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1 ^'\TZ^r^ 

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n '.' . and rain 'oniumri. . n it,. 
Irina*ralur*« .■• ■m-" • i f^i.n > h» In 


- " -^M- 


Businr't^ Office U 

Cir< 1 .1! i I ■ - ^ 

Job Fnntmg n.*. .,■ i. -■ 1 ) 

Editorial Smms , , i 

Editor an 

80 ^ 


IHirtl I-SIX PAuLi' 


Mexican Govemmeni r urbidi 
Helifiious Instruction Not 
Only ifi Public But in Private 



Dramatist Approachen \ Qfli WV lO TO 
Seventieth Birthday ||J ly 

league for Defence of l^eli- 
gious Liberty 1$ Closed and 
Leaders Arrested— further 

EXICO CIT». July 14. — The 
Mexican a«V*niin«nt la coins 
ahMd with tta precnunma of puttlnc 
into offoet knd ntonimg lt« naw ra- 
U(1ou« rafulAUOM at Bldal^M on 

The (fovernnxrir iiii iclmltted 
that If condition* warranted Kedaral 
troops would ko eaUod oat to doal 
witH dlaordprx. 

Pfealdent C"allf'« »i:ih prf>rlalmo<l 
thr mjppl^montao' rritii l.i I lonN K'^ mj 
effect to thp r<)n?<t It lit iiinHl prohibi- 
tion of retlKiouM tr.K hiiiK In orlvata 
aehoole. Theaa preacrlba that no 
ffilniater of anr roHsloiia eult may act 
dlraeter or teacher In privata 
•choolM. They alae place a ban on 
^hape l e , «tr«<f»Hea, f*M»tr>u!i p!«-l«re«, 
imatea and other objeiiM <.r u rell- 
gloua natura in euph echnniH 

V^rioua iTehoohi, Which alraady 
ha\ e been cloaad or are aapaetatf to 
b« foread by tho Oovemmoat to eooae 
tuition, Intoftdad to reopon at border 
Poinla in the Unitrd 8UU«% thua en. 
abliBf MexIrHn rimitlea wllh little 
trouble to upriil tlirlr i hlldron aTOnn 
the frontier to re»*lve rcliglouH In- 

NItaaUon Jtooomea Trnac 

MeanWhilp the rellcloun xiluntlon 
dally Ik hf-iornitiK riu«r»> liost < 'a I h 
olli- clriloM lure tif.-t) (triiiHv 

xllrred !)>• tho c l.minir i>f tho hoad 
quarterH of the National I.«asu« for 
Defenre o( Relivioue Llboity and tho 
arraai of Uia laodora of tho or«anlsa- 
tlOno, AtteriiOlMIonanl Ortoto haa 
Inatruotod ofllciala tkroHvhout the 
country to inveatlcata ovory local 
bnuiCh of the l<>avue. He alao has 
ordered ih^i i hurirm he laid asralnnt 
thono repdrtffi fur tho roient circular 
ealllng fur an ecoHomic bloc in op- 
position to the Oovornmont'a roUfloue 

fSoormouH rrowdg eontlniia dally to 

I'l'' Ihf ihiir' hoM III Worship or to 
ilnlilrpM (onflrtiifd or baptlzod, 
helnir r<'ar(<|t that on AufUil 1 oft 
■ huri-h funcdonn will ceaae. 


Roacboa "allotted apoa" os Monday. 
When U^. Ramaay MacDonald will 
prooldo at a dlanor tn bin honor. 

mm msBAK 

ITS i^nBcu OF -^icrroRiA real 



Soviety la Buying 
1J90(I \rmy Horses 
In M rs/«rji Cmmmia 

KAMLOOPH. July J4. — The Soviet 
Uovarnment recently purchaaed a 
numbor of poro brad ahoop In British 
OoluraMa for ahlpment to Siberia. 
Kow It is after Canadian horaea for 
army purpoata in Russia. 

Mr. a. H. Arkell. Domlhion llvestork 
commlasloner. h.i>< Kii;iitil uti aaree- 
inent with Soviet i>-prc>i<entat I ven for 
the purchase of i.OOO head of hfirMon 
for Immediate shipment iu Huasia, 
;ind Mr. Arkrii |s now in the Weat to 
fill the order. 


010 lH5l ri 


iSuiidiiu. July 25 

aoeiii i>M>. it2« 

Vletorl* and ' 
moderate wlnd^» 

tiiin lUaifi: 4.;{H o do* k 
II 7tM oVIork. 

VIrlnlty l.iKht to 
P«rt Iv , loiidj- and 

WgH Vlioi ' »t«t n.m.. 9.5 frac 
liMrlliet ttitnj 

, O.t fooc 

Dtep 5m Shipping 


Mr>n<liivt K.M.8. Cmpresa of Can- 
■I'll from Orlbnt, T n.m. 

Dopartu rf«>- 

' Km ma Alexander, for Onllfornla, 
» a.m. 


by four 

Oolf — 
Mm arotth bonta 

l!>olp beat! Stein by C and B. 
Cumborland boats Reclna in Co.i- 

naiMlit Cup aoccer 4 to nil. 
Rain stopo toot match kt Manohao- 


Portland oaramen win fontnro 

events at N P A .\ f> recottk. 
I.«oroaa»— "Ol^ 

Hons of I'an.iila A. Ksnulmalt, 9. 
JyOTMl ("rtrket 

Harleoulns 4R ami Alhlons HO. 
Ini-ogs 18:', \'l< forlH 7« 
Two Ca 17 7, Cowlchan Wander- 
Off* II. 

The Ntm 

Local and rm%lmial — 

i'nnadluna must itnlle to i^d«-anre 

inlereats vt nation, declares Mr. 
H. DIckio, In acrepiina t»omi- 

nation for Nanalmo district, 
one hundred and aeventy-two 

plecea of proportjr wNt bo oSorod 

at city aale tkia weak. 
Former Dritloh M.P. la visitor In 


New bridge to rrnaa QuOMlol River. 
\ Irgin territory exptOTO d nmonv 

.laaper Park peuhs. 
IKtniinlon. Imperial and tVtrBlgn 
Mexican situation I>ecom0% tenao. 
.Mr Rnldnrln's IninilffratlON PoUcy. 
t Hoton Mtrike dwindlea. 

p.<n>^<<r riot becauae poUco force 

redu< rd 

Mr Meifchen H| Dlvby. 

Mr. Bernard Khsw celehral^K seven- 
tieth birthday 

Vniverslty tnuriats on their trip. 

nra throkuao Ainokan 

The City of Victoria's 1926 niK tlon 
sale will be held on Thursday, July 
29, at 3 p.m., under the mammoth 
tent opposite the Crystal Garden, 

The properties that will be put up for 
■ale by |iuhll<- aurilon, conil ui t <'<1 l>.v 
Mr. Chiirli'M H. Austin, will include 
horne^H. huMlness property, down town 
business sites, high Class residential 
property and macnifloont watOrfront 
residence locations. 

By order of the City of Victoria. 
Mr. Auxtin ulll »rll at llir> puhlli- 
aijition 172 Miluul^le iiu-ceH of Vlc- 
I 't i.i real eHlate, the' piirpoxo boinf 
t« distribute tbe property into In- 
dividual ownership, so that the same 
will be placed back Into the taxpay- 
ins eolumn. In order to aooomplish 
this objective, the city haa authorised 
this absolutely unreser>'ed sale, there- 
by offering the publi<- an opportutiity 
to pij r'-liii Ni> ilu'sc |>riipertlea at prices 
to !»■ I.. Mi.-ir own biddins. 
recard|^«s uf < uhi. Indebtednoaa or 
valuorof thi lao4n. 

IfMpy tWfn of Payment 
To make the opportunity thoroufh- 
ly complete, the city is offerinv ex- 
ceptlooally easy tema of payment 

oTor, there will be no hack taxes or 
arrears of any kind for purchasers 

to nc^unie. the illy h.iving under- 
taken to pa) .ill t.ixea right up lo the 
day of 111.- - , and deliver each 
properly free and clear of all encum- 
brances as uf the date of sale, except 
future local Intproramont aaesi s- 
monta where they exlat. 

Thl« .lalo will niil lio what rnlshi he 
termed a i.ix sale, .i-* the property 
Irniilved \n tiot re(4peniahlo hy the 
(lrl^•lnal ownern, sln<p the city tn only 
offfMiiiK properties to which it has 
at)solute defensible title. The title to 
each property has l>oon thorouchly 
searched for tho purpoae of this sale, 
and the city will convey to each pur- 
chaser a clear title. 

The terms of the fale In brief will 
■ Terms of 8air 
be: Ten per cent of the purchase 
price and the auctioneer's fee of |I0 
at time of sale, flfteen per cent of the 
purchase price payable on or before 
Heptepber, 1, !>;«; seveniy-nve per 
cent of the purchase price may re- 
main on .ncrrrr»iorn of Halo, p.iy.ible 
1 - 'i per l ent of i he purchaae price 
every six months, with InteroOt at alx 
per oent per annum. 

Oront Interest la beln* evinced in 
the fonkoomlns auction .^alo not only 
by proepaetlve buverM in the i ii\ and 
surroundlnx rniinicipalii ion bui alno 
hy many Americans from I'alifornia 
and other Htates, who are coming to 
Victoria for the purpose of maklns 

M OiHl \ 

< 1 1 hi 


Churgtd H ith Murder 

BI'FKALO, N.Y.. .fuly 24 Four 
men and one woman are dead here 
from the effects of wood alcohol 
polsonlna r»eBth of another man 
and a \»om.»n aro itirlhutod to the 
Rsnie cnuxe. and two men were In 
h'lxpif.iis today Mind as a result of 
the same poison. A saloon keeper and 
hia wife, an allofed alcohol purveyor, 
were held on homicide charges. 

NEW TORK. July 24 —There has 
been an increase of i\>onf\ five per 
cent In alcoholic death* in 11 'S noi 
ItS.S among the i , iiim loio poin v 
holders of the Insur- 
ance Company. FUures made public 
by the company reveal that the num- 
ber of alcoholic deatha alnca the irat 
year of prohibition haa Inareaaod 
»or rent amon« th* anno group. 


Britain, Dndct Piesent Govern- 
fnenl, No Longer Allows iJn- 
lestricted lnfiii< of Com 
petitors for Lmployinent 





Author'ttative Staterrrent-Made 

That Like Importation of 
Men Is Prohibited When 
British Are Available 

LONDON, July S4.— Premier Bald- 
win's policy of satefuarding 
home industries. It is aiAhorltaliveiy 
stated, IS behind the excluilon from 
Kngland of Ben Bernlc, Jaxs orchestra 
leader, from tho UnMed States, who 
haa boon denied » permit for an 
eight week if entn*o«nont. 

It ha.i heon the policy of the De- 
part nienl of l.ahor for Home timo to 
prr>hlbu llie Importation of forolkrn 
orKH rii^.a I ions such a* Ucrnio hea !u 
when It Is considered that there Is 
awftlclent Brltlah talent available to 
employera. . 

Unpaid Mimony Causes 
Twa learu ia CaimluJuU 

KAIUI'IKI.D. Ia.. July 21 John 
<;al|>inFkl. «ixly-nlx. who hajf .-"pent 
two yearn In the .IcfforBon County j.iil 
hero rather than pay hi.s wife IS a 
week alimony, was released hy order 
of Judge K. B. Wells. UalplnskI was 
sentenced to Jail for contempt after 
he told the court, "It's none of your 
businoaa." In anawer to a q u eot ien by 
the Judfo revardlnf tho alimony pay- 



OP oommoL— MJMBBaaixic 


.\orili. Ill \|li. ria llcp. r:- I lire. New 
iiurit.-< — tine Is .Near l>r»>*cr 
Slave Iiake 

calqarV, jTpty* t4.— q —os fli B > od 

reports from Dnr L'.-i. B C . whero \ 
had Itre Is burning on the land of ihi- 
Columbia Rl^r L>umbor Coispany. 
are to the effect that two mop are 
misatns. A man waa InjurOd at this 
fire on Thursday, and two other men, 
whoso names are unknown, have not 
heen found Since that time. 

The Are west of Oonuld Is still 
out of oontrol. One cump of the 
company waa completely destroyed. 
Tho men left their dinner to retreat. 
The eompaay haa S90 men Qshtlng 
the flro andt the Forestry Branch' la 
sending in more men on tho aouth 
and west sides. 

Golden and Revclstoke 

There are no new Ares at Golden. 
Roth the Jubilee fire and tho ftre 
south of Golden, however, gnra oos* 
aiderable trouble. i 

The situation at Kevelstoke haw im- 
proved greatly and all flren have been 
lontrolled. Cnless adverse weather 
conditions develop the danger Is over 
in that district. 

North of Donald, on the Black 
Water f^iver, three fires have been 
extinguished. Two of them were 
small In extent. All ihe.<te rtres were 
started by lightmn;; 

Northern Alberta 

Throe now Area are reported from 
Northern Alberta. Two of them are 
in the Howard I.Ake area, while an- 
other is burning cast of the lake bo« 
tween two forest reserves east of 
i^eaaor Slave l*ko. 


Hlls will Be ( soada ^ l>c<-arte, Sayo 
(ienoral MdUc. ir \Ve Have 
Political ( oi 

VANCOUVBR, July 54.— "We aro 

entering on Canarta's de .iHo ';i\en 
'strong, efficient an I einr,, mi. rov- 
ernment for the next ten ye.irs and 
the Dotninlon will make tremendous 
Strides forward Ii.isically. we are an 
agricultural country, but our mineral 
production Is rapidly advancing," do- 
clarod Oonemi A. D. McRae, who re- 
turned Isst night from a business trip 
to tho p.-alriea and Middle Wejit 
.^latos It is not generallv rclijod 
j that « o ;ue tho third Rold producing 
country in the world, and that at the 
present rate of development we ahkll 
be tho first bafero vary long," ho con 

Girl Sla ps Pra nlu r for 
imitation in Sermon 

Commonwealth of Kentinki h.iw 
upheld the right of s hob»>ed hsir 
girl to slap*a preaohor who made an 
iMtomnoo from hia pwlpit that no vlr- 
tnova woman would boh her hair. 

OOTomor WmUm i. Fields grsntod 
a full and froo pnrdon to mhs Mar 
thrt RA:es, of Whlteshnrx « »>obbed 
hair Kir! from the mountsin section 
of Keniij. ky, who slapped the Rev. 
Ariie Mroxkn, Daptiat mlnlolor, of 
Mtllatone. Ky^ for orHlelitet vomo« 
who bobbod tftolr bnlr. 

Th* niounteln gtrl took eireptinn 
(o the minlater's remark m%de last 
May. and valkod «p to tho ptUpB 

diirlnx his sermon and elspped him. 
I Partisans of the girl and the minister 
waged a verbal war ooor tko Juotle* 
of tho minlater'a ronmrk and the 
Slrfa roaonnnatrt. and tlio ooteeme 
9m • oourt trial. A el^eiMt coort 
^ond the girl guilty snd sentenced 
her to 1(1 for forty days She eorved 
fifteen days of the term when the 
Oovernnr Intervened :*r,.\ stayed her 
aontenco to inveotlgate the enge. 

The Oovornor Hifonnglly termed 
"pulpit cowardi*»e" the worgt of all 
forma of cowardice, and believed 
sweeping remnrks ahnm women's 
styles inappropriate from a man en- 
gnsod te tiM 

Victoria to Have 
19t7 Convention of 
fteal Eeimie Mem 

LA <,i;aM'I-: <>i. lui, n 
Thf 1 .trlfli \or' !i we;*! 
Keai iUiilatti Aiutuclaliun wtiund 
lip its tenth unnual convention 
here tonight at the annual bait- 

Mr. J. W. Whoetor, of Seajttle. 
waa elected proeldent and Mrl 

T.,W. BMnmerman. of Poi^land. 
waa 're-elected - secretary for s, 

flftlt term. OfTi<erH will be in- 
nialiod at the Midwinter meet- 
ing whiek wUI bo hold In 

Ta coma 

\ ictoria, IJritish ( oUnnbui, 
won the 19l'7 lonvention. 
Mesars A McCreer\ \.in.oii 
ver, and Arthur H. Carniicliaei, 
Vletortg* were elected vice* 
p r e at de pk » and M sea r s. J. B. 
NlobOli% Vaneouvor; jr. W. 
Allen. Vnneouver; Mr. Pember- 
ton. JTm Victoria., aa directors. 

Police Have Clue to 

Bmher^e Wkereabomte 

Police have received information re- 
garding Kdward Baker, forty, that 
may lead to hia recapture. It is be- 
lieved he la now out of t^e woods, 
and In hiding elsewhere. 

MR. mum 8HAW 

mm Atit OT 7U 

Biuriii>\^ i<» HI < I I rtu< ^Ti-a) 

ON .MOV ; I \ V \ I I I \ M H- 

Former Premier namany MncOonoM 
Prrsldu ml BfaMor te Be 
Otvm to Noted AatlMr 


Antiei Lx( itt'ii by Roductn'M oi i 

f oil f [ V pr(^SS(':, If stH* in 

' '^'1 i^tul i^iotins at Vaiious 


(Conservatives of \anaimo 
dominate Former Member 


Government Wished to Prac- 
tice Economy and Abolished 
Some Sf i' s~Mob At- 
tacks One Hemaining 

TOKH^, July 24. — Further riots fol- 
lowing those at Nagasaki, are 
reported from various sections of 

In the latest disorder a mob at- 
tacked a police station at MIkawa 

Tochlgo Prefecture. The mob was 
angered because of the abolition of 
two polico stations under retrench- 
ment orders. Several were wounded 
and twenty persooH arrested. It wa- 
the suspension of police stations tha 
cauoed the riota at Nagasaki. Several 
smaller disturbances occurred In 
otiier pnrta of the country during tho 

MR. o. n ninuE 

Of Duncan, unanimously chosen a?" 
candidate for l.iiand riding for I ' I 
eral election in September. .Mr 
Dickie had the largest majontv of 
any eandldate In British Columbia in 
the last Federal election. 

LO.\l>i>.N'. .July 24 Ceoip,- Hern 
ard Shaw, the noted dramatic' who 
lolebr.ites his seventieth bicloi.iv on 

Monday, has declined to get excited 
about the honors which will be 
showered upon him on bis attainment 
of the allotted biblical apan of life. 

in accordance with hia uadol cus- 
tom, he left town this afternoon and 
will remain in seclusion over the 
week-end Before his departure he 
wan .subjeileil to a barraKe of iij- 
ilulrii>.M at hia Adelphl flat, but all In- 
ter\iewerM were Informed ho had 
eiiffaged not to say anything regard- 
ing his birthday before Monday eve- 
ning. At that time he will return to 
I.<ondon to attend a dinner In his 
honor. Former Premier Mr. Ramsay 
MacDonald will preelde at the dinner, 
which will be attended by numerous 
distinguished guests. 



"Like n Lob^tci w. i, i,<><kja»" is 
Sonsoo n e's I><^('rliniun of Mr. 
Xlara Clinging to OMop 

DIOBT, N.8., July S4.— Welcomed 

by Promior R|l4>dea and a large crowd 
of spectators. Premier Meighen arrived 
here thia morning from Saint John, 
N.B.. and left shortly afterwarda for 
l<l^rpool by automobile. Premier 
Meighen declared In n brief speech 
that In the last Parliament Mr, Mac- 
kenzie King had boon prepared to pay 
almost any price for Progressive 

The way in which Mr. King has 
clung to office, oald Mr. Meighen, has 
boon dgoerlbed aa "like a lobater with 

Mr. Meighen spoke of the Customs 
probe. The probe had shown. Mr. 
Meighen aaid, that the moat vital Oov- 
ernmont dopnrtmonta. the Oiatoma 
Department, had fallen ln<» desenera- 


■ Is the KInx fSovernment now to be 
exonerated by the people" ' a.^keif Mr. 
Meighen. "That la the great queation 
before the electors. 

conetderable worry. Poliee relnforoo- 
menu have been eeat to the altected 


Bone Fimi Body in River 

While boya were Oahlng in the Fraaer 

River, at the ^oot of Righlh Street, 

tl)is ufiernoon, the hook of one of 
them cauxhl f>n somothina; heavy 
whiih. when hauled up. proved to be 
the body of an Indian woman. The 
body has been Idontitled us that of 
Mrs. Fred Kdwards, 28, who had been 
missing from Port Hammond alnco 

TOllRIJiT^i m 

mm ii\ UMF 

<TnTI,'s POINT MOTt>ll P\RTIf=:M 
ARK MvMlIiV AS ,M .Ml Jl- 

ovs AS IN itas 

mm mim 




.McoilM'r (if ( oiiimoii ( iiuiicil of l/on- 
don Is lm|>roHM><I With Dnmln- 
loo's MwUolpaJ Progress 

Much has yet to be done In connec- 
tion with placing before the British 
public, with the opportunity to travel, 
the advantages of Canada aa a tourist 
country, according to Sir Ernewt l^mh, 
of Croydon. England, a inomber of 
the London Corporation and former 
M.P. for Rocheater In the Brltlah 
House, who la regtotered at the Bm- 

presH Hotel with Lady I.*mb. 

Sir Krneft. who decided to come to 
('anada for two nionlli.-f on .i holiday, 
found \ery little iiiformatlun available 
In the Old Country about tourist 
routes and Information for travelers 
with time and money at their disposal. 
To The Colonist last evening he pointed 
out that to the Old Countryman 
desiring information on migration and 
similar openings ample opportunities 
existed in Clreut Hritaln. but the 
Canadian passenger services had not 
yet conducted any Mtrenuous campaign 
in the British cities for vlaitora, such 
Ctmtlnued on Psxe 2 

UlglieM Nnmber In Camp on .^oy 
Biciit Ih 9n. H- < ompntod Wkk 
105 Muxinium Imu^ Vonr 

The curthi Point automobile camp 
has nlninst reached now to the peak 
which wan attained in niT., when a 
Ilia XI mum of in.i l ari was accommo- 
daied fi one ni*rht On Thursday 
night ihor. «ere nlnety-six cars in 
camp. nf^> Mi roe of which had are 
rived overnight. 

According to Mr. W. H. Hadley, the 
manager, the numt>er of cars this 
season, since the camp opened on 
May 1 has been KllKhtly loss than In 
1925. but the duration of stay has 
been longer. 

One Intereetlng aapect. and an as- 
surance thai the camp retains the 
poptflarlty of ita froaaenura. la that 
the patrona return year after year. 
Washington and Cslifomlan cars re- 
tain the leadership for i^umbera. but 
there have been more arriving from 
the <'aiiHdian Prairies, and the Brit- 
ish Columbia Mainland )n the last 
few days. 

The farthest distance thia jrear. 
from which oar* have reaohed the 
camp U fesaa, thoutfh It la probable 
that as the eeaaon advanoag eome of 
the AtUntlc Statee will b# roprenOBt- 
ed. as waa the case a year age. A 
number of cars from North Dakota, 

Nebraska and OolOTadO hOVO TlaltOd 

the camp. 

There are again to be observed a 
number of cars with devioes te enable 
the campdl*a to have a plaaaaat time 
by tho roadalde, the trallore carrying 
^11 kinda of attppMoa compactly 
wrapped up. and out of the way dur- 
ing the day hours, which both keep 
the car tidy ami »onif ortable for 
riding in during the day. The de- 
man<l for auto camp nailers has 
created quite an Industry in some 
sections of the United States. 

The city auction thia week Is ex- 
pected to stimulate travel using the 
camp, aa the event haa been estod- 
^iveiy advertised. 


f >ir(fi 

thul .histirr to 

Make full Inquiry 

OTTAWA. July S4, — "To continue 
and complete" the Customs probe the 

appointment of Sir Francois l.omloiiT 
has bei'n i^nfirmed by Ordei-ln- 
Coun ii Thm Chief Justice of Quebec 
is CO Til missioned to take up the work 
of the Parliamentary committee 
which began the Investigation into the 
conduct of the Customs Department. 
He i% k"\on 'jis full and like power ' 
as any commission ever had. He Is 
asked "o make fitidinx^ and recom- 
mendations from time to time with 
evidence taken before him, reporting 
to the Oovoraroont for enbmleelon to 
Parliament at the next aeiwlnn 


Mr. Di( kic \di<n ntc.s 

Industrial Development 

In Accepting Nomination as Liberal-Conservative 
Candidate for Nanaimo Riding He Says Canada Is 

at the Cross Roads 

Animals Is 

Hi:WAHI) Alask.<l. Jiiiv ;j Forest 
fires thst have t>eon burning more thah 
two months continued today to ad- 
vance near l*gaahs, Brletol Boy. Bouth- 
weaiom Alaoka. and may reaeh Nnohi- 
gafc, arMol Bay. 

The Ares endangered several aslmon 
cannerlee tn thst area. Most of the 
flres have baen onnflned to marsh land, 
burning through tundra moea one foot 

The Sree have deetroyed many varl 
eties of small same and created a 

serious rnndillon for toung fur- 

bearlng animala. who rely on the game 

In aoeopttag the Libera I -Conserva- 
tive nomination for Nanaimo elec- 
toral dietrlet yeeterday at the conven- 
tion held at Nanaimo. Mr r h 
Dickie heartily thanked the < onven- 
tlon for the honor paid him. The 
Conservatives of Nanaimo district 
'had only a short time ajro. he said. 
Kave him a magnificent majority Me 
had tried to convey to them bis 
thanks at the time, but he might, 
perhaps, have failed to give full es- 
preeeton to the gratltnde he feN. 

"Canada la today, truly at the 
croesroads." said Mr. D|ekie. "The 
thinking people of Ca n ada are ««A- 
inx with bated breath the reaalt of 
this election." 

TtaM to Awsken 
He feU satisfied that if a Con- 
servative Oovornment Waa re- 
turned, with a good working ma* 
jorlty. Canada would go ahead as 
never before. The country hsd 
been sewing the « Ind for years. It 
was time now for an awakeninK 'o 
the responsibilities of government 
In the coantry. 

It was utter fol'y. he pointed 
out. for ii.ote.eee people to send 
|«et,*e«,m out of the oonntry for 
prodncte made etaewhore. The 
people of Quebec province, in com- 
mon Wfth those in other provtmes, 
reallie.t (his and were ifoing to 
show their belief in nifrring the 
situation (Juebo. wax now resdv 
t 1 rn r>p«rnte to choi k the drain- 
aro and would give Mr. MotglMa 

a auttotantlal snpport. 

Mr. Meighen would go tlmogh 
that pvpotoce and present the situa- 
tion aa it existed There waa no 
doubt as to wh.nt would be the renul* 
I.lberahi were tired of the demagogue 
methods employed by Mr. Msekenxie 
King. A staunch Liberal tn the 
House had said io h m, when Mr 
King waa «Mfchig hlo roceat dema- 
gaglo apoegli la tlio Homo of Com- 
mom. "My Ood. My. DIoltK tmtl ti 

Hhaatlon Worse Than Proarnicd 

The aituation as far aa the Customs 
scandal waa concerned waa worse 
even than it had been p r eesnted. Mr. 
King and the members of htm Oov- 
ernmeat know of the condHlone ex- 
isting. The Merchanta* Protaotlte 
AsBOclatJon. made up largely of Lib- 
erals, had been forced to organla4hlo 
flght for the existence of their busi- 
ness as merchants after the fSovern- 
tnent had refufied lo act and had 
'■irfio(^ deaf ears (o Ihe.r appeals. Mr. 
."-^P-irks, an arden' Liberal. With 
oihers III tbp Association, h.-id come 
to Mr. II If mevens and asked h^m 
to do something ta eave the Malaeea 
of the country. 

Kven MiSk Airnes Macphail. M.P.. 
who bad an Inherent hatiod'tor Coo- 
servatlTee and who wsnted to eup- 
port the Liberals, had fxii ahe was 
sorry to go back on the party, but It 
had been nb^ioiuto' ,■ jo ov-d that the 
Liberal (. <vernmoni was aware of 
the f jstoms irregularltloa. 
must vols sgdinst it. 

IMsaalalloa Kaplnl 

Ths speaker reviewed the situa- 
tion which resulted In the bringing 
about of the election now < :.:ied. The 
King 'iovernment hid bo. n defeated 
on a \o:e <e-,«iurlnx t 1st 'Jovern nienl. 
-Mr King had tak< n ;i i adjournment 
then, getting In toijoh wUh prominent 
Prngrensivcs, had persuaded them 
that the Oovomor-doaoral would 
allow him to carry on If he ahowed 
ktmaelf Hi control *>t fhe Hopke. 

Mr. King had persuaded them to 
vote wllh him and the Copservatlrsa 
had been defeated hy Mr nird • 
Progressive, voting with the Liberals, 
al houih ,-)air. 1 jrol ktiowinrr that he 
should not votr The result had 
that the Conserv.-,! Ives had hi 
forced to appeal to tho eoantry. The 
<'oneorvatlvoo vovo raadr ta Bmo the 

The Oloetloa waa now on. seld Mr. 
IMckle. who aokad tne electorate to 


(Jut of 'More Than One Hundied 
Thousand Uricinal Stiil^ofs 
All But a Few Thousand 
Have Deserted 


No Settlement Is Arrived Ati 
But Adjournment Is Made 
for Pu I pose of Submitting 

CA.VToN China. .Inly 14. — WfthCUt 
h.iviriK acliievcd their purpose, 
the settlement of the strike and boy- 
cott, which haa been enforced from 
Canton against Hong Kong for thir- 
teen months, representatives uf the 
British colony and the Canton nnv- 
ernmeaC have adjourned their con- 
ference here aine die and the Hong 
Kong delegates returned home today. 

The conference, however, aMOOOd- 
ed in drawing up propooaM for atlb- 
mIsBion to the respective govern- 
nienlH for their approval. There is 
Crowtn>; esolenci- ih.ii the etrlkers 
Iheinselvch .ire lirod of tho situation 
anil desire .a sottlomeni Mof<i of the 
original IJii i'fMi striken* who llockr<l 
to Canton from llotiR K<mB In il 
gr eat anii -ItriOeh demonstration thir- 
teen moatha ago already have desert- 
ed the oauee. It is conservatively es- 
timated that not more thaa T.Md ffO« 
main a< tlve In the boycott. 

On Hhameen, the foreign eettlement 

here a Hltnllar re.-<l oral I on Of normal 

I ond I lions ! -1 < ■ ■ ronB. 

Storm l*nith) W'rvrhs 

Seagirt and Manasiiuan 

NKWAUK. .N I . .lulv ;i A cy- 
clonic Storm, during whu h the ,-,<.\m- 
l^ard* aaid the wind i retched a v<w 
loelty of 101 mllee an hour, partly 
wreofced Seaclrt aad M a n a ag a an to- 
day. There waa no loaa of lllo. 




BabJaCit of OM-nmr Myths Is 
'of LaiTfX <.»»hl NirUc Sior) 
Kold to I iinunicd ( unipany 

WIU.IAMH LAKIO. July 1* While 
Cedar Crsek ia contlnuimt un.ibated 
to sluice streama ol gold from its 
olalBM, word lUM been received that 
a big gold quarU strHte haa been 
mads on Black Bear Creek, twelve 

milvM northea.xt of^oly 

The Jiroperty is live miles as the 
crow flleM from the Cedar Creek 
mines, and the suspicion, amounting 
to a certainty, according lo old pros- 
pectora. la that the mother lode of 
all tho goM gravol and gold pockeu 
of the dlatrtot known aad unkaewa. 
haa at last been located. 

Ken lloldslaw, prOO p OCtor. woni In- 
to that district eighteen monlh.'^ ago 
and hai now given sn option to a 
mining development compsny for 
9100, OOe. This I oinpany. whose name 
M not dieelosed, is one of long stand> 
Ing. A oonpio of earloada of thia pre 
are to be shipped to the coaet for a 
thorough test of the richness of the 

The ore must be carried by pack 
trains for a few miles to Queanel 
Dam. where it will bo loaded on mo- 
tor trucks for the P.O.E. train at 
Wllliama I.ake SUtlon. Aaaaya of 
email pertlona of guarta made la 
showing up welt 

Bridge CoUagees 


CHAm.KHTO.N, \V V» Ttily 34. — 
Five persons were l<ri..« n h«ve been 

killed, two others were believed fatally 
Injured, snd between forty arid fifty 
seriously injured when a bridge col- 
lapsed sf ^rhlteevlUe tonight. 



nuvBii Tiiitoi'uH rmoiii 

Slory of .lourney Tells of .\dTenlnrca 
—in KI<N-trt<- Morm < oald .^ot 
Idft Arm Ulihottt 

JASPRR. Alia . July 24 Dr. J, 
W. A. HUkaon. of Montreal, president 
of the Ogpiadlan Alplae Clah, aad 
Mr. Howard Palmer, of New London. 
Conn . president of the A merles n Al- 
pine Club, have 'returned m Janper 
Park I^odge from an expiorstion trip 
Into the virgin territory r-monr the 
peaks In the upr>#r seotlon of th* 
Alhabaska VmiIp' ffuring the trip 
they accompltahed the feat Of climb- 
ing to the top of the hithorta an* 
c a n a a oeed peak of Meant Fryait. 
whitii Ihoy found to he iwity a few 

feef \fnm then Miiuni Kdlth Cm ell, 
(ind they further dlvllnsulshed them- 
selves by aoaling Mount l>apensee. 
10,2U0 feet, and an uaamed peak with 
sn elevation of l«,oea feel. Neltber 
•ff theee mountalna had boea aaalad 

When ibe f^ll alaiy af their trip 

is written ft win toll Ofte of fhe most 
exciting tales in th' • »> rerorrl 

of the Canadian k k lea Their 
trouble comment rd when thoy at- 
tempted to ford the Whirlpool Rlvor 
which Joine tha Athabaefca daae to 
Moaat Krrkeelin. The terrMe rotamo 

and Sow of (hi* river mad* |( H**. 

lie -o r.^ ,'. fo. ^ 

Coatlaaed oa l'a«e a 

'f J>. 

fi >!M " I . ' " 

TH:-. daily colonist, victoria. B.C. SLXDAV, jl l.^ 25. 1926 

will havv cffrrt on vour •kin H you 

n -(■ I'll ' '(■ I - ',1 II (. ' ; cini 
,1'iclieics !^iinhurn Inslantljf — 

The Owl Drug Co., Ltd. 

^ort And DougUt 

W. N. BlMi^. Mr 

»»»M>n« 135 

Special Shoe Bargains 
for iVIonday ' 

WorrtCn's h'atent, kid and Siinic Shuc.^. in light ain! innlium 
wrigfhts. for drpss and • street ' w car. AH aizes and t\ir> 
this lot. Keffuiai values to $10.00.. , ' 
Mondav, your choice * ., .. 


The BntlHh 
Boot Shop 


1115 Oovenuhent 


icr,itrh too Ib«. ... 

Lay iiiK Mash, <»rk 

Whf.l!. 1^ • 


Wlwte Con^ 100 ibt »2.e6 

Brtn, 100 lbs f 1.90 

Corn M<-*1, 1''-) lb» »a.76 


For Roof Work 

kkl4*^patchingt or new 

work No job too big r,r »oo tmalL 

m Vtev Wk, fkMM SIS 



ar«. All thifl oeitntry iiMtfs Is popu- 
lation, ' HAld Mr. JulM Cr«p«au. di- 
r*ctor of >lunlclpal 8«rvle« at Mont- 


CoaUna«4 from' Pag* i 

.If. the HCrvicta th»y h»d or»4iniz^<l in 
the L'nit«l States. SUyinc off at nytny 
tourist centres In Caaad*. fir SfMat 

Cameron's Ideal 
Summer Fuel 

Dry Kindling, per cord f6.00 

Discount for Cash 


City Office MuKiy Block, Comer 
Y«tM aad Broad Stmti (Uystairs) 



No Idea Beforr of firrat Natnnil 
Weahli of Domlatoo — HplHt of 

T< '•RfiNT' '. .Iiil\ Srn \nur 

rountry and miilntHin fri»<n<lwhlp with 
tha reat of its ritltenn W> nre all 
Canadlana: piaea Canada tlrat." 

•ueh In tha aantitnatit Mayer 
Mrderlo Martin, of Montreil. will 
iipread amonir hl« people, he d*>i'Iared 
i«n hln arrlvrtl hero yc^tprdny wllK a 
liarty of tOfl other promlnetit hVenrh- 
I'unHiliMnn wh<i ^ro wlndiriR iii> :i tour 
i)f the nnrulnloti. The p»rty, under 
the auspices of the University of 
i>kontreal, has travaled through to 
VirtoHa and back, and Mayor Martin 
aaid ha was moat Irepr s aaad durlnir 
(he trip with tha aaatimant of Cana- 
dian unity whleh ha found avary- 

Mr-. .\. Savrird. editor <»f \m I'ulrie. 
iinotlier member of the ■ trmrlnif ion, ■ 
made known that nn invliailftn h^d 
been tendered "fellow-Canadians of 
the- Western provinces to fellow our 
esample and vlalt ua." 

"•Those of us who had not neen 
WtaUrn Canada before had n» m^a 
haw rich wa •( tKto Dominion really 

the neason— scarcely a British visitor 

tra\< ' 

l.<M'nl .'Xdnilntdtmtlon I'U'aM^H 

He hd.s been mo«t fKvoratily im- 
[iroHned with the.rify ornanltal Ions In 
the Dominion cltlen he hM vl.'^ltefl. and 
thinlcs th«t the old Country lia.s noth- 
ing to offer to Canada In the way of 
toaohlav looal gevaramoBt. He haa 
been a member of the Common Coun- 
cil for Candlewiek ward for a Ipng 
period, during whirh ho nerved on a 
number of important committees. In- 
cluding the committee which liulIdH 
and maintains iho liridgej^ acr(i«<H tho 
Thames, and tic h.i« heen chairman 
of that TruBt. With his experience of 
municipal affalra. he naturally looks 
with great interest on municipal ad- 
mlaJatratloa. Me yrahMS the clean 
streets And handaeme structurea in the 
cities of Western Canada. 

Oharob ITaloa 
As a leading layman of tha Wea- 
leyan Methodist Chureb. Mr Braeat' 
iiaa been greatly tntereeted In the 

•-hurch union deelaton which has oc- 
curred slnee he has been in Canada, 
by which the powerful Wealeyan con- 
nection h:n _:\KTrf,\ In union with the 
I'rimlihe ,M<>t hodi.-^is ,ind Ihe United 
M*-! (..MilMtH In the ol,) Courttry. HIr 
I'irneMt ttpoke ut the prevloua confer- 
ence In favor of union. He la very 
Kiad to obaer>-e the program made 
towarde ekureh union la Caaada by 
the oreatloB of the United Chureh laat 

As H prominent temperance worker. 
Sir Krn-si ha« been !<tudylnir the 
operation of (■;overnment control of 
liquor in the Weatara Province*. He 
had had mu«h ozperlenee at a magto. 
trate la Sarrey of the liquor admln- 
istratloa. and pplnu out that the 
itroblem of licence reduction U com- 
plicated by tha eompenaation regula- 
tlona in the Old ('f>uniry. 

Sir Krnest and L<ady Lamb will atay 
in the city for aeme dajra. 

(lood Uord: 1 dldn\ know you'd 
b'^^n III haapltdl. 'How did It hap- 
pen 7" 

"Well, you se», when thsi fi-iv f 
mine was produced up North ia«i 
month they called for the author at 
the end and I never realised how 
much they wanted him " 




ry tor 


M( )rHM<: F I r ( r h e r'l 
Castoria is a pleasant, harm- 
kM Sttbtlltitte for CkMor Oil, 
PM^iforic. TeetMpf Dmpt 
and Soofhirif^ '*^ynips, etp»> 
daily prepared for Infants in arms and Children all ajes. 

To avoid imitations, atways l<^k for thr tirnatore of 


749 - m YATKS STRii;&T 

Monday Specials 

Clasaic Cleamw. 


Caii^K aatiMal mixed. 


1 i-.ip.ut Butter, (rcih 
k. ' 'Jiirt. lb 


p State. 



Shraddtd Whaot HtcoH a. per ndc? 


Criace. sll sites, 

l-rr II, 

Instant Ponam. t-os. sue. 

(>pr tin 

Butter Flake Waltra. 

krire bottle* 

TrainWreckase Blocks Several City Streets 


HUKK men of the crew ot ihU engine leaped to safety The caboone of the ataadlng train waa firat struck by the 

as It ttvack the raar of a standing freight train in engine, backed up bf. fiffr^fMir loaded ters, aad hurled 

Peterbore, Ont. Iliey ware Mr. O. Bauodert, engineer, into the crMk. Then the enflne tfleacoped the other 

whoae ■ back traa sprained; Mr. W. Baattle, flNtmaa.. oars. ' Wreckage pUed up bSklnd tha engine blocked 

sprained aakle: and Mr. W. J. Fee. road foremaa, bnila*«i saveral clfy etreeta. 

mmm mi 

OPt?N-\ii{ Ki^ri \^ \i I Mil .nl;- 
( I \ I I i> 11^ \«» iti^nv* 
I.VG SP.At i; l.MT 

The firat large display of machinery 
to be wltnaased at a Vletorla Fall Fair 
at the Exhibition for many years will 
be seen neat month at Vletorla's great- 
aat exhIMtlan. and andoubtedly wui 
be one of the featurea of t|ie thow. 
Owing to the space In tha different 
bulldingn helnR all taken. II ha^ been 
found neoeeaar>' to pl.ire th^- rnai hln- 
rry exhItiitM In Ihc open .nir :inil they 
will occupy over 200 .-^luare feet of 
Ian. I. The Ford Motor Company of 
Canada will enter a large exhibit, and 
all Horta of 'implamenta for the tUIlDg 
of the soli will be shown. 

Mr. W. H. Mearna. secretary of the 
British Colambia Agrl<'iiltural Asao- 
rlation, stated yestardny that he had 
received from the Mainl.ind alone no 
leaa th^n 20.'. enincH for tho Art Kxhl- 
bltlon, which will be held in the 
upstairs of the Women's Building. 
The art dlspUy this year will be !•« 
per cent larger and better than It was 
In ItSi. 

The livestock nt the Willow Fair in 
AuguKt will lie the rtnest ever .xoen at 
a local c.xhibltlon Oiio cxhihtlor froni 
Ihe Mainland alone is rnienng thirl\- 
flve head of llolstein cattle, and fifty 
head will be shown from one farm 
on the Island. The livestock exhibits 
will be numerous, and -patrons of the 
Fair will remark upon the splendid 
quality of the cattle. 

The wool exhibit in the Women's 
nulldlnc promiHPM to .iitr.icf l on^iider- 
iibic .attention. lleBldeniM in the Cow- 
Ichan dintrict will enter .a Idg wool 

display at the Fair. The floral ax- 
hlbtta in the Main Balldlag wlU be 
most beautful, all the local and laland 
greenhouses entering displays. The 
Itockhomc Garden Shop will have an 
attractive exhibit at ttie Fair. 

On Friday and S.i t urd.i > . Auirusi 20 
and 21. the dog iihow will be held in 
the }Ior!<e Show Building, and on both 
theae days whippet races will be run 
in front of the grandstand. This show 
1h Treating great in(ere!>t. and there 
are m inv entries for !' lieintr received. 


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forget him, but work far Canada and 
roll up a vote that would leave no 
doabt aa to the lAlentlon of the eeun- 

Mr. Dickie touched upon the Aux- 
tralian treaty He Maid he wn^ not 
m favor of abroKattriK ihaf treaty, 
but he felt that tlw late (;( vernment 
had bungled the a i r .1 nxenienta and 
It needed altering in the InlereatA 
uf Canada lie felt thia waa not dlf- 
flcult, a.s Au^trallana were good Brit- 
lah people Who wanted only to deal 
fairly la the. matter. There should be 
u change In the terms aa to butter 
which now came Into Canada from 
Auatralla of one e^nt a pound, be 
tiellex ed 

The treaty whk a noti-ensii-.-vl one 
In rnanv particulars. Au!«tr;illa got 
pulp, paper, ana canned (lah under 
good conditiona. The advantage thua 
gained waa spread over the whole Of 
the residents of Australia. The con- 
cemions given by Canada, on tha 
other hand, as on butter and twa, 
hit the agrtevltural data la thIa aoua< 
try only. , 

Under Mie head of butter, there 
was none imported from Australia in 
1925. In the year ending Marrh. 
1126. there had been 5 4«.S ooo pounds 
brought here fror» Anatralia This 
amount he thought, would > ontinue 
to in'^re.Tse In 192^ New /,~»land 


£^aW 0*w dO Man. 
Esefueivelv e resfdaaciai 

Lam* armaaJaf 

Tarm •Pf* »- ^^ptrmht^ J4ik 9 iStk. 

Wffta ti) Rev. F ( ,r«bim Orekgf^ 

MA ( .mK I ) I ) 

Shipped l««,««o poimda. In \%U It 
was ' I ' nda. 

Huticr rr<Hiii««ffe itaffer 
Mr. Didtlr .said he could not believe 
that this would not affect Canadian 
butter. CaMdlan butter had alao to 
combat a, duty pf tarelve cents against 
Canadian butler entering the United 
States, while Amartaaa butter came 
Into Canada ad foUr cents a pound 

There waa no desire to hurt trade 
within the Kmpi/e. On i/ie contrary, 
they wanted to foal. •> frada. The 
country ahould rem . ng for the 

Empire. The talk ot i^i . King had 
had the effect of fostering a lot of 
Independent talk as to Canada's 

There should be some aU^embrao' 
Ing tie to hold the Bmplira together, 
with Great BrlUIn, Canada had a 
balance of trade. With the United 
Statea it wa.s different. There could 
be no fault found with the I'nited 
.•-itateH Ideeding this country. but 
Canada hhuuld take a leaaon in en- 
forcing a protective tariff. Canada, 
on account of its aoaitlon, required, 
more than any othir couatry, a pro- 
tective UrlfT. 

With an adverse balance of trade 
of III4,0«0,00S with the United 
Statea a very considerable part of the 
(exports was represented-by the pro- 
ducts from the woods, which were 
rapidly being depleted. 

In the mutter of .steel and metal 
product-x. I'anada Imported $1,14.000.- 
000 worth from the Inited Statea. 
while only $77,000,000 worth were 
exported. Thia wan the situation, 
although mining men In Nova Beotla 
were out of work. 

Keep Money at Home 

The example of the United yiatea 
waa worth ntudylnR At one time 
that country iMoug' t all Hs teel 
from Ureat Briiuiri That bad beea 
altered and a ateel industry had been 
built up. At the start the United- 
States had Itald more for - Its steel, 
but aa ladaotry had been built up 
and the money had been kept in the 

Touching on the Automobile tn- 
-dustry, Mr I>i< kie x.iid .Mr .Metrhen'a 
policy wa.s to give the ,iuto nuinufac- 
tiirers in Canada a chunce to live A 
policy which would give the Cana- 
dian user of autos aa cheap a niHchine 
an waa proposed under Mr. Klng H 
legislation, while bulldlag up an In- 
duatry In Canada, was suggested. 

The Ford BMMBSfaotareni had asM, 
"gtvs us your market in Canada and 
well cut the price down ten per 
cent." The crying need of Canada 
was population. It was diaaatrous 
that $€09,000,000 worth of good.s 
ahould come from the United Htatea 
yearly. This would never bring 90P- 
ulation to Canada. 

Detailing the n»;ures In neveral 
lines of Industry as to exporta and 
Imports, Mr. Dickie showed the 
marked dlaparity as against Canada. 
The Ce n asr vaU ve Oovemmeat, he 
tald, was golac to try and conserve 
to Canada the riches It possessed. A, 
homely example ot the advantage of 
keeping money at home was given 
by the ffpeaker wlm irixt.inifd the 
caae of a In a amall com- 
munity who decide ! In huild a house. 
In distributing, nay $7,000 among the 
mechanlCR of hia home, no small part 
of the money cams baok again to hia 
store. Had a fercign-bullt ear from 
the United Statea bean boavkt for th« 
same sum the money all wsnt out of 
the community. 

The situation of the coal-mlning 
industry In this riding wa.s one which 
required some kind of remeiU The 
iHte Mr ."lavage, with whom h.> had 
• onferred on this aubjei t, was not 
able to suggest a remedy To hia 
own mind the real remedy In such a 
matter really lay in kaeplag the nkdady 
here. Double the pepulatioa of the 
country aad evSry ladaatry woald 

Mr. IMekls said, in eonoluding. that 
he 'Wattld, if aleeted, do hia best for 
them laoally. while helping Canada 
aa a whole. 



Karse al 

for Ml 

"?*at" Hanley aenfenced to death for 
the murder of Nurae Mildred Nellaon 
at Trail. B.C.. early in February. 
Iftl. has eeoaped the gallowa. Or- 
dera eaaiBiatlag the sentence to one 
ot Ufa impnasnment. was received 
today fram Otuwa by Shenrf h r 
MeMartln. Ranley was to be executed 
at Oahalla priaon on Auguat 2 

Three timea Hanley »*« fried for 
the murder of Mlas Nellson. The Jury 

disagreed twice, but an May C last, 
he was foaad galliy 4iU Um attrisaa 


Kvldeaee skesred that he had 

railed at the niirae's home i^t ^tall, 
and after an alterratinn wtth Mlas 
Veilaon had shot her Hia aan'ty waa 
oueattoned recently, but to date tha 

s ijerlSt 




Plont-cr ItOHidrnt \\ li" II. id Ui .-n 
Member of Hevcral I'ubllv UoUleti, 

'ai Riye 

NANAIMO, July Sf.— Mr. John Mil- 

leading citlxena since )S7S. died here 

tonight. For many years he was a 
member of the City Council, serving 
twlie a.s mayor. He alao aerved on 
the achool and hoapltal boards for 
as?aral terms. 

The late Mf . HUbart |s survived by 
two sens, AlbcH, of Tacema. and 

Waddington. of Kxtenslon, and one 
daughter, Mra (ieo Chapman, of thta 
city; also one brother, .Mr Henry Hll- 
beit. resl<iina in Kngiand. and one mIm- 
I'r Mrs Falrbun, of Vancouver, 

The remains repass at 0>. 4. Jsnklas' 
Chapel, peadlag funeral aaraagsmeau 
to be aaaounoed later. 



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waa Anally forced to construct a raft 
Which was negotiated across the 
swift water iwHh the greatsst dlfll- 
culty. Ail the paeks at the eutflt 
had to be carried on thia raft in 
order that the horees miaht be able 
to icwim agalast the carreat of tlM 


< harg«d With Kteotrleky 
As they neared the summit of 
Menht Fryatt they ran ihte a terrific 
thunderstarm and dlacovered the air 
to be ao charged with electricity that 
for A little while they were doubtful 
whether the\ would survive It. They 
w ere forced fo hury I heir Ice picks 

.'iorne disiiince away and to dlveet 
ihemHeives of anything metAtlle they 
had about their persons. 

Speaking of this adventure, l)r 
Hickson Rtated that even under those 
clri-uni-t.-inces and when they had 
thrown theinaehes prone on the 
f-Tound. if uny of the party lifted hia 
hand into the air a distinct electric 
shook was felt. After about half an 
• hear, however, the storm pasaed by 
and the.paf^ proceeded to the sum- 

The climb. howe\er, had been so 
hard and they had bean delayed to 
such an extent by the storm that 
they were forced to spend the nisht 
at an elevation of more than 7,0 oo 
feet and to return to their base camp 
the following morning. During the 
aacent the two Alplni-ils discovered a 
large ntunher of hitherto unknown 
lakes and tiu-y also viewed maay ua- 
ollmbed and unnamed peaks. 

Dr. Hickson and Mr Palmer are 
leaving Jasper Park I.odKe tomorrow 
via n. route for the Tonquin Valley, 
wiiere tiiev will nitenj the, annual 
meeting of the Canadian Alpine Club 
which goea into camp bealda Moat 
I^ke, at the foot of the Rampart 
Range, oa Monday. Many Alplaists 
are expected in Jasper over the week- 
end, tha majority of whom will pro- 
<eed on Monday or Tuesd.iy to td, 
Alpine Club Camp over Ihe .Me;i(|,,w 
Creek trail which passes over th| 
mountalna from the Gelkle Station, 
the first s t at l o a wast of /aa»«r. 

Ernest: "Msy I have the last 
danoe with you?" 

Bather: "Tou'vs Just had it" 

She Was Weak 
• Thw imI NervMi 

"ne «f the greatMt strength guers 
and produeera of good healthy fleah 
tn the world la Ced I.iver Extract- 
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Liver vitamiaee In condeneed form, 
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and get bar W their health and ' 
atrenr'l: t - h .t^.,. wonderful tableta 

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ms«<Sy bask and no quibbling about < 
It sitker. 

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Drug C« . and druggiata everywhere 
am aalUas lata of tJisak CAAtO. 1 

Seasonable Su ingestions 



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Jaefer and other welt- 

kii'ivN n m a k e 5. IVom 
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: Wa 'Caa Vk aaCMl T«i . 
IM ia^ WL 'PiMP tm 

Mr. Meighen in Quebec 

QUEBEC. July 24.— The Rlglit 
Hon. Arthur Meitfhen Is espeeted to 

make a stopover In this Provinee en 
his return from the Maritimes, and 
It Is stated here that On .'^nturdiiv 
July- 31, the I'remler will address a 
gnthering at Carlotoa, la Boaaveaturs 

AHator Br take Record 

VMIIAII T M, rrance, July 24. ^ 
Pilot Bajoc today broke the world a | 
record for duratl'in «^ flight with • 
useful of 2,000 klloaram« or' 
4,40'> pounds. He ascended ii t 10 'i>i' 
and landed at 1 2 40 p m., bettering, 
the recorrl eatabllahed t)y IJeut. Bona* 
sotret laat year by thirteen aeconda. 

Monday's Specials 

At the New Ensfland Market 

Quality Meats are essential— ,and 
wholetome and tasty 
interesting specials; 

^ , - - , here ace such meats, 

wholetome and tasty, loll of tkt Mtlirtl flmr: N«Ce thtM 

Prime Ribs Beef. lb.-.. ^ 

Pot Roast Beef, lb — ^^^tei^ 
■tsw isst 1^. 

Rump Rosst Beef, lb 
BolUnc Beef, lb 


8houldcr<i I.oc;<! Err t (( Lamb, per Jb- 
Lcgs Local Spruif Lamb, per lb. ....... 

Lamb Mmw. aer ib 

niiHf "^T^l nnirh hiiii ffff ' »>• iimiMi , II "f 


Home-Cooksd Beef Ladt, p«r 

UomO'Ceoked leaked Ham, per 


Home-Cooksd Vaal Loal. per 

lb. - 


Relish gpred. ,nd 

Frssb Dripping, ib.. 1»# sad 





per I Freeh LoCSl 


No. 1 Alberta Creamery Butter, 
3 lbs. for. 

told Only With Other Oooif 

lb.. t2e 



New Canr tt. 2 Uanchrs (or ■ , . ■ ,, ^ 
New Local Pota Sosa, f lbs, lof 


Fisa Dal i satf 

nm P el aI s M Hatsl) 




JfOMlNKl-: Mill N\NMM«» S.Wh 

GAVAi>\ siKX I i> \ rrilA<^ 

!■< >|-| l.\ I ION 

If Aay i*«ny UmI C«Me fui^ Com- 
■ C M — l l» Uu iMi i W»i It 
Was ' 

Scenes of Devastation Caused by U. S. Explosion 


At .in r n I h unI.i K < i< .onN^ntlon h^ld 
In Iiunirin vi-ici Mr (' H l>irUI« 

was .tjtairi n.f I I,il.»r .1 > ' ..t- 

vaUve candidate* (ur Nanaim« KeUerat 
HdlBg. After Mr. DieitWU^ acoept 
•d th« nomination, in a «pa«rh in 
Whlek rwiewad th* nituvilon at 
Ottnwn, h<- was hrartlly iht-trr-A 

Aeknnwledmng ihln horwir. Mr 
that If iiny parry had 
vxi imc tor complaint It waa the Con- 
•ervatlvea, wh*n Mr. Kln« had baan 
nilowad to c«MT on,aftor tha laot 
•lootlen, althouch tha rnnaorvativea 
>»*d b«an returnad with Jifl m»mb*r»<. 
whila Mr. KInr'a p/trtv had only 101, 
Uld waa without Uh I< i'l«>r. ntwl hnU 
had aav^n Mlnlatera dcffnied. 

Tha ( 'onaervutivrit, howevar, fait 
that the Govarnor>UanaraI waa foU 
loirln« a conrao which ha boliarad 
waa In tha baat interaata of th*- 
country, and had made no complaliu 
The Con««rviiti\e party had acted 
like men under the clrrunintan. 
Thf ;, tin,, hud now come, and It v. as 
miih ivery uaauranca of victory that 
they went to tha pofla. Th« Freneh- 
Ca n » 4 l nn mombnra of tha party ware 
th« Jirottdoat membem of the Conaer- 
Vnthra party In thi-^ 

Canada bliould I'ntMpcr 
"Canada." mm Mr. Dtckia. ' ahould 
ba tha moat proapcrouH country In the 
world. With atable Kovernmont thia 
Will ba aeeompllahrd. C'anuda ahould 


H.M. Mali Contractors 

Our Specialty 

1 urniture Moved, Crated 
•nd Shipped 

foot Cars for Prairie* and 
All Points East 

We Can Save You Time and. 
Money. Largest Vans in 

the City 

Phonrs .^SO''. and 2' 
510 Fort Street 



aelvniiri'-allr cntdf'l anit wadiait wKli 
(r*ah walcr«t rapacity In I'ana'la. 
tSM Hiara MrMt I'hone :<oa 

not ba marking time an It wax. In 
ataad of playlna aacond fiddle to the 
proaparoiu coantry to tha aoutb of ua, 
and aondtnc our sons and dauclitora 
to awoll tha proaporlty of that coun- 
try. Canada ahould ba attracting 
i>o|,iiUtlon and davotoplng liar groat 


The convention roprrHrnted e\prv 
part of the riding. There werO about 
eighty aelcgataa in attendanoa rapre- 
aantint tha riding as mado up' of 
EsQulmalt, Saantch, Tha lalaada^ 
Cowichan-Newcaatle and NanaUno 
Provincial electoral dlntrlcta 

Ainonjj thoao iirrbeni \kiii' Mi li 
H. Fooley. M.IM'. fi;r lO.tqij una !t , ,in'l 
Mr. C. F. Davie, M.P.P. for (•..widi an 
Newcaatle. Colonel C. W. Feclc, V.c 
M.P.P. for Tha lalanda. and Hon. 't 
U. Coventry.. M.P.P. fpr Baantch, aeni 
maaaagoa of r0ST«t at not being 

Ooly Kmmm l*ul l urward 

No other nan* osnopt that of Mr. 

C. fl. Dickie, the former member, 
wan put before the meeting, which 

waa prealdrd over by Mr. R. H. 
i'o'oley. M.P.P., the head of the Fed- 
eral or^.-inisatlon conimittec fur Van- 
couver Jcland. Mr. R. U. Montelth. 

oroaa usy. &«ias as M«r«ury si ins 
' convaatlon. 

The nomination of Mr. Dickie waa 
iiK.vr.I l.y .Mr. \V. (). Walhur, ,,f 
Saaniih. wh« r<'fprre(| to the uplendld 
I qualiricatlona whi' h the nominee 
I poaaeaaed to reprearnt tho riding. >Ii> 
waa. said Mr. Wallace, thoroughly ae- 
qaalntad with tha landing Induatrlea 
of tha diatrlet — mining, agriculture, 
furnherlnif and flahlnu. He felt Ih.Tt 
the nomination of .Mr. IHrkle waH .m 
iisaii <pf hia elerllon. 

Mr. .lohn liennett, of .N'anainio. in 
N< ( findln»f ih»' nomination, called nt - 
tention to the fact that Mr. Dickie 
had at the' laat elaetlon received the 
largaat majority of any candldata In 
Britlah Columbia. 

Ca«i«nMalatkMia Katnided 

Mr. Pooley, when the nomination 
waa unanlmoualy endoraed. In ron- 

Kratiilailng Mr. Dickie, n.ild that It 
I .iUi> a matter iii>oti which the 

'It; WH* tf) be I ut>i;r.itul.'jted. 
•Mr. Pooley. before the meeting ad- 
journed for lunrh, referred to the 
conatltutlonal aide of tha altuatlon. 
Ha aaid that Mr. King went to the 
country to nhake off the control of 
a third party without which he had 
aald ha' could not carry on. 


VBR a radlna ot fiftoon mllaa aeonaa almllar to ttaoaa ara to ba found all 
over tha area aurraunding the acene of the cataatropha at the United 

states .N'aval .\nimunltlon Depot of Saturday week and following dayn. 
.Millla'y KuanlM keep everyone away wilhin a di.^tance of five mllea of the 
depiil The piciure."? show recked hoii.«tes nn the re«r r v.i li< . ii of I.4ike Den 
mark, .\ .1 . the gaunt aheli of one of the araenal bulidlnga and the interior 
of a church at Rooluiway. N.i.. about four mllaa diaUnt. whieh waa wroekad 
by the exploaion. 


Now on Watch our windows for Special Bargaiat in Furniture. C?rpei« 
etc. Sample bargain: Full Sixe Walnut or Ivory Fini^l^ Simmons Hr l 
•trong ^prinjj and frit mattre«<< 

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r420 OOU<3lA* ST. mi 

LI M IT r. o. 

Valuable Corner 

Rockland Avenue and 
Oak Bay Avenue 

120 X 120 

On which is a good eight-roomed house, 
garage, etc., for a quick sate, only 

rhis class of property is now being rapidly 
taken up. 


Real Bsute and InatnaacM 
1205 Broad Street Victoria. B. C 




You ih the stock-raising business ? How do you 
find business? Losing any stock through 
abortk>nt? Remember the "Bowman" remedy 
is the one remedy that overcomes cattle 


The I.iberal party had come hack 
without ciinlrol iind with the head of 
the party uid many of his ni i ii i"' e r<( 
ahuent from thi- Mouac. Th.n 
however, hait carried on until .Mr. 
King saw defeat on a vote of cenaure 
facing blm. He had than aaked for 

Tba requMl Mada by Mr. King of 
the nnvemor«Genaral waa anmetbinc 
th.Tf h id never been known of bef >r . 
a ie<jue4«t for dlaaolutlon with a %ote 
of cenauro hanging over tho Oovarn- 

inent. • 

\S iih I hrcrs for Kl. Hon. Arthur 
.MelRhen, whom .Mr. l>lcUle deMcribert 
H.s the Krealeat man In polltlc.i In 
Canada today, and how, by hia ability 
and poiae. had endeared himaalf more 
atrongly than ever during tha critical 
timea through which the country had 
been paaalng. The nominating con- 
vention adjourned, meetinu In the 
afternoon for oraani mh poaea. 

OrganJaatlon of DUirtrt 
The organisation of the liberal - 
I onaervatlve Aaaodatlon of the 
Nanaimo Federal dlatrlrt waa efTacted 

m the afternoon, when the following 
oftlcer* were elected: Prealdent, .Mr. 
Joiin Kennelt, of,iimi>. vlce- 
pri -iiilcni . .Mr. i>rmonil .^ni>lhe. of 
Duncan. sr<r''\. "apt. \\' < "ox. of 
l';n(|ulmali and ircaKurer, Mr. II. 
WriRhl. LaUifimlth 

In addition to these offlcera the 
following were named aa membera of 
the aiecutlva from tha diffarent Pro- 
vinclal rldlnga named: 

Kaquimalt— Meaara. W. Mudge^ W. 
(). Rweetman, A. W. Saddler and 8. 
K. I to Wile n. 

S.Hani, h Mesar.". W. Stubh.i. \V. O. 
Walla.. i: M. .McConnan. .Mr.s. <in- 
hortie and .Major It. il. Monieiih. 

lalanda — Col. J. Hnrvey and .Mesara. 
John Thomaon. Harry Caldwell. \V. 
Miller Hlgga and Spencer I'erdv.ii 

Cowiohan-Neweaatle — Meaara. J. la- 
ley Mutter, J. Kagtwood.' Marry DIok 
and A. Galloway. 

Nanaimo— Mr*. C. ,Mor«loek and 
Menitra. Victor HarTlaon, S. TIppott 
and .N. stephaaoon. 

DIatHet Rcpr t nw H atlvoa 

Ten repraaantatlvaa from each of 
the Provincial dtatrlcta were named 
to act aa delegatea to the Federal aa- 
aoelatlon. Theae were m fnllowa: 

Nanaimo— Mra. < r. I ic,. \\ri> t'. 
Morelock and Meawra \' P.. Harrison. 
A. Haaenfratx. .'^ Tippeit. .s i. 
stephenaon, K. U Cavalaky, Mra. 
Mat*, Mrs. Sutharlaad and Mr. John 

Cowlchan-Nawcaatla — Maoor^ J. I. 

Mutter. W. M. Dwyer, Thoa Pitt. R. 
Churchill and J. Oreatman, of Dun- 
I an: .Meaara F Thlcke. H. 
Callowax. A. I'orter and J 
of I.a.lyMmith 

Haanlch .Mr \V Stiitihu. 
Mra. Darcua, Oordon Head. Mi« ( »h- 
l>orne, Victoria. .Mr \\ (). Wallace, 
nrentwood; Mr. .1. .McV. Pateraon, 
Kaanlch: Major Ulbben. Saanleh; Mr. 
HIca, RoyaHOak: Mr. B. M. MoCon« 
nan, Major R. Q. Montoith aad W. 
Oalt. of Oak Bay. 

lalanda- Mr. .lohn Thomaon, Janiea 
laland. .Mr W N .><h:iw Cahrlola. 
Major V. *'. Turner anil \t r Harry 
<'aldwell, Salt Sprlnn Mi W .Miller 
HiKlf. (iailann laland Mr Hpencer 
I'erclval, Pender laland, Mr. Carvilla 
I'M yard. Da«p Cove; Mr. Geo. Mau4a. 
.Mayno Island: Mr. c. tpooatr and 
Col. J. Marrgr. 81dn«y. 

BgaulniaH.->Mn. 8. r. Bowdan. Mr. 
R. n. Bowdoii gnd Mr A W itaddler. 
Kaqulmalt, Mr W .Mudije. Col.h!.' 
Hilt. Mr \V nirkford t'olwood. .Mr. 

X \! .. w r l anjfford; Mr. W. O 
Swi-elm. M'tihooin. ('apt. H. P. 
Maihr- ;.t W J. Cox. lOaqul- 

malt; Mr. Alex. Campball. SooJio. 

Pelle. A. 


Victoria ; 


m\ m Bill m\^ 

Kvmt Tkia Year. In VMw of Ap- 
praaohing Etootkm, Will Be of 
NpMial Intcrrac to All 

The picnic of the ('on.iserva- 
tlve A.s.voi lat Ion In thi.s rily. which will 
be held at the WiUowa Park, will this 
year have added intereat attached to 
It in view of the fact that the 
approaching Fedoaal election la 
attracting a great deal of attention to 
mattera political. Thia picnic will ba 
held on AUfTiiMt 11. which is iml) .i 
little more than a month frnni ihf 
date of the poll. 

The various commlttoao that have 
boon namod to look aftor tha depart- 
ments of the day'a attractions are pre- 
paring for greater numbera and added 
Lntereat comi>arcd with former 
yeara. .'^pr. i.ii attention la being de- 
voted to aitr.u tiona for the children. 

There will be the usual racaa and 
competitions such aa tuga-of-war. In 
addition thsre will bo slds showa The 
baby show Is to b« a spoelal foature 
of |he event thia year. In addition 
to other prltea there will be one for 
the beat twins bom In \'ictorla. The 
examination of the l.iihlea will be 
conducted by men. who will 
adviMo ua to diet and other mattera 
<oi«nected with ths aaalntsnaadi of 

A feature of the plcnlr will be the 
proar.imine which will l>e prep.ared for 
distrihutlon later and which. In addi- 
tion to Klvlng the llat of prlxea. will 
Hlao contain exact information aa to 
the Cuatoma Inquiry taken from the 
oommlttaa's report, giving ths aetual 
faets brought out before the BSlect 
Committee of the Houae of Commons. 

PALMt^i AlAULMimy 

- Mont: in of \ id iirla 
IrtI Out by I n-ncli 



Lisiless, Tired Women ' 
QyioUy Iesi«rt4 

Head.4( hcs '^fpKWtiftn Pail 
Awav When S/gtaoi b 

Muat Overcome Conatipati^ 

W*l-'-n >• I'- Harr»<tnn » Pll!* TIt't 
eivan**. rrcalai* and tttnr Itt* tfatrm. aaa* 

tHe •aarpeaa aa. li«a«aritea ^laaaoaer. 
•te*neM and bwyaat a*(riu r*«am r» 
'**' S"*^** bf^fsv •** s*^ a«< - 

MamgiMrs naa j wa waiii j '. j» • • i , . ^ 
Saaiara iAavi / ^ ^ob tor tbs address of the atodsL" 

Mme. .Kandsrson-Mongin, who has 
charge of ths Frsaeh courss In Vic- 
toria Collage, haa boon slnglsd out 

for apecial notlos by tha Frsnch Gov- 
ernment. A few dsys sgo, M. Paul 

Ru«or. the French > onxul at \ ancou- 
ver. received from M. Luclen Lamour- 
eui. Mlnl^tre d'lnatructlon et dea 
Heaux Arta. Parla. an intimation that 
France had awarded her, in acknowl- 
edgement of her aplendid work In 
promoting a friendly ttndarsUadlng 
betwssn Canada and hsr own eountry. 
ths Patm^ Aeadsmiques. 

The nwnr.l will he highly popular 
in \ ictoria, where Mme Handeraon- 
Mongln Is a unlveraal favorite. The 
Pttlmea Acadcmiquaa la aa-arded, ac- 
cording to the csrtlflcats by ths 
French Minister of Inatmetlon. "to 
those who havs ssnrsd ths tntcrests of 
Francs and the French language In a 
foreign country." and thia Mme san 
deraoa-MongIn haa unqueaiionably 
done In a very apontaneou'^ manner, 
not only ihrouab her poaltion h« pro- 
fenaor at the College, but Ihrnugh the 
wide public which nhe touchea 
through her lecturea and playa given 
before l Alllance Fransalas, ths "Con- 
ference," and mora oasmopolUaa 
audiences which aba addrsssss tn 
Bagllsh. In all tiMss activities sh# 
haa prsvad an ansonsclously flas 
msdium for Interpreting the aentiment 
of her own country and literature to 

The medal and acsompanyiag cer- 
tmcaie will be prsasntad pnbUely. 
probabl]^ in Bsptsmbsr or Octobsr. at 
a apsslal Jatat masting af tha two 
losal Frsadi sfgaa M a t ls— vlUeh wItt 
bs arranged. 

An artlal had invllsd a friend to 
come and look at hIa lataat picture. 
After ths frlond haa In a pss t sd tt. ths 
artist said to htm. TN sail you that 
picture, my b«y, far tan psnn d a" 
"No. dsar aM thing rmi won't" 
^m* tha reply, "hut r M g\\ ^ vo-,j ten 



Pr<.)c. I laUi- I. .1111 of l>iiiiklii;; 
l-'uunLaiu In Park — Prugraiiiuie 

Tho MierYiorial to the lute L»r .Mel- 
bourne K.i.\ noi . one (if \ icforla'a bewt 
known and reapecied medical men, 
which will tak^ the form of a drink- 
ing fountain tn tha VIotorta West 
Park, will ba unvollsd on Tueaday 
evening next, at 7:10 o'clock. 

Tho cerenionie** will cjommence at 
7 o'olook. whan musloal aeleotfons 
will be rendered by ths Municipal 
Band, with Bandmastsr Jamea M. 
MlUsr eonduetlng; Thsn will follow 
sd^ttfsasss by Mr. J. B. Cssson, prsal- 
dsnt of tho Victoria Wcat Brothsr- 
hood, and Mr. Charles F. Banflsld. 
pre.-ililc ;\; of the. \ Ictorla 
Teacbera' organization. 

Ths ubvslllng of ths Dr. Mslbourne 
Rayaor drinking fountain will be 
executed by two children attending 

\'ictorl,i ^Ve8t Hchool In the persons Of 
Kuth Witter and Clyile llantleld. 

Following the ainglng oX verses of 
"O Canada" by ths aassmbly. Aldsr- 
man William Marehant, chairman of 
the civic parka board, will formally 
accept the memortnl on behalf of the 

Hchool children will form a circle 
around the memorial and this will be 
followed by Maypols dancing. Then 
the Municipal Band will proceed with 
Us waskly consort programme. 

Funds for the coat of ererting .i 
incmorlal to the l.itc Dr. lla>rior in 
\ lrtorla \Ve^<t I'.irU « i r.' rnlxed iHrKcly 
from the i c.siiit ntN of \ icinrla WC^t. 
through the united efforts of the 
Victoria West Brotherhood and the 
Victoria West Parent -Tsachers' Aaao- 
datlon. Dr. Raynor was a resident of 
Victoria Weat. occupied the poat of 
prealdent of the Brotherhood and w ,i« 
alwa>M,Tn i mlefat Ik.i ble worker in pro- 
nn>tlng the Intereala and development 

or the VictorU West ssetlaa of ths 


ft Is anticipated that there will be 
a very large and > c presenlatlve 
attendance at the unveiling. 


Special Sale 
ofJ^/y Smart 

.25, 4^ J. 75 and 

Just arrived! from England, a special purchase of new knit- 
ted WOatPuM-Ovef Sweaters and Cardigans in many charm- 
ing colors and designa. The Pull-Over styles featui% ipolo and 
trs. also \' neck atylea. 'At tiiM*^ attractiva yrieta 

>()ii c.TTi e.i.sily .TfTnni to lia\r inor-^ that! otic of these attrac- 
tiN o wool -sweaters. Kemarkabic \ aluc at ^3.25, S3. 75 
and * : .., ip4.7& 

On 6ale Monday 

Angus Campbell & Co., Lid. 

Detroit Bootlegg^f 
Druw Up in Two Camp9 

DKTUOIt! Mich., July 14.— The 
Detroit News today saya that a war 
In which vIrtusUy all llanor osporters 

on the Canadian aide of the Detroit 
■River ln\olved will commence early 
next werK A hen orKanl%atlon of the 
aecond "rum trui»t" on the border will 
be completed. 

Tho battle to decide which of tho 

two combines will supply Detroit and 
nearby United Htatea clilea with 
<'anadlan beer and llrpior will l ike 
place over a forty-mile front, saya 
The .News. 

The BsrmiUa Biperiara. Ina.. de- 
serlbsd as a powsrful amstgamatlen 

of mors than a dosen Ontarii brejr* 
eriea with c.^inltat estimated at aev* 
cral million doll.ira. will be on tha 
one aide and exporters "frosen out" 
i.v the i.rewsry ofVMitaatlan wUl bs 
on the other. 


>A/ O O D W O R K I 

Spruce J 
Cedai- ! 



Ruilrl for permanence. Build for beauty. 
Build with case and economy. Lemon, 
Gonnason lumber yards are completely 
stocked with high quality lumber for 
every purpose. Lemon, Gonnason ex- 
perts will gladly help you choose from 
Britiih Columbia fir, cedar, spruce, pine 
or fint imported hardwoo ds the lumber 
bstf suitod to indhridual roqtnmiitiiti. 

Sawn aad gradad undar rigid inapacdoci, 
you will find Lamon, Oomiaaon lumbar al- 
ways dapandabk. 

Xomon Gonnason ^SSSXSL 

Prirrx QunlrJ dl 
Large or iinuM 

T#l»pl'Or«ft« TH T T 

MO I3UJL « » ^a 

? 1 2 4 G o'v th r ri m # n 4 ^ | 


SUNDAY, fULY 25. 1926 

yrtatinr rubii«hina Cum 

1. U T«lt. VtMlMM llMMC«r 

■aha- 1 1 pi RstM by ' •m*' ^it •■> m« 
ta tilatrleta CoatttrMM U> Viciorls. .H«rv*d 

TmHt .. . »>» •• 

Monthly ' *" 

Sub.' I il ■ - 1 ' "« ■f.»i^it' ..'1Ur»« 

%r Msiiv 

*iMda. OMM arlUtffe. tiM ValOd . 

Y»«rly »• 

Half Tfrty f 

gu.r(.rly » »« 

All aubarrlpllon r«t«« p«v»bl» Ir.«ni-« 
>Uil lukstrlbora «r" r*qurwf\ u, n-.k.- all 
r«mut&ac«a dlraot Ti-.- I'.i , ■ j.onui 

Jmif aft, itstt 


The grft problem in Prtnce »p 

ptar* 'f '>e prrvpiit il"- i.'-"plc 

from »i>ciidmg money on aiiiu>e- 
mcnu in ordtt «fi»t tfiey m»y 
all the ^Ore to hr . . r.l from in 
taxttion. The Government, no mat 
ter whoM Oorernment ll In power, 
needs mWley to meet its connn.t 
mrnts. The people of Frence appear 
to have an inirincible objection t j 
ptying t««ee befond » certain amount. 
The diflfinilties of taxation collection 
are very great No Government hat 
bien ki power for iome y«»fi pa»t 

that ha» rarned the ronfidcnce of the 
people and Governments there ere 
bttwlcd over like nlneipine by tho, 
vote of the Chamber. The Chamher 
iuelf teenu to have become wholly 
diacredited, and yet the Chamber 
fears in appeal to the people t. 
in such an appeal the probability ex- 
ists that its own powers would be 
sadly etreumscribed »i»iee popular 
stentiment is ninnitiR more and more 
Strongly m lavor ui a dictatorship 

The dictator the French want, it 
TFiniyl*" •••■>wd ibej want one, ♦« 

one that'ihrs will elr. t themselvfJ, or 
possibly one that will »ei« power for 
himself— like Bonapario— with • 
"whiff of grapeshot." When M. Cail 
laux became Minister of Finance he 
had a fairly sweeping idea of dic- 
tatorial power. He outlined some 
law^ which it was proposed should be 
made by decree (with the Chamber 
pcorogued). They included the cut 
ting down of the number of ofTiciaU 
and an attempt to rectify the finan- 
ciat position by a viffaatk aeheme to 
pr< vent the people of l*>ancc, ffbnx^ 
spending ijipney m the consumption 

Wherein ftctioo differs from other 
arts it that there is no human emo- 
tion or mood which it ia forbidden to 
UMlflt It reapecta no cf«on of re 
serve or pity. There is no reaton 
why it should, aays Mr Kipling, be- 
cause, afler all, fiction ts not telling 
tl,- tMji 1 In time, of what the author 
wriic», a little more, or much less, of 
tb« teaidtic naay be carried forward to 

the H' ti» ral ai rrttmt, and there per- 
haps diverted to ends oi which the 

wrttOT ttorer dreamed." In tbia re- 
gard llr. KiplinK quotes a well Wn .wn 
inttane* aid puts it mto hit own 
•tronff lafigvaget 

A man i.f ovei ii< ' i^.lnf intellect 

and piiw ' f i'lft • ( I'^ i- i through life 

betwrrn 'If '!r. ,,.| '.I I'l^.ir, I. -iM'l lllC 

wrath oi his own »oul warring with 
a brutal afe. He exhausts mind, heart 
and brain in that battle; he coaanmet 
, himself and perishes in utter dteola- 
tion Out of all his agony remains 
one little book, his dreadful testament 
against his fellow km '. ■ nuh today 
serves as a plea^ ■ ' for the 

g I'ndcr the 

honeat -fcixarioh and by the sup- 
pression of rabarri>. theatres, night 
The proposal indeed was that the 
clkba and entartainmenta in Paris. 
Whole nation should he rationed in 
peace time as Britain was rationed 
during the Great War. There was 
to be an imitation alto of the mrthod 
which saved dermaiit in the establiih- 
nirnt of a stabilised •'renten" franc, 
resemblinR the "renten" ♦ mark. That 
would have been a financial die 
tatorship, but that it not the kind 
tbat France wants, i lir Chamber de- 
feated the proposal and in this in- 
stance the Chamber had the sup- 
port of the people. 

I'rance It lookin>» for a strong man 
aisd there is none in sight. It will 
t^e strength euch as no 'Gorern- 
roent of recent duration appears to 
have been abia to exercise to restore 
financial stability. Sneccaaive Oorem- 
ments, and the Chamber ittclf, teem to 
fear an election, and yet the courageous 
course would be to appeal to the people 
irrespective of what the ronnenuences 
might be. With Governments falling 
from power every few weeks, and aom«- 
timcs at shorter Intervals, no country 
can prosper Repreaentative govern- 
ment ia on trial in PraacC aa it haa not 
been for many years and ret^aentatlve 
Kovemmeot, if it has the virtues whkh 
itf adherents claim for it, should not be 
afraid of putting its fortunes to the test 
at a i>opular vote. After all, the great 
atrenKih Of repreaentative government 
ahould lie in iu raapMairtiMaa to the 
public will 


young i-ndcr tne ; i '.ullivcrs 
Travels." Tbat, and a iaint re.oUec- 
tion of some baby-talk in aomc love 
letters, is as much aa the world has 
chosen to retain of Jonathan Swift, 
Master of Irony. Think of it! It is 
like tumiiK down the glare of a vol- 
cano to hf^lit a child to bed. 

in quoting this instance the desire 
of llr. Kipling appeara to have been 
to show that the world makes little 
allowance for any glory of workman- 
ship which a writer spends on naa- 
terial that doe.s not interest. "So it 
would seem." he says, "that fiction is 
one of the few unsheltered occupa 
tions, in that there it equal victimiza- 
tion on both sides and no connexion 
between the writer's standard of life, 
his output or his wages." He be- 
lieves there is a lavish literature in 
1 ngland but that it is lavi»h with in- 
veterate onthrtft, that h overlapa 
sumptuously. its greatest mas- 
iTS were "too pres»ed to wait on 
perfection in their haste tO' reveal to 
us some supttt- iewe! scarcely 
cleansed from the matrix. ' Tempor 
ary favor ia won in eyery %f bectoae 
a temoorary need of that age is met 
by writers, but Mr. Kipling shows 
that, as regards their future fame, 
they stand on a perfect equality with 
their fellowcraftsmen "The utmost a 
writer can hope for, ' he says, "is that 
there may aurvlve of his work a frac- 
tion good eiiouRh to he drawn upon 
later, ivi uphold or embellish some 
ancient truth reataUd, or aome old 
delight rtbom.** 

■- — 

. , BplUCDOM 

N&te and Comment 

By R. B D. 

\ prominent Harley Street" sur«rou 
sa>s that the greatest of human ini.^rr- 
ies and the most deadly of diseases is 
o»r that caontt be touched with the 
knife or salvation produced by dniK^ 
It is boredom. This sUrgeon says that 
men and women will do almost any- 
tlung to etrape it; they will drink, 
flruK themselves. prostitute their 
bodiev take up mad causes, organise 
abiurd crusades and fling themselves 
into lost hopes and cra/y ventures. 
They will torment themselves . and 
torture other people to escape the 
mrserv of heinff bored. The surgeon 
says that anyone who discovers a cure 
for the diaease will put an end to more 
trai;edv and misery than all the doctor^ 
and physicians tan do put together. 
' It would seem that boredom is 

lar«:rlv diir to the absence of rom.Tnre 
from so many lives, bu^ the problem is 
how to incrcaae the sway of romance. 
Men .ind \\<'inen l).iiid toj^i-ther in 
societies to ctcapc boredom, and that 
perhaps is ftn explanation of the multi- 
pliiity of Or nan) /at ions \\ lii( li c x i to 
day. Much ot modern discontent is 
dug to. boredom and to the Iktitiout 

ways in which nc« and woni< n seek to 
escape it. No one has found a remedy. 
It ia one of the ills of a complex civili- 

aation and in inr>< ainMe iH, except 
through the exertion ot the will power 
of the individual. The core, if there is 
one, liei in tiM Wan or woman who is 
the sufferer, and undoubtedly there ia 
a core but only through a cbaaflod 
conception of the metuinf gnd pur- 
poses of life itaalf. 

Mr, Rudyard Kiplinff'a addreaa 
when he received the gold mr-Ul of 
tho Royal Society of Literature is 
being much quoted, the moat quoted 
part being that in which he said that 
quite a dozen writera have achieved 
immortality in the lait 2J0O years. 
Thia haa given nte to a lot of specu- 
lation as to who should be comprised 
in the dczen. The probability ia that 
Mr. Kipling had no definite list in 
mind; indeed the remark was simply 
interlarded when he spoke on a sub- 
ject, which waa properly one on the 
Art of Plctlea. Mr. Kipling says fhtt 
fiction btfU when some man invented 
a story about anolbtr umh, and that 
it developed when another man told 
tales about a woman. The epoch he 
describes as a atrenvoua one because 

it began the first school <u drstnu tive 
criticism as well as the first rriti( 

There has been a changele»s ag- 
gregate of material workers la fiction 
r-.rr'rz. » Mr Kipling says, into 
new mouhN "adorned and adapted to 
suit the facta and the fancies of their 
t'W n .:''iv allon " The I'".li/ahelhan'«. 
for instai >-e, he points out, stood on 
the edge of a new and wonderfn? 
W«rld iin(*d with hupnr poastbilitiet 
Tbtir desrendanta, JIB ytara later, are 
in a world as new and wonderfnl. hut 
not quite ' > happy. "I" th agr«." 
aays Mr. Kii>ling. "jrou can sec writers 
raking the diiflfV* English 
language for w-orda that shall range 
further, hit har<! r, and explode over 
a wider area than the service pattern 
words in common i'«e.*' Thus the 
art of fiVti'^n" is '^onr f mercileas 
search, trial, and scrapping of mt. 
tcriar and «o ia one with the con 
tinuity ;of lift.'' 

A public Utility corporation )ii the 
tnitcd States recently issued a seven 
per cent preferred atock and an analysis 
hat been made of the occupation^ of 
the subscribers. There were 57 trades 
or occupations represented. The Kst 
was headed by 4,020 housekeepers and 
then came 2,99f clerks, 1,058 factory 
workers and 926 merchanta. There 
were 601 chauffeurs who subscribed, 
347 pbliccmen, 155 barbers, 499 labor- 
era, $30 mechanics. 483 carpenters, 52 
beauty culturists, 65 bricklayers. 1 Wj 
janitors and 05 laundry workers. One 
fact of intimate intereat to the news- 
paper world was that ganong the sub- 
scribers ^ were 335 printera. No other 
employees of the press apparently 
found it poaaible to aubacribe. 

