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VIotvrIa and VIrlnllx M<><l'rai« to fiaaK 
•MTlf wtad«; net much ebasc* la 

VUM«««r u4 VMmtr— WMUrlr wta««: 
M«l l««ti §mt mU warm. 



Business (Jfticc 



_ .. 1«J7 

l-.ditoridl Rooms 


Editor . 


(UffABLinnBD ItM) 





Government Announcement 
Following Conference With 
Labor Official Is Outlook 
>lopeful for Settlement 



Military Meet With No Opposi- 
tion—Strikers Show Desire 
to Accept Older From Inter- 
national Head 

HALIFAX, N. S.. July 10.— 
iMjrther indications that 
an early settlement of the 
steel workers' strike in Sydney 
is more than possible, were con- 
tained in a brief official statement 
ffiven out by the government to- 
day following a conference be- 
tween the International represen- 
tative, Rupert Curtiss, ol the 
Steel Workers' Union, and Pre- 
mier Armstrong with members of 
bis g{)vcriinicnt. 

The ntatement merely Rlve« out the 
Information that Mr. Curtiaa came to 
Halifax In pursuance of an offer, fflvfn 
by the sovernmant early In the strike, 
9t lU sood offlCM In affectlnv a set- 

m»*at. ana ihu l o ti p w ing a mt>*t 
harmoaloua dlacuMlon It was dacldad 
the premier would go to Sydney to- 
morrow night and personally appear 
In whatever mediation scheme may be 

Mr. Curtiss exprenned a dedded 
wlllliiKiicKM lij reaih an early ■etlle- 
ment that would bring about a ces- 
Mtlon of hostilities between iteel 
Wotkm and employers. 

Comply Wkh Order 

8TDNEY. N. S. July 10 -The 
miners of Hprlng Hill, at a meeting 
held there tonight to decide their 
action la connection with the coal 
miners' strike in Nova Hootia, decided 
by • vote of 1S7 to 27 to remain at 
work apd comply with the policy of 
Ui« latornatlonal executive of the 
Unltod Mia* Workers as expressed in 
the instructions of President J. L.. 

While the greater number of Plc- 
tou County miners, numbering about 
3,400 men Joined the strike of Cape 
Breton miners today, C»e chief de- 
velopni'^nt III thf f'Hpe Mreton area 
was the r«'iiiov:il of fiflO iiillltary and 
provl ti'lii 1 pnlli-e from Sydney \i> No. 
2 mine at Ulace Bay. The force In- 
Contlnaod en Paco K 



tkipprlal liTglAlatlon PlAnn«Hl tilling 
to Utbor Ovemras Nations IMuno 
Coaco — ion as c 


.Now Legal Tangle Arises Over Powers of United 
States Shipping Board to Stop Private Consump- 
tion of Illegal Beverages on Government-Owned 
Vessels — Opinions at Variance 

LO.N'DON. July 10.— If the question 
Of removing the reatrictions on the 
fmportsMea.of oattle from Dominions 
oth«r tkan Canada is raiaed at the 

fortlleeming imperial Conference, and 
if mutually satlafHCtnry arranxementn 
are reached, legislation will be intro- 
duced to «tv« oSeet to auoh arrange' 


The Dumlnlonn other than Ciinnda 
have been notified by the British 
Ooverament to this efCeot, it was 
■tated la tha Hoiiaa of Cemmona to- 
day by Sir Robert laadars, Prsaldent 
of the Board of Agriculture, In reply 
to the question as to whether It was 
Intended to Introduce lealalatlon to 
place other Dominions In the same 
position aa Cnnada In ragard tO the 
Importation of cattle. 

The general question eonearning 
tha reatrlotions on the importation of 
Uvaatoak late various parts of the 
9«i»ira, IneludlBC tM United Xing- 
4am. waa being plaeed on the agenda 
of the Imperial Conference, he said. 

Replying to further que«tlonii, air 
Robert said that he wan quite aware 
that there waa a good deal of feeling 
In Australia agalnat the dlngnctlon 
between Australia and Canada In 
this matter, and It was for that reason 
that they wlahad to discuss the mat- 
tar with tha Damlaleoa batora any 
iaoteloa waa Mmeuaaad. 


lead of Rritlsh Board of 
Ijaads Plan of Imprrtal Qattwr 

lw» ar 

LONDON. July The Imperial 

Bduoation Conference cenoludad its 
labor* her* today with a laaahaon to 
tha eMIalali oC tha Beard of Bdaea- 


Right Hon. F. L.. Wood, president 
of the Board, responding to a toast, 
declared that hla department obtained 
the greatest benefits from a free com- 
parison of the experienced Judgments 
ot tha other parts of the Bmpir*. Ha 
•laa amphaalaed the daairabtllty ef 
ma p i n W Ml feMah belweaa Bngliah 
e WW a t i aM tiMaa In tha eotlying 
portlona of the Smpire. The neces- 
sity of this, he said. was alrongly 
borne Into him both at the Colonial 
Office and at the Board of Bduca> 

It ahaald be a duty, he eoaatadad, 
far an Mlegatea ta haraaai tiM 
tm 99tm^ Ito i m a f i w i n to a««ar 
to taUm iMMMMr feaMCH tiM mm- 

Ramairml er deatntetlen haa baea 

ordered by Mr. J A. Thomas, fire 
marshal, of the Weatmlnater Opera 
Kouae. one of New W'eatmlnster's 
landmarks and erected In the heart 
af the boalneea eectlon twenty-fa«r 

, jraara ace. tha yaar afiar Um fatat 


Victorians Win 

Musical Honors 

MONTREAL. Jaly IO.-R««ilu 
of the ^amiaalioiu by the 
McGill CesHcnrslsry •( Mwic, given 
out tmi»f, iadndsd lbs feUowiag 
We rt emert! 

Patsed 6nal cxamiaalioa* for licen- 
liale ( teacher*' claH) — R. H. G. 
Cox, Victoria. B. C. (piano). 

Paaied Msu-fcnal eaamisslioa for 
licealiale (leachera* clata) — W. H. 
Davis, Victoria, B. C (piano) ; laa 
H. Gofdoa, Victoria, B. C. (piano). 

Board Holds Passensers 
Can Make Own Cocktails 

WASHINGTON, July 10. — Rq?ort* of contumption of private liquor 
■tocki by pauenger* on board government-owned thipa have brought 
before the Shipping Board the question of its jurisdiction in the matter 
with the retuiting decision that its authority, as exercised through the ship's 
captain, does not rua to the extent which wotild permit any interference with 
the passengers' action. 

It was indicated, however, ,that this decision might only be temporary, and 
that steps would be taken to o^ain a poeitive ruling on the queition, probably 
from the Department of Juitice. 

Passe ngrrs' RIghta 
As the situation now stands, the 
Board is convinced that a passengtir 
of the leviathan, for instance, Is en- 
tirely within his rights when he pro- 
duces the makings of a cockrall at 
his table In the dining s.aloon and 
acts aa hartender to his conipanlonb. 
The wide police powers glvfn the 
commander of a ahlp under cotmnoti 
law and luterntitlonal custom*, U wrk 
declared by officials of the Board, 
were materially curtailed by the Vol- 
stead Act as they affected the crew, 
and almost obliterated so far as they 
concerned passengers, beyond the 
point where the safety of ship and 
cargo Is Involved. 

Conflict of Opinion 
Regulations, promulgated by 
chairman I^asker laat October, re- 
(iulrlng "dry operation" of govern- 
jiient passenger and cargo ahlps. will 
be enforced as heretofore. It wan an- 
nounced oflfclally, but spokesmen for 
the Board were emphatic in their 
opinion that at present nothing could 
be done to curb the paaaengers defy- 
ing the Volstead Act. 

Inquiry among experts In maritime 
law did not bring unanimous support 
of the Board's petition. Long entab- 
llahed recognition of a captain's 
special responstbllltles, according to 
some authorities, has given him prac- 
tically limitless authority in supprea- 
Blon of what he may consider Illegal 
ftcta tiy peranna on board hia ahlp. 
In the navy department, the common 
law rule of a skipper's authority al- 
ways has held, and the only modifi- 
cations made since the beginning of 
tha navy have been in the form of 
restrletlona Of punlahmcnta which he 
may inflict. 

"Ask Co-operation 
The decielon of the Board was not 
called forth by any recent incident, It 
was declared today, attention being 
called to the action which had been 
tTken on the I^evlathan'a trial trip. 
Cards were poatcd In each stateroom, 
requeatlng the voluntary co-operallon 
of passengers to prevent violation of 
the liquor statutes. 

It was understood that a similar 
request was carried In each stateroom 
on the oHstward voyage, which the 
Leviathan Just completed. 

Under another decision dealing 
with ship liquor, announced today by 
Commlasioner Blair, of the Internal 
rtvenue bureau, forfeiture proceed- 
ings will be undertaken by the De- 
partment of Juatlce agalnat contra- 
band liquor. Such aulta. however, 
would not be directed af shipa of 
commanders bringing liquors Into 
American territorial waters. 


Eaaoatlve Oeelalon la to 

Plan to Rank and File of Oon« 

CHICACJO, July 10. — A return Of 
the wartime wages of the Order of 
Railway Conductors and the Brother- 
hood of Railway Trainman will be 
suggested to the rank and file of the 
twj railway organisations as the re- 
sult of action being taken by the 
Wejitern Aasoclatlon of Oenerol 
Chairmen, which closed its executive 
aaaaion here. 

Dlvleion No. 2 of the Railway 
l<abor Board In May, ItSO. made a 
ruling known as the wartime wags 
.■iward, which added approximately 
ten renta an ho\ir to the wages of tfte 
two classes of employees. Yard con- 
ductors and their helpers are receiv- 
ing approximately 9204 and tl74 a 
month respeetlvely. Paaeenger con- 
ductors receive between %t1l and 
ISOO a month. 

E R. Thompa.)n, of Texaa. waa 
elected chairman of the Western As- 
■oelatlon of General Chairmen, No, 

Winnipeg was chosen as the 1926 
meeting place of the association 
which meets every two years. 

Dnlfragetto Dead 

DENVBR, Colo., July 10, — Helen 
Ring Robinson, Colorado's first 
woman state senator, writer, lecturer 
and politician. and widely known 
throughout the Weat as a leader of 
suffrage, work, died here today after 
a protracted Illness. Shs was about 
forty-five years old. 


Fiench Army to Be Fully Mod- 
ernized Force, Based on 
Lessons Gained in Great 
War, Is Official Repoit 



Progiamme Calls for Force of 
660,000 Men Equipped to 
Stiike First Blow in the 
Event of War 

P.\RIS. July 10.— The plan 
for the I n T^atiization of 
I'raiice's army of 060,000 
men contemplates a modernizetl 
hircc hasfd on the lessons of the 
(Ireat War, serious attention to 
new developments in aviation 

and war materials. 

Aviation and gas, the report said, 
are menaces of the future. Germany, 
by force of circumstances, muat soek 
her field of action In that direction; 
therefore, France must be strong 

Preparing For War 

"We are preparing the army for 
war, which we are resolved to pre- 
vent," continues the report, "but must 
tie ready to strike the first blow. 
France Is now superior to uthcr.s In 
aviation, except perhuiiM bonihlnK 
planes, but she cannot aatlsflcd 
and must not bo content with 
machine guns In the air, for perhaps 
the time is near when aerial cannon 
will appear." 

M. Fabryn presents three conclu- 

Flrat. I'Vance so long an she baaea 
her exlatencc :in.l Kaffiy for her rights 
upon tho iii. «tiK'' of her strength 
must maintain a strong army. 
Superior Equipment 

.Sorond, thnt the army, solliily cnn- 
Btructert upon the lesnons of the war, 
ought to be definitely guided toward 
the utllliatlon of and search for more 
perfected armaments than those with 
which the enemy can be equipped, t-o 
that the army nay retain the pro- 
piindern rice nf fon e. 

Third, tho time may come \vh»n 
thoMo who muat decide wlu-ther to 
refuse or accept, or even anticlp.Tto 
war. will have to bear a heavy re- 
sponsibility, and because of the very 
Continued rn Page 9 


Son of Senior >Icinbcr of iho Wcll- 
Known Firm lias Arrived iu 
Victoria to lilve 

Bulgaria Demands 

Outlet to Aegean 


On Score of Expense, Highland Rpgl- 
menu Will Be Shorn of Time- 

IfONDON. July 10. — The grievance 
of the Highlanders because of the re- 
fusal of the War Office to provide 
eporranw for the kilted reglnientu was 
voiced In the House of Commons to- 
day by Ian Macpherson. National 
Ubaral member for Roea and Crom- 
arty, who aaked whether It waa now 
contenplated to aaulp the Highland 
soldiers with full dress for their 
respective regiments. 

L.leut.-Colonel Walter Oulness, 
Under-Secretary of War, replied In 
the negative. A general introduction 
of fall <reag anlferau waa not prac- 
ticable owtaff to tha aspenee.* he aa* 

A good deal of refientment wan 
aroused recently in Edinburgh be- 
eaaee the War Office alao declined 
ta aealntalo a ragvlar garrlaon at 

Premier Zankoff Says Coun- 
try Will Not Be Throttled— 
Asks That Powers Carry 
Out Their Promise 

Third Officer of 

Areiie Drowned By 
FmlUng Ov€rboord 

QUBBEC. July Newe rwiched 
thie port to«ay that WIUrM Caron. 
third effloer ea the ataanMr Aretie. 
wMah ehMffa4 fran here Monday af- 
taraodn far tha Aratia regiono. had 
been drowaed off (?raae Island The 
officer fell orerboard Monday night, 
and although the v«bii«>J was quickly 
stopped and turned on aearehllghts. 
ne traae «C the aua ea«M ha faand. 

OMM «M aa a^aalaMai aavlga- 
ter h »4 agnw gialgi oapuin 

Arella. ^"^^tm the 

SOFIA, July 10. — Bulgaria must 
have her promised outlet to the 
Aegean. She will not be throttled, 
declared Premier Zankoff in an in- 
terview today In connection with thd 
outcome of tho Near East peace con- 
ference at I.<tu«anne. 

Th» action of the l^usanne con- 
ference In giving Karagatch, In the 
Adrlanople district, to Turkey had 
put two powera (Turkey and dreece) 
in a poaition to bar Bulgarla'a way 
to the sea, he pointed out. 

Kept Her Pronlaea 

"Bulgaria," continued the Pre- 
mier, "made many promleaa in the 
treaty of Neullly and haa fulfllled 
them all. The powers made only one 
concrete promise, and the fulfillment 
of that Is further off than ever. 

"Th« Bulgarian people appeal to 
tho powers to carry out thelf one 
promise to Bulgaria." 

Mr. O. R. Dryedale has arrived In 
Victoria, and has taken over the ac- 
tive management of the local store 
of Gordon Drysdale, \Ai\. Mr. r)ry«- 
dale Is the son of thf^ senior member 
of the firm, Mr. (Jordon 1 )ry.s<l<il<-. 
His presonce In \'lctorl.a would seem 
to Indlc.ite, on the p.Trt of thiH well- 
known firm, even greater attention 
to (he local buslncps than In the past. 

The presence of a member of the 
family in this city is Intended to be 
permanent, the new manager admits, 
and Mr. Drysdale will make this his 

Kefcrrlng to conditions of trade, ho 
bellevcH that the turn has come In 
aff.iirs, and the fllluatlon, both In 
Victoria and ncou ver. la encourag- 
ing. There i», he nnvH. a stabilizing 
of values noticeable, which, of course, 
has a very steadying effect upon 

There Is no reason for feeling dls- 
cour."ged with the situation now, he 
says, and with continued Improve- 
ment In the stabilizing of business, 
the t'oast cities should come Into an 
era of pronounced development. 

Mr. Urysdale says that for the 
present his firm has no marked 
change in view respecting their store 
here. He only arrived in Victoria on 
Monday, and his time at present is 
fully occupied getting In touch with 
the detail* of the store. 

Old Country Meat 
Concerns Planning 

On CoMolidation 


QUEBEC. Jaly The recent 

referendam In Levis to decide 
whether that city would remain 
under the provisions of the prohibi- 
tion law or adopt the Quebec liquor 
law was held valid today by Justice 
Olbeon. The referendum vote re- 
aulte« te Lavli golag 

VANCOUTBii. Jaly l«._Pir« whieh 
apparaatljr began la tha laflng pte- 
tura asaimtarB raaas la tha Orpheam 
Theatre here toalght diA damage 
eMlma«a« at about |3«,»0a. The 
theatre was "dark," and aol 
la the buildlag at the tla% 

LONDON, July 10. The proposed 
fu«lon of nine meat concernii, ron- 
ttolllng more than 2,4oo retail niores 
and depots In (Jreat Rrltaln with tho 
Union Cold Storage Company recent- 
ly announced, wan a subject of con- 
sideration in the House todsy when 
A member asked the President nf the 
Board of Trade, Sir Phillip Lloyd- 
Oreame. whether he proposed to take 
steps to protect the consumers 
against any attempta at exploUatlon 
by such a combine or to Introducs 
legislation dealing With trusta and 

Sir Phillip replied that he had no 
reason to auppoae the contemplated 
eonaolidation would be dlaadvan- 
tageoue to the coneumer, and said 
the government did not consider it 
necessary or desirable to Introduce 
general legislation of the kind re- 
ferred to at the present time and in 
the critical stage of trade. 


JUNEAU. Alaska. July 10 -Greet- 
ed by the presidential salute of 
twenty-one guns from Chllcoot bar- 
racha. Preeldent Hardlag. Mra. 
H a r Si i i g and aBemhera of their party 
Iaade4 here today to apend tho day 
aa gvei«e of Oowner Scott C. Bone 
and territorial officials. The 
weather which had attendei the 
Alaakan trip gave way to rain and 
fog here, but all the tewaapeople 
gathered on the wharf ta givh the 


Resigns Labor Seat 


I.estler of tha>or group In th« Manitoba 
Levlalature. whn haa rvalsned hIa a«at. 
Rumor aiiya tie h«* brrn irlertrd aa ihalr 

man c.i rh» rnnmi imalon which will ailriiln- 
later the aal^ uf llquur Id tha Province. 


LORD BYNti TK.sni-1i:s TO Qt'ALI- 

Govrmor-ticncral Ascribes Hia Sac- 
ctm in Field to Support and 
Devotion Aooorded Him 

ST. JOH.V. N B.. July 10 - "My 
fondest hope would he to h.ive Can- 
ada Just like the ('Hnadlan cnrpa, and 
If that hope waa realised, we would 
have the finest nailun that ever 
walked — anil I know that you boys 
will see ine through." 

(Jovernor-CJeneral Byng spoke 
these Impressive words whiU: ad- 
dressing the members of the B.vng 
Boys, a civilian club whose member- 
ship conaistfl of ex-Hervlco men, at Point, near here, today. 
Many of theni served under him at 
the famous attack at Vimy llUlge, 
An Kxampio 

"At Vimy," he said, "you knew 
French-Canadians were there nnd 
would do theli J 1- you knew that 
Nova Bcotlana would do their Joh; 
vou knew that the ''ntarlo h j 1 1 a lii >r:3 
W»re there and would do their job; 
you knew that the VVenternem T»;eic 
there and would do their Job. They 
were first and always Canadlsn. If 
we can make Canada like that c rps. 
all believing in one another, all one 
great big nation, nil doing the s.ime 
thing, all helping one another to at- 
tain that end. ttn-n 1 niiy we will h ive 
the finest nation In the world. And 
this 1b my heartfelt wish. 

■Uavr Him Succoaa 

"And I know that you hoys will ree 
me through, .lust a« you helped me 
through with .\our fighting 'inalltles. 
It wH.i IhrouKh you that I nu-t auc- 
oesa l?i command of your corps, it 
waa through you that I went to the 
third afmy; it was through your 
loyalty and devotion and help lh<u I 
won success; it was you who siioved 
me to the top of the 'ree. I can only 
say in return, 'God bless you.' " 

KAMr.or)ps, i;r, July 10.— 
Harry I'ohH, Indian, ^''snadlan Pacific 
track watcher, waa hit by a freight 
train yesterday morning at Spuizum 
and later died of his Injurlea 

Appeals to Britain and Italy, Claiming Actions of 
France and Belgium Have Created Intolerable 
Conditions and Created Situation ot Serious Dan- 
ger in Occupied Territory 



Fornial Complaint Also Made to l^cl^ium (>)nsc- 
quent Upon Attack Made Upon Cernian Cliargc 
d'Artairs at Brussels — Belgian hOreign Minister 
Expresses Regret and Promises Investigation 

Egyptian Prince 
Slain in London 
Hotel; Wife Held 

LONDON, July 10.— An SgypUiM 
prince, Ali Kamtl Fahmy Bty, 
was found morlaUii weundtJ in ihe 
lerriior of one of lh« principal hoteU 
here thii nnnting mi ditd later in a 

The police arretted In* French leife 
on s charg* of tnurdtr, and arraigned 
her in the Bote Strtet paliee court, 
where the mat remaniti eight day* 
for a hearing, 

GjITcfli HURT ~ 

Will Have RITrrt on Britiah InTPst- 
menta In Dominion, Says Offlciat 
of B.C. Electrlo CtHnpany 

VANCmUVEH, Jul> . l#^There Is 
plenty of money In ';r»"it Hrlfiln for 
Inveatrnent. but the credit of f'sinndii 
haa heen severely hni' by what H 
commonly referred ('> In un 
"the arand Trunk Paclllc steal." 

Such la the opinion expressed by 
both Mr. W. O. Murrln. vlce-preai- 
dent of the B.C. Electric Tlailway 
Company, and Mr. WilUnm l>allon. of 
the Mainland Transfer Comr»anv. I'lo 
firat of the Monrd of Trad(« d<-loi(atioii 
to Kurope to return t > \ an<'oii\ er. 

Mr. Murrln aald 'he |i.ia«lnn of thf 
street railway agroeiiiont y^ ar t>y 
the city council haa had a good effect 
and the directors of his company feel 
greater stability for their Invesluients 

"They expre^-sed determination to 
meet all legltimnte obll^atlona de- 
manded by the development of Hrlt- 
ish Columbia." aald .Vlr. .Murrln. 

Aaka Pardon for Urrvka' 

T.Al SANNK. July 10. - Ismet 
Pasha has telegraphed to Angora 
asking for the pardon of aeventeen 
Greeks condemnsd to death by court- 
martial at Constantinople. 

No Arrests Made of 
Crew of Leviathan 


Twcntjr-Flvo Injured Whrn Rbell 
Plant In llUnols la Wrecked — 
Vletlma Moetly Women 

t ■ 

ALTON, Ills., July 10.— Nino per- 
sons are known to have been kille<I 
and twenty-five Injured in an explo- 
sion which occurred this afternoon in 
the metallic shell dep,-\rinicnt of the 
Western Cartridge Company plant at 
Kast Alton. Three of the dead are 
women. Three of thoae injured prob- 
ably will die. 

The rauae of the e-<plo«lon could 
not he ascertained. It occurred In a 
fireproof atructure In whl'-h about 
fifty employecrt. mostly women, were 
engaged In extracting powder from 
the 30-tO Infantry utrtrldges which 
hsd been manufactured for the army 
during the war. but had been repur- 
chased by the company for the pur- 
pose of ulvagtng the copper and 
brssa cont4^d In the shells. 

Fire followed tha exploaion, but 
was soon extinguished. 


OTTAWA, July 10 -Refer-, ng te 
a I^ondon dispatch stating that 
Orsece had decided to pay her deb: 
to Canada. It waa aald at the Depart- 
ment ef Plaanee thta morning that 
there ha4 nerer been any doubt aa 
to the Intention on the part of that 
country to me^t b« r obligations 

The original debt la some 17.(4*,- 
000. and Oreeoe haa already mxde In- 
terest payments from time to time. 
The amount auoted in the London 
diepateh aa i^j^^^j^^^J^JJl 

BERLIN, July 10. — Germany has protested to British and Allied gov- 
rmments against the closing of the frontiers c^f the oceupird /one by 
France and Belgium. 
An oflicial statement today says the German ambassadors in London and 
Rome have been instructed to emphasize to Great Britain and Italy "the in- 
tolerable difficulties and serious dangers arising from this action and the fur- 
ther fact that the Rhineland deputies are prevented from exercising their con- 
stitutional functions by the interruption of all traffic facilities." 

Thi- t i\ I I n iiM' ni .iI.ho haa lii.«itruct- 
ed Us ;iiiib,ih.sadora to call nttentUin 
lo Ihe de.uh nentences iinnosed by the 
French euurl-martial at Mayence on 
.lune 29, upon seven iSermana be- 
cause of alleged railway aabotage. 

ProtCMta Attrjok 
HRL'H.SKLS, July 10 —The (Serman 
charge d'affaires called on Foreign 
Mlnlater Ju»'i)ar t(>(ia>» and l.dgvd 
forrniil cornpl.iinl HKalnnt tho Incident 
of luMt niKlit, in which he was aa- 
aaiilted while walking In the street 
with another Cc'rnuin. 

.M J.tapnr .xpreNaed regret and 
proniined .in olTlclal Investigation. 

Thi> (Jerman rhnrgfl denied giving 
any cause for the attack. Accnrdlng 
to the unoltldal verblon of the affair, 
tho (iermana were t.ilking rith*-- 
loudly In their nnfhn tonKue when ;i 
paa.'<or by jihoule,! ' Ho. h.-s " A i towd 
K.ithcred nnd tlic atUtck fidlowed. 
Hcfiiri' itic police coiild .'irrl\e ih« 
( harne was struck a number of times. 
Rnpp<irts Ministry 
I!lirs.SKI,R. .Inly 10 The He!|tl«n 
Senate todny voted confidence In thi 
<;o\ ..rntneni after he:irlng the derlar- 
ntloM of policy of fho newly organ- 
ized .;4hlnet. The vote waa «» \n 3«. 
Confidence was voted by the Chamber 
laat Thursday. 

Bill .Against tjormanjr 

r-AKIH. July 10. -The He-nate lo- 
dny Voted Ihe budget expen.iea chnrxe- 
Hhle to (Jermany, but aa a number of 
the articles were amended, the hud- 
get must be returned to the Chamber. 


L<ogginc Cars Brrak Ixmnic From En- 
gine (Ml IXrwn <;radc at Port 
Albnrni I'amp 

roilT AI.HKKNI. .iMly lO.—Joseph 
rireen and .1 l>ol,l,y„ were killed and 
two Injii,..,! on .V| , m.l.iy after- 
noon when five rara of a logging 
train, of the Hoard & Flaherty Log- 
ging Company, hrok* loose from thn 
engine on an incline in the logging 
rnllway and jumped the track, piling 
the runaway cars Into 
wre, kagp and pinning 
Dohhyn beneath them 
man w.ia allRhtly injured when he 
waa thrown nearly fifty feet as the 
CMT on which he was riding left tho 
track, Anothsr logger, name un- 
known, was severely Injured. 

The killed and Injured men wer<t 
taken to the Il.ilnhrldge Lumber 
Company's mill. near which the 
accident o.curred l>r. .Vf>irgan Was 
summoned and h;i,i the two Injured 
men taken to the hospital. 

The logging train, with the four 
men on board, was on ths way from 
the mill to the camp. The engine 
was at the rear, pushing five cars 
ahaad. The cars bruke looae on u 
down Krade (jr^rti put on the 
hiakea. which failed to hold, and the 
oara gathered such speed thst at a 
curve they Jumped the track. Oreen 
and Dobbyn were hurled to ths 
ground and were crushed to death 
when the cars piled upon them. J. 
W Klnhf-rty. father-in-law of Dob- 
byn, waa driving Ihe engine. 

Liner Is American Territory, 
and Alleged British Desert- 
ers Safe so Long as They 
Stay on Board 

a maaa of 
Creen anil 
Arthur .N<ir- 


BOITHAMPTON. July 10.— When 
the United BUtes liner Leviathan 
docked here tonight, no memlwrs of 1 
the crew were arreated. although It 
hsd been snnounced that Krltlsh au- 
thorities would arreat a large niin>- 
ber of the nien who were alleged to 
be deserters from Ftrltish ships. 

It was aald that it had been decid- 
ed to serve the men with summonses 
as arresta would oauae too much con- 

l'.M. Territory 

LONDON. July 10.- Alluding to 
poeaible action by the Britlah author- 
ities agalnat alleged deeerting Driilah 
seamen on the Leriatlian. The Dally 
Mail points out that the L^vUthan is 
technically American territory and 
warrants for arrest could not h« 
served aboard, and the police, there- 
fore, must wsit until the men com* 
ashorv. Some of these luen how- 
ev.' . Intend to rsMain -iboard but 
others have decid >d to land an J rlak 
what may happen. 

The Mail ascribed the following lit 
a meml>er of the crew who ad:nitted 
he was one of thoee the police 

wsnted : 

"I do net eare very mueh If they 
arreet me. Thie ship bee been a 
great diaappolntment to us. Our pay 
Is only II a month above the lirltlsh 
rate, while the Rrltleh Unecs In which 
I have aerved had ecew apace which 
was like Mrat-elaas cabins compared 
with what we get on thie ekip. About 
ninety per eent ot tke erev are Brlt- 
leh. and I tfeiak preMy wall ad of 
tbem will leave ttw aMg 
•I Kaw tmItU 

Woodward* 9 Landing 

Pioneer Reeident Dies 

VANCOI VLU. July 1 0 -A fsmlllsr 
figure to thi>«« who have traveled by 
way of Woodward'a lAndlng. hea4 
of a family with a sp.endld war rec- 
ord, two membera of which were 
killed In the war, and known to all 
with whom he came in eontacf as a 
patriot of the atauncheat kind. •J>m.i- 
dy" John Oeorge I.emon. proprleto.- 
of the little atore „t Woodward's 
I^andlng. died on Monday at the ripe 
sge of aeventy-flve years. 

Before coming to Csnada 'he late 
Mr. Lemon was in the employ of the 
Duke or Balherland for a outr.ber of 

I.W.W. Sympathizers 

Driven From Court 

LOa ANOELRfl. July 1* — The case 
of twenty-seven alleged members of 
the Induatrlsl Workers of the World, 
charped with criminal syndicalism, 
was given to * Jury today In the 
•aperlor Coert after a storaiir fiaal 
la wklek eeerea ef 


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Cblnewe sad Hubmarine a Ml Um 

PAniB, July 10. — Rf>*enrationa 

w< M'tach<»J tu l!~ >; !i«vhI th« 
r a I in< a( luri of th« nali i iiKI <<ii naval 
Itliiltatloii treaty by the Hrnate tiaval 
conimlaalon todAy In adopting tha ra- 
9«rt ol t»B>tor LaaMry. 

Th — a raaervatlon^ are racardad aa 
imiiortant by th« oonimtaalvn and 
are almlUr to obj'-ithins prevloualy 
vulced by olhar cuininlaaluna. 

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importffl [)aprr<; wfiirh ( ip«-f as nun !i 


Maaofactortrs mmi WbolMste Payer Oaslcrt 

Damages Are Due for 

Physical Suffering 

MONTRBAU July 10.— That a 
jury in tha 8up«rlor Court was juati- 
fled In awarding damacaa for phynl 

cal aufferinr. In addition to an Iti 
(lerniilty for in<:apa<lty re»iillin(c from 
the loM of a le(, la contained in a 

tudsment of the Court of King'a 
' ^nch. appMl aid*. d«ltTWad hara 
jeatarday. ^ 

Tha judament eonffrms the declaioa 

of tha lowri r.)urt < . ,n . I • m n iiig a local 
taxlrab rompuii\ i.i p.TV 110,522 to 
It I >oSKr..s^l llrr^ '\ hof^f ]fg yvaa 
amputated aa a reault of injuriaa In- 
flicted by an autemobtl* oparated by 
I he company. 

WASHI.N'OTON. July Action 
of tha French Chamber of l>eput)r« 
n, \otliig ratlflcat: ■■f th«> lr>vii 
I'ower Treaty, coupled with the fuv 
rirable vote laat week on the Naval 
Treaty, cauaad gratlfloatlon In offi- 
cial elrelaa h«r«, •Itheuab soma re- 
srat WM •vt4«M*a at tha foracaat 
that th« thrac otiiar Waablnftoa 
treatlea would BOt*b« put thronCh at 

Thi rt\i- treaties negot la t »-.l at thfl 
\S iBhlin{t<ji» Conf (■rein«> ate intlepen 
(l''rif (luoumenta, but to n ( frtaln de- 
Kree they were deelcned to aupple- 
ment each oth*r Md to OXtOBd tho 
effeetlvonaaa of tMa t«naral piMi eon> 
tern plated by tha eonfaranoa tor ra- 
inovtnif probable cauaea of war. At- 
tbuuKh there will be no barrier to 
injitlnif Into effeit the Nh\hI Treaty 
and the Paciflc i>art, evpti though 
French ratltlcatli n ih*< other trea- 
tlea la delayed, the result of that da- 
lay may be to d#v«lep a aomo^hat 

peculiar sit nation 

Chinese Treaties 

The Chinese treatlea. one deallnr 
with cttstoma mattara In China and 
tha other with polltlaal quftstlona 
there, wara worked out as a very vi- 
tal element in the project of aasurinc 
l.pHic wi the I'iirinc. It was thrnuah 
t li*>sp pacts that the conference dele- 
KalcH h^peil to Iron out ranges of In- 
ti'iiuitlnnal friction In China and to 
:nHf^o leas lik«ly elaeh^s of Interest In 
the Far Sast that nilght lead to war. 
Vntlmoly Delay 

Thin napect rif the situation la re- 
garded as of Importanea just at this 
time in view of tha dlaturbad con- 
ditions In China whara tha powar of 
the rentral Bovemmant haa been 
\< ' ikened and the bandit out- 
• iK' s li.i\<- become numerous. It Is 
fell ihst proclaniHt ion of the VV'a.'sli- 
iii^'toii treaties might have had aomc 
• ffect toward atablllilnv tha situa- 

For a somewhat diffsrant raaaon 
tha delay over tha submarlna and aas 
warfare^ treaty la a causa of regret to 


It had been hoped at the time of 
thf W'ii "th I n >;! on <-onferc?ice i hat the 
doctrlne.i lHi<l down Iti that treaty 
nil blndmir upon tho mlgnatorles could 
be extended without delay to all 
other nations, adding a now ebaptor 

In mwrnrj part of Canada it's the 'tame 
story: — "Dimlop it the 'bc^' for Wg 



Resilient, Rn^ed, Reliable 

Say to your garage man: — " I want the 
Cord Tire all Motordom is talking 
about. " Ue'U band you a "DUNLOP. 




.cV pQr 


If you 

Lenin (to th« ferolaa lavoatora): 
opaa arms." 

"Ooatlamon. Rusola waleoniM yd« wttn 

— rrem Kirs, Tarls 

to International law. The world 
progress can not go forward, how- 
ever, until tha treaty has baaa ratU 

Tha submarine provlslona of tha 
treaty probably are of greater im- 
portance to t;reat Britain than to 

thf> other oigiia t . >t les because of her 
gfograr)hual ciluailon. It In to be 
recalled thnt the British delegations 
at the conference sought to outlaw 
submarlnea entirely. The Root reao- 
iutlons embodied in tha aubmarlna 
a na gag w ar f afs twaty wg r i wr utsw 
for ths purpoaa of Andlng a cum- 
promlsa ground in which naval 
oplnloB of aU the power* eouid eonw 


mil mmmi 

Tluio' <.(>tcriH)r of North l>nkota, 
Jolio liiirUc n Bankrupt and 
I iKicr lii\rtttlKHtl<>ii 

NEW YORK. July 9. — Haggard, 
dejected and "broke." John Burke, 
once treasurer of the United Btaten 
and thrice governor of North Dakota, 

walked Into District Attornp.\- Han- 
ton's ofTIi e liidii'. to nffer lh<> ;nnhor- 

Ities what In ip hf rniilii in the grand 
Jury investigation of tho brokerage 
Arm of Kardos A Burke, which failed 
eighteen montha ago for more than 


Mr. Burke said lie wa-i ready to 
waive Immunity and tell the trraml 
Jury overythlriK ho knew— was 
antoiindlngly little — about the optra- 
tlons of the Arm. 

1 give you my word aa a man that 
the first laUnattop I had of what waa 
rolng on waa when the bankrtipK y 
jtetltlons were flled," he Raid. •U fiat 
ljurts more thnn anything else in the 
fa. t that I. .lohn Hurke. the former 
tro.i.Murrr of the I'nlted States, should 
have had my name connected with a 
brokerage houae that went to the 
wall and wiped out the money put up 
with It by many smsll investorx." 

Mr. Burke Kald he had h i.i p..., - 
tlcnlly nothing to do with the routine 
operation!" of the firm He nald he 
had lost everything, even' his lnsur> 
noro poUey. He la alny-four yeara 

Assistant District-Attorney Oor.\ty 
Announced, after questioning Mr. 
Rurke at aome length, that the ivi- 
denre ngalnut Kardos and Burke 
would be placed before the grand 
Jury next Monday. 

m mmmm 

t hnngea la PneSMM VJL Method* of 
InunianMloM iMpeetioa Vtwtd 
Hff^Clrti M# HI In.* I' II 

LONDO.N', July to Kills Island 
came up for dl-w iri the Hrltlsh 
H.->i).. „r < •..iiniioiis agHin yesterday. 

• II. parliamentary under- for foreign affaire. In 
an.'.wer to questions, said 8li^ Auck- 
land Geddea. British ambaaeador to 
Washington, had inapected the Inland 
six months airo at th" of 
the ITnlted Stste«i < ;overnn)nnt, to 
wh:ch Kr)v r. iini'-nl he hadcoaununi- 
catf.i his Inipresaions. 

Ai.iluteaador Qeddes had made no 
secret of his cenvtcUoa that the only 
way of effectively relieving the cori- 
gesAlon would be either to build an 
entirely new autlon or supplement 
the cxiRtinj: one b\ rro;,tinc no B.ldi 
tlonal sfniloii to whlrti l ertaln classes 
of initnigrants c.iild l.e diverted. 

Asked whether he would lay a copy 
of the ambasdador'a report en the 
table, the uader-esersUry said he 
would ATM have to aek the consent of 
the United States Oovernment. 

Vlaroiint Curron Inrjuired If It 
would not be po.c^iMo to 
tTnit.-d ."States Government's consent 
for 'xs ml nation of emlgranta at ports 
of departure Instead of awaltin* their 
arHvml at BIH* lUhknd. bat Mr. Mc- 
Neill said he wanted notice b#fore 
answering the question. He gav« no 
answer to anohier questioner who in- 
quired If It was possible to refer the 
matter to the i.eague of NatlMs. 

NRW TiHK. j«|]r IS.— Heary H 
Curran, in office t0r a week as Imml- 
graUon com ii as iiaii at Bllia island 
anaoanoed today he would go to 
WasMaatM la the near future to 
suggest s lH B in la the li 


OUiAII miTwrova ^tfyff 

Win OMHne .lust What British De- 
■IM I* for l!kx>noBile and Polltlaal 

LONDON. July 10.— While there 
are no indications of the precise na- 
ture of the statement to be made In 
p.-vrliaii/ent Thursday b\ Preniler 
H.ildwlti (i.Tirernlns (he rcpar.itlons 
(jur^t inn. nffii iai spokesmen here .say 
there will be nothing spectacular 
about the govsrnment's declaration. 

The stotement. they say, will aim 
at setting openly before the world 
the- views of Great Britain for the 
economic and political restoration of 
Europe. The door will t)e left open 
for full co-operation helwecti (ireat 
Rritaln and I'Vance, even nhould It 
prove neces.sary for the Itrllish gov- 
ernment to t.ike Ita own line. 

It la pointed out that twice al- 
ready has France taken individual 
action regarding Germany without 
consulting Great Britain and that this 
haa not reoulted In any breach 

Hatlsfaction over Premier Bald- 
wlti's proml.»<> of a' Mtaiement Ig gap- 
erally manifested by the press. 

The diplomatic correspondent of 
The Dally TcIeKrajdi ventures the 
opinion that the I'ipihI.m h stat- nK'tit 
will be constructive laiher than f-rlll- 
cal and will contain a fma] bid for 
the co-operation of Great Britain and 
her allies In reatorlag th* awropean 

The writer also asserts thst when 
Dr. Btahmar. the German ambaaaa- 
dor. Interviewed Lord Curson yester- 
day, the recent Incidents of sabotage 
In the Ruhr weie discussed aa well 
as pji.s.sive resistance. 

Lord Curzon, adds the corrsspon- 
dent, is reported to have urged Ger- 
many to act moderately and prudent' 
ly. giving the ambassador a decided 
hint that the Berlin govsmment 
would bs well advised to maka clear 
Its disapproval of the acts of violence, 

It Is impoesfble at the moment to 
add anything of consequence to the 
opinion that Kngland may bring for- 
ward again her suj:gestloii for the ap- 
pointment of an International com- 
ml:^Hlon which would determine Ger- 
many'^ CMpaclty to pay. The possi- 
bility of caiiinij Into aervlco such a 
commission ia discussed favorably 
In several quartora and hope is ea- 
pressed that America would psftlel- 

It Is thought that Oreat Tlritaln 
may suggest that the commission ap- 
pointed last year be required to serve 
■Rein. .? r Morgan was a .nembe.- 
of t his body 

Whether Creat Britain will daddo 
to deal with Germany aeparately ie 
still an open question, aa far as the 
public and newspapers are concerned, 
for no one in a re*po?isil)ie positio., 

win UlIC on this point. it known 
♦hat In cerfahi quart er.s there In .i 
feeling that Kngland should lidp 
f!"rmany If the Retrh s condition Is aa 
w.-nk as the French believe It to be. 
Iirliain i„ ..pinion of these authori- 
il"!". could hardly^afford to los* Oar- 
man trade and the utter collapse of 
the Rsich would be diaaatroat. 

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Bullets From Itody 

Placed In Evidence 

.MO.NTUKAI,. .loiy 10 The first 
witness In the Delorme trial this 
morning waji T)r. Wilfred l>erome. 
morgue autopslst. whose examination 
of tho bullets which have fisurcd In 

the ease was oontlaued by A. I*. Cai- 
der. K.C., Crown pinsssatsr. Ue 

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Couree Well AHended 

VA.srot VKR. July 10 -The third 
Summer session of the t nlverolty of 
FIriliah Columbia opened yeaterday 
with the laraeat enrollmoat la the 
history of the inatltutlon. Ifore thaa 
200 students, many of ^.hem teachers, 
and others, under-graduates deairoua 
of preparing for supplemental exami- 
natlona. were praaent on the oj>.>ning 
day. Registration Is anil «oinr on 
and it is anficipuird that the at- 
tendance will increase to more than 
SSS before tiM oad oC the 

Aurmd World 

gates from the ( 

Church to the n«pt 

tlon at Rt<><-k»' 
week The « . «■ , 
gafe« are He» 

for Brandon and _ 
McMaeter Uaivsnltr 
Bingham %M Mia. 
gary: Rev. O A 

CUrke. Kri 

eroB. Bhoai l^iie. M 

10. — The dele- 
'anadtan Baptist 
Isf world conven- 
xre aallina Uita 
CanadUa dele- 
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showed the Jury through a mlemcope 
two bullets talien from the body of 
Iiaoul Uelorme at the firot autopey. 

Aileyn Taachereau. K.C., counsel 
farflie defeaeo, when the rifling 

gruOVM and the "characteristic" 
serateh alleged to have been made by 
the ahbe's automatic were polnieft 
out, drew attention to a hair In th<» 
tns«nlf)ln» Rlass Lr. Derome ei. 
plained this wa« for nifuxuring. He 
neat showed th» Jury the bullst SS- 
trected from the body when It was 

"xhurned. He described the delleate 
proceas' by whleh he had mearared 
the grooveo aad aerateh on tlia 


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Tornnto Man Stoned 

And Hobbed On Mainland 

■Oimi VANOOOVICH > iiv in 
J^UI McKay, wfina* hr>ma la tn Tr*- 
ronto. I* In hrtapl'al to<1ay aufferlna 
fVMM aoncuMlon of tba brain aa th« 
raanlt or b*inc aoddaair koaafeardad 
wttli t9SM by * * maaa map ana 
woman em tha atr^t last aitftt. 

Mia smaflaata — a p ae tn aa auin. 
aMMla wlfb which ka IWd la 

Use the Truetone Loud Speaker 

l.araa wllh unit S>5.00 

amail alM. all raady to laaart anr phon. in 
bottoM $lt.5« 


Phona 1940 •4t Fofft St. 



MB. B. a ificMoiiAa ADOBJcaaes 

Declare* Agmtrnm Talk of 

■pas of PrrM III it<-iiit 

With OUI « ouiitry 

Thf) relationship of Canada with 
Duwnlna Street Is not detrimental to 
tha Domlnlon'a welfare, balas, aa a 
matter of fact, of (raat aaaiatancp. 
Klwanlan B. C. Nicholas, manaclng 
editor of Tha Vletorla Dally Times, 
declared In the courae of an address 
delivered yeaterday to the members 
of ttie KlwanU Cluli at Its weekly 
luncheon In the Dominion Hotel on 
the subject of "Canada." 

Assertlns that there waa not In 
Canada any important element <'r 
aChool favorins the abaoluta indepen- 
dane* of Canada, tha apaaker attack- 
ed the statements made by another 
Hpe.-iker recently before the Klwanls 


Canada niu-^t naturally nchleve her 
destiny thrnugh mein her. ship In the 
British Common wealt h, said Mr. 
Nicholas. If she gained compU-te 
Indapandenca aba would, within a few 
yaara. become flrat aoonomleaily ana 
eventually politically laaaued with the 
United SUtea. While he did not think 
that the Itepuhllc contemplated any 
extension of Its territory on this coii- 
Itierit, believing 
\ I'U'ncf il I hl.s (1 
ti'iw .r tills were ."o, Mr. Nicholas was 

tltierit, bellevInK that It would havo 
e\M<*n(fil lhl.«i desire In Mexico before 



LONDON, .July 10— It In an- 
nounced her«> that Hear Admiral 
Francis Bmlth, who, with U. P. Kora- 
dick*. la In Ottawa In connaetlea with 
the preaanutioa to tha Canadian 
ooverament of tha claJma of tha de- 
bentiira holders of tha Qrand Trunk 
raclflfl Railway for flnanrial conMd' 

emtlon. will shII for hiiiii»« mh Hntur 
•lay with the reply of Premier Kln« 

and niembera of tho CTaaadlaa oaMaat 
In hia poaaaaalon. 

Tha reply will not ho publlahad 
until after tha arrival hero e( Ad- 
miral Smith, it ia stated. 

Orand Trunk Pacini, debentures, 
which recently mnvi to hn on the mar- 
ket ns a result <>f li -pea In connection 
With Raar Admiral Smtlh'a nofoUa- 
Ueaa with tha Canadian STsramsai. 
ar* iMfw enotad at tt. 

KnSDOV. (int., Jsly |«.— A e..|lte 
<1..B la reported to hav« aavad the life 
of a l^indoii girl, when aha stepped 
on tha Canadian Padftc Rnilwar 
trnaka In tba pntli ar a waathoand 
fUar. The doff threw hlmaalf airain* 
her with aofflolant force lo kno< K 
her clear of dancer, and w-*t . ot t., 
placaa by the train before ha could 
jalB aaf 

of the opinion that Canada would un- 
consciously be drawn within the orbit 
of the country to the aotrth. 

There waa a creat deal of nonaenaa 

talked about the status of Canada. A 
single-track mind, bent upon the pro- 
motion of one Idea, wa.s rarely accur- 
ate, rarely well - 1 nf(u-med, rarely 
reason.'l^llp It wiis distorted and 
fal."ilflc(l facts. The gentleman who 
had recently spoken to the KJwaniana 
on the queatlon of tha Domlnlon'a 
statue had been mlatnformed. Meet 

of Ma fact. ^ were wr'.iiK 

Implication I''aifle 
This speaker haa Implied that the 

Btatea at the preaent time was due 

to the dissatisfaction over allet^e.i .ser- 
vility of Canada to Downlns Street 
Canada was not ouhservlent to D.iwii- 
liii; Street anil had not tieeri for .••Ixty 
ycarM. Not a Hulliiry Canadian c.f 
whom a Klwanlan had knowledge had 
gone to the aouth because of the 
political altuatlon either wHhin Can- 
ada or in regard to the Domlnlon'e re- 
lations with the Old Country. Eco- 
nomic reasons, and those alone, had 

It sliuuld be remembered, said Mr, 
NIchola.i, that many of the people who 
had Kono now to the United Stateahad 
come to Canada when the relatione of 
Canada with the Old Country were 
no different than at present. Could 
the flood of emigrants from the T'nlted 
Kingdom to the United States he 
attributed to tha subservience of the 
old Country to Ottawa, or could the 
flow of i>i)pulatlon frcini various other 
countries to the same place be blamed 
upon DownliiK Street? Canada's 
Btatua had notbins whatever to do 
with the emiaratlon. 

Tho FMshertoM Theaty 

Hecentlv a flsherleH treaty between 
the I nlt.'.i Slates and Canada ha.l 
been algned by a Canadian. Thla waa 
<juite proper, for the matter waa one 
of purely Canadian Intereat. Bo far 
aa Mr. Nicholaa could Hnd. there had 
been no protest against this action. 
When Mr. B-leldlng negotiated trade 
trciitles with Kr«nc-e and Italy he had 
UMcd the good oftlces of the Mrltish 
ciiihassles, Canada had used tho 
Urltlsh Oovernment, whenever it de- 
sired, to promote her ends. The idea 
that there was any conflict between 
the two rovernmente was fantastic 
and rldh ulous. 

Canada should have a rcpresenl- 
allve at Washlngtoti l.causc of the 
value of a special knowledge of the 
situation between Canada and the 
United Btatee. There had been a 
time when the orltlclam of Downing 
Street had been justified, hut the 
granting of responsible government 
had brought alleviation. Canadians 
had dratted the provisloriH of the 
British North America Act, and thes", 
with a few minor changes, had been 
accepted by the Old Country. There 
had been no threat by Canada In order 
to eecure what waa desired. 

A<linilllng thai iIut.. wcii> certain 
anomalle.s und.r tho H.N. A. Act, the 
speaker declared that such documents 
were never perfect, and that the con - 
atltution of the United Btatee had 
brought about tha moet bloody clvii 
war in hlatory. It had been sug- 
gested that a constitutional confer- 
ence be held for iho purpose of lay- 
ing dow n In black and\ white the 
exact relationships between the 
Dominions and tho British Oovern- 
ment, but this had been poetponed. 

Tn regard to the claim that Canada 
should have representation on the 
Council of the League of Nations, 
the speaker pointed out that the 
council was but a small body, and 
that if Canada waa repreaented the 
other parte of the Empire muat aleo 
be. Objections to this had not come 
from Downjng Street but from the 
United States, and perhaps that 
country was Justified in taking excep- 
tion to being outnumbered by Kmpire 
delegates oii the louiu 11 Canada did 
have representation in tha League 
Assembly, which was tantamount to 
the House of Commoaa of the League. 
While technically apeaking, what was 

Live Glossy Hair 


.f ( 

( Hritn ^nt '>n rr<!:mn ;-,( '. Hi 

■ {vM« of f1«n<1<iff mu<\ ill hln^ Ne«t 
iTji.rritng ahampoo with ( utWTir. 
So. J! and bol watet 

done in London was binding upon 
Canada, tn praiii'e thw not .-to, 

as shown by thu Crimean War and 
the Ugyptlan (atnpalgn. The technical 
bonda might be removed by n eon- 
atltutlonal conferenee. but on the 
advlsahlUty of plaaUw la wrHlaa the 
e k aat alattts af the Domtnleaa there 
waa a dlCaraaea of opinion, eome 
feellaa that an unwritten constitu- 
tion baaed oa pre< > i. ivaa aaperlor. 
Focviga Policy 

In regard to immigration, Mr. 

.Nicholas pointed out that the British 
Government had offered Canada the 
same powers ni rcK.ii.t to Oriental 
Immigration as possessed by Auatrallu 

hut that they had beaa ratuaed by 

the Dominion. 

While Canada was intereeted In 
queetione of foreign policy and the 
Foreign Ofllce waa willing to con- 
sult tha Dominions, the speaker was 
not sure that the participation In 
such matteiM would he advantageous, 
f. I 1 \ oli e In foreign policy predicated 
iiailon in the carrying out of 
the policy. Canada, thought Mr. 
Nicholaa, had enough big problems 
of its own without worrying about 
matters pertaining to upper Persia or 
other distant parts of the earth. 

Canada's great need waa more 
people, and any decent citizen should 
be allowed tu enter the country. Can- 
adian unity was also es'<ei;iia: The 
provlnclallam and parochlallam which 
was the curss of tha Dominion today 
must go. 

In coneloaion the speaker read an 

extract from a atatement by Hon. 
Bonar Law, In which he declared that 
the connection of tho Dominions with 
the Kmplro depended upon the 
Dominions themselves, and that If 
they decided to quit the Kmpire no 
force would be used to have them 
eUy. That, eald Mr. Nicholaa, did 
not look like a desire to impose 
shackles upon Canada. 

Klwanlan Harold DIggon, vice- 
president of tlin i luti. prerthled at the 
luncheon, making his appear- 
ance after a long absence through 
Illness. He was given an ovation by 
the members. 

Two delightful vocal aoloa were 
rendered by Mre. T. Btylea Behl, 
with Ktwanhm Cecil Maatun 



M.iUi lor lli^ti < ..«», 

iiajr»— Uuaachuld- 



( linlriiiaii of ltc\crtc<l l.iitKlM Coiii- 
mlttf(> Says Pricoa Ofi< ii Not So 
Low aa Thoae of Owners 

The city is not breaking the local 
real estate market. Alderman Robert 
Dewar. chairman of the Reverted 
Lands Committee, declared yesterday. 

"Our prices are not unfnlrly low. " 
he explained. "In fact. I think it 
would be poa.Mjhle to go Into any dis- 
trict and find proiicrty for sale by 
l>rl\ato Individuals at lower price.-? 
than those set by the city. Our prices 
aro not simply the total of taxes 
owing on the parcels offered for eale. 
In eome oases they are above the 
total of arreara, and in other casee 
they are below. On the whole we 
have about recovered, through sales, 
the amount owing to us in taxes. At 
the tit time (hero are pi .i it leal ly 
no sales lieinK ninde by tho city, and 
I cannot nee any substantiation for 
the claim that the presence of tha 
reverted lands on the market Is' 
breaking it." 


.Mrs. Mary liaien Smith Leaving for 
Knrope Vador Domlnkm Gh>v< 
. eraneat Aoaploea 

What Hrltish Columbia h.iH to of 
ler settlers In return for hard and 
serious work to develop her vast 
iwitural resources, especially agri- 
cultural, win be told to the peoplo 
of the Britlah Isles and Norway and 
Sweden, by Mra. Mary Ellen Smith. 
M.P.P, Mra. Smith waa Instructed 
from Ottawa thla morning, says the 
\'ancou\er World, to park up .and 
get ready for her latest as>!iKiuTieiii 
In the Interests of the count i \- S' ml 
ing of Mrs. Smith as a aettlement en- 
\ oy extraordinary to Europe haa been 
mooted for some time. But untU the 
covernment had decided upon a defi- 
nite Immigration policy, Mra. Smith, 
who was asked to undertake the 
work, could not get away. As It Is, 
she will not have much time for, 
she said this morning, she will re- 
turn to Vancouver in time to resume 
her leglalatlve dutica. She plane to 
icRve Vancouver for Ottawa next 
Saturday. Juet what her Itinerary 
will be she could not aay, aa that is 
being arranged In Ottawa. 

Her missionary worU will be most 
In speaking to meetings In various 
pnrts of England and Scotland and 
also in Scandinavia, She waa laat In 
the Old Country In Itll. 

Ex pf'*»i(}n On Tjaiinrh 

In t aUier i trcience 

OTTAWA. July 10. — G. A. Magrath, 
head of the government advisory 
committee on fuel. Is issuing a warn- 
ing to householders to lay In next 
Winters coal at once. Anthraiite 
miners in the United State..? aie ask- 
ing an Increase in wagea of 20 per 
cent and there le a posstblUty of a 
atrike in August. 

Anthracite production at prae en t 1" 
heavy, running nearly ten mlUioii 

tons a month. 

About twenty thousand tons of 
Welsh coal a month is now entering 
Canada. Tin- loitpnt m .Nova .Siotla 
la affected by the labor trouble there. 
The auggeated low freight rate of 
19 a ton for epal from Alberta has 
not yet attracted any supplies from 
that aource. and It is only to be 
granted during the Summer months 
we^tern coal will apparently not be a 
factor In the situation thi.s season 

A conVfrence will he heM in Win- 
iilpe^' on July IS hteween the rall- 
loads, coal operators and provincial 
officials, to dlscuaa tbe poaaiblUty of 
further reductions. 

Anthracite prices are not likely to 
be any lower thla Summer, and if the 
wage increase Is granted In Pennsyl- 
vania, they w'lll probably po hlffhcr. 

CITES rnosi'i ni I Y 


OTTAWA, July 0 —Rev. David 
.Ness, of (ilasgow. Scotland, president 
of the Imperial Crand Orange Coun- 
cil of the World, arrived here today 
on his way to attend the Orange 
World Council, which atarU in Win- 
nipeg next week. He is accompanied 
by his wife and Joseph Cloughley, of 
Clangow, Orand Secretary of the 
Orange Order. ' Rev. Mr. Ness will 
visit the Pacific Coast after attending 
the Winnipeg council. 

"The Orange movement la flour- 
ishing." stated Mr. Neaa. "The 
order |» etW aa might y «» ever In 
Ulater, and next to Ulster perhaps It 
Is most numerous and proaperoua In 
Toronto. In England we are mak- 
ing progress, and In Scotland we have 
several features la the order that 
few Other countries have," 

Anti-Unionists In 

Saskatchewan Active 

REGINA. July 9. — Prophecita that 
calamity woiiM follow in the foot- 
stepe of church union and that the 
ancient doctrlnee of the Presbyterian 
Church would cease to be taught In 
Canada should th" union bill be 
passed by the Cana<llan Parliament 
were voiced by antl-uiiloiilsts hero 

At tbe same meeting a committee 
of five was appointed to gather the 
names of anti-unionists in the 
Province and to carry on propaganda 
work against the union project, also 
to prepare for ii rally of anti-union 
.suiiporteiH to he held this Kail at the 
lime of the meeting of the Presby- 
terian Synod of Saskatchewan, to be 
held In Saakatoon. 




IIIARRITZ, I'rance, July 10— An 
e.irth'iuake of some severlt.\ l.asilng 
about fifteen seconds, was felt today 
throughout the Basque country, not- 
ably at Perplgnan, Bayonne, and 
Auch. No loae of life was reported 
and the damage waa not important. 

At Auch, tbe shock, occurring at 
•i 40 a rn , lasted several seronds and 
rattled the furniture In tbe houses. 


LONDON, Ont„ July 10— Harry 
WTilson. ais'cd IS. Toronto, was killed 
last nlghl on the piovlndal hlKliwn\. 
his head being crushed when hii 
father's automobile In which he w.i3 
riding, overturned in a ditch. 

Opera Star Praises 
Tanlac For Her 

WIKNTPEO. July in -While the 
father and friends stood on a dock, 
helplesn to render assialatue, Arnold 
Hall, fifteen years idd. whs hurned 
to death following an explosion on 
a gaaoline launch on the Red River 
here laat night. While the men were 
making the launch fnat to tha dock 
111* boy returned to the cabin of the 
I oat to stop the engine. He shut off 
the gas, and Immediately there waa 
an exploalrm. Hod the cr;ift completely 
enveloped in flames The concussion 
hnil'd Richard Hall, father of the 
ho> , iind two friends, on to the dock, 
ail three suffering slight InJurleO by 
the fall and by flying gloss. 

Arnold was trapped in the cabin. 
About ten aeconda after the exploaion 
H muffled ery waa beard, but the fury 
of the flamea prevented ap'praaeh 
within twenty feet of the craft. The 
fire was quickly extinguished by the 
St. Boniface fire brigade. The i.ody 
was found lying In front of th» en- 
gine, and had been burned beyond 


ijvi.vo iXMfn 

OTTAWA, luly 10— The average 
coat of the household budget for a 
family of fiva ihe beglaaing of 
June, oa oomplled by the Fadomi De- 
partment of labnr 
against llf.M for 
June, ItSS: 111 i« 
f1« SJ for .lune. 

I ! , . 

• t^^,. ' I t- 

low I I ■ I 

llS.St aa 

May. tlAlS for 

for :»Ji. 
1»J0. the peak. 
I'M Hut- 
were aubstan- 
•' "ily b>». . oal. both anthra- 

cite and bltuiainoua, sts raged aUftht* 
tr iBwar, 




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TWO A HI hit 1 ED r\ 

Miss PeKKv .\: icOeaaM. SIT Hor- 
lon Street, Liondon, Ont., petite opera 
singer. Is another deaervlng favorite 
of the publle* who esprefeee daepeat 

gratitude for beneflta tferired from 
TanlA<'. Minn MarI>on»M !■ now 
appenrlna with the Uladke Plajrera 
iin'ler miinmnr OOlMraOt at tlM Ma- 
Jeetln Tfr-Btr* 

"Tenltie hNH rt'in* mo no much 
good." eaid MlM MacDonald, "thut 
my graUtoda la unbounded, ror tlire* 
yeara or mere I had Indlgeetlaa «<> 
Itad I wee actually afraid to eat. anri 
oftrn I mifrerad SO I aould hardly go 

on th^ ninK^. 

"Tanl*'- h»<« iK't cinly rHll.-xpd niy 
awful aufrerlnc, Imi( lian taiilt me up 
nine poundn In wj^Ii' I hHV» m per- 
feetly wonderful appatlte and every- 
thing I eat agraee with me perfectly. 
I Jost wieh I eould sead the good 
meaaage of Teniae to every one a«f- 
faring a« I did. and I'tl gladly tell 
anynne p#r»onaiIy about it " 

T»nlac I* for n«l*> bv nil good drug- 
slata. Aecapt no aubeUluta. Over 
n ■nil — hottlea eold. 

TaahM VegetaMa PlUa^arf 
c'wn remedy for 


VANCOt'VEn, July 1 0 -Tha Pro- 
vincial roUce have received word 
that the name of tbe aecond ihhh 
killed m a mining aoeldent near Half 
Moon Bay. le Duff Ollbertaon. His 
body, with that of E. Dow. the other 
victim, will reach Vancouver on to- 
nlKht n Bteamer. A Provincial con- 
iitalil*! from I'owrll River la Inveetl- 
■atlnc the mnf. 

The two wont out to the mine Inat 
\\>(lnen(l«y, iind when they did not 
rome Into the aettlement on Hatur- 
rlay. a aearch waa Inatltuted and the 
Uodiee were found in the workings, 
half covered with water. 

EUcUon Aytnt l iiud 

For Irregularities 

LONI>ON, July la. — Thomas Wil- 
liam Rnale. Who Waa the eleetlofi 
aaent for Cap'aln Hilton Phllllpwon 
In lh»> Merwlik .Intlnti la«f Novoiii- 
her. anil who • liiitKoii »iith hav- 

ing Incurred (.-kpcnaea durlnc thn 
election exceeding tha maximum 
alloered. aad alao charged wltlv hav- 
ing made a falaa declaration of tha 
election eifpanaea, and not having de- 
rlared in wrttin* the appolntmant 
and narn*a and addr#itee« of hIa aub- 
agenta, waa ron>lrt«<i at the New- 
raatle Aaaiaea jnaterdajr end flaed 
four pouada starling. 

Captain PhlUlpaoii waa alaatad 
Mborai member far Baisrl ik fm the 
laat general election In Clreat Britain, 
but waa uneeated owing to tha Ir- 
regularitiea of hln agrnt HIa wifo, 
the aat r eae, "Mabal Ruasell." eub- 
aeqaaadlr wan a l aa i al aa a 


oil HharliN lfMllr«««d 

f"I,EVKT,ANI). lulv I« T»»nty- 
kIi Twtsii oil prori. loTk in. In-llnn ^'f" 

Kradarlck A. Cook, former Aretio az- 
Piorer. ware liidMed by tha i^daml 
'^raad Jury hare taday aa ehargaa of 
"ing tlia aiallB to istoaad aad eao 
- t f naka •■iiiNBi mt' df 

LONDON. July Hon. WUUam 
Ormaby-Oore, Britlah rapreeentatlve 
on the permnnenf mandnton rommlx- 
elon of the l/ftnaun of Nntionn. tol l 
the Hou«» of (■oiiirnon^. In niiBWor to 
a queatlon today, that of the total of 
12,800 Jewa who emigrated to Pal- 
eetin* In 192S, only 210 wara from 
KngUsh -speaking eooatrlee. tha 
flret available morrtha of ISSS. thirty- 
four out of n total of 4.000 emigrants 
woro rroni .iii< h ( rxj nl riea. 


Tho«aan«a of little Canadlana wltt 
run ta aiather thia anmmer and 
whimper "Oh. mother. I'm ao hot " 

A nnturiil condition? Y", t" I" h'' 
In hot wriithor. hiil n'>f to wtilmp»r 
.ibout It, If th» Mo-mI roriflltlon 1« 
right. A child HO fed that lU blood 
ia arid inatead of alkallna. llM tha 
adult with acid blood, faela davttat- 
tbed. "all In" an a aaltry day. There 
ia but one way to make the blood 
nHd — by Improper feeding. "K«re»a 
A( !<l" food*. whit* flour, refined 

<»T.»aI« in'HtK. fata. irweotK, mnkn aoM 
blood or • »i».Ht the blood." If the 
blood t« aikhiine there U no Jevttalla- 
Ing aenae of heat, no da^raaaion of 
bodily or menul vigor, hewavar kot 
I ha day. Nataral. aaraAnad faoda 
keep the blood alkal1n»->wh«le grain 
eereela. milk. egga. nuta. beans, greena 
and frnll Th.-»r ;ire rlrh in alkali* 
and keep the blood "oool" and the 

mind and hady ac. ragardlaw af tha 


Roman Moal le the only riaMr alka* 
liaa eerenl. 40* parte la each 1^ 
"■aoasa Alkatt." alhallaa Min^ti 

^ ■ " w»w"w^^^^a ^m^^^^mw^^^^^ ^^^^FW^yav 

rorreet the aaida of vMU Itoar. other 
eereela. fata, meats and oweeta It 

inakra d^llrhtful porrii'a*. panr^kan, 
puddlnaa. fnk^» f"»p h'» If rr«An 
M»«l I'orrldgn l- , "'larj 

i«ny cf.ld. refln«><t »< id forming o*raal. 
Bat you can now aerve Roman Meal 
delightfully Icy-oeld. mm 
qNOOOL O. J&tX-K. 
Maalpes" on poefcaga. WHh mttit, 
erenm. whipfwd eream. hon«v pe** 
• or-.»<l or freiib fruiin ^ > • .« •>-r;»»^ 

» ( hUd'e deliaM wfaWih < M r> t-> fi ^ 

4^ a I 'X *r&. 

' 1 a t. >h • I 1 1 1 1 

!■■»». •h. I lltl 

.Coi'M.i-' \,,,i.i.g i. rjMisbUM 

^,.1. . I HI 1 . .M 1.1 III X 

1 J ; : ) i, 11 ,1 r«ri, Vi. lui la. B.C. 

J. 1^ TAIT, HusiBMa fimmmft 

S«t>«crtptlo« Il*t«a by CMTtw mmi by 
HI I> >trl*ts Coatl««oM to Vl«t*rl«. BarvMl 
by CotoaM City C*rrt*ra: 

Y«.fi, 112 90 

Mui.iuir 1 »« 

■ub*crl»tloii R«tM by Mbii 
To CanauJ^ Ur*«t UrtMl*. th« t'nUaA Statas 
and Maltco. ••••pt AMrleU M above. 

Taarly M 

Half Yfarly ^ *« 

(quarterly ' <>• 

Alt ■ubacripiloo rat** payabi* i» ailvm.. « 
Mali NkMrtbm rf*—t»C i - mano «:i 

MtRttUMM* 4ltMi t* n« 0»»r OuWul*] 

■k«Mid b« MraMM* I* i^v*Mtt •!* AM 
at* a44r««i 

W ed»e«d«y. *«ly lt^lM»_ 


The dispute being waged »s to the 
rcUtive si/cs of the ocean liners 
ICajMtic and Leviathan ought to he 
•Oiceptible to the plain logic of facts 
r)iap«cting the dimcnsiuiis of thc&e 
' two vttteU. It is refreshing to find 
an American source which is out- 
apoKen enough to give the truth, 
ThM i» th» Boston Ntws Borcati. 
whfch points out that the extra ton- 
nag* claimed for the i^^viathan has 
been compot«d In defiance of the es- 
lal/lishr.l rules and by the employ- 
ment of a petty device. The Majes- 
tic, the Bnreau says, U 91 5.5 feet 
long, 7.9 feet lnni?rr than the Levia- 
than, whose length is 907.6 feet. The 
Uviathan is 100.5 feet wide, 2.4 
inches wider than the Majestic. Both 
are identical in depth, 58.2 feet. Com- 
puting their gross tonnage under 
exactly the same rule for Lloyd 
Registry, the Majestic is 2,269 tons 
larger, nievuring 56.551 tons against 
the f>4,I%2 tons of the Leviathan. 

riip News Hureau goes on to say 
that somebody connected with the 
U.S. Shipping Board conceived the 
idea that the tonnage of the Levia- 
than could be padded by beating the 
rules for maauretnent. It points out 
that the gross tonnage of a ship has 
fioth^g to do with the weight of the 
ah^ or of her cargo. It is simply 
the cubic contents of the slitp ex- 
pressed in so-called tons ut lUU cubic 
feet We quote: "A modern passen- 
ger liner is a loinplicatcil affair, so 
the question arises. What shall be 
included in measuriiig the cubic con-, 
tents? Both ships have double bot- 
toins. It is not the practice to in- 
clude the space between bottoms in 
computing gross tonnage. But lar^c 
oil fuel tanks have been placed in 
this space In the Leviathan, and their 
eubic area added to, her gross ton- 
nage. Both have glassed in prome- 
nade decks. iTheir .'ubic area has 
been added to the Leviathan's ton- 
nage. 1 beu the cubic area of var- 
ious air spaces and finally the area 
of the lavatories, neither of tsliicb is 
eminted on the Majestic, have been 
incorporated, so that the Leviathan 
is now officially certified to have a 
gros=; tonnage of tons. If the 

owners of the Majestic cared to re- 
sort to the same tricii^ ^^r tonnage 

wotiM l>r raised fn (^2.22^ tolls." 

