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Italians Take Offence 
\t Being Left in Cold 

In \e-zv Europe Parleys 


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\r. IjjrH.nnjj « 'MiiHi v ' .... , t ( - 1 1 j * * i t of 

Post- War Problems of Continent 

French Reply to German Note 

Believed Agreeable to Britain 

ROME, Aug. Il 4 — The Briand-Chamherlain parleys in London 
have caused in Italian circles a feeling of chagrin, tinged with 
a certain resentment over what is described as a growing ap- 
parent tendency among the leading European Powers to ignore Italy 
in the consideration of the great post-war problems. 

LONDON. Au». II.— The British 
Cabinet had an extended Maalon at 
the Premier* office In Downing Street 
today, the minister* devoting two and 
a half houre to consideration of vari- 
ous national problems during what 
was probably the last cabinet council 
before they leave for the long parlia- 
mentary holiday. 

Foreign Secretary Austen I'hamber- 
laln reviewed the conversations held 
this week- with M. Hrland. French 
Foreign Minister, and submitted a 
copy of the proposed French reply to 
the last Oermiin note concerning 
treaties of mutual guarantee and arbi- 
tration, with the amendments that 
were suggested by himself and ac- 
cepted by M. Brland. 

Cabinet Gives Approval 

It Is understood the Cabinet fully 
approved the text of the reply and 
congratulated Mr. Chamberlain upon 
the rapidity with which the conversa- 
tions wsra concluded. 

consideration of the all Important 
coal question and the composition of 
the royal commission which Is to make 
u study of the industry then woa laid 
before the council. 

The names of the men who will 
make up the commission art not yet 

available and possibly ulll not be 
known for several days, but It Is be- 
lieved the body will be composed of 
fewer than a dozen men. 

Nationalisation to Be Dlar-usscd 

'•pinion in the Cabinet still is ad- 
verse to having: representative* either 
of the miners or mine-owners on the 
commission. It Is believed, however, 
that Premier Baldwin will meet rep- 
resentatives of the mine workers sgaln 
before Anal decision is made 

The Cabinet Is said to have agreed 
to extend the scope of the commis- 
sion's work to Include nationalisation 
of the mines and kindred points, aa 
well as the question of retail distribu- 
tion of coal. This Is a concession to 
the miners who maintain that the high 
price paid by consumers, is In a large 
measure . due to the middleman's 

Premier Baldwin 
Unable to Make 
Visit to Canada 


ONDON. Aug. 1J. — With 
reference to s rumor cur- 
rent In Toronto that Premier 
Stanley Baldwin and his wife 
might visit Canada this Au- 
tumn. Inquiries In London show 
that some time ago Mr. and 
Mrs. Baldwin had some idea of 
going to Canada this year, but 
the proposed visit is now out of 
the question. 


OUTCOME. B.C.. Aug. II. — While 
shooting at hawks which had been at- 
tacking his pigeons. George Dunne, 
aged 12. was accidentally killed by 
tha shotgun In his own hands. The 
body was removed to Prince Oeorg* 
Cemetery for interment. 

Excavators Discover 
Caricature of King 
Tut's Father-in-Law 

CAIRO, Aug. i a— While digging 
among drains in Karnak. near Luxor, 
workers found a grotesque statue of 
King Akhenaten, father-in-law of 
Tutankhamen, the discovery of whose 
tomb at Luxor a few years ago caused 
a sensation throughout the world. 
The statue is above Ufa aise and Is 
evidently an exaggerated caricature. 
It is the moat notable example yet 
found of the unconventional art of 
the Akhenaten period. 

Prrar Uv r M m - 
VHi«»n Canori-i- 

* o in r f <f t * r i <• f 

University Professor and 
Second Member of Party 
Survive Attempt to Paddle 
From Edmonton 


f US 

I riday, iugunt 14 

Sloth Day! ItSS 


Victoria snd Vicinity Moderate to 
fresh westerly winds: generally fslr. 
and a little warmer. 

Sun Rise*: IV og o' 
Nam Net*: 7:JH» nVkiefc. 

High Tide.. I04& p.m.. S.S feet. 
Tide: a oa *.■».. g.8 

The New* 

Isltlng members of league of 
Kmplre party put In busy day of 
receptions and visits. 
Mayor P> 

end ray denies report that 
III shut off Haanirh water 

•Jorge resort destroys 
amusement buildings of B.C. 
Electric concessionaires. 
Esquimau resident seriously In 
Jured in motor accident 
Cralgflower Bridge 


DRINCE ALBERT. Aug. 18. — Fa- 
* tallty has overtaken the canoe 
party which recently left Edmonton 
on a voyage along the North Sas- 
katchewan River to Winnipeg. 

Two of the party have arrived here 
with news that Rev. Alfred Johnson. 
Mirror Lake. Alia., one of the pad- 
dlers. had been drowned near Lacolla 
Fall* twenty-four miles east of Prince 
Albert, when the canoe capelsed In 
the stormy waters. 

The three men clung to the up- 
turned craft and were carried more 
than a half-mile down stream. John- 
son decided he would make an at- 
tempt to reach shore. They aaw him 
disappear beneath a wave a short dis- 
tance from the bank. 

The surviving members of the party. 
II. H. Patton. professor of economics 
at the University of Alberta, and Wal- 
lace Forgle, of Calgary, reached safety 
after much difficulty. 

rapt. Amundsen Would 
Sell Maude to Pay Debts 

Amundsen has offered to sell his ship 
the Maude, which has just been freed 
from the Ice of the Arctic Ocean after 
a year-long Imprisonment. In order 
to entlafy hks creditors. 

The Maude was frosen In last year 
nesr Rear Island. Ron miles west of 
Bering Hlralts and 3(0 miles north 
of Blberls. She now la proceeding 
to Nome. Alaska. 

Discoverer of ( arson* 

I'alacen Dead in holy 

SENATOR (.1 \ >t. H. >\ 

Famous Italian architect, who dis- 
covered the ruins of the palaces of 
the Caesars on Palatine Hill In Rome, 
has Just died. He has been burled on 
the hill where his remarkable work 
waa done. 

1 rum 

1 1 " k 1 I » I i I 

Third Man Acquitted of 
Plotting to Kidnap "Am- 
erica's Sweetheart" — Jury 
Reaches Decision 

Mary Selected to 
Star in New Role 

LOS ANGELE8, Aug. 13. — Claude 
Holcomb and C, Z. Stephens 
were convicted ' In Superior 
Court tonight of conspiring to kidnap 
Mary Plckford and hold her for 
faOO.OOO ranson. A third defendant, 
Adrian Wood, was acqulttad. 

seats went to the jury lale to- 
day after a trial Issuing three weeks. 
The Jurors deliberated about six 
hours before signalling that they had 
reached an agreement. 

Stephens. Holcomb and Wood were 
arrested last May after what police 
declared waa a series of conferences 
at which they dlscusaad the possibil- 
ity of klnapplng some motion picture 
celebrity or the children of some 
wealthy and nationally known person. 
Jackie Coogan. Baby Peggy, the 
grandchildren of E. L. Doheny. Pola 
Negri, and others were mentioned, 
but Onally Mary Plckford was agreed 
upon because she had $2,000,000 la 
her own name. 

The reported confessions obtained 
from the three men after their arrest 
told how they had planned to dla- 
gulse themselves as merry-making 
Shrlners during the Shrine convention 
in June, and to snatch Miss Plckford 
from her limousine under a protec- 
tive screen of confetti. Shrine decor- 
ations and riotous laughter The 
actress having been kidnapped thus, 
on paper, without attracting undue 
suspicion, ths plan next called for 
her Incarceration In a house which 
the plotters agreed one of them had 
better see about renUng. 

But t>efore the house had been 
rented or anything else done about 
the . kidnapping project, the plotters 
found themselves In Jail. 

PVXteva Cafe It Frame- Up 

During the trial their defence waa 
that a police Informer, Lou la Geek, 
had plied them with liquor and kid- 
napping auggestlons And thst In view 
of the liquor they could not very well 
refuse to Join In his conversation. 
Geek, they alleged, waa In the pay of 
two detectives, who wished to shed 
alory on themselves as saviors of 
Miss Plckford. ^ 

Holcomb snd Stephens will be 
brought Into court for sentence at 
10 a.m. tomorrow. st which time 
their attorneys plan to present a mo- 
tion for a new trial. 

\ H innj ilraiii , WiU IMS'!. 

} u VjAih ahuuM- |* nMH i Mel I ->u* 't 

at Empress by Mayor and CUa 

Observatory, "Benvcnuto'"' and 

*»>■*<• ••>! 

S iMtii.f 

Preacher drowns In 
•ffort to paddle 
to Winnipeg 
" -itnadtan farmers to ranp |400 
000.000 greater crop this year 
than laat. 
Hoodlum, and American sailors' 
street flRhte In New Zealand lead 
to tars' confinement to ships 
Italians take neglect of powers to 
i «u It Italy .ii 
* light 

Two convicted at Anselm f.f 

plot to kidnap M»r\ Pl- kford 

Premier tuidwin abandons plan to 
tm y vlt«it tn Canada 

Pnn»»* xmnh In vain f..i |TlB«Mf| 
vst-.upcd (rum lii'e«-on j.»tl 

"While you ara many thousands of 
miles from home, you are amongst 
friends, among your own kith and 
kin. and we sincerely hope that you 
wilt reel this.-' said Hl« Worship 
Maydr I'endray In extending greet- 
ings yesterdsy morning to tha forty, 
lire members of the league of the 
tho arrived by the Vancouver 
for a thirty-hours' visit In the 

The visitors, under the leadership 
of Mrs BS- M. Ord Marshall, secretary 
of the I^eegue of Empire. Immediately 
on their arrival here were taken In 
charge by the University Women's 
Club, the Victoria Teachars 
tlon. snd representatives of 
ganlaatlons and plunged Into a pro 
gramme which kept them rully occu 
pled for the remainder of the day. 

The reception at the Km press Hotel I 
by th* Ma) or and Mr. Ueorge Jay, J 

chairman of the School Hoard, was 
the first event, beginning shortly after 
nine o'clock. There followed a drive 
through Haanirh with visits to tka 
Memorial Health Centre, the Astro 
physical Observatory. ItenvenntoV' 
the home of Mr and Mrs. But chart at 
Tod Inlet, and the (experimental 
Farm. Returning to the city aboat 
four o'clock, the party had tan at 
Oovernment House, and In ths eve- 
ning were entertained at a reception 
given at Vlctortn Collage by the Unl 
verslty Women . Cl u h the Teachers' 
Association and the Ladles Musical 

I respite the heavy programme which 
the British viatt ore have had en root*, 
they showed keen Interact snd ap- 
preciation In all they saw here. Th'- 
momlng they will he fre« for visits. If 
they wish, in the Parliament Build 
< ont mil'.! <•..■> Vu^t ,; 

Cm Will ^oi 

Slop Saaiiirh 
\\ aler Supph 


p. i 

ayor Pendray and Mr. 
Preston Deny Statement 
That Water Will Be Cut 
Off Tomorrow 

Saanich Council to 


Reeve Macnicol Not Excited 
by "Dire Threats" — 
Thinks Some Persons at 
City Hall Effected by Heat 

SAANICH residents will not be 
without water tomorrow in the 
event of the Saanich Council re- 
fusing, at its masting tonight, to pay 
the City of Victoria the sum of 
tS.368.J0 for water used during the 
month of June, 1926. 

Flat denials were given last night 
both by His Worship Mayor Pendray 
and dfty Water ComralsaIon*r Pros- 
ton to a report yesterday which de- 
clared that unless the sum of »6.- 
SC8.20 was ordered paid by the Saanich 
Council to the city, water supplies 
would be turned off at 9 o'clock to- 
morrow morning. 

Mayor Pendruy Informed The Col- 
onist that neither Water Commis- 
sioner Preaton nor himself would 
take any such action aa suggested 
before placing the matter before the 
City Council. He aald he felt certain 
that such a drastic step aa shutting 
off the water would not be ordered 
by the City Council, and as for him- 
self, he would not be a party to such 
an act. Adoption of such a course 
by Victoria would be exercising too 
much authority and would be poor 
business, the Mayor claimed. 

Surprised to See Scare Line 
"I waa greatly surprised to see the 
big scare line In the paper tonight." 
said Mr. Pendray. "This surprise 
was also shared by a number of the 
aldermen. It la not tha Idea of nny 
of us to cut off the water supply to 
Saanich. W's waAt- Xw- work l« luf- 
mony with Saanich. and meet 
municipality In anything that is rea- 
sonable and fair to both Victoria and 

Continued on Page t 

I u f * Hi!!? ! I 

Mr. Edward McCabe Is in Hos- 
pital in Serious State — Island 
Highway Accident 

Mr. Kdward M. McCabe. Fairvlew 
Road, Esquimau, lies In St. Joseph's 
Hospital In a serious condition, aa a 
result of Injuries received last night 
In a motor accident on the Island 
Highway, near Cralgflower Bridge. 
The mishap occurred about 9:80 
o'clock, when the motor "bug." which 
Mr. Jack Allen, local taxi driver, waa 
driving Into the olty, left the road, 
plunged the two occupants forward In 
the car. and badly dismantled the 

While Mr. Allen luckily eacapad 
with only a small scratch on the Up. 
Mr. McCabe'a Injuries were of a far 
graver nature. Mr. McCabe was con- 
veyed, after the accident, to Kawcett's 
Drug Store, on Douglas Street, where 
he was given attention. Dr. A. C. 
Sinclair waa called, and met the In- 
jured man at the city |>ollce station, 
where medical treatment waa admin- 
istered. Mr. McCabe was badly cut 
over tho left eye. which raqulred ten 
stitches, and suffered a bad bruise 
under the left knee. In addition to 
being badly shaken up. He waa then 
taken to 8t. Joseph's Hospital, whera 
at an early hour this morning, he waa 
reported to be resting easier. 

Sergt. Robert Owens, of the Pro- 
vlnclsl police, stated last night that 
Mr. Allen wss driving his "bug" Into 
the city without sny lights at all being 
on the ear. Ha aald that the driver 
would be srralgnad In the Provincial 
Police Court, charged with driving to 
tha common danger. 

The motor "hug" waa badly disabled, 
the front sale being knocked nut of 
place, the left front wheel partly off, 
and the wlndahleld smashed beyond 
recognition. The wraeked car waa 
brought Into the city last night. 

. II —The Bel- 
ikad that the 
to tha United 

at a rate 
• t 

aian Oovernment ha 
total of the Belgian 
Htatea > 
ing of 

lower than the 4 
tha British 
hut no sgree) 
been rescbed. 

The only agreement so far die- 
closed Is that for a brief moratorium 
The commissions remain far apart on 
the other questions Involved, but both 
aides are hopeful of an 
without prolonged >. 

( hamhrt th,rrt,>r. 
Hrrt Mr I I 1.,h.or, 
<H l.h-taln, * »m, t ons 

"THERE will be a special 
1 meeting of the directors 
of the Chamber of Commerce 
today at noon for the purpose 
of affording the opportunity 
of meeting Mr. A. J. Qibson. 
who is associated prominently 
with Mr. J. A. Mooney In the 
project for 4 he erection here 
of a grain elevator. The com- 
pany which Mr. Gibson repre- 
sents is the Panama-Pacific 
Grain Elevators Company. 

The presence In the city of 
one of the directors of the com- 
pany has bean taken advantage 
of for "the purpose of having 
htm meet the directors of the 
Chamber. A luncheon will be 
given In the dining-room of the 
Chamber at 12:16, followed by 
a meeting at which Mr. Gib- 
eon will address the 
of the directorate. 

Country Wants 
Ottawa Cfoiige 
Says Tory Head 

Recent Political Decision In- 
dicate People Are Anxious 
for Federal Election, Says 
Mr. Meighen 

l/KNORA. Aug. ia. — Rt. Hon. 

Arthur Meighen, Conservative 
leader, on his way to Ottawa after a 
lengthy stay in the mid -West, was the 
central figure at a Conservative rally 
here tonight, and delivered an addreea 
censuring the Government for what 
ha termed the "careless and extrava- 
gant wsy of handling ths country's 
public domain, particularly the tim- 
ber resources." The Conservative 
leader will continue East tomorrow, 
delivering his next addreea at London, 
Ont., August 1$. 

In opening Me address. Mr. 
Meighen made what was construed 
as a reference to the recent provln- 
claxaesieetions In the East. 

"The trend of events." he eald. "aa 
forecast by recent political declaiona. 
Indicates that the country Is anxious 
for a Dominion election, and dis- 
posed to force a change at Ottawa." 

He said the Inefficiency of the King 
Government was well illustrated by 
the careless and extravagant way in 
which they handled the country's 
public domain, notably the Umber 
resources. These national assets were 
being squandered to afford employ- 
ment south of the line to foreigners. 

But It Is the utter refusal of the 
ant of the day to make any 
reasonable effort to get our farmers' 
exportable products overseas on an 
economic basis that illustrate* the 
utter Incapacity reigning In Ottawa," 
he declared. 

"I am confident that prosperous 
rural communities can be built up 
when the grain and cattle of the Went 
can be shipped overneag on a reason- 
able haals. That means, for livestock, 
a chilled meat trade, and the Gov- 
ernment must give its sympathetic 
encouragement, as it must the grain 
the farmers are exporting." 

Financial Men Coming 
Here by Special Boat 
Today for Short Call 

Among the bigger groups of visitors 
whom Victoria will entertain today 
is a party of 150 members of the 
Securities Klnanclal Corporation of 
the United States who will reach the 
city at irao and spend three-srd-a- 
half hours sightseeing snd meeting 
some of the representative business 
men of Victoria. 

The psrty Is leaving Seattle this 
morning, after having sttended a 
convention there of the society They 
have chartered the 8*. Indianapolis 
from the Puget Sound Nsvlgatien 
Company for this special trip tn Vic- 
toria, and will dock at the company's 
pier Just behind the postofhVe about 
the same time as the regulsr Sesttle 
i.oHt leaving again at 4 o'clock for 
the return trip. 

Hon. s. 
tlon of l 

F. Tolmle. MP. 
pted th* lavtta- 
Provtnclal Kalr 
to open the fair 

at I o clock on 

W hu W tm tin \\ 
I >, SjhIim - ;t 

Spectacular Night Fire 

Destroy s Conces s ion s 
\t Ii ( Electric Park 


, i i 

mi 1 1 .; U ? 5 i "■L.tiifi hn 1 : ( s s ; i 
: <s.f,f I |mi itn«n ! hlL' I. i I n^li 1 !". \ , j j.s s < ; : f f *..;•. ! ! i w r l ■■ 

.mi I ml. Wain -urc Handicap* 

Firemen in Their Efforts 

Merry-Go-Round and Stage Are 

Saved From Flames by Spectators 

\ * 

ON E of the most spectacular fires which have occurred around Vic- 
toria for some time completely razed the B.C. Electric build- 
• inffs at the (k>rB;e amusement centre last night, and destroyed 
about $15,000 worth of stock and fixtures belonging to Mr. Al. Field- 
ing, the concessionaire. The fire started, as far as could be ascer- 
tained, about 10:30 o'clock, and in the space of a few minutes had 
completely engulfed the buildings. 

Wolxt'i ^rHit-mi'oi ^ - fit 
Mitn-is in ( opt Ih < ?*« 

. . e*l-!'»m <!' I h<- Mrlt tli I :u>t»tt >• Si . . • 
< 'or t> "t 1 1 1 > mi w. hf. ;■»<•< e tit »• • * ' h" H-rtr 

of Premier Rhodes, ~ot Nova Scotia, 
and tharaby made possible a settle- 
ment Of the frye month* coal 

U ' ' ' • 

i "ill" Hm < « Jail 


Oregon Escaped Prisoners 
Still at Liberty — No Sign 
of Fleeing Men Discovered 
Since Break 

SALEM. Ore.. Aug. It. — Although 
more than 24 hours have passed 
since three convicts escaped from .the 
state prison Wednesday evening after 
killing two guards and losing their 
leader, posaea which have been soour- 
Ing the brush and swamp land east 
of the city have yet to find the first 
clew as to the whereabouts of the 
three missing men. Tommy Murray, 
Ellsworth Kelly and Jamee Wllloa 

The -trio, aa far as officials are con- 
cerned, have disappeared from the 
face of the earth. All possemen have 
received orders to shoot to kill. 

One ray of hope broke through the 
clouds late this afternoon when it 
was reported that tracks made by 
three men had been found near Shaw 
and that theae resembled the prints 
of prison shoes. Deputy Warder J. 
W. Ultle Investigated and found noth- 

Nearly 7 ft square miles have been 
placed under gusrd with armed men 
stationed st every road In the district. 
Men are gnsrding ea far north as 
the Pudding River Bridge and the 
Jefferson Bridge tn th< 
parties are patrolling the 

,r S h { rrtr..:r . 
I. It ^un .n 

ROf.RMAN, Mont.. Aug. IS. -Slight 
earthquake shocks were felt here and 
In other pert* of da 1 1st in County this 
sfternoon at » *« o'clock. Manhattan. 
Three Korku and other sections in 
path of the qaakes of Jnna tT. 
peiience«l several shocks during 
niaht snd day. None of tha dle- 
turfeancea resulted In aay danaage and 


• a t— 
1 1 1 * 



"^hotil^ Idlrr; 
Mum- ( lash 

VAieCOlTVKR. A a* u.— Hon 
lUrrr Coekshutt. Lieutenant Onvernor 
of Ontario, who has speat the bast ten 
days in British Columbia. accom- 
panied by Mrs. Coekshutt and the 
Misses Margaret and Isabella, left to- 
night br private ear over the Kettle 
Valley II 

CHRISTCHtTRCH. NX.. Aug 14. — 
All men on leave from the United 

Pert I.ytteton. tha port faff Oirfcst- 
rhtirch. w*'~ -Art* i hsrk t.» their 
ship* *f n!s:ht following slight dis- 
orders la Victoria g«,i, ar * h#r» 
fee- the "larrikin" t hoodlum i element 



ens was Injured. 

IIS sailors were arrested fey their 
own patrol. 

rhe order created a sensation when 
■ news became known The trouble 
" • " 1 ' -. " rs r * n er . ■ , n «»,!<■»» 

>re snnoyi 

■ i . rr. » r V « 

•--•'V lunl .■ ' 


Hundreds of paople attracted by 
the reflection, which was visible for 
miles around, Journeyed to the scene 
and many automobiles crowded with 
people were lined three and foui- 
deep watching the flames from points 
of vantage. 

>ll. a fhaes of bla* 

The lire was first seen by the fam- 
ily of Mr. Fielding, who were sitting 
down to supper, in one of tho purk 
buildings. The flames. Mr. Fielding. 
Jr.. stated, were well up on the roof 
and sides of the band stand, and were 
sweeping forward with great speed.' 
Efforts were made Immediately to 
save some of the stock and fixtures, 
but a wall of flame soon baited all 
attempts. A few personal papers snd 
a couple of tables and a gramophone 
were the only things rescued in the 

k Started on South Side 

Starting from the south side of the 
buildings the flames worked steadily 
along the refreshment building. 
Great fir trees were soon alight, and 
adjacent buildings were soon show- 
ered with flying sparks, and several 
limbs of the trees. One by one these 

nr.? .wxx.r n w ' w " d ■* 

Ing debris. 

A breaae. caused by the progress of 
the fire, scattered the sparks Into 
the adjoining Umber and bush, and 
soma flames started at varying dis- 
tance from the main fire. The stage 
of the B. C. Electric Hallway Com- 
pany, where nightly concerts are 
held, twloa caught but a bucket bri- 
gade soon checked the blase. The 
merry-go-round, which waa right on 
the edge of the flame, ignited eevoral 
times, but It waa kept moving as a 
preventive measure. 

One -Storey Building 

The gutted buildings were composed 
of living quarters, an ice cream parlor 
and a shooting gallerjr. Adjoining 
were two smalt buildings fitted Willi 
wheels and other gamee. All wete 
completely destroyed la addiUon to 
the bandstand, where apparently the 
blase originated. 

The fire comes at an Inepportune 
moment for Mr. Fielding, who la at 
present in Vancouver. Several casea 
of dolla. blankets and others para- 
phernalia used In connection with 
games were stored thsre for servii <■ 
at the willows exhibition, and all 
were completely destroyed. A small 
amount of Insurance la carried, but 
the loss feustalned by the proprietor 
will be well over 110.000 including the 
Insurance csrrled. 

Water la Short 

No water was available for fighting 
the flames and ths firemen of the 
Ksoulmalt brigade, which responded, 
were under great difficulty as hoae 
had to be laid through trees snd 
bushes for about six hundred yards, 
from (lorge Road to Tllllcum Ro»d 
hydrant. An engine from tha Vic 
tot i* station was dispatched on the 
call for help. The danger of further 
outbreaks entailed a careful watch 
all night. 

^lii|.' Ii-:- Vi; t fj| *tlix<j: 
I I >.■;«,* 1 flM liiliil 

Wears Blue Band aa Mark 
of Reepect to Late Sir 
William Pi 

MONTREAL. Aug II —This port 
saw for the first time yesterday, a 
ship in mourning. it was the Rio 
Oorstlo of the petaraon lint. As aba 
| steamed up the Ht |j»wren<e. ths 
famous ' corrugated" ship 
sptcuous for a fe 

bull fot.r feet he- 
Thls ribbon mar- 
fnrmerty white, will 
blue for aix months as a mark 
of respect to the memory of ths lata 
Sir Wtlllsm Peterson, head of ths tins, 
who died suddenly in Ottawa soma 
months age while on a visit In con- 
nection with the 

Hoeken. who gave 
in rate 
of Com 

praise O 

:u'r,' ;.«' ,~ c ■x.m*nti il* reported 
"h.t! 5. . * «• >- '; !•• ■■ a ' ; fi>l e* tn >(**• op ••> 
*!<•• ~-i *'-' ap*e.f ■ r |« ; rt 'Til 

of ftiel 

I A . ' lAi \ * tie ■ W-mhfru .f 
■ he i .. n»d is i War ' n« ' 'om rnls • 
• --ft ««-' - «»•- 'oi Kimi«-f. 
where rbetr nrr- sese.-e- will r*e hetd 
bey *,)) )..» .. :,. 




Vir,f v,,, .Un.'Mid* Iron- * .h..,.r urn k v< md 
! K ,„,,. |» rv..,*lly ir, M .«'. t«,l and ,<,i ,u ■ f 
h,^ (•'. *•»{*•»!.«. ;>! thirlv 'v<-,i,t-, f \|K-n**m f 

Wt ftsfsw ythwi, «ad oar knowledge it your protection 

Mitchell <\ 1 hincun. ! xi 

Cor. Hn minmint and Vlaw Streets Phone 675 



"Different." But Strikingly Simple 

In these new Fall Oxfords, frills are 
conspicuous by their absence. Un 
usual graceful styles, that are creat- 
ed only by fine workmanship and 
superior materials. Sec them this 

5T; St,, us'. 

The British 
Boot Shop 

1115 Goven 

Veterans Urge 
Canteen Fund 

G.A.U.V. Would Have B.C/s 
Share Set Aside for Educa 
tional Purposes AmoiiK 
I I Jeixrndents of Men 

S N ! I'Kl • Aug t ,t A I r l>.»».i ) 
I.'r , tiah C'lluintila'" b!i.« i ♦• '"I .<*'■ 
irfitl funds should l>< SSWSSt.-'i 

• iiim ' »«•••>»» I! If f ■ • Hi' i 

■ I . ! '-.llltl* A f I Hill I " '(Ail 

• holsrahlps for the dependent* of I 
ex -service men was 1 sponsored In n 
motion placed before the annual con- 
vention of tha Grand Army of United 
Veterans, which opened Its annual 
convention here loday The motion 
came from the K*mloops branch and 
received the unanimous support of tha 
delegate* from British Columbia. Tha 
Important nature of the resolution 
was stressed by speakers and as a 
result It was turned over td the In- 
coming executive. 

H. M Macleod. Dominion secretary, 
ststed that the feeling- of the dele- 
gates to the question of amalgamation 
of soldier bodies was one of entlra 
accord with the proposition as out- 
lined by Field Marshal Earl Halg. 
during his recent visit to Canada, 
provided that all associations entered 
Into It with the aame spirit. Tha 
same feeling of accord, he said, 
brought the Orand Army of United 
Veterans of Canada and the United 
Veterans'^ League together in 1920. 
Unity, he pointed out. was the na- 
tional slogan of the Orantt Army of 



Egg Laying, Mash. #•) 7C I Our Scratch Food, 
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Jutefelt Mattresses 


7C White Cotton Felt 
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t . i M 1 T f O 

■ hi \ nt-j.n l'< « I'M 

KDMONTON. Aug. II.— 'Thomas 
Smith, an old Yukon proepeotor, was 
drowned recently and his flfteen-year- 
>ld daughter narrowly escaped death 
when their skin boat In which they 
were descending the Llard River from 
1'ort IJard In the Northwest Terri- 
tories capsised In Hells Oate Rapids. 

according to word received here to- 

Smiths daughter Is aald to have 
clung to the boat which drifted down 
tha swift flowing stream for thirty 
miles before she succeeded in bring- 
ing the craft ashore. The girl, ac- 
cording to the report received, then 
faahloned a pair of oars with a saw 
which had not fallen out of the cap- 
sised craft and finally reached civili- 
sation with a bundle of skins, all that 
remained of the cargo with which she 
and her father had begun their 



THF.RF ,irr man\ imit.if sons. but only one ;>ur» 
wholesome an. I ilelwrt* >u» '■ < >K N M -\ R< H m t.'.e 
original \filf* f«trk.tge w\ that HK NM >N"S 



Teur ralr. A..«u.t IT la St 


„ v-i . Si \ ATE,, ;■■! KM- i 

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4 IS UaS 
Hcina Pork 


li-ox. linn .... 

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Empress Orange Marmalade, 4-lb tins 


C'jtrnauort Mils, large lb • ' *" K»M«>gu -. '• ;.»,•. • *«>, 

Outch t o.-na •• 1 <»< t -it ' t i-t 

Stil«*r.- i. II' ' lJmmtfm»». • cake* 

mi« Vmilh F..m„ i r "•»« W',,t Wiisrd "S'^hing 
Los. S04>» 2-oa >Oe* pound. 2Sc pkt« 


i: f» 

Sliced Bologna. 
|»IUed r,'.r»(n>r*. 

IV.n.o Mutter 2 1 , 
Fresh Pork Pies. • ■> < 

■ • • ^co» B*r hV. i ■ i H i 


4C 7 «• 



Riarkhe: r,r» :t . 

l\,m„«.'.e«. « 

1 (\e 


■1 M 


Shoulder Sprtng h*mb Rump Rnssts h*-e« *«e. !.«*#• 

Legs Sprtng Lamb, ■ Rr,ll»d U„»«(, ,t «% J I ** 

Shmildert of Veal. -•■ »'»e. I«l< Pot Roasts of Reef •. I Or «*• 
Vesl. • |b »»r C.»ned IW V, ( <V 

- „ - _ 

Fresh K.lled Bo,hn K Fowl, r,r. I! 

Chicago Addicts 

Apply for Relief 

Raid* Cut Off Drug Supply of 
Fifty, Who Ask to Be Sent 
to Hogpital 

CHICAGO. Aug. IS— Half a hun- 
dred drug addicts whose suppsy of 
narcotics had been cut off as a result 
of raids last Monday night In the 
t'hinase quarter, yesterday applied at 
tha federal building for relief asking 
to be sent to state or federal Institu- 
tions for cure. 

The- raida conducted by federal of- 
ficials and the police, precedtd the 
arrest of Cotonel Will Oray Beach, 
narcotic chief here, and three of his 
agents who were charged with ex- 
changing narcotics for stolen mer- 

Meanwhile, the police patrolled 
Chinatown after being warned that a 
fresh outbreak of tong war Is likely. 

Vancouver to Pay 

Rewards for Capture 
Of Payroll Robbers 

VANCOUVER, Aug. 18— Payment 
of 13.000 In rewards approved by the 
City Council, to the persona who as- 
sisted In securing conviction of C. C. 
Thompson, city hall payroll robbery, 
will now be made by the city. These 
payments, approved a month ago. 
were held up awaiting the final dis- 
position of Thompson's appeal from 
his H-year sentence. The Hupreme 
Court of Canada having refused leave 
to appeat the conviction and sentence, 
Thompson must serve his ' peniten- 
tiary term. T. Tamburri and Tony 
CaJabro, taxlmen, and K. Edwards, 
who furnished the motor licence num- 
ber of. the bandit car. are each 
awarded $750. Two United Htates 
marshals, who aasiated In arresting the 
suspects at the International Boundary 
will get S 1 SB each. The remainder, 
ISO*, will be handed over to the police 
commission to be divided between 
members of the force • who were on 
extra duty on the case. 

German*. Ank for 

Return of Sequestrated 
Property During War 

OTTAWA, Aug. IS.— Formal re- 
quest for the return of German prop- 
erty sequestrated in Canada during and 
subsequent to the Oreat War. has been 
made to the Canadian Government by 
Germany, through the German consul 
at Montreal. It was learned here to- 
day. The question la under consider- 
ation, but It la unlikely that any deci- 
sion will be made by the government 
for several months at least. A num- 
ber of specific requests have also been 
made In the Interests of Germans in 
needy circumstances for the release of 
certain indivldusl properties, but the 
policy of the Canadian custodian of 
alien enemy properties. Hon. A. B. 
t'npp, and reparations commissioner, 
James Frlel. K.C.. la to refuse such 
req nests. 

Washington llcortTrs Hetquest 

WASHINGTON. Aug. IS. — The Oar- 
man Government has Initiated steps 
to recover the property of Its cltlxens 
seised by the I nlted States during the 
World War. Beyond admission that a 
note on the matter had been received 
and was being considered, tha State 
Department had no comment to make. 


CALGART. Aug. 18.— The Spiders' 
plebiscite was carried yesterday with 
Mi votes more than the two-thirds 
majority required to pass It. By the 
passing of the plebiscite, the company 
was granted a fixed assessment of 
$890. 000 on the mill for a period or 
U years, the mill to cost fS«S.«00 

Mlsdaiare) < 'yrlnne at I .It in 

RRoe.'K VILLE. Aug. IS. — A minia- 
ture cyclone which passed over the 
country In the region of Elgin and 
Phtnipsville. and which was of brtsf 
duration levelled 
fences and 

en ? r§ Wilis «i 

The emancipation of women as 
denced by the evolution In drea 
steel stays that mads a twenty-inch 
waist sad the long street -sweeping 
skirt to the uports clothes of the 
preesnt days has certainly had Its 
effect upqn the health of women 
With proper attention to diet and 
d race ef better wome 
Is assured by It. If 
ever, ailment* develop as evtdei 
by Irregularities backache, headache*, 
n*rvo«)Bn*4« and Irritability I .yd la Z 
Pi.ikha**' » \>t»'»M' ' ■ n> 1 • ,.- t „-. 4 1 
he depended upon to ni ercAme them. 

Thousands of women testify to Its 


"Swat the fly 


A teaspoonful of 
Giilett * Lye sprinkled 
in the Garbage Can 

prevents flies breeding 

{ te Oiled * I y* for all 

Loiti little 
but alwavt 

pff ec.ti vc 

Court Delays 
Church Action 

St Andrews Congregation at 
Nsnaimo Must Continue Til! 

St. Andrew | 

JM u ■*••(:! >••••• 
1 1 1 > 1 1 tu 

II, fill Ai- 
to tlir 1 • ••»lv 
I tv ted ■ tiurcti 
II. ' VI 11 ■ |itl> tin ■< 

W;m\ N k rk for 

fiifl HrU' 

Mr. Juatice Murphy Dealg With 
Habeas Corpus Applications, 
Some Being Refused 

Mr. Juatice Murphy, in Supreme 
Court Chambers yesterday, decided 
tha habeas corpus applications taken 
by Mr. Stuart Henderson on behalf of 
Lee Back Hlng. Wong Tet and Wong 
Yuen. His Lordship. In refusing the 
applications, stated that the reasons 
for his decision were being forwarded 
from Vancouvsr. 

Incidental to the Judgment in these 
three cases came an Intimation thai 
argument would be heard by him from 
counsel In respect to further applica- 
tions for habeas corpus now pending. 
There are 1» other persons in jail on 
convictions secured at various places 
In the Province, for whom applica- 
tion has been made for release for 
similar reasona to those which have 
bean raised on behalf of these three 
with re«pect to their having been com- 
mitted under an alleged Improper cita- 
tion of the act governing the offence. 
This contention Is thst the act was set 
forth as the "Opium and Narcotic 
Drug Act." Instead of the "Opium and 
Narcotic Drug Act. 1»88," which re- 
pealed the former act 

Dealing with the three cases before 
htm His Lordship said that he had 
reached the conclusion that the pen- 
alty was clvisable. This penalty set 
out the minimum penalty as six 
months In Jsil and $20o fine with costs. 

Church »t Nanaimo 
ntluu< till aftl SOU 1 1 vac* 
worsti. > w 1 1 hout DTi • !•■ • 

. whether It holds 11 llegsanrg 

fan Church or ths 
if Canada. Mr Jus- 
decided that the 
troubles dividing the oottgregsUon of 
thst church are not matters that 
should occupy the attention of the 
court during vacaUon Next month 
any differences that can be referred 
to the court to settle may be brought 
before it but until that lime the 
church must carry on as It has been 
doing, peaceably. 

An undertaking has also bean 
given that the session of 8t. Andrew s 
shall not convene until the close of 
court vacation. This agreement, 
reached in Supreme Court Chambers 
yesterday morning, settled the matter 
in dispute and the application for an 
Injunction made by the United Church 
stands over until after vacation. 
Mast live in Pernor 
When the mtater came up again 
yesterday Mr. JusUce Murphy met tha 
opposing counsel, Mr. J. B. Clearlhue. 
for the United Church, and Mr. J. H~ 
Lawson. for the Presbyterian Church, 
with a conciliatory proposition voiced 
in the following words: 

"Why csuVt this go on Ull after 
vacaUon? Tou have been going on 
peaceably for three weans; why can't 
you go on for another three weeks?" 

Mr. Lawson said he was agreeable 
to this course snd Mr. Clearlhue 
stated he was agreeable to it If the 
congregation continued as an Inds- 
pendent one. neither as a congrega- 
tion of the United Church nor as one 
of the Presbyterian Church. 

The court said he was not going to 
pass upon what ths congregaUon 
should be. All he wanted was that 
they should continue to worship 
peaceably until vacation was ended. 
This was not a vacation matter and 
should not hav* come before the court 
until vacation ended. 

Mr. Clearlhue preceded to point out 
that the session of St. Andrew s was 
taking certain action In the govern- 
ing of the church which was objected 
to by the other side. 

Mr. Laweon. after consultation with 
those whom he represented, said he 
would undertake that there would be 
no meeting of the session during the 
interim With this undertaking the 
matter was sllowed to stand over 
until after vacation. 

'Ralph Connor" 

Comes South 

PRINCE RUPERT. Aug. 18— Dr. 
C. W. Oordon (Ralph Connor) of 
Winnipeg, arrived here yesterday 
noon from Prince George, where he 
has been attending a presbytery 
meeting. He left for Vancouver, 
where he will arrive Friday. He la 
accompanied by his sen. King Oordon. 

London children in the park beside the Houses of Parliament mike a 
picture which it it difficult to realize is in the heart of the world's greatest city. 

or In default of the latter two months f 
additional fine. 

In these cases the point was raised 
thatcosts were not mentioned in con- 
nection with the fine, and that there- 
fore the 'penalty of the magistrate In 
Vancouver was lees than that set by 
the statute. His Lordship felt that 
with the penalty dlvlsable the first 
period of detention of six montha was 
correctly Imposed. Aa to the second 
period this had not been reached, he 
understood, and If any further appli- 
cation was desired this could be taken 

With respect to the cases that came 
under the alleged Improper citation of 
the act he felt hs should aot give 
judgment until he hsd heard counsel 
on the point. It became a question 
of srgument as to whether he could 
not amend the order with the 

Mr. A. 1> Macfarlane for the crown, 
and Mr. Stuart Henderson, will pre 
.en* their cases at the next sitting of 

the Court 

"John D" Sends Priest 
<,ood V i-l * and Dime 

IS. — A new ten -cent piece with an ac- 
companiment of "best wishes" was 
presented on behalf of John D. Rocke- 
feller to the Rev. James P. Hughe*, 
former assistant rector of the Roman 
<•atiu.ii. Church of it. Teresa of 
Tarrytown at a testimonial dlnnsr 
given him at Brlarcliff Lodge. 

Mr Rockefeller was playing golf 
with Robert A. Patterson, until ha 
beard of the dinner. 

<iiv* rather Hughes this dime 
ho aald to Mr. Pattsrson. "and say I 
aaa aerrj hs te going away. Tell htm 
I am sorry I did not ass more of him. 
I send him my best wlshe* in hi* 
new field." 

At th« dinner, attended by SSS | 
friends *f*r Hugh**. Mr. Patter 

Youth Given Three Years 
For Conspiraey to Steal 

Cayley today found SVyesr-old Kred 
Smlthers guilty of conspiring to etes! 
money, and sentenced him to Im- 
prisonment for three yesrs In the pen- 

The prisoner's mother fainted, when 
sentence was pronounced, and had to 
be carried from the courtroom. 

Smlthers. together with George 
Whitehead, a youth, was arrested on 
the street on the night of July 28. 
Two feet dlstsnt from them were 
found a loaded revolver and a short 
place of rubber hoss filled with metsl. 

Whitehead was a witness for the 
crown and testified that Smlthers and 
he had planned y. rob a Jspanass 
confectioner of the money he had 
the day. 

sx < M a r 


Ana II W I 


I Khoraeaan. at their »nn,ul c».nven 


Shave la Comfort Withj 
Cttticw's $ hi .TiBf[ Stick I 

Tb4« •W'l-rfne-J^ .-i u^lw «**m I 
seprtr Shaving 9t*ck produce* • | 
rH»m» tasting tether -Tie Ming »ee 
«W* fcw iin l mttm M"> »h»»» wkb*«w» mrtf 
rrr*«ifi«m, evem twwr rtotH- It ww« 
iw ««in mrmnrmh snd tr««h mnA 
mmkmm nhevtwg • pfnuwrf r«r»-W't»"» 
T*k»r« 1, mm trtW, »fwr sha-vine; 



r nun ;/ hi- 

Wonderful Showing of 


/^V <wL 

For Sports Wear 

Sweaters of pure cashmere, Scotch wool, silk and. 
wool mixtures, also dozens of designs in sweaters 
of the finest botany yarns. Come in and look at 
the pleasing patterns the makers have woven into 
these garments. 

These directly imported sweaters are selections 
from the lines of the most reliable woollen plants 
of England and Scotland. 

Pull-Overs for men or women. $6.00 to $20.00 
Cardigans for men or women, $6.50 to $32.50 

O Ls 0 1 H IE IR[ S 




t-4 , 

t Tat 

IT te II. 

For Men, for Women— "Th« Footwear Centre"— For Children 

On Sale Saturday 
and Monday 

Men's $7.50 and $8 00 Oxfords, in blsck and Un. 

l^silc fnee ■ * — ■» — 

Women's Sandals, in patent and tan calf. 
Sale Price — . — 


ij/il j^l | WIL CATHCART ft CO.. LTD. 



WAIXACR. Idaho. Aug. IS— After 
three days of tranquility, the forest 
fire In the Haltes district near the 
Idaho-Montana border, broke < ontrol 
last night and today was ewceplng 

through heavily -timbered 
Ar* was burning on a five-mile front 
and the towns of Taft and Malls*, 
Mont.. w*re again in dsnger. The 
settlements sre In ths direct path of 
the flames and women and children 
are fleeing. 

Quality Meats 

Robust health cooaa from nourishing food. As the suprwma 
form of nourishment, NSW England Quality Ifattt ItStd 
strength to growing and active bodies. 

Delicioua roasts, tender cutlets, steaks, chops, juicy and 
of meatg for the beat of health. 


2 r - 

Spring Lamb, lb 

Ug Local Spring *|*7 
Ltvnb. per ll> . *J I v 

Prim. stkWeUaf. OA 
per lb 4ArA 

Pot Roasts Beef, 

p«r lb.. lOs* and 




Rump Roast Veal, 

per lb. , , 

Veal Stew. 

par lb. 

Lamb Stew, 

isar lb. _______ 



with 50c 


COOKED HAM, t>er ll>. 





pre* Deb vary 

From Dominion Hotel) 


m j 




H.M. Mail Contractors 


Furniture Moved, Crated 
and Shipped 
Pool Cars for Prairies 
and All Points Baa* 

Wc Can Save You Tim* and 
Largest Vane in the City 

Phone 2505 506 Fort Street 


Before Deciding on Your 

Electric Range 

Call and tee the McClary 
Six models to choose from 

Fox A M«i in war! rig 

615 Fort Street '*fcone 6011 

Rock and Gravel 
Co., Ltd. 

S A N i ' AN!' (iKAVfc.1. 


Efficiency Test 

Is Big Feature 
At Rotary Club 

Professors Bull and Bunk 
Conduct Intelligence In 
Vtstigation for C'unin^ 
District Meeting 

< Ifttesl John Fry Join- < l„t, 

KfhViency and mentality testa, rnn- 
• «r> j ■•<•.! under the supervision of 
Rotariana Tom Myer*. Boi, Webb and 
Victor t'lsrke at yesterday - .i luncheon 
of the Victoria Rotary Club, made the 
gathering one of the moat successful 
In tha organisation's history. The 
performance elicited great fun and en- 
tertainment, and the membera were 
kept In a continual state of laughter 
and merriment. 

The purpose of the Intelligence test 
was to ascertain which members. could 
qualify for appointment to the com- 
mittee that would direct the prepara- 
tion for the next Rotary Oletrlct Con- 
vention, to he held In Victoria next 
April. The Inquisitors found great 
difficulty in securing the corre. t 
answers to the various questlona, and 
decided that they would have to leave 
the task of organising the great con- 
vention to President Bob May hew to 
'do the best he could with the ma- 
terial present." 

Rotarlan Tom Myem. chairman of 
the programme committee, opened 
the gathering with a few remarks, 
then got the Rotariana busy writing 
answers to a number of questions that 
were of a' rldlculoua character. Rotar- 
lan Bob Webb, aa Professor Bull, and 
Rotarlan Vic Clarke, as Professor 
Hunk, then proceeded to Interrogate 
the members still further with an- 
other form of guU. the entire afralr 
proving a splendid burlesque. 

Five Rotariana volunteered to loan 
their automobiles in driving a party 
of eighty Ave British teachers out to 
Butchsrt'e Gardens on Wedneeday, 
August 19. 

chief of Police John Fry, who waa 
last week elected Into the ranks of 
Rotary, waa given an enthusiastic 
greeting by the members yesterday. 
Appeal for Rotary Support 
Mrs. D. B. McConnan and Mra. J. 
O. Cameron, repreeentlng the Ladles' 
Muelcal Club of this otty, made an ap- 
peal for aupport in the club's under- 
taking to bring famoua musical 
artlats to Victoria this Winter. 

Rotarlan J. R. Klngham was con- 
gratulated upon his feat In making a 
hole-ln-one at the Colwood Oolf Unke 

Falsi Lightning 

. ST. RAPHAEL. Que. Aug. 18.— 
I Cugene Roy. aged 7. was Instantly 
killed and his younger sister was 
fatally burned yesterday when light - 
I nlng struck a tree under which they 
* hud taken shelter during a storm. 

Scientifically fradad an J 
fr.ah wster. 

Largest Capacity Is Canada 

« • Sf t t St' er- 

Phonr .u6 


To Those Desiring Prompt 
Delivery of Good, Clean Wood, 

Sidney Wood Co. 


Millwood. Inside Wood and 
Bark Slabs 

Office st Alpha Street 

The "Friend" of Eve- 

'air* ixl 

». ■* matter how 

It will 


• — 

*•»«■ tn da. I »• It i.». 
<■, „1trr dl.hwaah.lna 
sewveat redae** and. 
esaeS T d *n.nd« At all 
arSCS lat a 


Italian Bairn 


a ll #"* r\ g m jk 4j 

ELK LAKE — 12 Acres, half cleared, with five- 
roomed bungalow 

^ ■ 

COWICHAN HEAD— 10 Acres) 3*/ 3 cleared, 
stables and shack 

1205 Broad Street 

Real Estate and Insurances 

Victoria. B.C. 



B.C. Forest hire* 

ISoiv I rider Control 




A \l ' it \ l.l; a.ik ! ; lie 

ports late tonight from 

' •"" ' 'I t'r i.Mn.-l , i ,n.l M,m! 
■ ipal fnrcatr.v aulhorllje* In1i 
rate that all the major forest 
fire* are now under ■•onlrol. and 
that moat of the isolated out- 
break* have been extlnicuahed 
or are only smouldering follow- 
ing the rainfall early In the day. 
The rain was general through- 
out the Province 



I imi' for l « finis 

fuitric* \ \\t iuU i\ 

I .im !m t'idy Cou! t ■>. hsr.-, f >i. in 
■<hi ( >, ("!.-, s <^ THk Kvf t :n iK 
I'M m;rient i ,,. „ • I'Uvri - 

The time for receiving entries for 
tb^e clay court championships of 
\ h torla has been extended until 6 
p.m. today. This is to give an oppor- 
tunity for a number of outside entries 
whlrh are expected to be received, 
snd slso to give a further chsnce to 
Iocs! players who have not yet en- 

Nearly all the prominent Victoria 
playsra will b« engaged in the tourna- 
ment. which opens tomorrow on the 
courts of the Kingston Street Lawn 
Tennis Club. In the ladies' eveme 
Mlaa Marjorie Looming will be the 
heet-known contender. Her slater. 
Mlaa Hope Iteming, has also entered. 
In the men'e events and In the mixed 
doubles Messrs John Proctor, D. M 
Oordon and K. UacCullum. the lead- 
ing players of the Victoria Lawn 
Tennis <iui>. will be among the par- 

The entry list promises to be well 
up to the average for thia tourna- 
ment, and the courts will bs In ex- 
cellent ahape. Play will 

commence on 
Haturday and continue throughout the 
following week, with the nnals in all 
avents reached by Saturday. Aug- 
ust 2S. 

I e ul 

ens ni 



Stockbreeders and Others 
All Have Their Worries 

We can help the stock breeder 
who is losing through cattle 

remedy has beer. u«et! cm ..vrr 
000 head. Wi it r. uu :■.<>■*- 


The Erick Bowman Remedy Co. of Cimii, Ltd 

Oil ice and Factory. 518 Yates Street 

Victoria Gives Hearty 
Welcome to Educationist* 
From O ld Land 

Continued from Page 1 

Inge, the Provincial Museum and 
Archives. Crystal Garden, and any 
other elghtseelng thsy may wish to 
do. Msmbere of the Teachers' Asso- 
ciation will be on hand to act aa their 
guides. The only formality will be a 
brief reception In the Leglelatlve 
LJbrary at 10 o'clock by the Council 
of Public Instruction. They will leave 
by the 2 o'clock boat this afternoon 
for Vancouver, and almost immed- 
iately will begin the journey back to 

"We realise the greet good you can 
do In cementing relations between 
Canada and the Motherland." said 
Mayor Pendray In the coarse of his 
sddrees in the morning. Recognising 
the feet that a majority of the visitors 
were teachere. he realised their im- 
portance as bearers to the 
eratlon of the Old Land of 
cernlng this country. 

Mr. George Jay's welcome on be- 
half of the School Board, waa brief 
but cordial, and su coupled with an 
expression of ths hope that the League 
would aend out a larger party next 

Hearty Welcome 

Mr. Charles Edward Brownrlgg. 
headmaster of Magdalen College 
School since inoo replied for Mrs. 

Ord Mar-hall M yl n|r , h ,, th . hwU . 

ness of the welcome which they had 
had In Canada had given them the 
very warmest feeling for the people 
of this county. This spesker recalled 
the aplendld Impression left by the 
Canadian soldiers In England during 
the war. He personally Had met 
msny of them In camp and had noth- 
ing but admiration for thern. 

"We ahall carry away with us a 
nrm Intention to encourage our 
friends nt home to send out their eons 
and daughters 'to help in the further 
development of the Dominion." con- 
cluded this speaker. 

American Guest 

Dr. r. L. Hoffmsn. the eminent 
American scientist, himself smong the 
city's distinguished guests «t the pre- 
sent time, also occupied a place of 
honor on the platform, and was 
called upon to speak. Hs was evident- 
ly touched by the demonstrations of 
friendship between Canada and the 
Motherland, which, he said, proved 
that the coneeptlon of the 3rttlsh Em- 
pire was no myth but a very real 
thing, and British democracy aome- 
thlng In which Canada could share 
as a part of "that nation of nations." 
» Immediately aft# r the reception at 
the Empress, the vleltors started on 
their drive In motor cars, very kindly 
provided and driven by cltisens. Mrs. 
Ord Msrshsll slgnsd the register of 
the Ssanich Health Centre and spent 
a few minutes looking Into ths var- 
loua details of the establlahment. 

At the Aetrophyslrsl Observatory 
the vleltors were met by Mr. T. Harry 
Plaakett. who gave an Illuminating 
talk on the 7t-lnch telescope, snd de- 
monstrated the operation of the mas- 
alve mechanism. The fine clear day 
opened up a vfew of unparalleled 
beauty from the esplanade at the top 
of Observatory HI if, and almost re- 
luctantly the tourists re-entered the 
welting cars. Signs of the receVit 
Prospect lake forest fire being pointed 
out below, members of the party ex- 
pressed some disappointment that they 
had not yet seen any burning woods, 
slthough they had read much about 
these dramatic eonflagratlona. 

At ••Renvensto" 

Mrs. Butchsrt mst the guests In 
person st "Bsnvenuto." and after 
ahowlng them through the kouss. con- 
ductsd the psrty through ths gar- 
den* The *unken garden, converted 
from the old quarry f an enchanting 

vista nf flnwerlns 1»rr»rra ar><1 


■ i «• 

Mr. A. M. Uttlejohn. who Is In 
chargs of the hig salea campaign be- 
ing conducted on the Parihc Coast by 
the Auto Strop Safety R.tor Company. 
IJmlted. of Toronto, r- •<-,<■•• that the 
expected sals of 11 eea safety rasors 
will be easily reached this week, when 
the ante clossa This tmmenee sale 
la ons of the bigvest put on by the 
Auto Htrop fompanr and n*vsr in 
the history of ths Arm his so, | an 
excellent rasor bean otTerM at such 
a low pries. "Victorians eertainly 

r»por< <V>I . , - 

thetr *»pe<t,t on* The sale closes 
f "t <h:» week. ' (Attn.) 

levelled lawns Impressed ihem are j • 
l I) hiiiI Ihf fin I ho i (>e;iu'ies of las 
; Inpatient nil] n i exulted in many 
:<t» in« « i h i h. re, .i« souvenir* pat h 
••a* - " of Hrinrhuto need* which 
i hey » ; i |.!, 4 ,u m then «,<rilm» i 
KngUn l 

Mi >•<• * ,., „,el the part> si f 
I .,,«.. where an »lf«*«< 
v. I aa (he guests ■•' 

:he l>arh.-rs A-„o.Utlon ami the 
■ tuens of v • to... Mi T W 1 1 ,11 
»— ■■t i tie Te.i. hers As.-' ■ .» 

•JO'. ., » tio li.o I ».•<•• 1 1 uolefallglhie 

i" • ootie. nnn with the en! e rt sin m e n i 
i • ra riKetne n j » fo, • . ;.«l> • .i • on 'h. 
' a - o o . !•'••!■. i.-e.^ I he i,||l\ of 
•»••> H;., Maje»!\ the Kin* 
M l.mernmenl Hiiu* 
• 'i 'he ii n.i v o! i1a 1. 1, 
the city of Ilia Honor 

v ■' • r t pi. I vl • b \ 

were welcome i < ern ■nent H j.. 

Ml H J e Muskett After de- 

llcio*at teg aervexJ i tht ArninA-room. 
ths gussts were Invited to stroll 
through the gardens. From the ter 
race they had the first glimpse visible 
for days of the Olympic Ilange. snd 
among the numeroua interesting ob- 
ject* which they stopped to examine 
in the grounds were the Indian war 
canoe, a gift from a native chief at 
Friendly Cove, and the totem pole 
which has arrived even more recently 
The conservatories, which aupaly the 
quantities of schlxanthua, rosea, and 
other flowers used In the decoration 
of the big reception rooms, ware alao 

Among the apeclal gueata who 
joined the party yesterday were Mlaa 
Hoffman, daughter of Dr. K. L. Hoff- 
man, and Mrs. Aahe. of San Francisco. 
Mr. James Morrison, of Montreal, gen- 
eral paaaenger agent of the Canadian 
National Railway, and who met the 
party at Montreal and accompanied 
them acrose the Dominion, atao psr- 
tlclpated In the day's programme. 
Mrs. T. K. Loach, president of ths 
Women * Auxiliary of ths Society of 
St. George, met the vlaltora at the Em- 
press In ths morning, bringing with 
her bouquets of rose*, sweet pass and 
mignonette for presentation to the 
ladies of the party. 

Among those who lent cars for the 
drive yeeterdsy were: Mrs. Hagar. 
Mra. Herbert Pendray. Mrs. Harris. 
Mrs. Ellis, Mra Graham. Miss Beck- 
wlth. Miss Constance Wilson, Miss O - 
Keefe, Miss Jessie Gordon and Messrs. 
O. H. Dawson. Earl Clark. Ernest 
Campbell. Esrl and othera. 