Mr. Watsdn CrilRn, writing in The 
Toronto Mail and Umpire says: "For 
ni,inv reasons the coming election wilj 
br one of the most important held m 
Canada, and not the least of these 
reasons is that the powers of the Cana- 
dian Parliament will be < nppled if the 
Liberals win, for the precedent will be 
established that a Prime Minister, 
uhether Liberal or Conservative, shall 
have the right to kill any Parliament to 
prr\enl condemnation of ''.overnment 
wrong-doing." In other worda, the 
Liberals are ftghtiag to eorSail tite 
power of rcpreaantatJTe gorernment 

MOvrnKAl.. Julr ti ' man 
arniOTl with * fvolvwr .<>tli«r 
twrrylng a bMket cntarr - n»rri« 
Cafa here thia mornlna > *■ *'^<i ihr 
proprlotar. a eustomer. ang a ChlnoM 
oeek lata the kltehen MM roblkeg 
them of naurly tl.tM. One of th# 
p«lr flr#4l two atiMa at tli« HmmI '^r 

tllO ee"W rrh" wan Slrtw \r\ piitMna iir' 
ha *'«nrt«. Th*" hiillet* rnt^rra Iht 

The preadnt GoivOr«or of the State 

'if Kfassacbuscft'^ like .i lormer (".o\er 
nor oi the Stale ol North Carolina, has 
asked a very hrtcreeting queatioo. He 

want ' kii-'w if ll IS not po.^sihlc to 
unite Canada and Ihc L iiited States m 
the aoMmn bonds of political matri 
mom T'lat riuostion -ln'uld be aJ- 
n;ost a» stimulating to the iniaKinalion 
ul Canadiana aa tho question addressed 
to the Governor of South Carolina by 
tne Governor of North Caiolifia, m 
the daya before Prohibition, of'courte 
was to the imagine tkm of the Goti^- 


• * • 

Do not be hasty in >our (onclgtions 
and run away with tb - notioO M'your 

head that the Covernor ol the State of 
Massachusetts was merely joking when 
h« s u g ge a — d a moat intereati ni ^po li ti 

ral consummation lie ( .DVtriior wa^ 
(|uitc serious in sutigestmg tl>e open- 
ing of nogodationa for the ittNOO of 
Canada with the I'nited Stat**. In 
proof of the gravity of His Honor, His 
Excelteney, His Grace, dr Wipaitter 

they call their Covernors across the _ 
line, read his reasont iqr desiring an 
nexation of Can^: 

" I be Canadians have di terniiue<l. ap- 
parently to take lull advantage uf their 
natural rchources. Quebec has prohib- 
ited the exportation of hydro electric 
power and ba^ thereby forced indus- 
trial ciiiKrriis (IrsiriiiR cheap power to 
lorali' their tai tones ihere .XRain a^ 
our native raw material has diminished. 
Ouebci . \Mtb her large forests, has 
banned the exportation of wood pulp 
and has thereby compelled tome of f>ur 
paper mannfacturera to locate their 
mills across the border.. 

"The Dominion is growing indus- 
trially and is in a fair way to continue 
to a point where Canada nukes a con- 
siderable portion of some of the arti 
rle« w'hicb are in commop Vf in the 
I'nited State*. 

"If such a londition arises, how are 
we to meet sfime of the embarras<«in(j 
reonomie f»uestif>ns wbifh wiM he pre- 
sented? \lreadv we are vitallv con- 
cerned with C.inadian sources of nulk 
supply. The feeling between tb«- peo 
pie of the I'nited Mates and the peo 
pie of Canada is most cordial. Each 
has respect for the other. It ia desir- 
able, however, that theae two peoples 
understand their common intereata, and 
that causea*of possible national mis- 
understandings and retaliations of 
every sort b« removed." 

The f.overnor of the good old State 
of Massachusett.s is a very wide-awake 
gentleman. If we may aay it without 
oflFence. the C.overnor appears to be 
juftt as smart as any of his Yankee pre- 
deeeaabra. In an af Ax to hie impartant 
statement of tbe casr for annexation, 
be saya he loves Canadians and is not 
unmindful of their intereata. "The 
Canadians have determined, appar- 
ently, to take full advantage of their 
natural reaotweea. . . . The Dominion 
is growinc iiidiistriallv and is in a fair 
way to continue to a point where Can- 
ada makes a conaiderablr portion of the 
articles which afe in commoti uae in the 
United States." 

• • * 

But in fairness to the far-aceif\^ 
Governor, we muat point out that he 
would not thinksof ruahing Canada into 
union The Governor merely calls °at- 
tciilioii u> factt and askt Canadiana to 
give them their most serious consider- 
ation. The lioston Post, however, 
"the larKcst morning newspaper in the 
United States." and the mouthpiece of 
of the Covernor of Massachusetts, is 
more precipitate. The Post wants im- 
mediate action, wanta "someth(ng done 
riRht away " There is an election 
pending in Canada, and after that elcc- 
tmn more effective meaaures may be 

t.ik. n to i rotert the natural resources 
of Canada from exploitation by enter- 
prising dtiacna of the United States. 

Hence ihr necessity iOT "dojog aome- 

tiling right awav." 

• • • 

The Boston Post, in its haste, does 
not think of asking Canadians what 
they think of a union of their country 
with the United States. The Post 
sends its financial editor over to the 
Old Country to ask the (>eoplc of that 
country what they think of it. The 
smart editor, in his zeal, undertakes on 
behalf of the I nited States to make a 
bargain with the British Government 
for the sale of Canada to the United 
States. In one side of the scales 
he throws Canada; in the other he 
throws the debt of Britain to the 
United Sutes. and for good measure he 
is willing to throw in a written under- 
taking to cancel or reduce somewhat 
the debts of the whole ot Europe to 

the UniUd Stgtea. , . 

• • • 

Now, is not that a most fUtterint; 
and a highly interesting "proposition"? 
Canadiana ahould feel all puffed up 
when they read about it The United 
States officially refuses to mix itself yp 
in P.ompean pelitica, but it is willing to 
adopt Canada and lOUke her a pawn in 
the game of Kuropean politics. If our 
people are reasonable in mind and cem- 
|.!afent in disposition, thev mav he the 
proud agents of Providence (or the 
I nited States, which, of eourae, it the 

s;)nie thing) for bringing peace to trou- 
bled Europe and tranquility to a turbu- 
lent world. 

• «. • 

It is rather interesting, and some- 
what curious, to reflect upon the fact 
that movementa tor the annexation of 
Canada to the United States manifest 
themselves at more or less regular in- 
tervals litis ia the Arat time that the 
purchase of Canada haa been frankljr 
and openly suggeated. During the 
agitation for com uitf c l nl usion between 
the two countrie a * • Mlkm which 
would have been equivalent to political 
union, because the fiscal policy of Can- 
ada would have been determiaed by the 
Congreaa of the United St8tea--(here li 
no doubt that the Canadian advocates 
cf commercial union were handsomely 
sttbaidised by certain "^it^ interests" in 
New YotV One candid .Nmeriean 
public man frankly declared that a mil- 
lion or so distributed amongst Cana- 
dinn polillgigna w%gM f^ 

mo«t et- 

c«i.v( wa> ol setiiiiiK tiic matter. A 
few Canadian politicians of a certain 

tOTt may be bouifht today, pottiblv. 
but the Canadian people are extremely 
Itttriotk and absolutely iu<utiupt>lf 

''Plain Folks'^^trho 

Live on the Prairies 

letters -fifjlitop 

.No l»lt«r 1* llM atfiior wt>l !»• 

lot, tiophfrhui Sii>ik . 
imiiir given i i tin- hi enc 
\* a 1\ \'\>-.\.\ '■Ti«- 1 1.. ' 
lift) ot th« lull* coni- 
tbe bank 

• Plain rulka. • a (story of th« Cana- 
aian pralrlaa. UL a grippUic tale of 
ro^ gyst jf a in.d.^jMSl «oantry, living 
iivao iluM! «r«^H'JM abeigfa aaaggar- 
■tea meroty '.tloUtiotta. In thy 
aiory, nrancla Oaeil WRltebouae haa 
Klven hm rfadtrj* a i .oaa-oei tlon of 
ihe life in uny kruall ('anailUii com- 

The „ atory. ./evoUoa ihiet- 
prlMBil^ clM^ri^tera. the bank mana- 
ger. . the raokgr and the "n^ouutte. ' 
aiatnat a badkgroui^d, of SngUah tm- 
mlgraot ehMWmian., IBngUali Imml- 
irrant renotttanoa maA and BagUah 
imiiiiKrant 'If •■lit l«iii«'n raaoiiera," 
wHti a frw .Hcniiillnaviaris and Oall- 
.i.iMs .ir.l uiir ItJillari lor ii iiiisk»-- 
w«>:;;h' lO'l not ii natlvt* ri..rn i huji 

.r.du I'l iti" 
vsliK-h 1.^ ih' 
of the j''- 
town. riie 

III unity centres round 
.maoacar^ the ' minoj^ <;baractera are 
Tvalpeofla; thair everyday U(« la da- 
pleated with great truth. *tlngad 
throughout •>w(th ai daltghtful vein of 
hum. r The thr*e-page Introduction 
Is 11 i ne In the offlc e of the general 
miperiniendeni of a railway, a.s a 
Bi or<' i)t townalles ar<> named hur- 
riedly along a n'^w pioie of tni.k, 
showing humoroualy the ^)^luUou« 
way In which placaa ift tii<»ir nameii 
in thia Canada that to being opened 
up ao laat ' thera avo not aaough 

names to go round. 

The dOB< riptlon of Mr. Long's Pre- 
caiitionH against brd Niush in u toun- 
iry hi'irl. I iM 1 1 t o I y . flmplv. II nfl 
niMi . . 1 • imor. will rTlnn u. smile 
to ihf read>r. The Mrioiint of the 
oynier-staw so«l*l hring.s us into 
(lose aequalntancaahip with Mrs. 
."^laney. a former Birmingham drudge, 
who haa aaaomad ooltalderabia atra 
Kinrf her advent MtO Ciaadlan 
'char" PoeiaCy. 

The fancy draaa ball in aid of th« 
hf>«i»ttal wH* m» b e you Uugh, th« 
eplRod*> of the hank robbery Is firm 
.md convincing iind the plot to gel 
Mradley'a hom««taa4 to paaaable, but 
the author enrrlea ena with blm, 
pointing out people and altuations 
whtoh are vivid. pathaUe, and alive, 
lapalng hero and there into hto own 
opiniona oh the underpayment of 
Anglican rlertrv, or (Jovemment 
methnd.s of whl< ll hf Arxtn not ap- 
prove I ifH' fi elH Hii intenM aj-mpalhy 
and friendllnfs.s t<iward.s those cha- 
i iitecH which WW are prtvllegod to 
meet in Oophcrburg, 8aak. 

The love story of Jimmy Long and 
Peggy rune through the boolc, leaviriR 
them ready to face the future with a 
aupreme hope in their hearts 

It la a tale well worth readlnc. wt i; 
written by a man whosn rxperl<ii<«' 
of Canada, from the Kaat to the Kar 
W(«t, hae enabled him to portray a 
a true picture. Tba author la the 
manager of the Canadian Bank of 
rommerce. at Nols<on, B. C. Born 
In \S'arwlokshlre. lOnK'and. he had 
.•(evon yearH burking expfrience 
fore romlng to I'aiiuda, fdnie whrn 
he hn« put In iwnly lhr»-f years on 
the I'ralrles and in IlrltLsh t^olumblu, 

• iieh a.s hn dencrlbea in his flret novel, 

• Plain FoUe." He recently won the 
Wllfcra flchOlawaMp for an eanay on 
banking, open to all bomera. Natural 
Hoienee and Iltoratura have vied with 
one another for flrat place In hia at- 
ferthma. and he haa had a. new 
dragonfly named after him In recog- 
nition of his work in aclence. 

'•flain Kolks" is published by the 
Oraphlr Puhliahers of Ottawa, which 
houae In uninue. In that it exists for 
the piitHieation of Canadfasna books 
only, nnd propoaaa to do no Import- 

■ ' ' ' ♦ 

3 - Minute Journeys 

I Or Taifpul UAMwma 

Where a Man I'ny Toll Before 
UaimlAg His Brldo 
A very Interesting poople are the 

Shans of Slam. They occupy the 
whole of North«>rn 81am and part of 
i->a«t Hurma and are i h«»iiis*l vca 
divided into two »;roupa. the Northom 
Bhana and the Western Bhana. They 
dlffat from ena another in dress, 
archltootuva and vartouo oeremonlea. 

For instanre. their marriage cere- 
monies are very unlike. The Weetem 
Hhiina have a very simple rite. The 
young couple merely eat a dtoh of 
rice together In the presence of 
parenta. relatives and the village 

The Eaatern Hhans, however, have 
a more • omplliated marrlare eere- 
niony. After the uminl feawi tn which, 
of roiirs*, all the relatl\ea and friends 
cf both ih« prineipale are Invited, the 
bridegroom to taken by the guesta to 
the home of the bride. Along the way 
from hto home to hero he will ftnd hto 
path ebotrueted at intervata by repoa 
BtretQhOd aereas the roadway. At each 
of theae ropes the bridegroom muat 
pay toll before he • .-i ri i>ror»>pd (if 
c nurae, the tax varies a< ■ ordlng to 
the financial atatnK <.f Wm- t(>''><>ni 
One man. one ot the wealthiest In the 
dtotriet, waa forced to pass twenty of 
theae ropaa and waa muleted ot guite 
A eum of moneir. 

When the groom arrivea at the 
home of th«» bride he stta down by 
lier (rtde Then their hands are tied 
together w'lh a piece of strlnir The 
ceremony now ^r.-om^s similar to 
that of their \N'estTn neiEhbors. for 
they eat together and arr pronounced 
man and wife by an elder of the vti 
lage. WMte thto to going on the 
guest* threw Itatto of rlee at the 
happy pair and at earh ether. 

However, both Hhans worship ih^ 
eanio goti and their methods of wor- 
ship sr» very similar They revere 
the epirita. or nata. which the sup- 
paead to roolda in nature — the stones, 
the rlvem. tho treoa, tho eiooda. tho 
winda. and ao on. 

may believe that the aptrit of man 
haa the form of a buttertty and that 
when he la aaleep or nneoneetnus it 
lakes leave of his body for the time 
being. For this reason they will not 
wabon a man suddenly, "for fear." 
aa they put it. "that Mi bHIMgty inay 
natrotum la tiaao." 
not rotum la timo. 

Aa may be Judged, they are a 
gentle, patient folk and have many 
lovable oualltJce. 

rt*<) •>>.■< I't 
el it>> 

A*I«MMr Off 

Hir, — Being untble ti) find ih.- 
name of thou,- kind filtnils who 
wfro Bu good jiK to ic.nvey Mr 1- 
Monaom to thr .SI Jovi>h b ll ispisal 
fiom the MaUhttt Drive on th»- e^r 
nine he met with hl» accident, at 
great ^ee*|venlence to themaelves. 
and tb«#«by not having an oppw- 
tunlty oC^Uignhlog them poitenally. 
we wtoh to takp thia aaoano of e« 
prMsing to them our alnoero grati 


aiR A.M) MH^^ K. BOggOM 
2«1J Hhelbournt .- irea^i VIOtOr .i 
B.C., JiUy.«3, 1»>«. 

The high cost of living, or the firm 
belief that iradeamea give short 
weight, to lihMtrated by the foilewing 
pote which raachod a local butcher: 
- Kindly aeftd a owarter'e worth of 

steak up o mv HOUOe. If tllfH !• *• 
ens at home. fUeaitg put M l>i lM I<h 

"Hlial Ahoni ( ainiila "' 
Sir. — Under the above heaUn-.g -in 
Hrticie appaarod In The Daily tuti^. 
of July. Sl^wrHton X preottnaa t>y t, 
edltoc*.. |t.%Mda aa fonowa. In par 

I'Jgpt.ibe average voter knows thai 
the dendftlona lamisilby the Inves- 
tigation (t^ UCMibm'a acandal) has 
rxuted for tlld laat fifty years." 

Ih ihi.s -1,1. m. ri; ( ; .!• ' Is H a 
fact that for fifty year- Srna? i^- 
I'remiers, Mlnlslern and ihe aw ■ 
votot" have known ihm this rcjuniiN. 

like Sodom and 
'OOttld no( flgd fifty righteous 
men, nor even ten." 

Hii« the fditor of Th« Times read 
til- S iiHu paKos of . M.l.^nce, covering 
u 1 'h-- ii.nie.i 111 tti« oulondar" 
t hifs i IK I ' • ' i'-«glng. forgery, perjury. 
• mug*;: ! I i)se crimes were com- 
mitted. Mr. Maokensle King knew 
of them, hto mintoters also had evi 
denee flriftm n rodaral police omcer, 
aopportad br wttdoaaee tbat Minia- 
tera, Deputy-Mlnlatera, and ofllclalti 
of the Oovemment were working <n 
conjunction with known thieve*, 
hontleggern. etc. Has the editor of 
The Tlmrs any Information rolatlnK 
to the "Diary of JoaephlneT" 

Mr. W, R. Fausher, former mem- 
ber lor Laat Mpunuin. not a Con- 
servative, but a aupperter of the Oov- 
ernment. although a Progtaaalve, id 
spoken of aa folfowa: 

"Summed up. Mr. Fausher's posi- 
tion waa that he WJis unable to rr 
frain from vrdlne of cn'r^^\^^■1\.-^ 

In the King adminL-^trntlon afler 
reading all the evidence of the Cus- 
tom'a probe. Inciudiug the auppressed 
evidence, which he deelarad was un- 
fit for publication." 

That stafmeni. "unfit for publica- 
tion.' coming from a member of 
Parliament, carries a sting. Mr. 

May 'I refer thb editor of The 
Timen to the faet that for over aix- 
teen years out of thia fifty he men- 
tioned, that great and honored leader, 

Plr Wilfred Laurler, had charge of 
this vast country. Did ha have 
knowledge of this flUh and corrup- 
tion (I hHV*> road the whole of the 
rvidi-nt e. 1 know of what 1 epeak ) . 
I am i.'l.'xl ihii tho writer of this 
.iriirlo U.S. d tii.> word "average- vo- 
ter." The dictionary meaning given 
la — average: eontalning a mean .pro- 

The next statement in this artldle 
rp.i l.s "What III- Mho avorage voter) 
wants to find out. however, la how 
the (.'onservatlvo I'arty jiropoHe.n 10 
conduct the country's buslnee!* If it 
should get the chance." I^ei me an- 
swer thto queatlon. It is simple. 
Find out who are the thieves, etc.; 
nestt, find out who worked in collu- 
sion with them ;v next, plok out the 
ministers who. by allowing thto to «o 
on. compounded theae felonieo; aoat. 
those mlatotere' deputtoa and ethers 
who were receiving and making prof- 
it Diit of tlioso t ransnrtlons. nerl. 
tho actual K-uiK who < arrlo.i U out, 
and last of all. every "average voter" 
who is still alive and knowing ihla 
was being carried on, who cast his 
or her vote to place theae men In 
power, galoot some Island prison, a 
Bt. Helena, and there toolate them. 
No wonder that thto country num- 
bers only a few million, thai we have 
unemployment, that the beat of our 
people have to leave their homee 
iind allow the "average voter." who. 
the ndltor of The TlmeK rl.Tlms knew 
of this gigantic robbery of millions 
of the treaaury, to rule. 

Mr. Btevaaa aUnda out aa the one 
man who, through untiring effort and 
in the face of opp^ltlon. expoeed 
thie gigantic ring. Kow having the 
opportunity. It resto with the Con- 
Korvstlves. Liberals. liaborltea and 
oihem to vote againnt ihet "av'Tage 
voter" mentioned, and place men in 
power who will aorra Canada. 


ISO Madtoon Street. Vietoila. B.C. 
July 2S. lllf. 

Bonnie Nancy 
The eparkllng aea'a a thing of glee. 
. Deep blue with altvor gloaeee, 
The wave laapa high, the wave leapo 

The rippio rhythmle daaeaa. 

Ana jUBt aa tmoyant and eurefroe 
My bennle, winsome NaOoe la. 

The lovelleirt flaxhes In her e'e. 
Her grace my heart entrances. 

Of all the girls I've loved so light. 

Thero's none compares with Nancle. 
}{er coming's put the reet to flight 

mnce firat ehe took my fanay, 

Kull well I ken this love's no WhIm, 

To sleep I'm too demented, 
1 long to hold my Nae"'* slim. 

To klj»s her I'm tormented 

1 d no er have thought w,hen flret I 
p la \ od 

Ix>ve's Kam» wl' lightsome pranros 
That I'd give aJl the fame I v^ ma io 
To breathe the air where Nance la. 

— Alfee Aar. 

Pr€§€nMion Made 


A ban<juet waa held in th» rflrla' 
luneh room of the BrtUeh-Amerloa 
Palm Oo„ Ud.. oa Friday afternoon 
in honor of Mtoa Mary Brown, whoee 
marriage tokee ftlaoo ahortly. The 
room waa prettil? daeorataA with oink 
nnd whitti strmtmers. the same shades 
•> . hf ing need for ths i»bl» Hrown was the recipient of a 
beautiful dinner set from the em- 
ployees of the paint ang soap rart4)ries 
coipbln*d: alao a haadaome chenur 
from the Brlttoh-Amerfea Palm Co« 
With whom she haa t>e«n employed 
far th*» Inst sit yesrs At the close of 
the hanquft Mlfs Annl* Parsons pre- 
sented MlsH Itrown »ith a lovely 
bouquet of Ophelia roaea. sayiag: "On 
bohnit Off the girto X tdko groat 
pleaaure in presenting you with thia 
email token of our love, and We wish 
you much happloees In the future. " 
Amor^ those present were th« Mlsees 
M^try Hrown. Ann(e Par-"n« ' '■ < r 
lode Athorn. Doreea Cook. l>oroihy 
Pendrsy. Attoo Mvrtaet. Annio Jaffray 
Oraea Number. Pearl Matthews. 
Phoobo roote, Klddio WhM4'and Mra. 

- a 

' You Will Be Delighted 
, With This BcautiJul 

Fostoria Glassware 

The exquisite qualit) of ihis cr>sUl glassware is its 
principal charm. It ia ahown t thig atorg m a oomplcto 
arrav of the newest styles, includint; stem pc^hlrts, wine 
glasses, sherbet and pa'rfait glasses, grapefruit dishes, etc. 
\ very beautiful engraved design ig an open gtodc^ pat- 
tern at thia store. You cm therefore buy addittooal 
piecea at any time. 

CmBplf HoUM FuniialMn 

Stntt . BMabtUM im 



A Smin Quantity ol Each ol Flooring, V-Joiiit, ^SMiag 
Two and TUm Faet UsffUu 

CANADIAN puarr sound lumber 


Ditcovny »iid Ston StfMt 




ll , - of City of Viciorta 

Wiped Out — find Time 

For the Urat Ume In the memory of 
city oftidala. the City of Victoria to In 
the poattion in the month ot July of 
having wiped out all lU eommltmente 
at the bank and having a clean sheet 

In past years tho borrowings from 
the bank on account of current lla- 
l.llltles were paid off In the months 
of October. November and December. 
In the yeare of poat-war depreaMon.. 
the iiahiiitlea were not nntll tha| 
eucceeding year. 

The City of \ Irtoria this yar haH 
been making its payments out of the 
moneys received from the prepayment 
of tasea. a tfwfm inaugurated a few 
years ago by City Treaoorar Ndwln t:. 
Smith, lirhlla tho otty bad ^aoe 
sev<r,il small borrowings from the 
bank thlH yrnr. It hsa already repaid 
these, other loans may have to he 
repaid later, but they will he met In 
t be eama manner, the city eaviag coa- 
diderablo anma In totaraW. 

"I have been here for forty years. 
sn<l 1 have never known It happ«n 
before, I'liy Treaeurel' Smith stated 
yesterday. In reference to the city s 
achievement in its payment of Ka hank 
loan ao early in the year. 

red Am'^ri. ine fr^ahe Soiuk^ City 
isitinic BHtiab cXtiMMOMTaaplUl 

Nl W lillll lllNIi I OR 

Mr. R. i:. Honour. H 'iinaster of 
Dnaogn Urammar ^ >. Mabao 
for AddiUon 

llavlnR etarted at the iMglnnIng of 
the year with an enrollment Of only 

Ave boys. the Ounean fJrammar 

School hHM 1" ' n iru rr.islnn steadily 
until I' h^..* 1 ' ' ' nrf».«s.«ry to en- 
larae the Mthool biiil>1lnKS The 

eighteen acnie aurrouiidina the school 
are plctureaouely wooded with nm 
and doawoods, ample . epaee bolna 

laid out for plnyln* flelda, the whole 
eommanflInK a rtno view of Duncan 
enrl thr siirrriunfllnK <<>iinlry t'nder 
teh dyeotlon of Mr U »: Honour, 
headmaster, and Mr li i. I'rtrk'-r 
there are now seventeen hoys, ami 
arrangemfUUa are being made for 
hoardera during the term commenc- 
ing fl« goptember 14. 

The new building, which faces 
Oihhins TTrtsd. will contain > a large 

h»srr,i. nl. filled with ehOWOra, IO< Wrr 

rooms, lavatory and ateam heailnx 
system. On the ground floor are the 
reception and rl««erooms the study, 
kitchen and ginlns mom. while the 
matron'B roome. tdro dormitoriee. two 
other bedrooma for the ataff and 
hathrooms will be found en the 
r<ecAiid goor. 
Ty>» M<hAoi ia )olag rwi on Old 

Country puhiir s4<hool lines, adapted 
to suit thr requlremrnts of i'ar\nt\A 
Bo>a may enter between the ages of 
eight and flxie*n. and 'luring their 
term at the school character huildlnc 
will be empbaelaed in cennectlen with 
an all -round general education. 

f'onsiderable stroaa win be laid 
upon Barnes, ftagbv and c fess coon- 
try runs win he carried «n during the 
Winter. while ti»nnii« iriiW" etc. 
will occupy the Hpring and Bummer 



Two liorgr >artlee of lto al t>» « ;iii'l t 111 \ ' I"".!! V KtOdCOta 
I'jjjoy \ Ivit i<> Vb'torla 

Victoria was >f.«ier(l«y i lu' mecca 

for ta/ntar resiqeots of j/v ''•ly 
ffratflOj no lesa thap thfK^-fiva/hua- 



during the day. 

The ('sn.i llun Pariflr steamers Prtn- 
oees Kathleen ;iiul rrlnoess Vlciorln 
brought from fcJeattlo y<'Hterday i 0(m> 
membera of the Young Men's liualness 
Club and 1.B00 etudenta Iroal ,fho. 
Univeraity of Waahington. 

The Prineeea KaAMeen arrived here 
at l4:4t'o'cloek with the ;iAHra pirty 
of Heattle's young business men while th^ Princess Vlrtorla. 
whic h waa apeclally chartered by the 
students from Washington for th^lr 
annual invaaion of thia city, tied up 
at the Inner Docke at l:l( p.m. 

A corpa of chaperoaea. Including the 
dean of men, the dean of women and 
Coach Knoeh B a gah aW accompanied 
the etudenta. while Dr. D. Hall, of 
tho health service, was also on board. 

The Americans spent a delightful 
time here, tho niajorlty of th<«ni liik- 
Ing sightseeing drives and beholding 
the oliarme and wondere of Butchart s 
Hardens, the gaafllob Panlaauki. and 
other beauty eeatrea In and around 
Victoria. ^ 

The Weaikn 


<>t»eeelMrt«al 0*ee> Yieterta. 

\'tf"(orla .#«•...••• ••• •••• 

\ fcn''i»iiver ...,.,....#•«...••••• 


B .••WrvllU 

I'iln«<' Rup»rt 


porllsnd. ,'»"• 

Hsn rranclxo. C«l 


^^r\t\rinn . • •-. 

V»i ri>n • • 

fkraiMl r«r*"> 

N*lsen ...••».... 

f 'raeSf ^ek 


K*l fti nnt on 

Hwlfi <'iirr»nf 

PrlS^^ Al*l*rt '«.•.......»•...••« 

Qti'At'Pell* «•..«...•..••*• 


Valeria ae4 VirinHy t.»eM te m 
wln<t* psrtlf f|n.i«fr mnA ••rm 

V»nr»»»»r and >i'-ini) l.iah' fn m 
• (• wte«A aartlir t-lim^* sel warm. 

Slatlieafi^ ,.,..,.•.•••.••.«•••• 

M Inim iim 

A *»r»t» 

Minimum on ih' araae 

WirtMht •«e»Mn' <rr«4ar>. S heura. 

<;»n»r»; ih<> eeathef. fair 

.1 P.M. Wssther Mspsees _ 

\' <r. n naromHer. IS.SS; wHMl, a.W. 

B r... 

at • 














s« . 





























X •Biou'T — Bars Si •ter, 
4 mllee. fair. 

KamtiM»i»»— naremei*'^, itTS, 
mitea. fair 

n«rfeer*ill* Beronr.'-- •» ts 
IS rrillva. fair 

Pr»B'* niteeri n»» '•'»i«i»r. 
a r • mii»#, ri«u4t 

K>i»T*n pelel — narnitteler 
tl K In ti'ifr*. ralnlae 

T■"^.•.^ tu 'i»<fiet*e, te S4 
mii»«. '■""I'lr, ~ 

pwtlsed. (*re..«naare 
W., 4 allies; elesr.' • 

»^mm»m^m'm0 > 0'm e*»ie» g Si^igi i 

14 t 

tt M; eriaa. W, • 

wie4, w 4 ' 

wise, aw., 



a. tl 




fpesfn the DaNr SHUeb OehMitel ef #«iy IS, iSTt) 

Shanes KslraeeatiMry— A« Lesd ftsOerle kae 4*eMee te «ar • etalt «« «Ms 
rrvTiece. It is aOvlaable tiMt he stke«M ae* arutsk CetewaUse la •▼•rr ek*M a 
BrtUaa CeiemWae nn aiietes eagfct te aelch hIa •>• al eaee. aa la era«r that etiaiees 

mmr by ara''io<' h»rnmm perfeet iMHeee kla airtvSt. the aiiatlitc hlsk, mnMiiiionie 
MtsN. will b* . • ">-<treaf from IS till i: A fall bane will be Hi s«l^«<1aa''' 

Tr>T th» y:»mi < i<mm* Th» •t'am'r firlhnn Kir l»fl l>»r« ai T a^rleek fveler^lar 
mornint f"r i'omoi. N«n»i''»> •r.l ■»»! »-,« nn ih» Heet<C»ae<. rarrytnt th» !»>».'• 

w»r* Mlaaee Ailatt. Mim 

I a pb^ll 

ae<4 l> 

■ nil 
Ura r 

Rnn ano 

a lars* aambar ot phsaaes*'*. amnnsat wbess . 

Pr-. > sed fawiMy. Mosare. C. MoOrelatit. P r>ecl»r. T. OefWy^ J A 
Wteliaieea. C Clsra^ M. T. Isbesse. ae«tk«aie. IL M. Cleaiteow 

ann m^- *^ 

rer Mew Wsetiiael w —^m steafner neterpHae left hae wHarf a< T e'elsefe y*e 

I""!*?' m»^l|lg fee Ifew W»a1» 'SBlar »n>i marfU fr»it)i* •* • r«"«»se»^ T><» 
fnllawins were «MI Ward: ras< M**^-" *r1 I'mpi »| • . V' a C» . 

Maeare K tHtkmn. W, Osae m s a t. P. aerse t a» a Tbeenpdee. C MrOragM. Pterc 
T Wiisea sa4 It SUgOt. : 

Ks^gjgi^wKNXii • rtfiiiti I di 


'.SMUbMktd IMS; 

Ladies' Shoes 

Broken lines. All sizes in lot, in all leathers. Values 
up to $10.00. • 

FOR QME WE^ $2.95 

Maynard's Shoe Store 

t)49 Yatca Suect PhoncUJ^ 
=== Where Moat Peopk Tr a da ' a i — — 

Seokt. B. C. July 4. 1926 


584-6 Johnson Sttect, Victori*. li. C. 

Dear Sirt:<— Encleaed ttn4 II.Q. for cncloacd bill. KindJr •ckM»wle(UC' 
We are pleated with the worit you did for ua, which waa done ex- 
actly accordiaf to iaatroctioo*. 

Yearatrul . . 

(For the rhorch Wardens of Sooke) 

The Red Cross Workshop 

mi-§ JohMM OlTMt Otmt Bd0w Govt) 

none >1M 

Visitors and Everybody! 
Come! Look! Buy! 

Great Sale 
Mow On 

Thou^iab <ii;d thou- 
sands of Chinese Silks 
Ktnu ti )s, Embroideries, 

N o V c 1 t i ^ '^tiqucs. 
Baskets, ; . f i w 1 s, 
Screens, Jade, ivory, 

Amber NecklAcea/Griss 

Chairs at prices that will 
comptl you to buy. 

* ■ 

Lee Dye & Co. 

715 V.fw St 
Main Store 

1107 Gov t St. 

The Company 
Your Washing 

When you send your washing 

"out" Ho \nu cvfr stop to think 

whrrc "nut" may be? 

\>ry often it's* "out" of your 
rcaidcntial district into places 
whfre conditions are anything 
hut favorable for cleanliness. 

Why not send u» your laundo 
and he safe? We h.\\e a variety 
of services— one just suited to 
your needs. All done in a 
modern laititary wty. 



Mr. BjMbeoek TtlU of 
N^riktrm Salmom Run 


TRINCK RUPERT. luly 2 4 .Mr. 
John I* Habcook, Aiwlatant ('"mmln- 
■l#aar ot KUh«rt«a for BrltlHh Cnlum- 
Mftt Mll«d for Viator la today after a 
tMr of Mrtbtra packlns planu. 

Mf. a«h««ek autad that th« a«t- 
men Sah a rtaa in thta dta{rlct ara 
much tMttar than was axpaotad and 
that th« 8kt«na aurpaaaad all elhar 

Yen Art Sur« to Likt 


Aad Baptdally the Prica 


Beautiful cabini-f « (^rk and all the 

641 Yatca 



■ 'tra Dry fi' 

I 'mN Cut Fit i ■ r -r 1 I'.iJ 

Kindling, lurd ioad. 

O. O. D. 


. 4.00 

. b.75 

»2 2 5 


Something New! 



lMat4 kr th« 


•Mail fcnlaij lMMH««r« 

In riuiiwis 

w HAT «»i R roi.irv 

< OVKnX: 

In.lrninity (n th. .\iuiari><1 far all 
I'l- c r Atmnw lo Ih* proyartr i»* 

.... .1 hv llurrlary. Thrft or LafCMy 
"'■ 'I by iinjf r'f«oi : 

III I ' im Ih' houir. bulltllnc. apart 
II. .-nl, flul '.r r...uiiH iniui.inl by 
1 h I- A .«ur f il 

Ibl Kroni ».thln h aafr <1rpo«lt box 
In a vaait In aiir Bank. Tniat •r 
flafa Oapoalt Compaay. 

(r) Vrnm \ny hnttl, b«ar<MlC-liaaM 
oi privatr rrsMencc withia t1i« 

ItrnitN of Ih* r>oiiiln(on Af Can 
ailH. In which thr A.aurrd la I'm 
piirarlly r*M(<1lnt. provld.d (.I 
rr«irt>ni-r Ihrr.ln <lora not enlmtt 
b'vnntJ thr*« months In any i>n« 
vrar of Inauranca and (bl ihr 
Conipany'a liability andrr thi. 
•rrilon la r*atrtrt.d to an amount 
ni.t nr.rillna l»n p»r r»nl (\0'/„) 
ttl Ihr total atnount <'t Inauranrn 
carrl*4 «nj«r th« Pollay. 

.^rllr|p■ •p.rlflrally lBaur«d, tl.OO 
P'r tl.SSt 

ipply to 

C. S. Marchant 

Aci'nt fur r>i»mlnlon tJroahHm *iuar- 
antr« and Caaualty Company 

> II 




rwlira Fi«l (k, M. 


A. It Orabaai 

Bi M. 9rwB 

liAUAN mki m 


An»orlcan Miliudp on >\ar I>rt>t!i 
AaoanU to a M*Year 1-nnaaclal 
War VpoB Ifiarepe. It Saya 

ROMK. July X4.— Omtlnulnff Ha 
nttsfk r>n (he t'nited Blataa. th« ax* 

trrm* l-'ufci.t p^tp^r, II Tovere. today 
derlarpn thnt th^ Arii»rlcnt» attitudo 
on tho war df-M.^ nuA.s(U>n Hrnnuntn to 
I flniiri' ial » .ir upon Kurope. "If 
Kuropp can realat for Hlxty-two years" 
(the l^nuth of tha debt payments) 
'*»he will have won. 8he will annarBa 
exhausted, but whole," tha paper aaya. 

On tha other hand, if Europe can- 
not hold out, tha dehtor nationa will 
ba forced to axohaav* their colonial 
poaoaarioaa far the debt obligatlon«. 

"Thus." It contlnuaa. "the arent 
war b«sun in 1914 will finiah finally 
with tha United States tha netor over 
both the winners and the loaem. 

■ Then peace — an American peace — 
will iriBii over tho world Hut therf 
t« one Ihlnn to ba remembrred Out- 
ride of Rurope in the world ther<' In 
Aala — and In Aala there Is Japan." 

Brooklyn Teacher 

CUmb9 Mmmi Leah 

JASPER. Alta . .July :< — To a 
Brooklyn achool f -i' her MIm Roaalle 
a. Caubart. Fulton Street, 'Brooklyn, 
fkiki tha honor of bela# tha flrat 
woman to aaeaad tha peak of Mount 
i^h. one of tha mountalna In th* 
ranre whieh horder the ahurM of 
.Mallrne Lake. In.the h^art of .Jajiper 
.National i'ark All>^rla Nine riiontha 
of th<» y^nr .Ml«« K ("Mijh^rl in 
tirade I in Si hod \i. 1 T :. trarhinf 
the liiddiea of Brooklyn their alphabet. 
The other three m Oh tha aha apaada in 
tha Canadian Rocktaa aad. with three 
or fowr aaaapUona, haa tmvalod ia«r« 
miles en horaahack la the mountalaa 
than any knOwn wMta wnman ftha 
haa won the 600 mil* button of the 
trail rlifern of thr ("anadian Rorklea. 
»n,-| ban wexerHl bun<1re»l mile* to- 
ward* h»r Ihowaand-mlle button. 

whirb >h« haw ta wl* halara the 
year la ovar. 

King of Spain Honored With D.C.L. Degree 

<; Alphoaao of Spain wn.i rormtly honored With the j nu ni'-- he took tp.i with thr p" ^'ident at Ma^dalea Cal- 

:»Krce bf 1).(M>. by Oxford rniver«it>. The royal Ir^. j HRib!y reRardnJ as great a distinction as the degree. 
Kueat wa»» cnlhuhi.istitally recelvoH, and .iftrr tin- rrrr- KiriK AI|)hiinMj is Walking with \ i«< iiunl Cive. 



VHIOKIX ». \KI»I ..M<ni.S' .\S*»OCl- 

( hicsffn ViaUata Declare That Vie* 
turu qiailoM and DahUaa 

A < rowd ' a t taur or n\» hundred 
people was prenent la^t evening at the 
Crystal Oarden \« h< n the cupn Ktven 
In connection with the annual Kiun- 
rnor exhibit of tha Cottaca Uardm- 
rrn' Aaaoclatloa wata prsaanted to the 
winnera by Bfra. A. O. Prlee, wifa of 
the vice-prealdaat. Thaaa cupa ware 

a.s followa: 

Hinnif *• Taylor Cup for Ix-fit 
group display of potted planla. won 
)>y Mr. A. Maokay. 

Gardeners' Aaaoclatloa Cup for boat 
group dtaplay of cut flowera with cut 
follaso, won by Mrs*. .1. A. Hibberaon. 

Hr. A. (5. Price t'lip for the best 
( ollei lion f)f sweet peas, won tiy .Mr. 
W. .1. iOdwards. former preiildrnl of 
the society. 

Klrft prlxa ailver challense cup, 
donated by lira. J. Nairn (13«& Rock- 
land Avenue), for beat collection of 
vcaetablea entered by any boy or girl 
under I< yeara ot age, woa by W. 

I'. II. Urown Cup, uwanlod to Mr. 
J. A. Hibberaon f(^>r I'est dlaplay of 
inaVVa and blue cut flo\sera. 

Kpedal l*rlaa 
nn the table oontalnlng tha achool 

< hiidrfn'M exhibit of vegetablea there 

appealed yeaterday afternoon a prise 
card f)n the collrctlon shown l.y A. 
Clbaon, whoa'' display attracted tha 
attention of two "itdnjIrerM' who 
donated the special award for 
"originality." The ixhlbit, whU h <i>n- 
talned a log cabin built of rhubarb 
Ntalka and ahlngled with bay leavea. 
was surrounded by a plckat fence 
made of string beana, and In a garden 
rimmed with hollyhocks and with 
arrivel walks marked by shelled peaa, 
thrrc u a.s h i hubarb-hedsred kitchen 
garden with ni".*! of the principal 
vegetables thcr ■ i 

Two Thousand Vialtora 
Kully a thouaand vtoltora paaaed 
through I he doors yesterday, bringing 
Ihr total altrndanrc for the two days. 
rx( lusivf of I hlldr'M! and free ailnil<i 
Nions. up to i'\<T two thouHand 
Atiiong the viii'.rM vfstrrdnv wtp 
two Chicago men who called mi th'' 
president afterwards to express their 
delighted amaxement at the signin- 

< .inca ol the gladioli and dahlia dla- 
play. "not equalled." they aald. "by 
anything we have aeen In the recent 
Chicago #xhiblts." A visitor the previ- 
oij.s day with the Northwest Nuraery- 

111 en wAn Mr St^rK. originator Ot thO 
f.inioUH ■ I »elicloii.i ' apple. 

The McTavlah trade dtsplsy of 
gladioli attracted a great amount of 
attention, not only on account of the 
magnltlrent bleoma ahown h«t alao 
owing to the very artlatle ai'range- 
ment. The rarest variety exhibited 
by this Arm, which boasts over two 
hundred %arieiles of Ihl.s be.iiillful 
flower, is the ■ (;<iMen I>ream ' a pHle 
lemon-colored Rhidloli orlglnaleii> 
two yoars ngo !■>%• (IiofT nf I'ntarlo, 
and sho*n het< f.T iln i'r.-i tinn The 
bulb sella at the prcaent lime for the 
price of $11. After thia In point of 
rarity la tha "Oaraldlaa Karrar." 
Oladioll and aweet paaa aaemad gen- 
erally to be conceded aa the features 
this year of the exhibit. 

Visitors yeaterdny also showed a 
special Interest in the very fine dis- 
pliiy of roses arranged by Mr. Maln- 
wrirli' iie;iii gardenes at the Parlia- 

ment . \ - li*. 

Hlnc». iio t'libiicii I Ion yesterday of 
the priJie list, spei prizes have been 
awarded to Mr. R. M. Palmar, of 
Cobble Hill, aad Mr. A. Maekar. far 
gladioli dlaplay. 

Cuticura Heals 

Large Red Pimples 

On Face and Arm 

*'My t' ■ -^x a ' f » ' 

and l^ft . " --.^ , i 

that ltcb«d a n i t)Ui nr ' ..ia i{f : .<■ 

toaeratch. Scratching > ..^ - i 
tloni. and my doahlng ! ' 

brealttng out oa my ■>'" ■■ 

I bad to keep mf ana bandacad. 
The trouble laalad thiaa 

Soap aad OI» 
me. and alkar aalaf thfaa aahaa of 

t^utteaira Soap aad two boae< < f 
Caticvra Olntmant I waa eao\pl««e 
iy bcaW s gtiad) Mlaa Maeiha 
F Ramr Ave.. 

Uaa CutiCUia Soap. . imO" ■ • 

to proOBOt* and rnam-.m 

fan and skin 

The W. r. Klchol Cup for highebi 
aggreg.iie of points obtained at the 
show was swarded to Mr. A. Mackay, 

with Mr^ K. \V. Darcus sut riinn<r-ijp 
.Mr. .Mackay s entry In the cxhlhUioii 
is of a type uhich the committee are 
particularly anxious to encourage, he 
being an enthusiastic amateur. 

Nearly four hitndred eshlMtora an- 
tered dlapliyo. 

Ml. W . S. Hn kini/i 
Was Long lictiidciu 

In This Province 

The funeral of Mr. William B. Reck- 
with. who died on Friday, will take 
place tomorrow from tha MeCall FSi- 
neral Kama to the Ftrat Baptlat 
Church, and from there to Royal Oak 
Burial Park. 

Horn on March JO IS)! in KlnRrs 
County. Nova Scotia Mr Hei kwlth 
>\ as the eldest >if a liirce family of 
sons, and after leaving H«'boul went to 
Halifax, where be aecured a bualneoo 
training.* At the age of twenty-flve 
be went to San Fraaelaeo aa4 was 
there for about a year. Then he 
Joined a party of youaf mea from the 
Maritime Proviacea who had decided 
to try their fortune in the newly-dis- 
covered C.isslnr sold fleld.-t 

Mr. Berkwith. however, abandoned 
the enterprise in Victoria, and after 
a brief reaidence went to Yale, then 
at the peak of Ita railway conatTuc- 
tlon activity, aa tha baaa of the An- 
drew Ondardonk railway eantract. In 
(he four yeara he remained at Tale, 
until the completion of the Canadian 
Pailtic Hnllway. he was t)rouphi in 
touch with a number of leading per- 
sonalities In the Interior. 

For the laat twenty yeara Mr. Beck- 
with haa haaa'.aagaged In tha eivu 
m»nfh»% hafa In taa Laada pepartaaent. 
AlMut oavan waaha gaa ha waa taken 
111. but until reeaatly tha ead waa not 


Members of his family are the 
widow, two daughters at home, the 
.Mis'ies Winifred and Margery, and 
Mrs. J. i:. Myers, who la a married 
daughter realding In Vaneourar. and 
two aona. I.«ula. In Seattle, and Reg- 
inald N.. in I.<oa Angelea. The broth- 
ers are Mr. John I.. Beckwith, of ihl.s 
city, two brothers in Oregon, and two 
brothara In Nova Bcotla. 

tilb RtUURSAL HtLi) 


Crowd at WllioM.s Arena Pffvparca 
WUli toUtaalaam for Hpadaai. 

Na. bo; I 
Now, once 


MAK.sil.M.I, There passed away 
iin h riday evening. In thia city. Miaa 
Mary Charlotte Marahall, aged aeventv 
yeara. Deeeaaad waa bam In Londoti. 
Rngland. and had bean a realdent of 
this city for the Inst nine years. 
latel.\ re».ldlng on Mount Tolmie Ilnad 
She lenven three sisters Miss L.iurs 
Mnrehall. ,MI'«s I'lofence Mnrshall and 
Miaa Edith R. .Marahall. all In the 
cltjr. The body la repoatng at Ha.\ - 
ward'a B.C. Funeral Chapel, where 
aenrlce wll be held on Tueaday after- 
noon .It two o'l lock Th'- Rev. K. M. 
Fatt will officiate, and interment will 
ha made at Ross Ray Cemetery. 

"Now, everybody. Jearl 
said 'Jeer,' not 'oheer.' 


After ."cv < Imr-ls of hearty i heer 
In;,- the crowd realized that that w.ik 
A • ii ihe ,-t«Re tn.inager wanted 
■trier all, and the next roar waa all 
that could be desired aa aa axpraaalda 
of hatred and derision. 

Thl« Is only one little instance of 

the rllfflcultlcs of .1 ^tage ni.inager in 
proiiucing so \ Hsf a .-ipectacle its the "Ivanhoe," which will be 
presented this week on Wedneaday. 
Thursday. Kriday and Haturday atghta, 
with a caat of more than tOO. 

The flrat rehearaal with the full 
cast was held l;iflt night In the Arena 
at the Willow.-* Tlie big hulldini: 
e< hoed witti inij^«ii-. \(dce.<*. and Inler- 
iiilttent instructions and critlcisirui on 
the part of .Major Taylar, the drama- 
tlaer and atage manager, and the 

It was a good-natured crowd and 
every member of It seemed to be en- 
tering Into the spirit of |be undertak- 
ing, from the grest nobles to the small 
children, and spirited horses, and 
several dogs. Even though attired In 
the clothea of lltl, the people had 
aulte a romantic and medieval looi< 
about them, Inaplred no doubt by the 
olden day speech of the prlncipala. 

If Mr. Bob Webb as Sweyn. the 
village bully, I.h as funny In costume 
as be was in mufti night, the 
audience will be given iM'-n(\ lo l.iiit;h 
at. The arrogance of hTlnce John, 
the dignity of Ivanhoe, the carefree 
bravery of Robin Hood. th« beauty of 
Rowena and the court ladlaa, aad the 
general atmoaphera of faatl^y aad 
adveatare. ramarkabia aa it hi la the 
rehearsals, will be vaatly helghiened 
on the nighta of the performances by 
J the won leiful liictiling effect.*, slace 
propcrtle..! and authentic costumes that 
are In preparation. 



New Rrldgr lo l<lnk liOWCr < art boo 
Knad With Northern UmI— Will • 
Be lit FbM kt 

ROBflON — Faneral aervlca for the 
late Mrs. Jane Bllaa Roteon was 

held yesterday afternoon at 2:30 at 
Mayvv i (I s V, (' r-.ineriil t'hapel liy 
the Re\ I--. H, Idii There wa#i a 
large af tendance of sympathising 
friends, and many baauliCul floral 
dealgaa covered the eaaket and 
hearae. The hymna aung were "Nearer. 
My Ood. to Thee" and "Abide WUh 
•Me • The following acted ;m p.«ll- 
beareri. .Messrs, J. tirant. .T Rosa. F. 
Rarger, W. Patterson .1 l.o^an and 
W. RoberU. The body waa laid to 
reat at Roaa Bay Cemetery. 

Intiltsuli I'liriir 

/ C'' Inn I 'ltd I, ■. / y 

^Subject of MeeUng 

KEATINa. July 24.— The directors 
of the South Saunlch Farmera' and 
Women's Institutes held a dlre< tors' 
meeting In Temperance Hall on 
rtiiirs.l.iv evening when much busi 
neas was discussed and plana made 
for the aaaual Institute picnic. The 
bwalneoa done will b« annottaeed at 
the regular meeting oa Auguat 19. 
when tha odBoera of tha Junior laaU- 
tuta will have charge of the meeting. 

Tha papUa In the entrance claaa of 
Keating School are to be congratulate 
ed on their successful pasHlng of the 
1<»28 entrance examinations The 
'•■a"' ■" Parherr\ was »ii< c,.ns- 

fiJl III i,.Hnifig the entire class. The 
marks were. Adrian Rutler. St7; 
Claude Butler, 141: Sadie Pattt 
117: Law r aaea Batlar. lid. 

Mr. C W. White, af the .Depart- 
ment of Agrlealtur* In Victoria, and 
.Mr R I^ayrltc, Vlctorl% nurseryman, 
and Mr Millar, who Is attending the 
convention of ih» Ci 1<- Coast Aaao- 
' iatlon of Nurserymen, were vlattara 
in the diatrlet ea FHday. 

Miaa nalo Riehardaatt haa returned 
hoMM aflar irteKlas har alatar aad 
Ht^her-la-law at MltMara. T.I, fpr 
sorefal waeka. 

"ST>all t rail on > ou naw ?" aald 
tha fi<lr»tv toastn'>as(er to the die- 
tinguiahed gueet wbo aat at hki right 

or shall I lot thai 
a IMUa iMarr* 

QUE3SirRT« B.C.. July J4.— Th# 
longest wooden *pan in tlrlttah < 
liimbia, the old bridge acfoaa the 
Quesnel Rhrr. Unking the lower sec- 
tion of cariboo highway with the 
northern end. is to be replaced by a 
new Btnicture at an early date at a 
coat of |79.a99, according to announce- 
ment made (.\ Hon Dr Su'herland. 

Tbf new bridge will .-pan tho river 
about 600 yards aho\e the 
Railway bridge, which croaaea tha 
vtream a short distance above Ita Oon* 
fluence with the Fraaer, and will b« 
built about feet upatream from 
the old one. 

The spans in the new atrueture will 
also be of wood, but ptaoM Ptt aolid 
concrete plera^ 

It will be KM feat in Itlitth. 

Maifer 7 uuior Wantn 

Imjferial Conference 

VANCOUVER, July 24 —If It Is de- 
elded at the meeting in Ix>ndon this 
year that fiinire Imperial i onferenc»'s 
f.hall be hei.l ,ri different parts of the 
»:mplre ( an; ila ss senior Dominion 
should have the first claim. It Is stated 
In a communication from Premier J. 
<: Coates. of New Zealand, to Mayor 
I., n, Taylor. 

The New SBaalaad Pf«me Miniater. 
In hia reply to a tetter from the mayor 
aaking that New Zealand'a delegatea 
to the conference support his request 
that the 1 »:« meeting l>e held in \ 1 1, 
couver or Victoria, states thst he be- 
lieves the plan of different Kmpire 

meeting placca would be very advaa- 


««CMm IniMiluiii'* 

Tha Fatal 

EXT- or * 

firit VaKiahle ,'--e;,«'-v - ... 
as tka Market f'^r t he past ei|h' .. iit'v 

and haa BO emial for etfaettma %im 

N-e»miting. paf|0ag SBI dMMS dl 

cholera infantum. 

Vut up^oaij hy Tka T* MAflR Ofek« 

Exclusive Knitted 

* a 



Imported From 

l i t Ia>t word in smart, cxrlu- 
M\c ^tylcs and superb tjualilv. 
These ar«, in fact, gtrmcnts 
!r ■11 tlip same sourrc .t.s th<>.'>r 
.■^il<M.ll 111 the best ahupb ut 
New York and other American 
" it I'tit lic( an>c i»f tlip Icnv cr 
Laiiailiiin duty un itritisli 
woolen goods wc are able to 
•eU at very much lower pricei. 

Knitts4 Suits f 15.00 

vawa^^a* •••a****** ••••«■>••••••• aMa^^^K^^fllB^) 

Knitted Coata .....*. J« in 7 .-, 

to oo 

Sweaters f8.00 to !« I 7 
8canr«s....._fa.50 to #7.50 


Yates Strsst 

^ Preserving Sundries 

P»nt.> and miart.i. Per doien 
91.55 and 9130 



Victory JAra— Wide mealh style pints and quarts 

92.00 and 91. T5 

Preacrvmg KctU 

Caaaioff Hacks.-. 

Enamel or aluminum. ^^^^^ 

Drake Hardware .Co., Ltd. 

1418 Douglas Street PIlOtM 1645 




Your Piiiuiii 





Let Us Attend to Them 

Good Service and Beat Materials, at fUasociablc Prie« 
Blank Books and RhImI Pormt Made to Order 
Loo8e-L>eaf Sheets and Bindtrs in Stock 

Commcrtial Departments 
1211 Broad Street Phoos 197 








ymmit Off . 


/ r.C. WINfLOW 


The Famous *'Daw S«n" Chutney Ha» Juit ' 
Arrived, Assorted Flavors 

Monday ^ OUC I $1.25. Monday --#l»vlP 

Many Shoppers Here Take 
Advantage of Dollar Day 

Other Specials for Monday 

Wsstsm Com l^lsk— . pkU- iO^ 1 Rcysl Cfowp Soap, pkt '^Hi- 

I iu' Alnuj^htx DolUi Comes Into Its Own and a\c- 
COmpU&fc^CS. Much in the V\ a \ <)l Bargaias—Shop- 
* ' pcrs Crowd C:it\ Streets 

ni, 1 

LiUM Jtlly P«Wd«% 4 |.' Van Camp's Pork and Bea 

for ^ 2r»o '.•;:>:!ar 1 tWl f-r \\t 

ISCU LofcHlTi, tmstl tm_ ._a&# i WelUngton Knife Foluh, rcguUr 
* "T I • * 25c tin !wi l&C 

Flvt ItaiM Ftour, 314.11. - ^ " TT" 

(or »1.30 PaL.fK, r> mail l.M^ 28^ 

Jaeger Sardines, ''"k- ' Voruf 
j(ian. regular 14*. lui 


Kn^lish Malt VinafSr. rrp' 

' 75c 



Warm Weather Supplies 




I»ollar D«y hM com* to b« a r«»l 
r«a-ieit«r d«y In th» shap^latf annrnto 
•r til* flttjr a»4 rMUHUy'B rro^^<l» 
bor<- t»a(lmonr of the importance of 
tbiit periodical taKUutton. for (rom 
•arly la tha aMniUMr vntll tiM «latfa# 

<pf i>li'i|i (loom hijndr^fl«i of ahapptra 
\v nit lo iinM fro in in f.if^cr quMt Of 

rt-markiiblo aavertlHamen • » in ihe 
Preaii a»<l, tha lamptlns ofT' r« n- 
played la all Uw "hop wlndowa. U\r 
anKloua puioKlbtr kB«w )uat whare 
to And the bargat| for arhScto iM ar sk* 
wa« looklnf. 

JUnoyt ji I 1 ! ran extf it c u s 

throuahoul the <lu> , ihu* enabllnc out- 
of-town reatdanu to take advantaae 
of the Mitraardlanrr etopplnc fnclll- 

\i from whal was offtreJ at the 
atiual dollar, ili^rc were general re- 
ductlona on nearly every line of atock 
which tbA atoref JianAlft. ^lothlers. mil- 
liners, hardware eMp*. ^ruc atorea, 
^faraitar* dnatir*. fMeral merdhanu 
aad othore. * * 

Th*" Murchants and publl'- alike 
voted Dollar Day a triumphant hui- 
ceaa, and caierlnf houses did an 
unuayally y^olUfble buslneaa in Hup- 

plyins me«l» to i^" augmented Influ* 
aC al iastira. 

nariralna la HnaUMT Good* 

1, »in i iite usual to hear groups 
of li'i?^ v!i .i.pT- ■ n.inrlni: notrs on 
their \ariout m • '■>?••■»• their pui 
-ehaaca and bargain.- 'It"- unuMi.iiiy 
tae VMAher waa an lndu< emrnt lo the 
a—ral P«M1« ta ahop. summer 
^lathea and matorlaiB. caniptaa »>iP 
Pllea. and footfatuAi of all Wnda being 
Krf.jtiy m .irmand. Other merchan- 
h f a^ I perennial utility, sold 

H' r.- !u. --.1 prii .-« wa« ^iap9—^ •* 
r^nwkfkatjle »pte<l. 

Lea* hefnra t Velaek thero « ere- 
long o'^euaa of eaergMlo aad hhpefui 
•hoi)p. rs atandlaa lmpatleBttr'a»t»»** 
many ■ f etorafc and a'auaatlty af 

cfTtain .iiu K-tlve material tn on* ihop 

waa I I 'in [iifi »'i \ iii«|n)s»*'i of at three 
n.inut-s p.iM r..n. Ttu- < ii<-rgy with 

wtu.M, th" ^t.' l.T.. I- .n-ni.Ml with 

monaier ahopplng bagf. att i. K. i the 
aUlls and countera upon \n i i '''y 
found the ehjeet of their seaf ch waa 

Nobody could doaht the aaekeea of 
yesterday's Dollar Da#. which Kaa wen 
an ImporUnt plaoe Im tbe jMlBBal Ula- 

tory of the cUy. - ^ 


Th* World** OrMtsst Pianiitf 
EatluMtf for tlM . 


Wkkh It SmbodMd in the Great 


En^ latul 


» m UlNUUN 

It PabMoaMon hy Charles Her- 
bert CompaoUy Telle StMV.of 

W'lniilngton lai 


Jft Auhiialiun I'laim 

UONUON. 'nlv -■« What Is re- 
garded as a aerloUB blow to Austra- 
lian Immltratlon ♦.chem.o according 
te the Sydney correepomlpnt of The 
Dally Mall, la the action of lion I 
T l-anic. Labor Premier of New South 
>v.»i. H in withdrawing the Oovern- 
meni aubalSy to the mm Settlere* 


I»r«»mlrr I-anir Hai* perslalPntly rO- 
fuaed to partliipate In the Imperial 
migration wheme. The Malfe a«rr» 
ependent contlnuea. 

Withdrawal of the subsidy from 
the Settlers' Lead:ue la coneldered a 
aerlous matter because the co-oper- 
atlen of New South Wales, the 
weMtthlent part of the Cemmaa- 
wealth. In e<«a*nllal to the eaeceae of 
any migration acheme 

FfWcr Enplnrul 

in UavU Cup Hound 

('(»1U I{<; I ranie, lulv I* Franco 
got off lo M flylnv: !«lart today In the 
final round >'( iho DaviM Cup rom- 
l»«tltioa for the Buropean eons, eap- 
lurlng the flrat twe ainclea roatchee 
from cirrat nritain. Hean Coehet. 
the French ntur. defeated J. C. Oreg- 
,,ry. "f KnjtlapM. In the finrt sln(fl'»« 
mat.h. 7-:>. I « 7-!». 7-r., «-0. Rene 
!,i»coi«ie. another I'l < ri ■ h in ,i defeated 
O. <1. N Turnhiill I •> ' < 

In tomorrow - d">uM«'" <;rfnor> irtd 
Charles S. Klns^ley. uf KnglanU. will 
face Jean Boreira and Jaeaiiee 
Sraffnen. ^ 

GetArtd NobiU WIU 

Muk€ S9 Stmimeni 

WRW ToUK. July J4. ^enerei 
XJVnberfo NoMle. dralgner and rsptain 

©f the folar .itrplfine, Nofgr, aalled 
for hoi'i'' tr.dii\ dei lining tn make 
an} fiirthT wtalrment iipnn th"" rrtn- 
troveriiv helwoeii liini«elf and Mr 
Lincoln Kllaworth regardlni; the navl- 
pitlon of the alrahlp. 

Alcohol Poisons Mine 

HAMILTON. On! . July ; I. — rive 
pemnns were arrested today in con- 
nection with a ste«dtly Inereaalns Het 
of deal ha by palean lUiaer. and within 

A fc\\ hour* one rtf Ihe pro«lnen« h'ni- 
Meir -hrd nf Mirnh.iMc patpeniat. Hie 

dr-nth t<rnticlil (h<- total durlPg th4 
laat fen dn>" to nine. 

Mr. Sf imrt Hi nd< i sdh 
And i , uii-a-Sout Lvare 
For Northern Wilds 

VA^OLVKIl. July 2 4 Mr 
steart Henderaon, K.C.. prominent 
lawyer. Will shortly leave Haselton on 
n •60-mllc trip Into the northern 
hinterland He will \>r accompanied. 
It la r<'i>ort''d, t«y (Jtin n-Noot. Mr. 
HenderMon defemied (;iin-a-Nuiit <>n 
June !*. ltd*, when he faced trlul for 
the murder of two trappers near 
Haaeltea. The aborlctne was acquitted, 
and since that time he has sousht te 

repay hN roiin?<ol 

Mr llrndemon wjll t.»ki> a train of 
ten p it k horKea Into the Interior. He 
has declined to dlscloae hl.« deatlna- 
tloa. He has alee been entruated. it 
le elated, with the teak of aetilinc 
differences which have arisen among 
ths northern trihen during past years. 

J hree Men Killed 

In Attempted Escape 

LANSINCi. Kas).. July 25 — Krnesl 
Hardwirk. allaa ,"toung Dale Jones." 
an inmate of the state penitentiary at 
lansing. and Rebert Edwarde. a fel 

tow prIaAner. paid with {heir lives to- 
nlKht In an Attempt at eacape. 

They were jihot down Uy a Riinid 
Previously, the prisoners stabbed Cap- 
tain K B. MaSatt. a veteran prlaen 

oxford North, ont.- W. J Taylor. 
Liberal - rrogres»iyr. 

New Weatmlnster— W. a. .Mcguar- 
rle, rengenratlve. 

Aaslnlbela, iMk.— Jaeeph Hill, Con- 

negtaa^Hoa. C. A. DtinaUig. Lib- 

Meeee Jaw-^. derden Reae. Lib- 

Helton. Oa<.— Dr. R. K. Andereon. 

Nerth Parts; Oat. — Dairld M. 
Wright. Ceneervatlve. 

At a local flower show a rather 
styiiahly dreesed yonlh aceeeted a 
\ery preposdeaMitS looking yonng 

"Hsven t T seen yotir face l-efore 
•<onie\« he^e ■"■ he a.*hed her 

' I 'h. prohiMv." snawered Ih* 
ael. Th;; . nhere I generally wear 
It, «;ood dayl" 

In view of the aproaching visit to 
victoria of the Rt Rev Arthur Ko'.ey 
Winnlngton-Ingrani in connection 
with the corner-stone laying of the 
new cathedral, special Interest at- 
taches to the publication recently of 
Charlea Herbert's book entitled. 
•Twcnty-Klve Yeurrf as Blehop of 
London" (Wella. C.ardner. D.irton * 
Co., Ltd., London, and Messre. Uor- 
don it Ootch, Canada. IXd.. Toronto 
and Montreal). 

The original Idea behind the pub- 
lii'iillon of "Twenty-l-'lve Ycara n« 
Hl«hoi) '<( London" w:i« the fH< t that 
the twenty fifth annlvernarv ..f iho 
.onsecrallon of "Dr. Wlnnlngion In- 
gram as Blehop of the London See 
wae such all eaeeptlenal ocoaalon its 
to merit some unofficial retord and 
tribute. The iJlahop of London has 
alwaya been i poptilur figure among 
Canudlani* r-ipecu lU iierhips. among 
those Cunadlana who nerveil with the 
forces overseas during the wnr. and 

who came lato teuch with him at the 

At the prewent inomenl the t-perlal 
a|)peal of auch ii liook lira, of i<>uree. 
in the -timulus of interest arlalnK out 
of Dr. Wlnnlngton Ingram's ap- 
proaching vlalt to Canada. A malUtude 
of inviutlons to apeak ahd preach on 
vartouA occasions and In many places 
has puured iipim lilni at Kulham 
Palace tver Mn'-e the a iiniiunrement 
waa made that he " .t'* i > make thl-i 
tour, and there la a nutural (urionity 
and anxiety te learn aomething more 
about t-.le peraonellty and work. With- 
out b«*ng either eahaustlve or elab- 
orate, chi.rles Herbert has accom- 
pii«heii ihia purpoae well, giving Just 
.1 II I ,1 iimate tdUohcH about the 
111. Ill liiith before and after taklnjc 
Holy Orders to give the reader a 
little feeung that he le something 
more than a mythical figure within a 
van eccleslnatlcsl orjranlmnfl in 

"Bpac", beauty, and cIcKance were 
the aetllnga of the bishop's boy- 
hood." cnc Is told. He was ons of a 
family of ten, was sent to Marl- 
borough Slid was greatly Influenced 
hy It. and thence proceeded to Keble 
CulleU' Mxtiiiil Where hiK work waa 
not d Iki I n(;u l.xheil \>y any outntunding 
proficiency In erholarnhlp or ath- 
letics, although he entered readily 
Into all sport." He had "the reflec- 
tive type of mind," and there gradu- 
ally ewakened In him a reeentment 
Kgnlnat the pettiness of the quarrel 
between High Church and Low 
Churi'h while Kn^land" niaaaen were 
"fighting and atruggling for their 
daily bread." This charscterlstic of 
aympathy for and with the poor has 
marked the wbete of hie church work, 
nnd hsa accounted for much of hla 
marveinu* Influence over the ina.saes. 


radal DteSgwraaMMir Bifthmarks. 
iifliea. iuperfluous Hair removed by 

elect rolyala. Method unlveraally en- 
dorsed by medical profeasloa; 17 
years' pranical experience. MlM 
Haaaian. SJ winch Uuiidlng. 

Kcatbc* - l-arW- Bod) A !«peclal 
meeUng of the \ .ciorla -Haanlch 
Beaches and Parks Committee will 
be held at the City Hall toworrow 
afteraoas at i;45 o'clock. 

Wlaa Coateat Frtie — Mr .Tames A.. 
r.lhson. of 2»45 Quadra .Street, has 
won a priae in the "What s Wrong 
With Thia Picture" contest, conducted 
by The Popular Science IfoatSly. 

gpecUl MceUng lo Be Held Ward- 
one and Two of the Victoria Liberal 
Association' will hold a >"lnt apecial 
buaineee meeting on Tuesday evening 
at headauarters. Oovemment and 
Broughton fltreeta. All members are 
jMiked to attend thls meeting, which 
will commence at 8 o'clock snarp. 

BECAUS) ihey rcaUze that by this ingtrument alone can their complete 
and ino.i parftct pwfotmtiies bs rtcocded for tmjx ,.^"',1 ^ 
Art moc^itt tC it Pl^rtd sad ivpcodiMW fshhfuUy sU that was 

Supped v^th the enjoymant d bdai f^^^J^ 

b, tibe great msgterT thew is «M sddM distbccioa,< owniag s Stsinway, 
tbt world's Iki^t pisno. \ 




FUKiutK fiffi m 


Merchant, of City Donate <.cncr«>ualy 
■Mwam flalaftaat foe CHppled 

Gyro Lamdieoa— The usual <;yro 
Club luncheen on Mondays will not 
take placs tomorrow, but will be held 
on Wedneaday next. July It. at I 
p in . at the (•hamber of Commerce, 

when the menihers of the NsW Wcot' 
minster ciuh will hold a lolni gather- 
ing. With the local clubmen. 

Plcturr* on View — in the wladotea 
of The Colonial* business office may 
be aeen picture, taken from Tho 
Orkney Herald aupplement of the 
unveiling of the Kitchener Memorial 
at Orkney. Maay eeenee of the im- 
preeelve ceremony in which tribute 
was pall Earl Kiteyner aad the 
offloera and men orHMM. Hamp- 
■hire are ahawn. 

MrtJill Kxam. Re e al t a T he reaulta 

of the Mcdiii matriculation entranta 

lii^i re< eived by University School in- 

, lude- the following Victoria candi- 
dates '.vlth clear paaeea; Art A .1' 
Hartley, A. D. Oor.lon and M i.' 

Bturgls: science. K. Uleima, U. H. 
cotton and D. T. MeLaugblia. 

Comluii 1-lJUul lour -The Earie- 
Roberta Canard Comiiany. en the 
occasion of Us \ ancouvei- l.slnnd tour, 
will appear twice at .Nnnalmo thia 
week, and once at Parksvllle and 
Qualleum Beech. A full pragramme 
ha a been arranged for neat week. 
The company was very well recdveS 
at Jamee laland. 

Forest Flrea Inoraaaa— With the 
total of forest Area in Brltl.«h Colum- 
bia at 1,2«S, whicjj la an Increase on 
loft year a fires for the aamc period, 
condltlona In the Interior of the 
Province are I'tlU men i iok. although 
heavy showers north of victoria and 
Viaeauver have eemewhat lessened 
the haiard on the coaet. Up to this 
timk iBSt year a total of 1.S9T flres 
xv.i.- reported. Thlx year ahowa an 
ini reu-^e <>< llfty-elghi flrei. 

.Ispaaeae FbMtf— Uotosukl Baba. a 
Japaneee, tree fined the sum of Itftd. 
or aix months In defaalt of payment 
of flne. hy Msglstrste Jay In the Pro- 
vincial police court under the Inland 
Revenue A< t. fOr being In po s session 
at (;ang»s Harbor. wltho\ii n licence. 
; of part^i of H atin for the manufac- 
ture of aplrlia. The nne waa paid 
Mr. I.lndley Crease K I' repr'-'^enied 
the I'ustoma Department. hO'I Mr 

William T. Btraith Appeared (or the 

lag Tear "Mp te thi 

Old 'ceentrjr. ceaavu the OaaadUa 
Pacir< ageata tor aS AtlMMlt mmm- 


Srtier Buiirr .Made — Salt 
ipriat MaaS Creemery: fresh from 
the eSara. Mew preeurabie at all re- 

T>r. W. H. Mrlntytv*. Thyslclan and 

Huegeon. .'.0* ' ^- ' ' Perm.ment I>oan 
Building I'hone. ciflice 1915. Ht». 

Astonishing Ke^ulU in Ktuniinatuiii 

This Penetrating Liquid Destroys Pain 

8o aatlsfact) I V » ' •■ 'e i..iiis fi..m thIa non.ierful exirrnal treatment 
that every one t>other«.| mth RheumatUBi will be Intereated A chemist 
hasplly discovered tha' eitaln oila. herbe and eaaenoes had unusual power 
aver pala. These pata -subduing substaneea he scieauflcally combined ander 
the name of NRRVlLtNR. This wonderful llaald Is so peaelraUng that R 
•inkii qulekly ihraaflfe tfeo porea of the ekia. aad rapid ty reaches the aouree 
of the pain. Relaf dttfekty. abaoTbed into the tiaaues. an aatenlshlng improve- 
■tent Is ususlly noticed a few momeau efter Nervillaa le aas M ed. 

Here miociea limber up. creaky Joints berofM* springy again, painful 
twins" M an. I aching musclea t»ecome a thing • i-.-i. For Neuralgl*. 
f«taiiea. Lumbago. Mtff Neck. Rtralae. Sprain^ .-^n.i .'^\\r||tna# it wovitd he 
dUneaR la tassrova mgm IUIIlVU4inik Odi a large U-ee«t botce 
dayv iA^YX.) 

Bolvetfenr. flonkr Hsrhor Hotel ars 
holding their second Hummer diaaer 
dsnce. Saturdey. Augaet 7. lalS'a 

Mliv Mary Wnnl4lrt4se anae«nce« 

the opening "f the tea rnom tn a few 

In Ve Tud-<r Hou-e "H Korf Street. 

Tonr Tickets with ths Cans- 
dUn Faclflc. agents (or aU AtlbaUe 
steamehip Hnea. 

frar^ IIS ** Mil , 
rarw FSaa»»«». 

The "Beehive- 
Bngltsh woel<'n 

f ooda. 

aeeka aad 



PSaaa titt. 

There waa a yeung fellow aamed laale 
Who went for a drive In bla LUtte. 
Mis view of a train 
Was hidden by rain 
Alaa tor peer laale, where le hel 

Pipe Band "Itetreai" — The pip* 
hand of Ihr i«ih Mattallon waa well 
received aI t^e roneert Siven Thiira- 
d.iy evening. The lnai 'fteireat' wlM 
he given on Thursday evening i»e«f 
when special numbers will be ren- 
dered for the orcaslon. "The High- 
land l<addie" will be rendered hy 
special requeet. thia appearing to he 
one of the most favored of the reper» 

Irtire cf p e, e^ given hv the pipera. 
Thurl»'1.^^ »\ening. being the ia.«i ap- 
pearari' e nf the pipera for the season, 
the band will turn out in review 

Guests at Harbor House 

(iueatN regit-ierrd .u Itirbor House: 
Mrs. l> K W|ia'*n with eon \lc. 
torla. Mra. R II Pt. ivui \iinrou 
ver, Mrs r> Bertram Loe Angelea, 
Mr. <*. S. Kennedy. Cucheon Co»e. 
MIsees Maude and rioreaee Campbell. 
Vancouver: Mlaaee • Ofive and 
pail-rer Wallers. Vaneeuver; Mr. 
and Mra Arthur Blake. Vancouver: 
Mfa Marjory Lyne. Vaacoovor. Mtsa 
Norsh Humphrs" \ jneouver; Mr « 
Haggart. Vancouver .Mra. Bayer. 
Vancouver; Mr. H. M. Round, Van- 
couver: Mlaa p. Saund^ra, New Weet- 
ninater: Mrs. J. Saaadeia aad Mias 
D. Baondera. Misa M. Daekhlll. Mist 
V Bower, New Westminster; Mr. and 
Mra Reattle and family. Vaaeoaver. 
Mrs King and chiM \ letorla; Mrs. 
Btory snd child. Vancf-uver Vr« P 
RMng. Vancouver: Mr*. A i 
Sold and Peter. Vteteria; Mr. A H. 
nalKleish. Vane>aaeer; Mra. rarqahar. 
Nsncniiver. Mrs. F M Walter and 
RaU Walter. LesS— , llMUnd. 

The liet of prlace offered la coa- 

ne-i .,n mill th.- mOvle conteat, being 
conducted in aid of the Crippled 
Children's Kolarlum fund, has «>een 
cooHldcrably added to nlnce the an- 
nouncement was made -.f the flrat 
prise, via., the alx-cyllndcr. l"^-' 
IJIUghlln-BuIck coupe, now belnl? 

ahown at the McLaughlin showroom.n 
on Yateo Street. ^ , 

Miaa Oola DunamuIr ia in charge of 
the contest, with Major Selden Hum- 
phrev« as secretary. The eoateat. 
which will close on August II. eon- 
alsta of the naming in order or 
popularity of the f^rst ten of twenty- 
five ti;m ftsra. A leading movie 
promotera Judgment will fix the or- 
der of the stara for judging purpoeea 
Balleta. which mnv be «e. ured iit 
several of the lf*dtnK 'tore-, na well 
aa at The Colonist and The "nmes. 
c ontain a complete liet of the twenty- 
flve movie si«n» from Which voters 
must select their flrSt lea. 

Kollowin« are the Other pngM 
Which have been generously donaMd 
by eome of the leading merchaals of 
ths citv: 

David .'Spencer. Limited acrip^ 
• W H Wtlkeraon lad\ s golf 
wrtet watch; Macey-Al.ell. Llmlied. 
acrlp. Itl: Mitchell & Duncuti Hcrip 
125 W. * 3. Wilson, acrlp 1- • 
M carmlchael. scrip. MO; Klei« r 
.Mu.:> Ktore. scrip. owl l)rux 

Store French Ivory toilet set; Wll- 
llsm Caihcart. scrip. 115: Kent s 
Mualc Hiorc, Mcrlp. H" Msdsme 
Watta. acrip. $1^, Hr..wn a Victoria 
\uracrles. acrip. H". Angu^ c.,,v;> 
bell. Limited. UdV- handbag mi...:, 
be exchanged); ciiy Hve \v.,rka, or 
dtr, 110; Hawkln-. & Hayward. acrip 
110 LItchneld's, Limited, scrip H ' 
K. A. Morris, pipe <»n»y /^l' 
changed): Peden ^ ' 

Oeorge Stralth. acrlp. IIO; Steven 
•one. Limited, Sve-pouBd baa ehoco 
latea. . . ^ 

Swttuttvl Cruise 

over fioo «lks snd their friends 

thoroughly enjoyed the B.P.O.R. 
moonlight cniiae to Roche Harbor 

and return la-.! M.i-'hl The Olympl." 

left the city on the expedition at 
eight p.m.. and returned with ita 
pasaengers promptly at 12 J* * »« 
Community singing was enlhualaatle- 
ally induiiced in during the evening, 
while daniing to the ntrslnff ef e«- 
oellenl iPUalc pi..Mded by I'rofeaaor 
Charlee Hunt a ayncopnting entertain 
era proved eaceptlonally l opuiar with 
thoae who took part. The event waa 
In everv reepoct an anquallfled euc- 
leaa and the Victoria Lodge No. i. 
B P O.K.. received the oongratala- 
tiona of their patrons apen Ita eaeel- 


in the recent June ^xammatiAna 
for r.radee t and 10. which were held 
in Ksqulmalt High Seheel. the fel- 

loxtmg ptipl'" were HUcceaafUt 

i.rade ? Marg>tret Wllllsma. Vio- 
let Painter, VVllli-im C«mp>»ell Itnn 
nid Warder Doroiljv Mycroft. (.eorg- 
Knlght, Altiert Lv.m.o. (Iw^n Crigt 
(ML Clifford htephena < .«» • Mlai 
Wright. JP»n Langd'^n Maraaret 
Wataon (S), AMaa lUle <Sl Henry 
Rarracteugh <8). Mary Wlk <B>. 
Msrv riegg <S>. 

<jr*de Bernice Chapman, ner. 
enee Kiaton IMt WUHng. Dorothy 
Wilt^ma. Ilatdl Falrail <B). Ken- 
neth Thorn peon tS), JaMlOe AaddTSOn 
(H Peerl Nlcholeon. 

The •UCe«Wflll puplla are given <n 
order of merit. The letter H" pla- ed 
after a name denote* that the anrti 
date hae heea granted one or mor- 
aappleaieotst eaaminationa The«e 
«tn be hdlS la Kagaimait High 
RelMPt. Hdai Street, at the beginning 
of September <Sept. i aad Sept. t) 

Take Oar Heebal Bssasdg 

Bock f*!"" I>la»aae«. Ktw Tr»aii»- 

^ l ii: ■ I* » v II. Hrin 

■«)«> 1 , . . -aO. 

• Bd Uinaaaa •t M«a. lluok.ei on r» 

mala ula MS odviee free hr man 
TsiriT reaJr esperlsaee. Wiifcout 

criij i'<nc or dlaparaflBC y»ur lo«»l 
401'"'" u» bffcr* I'.aint hop* 

Traalinaal »/ niali . ur •i.».:l»Uy_ 
ftt»m$ gsr* iMft. roDsuiiaiioa Pre*. 
Heses! t to « I I dkilr- 

R»turdiri in>) Sunil»x» CleaaC- 

Ent: Hcrlial DisprnsatTr. Ltdj 

I t.\9 l>i»»l». X«nr...i.rr It I 

surr SALBi 

Right in Your Own 


The Oldest Deasestic 
lUciri« ptefrigeratioa 

i 1 " I, J ' ■ . ' ' - ' ■ 

Then yott have Mttonistic re- 

frijferation that demands no 
attrntiun, requires no replen- 
ishing and operates year after 
ithout efort or esre on 

yuur part. 

Call at 0«r 

Sslttroom for 

HmkUm ft IUrMr4 

y.]f ■ • '•r*iee atere 

1121 Uougla* bticct. Comer View 
Phones 643—2627 

a \i\ our 



14-I4 (•,..vrr-.-Tirt f St:e, • P^vine '■ >*'•' 

THE mii^ 

Premier Duplex 

Hat AiHvdd 

It I- eft«y to operttr, dors it« work 
thoroughly and m>u ran purcha<.e 
one tin vrrv ea«>y term* Only $5 0»( 
cash payment required, balance in 
monthly thsulfflcnta. 

MAurphy Bectrle Co. 

130 722 YaMs 



reatala* Blaeli l 
U*a4, Kar»m»m*- Whli 

..hci. on Snap «•• aia* makas 
I. 11 It makse ss asUeesi 
■ .. m«k>> t« fthaai af aaesr. 


In JVsMfHita Swtmp 

WIMNIPEO. July t4.->A dUH do- 
Kcrthed by the pnltee aa being of 
record size having triple reSner* and 
being opera'ed hy « aleam boiler waa 
seised h> a detachment of floysl 
Canadian Mounted Police provlnHal 
Pf,l4«c Afid Inland revenue odlrers yes- 

It was hidden deep In the gwamp 
thai ttdg alaag th« Mh* sf the Cma- 



SlI Deaflas Street Phone iiil 

(Hdw CtymA Otr4«s) 
Sca4 L's s I.itt of Your Pipe snd 
Fitting* for Eelimalc 

dlaa Matloaal ItalHrair lartr nrtlea eest 
of Wlnnii»««. Tha eUtt esse hi fall 
n»eraiion whan the p^lee paid their 
viatt The Mimurs included seve«»y-fw« 
harrela o' mash snd ? *>0 gallon* r,f 
• pints Two men « ere taken Into 
custody snd appearlnj thia 

mornlfig ea a chargs of violating the 
lalaaS Bavaaut AA wira 


AiiciriMrsitSt pidii 536 


A drive to Sncre.. ' m' •'r»hip 
by JOO oiembert » ' ' " " •'!« 
pistrict flapervieor lor s ' ^ - • ' e 
lecrnanr ar any member oi the 


Diatrkt iaaervlaor. 
2124 CMifciri ft. PhoM llffl. 






n l<> (»rt«n I»lMMI by ¥9rr) j 

U Api>re«lp<«4 fey SMMli 

• ■ 1 ri t '1,1 1 
."^ , 1 . 1 r 1 • 1 1 

V\ •■I... 1, 
|.. .iTir 

.lllll. ;, ..f 

WiiM h< lil 

KBATINO. July ?4 rt 
Joint plrnlc of thi S< ,jt' 
FBrmrm' In«titut(> .ui.i ih. 
InxUtutr, whi' h ti l.-, , i.r.i. 

of th»» »)ijl«taniliiit; I. 
ihf rtlKtrli I for Ih. ^iniirii»T 
tfxiay It tof)k Ih* form ot an •aiu 
Hif.n ir. orc aa iMtaad hy tlir>''fe' > 
< iiv or Angclea. 

.\iin«mbMnir at the T a mpf » «e» Hull 
b«for« •ight o'clock in tiM fMr«»oon 
tiM pnrty loft ImU mi %mr later i>> 
forry (or tholr dootinattoa. A boun 
tJfiil tuneh was partaken of on ar 
rival, after w)ilch the younger Jir« tlon 
Ct the party rnnaced In a tennln tour 
■ament which had b'*n urrans<-<l 
About twrnty-flve took part Iti ill'- 

The winnrrjt In the tournamenl wf'- 
Mr. QeorKft S«)mervllle and Mlu I.n 
Man Btyan, who defeated Mr. Nor 
man Tanner and Mlae .Vfargaret 
MIrheli In the iteml-nnals and In 
turn defeated Mr. Kric Bailey and 
Mtaa Nolllo 8tyan la tho flnala. 

A iirovrammo of ebUdron'o raren 
waa otafod followlac the tennla, whii" 
othora enjoyed awimmlnv and aUll 
otheru employed their time with a 
tramp about the dlatrict. Tbo winners 
in the cMldroa'a moat wora m (el- 


<Jlrlf<, ripUt .irirl undOf — 1. Helen 

I'olon, L'. ItPlly YiPiiriK. 

M<>\ s. Mix itnd uniler 1, M ii ni plir<\- 
Vounjj anil l-Jwan ICowntree iirxl 
Jill t ry Klyan. 

tilrlii, twelve and Under — 1, Vera 
Handy and Viola Hamilton. 

After a plonic tea the tombola 
drawlas took plaoe, much amueein«nt 
tfing oauaad by tho Infllotlon upon 
tha wlBBora of the penalty of havlnt 
to wash the diahee. A danoa at the 
Orcaa Recreation Half wae held later, 
taking up the time until Heven 
o'clock, when the ferry arrived. Tho 
•lanrlnir was <onilniiPil on the v«\M«fl 
to th<» miinir provided l.v the Orlho- 
plumK Krari)i>p)v>np uhi> h Mr. CoUIM 
liroufht for (>!<• piirpoae. 

A delib'hifii trip by moonlight 
added to the pli-aaure of the day. 
"tJreat credit wa« fftven Jfr, W. I>. 
Mlchell, who waa In ^arga of tho ar> 
rangementa. A prtso Is balng efToroA 
(or the beet eoaay upon the subject. 
"My Tr^p to Orea* and My Advon- 
turea There." All who attended the 
picnic are qualified to enter the con- 



Ball of tlw CaadMatca for the 
Piovtaop Aw AlMNMir tai 

111 Ihi' n 1 1 Ml i na 1 1 onM for Ih'" ■ "rr 
FVdrral rifitlon. the < 'onMerv al u <v< 
havr manlfpfitrd a HlmnK d Ixpostt Ion 
aa far an H.<'. Ih i-onrerned tn B»»t their 
nominees In tho f^.id well ahead of 
their opponenta. Hal( o( tha con- 
atltuenclsa In the provlneo have ni 
roMjr CoMsrvatlvos choaen.. 

In tha LIbaral eolaifirt thire have 
baan no eandidatas namod. Mr. a. w. 
Nain, In romos-AlbomI, enters the 
con tout under the alMiMeatkMl of In- 

I depe nd r n t , 

^ Ih' t'oseervatlve opponent of Ifr. 
N' lII Mr I) It Mardonald, who waa 
noniiniiti'd a little time ago, Is re- 
garded aa a very strong candidate 

^Whllo Mr. MaedaMM has navcr been 
a candidate far attkor the Legislature 
or tha DomtallofI 1I*um. he has been 
In public life (or man^ years. He is 
a native o( Weatville, Nova flcotta. 