The Bureau believes that no pri- 
vatety^wned ship can indulge in such 
nonsense bccalisc gro<s tonnaRe ha^ 
a relation to taxation, sometjung 
with which a ffOYernment-owned ship 
is not concerned. At the same tiiiK- 
the Leviathan does not escap.e alto- 
geth«Y because of her assumed 
rercird tonnagei. fpr .dock <luc5 are 
based on tonnage, and she will he 
obliged to pay on the basis of the 
U.S. Shipping Board's estimate v\ben 
she visits Southampton. Ii) those 
circumstances the wisdom of strict 
conformity to Lloyd's rule will be- 
come Apparent. The point, however, 
is that iiotliing is gained hy hood- 
winking the public abottt the tonnage 
of ve^^els. All shipping men l;iio\v 
that the Majestic is the larger vts- 
^1, and yet 'the endeavor is being 

ftiade to tbow that tbis bonor bi-- 
longs to the vessel which is owned 
in the United States. In the long 
run it i. tbe ;t( shipping . reckon- 
ing that will be brtievecL 


The country wants a policy >l 
economy until snck time as taxes can 
be reduced. .A* long as the rxpen- 
ment in sute ownership is to be in- 
dulged in the country anst shonlder 
deficits on the national railways, un- 
less at some future dau revenues 
balance tbe operating outlays. Until 
the latter era Is at hand, n* w expen- 
ditures on a great scale will hardly 
appeal to the people. It is signiffcani 
that no ooe in cither the Senate t 
tbe House of Commons who sup- 
ported the expenditure of the $28,- 
OUO.OOO on branch linca for the Cana- 
dian National Railways ventured lu 
predict that they would provide suf- 
ficient raraflue to pfty Interest on 
their cost, nor did it appear to be 
considered that they would earn their 
operating and maintenance charges. 
In the face of this, new railway 'd)li 
gations which must be shouldered by 
the taxpayer^ should not be under- 
taken, and tiie Senate ch<^-.e the 
course of action that will commend 
itaalf to tlM ^epie generally. 


In rnnimenting on the action of 
the Senate in .rejecting by a vote of 
47 to 10 the bill to provide for the 
expenditure of f2%000.OO<) for con- 
structing branch lines for the Cana* 
dian National Railways, The Mont- 
real Oaactte says: 

Thera nMur be an antary sirntnst 
the Senate for ita action In bntkinK 
a Hoii«n <>f I'ommiw s (iionrv hill It 
will I tii'^'t with niucli favi.r MTiionjf 
I > atop to think of who ih<> 

fni HI* It lb nearly flvi> ycara 
•Ince hoatilitlM In tha war oeased. 
War taaaa are atlU balng laVied; but 
they auk not being used to reduee tbe 
war debt. They do not even auflRra 
to pay for the aervloaa and othar en- 
terprta** ot the Government. The 
•tttimRfMs of exponclltiire wtibh Par- 

Ilnui'>ii! !■ I ' ] . . in , 1 .:;ui;,K ihr late 

«»!»j<i.'ii iii<i\!-ii' BTi o \ J If II il I lure of 

.'\ rr f ) .^t w iiii h tra.^oo,' 

000 la to in»»t expei^diture of or In- 
(lehtedn«>s« Inaurred by the Canadian 
National lUUl#ay mviagetnent in ax- 
eeaa of tbe net operating earnlnga. 
and for expanaea that ahould be paid 
out of operating revSnuee The Min- 
ister of Flntinen In »ii"< t>u.U< i , ii, u 
luted on a rpvonno of $s:; r.'io ri.\(i 

loi |!m> f (1 1 »• i.f <iirh a Mlii'Winc Mi<- 
.U'l.I %vi:) 1..' In. rr.jij.f.1 dtnlnij th" 
riirifi t V" ' \ 1 "'IMv tm.OOO.OOO. 
Tlie Indlrini*- ' i f re the publlo 
Should not )m> »k l ist the Senate, 
which prerantad the laauguratlon of 
|k progiefUBaasa of uee l aai railway oon- 
■MMtWh Whieh would add 130,000.- 
•II ' «*■ more to adeh a daflcit: it 
ahouM * " Hflrninat a House of Cnm- 
in..n« «hi. In !f« e.iirarneMi to gft 

t'lihSi' TiMiii"-, ' I In th» con- 

• t It iiriM l««^ haa i(><ii aense of respon- 

•ihiiuv iiad regard -fir 'the nation'a 


We may not agree with the Meot- 
raaf Oaaatta tiMt the brauch raflway 

line* proj. i rrl n t!i!d rve a-i I'to 

gether uaelcss expenditure, but there 
is sott'ad wis4Ma in that n«wepaper's 

atfi'iin rnt that addiHi r t 

lay a^ |hj| ^9* ^ to be deprecated. 

Tile growth of radio broadcasting 
with the incursion into this field of so 
many amateurs indicates the time is 
ripe for definite regulations govern- 
ing this method of transmitting 
sound. Unless something is done, the 
amusement of "listening in" will be- 
come a more and more complicated 
task. It is evident now that broad- 
casting IS being spoilt in many local 
ities by badly adjusted spark trans- 
mitters interfering on wave lengths 
other than those allotted to them. It 

is iiseles.s, as one writer on the snli- 
ject says, to use ultra selective 
receivers, since In many cases the 
jamming on the broadcast wave is 
louder than the distant broadcasting 
stations. The point to be made is 
that in all cases the interruption 
could be avoided if modern appar- 
atus, properly adjusted ofrthe correct 
wave length, were used. 

It is pointed out, and is apparent, 
that every day wireless communica- 
tion it becoming more general and 
stringent supervision is necessary by 
the authorities. It is desireable to 
insure that there are regulations 
wbu'li eacb communicant can obey 
and that modern apparatus it used 
for modern needs. Unless this is 
done the inevitable conclusion is that 
wireless communication in congested 
areas will become more and more 
difficult. In many localities now en- 
gineers are adopting the crude nietbo<J 
of trying to shout each other down. 
It is maintained that the time has 
arrived for the authorities to insist 
that the users of modern apparatus 
should be allowed the free use of the 
eiber OH their own particular wave 


The eruption at Mount Etna seems 
to have declined and its affects have 
not proved as disastrous as at first 
anticipated. The volume ot lava has 
been less dense than in previous 
Kreat eruptions. In 166<>, in one of 
tlic most extensive and disastrous 
( ruptions ever recorded of Etna, the 

l.iva flowed thirteen miles in tbe first 
JO days, beginning at the rate uf loJ 
feet per hour. On that occasion the 
stream reatbed tbr coast town of 
Catania. It rose to the height of the 
(iO-foot wall put up as a buttress 
against its flow and flowed over 
this. When it reached the sea the 
molten stream was 60U yards wide 
and 40 feet deep. As a result of 
that eruption 40 towns and villages 
were overwhelmed. The lava from 
the latest eruption started to flow at 
the rate of l.SO feet per hour, but its 
speed constantly decreased. 

.\ phenomenon noted in connection 
with Ktna and believed to be due to 
its height is tliat eruptions rarely 
occur, from the summit but usually 
within the Val del Bove, nearly al- 
ways forming r. new cone flirrein. 
.\nother phenomenon ts that when- 
ever a volcano occurs it is generally 
responsible for doing something 
quite different from what it has done 
b<rfore. There is always the element 
of uncertainty present in volcanic 
areas, and the marvel is that, after 
the terrifying experiences of tbe 
past, villages and towns should con- 
tinue to be built up within such 

I'rnnce has fifty aubmarines In ser- 
vice, and in her latest naval estimates 
has provided for the construction of 

four J.4(IO-ton loii^ ciistaticc i rtiisiiig 
submarines. Each of the latter ves- 
sels will cost $1J75,000. The same 
esfini.Ti'-s also provide for the con- 
struction ok thirty l.lUO-ton subma- 
rines to cost $15,000,000 francs each. 
The purpose of the Freiuh submarine 
fleet it primarily to protect the sea 
routes to her dependencies in Africa. 

The London News expresses tha 
wish that some constituency would 
have the courage to return a woman 

niember. not be. 'le it aOHM- 

hody's wife but because of her own 
merfts at a pol i tici a n. This, it sajrs, 
would serve better than anything else 
to show that tlM "sex barrier, which 
has hitherto fMluda4 women so 
rigidly from tkeir rightful place in 
the conduct of public atalri, has 
really been broken, down." 

In Western .Australia <>n<- state 
of the Commonwealth — at many at 
1. 000 agricultural settlera have ar- 
rived within a nu i ^t-itish ColuOB- 
bia t idea is that thit Province might 
be able to abaorh 10 of #ach settlers 
monthly. We have a 
of our possibiUtiiC, 

Note and Comment 

ByR.U D. 

Other counuies have their lady 
menihefu of ParUamenti but oo conn- 
try, possibly, has such a successful 
lady member of Parliament as Brit- 
ish Columbia. The term aueeessful 
as appl^d to politicians mutt be con- 
sidered from various points of view. 
I here are politkiana who auccecd In 
having things done for their con- 
stituents, there are politicians who 
succ<ad in having things done for 
themselves as well ns for their con- 
stituents, and there are politicians, 
who tnceed in having things done for 

themselves alone. That itatemeiit 
need not be further elaborated. Every 
voter of any considerable experience 
has been brought in contact with all 

the types. * 

• • • 

British Columbia's lady member of 
Parliament is a clever woman, a 
woman of infinite resource and a 
woman of great ambition, all very 
estimable quahties. The lady mem- 
ber aforesaid may have one defect in 
her equipment as a politician. She is 
not content to bide her time; the 
tometimes strikes before the iron is 

quite hot; she has been known to 
"spill the beans," as one of the com- 
mon political herd would say, before 
the crop was Quitc ready for th« 

e • • 

There are wise heads in the poli- 
tical sphere who ssy that if Mrs. 
Mary Ellen Smith, member for Van- 
couver, had not been so eager to 
grasp by violence a portfolio in the 
Government of lion. John Oliver, 
that position might have been in her 
possession today. That it a statement 
which it not likely to be officially 
denied or confirmed. The only thing 
certain is that Mrs. Smith was 
anxious to become a member of the 
Government, is still anxious to be- 
come a member of the Government, 
and if she cannot immediately be- 
come a member of the riovernment 
she will take something that, while 
it may not be quite as good, will 
suffice for the time being, say until 
another opening either in the Gov- 
ernment or in something else occurs. 

• • • 

Mrs. Mary Ellen Smith, in short, 
has been denied the privilege ac- 
corded other members of the Govern- 
ment of taking a tour of Europe 
ostensibly on public business, and she 
has compromised by "accepting" a 
position as lecturer on immigration, 
.•^he is going to tour the British 
Isles at the public expense for the 
purpose of enlightening the people 
there on the advantages of life in 
Canada for t^iose who are subject to 
ditadvaiitages elsewhere. Whether 
the lady member is going to 'make a 
special appeal to women immigrants 
nobody teems to know. Probably 
she h not; as it is men who are will- 
ing t<i fill the soil and make the 
earth fruitful who are needed here, 
the only kind of men for whom there 
is an assurance of plenty to do and 
plenty to cat and good prospects for 
the future. 

• • • 

Indisputably the lady member it 

not without iiH.ilii'ications for the 
duty she iKls been selected to dis- 
charge. She has a persuasive 
tongue and a quiik wit. Hritish audi- 
ences are noted for their disposition 
to "heckle" public speakers. The 

"li'-i kler" who can (.ret the better of 
Mrs. Mary Ellen Smith will have to 
he very nimble-wltted indeed. Still, 
the fact remains tliat tbe appointment 
it a very detirable one. England 
and Scotland are very pleasant places 
to spend a few iiioiiibs in and tra\cl- 
ing over during the Summer season. 
Any politician who could "land a 
job" like that be placed in the 
category of the successful hunters. 

Now that the cloiul is pa'-sint; the 
fact might as well he admitted that 
for the past few months there has 
been anything hut an optimistic feel 
iug in Victoria and throughout the 
surrounding districts. A wave of 

that kind passes periodically over ;ill 
countries and all communities. It has 
spent Its force and is being succeeded 
by a more desirable state of mind. 
The visit of the Minitter of Public 
Works and of the officials of the 
Canadian .National Railways has had 
a splendid effect. Assurances that 
are very gratifying indeed have been 
given representative business men of 
the city. Members of the Chamber 
of Commerce and of the Development 

League are to be < ongratulated, not 
upon the faith that never faltered in 
the potMilities of the future, but 
upon the eeaselcts activity and 
energy they have displayed in press- 
ing legitimate claims in the proper 

• #j • 

The Canadian National Railway is 
going to play an active part in the 
pending development of Vancouver 
Island. Hitherto it has been playing 
but a passive part in this: it has been 
merely nothig events, and might 
have remained for a long time in its 
lethargic state but for the change in 
management and the activity of 
local business men. It is understood 
that tbe new docks will he properly 
equipped for busincsa and that the 
railway will in soma way bU con- 
nected with them. 

• • • 

Rut that is not all. Markets are 
being developed for the fruit and 
other products of the dittrict. Fruits 
that in the past were left to rot under 
the trees or to dry up on the buthes 
hreause there waa no demand for 
them owing to a limited market 
are becommg reasonably profitable, 
and may be made still more profH- 
ahlf The incenti\e to effort which 
hat been lacking it now becoming 
maniiaat C o—i ah aoc i ee te town and 

Viattors, this acaaoa naiyhered by the 
thouaaad, fiotf hero not only a very 

fair aSd g very pleasant land, but a 
peopto W^ have coniidcace in the 
future of their possesaiona. 

Puems That iindurfi 

tTatvlattau aU tke ( 
The hiaaSi aeal eC 

the* tie 

Ju>in Milton 


b(;Ml A'.;.nLa 

Thtr* ar* aom* tliat ma/ atart, 
Mer elend Um brew aer atlaf Ue heert. 
OUttljr Om wewld I see hew SMlM 
>.he now toadlaa wko b*r elMUi 
KimUad the but an year* a#S. 
JIaiaalf • child, or iirarlv 
Ym, let ma bring txloir ... f < 
Tha allkaii trcaaaa chain a i.« .i, 
'th* (inr fliiC«rt tipt with raJ 
lir lutaiiif up tha atrtwltcrrr t>ad; 
llal('»|j«i>«U llpa. lan( «iulat tyt*. 
A littia rouii^lrr ultli lur^.Tlar. 
And than (har rhln afainikt htr knet), 
"lluual «ae aaa UMS strancar bar 
Maw gMts the tmiU Im uniU* uo ma:" 
•^-Walter UaTSfe LsMdat. 

By the Way— 

(Oeyyrlflki, isit. MorU AaMTlaaa 
Nvwiwaaer AlUaaaa) 

tbor of the famous motto: "Bo 
iKuit^ yiiu ai <» ii»,.'.t. Ihi-ii utu-uJ." 
It \i riilJ tu have nral appiui'i.' J In 
print In Crockett's 
"B^StmY—'n "Auiobiogr apby." 
RiikUTUm pubUahed in ll»4— 
C»Ak»W appearing on the title 
page in the following 

form : 

"I leave thla rule for othtra when I'm 

Be always sure you're right— ^ea go 

The atatement hoa been made 
that "Crockett wrote thla highly 
entertaining history of hla own life 
. . . Cull of blundera In cram mar 
and misspellod words, although it has 
Ijeen rovl><^(l .•ind coircrHMl by his 
more scholarly frlendM. ' but the 
Urltannica Mpeuks of It a« "a so-called 
'uutublogruphy,' which he very prob- 
ably dlctatad or at least authorised 
rubllahed In lit4. ▲ work purport- 
ing 4o-bo^^oMtMa«4o« of tMaiHMo- 
l>iography and entitled Colonel 
Crockett's Kxylolte and Adv. iitur»'s 
In T»'xas' is undoubtedly spii rl. ui.s " 

John IlMitloit, In lun "i-'amlliur 
QuotaiionH. ■ deacrlbos "He sure you 
are right, then go ahead. " aa "the 
motto of David Croekett In the War 
of IRIS." 

No letter te Ike editor will be Inserted eseept 
"7* '.f9>» »»lpy sISMtaM afd add t ats er 
ihe w rt tti . this nUe adaUu eiiie a a as ag ma. 


sir, — The question an to the fact 
that we are educating our youth, 
only to find th.-ii ihfy «re migrating 
to the South, seemtt to ba giving our 
solons much disquietude. 

Let me whisper It In your ear, Mr. 
Editor. They are following our raw 
material to help manufacture It, In 
many Instances for our own use. 
Query: If It tnkes four nirti to miiri^et 
your rnw innlerlHl, takrs t»>n mf-n to 
manufHctiiif it In a foreign iiort. and 
you raise and educate to maturity 
ciKhteen ni<Mi, what is the answer? 
Why, either do your own manufac- 
turing er ahlp them to the port of 
manufaoture. The only way to hold 
tha other four Is to develop your 
latent reaouroea. 

Mcfiregor Block, Victoria, B.C. 

July 10. 1921. 

Clam. Vs. OyntPT Shell 
Sir, I do not Know \(mr corres- 
|)uiid<Mii of 6ih liiJ'i . eilher person-^ 
ally Or otherwise, never having scan 
hiti nanif In turiitcctlon with pftultry 
shows or egg laying conteata; nor do 
I know by what authority he epoaks. 
but I feel certain that ha haa no 
friendly feellngn for the welfnra of 
our country, o'tiorwlfo lie would not 
advocito tho UHi" of Imported oystrr 
nhrll aRHiiiHt tho local clam upon 
yiich flliii.^y roprpHf-nlatlona. 

I-'or thla and otlier reasona I pre- 
fer the opinion ot our government 
poultry expert. Mr. Terry, who in 
widely known throughout the 
Province, and whose Judgment on 
theno innftprs we know to hr Roimd. 
I owp tho Uritlsh roliiriiMri I'oiillry 
Aasoclntlon jin .'UxdoKy U \\:\n not 
tht>y ttiui sent round the circular let- 
ter, but another local organisation. I 
do not see "any advantage in pub- 
lishing their namee, ae they probably 
thought they were doing the right 
thlnx and did not reckon on tho cost. 
L»»t us ho|(»' that Iti fiiMui> It'ry will 
rc\r>rse their tartlrn, iiirtUlnif iiiiiple 
anipn<1ii by lioontliig ttip homo product. 
Pprsonally. I do ntd gl\e credence to 
Dip fad that the oyster shell Is 
harder than tha clam and more 
eoluble. Even if thie were ao. and 
the hydrochloric acid In stomach or 
Kizzard did dissolve the clam shell 
nioro ({Uli'kly thiin the oystfr, it 
would, I think, havo it more bcno- 
fi<M;il tendency than oilierwUe, aa the 
carlionate of lime would be more 
easily assimilated and enter the egg- 
functioning organa of tha bird, there- 
by producing better and quleker re- 
ailMte. The anatyala (according to 
your correspondent, who produces 
nothing) only Ahown a .sIlRht rliffcr- 
enre of 2 per retit. rnoro clum 

■hell to the hlriU, the dlfferene** In 
price of the shell *lll Justify this, and 
the birds will do the trick. Did one 
evar aee a soft shall egg In nature? 
I have kept poultry for fifteen years 
in a email way and 1 have nevar fed 
an eunee of oyster ahell, nor have 
I ever had a soft alMll egg tO my 
recol leet inn. 

Your correspondent's knowledge 
It empiric, ftrcnrdlng to him, and may 
be, In a limited way. but the reeult of 
his reasoning Is neltber aeademloally 
correet nor aelentlfieatly eound. We 
can. In this materlallatlo age, under- 
stand argumenta »»y logic, syllogism, 
sclent Iflf or Ku'-lldlan dedtictlon, but. 
in the final analyaie, we demand tha 
rhemical afuaMou or tho Mtasua 

I know, Mr, Editor, that your 
apace le iMth valuabia and limited, 
but thla ia not merely a ease of elam 
versua oyeter shell: but. In a broader 
aense. ft la a question of patmnliinif 
home or for»lan aooda Wo have nv 
rlv«d at ' -oMrondo wh»rp 
mnat msl-- ,T riind in follow 

either the r^. Jiih and stony path 
that leads to failure, or mareh 
trinmphantiy along tha broad high- 
way that will lead ua to tho gnat of 
saeeosi. "Why eaauot wa • « i 
theee chlldlah attrlbatea of m < t ^ 
money without aena^ or jnrtrment ' 

Doee America pour her money into 
r ae r—ay or JotaaT | 

A c ::. ::;'-.'-cljii traveller once \o\:\ 'nc 
thiit iii'.hough he bad been t.^. w 
wards and forwards to (he giatea fur 
manr yeara. he ha4 alwaya taken 
ordera a er eee the line, but hoA aater 
brought a elagle one backl 

Why*nOt out out all this normr::se, 
this "flufif, floas, flumni^-ry, fUpJa. k 
and flapdoodle " and keep uur money 
at home and conae^uently our aons 
Mild duUKhttTS who lire leavtng this 

country for lack of work 7 
It to tha oeily way to raao i tp our 

population, prevent our faetorles 

from lying In a state of desuetude of 

ut lllr ; < "11 r cut , t - - ■, • «■. « c I 
in fai ;, of i ; ,. • ; , ,i j. i : ; .. 

and prosperity t.) wl. i; art) «mi- 

tltled? It Is the oi..\ lo. ih.,.l -the 
"Unleum et nltlmum remedUim:" 

lUbarta Bay. Mdnay P.O.. July 


of War, Wanta Hiliiuai to 
Atvanoe Pasaage lAMMf 

Has anyone In BrltUh Columbia got 
several million marks to spend on get- 
ting Henry sehroeder out of Ger- 
many f 

Mr. Henry Sehroeder, who formerly 
lived in this Prov ince and w.-in ;4 piis- 
oner of war in (Jermany durUiK hob- 
tllitle.s, ia anxluuB to have hw fftther- 
land for aood and all, and in a letter 
to The Colonlat makes a fervent ap- 
i>eal for aomeone to furniah the 
necessary fare money. 

Mr. Sehroeder wanta to return to 
tha Cariboo- dlatrlet. where he used to 
live yaara ago. Ha saya he helped 
"build up" Fort George. Fort Fra»er 
and gue.-nel. He also farmed for a 
while at Hope and LaoKley. and was 
employe, 1 later by the U.C. Electric 
II nd l owell Itlver Pulp A Paper Com- 

M fw***.![* Induetrloua 
all the time, and I think one of those 
flrme may Uke me again and send 
me a free fare," writes Mr. Sehroeder 
He also aurKe«t« a collection among 
his frlcnd.s, suinclent to pay the trans- 
poriailon fur his wife and to\U ChU- 
drei, throe daughtera. of sixteen, 
-■lahioon and twenty, Md a daughter 

«ix rnontha old. 

Ho want to Oermany m i9is for 
medical traatMent. and at the out- 
break of war ha was placed under 
military arrest .iml made .a prisoner 
Of war. Once he attenipte.l to esoape 
across eibcrl.t to Canada, but he was 
catjsht and locked up again. Now ha 
I" livi.iK at Kleefeld. Sdeweeht. Old- 
enburg. Germany. 

Maurice Hewlett 

-Maurice Hewlett ia dead at tha age 
of «ixr, -two. To thoee who were hla 
friends— and to be hla friend waa to 
be devoted to him Vl thou t reserva- 
tion — hla death meana more than the 
end -of a full and varied urtlrttlc 
career, it comes an the death of a 
younc man comes. l-hy«lcally, with 
his sparse, white hairs antf aoamed 
dark face, he showed hie age. But 
when he was talking, hla fine head 
toaaing. hla brown eyes burning. It 
waa Impoaelble to remember it. ao 
great waa hla sest for life, so unim- 
paired his curiosity, no heuriy his 
hatreds and l,,vei. frank and Irn- 
petwous hin ^pee. h " writes "J. C. 8." 
In The London oiiscrver— ^ind who 
will not racognUe tbe inittala of Mr. 
J. C. Squlret 

"Ha abhorred the respectabilities as 
much aa he applauded the decenclen; 
he was quite naturally the contem- 
porary of any younger man in com- 
paoy with him; he felt pity, allghtly 
tlnpied with contempt, for men who 
Kiow intellectually ang emotionally 
fat or feeble with the rnsesgs of 
years; one felt aurc that if he lived 
nil eighty hla spirit woiiM havn 
the alertness of a swordsman and the 
ardour or -a \<,\ or. 

I'rcullar Doffinnlng 

"Ha never clunir to hln own past 
or brooded over, thouifh he often on- 
Joyid. hiR inonu.rle,; what he was do- 
iriK ,,i tho .M.MM.Mii . niiCMiced hla Whole 
Btrongih. niid the strength never flaa- 

"I do not auppose that any author 
haa evar approached the writing of 

romance by a stnmRer road, for when 
.''Ir. Hewlett heaan to earn his IlvlriK 
it was hk •Ke,.p..r of the I,rfind Ilev- 
enue Recordu and ICnrolmente.' " says 
Mr. <}. II. .\i,ir III The Bvenlng 
Standard. "The habit of research, of 
reading documents, of diaregarding 
tha secondhand and careless Impres- 
alona of historians, was. I think, what 
brought him to approach the cijiioUa- 
tion of meglaevallsin as you sea it In 
hto booka. 

Palnataklng AVrlt^r 

"Whether ltlrh«id Coeur de I, .on 
»*■ ho ni i.ear. Ill The THllanian la false 
aii«J aa he nppeiirji in Richard Yea 
and Nay !« true, nobody can tell, but 
1 think that behind all the obvloua 
exoticiam of Hewlett and tha alight 
but percepUble pagan apirit with Un 
phyaleal preeeeupatinns. which waa in 
all his work, there was a real feeling 
for gettlna St the truth of history " 

".\tr. Hewett's meihi,,,l w ;m p.-ihifi 
taklnif to an extraordinary dcgreo. 
He p it the best that waa In him in 
nichard Yea-and-Nay— eind then de- 
stroyed the manoeerlpt and rewrote 
It from tha beginning. Not until the 
story had been written for a fourth 

tirnr <^u^ he In It g,, m tho grlutera," 

(•ny<< Tlio l>aily Kxpress. 

I' ' pity that ha did not live 
to pee the coming renaaoenoe of ro- 
mance and the oomlng reipolt against 
drub realiam and ooiori«« prone. He 
sought romance, which la the aenae 
of atrangeoeea in iife, in the 
mediaeval history En» Rc^.t- 
iHOd. and Italy lie w .na an evanRel- 
lat of beauty and on apnatia Of tha 
loveliness of love and loveTft Our 
literaure ia awlnging back to the en- 
chantmenta of romance." 

One af kia dallgbtfut eamys tetia 
hew he onoe found an unknown first 
folio Bhakeapeare with luif. p^gp ^^^f^ 
portrait, while he waa rummarlng 
am< T\K rubbishy oddmenta In a 
country houae He tmaaeJ hto hoa- 
tes« by takina u to her and aaying it 

w«", wnrth t J noo 

— ^ 





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"That True North" — Tennyson. 

O Canada! our Home and MaUva 


True patrlot-love In all thy aona com 


With glowing hearta we aee thee rlac. 

The Trua North, strong and free. 
And Ktand on guard. O Canada, 

We j.iMn.1 un guard for thee. 
O (."annrtM, KlorlouB and frael 

We Hiriii'l oil Kuard. we Stand on 

KiiJiiil fur thoe! 

O Ctinndd' where pltif« and maples 


Orcnt j.rairirs nprrnM iitiil Innll.v 

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How dear to tby bro«<l dom.'^ln. 

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Thou True North, strong and free: 
O C'anadaf glorious and freel 
We atand on guard, we atand on 
guard for thee! 

O Canada! banaath thy ahlning aklee 
May stalwart sona and gentle maldene 


To kerji th«o (i(e«rtfn«l through the 

I''rf>in i;iiHt !■) Western Kf-a. 
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Our True North, atrong ami fi" - ' 
O Canada, glorleua and freel 
Wa atand on guard, we stand on 
guard for thggt 

Rulor aupransa. Who haarast humhto 


Ho'ld our dominion In Thy loving eare. 
Help ua to fln<1. O Ood. In Itoae, 
A lantlna, rl- h reward. 

A» wi.ltintf for tne Mofter Day 

\V <• « \ i r fitand fin 'I 
( ) ( •annrt.i, al' .1 ion-* n 
We etand on guHi.i ■.i;ind on 

guard (or ti' 

— R. Uianley Weir. . 

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TM« !■ an »i. »plloii«n7 low prlced ofltT, 
'>"• thai ». ,r* ibU to nlH t« 
th* lnrr««M(l nuialMr of yiMwlL. Tka 
'oat nt maiatatalng oar Mlwtlia laaii 
In* d.partaMat la a aaed Mm. if w« 
h*«. . huadMd saUeala, eaali ms a 
)>undr«4Ui part, aad if «• hava • 
(heaeaae Mm iimiiiae it ihi 

Graduate: Bradlajr lastMuta 

RiCtoteree UaSw Optwii ti y a«t of g.o. 

K1 r.ov^ tc Telephone 

ElM Grand Lodge 

Hieeii in Old South 

ATUANTA. Oa., July 10.— MeeUng 
in the old South (or the first time In 
tweaty-flve years, the Grand Lodge of 
Uie Itmpvoirnt nnd Protective Order 
of Klka opened the bualneaa eeaalona 
of Ita fl(ty>nlnth annual eouvantlon 
here tndey Intereat centred In the 
aelectlon of tbo new Grand Exalted 
Rular, JaMMU O. KaerariMid. o( 

Wntertown, South Dakota. 

The annual report of Grand Secre- 
tary. Fred RoMnoon, ahowed that the 
ordor baa a lamas wh ip a( iis.tti. 
an te eraaae at IMtt alaaa tiM laat 

la Ike Martet— Tbe ssbsaw Sf the MlMl 
lits.sse la t».*ae rfiatee of fte eaaa. kaeWea 

AmAaaet (ke 4lr*«t«fa w» (he nam* nf 

Cnmpanr'a laaa ne tSe eaei romi «( tkle talaad. 
la iia Sara 

e( Mr tt. liTti 

Oytaflea^ C s faa aay. 



SOUTH POft«"rrrNK, ont . .lui,- 
••—The ten«atanip mill or tho i>,ivi-4 
Conaolidated Ooij Mine., wna de- 
stroyed 1>y Are tonlahi The ( ..nepniM 
Included a motor, atampa. tnblea and 
other milling equipment, «|| „t which 
hnn hoen Irrepambly daninjred. 

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S30 Nenh I'ark 8t. Plionc M3 



n . - . . 


hist arrived from Shef- 
field, J^ngland, a beau- 
tiful astortment of Tea 
Seta, £ntrce Dishca, 
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tit \l«w at. l>«UT*r I'hon* >M« 


to Bit at li 

Final raadlnv waa gtvan tha 
Baanleh water bylaw bv tlia flaantok 
Council laat nivht follJwInf tha da* 

frnt (<r ( MuiM lllor Vantreljht'a 
ani»-ii<1nu-ni in luy the «ntlr« (jueetlon 
I uiiiiii (he tat)lf fin" •^ix timiitha. Tlio 
bylaw. b^alUcs liivulvlnK changea in 
th« mathodfl of charffinc for water 
auppliad, toatltutaa a naw sraduatad 
scala of matar eharvaa. 

V.'hcn thf inotluii i:»lllnK for the 
PitSf<aK'' "f tllP tiyl.iw \sah ifad. 
t 1 Ml nil I li ,r .Mi-\U-<il iiiiiiKMllaloly 
muvect an amendiiiPiit liavliiK fur K" 
0bja«t tha eliminating uf provlnlon to 
oharya matar rant front tha bill. 
Councillor Vantralfht aaeohdad tha 
amendment, and, followlnf a brief 
diecuMiilon. moved ' another amend- 
ment .(nklni: ihHt thf entlr^' «iu<>s- 
tloii l>c laid on (ho table fur &lx 
riiont hs. 

Councillor McNicol aeconded thi- 
amendment and withdrew hia pru- 
poaal to elirtttnate mater renla from 

tlw; bylaw. 

t"»)unrllli)r Simpson eapre«h' I I n 1 
•rlf a-* belna In favor of tho aiv 
months' hoist. He did not think th' 
iiirmbera of the council or the ratp 
iiayem of the municipality cenerally 
hail HUfflcleiil knowledge of the by- 
law. Personal iy. hf> wanted more 
ilnie In whlrh ti> wtudy It. 

Councillor Klrkham oppoacU de- 
lay. A vreat deal of tlihe and atudy 
had bean apent In preparing the by- 
law and he considered that none of 

tho ciihimIIIoih npiiiixiiij; ll li:i(l 

preRcntPil k<>o(I arKunx'tit as to why 
It should not be paased. 

Councillor Robertahaw agreed with 
Councillor Kirkham'a vlewa. Ha aakl 

h>' roallced that it might not be 11 

piipiilar ineaHure, yet he thought it 
wan KiHiil liuHiiitHs and he w^iil'l voir 
in favur of tho niotl'iii. ( •uuiicillor 
"l^ehmaii p(iiiite<l mil that if the 
motion wan given n six nionths' hoist 
ll would mean n alx n^lontha' loaa of 

xfixaaus. Ha lavorad tha maU^nt 

Hamsterley Lakeside 

Mile V, Sidney llignway 


Brantweod. Ona Boat — Ona Day — Ona Oallar 
Kvrty boat wai engagtd teat Baaday aad 

Mnnda.T. Wtiv f 

Rariusf th* public realiua that at tha I'ark 
Boathouaa tiMqr (aaatva Um beal vahM for thalr 


fher* la onir one PARK Hoathouaa. ona hun 
drad xarda |iaat tha Hotel towardi ButdMft'a 


Talaphont 14K, heating 



Ideal Dry 

Summer Fuel 

Per Bif Double Load 

Above T'rirr Strictly Cath 
in Ailvance 
Office in Moody Block 

Cocnor Ytm •nd Bread 
PlMmt 5000 



A dollar ( an l>r tm uKcr tliati 
its owner. The wisdom <ii voiir 
(ash depends upon fhr direction m 
which you train it to ro. If \ nii 
s' lid some of ^our money in the 
direction of this C«al ofttec we'll 

nd you a heapins meaaurc of 

infortable aatiafacuon. 

J. Kin^ham & Co., Ltd. 

1004 Broad Street Phone 647 

Put to a vote, Coundllora Vant- 

relght, McNIcol and Hlnipson voted 
for the amendment, and Ueeve Wat- 

f 'i\ and ('iium llliM-H Klrkham, Iloli- 
iTpuhaw and I.,i,h m 1 n 11 Nutod af^.iinbt 

Hofore the rnoliou cn%Ul be put to 
n vote. Councillor Brooke entered the 
council chamber. Councillor Vant- 
relght. of Gordon Head, contended 
that the riew<'omer, not having heard 
the i>rpviouH iirpument, was not suf- 
ficiently <()nviTHa nl with tho Huhject 
to vote on it. Councillor Hrooks took 
a contrary view, however. He thought 
the councillor from Gordon Head 
should not object to paying for the 
water service given hltnaelf and other 
residents of the district when the 
water was to ho delivered at cost. 

Ropvo Watson a.sKorted omo again 
thnt tho now l>ylaw wan drawn to 
prevent a deficit on tho Saanich 
waterworka ayatem. and, further- 
more, if it were not paaaed or aomo 
other action not taken to Increaae re- 
venue, the deficit would be approxi- 
mately 110,000 at the end of the 
lurront year. If tto' Nstom wore 
• >|)Oialod on tho old liaMl.s and .1 do- 
fnit found and carrlod forw;ird he 
wan much afrahl that the municipal- 
ity would some day find Itaelf In the 
same flnancUiI poaltlon aa aeverai 
other munielpalttiaa In Britlah 

The motion when voted on carried, 
tho f(dlowing councillorH voting In 
favor: ( 'oiincillorf Klrkham, H«>!)ert- 
Hhaw, I..ehnian and Hrookd, ('oiincjl- 
lors Vantrelght, McNIcol and Simp- 
son voted agalnat tt. 


FirinR I'nrty Was Pro%ldod I'roni 
U.M.CS. ]>atrlcl»n — .Many Com- 
nMlaa AtiaiMleU 

Tells ($) Why 


FIXTURES that arr diffc rent. 

1 I J II ^1 •.11 n .• In .'"•In. „i,,l r„,„), I all 

- " ' ■■■ - - . 1 i- ■ p ' r 

Murphy Eloctric Co. 

615 Fort St. Phone 3805 


\\r.\r\ng of fl' • .ipiieni for a nww 
tri.i; 1" ■ t " • ' f Kleio Rlnimops 
and Henry (Jreeiiwood. Convicte.l l>y 
an assise Jury In Reralatoka of at- 
tempted murder, waa continued in 
tho Court a( Appeal yeaterday, and 
will eoneluda today. Yaaterday'a alt- 
tlaff waa taken ap with a review of 
the evidenee given at the trial, aa 
aubmltted by counsel on both aides, 
and Sf« «uinm»«rli»«d !n these columns 
yoaterday. The no usod wore r(>n- 
\Strd. malnh 'in tho oi.litu,. . in 
alleged accomplice. a Chinaman 
namad Xtong Wla«, wha tamad 

King's evidence. of dynamiting a of ill faTu*" on Front Htreot, 
Ttevelstoke The .ippeni ia t..T»vd on 
the refusal of the trial Judge to at.nte 
a case on the question of his r.^fiisnl 
to permit certain croaa-e.xamlnatlon 
ef Dong Wing; and alao on the atated 
oaae granted, that the verdict was 
agalnat the weight of the «\'ldenie 
The aeeuaad aek for a new trial. 

Mr. Cecil KlUam appeared tor the 
Crown; and Met-srs. A. Alacdonald. 
K f nil. I C MrCortar for tha con- 
victed .-\ p pel I.i'lt 

Tho poiem|iior>- 'isf of cttiea aet 
down for ii; today N :i.s lollows: 
Ilex \n Simmons <at bart; Ail<in.*n 

vs. Burdlck iiroihen*: a.nd Ureen re 
liegal P rofeea l ona Ae?. 

i'asadena'a new stadium will aeat 

Kiilogg's Bran ts Buaranlatd io 

llva riliif BECMttE IT IS ALL BRMl 

■Relief from eonst ipnl ir^n. wlirtber {'. 
lie rrilUI or rlironic. will follow th.i 
ri-gi)lar, every <l»y' oatinjj of Koilr.gjj'n 
Hran Wo linve thoin.m li of Irftoria 
from former auffrrera who feii ,m 
the natural ' ' Im Ik set ion ' ' of Ihn 
wonderful reresl jiroduct. haa giren re 

thagr kava aot kaowa for yrnr* 
Wa gaataataa tkat XaOa|g% liran 
win thaayalaai tma aaaatipation 
bacaiM tt k ALLBlAir— aet a aen 
roaition la l^iek bran is added. If 
eonatipatioa la to bft permanenfly re 
liere*!. you must eat A 1. 1, TIHAN 
jour physician will reeom 

Uiat 'a ^^Jj^**' 


the MMd aad 

a/ the body It slows 
ly aad phjaiealty, aad 

lefi.ling to M 


I lie 

a r 1 a ' ' V . '. 

iiv r»»os. 

The remains of the late Corporal 
William Harry Clark, who paaaod 
awny last Tuesday, wara laid to rest, 
with full military honora, yeaterday 
afternoon. The eaaket draped with 
the Union Jack, waa conveyed tu 
Itosa Bay Cemetery c/n n gun ctrrlage 
ip charge of ("orporal Konnody. 

A firing party from H M f .M. I' » - 
frician. through the courtesy of the 
or.. Lieut. Gland, and under Petty 
Officer Zanelll, attended and fired 
three volleys over tha open grave. 
Service waa held at tha Thomaon 
Funeral Home. 1626 Quadra Street, 
at 2 o'clock, when Colonel* the Rev. 
a. ll. Andrews, M A., officiated. The 
liymn "Mork of Ages" was sung. 
Thoro woio iii.iriy friends present at 
the , ■ .. <. AnionK those nttend- 
int I anoflk Hlio hliffo. M I'.P , 

members of the O.W.V.A., and the 
Tuberculous Veterans' Aaaoelatlon. 

also from the Canadian I.egion 

The following .Tcled ns pa llho.irers: 
Frederick Hurke, .F H Dixon and J. 
Oreeii. representing tho (;reat War 
Veterans' Association, and I, A. Wliil- 
lAW, representing the Tuberculoua 
\>terana' Association. 


iiklltnni of NrwapApraa In >ilsj»ourl 
Pton to b>tahlleli Mark Twain 

fight eonatipatioa with Kalloga a Braa 

^>auoa wita iveiio^ 

Toil '11 Kuv Ki1lo(t(t'i» Uran is really 
ilelieiiiiia 1' tins n iii:< itk" flavor tliaf- 
aplM-^a U to 1 ho iiio«t f ,■!>• t ol lom a , |»-t il.- 
l""nt it as R .■.•rofli. «|i'-i'ikl' ! "n ho' or 
rold crriuls or rookr l f li r. rinln, 
allowing I wd t.'iM< «|MH>nf 1 '•« of hrnn 
for each {M rson, lie n rliiin to est at 
leaat two tahlespooafuls each day; aa 
TTxirh with each nteal la ehroale aaasa. 
KallMfg'a la dalialaw made Sato 
mnfffaa, Baaaraaaa. mMm ¥raa<l. 
griddiorakaa. B at l pai PI every package. 
Kellogg .1 Bran la aerred hv leading 

holela, e'ul.a hH'I r< "I «i ; is nto in mil 

Tidiial i>ackace«. i\ iv^ bjr aU 

FT.(tniI).\ .\lo. uljjr The plan 

lo estahlish a .Mark "Twaln Memorial 
I'ark here, where the hunaorlat was 
born, has met with an encoaragtng 
response, aeeording to offlaera of the 
Mark Twain State Memorial Park 
Aaaoelatlon. which la fostering tho 

The executive committee has set 
August aa "Mark Twain month." and 
the first week la SepUmkar aa "Mark 
Twain weak." ^ All lovers of ' the 
famatu httnorlst should read at least 
ore of his hooka In August, the com - 
iiiltiro .1' biiod. and heads of schocds 
nill bo naUod to have some sort of 
memorial programme aO Caa day In 
•■.Mark Twain week," _ 

M. A. VI<Uette. owner of tke home 
here In which Mark Twain waa bom. 
haa promlaad to deaata tha houae and 
Ita old-time curios to the aaaoelatlon. 

Mark Twain wan born November 
so IRIS, and In his autobiography he 
humorously speaks of Florida «s hav- 
ing "two streets, each a couple of 
hundred yarda long, the rest of the 
avenuea mare laaaa. with rail fsaeae 
and aam flaMa an either aMe." 
Plarlda, h awavar. haa frawn lata a 
neat tttOa town, with all tha «a«al 

hiislneea Institutions 

Th" majorltv of mrmhera of tha 

association are edltora of newapapera 


m TO ills m 

.Mr .l..(<ii M. 

ly i>iaa|>pcavtait 

of Rapid. 


In the passing away of Mr. ,lohn 
M rtoad last night, death has re- 
moved another of the fast dtaappear- 
liig army of gold seekers who made 
the early rush to the Cariboo. As- 
sociated aa these men were with the 
early days of \'ictoria and tho Trov- 
in CO, they haxo retained ,i warm 
placo in tho hoarts of old-limo \'ic- 
torians. In a |>ro\ Inco that in its 
devei«ipment ha.s had ;i succesaion of 
romantic perloda, the Cariboo gold 
ruah and the loves of the men who 
played their part In it, have consti- 
tuted the richest period of romance 
In the counlry's history 

.\ftor knowing \ictorla In Its 
infaiHv. and wltnosslnR its growth 
through a period of sixty years. Mr. 
John M. Rend, sturdy pioneer who 
came to this coast in the last century 
with the first tide of gold seekers, 
passed away last night nhont ten 
o'rlork. at tho .lubllee Moni>ital, at 
111.' a^o of .'-»'\ <■ n I .\ 1 1 1 n o \i,irn. Me 
had lo oti lir fi.i I fi u MionlhH, being 
confine. I to 111,- h..^|>ltal. 

Following his unsuccessful search 
for the yellow metal In the Cariboo, 
he aettled down In Victoria, and for 
the last twenty-five or thirty years 
he h;iH been a familiar figure at his 
tdare of hiisinonn on Uoniiiiiun lioad, 
X'lrioiii whore he piled his 
trado of shoomakor. 

The late Mr. Read. born in 
Gananoque, Ontario, eighty years ago 
this September, started for the 
Pacific Coast at the age of nineteen, 
making the trip via the Isthmus of 
Panama in 18fi2. Ho was ncconipaniod 
by his brother, William, the two 
youths having an ambition to maki; 
their fortunes in the g(ddfields of tho 
Cariboo. Heachlng Victoria, they 
left most of their possessions with 
Mrs. R, Maynard and headed for the 
Interior. Up the Fraaer River they 
Journeyed, thence via the Harrison 
Ulvor to I.illooot and on lo I'.arkor 
villo. They had no hikcohh in their 
search for riches aiol .^i.irlod h.aok 10 
V'lct»)rl.'\. At a point wlieie thoro waa 
a branching of the roads, one going 
to Yale and the other leading to 
Llllooet, the two brothers decided to 
separate and take different routes on 
their return trip. 

Mr .lohn .M Itoad choSe lo travel 
out by way of Yalo and. lei\ing his 
brother to ko vi.i laiiooei i.. pro- 
ceeded. Coming over Jackass .Moun- 
tain he came upon a slide which had 
desoended and obliterated the trail. 
The young man was undecided what 
to do, and finally he tolaed a coin 
to sef» whether he wotild go forward 
or turn back Tho derision wax In 
f.ivor of pi<Meoding, and this ho did 
over the danKoroim face of tho elide, 
being exhausted when he reached the 
farther aide. By way of Yale and 
New. Weatmlnster he traveled to Vic- 
toria, arriving a dtfy or so ahead of 
his brother. 

The two men. who loft for tho gold- 
fields in tho Siitnmer and airivod 
back the following Spring, idiehod a 
tent in Mrs. Maynard's back yard and 
went out In aearch of work. Mr. John 
M. Read became an employee In tho 
ahoe and leather business of Mr. R. 
Maynard. and took charge In 18(19. 
when tlie proprietor was absent In 
tho Old Cf)untry. For a niimbor of 
y<ats ho had a ahoom.'ikiiiK lniKino.HS 
of his own at a mill on Iturrard 
inlet. "While there he had a narrow 
eacape, for, while he was acting as a 
marker for acme men Having target 
practice with revolvers, a bullet 
glanced off a scantling and entered leg. 

Ueturnlng to \'ictoria. Mr. Read 
went Into the shoemaking business 
here for himself. For the iMst twenty- 
five or thirty years he haa been 
established on Dominion Road, Vic- 
toria Waat. In 1114 the Vaneoaver 
Island Building Society was organ- 
ized here and Mr. Read was elected 
Iti president Throughout its life of 
seventeen or eightoon yoarn tie whs 
ro-ole(-lod as itq ho, 1,1 each year. Mr. 
A. H. Maynard holding the post of 
treasurer during that time also. 

Tha funeral arrangamanta will be 
announred later. 


Kklda I'Vr>m Maiahat IHghway at 
Near Maiunlt and Uocs 

Mr. AuaUn Craven, a fireman of 
the Ksnulmalt * Nanalmo Railway, 
realding on Queen's Avenue, and pas- 
sengers In his Nash Inelndlng his 
wife, his TTiother in l.iw and two 
children mlrai iiloush e.c.iprd l.emg 
injurod yesierdsy mornlnp when his 
car plunge<l over the emi-anlimont on 
the Maiahat at a point near the aum- 
mlt of the highway, a ahort distence 
south af the Hamaterlay farm re- 
fraahmant boath. It Is stated that 
yeeterday's acddeat, which occurred 
about ll:ta e'eiack. ma*^ the third 
of a similar nature to happen during 
the past thirty days Th* Provlneiai 
Police department reports that tb^ 
point •< I'urtlrulsrly dangerous fine 
and " • elrong prnterllng rail 

•howi'i !•«• "recfeit there. None of 
tho»" In Mr Craven's ear were hurt 
and the car wae but ellghtly damaged. 

If nil the herring egg* laid should 
hatch, the North Sea would aooa be 
a aoM Man af 



.^er<iiiiiiilti .ll Chamber t>f toniiint' 

uf Anterica daya Uatemmrut 

NBW TOl^. July Tha ^UB*-a 
for the airplane accident^ uf 1*2: 

and reconimendatloiis fur the reduc- 
tion of future accidents to a mini- 
mum are found in the annual repuit 
of the Aeroii'lulical Chtimber of 
Commerce of America iy the Secre- 
tary of Commero». Tha chamber saya 
I he government must, provlda air law 
and esarelse Jurlsdletloa over all 
< ivit flying If caaualtlea are to be 
reduced. The report Indicates that 

mo^t of tho I !) J J accideuls were duo 
to the itinerant pilot who has no fixed, ia unlieciiMed and unregulated 
i>v law, and therefore has no prt- 

imptlve reaponslbllity. 
'Of approximately 1,200 civilian 

irplanea In operation in the United 

latea In IfSS," says tha. report, "be- 
: ween 650 and 600 were owned among 
I'lM .-.1 .1 I.!|'<Im'I (.| is, in 
dividualH uikI 01 gani/.a I loii^ with fixed 
liases and conservative ihimio k poll- 
lea; an equal number ere dlstrib- 
><ed among Itinerant pilota who 
oiVe no particular systam and depend 

•r a living upon stunting, barn- 
i-iorming tours, and eatra haaardous 

Itinerant Pilota 
"In tlioi-e wore I'JU .necidenis 

.MiioMi; the itinerant pilots, or g> jifrlos, 
(iiid only 12 among the Axed babe 
operators, "rbese accidents resulted in 
«i2 fatalltlea among the gypaies und 
only seven among the flxed base oper- 
Hlor'M. One l^iindrod iiorsons wore 
Injured tliroiiKh ,iccldonts with ko- 
i ailed Ky\iyy planes and only I'esen 
were liuit in pluncs operated from 

llxod li«i.'-( 

"The 130 established' operators, 
having definite financial responslbil 

ily, fields, repair sho;>s in a majority 
of cHse.M, and a sy.'^tom of inspef tion 
for their (i.ifi ilonionstrated n de- 
trre(> of d.pondiihiiity unexcelled by 
" i l l ond onicially regulated mediums 
of transportation They Incurred only 
12 .accidenU In ISIS aa against 24 
ac c l da a l a i n jlux. — Aad nmny of 
theao could have been avoided had 
thoro bo( 11 ill effoet federal laws 11- 

e«-nsing operators. 

In Mtartling contrast Is the record 
of the gypelea. They have conaist- 
ently replaced their damaged cqul|i- 
ment with the obsolete aurplun from 
government atores remaining fiom 
war production ami availabio at 
prices HO ,.heap tlint youths with 
often . few hundred dollars may, and 
Invariably do, acquire airplanes 
which they alter to accommocTato 
one or two paying panaengers. The 
passengers are led to ride Jn these 
machinee through ignorance of safe- 
ly factors controlling nivrht. and th« 
IMiblle >;onorally vein, (n aecepl all 
"Ircraft a.s airworthy, not pauaing to 
reflo. t that here Is the only vehicle of 
Importance which the operators are 
not compelled by law to make and 
operate In a manner calculated t.. 
aafeguard the public. 

Aixidonta Inereaaa 

"From (00 to 600 of these gypay 
<'raft have wandered from town to 
town for at least two ye^.r.s Accord- 
ing to tho most lomi.loi,. ..eeounts 
ol.taln.ible. In 1921 there „oro 114 
ae.idents involving itinerant filers 
In 1 ito ro wero 1^6 aeddenU, an 
IrK-rease of twelve. i„ jhe a.' 

cidenta resulted in 49 CaUlltles and 
'"^"'■•<J: «n iota, OS fa 
tnlitias and 100 persona Injured an 
increase of IS deaths, or mo,o t"han 
^« per cent, and 11 Injured, or more 
than 12 p.-r cent. 

"Among the gypsy fliers J7 acci- 
dents wer,. ,iue lo lack of inapectlon 
of their o,|ui„n,ent. Uovernment 
i" enning and other regulations would 
have prevented thia. Poor piloting 
caused 4« acddenta, stuntlnR euised 
80 accldenta, also pro\oni..Mo t,y 
federal regulations, n wore , nn.Hod 
by carelessnoHM or, „„,| 17 were 

from unknown cau«es, 14 to lack of 
landing fields, one to lack of weather 
data, nlno to lack of rouU data in 
which the pilots became lost and 
were driven off their course 

"In other wordw, .to ,,er rent of the 
accldenta among liineranis. and thoy 
had the vast majority „f accidents 
wore .auHo.l t,y Hiunlin*;, „nd 29 per 
<eiu to f;,iiitv inspection of aircraft. 

1'- Hfford sufficient evi- 
dence that federal regulatlona. pro- 
viding primarily for the licensing of 
pilots aa to competency, tho proMM- 
tlon of dangerous flying, and for the 
cerflflratlon of equipment an to air 
worthinese. will operate to correct 

>>>iisoa In avlatloa. aad make flying 




Continued from Page 1 

eluded detachmente from tha Royal 
Canadian Regiment. The Dragoons 
and mounted police went to Olaee Bay 
by road, aad the infantry were moved 
by railway. 

Mon- Minors Out 

NEW (J^A.S(;f)W, S.a.. July 10. 

More than 700 miners were added to 
the list of strikers by the action of 
the Westvllle men tonight, who de- 
clared in favor of Joining the other 
TMctou County miners in their aym- 
patbetir atrike wKh tha Bydney Ateei 

The movement waa quiet and the 

occupation of No. S mine and Its 
vi(lni»y was not ev*n verbally inie«. 
tlonod. Coloned MeI>onald. eommls- 
sioner of provlneial polli o. .«iHto>| I'n 
<Ur lb.' iirotoitlon afforded, coal 
1 11- were taken into No. 2 |>ower 
plant wuhout the Interference which 
had marked theee efforts since the be- 
ginning of the strike, Coloaal Mc- 
Donald aald. He annonnead. follow- 
ing the oacopaUon of tha mine, that 
interferenco with men or coal enter- 
ing the plant would result la tha ar- 
rest of thoa* Interfering 

It is presumod that under the pres- 
ent protortloT), relief wlM b» glv»n to 

( Aids to Resut v » 
A «.mplifi#'ri method Is here given 
for tho (|iii<k removal of hairy or 
fuaay growthe and rarely la mora thaa 
o«« m at a aa nt ra«ulrad: Mto • aMT 
paste with some p ow d a i a d diialaai 
and water, apply to hairy sarfkee and 

after ; or S minutes ruf. off. waah the 
skin and #very hair haa \anlahrd 
This Biniple tromrn^nt cannot 1 
injury, but rare ahould be exercised 
•a «M ml dalatM^ fAdvt. 

> 1 

licautiiully l ailorctl SkirU and 
Suits of Engflish Flannel 

111 the 

July Sale 

Suits with white skirt and 

carefully tailored iacket of 
red or j^reen tlaniiel arc 
ideal for ^port or street 
wear diiiiiij^ the Smiiincr 
nioiith-^. The^^e v^iiii'^ arc 
nia<ie of fine (|iiality I'.tiR 
li>^h erickci flannel, aiitl 
eaeh {garment is especially 
laik>rcd. July Sale l*ricc 


Skirts of fine i|uality. cream flannel arc provided 
in an assortment of plain or pleated styles with 
belts, novelty pockets and pearl button trim- 
minp^s. July Sale Prices 

$6.00, $7.75 and $9.50 

72t-730 Yates 



wuuAMs & harts; ltd, 

VUmf Palat Coy.) ' 
Psiatere' •applies 

laat Wharf m 

Maaafaetarers aad Dealers In Psial 
"niispir mm* Itottar" 

«■ TIalerta'' 

The Great 
Free Book 


W hether you suffer from con- 
Mipation, stomach, kidney 
trouble or not. send for this 
book Nl)VV— It IS FREE and 
does not obligate yoa. 

Kippen's Hygfenk 

Health Society 

ti4 Oasspti'H KM. 

I' lion* 


PrlDta/l at Short* 
S*n1 !)• Tonr (lrO«ra 

Sweenej-McCoBaeil, Ltd. 

nakOar atsaiss latt l«B«lay 


Gati etna iar Yo«r FlaaMffita at 

San Electric Co. 

Mi Yates at Oee. Whiu lui^n 

the offlelala now manning No. J plant. 

The District No. 2G executive will 
meet tomorrow at Glare Bay to con- 
sider Instructions from International 
President John Lewis, that the Cape 
itretnn miners should remain at work. 

Vh e President Mclntyre said to- 
tilght that he had received other eom> 
munleatlonN on the subject but would 
not be at liberty to divulge them be- 
fore tomorrow. 

Htrlkr aa I»rot4Wt 

KTni.I.ARTON, .N .S , .July 10 All 
the miners In the IMcIou County eon 1 
area, with the exception of those em 
l)loyed by the Intercfdimla 1 Coal n n<l 
Railway Company at Htellarton, are 
out on atrlke today In pruteet agalnat 
the arreat of Daa Llvlngatona and J. 
I). MacLachlan, and the presence la 
Cape Breton of armed forces of the 
crown. About 1.800 men are affect- 
ed Maint'-nanee men had not quit 
Iheir Jobs U[) to n late hour today 
and liO attoir)|it hnx a» yol been aMda 
at picketing by the strikers. 

Airplane In Vmn 

HALIFAX. Julv HI Iiomlnion No. 
2. the heart of tho < fdllery diatrict. 
was being oecupled today t>y Infantry 
and cavalry, aaslsted by an airplane 
acouting overhead, according to pri- 
vate advleea reaching here today. 

-Hon. p. Cameron, provliielal aa o ra- 
tary, when naked to comment on the 
rei>ort. said It waa his onderatandlng 
the troops were already In control 
at No 2. He expressed the opinion 
that the occupation nroxe boe,ni»i.« »n 
enrleavor yodtenlny on tire piift of tho 
(ompany to relieve the off|ilHl« op»r 
ating the piim[>e anrl {.tnm l.\ offlclnis 
from other efdllorlon. In nlleg**d to 

have met with oppoeiUon from the 

liTadcrs In Cnart 

HALIFAX. July in - |»an Living 
Stone, president, and .i m .MaeUeh 
Ian. aecretary of the Ignited Mine 
Workers. District SS, were before Mr. 
Justice Chlshotm In tha dupraoie 
f^ourt this momlav on hahaoa eerpas 
proeeedlnge. their counael. J. A. 
Walker, making applicaUon for ball. 

The applic:ation was opposed by the 
Attorne^--Oeneral, Hon. W. J O'Hearn. 
Ton a pi'llea I iona were made on* fx- 
l>all iindor < ompletton of the p- 
llmlnnry examination, waa conilni, 
until tomorrow, and the othera foi 
bail until Thursday of this week, when 
the preliminary esamlnatlon u 
scheduled to be reaamed. was Mil un 
der constderatlan at noon. 



Rhiki RiMers or 

Bloomers, Bathing SuiU 
Boys* Blouses 

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Tha friands of the home aad |||§ 

banquet hall 


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Nothing will ever swerve 

Ui from tha bet! kind of atrvke. 

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CO.. I/TD. 

Tts vert at. 

No meal in 
wltboat tortUlaa. 

li .affiaplete 

Tha aaelaot aaelesiaatlaal hall of 
Nendrvm. given to St. Maehaol on 

his ordlnatiotL dt- Patrlek. haa 

been found bv workmen during the 
course of ex'avaiing the ruins of 
Nendrum At>boy Tho workmen found 
the bell hidden In an angle of the 
ancient foundationd for the walla. 
whUa alaarlac away tha dahfia which 
had aalHatad foa oa nt arla a . Tho keii 
la made of llvaidd wrought Iron. 
nrlglnalTy < i OTei%d with a r«>ailng nf 

bron«e. and eicept for m crack ••' »' • 
baa* and S pcrr'l'.n or tb» ha' 
whieh haa boeti i - .. 

perfect coadUioa. though much 

On Your 

yoa are gofaig 
OlUi you. and yoa 

gni<"'V vour 



ld04 Oovcmment Sc 

■ < 




'DBiys IN conrorr 

Ledix Jr. Win^hielil Visors 



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Thcmaa H«rey*a •Ichty-thlrd MitMay 

Buy a ton of Coal 
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I. 1. 


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OlMWS 7<rar b<mi*-bittidlac Mmi with 
ua. L«t M g1v« yvm th« bw i S t of «ur 


C. p. S. LUMBER 
And Timber C«., Hi, 


waa a party of ehoriatara from H«lr 
Trtnltr Churoli, Dorehaatar. who aanc 
■avaral hymns and 8tarndal«>Ban- 

n«ttf8 Hnfhom. -nod In a Spirit." Mr. 
H«r<1y wim Kr»>atlv toiichrd and askvd 
thn rhoir to ulnar (<^r hini tha old 
hymn, "Sun of M v Soul." Thta waa 
done, and Mr. Hairdv. who waa ac- 
companied by Mri. Hardy, axprawad 
hla thanka m tMaM«v werea of ap- 



Mothers Advise Their Daughters to 
Rely upon Lydia E. Pinkham's 
Vegetable Compound to Kmo 

Tbem in HMlth 

A MeliMv'a Advice Reeleeea 
MiM» Hui to Heulll 

I.indi>«y. Ontario "I Imd 
poor bloorl and wa» hothfrrd with 
palnii In my aide ami hark I ton!. 
Mdn*y m*<firln« for a whil»' with>p\it 
aurc«aa I fot paU. w»«k and ner- 
vtma. Mjr motii^r, who ha« ii»«»d 
Lydia F, rlnkham'a v>gat*l.l«' Com 
pound for a numb«»r of v^am with 
vary atxxl r«»miltJi. advia^d m»> to takn 
It aaa I did it did nio world* nf 
giM4. Ibava nfn«id twenty pounaa 

aad kofo aot fall m wall for a Iotr 
Hbm. Ym wt9 mm tUa lattar — a 
tMttaDoalal to holp ethara If yea ttkik 

A Sickly ChiM 

Ifilillrtaallinii Pa I woald iik« 
to say anw word* about Lydia 
R PInklMm'i ▼•■•^WaCawwadL 
About a f aar aeo I tkoept » waeM 

ba n«i*aaary for If* ">T 

diMffhtar out of achool na waa 
hwinc waiaht. waa ««->«>««. and whom 
■b« wooWT coma homa from erhooi 
■ba would drop Into a chair and cry 
" I doa'tbaHava 1 

aav^ her Lydia K Pinkhara'a V«Mt»> 
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healthy, happy, hearty, ttTHV it*! 

and w^igha 120 pouDda. 
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and •>h«- worka aCktHM arary ntakt 
and monlBC. too. I am a mottar 
who oaa aariitBly nralae ynnr mad- 
idaa, aad If Itwfll ba of any he<^.>nt 
yoa may osa tkia lattar aa a rofrr 
•nea."— Mra. Gforc;k F. Wmita< ri 
«Z1 W Madlaon Avenue, Mahonini? 
town. Fa 

F:vprv gtr! want* to »>* lifailhy and 
iitrong m.| .-v^ry m<ith»-r wanta bar 
daa|rhl>>r to do well in acbool and to 
<*nioy hemelf at all tJmea. 

Lydia K Pink bam'* V« 
pound II a 

l"^.!^ ^ antarkiK womM- 
noo± llMMra may dapand upon it 
Ikbar it ia paaparad from rr»ota 

— - , contalna nothinn that ran 

m^nra, and tenda to tone op and 
•trmrthan the orgaaa coDcaroad, ao 

thatthay will walk laeiMliiveii 

normal manner. 

For nearly f^fty yearn it haa been 
need by women of all ag-ea, and 
thaee woman kno«- ita great ralu* 

^^^|||t^ balp TOW dMnhtor aM| 

I at}? and District 

mt Oalaary AiiiTniHn 
(ieorca Sanaatar la at Calaary (or tha 
bif atampada tkara, ao^ la 
baak la VWtorIa ta a lav ' 

I*l«*tMll<l III l>eiiuiii<l 

tlin i<ui' )t.i%>-i i.f ( ity ixiuiid i 

rMMj'iuii (ili'tial.) liMiKti has alrrady r «• 
' eivad an oiffir trom aomauna ala* lu 

It Is alatart 

and riei ted for apeady tfftal BOXt Fri- 
day. M». U. C. UaU. KXX. appaarad 
far tfca 

a nva-yaar.old child, sufrarad an ao- 

cldant on tha tIMea at Baacon Hill 
Hark jeat-i ilii , Hr'tinoon. 8ha Was 
cut about the rurc mid haad. 

Teat la lalaad.— Campla* on tha 
Booka Laka watorakae la forbMAon, 
and a tant found on tha propartykaa 
baan aaisad by tha olty. It wlU ba 
rotwrii<-d i.> ita>oarBar wiMW ka ap- 

pram t.j i laim It. 

af tka 

daniseu lataly aocacad la vMklaa 

Mti iiwhrrrtea at Qordoa Bia4 wrota 

lir-i iialii* arj'l u >M raaa OS tkO b< >( N ' n i 

.r one of ttia i,r,,iy hoxaa and n.i- 
tint raoalrad ">n rou.iwinir 'lom 
A'innlpae* voder dala ot July «■ 
"flay, aOranaar. yoar kaniaa ara aura 
flna. Aaotkar fallow aa« av>oU bava 
juet enjoyad aatlnr that box with our 

h Ax w. f» wni*> wcitklnK I'll .1(1 
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BO 1 buutftii m. box fur lunch, and, 
noticina tha addraaa. thouaht I would 
UU yott what awoaC atrawbarrlaa you 
arow la jroar eoaalry. Toura. ato.. 
P. K. flsoavatlna 

Brltlaii Mall .Arrlvoa — I^ik^ ' '"K" 
of lattera and tan of papara 
tka Victoria potolBoo jrafetarday ^^-^ 
taraeon from Oraat Britain. Tha^ 
eaoka laft Southampton on tho Wbtta 
star Ilnar Homeric. Juna 27. 

H<Ntr<l Mtfls ionliclit. The ("Ify 
li I . I;-Hrd will hold It.t regular 
ineetiiig this evening. It is under- 
atuod that tha quoatlon of patnttna 
and rapalra for tha varloua rchoola 
durlaa tka tammar kolMaya will ba 
rirao eoaaMaratloa. 

Thunka Mayor — Mayor Edwin J. 
Hrown, of Henttle. ban written to 
Mii\' I Haywurd. t- 1 i.r < ' hi rig hla ap- 
inei lallon of the iireH«'n< « of Vlo- 
t.iM.i s yui rn of the Krolk. .Mlas Dora 
KolU. In tha ble Fourth of July 

tr. R. 

II. F. Sawell, dark of tha municipal- 
ity of Saanlch. who oomplated scrv- 
Ina a. alx montha' probath^iiai y iir 
rlod In that capacity yesterday, v/sui 
lonftrmed In his appointment per- 
m anaatly by the uoaaimoua approval 
of tko eaialok oottadl laat nleht. 

Dallaa Hotel I>aBoa — ^Tha weekly 

8unimer duncn given by the mHna({»- 
iiient of the I 'alias Hotel was held 
la^i iiiKht, Hhout thlrty-tlke couplea 
being preaant to danca to music riip- 
iicd by Flndlar'a orchestra. Thasa 
• rralrs ara provlna to ba vary popular 
itncna ths youngar sat. 

May Kxtf>n<I~ TLna. — Tha con- 
tractors pavinti the Johnaon Street 

extension are ^uv'poaed lo have the 
J"h com ph'ted hy tho firHt i>( He\t- 

reiiii>t>r, but. owins to tha work on 
\u>- Johnson Straat Brldaa net balng 
aa far advancad aa orlelnaUy expaet* 
ed, It may ba osesma r y to astsnd tka 
tima limit. 

Mnyor to Preside — A delegation 
from the Canadian Legion, headed by 
Major Gua Lyons, waited upon Mayor 
Ilayward yesterday to ask that he 
preside at the amokina eoneart balng 
givan In tka Laalon rooms Saturday 
night In honor of tko manf of tb« 
Uritiah llabt crutsar Curlaw. Tha 
Mayor consented to act. 

ViHitH Omctery SUr- — Mayor Uny- 
waiil. ' hainnaii of th" I iit I'l iii iiii h 1 pa 1 
t etnotery Boaid, arconipRnled by ex- 
Alderman Perry, aNo a member of 
the board, visited the new cemetery 
alto at Royal Oak yaaterday after- 
noon to see bow tka work waa pro- 
gresBlna. Bvarytklaa la eomtnc along 
eatlafaetorlly, the Mayor raportad. on 
his arrival back in the city. 

PhotoafraplK^rw Mc<-< The niernhera 
of the Victoria rhotonrraphlc Korlety 
held an enjoyable outing on Monday 
evening, vialtlng Oonsalee Hll and 
taktne pkotoffrapha there. Tha ava- 
nin#..waa concluded with a visit to 

the Metaorologlcal Ohnervntory, 
where the director, Mr. Napier Danl- 
son. kindly sbowad tba vlalton orer 

thA hnllding- ■ ^ 

.Music liiiemlnatlong^ Tha piano 
and theory atudenta of Mra. MaoOov- 
ern who suooaMfUlly passed examina- 
tions conducted by Dr. Ernest Mac- 
Mlllan, of Toronto, for the Canadian 
Academy and Toronto College of 
MiiKh- In June lant, are hh followo: 
rrliiiary, piano, flral clasa honora, 
HpsKie Waterhouae; paaa, Madeline 
Ilornsey. Preparatory piano, honora. 
Iris Gurpel. Biemantary piano, 
honora, Jaaa Moniaon. Primary 
theory, paki. Halan Rllay. 