A eouvenlr of their visit whloh moat 
of the League of Empire mambere 
asemed to appreciate greatly was the 
Uluatrated folder-programme pre- 
eeoted by the Department of Educa- 
tion. Thla contained a frontlsplscs 
picture of the Hon. J. D. MacLaan. 
Minister of Education; and photo- 
graphs of the Causeway and Empress, 
the sunken gardens at "Benvenuto." 
the Astrophysics! Observatory, the 
Parliamsnt Buildings. Beacon Hill 
Park, and some giant Western rod 
cedsr. such as may still bs seen on 
the Island. 

City Will Not Stop 

Saanich Water Supply 

Continued from Page 1 

Commissioner Preston contradicted 
the statement that the water supply 
tq Saanich would be stopped tomorrow 
morning. If Saanich Council refused 
to pay Its bill to the city at tonight's 
session. Hs explained that If ths 
Saanich Council refused to order pay- 
ment of the account, he would lay 
the whole matter before the city's 
nnance committee at lta meeting on 
Monday afternoon next 

Mayo,- Pendray expressed the belief 
that Saanich had no right to hold up 
money due Victoria While seeking to 
get water concessions. The psapte of 
Saanich were getting water at less 
cost' than the people of Victoria, tail- 
ing all factors Into consideration. He 
said that as ths City Council now 
found itself Involved In litigation over 
the Goldstresm waterworks expropri- 
ation it would be unwise to do any- 
thing regarding negotiations over the 
price of water with Saanich until the 
Injunction hesring had tsken p'sce. 
The thing for Saanich to do. he felt, 
was to pay the bill due the city, and 
later. If some other basia of < ha rues 
are arrived at, thla payment on the 
ten cent basis. If made, could come 
up for adjustment. 

< lulm- (Unllrmalinn nf \ irw 

Reeve Robert Macntcol. of Saanich. 
last night laaued a statement, declar- 
ing that Mayor Pendray'* utterance 
that any negotiations between Vic- 
toria and Saanich were prevented by 
the Injunction proceedings now pend- 
ing against the expropriation of 
Esquimau waterworks, amply con- 
Armed his view that it was not until 
Victoria thought It had ths Esquimau 
wsterworks cinched thst ths city was 
no lined to meat Ssanich to discuss 
water charges, and that now there 
was doObt about the expropriation 
taking place, the city did not desire 
US negotiate megnwhile. 

"I am not at all anxloua or excited 
at the dire threat* Issued from the 
City Hsll regarding turning off of the 
Saanich water aupply If the June ac- 
count was not psld by Baturdsy morn- 
ing- The city's account will be 
placed before the Saanich Codncil st 
Its regulsr meeting tonight, and will 
bs dealt with aa ths' councillors see 
fit." eald the Reave. 

Mr. MscNlcoi atated that he waa 
afraid that "some person or persons 
In the City Hsll must be suffering 
from the recent best wars." 

Board of Trade Chiefs 
Resignation It Denied 

LONDON. Aug II — The Canadian 
Press correspondent is sbls to contra- 
dict the wldeepresd reports Ihst Sir 
Philip t unllffe-Llster has resigned the 
presidency of the Board of Trade. 

It Is within Sir Philip's office to set 
for the sorernment in connection with 
i he rosl dispute but owing to his 
wife's financial Interest In the industry 
the task has bean given to Rt. Hon. 
W r. Rridgmsn. Sir Lister conferred 
with Premier Baldwin today and as an 
outcome he continues In the office st 

1 f *e%**rt f Ql* t Pl*^e****ftt - 

litfirnhnofM!}: ItV-wll. 

Aug IS With yesterday perfect for 
•hooting, lieutenant H. W. Bishop, 
il I' Kli , Ottawa, put in a perfect 
•core In the flrwt stage of the IJeu 
tensnt Cnmnnr s match At $»S 
yards hs hsd a score of S« and hs 
continued his string of hulls at •—. 

The eseond stage, open to those with 
the sitty best arnras In the first Stsge. 
will he ahot tomorrow 

The O O.FO . of iMtaw* eieaned np 
another Irophi » hen thev won the 
• anadlan ( luh ' hatlenge ('up 

Uenienant. I» Rurl»e i , , ; p ( J Of 
awa winner of the King* pvt^e ,t 
n»si-y in IS},, did some remarkable 

•hoot, o» in the, .erle. wh-n h« 
V ' ,n le »<rs,g BI bOlU *' *«*« j.*, .|, 

Final Clearance of Alt 
Summer Frocks 

Imhulmx Manx French IhituI Ma,' 

( wurtnents 

( hi Sale T<hUi\ nt 
$1.95, S7.<>> 

S JO. 9 ,S <iHr ; 

Formerly Priced Regular Up to $32.50 

It is noteworthy that this is just the time when 
you greatly feel the need of an extra frock or two 
to complete the Summer in good style. Included 
are many beautiful Hand-Made French Frocks 
which you will be delighted to see at such decided 
reductions. ' 

Two Summer frocks for the price of 
one. Does that reveal the enormous 
profits to be gained at this final clear- 
ance event? 

Fugi Striped Silk Sports Frocks 

To Clear Today at $7.95 

i — I. 

Angus Campbell & Co., Ltd. 



Sons of England 
Oppose New Flag 

No Interference With Union Jack 
Wanted, Declares Presi- 
dent of Society 

CALGARY, Aug. IS. — "We will 
stand for no Interference with the 
Union Jack. We were born under It. 
S.SS0 of our boys enlisted under it 
snd 800 of them laid down their 
lives for it. and we expect to die un- 
der It ourselvea." 

Thus George Davenport, supreme 
president of the Hons of England 
Benevolent Society, summed up the 
sttitude of the society to the pro- 
possl to have a new Canadian flag, 
when Interviewed by The Herald thla 

In regard to having a dual 
language. Mr. Davenport refused to 
speak officially, saying that personal- 
ly he had no objection aa he had 
lived for yssrs elongalde the French 
where the duel languags was used 
snd hsd found It sstlsfsctory. 

•What Is the sttltuds of your so- 

ciety in respect to Immigration T" he 
was asked. 

"We arc strongly in fsvor of Brllleh 
aubjscts — not necesssrlly wholly Eng- 
lish — being given every fsclllty pos- 
sible within the power of the country 
to ssttls here .and would like to see 
them sasleted by the British Govsrn- 

Eskimos' Radio Concert 
Heard in United States 

CHICAGO, Aug. 13 — Kakimos In 
Etah. Greenland, laat night presented 
a musics) programme by radio which 
was rsbrosdeast from Arlington 
Helghte. a suburb. Into Chleago by 
telephone and distinctly heard In the 
Chicago office of the Associated Press. 

The Eskimo programme was broad- 
cast on a forty -metre wave length 
from station WAP. aboard the steam- 
ahlp Peary, ship of the MacMlllan ex- 
pedition at Ktrth. It waa received by 
Station »XN 

Through head ; positions at SXN the 
programme was' transmitted hy tele- 
phone to the Chicago listeners. The 
reception was so clssr thst srrange- 
ments were made Immediately to 
broadcast the rest of the programme 

to radio listeners through the coun- 
try by robroadcastlng at S a.m. eastern 
time on a higher wave length through 
Btstlon WJAZ. 

A phonograph aelectlon came 
through clearly while listeners here 
were Informed that the Eskimo quar- 
tette Imyrou-Oetook. Kangak, Nu- 
Kapingwa and Ah-Kom-Olng-Wa had 
rsndersd "The 8ong of Snow Bunt- 
ing," " Song of the Raven" and "Song 
of the To*." 

The volcea were distinct but no one 
ventured an opinion on the enuncia- 

British Government 

To End Tex tile Fued 

LONDON. Aug. II. — The Govern- 
ment la taking, action to bring to an 
end the textile dispute which Is affect- 
ing nearly 2A4.000 textile workers In 

Representstlves of the workers and 
employers met the Minister of Labor 
In London today to lay before him 
their respeotivs vlewa. The minuter 
will try to get ths two sides Into an 
amicable conference hut If he falls. It 
may he necessary to institute a court 
of Inquiry. 

a Refreshing * 

Shower Bath 

— each morning as you travel east these warm summer 
days. An invigorating "shower" is one of the de luxe 
i service features on the newly Pullman-equipped 

Thrifty Round 
Trip Faret in 
Effect Daily 
Until Sept. 15. 

1 1 $St i Ia i 

W Wtoat8n$, w t> m M W 3 ■ 


; h ,;■ I i iii'S f I }"„;,j ir < I" :.t ■ f 

No Extra Fare 

Separate bathrooms for men and for women; Women's 
LaoW Maid; Manicure; Barber; Vslet; Men's Club room, 
high-windowed observation car, a simple, restful 
stive scheme. 

Go the scenic Great Northern war, via Qacier Motional Tart, 
(open until Sept. 15) Minneapolis snd St. Paul to Chicafo, < 
connections are made for "Everywhere East* 

70 hours, Seattle to Chicago Wirkofat 
Leave Se»n I e 8 p.m. 

For complete information, reservations, ticket! 

A. H. HEBB. Aa-ent 

Agent* rrsnsatUntw V . » r~ . - 

etc apply tot 
dephone 899 





Ilebe4 IUI 

Pt IBlll l lmltM UttUily 

Tail, Busts 

eel Pablwiwitc Cm 

D f.l.< 

rlplmn R»<*« by Carrier • uO 

let* i"»mi|Uo» to Victoria. 
br Colonial Ol* t'enirre 
y , . r i , . ItLM 

i,,, l *• 

- .!,«. rlbere la • • i«t'i>« cf>»o«« -if e44 
-.-J r.» perueule. to II*. both »I4 
r,.-.. »,l,ir»ee 

Hub., rlprti.n B*tf. Iir Han 
To ' Ut4l Ontl It., tel.. UoU«4 Stet.e 

4,-. 1 M«n, o c»ce*t dletrl te •» »bo»» 

••»•••••*••••••*•«•«- ■ • *» 

cjuif («r I jr 

* .. euberrtptlm l-er.b.* ••!>"' • 

. • >be. .it>«.» .»» <*■>»*'"■ > >■■ •'••» 

nui. e« illre.-l I ! ; •' > 


lt>A\ . M Gl ST 

14, 1925 


m ith 

I lie 

have uttictiy laited i , k<cp p*« 

thr (rftfla pn 'I Lm »'H'i » 

PlOVMlclUf J. idll^l 4 
!!•>« .i <l«\ ■. rtiru ». il d I : I > If "I K" 

hrltci »kcitci aloiijj Thc> d" riot 
•'tip thnr hats," fuit il.w Oft>lj II 
thi Itrim, ol tbfru Thnr Ufa are 
« «n<l thru riig*grinrii(i wntli 
the barbrr in a tatf of flux "AH too 
,,ltf.r avs that parjrr "thru 
iiMintii adduce that singular crou 

• ha . < llf. t 'I! the turfs v* hu ll In! 

I III iii M- -a.Uai wit !•» o v t- ihr •. 
I l* ■ 


AW Comment 

By R B D 


i n«l*> \uau>i 

It l»2. 

UBKKAl <\ N N ! X 

Mr Robert I-Orke. the leader of the 
Progresses in the Federal 
ment. hu admitted that whatever 
party does hit bidding will have hi» 
support. In other word., he .ay. to 
Mr. Meifhen that when the Con- 
servatives introduce Progressive 
measures they will get Progressive 
support. ThU. of coura*. is tanta- 
mount to an admiiiioo that for the 
past four years the Liberal ad- 
ministration has been doing the bid- 
ding- of the Progressive*, and. there- 
fore, it ha. been su.tained in power. 
It ia a candid proclamation of poli- 
tical huckstering.' In effect it mean, 
that the Progrea.ive* have been 
bartering their support and will con- 
tinue to do .o in the future irrespec- 
tive of the country', welfare. The 
principle involved 1. but a 
nound one. In fact, it U rotten to 
the core," and sordid becau.e it im- 
plies political .upport a»way» pro- 
vided the^ i. a quid pro quo. 

The one saving grace of the situa- 
tion in contained in the knowledge 
that the Progre.aive. jn the next 
Parhament will have fewer vote* for 
aale. The movement ha. practically 
disappeared in the Maritime Prov*- 
iace. It It a moribund f**rce in On- 
tario. In the Trairici it hat , °* t 
some of itt viriWty. though it would 
be idle m deny that the Progressive, 
may not look for »ome years to 
come for almost the only support 
they will receive to their cause from 
that seetiem of the country. Mr. 
Arthur Meighen has described the 
Pmgreieivea as a Liberal Annex. 
The name fits well. It ia admitted by 
Mr. Forke in his definition 6f political 
huckstering. The Progressives have 
l.een not only succeseful in imposing 
their policies on Mr. Mackenzie 
King a. the price of their support, 
hut tbey have been successful, too, 
in preventing the Liberals from 
carrying out certain policies outlined 
in the platform of that party. They 
hold the whip hand at Ottawa. It it 
a situVion fraught with danger to 
constitutional government that lete 
than one-fourth of the membership 
of the House of Commons should 
dictate the policies put Uito effect. 

, nC^ON .-. A i m . 

L-.rd Ku.rye Percy. President of 
the Brrltish Board of Education, has 
been speaking on the educational 
system in Britain and dealing wtth 
criticism, that have beep advanced 
against present methods. Since those 
criticisms apply in other countries as 
well Lord Percy s defence is of inter- 
est. tfe aaya ope of the things the 
public axe undoubtedly asking today 

. % ui, • r •. man 

t you 1 1 

inn !... hra.ett', .• K < ..unp 

arti it 


'I.e.. g.vf-4 |.. ..... that ' 

' i \< truu thr [iluloiiipli u a\ jh^Ic 
V\ cstcrnvarck from the biological, and 
I > \!t,r h, mii rh. p,vch..lo<- al. i.^v 
all proved conclusively that dress is 
not a physical accomplishment but a 
phase of mental activity--a state of 
mind, which, if ignored or glossed 
over, becomes an Obstacle impeding 
the smooth functioning of a well- 
balanced intellect. The arraignment 
of the generality of men's dress con- 
cludes at follows: 

Modern womanhood keep, her two 
best feet forward, a brave and en- 
chanting figure in the pell mell. With 
her goes the elan vital, the spirit, the 
forward march of the age. Compared 
with the sorry heaps of ill-fitting and 
disordered clothing which lounge 
upon The street corners of the mas- 
culine earth, she it Aurora, Diana, 
Hebe, Helen and all the rest of that 
lovely company who in timet patt 
have lifted men above their alack and 
tawdry habits. Trousers were intro- 
duced to the civilized world on the 
Aegean shores when the Barbarians 
wore them into Attica; and Attica 
fell. 'Ware, gentlemen, lest they re- 
turn to their unregenerate origins, 
bearing fhe wearers — the very shades 
t>f the Barbarian.— with them. 


\ New York dcalei in 
appaiel lias aiiivoj ••h- aMn ., '.i-.ii 

to I'd - : -iii'l - a \ • in !cr r it ni^ <!; ■. *■ in] 
ments arc orn.Jmj.- I he .1, v«-i,.j.nt« «t.« 
III talhn Mi t ! . ... I I. a i i I ..i - - . « ! ! |,< ui) 
1 1 1 K ' '•*>{• '" I'Tii •• • i \ mtei - liii« 

inif M tntat tb« new MQ4M will not 
ioiiifM'1 woiiirn who |.. .!'..w 

the fashions of Pari, and New York 
to take anything more off. We do 
not express this hope because of any 
desire ro interfere with the freedom 
and independence of the ladies in the 
matter of the garments they may don 
or the garments they may doff. Not 
at all. But weliavt a presentiment 
that if the fashion, run to further e»- 
trcmes some prudish parliament or 
legislature will be passing laws regu- 
lating women's costumes, and good- 
ness knows we have plenty of law. 
cm our statuta books now and a suf- 
ficient number of officials trying to 
enforce then\. It is the expense of 
the thing that frightens -us. 

i"K to manufacture m their own tuun 
U y i hat is the situation, ami that 
situation is responsible I Of the main 
tost determination <»f Canadian. to 
rum out every Government tha' jj. 
peals to theiu'tor re ele< tioa 

Aiinute Journeys 


Motorist ^a^er 

Tor Kag«itHl f^irse 

i ii .. m 

Buys Brin K Many C*ib u, H„U as 
Owners Sec Wallet- F.ven 
Prenaet fake, Pa:- 

Mr. H. K. S. Herrrmfng, writing in 
The Montreal Gazette, asks the ques- 
tion, "Do we want immigrants?" 
Mis conclusion is that a return to the 
full policy of protection will create 
such conditions that immigrants will 
come in almost without the asking. 
In reducing the tariff the present Gov- 
ernment lowered the industrial pay 
roll of the country by some hundreds 
of millions of dollars and forced 
Canadians to go elsewhere to seek 
a living. When people in other lands, 
and particularly in Britain, under- 
stand that many of the inhabitints of 
this Dominion are facing conditions 
which compel them to leave the coun 
try it is natural enough that immi- 
gration here should have reareived a 
definite check. Under the Mackenzie 
Kiilg regime the whole policy, 
economically and in the matter of 
immigration, has been not only short 
sighted, but suicidal. In comment 
ing on the 

When we in Canada have come t 
our senses and have realized that w 
have ii- choice but to defend our 

We tay nothing about the election, 
in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 
Enough has been said and printed 
about them for the present. But we 
are interested in the alleged portents 
of them and in the sage deductions 
that have been drawn from them. And 
we are almost persuaded that if the 
elections in those two provinces, al- 
though they are not by any meant 
political pivotal provinces, had gone 
the other way the apologista for Right 
Hon. William Lyon Mackenzie King, 
hit Government and hit cause, would 
feel a trifle more comfortable in their 
minds than they are today. 

• • • » 

A considerable number of years 
have patted sin>> we had the pleasure 
of reading any of the philosophical and 
satirical works of Dean Swift, but we 
believe it was the Irascible Dean who 
wrote something about the enterprise 
of a gentleman who spent a lot of 
money in an effort to extract sun- 
beams from cucumbers. Our Liberal 
friends have set up a laboratory and 
are trying to stew sunbeams of con- 
solation from a vegetable that ia 
about as rich in calorics as a cacum- 

remedy. Mr. Hemming 


vea and 


is whether their syttem of education the 
is not running the ritkt that all great 
syttem. have— etpecially all Govern- 
ment ayttemt— of becoming too much 
of a system interested In all "kinds of 
uniformity and too little Interetted in 
the real essentials of education. There 
is. he believes, a certain amount oi 
foundation for thia criticism. The 
danger always exittt of creating 
fiahiont in education gnd what begint 
at an experiment develop, into a rigid 
system. On the other hand, even ex- 
periments show that the teachers 
are alwaya anxious to get new light 
am what they should teach and on 
how they should teach it. 

Another criticism to which Lord 
Percy alludes is that there it an 
overcrowded curriculum, that the 
ayttem too often teachet fadt and 
putt on frail* which have no bearing 
upon life, that it ia too intent upon 
opening the child'* mind wide and 
too little intent on giving the mind 
anything to feed on when it i. opened. 
Thi. critidtm. so far as British edu- 
cation is concerned, he does not be- 
lieve is justified. Teachers are not in 
love with an overcrowded curriculum 
and are impreaaed with the neceasity 
of concentrating upon what- is moat 
easential. Lord Percy then gives an 
expression of the aims of the Britilh 
educational system at follows: "It is 
our main aim." he says, "to provide 
the child with that armament which 
will carry it through life, both gen- 
erally aa a useful citizen and also at 
c worker in the particular phase of 
life into which it ia going out from 
the school. We are working to fit 
the children to rebuild the life Of the 
nation. W* are tryingNo give the 
child as broad an education a. \ e 
can, to give it the fitness and qual- 
ities for actual day-to-day work. and. 
above all. we are trying to inculcate 
the virtues of courage and hope, fey 
which we ahall be able directly to 
help this country to pass thrcAigh its 
present terrible danger, and difff-" 

natural resources 
against the studied attacks of other 
nations, then and not till then shall 
we have prosperity ami not till then 
shfiuld we spend a tingle dollar of 
our hardly-earned money in inviting 
people from other lands to come and 
share with us the results of our folly 
On the other hand, once we have> 
creatcd a genuine demand for labor in 
the many different channel* of our 
national life, there will be no need to 
coax immigrants to come to this the 
greatest of all countries, for they 
will flock to our* shores in every 
vessel that is capable of carrying 
across the ocean. 


Through the agency of Lord Inch- 
cape Great Britain has just sold the 
last of the Government-built and 
owned merchant ships of the war. At 
the time of the Armlttice this policy 
of disposing of these thipt waa de- 
cided on at the British Government 
realized that ttate nwnerthip of mer- 
chant thipping would be a petilout 
and loting venture. The task of dis- 
posing of the thipt Was placed m t!ie 
handt of Lord Inchcape and he *ea 
tuccetaful in ..blaming the best pit 
tible price for the vettelt. and the 
transactions involved, according to 
the President of the Board of Tradr. 
aroused no alnglc complaint of any 
moment from any quarter.' Britain, 
the country with a more extensiye 
shipping experience thau any othci 
nation, realised that immediately the 
war waa concluded, as Sir P. Cunliffe 
Lister sayt. that these Government 
•hip* should be transferred to private 
ownership. Lord Inchcape's work 
in this regard was publicly acknowl 
edged by the President of the Board* 
of Trade and described as a great 
service that he rendered the country. 

Commenting on the 
Prohibition and Pri.oi 
eays: "The United Stat 
London has made a tta 

subject of 
La PaTrtr 
tea Con.ul m 
tement which 


The Providence Journal, ot Rhode 
Island, has devoted an article to the 
t abject of men « dress and ita cOB- 
| Itivm app» o s t . be that, speak. iw 
t-ene: aiiv . senticmrn •<> ur a . then 
dress i* con-erne.l 4 f.- n-i longer 
S'nti'moi ' hai * strong aj 

raig-nnien; .n fhe suN ie.- 1 *n4 the 
Urge- ,« an nMft«a mm he. , aM .,. 

promoting the tidtneai of appear aa i 

ia giving the American politicians 
food for thought. He reports that third of the prisont in England 
and Wale* have been closed aince 
1914, whiltt statistics show that in the 
United States the number of prison- 
ers and criminals is increasing. In 
three of the principal prisons in the 
United States the number of inmates 
hat suddenly jumped from 2,500 in 
1012 to 7.107 m Iv25 Is this the 
fault of Prohibition? The bootlegger, 
and automobile thieve, have surely 
augmented m a very marked way the 
list of rogues. The number of 
prisoner* in Canada ha*, diminished 
from 2.4*0 to 2.225 In the Province 
of Oaebec the statistic, on criminal 
ily indicate a sensible amelioration 
Prosecutions for drunkenness have 
decreased ronssderabry Thi* ex 
••Meat remit is due priatfpaUy to 
the Quebec liquor law " 

The German Republic is 
progre**. It has celebrated the anni- 
versary of the establishment of the 
new form of government. The cele- 
bration does not appear to have been 
particularly enthusiastic, but doubtless 
the quality of enthusiasm will grow 
with each recurring anniversary. Von 
Hindenburg, the Royalist president of 
the Republic, took part in the cele- 
bration. That was one of the interest- 
ing features of the event. If one of 
the Hohentollerns also had participat- 
ed and had joined in the "hocks" that 
would have been still more interesting. 
Furthermore, if the senior member of 
the Hohentollern family listened to 
wireless reports of the proceedings he 
heard no call to come back. a. the 
paat wat fot-gotten and all tint were 
forgiven. The Germant have treated 
the Hohenzollernt very gVneroutly 
indeed, but they seem to have made 
up their mind* to forget them. ^That 
is one of the characteristic ways of 
the world. It is a characteristic that 
is inscribed in immortal verses. 

When- Homiic U KUU f'mu Ncptuiu 

rhe lime has (»«.«..•,! when no, 
• •n. M .1 >«■ nf i. «•» to Ihf tj.-.K I, 
■ h tinted countries. Mut n-..-r. > - 
< .ji»!nn> t ha l at ill pt 1 r * im .- .«inl i ■ > • ti<i\ 

-Sill t>#r*i.1. ilt ' ■ .|.jj ! !; ■ [' .it . ...ui,. i . 

ui.on the aea and ahlpa croaa the 

.- . 1 1 1 d I . ■ r 

Kor the .«Uor la at roman 
tic. aad h< - ling* i | ■,. act . . n g cm- 

«••'"» w'ovh Keiif tat I. • ii4« ..; *+,i„r» r., 
fore tham have practised. One of 
theaa ouatonis la that of paying trib- 
ute to Old >'athtr Neptuna at the 
cruaalng of the equator. When thia 
famous point la reached, every per- 
son on board, whether member of 
the crew or paaaenger, must take part 
In the ceremony. 

The evening before the line la 
reached there la supp*a«d to be « 
hall from Neptune. He challenge* 
the ahlp to produce all on board -who 
have never crossed the equator on 
the following day for hi. Inspection. 

At the proper moment on tbe next 
day the novlcea are gathered to- 
gether. Then Neptuae. with hla 
Amphltrlte and aulte. appeaxa at tbe 
aide of the ahip and cornea aboard 
over the bow He la preceded by a 
young man dressed very fashionably 
and he rides on a gun carriage drawn 
by alx almoat naked negroes, spotted 
»n yellow. Mia long beard of oakum, 
an iron orown, which decka hla head, 
and the trident with a dolpUJn be- 
tween its pronga, make him moat Im- 
pressive. He ia, of course, a member 
of the crew, as are hla eompanlona. 

Hla followers constat of a secre- 
tary, a surgeon, a barber and a bar- 
ber'a Tnate Amphltrlte. wearing a 
nightcap trimmed with aeawesd, car- 
rlea a ahlp'a buoy dreased aa a baby 
In ber lap. She has three attend- 
ants dreased aa nymphs carrying - 
comba. mirror* and pota of paint ^ 

The novioss are blindfolded, 
aheved. painted, and then thrown 
backward into a tub of water which 
has been prepared for the purpose. 

Gaines and theatrical* follow the 
ceremony. Neptune presents hla 
aood wtahea to the ahlp and Ita crew 
andXdepart*. to reappear as himself. 

Thia la a custom whlrh haa been 
upheld for eenturlea by men-of-war. 
merchant venaeia. whaler* and) all 
Hhrps which crossed the equator with 
any degree of frequency. It Is rough 
aport at beat, but moat amusing for 
epectatora. — 

.» «■(.« n ..f 

' I Jl U!,hT!..« > I O j I O ' . . I . . t i , 

were the main "properties" 
Juvenile confidence game 
among the Hiwaeh Indiana aa 

t catch em 

ad frayed, 
nail boy a 
in a 

rort Street yesterday afternoon 

Victims were numerous — even 
Premier John Olive/ waa caught; at 
least he waa caught more or leas. 
The Premier was driving down Fort 
Street in hla uaual blithe fashion, 
when the old wallet, evidently wsll- 
ntuffed. caught hia eye as it laid so 
Innocently on the pavement mi the 
corner of Fort and t'ook streets. 

There was a screeching of brakes 
and the Premler'a car glided to a 
atop. The head of the Britiah 
Columbia Oovernment amlled. then 
glimpsed the string leading from the 
old. purse to the pair of boys sitt^pg 
en \ bench along the road. They 
were trying not to watch loo elossly. 
but the Premier waa "on." He 
stepped on the gas. His smile dis- 
appeared, then came back again and 
developed into a grin. 

But other motoriata were not ao 
ahrewd aa the Premier, and the boys 
apent a moat hilarious afternoon 
watching cara atop, people climb out. 
grab hurriedly and get red In the 
face when the old. ragged, well 
atuffed purse went skidding across 
tbe pavement towards the two 
youngaters. Bach performance ended 
In a alamming ef car doars. crashing 
of geare and a heavy "step-on- 

Assurances Asked 
Premier on Rales^ 

Manufacturer*' Aasociation De- 
sires to Be Certain Prov- 
ince's Case Complete 


No l«tt*r to the •<ilior will ea Inaortag aseapt 
over tb* prepar ugaatara aad addraaa a( the 
writer. Tkla rala admlta of aa oicaatloa. 

* rid m 1st here .a isg ■ i 
the rvaat i b* f \r*9< f 
\> ,- „», . n \» , - hmf , ... 

was relie\e*d 

Year* at they pat* over our head* 
sometimes have a deleterious effect 
upon our judgment. Take the case 
of Mr. W. V. R. Preston. Thi* ebul- 
lient agent of the King Government 
era* a comparatively sensible person 
when/ he was in the newtpaper busi- 
ness Now that he hat entered the 
political butinets he' appears to have 
no judgment at all. 

e • e 

Mr. Preston sayt If the magnates 
who control Atlantic steamship' rates 
gO aa they have been going for the 
past few yeara they will cut the ties 
that bind the British Empire together, 
and that Canada really and truly will 
become a business and a political 
adjunct of the United State- 

• • • 

Mr. Preston's idea of the manner in 
which thi* revolution and union will 
be brought about is more interesting 
than anything ever written by that 
once daring and aggressive journalist. 
He aays that if the British people do 
not watch out the manufacturers of 
Canada will apply to the Government 
of the United, State* for relief from 
the embargo against their products, 
and if a business of that kind i* once 
established. *hcn a long goodbye to 
British connection. 

e e • 

Well, the mnufacturrrs of the United 
States have succeeded In erecting im- 
patsable and Impenetrable tariff walls 
all round their great country,. They 
have p reserved the market* of the 
United Slates for ihemtelves. and we 
wonder what they would do to any 
Government that undertook to knock 
holes in that wall fc>r the special pur- 
pose of letting Canadian manufactures 
into the country. 

• e e 

The established policy of the United 
States is to keep manufactured goods 
out and to let goods that may be 
manufactured in. And the mischief of 
it i* that nearly all Canadian Govern- 
ment* have practically become agents 
for facilitating and promoting the 
economic purposes of the United 
States Americans are buying Cana- 
dian raw materials, importing - them, 
manufacturing them, and either con- 
suming them internally . r e*oorting 
them as fmiabed articles and making 
enormous profits out of them And 
our young men are leaving the coun- 
I tn in i» usands most of them find- 

I tr.g t r !." \ Trier » i.i be ;p.- ... (,. rn»-~i- 
I fact we in a foreign remeifrv the mate 
[ nah the, should he emplmed .a help 


Letter of 

Sir.— We wish to extend our thanks 
to Mr Chatham, of the C P R, the 
captain, officers and crew of the Ms 
Prlnceaa Victoria for courteale* ahowa; 
and al*o to thoae bualnea* men who 
dlaplayed our window algna, and the 
public for their patronage. 

On behalf of the A.O.tT.W. Ex 
curaion Committee. 

Victoria. B.C.. August 12. ItU. 

Belgian Negotiations 
Over U.S. War Debt 
Temporarily Suspended 

WA8HINOTON. Aug. 11.— Negotls- 
tlona between the American and Bel- 
gian debt commissions were autpended 
temporarily to permit the visitor* to 
receive Instruction* from Brussels aa 
to a new Belgian offer. A reply is 
expeeted overnight, however, and the 
commission agreed to meet again to- 
morrow. At that jlme they will have 
before them also a new American 
proposal, embodying aome concesalone 
presented today to the Belgian*. 

BHIT88KL8. Aug. la.— The cabinet 
has been called te meet In an urgent 
session to exglhlne the Question of 
Belglum'a debt to the United Statee. 
The government la firmly resolved not 
to make any decision on this question 
without the approbation of parlia- 


READING. Maaa . Aug 13 -After 
racing over the roada from four dif- 
ferent harracka. a atrong force of 
stale troops mobilised hera today 
atnmped out a Ko Klux Klan dlaorder 
whleh threatened to end In blood, 
ahed. The opposing foroee. estimate* 
to total between 1,0*0 and 1.700 men 
elaahed last night and early today 
"hots were fired, atonee and cluba 
were used, and tear gaa bombs were 
hurled More than a score were 
Jured by atones and clubs. 

The Weather 


Meteeroiaglral o 
*m. a ... ... i |t. 


\ letarla, B) C. at ■ 


Venreerer , 


rrlm-e Rupert 

Isary. Alia 

r*. , . . 

•en. Cel. 
• pnhene Weak. .. 
Peniletaa «. . 

N*w Hasan an 


uraiwl rerka 



■emenion. Alia, 
frin- • Alteet. 

ktaelmeea . 
Minim um •* 

RrtftHt ■ 
M minute** 

> * • • * • < 

>*J a » a *) J 








tie ■ 




Crow's Neat Pass eoal companies 
are preparing to use their Influence In 
the nght to secure lower westbound 
freight rates, according to preaent In- 
dications. A letter waa received from 
the coal Interests yesterday hy Premier 
Oliver, asking him to present their 
claims before the Board of Railway 
Commissioners for Cansda when that 
body commenced ita Oemlnlon-wlde 
revision of freight rates. The letter 
added that facte und figures to aupport 
their argumeota for lower rates wsre 
being forwarded to the Capital. 

Yesterday the secretary of the 
Britiah Columbia branch of the Cana- 
dian Manufacturers' Association tele- 
phoned Premier Oliver seeking aasor- 
ance that all poselbls etepa were being 
taken by the Province to secure equit- 
able treatment. The Premier declared 
thttt Mr. O. O. McOeer, Oovernment 
rstsa counsel, wss in full control of 
the Oovernment'a case.- and he *ug- 
gested that the manufacturer dleeuae 
ths 'lue.iti.m with Mr. McOeer. If they 
were then not satisfied with the plana 
made, or If they had auggestlons to 
make which they conatdered would 
prove valuable In the reprssemtatlona 
to be made before the Railway Board, 
he would be glsd to hold a conferenoe 
with them. 

Mayor I- l> Taylor, of Vancouver, 
who haa definitely thrown his hat into 
the freight ratea arena, intimated 
while In the etty yeeterday that he 
had other repreaentatlona to make to 
Ottawa and that the Dominion Capital 
would hear from him ehortly. Mr. 
Taylor Is anxious to aecure the oper- 
ation of Crow'a Neat Pas* ratea on 
westbound grain In time to encourage 
the movement of a large portion of 
the Prairie grain crop this year. 


B tt 





• 4 


• t 
1 * 



ro aura s-r 

v - te+ta aea VU-laue - Med. 
«eeierlr viaaa. fweerallv fall 

• I'BUI 

>'•»".«'•' aa* TlHallr 

••*• r.aj. 

Vtatsrla rsaremeier »s II 
I snilas. rata. •« ia< k : fair 
Veaee««rer a araaaesae. t* it . 


■rale te Treat) 
' aeg a lime 

Moderate Ie 


I ; , t i e * | H 
Hl^ VI tit: l ti: 

Tender* Will Be Called for 
Shortly for Construction 
of Various Bridfes 

Tenders for the construction of the 
proposed euepenelon bridge at Bput- 
sum. in the Fraesr River Canyon, and 
for smaller Bridge required to link the 
Coast region wtth the Interior country 
by means of the new Tranaprovinelal 
Highway, will be called for ehortly. 
according to Hon. Dr. \\ H. Suther- 
land. Minister of Public Works, who 
rstarned to the Capital yeeterday 
after making a brief Inspection of 
work alreedy accomplished Rapid 
progress Is being made wtth the grid- 
ing of the roadbed along the walls nf 
Kraser Canyon, he said. 

Under present plans, the road will 
not be opened for general use until/ 
nest June, when It will be ready for* 
tne annual tourist ruah. The section 
to be nnlahed by thst time will estend 
from Hope north to Lytton. While 
this does not echnplete the project, aa 
another link must be built to Hpence'a 
Bridge. It will actually connect the 
Interior with the Coaet. By a abort 
detour north of TJytton. It mill he poa- 
afule nest Bummer to drive from Van- 
couver to all parts of the aouthern In- 
terior and north Into the Cariboo and 
Prfnoe Oenrge dlstrleta. 

• We are well satisfied with progress 
on the highway," Or. Buiherland said. 
It will be a magnificent read when It 
Is completed, with few equals any- 
where for scenic beauty 

Goodridge Peninsula 
and Cooper's Cove 

. Never \'l>T*: 1 ' - ' 

Without Question ' 

The most atractive Summer home Mtr within twen- 
ty miles of Victoria. 

A Site Unique 

Either as a personal estate, or for development into 
a high-class bungalow camp with future tourist 
hotel possibilities. 




Only very particular people should apply for infor- 

Exclusive Agents 

Alfred Carmichatif s Co., Ltd. 

624 Fort Street . Phone 5500 

mm wmm a 




1j 0 df U EIS 

Well Printed Advertising Matter Produces the 

Best Results 


. : Ni^rl Srr<rv 






Since people re»d newspapers every 
day, and 

People read newspaper advertising 
every day, and 

People buy merchandise every day, 

Why isn't it good business to adver- 
tise every day? 

If every day is a good day to try 

sell goods, then 

All days a're good days to advertise 
your store— your service— your mer- 
chandise. , 

BUrVXlvO, K.T.. Aug. ,12. — Dry 
Cfciaf Allan Harriett and city detaw- 
tives laat night selred a distillery esti- 
mated, to hs worth IS**.***. Harry 
Neehin an<1 Bde/ard Corell 
wars arrested. 

; ,: ! Ill |.tti«5 ft' lit 

5 it! •:, t'fifimi at j • 

fAlXIA nr. Aug II. — A proposal 
made by the Grand Ixxtg* nf Meal- 
taaa to aulhoriss a ascosd degree Cor 
the jurenlla department vraa ap- 
proved by ths Hons of KngUuid na- 
tional convention and referred to the 
•upreme council this afternoon 

Mayor Nessfon. of Prince Rupert. 
B. C . arrived nt the oonvenlion dwr 
ing the afternoon and was a gusag at 
banquet. Whion was attended by 
than 41*. including delegates 

0mm mmmmm 

from mfry part of Canada and Nsw- 
foundlsnd. and their wives. 

Speakers tonight Included Mayer 
O. Webster, of Calgary; Hon. R. R. 
Bennett. K (': Prcesdent O. 
of the Hons ol Kngtand 



Be nest I 

sylh. Rut 
hesd aa< 
f illing At 

h »• 


tee Alaska 
ataler Bessie, »rf« 

(Tsfces rrom THe Del If n*um> Celeelat. Ae.oe, H. 1171) 

Cftlireesl* i»M a « « te t«i». i.t 
*1ta TeW reneSMSSl Sa»e»»e»te < Alon«l MeehelSer. <'ele*»t Serf 
• ■4 (lire* rhiMre* leplala Jneralfe. l.toe>«#«eni Hew* Mijai Creeee. Or. 
Htiriinc. Rev. Sir asS Sire Hammond M Oser. Sf Hlltna. JmAt' <) Seiii» Si 
l eerlee Hall. D **»Kb. W. P He*e<r W. Mallen4atee ase) feet f saves la ih» 
age BSe b*4 (wests lese •! fr*esai frees Vlrteria e«4 tSS frees Pe>rtl**4 
Sfteee bee4 ef etevk Tele 4>eertir> nl ike Ree Mr Haatraeaa fer Wrease 
Ike erraelAn ef e 4«m*«w rklten Ike reeerek4 (••ulewtefi 
•atll Ike steak wee drewa oe fcnarS e»4 a keB4 ef rkll4 
ha tae twlervsle ealll Ike eteamer waa eST lefSjewl re l e t 

laege Srwais ef tele«rae>k wire rmaalgse* 
lew4».al " " I Ills* . 

a eaetrk will a* alar '4 aa SVeerwej Hill (fcte etle r seea. the alsyere aU keiag 044 
Veleewe »»ien«.«c te lb la ritf The eleveaa v. il w» keleete4 frvm Ike feftewiae Hewer a PewalU Kewt. R K Orawa. riew»a. Jewh. Davlaw. R R RartrM,. 
Sitaaara. fleerew.. Pewwwtt. Iwyv. Pea. Deny. Hestakle, Hwrtwe. Raew.rX. Hewara 
Dr. p arte. PenHMkBS, Wewet. t>ramen*na Smith. J Darta Tede). Wkite Halt. R r 
T aaws S ira WstRSae aa« Reaeaaheia Te« etairk la aeraweawoe at I « iter u 

Tr\« e»«em»r f.-i#r arnre4 rratw Srieftl law »-.«.-.» ~ r. » »•*. •■ ■ „ ■ *wt.e- 

laet k>ias wark»4 >•< mewl ..' I h<n. are 
•« >a>e wiaa Hi the teie-a. iM M Is 

* 'T'ter TV» <->..., EewtewW 

Aug. II. — f»i» t* » 

hrohe a rib, cwt hts 
>adly bruised, after 
■rty-fosf rhu f *h ". 
W*>r » • v s '..n -!-■• t.xiat -in ataek of Ik- 
'...i .<r.: \t • . • , fimilnn: 
Company'a plant. m. rondtlon la 
r* Ported aa sstthstaatory. 


ill t 1 !(»» » rr.^t>««< 

II It IHiiANI Aug ; i < »>rnr 
do Pipedo, the Italian aviator, 
rear hed Thursday Island. • 
northern tip of <4u*enal*nd. In r 
tlnoation of hla flight frosa Italy 

I i aewkakir trm 
I I tee* t mail 


It a* >ee>«*te4 i kal ike 
*ar eel e eiae/!» <ri«». 



ll\t i Mi!'. !• '.jr nacc 
* ».i 1 



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P -f **'*■* ■■■■ 



Ladies' Specials 


Ml S>/r- Tins Lot ^OtUV 

Maynard's Shoe Store 

Yates Street I 


Link With Past 
Dies in England 

Hon. Mt« Mark 

nectcd Historic 


\\ ' .1! r\ ' " 1 1 *,tmi»> for JCntfi pi ise, M nfl at t 

Fawcett, Gurney-Oxford, Buck and Lorain 

B. C. Hardware & Paint Co., Ltd. 

718 Port Steatt 


I aHlAC • '•«' NASUK! IKLI*- « ARCH F'Rf 51 HV! H 

! ••,>-.':«! ,.,„., ur tcd .h,.i;k (m- if... w t • kr rir.J e*c< tra»t» tl»ir 

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The Red ♦ Cross Workshop 

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iamk ; ; • 1 <•,*• \ .-*.:■ 

Lumber Mill Phon. 1ST 

Ballets Fir in Tavern Qusrrcl 

MONTRKAU Ail*. It. — As a result 
of a tavern quarrel, John Perkins. 11, 
la In hospital with two bullet holaa 
In him. and Charles O'Reilly. ||, u 
under arraat on a charge of attempt- 
rd murder. 

Used Pianos 

SOI I> AN!- 


1 1 you are contemplating a 


fhi« Winter, let in takr \ our 
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I'lTCHFORD — There passed away 
In thla city on Wednesday. Arthur 
Kvana Pltchford. agad II years, only 
son of Mr. and Mrs. Win Kvsns 
Pltchford. late or Calgary, Alta. He 
leaves, besides his parents, one plater. 
Tha body la resting at Haywarda 
B.C Kunoral Chapel until Saturday, 
when It will he forwarded to Calgnry 
for Interment In tha family plot. 

SWORD— The funeral of th'a, lste 
Robert Sword took place on Thuraday 
afternoon* from MrOall Mroot hers - 
Funeral Home. A fargr nurpher or 
friends attended the eerVho py 
O. Wilson. D.I)., conducted the aer*. 
during which the hymn's. Jsbus. 
I,over of My Soul." and Forever Wl.H 
the Lord" Were sung. Tha remains 
were laid to rest In Royal oak Muriel 
Park with the following friend* ax 
pallbearers: Dr. t,. M. More* T Cal- 
vert, r. M. Mcflregor. T l.umaden. R 
O. Howell and W. T. Strmith. 


CORCORAN— There passed .w«y 
yesterday afternoon Mary Kmily Cor- 
coran, beloved wife of Mr. John 
Corcoran. J07 St. Andrews Street, a 
native of Yorkshire. England. 8he 
leavea her husband and three chil- 
dren, aiao two brothers and two slaters 
In Knpland. The funeral aervtee will 
b« held at the family realdance. 207 
St. Andrew'a Street. Saturday after- 
noon at 2:30 o clock, when the Rev. 
r. H. *Tatt will offfclst*. Interment 
Will be made In Rosa Hay cemetery. 
Funeral arrancement* are with (tie 
Thoraaon Funeral Home. 

PUB ACE — Funeral serv^es over 
the remains of the Late Hmma Jena 
Pleace, whose death o<<urred Mon- 
day, were held yesterday at 3 o'clock 
at the Sand* Funeral t'hanel The 
Rev. N K Hmlth officiated and the 
hymns nunc were "Abide With Me" 
and "Safe in the Arms of Jeeua " The 
remalne were laid to rest In the ft 
ply plot at Rosa Bay cemetery. 

it .1 tut • «»< fM»n \ . 4i - l >» r**' ... 

News has reached Victoria of the 
death of Honorable Mrs. Mark Mc- 

Sir Ueorge Oaborn. Bart.. Chlck-and^ 
Priory^ and l^.dy Kllxabeth Kerr, the 
daughter of Vice- Admiral Lord Mark 
Kerr and charlotte. In her own ritht. 
Countess of Antrim. Capt Kerr Com- 
manded a ship at Trafalgar Her hus 
band predeceaaed her. and she left no 

< t > • .IMI. < I I. .11 

Mr». McDonnell wae a couein of Mr. 
Danvers Oaborn. of thla city, who for 
many yeara haa been Interested In the 
development of the West ciaat. and 
aunt of Honorable Anirue McDonnell, 
who built the extension of the E A N 
Into Port Albernl. and the Breakwater 
at the Ogden Pier Docks In Victoria. 

She waa a woman of uncommon 
understanding and gifted with great 
literary ability. 

She revised a Later edition o 
Dorothy Osborn's (Lady Temple), fa 
moue lettere. and edited the lettera of 
the Honorable Mra. Oaborn. the alster 
of Admiral Byng. who suffered death 
aboard the Monarque. March 1Y 
1767. Thla volume, the "PoUtical and 
Hoclal Letu-ra of a Dady of the Eigh- 
teenth Century." form a collection of 
letters as clever aa thoae of Dorothy 
Oaborn to her betrothed. Sir William 

The letters of Dorothy Osborn a«e 
heirlooms handed down In the Oaborn 
family, also all the private letters In 
connection with the court-martial of 
Admiral Byng. are In the possession 
of the present baronet. Sir AlgerVon 
Osborn. at Chicknanda Priory, with the 
exception of a few at Wrotham Park, 
the sest of the Strafford family 

The Honorable Mrs. Osborn's son. Sir 
Danvers Osborn, married i..idv Mary 
Montague, a daughter of the Esjrl'of 
Halifax, and granddaughtsr of the 
"Trimmer" Halifax of the seventeenth 
century. Within three yeara. Oaborn 
loat his wife and thereafter led an ad- 
venturous life, he fought against the 
Young Pretender in 1745. and came 
with the Honorable Edward Corn- 
wall te Nova Scotia. 

Cornwallls waa an Indecisive man. 
and depended on Sir Danvers Osborn, 
In governing ths colony, and it waa Sir 
Danvers who named the capital after 
his father-ln-law. He became Gover- 
nor of New Work and died there, and 
Is burlsd under Trinity Church at the 
head of Wall Street. 

His son, Sir Oeorge Oaborn, fourth 
Bart, entered the army at the age of 
17. and waa on the staff of Dord Corn- 
wallls. and fought throughout the 
revolutionary war In America, and was 
with Cornwallls when he surrendered 
at Yorktown to Oeneral Lincoln. 

He became a general officer In the 
army, sat In Parliament, was groom 
of the bed chamber to Oeors;e III., snd 
one of Wellington's generate. 

In Peninsular .War 
In the Peninsular War. when nearlng 
the Psalmlst'a allotment, he waived 
his rank and commanded a revlment 
throughput the campaign, serving 
under his collateral relation. Sir John 
Hyng, the great -gramdson of the first 
Karl .Torrlngton, father of Admiral 
Byng. Sir John Byng. for his services, 
was created Baron Strafford In 1»«6. 

The names of Byng and Oaborn 
seemed to have run In couples 
throughout many intereetlng periods, 
both on land and sear and curloualy 
enough, down to the present day. In 
many adventurers In exploiting the 
North American Continent, Including 

Captain, afterwards Admiral Os- 
born. brother-in-law of Admiral Byng. 
wna a capabls naval commander. He 
waa the first Oovernor of Newfound- 
land, when the senior naval officer on 
the station, became governor He as- 
sisted, nldlrectly. Wolfe. In capturing 
Quebef, by bottling up ths French re- 
lieving squadron snillng from Toulon, 
for they never got past Gibraltar. 

Leave* One Brother 

The late Mrs. McDonnell Is survived 
by one brother. Mark Osborn. formerly 
a naval officer, and who served on the 
Esquimau Station In )t<6 to 1117, and 
was engaged on survey work on th<> 
West Coast of this Island, taking 
soundings In 'the region of (he Albernl 
Canal. At an advanced age he la full 
of robust Vigor, and In spite of the fact 
that he haa burled three ataters, la go- 
In* stron* When on this satlon he 
wna the friend and ahlpmate of that 
Intrepid seaman. Captain Maude, of 
Mayna. Island, whose splendid record 
In the Great War. at an advanced age, 
Is hard to eclipse and whose recent 
attempt to reach England slngle- 
h.ind.ed in a ketch haa Just been car- 
ried out. 

Walks Arroa 

VANCOUVER. Aug. ll.-^-J. W. 
Salmon. i» years of age. formerly a 
resident of Heath, Oxfordahlre. Eng- 
land, arrived In Vancouver this week 
after walking acroaa panada from 
Montreal, which he left on November 
St, 19S4. He haa announced his In- 
tention of continuing his hike to 
Angeles. Cal. 

ft Si C T II S ft Hj H lift # 

Writ I III I* if VlflM II 



TRAIL. B.C.. Aug 
In employee of the* 
Mining and ftmoitini Company of 
Canada, was shocked sad badly 
burned when, while ;l t work on i plat- 
? irm r. ., ! nm^ I . *•..'« , - it;,! ,, g »,„ 
came In contact with a pipe contain 

. r , s r , lf . w, rW | of SO.SSO , ,->! • 

■ or He i i »n i he i...*|.i>« , nr | ... 

faks Canadian NatlnaaJ Railways 

Holm Couch f om P.ilnt Ell.ce 
I a "' iaJJj/. »»if|-t Sunday. 

Skinny Men Car* 

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easy to take ss candy. 

Aad what a hit these flesh produc- 
ing* tableta have made. One druggist 
tripled his sales In one week 

Everybody knows that from the 
of the humble codflsh comas a 

lave that la a 

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first class vRj 


Millions of McCoy's Cad Liver Ex 
tract Tablets are sold every week 
and thousands of frail rundown under 
weighted people are being helped 

A box of «0 tableta for cent* and 
If any skinny map or womsn doesn't 
lain at least I pounds In >S . 
money back. Ask Vancouver 
Co. McFarlene Drug Co. Owl Drug 
c, .,r »nv good drxurtst anywhere 

I' Wvl VI I I < • \ I IN H I \ 

Graduate of the University of Naplea, 
whose research into the subject of 
cancer prevention has won him dis- 

.»•' nod 

M ■ 

■ r t s 

• V *" *rd 11*" i" in •;n<t»*r w < hi! 

dren *>c -or * t» ! r-t. ist < Advt i 

\ illMTf f ll.^ll 

IU Mat.,!.. i;tit 

Dr. F, L. Hoffman Says More 
Natural Living and Greater 
Restraint Esaential 

Speaking laat night in the Me- 
morial Hall on the subject of cancer 
Dr. Frederick L. Hoffman, consulting 
statlstlclsn to the Prudential Insur- 
ance Company. Newark, New Jsraey, 
declared that this disease unquestion- 
ably, was on the Increase in all civi- 
lised countries snd highly urbanised 
communities. The disease was a 
locaJ one and the result of local Ir- 
ritation, ths causative factors of 
which wers aa yet slther unknown 
or - Imperfectly understood. 

Once the process of cell protiftca- 
tlon had atarted, he said, it must con- 
tinue to destroy the body unlaaa the 
offending cancerous mass was re- 
moved in its entlrsty through early 
surgical or radiological treatment. At 
present great difficulty was experi- 
enced In trsalfnT the disease. '>ecause 
the Largs majority of sufferers waited 
too long and came to physlolana in 
an Inoperable condition. The time 
factor, therefore, was of u'most Im- 
portance, and the more thoroughly 
this fact was realised tho greater the 
chances of successful trcaimeni. 
Early operation* Effective 

"Early operations give, for .the 
most part, very gratifying results," 
the speaker added. "Many cancer 
patients are llv^ig^-today because of 
tbs efficiency of modern method** of 
treatment secured In the early atagee 
of the disease. Cancer recurrences 
are. as a rule, the result Of delay due 
to Ignorance and to the apathy and 
fear of the patient. Cancer oper- 
ations to sn Increased extent are 
rarely fatal at tha time of thslr oc- 
currence, but cancer Itself Is alwaya 
fatal unless ths offending cancer 
mass Is removed in Its entirety." 

Little could be suggeatsd with re- 
gard to ths prevention of cancer 
other than elmple habits of life and 
cloae obasrvance of tb^e essential bod- 
ily functions). Dr. Hoffman said. After 
40. every departure from the normal 
vital functions of the body should be 
viewed with grave suspicion. Certain 
forms of ths disease were unques- 
tionably of a dietary origin and the 
result of over-nutrltiort for which 
there was no justification. Certain 
other cancers, he believed, were the 
direct results of bad habits, particu- 
larly excessive smoking, which was 
the direct cauaatlvs factor in many 
cancers of tht Up. tongue and throat. 
Greater Restraint 

Cancer was neither a parasitical 
disease nor was it Inherited or direct- 
ly transmitted from parent to off- 
spring, the speaker declared. The 
disease would continue, to Increase 
unless ths dietary aad other habits 
of a tsrgs majority of people were 
materially modified In ths direction 
of a more natural mods of Nvlng and 
greater restrslnt. 

In Victoria the dearth rate per 
100.000 from cancer in lt*4 waa 
176.4; that of Vancouver was 141.4. 
and the city of Edmonton followed 
with 144.4 per 100.000. the city of 
Halifax, on the Atlantic Coast, com- 
ing fourth with US), 

no Progress Made 

Further emphaals was given tha 
statement of Dr. Hoffman In the 
brief remarks made by M-.n j>r J. D. 
MacLean, Provincial Minister of Fi- 
nance and Education, who acted as 
chairman of the meeting, which was 
held under the auspices of the Vic- 
toria Medical Association. 

Dr. MacLean said thsl since 190« 
death* from cancer In Brltlah Colum- 
bia had Increased twelvefold, while 
desths from tuberculosis had but 
doubled. As the population of the 
Province has sbout doubled since that 
time It would be seen that preventive 
measures tsken against the "white 
plsgue" hsve kept it stationary, but 
the growth of cancer haa more than 
offset the benefits obtained. 

It la understood from authoritative 
sources that the exceptionally high 
mortality from cancer In this city and 
In Vancouver Is unquestionably due to, 
ths Influx of people — msoy of them 
Invsllds seeking warmer climates — 
and that it Is not In any way dua to 
any characteristics of these IdealkUas. 

Rrightoa. England, is one of tie 
healthiest places in the world, but. if 
is pointed nut. people go there In the 
effort to prolong their lives, ffburoe- 
mouth. England. Is snother plaee 
celebrated as a care, but the rats of 
deaths there from consymption is ap- 
palling, because of the number of 
people suffering from pulmonary 
phthisis, who slso go there to aeek 

In the ssme way maay people, past 
middle age. coaae to the Coast and 
dls here from cancer. In this way 
supplying; unfavorable mortality sta- 
tistic* to otherwise health/ places 

i uf t>r Hear I" loatnf 

rrorn Martian tforj, 

SEATTLE. Aug. IS. — After beuag 
ash or s 33 hours at Cape Prince of 
B->rlng Stralta. ths cutter 
of ths coastguard, floated at 


Inquiring Old Iwady 
d you brain to he an 

"I stsrted at jhe 
•••*<• I up ' 

W fill** rrnaslnl 
•*n. # !.. Kr... i„n.1 , 
up. n th» funnel of a 

bur*; iniu fbimre 

Muse of Music 
Wins Frienils 
In N«*h INarcs 


Mi F T Strmwav Says 
l>uh!u last* Show-, Ik 
velopirrni m Past ! >r 

\ (dim Her, I rum I 

'r And a change in musical taste, 
an appreciation of ita appeal In 
smallsr pieces than formsrly. Instead 
Of being limited to large centres of 
population Ita pursuit ia spreading to 
smaller cltiea and towns, and all 
kinds uf musical cluba and gathsrlngs 
have come into being for the study 
of music. Orchsatraa havs bsen 
established recently, are making 
progress In small communities, and 
the time la coming when opera will 
be produced Increasingly by amateur 
sj*ocl©(f©d. f 

This statsment waa made by Mr. 
Fred T. Stelnway. preaident of the 
Stelnway Piano " Company, to The 
Colonist lsst evening in discussing 
it of modern music. 

Mr. Stelnway. whoae family Arm 
name Is one to conjure with In the 
world of musical instrument msking 
throughout this continent. Is paying 
his first visit to this part of the 
Pacific Northwest since 191S. Every- 
where he declares he sees Improve- 
ment sinoe that time, and a march 
forward In the musical development 
of America. 

