy 
< o, Kit :i7 Central BMg. Phoaa 1*4* 

kaa Bay. i 
modera buBgalow. halk» 

(bSAAaa. BaclA«<> 


^ A VTEt> 

CUOBB AN EST AT B attpra will ** 
aaea^taA aa taar A*ralUa«a altaatad on 
Bill ai at aal Biraal. imat Michi«An. 
. mSactac ravaaaa af lit par iroatk. 
Jmm* ta ahavt IM faat a«aAra. 


-•(Ca an.l aa lti V ;»w of It T^'W 

.* a . «ry nice place and a cottage 
that ava r ykady llkaa Twa lovely 
apaa ciraplaaaa. aA« la mtad with gaa 

DEI.IUHTPUL altuatluo OB CuWlahi 
I rooraad modera bUBgalow. 
h and c . full baaement and large v 

overlooking aaa 

II anraa of gaad 

I iaaai 

land. >H acraa undar cultUatlen: T* tarda 
■eafiontaga. About 2* (ruU tree*. Rural 
mall dtllvary aad phaaa. Prioe IT.I**, or 
would vaat. faralahad, for 14* par meatk. 
Apply awa^. ill? tala Suaat, Viotaria. 
Ph aaa r*WXI. 

■IjlOrR room» bathroom, pantry, high ba**- 
-T niant, laixa Inl . a bargain Kay, price, 
ate, at ITIl Pembroke St. Owner. 

OR aala — Twa ••raaaiad aaail-hiraiahed 
cottagea. with garage, at Cardatra Ba; 

Haaeh . or will trade for a I pr * 

rottaga In city Phone I4t. • 

i,'<OR Sale by Owner Sevan roomed houaa, 
high' location; good viewa and eloae In. 
Phone 4IIIU 

aattaaoi watar. Ugbi 


r aad aBaasi aB klada at, fralt traaai 
lalAlt yaar. ITI itottlaiard 

tasea , 


^OR Sale— «-raom cottagra, lat It ^^|||^ 

ahadT"pkaaaf*ll«kt' aad watar. , ABply 111 
Reglaa Aya. 

yiOR Sale— 11,11*, ar oBar. « roamg and 

" atiir. goad condttlae, gaa, flna location. 
fruit treea, ate. Owaar, lit Nla(ara St. 

/""I OOD T-roora kaaaa la Oak Bay. near 
tram, Bchool and baach: 2 flreplacee 
downatalra; full cement baaament. furnace, 
garage Standa on I <« Iota. I.ow taxea. 
Price 11.10*. Owner, ahortly leaving coun- 
try. Will ooaaldar raaaaaabla alfar. I'hone 

FAlRFIFnOi— 14*0 CAflH 

I.^'^AlnriKLU (Cloee inl — Very larga I room 
bungalow;! rooma can be uaad aa bad- 
rnoma; atalrway to big attic, floored. High, 
full eamaat haaamant, furnace, tuba. Bl( 
gardaa lot, >profualoa of flowara. Owaer 
laavln( for I England aacrlflcei at |l.l7t; 
monthly tarma. 

HETWOOD AVBNUB (oppoalta Beacon 
Hill Park). Cahart walk to city centra 
— A beautiful properly conalatlng of a mod- 
ern 7-ioom aami hungalow with aU bright 
and alrv roema Full lot tn vagatablaa. 
large and email frulta and ihada traaa Only 
tl.*»o. terma. laiiaadtata a*|a*galaa. Tha 
Victoria Raalty Ca.. Sll-lf ^atral Bld(. 
Phana MIA 

GOING at a SaertSea— l-raaaiad eaay 
houa*. with faraltara, Car alavaa haa- 
dred doiiara caah. Maa alaar tlttak till 

Maaon Sttaat • 

HIOH-CLASa raatdence. near Cralgdar- 
rorh— l-rnnined modern hnuae. 4 bad- 
roonna. 1 reception rooma with fireplace; fall 
baaement, furnace, laundry tuba: very high 
poaitlon, aelect neighborhood; low taxea; 
near cara; In firai rlaaa mndltlon Only 
14,1*0. Rxriiialvely bv Raglhawa A Co 

JAMEa BAT — ]• Bouth Turner Street- 
View of atraita, claaa park aaA aar— 
7-roem haaac wBk sara ' 
mcnc. ate. Fkaaa lliaB. 


MODERN RI NOAIXJW. eontalning Ave 
rnnnie aiiir) bathroom f threa-plecei, 
pantrv. full baaement, with fiirna'-a Houaa 
coat i:.«00 to build i..r«. ft I 111, 

fine open view. Onul.i* r > laxee; 

altuata between norga and Kurniil* Roada 

PRKF! 11.700 
Terma, half caah, balance can be arranged 

to ault purehaaer. 
.T. GREEVWOOO. 122* Oovarnmant Street 


I^IAOABA aTBBBT — Foar-raamad modern 
bungalow, nicely altuated. being cloee 
to Beacon Hill Park end baach It 
haa juat been reahlngled and the In 
tarlnr redernrated thrnughout Kull- 
aliad baaetnent. Laige Int. Prlj^ re. 
dtiead ta It.t**. or near oAar. nvma 
eaa ka arraapad. 

BELMONT AVBNUB— Attractive and coey 
kungalnw nf flva rooma. wlth%ll mod- 
ern convenlancea; open Areploca, 
hullt-tn featarea: Dutch kitchen: re- 
ment baaement. etc Price, far Imma- 
dlata aale. only I2.20A. terma 


nit Broad Straat Pkaaa im 

Maaay M taaa taaaraaea Wyltfaa 

. . I'.LOOKINO OAK BAT. aaar golf 
' ' I'.nkM — A delightful aemi bungalow, con- 
taining I rnonia. large open granite nra. 
placea. roomy alaaping porrh, full cement 
baaement, furnar*. luba. etc.; garage la 
keeping with reaidtare !<tandlng In well- 
kaat aad apacloaa gri>ua<ja Aa akaalaia fi,M«. 

1*1 paiibAartaA BM«. Pkaaa Till 

O^K Bay — 4-room artlatlt^ bungalow, 
hardwood aoora. baamlag and paaaU 
iiilg, buifat, sraplaaa. fr a aa% Maairy tasA 
nicely tread lat. fl.MS. 

I7IAIRFIBI.1> — l-raaai kaasa. walking 
. dlataaca, akaalutaly aMdam. furaaea. 
araplaca, ate.: ekalea laaanty, I4.IM. 
It B. PUNNiyT, 111 Pamkarlaa Black 


8IX-ROOMED heuee. exreptlnna lly 
well loaatad, high par« af Quadra. 
Twa lata, all ta sardaa, aoMil traHa, 

Llvlnp.rBoin, iHataa-raaai. kllrhaa. 
three hadraaaia, bataraaai aad part 


owner will give very aaay lerma or 
will roaaldar trada (ar amallor pr^- 

1IJ4 Braad St'-»t \ irtoria. p c. 

rpMB owaor of ihle watl-butlt. attrartlee 
JL little bungalow la f'^frii to aall aaitbln 
tha aast few day> and liaa inetrurt»d ua le 
flad a bayer at "Any Prfca." The houae 
bag kaaa kept apotleeely cleaa and la at 
praaant la Al condition <l^a we goarantaol. 
aad eoatalaa 4 larga. brl|kt raoma. baalda* 
antraaco hall. iar(a paotiy. bathroom aad 
"^Tat. There la aa open Mraplaia la tka 
i:ving-roam. with handeome nvarnnantel aad 
bevelled mirror. All klnda of built-in caa- 
vaalaacaa In the kitchen aad pantry H <uao 
Btpod far furnaoa. Full. 1-fl.. cemoated 
baaaaieat. wltk hot and <.ald watar cwnaoo- 
tlaaa. Baatdea a well-balR garage, tkora la 
a l-raoa»ed cottage at the rear, with light 
and water laid " aait la f ri, ranting or 

uao *• a f'lli i - .« .. Il ..ii»». rhickea 
bouee, air Ni< • • • lot. open locality, 
cloee lo car llae Tbe feature al tbla prep, 
arty la tba aloan. 'omfortabla appeareaca 
ef the kaaaa, Inaid. and out. A roally da- 
Itgbtfnl Htlla horn, ot aa aacaptlaaalbar* 
f<f> at OKLT it.aee. aa taraia Tkaaa 

n U M I 's* 1 . ( ' ■* 1 'la- ' ■ • room 

•rl''"'' bengaiow bath, t..- • '-••ameat. 

* , .-aab haI«n*-« afar s-*-^ 

I t ^ ^ ' ^ t ' i a ^^ a # " t - 1 t a n ... ar 

( ^ • ^ a, , „r - # I - ' 'in t * ■ ta , i^aew 

• ■ ■ n t'- ' :i . •> a (.'..■■^ irtca'tiy 

» • »- ' I""- be. -..o |V I. rht<r,m 

idBBa. ata. OafaMi kitakaa sardoa. 
Aad alaaly traad. YMpa |l,:M. 


r-ROOM DWELLING w ith all c ..riv anlancea. 

f Built- In faaiuree. ttaeemani, (uiaare, 
ata; alaa garage. Taxea aatp IN a 
yaar. AawU takpravameaU pkM tip. 
Prtea. aa taraia. .tl.a«*. 



' recently built and facing waat. Unod 
baaamaal, ttatloaary waah tuba, fur- 
aaaaw at*. Twa saaA lata. Oaly |l,Saa, 

•21 Oavaraaaaat St. Pkaaa 111 



♦EM. CONSTRUCTED and beautifully 
nnlahed aav«n-rooni hnuae. three larga 
and bright rooma aad aunroem downatalra. 
tkraa kadraa a a S aad katk apataira. Large 
eupbaarda twa paatrlaa aoallary. cement 
baaement. hot watar kaat. tkrae Areplaeea. 
artiaiic built -ia aBaata aad llpkt Sstaraa 
Linoleum, kitebaa ran(e aad aaaaplata cur- 
talaa Oaiag*. Lot all In lawa aad garden, 
with alaa full-bearing fruit traaa ownti. 
laavlap city. Inalructe ua to aall #KQAI \ 

at aaarlSa*. Price, on terma ^WaFW 

■^OST little cottage In Oorge dlatrlcl. ehert 
diatance from car or bua; three reoma 
and katk; flraplaea in living-room: 
lot. A hargala. aa aaay t*naa. 


Bxcluolealjr te- 

• 4* TVOinB 


> ' n BIdg. 

Phone It** 

I i .i tl t MX-ROOM aaaal-kaasalow. with 
A^H''M; i^rge Nvlag-raaai, Braplaca aad 
beokcaaea bullt-ln: dtpniff-raaiB with larga 

built In buffet and nicely panelled: Dutch 
kitchen with all modern i onvanlantea , I 
nica bedrooma and large bathroom with 
1,.. ' ' . <• (iiuata on larga oak tread 
a ' • nd achool. 
- , 11 . :s iK'OM atuceo bungalow. In 
^^OUU oa u i..i> with oak pollxhad 
fleori' all larg* 'i.iht rooma, finlahad In 
• hulii in effecta; full cement 

I h hot watar heating plant; 

, I »ith runway. Far lull partleu- 

. . 1 > at of flea. B, a. HBATM. 
111.. Phone IT4. 



S ROOMS, fitted wiih ev«ry modern labor- 
aa^lng de\ l> • Electric cooking, hot 
water heating: good garage. Lovely BA'Aan 
laadad with (rait. Near <Jak Bay salt llBka 
Pric* radaead ta |I2.I*«. far tpitak lAlA 
Tbi* la wanh invcatlgatlen. 

112 Say ward BIdg. Phaaa >tTT 

Ill Fart Straat Pkaaa Itt 

Baat SstAta. nnaneiai apd laaaraaaa 

I— NBW NOMB af U roome. in 
_ ■ high P*'t a' Quadra atraat dl»- 

irlet. overlooking the city. 
Thia hama, whick haa only ra- 
eantly been eomplatod, cow- 
prlaea all apeclal bullt-ln fea- 
turea. Tlrere la a full con- 
erata baaement, concraia alde- 
waik. and waah traya. Vary 
aaay t«nae aaa ka artaasad. 


*Q||R|V-'^ ACRBS, aiaetlr in amall 
wO\fUv frulta. togather with domeatio 
orchard, elluatod within the 
4 mile clrcl*. The cottage 
romprlaaa I rooma. city water 
I* laid an. aa alao elenrir light. 
ThI* property la nireiv iiiuaied 
In the Oordon Head diatrlct, 
and haa been well taken care 
*(. Baaaaa for aalllas- Own 
laiaraata ' 

<1 f'UVI-'-^ 

lara af an acre geafrontage, 

Cadboro Ray aectloB; pretty houaa, living- 
room with open are: two bedrooma, kiteken. 
pantry, bath drilled well, chicken hooaaa 
garage; 41 4'>o I F.RMS. IT'S A GIFTl 

SEVEN ROOM hoo»a of com- 
^.iWVtlU maading appearance, modern In 
•vary detail, aaw furaace. aii recent i> 

Btatad aad lajMTtiwt order: flne a*a vlawa 
wtaaaa vMT BAST tbrha 

Mih BalBBMr fkaaa IHI 

•BA3CT A lalNBHAM. XitfX 
(BaUMJahad llll> 





Mtuatad aa payad raad. with 
well eatakitahad baalaaaa Two 

aire* ef flne land, all under 
iiiltl\ation with larga and 
email frulta of all van* ilea 
Caaifaf t abia l-roemed iio.tar. 
with hat*. Price includea fm- 
nlture and Siting*. Iralf-inn 
Ford motor tfuck and three 
•owe. Thla la a moat unuaual 
apportvalty ta aktata a hand^ 
name iivlag upon a aiaall in- 
\eaiment Owner ha* apeclal 
■ eaaon* for aePing. and the 

bu*lBe** 1* op«n to full laapee- 
tlaa hy aay raltaMa partlaa. 
Parthar partlaalara at thla 

aPECIAL SNAP — Three roomed 
aattaca aad kaW aar* uad. *j 
Mift ar*aa a la saad diatrici. 

llll Douglaa Straat 

Fkaaa ait 



RV * fnnmad bungalow, 
to Oak Bay car Una Rx - 
tra iarae llvia(-room with aaoa 
Sreplaea: dialap-roam, kitaaoa 
aad I fcadraama: (all cojaant 
kaaamaat: gaad faraaea. Haaaa 
la la Srat-«l|ai^aaaditlaa IjMMa 

*Qi|r!^A— I ROOMED btingalew, alaaly ar- 
V'iVtlV ranged plan. bult-la aBa«i*; 

kaaemeni. piped for (araMo. 
Martgacae'a orice for aakk 
aala. <fanaa HI* aaak, kalaaaa 


•<|A||A-.Uin.««We-'«aad aiadara 
#O^WV r n di a a d kaatalaa. tar«a i« 

' ge«»d kaikraaai: f«ii eame 



haaomeay^taraaaa. Rnorria ara 
alt of t^ry faad a ^ao a nd well 

alaa (tvaa MMaaiF Mnaa ar- 



*«a Flaw tt. 