SaoooasM Puplla — The following 
puiillfl of MrH. (;. lIodRPR, <>.(.in 

\'ifw Road, hi^e auccessf >i 1 1 y passed 
tho cxa ml na 1 1 1 'im of thp Asaorlntcd 
Board of tho Koyal Academy and 
Royal College of Mualc: Lower dlvi- 
alon. laabel Vlmpany; flementary, 
Irene Davla, Viola Da via. Mora Oar- 
dlnar, Margarat Linnall; primary. 
Bdward Blmanden, John< Ltnneli, 
Waltor RoMnaon: grammar of niuaic. 
TMytsion r. Mabel FUmer, Nora Gar- 
diner. Betty iJnnall. lUvjm Mardta. 

l<(.it.«'l \'irniiany. 

Will Atii-iid C'oiivenUoa— The Real 
Katate Board of Victoria will ba rep- 
reaented at the annual oonventlon of 
the Northwest Realty Aasoolatlon. 
which takea plaoe from July II to 
July 31, at Portland. Oregon, and 
Mesdrs. Alfred Carmichaal. Frederick 
I>andaberg. C. T. Cross and .1 )<:. An- 
dr<»s w:ll iitiihahlf make the trip to 
fhr Uo^f City Mi-niherH of the Board 
met last nlRhi In the Pemberton 
Building, and Informally lUseuaaed 
various mauara of lataraat to tka 

:n view of 
numerous breachee of the cattle 
herding regulations <<r Saanlch. 
■which have ocruiioil rec«.ntl>, and 
the evident Inadequacy of the hy-lawa 
to daal with auch breaches, tha Saan- 
lch council laat night raised the max- 
imum paaaltjr ftrom IM to ill*. The 
tneraaao waa larsaUr BM«a apoa the 
ooomraeadatloa of MMltlWrata Oaaf a 
lay. who. In hla fudlolal eapaeity. ha- 

had to deal with many rer>- 

of breaeheo of the herding regula- 


Will Take 

ted by Baaalck'jaa tl esa Of tka 

Norman Weaver 

Judge MelMoak la tke'covnty Crtm- 
inal Ooart yaaterday. and pleaded not 

Riillty, and elected for ape#dv trl«l M> 
« . hsrge of tnfendlnir to inslm Hak r>i 
«ti !■■ «hf.-« at hi'ii Tt;« 

(.:».• .-f • ' nl '.(Tnnce waaalvvn 

«• ' ■ !.■!' HiriHnt a dairy. Blanhln- 

•■■■i' n..:i.i .Mr , I.. Clay ap« 

peared fcr the defrnr.- 'Rm aOOa Waa 

remanded for a date of trial to ba 
fixed. Tkeodore M. «»«'"r*%. rapra* 
aeatad \f Mr. W. C Marsa 
aal fAM^ to a akargo aC' 

\ <> \. .M.-*«Unjr — Tha regular 
m nitiiy meeting of the local branch 
' r the Vletorlaa Oriar of Nursaa was 
keld yeatorday attaraooa at f ttf. at 
lllS Collfciaon Street. During the 

month flva hun lrrd and »«i\.enty nIi 
Vlsils. of which three ht.ii.l:*-! Hnd 
nlnijtt f"!! wi'if free. »eio i.iiil I'v the 
three nuraea on duty. <ine nurse la 
away on a holiday. Donations of 
clothing were received during the 
month from Maadamea Mooro aad 
Wilson; food auppUea from Mesdamas 
Curtis, Williams, Sutherland, Dr. 
Price and .Mr. Miller, [.laulB from 
Mra. Wilson and Mr .Miller, ruhti.-r 
cushions and sheets from Mrs HhukI' 
Allen. There will be no meeting of 
tka aomaUttoo dvrtae Aagaat. 

STEVENS— Service waa held at the 
Thomaon Funeral Home. 1825 Quadra 
Street, yesterday morning at 11 
o'clock for the l«l« Janies Dotten 
Stevens, who passed away ut the 
home of hia aon last Saturday morn- 
ing. The Rev. Clem Daviea, D.D., 
of the Centennial Methodist Church, 
gave a very Impresalva addreaa. The 
hymna. sung were, "Lead. Kindly 
light," and "Rock of Ages." There 
were many old-time friends preaent. 
and many beAutlful floral designs 
covered the <a.>,ket. The followlnir 
acted as pallhearcre: Meaars. >. 1 
Cody, J. VV. Black, 8. Coxworih, 
Richard n. Pray, A. T. Macaulay. J. 
L. Leigh. The. remain* were laid U 
rest In tka family plot In Roaa Bay 

WILSON— Tkara paamd away after 
a very shore illneas at an early hour 
yesterday morning at the f.anilly resi- 
dence. 3276 Alder Street. Haanlch. 
Mia. Tumor Hannah Wilson, wife of 
Mr. I'". K. Wilson, aged 63 yeara. She 
waa a nati\t nf Hlyth, England, and 
a resident of this city for the past 
ten years. Ska waa a member of 
Prlmroaa Lodge of Daogbtora and 
Maids of England, and Purple Star 
LodKe, I, O.B.A. The remains are 
repoHing at the Thomson Funeral 
Home, 182.". Quadra Street, from 
where thf funeral will take plaoe 
tomorrow nfternoon at 3:30 o'clock, 
when Hev. Uaniei Walker will offici- 
ate. Interment will ba made la R( 
Pay cemetery. 

DOANE — The death occurred at an 
early hour yeeterday morning at tho 

Hoyal Jubilee Hospital of Harrlaon 
Hruce Doane, aon <if Mr and Mm. 
11. K. Doanc, of 2G59 (jni.lia .^nr. t 
The little fellow waK ageil He\en yeais 
and fl\f iionths. hi-rn In \'lctorla, 
and Is survived by hla parents, twi> 
brothers, Carl and Melville; alao hla 
grandparenU. Mr. and Mrs. R. O. 
foator. of tko above addreaa Tka 
fanaral will ba keld tomorrow, the 
cortege leaving the Sanda Funeral 
Chapel at* 2:6S o'clock, and at 3 
o'clock service will be held at St. 
John's by the Kt-v. 1". A. 1'. 
Chadwlck. Interment will be made 
at Reap Bay oemetary. 

of Oftoera — Court 
Maple Leaf. A. O F., held a Joint in- 
atallatlon of oWcorH with <'onrt 

.N'"rt)i>-rii I * « ' • \! :ulav nidhl. the 

following aislera being inatalled: C. 
R.. Sister Colby; 8 C , Sister Flatt; 
eecretary. Slater Barf; traaaarar. 
Bister Danyar: L. W., Hatar Mwnro; 
J. W., Sister Saundera; J. B., Sister B. 
White; B. B., Sister White. At tha 
conclusion of the me^•flIl^; the courta 
were entertained hy the nfllcprs, Slater 
Holt, being at the piano and sonxs 
were sung by Sister Saunders. 
Brothere Torranoe-Holt and Town- 
send, and Mra. Ogilvte; after which 
iei cream and cake were served. The 
evening concluded with romiriunlty 
singing. Brother WngK acted as chair- 
man The committee rter<lres to thank 

those who so kindly asslstsd in mak- 
ing tho ovaalae aaab a 

In Rural Victoria — Mr. (i. .Shep- 
herd, charged In the pollcp i .,ijrt \ • « 
terday wUh permlttlriK his two cows 
to run at larjce his house In 
Cedar Hill Road, was fined |5 by 
MagUtrate Jay Provincial Con- 
Stable Thomas Conly testlflad that ke 
lived nast door to tha dafantfant, who 
had peralatad In graalng hla eowa In 
tha road, had Ignored tha oomplalnts 
and tha ofTlclal badge of the witneaa. 
and had generally behaved In a most 
unncldhhorly manner F'or his part. 
Mr. .'^h^phpTd reloit»«d the rharifo n{ 
unnelaihtiorllnesa. IntUoalol Ui» 
coniplH Ion nl w a« a Kriinc)i. and Bald 
thai III" (<iw^ merely en ^Ute 

from barn to paatvr*. The oouil. 
thought there was much rsnaan to 
auspaet tka axtotanea of a ragrattabto 
unfrlondaklp between tka partlaa; but 
there was alao clearly an Infraction 
of tka pound by-law, which a nom- 
wouM atone. 


Mclrnrn|o(leaI OfBca. Tleterls, 
pm.. July in. 1*11. 


Tha karom*t>>- r»m>in« high 
Caasi. sad Sn* -..'s.r m 

esteaalBa aa«'"'> ' -aha. 


^ Mia 

Vletmia St 

■V«n.oUv»T M 

K * loop* SS 

k>rvtll« 44 

r-inr* nup*rt U 

AM'n ■-..■........«.•■• (4 

W^SLm^^iLm- ti 

PartlaaC Or*. 

San rraaetssa, CmL 

Svattia. wssa. 

raailatea . . . . , 



B.C.. at • 

•a Ih* 


MtahaaM •■ tiM graaa 

frjakt saaskias OMy •>. 

wawaraa aiMav w aw 

•••«••••••■••••• w 

..*•*••••*. SS 



IS bMVft II 

Tka meat af tha 
eaw" of the AratSa 
111^ aar beat 

or "Mhaap 


Wll-l- M MIK .'V> M\ i:ilti.MlV OF 

All Ovar Provlaoe 

• >i aiic'inrii In every part Of British 
t ,M!imnii« will loinorrow celebrate th* 
.1 nnivcraarv "f llin li.illi<- of too 
iioyne, and In pttj-adea. uratluaa. con 
certs aad dances, mark the day 

Mambara of tho Vlotorla Loyal 
Oranga Aseeeiatlon aad tho woaMB'a 
uuxiltariee will gather tomorrow ave- 
nlnif at the Oruiign Hall at I o'clock, 
wheir 11 liiR r'M : • 1 I .il n Ml'- III lin.i b»-BU 
plunned. The cuatoiaary .Inly 1 
parade Will bo Omitted thia year, but 
looal Oraagaman ara predicting that 
the functlaa la tHa avaalag will i>e 
aa largaljr Mtaaded aad aa a a cossa f ul 
as any held In the eltr In tka past. 

I ti>- '-xact nature of the prograasme 
linH hi>i .lu yet been definitely ar- 
iMiiK>'i iilthuugh it la known that 
aeveral addreaaee on the signltlcaiKe 
of the occaalon will be delivered, 
muaioal nuffibara will ba rendered, 
and a gaaaral good tlmo will bo as- 
sured all who attend. AaM>ng the 
speakers will be Rev. W. O. Frank, 
pastor of Hampshire Road M«thodl»t 
Church, who Is a stalwart Orange- 
man, and a prominent member of 
the louil brancti of tiie Loyal Orange 
Lodge. Refreahmanta will be served 
and dancing will round oft tka aatcr- 

Vancouver will tomorrow wltnena a 
big (Jiangemen's 12th of July cele- 
bration at Ha.<4tlngH Park. The parade 
will ieavo tho Orange Hall ul 12:30. 
Several bands will be In the proces- 
eion. The New W eat minster and Na 
nolmo lodges ara expected to ba pre» 
ent and take part in the feativltlen 
At S:IO a mass meeting will be held 
In the grandstand under thf chair- 
manship of the county master, and 
adilresee.s will be delivered by Bro. 
Hon. H. H. Stevens. M. P.. and Uro 
Rev. Alas. Bsler. After tha speeches 
a programme of apotta will take 
place. In the evening at tho Orange 
Hall i:nnlMklllen L. O. L. Is providing 
(he aupper frotn 7 to S o'clock, to be 
followed hy a whict drive and danc»>. 
The dance will take the form of the 
old-time Orange danca. Tha proceeds 
ara to t>a handed over to tko Protea- 
tant Homo drive. . 

»BaclvlUea in Xatorlor 

In various parts of the Province 
celabratlotw have been arranged. At 

Halmon Arm the Revelstokc. Kam- 
loopf, .Mnlakwa and .Salmon Arm 
lodges will (D-operale, and m adili- 
tlon to spuria addresaes will be de- 
livered by R, W. Bro. H. T. Thrtft, 
past grand master, and tka nald sec- 
retory. Bro. W. T. Jago. At Abbots- 
ford the Fraaer Valley lodRcs will 
hold a parade and meetln^r. and 
amongst the speakers thcro will be 
11. W. Bro. W. C. ( '.amble, past grand 
maater, and otheiH At Kelowna Past 
Grand Master Rev. R. J. Mclntyra 
will fag tha speaker and several of the 
Okaaagan lodflaa will co . per itc At 
Prince Rupert a demnnatratlon on a 
large scale win take place. 

Commencing on Monday, July 16, 
th« most worahlpful grand lodge of 
Canada will assemble for Ito annuo' 
convention at Winnipeg. The Oran i 
Black Chapter will precede the Grand 
oranga Ix>dge sesalonn. During the 
week the Imperial (Jrand Orange 
Council of the World will alao hold 
sesKlotiH. ,10.1 (here will be delegates 
from -Kngland, Scotland and Ireland 
and ropreaentaUons from tha order In 
the United Statea. British Columbia 
win ba repreaented at theee seaalnns 
by its grand manter, deputy Kr.ind 
master, gTan<I liccretary and 
post grand masters. 



Dominion Sccrrtarx Hiiirli %|. I..,,| ,,f 
O.W.V^A. \ iai(i« \ ii (..rtn amt .sid- 
h asd Dia<'iiHH<>A 

Mr. Hugh McL«.,,d, Dominion Sec- 
retary of the Grand Army of United 
Veterana, and founder of the Grand 
Army of Canada, aUted yesterday be- 
fore leaving Victoria on the after- 
noon'a boat for Vanciuv-r. that the 
ex-service nrganliatlon with which 
h« r. .Ts amilnted had always atood for 
ainalgamatlon and a national policy 
for returi^ed men, and ha strongly be- 
lieved that the veterans of tha Great 
War moat stond together and present 
a united front In order to secure the 
justice and better treatment that they 
are seeking from the Federal Oov- 
ernnient at the preaent time. 

Comrade MeLeod eontendad that 
thia was an age of mutual ausplolon 
under whleh thara had been a draw- 
ing away from tha harmony of aim 
shown by the veterans in the war 
years, and stated that amalgamation 
of the dirreroQt returned soldiers' or- 
ganlratlons was (•«.«ontial to its re- 
sumption (or the good of the wkole 

"People kava said that tka Grand 
Army of United Veterans w*S JochOy- 
Ing for position In their fl»ht for 
amalgamation. This sugjrestlon is 
totally iir:tiii.># u the statement 
that has been made thatHhat organi- 
sation has been Joekeylne fOT poei- 
tiona for lu o«oara la tha propoMd 
merger. Thatr raalgtiatlona were 
aignad and flled and would take erre'-t 
the moment amalgamation waa aa- 

The Dominion A t'.V. secreUry 
pointed out that the Grand Army of 
United Veterans had always atrongly 
urged and supported the eampafgn to 
aeeura tha Oovamment to grant ^ 
caA bofras to the ea-servlce men, and 
had T' '»serted that policy, 
irii-. of n.A.l'.v. AInsa 

rrmrad* Mci,^od outlined tha atms 
and objeoU of the OJLU.T., manUon- 
ing that It had alwaya atood for the 
ineeptlon of a national policy hofom 
amalgamation. He had attended, a* a 

fraternal delegate, th' rt.nvfn 

tlon of ih» tireat V, x ' • '■•rana- As- 
soris' ,. • #re ih« . " * decided 
On amalgamation, to be followed by 
the framing af a natlaaal policy. 
VOoUae that It waa a jpaat atop m the 
right dtraaUew Utot tho idea of a na- 
tional poUey waa aaaapt'^ t t.y 
the O.W.V A . Camrade .m i .eod said 

that ht» '.r«'i mi 1 ; ; ' r-, u apt V 

come I', »r,.l r- fi, -.»'<h <h»rn 



Crbuch, and a«cre(ary Howard, of the 
laoal branch of tha Oraad Armr of 
UnMai Voiaraha, aaaaai»saisd Com- 
raea MgL aa d aa Ms oArtil visit to 

bfcocti of thr rrt-|ranlsii 
X}|j^iaioa executive tx- 

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Impi*-"**'-!! NpletirlUl tTiannfr 

In which the Sldnay branch had pm- 
grasaad aince Its inception, li* i^ft 
yeaterdar for Vancouver to nil an en- 
gaKement made with the South Van- 
, ,, ,v, r branch, whora ha la due to 
apauk tomorrow. 

Whan leavina Mr. MrT^^nd not only 
sorssssd his aratetul appreciation of 
the reception whlah had haan tender- 

• d hlrn durinjT his visit to the Isl- 
and but alao hla ksen re«ret that dr- 

ctipiatancpB did not permit the pro- 


beautlea i>f whlct\ he hn<i h^ard eo 
mueh. He proclaimed himself «i' 
other convinced advertiaer of th« 
climatic and other advantaaas the 
laland had to offer aa against other 
;,«rtH of tho pominion. especially with 
reference to the convalescence of ea- 

Provincial Ortanlner Crawford left 
yesterday momlna for Dancan, where 
he will inatall the ofllolato Of tho 
branch of the orand Araay of Uana4 
Yatarans recently orgaalaod thara. 



Chamber of t .>mm' i'<- l«-"i"iccr will 
Hhha Up New l>n(lc« 7..<lai To 
gg^OaaiaSO Trarrl i" l>il«n<i 

Mr. Harold Palmer, of the atarr '>r 
the Vletorla Chamber of Commerce, 
and secreUry of ,»«»«!*«^J^* 
Group, will leave todiiy for BaattM. 
where he will conduct a speaklne oaaa- 
palan durlnit the remainder of thO 

Summer to ^nooansa traral ta Tea- 
oouver laland. 

Mr. Palmer's gift as a loeturer is 
waU kaewa. he havine carried on an 
effeethre pabllelty ea»pal«n for the 
Victoria and laland PnhlMty Baraaa 
two yaara ago at B l alaa, Waah ., Wh ere 

ha diverted thotiaende of tOUrMO at 

I nt »>rnn tl'>na 1 bouadary to Van« 
. viT laland. He plana ta a 
... , . < ..f talkn ni the Beattl* SMtomo- 

■ . . imp lUiiwrntad by ator^'-ptlcan 
view?" In 'hlw "XV ha will < ome lOtO 

eonta' : wi'h !ii''i" "'■ taarMa 
pasaina throurb N rthwo.i 

Mr. Palmer i««v« •o.iaT, ae- 

aompaalad by Mr <;eorir» 1 wnrr^n. 
eonuBlHloner of the Publicity ;-. ir»au. 
who wlU ffo as tar aa Portland, to tail 
of VMIorla' 



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short or lone aralaa. Bafersataa 
fftras. Pfca ea Baiawit U F 

Ifotire to Hoaerwlvas — rr».*r< In* 
Aprleota now procurabla; aAaa .n will 
i,f .tiort. Plaf vo'ir nrdar lmm#dl- 
aleiy with your (rocar and avoid dia* 

Yaaoa mrtmt^ la balne «a«d by 
brook Toaae ta oell off tha 
'■f hie ataak of aMI 

N<«(liiii( <»»rr E vary thing ra« 

duood to St or leas. Drsasia. Mlllloarr, 
Coraata, UnSarwaar. S sa b rss h tt 

Jtily It. — Abs'i* 

n#ph#w of tha 

« ri .1 rn(i«ln of tb^ 
-ti n d d I 
nr ;i i»r,o n'«' 
Tfi » . « * » r » 

Ua la re- 

He waa tweaty-foar yaara at 
t -mpioroS tr s fina a< 


Patrick Bowea T.v 

Karl Htrathm' 
I h""" . f V . ■ 'u 
a^al'd In a motor 
hare thia morning 

shots foaad hi tho haad 

atrojrd Mnlea *»rr*MirtillT ramflrrad 

««l«n(iric andMottr.. aafa, ah««lat* 

rura (iiaran<*«d II r—rtf pra«tl«al 

• xparianca Mlaa Hannaa.a <c«rtlfl- 

I. ts 


.'^M KH BROOK K, fu!r Tl.a 
Roman Caiholic chut' h and pmabj- 
tary at Weedon, near here, were de« 
■trafod by era lodar* Oafaativa alaa- 
trta wfrtae la stv«a aa tfca 
Oamaee Is estlmatad al 91$J9H, laaaraace ^ -jf 

i — 





(By J Kihel M Hni<»>» 
'ICONTRKAU July S.— The firat 
■Idit of lCostr«»l wM«h th« wMum 
MMlMm jmw tkim Momlnc. wHm 
*Ji«ir Anm into th« C.P.R. aUUon. 

»Utt*ata that th« trip down lb« St. 
J^wvnc* !• to be sIlKhtly nrmrred by 
Min. But (or the most part th'< 1H4 
members of the Overa«-an )'.<1u<aM'<n 
I>*ftHie'« expedition t . I . ■!'« 
far tuo occupied Juat at the inurneiit 
with vatherlnv together their lu(- 
Wkf and s«ttln« aatttod In tbalr 
■totoreoBis ra tb* MlnatdoM. wboM 
Mbla Moomnetetloii to eomptoMly 
nilM. Th* cltlity'fottr taachara who 
Mm* from the weatern province* by 
•poolal train, arriving thla mornlnic 
■ t half-pant six, liav« b»^*n Jt)li •- ! ' 
another 100 fioni (Mitjulo and w" 

iin.1 the Marltl^^e Provlnce», anM 
Whoa* acqualotanca they hav« atlll 
to auk*. 

TiM iMt two day* from Wlnnipo* 
•Mi afforod abundant opportunity 
tWt tb* personnel of this section of 
th« party to get to know homething 
of ea. li ..tlier. the offl. doing | 

sverythlng possible to l.iiiiK about 
^nl roduotlona, anj the less nh\ easily 
flapenainv with these. Tna waltei« 
•r«ra particularly IntorMtad in the 
party, aad lant tbamMlTM to tha 
•plrlt of the oceaalon to tho extent uf 
^itarlnc the tables from tho dlninc- 
Cir on the laat ev^nlnr no that *he 
tonrlala might enjoy a dance. If 
qiilte a novel expsrlenre 'ryln^- to 
keep time to Ibe tempo of .1 f.ix Irot 
and waits with tho coach awinglng 
aboQC aomewbat wildly at tlmee. 

Thla final effort on the part of 
tbe train ataff to make the tour be- 
r.lnnlngs Jully wns s;rei,tly a ii-.i'ci.: I 'd 
by th« piiUBPiiner.-i, wbo pa'^ncd the 
r.'. ling room a Hpeci.ii yntf of^ 
for their coiiiteou.i •,'ealm"n'. Af- 
ternoon taa was .1 'fo^nlar iml w*!!- 
patr6Blaed function, and the follow - 
Kng Umeriek to a trlbbt* to tb« at- 
tomipA wbleh tha paaMagan ra- 
-innf. ' 

"There was a Jolly carload of teachera. 
Wboin tho heat mad* aa tbiivty as 
They went to the waiter. 
Who knew how to cater, 
And now they ara frtofcjr ycuas 

Had Germany Won 

Montreal Btar 

The German Itelchatag. with a 
fratikneaa that Is both praiseworthy 
and refreshlnc, haa Juat mad* public 
ynany state docuents of the greatest 
mlUtary and polltloaKimportance, and 
In so dolnv has thrown a new light on 
the attitude and tho outlook of offi- 
cial Germany during the last year of 
the war. These papers, which are 
bound In book form for general clr- 
ciilatl<in. linvo been prepared by two 
military experts aided by Profewaor 
Oelbrui k, whose name Is associated 
with his Investicatlona Into the hta- 
tory of Q a rnia wy during the straggle 
tad the early post-war years. 

Of these revelations perhaps the 
m< ^<t InteroKtlng and the mo.-it reveal- 
ing are the peace propoaiila which 
General Lundendorff aet out as the 
minimum for German, acceptance 
when he launched hla great offensive 
In Mareb, llll. They are publtohed 
in the form of olBeUl memoranda and 
are given In more cahdid and com- 
prehensive fashion than In the Ger- 
man Chlef-of-Staffs own works. From 
these docuni<nt^ it la clear that 
Iyij(fendorfr <!>':iHn<led aa his main 
]>eace postulates, the cession of Cour- 
land and Lilthuanla, the axteasitfn of 
Prussia by tbe addition of a sllee of 
PoUnd (the rest of Potond l>eoominc 
a Hapaburg state), annexation of a 
large area of Prance and Belgium 
that would have Klv»n f'.ermany con- 
trol of fjlege, Namur. \ • i !i)n Nancy 
and Toul, the return of i ■ t colo- 
nies and the bringing of pressure to 
bear upon Holland to secure her alli- 
ance by the offer of a guarantee of 
her eoiealee In the Bast. 

Mod rat Demands 

With regard to Belgium, the memo- 
randum Is enlightening. Germany 
was in future to control Belgium and 
"the pbantom of nentrallty ought not 
to ; be taken further into account." 
There Is no mention In the papers of 
thf iimoiinf of the Indemnity which 
(iermany to exact from Ibe Allies, 

but that 1.^ kioiwn from the former 
Kslsers letter to Monnlgnor Pucslll, 
v. bich wiggests a sum of thirty bllllon 
dollars from the United States and 
f»rty MlUon dollars from France. 

lildandorfr seems to haxe reR.nrded 
theee terms as quite moderate, but 
tho Kaiser grew slarme.l Mow 
powerleiAi he \> as to Initiate or control 
the smallest • ,« of policy from 
that propounded by I^udendorff. the 
dietatar. is evident la tk— decu- 
meata. Hladenburc and X<udendorff 
bad staked tbeir last card on the 
iMue and they seem to hnvr^ b«>en 
prepared to carry on the war Indefi- 
nitely The staggering losses made 
no Impression iipcm upon them and 
ri( feasor Delbruck attacka Luden- 
Uorff'a vaunted military genius and 
•ays that "to attain the strategic aim 
•f ••v«rlng tb^ Brittoh and Preneb in 
tkm tprlat offensive of l»tt he ought 
t« kavg 'attacked along the s omme 
In tbe direction Almena, but actually 
he attacked some alxteen miles fur- 
ther south, because the enemy waa 
imk tkere." 

Fearf al liosscaa 

Tbe Crown Prince had wameil the 
two Joint dictators of Germany aa far 
back as .July, 1917. that the loaa of 
life coulil not Ro on for ever. "The 
fearful sacrincea of the war that has 
left nearly every Oermaa family in 
■iMiraIng and tbe proepeets that 
heavy fra^k Iomm of bamaa life must 
be expected, the depression, the short- 
age of food and fuel — all th«ee have 
combined to produce a widespread 
dissatisfaction which la not conHned 
to lb. ; ill Democratic circles." 

I 'i i-nd. iff foresaw the terrible 
hi • Mch the lose of Rumaala Mast 
laOict on Germany aad mm mantb 
iMiHra tbe collapM of AMtHa. which 
mmM the loee of Ramaala and her 
•II wealth, he wrote "We rould oniv 
carry on the war for oi.r m.i ^air 
months after the loss of (< ,,, p .. , 

1' h * , r' ! n \ i r: \ w h\' ^) m'. : II . 1 : ...^ .tt t 
..r M.-lfl 1 .w. |... ,..,.1 ,.f -hw day Wheti 
her enemK.i f-b ul,! !,<> crushed 

b«aaath her feet when L(Udand«rff 
laiMMlMd bta aHaek. to the same 
-Oermaay that talks of tbe kardaase 

of tbe terfns of the AtMee Tbe Oer- 

many that «liitod sb ;> mini in»o' i*>tni 

ofVpeaca that she must dismember I'g- t 

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land, seise fhn rich in<1nBtrial are;i 
of Nancy. Liege, and Namur, proteeta 
the temporary ooeapaUoa of her Ruhr 

"If Oermany had won the war," 

phiiultl •till t.e the preludo ti> dlnrufl- 
■lona concerning new economic terms. 
The phraee la a good antidote to falM 


The Rev. Canon Alex.-inclor. i.rearh- 
Ina recently on Hospital Sunday. »\\<\ 
that penomllty was the greatest fact 
In life. One of the •apcctal 'langers 
In the Church et Hnglaad waa tkat 
while the value of pereonaMty waa 
emphaalaed In theory. In practlee lit- 
tle was done to encourage Its develop, 

It pal4 more attention to the 
reapeetable ninety and nine than to 
the one who had strsiyed. The 
church aa a whole waa wanting In 

(.rlglnallty ftn<1 Imnirln.if Inn. and 
looked on those qualltle* with aus- 
ptclon. It produced law* which 
prefOrred acdeaUatlcal aafety to 
■pirliaal aivaatac*. 

The «k«rok leat a great deal In 
heinc robbed of originality and 

romance. y4rT>A by being •MorUtrd 

eapeclMuy In the mlnda of children 

with full convention. If Chrl«- 

tlMklty waa to advance at the pre«etit 
time It would not be by leporn of 
oommltteea. aer by w eaae of flaanoe. 
but by tho ImpalM of aplrttusU 
power. The chureta eould gain a 
good deal from the principle followed 
' V Iho areat hospltalu, where the In 
.iivldual life of rich nril poor .illlie 

waa looked upon a* t i »t 

value and woHby of evary cttort la 



Albert* Not 0«ly Doca Not Give Oniut 
te Mecani tor T*x*iyce Hold- 


The nio«f produrtlva half of the 

.•■■■>->« ...rf.,.- parailala 
wbaie c<>alaglwo la musi lauijNUit. 

Writing away to aseertala from 
other capital citten In the Dominion 
whethiT \\\r\ rccrlvp any upofl.-xl 
(Jt.vernment coiit r Ihiit 1 In r«'lurn 
tor the exemption of Und and l:ii- 
provamenta owned by Pruvlnclal 
Oovemmenta, the VtctorU Cli./ 
authorltlea have eo tar reeelvod only 
one anawer. and that from Kdmon- 
ton, which reveals a altuatloa WOree 
than that existing here. 

In a letter to Mayor Itegin H.»y- 
ward. Mayor Ouggan. of thd prairlo 
< ity aiAtea tbat la ItSl the Donilnian 
(loyoraaMmt owned land with an n»' 
■MMble value of ttis.sso and lin- 
r>rovements of an asaeasahle xalue of 
$711,400 within the "city of Kdinon- 
ton. while th»> rnlvlnrlal (;(iv»>j nmrnt 
|H>anesaed land with an aasesrfnl.le 
value of 1641.040 nnd ImprovementK 
with an aaeessable value of l>,41t.000 
wltMa the eapttal. 

5fot only la both the Dominion and 
I'tovIticIhI property free from taxa- 
tion. ' ;i' the Albert.i (Sovrrnment 
Impoe*-* a eu|.p!enientary land tax 
equivalent to one and a bait MlllS 
and ralainc about •••,OSt 

The letter continues: 
We are putting up a fight 'f - 
present time to obtain eome of the 
revenue which the Provlnetel Ot 
saoug geHvee tron iwrteus 
aa wo believe tbat In a numbor of 
t aeee tkeea eources should be avail - 
ab'e fo fhe munlelpallty Instead of 
th' -rMlcnt. 

Aa i'resiacni ol flo Union of Al- 

IxTt.'i M u n let I pa 1 1 ; icH I c.-illod .t «prclti! 
conferenio of Ih.' I nlon during thf 
lant weaalon of the I'rovlnclal L^gia- 
lature. so aa to make certain repre- 
sentations to tfle Government. The 
rremier'a reeponee haa been very un* 
satisfactory, and I had our own 
Council i>as8 a resolution and am 
nocurlng cndqraatlon from nil niunl- 
•■llMilltl.s throijj^hout the I'r "viiKe. 
Y<.u win thorf>fore nee ftiat w «• are 
making an effort to obtain what we 
believe to be a proper distribution of 
the spherea of taxation, and a proper 
and equiUble aaaumption of govern- 
mental obligation." 


Eaqulmalt Municipal Counell will 
donate the enm of fifty dollan^ to- 
wards expenaea In connection with 
the iinniial eViil>ltton to be lield at 
\Vorl< I'uli.t on AuguKt 15. by the 
Eaqiilrn.-i It Women'* Inntlfnt*'. from 
whom came a dri.ut.itloti t<> ihr Ka- 
qulmalt CounotI Monday night. It 
' waa pointed out by one of the apeak- 
era that the organisation waa one 
engagod in endeavors to promote 
public health, child-welfare, educa- 
tion, better schools, and better social 
I and miluntrlal eondltlona. and In 
] conaequence of the public service 
[ rtindered. they felt entitled to 
I support. Mrs. Jacklln. secretary, 
atated that the priae IM for the »x- 
hlbittun weiM involva prlsea valued 
at three btntdrc'l i1f>1tare. 

t O.VI>il.S.Si(>.M.U il^i^ 

Rebuilding France 

KAMSJOOm, July Ig.^Dr J. O. 
Ratfeocterd. aioniber of the Hoard of 

Railway Commlaalopera, wan taken 
■eriouaiy HI. Monday, at Tentlcton. 
with nn attack of heart trouble. He 
left laat night t r U.9 home In <ni.iwa» 
<" '<r>>paala« bg Or* »>yea, m Ka- 

France of today. Ilka th« France 
f'f 1171, la making a magnificent ef- 
fort by hard work l.r leatoip the 
ravages of war. according an of- 
ficial report of the Brltlnh depart- 
ment of Overseas Trade. The report 
1:* the work of the Commercial Coun- 
sellor of the Bntlah Bmbaaey In 
Parle, Mr. J. Rt Cahalll. and la pain- 
staking and exhaustive. The general 
concluaions of tha report are: 

The present economic *poaM0B ot 
I'rance la atrong. 

Her Industrial population la fulTr 
employed, and her output In mrint 
fields of production is only limited 
by shortage of man-power. 

The Ittduatrlal reconstruction of the 
devastated areas la faat approaching 

The report atatea that the des- 
troyed or damaged coal minea are In- 
creasing their output with Improved 
technical equipment. Tbe great 
woolen and cotton worfca are kept 
going to tbe full extent of tbe labor 
at their dlspooal. The great agricul- 
tural areas of wheat and l.eet r«.ot, 
the chief crope of northern Kranra, 
will soon Hi>(>rnxin>ate the pre-war 

Trench foreign trade In weight has 
already surpasaed rre-war fljruree 

KIne result* havt- het-n obtained l.y 
hard work In iIk- <i<'\ aatated reglona. 
Of 8, 166, 884 devajitaied arrea, 7.447,- 
2»7 have been cleared of projectiles, 
trench work, and barbed wire, 19.- 
120 faetorlee have been rebuilt out 
of as, IIS. Of nearly 4,S41.00S aorea 
Of devaatated agrleaUinal lan4.aiore 
than 1.266.000 have booM pat ■B4er 
the plough. 

Thf" ti.aln railway system has been 
repaired, nearly all tbe waterwaya 
have been made navigable, and «of 
the SS,4M mtlea of devaalated roada. 
lt.74i hare been restored to traffic 
and l.fTl have been improved. 



N«-w ttr-nnmram 

Porta, waterwaya. rallwaya, and 
roads have be*n and are being Im- 
provad. Water power,* the report 
oonUaueo. la being svuteasatlcally turn- 
ed to neeount. Now r eae ur oss la oreo. 
coal, petaah, aag oil h«re beon de- 
veloped. There baa been advance in 

Industrial organisation 'n a m^trked 
faahinn* In tti«> i - ' . • iriral. ' 

metarnrrlcA 1 .-n r '.•■<•'■ it * i i; rn ! n 11 >• 

,. nd i 1 'i ' . • ' f > •« digc* r ■ I ■ , » 

through JTreuch laduairy aa # wUola. 

News comes to me— via a Bond 
Street halrdreaeer who haa a bir 
ladiea' department and »<• ahoul 
know^-<.f a boom In false hair In 
Mayfair. lite reaaon? Juat that 
aevcral thouaanda of Caahlonable wo- 
mea who have boea going arooad 
with bobbed heada have decided that 
the bobbed head la dead I-ong hair 
and the coif la once more the thing. 
It takes. I am t"ld. about a y<'ar to 
grow four Inches of hair. Conse- 
quently there Is a dreadful Interim 
be t ween a bob and a long hair eotf- 
tbre who* my tagya hair la neither 

long nor definitely short. It waa 
thought among faahlon leaders that 
the "bob" which f;iadya Crtfiper ha* 
Juat had dr^rio uri.i-i arreat the long 
hair vogue ' r erne to havo had 
no appracla Mr ofrr^t 

Fix r itif fVom lfe«t 

OMAHA N>t. .1 .u • f) r. . ,. 
h»"it In N 'fs^ka • r : . .1 
reeponalb!' for the I'.r.t'U ,rf ]•■<),( 
Ave peraona a'nra gtinday TTie tern 

Thunder stoi m In 

London Worst in lear9 

LONL»ON. July lg.-.BngUnd cx^ 
perlenced one of the worst thunder* 
eiorme fn many yoara early today U 
laated from midnight to alx o . lock 
thla morning I-ondon app-are-l to 
get the full l.runr of the atorm, the 
remarkable t) under and lightning 
display the aMjorlty of 
pe.>pie awake for hours. The tliy 
brigade waa kept busy aaaworing 
come forty ealta trom fires eaoeed by 
lightning. One houae wax dcatroyed, 
and many peraona were Injured. 

The rain came down In torrents^ 
and brought I«ndon tialfla to a 
■tangsUtI hi many placaa. 

HOW HOT in Lfonnfiifor 

The dueatlon r.f the degree of heat 
generated by lightning has been Mgl- 
tatert recently In Oerman arlenfmn 
Circles because of the effect. oba« rved 
after electrical atorma. of lightjnag 
on the tip* of lightning roda. U waa 
found that a platlaum Up mitsd on 
being atmek. ghice tbe a tct M ng- 
point of platiBum Is varlouely flxed 
at l.TSe to l.SOO degreea eentlgrade. 
it waa clear that lightning's heal ex- 
ceeded that temperature Later an 
Inatance deveU,pe,i in which an irid- 
ium lip wa« ro'-lt'-d by a atroke. The 

tri'i'iiii( [."It t ..f i.,ii< roet.ii ig aaM 10 

be S.OOO Afgf-n rentlgrade. 


LOffDON. July IS. — ^Lord T>ane- 
dln. a member of the .fadlelal rom- 
m'l'ee of the Prl v , ( •..iinrll on 
T' 'dday will marry M «- i-an Kind* 
ri .iffirtt- In the Treasury Do* 
i «r -...t ' i^.id Dunedin la aawnty* 
three years Of ago and his precgceltvc 
bride la thir ty asocn. The fine 


WRPygSDAY. JULY 11, 1«3 

Social Events 

MlM J*Mt« rior«ae«. wiM IM 

I fdaiiiB hrri- foi iN" pii«t t WO ye»ni, 

! haa l< fl f'l Vlcluila v*h»:itj tin 
«ic»^^leil a iiuaUloil. Mine <;r,«i<i M' 
Inula ami Mlas B««trl< « Ha n ii p r m a i , 

IMV* b—u to ih* aUtf u( lH* 

(iartlcn I'aii) 

W-.,ili«-i I 
gard<' n i i v 
Whtch la to t , 
iMXt Saturday 

Silt II rtlny 

Mug I h» iM.nt pi.lied 

I ' I , 1 i V • 1 II i , i p II I H • • u »e. 

gwon by tlia IJJ.IJ i: 
In aid of the Nnvy 
u«, shouM I'* « v«»ry •n;oy«l)U 
•Tont. Th* Mm* yracmnm* ot on- 
MrtolanMsts will Ii%i4arrlii4 ohI, wlW 
m f»w •tf«lUoMi auraeitoiM, wMch 
WUl bo •poelftod Utrr It I* MiMoUd 
tlMit a numb«r of th« oifloora and 
ii nr<w "f II M s ciji ♦■ »v In port. 

" will bv i>trs< (it lu Ki-'> « "i« proceod- 
[' Inna A hifK*- miiillx i of (1i»ai);inin'. 
I *<1 vlaiiora vmmu to ( jovernni«ii' 
i| NotiM last Saturday, not huvlns 
iMard o( tha postponaniant. ao it ta ui 
M hopad many will coma aaxt iim* 
to Malat th* worthjr caua*. i:na inci- 
dantiUly oDjey tho •ntaitainmant an.l 
th^ baautlfvl tardana which th« Uau- 
tanant-Oovwrnor Mi Mr*. NM^t art 
to Ulfully placlMT 4t UM <lla|fc— I •! 
th« I.O.U.l::. 

• • a 

BlHhday Party 

M • s. McUouyall antartainad at 

h«i 1 "ine, 88« Clovardala Avanua, on 
lfon<1u> Hflirnoon In himf)r of hrr 
Httl. r Sliiclalr'a t.lrth.lnv Th« 
tabi. •• ^» beautlf illy .it- .^r^'.-.i m 
pink and (raaa. A laiKo Krwi>ie. 
draaaad aa a roaa, itood in th« centra 
•f th« tabla baalda f, handaoma caka. 
■•ah llttla gmaat raeatvod a favor. 
Among thoaa Invltad war* tha Mlaaat 
Elale McDouKall. Irta MeDouvall. 
I^llll.iri rainier, Onlcy. OladyB and 
Urace Dayton. Ther«<sa Pitta and 
Ether Park'-r: an.l Mnstpra Hinclair 
MeDougatl, Hugh McDoucaU, Al«x. 
Palntar, Malville Palntar, Jam<>a 
Uadiay. WaUaca and Wllfrad Bomar- 

• • • 

At Olmalilel laa 

lUeaat arrival* at tha Qlanabial 
Ina Inelud* Ura. J. leronry and aon, 
K-rroh^rt, Baak.; Mr. D. A. Orant, 
BprincHUle, Sank.; Mr. and Mra. Ij. 
R.inh. .M(.n(rpni. Mlaa K. Fair. Butta, 
Mi.nt.iiKi Mrs imd Mlaa Turner; Mr. 
K 11 ...irr.-;, Mr IV .Mi-'lrer, .Major 
B. M. Mt)o<U«, I'rofeiisor ii. (I. .'^<«da»i- 
Wiak, MImh Uronf^ll, Vancouver; .VlUa 
Dowd. Naw York Clly; Mlaa Moore, 
MlfB Chealay, Brooklyn; Mr. und Mra. 
Xobart R. Rankin and ohlldran, Port- 
land: Mr. and Mra. X. B te yh an aon. 
Mr. J. Btophonaon and tha Mlaaaa 
•taphanaon, Oakland. Cal.: Mlaa Ock- 
ley and M»<>ma fonat, Bdmoaton, 


\ InltorM lYoni .Mfxi iu 

"Greenwood - "n ■ H^u. ' Artiuius 
Avenua, Gordon Head, own^U by Dr. 
Bandera, of Rad Daar. Albarta. and 
In eharg* oC Mr. and Mra. Paara. ia 
boeonlnc famoua aa a raaort. Tha 
Mlaaea Rmltb. Mltchall and Irvlna, of 
Rad Deer, and Mlaa Tyner, of Ed- 
monton; also Maater .Ilin, the doc- 
tor'a 12-yeiir-oM .*on, hiiv>> nil arrived 
to apenil the .'iumn.'': \,m.i'!.mi there, 
tha latter making the Journey alona 

from Bdmonton. 

. • • • 

Vlailod Old Comrade 

Yeaterday Uav. Canon F. O. Boott, 
aenlor padra of tha Ptrat Dtvlalon, C. 
R F . waa the guait of hu ui 

,a ir 1-.,: ( \v i-r. \ ' • 1 1 s n.. at 
Kobrrta ilay ii'ar .s .ti.p\ t lay tha 
oolonal and tiif l >• 'v> a trip 
up VaaOMvar laland t>y anio, whein 
thay will do ooma rtahlnj and inoi- 
doiitally iiva evar ainUa tha war daya 
•pont In Fv«a«*> 

• • a 
<>rr«on VMton 

Mra Hinu.n B^naon, of Portland, 
Oregon, \h vlaitlnn her hroth*r»ln«l*w 
and aisiT. inii»f lu^t:.*- and Mra. 

flordon Hunt«ri M' ^Ir: I*at. 

I v;!Kii who are at proa«int ^ittcnd- 
ing the iJ 'lf Tournament In 8«atil.'. 
will arrivf .iftn warda. Thay matoraii 

• • 

Kciuriit-tl lliiiiic 

MIsa Vivian Mulaon. of '\ « 
Eaqutmalt, returned yoairi'iu) 
noon after apandlnc the i>a»r 
waaka lu Torttand, Oraton. with Mra. 
Mataen, who la aspoatad to roturn 
homo In about two vnaka' tlma. 

H.-i V ." 
aflf I - 
HI' \ en 

Retani to 

Mra. J. Mair Robartaon and MIm 

Ilohert.^nn have rPtumOd tO VanCOU- 
v« r iift«T HpendInK u faw daya In Vic- 
toria, the Kut^iis of Mn. H. J. Waad, 

.'It < ; |i' lis M.- 1 Inn. 

• • _ 

Iy<'fl for .Siia I rum-laco 

Mrs Was.scn haH K-fi for SAn Fran- 
claco on a \ Islt to hfr mother. Mra. 
Wyniiin iui.l her Hlater^, .Mra W. I). 
Bbarta and Mra. Taylor. Sha axpacta 
to ha awar about alx waaht. 

• • • 

Return Home 

Mr. and Mra. Jamaa Porman and 
thair dauBhtar. Mlaa Koldn FOrman. 
returned yeiterday from a thraa 
waaka' holiday at Craira LodBa. Ul- 

• • ■• 

VtfdtlnK In City 

MlM Joan MacAaklll. of Vanoouvar, 
la the Kueat of her aunt. Mra W R 
Johnaon, McOlure Streat, for the 

• • • 

Ix-rt for ppntloton 

Hla Honor the Lleutf mi nl -Gov- 
ernor has left fur rentlcton where he 
will opan the Weatem Canada Irri- 
gation ConVOntlon today. 

• • a 

From Port Albcnil 

Mr. and Mra. A. McFia and chll- 
dran. ot Port Aibaml. ar* anjayluB a 
heUday in Vloeorla.^ 

K<>«uln«r Dance* 

The Increaalng popularity of the 

Keating dancea 1« a aourre of much 

gratification to thoaa who are rea- 

ponalbla for providing theae attrac- 

tlv* affalra. Tha fourth of tha a«r- 

laa waa h«1d en Friday arantnB, aAd 

waa attended by nearly two hundfad 

ppr,,,,\« Dainty rafraahmanta wara 

«.r,- •- i«lo waa BUpplle.I hy 

Mra. t.l..i.Hui, Kiid Mr. H. Kohln.'^on. 

and proved entirely aatlafaotory. The 

nast danca will be held on Friday 

evanlnB. July II. 

• • f 

Back from Manitoba 

M- Hi.' I'nrker, "Who ha.n ' 


Copas & Son's Prices 

Telephone Your Ordart — Prompt Delivery 

• Ike. OC* Nica Rich I lavory TdB. 3 lh». for 
-^•>C $1.55 or per JJ^ 




LIbby'i Potted Meat, for 

Montaerrat JLlnv> Juice, per OC j» 

Lemonade Crjrattta, per 

Lemonade Powddr, large 

till aaaaaaaa*a«* *M*a**a*aa*>a« 

Freeh Made Creamery butter 

(Lawndair BrBBd) 2 It)" lor 
75r or per 




Red Arrow Soda Biamha, « 

^^•^Kc carton fc"C 

i- ieah Broken Biacuita 

per lb 

Malkin'a Beat Jelly Powder (all 
flavors) 3 pkts. 25c 

Ltbby'a Pyk, Beana and 


Independent CreaaMVF 

(nothinir nker) per lb. 

4 ! ■ Il„ for 

Freah Tomatoea, Cucumbcra, Lettuce 
Raapbarriei. Plaaae T ^ 





Tomoto ^uee, large can 
B. C. Granulated Sugar d^O in 
20>lb. paper bag ^^•1^ 

Nice TtM* VfaMCtf. large 

ittic ............ 

Strawberrtea and 


COPAS & SON, to UC wai i aa Iraem 

Com«r Port and Broad Sta. 

Phonta 94 and 95 

Electric Range 

. $20 Cash and $20 a Month 

These are absolutely the most liberal 
terms ever offered on the famous 

Moffat and Westinghouse 

Electric Ranges 

. !^nir(* iM -i.inr 1 complete, ready for use. 

I<>-^ > -'i tii >t p.ivmcnt v,'c h:wc rvcv n(- 
tc'ird 1 ht' I^H.ince in ronvniuMit inonth- 
1_\ lM^t;lll^uMlt^ \ \\r tMMt-st, Mill file$t and 
mo^i perlect method ut cooking. 

Th' l!^al1<^g of homr- ,11 oTtT th« cotwitTy now enjoy 
the advantafftt of electric cooklnf. With this wondaiw 
M offtr TOtt caainoc tHord to ba without thia aarvka. 
I^^t «• till 70« «ot« aboM k. 

Showrooms, Un|:ley Straet PhoAe 123 


at hla raneh at DanyMn. Maa.. for 
th«i paat faw montha. arrhrod at hla 

p:,.'«' 111 (h» vstar Hoad on flntntdny. 

where wiii .iiiemi to tha har vaet- 
Ing of Mm lojcitiihrrr \ '."I' ^' ' i 
I'arktr'a log<*iibetry i>*ii"-h i" "ii*! of | 
tha tlnaat In tha Saanlch diairi. i. and 
a vary large yield par aere u aaticl- 

• I • • 
netam from Vnaeonvar 

Mra. I*. Thoiien and ohlidrea, 
who hava been enjaytn* « hallday In 
Vaneenver, returned home on Man* 
day afternoon. They were aOOOW- 
I-'. Nt : f K . " . ,.im1 her llttla 
granddauchlrr. iiaxel iiarcua. Of tha 

Mainland elty. 

* • • 

Siinitii) (.iH^ 

.Mis J. Mowa' "f \ lrt..rl,i w.iniliM 
guoat of Mr nil t Mm H I.m'hI.- . f | 

Kaatlng, on Hundaj^ She w&a accom- 
panied by Mra. Andrew Mowat an^ 
daughter, of Greenwood, B.C. 

Retuma to Tlototto 

Ml« Lnwean has returned to vic- 
toria after having haan a hoaaa gueat 
oClMr aaaalB. Mia. Lauder, here. Mlaa 
l«waen came here to take part In 
luiiii.i.i iriiiiin t . , 11 r I; a inent, 

uiid uauiii i«iuiii«ti tt>« irui'tt) lur tho 
lalanU rhlMlilBihlr ta ladtoa' 
aliig lea 

* * • 

Mr. c. u. liickto. M.P., iRetuma 

Mr. C. U. Dlokle, M.P. for Nanaimo 

riding, la being warmly walcomed by 
hla autny frloaia throughout tha du- 
triet. haeinc rotttmad from tha ra- 
eent aeaalan of tha OtUwa Mouaa. 


luda/ l i. . i'T« Will i». .-i.l'- Whether 
" niul Mailt WliKf '>I»jr Bg 
SOUJ V*Uli >tf«lB 

Mra. W. Slnehtlr, of ■aattle. and 

Mrs Annie Ulcka. of VlctorU, apant 
Sunday at th« homa of Mr. and Mra. 
J. H. autton. of Keating. 

• • • 
l^ravra for Edmonjoi^ 

Mra. Sinclair la en route to K<iinon- 
ton to Jain her huaband, who haa 
recently been tranaferrad to tlM 
prali:ia elty. 



GlT^n l*lac<' <»f ll.)ii<.rf- 

At tha brfaklnc up of tha Mayne 
laland School, Mr Shaw took ii photo- 
graph of all thoae present .Mrx T<en- 
aett, aa tha oldaat raaldant of the 

laland. took tha plaee of honor. 

• • • 

Dance Party 

Mr. Richard Hall took a party of 
frienda In hla launeh over to Oangaa 
Harbor to attend the danee gtrea at 
tha Mahon Hall, whleh waa a moat 

• • • 

.\t Cowlchan Bay 

Mr. and Mra. Molr, of Qallano, 
have retiiriK'tt home after a pleaaant 
holiday apent at tha Buana Viata 

Hotel. Cowlehan Bay. 

• • ' • 

ic< itiriicd to Victoria 

Mrs. Hi;hllllnsr with Mrs. Ward, who 
have both been gueata at the Mayne 
laland Hotel, have returned to Vic- 

• • • 

T(M)k I>art In Regatta 

Mr. Blveraon aaeompanled Captain 
Sooonee In hla yacht the OoUy Wog 
to Cowleltan Bay on Friday to Uka 

part In the raoee. / 

• • • 

At ^olM OonfOrt 

Major Buck, Mr. Payne and Mr. R. 
Payne wara gueata at Point Comfort 
thlB week end. 


Mr. and Mra. Fletcher and daufh- 

\pr left on Frid.- y nfier a pleaaant 

work ul the Ma) iie Inland HotOl. 

• . • 

RMiirnrd Kr<.4ii \lali 

.Miss .VI 111. If !• I " I from Haturna 
un Saturday where ntie had been vlalt- 

Ing Mra. Liocka Paddon. 

• . • 

lliiiMc for il<>ll<lar'< 

M Tory Itohaon haa returned 

ii in for the holldaya after paaalng 

her I. ,'1...... . . r .,. aueeeaafully. 

» . 

On I'jiiinilniiic lioaril 

Mlaa Hazel .MacConnell left for Vle« 
torla where ahe will aaatet la the ex- 
amination of matrleulallen paper*. 

• • • 

la Recovering 

Mr. Robaon. who reeently under* 
went an operation la reeovery aatla- 


• • • 

Vanoonvor VIeltor 

Mr. Patteraen. of Vancouver, la a 
gueat at Mayne laland Hotel. 

aipwici : 

Roturna From Ilowr ijkko 

.Mia.n Margaret glralaler 4iaa re- 
turned home from Rowe Lake. B.C., 
whera aha baa beea teaehlng a aeheol 

daring the laat year. 

• • • 

At ghoal Harfeor 

Mr. and Mm. J. Abbott, of Van- 
couver, and their eon, Harry, have nr. 
rived at Shoal Harbor In their launch. 

where they will apand their holldaya. 

• • • 

Itetama to Wlnni|>oir 

Mlaa K. Brldjcei in returning to h' v 
home In Wlnnl|» «. after having apent 
her holldaya aa the KUegt gC Mr*. O. 
Peck, at Itor.erta Hav 

ItOV A Li oak 

Leave far 8aH Lake 

Mr. and Mr*. Roaf and family, who 
have been reeldanta of Itoyal Oak for 
a conalderable period, loava by motor 
Thuradny morning for .«tnlt lAke Cliy. 
Utah, where they will reside In fu- 
ture. .Mr. Koaf nrrlvod l.iNt waak tO 
acconip.iny iii"> fimiN South. 

Moving lo I .•i<|iiloiali 

-Mr J 1:: liinlott and f.imtly, of 
K.'V 1] 'i.Tk. ,ir« rrn-oving to Kaaui- 

ni«i' whet, Mr rintlott haa pur- 
cliaaed a general atore. The beat 
wlahee of the realdenta of Royal Oak 
ara astended far Mr. Ptmloit'a aao- 


• Nuptial l'ron<-ntallun 
Mlaa Joy re AVllaon. wiio haa 
raalgned her poalllon on the etaff 
at the Cowtbhan Leader, owing to her 
approachlag marriage, waa the re- 
alpleat at a p r —a at a Ue n af a hand- 
eem e eaaa of Regara aiir^r. knivea. 
forka and apdona, on bahair of her 

ernpIo>er rend fellow pniplnyo,.!, m laa 
WWaon. by her unllrlng pff.. '., 
Won the very htghent a«i.- i f it,(» 
public and haa been a valued mem- 
ber of tha etaff. 

Gone to Mrtpir- tXnj 

Mffc W. A. McAdam aad ehUdran. 
who have been gueata of Mr. and 
Mra M. F. Ooading in Dunean. have 
new gene to Maple Bay, where thay 
will apand a holiday prior to thaIr 
<Jepartur» fnr T..on<1on Knatand. 
\v^,frr> -r »v !(!■•, •. :nk^ u [« Oi»|r 
re«lil»iv ■ Ml M'A.lmt, having bOOn 

appoint'-. 1 T »»i ■«! .-1 HI 

t . 


Qeneral for Brttleh Columbia. 

Moeor Trip to Portland 
MlM Phyllla X. Olboaa la leaving 

on a holiday. She will aoeompany 

h'T In. I'll.; aid alater-ln-law, Mr. 
and Mra. VN iitrca Ulbaon, of Victoria. 

on a motor trip to Poland. Ore. 

Leave for Kainloopa 

Mr and .Mra. Win. Trii's.Ule. who 
iietn vlalting here f .r iho pn.s: 
month, left thIa afternoon aa route 
far thalr heme at Xamloopa. 


t isltont I roiii Ui*«TM liiht 

Dr. Alan Hoocli, ..r Klvirs Inlet, 
accompanied by Mra. Heech and 
family, reached Oangea on Friday. 
They will all be gueeta for a month 
or ao ot Mr. aad Mra. Percy Beech, of 

IVom Fnlrmount SpHafB 
Mlaa X>orla Aitkona, who haa been 
vlallliig Major und Mrs. Turner for 
aome montha at Falrmount Sprlnga, 
returnea hoMla to Oangea oa Mon- 

• . • 
Dairy Ina|)cvtor'a Vlalt 

Mr. gnaselle. R.O.P. Inapector, left 
Salt iprlnga on Monday for Vancou- 
ver after making teeta at aome of the 
dairy tanaa on the Uand. 

Mlaa Betty Copeman. of VIetorla. 
arrlvct on Saturday and will be a 
gu^at fur two waaka of Mr. and Mra. 
Oeorge Barradalle, of Oangea. 

Gueat at Tlarbor 

Mr. Percy Fletcher, of Victoria, 
arrived on the inland laat Friday, and 
la a gueat at Harbor Uouaa until 

• • • 

\ (-.iiora lYoin Ijondon, I'nirtand 

Mra. and Mlaa Walter, of London. 
Bngland, are vlalting the leland for 
a month or two. They are gaeeta at 

Harbor Houae. Oangea. 

• • • 

Leave for Victoria 

Captain V. C. Beat, of Onngea, and 
hla aon, Vincent, who durlntr the week 
' 'M ned from Shawlngau Luke 
School, left for Victoria on S.iiurday. 


Lady DoagUM Olmpiar, LOJ>.K., at 
Meeting YoaMrdny nnnanoled 
C o n aldet a hle Doalneaa 

The roRiiIar monthly meetlnif of 
the l,ii.l> Uoimlan C'liiiptor, I O V) K , 
wa^ helj yeaterday af . ''riKKin In the 
h'-i. il'iimrtora nmiiia with the reRent. 
Mra. U. B. MoMloklng In tha chair. 
A atandlng vote ot aympatby waa ex- 
tended to the Mleaea Moore la their 
bereavement, auatalned by tha death 

ot tholr brother. .Major M<..ire The 
BUm of fifty doUara waa Mited for the 
upkeep of the aoldlara' grn\en, and 
tan dollara waa donated to the fund 
^or providing comforta for the alck 
aoldlera In hoapltal. Mra. J. D. Gordon 
being appointed convener for vlalting 

Kour new rnonihera were elected, 
and preliminary pinna were made for 
heather day. Auguat 26, which com- 
mamorataa tha departure of the nrat 
eontlngent overaeaa on Auguat 2C, 
It 14. Mra. W. F. Barton ■ waa ap- 
pointed convener. 

The rccelpta for tha recent garden 
feta amotintcd to $310 52 A hearty 
vote of ihanka waa ncrorde.i Mrn i 
C Mclntoah for her klndn«>Ht- 
Ing har beautiful garden for the af- 
fair, and alao to Mra. Dannie Harria 
and Mlae MacPheraon for their dla> 
pity of woolen gooda, and apinning 
of Vancouver Inland wool, and to the 
many frienda who asalated ao materi- 
ally In aanfclng the fete aueh a aue« 

Mra. Allee lliompBon waa Olootcd 
an honorary aaamber of the Ohaptcr 
In appreclatloa ot faithfai work ren- 



New patented devlcea for automo- 
biH direction algnalllng are now ar 
riving at the Atteme|r«Oeneml'a de 
partment hero with a vlow to helnir 
ofllclally adopted brlUie Government 
for general ua« In Brlnah rolumbla. 

Tha ao .-i : ^ i fcmala wep* 

announced n .^o .Tn,i c 

waa apecincally pr 1.1 '« i i. 

in-counell which put titam Into edect 
that meehaaleal denae a for elgnallinx 
aoald not be marketed In, the Prov 
Inei without the Oovernment'a ap 
pro \ » I 

WINNIPSO. July 10. — For the «e< - 
ond time wtthln three weoka the alei 
UraU of Maaltobn wUl go to the polla 
tomorrow to vote for or ag n tn at tha 
legalised eale of Intoxicating llaaor. 
The laaue will be the propoeed Mil of 
the He''t an.l l.iKht Wine League, 
apoiinore.I l,> ili. .Mimltohu Hotelmen'a 

A.-H(M iHtl. .11, ).i.\l.l!nK '"I "f 
then© l.i'\ <>i .igt « Willi uieuU .< ^ lii.l>'..i 
liienaed hy the Government The 
polla will be open from • a.ui. until 
• p.m. 

' Voting has been proeeedlng at an 
advanoe poll In this elty since gatur- 

day morning. About aUtty>flve yotera 
cast thalr balloU, or slightly leea than 

one-half of the number that voted 
at the advance poll eatabllahed for 

III,. I . f'-i ••ii.liiiii ..n 111'- M...l«T:itliin 
l.e.iHiueB Mil i.i.iNlfliim for th' Bale 
of j(ii v<- 1 11 111 •■ I! • ilplii « 111. I e'l 
doraed by more than 40,000 nlaJ^ llly 
on June 12. 

The campaign haa been Qulat <>n 
both aldee. only the hotelmen ualng 
the newapaper as a madlaat ot plac- 
ing their claims before the publle, 
while the prohlbltlonlata, who did 
extenalve billboard and newapaper 
oampalgnlnK In the lant referendum 
r.mipalgn, confined their actlvltlea to 

> r< vs meatlaga aad sutemeata in tha 


The hotelmen assert that "under 
tha bear aad wine law all but tha 
deelrable hotel man will vanlah with 
the bar," and urge eleotora "to eee 
to It that they are enabled to operate 
under a strict law and make an honest 
return on their Inveatment." while 
giving tfi e^ublle adequate aer vlee. 

Two Drowned Whom 

Steamer CopeUeo 

HALIFAX, July 10 — The auxiliary 
ateamer Arequiba. of Bheii.uti.e, cap 
aUod today off tha coaat and Sinclair 
Home, of Shelburne. and Harold 

jiiinfla.,omTtnKw>L wtrt 4r9yB«4- 

Three survivors wara picked up In 
their dory. 

lt<s<« Harred lYom MhIIb 
WASHl.NtrroN. July 10. — An em- 
bargo on honey beea aent through the 
malla by parcel i>oat from foreign 
countries, with the eseeptlon of Can- 
ada, wae announced In an order 
laaued today by Poatmaater-Oaneral 
New. linjioriatlon of honey hcea haa 
been prohlOiird iia the reault of tha 

prevalence of a .iiaease kiipwn as Isle 

of Wight diaeaso 

Hardy'a Oreatocaa ^ 
Mr. Hardy Is a faUUat In tha best 
Greek sense i his Insight into feminine 
nature la mere French than English; 

he comblnoB Inalght, pit:,-, and under- 
atandlnfT. Hut no KnKlHh mivellat 
haa ever fiurpanaed him in thi. [lor- 
trayal of human nafUre or understood 
women half ao well. He haa aome 
claim to be conaldared the greateat 
living man of letters In the world, 
and he owes that position not merely 
to past achievement but to work as 
n i 'iit as a year ago.— -Westminster 


'I'lie W.iiKlt of Nations 
Adam Siiii i. 1 ii-<n«d away before 
tha conception of tha Britlab Smplfa, 
aa we are familiar with It. had taken 
ahapa; but hla maxims may atlll be 
■tudiad with profit In their appllca- 
tlun to currenl donieatir and Imperial 
quentliitin, alihouxh two hundred 
yeara hHve pim.^ed Hince be ams hOTa. 
-London Tdcaraph. 

When the Master epoke the poor 
heard Blm gladly without any collo- 
quial tranalatlon. Tha chambermaid 
and the waiter, the poatman and the 
engineer do not "flght ahy of the 
Hlble h<iau.s«" It la the Blhle.' They 
find lt.<* fatiiillar language the beat 
Gngllah they know, and from It they 
are likely to eoatlnue to draw both 
eonee.latlon and Inaplratlon when tha 
rewritten Bible has been entirely 
forgotten.— Brooklyn Bavle. 

A wi'Mrv loiikliiic fellow wh.i had 
opened all the iloorn looking for wOrk 
hapiiened to nee a huge pOUee ad> 
vartlae«ncnt, headed: 


"Well." he said, seratehlng hla 
head, "it's better'n nothing anyhow. 
I'm gol1^^^ In and aak for tha Job."— 
Richmond Tlmea-Dlapatch. 




are now aending in their appltanrea 
for the neceaeary teet In the hope 
that they wlU reeelva t^e CtoVon. 
meafa oadoraaaMat. 

NEW YORK. July » — Tha National 
Lutheran Council todaf made pubii. 
a enblegmm from Mga, Letvla. aa> 
mg that the ft Jaeebl Lutherati 
Church, tha largaet and meet beaut i 
ful in Latvia, had been locked and 
eealad by tha diatrict chief of police 
With a new to turning it o%er to the 
Roman Catholic Church. The Pro- 
teatant citlaanry ef tha country, the 
cablegram eoaeladad, had demanded 
a pie h la cu s. 

"Hew eontfsfy things era!" aavn 

''.l-ard, and th" .l.f* '\\l)en •"i 
drbe ov»r nn nuphni' »ire<.t >. i ► 

rldln» \ii>on tha t.,-dl»n ..f .'■■inWmm 
anlmaln The\ perlnhed In or.ler tha' 
.vi'U iiilaht «■> 'm' a amooth roa.l 
w h-n v^u drive in your ear you at 
r.-ini( t oilad along, not by aaMhaia 
but by rsgatahlss. AaplMli asvte* 
from aalaMi iua aa« patrataaas tor 
raaeUae from vegetable fat. Whan 
va« settle yourself in yntir eaar rhah 
at home and turn on the r-iiina 
light above your head yon «r» n«r 
^y Iha foree of tnarty ron<"»ni mted 

la a ftlamsnt a#d not bx a Xlam^", ^ 

/ More Nutritious 

Mother knows 

that Lifchuoy liuhcr ^oes down deep 
into every pore, rcnioves impuiities, 
and protects the health. 

She knows that Lifebuoy keeps the 
the skin soft, phable and flowing 

with health. 

She knows the tojendfic, antiseptio 
protection Lifebuoy Heeldi ScMp 
ai^fdt agftinst the dengers of dtrte 

Th' ' '^»hu--r hf-affh (xlomr vanishes 
a /sw seconds nfttr mt§ — kmt tk$ 



Ifew G.W.VJi. Head Ui«ea |>ro- 
oC InaMy and 

VANCoTjvKn. July 10.— Olven 
proper leadarablp. the former serv- 
ice men of Canada will be a great 
power for good In the land. Dr. w. 
1). Rharpe, newly-aleeted preeldent of 
the crcat War Vcterana' Asaoclatlon. 
told a rnecilng of the Vancouver 
.Military InatltUte today 

The assoelatlen of which he waa 
preeldent was endeavoring to provide 
that leadarahlp hy a programme of 
eanlty and moderation, he said. 
Amalgamation of the ex-eervloe men's 
organitatinn would be a great step, 
he aald. and the CJreat War Veterans' 
Amoclfttinn. H% the oldeat and largeat 
organltatiou of world war aoldlern, 
atood ready and wllllnif to bring 
ahout one glganth- h«.dy <rnbraclng 
an thoee who aarved overaeaa, he 

Canada might well follow the ex- 

.imi'ie of Serbia and give to >ach 

iiinn rr.i(.-hlng twenty-one a Hiake In 
thf (ountry hy meana of a Krani of 
land, anid I >r Hhnrp, who aerved 
with the iierblaD armlaa for aome 
montha In 

"•nrely. with all the .uneultivated 
land that we have between Vaneou- 
v.r and Halifax, the (iovernment 
colli. I Innlllute aome ai h< rnf of thIa 
aort," continued Dr. Sharp. "It 
Would not ijf ;iM If the land woiiUi he 
given uwH). for tlie people to whom 
It wae handed over would pay for it 
In the h>ng ran through their tanea." 

Bleatrielty doea more than light 
your home at night. It cleana your 
home, It launders your elothea. It 
makea It poaalhle for you In comrnu- 
nlcate with frienda r.-illea aw.iy at any 
moment. It holN >i>uroolTee; If i..;inta 
your bread; 11 oooka you any aort of 
food: It waahss your dlshss; It can 
keep your retrlgarator aad lla oon- 
tente eelder than any leo ean heap 

It; It ran heat your home In the 
Winter and coo] It In the SiiiTirii»r. It 
traii'portn i .mi ha'-k an.l ' 
work every iIh;, and all thl.« I.e. huh. 
of atorad energy, running through a 
few aUlee ot slender wire. To reap 
all tha beneits of eleetrietty in the 
home the honee ehould be ao wired 
that thie wonderful eervant la ready 
"■■h of a sanidii u iaall tha 

taaka desired. 

Cool Un|lerwear 

For the Boy 

Athletic style tinrler\ve.-ir 
made of splendid (juality 
naincheck. Fitting 2 to 15 
years Priced 

$1.25 ..d $1.50 

Dougiaa Sucet Pbona 4026 

Everybody Likef 
Better Ice Cream 

Rich, cr.amjr flavor. 

.>UKTIIH ^.MTt.H.^ (BLA.MKni, I.TI>. 

ISll Mead gl. Phaaa Itta 

MAIN orr.&wOHMt 
390 COOK ST 

f%. A 0t\»if ».<« mtn a«tas aa I 

Cocainei arlscd 
.Vio.N TRBALs July 10.— l'-|fteen thou- 
■and ouncae of cocaine, valued at 
about, said to have bsen 
ahipped to tMa ooimtry from ■nrop*. 
hava been seised at Konsss Point, 
N T., by American eiMfeme offielala 

lifter It had tieen tranaporte.i .i.;o»a 
the border by motor and packad In 

two trunka foTwardad hr i gpr w to 
Neir Tork. 