Mr. Stelnway, who came West from 
New York with his brother-in-law. 
Dr. C asssbeer. says the whole musical 
trade shows a distinctly favorable 
movement, although it has seasonal 
Influences, particularly In 
Instrument* people buying chiefly in 
the Winter season, when concerts and 
recitals are In vogue, in crossing tha 
continent he found a much greater 
intereet shown in music. Instead of 
mechanical Instruments affecting 
detrimentally the trade. Mr. Stelnway 
asserts they stimulate study of the 
muse, and from it many are Induced 
to buy pianos and other (patrumenU 
of harmony whose predilections 
would never have been turned that 

An Expanding Trade 

;*Whlle ws cannot claim pianos to 
bs so ubiquitous aa the automobile, 
ws can honestly claim to be a stimu- 
lus to culture and refinement, and as 
society gives mors time to the fine 
arta it will aid our business expan- 

His firm datsa from 1153, and 
members 0 f the third generation are 
now engaged therein, and of this fact 
Mr. Stelnway la justifiably proud. 

He waa shown the city through the 
courtesy of Messrs. Fletcher Brothers 
yeeterday. and wMl leave for Van- 
couver today. 

i ,, it 

The Street Frock 
for Fall 

m 4 « » m .J *• 

I !w -m«:f !;<-«-! -it-- ■ > . .• ( ,,; ! 
<>i • harmrnr . f * r t\> .i; . w < „ . ! 
Idilic «»iuf ;n ,1- A< Mjn...:*- -U<>s- 

th. -ku! 'v. ,th .Jtlilc |.1.,l». -.Mr r.f 

aasue. or it austy be more conperva- 
tm ist its effect and follow simple 
tj-atwcirl lines. We cprdially invite 
you to come and see them. 
Shades are navy, black, cocoa and 
henna. Price*— 

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KkS flat 

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plain white. re<l and white, black 

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1418 Douglas Street a Phone 1645 

Pilot Was Taken 

Captain Snoddy has no statement yet 
to make regarding ths accident ex- 
cepting to state that It wis not ths 
fault of himself or of the officers of 
ths Kalkyu Maru that the damage 
was done. 

Captain H Hodder. master and 
part owner of the aunhen tug Hustlsr. 
statsd this morning that ths vesssl 
apparently waa not seriously damaged 
In the collision. / '. 

The Kalkyu Maru ia proceeding on 
her voyage. At • p.m. on Wednssdsy 
she wirelessed hsr position, whluh waa 
on ths rsgular steamship lans te 
Jspan. At that hour she was off 
Nootka Sound, Rearing west and 
north. According to the local agents 
of the Katsuda Klaen Kalaha. owners 
of tbs Kalkyu Maru. the vsasgl will 
rsturn to Vancouver late in Ssptem- 


Captain Snoddy Put Off at U.S. 
Point When Kaikyu Maru 
Sailed Away 

Snoddy. pilot 

Aug. IS.— Captain 
8. Snoddy. pilot on the Japaness 
freighter Kalkyu Maru. returned to 
port yesterday bringing In the Arizona 

When ths Kaikyu Maru. which ran 
down and sank the tug Hustler In 
the Narrowa. Tuesday, got away aha 

did not drop the pilot at Victoria but 
got him safely Into Port Angslss. 

Prom there Cspt. Snoddy wsnt to 
Tacoma to gat the Ariaena Maru and 
brought her Into thla port. He Isft 
again for Victoria to bring la ths 
Kaisho Maru. Soms anxisty was felt 
at first for Capt. Snoddy. aa it waa 
feared he had been forced to go to 
Japan with the freighter. 

Action Is being taken against the 
ownsrs of the veaeel by the owners of 
the tugboat, the owners of ths scow 
and the city of Vancouver because of 
the watermaln damaged by the ahip 


i o H D O N \\W. 

• *h,, fipr«t 




fv%cmsive Carefulness 

When one serves a loaf of 4X Bread, there is that 
almost unconscious knowledge that, through every, 
process, from original ingredients to the product 
placed in vour hands, excessive carefulness has been 

•••''• !':•»...-:;>, 'Try r,).»,l. M> r V „)f l M f nHhf : .v X' 

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Victoria, H I 

Convention Will 
Open on Thursday 

Cornerstone of New Hospital to 
Be Laid at Eighth An 

Kirkham's Started the First Grocerteria 
in Canada and Still Operate It 

K 1 

i .) rr. < were 

n , < w 

first to use L o P p«r b tn Vu lorn Would anybody «t...i 

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• *' M-grettrd ihr changr We tuvild »iv f you the slaahmg ptt> rs 

*r ' f *r under the yoke t i edit Kukh.n,', have hi... ;.,;.<, ., 

Heinx' Baked Beans, with pork and 
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Whole afuced Pickling Spice. 

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Snider a Tomato Soup, per tin ....10* 
Purity Shaker Salt, per packet ....!** 


Fresh Preteel Biscuits, 

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Continuing for three >U> ». the 
cidtith .inn t (invention , f trie llrlt 

tali i ' i.iimtim H (>«i>! t «tla AssociaUon 
wilj j i in .St John H.ill v .in » . "; 

on ThurMl/i) A ok or i I'o . • ,nt inuliiK 
until tin- following !S.ltnrr1»\ 

At iwven o « .... k in in. > venii.(( of, will : .k» Ulife the 

n. of 1...M/.K Ihe (-1,1.-1,1 -ton.' 

of !h, n*-« N.nalrn , HoHfituI tool. fin/ 
to Ill, Ho,,,,, I,.- l.„. u -,.„Hnl i;»v»'r 
nor « ho h noi' « ill he t-l-vo-l !■; 

,. MO'l'M.ill •• • lo- hos|.|t.»l 

\ - 1 ■ 1 r f,.«i', ,0 « el, om». to M. >n VN il 
. t in S1h.ii, I * ; . . v n« l,t Sfi r, l,,i , * r t '1 
ihi' M jyir of Nun.itm w » o (.«• 

replied to by Mr. J J Banfleld. of 
V'ancourer. will open the i>rooeedlngs 
at 10 a.m. on Thursday The presi- 
dent of the association, Mr. C. Gra- 
ham, will then deliver bis addrea*. 
There will also be a conference of 
Women's Auxiliaries at the morning 

Hi jion i., }U M.t S. 

The report of'the- Hpeclal Commit- 
tee will be presented by Mr. J. J. Ban- 
field In the sfternoon. On Frldsy 
morning the programme of the Com- 
mittee on Medical Affairs will be pre- 
sented by Dr. F. C. Bell, of Vancouver, 
following which there will be a short 
address by Dr. H. E. Young, secretary 
of the Provincial Board of Health. 
Victoria. In the afternoon the pro- 
gramme by the Committee of Nursing 
Affair, will be presented by Miss Paul- 
ine Rom. R.N.. Nanajmo. and In the 
evening a reception will be given by 
Hon. Wm. and Mrs. Bloan at their 

In the evening there will be a bout 
ride through Island channels, and nn 
Saturday morning tbe slectlon of offi- 
cers will take place, followed by a 
vlett to the Dominion- Oovernment Bio- 
logical station at Departure Bay. 
Various other papers will be discussed 
during the convention. 

Ofllcers of Association 

The officers of the aswoclstlon ars: 
Hon. president. Hon. Wm. Bloan. Vic- 
toria; president, Charles Oraham. 
Vancouver; first vice-president. Oeo. 
Haddon. Vancouver; second vice-pres- 
ident, E. B. Withers. New Westmin- 
ster; secretary, Miss E. Johns, R.N. 
(resigned), E. 8. Withers (pro tern); 
treasurer, Ueorge Haddon. Vancouver. 

Those having charge of local ar- 
rangements are: Dr. Q."B. Brown, 
member of the board of directors, Na- 
nalmo Hospital, snd Miss Pauline 
Rose. R.N.. superitendent Nanaimo 

Mr. Oeorge McOregor. president of 
the Jubilee Hospital board, will attend. 

'Flake Butter Crackers," 

: reg. 35c packet, for - 
: Ngtional Lemon Snaps. 
• per packet 
;Peak rraan'i Lattice Biscuits, OQfs 

; lh packet; reg. 30c. for..^wH» 


„ WM* 

Novita Chocolates, regular 

50c value, for 
Rum and Butter Tonee, A r~ ~ 

regular 55c lb . for * ! ' 

Mixed Fruit Drops, nice Sum- OA-* 

mcr candy, per pound *dSM\* 

i Chris** Xaception Wafers, AH- , Chrlatie's Cheeae Wafers, j 

! salted; reg f»0c tin, for . «... '*« L 1 regular 25c packet, for -. X I V 

Tin ■ ii ** * ■ - - . A 1B4 I Qn cm m r Ctif-»<4 Rarein I loere 

i . it 

Age M Han B lona, per pou 

: \,,mt t ooked V .'.rnM Meet 

ler pottn 

.Jellied I n(?ue t per pound 
•Ox Tonfue, per pound _ 

■ i m 


Local Sugar Cured Bacon (piece 

Pickled Picnic Ham, lb 'iO r 
Shoulders (piece cut). It, 3Q* 



• or 8 pounds 

for — -*« 


i, ,,,, 


Oovernment Creamery Butter, 
\U or 9 pounds £ j 


BsWngaa, per pound «•¥ 

Pork, per pound . .•B4jf 
•B««ti Chicken, c. H** 
re Msrmalade, per pound ■*< 

Fresh Made Dressings. Thousand Isle, 
Maj P II II Sill esW Reception Relish. 

all fretk made daily; per jar, 40*, 
35e>. SO*, SOS) and 15s» 

Refund on empty jara returned. 



4 r*>OUt BsJMSJ 

J per pound „. 

•rlnng your own contsiner; lb. 

Sweet Orsnges. pr r ■>"■">■ 

Seeellasa Orapaa. » lbs t 

Ripe Bartlett Pears, per dozen 40* 

Cooket. a perfect shortenin s '; better 



Good Juicy Lemons, per dozen 25* 

Dessert Teachea, per dozen 40* 

Concord Grapes, per basket »5* 

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• per box , ^ sj>l.l0 per box ! v 

< .,<•!< 'tik Am>," 

Geneva Peac< 

0 1 

Protocol Provision for Pressure 
Against Recalcitrant Im- 
possible for India 

GENEVA, Aug. IS. — In a communi- 
cation lent to the League of Nations, 
the Indian Government declares thst 
the Oeneva peace protocol would be 
inimical to India's interest/. 

The communication asserts that 
India's geographical position would 
mark her as a nation upon which the 
League, under the protocol, ordinarily 
would call to apply Immediate sanc- 
tions against recalcitrant- states in the 
East. This would place upon Indian 
a burden, military and financially, 
which the country would no* be able 
to bear, the communication adds, and 
also would subjset the various Indian 
religious communities to sn unwar- 
rsnted strain. 

& poeads for — * — 

•*oar, I'.iiui , 

• per pound M — 

I Of 


Ripe Bsnanaa, 

per doien 
Grsvenrtein Apples. « "f _ 

* pounds Tor m 1 1 

Hothouse Toeaatoea, about 5 lb*, in the basket 
Pat haikTt — *— — 


' Good Local Potatoaa, 9 lbs. for 2.%< 

' ,,,o't,o H.,t.-.:o t'ot r. lib <> 

■ ,e,ti StrtoK B^n. * 
; „- M , He.ul t.ettu.e 

i , rt!> t'.tuiil 

each, ao* » n d 

. .r,l, : t f"- ' ■<» y„ e 

per pound — 


i Of 


hi s ! ni a; M / MKA I s 
A ! i <>W 

BtMulders and Ribs of YouOf 
Matton, per pound 



IX lb. average; each VW* 

1 M , 


dff ,«n,'l Ri|.» St.Mo.fc »)/• 
Lamb, per pound .. eWlJrV. 

"ii. e : .ear. !\ ' k ■* ' \Wtt o , 

per pound. IB*, lOs) and OC 

per pound. «Oe> and lit 

! res;-, I'.er! S i;s.;) S rv 

> A N I I'AKl ! 't If a N ;. i ! f,i 
I -tubs ! ' ' * 

<ai o I Ui 

Breasts and N r k« • v i» «)- _ 

Cro*» Ho. Roasts of Beef, 

Kump k> '■ :<«»«, 

■ • |- i e «;'• '5 oii'i m, ' S 
' » Ih* for 
, RolleJ Po» 

I sper pound 



I or 

PaaaB White Spring j , • 

per pound HM 
i iesh Mn.ii !■...: ■„ ■■ ] i; 

«l...!e fo.|, n er pound , lUC 

Fresh Cod F TFsrtu. j «* 

I ::";m 

Genuine Abe. dee,. M ..l.f.r 4 ~ 

».,llet, ,. !»)< 

Bastein K't-fe-- 
« lbs. for »»«H 

Shrimpme. t < tjhs Shrimps <nut 
Soles are also arriving fresh daily 

F r esh < Augh t Wl.,', », ■ 

H. 0. KIRKHAM &. CO., LTD. 

r — ^.'^ ""612 Fort Street "vr-.-'.r..."- 

" '< r f" « o . A* 

It t. II 

OM CtiBtry Gun 

1 M»S# iimm S««Mr.|, . 
borre, .trmlsh ««••#<!. krwvriMl w 
«J a »swilr« MMl iJIwitlMi 

rirMt CSms 0«m KmsVt twl S*M 

lit CM« 


Olympic Garage 

Corner Wharf snd Broughtnn 
Drive Youraalf Cat. to ken- 
$1 00 Per Hour Phone /14/ ( 

Mustapha^s Divorce 
Surprises Capital* 

Turkish President's Wife May 
Have Been One to Wish Sep- 
aration, Some Think 

I i I K 

LONDON. Aug. n snrprue seas 
oaussd In the European rapltsls to> 
day by the new* from Constantinople 
that Muslapha Kemal Pasha. presN 
dent of the Turkish -Republic, had 
divorced by decree his wife Latlfs 
Ham-um, a young heiress with an 
European education and a modern 
outlook in matters regarding femin- 
ism. Mustapha. Kemal met her la 
Symraa under romantic circumstances 
during the wave of enthusiasm la 
Turkey for modernism and the eman- 
cipation of women. i 

After the recent changes la 
Turkey the power of Rhslk n Islam, 
the head of the Mohammedan religion 
In Turkey, to grant divorces became 
vested In the president, who thus was 
able to decree his own divorce. No 
reason for the dtvorcs Is given In the 
official statement Issued in Turkey 
today, nor has there bean any indi- 
cation whether Kernel's ideals for the 
advancement of women have under 
gon* any change during the, last two 

According to gossip that has been 
current some time In the European 
capitals, it was Mrfy> Latlfe hsrself 
who desired a divorce. Some of the 
rumors even went ao fsr as to say 
shr. had ,!«.. lined to live with Mui 
tapha Kemal. 

Latlfe speaks Engllah and French 
fluently. Hhe had an EngUah gov- 
«• meets when sh« was a child and spent 
soms years at school In France, and 
one year at Cfcisslhuest, England. Ik 

When, as a young girl In 1*21. 
latlfe returned to Smyrna, her home 
city was In the handa of the Greeks. 
They had imprisoned her father and 
at once arrested her on a charge of 
espionage. She snd her father were 
virtually prisoners tut Mustapha 
Kemal with his Turkish armies ar- 
rived In triumph In Reptember of 
that year. 

1 o 

W L 

To Jadtrc t s 

YAKIMA. Wash.. Aug. 11 
Carlyle. manager of the Prince) of 
Walea' run. h near Calgary. Alia . -will 
ludae beef cattle at the Washington 
■tats Pair this Pall, it was snsousoed 
teBay by A. R. lawsoa. fair secretary, 
I Mr. t arlyle has judge* s*v- 

Dictograph Phone* 
Oeanuine R. V. C. _ 


WW sw^s* ■» eaapsgaajsn 

642 Pert Street 


m ti 

e r» I 

'.UK '■:..."« 

in the 

WARSAW An* , J j- * p ■ 0 r:*,„ li 
of ( ommiintst prisoner* m .»,e>- at I^arh VoJhynla, one pr „ 

«ner was killed and .e V er„l , 

wounded when the ,.ris.-n Kuards t'r, t 
into » er.Hin of 1 '.a A ,j , hr , 1 

■rere arrested sn rnnnii linn w . • , n 
alleercl .. !»miftt t .-. eofahtiah a 
1949 ' in Ut< ftdand last Hprin* 

«• >\'TRK.4 1. atte »».« Ma i»«< , 

the Kni| 'limited the > - j» n ■ -I , » n o 1,,, 
at fffmbl'v accord ng • - rahle* r»- 
( eived today hy t he « anadian \ a .'.,■>..,, 1 

H » 1 I wa vs h*r* ' t • » V « ;e»> » if w - <\ 
' *»» m"vni p»ne»'^m- ' 1 snsd« * --.d 
hf ier»lled the •renerr ehirh 

rears ago. 

Wild Weal Khow A Wild West 
ePn.w Is (o be niaaed under lite th»rg«- 
of Mr. Peter Welsh, of Calgary at th< 
Provlacaal Fair swenlng fron, 

Tuesday to Raturday, lntlusUv He 
experienced cowooys gad 
lor the display 

Fire KisaaUott Hettee A 11 foreet 
j nres on Vancouver Island <-or.t iguuu • 
' to the Ka<iu'inalt & Nanaimo Railwaj 
! Inn- are now under control II Wat 
j reported at the ratlwa> i.ltlo, veeir 
; .in , ufternenn 

I to- V.,, ; \ 

eil.ibltion Mr N i, »•!.. xt-.rt of Ho 
1 ••>.( Awnue won tin- f .ilowli.K 1'ti.o 

I he White l.enh 111 u t lilt) 1 
e.oglr ■ orril, birds t.d »ien . .'.<,,{ .to 
tel. pullet, 2nd and oitt • ■<« k 1" n 1 
• •id pen . «iiol lth vot..i K ji.-n Mi A 

thur Adams, of Dublin Street, at the 

same sxhlbltton. won ths 1st and 10th 
position for hen, and |rd in old pen 

IW'oitk- I .-. n • l\l, « . 

glass windows In Tsrry's Drua Stors 
on l ort Street were broken at 1>:4I 
o'clock this morning, when a motor 
ear backed across the sidewalk and 
Into the building. The police do not 
know who "the driver of the auto- 
mobile was. but a spectator of the 
accident took the number of ths car, 
B.C. 11*2. the registered owner of 
which is Mr. I.ivsey. Summit Avenue. 

\i-!r;ih;i lOpor,- 

>l«r|ll nv l- if \ r;ri 

Income Tax Reduction and Old 
Age Pension Increase Prom- 
ised by Treasurer 

MELBOURNE, Aug. II— In Intro- 
ducing his budget today in the Aus- 
tralian Parliament. Hon. E. G. G. 
Page, Treasurer, announced a surplus 
of more than f4.t00.000 on last year's 

Regarding ths futurs. hs over- 
shadowed ths ear-marking of £1.600,- 
000 for debt reduction and promised 
to reduce the income tax toy li% per 
cent, and to establish rural credit de- 
partments of the Commonwealth Bank 
for the purpose of making advances 
on primary products. He also prom- 
ised to inerease the Invalid and old 
age pensions to £1 a week. 

Mr. Page said that the number of 
Immigrants assisted since 1921 num- 
bered 97.247 persons. 

„ 7-! 

Bear Cub Viaita Shawnigan 

SAWN HI AN. Aug. 11. — Yesterdsy 
evening -a Mack cub hear visited the 
shores of Shawnigan Lake, seemingly 
in search of . crawfish. When dls- 
turSed by seme residents of the like- 
side, It ambled off through ths trees, 
following a dser trail, and -was lost 
oVer the summit of the hill. Tha 
bear was swan on the lake edge nesrly 
opposite the grocery store of Mr. J. 
L. Smith. It Is believed to have wan- 
dered so near to habuaUons because 
of ths busk (ires in the vicinity. 


The Elks' A ma/cur Swimming Crab 
Is holding its snnusl picnic at the 
Bsach nsar Albsrt Head on Sunday 
next. August IS. The party will meet 
la front of the Public Library at 9:19 
a.m.. and will proceed to the scene of 
ths outing by motors. Extra cars wHl 
be provided for all those who hsve not 
their own means of trsnaportatlon. 
The committee has found It impossible 
to notify all the members, but every- 
one is Invited to join the party- and 
bring as many of their friends as they 
desire. Laveses sre asksd to bring re- 
freshments. A real good' time for all 
is assured. 

tly de- 
11 1' v removed; 
scientific, antiseptic, safe; absoluts 
ours guaranteed; IS years' practical 
experience. Miss Han man (carUficat- 
ed London specialist). 22 Winch 
Building. ' x 

Krrara poo true. -«Oc; Marcel Curl. 7tc; 
Haircutting. Ste; Shingle. 21c: Curl- 
ing. 49c. B.C. Hairdreeaung Parlors. 
229 Sayward Building. Phons It** 

Cordova Bay. the most besutiful 
beach around Victoria. Drive there 
and have light refreshments and 
dance at the Little Arctic. 

Dance will be held at the Anchorags 
Tea Hardens. Brentwood Bay, on Sat- 
urday evening. August 19. Dancing 
from 9 to 12. Oood orchestra. 

Wlsen Planning Tonr Trip to ths 

Old Country, consult ths Canadian 
Pacific, agents for all Atlantic steam - 

Brentwood Bay, is 
restful ,daoe Light lunches 

Dr. Hagh Clarke. Deastls*. 412-14 
Central Building. Hours by appoint- 
ment phone lltl. 

Book Toar Tlr-keta with the Cana- 
dian Pacific, agents for all Atlantic 


will not be lower this sea 

oUilay this 

at J 

1 • 

Dr. As J GtfMs. Dentistry. Rt.lte 192 
Campbell Building. Phons 2194. 

7 -passenger car. careful 
driver; II 10 pay hour Phone 1901. 

Phons stM O 

Dairy. Delivered. 


In 24 Hours 

your suit made to order 
(man or woman), from 
high grade new British 
Suitings. Be measured 

Loral Societies 

Welcome Vinton 

Reception at Victoria College 
Last Evening for League 
of Empire I'aity 

The final episode tn t to ...„ K dax :• 
10 o K , am me it * ' : <t To . Miint 
members of the League of the Empire 
yesterday, waa the reception, held last 
•■ venina at the Victoria College under 
the Joint auspices of the University 
Women's Club and the Victoria Teach- 
ers' .Association assisted by the 
ladles' Musical Club. About 200 Vic- 
torians availed themselvea of the 
opportunity of meeting Mrs. Ord Mar- 
shall and ths members of her party. 

Mrs. J. C. P. Hyndman. president 
of the University Women's Club, mak- 
ing a gracious little address of wel- 
come; while Mr. T W. Hall, represent- 
ing tha Victoria Teachers' Association, 
waa eloquent in his good wishes from 
that body. The Hon A. M. Msnson. 
Attorney-Uenerai of British Columbia, 
represented the Provincial Govern- 
ment In his greetings to ths visitors. 

A delightful musical programme, 
arranged by the Ladies' Musical Club, 
introduced some of Victoria's leading 

A complete list of the League of 
thp Empire party which Mrs. Ord 
Marshsll is conducting through Can- 
ada Is as follows: Mrs. Ord Marshall. 
Mrs. Crake, Mr. Brownrigg. Miss 
Brownrlgg, Mr. Rait, Mr. Eggar, Mr. 
and Mrs. Wilkinson and son. Mlas 
Aguttsr. Mrs. Curreyer. Mlas McMar- 
tln. Miss Rolfs. Mrs. Sufret. Mlas 
Whlpole. Mlas Monk. Miss Crocker, 
•Mis. Dash. Mr. Eraklns. Mrs. Erskins. 
Mr. Chlvera. Miss Chlvers. Mrs. Van 
derplank. Miss Bolton, Miss Mum- 
fords. Mrs. Adklns. Mr. Orford, Mr. 
J. Brown. Mr. Lay. Miss Hyds, Mlas 
Jenkln. Mlas O. Repdell. Mlas E. 
Scudder. Mrs. Jonas. Mrs. Walker. 
Miss Stanton. Mlas Hampton. Miss 
Elllngham. Miss Rose. Miss H. 81 me*. 
Miss R. Slmea. Mlas A. Davlea. Miss 
E. Needham, Miss O. Needham and 
»: Needham. Mtaa O. Needham. Mlas 
E» Byres and Mlas & Rendell. 

B.Cs's Apple Yield 
Drops TfciB Season 

Dominion Crop Practically Same 
as Last Year — Coast Packing 


OTTAWA. Aug. 12. — Canada's com- 
mercial apple crop for ths year is now 
estimated at 2,694.191 barrels, or 
approximately 99 per cent of 1924. A 
report Issued by the fruit branch of 
the Agriculture Department, covering 
the situation throughout the Dominion 
as on August 1. gives the following 
estimated figures for commercial 
apple production In ths various parts 
of Cansda: New Brunswick, 61.999 
barrels; Nova Scotia, 1,019,991 bar* 
rels; Quebec. 4^4.000 barrels; Ontario;* 
921.772; British Columbia, 1.991,260 
boxes. The total commercial apple 
Crop for British Calutnbls Is estimated 
at 16 per cent, or 1,991.290 boxes, 
compared with the 1924 yield of 2.- 
231.000 boxes. 

Duchess to Defend 
Suit for Divorce 

Duke of Manchester's French Ac- 
tion to Annul Marriage 
to Be Fought 

LONDON. Auar. II.— Solicitors for 
the Duchess of Manchestsr said 



Ytsttrday Mm piano of Lizst and Rubin 
stoin — Today the ciioico of Paderewski. 
and Hofmann. 


"The lml,„me„t ,( tlu- imm. :t, 


\o matter where the Stein way goe*. if :,vnr- w 0, \ \ur 

■•rrv essence of the great and suNi. *rr »: n..t>,,. It. 

• •!M«»nsc t>. the hand and i|«nt •.( tin- in-i-i- id • tin 

• jualled Through its miraruhnjx mijkh. • i--u< !?<■ m.,v 

exquisite ptn>f»a and the moat profound measure* of 
the gift Edgsjoittl altrnk their full gignfoatvee. f 

But the greatest tribote to Steinway excellence is thia— r 
that the overwtsctariag majority of Steinway pianos have 
been bought by people of moderate means, and each 
year — for their whole ltfetane — they hate .received A 
aiviaeno or aeiignt mat comes witn oieinway owneraiup^ 



"Everything in M 1 «u« 

I IMM i .1 » 

S I If ! irojo 

that she will defend an action to 
annul his marrlags filed recently by 
ths Duke of Man. heater In France. 
The duchess before hsr marriage was 
Miss Helena Zimmerman, of Ctacln- 
natl. Ohio. 

Her solicitors announced that ahe 
had requestsd them to contradict ths 
report which bad sppeared In certain 
newspapers that ths duks already 
had obtained a divorce from her In 
Krance. but admitted that he had 
filed preceedSngs to nullify ths mar- 
riage. The solicitors pointed out in 
this connection that no divorce by a 
Krench court would In any way affect 
the validity of ths marriage of the 
duke and duchess sccordlng to Eng- 
lish law. 

Electric Grill or 
Waffle Iron 

as displayed, in at ■ odowa? Prigs* 
are right. You had bettea ,-e them'. 

Hawkins & Hayward 

I III «'.»•■ la- Ktreet. f «r«er 



per Hour and Up 
Phones : 467 and 7075 

Meterans Taxi 

742 YatM 

August Is 
the Month to 
Buy Coal 

Litter on youll eon- 
Yratalate yourself that 
you bought coai now. 


617 Cormorant St PhQne 535 

BT. CATHARINE*. Ont.. Aug. 19.— 
Jamea A. Riley, former msror and al- 
derman of flt ratharlnes. died In hos- I horse on which be wws ridinc it -to 
pltal at Welland today from Injuries j head of a Derry Day 
received, when he was thrown from a Knlghta. 

How Is It Done? 

How Can Stewart's 

prices continue ao low • '"•''> 'Me 
"v-sff ■ i ", M m < , !av .311,1 totrurtnw and 
, " = - « H ih,.r nt.dtev >■ 



'■ t, ,,..„ , »ate ll« <>v. .. i an .... 

-e»a Kae • ' *JfyG 

aises y 

■■"* •'<■■■>* -'-•>» r»»*«M 


*e Sv^i fc tt fi' 



iVss "™t.. 50c 

asses Ho I Ml sews leatas 
»« »r. i heela atsse II -1 

h -i,,:! 1 .". VH * H"* tii«4.»*Ma 

(Nsrsea |haMi — Bs4 
atS lastsar »ole« .•!,»• 

Boys and Girls 


?* Pairs Child's Brown Canvas 

' >>foeda. 9bes 5 to 
leather soles. Worth 


10 Psir. Misses 
Nort Rif> Parent Leather gandala 

Mi alue f>| CA 

? r v ,,. K , M #9.e7V 

Jfi Pairs Boy*" Heamr Sole Black 
Runmmi Shoes AM *o,.-".. AAU 

W'-vs Very Heavy Construct ton 
Raaketbatt Boots, « '.'h ira'hr 

1 t 



Broken ' uie of Men's Running 

f:* $1.00 

Men's Srtonc G'sm Work Bwjts. 
o..' t * U . . : , i . ..!.;. V'a'ut 
$5 50. Guaranteed all 

solid leather 

10 Pairs Men * Leather Strapped 
Brown Canvas Boots and Oa- 

fords Ait sitr* " Sn mm 


H ftkt Mfn's Tan Call fO 00 
Ooodyear Weited H •■'■>**. Smart 
nattv tr*t - ,. . S""irig sold 

a l n i ■ - ' v 






1321 Douglas Street 



Twining Firs and "Irritability 

By c ( pkmblrton — 

1 0 J 

9 f 

irritability" it, the human 

* • ■ • "" definition Kvfii r i-iicl«>r« ,.f 
'»• • •"t-mlM kn„» »h.u it nubility 

If rli.-ihili.y .1 ujh-'I m rff. ri-n. <> 

* - i :•«!»( Ufa ha, I m .lwlne.1 n« 

••--t'iiiHK i h» ruiinnw !n growing 

•• • ai •* "f»;;iii>t to nt tin ulu t ion 
»•>•• th.a -tiiip.larion s-> enl«l to be 
of tWO t+ortrt, ufi»» Inllfii-nl or ». pon - 
within th* i t.. nt itself, mi 
■Hi.-! ri, i, or . r*l.o,!.,.. to 

outjidf m»wnt, ' 

' ■ • t« » -I II i* ra.-l l» ha a 

cssponss to an external Influence, vis.. 

K < .t\ • I v. it. ikk ;» "fx* of 

the many way* In whi< h the- morn 
fragile plants are sup p osed, by tlip— 
who attribute purpose to plant life. 

•'••I- f- W ••• *l i.M-thl .-II 

In the struggle for NMWM A writer 

on the "sagacity'' and "morality" of 
plant*, refers, under the heading of 
"Robbery and Murder." to the 
"painful Impressions" created In the 
mlnde of thoae who first aee the denae 
tangle of a tropical foreat in which 
the more sturdy tree* are atran- 
■ted and choked by a maaa of 
climber*, twiners. Uanes. parasites, 
epiphytes, sto.. "the vegetation (of 
the tropical forest) displaying a spirit 
of restless selfishness, safer emula- 
tion and craftiness." The object of 
the plant's craftiness in thus acquir- 
ing the "twining*" habit Is, according 
to the writer on plant "nagaclty," In 
order that It may be able to climb up 
Into the light and air which It has 
not strength to do without a support 
to lean upon. Now the plant biologist 
explains the modus operandi of thla 
"purposeful" twining by telling ua 
that It Is a lateral response to the 
external stimulation of gravity which 
makes the growing point continu- 
ously bend over and thereby aoqulre 
a swinging motion which, as the 
plant grows In length, causes It to 
wind around the support. 

Race for lagl* 
It Is unlikely that anyone would 
suppose that the tall timbers of the 
firs are weaklings enough to require 
Mjpport. We have all. time and again, 
been struck by the way flr trees In a 
dense stand race for overhead light 
and we know that any which may 
get left behind In the vertical race 
are simply killed outright and do not 
resort to twining to help them in 
their plight. This being so. a twining 
habit in Are Is Inexplicable and must 
be occasioned by some other reason 
than necessity for support Ip vertical 
growth. The Illustrations herewith 
show an extraordinary Instance of an 
evident twining to the right by a 
small Douglas flr around another 
Douglas flr of larger stae. The views 
are taken looking in opposite direc- 
tions and the trees are altuated In 
the beautiful woodland portion of the 

, .7 'm . *4 

• w 'k'M 

'ft. ' . *" 

! :■» 

J \\ lM\f. IMU (.I,\S II Its 

Ini- pmiii •• 1 1 • i ! I to i iii i c. rk it.. ... i i ii,i. 

This view Is taken looking east and 
ahows that the twiner (on the left) 
grew vertically at flrst. Then It took 
a aharp twine lo the right and wound 
so tightly around the supporting flr 
that graftage ensued and the stem of 
the twiner is nearly enveloped by the 
Increase In girth of the larger tree. 

new IntermunlcJpal park at Roysl 
Oak Why the "Irritability" of the 
smaller flr caused It to execute a 
twining movement around Its neigh- 
bor Is problem enough, hut there 
ther remarkable 

the two tree*. That chai 
onneletw of the phase aa plant 
life known as "Natural Uraftage." 
Art I hi la I graftage 1* supposed to be 
a very ancient art und a? it Is amid 
I., have been rnpled from nature, 
"natural graftage" must be still more 
ancient. The cause of natural graft 



w ■ 



i'Wimm; ihu <. i \s i ihs 

<•>,•.• ol. .p"' Htirial I ail. It. >.-.< « 

This view shows the trees from the 
Opposite direction to that In tbe 
previous view. The base of the 
twiner is seen on the right and the 
culmination of the curve and graftage 
la shown on the left and the twiner la 
seen to take more vertical direction, 
leaning, however, slightly toward the 
* light on the left. 

age Is thought to be response of the 

Irritability of the plants to aome 
external stimulation such as lateral 
gravity, which cause* two members 
to cross each other's paths and then, 
coming Into contact, friction ensues. 
This .friction exposes the cambium 
und usexual union of graftage. en- 
sues. Therefore "Irritability" In a 
mil ill flr Induced a twining movement 
In which It embraced the trunk of a 
larger flr. The embrace caused fric- 
tion which led to the aaexual union 
of graftage between two Douglas flr 
trees in the new cemetery! 

Spirit u.i ' H * ; » ! i : ; ! - 
< hM-f;iuilnii» f 4 i- s 

Joint Commission Which Will 
Report to Convention Hag 
Studied Subject 

NKW YORK. Aug. 1 3.— Spiritual 
healing is an outatandlng fact of con- 
temporary religious life, declares the 
report of a Joint commlseioh to be 
preaented to the Ueneral Convention 
of the Kplacopal ('hurch at New 
Orleans In October. The commission, 
sppolnted to study the entire subject 
"commonly known as Christian heal- 
ing," aaya In Ita report: 

"The commlaelon flnds a rapidly 
Increaaing desire that the church 
confirm the belief that there la 
therapeutic value In the ChrlaUan 
religion. Religious and material 
means for cure must go hand in hand 
In ministry to the alck. It la often 
difficult to tell whore the one leavea 
off and the other begins. ITalth In 
God and faith in physician must be 
blended for best results. 

"Both minister and physician know 
that the power of healing la some- 
thing apart from themselves; that 
their function is to assist by restoring 
the conditions— physical, moral and 
spiritual — under which this power 
may best operate. A fundamental 
principle la that God worka and man 
works. Kxperlence teachea that God 
does not do for msn what man Is 
capable of dolag for himself; that 
man's failure can thwart the accom- 
plishment of God'a purpose. Thus 
faith finds Its appropriate place In 
co-operation with the law In God." 

The report abounds In striking 
phraeea. "Bin Is personal." It saya. 
"and It affects the physical aa well as 
the spiritual nature of man. 
Disease la physical; but It. too. has 
Its reaction on the soul and on the 

"By creation man Is an tnaeparable 
unity of soul snd body. Religion and 
medicine muat go hand in hand in 
ministry to the slek. The co-opera- 
tion of man and God Is a necessary 
part of the process of healing." 

While the report containa no 
formal recommendations for specific 
action, some definite ones may be 
made to the convention. 

Hotitc- >lusl Ht « »nanl«'il. 
Uvmi Admiral hrrhrr-. 

LONDON. August it. — R«.«r- 
Admlral A. T\ Davidson, writing In 
! The London Times on the protection 
of sea trade routes, says: 

"It Is neither economy nor effi- 
ciency to weaken. In protecting the 
main arteries of communication with 
the Dominions snd colonies." He de- 
clares that those "no <-l«>u<T' talkers 

should remember that Just before the 
Oreat War prominent statesmen and 
polltlclan« and the press Instated that 
the horlson was clear and war un- 

He concluded The centre of 

We cannot afford fo neglect possible 
contlngenrle, "... ,„.. v «•„„ m 

•*•*'""»« ''!>;<?.. » r . i ., ;.. 

' "> v -d I" ' "nfli. : i rise . 
tfcs world powers, im-lmiing thai ,.f 
the BrlMati Commonwealth natloni 

I'ulp Company TVan*tV r 

»• <<•<' A \ *,;« n Kn 

B1SS I wss mart.- het«. i,„; , v \h-\> thm 
Bear Rlvef Pulp < <iti. M ni h.i4 passed 
Iota th» hsnrls of th« Rastern Trust 
Company, which was 
reiver by the Supreme Court, 


For Quick and Courteous Service, Phone 1570 

l'nvatc !•>»« hatig< I • -o All I H |-*i tmci.t . 

Today's Shopping News Is Specially Interesting 

^s fjg^\ i , ' (> "i ei s s i! m ' j, I ii* * • i • 

In addition to the wonck'rtul savings (o he elh\!rd m all <»in I l^mr i unn fnnr , M' ;; ( ! 

pared a spivialK' strong programme < »t Bji^.ums h n I nda\ ^h 1 n m *f? ■■ > • onpt me i\^nu>>\ . : • • • 

sonable 'aml dqjtentiahle merchandise at special price reductions. Shop early and share in these 

important savings. 

Clearing Bmken 
Si /os in Corselet t 

D & A and Cossard makes, short 
form with elastic adjustment at 
waist and hips, short skirt, two acts 
of hose supporters. Sizes J2, 36 and 
J8. Regular $1 98, $2 50 and $2 °8 
Friday Bargains »« - 

and * ' * 

\\,ltu\,:Ai\ hi .INS U - s 

Boyshform and Numode makes, in 
white dobby cloth, with boned dia- 
phragm; also plain pink, nevrr- 
slip back fastening. Siiei 32 to 42. 
Values to $1.75. Friday Bargain 
at «. ...y. 08<* 

— tsd rioer 

Hats for Late 
Summer and 
Early Fall 

Smart Silk Hats in new shapes and 
styles, many of them beautifully 
embroidered and trimmed with 
flowers. Some of these are pattern 
hats originally priced up to $18.50. 
Clearing today and Saturday in two 

f4.95 and $ 7.95 

New Felt Hats for sports, travel- 
ing and general wear. Shown in 
soft rolled and pretty poke shapes 
in colors of russet, sand, henna, 
pond Iii v. also black. Special value 
at »6 

Women's Neckwear 

Values to $2.00 for 79c 

Collars. Collar and Cuff Sets and 
Vesteea of organdie, ratine, linen 
and lace trimmed net. Shown in 
various styles in white, ecru and 
colors. Values to $2.00. Friday 

Bargain 79i 


A Bargain in 
Women's Sports 

Mercerized Silk Lisle Sports Hose 
in 7-J ribbed styls, with hemmed 
tops and reinforced feet. Shown in 
black;, white, grey, brown, beige, 
camel, sunset, dove and nude. 
Sizes 8«/j to 10. Regular $100. 
Friday Bargain, per pair........ 

Assortments in 
Women's Silk 

Kayser Made Silk Gloves in 12- 
button length, with two dome 
fasteners. Shown in maslk. navy, 
black, brown and white. Sizes 6 to 
7'/i. Not all sites in each color 
but all sizes in the lot. Regular 
$1.75. Friday Bargain, pair. 

Novelty Earrings 
49c a Pair 

Novelty Earrings in fancy drop 
and gipsy ring styles; alao with 
bead and chain drops. Shown in 
amber, scarlet, jade, jet, blue, 
crystal, coral and gilt. Regular 
75c and $1.00. Friday Bargain.^tK^ 



Women's Irish 
Linen Handerchiefs 

i or 

Pure Irish Linen Handkerchiefs 
with neat hemstitched borders; also 
with embroidered initial in corner. 
Regular 35c and 45c. Friday Bar 

N—.5 ^ • for M# 

on is tv: nr. 
i htn.i Si . : ; 

Cups Only 

Tall Shape Breakfast Cups in 
plain white; suitable for camp 
of kitchen use. Sale Price. « 
for «•< 

: - ,pot» 

English Teapots in plain 
Rockingham. green and 
salmon bands ; various shapes; 
softie have new style lock lids, 
five and six cup sizes. Sale 
Price, each 4©«« 

Cut Olaaa Sherbet 

Dainty Cut Patterns i» rote, 
grape and star designs; in nice 
clear glass. Sale Price^ 


Renin,] ni\ 

Of Wash f .tin u ■ is 

I., ess Than H.iM 

You will need to shop early to share in this offering. 
A wonderful collection of useful ends, representing 
a wide range of Plain and Novelty Wash Fabrics, 
including ginghams, French crepes, novelty voiles, 
Swiss frieze, sponge cloths, dress linens, Bedford 
cords, Terry cloths and many other weaves. 

Today at Less Than Half Price 

— mm Floor. 


Final Clearance of 
Wash Frocks 

At $3,98 

This group comprises Frocks 
fashioned from such popular fab- 
rics as silkette, ratine, metaJlic, 
spot voile, tissue gingham and 
striped broadcloth, in plain, 
striped, checked and floral de- 
signs. All up-to-the-minute styles, 
with short slceves'and new necks; 
sizes 16 to 36 only. 

At $5.98 

These stylish Frocks, reduced 
from considerably higher prices, 
are suitable for smart occasions. 
They include silk crepe, plain 
voile in accordion pleated and em- 
broidered styles, new muslins, 
pure linen, floral drawn thread 
and novelty French voiles, in all 
the new shades, also white, navy 
and black ; sizes 16 to 40. 

Girls' Pull-Over Sweaters 

Reduced to $1.29 

100% Pure Wool Sweaters in slip-over style, with Peter Pan col- 
lars, laced front and lonp sleeves. Shown in camel trimmed saxe, 
frreen trimmed camel and saxe trimmed camel ; sires 6 to 12 years. 
Regular $175. Friday Hargain f 1.29 

Women's Cotton 
Vests, 3 for $1.00 

With and without sleeves, plain or 
ribbed effect; sites .16 to 46. Value 
39c. Friday Bargain. 3 for fl.OO 

Rayon Silk Veata. $1.00 

In novelty and plain weaves, opera 
top style, in shades of mauve, 
flesh and nink. also white; sizes 
36 to 44. Friday Bargain fl.OO 

75 Pairs of 

In blue or khaki denim, strap 
shoulders and patch pockets, 
hlue trimmed white and 
khaki trimmed red; sizes I to 
5 years. Friday Bargain. 49* 

Yards of Snow-White Saxony 
Flannelette at 19c a Yard 

Though not of a heavy weight, this Flannelette will give excellent 
wear. It has a closely woven texture and warm nappv surface; 
27 inches wide. Friday Bargain, per 1 q 

yard 1 y C 

. M«m rioor 

Pure Wool 
Blankets, $7.98 
a Pair 

Dependable AlbWool Blan- 
kets of high-grade quality; 
made from thoroughly 
scoured wool yarns, hnished 
singly and with neat blue 
borders: size 68 by 86. Fri- 
day Bargain, per pair. fT.^S 
• — Vala rioor 
1 , / 

Silk i'v \\\<%\v 

Regular 89c, for 59c a Yard 

Stock up in this popular and satis- 
factory all-stlk fabric, suitable for 
women's and children's wear. 
Makes up well and is excellent 
wearing Shown in helso. rose, 
jade, apricot, sand, brown, »rey 
and navy; 36 inches wide. Regu 

in. per 

Bargains in Drug 

Pebeco Tooth Paste, genuine 
for *7* 

Cuerlain Tooth Powder. $1.75 
value for »6e 

Hutax Tooth Paste. 25c value 



and hard 

Brilliantine. 50c 






Dorm Brunette Rouge, special 
st 194 
•471 1" Bath Salts, J1.00 value 

Vaseline Hair Tonic. 70c valise 
for W14 

Foot Powder. 35c valve for *«# 
Shaving Cream. 35c valae. 
Mecca Ointment. 25c vahss. If 4 
French Castile Soap, ban 
Wright's Coal Tar Soap 
Li*ns Toilet Paper. 20c value. 

» for ST* 

Hyaienic Toilet Paper, 25c valve. 
* for * »<• 

Bargains in Beds, Springs 
and Mattresses 

Here's a special offering in a Ded. 
Spring and Mattress, complete. 
The bed is continuous post style, 
in ivory enamel finish, all-steel 
frame, coil spring and an all-felt 
mattress with roll 
edges and covered 
with good art ticking. 
Sale Price, complete. 


Heavy 2- Inch Continuous 
Post Steel Beds, with five 
fs-Inch fillers: ivory enamel 
finish. Sale Price flLStt 

Simmons Ivory Finished Steel 

With bow tops and flat fil- 
lers, complete with famou> 
Slumber King spring Reg 
$33.50. Sale Price, *>•.»* 

Continuous Post Beds, with 
S *'f lS r a>5 


Tapestry Upholstered Divanettsa 

With Marshall spring seat 
construction, roll arms and 
comfortable shaped hack. 
Makes double bed when 
open Regular $11 5^0. Sale 

Clearing Linoleum Rugs at 
> * Reduced Prices 

Heavy Quality Cork llase Linoleum Rugs, in a good assort- 
ment of neat designs. In some there are slight imperfec- 
tions, but not enough to interfere with the wear or appear- 


Size 6 by 9. 


Regular $9.50. 


Size 9 by 12. 


Regular $19.00. 


Size 7.6 by 9. 


Size 9 by 10.6. 

Price ' 

Regular $12.00. 


Regular $16 50. 


Size 10.6 by 12. Regular $22.50. 



Size 12 by 12. 


lera, $2.49 Bach 

These runners were purchased 
in large quantities and are of- 
fered to our customers at worth- 
while savings. Slightly imperfect. 
Size 3 by 9. Sale Price at. 


Regular $26.50. 


Faat Color Wash Ruga, $10.75 

Guaranteed Fast Color Wash 
Rugs of close even weave. 
Shown in rose color only. Size 
6 by 9. Sale Price •10.T5 

Savings in the Men's Dept- 

White Mesh Combinations 

White Cotton Mesh Com- 
binations in sleeveless style 
and knee lengtiv Ideal gar- 
ments f<-T immediate wear. 
Sizes 34 to 

All-Wool Bathing Suits, 
elastic knit, will not sag 
when ,wet. All sizes in this 
offering. In colors of Jant- 
zen blue and navy, with 
contrasting stripe; also 
black. Regular $6.00. Fri- 
day Bargain *■.»& 

Odd Shirts and Drawers 

Summer weight porous rnd 
mesh shirts and drawers; 
od.i lines to clear. «zes. 
Values to 85c. Friday Bar- 
gain, per garment. 

English Mads Flannel Pyjamas 

Medium and heavy weight 
flannel in novelty atripe 
effects. All finished with 
braid buttonholes. Well 
made and full cut. in all 
sizes. Regular $6.50 and 
$7.00. Friday Bargain, per 

suit M.»5 

— »uio rw 

Week-End Specials in 
Groceries and Provisions 

Hudson's Bay "Seal of Quality- 
Creamery Butter, per lb. 494 
S lbs. for Ms*© 
No. 1 Quality Alberta Creamery 
Butter, per lb.. 494 

9 ibs. for fi.aa 

Choice Quality Alberta Cream 
ery Butter, per lb. 

8 lbs. for » 91.M 
Pure Bulk Lard, per lb 944 

9 Ibs. for TO* 
Selected Smoked Picnic Ham*. 

per lb * 3 ** 

Selected Smoked Cottage RolU. 
per lb. 31a* 
Sweet Pickled Picnic Hams, per 


Sweet Pickled Cottage 





Id Canadian Cheese, lb. 
Swift's Premium Boiled 

per lb. _ Miri » ■ — 

Sliced Veal I^oaf. per lb 
Sliced Jellied Veal, per lb 

Fresh Bologna, per lb 

Thinly Sliced Corned Beef. 

lb — 

Roast Pork, per lb. 
Prime Baked Ham. per lb.. T5e* 
Hudson's Bay Broken Orange 

Pekoe Tea. per lb •*«* 

3 lbs for $l.t>© 
Hudson's Bay Freshly Roasted 

Pure Coffee, per lb 
Finest Quality 


Sugar. 301b paper sack. $1.33 
"Le" Brand Pure Castile 
Soap, per bar 914 
Sally Ann Cleanser. 9 f«to 

Mother's Macaroni, Vermicelli 
or Noodles. 3 pkgs 31«* 
Sheriffs' Seville Orange Mar- 
malade. 4-lb. tin- — 

Wheatsworth Whole Wheat 
Craham Crackers, pka. 9Zt 
Fine Miaed Biscuits, five varie- 
ties, including sandwich, marsh- 
mallow, honey cake, lemon rake 
and orange bar. Special, lb.. 994 
Finest Local Plums, basket. I 
Choice Seedless Crapes. » 

for ... 

Fancy Bartlett Pears at. per 

l ine Cantaloupes, each _ .1*«* 
IxKal Hothouse Tomatoes, per 

lb. m lO<* 

Nice Local Cucumbers at 3 

for - »4» 

Head Lettuce, each 94 
Island Grown Potatoes. 99 

f<>r 3eas»*^ 

(.rrcn and Golden Wax Bean*. 

9 Ibs. for 38e> 

Local Cooking Onions. 9 lh«. 

for „ 

Good Cooking Apples. T Ibs. 

for 994 


Why You Should Buy Fresh Meats at 
Hudson's Bay 

With our modern refrigerating equipment you can depend 
absolutely on all meats beinft delivered to you fresh and 
pure. We aell oqly the* highest grade meats and oar prkea 
are right. 4 

No. 1 Roasting Chickens, aver- 
aging 4! i Ibs ; per lh 43* 

Broiling Chickens, 2 Ibs. to 2% 

lbs.; per p, 494 


Shoulders of Spring Lamb. 

shotc or half ; per lb 38 e 

Shoulders of Local Pork, whole 
>r half; per lb. _., 

Shoulders of Veal. 

per 3> t Tv 

M'wmi Veal, neck and breast: 

per lb 194 

Small Square Cut Oven Roast. 

3 Ibs. to 5 lbs,; per lb 13* 
Fresh Lamb Liver, per lb . 3«e 

: resh Fowl, averaging 


5 lbs : 

J. IKa 

lh Fowl, averaging 
Mr lb „ >#s> 

Pkkled Ox Tongues, lh . 33«* 

Imperial Pork ^usages, per 

ib. : — 


U, . .__UL _ . . ' — 


» . .- ^ . . -. 

BJrthdai Pari y 

M i a ml Mi> l;'.«tt HAM He*, on 
Hs : «i ' < -ill ertni n«-«J on Moticla) even 
IttK * i h-.i..ii ..f lit.' i., nh. I,.-. .:' MtHft 
Heli r, hn» ol S.ilmon A i in Tea 

»<>*■ -I on lh< »un i ' i']i which 

nru decorated with peJSBs. white 

li.l [ ■ >', >l > ! > "• A f ' er lea 

were played Those preMnt 
Rev. Mr. uml Mn Thorn*. 
Key worth, of Kailmon Arm; Mr and 
Mm. K. 8. Blair. Mr and Mm. Oeorgs 
Hughes, Mr and Mm. Arthur Ches 
worth. Mr. and Mm. O. Umbwton. 
ICrt. Thomaa Hughes. Mm. Turner. of 
Hitlmon Arm: Mlaa Helen Key worth, of 
(Salmon Arm. Mian Dorothy Blair, Mlaa 
Klfreda Hushes. Mlaa Marjorl* 
Hughes. Mlaa Irene C'heaworth. Ml«» 
Beatrice < 'hen worth. Mlaa Agnes t'hea- 
worth. Mlaa Turner, of Salmon Arm; 
Mr. Melbourne Keyworth. of Halmon 
Arm; Mr. Albert Blair. Mr. Oeorge 
t heaworth. Mr. Oscar Lamberton and 

Baby latmberton. 


..- «,.., ...„ I ,,,„- 

At the Invitation of Mm. Kllgour. 

(Tie membera of the Ksquimalt subdlvl- 

••loa of the Catholic Women'e League 

ml at her Hummer home at C ordova 

Bay on Tuesday evening. Following 

•upper, a pleasant time was spent 

round the camp Are. and a hearty 

vole of thanlta was given Mm. Kllgour 

for her generous hospitality. Among 

those preaent were: Mrs. Duncan. 

Mm. Hutchlnaon, Mrs. Burt. Mm. 

Kagan, Mm. Deausey. Mm. Kelly. Mm. 

White. Mrs. Craven. Mm. Newmtre 

(Vancouver). Mlaa Tollitt (Alrdrle. 

Scotland). Mlaa Am,, - Nyland. Miss 

Duncan, Mlsa Pagan, Mimes Burt. 

Misses McConnell, Mlas Chala and 

Mlae Hutchinson. 

• • • 

Ton Hoata 

The Ueutenanta of H.M.8. Cape- 
town were bosta on board ship yester- 
day afternoon at the tea hour. The 
gueata preaent were: Mrs. Bryden. 
Mlaa Lucy Bryden. Mlaa Betty Bryden. 
Iflaa Mary Proctor and Mlae Helen 

IT.,, tor < V an< ouver i Mlaa 
(Otl,iwu, Mlas Catherine Franer Mi^ 
Flail— J r raaer. Mlaa Ins* Kei. Mim 
KKY Modjflno Mlae MarRarei H«ot! 
Hlag Hetti I'hillli.e. Ml»» Jo> l'kllll|>> 
l.ieulenuntM (ilbh l>e.»t,arat«v I>ennlnK. 
A- miMmhk Allen f.fre.,. <;.-» Jl.'l Mr 
Vo !.., VV'., ..It- 

• • • 

I- i KUor II. r, 

Mr. Brodle A Clark, well-known 
bualneaa man. Is a visitor here, hav- 
ing- arrived , ri the liner Kmpreea of 

It,... : . -I t - vl*H..i went I-, H ■ K 
K <• . .. ... i>" « and nhortrv afte.w-., I- 

moved to Bhanghal. He baa held a 
number of important poaltione. and 
although more than SO yearn of age. 

I -fc-iS X9) 

men s Affairs I 



und convalescing from 
neaa. Mr Clark looki 
than many men of 00 
lie la Dlatrict Orand 
tlwh Kite Masons 

recent 111- 
>re active 
rs of age. 
er of the 

i i, i " h I ; • ■■ 


Men's Boots 

SOI St. : - h A ! 

For Comfort. Wear and Price, they 
• have them all skinned. 
All Sizes— 6 to II 

$aav ^ rzrr. 

fhe General Warehouse 

S27 Yates Street V !<;,,<>« H c 

Wholesale District, Below Oovans* 


and a Paet President of the Caledon- 
ian organisation there, being the last 
aurvlvlng member of the society 
formed in Shanghai 00 years ago. 

♦ • • 

„ ..„• - A u rn on in Hi". - 

His Honor the Lleutenant-Oovernor 
has lent the grounds of Oovernment 
House for the garden fete to be given 
next Wedneaday for the Boy Scouts. 
He has also consented to give a talk 
to the boya and all Interested In acout- 
ing. Numeroua attraetione have been 
arranged, afternoon tea will be pro- 
vided, there will be balloon and candy 
Stalin, clock golf, ponlea for the chil- 
dren to ride, and various games. The 
garden will be open from I to • 

• • • 

Jolty Party 

A Jolly party of about 10 friends of 

Mlaa Margaret Kinney. R.N.. of 1722 

Bank 8treet. gave her a surprise 

party Monday evening. A pleasant 

mualcal evening was spent and before 

leaving the guests joined In good 

wishes to Mlas Kinney, who left the 

following afternoon for Alert Bay. 

where she baa aeeeptsd a position on 

the staff of the hoepltal. • 
. . . 

At Balmoral Hotel 

The recent arrivals at the Balmoral 
Hotel include Mr. T. 8. Arough. Van- 
couver; Mr. K. W. Loverlng. Los An ; 
gele.. Mr L. A. Murphy. New Weat- 
mlnater; Mr. C. A. Chronlater. Ban 
Kranclseo ; Mr. William M. McBwary. 
Portland: Mm. Cannon, Portland; Mr. 
A. D. Warren. Portland. 

of t.nldew and Hen tiakkw 

The Eaqulmalt Olrl Ouldee will meet 
thla afternoon at I o'clock, and as this 
will be i he last meeting to be taken by 
Mlsa Douglas -Crompt on before her 
departure for Kngland. It la hoped 
that all members will be present. 


Mr. Jack Taylor, of this city, re- 
turned laat Sunday morning after vis- 
iting In Vanoouver. Banff. Calgary, 
and hla brotbar. Mr. O. B. Taylor, of 
Kdmonton. Alta. 