■ * f T f-' «uo»a)A-r « 
.i^fr\m »v*a* and '"id aaater ml**- 

'■■ la^" a-»» aardon In fr«H . rhlckan 

— • i*aw taaoa. wakia llb- 

' «r«a ta aaM. Owaa*v Ml 

■*1 » ard BIdg. 


I prti-'%' V'ingalew, partly iwedarn wall 
X biiilr and, arrangad'i (*ed outbuildlnga. 
r>rrh»rd hcu*' for o*or laa birda, garage 
and weed ehed, tool at»d faod houaa. 6« t 
acre* of goad pire«a<>ttra laad. all oattlvated. 
fruit iraea, aardeo. aad I aevo Timothy t 
mlnaiea' walk ia B. C. Btactrie gtatten. aviy 
4 aaltea fram tka mt. oa (apd raad- 

la, aarde 
walk ia 

I? ahHHBas Alt 


•OBCA DOWN aa/ II* par moath baya • 
V^Mv gaad Pva-ramad bauae claee ta 

car. Apply Inauranea Dapt.. Flndlay. Dare 
kam » Brodio. Union Baak B Idg. 

dbt>r.|W^ — 4-ROOMBU model li I in»a ..aaj 
HP««t>Vr\7 ; bedroom*: high cemant 
moat; apace for two roume, modai n r >in>t>- 
lap. 14 acre full of fruit, cheniaa. ptata. 
applaa. all klada of amall frulta, all in full 
bearing i''bicken houaea 1 a milea from 
City Mall. a«ar oara. Only III* caak, kal- 




llia«.u-T, Vuit 
l'a*ae- ki4' 

V\ . \.\ 1 k.O TtJ V— 'JUtJtlAA* ao 
\ t ' A ^:TBD— Fully wiodora •- 

» t |,, , » hlN pen • la at 



ONK. HiiA f oNK 1>AT — <~)NE l><»ii aR 

VliV tM'l IMI .Ml paya Hundiade . f i.... 
pla now know where thay can hlia a naae 
lK>at furalahad with apoea oara aad good 
cuahlona for one dollar for tha whole day, 
and they ara eartainly taking advaataaa of 
ear popular priooa Join the erowd aa 
aaaalok Arm. Oaa hundred yarde waat at 
tka Matal lowarda Bucbart'a Oardena. 
T*Upkaaa 14R Keating 

A RBAL HalMay Mama — "Tha Wklta 

J\. Uouee." Fultord H > ' t< r Sou'h aalt 
Sprlaj lelaod. BC. Pre «»! .i<' in iJuir 
lalanJa. Boating, bathmi nahun •aimla 
Uood loada for inotcirln* ; •! li a 1ai«!« 

BRENTWOOD Baach — < looiua wiib largo 
varaada. partly taralahad. Ill for tour 
month*. P. It. Brawa A Aoaa, lilt Braad 

Street ___________ 

EACH Hauaa, Quallcum Baach; Ideal la- 
calioB, (Touada axtaad to baaak( wlthla 
1 mlnata pair llaka; kaatlag, kAtAtaf, fleh- 
ing. Appl y Mra. Margaa (lata Taa Oardaaai . 

raaaM, taatA 
altaa: pSato 


CiOOLORBNA. Daop Covo. quiet aun^mer 
> reaort oa the watarfroat. Flahlag. bath - 
lap, kaatlag. Far rafba apply: Ura a S. 
Bdkarda. R.M.D. 1, Bldaay P.O. Deep 

Cove. B.C. 

J^OK Sale— A country and all-year real - 
> daaee. en lovellaet of laland*. near 
ampbell River. The eetate cenalat* ef II 
or more acree. Feat boat aarvioo ta the 
Hlvei and olllaa, 10 houra by read to Vic- 
toria. High-grade aehoola within eaay dia- 
tance. Uaatirpaaaed flahlng (Tl-lb. Ty*e>, 
hunting (big game wltkln reach), anuaual 
facilitiea for kaatlap aad bathliu. About 4 
acraa efaarad frWi sell), fwi baanap 
orohard: larg* taaaia eanrt. Home la mod- 
ern. \ery aubatantial and liullt.on plaaalng, 
artlatio llaea. la aaniy worth IT.I**, but 
no reaaoaabie offer refuaed. Apply Bos 
J44J Calaalat. 

j.'M'LLT furnlahad collage* for rent; gaad 
bathing beach, boating and flablSB. 

Apply Robert Roe. Pander Island. B.C. ' 

— _ a 

I^'^OR Rant- I roomed t : »•'.. w, partly < 
furnHhed. for Surr.j. ei •*»»-iti 14* POT 
n^r r. ^ I' l- ■ 7 V ^^ aa t (1* 

^ARBUR HOUPJD. Oangei. B.C.— Quit 

Pa»a»d***ituat7on,*Vlfty?a«v?'farm la eoaaao- 

tli.i. t- tann't 111. t.i'inr boeiln*' 

e I * * • ■ ■ ■ ■ (1 . ■ ! I • « ; ' t ■ '- C * ' ^ I • i sr. a 

rouUnate piopilatoi, A. U Crodoa. 

Oaago*. B.C. 

MILL RAT LODGE, en highway and 
bea< b. Roont and board, tl to 14 par 

da> : lit to 121 per »»«k Kl«hlnr hna'in* 
battling. F Uouldii . . ■ 

aAVIRA Lodge. Clinaida. Haaaanigan Lake. 
Ideal Sammar raaart; katklng. boatiap 
and Saklng: hamo caaMaBa Tarau aaaA* 
arata. Mra. F. Thampeatt. ^ 

SHAWNIOAN LAKE— Thla 4-room houae- 
boal. It ft. by 19 " -" ■ •p«-i'"' 
veranda*, awainaa. etc.. « ' ^ • <• 
front lot, over M* faaC deep, on the mala 
highway, (ar «alek aala, a^ ILiaA B. & % 
Heath. I ll Tataa traaiL Phaaa HI. 

j^jUNSET laaa <)aalloum Beaeh. Vanaourar 
^ Iiland — Open under new menagement. 

TO Rent at phawnlgan I-ake >• mah.-i 
cottage, Ave roome, three bedrooma. 
two boata. aaa taat aad astra atattr n apa: 
|i*a for throa laoatba. Apply Tka Bayal , 

Truat Co, Belmont H* 

mo Let for t maatka— PvralakaA kaaaa, 
-L with boau at Oawlafeaa Laka Baa 
l**l, Oalonlat. 


rpHREE mlnata* foiTi aiatlon and atere 
-A If you want a <a»>ei front lot In the 
very beat paaltlaa on the lake, and on eaay 
lerma, phaaa PT aall aad cat partlaalara 

TMB cm mmomaaumu a. t. abbbt 

IN ValairSaBli BalMtaB PBaaalll 

rpu Rent — Summer camp okaek at Oeld- 
-L atreem; high loeatlaa. katwaaa matM- 
tain* mile from atatlaa. Phone MISL. 

ayo Rant — Proapect Lake — l-reomed water- 
■ (rant cottage, partly faralahad, (ram 
lab MPI PWB tralL Tal. Oplaatta»aia 


2HpL'«M. parity taraMkad, ta lal 
aa haaatifal Oair lalaada, far 

1 ta t montka. 

For parilcHlar* aa tp aMuatlan, far- 
niihing*. rental Bad apAmisataatlpa. 
anpiv to v. amcfi. o Ataada bmb. 

BEAUTIFUL CoWlahaa Lafea arapartp. 
11 u acraa. ••• t*at wata rh pataBab 
1*1*. Phaaa TI4IX. ar III Mtkhaa-Baaa 

Batidlap. ^ 


1.,^IGHTT ACREil ef good lend, fronting 
Afon good road between Hhawnlgan I.Ake 
and cobble Hill. A few acraa ciaarad_aad 
cultivated, balaaaa la gaad 
room hoa**. larpo karfl aad 
Bg^laat watar aapply. 

pBjca iiatsa 


J. OBBBMWWO, tm qpyaraawat itpa at 

FOB Pala I aaraA adjaaaat to aad *ver- 
lookiag Baayar Laka awlmmia( iMMaai 
« acre orchard <baarlas». Prtia iMMi 

itim* Phone tlM Celanlta 

1^"»tiR Bale- I a" 
all fanoed ai 

rea of • i' 

aaap at 
Pt. Pha 

fanoed and nader crop, with a I- 
aattafa, aa tha Badalmalt BaaAa A 
«4,taa. Apply ia^aliay. MdSwrM •* 
taa MMB. 

IR Palo ar ta Boat— Maar Bhaaleh Ma- 

ilon--4 room cmtaaa and Itiat over an 
arre of Improved land, good wi-a fenring, 

apiandid wall; good fummar home, priao 

aad partlaalara^ pfeaarSftS^ a fl ar II a'ataak 



I Aare, l-rapia Baa«al*w, Mt Toimia nut . 
city water, lifht. phone, kalh, toiiat. gar 
aga; high, haaJthy aliaattaa: rlah aall, akade 
^Ma. Mara aaj — 


HAVING »i* feet watoiti da l paa with 
bea> n. h-iuaa <nmptately fai al iawd. of 

ay aiiaatiaa: naa aaii, aaaoe 

I rooma, aitvi i nedreoma, bath aa d tallat. 
Z larga verandaa overlooking tka watar*. 
small frail*, et- ai«o garage Prkp ttfttt, 
•LMSt kalance arranged 

CRoaa A oo. 

B>ia*aat M 

Oppaalta P.O. 


tN Bheiboame Ptroet. wHhIa thraa « 
Iralf mile rlrde. Bight acrea " •••■ 
aide, alx acraa nn weet aide. All ria«-a-> 
Thla property win Ha eold at the aet«i«e 
Ingly low prl^a of three hundred and Sf'r 
dollara par acre. Think of ill It to a 
ptMiiivo karpain. r«ct) >" epporiaaMy. Lpi < 
aa gAaw it ta yoa thla ^eek. 

' loabiaa ftaalty 124 r • otraat 

StA-vK M — Modora l-raa a iad hnuae, aiec 
light, farnaco, pkoa o , a4a.i alaa. paaiaj 
g.raa- barn for throo, aktat i a a raad far ; 
1 ' .'eea ordar. taa acraA I ta 

■ i«o, Itl.MdL ar " 

,,,,, r^ff'- P h aaa titt. 

J * c n r. .a k a « > 

a fa^rt ^ * t r 

A'*WFJ» r»a' lt»e''' pa'eTieni t 
loomed houae eiabiing. 4 erree new 

'mpr'-<*d laad kplaa d id laeatla a , aad 

• aaj. te^Aia at M.faa.t 

A<?lkBa. N»«d^d baagalow. bgggaitat, 

turn»''m. ere : all planted to apptaa, 

it^herrle* and »m»,i » i<a>'ea (♦ut | 

MtXtAL BSAVXl- «1( Sajrward 


--IT ; 



' ' ' i. ..Ml..' ' ' '! ' ~ 

*. SON 


Pri. . |1,1M( Urma »rr»ii««a. 

Eei> BAT It S Itf 

II out* *f f»*' 

DXBP BAT— M M ■ »•» . ^ ^ .» 

•!«• U4 Mt; «p«a Wi 

MUmf, rne* |}.»m. 

rinaneUt aa« IMMTMC* 



N i..Vi.l.Aft8 WORTH or COAI. 
. . UK (M \ KN AWAT 

A< la-.-i or ( uAl. I-ANWI •4j«lBlnc 

, th« tamoM Buqua^hr mln*. ih» 

flll»« M**!!! eo«l mlli«d on V.n..u,^y 1. 
and Property m\*o < »rrlM con«ld«r»bi. 
valimhl* timb«r l.«n.l and Um*t 
»>orll> |1!.00«, lh» ■ !• BlV«B l». 

/♦OMMANDINU location, high but ah*!- 
^ i^rrrt. !• acr«a; »o«ld malia •■.»*••' 
r«ald«Dtlal ••tat*. Original prtca. •»».•••• 
Will air* a .lUU tvr M.U*. M 

•crM M.M*. 

HAMtr Altr0I.CTT 

0072 — !• wain to car. Naw 

li room b«n«alow. balli und panirv wator 
pipfd In. Opan brlrn ftr«pi.< - . ...i h.iiidlnga. 
About S acr»B alaahad. burnt and aaadad. 
h«ald»a «ard«a. tbia part la .faacad. 
la alao another I acraa of good awamp land. 
Ballmatad l.«80 rorda wood; a (juantlty tia 
ttmttar Md \ntu Bawmlll nn adIiilnInK 
property. Owner forced tO ttU will taka 

ACnsa ■EAFKONTAOB— Naw •-room 
bna|al*«. complaialy furmlahad hot 
an4 eoM watar, •l»rtrlr light . prlv^o pnona. 
Oaraga an'l nut huiMlnit Naw mO»t m4 
alipway h p aanfli"* aaw, taclli 

A groat bargain at |;,»«0. 

' O. C. lIOWBbt. 

l«l FowlMrten Bldg. 


ill Qp^/i— i^ROOli bungalow, naarly rom- 
9LOllU floto4. with almoat an »rr» nf 
rhoiro land, all fo«i«od: cliy wa»»r. m mil. 
fiTcla. Tarmo •••• caah and lit a monjh 
Own»r cannot aRord to fiBlali hlmoolf, but 
I hi* la a bargain for a maa who eaB, aap* 
> lally If h* < put In tbo WOCk Uk WUJ* 

nnbin»<'n. i:i7 Hrnad PI. 

1f\£\ ACRES and I room taouaa. naaf 
±VU DwBcan. Tho houM la boI com 
plotad, hut tl.»t« haa baan apont ob It to 
dal# Th»r« ara »• acraa flaarad and 
^t»^^\^^ II l» aliualril on lha laland HlgB- 
way. n»ar E. A .N natiroart. Ilaa !••« 
fronlaga on rivar SplandId hunting •"'J 
baat or fUhlng. Wa hawo had thia ll'tad 
for II9.009. Ownpra lnv^otm•nta call for 
ImmMtlata raah. and ha Inatrurta ua to aaii 
frown n»ally • ">• 

for If.ono 

on imrmm 

flu >»*i It y\ • 

oit w\i,r 


■MAWMIOAN 1.AKB -r.olo at Kit oach. 