He came to British Columbia and 
the Comos dlstMet thlrfy-flve yeara 
ago, and haa been In the employ of 
the late Mr. Dtiasmuir and the Cana- 
dian Collieries lor thlrty-ihrrp vearK 

In order to eontent ihf rilling of 
ComoZ-Albern I h<' rfHi::ni'd \un poai 
tlon aa auperiniendoni ot the \\>l- 
Ilnifton Hallway. Mr. Mm donald was 
foi nine yearn prealdent of the Comoz 
t'onaervatlve Aaaorlallon: he, is tha 
president of Assembly No. S of the 
Xttatlvt Bana of C4na4a; ha haa baan 
mayor of Cumberland repeatedly: he 
la prMldent of the Cumberland Roard 
of Trade; he waa prealdent nf a patri- 
OtiO Fund unit In t'anad.i 'luring the 


'\ ukon ( andtdatr 
I'or the Yukon It IB announced that 
Mr. K. T. Cpngdon, who haa boon a 
fre4u«pt aandld»te In tha Marth In the 
Ubtral Intereata. will again contect 
the Mat. He will leave for the North 
to eater upon tha light, 

Fifteen Deaths From 
MoonMme WkUky Are 
IUp$rtt4 in the EM 

TfJUONTO I„ly H UUIIani .Mny- 
bee die. I afternoon In 8t. 

l^ichael'M Hoapltal from alcoholic 
P9i»onin«. He had been arrested In 
donn«otloa with the distribution of 
bad liquor, ronaumptlon of whirh had 
laken rljrht liveH durlnr th" putt 
three (la\« In the diHtrl. t iK-ivK-r-n St 
Catharines and Toront'>. 

WlNNIfEO, July 2 4. -Three deatha 
have occurred here (roan aleohollo 
pdlaoning during the past two daya. 
Lhie last night William riinn waa 
taken to the honpital « h< rf he ex- 
pired ahoMly after lielnr; admitted 
John Spen< e w found <lead on !\ 
vacant lot. .Medical examination In- 
dicated that he had heen a victim of 
alcahollo |K>taonlng. J. j. Knright 
dlod iflsr ha-Ang baan struck with 
Mindneaa. Dr. Chmeron. rrovlnrial 
< oroner, statee that he has not fln- 
lahed hiM inveativailens In eonnectton 
MTlth these fatallilea. 

BUFFAt.O. N V .July 2«. -Kour 
persoas who died here within the last 
twenty-four hoofa were viotlnts «( 
i*bad aioahal polaMiIng in the opinion 

of Medical Kxamlner namer rnaeph 
Ru'harnkl. proprietor <>f < m.ff .irint. 
place In tielnir held hy the police for 
nuoM(i,.nin«: He la nald to b« III from 
drlnl. Ing poinnnoua liquor. 

A rottpte of eastara vMiIng a p«c- 
tare gallery cansa ta a painting en- 
tltlstf "Hawkina In the Olden Oaya," 
and Mood iraaing at it with irreni In 

'• 'Awklna In the Olden Mav.. «.-,m 
onr \\>ll fhey didn't arf .|.. n in 
mtyif '"r«e»>afk an" all Hut what 
are they 'MWklna?" 

•meat If I know - respandad 
other, "unleaa they're tryla* t# 
thsir Moomln' parrata" 


•I Ul;si^ j|»i vfto^i uka a 


Mhe "Then Nt.tnd a 

ehance of D^lnK accepted." 

For Qukk and Courteoui Service, Phom 1070 

Privau Ezchanfa CoancctiQg All Oc^VtnwsU 

Good Reading 

For Vacation Days 

W hate \ rr kimi ot h - - \ . . 1 1'>\ 
iii<-)>t. you'll linfl 

thrives of Oltf IcndKMf it^t^ti- bub- 
.scription rstee. 2c a 4ay; 50c. • 
month. .>||esa«sla« riser, U.U.C 



Jbn joyabie Meals 

.\rc served in oar ststnuraat »t«^ll 

hours during the day- Coma in 

t'lm >rr<>v\ and ti \ oui spec iai SOc 
luncheon. It > one of the best 
values in tkc store. 

— 4lb ri*or. H B C 

Indian-Made Goods 

at Half Price 

Indiati Hasketi in various sizesi, suitable for 

vvirk haskcts, cantiics, etc.; sliowii with or 
without lids. Newipftper Holders ^nd 
Pocket Flask Holders. .Mso Ba«rtrrt* 

W hisk llolfler.s and Photo I'lani' 

Itark uiul sweet grass. Reg;ular i^i.uu i<> 

.$.S 00. .Special to f2.S0 

Novelty Jewelry Clearing at 

Reduced Prices 

All aiiortntrnt of jewelry. (r,Msi^tmg of hriliuiit har 
pin», hat ornaments set i>r.iils and linllMnis. in 

various novelty shapes, l-.arrings in colors, jet and 
pearl, also a variety of novcltjr bracelets. Regular 

to $1.00. Special _..4e# 

Novelty Brooches, includtng maple leaf souvenir pins, 
brilliant studded bar pins, butterfly brooches and silt 

bar pins. Regular SOc. Special 19t 

—Mala near. U.B.C. 

"Old Bleach" Colored 
Linen Luncheon ^ets 

Guar-Tnte»H Pure Linen, Fast Color, Fadeless and 
Unshnnkable; Shown in Combination Colors 
of Natural and Reaeda. HtUo and Natural, 

Sky and Natural. Rose and Natural, 

Saxe and Natural, Orange and Black; 
NMt HenittitclMd Borders 

Cloths, 45 by 45; Napkins. \3yi by to 

Price, per set _.. .f 7.95 

C loths, 54 by 54; Napkins, liyi by I3yi. Pric^ ^er 

Novelty Crepe Luncheon Cloths 
Shown ill 1'wo Sizes With Napkins to MatrVi 

Si*e 54 by .14. F'rice^ _. *^.50 

Siic 60 by 60. Price — f S.Sft 

Napkins to match. Price, per dozen-... 9t,n 

Why the Greater 
Hoover*^ it is greJ^tcr 
in efficiency than a'ny 
other electric carpet 
^weeper ever invented 
It leaves no duubt 
to it.s superiority over 
all other modem 
cleaning devices. 

Review in your mind 
what you've always 
liopetl. some day, to 
hmi in the cleaner you will cventuallv own. Then, 
see this new triumph o( the nvorld s oldest and 
Iarg>ctt maker, and you, too, will admit that 

It iFar Bxcatds Your Anticipations 

\ (n\ can safely expect ).^ioat tliiiii^s of this new 
1 loover, lor the ability to do j;reat thiiij;.s has been 
built into it. It introduces for the first time 
"prisitrve agitation, " a new hut \ rrv necessary 
principle in succes.sfiil carpet sweeping. 

Sold on Easy Terms, Complete With Modern 

Camp Furniture 

At Cloamig Prices 

W hy put up with iin.oii\eni€nce and di.>>comlort 
when at such a small cost you can buy comfort- 
able beds, chair.s. etc ? I t t m you go away, be 
sure to vi.sit our iMirnitiirc J )rpartmcnt and take 
advantage of these special bargain!*. 
Foldkiff Camp Cots ' Camp Cot and Mattraw 

S t r o II ii hardiAood Complete 

Our Better-Grade 
Novelty Coats 

Clearing at Half Price 
and Less 

Tft effect a complete clearance ot" our I iijjli-GraiiC Coat.s bctorc slocklakinjj 
we are offering ihcm on Monday at half and sortie at even less than half 
rcfjfular prices. You are sure to find a coat here in your sire and one that will 
c \ on a ^^rcat deal of pleasure to wear. Do not delay. Come early Mon- 

Iramcs, metal l)racrd 
joints anrf hravy' duck 
tops, folds into very 
small space when not 
in use. Values to 
$8.25. Sale M.M 

Foldiac Camp Chairs 

.Ml hardwood con^ 
.structioii. witli striped 
l.ln^<<^ >-rat and hack. 
Kcgular $5.25. Sale 
Price #4^ 

Camp Stools 

With hardwood 
frames and brown 
duck scats. Sale Price, 
each $l.0# 

Steel Frame Caosp Cots 

With all frit mattress 
to fit. Sale Price, 

\\ »M)il Iranie « it e cot 
with foldiiiK lc;:> Ao'l 
all-felt iuattrc&)> to ht. 
Sale Price .fT.W 

Camp Chairs 

.Ml hardwood con- 
struction, with brown 
duck seats. Sale Price, 
each - f l.4» 

Hardwood Poreh 

W illi rush seat 
ular $4.25. Sa 

c:rll .•*-:.:».> 

Hardwood Camp Tables 
With 24-iiKh hy 36- 
inch top, folds flat 
when not in use. Rtg- 
ular $6.25. Sale Price. 


o-Mh rtMT. ii.a.c. 

Clearance of Haiiiiiioc4(8^aii4- 

1 ia illi iiock Couches 

day and make your selection. 

1 Alpine Green Charmeen Cape-Coat, size 3B.....^.^.^ 

1 Black Charmeen Coat, size 44 

I Reindeer Poiret Coat, size 38 

1 Coblin Blue Ottoman Coat, size 38 

1 FtKhsia Rep Coat, size 38 

1 Navy Rep Coat, size 18 ...... ............... 

2 Black Satin C<iats, sizes 42 and 44 — 

2 White Flannel Coats, size 36 — 

1 Hhir Cliartneen Coat, size 16 

1 Mlack Charmeen (.' size 44 

1 I'lirhsia t harniccii Coat, s\/c lo 

1 r.hic Charmeen C oat, ."^izc 16 

I Dluc Tweed Coat, size 36 

Reg. Price 

Reduced to 


















IS. 75 

35 00 









now. M.».c. 

Scrviccabre Hammocks 

Complete with stretching cords. Special Trice. 
< .1 li .».._„......-.„._«........ .03«Ttt 

Swing Hammock Couch 

Complete with head rest. SpeetaL......«M.....91S«TS 

Rctd Upholstered Swine Couch 

Regular $51.00. SpeciaT fSS.OO 

Uphelaterod Hammock Coach 

Complete with canopy and head rest. Regular 

$59.00. Special .„ f4i.OO 

— Ir4 flMT, H.a.C. 


Split Bamboo Porch Shades, 
Coinplete With Cord and 

4 ft. X 6 ft. Special, f 1.75 9 ft. x 8 ft. Special. $4.05 

6 ft X 8 ft. Special, f^ , g SpecitI 

7 ft. X 8 ft Special. *3.T^ ^, ^ fS.OS 

8 ft. X 8 ft. Special, M-BO — ir« rio. r. h n.c. 


ii.B.L. l^urity Groceries 

Paradixe l^lan^^ Biand L n.^wrrtened Pineapple ji«ice. 

per tin ...A J.fc..i. <>8ft<^ 

Pure Whole Pickling Spice, per lb 30<* 

Pure Ciround Turmeric, V4-lb. package 19^ 

Crosse k Blackwell's Pure Malt Vinegar, impmai 

•gallon 1 «0# 

Crosse & Blackwell's Pure Vihitt Distilled Vinegar, 
imperial gallon 

Coatainers for Vinegar SOc Bach. WWch Will Ba 
Rtfundcd en Itetnm 

Kerr l".coiiom> Jar Topv. pet dozen ....40^ 

Krrr \Vi<!r .Vloutli Mason l.ids, per dofCn ^4^ 

Kcrr Rcsiilitr Mason Lid*, per doten „80^ 

Para wax. Pure Refined Paraffinc. per package 1S# 

Nabob Diiuble I.ipprd Rubber Rin(i5, Dominion Rub 
ber King& and Perfect Seal I'ruit Jar Rings, doz.. 10# 

—fwr aula flMr, R.|l,a 

Wash Fabiici> Keenly PikcJ 

38 Inch Plain and Novalty Tobrake, 


An Kical fabric; gives per- 
fect satisfaction in wear and 
laiiii'lrv ; .^8-inch. 
^•ar,l ■ /v7C 

3&-Inch English Broadclotha, 79c 

Cillr(ti"ii include'; plaiH and 
.<triped ctiect.s in all new ' 
combinations: 38-inch. j {jk 
Yard J> wC 

32-Inch Andaraon Plaid Zaphjm, 
39c Yard 

A superfine (|uaiity in 
choice of smart plaid 
color combinations 
wanted plain colors ; 
32-inch. Yard 


a splendid 



36 Inch Art Silk NoTtlty Plaida. 

79c Yard 

An English novelty uca\c, in 
choice color combinations for 
street or liotisr wear. Tli 
i.s very exceptional 
value; 36-inch. Yard. 

36-Inch Dimity. 29c 

Tlii.s is a superior qnalitN . <lc|)eii<l- 
able in wear, and 'waslics s.iti-fac- 
torilv , in all wanted of^ _ 
shades; 36-inch. Yard.-.dfi^C 

36-Inch Rayon SUk Noralty Stiipaa, 

79c Yard 

See lhe>r cliarnnng new mate- 
rials for stceet. sport and holiday 

irxrWs; .kvincli. 

N ard /«7C 

—Mate riMT, N.B.C. 

Foi Ali-Ruund Sau&iacLioii 
Buy an Imperial Range 

'I'he absolute reliability of our " Imperial" Range is one of the main reasons of 

it> rv rr inrreasinj; popularity. Huilt from the hiphp--t ;,'ra'lr materials by men 
ot skill and experience, it gives perfect satisfactuvi and baking and heating, 
with a minimum u»e of fuel. 

10% Caah Plaeaa an Imperial in Your Homa; Balanca 

in Nine M9nthly Payments 
The plain back " Inrperiar" Range, as illustrated, with 
16-inch oven. {•^ fitted with white enamrl oven door, 
complete uitli tlirrincmrtrr. heavy nick 1 tnin 

mings, and cnilxnl) m;; ;ill modern ttR^i f^f\ 

improvcnieiUs. I'rice %POw«w\/ 

Or $5.90 Down, Balance Monthly 

\\ ith IR-mch oven, plain back M4.(K> 

\\ Ith l»>-inrh oven, tile bark WO.OO 

\N Ith 18-inch oven, tile hack f 7 I .OO 

With 20-inck oven, tik kack — 

Waterfronts. 96.0# Extra 

Gaa Attachmanta for Imparial Kanfes 

Two large burner*, nickel-plated manifoM atid 
dust tray; fa.«tens on end of range. Price, 

osly .^......^..i mw n tm 99*7ft 


Cantilever Shoes Are 

Stylish and So 


Hundreds of fashir^nablc women 
make Cantilever Shoes the first 
item to br ^elected. They have 
experienced the joy of foot com- 
fort without sacrificing the one 
tiling SO dear to every woman- 

The strap pumps illustrated are 
as stylish as an> woman could de- 
sire. They arc vh-r- that add 
spring to your step and make your 
feet feel wonderfully free and ac- 
tne They are fashioned to fit 
the foot and please the eye. 


,'\I1 Cant^le^er Shoes are made 
with flexible arches an«l trimly 
rounded toes. Natural lines and 
snug fitting heels. You will en- 
io\ them for their comfort as well 
as their attractive styles. 

Women's ('antilerer Oxfords • ' " ' " 
KkI an 1 Patent Strap* ■ "<> 

Tan Kid and Satin Pnmp^ f Ki.oo 
Men's Cantilever Oxfords... 
Men's Cantilever Boots 


''Lady Mac ' Girdles and 

The "Lady Mac " Debutante 

A dainty, simple, yet practical garment embodying the 
very spirit of yoMth. Made from attractive batiste with 
elastic section at sides. Three sets of hose supporters. 
Site JO to 36 only. Price — 

*LMy Mac" Slender Form 

An attractive conibination cannent, made from .<itri[)rfl 
COUtil, witb panrU of siirf^ical elastic webbing, lantiK 
adjustment over hips. Sizes iZ to 4(». Price 9#.9ft 

'Lady Mac " Girdles 

Spenallv Miitable for tlie slender lypr Silk tirfu hr with 
14 mill panrl, oi ilasiir v*p|)l)ing; fastens with rla.sps, 
hook and eye adjustment below. Three sets of hose 
supporters. Sixes 27 to JL Prke .^J. 

"Lady Mac" Chiap-On Oir«es ' " — 

Made with sri tion, of klntlr-l rlaslH . » oiiiliiiicfl vsilll 
lovely silk broche. Cut low in back, graditig to a trifle 
higher in front. Sizes 26 to 37. Price. ^„„.^^9t9,B^ 

"Ladjr Mac" CeaAtaatioas 

To look slender is not a matter of weight— merely one of correct proportions To 
attain those correct proportions you can do no better than wear 'I.a'iy Mac" Com- 
binations. They are made with attractive silk swami top». faMeniiig at left •ide 
front girdle of firm broche, with wide paneU of hand knit iiilk webbing <> ovrr 

the bead— off at the feet. Waist sixc». M to 38. .Price L .•la.AO 

—tmt riMT. 

Rayon Silk "Thrcc-in- 
One' Uarinenu, :^:>J5 

C'funbiniii:; I' atid Strp-Iii, 
with hose supporterH attached to 
step-ins. Dainty garments, in fle«h. 
j>rn( b aiul f>r* hit|. Viw (iirr vtnart 
garment is a Lace-Trnnmcd Bras- 
siere attached to hloomer: also 

'•liown in pearl), flesh and "riht'l 

Reasonably priced at #5.75 

riMr. a.B.c. 

Rayon Silk Slips, $3.50 

Serviceable garments, opera top style, 
smart accordion pleated flounce. ShaHes 

nf peach. ».rfhirl alcazar, snnsrt o 
white and l>lack. Price fS.ftO 

' \\^r\rv Make' in »plf/if|iH f|ualiiy rayon 
*ilk: opera lop and shadowprocd uliirt. 
Shown in white, orchid, sunset, ptak. ocach 
aad hkck. Price..... ilt.Tt 


Spun Silk, $1.98 Yard 

.N Silk of exceptional weanttg r|ualities lor«. bl..u»e«. •«lips. shirts, 
tfnderwear atuf other purposes. Made from all-silk double thread yarns and 
shown in all panted colors. 35-incff. v««-«< f i.M 


SLWDAV, lULV 25. 1926 

Social Events 

V. Qatea. •''> nivmpian 
Wla honteM on Tti ir «<l,iv »>\eriiii>; « i 

•1 hfu i-\\r,w>-r In h^nor . ' \1 i - 

\\ltlTi.r ( irr.ri: ,.f | ; r c n I u i JU>. il 

II 1? I. . ;. < The roums were 
tiu^efully decorittetl with crimson 
fMMtoll And nrpMphiU. Coort whtot 
waa »iay«d darti^ tb« awrlr pert ot 
tM •vfffiln*. tiM wtoa«r e€ ftrst prtM 
b«li« MiKH Alma Hill, while the 
be^by prize. Ill th<» form of a large 
tin of Duti->> CU-.mH' I ' >ntalntnK 
vnrlouB Wit' hen uieu.-i - >. 11 pr^-t*- 
entfd ir. M:-(s ParMll. .\f''-' rht- list 
(ift had been op«B«d MiM Alma lllU, 
on.b«half of th* aUM 9t thm Dcpart- 
ma|g»o( A«rittd|ttf«, u r m mf *, the 
bri|l(«l«M *i#Mi • 'hlihiMfiM atlvcr 
t«e ierrlc* aa4 tray, conveytoc the 
b«4t wiahM of her colleiinuea. Re- 
(rapb|n«nta were nerved hy Mm (Jutesj. 
aftft^ whirh KarrpOM (iri.1 irnjiilc were 
«n)i.v< : A : ' : ' . !'i.,,<c i>r<-H»-nt were: 
Mr». (i, (itttis, Mr/4. U. J Farsell. 
Mr». A. Brakes, the Misnea Winnie 
Pa^ll, Affnea Panell, Klorrie Uatea, 
PhirlUa OatM, Alma Mill* Tory Hill, 
VoNt Btekla. VIoUt BrokM, Stella 
Brtras, rtoronoo Brooka and L. Koyl. 
• • • 

I Thomaa, ISOI I..yall Str* 

\ . r- M 1 1». e I ',1 nroii.1 shower w< 

w . ! , I . . 

▲ ««ll«Mtel oTOAtef 

Tftilay at th« home of 


Mra. A 



I do 



ujork uOienifod 



>Jo Clinkers 


Onee-in-s-Lifftime Prices Prevail 
M Our Complete Stock of Shoes 



. I\ \\% \l II M ItI IIMITCO 
ioa«B«oAo >r Pimbihton Bkxk 

?ese Eczema Remedy 

M»T.' r i.aok If not aatlaricd. Quaranlaail 
to quickly r«U*v* Kcaama. Itch. Tcltar, 
Plica. rimpU^ UlcaraUd Lmi^ aa4 otbar 
Far exteraal «e* eolr. 

Oa ■ale Oady at 

^jbk AND EASY CHiji lB^ 

Phone Copas & Son 

Your GROCERY and 
Goods and 

PROVISION Orders. Nicf FtMh 

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Fresh Made Lawndale 
(. rcatiicry Kuttcr, 'fkt lb... 
' " 3 lbs. for :.. 

Maikiii'i Boat ManMladt, 

"*-lb. tin 

Nka Otaagt P afc a a Taa. 

per lb , 

Or a Ibfl. for 

Singapore Pinaappla^ 

3 Urge cans — „ 

Prtth KOMtK 

prr III 

Maple l eaf Bread 
Flour. 4».|b. .sack 
Heifu Pork, Baaaa and OC^ 
ToOMto laaca, S tiu for «i«lC 


If I n« 


91. 5B 


Good Table Vinegar, 
larK<' Ix.ttle .1 

Good Ric«» 

4 lbs. for 

Independent C 

(nothing nicer), 

per lb „ 

^alifomU Rip* OUraa, 

- rans for 

t s PremtM C— had 

I lam, per Ih. 

Swift's Pure Lard. 

.1 lbs. for 

CaUforaia Orapainrft, 
4 for _ 






F»Mh Camia. Baata. Cabbaga. Ba«M, He PiMaa M or M 

COPAS & SON, Anti-Cofflbioe Groctn 

' Camar Port afl4 Braatf Btraata 

Why an Elecbric Range 
Is Best of All 

Range— UltBsiU-HUtckei— Always Qean 

CooUilff retulta at way a th« owing to the ••«y way you 
can control the oven temptrature*. 

Low '«p«ratinff cotta. 

A complete line of up tn date modeU on display in our salca- 
roomt. all of which may be purchased on easy ttrms. 

Part and Langlay Btraata 
Talaphona 123 

Dauflaa tad Pandora tttaaia 
Tiliphiii tSlS 

M < 

8tr««t. when a | Mr 

a.M hi-M ;ri t^xw.i 
'SWnv. Nellie .),i>iif?., .1 P i'' .M r 

I t Tilt' ! »■< » p I 1' ' f 1 I I i. 1 ' I , -t A I 

.itcil wiih .-iWfi-i pf.n iiiil .-...II 
[ ■ • !. A I . \ I ,• ; 1.1 r .1 IM . 
.H<ii(>ii ihf Kueat of liDiior with ni.Aii>' 
froin a whaelbarruw decorated 
in pink and araan. Durlns tb« even 
lot Aadroy Callard cava an axhlUi 
tlon of tha Charlaalon ]Ufraa>> 
maata wara aarvad. tha tabla baii>>4 
canUrad with a miniature bride and 
Kroom. The Invited Kueata were. Mm. 
W M I'hilltpa, .Mr« ,^ Thomaa. 
.Mr-i !•■ Wn't.rH, Mrs I'., k, .M ra. V. 
Ja>n'-ft. M ^ \I' Kii n Ml Mm. V. Hal- 
tltt .wifl th.. \ti.>4»eii .\ .1.1. II. « It. Wal- 
\A.i i-. A H.'l<\ T Dlnjur.' ' Neavea, 
K. Klaton. M. Uraham, K u allace. 
J. Beckett, L Deakln, E. Ati.><-a. N. 
Amyaa, H. finKh, A. amUb. 8. Under 
wood, M. FfttrfuU, K. Olive. A. Ray 
M. Unwla. D. Haani. M. Motion, k 
Tadman, A. irra, V. Norla, C. Ora- 
hiini, V Raven, M. French, K. Yea- 
dun. M. Hamilton. M. Ralfs, M. 
I'hIllipH, Audrey Callard. I... OoborM, 
I" . I. I ' .II I i: Thomaa. 


\\. Kl*'TNi<tf Inn 

.•-i.ivihk at Uiieraide Inn, Cowichan, 
arc .Ml and Mr.<<. () H ormond, Vlc- 
torJa: .Mr. J. K DlikHon. \irtorla; 
.Mr M K I.niichrr ,i, Mr. (i. J. I.enz. 
.Mr IC H.tri • Mj and Mra. K. (J. 
Bell, Mr. and Mrw (' F Currie, all 
Of Vancouver; Dr. H I.und'll. 

lAdyamltb; Mr. R. Neal, Mr. F. W 
.spaaeer, Mr. P. C. Malbum, llr. and 
Mrs. J. B. Framan. Mr. D. Jougbln, 
Mr. B. Haualaad, all of Bpokaaa; Mr. 
\ Silverman, MUa A. Silverman, of 
•an Franclaco; Mr. C. Campbell, Mr. 
,inii Mrj<. F. Taylor, Mr. J. Charlea, 
all of .Seattle; Mr. I. J. Peake, Na- 
nalino; Mr. and Mra. reterBr>n. Aher- 
dCv.-n. W.' : Nfr <;rant Colhnrne. 
Di'rran y.r I) M Kic hard^'on. Injn- 
<-an; Mr. and Mra. W. H. McKwen, 

n<1 Mm J W 

.Mr.-, •[ A.stl.-> 

."^ W Turner, Mr and 
t ,1 « f . .r d .M r a rid M rn 
.1:1 lit 'I'u I 1)111. i 1 111 .1 T 

. inl M r.'s I! VS .ilniii. 

■•"11. .til I'f l.'ut Anselea. 
• • a 

< '4 HI III I 

I !h«> KIk II. ii,: 
; ,1 w e^ k 1 ni 1 u d » 
.Mr» A H 

'peart", .ill of Re 
\ lit I ir la . Mr an .1 

Mm K 

K .tii<-k 


< (ininx, 
.M I 1 1 

.siaj liiK at 

tilil'Sl-H . 

d 111 I li>{ ! h f 

1. Hri.wn .Mr» A H IrM'a. 

BartMira Buaoail^rMr. >. M^cbon- 
ald. Colonel aa#igra. r. B. liaaeh. C 
Baal. P. Bai«o% Mr. W. A. Wartac, 
Mr. H. B OoolbovrBa. Mr. M. B. D. 
Laorler, Mr and Mra. E. P. La Bolle. 
Mr. Ceorjrf McOartney, Mra F. B 

I''I HiiKh l'|.-h.-ll, I .iiid .Mrs 
t dU I ! !i .1 1 d .Vlis.s .MiiiKHrfi i oiilihard, 
.Mla»i l'..-tt\ < uul' h.ii d .Mi.<n \' .M 
• fUi'lh.!'.! \,in.r)u\er, Mr A .M ' 

.\lli;*l< r .Mrs .\ Tayhir .M las Kditli 
I'ar-..ll, Mi.M.M I. I,u.n«. Captain and 
.Mr^ and ,M i K Hay- 

ward, Vi.iorla; Mr. J. Uowe, Prince 
Rupert. Mr. and Mra. F. CaallBe. 
Mr.«M. Brawar. KaaalaBo: Mr. and 
Um. Ballowar, IMay Bar: Mra. Dale 
L. Pitt. Mlaa Bliaabatta Pitt. Premier. 
Mr. D. O. W. Almera, Parkavllte; Mr 
and Mm Huddell, I>arry lliildell 
Mr. and Mra. Philip Martin, tieaiilc, 


• « a 

Bkijoyablo I'nnr 

A very eii ji i_v ;i • vcrniiK' \» .i ,v 'iiirnt 
at I (if hume fif .Ml ,iri i ,M i \I< 
HI htmor of their aau«hier, Mra. K. T 
liallirr (nee Katie McVie), when the 
Kolshts and Damaa ot tha Thlatla bald 
a abowar. Many baaattfUl glfta wara 
raealvad. The nowere were nweet peas 
and Vladloli In a scheme or pink and 
white. A InifTet Hupper was nerved 
and the cveninK waa apent In dancing 
and Kamen. MrH. K T. Halller la leav- 
inir for Alaaka to Join her husband. 
The guests were: Mr. and Mra. O. 
Kelroan, Mr. and Mra. Ratd. Mr. and 
Mra. Millar, Mr. and^ Mra. Alasaadar, 
Mr. and Mra. Bealaal Mr. and Mrs. 
.Minnla. Mra. Mclntyre. Mm. A. Mc- 
.Millan. Mrs Taylor .iiid d.iit:'.!'! 
.M.irpMrri, .Mrs. Anderaori in.l daughter 
.Ak'i'-i, .M ' - Kelman. -M 1 > Anderson 
(l algary;. Mra Ulai kwood. Mrs. 
Hunter and Mlaa Molly Hunter, Mrs. 
Preaton. Mlaa KUan Taakar, Maaars. 

Anaua, J. Carmlehaal. T. MoVle, 
D. McVla. 

a a a 
Mlanalbiaaiwis shower 

On Wedneaday evenlnir, the Minnrs 
,(.im and HoIiti I'^dwardji were ho«t- 
e.^.sfd at the liittrra home 2S_'8 Inlet 
I>rlve, in honor of Mias Mary Itrown, 
.1 popular brlde-elecL The gifts 
wf ro ronrealed In a larse three tier 
wedding cake and the rooma prettily 
decorated, the color achama being 
carried out In aaauTa and plafc. Tha 
aueata Included tha Mlaaaa Maa 
Jacoba, Hjrrtia Llndqulat, Joan 
Brown, Fanny McKenzle. Pheobe 
Koote, Derean Cook, "Kiddie" White, 
.Mary Hrown. Mrs. Jim Kdwarda, 
.\lrN Co Allan. Mrs. Oeo. .Mllen. 
Mrs. K. VV. Andrews, Mra L4ndqulat 
and Mra. T. w. Kdwarda 

• • • 

8ur|»'i.>«- Party 

An enjoyable surprise party was 
held on Friday evening at the home 
af Mr. R. W. Frayne, 24f7 Femwood 
Road, tha ooeaalon bolna Mr. Frame's 
birthday. Tha avanlaa was spent in 
slnalna and dandns. The following 
were praaant: Mr. and .Mr.s iv M,,r- 
rinon, Mr. and Mrs. .VIrOlndle, Mr, 
Hid .Mrs. Gould, Mrs. itun-ns, Mr« 
MUlfr. Mrs K ^V. Krayne, .Mra. Blue. 
Miss V Hiintrr. MIns M. Eanuhaw, 
Mlaa G. Stewart, Mlas U ClbaoiW Mr. 
w. McLean, Mr. R. Dareaa. Mr. W. 
Udlar, Mr. R. SIpe, Mr. J. Patton, 
Mr. C. Dannla, Mr. R. W. Frayne and 

e • « 

Dance for Vlakor 

On FHday Mia« Olive I'ear-on en- 
tertained In honor of Mlaa Marjorle 
.Noble, of seatilr Dancing and 
gamea were enjoyed, and thoae 
present were Mlaa MarJorla Noble. 
Kdith and Mary Thaekray. 
Madeleine (Jresaon, Janet Smiirt. 
Ted Cumins. James Kemp, .iim 
Smart, Lillian Johnann, Fred 
Allen. Nell Rendall. Walter Noble. 
Ml*s t>ll\e and Mr Wni fv.uson, 
Mob .MarDonald Mrs. I. Noble, Mr. 
Marry Rates .Mrs. Paaroon and' Mr! 
!,.i wroni f (;ilh.inv 

• • « 
Moowhoan liTglon Pimie 

Men of .Mnoseheart Leffltn of the 
World will hold their annual picnic 
««i Bunday, Aufust 1, at tha Oenr<i 
Park, and all membera of tha Moose 
Fraternity are Invited, Children eape- 
elally, aa thla win he children's day. 
There will be free ire cream for the 
children, nnd hot water will be pro- 
vided. Sports Ntnrf at 1 .-^O orlo.k 
sharp nnd good prices will 1-,. givr,,. 
The Mnrvie Hand will ren.ler a mnal- 
(nl programnir during the afternoon. 

All and friends are waleome. 

• e a 

(.r>lng lo Karop«> 

On his way to Rurnpe for tha dual 
purpose of taking a vacation aad 
attending tha oonvantion of tha Inter- 
national Mataorologleal aoelaty. whioh 
win be bald 4n Vienna during Sep. 
temper, air Prederiek si u part ,,f 
Tofrtnto. aalled on beard the Mont 
royal from Quebec, nrrompanierl by 
Lady Hlupart. Blr Frederick, who will 



ronalata of fojr tranaeontlnental 
trains from Vancouver dally, aia, tj,^ 
Coaat-Kootenay Express daily. 

Tha Trana-Canada LlaUtad far Chi. 
gary. Wlanlpag, Toraato aa« Umu 
real leavaa at tltt p.ak 

The M oaat a l aaar . for Bt Paai 
Chicago, leaeea at T:48 p m 

The Imperial, for Calgary Winni- 
peg and Montreal. i««\ea at • p m 

The Toronto Kxpraaa. for Calgary 
t naalB SB aa« 9mmf, laaaas at t:aa 



pantletan (< 
polnta) and 3l< 

For further partlculara. applfr g^y 
Canadian Pacl«e Railway agent. 
Local oftlcea, Bella^llle Btre«f h .i, ' 
or City Ticket Offle*. iioi Uovarn- 


N'ot only the LARGEST, hut 
the BEST BUENINO.* tlM^ 
ail tail «a» 

Richard Hall ft Sons 

^ I Uii GovemoMat ftt. Photia Si 

lit nnay thrfe months, stated in newK 
paprr men that it w a« his Oral trip 
acroae the Atlantic (or the laat seven 

• • • 

itrlnmlng hVnm F^ngland 

Mr. U. pudlay BurWdga ayrivfi on 
FrMay at Qaabaa trans BBaland on 
bla war «• visit bla pafoalp at Vic 
torla far a few wOelrtr. Ma baa been 

sway for ihre* veara. apending the 

first eiRliiecn months In Parla anil 

l.illf-rlv h.iH hefn lli London v. llh b 1 <i 

um Skr VV uodmaa tturbldgo. Baii 
Mr r.iirii'.iU'e ' la Btfa la Vlatafia -on 


• e o 


Tb^ will bo a flannel daaoe at 

Coiwa^'MCIolC.aad CounCry 91tfb on 
Thuraday erenlng it • o'elock. Ticket. ■< 

ni;iv !>'• obtained from th.3 members 
i>f ihf I idles' committee or from tin- 
«iiift.ii\ i'/..ird ,s iinli^ r.t hki^ oe 'n 
>'iis>iK'd I'.r th< muaic. and il la ex- 
wlU bo an viaaailally 

p>-( t <.>1 I h» 1 <■>- .1 ; 1 f;, .1.1 (1 

Tubm-iilmis \ rUTiins u> Mrrt 

The Vi'tiiria hrMiii h of the Tuber- 
culous Veterans' Aai>o< lation will hold 
a apedkl general meeting m the eiub 
rooma. P. R. Bnpwn Buiidilag. to 
morrow kt 7:4K pJa. to dlaeaaa plans 
for a basket picnic to be given In the 
near Xuture by the Women's Auatliary 
of tblg brand 

• • • 
liiK-rnatlonal Brldirn Aathortty 

Mias Annie Blanche Shelby, Inter- 
nationally known authority oa aaoUon 
tiridge and one bf the radio bridge 
players, in connection With Meearo, 
Work and Whitehead. Is a K'lest of 
Mrs. Kdwin Heddle at the .'^iinini<r 
borne of her li...r>.. Mi .) .i . k ,Mc 
Tavlsh, on I:m|ii mil; Marbor. 

. • • 

t.iirnt.K al l><-\nnshlrc HooaO 

xrnitii). ;h.- recent visitors at D«v 
onshlfe Houae are Mrs. and MIse Rob 
bins and Mlaa C. Millikln, of Vapcou 
ver: ih* Mlaaaa I. aad A- Cantla. £(i 
moatan: Mlaa B. Blabarda. Vaaoou 
ver: and Mias Jaaat DavMtoaa. Mew 

a a a 

.Sketch rlab 

The members of (he Sketch Club 
of the laland Arts and ("rafts oojiety 
are a.xked to meet on Tuesrlay morn- 
ing punctually at ll o cloi k at the 
end of the li^qulmalt car line, whence 
they will be conveyed by launch t 

• • tamp. 

Reunion at \< n<lciny 

Heventy-llve Sisters of St. Ann aa 
sembled at tha Aoademy, Homboldt 
Street, eordlally laTlta the former 
punplla of their Aeademiea and 
achoola In the Province to attend the 
annual reunion on Tuesday from 3 to 
• o'alaek. 

« • * 

Kamtnka Plmlc 

Mra. Vantreight. (;ordon Head. h.T.s 
Invited the members of the Kumtuks 
Club to a picnic on Saturday after- 
noon. Membera are aakad to take the 
3 o'clock bua from tba eornar of John 
son and Donglaa Btraata. 

e e e 
iy» QaaWram Beadi 

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Skelt. accom- 
panied by Mra. 8. Kendall, left the 
city this morning for Quallcum 
Beach where they will spend the next 
two weeki, nnd on their way hack 
will make a short #tay at Chematnus. 

• e e 
Ponlami VI. si tor 

Mrs i; Murns, of Portland. Ore. 
waa the guest of Mrs. J. KIrkup on 
Friday. Mra. Burns In the great grand- 
daughter of Laura Saoord. tba Cgna 
dlan herolna of the War af lilt. 

• e e 
Here tYom lietbbrldge 

Mlse B. Ashton. of Letbbridge, and 
her frleac Mlaa B. B. Gordon, of 
Vancouver, arrived In Victoria yes- 
terday and are ataylag at Devonshire 

e e e 

Bataevalalag Vnaea a var Gncata 

Captain and Mra. B. Hartley, of 
Vancouver, who have been staying 
at Gtenshlet Inn. are now visiting 
Captain and .Mra. Boaaaaaotta, Ba- 

(lulmalt Koad. 

• * • 

(;onc lo Ponder Island 

.Mrs Hurdon and .Mrs. Grelg. who 
have been guests of their sister. Mrs. 
Hartley, at Clenahiel Inn. left on 
Friday for Mrs Orelg s home on Pen- 
der Mand. 

To Visit Daaghtrr 

Mra. W. A. Robertson and her eon 
Teddy are leaving today for the 
prairies to vtalt her son -In -law and 
daughter, I>r. and Mra. J. M. Ogllvle, 
of Humbolt, 8aak. 

* a e 
Retnmed From Nataing Homo 

Mrs. A. M. Ralph has refiirned to 

her home, lOC^ I 'oiutl.T ^ .'^l r. el iftei 

an Illness of f>ve weeka' duration at 

Mra. piace'a Nuralag Haaif. Harbinger 

A yen or 

* e e 

Hot*" I rom I'ngland 

Miss M M.Mon, of the lale of 
wight. Kngland. who is ataylng at 
Devonshire House, haa been joined by 
her niece. Mlaa Cbrlatopboraaa. of 


e a e 

BHdge HoalMa 

Mra. Jamea Lawrla waa hasteea at 
three tablaa of bridge laat avaalng in 
honor of MIm Peggy flcott, whoee 
marriage to Mr. William Haldane wtit 
take place thia weak. 

Bataraaa Worn AatBiodaa 

After Visiting frlende In Australia 

and New Zealand for the p«sf su 
months. Mr ^\•. KIngscote haa re 
turned V .me at CoWlebaa Bay 

I>eft for 1^ ««t 

* * . 

^'rr< i: <; Ftniigh xnnntmcea the 
ennHcement of her daughter. Kath- 
leen Rusaall. ta Mr. Henry Heggan. of 
.•leatila. Tba aMrrlaga will Uka place 
early la A d ga a t. 

* • • 
Rerovcm fVom FlInBaa 

Her many frlende will b« pleaaed 
to hear that Mra. WilUam McManue 
haa recovered from bar attack of ton 
ailitia and haa loft M. Jaaapb*a Hoa for her boaia. 

0 a a 

Mim Niaa Walker, danfbtar af Mr. 

and Mrs. U. Walker, THvenshlra 
Road, has sureeaafully pasaed In the 
8iate Rn.ird of Examiaatioa la aaattla 

for registered nurwe, 

• • * 
Hrtame d Fmm Portland 

Mra Ilsnnermsn ;ind her daughter. 
Mra. E. B. Campbell, have returned 
ta their heme on C.ranlte Htreet after 
spending a week In Portland, Ore. 

e • • 
Retanied From TrmOoum 

Mlm D. CrysUI haa rotnmod to the 
JuMlaa HoaplUl aflor apaadlng her 
hoHdafs WMb bar paraata. Mr. and 

Mm. H. Cryaial. Paatlctaa. m€. 
e e e 

Mra. M. Faabaa, 

Is vMHlig M 

of Bugaae, Ore 
from Vaaeoavar aaa 
ibsaar at 


e • e 

RMaenod From JTaaper Fark 

Mr and Mrs Irring Dwfnnell, 
Ttoslyn Ttoad h,*ve re'urne/1 from a 
holiday apent at Setan LAke and 



Final Disposal of 

Better Coats 





Big Reductions on tlie Balance 
of Summer Suits 



Holiday In Okanagan 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hurley left yes- 
terday afternoon for Nancouver en 
route to the < ikanagan, where they 

will aaead a holiday. 

• • • 
Leavlag for Now York 

Mr. and Mrs. .John Totten are leav- I 
Ing for New York on Tuesday, but 
azpoet to return to apend the Winter I 

In Victoria. ' 

• * • r 
Relanwd From Seattle 

Mra A. R Mltehell and Mlm Antoin- 
ette Barrett returned from Seattle on 
Wednesday after spending a waak ln< 

the Hound City. 

• * e 

Visits Daughter 

Mrs ,1. H. Porter, of ESequlmalt. Is 
visiting her daughter and aon-ln-law. 
Mr. and Mra g. B. BlUa. of Ban Fran- 

rlscn. C.ll 

. • e 

At 1 owloliaii Rlicr 

Mlaa Dola I >ii n«m 1 1 left for 
fowlch,Tn River, where she will spend 

a w< ek »ith Major aad Mra. Balden 


• e 

liTavc for Skaguay 

Mlas i; M Phillip and Mian I>th 
HImpson have left Victoria on the 
Sm. Prlncees Charlotte for a tan daya' 

trip to 8karw;«\ 

. . * 

HolMay ai Ratabow ixidgc 

Miss Bea^erOft and .Miss win n if red 
Boowcroft are sanding their halldaya 
at Ralabow Lodge, Alta Lake. 

Rotnraed H« 

Mra. H. H. Rowley haa returned 
home frnm a visit to ralatlvaa la Van- 
couver and Seattle 

• • • 

Mr H I. .Mallck. of Mallek's Ltd., 
Is leaving today for an annual Pttr> 
chasing trip lo iCaatern c^tlea. 


A very pretty wedding took place 
at the Rev Dr 1.. flays residence. 
Linden Ave . on Tuesday evening, 
when Irene Alexandra, third daugh- 
ter of Mr. R. Butler. Johnson Street, 
became the bride of Captain Donald 
Boucher MaePbaraon. Ill Franela 

The hride was iriven in marriage 
I", ll' "' f ll^•■•^r and looked l.'srly In 
her vveddinK <lresa of aahea of roaee 
georgette o\er aailn, with picture hat 
to match. Her flowera were Ophelia 
ream, aweet paaa. aad aialdan hair 

The hrldeemeld. Mlaa Tvv F. Btitler, 

slater of the bride, waa drasMd ta 

pale peach crepe de Chine, n^th ban- 
deau 111 her hair. .'^he carried a. 
biiu'juet of pastel shaded • arnalluriH 
and sweet peaa 

Capt. A. MaoPheraoo, brother of 
tba graam aeted a* bast asaa. 

Immediately after the ceremony, 
Capt. and Mrs MacPheraon left on 

the Ss Htrath for a honeymoon to 
\ I M. Oliver \h<- bride travelling In en- 
s''- '".It '>r aavy Mna. ambrald- 

ered In silver. 

The popular couple rooolvad maay 
beaatlfnl gifla. Including a eaae of 
silver from the bride's fellow werkera 
at the Hudson's Bay store, also a 
case of carvers and cutlery from the 
Capt. and crew of the Ha. Sadie. 

On their return they win realde 
at iSil UMira^ Ata.. ,wb«ra thay 
I will bald a taat-Baptlal faaapuaa. 

Lawyer: "Is the .«afaa4ant la tbd 
babtt af driaking whan be la aloaa?" 

Wltaam: "I really cannot aay, air, 
I waa aavar «Mi bba 


Mra M. J. Jaekaon. of Seattle, la 
vialting Mra. D. U Mae^aarrla. !•! 

■aparlor Street. 

• • e 

At Khawirtgaa Lako 

Mlaa Antoinette Bafrett Is the week- 
end guest at Shswnlgan Lake of 

Major and Mra. T B. Monk. 

• • e 

At Ktralhcona lloiH 

Mr, and Mrs I", Iwin Trnwse. of 
Honolulu, have arrived at the Strath- 
eona KoCal. 

• • • 

To Arrive on Tuesday 

Mr. and Mrs. M, Rothschild are #g- 
pected to arrtva at tba Bmpram Motal 

i-n Tuesday. 


gent tie 

Mm. MoMaaua. of Saattla. apaat 
yeeterday in tba cHy. 

Your Siiinnier 
Things Need This 
Landry Strviat 

Yfwr fWtns^i btouaea and waah- 

a'>lr ^kirt>- nntt dr^s«;<«5, yntir 
husUind 9 Summer shicta« the 
little tofs the ehitdren play in 
— all wrashshle thini;^ that 
make up vour family's Sum- 
mer waimbtt dcwrvc the 
ftneat taundry ttrvicc. 

Just try tba "NBW MITHOD 


Phone :^iH) 

New Method 

Laundries Ltd. 

Downtown Branch. 1115 Douglas ftt 

The Siii^ I ranusu) Conservatory of Music 

i43S Sacramento Street, San Francisco 

BlUfMT wtoen, tf k tm w 

Fall Codssrvstorr Coorsca in Piano, Yoke, Viotin and T hs ary 
Naraul Cearscs in Piano, Vaka aad Vlalia 

Sec Miss Aena Lazcila at Empress Hatel, Jaly i^, far tartker 




k Sumner excurfion 
i tickets taalf 

points East \ 
On sale \ 
W 1 J I 1 V I^'ly to Sept. i8\ 

PAm Ymar Vacation m BaMmu Tfip 

NOW l 



All Btael ffaulpfMent 

Savan a Bwsii 

TNt IMPERIAL, 9:00 P Ma 


TO LXmSS, g 30 A M 



boUd Throogb Tram te Chicago 





"Second Love 



John l*ar r trnli •iu*rrm\m wiih hiarw) <w 
Aii'Ir^y. ov»r h»r frr.4w»-nl i.f«f»fi ■ » 
!• th« fx I ih«i It U ■h'^ oh" i.rxt i<l--» I I' 
h*m» sndpay* hia MlAry. rt\*/ hava tslian 
Mftrtt* Allan i»ia iMr h«aMlMl4. «lian 
Mftrri* ■ father »r4ar« har fram har uwn 
home XlBrri* la dark, baautirul. .ml har 
diaput' with h'-r falhar la uv<-r h^f iKliaf 
that inndarn woman MkoaM >la «rh«ia««i' 
Ihajr plaaaa. Marfl* rMitrUM t* Mm I'ai 
riah iwlra. anA call* ktan pat In » 

final burat o( angar ovar Au<|.ay'i r«;nr- 
anraW to hIa own povarly, Parriah Iravaa I ha 
houaa, and aa Ikia rhaplar opan* Kaa haan 
gona riva daya. Audray doaa no'. ii.- 
Iiim, bHt glvaa m krMaa i*ariy tu n t>«>y 

ilria. Al tha aa4 al IIm Ua« • napu . 

c«n«f t« I ha p«vtMM Ml tiM Utm wbar<' 
with «*«»IM> 

The Kiria atarrd with Hv»ly laUrMt 
Audrey passed hetwe*ii th« tabUt 
fend took her neat. Iter Upm were 
arranged in the torn* ot a wntle. but 
tiMy tremMaA a liula aa aha a»oke. 

"Ho eorry to have kept you waU« 
ins. " ehe aaid. "But I raoeivad a 
televram, and Iwd to atay to aaawer 
It " 

Tlio Kur«l.i turned bark lo thfir 
Kume, und iho rhatier of a dozen 
tongues rer(imni<<n<'e<i Audrey, with 
foreed eheerfulDea*, played her card*, 
and Joined in tha gossip and arga- 
moat, which roas from tine to time 
into ahrlll turmoil. 

"Do bo quiat. girts." she said. one. 
"Tho neighbors wilt be calling out 
tho police." 

"I>et >m call," agreed Marcie. 
. haerfully ' I'v won eight dollars, 
and I want to koep It." 

It was nearlHK dinnertime ^*heii 
the party hroke up. There was Home 
'luarrellng over the payment of I'UMen. 
and much axeltemsnt ovar the mak- 
ing of change, but at laat the giria 
drltttd away. 

Marela. coming back to the pavil- 
ion, found Audrey alone, her head 
upon her arms, at one of the card 

"What la It. old (jirho ■■ a«U.-d 
Msrcfe, plarlnsr lif-r haml undrr 
Audrey's iirid llflInK J<<^r 


Her hostes.'i' eyeii were wet, and her 
motrth was loose and molU Willi 
wearing. Marcle sank down on one 
Un**, and wrapped her arm around 
Audrey's naek. "What la It?" she 
sa^d again. 

Attdray fumbled in the bosom of 
hor draas, knd drew forth a lubie- 

"ItV It'.a from daddy," she 

Marcle unrolded the »li»>fi. 

"Cable from John sa.vs reslirnlnir 
as your manaKer und mine," Marcin 
read, half uloud. "Wants to leave 
laimodiately. Am coming at ence; 
•ailing an leviathan today. Plaaae 
wfralaaa what la wrong. Mneh love 
— Fatkor." 

Audrey burst into another passion 
of weeping, as Marrle folded up the 

".foliTi .Inhn's le.ivlnv me." Hhe 
ChoU. <l 

.M.iifif limited her on the back, and 
her tin\ ( rim«on handkerchief 
wiped the streaming eyes. 

"Don't cry like that for any darned 
old man." alia ui«ad. 'The collogos 
ar^ turning out a - rafi 'of *im thM 
month, who'll marry you for their 
board and keep." 

Audrey dronpetl. resting her head 
on Stsrcle'M whoulder. 

"Pon'f Joke." ("he nobtird. "Ife'H 
my hiif<t>and. and f Mardo. I want 

"Ther»^. lliTe " Mari'ia wiped the 
othTH rveM HKaln. nnd trndTly 
lifted her to her feet. With her 
arm around her, stoa guided Audrey 
Into the houae. and upataira to her 
dressing room. With a cloth wrung 
out In cold water, she bathed her 
friend's forehead, and then laid a 
eool compress over her awollen eyea 

"Whst did you tell your father." 
ahe said, whan the olhor girl was 

'I .sent him a wlreleas." Audrey 
said, weakly. "I aald .lohn had been 
gone five days., Then I asked dnddy 
to wireless me what to do." 

She turned over on her faoa. cover- 
ing har cheek with har arm, and re- 
tuaed to answer Marcle's further 

At last her truest left ih<> room, 
first sMpplnir Au'lrej x fihiK"! from hT 
feet, and IhrowlriK it lluhl mvor over 

Audrey did nut rome down to din- 
ner, nnd Marcle ate alone. Nictn. f'-ll. 
Marcle curled up in the Bwlng that 
hung beside the front doorway, hum- 
ming a gay air as she watched the 
passing lights of motor ears. 

It was after ton o'clock when an 
anawar name to Audrey's message. 
Marala earrlad It upstairs. Audrey 
was In badt now. the rose-shaded 
lamp burning beside hor pillow, a 
mogasins spread out nu the cnverlrt. 
Her eyes were <1..m,-,i 

"Audrey." At Mi»rr|f-», aoft call 
hor hostess' blue eyes opened wide. 
^ytflt gasa caught the envelope that 
tha other girl held before her, and 
with a leap was on- tho floor. 

She eagerly tore open the cover, 
and heldlng the sheet of paper to the 
light, read the meassge twice. TheK 
Bhe handed It to Marcle. 

"Hard to read another person's 
nilml »o fill .tw;«\. lint Will iukm 
< hnncp " ""Mid tli»> lii> ({ulnr typed let- 
leritiR on Iho ciilili" blank "Am SS- 
BumInK John atlU In rlly. Advise you 
pack two weeks supply clothes snd 
take firat train to inn at Bitter 
Mtrtnga whara wa atayed two anai. 
mora ago. Wi|l aurt there soon as 
T tsnd In ?f»w Toi>»r fhiillt heet for 

be away fra m .oMjr. 

f ■ (in " 

What are >ou soing to dp?" 
Marcle. as sks f|nla|>sd raMhtft 

"I'm gains t^ do aa ha aay^" 
Audrey told her. "Siarcte. wilt you 
call up the railroad etatloe and find 
out what time the nggt tf^fcla goaa? 
I'll etart gettlnc my ckxhas together." 

She v»a.H !ri .1 f.-vc.-^ of ai tivlty as 
Miirile nt.irif l ilonn thf atfps Two 
Biiit(u««M< wfii open on th< f ■ n I 

orif o[ ihcm was half filleil wIkmi i In- 
other Kirl returned. 

'Tr*ln l«av«a at nine o'flock," 
.Murcle said, "tomorrow morning 

"Tttats good, John won't know 
whers I've gi»ne." Audrey aiMwared, 
knaoling boaUla her baggage, and 
atuffing a roll of allkon undorws ar 
into one of the pockets of a ault- 
ease. "Will you call the chauffeur 
on the house phone. .Marcle dear, and 
tell hini to go right down to the 
Htutlon now and get my t u. i^ ■ 
Ha''ll rap Ht the do^, and ^ "l k ' 
him this money." 

Ulalng, she found her I'iuf iml 
drew from It a roll of bill.s 

"Here's four hgndrad dollars," she 
said. "That ouinit to ka aneugh." 

"enough!" cried Marcle. "It's 
eAough to take you to FVanee. Shall 
I give hlai all this money?" 

"I never bought any railroad 
• t ut once." confessed Audrey. 
1 .loll I know how much It ''osts to 
go to nuirr Hprings." 

"Where in the dickens is Hitter 
i^prlnga'.' " pursued Marrie. counting 
the nioney Audrey had given her 

"A lUtle sort of camp^Ju»<t a rough 
place that daddy discovered up In the 
mountaina. I loved it there." 

Marela went to tha house tale- 
phana. and ^raaaed the button 
markad "garage." A man's voice, 
thick with sleep, answered her. Hhe 
K;i\e hrl»-f illrertlon.s and liuiik' "li 

Hf Hu\H he'll get drf.snfil iinil coin<' 
righ t I II Hhe nuld 

The two glrla did not get to l>ed 
until long after midnight, liut ihey 
were astir early In the morning. 
Break faat was watting on tha table 
when t*ay cama dawn. 
— "I aup»a*a HI to go snd rind 
soma plaoa alaa to atay," meumad 
Marelo, aa aha took har glaaa of 
orange julea. 

"You stay right here." Audrey told 
hrr "^■nlJ 11 look iiflfr thf> for 
nil', won t you. and Rivc .iny ordera 
the srrvanl.s need'.' " 

"Hut >iii(ipo»e John comes home!' 

Audrey > <>n»ldered. "Maybe he 
won't come — he's been gone so long. 
But If he dooa come, you tell him 
he'll have to go away. Tell him I've 
left tha city." Thara was a note of 
satisfaction In har voiea aa aha said 
this. "It'll be good for him to 
wonder where I am. Muybe that's 
what dadd>- wanted —for .John to K' t 

"Hut. Rood Klor> " Marcle 
ed. ' ('an I tril ii mm In- inuMn i 
come and stay In his own house 

"It Isn't his. It's mine, " Audrey 
said. "You tell hiro to Just go on 
away from here, if ha ahows up. And 
you needn't tell him whera I've 

She almont smilad aa ahe visual- 
ized the scene. 

"Mia face will be a mlla long," ahe 


M.imi went with her tO the tr.iln 
an<l w.ivrd affectionately .'is her 
friend niountcfl the platform. 

Audrey's motor w.ilted. and Marcle 
sank Into the derply cushioned seat, 
contentedly, when she emerge dfrom 
tha station. 

"Just drive around a whlla>-I'd 
like some fresh sir," she told tha 

He obeyed. The long »ar turned, 
nnd sped up the street. h'in.iIlN It 
turned Into the park, and at Marcie h 
direction, movfd sluwh. while kIip 
hreaihed tho ew<ct f r^i trr.i iicf> ih.ii 
arose from thr fre^ll-^ lipprd grass. 

At last she ordered the driver to 
return home. Descending at the 
curb, she surveyed the place with an 
sir of proprleterfeht^. Than she 
mounted the steps to tha porch, and- 
sat a while In the swing, Audrey's 
own favorite .leat. 

When sh»« entered the house, she 
t\>'iu upstairs, without removing her 
hat. The maid was not in sight, and 
■Marrle Audrcy''» dressing 
room and shut the door The closet 
had been rearran»e.i md the lK>d 
made. Kvldently the house-glrl was 
through with her moralngTa work In 
those apartments. 

Marela opened the cloaat. and fin- 
gered the gowns that Audrey had 
left hanging. 

Then she opened the drawers of 
the dressing table A tray of rings 
attracted her attenilon. .-in. I ,|ic tried 
Home of them, on The\ were a 
trifle to.i large for her snuill fingers, 
.''he put thern away disappointedly, 
iiml explored the hullt-ln CUptkoard 
that held Audrey's lingerie. She 
came aeroas a packet of lettera-^ld 
lettars from Audrey's father, and 
from Parriah. and she read them. 
Bitting on the floor. 

She put these away. Presently, 
after long thought, she went to the 
extension telephone in Audrey's 
dressing room 

Taking the receiver from the hook, 
she called tha numbar of Parrlah'a 

(To be eontinaad.) 

Thdmaa: "Is there any dlfferaneo 
in meaning batwaen sight and 

Terence: "I should ssy so. My 

rlrl Is a ' i^ion nnd \ 'ujr's Is h sight." 


Don't suffer from Piles. 
Don't use quack nostrums. 
Thfnk before jrou content to 
tN HM 6f the knife. 

Our Nature Cure Traatmant 
for Piles has been thoroughly 
■ttcccasful in thousands of 
cttMt. It «n pay M |«c 

Phraln Th»r«pT la tha IraalmanI 
of diaaaaa bv Natural Mathoda - 
avoi.*. ns ih» uaa of druea and lh» 
Vnif- «trart whara ahaatutaly 
riT.aaary Ha maihoSa ara ihar- 
"Ughir a.i»niiflr. have the aa- 
Saraament nf laadlng shretclass 
aad ara lasght la maay nedlesl 

ellnlas ara rendanari in 
Flatlan with rhrwrlana fyllf 
esalltlad la iftaannaa .-"ndMinna 
and advlaa aa tn lr»a(i><ant our 
Inaliiulaa ara fuiiv »quipp»ri wiih 
tha mnat mndarn Phrat" Tharapy 
apparatua aimilar lo ihat ua*S In 

tha haapitala oC Oraat Bisiala saS 

•ooltlct Prtt on Re^ttdtl to 


Bldf.* VictorU. B. C 

Mrs. E. A. Lane and Her Bridal Attejidants 


RH. L«ne, balare lior marrtaga laat waak. waa Mlaa BMla Marahall. only 
daugliter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Q. Marshall, 1041 Pendergaat Street. 
The maid of honor (above) was Mlw Jessie Davidson, of Vancouver. Miss 
Nettle Manalawa and Miss Kranccs L^tne were bridesmaids. 

Prude nce S ays So 

1 ' 

A l ew I iiTifly ^suggestions for W arm Wrathcr Dishc9 — 
I Spiced Peaches and Crab Apple CaUup Most Delicious 


Once asain F'rudence h.i" .1 few 
suggestions for .'Summer cookery, 
gleaned while .iway In distant parts, 
and perhaps they may prove useful. 
The following delicious dessert is 
easily made and is most refreshing:, 
PlMapple Cream 

One can of shredded pineapple, one 
cup of sugar, one pint of whipping 
< ream and half a box of gelatine 
I'dur the pineapple juice off und put 
half on the gelatine and half on the 
Migar. Hoil sugar until a thick 
>yrup Dissolve the sfi.tUcd gelatine 
ill It. Sot a^l'le lo <ool When nearly 
cold. I' llie ( nllff .md Btlr 
into the i^yrijp kcLiiiiic und pine- 
apple. Tour Inl.i a mould and SSt 
.■i-<ii|c to (,'' I re, illy cold. 

e a 

Ihhlkxl (. ui-uiiiIh r 

As U COOkld veget.ihle. .•ucumher 

is even jnore delicate and tasty ihaji 
ni.irrow. Peel the cucumber and cut 
It Into small plaosa. boiling It till 
tonder in aaltad wwtar. Make aome 
thick white saueo and k«ason It well, 
and after draining the curumbcr let 
it simmer in iho -.aui e .Add .1 Mnuee7./» 
of lewon Jul«i« Ju.«t before taking 
rin>m the lire ami t.ervf« with .t Utile 
chopped par8le\ sprinkled on lop. 
« * • 

Chivae \'egctsl>ic MarroM 

One marrow, one ounca of butler, 
ono tableapoonfut of flour, two tabla- 
1 poonsful of grated cheaaa, one cup 

milk and I. rend '•i-iinibe. Cut tho 
i.nrrow In h.ilf lenRthwise .mil re- 
iiHiVf' thf is-fd.' . l.i.N 111" two plei eji In 
a .•!iuce|>nn wilh MutTlcie-nt water or 
(took to cover it and boll gently for 
u i|uartcr of an hour. In a aauce- 
pan put the butter mixed smoothly 
with the flour, cheaaa and milk: 
.'4lr while all oomea to a boil and 
i.-ook till It leaves the aides of the 
pan: having drained the marrow 
'lulte dry. set some In u buttered dish, 
IHiur a layer of cheese khu' e on it 
then alternate layers of iii.irr(.\\ .m.l 
aauce until all 1m UMd: scatter t>read- 
erumba over the top and bake for 
ten minutes in a steady oven. 
• • • 

Vont Umdottc 

Boil half a doaan eara of corn, cut 
the corn from the cob, beat four eggs 
separately anft add to the corn the 

hf-aten yolks, salt and pepper, put 
ting In the whiles loirt. l''ry in pan 

w ith plenty of butter. 

a a a 

(irtvn Pra >rfHi|» 

Iloll onm pint of peiu( ami one large 
potato until soft. Majih through a 
colander (water and aJli and add a 
small piece of butter, salt and pepper 
to taste, und enough milk to thin. 
l.«t it come to a boil and ••r^f with 
i-routona of fried bread. 

e e • 

JolMBy Okke 

Tho following roeipe for Johnny 
cake comes from the south, where 
Johnny cake in a reel Institution ami 
a very good one The ingredients, are 
(»ne LMip of flour, two teaspoons of 
iMking powder, a quarter of a tea- 
spoon of saltf, ons cup of oommesi, a 
quarter of a oup of sugar, one egg. 
one oup. of milk and butter the Use 
of an egg. When thoroughly mixed 
It should be baked for a)>out half an 
hr>ur. or forty mlnuteo tn a ft.hallow 

With the richness 
and mellowness age 
alone csa giv»-» 


aged 30 years in wood 

—it a delight to the 

ronnoitseur't palate. 
Crown m the world - 
finest vineyards ^' 
War re It Co. since 

M It All Government Store* 

Thi< .idvrrtisement is not pub- 
lished or displayed by the Liquor 
Control Board or bv the Govern- 

('rab .\|Tplr ('al««up 

Add ihii* to your collection of sauce 
and ploktea; it la very ntco with eold 
meat. Three pounds of fruit, ono and 
thrao-quarter pounda of sugur, one 
quart of vinegsr. one tahU-Hpoonfui 
of elovaa, ono tablespoon or pepper, 
ono tablaapoon of clnnainon. one 
tablespoon saJt. Sciid tho fruit and 
rub through a siralner. Mix all to- 
^-•"^'r Ti l iioii until like jam. 

• e 
S|U<itl I'c4«<-hr<* 
I .\ni1 under the same heading comaw 
ihl.M recipe for spicod paaohea. Pare 
rdght pounds of rlpo peae h aei but do 
not remove tho atonea. Put ona enart 
of vinegar and four pounda of sugar 
In a kettle, and add one cupful of 
mixed M'holn itplces. cinnamon, 
<H<tn:L ^eefl.M and somswhat less of 
nll.spiie and doves tlAd In ,a bag. 
noil ;ind .Hkini until cleeir. then add 
the fruit und cook until tender, tikim 
out the poaches and put In otono Jara. 
Boil tha syrup for flvo minutes and 
pour over tho fruit. r>or three suc- 
ccoMrtve momingM drain off the syrup 
nnd boil agaJn and pour hot over the 
fruit, keeplnir the bag of t^lloea «1- 
way- ' " ' 1. '1 e - ' 

Exhibition II /// lie 

Held on WedAeiday 

l';n'rie.H v\.'| |,e ri'ii«»v<,| ,|, •,, 
Tues<l.i.>. nevi for ilo' flower ^^how ;ind 
exhil>iilon i f Women's work to bo 
gUen unfler the auspices of the Hs- 
quimalt Women's Institute In Ht. 
Paul's Church house and grounds 
on July :•. All exhlblu muat bo in 

. place before S a.m. on Wednesday. 

I as judging will commence at 10 a.m. 
precisely. Entry form."« may he had 

I on applic.ltion to the convener i of 
the various .se, t ion.<t, a.i follows. 

Ceneral i-oiivener. .Mrs. Hooth. 9 2', 
i;.s<|ijiniali lload: home and 
r>riidufe. Mrs. Nlcol. 1237 l-^squlmslt 
Uo,id. home c.inning and preserves, 
Mrs, Adams, SZl Bsqulmalt Road! 
vegeUbles. Mr«. Wallace, Maoauley 
Street: fruit, Mra. McParlane. 423 
Qrafton Street; planta and flowers. 
Mrs. Saddler. 462 Orsflon Stre, r 
needlework. Mrs. Wise. 4S4 Head 
i^lreei, nrts an.l cr.ift'*. Mra Pnrkes. 
I'lumitead .Street children's work, 
Mr.M A|ipleby, 4.".0 Dockyard Road. 

Fashions and 

rs and i 

Fairyland and Mignapout. the two 
Krench dressmakera aatraordlnary to 
youthful Parla are makln# adorable 
MumaMT fracka of printod batlats. 

< reps So CMM. tear g attS sad other 

tnateHale af tka Mma character The 
little dreas illuatrated was made or 
ivory-colored rotton voile printed 
With 'iirran- pl.i flowers wnd with 
spple green wi (ha bindings of the 
armhoie the Wall of Troy outline 
and the ribbon through the collar. 
The skirt la str.itght sn4 tha slaava- 
leas mode is one that aaaaaanSi It* 
aalf to tho hnay MaChor, tho tamasor 
laundreae. and the beach -romlHng 
rnungsier. Madonna l>lue talTeta with 
itl.h/>n» and Mndtnga of ashes ef roaea 
la another romblnatloa beloved of 

Jtmdera i>t«c \ aricd 4>p4Ji- 

i rn. ns of the British ^oMIC at 

.ar;;' n e 1 »■ recent1> aired In a I.,Ondon 
•Iti 1 1 \ n « .\ - 1'.' I ' ' ■ ' ' ^" 'r . • ' I " f 
The hc .i \ ■ \1 ., . . M.inV 
re^xlerH promii in' 1, .< .md 

in the world o( letters and the arts 
^ent la their kplaloas, wklch. aa pub- 
Ushad. aMwaA a oonaMarahIa divera- 
ity of view upon thia queatlon. 

The opinions ranged from thoae 
wtio sentimentality included all ages 

.IS (11 eiiierln," into wedlock, to 

01 l^.l 1 1 ■ h 1 ■) pi . lciur.1 from h u •^t'a - 
I r I ■Hsibl', tho!-e left upon Ih' i""c 

of bingle bleaeedneM, declarins tn 
HubaUaca that matrtasoay ahouM he 
avoided aa the »lac«o at arary ate 

of life. 

Al.iigaret Bannernian. the distln- 
.nhed actress, wh.. ti i-^ been a lead- 
' K flgure ot the Liondon atage (or 
me yeara, saya that tha riSkt^M* 
IS whan Idaala meat. "Oanaraltalng 
IS littls help in a world of dHTorant 

types and temperaments. Some 
women who come quickly to 
TiK-'K i !ii.iiiiri(> .ire made for early 
in.iiriage 'I'o others the ideas snd 
i lrals of the teens would seem in- 
rodibly foolish at twenty-four, even 
• s tha asan thoy mislit have ehoaea 
.a eighteen would. Ms yeara kUgr, 
appear'^ ridltulpus choice." It would 
appear that Miss Hannerman has not 
yet nioi her Ideal, for .'»he Is unmar- 

Utiicr \ lewa Ulvcn 
Prlacaaa Andrew of Ruaala etands 

out for harmony of tastes, snd feels 

that twenty and twenty-flve sre the 
l^e^t ye.irs for marr>ing 

"It cl\ e« a lonper run of >eara to- 
cether. i>nv t. isles and habits learn 
to harmonise more completely: the 
guM of years between our children 
and ourselves Is lees," ahe wrltee. 

The queatlon le practically taaol- 
ubie, accof^lnf to Ruby M. Ayres. 
the novelist. 

"Henlimentalisi.s will lell \ oij that 
tho light age to marr> Is when you 
meet a man (or woman > whom yeu 
cannot llvs without, but as that man 
or woman mora often than not proves 
to be the very one jrou eannot live 
with — there Is obviously no answer 

lo the I ' ' "■• ■ 

Marrk>«i at Seventeen 

Seventeen la the Ideal age, accord- 
ing to the exparlene^ claimed by a 

correspondent over the signature of 

"I'roud Parent," who writes ".Mar- 
ried at seventeen. I tiav' .n the ai;e 
of fot^y. a siraiipiiii; son of" i»enl\ 
two ,ind two daiiKhters aged lwenl\ 
umi sixteen respectively. My husban i 
and I are stilt young enough to en- 
joy life thoroughly." 

The right age to marry depends 
upon Individual type, according to 
Princess Sasha Kropotkin ThoK»» 
who liopi- for :i large famil) should 
marry earlx. she iielleve^ 

"Those who have fostered their 
freedom should wait until ths time 
comee when companionship moans 
more than solitude to them, when 
they want real understsnding and 
spiritual, mental and ftiorsl help from 
their life partners Thi^ age I think 
Is usually between thirty and thirt> 
ftvo in a man and about iwenty-elghi 
In a woman. Kundsmentally, the 
right age to marry la when you are 
In love." she ssys. 

The Ideal Age 

Twenty-four for a woman and 
twenty-eight for a man, is snother 
opinion, with the riSar that they 
should have known each othw a 

'Woman l)e««plner" .«ay8 the time 
for a man 10 marry Is "never." be- 
cau?e al \c!iM half the iiiiser\ in the 
v\-orld U caused by women. ' .Still 
inother man says: "There is no right 
age to marry, it is alt a mistake." 


o Pnablng 

for ttpptCMbrr 4— 
Ask for Taggtm to Help 

The t <iti' ni 1 1 1 •■<• 1 charge of ih- . 
raagemenis f r the tag day in 

the Quern .\ 1<- v .1 ml : a Holarluni H lO' 
for f'rlppled I'tnldren. und which l.s 
being held by the Victoria Women's 
Institute on Saturday, gao i eaa h e r 4. 
met during tho waak. and made 
tantatltra plana. Tko organisations 
whleh ao kindly aaalated In making 
such a success of the lag day held 
laat >ear. are again Invited to i.v. 
I-ASt year the net "ium of $ I . ,'j .' «.,s 

As work h.i.s l"-en conimenced on 
the l.uildinK 'H i ihe "Sun Home" Is 
now MMured. and a number'of roses 
sre waiting for treatment, the com- 
mittee asks that all persons who sre 
Interested and who are wHIlag to 
help will kliitfly phono nnombara of 
lha commlttao. Mra. P. Campbell, 
3I37L: Mra. Urquhart, 4M4L: Mrs. 
Hale. 7St4Ll: Mra. Taylor. ISIIR: 
Mrs. (Ilbson. 3T44It. or t>y letter to 
the convener. Mrs K I'almer. 644 
John .'Street, or \>\ phonUlg tko Con- 
vener after August 1. 

Members are also reminded of the 
"Country .Store" which will be held In 
the new rooms. lOS Union Bank 
Building, on Friday, aad vtti ^e in 
tha nature of a "houaS'-wannlng " 
iSvaryona attending will receive a 
gift. TiMra wtll alae be a programme 

You Can Smile 

■v''>l-' can imilc bccm^f 
I have the reassuring know 
edge that your teeth are wholr 

torn'- ■ '•■ ^ ''l -■■■:'"l 

Wc Save You Money on 



Women's Clubs 
And Societies 


► ale of Work 

The ladlee of Court Maple l.«af. 
A O.K. held an anjoyahia garden 

party and aale of work on Frids> 
afternoon st the residence of Mrs. 

Booth, 923 KMiuimalt Uoad. which 
was opened by Mrs t; I' I'larke 
Mra. I»enyer was general convener. 
.Mra. .Nunn taking charge of the leu 
• rrsngements. which were daintily 
arrled out. Mrs. Wagg and Miss 
wsgg eonTsned the fancy work stall 
and Meadames McDowell and Fln- 

n' riy the hfimr cooking Mrs Jarvis 
.irol .Miss llotxnrlh served Ice cream 

lud r, indies, and Mrs. Jackson pre 
Hided Ht the se.ii of <'uatom. A spin- 
ning Jenny was in charge of Mssdames 
Ward and Smith. An attractive dls- 
plsy of dancing was eUgad by pupils 
of Miss Mons Jewell, the programme 
Including the following Items: Irish 
Jig. Christian ll.inco. k. .Jocelyn Mc- 
CJraw. <:rai:ie May. Olive .Ionian, 
Muriel Ross and Winnie W hite pirr- 
rot dancs, Hsisn snd Ksy Ockenden: 
nUnnet, Cecilia Webster. Blla Watson. 
Peggy and Billy Raid; Spanish' dance, 
Ulian Toye; aailors' hornpipe, June 
Fulton; nymph dan(^c. Olive Jordan 
and Oracle Hsy; sword dsnce. Winnie 
U'hite specialty. f>cllla Webster, hat 
box Peggy Reld A beautiful doll 
dressed an<J donated by Mr*. Dooth 
was won by Mrs. Brooker. In the other 
oon testa Mra. Hlbberd eecured the bos 
of eandy and Mra. Booth the eake. The 
garden was preuily doeoratod \ty Mr. 
w. Nunn. The eonrenare dealre ta 
thank sll those who assisted In mak- 
ing .< sijr( ens of the undertaking, 
which will result in an addition of 
nearly tisa to the funda of Cawt 
Maple L.esr 

a a • 

D. M M.O.K.. Primrose Latgt 

In honor of the folloerlng mem> 
bora:- Mra. Coe, Sr.. Mra. Coe. Jr.. 
Mra. Barker and Mlaa A. Carpenter, 
who will leave for England, a picnic 
will be held at McMorran's beach. 
Cordova Bay. on Tueada). .July 27. 
All memners and friend.a ar« cordial- 
ly Invited r Prealdent Mlsg JagVO 
will receive ttie picnickers. 

• • a 

tnUai llcbfltaii (^gr 

On Tuesday evening i nifai Itebekah 
Ix>dge No 1. I. OOF., will hold a 
beach party at the SunsaMT camp of 
Mr. and Mrs, J. Oardlaer, Cadbore 
Bay. Tha lodiga MeeClac will open at 
T:M. and «llar a ahatt hualnaas meet 
fat aafa will leave tho l.O.O.r. Haii 
ah04it 1:90 far Cadbero Bap. 

<°anadlan r>aagl»terB l<rgfcw 

Tha t'anadiJt^ r»«ucH«e-* league. 
AaaemMr \<> irt:i h.iM a Nackei 

plrnic on Wedneaday afternoon at 
llM WlOaie* 

- 1 

}Vomen*5 Institutes 

Destroy Ants 

CocVroachc- . wasps, quicklv 
Willi kil-.\nt I'owdcr. 85^ sntl 
4<M> tins. Agents— 

■aiFailaM Ing Oe. 

Cor. Dooylas aw 

. leave l-»ke Hill Community Hall at 
U a.m.. returning at 7 p.m. Tea, 
milk, sugar and dIalMa will ba pro- 


liako nut 
The annual picnic for frienda and 
members of I^o iilU Womea'e In- 
sUtute wilt be held at Mamaterley 
I.«kealde on Tueaday. A bue will 

wife "Mow clever that Conjuror 
is. Hu\e you seen him change a hat 
Into a sot'erelgn?" 

Husband: "Mot so clever aa yon, 
who can change aeveral aaeereigna 
Into a hat." 


N#Vttr Have Foster's Shown 

Distlnctlvtt Display of 

Fur Coats and Neckpiecas 

In Silver i*"t).\. \\ liitc I'u.x, Dcigc Vox, Sable and 
Many Other Favorite Furs 

lii.spccl Uur StoeU, \\ hicli Is Now Complete 
ill Uvcrv Line 


1216 Oovtmmsnt St. 


Invest in Fur With Experienced Breeders 

Wa own and bread Blua Toiaa. Milvar Knxaa. Martaa. Klabar. Baavar. 

MsskralSk Bte.. ate. 

Will rsacb year sleek er steek yesr rsseh: er provISs asfa. saaaS lavesMneat. 



tm/ Fakes 



Summer Excursion 

On Daily Until SeptemhcT If 

Final Return Limit, October Jl 


Acroii f*^' 

la the Heart ol tiM Rocky Mouotams 

City T rkrt Of> f TrfgpiMM 1242 

911 Oovernmcnt Sfr«-.-f 


For Money Orders, Foreign Cbe^a, Blc; Alee lor Yaw 

N«Bt SkiyaMnt 





leiiphisi gMI 

■A • f 


For Preserving 

California Elbertas are without question the best for 
preserving;. Place your order now. 

Household Goods Carefuli| Packed 

A good tfit oi the . .irr *ith >*liKh »r park it the fact that we handle 
many barrel* of di»he». crocljery. flat^v^af brir s-brac and other 4ctt> 
ratf goods with little or no breakage. Our packiaa it done by Me* 
experience*! in hsndlii^ fine furnittir^ They twtnlmi g a tha rtafc al 

• if in t r an « 


' '"^TOMS 
PkoK v.n% 



^ti iaitljr. 

' ^ ^20 Baatton 
Squa(«. ItMJO 








League Match Gricket 
Won by Heavy Margins 

( ircat SiiHiiantv Hctw c-en Results Qf All Three ot 

N Matches Sparks I§ HcrO of the Day 

V\ nil Not Uut Innings of 125 Against Victoria at 

University School 

WttlAtiaM Juim 

At FmU Do§ Shmt 

victoria HarlMivliw. 41 Mi It: 

AIMona 110. 

L ntvArstty Income. lIS; Vtotor U. Tl . 

Tw» C«. till 09mU»Mm WMtwMri. 

Ab««« M« ».<"•.> 'f^rfn 

Virtu* 0«> •rleMt m»tch. « |.lay*d In 

Tlctorl* ' ywMrtey. In th« iimt<^h .it 
th« JubllM Heapltal. in which th« 
A\%toM d«fMU« tiM MtftoqiaUia an 

innings an4 44 run*. Be«Ch WM th« 
only mHn on the 1o««r«' aid* to ««t 

<loul>lo nsurex. and he wms dUmUHCd 
by a heMuilfiii < iit< ti V>r^niiin 
Hep*. Mcllmo)!. uii' ''» ""'t I.' i'iHi)iy 
kattOd wall tor Ihe winners llrit-n. 
en* ot tha T. and V. rrlckrter*. wa- 
vary Moeaaafnl In bowling agalnat the 
Alblona. Ha took tlWM wtalMta la wa 

The Two Cm bataman provad "at 

homr • on iheir own ground at Beacon 
Mill, ( raddock plasing a flne Innlncn 
for «•«. iind Pendriiy m«kiriK i vfry 
uaaful >•. The f'owlchan n-irrrr-i 
hardly Uvad mp to their repui.ii h.h .f 
mfchty hittara. Oravatt, I^weti and 
Charter balnr the only bataman on 
their aida to r. irh doubla llsuraa. 
Pendray'a bowling waa too mueh lor 

,hrm JU.lMlu«iCbl«l«kfta lar li 


Th* UnlverHlty InoogH had a rood 
day At Ml. Tolmie «nd ^nim.lly 
irouHCod TTta TTctorla r»prri»entiit vmi 
Sparka. playlBC tba faatura Inntnsa of 
the day with 111 a«d Uking 

four wlfketR for 20 runa. Wanman, 
who went In flrnt with him mad* an 
unacruatomed l>l'if< hut had nn even 
better bowllnR ;in«lyiilH with four 
wlrketa for 1« AHwooil .mfl llnrne 
battad wall (or Victoria, but their 
Ion* afTort waa unavaiHag; Th* full 

H(iii<.iuinH — iMrM Inttlnjni 

X frriill. b HogKarih 

Booth. <• Freeman, b Jordan... 

Davldaon, h Jordan 

H. Ooodwln. b Jordan 

mrak*r. b Hegcartli 

I^rka, b Jordan 

Wallace, c I.iethaby, b Hotgartn 

Hmlth, not out 

Ifnurlre. b .lordan 

Mrlen, l> Jorilan 

U Wallaca, b Jordan 


J A. Ornveit. r and b Pendray ... 

Capt. BarfcUy. b Paadray 

E. W. Carr-Bm*n. e flecamb. b 

Rutten N 

Major Vine. Ibw. b SuttM 

J T < ■oj)eni.i n. not OUt 

Major Kr^fml«n l> Pendray 

H. fharK-i i. r.-ri ii . 

('. H. Crane, b Pendray 

c. colthunt, b F*adray 

^slfa* •••••..••*.• 


Two Cm — 

\ 1 n*. 

►"rfetntt n 

(.'arrHllton .«••>..•'•. 



Cowlchan Waadarara — 





■ 1 




iA^\DH HfcXi> THRii*: tints 

rusu 8«Hi at 

OlNCl.NNATI Ohio, July :« 
Mder, brilliant aon uf .Man < 
exhlbUlat ap**^ atamloa and 



















W. M. Button 

rnlvrralty lmf)ga 

F. A. ftparka, net atit m 

R. Wenman. b O^ant 

H. H. Allen, b Mitchell 

.r. Wenman, b .Mitchell 

(i WonniaTi >■ Barker-Htariiay 
fjlran' - 

H. Holt, i> Mil hell 

R. Tya. <■ Aiu od. b lUtehal .. 

8. Wataon. b Oram. 

i; D«C'*ul 





P. 9. How^n, 

• * a a • • > < 
• aa*«****aa«< 



a • • a • e a 

• eeaaea*** 



O. C. Orant, b R. Wanman 

A K MItrhell, run out 

(J. N i.e.Miiy. b R. Wanman 

V Hiiriior stnrkey. h R. Wanman 

K. H. Allwon.i l> Sti«rlca 

J, W. Hornr. I. Spai k.H 

A. Karrar, c Allan, b Uparka 
J. M lteh*ll. Ml. R. Tya. b R. 


Pauline, at. R. Ty*. b Bparka 

Klorence, not out 

Kztrna « 





Internationally-famed f xpen w ti >«• 
aervloaa have heen rnKHKeil for the 

big ahow to he hfiii iiv the Vietorla 
Xaaaal Club at tb* WUlaira. 


Soars b Four to Nolhtnir la 
lllglH'* intrmiedlatc l^acroMe 
Tim Mas a MtR 




, • e • a • • a 

a • • ■ a • 






Ilarlcquln a Sroond Innlnra 
Verral. c Thomaa, b Freeman . 
Booth, e Wlleos. b Adam* . . . 

Davldaon, b rraamaa • 

fl. Ooodwln. b Oaktoy • 

K. Htraker, «• Jordih, b AdaOU. • ► i 12 

A. I.ooke, li Adama ^ 

J. Wnllare < Thomaa. b Adama. . . I* 

A. Hmlth. I) Thomaa 0 

F. Maurice, b Adama I 

T. Briaa. run out ' 

L. Walla«*. B«i oat » 

Bttraa • * 



O. W. 

R. WaAman 

1 4 

H. H. Allen 

1 • 

(', \\'f>nman 

.S 0 

8. WatMon 

•I 0 

F. A. .Sparka •••• 

4.3 1 

InroKa — 

«). \N 

11 1 

11 B 

t 0 

4 0 

.1 W Home 

3 • 






< ru- 
■ War. 

to eai¥y W«ltkt avar tha graeiiing test 
of a mile and a ««artar. waa tb* 

.innati i>eri>y at Con*y Islaad ta4ay 

by ttirev :.n«tbH from Diaplay. Bool 
to Bool, i-arlarls and tour othara. 

Hi* vUia*r *atabll*bad hlmaeir 
on* oC tha graat*ot tharaagbbred^ 
H«an in th*'W*at la yaara. with Man 

.S«n.l' ».'u;.llr-g hla d*«Ual** Ul th* r*- 
rnMikabli- iJine of l:lt. a n*W raOOrrt 
for iha Coney laland ir..k 

Tb* ra«* waa worth tso.ijo to tii» 

The atartar diapatahad tha Ctald to 
perfect atart. 

Hoot i.. hoot 1 111 rnrdlately went 
the front, eloaely followed by Carlnri'^ 
and CriMaiiar. • 

Craaadar mav*d ap to Carlarl* at 
th* far tarn aftar Boot to Boat fal- 
tered, and went lata third paaiUon. 
J uut before going lata tha Btratch 
turn .Siinde urfjfd hia aalt aad li*- 
gamely rcaponded. 

paid 11.10 for a 11 tlekat. 

I a 

Total ■ • • • ' 


H. Lathaby. c Brl*a. b Verrall 
C. O. Mcllmoyl*. 


N I'. Piif. 1 Wrrull, b Brian . 
T. HogRarlb, Ibw, b Itrlen ... 

I ; II. Adam, b Brirn 

li. 1). Freeman. Ihw b Verrall 
O. B. Hope, itt 



o gtrakor, b 


.. II 



(i um 11, b Baoth. . fl 

H. W. Thomaa, b Brien 1 

R. A. Wllooa. C Booth, b Varrall i 
I* H. Oakley, c Davldsoa. b V*rrall 4 

F. Jordan, not out ' • * 

Batra* ....••••>••••••••• 


Harlaquiaa, Arat innlnga 

lEflAR liOTTAlih 


IHMibl. ~ < bnniplonMlilp Won bv Vlr-- 
lorta llliik — LoomI Mhh Aia<i 
Wlna Hlogic Trophy 

T. Magghrth . 
F. Jordan 

Het-nnd Innin 
Kreema n .... 

( >n k I' \ 



Mcllmoyla . . . 






Hmlt h . . 
\\ allaca 

Booth . 