I<KI : IS. Julv IS.— .A 0errnnn In- 
venior haa produced a one-man 
gilder raaanibling In aoma waya a 
paraehtMe. which welgha only lu 
ponnda aad ean be folded up aad 
easily sarrMdi Hs has made two 
•ueeeestui fttthto In tha oaiAlrU of 

Jnst Arrived From China 

itmm k-mbniAuna TabU Covwa, L«UM Silk 

Sueng Mm Fung 
♦wimsiaaiai. - Phm^ m 

Pot Plants 


Victoria Nuraariee, Ltd- 
ata rt»^ at. r t t. — laae. tie 

1 Insist < 


Ucatiiricc, tliaf 
MmnUm ilm m 

la r f .1 r T"' , (■ TV i • 

no subtcicute~or 


■ Hellrt, 

T ^ r • " w • • k » 

XVh«' .11.1 , ...) 

■ lept Ji 1; '■•.1 rri « wife 

"An' yeu-ali oaly got 

faa aa m 


flTew Orlaane). 

In \ irglnla, 
f^aate* of tj 

)>ui !.«»«• 

there were 

la tMt. aaiN 


I Its*, 


tooth ^ 
paste ^ 




4 t 


New Hand Bags From England 

iiAcii style ft new exclusive crcstion never before shown in 
Western Ci^uula. Excellence of workmftnship, besutifnl ftt- 
t"'Kv t lid colofft ftft pointe tkftt will iflirfoft 3rou. 
ic'riccs irotn 



"At ths 8isn of ths Bic CtodT 

Jeweler and Watchmaker New Addreu: 647 Yatea Street 

Th^ Man Without a Heart 

•»r tarn ATi 

Outing Foat>vear 




I'his extr.i s ,iluc includes all odd 
Mizcs in uliitr cans as, i ubber sole Boots, Ox 
for,u and l*urops, for men, women ud 


DooglM St. 


PHONE 4913 

lour grocer can supply it. 
Btit make sure he does or 

rail us. 



rr MAY BE 120° 


TTj' how ran yOV t*ll wlthuiit n 
t i il i« lhfrmom«t«r7 0*l R Taylor 
1 ^f*! 't! meter; it reglstera accurate- 
ly and la MMjr to rMid. Biff variety 
froqi aSo VP. R. A. BNNm A Oo^ 
Doofflaa and' Johnaon. 


What Ib the suboonacloua mind, of 
which w« hav* letety been bserinff so 

much ? 

Thare ia. parhapa. no auhjTt Ia 
payohology about vhich there la 
.ffTMtar diffarance of opinion. 

Ket th* Issst difS«altjr liaa In 
cUUBff what ws msae by the "mi- 

Ws ara only fully eonaeloua at any 
ffivan Uma of thoao factora In our 
aarroundlnsa upon whicb our att«n- 
tA>n la directly focU!i<>rt and partly 
ronacloua of innny nthara which wa 
npeak of aa being on th« 4ttt«r fftaffS 
of our conaclouaneaa. 

Furthar, tn oanoantratlnff en any 
■iven aotton, sneh as pUyinff ivalf, wa 
r»9r«as all othsr faoters whieh t«n4 
to intarfara with our play--W* son- 
cantratA on tha hall. ^ 

\V« npeak loosply nf ^.. Inn iincon- 
aoloim iif that part ut nwr siirr iuiul- 
Ingi < n which <>ur iil t«>n 1 1' >ti not 
focuafid. Thua peopl" nro commonly 
htard to declaro thnt ih'-.\ did a ihlnt 
uneonscloualy, whan thay maan that 
thay did It without paying attanilon. 
and aueh aotlons oan osually b* sub* 
saquantly roeallod. 

Th* ttrm uneonaolous la battar ra> 
a^rvad for axparlancaa which have 
l.^^n rApreaaed and cannot ra- 
nirmhere'1 In tha ordlnnrv v.dv but 
only em^rxr from i-. ■ •■ 

under cMindltlnnn mi i .i " hxp 
noain or paycho-an" i - ■« 

Thla aubconaoloua mind la (uli of 
msmorlas, Ideaa and wlahta of which 
wa af* totally uaawat«, but which 

m.iy n« vrr t i.. i w »• rf u 1 1 y affMt 

W«i call thoB« arta automatic 
which, though yoluntiiry hi tha be- 
Rinnlns, hava baan ao fraquanlly ear- 
ned out thst thoy ean b« portormad 
without eesnslnff attontloa, or sab. 

Everyday Ufa proTldaa with 
esamplea. and walklnir, windinK up a 

w:itrh, aiiil own • .tM'ii< oiit I tn» H«M 
at iilrht. arr hII actii which iiiny be 
perforrofd u utoiiia t lea Uy 

Automatic m nnconacloua writing 
ia the power ^M)\\■ h aome indlviduala 
poaaaao «f lattlns thalr hand writa 
whiio tbsir aMsnlloB l« f ssessd olsa- 

•ueh wrltlaff Is oftoa sonsaloss, but 

aoma paopla acQulra tha powar e< 
writlns In proaa, vena and avan In 
foreign lanruacea. Thn aubjecl mat- 
ter of Buch wrltlnga cannot he put 
down to ■'aplrlta ' ,jiiUl it 1.'* proved 
that It la not helni; derived from tha 
buried Btorea of memory. 

Sleep walkins ia aaothar exanipio 
of unconacloua action, and too, ^re 
thooa aotlons which aro oarrlod out 
owinff to hypaotls suffiss»lon.->-Dal ly 


Ceatlnnod from Paffo 1 

brutality and efficacy of the flrnt 
blowa atnick. U I;* Im p<ii-1 .m t to fflva 
them, liiBlead of receiving them. 

Th" piiti which ia the third and 
final atage In the reorganisation of 
national land and air dafancti, pro- 
vldaa for thlrty*two divisions of In- 
fantry, aaeh with fear rofflmonta and 
detachmants of cavalry, englneera 
and artillery, the cavalry being re- 
do. nd to five divlaione. lleaervea 
wc)\iUI he formed hy thirty reKlinenta 
of r.iMilry and forty-tMght lenlmenta 
of arllUary. Tha army would also 

Include a gresit aaaAsr ef wsfca l esi 


Vhe aviation force would be com- 
pesad of 132 combatant aqiiadrona, 
■eventy-aix obaervatoln aqundrona 
and thirty-four auxlUnry ' aervlra 
aquadrona, with a peraonnei of about 
thirty-thraa thouaand. The plan Is 
basad on slffhtaan montha' aarvlca, 
•aoh olass of oonaertpts furnlshlns 
about tIS.eee man. with t««.«eo pro- 
faaalonal seMlers censtMMly hi tha 

The offlcera would be reduced 
about one-fifth from the perloil be- 
fore the war There remain 107 gen- 
era la of divlalona atid a total of 
about .10.000 officera 

A table, oomparlnff tha proposed 
orsanlsatJon with th* army at tha 
end of the war shsws a sMghtly laaa 
paroantate' In tha infantry, heepltal 
aarvlca and admlnlatratlva amployaas, 
and a greater percentnga of taniia, 
artillery ar i 

Cavalry lleduoed 

The eavalry numbere more than 
at tha tlma of tha armistlca. but Is 
reduced from what had baan origlr- 
ally intended. 

Tha total army will number ««0,- 

nd will be compoaed of 4(ll,ooo 

I' t etich troops; 181,000 colonials and 
I I 000 fnroi«n leglonnalras. It la 
proposed to have theee eolonlals 
more closely laterweren with ths 
French troops. 

Tile story tliaa hr: 

Altar aa^ea t aan ^aara abraad. Rufua Aatiar 

U la«m(ng' •4>fn«lhlrt|r <■( ^ar FtigUriit at 

(ii^ hou*« l»T^y >f his fttaLaf. 1.1U41« U.r^* Ihm 
plaaaur* loiiiis. ariifii Ul i row<l diaguaU lilm 

M att «M Mrty oatjr bm araMsas aair ItaUi* 
af rBspeet in him. 8ii4 tkat la Sartara Weir. 

with «h»tn >r 1« n TVim out •rvnlng )i* 

dtA "i.ra hy t' ' i \tHt that IWlt>art Ia I'iartii 
Id el>/(.« Aiti) 1 Iri'U I li ii.tM rid. h 'muri'! I].\<1« 
Ma la furi^xiA. anj kv.«ar« i.j h.n.vfir ttt«i tia 
mill pf«*ai,t iicr fiu«u rtiii.;ii|| « u-^-^.uaaa. 
hi tlia or riilni Hirhara i> ("inc up to t«1ta, 
aad Xufua aa< oru hrr M haii tSay get tbarB 
h» ulltra lo diiTa nar (>i hti tMtal In car. 
Nh« ions*ii<i. aod ll <• t. t till (hry )ta«a (on* 
•urn* wajf that ah* rc«lia«a h« !■ kMaappli^ 
bar! In vala stM ftaBSa} Im ia a^aMat la kit 
r*w>|re to keey ker pri a eaef till atia preailkaa 
t<i hoM no rommualratlon with Edmund Hyda 
H»^ *>mr I.. .111 old iMnhjM'r.J •<'"ife, 
MhK'h balunga tu a (riand ut hi*. barliara la 
at Siat veqr ftrtgStwiBi, kat as alM giawa ealaaar 
•he raatlasa tkat If ever ake la U eawipe aht 
muat cenvinea Aaliar tliat ake is rarornlad to 
th* poaillon. Hh* aata abeat doing »■> »uh 
•acta • will tkat ak* auaagea to eaaTajr UUs 

XXII— nw 

On tha fourth memlaff the rain 
atoppad. and tha watery san atruM- 
Slad out . ' the clouds. Barbsra felt 
hope riaiMK .iKaIn In her heart as aha 

■ ipencd th'- fr. ' ' di."r and looked 
Into th*- wet hf.irt of the wooda 

an r I on n (1 Im u : I , .■ n ; 

She told herself onoe mora that 
tha whole situation was prapoeteroua, 
and eottld net possibly be happealaff; 
was she soeh a weafcllaff that she 
must tamely submit ie the will of 
thla man? As sha moved about pre- 
paring breakfast her th were 
Hgalii with their ♦>iidle»a echemlng 
and plotting 

They could not ba far from a vil- 
lage or a main road: she did not 
believe they were so isolated as 
Asher had declared ; sometimes laylsff 
awake at night sha waa sure She 
could hear the distinct aound of traf> 
ftc, and ease the scream of a motor 

"A penny for your thoughta. Miss 
Wair," Asher said at her ahoulder, 
and she came back to tha prasant 
with a atart. to reaUse that the ket- 
tle had bellied over, and that she was 
atandlnff with the empty teapot In 
har hand staring out into tha ragged 

"I was dreaming," ahe said, n lii 
tie break 1 ii her voice "I was won- 
dering if you would have dared to 
do thla thing to ma If I had had any- 
one, any people of my own, who 
cared what becomi pf me." 
* He shrufted hie shoulders and sat 
down at tha table, 

"I thought we had done With SUCh 
argumenta," be aald Impatiently. "I 
thought you were reconciled." 

8he faced him with flaahlng ayes. 

"Tou thought you had broken ma 
iu. you mdan," ahe aceused him. 
•Wall, you wlU see." ^ 

Asher spread some butter on hie 
toast with aggravating precision. 

"You are threatening to run 
away?" he a<(kPd coolly. "Tou mean 
that when i give you the tipportuni- 
fy, you will take It? Wall, you will 
have it today." 

Her ayee widened With pathetic 

Me went out in the sama level 


"1 am going to I,ondon this morn- 
ing, and I ahall not be back until 
late. You will have algbt or nine 
houre entirely to yOUrSSlf. Tour 

gaoler will be mllee away, and you 
win be aulte free to do esastly as 
you pleaee.' 

■he caught har breath with a quiv- 
ering aound of incredulli> 

"you mean — that I may go ' But 
though ahe a.<<ked the queatlon ahe 
had no real confld--n ,^ in it; thla 
w.Ti aome fresh sche.: - f his, some 
new game with which to torture her. 

"Tou may lo If you wleh. eerUln- 
l>r" he answered. "What is there 
to step your If you follow the path 
opposite this house through the 
wood. It will take you out on to a 
main i..h,i tno luiios sway, aad tha 

rCBt will bo e«»y " 

She watched him with fascinated 
eyas; she wanted to believe him. and 
yet ahe dared not. 

After a momeat shs ashs4 a 

"And then — If I go— what then?" 
Asher looked across the table at 


• If 1 come back here tonight and 
find that you have gone," he said in 
a voice of flint. "I ahall aeek out that 
precious brother-in-law of mine and 
shoot htm as I would a dog.* 

There was a tragls silence. Bar- 
bara had ffoas whIU to the llpe, and 

teas of her ejreo had changed* 

to unutterable weariness Sha knew 
that he HiM<kr- <hi iiiilh. ahe knew 

that h<- »i.uM 1mki> tiiN wor.l, nhe 
l<nr\\ ■ fa! n. i , at .1 »• ■ ,i ' , " n f^.i her, 

or hlf alstcr, ur iSdmuud Hyde would 

pravsad him front se nir la i ant hu 


It was as she had thoufftit. Just a 
new tortura which ha had planned 

for her. Nominally she would be 

fret- f.,r 'h,.- whole day. hiuI '-' 
ahe Would ii»'v»-e dare tn\\>' .nivm 
tAge of In I ft. .-dom. 

Asher flnlahe.l hia bf.ikrHiit and 
roee to hla fr> i ll< ifV'i .«t >.id on 

ceremony with bar; ha did exactly 
aa he pleased; he treated her as if 
she were a paid servaat yrhose feai 

Ings hs had not to consider In the 


"You cnn i>leas« yourself what 
you do," he auld affSlB. "But X Shall 
keep my word." 

He walked out of he room, leav- 
ing her alone at the table, and she 
sat there for a lonff time, her 
thoughta In a whirl, her whole body 
burning with a resentment which 
dared not show 

I'reaently hs came back; he WOTS 

hin overcoat aBd o^flisd Ms hat In 

hlH hand. 

Harbara looked at him. 

"Why don't you put your hat on? ' 
she asked moekllkffly. "Tou are not 
generally so reepeetful." 

Ha ignored her worda. 

"I ahall be back about right," he 
aald. and waited; tiul ahe did not 
apeak, and h»' algnlf bantly : 

"If you are not here — " and waited 

Barbara apoke as wall as her 
tiambllng llpe would permit. 

"I shall be here," ehe said. 

He went away then, through tha 
wet woods, where the aunllghf made 
Bhlmmerlng fantastic ahadowa, and 
she u ,ia left alone 

Once Asher » preaence was re- 
moved, common aeuse began tu re- 
asserl itself In Barbara's mind. Why 
did she aUow herself to be httUled 

and overruled. Jiy hlm.2 jia.^ .waa 

nothing but a brute and a coward; 
a braggart, too. In all probability. 
He knew that ahe waa afraid of hlrn, 
and so made his tbreata 

She rose presently and mechan- 
ically began to clear away the 
breakfast things. She took them 
Into the IKtle kitchen, and put them 
down OB the table, but further work 
seemed Impoeeible. Why' should shs 
clean ths house for him? Wliy 
should ahe do anything that he ex- 
pected of her? 

I T , < ■. .I - r.iied ) 


Summer Gsnsp Is Now la P sagtes s In 
Vanooarar far Offlosrs o( Or- 

A Summer training . .< i i for Girl 
ftuldf Officera is tiow In a<>«Blon at 
Crofton House School, \ancouver, by 
kind permlsalon of .MUa Gordon, 
.Mrs. Klnloeh, Deputy Provincial com- 
missioner actlnff as commandant. 
Other official present, are: Mrs. Lake, 
commissioner for the Mainland; Mra. 
Tyrrell Ooodman, commissioner for 
Vancouver Iiland; Mrs. Gavin, eom- 
mieeioner for Rurnaby, and Mrs. 
Brock, commissioner for Vancoii\er. 

L.ectureB and demonatratl mi^i ur* 
glvan dally In guide and brownie 
work by Miae Kayo ftymes, nf Toron- 
to, Domtniaa samp adrlsar. Other 
>oursss include folk dandng, con- 
ducted by Miae Ooddatid. atory-talllng 
by Miss Hill, of the Vancouver Public 
Library, and a apeoial cour."ie In mg- 
naling demonat rat lon^ la heing ar- 
ranged hy Colonel Moorhouae. 

Not only Oulders, but nismbers of 
Guide committee, especially thoee 
from country districts, are taking 
advantage of this opportunity for 
olasa inatruction. The growing pop- 
ularity ef the movement being ob- 
vious from the number of new dia- 
trlcts which have taken u|i the work 

and have aent ofricern for tralnlnff. 

Are you an electrical flsharnian? 
If not, all you need In order to claes 
yourself In thla category la the new 
artificial minnow, which is made 
luminous by slsctrldty and resemblee 
a wriggling worm when cost into the 
water. It is reputed to attract fish 
day or night. fine wirc?( protect the 
bait from tireakage. and an electric 
b/ifter\ .^nppllea the current. 

A Moderate Amount 


of Grape-Nuts for the cereal part of your 
meal Think of itl You cannot buy a 
more economical cereal food. Serve wiili 
cream or milk. 

The great economy of Grape-Nuts is due 

to the highly concentrated nourishment it 

contains. Its popularity, to its delicious 
flavor and health fulness. Kcady to serve 
right from the paci^agCa 



There^s a Reason^ ^ 

Or ap e =Nu t s 



Or Bearoai I.iglKa Ht 

n Sfnp-. \rj- t.i He Ml 
for I»«>llttr> ..r Mall 

'i) u\iii;"i^ ha.^ be^n hr ajifi' B'la.iiel) 
before tha public by tha great non- 
stop Alffht aevass tha oaatlneat by 
Ueuteaants MaaRsady aad Xalley. 

and. through this demenetretlon of 

Ita feasibility, genf-rnl night flying and 
the dslivery of mill .tmlng the night 
may become an u. < • rn c il»hed fact be 
fore the end of the Hummer, accoi 1 
ing to I J. O'Malley. of Chicago. In ». 
recent address before the Chicago 
Avlattoa OKih. 

"A great I-nrt <.f the i>I«n« f. - th'a 
epoch-makliK arhlexement In 
U'lti now icf-., Kiih the |,iihli< uilli'y 
llKhtlng coiiipanlea or tUf ci;!e» 
ihemselvea." aald Mr. «rM(«llr> 
Ouida or beacon lights ara neces- 
sary for nlffht flylaff, partlsahurly 
when stops aro to he ssade far dellv. 
ary of mall or passstogero. A great 
start has been made In this respect 
as wall as In the construction of innd 

Ing neld*. and i.;-b«>.lv ^^•■rk 

will be dons In thU direction during 
tha seaUaff •uauner. 

Dtneliipw Plan 
"The I'nlted t^laus A-iini Mill hin 
developed a plan foi nylnn nlKht nwill 
which seems thoroughly practicable, 

> e the various citiee aver whieh the 
tiight mall paeaee agree to malatala 
the neceeeary lightlaff system and 
emergency landing fields. 

"It is a fact thst the whole future 
«ucce«B ,,f the aerial mall hinges up.m 
the Bucceas of night flying, alnca the 
time that la lost by laying over nights 
would eliminate the aavlng in time 
obtained through day flying. 

"The night flyer \n reduced f 
ing by compasa. and no compass hae 
yet been evolved which is sufficiently 
reliable to be depended upon eg- 
clusively. Then the question of 
forced landlnge la lavolYed. in event 
of motor failure the flyer Is obliged 
to make a landing. This is som^ 
times dangerous, although not an 
MSUeh as iTie :'!T!fht think, aince a 
piano, properly equipped with aearch- 
llghta op.-rated from a battery, can 
be guided Intelligently when near the 
ground, although being without 
power it eannot rlss again if the 
ground is unsuitable for landing. 

"In general, night flying depends 
upon beacon iighu at various points 
along the route by whieh the flyer 
may know hla location; emergeney 
landing holds Indicated by upward 
streamlnff searchlights; p I a n e a 
equipped with searchlights for land- 
ing, and the cultivaUoa af a alffht 

■flying sense.' " 

Time la every bit as mash aa 
avenger as a healer. 

Today Brltlah ships may not enter 
thf- territorial waters of the United 
Stales of America with any latdSl* 
rating liquor on board. 

American liners are dry, -and the 
IT s. navy for eome yearn has slaksd 
Its official thlrat with grape* juice. 
The Yankee oreealng the Western 
Ocean in a Taakee ship has no hope 
of a real drtnk until he ssts foot la 

And yet f..r more years than moat 
aeafarhiK men can remember the 
Ameri(-an aailor haa. In contempt and 
deilalon, nicknamed ihp Hrltlah m«r- 
ch;. ni veaael "The I-l mejulcor!" ' 

The nritinh merchant aeaman to net 
encouraged to drink While ho iS 
afloat. He has no ration of rum, 
like his brother in the jiavy. Rum 
ie lesued to him, in thimblefuls. only 
after really heavy weather and long 
hours on deck. 

But becaus«t men who spend long 
perloda H' rr-n without fresh x»-)t.« 
tahlea hiive a habit of developing 
a.uTvv. (h. Hoard of Trade decree 
that ten dayf( out from port each man 
shall have a daily ration of Hmejuico. 

Other nations give their men erude 
wine and other liquors which have 
much the sams sffeet. The Yankee 
merchantman fell into that category; 
wherefore, whenever he met Jack 
ashore, he precipitated a fight by 
n.nking rude remarks about "gol- 
darned Litnejuicer" — or words to that 

The name stucJi. All the maritime 
world knows a British merchant vee- 
sel, and especially a salllaff ship, aa a 
•Umejulosr." Aad ths Yankee eea- 
maa. now ground under the heel of 
Mr. Puesyfoot, was our godfather in 
the matter. 

Time, you aee, haa turned the 
tSt>les .N<>! the Ked (Cnaign, but the 
Blara and .Strlpea, la the llmejulre flajj 
t.p.Iay The American ahellback who 
hankers after his rum and molasses 
must ship in a Rrltleh ship. Ms amy 
get it there. Ue sursly will not on 
board his awa craft. Mo mors will 
ha eing: 

The llmejulce ship put out to ssa 

To ho. bullies, for 'fVioool 
•Aad they gave them Sottas Sad gave 

them tea. 
Which never wottld ia for yfu aad 

me — 

With a hsy aad a ha far 'IVisiut 

No. I Imagin'' 
much about "L4mejul< era in ths nsar 
f»tars.>-LsBdaa OaUy Mali. 

Nullifying Intcrnsdonal 1^ w 
No more than a hundred years ago 
It a-auld Mr* looked like a dfslara- 
tloa of war If fhs Ualtad. tutee had 
broken aeala on Brltlah ship« in 
American ports and conflarnted ii'|ii<<r 

In excees of th'- •> .rr^ if.eit 

for use of the < i. mm i.^ iij,. iioaaury 
depsrtment at Washington. Even to- 
dsy the Inddsnt has mock of the 
character of a pollto Slap hi tha tsce 
After a femAl pretest, the oilteerB of 
the Baltic and the Berengaria tenk 
it all in good part and th* ofnrlala 
of the Hrltlah embaaay w wri. tolerant 
."^ ' ■' '■!' ' ih»re 1 ,T »rtaln atrain 
behind thp tolerance and courtesy, a 
realisation aleo tHsd tha atnatlsa la 
an lasyssslhis ana. 

Wtthoot qofta tBtendtag to do It. 
the United BUtes adopt •.i , Uquor 
law ths Volafead Art whl. t, falleil to 
< ■ ' '■■ 1 f 1 I. . ;»'U<- fin 'I 

IniBp naiioiia ; i«» It Is socordlng to 
precedent, n- 1 > - United Mates has 
Itaeir insisted, that a vesssl tahss with 
It even lata fasalta watars ths lawa 

Af ths nation sC Its ragletrr t'nder 
that rule fhs liners «f Burope ro.iM 

serve al'-^h'.'l'- :i<i !"r« h»,»r,l wuh 
In the ArrKT'.ran thrre nilla llrn't !.ijt 
<> « 1 1 f . < im interrreied ^> 

the aupreme court supersedes Inter 
nnUanal hiw wHhia ts t r t ta rt s i watera 

Sf this Rsp a b B s. Ssnse th* astsurss 
of Vngtfah drtnkeblee. medtSM nniy 

fl^rretarv Mellf^na aubtarf-ige In 
defining the usual wins ration of th* 

r" - n (B BMtftsaj aippllsaj-^ew Tom 

Bfecld, • ^ 

The Corselette 
for ^mer 
Special, $1.75 

A back-fsftening Cor- 
selette, made with four 
garters, ii of flash 
color Francine cloth, 
which IS hrni, durable 
fohrle, and vary aispt 

aMr 1' this iNjif 'if 
garment. The Iri 
snffttlsr insert of sar- 

K : • i ' r 1 a M 11 in ' !i r !. .;. 

portion insures grace 
ful lines snrf cooslbrt. 
Sizei }: tM Iflw tps- 
cial. f l.Tft. 

Muslin Under 


\\ ,r liM"! <"or»et 
Lover* '< icgulatiuii 
style, an 1 1 • Kiifd with 
embroidered top, re- 
duced to S*^. 
Better Quality Lscs or 
KmbroiJery Trimmed 

l'oi»rt C"'>ver», m,»'1e 
with binlt up sluiul- 
Mrr s oi b "in e tOp| Ma 
duced to TO^. 
Muslin Nightgowns, 
with round or square 
necks sad short 
• < r v s Sa rtducad to 

.Nainsook N'tRhtKOwng. 
m several different 

» t v 1 r 9, rtteead to 

f^Uii'n (yearn 

I — . — ^ 

Flannel Skirts 
Good Value 
at $7.95 

Made with attractive 
pockets, trimmed 
with silk stitrhing 
and pearl buttons 
and of a fine good 
wearing- quality 
cream flannel^ J>pc- 
cial price ^7. ~ 

White Hats 

Special $4.75 

Attnclitrt SttOiBMr 
Htu of plala whHt 
stnw, coinbiaitioas 
of ribbon tad ttraw. 
imiUtiMi pnaiiii, 
ttgel and soft cru.-^h 
stitched felts. IdcaV 
moHfls for sports or 
general wear. Spe- 
cial f4a7a s 

Satin Ratine 
Reduced to 

$2.95 a Yard 

A heavy satin faced 
silk fabric whkh re- 
aembldt ratine, is 38 

inches wide and is 
available in three 
colors only, navy, 
sand and jade. Spe- 
cially reduced to 
daar at M«W a 

Middies for 

>— Ill I 

Aj^ es 6, 8 and 
10 Year. 


In regulitloa and 
Balkan Strk^ with 
pocket and etman ht 

plain !r t < navy f>r 
rose trimmed with 
braid. Reduced to 

Specials ia Knit Underwear 

Women's Ribbdd Vests In flesh and white; made 
with hand top or beaded edge laee voice. Special, 

2 for f 1.00 

women's Union Suits, with band top, tight knee Of 

opera top and loose knee. Special 

liooklnff rorward 
If but the kindly years may ffraat u« 


To track tha lonely valley to ItS SBd, 

And view, though from ater» ths 

erag-tMund hill . - ^ ^ 

Xaift lis iSBff greeUa»— aa OM frisad 

meets friend 

In life's brief rest from laaor at las 


When ..II (bat ""ks ths cIsaTsr word 

:« aii.iken, 

When heart knows heart, snd all the 

Wistful past 
Wakes la oas flanoo— then shall thia 

love, unhroksa. 
To mountaine, by oar atrlvUia and 

your strength, 
rind Ita laat »lsasara aaly la the 

seeing, ^ 

Aad deep beyond an dafth aC wares 

at length 

FaWs With a life nMsa Itatlne than 

nMre being. 

Aad whoa our last gold sun shsU turn 
to wahe 

Lats amber shadows la ths sleeping 

And the grey iBOhSS Sd thS OtOnlOS 

Shall forsrar on anr lasc dim 

, he beB<*of as, the goal wa asver 


ahall Join that halt afan tha «s«d 

girt stair: 
BslflSMi. a part of all we lovod* ths 


I'rlends of the mountaina. you wilt 

- - 

- <J W Toung 

graph inatruments," Father Odeabash 
M-id. w ith thla I shall hs aMo to 
record ths sUffhtssC tremor without 
the Inter f s t onss oC loeal disturbances. 

"At prseent a passing street car or 
motor tniek ntakee ite Impreeeion on 
some of Bi|p ; 

Hubby sams home and found an 
argument going on His wifs was 
trying to give a bridge party. 

"Whats ths row?" hs demanded. 

'One of ths gussts la threatening 
to walk out." sgplainsd his wifs in a 
Whisper. "I ningt oonaUUau har." 

concUMato notMne. Lot hor walk 


"Caa't he eons, hubby, ahe'ii 
walk oat with sis chairs and four 
hfflfaa taMso I horrowsd from her." 
;*^lgvllls ^?ourisr-io umal. 

1 Love to Dance 
but-OH I 



OUrrSLAND. laly subter- 
ranean Bslsarts ahasrvaiary a whish 

prohablv wm be the most oo m plo t o l y 

eqiili.p»'d It! Aii.erlra wIM he hewn iS 
solid rof-k nndarlvlrig I'fie earripua of 
the ne» S' IS'.attua < ollega Ir ralr- 
mount Haisb'a Rav Kraderb k I, 
Odeabash. " i pr«fea«or of natural 

a^^aness aad eonuor of tko coiieg* 

Try this and forget 

paias, stnuBB* comSi 
cailouees or othef 
foot troubina 


"The reek 
' ampua wlH gIVO MS S pOffOSC 
\<nn Xnr my pondulums and 

A'l T'.,, reed »S S ki«|||y 

•i ) (<wi a ' («d foot bath 
I Bstk Sahm 


ai stfaeu upon asrs, 

hing beoes, IrrHaled 

asnWL snd aenBttivs skin, OUiks yea 
fSSi Mbs JuDipu.g with )oy. aad quickly 
rSOder dancing a r»al jile»«iir. agsm 
Million, of parlir't h« » U^n told aad 
tka aaie i* mi-rvuiind <1»ot 7 ^tn fntmn^ 
HHH4lh>ng and innai .onvirnip evrp. tha 
S>oal .<*ptKai it< rftal m^fMl In 

k«ts of fjon- eriT.t »./• and al ■> »i y 
pfn» from rltiiggutt f »rymh»T* 

I hem le ts! 

all you Mtmnt RutUl Math 


Ml iMggage C 


IrNela br tiM «««sk*a( 
rhmt tasMrtaa asll«M«4. 








. Wsrahoaaaa. _ 
SId-«30 Bastion 
tonsrs. 523-SJO 
Cnsncery Lens. 
Office Pbonee: 
IMS aad ISdj 

W - - ■ 






Long List of Events on Programme for Big l our- 
nament Arranged to Benefit Esquim iit Snl i 
Home^in. Which Ship's c:ompanv . )t ! I. M. b. Cur- 
lew Will Take Big Part 

Tournament Patronized 

By Lieutenant-Governor 

• _ — 

AKl'lAL old-time naval boxing tournament is promisetl all tliuse 
lovers of the fight gam« who go to the Drtll H»ll tonight to take 
in the show whicli lias heen arranged hy local sportsmen in 
honor of the visit to the port of II. M. S. Curlew. 

There in h lonx 


KASTISorUNK. Kngl.niil .Inly 
10. — Thr SpHiiiMh lawn tennis te ini 
In the UaviB Cup comi>'>titi.>n u>- 
ilmy eliminated Holland fi<.m t i- 
Buropean aeinl-flnal »>y wlnnlnK 
the doublM. The Bpanlarda took 
both elnRlrM yesterday. riac:iuer 
and de Onmar won today'* mateh 
from Tlmmer arul Bryan. Of Hol- 
land «-4. f.-:t. t;-2. 

sp.iiti v.ii II pi't tli« winner of 

tho l"rani f Swilz'Tlaiid tie. 

ICA8TBOURNB, KnRlr.nd, July 
10. — Buianne L.englen'8 abllliy to 
hold her oirn agalnat first-claBB 
male players was demonetrated 
liero today When, after the Davie 
Cup rnritch, ehe figured In a wln- 
nliiK Milxed partnerahlp asatnet 
I.Uv<»r« (if Hpalii and Holland. Hlie 
niid FlaiMjiiPr def»>atPd dp (JoJ 
and Van L«ennep, 8-2. 7-6. 



Cluh Mrmkans Inntod to "At Home" 
by llo«d Of nrm— PrtEea on 
KxhlMtkm M OowM 

Last ntglit'a play In Bpencer'a club 
ehamplenehlp tournament at Crals- 
darroeh brought thto event consider- 

ably nearer Its conclusion. Miss 
Mvrcer and MIsa B. Campbell, havlnc 
hotJi icarhfd th*- finals In tho ladles* 
hlMKlPB iHBt nlKht. will nieft Ht .1:16 
this afteiiiuon to derld" the < 
pionshlp In this event and n splrlt.d 
oontMt Is looked for. Both theso 
ladlea will acaln be In acUon at 6 
i> m.. belnr partnarad by Waacottand 
Knapman respectively In tha final 
match of the mixed doubles. 

The men's slnules final between 
H. Barnes and List Is arranged for 
•:4S p.m. The opponents are very 
evenly matched and It will not ba 
surprlslnK to t^'* match axtand 
to the full flvp ^Pts. 

As the wcathir prnsppctn are of 
tba fairest, .in exceptionally large 
gatherlns of club members Is antici- 
pated to wltnaaa the games and attend 
the "at homo" to which the club hsa 
been very kindly Invited by Mr. and 
It Is expected that 
the cricketers and the baseball team 
will further swoii the crowd aft*-r 
having played tholr matches else- 

The baattUful array of cups, of 
whieh. through the generoalty of 
Meaara. J. W. and D. B. Bpanoar and 

The Times Printing and Publlahlng 

("Dlnpuny. Klnilted. the Pavid Bp«n- 
Athletlc ("lul> Im th« fortunate and 
proud ponsessor, «I1I l>e nn display 
at the court" during the Bfternoon. 

'The results of last night's matches | 
and tha dntw for this afternoon fol- 

I^adloa' SlnjrloH (Hrml-Flnala) 

Miss H. f';«mpKoll heat MISS 
Humphreys, fi-2. « 1 

Miss .Mercer bent MI"<.m Stnlth, «-t, 

Mm's Singles (Scml- Final) 
H. Barnes heat Laver, 6-0. 6-4, 
• 1 

Mixed Doubles (Srml-I'tnaln) 
Iftas Mercer and Westrott beat 
Mlaa Flucha and Wylla Orant, 6-2. 


Min.^ B. Campbell and Knapman 
beat Misa Rmlth and J. V. Barnes. 

S-l, 7-9, «-2. 

Men'* Conaolatlon Slnglaa 

Wilkinson beat Wlllsher. «••. 

■Drmm FOr W «d f d « y 

At f:S« pm. — 
Wtlllama plays Harper. 
Mrs. Bcott plays Mlas Eve. 
Mrs, Bumner plays Mlas Ravan. 

At i:16 p in.— 

Miss B (■.itnpbell plii.\s Miss Mer- 
(ludleH* singles flnul) 

Laver i>lay Nixon and 
final, baat of (Iva 


List and 
Talla^ <i 

At 4:11 p.m^ 

Miso Frttchett and Miss Plucke 
play Mlsa H. TyrralKand Mlas Hum- 
phreys ( (aeml-flnal). 

At 4:00 p m — 

Mlsa Mercer a'ld Weatcott play 
Mlaa B. Campbell and Knapmaa 
(mlaad double* flaal)* 

At •:4I pjn^ 

H. Baraaa plays Ust (nsn's Haglas 

final, beet of flv* sata). 

It Is planned further. If possible. 

to play off the following cnrmoUt hm 
.■Ingles In ih« course of the evenltig 
Mlsa Prltch*!' Mlxs <;r«nt: Miss 

Fluek* vs. Miss Brown; R. TOmlln- 
m IiMlMnart Haary m MaClay. 

I • .Kt".' 'ii trio of 

events to be run off, and thi*t it will 
be run off In real shipshape style i-.n\ 
be guaranteed, seeing the capable 
managamant which Is handling the 
ailalr. The boats will (ought 
under the ruleg of the Barvlces Box- 
ing AsHoclatlon, which call for two 
Jiidgew .Tnd a referee outside the ring. 
.Ml ii(>i «-<s 1 1 V [ire p!i r.i I loriH liive been 
ni.ide for the comfort and < onveni- 
ence of spertatora, .nnd a really Inter- 
eetlng evening la suie to be spent by 
all who take la. the bouts. 

A Worthy Oltjort 
The fact that It Is tielnj; staged In 
aid uf the Ks(|ulmalt tiallorn' Homo 
ia an additional reason to suppose 
that the attendance will bo l.irce, .il- 
though. with the large majority of 
the bouta batwaan naval boxers and 
the officers and craw of tha British 
warship doing everything to add eclat 
to the event, there can be little fear 
that Victorians, who always have an 
extra warm corner In their hearts f'T 
tTie men of the Navy, will not turn 
out In force to see the fun. help liene. 
nt the cause fur which It la pruvidod, 
and do honor to the visiting aallor- 
i man. 

HIa Honor the Lleutenant-Oov- 
emor of BrItiaH Columbia Is giving 
the affair hia patronage, and the 

commltteo of local sportsmen, who^ 
are handling this big sporting attrac-' 
tlon are as follown; Mr. U. I(. 
Pooley, M P r. (chairman); IJeu- 
teiiant Uonald (' Watson, R.C.N.; 
Petty Ufflcer KInch, 11 ("VU, and 
Mr. W. H. Davles 

The contests are scheduled to start 
at t p.m. sharp, and all the contest- 
ants muat b* on hand at 7 p.m. (or 
medical examination and weighing* 
In. The ticket office at the Drill Hall 
will be open at 7: SO p.m. Children 
attending school will be admitted at 
a small charge. The ofllcial pro- 
gramme li a.s followa: 

>iovlco« CbmiwtltiOB 

Claaa I — Haavlaa 

I'lght No. 17 — McAllister, V.T.A.A.. 
.0 pounds, vs. Snelling, V.I.A.A., 
145 pounds. 

Class n .VlddlewelKlit.i 
Fl>;ht .No. 12- K. titbson, KsquI- 
liialt, 140 pounds, vs. J. Watts, L^squl- 
malt, 160 ponnds. 

Fight No. IS— Stoker Davlea. R.N,. 
142 pounda, va. II. Qoad, Victoria. 
148 pounds. 

Claas III — Lightweights and Under 

Fight No. 1 — O.D. Robinson. 
R.C.N.. ISS pounds, vs. Signaller 
Brown, R.N.. 112 pounda. 

Fight No. 2— O.D. Studdington. 
R.C.N. , 110 pounds, vs. C. Horrls, 
V.I. A. A., 125 pounds. 

Fight No. 3— O.D. I^wls. R.C.N.. 
135 pounds, vs. Ldg. Stoker Bmyth. 
R.N.. 135 pounds. 

Fight No. 4 — O.D. Hobday, R.C N , 
185 pounds, vs. L. Woodley. Eaiiui- 
malt. 113 pounds. 

Fight No. 8 — Winner of No. 
winner of No. 2. 

Fight No. 9 Winner of No. 
winner of No. 4, 

Fight No. 14 — Winner of No. 
winner of No. t. 

Boya' Competition 
Class 1 — lleavlea 
Kight No. H — Boy Began, 
148 p<iunds, vs. Hoy Mitchell, R.N. 

I'ight No. 20 - Winner of No. 14 vs. 
Boy P. E. Willis, K.N.. 145 pounds. 
Claaa II— Mlddlewelfhts 
Fight No. 5— Boy Brldgewater, 
R.N., vs. Boy Calnes. R.N. 

Fight No. 10— Winner of No. I vs. 
Boy Bowgate, R N. 

Fight N . f. uny Donaldson. 

R.r^ N , vs lU.y, R,N. 

i-ighi No 11 -Winner of No. « vs. 

Boy Davis. H.N. 

Kight No 18 Winner of No. IS vs. 
winner of No. 1 1. 
Class HI — Lightweights and tinder 
Fight No. 7 — Boy DIckerson. 
R.CN., 114 pounds, va. Boy Nagll, 

Fight No. 17 — Winner of No. 7 va. 
I'ick. R.C.N.. lor. pounds. 
U.M. Servlcea Experienced 
Fight No. 15 - treading 
Pople. R..V . 159 ponnds, vS 
man !>. Hears. R.C. N. V.II. 

Fight No. 21— Leading 
Maaon. R.C.N.. 141 pounda, vs. Pri- 
vate MetWe" I' ^t I. I 

hp(-<la| Kvcut 
Three. round contest for world's 
dust weight ehamplonahip. Albie 
Davies. tLgt 11. SO pounds, holder, vs. 
Jumbo ^avlea, age IS. \tl pe uada. 

RUhard Expteit tUt&rd 
Crowd to Soo WUtard 
Ami FIrpo im AtHom 

1 VR. 

3 va 

8 vs. 




m.iiT I'osiro.NE© 

MlLWAirKEE. July • - The Rod.y 
ICansaa-Johnny Mendelsohn flght. 
whiek was to hava bee* held here to- 
AliM. was p B l S — sd «MII l^ednea- 
day night, when Kaasaa^ thtonBll hie 
manager, refused to meet the MM- 

wauken *"^v )'e' n<ise hS WM fotir 

poundA overweishu 

N«W TORIC July IS.— A llae of 
nearly l.SSS Bght fana was on hand 
today at Madison dqoara Garden 
when the ticket Mle for the JeM 
Wlllard-Lula Firpn match waa le- 
resun.ed with »iidl< .>i Ions that I'ro- 
mofer Tex Kirk,-»nr« prophe,-- ->f a 
re.orrl crow. I w, he foinile.l when 
fh« heavyweight Show begins at 
Boyle's Thirty Acres. Thwrsday night. 
On the basis of the laereaslac de- 
fer reasrvatleaa daring Oie 
few daya. Rlckard predls t s d that 
the atteadaaee would eriipae the 
SSS figure aet at > . : • mpesy-Csr- 
pentler bout two \fH'' igo 

Is Back in the Game 

C.P.R. Balltossers 
Are Forging Ahead 


riu'ir ! cMvi h\ \ tory Over Automotives 
i Alter Oood, Close Game — ''Red" Mc- 
Intyre ^^itches Nice Ball tor Winners, Who Take 

Lead m titih 

form«r nrltlah. ranarfUn and French gnir 
ihaniplnii. la r»lurnlnir t« Iho game thin 
Auiuiiin. aiul han nU'r"t f..r n rhaiiiplun 
ahip l.iurnaiTimt In Uriialri Hhe will/ bp 
warmly w. I.-..mioi1 liark In the ranks of 
wi.nim gdlforn ,Sh<! haa hrrn kept from 
the Kama f..r a long lln>« thruugli au 
ar( Irlrnt. 

EX-AlSTR.\lil.\.\ t.uLit ClLYAl- 


Won Lo&t 

2 8 





C. P. R 



'HE C.P.R. lengthened their lead in the league race last niglu 
when they defeated the Automotives, but not before the me- 

i lianics had thrown a scare into them. The score was cip:ht to 
MX, and is a fairly good indication of the ulay. The Autouiottve- 
went into the lead in the third inning, when they scored three runs oi 
IS many hits, ami one error. The railroader.s scored one in the fourtli, 
and took the lead in the fifth when tliey scored four times. The\ 
should have been blanked in this inning, as two men were out and 
Harry C'opas flew to left. Larson ha<l the hall in his hands, hut I'.eek 
thuuglit he should help him hold it, ami between thein the ball uar 
dropped. Two runs trickled across on this miscue, and the next two 
batters hit safe. sct)ring another brace, 'i'he railroaders were handed 
three more counters in the seventh when the mechanics bungled five 

lione Canadian Entrant Galas Place— 
SwMCxer and OnlmeS Also Come 
Thronsh Test Sncxwsafnlly 

INWOOD. X.Y.. .July In U.ive 
.Splttall. Toronto, the only ('anadlan 
entrant In the I'nlted .St^itt-H ^olt open 
championship tournament, turned In 
a card of 155 for the 36 holes in to- 
day's qualifying round and easily 
quallfled. His score landed him in 
third place among the 18 golfers who 
cjtme through the round Bucce.ssfully. 
Splttall took 78 In the morning round 
uiui cnme through In the afternoon 

with 77. 

Lnadlng the list of those who quali- 
fied today was Joe Klrkwood, former 
Australian champion, with a score of 
144. In the morning he was around 
In 70, two under par. He was ten 
strokes better than any of the others 
who nnlahed within the limit of LSD 
to qualify. 

Three of the ten amateur.^ who 
quallfled here were Jertse .Sweetser, 
national amateur champion; Francis 
ouimet. of Boston, and Alex. lAmour, 
of iiye, N.Y. 

Feature Races at Toledo 
Are Poeiponed' for Rain 

TOLEDO, July 10. — Knin. which 
fell In torrents afttir '.'iic second r.ace 
of today's C.r.ind Circuit proKremnio, 
forced the jiont ponemi-nt of the Fort 
Miami $5,000 stake for 2;08 trotteis 
and the Sherwood Trot, vxlued ut 
$2,000 for three-year-old trotters. 

Two events were •<.oncludoJ before 
the rain, the aecond division of the 
S:18 trot won by Busy Hall, In slow 
time, and the 2:09 pace, which 
Wrack took In straight heats. Hick 
McMahon thus vslnnlng the first race 
of the year. 


Two Wednesday League cricket 

mairh'.s arc on today's schedule, 
t'niversity School playe St. Aldan's, 
and Hudson's Bay plays Spencer's 
at the JubUe* Hv-epUal ground. 
Both matchea start at 2;30 i> m. 
' road Street will play h friendly 

itch against the United Servlceii 
fit Work Point. Selected teama 
,ire announced .as followirt 

Hudson's Bay — C. Speak, A. P:. 
Haines, (J. Wharf, P. Shrlmpton, 
S. U Ward, K. Verrall. V. A< kroyd, 
A K. noae. W. Durrant. H. Un- 
der. T. Parkas. B. M. Oahagan and 
<-. Bills. 

University School K. O Pollard, 
K N. Cabeldu. W. J. Ham. J. C. 
Hodson, O. Wenman. C. K. Allen, 
N. Wolfe, K. M. Pate, 3. Bryden. 
H. E. Mayer and Lleut.-Col. Oood- 

Broad Street — D. Fletcher, O. 
Helnekey. E. H Pendray. W. 
Cowan, (1. Freeman, Kr|c (Junln- 
ton. W. Barth(domew, 1). Ooiuild- 
son. P. Richardson, J. Wormald 
and' A. Barber. 

B,C, EUctric Wina 

Against Cedar Hill 

I>nnt Saturd.iy afternoon an Inter- 
club tennis match wa.s played be- 
tween the B C lOlectrh- Hallway and 
the Cedar Hill Tennis Cluba on the 
courts of the former club, and al- 
though the etart was delayed by the 
Inclement weather fifteen eats were 
played and an onjoyablf time waa 
spent. Tea was served by the ladles 
of the homo club. The match re- 
sulted as follows: 9. C. E. R.. eight 
sets. 72 points; Cedar Hill, seven 
sets, 63 points. 



NEW YORK. July 10. — Luis Angel 
FIrpo suspended flstle actlvltlea today 
and devoted himself to lees strenuous 

preparation for hIa encounter with 
Jess Wlllard on Thursday night. 

Wlllard .also t<tarted on a wlnd-Up 
programme of light training. 

' Varsity Cricket Won 
By Dark Blue Eleven 

OxtORi Overwhelms (vanibrid^e in Annual Event, 
VVinnin,;^ by an Innin,i^s and Over 'I wo Hundred 
Runs — Many (^^nturies Scored in C>)unty Matches 
— West Indians [Seat Leicester Hasily 


O.NlXlN. July 10 — The match at Lord's between cricket elevens 
representing: Oxford and Cambridge Universities, which was 
coimnenred \esterday catne to an ahrnpt conclusion today. 
Oxford overwhelmed their opponents by an innings and 227 runs. 
Winning the toss. Oxford compiled 422 yesterday on a perfect wicket, 
but a terrific thniiderstorni left Canihridpc witli an extrrniely diffi- 
cult wicket to play on. Oxford dismissed their opponenas for 59 runs 
in the first innings 'and 136 in the second. Taylor obtained 109 runs 
for Oxford. 



lNniANAPr»l>lH. July 10. — Favor- 
ites in the thirteenth annual clay 
oourt tournament, in progress hero 
today, disposed of their seeond-ronnd 
opponents. WllUam T. Tlldcn de- 
feat' d Aldrecht Kepp, •et4ran In- 
dianapolis player, 5-7, 6-3. C-l. 

Manuel Alon/.o. i.inkin;; .N^i. 1 In 
Bpala, refeated Jack UarrU, of Chl- 
eace. «•>. t-t. 

Wallaoa Johnson, of Marlon, Pu.. 
and the Klneey brothers, Robert and 
Howard, of Kan FranolMO. also won 
their matches. 


•Ai>«ctc4 lo SAceea |600,00» 

Swedieh Swimming Star 
Breako Two Roeardo 

OOTHENBURO, July — Arne 
Borg, the Bwedlah swimming star, set 
two new world records at the Inter- 
national athletic gamei) here, covering 
1 000 metres In 14 minutee, 14 4-10 
seconds, there).) beating hia previous 
record of 14 minutes, 17 l-lt seconds, 
and swimming l,$et metres la St 
mlantes. SI second^ aa against 
the prevloue recoil of tS nrtnatos flat 
held hy rieorge Hodeson. of Canada 

Borg \n expected to me«t Johnny 
W- • low I.T • •• .•■ .!• 1 -he 

, physical c^ditiua permit* 

The \Vest Indira t 'Uring team de- 
feated LelccHter on the first Inninga, 
West Indies, 38^ and 109 for four 
wickets, declared; I«lo«ster S4> and 
170 for seven wickets; Fernandas 110. 
f^nty ehamplonahip 

County cricket champlonakly 
matches resulted aa follows: 

Nottinghamshire defeated Lan- 
cnshlre by an Innings and 14 runs. 
Notts made S44. Lancaahire 144 and 
jog, whysali 141 and Makspeaae lot. 

not out. 

Kent defeated Eaecx by 10 wicketa. 
Ksaox 14S and 23u, Kent SIC and «• 
for no wickets; Hardinge lOS. 

Terkshira defeated Bomereet hy an 
Innings and ISO runs. Yorkshire 440 
and six wickets, declared; Somerset 
226 and 00; Holmes 199. not out, 
Butcllffe 139 . 

Northampton defeated Glamorgan 
by two wicketa. Glamorgan 210 and 
S03. Northampton S07 and SOS. eight 
wlekets; Wo*ley 110. net eat. 

Hampahlra defeated Warwickahiro 
by an Innings and tS nna. Warwick- 
shire ?o8 a»d SOT, aaifgtlre iSt; 

Me. id 22? 

UuU.NAIlO nssiufo VP 

PHILAPKLPHIA. Jaly 10.— Benny 
Leonard. werM'a lightweight cham- 
pion, returned to Kew York today 
after hIa defeat of Alex Hart, of Ix)r- 
rainr ohi... Is^t night, to t.iK" .» Iirlef 
r<-»t i. 'f ■ h- irn trriinlng for biff 

phla cbaltenger. 

The Mechanics showed signs of life 
In their half of the seventh^ when 

they ranK the hell three times. Moaer 
walked. Hal! wa.s beancd, (Jaiidy was 
aafo on an error, Moser icurtng. The 
next two rai'ii retired on strikes, but 
Fetherston came thruueh with .i 
double, which scored Hall and Uandy. 
Fetheraton waa caught ateallng third. 

"Ketl" Mclntyre turned In a K"od 
game for the Ceo Pecs, allowing only 
six hits, and retiring acvcn on strikes. 
Moser also pitched a nice game, ex 
copt for the fifth Inning, when lh> 
Railroaders got him for Ave hits. , 

The next League game will be on 
Thursday evening, when the Auto- 
mutlvea clash with the Eagles. 

Bos Boom 

C.P.R. — AB. R. H. PO. A. E, 

Webster. 2b 5 0 3 3 3 0 

Gravlln, 3b U 2 2 1 2 0 

H. Coi)a.s, H «. ... 4 2 1 4 2 2 

.lackson. lb 4 2 1 0 0 1 

R. Cupas, c.f 6 1 1 1 0 0 

Whyle. I f B 0 1 1 0 0 

C. Campbell, c..'. S 0 1 7 S 0 

Saunders, r.f..... S 0 0 0 0 O 

-Mclntyrs, p 4 1 i i s o 

Miss Leeming Beats 
Idaho, Champion 
In Portland Tennis 

>'()uni' \kt(Mi,i I (.'11111': .St.n I iiiiiislu'^ Onlv Sur- 
piihc n\ the lJ:i\ W'luMi '^~lie iJcMeats .Wis. 1 lenry, of 
Los Angeles, jAiiei Hail 1 hree-Set Match at Mult- 
' . nuniah Club 


ORTl..\N'D. Jul^' 10 - -\'an Dyke Johns, of Seattle, and Wallace 
Scott, of Tacoma will play for the Pacific Northwest sectional 
championships Thursday, on the Multnomah C lnh conrts. Hy 
playing consistehtly since the tournament started Monday the two 
northern players eliminated the cream of the northwest racquet stars 
in their scramble for the championship. 

Scott's playing was eapeclally note* 
w'Ojrthy, aa he eliminated Leon de 

Quits theBoxingRing 

jiionr wivvr. 

rnrniaa SMlil's tr — 't*"* buxing king, who 
has retired from ih- r(n« Ha wlll^avoU 
itis time to baslaoM «n.i a private estate la 



A utomotU C8 — 

Hall. 2b 

(iandy, 3b 

Larson, l.f 

Newman. s.s. ... 
Pethsrston. ih. .. 

Heek. c.f 

Roaa, c 

Todd, r.f 

.Moser, p 

■i: 8 10 27 1 1 
An It H PO. A. 














Tofala 34 6 4 26 11 7 

R Copaa out, hit lil^ batted ball. 
Score by innings— 

C. P. R 0 0 0 1 4 0 S 0 • S 

AutomoUvee. " 1 n o 0 S • 0—6 


Two-base hlta..R. Copas. Fether- 
aton. Stolen bases. H. Copas. Struck 
out, by Mclntyre 7. Mossr 5. Bases 
on balla. off Mclntyre 3. Moser 2. Hit 
by pitched ball. Hsll by Mclntyre. 
Paaaed ball. no.>«.<i ] L«ft oa bases. 
C.P.R. . 9; Automotives 6. 

Umplrs, AlUe McGregor. 


. CMAliliE^rOK crv AT TTIOON 

<arrj of Yards — .\rthur 
Havrrs, Open Champion, Rnnncr- 
Vi^Walter Uagvn FUth 

Following thf- qualifying round of 
the British vv<^n golf championship 
tournament at Troon the long driv- 
ing competition for the Field 
( hallenge Cup was held on the 
Troon links. The amateur cham- 
pion of the year, Roger Wethered. 
consoled himself f„r falling to qualify 
In the open championship hy (|rl\lnK 
the four splendid balls which won 
him the nip. and got within two 
yards of the special prize for dis- 
tance as well. His laat and shortest 
drive was SOS yards, 1 foot. 10 Inches, 
and for his three best the seore 
was: STOrOrS, 264:1:5, 2611:1:0. 
Arthur Havers, the winner of the 
open, wan the runner-up. His best 
three .irlves were: S7«:0:M, tM:0:0, 

Walter Hagen was fifth. The long- 
est carry was R. Wethered's 2«2 
ygrds, closely followed by Abe mu 

rheirn 2fiO. .Tnd it must be said that 
there was very little run Indeed on 
the hall nn<r It had pitched, 10 

yarda being a high average, and 
sometimes only aa many feet were 
found poaalble. 
Tho average drive made by the 

first 34 competitors was Ju»t over 
262 yards, which la over six yards 
better than the .opr.igc . f tli<' twelve 
best toon ln4t yenr H.Kfn -x.ix iiot 
so con'Nt.! • nn he was ^ ':m m nd 

he hit rir^t drive out of bounds. 
James Braid and Aba Mitchell placed 
all thair four balls rsepeetlvely la a 
ten«feet square. 



KK.LowNA. July 10— .wiaaera of 
the nnal games of tho Oluuiagan 
valloy Laws Tbaals toaraaaeat are 
as fellows: « 

Ladlss* doaMsa — Miss Tat low and 

Mlaa Kloepfer, Vancouver 

Men's single*- -P c, r>o,iw»ii .tjum- 

merland Do.;-- . iri;,,, ; 

Vancouver. i«. ». 4 «4.«J 

Ladlea' aingle» — Miss Tallow 

Men's doubles — Okanagan cham- 
pionship— Mecealf and Worsloy. 

Mea's deablse—Clis s|>lsas>t» of 
the IiKerler— Pe d weit aad WsieHi. 

Mixed daab l ia D adwstt aad Mis* 


M**'! " slBBleik iwrtw— KMSMI> ot 

Vern«>n • 

Men's rfiMi(!'-« 'ISHMMT iMpllf^ 

Megrlaea. el VeroM. 




SK'lcrill > II r..l.llit '<•• \\ io 

Shoots and swi < i>snUn' 


ill PrnctUr 
> — Lhike uf 

niSLEY CAMP, July 10.— His 
Majesty the King's medsl competi- 
tion, open to 100 selected competi- 
tors from the regular army and 
mllltia and .SO from the territorial 
army wl^ are serving In a unit sta- 
tioned at home, produced some fine 
shooting at Bisley today. Berge.uit 
U. Mapp, of tha Small Arms School, 
Hythe, was the winner, with ISl. He 
won the army championship last year. 
After his win tonight. Hergeant Mapp 
was chaired from the range, a band 


Competitors today found the "fire 
with mowsnMBt" pri^etlee hard solng 
on account of the hard ground aad 
close atmosphere. The Halford Ma* 
mortal Challenge Cup competition, 
shot at 1.000 and 1 1 oo yards, 16 
shots at each dIstaiK r, wa.<i won by 
C. J. Woodrow, of the lOngllsh Kight 
Club, with 144. In the BlrmlnghaiQ 
Small Arms competition, open to 
tyroe, four men tied for first plaee. 

The Canadians are going strong in 

the practice events. Thoae obtaining 
prlzc'^ In pracil(e whoois and aweep- 
stftkeH today were: M 1'. Hlalr. 72nil 
JVaforth Hlghland'-rs, Vanconver: 
Sergeant -Major W. A. Hawkins. 48th 
Highlanders, Toronto; Sergeant J. A. 
Lucas, Queen's Own Rifles, Toronto; 
Staff-Sergeant A. R. Paddock, Royal 
Hamilton Regiment. Hjonllton. (Int.; 
."^ergeant-M.iJor P Ilunh. Kingston, 
tint . with po.".Mibles .it 2iiO yarils. 

The i;dge match srjuad competi- 
tion, open to all comers, at 1.000 and 
1.100 yarda, 16 shuts at each dis- 
tance, waa won bjr X<ord Cottesloe, 
who scdrad 14S out of a possible 150. 
Maccecll. North Ixindon. was second 
In the comi>etlf Ion. The J. H. Stewsrd 
Challenge Cup. a competition for 
tyros, open to nny number of teams 
of four members ffoni rifle clubs 
atnilated with the Nation.) i Kifie As- 
sociation or some unit of His Majeaty's 
forces, was won by H.M.S. Victory 
"C" team. 

The Duke of Connaoght will pre- 
sent the prises to the winners oa the 
last day of the .Bisley shoot. 


■DMONTON. July 10.— What Is 
said to ba a new jrorld's record for 
racing pigeons has been set. accord- 
ing to a telegraiQ received today by 
Mayor Duggan. On May 28 thirty 
pigeons were releaseil on the market 
aquar" hern bound ft)r Ihr-lr loftn In 
San Antonio, ;i distance of 
1 >33 milea. Today's notification was 
that onu bird arrived at his home on 
July S. bavins taken six weeks to 
•eoompllsh ths fast. The greatest 
distanoe known to have been flown 
before is l.ISS miles, It is stated. 


There Is a lot of spaealatfon as to 

what will happen on Wedneeday eve- 
ning at tlif Ito\,-iI Athletic Park whan 
the riralefi aixl Onkl.tnd* fight It out 
to a decmlon. 

This will be a good game, as the 
Junior League championship is at 
aUke. If the Pirates win they will 
liave eeeered both halves of the 
leagae. aad wea't havo to take part 
in a play-efL If Oaklaads wia. M 
will occasion a three«eonter tis for 
the second half. At present the bet- 
ting I* In favor of the Pirates, but 
onklanda Intend to upaet sit the dope 
The game atarta at 4:45 o < lo< k Th'^ 
PIralee expect all their supporters to 
be out In fereo, aa Mi Mr ht 
last game. 

Turenne, of -Seattlei leading ranklns 
Northwest playsr la If SS, in a ssnsa- 

tinnal three-set match In which tha 
first set went to IS games and tha 
second to 16. Ths final score was 

7-5. 0-7. 4-3. 

ForolaaC Vmm Beatca 

rortliiiur.'* dOUMea team, (."atlln 
Woir.ird ajid Rogers M.ic\>agh. who 

nr« wearing the Multnomah Club 
colors, lo(.f to Turenne and .((dins, ot 
.■-• Mil.', f, 1, 0-7. 6-4. Kxcept f..i- the 

second set, .when the Purtlandera 
played the visitors to a StandStUI,ithe 
Seattle pair played better tennis and 
were the steadier. 

Harry Shaw, of ^^ent(Ie, reai^hed 
the finals m the Junior c ha inplnnship 
by dtfialing H.idKin.s. of \irtoria. 
15. C, In two Mr, tight aets, 6-0, 6-1. 
Shaw and Kd .Murphy, of Portland, 
will play for the ehamplonahip and 
for the right to represent the North* 
west In the national tournnment. 

Mlsa I>rcnUng Wins 
In' the state ehamplonahip tourna« 
ment there were vo tipgstg ta tllS — 
men's singlea Irving Wetnsteln, es< 

Washington stale ( hamplon. and 
Kliiier Orlffin, crei; n state cham- 
pion, both of San I-'ranclsco, won 
their matches ea.-dlj. in the women's 
sliinl*.^ ilie only ■uri)i'lse occurred 
when MiB, Marjorle Leeming, of Vic. 
torla, B.C.. defeated Mrs, W. M. 
Henry, of Loo Angalea. Inland Bm> 
piro and Idaho staU champion. In a 
hard fougHt three-set mateh, «-3. 

3-6, 6-4. 

otlxT MigMlta 

Uesults In the morning play today 


Don Munro, Portland, defeated T. 
H. Leeming, Vancouver. B.C.. 7-6. 


L. K. Verley, Victoria. B.C.. de< 
feated J. B. Bllderbaek. PerClaad, 

6-2, 6-1. . 

I. K Verley. Victoria, t otfw k ed T. 
C. Smith, 4-S, 4-S, 0-2. 

A Three-Hour Match 

«Sp««-lal t„ Tht, r..liinl»t) 
PnilTI.A.N'K. .July 10 VI. torla 
tennis i)liiyet8 slxzled ye.^tlerday after- 
I ooii. I'laylng sectional champion- 
ship. Verley defeated Smith, of port- 
land, in three straight ssts. Gordon 
defsated Wakemaa. FwUaad. t|wee 
out of four, and was later beaten Ih 
a 'spectacular match by Vandyko 
Johns, of Seattle, laat year's winner 
of the sectional championship. In a 
five-set encounter laating nearly 
three hours. Both players werrf 
exhausted, sixty gamee belna flayed. 
Johns plays Wally SOftl^ 9t VaOMna, 
in ths finals on Wedneeday. 

Verley and Gordon defeated 
Murphy and Stelnmeltz. Portland, 
and will meet Mc<;iII and fieers, Van- 
couver. In the Junior hoys' event 
Hodgins, playing excellently, was 
beaten by Shaw, of Seattla. 

Ladles An Win 
Victoria ladles all won their first 
rounds .M.irjorle Leeming defeated 
Mrs. Henry, well-known Calif urnlan. 
one of the scratch players, in aa ex* 
cellent three-set match. Mlas hum* 
ing played exceedingly steady tennis. 
She afterwards defeated Mrs. Clarkt 
of Portland. In atriilght seta. Mrs. 
Dennlaton and Mrs Knox both won 
their first rounds. Mr. Knox and Mr, 
Leeming were put CWt la ttie flrsS 
round "? -'ngles. 

Richard and 0*Rourke 
Get Together In View 
Of Demptteu WHU Bout 

NEW YflRK, .July 1 0 -Tex Klck- 
ard and Tom U'Rourke. rival boxInS 
promoters, havs burled tke hatchet 
BUfllelently deep to meet for a dIS' 
eussloa of a bout between Jack 
Dempsay and Harry Wills. Negra 
boxer, it was disclosed (odsy. 
<")'Rotirke, who claltnn have Wir« 
under contract for his next sppear- 
snce, and Illckard, who lays claim to 
Oempsey's services In the Kaat. Indi- 
cated the match waa probable, pro- 
vided Jack Kearns. the champion's 
manager, eonld be Induced asd tlM 

Both promoters profsssed to be<« 

lle\e the Ixiut would prOVS a bottSP 

drawing card that a match between 
Dempsey and either Flrpe or Wlllard* 


NEW YORK, July ». — Six Argen- 
tines and one coati, an animal that 
somewhat reaembles an anteater. ar- 
rived from South America on the 
Pan-American today to help I^ls 
Angel FIrpo sehleve victory ever Jess 
WUlard at Boyle's Thirty Aerea 
Tliareday night. 

The Argentl n ss, confident that 
FIrpo can whip Wlllard and Cham- 
pion Jack I'enipae), nirn. xlmul- 
taneously. der-lared then.K ready 
to l.ef everything they had en their 
countryman. And If they auooeed in 
their design of getting Ceptaln Koee. 
of the Pan-American, to make Flrpo 
a pressnt of tho lacky eoati, they Intl. 
mated tiMy might be wftlllas te bet 

Potter's Prist Silirtt 

SUrt, CaHir aa4 Tit tkti, UA 


Ladies' Easlisb Bicycle, fiiiar4iteed. $45 

t' 1 1 1 n r 



4 ^ 

i — 

TTii- llAn.^■ Colonist \"ic I( mm \, v.r, w i-i im si i v^'. hi.y il. 1923 


Clare Griswold Is 

Beaten at Seattle 


Oregon State Golf Champion Eliminated by Bill 
Noonan, ot racoma — Steil BeatN Watson at Nine- 
te^th Hole l^rovvn, of I lonolulu, Wins at Twen- 
tieth hrom Mohda Entrant 


EATTIJ" Iiilv in T\V'' n;.i!. Ik -! ^^r!!t I i cyli.i holes tod.iv, 

when tlic lirst 18 hulcb were Liia>'C(Lin the match Dlay fur tUc 
amateur golf championship ot the Ptciflc Nortliwett. Forest 
\\'at<Mn. Spokane, lost \i< \,rr Stril, Sruttlr, at the l^tli li^.lr with a 
five to Steil'a par four. Francis Bruwn, Honolulu, holed out in par 
at the tiirentieth. although he ha4 driven into tlM bankers, while Dick 

Pope, Florid. 1. in.nlc :i five. 

Bill 'l'^'-,,inn. d»femt*d 
flare < i I Inwiil . I . iit'-g"!] iharii- 
,>l"n. (.n« up, and Th' i'ai H.iuk.tuiI. 
foreiiHi ruddy at the S'ui'i" ' ^"if <'iuf), 
«here tti« pUy occurred, beai«d Dixie 
FtoM«r. 8Mttl«. by tb« Mtna acor*. 

AU tlM other tevorltw emm» 
throuch. tlioacb for semo It wm 
elOM. Rudolph Wilhalm. Portland, 

WM two down .it th« turn, but fin- 
Ishod two up aa Harry HJert. Beattle, 
faltered at thu lunt two holes comlnd 
In. Willi. T S.^attle, lost to 
Ruite^ll Hnilth, Too .i i 2 and 1. 

()v«r- ronfliienre w.iji blHmed for 
(>rl«w>il(la dlacomfltur'' I-'ihk up mi 
tite turn, he •••m*d tu let down. >ie 
took thre* putts on th« eleventh, 
m l wsd » mldlroi^ shot on th« flf- 
toaath. ud took Ar«« putts Mr*ln on 
tlM MvontoMOh. whloh sattarod th* 
mateh. Ho iMkod tho r M o n ro to 
oqual tho blrdlo four ol NwIbm on 
tho laot hot*. 

A Flno I^Mie 

TlM WataeaHM^ match was a 
tiMMle. WaiMB WM two down at th* 
tnra, and loot tho tonth, bat galnod 
ono iMMk at tho oloronth wbon Itoll 
misMd a ahort putt. Boctnntnc with 
th* thirteenth, the Hpokahe man won 
three holes In u row, styiiiylnr Stell 
on fh<> Oiirteftith. A si; ' ' ->i'.t on 
the nevpnteenth rout hliri hole 
lead, t)i "V raiiie to thr riKiiieenth 

all sqiii'f Hern Watnon'e drive 
found a dliricult down-hlU 11«, but he 
plokod It off the turf for ono of the 
p r ot t i— t shot* ooon dnrlny tho tonrna- 
mont, ifopptas tho ball ton foot from 
tho plB. Men. abort aad to tbo rlsht 

with hla second, approached cl o os to 
the f lac and sunk his putt for a blrdlo. 
vvatsoi? missed his putt f«r an oajlo 
by a eouplo of Incbaa. 

Miss Floroneo Halleran, of telt 
L*ko City, was msdaliat In th* slvht- 
•*nth<hol* quallfylns round for th* 
women's championship of the I'aclflc 
Northwest. Bhe made a 41-42 —83, 
six »ir..k. -I >.,ci' H new par aet for 
women .Mm I'rml Jackaon. Seattle 
city ■ haiiiiilon. and Mrd. I,. W. J'al- 
nter, Oregon stat* champion, tied for 
second plae* with SI. 