4 acraa at IJOt p*T ac«|. 
LANOrORO X«AK»— L«la at KM ortli. 

Aarafcco at |SI» par Mr*- 

OT.CN LAICR— I acraa for |l,OM. 

■PROAT I.JIK.B— « aeroa at IIW Pjr ajra. 
lAANICH ABM— i^to. lil foot traatac*. 

at II »)I0 
For particular" appiv I" 

Aganta Broughton 8ir»»l 

l^OH Balo Wai»rfijnt 

lot. Shawnlgan 
Jl' I.,akr: aire, half acre, on« mil* 
from Bliathcona. JJOO, irrma. Aildrea* Box 

l><iitt. I'olonlat. 

,"^(JM.<.>NV1N<J riiin'w loia. eicapllonal bar- 
IBI . 

Apply ini4 Rardott Aro. 

KnwK 8lr»»l« 

OT8 Eight and T»n, HU.rk Right. BactloB 

Cloar tllla. taah offer? 414 Towell. 
jpORT ANOELKS proparly. 


conalaling of 

II lola on Turnwaler Hill and Lincoln 
MolChta: prire, ISO tn tUt Aljo 10 lota 
Aaar Ouvt apru, • mill. ITi lo |1lf. all aa- 
•••anienia palil. Kaay terma If daalrod. 

rt,..ii- TNiin ^ 

tlHOAL BAT (near ••a. abort walk to earl. 
5 la Balghborhood of lio.oon hom»»— Full 
ilao Iota (no rork, at ll«n ea-^h V|rt..ili 

at tl«n ea-^ 

WANTED to rant, or rant witll aptlaa to 
purchaae ."Ti.aii fa m on Oulf lalaada. 
«taffroiit jif»r. ■ le.i iii.x ; tl TtJ^ylyajat^ 

FAitm^ won M. 

MBTCHOR1N farm. 11 aoroa. food or- 
rhard. oroall friilla: Hoaao with Inod- 
•rn rnnvenlenr^a; barn: tW MMllMIt OOWB, 
•fi. h'.t..-. rhirkena and tniVloaMBU,* 

rhona I'nn 



r j7< 

RoBt or Bala, Chaap — Small (arm. 
^^ arraa, i.*ar Paraona Bridge. I miloo 

' ,, vt.-TorlM. J* n f..n.--.) ! r. •area MrHlar 

' l,,n . b 1 1 ' . ' - -1 r^l I ' !. iM.I • 

Inca. with abundanca uf walar. A. T. i'aalt. 
Col wood P.O. ThM* Boll— t I. 

IMPROV'KI) ranch, up roaat; cropa and 
garden aiuff all In. alork and toola. fur 
nltliro, linmadlala poaaraalon. Will ronaldar 

traia- tar keaoo in vtrtoria. ti.ioi. Alao 
l.iiN (t. watorfroBtagc. harbor; cloaa to 
mJniob oanaary. Haaktna, Quatblaakl 
Cava. B C. 

lOtlLTRT FARM— llVfc ooraA clear.d. 
Rang* <l. .'<er I, Honienoa DIatrlrt. I 
lallaa from Uunran. Fratna and plaatar 
holMO, eoBtalnIng alttlng-rooni, dining room, 
hltehon, pantry, wnrlnhep on ground floor; 
S badroonia. draaalng-nmin and bathroom 
upataira: Inalda aanltatton; I open flraplaraa 
and built In t««tur*a. Outbulldlnga. Hen- 
houaaa for 100 layera: lnrul> ho>ia« 
41x11; braading pan IDill. rorkeiai hmia* 
tfsll: barn I4i40; faat atora UxlO. apn 
talaUUr gtoam eat apiaotar; maaara abad 
lOtS; broadjr eoop: all aaw b«lldia«a of 
laieai approvod pattora. II fruit troaa: 
I a«pt.-ri lea; 11 roao trooo: I watar towaro, 
nna with gao angina and ona ronnactad to 
hoaa*. Ownar laaving tha country. Thla 
proparty will bo dlapoaad of by auction on 
Tharaday, May II, aftar l«n«h, whoa tho 
livaatock, implomoata aad liaaaeliald amata 
and furnltura will ba daljr offarad. For fall 
Hat and further Information apfljf tO Mr. 
C Baselt, au.tu.neer, Punran, af tbO 
Atraor, F. M. Kannady, Duncan. 


M'nii:'' of eirellent aoll. all rl»ar«<l 
*JO Witt) lha axceptlon of 7 or • arraa. In 
WmAI MAwral watar aupply. aaafrnntaga. 
BondlBia eohalat of modarn a«\ en roomed 
hnu.> i>nt and cold watar, modarn bath 
a,,' good barii and othar outbuild - 

L^nd la clov/r, oata, paatura and 
" ^ull 


aralMrd a< awaaty hyarlaj fralt traai 
MrtSMMM M «a •■Mb. ate., at aar 


liHEKMK.NlS and moitaagaa dlacouatad. 

iiipiixad properly 
alt rta>wa>d HIdg 


Dunlop » f , . ,1 r.,i t pr 

I.N aunia raiii'oc ' 
Improvad faun 


I* P R^Bro«-j; 

|»V« l» tn 000. ua 
>n<l < H» pr.)i>ar( y Ap 
A M,,n» IIH Hireel 


IARf. r: anil an. a 
J all'* 'eli e 

Iff Tr r.. ber ! ■ 

i. la of timbar. ova* 

m'-rr, for aala. Wla» 

III. la 

J^VAN. Mtluloah rin.bai 


u 1 1 > p a o r 

Itad, timbar crulaara. valuator i 
ronaulting anglaaora. Timbar fur in 
I,,,. .., aii>all traota Crown gram oi i. 

,r, .„y part af tha Pro»l»c*. loj 
Haiinuui Huuao. Vlofrla. 

prrifcuHlofinl «i»»l l»>i»l- 
Ifea'a .^nn<M■latllt■l of 
Victoria. »<" 
IP gaUclta tha patronago of l<>< 
lU IB Ua Haao of buaiaoaa Mwaadar 


J A 


A !i ! H A 


Block PboBO IHT 

1 H K « ' 1! A N I. Al. MOTOR W 
Avanua. **hona »»••. 




< 'a k I I e> 

)'-• ■ I- la: 

■ ill. 


Itianaharil •♦"'••l- 


jonN.WN BSiufe. A^oborp 

Pbuna 4714. 


a. C MORRIS. 711 Fort. I'hona 

B. J I.AWRrNOB. Haa<y Candy 


,,,1 "^freat 



I mlBUla fr..M. 
. ira Phona 1411. 
AM» BritJ>E» 

i« u uallaa Road. 


H^jra I VI ' I • > I " 



FTVIB BROTHBRB. •<» ■ ■"■'<■■"•' 

r,w,n. llir with 1. r BprVnkUn, 

^ - -1 Bread Pk»n» ♦l^- 

< KKTE »lP55*SLa 
HBNBON * ' " . 4M QaiBS 
1147 and U4X. 


H CI.ARKK. 411 CoBtral »•«««■•. 

FOX A MAINWARl.Na, PambartOB B«n«nB. 

H E. HCNNl.NOS. ill Central BoUdlBg. 


NICIlOLaOM * WILLIS. Boaka Harbor 

**'**• |N«I RAVrB 

W.t. BRICK Par«aB« 

. ...> :. ..s _ 

Namaa of Sva Lagal Kn - '\JSi 
from lha Pr"'d«nt J^'-^' «»»•• 

LAND »IR\«*<»*„ m^^.~a 

r H Ai.i.wooi). B.C.L.I., «»• ■apwars 

A- ROMSBT. Ith Ra «l« iB t MBBa 

Niagara Straot. 

VaIntino aBD lyiOORAJ 


•mac Fhoao 

T H RENDELL. lit* 

VBTBRANr PlVmbTnP~C01»ANT. Fort 
w "brown. 7U B.C rariaaaaal t<aaa 

. T'tittiaiSa' m'- 

1I4I. . 

T. B. MONK A CO . 
Loan Building. Pho. - 

HuiKling Phona I»T1. 


.K.v f. It M xKRVICE ' * ^ 

1 ; J ■ I am I'r I'llOP' 

t. PIROII. Homo Bhoo^ Cigar Stand. 1111 
Bararaaioat Stroat. 


!'.'•' ^ n a n I 

T. LTD., 

Pkoaa TIIIO. 



Taadora for Painting lamp niandnrda 
Saalad Tendeia will ha re'-»lved by lha 
undaralgnad up to I p m. on Juno H'h, 
l»a». for painting Cluattr Light -BlasdardS 
I paint to bo auppllad by tha' City). Bpoel- 
fleallona may be obtained from tha Pur- 
rhaalng Agent, lo whom all lendera muat 
ha addraoaad. and marked on outalda of 
enrelopa. 'Taadara for Painting L4UBP 
Standarda." A rertlflad chanua o«aal to 
1% of the amount nf the lender muat a«- 
rompany each tender. The lomeat ST »•? 
toador aot nacroaarily a.repied 


Turrhaalng Agent. 

City Hall. VIrmrta. B.C.. Juno », i»l. 


T A X ■ • 

tsM AMiMaas oa tbo 


j '. IC Tlaw, faring tha aoa, on good fancad 
loi. In lawn an.l (ar<len Four larga. 
bright and any bedionma all with rioaeia 
ilvlng-room and dining room wtih 
fireplaraa; paaa pantiy to kltr-hen, 
attractlva faaturaa are beamed celllnaa, 
buiit-iB bwffat. comaBt baaan»oat. (araaoa 
and laundry tvbai Pl«« I4.W*. SB IMaral 

•uxaaria, xart r todo, 1.10. 
til >«k« Mmsi 

'"A\ Ai'llF''. « arraa bottom land. II rul- 
*nr ii'aie.l. halanro aaadad. MUad or- 
chard and gooil waier aupply; 4 roomed 
panir> and baiHrnom. barn for It 
||g^,' henhouaea and bulldlnga I'heap 
m-Hg_ Oa good road, near aui.. ata(a 
yUfny |I,IM; Terma ran he arran|ed 
OWMP WMi OOaaldor irade for limber 

A a aARTott WINK A cOh LiTu, 

111 rowborton BulldMIc 
rftaaa IMl 

To avoid tho 
riirraitt yoRfs taaaa, 
paid a« ar bolara tha 

Ta'x fiialementa have been mallod to all 
paraona wbnaa namea appear on lha Col* 
lactor'B Roll Any ratepayer w Vro hSS aot 
roFOlvod a atatemeni la reqiiealed t» OOOI* 
mualcato with the underalgned. 

G. H. rULUN, 
Colla'tor of Taiaa, Corporailoa af 
tho Tewnahlp of BaquliBBM. 

To Collectors and 


Inatturted by the. own*r. wilt aril 
by public aurtlofi on the proinife^, 
"Chal8«4^ Cottage." S24 Courtney 


At IjM. tha collection of 

Old English China 

Ula.'w. Antt4ii4« alf^olPir. ilM Otrr* 
niBlB, on PRtaitan Ktc. 

InrludlBB Old rhehMR. Bow, HtafTord, 
lyowaatoft, WedEWOod, Famlllw Vwrta. 
I.imtfr. T.opili. MIntiin and <»rlrnl:il 
China, Walerforfl. BrlBtol and nibfr 
aiaaa. old Kngllxh Plate, I'^wter, 
Bras* Ooodg» Braas CandiaaUcks, Old 
Bufflteh Ifirrors tn Ootd FramM, Tor- 
toisMhell aad Mahosany Tea Cad- 
dies, Old Enamel and other Snuff 
Boxoa. Kaobmlr .Mhawl, C'hlne«»« 
Drapery and CiKhlonji. t)ld Colored 
Prlnta. Waterrolor Iirnwlnlr, slEned 
and ezhlbUad Oil Palntlnss. Oriental 
Plcturaa. Bead Work Stools. Old 
French Pasta and Aatl^u* Jewelry. 
Whitby iet OrnamaBlk, Ivory Carv- 
ln(n». an old Carved Oak CatheArnl 
Chair. J>o Table. Oak Footatools, In- 
laid Tat.lo^ wot of Kim <"h.T)r^. Old 
Rnrlieh Mfthojrany Tablo, Carved 
Scroll Frame Retiee, I>o Basy Chair, 
OrranlonBl Tnblea. Crex RUE. etc., etc. 
tin \ lew this afternoon from 2 

• 11 link 

For further particulars apply to 
the Auetlenaara, 

ROBF.RTfl A KBUx^ir 
TU f*Oft. Rtrc«^ Phone 24 ;S 



Iiintrurtpd l.y tbo .iwnora. VR Will 
aell at "Ui .'^hIpii! ocmi-". . 27 Ttt Pan- 
dora Avenue, on 

W»dftii»yt 1>3Q FJMo 


Furniture and 

AlmoBt N«w Will.s H8 Note 

Playei Piano. Also Mendelssohn 

Piano, Cabinet Uramophune 
inludln*: BMWIfOl t«R« »«-Note 
w riayar-Ptono la a nuiho«Rny 
. .. . vMil) Bench end MUalc; a k«au- 
nfnl tone. Mt-iidf-lRMi'li a I'lano and 
.stool in mahoKaii>. 1<>k« overetufted 
• heaterOeld witb i Cuahlena, 
Walnut Arm Chair and Rockar with 
uphotatarad aaat and back, larga Up- 
holstered Arm Bed Chair, rery »ood 
Davonette upboletered In laatharatte. 
Oak .Morrin cbairx, iTpholatarad Arm 
Chalr«, KuMM-.i Oak Jardiniere 
Bt^nds, Cabinet Gramopbc.ii» mid 
Records, l-plece Maho^uny Parlor 
Suite. Round Marble-Top Table. Oak 
RoU-Top Oflica Desk, Ubrary Tabl- 
"BrAM Fender, PIcturea. Rood Car 
(i.iiden Oak China Cabinet, 
(.olden Oak i bina. Cabinet and Buf- 
fet combined, it.. mid Golden Oak 
Dinlas Table, Oak Hldoboards. Buffet, 
DliUns Chairs, Couchee. Drophead 
Sawlns Maohlna. Sanitary Couches, ( 
new IJnolaum Art S<iuar«i. 4 vary 
good Rlmmons Beds. Springs and Felt 
Matirc.-wes In All -Brass. Orey Knamel 
and White lOnamel. C.ipv Knamel 
Dreaaer and cbifTonler. .Vlabonany 
and Whlto Knamel l>resslns Tables 
Utb* Oak Chest of Orawars. The 
above Bads and Drassara ara all new. 
< pairs naw White Blankets, also 
very ffood aingrle and full size Iron 
Bedx. Pprinifs and Manre^»«eSa. larira 
Oak and other Draas'Ta and Rtands, 
several Bood Camp <'ota and Mat- 
trassas. Toiletware, Bedroom Tables. 
Chairs and Rockers, Foldins Camp 
Cntn. larre Plate Ulasa Mirror, Go- 
Carifl. good Steel Rannrea, larre Iron- 
Frariia Porch Ifnmmock \*iili bioae 
Mattreaa. Kitchen Tables. KU< hen 
Chairs, Klti-hen Cupboard with g;lass 
doora. Cookinc lit anal la. Jam. Jan. 
larsa Oil Tank, R^rlsarators, Waah- 
Inc Machlnea, Screen Doors, Blcyclee, 
Wheelbarrows, Ortndirtone, Oil Stoves 
and Ilea tern. t'.arden Tool% Hose, 
2 White lOnamel HlnkH. etc. 
Alao at 11 o'Clocfc 1r Oar Stookyard 
Csual Una of Poultry, i Saanan 
.Nanny Klda from l-qtuut milkers, 
Rowboat, ate. 