1 1 









































VANCOUVER. July 24 ^fedar fot- 
tag* b*wlara triumphed in tha Barn- 
ard tr*phy rink eomp*tlUon today, 
with Buraaby flaiahlng in second 

place. With the completion of thi* 
event the BrltiMh Columbia Lawn 
j Bowllnr A«Bo< latlon'a fourth annual 
liiiirnainent waa brought t.. ;i cloae. 
At the cloae ot play. Alderman K. W. 
i>ean, pr**ld*d at th* p>a**atatloa of 

Tha Bp*ne*r trophy. pr*ml*r rink 
*v«at sUvarwar*. will r«*t in Powell 
Riv*r f*r th* neit year, having been 

won by J. Frleniiv rink 

The TIadnll f'up, emblematic of thr 
doublea chanipion^hlp. went to Mar 
conlnl and McCoah. of Victoria, while 
Harria, of the Victoria C.P.R. dub 
capturad th* gpalding aavtea alngl** 

There wrr. '-'.I riilrirM f,,,- the dif- 
ferent c ompetltlone, and a total num- 
ber of 4'j| gam** plarpd darlag th* 

From the Htart of th* game until 

the end of the third parlad Ragttlmalt 

oQtfiiaMd in* BOA* or caaaga ih ^t 

nlght'a Intarmadiate laeroa**. but the 
home team did not, have th* punch 
to drive In th* goal*. 

Both taama played a smart, abort 
paaaing game. Owing to th* ions of 
Canada only flsltfing olsvsn m*a th* 
t*anM p1ay*d t*a>man lacrosse. This 

kind of a game robbed the Raqulmalt 
team of moat of Itn effertlveneae, 
oIher\*,j'- thp reault riiji,-ht h;»v^ bepti 
Ihe revertte. The laat period aturted 
with a fuah. play being end-to-end. 
After (iv* mlBUt** of play Banka. of 
■a«aUaalt. r*o t v*d a h*avy body* 
chaek, and had to ratir* from th* 
game. The Bona took advantage of 
the weakcninn of Rftqulnt.-ilt dofmce 
and Smith scored on a hard cloae In 
ahot. Noel, who had been playing a 
very fine game had. no chano* to 
aav*. The Rona kept ap this aivan- 
tag* and NIeol aoored. 

White, of Kaiiuimalt. waa hurt in 
n ioIII»|->n and retired Kaqtilmult 
ru«hed tho pla>, and the full team 
w rifi o(, I ho attack. OodWln got the 

ball. he,<; hi« man and acorad. Chap- 
mitn fInlMhad tha acorlag arlth ahaat 
foar minataa to go. 

1*or ths Bans of Canada. Taylor. 
Rlekanaan, CHl^pman and riodwin 
played fine lacroeae; Noel, i>e Coata. 
Burn«>tt .><weeney i\r\A Wagiahd 
played hard for ICnqutmall. 

Thia win plaoea the Hona of Can- 
ada in tha load of th* l*agaa. Playlag 
ten-man lacrosss dM aet asom to 
satisfy th* fans, aa the play la not ao 
open »m In the twelve-man (jame Tha 
game ".as clra,, there being no pen- 
altlea. Bruce Burton, uf Sidney. 
r*f*r*ad th* game In fine atyl*. 

MAI Ai vm 


Takra fortnight to W rrnt Mrtr«>|M>ll- 
lan t hamplon^liip I'roni llltal 
Thrr«" TImoa 

League BoMeboU 


OAKLAND. July 24.— Lao IMck*r- 
man > elebratad hla ttrst appaarance 
on the mound In Oakland uniform 
when h* held tha Portland Beavern to 
four hlta today and annexed the 
serlea for hla team with a 4 to ? 
victory. Tha former Cardinal huricr 
waa aomawhat wild, but tightened In 
th* plachas. L*v*r*u, pltohlng for 
th* B*avars. allowad oaly two aaraad 

Portland Oarsmen Win 
Main Regatt a Events 

Senior Fours, 140 lb. Fours and S iii')r Singles 
All CaptuioJ In Men l ioni \cross the Hnundarv 
-J. B. A. A. Kovv \\ ith -s. raK h < Tew- Donaldson 
. apd Locke Win Senior Doubles 

R. H. K. 
...14 1 
...4 10 
aa« Bakar: 



Balterlea Dhkernjan 
Leverette and Tohin. 

1/>H A.N<iKM;.S. .luly 24 The 
Seattle Indians came out of the alump 
of nine ronHecutlve dafeata to nhut 
out th* l^oa Ang*l*s Angels today 
4 to 1. 

R. H. K. 

R*stt1* 4 It 2 

I.oM Amrelee • I 1 

Batti-rie.t— Brett and Jaaklns; Har- 
rison 'ilazner and HaaWSh. 

At .Sa« ramenfo — R. .H. B. 

Hollywood 7 10 1 

Sacramento 6 • 2 

Batter lea - llsChhO aad P*Ur« 
Vlncl and Bbsa. 

SAN rRAWCIBCO. July 24.— The 
lllsslsnB aossd out th* Baala* 7-« 
Marty QrtAa. of tha 8*al*. pinch - 
hitter for Mitehell. lifted th* ball Into 
tha left neld stands for a homer. 
Hcoring a runner ahead, but the aide 
waa ratlr*d without further damage 
to tha Mflsaa. 

R. H. K 

Mlaalonn 7 11 3 

San Fran> laco «10 2 

Batteries Barfoot. Bryan and 
Marphy; Moudy. Mitehell and Ag- 

the Arat svAHLJM New Vorkera hav* 

taken alnce the preaent home etand 

aK' thf weMH rri < lub.-n 

The Yank.s increased their lead to 
nine f^amea aii a result of th* Ath- 
letica' victory over Cleveland. 

R. -H. K. 

t.hlcago. 4 7 4 

New York f • • 

Baturlao— Fab*r. Bdwarda aad 
Bshalk. MeOardy; Bhawhay, Paaaaek 
aad BaroroM. 

T. Brien 

Two Ce 

P. f:. Wllkinaon. b Via* 

B. t raddock. h VIn* 

H KdTiaidfl, r I.«gg*tt, b Fr*em4n 

»; Melnekey, h t'arr-Hllt*n 

ft Pendr;»y • Vine. l> t^arr-MlUon 

K. Qualnton. b » KllburM 

W. M. Hutton. !■ t'roMJilMnil h V'tn* 

C. Button, c Croaaiand. b Vine. . . . 

B. b Vine 

A. siocombe. b Via* 
H. Barnatt. not oat . 

Bxtras .•....••.*•«..*••*«••• 


I ..... t . 


Total . 

Cnwiohan Waoderor* 

A. i: i.'jTKftt <• Wilkinson. 


R. Croaaiand. b Pendray 









, II 



th rent Match 
Sloppid by Rain 

MAMCHBSTKR. July 14.— 
Oaly a f*w mlatH**' play 
was posslhl* in th* fourth 
cricket t^t match between 

Knalnnci and Australia begun 
hnre this morning at Old Traf- 
ford It«ln poured down when 
the Australian openlna pair 
Bardaley and Woodfuil. had 
b**a at bat a few over*, and 
ths game waa atopped for tha 
day. Ths acor.- .'■■-■I- 


Woodfuil. not sat 4 

Bardslay. aol Mit... • 

BStTMl •••eea**a*Sa*g»B« X 

Total fno wiek*t> 
Aa attempt aiM 
Naam* the SMtoh aa 
day atalr aa Maaday. 

DAVIP^i LS \)Vll Hi ll 

Fcalhfr\«oljrlii« to l»r«)» Idc SIt-lloiinrI 
soinl- final Pr«MiMlln« < lia B<-- 
laiiiror Rout on Itiuriwiay 

a ihr»« 

VANCUUVfCR, July 24. — Bud 
Daviea, the ruggad llttla Vaacouvcr 
featherweight, has haan matshOd to 

meet Toung Owetia of Meoso Jaw. in 
the Nil-round aemi-Anal to the Roy 
Cliff and Charlie Balanger bout hem 
next Thuraday evening. 

Daviea haa had a good reat alnce hia 
laat h*Ht here wMh Howard May- 
b«rry, aad waais ta tght hi* way to a 
•hot at M*rfor Mcttoaald. Ow*as Is 
a newcomer here, haa heen doing his 
battling In Weatern Canada ringa, and 
haa to hla credit a ten round draw 
with Jackie Lewla, who turned In 
aome creditable performances h*r*. 

Roy Cliff. If ho moot* Balaagar in 
the ten-round featur4 boat oa the 
card, la due to arrive here on Bonday 
to complete hla training for the bout. 
Cliff baa heen hoilnc daily In .Seattle 
with Jack Malone the wily Ht Paul 
fighter, who inefin l^o Luntaki In 
Seattle on Tu»ada.t anil l.onnle Auatin 
flgurea that he made a len-atrlke In 
aecurtng Malone to help condition 
Cliff for the Belangar boat, aa Maloae 
I* rat*d to h* oao *C Iha mtHm 
hosara til th* basla««. 

I«a Angelea prninotsrs. Where Bel- 
angar inataNed himaetf aa a card. 
ha^• '.^fii iiroi i.ii li\k; ii' Niiaky 
yaung French ( anadtan to meet 
Oe*rgea Carpentier. who ia on hia way 
ta th* Coaat. Carpentier was origin- 
ally scheduled to meet l::ddl* Maihaan 
in Ls4 Aagel**, but th* boat bl*w up. 
aad th«y^as* aaw angling l*t B*laa- 

OARpEN CITY, .N.Y . July 34. — 
The ntagio in Masdonald Bmlth'a put- 
ter today oasrlod th* lAb*Tlll* pro- 
feaaional t* a saasatlonal aad rseord- 
braaking victory over 0*n* Barasen, 
the defending title-holder, in their 
play ofr for the 1824 metropolitan 
op»n Rolf ( haiiii)ion»hlp. 

.Shooilncr a fi« Hevon uniler par, 
Hmith "nil rKf.d triumphant by a four- 
Btrokc inirBin .Saraxen himaelf waa 
three umlcr par with a 71, but even 
auch atroking aa this, was uhabls to 
match the uncaany accuracy with 
which Smith eoatrollsd his short 
game, pitching with dsadly praclslen 
and sinking putts of four to forty last 
from all comors of the greens. 

It waa n apeclacular climax to an 
unprecedented atruggle for a major 
ihamplonahip of the llnka, aettlng a 
new endurance mark sa Well as wlt- 
nfMaing an unitsgally high staaiard 
of acorlng. 

The battle haa been waged over a 
fortnight's period with tho Caraoaotle 
Hcot and his stof ky TtsHan rival dead- 
lo«k*4 at the end of the seventy-two 
botes of championahlp play prspar 
with acnrea of 388 and tied agSin at 
the end of each of two elghteen-hole 
play off rniinilH iast Boadoy WRh 78 
and I — r 

iJodo at Vane^mmr 

VANCOUVER. July 24.— Playing 
a fouraeme on Saturday afternoop, at 
the Bhaughaeaay HelghU Oelt Club, 
with Messrs B. Barwidk. R. H. 
Lawndss and C. W. Rasssll. J. T. B. 
Palmer aank his tag shat at. tha Ill- 
yard eighth. 

e Ataarlran 

HM.tJTi'N- ,luly 1'4 Boston dc 
feated and tied .St. l.oui« In their 
Sauble-head#^ here today. The U»>d 
Sex carried the tlrnt game to a heavy- 
alugging cement, 14-8. and the aec- 
ond waa called by agreement at the 
end of the ninth ta allow St. Louis 
to eateh a train. At that tlm* tha 
score staod I to I. 

First game — R. H. E. 

St. Iy>uls lis I 

Boston 14 ir> 2 

Batteries Hallnu. I'alk. \ Inglldcr. 
Wingard and Margrave. Uelmach. 
Wingfleld. llufAng and Ciaston Knr 

Second gaiao— R. H. £. 

8t* Louis •^••*«as**paaeeae S % % 
BttfltOII ••••••eef«*eeeaea» S 10 1 

(Tl*: eallad to allow taams to aatch 

Rstteriaa — Nevera and Chang; Hnd rttokes 

PHfl.APKI.PHIA. .luly li The 
Athleflcn' li^elnK streak of yvou 
atralght irames came to nn end to 
day when the Mack men look a ten- 
inning fray from Cleveland. 4-5. 
OykSa' tripls, followod by Poole's 
single, with aona aut In th* t*nth, 
gav* th* Athlatlcs th* game after 
01*T*kta4 had HM It ap M thd 

R. H. K 

Cleveland .'.11 I 

Philadelphia . « 9 2 

Batteriea— Miller, Kerr, Bhaute, 
Grove and Bawdlli W. Quiaa aad 

WA8HINOTON. July 24— Detroit 
made enough runs la ths first Inning 
af today's gam* with Washington ta 

win 3-2. (>owd*r. f*rai*r Birming- 
ham pitcher, hurlinf his Arat came 
for the Senators, waa touched for 
eight hits, four of them In the llrat 
frame, whsa th* Tlfors seorsd all 
their runa. 

R. H. B. 

Pefrolt 3 n 1 

Washington 2 7 2 

Ratteriss — 1K*hitehill and Weodall: 
Crowdsr and Rosl. 

KBW YORK. July 34.— Ths Nsw 
T*rk Taaka** mad* it four straight 
from the Chloago White Box by win- 
ning today's game 7 ta 4. Thia was 


8T I.(»l'.I8, July :4. Khem weak 
cncd In the eleventh Inning today and 
literally threw hia awn ball game 
away by making a wild toaa to third 
and allowing Kelly and Jackson lo 
score. Tho score was I t* K*lly 
got four hita, including three deublea. 
Bell hit aaiaiy in hla aixteerth con- 
aecuttva game. 

R M. K 

New York ^ ' 

St. LSUlS i * 2 

Batteriea Kit/.slmmoas, Beoit and 
Florence. McMullsn; Rhem ind 


CUICAOO. July l4.->Phlladelpbia 
won both games *f a daubl^h*adar 

from Chicago today by acora* of 3-0 
and 1-3 reapectlvely. Chicago wae 
unable to hit in the pinch*'. In tho 
first game, while the visitors hit op- 
fioriui;''l> l.chln.l .lones' wlHnens .Tid 
Moiiip r.iKRc.l support In the ae' ojid 
game ihf vlf tors buni hed their hits 
for three runa behind Mitcheirs Rreut 

Firat game— R. H. K. 

Philadelphia 2 I 3 

Chloago 4 I I 

Batteriea — Carlaon aad D. Wilson; 
Jones. Hunuinger aad Oonaales 

.Second game — R. H K. 

Philadelphia 18 0 

Chlcaco 3 I 0 

Batterb's Mitrhell and Heallne; 
Oaberne, Buah and (lontale^ 

CINCINNATI. July 24.— Boston 
won a pitehars' battl* I to 1 from 
Cincinnati today. Larry Bbnton got 
the dodlslon over Lusue mainly 
through a fumble by Kmmer in the 
ninth FollowlnK t^e mlaplay Benton 
flngled H' oring Bur-a wDh the win- 
nlnc TMi The Hedx scored In the 
ninth when Chriatenaen tripled and 
Walker brought hHh la aa a sacrifice 

R. H. E. 

Boston • 2 7 4 

Cincinnati 1 •' 1 

Batterifi iienton aad Taylor: 
I>uoue and Ilsitrrave. 

PITT.SBITtc.H. July 24. Plf's- 
htirgh ousted the Reds from flrst 
pla'c In tho ".nilfinal League rac" to- 
day by wlnninK both games of a 
double header from Brooklyn hy 12 
to 8 and 3 to 2, while the Bravea de- 
feated Cincinnati. The Reda bow 
trail tha champlena by flvs polnta. 
Ths initial fracus tuHMd out to b« 
a free hitting affair, each club reg- 
iatertng Afteen safellea. In the Aon- 
Ing battle tho Pirates' winnInT run 
came In the ninth when Wrijrhi'a 
single Bcored WanOT. 

First game — I! M F. 

Brooklyn *••.••...• * l.'> ^ 

Pittaburgh 13 1 

Battorlsa— Orimda. Bhrhardt and 
Ha rg reava: M*a«awa. B—gt and 

BOeoni iam*— R. H. E. 

Broaklya > !• i 

rituburgh ^ « 1 

Battarles — McWeeney. .McOraw and 
(nrani: X#am*y sad 

After making a rftmparatlvely poor 

nh.minL- "li t'r«l <lii\ uf the N P. 

A .\ II : I k.- .'i t a, firie yesterilav tho 
I'liri l.'i tl I .ir^iTifti came from t.blnil 
III w II ' ii • • 1 .nil uf flvo of I he i-\».ni.-< 
i.n I. ... |.ri.Kramnte m. n.i o^ the 
riiniii •'vt'iit uf the whole r«Katia, the 
:<<-iiior fuur*. and to come within one 
point of Vancouver lb the aggregate 
for the I'ewiir Cup. Des Brlaay. of 
Portland, won the aenior diaglea aad 
."^irkafooae's crsw won tM 141-lh. 
fours alao for Portland. 

The senior dOuhles wa^ Won by 
\ irtfiria ^ (luriK .1^ ! >onaldson 
«ri.| 1.1. cki- ^^h.. ti.i.l !.<ih»r unex- 
lif-.(«>i1l\ w r, li. |iiril'.| rx.Tll the 

.ia\ t.^fr.r.' ..t<.i , second eur- 

|.ri«,. |,v ,| ..Ill;: i h f^t of Kent 

.ind .Mi.'l>Aren. alao of the J. B. A. A., 
over tha aama ao ur a* three years ago. 

Vanoouvar oarMMn had to ooni*nt 
I haauMvaa with wiaaiag tha aaart*r- 
rniia asalUag daah. Btaa Aatas earn- 
ng la fltat la this with KihgHay, alao 
r VanaoaiMr. sacoad. 

Swap Moras* 
'oria'a rhancea of winning the 
main event, the eSalor faura, went to 
the winds whaa H wm daelded ta 
change tho araw at th* last miauta 
ahg f^r MHH wwa BMIt U Ch« p«dl 
who hag aavar rawed togathsr aa a 
craw bafar* ths rae*. Thslr ahaaess 
ot wtaalng the seaior aingMg .«tr* 
alao thrown away by this, aa. in order 
thi»t they might row in the fours, 
Hendrodt and Kennedy were both 
scratched fr<>ni Ihe aln^les. lea\ioK 
the \ancouver and Portland i rows in 
conteat thU event between thenMielves 
The heroea of the regatta eo far as 
Victoria la concerned were again the 
jualom who ao«aHtad themsslves 
vary oradMaMy. 

Fast timas wsra mads In ths four*, 
both aenlnr and 144-lb. racee. and In 
ea<h of ihoHe race.s th». second \'an- 
couver entry waa unable to Anlah 

owing to tho BsllagBs of aaa af tha 


la the sanior singles Das Brlaay, 
of Parthtnd, lag ffnasa tha start. Jump- 
ing Into the land with a vary faat 
abort atrok* which h* kOft up for 
moat of the course. At half way 
mark he waa throo loagths ahead of 
both the Vancouver aMn aad ha won 

by thia distance. 

In the 140 lb. fours Portland again 
got away at tha atart. took a length a 
lead and held It all through with 
Vancouver lylag second all the way 
aad Victoria and Vansouver'a aecond 
crew rowlock to rawlagk until tha 
half way mark, when th* Vancouver 
atroke collapsed. Pertland won by 
two and a half length*, half a length 
betwaaa sseaag g«i third. 

Ths PortMaders once mora waat 
away wMh a Idhd in the aM«t raag. 
the a*alor doahloa. galalag a laasth 
on Vaaeottvar. wRh Vlatarla half a 

length furth*r In the rear. At halt 
wMy Portland waa three length* ahead 

anil \hioriM >tiii further behind. 
Iionaiilsoii lUfu quickened and pulled 
\ wtiU \ .incou\ir half a mile from 
the nniah, aprlnled bard to overtake 

Portland a»d WOO haadtty by two 

In the senior faarS bf>t>i r . rMand 
and \'lctorla made laat minute xhift*. 
but the former only changed one 
man, Ririher rowing for nidtum 
Vancouver took an early lead of two 
lengths. At the half-way mark 
Portland overtook Victoria and van 
eaarar No. I boat droppad aut when 
their No. I tetat«d In tho haat. Part- 
land laoraasad their pass aad aair- 
hauled Vsnoouvor. wHh Vlstarta 
trailing two lengths bshlnd. At the 
finish Portland had a length t* the 
good and Victoria wa^ two aad a halt 
lengths behind Nancouver. 

The quarter- mile dash waa a pretty 
race to watch. Aokus got a good 
start and won by half a length, with 
Kaaaady aas length behind Kingslay. 

Th*i« waa a tarsa orowd to watch 
ths rae«a aad autay ■tay*d up for th* 

Tha Cslonlat and Times saeh do- 
nated a able Id to tha ASSoeiaUen. 

which were gratefully reCSlV^fd by 
the commitlee The <'nlonist shield 
'lis become the trophy for the 140 
pound aingiaa, and The Tlmee shield 
for the (iuart*r*mll* daah. 

BaaMary at Ht— Us 

Senior Rlnglea — 1, D*a Brlaay. 
Poril.iml. 2. Htan Angus, Vancouver. 
Time, 1 1 1 I 2 .'>. .1 B.A A. entrlea 

140 lb Foiin* 1, Portland tM. 
SIckafoosp. C. Stover, A. Kellop and 
Humphrey); 2, Vancouver t B. 
Hume, C. Culbbert. K. Woods and D. 

Allan): I. J.B.A.A. iB. J. MeMlllan, 
C. P*rb*s. J. Craas and A. FahUay). 

Time, 10:11 1-B 

Senior Doubiss — 1. Vlatarla (C. 
Donaldaon and 1*. LiO«ks): I. Port- 
land iM .Slckafooae and C. Bt*V*r>: 
3. Vancouver iH l-'letcher gad B. K. 
Anguat Time. 1 0 47 4 B. 

.Srnior Kourv 1, Portland i F. 
Uii tber y. Phllllpa. J Semehreth 
and A lilndstrom), 2. \anioi.ver (C. 
H. B Finlayaon. A. C. Black. W. U. 
C. Adama and Q. M. Angua): I, J.R. 
A.A. (A. MacLachian. V. BaadraAt, 
S: Rldiall aad C. Daaaldaea). TIai*. 
19:41 1-1. 

Quarter-mile dash for scullers — I. 
.Stan Angua. VsAoauver; 2. George 
Kingaley. Vanco)iver- I, W. Kennedy. 
J.BJLA.. TIflM. I:Sl !•§. 

Cochcl \\ i/tH first 

Davis Cup Match 

CHBRBOURU, France. July 24. — 
Play la tha final round of the Davia 
Cop eampaUtloa for tha Buropean 
xoae hsgan hor* today hotwoaa taama 
r«pr*8aatlht Fraaaa aad Off«at Brit- 
ain. • 

Henri Cochet. of Franca, defeated 
J. C. Gregory. 7-6, 4-4, 7-1, 7-B, 4-4, 
In the first aingtsd aiatah. 




virgiiia Oarhoa Makes Now ReoarB 
in y*aiafo Kvont ot 



Aniii t i N V I BY BIX 

A.M> kl\ k. 

it. 99; 

Canadiuti Collieries Take 

Rcgina Post into Camp 

REQINA. July 34 —Outplaying the 
Reglna Poat. Saakatchewan cham- 
pions, from fIrat whistle to laat. the 
Caaadlan Collieries footballsrs of 
Caaihortsnd. B.C., vtrtadlly elhiehed 
the semi-Anal round of the Coaaaaght 
rhip aeries here tonight by a 4-4 vic- 
tory The leamn plav tb» second ,? » • " 
of the series on .Mnnday total k-"!* » 
to cfoi. i tint the coa^f men are mora 
likely to add to their margin than to 
have It reduced. 

The collMre play*d each saian eam- 
binaitoa foatbati tanight that lo*ai 
enthoviaata admit *hey showsd sven 
better form than the F. A. ta«M|ta, 
kaat a Bagiaa aU' 

June, 2 to 4 Against the experienced 
and fast Invaders the hltberto un- 
conauerad Peet el*v*n mads a sorry 
showlBB, aad Talt. la tha BX. Baal, 
waa taaiai with aaly two or throo hard 

"Tuffy" Davis, diminutive centre 
forward, was the outatHmllng star of 
>ha v!.i»^-. V •^'Migh all plsyed well 
'».''»-. i^geroua outtrtcking 

anil ouupeeSing hla checks Ihrough- 
eat Tha ath*r gaals fsll to OIlgBls 
HItchlas sad Jimmy Hoofa. 

Ptaytnt wHh th* wtpd la tha Brat 
half the Colltorles ssasad thr**. and 
agaiaet thd wlad agala hald oammaad 
Of BUy aBi tsifii tBaIr foarth taOr* 

Reading 1. Newark I. 
Rochaatar I. Bdllala I. 
Toronto I, Bysaaaso I. 

T.raev Cltv 1 aa1tlm<»'e I. 



Bad V\ ill. Mner'ii on foloi^ Iff. re 

Low Itl<>>< I odf-d >llC lomtMII 

ii, I 111. .1 I'.oaaB 

CRICAOO, Jaly 24.— Bod Taylor. 
Terra Baata. ladlana, thaltaager fAr 
tha waHB's hantaaiwalBht ehamplaa- 

ahlp, won from Tom Ryaa. of MaKeea- 

pori Pa in the third rosnd of a 

■ che.l ind iMJUt si Ihe White 

HOK I'.ati this afternoon or> a 


In a furloas aUa-up Ryan unlatsa- 
tloaally Mah a laft hoak lata ThTlar's 
grata. Tho Terre Haute boy ssah la 
bl« knaes. and after physUlana had 

!»• '-1 him In the ring he was ' rha mplonship 
S w ■ i • ' onl est. 
Trt 'he nr»t 

refused t^e vorglst 
sad It. Ha 
after aad had B 
tha tiaii' thd 

VANCOtrvER. July 34 Virginia 
Carlton, ridden by Willie Molter. es- 
tAbllshsd a asw Hastlags Park track 
rSeord by winning ths fiv* furlong 
event of the closing card ot th* moot 
here today. Her time for the dIsUnce 
waa 2-5. She paid her barkers 
17.50 for a 13 strslght ticket Frank 
S. was second, half a lentth behind, 
and Crtoebnt third. 

First raoo— Claiming, purse $r,co, 
thf*a-y*ar-oldS odd up. six and one- 
half furlongs I'Icnic. II. IB. |4.8B. 
IS 85, N'andenburg. |4 20. 13 50; Bella 
of MlltDn, 14 :0 Tiroc 1 23 2 :. 

Second race — Claiming, puree 8«no. 
three-yaar-elda and up. six and one- 
half furldags: Jags. 14,30. II.44, 
•1.14: Dally Naw, M.a4. 14.14: Dal- 

hlmar. II.M. TlgM. 1:11 l-l- 

Third rasa— Claiming, purs* |44l. 

three-y'-ar-olds and up. al»out fIv* 
furlongs; Chief Clerk, 13.30, 
13.14: BUI Blackwall. 14.40. 

Darral J.. 1114. Time. :6I 2 8. 

Faarth raaa— Tli* Activity Handi- 
cap, paras thraa-yMir-oids snd 
Up. shoot fl^ lastoagg: Virginia 

Cnrtfnn. |7 SO. 11.31. 13.41; Frank S. 
84 4». 13.34; Crsscent. |4.B*. Time, 
17 2-B 

Fifth race — The Midsummer Hand 
it^p, 8«00. three yenr-olda ami up 
oae mile and ona-atxteenth: Couer da 
Lion. 14.11. 13. IB. 11.44: Snow 
Maldan. |4, ll.TI: Mahal Xrlpp. II.M. 
Time, 1:41 t-l. 

Sixth rare —Claiming, purs* 1808. 
thrre-year oida and up. one mil* and 
seventy varda l«v Bnb*rU. — , 11. 11. 
II. 40; Be* Box. I« 35, |I.IB: Eau 
Oailia, 12.11. TIM*. 1 48 I t. 

B*vaa8h r asa Oi a t mlag. para* 
flag. thrso-yoar-oMs aad ap. aaa mil* 
and ae'/eaty yards: Orsat Flalsher. 
|8 TO. 11.41. Il.ld: Beraloa B.. 11.11. 
13 15. Baa Wfmsh. 9tM. TNaa. 
1:41 1-^ 

CyclintH to Race 

VANCOUVER. July 34 — Local ry- 
sUsis hav* alraady hagaa Mrcnuoua 
tralMBt Igt tha ■*aoad aaaaal PaciAc 
Coast' tw a aty-Bvs-mll* r*sd racing 

Minn.. July 24. — A sisndsr. unassum- 
ing youth from th* Paelfte Northw**t 

Frank D*lp, af Pertland — won th* 
Western amataur golf ahaaip*4hdhlp 
her9 late today. 

A golfing machine with a magical 
putter, he trod tha hilly White Bear 
Tacht Club couraa today, persistently 
winning holee until he had d*f*atad 
Bronson K. Stain, of Seattle. < and I. 

He waa never down. The mstch 
terminated a week of wonderful golf 
for tha new champion, who succssds 
to ths erswa wora in tha past by 
Keefe Carter, of Oklahaaia City, who 
was put out this year In ths ssooad 
round bv Htein 

Today wsji I>olp(i first match over 
par for eishteen holes He went out 
thia morning In 38 and csrne home In 
35 for 71, while hia firat afternoon nine 
waa a par 14. He wm tws over pa# an 
the four holoa pteydi In th* faarth 

While Btein e*uid not BMlah tftls 
performance, his watk was adt far 

below it. ♦ 

He bad more trouble on his drivee 
and approachea and missed sev*rsl 
short putts that would have given 
bim the hale. The BeaUla maa taak 
38 eoiBlag Ih. for 77. while his al- 
teraooa out alae araa made la M. 


BROOKLINE. Mass, July 24 — 
William T. Tllden II of Philadelphia, 
national teanla > hampum. w»n hla 
second leg en the eighth I.,ongwnod 
Bowl today by defeating I>>wis N. 
White. et-AasUa. Tsaat. 4 s. « 4. l-l 
on tha graas aotirtg aC the Leagwood 
Cricttot ChBh. 

VMoa. fcawa*er waai dowa ta 

defSat artth Ms partner A. L Wslner. 

in the double* wh»in White and l^ojis 
Tlialh»lrn»ir. Ix.ib <>< Tfxas. i<hiI< 
Str.itcb^ 7 . * " * 

n defeated 
abort Hills. N.J.. 
'g slaglsa 


MiSB^I^abatb Kyan 

4-4. f9^4L IB tV #aa8gB 


f)«'an alao fouled 
■> . . ut Taylor 
of the r«r*ree ta 


to IM held 

n < '1 n ju n< - 

■ « ith 

x lU' ■.- 4. 

The eaurse will be tha aama as laat 
yaar. Seattle is esperted to send over 
audta. While doBaMs asaurahad that 

Thirteenth In One! 

M. Biraia laaBs the thlr- 
tooath halg of (ho Oak 

Bar llnka in one y*s4*rday. Ha 
waa playing In a foa r asme with 
Iir M I M Adam* I 14 Hed 
ley and W. H. Bgulre. The 
ratMa M ltd 







Game Regulations for 
Season Are Published 

Blue Grouse and Deer Shooting Open on S^tem- 
ber 1 1 , With Willows Qosed Until November- 
Ducks Come In In Mid-October, With Pheasants, 
Quail and Partridge to Follow at Later Dates 

McGUl Professor 

Conquers Mt. Fryatt 

Th« rcCulatlona for the op«n 
w>gOM for tb* y«*r w«r« r«l«*Md by 
tiM AttonMy*OM«rat's D«p«rtaMnt 
ytBtortoy m M felieva: 

Dueka, WIlMa Miip*. cmM, 
SiKl iFMsrr yellowlacs. in th* WMt*ni 
diatrtc-t, open aeaaon from Oetob«r li. 
192«. to J«n«i«rr tl. I9tt. both 4»«M 


U««M anrl hr ii ' ti th^ wr»<t*rn 
district, open ubuhou Irom November 
1. it29, to February IS, 1*27, both 
dalM tBOliMiv*. OreuM (blue only). 
In tko wMtom dtotrtet, . throuchout 
Vancouver laland (eseopt 80 0th 
Baanlrli and Highland diatrleta ind 
the munlf ipallty of North Cowlchfin 
and the l.iml fllntrl' im of S« ym<>ur. 
Hahtlaiii, f{^ltii<'k<ui. Quu[iilcha.n. 
CowU-han and tJhuwnlnan, nrnl th:»t 
portion irilMMa and I>Iiik n'lrth and { 
weat of flalmon River. Btrathcona 
Park, BurmM Rivor, M««halat Am. 
BtMlMM CbuMl aad Noatic* Soand. 
and hi tho alocloral district of Baqut- 
m«M> and in the lelundM f>iertor:>l 
dietrlct (except Mayne lulnnd). open 
Hf^anon from Hrptf riib< r II l!i2ri to 
t>clober rj.'fl, \«>th dmeM inrlu- 


In th* weatern dlatrlrt. on Van- 
couver 'lalnnd, in the MlKhlan<< dis- 
trict and In the electoral district of 
Kaquimalt (except the land ^Witricta 

of shawnlfan and Helmcken), open 

tteaaon from September 11, ItZt, to 
H<>ptrnib«r St. llSf, both datos In- 

ThrniiKhoot thS remalndtT lti<- 
wpBtern dlatrlct (ex'.-r' H"rnby 
laland and that poriion i- Main- 

land known aa the city uf North Van- 
couver and the dlatrlct municipalities 
oC North and . Wast Vanoeuvsr, In- 
oludUir *tl tka watsrshsds af tha 
ChpHMM, Lyaa had ■armour Craaks), 
open asjaaa from flaptembar II, ItM, 
t.. o. lobar SI, IfM. both datbs la- 


Willow <;rouac 
Grouae (Willow onlyi. In the west- 
ern diatrleta, tliruuithout Vancouver , 
Island (eaeapt Oak Bay municipality. 
South taantrh and Hlshland districts. 
North I'owlrhan municipality, and the 
land dlutrlrta of Beymour, Rahtlam. 

Ilrlm'k''^!. Qudfniifiiin. Cnwichiti 
and Slia \vn l!,-n n. ami ttint portion bU- 
Urilo .ind I>ini: iiorih ;itid u cmI of 
Httlnion Ith'T Si r.i i In ona I'mU, r?iir 
man Blv'r. Murhalat Arm, /u' l.iiifl 
Channel und Nootka Sound, and the 
aMataral district of Baquimalt). and 
ta thd Xalanda electoral district (ex- 
<^ttt Ofayne laiandi. opan season 
from Novetniirr 1, 1926, to Movamber 
.'in, iri:«. I.oih ilaipd In.liialvi". 

In the wpMtern dlmrlrt, on \'iin- 
t'ouxer Ixland In the KlKhlund diKtri'-t 
and In the alaotoral •list rid of Khi^hI- 
malt (except the land diatrleta of 
Shawnltan and lielmekan), open 
saason from Novembar II, ItIC, to 
Navambat 90. both dat«« Inalu- 


In the weatern dlatrlct. throuvhout 
the remainder of tlif w-.stoin district 
(oxr^pt Kornby laLmd und that por- 
tion of thf .Miiinliind known a.n ihf> 
muni< Ipitlliy Of I'olnl (Jrey, IncludinR 
all lundM of the Crown, and that por- 
tion kitown aa th* City of North 
Vaneouvar and tha district mualei- 
palltlea of North and Weat Vancou- 
ver. Includlnv the watersheds of the 
Capllano, Lynn und Seymour Oeokn), 
open aenaon frura November 16, 1126, 
to November itSI, bath datsa la- 


Quail (except Rob-White and 
Mountain Quail). In the western dls- 
trtet. on Vancouver Island. In the 
munlclpaUty of North Oawlchait. i^nd 
the land diatriata at saymoiur. Shht- 
lam, Hab ii oken. Quamlchan. Oowich- 
an and tlhawnliran. nnd tho ripi toral 
divlrl'ls of KHUuiinHll und Saanlih 
ifx^-^pt <>ak May in unlel pii ill > i . .ind 
III i^limda electoral dlnlrli't (ex- 

cept Katurim laland), open saason 
from No\Pni»>rr 1, ItSf, to NoVOHIbar 
S«. 1I3I, both dates Incluslva. 

rhaasanta (cork birds only) In the 
weatern district, on \'ancouver Island 
(except Oak Bay Mninl<lpallty. and 
on (iiihrlolii and 'I'fxtiia l.«lMndM and 
on I>enmnn nml Texttda lnUndHl. 
open afaaon from Ortnh^r 1 .'i. 192*. 
to .\o\Pinber TO, 19:'6, both datea In- 
I lum\ » 


Swimming Instruction 

"Y" Curtis Point 
Swimming Club 

MMidiy. WtdiMsdftir and 


2 o'clock to S 


Cock bli'lH only In the weatJ-rn <ll"- 
trtct. on Sidney. Moreaby. ffiuUr 
Mayne. (jSllano and Halt s .: • « 
islands, opan asaaoa from October 
II. inc. to DadMBbav M. ItH, bath 
dates iBclualva. 

Cork bird# only In the weatern dla 
trlct, on the Mainland lexr.-pt that 
portion known as the gquamihh \ a! 
\fy and the municipality of I'oint 
Orey, Including all Crown landm 
opan saason from October 16, 192ti 
to Novambar >•, 1131. both datas in 

Kuropean parimltc*" In '.Uo western 
dlatrlct, on \ ancoij\rr Ini.iii'l in South 
Saanlch and HiKhland distrkta and 
the North Haanlch dlalrltt and on ihf 
Mainland in the electoral dlati n is of 
I>«1U aad Chilli wack. In the Ulan'i 
electoral district, opan saaaon from 
Novembar SI, tt2«. to Novembar Su. 
IISI, both datas Inclusive. 

No bear may he t nipped in bny 
part of tha western dlatrlct. 

Farther, for tha purpose of deserib- 
Inc the Highland district mentioned 
In thasa rexutatlona. the sama la 
heraby defined as follow^ 

ItiSlUand District 
"BUrtlnr at th« Maeuan of thi 
Finlayaon Arm Road and the Mala- 

hat lIlKhway; thence anuth alonir tha 
M.ilahal and IMand lllxhway to Atkln 
lioad. thfnc- caMi aloii>{ At Km Hoad 
to Thetis I,ako lload; thence north 
alone Theila iMkc Koail to MiinnH 
Hoad; thence eaaterly and aouiherly 
aloaff Muaa's Road to Prospect Lake 
Hoad: thanee alon« Prespaat lAka 
Road north and east to the latarurban 
line of the British Columbia Elactrl*' 
Rall\va\ . theme alonjf the aald rail 
way to Toil Inlet Itoad; thence hIohk 
Tod Inlet Kn)id to Saanlcb Arm. 
thenre alone Siuinlch Arm to Oold- 
stream Creek; thenre follewlna the 
noldatraam Creek to tha rinlayson 
Arm Road; thence alone tha Finlay- 
aon Arm Bdad to tha Malahat Hlfh 

.MiMintain, throuKhout the 
we»(tern dlatrlct (except Vancoiivor 
Iflandi. open aeasoii fronn September 
II. 1I2S, to I>ecember 16, 192I. both 
<iataa lnolasive. 

Bear (except White or Kermodal 
Hear I throiiRhont the western dls- 

Iri'l open aeanon frr>n\ .September 

II, 192«, to June ir.. i:i27. both datea 

Deer (Mule. White-tail and Coast) 
bueM aniy, throughuul the weatern 
dhrtrlet (except Que^n Charlotte 
Islands and these poriiana of Van- 
9firVH .I^Nk^ known aa North and 
Sotith iianleh and Highland dla- 
trlctHl. open Heaaon from September 
II. 19L'rt. to Kecenilxr 1'). 1936. both 
datea Inclualve. 

In that portion of Vancouver laland 
known aa tho Highland, North and 
South Saanlch distriota, open soason 
from Septambar it, IISI, to October 
Si, nil. both dataa laolosiva. 

in tha waatarn dlstriet. ' all fur- 
bearlng animals (except muskrats on 
Vancouver Island and beaver 
I h r.oic h. .lit the dlatrlct ». open aea.-ton 
from Deicniber I. 1928. to March 31. 
1927. botli datea Inclu8l\e 

Beaver, In th« electoral districts of 
Prince Rupart. Skaana and Macken- 
ale situate and lying In tha western 
district, open saason from Febrtiary 
16. 1927. to March tl. 1IS7. both 
datea Inuluaive. 

Northam. aaat*rn aad wMtara dis- 

In respect of big gama threvghent 
the I^revlnca aa dallned in the Oame 
Act. no pafsan ahall anywhere in the 
northern and eaatem districts kill or 
take or have In their possession dur- 
Inc the open aeaaon rr\ore than two 
deer, all of whl<h be of the 
mule sex Jind in the weatern district 
kill or t.iUe or have In their poaaea- 
alon during the tipen seuaon more 
than three deer, all of which must 
ba of tha male sex: and no peraon 
shall kill or taka or have In their 
possession during the open aaason 
more than three bear of an\' apei les 
otber than 'Iriitzly, and north of the 
main line of the ('anadian .National 
llallwu>. formerly l<no"ii aa the 
drand Trunk Paclflc Railway, two 
Ortssly baar, aad south of the said 
railway Una one Orlstly baar. 

Throughout the Province no per- 
on ahall at any time kill or take or 
hn e in their pSSSS W ian dwrini: the 
open aeabon more than two mountain 

nag liliiilia 
Bag limits are fixed ya follows; 
Northern and Eastern Dlstrleta — 

Pheaa.'inta (cock blrda only) except 

in ijie freaton eie<toraI dlatrlrt. dully 
bair limit, four, total ban limit fif 
!»-eii In ihe ('region elector. il district. 
iM X I..TJI limit. three; ti»lal bau, aiX. 

(juall: Dally ba« limit, tea; total 
bag limit. IM. 

orouae and Ptarmigan (except 
(>rairle chicken In the northern and 
•aatern diatritU): nnlty hag limit, 
alx of one spaalba, or twelve o( all 
speclea total bac Qihit Bfty M the 

Prairie chicken, In the eastern dis- 
trict: Daily bag limit, three; total 
hag Hmlt. twalva. Th tfte aarthem 

[:iiiiniinr\vi :ii:rriLHiiiiiiii i| 




M> T H 


Thom.i - 



















P K 4 


r ^^ T 


P Q 4 


r w ' 


N Q B 1 


N K i; 3 


B Q 1 


P B 4 ; 


p x Q r 


P X Q P 

6. N B 3 la 




N N 1 

• ■ 4. 

P K 4 ! 


« K S 


B Q 1 


Nx« P 




N N I 


P K « 


H g B 4 


B K N 1 

v.' w 

1 1 


Q N Q ; • 

DR. a. W. A. 

( ..nquerer of Mount Fryatt. one 
the hiKheat and moat formidable 
peaka In the Athnbaska aectlon of the 
Canadian Rocklea. He was for twen- 
ty-three yeara profeaeor of phlloaophy 
at McQllI University, rasigning his 
appalntasaat Mt ltl4. 

WHITE Alechln 
Ths diai^ani and move.s are the 

• nd a( tha tenuous Kame betWgaS DT. 

Alechln aad Sir Oeorge Thomaa .at 
the Soarborougli tourney — the 
< > noaura of all eyes. aad. daaplte 
minor flswa. a credit to British chess. 

arol Mioriovir. wa.s the only half 
j oint dropped by Alechin durlnR the 
» hole toumamant. 





Q I 

k r. 

■4 < 
K 4 

H 4 

N 4 

N 4 







R X B oh ! 
P R 4 

P K R 6 

T' K 5 
P (4 R • 
K K 3 

district: Dally bag limit, alx; total 
bag limit. Atty. 

Kuropean pa rtrldgc: Dally bag 
limit, Blx; loUl bujc limit, twenty-live. 

Orouse: Dally bag limit. f\ve blue 
aad Ave willow grouse; total bag lim- 
it, flfty. 

yiiaii (except Bob WhHa and 
moiiniaiTi .piaili: Dally bag limit, 
ten; total I'aK limit, flfty; except In 
North Cowlf ban munlcipalH m l the 
districts of Seymour, Hah lei 
mcken. Quamlchan, CowlrUan and 
BhawBlgan, where the daily bag 
limit shsll ba alx: total bag Umit 

Throughout the Province -r>uckB: 

Daily bag limit, twenty; toul bag 
limit. 111. 

ceeae: Dally bag limit, tatti taUl limit, flfty. 

Mrant: Daily bag limit, tan: tOUl 
baK liniii. «n.v 

(ireater and i^aasMT Tatlawtaga: 
Daily bag limit, flftean tn Hia nIVra- 
gata of all kinds; total bag limit. Ill 
in the aggregate. 

Wilson Snipe: Dally ttag limit, 
twenty-flve; total bag limit, 110. 

Coota: Dally bag limit, twenty-flre; 

total h^K limit. 160. 

The open aeaaona declared by theae 

I I nil III 1 1 I 11^ "'i I' 1^ apply to the 
followh/k parts of the Province, 

That portion of Naaaimo Harbor 
described as follawa: Batwaan high- 
water mark on Vancouver Island and 

a line drawn as followa: Commencing 
ut Brecken I'oint Departure May. 
near the City of Nanalmo, then<e in 
an eaaterly division to the mgat 
westerly point on Newcastle laland; 
thanca southaaatarly ta the most 
easteriy point on Newcastle Island; 
thanca to the most westerly paint on 
Protactlaa laland: thence aoutheaat 
eriy to OalloWa Point on Protection 
laland; thence to .t.tck'a Poini on 
Vancouver Island, thence In a weai- 
arly diraetlon to Btevena A Wright's 
Bhlnsm mill en Vancouver Island. 

Tha apan aaaaons daclared by these 
regulations shall net apply to tha 
hunting, taking, o^ having In possett- 
alon of quail. pheaaanta. r'ralrle 
rhirken ( aharp-talled grouae), or 

partridge when Mioir la an tha 

r-r,) iiri d 

Prohihitinn Agent 

DiMtnistd for Came 

6T. K Q t wins far BUck, a.g., II. 
K X P, K B 4: 61. N R Z, P N 4; 11. 
K N 6 P N I; II. K B I. P N •: 13. 

N H 1. P M T. 

.8. K xP ' 11. K X P 

.,9. K N I &9, K K 4 

II. K B I 10. K O I 

II. K K 1 II. K B 4 

• 2. N B 2 P » f 

63. K Q 3 

Drawn, for White has ilrnn t i 
the advanced () R P with his K which 
holda the Q N P. wMla hii N holds 
the K B P. 

Tha game la (ram tha iaat all-Rus- 
slaa teumay. Of tha opening, a 
Bishop's Oamblt, M.C.O. says: "This 
doea not load to SUch complicated 
poaiilons aa tha Knight's Uambit, but 
has tha merit of graater ■onadnass.' 
WHITE ' BllACnt 

Nanarakav Sesln 

1. P K 4 1. P K 4 

3. P K B 4 2. P X P 

3. n B 4 8. P Q 4 ! 

4 H X P 4. Q n 5 ch 

0. K B I S. P K K 4 
(i . P a 4 « B N 2 

7. N Q B I 7. N K 3 

1. N B I a. Q R 4 

*. PKR4 1. PKRI 

10. Q Q 3 mi "aatlea 

So far on the moat orthodox llnea, 
but 10. K N I la atronsrer than ti (J S. 
Whose weakness Is that B gets a It to 
Q 1 falrty early and tha Q la not well 


1 1 . N K 2 1 1 . Q N B a 
1 2 . B N .1 1 H N :> 
13. P B a 13. K <^ 1 

Thraa moras have new baan necea- 
i garlly occuplad In aaottMnc tha W 
' centre, whilst B has completed hIa 
ilc\ eiopriicnt —clear evidence of a 
wronx acheme on White's pari; the 
tenth move la the root of the trouble. 
1 4 Q N N 1 14. N N a 

White ran no longer play 14. K N 
1 . e g .N K 4; 15. N X N, Q B X N; 14. 
Q R 3, BxN; 17. P x B. P N 6; 18 
Q n 2, P N I: If. Q R I, B N I and 

H;., f, .id' ahoot hi - i -it u i;h P 
K 6. \vi..n the best repi, .ii -.-ais to 
be 12, (4 g 3, not Q Q 4. P xP ch, 13. 
KxP, N B a; 14. PxN. B B 4: II. 

<J X B N K 6 ch. 

1 2 H K 2 12. N K 4 

1 J K H 1 1 3 R B 1 

1 4 P K K 3 1 4 B Q 2 

1 a P K U 4 1.-. N N .1 

It. p N a U. ft K I 

17. K N t If. P X • 

Whlta'a only mova ta knld 
game la 17. P B 4. 

18. N X g P 



cwHaral KxhlMtlaM 



18 g g 1 
19. B.B a 
3«. PxN 
tl. IP B 1 
25. « K 2 • 

Wh|ie rosigns. 
oh and B T aiata. 

1». N (Q 4) ]^ P ch 
tl. P eh 
31. B N 4 eh 
tf. Nrt 

28. Q B 3 ch 
If 31. N X N. Q B 3 




I S 



Q N I 

Q K 2 

N Q 2 

P X I! 

g g I 
B B 4 

If 20. K 

2 2 




.V K 2 
P X P 

K n 2 

Q N 1 
If tl. Q 

R X g. g X R 

26. N B 3 

27. Q .N 2 
21. K N a 






1. N X P. 

B Q I 
P N I 

X P 
B N 4 ch 
N B 4 t 

WAHHI.M ,T< i.V .luly - 4 < ol .Sed 
Creep, the Kan l'>anclaco prohibition 
admlnlatrator. who anya publicly he 
haa been giving "parties" with con- 
flacsted ' liquors, wss suspanded fram 
office b/ Aotlag Secratary Winston, of 
the Treasury Depsriment. 

■AK rBANClsrO. July 24.— Ad- 
vised that he had been ouated as Fsd- prohibition administrator fpr 
.Northern California and Nevada, 
pendina 'he outcome of <ertaln 
rhargea agalnat him. Colonel Ned 
Oreen said today: I should have 
bean suspandad long ago." 

that makes the 

ytorlds tuiesl mkLaik 

•omrllsinK difler- 
aht and kattar 

the world faaSM 

0*t tht 8«<n>iM 

n A r A a I <«• 

t!ll--4 h*»tlleH 



B X B eh 

P B • 

P X P 

P X N 

QxB P ch 
t. p Qnaan'g eh; 2«. 


24. R Q 8 
27 R B 8 ph 
It. P K R 4 
Still mora eoneluMva was 31.^.. P 
gueen's ch; 21. N X Q. Q K 4 ah: 31- 
K R 3, K K 3 ch. 
tf . B R I 31. K R 8 

To free tha N (or mating parposea, 
HO that when the W K movas there 
ma> I'e no discovered rhe. k 
30. N Q S ' 30. g K 4 ch 

WMU raaldna. 

The following brilliant axampla of 
Simon Winawer's skill was ptajrod In 

the Nuremberg tourney The open- 
ing a centra xame cannot be rerom- 
mended for mati h play, aaya M C f» . 
1926. The early manoeuvres of the 
Q. though embarrassing to a player 
unfamiliar with ths dsfanea, when 
eerraetly mat raeult la dangerous 
congestion of the W farcea. Game* 
one and two, with notM, from The 
B C M 

1 1 
1 - 

P K 4 
P Q 4 

Q X P 

g K a 
N g B f 

M g 2 

< nsl le,» 
. B B 4 
I F Q I 

B X B 

g B 4 

N B 3 

N N 6 

B Q a 

. P K R 4 ! 
If 14 PxN: 



1 1 





P K 4 


N Q B a 

N B I 

B N S 

< a at les 

P. K I 


N X P 

N B a 
p g 3 
B K a 
p K R a 

N Q 4 


R « . h K X H . 1 7 g R 
It. B X P. followed by 

N 1 
snd R R 1. 

II. B R 7 all 
14 R xN T 

1 : H K 4 

\N threatena 

1 ' g X I* 

Lent waa 

K Q 4; 

4 ch. K 

g R 4 

16. K R 1 

IT. P B • 

H N X P ch. BxN, 
ch and Q mate^ RIa. It'a 
17 R X B. II N X P I h. 

K V I, 
N X R ! 

or If II. Q B 
N K 4 I and 
hare m aa 


6. Q 

N 1 

or It 

1 •> 


I Ills advert ikcnient is not pub- 
lt»hrd or displayed by the Liquor 

' nf r< >\ I'oa'- I "T • • ' ' '•■ vrrn- 
meat ol iinUah Cuiuiubi^ 

B PxN 

19 N K 4 

Rlark ra s lgna 
reply to the threat 

t p 
I' V « ' 
There Is no 
R X P ch. 

0«t nast la fram Tarro's N«ir Tatli 
tear. Tkb aaiaa ara by tho %hinar. 
W MITB RT * ' K 

Caj-loa Torra 

The founcll of the B <-* announce 
that no auastlon of amateur or 
professional statas will ba atlawad ta 
arise In the International team match, 
the only atlpulatlon beinB that the 
four selected to repreaent each <oun 
try are aualilled either by birth or 
naturalliatlOB. Several more coun- 
trlaa hava appllad for mombarshlp 
of tha F.LD.B. Thoaa appUdnUons 
will be dealt with at the meaUng of 
that Federation in Budapest this 

Lioadon vs. Chicago — Arrangements 
hava bean oamplatad (or a cable 
ma Uh bat ween th— a cltlaa on Nov- 
ember I next, six playara a aMa. 

I'.in Amernan ('hea.s ConRreaa — 
The Ktanding of the playera on July 
12 waa a.n follows: .1 R Capahlanr* 
won a>i, lost H: A. Kupchic won 
3%. lost m; Qexa Mareesy won 8, 
lost 3; F. J. Marahall won 3. lost 3; 
Edward T^ker won 1. last 4. Tha 

f(ire;;nlng conipletea the flrst half of 
the mret I'apalanca 8 draw waa 
with Marshall. A. Zukertort opening 

The L'nlveralty of Pennaylvania 
won flrst priaa in the Philadelphia 
Cheaa I.«ague with a aoora of 9 to 0. 

The Kdlnburrrh Congreea — Scottish 
papery point out that the laat B t" F. 
meet in the capital re.'-nlted In two 
new champions They lonjt for a 
Captain a. H. Mackenxle, winner of 
tha flrat, third and flfth American 
tourneys, a player who In hIa highoat 
flights soared to tha altltadaa at- 
tained by Marphy, aald Blaakbnma In 
The B.C.M. 

Playera and vialtora to the Con- 
gr«as agree that the city atanda 
supfama tar natural beauty, historic 
buildings aad aantlmental aawcia- 

Snoako BorowakI and an Indian en- 
trant are competing In the major 

The B.C. Agricultural t4ociet\ 
their efforts tO make th«- 

show a rsoard ana have now au>. ctoa 
fnUy aaiiotlnlad tar tlM aervices of 
tha wall-kaawa caalaa aa»art, Mr. 
Jack Maadawa. a gaa tl w w an at Intar- 
national fame tn dogdom. and who 
v»i!i receive a three-flfjure cheque for 

I r i. ill .\inont; the i m poi i i lit 

•howa Judged by .Mr .Meadow a uie 

Alhambra. Long iteach and Saata 
Barbara, California; Kugena, Oregon; 
Mlchliiaa Stalf Wmir, BtilCalo, New 
Glasgow. Nova Scotia. Taranta Bxhl- 

bltlon (twice) Boston Terrier Club of 

(.'anada in Kctwi'-l (■[ill., (Inelph 

Cult, the WcBK-.n Hair, London. \S m 
nlpeg'a Big Show, Kdmonton. Van- 
couver. Hamilton, Ontario, and others. 
Fanciers recognise th^ wonderful 

all rouhl Uio.wledRe .'f doga whlch 
.Mr Meadows po»»e««c!< and huue en- 
tries alwaya follow hl« appointment 
as Judge. He is parUcularly noted 
for his courtasy and aaststance to 
noviea axhlMtam la tha rias. hki aala 
desira bains ta aaa tha baat dag win. 
Ring-slda apaat^tan hava aftaa re- 
marked on tho manner in which Mr. 
Meadows carefully examinea each dox 
coming before him. thua enaurinx 
that no tinap judgments are handed 
out. By this oaraful inspection he la 
alwaya aMa to axplain how dogs are 
placed first, aaoend and third, which 
Information Is always helpful to ex- 
hlbltora ICvory owner of a pure bred 
do(f (whether pedlxreed or not), 
fihould Rct 'h-' .jpcrtM .-pinion hv 
entering It In this big exhibition show. 

Whara parilculam of a daTn brand - 
ing aOL BSL available, tlify ann be 

entered In the limit. Csnadlan bred, 
and open claaaea, but in puppy and 
novice clasaea owner must state 
animal's date of birih, braeder'a 
nama and name of giro aad dam. 
which, howavar, naad nat ba ragla- 
tered stock. Bntry forma, claaainea- 
tlon and prise Hats caa ba had free 
from Mr. W. H. Meama. ISfl Danslaa 

commendad. T%a gynlam 

.tutipi' and the mark! 

.»Kre-.iMe to vlallorS. 

• • • 

A report of an Kngllah olab tUAm 
t h.ii 1 loi I , riM of .«e.i .1 - i^raad at 
lis greens .-vei ^ ^>onia B.Ck 

lani" ... .h .ui4 

Lowaathal — A vary Intaraatlns 
avant will take plaoa at HasUngg on 

July 31. A wreath will be placed on 
the grave of the old opponent of 
Morphy on that date by the Pi K 
The date la the fiftieth annlveraary 
of the death of the Hungarian master, 
who was buried in Haatings Cemetery 
in 1171. 

Morphy returned the £111 ha won 

In the match by preaer^tlng his op- 
ponent with £120 of fwMiit ur«*. for a 
new house l>owentlial taken. 

Nannimn M ill Singe 
Itland linrd Courf 

TennU ChamfiioMfufin 

The first open tournament for the 
Vancouver Islaad Hard Court Cham- 
plonahlpa will ba held at Nanaimo 
from Augnst 11 to 14. Thara wUI be 
the usual five events, men's ahiclaa. 

1,-idies' fiinrlca ' -ih'-*, ladlSS* 

doublea and n >. • i utka. and. In 
addition 'there \\\\\ ho conaolatlon 
singles open to playera defeated in 
their first matchea in the men> and 
ladlaa' singles. Challenge oupa have 
been presented for the flrpt thraa 
event a. and It is expected that othera 
will be forthcoming shortly for the 
other events. 

Batriog oloaa on Monday, August *. 
and tho tournament secretary is C. 
H. Talt. P.O. Box 671, Nanalmo, B.C. 
The tournament commlttso Is com- 
posed r the foUowinx I" A. Hanna 
(rhairmini. < H Tall (secretary I, 
and <•. K Hodxaon. K.ric PetO, N. T. 
Corlleld and Hev. S Kyall. 

Vnited States Has 

Not Been UnromoonMe 

L<3NnON. .luly 24 In reoponse to 
attacka by the British press on the 
subjact af tha preaent prohibition 
conference hara. It was sUted em- 
phatically In oSlalal cirelaa t.«day that 
the United Rtstea has not asked for 
the right to a«»«rrh and aeisvrt:. nj.' 
made any iinreaaonable request. 

If la iinofTlclally asserted that if >he 
Cnited States had not flrat re<(jested 
auch a conference, MrlLaIn prol>»hiy 
wo;jld have taken the Initialise alnre 
sentiment is strong against the Brit- 
Wh fla« bains «nid to rtOaM 

la tha conipeinioii for rInW- 
■I^IHf autstde of till- area of (.rcal^r 

VaMamavcr. Revei-.'. uv i-.,rne out tha 

fintt «innerH of 'he .\.iIm.|. tup 

tipened rcoeally by tli« lx>ril Ma>'or 
In nntvbury Circus Usrdens. Is the 
only bowling grasa la the city at 
Laadaa. V» praaaSt nanMratriinf 
only raaldanu la tho city pro^sr ara 
ellglblo for mambarehlp. iMtdanai* 
will .ertainiy bo In tha "lanar olrela" 
wht-n they plsy on this vary vaJoabla 
a( Sreen In the 

I' ihcei-. aii.l a tiger for the 

p:i ' 1 nt '^'ilp of Mit 'oah and Mar 
..ill I, «(iich hrlnn-a Ihe provlm-Jal 
. >i in,; M .1.. 111. les to A'lctori . io tas 

* « • 

.\ sikhMhI meeting of the i.'m 
of the Burnalde Club U cnlli-u i r 
Friday avanlag, to l^aar tha ouboom- 
mltiMTa rapdrt aa tha prn n asd dl«b- 


• • • 

Beo Viot4>rta'p unbeaten eight play 
at BumaMa noxt latwfinr. 

Ladiis' l,(t(rnss( Ttnms 
ISiou; Ready for Action 

Tht' lioiflin^ (ifcen 

By l/4)N<. .I.\('K 

By Laas Jaofc 
Hara Is ona of thaaa *<baUg«a It or 

not" things juat dlsoovarad by a ear- 

respondent : 

1 924, Duncan st Itumalde . 27 34 

1926. Dunoan at Bumside.. 60 47 

1131, Bumslda at Ounaaa.. IT li 


114 114 

equal total of 

a • • 

fongratulatlona to the Powell 
River four vho tank tha ipsnear Qup 
on Ito flntt trip awdy from VaMonvar 
• • e e e 
Hia aatarprua aha«m by tha Btim- 
slda Club In pntttngr on a ten days' 
tournament In which any ladlvldual 
ipin tha bowling Ms* la to ba 

Tha twa hUHas* 
which wara rbasntly omaniaad tndlr 
the juHadlotlan of tha Tlatartft Mbt 
District LAcroaaa Asaedatlon. ara all 

ready for action. l/eonard Talt. 
prealdent of the asHociatlon, will ar 
ranga a meeting within the nevt i -u 
daya aad a sariaa of gamsa will be 
artaasnd to daaMd tli* rthgmplagightp. 

All gameo will ba pla;r«9 
RoyaJ Athletio Park, and tho fans 
can root assaired that they will be 
glved a real treat, aa the teanu are 
o a n i p aae d of real athletee who will 
appear In Htappy unlforma of the 
laiast atylaa. 

Muah oradit ter tha formatlnn of 
tha taams la duo to Olaahaa J. M. 
Hlck% of tho Ea«ttinialt Bbavar^ aad 
Jaok Taylor, of tha C.P.R. C^aauoha 
Kach haa worked hard on the ooach 
line .and feela that hia rei»pe<»tlve team 
will win the opcnet 

Thn Indies of both tesms will be 
honored aa thsgr will be the flrst ol 
the4r ies to sppssr In Canada'a ni^ 
tlonal gama arlthfn TMUrln. Vuir 
prominent olttaaaa wilt attend the 
aaria« aad a good orowd la laoked 
fttf nt anah gama. 

Mr. PmiuUng SpotJco im 
Vemtomm on Momimit 

VANCOUVER, July 84.— Ubarala 
from all parta at tha Prevlnaa ara 
gathering for tha axacutlva maatint 
of the B.C. Liberal Association, whiah 

Im to he held In this city on Monday. 

n. p N' iMinnlnK an. I Hon ('harlea 
Slewari have hotli agreed to come to 
Vancouver, and will arrive Monday 
morning. There will be a mass meat* 
tag In tha Macal Vancouver at I p.m« 
Monday, and tha thraa farmer mam- 
bars of tha Maakanala Kins Oavar^-r 

Take a Kodak 

wUh you 

Put Kodmk at the top of your vacitioii Utt. 
For there't no other put of your vacfttloa 
equipmtnt that youH have ooeaaloa to use to 
often. Kodak the happy daya for yiOtt aad 

brings them homp for the folks to see. 

Chooae your Kodak ffDia cuifr Isrft ■■ftrtmiar All 
tbd Utd moddlt ar^ here 

Auttgraphu, AmdaJu $6 M§ 


FrtKfiptioii SpsdaMsti 



The ideal 

lie per pkg. 80c V^lh Tin 


A London Letter 

"Moil Delightful Small Strnml Ever Seen on Artjf Steft'* 
Tmrn Out to Be We»km Cmikn Cid— Notes About Ngm 

PU9$ at the Thoatm 

; <BT MAIL) 

• I Iia4 no Kpnr e last WMk in which 
t«ll lit ih<- • harming and much 

X predated hoapitality orfared to 
•raMfl vialtora toy U>rd mme l^r 
^arwndon im tkeir tovely oM hom», 
mtt HeuM, ltoia»«t«s4. TIm Iioiim 
all the charm «< Ms hiatorlcal mm- 
•Aciations with tb« great Karl of 
t'hathanv who ntay^il iherp durlnv 
tb»» time whffi ho »uff»>r<-<l from thut 
itU'T ni'>nti»l sl.ilr whu h l>'.l luni to 
Hhut lilniH^lf up in room.-* lhal arr 
atlil Hhnvvn iit the top of th<« houw. 
One of lUf vUltorn Invltrt] to the last 
of the aerira of receptlona (Iven by 
IftrC and Lady Claren4on telle me 
Inat ttie old heuee looked very lovely 

on DomlalMI Dftir. Tke gardena rU<> 
In trrracea at the back, gtvlnc a 
b*«ui:fii '■ifw ov<r Hampetead. and 
Inalcti' ihf • Interior la painted 

green nn.l hiinn :\\\u in;ist»Tpiei all 
clearly nanri>-<l. • win h .. ).l'-.1 

not a little 'to !»• i ' '« i i- i-ut.- 
Lady Margaret iit»a*.awen. Mibh i (in- 
stance Naaton. Lady l>rummund. 

Mlag Laalte Onmmmmd. Judge and 
Mra Hodgfne and MlH Ketfgtaa, were 

amonc cuesta. 

I.a>< »<rk the Victoria l>»;iifur cave 
,] II piicMi in Its now premi-cn, SI 
Croniw*!! lload, 8.W. 7.. to lelebrale 
Its twenty-fifth anniversary. Th<' 
JDowager Countess of Jersey received 
the gueata. who Included the Princess 

•t Arsrtt. tke BaH 


August Issue 

The publijihers of The Western Home Monthly have much 
])lrasure in announcing that they have secured the exclusive 
Canadian magazine rights for 


Sinclair Lewis 

The fanunis author of "Main Street." "Babbitt." "Arn.w- 
^mith," and a host of wi<lply read books. nefd> tv. mtr. xliu tMn 
to onr rculrrs a urifrr he is totisitlcred to he witlHuit ;i 

peer aiul in tins, his latest and greatest work, we have a l)it- 
ter, (gentle story done by a master's hand. 

"M.WTRA P" is a romantic and thrillinfj story tA the Can.i 
iliaii Nortli W est- a stt)ry of tlio Vortlirni wilds, raj)i'N .md 
lonely forest — written by Sinclair Levvi> (luriiijL; his recent \ isit 
to Western Canada. The principal characters, a ttader, a 
tenderfoot and a girt, are real and poignant. 

Lewis' St. fN ' ARROVV-SMiTH"— was awarded first place 

ill l'L'5 tictioii, 

*'.\l.\N'rKA 1'" is one of the great-^t .ntrihutions to litera- 
ture in recent years, and we feel conddcnt (liat retders of The 
\\'e<itgrn Home Monthly wi^l be delighted at the opportupity 
of reading this epic. ^ 

I lie Western 
Home Monthly 


Wise Oardciicrs Arc Placing 

Orders Now for Fall Delivery 

in the middle oi Summer the avrrsRc man docsn t worry mu, li About 
the Fall. But the wise Rardener, who knows the Fall w the brM time 
t* plant. Is bu»y already hguring out just what he intends to add to 
Ma burden this year. By ordering now he gets what he wants before 
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your ordtrs (or btilbe, roses, trees and shrubs during the next (cw 
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The Kockhome Oarden Shop 

On BfMd ttnti, O imto MIc Marktt 
Jote HvtehiMii. P R H ^ Nonnaa Kaa*. FJLH.t. 

Countsss of Minto. tka Laiy ia Wm- 

quierr. Mre. Amery. the Htgk Cem- 

muiBlonern for Canada. Australia. 

.-'.,J(^,, rn Jthodealrt ir ■! N'» H iun.l 

r n 

1 1 

1 .1 . 1 . 
I f ■ 

I • 


.lanie^ ari.l 
If.- A '1 1 n - ( ien- r 

Mouth Australia, West Ausiralta. 
Qveanaland, Oatarto AM'Kom ■ssUa. 

• • • 

ypua I wrote a akort tiaao ago •( 
Mlaa riorenee McHugh's perforAanVe 

In "Qranite" at "the moat deligkcfal 

xmall Bervant (•\rr nr&n nn uny ataga" 
I did not rpiii/.o if>at »he was yet 
another '.''unn t!inadlan obtalni''^: 
Mi> ■ PIS i n the l.,<>ndi)n Ktaije. M i 
M H I _ >; made her f lr...i .i c i . . i > ^ ■ ■ 
..I) Iho lx>ndon stage in .Mr. rp;)j 
.when Clemence Dane miw her actlnc 
and was ae Imyraaaed by It that ahe 
offered ker tka part Hm "Onuilte. ' 
Mlaa MeMugk eama over from Cal- 
gary to atudy mualc at tka Royal 
College of Music four years ago and 
JudRintr by her present performance. 
«he m-erfTh hounil to have an extreme- 
ly prosperous career, iler next part 
will prokaMg be In a musical play. 

• • • 

It would probably be quite a protlt- 
a)>ie Ventura If aomaeaa had tlio a«< 
t- r prise to opan a tiny baraatt m tka 
heart of London, wkara vlaitoaa, dur* 

Ing the season or all the year rovn.d. 

iiilKht drop III anil find out where 
«{>(■( la 1 thinRH thai int»>re8ted them 
w^'rc taking i)la< o. A Kreat deal I.h 
mlsaed !•>■ tho ordinary vlaltor.whD 
does not take the trouble to kerp 
track of the short-lived exhibitions, 
seme of wkick are of extraordinary 
Interest aa4 not available for the or- 
dinary vialtor. 

I went in the other day. for In- 
ntance, to the curious exhibition of 
•.ff MurllnKton Fine Artu (Mub, at IT 
Ka\:ll.> Knw The turator of tlie 
I ;i Im 1 hi II iii'.i.Mjres collected there 
I Id me that the club exhibitions were 
ii'^ually of this period, but the ter- 
centenary of Sir Francis Bacon had 
inspired the present exklbitlona of 
examplaa of lata Kllaabetkan art. 
These loan rolleetlena are uaually of 
auch great value that only the bear- 
era of Invitations from club members 
are udmiiled, but the extraordinary 
infereBl cf the painlinR.><. notably the 
portr.iu (.f himself by Sir Nathaniel 
Bacon, makes the formality very well 
worth whlla. 

• • * 

The English are the most generoua 
people In the world, and If tha nu»- 
k e i u f t ka l T pWkinH i rupl€ acU v tt lo a 
were Hated, a tome would be required 
to contain them all. Some of theee 
enterprises. If they wer^ more widely 
known, would he patronized by the 

vimliir on acccniint r.f the 1 ti t e rest m 
opportunity they k'^c of .socinj; and 
hearing celebrated people who for 
sake their dally Jobs to further the 
Mchenje they have at heart. The 
yearly meeting of the Rehearsal 
Club, for Instance, gives an exoallant 
chance to anyone who carM to pay 
the yearly membership of seventy- 
five centa of being preaent at the 
moat amusing committee meeting to 
he met with anywhere. The com- 
mittee, consi.1t InK of the president. 
II. II. Princess Helen. i \ ictori.T wiih 
Sir (lerald du MaiirltT as « 
assembled on th«! Htage of the St. 
.Iame«' Theatre, while a delighted 
audience listened to the merriest and 
wlltlaat of speechaa mada by Faith 
Celll, Franklin Dall. Ulian Bralth- 
waite. T^eslie Banks. George firoMs- 
mlth, Viola Tree, I.ady Tree, Phyllis 
l!rf>ii(rht"n ;ind .Miss I.iiurette Tay- 
lor The report of ihe club, whiih 
exi.Hls lu pro\ l<le minor .actresses with 
connforta !>!<■ club premisea In Leices- 
ter Square, was read by the T^dy 
Itertha Daw kins, and during the af- 
ternoon a subscription amounting to 
more than (10 waa collected amon 
the audience. 

e e • 

Kveryone who admires the undeni- 
able talent of Mlaa Margaret Manner- 
man must deplore the cxiraoi din.n y 
ill-fortune which has doptfed the 
( hoi. e of plays for her eyer wince 
the produi'tion of "Mur Betters" 
With the cAceptlon of "Lullabj" 
which, whether people liked H or not. 
(cave Mlas Bannerman a wonderful 
< hance of ahowing the breadth of her 
power, the pla)rs choaan for her have 
only shown her coumge In making 
the beat of poor material. "There'a 
No Kool" ^n an adaption from the 
French should never have been 
enfiortod, since its interest i< purely 
loi at. In II three elderly men who 
haye only one ide.i In life, of hang- 
Inn on to their vanished youth, keep 
I on retailing their experiences, till the 
son of one of them happens to fall 
in love with the lady on whom the 
father haa set his affections. Hfiving 
survived the acena in which both 
father and son weep In different 
l>arts of the ronm. the play gushes 
aioiiK until the father decides to seek 
his happiness Mcariniialy in thif of 
the son. ami li e curtain fell og Miss 
Hannermaii. looking as if she knew 
very well the play waa not worthy of 
her tatenta 

As an object leaaon In a aomawhat 
similar theme, handled with delicacy 
and truth, lume the beautiful per- 
formance of Vurtfenev's "A Month In 
• H.. v"ouiUr\ " preHenied by Anmer 
Hull at ;hc Koyalty Theatre 
Even people who ordin.irily pro- 
fess to be liaffled liy KiiKsi.m pla^s 
must f.ill under the spell of the sheer 
beauty of "A Month In the Coun- 
try." and the audience were addition- 
ally grateful for the refusal to al- 
low the aotora and aetraaoaa to ap- 
pear before the curtain before the 
end of the play so that the haunted 
Btnioephire was well preserved 

A iK'w play ' Itookery Nook, by 
Men Travel- who wrote "'A Cuckoo 
In the Nest." makes no demand on 
the Intelligence, but provldea a good 
deal of Bsarrlaent. It would b'> 
worth going to aee thia play oaly to 
llaten to Mary Brough as the char- 
lady, saying "I come at eight-thirty 
Karlier than that I cannot be." T' 
audience thorouithly approved tl.i- 

acting, w hii h was r;oti(l all round. 

and the play will probably rival "The 
Cuckoo In tka. Neat" In tha laiigtk of 
ita run. 

The many Canadian frienda of Mr. 
Percy Hutchison will ba Intereatad In 
hiM new production of RIda Johnson 
Vounit's comedv Cock cf the 
Roost." In it .Mr Hiitr-hlaon himself 
plays the hreej!) Noin^ man who 
sings of fearlessness till he in- 
fects the down-trodden suthor to the 
extent of saving his eoul sllvs. and 
marrlee the moat tiiariMtng karoine, 
Mlaa Catharine laoor, wko ia. I ka- 
lleve. a ^aweossar to thS Bagtiak 
stage. Tke play la la tke haada of 
eiperleneed aetore and aetroflMa, wka 

Include Mis.1 Kva Moora 
author's luiui y-lov ing wife. 




Citizens, Attention! 

A year ago. at the last Auction Sale, many oi ihc bi^; 
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Sir .lames Irvine. Trtnclpal of St. 
iljidrewa l'nUer»lly. .Scotland, Ar- 
rlvea oa Eztoaalve 

il prop*" 

er he very eve of unprecedented 

prosperity and real estat* activity ahpuld 
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Thursday, July 29 

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624^Port Street .^f .> t , Phone S500 

MONTRBAL, July 24.— "If I were 
fortunate enough to be a Canadian, 1 

would regard wood an R matter of 
(' prn^pcrii \ xalil Sir J.imes 
<■ Irvine, principal and vlre-chnn- 
, pllor of 8t. Andrews I'nlversity, 
Hcotlsnd, and eminent Hritish scien- 
tinc chemiat. wko waa at the Windnor 
Hotel over the week-end. following 
his arrival from Oraat Britain. 

"We are Jurt at the heglnnini; of 
the poMlbilltles of wood It has now 
heen used for a nunil'T of \e.-»r« In 
the form of pulp for the manufacture 
or yapar. aad totey we are entering 
• new pkaae, namely, tha aaa of wood 
for artificial allk. ThIa. too. la only 
to be regarded as the flret atiip of a 
lunK trip." he continued. 

"As neventy yenrs ago ( was 
A nuisance nnd then d\e wan li.q^ed 
on 1' -in'! proRreaii made until ioil.i\ 
the development h^ awumed huge 
proportions, so I conalder the position 
In regard to celluloaa, which will un 
dkubtedly tMcome a most Importan 
form of raw materlnl I note that 
you have Inaugur.nted a Mpecinl de- 
part rnent of <'ellnlosr chemistry nt 
Mr''.lll InUerMty. This is for the 

carrr .i «'ii'ly and solution of all \« I 

problems, and. In the light of the | 
future, cannot ko too atrongly 

To RooHve Me4M 

Sir James will spend two ni(inth"< 
on the Ameri<-an continent. . during 
the course of which he v^ I visit 
Chicago to receive from the American 
rhemleal Hoclety the Wlllsrd Olbt»s 

It j 

gold medal for kla reaearches In tka 
raalma of augar, notably calluloae 
and starck, Madame Carle, of radiant 
fame, was the last notakia aelentlat to 

recel^va this award. 

OiRcussIng the arhicverncntu and 
possibilities of radium In relation to 
the treatment and cure of cancer, and 
tha icaacar problem generally. Sir 
Jamea atated that two diatlnct lines 
of cancer research were being fol- 
lowed in the (»ld Country; flrst. the 
search f'T the iferm; . inter, 
and. secondly, the development of 
checking tha allaeta prodaead by -the 

There was no chemical solution of 
the prohlem in slRhl, he added, the 
ultimate cure I.NlnK. he believed. In 
the discovery and rxl er mini t ion '>f 
the cause of cancer, rather than in 
the treatment of Us effects. Research 
to date had ahown the cancer-oauetnR 
germ to ba auch a minute organism 
that it slipped through tha bactoHo- 
loglcsl Alters, and a new technique 
would ha\e to l>r developed beffire il 
could be coped with He hope 
ful of the ultimate success of the 
queat. however, but It must undoubt- 
edly ba a alow and a careful one. 
ProrcKH of I '.llmlnailon 

';i am a layman, said 81r James, 
for tha matter- ts-i 

I do not feel, however, that ikoro Is 

any creat hope of a cure for cancer 
for nur own generation, hut rather 
for ceneralions to come, hy a process 
of elimination. In the meantime a 
certain quota of raaulte la being 
achieved In the tre^ment of tha ef- 
fecta of the diaaaae. largely , ky maaas 
of radium. I know of no ckomlaal 
devslopment along this line." 

While rocalpt of his award is the 
main event In the dlstingui«hed 
visitor's programme, he will devote 
his time to a toer of inapaoUon of 
Middle* Waatam and Waatem uni- 
versities In the United States on be- 
half of the t'ommonweslth Fund 
Trust, sn orsanlzatlon founded by the 
Harkness family for the development 
of fellowship batwaan tha tegUsli' 
speaking naUona. 

air James retume from Canada on 

September nnd wlil sro Into har- 

ness at St .\ndrews almoNt Imme- 
dlatel> In .iddillon to the usual 
opening of term, he will have on his 
hands the Induction of Krldtjos Nan- 
sen, the esplorar, as Lord Rector of 
tka urivaraity. 

"i;n)cased to four girls at once'' 
U.iw do you explain such conduct ■"' 
I don't know. Cupid must have shot 
me witk a machine gun." 


'To ^eat 

Vicioria Real Esiaie 

Then Join the Syndicate We Are 
. Fomiiat Bey iTllte 


Jiriy it* 

We invite von to 

oke advaatage 

>nH jadgmcnt 

Alfred Carmlchael 

tM Port Street, 


Phona 5M0 

He was a cynic. Ha atood gaaing 
at an aaklkltloa of loeal art 'ntidH 
Art Okjaeta." 

"Well ■ he said to tv,.. attendant, 
I can't nay I blame Art for object- 

Colored c.iddles are employed on a 
certain golf i ours» In the Houth. <'ri 
one occasion a stranger asked one of 

them ; 

"What ia iiastii i ig a 
en tkaaa Halisr" 

"Beaa." repUog tha yoengater 

Umntr. "meet af de gonta triea to do 
.i« ri>'w atrekee as dey kla. k«t 
It gin r ly takea ssm i 

Most Popular Pump 

to the 

POPULAR because the "Had Jachat" It so aaay 

to fix. 

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by competent workmen. 

"Red Jacket' 

pumps are well finished, neat and 

NOT£: We iaatal completa water systema. TaH 

Hardware Co., Ltd. 


SS4-SM Yalaa ttreet 




25, 1*'J6 

a/2c/ Plagers 





GUda Grey, Clever Dancer, 
StarsMt Dominion Mon4ay 

Worl(t'$ Top 1 iiier Exponent of Tcrpsichorean 
Art Feitur^ in Maurice^ Toumeur!s Sumptuous 
Production of ''Aloina of the South Seas" 

"Aioma of th* ■•«tli BmMT wkteh 

S« th> fi' r »:,irrln« vehicle of 01l«a 
Or*}-, ana prodUMd tf Paramoimt 
9l«larw by IteuHo* Toumeur. ur mm 

of th* oatttandiiiK treats of tluM m«a 
MA'S motion pulumi (liMn firov 
fflvee u t h or I Hi h ; \ . • ■ ii \ • 1 1 • 1 1 1 k ari'l 
Kill lof i« • t . . ■- V [I '■ I f. ir 1 : lii r, . . 1- ,Viiim;i. 

I r. \: 1 r rn ■ i n I ,, N ' '! , - f i . • . ' r.' . I> 

Uuldf-ii. iind Warner hUixter irurtra>» 
the role of tM jMlOua nativp lovtr. 
Th« plot •rouai Uio ro- 

of a MUtw girl aai a white 
who hmm bMom* a 

and a <«r«H«t an4 a wooMa-hater 
of«r aaothtr woman, and U aookiaf 
forfotfulnoM. Mavriee T«tirnour ha* 
ViYCn thi« atory a aumptioua produc- 
tion with many extremely beautiful 
photogriii)hli' shiMi- ■ some of which 
ar<> enhiinrfd ii. ,i < ft sii.' iai photo 

It IIM. 

The HiiTnif' iiui ' ■■ ; 1'" 

turMQue ceremom.ii- i . -peciaiiy 
the auporb dancing ' ci ^ 

a44 matortally to the ■ f'- ■ n*^.- • f 
th* eatlre production. Ahwela Ua- 
wsUaa THo alio trOI bo foatwrM oa 
tho ■amo MIL 


lo nMctoal Ptof OI«r- 
tmg Tbf Wook for llMOe to 

"Baby Mlaa" la a ahow for the hot 
days and for thoae In holiday mood. 
Any wh6 cannot, for. a little while, 
enjoy aomethlnc that la confeaaedly 
frlroloua. will not want to mo thta 
-e*OTor fareo. hat t Hooo w ho !e »o a 
hfldrtott* outhnrat, toKothor with 
■oraothias oiiaMir la th* way of 
«M«b«flro oamodr. will not waat to 
mlBi it. 

tell the whole story of the play 
Mltht poaaibly interfere with lU ful- 
laot poaalbio Miikyment. But tha 
plot coaooraa a baby and a roai, 
, hoaoat'to^i^odnooi baby at that — not 
th* kind of naufhty lltti* bablao that 
th* jaai aonc* ara. about. In faet, It 
1* about three babiea. who all make 
dramatic appearancea before the 
atery la throuch. it \k. however, th^ 
third l>aby ihut lo.ilh cau^^rH the 
trouble f'lf III M p.. . 1 father be- 
Cla* to ba dou!'tr<i; .n i to thinli it 

.rhythm and romuntli- appfrfi Thev 
• re under the direction of George 
K*lanl. one of the foremost expon 
ent* of Hawaiian malody, who toured 
with tho orlfftaal "Bird ofParadtao" 
eoaipany. Thoir muaic will form a 
flolorfuF and offoetlvo ■ettiat to the 
current feature attraetloa. "Aloma of 
the South Beaa," atarrlnt OlMa Orey 
the popular Zloffflald Folliea star, and 
thf arrliiimed rmprenn of thf danri 


AH-ttor CiMi to Idtfiy : 

lie ■wry VNaatavadl Al 
Thi* W«elc 

A truly all-atar ca«l appear.^ In 
"Thf! Flihting Heart, ' the arrron 
voralon of I^rry Rvann' romanii - 
■tery, "One* To Bvary Man," wbU 
op*na on Monday at th« Columbin 
Theatre. The pictur* waa directed 
by John Ford, who mad* "Th* Iron 
Horae." the Wililapi Pox pictur* mn 
Nation of the y*ar. 

(Joorgo 0'Bri*n. featured In **Th<- 
Irnii MorHr." "Thr Man Who Cim 
Back." "The I'alnled Lady/" "The 


111 " riie ( ircaler Cilery, " h I irst NatKiiial pi r -.f ni .*t mn to 

I'layhousc 'I'heairc all rhis w i < k 

>r slmwn n tin- 

t*' all gettlnt a Ilttl* too food to b* 


KtturnliifT 10 hiM wife he wan ouha 
proparoil to welcome a n<»w hHh\ h« 
ral(ht poaaibly not have Rtnllfd et 
two. Rut three waa one too many, 
and tho plot ■* c*r*tully aoa*ot*d 
by hia wife asd li*r toiy iVMida ten* 
rather fiat. 

11i*r* 1*. h*w*y*r. a hdppr *Bdlnc. 
^ th* hiMMiid BOW boltovda ihdt. 
■toe* hia wHo had foa* to •* »aeh 
trftable to win kta %Mk. aha waa. 
florhapK, not 4«lt* Mloh a frivolov* 
litti« (loll u.<< he had Imotiaad h*f 

to hr whm he left hrr 

HiCb 'I'l-^' \ » II ilf \ i I If hetwron HCln 
will lie coniiniirci jitol (lordon .Nelaon 
will hp heard In vncBl numbern. whilo 
Frank Aiiwood will aupply an act »n 

BttwaiioH Trio to 
^ Play at DomimUm im 

A rare m»i«lcal novelty will ba pre- 

•ented .It the rioniinion Th*atr* all 
in the Ahlwela Trio, who will 
genuine Hawaiian mualral 
flAvoltl**. Th*** ln«trum*null«u 
*«»• dlr*rt from tho Cnpltol Th«air* 
Ol^lt and are maatara In the art of 
pHUrinc the dr*amy. coUrtuI m*l*dl*a 
afjlth* South. With their hauntinv 

Roughneck"' and "The Dancers," por- 
tray* the leading role h i hunicterL ■ 
mtloo entirely at variance with anv 
other y*t-|Mrtray«d by tiM yoiin« ac- 

Oppoaite Mr o Hrlen la Ftllllp Dove, 
who aoored heavily by virtue of her 
work In one of 'th* loading rolea of 
"Th* Polly of Vanity," "th* R*ugh 
n*ck" and othor r»s *anrmM*, 

J. Parrall Mac Donald. pMureaqtir 
Coporal Casey of "Th* Iron Home. ' 
la a**n in aaother rol* anltod to hia 
remarkahi* tai*ala. J. l arrell por- 
tr^a the ehanMtor ^ J«rr7. the 


Franri« I'owera ami Jnm** W*leh, 
who with J Karrell ."VfacDonald form- 
ed the ftmnua "musket**rs" of 
"The Iron Hor*«," are a#*n In prom- 
ta*at rol«a to' tho aow Pord produc- 

fAMOllS HA.NI1 Wll 

liOM Hr«rU in C^aaada la 1 
Maalitoa* Will BMortoto Vletorto 
• M Aitoto M AagMi 0 

OP*at lnl*f**t la being eMdenred ^ 
the fnrtheomtng ^ iait to imih i iiy of^ 

I oM-i t earn <.ii.4rd<« Hand, which 
11 1- he»!i , ontr*i-ted for by Mr. I,,*a(er 
' I ' i< Thin famouM band wa^ 
brought to Canada oa en* other ecca- 
^lon M l**i. It Ii now making a 

''hOrt tdtir of thia Dominion tn p\ny 
•om* #f tb* larger eihihinon dnten, 
including the Canadian Nfiilnnni Ki 
hlhllton at Tprontn, and through the 
dillgenie nn.| enierprlne of Mr 
1'Hfri.k they have b^mn lndue*d to 
Bive i»r. coacert* htr* on Moaday. 