Mrs. Sw<-ouy QoallfkM 

Die other qaaiiner.i w*r* Mrs. S. 
• ' Hweeriy, of \ ancouvsr, B.C., who. 
aa Mlsa \'iuleL Pouley, became known 
as a winner of Pacific Northwest 
champlonahipsi Mrs. H. U. Touns, 
Mrs. C. C. Cary, Mrs. R. Knox Rob- 
erts. Mrs. C. P. Thomas, Miss Phoob* 
Nell Tldmarsh. Mrs. C. W. Howard. 
Mlso C. Harlsjr. Mrs. Howard Wright. 
Miss HolOB rarroll, Mrs. H. O. Hotoh- 
kiss and lira Mabel Chapln. 

Mrs. D. H. Moss and .Mlas I..uclle 
McOovern tied for sixteenth place. 

l>r. I'aul Hunter beat R. ticott- 
MonortefT, lhre«9 anj two. 

Date* Arranged for 

Canadian Golf Events 

B APCO tm 

Bapce Pare Paiat does (at aaorr 
dMB smmIt bsMrtify: b is a padtiv^ 

proleSiisa Is th^ M.<>.MiwoiV to wf'ith 
ii is SfplWa I hia M on account of 
ill citresM Aws^ty which is aiad* 

iu iagredieal*. Fer iheae i«a«oa* 

pays 10 an oalr Bspso Fmm Poisi. 


710 Yatos BtrMt 

Phonr 1 186 

TOKONTO, July 10.— The annual 
tournament of the CanadklB Profes- 
sional Uolfars' Association will be 
hsld OTor tho eooroo of th* Bummtt 
Oolf and OouBtry Club on July 8i. 
On Auruat S and 4 th* Canadian open 

'-lianu'lonnhlp wfU bO hOld at tbO 
l.aktvlnw Club. 

An Invitation professlona.1 tourna- 
ment Is also to b* h*ld at th* Soar- 
boro Club on July IS. 



H H n -t aiiffnr «noil,..r <1hv with 

■ I It,lilr.». Ml«»Hllnjt, l-raO-udlnj 
I'iif* nr 1 !»miirrh..!.U. .No 
n'lrB^lral ni.crmtlon re«]ulred. Dr. Chaae's 
ointment wi;i r«U*i«« you St onc* and 

Qaality, not fashion 

made this 

.\o |);issini»- whini 
t ' 'iiM ^ive Coiividi > 
' tits fiiRli reputa 
tioii which has hecn 
l onlinually m a i n- 
tained since 1670. 


Sold at AU Govern- 
ment Stores 

This advertisement is not pub- 
lished or displayed by the Liquor 
Control Board or by the Govern- 
ment of British Columbia. 

For this week only we will 
have in stock the 

Sport Twin 

\ genuine Evmrude motor; 
weighs 40 pounds complete — 
M > hatterie!! or extras. CoOM in 
md tee this new model. ^ 

Membership for 


From Now TIU 8tpc IS. 9nll 

Printing, Lithographing 

ere eqiitj-n-trd fo hancflo 
tbr smallest order to the Urgeit ratalofue and Kix>k 

work. Uui reputation Mauds bciuttd all ow work 

a q 


CommercUl Department 

^>lioiK 197 tiread 

t 7 
t • 


i e o • o • • 

R. H. K. 
8 IS 1 

» la 0 


At Cbloaco^ 

New York •»••.• 

' hieaeo 

Batte r lso J oneo aSi 
Cvenrroo asd Behalk. 

At CloreUnd— R. H. E. 

rhll.idelphla 3 8 0 

t'l. w o I 4 8 I 

ItnitriU'p llelmacb and I'erklns; 
I hi- ..11 1 M>att. 

At Ht. l»uU— U. H. S. 

Waahlnvton I 4 S 

U. Lovlo • It 2 

Battorleo — Sahnlsor and Rual, 
dhockvr and Sevcreld. 

Boaton-Dctrolt xame postponed, 


At BosSoai nrst yawso- R. H. K. 

St. IiOUlS 11 IB 1 

Boston 1 S 1 

Batterls* B tuart and MoCurdy: 
Fininstm, MeNamara and O'Neill. 

eecon<i cam»-^ R. n. E. 

St l.ouls « 11 1 

lt.>--n .1 11) 1 

Batteries — Btuart and McCurdy; 
oeschser, OoBowteh. Miller aad £. 

At Brooklyn — R. H. E 

Chloaco • 4 2 

Brooklyn t 18 3 

rialterifn- Kffne. I^'usell, Cheevi-a 

and O Farrell, }larlnett, Henry and 


At .Ni»w York — 


New York . . 
Batteries — Coopor. Ra«bir aad 

Schmidt: Beatloir. Joaaard. Rjrma aad 


At Philadelphia — Jl. H. E. 

Cincinnati 7 12 1 

I'hlladelphla 2 10 0 

Batteries — Donobue and Hargrave; 
Rlns. WolBSrt aad HonUn*. 


tjAI/r I.AKK. July 10, — The Seals 
defeated the He>*t* In the opening 
fame of the Herten, 13 tu 8, today. 
Slncleton loat control In th* seventh, 
and the Seals eomblned hUa with 
walks fer sis mas. Tlio' start of the 
eamo was d o la rs< l an hour and a half 
vainly awaltinc the arrival of the 
8eal.<<' uniforms, delayed In transit. 
When the sulu did not arrive, the 
Heals appeared to litt Lake's road 


R. H. K. 

San Franclsoo IS 17 2 

Salt Lake t 14 1 

Batteries — Shea. MoWoeny and 
Aenew; Singleton, Grumpier and 


OAKLAND. Jtil.v 10 ^1'oriland de- 
feated Oakland here today. 18-5. The 
Beavers outhit and outfleldcd the 
Oaks throufhout tho gam*. McCann, 
Beavers, obtained a homo run in th* 
third. Malls was rellsvod 1^ Murohlo 
In th* fourth, who, in turn, waa re- 
lieved by Wells In the fifth. 

n. IT. K. 

^•o^tla^d 16 17 3 

Oakland 5 12 3 

Batteries Yarrleon .md Daly; 
M.ills. Mno hio. Wella and Baker. 

SACKAMK.NTO. July 10. — Lmb An- 
Keles outhit Sacramento In today's 
opening gam*, but th* Soloas outran 
the Angels. That, and the fact of a 
costly error by MeAuloy In the first 
inning, tells the story of Ken Pen- 
ner'e victory o\ er Ooorgo L^oas by 
the sroro of 4 - 8. 

n H. E 

I, OS AnRple* 3 10 3 

.'^air.iniento ... 4 g u 

Butteries— Lyon* and Byler; Pon- 
ner and Xoehlor. 

Vernon-Seattle game postponed, 
teams traveling. 

Ueadlng. 4-S; Toronto, S-S. 
Baltimore, 2; Buffalo, 1. 
Newark, 1-6; Syracuae, 10-11. 
Jersey City, 10; Rochestor, 4. 
Club Standings 



l-lNli: 1-lUL.U Ol'' OOL^Jblli) l.> 

In Lowest Score, Boating 
aon's Work of Pnrvlous Day 

Ity WAI.TKIl HAlit.N 
> T I . r Amrrlran anil llrltlsh open clia' 
plon. ancl rorrespoBdeni nf Tlia Colonlat an. 
t.< tha Norm American N»K»paper Alllanr> 
(Copyrlstit. 1111. United Rtaira and Cana'U 
hy North Amerlean Newspaper AlUaoK- 
AU ttshts reserved.) 

New York 

Brooklyn . 

.St. . 


SO 25 





39 34 

40 37 





22 13 



New York 41 



.St. Louis 

Washington . . . 





• e • * • • • a 

88 39 

2S 40 

12 4S 

ST 41 


San Francisco 6 3 

Sacramento 54 


l^OH AiiReles 47 

Seattle . . . 

Halt Lake 4s SI 

N'ernon 41 g| 

Oakland .......... || fg 

60 48 
44 49 







. r. f. 7 
.r> 1 0 




Play In Osnadtan L.T.A. IVmmaroent 
InUTf.-re^I With by Rain— Wl«- 
nl|M>f I'air Sac(>>(wral 

TORONTO. July 10 Uains seri- 
ously Interfered with p'.»v today In 
the Canadian Lawn Tennis Associa- 
tion tournament, now belnjj bold on 
the Toronto Tennis Club eourta, 
eleven matehe* bolog played In the 

' men's opon sintlos. women's singles, 
and for the men's hnndleap. 

H Hewitaon. the New York player, 

I won his match againat Gilbert NtuiBS. 

I I he wuebeo Junior obawpieB, la 

t BtralKht nets, 4-2, 4-1. 

I The Winnipeg pair, W. 8. Waugh 
and P. E. Wright, trhitnpbod over B. 
L. Johnston and B. A. Rolph. Tnmn 
to. respoetlvely. Waugh moo 7-5, 
4-S. bis elubmate b«intf suecesjful 

Wlltard Crocker. Montreal, the 
OnUrlo and (Jueber champion, de- 
fSated R. W. Oonlnlock, Toronto 
4-1, 4-1. 

Tomorrow's programme to a long 
one and many Important gumao are 
sohodttlod. A. a. MUM. Vi_ 
moots Arthur Moon. Toronto. 

iiig I'rirt Offtud 

t or Cecil "Babe Dye 

TORORTO. Jnly 14 — A dispatch 
firem Suffblo aiatos that the New 

Vark Tankaes baVS Off*r*d I.' - 5'>0 
Mr C*cn n«he- r>r: who ha« been 
■MSit r.ti *• .1 fielder with Buffalo 
la tb* Inrernatlunal LeagUOb Ho alSO 
la a wing man on tho WL 
Nattoaal Hooker 

INWOOl) COUNTKY (M il. N. Y., 
July 10.— The second day s .jualify- 
\ng round at Inwood brought out an- 
other ^ne field of players, and it re- 
raatoee for my partner, Joe Kirk wood, 
th* Auatratlaa tc^ck shot playor. to 
turn In tho lowoit sooro of th* day. 
Joe showed them a bag full of Ulcks 
In the morning round, when he went 
around In seventy and established a 
new recor.l for the course. His total 
f(ir 1;,. i.iy 144. whU-h beat Gene 
Hrtiiiz. iLM mark of the jirevious day 
by four shots. Jot- was out In thirty- 
seven and ranie home In t hirt y -three 
This Is fc'ood Koing for the laHt nine. 

He was paired with Jesse Bweetzer, 
and they oarrfod the big gallery of 
tho dajr. S 'wse ts s i' found going much 
harder tbaa bis partner. Re did a 
couple of sevonty-otgbta, which put 
him Inside the dead line. Tbo gal- 
lery was not as large today as It was 
on Monday. In dividing the field into 
four parts It takes away a good deal 
of Interest from the il«y s pluy. n.-i 
not enouKh st.ira ifet tuK<-"ther. This 
undoubtedly acL-ouiits for the fact thiU 
the attendance In the nuiillfyliiK round 
waa much smaller than expected. 

The day was Ideal for golf. It waa 
not warm, and there was practically 
no wind blowing. When the players 
found trouble it was usually from 
some mistake for whloh they alone 
were to blame'. Another flM pair who 
qualified today was John Black and 
Francis Ouiniet Black. It will be 
remembered, was one of the sensa- 
tluriM In the championship at Skokle 
a year iiifo He did not show the brand 
of golf this afternoon that he is cap- 
able of. and he had a few uneusy 
moments at the finish. His score of 
169 for the doulkle round was the last 
figure to qualify. On the last green 
ho missed a putt of tpareely more 
than eighteen inehe*. iind there was 
doubt for some time whether this 
figure would put him In the seie< t 

The veteran did his mornln* round 
In seventy-five, and looked as if he 
waa In a soft position, but nothing 
seemed lo go right for hint In tho 
afternoon. lie covered first nine in 
forty-one, but an unfortunate thing 
happened on the thirteenth hole. It 
was indeed an unlucky number for 
lilm as a badly hooked drive got him 
into trouble and he wound up by tak- 
ing a nine on the hole. He managed 
to get around the course in 84. after 
one or two or more tnishaps. Black 
la surely not playliiK ui) to his stand- 
ard, and I doubt whether hi> will ctit 
much figure In tlio championship. 

Oulntit M eighty In the morning 
round left him aumethlng to du thin 
afternoon, but the Boston star was 
equal to the task and turned In a fine 
aeventy-flv*. Oulmet is hitting the 
ball very' well: his last round 8bowe<i 
what ho eould do under pressure. Hla 
case was quite the reverse of Rudy 
Knepper, another amateur entry who 
ruined what cham-es he had of quali- 
fying by an eighty-nine In the morn- 

There were other tragedies enacted 
today when some of ih« well known 
professionals failed to get In. I think 
it Is always harder for a pro to fall 
to qualify in an open than for an 
amateur. 80ms of the old stand-bys 
who will not be with us on Friday and 
Saturday In tho big event, are Preddle 
McCIoud, who won the championship 
in 1908; Pat Doyle, Clarence Hack- 
ney, and Oil Nieholls. In the past this 
four has always cut a big figure in 

.li.i nM""'i -h ! |. |v1j\- M i'I,,!]'! Iims ;i j 
ways figkired well in the money In 
oprn 111.. iniiion>ln |iH m ilie last eigh- 
te.ii years. This i.m the first time he 
has failed In the levilng roi4nd. I did 
not see much of the morning round 
as I went over to tho Woodmvre 
course nearby to got some practice. I 
played with the president of the club 
against Johnny Farrell and an ama- 
teur, Farrell broke the record with a 
fine sixty-five. I did my round In 
seventy-one, and was well satisfied. 
I play tomorrow In Inwood, and look- 
ing over the field there are snveral 
who H.'eii) i. rtain t<i win. It l(T7iks an 
though this would be the hardest test 
of the four day*, ,,ti iiccouot of the 
number of gooii players entered. I 
am paired with .Macdonald tolth, the 
American who pUyod so wall at 

A Plea for the 


Following Is a reproduction of s 

letter written ly Mr W. HasUe 
Cochrane, vii e president of the Van- 
couver Island Baring and Breeding 
Asnoclallon, of Victoria, to The Mont- 
real Family Herald aad Wookly Star. 
D*allng ^» it doss Terr ably and 
luddly with the borso br**ding and 
horso racing situation h*r*, it sh>oii.i 
he of great Interest to Victorians. Mr. 
Coi hrane writes: 

Editor, Family Herald and Weekly 

Mr. Pago nve of > our Issue of 
20th May and page fifteen of that of 
2 3rd May, afford.t me. as a brooder 
of light horse* for twonty yoars In 
Alberti. conaldorablo satMlaetlon 
mingled with somo amasement and 
rathor sorrowful amusement 

The satisfaction lies i«rinripai|y in 
theJlope. as quoted from New York 
and elsewheTo ihat there la a com- 
ing boom In th« use and brooding of 
the light horse. Th* boom, M tt Is 
•aid, will auuorlaliso aU right, bat 
most of tho matoriallsittg will bo don* 
^ borso d**l*rs. Exactly so. and so 
It Will t>« until the breedsrs become 
more thoroughly org-^nlied than at 
preeenf. and until they get mor* on- 
rouragement in their work from tho 
powers that be. 8U11. tho brsodsis 
themsehrso aekaowMto tbo ««b( 
a^ ta 4sal*rs and derelopvs 
•aakaa K. P. Weleh, who has the 
coarage to tackle the Eastern exhlbl- 

tioaa and wtn with w«*tera-brod 

- ^tonuuuuui-iuuuuuuquuuuuuaaauL Z 

BBRLIN. July m Food riot., ha«^ 

started at M«W«We«, neiir Pd'^dani 
T)-."U«ani1s nf nngrv r"-"i.!<» < 
the but' ti" ahope. compelling the 1 
tfsalere t. i>eii meat at IS.SSt ntkg I 
pound laetoad "op 4S.seo. r^o I 
poheo roBtorod er«or 4pl«r tho sh o pi I 
bad boon eomplstoUr ooM out | 

So Heoord Kept 
Tfce anfmiunato thing u that 

eroree of },nr«wm an I poni«, 

whirh »,„, ... „ ,. 1.1 ,„,«rtv 

" ■ ' ' " lit .!ue to 

i;'no ( .....i^r and their 

gp** An j fth 1 

many very fast 


Alboeu is a fact, and it ie a thouwnd 

piti«s tbat aa Cht tboro 
record kopt 9i tboai. 

I shall alway* bo glad to think thai 

at the suggestion of my lato brothor. 

Bertie Coi ht .m.-. we> breftders In Cal 
gary dlslr 1. i ' . • 1 • ' ' 

Pony Racing ..v.nnori.i 1 , . wt'.iii. li.i ' 
every pro*p*Ct of be. , ;i ik .1. u .-f . 
and ensrg*ll41 body but for the inter 

voattea 9t war. which disoraaalsed 
aU sport and cost ua so aianir of out 

best sportsmen. Later Mr. B. J 

Kit'tan arul myself founded tli.- \: 
berl.i 'I'tior 11 UK h II! •■• I Itree.ltua An*' 

:'l.Hiiin vvlii: •'. iinN-' I h •! fat igHli I- 

lund vi Mr. iu. U. Adams, has don< 

.'ood work for braedora la that prev 


But there Is one eport which In In 
timately wraiM" 1 'i;. \slt)i the breed 

Ing of IlKhi 1h»i«.-« wiili..ut which 
and without llif |pt..i"'r ...utrol of 
whu h, breoduig can never excel. I 
efer tu that most popoUUT and Brit 

lib of all British sport s clean, s«x> 

I adng. 

By a colneid«rac% tbo Alberta 
breodem formed an' association a' 

the sum" inonien; —In 1916 whtii 
the bit;. Lib of iCngland and Irel.m : 
were compelled to tight for the vei \ 
oxlatonce of the thoroughbred hors- 
In Britain. At that tlmo tho tOTOm 

m*nt would havo ontlroly stopped 
race moottngs. Lord D'Abernon. Lor.i 
Rosebery, Lord Derby and others 
saved tho situation I'roni Ids retire 
inont Lord Kostbtuy spoke thu.-. 
"Stop racing, but for one year, and 
future generatloA will curso the da> 
that saw tho ruin of th* tr*at blood 
stock broodlav Induatry whloh luu 
taken goaoratlons to bulld up." 

Thia will give the answer to those 
who are under the Impression that 
breeding can be successfully carried 

on without tho eoatoeta of speed and 


itaotas Ncgleetod to Wcsourm Ctanada 

To those wh., argue against racing 
1 wuuld buggeijt that their strongest 
argument U: Van you tell mo any 
good that racing does oatsldo mere 
amusomsntr' And my answer must 
be: "Ro, not unless you are breeding 
the horse* within the country 
W*»tern Canada Is, as far as I am 
aware, tho only plaoe of Importance 
within tho British Empire where 
rucini; witJi belting In ooaaooUoa i 
conducted absolttUly under no con 
troi by any suporvlsing body. So ut- 
terly neglected and unrecornlzed is 
Ihe present mode of rnclng here, an 
urea from whidi the light horso has 
not yot passed, that iii Ihe latest Is- 
suo of The British Blood-Stock Re- 
view it Is stated that thero was ao 
> uclng in British Columbto at all last 
year, aad, aa for any racing elsewhere 
^^'•■t, 90 records are apparently of 
any Importance. As a matt.-r of fact 
there was no racing In Vi.-t.,rla. but 
the annual four weeks, with 96 p*r 
cent of horses from the U. B. A., were 
curried through. The British Blood- 
stock Breeders' Review Is a very 
high-class and authorttatlro yearly 
PubllsaUon which is read and re 
talned la the best clubs and sporting 
circles all over the Brltla»> Empire 
It may be Imagined what effect these 
report.i on the state of sport In West- 
ern Lanada will have upon tho better 
class of intending British settlers 
whloh tho Immigration Department 
is so anxious to encourage. 1 myself 
have had many Inquiries, both per- 
sonally and by letter, as to the class 
of sport curried on In this country. 
I havo also been aakod ropeatsdlr to 
write during rooant year* to such 
sterling publloatlona aa Tho Blood- 
stock Rroodors' Review, but l must 
only answar as I hav* heretofore 
dono that It wouM I„. Impossible for 
any fair minded person to writ* with 
commendation aa to the prospects for 
breed, rs of this cUss of StOCk la 
Western f annda. Almost tho hMt 
words that tho lato Lord Northcllffe 
left on this side of the Atlantic were 
"Send UB more sports news, that ap- 
peals to Britishers." it is a great and 
valuable bond, and It Is being proven 
right now that It is utterly hopeless 
to exi.e-f young Britlshors of some 
substance to ever consider sottUng In 
any country whoro tboro are no pros- 
pect* hofd out to engage la aome of 
the various sports amongst which 
they have been reared and which as 
tradition tells, have dono so much 
for our race. 

Gr*<Honn Art 
The astndshing periods contained 
In your Issue of ,10fh May consist of 
the description of "Will timers" as 
being the winner of the St. Logiir aad 
i 16.000. It la a graciouo act on tho 
part of our King and our Prince to 
place such a horse here, slrod by 
"Black Jester." winner of the Tyeger, 
etc., and there Is no .loiiht arr.inf,f. 
ments will be made enabUag breeders 
to have access to his services. Lot Bs 

hope tiutt those in coatrol of raelng 
In Wsstera Oaaad* will reatlae that 

Hew rMBMUN trm^mm 


Bo I for Sla^tdar OalUTk_ Ma l_Uf Moe4 % 

•a. Ba t for (Ikravta Wesfesesssa 

i.pat I a^i.twacniMnia. rawa laci 
" ts - . - ^-^r-. 

Lit^Fmi34LP, Twin 



Outboard Motor Rioo 


0! It»iu.c*c 

Pacific Coast 
International Regatta 
Vancouver, B. C.| July 

4, 1923 


Weight Time 

1st "ELTft M !' Twin ryii^A.r is Ik. 17 min. 40 »«r 

2nd ' ELTO J H.P. Twin Cylinder —.48 Ihs. 18 min. 45 sec 

Sr4. 'HIVINRUDB" 4 H.P. Big Twte CrUadcr 80 Iba. 19 aaia. 10 sec 

Three Mile Course. Free-for-«U. Scratch stirt. Only two 

"i:i.T( rntrrrd race. 

Sold Only UncUr Nam of ''£LTO" 


Ensign Motor Supply Company 

nmae Uj. m WW Oeocfia Street, Vaa og B yi g , B. C 



1334 QevtrniiMnt Street. Victoria. B. C. 

Phone 11 S3 

now le the time to really consider the 
claima which tho breeder always has 
In the manner and method of the 


At present the six weeks' racing 
hel<l In BrltUh Columbia Is entirely 
dependent on 94 per cent uf the 
horssM being brought in from the 
i;. B. A. Thl* cannot oontlnu*. for 
thla roaaon. Raclaff, and the con**- 
(juent advantages to farmers brood- 
ing, never was In a more hsalthy 

n.*to than at pi ■ ■ i • In the U. S. A. 
The sport \» t.eiiiK ih.iulrid on soun.l 
prInclple.H with .inund men Ixhlnil It 
th* consideration due to the breeders 
1* belag given, stakea are being In- 
crsassd and tho value of breeding 
stock la Increasing each year. Even 
with many importations ot maree the 
necessary number of colts cannot 
keep puce with the future re.juiic 
ments Bacing Is now an all-th<' 
year-round pastime, mares are beit.^ 
raced long after they should, but 

for th* multitude of prliee oftsrod. 
)iav* gone to tbo paddock, apd wMbn 
they ultimately de retire le It posat- 
tle or probable that th*y can r*p|to- 

<luce in (juantlty or in quality as th*y 
might otherwise lni\e doH' 

lOu^lerii horfenun base . nougli 
trouble.^ of their own and hay«, 
through their racing associations, 
striven gallantly In the Interssto of 
breodsre acainst those who appar- 
ently cannot recognise a great Indus- 
try and a great attraction in itns . Uas 
of stock. But Western (.■.inadu must 
look to herself for salvation in those 
matters. Alberta has been fortunate 
in receiving approbation and assist' 
anco from those in the bigbsst posi- 
tion to tho Rrttlsb Bmpiro, aad It Is 
for sporumen who can estimate and 
appreciate the true meaning of such 
assiBiance to see to it that Wcstaru 
t'nnad.i. remains no longer a by-word 
as regards recognition of the bleed- 
ers' Interests in bluud-stock circles. 







» Hard u#e ^npha^ 


iifn fail fgri Hfa fg-^ gga laa 

mild coid smoke 






- >• 

. ir 



Doi't Let Anythint Keep Yea Away This Week 

Hvrc't ■omething you've never Men on the •creen before' A tale of 
adventure. love and romance on an island of wrecked »iiip« m the 

weiid SargAMo Sm, piiflid tqr • toioof •< catuwvys* niUd by* 
sunt brute. wli«rt • womm kM bot B 4qr !• ckMw • wmf^ mm 

among the men' 

"The Isle of LostShips" 




Today— ROYAL— Today 


Rupert HttBftes' SennaHonal Picture of Motion Picture Life 


Starrim Eleanor Boardipan. Frank U»j9, Mae Buach, Richard Dis, 
Ltm Co4r> mm! Barbara La Harr. 


Special Music IntcrpreUtion by P£KCY S. fiURRASTON, oa the 

CapHoI Concert O^van. 

Tllisua' I'm. Mrfl. 2Si }'vruir.^ ' ,,n.! i Si rhUilicii, 1 0._ A'.I !>4y 



3 Showt Daily, 3, 7, 9 P.M. 
Usui PrteM— N» Advaaoe 




Bands Orchestra 


Omlv Show or- ns 




Betty Compson 
and Richard Dix 



A nutorious advrnliircss -so 
< Irvrr slie made f^ols of tlio 
police — so beautiful that when 
tinally raitght. the jury didn't 
have the heart to convict her. 

Matinee 25< 

Evrniiig and ^15<* 

Children „ »Of 



Alice Brady 
"The Leopardess 

The romance of a bewitching 
South .Sea dancer and the 
Amrriran millionaire who tritd 
to tame her. 

— • 



''The Angel in 
the House" 

1 ( ) \ l)( )N PRKSS • 

rnwn Toptr* <>h' rartalalfi A 91*7 t* 

»• • « ifl f t» v*l In. "' 
r«»nlna "A rr**crii<lo of appro- 

. i . 1 1 - • lighter ■■ 


Curiam at 8 JO. 



,1. |». MiMlii-uii ii> l.tplnin to 
With IKMHlnion 

J. D. MagL—n . Provlndal 

BeeraUry and MlnMar aC ■dnantlan. 
Ut\ yeetM-day aftemM* tttt HM Mala> 
Un<i Hm win h« away fM»«fi hia deak 
■t i-iritnin<nt BnildlnffK all waak. 
nttondinc to tl>» buatneiM nf hIa da- 
pnHanant (n tha Interior. 

it M «K«»MUd tiMU whlla nwajr ha 
will iMkm n trip U th» 9nmm raela. 
YnMinn ar«« to acplnin f aatttem 
th«r>' th« Dtatti* of th* nadtktlatlnna 

a lit h or I f I Willi t ii»-i I I " I H • I I n ri« 
f»r '-f BfiTiir- II' ' ')!> arr«»a ■ ' ■vinfii' 

land to th* Provloce. Dr. Aicl>ean 
tank tMa aaattar np wltk tlia fadarai 
•««»maBant d«Ha« Ma ranant trtpi t^ 

mmm hoosfs 


Audlenoe ut "Pan" Frovea Old-Faah- 
loned Enicrtntaunaat Holda Place 
■tlU in Banru oC Paopln 

Time haa not dimmed tha glory of 
thf< I id-timo minstrel show. The nu- 
cllenct'fl that flllfwl lh» PantnK»'» The- 
atre last nlcht to enjoy twu hourn 
with th* Q aar i ln MI na t ra l a aaid that 
with their preaaaea. It waa all thare 
— tha latarleeutor, tha andman, the 
danrem, the singers, the old-time fa- 
vorites In ffong, and the other touches 
that huvB their precedent back 
through the years of black-faca mln- 

There la aomathlng about a good 
minstrel show that sets up an instajit 

cordiality lietween trcuipw and audi- 
ence, and In.^t night. when the 
<ie<.rgia Mln.Mtrela took the boards 
for their first appearance of tha weak 
they won tha people out beyond the 
footUrhu and held tham throughout 
tha varied entertainment they pro- 

Need It be said that the flrst half 
of the show finds tha colored folks 
sitting around In a aeml-drola. the 
interloeutor In the circle ? But there 
is something different about the set- 
ting of the Oeorjrla Mlnatrels. It in 
(ray with lolfir Th.« inenitiera of thf 
liaii.l. wp«rlti»f RTf^en uniforms, sit on 
high at tli'> k of the Btace, while 
the other mtnstitls are seated ahout 
In a aeml-ctrcle. In vivid graan and 
purpla. with tha interloeutor in tha 

SoIoH tliHt include old favorites and 
ti. odern Jazz songs, dancea that tickle 
'■'i ile they astonish, andman antlea, 
and Jokea anrlohad with tha Bouthern 
accent and tha adornments of the 
nljfger story teller, follow one another 
In snappy fashion through the first 
liiilf o{ ihe show 

Afl«r that ronie the specialists. Tlie 
audience enjoyed hugely the "Who's 
Who • act of tha Nay Brothers, in 
which the ofllcer of the day attampu 
to Inatlll the rudimenta of army prao- 
tlce Into a private. 

Sonrs old and new are henrd in the 
harmony of the .juartette composed 
of Jack .) It Reevaa, Bob 
J:dmonds and Charles Wood. 

The beat eustalnad comedy of the 
evening wAa provided by 1^ Frnnce 
nnd Bryan In a atde-sptlttlng discus- 
sion otjfslde the T N T IL.xInff 
Kmporluni in that a, t there is one 
prlre fighter an, I ,,„,. manager, and 
the one prir.e fighter Is sure that that 
'"" f"a""frer Is putting a whole lot 
over on him. and taa la equally con 
vinced that he doesn't want to he 
eent to hoepital by a certain human 
gorilla In order that a guessing con- 
taat can be held 

"Plantation Days." a scene on the 

ir!";" *»«• •ntira 

.a.i takes part, and which Includes 
'- me humoroua renditions by the 
band, eoneludea tha prorr.mme. 

elsts of a Century comedy. "AO Ovnr 

The .Minstrel, will appew tOday 
• <n_^ee_^howa a day 



l>epiiiy MiniMcr of 
Appoln fwnt of 



♦ IX^PUty .Mini,, 

ter of lAbor, Uf, 1.,^, night for \'nn- 
couver. where he will make final ar- 
rangement., for the confaranea to be 
bel l there next Tueaday en propoaed 
revision of the aHnimnm w^ige*^ f*? 
'' '"nen vmployeea. 
The peraonnel of the ronr.,.„,„ 


fir"^^ of the emplt>y«ra afi<f 

hre. representative, of t^T^ubT 

fe^I^ l^Z!l . ^-'^ for 


Hen. Mr 
Visit vieterla 
will addt 

'^er will 
October I an I 

oeeaaiea ». ^1^?*"* that 

"wWMieW en tke T>aague r,f Nations 

wr oeergo Is one of Canada-, ma^ 
n-ient spe.k^p, ^„ addriL !2 

thi^ubject .ho»ld be Of a w taJ 

twaaUa* charaetar. 

" Toaeph B. 
married j ea 
"-Mm of two tlUevaac 

Partiar. who , . 
terday, • 

•ho deprived bim Ot hi^^^ 

h*. whioh he wae Mi«ta« 

from the tailor, alae bia wnrtiinir 
e»«thli»« snd ITO In <>««h As a re- 

liiuny haa lu bs postpvoeU. 


mmm at dominion 

#eerph Kllgoar, In "Tltv Uonmn \Mili 
Tour F'acca," Waa Known as 

*Tlw llanMn Piiaia— Maasp" 

He was once ealled "tha human 
postage stanrtp." 

F<iit thin WHI not Intended as 
iiuiiior. for » h«-ii .l>i«<epli KllKour, now 
uppfariiig III Herliert Hrenon'H r;ira 
mount picture, "The Womnn with 
Four Fare.," at the Dominion Theatre 
this week, did the part of (ienerat 
Waahington in ''Captain Barrlngton" 
at tha old ManhatUn Theatre, in 
New York, he earned the sobriquet 
b> reason of his marvelous BUUceup 
and rendition «if the role. 

.I'«»-lih Kllgour Is fine of the real 
urilsis of the screen, as he was of the 
stage. In he started hia stage 

career, but prior to that he had done 
much amateur theatrical work. He Is 
a native of Ontario, hut was edu- 
cated at Kent, England. He went to 
*'.i!iwtta with a Jute trading firm, 
I'll I after a tlmo returned to America 

nnd made Ms protaailenal atart in 


I.Ater he went on tour with Katy 
I'utnam in the "Old Ume Klini ' 
Then came "The War of Wealth 
"Sportinv Ufe" and following a 
aeaaon at the Alcasar, flan Pranclsco, 
a trip to Knglaiid. utii-re In- played 
the hen\ V In "A rlzi 'ii.'i' ' at thf .\il»'li)hi. 

.Mr Kllgdur crealt'd th<' p.iri ol the 
Deemster In "The Manxman" with 
James O'Nell. Then came "Captain 
Harrington" and then the creation of 
Brockton in "The Baaleat Way." His 
first Paramount picture was with 
lietty Compso!* in "At the End of 
tho World." Heluhco sent for him 
to appear In the revival of "The 
Kaslest Way" for a twenty-two woek 
season. Then *a comedy flier and 

finality picture a i a< u p oaalbly for 
koepa thla time, 

<X)I I VI HIA "The Leopardess." star- 
THK.\1RK ring Alice Brady, scored 

a decided hit aKaui 
terday at the Columbia Theatre. The 
atory is of a girl, an ungovernable 
South Baa maiden, and a roan, a 
multi>mllMonaire adventurer, who 
tries to tam* her. The backgrounds 
and scenic effects are most pictur- 
es.jue. The pP ture ItHelf Is tljfllllng 
and inttti-<tely dramatic. Without ex- 
ception, this is MlHs Urady'a hest 
screen' appearance in many motitliM 
Edward Liangford, leading man. 
heada an excellent supporting cast. 
"The Leopardeaa" will be shown for 
the laat time today. 

< xi-Mol. .Some thrilling — and al> 
TliKATUl-; most tragic — incidents, 
which tjie movle-golng 
public will never be privileged to 
witness, occurred during the filming 
of Rupert Hughes' stirring story of 
movie life. "Souls for Sale," which Is 
now .showing at the Capitol Theatre 
No les» llian four aii idents happened 
to mar tlio smonlli course of pioilni - 
Ing the movie, which Is described as 
one of the screen's greatest thrill - 
producers. First, ISleanor, Board - 
man. who plays tha part of Remem- 
ber Bteddon, was severely bitten by .-i 
vicious camel while out on the desert 
making the ."cenes which open the 
picture. I'art of her worii was rlil- 
liiK 'tie camrl. whii h turned hul to lie 
ill-nalured. I'loduciion w:is so .ir- 
ranged so a.s to .ilonj; without 

Misa Boardmun for u weel<, while Klie 
healed her worn nerves and lacerated 
arm. The next day, Mae Bosch, who 
impersonated Roblna Teele, was 
struck by an automobile in front of 
her apartment In Hollywood. Frank 
Mayo, wlio pl.i\s tli'* rojc of thn 
motion plclure I'-ading mm. had i 
very bad attack of Klie^ <> i " 
caused by working under the power- 
ful lights. He waa Incapacitated for 
a week, and It was feared for a time 
that his sight might be permanently 
Impaired. And finally, Harry Oliver, 
an interior decor.ifor worklnp on the 
sets for lh<' picture, haiipiTod to he 
In the waj whoii a hca\\ doof liirht 
fell from alofi, ki\ockinc lils uimoii- 
s< lous hut cauHlDK no serious injury. 

ROVAli "If there Is anything I 
THEATRE hate It is a bad actor." 

The speaker was Maur- 
ice Tourneur, director of many big 

screen finccesses. in. ludlDg "Tlic l.sli- 
of I.o«t Ships." a l''list National at- 
tracllon now pl.iyjnr: at the Hoyal 
Theatr»> The Mtatement was 

prompted by a <iuo.slion regarding his 
"pet aversion.'/ "And I can say that 
without oftence. because I have as- 
pired to act myself." continusd Mr. 
Tourneur. "What I mean is that I 
like human beings, not puppets, n,^ 
the screen I seek to reveal life and 
not the shadow of it I do not want 
to put art«)rs and ai tri-^ucH upon the 
screen; I want to flesh .and 

blood. I believe that In The Isle of 
U>at ghlps' I have been afforded the 
opportunity to reflect life under the 
moot unuaual conditions. Human 
nature doean't change with lo< aic it 

is only the location of our iilayers 
that makes thp diffrrpnro |n Thf 
Isle of I«ost Ships' the author. Crit- 
tenden Marriott, ha.s given u.s an ej. 
traordinariiy new environment. It is 


appn^vc of 
XfinfyVs, t\\c 
foaming (octfi 
pa^fr, Im i it 
rcielics t \ rry 
tiny crc^ r . 
(Jifltolving taxtar 

ijnt-tret, Sajr! 


The Screen 
Capitol - K lea nor 
"Souls for Sale. " 
(ohimMa — Alice Brady 

In "The 

I'oiiiiiii,,|i The Woman With 
K«>ur Kacew." niariing Hetty 
Compson and Richard l>lx. 

Koya»— "The lale of Loat WUpa." 
featartnc Milton Stila. 

Tlie S|sK<- 

l*ttnitt«ea— Georgia Minstrels. 
Plsyhonae — "Tho Angel in the 

in the midst of the fabulous Sargaaso 
Hea, in which float the derelict ahlps 
of many centuries — a ghostly assem- 
blage of the sea's unburi'-'l d<-,.d 
And on that strange 'Island' \» iiav« 
cast away a trio of real human 
beings, who work out their destinies 
in a moat aenaatlonal, yet logical, 
nianner— a condemned man aan- 
tenced to die in the electric chair, a 
.Now York detective committed to the 
task of returning his prisoner to his 
fatf>. and a young and (-harming girl, 
I?!.- .l.iiiKt.f II of a millionaire. 

I'l. \ \ Hi>l .m; Tho Compton Comedy 
THXAmE Company is present- 
ing thle week one of 
the greateat "London comedy suooeaaes 

of recent years. "The Angel in the 
House." Produced by the late Mr. H. 
H. living at Ihe Sa\oy Theatre. It was 
inst.antly accl;iiiried as one of the 
most brilliant and witty plays of its 
kind ever written. Mr. Compton will 
play the Hon. Hyacinth Patavel (the 
Angel), and as this fantaatlcally 
amusing character who proceeds to 
alter and reorcanire his host's liome, 
garden and belongings, .nnd rearrange 
the marriages of his daughters, he 
will tie seen In a role that he will do 
the f ime j isiiee- 4» ae to the others 
he has already presented here. Miss 
Peggy Dundaa will be aaen In a 
charming Ingenue role, as also will be 
Miss Belle Ellers, a new-comer to 
the company. MIs.s Agnes Hurton will 
play I..n4ly Sarel, a rol.' which will 
K^e this clever charart>T actress a 
full opportunity to display her great 
talents. Mr. Herbert Leslie will play 
the bewildered Sir Rupert, who la 
forced to comply to the whims and ec- 
centrlcitiee of "the Angel," .iiifl Mr 
(;eorge Durban. Mr Bruce Bredln and 
.Mr. Stanley Davis round ofT ,t. cast 
wlilch should do full Justice to this 
clever and brilliant comedy. 



S<»mo l"ifl>-'slv Mici'.iilons Maii<' In 
Order to rrrvcnt lonfu.sion Wltli 
Adjolnin* Mnnldpallttea 

Final reading of the by-law to 
change some fifty street and road 
i.ames in the municipality was made 

last i^lght at the ,spe('lal meetin~ of 
the Saanlrh Council, held ,it Kovi.l 
Oak. The namt•^' c h.mncd ,n ail 
cases either conflicted with 
Marnes of streets and roads, elt ier *n 
Haanich municipality or in the ad- 
joining municipalities of Victoria, 
Oak Bay and fiiaqulmalt. A number 
of . unnamed roads were also given 
names. Following are the changes 
made, and new and old roads named: 
Lot nineteen, map 861A, to be a 
public highway named Ropkslds 

Part of lot eight, block eleven, map 
1070. to be ,1 public highway named 
<;or>;c \lcw Itrlve. 

I..ot U and part of lot five, block 
eleven, plan 1070, to be a public 
highway and named Ines Drive. 

Lot A and part of lot three, block 
eleven. map 1070. tu |if> a public 
highway and iinined I'arkview Drive. 

lie Hand Road changed to Heath 


I -or t age Avonua changed to Vin- 
cent Avenue. 

Patricia Avenue changed to Rock- 
well Avenue. 

Arthur Street changed to WIseton 

William Street, on map 336, and 
Arthur .^iio.'t. on map 1111, changed 
to Avenue. 

Minckwood Road changed to 

<; range Road, 

Kliiston Road changed to Hollls 

Balmouth Avenue changed to 
Franklin Avenue. 

Colvllle Street chansred to White- 
side ."si reel 

Coniiaught Avenue, Mhown on map 
1ii2."«. tioi'dering the southern bound- 
;iry of lots one to eight, changed to 
lOrnest Avenue. 

Crescent Road changed to Labur* 
num Road. 

Franda Road changed to Benfamin 

Clarence Avenue changed tn Arum 

.St reef . 

I.. I vender Avenue changed to Iris 


Knowdrop Avenue changed to Mina 


Froser Road changed to Xilhimey 

Gordon changed to Wlllla 

(»xford Street changed to Huxley 
.K| reel 

Pine Street changed to Hutledgs 

SI reel . 

f'ndeaux Street changed to Waa- 
cann Street. 

Robert Road changed te Bodega 


First Street etmaged et Ophlr 


K-cond .Street Changed to Cotton* 

Wood ,St»eet. 

Tennvson AvewM ehang«d to Me* 

IVae Avenue. 

Victoria Avenne ehanced to M> 
tbyne Avenue. 

Wllaon Street chanced to Hobbs 

Tork Road changed to II I ram 

Uoad runninjT hotw^^n lots five and 
four, m.'^p "74, known on \arloij« 
maps ns Ash Itosd. C'ordova Bsiy 
Knad .ind Peter Hill Road, afeaafed 
to Cordova Bay Road. 

Unnamed road along north honad- 
ory af lota three, fonr. five and six. 
map fil. named Ban Pedro Avenue. 

Lot seven, map 1842, he a public 
svenue named little F.ldon Place. 

T'nnamed mad shown on maS IdTl, 
named Tolcross Avenue. 

Road shown n« The Cresrent, #« 
msp I07A, named Penn Btreet. 

Kton ■!««« i hMj i t la M a tt aw a y 
Street, ^ 

Butler Streol wlinasnd to P«kn 


ining B t wat chaaged ta CSMUiilir 


Uiinaniej road along the south 
boundary of map !•(• and aJonc the 
north boundary of map lt41B, 
named Chandler Road. 

Chandler Avenue, ohown on mapa 
1141, 1I41A and 114 IB and map 
IISl, changed to Dunstervilie Avenue 

Charlton strea| ohaagnd to Bttr- 
dick Sirael. 

cowper Street chanted to KipUns 


Douglas Avenue or Douglaa Street, 
shown on mdpo 1409. 1714. ITSI, 
i««B. IBIT and lOlB. changed to 
Tudor Avenue. 

Point Street changed to McAnall> 

The road shfiwn us .Saanli h Koad, 
l..ak^ itoad, Carey Itojid on \ail.u.s 
maps, changed tu Douglas Utreet. 

peihome Road dHaasnd to Oarey 


Unnamed road to north of block 
six. map ITOT, named Dale Street. 

Unnamed road to the north of 
block aaven. map 17#7. named Staf- 
ford Street. 

Cross Bead changed to Admirals 


t'nnamed loail shown Oh ma^ S2:>. 
named Norfolk Uoad. 

The unnamed road along the east- 
erly boundary of lot one. map SOO, 
named Blason Road. 

The atreet lying between block 
one and blocka two and three, map 
1S9>. named Kathleen .Street 

Swan Street changed to i' 

Lot eleven, block A. map 1843, be 
a hlghwjy named Ronald Street. 

Jackson Avenue changed to Lodge 


with Carnation Itx cieamy flavor 
addt new sest to every dtsh. 
There ia no waste with Carna- 
tion. It «■ teoMBkaL It whlM. 
It cream* coffa% c w m K fm 
perfectly. It k yovr perfect 
Pure Milk Service. Order 

half a dozen tins aOW. 

At Your Grocer' • 


V tVAaoaATto , 

•/ Mv f c f» — Mtf anr> 

(•st/oaa. wWtf C 

ri*n Milk Fr^ 
ltd. Sl< Ym 
Vntvnt H C 

l ight on Cancer 

X^ondon Chronicle 

The culture of living flesh outside 
of any liody is the latest of science's 
achievements. This remarkable work 
is being carried on at the Imperial 
Canoer Reaeareh Inatltute„ and may. 
It is hoped, throw Importont ll*ht on 
the greatest problem of disease. 

The pieces of flesh, or "tl.ssue" as 
they are called, are immensed In a 
nourishing fluid In which they live 
iiuite well and In which also they 
grow freely. 

That. In itself. Is surprising enough. 
Much more aatonishlng. however, is 
the fact that growth takes placs ac- 
conllns to certain fixed rules. 

For example, if a plecp of livfr is 
grown It will not mould itself as a 
pl^ce of liver at all, hu; merely Rrow. 
That ta to ijay, nobody would know it liver, even after micros- 
copic examination. 

It Is Just flesh — growing anyhow. , 

But now let us place In the same 
vessel a small portion of another kind 
of tiHsue growing or fibre, ihe ntuflf 
ti-ndons and the ligaments .are made 
of. Immediately a strange transfor- 
mation takes place in the growing 
idoce of liver. It is no lonlger merely 
flesh; the special and delicate charac- 
ters of the liver begin to ^ow them- 

In other words, a "rogulalor" Is 
present, which by its "Influem e" hnn 
I hanged and controlled the type end 
direction of growth. 

We may therefore conclude that. In 
the body, each tissue, each organ. In- 
fluences the shape and form of all the 
othtrs. They are indeed like human 
btiiign li\lnj; ^oKPlher, and, day by 
da,, influem ing one another for good 
or ev 1 1 

Curiously enough it is more dlfncult 
to "grow" cancerous flesh In this way 
than It la to grow ordinary fleeb. For 
some reason the oaneefa tend to die 
unless the fluid la very frequently 

.\ot only o. but tjip fluid in which 
cancers have been grown becomes 
poisonous for othtir canoeri, though 
nut for ordinary fleah. 

It would seem that cancer produces 
some poison which kills Itself, but Is 
not cai>ablo of killing hejilthy fleah. 

.Natvjrnlly this discovery. atiout 
which loo Utile has been heard. Is 
arousing very gn^jil Interest nnd Is be- 
ing followed up with energy. For the 
possession of a poison able to* kill can- 
cer, but harmless to the rest of the 
body. Is the ideal all medical and 
sclrntlfic men are stralnlm; toward. 

These researches n.iiur.tlly require 
Immense patience .md n \ > \ \ high ile 
grec of skill. Yet their importance 
i<< obvious to anyone. It Is much to 
be hoped that the public by its 
generouslty to the new cancer cam- 
paign will help to Bupport and extend 


Pkmic Today. — The ladies of Court 
Triumph, A.O.P., are holding a nienle 

this afternoon t«i Mount Douglaa 
Park, leaving Foresters' Hall at S 


Dance at Iiangford<««There will 
bs a dance given at tha Langford 
Lake tea rooms thla evening. Mr. 
Oeorge Osard will aupply the mualc. 
Dancing will commence at t o'cldck. 

St. Mark's Frtc — .Sf Mark's garden 

fete will !>•■ belli ;l I Mo ^i<aI.^ge, I »a - 
\ Idson Avenue, this afternoon from 
^ o'llock. Stalls of plain and fancy 
goods, candy, ice cream, tea and aup- 
per will be'aarved. 

Jnvee iil a Oonrts — Courto Canada 
nnd RxceNlor. Juvenile Ancient Order 
of Foresters, on Thursday next, will 

!iold their ."cml-annuMl lonilritlon 
and election of otflcern, after which 
they will be lnnt;ilied by the X>tatrlCt 
Depuiy of Colunibia District. 

Libeml-Cuiiaw imliw Meet — Mem- 
bers of the Llberal-Conae^tlve Aa> 
aodation will meet tonight at I 
p'clork at the cliihrooms. Campbell 

T<uiMlnfr, I" mriUr. a rrn ngTii.-ni^ for 

the picnic to be held by the associa- 
tiea la the near future. 

_ aff P laa n SL Mark*a mla 

of worlt. which waa to have teken 
place at Mlaa Beant, owing i t unfor- 
eeen < Ircumstanf-en will be held In- 
stead .it the Vicar.ige on D.ivldaon 
Avenue, near the church, at .1 p.m. 

A Niitrifiotn Diet for All Alea. 
Krrp 1 ^orlicl^'J AlwajtonHsad 

tomorrvw Tea, aupper and ice will be prOVMed. All are cor- 
dially Invited. 

Sallon* Ctah SinMliMr— The Baqul- 
malt branch of the Ladlee' Qulld of 
the Sailors' (""lub will hold Its month- 
ly meeting thl.s . venlng at the club at 

eiKhi o , io. 1. .\ Kood atteadaaee of 

members is i eiiurslcd. 

Veterans of tVnnce ~ The half- 
yearly meeting of the Veterana of 
France will take place tomorrow 
niaht at • o'clock in their ciubroome, 
at the corner of Douglas and Court- 
ney Streets. Matters of Importance 
will be considered, and .i strong rep- 
resentation of the membership is ex- 
pected at the gathering 

Boyi^ Naval Brigade L. A. — The 
Ladlee- Aualliary to the Boys' Naval 
Brigade le holding a meetlngr tomor- 
row afternoon at J:IO o'clock at the 
home of Mrs. A. L. Johnston, 941 Fort 
Strict, for the purpose of making 
f\nfil arrangements for the garden 

pnriv It pro |>. .Mfit hoidins nn July 

2« at Bishop's Close. 


/ ram Canldsldtf <r#t»d^. 

necessary articles to work with. 
There will also be u sale of home 
cooking In Spencer's^ Ltd., on Saturn, 
day momlns. July ll> 

Cottage OavdeneniP Anaoriatlon.— 

Ry kind Invitation of Mrs. Butchart, 
the Cartleners' Association will visit 
the sunken Kai>1er\s on Saturday 
next. A guide will meet the party 
and explain names • ic . uf plants 
Hot water and milk will be pro- 
vided member* and their 'temllle*, 
and frienda of the aaanolat|en are 
aaked to catoh tha i:lt laterarhaa 
tram and hrtas loiieh 

Garden Feto— The garden fe te lo 
ha SlTWI Ihli All#fn6on~ar"'nie'Tte- 
cincts" by the Ladies' Auxiliary of St. 
Ueorge's Society, will he opefled nt 

3 o'clock by Mrs NIchol. and it will 
continue untill 9 p.m. There « ill be 
a sale of work, and .i concert, and 
numerous other attraotlona. Refreeh- 
menU will be aerred until • e'elbek. 

Prepare for W a aa a ^ A ll members 
of the Victoria Women'a Inatitute arc 

asked to come to the rooms on Friday 
nt 2:30 p.m. to dlscuae further nc- 
tivltle.s and to start sewing for the 
Fall baxaar. They are asked to bring 

Mako P!aiis for .Show - Further 
plans for the .Septeftlber show were 
made at the meeting of the Victoria 
Rabbit Breedera' Aaaoctation held 
last nisNt at the T. M. C. A. Build- 
ing. Mr. C. Woolley, president ef Uie 
orranisation. presided. Mr. John 
Needham, of .Seattle, a class A Na- 
tional Judge, will award the prizes at 
the sho«, which will I, a held in con- 
nection with the Fall fair at the Wil- 
lows. iSiaht apeeiai rihfaon a are hel n s ~ 
given by thf National ntneteM* Aa- 

Annjr ami .Navy \ I'tcrnn.*— m «■] ng 
to the visit of the 11 M S. Curlew In 
the cit>. the local unit of thn Army 
nnd Nii\y \>terana in Canada will 
not hold their regular monthly meet* 
ing tomorrow night, but will. Inataad, 
hold a grand amekind eencart in 
honor of' the vioHlns offleere and 
bluejaeketa next Saturday night, 
commaneing at I o'eiook. In their 
ciubrooms, Hamlsy Building. On this 
occasion, the anniversary of thn fall 
of the French Bastille. l-'ram-e's 
national day, will also be com- 

A 104>«j Tuba ii FREE th« Couppn 

Film May Attack 

Your teolh toiiig h t"*wliil> jou sImp 

There's a film on your teeth- -« 
viscous film. It cUngs to teeth, en- 

While pM sleep, arid* may be 
formed kl It Most tooth Uoubles, 

This i« tn tril you how to < ..m- 
bat it, ami offer a convincing taaC 

Film tewiMw 

Film ibsorbs sl.tin*. ni.ik>ng ' 
teeth look dinfy. It is the basis of 
tartar. It hoMs food Mibctance 
which farmants and forma add. It 
holda the acid ia contact with tha 
•aeth to casM dacaj. 

Germs breed by million* in it 
They, with tartar, are thr ( hief 
cause of pyorrhea That'* why no 

law have eacaped tooth trouMaa, 
- " an 

wrte embodied in it. That 
paste IS called Pepaodant. 

FiflMi Midi» too 

alao multiplies the 
of the saliva. That la 


the cawa ef tooth dacay. 

It mnltipliea the starch digests nt 
hi the saliva. Thst is there to di- 

K'«' Htsrth .Irpoiits which m*y 
Othetwiie friitiriif and form acids. 

Thus every use gives maaiiold 



New waya found 

Dental science, after long re- 
aeareh, hag fosod two wajra to ight 
film. Oaa acts to ctirdle fllo^ one 
to remove It, and wilho«l any 

h» t riif III *( out ing 

proved tboaa 

Carafd people of some SO na- 

\\i'r\f. new ijnr Pfp«r>dent Ijfgrly 

by dcntsi advu e Wherever you 
look you see the resultC TmOi 
glisten as they should. 

Watch the r sss U s on yoar ova 
tseth. Note hew dean the teeth 

feel sfter uting M». U ''.r . 

of the VISCOUS him. See bow teeth 

Then a new-type 
tooth paste was 

Crestrd, ha«rd on 

modern research. 
Thodo two saw 

Avoid Harmful Grit 

fel see s e to s >*• 

l« far iM>fl..r IH«« 

tthMt harm- 
•4tot>las mmrtt 

' >!•«■■« whlrh 

Tha rooslls wOl 

•nrpriae and da- 
light you. You 
will never again 
f o wkhoot them. 
Cm osi tUs ooik 

10~Day 1 11 be Free 

Basl.U Ml assess •UTeesaeaw Oat. 

Thm Nmw Day D^ntifricm 

A srtentifir tooth paste based 
on nkodern research, free from 
harmful grit. New sdHsad hy 


\ffer "iir rei-rnt 1- I R F, we arr .igJui ui '>rliinK full «w ing, the »ani' 
rauiing im but a few day*' (l»l»v ' ^ <• are now prepared t" do sn> 
thing in WOODWOKK p. V ' I WORK and F'ICTt KI 
FRAMING. Give aa your support, large or small. It keeps di« 
abled men's miodt oc M >l s4 MM yos fH fslf «•!•• for poor 

in yetf ment 

The RmI 4" CroM Worlniiop 



^ The Colonist's Pictorial Page ^ 

The Prince oJ Walcf receiving a bouquet from little tldna Drake 
while viaiting the works of an electric company in Birmingham. 

Crover Loening. plane inventor and builder, plunged into the 
E^tt River while he and three others were experimenting with • 

Ao old moke on the Lpsom Downs contemptuously sniffing at 
OM of kk grant rittAn, a molorqrcle. 

On tlw southern edgre of the far north. Thf little whit e AmUcIMI 
church at Moose Factory on James Bay. 

The Bnronesf Imkoff and her friencl. FrMilain Von Groin •{ 

Vienna, picking potatoes in the fields like 

A webbed glove invented by 
Miss Anna Smith of Ne^ 
York is supposed to be a 

gTMt help to lliOM kgnSlac 

Miss Ange Brashing. well- 
known dancer, sails to fill an 
•ntacwnent abroad. 

Colambi«*t I92l Vnitily erow. att Mt for tbo yanr'a 

TImj ar« ooockod hf a Cangdiaa 

Home of the Marion Star, the paper over which President 


Tkm two ckampiott togr i|NUueJs of the Bferks, Buclta and Qton 

" " "ition photographed witk tMr 

mistress. Lady Fowler. 

Miss McKana. tko English irlrl who defeated ivirs. Molln 

Mallory. the America i m the tennis tourn** 

ment at Chiswick. photographed with het'rrvml. 

• hit 

Miss Do Brooker sued a 
Boston newspaperman for 
$50,000 because of allavad 
aafferinf she endnrad rimmk 

la a little rHU^m near Toronto, sKtenahre drilling operations are 

ire k^iiaj^ja^ 

on for oiL The 




Important Notices, Employment, Busmess and Professional Directory, V/ants, Etc. 


P»r th« rorv-t lr, , of iho»» wli« wMk t* 
r»f«r to mi,r •i.^ ;.; .(IrerilB^m^Bt !• 
t~laMtn«<1 Column. tli» follo»ln« tl»t h»« 

*liihat»tl< nliy .rr.nj.d. »nil 
• laMIOcaiiun fur.,i.l.».) with a aumb«r, 

>NN(>ijN( p:mi:ntb I 

Male iiici.i' wanted • 


T*« amik«r« ikAwa mm th» rt«ht .ifl* ' 

Ik* column. Tha^plMkMlMl M WW »« 

!• not conarrutlva. 

Aer»BC» K.r Hal* 

Acr.aca K^r K.bI 

Aaraaya — Waniad 

A«MU WMt*« 


AMMmoMlM • 

A«tM for Hlr« 

VvMaaaa OpportuntUM 

JJIlllard. ami Pool . 

•oata and I^auncbM 


• • • ■ 

><uaiDaa* I>lraat«r|r i 

C/claa and ItotaMytiM " 



Ohurrh Nollo«« 

'■'1 • I I fi . I 

fai '■>. f,,r n*at 
»«ri.,. f„r Sal* 
raniia Wantad 
rial* aa4 AMrtmaaU U 

For Sal*— MlMallaaMa* 

Kurniabad IU*m« WaataA 

KiTiiabad ItoMM ta Itaat < 

Kininclal ' for Bala 

H o 1. I Olr.rturr 

Hou>*k.«pin( Rooma to Raat 

I-<oat and Vouad 

Muale ...,,,•,,«■•.••«••••• 

»ii.. 'iianaaaa 

'"-> lo !,»»■ 

rcraoriai •••••••••••••*.* 









Profaaaloaal DIracMry 
I'roparly for Balo 
Proporty Wantad ... 
roajtxjr and Llvoatoek 

Room and Board • 

Itoom and Hoard WaoCad .•• 

buiniiicr n.aurta 

^'x and txidcaa 

I'l.iiuna Wantad — Mala •••• 
Miu.tlona Waatod— VaMftIa 

To Rant — Iloaaoa 

To Konl — Kurnlabad Rai 
To Raat — Mlaoallaaoaa 

To IC»chaiik» ; 

T> Laaaa ], 

Ttarhara Wantad ..,...••»•••• 

Tinib.r Urokari • 

•^ — Mala llalp 

Wantad— ramala Halp 

Wantad to Rant — Farmo 

V'antad to Kant — Acraaaa •,Ul«to 

w«i,i..i t.. H.nt Fi»i» i-nd A partn»»»»" 

>S anted to I(<tiI H..u»». 

Wantad to Unit Kuriil.hed llo 
Wantad to ) Ulacallanaoua 
Wantad — lluuark.cpin* Kouma 

Wantad to Buy— Houaoo 

Waatad ta ■araow 

Wantad— Mlaaallaaaoaa 











: 1 



( I A Kl Kl> 
»Tna oud ona h 
lion, nlna canta a word 
nilnklBUin of 11 worda. 
No ad»artl»anianl accaptad 

paatb and 

rlU.1. »1 •• for ••«^.;**'ld"io Mamorlam 


Blith N 

^^^^jlj^^jl^^^ ja r^l jna par m^S l". 


1)1 i|>S 


to M' 

Ottar Pclni. 

I'l' « lloapllal. Jwly *; 
Mr, W. A. Doda. of 

ti/.aMK— On Julv'*lV «'"*ih- Iloval JuMI-" 


1,!;, ;,..' n. i.t K.... l<«v .>in-t.ry^ 


„,,d ay... .» hU .« f'J-j;,„„ „r,..,.„.-. 


FROMPT. «rytct«MT •mm.nem 


Lady IS Alt — 

MM 1*4 1 

..w.. n int>Ti»at In hia work— who 

iTnowa how to tha load of tho;^ 
d2?k hoiira-wha avarlaoka noM •! tha 
imaiuat datall*-* warthr t W oon- 

Such la <iur lt<TiJlall"n 

141S Qmdra Mract 


"Tha rioral Kunaral lloma of l^a Waif 

Tba karnata of our bualnaaa — jrour con- 
tt4aBaa M4 tha lacradnaaa at o«tr aalllns. 




PTHBNtHiN court whiat, 1!30 Oovarn- 


Wrdnraday, .10. Ouud 

ant a. 

A.NCK, mrawl>»rrv \ali" Mall. VS'ednel- 
dav. July II ' i > 1: Krttlo'l 
o^atTM. Itr ^r.ili Ml'- ill A<lnil*alon lOc. 

A n .N .H 

(iovpi niiit'nl 

Millluiy (lUU li.iHiilil. U.:o 
1 t «t i t VI i'l I /»■., A il . 

I fld.MC.'KMM Ala^andra, Uaughtari of Una- 
± land -Chania a( bualaaaa moetlaB, avary 
to'irth Thuraday; aoclal. ■ocoad Tburaday. 

''pi ; .N I Hiirrii.M.n or avrnlnB. lie fa'h. 
I \i<ti>iii( A\>nii., Shoal Hay. I'huiia 

rpilKKK will \ir a atxTlal ini'iiinc of 
i- Britannia l.oilia, ill, l.ti.HA.. mi 
Wadneatlay. July llth. In tha tlranan Hnll, 
at I o'clock. All inaiiibara ri>qu«*ioil lu !>.• 

I^NOKIt ii'Mi'l. •■< i.f \|i |<irl» I'lHlilo 1 lull 
' .1 i.»>..M I'.'iM. will II" lii.M III |.:\ii.ii 
linnlHl l-Hrrn, \\ • <l o.R<la >' aft er ruMni, July 14. 
A B#n.r«l In^H iiI..ti waiinlv »»n->i.lpd to all 
pialrli* iiroirl." ai. l (hnr tri<Ti/» Hut wat< r 
groWdi'il ."^r riiH_\. I'l m I If ■ ' I j ii 

A JANITOR and wlfa, for rirtt-rlaaa 
apartntant houac; no chlldraa. Box 
>II4, Coloklat. 

KIRHT ^M.AB.-* Ifat nillk.-t. alnil. Sl^ta 
rxpffrK-ni i" ami wag< . I'opv nr lefn. 
t n<rn with application, t.i \t'<\ vain, i olnniat. 

i Mi.-H 1^* y)iy. v'iv. I'l' ■- I I .1 1 .s I ,i.-i 1 

IK you lia l . Mi'ililiig winna wiih your 
you H.iui I I.- ■ I ' nn aya ■prrlallat and 
n'»t lo a .(ii« i. I iM- aamn In th«i AI'To- 
Mt.lBII.I'' M-ii «lin HrKriAl.l7.K 
III aulo lri>uliUi «tr n-^.l.^.l NiiW l»on t 
t>a a Jark of-AII Trail-, an.i .Mn.tT of Nun* 
l^iait now and l-n niii*' m liattrrv -xpiMi i>f 
tira aprvlallai, or k|>.< lali/x m tlip m." iiani 
ral and alacyUal iin. \ . u ara MSVKH TOO 

»I0 Vtaw Httaat. City 

TK A R N aulo and tractor. Includint « 
J .Omi'l't" .iM-lrUal iratnlna. Ynu do 
practlial «.'rk Wr litalruct you. \Vrll» 
for fron fnlil' ' ll>itipl>lll Auto Kactaoarlna 
•chool. Itll <;ranvlll' Hli^-t. Vaae««vri. 
U w. pay iranaportallon 

MAKB Hoaar a» Ho»o— III to |44 paid 
wookur (or yvar ap*ro tlaao wrltlaB 
.i. —cardo for aa. I»a caavaaaiaB. Wa la 
aiiuct rati aad npptf »ati wKk war*. Want. 
AMM aUwaM* Wvla^ m Calbaaraa 

MliW . t*t««»* 

tJTRONO hi>«l<v l>o» waBtatl for h*lp«r on 
^ . ara Applv Rallkkla AMta Bapraaa. Naw 
Mnf. Blanahaid and BroUBhton Mtraatl. 

:i7k yount mar. who undarotanda 
i*> ii.oklnit aft.r « dairy, aoparatlnc, milk- 
Ihx I. •limn aMd «*ro of ralv*a. 
and alort. Ik voptrlnc atata 

/ lArAl<I..B B*"*''*! wantad. al.ap In. 
^ ' i.r uo'i.l luiit. fbeno 144. 


I'hona lfT4. 

|^''.\l't;HiK.NtlClJ ihlldrana nura*. Iin«u»h 
M.J iirrfrrrrd 

ol°tlKKKKI'ti.l< for honia la coualry. to 
du loukiiik fiid houaawurb. acnall houaa. 
two iliildr^ii. iiw "aahlng. alaap la; re'«-r- 
fiK-a ra(4Ulr«d. Apply 11"» »<»4. t.oloniat^ 

N'LllSIS-<'OMI'AMON wantad (or Itir*" 
t'hildran. wtlllna to bolp Ik huui. 
i.aatman, Uunian, B'' 


ANTED— Wall rota, 
llr.nt»'Ood Orlll. 

today, (or iiin< i>. 

\''OrNtl woman, lo du hooaawork. aftar- 
1 noona. Kalrfletd tllatricl. Box »40l. 

<«V. l*). waiiiM work In .aulontubllo vr 

till y iiiop llox 9511. Colonist. 

VN axpariancod sardonor wants (aur half 
daya a waak. Pkoao IIS4K. 


C^LKAHi.NU. lantinBi towa or oakkiry 
/ Uansaruta iraoa r«rmo»otlJ troa aarsary. 
p bono mit.'. 

EXPICItlKNCKU Journallal daalraa llfiar^ 
woib. such aa writing booklal*. brotliur. a 
.r ii.iinphlrta; . oi re. ling or ravislng 
• r 4 111 uiidertaka rn< ari li Work. Do* 
I i.i ..II i»i 

\ 11 1 >i: M v< i 

1. 11. r.l ina 

iirk »ant».l liy axptr- 

fiinii.. :^::,\ 


MA" HI. M.ST and i.ioliiiak«-r. 1^ yam' 
•■aperlrnra all claaaaa of work. ha. -n 
finoara- papara. K. Aldrld«a. Ill Moaa Hi 

WANTKK by man and wifa— Pooltlon »a 
»» larriak.ri., or any poaltlon nf irual. 
\ny n-lia'il- «" III" tnaaaBOf'iii. h.i-e 
huii|n»»i uliilli >• I .. > . t I T. Colonial 


J.'^NCM.SII giiviTnif. 1 11 lininl'd ami f« 
J p. I l. ri. i-.l, «• • kH r.- . iigagi iiipni . Kn ii' .i. 

IIUI.II ll'.X Viif. l'..|iiiil»l 

J."'.\I'I';hiI';.N< i;I> lady win uan- for infaiil 
J 111 .iwri I1..H1.-. Kor lariiiB and Intirvirw 
Willi. It. II KO.'ii. Colonial. 

Ii.M'KK'i" m ■ niigi a.iiii'1 ii'"i'«-i parmanfut 
|,,,i.ii I..11 . . .111. MK-il . liiglirst rafar- 

II, .» Vill, Coiolil.t _ ^ 

1AI>Y want! houaework. mnrnlnfa. or 
J mind c'blldran, altarnooni or .vt-nlnga. 

I hona 7414. Mill Uuta. 

iiMAN will do houaework by tha day. 

I'lii.n.- Ti.-llt 

U'lLMA.N wania .|..ii|rii' 
.lay, 11 UKlily d.i 

!)57«, I'll .•iii.<i 

w.irk by tlii" 
.ailiMH-iJ. Hox 

^A NTIil> — pay work, 30c hour, or rliain- 
^ bggn ajd Iw^kotal. Bo» »4I4. Coloktat . 


n c DHAMATto mcaoou »bh twati 

iJ. THiaiw a n. KWJIUM. W P MI—I. 


MADAMB VITAL will hold rranch claaaaa. 
coaching eopoclally for Autumn ax- 
» iiilnatl una. Par partlcularg p hono ««»^^_ 

J I vll It 

H ' >Ul.-MAiiTBR wlataoa pupils for ■urn- 

s' uuKTliANii SCHOUU. 1411 Uov.iiiiii.nt 
O KtraoL Bualnaaa aabja«t« lUorousb 
luitiuo. M. A. MasMlUaa, priaalpkL Pkoaa 

»7 4. _________ 

Couraaa: Comm.rclal. itanorraphy, <larl- 
cal. higher accounting, rolleglate prepara- 
luiy, ilxil aarvirr I'o.iini '1*. ur writ, 
•yllnbua. Individual Instruction. Naw Wallar 
Bids. Maw pupita will ka aaaaplad oaafe 
Uoaday lor day aehoai kad akak TuaaOMf 
ir,r niahl orhool. 

t^ii.KTo.N CUI.L.K01C tor Birla, XI* Manilaa 

Ktr.ot. Victoria. Primary to niatri. ula- 
lion, l-.nri.fiii ai . om iiio.lal l.iii fur i.iii: l.ia. 
Autumn lariii bagUi* ttaplcmt>ar 7. ll.aa- 
Mlatraaa. Mlaa B. P. Rakorta. UUA. 