Anottoncrra Phone 887 


ABcUBo effra 

Instructed by Parcy Wollaston. Bsq., 
aijthorlxed triiatae. wa Will sell on 

the pi ' ' »t, 

Thift Morning 

II o'aock. 

Fixtures of Hall & 

Son's Butcher Shop 

Includlnff: Two seta of Ravolvint 
ComputlnR Scales. Total Adding Cash 
Rerlster, 6c to»|l: S Butcher Blocks, 

Paper lUrka. larire Enamel Platters, 
Meat Hook«. larre Power Mlnrer. 
Sauaaire Killor, i^io'iri. .'^^tusage 
Grinder, Gas Plate and iieater. 
Kow on ▼lew. 

AortioReers PluHie M7 

V. Mil. 

Important Cattle 

Tomorrow, Wednesday 
At 2 PaM. Prompt 

(Undsr Chattel Mortrase) 
Well-known heavy mllkins hard of 

Fifty-Two Head 


On the ProBlBeB, BiMAlRBop Xoad 

(Take Lake Hill nus> 

These cows were purchased for tha 
dairy buslneaa and include selected, 
heavy-mltklBS. pursbrad Holatelns, 
Jerseys, OuamBays, AyrBhlnaa aad 
cradea. also yonns HsIferB, aad ara 
well worthy the* attention of datry- 
msR and private buyara. 

Finance and Commerce 


llnllroad Sliiirt a W i ri'' .AkiiIii tjulto 
ArtUf (III \fw \ urU MnrWfl — 
l,i>s\ rrlri'il Or«>a In Drniaiut 

WEW XOUK, June 11.— IrTlce 
mevamaRta today la boRda oR tha 
Naw York Stock Bacbansa warn 

wlthhi narrow limits, with tha ua- 

derione boidliii.: fiini. ihlff In Inter- 
eat. I'fr ji.v, i^ntirj I'l 1 1 nsartlona 

111 I 1 1 (< I . I ■ \v .\ 1 1 n I t 1 . 1 1 1 I ;,..<- I 1 1 I 1 1 111 

P«r ( iMii i.- tn I.' ■nil', wli > !i WHO 1 Idl- 
ed .11 -1 %si''. -s.i^.i !..»gla. Theae 
bonda, offeroU ul 90 and accruad in- 
teraat, aold 11-4 htcbar at oaa tlBM 
and daaad at l-l. 

Intermittent bear salllnir and profit 
taking lnipHri>-.1 . , , - -i I'ci k i. > 
ifRiilarlty to I f. Iv in iiK--' 

w 1 . 1. h wu.i ag.t 1 1 . f •■ ■.) i i V ' i I . 

live buying of iMilruaU aliaiea, it».c- 
tleularly low-prlcad aarrlava. 

1*1 lilt l< -11 1 l>pv«"lo|>moni8 

Iv\.i i.f fh.. I,.,-' i'lii 111 11 t a n I do- 
vf-lopments we . ^n over-aub- 
scription of tho uoo,uou portion 
of tha Auatrlan loan offarad in thb 
country and Lord Curaoa'a aufsastlon 
to tha Franeh that they accept tha 
latest Osrman reparationa offer RB a 
basis of negoilatlons. 

Call money opened at i 3-4 per 
cent advanced lo & and then lo 
6 12 per cf>iit, where It closed. 

The time money market was dull 
with banker* asklnf five and brokers 
offerlns * tor all maturlUaa. 

Tha succaas of tha Austrian lean 
hers and In L>ondon and the mora 
favorable outlook for a aettlement of 
the t.ernian reparations problem had 
a tavnralile effect on forelfn ex- 
ChaiiK^ r.itea. 

Demand sterling advaaoad nearly 
1-4 cent to 14.11 «-!• and French 
franca advanced four pelnta te 6.46. 
Qarmaa markr ralUed sUshtly to 
,•♦»» t-t. 

' Most of the foreign government 
bonds sold slightly lower. .Serbian 8'« 
dropping six points at one time, but 
rallying later. French issues also 
were heavy. United SUtea Oovem- 
msnts moved within narrow lllmta, 
most of ths Ubartlaa ihowla* aUght 
ToUl Balaa, par value wara ll.Clt.- 


irurnlihert bjr Burdick 

Brothara. Umltafl) 

All Fraatla 

as tn Btabtha 






4! 4 

Am. Beet Ptiyar . 




Am. Can. f"o. . com. 




Am. 'In. Corp. 



:i 4 

Am. I.«comotlva ... 

» . . • 




Am Smelt, a Raf. . 



Am. Oiicar Rfg 




Am. T. a Tal 



i;4 « 

Am. Wool, eaoi. . . 


• 1-1 


Am. atool r«r 

• . • k 




Anaeonda Mlalag .. 

• • • • 








AtUntIr Oiiir 




Halilain I,oro 

1 Kin 



Bait Imore A ( ihio . . 

. . . . 



Bathlehein si •»! . , . 


Canadian Pacific ... 

a • • • 




Cruelklo atool 

• • •« 




Chaaapeaka * Ohla 

* • . 




t^ontln^ntal '"an. .. 

• « • . 




Clil'- . Mi; A HI ' F. 

" • * • 



:t « 

Chlr . « 1. A Pae. . 




C'pna <ia( 


HI -4 


Cal. Petroleum .... 




Chllo Caspar 




Cora Pradncta 








Oanaral Blaetrta 




General Motors ..«. 




Ooodrl'-h (K. F.) ,. 

. . a • 




Ot. Nor i>r» 








Ot. Northern, pfd. . 




Inaplnatlea Coaaar 

• • 

■ 1 



Int. Comb. Berg. .. 

• • a • 




Tnfl Nlrkel , 

a a . • 




Inl'l Mer Mar., pfd. 




Kennerott Topaar . 




Kan fltr Snuthern 




(.ehlch Vallar 

. , a . 





• a * * 




Mas Motor "B" ... 




.\7 It yoHK I XCHAXCE 


\\ ^ "Kh J'lii* i i .Htnlin *» 
■ li>i.|« I rnf.ilai •! ti tv . 11 for SV- 
.i>. I'lM Bil.t |« 11 » 10 fur dtiaand. 

Her allvor, lorolpk SlVS. 

t •iii'llWn dotlara, tTll- 

I' I » • M fi livina ri.l 4 6. 
1 ii» .!».. . I., I 4 
Uaigiuai iiemand, l.lli 

Oormanj- -l>anan<l. OttllH. 
Holla II I !i»M..'.'i so.llj m 
SI to 

v..,- ■ . I .r ii.« ri^i 1 n « r . 

s ,,..!,.f, I im.aii.l "!« ^7 
licnmaili Demanil. 17. 

BwiiaorlaaS — Demand, XT.t4, ' 

Spaltv--I>omtn<1. 1101. 

t ; J rr' f I »«tii ■ ' I *• 

J', . , ll'l 1 ■•111. .1 I . ' I ! 

I ,r, ' SlMtdkl, I>«iua0<li t.ll. 

^'ifrr < ■ h ii.niand, 9S«6$« 
11, ! ...I 10.11. 


Burtng prtee, 4,71. 




V. S22I. 



aClUB farm. aeer- n 
•ined iiio.lern 
water; 14 aerea rieared 

ii a ra a»»lr Bsa Sies. Ca«aa>st. 

IOAN of WIS. oa soe« roal ae l^la sae erhy, 
J » Mr aaat. r<». Rea 114. VySila. 

WANVBD to borrow, till fefj^fc yaa». 
Bocerttr. ctiaitol martgago. fBlBRRte la 


iRatmoted. wilt cell by public auction 
at their p - lo i rt Btraal 


'M ! "ill . 1 |, 1 

Household Furniture 

Full p ' . ■ i « 

lloBKUrs A MiCL<i/4>U 
TSa Fort Strart 



too p-«iaT i«TaitrT 

Hu<-' <4aO V' Hrllalil* MeMgr i„ 

KOXa— ALra. nhuw miU bo tnmd Oi>L\ m* 

In McCloy's Auction Halla 
Oaniar ^RRdora Rnd SlaasliRrd 

Thurtcbir at 1:30 P.Me 

Good Clean Furniture 

Duly Instruiterl hy Mrs }>•■• Har- 
low, will aell by Public Auction at 
her realdaoaa, fSt Admlrala Road 

Tomorrow^ Juim 13th 

at t 0'clOCl< bpr 

Household Furniture 

anl Effects 

liiriiidinif UprlSht Orand Piano In 
ninbngnny ease, by Oerhard Heintz- 
man. I'inno Htool, MttBle CablBSt, 
.Sheet Music Etc. 

For further partloutam apply to 
the auctioneer 

410-411 Rayward MdR. rhon«» 1SS4 



A iirtlcini-'r. ilt\ ion (The Old- 

lCatablla^ad Llveatuik ami Ooaaral Mart) 

Useal 8amt-Ws«kly Asallea Bate of 

Poultry and Lhrettock 

Tnelnt^ln*' Pin* .lorear-HalaieIn Tow. milk- 
lag 4 sale. (r»ali S w»»u«. i^Liv-mment 
toato4; alao apleadid lot of Poultr.v. itroilara. 
Hoea, Daeka, RaMHa. etr Mie<--iienenii* 
RBOcta InqllMM Lawn Mower. Spray Pomp, 
I^ng-Haadted BOflav Bbaafw, OrlaSatoao, 
Chum. UrawiOB4taSa. ot*.. ote. 

Today (T;!r<;(!nv> af .'' 


i I 1 

Miami Copper 

National L,oad >•> 

N T , N H. a Hart 

New York Central 

Northern fai-lfle 

N T i>nl a Wast 

ran H 

Pacific Oil 

Prod, a Roftsora 

Pannarlvaala R.R. 

Pooplo'a Oaa 

Praaaod Steal Car 

Raynold'a Tobaeeo 


Hay I'nni Mlnlag 

nepubllc fltOOl 

Roval nutcli 

Pout hern Taclflo 

Southern Rr . CMH. ... 

Siudabaker Corpn 

Sloas Bliafflald 

Tha Texas Co 

Tax. P. roal a Oil .... 
TImken nolirr Bear ... 

t'nlon Pari'li; > 

t'tah I'npper 

f. B. Rubber 

T' S Steel, mm 

Virginia rh»m 

Wabaih R H "A" . . 

Wealern I'nlon 


Willy's Overland 

Watttnghouaa Birr . . . 
Alllfd ( ham a Pya . . . 

Phllllpa Petroleum 

Com. a Tab 

Standard Oil. ladtaaa .. 

Boaxa RaobucIt 

Am. Bhip a Com 

Shall t'nlon 

ln( Paper 

General Atphalt 

Kelly Sprinsfleld 

Cora fola 

Columbia (iraphaphone 

Chic a N.W. Ry 

ynltod Fralt 

Pam. Playara 

Kevatone T A R. Co. .. 

Nat. Rnamel 

Nava(la Com . . 

Pera Marquette 

Endlcott Johnsoa 

Trans. Oil 

Invlnrlbla Oil 

While Motors 

Pullman (.°o , 

Pan Amerloaa 

Bosch Car • 

Chandler Metora 

Hoiiaion Oil 

("iiban Cane flugar 

Retail Btoras 

Ktan Oil of Cat 

Reports Stool .a. I 

Roval r^utch 

Tp\a» Parlflc Rf 

Cotden • 

Vaaadlom • 

Btrombarg Car 

MMdles'ale* <^ll 

Texae i^Hilf .^nlptmr . . . . 

Montgomery Ward 

Pure Oil 

Meatcan Boakoard 

Gulf Btatoa Btoal 




7 « 

II i 

• t-4 


14- 1 

HI 4 
ins 4 



15- 4 

* \ ' 

l» 2 

• •7 

• 4 

47 1 
IX t 

1 :i 


• t-t 

• 1-4 


41 t 
4- « 

. 71 

44 4 

21 7 
1 4 

« % J 



11- 1 

■ " 4 

1 ' 4 




• l-l 

12- T 





4 4 




, » 

• It 





• 1-7 





Jl 2 



«• 1 

• • 

111- 4 


• 1-4 

• I 

• I 

11- 1 


112- 1 
14 1 
14 k 

117 « 

• 12 





12- 1 

11- 4 
44 1 

12- 1 


11- 1 

• ».7 

12- 2 


• 1-1 

• 2-2 


• •-4 

1 « 




A cm* Cost 


Checker i ab. .... 

Durant i>al 

MaaaM . e> 




Tob. Prod. Kx. . . 
Un. Profit Bhar. . 
fn. Retail Candy 
ritlas Bvr., rom. , 
Clflaa Btc.. pfd, . 
Cities Brc. Bkrs, 

Carlb. ■ 

Pederal a. 



Int Pete 

Ke ret one Rangor 

Marl Mexico a... 

Mexico Oil 

Mutual Oil 

Noble on 


Ryan Con a 


Salt Cr. Prad. a . . < 
Salt Cr. Oeas, a .„ 
Baabaard Oil .... 

A fix Olohe 

Rutte a West .. 

Cal. JarofBO 

Candetabria ' 

I'ona Coppar ■ ■ 
I 'reeeon 





Ilnwe Pound .... 

Ind I.cail 

.1. V. n«». ...... 

Kerr I.aks . . ■ • • 
Mafon Vallay . . 
Ny Porouatao ■ . 