Auguot 9. 
Tho aueation of aeeommodating 

tho largo *udl«nree that will tin- 
dntlbtadlr want to henr the rold 
"'reamers h^i hern «<il\e.| hv sr 
rangamenta whereby the\ wiii in 
the Arena Future antmunrementa 
win KUe detalla regarding piro- 
srramnie price* and ***t ml*. Thii 
!/< the flrat tim* In tho IHatory •< Vic- 
toria that oHla*** WW hav* had the 
op9«rtiialty of hearlac raeh a won- 
derful mutleal organlmtlon 

'-very Canadian ha- kn. • 4r, 1 
r»»A of the Coldatream 'liiar.l. Band 
> Into exiatence In 174?, an'! 
^nn !»«rn an active part In all groat 
«mooatratloaa both at hom* «nd 
i\bro*d ever alace lt|» n haa l»een 
imgb*atl} mentioned in lllaiory. a«<i 
hi* anhrarmfiy recdhn»ik«'d aa ib- 
nrewier hand of th.- Wrineh flmrlr- 

il r I " < the ti ' - ' in » > » ■ » i r 

(oi lu a* other laad Im^bAad mu^c 

n Oir 

< ap4tol— 'Hetty Blyibc 

Ridor W*g>afd'* "8h* 

r<a *Hto — . "Th* fighting 
HMtrt." with 0*erge O'BrleB. 

Dominion — <;il.i> i,ri> in 
"Aloiiia of the South i:i«aa." 

PUyho«M> — "The OfoatOr 
Ulory," «i'h .irir ca*t. 

Tiie hiapi 
On Hg en i M >'Baby, Mia*." 
Oyatai t'liiiiiii Bwimmiad hhd 


been d*y*lop*d aa la BnvUad. 

Vietorta I* fortaaato in b*ing givwi 
th* opportaaity of hoaring the ooid- 
atreamera, a* It li only ihrourM >i» 
fart of a few open dates b<>lnK 
, t.i. l).-!w.-i ri il,,- l;.-inna Kxhibltloi 
and Vancouver t:xhlt»ltton engage 
m«at* that thi* baoamo podMbl*. 

•They aay \\ i,ik.-« three '..-f m r n ...ns 
t'. innk.' d. Kenlleman •' il, ie,i«,,i, 
' i«k»»« long, I Buppoae, ia thai 
moMt .r N> only wark at ltwh*a w*"r<< 
In company." 



MnibK l ilm Fealurod All Tllla 
WtH'k U UlirtlRgaiattrct 

Tex Howard to 

Appear Alt Week 

At tha CapUol 

T*atHfa«ard aad Ma baad. wh* are 

I' Mv ., ftpmrtim at th* Capitol Thoatre. 
ft' <i\ed thIa week th* etfor to play 

in < ro ..f the Urgeat hotol* in th* 
.Snuth, but owing to the contract 
which h* th* pr***nt time he 
*blit*4 to rofogo tkla oOor (or 
<>i loaat aa*tk*r two w**lu. T1U* ar- 
ganixatlon aince Ita Inception ha* won 
a reputation that han traveled far .f th.- i-i.<\u,.,- of lirltiah 
t'uluiut'i.i I'lii.- «rt W tif i>i<i/i.!«ea a 

P r or;r« ni III e thai \\ ili I ri' .f the 

beat. If not the bt-M thai be bas >.>t 

preaented. Kac h number hA» bet-n 
carefully thought out ao a* to obtain 
th* b**t po«*ibl* ramilta. Th* fol- 
iowi«c aambMw will b* r*ador*d by 
th*m both aftara#*B add ovoalag: 
Opoaing melo^, 'JgUr llobb*ra. In- 
troducing. ""L.*t It* Okn Tou Sweet- 
bearl ' ai d Sextette from ' t.ucla "; 
trot, Niirroandy", waltz ' Kemem- 
1.1 r' . Niedl'^N "Tie Me to Y(;ur Apron 
.SirinK" Ag.iin , novelty musical num- 
ber, 1 1 ti rse.s 

"Some folk aim high, bat B*v*r ^11 
th* trlgg*r." Boto* a wag. 

•mi* Or*at*r Otary." Jdao Malhu 

i|i'- ■ I iluillon for Klrat National 
'.Iri-. .\(iirh .omen on Monday to 
I'll I' 1 , hi'UM' Theatre, hoawm one of 
tlx moat diaUogulflhed corpa of estr;i 
Playora 4lmt . ItoH* **or fia«*d <i 

Tht9* ar* ao lorn thaa ostraa 

In thia pictur*. Among them are 
iiunthered royalty, wealth, name ana 

|.i'-jiioii i>r the exirns are 

l.uroiieaim The tircater (Jlor^' H 
a 8tor> of p.isi war Vienna. 

Ro)aity itcp t oeeated 

Ro>alt> Is represented In tho per- 
son of thr I iiuiitnita Stella d* '/gBtS 

Willi .111 -I b.-'n I bi iig p.ianlon to loam 

I : ' 1 1 loi t ii K from the bottom u|i An 
Alii'un lion huMei tarrvmR in l.o^ 
AnKclea. In m t^lf■ po mre fi>r ihe 
thrill. Manual A< niit.i, scion of un 
hlatorio Chilean family, danoaa m i 
Vi*n*** b**r garden acen* with h 
p*r»oa wHIi a paaudoaym. whose 
nan* oBco iQMOd tho bUlbo*xda of 
Europoaa eapMal* afl a planlat of 

pristine fame and .( r, , . m pllf b III ent 
Military mm •>< :ii<iri\ art- in i;i>- 

•XIIH ll-I. .It well Ii.-, l'.i|ltH!tl \ " -1 

lir^cken who ( on. Ill t n ili'i .i ir.«' k 
Auatrton troop m Ihr «i«r rt r* 
moua *x-avialor, a widow i f • i ro- 
ther of Eug*a Taaye, th* tIoIh. m „nd 
Idaroall* ■orrHa. tha toagt of BcrUa 
cabar«to Wfgro tha wa». 

Aaaa Q. MNson 

In the foretrrii Mi'1 w here the eyea 
of movie fa I.N ' ' -■" most of the 

time, ar* found Anna Q. Nllaaon. 



The HoiTU Ilf Dramatic Stcnk 

ALL WSfiK-«-&d. Hoiiiiiond PrcscnU the Quick-FiTC 

Shrieking Jbaitc 

Baby Mine " 

F«t Aside DaU Cara aad Laufh as Voa Hsve JUtvr Laughed 

' Btfore 


Boaa* and 

Loges. 75c 

Half Price 



To sdvertise the excel- 
lence of the performance 
we .irr selliiiK TWO 

tickets lot the price oi 
one on Mondays only. 


Doara, 7:30 
Curtain. 8 15 

V * iiiieviltf 

Oeaway Toarla. X<«ay l *a B a < a at . J*an' 

Her'ibol' .Mhv .^IH.hOii. Tan Keith and 

a aupporiinK <^ti'^^ "f iweiil> 'f the 
moat accompll.'jbe.l >>( h<'ie«ii arti.stH 
June Mathia. remembered for her 

adaptatlaa and svpervlsion of '*The 
Four Brair**m*n of th* Apocalyps*" 

and "Blood and Sand." Is reaponaihl* 

for the mi.xte-ly manuscript of '"nte 
N'lennese M. .lle\ ' , ■> 1 i'- i:-^' vision 




f f #tt a y 








immortal Story of the White 
African Queen! 

Filled With ThrilU^ Romance and Mystery 1 




Vhe Photo-play/ 




Carlyle ^lackwell 


The Picture the Whole World Is Waiting to See! 

Muitcal Presentaiidn De Luxe- 


And His Princess Orchestra 

t eaturetter*^^^ 

Every Aftinoon 

"SdKtctt* from Lacia.** 
ri> " W arth a ady." ¥tt im 

I Evenihf PlhTing 
(C) *^sltx RrmcmhTMCC.'* 

<f» Vox elf V FOK Tioi. "Ti* M* «• Yl 

Striiigii. ' 

<E) "Hers**." Fte.Trol S^cciaHir, 

Capitol Comedy 


Fox News 


— I ■ I I 

» aicr. i/x.t Nf^i-.. u latfp MMM rilol»4 Waew? 
ni* Th»>ir« <a*iir< Mr* ■ a«na>rBn«, itj* rani n** 

ana twx lrl«ii*« nf h»r >• ■>■ tn h> ita g««*(a a*r Sajr tfel* 

w»>li riaaa* <1>)*eS ma,,.,., ,r,^ Sa caaMsr. M 9t9 

''SHE'' Is Britain's Biggest Film Masterpiece 




riiini. l>miiiM l.«-itKu< I iixl Immortal 


What does the rural Brttlah pUy- 
laver want? Deprived of th.- fa<ii 
Itlee famUhed by urban ceauea. tbe 
VeriA Afihwpll Playem bar* «atar«4 

tor r .. ■. . ,1^ lu th< Hrituh cauBtry- 
ii|<l< A' <ii 1 <.f the ltlt-'t4 

pl«hty four pUyj. In - » nii>nlh» 
tbey had piMrad to uu(ti«-r,< «-» uum- 
berlnff 112.922. Thit <..mi>iiiiy ewr- 
vfvM from the w ir iioiiod. when u 
played bablod the fr^nt line. The 
faUowlnv liat todieatas a few of the 
playa aad tha natura ot tbalr racap- 

"Twelfth NiKht." "The Tanilng "f 
the Hhr^-w ' As Yoii I.Ike It," 
"Merry VVIve* .if Win.l.tor ' "The 
Merchant of V>n;>« (uhrllo." 
"Murh Adp About .Nothind ■.Mac- 
bath," "Tou Never < .in Trii," "Man 
■Ad ■uparoian," "Candida." "Fanny's 
tint Play." "Pyinnallon," "The 
D«vll'a Piklpl*." "Tha Seheol for 
Scandal." 'Vha Staepa to Canauar." 
"The DoII'h Houne." "Tha Skla 
Oame. ' "Mlj< Houee In Order," "Lady 
Wlndermor»>> Fun." ".Vl-.-. Dane'a 
DeferiBP ■ Mr. Pim raHiH<h H>." "A 
Pair nf .Spectarlea, rhe Younger 
(Jrnerallon. • "A Hill of 
meiTt." "!.,eah Kle«rhna." 
a(id "Tho Besgar PrUtce." 

Moderate BacecMI 

"Thr .Morals of Marrua," 
Marrl»>fl. ' "The ImportHnce of Being 
Earneri." "Tha Guy Lord Qnex." 
"The Mara," 'The Thief." "Pid- 
lomacy," "The t>uke of Kiiin 
krankle." "Mm. fJorrlmfe'd Necklace. " 
"Sweat l.Aven(|er," "The Celluloid 
Cat." "The Walla of Jericho." "The 
Youn« Peraon In Pink." "Ruther- 
ford and Son," "Woman to Woman." 
"The Mock Doctor." "OoormaU." and 
"The Elder Mi"» T^loeeem." 


"Wldowera* House.'. '" "K\«»r> m.-m," 
"A rhrlatmas Carol," "Prunella," 
"Paoia and -Kranceaca." "Liberty 
-Maitr^' ♦Th^ MelluM* " "CauaUL JCata." 
••¥iie Baaleet. Why," "Our Boya." 
"NIobe," "The Rivals," "Smith," "The 
Case of I.ady Camber." "The Naked 
Truth." '.shortase." nni "John 
Ulayd'a Honor." 

Bhakcqpauv Not ^nMlitMable" 

But, from the evidence offered by 
l«na AahweU'a rural toura and from 
tha urbaa 4«ta of IJllian Baylla' "Old 
Vie" In Liondon'a unfashionable quar- 
ter, the (ommltifo of the Drama 
LMKue flnil.s that, virhlle Hhake- 
jipearo .selilum iittr.ictn a fujih ion,ihlo 
I/ondon .iii'iirnre, It la In the poor 
Kaiii cnM .ind In nml Biislaad that 
he la popular. 

Moreover. It found that playe with 
a sood' human intereat appealed to 
the eauntryalde. The poor, for In- 
■lanco. flcemed to prefer tragedy; 
"nirlrrM to tho Sea" and "Campbell 
f.f Kilni'iro' w>>rc \rry On 
the other hanil. ■*•> wii.i ii wordless 
play, "Romance .]<><Tim>," baseci lipon 
a Spanlnh legend of Ix>ve an<l I>eath 
accidentally changlnir their weapons 
With ludicrous resulta, and set to 
music by Qranadoa. 

In thle Batl4n*wlde revival of in- 
terest In tbe dfama, the BrltlHh Dra- 
ma l.fiutue Ih playlnR a con.iplcuous 
part. .Many of the rural «o< letleii are 
dfriliHierl with the London • t ^,■rl n lz.i - 
tlon. which ln»lii'lr?i n ijr>i,'in 
membership and i i presr tr ■< 70n 
bodies from all paitM of Hriialn. The 
league (lend.s lecturers to assist in 
forming local groups, publishes a 
monthly mairaaine and helps to rir- 





The Britiih film interpretation of tl^e late Sir Rider Haggard's novel of the 
aame name, which will be shown at the Capitol Theaue all this week. 

'I'ru' Ifi < • ry (leL.iU. ' .She. ' tht 
^eat itritUh production whRh jihows ) 
at the Capitol Theatre all thu wet^k 
la a oiaatarpleee and faithful m i 
fvty r ■■petit to the atory. in order { 
(hat ao local oolorlag ehould be lost > 
and to itvold any )ii'il»> aate witi> 
the story .ae wrltteiit the aatUc* B'''^' i 
iHh lornpany. with Betty BIythe. the 

beaulltiil Mlar W ■ ■ .lyS the Stellar 

r. r ilie V olupl ■ i.T white African 

• t! T.ft out {•> the depths of I>ark 
to film thf .^^■n^;ltl<'n il 
■ al'.i't m the .^rlKl'ial ^l"iy 

scribed by tbe late Sir Klder Hassant 
HeM la the wlerd subterranean city, 
with tta fante ettw oavea, asala on the 
peaka of the voaatalna, or at the 
hottomlaee abyee, were tha dramatic 
nod excitingly teaaa iltuatlone photo - 
Kr.Ht'h.ii Betty BIythe certainly 
ne\rr pri'viouely haa been seen to 
h advantage !is In this fiinioiis 
utory. <^arl.vl<- Hlrickwell. who h;<.s 
the leading f .lr. rIvcs h very . on 
vinrlnif anil arli.>(lii p(irtr;iyal. The 
nupportlne cast Is al»o of ( .m ept 
calibre. On the stage this week Tex 
Howard and hia merry muslctana will 
irlve another highly enterUlaiaig pro- 
irranune of popular tuaai. The 
t'apitel comedy attraction will be 
"Polar Barons." an exceedlagly funny 
comedy. The (^apltol uewa MMiopletrs 
a wonderful Mil. 

**The Masked ITomajt" 

culate costumes, propertle.i and act- 
ing versions of plays among its 


l»rd Chamberluln Pnidi-hes llcgula- 
tloaa lip ll M i atrtciti r> ' folMMBH 
. <MI tb» babbatb 

Lieeneeee ef th ea tr ee — — daa. tha 

Ixird Chamberlaln'a. jurdladletion 
have been notifled of the conditions 
to he udherefi to In reaped of per- 
formant eft of .vtaRe play.s tiy dramatic 
societies and others on Sunilaye. They 

Admlealon by Ucket procurable only 
by membera of and from the aeelety 
presenting the i>lay 

No money to he taken or tickets 
supplied at the theatre. 

Tickets may be Issued to members 
either for their own use or for the 
uaa of gueata up to a reaaonable num- 

LomU Grmoeure to 

Appear in (^mu-rrt 

At Hoyal Victoria 


Ko payment beyond an hoBorarlum 
for expeneea ahall be paid to the ac- 
tors or performers. 

No performanoea of any eUge play 
w 111 he allowed oB Chrlatnaa Day And 
(Jood Friday. 

$2fi00fi00 Future tlant 

What l.-i . (insidered the l.irKcst 
"front-yarjl" In the motion picture 
world waa fhren Its baptism of land- 
sc»pe beauty recently. It fronta First 
National PtctHre*a new $2,000,000 
slxty-flve-acre studio plant In Bur< 
hank. California, and meaaureo mora 
than two city hlocke In acreage. ▲ 
corp of workmen with a small army 
of horses an<l shovels are preparing 
this "front-yard" for what Is ex- 
pected to be one of the tlni-.^i ex- 
amples of landscape work In Cali- 

Louia OMveure. the celebrated bari- 
tone, who 1.'^ Ihc first 'he three 
artists to appear at the Koyal Vic- 
toria Theatre under the auepices of 

in Belgium and educated la Bnghuid. 
The well-known critic , Schmidt eald. 
"For me. Clraveure is the greatest 

livlnsr < on< < rt Hinder. " The MIscha 
Klman .Sirinn Quartette Is composed 
of mu.'<lcians u hosr ensemhlc pliivinR 
Is hard to describe without ;l lllx-ral 
use of superlatives. Itare beauty und 
balance of tone arouse their large 
audiences to enthusiastic applause. 
lOlly Nay la a pianiat whose playing 
is gigantic, vital and maaterly. A 
limited number of attbaerlbera' tickets 
for these concerto may be obtained 
at any music ahop, or from membara 
of the executive. They may be ox- 
chan>,-<'d on and after AuKUst 1 at tho 
Kelly Piano Co. (late i;van.s l.'o.). 
11 is Oovemment Street, wh(Mi re 
aerved theatre tickets for the three 
concerts will be given In exchange 
for the aeaaon tickets,, thus doing 
away with the trouble of going a 
second and third time for theatre 

toUeen Moaft ' 

Colleen Moore has Just eornpletod 
photograph lb. teata of coatume and 
amke-np for bar nast production. 
"Twinkletoea." which wilt be directed 
by Charles Brabln. No one 4lae haa 
as yet been Hclected for the support- 
ing class Winifred Dunn adapted 
the slory finni one of the famous 
I,on<loii ■ l.imehouse" stories by 
Thomas Purke. 

Premise that "The Masked 
Woman," which will be produced 
uBder June Mathla* management will 
be a veritable feaat of lartortal adorn- 
ment la contained in an announce- 
ment from Hollywood, atatlng that 
Cora McOeachy would design all the 
costumeK for ihe .M.iihls picture. Mr< 
Mctleachy wan formerly designer f"r 
Zleirfelil Anna Q Nllsfon and 
Hansen Invest the leading roles of the 
production, which is a June Mathi.s 
adaptation of a famous Continental 
play. Holbrook Blinn and Charlie 

and Balboni ^ill direct.' 

O'Casey Moves to London 

Bean O'Caaey, the Irish playwright. 

has decided to estflblish hia residence 

In London be. aiise of the arrreeiihle 
Bu rrou nd 1 nKM AlihouKh he ciin work 
better in Duldln thiin in London, it Is 
only in the latter city that he can 
have his playa produced according to 
his wlahea. 

ThU Counfr Crf Married 
Am in the Day oi Old 

BBLLBVILI^E. Ont., "July 28.— ! 
Ranlnlaoent of tha daye when their 
aneeatera. United Snplra LoyiUlata, 
had no other maaaa of land traneit. 
two young peO0le of Roaemore, acroaa 
the Bay of Quinte from thla city. 
Annie Margaret Wallbrldge 'and Heg- 
Inald Harber, rode happily, to the 
parsonage of Holloway .Street I'nUe.i , 
Church, tied their horses to the 
fence, went In and were ni.irried by 
the Kev. L. S. Wright. Uiter the 
couple, both In regulation riding kit. 
mounted their steeds and set oC by 
read for Peterborough, where the 
hoaariBees- will be spent 

First Dog: How'd yo loae your 

tall' Too much waggln'?" 

Second 1>ok: "No. too much atito- 
mobile " 


Yoti will tee— ttie 
return of "The 
Four Hnr<;empn of 
the Apucalvpsc." 

The Playhouse Theatre adds to the everlasting 
glory of the ftcrccn in oficnng you thi5 wonder 

Por mora ttwn OM yoar production geniuses have 

drawn upon the va5t resources ut Kiist inal 
Pictures, Inc. to build ihib/mghty ^lani ot iticca 
* ' druna. 


And Is Told~In measures of Drama and Beauty, 

Amazing in Their Greatness . 


Written for the 
• creen by .Umc 
Mathis. the master 
mind of the "Fwir 
Horsemen," frofn 
Kdiih o Shatighne*- 
ty's Niivrl 


Greater Than Every Odmr 

• _ - .... _ e ^ ^ j 

Words cannot describe it — only emotion^ cui 
tell when the red hand of destiny sweeps nations 

to the (Icptlis — when a million hunj^^ry mouths 
crv for hrcni — when in tlic tron/y of all this 
dazed humanity one woman rises, her head un- 
bowed, you'll know you've lived through the epic 
of this zf(t\ 

Thv I'nnciptli 
at, in The 


Conway Tearle 

Anna Nilsson 


Jean Hersholt 
May Allison 

Lucy Beaun\oiit 

No Advance in Prices 

Continuoue, 2 to U 

Adults. 20^ and 25^ Adaht, SBf and S5<^ 

Children (All Times) _ _ 10< 

Profit Night Tuesday ^iTpnl:. Plajhonse Cemedjr 


f K ,-1 S ( 

\ l,'h,iplin m Oil. What a Nji.p' 

For Years The Greatest of All Ziegfeld Folllei 
Card the Theatre Ever Knew— Now! at 

For Years— The Greatest Drawing 

You See Her on the Screen! 

Siarts TMMrrwr 

At Usual Prices 

Evening, 35^ 


S^ARftiNfi Picture 

A }Nsrm color fuJ love dram 
of the tropics. 


Cilda. .IS a native «!ancing 
trirl. (If)in^ her worltl fani<»us 
Janccs ti) fascinate the man 

bhc ItJVCS. 



EXTRA— Musinl Kvertinont N Lnt— EXTU 


The Ahiwela Hawaiian Trio 

yyw u tfie Land of Eternal Sunthine 

With a Programme of Haunting 

Oraamy, Tantalizing IMelo<iiaa 


Comedy Special 

DuuUnloii Nsws 

Concert Organ 
Handley Wells 


Vi/MmeR Baxter, 


"1 1 I 


High Schools Issued 

partial stand ini 

Waite-^ Wins SJiolar^liip tor llii^hc^st h'.iiik 
111 I)i^tiict \(). 1 Similar \warj to Niii>i> 
Ulsun, ul Lad>bniith, in iJi;»tnct Nu. 2 

Th* fellowlns ar* tb« rMnilu on 
Vaaeouver laland »t th« Jua* axain- 
iMttoM iMld In th* HUtr lehooU of 
tb« Provtne*, aa anaouneod by the 
Dapartmvnt of Kduaatlon. 

Of tha t.ttZ randldat** who pr»- 
■•■ttd th»nt^<f U'fi for «xamtnat i< ' I 
1,119 pawned in mII wuhj^rta; &9A wr.- 
Ki antcd - u p|. li' ni 1 M .( I nxiimlnntlonii 
..i;t w.-i. ,1 T> ! fi i>.itiul ntjind' 
Iriic In iiililli h.n ( t . . CI 

■ .1 : II 

■ • . niliiiH In one Or 

» rril 1 
ipori 1 

ficholamliipit of 9100 awarded to 
tha atudcnu obtaJnlnv tha hichaat 
•Uintiiw In thalr raapacUva dlatrlota 
iMliftfa: IXatrlct Mo. 1— M«r^a 
Rmma Waitaa. Vlctbrla' HUrh School, 
82 per cent, piatrict No. } — Florcnea 
Olaon. LadjrvBUh Hl^ Mkdel. jO.t 
per cent. 

(By Cour^K) * 
By coursaa In th-* rr<)vln<«> the re- 
■utta ar« mM CoIIowh: 

C'««itl N*. Sapplf- Pb>- 
r«iMd atauM tlaU 

P. Harrla. Mary w. UarUay (•>• 
Hobart P. Hawkoa. Blaaaar L. 
Haaaay (a). Charlaa O. Halatarman 
(a), Kaa M Hendemon. Violet E. 
Helloway (k) Kran.^ i; Hiin)^ Hrlan 
M HlftinInK- .loliii r> Johniion («), 
H. 1 ) /..I I •♦■ I >1 ^rl••^■ll A K a > «» 1st. 

Ultiil:.-.) 1. Ketvil. Wll.i.uii H Kil- 
llik 'HI, .)ame<i Klnt;HhHrr\ i •* i . 
^ ^ Myrtla A. L*noq, i>orottaaa M. L.aa, 
andtdatwl Llanal M. C. Loeka. Harry J. MaMa- 


lr<l-T»»r Cnmm<!r«k«l 
.^■1 T««r HowMlaMd 
Hnl-Tcmr TechBleal.. 


Neraial Mntraae* 

yaalar Matrle 

mrawl •ii4 
iaSarMatrtc t*) 









CandMatrn who h«v»> f tiled to paaa 
Matriculation. Normal Kntrance, 
Third- Yaar commercial. Thlrrt-Tear 
UouaaliaM Bclanea, Or Third-Tear 
Tat^nleal axamlnaliona ^wlth or 
without aupplementala) ar^ frantad 
eradlt for all papara in which thay 
teft aktained hft per rent or /nor«. 
tTnirar thia rfvulatlon 4 randldatea 
ohtrtlnffl Ktandlnv In i>even ^ubjertw; 
■11 ndMnf »>M fibt)itn»><1 utanrtlnic 
Ki \ nuhjeit--. 106 rr( rill Ida I rs nhtsiinori 
Mtunfllng In fivr nijhlrrtH; 12(1 lanrtl- 
Antrm »»htatn«» in.^imnn in f«>wr m»b- 
Jerta. lis candldatea obtained MtMnd- 
ins In three nubjaiita: !• candidates 
obtained niandlnv In two avtejacta. and 
77 candldatM obtalnatf atandlBf to one 


MdtrlrulaMon Hnd \"rrn-<l V'.ntram'e 
!.u pp|pnien'(» 1 exnmin.i I Umii will lie 
h«>l'l from Aiiannf '0 Srptemher 4. 
ina**, «l the Nnrmil Hchool, X'.Tnrnij- 
ver; \ irtoria Colleife, Vlctorirt, and 
in the Hlsh Hchoola at C'ranbroolc. 
Kamloopa. Kalowna. Nanalnnn. Nel- 
aon, Frlnea Oaorffa. Princ* Ruyart. 
and Ravalatalla. '* ' 

Hupplemental eaiamlnat 1 o n a in 
Third -Tear rommardal. Third-Tear 
lloiie^hold Krirnre. nhtl Thlrd-Toar 
Technical, In Hubj«<'lM not included 
in Orad* XI. will ba bald In June 

In the fnllnwina detailed report bjr 
centrea. the namen of auccaaaful ran- 
didataa only are civon in alphabetical 
ardar. The latter plaead attar h 
nam* d*n«t*a tbaC tha oandUUU hax 
tojafu vrantad en* or more miyplanen- 
talfi. THa name* of candidataa ob- 
lalntnff partial atandinf and the 
namen of nandldatea writinff for atate- 
menta of murku onlv do not appear In 
thl(» rfport If HI :«nv centre no 
•^ndlflHtON w rf MiK i-eKNf III. I !>♦) mime 
of the i pnii''^ doi'H noL, Mppear at nil. 
t Utaifni'-ntM of inarkH are' Ix-int; 
mailed at once tO all CNnUMatao. 
VlttoHn IIIkIi Sc-IiooI 

' Qrad* XIcT-^ohn IL AlUn. KUaabeUt 
V. Arabar. IRatbar A. Ballaw. Aadray 
B. ■aem*. MUda P. B*ara. WInnl- 
fred Blddkatt. Bvalyn O. Benavia (a). 

V"r<d<«rl<k if. lionnell. Tan R. Wurnn. 
MuriHy M. <*nmrron in). Mervyn R 
I'fiverhHil. Krederlrk J fhlld. Mar 
Joria A. Clark. Albert >l. Coddlnglon, 
KIpranca (}. Corklc. Owenllylan E. 
Ccwpar. Stewart W. Cox (n). Alice 
M. Oeswarth (a). Henrietta U 
Crampten. Mary Cuil«im« Oaolfray c, 
lyArcy. Bertha U Denrta. 0«orir« K 
IHi*lf> (HI. cii.i<l(in Tv. l)lrK.Non (■), 
I.eonii It liltnmlfk r«). Marjorle M. 
I'<i1ii;Uh In) John W. Punn I "I .T 
Monirlili liiinMtiiorp (a). William l-V 
Kelili i;i;i..ii iM). Baajile M. Kulkney 
(H>, Mariiaret U. Kletoher. Vera M. 
Proeman. C D4dl«y naltukell. 
Oordan Godwin (a); Brian F. nreen. 
Mil* O. Oraanldt*. SlwoOd H. Oropp. 
Rthel B. Hafgar (a). Robart A. Halet. 
Marffarat K. Hardy lal, Rvelyn I). 
Harper ("). Oorothy z. Mnrria, 
nraham W. Harris (s). M. Illeen M. 
Harria, Mariraret M. Harrla. MarRam 

i.rrtd' \' H'MNiii <■ ( "ottaraU 

' " ' i.riitu'^ K. 1.. KeiivtrKk (a). 

aandidat** ■raataA partial 


Pilfa— mm§f 
Urada XI — T bo a a aa H. O. J«Bk« 

aon (a). 

C'ompletad Grade XI — Orace A. 
Galllford. Janet K. Hepburn. Kath- 

I. . I. M . L)t>i - M \>w . oiiil; 

II. 1) .\1 i'ollard, Utorge M. llobina. 

Four candldMdB vraiitad partial 

aland Inc. 

Victoria High Mehooi 

Jeaele Alasaiidar (a). BT«lyn Cui- 
lintford, IrU A. Pair*!!, H. Iran* 
Oandy, Mara Qlbcba. Rbth Haatbar- 
bali. Oavtd B. Hmtar, Baby lablatar. 
Oarothy M. Jewk**. Oore Llm <■>, 
Marfan Morton, Emma I. K. Mc- 
Clelland, Avn*a Raid, Qlady* Rennle' 
(a>, Kathleen Roblnaon. Jean Tor- 

ford (a). Dorothy U Marvlaon, 
Arthur J. M**aaraehmidt (a). John D. 

Milne (s), Et*|e .\f Mitchell. Laura 

R. .Mitchell iH) \ 1. toi H. Mott («). 
Ernest ^^ .Mo«r"k Mmy M -Mackay 
(^1 H M Nf«< hlaii (VI Oonald 

' Mi ■ II n Al, n- . .\I ■ lAv.-iii («). 

Dona M. McMorran, WUUam B. 
Na«la (a). Bvalyn M. Naata (a). 
Michaal Culliim Neabitt, Oordbn M^l 
Perry, M. Margaret pettroan (a), 

John L. Plant, Barbara M. Reaney. Orad* XI-<-Rlchard M Hurnett (a). 
Clarence T Rendle. cinrenoe A. D^'lia F. Holllna (e). Marp.irft F 

Rhode (H) WilUurn Hf.hl ri- [i-mclaM I'l-att. Mabel K V.iid (ki, i;ir <"> I; 
n. r,.Ti ^(11 Wnlrer T K'lblnxoti ! .\l . Yerburgh (n) Tliree i tii. Jilalea i 
(■). .)')>i>'pti V K >KtThi. .M II K»i <-t It" . i !{ranted partial Kiandlng. i 

HuntM-itotd 8<.-leiiue 
Private Study eamplatad Taar III — ' 

Ethel Ttll 

dark, WUUam Bdward Pox. Mary N 
Oarmaa. Albart W. Ora*«. JuM* P. 
HATdy (a>. 
M. MoKay. 
I.*wranoe D 
1' h 1 1 1 1 1 ) .1 . .M .'1 r > 

art • c 1 I 
Whrel. ! !• i ,• 

partiai ataadio^ 

C. Martin. Pl4 

rat K M Murray, 
D. Ornnina. Li«r^a 

I . K 1< ha I <.1^. I M lucl 
iiira Wiiril, liiruaat 


Complated cruAt- xi — 1 

J. Holt. L.oulae Jetu>op. 


Qrada XI— Harold W. Hart. Prada 
1. Hilton. Jamea P. Thorn aon (a). 

\ \?»VNn^ < KNTKK 
\ aoanda I'ubllc Si-l»uol 
Ofmde XI— Wilfrad J. C. Talt (•)■ 


Prt>fr>>FM>r f'f Nourol'H;) I- tiitnupr*! 
in bcckinc ".\ii«(tiinlcal Uasia 


Atlrai-tUf l>r«>Craiiunf Will lie Kcn- 
dered t'nmi S u» ft< I'.M. by 

Ona of the 


atlraattv* eonoart i 


hi a K«an« from "Aloma of the Soutli Sra.t," the screen feature at the Oominioa 

Theatre ihij week. 

Horac* Rumaby. Stewart D. Scott, 
Miyry E. Scott «a), Katherlna M. 

SrroKRl". Di^roihy H. Hhopland. 
Dorothy K .^Idd.ill IhI. Kric R. 
Siniondn ihnrlton I.eK Smith. 
UouRlaH (' Siniili .liinio.^ Smith, Mar- 
jorle K. .1 M "' l, Ian J. Spencc, 
David K. Starrord. Helen J. Stewart 
(H). Marie Htuhha. Olive B. Taylor. 
Brian A. Tobin, Mflllcant O Umbaeh 
(a), Marjorle E, Waitea. Jamea A. 
Walker, Maurice Walker, Jo*in O. 
Wallace, irelen R W. Warren fa), 
Anne (;. Wutson. Donald .'^ Wat.'ion, 
Margaret D WiilMon ( f i . Annie \\>ln- 
burg (x). Mary C. Welrh. Heary .\. 
Weat <ni, Joaeph C. Wheeler, Wel- 
laely A. Wood. lCathl**a V. Weot*n. 
Fanny B. Wright. 

Compl*t*d Orad* XIr-Katbta*n I. 
I. Har^c Twenty-on* eandldataa 
granted- partial auindihg. 
' ^ Ttii (fillririafo KcIioaI 

Orad* XI— Baatl O. Wrlgh^ (■), 
On* oandldata granted partial atand- 

Rockland^* X'ndrmy 
* C5rad^ XI -Harr> \ C Smith 
Twelve .oandldatea granted partial 

St. Ann'a Arndemy 

firnde XI — Winifred I, ( ■■mipbert. 
\>rM ('.ition (HI Dnrren Wrununond- 
Uay, .lean Diirhin. Juata McKenna 

(•) I- our • andldatea griMitad 

partioi atanding. 

St. GMMve'a Srhnol XI M.,r> K ( ■.mi i'»i«'l'. 
IJlanch*' K < ooke isi. |i. V loici l- lu k, 
Margaret T. I..l«htbndy (a). One 
candtlSate Krnnlt<d (tirtlal ntanding, 
SI. U>uU <.V>llogC 

(;radf> -\ I Kayrin.i. i I'. Kluwincrr 
(e). Albert H. Mui.tcHkl, Charlea J- 
Webh ta). Four caadMitUa graatad 
partial. fldMdlSS. 

Bl« MargaratNi Si^kaol 

Grada XI Manj.ii. i .M( I itiirton. 
Betty Doyl.' im. Dorofir Kind lay 
<a), Edith .1. (;reen. D.irofh, I ihn- 
«ior». Mai v M t.lgert wood . Mnrlan K. 
\IrlI|. k(» I .- 1 .M irrarel K. Morrlnnn. 



UB4dr tka AoapiMt of the Departmenf of Educ^tiMi, Ptoviadal 

fltimmer School for Teachrrs 


Recital-Fraiices lilickawa 

(The CrM Bntertatner) in sn AIMntflsft Wfhf 

High School Iii«t4ay Nitiil, UO 

(Fernwood Road) Take No. i 

Adndbsion 25c 





AUG. 4 xu 14 

Tbe biff rrent of the leaaon! A thrill 
everr BMineiit. WorM*t Champion- 

«hlp Stamrrdr; FT. \f. Cnldstrcam 
Guards Rand; Premier Live Stock 
Showt; Musical Spectacle; Calr- 
dOBiiB Otaet; Agricttltural and 
HorticttltBfBl Ethibiu; Fireworb 
»n4 other fcatsre attractioaa. 

Write for priie ii»t: 
'j ticotivrr T'xhihition Ass'n 
uu i coder St. W'., Vancouvar, B.Ci 



Oak liay HUli Srhooi 
fJrarte XI HiM.i t. 'Andros. l/eon- 
ard Baekler, John Beaaonette, Gor- 
don Beat, Dorla A. Brown, Florenob 
1. Brown, Kathleen M.«JBrown, Pl«r« 
enca M. Burgaaa (a), Emeat II. Coop- 
er (a), Harold W. Crawford, Kathryn 
Dane, Ralph Davla, Jennie P. Drum- 
mond (a), Arthur T. Kagcl, Anthony 
Kanlon. .Montaaue W. I-;a*<ton (8>, 
Meikeloy h"lNli<r. Uena > l^'lpminK, 
Humphrey (iolhy, t Mlve l). <;rn> (n), 
Kobert D. J. fluy (hI. Jeaale N Mud- 
aon. Robert H. Keay. Iris .M. Korr, 
William Mearn.-<. VAme A. Mllea 
Uichard A. Miller, Yrma Z. Mltcball, 
Rlcbard I. Moore, t'harlao O. Mc- 
Ilmoyl. Douglaa B. Melntoab. P)ran- 
cia H. McMultla. Barnica Penaar, 
Rlliott (I. N. Playar, Doria Rinea (a), 
llraula Robbina (a>^rharlea II. Sher- 
wood, Kllaabeth M Sllmnilnp Arthur 
I". Stark <a». Arthur Stott, Hirhert 
Arthur Tripp. .Norman 1' Tyrell. 
Uernlcc A. \ ooRht, liaall «. Walker, 
Krneat (i. Whttemor*. OwandOlln 
Wlnaby. I'>vle Young. 

Completed Grad* XI — Maura*n Mc- 
Connan. Klght aaadldatao granted 
r partial atanding. 

BreiuwtKMl CoUegn 
i Orad* XI— Darld H. Broek <•), 

I Frank T. Coleman (a), John A. Cala« 
man, William R. Gray. Robert K. 
W. Creene ( n i , John H. Ijirnprey (a), 
' John h. Malkln. Alexander K. Mc- 
I Tnvlsh («). William H l>nro. k (n), 
1 \\ iliiitiM f'. Ilobfrtmin. I'Mw.ird .1. 
I Sym'in.s <n), RoRer Wiljinn t^>. 

Completed r:rade XI — Jack F. R. 
Wlllock. Thirteen eaa^ldat** grant- 
ed partial atandtnir 

CAssm^ t;i:vTRE 

OigMty Superior Kdtoal 

Grade XI H<>lon llrn ler-on («). 
t'Oi;nTK\.\Y t KNTR*: 
Ooortmay High School 
Grade XI — BNn* B. Adey (•). 
Laura J. Bataman, Ann A. Monerief, 
.Margaret F. Hlilence, Hilda A A. 
Smith (B>, Fanny Winger. Kloronce 

Four • iTtri granted partial 

TrUair Study 
Grade XT— Taobel C. Church (a) 
< IMKI ItliABI) CI NTni: 
( iiml>crland Hlgtl Krlioni 
r;rade XI— J**b1* I. Baird (a), 
Wlllkim W. 9rawn, Edna W. o«ar. 
Rflaabath Horlmry, Toaiho Iwaaa, 
Irene K .Toneo Mabel F, .lonea, Kdlfh 
r)Brl»>n M.irir<ir»t Robinson, Mary 
11 \\alk»>r 

Completed Grade XI — Gwenneih 
I'.mily One adBdidftt* g»pit*<l 
partial atandingr. 

T>an«a« BIgll Behoel 

Grade XI — B«T*rly «. Brian, Helen 
M. Huby (a), Darothy P. Laigb. 
Haxel R. Main* ««). Warran J. %Cil- 
ler !!>) Ronald K. Roome ta), Ktliel 
Pransnn (hi Three candldatea 
granted partial atanding. 

Qaem Ma»«Bf«t'a Mioel 

Grade XX — Marjary N. Neet tai 
Ruth R Wafcot, Two candidaten 
gfknr*i x'mhi atandinc 

Shawnlgaa' lAkr (school 

Grade XI— Hasry F. Cotton (at 
Ona eaadMata fraatad partial siaial- 


TMnria Wttk BalMwl 
Orada Xl— Charl«a O. Martin. 
PHvatr Klady 

Complefd ':r»i.i» \i .lohn K. 

liAI>\ .H^M I M t I ..NTIIK 

Orad* XI— A. Rdwin Akenhead. 
Ma'rgarat BeattI*. Doria G. Coralay. 

Ollv*" M. Davenport (•». Theimn kl 
Hunter ««». fMorence .l^nem, Janei M 
K«>rr Mary Mn.'i "> < Kll7j»l>elh 
Mruc (at Ir^vte .M MKInnon <ai. 
Florence oKon. Kdna M. Parkin 
Irene T. Roevali Ullan Slmpaon. 
Kathleen M Strang <•) Lillah Smith. 

C««ipl«t*d Orad* XI— Ann* J. 8 
OBayle. Thr«a caadldaia* traatad 
partial atanding. 


Orada XI — PloretMM) A. BalUy. 
Martea O Barrta, Bdna I*. Raster 
nnte M >>' '^ Oarle* B. fWnaai) 
i ilarald F. t iidii<maB^. Margsm L 

NEW TORK. July S4.— "Only as 
Old aa ana'a brala flbraa." may Uke 
tba plaaa at "a waasaa^ aa aid aa 
aba loeka," aad "a nan'a aa eld aa 
he fael*.** aeeordtag te aaw labara" 
tory evidence found by Dr. Leu la 
<^a!ia major, Pretaaaor af Naatology 
i.t the coHata 9t Fbyslclaaa aad 


Ill aeeklng and finding "the ana- 
loin leal baaia fur human behavior" 
In changea that take place la tb* de- 
veloping brain. Uataig kitten*, raia 
'and gilln*k piga at flrat. hi* *]cparl- 
menta have now reached the point 
where he la atudying the behavior of 
bablea In relation to the development 
of the myelin, or tiaaue Kiirroundlng 
the n*rve flbre.s of their brnlns. 

Plfferant Afoa at Blrtb 
Among. ether thing* h* aald hla ex- 

perlmenta have ahnwn are. 

"All animala are not the aamo age 

when they are I'orn. 

"Birth i.s merely an inrldent In 


"Rata arp young embryon when 
they are born, and ar e %a l t a b * l p l *a * 
for aeveral weelgi. 

"The kitten remallM Mplaaa for 
a little ever a weak, _ 

"A coll win wmtlWWTWaWaTtBT- 
lav Ita mother after twenty minutea 
Oalnea Pig the Old^at 

"The Kuinpi pljf la probably the 
oldeat thing In the world when it la 
born. It runa rapidly, aem perfectly 
and will atart eating .cabbage after 
five mlnutea, and will figbt Interfer- 

"Th" dilnea pic Id ao old when it 
Is born that it h.i.s alr<»ady .'■lifd Its 
milk torih before birth. .Tnd at birth 
is lipfrlnnlng to ahow rrnilp chanaes." 
The bralna of the animala studied 
ahowed devglnpment of th<« myelin in 
proportion to tb* development of 
tb*lr behavior. 

Movlntr picturea. with normal and 
alow motion flawhea, were mado 
undr>r Or ("a.s.iinaJor'n diiectlon. and 
when run otT brfor-e the ps\ oh n t rl -I w 
ahov^e.i thi^so differences. riu'to 
graph', of brain aectlonH .showed tli< 
rorrfNiiMiid ing developmenl of Ihii 
myelin. The kitten, blind at birth, 
haa no myelin about ita opttla nerve 
centra*. little development abettt tbe 
nerve of loeemotlen. and depend* at- 
moat Bdlely upon th* dev*lepm«at *r 
ita hearing and feeling nerve*. The 
rat. which U utterly helpleaa at birth, 
haa no Toyplin in Ita nervoua ayatem 
at first The vruinea piffi* eompKtaly 
myelinated at birth. 

Met Tear AieT 

"The human Infant eomea aome- 
where between the rat and the kitten 
In u.s age at birth," aald Dr. ('«s 
niijor "Man at birth la npt the olil 

p«t nor the youngeet of tbe »»fnf ' 
kingdom. « 

"We are now atudylBg the be- 
havior chUdca^C aiaUiNr aarefally 
tbe exact age* at which a fr«*b be- 
havior characterlatle appeara, and 
then, when we get the chance, aeeing 
what changp in the brain aOOOm- 
panlea this ag^ s new powcra." 

Tho fijiurp will ha^e to tell wnat 
may be the application* of thla new 
knowledge of the mareh of behavler 
linked to the brain fibre growth, ac- 
cording to the lnv«8ti«ator. Per the 
praaent the cellaqalal meatkad pub- 
lic f^ay coateat itaalf with a broadar 
conception of tbe gRrrsat phraae 
"Act Tfttir Age 

prngra rinnps arranged f'-r a hatul 
entertainmeat in Victoria thia year 
wlU be ha«M ikig aftaeaean by 
Victoriana aad tgaglgta #bo vUlt 
Beacon Hill Park between the houra 
of a and I o clock. 'Ihc Helettionh will 
i'O i.lK\»d by Lf'.f Municipal Bund, 
tiii'lt'i I hi .'ondii. i '>rahip Of Raad^ 
maater Jamea M. Miller. 
Grand Mar«h— ^mphable (MaacinD 
Selection — "Teamea of tbe Guard" 

"* (Sulllvan> 

Sir Arthur HuUiVKii ih*: i .-la • 

of the foremost BniWth t om i'u»< f "< 
hla day, who o<«'uiii«-<l .4 urmijf ■ 
In tba -history of muaic. He had tbe 
dlatlaotlaa ^ kaglaB -foandgd Md 
brougkt te«perfeetlan the ee b aal of 
hi«fc«elaaB eoaile epa r a'tn Iteglaad. 
Valae Caprtaa— "Maa Bljeu" <la*paic«) 

(a) Mtauet 1 Piid»-: cw^ki > 

(b) "MeoMnta Mu.ilcar . (Schubert) 
Overtttre^"MarlUna" (Wdllace) 

Tka e* mp ed* r of thla papular opara 
waa bom at Waterford* in Ireland In 
1*14 of .Scottish parpiit.s ariil died In 
FrHii> «> in The oik -- , « i.., pro 

duced at l.iindon in 1 K 4 fi ind Iri- fver 
been popular with ihe nias.Hex It 
ahOWa tlo mriuence of the Italian and 
Preach acbool in style rather than a 
tendency to be natleaaUy BiiyUah. 

Operatic favorites — 

(a) Quartette from "Rl«ol*tte " . . 


(b> Baatetta R>em "iMala" 


(iM Toreador song from "Carmen" 

( Hliel ) 

<a) "Mlaerera" from "II Trova- 

tore ' ( Verdi > 

(Tbeae oumbera by re^uaat) 

A Big DMiUt Canedy Bill 

It's IN^ EaUitaiMMt 



■aloMt. J. H. Jaaea. 
"The Qaac* of tb* Serpeats" 

f Borcatarl) 

Grand FaataaiaF— ^'AlMen 

( Bastena ) 

• • • a e a a 



WILLIAM FOX prcscnh 



frmtheroucl'OHa TOEVW 

D\MK Mill f Pv - VICTOR MMHAfiitH 








mm Fr** 

In the recent loca| centre practical 
examinations of theMxindon College 
of Masie, London, Bngland, con- 
ducted by Mr. Bmest K. VInen. Mua. 
Bar.. F.R.r.O.. the following pupils 
nf Mr. Oliver R. Stout, A.1...C..M.. were 
aucceacful In paanlng: 

Advanced aenlor aection— Piano, 
flrat claas certlflcate, Florence liuella 
roUlna; adwaneed Intermediate eec- 
tion. piano, llrat elaas. Winifred 
laobel Greea; .tat*na*dlate secUon, 

Coming Thurgday— "The Million Dollar Hsndicap* 

piano nrat claas rhvllis Olive Ben 
nett Frederick William Oreavea and 
Agnes Them*on MacBryer; elemen- 
tary aeellon. piano, with honors, 
Dorothy Praaela Heraibreek and 
Marjerto Ruth Hedgkins; Siat elaa» 

Kleanor Elisabeth Pedan. Ullan 
liertrude Toye, Margaret Nan. BVe 

and Wenona CereMa Bjornafalt. 
primary aection. piano. fimi elaSa, 
Kathleen Mabel Burnett Meltt 
Rrovn and Amelia Doris l.<»vy 

A party of Americana waa being 
ronductPd ow r,s very ^meus baild- 
Injf In l><indon. 

"That particular arch." explained 
the guide, "goea back to William tha , 
C'ingueror." | 

"What for?" aak*d a member of 1 
the party. "Won't H f#t" » 

Sunday Concert 

'I'lio t.ill..\\'M.' -iK- uill be played between 3 p.m. and t\ p.m. on tbr w.^mUr 
ful PANATKOIM : ' '- riy heard at the Lake and in the 

vicinity of UAMSXii^Rl^EY LAKis^blDiL 


'March Slav" N. Y. Phahannonic Onli. 

\n-clu.s" Organ Solo 

Dark Kyes"...- A. and P. Gypsies 

My Thoughts" _ ..Violin Solo 

•'l>a for Two".. ..Brunswick Hour (Orchestra 

"The Kosarv ' Hawaiian Guiiar>> 

'June BrtMtght the Roset" Violin Solo 

"The Shadow of the Past" 

A. and P. G\pMc 

"Liebestraum** Piano Solo by Godowsky 

"L'Artnour-ToiijQart, L'Afmour* 

Violin Solo 

"Pomp and Cireotn stance" — - March 

"Lost Chord'LOrgan Solo, Mormon T«Bpl« 

Come to Hamster ley Lakeside 


' Graiid Historical Pageant 


P Tbe Gr^ateu and M^^t Spectacular in the History 
I of Canada 



July 28-29-30-31 

Box Office Opens Jul> 24 at I'iiiulcy <k Rucliic s 




Childrer _ 
Sft# to f !.»& , 


Children Half F'rice to Anw Seat in the Arena 



SUn6aY, TUtVY 25, 1926 

Logger atui Farmer, Too 

Writer Sh 

I>rpartmrnt "t \j;ricuUure to 

Assist Scukr W itlt Goods on Credit 

(■•eond Artleto) 
Iteay of th« ctnilti— tliat act m 
d«(«T*nt« to rrrttrm^nt In tho Coast 
Dlatriet are in u <l)rro« d»t»rri>nta 
•rcrywhore In tho Province rxccpt In 
localKlM Adiacent to tho larcor town* 
and tho etUaa. Ono af thaaa la tho 
lack of Mrvlo^abla roaAa and traiu. 
That this lark to mora aeutoir foH on 
tho Ceam If to tho .n-tn ' i 

brokon < ontl»uratlon f ;x <'i'' )("•" 
Vancouvor Inlanri no roailM •■f m .r<i 
fhan a few mll^a In length are poa- 
aihif Hnd much of the trMUlvevt*ti«n 
la. Inevitably, by boat. 

Tat roada exlat. thouvb In aeme 
lamt thay appear to exlat for tittle 
imrpoao. In hyKone days In fhe Prov 
Inrp t h»r^ -'eems to havr h^en no m»-i 
lied pf»llry of roarl-makInK hryond 
tho nrtakinK of them for politlrai pur- 
poaoa. If, for tnatanco, the "niuoo" 
ware In power, tho diatfiet that ro- 
tsrnad a Bluo oMinbar get appro- 
yriatlona for tho maklat of. ofton. 
uaolesa roada, whilo tho district where 
the opinlona of the voter* were 
"Buff," or. like Hnt, Saw\.r'< a kind 
of plaid, got no uppropriatlona at all. 

Tha present position appoars to bo 
tkla: UaUl tha aottlora la a sivan 
loeatlty amotint ta a oartata aambar 
tho Ciivernmont will make no roads. 
ThlM rneanii that the locality, oxcopt 
where a< ceaaible by boat remains iin- 
aettlo.l. for owinc to tho donse foreHt 
Hcrond Rrowth provaleni upon all nn- 
nceupled land, tho land -seeker often 
finds It tmpooalblo to ponotrata to 
wiiara tia Ikia baan tald land exiats. 
It wouM appaar to bo af rooablo to 
common sonso that whoaarer an area 
H^ay from the waterfront la thrown 
open for neltlement. .i trail fnnnect- 
Ing It with the iihore, or with nomc ftl- 
iea(l> rxi.'-iinK road, bo at once rut 
and nftorwarda kept open. This 
could be done at small dspanao and It 
would mlshtlly faellltata aattlomant. 
Tbaro ara many flna traata of land In 

fSaAM T^^rtft l^aO t^m ■■■■■■ 

that thev are nnnpprnachahl* will re- 


*«afa iMaoeaplaA «bU1 daomaday or 
wnttl flavMa alaar a vajr ta tlMm. 

0 0 0 

In rasard ta r«a«a ta thia dtatrtet. a 
poeallar handicap to aattlomant 
arlsoo from the fact that w« hava In 

• '.in.iila a dual nyatcm of '"lovernment. 
I'pon noe of i*io larner Hlnniln this 
at>eur<1 '■ " ••xiftM Th'r>- arc 

two Hharfa. one on the northrast 
xhorc and tho other on the aouDiwoHt 
a' Oarammant road traversos the 
inland from t^ta aarthaaat to the 
Houthwcst, but In both eaaaa It 
reaches tidewater, not at tho wharf, 
but a milr diatsnt from It Kor years 
the vettlern have endea\ore<l to ob- 
tain ifdreaa In thi- i i i 1 ho 
Kederal authorlllea hii i " on a-..<o<1 
If) move their wharf _ t.> « 'loro ttio 
road tarmfnatos: the Provincial au 
t harttlaa hava baan aaked ta eoaatruct 
additional laavtha of road ta oonnoct 
wirh tho wharfs. But Victoria aaya, 
"N'o. let f)itnwii move its wharfs." 
and f'ttawii says, "No, let Victoria 
make road?* ' The consequem r- "f 
ihlH lurk of arreasibillty Is that settle 
ment lunKul^hes The lalund, certain 
ly the most fortlla of its froup, con- 
tains thousaada of aoraa of un- 
occuplod land; abandenad fktrma lie 
In all dirootlona. thalx, foanaa down, 
their bulldinca in dilapidation, their 
orchards and pasture* avarrun with 
thifltio* and rank with woods of every 

Another eondltloa that militates 
against settlement In- tki* district, 
and probably everywhere In the Prov- 
ince at all removed from chief 
centren of population, Is that settlers 
find ihornholvee a little beyon'l the 
protociion of the law. Provim iul 
constaMi-H arc stationed at certain 
polnla, but they each serve an area of 
huge extent. Even where the tele- 
phone Is available it may be days be- 
fore they are able to answer a call. 
And a mil \n <<ome;imos aaaaaaary 

The mt-n who went overaoaa In the 
I^.te war, hoth former residonta und 
nawcomprs to the dlstrl cL hav e suf- 
fered aomethlnc in thia rtgafftf. Two 
who went tofother from on* neigh- 
borhood, leavlag notlea to the- effeet 
nailed to thatr locked doors, returned 
to find their homes stripped of e\ory- 
Ihinj; porlahlo. Kveii their wiTido'.v 
H.i.slus Kone and the fruit lroe« 
from ihoir orrhardn. The dl«trlrt dur- 
ing the war furnlahed many a secure 
hiding place for people who were not 
in sympathy with Caaada'a mlUtarjr 
effort: thea* people wara, and atill re- 
main, hoatil* ta the men who did 
I heir duty. 

r>iit fhero Is lino l.iw horo tiMt l«, 
.iM f.i r as ponsihio. rlk;idly onforred. 
.\ mat) ma\ Hiral your hoat from the 
■•hore or your branded logs lying In 
he wdter cloae l>y your door- he may 
even enter your home in yoitr absanea 

W Wiire proud 

The habit of using "Quaker* 
Brand Canned TruiU and 
Vaflttabtog tverjr dajr matea 
hanlth.eertaln and 
caqr. BnJofvMt 

and ahaet wt wa a i b ar of jraor funllr 
and get away wHh tt all tkaas ttUPCa 

havr 1'o.M. doiM' (mi' l.a may aat 
with iii puniiv \ii)Uii>« any section of 

1 ho L.quiM 1 onlrol X-i. perhiipi lor 
fill's r<•.^^.ln Suili \liilalloti IH p.iiii-'i 
.ihio |i> ni,< .in ■ jSn;rnl4»tlon of tl.« 

public fuBda wblla Uttle tooltah 
tapaea ff»am Mta«rtly Nfca OMft 'aad 
manalaughter are puaiaiabia Inr tta- 

prleoament, tnvolvtni* a depletlea of 
the public fund" 

A woman, not s> i ■ i^nx i>;o made 

.'omo«nlp win' Her hij»l>Ari'I 
had grown a quanlit> >>t i ,irr.iiiii» ho 
was unable to sell an-l « no 

willing should be wa#tea. in a weak 
moment she gave a ilass of her dead- 
ly concoction to a friend; the friend 
talked, the nrwn spread and in tlrte 
reached tho o.u^ of tha palloe. 

Prompt anion '.iken A power 

ful lauo'-h with ,< .i ii-Mhio .1 ma*: 

Islratc and Himiher oII1> on 
was dispatrhfld to the ecerte of the 
crime. Nearly two sallona of tho 
ahoakia« atiiC waa aMaad and thrown 
Into tha aaa. and a Had «C IM aad 
costs Inflicted upaa tha waiaari^s ktta- 
hand for havinf aaiaalad 1i««or on 

hiH pren)lsea 

'Vh\n wan all \or\ iiphl ,i rul prfipor 
The parnnip is without doubt a p< r 
niclous vegetable. Its alcohnlir . ..i, 
tent must l>f high, for It la a fact, per- 
hapa not ganerally knawa, tkat while 
It la abaolutely naoeasary ta |N«teet 
from deer by high fenolag a««ry other 
■ ocf.' the Kcttlers here grow, inii^ ho raised In the open 
in (lerfc. t s. , irii N i deer will 
touch them, and the coast deer is 
known beyond qtiaattoa ta ba a rigid 

Oaa of tha. moat formldaMa ak* 
staolaa ta aattlament. however, la the 
mental attitude of maay people who 
would like to s<»ttle on the land, who 
even originally cume to the Province 
w ith the purpose of doinq no. hut \ et 
healtale to lake ihe f^n.-vl step. \'lr- 
torla and Vanfouver are full of such 
people. Many of them are holding 
down a little Job of some kind In the 
meantime, but they will tell ycru they 
Intend to quit It and gat a little ranch 
Inatead and be Independent— oame 
day. They are like the man who gees 
to the beai h intendlnjf a dip In tho 
sea, but hesitates at the last moment 

f«r four tha wateMBcrM tae eoid far 


It is fear and nothing else that af- 
fllcu iiirh ■anpla. Thay 
will be a lonely ona— they (ear for 
their bread and butter. 

In regard to being lonely: No man 
or woman whoaa pretaraaea la far a 

aaiaMla farasad from farm houaea oa 
their Mao af mattalL 

< '< ♦ n M II '.f d o V* [i ' o .1 I * ■ d .-1 1 o 

h'lwoi i r » <■ h lUnrs I fHirt-.iM <if 

Wi^don wli.. .iiliiiM hii • »■ lno<! t'^r 
'WO i tiloflv upon r\r t'road 
heana and cold i\aier Wo .. ro ij.iund 
to baliava ik^i he did so, though even 
til lila aaaa a e an a ldatabia town b* 
aaaatantly vlaited waa within walkiag 
distance of his retroat. nnd It Is but 
ro iMiiinl'lp ^uiip'-f' I'l ii h,^ friends 
thfto did not aiwa>a allow lilm tu 

leave them vliJMBt. at laagt, a aup 6f 


Bat whatever* we mmf' think of 
theaa il^^daaceo the fart remains that 
for the reason that jcood and abundant 

foci.l IS wiMllii •>:• I . .irh of IK li ly ill. 
w >■ of I h o ) o I ■ in : ' UK" ,1 ro pt nl • 1 1 ■ I v 
h • ft . t !■ f • .J ' ■ ' . ^ I ! .1 ' , A o 1 i \ <■ d 
t'ofore ua. I^,atlng, iiKe smoking, la to 
■ n ai^tant merely a habit; - wa need 
food - and wa need tattaoca^but eer- 
talniy oot aa mueh of aifhar aa we 
oommonly consume. 

For a nettier in the Coast District 
to ffod I innKcIf for two years Is not at 
ill .111 ■ xfiorii^o provided he has a 
■\ . I d'oi that furnished, the num 
r one dollar vi;eekly will purchase 
' verythlng alaa ka . abaalttlaiy ftaed* 
I his la not a mare aatlmata: mare 
hail one roan becianlngr here has 
praye4<lt a ,p||ill^H(ty. . Same there 
are who claim, at Urst, to have lived 

uiion lo.s.f If ,1 man haa a OOW hO 

cm lerlaliily li\e upon I<hm. 

# « « 

Perh.ipn ii >i 1 cl'-'t'ont to nettle 
ment, yet .i ■ ■ .k aIv. .so many 
fion here afloi a birnKKle uive up and 
It r iway to other loculitlea, or ever^^ 
Other countrlee, is the faot. that we 
hava in Brktiah Oalumbla no dovern- 
ment department whoae business it is 
to encourage and when necessary aid 
the settlor Wo have. It li true. a 
Ijind .Sottlonient Board, but It.s pollry 
iM iin r<'l\' lo invito ^<'lt!ornent to cer- 
tain ai oa.>« of which the ( 'oast District 
is not one. Its invitation, too. Is 
restricted to comparatively wealthy 
people. The majority of thaaa who 
seek homes and a living from the 
land In this Province are com- 
paratively poor people. 

A man once essayed to < lamber up 
the steep face of .-v ( luf Xearing the 
top hU streoKth failed him and ho 
was in danger of fallinK. A passer-by 
on the clirr top, noting the man's 
peril, ran and procured a ahort rope. 

■4 o f w hiah — IM — laaUfpaAt—by 
means of which the climber drew 

himself to nafety. 

Many a i)Oor settler In tis Province 
I la In the position of that climber. 

Strtaueua Wark Did It, Sayt John Bull 

--rrom The New Tork WwM. 

^ Many a man. after years of toll, for* 
4 he want of the aid of a short piece of 
rope in the shape of a email agricul- 
tural wedlt, fails and falls. 

Bat although the Government have 
A(no rope available for aid of such 

The Vitamins 
Of Cod-LiverOtt 

Are At I'/ieir 
Best In 


The Builder 

Of Strength 

Scott a Bown*. Toreato, Oat. 

Thia ka>«.t t. . v . 
CoMfol Bota4 

• •«'•''• •■• u. .Ilk i.iiiuur 

iQr Ilk Oovcraamit ol Uriliih 

<ountry life rather than a city one ' The little more and how much It is: 
ran pos«lbiy be lonely In this disi ri' t_^^^ha little |oaa and what miles away." 
If he or she keep In touch with frien 
in the world elsewhere. 

Whon To ill' list n no was a^kod hy 
I orin how h'- liUod Iho .shepherds 
lifo ho replied In p.irl. "In respect 
that It Is holiiary 1 llko It very well.' 
but In respei t that It Is private It Is a 
very vile life." This might apply to 
life on the land here. To be' aalltary 
Is not to be privale. or ns we should 
^ay, lonely. A ntan niuy be oit\fs 
fr<ini a nelKhb«ir and live In ab«olt:te 
M'lliiido. hut with much to do and the 
da\ nil loo short for Ha doing he cAh 
never, for that reason be lonely. 

Th lonely man is he who wee^ 
after week upon mall day either rows 
hia boat or tramps a forest trail, per^^ 
Kin. !• hl.s •4l>toi- or hl< Mon or his little > 
post oilho at Iho little wharf only to 
ho told 'NoihinK for you, Tom" 
An<l when he reflects that It Is now 
six months or maybe twelve months 
risce his sister or his son or horfflff^ 
pet daughter wrote to him. tkaagh he 
haa written regularly, such a'WUUi 
tAkes the trail back iiRaIn in n pro- 
fundity of "delofilofi thtit ho>ven 
alone knows ilw dopth of. He indeed 
la lonely. 

• « • 

Then about bread and butter. No 
man who is absolutely destitute 
should, of course, venture the life. 
There are no eoup kitchens in the 
bush. Tet It Is possib'e to make a 
st.irt and keep going on very little. 
llavlnR secured his land, the settler 
must Ixiilt a "iK-lier- - of cedar »hnkes 
If noroMSary. ho must be possessed of 
tools and have sufTlclent money in 
hand to feed himself for at leaat two 

To feed oneself for two yaara In the 

city involves considerablo expend- 
Uuro; I hat Is partly b-coiise there Is 
a standard of feeding in the . uy th.-xt 
has to be conformed to. It Is ii n ex- 
pensive standard and a wholly un- 
necessary one. There la reaaea to be- 
lieve that ancient peeplaa lived on a 
vary miteh mere reatrlatad diet thaa 
we do: certainly they arara ttnable ta 
obtain the Immense variety of foods 
that are common with us. 

Xenot>hon tells ua that the Persians 
in t il iimo of the military cast, con- 
flned Ihemselve* to a diet* of bread 
and lettuce. This Is not quHe la 
agreamaat with Flrdauai. Paiala'a 
great paat. whaaa warka ooMaln 
many refereacea ta the feaating of 
heroes — unleea. of cavtaa. lettuce 
aandwiches comprised tha whole hill 
of fare at a Persian banquet. And 
when Xerxes marched his army of 
Ave million acroas Aala to the in- 
vaalon of Oreaca ar% wa to auppose 
an aeoampaaylnc trata ol Chinese 
va*eUble carts ta famMi tha dally 
rations? If so, the carta, both eam- 
Intr and gninir. must have stretched la 
unlirokon line all th" wny from the 
(jreat Wall of China to Thermopylaa. 
truly an appaiiinir spe. i icie. 

• • • 

Then Marco Polo states that the 
Tart»n« of a later period When on th* 
warpnth existed upon mare'a milk 
and any game thay kitlad as th4>y 
went slong. Thia tae, la a tittia dM- 
colt af baMaf. unlees we Infar tltat tha 
gama tiMy killed laetadad 


Stiiffml .So '^\ir ( iHii'l N .f 
Walk Hrstiurd to Jjrnlth 
by Lydta L. ruikhain a 

V ftobto Cwiy auirf 

Minaaing, Ontaria.-"! ■oi • prae- 
tleal iraraa and I raeommand Lydia 
B. PinkbaBi<gVagatabUCompeaBd ta 
ttSmritm women. 

f waa almost halpUss snd 0O«M nat 
sit at the tabia lane SMMICh to drink 
a cup of tea. Many a time my boa* 
band earned me to bed, I would ba 
so weak. Then he resd in the naper 
of a woman suffennfr as I did who 
fot b«ttrr af'. ' 'uVu^ti the VeijeUble 
CVimpound. " ' and got it for 

mo Whon I : il l anen thro^ br)ttleM 
I was jiist like a new woman and 
have hail ^i ot,'! ' h. ihh ever since. 
When I f - w^own paina 

1 always take it. M'tnetimes a half 
bottle or whatever I need. It ia my 
en^ WMMdmm and I have told many a 
aaa abavt it. Any one wanting to 
knawmsraabaotLydiaE. Pinkham'a 
VafaWUa Campoond, I wiU gladly 
wHts to har. I da all I can ta rsc- 
it to- T M I ««a BIT Hfs 
irth to it." Mr*. NBAL 
B'>w^Tw K R 1, Minesing, Ontaria. 

"I hroken down, nervwjs. 
andw'*' orpetimcs? I>o von hsve ' 
thui hoTT"1 'ool of fear which * • — 
times rom*^ to women when the? «'» 
not weir 1 v *ia Pinkham s Veg- 
etahle rompound ia exre)lent tn take | 
at such a tiiae. It always heipe, and 

a Aran of produce dealer* ir> 
Vaaeaavar. aa fhr aa Ita maaaa alla« 

Is doing good work in Saving froP' 
disaster many striving people In thi 

district It Is ri •• |.. I HI It'll I • in: 
I ion the na III o of t^lla nriu, but Jonc 
Ai • 'orii|:an> \x . I answer tha yrPSBS 
of referente to it . • 

.* • • 

Haca afa casaa the nrm has kalpad, 
all In aaa laeainy. 

A Ol in had cream to ship, but no 
canv .i; I iio could not .ifrord to buy 

then. Hi-, difTVul', ni.ldo 
known to Joneh *. i niniiany, two 
cream cans iieached lilrn l>s the dast 
boat. Another needed a cream 
aeparator, a third man a (!ow, a 
fourth some seed patatocs. a flfth one 
hundred baby chicks, and there were 
o'hers. And all 'h.-.- ttiin^..-« were 

furtil!«hod l>> Jorua i oinpin.V with- 
out fum and iii«rel.\ upon rofcrcnoo 
being given to »omeone they hud 
helped bsfSra. And Jones & Com- 
pany emplay no extra staff to tukc 
care et their baatness of this nature 
Upon instruction^ the old gentleman 
who keeps the Arm's l>ooks turns tn 
tho ia.«it few pages of his ledger and 
opens a Uiilo account 111 the seltler'« 
name with a hal.ini-r on the dehll 
^ide. When the Kcttler beBtn^ khip- 
ments of produ -e, :i rorialn pcr- 
oentage of Its value la written oft the 
aeoaunt and a ehaaue far tha Italanee 
forwarded at once. And this goea oa 
until the debit Iwlance has been 
wiped out. 

It is, of course, poaaible for this 
Arm to assist only a very limited 
number of settlers In ths way U ia 
doing." Tha work should ba under- 
taken aad aatended by our Depart- 
ment of Agriculture. Jones A Com- 
pany do not look upon iheir credits 
of the iNind as benevolence, but as 
bu.slness, and sory good buainea-s, too: 
and If such credits are good business 
for a small grm of pqivate traders, 
they would be good buainaaa for our 
Qovemmant, .which may be supposed 
to feel at least some concet ti r^-ard- 
Ing the mewling and puking a>,Mi('ul- 
tural infant In .SurMe Harrow.. ,irms. 

In spite of the rnany deterrents to 
settlement there ari> jet men, here 
and here, who are making good In 
apite of them. They ara men of un- 
uaaal tyfia. Thsy.ara tomn who leva 
the aaa. tha woada aad tha mana- 
talns: they are men who on* coming 
to the district dismissed from their 
minds entirely the nty man's nh.*on- 
sion th.1t ho .sent into the world 
to make r>iono\ iioiriR thankful and 
content with the possible prospect of 
making a living. They are men, too. 
of exceptional intelligenoe, and, 
above all, men of their handa who, 
when in need of a tool thay eeald not 
buy, have made It. 

And some of these men are now 
even maklnj money, not much 
mone>- hut certainly more iiirino\' 
than they, with their confirmed 
habits of frugality, are able to apand. 

Flight lo Soiii/i 

Pole DiscuHsed by 
Sir Douglas MawBon 

ADKbAlUI-;. July 21. — Commander 
Byrd, who beat Amaadaen In a flight 
to the North Pole by a faw hours, 
has announced his intention ta at* 

tempt a flight to the South I'oie. 

Asked his opinion nhout the pro- 
Joi-t. HSr OouKlns .Mawson. who was 
a member of the Sh.n Kloton expedi- 
tion, whioh gni wilhtii 111" ni)lo-i of 
the Honth Polo In 1900. and who 
later led Ihe Aiistr.ilian Antarctic ex- 
pedition to Adele I.jind, rharaclerlned 
t'ommandyr Hyrd's scheme ns a dlfTl- 
cuM propasitlon. It would be very 
different from flyli^g to the Narth 
Pole. With the Improvementa made 
in aeroplanes In modern tifnea, any- 
thinc was now possible. At the North 
Pole the country was fla4. but at the 
South Pole there wa.s land 10.000 
foet aho\o »<oa level. If was an ex- 
tremely W';nd\ .iro.T. .i^nd the visiltllltT 
was far from good, all of which 
militated against a successful aarial 
dash to the Antarctic centre. 

Another point wa.^ that If the ma- 
chlaaa were damaged nnd the ex- 

ofwwys ^f and f).)and 
flooauae sAe (oAes hmr 


Game to the Finish 

How do yoa faal aitar tha gamaT | 

-N 1 lioobt yau'r«" ix'tiiv < I. a! 
the titarti but at the end uf three 
long aad hard-fought seu — do you 
still fatl fit snaagh to jump tha net. 

or ara you too limp to do more than 

Ktajfjo '" t-O the Dt-iiro'i' cliaii 

It's all a matter of your staying 
power, and yaar stoyiajr pavar da- 
p<-niii tha wgililag as yo«r liwar 


nafs whara IjrtMehan en— ■ In. 

Kr\j'-<-hc i a combination o' the six 
■ 't>.i! Natiirr ilcmands for 
thf ' .!\ -..-I'.-rt ■i.-.ii': What the 
"Uttlo daily dunefui " doee is to keep 
jmr blood pvra, pav Uvav «U kid 
nays worldng Mgilarij tad affi- 
dantiy, your whato gygtam tonad ap 
to tha higfadBt pttdh af affldaney. 

Na athw mIM ««i da this for you 

da you gat 

tha «lx vital aaHa h thair ositmI 

projio'-tiof Kru-o-';oi i' f^'r'\r and 
plrii--ai.l Uolfl lii lU- actinii aJ.u ID itS 


That tiny pinch yoa taka sach 
morning In yoar biaakfiMt cap at 

coffee or tea you dMI^ taxte it, 
but its effecu are wonderful All 
tha wasto matter that ha.^ ■-■^■i. o 
glng your system and making you 
tirad is gantly but suialy aspsUad. 
New, pure Blood ia sent couraing 
throuKh your body, making you 

tingle with baatth te vsary fltot «C 

your baing. 
Itonanhar — HFk tha Utila dair 

dimeful that does it! It ro;t.« voa 
but half a cent a day to .u-»|uire and 
maintain "that Kruschen foelinif'* — 
that glorious saaaa of perfect fit- 
aoas, frooB tha erawa af your haad 
to tha tips of pMT totSi Is tt Ml 
waU worth it? 

TasteUtg in Cpit— 
•r Tma 

Pel miw-l' 'r^ Tmi- 

SB S 1# Mot ptaea. U • 

Good Health for Half a Cent a Day 

A 7&r txxiU of Knurhan SalU rantainn lAO 
d<HM4 nmru aioocti foT six SMintlia— wtileh 

nvMPi tvnin lin( hMltii for \m» than hsif > 
eani • ft"' - * : ■ -nr . • i,.-,' ',)r daily 


oa* for adult* la an mneli will lla oa s 
to rant piaer." takan In ytiwr keaakfaM ray 
of cof fa* or taa. Evarr iraggiM. sail* Kraarhaa. 

Gal m ~hr bottia tn~dar. 

t)lorers had to make their way back 
to the base on foot, they would t>e un- 
ahle to (ret food on the way. There 
wore no oealB or lioi rt-r" or mji-hllke 
animala In tho Aiilarrtlr, h.m there 
were near the North Pole. 

Commander Byrd was wise In his 
rholce of Pramhelm, on the Rosa 
8ea. which was one of the calmest 
areas of the wnole Antnretls. On the 
other hand, at Adele l<and, the wind 
never ceeaed blowing a gale, and 
loropbtno.^ would be blowH swsy im- 
niedialrl.v they wer«- brouaht out of 
ihoir haoKarn l-rotn Kramhelm. 
however. I'omm.iiidf r Mvrd would 
merely follow the irai k laUon l<> 
Amundsen, ar)d, therrfuf. the 
scheme, even If fu. co- sf ui. would 
hava little aclantlfic value. The areas 
around the Weddel Sea were un- 
Kunown, and cauld ba explored with 
benefit to Bclence. 

Antiquarian These ruins are two 
thousand .\ oa rs old ' TeuTlat: "Ratst 

It's only 19:<> now " 

Ths Idsa. Otta Kahn. flnaaalsr. 

told this one at a recent dinner: 

" 'As I understand it,' a man said 
; to a Bolshevik, tha fundamental Idsa 
of Bolahevlsm Is to divids up wHh 
your neighbor.* 

" 'Nothing of the kind.' the Mol.-ho- 
vik snarled. 'The fundamental idea 
of Bolnhevism is to make your neigh* 
ber divide up with you.' " 





and in 
yi llxtins 

Save ths*Mar Hand'inaert cards 





Beautilui Gardens of Victoria ! 

' ■ ' Ir a t. AUTBBB COLBY. . 

Attractive Feature ut Beautiful'' Mount joy 

No. II. 

PoMtbly llie riiiiit faimiUM K'rtien 
WUhln tho /-nvitiiriH uf \ n torKi ia 
"if ountjoy. ' th« honk« of Mr. K. U. 
l*«mb«rt9B. Um (Mtttf •! the 

TistoffI* iUMi ▼aMMtr«r, ComprMns 
M.MtMt of aerM, •vcry«*h«r« 
•tudd«d with macntflr«nt old oak*. 
It la * veritable r(. .jjtry <«uite. '.••t 
aitualtd wlthiii Mjuri^i of thr 8(i<<-i 
car and anwy iradi of the <ii> 
Kv«»rywh»' f i- -h" "urnr: aenitf ul 
l«iaur«d ! . ^- Ther« la a 

WMlth of rioMora liwi nu undua effort 
after effect. Even the formal flower 
b«tfe are m tti%nd*d 1^ th« broad 
laWM mi •vtokwfl ^ the fantMtte 
branehw of ancient oaiie. aa t«-. leae 
all f*$A foTHalHy and appear rather 
aa M«M — rd— la aa Mahasted 

Kntorlnn li^twr^n finipli* plllnra, 
ronntriii'l^il nf fi<>|.l »4ii)n^. lh<- flrlv« 
la n.t firat flartkfd .-it intet-vals with 
I" ' In lh»' lurf. Thf^e ;irn j>iln- 

' leveled to epI^ndiJ dipplasa 

o( pot^^nt^ife, that f^rm a leading 
featoM ef the Hprinc tardea at 
lle«i(|air. •MitVhat fuf^her aa, a 
bread hfrbaeeeae border be«laa on 
the right, while on the left, bexond 
a long bed of rhododendron*. Itei a 
wide, eun-d.tppl'')! 1 iwn. tmrdered 
with flr)W^r;^ and leadUiK to fhr half- 
fnim/l rfte<t Jyat rofrrr^d to. M<ie 
arf llicht Iron tr'^lli'i nrchoM. loxn- 
rovered. ilirrniKli wti.'h ihe visitor 
lookn down thr \M<\<- lurf waIkH to 
the <*enfrnl »>rd arrented with the 
noble eaottc learee of a large banan.% 
plaitt. One long bed contalna, down 
lig vliolg lengtlu thW irtately feUage. 
aarmavnted by the anewy bella of 
hyatiiathiia randlcana. that are eur- 
'rounded by thrt flowing huea of pr- 
ttinl,«a nnd < lnil<lii>', wilti thrir 
edKlnCB of lotiella. Comcoun is ttie 
li«rar<» brd of 1 ii tx-'^ou.'i-rotled be- 
gonlaa with their great bioonit of 
aaarlet velvet. Theae chnlcfi flo.vcra. 
by the way, thrive antaslncly In thla 
.^a.r4en_ abundantly aupplled with 
moleture ajol haU thadad by lha 9ro- 
teetini traaa. A ereatnt-alta»ed bor. 
der on one aide again ahowa the 
Itood effect of maaalnK one particular 
ylant in H» tow of «»rang»> hdfd 
montbrietlaa that are aaaoclated with 

pink atOck« Thf ( iitiTii rrul of 

rresent le.ida to a nunintly-thutih.Ml 
tea-houac, and nenr-l'V la a nmniK 
able oak trop a br-mch of which b 

vibIifiI th«- iMUnd laat Summer, thnt 
th" • iiry oaka nvelteU hia attention 

>. < moat baaatifnl^lreea be bad 


M ta i1m 4nve>dM 

ta a palarwbere tbree waya equally 
tempt aS#lorUion. One leada under 
a roae areh through which may be 
Kt II tiia mauve bloom of a f.n': 
".nioihua, clolre de \ ■ i.-.u!lr.-i, tb.i' 
ii iiikM (he unRir of tbe i o. n k "'1'0 
itia middle courae Ilea under a per- 
gola, while Om (bird leada ta the reee 

The periiola, conatnicted of cedar, 
extenda for ^ langtb of ninety feet 
and la coverad Iba wbota leagtb by 
w^teri^' mutOittga, ^oae drooplns 
raoemee of mauve bloaao b ia. much 
longer and more graeeful than the 
more rnmmoe chlnenala, cover the 

pprltohi wilb .1 rioud of b^iaiity in 
April, whib- ill .ill timea K afford« i 
rreen W;tlft w hen« e may be .><fcii 
gllnipnrH of tlif i(>< k garden on ■ n 
aidr .iiiil roves on iii< . itur 

The rock Kard<>n may t>e aaid t<' 
be one of the eldeet In Victoria and 
no daubt baa baaa largaiy raefonaibin 
ler the preaeat rdfua wbteb thfe tornt 
of gardening enjeya la tbla ^ty. At 
the annual Spring* fete wHdn fhe 
grounde are thrown open to the pui' 
llo for charitable purpoaea, nn feaiur*" 
iilliMci* moip i>ni busiuatlc apprecl.i 
lion I bun thlH H .f k al^pM lead up 
rnlnnlure ravini'M wbiiji .irc ilrapiil 
Vlth thymi- and eaxlfiuKO aivl vcl'im 
There are colonlea of graceful pr;m'i- 
laa and aheeta of reay dianthua, white 
Arabia and purple aubrletla. lielow 
the rocb gardan Ilea a lovely, paal 
where water*lUlea float and wbera 
biinun ne-birda hover daullagly over 
stniHlv Japanese iria. Qreat cItMtera 
of b;imbo.,s rustic In fhr bree«e and 
very aliraciivo arr ihn long creamV 
plumes of c; :ii II if UKu Japonlca. 

Tbf ri>a<' garden liea under the win- 
down of the houae. from the front 
stepa of which a long vlatH. t-etween 
great-holUea. rypreaaes and Illaca, 
down the ahadow-awept lawn right to 
the thatched aummer-houae, la aaaa. 
Beyond tbe houae the drive forma a 
loop, endealng a long oval bed filled 
with whHa pyrethrum« edged wMb 
rolden calceolnrlaa. Here as elae- 
wheii in fhr' Rro mcH th" attention U 
:,il,en l.ii>:e f lo w <■ r - f IHf cl vase.s of 

loUKbK bewn «|oiie These. orn 


l'N>rmcr Junior l.urU o( 
Dtaa 4IMA dT After 

1 rcasury 

The P.ev. JovUh Towyn .lonen, a 
former Junior Lord of the Treasury, 
baa Juat died at Newquay at the age 
at ^*g*'*r-— ** tint gfla- 

ployed at aba aa a cabfn boy. but gave 
up that calling and entarad the Car- 
marthen Preebytertan College. He 
waa ordained at the age of nineteen 
and became a noted preacher. In 
1»10 he became Liberal M I*, for East 
• "iirniarthen-iblre and represented 
r . .,r,M i; 1. 1 I ill 1918, w hen he 
coalition liberal 
realgbad ewlatf to 

Ill-health in 1!)22. 

Great 8eleniUf$ Pareni» 


flower. Tbe preaarving «l tba wild 

Illy [h only one Indication of Mr. Pem- 
berton'a well-known Intereat In bor- 
tlculiure. Another, of courae, la hla 
great holly plufitntlon. that rovers 
twenty two acrea and from wbich 
tone of berries with their "binin>; 
leavea, are export-^d every veai a 
lUe-long reaident of victoria, Mr. 
Pemberton battevee thoroug h^ 

culture. In a recent eonveraatlon, 

ho Informed tba writer that the bite 
I.nther Burbgnk visited Mountjoy 
while in \'b tor!a «<om-- yenre ago and 

... . r: ■ li ■ ' • li ■ K w ! ' li ' ti " 1 , 1 \ iiriH nee 

Sir Blraeat Kutherford a parents 
bave juat eelebrated tbe atotiatb an- 
niversary of tbeh- wedflln,' In New 
Zealand. Their conu>ined 1 1 .»ch 
170 years. liurlng the celebrations 
a cablegram waa revolved from Ulr 
Kmeat Rutberford In Kngland. 

LQiidon tf I raJhc I rouble 

Beer Analyzed 
By Experts - 

ALL the B««ra purchmsed by the Liquor 
Control Board of B. C. from the Van- 
couvar Unwmim liajtod. Eatekr Bnw» 
hm Ot. if OHHii UmtM, Wm/UahaUm 

Brewinf Co. Limitod. Victoria Phoenix 
Brewing Co. Limited and the Silver Spring 
Brewery Limited, who are all members of 
tha Amalf amatod Breweries of B. C, for 

bd aaaljaad from time (o time by difftfo 
ent expert firms of the cMtiadAi fttf tkt 

protection of the poblic. 

THE anbaiance of these various iinal- 
yaos inyitigatod by order of the 
Liqwr CMtMl Bifri ilMim tkat Um 

The foam is creamy and stands 
up well. The alcohol by weight is about 
4.2.'* per cent, and the extrnrt 5.49 per 
cent, with an original gravity of ai>out 

lajl. llMw tmOnm iMiMti 
tiMa th« Bun traiff |m4 fwMy. 

To make a gooA Reer with eiirh he«llh (jlvIng 
^ualllle^ 11 requires a skilled brewoiaairr and 
m g» la tMt lqni>Bi» »laa(. eueb aa mainialaad 
by tbe above a^stiaaad It aw w ia a . Tbeee plaala 
are open for Inapt^Hoo vielta of tbe publle afa 

l.<'n'lon tnatfia aondltion^ are not 
improving vary muab, in spite of new.' 
ruiaa. A Bsan complained througb 
the praaa recently that it had t^kcn 
hini longer to go four biorks in a 
taxi in l/<"indon thnn to the 
Ungllsh Channel in an airplane. 