Mono 7 

Will RaopoB 
Oa July t. 
Phona 17411.. 

riaaara Urarf 

Couraea In piano, violin, vocal (Italian 
niathodj. tliroiy. liai innny, alocuiloii I'uplu' 
ir.ltala evrry iiiootli Ira*, ami up.n to ilia 
(..lUllc. UOk Hroa.l 8tr..i rii.ii.« 1211 

AUV AN'ZULt and alam^ntary violta luiiloo. 
•poclal torma tar fcafli 
I ryca. II4S Port. Pkaaa 1444. 

BAn7u. MANUUlIn. UUITAR. aad ail 
atrlncad Inairumaats tauikt br W. U. 
fiuwrighi. iiruad kireak Pkaaa IMi. 

Kaa phuiia I I 1 1 t 1. UaKr% I la s 9.m.i 

Halurday*. t to I. 

J.>:i.Nh.:«r MUMl'Lb;, and i.aokar. 
■J 1344 MItchall Btraat. I'hona 1747. 


MRS. R aUMI'Lli: — Planlat an.1 .t. 
parl.n.-.d t.achar of ;>lano IViiiii. 
(rrparr.l (or .i am In. i lona If Utialrad. litt'll Sir*. I I'liiin. 3747. 

a^ltiHK for laiii or Iraa*. In (uod bualaaaa 
1^ aai'tlan. raaaunabia uiiii. Apply 14*4 
Uouglaa at 

UlfBLI.. laeatad atvra. Junction two atraal 
*'* car aanrlcaa, nioUarata rant, aaliad 
anjf ratall kaataaaa. Apply A. B. Ta4d. 72i 
uia4a»_Ava. — ^**P^— * _*1^ 


Fart Btraot. 


At-lAKAULa. giaul. par 144, 11; broe- 
coll la I aorta and raullHowora In 1 
aorta, 144 |1, l.4«4 Ik, l«.«»tl |4U; Ilruaaala 
apreats la I sorts; caboasa la IC a4>rls; 
kaio la I aarts; aavo>a In < aorta: lattaca 
la 4 aurts; all abova at 104 l«c. 1.444 14, 
10,440 134. In flna ord.r now to ,>lant. 
Hcddlog aud arasabouia i/.aiiia to liii. tar- 
laty from basi sosda loly. lioa« and fruit 
traa ataaka la Autumn, la siroac plants, 
wall (radod. Khruba anil traaa o( loosi 
good kinda. Slandaid rocaa, a vary llna 
lui ii) naw |>iKe ii.t r.aJy in Aiiiiiiaa. 
C U. Jaiiiaa MInipauii, 411 oupailui, Vlc- 
i.'iia Hhona 1>V4. 

V 'l rlr.irlL' naahltig raa. hioa. fur ijuluk 
>. If. 1 li<-a;> I'liona :4I4Y. 

\N.\Ai' Wlltun carpet, 11 by 11 fan. 
l aiiada I'rlda raaga, tSZ.M. Tyl^Mn- 

.4K Kiiit Mrrrt. 

t |..\ i:i ;.V I .N oak lllirary lahl.-. In 
• * .1 . i.ii.lii i.iii, ^" t iil.l.s », I » I I 

III --KI,- .1.1 p. 
a I > I H .', .1 II. 

1 . H X ■.' .\ I 
.1 . • I M ; 

.11.1 1 r Ion , aiiap 
i..<iKlai« r^i 

BoTTl^k:a — 1( yuu waoi bwillaa ur Jara 
wo katra tbaro, all alsia. (rum llo par 
doaen. W ia. Allan. IHI R oaa at. 

■ t.viii.KY uharBing and n-palr plant, 
i' w CM iiiahouaa motor generator, direct 
< on n>-. 1 c.i . iHiia. liy t^n ti volt liattcri'B. lead 
liiiiiiuig 1 1 a iinl oi lop I , I..M f,.a<1lng xiilt 
iii<-i.r II uti 11 iBon a Kli-.trio \Soili», l.ang- 
l>-> .■^irm. 


BAUV buBBlai, Unallah, chaapaat la city. 
Tarms It daslrod. Brown. k«l Horawanl 
Huad, viiftorla Waat. 

^HKVKOLiieT, K'Jl; tanor truinbuna. 
vlutln. ti; banjo. IC.Sl; tkout drum. H io. 

(^.\MP stools, 1 to ZOO, 4uc oach. Maat 
aafef, |3.7I up; BUarantasd fly-pruuf. 
beaicrs, «4c dus. Victoria Purnlturs Mart, 
74 1 Vlaw at. 

(1H1VK.VK rug fur aal<". good aa new, aizi- 
- I I !», « ! II 'j , blur »llh . ain»-l ami ilai 1^ 
hill. Iiordrr, prii «• I JII dollaia rriorii. &*'.4bl.. 

CILKAitl.Vt; all our atoik of auitt, .oata, 
'' wraps. I'Bpet. ailk and apoM drea.i-*, 
cluth draates, akirli, aweaiera. ralnruata. at 
26% to 10% rrUui'tlun. I'harBa accounts 
B.'(«pttd. 'i ha Paiuuus t<turv, L,td., T.'l 
>at.-a tilrgel. Phoaa 4041. 

i llloICK ruapborrira, ItAl rrata, and 
' othrr fiult, dollvsrad fram tha Brow.-i. 

l*hon»» l*li,S6l.l 

t^AMl'KT'.", ruB». nph.. mt fry. Mmrta; al^o 
J dlily paint, grraar, oil ami tar spota 
rrmovpd like magic by ijwcn'i Blue Honp 
I'uwder. One packet cirana 4 suits of 
clothva; Joe a pa-.'k^t. IntJUire Karmrm' 
rroduce Store. Ill Johnson bt. Phone 3tlU 

HUl'lll^IAl) Hlngar sewlnv machine. Ro- 
tary, |J6. IMiona 4iliK 

l^OH Male— A Ulbson mandolin and pro 


4 tecllun case, as BOW, 

I'honp 64321,. 

scrtflco for raah. 


ROASTED chlch«M% trash daily. Dale 
and daUBhter. 141 Port *t. I'hene 4443 

RASPBBRRlBti. lusanberrles, blackbarrla*, 
all vino ripened, fuU tlavtir. ky the 
pound or crate, dellvarad (raat taa arawar 

oil., t tu you. I'hona ordera, 44IIX. 

.O .N .V I'— Urophea.l Siiig.;r acwlng machine. 

III prrfeci running order. iO Uddy'a, 

ISI7 OoogUa i^l 

STKAWBERRIEIii. abaoli^taly laat week. 
dollvor««, 11-lk. rratoa, 1171; Sl-lb. 
pails, Pbono ordera tllll,. 


VBL'PBRIOR furnUhed apartmeat; prl- 
taia home, nice srounda; aoar sea. 

I'hone 4;7»Y^ 

AT 1434 viuaaa'a Avaaaa— S ptUf tw- 
nishrd apartasaatB: raat 111 aad lit. 

I'hona 3»44t.. 

\T l.a Hoy Apartiatets — Mealy faralakod 
three -room aultaib raaaoaabla.. 141 

Muntiaal Bt. 

<Kt 'iNI> IIAMJ liunka from 11.44 up. 
Iiland Kxclianga, 73* Kurt ittracl. 


Ji II M> 

ji k inrgr nfllLO roll top daak, as 
<■». >n.tii, I4u lalaiiil Ex. tiangr. 
.Ti Kori Str»rl 

SI 1 1 I 

C4UPP:.1£S — If it Is anything In the Bee 
^ llna. we have It. SAVORY'S 8E|fU 
XTORR. 444 Johnaon Mtraal I'hon. I}t4. 

'I^K.M r an. I fly for >alr, aa good aa new. 
-I ISxM feet, with frame and three-font 
M^^u^^y I^at^l". Phono llOlt. 
£*-HUI,K Knterprlsa rsnce, good eaadltlea, 
^' III. TBI BrouKhto a. 

CO , VXD. 

oooRB. WINDOWS. laintasB. vra 

CItr ar Caaatry Orders Baeaiva Caraful 

A ■ I , I, . l,.ii 

\\ .V.N 1 i^U — >llSi^J^l.AS LUtS^a 

ABBOLUTltLir Beik HiBh-CUsa DIaea'dad 
BoBBki and iloM at 

MRS. JOWirrS. ait Fart. Pkatta MK 
9 atoroa A bora Ballakia r 

ATTENTION!— lira Shi.w. lurmerty of 
WlDDlpe^ aud lLdiiiu.iion. will rail 
and ray cash fur diacarded clolhloB. 
1 hona itie 40* Kort Siraat pr,rea paid tor ladto#. aoatlomoa'a 
aad okildren a Boad-elaaa 8la4*UM. 

bouaakold Uauaa. ete. 

litt Daaalaa »t., block balnw ILB. fV 
Pkona l««l 

HINtiCULAR glass. In sling caae; must ha 
clear and powortul. I'rica aad whsro 
to he Insparted^ tu Boa 1114, Coloalal, 

U.i.N'T ll.ailaie— I'hona 140* If you have 
any furnliui* ynu wish to dlapoao of. 
uur r.prraaul Atlv. will call an.l offer .-ur- 
r.nt pric.a l.lanl Ki hiina.. It? Port 8t. 

CAl^ •.>•— Wb, i-AV ut.aT PKiCbia 

IrtoM kotuojk raga, toolsb aiovaa, ftvaltara 
. or aajrtblag alaa poa wlak ta di8|«sa mi. 
We call inywkero, any tlma. Try mm, 



SHAW * CX>. 

7r& Fort Street 


lAMl>Nli>i Uoughl (<>i 

« aati 


Phone 401 

dli JoUu- 


1^>i RNITCRB cheap for quick sale— <'o»i 
range, cook atovi>. couch settee, cheal'i 
field anil Morrla i haira, Rdlann ;ihunugra|ih, 
aertlonal h.ioki h.,-. .lining lahle ami chairs, 
rugs; bedr, apiini-s an.l mat I H'»«'S ; l!r.-»^••r~, 
dressing IbM.'k. .t'- I'artlpx liaxuiR t..»n 
Quick action ne. caiaiy. l:iil I-irl .-^ir. .i 
I' Z52 3R. 

.lOR Hale — Whaley Hoyce piano, excclleiu 
tone. |I00 cash. I'hona I74IX. 

1^V>lt Hale — Purnltura of l-room hotiaa, all 
■ new. A anap for caah. Phona 11711.. 

I^HH .'^iil" 3<-ln. band sniv. l orrililnat lun 
rip and Jointer, poU- ri.un.l. r. iiior- 

ti"p inn. hln.-. rtr Apply John Mcaton A 
I '.. I.t.l , I 4D7 Hroail hi 

IAUH Sale — New Perfection oil cook atova. 
t burnera and ovan, aoarly aaw. Phone 

771 4L1^ 

I Mill Sale— Bagllah laathar truak, larca 
size, t:: id; field glaasea, case. Il.TI: 

rampie ault cns^a. |1 TB, sight comp4t8S, 
f7&0; l.vria, trl^j.i.l i*!>, »x p..vvi.r prlSHI 
Klasa. 136: oprru glusars, t'l'b, vValthaflt 
WBtchea In guld-fllled caaps, |7 60; loathar 
sample caaea. 14; Ipalhar glovpa. ;6c; piay- 
Imk . artla, Zlc; lioy'a bl'.ycle, ID 60; naw outer 
iii's. II, tl: new pfda!.. tl.60 per pair: 
spr. tacles tn fit any sight from 21c. Jacnlt 
Aaionaon'a New and Second-Iland Htora, 1*1 
Johnson St. (4 doora balow OovaraaMat Bt.) 

I'lions 736. 

I.'^CR hale — OoK r. Long Mfg. Co., Ltd.. 
sawmill head rig. complete with tight- 
ener puller aad two 14-la. Bloiaada aa w. 
and two ll-ia. Umoals eaws. ParMculars 
MAM. Lumbar Co,, Ltd.. Cattrtaaajr, B.C. 

I,"><jR Haje — Presoure preserving and can- 
nlna outni Ai.ply llo^ !i*30. I'olnnlat. 

1^"><'R Hal., 


ia^ INA UUHIKjS. laacliar of plaao 
and violin. 144 Hlan.hard Street. 

MIHH .NICI.MK illPWuoD, I„u i M . 
teacher of piano and laxophone Terma 
moderate, Huccpas aaaured. Chlldran a 
teaching a specialty. Htudio, 104 lllbban- 
Hona Building. Phone I044L. 

UKiilNAI.n 11. itlX, U MiH, (McOllliT 
plant. f.iitM Ipa.'h.r. H.>rnpa vlalted 
Wtudlo. 1173 I II i > . 

TO iL.VCUA.NCli: « 

ADVERTISER will take Pord car aa part 
paymsat oa aow thraa-roomed houae, 
fully modern, on tull-alsad lot, within half- 
mile cir.'ip. close to park. }aat uS tjaadra 
Hirrrt. pricH roaaaaabia. Baply to Baa 

t06* I'.il.mlst 

(tAI.II't'H.N'IAN fruit Uii I. yiplding Kood 
returns. iirfiTp.l 111 i.iiiiti for VIctorlii 
rpai.hiill.l |ir<,|..riv M..» •l^7«, Culonlal j 

GORDON IIKAD- Tu px.liatign, h 't scr,^a, | 

Strawberry and lan.h, deep i 

black loam, fur a l or ii-ruoin l.uiigalow, ' 
city llmlta or asarby. Bag »t»ll, CoToalst. 

<^H ACRES, all planlPd to large ami sinsll 

^ fruits, inndprn hnuar. .cttrcnt bnsciiicn t . 
furna. r, liglil ami water, J i. il.-n ..ut ..ii 
pav.iiipnt This la a go.ol pro. In. log ami 
rpvenuo proposition, and well worth 17,400. 
Would taka city ar amaller property. 

1^''.\illA\';|.: KPBllng Uii.l f.r Alhrria 
wheal land. Apply 4 Hi Say ward Uldg. 

Well |.ppt furniture of four- 
rooii.r'.l hiiiiKHli.w. tit 663 Head Sln-ii. 
I':s<iulmall I'hoii.. I11.20I.I % 

I^^OR cholco ANTIQCE-S of all kInda see 
. Mr Woollatt, IU34 dt. Charles Ktreet, 
or Decn Art Store, Room 4, 417 Port Street. 

Phone (II 

I^'^lltKI'Kiii'K rufp, about 24x24sa0, com, 
I'lnation lo.k. sama aa new. Prica 110. 

lii.x :'D.l«i. I'.ili.nlsi. 

]^"'iiU .'^alP, al p.. ppttoaally low prlcp. - 
Large and rniall farm tractors, Thoa, 

riliiiiay. Ltd., Vl. loila, H C. 

|.,''i>ll Sale- A cBblnPl Cnluinbl 

1UI1.I„ pay youi o»n piUe for gents' caal- 
off clothing, proxiuing you are within 
I •■as. in. < Ml tile uutaide cowr ut tha phune 
I ....U IS (1... K. I'. 1. uncrat Cu.'s ad., aud un 
iti.i Hi 1.1. uf that I'uxei la my adureas: A. 
I.hmU. ...ix Johnaon r<t. 1 n..n« 7UI«. 

MAIl.,i<iA.Ny e.ktu.iaijn uiui-ig lauia. Weul- 
lati. lum Mt. ili.ii-,. > Plione 611. 

ODUV a ara open 1.. ■ n .jd ('•ml. 
luru, carpeta. r«>iia..*. u.<od prlcaa 

paid. r'honp ^663. 

U'A.N'I Kli 3ti 01 ;tn-!nch slr..iiK trunk, 111 
Ko.'.l .on.lltlon Phone 601. 1. 


.\l r 

A .NTKD -Clean bungaiuw lurniture tor 
4 or i r.Hima, cheap (or hartl caah. 

.\ngus 4 6l'4Y 

'AN1'1i:Li Canvaa 1 1. k loNcrs, aUa about 

11) l.y Hi II I'h.iiip l,.Mlll(l 

YY'A.N 1 1:1 

*» coiidll 

Did blcyi leu ..Ml : 1 1 
oiidllion. Vlclory 

in any 
Wreckage Cycle 
Works. Phono 711. Ill Jakaava Btraat, , 
Will call at any addraaa. 

WA.xlTbiU — tftcreoptlcon, must be reaaon- 
able In price and la good ooaditioo. 
Phone t*tl, 14 to 13 am.: t 10 4 p.m. 

WZii W11.L CAL1< AT ANV AUOKkM* and 
pay high rat prloea for botUaib rags, 
tools, stoves, lurniture or anytktac alaa Top 

prices paid, I'liune 4111. 

A.N TED tu Buy — Two or thiaa reoaia of 


good turalturo. PUoao IIH. 

tTikm yuuu tma»m iN-rw cAaii 
buy raga and battlaai alaa taala 
atovaa aad turaltiu'a, ata.. a^a, Fkaae 



If'THEWOLD. 744 Cook Street — bunny 
rooais, good asrvtea and eeoklag; largo, 
piaasaat satdaa; aaar baaiagia laat r ai Mibb 

FIK8T-CI.A.S.S accommodatloa from III 
per month, Knallsh (.uoklnB- It34 Hum- 
boldt, Phone 3;6:i->. 




M aaaarlaaaatl araaan 

day. Pkoaa tTMU 

tkar, war* by the 

I'.g, kP'l 

Must l>e • lean 

I vv 



I 'olonlst. 

ia]4<I>Bt>— Automobile macfcaaie. 
Broa. Ill View atroet. 


W' ANTED- -Maa with good loam to take 
contract on haulHj. -tVi. '*l"w"r.V 
at knobs. P*"ao »' write 

W rTlmeroTi jlra, Wl OarbaJly Road. 
XMirfir'" anted to wwk on poultry fa.t,, 
1 at C.'max. ahio I" milk «oo.« an i 

ZUr U.M Colaaiat. 

DRBSSIlAKINt}— Blouaaa kisMaaa aad 
alterations promptly doaa. Room it, 
1«7V|| Tatea atroat. 

ExTbFi ENCBD dreaamaker (Bncllsh) 
would Ilka dally work; satlafactlon as- 
sured. Phono IIOI. avsnlngs. 

MAHAMK isoHRt — PrenchTdiaaaiaoYaaT 
go.i.i Mylr, rpaaoiiahia charsaa. Phaae 

41H4X lO.K Ito.'kiand Ave, 


.1 1 cBsiii 'ik ing, by day; ao 

ph. HIP and 34 records, 
Icaylng illy Phone 4I40I.2. •> 

Ij^iiU Sale K.lls.m Aiiiherola. a bargain. 
-T :i(l rr.oi.1« 544 Htrppt 

(1ARHKN.S .lisigti. I an.l lnilll iin.l>-r tlip 
M personal illrp.llon of Mr llut', 
P.R.M.H. Wp grow and bpII rock plants 
and send price lists free. Rockhonip liai 
dens. Wllmor tttreel, Vict oria. Ph one 416X1.. 

/ 1 KNTS bicycle. In good condition. III. 
t r t..f, lit.. I Avenue, Oorg'e. 

HI «l .sKH' ii.H furniture for aslp iirivatPly, 
Phone «4liH 5 1 .< Nnwi".ii \w 

HA.NDSOME vrlvpt pile rug, > a 13. aa 
naw. Bargain, Itl.l*. lalaad Ex- 
change, 714 Port at roo t. 

I AUY'S bicycia tor aala. til Qaabaa at. 

HHill I'l.A.-i.S a. .'oinniodatlon; Kngllsh 
iii.iklng, terms ino.leralc, Phona b7U6R. 
1141 It... kliiii'l AV..1111.- 

Hl(ill-('l,A.S8 room an.l board, lerms 
moilprate. Plionn 72I40. "Catialan," 
jjii l>ouB la% Mt., upposlts Heacow lllil Park . 

Hauaa— Qualat. aomfartabta; ac- 
4mr aammar avaats; 
modarala. 441 Slmcoa. IIIIR. . 


rAl)Y ..Ifers sunny iloiihip hpilroom, OVar- 

J li,(ikln,{ K»« ami licai li. lis.- of alttlag- 

room and home coinforta, good cooking; 

piivats resldsnce, Palrflsld. Box IISI. Col- 

ICBLT furnished room aad board, with 

private family; every homa aamtort. 
Phono llltr,. 

LAlUl..^ AM) liK.NI I.KMK.N a 
8HAW * CO. 

LOtlA.SUEKRIEH are now ready. I,,eaxe 
yuiir ordera at the Parmera' Prtidu. . 
htore. 431 Johnson St. Phone fill, 2o-lb, 
psll*. dellvpre.l, tl«l. also raspberries. 

cherries, k ami red . tirraiita. Cabbage, 
llriisrela kiir.uls an.l kale iilania. 

aUI.KAIiI.K aieel raiigpa, 12 per week. 
Phone tf.HJ 1424 l>ou«laa Hlreef 

MAHOGANY iiiiisi.- .ir r. ■ ..r.l tahln.!, 
like new, Itargaln, 117.64. Islsnd 
Kx< hange, 73» PortSlreel^ 

NR carpet. IslO, almost new, also 1 dla- 
Ing table. Phona T4I1I,. 


[><)Wi:RPt;i., hand atump-paller, new, 701 

Tin; h VMii.Y PicTi itK Ai.niM 
.•<ii< ii i ii 111-: I I i.M Pl.K ri. ■ 

Mother. Da.l. Slater and Ilrolhpr — eypryone 
ahuuld appear In an artistic portrait Just 
■ a thpy ere now. Why not hsva the best T 

\ Isll ..or st'i'lli. eisinlne the display of 

saiiipip i.h..i..g ra ph» s..|pciiun of saitkfcla 

s')l.-s an. I prii l a will be easy. 

<:| HS. IN H HTI KIO or 
I wUTItAi ri RK 

Wllfratf Olbaon 
Phone .1217 410 Vipw Street 

111! Wkarf BL and 1*1 Johnsoa. Buysra 
of all klada al Joi.k 1 .„if, machiaary, etc. 
Orders promptly aiteodeu i«k Pboaaa 1434 
and 1141. 

|>ICVCLK and general repair ahop — B. J. 

' Hmtlh atin located at 1410 liouglaa, 
near Hu.lenn a Hay. N.> connection alaa- 
wberp Kvprything done pereonally. OMi thanked, opw nnPB w.lcoma^. OlVa 
ine a trial M yeara' pxperlence. 

/H>ll|M.\ V H.^v lAiiiie Line aTaga Isavea 
> ' Douglas and Jobnaoa, 7.41 a.m.. l«:t*. 
1 3« pm. liM. i-.f, t:4». C C. taltk. 

Pbuno 1712. 

DR. HUOH CLARKK, doatlat. 41 « Ontral 
Balldlnc. 4 a m In 4 p m dally Moa- 
day, T uea.lay an.l Tliur.iUv .^-i. nxs 

Oai.nTINU. I'aperbanglna. Kaiaonuaiag. 
R- Daaaldaaa. IIM Bay Bk 
Pkaaa iMIX 

TtAtNTlNO, paaarhaaalaa, kalaomlalac. 
~ """a *** P^bfoka Pkoaa til l 

SMiiH-B Repair Bka*. BlatMkard (o^aastto 
Pubt:e Ubrarri. Wa raaalr Mtralga 
*ramnphc<iea, trpawrttar^ aM aB BMall 
nierlianl'-a de.i... aaw fll&B BMt* 

ftiing Xp» fi.iins 

SAWP .1 k.r,.), fn„i ,., aammad. 
Pbaas W. KiK«re. itll "■- . 


IJIANO player, soma rolls, fit any piano, 
110. Phone_J7212, 

f>RBTTT Asmlnsler rug. 9 x 10-4, in Sne 
1. shape. Only 127^1). Island Eschangn, 
7 It Port S lrPPt 

Kstabllehpd llOi 

"Ailvertlaing Is lo huslnesa 
aa Bteam la to machinery" 



The makers nf 

Kodak*. Ivory Soap 

- all pkicpd thpir 

trust In tha 

"rinted word — and 

suL'ceoded, Thay baUaraa 

In advertlslna — aa4 

they kept on 

baitovlng. Through ihleh 

and thin, through 

panic and prvSparMy, 

Iheir Bitveriiaiaa iraal 

on It'* Btlll 

going on. Tha 

word "Kodak " la 

aow In dletlonarta% 

aitkaaak wkaa Baatmaa 

colaad It. II 

meaat nothing ivory 

auaa is baowryand 

uaod whereve/ man 

w aahes 

Bat the Mg, 

important thing Is 

4a ka«a faith 

la tkia advortlrtng. 

atart— and doa t 

aUB. atan aawt 




Af1> ert lapment Witters an.l Adv.rtrslng 
t '.inl reel or s 

Mulllaraph and MlCTipngraph i°lr.-ular I .1 . 
Irra and ro.l.arda Addreaatna. Mailing 

HatPB viuoied for l,<>€-al. iHMtiininn ami 
rorelan PubtlcatlaM 

OAK BAY. nil St. Patrick St.— Com 
f .ilahlp rooms and hoard. Phone 76I2L: 

I> I "I K I . V .V I IS Pilvaip HoIpI Itoom a 
V hi. aril, S'l .Ml i.. r w. i-U l'» 4<il!l, 


I>'"'M an.l hoard for two In. ilea at ^709 


l ar Hill Rnart , 

uo.M and board, nh-e locality, near car 
and beach; home rooking. Phone llStY, 

ryiOTimP) RooiMi to mwt it 

ANii'i: bedroim and bad-slttlaa-raam In 
pri\ate homa, cloaa to baack aad car. 

Phone 4331R1, 

C40MP0RTABLE homo offered to yuung 
biislueaa lady, terma raasonabla. 

write 11. IX '.•064. Colonist. 


turalabaa bodtaatagi artvata 
aaar Parllamaai BalMlaaa 144 

-i^ family, 

N'KAft Parllmnent H iilillngs — Had alltlnB- 
roonis, r'lnnliiK wal*r. kitchenplte. gaa; 

I'll. .IIP 



Every convenience, fiimlahad end h.k. 

ftlWO ni' p Inrgp houaekppplns rooma, piano, 
J- vpry m.i.lerale t.-nn* "M," Humbodlt 
Aparlnn-nis. lllniishar.l SI Phone 141"> 

ri^ > l,..l Kiirnishp.l front bp.lruom. In 
A .iHMf... H;iv .li'tii.i, I.I ar .ar lin« an.l 
beaj II I li J4. 1. 

uouKiiaiJCKrixa koom« 


VCOMKORTABT.r furnished room, «ilth 
every convenience for houaekoeplns : 
suit buainees lady I'honp 4I00R. 

CtLBAN furniabed hoaaakacplag rooma aad 
> eablaa II moatk ap. 1411 milaldo Avo. 

1;puRNisHEO baaaakaopina aa4l 8laa>* 
rooma ^airflaia Matat. appoaHa City 

Hall. i 

1.'^i:RNldllEI7^1ipu«ek«aplaa rooma to raat, 
r 172 Ulclilgan^ 

" lipu«e 
an^ t. 

PhatM I4I4R, 

HousKKEBPINtP rooma (kitahoa with 
running water) aad oaa ar twa had- 

rooma Phone III4L. 

Children not obJaOtaA. 
414 Michigan Street. 


HuuskKUKPiNU taaa4% greuad Boor: 
coal range, gaa a Tory ceneealoaea: 
reaaoaable rent, alao bod-altitag-room. large 
kitchen, gaa range. 13 1 Slmr-oe Kt. 

LAHOE furnlaheu rooms, mo.lein bouse, a- 
rsnred for hoHeeheepIng If desire. I .1411. 

fflWo ruuiiia. uae of kitchen. In prlvsi* 
I home, fur el.lerly .ouple. 
Phone Hill 

f loap 


fflHRKK large i.nims. furnianed or unfur- 
X nIahP.I. l-"ern».i.i<l .llsitl. I Phon* fltlX 

Kl'RNISIIED houaekeeping 
groand floor, gaa all 
adults only Phone 11I7X. 

room a. 

* 1 R I H I VI 

t» I.r » ii.l W 11 I..W • Ilea 

rorni.'ied. use of kiKhen. npar 
phone 7174111. 


TO imrr 

awuo :i. widftit I'ida 


1 i-nfumiahed aalta, at Mill 
Street, nf 3 rooma, par fiMMMk ttl.N 

2 Kurnlalip'l Kiiites of S rooms eaeh. 

at I m < -..njihgaip St. per tnonlb., 16 44 
2 Kurnlshreil Hultee of 4 rooma earb at 

714 Hiiisida Ave, par aMatb ^. .... 

and \ .. .. SI as 

1 I nfurnished Suite nf t rfw^ma at 

I : . ; ( ... a 1 ^irepi. ppr ffion'h 0 

r Tl MuoWN a 8O.V8. IMS Broad IMrtst 

4 T Mount »kiwariila Vaaraarar RtT'ptaat 
iCA. laralafead Bat C«»r ras* 

VT Beacon HUl Apta. 411 Vaavouvor— 
Nice froat furalakad aalta. Phono 1412, 

AT hiormaaaia Apartmaau, Cook Mtreot — 
Puralakod or uafuralahad auitaa to rant. 


PURNiaHED apartmaai. kltaliaB. bad- 
room. III. ciuae Ulab aekaal. IMl 
Pand ora. Phono 474IU 

ATTRACTIVB aaartmaat. uataralabed ar 
furnlabad: ealdam vai^tad. ktaaiay 
Apt*., Ua'len Avoaita. 

I>ll>>Ali\VAY A'.isili.ieiils Parllamrnt 
I* Hui 111 ings 1 ^up• 1 1.1 1 1 .iiuiuo.lluua. mod 
prii, fuinlahej ami unfurntalied aultea. 

KM. Hlo. k, Oak Uay. close asa aad car. 
Well-furnlahed ault r, low rent. 

C1ARLTON— Tbraa-ruomod titfalabad auitaa, 
> Alao Blaglo ruoms, waok ay moath; can- 
tral. TU Pandora. 4T4IR. 

r-M^OHE'lM wall'taraiafcaa aaRa; alaa bod. 
v^^^autltm- r aama firaalaaa. aaraaa. Pbaaa 

I,"* .'• W I 1 .VI A I.r -klo.Hin t hre 
fuinlshrd apa 1 I irtrn;.. flu 

re* roudi, d 11 (> 
moiitti I'hiiii. 

rooma and kii-. 


l>'^CRM.'lllt.;L> aulte, twu 

^^^chaaatla, with gaa; aaar car. 

IjlULLY lurniihe.l t»'i a'l.l three loom 
suites; also slnKle b. ii?.r K ee pi n k r.l. una. 
rent reasonaMe. 6u 7 .-iiii.,.. In -n. 1; ^ t 1 H 

1j>CK.MbHt.U .11 1 ing -ruo.n una kllcii.a.ii*. 
and ona ur two bedroom^ upatalra 11«> 
Kort Kire.'t. Pliuns I4IIL. 

MORRISON Apartmaats. earner Hilda and 
c'hestsiv Palrflsld — PumtsbaU or unfur- 

niahed. 7I34I.. 

NICELY farnlahad tkrea-roomod apart- 
ment, avary convsnlsaoe; I minutes fioin 
HadauB's Bay; r aat 114^ 144 Uorga Road. 

kLVMPIC Aaanmaaiaw lltk ~Mar— Pur"- 
alaha« Bat. Pfcaao Itsro far appalai- 



^^^^^.%saes»s#ae». ^ 

I rooass aad 

1160 (ju Appplle St , . , 

bath, elc • 

1714 ktantey Ava., I rooms ■ . 3*^** 
Cook at,, near sea aad psirk, I rooms . d 0* 
Bt. Patrick at. Oak Uay, I rooms.. lOS.tiO 
1474 Uoldamlth Kt , oak Bay, 4 rma 14 44 

Davie St , 4 rooma 

Kianley Ave.. < rooms 

142 7 Hollywood Craat^aat. on wator. 
front, • rooBW 

14 44 

ri 40 

P. R. BROWN a HO.NS, 111 ! BroaU ftreel 

1.^1 HMSIIEI* Kr<K>m huuao. aaar tar. 

" I2U montli. Including water. Apply 
2014 Kernwood Rr.a.t 

1.'>»»R Rent — 7 r. •.unci furnlahed houae. 
Kalrflald olalrut. a.lfilta preferred, 
would give leaae. Plume 7S<>6.\ 

14'V>A Raat— 4-roomed ruralahsd bungalow, 
July 14 Phoao lltlT. 

ULLT furnlahed 4-room hoaaa at tha 

t aad 


phone 4»I1U bat«« 


11:14 a.m. 

I WILL rent my fully furnlshsd home, 
modern. k»<i>kh, aaii Jtpul Bay Beadi 
and half bio. k r m |6k^ TFhone 6194I, 

IiHlVATE hout.e— .Mcely turulstaed flat*; 
good location, reatral; all coavaataaoaa, 
gaa Ph ono llll. 

ST. Helene Aparlmanta kll I'otirtuay t«l. 
loppoatta C.lhedral). tluu.pkeepin r 
rooma, aingla aad en eulta, bedrujina 

I' 1*410, 

fpu Let — KurnlaheU liuuaekeeplrg rooms . 

vary convenient and pla4Muat. 1024 
TatPB, Phone 4211. " 

1271 PEMBROKE STREET — 2 partly fur- 
nished apart menta. Rent. |H) and 


I'hoop 6>.:'r.!, 

«> Ki; 1( .N 1 1'. 1 1 i.iuiiif, iirUalp lii>t III ouiii. 
«^ sleeping pur. h, gas I'li.ine 3411*1.. 

Sl'ITE "E, " Mellor Apartmania, 

kltchsastto and hath, unfurnliheil : 

water and hot wat.i e v 

lor Bros.. Ltd., ki.. 1 . 1 




l^.'i.l I'liHpman St., 4 moms 
7«; Newport Ave., 4 rooniB 
IM.' I'ollinson SI . b room* ... 
11^3 Johnson Hi , 6 rooms , 
1311 Juhnaun St., 7 rooms . 
1011 Balmoral Rd., I rooms 

2CII Rose at., I rooms 

1 435 Hlnnley A vp , i ronina 
l*it47 I'hau. er .^1 , ti 1.1..111M . . 
616 Caihrrlne St,, 4 rouins 


. 136 on 

, 30 UO 

1 nun 

, 17111 
. 10 00 
, 21.60 
. 16 OU 

. 'JU Oil 

1 7. Uii 

. n,oo 

P, R. BRtlWN A HONa, Hit Broad Bt roet 

Ticnt Hire.-t, 5 room* $25 01 

Kurt SlrPM. ;» r....ins 40 flO 

Dallaa Hoad, B rnoina 20. (10 

Rockland Hoad, 10 rooms 14. 00 

I.uxtnn, V,l., I rooms, IS acrea Ii,P4 

Cobble Hilt, I rooms, 4 acres 10 O') 

Also a number of Fuinlshed Hnusen ,it 
moderate rentals. For parilculara please 
apply to 

Agents ISO Rroughton Street 


411 ALPHA STREET, t roome 760 

336 \ A,Ni-ol \ KK STREET, t r.i.ims , 10 00 
30*4 HIiiHVIKW STREET, 6 . 16 00 
317 HKKiH \V. 11 i|> AVE. 7 rooms . 30 00 
I6U H i:i;i H U'l Mill A\E. > /ooiiis . 60 UO 
i ACRES under cultivation and 4- 
raomad madera koaaa, (lardoa Haad 
aiatrtot. WIU laaaa ig.ot 

1134 Braad ML Maaa 34 

A iiiHEbi-MuoMEi/ aottasa Apaiy ta 
D. PrasBr. t^aktalai CMBaa rkaaa li 

or 1121R. 

(lOTTAUE. II rooms, t^l; ..itlage, r, looms, 
^ el. unfurnlshril ..r furnished, IIX, ■ lu.e 

In. Aii'li- t'l:' .I..I111 .Si 


1[^b<Ji:iilALT— 467 Lampoon Street,. 'The 
^ Firs" — Immsdiata posaeaalo 
rooma. modern, one acre of garden, Inclu.l 
Ing tennis lawn, garage, etc., cloaa to golf 
llnka, beachea and car, ur win eell on veiy 
easy terms. Apply Owner, T. U. aiater. 111 
Cniiin Hank HLIg 

PARTLY furnlahed T-raamod haMBa. rant 
III per mnnih. TII liarald tt. Phone 
IIIIR. after 4 p m . 

rr\t} Let, fcr t months— Nluolv turnlsbod 

X mo.lern houae, 4 tooma, avary convenl- 
en.e, I'li mln.i'es' walk from postofflce: 
rent 146 Hpauiiiont Uogga A Co.. Ltd. 
Pemberion HIdg , 420 Broughton Et. 

rpo Rpnt, from July 16 lo pnd of August 
1 t-'ully furnlahed Xrooin.-d rpaldpnce. 
Il'.'l Uuikland Avenue, garage and aU lon- 
venlencsa; rent moderate lo careful tsnant. 
Parti culars, phoao 11 44. 

T'rrPBR part private In. use (aelf-con- 
talned). n^ar park an.l car; ttaa of 
b.'aulltal garden Phone lioiitlt 

1 Block From Now High Bchoal 

VfERV fully furaishoU, large ,■. i,...m bun- 
galow: much llaea, pisn.i, . lo.ed nfi, 
brighi attic, partly furnlahed. Will rent, 
4 or 0 weeks, $41 moathly, Includaa llgbt. 

water, phons, 

:i«-l7 Cenlral Hldg. Phone 30S4 

4RO0W.S, fuinlshed. with garage, corner 
Hurnsi.le an.l \\ aeli I ni;! . ti I' <»»«L. 

/•-Ht)().Vl furnlBlird ho 1*" to rent, reaem- 
able Apply 365 l.orge Hoa.l, Saanlch. 

."' Iioo.vik:ii niudern bungalow, piano, fur- 
♦ > na.p and g as: close In. Phona SIIIL. 



A8HIPMBNT of fir.p young ducklings Just 
srrlvsd. Order early. Urnllers. Kpring 
Chtcktn and Boiling Powl, freah killed and 

milk (od. 1 kill dally, aa l9t_Biv.te«9 your 
order for a (rask klUad chlckaa. kpoctal 
pricoB au tbla waak. Lairlaa baaa aad 
puiialta tar aala, aay aaaatlty. 

JOH.N DAY, 133 Tstei, phone 1444: and at 

Uoveroment htrott Market, ptione tltl: 
aUo at Mala Katraaoa aiall. City Ma/aet 

A A. A OALJI aaya all kiada of Poultry 
. at top prtaaa far tmsfe. B4B Fart at. 

I'hone 4441, 

A'l' btud i'oii'S, t'ekuigeae, Airp.lales. 
Boatona. Yoraahlre 'lerrlert. Scottles, 
Cockers. Wiro Faa Tarrtara Capital City 
IteBiaterei Dog Braadar^ Aaaaaiatloa. In- 
lunnation and partlaalara al Tba Bird 
btuie. iJi'i ouv't ii. Pkaaa £»«. or V.C.I1UC. 

Phone 7J44L. 

VSl'i:i I LA r lo.N Uill mihaiigi- tur g...i.l 
aaddlu and driving horae, 3 lota In 
MaclaoU. Alta., i blocka from City ^ Hall. 
Bisesaod at till, coat |l,t«4. U. B. Ooddtutl. 
hldnay, B.C. 

l.fTG Peralan klltana for aala. 


|.J(iHTo.N pups for sale. 


The Bird Btoro, 

I lovertitiipiit SI 

•T>o.STi>.N' TKHHIKIt puppies; regletered 
Jj Pcklnesp puppl'i.. small lame monkey. 


1;il.NB young Jersey cow, good milker. Just 
frpsh. nurebred. Phone Belmont ICY. 

freah, purebred. Phone Be lmont ICY. 

^'^olt Hnlu — Hose Cumb Ancunas, Bhaphard'a 

Kiralii I'hune 301)2. 

I.^liR Sale— One Jeraey - Holstein cow, <alf 
. 10 days old, milking o gallons, will sell 
or trade. Phone SnlHRl. 

]."^oR Sale — Bsrkahirs boar, one year; three 
sows, nineteen young pigs, Arthur Car- 
I. r. Luaton. Phona Balmont mM. 

I.'^OR Bale — Bagllsk aatter aupa, 1141 
■ Bank Btraat. Pkaaa_444IT. 


rtOINtl .on'-ein - 14 c-owa (Jerxeya), 
T llolsteln toi l 1 Iwlfprs In .alf. ;< t.>irers 
nut bred. 3 laUea. Tli iiirk.ys. 311O laying 
hrna and chlckpna. numi.. r ..f Keese. 4 plga; 
utility motor oxprets. Lain..,, and expresa 
wagon, dairy uienalla, « acrva In oats and 
hay, 1 ^ acrea of corn and aunflowers, with 
35 ii. rpa grating. Price for stock, utsnalls, 
|ir...lii.r ana > ar. only I'.' I'OO for a 4|Ulfk sale. 
III. 4 r.iulli house, barns and .nil 
l.uil.lliiks are li.-i.l on a Iransfarahle leaae 
Ml 6u per tiiiiiilh Situate. I * miles lr..iii 

Vl.lorla. Crown Realty lb Investment < '<i 

STUD Jersey and Holaleln bull • <4owa called 
for and reiurnp.l; chargaa. |4, city 
limits. Cattle moved anywhere. I'hona 
tl7ZLl. I K Hogera. 

|,"<KLI, .STRKK.r 61.1. lern 6 roomed bun 
-[^ galow, lltled bllnda; garage; III. 
Phona 4141. 

I^'^OH Rent — Modern sU-roomed bungalow. 
In very good condition, cement base- 
ment, furnacs. 647 Oiivsr btreet, oak Bay. 
I'hona S04IL. 

I^^oCL HAV- 146 H' Craaoaat— 
.N'l.* roita;;.-. 3 loon,. an.l batbroom; 

ault .ouple 4IKtl(. pvenlnga. 

I.^tJl M-Hoo.VI huuae, t> monthly, five-room 
. house. 114 monthly. Apply Insurance 
Dapt., Pindlay. Durham A Brodla, L'aloa 
Han k BIdg. 

oUSEM. laralaaad atM Hnrurniana.i'. 
for roat oMd far aala aa eaay terma 
Lloyd-To-Jng * Muaao:', 141t Broad Btreet. 
Phone 4111. 

IitMlJIMATE poaaeaalon 6 rooine.l bunga- 
low, Ilk" new, JUBl reilpcoratpil through 
nUt, everything complple. close tw.i car- 
lines. Will laaaa tn rpllable party, rent 
Its. 10. If you want a perfect bungalow, 
Bpp this Phone I076R1. 

MOKKIIN 4 -roomed house, .•:430 lipthiine 
Avpniip. I'loxerdalP Apply npxt il.o.r 

MOSS ST.. 7 rooms, garage. I2'>. 
at., 7 rooma, 120. A, A. Maharey, *rj 
.''ayward BIdg, Pho ne ISOl, 

MODERN bungalow, large grounda. flow- 
era and shrnbs, near in. 1 rooma, to 
1. nee or raat: vacaat, Bug 4144. Colonist ,* 

NKaR Central Park, on Quadra Street — 
Cottage for rent: fumltare for sale. 
Phon e 46TIL. 

kjiCB l-roomad bangalaw. Foal Bay Road, 
close Fart Btraat. Ap»ly 1414 Bur- 
den Ava. 

'po Rent — 7-roam modera hom4^ watpr 
-i fi-nnt. Oak Ray, III. 4-room modp'n 
house, good locality, faniaca, aaraaa. I'5 

Ph. III. 1140 

O Let — 3 room . ..Itage. ele. trlr light and 
nalp.-. large rar.len; rent 4 dollar* a 

I'l I'll. me 77041, 


rpHE Jeraey Aviary — Hars Moantain aad 
-L Helalan Roller canarlea My birda al- 
waya pleaae. Apply 2614 Warb Street. 

.>.> A.M'o.NAS for |l«, or llo .lox . fui; 

alflera Ipading Anconaa In lontest ; >> 
April pullets, 11.26 aach. Holway, I,aka Hllll. 
Phone 1 II 4RI. 

4 YOl'NO cows for sale, almoat due, 
4' Jeraey- Ayrrhlres: alao a mowing machine, 

food as n«w, J. Bllvor, CralgUowar Road, 
ndlan Reserve, 

f» IlKWr 1 550 | ,. L750 lbs, voting, 
r S..11!..; well t.rnk'ii. slngla or teatns 

Musi li.'l 1' .:i.r.'|.. |.r|..«. n.|e..|«. cf 

iini 1 1 ..II. Ml 1 ... • • H I * 1 . 1; ■ . t II - 

Ion I . e e 1 

automobil,i:b 2t 


"0 i)ii|>i;i; n.iAiisTi^R ^k.TO^ 

I.Ik, new 9* — 


at V'f-'O 

I at $595 

.... t495 

ll^ATKRFRONT — Three-roomad cottage for 
vV rent, MMauley Paint. Apply earner 
KInver and Hunro, Maeaalay Point. 

ROOMED mo4ern cottaca; fifteen mln" 
ulee" walk from town Apply 1112 

Yati-s Sire.-! 

4-ROOM bungalow, l-'irst St ; nl. e llving- 
room, open fire, hallway, 2 bedr->oma, 
Hrtghl kitchen, baaemeni, 117.44 prr month. 
Victoria Realty » o. Phona 1414. « 

'" ROOM semi -bun galow. boavtltal lorailaa. 

t l:,v I-bnn" 7 314RI 

UAMll) HI nENT — nOt'SKS »4 

't.l'. '. ff- fartiMr. 1 B^lultt, n^ir 


IITANTBD to Rent— Pornlahed or unf ui - 
fiimlakad caltasa by tha aea, Pkoao 



rvnmmtnm h'vhkh 


Vl^ ANTED la rent, for thrpp months rr 
P. longpr *-room modern houae >bunga 
low I, preferabljr wttk sem e cultivated land, 
garage and ekiafcaa haaasa; wKbIa eaay 
rPBch of Victoria B ii kos l g aittf baaab B*« 


HKAi'll I'lilV 
loo k . niE t 1. e I 

r, Pnrnlehed houae. over 
nit tl.e aea 6 root-ia. very well fo^ 
niebed and complete; svailable fwr Bummor 
'onailM. For rartfcor partlralara apply to 
Pembarton B Boa. Port Btreet 
___^_-_— — I ^ 

I.'^XCRPTIONALliT alee, furnisbed. mmfpin 
riva-raam ba4iaatow. Pbaaa tlllK, after 

t 4a. 

A ^ good buy 

A anap for aomooaa 

Daa't mlaa tbla aaa a:. 

llll OYBBtAND "M" TOOmDtO mA'TK 
Tbaraaably r aaawaa st W*IO 

Wa also hare ahntit II other good values, 
Ineltidlaa Pard Bugs. Chsrrolata Dodgoa, 
Saaoaa Btadobakcra aad OTarla«a% at 
from lit aad aa> 


cARTtMi aaoai 

73t Johnson St. Pkoao 1117 

Oray aa4 Orar-'I>an Ofatrlbwara 



Tl . I ijge sal'- o' reconditioned 
>Bis offers tile bu>er a chance 
lo sate considerably, na matter 
whether he Intends to spend 
t7flO nr f 1,000 on a ' ar Tbers'a 
saiiafaciion lo lie galne.l by 
buylns at the . loweat poaalblp 
price, and there la additional 
satlafactlon In buying a <ar 
which haa been thoroughly r»- 
i-ondltlonod becauaa upkoop ei- 
pense, for a year al leaat. Is 
rodursd In a minimum. 

Every man who la In the 
market for a car ahould make ii 
a point to see oar sale offers 
Kords. Overlanda. Cbevrolets, 
MeLaaalHIaa. Raab, aaa several 
other papalar makaa are in- 

Easy Tarms Ailowad 

PHONE toil 

BAR'lAIN itil Pord tonrlnB, ahorh- 
ats'.ri.era new t'.p In Al ehap* |:14 
cash Plion" * 1 * 

ir4<.>RD. late model, pri.aiely owned, Jurt 
overhaaled, aow card tlrva; loohe and 
r«aa ilk* smw ; price for quick aal*. |47t. 
rb,«a tlltl.. 

Ij^OR Salo — Porl Toartaa. MM* 
Icavlaa alt/. PImm itTtX. 



ttitin >>:i OVBM.AND model four tour. 

nrXOU kmm, iuat llfeA 


taa. Itiat IMa aaw. 

•nil OVERLAND model four lout» 
Ing. la aplendid >undltlun. 

■Ilil Ford touring. In every wa> 

aqual la asa. It haa lots al 

ni* FORD taartag. « opIaMia 

»:.—'>•' buy. 

^■{Tr:— llll <;MSVR0LBT laartaa, look- 
'mftU im9 aM niaataa fina 

©•Mi": 19" 1 IIK\ K. .i.KT bug: self. 
1*^-"'*' sraiirr an.l eterMhIng, 

OVERLAND lotirlna. A real 
tpaUU aaa4. BtraaE car. 

••t't'i^k '"•>" •""ring with atartar, 

(,,.>, >.y .J ,ant heal i his one, 

a»ryk — III: STl DEBAKER, l-ieatsr, la 
'aW ruaalna ar4ar. 

ttin ' 'iRVROLBT daihrair body, la 

•jr"*'' fiisl-clBBS order, 

tt| ri||— FORD louring. In vsry good me* 
WXUU akaalcal candltloa. 


MASTKU.I ,Miiri>ri CO. LTD. 
I'hs Oarage With the t.'ar ea tha Roaf 
>li Tataa Btraat (taraar mt Q«a«ra tiraat) 
Phoaa ITI 

Hit! HI V In S I I I'KHAKER, 7 paaaenger. 
neu palm. n.... tap, plate glass .%ln- 

dows, .tc , I»IX nio.lel 1460 

AU. 7 |.ass.-nger STl DKBAKEH, llll 

Ml.. .lei liiK xalua |ST( 

PA< KAllD 6 Ion tiuik and trailer. 

ke new , . . . 

King Hes Spark Plugs Ford Bervica 
Station, Chevrolet Station, 

1717 Cook St. It sura paya la Baa Rkanta 

I^">oll Sale 19:':i Superior Clievrolei, 
one 1 II . . II sa II .1 inlli-N, giio.l as new , i 
be aiilil III .leal .'siaie Ph.iiie 3I01H, 



^'^olili snap, looks pi IvatBlf SWaatf. 
66 Oorge Roail, ciaanlch. ' 

— a 

I .11 III Bale — Auto trailer, good aa now, coat 
mO: asll till. P.O. Bo« 411, Victoria . 

cLAUOHLIN Sis, In axcellent coadltloniT 
.New paint and practically naw tiras. 
HTUDBBAKEK, 7-paaaanser, la flaa earn.* 
dltlun. Qood rubber; aaw lap aad palat. 
Othars at varlaua prloas. Baay tarau 

K. A. OAVlit UTD. 
MtiLavablla.Balaii Agaaay 
IM Tataa Btraat Pkaaa MM 

Wa uaa only sanulna McLauaklla pSrta 

MUtsIsARIPB Oarage. ShelboUfBa 
Oaa. all auppllaa aad fraa air. 




NK-TON MaawaU traak far aala ar 
trade. Ill Oorga Road. Baaaloh. 


are open dally from I a.m. tn • p.m , 
with salesmen In attemtanco lo aei ve yuu,' 
every Pord want. Bunday, I a.m. to 1 
p.m. Far amit a ia a r Bsrvlaa attar t, 
pbaaa tiltBt ar tMt£^ 



II'ST what ynu have been looking for. A 
I>odirs Touring <°ar. In good mechanical 
order. TIrea In good ahape, with apare, 
aad aaalpaod wHk alia oavarB aad a naw 
top. A aaap at |4:i 


Homo ot Ford la Victoria 
Pbaaa MM Ml Yaiaa ttfaal 

tni t P.M. 

WS, RACHE, Auto Mechanical aa4 
• Blartrlral Kipert Oaragp. 77 1 Joha- 
eon Btraat. next l.l.juor 

ANTED -Will pay ca»h t..r second hand 
car, not over 1144, Ho« I'oinniai. 



Itro lioixiK Inuring. Juat overh* 

nearly new tirea, good battery, tt;w".i| 
etc. This one at ^OOVJ 

1»1( OVERLAND model 14, In Iba vary boat 
of condition, 6 goo.l Urea. A real 4|^fW| 

1470 McI.AUUHLI.N Mastar Blx, In besutlfUl 
order, I good tirss. Doa't miss #1 -| fUi 
thi* one at ^L-*-vVF 

lilt OVERLAND 44 Roadster, Juat avar- 
haolad and repainted. 4 new tires mmA 
■ pais, new battery. A real good 

1911 Kerles HTI DKRAKEH, l-psssonjar 

Ituadater, In tha very beat aC #QiU| 

slispo. A real bargain at ^POvIv 

lilt MeLAUUMUM. 7-paaaaaaor. in >aa4 

ar«ar. Aa Ma46l teaUlir ar tasi •UfC/\ 

car at aalp . • • ^P(^J\f 

Maar OtlMM% 


Phona 1411 

Ml tStsa atrest 

mxcKmosAV HAROAiNa in riMte 


•||\-4 — I.oHiJE TOI RISfl -In flrsl-clattt 
l.y I I (imdiilon, new top and sida ear* 
talna. good tires, and newly W^ilOfx 

pal nted 

Kor quick Bale 

KllT n'">i>'JK ROADTER— la Brat-claas 

Isil 4 ooadltlaa. good tiraa 

aa«-aawly ptuata* » ^^tU 

J-VaO aons*r. In flra«.claaB maehaalcal 
cosdHlan, ailra wbaala, twa spara ^|gQ^ 

wbaaM aaa a« 


1 01 Q WIU.TB.KNiaMT — T.paaMaaar; 
lt7J.47 MA^ktaad aama aa aew car. 
Tba car niaa like new, now lop, aew hat- 

Tba car 
lory aa4 aaad tires 

aaly t..^.. 

now lop, aew hat- 



7M Bfaaaktoa Btraa* rkaaa ttM 


I (i like aaw, 
9l>f»f^' condition 

^ I ~~ OVBRlaARD - 44 ' Roedeter. 

RtJLLfeT, Sfeaaals uaderslaac 


aar at a 

tM Tlaw MfMl Pkam 

S'T'T- rnUU touring, old modal but wltS 
4*.l Ister modal body, la runalna 
order . . . . 4 7 t 

Ko»»l> Roadster 1»21 n.-.-I.l self at a rl « r a n t 
demounl at>le rima This is an .arepi l..,ia 'y 
well kapt car aad a ver> go^wl say at Il k 
rHEPROLar loarlaa, l>l* mridsl This ra' 
la la raal 0am4 sbapa aad win be potnled 

lo salt Payor ttif 

I sad oaa**^, suiiablo far boats, ttmm Ml 
■a, aN alaae se. m. f»r oa«d tmriB aa4 
aiiasaiartBa at fr»m te per or msra art. 

tM Vlaw Bifaa* PkaaB UM , 



A Mart for Busy Readers — House and Business Property for Sale and Cxchange 


=755.. ..w bo4,.^^^,. 

I HI si:stj»» OI*inJUXtMTlJt-i» 34 

hiUALi. lork-up Confactloavry, 
* frf* <>nr year ICir«ptloDal 
A<l<lr'>a lui tii»i. ('ul.inlal. 

toy m4 ftrM. •% 

tow •no iiraa, 

RoaMll-KnlMbt LUMOualB*. 1 i""- •< ' >'^' 

PaHTM fARTM I * 1 l^ 
OMH«fl C««m«rM lr»eM p»rt«, .Mii r.- .m 
U«MmlMl«B «ohi»UM. IU«. UMd !>*'>• < 
allmAkM of c*r* tn mock. BMch 
0«n*ratur(. •prln«*. wh«*U. < 'J"''!"';*! ^ *&' 

SlB*>. —il*. •tt . «tt. A«lt f.<r Ul' I' -KlBs 

Ml VU» Mtf».t " .^IH*** **** 

/ OtBD CAR VA1.UM ' 

•AH— VOID uurlug. 

A. a BUMrUfttM MOTOmi. L.TD, 


Itn rOKD TOVKIMO. WMllMt ewi*!""'' 

lilt y<JtlU TOUKIMO. N9ftlaM« >" 

flna ahkpa. 

MUPMOiUll.I:: |tOAUflT£R. Mod'l Z« 
MaLAUOllUi;* laUiiT six, rtpftimcd and 
lo0ka Wu n*w. 

Phon* Ml Ml UhBMm «tr«>t 

UVEKLANU tourlM. prtvaWly own^a 
and III roal goofl ahapa. A •trona, rfiUuM. 
lar tor futiilly aii'l lourlnB pur; - - '•^ • 
will rcpalnl thl« ' »>■ wltli^'ii •» -J" 
any color you may thousa. A re JsljXj 

buy tit m/yjt^^KJ 

PAIUK teurln*. \n tood inmp*. Loid tii»« 
(only run U* niil<-»i. A 
for •omaoDO who want* a JC'>Wr; 






JL) Vr(iif""» •nap at Mi^ Ai.piy. baiwaan 
It m.m. and noon, Hnin 

ULill.AS. 2 •pe"f.. drat rlaaa running 

lal Koail. _ 

^K~Hal« -in'l"'" "'ulofy' flr«-clfta» 
condlllun, n«w ttrra. haavy-duiy dutch. 
I'hona tikH A p pix- I""'' i>r>ve. , 

l.-^OK Bala- Marl«y-t>avia«OB motnrbiU». 
br\< irlv.; In «ood _coi>dltlon . 150. 

I'hoiif I,!): Ti„ or 


.1? good MBdHtoa, |t». I«J» Cr»n»or« Kd , 


i > h.MT'« btoycla. nearly n»«». p«rJ«ci ouu. 

Vl dlilnn. |tl. Bo» Itn. Coloott. 

n^vN" ,ral buy* tn u»»d motorcyclea— A 
X l»:0 Flat 1 \vln In'llan. light wrlglit, J- 

apced, goo.t llin. n i'*"" •»'"' "', ^" ' 

or.ltr. »12S. 1»U : •P««'ti. 

with h,a*y d«ir •«»••» ^^"j •'i v^.^StVir 

i hona iU «. 

O MOTORCTCUEB and 1 Evinrud. for .ui-. 
J2 ihaap. JUc'a, "tora itraei. I'hon. 

AtTos FOR II IRK at low rftUA CUy 
or roiin'r' I'hona tit. 

" 1A! illUR. 




IiiSr -Uflw»«>n ''loN^rdala and Baqulmalt, 
■J i>n\ 'a ilurK irry i »at. IC {eund, pl«a>a 

l.iioti." .11#(41»X>. 

1uHT--Tu<BiUy iiflarnoon, b»lwf«n 
J lorla T-iinIa <'lub and ai'Uili tlI VI. 
tiirla Avfnii", amull «nu»tnarln»> ilmp pen- 
dant and flna «"l'l . IimIm Kiml-i will l<« 
rnwardcd. MarilBli Avenii* 

10HT — Bun' tl !<»■>•, i>n lnUti.l Mlgiiway 
J b*l»oi>ii MII>*1'^>"'> *'><l I .u.lysrnli h. IU-- 
«»i.| n t«liiru«a i'> I' Ma' farlane, 009 

|:»lllirii>t Hlilg. rrn.iia J UKI . 

IiiiiV Nfcklnm of larga, roun<l coral 
J, on Kuiil itay Ucacli. Suiid«y. b«- 
I II ; and 4. I''lnd.-r i^leaaa i«tttni to Mra. 
Ilith, ZII* Mill btT'-ct 

Iorf— Pair man a bu. kakin iiitorda. from 
i motor <«r on Malurday, July 7. Vtndar 
phona ao ai H. Raward. 

10BT Iruli l^^rl<<r. an«»ora to nama of 
i "Pal ' Aiiyi'iK' li»rliurlnt >«inn aftar 
ItiK dal« w ill t>> pi illB.I IMn mn 717. 

1i)IT-A long gold I liain. nllli a guld 
J wairli caaa attached rhiin« ai7l>H. 

IOflT — On Friday, blua pandant, anamellfcl 
J on allvar, with chain. Ilaiurn to L)u- 
ininloii H ank and rai->tv» reward. 

■it'll,!, lUf party who. by iiilitaki>. pulml 
'V 11)1 a hii>. lontalnlna a »klrl In llm 
\\ i>r>l» lift 11 •ir.ri" pl'-«i«' roliitn »Bnu' to ll'n 
i.ffufl of \\ , I I 'id reirlve tlia 

I liankK "f « " I 1 ■ ' " 


WHBN you to to RIBATTL.B try HOTBL 
NSW VKNUUMB. lat Avonua. batwaan 
Univoratty and Union. Coaiiml. quiot nnd 
raajn gtabta. 

w ATF.nrRf^N'T i.onoB 

ISI,,\NI> linillWAY 
BEST K1SMIN<» ANI> .SI 1 1 M > T I .NO 
• ■(IMIM.KTKI.V IMflN 1811 Kr> 
Ttavlni ni" f"l "f wat'Tfi'^ni and baach; 
I'idga TiAxIns A hadrnoin*. living and dlnlnf- 
ruDni, hrl.-k n»»i>lac». halli. Ii'>t and cold 
watar. I»ig« vfiiTida» ffli'<n»"« '>nly r»««..n 
for aallliiK A tchI h.'.h' > r'uki-i i.t a liv« 

Soupl*. Room fur ril«nolun. I'rlce only 

•••••• CROt. A CO. 

riolmonf llonaa Op p oOIf PoatolBea 

~\ IX kindi of kualnoM Mynrinnlilo*— 

J\ Von AnKf>l«». iho lUrttff 

\\'ii»l>lng' "n W III 
H..i»l. I"rl Ana- i-a. 

tho ItVtUMt town in 
W. OnrvGi. rnraklac 

I vo Villi want 111 •'II your bualnaaaT Phona 
If paiilculara to Crown Uaatty A Invoat- 

nmiii Co. 


• mil "1 

»Bd nxturaa. Bos Lndy- 


.XIKK liid'idilal kH-m I h. <-|ty of A*- 
tarla, Ur«»on. la In a pnal'lon lo tl«a 
fraa aitaa for amall or larga Induatrlaa who 
Baan baaloaaa. Leoatad on railroad nod 
aceaaalbia to linnlclpal tfoeka tor rlrar or 
e«aaB ahipplns. It fon nro iBtaraotad la 
thia grnulna ontf romn#lMbia effar, eam- 
niunleata at onca with tba Chaabar af Caoa- 
in>rra. Aalorla. Oragon. 

I^AI.VK CIlANi K- randy making an'l lunfh 
bualMrM H 'I'lii l.i"M Dwnci ri'llrlng. 
Ki na location. Hnap. Boa H, Port Alb arnl. 

^oMB mnniinc hoMaoo aro half fnll — aoma 

I'' n»arl\ 'tnpiv ! hav» ^na fnr dla|m«*l 
that la «. vnyi. lull i nriiral but qul't l'>ra- 
tl'in. eiran aa a naw pin, wall oonduelad, 
niroly fnnilghad. onar to hnMlo: m—4 Iomm, 
low rant. Ownor In not wol( aai tvtu aaa- 

GROCBRT— A raally nira bualnaaa In 
J*m»a Bar aa«tlon, doing tl,*0t par 

alMF othrra, in tuwn or oouatry. 

III OBtoa ftMk BnllllM 

rkMM MM 

*07rr — RBITAURANT. dolnv aico buil 
»r. > I • » n»aa. coniral. low r»nt. Snap. 

1^'- — liouMI.NU huua*. furnlahad. eaa- 
•i?*>lc> tral. A r<ai pirlhg bnal 
U>( tf|fti ■ y OtfFBCTluN liR V and fr 
•Ir.rlfvF tha bualaat a^ciinn of ritj 


_A_r«ai paflhg bnalnaaa. 

a. In 

ty ThIa 

i»a flrat-olaaa Bxtur**. ih^wratra. 


-FURNITURE and alnraga bual 
naaa. with fall aqulpmant fm 
piano moving, good oonnactlon, tarma ITtO 

.BUI'. I'Klan'" I'll iii.>nlhly 

tfb|^-/l I I KM.-<1IKI> rooming hou»». 
«>J.Oc)U Willi ainall roitaga. garaga. In 
lovoir (ronnda. tiaar park and altr; law 
ronl. A W« payint propooltlon. 
mnfuin—'* INTRRBaT in a paying mill. 
9wvVvy antpl* aland af gaod llmbar. 
',>iii> ml! apl^ndld rbani.a for a mlllinaa or 

* >i>|k >X)NFBCTIONBRT. pnMry and 
•tTO^UU tanraom >fgBiiifc wall Mtnk- 
llahadi oloao to tour t t t JMf iA BMlM w«ll. 

iXi^-''< "''■"*<^I?>»^^ Md paatry 
I'uain'fa. In buaiaot port of etty. 
ily plant. wnohUanr. without 
^ non M tto Mnrhat. 

TTOWBllT. I«a «>raam 
•alral; tnaaalva Ira 
ami and* " aln ■■tnraa^ parlor, 
plant; raaaonabia roMt Mc 

^a▼• Inat IM<H| n t»OBOf > n«« Mn4r 

■uln''^ I'l »n laland tnwn )■ 
« lli« •"^r« lan h« r^n'^il ■ n r»a 
annabl* larni* Tha Aituraa ran )>* bought 
and tha •l.'ck at |n 
' ■< g»t tnin a 

at a raaoonabia prir*. and tl 

TOIoo. ThIa la a big i banc* . . . 

Moo. nrofltabla huain*aa at • bargain 
Wn O fWWn — orrar |;o 901) ^ar ralua 
9XiW»UW ahar*a In nn» of lha oldaai 
w« JMwotrtnl MMrriM In VtMarta. 

r«HM( HtftloaUtn M P m l m tm tHpc 

£Blk*iULr6S»M? ^ 


ulfai una u( tha niuat uolijua v>a>liig 
' bualnaaaaa. aliualad In tha eaatra uf tha 
boat anandlnn oootlon— a Prrfooda hoolna**. 
apootnllsint in latfUa* rurniallaca *n4 ra- 
qulrontonta. light drugs and draaalBg tnbia 
aWMllai^ aiaUMi,ei> ». i. oooka. roagnglnoa 
and novala a •piaaJ>a uppurtunlty tor (Wo 
paraona. To gauuiaa laquirar* wo will ln»- 
olib avary partioMlnr. Crown Moftltp A 
Inveatmaot i'o. 

U'A.srK:i> - A man with aiparUnca I 
gaoia' rurnl«hiaaa, to Invaat I 

K.«N. ■nUry and aCnro of »ro<H«. 
«» por ngontli. Apply X. T. X.. < 

I, too or 

■ c«a aoll yotir kiMMoa It tho prtM t» 
tight. Crown Bonlty A InToa f ant Cn. 

naka ma 

009. "R ." 


i\;ANtBD— Bnaimaaa that will i 
a liTinc; to coat lEOO to ti.oc 

I' < > Box il. 

.) ri'iriM houaa. aullabla for roon 
• • ' loaa In, ahanp raot. Km p. 
Ill Port Pt 


A NEAT Uttla plaaaura boat, wall built 
and p#rr»rt running Kvlnrttda. which 
Il aa gou'i 1 and haa priming rup. Boat 

la OooraiJ v m'.i.i, • uUuloih, making It vary 
•aay to ktrp cl*aa. Irnmovabla rowlocka, 
good pair at oara and poddlo; all toola: 
t gal. gaa «an with apoat; oontro polo an4 
baavy ahaat of watarprootad oanvaa tor uao 
whara thara la no boathouaa. Prica for oaah. 
tll». Paa H. A. Wyi4a. Ptrntbcoa* L«d«o, 
or Myd. YntOib BOar Cnrtor'a Piora. Phawnl- 
gan Laka. / 

Bit! Valu» — ("rulaar launrh. :i ft by I ft , 
algbt h p . fuur-iycla Htgal angina. In 
cxcallani condition; nicaly itttad up oabln. 
with alaetrlo llghta, paaotino atovo, vitghlona 
a nd compngg. Apply Bo« »*<«. Colonial. 

C'lANUB, now. at aaartlca yrla* Oorco 
J Boatheuoa. 

°nVJR Sola — ll-fu<<< liar lowbiiat. ju>t 
^ built, rurvi'il la I'liii A aiiap, t-'j 

FUK .Salr--Muuaab<iat, 1 
try, furnlahad; noar 
Apply Houaaboat. 

ruuma and pan- 
C.M.R. brldco. 

IJ^uR Bala— Marina oatlaa. aik-fe.p. Br*. 
111. Phona itllC. 

WANTBO— 10-ft. to 49-fi caMn cmloor. 
In good thapa. rhaap for l aih. -or will- 
ing t'l Irada fur good rar f'honfi >S7»f. 

U'aVI'F.I) 4'hra|i •allhiial or gaa boat. 
:'i ft long or ovri Bi)\ SH.'', ' '■.I'liili-I 

WHAT oRara?— Ball or trada — tl-ft. run- 
abeai: faat and 4nr: m—4 nwBlac 
ordor. Caali tlH. Fhoaa IMlL. 

CABtW orataor, in ao«« orfari 

Oty moaT bo aoM. ^hona ITIT 

1<VrT. launch, 1 hp. angina, with ra- 
*J veraa; aaw. S6j Oorga Road, Baan- 

p 1 I r^ I ^ I r- 

"■'A ( TORY 



AVTO Radiator and Paadar Bpoolallgta. 
Warkntanahip that canaot bo oaeallod. 

1191 Onyommont Btroat 


A NTTHINd In hiilliling or rapalra. Phona 
-»V I7»J ll.ii.nng a apu-laliy T Thlikall. 

ANYTUI.NU in houaa rapalra Roofa ra- 
palrad and tarrad. Work guarantoad. 
Batlmaiaa fraa. Plioii«a 727k. )34i>I.. 