J.B.A.A. Will Be 
Hosts Tonight at 
\ Ihwce at Km press 

I Atblatk 

ne hi.Bin : . 

! I • K. fl, ,»l 

th- J«roe.s M. , . 
Anno, la I '. , > ,i will 
fUnne!, »' 
Hotel 1 >an. ins 

.-. ill ... 1. 1* o • I,., r -I- .• : 

A special programme has been 

,,,!.! I [., I •. ... I I r tide 1 aol. 

who, with his eight plec* or- 
chestra, will render the latest 
Krlaco and New York hlta. 

for the wedding of Mlaa Marjorle 

Campbell and Mr. J. A. Walker. 
• • • 

I \ .1111 ..u >. < 

Mm Arthur Oatea. llampahlre 
Koad. and her slater. Mlsa Violet 
Koche. of »attle. expect to leave thla 
afternoon for a few days visit In Van- 

Mrs. James R. Btlrrat and her son, 
Mr Roy Btlrrat. returned to the city 
yesterday afternoon from their 
in Seattle. 

S is i 
From Kalmoo Arm 

Rev. Thomas Keyworth and 
Keyworth and two children, of Sal- 
mon Arm. are vlaltlng In the city for 

two weeks. < 

• • • 

To Alaska i* 

Mlsa Sadie K. Craig left on Tues- 
day for Vancouver en routo to 
Alaaks, and Northern British Colum- 

• » • 

Return- Homo 

Miss Janet Lewis returned to her 

home in Vancouver on Sunday, after 
being the guest of Mlsa Dorothy Clay- 
ton for a month. 

Malda of Rnglanri 

La>dge Prlmroaa. No. J 2. of the 
Daughters and Maids of England, will 
hold their regular meeting in . Har- 
mony Hall this evening at 8 o clock. 
Officers are asked to be In their places 
at 7 o'clock. 

O n :Ai. IiANl'lM . 

B ,j :4 • a I no* ti'«, 
«'►•••> ;SK ,m * 

Nut Coal 

Larger size and more heat. 


! ' <>. Govf r ruiirn! S 5 

Mrs. Humphreys Baynes snd Mas- 
ter John Baynea. of Albert Bay. are 
spending a few weofca at Kenora, 
Lake of the Woods, and are the 

guests of Mm. H. D. McLaughlin. 
• • • 

Attended Wedding 

Dr. and Mrs. Korln. of Edmonton, 
uncle and aunt of the bride, were 
among tbe out-of-town gueots here 

^ r-» I a.. 1 ' » = . . t i 


Steamers leave Vancouver, 
at I p.m.. for Powell River, Oceaa 
Fails, Prince Rupert and Alaska. 

Steamers ▼SMSVJsjejf Wednes- 

days end Saturdays at • p.m., for 
t>«as«ll River. Ocean Falls. Prince Ru- 


dally at llM 

Visits Vi 

Mrs. Beverley Browne la visiting in 
Vancouver and Is the guesl of ^her 
parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Rocheeter. 
Alder st reel 

• • • 
Ten Room at the Fair 

The Daughters and Malda of Eng- 
land. Prlncean Alexandra Lodge. No. 
II, are to serve tea on the balcony of 
the main building during Fair week. 

• • • 

Returned From I p- Island 

Mr. a-nd Mrs. F. .M Rattenbury. of 
Oak Bay. Iiave returned after vlaiting 
friends in Albernl and Parkevllle. 

Mrs. Alex. O. McCandleaa. of Nicola 

street. Vancouver. Is a visitor In the 

city and la the guest of friends. 
• • • 

(•cdng to Kngland 

Mrs. Erneat Oough, 2122 Hlghvlew 

Street, left yesterday for a six months' 

holiday trip to the Old Country. 

! out \iU lhttii\ 


I F-atreauM Tsar Fair, iuwl IT Ss II. 

Heat Water With Gas 

Clean Quick Dependable 

Witter heating by other methods is mussj . waste- 
ful and inconvenient. % 

A ('.as Water Heater is a convenience and an 
economy. It heats all the hot water required by 

I lie Misiih fur kih he n . b;i tin ■< >ni -i n '1 I nil'. !' : : - u.-t 

pur Special Water Heater Offer 

$1 Cash and Balance $2 a Month 

makes it f7>r everyone to know the mean 
ing ol hot u itei i omfoi I in th< hoitit 


Dougltt StxtHit 

PhocMn 123 

August 14— Thlnga light and 
frivolous do not Interest you. Tou 
care a great deal for your home, 
and your lovers there. You should 
be more attentive to business If you 
want to succeed. Never let despon- 
dency overcome you. Love will al- 
waya be at your side. 

Your lucky color* are orange and 

Daughters and Maids of 
England Hold Picnic 

The Daughters and Malda of Eng- 
land Lodge. No. II, held Its annual 
picnic laat Wedneaday at Mount 
Douglas Park. The gueats had lunch 
upon their arrival at the park, after 
which a programme of races waa ar- 
ranged and the afternoon apent in 
games, swimming, etc. At I o'clock 
supper was served. In the evening 
there waa community ainglng and 
games. The picnic waa In charge of 
Mrs. Oatea. asstlated by Mesdamea 
Bridges. Elecmore. Baker. Colwell. 
Hatcher. Rett and Smith. The aports 
prine* were given by Mrs. Bridges and 
were awarded as fellowe: 

Tiny tote: !, Jackie Oordon: I, 
Myrtle Shaw; I, Norman Harlle. 

Olrle. I to »: 1. Agnes Stringer; J. 
Christina Lamer. 

Boya I to &: 1 Arthur Allan; I. 
Rowland Harlle; I. Roger Bell. 

Olrle, 6 to 7: 1, Pnullne O'Connor. 
2. Laura Colwell; I. Constance Mc- 

Boya 6 to T: I. Jackie O'Connor; 
2. Kenneth Lorrell. 

Olrla. 7 to t: 1. Cora Darling; I. 
Doreen Nicholson. < 

Boya. 7 to I: 1. Alf Pengally; I. 
Betty Watson. 

Olrle. IS to II: Kathleen Hope; S, 
Dorla Bleak ley. 

Boya, 10 to It: I. Jnmee O'Connor; 
X. Oeorge Bridges]. 

Boys. II to II: 1. Leonerd Field - 
house; t. Thomas Kllby. 

Young ladlea. over IS yearn: 1. 
Dorothy Pengally: I. Ruble Pengallf. 

Members under 40 yearn: 1. Zeno 
roiwell; I. Mrs. Gorton. 

Members, 'over 40 years: 1, Mm. 
Ekssmore; t. Mrs. Skett. 

Officers: I, Mm. Field houae; I. 
Mr* Swan. 

Laalea. open: I, Mlsa Pengally. I, 
Mrs. Bell. 

Olrla. open: 1. Jessie Wataon; t. 
Marjorle Kllby. 

Boya open: 1. Wilfred Edwards: 1. 
William O'Connor. 

Extra glrla. II to II: 1. Connie 

Tiny tota I and t years: 1. Ray- 
mond Pengally 

anna wars killed and fifty 
the firing yeeterday b] 
guards Into a crowd which 
at the acsne of the 
rioting by striking mill 

t, „ 

wo re .! ; » ti ■■ » !v n 
•Of.', it** k ..-!... !!.. , :■■ 

btillets of 




."H'TA Siberia » .« II f ■« 
peasant * were killed unit sever *| 
wowaded ny * halUiorrm «r hi. h ruined 
«*ver,. • i.oew»r.,1« of rr« of r,r. n « 

■aeadowa and vasretabte rsrdens in ih* 

frfw in 

And What Paris Decrees 

Imcv of All Kuni- I ned for Kvi'iiing antl Smart W « ar 
\Vo\al>lt Vlai^tliiit Still VnrA* 

There has been no special time of 
the year allotted to Milady for turn- 

inn he, Um-y th-Mirhi. 

Isn't It always more or less In that 
direction? But Paris Is undoubtedly 
the point oY focua The latest bul- 
letln received with regard to Fashion . 
has all sorts of Intriguing little blu 
of news. I j». e is quite the thing, 
lace of every color and kind, and It 
la ueed moat effectively with crepes 
for both afternoon and evening wear. 
One fascinating frock comes In pale 
brown mousseline de- sole, with large 
applications of heavily embroidered 
gold lace. 

For street wear the high neck is 
"in" once again. JThe moat attrac- 
Uve version of the high neck Is the 
combination of the "V" and high 
effect, in a little collar which atands 
up at the back of the neck but la left 
open at the front to form a V. To 
most people this combination ia mflch 
more becoming than the collar that la 
high all the way round. 

And about walatllnes. How they 
vary! Sometimes up and sometimes 
down, and lately none at all! It Is 
said that some of the great deslgnem 
are placing the waistline lower than 
before, snd some higher than last 
season So it's difficult to know what 
to do. But at all eventa the true 

except In a few modela. 
• Tbe waist finish of a dress la de- 
lightfully varied, ranging from atrlng 
belts to wide aashee. The fastening 
and adjusting of these adjuncts vary 
too. first of ail according to figure. 
1 . 

then to taste. The latest Idea In 
finish la ahown In a wide eu-h lied in 
a boar In front. 

No wardrobe ia complete without 
Its sports costume, and more than one 
is almost essential. For golf there Is 
the pleated skirt attached to a long- 
walsted pleated bodice. The short 
sleeves are cut In one with a ahallow 
yoke An ornamental novelty for 
sports costumes Is tbe Introduction of 
leather buttons that ablne like metal. 
The scarf Is also a notable feature 
of sports trimmings. The latest ver- 
sion Is attached to the hem of the 
Jacket or blouae. the ends paused over 
the ahouldera In the back and 

In fabrics velvet and silk still hold 
their own for afternoon frocks, and 
furs that match the materlala are 
used to trim the new Autumn models. 

For svsnlng wear, gold and silver 
are running a cloee race for popu- 
larity. At the recent drawing-room 
of tbe London Court, silver waa un- 
doubtedly the leader^ — ellver lace. 
■ liver embroidery and allver brocade. 
But at all thb smart restauranta on 
the Continent gold holds first place. 
Both are exceedingly lovely, but 
silver poetically belongs to the hour 
of the moon. 

One word for the new hats. They 
are uaually turned up at either the 
front or the back, and the front and 
side brtrps have widened to four 
Inches. Crowns are roomier, and 
combinationa of fabric are expertly 
developed of felt and velour. with 
aatln flam ma nd. the new luatroua felt, 
the favorite: and velvet and felt. 

Fashion Fancies 

By Mane Bel-oni 

Dun well IMtines 
Calk eting 

Shareholders Will Gather on 
August 26 at Chamber of 
Commerce Rooms 

Bright red has had a great vogue 
thla season. It Is smart In nil types 
of clothing, from the simple morning 
dress to the evening dance frock. 

From midsummer on, the vogue 
for brighter colors becomes mors 
marked than ever. It appears here 
In a chamlng bathing enaemble. which 
would add seat to any bathing acene. 

The material Is Jereey The lower 
part of the aim pie suit Is embroidered 
In white wool flowere. and the' red 
Jersey cape ere peats the white wool 
trimming on the Inside, on the bor- 
der and In the small rounded collar. 

Will Be Celebrated 

Week Commencing October 31 to 
Be Set Aside for Popu- 
larizing B.C. Fruit 

Hallowe'en dsy. October 11. has 
been aet aside sa Nstlonal Apple Day 
and the week. October II to Novem- I 
ber *. will be celebrated as National I 
Apple Week throughout the whole 
Dominion of Canada. 

Mr. A. A. Mllledge. manager. B. C. 
Prodeota Bureau. Vanoouver Board 
of Trade, who is in charge of the 
arrsngementa as fsr sa British Co- 
lumbia Is concerned, states that plans 
are now being laid for a moat exten- 
sive programme, with the object of 
populsrtslng .British Columbia apples. 

The following are membera of the 
B C. committee: A. A. Mllledge. 
chairman, representing B. <\ rroducta 
Bureau; J. H. Mac.Donald. represent- 
ing tbs box msnsfacturars. A. F. 
Bam*, representing University of B.C.; 
Mr Littlehallen. representing whole- 
aale distributors; Mr. Simpson, repre- 
■e'ntlng berry growers; R. R. Robert- 
son, representing Associated Orowere; 
K R. McTaggart, representing eMail 

boteU. restaur- 
are ell 

being notlwsd of the week. Ways In 
which they can ro operate will bs 
suggested st a later dats. 

"The week will be conducted on a 
broad plane; It will be national In Its 
effort as well as name; we hope by 
ronoswtrated eetart to widen lbs dis- 
tribution and >J»* of »PP»e and to 
bring thla splendid product of our 
orchards to every ■ 

Shareholders In the Dunwell Mines. 
Ltd.. will meet on Wednesdsy, Au- 
gust tl. In the Chamber of Commerce 
rooma. when the plana for the carry- 
ing on of the operations at tbe mine 
will be considered and the election of 
officers and other business will be 

The shareholders will meet at 3: SO 
In an extraordinary general meeting, 
duly convened. Following this there 
will be held the annual general meet- 
ing of the company. 

The opinion among the sharehold- 
ers now appears to be quite unanl- 
moua with respect to the future op- 
erations of the company'a affairs. 
Thla will. In all probability. Include 
i lie authorising of tbe employment of 
a firet class engineer and the Immedl- 
of a policy which may 
by him for the early 
development of the mine. It will also 
likely call' for the doubling of the 
amount of stock issued, which will 
be sold at par to. preaent sharehold- 

The present operations that are be- 
ing carried out at the property are 
almoat entirely devoted to the devel- 
opment of the new aurface strike on 
the 8unbeam claim Thla haa been 
followed for a distance of more than 
1.000 feat from the northern extrem- 
ity of the property In the direction of 
'the workings In No. 4 level. Some- 
thing like 1.000 feat further would. It 
ia conaidered. t ring the vein over the 
ahowlng In the lower levels, where It 
would be easily reached by a cross cut 
at depth. 

a . | it 

Eminent Engineer 

Makes Eauunination 
Of Kirkla nd Mines 

Mr. Alfred J. Osul. mi: who has 
made an Inspection of the Klrkland 
mlnea at Atlln for the dlreotora of the 
company, which was Incorporated 
here a few weeks ago, is on his way 
out following the examination. Hla 
report. It la expected, will be received 
In the city In the course of a few daya. 
Mr. Oaul. himself, will not come 
South but will proceed In Stewart. 

The Klrkland mines adjoin the Kn 
glnesr group and negotiations are on 
foot with New York capitalists, 
through Messm Ross and Johnson, of 
thla city, the financial agenta of the 
company, looking to the placing of a 
block of stock on sale In the 

\ frix, i ! , i . 3 «f. t •, 

On the Indianapolis this afternoon 
will arrive 110 bsnkem snd thslr 
friends associated with the Securities 
Financial Corporation, which ia now 
holding a convention In Seattle. 

Thla vessel will berth at 11:14 
o'clock and leave again at 1:10 
o'clock. The party will take a drive 

The Collegiate School 

1157 Rockland Avenue 

« tcUMM B < 

■che.,1 for ba>» fr«a 
attest ion. <«el<»«»« *••» 
lfkt>r I MflW 
t on apsl.cauon. 



Hnat'fJ V — III 4 <! 

Plans Discussed at Conference 
een Vancouver Of- 
ficials and Minister 

Supply of water to Greater Van- 
couver will be under the. control of s 
metropolitan water board. If plans 
discussed yesterday at s conference 
between Hon. T. D. Psttullo. Provin- 
cial Minister of l>ands. and Mayor L. 
D. Taylor and City Solicitor J. B. Wtl- 
llama, are consummated. The Vancou- 
ver mayor and Mr. Williams left for 
the Mainland last night well satisfied 
with the resuh of their Interview 
with the Mlnletnf. and It la expected 
that action »n forming the board snd 
arranging all details Incidental to cen- 
tral contrbl, will be rapid. 

The suggestion made by Mr. Pat- 
tullo that Greater Vancouver should 
amalgemate its proposed watsr bosrd 
with Its sewerage bosrd. was favor- 
ably received by the Vancouver rep- 
resentatives. and> It la probable that 
the further centralisation of control 
will take place. 

Mr. PattUllo declared that the legal 
department of the government and bis 
own department would co-operate to 
the fullest extent In order to facilitate 
the formation of the Water control 

OTTAWA. Aug. 11. — Premier C. A. 
Dunning, of Saskatchwan. is atill in 
Ottawa, but haa nothing to aay at all 
In regard to hla conversations with 
Premier King This was Mr. Dun- 
ning'*' answer tonight when ssked In 
regsrd to the possibility of his enter- 
ing the Federal Cabinet. 

To Mmli * rrifttf i ml 

J. B. A. A. 






| v.-.t ) !rrHrrvm\ ft FVrr 
( »r, hr.tra 


Ticket* $1X10 

9 P. M. to 2 A. M. 

l/.NDON, Aug 1? Sir Henry 
Maybury- director general of roada. is 
bstng sent t>y the Oovernment to the 
I nlted State* to study traffic control 


He will report to the M.n'*fy ■ < 
Transport, which ia attempting to 
work out a plan to relieve the 
traffic problsm la 

BOZEMAN. Mont.. Aug 12. —A 

. r .i : • M < to. r » * » (-" h#r. 

at 7:10 tonight 

, , K K A ""' I " A I l 4- M •ml . A»ig 1 " 

„t lM |«r r ,rt>>.|tMke fchock «. ;»* felt 

here tonight at 7 60 ..Mock Th« 

• en.... .1 -1 . .!. »'■•««'' < tol « A% not 
nntlrM b> mar-v P»"»»« the cltj 

child in 

.'«>••'> f"«- several 


r - r.e n % •<* er e 
; fifty injure, 1 

t i<»n Thr . . r. - 1 • t i 
injured is serVenu. 

Concert and Dance 

By kind permissioi 
(Auspices of Great 

(.'at.!, kn-jwlcs. 1 > S O. 
\ r t cr ,iii ■ A vs« -<'i:i t ion ) 

Under the patronage of the officers of H.M.S. Capetown, the Royal I m dian 
Naval Barracks and the Military Headquarter. Start 

Chamber of Commerce 

Saturday, August 15 

ArlmisuMon 50c On Sale at Fletcher's Music Store Only 

Concert 8-10 — Dancing 10-12 


Chase &$anborn' s 

Scottish Artist's 

Work at Gallery 

Landscape by I^atx William Wil- 
son, One of Two Recent 
l'tc»entatiuu« Here 

! .< >NlKlN Ar. K i i V\ llll,.fn I i reel, 
«"'"! . 'oi»» r v*; > Ml' loi HI o« k 
,11 -.n. . I vi : ■ > .i. ..f|.. .t In i he 

Till . It, ill w ,. > ,si .i I urn U*t 
«' • He »..h .0 >. .1 r* "I lit" M I 

'irfi-nminil Levari working . . -.. n 

mill, hi ll... of P. ..t».l t... ., II. 

the ' "UIW of ye.lla h~ Mi.—' II f |. . 

ait ion "f 1-flDK « 1 1 r <- « ? hi f i niiriil.. > 
i>f null . i .nn-.t ii lex , „.! . .U.I.. ' Hi •• 
eon, pitmen 

1 h. n ..»!«• f ' Ut' W 'I!; W'i 
- f ' .i" • * \ : k ii >wn 

l.e of mlfr^i ... • r. "... ulnui^ 
hi* w..i k ... * I,..* ' h o< she 

riMitm m (| usttiomt "I hr • • lei v «t 

the Crystal Garden la a landscape 
by thU artlat 

Wlltluii w ; si .-...I 
t > tin. until after ha « 
Old. but he* achieved 
dlatlnctlon by the com 

..n- i - <* in h li.- ,<-f 

» In. I. now Bimifl hitiK .i Ii- » 1 »• 

turem do not alwaya know that It wan 
,„, . -op I ,„ . ■! M'lino . • '-si 

temporary artlat. at work, that he re- 
ceived hla flrat Inaplratlon to try hla 
own aklll. and for many years theae 
two frlenda painted aide by aide, the 

not begin to 

jt fifty yeara 
aratlvely few 
Even those 

New Drug Customers 

' hr |>! icnomenal growth o) our businch&is due tii tht bigu standani «>t quality 
t xreiirnt service and saving prices New customer-, are amazed at tlx- irenicwi 
us ha vi ny, resulting from dealing at one of our twelve .fies Sat^fv v >u' seh t- 

to s >iu claim 

Friday and Saturday Specials 





. 75 






I * 




Liquid Petrolatujn, 16-oz 37e* 

Camphor, 1-oz. cakes, 3 for 25< 

Welch's Crape Juice. 4 for 24# 

Colgate's Barbers' Bar, 8 cakes 

to lb 65< 

Dr. Reid's Liquid Henna Sham- 
poo - v 

Pro-phy-lac-tic Hair Brush 
McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Tablets 39< 
Castor Oil (finest Italian), 8-oz. . -26f 

Gypsy Foot Kehe( 

Dr. Reid's Lemon Cleansing 

Cream .... 

Fruitatives 28e* 

Palmolive Soap, 4 for 2.5< 

Powered Henna, per lb 39^ 

Dr. Reid's Guaranteed Hair Tonic, &3f 

Bay Runt 30<* 

Edna Wallace Hopper's White 

Youth Clay 46* 

Paris Green, per lb 42* 

Daggett & Ramsdell's Cold 

Cream 41* 

Daggett & Ramsdell's Shaving 

Cream 26* 

Rubber Sponge _ 18* 

Forhan's Tooth Paste 37* 

Dutch Drops, 4 for 20e* 

Pompeian Massage Cream _ 51* 

Dr. Lyons' Tooth Powder 31* 

Dr.. Reid's Foot Ease 15* 

Feenamint (the chewing gum 

1 il X <l I I V C ) .... ...... .......«*..».......».. ..... ^Bsta4sf^^ 

Hornet Pla ying Cards 27* 

Barbers' Scissors 81. 05 

and ,40 Tooth Brush ... 21* and 26* 
(A 10c tube of Listerine 
Tooth Paste free wkh each 
tooth brush.) 

Lemon Soap, 5 for 25* 

Yardley's Lavender Soap, 3 in 

box — A~ 

Shower Bath Spray . 
Wilson's Port Wine 


.60 Danderine ^41* 

1.00 Dextri Malfose. Nos. 1 and 2 62* 

.50 Reudel Bath Saltrates 32* 

3.25 Horlick's Malted Milk _.. 82.71 

.40 Castoria _ 23* 

.25 Dr. Reid's Corn Remover 15* 

1.40 Adlerika 81.19 

120 Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets 73* 

.50 Medallion Vanishing or Cold 

Cream 28* 

.15 Hansen's Junket Tablets, 2 for 21* 

. 30 Ciisciirfts . . . • - - 5J^&^* 

.60 Gertnolene 37* 

.25 Vinolia Shaving Sticks 18* 

.25 Williams' Talcum Powder 17* 

75 Stacomb 44* 

.20 Hydrogen Peroxide, 4-oz 1*V 

.50 Dr. Reid's Pyorrhea Mouth Wash. 25* 

.25 Chloride of L'ime _ 16* 

.50 Sodium Fluoride, 1 -lb. tin 28* 

.25 Hamilton's Pills, 5 for 81.00 

LOO Theatrical Cold Cream, 1-lb. tin 62* 

1.50 Kolor Bak 81. 20 

.65 Phillips' Milk of Magnesia 41* 

Andrews' l.iver Salts 35* and 60* 

.25 Carter's Liver Pills 15* 

* -00 K. ry sol ......... — ...................... . Jfc©^ 

.25 Cream of Witch Hazel and 

1^ oscs .-.»•-•- .... ............. ........ .............. 1 7 ^ 


.60 Banquet Brand Chocolates, per 

1-lb. carton _ 33* 

.05 Chicklets, 3 for _ 

.05 Life Savers, 3 for „. 

1.00 Pascall's Fruit Dessert 

erstwhile .nlooker acquiring * * < • « I 


iU- oriKin-,1 ■ i to le< Hon a ( the Kri 
<J*ilery 1.. r has . e 

aitsntinna by Hie imwuI vf *■ 

j..rt - .n.l ..ther »..>rka of < t 
aovvral >rr^ lnt«re«Uri« tblnK* • • 

come to nk.' then pla.-e V •>« 
ihc ilh« j ii>i IT' Addition', is . ■> a 
coal aketch bj Uaodaoei »( i favorite 

of rt n i-nrr , ,.f the ,,. ' 
iivtnrr . .f I fit- pi.'tuie hn I ,.i i . ' ■ ■ ' 

nude thin iapi.1 sketch if ,i I'r*"''" 1 
I., the .In* - . H ue. who w . I i> 1 
•"• • " medical altenda^iit 

l*n presentations which haw re 
DMIll come t„ ewell the perm.ui. n s 

ii i-iiiun In the Kallery as- 

Un.ts, .pe of the Havarmn alp* bj 
M i K r.o». ,.reaente,l by Mr- >!• 
V • ll and the picture by Oh- 
\\ i.-nii Wllaoii deo. rlb.-.l .i . . 

K n'fnn« h Kreat deal to the Kill*' 1 * 
that the wonderful collect loo of 

h -.• porcelaine sent by u. «et.iw 
m ,u, « hn lived many yeai« in s !o- 
Ori< 1 in remain for Home Mo < 
further. There hn* Jum Lean ar- 
■ , i in of t he Mhow ca». - . 

,r . . \.|nUlte little coIln ot 
h ->:•' '■•inrnvf.l ellver. the woi .■ ,.f 
.VI, • I! Mackle, now .e«idei,t 
. !,. i ... ,,..! , oiiHiHt :o K of -tn ... so. 
is -•• • -u«k et i m.maio !•'.■ tun f- . m. 
b. •••• i • a. ed a hoe Ion k If. 

to , - | .U.|iie. . tut ,i pi. I 111 .• e. ' ... I,-. I 

"The Hunter's i-'arcvfell." In noth- 
tns. however, la the ci'Hftaman's art 

i,. .- i u( I f i,i 1 i y . I e ri i . . iim ruteil 

•i ■ '.irk-, .ii.ii daKK'-t *• a «k ean dhu 

aet with Scotch amethyst* belna; the 

chdtceat of the 



The Gilded Rose 

1 1 ■ 

By MAY ( ♦ IRls F IF. — 

H 1 >- I 1 V ,\ I \ , K t « . I. . 

dauctnrr ..I . 
I... l.u. ft tn« - » . . 

... I 

W )( . • r vv H ■ - : T H i '-"! ■ >•■ • 

wiattul bard 
leUaU ma 

k }-r , I,.. tiUilllIlK « • t . . ■• » * * * * * 

tin .. v ,<t ... ... .it If ul •nil."" 

w . i h i ^ i ..• » ' • ' 

■ . I... ! !-• ,1 - I. •><•' i"* b "> 

• ,. <ii.iik.i- i eat all aaeept oaa y»'ii.< 
■orlely fellow 

LANLIJa I-. ..... I a v i H»ii..I»u v.' « 

ll..|ulnlir.l UMll 11) III' *«!» "' 

world »i>.1 j. pr«»»nl In »r,i..u» r,ri«ne»»l 
dlffli uliim Koi 'en ve.t. 1.* ••..» • >••• • 

djwu .1 Iter. v.l. u. i he I.«r,« l.Un.l • 
to hun. . ...1 !.«» ...... t,e*l. h.a.l - 

If,,. too-' . . <rl wor k.U y'* » ••»••- •' 
He !» ii, HI' will, * t>*« III ! fill »•• !•• ' ' * 
LY III A IIAlthKIKIK Who »«lur. 
Ui ibovi ..... I.J Jl« '0«' • ■ » ,; " 

I ..- I « » lol. ' - l« »< 

.nd .....a »l.e »n U.VM htm "•'•>•• •» 

• Ii.' •. a I ^ o. ..-.''■> 

MT K 1 V I V A.N Vi'BM A wealthy .1.0 • 

«..«, ,,, »!.-. i» leallnf her «ir. Iith'i 
. .ik.., he' - •». ■ a ■ 

i»hol« choice college 
A very fine old Kaahmlr ehawl with 

. ' loo ;." Ii, , ..I.e. Iioo ,o, I 

» rlew 

probably be on 


/rr W f rhhtis of fhr 

\ atonal r,h,h,tion 

TORONTO. Auk li.— At the Wo- 
men's Building" and In the weet wln^. 
where the Women's Institute* hold 
■way. tine things are being prepared 
for feminine visitor, to thla year's 
Canadian National Exhibition Demon- 
strations of china painting. Jewelry 
and meta.1 work will be carried on up- 
stalra. Mm. J. E. Elliott giving the 
talt on Saturday. On Wed- 

Smart. President of the Heliconian 
Club, will give an addr«M. % 

A model rural library la to be aet up 
and selected Hats of books coatlng*|S(. 
$60 and 1100 will be shown. Accom- 
panying thla exhibit there will be a 
talk by Mm. Blair, of BUUnga Bridge, 
on "How to Manage a Library." 

Literary women will come to the 
fore on press day, when Miss Marshall 
Saunders, Miss A. E. Wilson and Miss 
O. ft M. White are to speak. The 
latter jrlll take for her subject "What 
a Farmer*. Psper Means to His Wife " 
Mrs. W. F. Caldwell. President of the 
Toronto Women's Press Club, will give 
a short history of her organization. 

Dr. Helen *MscMurchy, Chief of the 
Child Welfare Department. Ottawa, 
will speak on August SI. on "Canada's 
Babies and What to Do for Them," a 
baby clinic belna conducted on the 
same day by Mrs. Meejf. of Alton. 
"What Care Do We Qlv* Canadian 
Mothers?" will be the theme for an- 
other occasion, and will be treated by 
Mrs. D. Watt, of Blrtle. Man. 


» K » 



Receive our prompt attention, shipped same 
day as received. Enclose sufficient money 
for postage ; any balance will be refun ded: 


12 Original Cut Rate Drucglsi,- 


VANCOUV F H , V 1 C TOk'IA A N S > N It. W W K !" M ; K 
FORT A N I > DOlK.LAb Sis.. i'HONSv ;4 


Felt in MnttNui and 

In Soadiern- California 

HELENA. Mdnt.. Aug. Helena 
and vicinity was shaken at S:S0 this 
morning by a slight earthquake of 
about the same Intensity as one last 
night st 7: BO; no damage was re- 

BUTTE. Mont.. Aug. It. — A slight 
earthquake shock was felt here at 
7:40 last night and 3 is this morn- 
ing. There was no damage. 

Lon Angeles Shaken 

LOS ANOELB8. Aug. II. — An 
earthquake shock not hesvy enough 
to be generally perceptible, occurred 
here about «:16 this morning. 

Dead With Throat Cat 

VANCOUVER. Aug. l|._with his 
throat cut by s raior lying near his 
open bloody hand. Wong Kin. 10 
year-old Chinese, was found lying 
dead on the floor <* his bedroom here 


V U nun ot ll" Vtorbl 

"You say she's quite alone in the 
world, this child?" Mrs. Florence 
Rldgeway laid down the newapaper 
with Ita flaring headlines and looked 
Intently at her son. 

They were sitting In the blue and 
gold boudoir of her sman. amart 
house In the Eighties, and Landls 
1 1, oKht hnw like a grasfla dams of 
the old regime his mother looked, 
with her silver hair, young skln5hor 
haughty carriage.'' piercing; blsck 
eyea and the black velvet band 
arwand the throat that snh4» her 
resemblance to *»«r ancestress. Ithe 

l i t mar.iuUe. even more marked. 

"Yes. quite alone,". he said. 

"And ahe haa Inherited a million 
—per ha pa even more? What sdVt of 
a young person Is she, Landls? Quite 
impossible. I suppose T" 

He gave an amuaed laugh. When 
his mother spoke 'of anyone as 'a 
young person," the phrase Implied 
vast social gulfs one' could not cross. 

"She's twenty— but I wouldn't call 
her a young person' In your meaning 
of the term. 8he haa alee manners, 
and Is rather quiet and mouse like ' 
though I fancy there are smouldering 
fires somewhere." 

"Not one of those terrible 'flap- 
pen 7*" Hie mother pointed to 
Rosllyn's glcture In the papsr. under- 
neath the headlines that nnnoimee.1 
her fortune. "Is she as nopelew.*' 
plain as this would seem?" 

He glanced at the likeness, grin- 

"Oh, that's a libel. 1 never thought 
of her as v pretty, though*— come to 
think of It — she has really lovely 
,eyes. Like sea pools tne tide leavea 
among the rocks. Or maybe a poet 
might call them mountain lake*, 
qiltt and unfathomable. Tet I've 
seen them change and darken « lion 
a storm cornea up." 

"Good gracious, Landiat" HU 
motber wheeled round In her Entpiro 
chair. "I've never heard you r*ve 
about a woman s eyas tsfore. What * 
ailing you?" She gave him a keen 

He laughed boyishly, his lean, 
brow ii face flushing a l'.tle under her 
scrutiny. He had suddenly remem- 
bered Rosllyn's offer, and the recol- 
lection always made htm feel em- 

He got up. stretching his long legs 
before the crackling wood Are. 

"She's a nice child, end as Ignorant 
of the world as — as Cleopatra." 
Cleopatra was his mother's valuable 
pussy cat, and as he spoke he poked 
the tatter gently with his foot. 

"The comparison is scarcely apt," 
said Mrs Rldgewsy With a quixxlcal I 
smile. "The lady of the Nils was 
far from being an Ingenue. Indeed, 
If history speake aright, ahe was 
versed In every form of worldlinese. 
and 4i past mistress in the art ' of 
handling men. If you will use 
similes, why not compare Lydla 
Harbrook to Cleopatra, and then no 
oae could challenge you f 

Behind her mocking air there was 
a hint of real anxiety. Was her aon 
free from the spell of that en- 
chantress,' or was the wretched affair 
still dragging on, with no hope of s 
happy ending, whichever way it 
went? Lydla was a predatory 
creature, hard as nails, and would 
exact the uttermost farthlna;. And 
both of them were posP 
poor — according to the 
their set. 

"I seldom see Lydla th< 
he said gruffly, turning his head away 
■o that his mother might not see the 
flicker of pain in his sySa 

She breathed relief. Rut she was 
too astute a woman to make «nv 

"If the tittle Page *IH Is as nice 
as you ssy ahe Is. it seems a shams 
that she should be left to the sort of 


days " 


Fashions and 

By Shirley 

Line Up 
With the 


People Are Marching 
Here in Armies 

Thousands of bargain seekers lay siege to the 

it'>"ts .iveit'r.w thr i.)f«VV inn. the •• ' > •• r 
Notions iik*. it before Vicffia stanch a.; has: «• 
this b',H and ret k.'cs* «Uught<»t now „, i .... r A t I, 

Great Selling- 
Out Sale 

Saie $!„,!:; 

mm i » 

at 9 o'Ciock 

Ot 'hr 

Yuen Img Oriental Goods Stock 


1501 Government Street 

Come today or bsisncr of the week You »>;; b* 
lucky fo fcef in Or eater « r«.w»la w-l! b<r here, when 
the new* spreads of the amajnriK am! dtimhloundinv 
hsrgains to be had here Come Another arrnv of 
i been engage, \ to take rare of Nmi 
W"V ^ H.(t Him!. 

Silo Re opens Tomorrow 
at 9 o'Ciock 

concentrating on thr /e»er 
front of o frock, taint throt toc- 
tiont. round* them above, ootnls 
ihem below. mnJ produce* a flounce* 


1501 Itv'l SL 

Yuen -Lung 

1501 fiov't St. 

Tho pastel tintsd hours'' of early 
Hum mer inspired this frook of sow - 
dec blue flax orsps worn with a iars> 
roM hat of trsjMsparoat hair braJd. 
Th« kimono at--.v»."ajirt flounre whirl. 
Is merely sec on. simplify lbs making 

, * ' hff : . r m, 1 |;.cin.;!i , r •'-(,* 

fi ■ .•» • ",.roor. -f «^wa sn.) gyr-rt:' *" «'« 
f < ■ (tiir, ; ; . , , . 1 f , , i f r , J. ■ , t. 

! . ;,«• »iih m O'.wtw of m'tCi "mem ( tt 
;' e.r.m |.raf. r* tht. fl.tunra mav K» of 
t«'* " '•»'*'••' ** 'o* 1-ew» ".f 

la bed plain or wlged with tare Rlu* 
p«r. si ri-ie ;.»»r.i»r lfid mil o'lrnts 
arw .marl for lmp...s-«i 

ii roii -i t 

l'1'' «*o « . 1 i flora 

for her money," she r 
IK'., ' , 1 1 ., mi r > lot l.ei 

I "oi • ,..!, If) lit I. n r OK h ' : . . »>. ti« i 
',. r. f«., ., !,,. ah- ... [«,u„,1 hrt 

'"«•' " I ' luai -irv-k <"• ' v ,1 l- 
. >,„;: ilor nun, to do ' 
He turned sharply to look at the 

t ft ' ire.! 

| EM 

i. ml. 1 1 . 

to a new en- 
14 would be 

of U I ,' 

lo,' ) viol 

—and hla mother knew he kn 
She would be like a flan 
water In thla house," he* said 
"In her altered drut 

a ' ■ ' 1 ■ <...',- ,.||,|.lr,| 

v .! on mem the better, 
krndneaa. Landia " 

He gssed moodily at the woman In 
the Kmpire chair He had filial 
reapsct for her sad a certain admira- 
tion, but— beyond the tie of blood— 
therj was little they had In com- 

Have It as 

"I'll writs to her todny. Tou could 
fetch her In the car. By the way" — 
with studied nonchalance — "our 
creditors give us just a couple of 
month*, and then the cataclysm) I 
can't stave thsm off indefinitely. 
Tou underetand that, don't you?" 

He grunted something, flinging 
himself out of the Louis XIV. He 
felt a csV) and loathed the life he led. 
ths eet he moved In, and hla whole 

But, most of all. he loathed him- 

United Service Men 
Entertain Sailors 

Sailor*' Club at Eaquim#lt Scene 
of Merry Gathering in Honor 
of H.M.S. Capetown 

In aocordaaos wiiA a fraternal 
creating wirelessed to H.M.S. Cape- 
town, the members of the R.A.U.B. 
ware given a hearty welcome at a. 
special meeting of the United Service 
LodgV at the Sailors - Club, Bsquimalt, 
Tuesday night 

An exesllsnt spread wnt provided 
with the aid «f "Mother" Ranns. and 
all branches of the servloe vied with 
each other In entertaining the visit- 
ing brethern. 

80ms good team work was shown 
by ths sailors, who were given the op- 
portunity to Initiate a brother from 
Rodd Hill, who most appropriately 
was a member of the Dover patrol 
during the wsr. 

A good harmonic night was spent, 
song, dusts and other musical num- 
bers followed rapidly and the hours 
from • to 11 passed quickly, but will 
be long remembered by the visitors 
when tbfty produce their traveling 
cards at home recording pleasant 
memories of lodges in all parts of the 

gssa ;>« , 

stJ3Hki A 


MAHf w-5 .Mf iff »rn tns 
1)1 AsD f-A^Y CHAIRS 

furniture repairs 

? •••• sbf Finest ami Best m 

Leather Goods 

r .»ii 

ias. MvM&rtm 

ii ,i„',t 

Phone 127S 

Rainfall in City and N 
Districl Lesa Xltyui an 
Nanaimo and Dum 

Ths rainfall yesterday In Victoria 
and vicinity was very light states Mr. 
P. Napier Dsnlson, superintendent of 
ths Oonzales Observatory, amounting 
only to .05 of an Inch. The indica- 
tions, he states, are a«rain for fair 
and a little warmer weather on the 
Coast and g-enerally fair and warm 
on the Prairies. 

In Vancouver the rainfall was l» 
of sn Inch, ths rain seeming to ex- 
tend .arong the Lower Mainland, and 
It Is possible there may have been 
rain In Kamloopa and th* Root en ay 
districts last night, according- to Mr 
Dentson's anticipations. The humid- 
ity, hs states, has bsen Increasing 
and this addition of moisture, he 
points out, will aid forestry work in 
combatting forest fires. 

I p-Island In Nanaimo t.nd Duncan, 
the rainfall yesterday 
hearlsr than In Victoria and 
was about ths same as tn Vancouver. 
In Seattle. Mr. Deal eon states, the 
rainfall was .14 of an Inch, which, hs 
adds, will be ot great assistance to 
the State of Washington In regard to 
the forest fires situation 


jsHsl&vc sD^£Qti*$try" 
Done Now 

■CMncc opening in Vn toria 
many patients who have 
come to us have not hesi- 
tated in recommending us 
10 their friends. 
They appreciate the qual- 
ity of our work and our 

! ■ \A I'l-'h F :, 

D*C oultA s 



Your Kodak 

Service Store. 
Kodaks. Films 

i .ii I, , n „ 

l in iftniri £ 

Macf ariane Drug Go. 

C or 1 1. .UK 1 o '• ... 1 t I ilijiMMi 



Agent Sreekissen Dott a Co. 
s Calcutta 
Chutnry, Carry Powder, 
Jelly. Etc, 


619 VltW Street 
Phone 730 

j Making Room 
( tor Summer Shoes 

*• |»*-< ia.1 \ nt ii*-* W ihiUwi 


l :m Irrtoc \+a %e*l 







You Can Purchase Silka 
Here Cheaper Than YoM 
Can in the. United States. 

You don't hive to visit the 
Orient— the goods are all here! 

A cordial invitation to 
to visit this great sale — t 
are unbelieveable, the prices are 
a «, andal. 

100,000 Yards of Silk Always la 

BMM 1271 

I Lee Dye & Co. 

m I ' 15 V,,', Sttert 


• 1 » * • * * 

Christie's Summer Shoe Sale 


Large Capacity Furniture Vans 

reiuirr 'ewe. mps> — t'hi* means lowsr fnosing charges. a« the <os* is based 
,'»». <h# Men* cnnsimei Our vans are heavily padded tnrougrvnrt : indi- 
vidual furniture t over a give added protectkiin, and in«»rf sgsmst toy 
^••s>bie < hanr* of scrstrhc* or rabfatnf . We will move you safety 

REMOVERS I "J. 1 I I ^ W — Jsf .VII WsreJwejsss I 

51 ft .120 Bastion 
ttyusre i22-iJO 
_ Chancery 
CUSTOMS 1^ ■ .i-V-l -1 Ofl.ce ' 



rfw r ^»'r " -? tyM r «> " **y. — s -~ ~* 



- — . — — ■ — 





Capitols Down Sidney to In Main Event Tomorrow Night 

Win City Lacrosse Title 


• ...... It, .1., It. I I in I ..-I I • (,»ii.irl«r, to Ov.r.a.m. 

i u, , <,,„,! I call ami Km. r^r \ i. lorion- I.N Knur !.. 

I .... I an- V, ill..-. H.-I I.. ,u ..air- 

I'omiiin from behind * two-goal 
lead In tha third quarter, the Vic- 
toria Capitola evened the score, ran 
In two Koala In the Muni period, and 
won the senior city lacrosse cham- 
pionship from Sidney by a acore of 
4 to 2. The came waa one of th« 
fastest and moat exciting played ,Jier.e 
for some years and the crowd whjch 
attended waa given a real treat to 

Play waa rather alow at the m.ih 
arid for the ft rat ten mlnutea of the 
opening quarter little speed waa 
nhown by either team. Juat before 
the period ended Sidney opened the 
scoring when Segelebra planted a 
rloae-ln ahot behind the Capitol 

In the second quarter Sidney from 
the whistle commenced an, attack, 
and for the Brat five mlnutea kept 
the ball around the Capitols' goal. 
Kverett Taylor. Fred Kroeg*r and 
Patterson, on the defence for the 
locale, however, provad to be hard to 
get by. and thsy held the mttlmln to 
their lone counter. "Cotton" Bryn- 
jolfson. , when tha Capitola took a 
turn on the attack, got by hie check, 
but Hlmpaon picked off what looked 
like a aure counter. Twlca John 
Taylor and Oliver went In, but they 
failed to find the net. 

Bill Munra, playing cover point, 
broke up what looked like a . aure 
goal when Allle McGregor and Oliver 
broke away, and put his team on the 
offensive, which eventually secured 
tne mlllmen'a aeconel goal. Matir.y 
Norton scoring with a long ahot on a 
pass from Steele. Hlmpaon. Sidney's 
guardian of the hemp, drew a minor 
penalty for cross-checking a minute 
before the quarter ended, and several 
shots were sent In by the locale, but 
none found the goal. 

Play In the third quarter started at 
a faat'cllp. The Capitola. bent on 
getting Into the scoring column, were 
on top of the Hldney goal, and «lmp- 
son and his defence men were kept 
busy stopping the rushes of the locala. 
John Taylor, on a fine individual 
effort.' aeored the Capitols' opening 
counter when he took the ball on 
ihe run and beat Hlmpson with a 
beautiful ahot. A few mlnutea later 
John Johnson evened the acore when 
ha put In a slxxler Vrom close stiar- 
tera. Ed Popham had a good open- 
ing at his mercy, but- waa over- 
anxious, and his shot went a yard 
wide of the mark. Only two shots 
were directed at the Capitol goal in 
this quarter, but several tlmea Hldney 
waa dangerous. 

Fast Final Quarter 

With the score, even In the final 
period, both teams put everything 
they possessed i%to the game In an 
attempt to get Into the lead. Hlcka 
and Norton both teamed the Capitol 
goal In the opening minute, but both 
ahota were saved. Ed. Popham. on a 
paaa from Allle McOregor. made up 
for hla mlaa In the second frame and 
put the Victorians one In the lead 
when he got by hla check and planted 
a hot one behind Hlmpson. A few 
mlnutea later Ed. Brynjolfson. show- 
ing the stuff which makes him one of 
the most dangerous men In the game, 
slipped his check, went right In on 
Hlmpson and scored with a ahot that 
was labelled all the way. Twlca Hid 
ney went on the attack In the laat 
minute, but the Capitola' defence 
proved a stone wall to get by. and 
their attacks ended well out In the 

for tha winners. Fred Kroeger. 
Kverett Taylor. Patterson and Bryn- 
Joiraon put up a great gams' on the 
defence, while John Taylor. Popham. 
Oliver. McfJregor. Nuts snd Johnnie 

scted as timekeepers, and the teem, 
were as follows: 

Victoria Hldaey 

Oravlln Opal Bltnptbn 

C. Taylor Point Munro 

Kroeger. . . . Cover point Anderson 
Patterson. . 2nd defence . . . Burton 
Brynjolfson . let defence . . . *5. Norton 

Popham Centre Htuart 

" McNeill 

Nute 1st home . . . Begelgbra 

J.Johnson.. 2nd home Hobble 

John Taylor . . outside Hlcka 

McOregor. .. Inalde ....M.Norton 

Jack Taylor. .. reserve Steele 

Macmurthle. . . reserve • 

Summary of Goala 

First quarter- 

Hecond quarter — I 

Third 'tuarter — John Taylor, 6:60; 
J. Johnson. 1:60. 

Fourth quarter — Popham, 5:20; 
Brynjolfson. 8:10. 

f — flegelebra. 11:01. 
ter— M Norton. S;I0. 

Rep Cricketers 
eet Tomorrow 

On Two Grounds 

' a — 

Two Excellent Contests Ex- 
pected to Result From 
Meeting of Victoria and 
Vancouver Teams 

Two Integrity orlcket gamen will 
take place tomorrow. Cobbett will 
conduct G.c raiding party from here 
to Vancouver and" Ldwardn will de- 
fend at Victoria. 

The senior ttam la not aa strong 
aa one would wish, but it Is a good 
4lde .ii.. i with Cobbett and Matthews 
hi scoring form, hacked up with 
St.. irks. Wenman. Orant. Sexton- 
Whlte and Co. a good acore should 
result on the fast acoring wicket at 
Vancouver. The reeult will be eagerly 
looked far., * % 

The game at the University ground 
should be an exceedingly good one, 
for both aides are strong and a good 
orowd should be there to see a hard- 
fought game. launch St the ground 
will be provided for all who desire 
It at a charge of 26c. 

Victoria and Five C's are now tied 
for the league ohamplonirhlp and to 
settle the vexed queatlon a game will 
be arranged for August 29. Definite 
.let.illa will b© given out later, but the 
cricket lovers are warned to keep 
Oils date open aa scarcely anyone will 
want to mlaa the match. 

Pigeon Rac 


Johnson worked hard on the home. 
Hlmpson. in goal for the mlllmen. 
played hla usual flue game, while 
Everett Norton, Burton and Munro 
worked well on the defence. Manny 
Norton. Bsgelebra and Hicks ware 
the pick of the home playera. Jos 
Hsncock made an efficient referee 
and kept the. game well In hand at all 
las. Jos Bsyley and Bill McAllteter 

The Victoria and Diatrict Racing 
Pigeon Club held a young bird race 
laat Saturday from Chshalls, Wash., 
an air linn of 126 miles. Owing to 
the hast and heavy smoke the entrlea 
wera few. only 24 birda competing. 
The members not caring to risk all 
the youngsters till the weather clears, 
kept the best birds home. 

Only three lofta reported up to the 
close of the race. 

In spite of T. Crossmans easy win. 
J Bowcott leads for the average, 
having had a bigger lead ovar T. 
Crossman laat week. 

The reaulta are as follows: 
T. Croeaman's Flying Orb.. 4 houra. 
69 mlnutea and 22 seconds; J. How 
oott'a York Lassie. I hours. 29 mln- 
utea and II seconds; J H. Framp- 
ton s Fire Stone. • hours. 30 mlnutea 
and 46 seconds. 

The next race will be from Castle 
.Rock next Saturday, an air lint of 
' 160 .miles, the number of entrlea un- 
certain. Thla race will decide the 
winner of the average for this aerlee. 

Racing will start ajnln on Auguat 
22. on a second young bird series, for 
later bred birds. 


■■iftivr F 

'WiC-hi "» 


By the "Old *Un"- 

A gentleman of the name of Al Demaree. well known In the world of 
professional baas ha 1 1, makes a terrible Indictment against the game In a re- 
cent article. t 

• ••see 

M r"? l r ■*» osi-lleae gambler'* slogan. 'Never let the *m her get an 
even break.' used to apply. AND DOES VKT. WHEN POSSIBLE, to the 

• ••••• 

And then he goes on to tell of such tricks aa putting haaeballa on Ice 
overnight or baking them in an oven all morning, and "If a player hit one 
right on the nose h* waa lucky if it rolled as far as the Innelders. Theee dead 
halls were thrown out when the home team Waa ahead. . . If the visitor* 
were leading the home team had a aupply of 'rabbits.' or extra lively balls 
that they made themselves to throw in when they (the home club) war. 

la behind. 

And. If 
to time 


today the alogan In 

We no 
rwlmmlng t 
previous to 


he count. 



that kind of thing really la true, no wonder there are from time 
- In the game. Bluff may he allowable In such games as poker 
en everybody taklna part allows U la part of the game, but 
sa thla la. la dangerous In poker If It's found out. and it's fust aa 
In baseball. 

tired a newt \tmm from London yesterday to ths effeet thst. since 
hs English Channel waa first attempted In It IS. it had been tried 
thla —son by no less than 2.7SI swimmer.. five of who, 

■ possible, but it would hsve been Interesting to learn who has keot 
and who know, nobody triad It before ISIS. 

< h«* * ml ' ? n 
t Hit » tw ».i r 


<••»' Kior™. rati tog Mart*, agwin lift. )» 
to |«»« along h Hp wht<-h Im J».i «,.« „„, ., f ras i ns 
V«ni Kit. H it way to *nj hut rratlrro ..t I |* 

i m», III. 

Th ' ' **» *" v • ' ««" i he w. ..„,.,« , , „ , h . , ^ 

''"•'« " -'"HMe ' Ai moat ii atmpte urn t»,* f..|fe» »h.. • „ ,' 

more mon.t selling Up. than barking them ihemaelvaa »C4l m.y ' be mirT 

lf h * v# ever )»** mlaae.| aeltin« .... ih» n ,^r."T ,., , , w k 

,t ts # lickel -elle, « s-indOW you ma} be interested |a wt „ ,, Ar Ku #, mUan 

tolaltaator hm been mitnufacturvtl nn.1 .him n -iy'lv.r; 'ha' . , .,,,„ hr 

up to U* 101 !•»• o .-i-iie ( nix dollara) 

If I hey woraerl that faat h**rr. 

It w-oaltin t takr mart, ... >..„„ 

United Ser\ ii t s 
W in at I iMiihal! 
I i oni< !a|»et«*M it- 

hive (irieket Feams Kiitered for 
Viiniial l oiiriianient Nr\t \\ t ek 

! . 


Score It Two Goals to One 

Aftff a »'\llf IV \-' « C!i ( i.f. .f 
a! Cantrrn G ' < mi i> ' 55 < 

to Nil at Half-Time 


The young native son who is meeting Joe Bayley «n a ten-round bout tomorrow. 
The winner~has been promised a meeting with 

Canadian lightweight 

/ith Clonic Tail, claimant of the 


riv© C'e 

The following Five Ci "B" team 
have been selected to play agalnat the 
Albion "B" team at BeaCon m m In 
a friendly cricket match tomorrow: 
A. Booth, Slocomb. sr.; Slocomb, Jr.; 
H. Bleaadale, C. Pillar. H. Ward. O. 
Brodle. N. Jonea, Hi Tyrrell, K 
Maurice, L. Vaughan. Player, are 
asked to phone 4S08L today lf unable 
to play. ' 

Bowling Doubles Will 
Start Tomorrow on 

Beacon Hill Green 

The Victoria Bowling Club gamea 
committee will receive entries from 
Victoria. Burn.ide and CP.R. Bowl- 
era for a double, tournament to be 
held tomorrow at 2:S0 p.m. 

The condition. governing the 
tournament are as hereunder: • 

1. Each club, to classify all player, 
entering Into senior and Junior, and 
the "pair." entered by each club to 
be made up of a aenior and a Junior 
player drawn by lot, each entry ts 
be certified to by the aeeretarlea of 
the respective club, as fulfilling the 
above conditions. 

2. Bach entry to be accompanied 
by 26 cent, per player, and to be in 
the hands of f he secretary of i ive Vic- 
toria Club, or one of the game, com- 
mittee, on or before Thursday. 13th 
Inst., at 7 p.m. 

t. Oamea to con.iat of 16 end.. 

4. Competitions to begin at 2: SO 
p.m. Auguat It; provided, however, 
that "draw*" may play the first game 
on the evening before. 

6. Entries defeated up to. but not 
Including the semi finals, will be 
drawn in a consolation game. 

The draw follows: 

Marconlnl and Roberta vs. McCash 
and R. Dewar. 

WI)son and McLean v.. 

Boyd and Johnson va Patsrson and 


•Renfrew and Halllday vs. Jenkins 
and Robertaon. 

Renwlck and Evan. v.. Brecken- 
ridse and Braund. 

1'iithlll and Sutton v.. McKeachie 
and W. K. Wright. 

McNeill and Fullerton vs. Bryce and 

Mills and Sanderson v.. MacfCay 
and Raby. 

D. Dewar and Hawkins va. Cash- 
more and Fraaer. 

Colllnge and M. Smith v.. Rae.lde 
and Read. 

First Round 

Kd wards "and ITalllday vs. Jlobb and 

Sherwood and MacAulay v.. Byng 
and Moulda 

rireenhlll and Day va. Rose and 

Trial ends of two bowls each will 
be allowed for preliminary and firat 
round only. 

f .,,»„.„.. x,h"« ^K,,,t», » 

ITMHKRUND A. ic |? Harkl 
Conti, popular skipper of the Cumber- 
land United soever team. ha. trans- 
ferred the. scene of his actiona to Na- 
nalmo. having left for that city on 
Monday laat. Preae nt rondltiona In 
the city Indicate that thla will be s 
bad season for football here, and thla, 
more than anything else. Is probably 
the reason fdr Contl's change. 

Sackl is well known throughout the 
Province for his prowess st ths een- 
tre-bslf position of his favorite sport, 
but I* eble to capably fill any other 
position at a moment's notice. Sev- 
eral teams have tried to secune his 
services on former oeeaaiona to no 
avail, ami hla present move ts of hi. 
own volition He la at present In 
NTanalmo. but If rondltiona there prove 

, h.. „.,., ,„ V ar. 

A " '»»e !m„, tt, . iK „. 

htm will be gelilna; =. n all round 
,,!„ ,.«•" ri-l r-n« . r xh* t-.e.i . entre\*.i ,n !h.» a . . . .. , r i l.|« 

Hot vrr Heat Tiesl Pair ft 

Vt- • NTH 1 . A f .. Aur I i The .-. ew 

ot the Royal HN Lawrence fachl Club 
sal ling (he Botvsr, won today's race 
from the Ue,t Patch nailsd by th* 
Royal ' j>k« of thr Woods Varht rinb 
eras, or wir.„i P e K t» , 
of a mJla 

Match for Curly Davidson's 
Widow Takes Place at 
Royal Athletic Park at 
2 :30 p.m. 

• i ^^-^ 

On Saturday at 2: SO p.m. aharp 
st the Royal Athletic Park the Cape- 
town'a soccer eleven will play a 
repreaentatlve team from the city. In 
a benefit game for the widow of Curly 
Davldaon. late of the Veterans and 
North Wants soccer clubs. 81oce 
I hr it- arrival In thla atalion the aailors 
nave played quite a number of gamea 
and have ehown continuous Improve- 
mejttslnce their flnt match. On Sat- 
•urdaV~They will trot out a strong 
eleven In ao endeavor , to lower the 
colors of the picked eleven. 