Control Board or by the Government of Britiih ColuihbU. 
This advertitemeiit it not pubUthed or diivlaycd by the. Uq«or 

FLY-TOX weelt July 25 to 31 

bent over to the ground and taken 

root. Covered with lv>-. It forma .i 
wide, low arch. IbrouKh who.^e green 
flume flimp><eB of tbe flowers beyond 
Hhimincr in poola of HiinllKhi. Thetie 
grand oaks of Victoria. It may be 
pointed out, never fail to evoke the 
gveatatt admiration of vlaltora to the 
elty, and It la related af tba Maater 
of Matfdalan College. Oxford, who 




«r O^tarrb. M*. 1 tor aiM« a 

a*, a to* o>»aai« WMk 

l,«r«Na*r N* rMMj 


mortara. In which rlea waa ground, 
■ nd which were brought from China 
by Mr. Pemberton. BQuldlstant 

around the curve, five oaks stand In 
gra\e i-onteiiy>latlon, wbib- lhroii.;h 
their briiniheM m»v be seen pirliireji 
of the island -gr' rnmed sea beyond 
Oak liay, and the snowy peak of 
Mount Baker. 

Its Spring ftlory 

No dea<riptii>n of Mounijoy would 
be complete without mention of ttie 
remarkabl« i^pring garden of native 
lilies. Killing an extenalve meadow 

>y l)e seen a veritable sea of White 
thronlum<« mingled with the 
< reamy ttaita of thoaaanda of daffo- 
diia. It la a altbC tbat aan aevav be 
forgotten and doea Juatlce ta tbe 
bestitv of Victoria's mo«t fnmoua 




of the garden. TTe eaperl.tHy notefi 
tho b< ;oni:is s\ bt' h -vere r.ti!>ed from 
seed Hnd stated that many plant,<< 
fl>#urlHhed better in Victoria than 
anywhere elae In the world, due to 
the ample auaablnc, that avoids 
tropioat estremea, and tbe mlldneea 
of the Winter aeaaon. Tba truth of 
thla obaervatlob of tbe great "pteat 
wlaard" may be aeen in tbe buahee 
like Illaca, hollies nnd rhododendrons, 
that have attained the else of trees. 
All ftie flower.t In tbe grounds are 
grown fronri home-grown seed and 
their beauty nnd vigor iimpty den. oil 
strate the wlndom of the 'usage, and 
proved many years before the present 
seed Industry eat^bliabed tba aulUbll- 
ity of Victoria for tlM avHara of 
hlgb'grada aagd. 

New Mep ei Koetenaif . 
ifwrk ie J met ieeaed 

There la i. ntjr map j«at oft tbe 

I re-.sea of the Topographloal Survey. 
I>ei artment of the Interior, which will 
be In bijT demand during the coming 
lourlat aeaaon It Is of Kooternv P.irk 
in nriflah <*o|iin,bi.i d nd shi.u" i por 
tlon of the route of the ItanfT Winder- 
mere highway, nearly sixty mllea of 
whb-h lies through the centre of thla 
park. The map was printed for the 
Canadian Natlanal Parka branch. De- 
partment of tbe laterlor. Ottawa, and 
will be dMflbbtad by that organiza- 
tion Tt ta aiarbed "Preliminary Kdi- 
lion " as the boundaries of the park 
have not yet been completely aur- 

Thia worb ta being earrlAd oa at 
preaent by a pany now In tbe field 
under tba dlraeUaa of Mr. R. W. 

flautley. 0.1,.B.. B.C LilB., of tHe Topo- 
graphical Survey. Where ib^ houn- 
i dary ha<i been are»pfed a.s tbe line of 
' \\Hfer«hed. no further Surveyx are 
I nece^v.Trv. but through the Talteys 
I straight i:nr roumea are being eatab- 
<sh*d and marked by auliabie aurvag 
The park adJoioK the Aiberta-BMt' 
h Columbia boundary on tbe north 
I and the Banff- Windermere highway 
. rosnea the rreaf of the Uocky Moun 
un.s through \ermilion Paaa at en 
elevation a little leaa than (.4«e feet 
I above aea level. It follewe dawn tbe 
\ ailey of VenUUoo Mvar aMd tbaaaa 
r- tbat of faat— ay Mver a few ailaa 
t above tbalr Jnaetlaa. L^aTlag tba 
I Keacenay Vallar It ernaaaa gineiair 
I Paae aad followa down Sinclair < -"k 
I to Radhim Hot Springs In the fVi.uro 
I bla The arvnerr aloftg ihia 

I route " naeiA'^^nf nn-l '-i'>-ihlned 

I with the t --■« this 

''IP one of ihe flneal in ' anari*. 

"One muet net eonfuae ttboffty with 
, itwaaa." -Na. 

If you love me^^ ^^^help me to live 

flight ^'^n. 

Th0 n—tv thing* thmy gmt m the aulk. An' thmy 

op*- 1 If \iflloml\ 

I • 

Air Mr thmiood. 

^ An* C,-^ ' I iir^t ^ vf An* I—t ihtm thing: 
• Jin' then I ii-' ,u^n{,,t h t,-, rnj 9t%unmiotu An* 

D\y head aiii^aa burM* up. 
Mf hem dry my tnouth It. 

Tkedoetor '.Ay n ! (i..t n f^ver. Agt Hmi l&H ciUtth 

folia ti'-f k fr> ni ffif- 

An' aome o/ ua don t get weli ttltho w think it i§ 

So if yna Jvv* ut hMhim, why J»t bv^ mnd kOt tht 


die every year. And n^ore of theae precxma iittld 
folki looat thdr frtp on 1Mb ta wammat^hm to 

nirtrr All of fhr^<" rlrwthi nrf r .t attnh'itrr! f" rn. 

It la aigiulicant however that in the wamicr nior^U^a m- 
ftctlen la «Mlbr. DlacMa c ar ry in f inar< ta n.c« e ap ad* . 

aHv. nrr !T-tivr Flira transmit thirty difTrreag ^iMMMk 

And drfensr lew* l;*'!r r)lk^ nrr thr virfirns. 

There is no alternative. Fliea muat be killed. Health 
IliOiillii ilmiiKi 1km ^ Fly-Tos. TlHy know 




kkOJJti&* ItOACH&f . AMTft ^ff l.&Aa 

JJutiful mothera epray the whole tx>u»c iiK.ioii^ly v. '»h 
Wtf'Tm, It ia atainlaaa. has a cleanly fragranoc. A < 

mny uae it wh. ' * hwigr- But t'"irh any hntise'.iold 
inaect with a spia> o; F Tux A i l it I F .r the 
health of tke Uttle foIk\\or dear ; r^<« u ' ^ i and 
dining room '•vl ><f 'hr flie^ Wt- F'v 1'.^ K' ■■ •' 
that new auxzuuei ouu^ort « liouac wiUiuuL tlics or 


(jMlJone in gi*»* jug* «/e ea^ 

4uifai>ia /or 

iW. JL B»»*fv Co 




I One of the Principals in Ivanhoe Pageant \ 



Wh* win mnr th« vU of Kowmm in' th* paseant "Irftaho*.** to 
■•■U4 at til* Aran* on July t«. 19, t« and II. 

b« pre- 

IVANtmt Mtl BY 

- m 

K.NK.III l> I'UI.M.NMK 14^ llll 
M \^<)K WITH IIJ-I MIN \ I l.l> 

AmnaraMvt Tnx Be Walretf for 
rswSnjr l*rvaanUtlon of ' thn 

Traffic WiiM .HUxiniiilcil \i'rtlrnl;i\ 
nttrrnnon wh*"n Ivanhoo. iirfrcdnl hv 
tha Boy«' I'lpo Kami jiivl cs.i .rt fd l.y 
a cavalcade of atatwurt KnlKtit" >" 
Slitterlng armor with penniintH on 
their laaoaa. rode Into town aatrldr 
hta ebnrver, "Dancer." Acroen 
Danoar'a back danirled tka hide of the 
panther Ivanhoo killed In a thrilling 
battle near Comox, and the home 
pranced about with hivh eplrlt, ub- 
Vloualy pruiiil of lifarliiK mo iliMtln- 
VUished u inTsiin.iK'" iiM his riiaNtcr. 

Tfii' Klrt'i'ls in Iv.inhiwH lint> of 
mMr<'h worf crowdcci ullli ixnjili' in- 
oludlnK huiKlrede of <liililr<Mi wli.. 
greeted hla appearance with cheor« 
and handelapplng. 

An Ivanhoe drow up boforo the City 
>fall. )iIh knl»rht.<4 forming a guard hp- 
lilnd him, Mayor PondiMv. al'fnded 
I'v mfniber.s of the (iyro Clul). came 
forwarrl and on tieti.ilf of liinis«>ir and 
the cltUens of Vlciuria, extended a 
hearty greotlng ' In tho (ollovlng 

Greettog Gxtmded by May«>r 


■'• >n thp .«afr ( 'itjuilftiun of jour 
perilous Joiirni'V, w .irc Rlad to f\ 
tend to you a tiionl heuity wp|cor?i»>. 
and thankful that you and your kuI- 
lant ateed have emerged acatheieaa 
from the aunoroue dangera which 
have beaet your path. 

"t truat that after a wpll-earned 
rout from tlm flant^Ms and ilillii-u il ipm 
of thf l.tut ttiirlj dn>.s, you and your 
ih.iiK'r will lie ii'>\i- lo lako pari In 
the woTidiM-fuI i'.i-,'i'inl ulilili will 
•hortly I"" 'i.icf'.l III our cjty. W'o 
are confident that >ou and your at- 
tendant Itnighta will worthUy portray 
thoa* tradltluna of chivalry and honor 
whirh ao bright ly adorn the hlatorln 
daya of Ivanhoe. May I hope that 
every citlien will H^lze the oppor- 
tunity which wlM hr affordedJto aeo 
the flguro^ from a (>nite of niatory 
living < ' 

freedom of City Ulvcn 

Mayor Pendray then preaented 
Ivanhne with the addreea In II- 
lumlnatrd form and a large golden 
Ivpy nymhollTilnB: ihr frrrdom of \hr 
i ltv and aTV Inff as a H'lUXPntr of the 
H 'inpli oi'rai"ii>n. The Ma\or aNn 

rxpremif-d h\-< thints to the Moya' 
Pipe Bnii'l f >r ihr part they played In 
welcoming the diMtlnsulnhed vlaitor 
to Victoria. Ivanhoe and hin knighta 
than proceeded to the Wlllowa to 
atabia thoir honiea and prepare for 
the big featlvttlea next week. 

One of the big feature* of the 
pageant la that aa thr rr-ynit of an 
interview yeaterday l>v Mayor I'en- 
dray and hend* of thr ilvro t'ltjli with 
the rrnvinclal «iovprnnienl, the 
amuaement tax Will be waived for the 



w II He \in(U« to siiip Kpread 
i'lant to Farm 
b> Uarly C*uttlag 

O1 })h( itni ( irciii/ to 
liuiid Million- Dollar 
Theatre in Vancom^r 

VANCOUVKK. July 24.— KInanclal 
arrangements have heen completed 
for conatruction of a $1,000,000 thea 
tre for tha Orpheum Circuit and 
operationa will begin laptariibar 1 on 
the rasing of the buildings at preaent 
occupying the alie at > inour and 
Bmythe Btreets. The optiilnj; date 
will he siinir llnif In May of next 
year. Atinounrenirnl lo Ihl.s (fffct 
wan niadf today by .loMOph V . IjinRcr, 
I I he proprletrr of the l.iiiKer Theatre 
I t'ireult. The new tiiealre will have 
I a seating capacity of 3,000. 

NK. KtK'ii im\i 

Ploncrr Local Bnalncaoman lioaveft 
•••.•M ta Charitablo Beqacau 
bt «M»,SM 

•I » 

Baaalch will commence a war on 
Ita thiatlaa thto week. Road foremen 
biMir cutting all Canadian thlatlet^ 
along the roadside, hut It has t<een 
found that the nia|(.rUy of thWilrit 
■•W turning to xeed are on private 

Ownera will be notified to cut down 
a»« bum Iheae tblatlea. Falling to 
carry out theae Inatroctlons the Saan- 
Irh Municipality will do the work and 
charge tha coat of the work to each 

Owlnir to (he exeepi i<in 1 1 1) A^ arm 
agaaon thistles have seeded earlier 
tMi year and the flaanlrh Munlr.lpatlty 

Stfaaireua of preventing the spreading 
Um aaada, aa they ara vary harm- 
ful la tem land. 

The .lufiiiee Ho.spital. Christ 
Church < .iihedral, the Queen Alex- 
andra Bolnrium. Ki. .lohn'M Church, 
VounK MetiH Christian Assoclallon, 
the .^ .ly.ii ion Army and the Protes- 
tant Orphan^' Hume are named bei^e- 
tit-larleH In the will of Mr. Thomu.s 
Arnot Ker, admitted In the Supreme 
Court last week. The charitable be- 
queata total flt.OOO. The eatat.a of 
Mr. Ker, pioneer Victoria business 
man, who died at Los An^eU-.s, Cali- 
fornia, on March 13 latit, Ih prohuied 
.11 $249,834. 

The Mum of 120,000 and one-«lxth 
of the realdue of the estate Is left to 
each of four nephews and two nieces, 
including Mrs. Laura Davlda Braid e. 
WIeabaden, Germany: Mlsa Inet Jea- 
sie Ker, Victoria. B.C.; Maaara. Arnot 
and Allen Ker.. of Vancouver; 
Messrs. Robeit Henry Rrackman Ker 
and Bernard Ruaaell Ker, \ letoria 

To Mr. It. Gordon Ker. a cousin at 
Courlenay. ItC. the HUni of jL'O.dOO 
IN liei|iieathed and u almllar sum to 
i .\ir<. Kev in. I c. Btoole, a nurao at De- 
troit. .Mich 

To .Mr l•'^;llll^ i; (ilhht). manager 
of the Hrackmun-Ker Interests here, 
the aum of 110,000 la bequeathed, and 
to twelv% employeea of the Arm the 
sum of 11. 250 each. 

fliarllnblo Rrquceta 

The aurii of |:'0,000 In divided In 
charitable bequeatx. Inrludlnir |,5,000 
each to the Jubilee Hospital and the 
building fund of Christ Church 
Cathedral: tS.OOO to the T.M.C.A ; 
13,000 each to the Solarium for 
Crippled Chuldren, and Pt. John'a 
Church; $2,000 to the Protestant 
<)rphan.s' Home, and ll.OOO tO the 
Salvation Army. 

Otitor Wills IVobated 

Other estates probated Include that 
nf John Vamey. late of QuaUlnn. 
who died on February 37, 1930, eatate 


Caroline Thomas, who died at Vic- 
toria oil January 18. 1920, estate 

1 l.-»f.6. 

Frederick c:lemo, late of Baattle. 
who died on Novambar 37, 102K. 
estate 10.977. 

Mary Broadbont, Kngllah probate 
reseated, B.C. estate fS.lOl, total es- 
tate {21.«24. 

I'annj Hound, who dirii at «»ak 
Hay on .lune 21, 192fi, esl.iio 11,963. 

.lohii i;dwnrd Cirice, who died at 
\ I. torlii on .lune 18, I92«, oatato 

$ I ".7:.6, 

Mary Kllen Thomson Hovllle, Kng- 
llah probate resealed, nr. eatate 
9l>.(«3: total eaute £19,»S0. 

Jamea Kerr, who died at Victoria 
on May 39. 1930, estate I3.I&4, 

Ulyaaaa Grant Vanderllner. Alberta 
probate resealed: Hc eatnie t7,500. 

Spencer Rowell. reseating of Kng- 
llah pro bate: B.C. eauu t3 3.977. 

PoMe* BxaminaiUm 

CrmMked4o Death 

Jamea Wallace, aiced aUty-nine, night 
watc h ian at the Brunette Sawmllla. 
•«ar iMVa. waa found dead today be- 
fiaalh a «nr kiln daar that tad fallen 
an4 (iraabli htm. There waa evtdenre 
that the man had made a Hcaparate 
aC¥rt tn release hinviwU. Tha daar 
aratfhf IM9 

The n.ime of Albeit K. Wllaon was 
In i.l\ . . irnily ivrnltlbd from the llal of 
I mdidates from the Hoys' Central 
s. hool w ho were auceaafnl In pasinu 
the iiiffh Srhool entrance asamlnu- 
.tona. He obtained til marka aut of 
a poaalbla »t«. 

Farmer AppeaU Sleetlon 

CAUIART, Joly S4.--Notire of ap- 
peal agalnwl the declalon of Judx* 
McNeill In the How- Valley recount. 
In which .1. I VI iw. Liberal leader, 
waa declared elected, was entered to 
day on behalf of B. 8. Ptumer. tho 
defeated Vtirmm candidate. Shaw 
was deelarad alaetad by one vata. 

"la yonr do« Cnlthfui?" 

"You bet! I have aold him n^e 
timaa, and ha always cornea back lo 



btore Hour*-- y A.M. to 0 l».M. Ueduc»d*y o 1 i'.M. 

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styles iiuludiiiK^ straif^lu lines or two-piece ef- 
fects, with tailored collars, elbow or long sleeves 
and trimmed wih buttons or embroiderv in con- 
trasttnjc shades. Si^es 16 to 4 J I ' 
Prices ! . . , $6.90 to $13.90 

— Msatle Ospl., Isl rieef 

Girls' K]iaU_ 



('.iris' Kli.iki Oxor.TlIs with 
.strap on shoulder, made full 
with elastic at knee. They 
have two pockets and well 
finished. Si/cs for 
years. A pair :jil.t>0 

— Clilldivn'i, lit floor 



One-Piece Woolen Suits for 
tHt. *gts dt 2 to 5 years. 
\ ery neat, well made and 

shown in favorite colors, 
trimmed with stripes. Ivx- 
cellent value, a suit....91.25 
— CMMvM'a Isl Fleer 

WoineiiVs Crepe 
de dune 


$9.75 aai 

Krm.'irkahlv I'inr < iraHc 
Crcpc dc Chine Slips, made 
with opera top and trimmed 
with lace. The skirts 
shadowprrvof and daintilv 
trimmrd. Shades are mauve, 

pink and white ^0.75 

and ^.....^ — ^tOtSO 

— WMIewsar, Isl fleet 

Bathing Suits 


C.'nW .\\]-\\nn\ r.ath^np: 
Suits in very neat styles, and 
in shades ol green, blue, 
red and navy. Trimmed with 
COntrastinjjf stripe^;. Si/r^ for 
6 to 10 years. Each f2.50 

Sizes for 12 to 14 years. 
Each ji2.75 

Girls' .Ml-Wool Bathinp 
Suits, "jant/rn" branfl, ex- 
cerdinplv well knit and 
;;ood lit ting. Shades are 
pold, re<l, black, navy. ^een. 
Sizes (6r 10 to 14 x .irs. 
Each ^4.95 

— rhlMrrn i, lat rioar 

SOk Gowns 

.Sleeveless Style Kayon Silk 
Gowns, very beautiful in 
appearance and in shades 

of peach, nile, orchid, pink, 
white. Exceptiona' 

Each ^4i.Dti 

I, 1st nssr 

Women's AU-Wool 


Popular Styles — New Effects 

Pull-Over .Sweaters of fine^ grade wool, knit 
in all*over patterns. They have longf slaves 
and two set-in pockets, all popular 
and a pf>od choice. I'.ach $-l.l>5 

White AH- Wool I'ull-Overs. suitable 'for 
sports -wear. They have "V" neck, small 
Collar fastenint:; with three buttons, lon;:^ sleeves and neat 
ribbed cuffs. i>and at bottom. Sizes 36 to 42. Very attrac- 
tive values at..... ...04.80 

Imported Chilprnfe Pull-"Ovcrs. all wool, made with long: 
sleeves w ith tumliack cufTs. Collars arc small and fastened 
in front with small buttons One set-in |9ocket On pleat side 
at bottom gives a chic appearance to the sweater. Shown 
in assorted shades and sizes. Each...^ ^8.50 

^ Swea t ers. 1st riser 

A haagt New Siiipmeat ot 

Boy de- Welsh Vogtie 


Reflecting the very latest footwear modes is now on display 
in our First Floor Shoe Department. 

For smart daytime or evening wear. Vogue Shoes are favor- 
ably known wherever women's ultra fashlonsble footwetr 
is worn. 

The "Lclia ' as illustrated is a charm- 
ing new model in the new golden 
brown 4cid, thrush kid, Creole kid. 
black kid and patent. Colore ' 

at ^i;;.tM> 

Black at 910.00 

— a'sasa's Shees, IM fleer 



Best Grades— All Wool 

Men s W hite i'ull Over (jolf Sweater.^, wiih "V 
neck, pure wool and Universal knit Each 

Men's Sports Pull-Over Sweaters in fancy designs. ^*ith or 
without pockets. Piire wool. Universal brand. Each 9^.76 

Men's r.olf Sets, including: Pull-Over J^weater anrl ('. 'If 
Hose to match. "Lambak" pure wool, made in Scotland. 
The sweaters have two pockets and "V" necks. A set, 
981.50 and $18.75 

— Xta's r«rBlAis«i, Mala fleer 


Jaf s and Accessofks f ot the 

Preserving Season 

Including; the ^^Sa^ef'^ Vacuum 

Frtfit Jar 

The ' Sager" X'acuum Krnit larisyour 
surety of well preserved fruit or vege- 
tables; your guarantee against lovs 
through fermentation or mould. The 
"Sager" Jar is easy to seal, easy to 
oped, and just as easy to reseal after 
part of the contents has been removed. 
Sealing made perfect by use of VaC' 
uum Pump. 

Quart size Jars, per dozen 98.00 

Pint Size Jars, per dozen — 91*75 

Vacuum Pump, each ....91*85 

Pun Itock ef Other Jars and tuadriee 

Economy Clamps, doe., 15^ 

Parawax, per Ih 15^ 

Economy Jars, doze 
for 91**^^ 

Economy Jars, dozen i 

for $!..»,> 

Kerr .Mason Jars, wide 
mouth, pints, per dozen, 

Qvarts, per dozen .9i«U 

Hslf-fslkms. per doz. 91<M 
Economy Tops, dozen. 

KerrMason Narrow At 
>ealers, pLr per doz., 9l-^^ 
Quarts, per dozen 91*56 

Kerr-Mason Wide Mr. nth 

I. ids, per do/en 2.'»r 

Narrow size, per <lo/ iiO^ 
Kerr«Mason Co\ ers, ulr. 

per dozen .„ iT>t 

Narrow, per dozen .. 35< 


At July Sale Prices 

Suede I'^abric (iloves of ex- 
cellent quality, with silk em- 
broidered points and two- 
dome fasteners. Regulation, 
all shades and sizes. On sale 
at, a pair ^ , 50#. 

Novelty Suede Fabric 
Cloxes in newest efTerts, 
neatly embroidered with 
contrasting shades. Grey, 
fawn, beaver, sand. .\ 
pair - 7»f 

Novelty Suede Fabric 
Gloves, with newest and 
daintiest cuff designs. Crcat 
selection in all &izes and 

cofors. A pair 91*00 

to ^ — 9l*B0 

Duplex Chamoisette Pull <'>n 
tiauntlets, made of double 
woven texture suede fabric 
for tailor wear. Good wash- 
ing gloves. Shades arc dk, 
grey, gazelle and natural. .\ 
pair , ...^^^...........91»00 

I'.nglish Duplex Gaunllets, 
handsewn, in black, and 
made of extra tine suede fab- 
ric. They have strap fas- 
tener at w rist, \ erv smart in 
appearance, natural shade 
only; A pair 


Men's HatchwAy 

Summer Weights 

Hatch-way .\o- Button Com 
binatioiis. made fr(»m good 
grade naincheck, no sleeves 
and short leg';. Light and 
cool for present wear. A 
suit...., ^ 91.50 , 

Hatchway No-Button Com- 
binations, made of fine white 
balbriggan, with short 
sleeves and short legs. Spe- 
cial, a suit 98>00 

Hatchway No-Button Com- 
binations, of natural balbrig- 
gan, short sleeves and Short 
legs, broke» sizes. On sale. 

n suit „ 91*50 

Men's White Cambric Com- 
binations, athletic style, no 

sleeves. A suit .91*35 

— Meas f sralskls^i. Mala fleer 

Nen's Silk Aiul 

Wool Tlcf 


Silk and Wool t'repe Ties, 
in new designs and pattern*, 
made in England. On sale, 
each „.._ 91.00 

— Mm's fOnHahingB. Main rioor 

Golf Ho&e 
Aod &ackf 

Good ValiMi 

Men's Golf Hose from the 

.•-^rntch and l'".n(:;;Iish mills 
new designs and patterns, a 
large sclecticm. A pair. 

91^ to 9i«40 

Men's Silk and Wool Fancy 
.Socks, checks and stripes, 
imported and C:tnadinn 

makes. A pair ' '» 

and _ jjii.oU 

.Ml Wool Llama Socks. 

Llama** marked in red r.n 
every pair. Colors sod bl < 
A pair , ..75^ 

—Msa's faraMiiaai, Mala fiser 

Two Bargains 

ilun<lrcds of Pairs of Men's 
Oxfords, black and tan calf 
and black kid Fine grade 
shoes in a range of sizes. On 
sale, a pair 9^.08 

Clearing a few ntitnbers of 
.Men's -Mbion Shoes to make 
room for new styles. iWK)t^ 
of black or brown Vri«' r 
Blucher and Palni' 
terns. On «ale. p;ii' S'. ■ 

— Mm • S»M>«. Ma.r > 

A Letter 


It week at the Grand 
Scmainc at the races has 
been a very interesting 
week, as the frowns and 
outfits worn were very 
unusual and attractive. 

As the track was crc^wd 
C(l to capacitN' there were 
so niaiu' smart j,j:o\m>s 
she w n that it was 
difficult to ^ct many 
descriptions in detail. 
The colors thaf were 
shown were beiji^e and 
)?rey and many printa, 
all of which #ere worn 
with hats to match: and 
the cape or coat either 
to match or lined with 

-rime material »• ^th« 


On "Drag- day, wbl 
g \ery interesting, as it was a 
d.iv of color, there was a dis 
play of couturiers' models. 
.\ very attractive outftt was 
noticed, in a fuchsia 'with a 
reddish cast, m.ide with a 
sli},;Iitly fl.ired coat in a flat 
crepe with three deep ruches 
of fringed tafFeU St the bot- 
tom. The hat was a Turkish 
turban with lobes over the 
ears, of same color. 

\nother outfit was bright 
\cllow; the dress wns of 
yellow with shirred gode!-. 
set in the skirt, with a blue 
flower embroidered of straw. 
The cape was shirred to the 
waist and had a (kcp «-hirrei! 
rolled collar of white georg- 

A handsome grey outfit "was 
shown, with a grey cape to 
match, and with it was worn 
a feather boa, dyed to mateh 
the outfit 

Large printed chiffons were 
seen everywhere, althooffh 

a few of the plainer colors 
were worn. '*,rev was verv 
much in evidence as well as 
beige and bois de rose. But 
as the "Drag" day is an in- 
II dication of what will be 
worn for I'all, fuchsia and 
deep wine seem to be the 
I'all colors. 

The shoes that -were worn 
hy the manikins that wore 
Fall garments were most all 

in colors to match the gown, 
and in one instance the 
stockings were the same 
color. Lizard skin and alli- 
gator, or beige leather 
trimnrd with these two 
'kins were Seen .every- 

n here. 

There were man\- difTerenf 
kinds of pocket books car- 
ried. In many instances they 
matched the color of the 

garment worn. There were 
flat envelope bag«, pciijrh 
bags and embroidered silk 


The hats worn with the ad 
\anced Fall models were all 
small. But the hats worn 

with the chiffon*; and soft 
Summer materials were 
mostly large, drooping 
shapes or medium barets. 

\\\ outstanding feature that 
attracted attention was the 
large ostrich boas that were 
w .rn They were dyed to 

m.iteh the gown, some of 
them in ju»t ' ne r..\,.r, 
others in two or tiuee tone 
effects. • 

At the (irand Prix Rail pe- 
riod gowns were very much 
ill evidence. Spangled and 
beaded evening gowns were 
the leading style trhnmtng. 
an«l white was much in evi 
dence. Many pale pinks, 
orchkl and l»eacb, aid bright 


^ ! ' ' " ■ THE D^ILY CQL QN7ST, VICTORIA, B.C.. SI X i'AV. '^^ ^ , n i " 

Great Britain and Dominions Overseas 


former French Premier Pub- 
lishes Evidence That *Baron 
Von Lanckeh Pt^aded for 
Miss CaveTe'lifB 


Spanish Anihassadoi Supplies 
M, Pomcaic With Completo 
and Moving Account of 
, Heroic Woman's End 

77u King Prefers 
High ( heese Hut 

lh€ Quun Sniff It 

In cheoHo 


HT on r.i\«l t.if'^-^ 
» .1.- fur n iMheil I h If 
th- if 

Nldf'llRllt M "Tl 

of Numc Cavi'll 
hy M. Folncwre. 



1l«r»te tfMth 
h—n t1ir»wn 

tf«el«rM that Baron von dcr Lanekon 
Votonily MSt him, but f. Into to ba 
lneltt4«4 In hia book, a yrottat 
MCainat a paaaas* in which h«^ attri- 
buted to Baron von dor I^ancken, tha 
raapon. i im I It \ fur Mi.s.m <'iivpir« death, 
as BO many oih<i- .uithorH hail ol-^ 
r<'arlv dntif. Ilarun V'Hi di-r l^nrkm 
wrotp, thai fin I lie rnntrary, he hud 
dono all hr coul'l to obtain a COni- 
naatatlon ot tha aentance. 

AetkMi TfMMicht Wrance 

M. I'olnrarp a.lrnill»-d ho 
thouaht It Ktrungf" that llaron \ on dcr 
l^anrkcn hiiil up to tho prc'<i»nt of- 
fered no protCBl nKniimf the ...u'r- 
ttona of a niinnt>rr of highly author- 
ta»4 paraona including Mr. Itrand 
Whltloek. Unitad Mataa MintBtcr m 
Bwiaaala 4Mri«# tha J " *''. h*<* 
wiltad until now tO'JuaUiy hrmaeTT. 
Hut aa Baron von der Lanckan In hIa 
letter deciared thnt a neutral diplo- 
mat, who wiiM Jiirrrditrd to Dru/tHPlx 
Ht that tlnii'. had full knowIedK*' "f 
the role he play^-d. and had cvrn 
later Informed M. Hrland of It. M 
l*olncare, takInK this r«>fprcn<o to 
indicate the Marriuu de VlUalot>ar, 
(4pantah Ambaaaadur to B«hllHiA. ad- 
drMM4 . hlmaelf to him. 

Vr»rd Driajr 

.M. I'oinrarr ."tilled thut ha had now 
rer%ive>i from iIk- .Muriiuia de \'llla- .L \i-v\ I .)iniJ.-ie und moving ac- 
eeunt of tho terrible trmg^Cy of (Vto- 
bar, ItlB, "and I owa it to truth, " he 
n44a<l. "to any that thia noU la of 
n Bfttura to rahabllitat* Baron von 
der Ii«ncken. Ha had uryad Oanafai 
Haubarawetf not to bava NIaa Caveii 
executed, hut tha Oanaral refuMed to 
lluten to hini. The only fault whi< h 
Itaron vc)n dfi- Ueti'' 
not to havi- dired lo irl<-|ihonf to the 
Kaiser, who wa.s at .>^p.t.. .uuI who. it 
r.ppears, rejrolteil the ex»<utlon of 
th»> death eentenfe, of whirh no on^- 
ha4 informed him. The recital 
wbl|li I have received from tha Mar- 
qillf da VlUnlobar la very Impraaalve 
a«« f«n of tfatall. It haa convtitred 
me personally that Baron von dn 
T an'-ken ban he#>n ralnmnlatert 

PRiNiii: Of wii i:^ ill 


(ieorca and Queen Mary to th<^ 
Uoyal AsrleuUural Boclety'a 
fhoV at KmUW^ "t Uka the 
hiua mottlad ehaaaa." ramafliad 
tha Kin*, aa tha royal cnnple 
drew abraaat'of a stall ut dalr)-' 'I don't." Queen pronivlly r *t ft r t e d. 
"thfs're full of anlm.«!«. and 
not Rood for von 1 prrff-r 
Chf-ddar. ■ .\'\ ofTlr:al who w i - 
in attendance, explained (hat 
what the Queen took for "anl- 
mala" a^^ra really fungi, Nevar- 
thalaaa, Har Majesty rafimlnad 
from aampUnf . Ilia iiron« 
c-hease in which tha Xtaff da- 

t * ^ ^ ^ . 

KiNii kmm mm 

IN m mmm 

Hskv of fHwta Pati 

CNT Plrradllly 
llntMit Htrrrt 

'Ih'- .1' oi.M rat If KinK of .'^paln, who 
^(111 VI II crilriK .ihoiit whenever he 
<an vvutKUU the pomp and frill« i>f 
Koyali.v, drop|>ed in for inni-heon. the 
ether day, at a Hpantsh restaurant 
' on a mtla side street batwaan Ragant 
Street and Piccadilly. 

He piirtook of A genuine HpaniKh 
dlbh, 'Cocido a la i;.spanola." which 
I.H host dfKr rihed a."« a hoiled dinner. 
Kor heveraRe-i Ihe King; i onfined 
himself entirely to prodU'-tM of thu 
land over whhh he rules .-herry. 
Bpttnlah whlto wine, and "rloja 
in i . ** a k i nd a t g oaiito li t>uiiuiidj i . 
When Alfonso left, to entar the 
royal automobile, all thoae lunching 

in thf restuiiraot stood UP, While Ihr 
Span 1.1 ri'H present gave a rousing 
siiout of vivu el Hey," which made 
the r.fftern ring. 

.Sratod at the i.ildr with the KinR 
\v<T»< the Duke of .Miranda, tho Mar- 
quis ill- Ulxral, t'olone I Broke. Cotonal 
Itlch and Lleut.-Col. Uraham. 

Whila tha King waa lunchinc a 
polieaman In uniform and aavcral 
plain ciothaa men atood bafora the 
door of tha reataurant. whila other 
plain clothea man wara aeattarid 
about in tha dlning^rooan. 



Hlij Uo>iil IligtiiK-vi I'roMldoH n!» 
Prr-^ldf-nt nl Oxfonl <,nllierlng 
of BrIiKh \MMO<-ta(l(>ii 

Tha Prince of Wales, whose danc- 
ing and hnraaback' riding axplalts 
explolta have drawn "him into the 
nawa on many occasions, will appear 

in a novel role at Oxford during 
August, when he will preside at the 
meeting of the Rrltlnh AM.>*oclal inn, 
the body for the advaiuemeni of 
srienee. of which he Is president. 

The elec^on of the Prlnoa as presi- 
dant of RnglMd'a foramaat aeiantlfio 
aoeiaty haa eniMMd grant intaraat. and 
tha natara of tha Prlnea^A addraaa haa 
eseltad tha graataat curloaity. It has. 
now baan divulged that ha will speak 
on iiflence in lt!i varloua aspe<"t» with 
relationa to the .'^tate and ooni ni un It y . 
Mi.M iipeerh will de:il with the m.inner 
In which Bclenlifi"- reaearrh haa be- 
come more closely Identified with 
Ion* qaaatlona of State adminiatra- 
llen Mnan tiM World War. 

Fifty dlatlnguiahad aeiantista from 
he I'nlled matea and other eount^ien 
ill attend the sessions, and the 
rrtnce's "address will be broadcast hy 
radio The last time that Uoyalty 
occupied the presidential chair of th«) 
association waa In 1859. whan tha 


AtfOfH4^ Knn of Mr .lames Barrlc 
jManlaa Daughter of a Pcrr 

ll«morlMi of the origin ot "Petar 
Pan" aa tha boy. made Immortal by 
Mir James Barrle. sre recalled b.v th 
marriage of the youngest of hla fi\<> 
adopted aon.«. 

At St. Mary's Chun h, Flettes- 
hangar. near Deal, Mr. .N'lohoiss 
Utwatyn Daviaa married tha Hon. 
Mary BMMrtx Jamas, second daughter 
of Lord and I^ady Northb^uma. of 
Battaahanger Park. Kant. 

The hrldejfroom « eM"-r brother. 
Mr Peter Llewelyn I>nvles (the orig- 
inal of "Peter Pan"), was best nflin 
•nd Sir Jamaa Barria waa among 
theaa pragant. 

Bath gra adopted sons of Blr .Tamei 
Bsrrta. who met the five children of 
the late Mr and M r.« Arthur 
Llewelyn (>a\ie^ In Ken.«inKton Car- 
dens, their nmuBinj; gnnir.« in^plrlrtK 
him with the Btnry of Iho i>lay he 
afterwards wrote Mri, I^aviea wis 
tha aiater af Sir Cierald du Maurier. 


Ul AfHru XfWTW nnda C4.M0 
h of ntamottd* end Gl( 
Tlw-m lo <»in*vr 

A parcel of dlanu>dd<i vslued st 
i4,9M. which disappeared from a 
train naar Johannaahnni. haa been 
fcandad to the paMea. <in<paned. by 
ft naUva who found M. nwr tha mll- 
wny iracdi. PoUra *«<Htt«i the rnnn 
ir\^lda wUliottt suceaaa fir the pnr-u 
sge It la believed that n thief in 
the train threw Ih* pM<-l»,ise fmm i 
Window for a confederste \n pjrK up, 
■■i ifeat hla plana mMcarrtad. 


While Paper Ilrporta on Most Re- 
■MiiiUblff ICxpertanMt nf Its 

A report on the group settlements 
In Western Aitstralla. which, asys the 
Secrciarj of .KiHie for l>otnlnion Af- 
fairs in a foreword, "..^l.ind out. in 
ni.v opinion, aH one of ili<> iticmi re- 
markable experiments In lljc history 
of coioni/atiun," has baan iaauad" aa 
a White Paper. 

(M <ha l.fll aaalsted sattlara to 
whom blocka hava baan allottad tSl, 
or 32.S par cant, hava laft or hava 
bea'n dismissed. Of the 175 full-pay- 
ing British settlers 71. or 40. • per 
t ent, have left or heen dlsml.saed. < >f 
the IlrllHh neltlerx who iiilKratod 

before th<> aKreement iilO. or 43 6 per 
c ent have left or been dlsMiisaed I )f 
the 1.10.'. Auntrallans 4!*^. «>r 4.'. p<t 
cent, have left or been dliimlssed. It 
is considered that a higher percent- 
age of failure in inavltabta in tha 
aarliar atagaa than in tha Intar stages 
oX a larga aattlemant achama. 

There ara 100,000 Rrltiah-born 
people In We.itern Australia ih'^ re 
port ronclude.M. nut of ,i IoI.lI popu 
lation of u7<i fion The whole atmon- 
phere is inten.sely favourable to 
British migration. The old feeling 
against "spoonfeeding" the settlers Is 
baing gradually exorcised. 


Aytrabnry Man Inalau Grave Found 
la rraaoa Doaa No( 

.M i' h to h!M «tiri)ri''c Mr ,T \'ar- 
t>e\ tif A \ leMliij r >• . Wiiw itiformed the 
o'her '\a\ I>v the War 
'Ir.ivcs I .•niiiii.<4«>lMn lh,it hi>< crave 
had li,"-!! f<.iin.| in I'rinic llenth. 

but firmly, Mr. Varney Instated he 
was quite wall, and up to tha p r aaa n t 
had had no aaad of a grave. "I was 
wounded naar l*oaiaraa ten yaara 
age." ha asplalnad. "and waa dla- 
chargad. My mother was informed 
I waa missing, nhen t was actually 
In a Tiondon ho.tpit.ii Itui i nm Htili 
alive .tnd kicking. The niiinh<-r on 
the grave Is the name an I had when 
In the Bucks Battalion," 


Innorcni -SptM-iaior 
Aaalae Dock and 

Hustled Into 

In Commemoration of the Great Charter 


! ; 
I s 

Taken 'Pub" Out 
Of Republic artd 
Leaies a "Relic" 

BT camasati oonaant Mia prlaa 
for tha waa^'a baat ban 

lo I".ngland_ls 
» i iiM' rtod ornl- 




mot goea to Oilbert rrankau. 
tha well-known Brttlah navaliat. 
who has Just retumad from 

America, With the explanation 

that a -alooo 
caPcd ;i |Mil>h. 
„i4i ■ V ^ !,,. >. r r. I • puti." hero 
i5 Ml h r 1 n M .s < piRr,! tii "if 
you take the 'pub out of repub- 
lic >'OU leave 'relu and that's 
what^B happened to America." 

Liaaa publicity has t>een given 
to aaathar impraaalon which bo 
racaivdd in tha UnHad State.-*. 
He aaya: "The p4>r cent 

American reallaaa that wa aavad 
America fwlr» nnce In tha 
war. and tho >r.-.-r.d lime, most 
of them think, by the gaoaral 


former British Merchant 
Moscow Tells Harrowing 
Tale of Biiitnl Tieatment at 
Hands ot Bul^hevists 



ACOMMBMORAqriON ot tha aoai- 
ing ol Magna Charto tank tiM 
form of » reUgloua service held at 
Runnymede on a Sunday afternoon 
recently. wheii Uord l,in< olnnhlro 
presided over a gathering numbering 
savaral theuaanda. auppartad by. 
among ethara. Lord Hewart (Lord 
Chief luatiee) and the Bpeaker of 
the House of Commons. Iy>rd Hew- 
art said: "We have traveled far in 
UnHHT'WfVn centurlaa from that now- 
trallaad and buraaucratic aatocracy 
in whleh all thinga ulUmaUly d*- 
pendad upon tha will of tha paraoaal 

ruler. But do not let us forget that 
tyranny ia not ahraya or of necessity 
the tyranny of Kings or rulers. Do 
not let foriret that tyranny may 
lie exorclned I". various claaae.-i of 
bodlaa and Individuals, that it may 
taka oaany dlfferant forma, and. that 
it may appear from rathar unex- 
pected quarte»rB. Above all, do not 
let u« foiRet that the only freedom 
worth having Is the freedom to-do 
right; that tha price of thsf freedom 
la uncaasi/ig vigllanoa; and that we 
ahall aaauredly ba loat and destroyed 
M It ahould avar ooma to paaa that 

mi mmm\m 

AfghanNian Ngala Looms f^argc a.s 
Uuflcr !>(ato of InOiau 


In the first case nt the recent Win- 
chester Asslsas. a spectator was mis- 
taken .'or a priaoaar and h««tled in- 
to the dock. 

To hi,<< astonishment, he w,*-" nr 
rnigned ar.d called on to plead irefora 
the omdai diaoovarad thay had tho 

wrong man 

The Indli \ant "prtaaaor" was re- 
iaaaad amid loud laughtor. in which 
Mr. Juatlea 'Moehe }olnad. 

iVeiT Ktd§hl8 Bachelor 

■Ir Dottglaa Hogg, M.I^^Sir Uepald 
du Maurier. and Sir Arthif^. .yulller- 
Coueh have nccepted invlt.ilMtMt - 
Join the council of the Imp.TT.K 
Ko.letv of Knight.^ Marheh.r th'- 
two latter representing' dr ini i .t-id 
Iile')»ii|rr in plsctt of th» It'e H\r 

Squire Bancroft and Sir Rider 

^•rl /• PoptUmr 

Port wtna la h aromlng one of tha 
indat popular drtnka in tha opinion of 
'linndon win* merchania. There haa 
alao baan a derraase in the sniea of 
whiHiiy. dealers nnte. THn reaaona 
given are the hfgh flui% on whisky, 
nhl'h In Memethinc 1 t> • | " n 
bottle, aod the lasie for port nt <iuired 
by lha man during the war. 

With the staging of the conference 
in London recently between the 
Hecretary of State for India, the Earl 
of Blrkanbaad and leading Indian ad- 
mlnlatratora, to invaatlgnta tha con- 
nection between Sovlat actlvltlaa and 
the revolutionary movamant in Oraat 
Mritaln s Rrtat Kastem dependency, 
there in a ihrow-4>aoki to Britain's 
pivotal point of foMlgn poUoy half a 

century ago, 

liOng bafore Germany loomed up a.i 
a aanaea. Ruaala and Sngland, as 
tha two grant Aalatlo powara. wore 

traditional enemlaa. Victorian minda 
were haunted by the spectre of hos- 
tile troops desc^endlng from the 
norihweBt mountain passes to Invade 
the fertile plaio" of India and ever- 
advance of Uusslap Influence toward 
the Indian frontier waa Jaaloualy 
watched in London. 

HMory Repeau Itaalf 

,Vo\v hiBtory IB repeating Itself, with 
the .Soviet Been as BcheminK to f)ver- 
thro.v the HrltlBh KaJ, not l.y direct 
force of arms like Itli Komanoff pre- 
dccessur. but by the more insidious 
means of fomenting Internal revolu- 
tion. Tha ilaiaon between the chief 
Sovlat aganta in Asia and tha Indian 
ravolutlonariaa ia baliaved to have 
baen eatabllshad through Afghanl- 
atan. and thus that ramota country 
has taken on an aspect Of Importance 


htrr of V\ ijic-H<l, ti (.artlcncr lla« 
■t CartM-r Crowded IMO 
I-'cw Years 

To %a appelntadi roaldant madlcal 
offlear of WlUaadon Municipal Hea- 
piul. where aha Wha a probation 
nurse only six years ago. Is ihe won- 
derful record of l>r. \'loIet Comber, 
the daughter of .a working gardener. 
A former Wlllesderi Council school- 
girl, she won her first BCholarship 
at twelve. On leaving Kllburn lltgh 
School aha became a probationer 
nuraa and showed remarkabia aptl- I 
tuda for medical work. Tha winning 
of a valnabia acholarahip took her 
to a medical aehool attached to a 
London haapltal, and aftarwarda aha 
secured all tho mara important ax- 
hibltlona and RChotarahlpa In tha 
medical world. Without any finan- 
cial aid hhe nuallfied as a doctor. 
In ni.iny subjects ^he has taken 
honors, and rare degrees have been 
conferred upon her. 


hatred of t\r.irin>. of whatever kind, 
and m \<.h.iii\ci di>i;uise, ceased lO 

be one of the strongest charaeter- 
iatioa Of tha Bagllah race." 

Tha photograph raproduead above 
is a recent one and ahowa Magna 

Charta Island with the Thames in 
front. The little Island is separated 
from the further shore by one of the 
famous "backwaters •' The view la 
taken from Ilunnymede itself, which 
extends aB a broad plain from the 
river bacK tn the little town «vf Kg- 
hani. PrlasU' Hill overlooks the 
plain towarda Ita uppor or Waatarn 

mu mm \m 


Vlralaat polaon Vaed tor OoMarlea 
la HladB Modlclna ia 

liARVIN 0y0T[8 FORD 

Writer .Kirc— importsnn* of Man 

WMl <>i ii:ii>.il Id. < lo I M nlng 
l>(.-nuiiiU for latlHir 

"Whan Haary Ford in i9m had 
tha Idaa/of a minimum wage, of fi 
a day for hia workara. with profit- 
sharing on a larga scale, he knocked 
the bottom out Of abatract Marxism 
deduced from studlaa In the British 
.Museum," writea J. L. Oarvin In Tha 

Mr. Garvin's comment Is incidental 
to a ravlaw of "Muat Britain Travel 
lha Hoaaow Road?"— a little volume 
Just publlahed by Narman Angall as 
a reply to Trotsky's "Whara la Brit- 
ain tJoIng:"* 

Mr. Angell, unlike Trotsky, does 

Pensecuted and Abused Be- 

' cause of Refusal to Assist 
Third tnternationale in Ainti- 
' British 'Propaganda 

|>:KR1UEK expei^ancaa suriered at 
*■ tbe hands ot tha ^olahavtats were 
daacribsi) by Mt^ Joaaph A. Martin, of 
ala morgan Straat, 8. W.. tha Mind 

rrian of the .str.ihKcra Gallary In lha 
Mouse of Commons, referred to by 
Commander I .ocker-Lamfaon, iS Far* 
ll.imenl rcctiitlj, 

A photograph of this victim of tha 
R«d Terror, standing Uetwoan Com- 
mandfv l4>ckar-Lunipaon and Mr. 
Patot M.P.. la publiajhad ia a eurraat 
numbar of The Mirror. 

Mr, Martin, In iin inters lew, said 
that for ten years he ^v.^s a jnerchant 
In .Moscow. Wherr the revolution 
broke out ho frequently applied to 
leave Russia, but was detained In 
Moacow and aubacquently becamo a 
teacher. During tha revolutioa ko 
apant all hla moaay In helping <Mhar 
Kngllah peoM*- 

"Then I was Impfiaoned hy the 
Bolshevists," added Mr. Martin. "Lit- 
vinoff offered me the post of trsn«- 
lator at the Third I nt ei nat lortiile. but 
as the work was prop.iKa nda 

The |;a."t Indian v<ienli.~l Sir .laga- 
dls Chandra Bose. I-".K.S, recently 

addressed the Royal Society of Medl- , , _ ..w « . • .k..i. ...... 

ctlon of < obra I the Marxian tbeela, using 

l''ord .IS an illustration of the trutli 

not think that Mrllain Im on the down- 
ward path, and .Mr. <;arvln agrees ^ ^^^^ British Empire. 1 refused, 
with Mr. Angall. 

"Hara tha aoppoaad basis of Com 
manlam doaa not axlat," writaa Mr 
Oarvin. "Tha temporary auecaaa of 
Communiam. althar by armad force 
or by a general strike, could only 
mean starvation and terrible ven- 

"The proletarian dlcutors would 
hava raaaon in a few waaka to re- 
mambar tha worda of a certain 
'Bnrjoo' poet, 'Whan all men Marve 
tha wild mob'a million fact will kick 
you from your ptaea.' " 

Mr. Oarvin then proceeda to argue 

lairgc no« k of I iikIImU 
leaaed at Bortloaux 

l^tMy la ffUckg 


Though few Buropeana perhapa 
notad it, Buropa has Juat auffered 
anothar eataatropha — thia tima among 
pigeons. Twalva hundrad homers 
were released south of Bordeaux with 

the expectation they Would make 
In the Itolshevist penetration of Indite i n i.^e line to the coles in lOiiKland 

Hnil Ihe Hriti.ih counter .action This 
Is cspei ially Ihe < h«o siin'c. wuh the 
rise of Ke/a Khan to power m Persia, 
the Soviet suffered a rebuff to its in- 
fluence in another country through 

which it might have been able to 
work agatnat Oraat Briuln. 

■ovtrt Relations Seen 
I-lght Is thrown on tho .'Soviet rela- 
tions with Afghanistan, which ^ a 
buffer state between Ilussla and 
India, the current laaue of The 
Asiatic Ravlaw, pubUahod In London 
hy Prlnoa Andra Lobanov-Roltovaay. 
Hia family own axtanalva aatataa in 
Rusian TurkaaUn and ha himaalf 
served In tha Ruaolaa^Anay during 
the war 


Nephews of Ijaic Queen Mrtandra 
Drop "1 loyal HIghncaa ' Title 

40rt inilc^ avva.N They dlsappeured 
complrtel\. recalilnR somewhat the 
total ptiearance almost overniKhl 
of the large blue pigeon of Amerlua. 

It Is probable that tha entire flock, 
swinging homeward instinctively 
along the shores of the Bay of Biscay, 
were c.iughi In .< .">udden storm and 
swept out to net whence they were 
helr>less to ret urn. It Is hardly 
probable that .my of the flock sur- 
\i\ed. as homers do not fly by night, 
and poaaibly attempted. In thair In- 
naoant plgaon way, to alight on tha 
grant waves of tha Atlantic Other 
flocks ralaaaad from pointa In Brit- 
tany are still straggling Into Lon- 
don, Manchester and Liverpool and 
many are missing 

British iiiseon nreeders are hard 
hit by this new disaster. Coincident- 
ally the American blue nigaon, today 
non-oslaloat la tha Amarlean con- 
tinent, ia aow .found in the Waat 
Jndlaa. which, aaauming they may 

cine In I.>ondon on the a 
venom on tho pulse heats of pl.ants. 
He aald thft Strasburger held that 
tha mavamcnt of aap was not aflaetad 

by the set ion of polaon. 

The ie< turer'a own experlmenta on 
the aillon of sttmulants which re- 
vived a dyinc plant ,and of poi.'<ons 
which alioli.shed the ,i.vrent of sap /iod 
killed a \igorous plant proved, hi^w - 
ever, that sap propulsion Was broucht 
about by a. rhythmic propulsive tis- 
sue, whiah flUactloned both aa the 
pumping Haart and "artary for the 
traaaport of tha aap. By meana of 
hla alactric probe tha propulaive tis- 
sue had been localized, and what 
might be called the electrocardlo- 
pratti of the plant had been obt.alned, 

\ me-liunUal record of Ihe in\is- 
iloc heat of the plant h,Td heen 
ol. tallied by a new type of opt.c.-\l 
sphygmograph. It produced the stu- 
pendous magnification of from five 
to tan million tlmaa by means of a 
raflactad haam of lighL 

A preparation of venom known as 
ahuehlkavaran, the principal compo- 
nent of which was .1 minute i|uantlty 
of cobra poison, had been employed 
in the Hindu sssicni of medii ine for 
nearly a ihouaand years. It was ntill 
useii^in desperate emergencies when 
I patient was on the point of death 
from heart failure. Tha preparation 
waa held to be effartlva In Hivtvlng 
the activity of the failing haart. He 
found that minute doses of cobra 
venom oauaad a great stimulation of 
tha pvlaatlag aetlvlty of thi plant. 


Canadian World IriMcIrr l-'oaght in 
M I i anil Woo 

of his contention that one pei-nn 
with an f)riRiniil Idea is more Unpor 
tant economically than thouHiin<1.s of 
workers WhOSO employment never 

would have existed if he had not 
created It. 

Mr. Oarvin mentions with com- 
mandatiea Mr- Angell's obaervatlon 
that "It ia an Amarlean maaufacturer 
who paya tha highaat wagaa af his 
industry In the world, turna out the 
chcipejit product In that Industry and 
pa\« the largest profits of any facto, y 
In the industry And Henry Ford Is j 
not unique, he in an estramaly com- 
mon Ani' ■ I \ pe" 


liSst ( onoert In Albert Hall l liilnKly 
With "lioHM Sweet Uomc ' 

' lAiava aurvivad ocean storms, ^ss a 

Princaaa Aaga and Prince Valda- f/iong flight. Perhaps also Kurope s 

mar of Denmark, Count and Count- 
ess of Rosenborg, who are sta^ng in 
I.onrlon and have been Uincnlng at 
Mucklnishnm Palace, have \ery Inde'' 
pendent and di mocratlc si)n>-- < »t?aj 
of them. Prince Krik, married tl'e 
daughter of the Cansdlsn lum^>•>' 
king, the late John Booth, of Ottawa, 
and tha younger, now Count Vlggo. of 
Roaanborg, marne.l a pratty New 
Torkar.whoaa father la a wall-known 
aoelaty deetor. Both the young men 
hava dropped the "Royal Highnfas" 
and are called by tha title of Count, 
They wera> neilnewa of Qaaen Alex- 
andrit who rc elved Counteaa Vlfgo 
Just « '• " * -n ir-- .ire 


lost homers will some day turn up In 
remote parts of the world, but It Is 
feared they all were drowned. * 


'Marx Terrace nnd l,onln Trrraoe" 
Adorn tMrpcta of 

Wouoded at Ypres, (Son-ia-Law 
Royal Reoelvoe 


Two rewa of new dwetUaga reeemb 

compiefv-d in the mining towa of 
fhopweii. In l urham. Rngland. have 
been named Marx Terrai e" mil 
"l,enin Terrace ' This |« in keeping 
wliti Ihe Shepnrll pntllical hue, 
which is derldel\ rr,^' The pla»- 
Is Bomeiimes refer-e.i lo as "the red 
daat village in Rngland." The er,ai 
mtaera tlmra have remained on strike 
for a yaar. aad draw relief tti)ada 
frnm tha Poor T*w OnardfAna. 

Rich inlcMlate bachelor 

Mr. Daald Ri 
Mranmllla ftoad. Wi^iigl. a dH%MHar 

of Messrs r>iin\in^ W«IO d>e 1 l«8t 

.lBnuar>' (niesfsie and a bachelor. 

I left I,*ilers of idlll'U^tri 

i iio.i have been granted lo hia 
\ Bvphewa. 

Blinded at Tprea In the war. when 
eighteen years of age. Mr. Hugh 
Arthur .><t.i> t of ( 'alus College, has 
been admitted to the Bachelor's De- 
gree at Canil>ridge after taking 
honors tn two trlpoa — a remarkable 

Mr. SUyt waa aaMated hi hia 
atudles. by hia wtfe, a .daaghtar of 
Sir Prank Dyaon. f tha ' Aatronomcr 
Uoyal and hy friends at Calus. with 

' whom he attended Irctur»s 
I Me had some ttrallle hnoks hut for 
his Instruction he was dependent on 
tbe spoken word of hia tutor, the 
Rev. .1. w. Hankin, tha lector era and 
hla friends. 

lAst year ha took a aaoond claaa 
In the histon. ai irlpoa. part one. aad 
fnijr weks Age he ast for tha anthro- 
poloci'ftl tripo« ftklngaflrst rl.Tsn 

He was cheered on leaving the 
nenate tloaoe hy Mi fiafloir<iiMd«« 

Aa a bey. Mr Stayt Ifvad in flonth 
Africa, and he ^ returning there aa 
lecturer In anthropology. Re aUt hla 
wife m hoapiui durlag the war while 

aha •■«■ a no,-«» ami he wa* a nsflent. 

i\alional police fund 

The latest rn|^trt^<Hon to tha Na 
tienel Pellca Pund bttag the total to 
C:iS.7SI St. 44. 

Stephen William Harvey, a Cana- 
dian, now in Malbourna. Victoria, haa 
an unuaual record far a nma only 
twenty-four years old. He offered 

himself for service m the World War 
in 1914 at Winnipeg, but the recruit- 
ing ofTlcer told him to rua home aad 
be a good b<>> 

He atole a rail-».-iy ride to Mont- 
real and got into the army there. He 
fought at Ypres. the 8omme and 
Vimy Ridge bafora hla fifteenth 
birthday ann|varaary, earned aaveral 
medala, and laft all hia teeth In 
France. Then he went to Archangel 
with the Uu.sslan Kxpadltlonarv 
Korea. The t anadlan Navy, the mer- 
tantlle marine and Ihe overseas 
shipping strike In Australia attracted 
him before he enlisted In the Au- 
stralian navy, says The Hydnay Bul- 


Receiving Order Agalnac Hla Lord- 
ably of Fti ai h i Mlia Oraatad to 

A recenl issue of The London fla- 
xetie cfintains a receiving order under 
the Bankruptcy Act relating to the 
Karl of Pembroke of While's Club 
and \\ilton House. Hallsbury Wilts. 

Lord Pembroke who Is forty-five, 
owns about <o,oo(r acres, and his 
home. Wilton Houae. contains pir- 
lurea by Vandyke, Rubens and Mr 
Joahua ReynoMa and much antiaws 


Parting is such sweat aorrow. but 
It was the sweetness rather than the 

so r row w n i< h pretiominatad at Dama 
.Nellie ,Mell,,. s farewell concert st the 
Albeit H,.ll. says The l,,,ndon Tlnie- 
It is true that thr' t VMi blKgest arias 
which she < hose to xinc were th-' 
same songs of farewell as she sang 
at Covant (larden a few weeks aico - 
Mimi's "Addio" from "La Boheme". 
and Desdemona'a "Ave Maria" from 
•otello," which are mora poignant and 
more hitter than tho good-bye which 
she wished to bid us. And so not to 
wring our hearts overmuch she es- 
chesed depth of feeling ar 1 , ' T ine 
back 'he htlerness of tho-o, ' ig\r 
soriEs iM.'iiel ,mM the «weetne«« of 
her \oiie Perhaps the sentiment 
most fitting to the occasion found ex- 
praealon in "Heme, Sweat Home," 
which aha aang to har own aeeem- 
paaime nt after many reaalla 


Conniy Ctoaacll Dofera Acttaa m 

building Waterloo Htmetara 
Ing t^vrmment ProhO 

<;^orgr of «.re«»re 

plate ( omwicrrlal Cavevr 

Tha Bridge House Eatates Commlt- 
too of tha City of London corpora 
tlon ia recommending, in view of the 
intention of the Oovemmcat to ap- 
point a Royal Commiaaion to Imiulre 
Into tha BUbJact of bridges acroaa the 
Thamaa, that the eanalderatlon of 
their report la favor of tha erection 
forthwith of ht Paui'a Bridge be ad- 

The London County Coun< II has 
decided to defer any action lovards 
rebuilding \\i»terl'io P.rlriKe pen<{ 
the report of the Itoyal (Jommisslon 
on Thamaa Bridges. In the meantime 
the oempetitloa for daalgna for a new 
bridge la fo go en 



<:<orge Chester, president of the 
Mritish A'eo<iHilon of Te,iiherB of 
Psncincr. has Joined the ol>j«ctors to 
the modern si > lew of dao' ini; 

"Ballroom 'lio'lnc has developed 
into a general nn ik -around." he says, 
"gixty per cent of tha dancers do not 
dnnce at all and It ia getting worse 
and worna with tha popularity of nov- 
fUy danoMir nad nntlnMd mvaic." 

Mr. Cheater dodaraa that dancing 
r t ipeiitions and Qoaatlonahle night 
rtiib" hnve done much to dentorallaa 
the «r' ' ' "1 dancing. 

LmU Link IVlih Umoln 

by VMlow 

"I was arrrstcd ;ind thrown Into a 
filthy and verminous cell by tho 
' hell 1. . rid th-oi'nh ,1 liominaldi' 
ne^-lec t. 1 became infected with silot- 
ted lyphu.H fever. 1 waa taken to the 
hospital, where I waa thrown Intu the 
corridor among a number of corpses 
and waa only saved from being col- 
lected with them by a fellow prldoa- 

Mr. Martin said he lAat his sight 

because of the brjtality with which 
he waa treated and tbe physical and 
mental suffering he had to emlure, 
"I was bound down to a beilsiead," 
he said, "1 was beaten until I lost 
consciousness. I had only a little bit 
of black bread and a drop of filthy 
water to keep me alive. When my 
sight began to faJI. I applied tor 
medical treatment. bIR my appl>i» 
tlon waa laotrhed at. 

•■One night i «,is Ivlng nimnat eg- 
hsusted In the i\[iImis section word. 
Two Peil {ru,<rds entered i".'l ^' I'led 
me violent Iv off Ihe bed .ind liung 
mc on to th-' floor 

Foiled by Warder 

"When I recovered from typhus 
fever, I was taken to another p,irt ef 
the prison. I w-<b forced to walk 
ihrouKh the pri.*on vard without 
c lothlnK and bouts In the depth of a 
Ki.'siaii Winter, ( "n arrival at the 
lui-iun cell I was pushed ruthlessly 
in and failed by a blow from the 
wurdar, I lay there with one ahirt 
for protection ngalaal the bRter cold, 

"Never have t longed for anything 
as much as I longed for death In thnt 
Bolshevist prison" 

.Mr. .Martin was repatriated as an 
« \< hiinge prisoner under the agree- 
ment of Hcptemtur I9;2 He ssld 
that the Jusllie of his claim had been 
emphsslaed by five auccesalve British 
Covemmenta. but they had not 
able to aerure any compensation. 


Oat Siaohe Krrecn nnd CmtHm 
Ottl Maiioeuvrea 

Wireless control of a rrewless war- 
ship WHS used by the British naval 
autboritlea during recent manoeuvrea 
off Malta. BUted a British rmted 
Preoo meaaage reeelvad from Paler- 
mo. An old eralaer. fitted with 
radln-m'^tor apparslus rspsble of he. 
Ing operated at a distance from an- 
other \en(iel. WIS einployf'd as .t tar- 
get for the heavy guns of the Medl 
ten. mean I-'Ie,.t The i-rulser nllereil 
Its courMc, ln< reaaed and decreased 
speed, a'nd even threw out smoke 
screens under wireless orders 
launched through the ether to the 
empty venael at a diatance of froa» 
one to aix miles. 



to Bo 

at iirtMMMc 

Mr A Moore Hogarth, af the Col- 
lege of PeatoloKy. *s appealing to tha 
public to help him In his forthcoming 
broadcast of Ihe notea of different 
mosquitoes by sending specimens, 

"Wa ahould ba meat ffrataful." 
says Mr. Hogarth, "for healthy fe- 
male specimens of the theeboldia 
annulate (the maUrla-carrying var- 
iety ) and the anophelea-aiaeaUpoa- 

Tbe broadcast will take phice when 
the -"songs" of the two types of mo- 
fiu It oea will lllaatrate a leetara by 

Mr Hogarth 

l-fx King lieerge of Oreere. who 
with hla wife la new visiting l.«i>ndon. 
ia aaM to be coatewpt a t t a g a aa*- 
merrlel earear. 

Whea be waa fo read tt ahdiaate a 
f»w years ago hy the Ore-v rev«lo- 
tinnists. be was promised an an- 
nuiTv. whleh baa not h a aw fortboom- 


T'-'e eT tj\irmn !« « dsughie- rf the , mUeS 

Queen of Rumania 

wka odtwatad la 

A fliattiSh sugar refiner \'r. Dow- 
can BIkaw. who hns just <lie<l at tha 
ago af eltbt-fhre, ckitmad tn. be tha 
laa« tmrHirttm Brttleb cHlosii |n thfci 
eeantry who had the bene* of ahah- 
I Ing hands with Preatden*. Mncoln. 

^ When, af the sffe of twenty-one. Mr, 
J Vbaw arrived in Waahlnzton. th* 
I oTif»der«fe Armi was onl- a fern- 

Tha ex-KJt)g 1 dally experted 

He had then a lung 

The ei<Miirlbution hy the Federated 
MaUy matea of the kM«e a«Hn of ' 
t ).»♦•.••• towaMa tba eoat of the 
naval boaa at Mn^pora la, as M.-. 
Amery ohaened In announcing the 
offer, a fine i.imi'- of lm!>erUt ra- 
orerstl^in to .lefen-e ff mhow* fnr 
one thing th.i« in the opinion of the 
Hultans and the lnbnbi>in»s of tbeo4 
Matea the haee Is wanted 

Aerial Liner § Serve Meals 

On ene of the lataat 
operating on the 

Ix»ndr>n Amrterdsm snd tt'f'in, 
meal- are heinx served The mar hl>i« 
is known as i Holts Hove* sir van 
guard snd Is sifid to be the large<l 
sernplsne In the wortd It |a eapatlle 

af . oarrylag twenty-two 
aad a tnm at f aii^ 

Grooms to 


Having Stalled tor llie Wedding as 
[-Jest Man, Joseph hell Relieved 1 oi 
e\ er ot the Menace ul Matrimony and 
bepia, but — r- 

By Octavus Roy Q)hen 

Illustrated by Bert N. 

I J JoM^h Hanker j ipftric and 
ifcafre man. UlU4 iMtiriaf 
cyaa to the hfrmlran bulk «f W e%- 

•Sajf^ which^ pd<»»)r ?" . , 

Odtny Br'oirti ttirned a dkHrMglit nc- 

li' n : t^af'i tlir little fcUdW. 

cU««g gunc an' ateafia it." 

"Ur Kwine git ma'icd toa^flit." 

"T,, Sepia Wilaon?" 

' lur." 

ju»cpb't tolemn shake of the head in- 
dicat«d profound sympathr- 

"^ I'll sho i» out of lucW " 

"Ain't it the truth.'' But that ain't whaf* 
wonrte' mc . Lmadc ap my mind long agn 
there wasn't no way fo' me to avoid m^in' 
ma iage with that fifthtin' lady. Sha'a kitd 
of got an arquiiin It's SOBiCihiyi' 

clae I waa dawg-gunnio about." 

"My ma'ia^i Uctac«. I M%ft 90t it; a»' 

lan't git it." 

"Splain yo'aelf, Big Boy." 

"It's thii away: I got to drive a tmck- 
tead of groceries out to Mulga, an' befo' 1 
Kits back the licence office is Rwine t > he 
all closed up. An' if I akows up at that 
kOttte tonight 'th«at no licence I it fwint 
happen to a hail accident miglity sudden." 

"Truth whah you utters, ^epia would 
raoi' likely disaster you all over tlie place." 

Odessy Browa rcggrded hia abrimp>like 
friend ap»cuiafivaly. "Yom ain't buty thia 
afternoon; is youi^ 

"Not special." 

"How 'bout glttin' my Hetact fo* me?" 

Joseph's face 4eameil. "Htlpitt' jOn omt 
ia the fondest thing I i> of." 

"Good! Hcah'a the cash money. Jnft 
you go down to the Co't House and git me 
that paper. An' meet me at Sepia's houK 
at «e\ eTi tluitf V sharp tonight. The ob- 
scquioua take place at eight, an' Sepia's 

"Right ynu i«, OHe<ty Just you go 
drive yo' groceries an' leave ev'thin' to 
jMCph. He's the man which does what 
you viah. Always gl.iH to 'Mige a friend." 

Wreathe J in Sadnett 

Odessy mounted his truck. His coun- 
tenancr was wreathed in sadness l- rem 
his lofty perch he looked down upon the 
■tender and somewhat Inp-sided fram« of 
his ditninutive fri'ivt "Ain't titvcr been 
ma'ied, has you, ln-irph'" 

".Vossuh. Nv either I don't aim to be.'* 

Odessy kighed. "Tain't yo' aim what 
counts. It's4he laUy's aim." 

"Welt," chuckled Joaeph. "I had an idea 
once that Sepia Wilson waa plannin' to git 
me. An* any feller which comes clear of 
that gal ia safe frum any woman." 

"Sho'ly in." Odessy was frankly en- 
vious. "I suttingly wish a miracle would 
happen to mc Heni' Sepia's liusban' looka 
like no fun at all. an' lota of it." 

He preated the atarter'and the ataecato 

rnir of the motor punrtured the «ti|lngH 
of the warehouse, lie let in his gears, re- 
iMSCd thr clutrh pedal and the truck rolled 
toward Tweniirth Street on thj first leg of 

its journey to the fjistant mining camp. 

Josfph llankT ! • I tile (ici'.irtiire 

of his massive friend. Joseph was feeling 
considerably elated. Therefore the 

mighty and powerful ( )de»sy had i)rnfe««.( d 
no friendship for the little fellow. He had 
stared haughtily out over Joseph's head as 
though Mr Hanker was of alifhtly !««■ 
than no importance at all. 

It was, therefore, decidedly exciting that 
Joseph ahould have been entrusted with ao 
vital and personal a miision for the re- 

«!ouI)tal)Ie Odessy. Unquestionahly this 
simple litttc acrvice waa destined lu win the 
life-long gratitude and undying friendship 
of the truck driver, who openly boasted 
that he could whip any .clored gentleman 
in Birmingham —fair and no favor. 

It amaacd Joaeph that all of Odcasy'a 
physical might had been of no avail in his 
frantir efforts to elude the Amazonian 
Sepia XN'ijsnn. Hc--Joseph -had once 
btan pursued by tlie same lady and had 
escaped hv the simple expedient of with- 
drawing into a sheltering hacWground, and 
not deiarhmg himself therefrom until lueh 
time as her eager affertiena had become 
Ctrmty f(«ed en another maseuline person. 
Ntsrriap' to anyhody niad^ ahsplutelv no 
appeal to Joseph, but the mere thought of 
life as th« mate of Se^in waa poatthrtfy 

Spirit Cruthed 

Tic seenred a half-hear kare ef abs«n«« 

and moved toward <he Jefferson Cnunfy 
Court Mouse. His mind still quested for 
nr> answer fo the problem There was no 
doubt that Odessy wa« about to commit 
matrimony with a woman who was de- 
cidedly iinpopiiUr with him The f«r» th»t 
he could whip any other colored man in 
nirmingham had helped him not at all. So 
far as ?epis "as ennrfrned, Ins spirit was 
broken, crushed and completely ruined. 
Joseph sighe<l. After all, there were rt- 
warda for the physically unattractive. 

Downtown Rirmintham hummed. The 
trsffii' lights >vinked red and yellow and 
green, taxicaba skidded around corners, 
and automobiles erawted In long, snaky 
lines from Intersection to intersection 

Kvenfually Joseph Hanker reached the 
corner of Twenty-Hrst Strttt and Third 
.Avenue. Across the way was the aniitiue 
structure where the County transacts its 
husiness, Joseph's «le|>s slowed .i- ranir 
within sight of the huiUlmg. He was afraid 
of it. ' The knowledge that inside these 

four walls «cre courts and judges and thf 
bewildering wheels ot legal machinery 
friffhtened him. He felt as timid as a small 
worm which has just ba«n impalad oa a 
large ftshhook 

He dragR 'n feet down the malo- 

dorous corridui . A whispered ^uery — and 
he waa directed to th^ licence office. There 
he cowered ac.ilrrit the wall, staring hope- 
lessly at the window behind which the 
lictacc dark fnftM papers aatf bcoka an4 
heavy koflior. 

Bat Unally that dignlury loo lw 4 of and 
saw the little negro. His kasrty voka 
boomed across the room. 

*^ou boy! You waat a liea»ee?* 

I..*eph staggered forartfd. "Y-y-y-yaa- 
suhl I ~l sho'ly does. " 

"What's year name?" 

"J -J Joseph Hanker f'afi'n " 

*Joa«ph Hanker, eh.' What s the girl's 

"The ihe which, skhr 

"Th<; iirl's^aama. The girl that » going 
to'flft marriai.'' 

"Her name is .~)cpia, »uh 5epia WU- 

An feeble pen scratclM4 acroas 

the laif oi formal document. Tliaa Ulia 
document « l ed by tha darii a»4 
ahovtd into Joseph a iaat. , ^ . . 

-Tan doltarsr harkad the daik. 


With fingers that trembled violently. 
Mr. Hanker paid iho iaa. placad tha psar- 
• riage licence in Ua podtat aa4 >rtN 4 

of the door. 

The ordeal had been fearfnl. He waa 

ifiaid of court houses anyway and this 
had aeemcd more than ordinarily iorbid 
ding. He was scarcely conscious of any- 
thing !!:a( h.i 1 happened since he mounted 
the steps— and now. as he found hi mseU 
oBca Inore in ihr sunlit stretches of TUrd, 
Avenue, he heaved a vast sigh of relief. 

He had fulfilled his trust. The licence 
was safe in his pocket. lvt(rythi»ff was 

I he Lroucd Marriage Licence 
And it never occurred to Mr. Joseph 

Hitik't tl;.it lu- h.i'i secured a licence lor 
his own marriage to the pugnacious Sepia t 
'Bliasfalfy ignorant of thi> aii;-'r of the 
affair, he whistled about his work during 
the afternoon. When closing time came, 
the burly bridegroom had not yet returned 
from the jourtey to Mulga. and so Joseph 
went honfe and bhsied himself with motet 
sartorial arrangements. 

He garbed lumsclf ia manner befitting 
so important a' mehlber of the Sons and 
Daughters of I Will Arise A roM the 
bosom of decidedly shiny evening garment 
he draped a aasb of azure satin, and on his 
bullet head he perched a plnmed hat. De> 
neath the sash was a sword belt, and front 
the belt was saspondad a glaaming scab- 
bord. " 

Sis Catlie Flakers' hoarding ho«s«-~ 
where Sepia was a star but boarder 
— was a hive of expectant merriment when 
the elegant .Mr. Hanker arrived. Friends 
of the brida were gathering to celebrate, 
an. I friends of the groom were arriving to 
mourn The dynamic little minister — the 
Rev. Plato Tubb— was there, scurry- 
ing in and out of the downstairs rooms like 
a hen searching for a lo<t chick His shrill 
tones could be beard above the chatter— as 
he voiced the qoary which most'kt^Hljr in- 
terested the guests. 

The bridegroom was yet conspicuous by 
his absence, and word of his possible defec- 
tion reached the ears of the eager and 
positive bride. 

"Odessy ain't hcahr csplaintd tha Rav. 

"What's that?" Sepia rose from her 
chair, dislodging one of her bridasiitaida. 
"Where at is that wuthless cullud man*" 

"I dunno. Miss Wilson. Florian SU - 
pey was bettin' even money that he had 
walked out on you." 

'T]\r hride's countenance purpled. "He'd 
better not — else a murder is gwine sneak 
up en htm an' happen." 

"But sho'ly—" 

"Listen at me!" Sepia wr.ippcd muscular 
fingers around the unformidable hiceps ot 
the Rev Plato Tuhh. "I is all set to git 
ma'ied tonight. I got the gues's heah, an' 
I got the eatmerts hxcd. An' if thr nn 
'count, big-footed, none-thinkin' imitation 
of a tarkey buatard don't »bow up quieUlf. 

Ise gwine fetch him " 
The Rev, Tubb ducked. 

"Golly. Sepia— you aholjr does take 
ma'iage serious." 

'Serious is right. An' if he ain't heah 
pretty quick -" 

Look Out for thr Croom 

She ceased. From the front porch came 
the roar of a hoarse and unculthrated The voice waa undoubtedly the 
property of Odessy Brown, the tune was, 
that of the wedding march, the words were 
appropriately extemporaneous: 

Heah comes the groom; 
Heah comes the groom: 

Sweet suff'rin' maek^ral' 

Look out fo' the groom 1 • 

Sepia's fscc hreadansd into a smile of 

Tha's him." ska atnotMcad positivtly. 


illn* h«uh tonight. 

"An- he suttUly auhiad celabaatln' hafa^ ba 


The Rev. Tubb passed throogli tha door 
and into the baflowarcd p*rlor. Standing 
juat inside waa the gargantuan, igurc of the 
bridegroom. Hif eyes ware unnaturally 
large and somewhat flaaay. His feet were 
plant*d ftrmly. hat IM haga body awayed 
a trifle. 04aaay ejrad ika praachar hos- 

■WrWr said he. "btah't mer 
"I h huh. So fmm ia. Us l&ooght you 
waan t romia*.** 

"SwaH ckana V4 aC had tMn' away. 

Wh«a I says 111 do a thing I'll do it. 
Even ma'yin' Sepia." 

"Good. Ia you^ ready ?" 

Odaasy's tenth cMdved bravely "Bhig 

tha gang!" Then he searched through the 
aaaMkhlagc "Anybody heah »<cu Joseph 

An important plome-topped ' gufa airi§i 
gled through the mass of gurMs 

"Ise r'xht heah, Odesjy " 

"Vou better had be, JU'l Shrimp. Got 
■V licenctf 

"Tha'a tha om tktaf I aia*t got muOtW 

else but." • 

■nive It to Bev. Tubb." • 

Tha liCtnca was duly delivered to thr 
miniafar. Then Sepias garlan.jed head, 
appeared. >> 

"Hallo folks 1 Hello. Odeasx." 

"Howda. Sapia. Bandy to gU ma'iadr 
M hean raady, atlM man. Let'f 

mence." ' ^ 

Hm4 Comas ihe BriJt ' 

''oor 'It ;i-ri'..'i 

open and the maid oi honpr grabbed the 
arm of tha.«ablo«hi^i bride. Ih tha parlor 
Odeasy chitehed tha wriat of kia friend 

H.- w-i(|tii„! •kill tat 

wlLh •urpirlaUig'ljr palaCnl la* 

'What's the diff'enie.' .»u went an' 
#otten it, didn't you?" , 
"I'h huh Kw' the man dtt'gad gM tmi 

dollais cash an &aid 

"What's the niafer with the licence, 
anyway.^" demanded the irate bride. « 

"Just this.' (jxplamed Rev'eod Flato 

Tiibt. "Thr v\av its niasir oUt yOO hoa 
got to marry Joseph Hankcrl" 

The ailencc becaibc aodible. Uttla 

Joseph, in Ills I'himrd c istusiir, felt t'^r 
floor s«i\ing briirjih his splay tret. A* 
through a ha/r he »aw thc grioning coun- . 
tenancc of Odassy iirown and tha uocom«. 
promising visage of the lady in the ease. 
He heard the voice the Rrv rnil 

"So if they >s gwinc be any wcddiu' to« 
night. MiM Wilson—yon hat »aii to oainmit 
matrimony v<.ith Joseph." 

Someone UuKhed Sepia dr hi'C r 

"I gut supjirr a!i ti.xcd.' shr Mimniariied. 
"An' cv'body IS heah. An' 1 done bOHghten 
the railroad tickets fo' my honeymoon—" 

"Say, hvirn ■' ^..,.led Josepk- "I tJn't 
vavin' to git ma icd " 
. "But if she makes me marry her — " 

Odrssv prahbed his arm. "Yott kccg 

out u! this. 1..J 1 .M ai! 

"Brother ^lankrr " he murmured, "vou 
got to Stan' up with me. 'D.oes you leave 
me loose, Ise Ubei la'. topple over." 

This was glory unenpecled and delight- 
ful. It was Joseph's first taste of thc social 
calciam and he revelled in the prospect of 
beatmanship. Odcsiy ttifed haroicaUy 
about thc room. 

"Let's go, bo^s. Toot them waddin' 

In a corner sat the orehattra. Prof. 
Aleck Champagne raised his wand and 
tapped The trap drummer sounded' off«» 
and the somewhat ja»cd wedding march 
spurted through the room. 

The Rev. Tubb perched himself beneath 
a floral HrroraMon v^-hich marked the fatal 
spot. From opposite directions the two 
couples advanced.* Sepia dragging bar 
hridr«maid and Joseph Hanker Staggering 
under the dead weight of the unsteady 
bridegroom. The guests stood back 
respectfully, struggling heroically to eon- 
eeal grins of amusement. Several of them 
sidled to»'srd the dming room door where 
Sjs Catlia Ftukers had preparad a nahk 

The expression worn hv OHeity was one 
of grim and fixed determination. The 
Rev'end Plate Jubh regarded him gravely. 

"Is you ready. Brother Brown?" 

"Co ahead parson. Reekon I can stan' 


The Rcv'end cleared his throat. He pro* 
duced from an inaWe pocket tha laarriaga 

licence. He read sonorously; 

'Miss Sepia Wilson an' Mistnh — 
Mi>.iiih-" K frown aneaarad ion his i>>re- 
hr;id. He ceased spaaxingi removed his 
glasses, polished tnd replaced them, and 

eonlinrrd crasr Sepia hent forward. 

"What s the matter, Rev'end«' Some- 
thin' wrong?" 

"Oh huh Plenty." 

The bride frowned. "What yon mean, 

"I mean," announced the minlater, "that 
they ain't gwine to be no weddin' heah to- 
night T 

The Cloud Deutnii 
A deadly silence succeeded his pro- 
nouncement. Tha guests tidgrtri, a 
pleavd look appeared on the face of tj^a 
bridegroom and Sepia braced hersdf for 

"FooHshmeni what you utters! Splain 

"Ml right" The Rev 'end Tuhh stared 
accusingly at the beatific Odessy. "When 
did vou git this licence. Brother Brown.'" 

"i didn't git it Brother Hanker gotten 
it fo' me." 

A a ahr breather Tahk "That in»> 
plains It." 

"Splains whatr Sapia waa beeiaUag 

aneontrollably riled. 

"The mistake. This heah licence ain't 
made out fo Odessy ol alt." 

Sepia turned sloarlf apon the maa aha 
was aboqt to hsve marriad. 

"Big r.ov " she breathed, "fg« afcoljr 
don't rare nothin' fo' yo' mfety, ioat ywikf* 

"Now listen, honey-^" 

"r>otrt you honey me — or I givia ygS a 
ruamm' nose. Comin' to yo' own uraddin* 
'thoat no licanca and the Court Haaaa 
done closed ap. Iaa fariaa taach yoa 

"But listen, Sepia. I didn't go fo' to do 
nothin*. They sent me oat to Malaa with 
a load of groceries, an' Joseph Hanker said 

he ''^'li l c<i 'hr iirrnre f^i' me. an' — ■" 

" Vou a«t me to, quavered tha fright- 
tMd M«. Ha ' 

"But t C^e heah just to be a gUCSt" 

"WeTT, you is, am t you ' 
'"Shut upl Mti'x I done explained you 
ain't got nothin' to do wUh this.' Anl 
wasn't it yo' fault in the fust place? Had 
you got the licence right, this thing llcver 
would of happened." 

Fate's Avenging Hand 

Sepia was quiaa^.tbe Rev'cnd.' 
"Ain't no chanaa of gitti*' lh*t |iaaaaa 

altered tonight?" 

"Nary chance. Miss Wilson." 

"Dawg bite! I auttiiiiy <loes hate to git 
hitched up with a li'l, no- count diop of 
water like Joseph Hanker " 

"He's a nice feller. Sepia," suggested 
the happy Odaaty. "I has knowad him fo' 
a long tim*. ao' I blitTat ht'd make you 
a good hushan' — " * 

"Vo I wouldn't." shrilled Jota^h. "I'd 
be an awful bad hushan ." 

"Huhl" spake the bride. "I reckon 
you'd only be bad one time " She surveyed 
thc gathering. "People all heah. Supper 
all fined. Hontymoon tickett all bought. 
Licence ready, fmon, Josagh-^rackoA' I 
an' vott gita ma'ied." 

"1 aays yet." 
"But Sepia—" 

"Don't you staht off our ma'ied life 
arguin' Joseph. 'Taint gwine be healthy." 

"Nossah, Joseph," intcriected Odessy. 
"You sot lo do what that gal'tgyfror she'll 
bust you one." 

"Keep yo' big moaf away fam thi^ Odeo- 

»y. I an't ma'yin' Joseph 'cause T want to. It 
was you I aimed to git wed with -an' I'd 
wait 'till tomorrow 'eeptin' it ain't, polite 
not give my comp'y no weddm' when they 
was alt sot. As fo' Joseph- I guess him 

an' ' ran hati'Ilr what We does ' 

' Hot dog, Scpial 1 reckon you can. 
An' Isa ahuah you ii g w j na ha terribly 

happy " 

"So we ain't." 

' Nowuh." chimad In Josapli. "We sho' 


The guests were shifting uneasily. 
Hungry ryes were directed toward 4he dia> 
inf-reom. From somewhere in thc crowd 
caifie a voice which aa«nded vary much 
like Fiorian slgMay's. "Wall, go aliaad an' 
staht iomethin'!" •' *■ 

Sepia dropped a firm and commanding 
hand on Joseph's grm. Mr. Hanker 
cringed His eyes dosed and his lips 
moved prsverfully. 

Mr. Hanker was in thc act of plumbing 
the nadir of datpair. In all ^is scheme of 

life there had beer, no thought of matri- 
mony — even with a woman of his own 
aboice. To be pinngad abruptly into*^fnar- 
riage wit)i Sepia , Wt|p^a was ditaMar nn- 

Ha gated wildly about thc room, seek- 
ing an avanne of aaeapc, hoping to hod 
jfarson whose face r rfl t tt s d a singia ray of 

aympath V 

With the solitary exception c<TaJoseph 
himtalf. egdi peraon in that motley throng- 

appeared to find thr « tiLnion exmiciating- 
ly funny. Scpui was grimiy determined to 


disappoint guests who had asbcniblcd tO 

nitnrss a wedding aaramony aaid aat a 

wedding feast. 

Rut Joseph sank di ci rr Uecpcr into 

the «.!ii;gh 01 despund Me uma hal^lcss. 
Thc Rev cod Plato Tubb was waiting: 
Sepia waa becoming loudly insistent, 
I '(Jr^ V Hrown v\as Knnn like .1 

Cheshire cat Joaeph gaxcd at the brawny 
frame off' his e rst wM l a Mend with profound 


Mr. H^kcr sparred f' ' - e. 
"Leave me think." he i.cgi^cd. 
"Whaffo* you got t» think? Taint 

gwine git you nost hrrc " 

"Well — -." Thc glimmering of an idea 
stmck Jiasaph: "I aravaa to tilk to Odatay 

Sepia was doubtful, but Odessy snulcil 
reassuringly. "I ain't gwine let him git 

away. Sepia Trust me." 