HOUHfiH, garagaa. rapalr work of all 
kinda. Fnrnltura fur atora and homa. 
Fraa ratlmatu Paymsnta arrangad. Uraan 

I 111', I ■ ... . 

lildCK ,VM> WORK 
"^""^^ ^^"^ " ^ ^ ^""^ ^ — ' ■ ^ ^ ^ - ^ ' ■ ' 

CHIMNEYR. mantala, bollar wuik. ca.naat 

III II.DlNii .MA 1K111.\L>{^^ 

I.^lKEPLACJsi riaturaa. Mantala. Crataa 
■ and Tltoai Plata. Wla«ow. Loadad Olaao 
and Mirrora Old Mlrrora RoaUvorod. tVm. 
N. O'NaU Co. (VloUrU). Ltd. riMBo HIT. 
HI yat- Btraat. 


EARN, olaaa awaap, takaa tBO WO aat 
of work. Phona 1114. 

UjtU A BUNB, Chlmnay Claanora. Phona 
< U««. II jraara' axparlanca In Victoria. 


YOUR VERY BBBT RUOB— Ton-ro afraid 
to aaivd Orlantal ruga to tbo cloaaaral 
Why, thara'o notklns to bo afraid of when 
you aaad tkom lo (So City Dya Worka, ba 
cauaa thay will coma back lo you lika naw, 
^b|o^Jj^_»oh_^^JJ^* ^^ J^l^-j''^^^"^" 7t 


ten A Co., Ltd.. wholrsala drygooda 
linportara and manufactui era. Man'a fur- 
nlahlnaa tonia, "Bl« Horn" Brand aklrt^ 

FLOOBB waabod, wasad and olaotrlaally 
poUahod. 1>ay pkona tMl; nlckt pkono 

^^^^^^^^^^^ENGRA VING 

GENERAL angravar. aiancll rultar and 
aaal angravar. Uan. Crowihar, Oraoa 



PRIVATR STATIUNkUtT aoiboaoad !« aay 
daaign or color. Yha Colealat mating 

Company. I.lmliad. 



ov K your furaltoro by motor or toamj 
uiiirk and rallablo aarvtca. BatniM to 

J " VMiiiama _Pheno J79. 

riMlE Truckportatlon Co, Ltd.. (onornl and 
t. lung dialanca hauling, 1 to l-tan trkaha. 
4.i> atraat. fi.o^i '''T l ■■iiii'_jjil_ 


AlA. fur work ilona now at .'^ummar prieoa 
John .>^andara, IKV Uak liay Avonua- 

t;fcaga_«6it. 1_. _ 


ABOUT lurnltura moving, packing, ahip 
ping or a«ora«o. aaa Jaavaa a Lamb 
Tranatar Co. rorwardlav and diatnouting 
Cut ratra oi{. tralaht U jUatarn poim. 
O IBfo pho ao 11*1. TIT Faadara A v a n u a 

Ij^Ua.MITURB niovlng, baggaga and gan 
r .-ral hauling. Tha Ueueral Darvlca 
TranapoiU Llmltad. 711 Jobaaoa Blraai. 


JAMES URBBN. gnamakar; rapalra ani 
altaralloaa: makaa gun atoeka. bora, 
brown and bino barrola Raatrluging lannia 
raoaaota and rapalra to golf at'.cka Phona 

BROKKN window^ loadod flags ra 
pairad at aiiortooi aotka, Phaaa ii. 

iMI'i — 

i^CIEMTIPtC/raalmant aadar tha poroanal 
^ auparvlalon of a I..ondon Kip«ri inaum 
tba haalib of tha aoalp an 1 hi*tr» of 
hair, and by lha Eugenia nietbod of 
peinianrnt waving. tha fluffy, wavy 
affei t much daiired la aaaurad 

Uoarantoad aallataatloB la oai tala If 
ran nvall yoaroolt of tho aarvleoa af- 
iorad. Do /on aood advioa la roanrd to 
our halrf Caaaait Malaaa Tyrrell, 
lairdraaoing Parlara David " 
hoaa 7 Ml. 


ROl'ND and repaired, niing and gam- 
ming ; collaotlna. dailvartag fraa. Cor. 
Brand, aid 'aa^ara. w. Bttraa. FBoao Mj 

Braod aid 
aad 449IL. 


B i l a awoi abarpanad new. 

I ITHUURArillNO - l.ltbographln«. aa- 
graving and amboaolag. Nothing loo 
lat«a aad aatAlaa too amall; yoar aia- 
tiaaary lo yaar advnnea a«ant- Onr work le 

A 1,1 .....a r niy acatytena or 

• • 1 .••.« Uritlah Welding 

Co. Ilk fambroke airaaL PBoaa 1914. 

1 A .HT If05. 

braaa. iKaol ami alumlnam 

H Iv 1 »»i : « ' .' ' • ' " J * / 

K^i^ 'ii!" ' ' -^ii!..^''^*' " " ^ ^ -"^ 

ITUABT LOWBT. kalaomtntnc. palaitag 


liLbl,M>..s imil.iTQRY 

iCoatUiur4> . 


r.\ I K.NTB 

PATk-NIS, trade marka, daotga^ copy- 
rigbta PaatbarataBkaatfe A Co^w Uio old 
ealabllahad firm nf palaat atloraaya OflMoa. 

^19 R ..«n ■ I .' "HiC \ uri -i^f B 

.10 'I 
oa ' 

1. •! 

HOt bl.b I OK bALK M 

a^^^^aa yMPPJ^^Wa»*^a#aa»^^^^^^^ 

Vhoenli Aaaoranca OBbt lAA 
Loaden. BaBlaB< 



y.iKiiif i»;.i -;.o«i. 

AI WAi(.i> 


li>7 rorl SL 
POOB, LT1>. 


2LorU A SONS, apaelallaia In i« 
■J tufoaca ranalra; colla wda. 

HIT eend yoar prldtlag otdeie Kaal. 
whrn \ . ao grf tham doaa batter, 
( k«r an i < .aina prtoo at Tha 

lynlal Jlr^li' 1 u.^ i 'r^ aii tnai 



njkamaasa and 


JAi.LC.N. Piaatarar— Batlmatoa (Ivoa oa 
. plain and '.rnamaatal pjaotorlac ea> 
mant work, repairing, ate. Fbo 
lUI BlMfc I'rtve 

Pboaa nil. 


MIBB PIKB, 111 Joaaa Bulldln*. Work 
otrletly confldentiai. Phoaoa «••• aad 


KUOFd ahlngled, repaired or painted; 
paper routa laid; low pricaa. Phone 

IF you wlah your lypewrltera repaired o' 
overhauled, remember that we apaelallzn 
tn tbla work. Homiagtun Typewriter Co.. 
Ltd. Phone nil. 


Repalra to all makaa 
RIbbone. Carbona. Bto. 
Und'Twood Portable TypaWTltar. 
LiALTt.!.'.' Adding AfaehlBA 

I— -Jfart All 



BE9 T Bf aagdwaad»__tor. U'M <Bg..ll 
coid, Bwlu IK MMlay A~BHnr IIIlL 

or 4;9a. 


DRT land wood, almllar to rord wood. With- 
out ealt Mal'r. heaty baik. city llatlla. 

WINDOW CliEAyilf Q ^ 

CD.. »n Fort Strret. I'hone lull 

•The Ploiirrr iririi, " 
We don t adveriiaa ogr work — our work 
advartleee Iteelf. W. M MUOMBB. Proprietor. 


Barrlitare, Bollcltore, Notarlee. Bta. 
Membeia of .NOVA rtCOTIA, MANITOBA, 

ALIIl.r.TA ami It 1 ■ BAR.s 


/ 1IIA». A. and Ealalla M. Kallay. Betab- 
vv iiahad over I yeara Coneultatloa free. 
Phoaaa 4141 aad IIT4. Ill Napward Bide. 



R. I.rWIS HAl .- Jewell Block, 
Ynire a. it I>"UiIaa --iiaela 

SAML'EL P. MILLBR, X-ray and Blactrn- 
Thcrapeutlu troatmeata, fIT Campbell 
Bldg Doing referred work. II yeara' ex- 

SWEDISH medical magaaco, lad K A taatlo- 
men O MJornatell. B.M.. Motol BIta 


I'H^ .Mt lA.NS A.NO^Hl iHiEONS 

J\K. J. UL'NLAP, women'B diaoaaaa ape- 
' iiaiiat. European hoapltai oxporlaace. 
II ; Walker Bldg., Boaaad aad Ualvarally. 

uociun roR bax<b 

ABAROAIN— A new throa-raamed houaa. 
well bnllt. with bathraoai, on tull-aiaad 
lot near Central Parki olaao la glty; priee 
11.490 Apply owner, till VaAeoaver StraaL 

VKI\K Roi'M houaa f..r linn, nrnla do 
lug up %2fiO down buya a good' (Iva 

loom houaa. nrar dnr, balance oaay. _Ap|tly 

li e Hei'l . V ' ~ ' 
Bank yidg. 

IK up i:tO down buya a good' (Iva- 

r (lar. balance oaay. Apply 
inauranm i>e)'i . F'indlay. Darbam A BrodlOk 

Itnton Ban 


\I1ANPY 6-roiim homa, fully modern; 
haihrooni fUlurei, at<'.; baaemant : In 
exrellant rapalr. i, ai re ground In fruit, 
etc., attuated high. :-mlle circle. I^rge 
ham. The whole tor |2,7iO. It muat go 
Ihia week. 

WANTED- T-rnnm houaa, with I lo I acraa, 
la aachange for l-room vlty home. 

114 rembarten Bldg. 


T>' 'W. ronialnlng 2 eltiing roome, I 

* I a, bathroom, kitchen. pantry, 

veranJae. electric light, gootl water aupply; 

otandnig la 4^ arroa of load, all cleared. 
Ineladlng gardea aad orchard! lie yaroa ot 
lake f'untage; boathouaa, garaga, barn. Oa 
ItM U . lalepbone lloa Price |4.le«. Q. 
Wallicb. Heal Eetata and Inauraaaa 
Cowiobna Btatiaa. B. A M. Blp. 

/ 101 NTRY HOME, all city ronvenlenraa — 

' lloiiar lonialna rli large ronma. three 

l.a.l r'."iiia anil l.tllirooin uiiatalra. . . mant 
laaiiiii'-lil HO.l v\»«li t'lh. A'T'- of (?.>... I land 
111 1awn and K o • i urn and chli kvn 

houaoa. Near lu- i onu niree aalioa out. 

PlUCti 11,090. 

1311 OoVarament Btroat 

r/OR 8alo-4-raoaMd kaaaa, 

Til Vaaooavar 
uaoi, for oaafc. ABPip ¥rklMlap, 


1^^'iU .-ill." I 111 ruoiii bungalow, three- 
piece baMii ' i .. nice baaemant, nice lot 
under onltlvation in fruit and vegetabloe; 
chlrkea bouaei and twenty-two chkikene. 
fltuateJ near Gorge Uridge. Low taiea 
Owner will aell the above, with furniture, 
roiiiplele for tl.409. Apply 1941 Alblna 
ktrecl, (Jorge Road. 


kle or Rant Modem I room cot- 

laga, on A#<riiili 


.1 1 ' 

■ t< 

T.'^OH Sale by Owner -.\ew, (uliy modern. 

np-tn-daie 4'r6.>med bungalow Every- 
thing tn exralient condition lArge lot, all 
In garden, lawna. etc Mia qnlet laeaiuty. 
Owner leaving >.lty I'hone TIITXI for 
Price II. 

I'l rtlrulara 



T7H>II yaar maatbly payment you get 
' BMta thaa a laadiord a receipt^ 
Yoa jgt tha vraat gatlatacttoa^ ot 


rV* Qtmnri AVB.. and clooa to 
V Central Park — l-roem Modara 
||aB«j^w^ wltl^jaU^asBvaalaBoaa, aad 


k.V ST. PATRICK BT -Modem 7- 
room |i« atoty dwelling, with e'l 
conventancee, and vary nicaly at 
ranged, oak uraoA ola. Xaat la abant 
ilxTllT Small aaafc papmaat.. bal- 
aace as rent. 


ON OBCAR BT — » room modern 
bungalow, luat recently decorated 
thraaghout. Lot ia loxill. aad taeoa 
aaath. Bmall caah payment, kalaaaa 
•a nat 



•II Oovoramaat BC Phoao 111 

•II f*art dtraat Phono HI 

Baal aatati, naaaeiai aad laauraaca 

( iW.s KR oftera for aale big home, in 
I. I'll la combined latoat featuree In 

ni . hiin tura, auperlur Interior decoratlont, 
hardwood (loora, eleolrlral rooking ap- 
pliaii ea an.l hot water hratlng ayttein 

The grounda are kludd»d Aitli iiialeattc 
oaka and laid out In lawn and driveway. 

The homa remprlaaa apacloua pon h, open- 
ing to dan. rerepilon hall, Kranch doori to 
llvlng-room. l««»i. flnlahed In Ivory with 
I or Hire celling, plate glata windowa. exldl**d 
ail ri eleitrl'al wall ratlan-rnrloaed 
ladtator fittliiga and buokoaari. the dlnlng- 
rooiii, which II ICall. la beamed aiol pun 
elled and alao ftnlehed in Ivory enainrl. ,.ff 
which, opening with French doora. la lha 
palm or aunrooni, with tiled floor. Dutch 
kllchen with breakfaei nook, alto •««"••'>' 
and pantry, are In while enamal. Hallway 
with cloak cloart and dan with i i.narrvatory 
rontlltulaa th.- ilownalaira «r angament. 
V^atali-B. leading from a larga landing, la 
gueat'a bedroom with bathruoin, ami (hrre 
other bedrooma, one of Which opera to 
a eleaping porch, linen room and aecnnd 
bathroom, all of theae roome are In ennmri. 
There la a concrete baaemant, with coal an.l 
fruit rioina. garage, toilet, and heating 
J la 11 1 

iiee photoa, wHli piira and parll'-ulart 
Inepectlon by api...lnt inrnt II Iv ^ 

alandlng In about ^ er-» of piraaura 
grounila. la whirh liirie a a larga oaka an.l 
uinaiiiental ahrubbery .\ f*"- faaiuiri .f 
thIa dealrable realdenca aia Large recrp 
tion hall, oak floor: very fine panelling and 
open iiie In Inglenook; leaded glaaa doora 
to eirrptlonally fine drawing-roam, oak 
floor ami hand-wiought elartrlr fluluree; 
dining I'.iini. oak floor, panelling, baam cell- 
ing*, bullt-ln faaturea, bllllard-roniii. aun- 
rooni; 6 large bedrooma and alecping porah; 
bathroom haa tiled floora and walla, dry 
cement baaenient and economical hot water 
heating plant. Oarage tor two cara Call 
for partloulara of thla and Other attractive 
homea offering at good buying pricca. 

u" PeinbertoB Bldg. 

.Phone Till 

IF.AVINO, muat Ball -AtirartKa, compla'e 
l-r»om bungalow. Make offer. Own'jr. 
ltl_Cowichaa Bt e^ 

I^ORTII VANi'OrVKR For Hala-^>wnar 
.a^l leavlnit — Altraitlve t-roomed bungalow, 
tath. eir , n|re •lluailon Reduction for 
I aah Apply Bot >«:i>. Colonial 

f7xE oak BAY HOME ' 
"^KAR I'PLANDK, and commanding a 
wonderful panoramic view of aaa and 
mnuntalna A wall-bulll, comfortable gan 
tleman* realdence. nicaly dealgnad, draw- 
ing-room with Ptoaah doora, opening to 
vary aparlou* glagaeB<4v veranda or aun- 
room, hall, dinlng-room. den and kllrhen 
downitairt 4 good bedrooma upetaira; apo- 
ilally good hot water heating eyatem. With 
ample radiation, full baeament, with ce- 
ment floor; lauadry, etoreroome. fuel bine, 
etc. Oroaada eenelat ot about half an 
acre, laid out In lawna and garda-' eonm 
fruit treeo; big ettra well built garaae, 
with rOHieni floor light, wetar laid on. atr , 
to aceommodaia : are Ka<.iuai\e Haling. 
PRICE |i:.l*«-Terma If .Neeoaaary. 

^ well arranged pMa. plenty af wtadawa; 
aa earaptlonally brlglrt and e«nny home; 
lerge llvlng-room with Prench doora, opon- 
tng trem hall, ar<>^wav • 1 dining-room; 
Dutch •• I • -oom. I large 

badroon.. • ' are Balahod 

In white enama.. i:r|ng and dinlag raomg 
nt-e light natural BaMA; vary goad doora: 
Ane baeemoat. faraaaa. ata.; iat raaa ta 
laaa: Baraga. 

FBtCB tl. 

Ill View Street Pkuse »t ' 

OAK BAT — Mere la your opportunity to 
buy thla beautiful home, ronalating of N 
rooiua. In tha beat raaldentlal part of Oak 
Hay The Iniulo' In eJcept lona Ily welj de- 
algnad, vrallliiil- I'l reception hall with 
large open flrapiair with large drawlng- 
rocm and illnlng-rouin laparate; upitalra 
haa 4 laige br.lroonia, with olothea preaoee; 
high grade plumbing and hardware; altu- 
aled on two large lote with lane at rear; 
good garaga. iiwnai will conalder I or •- 
ri)o:ii bungal' w In mliange I'or full par- 
ii' ilaia apply H: H: llraih, *li Yalea Ht 

^liAKRONT HOME -H-rooiu, modern, well- 
f9 built home, facing tha Btralle; rooma 
larga and lofty, plate glaea windows; 
glaaaed-ln porch, modern heating ayetem; 
alandl high, and on lovely Urge lot. alone 
fence and aiapa, nith nrnamantal Iron galea 
til houae an.l auto approach. i'mo"! in 
atrueta ua to aell at halt price,, on 
torma. Crown Realty A Inveaimeni Co. 


rpilE owner haa been moved lo San Fran- 
1- dace, and la aacrlflcing hie flne (.'olonlal 
atyle modern home ot eeven rooma. coni- 
piltlng largo reception hall, arched to apa- 
cloua llvlng-room with fine flreplace, arched 
lo illning-room with deuble-ataad built m 
buffet. The panelling In ihaea la of fine 
quarter-cut fir. Dutch kitchan with back 
porch and toilet; four flne bedrooma with 
cloaeta; linen cinaet; seaarate balh an.l 
toilet; Inalde entrance to full cement btae 
inent. porcelain laundry traya. good lur- 
n*c». hrat plpeil to all r.ionia n'.Ai groumla. 
good garage. The houaa la lonipiaiely fur- 
niahed, from cooking ut^nella to Rood piano. 
The houaa la not ol'l I'r m poor 1 r,n.iltiun. 
no rapalra or painting needed. The whole 
plara, furniture laeluded, le olfercU for only 
t«.200, on email caah payment, balance |2I 
par month. Without furniture, |J,I90. 

R. V. WINCH a CO. I,TD. 


WELL 111 ir.T atory frame building, 

lo aia.i within H nilia of tha city 
Halt. liuiiding cunilaia of 1 large, brlgln 
.<urea. and about It bouaekoaping reuma 
one Btore with corner frolttage, giving 
plenty ot window apace, and culiabia for 
grodiry, frulti, candy, etc.; tlir ..Oiar le 
fitted for a bakery, with large Prick oven 
rapable of handlInK I oou loaNaa rii, eatire 
dowoiialra poitlon of tha hulldlng baa Jiiai 
been done over and le In .-virllant condition 
A ■,n*ii Aiiiutint woul.t be rauuiia.i Ir. y.,......- 

all modern vwB««w.vMwa. i^vrnar lot. aujiif^g 
altuated on car llae; roaaonabla la>e*. pro'- 
ceeda from the rent ahuula bring about 
21% to 19% Intereat on tha Invealmant 
Building Inaured for 14, Oou, and waa 
originally auld fur In order to raUa 
aome ready vaah owner will aacrltlee, for 
<iulck aale, aV VA£i*V«^ 
parllrulara from BWINBRTON A MU«- 
011 I I'ort fireat. 

A| I — CilAUMIMt boma, 1 acre, 
.1 ' neotled amongat the oak traea! 

with S room modern bungalow, bout in faa- 
turea thiough'iut. high, healthy alluailon, 
,M|. T .liiii.' illairirt Adjoining acreage tan 
be bought. Punnett, Hi Peniberton BIk. 


enuoMB; three hedroomg, llvlng-room. 
dining-room and kitchen; aleepin* porch; 
open llreplare In the llvlng-room. hardwno'l 
'loora, furnace; full cement baaainmi Not 
far trotii beach or atreet car. Price ll.lOO, 
on termt. 

1^"^ri.I,Y modern eight roomed houae; four 
lieilroonia, large and airy, with go. id 
■ loihra cloaeta, llvlng-room with large open 
fireplace, dinlng-room with panelled Aalla, 
built In buffet and open flieplare, den II 
beamed and panelled, alao haa large op.-n 
brick tlreplaoe; niee bright kitchen, with 
good pantry, which ha* cooler. Mna and 
I upboanla Full alxed cement baaemant « 11 li 
furnaie and laundry tube. Thla la raaliy a 
b-iutlfiil homa and hai a wonderful view. 
1 ha houae etandi on lour large, level loli, 
In iKwn, garden and floaere, alau aavaral 
fruit trees and all klnda of amall fruitt 
Hia whole property has boon kept in o.a 
very flaost oMtdlUaB BBd la a soap at 

••.»••. SB Baad tanaa. 

711 Fort Htreet. VIriorla. B.C. 


21 •> (|iUk BBAUTIPUL HOME of I 
rooma high eommandlng view 
of strait! and mountalaa. 1 acree of rhoire 
land, laid oat In orchard and etra 'SeMiea, 
abont aaa aere of choice ihada --a ai. 
HonM liaa ovary modern cenven lar.. a, in 
rladiag granite flreplaoea. Bleeping porch, 
roasorratary. cement baiement, etc. iMknnm 
aro aloatp terraoed. Garden le beautiful, 
with aksl B S vartotleo of rooeo, etc. Th.- 
vlewe can never bo obstructed and are woo- 
derrul Comparatively new. and In perfect 
condition ^ ou will never gat anyttiina 

better tar the moaey. ao why aat ooe it 


HIT Broad Strost 


11.19a— Wlllawa Dutnet~4-room 
It.isa— VaSisaver Btroet— I- 

»M t * '^'T;*! Tarn 

'hone 1117. 




Pa mborfaa Bldg. Phono l»l 

■ocBBB TO B«rr— uxruMtnRSO 


Yale Street. :i roome 

Newport Avtnue. < .n< 

Oliver atreet. I rooma 

Poai Bay Boad. i roonu 


Hilda Stroot. I rooma 

Mlnio Street, k roomi 

Howe Htreet. 7 ruume 

Earaman Street. 7 rooma 

Plaawead Avaaaa, T rooma 

Jssssk Btraat. I roams 

.t:o 11 0 
, III 00 

• ms 



VA^U have a Hal of atnaller houeea ta fSBt 
» ' In all parta ot the city from |1I.«0«J 
maatk. rail particulars eaa ba abtamad 
by asplytss at thla oflloa. 


Real Xatate. Financial and Imuranca 

Port Btraat Victoria, B.C. 

(BstabllBbsd llfl) 

ttaVJilfl— A FAMILY HoMK "ntalnlng 
^P^OUVf nice entrance hall, .isrbt gool 
al/i-d rooini and ceni'Mii baev- 
lliriit. full flia lot, «ltti goo'l 
Xardrii. Ia>«n. ai.. AU 111 very 
good I undlllon and wall altuated 
In Jainaa Bay. wtthla one block 
of aea aad ear. Basy tarmi 

•Ql^/V- A PINE lIUklB In the Gorge 
%P*J.X*J\I dlatrlct; contuino it roome, en 
trame hHl', panelled dlnlng- 

looin Willi l.ulli III .'ciituraa, 
I'l'Minad cclllnga. f 1 rr p In 1 .-i* with 
o. at ma nt.- 1^, ami "iLr-- faaiurae 
\riy laige hi h li n fiuii uraa, 
email frulti, etc. High location. 
With nico view. An unutual 
bargain at the price asked. 

Telephone (44 

140} Douglaa street 

db£r'prrj'*-Hfc;i.Mi i.NT Iiiain.-l Seven- 
W'-A I *J\f room aami bungalow of charm- 
ing appearance and wonderfully convenient : 
aunrooiu, den. wall pmportlonea and at- 
tractive dining and reception-room, four 
bright badiooine, all In perfect condition; 
beautiful lawn with Iota of flowering ahruba, 
good kitchen garden; near car, city and 
High School. Heduced from |7,ll». 

111 Union Bank Building Phone lloo 


4noii\f modern bungalow. Ilving-rnom 
panrlled, 2 good bedrouiua with ihiaaie. 
kllcheu with pantry, 2-pleca bathroom com- 
plete; ^-aoro lot wita larsa and amall 
trulta II, III. 

Ill Union Bank Building 
Phone 111 



$eioO pi I 

home, a larg 

CA.'^ll. aaay monthly paynienli, 
» ■' 4 11, I'll V 1 t nia bright 
iiiahtly airangeU rooma, 

^jparata bath and toilet on main floor 
CluaeU atalrway laade to wvll-llghted 
floored attic. High lull baaemant. cemant 
door, A I furnace. Urounda In ahrubiiai y 
and amall friilia. in higti part of l unMvol. 
pretty buule^arUaU atreet, juai utt lai aiiu 
ahurt walk lu diy - vsatro. Immediate 

WE are offarlng an esceptional Oak Bay 
homa for 44,109, It'a beautifully clenn 
anil \ery lumpactly arranged, i-reum (emi. 
buiigiio'v. with eunrouin. Den haa open 
iitepia'c High full cement basement, ate. 
l>ot 60iisi, In all kinrle large and email 
tiulte aiol Imiriant t;ardrn '1 • 1 ine a'- 
ranged. linmnliate puaaeation. South of 
Oak Bay Av«nua near tar and private 
acheole. The Victoria Realty Co.. 111-17 
Central Bldg. Ihone 30J4. 

^JWrANTi:i> TO BI'V — HOi:«K.S -10 


* or houaa wittr three ;a.iiooiiiu and at 
leait one acre land, with graannuuaa if po4- 
albla, adjacent to city In Saanuh iliiotlun. 
Something that tliOO 1 aah and large 
monthly paymente will handle. We alao 
have cnquiriee for real bar g alag la sawll, 
close-In hoiMee. Ad viae 

AtVBBO CARML iiAb:!. * CO.. LTD. 

S24 Fort dtreet 

Xl'A.N IMi at iiak Bay. m ir erg Mod'tn 
r^ bungalow, with baaentonl. About ll.vuo 

• eah, itwncra only. Write 1114 Crsavent 

Koad. loiil Hav 

Yl'ANri>D tor (ihnt- Kur. roomed bunga- 
VV low, Willi two or morr lola. Mount 
Tolml* (lletrMt preferred \S 1 1 1 pev up to 
'|2,A(I0, rjiav i«*rma A|iplv P II Itiov u A 

Nana. 1 1 •■ ■ ■ > "<■..• i-r i.>;«. 

ft>R SAIJi 4« 




SL HDIV1610.N 





Ileal Estate, Plnam lal and Inturan a 

Furt Street 

Victoria. B.C. 


IjllVK ACRF..-^ "f ihoi.r ;anil all under 
cultl\ al'.oii. 1 ' T" k .11 aivaiop, aplandi'l 
aoll. Bulldltiga I cnaiet of comf.'rtable tour- 
room cottage, with bathroom ami panir>. 
city water and phonea Barn, chicken liouaca 
Clear running atreain all the jaar. I': l>-r> 
including furnUure and lOO chlckena, 14.091 
Thla property Is ten milea out on main road, . 

.1 (;itKi:NWOOl» 
1214 Government Street 

V•^ 'I! Hale— 10 acrea at Cadboro Hav. 

X baiiuorully treed, aome cleared lan.1 ■ 'i 
good I'la'l Prlca, for ijuhk eala. I 

, \\ laa A. Co. Ltd. \"'< IVim'-i'i'i 

H 1 t 

I^UH Sale or to Rant — Near Saaoluh Bta- 
. tloa— 4-room eottaga and Juat over aa 
acre ot Improved load; good wire teaolng, 
epiendid well; saad Syi^mar hame. Pr^ic* 

and perlloularg^ 


iUI. altar 11 o'slock 


3 ACRFS. partly improved, firat-elaae soil, 
with i roomed iiu.Tinier home ami tool abed 
110 yarda (lean eaiid ami Ki>^^«l beacii, 
eheltuiad; beautllul Mew, iloaa tu ita- 
ttaa aad aa main Soaka Maad; city 
water. Frieo ^.lll. 

B. a RIden W. Ulllor Hlggs 

ill Say ward Bldg. Phone t7T7 

ao»l. S 

tl\atloii. new 
appralirig Sai" price 

m.-'llal' pneeriah.l 

—Over 4 acrea rich 
halaare uadax cul- 

bungalow, eapoclally 
|.t lull, terma. Im- 
\ I. I i.ria Realty Co.. 


A rf:al Holiday Homo— "Tho White 
Jx. Houae," Fulford Harbor, South Salt 
Sprin; laiand. B.C. Prettleot aput in liuiC 
lalande. Boating, bathing, flaking, tennia 
Good roade foi motoring. Terma inoderato. 

Ri LiNA VISTA HoTKL, Cowichan Bay. 
ov.rl'.oking aea. ti^omtortable rooma; 
very riasonable ratea Oood tood. Beet 
aaliiion nahing known. F. Baundera. Prop 

RENTWutAU Beach— 'I roomg with laras 


paMip fanuaha4L, ••• lar fa«r 
STKawB A BasA Ult Braad 

BRACK HOUSE (Hra J. F. Simisteri — 
M darn h' ll'lay Imma. Liinchaa. tea* 
an l ■u^.pati Private garttge. Ifiinia court, 
b'laiiiig ihird ritreet, Sidney, K C. Pnoae 

CI I.. _^ 

C^ADUOKO BAY — Furnlahad eottagea. 
J rroms. laats^ waak ar ■MBthi alsataat 
piaala sartiaa oatarod far. Fhaao 

alb-i; Ceiitial Uhls Phone aoa« 

NAP — Section l». Highland Dlatrlci — 101 
acrea, IJO an Sere; about 10 acraa black 
and red loam. Fir and cedar en property 
to pay for aame. and halt n^lle to saw mill: 
one and half mllas ta PrssBSSt Station, 
erhooi aad P.O. W, C amp k sli. Frsapect 
Lake P.a 


0^% ACRES. 10 TTiiIra from citv. 4 acrea 
Ol logged off. t> H'lra of iildar b'litoiii 
land, some gooil cedar and fir; av r running 
etream. |-roomed ahgrk, pantry, verani'a 
and wood gped. Hen houae for inn blrda. 
pig pen, etc. Pries mduced to >|l,07t, on 


Ill Pemberton Bldg. 
Phono {••I 

$.)c'iW|— TWO and half acrea of magni- 
_(^nif nrant land, all planted to atraw- 
h-nt'^a I'.gBiia and raspberries; will yield 
big. pi'ifliahla crop thla yeor New houae. 

chi'.k.n houar anI bain Price Imliidae 
complria h..uaa|iiih1 fuiiiMura. plow, ba. 
rowa, cultivator and all n'.aaaery tools, 
horae, wagon, chlckena, etc. Vou .-an ii.i\ue 
a living from the day you laka p'.aaraslon 
On threo nine circle. ABHOI.LTK Oipr at 
12,100. UN EASY TERMS. 

S-^^Mrk— IN beautiful Cowhhan' I'ls 
lalW'F irlct. 14 acrea of eX'-llrnI lan.t 
all cleared; modern aaven-room houae, with 
bath aad water aupply; modern ohickoa 
houeea. barn, etc.; II.IOI eash. balanes aa 
I ■ 11.1. 

:i: Lnlon Bank Building Phone^lOI 

1ACRK — All In garden, with 40 hearing 
fruit treea and amall fnilts llouae 
of 3 rooma and veranda. ciiv 
water: all wirs ttacsdi 4 mllei 
out, ll.lOOl 

tM ' ACRKS -All cultivated, beautiful 
', \ toll New house, city water, wllli 
flne view nf aea. Small fruits, gar- 
dan, chicken housea and barn, wire 
foausd. Aa a going conosrn. wiiir 
eblckeas. cows. sia. li.M*. 

/•fiJ/\ ACIIK.'- Fine aporting > stale 
lOV Vl'toria About 110 acrea cuM 
\ated. balance (.ark and ShOSP rm 
IS mtlea eea fioni: good b«didln.(i 
Forced sale, |:><.iiOo 

U. C, lfUWI£I.L 
HI P ewhsrio w BMf. 

srLF,> virw OF STRAITS 
PltP K ONLY II'. 760 

a- OOnixiN IIBAD niHTRIi T, all 
.laara.1. )|iiantlic of tniill fiu.te 
'I hree rooma.1 bungalow, inodrrn open 
fireplace, large \aranila on lha aaal 
aide irom whiih onr gets a splandl'l 
view of the PIralta, mountalna and 
aurrounding rauntry: chtrken hooso 
and garaga Price redttrod to ll.TIS, 

on eaav I a' ma 
This la egcei.tlo' al value for Ilia money and 
Is only three in Ilea from city. 


7 9URI 

COOLORBNA, Deep Cove— viulat Summer 
reinrt on the waterfront. I''^ahlng, bath- 
ing, boating. For rates apply MrA O H. 
Edwarda. R.M.D. 1. Sidney P.O., Deep 
Cove. B O 

Ij'^OR Rent— Furnlehed k-room bungalow. 
•1/ With three bedrooms, electric light, 
bath and mllat, on StellajTe Croee Road, 
near Hrentwo- d. oloaa to bas' Ir. latgi 
grounda and garage Rant by the inoni h. 
110, or lift monihly for three mmtha. 
Alfred t>rmlchael A t.'o.. Limited. 4:4 Fort 

ARBOR HOUSE. Uanaea, B.a--<laif 
lalande — Ideal Summer Retart— Unsur- 
paesed eltuatlon. fifty-acre farm la eonnao- 
ilon. Fishing, tennia. motoriog, boating, 
eaceileat baibiog beaeh oa property- Tarme 
modorata. Appty praprlotor. A. a Croftoa. 
tlaagaa. B.C 

I' aDT. with home cloee to beach, would 
like girl or boy tor Bummer montha; 
terma, |14 per month. Bas 1114. Coloalst. 


Moaav lA Lm» . 


IN aume rai 
ply P R bro 

. .1 cIlv p 
A »ona lilt 

Xjo.NKV T.I I ...AN on luy Md Oafc Bay 
Co i'Vir"!",' '":^>""> et t-i. Tha Ortfttth 
itt'j " ""''■'•"■"one Bids. l>k«M 


J^fTKBLU I aood raa.-«ai 

'h MtN 8 v>NK-PHIca MAOB- 
i f U K C 1 ,» iT H I N G. APPLT 


TJARTY motoring to ■ ■— A^gtttS sad rP 
A turn would like one or twa stlSlt fnr 
company and to shara aaaaMBA 
im Quadra Stroot^^ — PS— g, tSBPlF 

■PT. REV. KATE UALUIiAl 1 H ^771771111 

-.-.'■'•v!"'"" "l*"' ; hours to t. buite 4. 

.0,1, > alas .■<i rert. 

'ILL K. C. Casey, oometlme toromaa 
Boolt A Podea. resldenos ITII Vie tor 

Street, or anyone knowing of hia whara* 
abouta, kin.iiv ,. ,., '.iTnin "TJ, 

Ket.t. sa v. . . peg, aaa. T 

Jkmat n wartrd 

TIP I lip r.VlLi 1R8 

rO-MEABL - - •^v- 


Vo*ik wanted for quick - selling tuiuae- 
hold article used In every home. Oaad 
commission. Bdward Isllp. I»|l ttm*m wT, 

y eat Toronto. • 

AUUNTS—Mako 119 dally aelllng aow, 
£»■ exceptlanally Viaeful. neceeeary article. 
Qalok aollor. Bvery home buye aeveral. 
racket jMin£le._ • Factory." Bllaabath. .N.J. 

A OENTB—Amaxing auto Invention JugB 
-»»■ out. For.l iiiakea 40 to 17 miles to 
gallon, other cara ahow equally remarkable 
galna; Increaaea power 14% to 19%; re- 
moves all carbon. Inatalled In 4 minutee or 
leaa. Sella |4. Your proflt 12 l^xclualvo 
territory \\ilte fr full particulars. DepU 
I) K. Siisnaky I'otiipany, Pukwana. 8 Uak. 

i^'MHKI "'^^ eaally made aeltlag 

^»'yJ^'\f our rubber aprone and Special* 
Ilea. Free sample caae to workera. Writs 
for prleea and parilculara. Tho B. A A 
Mfg. Co., Dopt. ir. lAjiidon. Oat. 


LARGE and amall tracta ot timber. aMoa- 
alblo ta rail and watar, tar aBl% Win 

A Co.. Ill PombertoB Bldg. 

RXAN. Mslaloab Tlmbar Company. Lim- 
ited, timber rruleeia, vahtatore and 
consulting eaglneera Tlmbar tot aale la 
iaige or small traota. Crown grant or II 
I eiica, In any part nf tba Pr-'Viu, « 70| 
Uaiii'L — Huuee, Victoria. 

TbB RctvnMd Profeaalonal and Di 
Bcaa llBB'B ikmnitwUm of 
ineMMB. M 

Itallr soltclta the patroaSM at 

iia to the Unas of buaiae 

P f. JA 



Blask. Phone 4141. 


Oak Bay A veaae . P|lonf_J 

•;r.o rMB^, 

1710 Blanshard atraat. 


Phona 4721. 

O. C. MORniS. Til Fort. Phoao tlia. 

A J LAWRENctf^Kaady Candy fltor^ 
1911 Street. I »""aStO irom 
Ro/al \i'i"M« T'.eatre. JP*Sne MIU 

BTAHS A GRi 0^i»M 
Fhaaa •••ix. 

FTTIE BROTXBRA ••• Govammant Street. 

Phona 1194 _ 
A H c J. with D F ■"'"* 

■ \ I. - . • ■ ad r-l.-na 




lilt Broad Street 

rnone 1074 

laland — Moat comfortable; food very 
good Bathing, boating, nshlng and golf pn 
escellent grcena. all at your door Tralna 
dally. Qaallcum Beach Station. B. A .N 
Rai lway. Phone Parkavllle I4M. 

AVIRA I-.odgo, Cllffsids, ShnwaigM Lake 
Ideal Bummor resort: bathias. boaiins 
and tlahing; home cooking. Tanas mtMl- 
erata Mre. F. Th asspa ott. 

^f*LFNi>iD home, alaa sattagg raama; 

>' niaale nptloaal. 


Btraat. 14MY 

T\M 1 Ri ..iM Fi . fiimlahod samp. BhswBi- 
Kan Lak- \^ aat Arm; rent l?0. Waaioa- 
da'a II '•« Yaiae 

a^Z<jL'HALBM Hotal. Duncan. H C. Centre 
. ot tbo Lakea Dlslrlct and Ualahat 
Drive Escellent fithlns. ehooting, getf, 
motoring. An Id-al pla.^e to spend the 
Summer Ratea II 7| par day. Including 
maala Headauartera tor commercial men. 
aad tnuriata 8aaiS4o ~ 
Tom Berry. MaadBSPiv 
rhiiliwach. ^ 


<> f ACRBS. with I acrea ot sood laad. 
epf; $••• 

r.-i A' HKS. with 10 acraa of good land; 
*)l aonio partly rlaaia.l. |l.:"i" 

Ml 111 picas have good water supply, ron- 
aPlarabl.- Minber, and frontage on exialing 
r.'ao to 'atthmont, tl mlllM from Victoria. 

For further panlaulars inaalro from 


\H<ii T % acre, small hoaasi smsll pay- 
iT -ni down, moatbly paymoats assured 

Hox Il4f.4. Colonist, 


"LIOR Sale t»ta at Brentwood Bay, rioaa 
* to beach, from 1214 to |4I^. t acrea, 
"n Kaating ' roaa Rond. I7(.0 I acrea, aplen- 
di.i a atrrfrontage, Hhawnlgan Lake, 1499. 
S n aa. a • or nor, at SlSgSSttlS Station. 

II o "1 w o. Waltoaa. inirtaraad Bay, 

H.ltK-'I S P I » 

AK'lAiN Two ciiy lota in Courtenay, 
i:(0 raah c. F. Wllllama. C'>urteney. 

IyjhT ANUtC^BB property, conslallng ef 
10 lota on Turnwater Hill and LIncela 
Height., pricee 119 to IIU. Also II lots 
naar lioat e»raoa BbUi H* tm MMi aU sa- 
aeeementa paiA Wtm IBWS K dsalWA 
Phone 14*9. 

alWO large, cheap' waterfront lots, wool 
• stda Pri 


i TAJiiy jrpR baijR *^ 

R Rent or Sale. Cheap— Small fa. 

rnuB CMALCT." Dooy Bap. Bassrtsh Pea 
-L laaala. By tha aaa galat aad rsatfaL 
Homo eoohlag Terms sa appl l satlsA 


rjyutt ruK luofr <ib 

].,^Ut.LT-BQUIPPBD farm fnr rent, wflh 
1 option of purrbaae. In Nano..»a at , 
aTarftbinc goea af fair va'ua-o.n i ; .aa i 
a> h... an t P i ' "na miia aiatlon and ei'ira 
H i » t : I •• 

I^-'A«r SAAMCH RD— Small farm, easy 
J T'nl 


Apply 414 Saywnrd BMg. 


f WA roWff All It 

» r w - . ' n 

ran arrea near 

etc. One 
'■rv.r%t|on Milk 

Bids, f hrne 4rvO aad i441Lv 

tl % acrea wear Peraona Rrldge. « ir.iiaa 
frorr, t.»rf.,rla all faoced, 14 acrea un<lef 
ru ' • -1 rattage and eutbuilS- 

insa • ai. ". '«'. - 'f water. A. T. Pealt. 
( oiwond Po II . . . BeiiMoal g . _ 

I ^LD TIMBR. an. wants amall pla<>e 

" ' near 'V Ictorla. on R C Klactrlr. near 
aea. with I or 1 artae, to keep row. hongat 
low. garden, eii . not to < oat more than 
t2.e*S or 11.944. Will trade model raneh. 
a river bench. very rlrh laisd. Hereford 
eio. h. good horsea machinery; a fall going 
ronrarn N W ASnsesHon. that paya well. 
;a<i acraa crop land, at praaenf w.irlh abosl 
II*. 099. with Btork end m i' imeat. Dally 
ColoBlat haa pboioe and <ia'a AddfaSB tl 

Roahfart. Baakfart Brtdga, Alta. 

' ' ' fbii BAii — - 

eJ laaa. ctnas to trsaspait a tlasL ISS 

lailng bene. pur. M » ita l.agh^nta F V aae d 
ai..'. eubdlnde.l K-d.o ad fr .m 9%,m9 ta 
14,299. Tarma glv- < ' fe 

ti (, l' , > CO 

114 View iOP;>wetla SpS4Mar'S> 

HENBON m wviy 

4147 and IIIX. - 


f rr ARKB. 411 Ceatral 1 

ELF.t TRlf lANB --s«i„ 

Fhaao 4 o 1 1 

w m HUNNI-N":* ;i» .antral BalldiaS. 


HICKOLBON a wiLLia, saaaa 

W, J. BRICK. 117 B^ 
Balldlag. Phone IITS. 

Namea of five Legal Firme may be obt 
from the Pra.idenl. Phone IITI. 
Uuilding I'hone «S40 

A. RUMUJT. lib Beglmenl 


M. Ji*'**'**'** 

Fl-rMHBBS . ^ 


and I.auglay Phone 4111. 
R J KI LO. Lake Mill P O. Fhaao 


W B BRtjWN. 711 B.C. Pormaaoni Laaa 

Building Phoao llld|p_ 
J. H GILLBSPIM, Tll fkft 

»0«0 _ „ 

T. B MONK A CO. 494 B.a 

Loan P'llM'nr Phona 2741 
WBNi'i- ' " ^" 

Buiuii' > ' ■ 1 


1197 Laaglay Phone II. 

jq gHSO N BROS, 2714 AvakWF Btfasi. 

J. niROM, Heree Bboe Cigar StaaC lIH 
Oevernmen: Btroet. Phone 71IIO. 


of Miiiiaaa 


All persona having clglma against the 
estate of William .1 Rati ray. laie of V'l"- ' 
tnrla. In Ihe I'rntlnca nf Piiilah Columbia, 
retired Investment manager, are required lo 
eend aaiiie with partloulara of aeeurlty held. 
If any, and veriSad by ststuinry <4e(1ars- 
Hon, to lha iinderelgned. on or before the 
2ltn dey of .inly. A l> i<.:'l. after whish , 
data the aaaeta of lha estate ma ha dW* 
trihiiled among the partla* enin' rl iherstaa 
having regard < niv to the cialioa . r waMll 
the undaiaignad «ha i tht-n hava notice. . 

Dated the r:ih .lav I'f June, A.O. lltl. ' 


rielma to ha addreeead to the Caaada 
Truei Con.panv. Reglna. S4Mkatahowaa. 


A I's 

ad Uak DlvaoetU * Mattreee..|J«.00 

,adr oak INalac Sat. M4W ' 

. Tasssd OaiUbrary Tahia.. It.SO I 

, 1 » eoin. i, a l>eaui> 

I'arior X'l'ee ac t l.aii. Maiiogao, ^j.^u 
, I-,,, a Msb y l's;lor Hiiite, snap > ' 
■i,,,....ta cl,..|.e aaleotlon. |I0 tO ' S' lelKianl. Mirror. I4g|| 
Walnut Iloillop i>»sli fsr.^ 


ion Bullet. Bevel MbTsr.. 

a Wahogaiiy Bed Mttlte 

197 SO 

britUh Furnltur* Mart , 

747 fort it. Phone 3ddJ [ 

I 1 « ft. Csaalar. with I deep drswsts. itO j 

iS . . ^ .. . 


itie p..-,-'-- »• il.. le r..r, a,, 

HiHi^l I OKL— ANT!QUL:» 

BiSSJ'iBIng lowdnrlve to J-, a 
tm IBs Mopp/ ilarawa. Wwa*« 
Loweet PHa 




duly instpnetad 1>F Mrs. iotiR Mbpbb. 
Will sail Publir AoctloB at bar - 
raaMdiMS. Mlebl«an BtrBBt <s«r< 
liar •! OAPS r i B SBt). BB < / 

TUB WlMlS *>t t^• « 

of tha past- 
lAtor. BP ' 




iFinance and Commerce 


VrmdUig on 

»'f... I. MnrU. f 

Willi Triit- lyead Td< 
^ liower IjuwiI 


NEW TORK. July 10.— Wide.pread 
uno*rtalntjr over th« ultimata trend of 
■ / •yltlaa and oommodtty prtcaa waa 
rtaicfA In tha IrracuUr and Uatlaaa 
tratflns In today*! bond markat 
Unltad fltataa Oovarnmant bonda hald 
firm. Foraifn bonds were mlxad. tha 
French K''vernnienta! hO'I in uii ;clpal 
laau«a ahowInK xllK^^t Itii i>ro\ r nient. 
In aympathy witli th« higher «'x- 
changa ratea. whlla Maxican 5's and 
Juso aach dropped a point, 

lodlcationa of a prlco war In tha 
■ttfar Induatry aeeountad for tha 
haavlnaaa oC aucar company bonda 
Punta Allevra 7'a dropping a point. 
Mfirlne 6'« an-I AniTl.-.i n Agricultural 
T'l'n ylFlded large fractlona. 

Total aalaa, par valu*. w«r« 


f'ricea worked to lower levela In 
today'a atock markat In raaponaa to 
a aartoa of unfavorabla domaatle da> 
valopmanta. whlla apaeulatlva uaear* 
tainty over tha outeoma of tha 
Franco-Brttlsh Impaaaa on tha rap- 
aratlona queatlon waa reflected In the 
II n u.^n.i Ily urn.ill \nlijme at trading 
It waa th« iUill<'.<»t of any full day 
■eaalon thia year. 

Wall Street apparently la marking 
time pending announeamant of the 
Brlttah poUay on raparatioaa. which 
la aspaotad to ba mada In tha Houaa 
of Commona by Framlar Baldwin on 

Copppra yl»>Mf>(1 with the rest nf the 
llat, hut aome encouragenjent wa.^ ah- 


> Ktlonorra 

H^hly ImportaDt Sale 

Inatructed, we 
room, 727-7.1 T 


aall at our I 

' 1 Avenua. 



1 :3() 


Furniture and 

Including: Ldurf Cabinet VIetrola 
Gramophone with a large aaaortment 

,,{ Jtp^.or.ln. r> Vlrtrola and Columbia 
Kh.'rv>;^rai>li(» nnd Herorda, Drophead 
S,.;. -.wliiHT Nt.nchino, large Over- 
atuffed Arm t'halr with loon© Cush- 
lona, vary »ood Davonett© iiphoi- 
atarad in iMtharatta, Oak Roll-Top 
Olllea Oaak, I Fumad Oak Arm 
Chalra and Roekara iipholntered In 
Tapestry. S-plaoa Mahogany Parlor 
Hiille. Mahogany Btan'lnnl iJtmpwlth 
Bilk Sha.ln. large Oak Arm i'»nlr. 
Oak Footatoola, Wicker Ann Cli.ilt A, 
larva MaJoUca Jardiniere Stand and 
Jardlnlara. Flower Baakata, Vaaea. 
Typewrltera, Clooka. Ornamanta, aav- 
eral very good Carpata and Rurb. 2 
vory miiirilMr I")|nlii(r Ftninn Bultea In 
>'iinned < >.ik and W'ninut ; Walnut 
Suite conHlst.H of Hoinul lOxtenslon 
Table, 6 full leather-aeated Chalra 
and vary flna combination Buffet and 
Oramophona; tha Fumed Oak Suite 
oonalata of Round Bstanalon Tabla, < 
full leather-saatad Chalra, very flna 
Buffet and nice China CahlnH; aev- oIIh'I- li(nlii»j Itoorn TiiM<»s and 
('h.iliH, I>lnMrr Horvli o. Sideboards, 
(i^nt's Hlfyc|(»«. nook.s. H.-ind Sewing 
Machine, Bed LoungeifT extra good 
Winnlpar Couchea, food Baby Bug- 
fflaa and Qo-Carta, All-Braaa Bed. 
Spring and Mattreenea, very good 
'l)reaarrR and .'^Lnnds. exii.i srood 
White Kiianiel Hodn. .SprliiKa and 
MattreR«e><. ( iirnp •'ots. Tiedroom Tn- 
blea, t'halrs and Uooker!^. Congoleum 
Squarea, MIrrorw. ruturea, Chlldren'n 
CotdT, Wardrobe, Bhalvea, Ranvee. 
Cook ■tovaa. Qaa Range, Kitchen 
Tablea, Kitchen Chairs. Kitchen cup- 
boards, large aaaortment of Cooking 
Ttop';!!^. .1 im .larn. ("rockery and 
fJlu.Hxwarc. Wnnli Tulia. Hollers, 
Wringera. Oil Mtii.»rH. Htepladdera, 
Rerngerators, wire Natttny, Oardaii 
Toola, Hoaa, Mowara, ate. 

Alan at II o'Olook In Oar Stodiyard 
Anothar flna lot of Poultry. Rabbits. 
Oardan Rollar. vary good Plat-Bot- 
tom Boat, 10 X IS X 4 Tent, large 
Canvaa Fly. Wire N'.-oinK. etc. 

M \VN.\Ul> 

& soxs 


Auction Sale 
0'Brie^& Co. 

Duly Inatructad. wilt aell at 

rOOma, 7 J* Vl^w street 


7J« Vlrw 

Thmday, July 12 

UjUfight Grand Piano 

Cabinet Crafflopiiooe 

and Records 

HMKdMy Fviilve 

and Effects 

Full Part ic 111 ar« in 

HMVMbr's Coknitl 


On view this afternoon from 
o'clock, alao tomorrow morning. 



with drawer 

Ymt crt«t to 
Mmn FwillWt Ot. Frtd ■•rtbalamav 
Hit* t«MiiH . m ^ort Straat 


SfW NOHk, Julr 10 
Chang* flimci, it $4 t4 
Mila and 14 t7 » l« for 
ail**r. loraign, 4<S' 

ranadlaa Mlaia, 91%. 

8l*illu( «i 
lor tu-aajr 

• Mt 

rrania — H 

Italy IirrniiHl 4 i 
Balglum — Ixnund 

.0004 ^4 

Mervar— OMaaad, l«.tt. 
Bwadan — Baaiaad. St.tO. 
Daaaiarfc— Dmand. IT.tC. 
•witaarland — D*mand. 17.M. 
Spain — Demand, 14.4 6. 
Or*«r» Ikamand, 1.06. 
Poland I>«inand. .0006 
( Kcrho Slovakia —D«mand, ,ttlH 
Ar(*ntlna Demand. S4.tO. 
Braail— OaiMBd, lO.SS. 




I'rl. t. 


4 ABVi. 

tainad from tha faat that atoeka of 

refined copper la tha handa of Ameri- 
can producera declined aeven million 
pounds In .Mine offered good 

reaUtance to aelUng iiresaure. West- 
ern raiig wara haavy. 

Call moaay epanad at IH P*r 
cant, but aeftanad to bafera tha 
cloaa. . Time money waa aomawhat 
flrmar, with more loans arranged at 
per rent. Foreign exchangee 
ahowed marked Improvement De- 
mand sterling advancfj more than a 
cent, to $4.57 6-18, and French franca 
jumped nearly ten polnta, to 6.95 
centa. German marka wara $4 a mil- 
lion, aa acaloat It.ST, tha lowaaf point 

(ruralsked tar Bardick 
AU Fractleaa 


Am. Beat Sugar 

Am. Can. Co., com. .... 

Am. Car Tdr 

Am. In. Corp 

Am. I>ocoinotlva 

Am. amalt A Raf 

Am Sucar Rfg 

Am T. A Tal 

Am. Wool, rom 

Am Ht»rl KJ. 

Am Sum. Too. 

.Anarond* Mlalag 


Atlantic Ouir 

Baldwin Loco 

Baltlmora a Oltio 

Bcthlaham Steal 

Brookirn Tranalt 

Canadian I'actflo 

Central iMthar ....... 

I'riinhlo ntrr\ 

chraapraka A Ohio . . 

I 'i>ntln«-ntal Can 

Chi. , MIL a St. P 

chir . R.I. A Fae. 

Cnne (laa 

' hlno Coppar 

c»| Prtroleum 

<'hlU Copper 

' 'orn I'roduf*ta 


(i»neral Rlertrlc 

Oeneral Motora 

Ooodrlrh ( R. r.) 

Ot. Nor. Ore 


Ot. Nor. pfd 


Inaplrailon Copper ..... 

Inl Ccmh. Ens 

Inf! Nickel 

Int'l Mer. Marine 

Int'l Mar. Mar, p(d. .. 

Kennacott Copper 

Kan. City Southom . . . 

I.«Mgh Vailar 


Max Motor 

Miami 1- ij..-- 

Nai l"n« I ' •• a ' 

N Y . S }l a Hart 

.Skw Ynrk Central 

.NorthMn raelfte 

Par ■ U" 

Prod, a Reflnera 

Pennaylvania R. R 

Peoplr'a Oaa 

KaynoM'a Tobaceo 


Ry Hl»el Spring 

Ray Cuni Mining 

Rapoglfl Blael 

mipiUo Steal 

teattiarn Pacine 

Southern Ry , rom 

Htudehakrr Corpn 

■ loaa Phrfrirld 

The T«>xaa Co. 
Tlmkan Roller Bear ... 

Tab. Prod 

I.'nien Pacific 

Utah Copper 

f a. ind. Alrohol . .. 

I' S. Riihher 

U. 8. 8t»el. com 

Virginia rhem 

Wabaah B.H.. "A" .... 

Waatarn Union 


Wllly'a Overland 

Wvatnlahniiea KIrr 

Ani»''1 Ch»m a t>ye . . . 

rhilllpa r»troleum 

Com a Tab 

Standard Oil. Ind 

Sean Roebuck 

Am. flhip a CoiB 

Am. Llnaada 

rianoral Aaphalt 

Krily Sprlngflall 

Cora Cola 

Cnlumhia 'traphoplieaa. 

<-hlr a .S" W. ftf 

Famoua PUyera 

Kayatona T. * R. Ce. , .. 

Pere Marquette 

Knrtlrntt .Tohnaon 

Trana oil 

Whtle Motora 

rulImkB Co. 

I'a rifle on 

Pan Amarleaa 

Roach Car 

Chandler Motora 

Itnuaton on 

Cuban Cana Sugar 

I'l»rra Arrow 

H«»n Oil of Cal 

Royal Putrli 

Tesai Pac. Rjr 



ft rumhiira car 

Mlilill'Kiatm on 

Toiaa liulf Sulphur ... 

Montaomorr WarS 

Mid vale Meet 

Pure oil 

Meslean Haabeard 

Quir atatea Kteal 

Brothara. X4mlted) 
la Blghtha 


fit- 4 








. •■■4 



. Hi 



. U-4 





(4 2 







. 112 1 

1 1 . 2 




12 4 

. >l-2 



. 14-4 



. Sf-T 







. ll«-4 






. 44 





. 144 









(* 0 

tx « 


** 2 

44 4 

44 « 










lit X 

1« '5 



!1 1 

IS 1 

^26 1 

?S J 

1 I*. 7 

117 4 

117 4 

1 1 

I 1 

1 1 

J7J ! 

171 2 

171 2 




21 4 






. 11 




• 1 * 


12 20 

12 20 

12 to 

21 & 

211 1 

2« • 1 

21 « 


21 4 

12 <l 


13 4 

6 2 

6 3 

6 2 












• 1-4 

«0 2 

HO 2 









112 1 



»7 S 



«« ( 

«t 6 
















• 1-7 


71) 2 





1 1-2 

1 1 

1 1 













102 2 


• 01-4 





41' -6 

42 6 



3 7 












44 3 




*l -4 


»0 3 

7 t, 

7 S 

7 5 

27 2 

24 7 

24 7 
























































• 4 2 









1 1 6 









to- 4 
















4« 2 


















64 « 






21 2 

23 3 












I at 




Nov . 
Dar , 
Nov , 
Nov . 


Nov.. 1433 ... 


Per.. 1424 ... 
Oct. 1441 ... 
Marrh. 1*17 


will Ruy Will Rell 

notary Laaa 

1000 00 

i«oi no 

1011 00 

10N0 on 
1027 60 
107 3 "0 




I a e • a e • « 


14011 00 

lom 00 

1 n4n «o 

iftj: F,o 

1 030 60 

1014 00 
1434 44 

1010 60 

In New TorWi . .. 1020 40 

Add Inlarret an rued In data: 
Par 41,044'-14I3, 1417, 1*17 VIctorloa, 4.44. 
Pee |i,S«a->tM», 1*34, If M. If M* Vieterte% 


ruralaked ky Bardlck nretbera. I.lmltad) 


a « » e a a a 

23. 14 
21 44 

34 44 


.Ball Tatephone 

•■^ Rrompton Paper 

Can .Camant, com 

gSL^aTV-."*:. :::::::::::::: 

Bank nf Comarco 

Laurent Ide Co 

Howard Fmlth 4»-4 

Shawlnlgan IM 

< loaa 
21 *• 

34 77 



BarSMi Bratkefak Uaiite«t 
4.«i iar.. Mil May. t-M: 

I rnrnlahed bT 

aapt . 4 43. 

V. 3314 



McCloy't Anclioii lUU 

Corner Pawdstm 

Timnday at liSO PJM. 


8«nt in froi 
Uva sala. 



KrIlliiK i'rffwiiri- l'ori<fi When I'rioea 
X)UMU bubataiillull} — l.xpuri la- 
«ary la Practically Mil 

WINNIPBO. July 14.— With the wheat 
market under preaaure throughout today'a 
aeaalon. aevere loaaea wara recorded. July and 
Uciober cloalna IH cenla beluw yeaCerda/'* 
cloaa and Uacember 1% caala lower. Ka- 
portara ware doing nothing. 









rial — 






Caah prt 

I07H ; t W., 
6. itlH : No. 4 


10' . 
lOu . 


- ' » 
luu S 


ii> % 



37 W 






y7 >«a 

47 Vh 

i«ea: Wheat— 1 nor. loiH; i 

nor . 

14IH: Ne. 4, not quuird. .No 
n%: feed. 77H; track. lOlS. 
<>ala 2 tw . 4S'4. 1 cw. and e«tra 1 facd. 
41, 1 feed, 414; 2 feoU, 40 Vt; rejected, 
14 H: track. 44. 

Barley— 3 cw.. 4IH: 4 ew. 
and f»*d. 44: trark. 4m 

riax-1 nwc, 2:6. : . w. ::ov4:l ew. aad 
tejecled. lit% ; track, 224 Vk. 
Jtye— > cw., 4114. 

44 K; raleettd 


iFurnlilied by 


BurdU'k Rrolhera. Umltad i 


Acme Coal 


Checker Cab .... 

Durant Del 





Tob. Prod. Sx. . . 
Un. Profit Shar . 
i:n. Ratall Candy 
Cltlea Svc , com. 
Cltlea Svc. pfd . 
Cltlea Svc, Bkra. 




• illllland 


Int Tela 

Kayatiiiin Hanger 

Marl Mextcw ....^.••>i,. 

Meiico Oil 

Mutual Oil 

Noble on 


Kyan t'ona 


fait Cr Trod 

Salt Cr. Com 

8eaboard Oil 

Tax an Oil Land 



Aria, rjloba . . 
Hutta A Weat 
Cal. .laromo . 
Candelabria . 
Coaa. Cirppar 


I 'raeaon 



Molllnfxr .... 
Hcwa Hound 
Ind. L,ead .... 

.T. V. Dev 

Karr I.ake ... 
Maaon Valley 
Ny 1'r.rc uplna 


Ohio Cop 

Ray Here 

PImnna Lead 


T»rk M\iahaa 
Tuolomn^ . ■ . 
I n. Ka«t »rn ■ . 
t'n. Varde Ex. 
Wayae Coal . ■ 












• M 



















10 U 























2 '4 



1 2 '4 








1 % 

1 H 

1 •» 


(Ry F. W Blevenaon. 143 

Athabaera Oil . . . . 
Rowrna (*opp*r 
Boundary Mav oil 
B c. farm. I»an 
B ('. Flaharlaa .... 
B c. RaflnIng Ce. . 

lie. Bllvar 

Can. Nat. Flra 

Cona. M. A S 

<^ork Provlnra 
Cr<iw'i N»at Coal 
I>ouglaB Channel 

Bmplra Oil ■ 


Orfat Weat Perm. 

Hemlock Oold 

Mow* Pound 

Indian MInaa 

Infl Coal 

.,.< <..llhvray 


Premier MInra . . . 
Rambler-Cariboo .. 

Kllvar Craet 


Ppartan Oil 


Standard Lead .... 
Hunloch MInea •••• 
Surf Inlet ....>... 
Stewart lAada . . • • 

Trojan Oil 

vtiiiiy on 

Whal»n. • i.m 

Whalan. pfd 


Pemt>erton BId« l 
BM Aaked 

• K 

.00 '4 

■ a • • e e 4 















.04 H 
01 V4 


34 00 


oi 'i 
1 no 

.01 V4 





20 00 


NKW YoKlv. .lulv 10 --Copp»r ijiiln Klao- 
trolvtlr. apot and fuliiraa 14H. to 14\r 

Tin. apot and nearliy |3» ■'■> to lix 37. fu- 
turea 414.12. 

Iron weak, No. 1 Northern 424.60 to 
427 60: No. 8 Northern 114 te 131; He. I 
Southarn 426 to 427 

Lead weak, apot $* 

ZInr quiet, apot and nrarhy t^.OI te 14.10. 

Anilmony. apot |6.«0 to 4«.»0. 

Tha American Smelting.* Roflaing Com- 
panr today reduced tha frlee ot Ia4id from 
4.140 te 4c a pound. 

Loadea Pricea 

LONDON. July 10— Standard copper, apot 
l«4 7a 4d; futurea C«4. Xle«trelytle, apot 
(72 6a; future! 172 16e. 

Tin. appt Clio lOa: riiturea (111 lia 

Lead, apot (24 lOa. fiituraa (24. 

ZInr. ip'X t"* 'ia «d , lulurea (24. 


NEW TOBK. .lulv 10 - Call money aaalar; 
high KS; low 4Vk; ruling rate 6 >.« . rioatna 
bid 4H; offered at i%: laat loan 4H: call 
loana agalatt aeeeptaneoa 4U. 

Tim* Inane firm; mixed cellatoral, 44-44 
dare. 6 ^nd 6 >, ; 4-1 mnntha. 6 and §%, 

Trlma commerrlal paper 6, 
l.oiMi«n Ratea 

LONDON. July 10 Bar allvar 4H4d per 
eunco. Money 2% par rent 

Dlacount rate*' Short bllla 1 <.« and 3'^ 
per cent; three montha' bill* 1% and l\ 
par eeat. 


Mrethera. : 

(Fnralahed kr Bardlck Brethera. Limited) 
"I Fractleaa la 










» 14«.l« 




I ft.l4 




44.43 4 

1 fill 



4l4'a ... . 

JJ-a- ::::: 

fi ll 4 

t 44.11 



...w. ff.ll 4 

t 44.13 



44.34 4 

» 4«.57 



44.11 t 

1 44. It 

V.S. 4W'a 

** 74 < 

1 44 34 



waa rodaeod In 

MBIT TMPET Itflir If.— ■ 
aeoiaea g 

.tiily 10 Oranulaled aagar 
price here today 31 eeaie 

aaetea at 

• rifugal. 


at! te 


MOMTmSAU «alr 14.— VMa4aaa 
kettor .aviot 
c^•e•e— r.M4eraa ISa te tSttc. 
Ruttar— cfaaoaaty, SS%a te tie. 
Bgga — aolorted, 2»e. 

a^Per kaa. ear lata. II 14 u •t.N. 


I Furn lah#'1 
Na» T 
Fran ' • 
L4r«a, 4.44 

Burdick Brotkara, 
• «rMBB, 4.M-I. 


Umltod ) 

n 1^ 

r.P.R. F.aimlnva Tnrreaae 

MONTREAU July 19. — Canadlaa 
Pactfle IUn«ray aantlBta far tha 
4raak a«41n« Jaly T wara M.«tla*M, 

U MMaM*. 

mmm of wheat 


Utlii Mill Ion W nM ill. Ilul< on Ex- 
cluuMtc Durliiji l.aUt r I'ui l of 

IMiy'a B easloa Agecf Osrm 

(Furnlahed by Uurdick Itrolhere. Llmlt'di 

CHICAGO. July 10. — Wheat: 
I.,lquldatlon waa the rule In wheat to- 
day In tha latter part of the aeaalon. 
Raeant bullish news from tha North - 
weat has had UttJa aftaet In attmulat- 
Ing the buyinv, whlla tha lacgard ex- 
i>'.it tr«<N' and modarataly Increasing 
Iu.IkIoh' ixtaaure have dlacourugt-d 

liMl.l. rM. Now low pi !• >-» for tli« crop 
were made for all yuiirterM. L'ountry 
offerings were not heuvy, but In- 
craaaad moderately In aoma aacUone. 
ChiULgo had Its flrat car of new whe.-it 
fiom Orant Paaa, IlUnola. (radins No. 
1 hard and aelllng at fl.OSH. Cablea 
\v«»i f' :il<i<ut .1 Kt.iiul off. liut tlie export 
trade advlcea were peBfiimlatlc, e-npe- 
clally from FYench eource«. Dutch 
houaea reported Ruaaian wheat arrlv- 
^Ins In Holland. Northwaat croo news 
was a llttla mora favorabia today, and 
proapaets for cooler waathar rallovad 
apprahanalon in racard to tha blick 
ruat aituatlon temporarily. The mar- 
ket liaM heen .^uhj»-< te(l to lic.n y pio-- 
aure today anU will feel the effect of 
the aelUnir- 

Corn: Hald strong for a time. i>iit 
later waa affected by the we.iknc!'«t in 
wheat and reactcil (lo\snv\aril i'a,sli 
demand will ho active with f.tlr 
g'.oil B.Tles, while the country offtM - 
Ings are not burdenaoma. The ahlp- 
plng demand, moreover, raflacta livht 
atocka In nearly all poaltiona. Crop 
nawa la favorabia except that dry 
weather complalnta are coming in 
from varlouF aectlonn. and the crop 
will need moisture ahortly In aevenil 
Important aoctionn. For the preaeilt 
the market will be dominated by 

Oata: Ix>m'er with other grninn. 
Shipping flf^mand Indifferent. and 
while lecrlptH line were light there 
waa .1 K'ooil run west. larger. In fact, 
that a year ago. Country aalea were 
light. Market la probably Influanced 
mainly by other sraina. 


fiept. .. 
L>ac. . . . 
July ... 

Sept. ... 
July ... 

Oat a — 
"apt. ... 
Dec. . . . 

July ... 


... 141 
•. 14f.S 
.. 143-4 

.. 74-4 
. . 43-4 
. . 43-4 

. . 37-3 
. . 44-7 



36- 4 

37- 3 






• 2-4 






gave the 

Calgary market quotation 
following Information: 

The atrawberry distribution on the 
prairiea trojn B. C. duringr this year 
will eatabltah a new record. Itasp- 
berrles will commence to arrive in 
cnrlnts about the beginning of tbl.i* 
week. ning cherries are coming In 
from nr. nnd dlsplaelnv Waahlaf- 
ton offerlnga. 

VaneouTsr laland atrawberrlee were 

prefered by the trade. Taney trnde 
retail atores pold them at 20 cents 
per hallock, while berrle.'^ from the 
unatrawed patches retailed at 1 ."> 
cents. The clean herrles off the 
atraw are worth the difference, gome 
of the fancy berries froni Wynndel 
alao retailed at 20 centa. 

Mostly every shipment of straw- 
berrlee this «e,^f<on ahowed the reault 
of rain or mi iibim id . < m the average 
berrlp.^ w ere lar^i i a ml pack better 
than in other years. The Glen Mary 
variety 1^ not v^-anted. 