Ohio Cop 

Ray Htrr 

nimoBS Lioad . a a a 


Tack Haghaa . ■ ■ 


t'a. Baatsra . . . ■ 
Vm. V*r«e Bst. . 
Wayae Csal ..a. 





« W 



























• 1 


• H 


































1 1 




1 1 









1 44 














1 SI 






Whh ' 


Waa OtadiMl ■ 


WIlfNIPBa. June 1 1 — Thara was not 
aiUeb aetWity and r.>(|e volume to tha 
wheat aiarket here today, ami outalda of 
spraadlag bualnaaa thare did not appear to 
ba any feature to the trade Tha market 
opoaod rirai and a llttlo higher, but gradual- 
ly ossad elf aad ^ealaa (Igasae wafa lew«r 
for Jidy aad % east dawa ler Octaber. 

laaaaMleas tetallad tl* cars, at which IK 
were wheat. 



SMe, bat 

Cairtilated to 

l''Vi«-t<>r on 1 Ilia 
lliab uii I bo Dtlit-r 


,.aa. 1171. 







1 1 • ^e b 




I e e e o • t 1^ 

t • • a a • a 

tWUb tMti S»l%h 
SIT% ae«%a ttib 


July , 



Oct , 

Jwl)r • 

Oct . e>aeaa«a«a 



Ui t . . . , 

July 7Ui 7l«4 ~*% TlB 

Oct 7»% 7mb 7«% 7»%b 

Caah prices: Wheal— 1 nor., 111^: * nor.. 
111%: I aor. 111%: No. 4. 107>«: No 
144%; No. 4. 11%: feed. IIU: track. ll^H. 

Oata— 2 cw . 4«'», 3 < w. and-extrm I feed. 
44^4: I feed, ft, 2 faad. 41^; rajocled, 
41%: track, 41%. 

Rarlav— I rw., It%: 4 
aad feed. 44t4: track. 11% 

Plax- 1 nwc. 2I«H: 1 cw.. 114%; t ew, 
and rejected. 111%: track. tl7%. 
Rye—a ewa. Ttli. 

ew.. 41%} rejsetod 


T W. BtovoBsoa. IM Panibortaa Bl^s > 

( ny 

Athabasca Oil 

Rawesa Cepsar 

Boaadary Bay Oil 

B C P#»rm Loan 

H I'. Kletie' 

B.C. Refining Co. » 

B,C. BllVer ...aa,«<.a«.aa. 
Caa. Bat. Plra ...aa.aa.a* 

Cons. M. and S. % . . . 

Cork Provlnoo 

Crow- a Nost Coat 

Pousias chaaaal 

Bmplra Oil ...aaaaaaaaaa.. 


Oraat Waat Paras 

Hamlook Gold 

Howe Bound •••••«..... a a a* 

ladlaa Mlaaa 

lat'l Coal • ••.r 

UcOllitvrsy • 

Nagget a 

PremJer MInea 

Rambler Cariboo 

Silver Crest 

silversmith ..a.. 

Spartan Oil • 

Snowatorni ....a 

Standard L<oad - 

Sunloeh Mlaaa - 

Barf lalat • ....a. 

Stewart t<4MidS aa.« 

Trolan Oil 

runty oil 

Whalen com 

Whales »M 




II. •• 



41. •• 











it •• 

ft4 <4 
14 •• 







II «o 




IA3NDON. Jaao 11.— •taadard ea»»ar. apat 
1(7 7a •d: Mtur4s t^7 lis. BlaatralTtic, 

spot 171 19a; fiilurei f74 

Tin, spot 1117 fcp funir»« fl'7 7s Id. 

lisad, apot 

BUM. spat . ( s» lla 

,Ne» lurk Ratee 

NBW YORK, Juno 11. — Copper atesdy. 
Electrolrttc, spot and futaraa Ur 

Tin eeey. epot and nearby $42.12: futures 
141 »' 

Iron Steady, No. 1 Northern |II ta 111: 
No 2 Nartkara fta.l* te ttl; Mew I BeiHhera 


&esd stasdy. spot | 

Zlnr easy, epot and nearby 

Antimony, epot $( 7$ 


TaOWDON, .Tune 11- Rsr silver It lt*l*d 
p»r ounce. Ms*ley 1 >4 per cent 

riUcnuni rates Short bllli 2 per cent: 
three months' bllli 3 and 2 11* per cent. 

New Vork Rates 

NBW TORK, .luna 11. - Foreign bar all**- 
4m. Mexiraa deliara 41%. 

Mnnar on eall flnaar: high 1%: low 4^ 
ruling rata 4%; eloalag bid 1%; arfsrod st 
1% : isat losn 1%. 

<^'bII loan* against arreplaacee 4%. 

Time Inane rieadv. mixed eellBtaral, •••lo 
days, *% and I. 4-4 montha, B, 

PrMaa eaMaierelal aassr •. 

(Pumlshad by Buriilck Brothers, Ulmuod) 

CHICAGO. June 11.— WiMRtt Tha 

actkm of the market was rather 
appointing today fmni a bull atand« 
polni, the excessive ratiM iB ttm 
southwest stimulating oaiy R,taaiper* 
ary damaad. while thare vrb aa traat 
streaa placed on the Balkan altaa« 
tloB as a araln market factor, nor br 
the bullish statlstln, \\ ,irl,r^ ship- 
ments of 17.182,000 bushel.-<. included 
n IJO OOO bushels frmu Norilv 
AiiierUii. H bulliah factor un this aide 
although bearish In Europe. Vlglbla 
supply dacraaaad l,l««.«*«. North- 
west and Canadian news em the 
whole ia favorsble. The foreignera 
are wHl supplied at the moment witli 
on passage stocks nboot 7 i>'irt OOO 
bushels more than a year agn Halna 
as a bull factor cannot be counted on 
effectively except right *t harvest, 
and a few daya of ^Rt WaatlMF 
would obapce the aapaat af tblRca 
materially. We centlnilli^ to IRvev 
break purchases, but would aot care 
to follow the advances. 

Corn — Bull "news was not lackinc 
In corn today, but It apparently la 
suie, aa ro haavy buyta« utrb atlinti* 
latad. Local stocks decreased 1,i|7,- 
laavlnR remalntnr stocks her« 
only S.tiS.OOO. a smsll amnui 
pared to the IT.ono noo or mi- « 
couple or III. Ill' iiK.i Total visible 
stocks de<rea(*ed 1.48«.000 bushels. 
Weather conditions are generator 
favorable and wet weaUltr la lAvlnjr 
the crop a good start. Ite«B were 
lower acala and this deprived the 
com market of mueh aupport which 
it probably would have made If tha 
hog market was anywhere near art 
even basis with corn. AVlth limited 
sftocVs. amsll receipts nnd a fair 
cBnh demand the market will be con- 
Bsstfd. consequently we look tar good 

Oats Tlie ossh demand wa» slack 
In OBis to(la.\-, with prices relatively 
one rent lower. This deprived thei 
speculative market of support. Tha 
visible showed a decresse l,Sf4.fM« 
RecelpU were fairly Ubaral aad tha 
crop news praaanta Uttla tlMt l» mUo* 
ally buUlah. 

WkeSt — Open High 

Raat 110-1 11(1.7 

nsr Ill 111 

July Itf atM 

( 'orn — 

Kept e*,-e T> Tl-1 

July 11 

Dor. , 17-1 <T-T 


Sept. !•-■ tl.« ai.t 

Dee I^.l 4«-l Il.T 

Jsiy 4a-« 4t-i 4ia 






• 7 4 




CleStaa IMS 

TAherty m's , 111 1.1] 

Liberty 1st 4's II l-t] 

Liberty lad 4's 11.11 

L.blerty isl 4%'s > SI.IT 

■ 4%'s 

« a a • < 
I • e • • ■ • • 4 

Llbartr Sad 4%'b ea.u 

Liberty trd CH'S M.t4 

lalborfy 4tk 4H^s ••.IS 

l^.fle •aeasaaeaeeeeeeeaeeeeeea ^9*9^ 


NFW TORK. June 11— Raw augar n- 
settled: priraa nominal, with nn trsaie 
tlona n^ rrantilated !• 71 to t in. 


MONTREAL, Jiiae 1 1.— JPstatsss firm: 

batter firm. 

Chaoea — Plaest Past eras. Ke IS IBHs. 
Butter— Cholceet rreamary, •!« ts lie. 
BggO e s lootad. lie. 

Petataae— Par bag, car lots. to 11.40. 


All rraetleas la ■Ightka 

.New York stsrllaC, •.•l-l. 
rraaca, •.41. 
Ura. 4.4a. 




AN l> 


R. f. CLARK & CO., LTD. 

(Maakars B O. Bead Daalssir Aass.) 

Ut PsH tlraet vIMsrIa, BXX 

• Phonae 1600, 560X 


(Pvralsbei bp Ssrdleh Brathara, Taimlted) 
trarai— All *raefu;sa ta Blgkths 

•4S nsaavd Street 

up i<i II e^ieea i 

rhMM t4S4 

aad Msfts tpeladod 


lllgli I la<w nlni'-i '•- " I <H'.< ti < «h- 
ln«t Gramophoii. ? nnd 

about llftt worth of htah-claas Ilec- 
orda aad adjoatabla tone iuir for an 
iHRkea. (Thla machine waa aaed for 
apaelat demonstration st Bmpraaa 
Ratel ) 

( FmU rtr'h iiin r « istsr) 
McC'lA>V 41 VO. 

1 o d s a 

-^1 T!.ii 

'^pfd far thla aala ap to It 

Home Furniture Co. 

Ritz Buildinir 712 Ftirt Straat 

I' 1 i t tl 1 1 1 1 r ' I 1 1 1 ! y 
9 M..rli,|y 


itree'nr ObS^MdSM, • Oaak^s $4«.00 

Hed i>a«aapart, a sasy i»jOo 

i,m^ Mahapsay Dr u al iia TSWe . ttJtO 
pr Oak Arm OhafM. TyeaOMr Seats 17.00 

11. h r*.- • x ^.1. 1110 l"0 end 59 OO 

I a ' . r a - . ». -r,, K ... k »r 10 OO 

iiaii s#Mi-->',i H.v>*i'«.e. .... 17.50 
Rorken from I " ftn K ItdMa Oha|ri 1.00 
Roond IMiilnf lehl* and S fNaora 2S.S0 
Kitchen fahlnel, neerlr new .. . 1P.00 
Carpets. Buffet*. ( hiffnaieri, Raraiaa, 
Osalia Tabisa. nrtnrao. etc. Alsa aer- 
«ml eerr elhalre Bedrooai Bsttaa. 


Phone J«aj 


747 Fert SI. 



R»II Telephone 
Brompton I'aper 
Hraalllan Trar. 
t'an. Cement, 
ran. Car Fdy. 
fan s P rom. 
Can H S pfd. . 
Can (>»n KleC. 
Cone M. a a. ... 
Detroit trnltod . . 
Dom. Cannars . 
Dom. f a S., aid. 

I»om Te»tlla 

I)nm T»ltlle. pfd. . .. 
I.a II ••nl Me Co 

Nstlonsl BrsworlSB .. 
Ailaatie Sesar. p(4. .. 

Moatnal Pawar 

Mnntraal Raafc 

No<a Soatia ■ 

' .^n 

I 1 I spar 

>- • • • nan 

8i>ani.i. RlTor yalp 


» a a a a • I 
• e a a a < 

» e a a a • 1 




HI 4 


41 4 



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s a a 


e e « 

7» 1 

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e a e 

1 1 1 

1"'^ < 

». , 

41 4 

i:r 4 

J47 4 


1J« 4 

:? ■ 1 

e o a 


• a a 


• « 



$30,000 City of Vernon, BsCs 

Fifteen Year 5^% Bonds 
Dated 15th June, 1923. Ddoomindtiont %lffX^ 
Due 15th Junt, 1938 * f 

Leg»10pinir ' m t 

<Freai BeH AvaltaMa ttt i m m 

I DsssMs 

8t Shsndlcx 


T •«.•!• 

Total ... 

ToUl Dabeaturo DoM < 
Laaa Raeisse 
Watanrsfks — 





-Mt4.l»7 41 

Tax. 40 mait 

• •4.7«a.ST 

^sa, 2,0M.tcras 

Net Deht 

roptiUtiion. .'!,000 

Vernon i» the basiacat eentra of the OkaoafSR Vathgr. EatSRslTe 
irriRatrii (niit fsrmiBg Bfld gcRcral farpiRC is carriad or fai 4ha lai- 

mediatc vicinity. 

Priea and Untmmk, YMdlnf iM% 

Sabjccl to Satisfactorr Lafal OpMm of OBf Solidtira 




No» . 


!••• ss 



lOVd . .aaeaaeop 

i*«i •• 


Noe . 

1 9S 7 aooaaeeoe 

1(17 IS 


Noe . 

1 tflS eee • eaaae 

1141 If 


Nov . 



1 . 


1*71. •• 


Vov . 


War Waa a 



1 >•»■ 


laii so 






1117 tParaMa 





A«4 Mieeaat aesrasa te 
Far fl.SSfi lets, ISiT, 


Will Sell 

leis sn 
ISIS •• 

1SI7 l« 

!••» ea 

1*17 ts 
1*11. •• 

nil •• 


' leiLM 



Itia I»e<wlM S4, aetd IMS 17 It Wmr* g*. 


la tlXl, 

> -r •i,*ea->ISlil UU, MSi^ 4tSS4 Tls. 

lies. ••.!•. 

NFh ) UUK bL^AK 

Victoria, B. C 

Ordars Majr Ba Wirad at Oar Bapaato 


7tl Fact ttraat 


$10,000 North Vancouver 6fo 

Dm J«M iOa 194« to Yidd 



Burdick Bros., Ltda 



»♦ I >' ' ) . 

» ••ti 

Braihors, tAmlted) 
I.TI; Dec.. 114: 


riirnlahad by Be Kl a h Bmthere Umiie'li 
opea Hifh i.A« ' io(« 

i.iir tati ii»« »« '« '44t 

uat. »tM It 14 74 71 

i«.|t 14 11 J4 14 

14.11 :|.7« 


14 14 
14 4t 



A cars fat sofvajr af tfM hidMlrial Add dlsctoM# cofitototlos 
secarities giren the SRBia ratteff hf Moodr's si our Proriaicial load s 
yielding 6% to 6J0% wM dtoto ratad aot as bigh bat witk Iktla 
cteM of loss as yitldfaif US% to dJ$%. 