They moved into thc pantry, the swag- 
gering, happy Odcsay Brown and a little, 
desperate, haraaacd figure in sash, sword 
and plumed hat. There, behind closed 
doors they faced each other. Joaeph'a tiny 
ayca gleamed hoatilely. 

"Odessy— you sbuah is doin' ma dirt." 
*" Ain't it the truth?" agreed Mr. Brown 
» genially. 

"TahU decent— tha't what, maUit* ma 

marry yo' fianaay." 

"Co'sc it ain't. But it's nice." 
"Not fo' me." 

"*l'is fo' me— an' that's all what counts." 
There flashed through Joseph's mind a 

vision of the drah and dreary years ahead 
o-aa the husband of the desperate Sepia. 

"How comes you craves not to git 
ma'ied. Odessy?" 

"To vSepia?" 


"I tell you." answered Odessy frankly, 
"that gal is pizen. When she gits aot on 
homethin' they ain't neither man nor beast 
can stop her. No matter who ahe maTei, 
she's gwine make life mis'able fo' him. 
He s lihel to have to work constant an' 
give her all his wages. Any time she gil.s 
mad. she's gwine spread hiin all over the 
place. So. Joseph, you can't hardly blame 
me fo' escaping away fuin such a weddin'. 
uhrii a -miracia walks right up .to mq an* 

'^oilyt Odrsty— I hates to ba tha 

miracle" / 

'Vou don't know how much miracle you 
is. Sepia is bad mqdicine. an' lots of it 
What she ain't is no fror,d " 

A Marriage Impaue 

Mr, Hanker was surrounded hv Tour 
ronfining walls and guarded hy a strong 
man whose interest in the affair was keenly 
personal. Marriage to Sepia appealed to 
Joseph as being distinctly less desirable 
th^n total otinrfion, and he determined 
upon drastic measures. 

"You hadn't ought ,to speak about my 
intended wife like that, Odessy." 

"Like which'" 

"Straducements. Ev'ything you says 
about her ain't compliments." 

"Vou is sho'ly gwina And out I speaks 


'"Taint gemmiinly to talW about no lady 
like you ts doip'." 

"Fnmadiddlcsl Sapla ain't no kmd of a 


W hat happened immcdtatly thcrcalicx 
was pyrotachnieallyvbewildering. Tha benv\ 
, "It lists < ' •! r rnhapyy bridegroom 
clcnckc^ ii' t^'^^k cue alcy it>i«ard and 
performed a heroic act He struck without 
ski!!, but with aarprisingly painful raauhs. 
His knobby kaackks cama In anddca and 
violent contact vitk tha •ota al 04mm 

Odeasy ataggcre^ Jotaph tUfled ainl 
brought over |mi laft tt laadad og^ttM aoAt 

tender spot 

Mr. 4rown howled. Joseph daaead tH> 

and down, waving his puny fists "You big 
stiff! Insultin the lady 1 is gwice marry, 
take that!" 

That was another swing tliat landed de- 
vastatingly on the soft remains of Odessy's 
nose. .Mr Brown tensed the muscles of his 
herculean frame. Through a blinding base 
of anger he saw the slim, excited figure of 
the little ina'n with the whirling, swirlin r 
fists. Aii.'iher landed on his no»c-^nd 
then anotlin 

Ode5!>y Hrossn forgot everything WK9%, 
the immediate .stinKiii;^ paitu He cmved 
action and plenty ot it 

He struck with all the power of his 
hundred and ninety pounds. Tha blow • 
landed flush on the point of Joseph's janr. 
Mr. Hanker rose gracefully in the air. 

He described a perfect parabola — but be- 
fore he completed the aerial journey. 
Odess/ struck again. Mr. Hankcr's limp 
forA flattened against tha ■ floor with a 

Aed then the door of the pantry was 

flung hack and Sepia shrieked into the 
roon^ closely followed by thc Rev'end 
Plato 'Tubb, Plorian Slappay and Ika oilMr 

"Oh," howled Sepia bysterieally. "You 
has done ruint my bridegroom." 

Fiorian inspected tha figure of the 
preatfita man. 

"Somebodv had better call an am- 
bulance " he adMsed. "Joseph has most 
positively resigned fum this weddin'." 

Joseph's smile of greeting to his frigsd 
riorian Slappcy came like a glorioua tan* 
rise from behind a cloud of bandages. 

"Uawnin', Fjorian. I auttingly ia de« 
lighted you called aroan' to sea ma." 

riorian regarded Mr. HasiUhr gnw«ljr. 
"I got news, Joseph." 

•"Bout who?" 

"Sepia and Odessr They got ma'ied 
this mawnin Sepia ca'ied Odessy an' the 
Rev'end Tubb ap to the licence office with 
her and' they went off to Chattanooga on 
their honeymoon fight altar tha aara- 
monious " 


"Tell ma—" Vloriaa Bant fonsftrd aar- 
nestiv "How coaaa Odaoiy to hakt yoa tip 

like he done?" 

"Self-ddenee," explained Jaiagh. ^1 
busted him right in tha note." 

'^oa busted htmr 

'Th huh. Right phimh ia tha 
lots of times." 

"Goodnaea GoMihaair FloHan's ayat 
popped vKith amazement. "Didn't you 
know Udessy Brown is a fool for Aghtin'?" 

"Yaa, sir.".agraad Jotafih ragtnr a nal y . 
"Ha turn waal" . 

Ems tan Offers a TJimy 
on AIc ci/icJcTing Rivers 

CrKRF.N'TS of water are of iataratt to 
Professor Albert Einstein, as orall as 
rays of light. A little treatise on the 
reasons for the mesnflering of rivers has 
been written hy thc expounder of the theory 
of relativity for the ^eccnt apacial -mumkv 
of Naturwissenschaften. 

In referring to this article, the Pester 
Lloyd notea that there are material differ- 
ences of opinion regarding the cause of thc 
windings of streams. Dr. Einstein's ex- 
planation is hasrd upon a simple exprriment 
msny people have made without using it as 
the basis for study. If a cup of t^ is 
stirred rspidly, tea leaves quickly gather at 
the centre of the bottom of the eup aa the 
result of a complicated movement of cur* 
rents. F.insiem analyres as follows: 

"Through the whirling movement the 
liquid is subjected to a centrifugal force 
whjrh in itself would not cause any modi- 
fication of the current if the liquid rotated 
like a solid bodv Rut near the side of the 
cup the liquid is retarded through friction, 
so that there it turns with less velocity than 
it does in the parti nearer the interior P*- 
tirularly must the velocity of ihe revolutions, 
and Ikarcfora tha raatrifngil iataa, ha laat 

near the bottom than higher apL Conse- 
quentlv, down below the liquid will flow 
from the edge toward the centre, rise from 
there and flow toward thc edge, where it 
again afnks s i de w i se from the wall of the 

"Such is also the case with a river bend. 
The fsr side of the bend corrr. ponds to 
thc round well of the teacup and the inner 
side to the centre of the eup. Therefore 
the fastest moving parts of the rirer water 
are druren to thc far aide of the bend 
through vertical circatotien, while the hwa^ 

'side contain! water coming from near the 
bottom and having very Ifftle velocity. For 
this reaaofl tha erosive properties of the 
water gnawing at the far side of thc Hvfr 
bend sre stronger than thesa of the rarrent 

nn the inner -id'- So the turns of the r ver 

Will continue to spread and lead to the for- 
mation oL regular mcnndars, tha tlia of 

which increases with thai of tha CrOSt sec- 
tion i <if the river. 

"In addition to this meandering tendency, 
the river waters arc affected by thc diverting 
force of the rotation of the earth, which 

>«ings all mf>vemetii. < • f'-elv those of 
rivers, to the right in the Northern HcmiS' 
phaia and In the left in tha lothera." 

Science Checks W wld s nght 

Lti la An SiifMar 

"Ise a lamb " troaned Joseph, "an* lh«y 
drags me to the alavghter." 

Joseph was keenly alive to the fact that 
something was happening tp him, some- 
thing drastic, permanent and tmgleasant 
liesrd the arguments o* othara ^ t hat his 
ditemma had bean breoght ahoifl hy his 
owa ficAlaei md flMt a« traa hoalcts wanM 

THIRTY FIVK feet underground, In 
the sab-basement of the electrical 
building of the nnreau of Standards 

in Washington, may l>e t..ijnd Hr l'.iul R. 
Heyl. }{is retreats to the drpti'S <>( his 
cave are in purstiance of his efforts to re- 
eheek the weight of t4ie world. 

Tieep in the cavern where the frost nf 
Winter and the hrat of bummer do not 
penetrate, are sensitive instruments, espe- 
Hafly designed for weighing this globe, as 
well as the swn, moon aisd stars. It was 
fh r<\ years ago that tbis planet was last, 
hgurativcty, put into the balances and tipped 
thc beam wMitn the accuracy of ena part in 

onr thousand The prrtrnt rrrhecking mav 
serve to increase lists accuracy to one part in 
.ten thoaaand or hatur. 

Thc aMaratiis contains two gold baRs, 
whoec ww gh ts are accurate to one part in 
100,000, sospcnded from the end of an 
atamfnum 'bar. Thc latter, in turn, is hung 
by manns of a light wire. This permits the 
apparatus to rotate Two steel rv! ; trr* 
are placed near these gold balls. anH tlir r 
attraction for moving iNsdtes is measured by 
'the amount the gold balls deviate from the 
true coarse of their swing. Tha entire 
mechanism is r perated in a vacanm. ar d 
the observer measures its behavior at a dis- 
tance Ih rough a seriaa of mirrora. Thc 
weight of the operator aa mt^ at the body 
warmth woaid affect ^ trad" ofaMrtioa of 
the apparatna If it wart nat nmtMf aon- 

The r ag ai r emant t lar ha i Wh ig thit 

apparatus were so exsetlng that eleven 

mi)nih< were rr<|uirrd for ffir worV Doetor 
Hey I hopes to complete his observations 
during the next year. 

Then will begin the real problem —mak- 
ing the mathematical calculations The 
jMiunie l rTfor with respect to the present 
estimated weight of the earth is onlv one* 
fiftieth of one per rent of the six sextiflion 
tons srhhfc thc earth is ssid to weigh The 
eipcrlmantt sntieipate a reduetien of this 
error to one five-hundredth* of one per 
canf. or ahont 120 quadrilion tons at tha 

"Of what value Is it la tha average par* 
son to know precisely the weight of the 
earth '" Dr He>l was asked. 

"For practical purposes." he replied, "it 
asaaiM a cleaer knowledga of grarttatioii/' 

Marhad progreas has bean made In tha 
economic condltien of negro farmers in , 
Southampton Coonty. Vs.. within the past j 
«ix*y >'ears. according a report hv the I 
United Slates Department of AgricuHarc. 
The low prkc of land ia tha earty pott- 

hHIum dsvs favored land purchase <n tins 
area '! he rapid incraase m the value of 
timber products affcrdad g fMrfN ashfla 
riaaring tha latid for erop« The marhat 
for peawats and Ihe improvement in tha 
;tri<"e o' roffin inrreasrd negro prospOrity. 

The survey included 149 Urm ownart agd 




Women Who Nag and Whg-'rWith Favorite Themes of 

Really Great Naggers 

The Maternal Instinct Cone Wrong — Adepts in the Art VVlio Can Nag on Half 

a Dozen Subjects in as Many Keys — These Include 

Health, Money* Jealousy, Manaers * 


"There are the Siniun Ixurec naggrn who overtee the naggcc from 

nortling to Dit^lil it i- tl.< first Imrt of tlirir < rrrri that DO maO prO^Cfiy 
can ttlcr rare ot IniuK lf N'mi know tlic lUtIc, ^^ t >pcfi li 

"'llr IS a vMiiidrt till iiim->>« in l)U.smc»s, liiit iii rvrrv nilu r way he !• 
just an overgrown chilcl. iic cannot do one thing for hinisclt — heipiets M 
» baby. If I should die and he should OMrrjr agaia, heaven help the other 
woaun. But all men are like that.' • 

**! do not know how they square this reaaoiiing with \hc facts that ex> 
plorers make long, bMardotis jniinirys to polar seas; that they travel for 
month* throuKh fever-hauntfd swamps; that engineers build nrrat works 
in frightful climates, and tluy pull tiimugh succrssfiilly \!-(, that many 
unmarried men not only attend to their business, but liousckccp to the satis- 
faction of themselves and their friends." 

"The maternal instinct is stronger, of course, than the paternal. So 
when in a woMMii the protective feeling lacks a completely satiafying out-' 
Jet— has gone wrong'— yoa have nagging raised from a paiUaM, from a 
diversion, to an art. 

"Most of our really great naggers have specialiaed. They confine 
them^clvr^ to one nuhjrrt and ring tlir rhangcs on that uncea:>ingly . It is 
to them a harp of many strings. aii(| thrv ■^inWc tlirir chords and run their 
arpeggios with a sure and practi»ed hand. There are a few virtuosi, how- 
ever, v,hn are more veraatile; they can nag on half a dosen themct in half 
a dozen keyi." 

Illustrated by Leo Joseph Roche 

ARE we to assunir that tlirrc arr 
no nti^g'mg men? Far from it. 
There is the classic example of 
the sage in ".Mice in Wonderland ' 
who arRuefl cacii case with his wile 
and boasted that the muscular strength 
that it gave to his jaw had Usted the 
rest of his life. 

jkrv thMM AT* avami^lf t oi thf na ty rnyl 

instinct, as welt as the maternal, on the 

loo^r, the rrsnlf in rithrr case being a 
nagger, i'or nagging in general is the 
tender protective feeling Ainning 

T nrarlv married nii example of the 
accomphsiicd male iiajsRcr, btit for- 
tunately saw inv dagger in titm>. He 
hrpan 1>\' vlinw inj^ a tonrler soiicittifle 
for m> health. If I sneezed once, he 
would go on interminaibly about the 
danq;rr of nrcln tinp; r\ rn the slijjlitrst 
cold. Ila<l I v\nrn mv rubbers? No. 
Aha! He was sure of it. 

Also I showed a tnulmry to l>r 
anrii<;ri| bv lliiiifjs he di'l not consider 
in the least funny. I'-ut the clima.x 
came when he caught me jottinj; flown 
froiTi mrnior\ my rarninf:s for the la'-t 
two IT thrrr nvinths on llic back of an 

Raiiing Nagging to an Art 

Here was ^onirtliinpf that flrcw on 
alt his latent powers, lie rose 
to undreamed of heights and stayed 
there* ri'nally. I saw that, compared 
to his, my modest little gift for nag- 
ging wa^ as water unto wine, so I told 
him lie was our of tliose sfroiipf, 
silent men who would ask all, not half, 
of a womgn's heart, and that, after due 
self-examination, 1 had dirovered 
two-thirds of mine was buried forever 
in my typing machine. 

But the maternal instinct is stroiiKC'". 
of course, than the paternal. So when 
in a woman the protective feeling lacks 
a completely satisfying outlet — has 
pone wrong — you have nagging raised 
from a pastime, from a diversion, to an 

Most of otir really great nairgers 
have specialized. They confine thcm- 
aohret to one subject and ring the 
chanjje<; on that iiiireasitigly. It is to 
them a harp of many strings, and they 
strike their chords •and run their ar- 
peggios with a sure and practised hand. 
There are a few virtuosi, hov^ever, who 
are most versatile; they can nag on 
half a dozen themet in half a dozen 

Delighlful Week-Ends 

I have a rather fuH memory collec- 
tion of naL;^;rrs, picaned mostly from 
week-end visits. I do love week-ends. 
There is no better school for the study 
of the behdvior of the human race. 
Willy-nilly, the Ruest is precipated into 
the intimacies of Jiome life. Its drama 
is unrolled before him. 

Tn compiling; a list of the most popu- 
lar subjects for nagging, 1 should ^ilace 
money first. Often, the way it is doled 
out bv the holder of the ptirse strings 
is enough to curdle the sweetest dis- 

In many rases, if nagfjing is ever 
justihcd, it is on thi.s theme, because 
some men are realty niggardly and 
grud;:it«g. and if a wonian arliir\rs 
anything by it, more power to her 
tongue. On the Other hand, one cannot 
deny that nagRinp about money some- 
times becomes the steel-tipped knout 
in the hands of the recklessly extrav- 
agant wife. 

Jealousy suggests itself next, hut it 
is not a true nagging theme, jealousy, 
that combination of the inferiority 
cotnplex and a drsirc for po«<rssion, 
expresses itself in exhati.sting out- 
btirsts. Nagging on th« Other hand, it 
a nabit. and arises from no great emo- 
tion. Your steady nagger goes over 
the same ffrouml day after day, turn- 
ing out the same qtialitv and qu.intitv 
without visible wear and tear on her- 

Health as a Themt 

A f.i\oritr sir!,jr(f <if tlir bc^t and 
most experienced naggers is the health 
of aome loved one. The reason is that 
there are ao many pbasr- ..i iins them.: 
on which to harp, and the \ ictim, usual- 
ly a husband, is easily frightened about 
himself and 'l>ecomrs amenable. 

Knr instance: I was visitinq ^on\e' 
friends, arriving in time for luucbeon. 

n frnifiting one. My host, on a diet for 
some temporary ailment, was confined 
to some loathsome-looking mess that a 
.shipwrecked sailor would have re- 
fused, preferring to chew on hit old 
rubber boot. 

The poor man complained that hi.s 
diet was to last only a fortnij^dn, but 
his wife was crmtintrrng it indofinitrlv 
She was adamant, lie was not 


and sta^c a final revoltttk>n at dinner 
tonight. If I don't I will be nagged 
iiit" in\ ^.^ravr aii'l np. wife will be a 
uiduw and marry another man who 
win probably throw my hard-earned 
moncv to the bii d 

Consider also tiic nagginy that goes 
on about the infraction of set rules. 
You have certainly encountered the 
lady who walks the floor because her 
huaband always reaches home at 5 :05, 
and it is now 5:15. When he does ar- 
rive, he is not lightly let oF 

He has thoughtlest>ly, inexcusably, 
unnecessafify subjected her to a ner- 
vous strain which may have la<^tinj: rf 
fects. Cars are wrecked every dsr and 
people killed. Accidents of every de- 
scription arc con'.tantlv occurring. 
But when arc her feelings ever con- 

It does seem as if in so small a 
matter as arriving on time, he mifjht 
so arran);e his affairs as occasionally 
to manage it. It was very little she 
asked, just a slight remembrance now 
and then that she existed, but — Oh! 
what was the use! And then she be- 
gins all over a'.; .-till 

The Simon Legrec Type 

There arc the Simon Legrec nag- 

nes2>, but huu&c-kccp to the bulutactiun 
of themselves and their friends. 

'I'h's does not affrrt the fixed iilra of 
the nagger that without her as goddess 
of the machine, man isjincapable of 
correctly peffocming the^allest ac- 

The Back Seal Driver 

I suppose there are few persons liv- 
ing who have not been asked to go for 
a drive in the new car. "Uill is the. 
world's worst driver," you are in- 

t. 'lined as you start off. "but never 
nund, I ran manaj^r him " 

You and she sit in the toiineau and 
Bill is at the wheel ; but you soon dis- 
covjrr that it is she. not he, who is do- 
ing the driving. This consists of a 
steady flood of directions, scoldinp^*. 
advice, niint^lrd \^ith shrill .squawk^, 
exclamations of fear and warning ac- 
companied by sharp prods in the back. 
At crucial moments she jerks his arm. 
This usually occurs just as he is round- 
ing Deadman's Curve or skidding 
along on the edge of a precipice. 

(lOaded beyond endurance, he turns 
his head to point out the dangers of 
her proceeding while tiie wheels shave 
thr rrninblinfj Irfi;:;c of a hiindi rd ..r -.« 
sheer lect of nothing, it is one of 

into ii.c : a i 
with my host 
and h o s t e s - 
feelin;^ like t,iic 
Dornioiisr I"' 
twtcn tlir '! 
Hatter and the 
March H are. 
and longed for 
a larf^e empt\ 
teacup to put 
over my h* .i l 

Before t li 
door has closed 
: be ha- 
all cadv broun 

'•Well, after 
this, I stay at 
home. It's the 
radio and the 
red lamp and 
the fireside for 
me. A woman 
has a right to 
expect s.iint* 
slight dignity in 

the man she marries, but that has been 

denied im- 1 had t" sit there and smile 
until my lace froze watching your 
buffooneries; and all the time, I was 
writhing with shame. 

"If it is absolutely necessary (or you 

proving as he should. Jivery symp- 
tom was rehrai sed. he was accused of 
not taking his medicine regularly and 
of resorting to strategies worthy of a 
Napoleon to get a forbidden smoke. 

Later, it was arrans;ed tliat he should 
take me over the grounds and show 
me the improvements. It was a love- 
ly Summer day, but he was warned 
not to take of? fiis hat, not to sit on the 
damp ground (it had not rained for a 
f<irt night ). not to tire himself by walk- 
ing too far,jetc., etc. 

A Worm Turns 
Finally we started, and I saw from 

gers who oversee the naggee from 
inocning to night. It is the first tenet 
of their creed that no man properly 
can take care of himself. Y ou know 
the little, set apeech. 

"He is a wonderful success in busi- 
nefis but in every other way he is just 
an overgrown child. He cannot do one 
thing for himself — helpless as a baby. 
If I should die and he «hou!d marry 
again, heaven help the other woman!. 
But all men are like that." 

I do not know how they squAre this 

reasoning with the farts that explor- 
ers make long, hazardoatk Journey s to 

those experiences, you find, "from which 
it takes several days to recover and 
you pull at least three new grey hairs 
from your head. 

Manners and behavior offer an op- 
portunity for real virtuosity to the ac- 
complished nagger. These are to her 
the fruitful field in which she is apt to 
find every variety of lusty tare choking 
out the pitifully small supply of food 

7*00 Crave or Too Cap 

"Will you kindly remember that you 
are going to a party tonight and not to 
a funeral' You always seem to i^et 
the two mixed. Of course, 1 know tiic 
real reason for it. You simply can't 
bear to see me enjoying myself 

"It never seems to enter your head 
that I occasionally get tifed of being 
"hut up in these four \<alls with a bus 
band wlo has forgotten that there arc 
more dictionary than ves 

and no. ^ut at that, I would rather 



N^ltdut and H'nltr of Short Storirt emd Articltt, Bcneaih Whose Currml 0f 
HuWmr Fl»W» m Staadw Sirram of Human I'nJcrxlanJmg -tul/ nf " limrmtd 

EmdmetT "TU Homtt t N*U." Th* Oltick Ftnl," -^ially 5oiC liM. 

have nevet encouraged any tueh be- 

It may cheer sonic unhappy victim 
to hear that i know of one catic where 
the naggee definitely rebelled and even 
effected a cure. The woinan was one 
of those inspirational naggers who in- 
vest their art .with color and drama, 
and she constantly wove trageditS 
about the lives of her dear ones. 

At last the husband and father calle<^ 
his children together and said: 

"I do not see why \o\ir mother 
should have all the tun in this house- 
hold. If I am sometimea silent and 
abstrarted, it dors not mean that mv 
business is on the rocks or that I am 
preparing to abscond with my fiart- 
ner s funds. If you. my d.iiiglifn . ^ive 
a slight cough, it doesn't indicate that 
} ou are pining into an early grave. 

When a HuAnni fUhdlti 

"If vou. mv son, remain out until 
midnight, I see no sipns of the efsy de- 
scent to Avemus down -which you are 
supposed to be sliding. I will provide 
your mother with all the paper she 
wants on which to write down her 
dramas, but I propose that we three, 
from now on, refuse to play dramatti 
per.sonae in her spoken tragedies." 

Speaking of cures, it is noticeaf>le 
that tlie na:x?ing addict if di'-a^soriat- 
ed from those she can nag with im- 
punity, and thrown with those ahe 
does not dare haraaa, easUj evereomet 

the liabit. 

But tiie real specific is some vital in- 
terest to occupy her time and at- 
tention. I*\erv woman when her rhil- 
dren no longer require her constant at- 
tention, or if ahe is childlets. needs 
either some work or absorbing plav 
into which she can throw her whole 
heart. It doesn't make the least dif- 
ference whether she collects potato 
bugs or runs a shop, just so she is too 
busv w:ith her own affairs to attempt 
to direct the Uvea of thoee about hit. 

to play the crown, why don't you join 
a circus? But thqn no self-respecting 
cirrus uonid havr y..n, for ^ on air not 
in the least funny, only low and ridicu- 
lous. Oh, I know every one laughe<l, 
but tliey only did it out of cotnirsv 
and because they felt sorry for me. I 
■don't know where you got the idea 
that you were amusinf. I certainly 

Discover Curt for Rackets 

THV. mysterious tnhstance that enables 
certain foods, when cxpoied to ultra- 
violet light, to cure ricketa hat been 
discovered in what is conaidtred one of the 
most remarlcabic coineidencct of modern 
.science, four indcpcndrnt labf.raforir * in thi* 
country and abroad having made tiir tli<- 
covery at practically the same time, acc^rH- 
ing to an annonncamcnt recently by the 
University of Chieago, one of the ron- 

It appears that chuletteroi, a bcautitui 
white crystalline suiatancc of very complex 
chemical nature, uhrn rxpo.iffl to ultra-vin- 
Irt liRht or Kunshine 11 so altered that it may 
he substituted for the anti rachitic vitamin 
found in cod liver oil. It is agreed, the 
LTniveraity of Chieago announcement states, 
that the curative properties pr.-flm rH in ir- 
radiated foods are due to the presence of 
this cholcaterel. 

The Chicago group' nf experrmentcra. 
Dr. Elizabeth Miller Koch, Dr R. O. Gus- 
tavson and H. Cai>an. have been able to. thnw 
frobat»ie close relationship between the 
aati-radiitie rttamhi Hi eo4 liver oil and the 
active eonstittient in irradiated rholesterol 

The development o( rickets in rats was 
very easily brought ahont enperfmentali v. 
but it was also eastfy prevented by the addi- 
tion of very Sniall amounts of irradiant and 
cboltsterol to the diet 

Raplaining the importance of the di»- 
roYrry and the nature of the disease. Dr. 
Koch it eeotad in the aa«o«neenMnt as fol- 
low* : 

"RirkeiA i# a very erMnmon disease among 
chiMren in the temperate sones and par- 
tlrutarly \m the larger eftiea. The iAcfdenee 

nf \hr fitsemse id assoriafed with llir Herrease 
in the intensity of sunlight, and it has been 
abowv that this lack of se wiigl it can be eom- 
peasated for by adminitterinff cod liver oil. 
by the proper exposure of the individual to 
«Itra-vK.l'-f rays from a mrrcurv lamp or by 

opoatog the food for s«ch psticnu %m these 

"It is a remarkable coincidence that at 
least four independent laboratories here and 

ahroad have <!i«C(ivered at practically the 
name time what substance it is« that, if 
present in foods, enables tntk food, when 
exposed to ultra-violet light, to assume IIm 
curative properties of cod liver oil. 

".MiIiourIi the immediate results indi- 
cating tite probable chemical nalttrc of the 
anti-rachitie vitamin are of great sciMitiAc 
interest, nevertheless an equally important 
finding is the fact that sunlight is so im- 
portant a factor in animal hfe. Animals 
apparently mest receive the benefits of sun- 
liRht either directly or indirectly. The latter 
lias heeii rerogni/efl f'.r a I'.fiR time, but in 
these studies the importance of direct ex- 
posure to sunliffht is well shown." 

Other laboratories that mnduefed the 
research are in Kngland, at Columbia Uni- 
versity and at the Uahrersity of Wisconsta. 

StAmI PkmU Two Tkmimmi 
Tree9 Eaek Yi 

his defiant manner that fie had been 
puahed too far .^s soon as we svere 
out of sight of the house, -he drew a 

pipe from his porket. 

"riu thti.n;;b ' lir <^.t.!, "I am s-'in;; 
to »iuuke like a chimney ali aflcrnix>n 

polar seas ; that they travel for months 

through fever haunted swamp*: that 
enjjineers buibl great works in fright- 
ful climates, and they null through 

-'nr. rs-fiilly. AI*-" tn.nn\ nnm.jr 

ricd men not only attejui to theu^ tmst- 

do it than attempt to act as if f were 

havinjj a go^vl time while you sit there 
like a tombstone showing how bored 
a man can look if he tries." 

''>r 't m;iv \>r tli,it be has d) i»ortr.| 

bunaeU too merrtJjF. 1 have crawled 

"?rienli»ts hare shown that the wonder- 
ful effects of cod liver oil arc due to a spe^ 
eisi substance ealted the amIrKliitk vftaniK 
and. natnrally. they are eurioun to determine 
how exposure to sunlight or partaking of 
rradiated food may take the place of cod 
liver ei 

Reforestation is becoming a popular 
school project m \f a Ynrk .^^tate Two 
thousand trees iiave been planted duriac 
each the last three years by pvpils of the 

(*oM Brf.ok SvhfKil, aiul llr wr.rk will be 
continued this year In the school forest 
ol Watson. Lewis County, which wiH even- 
tually eovrr ninety-ei(ht arres. trees art 
planted at the rate of trn thotitand m ytar, 
A school forest has bem started by the 
Agricultural I>epartmcnt of Walton Hi«ll 
Sciiool. A plot of more than fire eeres was 
purehaned last year on I'ine Hill, which was 
covered a century ago with a virgin white 
pine forest Ab«ittt.a third of this plot has 
already been set out, the rest to he u«ed 
during the next two or three years te train 
st«de«ts in yractkaJ iovestiy. 


1>r. Harvey W. Wiley, the food special- 
ft and chemist, has amended the saying; 
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away.* by 
adding. "And two apples a tf^ keep th« 


TH E DAILY colonist: VICTORIA, B O, SUNDAY, JULY 25, 1^ 

World's Poultry Conventiqri Coming to Canada 



j_ for (.'.iiiaild tlif W'urlcl's I'ouitry Conjjrcss 
^ of 1927 v\ strings of thlrty-feur YAM* con- 
tntj'^frd \>\ T'^nada's foremost hrrcilfr^ r.f 
liarreii i'l>niQuth Kocka, VVh|te Leghorn*, 
WKH» IVytndoites in6 Oiiiateeler, and twd 
ofTicial <!rir -,itr-,, V C VMnn], Dominion Poul- 
try llu:»bandtnan, and Ernc:>t Khuadet, Am^*" 
'tent Chief of th« Poultry Division. Dominion 
Live f^tnrk I? represented r.inada at the 
second V\ orld i'ouJtry Congres8 held nt Barce- 
lona, Spain, in May, 1924. Armed with an 
in^ ion for the next Congress to comt 
to Canada in l'>27, Canada's represrntatix f - in 
Spain simply told a story of progress, and 
pointed to the live poultry on exhibition, as 
typifying that progress Strong, alert, and in 
perfect condition after li\ ing for aix weeks in 
coops, and traveihn^ from three to thouf 
sand niiics. thr-^c birds prrsrntrd an 
ablc arn;imjcnt. Apd so it came about that 
c anada securad the World's Poultry Coofreaa 
for 1927, 

7 o Meet III Ottaira 

Oitav\a, the capital city, i> to ha\e the lionor 
of etitertafaiing the thousands of delegateti to 
the Contrr^'^s. Arriving,' b\ dcv i< n 'Utc ■ tli'^f 
people will be looked alter from the minute they 
set foot on Canadian soil. Autmnobile parties 
from thr United States will rnjnv p<"r-'.nally 
condueted tours to Ottawa. Briyi-h ai^d J-.uro- 
pean delegates will be welcomed -if Quebec, and 
driven the lafr-t nrws of the world on the traifi 
on the way to Ottawa, by means of a spcriallv 
instalfed'radio. Visitors from the Far Kast will 
be met at Vancouv^f^ Everyone wjll recruc a 
warm welcome, the kind which is a manifr«^ta- 
tion of the spirit of a'<3fOung, energetic nation, 
and of the Anglo-Saxon race. 

Canada is expootlnfr at least 5,000 drlf;,'ates, 
and the World's 1'ouIUa' Congress at Ottawa, 
July 27 to August 4, t9i/, Wilteiisilj^ outdistance 
inything: f>f an intcrnationaj .agricultural char- 
acter evrr hpUI iti (*anada. 

Invitations to All Countries 
Invitations have been issued to all foreign 
powers and to th« Bfitish dominions and 
colonies and dependrncic.'^. These urrr vent by 
His Excellency, the Governor-General. Ail 
arrangements for the Congress are in the hands 
<jf an executive rmnmittrc of whi. h Mr C. 
IJford, Dominion i'oultry Husbandman, is the 
chairman. He is also general director of the 
Confjrcps. Hon W R. Motherwell is honorary 
chairman of the general congress committee, 
with the Deputy Minister, Dr. J. 11. Grisdale, 
.Ts rliairman. Mr. Ernest Rhoades, Assi.stant 
Chief of the Poultry Division, Dominion Live 
Stock Branch, is congress secretary with ..fTicc■^ 
at the I*,x|»crimental Farm. Ottawa. Mr. Robert 
J. C. Stead, Director nf I'nhlicitv for the Inimi- 
»;ration and Colonization Department, h chair- 
man of the rongress publicity committee. 

Every I'rovincc in Canada has its emiprcss 
cotnmittrc under the chairmanship of the I'ro- 
vincial Minister of Agriculture. 

Some Quaint Exfuhits 
National congress committees have l)een 
formed in the Netherlands, C.reat Britain, nn.l 
the United States, and Belgium haij named her 
delegates. Indication has been given of sortie 
very intercstini; exhibits 'Pbesp will in, hide 
the original jungle fowl from India, the egg 
oven (incubator) of the Egyptians, and speci- 
mens of every standard variety of fowl from the 
United btales. staged by the American Poultry 

Delegates From Every Part of World Invited to Come to Big Meetin^r ,n Ottawa— IJ^^i':?;;^;;;!. ':;^^^ 

July of 1927 Is 1 ime Set for Meeting — Fine Canadian Birds Show n in Spam 
Bring Poultrymen Hece — Poultry RaiMUg Now Frofesbion 


Above are two Ctnadiant who were delegates to the I9i4 World's Poultry Congrcts at Barcelona. Left, Ernest Rhoade*, B.S.A.. askiitanl 
chief of the Poultry Division of the Dominion Livestock Branch and secretary 6t the Canadian National Poultry Record Association, and 
at the right K. C. Hlford, Dominion I'oultry Husbandman, general director of the Congress and chairman of the Congress Mxcciitivc. Be- 
low is Eaward Brown, of London, I. n^;., president of the International Association of Instructors and Investigators in Poultry Hus- 

bandry, who will celebrate his fiftieth year in poultry 

right, above, is a 

liush.uidry in 1927. llo has jiisf roniplflfcl a i.uir acrOSS Canada. 
Wyandutte rooster which waa valued $7,CX)0. 

At the extreme 

Association. The casual visitor to the conp-ess 
will find much of interest; the poultry specialist 
will find the congress a veritable ^lecca. 

Mr. Edward Brown. F.L.S.. of London, Eng- 
land, President of the International Association 
of Investigators in Poultry I fiisbaiidry. by vir- 
tue of whicli office he becomes president of the 
congress, is a man of matnrc judgment and 
years. C'omnicncinj.; hi.s "poultry aoti\ ities .some 
lorty-ninc years aj^o. he was soon fighting for 
the official recognition of the Industry, but it 
was not until lOIJ ili,-it he was siicce\ssful in 
holding an international conference in London, 
£ng:land, when his idea of World Congresses 
was endorsed by the arrcptanre of an invita- 
tion for the first congres.s to be held The 
Hague in 1916. 

lVar*i iMtrferenct 

The e.Trryiii^ oil! of these plans bccamc im- 
possible, but the world-wide vision of Edward 

Brown was not blurred by war — he says he 
takes no notice of frotitiri> and so in 1^19 a 
conference was again held m London, the in- 
\itation from The Hague renewed, and i)lans 
made for the first confess to be held in 1921. 
I'ndei the distinguisherl patronage of the f,}u('en 
of the Netherlands, and the Queen Mother, and 
the honorary presidency of H.R.II. the Prince 
of the Netherlatvh. the congress held at The 
Hague was a great success. Canada was not 
ref»resented at this congress, but she took her 
part in the second congress in ]^24. It is in- 
teresting to note that the congress was, l\v 
Royal decree, held under the official patronage 
and honorary presidcncv of H.M. King Alfonso 
XIIJ. of Spain, with H.R.H. The Prince of the 
Asturias as honorary vic6-president. 

MSitanf Law in Spmt 
Barcelona was vnder military vontrc;! when 
the congreas delcglUes arrived in May, 1924, 

but thi.s did not alTcct the warmth of the wel- 
come extended. Canada mtut duplicate that 
hospitality in 1927. Spain was full of charm 

and interest, backed bv a wonderfully fa<~i inat- 
ing history. Canada is the embodiment of 
progress. A new country, a young people, full 
of entluisiasm atid kifidly feeling. \\> have 
talked and boasted of our accomplishments, 
particularly along agricultural lines, and it is up 
to Canada to make good her Ix^asts and to prove 
to the delegates attending; the \\ orld's Poultry 
Congress at Ottawa, July 
Canada is a couptrv rich 

the one place to which delegates may feel safe 
in sending thc'r fellow-countrymen. Canadian 
poultrymeti will have a great opportunity in 
\^27 to exhibit the /esults of their work, but 
tlic greater, wider opportunity belongs to Can- 
ada as a whole. 

iio keen haa bten the interest shown in poul- 

27 to .\ugust 4. that 
In opportunities and 

increased by over ooe liundred million do -rn. >r 
seventy per cent since 1920, according to a re- 
cent stateniciii ot the Minister of AgrienlttKe, 
who points ont that this endrmous • 'ume of 
CgK" has been consumed almost entirely m ClUW 
ada as a result of the impro\< .l (juahiy and in- 
creased eonsuail^tion broui^'ht about by the 
application of the egg regulations. (\inada's 
egg production m WJO wa.-* one hundred ana 
forty. four million doien, and in 1925 two hun- 
dred and forty nine million tlozen Put whereas 
in 1920 Canaduns consumed only l0.8 dorcn 
per capiu. in 1925 the per capita oootUmption 
was 26^8 dozen. 

A^o Common Name 
The common varietv of feathered folks who 
provide us with our egg supply have no com- 
mon English name such as gCese, ducks and 
turkevs have W e speak of chickens, but our 
dictionary tell;, us that chickens arc the young 
of domestic fowl, and fowl, the same books say, 
are "kinds of birds kejif to supply eggs." which 
might be anything, for poultry, of cfuirsc, in- 
cludes geese, ducks and other kinds of birds,' 
'l.'w queer it i> that these humble barnyard 
friends have been ignored in centuries of Eng- 
lish-making. But though these birds have 
been supplying us with eggs and meat since the 
beginninf; of history, less than a century has 
passed smce any interest was shown in the 
acientific breeding of the stock. 

.^bout eighty years ago the first poultry 
show was held m Crxstal Palace, lx>ndon, and 
in 1847 the first show- on thi^, side of the .Atlan- 
tic was held m P.n<to!i. 'i'hc etTect upon trade 
of this new movement was noteworthy and or- 
ganisations immediately sprang up everywhere 
for the promotion of interest in poultry. The 
showing; of fine birds stirred poultry keepers, 
professional and amateur, to greater efforta to 
improve their strains, until today poultry 
keeping has become both a science and a recrea- 

tion, and every library has a row of books upon 

the subject making free for all the e.xperiettces 
and researches of erpen- m the business. 

/Indent Incubaton 
The incubatign of eggs Is no modern fancy. 

In Egypt, untold ages ago. the people had a sys- 
tem of egg incubation. Domestic fowl were in- 
troduced into China 1.400 years before Christ, 
and there, too, they had a curious but satisfac- 
tory system of artificial incubation. Today in- 
cubatn'ii r>f eggs by means of scientific appli- 
cation of heat has developed into such a i-rofes- 
sion that there are great fafms where hundreds 
of chickens are prepared for market eacli day 
in the year. So many chicks| are hatched each 
dav and tliey are nioNed along under fixed rules 
and time limits, 3o that there arc a certain num- 
ber ready for tKe market daily, and thus the 
siipplv i>f chicken i* kept up with the de- 
mand. The first incubator cainc to America 
from Europe in 1875, and fifteen years later 
their use was general. 

Today some of the show birds are worth 
thousands of dollars, and are the pride of their 
owners. As the usefulness of these birds '\n 
limited to a very few years, five years in some 
cases, these prices are enormou.^ly high. It is 
diflPicult to estimate tht value of tlic Canadian 
ponitry trade, but as long ago as 1*^23. C'anada 
had almost fifty million birds. Ontario has by 
far the greater number, more than fifteen mil 

lion, with Sa>katchewan coming secotul «ilh 
between nine and ten million birds; ^)ucbec 
third with nearly seven million, and Alberta 
fourth, following not far behind Quebec 

Mau} Pro-jcrbs Arc of lliddm Origin 

Ci'T^HKRE i« not a little curtoitty as to 
J[ the origin of the Rimilieii, adages 
and maxitni with which our every- 
day speech is inttf rUrdrd," remarked Dr. 
I'rank II. Vi/cfclly, "and many of ray eorrc* 
spondrnts sretii to think that as a lexieo-" 
graphrr I should know the parcnfaRc of ail 
thr proverbs that have become a part of our 
Iv'ijsrhnlH lanKiuRe. I have made some rr- 
aearchca into this land of mystery and not 
without retails. 

" \ ^'■iuriir( may he prii\ftl)ial and set 
not be altogether true. We arc told, for in- 
stance, that 'It takes nine tailors to make a 
man' aad that 'a patient man mav Imv fat 
thrushes for a farthinff.' Thr«r arr tigura- 
li\c r\trav»Ranre.*. each one aimrri «,lvlv at 
two unpopular classea of society — the clothier 
and the misf r. Most of us are fanHKsr with 

\r»op'» fable of 'The Vn\ and >hr ('.rapr«,' 
Ml which, when the fox could not reach the 
said grapes, he decided that thdy were sear. 

"In Knglish we have a simile in 'F-'ir upon 
hens,' said the fox. when he conM rmt rrarh 

"liany of our wise old saws, proverbs 
and phrases arc to be foitnd Hi Chancer, In 
Sliakrspearf , in Milton, in Hryden Thrrr 
are many others that arc not easily traceable, 
and thcrs are some thist arc not tractable at 

"'God tempers the* wind to the shorn 

lamb' is a proverb tlir nrinin of which has 
been credited to the Bible, but it was hrst 
used by Laurence Stern in his 'Sentimental 
Jonrncy,' aad he quoted It, showing that it 
did not originate with him. Kate 

Kf)|irils foinul tliis ill I". ! i<n iir \ ' I' 
I'.pigram^ m the form, 'Uieu mcsure le froid 
a la brebis tondue' — 'Ood f w pers the eold 

to thr «.)t. ir M xhrrp ' 

i>carch for a P^lUical Phrate 
"At one tine I was credited with having 
played the part of Shrrlnck Hotmr* in try- 
ing the source of (iovrmment of the people, 
by the people, and for the people.' In Eng- 
land many thought it had originated with the 
late Lord Randolph Churchill. Others, fa* 
miliar with ,\merican history and American 
literature, knew that It was uacd by Lincoln 
in hit 'Gettysburg Speech,' and the Baglish 
helievrd that it had been used as a rallying 
try in the North during the Civil War. 
I.amartine is credited with having ti«r 
of the phrase in his 'History of the Girond- 
ists.* pnbHsiMd In 184& Tradition attflkntts 
th« j)Iira»e to VVyclif* Bible of 1.^84 .After 
spending three «I«t* in the library and mak 
ing a close examination of the onlv > "py of 
this Bible available. I failed to find it. As 
this was jiot the original teitt and merely a 

reprint of the \\ >i lit nibtr, when in 1'ngland 
in 1920 1 went to the Bodleian Library at 
Oxford and there con&nltM the book, and 
tell you that no soch 4«otati6a is lo be IpoJid 
in that book. 

" \'<\r \\o<i\ frr*') * commonly Considered 
an .Xmciican by our English consins. ia 
notlMaff If Ml BatHUi, fer jtm mOi tmi in 

the Prolog to Chancer's^'Canterhury Tales. 
'He v^as as freih as in the montli <>t Ma\ ' 
"Brown as a berry,' 'proiiH a% a pc.icoik.' 'Ui 
make virtue of a necessity.' and "the gc),! of 
love' are all familiar household words to be 
found in the same soorce. 'Necessity is the 
mother of invention' we trace to the Rrr)ublic 
of Plato. 'Stark, staring mad.' 'short and 
sweet.' 'at his wits' end.' and 'as plain as a 
nose on a man's face' all occur in Rabelais* 
'Cargantua ami Pantagrucl.' 

"There's another phrase, commonly 
ascribed to Keats, becaose it is inscribed 6n 
his tombstone in Rome: 

" 'Here Hcs one name was writ in 
water.' Keats never wrote it. The lines 
form part of an old Arabian proverb. 

"There are a great manv adages, prmiSlv 
from ten to fifteen thousand, in our speech, 
.tiid the« are marked by a figurative strength 
to the virility of wl^ich they owe their per- 
manent phiee in the tangnage. An adage is 
an expression or combination nf words con- 
veying ;i moral precept or an acknowledged 
trutli to the mind by a figvrativc phrase, sntt- 
tlieais or hyperbole, or, to put the matter 
more eondsely. an expression having a llgw- 
ativr vrnsr, an inner sensb, and an approxi- 
niate sense. 

"As in a pnaale every part fits with pre- 
cision into its proper and does not Tt 
at all in any other, so in terse expressicn of 
simple thought alliteration strengthens effect, 
as in 'Fortune favors fools'; bat alliteration 
is not tn d inpe ns able, fSr we have 'Familiarity 

breeds contempt' and 'Still wafers run deep.' 
in which there is none. There arc hundreds 
of mere aphorisms or precepts in the lan- 
guage thfit have no prctcasiona to proverbial 

"Such plir.»scs a^ 'l-'amiliarit y breed* con- 
tempt and 'l c>rbcarance is no acquaintance' 
had, at the outset, a rjuaisi-Icgal currency, 
but by the wideness nf their application they 
have grown in popular 'avor and therefore 
.ire listed as belonging to the general vo- 
cabulary. * ■ ^ 

/alb Bmidm\ Am 

\\ e are told that a good hope is bsttSir 
than a bad poascssion' sad that 'a gift «■ Am 
thumb is sore to eome, irliile that on the in- 

k:er is sure to lintrer': 'a good fare needs no 
I'linting' and 'a golden dart strikes wherever 
I' pleases.' Also that 'an ugl\ woman is a 
disease of the sSproach: a handsooie woaMft 
is s 4isca»c of the head.' The fbat are ex- 

Sressions used in ilays >;onr f)y and manv ol 
lem have long since been discarded. Yet 
there is one that still holds true, and that is. 
'A good surgeon nsnat have a woman's hand 
and a lion's heart.' 

"Icibn Buridaii. a I '-'- i'i • lulosfniher of 
the thirteenth century, created the paradox 
that an ass placed between two measures of 
oats that nake nasi impression on hi* 
senses, t>eing unable to ehooec from which be 
wou'd eat. would tlarve. 

"Some of US stiil 'bark against the moon,' 
which is fcae ttsi mtj of eaprcssiaf to wasU 

time and energy' or 'to rail at persons tliat 
(.n< laniiof approach.' Many years ago Hey- 
wood reminded us of who 'hath such 
honorable friends to guard Mm that we 
should not pursue the course in niind. but 
bark against the moon.' which is a compara- 
tively barmles» pastime compared with 'bark- 
ing up the wrong tree.' Shakespeare wrote 
in 'Jttlhis Caesar,' 'I'd rather be a dog and 
bay the moon than be such a Roman.' 

"It is simply human nature to remind 
friends that if they think they can 'run a rig 
on us' they've made a mistake and 'bark up 
the wrong tree'; that is, have been misled or 
have adopted a wrong course. When a df>g. 
trained to hunt raccoons and opossums by 
drhring them into a tree, tocates a estsntennt 
and starts barking, that's 'barking up the 
wrong tree.' 

flerrewcd ^rsat Htbtt9 er CfosA 
"Sack provcrMsl rcaiarks as 'a «a* may 
look at a king,' Nathkniel BaiUy descHbed as 
*a saucy proverb generally made use of by 

pragmatical persons who must needs be cen- 
suring their superiors, take things by the 
worst handle, and carry them be\(>nd tlieir 
bounds; for though peasants may look at and 
hoaor great men, patriots, and potentates, 
yet4hey are not to spit in their faces.' 

" 'A bird in hand is worth two in the bush'* 
seems to have been borrowed either from the 

Hebrews, whr) say 'a bird in the net is worth 
a hundred on the wing,' or the Greek, better 
an egg today than a hen tomorrow.' 

"All lovers of the salt phrase carry in 
their subconscious minds the homely prov- 
erbs of the people. 

"The Creoles of Louisiana say 'tell me 
whom you love and I'll tell you who you arc' 
an^ 'birds of a fi afher sfitl flo- k together.' 
Gilbert has reminded us skim-milk masquer- 
ades as cream.' a thought that has been ex- 
pressed variously through centahes of time, 
but in our own sTxc^h, front the days of 
Chaucer a* 'I li.ive often heard It told all 
things that shineth are not gold.' In 'The 
Merchant of Venice' Shakespeare chanfsd 
this to 'all that glitters is not geld.' 

"In the land nf the thistle and kilts the 
proverb took on additional force and was 
frequently applied to young girls. All's not 
gold that glitters, aor anaidens that wear their 
hair' is the way they eaprcased it. for bobbed 
hair was the fashion in Scotland aany cen- 

DUUnmee In Kkk9 

According to the Chinese, there is this 

difference between opium and whisky: 
"Whisky arouses a man's animal instincts 
and makes him an unreasoning brute:, opium 
deadens his sensibilities and vitality and 
transforms him into a I'ving corpse .^n 
Anieriran whisky drinker goes home and 
kicks Hjs wife: an opium fiend goes home 
aad his wife kkks kirn. ' 

Art Fights Crime 

Society, sorely puzsl^d by young ofFend> 
er.s against law, has hit upon a novel treat- 
ment. .\rt is to be enlisted in the war on 
juvenile delinquency. Much i« already 
claimed for the advantages of the theory 

This has come about, champions ot the 
new idea assert, ;ii "^ut'e lopicil and con- 
vincing manner. Back of the movement 
lies the belief, to whieh toriety is being 
inrreasi.Tglv won. that the voung ofTetider i* 
a product and victim of an environment 
^hich, if changed, miglM make for good In- 
stead of evil. 

Advocates of the art theory point out 
i!iat much childish wrongdoing comes about 
through emotions turned into the wro<Sg 
channels If the child's ilMginattnn l>e 
siiflicieni Id lead him into crime, thev argue, 
why cannot that imagination be Jtt^ed upon 
and guided into other ehanneHmsperially 
art, \vbi< h ofTers an out'rt for 
expression 1 bus art has been evoked as 
a preventive of crime, and, even more, as an 
active inducement to clean and useful living. 

The Jewish Bo.ird of C.uardians, of New 
N'ork, has for the last three months been 
conducting an art class for children referred 
to it by its field 'workers, public schools, 
children's (ouit- .md p.irents The ages r<t 
these children range from six to sixteen. 
After twelve lessons in charcoal drawiic 
an exhibition of their work was reeeatfy 
held. The drawings, according to Judges, 
revealed not only unusual talent in several 
of the children, bat also weil-nurked per- 

(Tiffcoaf Art TroUH^ 

Onl\ one of ttiese jineiiilct liad ever had 
any instrucuon in art. When they ^rst came 
to the claes they did not know how to h^d 
a piece of charcoal. Yet, with an eagerness 
born of previously repressed or misdirected 
enf 'nusiasir the\ ha\e attempted pictorial 
subjects that show maturity and strength of 
conception. One boy has already been ad- 
mitted to the N'a'ional .^cade^1y of Design 
Another has done well enough to be taken 
on in the art department of a newspaper. 
Some of them have disclosed an aptitude 
for sculpfu'e The changes wrought in them 
prove ,afd. the value Ol .I t education 

among children with a tendency to deltn- 
gas n r;. Qffi^ boy ^ho has been ander the 

care of the board for about a year showed 
every evidence ot incorrigibility. In his 
home tJic field worker saw Olic of the boy's 
drawings. This interest was used to win 
his et>hfldenee. The'lsd has changed en- 
tire; v lie goes'db <(bo,)l. hi the 
afternoon, h^tpt his mother with his earn- 
ings, reads books about art attends Icctarcs 
at the iTM'.'^'jm. aiid visits art tsllsil» iwd 
private studios. 

Some lime ago this bojr was efcstnnd 

molding a human head out oC a piece of w ax 
held over a flame. He was taken to a 
sculptor's studio, where he saw what beaoti- 

or meni lli« imagination wa- ftred No\w 

The Qardeii Week by Week 


Fall-Flowering Pertmnah 

V one s anxiety to get a blare of color 

he IS showtag 

ability M mode hag. 

J in the Summer garden the Hall- 
hle.oining plants arc often overlooked. 
11 this has been the case in your garden 
this year, now Is the time to make notes 

of the Fall flowering plants s,, that you 
may plant them in the Fall for blooming 
next year. 

The perennial asters, or MichaelmlV 
daisies, arc now deveUiped to««uch an ex 
lent that a great variety of color and heiglit 
may be obtained. As a standby it is hard 
tn heat Ctomas. a tall-growing mauve kind. 

which as ciitfinK WriwtT for the h"use is 
splendid. Other good kinds are Roberts, 
V.C.. King of the Belgians, perry's white 
and Nam V Ballard 

Tlie hardy early outside chrvs.Tnihe 
miim.i are everybody's f|r)wer,and provided 
they have been kept well-watered during 
the dry Summer weather will give a good 
account of themseKrs np i.i the iime that 
the frost put.s them out ol business. Among 
the best kinds are: Goacher's Crimson. 
' )ranKe King, Port Wine, Rron/e Queen 
and Avondale White. Many other varie- 
ties in shades of bronse, orange, terra cotta, 
crimson, purpic, decf rose, yellow and 
< ream may be Mid. iThe best way to make 
.1 choice is to scc the flowcrs in Mdoas in 
the nursery. * 

The nitomas. or red hot pokers, are a 

mill h nc«Iccfed Fall flower in V'ieforia 
gardens, and still they are very effective 
when well grown. It is true that some of 
the varieties bloom hi Summer, but a great 
aumbcr arc distinctly Fsll-flowering. 

P j'swsw i wg RH 

It would be untrue to say the red hot 
poker is a very easy plant to grow,* but if 
certain precautions sru taken they will do 
well in the average garden. When once 
well established they are easy enough, but 
in their early years they are apt lo rot in 
a rtrj.wtt winter. The reason for this is 
that (Hi rain gets Into the crown of the 
plant, and thi« must he guarded against. 
The best way is to tie the long leaves to- 
gether osror the crown in the Fall and to 
place a little heap of ashes around the rr.' t 
of the plant. A little straw may be also 
tied arouad the crowa aad #11 'tend to 
protect it 

The best simatioa for planting the 
triioma m Ip full sun in ordinary i n 
soil, which, however, must be well drained. 
In very heavy wet shaations mey do not 
do well. They should have a good dressing 
of COW, manure every June, as they are big 
feeders. Given these c aaditlaas. they will 
grow for five or si« or even more years 
without the need of being disturbed It is 
a fact that they are better Itit ai'vne wnttl 
'He e1t)mf>« get very large, w^en the-. mi\ 
be dug and divided. When it is accessary 

to divide them the opcratioa should be 

done in March. 

Varieties from two feet to setren feet in 

height niay be otitamed, .ind the colors vary 
from lemon yellow to scarlet. Many kinds 
have two shades in the ssmc flower. 

The red hot poker is a good garden 
plant and should be used more Ireely than 
it is at present 

.\ number of the Helianthus, perennial 
sunflower, are Fall flowering, and very gay 
they make the garden look at that seaaon 
of the year The variety mollis, with grey 
foliage and orange-yeUpw flowers, is a new 
one and blooms Up till the end of October. 
i>olci1 d'( >r is a very fine double, free- 
flowering of a bright yellow shade. This 
will also bloom until November 1 \Iiss 
Mellish, brilliant orange, and Rev. W. Do], , 
a lighter shade, are good Fa)l-bloomi«g 
Wnda. ' 

At iicU in Fall 
There are two flotrere with blue htomna 
thsi .11^ a! their ficst in the I'all Onfiao 
Karrari, the only gentian that does bloom 
in the Fall, has the advanuge of being o«« 
of the easiest lo grow, and, moreover, to 
llower. It will grow ^nd bloom in any 
sunny spot, and is not a bit particular as to' 
the kind of soil it is planted in. It dies down 
after flowering, but is one of the firsf 
plants to show its leaves ui the J-pring. 
The flowers sre a good blue and are very 
freely peoduced. The other plant is Plum- ' 
bago larpentae, with flowers of a rielf 
cobalt blue very freely produced in ihf 
Fall. The plant grows shout eight or mne 
inches tall and likes a dry pocitioa in not 
Xfto rich a soil. A auss of this plaat is a 
joy to those who Hke Mae flgarers'la the 

Many of the Gaillardias will carry on 
tmtil the end of Octoh:r. no flower is 
more gay. There are a number of named 
varieties in various mixtures of colors. 
Some sre eery Ught yellow with s. erigiiea 
centre, others sre orange with a eriflisein 
edge. In fact, almost any combination of 
yellow, scarlet and brown may be had. 
They are an excetlent cutting flower. 

"There arc a great number of plants 
which, while they arc really Summer- 
flowerhic subiocts,' wlQ, K the bloom is cat 
as soon as if fades, and no seed pods are 
allciwed to form, bloom again in the Fall. 

It is well to cut off liir faded bloom* t|| 
any case so that the garden may be tidy» 
and then there is alwsy* a ge>od chaace of a 
Fall showing el llowers which oaa dass 
not expect 

X.eok over as mgiy gardens as you can 
during {September, October and November 
and make careful notes of what yon sec in 
hioom By this meaas yaa will be sbUt to 
l-s< e in vour garden a mxmkk 0I Ho^m a 
year beocc. 



What the Owl Heard 

OLD Mothri Ovwl, who livf<l ill the 
largCtt <>aW tree in the villaK'', wi>kf 
OM cvcniog i«st M th^ rest oi the 
worM arottnd kcr wu thinking of goiaf t« 


She stood on the ledge of her home ami 
bUtikcd at the lifht. The Mn had not fin- 
iihrd srttinR aiiH llttir l.irHs wrrc still about. 
A ch^ffnuli 'vMiiiK oil a liraiirh above her, 
thotlgli "-he ioul<! not --rr (irojxTly hciausc 
the light was too strong tor her eyes; but 
ahc lMgr4 H twitterinf sad la^gMag at h r. 

••CoSK Acuk " It aaid, "old blind owl. 
YM caff't catch mc." 

But the owl felt too digniAed to make a 
dart at hiin. knowitiK he would only chetr- 
lully hop on to jl liranch above and laugh 
at her ag^iu, I'or \\ she <anic out too early 
ia IIm avaning the httle birds had a way of 
teaHftg her. So ahe Just suycd there a«d 
ta'Wed to lirr fluffy but nearly grown-up 
babies, who were in the neit inside the tree. 

PrcMAitijr the ttmligbt died down ; a young 
' moon appeared across the pale sky, and the 
night put on her silver clothes. 

"Come." said OM Moihrr Oul. as she 
caUad to her children; and. being of rather 
a poetical disposition, which perhaps came 
of beinK so niiK h among the dark trees when 
the bauty oi moonlight was dimpling the 
am4tm%, ebc sang thia Uttlc aong. 

The day sleeps now, so you must wake 

Inside this woody tree; 
And come to where the shadows hide, 

Por you must htrtt^with flie. 

The old dark oak which is our home 
Is crowned w«th silver light; 

And overhead the little clouds, 
Uke feathers soft and white. 

Race throu|(h the darkness hand in hand. 
And dance across the skies; 

The moon has such a hraming face. 
The stars siirh.shmiiiK eyes. 

So spread your witiRs, and leave your nest 

Inside this woodv inr. 
And come to where the shadows creep. 

For you mtist hunt with me. 

And the young owls answered "To-whoo. 
fo whoo." .Hid ofT the\- started, earh on 
journey in search of adventure and suviprr 
When Mother Owl got to thr Snuire's 
garden with its swrepinR lawns and sleeping 
flower-beds, she paused to rtnx on the branch 
eif a cedar tree and looked arounci hrt 

It was nearly dark now, and light» 
twinkled from the old Manor, and as it was 
a warm evening the windows were open, and 
music and voice.s < ante from inside. 
Humans interested Mother ()v%l, those 
strange things that went in at night and 
came out in the day, and she flapped her 
soft, quiet wingt tad flew nearer to the 

. A M'»iii( '• Song 

Mother. O Mother I forever 1 cry for you, 

Sing the old song 1 may never fOrget; 
Even in slumber I murmur and sigh for you 

Mntlirr. O Mother. 
Sing low, "Little Brother 
Sleep, for thy mother bends over thee yet." 

Mother. O Motherl tlh» years at( ^ !,,n ; . 

hilled with weariness, doubt and regret! 
Can't you come back to me — for tonight only, 
Mother, mv mother. 
And sing. "Litlle brother. 
Sleep, for thy mother bends over thee yet" 

Mother, <> motlin' of old I ha<l nexrr 

OlIC wish denied nie, nor trouble to fret, 
Now^-«mMt I cry Out all vainly forever, 
Mother, sweet mother, 
O sing, "Little brother. 
Sleep, far thy owthcr bends over thee yetl" 

Mother, O motbrrl must lon^'iiiK and sorrow 
Lea^e me in darkness, with eyes ever wet. 
And never a hope of a aieeting tomorrow? 
Aaawer me. mother. 
Agd aing, "Little brother. 
Sleept lor thy brother bends over thee yet!" 

—J. Whitcomb Riley 

A Dear Friend Gone Home 

I"or many weeks li(l<ire the liolidavs pupils 
and teachers in \ ictona missed the visits of 
Hiss Mills, who directed the work of pencil 
and brush drawing in the schools. They 
knew that ^Ih « iM. for notliinK else 
would have kept her away, but they hoped 
that when vacation was over she would 
come back strong and well. Now they 
know she has gone from this world and they 
are very sorry. 

Victoria was a much smaller city than 
it is now t^hen Miss L. M. Mills, art mis- 
tress and associate of the Rovat Drawing 
Society, came to Victoria and opened a 
atudio. Mr. Katon. the City Superintendent 
of that time, was troubled because very few 
of the teachers knew how to draw. He ' 
asked Miss Mills to help thrm and to direct 
and overlook the work of the children, l or 
some time, when many of your fathers and 
mothers, and uncles and aunts were boys 
»nfl girls, the supervisor went into every 
schoolroom earh week f > show them how to 
draw with brush and peiKil. Uveryone, big 
and little, had to begin a^ the very begin- 

niiiH. Inil with the hope and enthusiasm of 
their teacher, their progress was surprising. 

From her home in Kngland the supei - 
viaar brooght her knowledge of art and her 
love ol heautr. As a child, and as a young 
girl, she VvW much out of doors. She saw 
and felt the loveliness in earth and sea and 
aky. As a very little girl she aMNt have 
tried, with pencil and bnuh, to refrodaed 
what »he saw. 

In time she was sent to learn from the 
masters of her time the art of design. In 
London. Paris and the other European 

fities. Miss Mills visited art galleri>-s and 
saw the beautiful pictures of great painters. 
In grand cathedrals and old churches she 
learned how gre^t things the hands of men 
could accomplish. She read manv books of 
poetry and stories of the Ii^e« ot artists 

. With a well-stored mind and a skilled 
haa4, the young lady retamcd to teach 

othci - \' !ni she taken sur h pains to 
learn. When many years of usefulness had 
paaacd. Miss Wills came to Victoria. Our 
fity hga l^d few who admired it so much 
aa taiet lady, who found her way to 
a lavety aook. She loved Victaria 


lights in the house to get a ffim$9t. oi 

people inside. 

The room she first went to ua;. si^Hi^ht 
that she was blinded and could see noihmn, 
so she softiv flew to a room above that one, 
which had the dimmest of giow-worm lighu 
in it. .\nd there she saw what to her 
seemed a wonderful sight 

There were two bal)\ lmin.4iis koimr to 
bed in their white nestn. and a grown up one 
was singing to them the sort of little song 
that she sang to the babies in the old oak 
tree. Only tlie^c were the curious creatures 
who sang their lullabies^ tlie time 

. hen 

she called her babies out to hunt and pby: 

\Vben the dark is coming m 
^ You can sec the sUrs begin. 

Thev arc little pools of light 
In the meadows of the night. 

Suddenly gnc of the babies looked toward 
the window. 

"I saw a star begin then." he said. And 
then, getting very excited, "Oh, look! lookP 
he csicd. "There's a lovely big bird on the 
window sill." 

Mrs. Owl felt rather awkward at this, and 
was wondering whether to fly away or not 
when the grown-up human .came to the win- 
down, and the huhy ones tumbled out.of their 
nests and came running after her. 

And still kfDther Owl sat and blinked k 
them. Lovely little white babies abe thought 
they were, nearly as lovely as her own, but 
not quite. 

"Why, it s an owl," said the hig human. 
"I've never seen an owl so near the hOOR 
before. What can it bo thinking of?" 

"P'raps it wants to look inside our home, 
Just as we Tike to look hi slde ih e lia,** aaW' 
the biggest of the babies. 

"Do you know Tony Hall found an owl'a 
home a few weeks ago, and he took an egg 
from it. 1 saw it." 

But Mrs. Owl waited to hear v« more. 
So that's where one of her eggs had gone! 
She had missed it. 

"1 think it s disgraceful." she said to her- 
self as she ilew off to find supper. "And 
I'll never he intere-tcrl in human beings 
again. Robbing people's homes like that! 
Why. wr never steal from thein. To come 
calnilv and take nvr of my precioUS eggS and 
then to be plea;ed about it!" 

AnA next day, when the dawn was com- 
be fore thev settled down to rest inside 

Cempetition— rhe Unest 

Boys and girls all over \ aniom- ! i.i'i<l 
have been enjoying themselves iur some 
weeks now. Before "yo« go hack to school 
we hope to puht'-'i i ra^'" aliout the place* 
where you h»ve been. 1 he editor wants 
a great many of you to write descriptions 
of camp or picnic or expedition. Nearly 
every camping or motor party has someone 
who can take goo(l sinpshots. OoC Or two 
ot these will help tu illustrate your storv. 
If you cannot get aiKh a picture just tell 
what you saw and what you did as well as 
you can. There is at Icaaa one Of our 
readers who can write nice varaaa. 

This competition is open to all boys and 
girls under fiftaen.> We wHI gM three 
prises: |S for the very best essay, $1 for 
the second and %2 for the third. 

The editor especially wants the little 
folks to try for one of these prises. Yon 
have bright eyes and can' tell a atory aa well 
as > our big brothers Or sisters 

We should like to get essays irom every 
town and district on Vancouver Island aiid 
from each Of the Gulf Islands. If any 
reader under fifteen on the Mainland thinks 
there is a better holiday place there and 
caa prove it, he or ahe will get a prize.. . 

This offer ia open till Monday. Auginat 
J,V That w ill give \ ou more than three 
weeks to prepare and mail jour essay. With 
it send your name, age and addreai, and 
the name of your school.. 

Title of essay. "The Finest Holiday 
I'lace ' .Address: Page for ChUdren. Daily 
Colonist, Victoria, B.C. 

Jock qf HazeLdcan 

she told her children what she 


th* olr| free, 
had hranl 

And the owl-babies said "To-whoo- 
To-whoo!" which means a great deal more 
than it sounds. 

.\nd the human babies in the old manor 
house, as thev were ilressing next morning, 
said, "1 wonder it that dear old owl will ever 
come again and blink at ut through the win- 
dow?'— My Magazine. 

children Ironi the and they returned 
her love. In the common things around 
ihcni they learned to see beauty. If. in her 
world, there was anything bad or ugly, BO 
one ever knew oi it In the work of the 
smallest child this teacher could sec the 
promise of excellence, and great was her 'oy 
when, as the yean went on, this promise 
was fulfilled. 

,\o one who tried ever failed to win 
from Miss Wills a word of praise, and the 
most awkward pupil was encouraged to do 
his Im St. Only the care ss .tik! indifTerent 
felt the rebuke their teacher sildoiii spcike. 

White the supervisor was present the 
classroom was a cheerful, often a merry 
place. She loved to sec the children ha|ipy, 
yet. under her guidance, they le.irnol thr 
satisfaction that comes from work well done. 
They were encouraged to think for them- 
s'-lves and to «et their fancies free .Ml the 
htlle ones know how much Mis> \\ ilU dul 
to interest and amuse, as well as to tc.ich 
them. Hers was a heart filled with loving 
kindness, and she gave of it freely to all 
whom she iiKt N<-)w she has koiic, hut in 
the hearts and minds of those among whom 
she labored to long, her memory still Uvea. 

Whv weep ye by the tide, ladie? 

\\ hy weep ye by the tide? 
I'll wed to my youngest son, 

And ye sail be his bride; 
And ye salt be his bride, ladie. 

Sae comely to he seen. 
But ay she loot the tears down fa 

For Jock of Haxeldean. 

Now let this wilfu' grief be done, 

.^nd rlry that rhrek so pale; 
Young I'rank is chief of Krrington 

.\nd lord of Langley dale : 
His step is first in peaceful ha'. 

His sword in battle keen; 
Rut ay she loot the tears down fa' 

I'or Jock of lla/rl irsn 

A chain of gold ye sail not lack. 

Nor briid to bind your ha!|, 
Nor mettle. I hound, nor r">iaged hawk. 

Nor palfrey, fresh and fair; 
.\nd you the foremost o' them a* 

Sail ride our forest queen; 
Dut ay she loot the tears down fa' 

For Jock of HaseMeaa. 

The kirk wa.s decked at morning-tide. 

The tapers glimmered fair; 
The priett and bridegroom wait the bride, 

\n<\ dame nn«l knight are there. 
They sought her haiih hy bower and ha' i 

The ladie i«as not seen! 
She's o'er the Border, and awa' 

Wi' Jpck of Hazeldean. 

—Sir Waiter Scott 

Your Treee 

An Old Book 

The world today is full of new books. 
Will many of them be read when three 
hundred years have passed away? It is 
nearly as lc)ng since .in I'ncrlish gentleman 
of sixty wrote ' I he t'ompleat Angler," a 
little book that many gentlemen today put 
in their pockets when they go on a holid.Tv. 
Why hat thia book lived where thousands 
of others are forgotten'. Here is r\ par- 
agraph that may help the thoughtful boy 
or girl to feel something of the apirit that 
Mled I/aak Walton and was refkcted in 
the pages of his hook. 

"When I would beget content and in- 
crease conTiderce in the power and wisdom 
and providence of Almiahty t'.osl. I will 
w.»ll< the meadows hy some glidin^f stream, 
and there contemplate the lilies that take 
no care, and those very many other little 
living rrealiire.. that are no; only created 
but fed (man knows not how) by the 
goodness of the (.od of Natnrc, and there- 
fore trvst in Him." 

Boys, the trees on the ttreett of Vic- 
toria are >ours. They were planted and 
paid for by your fathers or grandfather*. 
^'ou•will live, it is hoped, many years to en- 
joy their shade and their beauty. It will 
cost you something, when you grow up. to 
kee|) tlieni m or'ler, but not inucli. Stand 
on high ground iuiywhere and look over 
the city. How beautifully green it it from 
eiirly Spring to late in .Autumn. F.ven in 
Winter the trees make lovely pattern.> 
against the sky. 

The oak and fir trees were here when 
the tirst white man landed on Vancouver 
Island. Here and tliere was an evergreen 
• arbutus. The cedars and hemlock, spruce 
, and others grew further away. ■ 

It seems as though the pioneer settlers 
brought their love of trees from I-^nglish or 
Scottish homes, for many native trees ware 
left standing when the little fort began to 
grow into a city. Gut many had to be cut 
down to make room for houses and streets. 

But people were no^ satisfied and in 
many placet little trees were planted in 
rows along the streets. When, before most 
of you were horn, the streets were paved 
the city f.ithers bordered the cement with 
grats and planted trees at intervals in the 
sod. These were carefully watched and 
ten Ic'l, .md now are very beautiful. 
Maples, planes, elms, chestnuts, birch, pkyn, 
hawthorn attd many others arc a delight 
not only to visitors, but to all who have 
eyes to see. It is true, some lovers of trees 
complain of the pruning that meat be done, 
but. on the whole, the trees on oar ttreett 
are a source of great pleasure. 

It is said that there are boys who are 
silly enough to break off branches and to 
cut the bark of some of Ike trees. Von, 
who arc oM eoovgh to do aach mitchlef. 

should know that a wounded tree is hurt 
very much as you would be when a cut is 

no| .lit, to. The wound !e>N-r> nr he 

comes iniected. At best it lca\ci) an ugly 
scar and it may cause the death oF the tfCa. 

S'.tie!', .\iirii liovs '! .J. ! , ihink tliev 
will admire the trees and take care uf them. 
It wouM be a great pity if it became necet- 

sar\ tor the police !o pnrvsh any ho\ f .r 
the 5iily and wanton mi.scliiei of brcukuig 

braachea or cnMlng the bark of trees. 

Boys and girls as wll .is thejr elders 
have a share in making and keeping Vic- 
toria one of the moat beautifttl dUea ia tha 
world, • ., * 

lo The OaUy 

I !l \oulh fioiii roiV to ro(k 1 WCnt* 

From hill to hill in discontent | 
Of pleaaore high aa^A' torbalent. 

Iloat pleated when most uneasy; 
But now my own delights 1 make, 
My .thirat at every rill can slake. 
Am gladly Nature's love partake 

Of thee, sweet Daisy! 

Thee Winter in the garland wears 

That thinly decks his few grav hairs; 
Spring parts the clouds with softest airs. 

That she may sun thee; 
Whole Summer fields are thine by right; 
And Autumn, melancholy Wight I 
Doth in thy crimson head delight 

When rains are on thee 

In »hoals and bands, a morricc train. 
Thou greet'tt the traveller in the lane; 
Pleased at his greeting' tbac again; 

\'et nothing daunted. 
Nor grieved if ^ou be set at iiought: 

ftarl nft aiaf in nooka ^eaaate ^ 

We meet ihee, like a pleaaaat thought. 

When auch are wanted. 

Rr violets in thru scrrrt mews 
I hc flowers the wanton zephyrs choose; 
Proud be the rose, with rains and dewa 
Her head impearling. i 
Thou liv'st with less ambitious aipn. 
Yet hast not gone without thy fame; 
Thou art indeed by many a claim 
IIm poet's darling. 

If to a rork from rains he fly 

Oi onir hiiflht »la\ of \pril sky. 
Imprisoned h> hot sunshine lie 

Near the green hollv, 
And wearily at length should fare: 
He nee<ls but to look . about, and there 
Thou art ! a friend at hand, to scare 

His melancholy. 

If stately passions in me burn. 

And one chance look to thee thoald tura. 

I drink out of ,-in humbler urn 

A lowlier pleasure; 
The homely aympathy that heeds 
The common life our nature breeds; 
A wisdom fitted to the needs 

Of hearts at Iciture. 

Fresh-smitlen by the inorning ray. 
When thou art up. alert and gay. 
Then, cheerful flowerl my spirits play 

With kindred gladness: 
.\nd when, at by dews opprest 
Thou sink'st. the image of thy rest 
Hath often cased my pensive breast 

Of careful sadness. 

Child of the year! that round dos^run 
Thy pleasant (ourse. whin day's begun 
As ready to salute the sun 
As lark or leveret. 

Thy long-lost praise thou shalt regain; 
\or be less' dear to future men 
Than in old lime, tliou not* in vain 
Art Nature's favorite. 

Adventure oi a I in tan 

There was piled, early one moraiag. oa 
top of a collection for the refuse wagon, an 
empty can that once held a gallon of var- 
nish. There was not a dent in it when it 
began <he day that was for it a long series 
of joyful adventures. 

A boy saw it. A boy is always quick to 
see the poasibilities in a can. particularly if 
Ik lives in New York. The can was placed 
on top of a flight of five stairs; the boy sat 
on it and bumped down. Soon six more 
boys w?re taking turns in bumping down, 
until the can had become too flattened to 

For an hour it became a shield for a 
young warrior who rode to battle on a 
broomstick lie had gathered frc.m the same 
treasure place as the can. When the chil- 
dren had grown tired of thia gaatc, the tia 
can appeared as a helmet. 

Cast away by the boys when the fire de- 
partment appeared in the next block, it 
became a doll houac roof for two little 
girls, playing quietly betide the ttef>t. I^ter. 

the addition o' :i piece c,f ^ ord C"n\er*efl the 
can into a carnage on which the dolls rode 
up and down the walk. 

Late that evening the last boy to heed 
his moilier'ii call to bed wa's playing drum- 
mer and pounding a piece of tirl he had 
found beside the steps, where the girls had 
secreted it, hoping to find it there 
momiag for aaether day'a plAy. 



aOHi or w€BE vtnv baa ntcoa- 
HiHrsOTMf iMMfMSC rt>onT^ o* Tvjr »=« • 
TnM)C Tuf r TMO«>0«f ■ •» i -tu 

mtHgiCVk^ «Ot>«t UAOr^iftT^ \^R( nCO 

lacmohomMMftW ^ 

"The Golden Dog" 




toagao Mtt wnuii A< 

•n«e TM€M€ cauaO'' 

flF CmtK nif*1 'WXICAN %Tlll %tt TMI 
TAP,ir ■< if .Oi" •• .-■«(; jpueatC 

NMVMN.Tplt'nig gng 


The Great Snake Legend 

* Do the Mechm SwaBow Thgir ' Youac ftft twM ^htfli? 


* Do the Metherg Swallow Thgif ' Young «» Isve 


lOLSANUS of country folk: "Wfe 

e seen a mother snake take her 
I'al. - s into her ni'u;lli and larry them 

olf to Mfety whea we disturbed her. isn't it 

Chorus of naturalist.s and zoologists: 
','W« would like very much tu believe you, 
bol we dare not It haa aever been proved 

to .1 siii'.'lr one of us, and we must not pUt 
a single douhtlul (act into our books." 
That is how the great snaka argument 

atands at present. Naturalists i > i < 
lieve this wonderful story. .^^ nu ,,i tlum 

asparagus. Perhapt the tehoolmaster had 
seen one of these at dinner. Another -man 
wh<i wrote said that his father, years a^jo, 
had called him to the end of the garden 
where a grass snake was guarding her ' 
yo.iii;; When a stick was rattled. the 
mother hissed, opened her mouth, and the < 
yonngaters wriggled down bar throat Then 

th( inc >l tu r in.ide of I . 

.\ very lamuus hermit named "lirusher i 
Mills" lived in the foreit and a^nt all his ' 

that i 
aave ' 

lie was certain 
cr young to 

A " f>ndeefyi 


In w^iidi A 

simU. ruilnly 

liM ruum (o 

her younR. 
Jtoaa •tut do Wt 

have gone so far aa to offer a reward to 
anyone who could proTo it ta be traa. What 


l>e.i,l iinakes were sent to the zoo with 
their throats tied up and with a "Dear-Sir, — 
I • taw - this-snake-do-it-Open-her-and-tee- 
. for yourself" letter attached. Learned men 
opened the snakes, greatly interested. 

In not one single case had any babies 
hern swallowed. It simply meant, so .is 
could be seen, that the senders could not 
trust their own eyes, .^nd so their story 
couM not he trusted either. The dead 
snakes were tent in honest good faith, but 
for ^ver\ snake forwarded to the aoo, there 
were a hundred letters ft'om people who 
aaid. "I saw it myself." Because the snake- 
senders had proved to he mistaken, natur- 
alists could not believe those who tent 

1 l.road, ast an appeal to wireleti litten- 
ers asking for rftal proof. It teemed non- 
tenie that the thing could not be cleared 

Here were thousands of people seeing 
millions of snakes while hundreds of nat 
uralists were waiting to be convinced that 
an interesting statement was true. I, had 
an) ainni)ni o- ktters. One man--a school 
master, hcnt the skin of a snake he had 
killed in the Catskill Mountains after hav- 
ing seen her ".swallow her babies," Imt that 
could not he called proof. We had to see 
the thing for ourselves, or at least fiad 
babiet in the mothers' throats in ^icoret of 
cases. That would he real proof. 

We all know the American King Snake 
arhich swallowa other toakei tike so mach 

The Wild CnftJr of 

In the North of England there is a little 
band of wild Cattle. When the Romans 
came to Albion their ancestors roamed 
over the land. Saxon lads fled from them 
as they met them m the wood. I rom the 
shelter of the rocks they peered out the 
fierce Danes. As the Normans settled the 
land and castles with their strong walls 
rose in the midst of great estates many of 
the wild cattle, fell before the hudters. In 
the Border raida of after years the wild 
creatures were drisen to the north, a< 
were those that were owned by the rich 
farmers of the tOUth. Little by little the 
hctds became smaller, llunttmen thot the 
brave creatures for sport, but it waa daigcr- 
ous work. 

When it was seen that unless some 
measures were taken to preser^-e them the 

fine animal. »voii!fl become extinri. une 
of the descen<lants of a .Norman baron, the 
Earl of Tankerville, shut those he coald 
find with the wild deer in his estate of Chil- 
lingworlh. It was a wild place of rock ami 
forest, an'l the cattle, feeling it a place of 
safety, were content to yeatain within its 
hounds. In the handreds of years that 
have passril itie latth mnain untamed to 
this day. 1'hey are, we are told. Iteautiful 
creatures, white with black morzles. The 
intfde of their ears is red and their horns, 
white with black tips, are beautifully 

Though the cattle are shy, it ia poaaible 
to get a glitripse oi them, and stranger t go 
«a ChHlingwerth oa parposc to sec thcaft 

By J. S. MORRi&ON 

them. A Maad of mine. Ur. F. Martin 

Duncan, F.Z S , made him very angry whea 
he threw doubt on the legend, 

"Brusher Mills" came up with a billycan 
full of mother vipers. "Take them home 
and see for yourself," he said. He would 
not give Mr, Daiican the billycan. ha aaid 
he wanted it for making his tea! 

Mr. Duncan had to take the vipers in 
his sponge bag. Thit he put on the rack 

of the smoking ear on his way home Hr 
ha«| rather a rush at the terminus, forgot 
the spoM^fe hag and its lively occupants, 
and never had the pluck to ask the railway 
company if they had found it for him! 

"1 often wonder who foand it," he re- 
marked w hen he made his confession to me. 

The worst of the puztle is that the thing 
it not really impotsible. ^'ou can see from 
the photograph i w hich shows (pnte a small 
snake who has swallowed an egg) that the 
elaatic throat gives plenty of room lor a 
young family The annoying thing is that 
we cannot get scientific proof. I myscli 
am inclined to believe it. for it is a ahame 
that, such a pretty atory tkonld be 4oo good 
lo be true. 

Vipers and grass snakes are the two rep«. 

tiles usually des(nl>e,l as heinsj coneern'-d 
in the mystery Can any of you who are 
reading this help us hy acnding real proof 
to the nearest well-knf)wn naturalist' Hp 
would toon spread the news in scientific 
circles, and you will have added one tlNlg 
point to huipan knowledge. 

But you will have to prove it with 
aomething better than "I tdl yoa I aaw it" 

the iiainter, 
a group of 
many chil- 
of three 

.N'early a hundred >e.irs a«o 
landseer. made a picture «if 
these, which is reproduced in 
dren's boks. Separate pictures 
of Ihe animals by this artist are valued uo» 
sessions of the present Earl of Taakcr 

Stop! Stop! 

My daddy 8 got a motor car; 
He took me throagh the towa. 

I sat inside and watched thf 
All moving up and down. 

And In the roads, so still and atraight 
I saw the |. Iiccmeii stand. 
And daddy k car stopped every tiaM 
One Jatt held out hit hand. 

For my daddy's got a motor, and so 

clever daddies are: 
He has always got a p'liccman. too,' 

to help him atop hit car. 

Now ever since I have bgea three • 
I've had a motor too. 
It doesn't look like daddy's docf 
It s painted red and blue: 

And though it moves like daddy t car, 

And is my very own, 

Karh time I make my motor stop, 

I do It quite alone. 

As I haven t got a p liceman. for my car. 

as daddy » got; 
Oh. I'd like to have a p'Hceman 

sroaM ttop h— hat I've not. 

—My Hagaiine. 


and CarpenUr Bee$ 


<M Jl I10H0W AreviMAVR 



rwAT ciiAvys Hl« aOMC ( 
C«OW^ ^ <wy» «T set ALOtn -Alts^f 

net! cMl,anNCNitNOitVT.iMgaiui 

' -im •mgwoarrr Ht mao 

CIMtU-V W'*r • ■ ( • w uA . • P.. 

Otnte often in looking at an old brick nr 
stone wall. Nitir holes will l>e noticed \ 
ttick poked into these omall r.penmns dur- 

iag the wrarm Summc I ^ ill probably 

refaft ia a very aagry and excited bee baiz- 
ftm oat. Yon have, in fact, dtslurbed the 
mason bee in his borne The hole in which 
he was lurking was made by hu powerful 
jaws The female lays eggs m little rcce^ 
taclet at the bottom of the hole and places 
a store of food beside each egv The hole 
M then sealed up with a mixture of clay 
and mortar, aofteaed with the been' aaliva. 
The cgga are left t* tfc aw a el v et . and whea 
hatched the young beae inotaalli eat their 
way oat Into the opan. The first coonn of 
hr maaoa bae ia calkd the carpc^er haa. 
He barrowB faMe woodwork, chootii^ geiwr- 
a^ir the aa4er t >de of the beam to protect the 
ImIk from rain At the bottom of the hole 
aa egg is hud. Then cornea a partition of 
nwi and wood chtpt: then another egg. and 

so on till the ho'e is filled The carpei f/^^ 
then teals it securely and leaves the eggs 
to lc>f,k after themselves, and when hatched 
the- bees cat thfoafii eath partiiiao till 
get oat 



AKK1\ IN'C, at the itnjad gfttcs of 
Kuleau Hall one i.^ entranced 
with the site upon.whicli Govefn- 

ttirnt lloii!»e !«tands. 

The vinta looks out upon llic wide 
sweep of the union of the Ottawa and 
<»atincaii rivrr-, with thp undulating 
Laurcntian liMithills to the nortii, and 
from the tiny village across the waUrt 
a .slurj)K fiilir'l rhurrh ^piic is per- 
fectly siihouctcd ugain»t an unbroken 

Then one entcr^ the hrtjail <Iri\cway 
circtin^r under the giant inaplea which 
are guardian nentinelsof the Gov*fnor- 
Oencral of Canada 

'riiouf,'li oaks and rlnis are majestic 
hpfciiucns the maple reiffns suf»renie 
at Ki(leaii Mall In fact. Her Kxcel- 
letiry. the Lady Myng of Viniv, has 
lierscif supcrvi.^ed the planting o? (pnte 
a small forest of them. "and she poinfr<l 
with justifiable pride, perhaps better 
termed loving interest, to the thriving 
young trees in the (li>t,incr that will 
make a beautiful parkland out of what 
waft once merely bare stretches of 
meadow adjointng the lawM of th« 
garden proper. 