Just what the cruiser's line-up will 
be could not be ascertained laat night, 
but they have promlaed to field their 

The local line-up. which waa an- 
nounced last night. ' la as follows: 
Goal, Zanelll U nited Services); barks. 
-Joe Watt ( and Whyte 
(United Services); haU-backa. Pres- 
ton (Veterana). Edwards ( Knqulmalt). 
and Popham (Victoria West*): for- 
wards. Stewart (Esqulmalt). Splere 
(United Services), Coulter (United 
Services). Warren (Esqulmalt). and 
Coaler (United Services) . Thla la a 
good team, and If the aailors expect to 
gain a victory they will have to ex- 
ert themselves the whole of the route. 

An eighteen -piece band from the 
Capetown will be In attendance and 
will render aelectlona (Airing the game. 

The management wishes It made 
known that the game will have to 
start at 2: SO sharp, ao as not to con- 
flict with the baseball. 

Second Baseball 
Play-Off Tonight 

Hillcrests and Y.M.C.A. Meet at 
Work Point in Series for 
City Championship 


Tonight, at t:S0, ths Hillcrests and 
the Y.M C.A. Indoor baseball nlnea 
will dash In the second game of the 
play-off series for the championship 
of the city. The game will be played 
at Work Point, with Sergeant Spiers 
and Cyril Turner ge umpires. If ths 
Y M.C.A. win tonight they will be the 
proud posseaaora of the Clearlhue 
Challenge Cup for one year, bdt la 
the event of the hlllmen taking the 
measure of the crack T. M.C.A. nine a 
third game will be necessary. 

Y.MLC.A. Favorites 

After their decisive victory laat 
Tuesday the Y.M.C.A. are great favor- 
ites for tonight's game. Heporta from 
headquarter, state that a slight change 
will he made in the line-up. Clarke 
replacing Fraaer In the outfield, tan 
Moore, pitching ace of the Y M.C A 
who gave the Hillrrpst hatters a lot 
of trouble In ths laat game, will be 
on the mound again tonight, while 
John Brlndley will complete the bat- 
tery. Sterling Beek, home-run king, 
will be out to break hla record of 
three homers in one game. 

When the HUlcreets Indoor baseball 
nine appear at Work Point tonight, ts 
meet the Y.M.C.A. In the final for the 
Clearlhue Cup they will be minus 
Paasmore and McClennan. Their 
position, will. In all probability, be 
ntled by Nlrol and Sweeney. The Hlll- 
men must win tonight's gams or say 
good-bye to their chances of win Bin a 
tha trophv for one year Victory for 
the YMCA toalght will draw the 
curtain on one of the most successful 
■eaaona the Indoor baseball league has 

i" tl-f :!«•!! f-1 

< Guilty < xit-kf"! 

matches ghmjrsd today 

Musses heat N.,rih ( f I . [ .i..T,. : .. r T 
110 runs 

Lancashire %ea« lYorcestershtrr by 
S wlea^etav 

Playing a better brand of soccer 
tnan their opponents the United 
Services rootball sleven handed the 
Capetown's representatives a t-1 de- 
feet at the Canteen Grounds laat 
night. The Service men. who were 
kicking against the slope in the initial 
half, registered their first score In the 
first ten minutes of the game when 
Coulter gave Spiers a perfect pass at 
close range. in the remaining por- 
tion of thla half both teams had aome 
narrow escapes, but the sounding of 
the whistle found the eventual winnera 
leading a 1-0 .core. 

Second Half 

In the early stage, of the second 
half the Service men had allghtly the 
better Of the . play, and ' after about 
fifteen minutes of aggressive work 
they scored when Ward found the net 
with a perfect drive. The vlaltlng 
sailors were now fighting hard to try 
and even things up. After forcing 
the play to their opponents' end of 
the field and coming within an ace of 
scoring quite a number of tlmea the 
visitors saved a whitewash when 
Smith scored after Zanelll came out 
of his goal to clear. In the conclud- 
ing stages of the game the visitors 
worked hard to even the acore. but 
time would not permit, the whistle 
sounding with the score 2-1 In favOr 
of the Services. Armstrong refereed 
and the teams were: 

United Services— Zanelll : Grimes 
and Peters; Hawken. Whyte. and 
Robinson; Smith, Spiers, Coulter, 
Ward, and Coaler. 

H.M.8. Capetown — Lee; Nlcholls 
and Foley; Burrewa Wild and Coch- 
ran; Smith, Finn. Bowser. Fair, and 

League Baseball 

SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 18.— The 
Salt Lake Dees, with Bill Plercy 
pitching good ball, won the third 
game of the current series from San 
Francisco today by 4-2. Jeff Pfeffer. 
moum!eman for the Seal., laated until 
the seventh inning, when Coumbe hit 
one over the fence to tie the acore 
and Johnny Kerr came through with 
a hit In the pinch with three on. 
acoring two more. R. H. E. 

Salt Lake 4 12 1 

San Francisco t t 1 

Plercy and Cook; 
Moudy and Agnew. 

mento, broke Its losing streak of 17 
strslght defeats by winning today 
from Loa Angeles, S-4. in twelve In- 
nings. A homer by First Baseman 
Davis in the eighth, that acored three 
runa and tied the acore. paved the 
way for the Solon victory. R. H. E. 

Sacramento E II 1 

Loa Angeles 4 12 2 

Hughes and Shea; E. Jacobs and 

Seal tic -Vernon game postponed; 

Portland-Oakland game postponed; 
rain; douhleheader tomorrow. 

At Pittsburgh — R. H. E. 

New York 4 7 1 

Pittsburgh 1 6 1 

Orrenfleld and Snyder; A id ridge. 
A .inn a Sheehan 

At St. Louki — 

St. Louis S10 • 

Cooper snd Oonaales; Hslnea. 
Rhera and O Farrell. 


Baltimore.. 7-7; Syracuse. 0-1. 
All others poatponed; rain. 


R. H. E. 
• IS 1 

At New York — Chicago 
poned; rain. 

At Detroit — Boston game poat- 
poned; rain. 

At Philadelphia — R. H. E. 

St. Louts ( 13 1 

Philadelphia 4 • 1 

Gaston, Vsngllder and Margrave; 
Walberg. Harris and Cochrane. 

At Washington — First — R H. E. 

Cleveland *. 2 t 4 

Washington 0 * 1 

I 'hie snd L. Seweii. Zschary. Rus- 
sell snd SevereM Ruel. 

Second game — R- H. E. 

Cleveland 4 t 1 

Washington (IS t 

Karr, Miller snd Mystt. L Sewell; 
Johnson. Gregg. Marberry and Ruel. 
Severe Id . 


W. L, Pet. 

San Francisco SS 44 .«»• 

Salt Lake 77 SS .Its 

Seattle 72 II .IIS 

Loa Angeles 71 •• .ISt 

Portland ............. II IS .412 

Oakland /....II 72 .411 

Vsmon 41 II .277 

41 14 .141 

PltUbwah .. 
New York . . 
Cinclnnstl . . 

Brooklyn ...••>•• 



H'k»t 'Ml ..••esees-a 

£ • a • • . 


• 4 










Philadelphia . 
Wash In 
Chicago ■ 
St Louis 
New York 



•f ' 


• • e • • 


4 4 II 

W. L. 

7t SI 

It St 


14 t; .4ii 

15 II 411 

It IS .411 

41 II 

22 71 

• St 

• SI 


To root M 



• f 

1 * 






l k '« 

» t 


< <>*» iclian Will lie Particular! v Strong 
( trilling Dm i ! r out \ aticoti > «■ f" 

fhiM-rs I akiii«r. Pari. hicimltiiL' B*' ! >"■* • 

The annual cricket tournament 
will take place during neit week, and 
ao far five teams have entered, via: 
Incogs, Five C's. Albion Wanderers, 
Cowlchan and Harlequins. 

The Incogs will be csptalned by 
T. s P ... hi and will have one or two 
men from Cowlchan and poaalbly one 
from Vancouver. 

The Five C'e captain will be Eden 
Quainton, whose team will consist ot 
Five Cs club members. 

Albion Wanderer, will be captained 
in turn by # F. Jordan and N. F. Plte 
and will consist of Albion playera, as- 
sisted by one or two outsiders. 
Cowlchan Strong 
Cowlchan will be in aa uaual and 
so vigorous Is cricket up there thst 
they can .pare jnen to asalat other 
aldea. Thla la certainly not creditable 
4o Victoria. 

Harlequins, or a team under aome 
other name to be chosen at the 
chrlatenlng. will be captained by Q. 
C. Orant and will be made up from 
ibers of the Victoria club, with 
nee from Cowlchan and Brent- 

No Vancouver Tram 
General regret la expressed at the 

inability of Vsncouver to send over 
a aide, and the tournament will cer- 

Hil ! ^ • I cam 

Many Young 

talnly loae Interest In 
but It la pleasing to note that more 
young players will tsks part and per- 
haps the outstanding stars will be 
eclipsed by the smaller atoms from 
the milky way. 

. • The ScfeedaJe 
The schedule has been arranged aa 

Monday: Alblone and Five C'a at 
Cranmore Road: Incoga and Harle- 
quins at University Ground; Cow- 
lchan, a bye. 

Tuesday: Alblons and Incogs at 
University; Harlequins and Cowlchan 
at Beacon Hill; Five C'a a bye. 

Wedneaday: Incoga and Cowlchan 
at University; Harlequin and Five C'a 
at Beacon Hill; Alblons. a bye. 

Thursday: Alblons and Harlequlne 
at Cranmore: Cowlchan and Five C's 
at Beacon Hill; Incogs, a bye. 

Friday: Albiona and Cowlchan at 
Cranmore; Incogs and Five C'a at • 
Beacon Hill; Harlequins, a bye. 

Saturday a game will be errar 

Wickets will be pitched for ail 
games at lt:S0 a.m.. with ths usual 
lunch and tea Interval. Stumps to be 
drawn at • p.m. Eight balls to ths 
over will be the rule, 
will be allowed for a 
each for drawn games. 

Ladies Play Close 

Matches in Tennis 

a — ■ ■ 

Two-set matches were the rule at 
the Victoria Lawn Tennla Club yes- 
terday In the continuation of play in 
the handicap tournament, not a 
single one of thoae played going Into 
three sets, although several called for 
two very hard fought ones. The two 
closest matches of the day were In 
the ladles' eventa. Mlaa H. Learning 
beat Miss J. Lang. 10-1, 7-1. and In 
the ladles' dotrbles Mrs. Verley and 
Misa Pratt beat Miss M. " 

11-1. 7-S. The reaulta 
of yesterday s matches and draw for 
today follow: 

Men's Open Singles 

H. 8. Flett defeated R. Hocking. 
1-4. 4-S. 

E. McCallum defeated H. 8. Flett. 
i-S. 1-2. 

< C. H. O Halloran defeated F. R. 
Mainguy. 1-2. 1-0. 

Men's Handicap Singles 

E. McCallum ("-SO) defeated C.*H. 
O'Halloran (-11. S), 1-2. «-t. 

Men's Handicap Doable. 

Chrlaty and Walton (4-11) defeat- 
ed Boak and Carroll ( + 11.1). I S, 

Misa Crease and Barker-Starkey 
(+10) defeated Mr. and Mrs. Carroll 
( + 10). 1-4, 1-4. 

Miss Leemlng and Proctor ( — 50) 
defeated Mlaa Lawson and Cadaow 
(-11). 1-2. 1-2. 

lAdtca' Handicap Singles 
Mlaa H. Leemlng (-11.4) defeated 
Miss J. Lang (4-10). 10-1, 7-1. 

ladles' Handicap Doable. 
Mra. Verley and Mlaa Pratt (-10) 
defeated Miss M. Leemlng snd Miss 
Swayne^-15.1). 11-1. 7-1. 

Draw for Today , 

At 2:00 P.M. 

Miss M. Leemlng vs. Mrs. Charles- 

Miss M. Csmpbell vs. Mlas H. 

Mlas B. Nelson vs. Miss M. Miller. 
At 4:00 P.M. 

D. M. Oordon va. E. McCallum. 

Miss Hodglns and O'Halloran va. 
Miaa Hunter and Christy. 

J. Proctor Va Do* ''srrtpbell. 
At 1:10 P.M. 

McCallum auu Alcuoughlln v* 
Proctor and Campbell. 

Strsathfleld and fadeow va. winner 
of McCallum and Proctor (double). 

Chrlaty and Walton vs. Oarrstt snd 
Henderson. * 

J. Proctor va C. H. O'Halloran. 

H. O. Garrett ve. winner of Proctor 
va. O'Halloran. 

D. M. Oordon vs. winner of Carroll 
re. Cunningham. 

a At 1:00 P M. 

E. E. McCallum vs. winner of 
Proctor va. Campbell. 

Leading Riders 
Will All Appear 
At Local Meet 

Season's Contest for Riding 
Honors Will Be Continued 
on Victoria Tracks— Best 

of Thoroughbreds in Races 


Practically all the leading riders of 
the Vancouver racing circuit, with the 
exception of the young apprentice 
Magee. who went to Winnipeg with 
hla contract employer. R. Emmert, 
will appear In tha aaddle at the Wll- 
lowa during the seven-day meet 
which opena there tomorrow after- 
noon at 2:10 o'clock. 

The conteat for riding honors which 
has been conducted all season bs- 
tween Elmer Neal. wyile Molter, 
Fredericks and Harry Rohre will be 
resumed. Fredericks had a slight 
percentage in points at the end of the 
Lanadowne meeting, but Molter had 
piloted the largest number of win- 
ning first, second and third choices, 
with Neal close behind. Rowe. who 
got swsy to a poor start showsd fins 
form at the enjd of the Lower Main- 
land season and was considered one 
of the best jockeys on a half-mile 

Entrlea for ths opsnlag sard at ths 
Willows will close thla morning and 
Judging from the enthusiasm being 
shown by the horsemen at present 
hsre. practically all of the leading 
thoroughbreds will make their .ap- 
pearance on the track on opening 
day. Following are the dlstaneea for 
the seven events: 

First Racs — Opening handicap 
puree 1100. six and one-half fprlonga 

Second Racs— Claiming, purse 1200. 
about Ave furlongs. 

Third Racs— Claiming, purse 1200. 
six snd one-half furlongs. 

Fourth Race — Purss 1300. about 
five furlongs. 

Fifth Race — Claiming, purse 1400. 
about five furlongs. 

Sixth Race — Claiming, purss 1400. 
ons mile and seventy yards 


Colwood Golf Results 

————— ^ 

The men's par com petition played 
at Colwood Golf and Country Club on 
Wednesday was won by J. R King- 
ham, who was three down. R. H. 
Brenehley waa second, four down. 

In the ladles' msdal eom petition 
plsyed yesterday Mrs. Wilding wsa 
ths winner In "A" elaaa with mi. 
handicap It? net It. Misa Richards 
was ths "B" class winner with 114. 
handicap SI. net II. 


,«'" '«.'. 'HO* 

I J J 

ci I 

i 1. \ 

i lie hl}4 J4t:M 

ore in Brii - : 
( x) in in hui 


;«if. Ml/ UnuglM* St;.e- 
(Oppoe.te B.C. Peimanent l^>an Building) 

the DAILY COLONIST, victoria, bc, FRIDAY, AUGUST M I92S 


Horse Racing 

At the Willows 

DAYS — 7 

Starting Saturday, August 15 
at 2:30 P.M. 


With the Finest Thoroughbreds in the West Competing. 

ul : M H < A i.'O U NTH Y ILUH 1.1 h 
•JU Buildm,; 

Australians Win First Two 
Matches From Canadians 

\n<iYr»on IM»po*e* of Willard Crocker in Mraight 
Sel* in Davi* Cup IVniii* at Montreal— Patternon 
Lom , First Two in Match With Jac k Wright 





8ATURDAY, 5 P.I#. 

General Admission, 35c 

Hats in \ 
I { , , ( ! a ( ; 

Autsi Ktt K s inr C 
HUck or Hj own Sto< kmj;-i 
Children* Combinative 




To Rent 

At the 


By Day. Week or Month 

Scottish It;m»im' 
Football Season 
Ojmii^ Saturday 

Few Changes in First Divi- 
sion Teams From Last 
Year— Collapse of Lanark 

MMXTKEAU A ijk 13.— Australia 
took a strong hold on their wund 

>»..•! I 'i • ■ " i 'up I .• w !tn < '»n "I i '•• 

day when they captured the first two 
singles «nat< hee. J. O. Anderaon. Aus- 
trallan captain, defeated Willard F. 
Crocker, Canadian champion. 8-1. 8-3 
and 3-2. while Gerald Patterson 
rallied In the laat three aeta of hl« 
nve act match with Jack Wright to 
complete the double victory for the 
Antipodean* 1-7, *V«, 8-3. 8-1 and 8-3. 

A aurprle* was furnkahed when Jack 
Wright made * bold bid for honors 
In hia match with Gerald Patterson, 
and for a time it appeared ae If the 
Aggressive Montrealer would take the 
match away from the smashing Pat- 
terson and give the Canadian team an 
even break to enter the doublea match 
tomorrow afternoon. Wright captured 
the "first two seta, and the local tennis 
fans aaw visions of a Canadian victory. 
The Montrealer eased up in the third 
set, but could not get solag again, 
and though he made a courageous at- 
tempt was forced to Concede the laat 
three sets and the match. 


Shower Baths, Swimming 

A me 

» r hi* I v 
i , j in I-.. 

! - " Of: 

1 h •<•() ( )n 

NKW TORK. Aug. II.— Although 
the test matc hes of the past fortnight 
have not entirely settled the problem 
of selecting America's Davis Cup 
team, it waa learned today that the 
line-up virtually has been decided 
upon for the challenge round at 
Philadelphia next month. 

The taam. it la said, will be com- 
posed of William T. Tllden. William 
M. Johnston. Vincent Richards and 
It. Norrls Williams, the latter to serve 
aa playing captain. Tllden arm 
Johnston will carry the burden in the 
singles, under this line-up, while Wll 
Hams and Richards are slated to take 
the doublea assignment*. 

GLASGOW. Aug. 18 — Saturday will 
see the official opening of tha Scot- 
lah football season and, with the 
Summer pastime* rapidly approach- 
10* their end, the way Is paved for 
the entry of the "kicking" game. 
Soccer takes precedence over all 
sports In Scotland. The first division 
of the Scottish league this season 
witnesses a notable absentee In Third 
Lanark — the unfortunate "Third 
Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers." whose 
game last year waa of ouch an Indif- 
ferent quality that they were rete- 
gated to the Second Division. The 
collapse of ths Third Lanark club, 
whose tour of the Dominion of Can- 
ada in 1»21 must still bs fresh In the 
minds of followers of the Canadian 
soccer gams. I* deplored in Scotland, 
as they have been In the First Divi- 
sion ever since the league began and 
have, in their day. won both the cup 
and the league championship. But 
the downfall of the Lanarks means 
the return of Clydebank, whose so- 
journ In the second string ha* lasted 
one season only. « 

With ths soldiers went 'Ayr United, 
thus leaving Kilmarnock alone In the 
field to uphold the honora of that 
part of the country In West Scotland. 
The performances of last season now 
brines Dundee Into line with Edin- 
burgh, Inasmuch as each now pos- 
sesses two clubs in the-eenlor division, 
the Jute city with Dundee end Dun- 
dee United, the latter winners of the 
Second Division last year, and "Auld 
Reekie" with Its age-old representa- 
tion of Heart of Midlothian, denlsens 
of Gaorgle Road, and the Hibernians, 
whose feslty Is divided between Edin- 
burgh and Its seaport. Lelth. 

Evenly Split 

The First Division is now fairly 
evenly spilt between the east and 
weat, the proportion being nine to 
eleven, a attuatlon that will make for 
greater friendly rivalry. 

Outalde of these changes, the First 
Division shows no change over the 
teams of last season. It now remains 
to be seen whether Rangers, Alrdrle- 
onlans and Hibernians ere going to 
make It a runaway race again, or 
whether the soccer talent of the coun- 
try ha* now become more evenly 

Winnipeg, Aua. 18. — Alleged to have 
padded the payroll of the Winnipeg 
Book Bindery Company for nearly six 
months. Miss Doris Dnrvell, a book- 
keeper for the company, was charged 
with the theft In police cotirt here to- 
day. She was remanded till Friday. 
**The amount Involved la around $r.0n. 

Anderson had experienced little 
trouble In defeating Crocker In the 
first match of the two, the rangy Aus- 
tralian captain playing a brilliantly 
steady base line game to take the vic- 
tory. Patterson started out against 
Wright In a 'similar fashion In the 
first set of the second fame and 
quickly brouaht the count 6-1 In his 
favor. Then Wrlaht solved Pattgr- 
son'a smashing service and hi* terrific 
returns. The local player started to 
return the fast balls driven by Pat- 
terson. This proved upsetting to the 
Australian, especially when he found 
Wright's rsturns wers directed prac- 
tically all to his backhand. Hsr* was 
Patterson's weakneas and Wrlaht took 
full advantage of his opportunities. 
Tims and time afatn he sent deadly 

Baseball Postponed 

VANCOUVER. Aua- 13. — Prssldent 
Tom Davis of th* B. C. Baaeball As- 
sociation announced last night that 
Burnaby and Eraser Cafe will not 
play the second game of their play- 
off here this evenlna. but Instead on 
Saturday afternoon. 

The champions of the Royal City 
League beat the Twilight League 
champions on Tuesday nlaht, and 
Rurnaby must win on Saturday or 
pmmm out of ths series. 

CP.R. Meet Nanaimo 
Tomorrow for Title 

Great Crowd Expected to Wit- 
ness Final Game for Island 
Baseball Championship 

All roads will lead to the Royal 
Athletic Park tomorrow afternoon 
when the CP.R. and Nanaimo meet 
in the final /or the Island baaeball 
championship. The Coal City crew 
waa successful In taking ths first 
gsme In their home town by a score 
Of 3 to 1. but received a setback In 
the second grfme here lam Saturday 
by a score of 8 to 2. Tomorrow's 
gams will start at > o'clock sharp, 
with Murray and Boyd, of Vancou- 
ver, In charge. 

The railroaders are going to the 
post tomorrow a slight favorite over 
the up-Island champs. Their play 
her* last Saturday against the miners 
was aa good aa has bean seen here 
for some years, and they will field 
the same team. 

Nanaimo, according to reports, was 
very much off-color last week, and 
they expect to make things much 
more lively for the railroader* Nes- 
bltt. their star hurler, took the mound 
with a sore arm last week, but has 
been holding light practices during 
the week, and claims to be back la 
the best of snaps. The rest of the 
team will be the same that appeared 
hare last week. 

Tonight st « in at the Royal Ath- 
letic Park the CP.R. will hold a 
light practice. All members of the, 
tesm are requested to he present. 

pU ernei along the side Unas to 
r<t n ernon .« i-n ktiinj and as often as 
he did. Patterson drove the ball In the 
net or out of the court. The result 
»• h ., , ' ... * , mea « »« •• < • " 

Wright the first set at 7-8. 

Yari**ly of Nti^>kr-* 

Again. In the second set. Wright 
showed a smart change of pace, apec- 
tacular placements, a deadly over- 
fact, a variety of 
Patterson much 
apprehension, especially when hia 
own smashing style of play brought 
him but little result. Captain An- 
derson, too, became apprehensive and 
moved down from the stands to the 
courts. Wright had been covering 
an Immense amount of court In the 
two winning sets and In the third let 
up slightly In his efforts. Patterson 
taking the set at 8-3. 

After the rest Interval the local 
player attempted to battle with the 
dash he had shown In the earlier sets, 
but could not arise to the occasion. 
He found Patterson playing with more 
precision and considerably more speed 
and the fourth set wSnt to the Aus- 
tralian easily, 1-1. It was somewhat 
disappointing to the local coteries who 
had a taate of victory and were loudly 
supporting the Montrealer in his fight 
for unexpected laurela. Wright waa 
in Improved form in the deciding 
fifth set. but waa not good enough. 
After holding Patterson to 8-8, the 
turning point csme when the Aus- 
tralian made an apparently Impossible 
return to count the seventh game and 
from then on he won at will In the 
two remaining games. 

BALTIMORE. Aug. IS. — Spain 
broke even in the opening day's play 
of the Davis Cup v-iinn preliminaries 
with Japan today. Takeschl Had a 
defeated Edaardo Flaquer In straight 
sets, and Manuel Alonso defeated 
Zenao Shlmlxu 7-8, 6 0. 8-8. 8-3. 


IMcFee to Receive 
Handsome Souvenir 

Sailors Have Arranged to Make 
Presentation to Vetersn 
, Ring Performer 

Sailor admirers of Sam McFbe, the 
former heavyweight champion of the 
British navy, have decided to ply a 
little tribute to the veteran ring- 
master before he starts on hia six- 
round wlndup with Baptist* Thomas, 
ths redskin fighter, at the ice hockey 
arena Saturday. Some of the boys 
have got together and to mark ths 
manner In which Sam carried the 
navy honors when he was a member 
of His Majesty's forces and the way 
he has upheld the reputation of the 
navy-trained fighters since hs quit the 
sea they will present Ham with .* 
handsome gold watch suitably en- 
graved. When Sam was Informed of 
thla little tribute that his former 
comrades wished to pay to him the 
veteran of the ring was touched. 

"That's the* boys of ths navy all 
over," said Bam. "Tou havs to hand 
It to them. They are the whiteat men 
that ever atepped a plank. I wish I 
was bsck with 'em. That watch will 
be the most prlssd souvenir I ever 
won in my life." 

A Coming laid 

Perry Queenan, a name to cojijure 
with In ring history, will brlnj over 
to Victoria Saturday for the bouts at 
the arena a boy who Is believed will 
within s very short space of time step 
into the place that Vic Foley, also a 
protege of Queenan. now holds. The 
lad Is Ted Noble, and he will go four 
rounda with Tommy Fielding*. 

Fielding is regarded in Victoria ts 
one stepping Into the etnas of Bud 
Lamln, who got a decision over the 
famous Pancho Villa. Noble is a few 
pounds heavier than Fielding. 
Queenan. who trained Foley and then 
sold out his contract to Allan, be- 
lieves thst In Noble he has tha best 
prospect he ever handled in Ms life, 
and he has handled many of them, 
and with two bouts already on the 
list that can bs regarded in the head- 
line class, this makes the third out- 
standing fight th* Victor!*, Boxing 
Association offers In an expensive ef- 
fort to win the confidence of the 
fight fans in its first bid for nubile 

Vancouver Four 1 
The < rover»or\ Cup 

S , K « U>M 11.. H* s .,u . 

KELOWNA. B.C.. Aug. 18. — At the 
annual regatta held hare today, the 
Vancouver four won the Lieutenant- 
Governor's cup. defeating the Nelson 
crew by a' quarter of a length. The 
four-oared race for women waa won 
by Kelowna from Nelson. In this 
•vswt the Vancouver crew fouled the 
starting buoy and did not rare a 
strong wind Interfered with some of 
the events, the hreese being respon- 
sible for the capsizing of both war 
canoes in their race. In addition to 
the rowing, a full programme of 
aquatic sports was carried out. The 
Kelowna lacrosse team defeated Arm- 
strong aix to two. These teams are 
tied for the Okanagan Valley 
pionship and the RocUsT* Cup. 

« uinrrs in 


ST. GALL. Bwltawrland. Aug. II — 
Switzerland beat the U.S. la 
national rifle shooting 
here today. 8.34s points against 1.348. 
the fHrlsa and American teams finish- 
ing first and second in ths Interna- 
tional classification 

In the individual elssslSotion 
sjwttierland raptured first. *scond, 
third, fifth and sixth places. 

The invincible Swiss rifleman. 
Hartmann. beat the world's record by 
making a total of 1.18)9 points for the 
whole competition He slso estab- 
lished world's records for firing from 
the knee position, with 378 points, 
and frnrr a ntandtng position with 8S2 

VO||.an«vwi> H * i -W 

f«rrtrsw. K ' «ne «f the o-.» h-«w 

i»»t*f* tr th- - • r s< Quebw a>ai 
found desd :n >'•;» bed -hi. trior rt rtR 


JOi. Bathing Caps a 5*? 

MR Liquid Shampoo J£5e 

75c Dty Shampoo — . 

10< Cleaver's Shampoo H<* 

JIk Datidcttnc li*><* 

2Sn Lilac and Rose Talcum Klc 

So. Tin c \- ! wcr s Ct cant Hit' 

JOc Ltquid V 
20Y Farowax 
$1 00 Thermo Refills 
$i.00 Auto Strop R 
50c Lather Brushes. 
ZSc Nail Files. '1 : • 
bck M dish's Gtapt June 


V hoi it 



City HaU 

)«th'iii > IVnni* I hid 
\\ in lit turn Vlatrii 
From Kington Mi . « I 

In a return roalch the Jericho 
Tennis Club of Vancouver succeeded 
in defeating the Kingston Street Club 
on th* latter'* court*, with a very 
close .score of thirteen matches to 
ten Some splendid game* took place 
during the day. most of th* matches 
being haxd -fought. The following are 
the scores, th* names of the Kingston 
play eis appearing first: 

t -,«... I' 

M Ins Severs best Mrs, Jolllffe, 8-0. 
8-1; Mrs. List lost to Mis* J Strauss. 
8-1, 7-6; Mis* Marquart lost to Mrs. 
Rom. 4-8. 8-J. 8-4; Mia* Hlckey beat 
Miss D. Straus*. 8-7, 8-3; Mian Wilson 
lost to Miss McLean, 8-4, 8-9. 

O 'Hal lor an lots: to F. Sparling. 8-3. 
8-0; Hodgson beat Baldwin. 4-8. 7-8. 
8-3; Hocking lost to Ward, 7-8, 
8-1 ; Barnes lost to McLindon. 
8-8; Wlllin* boat Nloholson. 9-1. 
Oat man beat Rollins. 8-3, 8-8. 
Temple lost to C. McLean. 3-8. 

7- 8. Freeman beat J. R 
* 1 : Ismay beat Roee, 8-1. 8-0. 

and Mian Marquart lost 
,to Mrs. Jolllff* and Mrs Rose. 1-8. 

8- 1: Mm List and Mis* Hlckey lost 


7- 1, 

8- 0; 




3o//focf in Bond (0tct$f Do/fit n ion Go¥9?Ntt&tt mporv/sion 

The ^Hmlifv VVhsk 4 v ofCmuido 

sincr- ffC>.* 

This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor 
Control Board or by the Government of British Columhia. 


3-1. 8-3. 

J. and D. 
Meai's Doubsns 

WiUlns and O'HaJloran bant Bald- 
win and Sparling. 8-4. 7-8; Temple 
and Hodgson beat McLindon and 
Ward. 8-4. 8-0; Barnes and Hooking 
lost to McLean and Rollins. 8-3. 4-8. 
8-1; Freeman and oilman boat 
Meggs and Nicholson. 8-8. 3-8, 8-3: 
Lsmay and List beat H. McLean and 
Boyd. 8-S. 8-8. 3-4. 

Mia* Sever* and Tempi* lost to 
Miss J. Strauss and Sparling. 8-1. 
8-4; Mrs. List and Hodgson beat 

lira Jolirf* and Baldwin. 8-1, 4-8, 
8-4; Mlaa Marquart and WiUlns vs. 
Mrs. Rosa) and McLindon, 7-8. 8-8 
(unfinished): Mis* Wilson and M .ti- 
mes' n lost to Mlsa D Strauss and Mc- 
Lindon. 8-4. 3-3; Miss Hlok*y and 
Barnes lost to Miss McLsan and Mc- 
Lean. 3-3, 8-fl. 

Last Call 

! his is our final announcement 

Kale t-H about ended — the special allotment 
;MinK iascfThou sands of men have already 
uken advantage of this offer. Thcv are now 
n j t mg a 'clean,''" cool, \ velvet shave with * the 
• ? \ -aror that strops itself. Get Yours No« 


fit* I 






A ltl« Double Mill ut t uuirdj , llruu aiul Hull. fnlurt r rewtlil lM 


aiRSST "soul fire" 


in. fraataat 

whs losl all 
baa tins 

only to 
p.a» o 

AAMM »Hh lb. nr. of •^alua aa Dick mlrrora ih. boy 

■ „„ . „ „ ...» .« 


.,,.1 .h. 

fox MfWI 


...> Ala.. II.. 

Mo,., VI 

n.lon <>>>*▼ a 

Imli'H. I II. Prima Dvnna With iba 
Cb Print I pa la ■>•>■ dray, 
aad Alfras K.rrwn. Who Writ ITrarut K«.-rrpla Prum lha 


Tfcla Is Osa or (ha Mart I'rrtastloaa MuaUal Attractions Evar 

an Kur. Attra. linn 


I.X.I SHI-. I. » ..... V...... I. ..'..I II. tr ■ 

Tba Capitol Tbaalra larltfa Mr. E. O A, lama. I17» May Streat. and (are frtonda 
of bar own »■****, to ba Ha iniH any day tbla waak. U.ta.h thla aoupon 


Vancouver Island 


■ - 

(ircamfrv Has 
l Had Prosperous 
| Half-Year Term 

[ Buttci Department Shows^r Manufcu lute u! 
Stoc k- G.H),1 Drmau.i 
It c 

rnta of Cburt en»y for sev- 
ers! years, are leaving for California, 
whfrr- t ».«-> will spend a holiday before 
proceeding lo Kuikiii- Tlir) » i •» 

return to Canada after a few 
Bpaln and Italy. 

< uuiIm i land iVr-unal - 




" • r li!'.)' NcWspdJIC! Sf I 14' <tl ! -I"-' '<■■ t'lv tui r 1 


With ■ Tremendous Ail-Star Cast, Inched! 
Dorothy Mackaill, Hobart Bosworth and Gladys Brockwell 





Get Your Envelope it You Enter 
With Owen Moore, Constance Bennett and Mabel Ballin » 

Thai Proaalaea V«u a Thrill a 
(aay With 


«.ray-a Hlary 




A Local Musical 




Cclken Moore" 


Capitol — Klchard Barthelmeea In 

"Soul Klre." 

Columhla>-~Owen Moorrin 'Code 

of the Weil." 
Ilomlnkrn — Dorothy Mackaill In 

The Ktagw 
Coliseum— 192 5 Revue." 

Playhouse — "Sally From Haan- 


"The Show That's I.Iks No Olhar" 

Tha Stss* 

Tha Official Osenlns of tba 

1925 REVUE 

Tha Brr..n 

Piayinp, Wiili Souls 

A doc 

Story Told by 

a dood Caat 

Want a 

Good ! trnr- 

—and here they get it : 


Horseback Riding 
Art Qallery 
Turkish Batha 
Teaa and Lunches 
Concert Orcheatra in AT 

till JAMKH sivi'SON 

one of the Canadian representative* at 

the i conference now going on In 
London. Kng. Mr. Simpson preaented 
a picture of Canada aa connlderably 
advanced In the realm of aoclallatlc 

0 , 

Irtsppllad by R. P. Clark A Co.. Ltd.) 

40 bonds. 91.48. off .02; high thla 
year 13.34. low thla year 90 «0; high 
laat year 01.37. low laat year 80.71. 

30 industrials. 187.48. oft .83; high 
thla year 117.98; low this year 111.00; 
high last year 130.01. low thla year 

30 rails. 100.83. off .35; high thla 
year 100 98. low thla year 92.98; high 
laat year 99.60. low last year 79.91. 

COURTENAT, Aug. 13— That ihe 
business of the Comox Creamery As- 
sociation la being maintained In • 
satisfactory atate la manifest by the 
aeml-annual report which ha* Just 
been laaued by the aaaoclatlon. In 
this report to shareholders, the direc- 
tors sa y : 

"We have pleaaure In presenting 
herewith the balance sheet und profit 
and loss account for the six months 
ending June 30, 1925. and are glad 
to announce that the standing of the 
association la such that the accounts 
receivable alone would pay off all ex- 
isting liabilities, and would leave the 
shareholders the complete plant and 
stocks on hand clear as agalnat their 

Hull, r Sales 

"The butter department has manu- 
factured 151.014 pounds of butter 
during thla period, although *hlp- 
menta of cream have been made every 
month except January to the equal 
of 10.727 pound, of butter. Thla la 
being far exceeded at the present 
time owing to demand for sweet cream 
at Victoria and Vancouver, which la 
causing us a shortage of cream for 
butter purposes, whereas during June 
we had a aurplua. The large Increase 
In make during the early Summer 
months when butter is generally 
plentiful, resulta In lower prices, and 
this problem was seriously considered 
by your director*, and a good deal of 
attention has been given to the Idea 
of making cheese. The demand for 
Ice cream and sweet cream is taking 
care of present surplus. 

"The feed department has had to 
contend with very keen competition, 
but has ahown a steady increase in 
turnover, and a small profit. The de- 
partment la run In conjunction with 
the machinery, which shows a better 

• Ice cream turnover has not been 
large to Jurse 30. but has had heavy 
expenditure owing to rearrangement 
of plant and the profit In thla depart- 
ment, for that reason. Is quite pleas- 

"Our milk department showa quite, 
a good margin, the milk being shipped 
out and aweet cream only sold 

"Egg department Is outstanding for 
the large Increase In business over 
corresponding six months, and the 
margin Is satisfactory. 

Jam Is Sold 

"The Jam la. practically all sold, 
and the loss was inevitable. The bal- 
ance sheet ahowa total assets of 
9102.040 48. while the paid up share 
capital only shows 139,820.46. and 
total general liabilities to 937.643.73. 
The net profit for the year was 
90.969.03 and the total turnover 
1158.083. All departments show a 
profit with the exception of the Jam, 
a legacy of last year's effort to do 
the small fruit growers a good turn. 
Butter still holds an easy lead In the 
creamery's activities, with total salea 
of 90C.804. but the sale of eggs. 111.- 
300.00. la Increaalng rapidly." 

Bush Fires Out 

In Courtenay Area 

COURTENAY. Aug. 11.— Following 
a period, of exceptionally dry weather, 
with buah fires in several parts of the 
district, burning in a quiescent state 
ready to leap forward with the first 
rise of wind, much needed rain fell 
here last night. It resulted In a steady 
Downpour, which lasted all night and 
Is still raining this morning. The wel- 
come precipitation hits relieved a large 
number of flre-flghters and has 
brought a feeling of safety to alt resi- 
dents of the Comox Valley. A portion 
of the recent dry spell was the marked 
lack of humidity during the night 
hours. This condition obtained until 
the night preceding the rain, when a 
heavy mlat covered the grass and 
foliage with dew-like moisture. All 
danger of hush fires is over, at least 
for the time being, and It la probable 
tfiat no such hasardous condition will 
again this year. 

CUMBERLAND. Aug 12— Mrs. 
William Merrlfleld and son. Billy, left 
this morning for a short holiday in 
Vancouver. . 

Mrs. T. H. Western, of Port Al- 
bernl. was In the city Monday on a 
visit to relatives She returned Tues- 
day afternoon to her home. 

Mrs Thomas Oraham. Mrs. J. Wil- 
son, and T. Oraham. Jr.. 'left by motor 
this morning for Victoria. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henderson. Jr . 
and daughter Doreen. left during the 
week on a motor tour that will taka 
them through several northwestern 
states and through Alberta. 

Mrs H. Farmer returned Monday 
from a holiday trip to Seattle. 

Mr. Kdward Wilson left Tuesday 
for Calgary, where he will reside in 

Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson, of 
Cumberland, are spending a two 
weeks' vacation in Vancouver. 

Mr. Oeorge Shead. of Port Albernl, 
was a visitor to Cumberland Monday. 

Mr. Thomas Oraham and son Pierce, 
nttended the annual picnic of the em- 
ployees of the Canadian Collieries. 
Limited, at Ladyamlth laat Saturday. 

Mrs. J. McLennan and children, of 
Cumberland, went yesterday to Port 
Albernl. to spend a short vacation. 

Miss Agnes WIIIlamsYm. of Mlnto. 
who has been holidaying for the past 
two weeks with Mrs. Marlon Stewart. 
Allan Avenue, returned home this af- 

Mr. Dan Stewart and Mr. Joe Reese, 
two residents of Cumberland, left 
Tuesday morning on a climbing expe- 
dition to the top of ReauforL Olacler. 
They plan to return Friday evening or 
Saturday morning. 


Brentwood Personals 

BRKNTWOOD. Aug. U— Miss 
Ruby Haddon, Clarke Avenue, has re- 
turned from a visit to Port Angeles. 

There will be a special meeting of 
the West Saanlch Women's Institute 
on Friday afternoon. August 14. All 
members are asked to attend this 
meeting as business of Importance Is 
to be discussed. 

Mr and Mrs. A. 12. Hole. Clarke 
Avenue, left yesterduy for Myrtle. 

Mrs. A. M. Mackenzie. Saanichton. 
has returned home from spending the 
past two months with her son, Dr. R. 
Murray Mackenzie. Pittsburg. Alaska. 

The We*st Saanlch Women's Insti- 
tute held a card party in the Institute 
Hall. Brentwood, on Wednesday even- 
ing. Those winning prizes were: First. 



vi f i u ; t \ 

kte Queen, of W 
the speakers at the 

Conference. I^ondon, 

Mrs. A. Guy. Mrs. McLeod. Mr Hugh 
Klford und Mr. Oeorge Sluggett; con- 
solation. Mrs. T. Haddon. Mrs. W. 
Watt, Mr. Bourgeola and Mr. H. Ro- 
chon. At the close of the games re- 
freshments were served. 

Innipeg. one of 
Empire Labor 
who told the 
representatives that immigrants 
must not expect Canadian streets to 
be paved with gold. He said thut 
workmen must work quite as hard in 
Canada as in England, to achieve re- 
sults, and urged that Immigrants 
should be given no false Impressions 
of Canada as a land of ease. 

Former Storekeeper 

On Princess Kathleen 
Dies in Hospital 

NANAIMO. Aug. 13. — The death 
occurred In the Nanalmo Hospital, 
Wednesday morning, of Oeorge An- 
thony, aged 40 years, a resident of 
this city for the laat 14 years. 
Deceased was born la Edinburgh. 
Scotland, and had been In the em- 
ploy of the C.P R. since 1910. his last 
position with the company prior to 
hia recent fatal Illness being engineer 
storekeeper on the 8s. Princess 

Bealdea his parents, who reside In 
Scotland, he Is survived by five 
brothers. Alexander, John and 
Charles. In Scotland, and William and 
James Anthony residing at Nanalmo, 
and one alater. Mrs. Fulton, living In 
Scotland. The funeral will be held 
Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock from the 
home of Mr. James Anthony. 135 Vic- 
toria Road, and Interment will take 
place in the Nanalmo cemetery. Rev. 
D. Lister officiating. 

a . 

Guests Registered at 

Cowichan Lake Hotel 

-COWICHAN Lake. Aug. 13. — The 
following guests registered at Cow- 
ichan Lake Hotel during the last 

Dr. and Mrs. Haynes. Capt. and 
Mrs. O. Oosse. Miss D. Oosae. Mr. T. 
Halladay. Mr. and Mrs. W. Dlsher. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Quayle, Mr. and 
Mra. C. O. Walah. Mr. and Mra. F. 8. 
Hone. Miss K. Hone, Mr. ai d Mrs. A. 
IMimley, all of Victoria; 

Mr. E. H. Nell. Mr, J. Nell, Miss F. 
M. White. Mlaa V. White. Mr. and Mra. 
H. O. Nichols. Mum K. M. Dlckleson. 
Miss A. Dlckleson. Miss W. Nichols. 

tpOR immediate relief and a really lasting cure, one refreshing, healing and 

A- aaaBBBBaattai l,w»r l_>k Im t k_ . i^l _ I.- I I D 1 -1 a- .l. 

sntiaeptic loot bath in the oxygenated 
Sal tr* tea is all you need. This solves for anyone the problem of how to get 
rid of the intense torture produced by sore, tender, tired, aching, burning 
smarting, and swollen feet, weak arches, corns, callouses, blisters, or sny other 
bad foot troubles. Nothing else will do. All druggists have Reudel Bath 
Saltratea in package* of convenient size and at low price. 

Obtainable at most drug stores for 50c or direct from tha 
distributors Macnamara Limited, New Birks Building, Montreal 

Mia* P. Nichols, all of Vancouver 

Mr. and Mr*. W. D. 
Hore. Cowichan Bay. 

Mr. and Mr*. Q. A. Younge. Mlaa 
H»l*n Cameron. Los Angeles 

Mr. H. 8. Alexander. Portland. 
Ore.; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Crews. Mr*. S. 
Rlchleu. Tacoma; Mr. C. P- Nlchol*. 
Trail; Mr. R. O. Nichols. Britannia 
h; Mr. H. a 

has ordered naval vessels to the 

to give sld to the Inhabitants of the 

Liquor Robbers Caught 
After Abbotsfo rd Theft 

Telegraphic advice waa received 

last night ft. .in Abbotsford. B.C., 
where the Government liquor *tor* 
waa broken Into Wednesday night, 
that officers of the Provlnclsl Police 
deportment had arrested the two men 
responsible for the burglary. A 
small sum of money and a quantity 
of liquor taken by the robbers was 

ATHENS. Aug. 18 — Vplcsnlc erup- 
tions are reported from the Island of 
Thlra, In the Santorin group. 70 
miles north of the Island of Crete. 
The local authorities are panic- 
stricken and fearful that It will end 
In a catastrophe. The Gove rnment 

Veteran Japanese statesman, who has 
been re-appointed Premier after an 
acute political crisis on luxation 



COURTENAY. Aug. 13 — In connec- 
tion with the destruction of property 
by fire at Camp No. 3. of the Comox 
Logging Co.. Fire Los* Adjuster Mr. 
W. B. Crnmble, of Victoria, was In 
town today. Mr. Crnmble left for 
Cumberland and Albernl thin evening 
idjuat fire losses at these points, 
r. and Mrs. Magglori. who have 

I i I. in 
to mi 

New Incorporations 

New Companies granted Incorpora- 
tion at the Parliament Buildings dur- 
In ths week are aa followa: Shua- 
wap Transportation Company. Lim- 
ited, 930.000, Vancouver, private; 
The Farmers Parking Company. Lim- 
ited, 160,000. Vancouver. private; 
North Arm Logging Company. Lim- 
ited, 910.000, Victoria, private; J. 
Stanley Oawn*. Limited. 930.000. 
Vancouver, private; Western Really 
Company. Limited, 360.000, Victoria, 
private; The Western IMns Lumber 
Company. Limited. 150.000. «ran- 
brook. public. McMshon * Mack 
Limited. 820.(100. Knderby. private, 
Victoria Kur Farms. Limited. 950.000. 
\ Icturla. private; Jeffries Marfarlane 
Coal Company. Limited, 960.000. 
Vancouver, private; Shelly'* Limited, 
91.500,000. Vancouver private. 


} jsh- Americans Join 
In Festival at Pwllheli 

I t I VAVrnt vkk 

A pilgrimage ol Welsh -Americans, 
800 strong, has left New York to 
attend the Eisteddfod at Pwllheli 
North Walea. This In the first time 
there has been anything In the nature 
of a pilgrimage to the great Welsh 
festival In previous year* a few 
Welsh-Americans only have made the 
trip. This year groups have been 
formed snd the affair Is arranged on 
a large seal*. v 

Welsh-Americans In New York to- 
dsy ran look to their Si David's 
Society sa a reminder of the country 
they or their ancestor* have left 
Soma of Its members nre on their 
way to take part In tha Eisteddfod 
The list lnciudsai R. Tom Re**, a 
committee man. snd Hugh Uoyd 
Roberta, one of the stewards, to- 
gether with their wives; Thomas D. 
Boweti. vice-president of the New 
York Telephone Company, who Is on 
the board of directors of tba society. 
• nd Mr*. Bow en ; Thomn* Evans 
(steward) and Mr*. Evan*; Mr and 
Mrs Thomas Da vie* and Mr. and 
Mr. David Smith. 

This pllgrimag* of tha twsntleth 
century s In • awn** a reply to that 
pllgrimag* of the seventeenth century 
whlcih moved in the opposite direc- 

Captain Jonas, n f the Mayflower 
v •'• \% el«h and there were It is said, 
fir* or six other Weiahmen on board 
If la .)„,,.. -.1 t »,r»» between l«*ft and 
l««0 more than 4*» 000 Walsh people 
sellle.t ,„ nats-ware. M»r>land. Vlr- 
and the 

Men of Welsh extraction hnv* 
risen to the Presidency. About 
twenty-five college president* In the 
United State* bear Welah aame*. and 
about aa many ganeral*. active and 
retired Judge*, district attorney*. 
Senators and Congri— m ew are also 
found with names that trace back to 
Captain Mile* Morgan, the Welsh 
founder of Springfield. Mas*. 

There have been many Welsh 
pioneers la all parts of the country, 
as Is proved by the abundance of 
\V»lsh names on she map. names 
like Bangor. Welshvllle. 
snd West Jonesport. In Maine; Bfyn 
Mawr. Bala. Havertord. Berwyn. 
Bangor. Owynedd. North Wales and 
Penllyn. In Pennsylvania— a Stat*, by 
the wiy. whose Walsh name* are 
much too numerous to enumerate. 
Wllkes-Barrs. Pittsburgh and Scran - 
ion nre great Welsh rwntre*. mm la 
Cleveland. Ohle 

It la universally recognised that the 
Welsh Eisteddfod has auoreeded In 
preserving tha language of the coun- 
try The Cymric exist* side by aid* 
with English And what Welsh people 
do In their own country In preserving 
thHr Institutions, peopls of Wel*h 
descent In America are tlk«*r1aa at- 
tempting On the last day of 1924 
and the first of 1926 the serond na- 
tional Eisteddfod wss held In I'tlra 
under the *u«pi'w, of the CymrHgyd 
dlen Society for the purpose .»r hHp- 
lag to keep all., u .lugjax fxsstry. 
• "' •'•'•;' ••■ •• -*n.i »rr 

DctuMe edged Ecohonn 

azors in on 

if tt Gillette 

: man r;rn for^r • 

J h; 4 bi« .vv^'T Fifth' 


lSot eve 
or force 

If all men did, not evQD the enor- 

:,. v ? t"\(' N ui^.'sf :-i of dcrn;iiii i 

aA&d yet last year aba* nearly 

!(: m.ihor; N I ■ VV r lir nr-i '< 

• ujjfOK 

**> f 

makeshift shaving instrument t aa |9> 
' eniiquat*d! 

one* for all to the 
, Gillette simplicity, 



gibie. ^ 



the Gillette Face 

kea the price negli 
Gillette to-day 





:j!l]f fret, can von 

C fO tW.) KtK.h IX" 1 

fc< \ "having r.dv/^ 
that make \ cm- 
( fillet tc two ra / or " : 
m oner 


41 1 ■ I * ill 

r« WWW 0 HAH' r !'. : 
> ™ r AM *.i 
HP NPI V AN! ' 1 VI '1 >•• *■» M 





Japanese Will 
Capture Halihut 
Market Shortly 

Kcai Is So Expressed to 
American Tariff Commis 

Duii.'ik !t!'|U!iv m 

i"»tlM< UOfl h« loia of 
) IpaaaaM a ompruir..n 

•No lew thsr Bve J 
■•ton h*%« v tj»it 

e<1 I 

me in 

» ATVI f. A .« >•> • Wat...,.* .',..„• 

IV J>he N Cobb, director of the Col- 
Mi of Kl*hen» ■. «> ire (Jaiveraity o' 
■ r.jiUH, t... • Uie NrwMM i, ■ • 
plsnnln* to eaolure the *mfrlr«f 
halibut market with flah caught in 
tha Orient, and m fMajt from the 
Aattto Clwmb*r of Commeroe 
any impairment of the protection 
given tha American fishing Industry 
by tha praaant Import tax, f«alured 
tha ( lining aaaalon of the Federal Tar- 
iff Commtaalon'a Seattle hearing on 
patltlona for a reduction In tl»e,dcty 
on freeh and frosen halibut. 

Opponents of the proposal ta cut 
the Import duty of two rente a pound 
op halibut to ona cent had their day 
la court at the hearing. Their leading 
wltaeaaea ware Dr. Cobb and WillUm 
Calv»rt. prealdent of tha tin Juan 
Flahlng * Packing Company, which 
operatea a huge freah and cured hah 
business In Seattle. Other witnesses 
war* operators of American flahlng 
veaaela and handlara of fish. 

Dr. Cobb waa emphatic In hla 
deelaralioe that • protect fee doty waa I 
nacaaaary to the prosperity of the I 
American h.ilihjf Induetry and In that ( 

th< Uat 

• ".j 1 1- hr n.ud. »'-<-k\na i ii f • >r ion; (• "i 
• nH.rnlng the h.«lttnii Industry TTim 
of them were i ?r>\ em nv m ,»j;eni- 
fru'ir I'Un i* to < i : ( i> an.1 : t < < • t. • ; 
neh in big cold storage *t. . m.ti.i - 
i In <-»trn«lv. tulil. i! 1 1* k - . " • tic 

Sa,,-,'!,,,, ■•<,*». „ f..1 •-. I * <> ■ 

the Inlted Htate. In theae ehlpa. They 

»'• * ' »■"• n.-h ire Itiffr h . , » . 

here. Their own problem, they be- 

>i.- ,. i ■ |.« f|i,i nun l hr r.»h m «>. i' 
s •! i <■ 1 1 iii market 

■ it: f , .,, :!»•• regard i r-.e t wi> >•>• 
■ ••'> - • at "I'-i- > Tti' . to.O toe 
i ' wrr. ;,■ V.' , 1;, ,>*!.' « - -I 

•me i*«! -1 i>.l »n miiiot t>..' it I ' 
v iitM a i< aud the Canadian hair- 
i. I .»:n !' wo'tld not 
i « i if the net* hearing on ha > • • 

%»u;d he nr. sf , application to r,. 

tha duty to four legale te flffht Japan 
»* ■ om:^- 'ion - 


(er;ml «o I raw 

>!«'.. tl;t> : Maillot. 

- 1 

The Unar I'reaident Qraat will move 
to Tacoma to load Oriental cargo from 

s. .mi. and will leave for tha Orient 
on Wedneaday next. 

on the President Madlaon. which 
haa already bean reported an dua here 
thla day week, la the largeat shipment 
of tea to ho dlacharired at Seattle In 
the present neaeon It In an index of 
the Increaaed UM of tea In the Cnlte.i 
State*, thanka to rstensive and .null 
clout nTwapaper advertialng. 

The Madlaon has a ahlpment of 
3.&00 balea of raw ailk and 4. #40 tona 
of general merchandise. 

Shidzuoka Is 
V isitor Here 
Brief Period 

I*i oblem oi Super ioi Ship-, ot 
\'\S(H) Ton- on 1'iaiih 
patiKi \ , [)..-.< u:.t.rd 

Hi | tp-4 1 

7 ' _ - f / 

\ to >i-»!tT». i rt it.Jfk HtT t 


H ' • r - • ' ! " ' i • toin-rs at r 
vo ur surest ,n ;i ,u t. 

M'SotliU i of t ,»untirs> 

v«»r> l It c n,«mr " i o. { 
Kentuv k " ha* Ke-cn 'h 
tt ;t 1 1 in ark « • ! - w { -ren:; 

t)uaUtf in bourbon 

The Nippon Yuaen Kalaha liner 

-11 :•! - %!a-u .o : .ve (1 ,„» er J.v 

-on: f. ...» oi lent Atnu 

*• "id •»!»!•• M-i v A ncai « .o»« 

ii ;m *fl! Of," >rOT itllOK t<J-» 

.agffaSavg M §atM>rt bare of tha 23 tn 

-<«««o* fh»v h»ve i.eett '"i * •> " 1 

tended mlaalon to tha education and 
rellgloua toatltutlona of their order In 
Jupan and China, and are now return- 
ing to Quebec clt>. 

The Shldauoku Maru carried fif- 
teen baga of mall for Victoria and 
Canadian polnta. She docked at 7 
o'clock and cleared at !:«» a.m. for 
Seattle, she brought 1.S00 tona. about 
30 tona of whJch waa for Victoria. 

The Shldsuoka ofneere bring word 
that On- opinion In Japan la loalng 
ground In favor of the Introduction 
of auperlor ahlpa In tha tranepaclAc 
trade, the plan being to construct 
three auperlor ahlpa each of 17.&00 
tona great dlaplacement. capable of a 
19 knot apeed. 

It la reported that the Japaneae 
Government authorities have Indicated 
they will not conaent to the petition 
for these ahlpa submitted by tha 
Marine Research Inatltute. Some 
ahlpownera oppose construction on 
the ground that the operation of such 
ships on the transpacific route would 
force competition to a paint of dimin- 
ishing returns, nnd that the funda to 
be provided for their construction 
could be used more profitably In other 



Ruth Alexander Made 

Port Late Last Night 

The 8a. Ttuth Alexander tied up 
alongside the Outer Dock, last night 
about 11.30 from the South. About 
•o paacengars debarked here end 
ska discharged about 75 tona ot 
freight, consisting mostly of citrus 
fruits and vegetables. Ths vssael left 
shortly after 1 o'clock for Seattle, s 

New Charters 

Thia advertiseflMMt is not published or displayed by the Liquor 
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia. 


Cameron Lumber Co., Ltd 

.'•» ft' <, i I *-• • * • ■ tZ ' 
Can supply all requirements for berry crates 
and other boxes on short notice. Lumber for 
every use at bargain prices. 