B A Bond Ruilding 72^ Fort Street. Virioris. B C Phones ,119 


Marine and Transportation 

_ _ _ ^ . ^ ^- ' ■ 



Ne*er Before AM«in«-<l 

Th« WhtU SUr llB«r Maj««tlc, the 
lartM^ •hl» 'allMt. lu •quipped with 
a irtrvlMS Mt which it not onlr mor* 
powerful than that usually to b« 

founrl oil iM««'*nE''r VMMI, but 

which Jn U8«lf mark* an InnOTatlOB 
In ahip wlr«l«M. 

On aueh a hug* tmmI, carrylnc aa 
it aoM a human population larcar 
than that nf many a anMllI town, tha 
prnhirm of handling radio mOMWS«a 
fir ' r.i or ,1 i nary Inj^nuHy and 
re»<iui i'<»fiilrn»f<, and ko If happens 
that the Majestlc'n wirf]'nn r>fHc» la 
tho onlj ona cnnployad on an ocaan 
linor that la aqulppod with a MMliiaa 
tM; MndlBK maaaacaa. 

Tt fa tha use of thla ramarkabla 
iTin •►..It makes It poaaibia to 

• "ni > ,1 it ionra itifl nt th? rat* of ona 
hiiiKlt r'l in. I rtv'i e w(ird» n. riilnut*". a 
apaed which no radio operator could 
roaeh or oar raeovnice. a spo a d Mrtr 
boforo attained on a ahip. 

Sending a messasa at hlfh apead on 
1ti« Majentir in a rsvslatlon both of 
Mv h 1 • i.iilio li.-i.i become and of what 
1' 'l\|eslir'8 radio demands are. 
Once a measage la flied for tranamla- 
aion on ttoa Majeatic, but llttla human 
aftprt la raqulrad to flaab it to Ita daa* 

Tha paaaenser'fl radlsvram blaalt !• 
handed In by the puraar aad by htm 
to on« of the operatorit. Ob Otbar 
fhlps. the dperx' T' ikuidiIk a talofraph 
key. hur an ,h. ■ > he pounds a 

typewriter Instead l-,arh stroke of a 
kay parforataa a paper tape, and thus 
tha moaaaca la convartad int9 a aarlaa 
of holaa. Thla parferatad paper tape 
la than paaaed through a trananstttinv 
machine which in a marvel of Inge- 
nnlty - an elerf rlc» lly -driven msrhlne 
which doaa Its work almost notsaieaaly 
Md irtUeta never makes & mlatake. 

Tioae la Savad 

On a'recant voyaxa of tha Majestic. 
r»dlo ni^».««(c^f( were ^xchang^l with 
shois station."! of the Fladlo C'oipor.i 
tlon of America at apaeds of over 80 
worda per minute whan tha vaaaat was 
nMm» at aaa. Ordlnartty apeede 
iB a»o— a of about SC worda par 
aaiaiita MBsat be attained by hand- 

BM IB ord«r to Aieet ths 
la of tnrraaslnr radloKinm 

f r a ffl ■ ' r »• :< I »■ 1 1 In • ' I »■ ;i ■ ; - ; ■ • » i- n g e r 
lineis. marliin^ •ending rn i- ' »> u^e.l. 
In which CHBf a flren ni<>-"«K' 
ba sent and received one-il>lrd tti* 
time raqulrad br naBual mathoda. . 

Kartlar •sparlmaala aboard tha 
Majeatlo permlttad &»tT one-way hirh 
•peed tranamlflalon, namaly. from ahip 
to ahor^, there bainr no apparatua on 
b«ard the veaeel rapahle <>f receiving 
hlch speed trananunslnn In ordtr to 
effect fwo-w,.\ hiith iip»».i taia^rraphle 
••nrlca on tha vaaael. U was aqulppad 
by tha Marootil Company with a hlffh 
•p«ad r^eelvar. whleh haa workad 
ma^t •aUafaotorlly. Wlreleaa preaa 
matter waa completely and p«r/ectly 
recorded by the automatic rarelver 

through medium bmiIi- f i f 

tlon of tha It C A at C'hatl.rtn. .Mrt«« 
At the same lime that thlx automatic 
hlfh ap«ed raceptlon waa carrlad out 
it waa poaaibia for tha' operator on 
wateh to Haken in on the ordinary 
ahi^'a w%v«.-laBKth - for cenvral "ahip 
to ahlp" wlrelea*. \ 

Jfot only doaa (ha uae af autoaiatic 

high upef.l rr-'f mii i-"-!!'!!!!*; 

appaiAtiia pn/lbl*' o|..-lai'.iK I" l.»ll<T.« 

mora uafflc in laaa time and thrreb> 
provide f rea doi 6C tba ether for other 
VI— a la ta oparBU th^lr radio dota, but 
m addlUoB >aaraey mt eauraateattoB 
ia malatalned, airto« to th» great 
rapidity with which tha dota and 

dllShe^ ni« ; I a iinni I' t »,1 ]■ s .llfflcult 
for th*- nv^ragn oprrmot <•> < "I'V ov^r 
thirty woriis jier mlnut* f<>i « n y 
lenffth qf time, coaaequently when 
worklBy at doubia spaed the telaf raph 
rharact«tf Mleir la anali rapM auc- 
caaMoB that they eanaot ba de- 

. ! phot <.l 

Whll* tde le»t» so <a: i il^- l'\ 
Marconi Intarnatlomt i .Mminr > ■>',> 
munleatlon Co. and tha Hadlo Cor- 
poration Co. •( ilBMrlca have 
proved Mfthly aueeeMfal, tha prlaaipal 
beneflta win ba derived from thla new 
apparatua when lnstn!!<«fi on ilt \^« 
aala of tha larger type and which 
handle graat volumea of traAe. 



Irlpa tu Ill\cr!i liiiet and 
Waahlngtoia Suta 

Tha tnaal fuBBmar •zodtia of IB' 

diana frtffei the Island is now under 
way. During the paat few daya large 
numbera of them have d«paitad by 
th« SMUtla ataamar tar tha fruit 
fi^lda of Waahlagton State to plek 
b«rrle« while the neu«rM. la^. Th« 
customary yearly migration from the 
West l oi- Kivers Inlet to engaKe 

in fishing Is also Just about to atart. 
A good proportion of the enttra 
aborigina population of tha West 
Coast finds employment each aaason 
In ih«aa Blvar* Inlat plaatg.' wbloh 
are amoBy «ia larsaot to SrltWi Co- 
lumbia. Th« XndlMi gMkoat float If 
leaving thla w«ak. headed by Thomaa 
Dick, of Raaqulat, who is the boss at 
the Inlet. Tha of the native 
rannary workars nr n tha trip 
on tha Prineess Maiy, which leaves 
Victoria for Itlvera Inlet Tta the 
Weet Coaat, June 20. 

Later In the year tha Indiana will 
mak«- ? 'I' »e. Mri,l trip of the season 
to th^ ii - J* to pl<|< hops. 

\\'hol» fti n >■ « r M I <« to Washing- 
ton for thla work, and apand aavsral 
week* at it. 



Captain IL P. Jordan haa b«en ap- 
pointed pilot by tha Vaneottvar Pilots. Ha haa had lon^ acparleBCa of 

tha Coast, particularly on (ha Weat 
Coa<if wfi^te ha was running many 
\ ea t .« urn . hl«f otflcer "ii !h» Trlncaas 
.Maqulnna N ev;- iiandle 

most of tha pilotage aasoclation's 
Weat Coaat ahipping. 

BAi/no TViurs mack 

Wblta Mar 

atrlkaf Sabtuerged 

KUrMIOl,. .hine 1 1 —Tha 
Whi *- Star Iluer Ualllr. which struck 
an obalrurtion. apparfntly a sub- 
merged wrack, tiro houra after leav* 
ing Queenatown for Now Tork, Sat- 
urday, and put baek to port, reached 
here thla «i*ral«c. Xor jBMingera 
will make tka trip aoroM om other 



{ 7 

AfMoa Mam FIrat Veaael to Adopt 
Bqiedicni of i.aiKiiiiK ^upplMo 

s XBaUCUraiiog the expecieu practice. 

tha ataamar AfHoa Mam, of the 
Oaaka moaaB XaUha. landed iiar 
liquor anppllea at Vletorta yeatarday 
morning before proceeding to Seattle. 

T!'^ xessf! \\ n^ i net whip %vhcn «ho 
nt i i\cii f I oti. <Jri<»nt. but when 

."he c'l^dicil foi .s«»nttle two hours later 
ahe waa bone dry aa tite most arid 
apot in tha unlvara* In ao far as winas 
and aplrita woro cone«m«d. The 
Uqiwr wllfbe picked up again by. the 
veaael when she la solBg to ■•» on her 
return voyage to the OrlaBt late In 
the month. 

The Africa waa the nrat ocean vea- 
aol to maka port at Victoria en route 
to tha United SUtea aubjact to th« 
n^w United Stataa liquor reatriettona 
which want into effect Sunday The 
course adopted, although it (iiialli i< 
liitlf add*^<l fxp«'iis.. that i ncidf'n t .i 1 1 \ 
benefits V'lciorl.i, iicnnits the Japa- 
nese Bteamr.r to comply to the atrlct 
letter of th« law in American porta 
withavt reatetlidrto tha ^laadvaataca of 
the ahip's pa a aaagefg on tha trasa- 
pacinc passage. 

The discharging of the {iquor at 
thia port waa dona following negotla- 
tlona with the cuatoroa by tha Vk- 
torte agenta, Rlthet C« 
There waa alao neaeaaary the 
sanction of the Attorney -Oenaral 
of the Province, aa laid down 
in recent Inatructlons from the 
cuctoms heads at rutawa. This 
WHS secured from Hon Mr Manson 
by Collector of Cuatoma F. W. Davey 
prior to the arrival of tha ahip. 

Other Ihiea plying through Victoria 
to Puget Sound are expected to take 
th<> same courae aa haa been done by 
tha O.8.K. 

Will •aareli Ships 

SEATTI^E. June 11. — Collector of 
Customs Millard T. Hartson. acting 
under telegraphic inni i uct ions from 
the treasury department, today tuoli 
preliminary steps to enforce the 8u- 
pram* Court'a adiot that foreign ahipa 
muat remain "drjr*' In American 

w n t ^ 18. 

Bars on st least ships plying 

hr-tweett I'li^et Sound and tlif I' .* r 
Eaat will be i losed as a reault of tha 
ruling, and a score of other vea^la 
oalUag at Pug«t Sound porta wilt b« 
affected. Mr. Hartaon aaid. 

"Thorough search of all ships coin- 
ing. Into the district will ba made by 
customs Inftpfrctors." Me. Hartson 
aaid, "and I hava a auBleient number 
of men to do the work •ICaotlv*Iy. 
Ship^ In thla dlatrlet are falps to be 
bona dry." 

\: --.,<,, lYanclaco 

SAN FRA.Sc.liiCO, June 11. — Crews 
of foreign vtma*l» in port hare today 
wltneaaed and felt the worklnga of the 
Volatead law, following th* treasury 
department ruling recently thm hp- 
came effective at midnight Satiirday 
tha' t •»»e| could l)rinji; .ih uhoUc 
beverage* In the lerrltorinl nattrs of 
the United States and those already 
hero must place tha contraband com- 
modity under lock and key. Tha ftrat 
and only liner to reaeh here after the 
ruling boeama effeotlva waa t he- 
British liner MaungaBttl. No Uquor 
waa aboard. 



I ana .1 : .n I; i.u\»iiin>i i,t \V Ire lea). 

I'osltloiip H r .M Si.'ihI.i . 

\> Klngsl«> 1 ..i.iuiiii.i:! t ri .Miiii 
I'ranilBCo, 375 iiilli--^ nciMi i.f .Man 

h'ranclscu. Salvor. i liarklcv 

Sound, paaaing Port Hun Juan. Talho 
Mam. toboaad. 47.tS north. 13«.0« 
<froBt; C«BB4lBa Wlaaar. Albaral for 
keweaatl*. left Alboral at; 
El Abeto. fliKklev Bay for I,os An- 
geles. I,2:> niilea from I.,OS Angeles. 
Haiold Dullai. IkmiX'I San I' t a Ti <' i s< ' 

480 miles from ."S;in I lai'rlB ri^l 

ono Maru, homi'! < im<m.' ^O t; i. 'ttn 
IStt.ff weati Kuth Alexander, Vlc- 

toite far laa VVaaclaco; Wiihelmina. 
San Fraadaea far Honolulu, 1.4«t 
miipa from Baa rmnelaoa; C aaad l a B 
Highlander. Otaru for ■att FraaalgoO. 

1.975 miles from San Frandaco. 

Wirelcaa lleiK>rta e P.M. Monday 

Point <^roy — Overcast, calm; 

bh . sea smooth. 

Alert na> Cloudy, northwaat, 
3i> 10, fiO. sea moderate Passed out 
steamer Camoaun. 6:80 p.m., aouth- 

Ocean Falla — Claar, calm, St.ll, 
(t: eea amooth. 

Bull Harbor — Clear, strong, north- 
west. 29 96, CO; aaa choppy. 

Prince Rupert-^lMur. oalm. M.M. 
67; sea smooth. 

Dead Tree Point — Clear, vast light, 
2».»f. sda smooth. 

■stavaa— Vsrtly eloady, nortliwaat. 
frssk. Iff.M, 17; sea choppy. 

.Steamer Mo^croenta 
TACOMA, June 11 —Arrived: Ala- 
meda, Seward via porta; Santa Paula, 
New Tork via porta; Coluaa, Valpargl- 
ao; Admiral Parragut, San Fraaelaeo; 
Ceasar, Grlffco, Britannia Beach. 
Safled: San Diego, Virginia Olaen, 
.^dmlral Farmgiit, rtan Pedro; 
Drechtdyk, Antwerp via Seattle, 

PORTIUAND. June 11. — Arrtved: 
Admiral Schley, American, San Fran- 
cisco; H. T. Harper, Loa Angelae; Re- 
guias. Puget Sound. Ballad: Rosa City, 

San Fiancisco. 

SEATTLiB, June 11. — ^Arrived: Blue 
Triangle, Floreneo Iiuekenba^ Fort- 
land: Virgtala Oleen. Oan Pedro: 

Drechtdyk, Tacoma; Weat Not us. H 
F. Alexander, Nome City. Sjim Kran- 
clsco. •Admiral Itogepn. .lefferson. 
Alaska: fort .Xngeles. I'oit Angeles; 
I.* Purlslma, I'ort L.uls; Africa 
Maru, Orient. Sailed: Noma City, 
Santa Paula, Admiral Farracut, 
coma; Dorothy Luckenbaehi Belling- 
ham: T'.S.S. Eagle, Puget Sound 
.\a\«l Station. 