The wholeaale prlcaa are as follows: 
Strawberriea, B.C.. per crate, 

11.00 to 

Raspberries. B.C.. L.C I. . per 


Ked Currants, HC, 4 bakt. 


lied Curranta, B.C., 24 lb. 


B.C.. BInca. 4 bakt . . 
BtC.. Royal Anne, 4 





S3. 60 

4 00 

: 50 


B.C.. Tartarlans. 4 






Windsor, 4 bskt. . 
Cherries, Wash,. Blnga 

Lamberts, per \ug 

Ooosabarriea, B.C. par 4 bakt. . . 
Ooosabarrlaa. B;C., per 24 pint 

Cr^t© aaeeeeaeeeeai a 

Peaches, Cal., per peach box 
Apricots, Cal . 4 bukt crate .. 
Cantaloupea, Cal , Standards .. 
Applea, C.-il., [ler bOS 

riuma, Cal., Blue 

IMume, Cal.. Formosa Red 
Rhubarb, Local, per lb. ... 

Cucumbers, per dos 

Oreen Peas, per lb 

Tomatoes, H.H., Tl C 4 bskt. 
Tomntoea, H H.. Uocal.pcr Ih. 

Onions. Cal , per Ih 

I'otatoea, H ('. (new), per lb. 
Potatoei^ Albarta, A grade, par 

ton 21.00 

Cabbava (new), per lb oi 

Corrota, Baeta, Turnips, 

banehaa, ioc 49 




3 00 

1 r. 



B.C. I*on If r » men «. 4 o o|m-iii||«,. |,». 
CtlRlICe MiiIk* •~i.(i<It •^liipmonta 
to WlMnljM g I roni \ h torla 

Laat night the British Columbia 
Poultryman'a Co-oparatlva Sxchanva 
hara started anothar carload of egga 

to Winnipeg for distribution. Major 
Brook, the local mnn«ger. hua within 
the past ten days nhlpped three (^ra 
of <>ggs to Winnipeg In additu n to 
taklns citra of the loea than carload 
lota that ara required. 

Tha •nM ahlppad ara eaelad and co 
forward In chiliad eara to their des- 

The aouthern portion of Vancouver 
laland haa become n great producer 
Of eggs within the past few years. A 
short time ago a full carload was 
aa far aaat aa Montreal. 

VKW TORK. .Inly 10 (larvay a 
Wllla. hear! nf a brokerage flrni l.<'«r 
Ing hia name, waa expelled today 
from the Conaollduted Stock Ex- 
change for nullifytnc "the affaat af a 
eltanfa ordar by taklnff tha tranaaa- 
tlati to his awa aeaaant.*' Wills had 
a member of tha 
1^ UII. 


mm mmk\ 

Im Oc1i4t lines KiprHenoa Ho 

laUK'* I rotii Itati-i I'k «alta 

lt>t( I I "<- I >ll » III f OI I- 

But one change waa recorded yes- 
terday In tha local market prlcesT' 

Thla waa on Vaneoitvar Island Milk 
Producara* Aasedatlaa otttpnt. This 
brand of butter waa yeatarday morn- 
Inc placed at 41 centa a pound whola- 
aule. u (lecMed advance on tha prtOS 
J)i c\.»ll:i,f; i k nIouo to thla. 

Tho .1,, prices whotaMla 

quoted yeaterUay: 




fait I^rrlns laland 

^ I Milk I' 

Hull) iiruoa. lartana 

Hoibiirook. hrtaka 


• eaa aa* eoaaaapea aooaea 

C lev or Valtoy 

Detry It 

Lartl — Aourdinc te tttt SC Paok- 
*ae *••••••«••« cXf 14 

I-ard. l-lb. bricka 
Cheeae — 

Untarlo now aelMa 

Ontario now twins 

Alborta aollda 

Alberta twlna 

~.C. c'roam. hrleka. per dea.. 
C. Croaia. I or is-ia. krieha 

per lb f 

I. area's Cream, doa., amall.. 
itrl.aren's Cream, doa.. med... 
llcl.aren'e Craam Ch»»B». 6'a.. 
Mrl.arrn'a Krafl. Hv»l<> »a.... 

Wrl,B,,.n-a Kraft, Cau. 6'b 


New Laid. Orade 1. per 

doaan , 

B. C.PoMltrrman'a Co-oparatlae 
■ichanga, graded In aecord- 
anra wfth DomlnloB Oovarn- 
inent regulatloni — 

B <■. Kreah, aitraa 

u < • Freata. firsts 

^B.c. rreah. Pullets, oatras .... 
V laii — 

Haddlea. 14-lb. koa. Ik. 

KIppere. le-lb. boa. lb. 

Bablenah, nilata. 14'a 

Codflali Tablela. tOlfa. lb... .14 

Acadia Codflah. 12 2"b 

Acadia, 20lre 

rotatoaa- Arcordlns to grades 

and qualllir. per aack 

.New Potatoaa— According te else 

and quality, per lb 


California naw. pwr 100-lb. sk. 
Leaa, per lb. 
Vegetablaa — 

B^ana. (reen , 

Celery, crata 

>'eaa. new graaa. looaU lb..... 

. Naw Baete. per lb 

Na* titjni tl Brata. p^r .let 
Naw buiirh ( arrota. par do*,. 
Naw buncti Turnlpa. par doa. 

Caullflowar. local 

Cabbaaa, par crate par lb.... 

i'ooo qvanttlleo 

Head LiOtliio^ local, per orate 
Rhubarb, aeeordlng to tiaa. 
appearance and 

_^ par lb 

Cucumbera, accurdtng lu 
and grade, per dee. ... 1.44 

'*ariio .*.... *......••...•.■•• 

Tomatnae — 

llnttiiMiK^ No J 

Hnlhiiua* No. 2 

Prulta — 



^ " 


I ; 



.31 H 











4 10 

.44 '/t 




4 no 
3 60 

Appira — Old 

Tallow Newton ■••..** 

Okanagan WIneaapa 

AppUa- .Nr-w. paarh lioxea 

AprlinfB. crataa 

Aprlcuta for praacrx Ing— Flrat car 
arrived today. Trr lioa.... 1.44 

Cantaloupea' *6'a 4&'a 

Canlaloupaa. ll'aU'a 13.34 

Cherrlea, Waah. Blnga. par lb 

Cherrlea. Vaah. L,amborta^ per lb. 

<'lirrrlra. < 'kanagaa 

ili.>rrlra, liical 

I'lunia. Calif 3.40 

Peachaa 1.T4 

Oooaeberrlea, 84a. par orate 

Strawberriea, local tabla 

8trawl>errlca, local preaarrtag 

Raapbarrlae, local, 24a. per crate... 

I-<)f anb^rrlaa, par crate 

Kill curranta. local. S4a. perorate.. 

Black Curranta, erata 

Watarroaloaa leoao. per lb, 

Watarmalona, crated, per lb. 
Orangra — V a lane laa — 

tiold Elephant. 124a te I44s ... 

kunklal. 134a to S4iS ........ 

424 a at 14.341 S4ra asPs ... 



i^ity. lb. ........... 

Crated, lb. 

4-baakot eratee .... 
Baakatak 1 Sea oa«h 

Qrapafrult — According to alaa 


Calirurnia 9.99 

Comb Uonoy, 14'a per eeae 

Uatae — 

llallowl, halk. 1433 crop 

Hair. bulk. 1»13 crop «0|12'a (Special), per 


Droniatlary. par caaO ......... 

Camel. KilO oa. 

Ralalne — 

Calif, cartona. 2011 cjo 

Calif . rar'nna. 1212 

Calif, layara. 6'a 

Malaaa Ualilna, lOjCe 


Almonda. per lb 

Ilrailla, par lb 

Fllbarta. per lb 





( 14 

. .33 

W'alnuta f^o. 1 ........... .44 

Wabiat^ Mew Maaelia If 


B.C. Reflnerr — 
. Wklte. per kaadiM .. 
Yeltow, per hwadred . 

• • e #• o a a 

M I" 

2 00 



M P. 
M H 

1 00 

2 76 
M P 
M P 








T 14 
2 00 


M P. 
il P. 
U P. 





%imp\m L««f aae 

Koval Standard . a . 
VN 11.1 H"mm ( Pa«trj> 
Kt)y ul HnUMhold . • 

U A -JC J' luttT aaoaeeeaeeaoaa«aae«a«««« 
1^1 V9 JftOflSS • aeeeaeeeeaaaaeeaaeaeaaaaa 
11 A K PftStry eeoeeeeeeeoaeaeeoeoaeea 


• eoaaapoaoaoaaea 



3 14 

No apo^lal braada qaetod 


Beef. Me. 1 eteeta 
Lamb, Sprtag .... 



liacon . . ■ . • 
U UttOB . . • • 

>eas«e ooa 
eseeeeee e a a « 
■ eeeeaeasaeeea i 

.27 to 


.1T% to 
.14 te 









...41 to 

442 00 

Ur Harlay 

. . t 10 

44 no 


1 It 

4S 00 

47 0« 

yeed Coranieal . 


. . . 2 46 

47 00 


. . 1 14 

<4 00 


IjOfranb^rrlem \rc \ rrjr Prollflo < rop 
and Pricey Uffrrrd Too Low 
to Pny 

A daapateh ^om Saism, Ore., aays 
that with a memberahlp of orer one 
hundred growers and ail acreage of 

tS4, the Oregon IyOg«nl>err\ ';rowers' 
fo-opera f I ve Kxch.mge waa aucceaa- 
fnll', or^r.'i n izeil here fSrowern were 
forced tu organise for self -protection. 
Canners are olfarlnc as low aa m 
cents and tha asehansa vrowars will 
accept nothkif bslour I eants or laave 
the berries on tha vlnaS- 

Kre^h loganberries will be shipped 
into the Knat. anil If a good deriKind 
la eatnhllshecl It will tend to ntlmiil.ite 
the home market and force the can- 
ners to advance their bid price. 

Tonnage :s eatlmated at 1.24S to 
i.SOS tons, of which ahotit M eara win 
b* marketed fr«*h. 

»S A ♦ /» nl ( nil hint 

J'lonttr t oiuid In bhack 

ISO-MILB HfWBB, July IS.— Tha 
nkel«ton remalna of Alonaa Rdward 
I. urns oM-tlmer of the Csrlhoo. hhse 
heen fntind In hta shack, about a mile 
north of IR3 Mile flouae 

lAicaa waa a M'irtaona Ray #m- 
ployee. working for the company aa 
far north aa the Maekensla Basin, 
until at'out thirty yaars aco. Whan ha 
oama doom Into tha OnrlhM aanntry 
and laak up ntlnlnt tmppln« in 
tha Harsafly diatrtet. Tha laat fow 
yeara he had b»en TtYrng In hIa Bbar« 
an'! effHMM 99* 

In Uie tiuiunia|ej^.iii«K, 1 


C.If.R. Report Khowa Kaoellcnt Proa* 
ipact^ MtMfiu siiiiiiiiary Sliowa 
< .■ Ill lull) I u \ I >rabie 

WI.NMrKO, July 10. — Crop condi- 
tions throughout the Prairie prov- 
inces cootlnua favorable, and the 
promlaa of • bountiful harvaat haa 
not In any way dlmlnlahad, atataa tha 
Canadian National Railway's crop 
report for tha week ended July 7. Is- 
sued here today. Wheat la In full 
head In many aectlona and the Wlntof 
rye harvest ahuuld be geneihl next 

Tha first entUng la raportad from 
Whlta Plains dUtrlct/wast of Wlnnl- 

{Joo.l weiither with sufficient mois- 
ture to c^rry the cropa to Isarveat Is 
outstaijilliiK feature of the orop re- 
port for the week laauad hero by the 
ugrh uliural department of tha CSn- 
adlan i>aclflc Railway. 

Paaturaa In »ood ahape; livestock 
showing great lmi>roveineiit . gras^- 
hi>i>per8 well under control; no re- 
p(irt of rust from any point; aru u 
few more aallent features of the re- 

In Manitoba all the conditions aio 
excellent, with steady rains in all sec- 

No more r.^ln Is required at present 
and some low areas are a little too 
wet. So far no damas* from any 
cause. Fifteen to twenty per cent of 

wheat headed out. 

in SaHkatchew an the present con- 
dition of the crop l.s we'.l nl.ove t)i« 
average aa litieral rains have pro- 
duced sufficient moisture to carry 
crops through a harvest if aupple- 
mented by an occaalonal ghower. Hall 
durlns tha last week-end has caused 
eonslderable damage in widely-dis- 
tributed areas in this province. 

Alberta farmers are conceding that 
the proapecta are better than In IttI, 
as food weather the past wSek has 
placed them in fine condit*.>)n. Thlrty- 
fiva par cant of wheat Is headed ou*. 
Kali rye haa been cut for feed in aoino 
dlsfrlctK On the E.-T. A- RC rtall- 
wfiy heH\-y rains sinae the Uk! rep.irt 
hsve placed the i-r..p« m fine ah.ipe, 

wiih Buffl>-ient moisture to take them 
through the harveat. ICoat Of th J 
wheal la heading out. • 

British Columbia harries are now 
moving, and although not :«.) ^ond a<< 
previously expected, are a >,o, d crop. 
Clover and alfalfa Is now l.eln- cut 
and tiiiTiIng out well. Ap|«le., In th* 
okanRK>in will be a record - hret k er. 
both In quantity and quality. Peachci 
are likely to ba lighter than last few 
years, but Increased slsa will mak<> 
up tha tonnage. Btona fruttg gen- 
erally w in be llghtar than In 1*23. 


14:-. (60 141 Juna laat jraar. and waa 
made up 4ka followa: 

..arfo riiaa reported 12,444.444 

Ninall firaa r.portal|a of uar«p«rted fii<a ... 




I- *;>riiary , 







8aplrnibar .*,.,,,,. 



4. 121. 760 

IS i:j.«4« 


asaassa a 



444.204.401 414,4l4.tN 

aunts BOND SALBi 

Fire losses In Cana'ln during the 
first half of 1923 are est i mute, 1 by 
The Monetary Times at 119,825,700, 
compared with 119,642,750 for the 
first half of 142S. The total for the 
year 1422 waa 144,204,406, October 
and Daeambar having baan aspecially 
heavy months. 

Tha Juno loas waa 13,126.400. 
Against $3,214,400 in May and $2. 

of Can.idlan provincial, mu- 
nicipal and corjioratlon aeciirltlea 
ahow an in< rease. the total duiiiiK tti« 
month of .tune beiuK higher 1>> right 
million over tin- pieslouj* moiub anti 
thirteen niUUun above tha total dur- 
ing Jnna of Uat yaar. 

Four of the provinces were In the 
market with Issues during the month. 
t)ie largeat of which wan the three 
mlTTlon Ra(<katch^'V\ an li^eue. 'Phi* 
compares with two provincial Ntiue.s 
during .Ma\. of wbl. ti ti n luillliin wa.^ 
Ont.'irlo tri.i'-ui> ii.'t.v luirlng June 
ot laal year no pruvlacea were in tb« 
markat for funda. 

The following is a comparison of 
bond sales during M,iy and June. 
1122. and June. 1922: 

June. 1»:2 Mav l!>:i lura. 

Provincial 4 i.»44.60o |i<i ci . i > % 

Municipal.. 4.271.0I* 6:<ii~ i ' ' 4 »];.««it 

Coaperat'na it. 400.000 «.:i'&,0'>o ii.;»o,ooo 

i:<« KS1 it^ I'M cti «6'^ ii«,c':;,t40 

iSamiHH Mfarkrd />// 
1 I (HI ps >< lit 1 1 ; / I '.N ^ 

Uul Hold I'lisoiicrs 

HONO KONO. July 10.— About 
twenty of the bandits who held up 
a train on the Canton-Kowlooii Kali 
wav, near Canton last Katurda\ were 
killPil tori iy in a battle with t'hineB- 
troops. The main body of the bandita, 
however, eacaped to the hllla With 
the ninety wall«UHie Chlnaan who 
were taken prlsonars whan tha train 

was raided 

A Chinese military offlcer and one 
aoldler were killed in the attack 011 
the train and loot valued at 1500.000 
waa taken. 


6% CiumUativa Participatinc Pra- 
ferrsd Stock. Price |90 par shart. 

Tield 6.67%. 

Wall-eatabllahed eompany, aarring 44 
riti.B and towne la Qaoboe. A 4aaMe 
an<i progreaalve tadaalrlal e>tBtre la 


■atabllshod I40i 
734 rert St. rbeaoa SIS. 8181 

Re f. GUM ft CO., LTi. 


(Ueabara B.C. Bond Doalara' Assa.) 

53* Fort Stroat VI 
Phonaa 5«00, 5«01 

'•1 -'i • 



More and more (lie rxptrienced 
iamier realizes the unportatiice of 
accurate book-ki 

The fiutner who opens a Chequing 
Aocotinf with the Beak of Moatfctl 
i.t rfiabled to keep ma txmct record 
of receipts .and expenditure and to 
have the iHlpful advice ofancxpcti- 
cnced banker whenever he aaeds it. 

Wk shmll be pleased to supply 

you 11-itfi a Fiirmrr\ iitouHi 

Book free oj charge, 

4. Montinabtrly Maaaf er 


fctnMiahod ovwr lOOywara 

Bonds Are the Best iRvestment 

YieUiit FroB i'/o to 7/« Nitk 




^ our circumstances will receive our best considcratioa when 
. ^ makiiif •ttfnfcttloiw. 


Vktorie R r i 

\\f> 120 
I Vrnl 


City of VktorU '/c, due 194J, at 100 

Pmmm, 7%, doc mi. to yield <w7S« 

Burdick Bros., Ltd. 

Warab^ro H <* W««4 r>«alanr Aeanoleftmi 




Marine and Transportation 

CoHstrvaUwe Revival 


I - ui mcr German Liners Arc Both the World's "J. argest" Ship 1 p| J Qf j \^\^^ 

I^^^'^-^' ■ I -tf^-^WM "■' I BRANDED FARCICAL 

For ft, ,.. ,y,, b««lnnins VMdaf 
of thu wrvK, th« Oaadlan Paclflo 
•atomoblto tmtry Motor PiUiom will 

'iCuiri male* Saanlchton Imt Inland 
landlns pUo* IbmmUI of Mdaojr In tbo 
Mllacluim*yaiieoav«r TaUnd mtr- 
vIOO. ■xceptionally low ■\A^f at th« 
fltdnay slip will mak« ttiai wiiarf in- 
!■ < fKulh)!^ to the Prlni-euM .in ttit- <lay« 
.^pe< Ifleil. ^ Th« temporary fii( llill»-n 
establUhed' at SMinlchton l>y the 
company oomo wooka aco, when low 
wator alao kopt tho voomI away from 
hor euatomary tormlnal, will a«mla 
b« uoed. 

Haanlchlon will l>« lined liy the 
Motor Prliiremi on Kriday, Saturday 
and Sunday, and on llontfay thO forry 
will ravcrt to Sidney. 

Juat at thia time the employment 
of the Baanlchton iillt> 1^ an ndviintaso 
to mutorlet)!. ii» thr^y are ltiu» able 
r».H<h the f^rry ve«Bi'l without 
making th« dfiour from th<^ Sidney 
road iiiM'enMary by r«'nin>n of tho pav- 
ing operatlona. The road to the 
•aaatehtoa wharf breaks away from 
tba main hlvbway boforo tho dotour 
boeomea neceoeary. 

I ' ' arly aprlnff eonolderabie 

drPilKi'iK v\an carried out by the 
Dominion Oepartment of T'uhllc 
Worko at the Sidney wharf, eufflclent 
depth of wator being thon aesured 
for all ordinary tidal condltlona. 
flomo thouoanda of dollar* were 
apont on the work. The Anacortes 
t*ny haa aince been able to uhp the 
•lip at all tlmr^. but ttic Canadian 
Pacific craft drHw.i inoro w.ttfr nnd 
at extreme low water firuiii the ^orth 
unavailable. The Dominion depart- 
mont la bolns urgod at the prooont 
Umo to provMo a fow more foot of 
wator to mako tlio doek aeooailblo at 
aaj ateto 9t tho tldo. 


PORTLAND, Ore.. July 10. — With 
the aincle exception of the FurneM- 
FrlBce L.ine, all fleeta holding mem- 
borahlp In the Pacific Weet bound 
Confereaoe were represented at the 
quarterly meeting which upenp.l here 
\»«l«>Mlav N'o rate rhungei worr 
«nn>)un( n(l ns « < (iiiii»'<jiien( » of the 
initlnl eeselun, whlili was fentiired l>y 
a declalon to lenil a committee to 
Chicago the laat of the month to con- 
fer with linos In the North Atlantic- 
Orlontal Mnrleo with rospoot to ltS4 

C. R. King, of Ran Francisco, of 
the Pacific Mull I.lnp. \n Kenr-rnl 

chairman, with i; ./ a Wattn, of s«n 
Franclaco, K<*neral »ierrftnr\. The 
i-onf eren (■»> w a« ■ ihiIIihumI today. 

67///* IJQl Of: IS 

The twi> former German 
now converted into the United Statea 
■toamer Leviathan, shown above, and 
tho British ship Majestic, bolow. With 

t i w aavn t 6 t tn* fo r me r ta mr A t - 

lantic pasMnger buaineas, her owners, 

tho United States Shipping Board, 
have proclaimed h^r thp world'n hig- 
gost ship, tho Ulatincllon heretofore 

accordod u al v o ro a l ly t« the Majeatlc. 
A controversy Is now raging over the 
question, and many of tho most com- 
potont American authorities ooncecle 
I I I* B r ltun ▼ ■■■1 1 6 V iBft i*f t »r. 

Evidently referring to the J^vla> 
than'a tonnage, Harold Saunder, 
rhalrman of thp Whitp Star IJne. in 
a public apeech recently at London, 


QUBBEC, .Tuly 10. — Word haa 

b<;pn rerelv<-.l !n the local ofTlcea of 
tlip ("unard l,in" that th« atenmnhlp 
Andatii.i, K-ticd II l> ii to Ipiivn Soiitli- 
anipton on .Inly 1.1. !■« now ilPtlniteiy 
ranrellpd its .im tli« pr<'H*»nt trip 
is concerned, due to the dock labor- 
ers' striko in England. 

sTi:\>ii.u iii;ni<j.\TS 

NEVy WORK, July 10.— The steamer 
Vaubaa. which wont oa tho rooks off 
Bermuda yostorday, was flpatod thia 


HONOI, n.r, .July 10. — CustoniM 
offlccre here announced that r.<9 
quarters of liquor aboard the Oceanic 
liaor Voattira, bouad for Ban Fran 
elaeo from Aaotralla. were soisod thi.H 
aftornoon. The Ventura will be per- 
mitted to retain seventeen quartern 
for uae In emergonolee during tho re- 
mainder of tho voyage. 


TACOMA, July 10.— Arrived: JuKa 
Luckenbach. Raat Coaat porta. Railed: 
rrfsldeiit .Jackson. Orient; .1. I., 
I.iirkpnbach, Seattle; Kalner, Healile, 
Port Angclr.*, Olympia. 

SEATTLE. July 10.— Arrived: 
Santa Crus, Portland: Admiral Rod- 
ntan. Port Angoloa: Jofforaon. Re- 
dondo. Admiral Rogera. Alaaka; 
Miikpna. PplllnKhiiin . I'rPHidPni Jack- 
won, Admiral Rcbree, T:n-oiHa, l?o- 
chum. Banta Olivia. S«r\ Kriim ilro. 
Sailed: Florldlan, H. K. Alexander, 
San Francisco; Hawaiian. Port An- 
geles. Ralner. Taeoma: Caacade. 
Bolllngham; Joha C. Klrkpatrlck. 
San Pedro. 

KETCHIKAN. July 10. — Sailed: 
Alameda, northbound 

HELLlNOHAM, July Irt— Arrived: 
Cascade, Seattle. Sailed: Makena, 
Seattle: Eldorado, New York. 

BAN FRANCI8CO. July 10.— Ar- 
rived: Panama, Boston; Roao City, 
Portland. Ruth Alexander, Boattle. 
Sailed: Weaton, Portland and Seat- 
tto; Wapama, Portland: William B. 
i>oh»ny. Honolulu; Northlaad, 

I ' ) ma . 


NEW YORK. July 10.— Proaident 
Van Buron, London: Majastle, Bouth- 

ampton: Stavangerfjord, Bergen. 
PORTLAND, July 10.— Hanawa, 

Orient; W.irawnnlo. Orient. U'allhiK- 
ford. San h'lanrlKco. I'eter Kerr, New 
Tori* .iiid way ports 

YOKOHAMA. June 27. — Alaska 

Try Frccgards 

Paint Remover 

The World's Most Sitisfictory Pump — 

The Red Jacket Pump 



We ve the pump 
suit your par- 
ticular require- 
ment. Call^ phone 
or write us now. 


— for the dairy, 
the fighting sys- 
tern, the water 
system. Buy your 
gasoline engine 

HickmanTye Hardware Co., Ltd. 

:5lorc i'boae 39 

Uilice i 'liooc ^U43 



Buiidrri' Flard' 
■M.L." Paint. 

claimed to be able to blow herself 
out an with a birycle pump, and then 
laid claims t.. i.e.: thr :aiKP«l vessel 
afloat. He added that the docl( au- 
thorities would not objoot to tho toa- 
nage. but would mako tho owaora pay 
for tho hot air. 

Maru, San Franclaco; Steel Voyacer, 
Ran Pedro: Thuyama Maru, San 
Krancisco; Robort Dollar. Ban Fran- 

SHANOHAI, July a.— Kava Maru, 

To com a. 

Hf).\<; KO.VC. .luly ». — President 
l>in( (iln, S.Ti) Franclaco; Weat Pro- 
apect, San l'>anciaco. 

MANILA, July ». — ^Weet Se^uana, 

San Francijtco 

MVKHI'oor,, July in Silver 
Sht'll, Sn II l'"ram lsro, 

I I. V .MOUTH, July 10.— Ryndam, 
.New York. 

SYUNEY, July 10.— Mangulnul. 
San Fraaolsco. 

NEW YORK, .blly 10.— Valdei, 



KOBE, July e. — Pomena, Seattle. 

YOKOHAMA. July 7.— Mursa. Baa 

NEW YORK, July 10.— Maura- 
tania. Southampton; Resolute, Ham* 
liiir)?: CorninK-, Tamplco. 

.SHA.N-CMAI. .Inly %, PrOOldOBt 

Wilson. San Kranclsco. 

HONc KONO. July t.^Praaldaat 

Grant, Seattle. 


jfi.v. le::. 
T>rt). of BuariM and SunMt (Paelfle 
ja.nd.rd Tim«> at Vteteria. far the 

ftionth of Jaljr, \%tt: 





... 4 





. ■ . 4 




T . 

. . . 4 





. . . 4 




• . 

. . . 4 


« 14 


10 . 

. . . 4 


1 12 


II . 

. . . 4 




12 . 

. . . 4 




It . 

. . . 4 




14 . 





If . 

. . . 4 


1 OS 


If . 

. . . 4 


t 09 


IT . 

■ • . 4 


t Of 


It . 

. . . 4 


f 07 





4 2f 

4 :i« 
4 42 
4 4« 

T*"? . Obwrvalory, Oontal.a 

Heisbta. VIoterta, 


-JULT. 1»I2 
Chlaa aad Japan 

Pr.iM.nt McKtnl.jr— Mall. do.. July 1, 
Pu. .t Tokohani. Jwljr It; Shans- 
y II. ll»n( Koii(. Jaly II. 

of RuaaU- Mull. do.. Jaly I> 
* p m rm. at Yokohama. July tl; aHanf 
■ •I, .lul/ »7; Hons Kong, July S». 
Pre.ld.nt J« k .. . Mall* etoea Jwly II. I 
O"* V - . ,» July M: abaaahai. 
iiy 20. iioii« I, , , J. 

H.w.ii Mar 1 ••,„ . ,1,,,, July ;n. » p m. 
J. .1 T(»koh4f),« A'lK 4«nl J.rr.iwn — Malta cloa. Jaly If. 
p m. Dm at Tekokama Ana. «: SbaBB 

f p in 
hal. .tl 
Rni pr.aa 



s p m. Da. at Tekokama Ana- « 
I'.t. Aa». II; Hens Kons, AusT II 

I ' Pr.a. of Australia- Ualla rioa. July 
* P rti. Du. at Tokoh.ina. Au* 7. 
Auf. II; Hong Kong. Auc. II. 
t , M e n i M sile eleee Jajr ti, f 
•t Tekekaaia. A«a. it; ttaaaha 

• ''■hal. A 

* a bam 

A ia 21. 

A«a«nkila and Nrw ZMland 

Tatiltl— M.ila rio.c July 17. I p.m. 
K.n Kr«nri.,o Otto V\>lllnaton. Aua, 

\'niiii« (Au.lralla onlfl-Mall. 
Juhr 2». I p in. Via Haa rraaolaoo. 
K)<dnar. Aac. fl. 

Niacara— Mall, rio.* Aug. 4. !• a.a 
r.«t. i>u« Ai. k!».. I K'lt 14, 

. JULT. latl 





• :lt 

• ■40' 

• :4t 

• :•! 
t 12 

4 4( 

7 1 1 
7 2f 

• :>» 

• :SI 


3 .04 

• It 
1 20 


4 2* 
T Of 




« I 


t I 

1 I 

2 f 

• • 

• 0 
t 1 
7 I 
( 1 
4 1 
4 2 
2 2 
1 • 
I 0 

10 14 

11 17 

1 -i 
I • 


1 ■) H • 0 j» 7. J 

• ;«1 

It 41 
11 21 

4 II 

I to 


• :l« 


12 20 

" I , 
2 7 

1 f 
1 2 
1 A lt I> 
1 0 1» on 
U 44 

I I 

• 1 

• 0 

if f* Till II Tl 

lT:t2 T.TIItf Tl 

1:11 1.1 IT:44 T I 2«:l| 

• :ll 1.111:02 T. 7 21:11 

• :lt l.«ll:l« 7 111:11 

Tt). TImo saaa la 
th. IlOth M.rl4lan 

to Of 


7 I 21 14 
T 4 :.• 11 
7 I|I2 II 


1.4 10 10 
t t'l. 10 
4 2 20 42 
21 14 
21 47 
11 21 

I I 

• 4 

T 4 
7 1 

I I 
I I 

I 4 
I I 
t • 

0 1 






^PaeMe Slanilarif. for 
It I. <oun'.<1 frf^m 
4 to 24 hoara. frnni mMalSkt to midnlcht. 

rnur.a for '•«•' aarV* to illallnfuiak 
\\ • '. Wat.r f ■ Low Wat.r W h.r« 
bianka aocar la Ih. laMaa tha tl«« 
ar fails aeatlaaaepir aarla« tt 
iMbI poHeds wltaoat taraiac 

Tko Holsht la la fMt aad l.ath. - f . fnt^ 
.IMITO 111. avvraa. I.r.t of low.r i « .tar. 
KwiiilTT'.lt To SnS th. d.atk of watar aa 

(i.aka si.oaen Kaiaha ataamor 
Alabama Maru. Captain T. Tama- 
ruobl. wUl BMka part tlMa mornliiB 
fran tlM fte Baat. Tha v«Hal la 
<ioe at <wa ra« l — M saran •'•laak. 
Victoria time, and Bhoald barth at 
tljr liHiiri i>i^ra about «>iah: .m. 
)>M^ (irai claas and 41 ^teeraaa 

paf.'rnaer% f& 

V Ictoria. 

SHIPS \\ ! I \s I \ i It. Ill I I osiNli 
llli^VliLNL'li: FROM BAU 

Whola Uoor 1a>>K<< Would Be 
Up Willi i;: Mile Limit, 
lya I.M.M. I'ryiilBBl 

NEW TORJC Jaly \%.—r\t BaBlaad 
>iil4 aoo kor way elaar to approva a 
^ ehra-aUla limit, wlthla whloh the 

.^merieaa Government could search 
.allien vessels suspected of rum-run- 

iilriB. the troublesome question "f 
foreimi linerM hriiiging li<)Uor ptoiea 
to this country woul I tic lioHiifrt up, 
in the opinion oC P. A. S. Tranklln. 
president of tha iBtaraatlOii&l Mer- 
cantile Marine. 

Returninr from Europe today, he 

branded «.i n (.uco thf prc.-tctit situs- 
lion in wliiih Kit- Ainfiican auttiorl- 
tie.'i arc "oriflHca t int; nil hut meilicin«l 
iiijuor brought Into port by foreisn 

"We are in the same position an 

the Onv^rnment itself." he declared 

"The traffic In li<iuor Is itolnK on In 

the riiln-it .Sl:U»'H to(i;i> luiicfi t lie 
aamc as liffore th*" Volstead .\ct. iind 
the Government In Kettiiin no rev- 
enue from U. Kasihound p^sBengerii 
' n dry boats are brinainc their own, 
^ith the result that the steamahlps 
oe earrylac •« muoh liquor as they 
uould If they attempted to handle it 
over the bar, and yet are (ettlna nu 
revenue from that source whatever." 


M\> Mil I \N vMII- ll<)\\lMi|\ II \s 
ltl:^CHKl> UAITLl:. lL\UlK>lt 

Ifevor Knew Bergs to Be So Niun4>rouB 
Befora, WlrrieiwoM Capt. Mac- 
Mlllan lo The I'oloolat 

NEW YORK, July 10. — (By special 
Wireless from Captain Donald B 
Maemillan. of tha Arctic-bound ship 
Rowdoln.) — We have Just arrived al 

Itattle Harbor, after a atormy and 
h.'izardoni* xoyiiKf Ah we iH>,irp.| the 
Htr.ilt of HcIIp IhIp th.' WK.utur 
ciiiiii- Ktaduslly worse, mid Wf wci.- 
buikinj? a Hirong norllieast wind, ui- 
companled by thick fogs, which madr 
navigation difficult. Added to thia 
was the ever-present danger of col- 
lision with tho hundreds of icebergs 
which are floating south from the 
North Atlantic I liavp never en- 
countered so many before at thin 
season of th»i year. 

Reports here indicate that tho Ice 
conditions are astromely bad further 
noath, ospoolally along the coast of 
Labrador. We ehall probnbly remain 
hero three or four day? to nwnll n 
ehange In the wind and weather that 
Will drive tho lea off tho ooaat. 


I>alcly Oprnod ncnori ni Itrciii \«.i<>,1 
llay Han Irnwistlblc Ap|M-al to 

After the BeamUhU 

Tho Aiichorase ten gardens, Brent- 
wood Bay, the official opanlng of 
which was chronicled In these 
columns a few days ago la attracting 
a lot of attention, nnd it is altojfether 
fit and proper thnt Ihi.- sln.iild t>e nn, 
nn II more ;i p 1 jnK .'<e.i.HiJe beauty 
spot 111 whli h to enjoy all the com- 
forts of a home can not easily be Im- 
agined. As Mr. W. O. Wallace, tha 
enterprlaiag and gonial proprietor, 
most oonvlnelngly says: "Tha Anchor- 
age's surroundings must ba aaaa to be 

The newly-opened resort Is iituated 
on tha water front, a short distance 
east of tho former Broatwood Hotel. 
Good bathing and boating aro avail- 
able nt all limes nnd more particular- 
ly (UirinK Ih'' warm wf-nlher ( ni.r- 
ing to afternoon teaa and lunches is 
a specialty. 

The intenirban lands intending 
visitors at Brentwood atation or 

March.'infs Hoad. whencj. nowly * 
erected signs should be followed to 
the Ancborago. 

Taming Point In SoU^nro 
The .Ttoni is composed of electrons 
and nuoleua: the nucleus Is, wo be- 
lieve, compoeed of elertrona aad pro- 
tons. Apparently all electrons are 
identical in their properties, and so 
aro all protona. and It Is their asao- 
elatlon In different niinibern and dif- 
ferent ways tint liiiild.s up all the 
diverse forms of matter. It is Inter- 
esting to siieriil.tte whether this dls- 
covery of the fiindamentsl units rep- 
reaents the end uf a dnflnite sta««r In 
the evolution of science. The history 
of oclenca show* a scrloa of alternat. 
Ing periods In whloh. on the one 
haeid. discoveries Jhnt have been 
ni:ide are ro-ordlnate,i n ni1 brought 
int<» .T scheme, ,Tnd on dm oiiier hand, 
new discoveries are made that shatter 
this seheme and force us to consider 
II only a special caae of a wider gen- 
era fixat Ion. It may bo that tha lost 
twenty years, during which tho elec- 
trical thoory of gsattor haa originated, 
repreaenta a greet oge of dlaoox'sry to 
be f..llowed by a lone period of de- 
vel..pment and co-ordln(«tion The 
fundamental units h.Tve bean reduced 
to two. and this niiml>«r cannot he 
reduced much further, flo It Is ditfl- 
eult to rsalst the Impraogloa that tha 
era which has joat llaMiad marks a 
fraat tamtag palat 1b tha 'history 
of •etonca.oW. L. Bracg la Yale Re- 

I 9te«raaa I 

Voo high pralaa aaaaot bo riven 
to th<MM prodoc*ni who. at great 

expenae, have glv#n the publlf repre. 
eentatlona of rreat hlatorlcTi Ixodes, 
and hav* tliii* >>,a<Ir llvlna realHv 

of scenes of bygone days. Stteh flIaM 
are not oaly -a roeroatloe. bat an 
adaoatlaC pravMad tbara Is not too 
grant a «apart«ra trim hiafrHal 
Caat. HMPb are each MMtMMS poa- 
atbfflttas of bath Innocent amoaement 
,\r I jsefiil learn Ins In ■! 
iha! <•"• 'annot help regretting that 

mori not 

Cape Argoo^ 

I Ih- leault tif the Ontario 
last week has created a genem 
preoalon that tha Cenaarvatlve I'arty, 
which haa baan 
paMUqal wllderi 
motn baeoma a vlgorotia Mrob la 
Canadian potttlca and la likely aoon 
to recover a In the govern- 

' '- .if iM.iiillV Th« I^jlicluii 

\- \vt I'lt-.'-M afl«*r pointing oul thai 
after the parliamentary election of 
1921, It seem«d alraoat annihilated, 
not a Provlnoe in Canada having at 
the time a Connsmatlva adaslnlgtra- 
tlon. and the Oovanunont at Ottawa 
balng a prise of the Mackenale King 
Llberala saya the first sign of a re- 
vival of till [>art\ cani"' nt ttie time 
of the .\laiiit dm pruvintlal elections. 
In which, thiniifli the ri:ii<d I"Hriners 
won, the C"oii!«er\ Mtlves uie.l t tie 

second plac^ as to numbers of the 
groups which made up the Legisla- 
ture, aUndlng ahead of tha Ubamla 
who had oeatrallad tha Qarggn i ont. 
Nast oamo the Quabae pravlaalal 
contest, in whloh Mr. Sauve, the Con- 
aervative leader, thouKh left In a 
minority, won .xo iiiiitu .seat.5 that the 
situatiun alarmed the Con em nie m . 
Then came the overturn lir i iritario 
The Tree Press commenting on the 
situation, says: 

"The causes of this revival are 

many. Perhape the chief la the re- 
action from all political fiiils and 
fads whi(h have been advarne,] as 
paiiaceuK for the ilia of «; ii<- l , > ^ 
recent year.^ There Is a K'''Winif 
feeling that we hi<v.- (m-'m over- 
governed and that what tJaneda iioeds 
today is a return to sound. Mabla. 
buataaaBllke. roaponalblo govammont. 
auoh aa tha Conaarvatlvo Party has 
always stood for. 

"One of the outcomea of class and 
rrioip jr. 'V ei nmeiil has linen the de- 
velopment of .seel loiiHlisTti iiDiup 
politics tends to -(elflwh sectionalism 
With the result that the Maritime 
Provlnoaa aro talking ■ooemion, and 

till Weft is thing IvMl Alsaathifae. 
III! People have been nalurallv 
Making what Is wrong with C'tinada 

When thay aoa thanoaada aC pnbpla 
leaving tha aanntrr. 

"As a part> «lil/h haa almava 
thought In national terrns the peo- 
!..<• ,» I . to ttie v'onawrratlvaa. 
The I ■MS' 1 V iilve frnty was the parly 

of Con fe.l f r a : n.n. the party whtoh. 

opened the Weat. built tho CP. ft., in- 
augarata^ tha national pottey. an4 
whloh. during tha war. pln«od tha 
welfare of the aatlbn bafore pafvy. 

The I'onservatlve Party U the ..nn 
p.'irly which preaches the sniue policy 
fi^m roast III i i»a«t and » lili ti atanda 
fcur-stjuare for I>ornln!"ii wide na- 
tional interests. If i ' ' -nservatlve 
leaders will make a broad national 
appeal, the party will not bn long rb- 
tanUng to »ow«r nt OtCaw*, gg ««|| 
aa Toronlo." 

iM ' 

Comi H to ( (Mist to 

Study Liquor Control 

VANCOUVBR, July It.— In order 
to tnvaatignU tha workings of the 
■ala of lienor nndor government con- 
trol In Britlah Columbia. Hon. R. W. 
t^relg. of Winnipeg. Attorney-General 
in thv cabinet of FVeniier Braclien, 
of Maattebn. nrrlva« la ▼baoaavar 

"Wo hava boon authorlaad by aa 
ovarwhalming vote of the p -oiile of 
Manitoba to Institute the sale of 

liquor liy Rovarnnient control, and I 
have ci.nie to tha Oo4U>t to consult 
the Atioi iiev-Oeneral and the mem- 
buia of the i.lquor Control Board as 
to the workings of tha gygMM Mr*,* 
said Hon. Mr. Cia... 

He had come British Co'umbK 
with an open mind. Mr. <'i.<l(t de- 
clared If he foui)^ good fe.ituras iu 
the »r, hnre thbir woaM ba 
by Manitoba. 


1 he World ! Greatest Highway 

4 Transcontinental 
Train 0iily 



Vancouver-St. Paul-Chicafft< 


\' ;i n . Olivet I or ,i ii t o 


StuaoMr TcoriM Farai la AO Pgiat* 

1 ult partirularit from any agent, 
Canadiad Pacific Rail ' h 

C U N A R [ 



TO ri.TMoi7T«.cMaaBouaa-iiONM»r 
Auseala July it Asdasia ....Jaty tl 

•A«f. a 

.July te Athanla 

_ ifEW Toaa 

TO qmnoMtowM and uv 

Meytkia (aestesl Jahr H 

raraala Juir tl rraneenla ....Aug. 4 

Samaria taeetea) Aag. f 

tvioumcan and aoimiAMiTON 

Aqultania .July 14 Mauratmnia . . Aug. T 
Baraagarta. .Aag. 14 Aqaltaala ..A«ai U 

MMt—waa hr axi> OLAgMMf 

caaseteaia ..fair tt OMamkia ....Atm- « 

WiT M a HMKW— Qg— 

■aaeala < t *a<es) ......••••••.•.«.4MB> 4 

Trrfheala (Maaikarg) Aag. I 

Monar ardara and drafta at lowaat rataa. 
Pali lafarmatloa fraas Agealser Oemsaays 
offlft*. Ill Haatiags K* w« Tgaoawrsr. 

Phons Bay. 1141. 


Montraa l Q— fcee — l.l>«r|M>nl 
U<cln« <Naw)»». . . July 7. A u« 4. 8«pt. 1 
Mcsantle* ....... .*«ly 14. Aus. 1 1, aeat. • 

Doric (New)** July II. Aus. II. MasL II 

Caaada July 21. Aug- II. Sapi. 31 

•Calls at Olasfow waetkoaad 
••Calls St Ralfast waathound 
New Ter k '0» — atawn — l.l*rriMal 

Adrlatto iSly 7, Aus. 4. Sept. 1 

roltle July 14. Aus II. H»p| I 

Hsilln July 71. Auk I*. .H-pi It 

Odrl. .lUlv ;« III; 2k Hrl»l li 

>'aw York — <'hariMinr( — Soathampton 

llninrrlc (N>wi .July 7, July 71. Aus U 

Majeatlc (N»w) July 14, Aus. 11, Sept. 1 

ulympla July ii. Aag. II, Ca^ ■ 

aau 8TAK turn 

Why Not 

Take a claaa. coay raom la a Bodara. gre- 
pteet kelldlrkg; qulat bat i-aatral lar sll 
■tSSSi eSfS aad tkttlraa Irrma trai 



aieaskard tlrwl. Ne^^l^PalMg Utiary 

iHags Wadaaadays 

aMSbican umt 

nub Cliartsai a M — ksi g 
llags Tfcarsaays 

C. P. Bargaat. <tl tag Av«.. Beattle; er 



ON iiif; 

Continental Limited 

(Lf( tRiC iifiHTin STrri !h*in 

HI .VMM) I (IKDi (jil [() 

Laava Vaneouvar 9 '.n f M 
a.B. "Prtaaa hsgMt" 
■.a. "PMsae Oaerge" 
rresi Vkaetxivrr 

Hon I ? ' <i Mid. W*.l . l-nn MI4. 
la Aa/aa lo Stawart 

■St-lf :00llld., 
t9 rVwM Kvpvrt Oftl/ 

te stl 


•11 Oevetasieat St 

^h*ff 1343 

throng the 


i powers 

Hava ifQu baaa BMtglnga 

tiieCliicafo. MilwidcM4. 

P.uil rlfi trifirditgroulg 
acron the mountains? 

n \i>»i haven't, ant! .irr 
going back this siuntner, 
by all mean* go "Milwau- 
kmTmad §m tot youtiilf 
the gupreme achieveaaot 
t in railway traiuportMlM 

Propelled hy electric 
powrr, the thmmand-ton. 
crack traascontinental 
mfai, HTbg Olympian," 
take* you acroM dMOKmi^ 
taim. fhrmiKh America'l 



•mokclcsa, duatleM, Jaf^ 

Tha godrg trip lg "MSL 
mtwAmiT gtamiard, which 

meana fhr finr«f ef «erv ii« 

and f ' ""'^ rfif*fmf>4r/g 


i<ates to the { a at arg low 
now. Let lu pian four 

rcaervari o n A, arrange ercry 

detail, K>fh «oinK am! rr- 
turning, be aiir < that \ r>ur 
tickaCraads Clucago, Mil« 
«i St. 


: protrres^ivg 

FINN, QgMrSl Afgnt 

rnt rt . Next Door taFjOa' 




Vancouver Island 


MAVNK IHl.ANP July 7. — Th« 
promotion llita and rolla of honor (or 

tb« public achool h«v« boon aa> 
noasMtf. . TlMjr ar« as toOnw: 

FroviotM to Or»4« ▼III— liMllaa 
NawBhaai. Willi* BcsMtt. 

Promotod to Orad* VIl— Aaal* 
Suml. Tuso Adachl. JmiI* Rgfcw, 
LiMIU Clarrlrk. 

Promotfd to <;rHi\f \1 Klllott* 
lOihui.n. l'hoet)«- V . s\ |,.< I, 

I'riiiiiote.l lit i,ia«1<- I V ( l> > hrr.l 
N>vmhHin. JIniml* HumI, Annln Tlnk- 
loy. MassU Adachl, Toahi ■Mlnainld*. 

Promotad to Orada IV (a)~0«rtla 
Bdnnatt. Nak* AtfMhl. MoMO Adachl. 
Al KoMimt. 

Promotfd to OradA I — lehtro Ka- 
dojrama, Shlnjl Nasata. nnal« gellera, 
Nowflll Hellers. Ar. ru,- Ii'',iion. 

Honor ItnlU froflrlenry, John 
NVwnham; deportment, Willi* Heti- 
nett; regularity and punctuality. 
Xx)Ulaa New n ham. 

Prlsaa awardad to meh elaaa for 
n«at asarolM book»--ltotlil«*n Oar- 
rtek. Louisa Nawnham. Annia Suml. 
niiotta Robaon. Naka Adarhl 


'^l-rl UK I -^ht ml I Ir ii iii/t i >■ 

AUken lilt With I'lay at 



^ALTflPRI.VU IBUIND. July 10. 
The tbraa^t fare* "Jana." by Harry 
Nieholla and W. Laateeq, whieh was 
glv€n early In Spring at Gancaa by 

th<^ Bait Spring Dramatic Club, waa 
rrpratod at the Kulfonl Hall. Fulford 
}|«:hnr, on Kriday »'VPiilng, July 6, 
iindf-t ih« aunplc«a of the Women'a 
Institut* for the baneAt ot the Gulf 
Islands Hospital, racardtng which In- 
stitution, th* Ray. A. W. Collins in 
hJs short addraas bafora the eurtain, 
aaked for tha co-operation and aup- 
port of these present, who by aub- 
Bcriblnjf tn 11 year, might neminr 
menihrrs entitling them in raaea of 
accident and alcknesa, to admlttanca, 
by doctor's ordera. to the hoapltal, 
tr*9 as Htng as necessity demanded. 

The iil iy V its rnthui^l.istlcHlly re- 
ceived l)> 1111 aiidUtue which filled the 
houae fo oapaolty, ami .leenied thor- 
nijK-hly to enjov the niany compiles- 
tl<inK i HusPd by Charlie Shackleton, a 
bachelor, who, (or th* saka of obtain 
tnc monay from his truataa. Ur. Xar- 
a^w, had r*prasented himself aa a 
married man with wife and chihi, 
when BonifcirK^ had to ba produced 
tor the benefit of the old rentlemnn. 
• J.iiie" fho housemaid, (or £100 *nd 
arreara of wages. Impersonates the 
extravagant wife, than followed the 
complloatlona and apparaatir uasur- 
nteunUbla dHBenltlaa. whloh ar* only 
cleared away aa. th* teal eurtain 

The part of <'h*rleB .Shu ■ k !.•( . .n um, 
r>l;iyed by Capt. V. C Heat, .\Ir. Ker- 
shaw, Mr. L. Cropper; William Tip- 
son, Mr. Ollbert Wilkes; Plxton, lilr. 
Cscil Sprlngford; Claud, Mlss Olad^ 
Borradalle; Mrs. Chadwiok, Mrs. 
Cscll flprincford; Lucy Norton, Miss 
norla Taylor: Mrs. IMxton. Mra. 
Harvey, and Jane. Mrn. A ,I Smith. 
Th» only two rhnngoa In unt 
from the fr)rrner produi-llon wag that 
Mian Dorla Taylor, iit very short 
notice, took up and prsttlly played 
the part of Lucy Norton. Shaokleton'a 
llaneea, while Gladys Rorradalle, that 
clever ehlld aotroa*. splendidly por- 

trayed Claud, the eh**kr paperboy 

Mr*. V. C. Boot waa Mad* maaager. 
Mta. A. W. CMllMi, aa plaalat. helped 
greatly with her laddeatal music 
an>1 between the acts th* duets with 
Mr-< (-('<-il Baksr, vloMsM. wof* alao 
niui'h appreciated. 

A delightful Bijt)per wan pr ovM>-d i ' 
th"" i of the perforinnnio by th*- 

lad— fi . ' 'fi" VVotiien'B Innlllute, niiJ 
to Mrs, Maxwell. Mrs. JSaton. Mra 
Jaokaea. Mrs. Reld and others, the 
thanks of the dramatic club axe due 
for the very pretty stage efTects. 

Th'- ,i,iii<-e which followed waa hIbo 
u ' A8n. the music beltiK supplied 
hv I he South Salt Spring orOhsatra. 
with .Mre It i' I- ■ . , • 


North Uclllngton \ tnlK d lijr Llfht- 
nl— Chayph Board Tbrsatsaa 
HumUbm OowmU With Aetkm 


Into camp 
thiM ruori'h 

Th.- I .:l . 

f ( at I ! \ »• J • ' K .i I o n i t 

. 'ill K ..r Im!) :n 
Hiowiile play, 
camp (Irs 
haa alai 
ooarae. be • 

Mrs. P. Oraeta. of leattle, aad h*r 

Hi'ii ,1 re Hiitying for MUM WUUkU Ut 

Mill iiay U>dge. 

■i . > • a .»*nr at- 

arraiiged (or th* 

There will be a 
danoes and a 
a adult tale .11 

will, oi 


NANAIMO. July 10 —A severe 
elerfrb-al atorni paaaed o\pr th" town 
of North Wellington at about ."^even 
o'clock lanl rvenltiK, atid «' leant 
three tlme.s llKhtiilriK 8tru<'k within h 
•hort range the town A clothes 
line post at the rear of Mr. J. Dou- 
mont's residence was struck, ripping 
it in two pleoes, the Udhtninv travel- 
ing alone the clothsa-llne. burning 
the entire week's family washing 
which wss attached to It. Mr. I")oij- 
mont waa krux ked down by the clt-i - 
trlcal dlBcharge, and felt the cfferta 
of It for nume time after. Across the 
lake a large tree wan ntruck, and set 
on lire, while near the K & N. station 
a smaller one was hit. the bolt run- 
nlBV down ths trse. tearing up the 
ground la the vicinity. 

The City Council was in receipt 
of a communication laat ev'-nlng fron. 
Mr. J. A. Murray, fecrretary of the 
board of management of .SI<'W> 
I'resbyterlan Chur?h. reguioiMH tho 
retMite of taxea. and stating that un- 
leaa some settlement was arrived ut, 
suit would bs commenced by the 
board against the city for the unlaw- 
ful eolleotlon of taxes amounting to 
some tl.lll.M. 
T The d re dg e King Bdwartl. three 
tugs and a number of iiontoon.s ;ir- 
rlvsd In the local harbor la><t c\rnliiK, 
and today commenced the iiecfi,«;it y 
dredging work In the harbor A f 
large dam haa alrc.idy been cor- 
struotsd In the vicinity of ths loading 
doeka of the Western Fuel Corpora- 
tion with the object of pfevsnting 
vaat'depoalts of silt 'and other rcfune 

being carried by the Nana in < 

Chaae Rivers Into the dred^f ,! ,im m 

Leaven for OUy of th* 
Latter Day BataKa 

lt<>VAI> OAK. July 10 A happy 
little event took pla<e iH Moiday 
eveniriK. when the Ho\al < >iik Seoul 
Troop gathered at Scoutmaater Has 
en's residence un the ISast Ko^d to 
extend "bon voyage" to leout James 
Roaf. who leave* Thursday morning 
for Bait Lake • City. Over thirty 
Scoufn and their friends wore present 
and an enjoyabis evening w it sprnt 
In K'>nirr< and dancing, mn-ic belriK 
pioN iiied \xy .Mm. Kaven. Supp< r w i.i 
.sei\<iV when (he ho^itena .isalated 
by Scouia W. Lee. c. Plmlotl and L. 
and H. Raven. Little Jeffrey Raven 
attired in Scout uniform. p i a* *n ted 
Scout Roaf with an appropriat* sou- 
venir, a particularly well-equipped 
Scout knife. Troop l^eader Sidney 
rellit extended the heartieat good 
wishes of the Ho\al i)ak Troop ti' 
their departing comrade, who will 
take up .Seoul work In Bait Lakj City, 
where Mr. Itoaf ;s In tiharg* o( a 
troop of Boy scouts. 


of the Year's Work tn nilTrr- 

ent <;rH<l< •• ri>t:i-llier with 
Honor Holln \wardril 

The promotion lists for the North 
Dairy Hchooi have baau aoMpIt* il 
and are as follows : 




will Take Trav«d' 
(>>l>hl«> Hill 

SIDNKY. July I.— On Friday last 
Mr. A. J. Ramsay, principal o( the 
Sidney schools. Invited hi* elaa* to 

a picnic to Point Island. The 
party made the trip in Captain Pet- 
erson'.s launch, going over early In 
the aflernooti and Blaying till even- 
ing; Acciimpanylnif and iianlslInK 
Mi. Kamaay with the tea arrange- 
ments were Mra. Knight and Mrs. 
PImllck. All those who attended 
spent a delightful day. 

On Sunday last Mr*. Knight in- 
vited a party of friends to a picnic 
at Kulford Harbor. The party left 
HKliify In Captain Peteraona laumb 
at no(<n, arrlvlntf at Kulford about 
1:30. I.,unch and tea were served on 
the beach. Mrs. Eaton, of Fulford, 
kindly supplied the tea. The return 
trip was made In the cool of the 
evening, which was a very delightful 
ending to a most enJoya.bIe day 
Those present were: Mr .ind Mrs K 
Morris, Mr. and Mrs. I'Imllcl;, .Mr and 
.Mrs KainNay. Mm fartliiKlon. Mra. 
KniKhl. MrH. HliK'kbuni, Miss Alice 

corfieid. Miss Kuth MoClura and 
Miss £lla B. Blackburn. 


COBBI.h: him.. July ».— Mr. S. 8 
Brown has purchased the Stoke* 
property on ths Chapman Road and 
intsnds building a hou** at one*. 

Work la baing dona on the continu- 
ation of Watson Avenue. Thin road 
will now Join the Islmd Highway at 
a point about 260 yarrl« south of the 
section house. This will Rive ,im al- 
ternative road for motor traffic 
through the town and divert a part 
through the business section rather 
than skirting ths railway fflatforms 
and (rsisht •h*d*. wh*r* It Is oftsa 
lnelln*d to eaa** a eong**tlon. 

Th* annual meetings of the local 
school boards will be held next Sat- 
urday evening. 

The local Boy Scouts expect to go 

GANUES HARBOR. July 10. — On 
Thursday afternoon seventeen of Mrs 
C. Abbott's Sunday School Class. In 
connection with St. Paul's Church 
Ganges, were entertained by Mra. 
Abbott to their annual treat. Owing 
to the rain all pre-arrangenien t m had 
to be c;incelled for out of d - .rid 
the .Mahon Hall taken Iiiatead. Here, 
from 2 p.m. till nearly 6 o'clock, the 
children enjoyed a splendid afternopn 
of games. They were divided Into 
three classss. those over twelve, be- 
tween ten and twelve, and under ten. 
The winriors of each K;ime received 
a canily prize, and the winners In 
each class a money prlie Tho te.i 
tables weie prettily decorated and .i 
deliclou.M le.-, wa^^ .■cr\cd tO all the 
young people present. 

- rr,.K ...I. HWIv X Massy gsaatu. a nan of 

.Sunn. , t> (. nil I. ion luhricatit, OTui irn !•! tat" 

'Yr«,,i. ! minutr. I.iirr > < . , , , , lu inN 
th€ n»« tx(>» <>/ J,iv<T. Mr. Jiihn,. M ^ „„ i^„„xv 

tmrn th* moAM and typ* of oil v,..i ,.„„i 

\S illlai,i Alasander. Irls^ Ktrkham, 
l.levk.llyn Blghsni. Conalance Stew- 
art (conditionally). .Mary Cambrey 
(conditionally), Kva Moody (ooodl 
tloaal^), Sarah Sllmip. 

(;rado VII 
Elsie SiiragRe. Keldon < 
• Tarence Alex.uider. Harold Klik 
ham, Jack Uulyoake. Allan Wrlcbt, 
winala Brewa loondltlonaily). 
(;rad« VI 
Thomas I'oventry, May I'endray. 
Allan Spragge. <;erald Word. Harah 
.Mar, Lows Chung Lih k, Hsisn Tow- 

Grade V 
Jean Alexander, Alma Taylor. 

Grade IV 
Robert Covsntry. Orae* Bqulrsa. 
Helen Redfern. Tsn Fowlar. Sun On 
Mar, John Can > • 

Oratio Ml 
- Divialoa 11 — ^Walter Ashford. Reg- 
inald Covsntry, Osorga Campbell. 
Tony Simpson. Jo**ph Hugh**. Mar- 
jo rie Atoxandar. 8t*v*n Armltage, 
Alic* Ruassll. Bll**n Low*. C*cil 
u ard, WUIIam Stlrruy. Varna Simp, 

Grade II 

Kdith <"ocklng. KIppley Chong. 
Ving Choy .Mar, Douglas Percy, Her- 
bert Redfern. .Violet Choag. Oaortfe 
.^impaon, Edward Brown. 

Grade I 

Vmg Kee Mar. Lloyd Ward. 

The (ollowlng r*o*lv*d Roll* of 

Divialoa X — Proflfleleney, Allan 
Bpraag*: d*portm*nt. Sarah Mar; 
regularity and punctuality, Eva 
Moody and Constance Stewart. 

Division II — Proficiency, Robert 
Coventry ; d e i> o r t m e n t, Joseph 
Hughes and (;racie Squires; regu- 
larity and punctuality, Helen R*df*rn 
and Herbert Redfern. 

TTTe following were awarded 
prises: Highsst pass in th* school, 
Wmum 41*1* nd*r; hlghaat la arlth- 
mctlc. Iris Kirkham; highsst In spell- 
ing, Elsie Spragge; best sewing, Class 
I. Eva Moody: beat sowing. Class II. 
Sarah Mar; highest In rsadlng. Allan 


ROTAL OAK, July 10— The Junior 
Royal Oak Inatltiite han Hp.ired no 
pains fo make their dance m, Thurs- 
day evening, in Uoyal Oak Hall, u 
auccesa Very good music will be 
provided and an abund.tiu'e of cool 
rsfreshmsnts is being prepared. 
Tickets may be obtained from any of 
the members. 

mimi^ mm 


Uncertainty Over Cnmptrollemhlp In- 
torferca With Work at City Hall 
— ■Mattrr Dragged for Moattaa 

City oAclals are anxloua for the 
comptroller question to be settled as 
soon as possible becsuse present con- 
dltlon.f mnit.itc the greateet 
efndency. It was stated at the City 
Hall .yesterday. 

For s(mie months the question of 
settling who Is to be comptroller and 
what he is to do In that ' oAo* has 
been dragging on. There Is censld- 
erabls uncertainty existing at the 
present time, and certain reforms are 
waiting until the Council makes up 
ItH mind. It is dimcult for officials to 
plan ahead because they do not know 
what changee are coming. 
.The eomptroller quesUon may pos- 
sibly coms befor* th* Council meet- 
ing tomorrow afternoon. 



ask for— 


'*S<.mic oiir' It 111.1 V he m><Hi oil 
— it may not ho. There's one 
way to be sure always of sate 
oil— real lubrication. Ask for 



Disdllafion rcnio-rs (he itni'uHtien 
that prevent proper iubruatu»n. It 
makes each 4i'op of Sunoco like c ve ry 
olfaar dfop. That is not to with oils 

that arc compounded of oUs 
and '\ viituit r og|g|**^| n | fftftft ^^ If 

arc compininds. 


1' K'* rnorr f><>ti n ^eCMItSll(iSSf 

better t. fim/>T< <M<m 

( .i\ r voiir motor a new chailM.Try Sun- 
Motor r* 



While thers are no funds to psr- 
mit of ths tssting of all oak trees . n 
Victoria StrssU, the parks commltt»"n 
of ths City Council would be »lad to 
have Mr. C. C. rv„,i,prton make 
rrr,,ni!ii<-!i,l |,, reg-ard to Indi- 

vidual trfPH whi. h he hellevea danuer- 
Diia. In order that Investigation 
can be made, ths committee decided 
at a meeting ysstsrday morning. Mr. 
Pembertnn who has been complain- 
ing about dangerous oaks, win he ao 

informed. AldjCrman Woodward, 
chairman of the committee, told the 
Counril recently that he had been in- 
formed that only by boring wiUi an 
augur could the aouBdU*** of aa oak 
trse be ascsrtalnsd. 


GwMing in Wheat 

Better Than Farming 

i-F:Tinji{iD<}B. July 10.— Farmsrs 
In .Southern Alberta who have dsalt 
In wheat options, hav* mad* mor* 
money than by tilling th* aolL 

Thi* statemsnt waa mad* at th* 
hearing of th* Royal Orsin Inquiry 
Commis*lon h*r* today, when Law- 
rencs Psterson, Tsher farmer, and 
metiihPr of the Alherta I^Rlnlature. 
appeared Mr I'eteraon said the 
rhanrea for farincre ohtalnlnn a profit 
on their «hr«t crop this Summsr la 
Alberta w.-r». not brlcht. QsnCTal 
overhead chargss, oomblnod with 
high freight rates, mad* wh*at **ll- 
ing unproftUbl* at th* pr*a*Bt prices 
for whsat. Loaat bur*r* for *l*Ta- 
tor •emsaal*fl» Mr. P*t*r*on aaid 
w*r* lBatruet*d to avoid shortaxe 

"Ths agent alwaya wrigha In favor 
of the company.' he aald. "When 
the agent only haa a email overage 
he U < he. ked up aeverely. When he 
haa a good ovsrags h* sUads a good 

chance for »r*«ioiloa wMi a ml** in 


Seoaomic eoo«niaM la Kurops 
w*r*'bUm*d by 0*orM W, Oreen 
local mlll*r. for th* dlffleuttles faced 
by farmers in making a profit Europ* 
cannot pay the prices to which farm- 
era were entitled he aald. FlrUlght 
rates also were too high. 

WeUer Auto Supply Co. National Motori, Lti 

vlctofis. Be • — . _ _ " 

Victoria. B.C 

urp. !■ ror »»d I ngu ™ ■ • .. <. 
Ti "i"" ' ' \ and f*T ' , . , 

d/i', Kd the meann (-f disposing <.f 
II ,u r «. iierf from ships Ttolatlng the 

rr..hiMrion uw. ukai aulta will b« 
hrought ■— fat tho aaatrahand 
U«uor, It «M a — uam d and not 

leader bring- 





'I A 111 III 6 \, 111 VS'riinrsdiV t>> 1 p m 



This Morning's Bargains 

Women 8 and Misses' 


Flannel, FoloClot h and 
Jersey. At One Price 


I'lanncl vSuit>, coiivivtmf^ ot <;traipht cut coat.s. wifli tuxedo cdllars 
and pockets having a piping ol cream. They arc shown in shades 
of tcariet, saxe blue and green. The skirts are of cream flannel. 
These are smart suits, snd bif value at the sale price 919.80 

Polo Cloth Siiit.s. with box mats, having long roll collars and patch 
pockets of contrasting: shades. Others with over-check. Col 
rose, green, saxe and fawn ^12. 50 

Silk ind Wool Jersey Suits, with straight coats, having tuxedo 
collars, narrow belts and patch pockets. The skirts are slightly 
gathered under narrow belt. The colors are saxe and pale hhic. 

green and mauve „ _ _ f 12.50 

D i s srtsii s t, isl nssr 

White Dimity Blouses 

Two Excellent Sale Values ~ 
75c and $1 .50 

Blouses of Fine Dimity and Muslin, designed in "Tuck- 
in" style with Peter Pan collar, long or short sleeves. 
The collars and cuflfs of some are finished with tine 
pleatings, while others are neatly piped with contrast 
ing shades. .All bargain values at. each 75< 

Blouses of White Dimity, made in "Tiick-in" style They 
have long sleeves with neatly turned-back buttoned 
cuflFs, semi-tuxedo collars, trimmed with pleating; plain 
tailored styles, or with tucked fronts. Sizes 36 to 40. 
■^^» each ......^ItBO 

Women's ^ 
House Dresses 


\\ unicn's Brown Glazed 
Oxford Sliues, $2.95 

Women's Brown < ".la/rd Kid Oxford Shoes, with niilil.\ry 
heels and a .substantial sole. A comfortable walking 
V shoe — and one that will give great service. A shoe 
worth $5.00. Shown in all sizes. At. a pair ^2.95 

' — Woaisa'* BhoM, Ut rioor 

ccial at 
$2.50 • 

Odd Numbers in Cotton 
Dresses, made from 
j^in^hams and cliain- 
l'ra\ fniished with or- 
gandie and pique col- 
lars. Sizes 34 and 36 
only. ValuM t ^ ' 'o 
for ^Z.^ 

— Wkltsossr, 1st nssr 

1 I . 

Women's Bathing 

Suits for 50c 

Women's Bathiiif^ Suits of 
grey stockinette, neatly made 
and very special value at, 
each ...^ 50< 

— WliiUwtar, 111 Floor 

Silk Remnants 

To Clear at AttracLive Pncc6 

Hundreds of Silk Remnants, including such fabrics as Duchesse, Pail- 
ctte, Mcssalinc, Habutai, Charmeuse and Fancy Silks. All priced to clear 
at a bargain price. 

— Barialn S«<tlon, Mala riosr 

Boys' White Ten- 

' nib Bouts 
Special Value at $1.45 

White Tennis Shoes, -with <louble weight 
soles, a superior shoe, and offered in 
sizes 11 to 13 and 1 to S. Regular $1.65 
•nd $1.85, for fl.45 

Men s Fine Cotton 


l^airs for 50c 

Mrn's Kmc C'otton Sorks. brnwn. pr 

black. Special at 3 pair.s for 50f 

Penman's Cotton Work Socks for men, 
hlue and brown mottled witli white toe, 
heel and cuff. Regular 25c. July Sale 
value, 3 pairs for JS/O^ 


A Sale of Sample 

At Half Price Today 

This is one of the really bij^ curtain value events of 
the year. The assortment includes sampM and odd 
pairs, lace and novelty de.signs. There w ill not be more 
than two pairs of any one pattern, and one curtain in 
each sampir pair will he slightly stock .soiled, but other- 
wine in excellent condition. .Ml reduced to half price. 
l',elow we tell a few of the values. 

Sample Pair of Curtains, regular 50, for 91. 50 

Sample Pair of Curtains, regular $5 75, for .... #1.% 

Sample Pair of Curtains, rrp^nlar 5^95, for $^.95 

Sample Pair of Curtains, regular $12.95, for ...^.86 

All most rcmarkabla values. 

1 loiiie Wuulb 

At, a bail, i6c 

Home Wools in three qualities and a varict' "f 
colors. Special at, a ball 16f 

Saui i 1 F^loomers 

f^>r Children 
big Value at 1 5c 

Bloomers of Black Sateen, of 
strong texture. They arewell 
made and finished, and suit- 
able for 2 years only. Very 

special at, a suit 16^ 

r, lit rissc 

Collars, lOc 

Neat Collars that may be 

worn with a coat. Thry 
are of heavy grade, 
well made, and most 
remarkabla vahi' 

each lOf 

Isl nsOT 

Men s Garters^ 

Reg. 25c, Today 
Pair 15c 

Pad Garter*, made r)f rxrcl- 
lent elastic, and shown in a 
nambcr of eolors. A strong 

Sarter and very neat Refj. 
5c. On sale at, pair, 15f