1'onnr Ho 4 M.iis. G.uLihy Ko rt \ Vt« tt>ti.i H 1 

PORTLAND. Aug. II— The Yam*- 
shtta Company has chartered the 
Japanese stssmslUp Woyo afaru for 
lumber from Coos Bay and the Co- 
lumbia River. The ship will reach 
Cooa Bay August 1». 

Norwegian steamer Dagfred has been 
chartered, Tyne to San Pedro by 
Mayer, WUaon 4c Company. September 
and October. 

The motorahlp Chris Knudsen haa 
been chartered. Columbia River to 
the United Kingdom and conUnent, 
wheat, private terms. October. 

The eteamshlp Stella has been 
chartered for the Central American 
coffee trade, twelve months by ths 
Panama Mall Steamship Company, 

asss — 


WAY announcea that tha TRANS- 
CANADA LIMITED, train da luze 
between Vancouver and Montreal, 
will rename service, leaving Vancou- 
ver at 1:10 p.m. dally, carrying all 
atandard aleepers and compartment 
observation oar equipment . 

The IMPERIAL (Vancouver-Mont- 
rati) will leave at »:»0 p.m. daily. 

Toroato) will leave at I 10 ttm. daily. 

(Vancouver-Nelson) will leave at 
7:11 p.m dally. 

r.,„ver Ruby freek) will leave at 
6:00 p m. dally. 

LOCAL will leave at 7:10 a.m. dally 
except 8und«y 

through train to Chicago without 
change, will leave Vancouver at 7:41 
p.m. dally. 

Kurt her Information on 


The Best 

The World 

1 i-ev i ah**- Hat**! tnm-, \U< .|**n^«t 
vs tth ihf [r fi -t v*. - -f J. ■ ■ An ium\- 

Other Pompe So Hard to Fhr 

A KLD J A( 'kL 1 \ 'iifnp ^i\es you a 
private water wmb. and thev re h> eas> 
to hx. 

Hickman Tye Hardware Co., Ltd 

Store Phone 59 

S,H-S5« Yatas Street 

Office Phone 2043 

l l ntjana Sold to 
Mortcegian Firm ; 
Will Hr Renamed 


Ml. Meamei r.U|»x, In.- 

' gb. r., •.,.-■*..«,„, 

American Mne. and will be re- 
named Trondhjemafjord The 
Tatjana waa built at Montreal 
during the wax for aooount of 
ihe Norwegian- rtussis Line 

\ . •. . ,4 • 1 1 ' .ilif r a: ,i-t '."< i 

off Vancouver Island, aad later 
passed into agV eernerahlp. 

Ship lioi'H Aground 
Off Filipino Pot I 

A:t»ctt«.an Steamci West f*4tal!uti 
L., KvU .i t. Get Off 

Set oikI ( tuisi^niiH tit 
Dut for ( )»i\rn Poiul 

Tie*. Statfi MptaaeTlslaTterial for 
Construction of Lumber 
^•nt Arrive Monday 

The second consignment of 
steal and other material for the con- 
struction of the lumber aaaembly 
plant at Ogden Point docka will ar- 
rive by barge next Monday. The ahlp- 
ment waa expected to arrive on Wed- 
neaday. but was delayed In getting 
away from Port Mann. 

Eight or .nine cars are on board the 
barge, loaded with ties, steel and mis- 
cellaneous squlpment for use 1m com- 
mencing the work on the plant. The 
first change which will be made at 
the dock, it Is understood, will be by 
way of switching rails Into position 
ao that the collection of lumbar and 
storaae will be facilitated. 

The lumber cars on bargee will be 
transferred from Point Hlltce termi- 
nal* of the 1 n U to the ocean docks 
and landed by means of adjustable 
aprons. The cars will be run on to 
the barges, towed around to Dallas 
Road and there run off again. The 
lumber will be graded and stored In 
euch a manner that a ship putUng In 
here can load from the stock on hand. 
Thk» Is the project now mooted, and 
aotusl construcUon will start Im- 
mediately. For the next few days the 
arrival and aaaembly of the material 
will keep the engineers of the C.N.R. 
busy before the track laying starts in 
real earnest. 

^^^ w ^-o-,.-.- J -.-.- l .^- IJ - u -.-.-^- L -_- u 

Shipping Notes 

The tug Che ha I is is expected to ao 
on the V.M.D. Waya, today to have her 
tal| shaft drawn and for a general 
cleaning and painting. 

Achilles Takes Out 

Large Mail Shipment 

The Blue Funnel liner Achillea, out- 
bound for the Orient, picked up &00 
baga of mall from the Outer Docka 
yesterday She docked at 1:10 p.m. 
and pulled out at I o'clock. 

C.P.R. Vice-President 
Will Attend Conference 

EDMONTON. Aug. II,— Osant Mall, 
vice- president In Montreal? of tha 
Canadian Pacific Railway, will attend 
the conference in Edmonton next 
week on the question of Joint opera- 
tion of the northern railways. Pre- 
mier Qreenfield haa received word to 
thla effect, thus assuring- full repre- 
eentatlon at the meeting. 

The conference will be held on 
Tuesday Instsad of Monday, as first 
srranged. as Sir Henry Thornton has 
wired that he will be delayed one day 
In getting here. . 

steamer West Farallen. bound for 
Cebu. Phlllpplnea. went aground at 
Loula Ledge, a few mllea from that 
port, early yeeterday, the marine de- 
partment of tha chamber of Com- 
merce here wae advlaed today. It 
was expected shs would bs floated at 
high tide without aerloua damage. 
TlM atgeaaier West Chief wss standing 
by. • 

The •lumen Weat J una and A#a- 
hever Were in collision at ths Bhsng 
hal docka. another report to the 
marine exchange aald. Slight damage 
waa done to the Agahoner, but the 
Weat J ana suffered no ill-effecta. 

! <vU i w it. W;tru I >li«* 1«. 

U ■ .♦<•!» I tit - I'ors on 

The N.T.K. Nner Tokiwa Maru la 
due to reach port on August tl< one 
day later than her schsdule calls for. 
She left Yokohama on August I and. 
according to wireless messages re- 
ceive* by the locsl agents, is having 
a fair voyage. 

tiutside of a valuable ailk cargo, 
which she carries for Seattle, tha vea- 
sal haa about 153 tona of general 
cargo consigned for Victoria and also 
tour cases of allk for Vancouver. 

Semis Ship Ashore 
To \void Collision 

'Brttet Oiqyuuui ! ban to fSmn 

MONTKEAU Aug if.—** is better 
' to ground a ahlp than to sink an- 
other vaaeai." aald Captain William 
Henderson. Canadian Pactflo master 

• ••• « M ' '-'H- » . « r.ei : r»t, 

fylng la Us* wreck rourt ItaJgdJ al 
the inquiry Into tha grounding el the 




st kbjsk Airn gr:<ai 

The Mm. «f 

•tandarS tlfna) 



asanas aad 







Sua Sun- I 
rise sat 

« 4i 

4 it 
i u 

« ta 

t t« 

4 :t» 

I »l 
• •1 
t ot 
t •« 

t »7 
t *t 

tun Bon 

rise aai 

7 to 

f tea 

T 44 


7 It 
7 IT 
T J| 
7 II 
7 It 








t 11 
t 11 

* it 

I 14 
t It 

t 14 

7 II 



T 44 

T 64 

uaer in ins st. latwren 

* i" * v ' " " " '■ \i a • » fe«» 

dsys a4Tf> which neoassitatea) kar ge< 
a aa ea i to ths dry dock for axtsnsivt 

According «o the evidence. the 
Mete gs me waa proceeding t4*saaj*jB 
Montreal when a tugboat, later fougsf 
to-be tha s>r Urmtr, comgaaaeHa - 

Captain Arthur Lenny, forced her 
to swing outside the chsnnel to avoid 
a colllalon. With poaalble disaster 
Imminent, the pilot on the liner 
steered the big ship outside the chan- 
nel, where site grounded. The near 
tragedy waa caused according; to 
Capt. Henderson, by the tug •sud- 
denly altering her course." 

With thla Implication the alttln K 
came to an end. Wreck Commlaeloner 
L. A. Darners postponing It until Mon- 

A committee is preparing a warm 
creeling for the ahlp a crew of H.M.S. 
Capetown, when the vesael reaches 
Nanaimo from Esquimau, where shs 
Is posted to sail on Tuesday. Shs will 
stay there next Saturday week, 

ti i i- 


Metaerelogteal Ofceervatery, Oeasales 
Victoria. B-C. 



Dm " gnt r\ i K f!\B3t Kifinr is 

11 IT I.I 

II t« 

tl M 
It II 



I 7 
I I 

I 7 

II 41 I 1 

mil M 

14 II 


SS. Ruth Alexander 
August 16, 9 A M. 
SS. Dorothy Alexander 

ACUTuit 20. 11 PJL 

SS. H. P. Alexander 
Sails Prom Seattle. TisatttsTpf 
at S P.M. 

Special Round Trip Pares 
Information and Tickets 

* .... 


■ uxjmnsnmsnM w 

|Hh| Ser- t! '1 wwld Krfnre 
a-^| ttie i.rsl Vuu w r I 

...:. i< [ 1. 1 t lie 1< »*' 
imri, UH.iu.iuiK aiune 

i sii .n% : ■• iii m t ht 

tvnce . t.«mri, by II it 
Ptirur ,,| W fot 



Feb. 9 

<>rl |*„ ,. aiw.H « "If » 

. *.. ..« . ». »...,, 

••""••-»• 4««a* 
1 1, wmt* ? '« r*U 
\ , 



f nim V m toria 

1 41 


1 1 


I 4 


It'll 7 4 

11:11 7 1 

11 41 II 

iiii ii 



14 II 
II 44 

n ti 
ii it 

T I 


I T 

Ths liens usee la PaelOr standard far tfea 
111th Marldian Want It la • minted (ram I 
te 14 hesra, f ram mlJnloht to midnight 
Tha flruraa far helfttt «ar«a ta dtetlpguUh 
blsh water fram low water. Wh.r. blanks 
ocear In tha tahla. the nd» rlaaa ar fallt 
ceatlnuoualv durlag t»a aaccasslva tidal 
period* without tarslBg 

Tha hsiglH is is (eat sad tiaths sf.a toot 

law water 

•ha avaraga le eel sf lew., 


SEATTLE, Aug. 11. — Arrived— 
President Orant. Tacoma; Nordic, San 
Francisco; Vtctorls, Alameda, South- 
eastern Alaska; Montpelier. Portland: 
Admiral Dewey, Sound porta; Shkt- 
suoka Maru. Orient; J. A. Moffatt. 
flkagway. San Psdro. Belled— Minne- 
sota. Philadelphia; Theodore Roose- 
velt. 8an\Pedro; Admiral Dewoy. Sen 
Francisco; Leondon Maru. Japan; 
Skagway, Tacoma. 

PORTLAND. Aug. II. — Arrived — 
Jacob L.uckenbach, Mobile; L<ubrlco, 
!<oa Angetea; Paul Shoup. Oavlota; 
Chile. Oalo. Sailed — Jacob Luoken- 
bach. Mohlle. 

TACOMA. Aug. II.— Arrlvedr— Nor- 
«lc. Far East; Orcua. Houthama. Min- 
nesota n. East Coaet; Wapama, San 
Franrisco. Hailed — President Orant, 
Seattle. Wanderer, coast porta and 
United Kingdom. 

rived — H. X. Master. Vancouver: Sal- 
ma. New York; Noyo. Mendnrinn; 
Santa Cecilia. New York; Admiral 
Schley. San Pedro; William Compton. 
Philadelphia; H. F. Alexander. Seat- 
tle: Mayfalr. Eureka; Invader. Vic- 
toria. Sailed— Weat Caraioala. Yoke, 
ha ma. O 

YOKOHAMA. Aug. IS. — Weat 
Jester. San Francisco. 

SHANGHAI Aug. It. — President 
MrKtnley. Seattle 

NEW YORK. Aug. II Fin Is nd. 
San Francisco. 

YOKOHAMA. Aug. II.— Prealdent 

eon. Tacoma: 1 !th. YoshJda Maru No. 
1. for Seattle. 

SHANGHAI. Ana 11— Tenyo Meru. 
Kan Francisco; Yak 

ti wfin \nmv*i.K 

Arabic at Now York. 

Canadian Importer, July 11. left 
Sydney for Vletorla. 

Canadian Inventor. July 11, left 
Vancouver for Montreal. 

Canadian Planter. July 14. arrived 

rived Montreal " AB sruat T. ar- 

■ Canadian Miliar. August I, left 
Point Kombla for Vancouver. 

Canadian Winner. August I, left 
London for Antwarp. 

Canadian Coaster. Auguat I arrived 
♦Jan I rnnclaco. 

Canadian Farmer. August •. left 
AstorU for Son Pedro. 

Canadian Rover. August |. left 
Ocean Falls for Astoria. 

Canadian Observer. August I. left 
Nanaimo for Vancouver. 

Canadian Transporter. August I 
arrived United Kingdom. 

Canadian Ranger. July II. left Nor 
London to Antwerp. . 

ca nan Ian Pioneer August 7. left 
San Francisco for Londoa. 
fVl?**- Voregeur. July u. ^ 

Mill Bay Ferry 

For tlo island Point? 

- A IM i) N A 

Ilia from Vaneeeoaf. ■'rlday. 9:00 PM. 
*iwt\ war, r an eaaewSt e^rinsa nupan. 

UNION 18 CO. of B.C.. Ltd 
l.gaatseat aid.. ■ Phaes i< 

Phoe. 1945 



Tardier a»* 



11 II AM 

1 II P M 

1 II P at 


•I P M 

(Ulll bat) 
I II A M. 
II 14 AM 
It II Naoa 
I It P.M. 
4:11 P M 

t It P I 





k #2-/n R.«„mJ 1m,, 

On Up*. Mail llawra SiER&A. 
l.loydA 100AII IsaHng Han 
Pranetaeo every 1 1 dees lay 
Honolulu. Haws. Pljl la, AoS- 
Iralis Hrn.l tor putilrs fnl.lar 
ana full details. 
Nail sailing" Aug. 
aept. it. 

II. Sept. «. 

OCtANIC^Sa.'CO.. aereehal.^Llaa 

TOW cxruriion fares to cities pf Central and East- 
JLJ ern United States are tmni to you by the 
Northern Pacific Dairy to afcpt. 15ths 

teteier Oct. 3 let. 

awSaSa«asas> sg< ^eww" s»pv ast^gesasaar 

Round Tiip Fares 

l-n-m VlitnfLi fr 

Canadian Seigneur. July «| ].ft 
Antwerp for Vkatarla. 

Canndian Scottish. Aogust |, i»f, 
Panama CanaJ for Vancouver. 

Canadian Trooper. June I. left Vic- 
toria for Australia 

i htri* anil '» ms m 

Bmpreae of ''sneds Malls 
Aug. «. 4 p m. Due at 

IT: Shanghai Aug Uj 

Prealdent Lincoln at 

Aug. 7. « p m L*ue at Tokoktma 

*i ' j H ! lancets • ■* - 1 j: .. » 

Kong. Aug II. 

Achilles— Maris Hoe* Aug If. fa 
Dus at Yokohaaaa Aosr. 17. 

Due at Yokohama 
I. Sept. 4); 


KinlsT at SJ 

20, 4 n 

Aug 11 

Konc. Sept. 7 



>'i rg. from 

Kirit .-as of Scotland at Betithamp- 
|.rt» t' -m yuahec. 

at Mew York. 

t t. •/ vi «in 

Vf'M I % . is, 

tanadian I retgnter Ju!v ?» 'efr 
V!» Irvr.s frtf t Kingdom 

f tnadl i Migaiander. July |] .r- 
Ml 94 

Aug II. 4 pm 
— : 7 Shanghai 

Kong. Sept. 11. 

*« a strait a mnut 

Tut.". MaUs 
!"»» Weiisng 
Rept. ft. 

>.*,'. m i r>r a --■ Ma^ls floew A'tg 
! "n •" JtvttreT Rept * 

SI «v4,.»jr 
4 p TO. 

C !hkukfo 
i W Mmnni 

n i 

Ma a* 
N Y 


I .="> 'i ~ r i : 

{ -HiJutft, 
i Tvtsnaipoji a , 
Mjunru!a^polia-5l PauJ 




Naww Y« 



N. Y. 

72. 00 


Northern Pacific Ry. 






Located Texada Island 

!'!•:-. 'iff : n ! ! 1 1 f s •_■ i < M MHiir 
n- 1? .i i»n .oj.ft ! l\t?\ !ia •. >• 
hit two very high grade 
veins at the 100-foot level. 
We have 20.000 shares for 
sale— Make us an offer for 




_ , 

and Commerce! 

Hi... k 
H (. 

Rails Achieve 
Highest Level 
In Eight Years 

Speculative I uteres? Shifts 

to Transportation Lines 

From Industrials Small 
Gams General 

i H.t* resulted m .- r . 1 nt.iu 
!n three point* nhli h < .»rrte<1 
era! -a •'•>«.! .-tsrr.tjt .. (.. • hi 
l' v ' ' In ■ «*•-! ' * I rif » . 

i! SI . s .< i 1 • * • I , ' .• .1 . I 

i i>i on r 
i h e n e n 

u- r ,i : n 

the r«- 



Iru a •»• 
M.rUtd IK 41 .' «1 I 


Foreign Bonds 

M ! N t NCi S K( ' U R I T I K.S 
'"NAN! I 

J, 6. Greenwood 

;.r. V .iff." 

NEW YORK. Aug. II.— Buoyancy 
of a selected croup of hirh -priced in- 
dustrial share*, revival of activity and 
strength In the public utilities, and 
the aelectlon of new leaders for the' 
upflwing in tne railroad Hat were the 
outstanding- characteristics of today's 
Irregular higher stock market. 

American fan and Mack Truck 
were spectacular feature*, maklnc 
new high records at 24 1 and JOS. ex- 
treme gains of 7 and 12 1-4 polnta re- 
spectively. Both cloaed near the top. 
The day s sales approximated 1 .260.000 

VANCOUVER, Auf. II. — The 
Merchants Exchange, grain dlrU4on. 
went on record at Its annual meeting 
Wednesday, aa being In favor of es- 
tablishing a oaeh grain market here 
and instructed the new oounoll to 
take atepa to bring the cash system 
effect aa soon aa possible 

• i \<u .,....„ 

Home of the larger commission 
houses reported extensive switching of 
speculative Interest from the indus- 
trials into the rails. Buying of the 
latter received impetus from increased 
freight car loadings In the week ended 
August I, the third consecutive one 
In which the million mark was cross- 
ed Merger and dividend rumora were 
again freely circulated regarding the 
active ralle. with an official denial of 
the one that New Haven was dispos- 
ing of lt« holdings of New York. On- 
tario and Weatern to the New York 

Oils were again sluggish, publica- 
tion of a few favorite second quarter 
earning! reports being counteracted 
by another Increase In crude oil out- 
put laat week. 

In Eight Year, 
for the low priced 

I limb, f-.r ..H time -at.ilHii.tted 

on July :o of this year 

Iti -'-nr a H ..t, , ,, ! i uir.n.., w i - 

lowered to 4 per cent, holding steady 
at that figure throughout the session. 
Time money and commercial paper 
rates were unchanged. 

With the exception of decline* of 
about 10 point* each In Norwegian 
and [>anlstt kroner, the foreign ex 
change market was characterised l>y 
extremely narrow and Irregular fluct 
uatlon*. r»emand sterling and French 
franca ruled around 14. IS 1-2 and 
4.17 l-!c respectively. 

Bond prices showed Improvement 
today on a larger volume of trading, 
small gains being recorded by the ma- 
jority of the extensive Issues. United 
Htates Government bonds improved 
slightly on reports of heavy Institu- 
tional buying. New offerings this 
week probably will set a new low re- 
cord for the year. 

I- ■» n >H h A ug i ! » ... . .«,. 
r» • < r**1 . gunnn^n* 
„ Ht" |.r ( >r -r> a n ' i ' 1 

'.<- a i » .. \ 'I .1. . ft, • - •. . 

<AII Fraetloae 

in High thai 




Allla Ohatm.r. 

• 2-4 

• 2-4 

Allied Chemical 



Atnar. Beet Sugar .... 




Amer Bo* h Mag 




Amer Can. 




Amer. Car a T&y 




Amer. Itttl t'orp 




Amer l.lnaeed 




Amer. locomotive .... 

u :■ - 



Amer. Ship a Com . . . 




Amer Stneltera . . 

101 I 



Am*i Sleet Fdy 



Am" Refer 




Amer. Hum. Tob. 



Amer Tel A Tel 




Amer Tobacco 


• 4-T 

• 4-7 

Amer Wooleaa 








Atlantlr Oulf 


44 4 


A 1. 1, ...... 




Baldwin l.oco 




Baltimore A Oblo .... 




Bethlehem Steel 

Brooklyn Maahat 







California Packing 




lelifiirnla Bale 




Canadian Pacific 




Cerro De Paero 

C.nlral Leather 

41 4 



17 4 







Cheeapeake a Okie . . 




Chic. Ol. Western .... 

•J:. 4 



Chlr . Mil A St. P. . . . 






• I % 

Italy I 
■ i - i ■ ,i ■ 

Krnmark — 
■ . . r I » n -t 

.mead 147', reelr. 4 •• 
tana 141 M .r>i-. i «2 

! >" "i * n • I b n 

I ..mi -,.| J . » . 

44 1 

• 7 

24 7 

I .r-r , 

: >*■>'•■ m 

t i 

.... II . 

Id 12 77 

rv^.nJ 14 41 


•see — Demand i 44 
land Demand 17 V 
»cno Slovakia — Uemaad 2 M 
lo-Sl.vIa Demand I tlH 
atria- Demand 4414 V* . 

nnyminn - Demand 41 
Argentina liemaad 44 IT 
Rraall- Demand 11(4. 
Tehlo Demand 41 H 
Hhanshei Demand 74* 
Montr-al-l>emand 1»4 i II 

i hlr . R I. A P»c 4 4 4 47-4 44 

Coea 4-el4 lj|-4 14»-4 141- 

Celo Puel a Iran . ... f»-2 4» l»- 

(olumbia Uaa T|-4 7 0- 7 71-1 

('■oa Uaa >< 47-4 47-4 

CoiH. Can tl-4 17-4 77- 

Cont. Motor 

Corn Producta 

loaden *H1 

Cuba Amer. Mucar 

(rurlbla Steel 

Devieon Cbamlcal 
Del Lark. A Weal 
l ••••!« • Broe 
i i* Bros pfd. . . . 
Dupont Powder . . . 

Kler Power 


Brta let pfd 

Kamoua 1'layera . . . 
General Aephalt . . . 

Ueaeral Clear 

Oeneral Blectrle . . . 
tleaeral Moloea .... 
Ueodrlrh Kubber 


Ureal Northern Ore 
Ureal Northern pfd 
Oulf Rtatea Sleel 

Houetoa Oil 

Illlnola Central 


latl. Bua Marhlaa 
latl. Comb. Bsa. • • 
I n 1 1 Mer. Marine 
latl. Mer Mar. ptd 

Intl NlckeJ 

Kan. City South . 
Konnecotl Copper 

Kayaloae Tire 

L.ti'ih Valley 

I.ouialaaa Oil 

• A Naah 


New luue 

In ri :rn 

We Own and Offer 300 Shares 

Utilities Corporation 

Cumulative Preferred Stock 

No Par Value 
Dividends— $7 Per Share Per Annum 

^.T"LV. ,ve * n ^ L p ^ yab,e . on the hr,t d *y» of February. May. August 

Hividendi. Callable ai a whole or in part on any dividend date n n 60 



and November. Preferred ai to ataets and 
published notice at $115 per share and accrued 
are exempt from the present normal Federal In- 


, dividend date on 

dividends. As provided in the Federal Income Tax Law of 1924 

RTItmars" T^Cn^n^'Z^ Com P an y- N'w Y orU Continental & Commercial Trus"t ft's^vinli;" B«nk7CWcako. 

Kegistrars. Trust Company of North America. New York, Central Trust Company of Illinois. Chicago. 


fca. " 


(Ai of July 14. 1925, upon completion of 

it $20 per s 
present financing^ 

$7 Cumulative Preferred Stock. No Par Value (this issue)...... 

Clasi "A" Stock. No Par Value..- 

Class "B" Stock. No Par Value '.Z.'Z'ZZ 

•Irrtludin* Class "B" Slock reserved against outstanding rights'to subscribe to sue lTsto*c k. 
The Company has no funded debt other than that of its subsidiaries. 


turned or <e fce 
prmentiy uaaed* 


The following information tj 

by E. H. Wands. Etq.. Vice-President of the Corporation, from hit letter to the 

History: International Utilities Corporation was in- 
corporated under the laws of the State of Maryland, 
October, 1924, as a public utility holding company. 
The corporation controls through stock ownership, 

or contracts for the purchase of stock, a group of 
public utility properties operating in four States and 
in Canada and serving 55 communities. The prin- 
cipal operating companies controlled are as follows: 

Lexington Utilitieg Company, 
Lexington, Ky 

Southweatern Utilitie. Corporation, Northwettern Utilities Ltd. 

Independence, Kan M8 . Edmonton, Canada. 

'^cLffe 3 ",,* lr Uel Com P* n y- » Erie Railway Company. 

Coffeyville, Kansas. Fredonia, N Y. 

Canadian Weatern Natural Gas, Light, Heat ft Power Company, Ltd. 

Calgary, Canada 

The combined population of all communities served is in excess of 1,100.000. 

Earnings Year Ended 

_ ^ 4 *May 31 1925 

Gross Earnings of Subsidiary Companies $5,475,576 

Operating Expenses, including maintenance, depletion, 
taxes, interest, administrative charges and parent com- 
pany expenses since organization and proportion of \ 
earnings applicable to minority interest in stocks of sub- 
sidiaries owned by public 

Balance available for dividends on Cumulative Preferred 
Stock (this issue) depreciation, amortization (rocluding 
provision for Sinking Funds) and Federal Income Taxes 

Annual Dividend Requirements of $7 per share on 25.000 
shares of Cumulative Preferred Stock (this issue) 

'Buffalo & Erie Railway Company partly estimated. 



5 Mos. Ended 
May 31. 1925 




Balance for year ended Ma v 31, 1925 is equivalent to 4.8 times annual dividend requirement, 
oepreciation tor year ended May 31, 1925, is equivalent to 3.6 times annual dividend requirement. 

Equity: The present value of the securities j 
this Preferred Stock at current market nnV 
excess of $8,400,000 

The junior securities Class "A" and Class "P>" 
Stocks are traded in on the New York Curb and the 

Balance after 

junior t<> 
market prices is in 

Class "B" Stock is also listed oW the Boston Stock 

Sinking Fund The Corporation covenants to set aside 
on or before January 31. 1926. and on or before Janu 
ary 31 of each year thereafter a Sinking Fund at the 
rate of $2.50 per share per annum from the date of 

issue of this Cumulative Preferred Stock. In addi- 
tion to this payment, the Corporation covenants to 
set aside a sum equal to 20% of the net earnings avail- 
able in each year for 'dividends on the Class "B" 
Stock, which sum shall be set aside on or before 
January 31, 1926. and on or before January 31 of each 
\rar thereafter The proceeds of this Si nking Fund 
are to be used to retire Cumulative Preferred Stock 
by purchase or redemption. It is believed that the 
proceeds from the Sinking Fund provisions will be 
sufficient to retire at least one-half of this Cumulative 
Preferred Stock within 10 years. 

4 » i « - » 

\i H I m f H 

Wru. «: > . .* I . . * a ■ I 
Miam I 

Mldvale Steel 
m »- . »• ' 

Ml. raelfli. pfd 

Montana lo«n 
Steetsomery Vtaid 

*4<>»>ii 44olor 


Motor Wheel 

National Hleralt 
National l«ad 
Nevada Tone 
N erf elk a Weal 
Nerlh American 
Northern Pacific 

N.V. Ceatral 

N Y.. N M. * llarl 

n t.. i>»t. a 

Tarltard Molar 

Paelflc OH 

Pan American 
I'ennaylvenia R H 
People'a Uaa 
Pere Marquette 
rrin Readias 
Phillip. Pet. 

Pierce Arrow 1S-4 

Pierce Pate |-4 

Producers a R.f II 

Pullman Co 142 

Pure Oil is 

Radio 4 A- 4 

Rail Steel Mprint 114 

Rar tone. is 

Readlnc 47 4 

Rep Iron a Hteel 4T-7 

Royal Dutch 44-7 

Ha va«a Arm. hS « 

K'hulls 144 4 

Heabd Air Line pfd . 44-4 

She" Unlo.n U<,k 'jl-l 

Minim. Pete 1S4-7 

Sinclair I'oaa IS 

Sloas Sheffield S4-I 

Southern Pacific 144-7 

Southern Railway 144-4 

Standard Oil. < al 41-1 

Staadard Oil. N.J 44 

Standard Oil. lad 44-t 

Stewart Warner 44-4 

St. Loals * S. Fun . . 94 4 

Strom her* Cars 44-4 

Htud.baker 41-3 

T.onesaee Copper 14-4 

Tesaa Ca 4T-1 

Texas Oulf Sulphur .. 11S-4 

Teaaa Pacific K R ... II 

Teiae Par C. A O . . . 11-4 

11 m ken Roller 41 

Tobaceo Prod SS-I 

Tobacco Prod. "A" . . 141 

Traaa. OH 4-1 

t'nloa Paciric 142-4 

t atted Pralt 114 

US. Caat I. Pipe .... 111-4 

V.K lad. Atca 44-7 

t X Rubber It-l 

V.a. Steel Ill 

ftah Copper SS-1 

Vanadium It 

Waba.h TJ-4 

Weetera t;*ton llt-4 

Weatern Pacific 14-4 

Weetlns Blec 74 

While Motor S4-1 

Willys-Overland lt-1 

WlMyo-Overlend pfd. 144 

Woolworlh 142-7 

Worth Pump It 



14 7 

7 I 

•I I 

• fi « 



St- 2 




44 4 

.... Ill 4 141 4 ltl 4 

.... u-i li-i iLi 

.... UI-4 114 III ! 

.... 44 II I 41 : 

HI ! 


14 1 



by R. P. Clark A Co.. Ltd ) 
Kracttona lo Ulsblhs) 



Ahillhl 44 

Aaaealoa ;i-T 

Atlaatlc Surar II-I 

Bell Telephoaa .j 111-4 

Brompton Paper 24-4 

Braalllao Trar 4*-4 

Can. Cemeat com 144-1 

Can. Cement pfd lll-l 

Can. Car Kdy com. 14 

Caa. Car Pdy. pfd 74 

Caa. ag. com is-4 

Can. ms pfd 44-4 

Caa. Cottoaa 114-4 

Can. Converters II-I 

Coea. at. A & 117-2 

Detroit United 1 

Dominion Bridie 44 4 

Dominion Canners 14S 

Dominion Olaaa 147 

Dominion Teatlle ll-7 

Howard smith II 

I.ake of Wooda Milling Of 4 

turentlde Co • I' 

Mackay Ca 1I1-4 

Montreal Power MS 

National Brewerlea 4S-4 

Oatarto Steel |T 

Osllvle Mllllag Ca 141 

Ottawa Pow«r 41 4 

l'enmana. 1.14 t«o 

Shawlnlfan HJ 

Kpmaish River Tulp 142 

Spanish River Pulp pfd Ill 

Steel of Canada 14-7 

Twla City Kmc tl 

Wayagamac Pulp 44-t 


• •*tes« 

* * • 

SC. Silver 

Boundary Red Mouatala. . 

nowena Capper 

Cork Province 

Double. Channel 

Dunwell Mlaes 

Olarler Creak 


Haaelton Oeld Cobalt 

Hemlock Creak Placer.... 

Hewa Sound 1... 


Indian Mines Coal 

L a L. Glacier 

MrOilllvray Coal 

Premier Mines 


Sheep Creak Coae 
Silver Craat 
Sllveramltfe ... 
Standard Sllv.r 
Sanloch Mlnaa 

• rf lalet Oald 



Selklrka J. 

Lakeview /. 


Perter- Idaho 


Oleaesr ... 

Hydro Jumbo 


British IV 1 rot. urn 

Empire Oil .. 
Spartan Oil . 
Sweetgraaa . 
Trelan Oil . . 

B.C Montana 


Am. I Appliance 

B.C. Farm. Laaa 

Canada National Fire . 
Ureal Weal Perm l.naa 
Greserr^TIro * Robber 




1 ti 

1 71 


• • 


■ esasssss.e 

a m • * • a • s • • * 




Wedneaday. p m — l.tM 
I M4 Premier at II. tS; II 
Stt Premier at 12 14. ttt 

Indian at .14; 
• at St. 
Dunwell at |2. 


tiVW YORK, Aug\ IS. — Sterllnx 
• achanae staady at 14.12 S-l for to- 
day bills, and |4. II 1-2 for damand. 
Bar stiver, foralan, SI T-lc. Cana- 
dian dollara, l-SJc premium. Franca, 
demand. 4.47 1-Sc. Lire. damand. l-Se. 

Fortnightly Market Report 

S47ttMthrnar vanaale to investors. Shows ranarc of 
prtres on Bonds. Stock., <"irsin Capital, Dividends paid 
and Review of Market New York. Montreal and Van- 
couver Stocks. Sent only to those requesting iu Send 
in your name and address. 

R. P. Clark & Co., Ltd. 

B. C. 


Do You Own Edmonton Bonds 

Maturing October 1, 1929 

Wc have information covering these bonds which 
should bt of value to you. Please call at our office. 

British Columbu Bond Corooraf.on, United 

Kon btrcf Victoria. B.C. Phonea 348 

V Vancouver 

•■4 1 

; vie**** 1 *" 

Tn«- l,ow«.u market 7 

Local Stocks of the better companies 
are available at cheaper prices than previously and offer an excellent 
opportunity to average down the cost of your holdings. 

RL (, CHRIS'? Y & CO.. I ID 

Times Building Victoria, B.C. 


Phones 375 - 614 


fork s aril? H *'*'•!'«"'• s 


Victoria Mines 
Argenta Mines 
B. C. Gold Mines 


Rush-Columbia Mines 

Rufus Mines 
Kirkland Gold Mines 

719-721 Fort Street. Victoria. B.C. Phones 7070 and 7071 


f .Ai sH, IE" V i IP 

The Time to Buy Mining Stock Is When the Market 

ri.A 7 a* x DIFSPFC Hi P 



M.mkere Vleteeie 
stock Esehajise 
114 PssaSs r to* BaJMssST 



Hey wood & l eis* 

M I N h : 

, I »i 1 1 .... v...: ■ • 

Sound Municipal B^uJ- 

YlaUaattllG S% TO 6% 

fviLLESPiK, HART X Wr-'. I Vh 

Til rert Street 


Milieu, Ij 


News of far-reaching importance is expected almost daily now. We 
recommend the immediate purchase of the shares as an extraordinary 
speculation. Inquiries invited. Call, write or phone. 

I OifKKAf. SIM !. : > I -i 

123 Pemberton Bldg.. Victoria Phon* 1S70 

ITie Value of Experience 

You cannot afford to have an individual 
rain experience at the expenae of 
your estate. The better plan is to have your 
property placed in the care of a Truat Com- 
pany which haa succeeafully managed eetatea 
for many years. » 

When you name this Corporation a* 
Executor of your Will, you are sure that your 
estate will be administered by men of experi- 
ence—and experience is important 


Office. Comer Seymour 
H. C. rIBWETSON. Manager 

(Sapplled by R P Clark a Oa.. L44.) 
Twearty lndnatriala. in so. u p 1.1S; 
new record hiah 

Twenty rails. ltl.SS; np .4S; 
record hlah 


Week's Clearings 

WINNIPEG. Ave- II— The fol- 
lowing- era the bank rlearlnas for the 
principal 4'ttlas of th* Demlnion of 
Canada for the week endlna today, 
as compared with the correspondm* 
period a year airo: 

ISI4 IS14 

Montreal 447 lu ll: |IS4»4I 

Toronto 41. lit. ltl 

Wlnalp»* 4t.ttt.4TI 

V.r. never ll.1tl.44t 

' alsarr 

and Overssae). It will then acquirn 
the huslnea* of th* Angio KsyptJan 
Bank and of th* National Bank of 
South Africa. 

The new institution wilt hav* 

Gold Mines 



Winaaae . 


« 4TI4I4 
4 244 444 
4.«4 t«T 

• I 441 114 
11.474 . T I S 

l« 14" t 44 

4. ttt. ttt 
4 ttt 44 : 
I e-t sit 



I • • • # s * « 

mi lUSS m* prop.;,,... „j * fj »;'&5TlKi. TS^tae.** C "* rAmo " M - C" 1 "- 

T his stock is of/end, i/. when 
Rocetpts todl ht rtady for delm 

■ "'it 

Iway Co. 

itsutd and rtttivtd hy U \ 
or about Aufusi 20. 1925. 

N r> x: 


m m 

44<vrta» Jaw 



MnnrtiHt . . . . 

Port William . . . . 

I'.', f t« ■ 
fir. «^«n 


Mew Weetmtnel.f 

Prtnre A tfcert . . . . 
Sfeeielae Hat 

4.1:: »o. 

4.114 4*1 
] 744.444 
t.4tt 474 
: 444 

I 144 • < 

' iii III 
?*• til 

ttt 441 
47t t«l 
4tl 41 J 
444 t4S 
444 444 

its ttt 

1 4J* 447 

t.4t4 147 


711 4*7 

I 114 »«4 

■«» 144 

• tt.ttt 

• 14 «74 
tit 4lf 
4S7 S4t 


oiW tubject to the 

I'nvc $95 P c? Shan tu Vicki 7.M^/- 






f -HONRS .'rvn rtru 

jPI*p»mr < w 4*w ' i ' »» *• " 

City of Vancouver 
5% Bonds 

Dor February I, 1«40 Price. 100 5 J 
an '! a- - - -ifS • t it ■ * i . n a t • '• *. 

Roy«il Financial 
Corporation* Ltd. 

* X rata 

lt^9 Win-b HIM 

Amalgamation of Three 


I Opportunity foi 
i Those les?ro!?s 
J of Investing 
■ in First 
J Mortgage 
. a! 8 ' 

« stauanre 


MO Feet 



NEW TORE.. Atif. | S — Flan* for 
the amalaamaUon of thr** of-- the 
larweat British hanklna; Institution, in 
Arrlra the Colonial Bank, th* Anflo 
Kcrptlan Bank and Ms* National 
of Hotjth Africa, war. an- 


Ju*t now wc can plare to 
splrndirl advantage sums 
ranging from $4,000 and up- 
wards in first mortgage*. 

We shall be pleased to give 
proepeetive investors com- 
plete details regarding any 
1 hese mortgages. 

taw New Tr 

funk. limited 
t«t«li » •'. 

The r ,U-nt»; 


; r n r r*r» r H t *. ,1 i p 1 .1 

| lUti'Ut ; a Hani 


Control of th* 
with Barelsys Rank 
rlt nwnerehlp 

rt* n i v ' ' ! he r «■ • n 

change i i « nm t> e ».. 

1 1 jo nu mos. Colonial 

; » Pemberton & Son 


!r>r |», 


n c 



















!••'"••-. te.| i '»:• ••^n.-if w v. ill 

\ > "f i ur, 

TODAY AT 1:30 

W*M Ker>l 


Household Furniture 
and Furnishings 

Of HI % Iilffere-nl Honi« 

• -foot Chesterfield. t'phol»tere.l Arm 
Chair, Oak Arm Chair and Rwk»r, 
Footatool. Led y e Hecretslre. t Gate- 
leg Tables. S Bookcase* an<1 Hecre- 
leirea combined. Very good Picture*, 
<>ntr« Tn Me*. Couches, Carpets and 
Ruf», Dining Tables. 4 sets of immimk 
flairs. Edlaon Onmophon* and 
Records. Ladles' and Oant'a Bicycles. 
Baby BurIm and Oo-<~*erts Iron 
B< i Hprlnge and Mattresses. Oak 
and other Ureses rs and Htanda, Bad- 
room Hull*. Children's Cola. Bedroom 
Tsblee, Chair* and Hock era. Heaters. 
4- Rood Ht*el Ranr<w, Oaa Rang*. 
Kitchen Table*. Kitchen (Th Stirs, 
i •r..,,i...,f Tablea. Cooking Utensils. 
Jam Jar a ( Yockery and Oluaevware. 
Crosscut Saw* Hose, Uardan Tool*. 
Tool Cheats. Screen Doors. Bath with 
taps. Knamal Mink. Applee. Peara. 
Meat Haf», etc. 

Alao at 11 o'clock In Our HUN-kinftf 

Another flne lot of Pullets, Men* 
Cockerels, Rabbits, I good Milch 
Coe/a. 6- Pa— tm gar Kord Touring Car 
In good running order, lot of good 
Wire Netting. Inoubator. Auto Trailer, 



V. rut 

Attractive Auction 

Today at 1:30 P.M. 

Valuable Antique 



Lovely Pardan Rugs, 


In McCloy's Auction Halls 
Corner Pandora and Blanahard fits. 

(As prevloualy advertlead) 


Auot looser* Phon* Mil 

v ;t<i 

Livoatock Auction 

Saturday, at 11 A.M. 

on the Public Market Square 

1 «.wc Hordes, ftailtn 

2 II Ijrti-i TjWat# Slid lurid I rn W*w 

\l, «■ i t. ) V" & i < » 

Market Auctioneer* 



I t I* »■•'•* I "I 
* M> »K>7 '■«» i * < 1 to I • • . 

Furniture Snaps 

Mthogany Cheat Dnnn lor IMH 

Fnajllah Oak Cheat llraw.r* tit 50 

Oioti Drawtm at 11*. $13.50 to 112 10 
Old Mftaniai) Mahogany W. I * 

Mahogany Parlor Suite.. $4S and 6M.Q0 
Clreaaatan Walnut IMninu Sullr. %i? 
rum*<i Oak Dtn 4" >"« 

(io|,i. n Oak Dtnln» Seta. |S9 mil *4g.00 
Bureau*, rl !•* • I . ? 

I phnUtere ' %7"> I!? ' 

Kum».l Oak Morrla Chalra. a* eh $7 50 
Oak Library Table* Ill and 111 50 

if j Ithb f ur rtif ure Mar f 

747 POST *T. B HONK 3441 

••at saieotion at Sooka In City 

in >\ .»« »H \ s >| \ n i l \ 

Addressing the convention of Cana- 
dian Klorlata and Gardener*' Assocl- 
atlon In Toronto, he said he believed 
we could live better and longer by 
cultivating a love of flower*. He re- 
gretted the fact that Canadian* on 
the whole do not pay enough atten- 
tion to the cultivation of flower*. 

VanuHivct Sioi k 



VANl-OUVKR. AB«. II— Today* quot*- 
llon* ua Ua Vancouver Stock SSacheDg* 

Bid. A*W«d. 

........ - • . . m 

war* . 

B. C. Silver 

Cork Provrac* 


Boundary H-l Um 
Daly Alaska 
Ovu«l*a Chana*l 



Olad*r ..«•••......... ... 


Haaalten Oold Cobalt 

Ind*p*ad*nc* ••...•.•..•« 

Indlaa Mint* 

later. Coal 

L a L. .. 

I.ak. vi-» , 

I in ay Jim 1 1 i mimaia 
Marmot Matal* 
National Hilv.-r ......... 

Phoanla ......... ^ ■ » i — * 


Porter Idaho ............ 


flitvar Croat Mine* 


Hurt Inlat Hold ......... 

Tarmlnaa . . . 
How* Bound 


Vlpond .....< 


Tec* HuihM 

II < ' Montana 
M*pl*|L«af .. 


M.C. Perm. Loan 






• • 


• • 



• * • a a a 

II 44 

a a • a • 
• e • • • 


eeaaaeeaaaa 14.77 
eeeeeeeeaea *VTl 
*e*. •••••*• 
| # ■ • • • a • a e a 



1 14 


.14 , 
3 71 
■ 14 


.11 Va 


1 14 





* l.S» 
.04 1-11 

Urr>ory Tlr* A B I II 

Hal** — Aug. II, p.m . 14.444 Gladstone. 
II w: 1.100 Indlaa. 04H: 111 Protnlar. t.ll; 
7* Pr*ml*r. I.Nl 144 Pr*ml*r. 1.41. 10.010 
Trojaa. .41%. 4.441 Trojan. Ill*; 1.444 Tr« 
Jan. 01 S (b I*); 14.000 Trolan, »1 % (b 10). 
A<i| 11. am -10.444 B.C. Montana. 04 3 14; 
100 8llv*r Cr*at, .11. 


1*4 by B P. Clark * Ca., Ltd.) 

Arm. t'oal 


Charker <'*b • 

f>urant Del. .... . A . ........ .. 

\f..»nl . . ............. . . 

Ml lit L 


Tob. Prod. Ri. 

tin. ProAt Khar 

Cn Retail Candy t..., 

I'm » Serv., tom 

Clttea H*rv., pfd. 

Cltl*a Serv , Bkra 

Am. Oaa Ml 

i^hleh Pow. Saea. 

Natl. Pow. Lit* 


* e a 

• e • 

■'lb ..•••••**• 

O Ian rook 

I»t. Pat* 

Marl. Mf « e * e e e • ■ a a * * • a * • a a 

M*>loo Oil 

( "OI> 1 1 Oil 4) 0m* • e • • *'•■••••>•• 
Noblo Oil .•.*>*>•• < 

r«nnr>ck Oil 

Myan Cona. • 

AaPUlpa e.aaee* 

Kg* 1 1 I'rOlJ. ..••eeaaa*...* 

Malt Cr. i'ona • . ••••» 


















II 'A 





Aria. Olnhe ... 
Butt* * W. ... 
Cal Jarem* . . . 
Can*. Copr. . . . 



HureHa • 

.«*..... ... 


• t • • * 

a • a ■ e . . * * *) M 



She (romantically) : "The man I 
marry must be wilting to go through 
fire for me." 

H«: "Then I'm your man. The boa* 
has flrsd me for telephoning you so 



J. V. Devel •< 

Kerr Lake 

M »"un VafalllFJf .•*.eaaa****>*« 


Ohio Copper •*#...»«... 

T*ok Hushea 

Cn. Raatar* 

Ua. Verd* Km 
W.yn* Coal 

a • e a a * 
• • a a e • 











• s, 


• % 

■ I 






















Vlrlnry leu, »Vi*A— Tai Free 

Inlereat due — Buy Hell 

ISS1. l.i Jun* and Dec 101 IS 10S.SS 

IISS. lat May and Nov 1*1 2S 104 21 

1117. let Jun* and Der 1*1 II 111 IS 

War laa*. 4*A — Taa Kree 

llll. lat Jun* and Dec..* •• 70 1**70 

till, let April and Ort 111.11 102 II 

1117. let Mar and Sept 114 It 

(Payable New York. I 

Vlrlery l-ewa. »H% 

III7. lat May and Nov Ill II 111 OS 

till. 1st May and Nov 111.71 III 7* 

1114. lat May and Nov 1IS.1S ll« II 

Dominion I oatn 

llll. ISth April and Ort , S*i, . 14* 40 101 00 

1I4S. ISth April and Oct , S% . Ill IS 102 IS 

lilt ISth April and Oat.. 4%% H 10 17 to 

1114. let Peb. and Au* (C N.B )■ •% . . lit SO 
Add accrued Intereat to date 
I»I7. 1117—71 daye. fi ll per 1100 

IISS. llll. 1IS4— 114 daya IS 1ST 

1IS7. 11 

"at'-a 1 
•r 1114. 

llll. llll lit daya, 11444 par 
1144-114 day*. SI 4tS per SlO*. 





Puly initructed by F.rnest Ayton, Eiq., will icll by Public Auction on 
the Premiiei. Wilkinion Road. Royal Oak. North of L»yriU'» well 
known Numerics, on 

Wednesday, August 19 

At 2 oXIock 

rtis rarm and iVlodern 

The Farm coniiat* of 10« * Acre*, conuintnf $K% Acrrs of Arahlr Land. 
2 Acrei of Paiturt. One Acre of Standing; Timber sad 2 Acres of Chicken 
Psddock* and Veget.t.lf Gardes, with Chicken Houses for 750 Chickens. 
Two Stables »nd Three Barns. 

The Bungalow hs* only just been built, and cnniists of Living Room. J 
Bedroom.4, Kitchen. Bathroom and Toilet, Laundry with fixed Galvtniied 
Tuoba, Porches. Cupboard* in all the Bedrooms, Linen Closet. Concrete 
Poundstions and Baeement for Storing Lumber. Ktr Klertric Light and 
Power, Telephone and City Water laid on. 

At the same time we shall sell the whole of the Furnishing* and Effects, 
mdudmg Upright Grand Piano in Mahogany Case hy Brewster, Large 
Klrrtnc Range (nearly new). Electric Washing Machine, Ete. 
Full Particulars in Saturday's and Sunday's Papers. 

For Further Particulars and Terms Apply to 




Wheat FliH'tuatcH f 
During Session 

Winnipeg Follows Chu 
Lead and 1'rncs Change 

VMNNIPBO, Aug. II.— Continuing 
to follow the lead of Chicago, the 
Winnipeg wheat markri today waa a 
stubborn affair. with fluctuation* 
•vorklng within a range «jf two cent*. 
Throughout the aeenlon a. strong un- 
dertone prevailed. October declining 
%0 at 141%. thl* being fractionally 
jabove the low point for the day. De- 
cember eased off \ at 141%. while 
May at 147 % wss S lower. On early 
dealing* Ormber delivery reached It* 
maximum bulge, touching 141. After 
the flrat hour of trading the market 
became draggy. with prloaaj following 
an erratic course. Liverpool cable* 
continued to show strength, baaed 
principally on unsettled weather con- 
ditions in the. United Kingdom snd 
the continent. 

Of the coarse grains, flax underwent 
a decline of Ic. Oat*, barley and rye 
were Insctlve. price* easing off slightly. 

Low Cloee 

14* I44U 

I41H 141% 



O*0t- e e a ■ a 




...... .147 




M Vye^ 

OCt. ■ e a e e e • 


ie*e ...... 

• e e * * 
s * e • e • a 

• * * * • a • 
• •*•*** ■ 

: 4*% 

. so 

. 7S% 



II. ali 


241 V» 







4!%e lib 


71 lib 

241 Sk* 140b 

114a 144 
144a 104t«a 
111 ill 1 , a 

Wheat — 1 nor., 170%; 2 nor., 114%; 
3 nor., 111%; No. 4. 111%; No. 6. 
115%; No. 4. none; track. 111%. 

Oat*— 2 cw.. SIS. I cw , 11%; ex- 
tra 1 feed 51%; 1 fsed. 49%; 2 feed. 
47%; rejected. 41%; track. 14%. 

Barley — I cw., 14; 4 cw., 12; re- 
acted, 1% % ; feed. 71; track. II. 

Klax — l nwc, 242; I cw., 215; 1 cw., 
Ill; rejected. 205: track, 240. 

Rye— 2 cw.. 106%. 


Chicago Grain 

(S*|ipll*d by BC Bond Corpn . Ltd.) 
OHICAOO, Aug. It. — rrlees fluc- 
tuated rapidly today and whlls show- 
ing considerable atrength, September 
selling at a nsw high for present up- 
turn, the beat prices were not main- 
tained. Millers ware reported as fair 
buyers here and at Minneapolis. 
Prnfit-taklng wss In evidence on all 
bulges but these salss were readily 
absorbed and market rsllled shsrply 
from early setback. Liverpool failed 
to come as due. Wet westher pre- 
vails in parts of Europe. Wheat will 
eventually sell higher in our opinion, 
but we would not follow these sharp 
bulges, r 

Corn: Due practically to beneficial 
rains, corn waa under pressure most 
of the session. The strength In wheat 
had little or no effect. Bales made 
on the sharp upturns, we think, will 
prove profitable. 
Wheal — 





Winnipeg Grain 


W 1m 


.1 t 

with final figure* 3-4e to l-lc lower. 
The buying power waa quite moder- 
ate, but mostly nufflcient to absorb 
the ilght offerings, the selling being 
only acattered The loral market at 
the present time appears to be in 
control of two or three local bulls, 
and they sppear to neve little trouble 
In forcing price* up. hut on the 
bulge* there Is more wheat for ssle. 
and the advances today were difficult 
to hold. Trade today was largely 
local, ordering being received with 
the public showing little Intereat, ex- 
porters snd miller* were doing very 
little, and aeaboard advices stated 
that export sales yesterday were light, 
being estimated at about 200.000 
buHhela. with demand flat this morn 
lng. There was a report that a cargo 
of No. 1 Manitoba wheat had been 
•old to Hweden via Montreal, but It 
was not confirmed — possibly pool 
wheat. Liverpool waa stronger, due 
to continued unsettled weather In 
the United Kingdom and on the con- 
tinent, with offerings becoming 

The weather over the West was 
very favorable, being fine with mod- 
erate temperature. The forecaat is 
for fine and moderate warm today 
throughout the West, with showsrs In 
Alberta on Friday. Wheat cutting 
will soon be general throughout the 
West, and In a week or two this mar- 
ket will be under hedging pressure, 
and unless there is a better export 
demand we belle*ve these levels will 
be hard to hold. 

We advise Hale on bulges. 

Coarse Oraln: Thsre was very 
little ddlng in these markets today, 
there being neither buying or selling 
of moment; no export business re- 
ported. Oet* closed unchanged to 
l-4c higher; barley. 2-4c lower to 
l-2c higher, and rye unchanged to 
l-2c up for the October and Decem- 
ber futures, respectively. 

Klax: An easier tendency with a 
little scattered selling. Final figures 
were 2c to 1 3-4c lower. Trade very 

closing bid 4; offered 
lonn against acceptanc 


NEW YORK. Aug. 13 — Call money 
easy; high 4: low 4; ruling rata 4; 

at 4%; last 
i. 1%. Time 
loans firm; mixed collateral, 10-10 
days. 4% to 4%; 4-1 months, 4 % to 
4%. Prim* commercial paper, 4. 
At London 
LONDON. Aug. II. — Money. 1% 
per cent. Discount ratea: Hhort bills, 
4 por cent: three months' bills, 4 to 
4 1-6. 



M.y "!?. 




104 % 

• 1% 

. 47% 
. 41% 














47 * 


4f % 







NEW YORK. Aug. II. —Copper 
steady: electrolytic, spot and futures. 
14% to 14%. Tlr eaay; ap©t and 
nearby. 67.17; futures, 57.75. Iron 
stesdy; unchanged. Lead firm: spot, 
I.SJ to 9.9V Zinc easy: East Ht_ 
Louls. spot snd futures, 7. 50 to 7.66. 
Antimony, spot, 11.00 to 11.25. 

At liondoti • 

LONDON, Aug. IS, — Standard cop- 
par, epot. CI2 10s; futures, £12 10s. 
Electrolytic, spot, t47 16a; futures, 
III 6s. Tin, spot. 1266 7s 6d; futures, 
£261 2s 4d Lead. spot. £17; futures, 
£15 15s. Zinc, spot, £36 5s; futures, 
CI6 16s. 


NEW YORK. Aug. 12 — Par -liver, 
61 %. Mexican dollars. 61%. 

At London 

LONDON. Aug. IS — Bar 
12 %d per ounce. 


MONTREAL. Aug. 13 — Butter and 
eggs active; cheese unchanged. 

Cheese — Finest Westerns, 21 l-4c; 
finest Easterns. 22 l-lc. 

Butter— No. 1 pastsurlssd. II l-4c; 
No. 1 creamery. 17 l-4c; seconds. 
16 l-4c. 

Eggs— Fresh extras, 41c; fresh 
firsts, lie. 

Weekly Statement of 

Bank of England 

IXINDON. Aug. " 11.— The weekly 
statement of .the Bank of England 
shows the following ohangss in 
pounds sterling: 

Total reserve Increased 112.000. 

Circulation decreased 1.066,000. 

Bullion decreased 243.000. 

Other securities Increased 4.616.000. 

Other deposits lnco*saae>d 211.000. 

Notes reserve increased 146,000. 

Government securities Increased 

The proportion of the banks re- 
serve to lisblllty this week la 10.61 
per cent; lust week it waa 11.21 per 

Rate of discount Is 4 % par cant. 

— . a 

The British view with some prejudice 
America's "apparent over Indulgence 
to prisoners" In such matters a* giving 
"prison concerts, newspapers and 
meals a la carte." according to the 
Lord Chancellor. Viscount Cave, be- 
fore the InternaUonal prison congri 


Programme of Principal W i 
Broadcasting Station* 


CFCT. Victoria. B.C. fStt-f Metre*) — 
I o'clock, concert programme broad- 
casted by rietcher Brothers from 
their Btelnway Studio Mrs. Percy 
Orace. soprano; Mr. Fred Francla. 
tenor; Mr Percy Edmonds, bari- 
tone; Miss Ine* Penaer. pianist; Mr. 
Kennath Webster, medalist In elo- 
cution at the B.C. musical festival; 
Mlas Dorothy Morton. Accompanist. 