SAN KUANC18CO, June 11. — Ar- 
rived: Rainier, Port Angelea; Cuba, 
Portland; Wapama. Gcaya Harbor; 
Chihuahua. Balina Crus. 

VAI.DEZ, June 11.— flailed: Korth- 
westein. southhound 

jrSKAl'. .lunf 11 Railed: Ad- 
mlrnl Watson, noithbound. 

KKTCHiKAN lune 11. — Batlad: 
Alaalta, nortbbound. 

PBTBRSBURO. June U.— Sailad: 

Queen, Admiral Wataon, northbound; 
Admiral Evans, aouthbound. 

EVERETT. June 11 Arrived: 
Parana. New York; Jaroh I.,u<kcn- 
ba<'ti. Seattle 

KE1.L,1NUHAM. June 11. — Arrived: 
Dorothy Alexander, Indiana. Seattle. 
Sailed: Roaamond, Honoluli^ 

MOW TORK. .lone 11. — Mount 
Carr ol, H amburg; I<ancaater, Seattle. 
ANTWBRP, June I. — lAplaBd, 

New Tork. 

DTTVKIRK, June «. — Bordeaux, 

YOKOHAMA, June 7. — Bimaloer, 




ReBuUt Are What Count 

Ana BulUoc Sel* Ls>th.r gives them. 
hi<l««t talUMd by our own «sclusiv«, 

new process. It wfars turt€0 U iotlg 

as ordinary Sole Leat her 

Save money and enjoy greater comfort 
with Bulldof 8ok LmUmt. Ask for Ifc 
on yomr sliMi - inHai on it for your 
n pi iir work. ' . 

r I 


wer^f Sina§ 
mifmMC. ^ACTON 

Ore.; Siberia Maru. Sai 

rorf Innd. 

\S 1 1 .1 .1 N< .1 < I lun 

1 A*.Ni)<.).\, June 

Carenla, How Tork. 

PL,T MOUTH, June 11.— America. 
Preatdent A4ama. Nleuw Amaterdam, 
New Tork. 

7 -Tahiti. 
-Moerdljk >n<\ 
11.— Cedrlc, 

SHANGHAI, June f.^Prosidaat 
< 'ieveland. San Franrtspa. 

aSNOA. June T.— AmaHea, New 

<■ HKIIBOLH*;. June 9. — Maura- 

lania. Hew Toru 

Tim* or asBriaa aaa tmw (PaatBe 

asid Tim.) at Vlatarla, B.OL, Bw dM i 
of JUD*. nil: 


Saa- Sea 

lea- I 
est I 




1 . 4:1» 

< 4:1« Ita* 

• .... 4 16 |;«( 
4 .... « It 1:*7 
I ..... 4:14 ItSt 

• \... 4:11 S;«» 
r .... 4:11 

• 4:11 a:ll 

f «:lt 1:11 

ta 4:lt 1:11 

It .... 4:11 i 11 

It .... 4:1 i 1 11 

II .... 4:12 1:14 

14 .... 4:11 1:14 

U .... 4:11 •:!! 

The Metaeffolagleal 

■elgata Vlatarla. B.C. 






4 ■ : 

< , t 




4 U 

n*E8 AT >irTOBIA 

JUNE. 1 « ! 1 


ITIni* >1 llTIm* H't, I uui- 
lU. M. Ft.lH. U. Ft.iH. M. 



« ' n 
n «. 
I I A 
I 14 

« 1 ; 

t 17 

1.1 ; 

1:1 ' 




On Sale May 1 5 to Seplenibe r 1 5 
Return Limit October 31, 1923 

Holiday Suggestioiit^ 

I '.•■r fuM'le PasMta to PviMS 

Jasper N'ji'ional Park 
The I akcs 
'Ontario ."-inninsr 

For far«< reservations or i : ' lofonna- 
tion call, write or telephone 

Telephone 1242 ii 


C anadian Mational Railways 

rt lH. M. Ft. 


t I 

tl:IT II 

ll:l» ».l 

• a a a a a • 

• a • • • a • 

21 :!• 

17 21 1* 
4 121 39 

4:»4 4.1 latU 

1:41 3 1 12:4* 

1:31 1.1 ' 

7:24 M|H »< 

0 01 II ' " 

>e 44 t » t > 

1 51 1.2' » 

\ \ it I t.t*- 1 : 

Ttos Tims ua«d !■ 

».l 14!4« 
I.I 11:11 "^1.1 
4.414:11 I.I 

7 7 



I 4 
» 4 

ll:«] 1.4 
M.-M 1.4 
tl:N 1.4 

n:tl T.I 



7 :H 14 

0 S 1 ■ « 1 •• » 'I 


fltll'iH 7i2l U 

A»l»30 ll«i:S4 

I'aclflr Standard. 

II !■ r6u 

7 1 
t A 

- 4 

. I 

. t 

T 4 


tbs laeta >l«rldl«.n wast ll la r6unta4 from 
0 lo 14 neura, from inldnlaht ta mldnlcht. 

Tha flaorss (or hel^t aarva to dlatlnculi 
High Water from Imw Waiar. whai 
blanka occur In tha tsblaa. tha tida 
or fsllB cestiauoaaly during two 
tidal psrloda without turning. 

n ,■ M» k ht i» In faat and tasths of a foot, 
at ,, KTKff l«val of lewar Low Watar. 

).a.iuijii«it — To flsd ths aspta •( watar sa 
tha aiii i<( tha g r rSas fc at asf tMa, ««• 
II. I faat to ths balgkr eC ItSb wuar as 
aboYo sIrcD. 

Canadian Pacific Railway 


VANCOUVFR— At t:tl sad 11:41 pA. Mljr. « 

' * • ( ' I 4 .io p m. dailjr. 
ALASKA MouTt -rrom Vsaoaaw. Jnaa t, I*. S*. st I p.m. 


9:00 y.m ' 

Haturday at 11:4b 

iHiioN UAr-como K Pw muk invwi 

1:10 s.n. 

WKtT <X>AgT VANCOliVER ISLAND WOW- r>iai Tielafia aa Am M. IMk. leU 
each aumth, st 11:01 / _ 

•ULT mM im M » T» fc saiw l i W i^i H 0 »i Hl Wt^rf esiar MaaAg. Va*Sii«.. 
Tltiirs<lar tn4 SatarSigr at Titi 

Aaaly to Any Aowtt Oaaatflaa PaaMa W a lHwy 




i..'r — Malla olaae J 

^ . <>hama Jaly 1, 

. ( .luir 10. 

klaila ' !<.aa JUBS 21, I p.m 

i p.m. Uu' 
July 4, Honk 

Africa Mar'i 
Dua at Toknh.iii. .lui. 7 

Bmpraas '<r < ank'la Malla olaae Jane U. 
I nm Dua a; ToU^harna .luljr I. SliaaShal 
July 13. Hona K.n« July II. 

Prfald*nl Malla eleaa twHf 1. 

I p m Dua a: r^K' nama July II, Skaaskai 
July II. Honi Kon« July ;i. 

AastraHa aW Naw ZMtaaS 

NIasira — Mslla closa Juna Z. 1:11 a.m. 
DIract. r>ua AaeklSBd Juno 21. 

Maunsanul-^ Malls closo Jans 12. I p m. 
Via Ran rranclsoe. Dae Wslllaaton Jalx 7. 

Sonoma ( \uatralU oelr) — ^ili " 
Juno 21. I v m. Via Saa Fri 
Bydnsy July IT. 

Makara— Malla claaa Jaae II, 1:11 a.m. 
Direct. Duo Aackland July 21. 


Juna 2 and .^O. Dlrart, I 30 a tn 

Juna I and II ^ la Saattlf. t p m. 

Jaao t. I*), 11. 17. 23. 14. 21. 17. Via 
San Pranetaro, I p m. 

Juna 13 and 31 Via San Padro. I p.ak 



VI \ It ^ I ! » 

llegolar West Coast 
Vp Oaa Tstp Mr 


ta Lay 

Th* C.P.R. West Coast steamer will 
make the annnnl tilp Neyond Qu!»t 
sliio Sound, aiouTld thr- norfh ^nd of 
t\\^ Liland and Into Ituprs luiat <>ri 
the British Columbia .Mainland when 
"he aalla on her next voyaae, Juna >0. 
Whether It will ba the Frlaceas Ma- 
nulnaa, tha rarvlar Wast Coast boat, 
that will make tha dlvaraloa la doubt- 
ful, aa tha Maqulnna may coma off 
(he run fur overhauling on the com- 
pletion of h*>r preaent trip. Tt ta a 
year alnce she hss bp^n hauled ntit. 
and ahe is h^aiimitia to hf In n^*><i ■•f 
attention, .'^lonjid sh* I'p isi i i. f 
a trip, aa ahe probably will ba, hei 
plaoa will be takan by tha <mMees 
MaTy for tha one voyage. 

Tha annual journey to Ktvors Inlet 
< «s become allaos' •xeurstov trip 
since it waa in <c i sted several 
years a|;o. and Is ni" > « nisrksd by 
the numerous pixs'-riKTs win. go 
Slong All the onllnary <(ininK 
placea alons the West Cosst sro via- 
Ited aa usual, and in addition, the 
vfassl rounds the top o( tha Island 
nrid strlkaa aeress to Rlrars Inlat, a 

•\g neck ot water mnalns many 

lies Inland. Tha piliAary finrposa 
of the trip is to carry auppUas an4 
enuipment to tha canneries On the 

From Vi< toris 

Juitf !.S A M 
June 17, 9 A.M. 
AlM> tt. Si. F. ALBXANDBR 

FroM tiUli TMsdays, 4 FJC. 

tpMM Itowid Tffl» SiMnlM 

^>M"t«X Far -fall lafenaatlaa aa»lr ta 



5lplandtd AmarlcsB MS RONOMA. VBN- 
Tt;RA. ie.ii«-ton Movd a loiAi— Doliaht- 
ful sarvieo. Sirdaejr Short L.lna — Bamoa-^ 
Hoaofala— Qalekest Paaaaae — Ixiwaat Rataa 
PaolSe tear, till, 1st aUas. Sonoma sails 





11 :1 j P M. Daily 

in I W H- S 

Seattle and Portland 

Connscllon from Victoria C.P.R. boat 



<.nOD TIME OOOD «F.R\ |. I 

ksasma M saa tkreafk aar Ballroad 

Juna JI. .'uly l«. A'i« '« Msrburn 
Juna 21, July :« \wi < Marlorb 
Jair I. All*. 4. Aaa. il . .Motasama 

Juna 12. Jaly M, Aaa. IT MonloUra 
Juna tf . Jafy tt. Aaar. 24 Montralin 

A 'If 

gi r.i<F.< • H I' i< rtoi k<. 
SOUTBAMI- iriN llAMniitt. 

JaMM, Mr a < ia 

Smprraa of Fraaca 

jaaeta^ jaircL _ 





Thm Omlf 9%r9i CImb 
Steamer from Momtrmd 

Whm travalUitg to Bvrbp* 

I tiM graatast possMi 
aomf Oft and asklsf aatien — nm 
ooot ia vary rsssoasple tha 

aeeommodatioB* a»a unaur< . 
paaaed the ruisfeM Mid MfVlfS , 

are fauMl«as. 

oombinea tha 

enclusivrness of 
the best rlui. with 
the III I irv of tha 
finest hotr!. Ask 

for booking mm 

Tha r r; M M stesrn«> . -.rliw" 

Winner left Port Albeml Sunday ai 
1:10 complatln« Mra #lth 
lumber; She left dlroat for s*n. bavnd 
for Keweaatle. Aastralta. 



New TlvMigii Toil 



Phdfe Idway 

win aycsMa • sHi4 tlvottfli train 

I .r t wn 

YancooTfr aid Ctticago, Uariig 
YaocoDfcr Daily at 7:45 P. M. 

Standard Coarhn. Tourist. Sleep- 
ily X>ininf sf«<i ( "mpartnMSl 
Obaervjtion Cars 

rvatlw*. ara IftHMIk fka 




B. C Cont Service 

Special Trip 


Rivert Inlet 

And Return, by the 

PrinctM Maa*y 

Via the West 

Vi. tori;^ JlHWlidlat 
1 ! 1' M 

Msals Mitf Berth Ind«4«4 

' ' ! t • f - Cansdisn 

i'sciht Railway, llHJ ( .overninrnr 
Strrrt. Victoria 


r. p. SAnOKNT 


The Tselflr llatvar* r*oiv|i.ri,. rii. 
ley Hound oil fc<ui)d.4^ i>ri her second 

tn» to tiM 

White Star 

Only »44.25 

Round trip tnm '\ 




1L R Hladiwaai 

f*««. Art. 

912 ((•▼eramanf fl% 






Store Hovri — • •.m. to 6 vm.; We<fneHa> u< 1 i> m SUPERIOR VALUEsT 


Warm Weather Dresses 

Ginghams and Ratines ■ 

.$3.95 to $8.95 

Four AttracLive Valuer 
Fiuiii Our Big Stock 
uf bilks 

36-Inch Figured Silk, a silk 
and cotton mixture, pre- 
sented in a variety of colors 
and desigrt^. Remarka||;le 
value at, a yard 

36-Inch Navy TaflfeU, of soft 
finish, in a lasting shade 

and in clean, even weave. 
A fine texture silk at a low 
price. A yard. ^1.96 

36-lnch Keavy P'aille, a silk 
with a rich finish and very 

■ pouOTif ful ilf esses, ■ft' is 
offered in shot and plain 
ejects, and big value at, a 
yard fS.M 

36-Inch Wash Satin, a silk 
of heavy grade thft will 
wear well, and is most 
."tuitable for lingerie. Tn 
pink and white only. Rig 
vftlue at, a yard 9^.88 

Silk Chemi6e6 and Uown6 

A Group of Excellent Values Today 

liabutai Silk Envelope 
Chemises, neatly trimmed 

with het!' ■ 'ingf. and 
shown in white ontl flesh. 
Selling at f2.50 

Chemises and Knvelopes of 
Silk and ' in white* 

flesh, orchid and l)lue; 
made in several styles and 
neatly lace trimmed. 
Values to $675 for f3.50 

Camisoles of Silk and Satin, 
with lace tops and ribbon 
Straps. Values to $2.S0 , 
for f 1.25 

Gowns of Habutai Silk, 
white and flesh. Values 
tp 17.50 for..:. .f4M 

.Gowns of Satin, white and 
flesh, orchid and sky. 

They are neatly lace trimmed and range in value to $10J5. 