CNKV. ( Vsasonsver. 2»l) — • 30 to II 
p m . Studio programme: Piano 
solo. <s) "Invitation to ths Walts" 
iWsber). (b) Nocturne In B fiat 
Minor" (Chopin). Mr. Jsmes Todd; 
bsrltonne solo, (a) "Like to the 
Damask Rose" (Elgar). tb> "The 
Mistress of ths Master" (Ptiilllps). 
Mr. Donald Hyslop; violin solo, 

(a) 'KM Nidrle" .Max Mm. -hi 

(b) "Musette" (Oluck). Miss Edna 
Crittenden; contralto solo, selected, 
Mrs. H. H. Johnson. I . A It piano 
solo, <a) "Polonatsa la A flat" 

. (Chopin), (b) "Hunghrtsn Rhapos- 
Idy No. I" (Llsst). Mr. Jamse Todd , 
baritone sole.. (a) "The Lute 
Player" (AlUasan). (b) "Thanks Be 
to Ood" (Dickson). Mr. Donald 
>k». (a) "Caprlc* 
). lb) "Saints D* 
Amoar- (Elgar). Miss Edna Ortt- 
tenden. contralto sola, selected, 

a.'.**, i c n i K r.,i . ■„ , sag i • p.m . 
Concert from Bberman. Clay 4k 
Company ntudln. 

< KV * .\ -■»•- Hi - 

News Items. Vancouver San 

(- ■■11 1 e . SOS)— 7 to I pm. 
Saw A Steal Cots pa 
>; • to 14 p m.. Western At 
Company pr.Htr,, -yime. II IS 
to II gas.. Earl (iray'a 

K% \ . | lirw, Angrlc*. V*7 i ••• ' » 

|> rn I*, eat <»« ' ' «».-.• r»* r v f r 

mole Control, • lo 11 p m.. Feature 

*^-* ,w e>^i^»^ w e*wie*»e>^ 

programme; 11 to It p.m.. Motel 
Ambassador. Abs Lyman's Cocoanut 
Oiove Orchestra; 12 p.m.. to 2 am. 
Wurlltser Night Hawks l-ora Wur- 
Utser Studio. 

KOA, ( Denver. Oolo., 8S3) — 7 p.m.. 
Open air concert. Denver municipal 
bsnd, Henry Sacks, director. 

KPO. (Han fVanolaoo, 411) — 7 to 
7:10 p.m.. Concert from the Fair- 
mont Hotel; I to 11 p.m.. Palace 
Hotel dance orchestra. 

KFI. <Los AngrVm. 4417)— I to • 
p m.. Aeolian Organ Recital, featur- 
ing the Aeolian Beatdence Pips 
organ. Dan MacFarland at ths 
< onsole : 6 p.m . Isbell-Boyd Quar- 
tet. Bslph Relly (tenor). Emma 
Klmmell (soprano): 10 p.m.. Betty 
MeCluer (pianist). Clytle Haskell 
(whistler i Thelma Benton (violin- 
ist). Rslph Vincent (tenor). 

CFHC. ((SJgary. 4AS)— 6 to I p.m. 
Vocal and Instrumsntai Selections. 

KPO A. (SrausJe. 4M) — 4 to I: It 
p m.. The Times. Wm F. Hoffman's 
Olympic Hotel concert 
6 to 6:41 p.m.. Dinner Hour 
by Hoffman orchestra from ths 
Olympic Hotel, coarteey of Pad fee 
States Electric Company; 6:46 to 
1:16 p.m.. Shurmaa. Clay A Oaw 
programme; 1:11 p.m.. weather re- 
port ; h io to 16 p.m.. The Times 
Btudlo programme; !• to 1 1 36 
d m Eddie Markness and bis or- 
chestra playing from the Marlns 
room of the Olympic Hotel. 

t Mil . 1 rtrn-nom M7. ' X* 

. Hale, and 


College North. 
St*».l •.nrlw '»"'"•• 'a H 

P m Western Auto Supply Cs. 
programme; 16 ta 11 P m Art 
Hlcbman'a danc* on 
I the BUtmore HoteL 

Jbr long service / 



Local Ilt»tnl>utor» 


■ .!».<•. V <!(» 4.1. d 

JONES BROS, Phase 3714 

d i'n eg- t t- I 

'H- i 

Payment by 


aeaa » * 

Why not pay your telephone 
account this month by 
cheque and prevent the de- 
lay at the wicket, which is 
unavoidable about the 18th? 
No stamp tax now on 

rhefliis?^ for $5 00 or less. 

VliV\| MVU « VsV ▼-^•W ^sF**» »^s^*t"*mPw 





NEW v i > UK. Aug. II.— I 
30; refined. 6.16 to 6.50. 


LONDON. Aug. 1» — No further 

meeting of the committee of the 
Orand Trunk Pacific stockholdsia 
has yst been arranged following the 
statement of Sir Henry Thornton two 
weeks ago The stock, which Irn- 
medlately prior to Sir Henry's pro- 
nouncement rose ss high as 44. Is to- 

14 1-1. which 

Is a better pries than a fsw daya ago 
Today's Stock Eachaags Oaastte say* 
thsre is an uneasy feeling regarding 
the recent invitation of the bond- 
holders to Ottawa, for* Sir Henry 
Thornton's latsr statement shows 
that the invitation waa In the nature 
or sn ultimatum. 


An automobile answers 
the question. You can 

go when and where you like; 
a few hours' drive, a week-end 
trip or a vacation journey are 
at your command. 

Perhaps you don f t own a carl Have 
you ever realized how inexpensive 
good used cars really a re -on what 
easy terms they can be had— and how 
many thousands of "milm of smile*" are 
left in them? 

Turn to the "Automobilea For Ssio" columns 
of Tha Daily Colonist Want Ada. You'll ftnd 
' StjsBetffcfcef fJSSM fmu lika, something, you can 
sAsWsV*4he iMst -aaswsv in Um world ta 

( ) N i s .1 



Important Notices, Employment, Business and Professional Directory, Wants, Etc. 

•V;>tX H) CLASS!' II D 

„ ,„. , „ f i - 1 - » • > 

» i) . r- • lee Nirl.i 111 1 he 
,„,. ( . „g Let »*• 

• n«n|«4 end ea. b 

- «i*v « : 

Ilun Would > 

ptier • «. i-an* 

• I I al .M'" I' I. • :■■,,!!■, U--SI 

M id ■ n •• 

ro» the 

C*l as-fled 

been alpha! 
. seelfi. allon fur 
I i iMINO K 1 
MA i HI 

The Dilfflbo » » '• 1 '■* " '" '' 

each he. ■.!•!■• »■ .. "•■>•-' 

I ■ , -i 

I < „..„..•.. • f. ■ r .-a (i ■ » 


. . i rn, ,., ed uui.r -.,« Iska I'll.fH 
,„ , hlidl-l, U> ol 1.1*1.! b. 

lb* hour. mo4«rtt«. r*lu)M 

II ...... HN i i.l > •.. .!..»! 

LA I • 1 

• I l« of 

I AI>V help r,|,.M.r. f.| I. , ulin« . ulilfort 
I J .bio home. email salary. Oood refar 



» • • _ 

1 -_A 


aci»«|« — To Rant 

Acreage Wanted .... 

Af»nit Wanltd 


Solos for Hlro 

» • i. . - 

Hualiiees Opporlunltlee 

Hliarda and Pool 

xts and Jauofhw 


■ mine Kv.nii 
rclee and Motorcycles 

lurch MalKw 


]>...... * ■ !1 * ••• 


Psrm* for Rant 

Karma for Salo •• 

Karma Wanted •• 

Plata and Apartmants lo Rant 

Por Hal* — Mia. ellaneoue ... 
Purnlshsd Koomi Wan lad 

t ■>. 

>#•••>■ • * e 0 < 

■ ••**••• 

> ****** a 

,n*#oooeS**0#**»**'»* v »^B 

• • • •!••••«• W* < 

• • 






• 1 




Purnlshsd Boom* (O 


li .... . far Sale 
HoiaJ I>lracter 
Housekeeping Ro«in< 
i and round . 

1*1* oo 

M neoue 

Money lo l.jan 

Personal . .. 

Profeselonal Directory ... 

Property for Halo 

Property Wanted 

Poultry and i ,..■»■. « ... 

Room and Hoard 

Room and Hoard Waotad 

flummar lleaorle 

Hoc let lc* and I ■>■<*" 

Mltuatlon Want*d — Mala 
Situation Wantr.l— ramala 

To Rani — House* . 

To Rani— rurnlahad Houaaa /. 

To Rem - Miscellaneous 

To Kirhange 

To l.easo ....••.....«.. 

Tes« hers Wanlad 

Tlmbar Rrokara 

Wsnled Mala Hslp ... 
Wssted- Pamela Halp 
Wanlad to Rant — Parma . 
Wantad lo Rani — Arreage 
Wgated to Rani— riata and Aparlmanta tl 

Waatad l* Rani — Houaaa »• 

Wantad lo Rant— Purnlehed Houbssj . . tg 
Wanlad lo Rani— MlarellanaaiMJ 
Wanlad— Houaakaanlng T 
Wantad to Buy— Houaaa 
Wantad to Borrow 

i tin mi 

i • • a • • • • < 

, a a a • • • a 4 








1 1 


1 1 


• 'I 



i-mm. A. l>. CoJ«a-ib r.rm. U|liaw«.k. 


/ i'»i|i >teno«rapbar dralraa poalllon, 
vl tbraa yaara' varlrd aaparlaxa. kno»l- 
rdga bookkaaping. ai<-uaiomad alatamanla. 
Invoicing, alt. Apply Hob HI I . Colonial, 

\f IUULK AUBD widow aaaba poaltloa aa 
-Tl hlbaifiio— r to man or bualnaaa coupla. 


^yANTKI.- Hoooawork or waohimg. I UU 

alooB; Ito^Bonr. FB4r*ao HUB. 

UBADUATB nuroa. axprrl- 
:ad of*, a work, wlabaa poaltloa 
in doc tor'* or dontlot'a om< a. Will to—a 
loMinajui anlaiy Apply Box 144J. lol- 
oolal , 

HACK WABD ahlldraa carafallr taogbl fey 
ootnpataat oipom 

r. w. 

Hlrka » « Ualgbton Moad 

| » / 4 DRAMATIC 
XJ»v^« Hun. mar bol 

Ida) a 

Haopan sap- 

(lu and om» h«if caata a word aacb inaar- 
llon. alna oenta a word a waak. with a 

minimum of II worda , raab with ordar. 
No advartlaamaat arraptad for laaa than 

twaaty-ftaa casta. 
Daalh and runaral Notl.aa. II II Urot la- 
aartlon. II 01 for aarh additional Inaartlon 
Marrlagaa. Card of Thanka and In Mainoriam 
Notlraa. It !• P*/ Inoprtlon. 
Birth Notlraa. |1.M* par InaartloB. 
Bualnaaa or Profaaolonal Carda of four llnan 
or undar. |l on par month Additional apaca 
at 11.11 par Una par month 



Offlc* aad Cha— I. I«l Quadra 
Phonaa 111! and till 

WE nalttrally want our lovad oaaa 
carad for by oaa wbom w* know, 
ona who undaratnada. ona who la aom- 
pataat. aaa who aymi 


111! Quadra Bl (Na«t to rirat 

Pbon* ill. Night or Day 

funaral rbapal. aulal. raatful akd 
la ond of tha addad faaturaa of 
Prlvata family room provldaa 
privacy during fuoaral aarvlc*. 

»t< IN I'M K.NTAIi WOltk 


tana and Moau- 
T>0 Courtaay Blraat. 

Aw HIST drlva. Monday « JO. Ill* (lor 
arafbant Stroot. II hlgbaat acora. olbar 
good prlmaa. He. 

rONCKBT and Danca of HUB Capatowa 
undar auaplcaa of Uraat War Vatarana* 
AaaoclatloD. Chambar of Commaroa, Satur- 
day avaalag. l-ll. Ftmuw Jaaa Band of 
th* Capatowa In attandaaca. Admlaalon. 
lie. Tlokata oa aala rialobar'a Mualc Shop 

» i TJf AMBTKRLBT • LAKMIDI Baraaadan 
W XX ploy from I to II avary Wadnaaday. 
' rrlday and Baturdag. »ln. muglc. aplandld 

tULUMINATBD balking boiaa aad baacb, 
X aaarehllght miki alght bathing In tha 
warm watara of Klk Lak* vary daltghtful. 

a> maatlag nlghta. flr« and' third Tim.. 
daya aach month at thalr hall. Paadora A va. 

KB roroaiara' Raunlon and Kporta. Nanal 
mo. Saturday. Auguat litb — Will In oaa 
who Inland lo maka tba trip to th* abov* 
aporta plaaaa phona tha *acr*tary of Court 
Victoria, No. TI31R1. not latar than Mon- 
day. Auguat loth, for far** and raaarva- 

/"41.ABMB4 bow forming for apaelal Civil 
Vj Borvlco aubjacta Caamlnatloa aoon 
Bnr ol bow. Bprott-Skaw BcbooL TaL II. 

/^O-UBOIATS BCHOOU tlelorla, B.C.— 
Prapaiatory echool for boya Individual 
attention Proapoctua on application. 
■ X. 

I^NUINBBRH coached for cortlfiratoa W. 
I J Winlarkurn. Ill Caatral Build ing. 

MBS. r. T. C. W I C if If I 

1113 KURT BT. »»HONB UM 

rRlVATK Tuition— Pitman'* aborthand 
and all commarclal aublocta Pboaa 

UTIU aft. 

Hall. Vancouver Blraat. rraparaltoa tor 
rlret aad aocond yaar Hlgb School eiarolna- 
tlooa. oapoelally for entrance failure*; 
Bpecial course for older glrla. Mr*. Mac- 
kaosla aad Mlaa Uttlor Phooe ItllL. 

IJT. ANN'I School. Duncaa. B.C. — Board 
kT» lag School for Boya under fourteen. 
Primary aad grammar grade*. Modern 
equipment. esleaalv* grounda. healthful 
looaTlob. Catalogue as apBltcalloa. 

•O . harlee Blreet. Victoria Klndargartea 
to matriculation. Phone Till. 

HORTH AND HCHOOU llll Government 
^ Hlr**t^ ^Bu^neaa^^auWeogA 



pL-rTgh?-. l nroTd 0, :,r , J.,' h, pb b o'n. W ... < .. 
Hea. pbon* HHtl, Hour*. 1 to I p.m.. 
except Saturday*. 


■piRNBBT SBHPUB.^ Wollal*t and *»* cn « r 

ADAM BOY D— Piano, 
till Yata*. I lu per 

month. Pboaa 

tlHHIB WADB. piano and theory. Bla- 
) mantary and advanced puplla. Phona 

MISS M ROBBBTS, toacbor of piano, 
organ and theory. llll Blackwood 



ACHOICB bungalow, high altuatlon. 
large livbag-room. two good bedroom*, 
enamel bathroom, full cemant basement, 
garage. Owner will trad* for a chlckaa 
ranch, I or I acres. Sot more than I mllaa 
Pbone llll. Victoria Realty 
iw Street. 

out oL city. 
Co , lil Vlei 

T."4 DMONTON, Weat Deltoa — Dandy flve- 
ATi room bungalow, let. II a I Hi gareg* 
and chicken run. Will exchange for l-room 
modern bungalow cloaa In What have you. 
Phona ITIIR between 11 a-m. and I p.m. 


I J car* and jitney, for 1-ro. 
1411 Colonial 

T.'VJR trades of all kind* com* and see me. 
I It will pay you. K K Hlgg*. 201 P*m- 
berton Building. 

1JV>B Sal* or Kn h«n«» — An Idoal camp 
alt* lot at Deep Cove. Will trad* for 

good car Phone 494 3 1. 


ORUIC — Cplsadld home. II 440. for place 
II. III. ouiald* eltr Box III, Colonist. 

AM ES BAY houoe wantad. I or I rooma, 
ra and 

4 room buifgalow. with laundry tub*. f«r- 


♦J in 

aschang* for modern 


nace. at*; will aaa u me mortgage. Wanted, 
city houa* la *achang* for 111 acr*a, tw*lv* 
m lies from city, with houa*, barn, etc., oa 
low valuation of |l,lll. Harry Amphlett, 
III Ualon Bank Building Phona 1100. 


- Tha regular monthly 
meeting of the Victoria 
Amateur Swimming Club will be held at 
the llorg*, Thursday. Auguat 1 1th. at I p.av 

VV A T° |D * ('■"•d'a* Uaglon — Whiet 

'TiAi drive tonight Plvr dollars high 
eat ace re. and othe r prig**. It centa 

WA TO Canadian Lagloa will hold 
. ^V. general mealing on Tueeday, at 

m.. at 

III Douglas 


-If RB AliLilNOHA M aad Mlaa Reiner, lata 
1*1 of Hudeon'a Bay Halrdreaalng. have 

get rHoom3 M /. ^jyuiiiS^ii 

rl.ASSBB aow forming for special Civil 
Service aubjacta. Examination thl* 
month. Bnrol now. Bprott-Shaw SchooL 
T*l 14. 



\ | EN or youth* who are mechanically IB- 



• II Vl*w Victoria 

V^AI.KHMKN Our business I* ...lulling 
k *Bb*crlptloB* for publication* on a aew, 
eirlsatv* and already aucceaeful plan W* 
Waal two or three man In Ihl* territory 
t'nmmlealoa baata. m lualv* oontract. *nd 
permanenl position* for producers Writ* 
Oeneral Salaa Corporation. Ltd.. BrKlnnoa 
iimi. tm« Toronto. Oat. 

HIT U«v*ram*at 

\ r BRT fin*. **f* boat and Kvlnrude. n*ar- 
* ly B*w; coat IITI. Trad* two eeater 
car. Pbon* 1140, mornings. 


A N *xp*rl*Bced draeemah 

A. Any. Pkoa* ITIIL. 

or. wi 

trk by th* 

N *xp*rleBced dreaamaker, by tb* day; 
work guaranteed. Phono IIIIL 




I.UPKKIKNceu dreaamaker. by day. 
r-d Phona IIIIY, or call. Nloholeoa. llll 


Ail. your traah wl'.l bring you cash, 
sui h aa rage, bottlaa. alao tool*, stoves, 
furnltur*. or anything *l**. We call any* 
wh*r* end nay a**t prlcea. Phone llll. 

ArNYTHINU In house repair*. Roof* r*- 
- » |.alr«.l ' and tarred. Work guaranteed 
Bailmaise free. Phone* 11*1. HIIU 

/ 1HCM8WKI.U, piano lunar. Kxpert work- 
manahrlp 714 rort St. Pbon* llll. 

side house windows. I rents each. Phon* 
Mr. Wllkl*. ItlTR. moralaga 

(4 OAT H milk. I0r pint delivered Trier e 
T (lost Dairy, ljuadra «*t. Phone 1IIIR1. 

LAZING, painting, peperbanglng. katao- 
mlnlng J. J Rosa. Ill " 
corner Viuadra Phone IIOS. 


Saww fll 
Phone lit 

nolle, led and sharpened 

Carver A Son. 117 rort. 

^AI.KMMRN. to 


• TED — Two men to rut wood, tree* 
tem; must b* able to run drag saw. 
Nit miles oat. near baa rull particular*. It 
t'overdale. Ulyn P O , Baanh h 

'ANTBD— Ship riveters' holder* oa hea<- 
»r hoy* Apply Wallaco 




an. I naaaer 

era. and 

^XTERIBNCKD nurae housemaid with 
* refereacaa Phona 111. 


I A I > Y wishes in And another, fond of 
XJ country fife as rompaalan aad to help 
with Indoor work offers aalary Weatma- 
rolt. R M D I. Ponran 

TANTED Immediately Maid, living near 
S4 Jamea Hotel, to take oar* of on* 
y»*r old baby boy daring race* Apply L 
l> Templsman Room 4t)4 Ht Jsm-s II... n 

VtT ANTED — M** aad woman ta **m II To 
v v III wsekly at heme during Mummer 
No eaavaaatng. esperienr* unne<-eaaary. dis- 
tance Immaterial. Per particular*, writ* 
Aula Knitter Hosiery Company. Toronto. 
D*b4. O M. 

TiJ|. T ANTKI>— a young lady ta So light 
▼ » dutlee es.hang. for room aad board 

MTI vn.»\s WANTlsl> -M M * 

I »< >: IU K 1, ., t -n f..r . pari Ih 

» * •"*■•« — I *'•»«"• »f»*«w -« »-t 

OTKl alght rlerk seeks Itnattsa B* 
liable i reel worthy Rob III. T M ' ' A 



|»0< K work, oemeal work, moving hot 
IV foundation work and steer work, t ...west 
price* and good work guaranteed. IIT I. 

SAFETY rssor Mad** rssharpenad. raaor* 
honed and sol lie r D. Cog, 137 Port 

AWB. all klnda, filed, aet. gummed, lie. 

B. Emery. 1 117 Cladslons Avs 

KW Invention la the Tone Arch one 
•trlng violin. Baay to play, -wonderful 
Issaa. nV»rt Wnlta. Wtowe IIIIBA. 

TJBINT1NO. rubber stamp* and seals.' 
A Phono log. Bws*n*y. MrConnoll. Ltd.. 
1*11 L angl*y Btr*et 

1A1NTINO. paperhanging and kalramlB- 
Ing r H Rosa Phon* lilt. 


■ user 

PLIMLBT. Ltd. for guaranteed 
cam and trucks. Liberal tarma 

TO HI. NT- Si i I I J,-'«. i i 

TJ>OB Rani 11 per month, superior agrlght 
A 1 grand pierm. to reaponaible party, for 
on* y**r or mow* Rog UM. Colonial. 

VH It 

*\ ding drs 

Wlnler cost. 

II. dark brown 


Irt (new I. *4aa II. alee 
•I I* 


>ST now 
sA. Phon* 

( - '• r»t I MS N T 

■ lei anars dmr 

• Tl. C 

\ HICK LINOS Hargatae— Organ. Ill; 
tear an ring double 
na« *sA)so>a. ITA 111 Pai 



t ■ i iuse d i 



111. f 

I » A HI . A I N" l« « ■ ■•«<. I "S • - »-' • 

II „ ,..| I ,||, .,. .. „i: ... « • ». I" rl ■« 

I > I ft 
I «. .. I . I I i 

, ' I K..T ' dlrrrl 

Port Sire* 

/ 1AHI1-. r«. every description, gu 
4k_^ titan and eterlllted. I -* I X'St I 
city. So* oar* before pun.h*aing 
Window and Carpet Cleaning Ca.. 
Mi eel Phone llll. 

ansuT*. Til 

I. , 

ISH Aamlnatar rug, I ft. a 12 ft.. 

l'J pretty daalgn . aacallant order Snap. 
ITT. I* Island Exchange. Til Port Street. 

r,l< IK aale 
' SI 

ItiiH Hale- Twin bads. Eogllah fumed oak. 
1 extra large slso. romplsts with wovs 
wlrs spring insures***, and aew borssbalr 
maltresMs. prlc* 110 •sen. Apply No. I 

M Apartmeuis. Hilda SlreeL Phone 

I40IL • 

tenia of houae. Burairy chair 
is4 sulky. Ill Parry BtrooL 

IK IK Kale -Wilton rug. 14 x It. In splendid 
. condition, price III; alao wardrobe, 
iirv. i? I* h •ntl vacuum cleaner, pries |4. 

1017 Quadra Street. _^ ______ 

^i.NAP— rina upholalered njhajy, with apring 
il MH t UM>i bawMv waauUl ii»«n, «i 1 - 


ALL Psrfscltoa cooaars end ovens sUslsg 
ptst rbeas Kasrera Stove*. IIP rort. 

HAKUAIN — Dropbaad Slngor sewing rr.a- 
- rhln*. In parfacl running ord*r, only 
|t I. II. Odd y a, ll ll D ouglaa Stroot. 

■D~CJ A S«OTOUN, 11 gang*, and cans; 
19.*J.2\. purvhaaed last ysar and only 
uaed a few time*, good aa new. Phone 
IIIIY. between I and 7 p .m. 

1 J LACK soil, delivered, cheap; alao general 
O teaming don*. Phon* 111. llll Kings 
Rosd. , 

jVIR 14s I- K flat tnae *aaapkone like 
aew, low pitch 1110 Sphow* 11141. 

nAUY Cnrriag* Excbao*. «.ii»neh car- 
riage* from 110 II. K.p.irs. palntlag. 
upholatering. nyoda iwcovaredL Oil Port St. 
pkona el laBI ' ' m 

DAVY baggiss. chsap; all colors; now and 
13 Brows. 001 Hsrssi * 
Victoria WsaL Pboaa 011TL. Old 
exchanged. ^ 

and 10 gallon oak wine bar- 
water storags tanks. Wll- 
age. til Uorg* Road. 

I > A HRKLS — 
D rsls. also 

4 yr: h 

frJT flr alova wood. 1 cords. Ill; knots. 
»0.T» aord; best Or bark, 11.10 cord. 

Phone Bslmont IIY. . [ 

/ 4KKAM wKklt baby carriage, good con- 
* .lltlon. 111. Apply HOI Rcdfern. Phon. 

tOOPBBAUl Wood — Klln-dxlcd kindling. 
|t; blocks. 1110. long wood. ILIA 
Phono 4101. 

/ toRDWOOD. 14-inch length. |TI0. *po- 
clal rat** for larg* ordsra Phon* 4IIIY. 

T7IOR Sal*— Larg* English-made trunk, 
A 1 with trsy and torn parti 

; 111. l'lion* 

IilOR Sal 
' II1IV 

e— SO- h p. slsctrlc motor. Phons 

I?IOB Sals— National cash register, chesp; 
' total adder. Stswart'a Bhos Store, llll 
Douglas Str**t. . 


OR Sale— Rifle. ^• ** cm J - fj^f 

sxiTll^nlininxTrM l«.Mj 
child s Packard Six auto. III, Pr*ncb pearl 
ne. klscs. 11.71 . 4 - power prlemstlc glass. 
117 10 boy* bicycle. 112 10. almost n*w 
doubl* bar hlcycls. 111. inner tubes. Tic; 
outer tlrss. nsw, |LTI, gold illled apectaclea 
to Bt any sight, II TI. Jacob Aaronson s 

nV P 

111 J 



OOD r*frlg*rator. whit* 

1TII Poul 

GOATS* milk. d*llv*r*d. II c*nt* per pint. 
Quality gua ranteed. BhoB* 70IIB. 

#"4 URN BY -Oxford gas rsngs. 4-burnsr, In 
U first-class order Bargain, ll ll. Island 
Bachang*. Til rort Stroot. . 

TTIOH-ORADB Kodak. 4 Vs * IH. roll film. 
A_T**aar lena. range finder, for half co*L 
Box llll, Colonl*t. 

t f ALLEABLB algal rang*. It par weak. 
.'I Phona llll. 1421 Douglas Street 

NEW Bmplr* Hal tic cream aeparatora. 
II* Ib. cspaclty. Ill; 110 Iba. IIA 
y terms of purchase. Phono IITA 



N l ; full slxed pool tsble. cuea, racka and 
II balla. In flrst-class condition, cbesp. 
Phons Hill. 

OAK refrigerator, enamsllsd lined, good 
slss; In splsndld condition. A good buy. 
1 11.11. Island Excbangs. Til rort Btreet. 

KANUES sold, repaired, trsded, moved, 
ronnerlsd, colls mads. Southall. Tit 
Port Street. 

SEWING Machine. White rotary, pedal. 
— B*w, all attarhmants. cost till, sacrl- 
tie* for III. Phon * IIIIL b*for* 11 g,*n. 

KOTOUNS bought. 

O Pltmley's Oarag* 

TWO-Burner Perfection oil atov* with 
ov*n In A-l condition. Only 1 1 4 AO. 
Island Exchange. T10 Port Street. 

rpwn dragaawa with englnsw romplsts, anal 
A one hand winch Mar'* Stor*. 

'ALL ca**a silent salssman and rountar*. 
so. Ill Jonnann St. Phon* Til. 

yyALL c*, 

R M.D. C Vlclorln 

|2 B*r BOX. delivered 

Pbon* Colqults ItR 

V\ V \ 1 i i. Hist Kl.LAM « >l N II 

A LL Junk you have, th* Vstersn Junk 
A will buy. Phon* till. 

ABSOLUTELY hoot raah price* paid for 
ladlsa', gentleman » sad cblldrsn's 
llll. or cal l Mrs WardalS, lilt Douglas S t. 

. \ fornrag*. botll**. tool*, stove*, furni- 
ture, or anything you wish to dispose of. 
W* call anywhsrs, any ti me. Phone llll. 

I xIAMONDS and old Jewelry. Aaronson s. 
1 ' 111 Johnson Strsst. Phono fll. 

DON'T hosltato— Phoas 1401 If you hav* 
any furnllur* you wish to diapooa of. 
i Mir repreevatatlve will rail and offer cur- 
rent prltee Island Exchange. Til Port St. 




/ 1 ENTLKMEN — Bring your dlacarded 
Vt suits, boots, etc to Mrs. JowltL 111 
Bort. Best prices paid Phons till. 

I llllll KNI . ash prioee paid foi shotgun* 

AA carpoatsrs' tools, trunks, bicycles aad 
• is ate. Jacob Aaioneon'e Nsw and 
Hand Slor*. Ill Johaeea Bt. Pbon* 
111 Will mil nt any addraaa. 

Tf IUHBST cash prlcss paid for good-elaaa 
Xl furnltur*. carpal*, range*, chin* aad 
sllv.rware Oddy s. llll Douglss StraoL 
Phons llll. 

If RS. Jowltt, 111 rort, phono 1114. bays 
• ' 1 snd sslls Is.'ies gsat's snd chll- 
drsa's dlsrsrded clothing. antlo,u*a silver *to. 

I for homes rnga, loola *tov*a. furallur*. 
or anythlag slso you wish to dl*po— of. W* 
• all snywhsrs, any tlm s. Try tarn, 

■ >AUM, bottles, furniture, old clothe*. Junk. 
Aw ale. Boat Bjrlcon. Phone I0TIL. 

Rest price* 

▼ W* Bay Juak 

UU WMrf Biroot _____ 

VITA N TED — Second -hand piano, IB good 
*▼ condition, ob ffionth'y terms Slata 
maka and prlc*. Bos till. eTolonlat. 

VTTANTBD — A radio; owe. three or five 
v* tube est. Ill J< 

I o h n a. . n 



for garden Phone 11*1 

H'HiM iioAllli 

PEW varanclaa at Alexandra Houae- - 
Excellent cuisine, moderate retea. Phoae 

y UI HIiCKN 041 M.CIer* Street 
tennis court 

A T Twin Oaha. IgTI 
s x rassdaatlal sactlon 
moathlr rata*, garage 



Double Service in 
Want Ads 

Vou fan tr>:r,.r,.,i.<' y. ir .ii*wn * 
a» well ag jroux clsasincil gdvertite- 
fncnto to The Colon nt Readers 
sre often interested in Want Ad- 
vrtucmeatg that do not carry the 
names or addresses of advertisers, 
but a Colonist box number. For 
the accommodation of those read- 
ers who find it inconvenient to 
write an answer, and to serve the 
sdvertxer better, we will take re- 
plies to Boa Numbers ovev the 

The Colonigt Service is srailAble 
from 8 am to 10 p.m.. 
Sundays. Phone li. 



T3ESIDENT1AL aad tranelaat. modsrats, 
XV good 

11 no. 

llll li. 


TTlHn SOUTH O ATE — Seieel 
AV/sJU board. Cloae la car. I 


a aad 

AJQQ OOROE HU, 1* mlaatee 


apart mant. I 

I I KNl.Slll I) ItOOhLS TO UfcAT It 

I * ' HI SI ll< H M S 

CLOSE Jam** Bay Hotel. Ill Toron 
Select room*, running water, 
sits gaiaga IIIOY 

YJtoR Boat — A good room, board If r. 
A* 0;t Qrsen SI rest. * 

r~~ .11 KNISHED bedroom In modern prlvata 
' houos at Poul Bay. Phon* 4I«TL. 

^UMNlSUAUl houaaaoaptag room*, flats. 
I cabins. 11.1* weekly sad up. 1010 Mill- 
aide Avenue 

l^CRNISHED bedroorA. with tax* of sitllag- 
1 room and kllchaa privilege*. Is QUi*l. 
private home, cloaa In. Box IStT. Colonist. 

LA R(1K furnished bedroom, with break- 
fast If desired; rloso In Phons 111. 

it Sale 

esrellenr ro ndltio 



4 LH 11 A W I i I 

■ raadltlea. 13 


ir r»u - - n ■ 

I . f ~*. | 

<e . 

Pi B?«ITI «f 

I 1 > ST 

rilKUC IP.AHT pe,s4tmn se Job. IB rente 

bwiu Surety 


4NTICJVE lorellure .11— .e. ah.ff.»l.| 
• • li ' •• g n»« ! h.-^s 

f ooilatt s Anti'iues Tr«s 
| rod Blreet. Phon* 111 

KIT/. HOTEL. 710 Port rtuitcs, single 
rooms, fully modera; central . *l*valor. 
Phon** II and II. 


A TTRACT1VB throo rooma, f urn 'shed 
XV ground floor, facing aaa; with or with- 
out garage Phon* ISTIR. 


Housekeeping and single 

11T Ystos St.. Mrs Shelton. 

HOVE Lodge 
ehlldrsn not objsctsd to. 
ill Mlchlgsn Slrsot. 

HOUSEKKEI'TNO rooms, slsctrlc light, 
hot and cold water, stsam hsst. gas. 
slevstor service. 19 to 111 per month The 
Orlfflth Co, Ltd . Hlbhsn-Bons Bldg. Phoas 

\fo8T homsy. rem rally located house 
AL kseplng rooms In city, prlvsia hatha 
unlimited hot watsr. *l*ctrlr light, alavator. 
gaa Managed by Jan. A. Orlfflth. Phons 

M m* 

L'lTB of housekeeping rooms, also single, 
round floor, central. Ill Ystss Ht 


FjLATL and 



AT ML Edwards, Vancouver Street — Fur- 
nished and unfurniabed flat* for rant, 
weekly or monthly term*. Phon* tilt. 

CLEAN furnished suite. fTA, a two- 
room suits. 111. good range. 1ZI1 Pan- 
dora, near High School. Phone 4T0IL. 

T Leland Apartments, llll Douglaa St. 
L Brlgbt modera softs, prlvats bath. 

T LeRoy Apartmania — Complataly 
nl*h*d three and Ove r 



• A T Cyn-Do-Myr, III Michigan Stroot — 
. \ i a. goal and best furnlshsd four and 
five-room apartments In the city. Phons 
ItlTL. ^ 

Oak Bay 
Balmoral HotaL 

AT t.lwlll Apartm*at. till 
Two- roomed furalabed 
gntet and — lecL low rant; adult* oaly 

BOYLE COURT. Ill Linden Ave — Us- 
furnished *ult*. *outhorn •xposare 

AT Normandy Apartmania. 
moral aad Cook St., 
furnlahed suites to rent. 

T Ih* Linden — Thr** 
■ 1190 May Street. 


ELL Apartment*. 1011 Cook Street— Un- 
furnished suite garage Apply Bull* 4. 

BRIOHT. mod*rn. furnlabad aulle for rent. 
Dlengsrry Apartments Harry AmphlalL 
111 Union Bank Building. Phon* 1*0*. 


Apply I 

Bay— Choice furnished 
sultss; low rents 

suite. with bsth: scrupuloDsly cl*sn. 
Vacant Septe mber 1- Pnon* >TH. 

i> (near Parliament Hldga). atlrsctlva. 
modern, furnished, unfurnished *ultaa. 

ARLTON. Ill Pandora— rally furalabed 
aultea. room, day or month, ceotral. 
II11Q. _ 

pIMOICB Sulfa to Real — Nlceiy furalshsd. 
* aplandld location, high, dry and haallhy. 
hot and cold water, night aid day. warm 
and comfortable. garag* In conner-tlon 
superior Janitor eervlie; four car Unas lo 
tha door Don't miss Ihl* opportunity. 
Mount Dotigla* Apartments. Oak Bay 
Junction. Ph ono IT I. 

I.U HMSHKIi suite, close to Oak Bay ear 
I terminus, nenr oak Bay Beach Apply 
11TI Newport Slr**L 

YjMELD Aparlmanta. modera. fnml*b*d. 
r lbr**-roomed *ull*s; Hum hoat . prl- 
vats baths. 

ROSTBBVOR. 1141 Oarer Street. PalrSsld. 
wall furalabed eulie. alas single room. 

Phon* llll. 

SAVOY Mansion* — Pornl*h*d and unfur- 
nished suits Phooe 11*1. 

LIT. HELEN'S. Ill Courtney St. (opposite 

Cathedral)— Housaho 
apartm*nt* Room* for 

lis "slenis. 

keeping, hot 
Phona llll. 

• 10 Linden 

ind suites for ho 
wster In 

TSJBJ Kaaalnglon, 1114* Pandorn Avonu*. 
Suit* for rant; ad una only 



3 -BOOM furnlabad •wit**: clean and com- 
fortable ; gaa range li* per — .oath. vi. 
terla Realty Co.. Ill View it Phone llll 

1 fafYT COt.LlNSON. does In— Pur 
I ' " 'i suites modera Phon* 0I1IR 

6 iaooT . h n°d U 

ee. wllh email atabls. 


bus Una. will glva 


s*o at 

very low rent 
t..t. 11 lo. a 

. J N II... and. 1*1 

1 Pa 

l- ttOOM mi 

►dern bo oaa. 110. 
use. IIA J. Ki Ho 


1 1*1 

l-erubeitun Block 

\\ \ S 1 1 U 


■v SI 

M 11. M. Hill I -s -* 

_^£S^Jf-5!ilU— e^ — ^ 

> e. i ■ K h A I IH. ■ k, . 
local dlstrlbului s, 044 


4 I 

I,V IK 1 ' i ». 
good I 


'ANTED — Bis or a* von roomed houa*. 
high lor, lien, raasunabl* renL Box 
IITI, ColonlfL 

. \,M I I» Mi 

-ROOM modern suits, rloa* In J. N. Hoi 
lead, XOI Pemberton Block. 

PurBlahed Housekeeping Rooms 
Single or Bn Suits 
Steam Heat -Hot and Cold Water 

r Block. Til Yatee SL fhone IIIIO 


, , i , i x ■) i . . , i . , ... 

REBZT. bracing Fairfield eloo* ana sad 
■Is rooms all mod*ru. ne* 





8 1 




IT. DAVID ST.. Oak Bay. aw* _ 
> Ik* Avenue — groom , com fori able . 
era bungalow, gsrags. ISO per month. Vic- 
toria Realty Co.. Ill View it Phon* 1*11 

Oak Bay. 

1*1* Burden Avenue 



. .... 

Ill ttl N 1 ft KMS 

HI O Htll'SLS 

11TNO Street. OnB BS 
AA sselntfsd location, I 
rooma. reedy to atap lat 
leaple Hart A Todd. LI 

y nsar aaa aad Is 

rooms with 1 bod 
o. gerag*. IIA Oll- 
d . Til rort Street 

TjtULLY furnished ho 

J 1 Boa 1ITT. Colonist. 

use or bungalow. 

/1UOU, uiodarn. wall furnlshsd home. 
\J Cloverdals district; piano and garage 
included Leans. |I0. Oood gvo-room bun- 
galow, near Oak Bay Ave, |40. H. As 
phistt. lit I'aloB Bank Blog. Phono 1*00. 

TTQl'SES furnlshsd aad unfurnlshsc 
il rent and for sals on easy tarma 

id, for 
■ y trims Pred 
M Russell, llll Brand St. Phon s 1111. 

TAMES BAY— Splendidly furnished, tarn 
♦J rooma, avary modern coBvsnlenc*; thro 

rage*. 1100. Phone I00IY 

BT — T-room semi- bungs Is w, 
sr sea. Phona IIIIL. 

-J on I lota, near 

OAK BAY bungalow, modern, four rooma. 
partly famished. III. Apply Ttl rort 
Street. Phone IIS. 

OAK BAY. Clare street, flvs rooms. alo*ly 
fumlahed. Rent 111 month. 



III Vl*w St 

Phon* llll 

fTtO rent, for en month* from October — 
A rally furnlahed. comforlsbls. six-room 
houss. with modern coavenlsncos. wsll sll- 
uaied. Including 100 acrao of good rough 
110 per month. 


Cowlchan Station 


B AN Ely. 


BOOM furnished bungslow. r*m- 
Phons 7 14 IK. 

i' in ii 'M tarnished house, llll Blsnshard; 
O possession S ept. 1. Rent 111. Phone ll ll. 

♦>1 O VANCOUVER BtrooL near park and 
ailJ and aaa. I rooms. compl*t*ty fur- 
nished, garag*. Can give long lease. Apply 

O. C. Howell, 101 Pemberton Building. 

5 ROOMED modern furnlshsd house. Msrlne 
Drive. 111. A. B 





AriNE sslectlon of largs roasting 
rhirksns. cspons and broilers for m- 
dsy and Batarday. Snwclal prices on sll 
poultry snd nsw laid egga See m* for 
your laying stock, dlrsot from lbs farm 



SI. (nsxt mala rir* Hall) 
Phons llll 

iii kk Orpington aad Wblts leghorn set - 
AA tings, 11.11 and |1; vary goon. Phons 

Til IB. | 

£ tOME to tha Public Msrkst on Saturday 

1 aad buy your pullets from hsavy-lsylng 

strsln. Sea Vlsw Poultry Stalla. rear so 


T740RTY Oaess. full grown, 110. Pbons 
i Bslmont 1IR- 


IVE poultry wsotsd. Hlllslds Poultry 
^ HOT Lang gtreeL Phon* TIIIY. 

J3ALMER B high record pur* Tom Barron 

pssosd for "value. Cam spsr* a f*w 
dr*d chicks for ahlpmaat. Writ* for price 
folder lo T. W. Palmar, HH.D. No. 4 Vic- 
torts. BC , or .phons HULL 

Wtolta Leghorn day-old chleks and 
etching egg* at llll pm-ee are unsur- 

PULLETS — Cash psld for any breed, 
isrga or email quaatltlsa State breed, 
sgs sad pries to Hillside Poultry. HOT Lang 
BtrooL Cit y. Phono TII1T. 

Y BAB-OLD Wyandot t* bens. Solly's 
strsla. laying II 11 each. II Bhode 
I.E.. year old laying bene II II sack Would 


I.E. . 
maka two gaa 

So* i.* i out pulls ■■■ '.»'» si- 
g«o»,l.l .|i. .'«: »H' r 

me, 1.11... si., - Xl.' ltd r o, d ■ «. ■ 

.sis I » .' 1 s U...KI ! ft* e.el >!l. > i rlgl.l 

i i .'..i •»;• .*». w..t m J- •« if * 

, .oi.l .lull , Ml ft.'* fails ■■! «- k.ud. 

lo, sil loss . ..1 sis si P.l„le.s p, ...a W ., 

,.a t .ash t - a s 

• a I a . .„ .'III! I i ." I 

hHA.h AMB.H, >H *! "Co VVIllv KINU 

1.4 v „. .t, I't.oo. • 

A< l-'VIt I III 1.1 .« 


OVERLAND. Model « t 
vary gnsd c*oditioa. 

I„ I! ».«. Ho. I ' .u 
• »• •* . I I • 

4.1 LI , 

LViK Ssls or Kxrhai 
I aadan. as part pa 

iw Chevrolet 

on I or I- 

bunga low 

a 1 REAT Sals. Prlday and tSatarday 0*BO 
" S la* reduction from tl% lo U % OS 
svery car Showrooms open from I M a m 

to I p-m.. 


I.IOR Salo— Two irgiatered Ssanen milk 
X 1 goats and ons Toggenbarg. t ysars; 

flvlag thrss quarts Drury. Cadboro Bsy 
■O. Phono 1TITR1. 

T740R Sal* — Six- milk cow*, on* r*gl*t*r*d 
" Jersey bull and one good, sound work 
horse, T yesrs old. nhout 1.10,0. Bumall 
Bjothsrs, Boat Booh*. 

T7VOB Sal* — Bsglstsred Jarssy cow* and 

I heifers Some that hBV* Calvad. other* 

due to calve, and eome drying off. All flrot- 
,-lass family cows. Also a number of beau- 
tiful Jer**y bull calv**, sired by a son of 
Xenla'e Sultan from B.O.P. dama at prices 
lo meet the times Por furthsr particulars 
or an Inspection, call at Olamorgan Farm. 
Sidney, between the hours of 1:10 snd 11 
a m., whin the** enlmal* c*n be lnap*ct*d. 
Or apply for an appolnlmaal to Box llll 

T740R Sals — Two frsah Sows, two duo to 
A first,. n Thoa Boylea. II Crano* At 
corner of Douglas Street. Ol 
rire Hall Phone IITIX2. 


I RfC DALE puppies. I months, podlgrss. 
Arpply Oreen. II Ontario Hi reel 

hlue Ver.lan klllen*. 

1 Yl. 

lOEAITTtrUL Isvendsr hi 
■3 pedigreed. Phows 140 

(i, « kkr apaniel pupa, purebred, all weaka 
J old; 110 earn. Phone II1TB. 

(1AIBM torrior puppies, pedigree stock; 
i .isnis Imported. Apply Mra p.ndy.* 


I.VIR Bnls 
JT hunter 

— Bloodhound 
R. A Blanco. 

Sale — Boston T 
Imnedm Street 


[IEDIORKE Box Terrier puppies. I 
> old. Pbone lxrwe. 40IIR1 

WANTED— Bird dog. 
teed. Porward full 

Oood home gaaraa- 

A REAL BABOAIN — tilt five -passeni 
fa. Rso louring. In perfect shape In svery 
reaped Heelng la believing' A real car at 

a big rsductlon In pries. Let oa glvs you a 
demonstration Our pries, for Sjulck sal*. 
ll.OOg. Terms If deelred 

Ill View Street Phooe 111 

eY u" Va^ 

ItV' 1101 r.mwaaaw 

rpo Ksat— I00T Harriet Band, ntk n 
X madam, f irurt and garage . Ill 



ROOM e.. liege, with 
Barn side Srboet Also 
Phone 7**4 Y 


nlahed ewlle 


I H<e)M cot 

a Hew. modern. 114 Poor room 
rloa* la aar, span Sre. full be—era en L I IT. 
Otlghl riMin hawse, hardwood floor* r lows |e> 
e*r 111 M J|l Union Rank 
Hulling Phone 1*00 


I 1 ■ 

tg*l»w f 

touring, fully 


1MJ Mcl.AITOHLIN HUICK. In perfget 

mm * onaTB rnhft P*» . • .1' . 4i*^ 

/ 1AMX.LAC T paaeei 
VJ eowtpped 

jllBBCB-ABBOW llmbuaino II. til 

('HANDLER T-pMMIgir touring . IT00 

■ II View Street Pbone till 

flODOB Toorlag. 1011. IB the hoot off 
1 " shape, for ILOOO Dodge Touring 1010. 
Jusl overbsoled. |T*0 Mi l_ ugblla RoaA- 
*4*r. wir* wheel*. !»♦• Perd Tonrlngjs nl 
IITI up Nash T - pasowager. overhauled aad 
painted. 11,0*4) 

Ueod Terms on Asy of Ihs Above 
t*hnn>» IT! m Tntso B U *S > 

YTIoR Salo— Stadehaker ear. In 
17 Hon. cheap Phoae 4IIIL 

Your Preaoat Car Takea In EXckange. 


Sir** I Victoria. B.C. 


I 1 £ 

\ | -'WE 
>l ..i ■ 

SON Super Six Speedstor — Oaa of the 
smartest aad best taken car* of cara la 

many eglraa 11.101 

LL Tearing. 1114. Special — Mew 
last October; disc wkeels. glaee sncloo- 

i*OB anlo— Pord 
ttl A 
L R R 

tag car 
W. B Miller 

gave the depreciation written oB on this car 
aad etlll gat one aa good aa aew. Only 11,111 
/ 1HEVROLET Superior Model Coseh. oaly 
Kj few thousand mllaa running, nswly 
palated. balloon titea tmnk. bumpera 
wlndahlsld wiper, etc A remarkable cloaed 

car bargain. Ilka new and only llll 

HcLAUUUUN Boadatsr — Kacoishsd la 
ill smart ultra-modem coloring, la axool- 

s* asa aaaasa ■ 

IIAt'K AHD Tru. k. 1-lW-ton. splendid con- 
dition. 11.100. Th.,a Pllmley. Ltd.. Vto. 
torla. B.C. 

SaJEW Truck*. Uaod Tmcka, Tractors and 

al trailers Thus Plimlsy. Ltd.. BlOUgb- 

ton Street. Victoria. R.C. Phono HT. 

NASH I*. T pass, touring, 
taks Perd or amsJI a< 
pay— eat Pbone I1IIA 

REPAIRS — Sbelboums Bt. Oarag*. 
new maaagemant. by reliable mac ha. nice. 
It will pay to see ua P hono HA 

UBBD tire*. Italia. I fad, Hxl. 14x4 H). 
Hit Onpltal Uarngys, Hit rort SL 



for .....Inm tt— • I " * 



for 4ghL"asrL* 

Ires, disc 


oaoaooaa.seaaa* '^30*0*5 


1*11 model $1150 

first class condition C-s tf\J 

STAB iBDAN. till, balloon 
wheels snd all extra 
equipment , 


1 nt S 1 l_ Offal**! . , . . » s a *>•••■ 4* • g> • • I 



aaseesseossse* as 

l-cyllndor . 

Distributors of ri»ls». J*w*tt. 


Phons till 


1 (,•>•> URAY touring. In beautiful con- 
j .7a— ) UltloB^ has D^vrr^ hosB ^.yjj 


CHEVROLET touring— A 
did running llttls car. 


. *>oo 

1 ( k. » j CHEVBOLBT toorrng— Has had 
i •"— .4 vsry llttll running, and Is In 
flrst-class shape throughout Haa 
been Sited with full sue balloon 
tires and nsw spars; has aun 
visor. bumper and spotlight 


A splendid buy St7*l0 

At s s e s sea s s as s ■ *s* I * /v/ 

I — Bovsn- p amangsr ear. look* and 
runa Ilk* new. Previous owaar 
took good core of this car, snd 
II Is la wonderful shsno Has 
cord tlrss snd spare This Is 
easily th* host buy In a family 
or taxi car In lown. and we 
wonts glvs vary easy terms, wllh 

•IT Vl*w Stroot Phon* H|| 


llll NBW PORD 


RINO. IB first rl... rendition, 
urea snd fully soulpped 
fully guarantee, I )t la n 

wonderful bargain for 
Com* and aaa ll. for only. 

110 Wrought on 

rOBD OOUPB. In perfect mo- 

wllh Iota of extras. Thlo ht t 
•nappy car and can be 

•of g ••.•••**••••••**• 

i92o ^r.\ M :" 

• e.eeaeeseeee* a*. 


A I. good 


$33 i 

^25-^1^^ - 

'—sty a good, reliable 

< I -TOED delivery. 

I I 3U everyday as*. 

4J"_rt7tl ta a vary 
Hf. »•)-;— OVEBLANE 

.... aa 

• ~_Ta — POBD Hit 
WtMJU hard to boat. 

Qbi-TON Diamond T. rebuilt ILIOff, IH- 
•* ton Valla, Inl* model. II.HO, Ik ma 
OMC. llll. II Pord loo trust, wlfb over- 
drive |4M. *Od on. |1H. Republic | % ran, 
llll ford Sodnn. 1010. |1|0. 1*11 Perd 
tnonng I tf4 4 • Hinder Case. HO* . Mr 
Laughllu D- II. IMI. HO*. r*rd r lowed 
delivery. Isis model. 11*0. snd swe |TI; 
11 passenger lallyho. In good shape |H|. 

1TIT Cook Stroot Phon. llll 


Th* Oarage With th* Car 4MB the 
• II Yatee Bt., corn*r of Quadra 


U.T .*. a , t •», ! Ik,w *. '1. 11) 


1 Q'**> DO DOB BOADSTER. la lbs hoot off 
i.f_,iw eoadltloo; has balloon lira*, tiles 
ebssls. perm. Sea I 1*p With glass sneloowraa 
U eon ran Had a bay to seanpor* with this 

w* weald Ilk* I. awe R. |io* 

oil 7 POBD TOtTBAJSO e n r Meter . roar 
J sf 1 I end aad t reaom isasen. awsly. tlree 
u sjg apheketery all O.K. A any tbst win m 

say wbsf s. for *oly .••4) 

all Ore* A I 


A«y_e»J SEDAN. In beautiful em- 
dltlon. aad equipped with Stodohnkor 
four-wbael brakaa. disc wheels, hamp- 
er., stoplight | balloon tiro*. inrXo 
meter el. Thl* I* OB* of tha Snoot- 
flnlahed Jobs turned out by the Stude- 
baker Corporallon. and ws are ahle to 
sell It at a reduction of over H.IM 
from Its original coat Cams la. look It 
over, try It out. snd ana Iff yon ma 
discover any material difference ho* 
t ween it and a aew ana. Than cea - 
elder the big amount you sava la coat 



111! DY* 

Ill Yatee Stroot 


$noo-^r mo ^ 

painted, haa a Cootlo*nt*l g motor. la 
oas of ths boat buys la the city for ashw. 
eas waatlag a reliable 1 -ass_a*afJBr any. 

* 1 4 )f"»f| — OOLB A Another off enr re- 
V 1 a-iitf conditioned cam bat It has 
vary little running Thl* would 
aa Ideal *tag* or taal. aad w* 

I terms assy for the parnbaeer II 
not r.uuir. n eoo4 lo b* ape at on C 

*1 QPCn — DUBANT Teariag. Snort ModoL 
0PA43t>U Diss whssls. wind dsflsolora. 
tmnk nl back, bumper, spare tire, gsgss 
plsiae snd motormstsr, ha* oaly ran 
11,0*0 mil**; has been Stted all roaad 
d Urea. 

• IT 


SPEED WELla, Ractag Modal I"< 

OVERLAND. Modal Tl !»»• 

lWELL TRUCK. 1 tea M»* 


•, Batch, Nodosa Super 


•11 Vl.w 





aeA. ( 

NIHAN lightweight ssnsw Whst offsrs' 

Sroul. delivery outSI. 1110 
B Shank* A Bona. II » Port Strwot- 

PERPECT bicycto. Ill: Maaeay 111 M; 
Rudg*- Wbllworlh. 117 10; I least on Hum 
her, |4*. Victory Cyel* Works. HI Jo h SygOR 

Str**t ^ 

|,^| am. » (ILNI> AB 

LViUNP-M not* on Tlh Is**.. TBIrd ln- 
1 on I ho ne IIIIY. 1TI> rtm ts. 

Loan from iTi Ooveroment rt email 
black and while colllo dog. lax 111*, 
l-bone 1HY Bewnrd. 

I OST— Oold nugget bar pin. Sot ween 
U Will wood Avenue 
about 1. 10 Thursday. 
IHIY Hsndenma 

LOST— AS Bagllah handbag Is 
Bay slur* Reward. Bog 111*. Cot- 

OBlSt. . 

BT — Small neck fur. 
Kindly phone Colqulia 




LOST — Botorn Oeh*l lo 
Pinder pfooS* phono » <7 j x 


OST -Oold 
J Pinder 

bone brooch, keepsake, 
phone 7141X1 

J oht— On QuAdra 



I J groy dooM* 
Lt Reward 

U04T- BIO* tsfT't* *Mh dr 

• ^Siroot. near Bornolds Road 



ll* slor*. 


¥ OsTT- 
M.J blseh pnroa. 

LOST — A Isrg. knife, oa Cook Blreet. be 
iween Bardetl aad Collinses Street. 
Phone 1041. 


LOST — Cream kid gloee. bol 4 
and Parliament Hldga. Phons 


LOgfT — - rlmaaed opertar-l**. 
t m a at Port and Blsnshard. Wedaeedsr 
sftsrresoo. about I o'rloek. fladsr please 
phona ITIIR _ 

| ,,<T < >n I 
I J I o'clock 

tnl rolna 

lag. ■ orlly after 
h wllh fowr Orion- 
I phoae HIE Re- 

T OST — Oh Bandar Ind Aug*—. 
*_f *■ i kl*0* Phone HTTT 

ajFlLL lady •naVBaS gwM S SSl H •*• SlawSS 
W pbone mil, ogalot 

LEANT HOTEL — B pg ol i l miso for 
k. Wlster most X * Boom* we't h«*led 

pASDY and am 
\j mvwl»a Bo 
lam. phone IITI 

,. sm •< el 
f-. fall pert law- 

a ■ 

g „,r.i4 "'* ' ! 

«,.,.i.1 'eo-.tiy ■ » ' —• ' " ••— - " 

j l-ric* l.n 

ROAtsBTEB — la hrwt rl 

a.aeeeasa.* ■ . -a. ......a.-. 

■! « i y * ta w a at 

a. .. _..< 

I , —•*-.-.... , 



A Mart for Busy Readers-House and Business Property for Sale and Exchange 


! ' —~ -• 

(it , nt K PRODI i-INC INVBS1 *B> t 
I> I ..• 4TIoN W ITH «». » V1BW 

■j"H hulifllrig >• 

ft . 

■ let,, w.n >o<" 

.) .11.1 IH •lJi<M. llrt •■<• ' ' '■" 
M w, , : t < f a r, ,1 K « - I' ■ ■ I e I a $ ' 

apartments. imD self ,<intsiiied. end 

* T.\.Vr?....:. ^,\r;r : 

tft iequli»d. 

Kura ttvttu' i • Lr -i 

proaoalt too. 4 Aak for full 


I » r . ■ t, ' >i I 1 > H if I M 

IV Kutni.hed m(Ml*m up to <1»'« 

Mam*, two fireplace*, central boat, 
cement baaerneot. The house Is sr- 
Into suite*, giving Iho nwnor 


1 t untinund t 

Pl.t MttlM. KTC 


I' iun, and Heetiu*- 

l"b«M til 
-4 »--b»i,»/.i at 


J ft MeMILLAN fur .rllMk 
- i-.el.-r. 

uii, mer < I « I a r I 
L j ^' ^ i- J u'-. ^ jiiIi'i'iILm i ^ i n ^awi i n* iieawi 

: i< . i in ii 

rpTPKVVRlTKKI* -New anJ a- oi.!lie,.d 

■ R«pa,r» I i i> l4il • i.« * • a I a 

Co 1.1(1 70* 

•Joed luveetment for ft U4y. 

Ill Vlsw Street 

1 Til I tlll K ,o.n»r on KllloldS for eeie. 
V cheap, eultable for beak, boiol mt other 
was owner tlviag oft lbs p-oo-u, 

111. Colonial. 


ft- N.CB 

one 'hair barbar 
td arc 

mbtrton Hid* 

Wall altuftt-l and ft win 
101 Pa 

•••• W - . - W I V< M ill ~ 

r turns llll Marine Win 

r I a f 

See I ha 


V< iRKH (B. r 




Rataa Raaaonabla 
Belief action Guaranlssd 


r ii 


■ Hale— lift. 


t. In good condl- 

WH AT offer, for a II foot opan launch T 
Owner la away, and thla mua( ba dle- 
B**ed of Boat offer take* It Apply 
kltffDt Moat houee . aunnyefde A venae 

•\f\ KOOT rrulolng laua.b. In eatellent 
•>"" . nndltlon. fully equipped; » h p 
Regal engine. Will Ball at aarrlfloe Write 
for particular* ftad where boet mar be Been 
Boa I t tt. Cotenlal. 

15 •a ( !'ift a " >M Rodd a Broft* ^IV^^aJT^A 
Baglaeera. Causeway Boatheaoe. 

rikin^qc: niRrnriRY » T 

A l 

A U »Torl 

llator and Pander 
ITorkniaaehlp that oannot 

■to. <t r m m \ rtfTTi T*m ?" T 


M. H -K 

I'Uviiit. prop. B.C. 

K»< h»n«e. Library, til 

Phone 17i7 

OtD bulldlnce pulled down and lota 
cleaned up, •etlmatee fiven Pbuae 



A NTTHINO In building or repalra. Phone 
^ ,7.1. Roor,n,;.^C,.,» r T Thim... 

« % in* i- i iii:\mm, 

III \M\<. 

» CO , »i p-ort At,. ,i Pbooe llll 

"The I'loweer Plrra" 
Hardwood fl.or. warned and pollened by 


^ ^^ ^ 

SUA HON ICO cord wood, atove l-n«thi. |7.k« 

M;0Ff S ,U)NArT)!!'!n.;fuHY 


rC. I.ONO, DC. Ph. C., Sit Pemberton 
• Bulldlnt Phone lilt Rratdence. til 


7'.«rr!at*r» flollellara, Nolarlaa. Etc. 
alaral>*ra ef Manitoba, Alberta and British 

Columbia Rata. Phone 111 

Bank of Nova Bc-otla Bids, Victoria. B.C. 

r 1. — Barrtater and Bfttlcltor. 
ublir. 4*1- II B.C. Permanent 

SI I • 'A 

I ... 



AXIWewell I 
°*f'*l f ~" 

Block, corner 

WEDiaH maaaaa**. raeohanlcal, tberapea. 
— 1 ii," radlftftl beftl. alaotrlctty H'>ure, 

10 I and l ll l ll p m. Phone 14l«. II1IU 

11 Bjornaf-ii. H M . Ill 17 Pemb.rton Blk. 



II A CO.. til Port Rtreot. Ploa- 
of Hamilton H.«, h syetem ; also 
altaratlortft. ate. Phofte llll 

ifttftftd Window and Cftrsot Claaalft« Co 

; ) | J FORT 


I «r«.», and in. -at modern plant la 
clly. Hamilton-Beach or abampoo. Altera 
tlona, rapalra. relayla*. aldaaT. ale. 
.free. Vaiuutna fur rant. 

1»VI 1M, 

-Ton'N afraid 

1 to aead Oriental run to the clean.,.' 
Why. Iheree nothing to be afraid of when 
yen eend them to the City Dye Worka. be- 
,-auae thay will rome bark to you Ilka 

>iis wimi.1 svi,. 

W 1 

'HOI.K8ALE DR YOOODft) — Turaer. Boa 
ton * Co.. Ltd.. wholesale drrvooda 
import. ra and manuf actuaara M.n • for 

rdera a 

I \tlU insi |> - 1 UlMM 

IRIVATB MTATIONBRT emboaasd la any 

desltn or color. The Colonlet. Con, mar- 

W ~\' 'H MLflMM. Tllllll HI 


ENERAL. antra var. 11011011 rattar and 
M««l enaraver. Oeo Crowlher. Oreen 

i ■ r ± 

1 \ n.i ss . m • 11 % st 1 \ (. 



ploojftaf tTae Blocker'a bl| 
1 rftmovala a specialty. 

BATMAN Joa,ph Haaaay, office at llll 
Wharf Street. Phone 171 



\toVh,' yoar farnltare by mfttoraaar learrT; 
»'* uuli k and reliable earvlca. Entrust Is 
J. D. Williams Phone 171. 


d \t.\i floors mads new new floors made 
\J porfert by Floor rturfartne: Marhlae 
ttP Aaplnwall A H on 


Oraaham — Plrs. automobile. 
Idem. burglary C. B. 

1 1174 

' rckant. lit Paen her toft BldE~ Phone 

R. I4UNUIM, Aatomoblls as 
Insuranuo. lttl Lanfley atraet. 


1 i 1 : \ 1 M 1 : 1 vi . , \ 1 m . 

ABOUT furniture tnovlnf. parkins;, ship 
pins or alftrftaw. see Jsavss ftnd Umb 
Transfar Co Forwarding- and dlatrlbutors 
OBJ -a- a on freight to polnla. 
of*.. |t,.,n. 1117 7S7 Pandora 

A »l.B MOVEB«— Use Htooksr's bl4J e«Jb 
^a- Raaaonabla ralsa Phone llll 

>na llll 


• II. WAIN BROI. msvlnt.' parkins, 
.ratlna; leaft dlataaoe hauling Phone 

* _ Bes . IIITL. 1I71R Ratea reaeonal 

BROKEN window, i.adea 

0 I Hurn ' LULftliia 

I I I II h 

T ITHOORAPHINO — Uthographlag en 
A-* graving and • niboeetng Nothlag t €>■ 
larg. and nothing |no small Toar ata 
Mon.'» la your advenr. agent rtur work la 
unequalled weet of Ternnto Tha Coloalat 
^_ ^ *> 1 - ■ - 1. 

P U.\ i 1X4. IMlk U.silMIMM, 

\\' >• 'i * r. n 1 ■» . ■ ... 

" ■ *> r>« ■. ■■■ .1 »>,.! 

I'l »l i< \l Mt I! 

Tlf/iaa PIKE HI Joaee 
•** l»n"a! Ph n» us 

Work strictly 

.,,..1 : t »« R 

IM.ASTKIlINt. t\l> t 1 Mh.\l 

I \ 1 • H PI ■ a! -- | I r 1 « 

' ' * ■ «n t r.i nam enta i- ■ * ■ ' ■ 

lao glvesj aa 

-■..r » • f* ring. "!. I'lwi,. 

«J»4 llll 


A n 1 r r w j iirrt , «« 

•» »,:• • n»r Peraonal att.n 

uT pVT 

« » I f, !l 1-. n, broke At > eel Pl< 

1 ei la 

I >A I CN r . , ,.» ,,i . d« 

••a 0* -»-rta 

" '•«»'» reatheralonhaugh A 
a at a Mi. had firm of patent attor 
111* N~g.r. Ralldlng Van, o... 

re Ike a| ,1 
»MI t»f fires, 

■sr. ».c 

'1* 1 H- It ! -K-S at 1 K K . 
I ...,„,„», «,| v |, w a,, r ... 

stared i»a t an 1 

PRJX n \t; 

\» *ir T sand vo- printing »rd.»» "»., 
* * wkon rr.u aftft gal 1 ham dona beti.r 

r"-n-v. r: M M;.*,r'" ** 


1 IRIVATB nuraea earn 111 to 111 a weak. 
1 Learn by home atudy Catalogue frse 
Dopt II. Royaj College of ftclen. *. Togoato. 


rtnyllMALT Nursing and 1 onvalesoent 
■MlJ Horns. 417 Lampaoa Btreet Maternity 
and general nuralng Invallda given expert 
rare One acre alee ground. Phoaa 4111 

but almply Estate Ctoeure 
ftt any rsaaonablg* ofTsr 

htitcco Hocra or 11 ROOMS 


(Pemborton Road) 
Aaaesaed valu. llllll 

your ofTsr to 

Hull. ling. Victoria 


\ MODERN rosy homo of I rooms, aap- 
a rat a hail no. bathroom. OPOft flr«. 
ptare. etc. Lot IlKllI, all fenced and Ik 
garden, garage and chicken rung Uw 
taaea. Wllhln half block of car. Pries 
only 11,710. Baay terms at, 1 to aft 

HONEST Thla Is no shack. 
Enough aald. 

Belmont Houao Opposite P.O. 


I > H AN li new I room bungalow, stucco 
•-•finish, right up to tha minute la sv.ry 
respect, and the price la only II. IN. For 




t IOMFOBTABLB l-room bungalow, com- 
prising enlrenra hall, large reception- 
room with open fireplace, leading through 
arch to dining room. In which are two built- 
in glassd cabinets a ad Hnsn cheet ; opening 
Into lobby 10 two good slsed bedrooms and 
1-placs bathroom with Hnsn capboard. Nlrs. 
sunny kitchen and — ullery Pull cement 
baaement l.arg. corner lot of II feet 
frontage by 111 foot diap. The garden 
all round la well plaaied with apple trees, 

flo;:vv w^'Tft'wn' xTTSxt 'Vhice' aBd 

now«ra. wun nwn in ironl. rnlCI 


Apply In first 
1114. Cal 


1LOBB IN — Substantially built I % - story 
residence of 7 bright. rommadioue 


epartm.ntB. In open location, with every 
convenience, sleeping porrh. opep flreplaiea 
furaace. wash nib. built In effects, eupmor 
flnlah throughout Taiea moderate On 
car line Prlcft |I.IM, on terms 
bJTRAWBKRRT \ ALB— Nl. r. < osy I room 
► bungalow, with bassmsnt, on Si aaVI 
garage, lawn, fruits and garden. .'.«.., 
houses Bsrellent at-der. Light, water. 

fhone Land alongside available Price. 
MM. cash, balance easy Also 
another bungalow on I lota for $1,010. 0*1 

III Central Bldg Phone 1470 

I^HTATK Must He lloeed- t ft I EE. well- 
• ' built house, with good grounds. Mouaa 
«ry arranged, providing good apartment tft 
owner Halame brings In about |«fin per 
year 12.110 will liandl 

tbertoti Rl.lg. 

II*. F. F. Hlgge, }a( 

s— I- room house. Haanirh. 1 mile 
•IM> llmlta, on bus tins, city light 
and water; lam. It 10 per year; S -acre, 
chicken house and fruit tree*. Apply. Mrs. 
Whittle. Seven O akft P.O.. Sftaal. h 

Phen. lilt 

[OUSBBOAT far eale. four rooma. newly 

11 painted, in 



Apply ■. 

Watson. Bond's 


foot of 

Belton Ave. 

iroL'SB and twa lot. for esle at Here. 
XJ w * r * Roa«. ckoap. Far particulars 
phons I1IIT. 

Kieaators and Truatefta. 
Real aetata Departrrteat. 
1711. Helmnnt House. Victoria. B.C. 

Xk. .a eotftle. we are open lo offera fnr llll 
Davie Street A nice batngalow of Ave 
rooma with one. two or three lote 
III* I .eight. ,n Road, a house of I 
fair condition, with Oft* o 

LlRIA>NOINO to the same Batata are Iota 
«*» E. F. O. M I. J. K, L. M snd M, Map 
Hit. N W roraer af Oak Bay Avenue and 
I'evle Street. pick out on. or more and 
make tft* sn offer You caftftot make a ml. 

I. he pur. baaing Boms of IhlB properly at ft 

low price 


$1 o.:>oo ' 



111 t SOW AM, KKAP 1 HE HARM 31 
Kl I 1 UK HB4I.Tr VAI.l BS 
"I 1 HA It I Km . j \|i I.N ITT HUal 
1.HOIM1 v u'HE () A Rl'EN 
Rl M , SI Mi iMK 
1 . : Ii ■ "I 1.1 1 to , be owner 


ten . aba 
.« , • , T. , Inn 1 !•.. ». .- 1. .- ,.f 
usivt residential «.t.- - 
buy «t ,. ,),„,, , .,.„., 
I... » *>,,,, ling up an e.t a .. . 
■ -ssonil - ..ff.r riie hi, is* you *• •■ 
1 at ! ht land is til. ' ot ., aftle 

I I - I bog .11 if Ul gai leu full of I a 
ahruba tteea. flowers and espanalve lawaa. 
V a ,e , etieeit anl, ,1 .'»... ™ v to bona. 
• on. 1. ting of I rooma Large reception hall, 
aft ftp I lad open fireplace, living room, bay 
window, open Breplat e . laige dining-room 
with flreplaie. big pane pantry, kitchen, 
breakfael room and etudy all oft gr'ouod 
floor, large bedrooms tone with fireplace) 
a od bathroom up. lair*. auineroua .up 
boards. The Interior of thie houee will need 

of tble 
,.110* only wa 
, barn, l,( si 
ppoi tunny lo 
• h» « net 

, o oSlll r 1 any 

on* f ftt lab 

•• tftgi th 
- «, 

a : , L.. «,..•,! 

but can be made 

. 1 one. W* agala erapha* 
ftt the honee la given away w 
I t bftwalll -Hon. Ter 

Into • vory 


!•••* I IU1 R, AD SK v HE a I II HI. 


, K< » ..m MOM 
taJ , J«ROt'NDP.I> by beautiful homea In thla 
beauiifuf diairlct. we offer ibis wsll- 
balll home) at lea. than coat. Unforeseen 
reaeona >'umpel tbe owner to sell. Plared 
well hack from 1 he road. In beautiful 
grounds studded with oaka and evergreens, 
this honis makoa a pratly piduro. A wide 
n h. I open nreplscs. | 

a, . eas to a drawing 
place, d, 


place, designed fftr entertainment. large 
ts glvs splendid vlewg; Krenrh doors 
" 1 large dining-room, off which la a 
with many window* A cosy den. 
with open flrepfsie and Kreocb doors to tar- 
den, logsther with a ueeful kitchen, pantries, 
ate, completes tbs ground floo, I'pslftlrs 
are four bedrooms, well planned, two bfttb- 
rooma tons en suite to bedroom) All rnome 
bright, some with unaurpasaad vlows. , urn 
plot* thla oka rmlng home. Splendid hot 
water heating plant, high ■ emeni baeement. 
and garage with basement .an trance, com. 
pela an* to think that aT the price wo ar* 
asking It would be hard to Swat Total 
price |ll>. II* Terms arranges), balance en 
monthly payments (If deetrod). latarost 
only •**. 


I - ROOM NEW Bl'NOALOW 14.111 
A PRETTY locfttlon. Wall secluded. Ex- 
^a reptionally large bungalow, wall 
planned and built Attractive, wld* v*r*nd.i 
deep anlranre hall, living. room almost 1* 
fool ftqusre, with < holes panelling, built-in 
seats, open fireplace, polished floors; 1 eslra 
large bedrooms, deep wardrobes, aatra large 
kitchen, full of glaaa-door cupboarda, bins 


I rasa, frulta. also 

and shelves: splsndld white enamel b 
room: glassed-in bark vsranda: high. 

•f:nT.?, , f uTroT^wet^oak A ' 
garage. Term's arranged 




house, atandlng on three lote of 
beautifully cultivated garden and 
lawns. Situated rloae to Psinbsrton 
Woods and Foul Ray best h In ft gulet 

and ah. It. red location. The Interior 

woodwork of this house Is *«csg,UoAally 
fine, and the whole la vary wall kapt 


rinanclal an. 

111 Fort Blrsst 



StX ROOMS — Living room, den. dlft- 
ing room. kltchsn, two bedrooms 
up and one dowa. Living- room, den 

aad dining-room beamed and panelled, 
with open fireplace In living-room Pull- 
eised cement baaement, with furnace 
and laundry tuba. Oarage Nice lot. 
In flower* and garden. The furniture 
Is of the very best quality, practically 
■aw. Thla la a beautiful Utile horrTe. 
altualsd on one of Oak Hay's flnsst 
resldentlsl streets. We cftn show you 
over at any lime anil give Immediate 
poaaeaalon For price and particulars 
tall us up 



IVR ROOMS, full .....I baaement. 

to atreel car. II. III. 



UJK havs for immediate sale ons of the 
moot attractive country homes to be 
feurtit anywhere convenient lo Victoria. 
The situation la really Ideal, being on main 
paved highway and only a short run lo the 
. Ily The property stands high, being well 
drained, and inmmanda a pleaalng view of 
lb* plctureeque Elk Lake Is also opposite 
the propoeed new muftlrlpal golf llnka 
There are 

with considerable part In atrewberrtea, 
Ingans and other small frulta, 

Ws can guaranles ths house in ba well 
built, aad was only occupied a short time. 
Two largs atone fireplace*. French wlndawa 
and other features Septlo lank and water 
laid on Elect, 1, i.ght available. 

To clean up an eetate we caa anil at the 
eirepllonally low price of 

• 4* Port'sireet % Vlctacla. B.C. 



are offering aa etesptloaally well- 
built eeml bungalow daalgasd by aft 

ar. tiilact— Containing entrance hall with 
rl. akroom apacloua living room with largs 
open fireplace , dining-room with panelled 
wall, and beamed oftliiags. kitchen finished 
Ift white enstnel cupboarda and hint. etc. ; 
paae Pantry with glaaeed In capboftrds: rosy 
dsn with grata. I brigr.t. airy bedrooms with 
closel In each, bftlhrwom. good fixture, asp- 
erate toilet; full el ted basement with coft- 
,-r.te floor, laUDdry tuba, estra toilet, hot 
water heating with radiator la gvery room; 
.it. not newly painted . interior aewly 
pspersd and timed, low leasa view of gait 
wat.r and mountalaa 


II.10I ta 

for immediate sale, 
for selling— Howgo Inadequate 

rami,, - 

p r aauwN a 

Batata. Financial sad 
llll Broad Si root. 




I ' ST * r * 

1 good at at 

r saenetblag really 
I 11* ftftce. la tha 
very best part of beaallful Oak Bay dls- 
trlet. aee us before It l. tot Isle 

This bows* Is built on a fun sited lot all 
improved, alee law a. gardea and same frail 
t t.ea 

At l e a st II. eat below vain* Price 1 1 tag, 
on lerma Luting No 1144 

the nuirriTii t-o i.rn 

1*1 4 Kiribati Hon 

MODERN alt room bungalow roe Bale, 
with garag. . 'lose in car line. |a gwod 

1 1 IIR 

'pit nut; bi'kim raataa-a halhroom aanirv 
I rswiCTOle foundation f«|i ha seen oat, al 

Pri. . I. f 


C offer at 11,711 a really Sne home on 
* ♦ Wellington St wlibln one block of 
Dolla* Rd . 7 room, and roeepttea ball, 
living room la p.rtl. olarly large and - om 
to, table large fireplace, bow windowa slid 
lag doors t.. gwod ftiniag-rownt. beamed end 
burlapped. built -la buffet. flrepla.-e 
ewinglng door to paaa pantry with atak . 
al«e kit. 1, en ettra pantry Poar bed 
rooma upstairs with clothe* cloeeta. «rs- 
plara in one bedroom wide ball, bathroom 
Interior Hnlah and woodwork It ks as w 
flood baaement f urnass Tha b*aaa waa 
planned for owner by arrhltecl larg-e. yet 
caavenieni Oataide preaeats a naklua aad 
pleaalng deelga — a alar a you will eurely 
appre. i.te Uo< 4**11* Nice gardea aad 
ehada treee Make aa an oCer 

Baclaatwaly by 

M PkaMk* IIM 

aTawBMawbeel Ilea 

" BB Tl Eft. aad our llattngs of bowaaa 


ar* • '.mpleie 
far a hi 

any la oak, 
p*a» awawaa 

and prieea . 

Ill > .Kl 

plete If you ar* la tbe market 
uee la iiak HAY tell aa what yoa 
aad la a few haure w. , .„ .w Pr .., 

a af vacant rva. 

aa an Invewimeac Maat 
ire going ta fce 
.11 peoaatrty la II 

Ph .,na . I aa 

To Out -of - Town 

Uul ot loan subtmbers wlu. 
wish t.» dti-va. r t .(U ; -!l,vni)fnt« tn 
win h only the telephone *. .**»*!>-«-.• 
Oi the advrrtit. • It given, BUYJ rephei to The ( olaOMrt, Ub. 
'I he Cc.lonut will < oiniiiuiin-atc 
*ut h 1 eplie* to ihc jii! » ci u-ci 

lOl hl S I I » It SALtC 

1 1 Ulillu ued ; 


rpiffls dwelling Is tn one of the boat rael- 
I dentlal parts of Oak Hay. aad is very 
alcaly situated at a roraer It Is fuLy 
modern and consist* of I room*, with flr*- built In effecte. eatra toilet, servaat a 
roam. etc. Ths grounds ars aicely laid out . 
lawna. thrubbery ehada tree* 0«m1 garage. 

$ 1 750 



fTTHIS modern eeml -bungalow la 
X within a block and a half of tba Oak 
Hay car Una. with open Arsplacea. built In 
Haturea. baeement turns, e etc. 

Tha let la 41 II ft s 111 ft and has a 
number of scrub oaks oa it. 

I , ath payment will handle thit 





1 II 


WELL-PLANNED l-room r**ld*ace. roo- 
atattag of reception. room. dialog, 
room. den. kitchen aad I bedrooms, bath 

aad lavatory asparats. all bullt-la featurea. 
1 open flreplacea. furnace, etailonary waak 
tuba, furnftre: full sl/e cemented basement, 
gftft Located In the r holreat part cf Fair- 
Sold, high elevation. Prleo (caah tl loo. 
balance oa easy larme). |«,100. 

Juat off Rlchmoad-Ave — l-room bunga- 
low, up i,. dat. only fl.211. 

l-room bungalow, in Oak Bay only II 11* 

Sat off Cook. largV lot. II 040 

• 14 



111 Fort Stroftt Phoaa lit 



-r ROOMS, with stairway to unflnlah*d 

Interior show* r*c*ptlon hall with living 
room on tha left, which haa a flreplare, 
and dining-room on the right. Opening off 
the rear hall are two well-arranged bed- 
rooma, bath and toilet asperate. Kitchen 
and pantry. Uaa installed. 

Thla property at 11,100 la worthy of your 

11.100 CASH 

Mi 1 M MORE I H a . « 

A « It A MM I NO IlKI III ' .1 tl VIK 

eiStlt. g of II , Out, . S. With 4 l.»«a ;...t e l'r 
. ,o| <l ...Mia |a, a. • ...I ..I • .- 1. , 


K H K I I \ I t. \\ * N I ' I.' o -. . 
Situate near 1'planda 
Por sale or .n-ttauge Too lara 
■WftftT. Mafeft 10 view 

M ■ . ■ H K -1 ! * ft • ■ III 
! ! kl ». f! It I ( •< , , n ■ 


ii- isn.ii a t too,, hmmB 
»7 inside city llr 
a good aubatantli 
monthly. Olva d 
!•• 1 1171. Coioolel 

WANTED to Purr h 
iim, m cottage 
Palrfleld district Apply Drawer 111. Vi 
lor la 

aft* New, modern n>» 
(stucco preferred), 

t.fl A rh ran ■>- ii,. pa- n.-etare . t , 

.1 and I. II ,«u 
livw.!; ,»S 

rty and 1 will I 

» Oa , aa,. ! , a. ,,.y 


A N Ideal Summer 
- \ Hauaa. Falf 
bathing, flahlng ItttkTl 

A LA ROB school of ryst 
A la la Cowl, ha n Bay. 
4 aacb today. 

>leta ' 

Resort —Tbs White 
1 Harbor H c Boating, 
nnia Terms moderate 

F. Saunders, 

L. M.C 

I • r. v 

t ««!•»•• 

V^f Bun'., 
• .al' tan. 


•a! A h 

« - Al 

M A » e », . *a,i* * .-Ml • • l„ 

a ta, t> ' I * • , . Ij. Hit, 

! , I. a t.o ; o.,*dl* , ^ a,.:., t I X I. 

/ tOOUIEBNA Deep Cove — tjul.t 
V> raaart. aa Ike watertroat: boating, balk 

E-d'wardl^ B. Sa ^^StSj^M 
lataavA. B.C. 

rtOEDOVA BAT— l-room furalebed water - 
' froat cottage, from Aug llik Apply 
MrMorran's Teeroome Cordova Bay. 

la Oulf 

bat blag 


IDBALLT situated aad thoroughly com- 
fortable, eaeelleat rooking service 
bathing, goad boating nohlng. 
nlebed aansp aultoa aad teat* 
Apply amra O P. Oaf 

garage . 


our holidays st Montague Ftrrt 
1 Lodgs. Oallaoo Island, situatsd oa chore 
of beautiful harbor Plahlng. boating, batb- 
lag Beautiful trail, through foreet. Tripe 
by launch arranged. Moderate rataa Apply 

C3 1 

a ar ckndrea Ua- 

•sVaMggggggUk.B. Y*V T 

II. • 

tZZTboU. U 


porch attending 

THIS bonsai. , 
arroaa the entire front Living 

"with c 


ent with wash trays. Oood lot with front 
lawn, rear gardsn. garage and poultry 
house. Everything In perfect condition. 

I»*a cIlVnot^Mr-hen* '"badrooi 
and !-p4ece halhroom Pull concrete base 

I room 



A. T Abbey. Mgr 
111 View St. 




Drop In Price 
171 Peel Frontage to React 

Cloae lo Oak Bay Golf Link* 

Plana for reeldsare prbpared. 
but owner must realise 
Thle le Your Opportunity 
Tlmee Bldg. Fort Street 

I — BIG bargala la bungalow: rive 
large, bright rooms aad large en 

trance bail. Dialag aad living roorna have 
opeo lire, aad built-in featurea Fall base- 
ment, garage, poultry run aad large lot. || 
by III fl. High situation, oa 


Gorge It. a. I 
•xWrU. WELL-BUILT cottage- Three large 
V«XW rooma and fall lot: house is as good 

as aew. Just outside city limits 

(Saoce eeo r to Oraat a Llneham) 
114 aayward Block. 

*»>f^iM|— yUH sale hy owner, a real bar 
'» -- " gala. Five room bungalow. 

all cement base in eat. waab take, 

..*> ,1 

■I ! HAT 

MANSION, commanding poaltlon. near ear 
and golf cluba. The rrreptlon rooms ars 
particularly spacious snd attractive, Snest 
af hardwood floors and decora tlona: com 
fsrtabie h»wage aad billiard room : bedrooms 
ftnd slssplag porch well laid nut: double 
garage, large garden with beautiful ahrab- 
bery and oak treee Everything about this 
property, which wss built to preeenl own- 
er'a Ine-trurtlone. la In perfect order, and 
price seked le great aarrlflce. 
O. C. HOW KIaL Its Psataartoa Bl dg 

m ' I iAA — OORGB — • rm*ma. now eend, 

, n j beatBlfol Isvsl lots III 
a I to in orchard, vsranda lOill. conserva- 
tory Hal*, living room llltt. open preeoed 
krlrk flreplsces Isrge hi. tit in buffet. I ply 
flooring Teiss only 111. Few minutes 
from bus and water. 

«>•>*- 1 k/1 — 7- ROOM bungalow, l-mlls ctr> 
ejrwa H/lf gig,, ba I h and toilet, h and r, 
aaptlc tank. 4 big lota, aleo l-room collag*. 
farnllure. Inclurrlng Maann A Blach piano, 
free. Tti't 111 A generoue oner, "we 

ralla II 


ALTY. Ill Ysles 

-CNQt ESTIONABLY one of the 

15100 boot .it room bungalow* 

nabl* In the hotter part of Palrfleld 
r. Bverrthlng In flneat condition In 


today Bvervthlng In 
terlor aa well aa ester 

lor vary attractive. 
f|i-i> . I ovERDALE— I room cottage 
*P.filU with water aad light, two Macks 
from car llftft. Thla la a real mortgage aale. 


411 Sayward Bldg 

<- : Mii: 

WE offer yoa rhelce of two 
aewil kaagalowft one near High 
School, other oft SwathSftts Street Eech 
baa I rooms. I of which are aa grouad 
floor. la< ludlng 1 " 
and I bedrooms U| 
menis. furntnt, etc 

Tltloa are bath cbaar aad 
Terms granted 
71» Fart at. Phtav* n» 



good soli. I roomed bungab.w. 

ty ac 

— , ...n 

d reed 1 
Mortgagees waat action 
Price and Termi 

Terme Reaennabte 
A. B. BARTON 11* Bldg 
Phase MM 

*a "Mi'iri 

■ * H M I NO 

it ''ft! HI r " K ftP-'a Ike miosis Ave 

aPk, ill,*," room b B 1"' « 

high location oa Aeajo.ib Street. Ave mln 
utea to Mlllatdat ear Itrraliui. al'.ra«tlv* re 
.apnea rooan. dining room wtth 
aad bwlll-la feataroa alas 

very core plete 

Wis hi. airy badreoma. 1 1 Pad 


fan. eel Thle 
flni.hed and I will 

I 111 Uweaa Ran* Mldg 

Parno. health reeort. 

Victoria. Ms collect 
court* patting- t 
day. Ill a wsek 
Tide. Mar 

■ wnlgaa Lake — 


^aCu'hi, 1 

and CHICKEN P ARM — Eighteen acre* 
of 1 aoll. of which It acreo are cul- 
tivated and *ia In, rough paature, with shsde 
ireea Very comfortable modern bungalow, 
• rooma bath and Inslds sanitation Pine 
orchard and garden, barn and chicken 
housss, pleasant location, near Cowlchan 
Ray. Price reduced to It too. on term. 

TRY HOME AND FARM. Eight acreo 
rich aoll; l-room bungalow overlooking aee. 
and mountain, wide verandaa aad modern 
plumbing: very attractive garden Urge oak 
trees, barn and chicken houoee, good water 






ten mile* out of Victoria. On main road. 
Ave acre* of choice land, all cleared and 
cultivated. Pour-room bungalow. wun 
grocery etore. doing good boalneea Garag*. 

barn r hi. urn h0Ue*0. a lao f 
Price |l, III 

llll Oo 

OX farm — An Inland, II acres. 
O Victoria Apply ta D. Era 
or aale or leaes. 

Acreage, Deap Bay 
school and stors 

1st CnBce 

district, cloae to 
aad en goad road: 1% aeree good iaad aad 
part cleared, prlee 17 to Eight acrea. part 
cleared, eoothem etpoaurs: prioa to. Four 
acr**. part clssred. close 10 sea aad oa goad 
road: price III* Ten acrea. part cleared, 
Ane home alto; price 1 7*0 All tha above 
offerings ar. exoeptlooal values. For further 
partlculara see J B. Uveeey ( 
Grant A Uneharo). 

Saanlch Homee — Chlckea 
olng concern : owaar foreod to 

ranch, got 
leave for England, neat cottage of 4 

rooma; I arret, • chlckea houeaa I brooder 
houss. I Qusea Incubator (410 eggs) barn 
with loft full af rlovsr bay. Ill laying 
bans, aver 4*0 pulleta, II rooetar* (all 
flolly strain), this raaok a net 
average return af 171 moath . price 11.711. 
caah Hew 4 room cottage, folly faratraed. 
oa IV* acres good Iaad; lbs buagalcw baa a 
alee slssplag porck. open nr. plan view of 
asa aad mountalra This Is • rsal invest 
mem Only ll.**0. terms E. B. Haatk. 
Ill Tatee atreeL Phono I7A 
, . . 


%aj * LT SPRING ISLAND — II acre property 
4J with II acrea cleared aad II und.r 
cultivation. Ta ba disposed of aa a 

Tha aoll le good, varylag from light sandy 
ta clay loam Th*r* le aa ample aupply 
ef water all tha year raaad aad It it 
pumped from th* aprtng* to the hoaae. 

The building* eoaalet of a good boeyfta, two 
bam. with t alio* and a vary good chicken 
houee The etock conalata of 14 rows, tl 
pigs aad chicken* 

Nothing t* lacking la farm lm 
l* aleo a tractor la 


R*al Batata. 
PI near ha I aad Ineureaea Ageata 

•It Fart ■treat. Pkoae MA 

O N AP — Por Sal* >k aoetloa of Iaad. or will 
k5 trade for ear Per particnlare apply 
to B os 1114, Colon lot 

have several good < hicben ranching 
proposition, far aala la 4 and t sere 
blocks, within I mllae of lowft Alas a place 
of I acrea la logaaa fruit troaa. ate . abeut 
I Uj mile, from Victoria, for aal* cheap The 
infflth <o. Ltd, 1*1 I Hibhwa Boa* Bldg 





Q ACRES within few yerde of 
<~ Bay I near college); 


Tl#W. g7*FlF# 9T\ I y 


O ACRES aa Went 

•> mwaity Catttre Mall 
would make a vory pretly r I —try 

i> far 

Ths shore peopert bee ere 
llae I 

sAgatrta lagkt k* avaikal 

» • > - 1| FOR 4 % 


\> Itl M.I I OK s VI I 


• Hit* s * «, 


C KkKi' f M K 

4 ROOM bungalow ,n maatnfl- 
.ni situation Paaelled rooma. 
..i>*i, - - 11.111 in fee '.Brae Pine ver- 
anda Oood water Phoaa Sldaey l*Y for 
appointment le view 


At Deep Cove 

Orally cleared: 

etc . excellent 




v 1 it, OM bungalow, particu 
rly well bum and ef aUrae* 
1 . app.a ..t... ;...« fl • . bv... m fa» 
aad altogether up 10 city atandarda Two 
acreo of eaeelleat Iaad. eome good fruit 
Ireea and email fruits, together with mod - 
.... .... k.o houee for 10* blrde and brooder 




«>Va ACHEn juat Ilk* a park, some aak 
'* treee, 4 ,001,. new modem bungalow, 
ptomblng aepll, tank, fireplace in living- 
room, sheds, illy water, light. II minutes 
lo illy, high poaltlon. Just off island High- 
way and rloae to Stat Ion Radiated to ll.ll*. 
quick aal*. Mag. haw <• A Co.. Sayward Hldg 



T7VOB Sale — Lois lit 117. nicely tree, 
-aw> loo la (Of MrtnlvooL Hay, clOsM to 

1. aver- 



YJl 'ANTED to Bay — Oood lot 
▼» Haultaio Stresl and Port, ia 
Municipality Boa llll. Colonial. 

bet wee a 



fTVO Rsat — Sheep rua, with modern I room 
X bouss aad farm buildings Bacellsat 

water aupply Slock can be purchased 
Rant 111 por moath. C Wal lck. real aetata 
and Insuranra agent. Cowlchan Station. B 
A N Hallway. 



JjV)R Avreage to Rent eee P P. Hlgge. 201 

Pemberlon Building 


Y»TANTED — A few acrea. cleared, with 4- 

chlcksn house for 1*1 hens or more, ready 
for occupation, a fsw mllea out. HUB low 
lilt foloatat. VMtorm. 


AGREEMENTS tor aale and mortgagee 
purchased Money lo loan. Foot a 
Msnssr^Barrlslsra. Hank of Nova Bcotla 

IjllRST Mortgage Puads waiting for loaa 
on good resldsnllal or buslnsss prop 
ertiea Aleo loans on any good approved 
bualneea. motor car* and household chattel* 
at curreat rates. No delay. Apply Heath 
a Prelewerca. Ill Tale e Btreet Pboae 174. 

any amount, chattel mortgege 
421 Hlbben Bone Bldg 

J-i B. Bheppard 



If ONE Y to loaa oa Improved real eetala. 
iYL s winer 1 on A Muagrave. real eetate. 


■Dona 411 

141 Fort 

A CONEY to loan on flrat mortgage, la 
ill. amouala 14 »o 11.000. Building loaa* 
In Oak Bay or Falrflsld considered Wlas A 
. Ltd.. 1*1 Pemborton Bldg. 




WK are Inetructed to loan approalmalaly 
1101, 110 on flrat mortgagee. Improved 
real eetate. In amount* from 11. 
Submit application* to Robertan 
man A Tall, Bank of Montreal 
Victoria. B.C. 

WK specialise is loaalng money for either 
building or on any Improved 
city or farm properties at low eel current 
rate of Inter.. t Consult P. M Browa A 
Suns. Ltd.. llll Broad Street. 



ratas of Interval, lo euma *o ault 
man, Forma, A Co.. .., Vie, St 

mortgage oa 
at current 

eeeaTlty. Will pay high letersst 
Principal and Interest payable every ataty 
days, full amount lo bo paid within eighteen 
Por full partlculara apply lo Boa 

months Por 



BARRBLA (oak), 
paired. Kega 
Wilkinson, maeior 
Phone ItttR. 

I'F your watch doe. not give eatisfactlan. 
bring It to the "Watch Bench Brown 
Block. Broad St Mainsprings, II cleaning 
11 «o Work guaranteed * 

PERMANENT relief ran be obtained from 
A varleoee ulcers, bad leg. and kindred 


m aa 


RT. BEV. KATE JORDAN. Clairvoyant 
and spiritual Beadlage dally. 1 to I. 
101 Hlbben Hldg 
Phone 4«I7X 

by appointment. 


A used isra and 

PL1MLEY. LM.. lor 

trucka Liberal t 




" aala. 


Sad II. . nee. I timber f», 

-a port e snd eatlmaloa 

fu, niabe.i with lopographlcel maps Log 
brok.ra (llrdwood * Lewla, Ltd.. 117-11* 
Pemberton Bldg. 

LARGE and small trans af timber, ac 
csaolble to rail and water, for eale. Wiee 

A Co-. Ltd , lit Pombortna Bldg 

ENGINEERS Timber for eale In large or 
small tracia Crown grant or !lcsn<« 
perl of ths Province. Til 

WB have far aala lit 
llceare. large ar 

Crewa great ar 
email tracia I'em 

The Re* tamed Prwf, 

Mew'a AeeocUUaa ad 

^k 1 

ILl.^ AB.1BA.. 4 


L Mo-coR WORKS. 1*11 
ue Phone 4*44 




ard St real 

171* Blsnshsrd 
Bt II i> 
Pboae 4711 

Phone tttJX 


Phone lit* 

roraer View and Broad Phone 4|og 
Ill f I t f . I 11 I ITS I Nil 

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H ENRON A co. 4*? Oorga Road Phonee 
1147 aad lllk 


H CLARKE. 411 Central 

1 Street 

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Nlsgsra Street 

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R J CoslKLLO. Lake Mill P 


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W a BBOWN. 711 BC Permaaeet L 

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Developed in 
Northern B.C. 

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» Kt-niarkaM: 1,1, .,U 

PRINt I .i .oROK. Auk U — A 
rAc« of riant "supar-IndUtns" U balRK 
drvaloped in tha wlldcrnnaa of North, 
•rn Rrltlsh rnlumhlt. led by b LaJl, 
pHtrUrchal half-brwad nrnnnl David. 

Tha atory of the unuaual expartmant 
In trlba bulldina. ooa of tha mean 1b- 
tareatiaa and praclloal cxamplna of 
< uaTci,-, knoan to mankimi has bran 
brouaht hare by Provincial Conatabla 
Thomas Van Dyke, who has Juat re- 
tumed from the far-off trapplnc aad 
trading; post at Kurt Oraham. 

Many stories hara oome out of tha 
North roncernlnK David and hta irt 
venturea In tribal davwlopmsnt. but It 
has remained for Van Dfko to furnish 
datalU regarding tha adventure, 
Davld a father waa a French -Canadian 
trappar; his mothar a squaw of a 
Prairla tribe. Whan 11 yaara of a*a 
he left Winnipeg for the unknown 
ragiona weat of tha Rooklaa. That 
nore than alxty yearn 

David was a man of remark* 
Ideala and aelf-reetraint. He acorned 
tha habits that had humbled other 
Indiana and other breads. Ma was In- 
duatrious and became one of tha maat 
successful hunters and trappers In tha 
vaat rasion over which he wandei-wd. 
He avoided vlllaae Ufa. for ha dreaded 
the alght and companionship of tha 
majority of the IndlajuT, who haul fal- 
len Into a life of tdlemeaa and intetn- 
peranca. Yet be cherished a pride In 
hia native an c es t r y , and he began to 
dresm of a trine of super-Indiana that 
one day might be developed worthy of 
the country which they were to in- 

With this Ideal In mind he choaa 
hln mate carefully. Ha wad a Sic- 
anee woman, the handaomeat and 
strongest woman of bar tribe There 
were four daughters, and whan tha 
time cume for them to 
sought afar for sulUtble 
— tall in stature, free from dl 
and bad habits, and powerful in 
physique Theae four daa*htera of 
David and thalr four buebande 
formed the nucieua of a tribe that 
now numbera fifty-four, and soon tha 
aearch will atart for aultabla grooms 
for tha msny granddanghtera who 
are coming of age. 

riillout-m Uarnctl 

Constable Van Dyke waa at Kurt 
Norman whan David and hla trlba 
came In to market eome furs. When 
they entered the settlement David 
warned hla followers to avoid mixing 
with the village folk, and they camped 
on tba oppoelte eide of the river. Van 
Dyka says that he never saw a finer 
body of men and women. The thll- 
dren were also unlformaly atrong and 
healthy They ar* a nomadic trlba, 
wandering over vaat atretchaa of foreet 
land, seldom neelng the people of 
other tribes or whit* men. Whin 
they wish to trade they sell their fur* 
and depart. 

David told ConstRble Van Dyka 
th;ii he hoped to live long enough to 
nee nil his grandchildren suitably mar- 

Of Modernist Talk 

Texag Divine Cautiorw Young 
People Againat Argument* 
of Enemies of the Bible 

Young people attending the con- 
vention In San Krant-iax-o recently of 
the Walt her league ware arg*d In AA 
addreee by the Rev. J. W. Behnken. 
vloe-preeldent of the Texaa district, 
"to ha on gusrd when modernists 
undertske to praise Jfteua Christ, be- 
cause the Bible speaks in var. 
and positive IsnguagT*." 

"Whan modernlsta begin to 
words of pralae about the nible, about 
Chrlet, about any Bcrtptural doctrlrta, 
we had better beware." he aald. "You 
know that tha eoft eatpaw conceale 
■hurp clawa. When the paw of mod- 
crnlxm la aubjocted to careful ex- 
amination. It r*v*ala the horrible 
clawa of the denial of the Inaplrstlon 
of the Bible, of Chrket'a Dt*ty. of the 
glorious work aa our Substitute, of 
His bodily renurrectlon and. In fact, of 
everything which Is dear ta a true 
child of Ood. 

"Do not permit yourselves to be de- 
C*lv*d by the flowery lenguage nnd 
astounding ekpreaslnnn which th*** 
great caponents of moderalarn ua*. 
What have theee people aocompllahed f 
They have undermined the faith of 
thoussnds. They have started con- 
fusion In their churches. In their de- 
nominations and In other church 
bod lea 

"Just keep In mind that tha Chrtat 
of the Bible la none other than the 
Saviour, who by the shedding of Hla 
blood and by His -offering and death 
wrought for us an eternal red empties. 
Compare that with the caricature of 
Christ which the modernist preaenta. 
A Christ who la a mere example for 
our Imitation, and yoo should ba con- 
vinced thst H la not the Christ of th* 

SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. IS. — Carp- 
tain I'harlee lioff Irlvlslonnl Prohibi- 
tion Officer, haa received authority tat 
two motor l.oala which had Lean 

,, ' . • i ' • . ga*J I • ■< • >-e ' , . aBjajSJ rum 
runners. Captain OoaT has 
Washington otYit lata for 
(o mount machine gut 
boats which will soon ba la 

ne ,.,*■ 


f 1 M J f ***• 
* hit i * * 

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M MORE A <X>. Itl* llr,. 4 St Pkaavs 

>HNSOB BBOA. 1714 Avsbavr Avon.. 

Tbe Khace Ret eter and Trenafe. Naakt 
ef I be Dwwweli MMMMk LlftaMad tNoa Par- 
aonal | . lability i will be r IB*. I st aooa ftw 

, t * tiS'tia, !»tS lft .a^ , emftla 

- ' ' I- i • •» S. I *.g-te. 

IEEE. The A int. ■.<■::■ * .h Ummnr^m *i* -foa 

>..,.*, * .Ha W . . 

' ,» < le • -'bar ef ' 'em-, 

• i < '- ItaiteVag W- 

10* ha. R st 1 t* p m - " i ,e .rile- • • 
-I -- tfnt >naaf leg hetdwea 

„ ■ - * « ivrf ejaaee aee>l. 

•■<••' -- - ef T>-j-nday. 

;s.h a. gaat measat 

I it • .4 1h» ' '"»'**■ '4? k 





BEST QUALITIES 8 Store HfM,r »— 9 A M *° b *' M. Wednesday t<> I p M 

Sale of Women's Out-Size Dresses Today at $14.90 

Excellent Values in the August Sale of Home Furnishings Today 

Special Purchase of 40 


9 T tf T 

-ot Larger Women 

SmH -MY , to 50C 

Silk Crepe and Satin Dresses for the matron and larger type 
figures. They are designed on simple, straight lines, with 
trimmings of silk, lace, braid and pleating of self materials. 
The shades include nigger, navy, and black; the sleeves 
seven-eighths length, the neck finished with binding of self 
material, the waistline beltless, but caught on each hip with a 
tie of self material. Imported Dresses, sizes A6 l / 2 to 50y 2 , on 
sale for 

$ i 4.90 Each 


' hi rr * > ! d (.»<>. >.t 

S.tir ! . • <!., V 

Cardigans of brushed wool, in 
shades of grey, rose; made in 
smart styles with patch 
pockets and fastened with five 
pear! buttons on front; sizes 
for 10 and 12 years. Special at, 
each •"*><* 

Children's Fancy Knit Car- 
digans, in plain wool, pretty 
shades of fawn and saxe blue 
with patch pockets; sizes for 
8, 10, 12 and 14 years. Good 
value at $2.50 

Fawn Brushed Wool Cardi- 
gans in sizes for 10, 12 and 14 
years; well made double knit 
sweaters, with two patch 
pockets and five-button fasten- 
ing. Splendid value $3.75 

Fancy Ratines and Fancy Check Voiles, and Fancy Colored 

Suitings. Regular price, a yard, $1.50, for 98< 

IMain Color Ratines. Nile, rose, sky, grey, white and tan 

Regular, a yard, $1.50, for 7©^ 

IMain Crepes, in mauve, sky, brown, pink and old rose. Regu 

lar $1.25 a yard, for 58* 

Stripe Crepe Suitings, grey only. Regular, a yard, $1.00. On 

«ale for 39< 

Fancy Voiles, Ratines and Crepes. Regular, a yard, $1.25, 

for * .-.........•..-..-•...•-...-.■..-••-•-•.•••»--••--•--•-••••••--•••••-••-■-•»-•--•-•••••--• 

White Swiss Kmbroidered Muslin. Regular, a yard, 50c. 
f o r ........ . ,.......•...•.....•.*...••*...•■•>••-••••>■••■-••••••■*-•• . . ............... . .^8^^^^ 

30- Inch Fancy Figured Crepes, suitable for underwear, a 

yard - 35< 

30- Inch Si%-Finished Crepes, in leading shades. A yard. 50^ 
Scotch Ginghams in a wide range of patterns and shades; 
plain colors of check. On sale, a yard 25< 

— W.ih 

9 i .- ^ 

Silk Jemy Ore-Blouses 

Exceptional values in Silk Jersey Over-Blouses, plain, ribbed 
or fancy weaves; finished with band at bottom or straight 
effects, with long, short or three-quarter sleeves, V neck, 
I'eter Pan collars. Shown in shades of black, scarlet and 
Spanish gold. Sizes 36 to 46. On sale for, each 


Values for August Sale 

A beautiful linen damask, all excellent designs, 
and great values. 

60-Inch Pure White Table Damask, all-linen, 
in pansy design. Regular, a yard, $2.25. On 
sale, a yard $ 1 

Half-IUeached Pure Linen Damask in "Dice" pattern; 60 

inches wide. On sale, a yard $ 1.50 

I lalf-Bleached Union Linen Damask, very durable and well 

woven ; 63 inches wide, a yard $1.25 

54 inches w ide. On sale, a yard $ 1.00 

Scarves and Squares ; exceptional values. Runners in ecru, 
with lace edge; size 18 to 45 inches. Regular price is $1.50. 
On sale for HH+ 

Kern Squares, with lace edge and insertion. Regular $1.50, 

ft T ............................. M . . .^^l^^ 

Table Cloths and Napkins 

72 x 72 inches. August Sale Price, each $5.95 

72 x 00 inches. August Sale Price, each $7.95 

72 x 108 inches. August Sale Price, each $9.95 

Napkins. 22 x 22 inches. On sale for, a dozen $ 7.95 

All- Linen Damask Cloths and Napkins 

72 x 72 inches. On sale for, each _ $7.50 

72 x ( » inches. On sale for, each $9.95 

72 x 108 inches. On sale for. each $12.50 

22 x 22-inch Napkins, a dozen $10.50 

in pansy, poppy 

All-Pure Linen Damask Cloths and Napkins, 
and tulip designs. A good wearing quality at a very low price. 
70 x 70 inches. August Sale 
"0 \ HX inches August Sale 
70 x 108 inches. August Sale 
22 x 22-inch Napkins, a dozen . ... 

Large Selection of 

For Women and Misses 

Pull-Overs in plain styles, with either 
long or short sleeves, collar and tie. 
Shown in many different shades and 
weaves, plain colors and contrasting 
trimmings. Priced at, each, $1.50 

Silk and Wool Pull-Overs, with short 
sleeves and turn-back collar, trimmed 
with fancy stripes at bottom. Brushed Wool Pull-Overs in 
pretty contrasting colored all-over patterns, with lone or 
short sleeves. Priced at, each $3.50 

All-Woo! and Silk and Wool Pull-Overs, with plain knit back 
and sleeves and fancy striped and brushed wool front, two 
set-in pockets, collar and tie, others are plain knit with silk 
and wool trimming. Priced at, each $2.50 

Pull-Overs in fancy all-over patterns; medium weight with 
long sleeves, two set-in pockets and V neck. Shown in good 
selection of well blended shades; very smart for sports wear. 
Priced at, each '._ „ $3.50 

lit floor 

Women's Pore Silk Hose 

On Sale. Today, a Pair, $1.29 

Women's Pure Silk Hose, with mercerized welt and strongly 
reinforced feet. They are offered in many popular shades, 

$i m 

Gr ad*? 


A P*Jf, 75c 

Men's Cashmere Socks, super- 
ior for wear and comfort, "Cir- 
cle Bar" brand, with elastic 
tops, extra special heels, toes, 
ankles and soles ; shades, grey, 
fawn and tan. Special, a 

pair 75e> 

Circle Bar Brand Fine Ribbed 
Socks, made from Botany wool' 
and silk; two-tone shades of 
ey, fawn, brown and black, 
ial, a pair 75e> 

—MM'* furr>lEhit>«.. Miln Floor 


a c 

and in sizes 8>4 to 10. On sale today, a pair 

Dining-Room r M flttfff 

August Sale Bargains for Today 

Seven-Piece Dining-Room Suite, including oblong 
table and six leather slip seat chairs. All quartered 
oak in fumed finish. On sale for $79.50 

Walnut Finish Dining Table, with 6 ft. extension, 
has six legs. Regular $25.00. On sale for $17. 50 

Two-Tone Old English Oak Dining-Room Suite of 
nine pieces ; large buffet, china cabinet, oblong exten- 
sion table and six leather seated chairs. Regular 

$231.00. On sale for $175.00 

Solid Walnut Buffet with low back and lots of drawers and four 
On sale for — ~ _ 

Two Big ^8^* Sale Values 

Drophead Sewing Machine in 
excellent working order. 

August Sale Price $32. OO 

Rotary Electric Sewing 
Machine in first-clkss condi- 
tion ; excellent finish. August 
Sale Price ... .155.00 

-foot cupboard. 

Regular $r> 

Rugs. ° ft. x 12 ft. Regular price $19.00. for 
Rugs, 10 ft 6 in x 12 ft. Regular $21.00, for 
Rugs, 12 ft x 12 ft. Regular $24.50. for 

Greatly Reduced for August Sale 

Linoleum Rugs in good selection of de- 
signs, slightly imperfect in printing hut 
otherwise in perfect condition, will give 
the maximum wear. 

Rugs. 6 ft. x 9 ft. Regular price $9.75. 
for „ $7.50 

Rugs. 7 ft. 6 in. x 9 ft. Regular $1200. 
for „ „ $9.75 

Rugs. 9 ft. x 9 ft. Regular price $13.50. 
for $11.25 
Rugs. 9 ft x 10 ft. 6 in. Regular $15 00. 

for f .$12.96 

js i ,*> r»4 ) 

— - ...... i. .. . '17. r>o 


s.ijYipk Pieces ol Furniture 

On Sale Today 

Solid Walnut Spinet Desk with extension top. One only to 
clear at $97.50 

Sale Values in Linoleum f $1.49 and 79c 

One Pair of Mantel I,amps. solid walnut, inlaid beautifully. 
To clear at, a pair .' $1500 

One Set of Solid Fumed Oak Dining-Room Chairs, webbed 
bottoms, leather slip seat, five small and one arm chair. Reg- 
ular $50.00. To clear at $37.50 

Golden Oak Rocker, cobble seat, good high back with arms 
To clear - ■ 

Brown Reed Lamp, large size with shade, wired ready for 
use. To clear 

Brown Reed Glass-Top Table, small 

Good value, to 

Brown Reed Settee, four foot six inches 
One only to clear at 

Inlaid Linoleum, in eight excellent designs that Fine Crad« 

go right through to the canvas back. Extra- color i n Z s • 

..dinary value. Regular, a square vard. $1.85. ,naare vard 

for $1 #9 

all perfect goods 

n full range of 
On sale for. a 


Good value 

Three Oak Sectional Bookcases, light and dark fumed, n>< r\\ 
hed. To ach $25 <W» 

Fumed ( >ak ( hairs and Rockers with Spanmh leather «eats 
and slat backs. Four only to clear at. 

A Special Purchase of 
Men's Bltse Serge 


Being fortunate in securing a special 
signment of Men's Fine Twill Blue Serge 
Suits from the manufacturers at a great 
price concession, we are in a position to 
offer you this real bargain. The serge is 
of excellent grade and a good shade, while 
the styles include models designed for 
either young men or conservative dresser*. 
This special offer comes at a most oppor- 
tune time, giving those who purpose buy- 
ing a new serge suit for Winter a chance to 
make a considerable saving. 
Take advantage of this golden opportunity 
to get a Blue Serge Suit at a bargain. 
Sizes 34 to 44*. 


For Men — Big Values 

Hatchway No-Button Natural Balbriggan Combinations, with 
short sleeves and ankle length. A suit . $1*75 

Hatchway Cream Elastic Rib Combinations, medium weight 
Great value, a suit _ - $2.50 

Hatchway Natural Wool Mixture Combinations, with long 
sleeves and ankle length. Big value, a suit $3.00 


Three Big August Sale Values 


Offered Today 

Cretonne. 30 and 36 inches wide ; very 
smart designs and a serviceable qual- 
ity. Regular 59c. On sale for. a 
yard - - _45< 

Cretonne, 30 and 36 inches wide; fine 
designs in a splendid range; excellent 
for loose covers or draperies. Regular 89c. 

Cretonne, 30 and 36 inches wide ; exclusive designs 
$1.75. On sale for, a yard 

On sale for 

or, a 



Tapestry Rugs, extra special values, no scams and a choice 
of several attractive designs. 

Size 5 ft. x 8 ft. On sale for _ 

Size 6 ft. x 9 ft. On sale for 

Auguat Sale Bargains 

Old English Oak Console Table with mirror ; table 44 inches 
long. August Sale Bargain 

Walnut Gate Leg Tables, with 36-inch too. and neatly con- 
structed. On *ale for _ $18.00 

Librarv Table, suitable for small room; has extension ton; 
in solid oak. Regular $5000. for $30.50 

Mahogany and Walnut Tables. Regular $18.00. for $10.50 


Good Qualitv Semi- Porcelain English Dinnrrware. in plain 
white, octagon shape; 18-piece aeta, 6 cup* and saucers and 
6 lunch plates for. >. i...m. — $1*49 

27 Pieces, consisting^ 6 extra large cups and saucers. 6 large 
plates. 6 fruit dishes. 1 »lop bowl. 1 covered butter dish and 1 
milk jug. Set complete for. — . $2.75 

$2,, 9 5 and $5.00 

Nottingham I^ace Curtains, 2j4 yards long 
and 39 and 45 inches wide Several designs 
to choose from. Regular *3 95. On sale 
for. a pair 

Swi** I^ice Curtains. 40 inches wide and 2 % /i yard* long; 
choice of white, cream or ecru. Regular $7SD. On *ale for, 
i paii $5. oo 

■ 1 V"