—WhUmimt, lit rtoOT 

special at 

Giiib While 

tor 4)i.9U 

White Guimps. with turn- 
down collar and lonjf 
sleeves. The>- are made 
from novelty material and 
arc suitable for Summer, 
to wear with jumper 
dresses, or with regula- 
tion school dresses. Sizes 
for the ages of 6 to 14 
years. At f 1.90 

I'l, IH near 

CiliiUren s 

For 75c 

Crepe Bloomers, made from 
floral effect material. 
They are finished with 
double rows of elastic at 
the knee and waist; pink, 
blue, mauve and wliitr 
Sizes for the apes of b to 
12 years. Special at 75<^ 
— «MMNa'a, lil riMr 

Flaniiciette Gowns for 

ChiiJi cii 
At Low Prices 

Flannelette (^wns. with high Gowns in Sizes for the ages 

or \' nrck Thev are writ nf 3 f,, 4 year*;: made with 

nude and neatly trimmed V-neck and very . neaflv 

with colored stitchinir and finished. Special value at 

rmhr ,i irry. Special at 60c, dSc antf. ...^.LSS^ 

^l.UU and ^1.25 - — CMUmk's, itt rtow 

Pruvisioii ( 


rrtn* amtOT. «7e$ s m sua 
■ ni^ s« w WtMrn pm ik..JUt 

SyMM^S PW% Ultlfftt^, 1 Ita. 

Om BalM Rmb. m tk....Mt 
<hm mtuk Pm*. 9*r Ik set 

^« Own Om^tf BMf. pmr lb )■« 

Itortropir llonr*. p»T ^h 30« 

mid Canarflan choM*. pvr 76n 

iMpoHaH Tr^nrh Roqtiafnrt '-"■i ['#r 

lb 90e 

Old C«MdlM Sttltm Ch*»».. .per). p..r 

». is. 

'—Lemmt Mala now 

Groceteria ibpeciais 

r ^^^y..........^..- .St 

I '>-!%. aiift- *Sft 

Stida Maabinf i'nwdtc, ptr ffct-~. i', »• Wuakn r«uh«a, ptr U*„. 

« N . . . . ■ ( , 

Gingham Dresses, in very dainty styles, some trimmed with 

\'h\tr '.i;^M!idir Prfrr I'm ..tilers with plain r..niid 

iicckis , dresses with white organdie vests, and chambrays 
with patent belts and white embroidered collars. Colors 
pink and ubitr. I. hie ;in<l u hit e, mauve and white an ; 
and white checks, ^.95 and ,. ft4.8& 

Dainty Ratine Dresse.**, in hm^ wai'^t line effects, with short 
sleeves, embroidered, uhitc J eter Pan collars and fancy 
girdles. They are trimmed with hemstitching on sleeves and 

skirt, anij show !! in 'M.h < of lipht blue, Copenhai ' ' 

Men s Rubber 
Belts at 50c 

fttibber Belts, in grain 

Iratliei Cinisii. brown 
black with adjustable 
buckle. This is a belt 
that will wear remark- 
;ilil\- \\ c]\ and is sj * ''.< ' 

\aiuc at 

— Itaart Tmnmbm. Msia rtmt 

mauve and pink , 11 to 20. At, each. 


Dresses of Scotch Gingham, in several dainty styles, some 
trimmed with white linen on collars and cuffs, others in plain 
shades trirhmed with pearl buttons and finished with wide 
sashes; green and white, mauve and white, black and white, 
blue and white, orange and white and red and white. Sizei 
14 to 42. Priced at |7.95 to...... 


Work Gloves, 50c 

Mrn\ Mule or Pigskin 
Leather (.hardening 
Work Gloves. Special 
at 60^ 

Women's or Youths' 
Leather Gardening 
Gloves, all sizes. At, 

The same p:love wi'! 

gauntlet wrist 

— Mta't rtmwUMam, lUto Vlttr 

Sweaters Now Oreatly in Demand 

Silk and Wool i uxcdo 
Collar Sweaters, $10.95 

These Damty StHe and AVool Sweaters are 

made in a neat tuxedo collar style, with 
stripes on cuffs and skirt. They are very 
^'Smirt In appearance and shown in shades 
of marigold and white, mauve and white, 
fawn and white, yellow and blur \f 

€910 k ••••■■•>■>••■•>•*••••••••••••«•«•••••• ...... . JL 

Ice Wool Pull-Over . 
Sweaters, $7.95 

Sweaters of Fine "Ice Wo61," designed in 
pull-over style, with V-neck and long 
sleeves with turn-hark ctiff-^ The shade's 
are Oriental with lawn stripes, white and 
jockey and mauve and fawn. Remarkable 
value at f7.95 

— Swttttn, )ft Fltor 

A Special Pur- 
chase of 
Infant^' Wear 
At Low Prices 

Linen Rompers, of pink 
and blue linen ; made 
with embroidered col- 
lars. Regular $1..S0 
for f 1.00 

Shorteninff Dre-'ses of 
Silk Mull, trimmed with 
Swiss embroidery and 
lace insertion ' 
$2..S0 for :)il.75 

Dresses of Fine Silk 
Mull, trimmed with 
Swiss embroidery and 
insertion. Regular $3.00 
for f 2.00 

Dresses of All-Over Swi"^K 
Embroidery, trimmed 
with hemstitching and 
fine lace. Regufiar $3.75 
for f2.95 

Dainty Slips of ^^ull, 
trimmed witli lace. On 
sale at $2.00 to f 1.50 

— lateat^. lat. rxowt 


_ Shoes 



or iv K n Woiiicii 

aiiJ CiiiiJrcii 

Lunch, 50c 

Lunch Served From 
11:30 till 2 p.m. 

Afternoon Tea Service 

3 till S JO p.m. 

Direct Elevator Service 

Women's ami Misses' "Eva" 
White Canvas Strap Pumps 
with rubber soles and heels. 

Sizes to 8 at i«l 5r. 
Sixes 11 to 2 at.....fl.75 

Women's and Misses' "Sun- 
beam" White CAnvat Ten- 
nis Uxfords. 

.^izes 2'1i to 8.... 1.65 

Sizes 11 to 2 $1.40 

Sizes 8 to 10 $1.25 

Wonien's and Children's 
"Dean" White Canvas Ten- 
nis Strap Pumps, without 

Women's sizes, ^lyi to 8. 
At $1.66 

Children's sizes, 6 to 10. 
At $1.85 

Women's "Radiant" White 
Canvas Strap Pumps, with 
covered Cuban heels. 
Sizes 2yi to 8 at $2.65 

W omen's "Ladyfair ' W hite 
Canvas Oxfords, with low 
heel. Sizes to 8, $2.25 

iM riMT 

Men's and Boys' Athlttit 
Running Shoes, black. 


Sizes 6 to 10 at $1.76 

Sizes I to 5 at 
Sizes 11 to 13 at $1.^^ 


Sizes 6 to 10 at 91 

Sizes 1 to 5 at 'z:* 

Sizes 11 to L? at f l.lo 

Men s and Boys' "Orleans" 
I'.ruwn Canvas Sports 
Boots, with leather trim- 

Sizes 6 to 10. Pair. $2.25 
Sizes 1 to 5. Pair, $1.85 
Sizes U to 13. Pair, $1.76 

Men's and Boys' White C^an- 
vas Boots, "Redtip." 
Sizes 6 to 10. Pair, $2.25 
Sizes 1 to 5. Pair, f 1.86 

Children's "P i xi t" and 
"Brownie" Sandals, white 
or brown canvas. 

Sizes 4 to 10. Pair, l^i.OO 

Sixes U to 2. P^ir, $1.10 
— MtB'i mma, JUam W%m 

A h uii 6eiection ot W ash Materials 

All in n- cat Dciiuind Thi^ Season 
All Remarkably Low Priced 

Strong Plain Check Ginghams, ideal quality 
for house dresses and childrrn's wear. A bijj 
selection of over 30 designs ; ^6-inch. Special 
at, yard 18i|» 

A Sturdy Quality Plaid Gingham ' for girls' 
school and outing dresscs. A superior gi 
.32-inch. At, a yard 

Fine Crepe, both plain and fancy; excellent 
wearing qualities; all fast colors; in plain 
shades tif pink, old rose. saxe. white, preen 
and in bird designs; suitable for underwear; 
28-inch. Special, a yard.. JMf 

Plain Color Chambray of strong durable qual- 
ity, in shadr«= of mauve, purple, sky, Copen- 
ha||^, tan, ^ i.i. biscuit, resnla and old rose; 
28>inch. Special price, a yard ^.........88^ 

Fine I'nplish Cair' jytiaranteed 

, fast colors and bc^i v\caiin^ materials; new 
desigiM for' men's and boys" fine shirts; 31- 

iiu h Special at, a \ ard .38^ 
Mercerized Mulls of soft grade, and in delicate 
shades of mauve, sky, maize and white; 36- 
inch. SpMial at, yard...J . 

Nurse Cloth, bought at a great advantage in 

price; all fast colors; plain shades of blue, 
light, medium and navy; also stripes of saxe, 
medium and navy blue; 38-inch. Special 

value at, a v^rd ^ 

N'ovelty Silk-hinished Cotton Pongee, with 
new designs in pongee color; suitable for 
blouses and dresses; 38-inch. Special value 

at. a yard. TIS^^ 

Xoveltpr Cotton Suiting of strong wearing 
quality, in a fine basket weave; makes up 
rtly in dresses, .suits, separate skirts; all 
last colors; new plain shades of orange, grey, 
brown, navy, green, mauve, tan, Copenhagen, 
pink, old rose, black and white; 36-inch. At. 
a yard 

A Hig Purchase of V\ hite Voile, of even weave 
. and superior grade; free from filling; ideal 
for jumpers an<l separate akirtS; 36-1 

Special value, a yard 4Bf 

Japanese Crepes, in solid checks, two sizes: old- 
ro^e. green, saxe blue, gold and bcliotr* i 
29-inch. Special at, yard. — --...35^ 

— WMh Omtt, MMs riMT 

Nur6i;6 DiC66e6 Cicanng at i|>3.)U 

f I ! iie linen in light and dark colors. They are designed with convertible 
g slecYca, nkl are well fuiiahcd thfoti g huut Big valve at $3.50 

Nurses' D 
eoUiHr ai^d k>ng 

Mcn'b Sucks for Suiiiiiicr 


Fine Cotton Socks, mottled, 
blue or brown, in plain 
colors and black, All - 
3 pairs for 50f 

Penman's Fine Black Cash- 
mere Socks, reinforced and 
with red t r and hee' > ' 
sizes. A pan &05r 

Penman's Fine Super Lustre 
or Silk Finish Socks, with 
double sole and reinforced 
heel and toe. Colors and 
black. Special ....u 58^ 

Mrn"s Silk Thread Socks, 
plain or lace stripe, and 
shown in colors and black. 
.Ml sizes. At _. 754fr 

Men's Silk and Wool Socks, 
light weight for Summer 
wear. Shown in two-tone 
shades. All size 
pair ^l.iH> 

. .« -.1 

Penman's Wool Mixture 
Socks, fine grade and in 
heather and lovat shades. 
Suitable for wearing with 

Oxfords or brogue shoes. 
.Ml sizes. Special at, a 

Serges and Sports Flannels 

In Summer Weights and 
Popular Colors 

54-Inch All-Wool Serge, of 
fine weave and a perfect 
weight for dresses. Shown 
in naVy only and most ex- 
cellent value at, a 


50- Inch Crepe ^larican, a 
aUk and ja^ooI fabric that is 

popular for dresscs. It is 
shown in shades of .sand, 
navy, peacock, grey and 
iffrtiw jfiiy Yird. $3 88 

54-Inch Hairline Serge, alMW- 

ing a fine hairline on a 
ground of cream. It is an 
'all-wool superior grade 
serge and excellent vahu 
at $4.50 

Ooo«ia, Jl&la rioo* 

31-Inch Sports Flannel, an 
all-wool cloth, in a weight 
suitable for dresses or 
sports skirts. This is shown 

in a large range of colors, 
and big value at, a 

Bathing Suits for Boys 

Two Excellent Values 

Boys' One- Piece Woven Cotton Bathfaig 

Suits, with button shoulder and skirt 
attached. Shown in na\y blue trinitnrd 

with cardinal. .MI size*. At SOf 

Boys' All-Wool Bathing Suits, one-piece 
Style, with skirt attached. The colors arc 
navy blue or maroon trimmed with con- 
trasting stripes. All sixes and big value 
at, each $2.35 

— Mm'. runU.lilacB, li«ui rioor 

Women's Sm in 


Styles Vci j i 'opular 


Suedette (Washable) Gloves,, 
regulation wrist length,' 
with two dome clasps, silk 
embroidered backs. They 
are shown in shades of 
grey, brown, sand and 
black. .\ miperior grade 
glove at a low price. At, 
a fiair „ 85f 

Suedette Gauntlet Gloves, 
washable, and of excellent 

wearing (|iialitv. Tlicv are 
finished with two-tone, em- 
broidered back, strap wrist, 
fastening \\\{\\ patent non- 
slip buckle; mode, browq, 
grey, black, champagne and 
sand. Bif Tahi' a 

Fancy Embroidered Gaunt- 
let Gloves, of fine Imish 
chamoisette. The cuffs are 
of flare style- with hand- 
some embroidered 4csif« 
and finished with two-tOM 
embroidered back, in popu- 
lar shades, mode, sand, 
brown, grey and black. 
At ' $1.86 

Novelty Gauntlet Gloves, 
with strap wrist fastener; 
silk embroidered backs, 
caffs or shown in embroid- 
ered or X'andyke point ef- 
fects. Shades of grey, 
bitwn or natural J^Xjffi 

it)>.UU Down Delivers Your 

With Motor Driven Bmsh 

You cannot affoid to be without a 
"Vac" Vaconm Cleaner in your home 
when it is possible to lia\e one on 
terms so low and convenient. You 
will scarcely miss the money. 

Decide now to be free from the hours 

of with duster and broom, 

and iirr in.m the germ-laden du«f 

\\t will show vou, without cost or 
obligation, just what it means to have 

' 'metric Sweeper- Vac" in yottf 
home — and ever at your service. 

A free demonstration for the asking. 
See it in the Carpet Department. 

Fresh Meals 

The Most .>arufary Meat Market on the Coast. 

RoumI Steak, p«r lb. 16c, 1*^ Pot and Ovrn Roant*, p«r Ih 

■kisHir tiMk, per lb 1S# ' 

Lean. Boaeless Stewing Sttak, 2 ^-^r^r Rerf Heart*, earh 2 5** 

lbs. lor «M UiDce 

Steak, per lb. 


lib Verf ClMfs» far k CsibfUpt laMat*. fxr Ih 

per %.^X^ Flank SmmI^ per if><*