"I wanted to have^maple trees." sai<l 
I Id l''\c rllriu y. "I love them so. and 
1 planted that avenue of them 
leading from the terrace to my rock 
garden. They will be ver\ lii\ely 
\N lien they gr«nv c)lder." and her voice 
carried tlic pang which she had just 
es|)rcsse<l at the approaching depar- 
ture from Canada. 

Thin haa caused a genuine air of 
gloom to pervade .Hiotao Hall these 
days, and after speaking with Her 
I'^xcellency we know that it is just as 
much of a wrench f 'i lirr as it i-. for 
Canadians. Lord aiul Lady Hyng 
have been peculiarly part of us. N'imy 
was the original password perhaps, and 
Their Excellencies have entered into 
the spirit of Canada ih an unusually 
intimate way Lady Byrtg's hobbies 
arc gardening and writing, and while 
in Canada the horticultural interest has 
had full sway. But we >«fonder if a 
little later "Barriers" and "Anne of the 
Marshland!!," her two hooks, will be 
succeeded by a tlurd combining the 
two intereats with a Canadian atmoa- 

lirr rnti Mi'siasm for the native flora 
is unbounded, and she s|>eaks with an 
expert's knowledge, for she has given 
nuicli ptacticil study to it. .nn"-! lirr 
articles to The journal of the Koyal 
Horticultural J>oelety are valuable 
records. When Invr w c rvrr had a 
( rovfrnor-Oeneral s w iLe who. despis* 
ing phvsieal comforta, haa waded 

throng' I ^y swamps to f' ' •! 

especially tare specimen of Canadian 
plant life ; or who. ftfardlesR of tor- 
menting mosfjuifnrs -T v.Tw hrr pr* 
tered to death with them — has worked 
Btrentiouslv in the garden to rarefnllv 

fultivaf'' "■nMf 'yP*''^ '^f uiK! 

iiowera m order that native flora might 
be better known ifid i4mired? 
**! tried over m4 OTtr ig«i« to 

A Olt or (MOYLANO 

transplant some oi the Kocky Moun- 
tain dog-tooth violets in my' garden.'' 

said Her l",\cellciic\-. "IWit the poor 
little vv retches would only die after 
Rtru^glinK through our late Eastern 

Spring Tluy come up so quickly in 
the West, and there is not sufficient 
warmth here in early Spring. But you 
nnist ^cr how histdy the Cypridinm 
I'arvTfloruin urows. 'J hat is one of 
the native orchids, you know, the yel- 
low Lady's Slipper, which ia btcoming 
quite rare nc >v\ " 

Kicu; From Blue Ga//er3> 

The room in which we were sitting 

had larec jar> of rnllivated SoU>tnon's 
SeaK wnose green fr«»nds bent ijrace- 
fully with the weight of theif white 
bells. They v.crv lovely aii'l shown! 
an artist's hand in their arrangement. 
In fact, Her Kxcelleney undertakes to 
arrange all tl i- vasc^. e\en the decora- 
tions for the table, and anyone with 
experience will realize the amount of 
work this means in a l>4t: establish 
ment which is always lavishly beauti- 
fied by a wcaLh of bloom. 

"I'm \ I'll must see I'tf viow from 
the blue gallery." and traversing 
spacious corridors we came into a 
cnarminq; mom rrlittcrinj^ uilh (rla'-> 
and sunshine. "The house looks very 
bare now. as \vt have begun packing. 
Amoii|r the (m turrs I had some quite 
beautiful little flower paintings of the 
gafden by Miss Faith Fyles, which I 
am taking 'i' mr 

The blue gallery is but a recollec- 
ticm of aome lovely Chinese blue 
pottrtx. for thru the vista from the 
wmdowK held one spellbound. Just be- 
low the terrace waa aglow with the 

brilliant miorings of latt tulips ('treat 
waves of the deep roae Pluto merged 
Into the lighter luaciotts (ikiks of the 

Inpf[f sromhe ; gorgeous Madras anrl 
Chestnut «if the Breeder type made 
rich contrasts against the goldeh glory 
of Mr-!. Moon .itifl «r int illatmp' Ingle?- 
cotnbe yellow; an<i supplying depth of 
c6l6r to the desiipt— the dark fed 
ptno^inu drifted in harmohy among 

the more delicate ones. There were 

lovely majestic purple ones, too, and 
suddenly we knew that always here- 
all«r when we saw rej;al tulips, we 
wouM think of the Lady Myng of 
\ iin>. for there is something l)enuti- 
lull\ akin m the appearance «if those 
stately, colorful flowers and the com- 
pelling personality of. the gracious 
chateuiine of Rideau H«ll> 

"Therr w.i.s nri foundatiou planting 
ajjaiiKst the house, so 1 put down all 
those iris." and as Her Kxcelleney 
waved her haml towarfi- the masspd 
border of lilooni so subtly 
used against the grey stone walls, the 
wind swa\ed those fleur-de-lis into 
sweeping curt.sey. and was it a trick «>f 
the eye tbat visualized the court beau- 
ties of the old I-'rench regime of f.,ower 
Canada paying graceful homage? 

between the tulips a wide path 
(Uscends from the terrace, which is 
bordered with lovely lilac, and leads the i>arterre on which it is es- 
corted bv a double row of }()ung 
ma|>les planted by Her l^xccllency. It 
melts into the distant enchantment of 
the fork gatdcn — a colorful fairyland 

of flowrr'^ 

Said Her l.,\cellency: "That was 
n<->thing but a barr space of ground. 
I changed the whole contour of that 
piece of land by bringing in rocks, and 
rvrrv one of thtfli came from Rock- 
cbflFe " 

"It can't he called RockclifTe any 
longer when we've taken away ail 
those rork^," later said a very marvel- 
ous looking aide, resplendent in blue 
and gold. 

EncKqntmg Rock Garden 

Hut the enchantment of the rock 
garden wa."' upon one. It crowned the 
velvety lawns like a fliadcm of richest 
lewels Sapi'hires. ru'ties opaK. emer- 
alds, topa/., turquoise au<1 pearls glit- 
tered in the platinum setting of the 
rocka, and diamonda aparkled from the 

little jets oi v.iicr trickling in the 
crevices. Hut whereas jewels are 
superbly ntagniticent, the friendliness 
of the glow itfg flowers was more 

lo\al)ly intimate. 

Perhaps the rose-shaded orange of 
the Azalea Mollis (Comtc <lc Popodo 
|>oli) shows most strikingly beautiful 
against the lichen-co\ cred boulders 
and the neighboring blue-mauve cam- 
panula p.uillaidcs d.-irin^Iy succeeds 
in the rainbow combination. Masses 
of white and blue phlox subulata cas 
catle riotoUsL aiul its mauve sha<les 
merjje delightfully into the grcy-grceti 
foliitge of dianthus plumarius. 
drifts of blue forget-me-nots spread a 
car|>fl for the j)iiik laden shrubs of 
Tartarian honeysuckle, which ar( 
MiisliiiiL,' rosv in many corners and 
Ideiid c\<|uisitely into the richer" 
frosted shadings of Berberis I'hun- 
ber^ii The lo\el\ waw anemone 
s>lvcstris are the pearls of this crf»wii 
of flowers and clustering nearh/ are 
the pink\ mauve aubretia, violas, thr 
sun.set orange of Shirley poppies, 
poppy phaetieum. the tiny primula 
rorttisoides and the midnight blue of 
aju^a with its dark olive foliage. 

'1 he clear orange of the cheiranthus 
allioni ( wallflower I is a vivid touch of 
color and tones well intri the rult 
coppery leaves of the rydonia iaponica 
spreading behind a large boui<ler and 
glowing with rosy flowers of wax-like 

deep mud and muskej.,' to places where, 
by all the rules of the game, orchids 
.should abound, but not a sign of th>m 
will you see. Then suddenly, within 
no more than a few feet of yunr last 
failure, you will, after stfu^'glmj^' 
through a jungle Of thuya occidentalis 
and hemlock spruce, identical with 
what you have just left, reacli a lake 
apparently identical with the one a 
few pSces away, and you will catch 
your breath with joy at the wealth of 
cypridedium acauh , spectahile or par 
v'inorum that surround the water. 
Th^r* they are— all the beauties you 
have hunted till despair nearlv sci.'.ed 
you, and you stare spellbound at 

This cypripedium looked very 
happy in the "wild corner." as Her 
iCxcellency calls the snot which we 
instinctively know it btst Jovctf by 


A little higher among the rocks a 
fairy-like court of cultivated columbine 
in opalescent shades of pink are pro- 
tected by a background of hybrid rosa 
rugosa whoae plum-colored foliage is 
an excellent foil against the stones 
which here edec a gurgling stream that 
dances over the upper boulders, skips 
merrily Aroimd tutting rocks and 
splashes joyously int<i the lower p«Kd. 

Mounting the stone steps which 
wind upward through fhr flowering 
rocks with .sedums perping here and 
there, the delicate foha;:< of a cutleaf 
maple casts flickering shade tipon the 
path an<l a wee huninun^' bird wa.s 

tejtture. One of the gems of the col- • swaying perilously on a tmv twig. 

lection i' c^p^ipedium parvinorum, 
the fascinating ladv's slipper of the 
orchid f«lnily. of wlilch Her Excellency 
said : 

"(.)rchid hunting is as exciting as 
big-gam hunting, for orchids arc as 
elusive as game.* ^'oll mav* wander for 
flays through tangles r>f undergrowth 
to likely looking swamps and lakes; 
you mAy wade tarotagh ankle or knco- 

\ mass planting r«f delphinium on 
the upper level will be clouds of blue 
later in the season, and we spied ibe 
derpiv srrrateil le.ives of tlelphinium 
elatum, an unusual dwarf \ariefv. M- 
ready the luxurious pink oi iaplma 
cneorum is snugly escom ed and inak 
ing every cfToit to keep in bloom until 
the dephiniiinis ll(l^^c^, when It knows 
it will look duobly txautiful. The 

pink sa.Miraga, ilic dwarf mauve pent- 
stemon manziesii. primula cashmeria 
and rampanula pallisiana and carpatica 
ate rlaiuhenng colorfully over every 
iiuhe. vrhile the more patient little 
plants like onothera cespiloaa, the 
hard\ blue geranium and artemesia 
are biding their time to show oil Uter.- 
Tht Background 
Teaming the background of the rock 
garden are several massive elms shel 
tering garVien seats from whieh to 

watch the nearby tennis courts. Ami 
the slope to the right is banked with 
gfeat drifts of iris germanica shadin; 
from white to deep purple and blend- 
ing beautifully with the mauve tints 
of the huge hedgca of lilac ruAning at 
I . I f :itii^le\ in the near distance. 

Massed plantings of peonies flank 
the grav*I walk below the rock gar- 
den, and looking ba^k towards the 
upper terrace the severe lines of the 
house are softened by some gloHous 
old elms. 

Skirting the south edge of the par- 
terre, a wide path extends the entire 
length of the garden and giant pansies. 
at least four and a half inches across 
(according to the law— the law being 
the K.C M l' on guard duty), edge the 
wide ribbon borders whiCh run parallel 
for the length of the parterre, /innia*', 
salpii^lossi^, coreopsis, larkspur, man 
j;olds. phlox drummf)hdi, with K'fat 
clumps oi tigrum, will make a colorful 
dicipUy later in t|ie Summer. 
. In the greenhousf, (which adj'^i" 
the east wing of Kideau Hall), though 
this is their slafk time, there is a sur- 
prising array of bloom and some lovely 
greenery ; specially the arrangement of 
the huge banfillf bf skcts which were 
n^agnihcent wit1l*^ih«tlfwi tnd SWOCd 
fern mixed. 

Beyond the greenhousfs on the 
north of the tennis courts lies the rose 
g.'-rden, enclosed by a cedar hedge. The 
renire lawn is entirely open and a 
carved stone seat is set amid the 
cedars on the east end. Roses do not 
thrive especially well in that sAil. so 
hut two sides of the s'l'nf'" •^^< i'-'"'' 
for them, the .south side being planted 
with chrysanthemums of very nne va- 
riety, notably • dccaratlir* tjpc. Mtria 

,\nd CN'srlastings. were - they only 
more beautiful, might well bc sym 
t>olical of the garden of Her Excel- 
lency the Lady Byng of Vimy, For 
not only has -he ^iven her personabtv 
to tfovernment House Gardens, mak- 
ing waste spares to bloom cxotically, 
but has she not planted by her own 
hands w ithin a historical spot the na- 
tive flowers of C^inada — the maple 
trees of Canada to grow and blf>om 
lovelier year by year, decade upon de- 
cade, for all time? They are dceda of 
remetnbranee wkich, in truth, will tl- 
waya bear a fragrant memoijr. 

Subject ol Euthcnics leaches W omen How to Live^More tffieieiUl> 

nv ikr^n'fi c. rtt-D 

li' ao many <llvr>rr^»'» 

Why (To p«r*AU fall lA und«r< 
Mk»4 IMU eaiMran? Way tf« w«n^«n 
think haiMShM»laa sssr* impMtaai 
than hema-maainct Way So «r»mMi 
fail to attpiv th« aam* •fttelsacy la 
th« horn* I hut m»n Snd •ueCMafnl In 
iMiKinf'ii" ' ii'>w ran* th* hom* b« 

mado » r«r*»T' 

that win l>v i»niiw»T«,,i fnr * huntlri l 
wontMi this Mummvr mt Vamr r<>i 
l«a*'s flrat aummAr •••r««. tKirln* 
the W«rl4 War n«tr«lnc «M tauattt 
In faasmar Maion*. ftui thu »»• 
tA mmi tiM apSeiai tmarfcney. With 
nUt eaeaptlSB Vsaeav Haa uaiUsS 
Haslf la . uataiiiafliisn w*rk wiuita 
th« saWafs Tmt, eUMavradat s«ai- 
trMuata w«rk in it* own acheolt. 
Naw, to m9H th« n««da •t lh« pr»* 
•nt, VMMr I* lB«uaur«i!«« h Hum 
mt school of cr«itaMil< - 

■iith«nlc« M a *»r.i i* ...mi.arH. 
ttvaly yoans. Var1*ua SeSnitlon* 
gtfm cor It. tiM MmmHmi a*i«s 
•MM itvtBs. aa (•MiMsaa at Vaaat 
It «wi«t«n th« tikiaca that li insi a ta« 
womnn llrtns todar «h« thlaf* tkat 
a* Into < •- "f iivina aa a 

wK«, * r>»m«-m*Ker, • 

m^mh*r f •.oKMjr ii l« not home 
#conoini<« uli.n* n 'm rh M i'>ilrlnt 
• lAn*. nnr ii<vr1»l m '. r ■■ > a 

mmr ^eUtla% n»v m*ni«l h>Ki*n«. n>>r 
nm» a«v«lilntnr Mt H 

I ail <hi>«# unft mf>r«. 
§KUUmt MniM MaWlne 

h« hAfnc-mnkinv ih« Mm* mm In 

humlllriK n<t> \>rlnii« ri^ndtllnn* nh* 
vt III inori ■!« nil TiflnK^r ha* In il^iil- 
liiK M Uh tilx vk orh. Nn ntliiallon In 
entirely wlihnnt anaw^r for tha An- 
flnver' h« can alwnya r«r^r ii> sA*t 
r*eoraa aa4 paM MpertanoM of tHaas 
who hav* pr«o*aaa him. ■uthaaiaa, 
It ki MMrt*«. »1U ftva tlM Wamaa • 
•imltar hacktrMina ta ali har t* 
ampyt* with thS prahUaM or her 

I>r ll#nry Noh!« MacCraekMl, 
l>r<-«iiiefi( i f VaaMP. waa aakad the 
• >ili#r day what had l«>d Vaaanr to 
inauaant* a famskar aahaal of 

"Tha prMant t awaniin it." rr- 

pllaS. "Whan Matihtw Vnaanr 
faundad thl« oolIrK* )<•■ wu* oac^r to 
davalnp a woman'n < ollag* that would 
not t>f an lif)ltatlon of a man a oei- 
l*ir' TIma and again In hia Ictiara 
III (lio trun t aM of tha ooll«it» hr m14: 
I b«9 y*« to romaathar ihU a 
waMM'oealloaa.' UnfartaaAtoly. amall 
aooi waa to hlo waeaa. Tac thar 
-who im4o of Vnaar aa imlution of 
a man'a c*ll#ir* tNro hot wholly to 
Shim*. All womoa'a e<>ii*cA« h*a 
hoon imUaUona of •> c-oii»km> 

"In tha paat thar* vna aom* ra^aon 
tar I hi*. Hiah^r aaaaatlMa tor womoa 

•till pmcMoaliy utm. Waakaa haa 
<* pro** that il»oir hralas wae* aa 

tOOd M Mta'a. that thay rnuld attala 
tho Mm* lilnd nf arholarahlp aa men. 
W'alt, ih»y pro*a4 11 Htt on* l*day 
<1rtiihi* It What wfta f»>» aataMla' 

UkM the profaaaloa of a»«n. thar* no 

l*B0av IS a auMtlon of woman'* lnt*l- 
ISetual al'inty 

"It la now urn* for womrn'a «oll*sM 
t* d* tha W'«rk 'hat Malthaw Vatear 
with atant foraalfht lqt*Ad«d Vaawir 
to do. that 1*. to train wom*n for 
thoir haalncM at llvta«. A woman 
4eao aai asaa tha msm oduoation a* 
a maa. His y*ar« of roMaaa ara In* 
t<>nd*<1 to train him for Ih* work ha 
will ilo •»< HO »fricl»>nt riwmlipr ..f thf 
conini'ini'N Im' IIvoh In, :in Ihr head 
of hi" i'\. W.^ Klr4ll Ht pr^a- 

rnt, u.^s wlu-itin I r not hia col- 
Iff* eucrfpijj In doing It. A woman'a 
eollcao should train tha woman for 
th* part sh* IS to play in llf*. 

"Oror •*T*aty-flr* par ooat of eoJ- 
irca wom*n auirry. Ar* thar tr«ln*a 
for tha ear»«r of hem*-nMih*r*T 
Aiiordlna to raporta w* r#ad in 
nfwapap'ra and ih# tliirijra ihf»l ar* 
diaeuaaad in hoiiaphoMK. I itilnk (h« 
aaowar ki 'no.' 

A«p Requlrra IMffrrriu Tralalna 
Till* N in rra of Indiiatrlal proa- 
raM. Hit -u rol ni !«>< tn<~ilioda no longer 
Work. All <l<>^ •'iiipniriii In along acl- 
*ntlAc llnf* »-"i.r th»> nitin or woman 
who In .iiDuntrd lo this rhangv. Ufa 
I. 1 wnrthwhlta adv^ntur*. Kor th" 
p*r*on wha is not. U Is pr*Uy much 
of > taaal* Pr*rto«s ooelnl aal^. thS 
family, th* rlan, no lnna*r aaam to 
•atm, or. axMlnk. no lont*r aorv* 
tOLOnawar all pr..r.|(«mB of llvlnc. 

^Thara a nm» wb*n a rouna 

maa or woman onatdsrlng a rarrcr 
♦r'^iild talc«> op th* Quavtlon m 

1 ■ r-r m\pm lh*r* WOUM ■ 

(.aaauitaUon of iha Mraaal btaachM 

Of th* family. Tho samo waa imo 

In othar mattors, la buslnoM. In 
haalth. In •duoAtlon. Thas* couacils 
rat'Iy ar* cmIIp^I nowadux* Th*r* 
lan i arjfh rloaa t.imMy iifa for on* 
thing, an<l th* family li> not m>i all- 
sufftclant aK it waa -tt doe-^n i r^ach 
out Ss far aa tha young peraon want* 
to go. Th* social stability of th* past 
is COM* I In Ita plaea #* har* a social 
mobility, a movsakcnt awny from th* 
fsMfly, a aMr*moat tawarS sr*at*r 
eoMaavaity Nta.. Tfeat haiav tha aaaa^ 
aaeh ln4ivie«ai has to know mora 

than f'^fof r:i.ti infli\ Idiial Uhh Ui 
flt Into a newer and wider patiarn. 
Trato far tloii Mnfciaa 

"To k**p In step wrth this industalal 
rlvillxatlon. woman nruat b* tmln*4 for 
fh»lr rar^'ra of hnmo-maklng Just as 
men hH\r- i,»en irnlnoii to api>ly arl^nr* 
to lli<> hulliling of nky Hcrapera. to (on 
trni of dlaaan^, to the •iiapoaal of 
■ewaa*. to all thlngx uhrre " t^nr e and 
•Aetoncy Imv* taken th* plac* of lack 
of tralalac aad muddllnr throach. An 
enatnaor who ballds a hrl4ao oaanet 
do his Job with hut four yanrs of aea- 
derni' < ollege no-l .,ivr« him his 

B A H^ munt w i " eiiKineerlng 
training A womai^ » ho «oe« In for 
bulldlna * home tan no longer do It 
With nothlna but bar foar year* of 
acatfoMlo •aaoatlon. tha Muat ho 
trala*4 for hor Jah. 

"For a aamhcr of years Vasaar haa 
(yean eirlntf thought m thhi A 
.iiii» over (w^ year* *g>^ w» <1eflnlt»ly 
inauguraiad a eothen '■• i ' 'n n<ir 

rurrirulum Many '— ^ • - •« 

ia thia aingioa bad b««o pwi oi th* 

curriculum boforg. trat n*r«r had ih*y 
b**n ti*d up to mak* a comprehan- 
ai%* UnlL Under ih* new regime a 
atudant can major in enihanlr^s Just 
aa she might In KnaiKh or history. 

•yk^aeca CSrtiglaMi 
"THk p*opi* *ho taaah tha aahjaets 

In thfS division ar* prefsasors In old 

departmenta, the aubjecta being ror- 
related to give the rompletp tralnlriK 
We are not IrylnR to train np."<lali«i« 
in euthanl<-», althouKh there are ave- 
nilSS In that neld iVrtulnly the 
woman who plans to he a aoclal 
warhor, a aiouaian. a r***arota 
warftor in labor or chlM hoalth n*l4*. 
wni ho boitor oaaippo« if oh* is 
tmin*d In *athaalea thsn ono who Is 
nrm*4 with nothing hut a dthloiho 
and I dealre for a •■ 

■Ifriaiise oulhenrt-x .« i iomf>ara- 

li\rly new word It h«« iri..l»-d a good 

deal Of amuMm*nt ami criticism 
Twsnty y*ors nao 'oaaonlcs' wag a 
■Sw ward, forty ywro nao *Mr- 
eholoay was • now word, 'goslaisay 
ana ^MMhropotoay' war* ngw worte 
yMr* ago The n*w alway* la- 
viiea n Ixiich . llulhenira, to flBjr 
mind. 1^ perhapB more impoitant thaa 
ejgenica The latler de-il^i with the 
generatlohs to oome; rutheniM I* 
c*ne*rn*d wUh hMklng life ef th* 
pr* g — t ftfiaratlen *fricio«t and 

'TKo mattor hpw greatly einiMad w* 
ara. tho homo la th« nntaral hvmaa 
rentr*. If you drstroy tt yo« h«re no 
ini' left Th* tsrto tronbl* toaay Is 

« -imeo «-*nn''t rpe»i the pr(^^ 

lam* that aciaa am of th* ranoug 

n*w actlTltlos in whieh thay aro 
thrown They ha»en t the aamo Shlll 
of kaowla4ca aad r«f*rone* that an 

oaNrt la atiar iaMo s oss Th*y 

do aoc haav how haat to asrra thtir 
famlllos and thslr commvnitia* so 
that neither aufTera at th* ««pena* of 
either W* nre Interested In teaching 
«oniin to t'lake lh<' family and th* 
home a worthwhile place to slay." 

The etitheair* iindTgradtiste coarse 
at Vaaaar will take cure of (he home- 
makers and lommunltv leadera of 
th* ftJtiir* the H'lrnmer roor*# la 
arrangr I <" take caie ( f a hundred 
Women *lio hfive already fried their 
hnnd hI hom*- maklnr i nd felt that 
they have much to learn It In- 
cludes aanncroua auhjei ta. taken up 
■•4ar tva SMia dlrtoiaaa-rih* fam- 
Itr In Ita honaa rolaiiaaaaifo. aa« th* 
fs roily la Ha rMaiishahly to tho com 

t'hild h>glene. nutrition tiom" 
nurslna. paranthond. individual ud- 
Justmoata ta aaw social and en v iron - 
n»«aui caaaitleas. hoanahold t*ch- 
aoloay. aro aamo af tha sahjocta. 

Sparta In Mch ara ta aarva at Vagaar 
a •umm*r. Aft*r tha Uetarsa 

th*re will be round table dIseuMlOfI* 

at whi<-h ea< h *'f* or moil^cr ar a 
woman «! "itaar auy triaa a» 

4*aait* proL>>em« 

Inaamaeh as the «a4y of ^iid 
growth !■ to be lnelfi4*4.m th* pfa- 
gramme pisiw ha*^ hooa ma4a ta 
take rare of twSoty ehUdraa who ato 
boiwooa tho a«Sa of two aa4 

Th*ir raahs will t>* ntlod by thdl 
ehlMraa of math*r* who ar* ukla* 
tho >A«r*o. Thay will gtar at tha 

\ ,. ir«erv m 'I'.ol all 

I KI rained in Mon«-r 
Profaaoor Annie lx>iii*e Mri^od la 
tha airaetor of the Kuthonlc* Divi- 
slaa. "W* ar* not ouiUalng work »f 
m*r* hypaihmioal vaJaa to womoS. ' 
oh* aald. "Wo haew thay n**4 H. 
faka ai^ any parlodlcsl today aad 
•ossawhar* within n* < over* you will 
Sad rafareri' t,, l <• maludjuatmoat 
In th* home due to la' k of trainlnf. 
atandard* of living aie «roriif l>e(aij«« 
a woman doesn't know e«a»tly what 
thay should be Men worry abou' 
th* MUravaaancaa of ihalr virm 
hooaitM wom*n haroa't I ga w ad 

to live efTlrlently. 

"It ia a at rant* and aarfriatag 

thing thai whil* men U% tMta*d to 
n,- ' p nnon»-y, women. Sfao spend 
' gh'v per rent of all the 
money made In th* l'nit*d 0tat*a. , 
hay* no training at all la pi opor l y • 
dlsposina of It. It Is 
maitar of badart or 
aomios. It ig a mau*r at ssontal attl- 
todo, a haowladto of ^ayeholagy. of 
sdjastrngatg tg family r«spoaslhllltlM 
and to anVtroamenlal Influmesa. It 
in' ludea hnrne nuralnff rcokory nn- 
trtiion and domestic labor probladis. 
Ai' ihrae Ih. nsa ar* Important. Thor 
touch every rpan and woman. Tgt a 
nun'* eoiirga cap s*t llrf milllea 
dotiAra to hulid a sehoel to taoch maa 
h«# to hiska mon«7 aad ▼assar aaat 
aa< oar s ->>-.d <h«««iia4 u 
bow w aaaad 




uld Ve 

Dyo rSTrl£f?/AACKi: 

11^ ■ 

m . 


%$TATUf Of LlBtfJTY 
ADOQN o\./tMr HAnenXJ 

THf SPtcTse Of DtPonmrioN 


JJyT is true." she said. "There were Ihre 
I couple*. We were told we muat be 
' married or wc woaM not be allowed 
to iMd." 

Here she burst into tears. What will 
litter aayr she sobbed. "I had written her 
I was not marryinK for a year, as tny 
brother-in-law had got me a job in a store in 


And mother! What will she think when 
she hears I've broken my promiae to her? 
C)h\ how I wish I had never heard of 

Whether U was bccauac this particular 
passenger Itn^r. loaded with iniiiisrantA for 
Canada, had tempted fate by setting forth on 

Friday the 13th. or whether -t had sailed 
unde r an unfavorable configuration, tlie triji 

had proved momentous for so many of the 
special charges of the ship's conductress that 
by the time the boat-train reached Its desti- 
Mtton she was amotiK those who^r- faith in 
human nature and in a kind I'rovidence had 
been mdely shaken. 

The Hiitirs of a «.hir'« eondtictfess On 
boifd a Can.ifiian-l)ound pas^rnRrr vessel are 
numerous and varied. Sh. exported to 
check wp pnaccompanied women to ascertain 
that papers are In order for entering the Do- 
nitnion As well, she had been found useful 
in quieting (car* of heads of families who, 
from disturbing reports disseminated, have 
begun to display anxiety as to satisfactory 
working oat of landing arrangements. 

The ve«»el «a^ a small one of old- 
Jashioned type with poor accommodation 
for third class passengers. The sea had 
been rough. Many of the passengers had 
found it nece»«ry to remain in their cabins 
throughont llie entire trip. special 
cases had given undue concern and from 
■N appearatfces those in charge of the con- 
diirtre-s should «afriy pass immigration 
officers and be allowed to land. 

. It was true the ship's purser an-1 the 
surgeon had caused her some dismay the 
day before the landing date, through an- 
nouncement that five engaged girls of her 
party were liable to deportation. Declara- 
tion forms required by Canadian immigra- 
tl II i.fFirers had shown the fiances — who 
abo were on board— had, in every instance, 
been responsible for the purchaae of two 
ocean tickets. 

There was one alternative offered such 
offending couples This was .i stipulation 
that any pair who traveled in this way 
ahotild agree to being wed at port by tpe- 
clal ceremony on board the ship. 

As. however, the conductress had prided 
herself on knowledge, tluntiKli experience, 
of every section of what to her appeared a 
prehistoric Immigration Act. and no such 
barbarous interpretation of any of its 
clauses had ever been encountered, she con- 
ctaded the ahtp'i officers were only haviag 
a little joke at her expcasc. 

Ftm of D»<ri rt wt 
The Information, however, proved some- 
what disconcerting, more pa^tirularl v as 
she was aware disillusionment had already 
catiscd small ripples to appear on the calm 
se.i of romance in the case of two of the 
couples who would thus become involved, 
and clouds now forming overhead menaced 
frail barks gliding thereon. 

The confidence of one diseloaed she had 
decided, under promise to her mother he 
(ore leaving Kngland. nut to marry until 
the man to whom she was engaged could 
offer her a home. It was true she had ac- 
cepted funds from him for payment of her 
ocean fare and that he was on board; hut 
a post had been secured ioi her by relatives 
in Toronto and he covld aoon be reim- 
bursed from money earned. 

The chosen mate of fiance No. 2 had 
shown a aomewbat fickle di.sposition, when 
removed from restricted village environ- 
n^ent to the unconventional surroundings 
of life at sea. She was carrying on a 
strenuous flirtation with a male passenger 
whom she had met for the ffrst time on 
boar<l Her suppiisediv dejected lover ha<l 
concluded this was a game which two could 
play and aecmed to be consoling himself 
with the companionship of a much older 
woman, yidowed through the Great War. 

The trip by rail from Halifax to 
Montreal proved a sucvesaion of surprises, 
so startling in their character, at, to leave 
the ordinarily calm conductress in a some- 
what dazed con'lition. She vowed hys- 
terically she would immediately procure a 
copy of Canada's Immigration .\ct to as- 
certain what wording was responsible for 
customs >riiil in the extreme it .id 
ministered by one possessing the judgment 
and wisdom of a Solomon— hot barbarous 

nlien interi>reted hv a lesSMB^ire^ Caoa* 
dian immigration otTuer 

Hurried disembarkation and entrain- 
ment had scattered all her charges, who 
had gone to comply with immigration re- 
quirements She !iad. however, been as- 
lured but a few minutes before that there 
wera no deports and that all wonM be per- 
mitted to proceed. 

Little dreaming at what a sacnhce this 
liberty had been purchased in the ease of 
some, she settled herself Calmly in a Pull 
man car to soliloquise upon pitfalls lurking 
on even a peaceful aU^ (or Canada's 
an<l iinsnspertinj immiflrants 

5eM/eri Sh»uld tie H anted 
"If the DominRMi will ■dhert." she mused. 

"lo an "Ut-of d.ite, patched up immigration 
Act, would-be settlers should be waraed 


Canada in admiaiatratioa oi her immigra- 
tion Act,- no matter. b{>w his personal feel- 
ings might be 'awayed by an appeal to let 
her past. 

Kindly Paruh Priett 

The kindly parish priest, rrali ing. per- 
haps, -better than anyone the necessity of 
this family now going forward, stepped 
r|tiiri<K into the hreach. Taking the' baby 
111 his arms, he said: ' , 

"GraadiMother will take care o( baby. 

before they are allowed to sell homes and 
break with old world associations." 

'■.\t present cost of fares no one would 
be so iin^wisc as to lake a chance on possible 
deportation. Every effort should be made 
by those responsible for bringing im- 
migrants to Canada to enlighten patriotic 
citizens there of the harm ilrpuriation 
causes the frecdoni-loving British people. 

"Besides,** she murmured, "why should 
any misdemeanor, oversight or lapse, out- 
side of felony or physical disability, not 
discovered before they sailed, make it 
necessary for any immigrant who hat 
burned his or her bridges and been ac- 
cepted as a passenger on an ocean liner, to 
be returned at so great cost, before being 
given a chance in a great big empty coon- 

"Are there not thousands unable to 
speak our tongue permitted to enter freely 
— though Canada knows nothing whatever 
of their fitness to become Canadian 

Citi/en- ' 

lier reverie was suddenly interrupted 
by a cabin passenger. She was asked in 

her official capacity whether she was aware 
ti\ e ( ouples liad been hurriedly joined in 
matrimony before they were allowed to 

Concealing as best she could surprise 
and .inxiely .it this mformatioti, with the 
Statement that one should discount con- 
siderably reports circulated with regard fb 
what went on on board an ocean liner, she 
hurried through the train to see il she could 
find assurance that such report had been 

Pacing her at the fir end of the colonist 
car, in an cxceedinRly crestiailen altitude, 
she spied the young couple whose disas- 
trous experience has already been re- 
counted. As she approached the buabaad 
hung his head. ' . 

A trip through the car disclosed four 
other dejected couples, sitting as though 
stunned at what should have been the hap- 
piest e\ent i ir each of them. The con- 
ductress could see these, too, had had a 
rude awakening and had net the heart to 
break in upon their woe 

As she returned to the Pullman car a 
story she had heard sogac yoara before 
came suddenly to memory. 

A ship's wedding, under threat of de- 
portation, had hound for life tw.i thought- 
less people. They had met on board and 
quickly flung themtelvet into one of the 
violent flirtations so often entered into to 
while away the boredom of an ocean 
\ov.ige Through reports to immigration 
officers, probably from unauthentic sources 
— perhaps through spite of a rival passenger 

who resented the attachment- thev were 
forced to wed under threat of deportation. 

Ccvcmmenf'i Brutal Treatmtnt 

Tlie husband ha<l left his young I'lig- 
lish bride at the ship's side and gone his 
way into the United States. The girl for 
years hail earned her Iiv uik; in h \V estrrn 
city with the stigma of a forced ship s wed- 
ding dogging* every effort to aocceed. She 

was unable to saxe sufFirient money for 
• Iivorce from a phanttim husband — cruelly 
thrust upon her by a (lovernment who now 
asked a large amoont to set her free! 

Because at some time in the past history 
of Canada or the I'nJed States — for many 
of o^r harassing immigration restrictions 
have been hiodcled after those of our 
wealthy Southern neighbor a hardened 
pair of married lovers had left their lawful 
mates in the old world to seek entry in the 
new. interpretations placed upon amend- 
ment to the Immigration Act may since be 
used for wrecking lives of young and inno- 
cent couples. No one had warned in this 
instance that the setting forth with one to 
whom they were engaged, upon tickets paid 
by either party, would constitute a crime 
punishable by deportation, or an evea 

worse alternative. 

The passiitg of aaother hour sprung yet 
another enigmatic surprise upon the da/ed 
conductress. Seated a few rows in front in 
the same PuHman car, she spied' two 

women deep m earnest lonversation They 
had not been there before she left the car. 

"Surely the tall one must be Miib T. 
Bat what is she doing in Canada and how 
does she coaie to be traveling with the 
Hfaidtt nurse?" 

Miaa T.'s aaaic had bccii om her list of 
unaeeompanied women on the rceently-ar- 

riNed orean lirer Shr had hern dulv 
visited in her cabin, where she was im- 


prisoned throughout the trip by a serious 
spell of mal-de-mcr. 

The rereptio* had been a cool one She 
had been advised fbe was an Australian 
nurse, who had teen service in the war. 

.\fterwards she had spent two yeart on a 
hospital ship, accompanying troops to her 
own land. She was now en rout^ home 
after a protracted visit with relativea in 
Kngland. Her firit intention had been to 
travel across Canada, but sh'e had changed 
her mind since sailing and now desired to 
pass through the Uaited States. Should a 
i>ost of suitable nature offer in California, 
she had planned to remain there. 

Datmmd Witlmd EMpimaHtt 

The conductress stated u tnight be dif 
ticult for her to enter the latter country, as 
she had neglected to comply with passport 
requirements. Tt was suggested to Miss T. 
that it would be advisable for her to say 
sha was traveling through and to give the 
name of an acquaintance there to whom 
she was supposedly destined until such time 
as she should sail. 

So far as Xfiss T.'s companion was con« 
cerned. the conductress was thankful nc 
connection with her whatever had been re- 
quired. Ship's gossip, however, had not 
left her free, and the wat in possession of 
considerable of her story 

She was returning to California, where 
her parents had died in infancy. Later she 
had been adoptetl by wealthy foster- 
parents, who had brought her up and sent 
her three years before lo her native land 
to train for the nursing proTc^sion. 

Now, however, it was necessary the 
should ascertain why they were both in 
Canada, as she would require to make a 
rep'ort in the case of the former. 

.^s she seated hrr^clt ..[ipcsit the two 
women she w\s greeted by a torrent of in* 
coherent exclamatient from Mitt T. which 
appeare<l to contain a r'>und of abute ol 
immigration officers of the United States. 

It was then disclosed that Miss T. had 
been subjected to a very rigorous examina- 
tion by a United States immigration officer 
Her apparent neglect tO comply with 
CttttoRiary passport requirements, as wcl! 
at resentment at personal questions put to 

her. caused her to be detained. The officer 
had threatened to deport her. 

Acemtd •/ fiemf Defeetiot 

No more thought wa.s given this unusual 
incident until the former had rejoined her 
ship a week later and was returning to the 
Old Land. It occurred to her that as Mi«s 
T. had come so very close to deportation, 
the ahip's surgeon who had accompanM 
his vessel to Portland should be in a posi- 
tion to enlighten her as to what transpired. 

"That Hindu nurse," said he. "was a 
deep one. She became acquainted the last 
evening out with the other one. It ap- 
peared she offered to take brr fo the home 
of her foster parents in Cahfornia, and on 
the strength of this borrowed a hundred 
dollars She did not wish her lo land in 
the I'nited States, so passed the word to an 
immigration olRctr tiMt aha was ■ennWy 

"As the, too, was t trained nnrte. hor 

word was arrepted N'.i Honf.t when sha 

discovered Miss T. was allowed to go 
throngh Canada she consMercd it wise ta 

accompany her to make sure she did net 
enter the United Stales from there ' 

While every thlp tiHtriny Canada could 
not be said to carry so fairss a nnmber of 
donbtfol cases, the grim spectre of deporta- 
tion stalks beside the major perrentage of 
Canada's wouM-b« immigranu. From the 

Apfff? ?<lf?AlN at rAQfwniT. 
gfA?»CWNr$'9 AND iM f(7iAL?of fk^flf? 

MANY Atf UNfiT 10 Q(S9OH0 10 ^fCSfT 

time they embark on the great adventure 

until they have s.ifely passed immigration 
bars — where lock is turned on them — fear 
may be said to be uppermost that for tome 
unknown reaton. of which they have never 
been advised, they may be turned round 
again and ordered %adc to the land from 
which they came. 

"And what if I have but one eye?" said 
the sturdy daughter from Lancashire, who 
was accompanied by her parenta and sev- 
eral older sisters. 

"It's all I've h.i'l •^mce sister poked the 
scissors through the other one when 1 was 
two years old; and I've never known the 
"miss* of it Surely they would not tarn 
me back for a little think like that. " 

Full well the conductress knew that this 
cirl s family had been upset by a ship's re- 
port that she was liable to deportation. 
Should this prove true, she also knew that 
all would be returned, as they were not the 
type who would permit home ties to be 

torn asunder for a truial technicality 

"Vou should have no trouble in passing 
immigration officers," she stated. "There 
are two ships to be cleared first and per- 
haps by that time no one will be partic- 

Unfair Deportatiom 
Her prophecy proved correct. Sheer 
physical incapability, after an onpreC' 
edented week-end clearing made it a simple 
matter for her defect to be overlooked, as 
she hurried past immigration officers 
responsible for investigations. The eye she 
turned to them wat good and true. 4nd, as * 
she was a buxom lass accompanying a 
family, doubt as to her fitness to become a 
future cilixen had never croaaad their 

This incident recalled to the con- 
ductress' mind the romantic emigration less 
than two years back of a Hebridean party, 
and of the ttalUng of the ghaatly deporta- 
tion spectre in remote and unknown water-- 

ll was the first time an ocean liner had 
visited these isolated Scottish isles, from 
which a large party of families, single men 
and maidens were scheduled to embark for 
C!anada. ith ^nnlitcht full upon Jit and 
with bay in shadow, she lay at anchor in tl^e 
ofKag — a hage seagull poised for flight — 
ready at any time to glide awBjr at silently 
a« she had come. 

The parish priest was there, as well at 
aU the island folk lo see the last of those 
whom they might never meet again. The 

tender st'>od beside the pier to take tbOM 
to the ship a» one by one all tiled paSt the 
emigration officer for Canada 

A^ the last family stood before him il 
was noted that the youngest child seemed 
far from normal; m fact, would be classed 
under Canada's Immigration Act at "BMa- 
tally defectfve.* If the traesportation com- 
pany were not required to retnrn a family 
later, it was necessary the former should 
not be permitted lo proceed. 

Hurried discussions took place Sadden 
change of plans at this late date meant 
hardship for the parents, hut the mother 
stubbornly refused to embark wtthont htf 

^ ^migration agent knew full 

that tcntimcat wottM flay ao part with 

There will be another boat soon and they 

will botli go on that" 

Turning to the mother he said: "^ou 
had better go at you have told your home 
and baby it belter here just now" 

It may be wisdom on Canada's part to 
take precautions that those who come lo 
her 'hall he of high standard. Rut with a 
Dominion so vast and restrictions so 
elastic where non-Knglish-speaking en- 
trants are concerned, it was sorely never 
planned that a splendid British family 

should rripsitc t" separate. beCaOSe the 

smallest and the weakest member was un- 

Kxhaustive survey of our mental* in- 
stitutions may disclose that the major por- 
tion of their inmates who hail from other 

lands did not enter Canada as mentally de- 
fective. Loneliness and disappointment 
through lack of knowledge of condition ^. 
or inability to struggle, may have caused 
their minds to break, and they have now 
become the dreaded "pubb charges." 

For who can tell with human beings 
when uprooted and transplanted to a much 
more strenuous clime, just who shall find 
success and who shall fad?. Perhaps the 
mother of the Hebridean baby as she went 
about her tasks on a far Canadian farm 
and realized the ocean lay between her 
and her youngest child, lost heart, when 
it was borne in upon her that no ship would 
bring her to her side. 

"Is this where they search us'" asked a 
timid Scottish lassie as she glimpsed the 
iron bars where she would be detained. 
Mai de mcr had left her weak and from the 
scene now set before her the new country 
did not appear to be holding ont a welcom- 
ing hand. 

"You can tell *Jock not to bother," she 

whispered through her fears. "I-'or T am 
goin' hame to mither. as I dinna like it 

It was only when assisted through the 
dread ordeal and delivered safely to her 
"hoy." who had rome all the way from Sas« 
katchewan. tliai -he smiled once more. 

flagrant Incomutencies 
Kor the independent Britisher finds it dif- 
fTicutt to reconcile this unutual reception 
with the kind solicitations from emigration 
officers and others overseas that he should 
■ cast his lot with Canada, as he is wanted 

".\s Stra>ss which show the \\»y the 
wind blows." sufficient incident.* ha\r here 
been cited to disclose that Canada's Immi- 
gration .\ct— as well as that of the United 
.States — contains inconsistent and harassing 
restrictions, and none mora cracl that that 
of deportation. 

To one who has crossed repeatedly on 
fdwded ships containing their full com- 
plement of British immigrants for Canada, 
it would seem to be unfair for any reason 
whatever to make the immigrant a pawn to 
be tossed to and fro — unless it can be 
shown that act of crime or State of health 
would make his or her pretence a menace 
to eftieent already here. 

Illu-fratinns crttild be Ki^en in scores to 
show that dread of deportation has proved 
so real in certain cases as to make it im- 
possible far would-be ininugraata to 
respond to tests set by imnUgratioa officers 

to ascertain the weaknSaS Of Um StrCOffth' 

of their OKntality. 

N'ormal chisens of Canada nr of the 

United States, unfamiliar wi'h such ex- 
periments, might not take full marks if 
these quesitona ware pot to 'them. What, 

then, of those who have ju«t arrived, .iffer 
heart breaking farcwetts and perilous ocean 
journey, who stand before the bar to show 
— without a chance to pr ivr 'heir fitness to 
become cititenil' of an nma nihar country* 
The officers of ship* will tell there it no 
arajr •( frotriag rtforta o( "flMiral Mrpi- 

tu<l< .iic any more than iuaissy, or have 
more tirm foundation than all rumors 
which fly about on every vessel. These 
leave no one exempt who takes a chance of 
throwing ofT restraint and settlins down to 
unconventionalities of life as it is lived at 
sea. Were reputations lo be made and lost 
on crowded ocean journeys, iiinorent but 
thoughtless passengers might find theirs 
torn to shreds by scandal-loving goaaipC 
who might pick them as their prey. 

When it is reali7.ed that those in a posi- 
tion to make correct reports as to lAOfal 
atalus of passengers on any ocean liner are , 
bound by code of honor to uphold their 
TTpotation*. It can readily be seen that the 
practice of accepting other information is 
nnfair— especially where sam« i§ mmi'm an 

excuse for deportation. 

Unfair Regulatiom 
Until it is realized by those who seek to 
set up iron bars that the country is widg 
and that unfair regulations may lose to 
other dominions the most desirable future 

'-iti^eiis. the Greatest fear liirkine in the 
minds of would-be immigrants will be real 
dread indeed. 

Were judgment in etch r:\.r ^Hnim- 
istercd at Canadian porti under conditioni 
less congested, cases of these mishandled 
might be extremely rare. Rut at hurried 
disembarkations of crowded Spring and 
Summer sailings, where immigrants must 
make their way cumbered with hand-lug- 
gage up steep inclines to nnfamiliar 
(inarters, thcra is little akaaca for aana ra* 

Recent publicity of a far-reaching 
nature given the c.i^e of the Countess 
Cathcart is not without benchcial results 
as far as thousands of poorer immigrants 
are concerned. 

It is, of course, to be regretted that a 
prominent official was required to sacritice 
a long career in immigration, especially as 
he probably could prove he had but "stood 

to Ins Runs" and ende.i vi .rcil to «-Ilow bow 
efficiently the dangerous weapon placed in 
hit hands by the United States DepartntSt 
of Immigration could be administered .villi 
cabin passengers as well. 

Disastrous results nn this particular oc* 
casion appeared to be much the same as 
those descending upon the inventor of the 
guillotine who, after demonstrating how 
perfectly the heads of France's aristocrats 
could be removed, was called upon to Mt- 
p'erience the supreme test of kavinf H 
tried upon his own. 

Immigration Problem That 
FuEtU* French 

With immigration into France increasing 
far beyond the point contemplated In Iho 
citixenahip law of 1889, the Government has 
taken measorcs to simplify and farilitate the 
process of naturalization. One of the for- 
malities to be done away with is the require- 
ment o' certificates of Mfth and marriage 

of the parents of the candidate f«.r ciii/ni 
ship. There are now about 2(K) applications 
for naturalization daily: In 1924, 6,452 per- 
sons received citizenship papers; in 192S. 
11.107. The Minister of Justice recently 
»aid that, while |o\al immigrants were de- 
sired, it was the < >overnment's duly to tee 
thai in case of unemployment the PfeoCk 
worker did not suffer from a turplos of ldf» 
cign labor within the country. ' ' 

n of Rumania Drives New 

The vrsatile Queen Marie of Rumania 
has surprised her subjects with a display of 
mechanical skill by driving a locOMOtiire at 
fifty miles an hour. 

Th' engine, the first e\er built in Ru- 
mania, was the product of the great metal- 
lurgical works at Resita. in the Banat region, 
formerly belonging to the Austrians 

Queen Marie christened th* locomotive 
and then, garbed in a blue duster, leather 
gloves and high Uoolt, she climbed aboard 
and seised the throttle. 

Her \faje»t\ dr-oe 'lir \it\gr machine 
about three miles with the chief engineer of 
the Resita plant at her side. The King and 
Prime Minister, General AvaKHca, also ««ra 
in the cab. 

Thousands of peasants flocked to the rafl- 
road tracks to watch the royal steam englna 
whit by. 

.^fterwsrds the Queen derlared that 
"Driving a locomotive is far mure exciting 
and harder worft than aMfaljr 

Austrians eat more n)eat. and Italians 
ktt. than any other people. The annnal per 
ewHa oonsnmpdon m Analria is 24S pounds. 

In Italy the averaue person eats only 23 
pounds. Americans consume 118 pounds. 
Boc(*ealinf Britons are CMMtnt «Mi 110. 
mi Konrair and Sweden are satisfied wuh 
-M poSHlds anniMlly. Frenchmen use 7J. 
C.ermans 70 an4 fpwriilda dt poimds every 


Cromiuntf as Motor Metal 
Finish, May Replace Nickel 

Latest Innovation in Automobile Tlatiiik:: Hnsurcs 
Brilliant and Attractive Bluish 'I in^e Lustre and 
Which Will Last the Liletime of a Car 


■ ha' > V I V bf id ', ti,^' r.ffii vvi'^hinK for 

■ I * I r n 1 "« h for the f u r ♦ > ■ >, > > f h i H " 

•II' hi:*-^ that «rf t ' U' 

It han th^ Mtmn .iitr(irtiv#» i jsir. 
nlch«l, with a. alight MuU<)' nnc 
wh«r« Bickal Hm a y^ilowfaih toor. 
b«t ot t|i* diMdvMtMw of 

aialMl. It to rtMt-p«««f. UriiMi- 
pr«or. vfll laat th« ltf« of th* cAr 
MMl rH«trM ■« poHahti^ All thftt. 
I* MeMMty to k««p it •hlalnir t« t« 
wlp« tli« dim or tiM MM fir Ifr MV 
a»4 tk«n. 

As Sn pxampi* of '|m-i1 *' ^^■.'^r 
al e*ni with chromlum-plalf rt radlA- 
tnra w«r« MpoMd to laat Winter's 
WMth«r and were juat aa ahlny as 
MW In tlM Sprlnc. 

A BMr* •elantlOe pvoaf of ekre> 
■I — 1'» wMtk^ryreofiRMi and Ions 
llf* M raTaalad hy tha aalt aprajr taat 
In whleh tha part taatad la eontlnu- 
ouaty aprayed under hlRh prMsurr, 
with a 2* p^r r^pt noludon of salt In 


Kovrre lYpatment 
Under thia aevera trastmaat a 
i Hrta ^ad radiator wll ahew rvat or 

0omMlnn ap0tif fn 16. J# tiovra. 


Wc make ChBmpit>n« th« 
v«ry b««t we can. Their 


■Ad carvM 

readily apparent If you 
compare (Jhaxupion with 
MIT OilMr fpark plug. But 
you muft drive with thrni 
to know how very much 
bener tkrf 


ehroflilaai wtll laM lat 
hovra. Ihniltnw prevee that any 

platlnv which wtll atand up under 
theaa condUlona for SO ^oura will 
laat the Ufa r>t a car. 

chromiiim Ih ihr Hamr material 

thitt h.i.t hmi IS. '1 f r .tlloyed 

n n h rtteel and nickel, >n the pro- 

d.irtinn ot Mtb-srad* aa(a«MbUa 


Ita waatharproofneaa and Attaae- 
tiva loetra hava lane baaa raeecalaad 
aa (aatiuraa whleli make' It aa Idaal 
autarlal far plaUay radiator akalta. 
bumpcra and tfta Ilka, bat InaMtltr 
tn evnivp ;i Miitlafaetery platlns pro- 

reea hax prevented Ita adnp'tlon, until 

the prohlcnri wum \ty W. M. 

rhllllpn. n«KlHlfi| (>y .1 Ht.iff of ox- 
pert« Mr. I'hlliips i» a mi'mbpr i)f 
thn Htaff of the Works Manaferti 

C'ommui«>4 of tha Oaaarat Mators 

IMteitftlea OvcteaaM 

Thfr.- wrre many difllottltlaa to (<» 
overc om*' < »n»! of the hardest was 
to obtain a Hultuhio anode or positive 
terminal which would not be dis- 
solved by chromic arid, which la tha 
alaatroljrta uaad In platlof. It waa 
also dilBcuU to aacura auAalaatly 
pwra ehranlc aeld, and tkan ttr asaet 
otkar problama la waa noeaaaary to 
find other ehamlcals in small 
ainounta to add tp'the chromK- acid In 
ordrr l<> produce an olcc t rolytr which 
would do the Joh, Klnaily fiour<«»H f)f 
chromium had t'> I"" found, both 
ample In supply and reaaonablc In 
prlc«>, and It tuma out that chromium 
elnctrolyta la no more expensive than 
nirkel alaetrolyta. 

. Chromluni 'ta aacaaalraly hard, no 
hard that H la dlfllctilt to srind and 
innpoaaltola to buff. Hiarafara a 
shiny chromium aarfaea la aaeurrd 

by first nick*"! plating the part, buff- 
ing the nickel and platlnc with 
chromium over this -irTi ioth surface. 
The extra cost of .i nl<;ki>l coat Is 
offset by the elimination of th« usual 
buffiiig prior to applying the nickel. 

Chromium la now being used on 
tha Oldaihoblia, on auch parta as 
radiator ahaUa and capa, btunpara, 
aaarahlft Iavar« araak hole cap and 
Inatrtimenta, atid wlU ahortly be ex- 
tended to othar flttlnga It la azo 
paetad that ■ othar ■ Oaaaral JiOtor 
unlta will alao adopt tha »raq>aa. 

Explanation of Treatment of Chromium^ Plat e4 Motor Parts 


Pa^aw JaM a far Beary Bnflna 
A Qmm m iUm -mtA* Ffduei 

BOO-H.R Maimr to 

AtUOn m-MIU Speed 

LiOUls Coiilalon, well known rnf-lnR 
driver of France, ha.s perfeciod plans 
for an automobile of 900 horsepower 
whleh will attain a apaad of 340 miles 
an hour. The motor marvel will have 
two twalva-cyltndar anfinaa, weigh- 
m* about pouada aaeh. but 

placad la fraat aad baek ot tha 
chaaals to f»i^lnt>|n atablUtir, and 
enulllbrfufrt. ' 

!Seek Htrtect Auto iiody 

Automobile anglnaara formerly 
apent mnat of their time perfecting 
the en.Tlne an<l mechanlral paxts of 
the motor car. Today they are turn- 
ing their attantloM te tk* jMrfabUoB 
of tho body. 




II (.iMtdeaa of 
.\dornn )rew Car 

Atalanta, to the early Greeks, a 
Ooddaaa aymboUcal of fleetneas and 
lirr^ of tha e h aaa. baa atappad from 
tha pacaa of ^setant aBytholoiy to 
typify tha aplrlt -of tha moat moda^ 
in cuaton motor' eara. "Hia allrarad 
figure of thla alUvorloal daughter of 
an Arcadian king, depicted aa raeing 
with tho wind. Is the einblem of tha 
.Stud*baker < iiHtoni designed line of 
Hedana which will appear ahortly. 

Tha algnlfloanoa of the choice of 
thia goddaaa to adorn the radiator 
of studabakar euatona aodana waa la-. 
Htantiy cauffht by fine ear lorara. 

To appraelata tha Quallttaa whiak 
deified Atalanta In mytholoCT> U la 
necessary to understand the charac- 
ter of her fsiher KInr of Ar- 

.\ncicnt i.rrdan Hero 
laalua waa a mighty man, even for 
hia harelo ttaaa: a tamar of horaaa — 
terHbIa In war and a lovar of tha 
hunt. Woman ha daaplaad for not 
being able to take part In tha manly 
sport.s whirh were hIa paaalon. When 
he married flymene, it Was hla wish 
to raise a house of noMe sons to ride 
and hunt and do V>attle at his side, 
and he awore that if a (liiu«hter were 
born, he would, put her to death. 

His first born was Atalanta and hla 
heart waa divided between leva of 
tho «lrl aad his oath. Tat hla oath 
triumphed and ha ardara^ bar eaat 
into tha raoilntalna ta dia. 

Artemla, tha maiden goddeas 
found the child and her aaffar waa 
arou.ied againat tha king. She da- 
creed that no other child should be 
born to him and that the c^.-jtawny 
girl, whom she named Atalanta, 
sh' iil'l ixri.tne a mighty huntress 
and the swiftest of all mortala, and. 
In addition the meat baantlfttl 
woman of the land. 

i> - ///UOiL PLATED^ 

After wns grown tn wom- 
anhood, she waa sent hy the goddess 
bark in her father's <ourt and there 
ahamed all the young prlncaa of the 

Public Buys 1 8 Million Dollars* Worth of 

New Lower^Priced Ughter Six^Chryslcr ''60'' 

in First 60 Days 

In the tir«t HI sty day« following ita 
lttlRXlui.tion an enthusiastic motor- 
ingpublit. haopaidmorcthmncichtccn 
rn 1 1 1 lunt ot dolUra for th«jB«wf«C 

C hryi 

\JalUlcd orders for_many miliiont 

SiitT milti, and mora, per hour: un. 
pcveddcnted accdcratioo; extra. <r,ji 
I eron o my, eaaily exceeding 26 


T\\'.', ov 

r vitablr- 

■JltilOthc galioo;Ch«fCrikinf beauty 
«r CkfytUr dtauAlc •f»m«crT — 

A«toni«hing ruiing ca«r anil roada* 
bUity: the safety of Chryaler four* 
wtiiitl hydratilic hrakea; otUiilter and 

aifkcleandn f^''^ l»rr«*»irr lul'ri. at ii ri. 

7*bearlfiig crank 'ahaits impuiae ncu- 
traUiar; road li»illnw fcwir wmA mq 


For no t>ther . ar a_ _ 
|0%r prftcen cAn match 
"it laatiiree- 

CKrv«i^T Wtuiel \trfinK. T< Vfrijn MiJ/-t Prr Hour 

We are eajfer f.i ilrmi »ri*trat r 
ariil «< ores i>t < x)\cx «.u| 

■•Ma 111 I I US 




Broughton Street at Broad 

country by her aaOOmpllHhnient,^! To 
her father'a wtah that ahe maxry, she 
replied with a ekallanga to her aultora 
to a race. The man who eattld da- 
feat her was to win her hand and 

the losers to be put to death. 

Many tried to win the »<eniitlful 
maiden, but she outdistanced them 
all and they were put to death. Then, 
when It aaamed that all the fmest 
yo«aa mmfk of the eotuitry n&uat loaa 
their Uvea In the effort to win the 
prinoeaa. Venue, goddeaa of L«ye. 
came to the aid of one of them — ' 
Hlppomenea. By meana of soma 
lovely golden apples, which he toaaed 
before hor eH'h time she aped past 
him Hlppoinenes so delayed Atalanta 
that he reached ihr goal flrat aad 
claimed her for his bride. 

The figure of the goddeaa. which 
la the ataadard emblem oa all of tha 
cara of tho Studebakar ettatdm llae. 
waa deatgned In the atttdlo of Lorado 
Taft. internationally famotia aeulptor 
of Chleage. 

Bumper Safety ShoM 
Be Fint ConMertUion 

While many drivers have the Idea 
that a bumper la Intended only to 
protect fendara, headlamp*. gaa 
taaka. aad to ward off the light traf- 
fic tape, they do not realise what 
will happen to a S.Md pound ear 
traveling S« mllea an hour heading 
atralgbt for a telegraph pole at 20 
mllea an hour Ti hit a telegraph 
pole at 20 miles nn hour may mesn 
not only a new < ar. but a 
arm, a fractured skull, or e\' : a 
life, unless the car Is protected with 
the right kind of a bumper, invari- 
ably the owAer buys Improperly de- 
signed or cheap bumpara that are 
almeat worthlads la aa amargeney. A 
bumper that Is only an lafleslbla 
ghlald. like the pilot or "eow-«ateh« 
or" of a locomotive. Is almost worth- 
leaa In an emergency. To be effec- 
tive a bumper maat abae r b tha forea 
of Impact. 

Vnhappy Driver 

Ahoa^ *'Mmurintf ThingiT 

A driver who is forever "hearing 
thlnga" aboat hla ear aarar aa)aya 
the ride. Worrying aavar tlgliuaed 
a looee bearing nor gfeaaed a dlf« 
ferentlal. It la not alwaya easy te 
differentiate between harmieaa nolaea 
and theoe ether noises whleh warn of 
a breakdown The real art Is to be 
able to have an esr ready for evi- 
dence of aerlous trouble, making the 
annoying aquaaka and rattles a closed 
keek that nothing can be deae about 
far the tlSM bataf. do. to enjoy the 
rlda. a*«r tha ear kafete Mavlac 
the garage and aae that R la HfM. 
Then If a rattle daralapa. Icaera It 
aatfl the 

Adjusting Carburetor 
H€lp$ Gaeollne MiUm 

To secure the higheet gasoline mile- 
age, adjust the r.irburefor to give as 
lean a mixture aa poaslble Run 
with water circulating as near the 
boliiag point as practicable. Keep 
the platoas gas-tight In their cylin- 
ders by attaaUon to valroa aad piatdn 
rtnca. Make aura that tha apark la 

advanced as far as the engine wtll 
atatld without knocking. Be sure that 
tabrtaatlon of all paru la aa nearly 
perfect as It can be ntade. Run at 
moderate speed aa muek of tha time 
aa poaalble. 

All gasoline should he made abso- 
lutely leak-proof, not only for the 
saving of gasoline, but also for the 
lessened liability of fires around the 


A»ailMhllli> f.T \.<>\\ <'<>«i( M.'ilfileu- 
ancr Slr«'><M'«l n* IniiMinnn' I ea» 
tare in Operating Moiur 

"Automotive transportation la a 
strictly local product, notwithstand- 
ing the fact that the ear may be 
maaafaetured at a plane far dlataat 
from where it la uaad." aaeoordlng 
to H. W. Duaa, aalaa manager of 
H. A. Davie. Ltd., leeal McLaughlin- 
Buick dealers. 

"If more motorlsta would think of 
mileage as something they must buy 
locally, they would give more oea* 
aideration to the leeal eendlUoaa a«r> 
roundlag the car of their choice. 

"The presence or abaeaea of local 
fHiiiities for low cost maintenance 
have much to do with operating cost. 
The efjulpment. attltnle .«nd per- 
manence of the dealer who sells the 
car are vital determining faotora In 
the ooat ot mileage. The maavfaa> 
turer makea tha ear. but the 
dealer makea the mllea#e." 

Ginm. ChutU Our* (Hwr 

Leek over tke ekasala aew and 
thea In ' aaaroh of mlaing nuta and 
cotter pins. When It is learned what 
Important work some of the small 
rotter pins are required to do. It Is 
little enough for the owner of the 
csr to see that tli" ends are properly 
bent nviT B<) as tuit to slip out. 

1 . - - 

ore Dependable 
Than Ever ^ 

Phoiie 69; 

Victoria, fi. C. 

The best way to heal «P the 
nrrafchea on the body of the ear Is 
to fill the erralrh with iiwv»ra1 enst< 
or shellac. l>et e« h rr.n* dry b"' 
putting on another Wh'-n the 
coat ta thoroughly tr- ri,h a wiih 
elath. Thla cloth is finer than 
paper aad will rub down a 
serteaa vlilM«t ahewina that IC haa 
heen aaad. R«b gently aa tlM laat 
coat of shellac aatBg the ertdaaa 
cloth and a little alive ell. Do thla 
lust enough to rub down the ridgea 
»-h«"« 'H* new and old coats )oln. 
Th-' the whole surface wlih a 

furniture polish^ and It Will be (aund 
that the ear la l ea t arad- !• He «a« 

Dodge Brothm Ine^ «Ad th«!r tSSd 
sidiiriet Achieved third plmce in world 

pi-odiK-tion this Spring brcausr Ihrv havrr 
bccnable WITHOin SACHIFTClNCi 
FUNDAMKNTALb— steadily to im- 
prove the smartneM of tttkt product. 

O-Ancrs and engineers know well lliat, 
mcclianically the Ctf is ftiirdter tinn' 

€f vufkmp towMP— tod ptr-J 


in sales Not by violating the basic tenrt 
of rVKigr Hrr)thrr*< •nirrejw Nl' VKR TO 
I. O WICK QUAi-riY iW A blNULli; 

TiMving Car $1295 



A. It^. Humpkries Motoro, Ltde 

m tmm 

r, LTD.. Ou"««- M.'«n ••![ 

PIOCOCK 4 MoKLMiL. Ce«rteaei 

DoDEE- Brothers 


M A • t^i a^e a a A a Al 

THF. HMi.v ror.DMST. VICTORIA. Rc, s^^•I'l\^■. in.v -', 


British Motorists Solved 

Strike-Transport Problem 

Autoniohiie Association and Royal Automobile 
Club, Without Issuin^^ ( for Volunteers, Were 
EnableUjto Cope EfticienUy With Traffic 

Mr. R. R. W«bb. Becratarv nr thf 
I>oeal Branch of th« Automohiie i luh 
<if RrltlHh Columbia. Im in c-ipir)! ..r 
the following "ynopxlB df ,i rfc'irl >iii 
til* h«lp r»>n'l«T»>.l l.v MfiiitKTM f.f lilo 
Automobile AMtoclatluii of Urett 
Kritain during the OerMral Mrtb*. 
which to a Mrtkla* llluatratlMi of th« 
vain* l»f aueh an orssnlsaUea to the 
eommilBlty. In Great Britain motor- 
iaU realise that a etronc orranlMtlon 
Ik neceniiary i<> protect nnd promoti 
their lnlrr<\Mt<i nnil \rr\ few f.ill to 
heronif tii<Mi.h»-i ■* iif citlior Ihi- A A 
or Ihr It A C. with which c lubn the 
local orKiinlsation Ih HfTlllttted. 

The A. A. eervlcea wera orsaaised 
and raa«ere4 In the lat«r«ato of the 
oommunitjr. "Strike toeaJiln*," ao 

Victoria Auto 
Luggage Carrier 

Somethinf^ entirely new 
in automobile e<|uipment. 

An unusual luggage car> 


Practical ati'l inexpen- 
sive, and of guud appear- 

Quickly installed or re- 
moYed without u»e of 
- toe la. 

Suitcases an i other light 
luggage carried securely 
• and absolutely out of the 

vvav fif pa'ssrnq^rrs, ndf! 
•ng greatly to their com- 

W ell adapted for DodRe, 
Chevrolrt. I''>sex. or any 
autoiiii)hilr lia\ itiR tiiioh- 
hlruclctl .space between 
bumper and radiator. 

If you are planning a 
niMtor trip, just the thing 
for you. 

('<Tn\ niirnt for Picnic 

On D^play at 

MojtorSf Ltd. 

9iS Ymm StfMt PheM 479 

callcfl. WXA nrt u-n' ■■' r rDgramme. 
M^mt>^t.M .if r 1 1 i , ,1 111. I J I wrrc pro 
wi'd I ■ ,1 n - |w>r t .it Ion I'l Ihrir 
honic.i when (he ll.niiif roe^ Mem- 
\>er» of all parties »er<" .iii*i*tcd — 
ConaervaUre, Liberal and Labor. 

Great Britain, la propertlen to Ita 
a ran, liaa the yraataat motor fleat In 
th^ wdvW. 

A^tbe rnni incn< rment of the Btrtke 
It la eatlmated that the motor atrength 
of the Old Ctfuatry wac: 

C4*,M« «are wUh S.IM.tM paaaaa- 
Rer eaiNtelty. 

•0,oa« motor eyetas with Ta.Oa* 
puaaenver capacity. 

230 000 rii<.t..r \ m..i, lorriea, etc., 
with loaii <.ip,iiit> of 460.000 tona. 

The al...\c flKuren are eSClMlVa Of 
public nf-rMcc vehlcleo. 

Therefore on* and a half million 
motor vehicle* were available for the 
tranaport ot paaafacare and food, 
while o^dlMry raUNvajr' and othar 
regular maaaa iranaptntatloB were 

Effective Totato 

The Automobile Aaaociatlon eati - 
matea thut the private vehidaa were 
capable of carrying wItMn faiv haura 
nearly twelve million' paMeagera over 
n dietanoe of .tan arillea at a speed of 
t«n mllaa per hour. In four hours the 
goods v^lelea could transport one 
million tons ov^ the «ame (ii.Mianrr 

Bl<ltful urs<inlzatlon wa.1 nece.i>Hr.\ 
III ijliUze IhU rnobilr force to the 
advantage. Th*- Covernmenl organ- 
Ixed rf com prchcnulN p iiystem of emer- 
gency tranaport. but its efricieacy de- 
pended largely upon the co-operation 
of "organised motoring." 

The A. A., with lU membarablp of 
over 276,000, la the largeat motor or- 
ganlsaUon in the world, the vehlclea 
owned by its membrrM co\pred carw, 
motor cycles and conitnenlal motor 
vehicles. Within a very ?horf period 
IhU grand unit waa, by the whole- 
hearted ro-operation of the membcrM. 
ready and prepared for more work 
than actually was called for by tha 

No appeal for volunteers was iastMd 
by the A.A. In any shape or form 
Members and others freely ofTered 
their nervlrr.i in all partw of thp coun- 
try. A.A. orf|c»»H wrrr kept open day 
and niRhl. rnrolllnc \olnnte»»r» ;ind 
providing cam and aa«istance as and 
when required. 

VolMntf^r>»' r>alio« 

Kvery mjije*! and d^innml from the 
aul horit !«>•«. withniii rxcrption. w.i.m 
rn«'t. thanka to ih»» rfadlneaa of A A 
members to serve, if need be, through- 
out the day, or at any time during the 
night. — 

A.A. duties, as carried out hy lu 
members and staff Included; 

Keeping main lines of communica- 
tion open with special fleet of ve- 

Prnvldlng dispatch riders. 
Knrolm«'nl of volunteers. 
Night and day service at A A head- 

i?ars and drivers supplied to au- 
thorities at short neclaa from 
A.A. office. 

' \ Headlight Beam 

Will Open Door of 
Garage for Driver 

DRlvlNi^ up lu their garages 
^te 1^ hhMl''' •< waathar. 
motwlstti a*y aeaa ha able to 
opaa tha iaora by » atnala 
naah of thalr h aai M l g ht hasia ■ 
This aasertlon was matfe by an 
expert at a recent meeting of 
the National Klertric l.nht 

.^ II c l«i t r I . .1 ! . . I . ^ .'1,1 1 prr - 
!" 11 I II 'hi-, I \ . ■ I , , ,1 ■ photo - 

: .inapp..! »*hin ihe head 
ll*;h( r.ivst wrrf pinjected on h 

plate was onr- of the exhibits 
at tha .convention. It employs 
the aaasa principle, uaed la 
ra<lo ploMiroa. 

(i ■ - [.ii.-.i I I I . , I I HI I pped 
.->Bteiii of loa.J post and 


Bpeolal A.A. vehicles carried official 
dtopatahea and communleatlens. Most 
of this Important work was done after 

Daily "road poets" were run to all 
parts of the country. 

The net result of the A A. strike 
services was that the (iovernment 
road commisaioners and food ofllcers 

lia.l ill ' ; 
i ,1 . fl'.l 

' I.. ' . . .niport, folly ada^tiate for aU 

teijutrenteDts. * 

In adililaa. A^. msisints iit' aa- 
rolled for spactai servlca» vfHmg ia 

peraonal or business re.-ison.r played 

their paf ' . > . r > v» h < i . in i - - 1.~ i 1 t M, . 
workers it.i.ti ihf.i ..rii....' ,-.|i..p- 
and fa. |. ii,-«, whil'' 'fic ■<••< retai\ Mr 
Htenson ( . i,y ihe medium of two 
broadcast » able ^o auggest prac- 
tical methods of coanecUBg up empty 
scats and paasaaKars, mad to give 
helpful advlea to matartots, to whom 
tha dally taafc af motorteg In con- 
gested traAe waa. Mt a happy« ea- 


ou) ammy^iMi 

Oarage and flepair Shop 1l«pla<ve 
Fonncr "Ipuwilng Cboatnnl" VII- 
taga EaUiblishm«^t 

.News report.-^ from KoRland Mtate 
that a movement Iff on font lo nnh- 
sidUe the village M.ukftmith. who 
1.1 rapidly dlxappearlnR from the land. 
The actylenc welder and the gara#e 
man, or a hybrid Individual who e«m- 
blnea the attributes of both. Is tak- 
ing the amithy's traditional place 
"beneath tJw gprMMag eSaAiut 

Confirmed sentimentallHts and 
sticklers for tradition as they are, 
Ihe refuse in ponnU the 
change, and if ilw in<.\ement Is suc- 
ce.ssfiil. f\fr\ Mil. kMmlth will be 
p^-nsK-rieri providing he agrees to 
k'-cp , ,vli ringing and the bel- 
lows blowing. ^ 

Mtaatlon In .%nw)H(% 

The same sltu.itlon 'i( present In 
America, for up and d,iwn the coun- 
try the vllUge lilai k/mlth letting 
hlH fire die ..iit and dlHcardlng his 
le.ilh^r apron The e is a .lemand 
for him in ih- Arin\, but the average 
horseshoer Is ..ver age. Nothing has 
been said yet about pensioning the 
old man. hut "Mobbin." whoae pedi- 
curing and shoeing he did in the old 
days, haa been put to pasture, with 
nothing to do but nibble up the ex- 
cess green from the countryside. 

Henry Ford, whose tr.i.tors and 
automobiles are respon.sihie for the 
chance. Is shoeing his rogrel. and as 
a m.Tfier of historic memorial to the 
rnoiuresque blacksmith, has one old 
smithy set up in the colonial village 
he to reconstmotlng In New Bngland. 
Thr Srvr Order 
Where the old blacksmith shop 
used to stand In the average village, 
a new bri< k iMillding has been erect- 
[ ed. f.r ,11 ir.iM ., corrugated Iron 
sirui tuie, with cement flooring, and 
displays above it a sign "garage and 
repair shop— «catylaiM welding a 
specialty," Hera tha farmer brings 
hto tractor when H gats atit af order. 

^-^ r 



^2095 the 

•/ tKis N«t» Poiget 

Paige -bull I Ktotor, 
e modem oor better 
lubricated — Pull Utah l*re» 
Oil Feed to all Rotaring 
Pans, including wrist pin» 
<sm ekafk, auaiUary shah mtui 
— C o Matar hala iwad 


bricated Un J lMSa l s Spriogi 
S4 iAciiics loog — Shoot Ab 
.orbcTt lUlloonTlree-Peiic 

Hydraulic 4 NVT***! Brmket 
Easy Steering through Ball 
Bearing*- Saw bl sil c St e e I 
light Acting Clutch Shofi 
Throw. Easy Gear Shift 
Co incidental Ix>ck Auto 
matte Windshield Clcsi" 
Dtmh G— aatd Heat Udicator 

is the bu/bf theyeai/ 

AFTF"-R \ o u ' . seen a -i d driven t h ; ^ 
Brougham you'll agree with the many 
thousands who alreadr own it that th« ssma 

iTii.Mev Simply cannot buy mOTS fsal automobile 
value anywhere else. Thar* ti a gtowmg and 
dsspaninff eonvMon among tNoaa who kQ»w 

motor car valura that th:^ BrmiKhamia the oat* 

Btanding doUsr-for-dollaT v-alvie of the y«ar. 

The Brottfham has the same powerful and cap- 
abla motor that powara tha moat sapanalva Mga 
— It ia a baantiAil ear. It iaooaof tha i — ^ 

cars to handle. It^ arrrleratior, ''T?far*ar»'fTr-r(», 
Its Patfe-Hydrauhc 4- wheel brakea inaure saia 

and paaithra braUBf alwajra. Ita woodarAU toad* 

ability and comfort WOVld 40 pidH t» tba OOMs 

'lest motor i-ar b\iilt. 

The Brougham is larger and roomier than moat 
aadana— H ia IMahad In two tenaaof flray poUahaA 

!arq -er \i phol«tere<1 in soft, ln«(trovn urA long- 

wcari 'g materials. We want you to see it- 
to drive ' efitlmlr wHhoot 
Maors. Try to coom k\ or phoMb 


(nitta Peidia Ttibss 

aie made of Pure 
Buliber, vAiidi 
insures freedom 
from Porositii 
and makes thmi 

For Li^ht or tkavy 
^Dwtii, "Gutto Percha 
'Laxiq-USd' Xubee. 
Meet eveni 
Re^uiremciit * 

Gutta Berclia fv Rubber, iiuutcd 


r«ct aad Quadra SlraMs 



am. Night 


Red's Service Station 


If his binder or mowlao maehlna 
breaks, he takes it to tha welding 
shop and haa it repaired on the spot, 
whereas before he had to wait days 
or weeks and spend considerable 
money to gat a BOW part fraai tha 


The passing of the village black- 
smlCh to typical of the ahange that 
to taking place In ovary phaaa of 

farm life. Not ao many yaara ago 
every farm house was lighted by 
candles home-made from fat a^d 
grease saved from tha kitchen. When 
this ran short, candleberries were 
gathered from the roadaide and 
boUsa aawn to ytoM Ullaw. 

Candle Replaced in Krrn<iciir 
The smoky candle w is repl;ii ed by 
the odorus kerosene ;iMd the farm- 
er's wife atopped boiling tallow snd 
began refilling lamps. cleaning 
globaa and trimming wicks. The 
homely old katosena lamp to still 
used in a vast number of farm 
houses, but It to gradually giving 
way to electricity and carbide gaa. 
The modern farmer is sufficient to 
himself so far as gof>d liKhting is 
( oncerned. and Is Independent of 
public service companies. 

He makes hto own gas right on 
tha farm. A generating tank to sunk 
in the ground and eeanacted by or- 
dinary piping to all rooma I? the 

house, and to the barn and poultry 
sheds, for In this day and age. the 
cowe and chickens .ire lighted to bed. 
Carbide in the iipi)rr tank compart- 
ment falls Into the water compart- 
ment below and the gas Is formed. 
The process works automatically, 
and all tha farmer haa to do to rami 
tha Ihnka whaa naeaaaary. 

This home-made gas the farmer 
makes i« said to be the nearest ar- 
tificial approach to sunlijcht yet dis 
covered. It aasures him a constant 
supply of light and is also an efTl- 
ctont cooking fuel. The tallow 
candle and the Dutch ova* are a tar 
cry from this domsfUc arrangemant. 
h«t not further than tha aarnoa from 
tha Tlllafa sasMiir. 




Thm NEW STAR Or b Mklor conM 

FmI tfafe fcwjrMwy ei fkm 

8tmiMt€r mj90$ 
CM N&m BmtiB 
Of nr MtmberM 

A novel list compiled by the Stude- 
haker Corporation Is th- r-\lsrd rosier 
of 8tudebaker'B lOO ooo viii^ ciub It 
shows HIT cars. r.Tt h with a m:le.ig/> 
record equaling or eir^».itng leo.OOO 
miles and all th» car« :ir» still In ac- 
tive service. In March the eampany 
puMtohed a Ust of 174 awaars as 
"efcarti** a iai h a r a of He iss.Sts- 
Mlla Oh*, tamaifately aeerea af 
lattara hagaa ea» h ig la from other 
Studebaker ow n e rs , olTaring proof of 
similar long s'rvic* of their cars A 
t»\l company In Illo de Janeiro, for 
Instance, boasts of fifteen Stude- 
bakers. each with a mileage of ItS.- 
•09 kilometers to it^ credit. A veteraa 
car in South Africa, etlll carrftng the 
f loyal Mall, has already nassi tha 
4Sa.Sta-«lla mark. 

tfM loBgOT whMl hoam vaopti, 

Coopw* Hm new star for confort with 
•nj oChor low-priced ear. Then rrmenaber tho 
oconotny — the powrr tl r unfailing porfom* 
anc« of the NEW blAR Car. 

"TA$ NSW STAR is Sn^rme in tk$ Lm Cut Pi§id7* 

Durant Motors of CanadA* Lrimitod 




fM Yataa Stroat 

Phooa 29fi 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ifffl^ll^ifffffttKKKtttw ^^^^K^^^^^^^^^^^llKmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 



WW)- ItniiKr of Power 8«Mur«d In 
lUiruprau I|pc of SmmU Cmr bf 

■t lew (iiunths. itie Wbtppat, the 
fint of the UuropMS tjry* UflM mn 
to bf ^lu la thto oowMfy. la «•» 
tUtmU alaMT tka aiMt a4fMt t 
m »4 w m umgtmttHtt iiaaa ta f«t • 
wMa raafa af iN^war 
ane* from •mall mni tbarafava 
aemlcal motor dtni*ntlon*. 

Th* borr In 3'% in<'h»n nrii) th« 
■troke U 4 \ in. Kf- KivlriK I'lxlon 
dllaa« J '-n ' '.r : :i ■ ,[,. IM-K 'Mils iM ' 
aaWlfWd I • '.ir^-. I II, An th»> .!■•> rMg.- I 
faf the F:iif"|i>i' •;{)»• rtiDlnr'" (■■!' I •< i 
■fnaU#r than .1 1. V nih^r An rr'.'^an- 
built motor of Mt.M k prodiirilnn Tb* 

lne»«Ma ov*r th* Koglioto and Kranali 
«lmaaalaaa waa maAa'ta glva tka aar 
eartata parfannaiMa faaiaaM la klvk 
*aar wlilali ara not r^«lra4 by Wmf- 
paaa p ttn. It 1> aaM that thia 
Whippat will etlmb any bill that any 
of our baat lltrht slzm will climb in 
hlffh, and it« <omparniiv« aoealara- 
tlaa haa air^A.r. h<^r,, 'irmaaatvata^. 
Lictit PlMtona 

Tka yiatoaa ara t eaat ira« but 
ara attraaiaty liclit la walfht. aa ar* 
tba cennaetiM# roda. The crankshaft 
la short and haavlar than that uaad 

In any other (our-eyllndar cftr of 

^quivwl^ni dlm^nnlon.". and welrh.s -7 
pounrto It iH balanr^d nimlciill> and 
dynarr) i< ,t 1 1 V uml rlln\in,'M^« whipplnr 
and vibration to a degree never be- t 
fnr» nrhlavad la a faar>aylUidar 

mot fir. 

The ronnfi Mnr nrr lone and 


platan alapa at bicn oar 
Th« ollint ayatam e olhta la Mr apa* 

clal attention It la tba Maddm full- 
preaaure nym^m A drilled ^ftakahaft 

la orferetl for I hi- firBl 'i iii '■ in li£h I i : 
roneiruv llo^i jii iIim n iii.i I'rte » h'llr 
(lenlan nt ihf ! u tit Ii m ( i nx Mynteni tu 
loWB the piiiidif FBI for our largK 
tmiM I. II l>elnc f'lrrod ihruugli the 
irMtikBhdft ') iii>> l>eartriae an<1 
ihr<iivn i>rr ihr rnain bearlnca to 
lubrtaaia tb<- < > i.i><irr walia aad valve 

Thr rill rMCrvoIr tn thf pri»«f.l 
■teel motor baae arid '»•■ i>.,'^\" i iai-v 

Weep the oil frorn nir.;iriK ,i.*B> fr..;t 
'hf [HI nip 

t'oolinc la by pump circulator} aya- 
trm with ovar a««dr« l—liaa of 

ceallnv araa. 

An laaavatlon In light car con- 
etrttodaa la fanad la tha rowr-wbiei 
brahaa^ whlek ara of tha typa af de 
•i«a aaad 9m kattar tkda alaaty 9«r 
east ot tka flnaat Baropaan aara, 
whara all tyyoa of four-wheel brakaa 

kava boon tborougblv teeted and tr1*d 
oat. Thu iTiiUr .iriiiiLji are eleven 
laehOa tn diatiiei<-r, Kiving a braking 
aurfaeo graatar than an niaar lartM- 

''.•riand aaglaaani nay th.c ni'- 
type of brakea uaad on the \\h.iiri''i 
grow better and morr cfTiri.Tn wirr, 
uaa. Tha alaboaata aHention which 
kaa kaan ipaM t» braklac a^nlpmant 
la tbla Mr kaa caaM aa a rttait of 
tha parfaraMM* capacity which, 
with Ita rapid acc*laratlon and Ita 
high apeed eapnctty, roqulraa a 
nri.n:i'< anting aod hiffhlf a#alaat 

.syxt f- in of 1 ' ntrol. 

As H rule ii In lb" fnrlne la 

not <Janger<iu«. bm i' ri.ti ,< >o»e- 
aaai and ahould thpr< for^ ur .ooi«ed 


We Have Already Received 


As Deposits on 

1927 Model 

Prices and Improvements Unknown 

Extremely CompUmmtaiy 
Evidence of 

Car and Dealer 

Reputation and 

W« Expect Inttmtiilf Newt August 1 



860 Yates Street 


Phone 6900 

$7^000 WOlTil OF 

Hupp ( oniiiany Rrrak All Reoorda In 
(ttilpoiroi Made l>url»« Kim 
MonitiH of leia 

Wttk akinMSia af t«.t4» cara e«r. 
inc tha drat «l> aoatha of ittt. tha 
Hupp Motor Oar CorporatloM broke 
all Ita provla«a oklao roearda. Botk 
iia rirat and aaeond qttartara ward tka 

la r !• . ,1 : n ; t •< b ;^ n , , 

."itiiliiiiCrit- fi)i in* firal half of the 
>r:ii -dirpMcn^d Ihiiff' ff'T the nartifl 
perl..,i In XfZii by thirty nin» percent, 
nnd f.r thf oorreapnnding perlad In 
1*24 by fifty-four par cont. 

T>urlnv the flrat half af IMS tha 
(•'tiipnny broke Ita prevtOU* largaat 
aingie roonth'» record for buaiaeoa 
yahMM thre^ d.rirrnt iMhOa. 

March Aocord 

lldreh traa tha fItM ta — SSi d the 
mark oaubUahOd laat Kovamber ii 
waa follawad In turn by May and 

June, the latter attaining tb» )uKhe>it 
flaurp the company baa yet re lOhed 
'Iti' niiiany'a ahlpmenlii of rurn 
'i'lrlriK I tie had a ^::l^ie In rXct-HK 

■ I : 0 0 u n 0 0 

lU 'iill f»«l^< by |l^ ili.-it r!li«Jlor'( and 
di'ali-f . a r^ p-Jt.niat^d (> C Hiitch- 
inaon. general aalaa manager, to li< ve 
been from fdrty-ftve ta fifty pt cent 
hichar thaa Uioaa far Om first half 
of IMS. 

Of tha oaaspany's ,tata! sklpmenta 
ff.l war* aaelos4d aara. tha total 
raacblat >4.4«l. Nearly M par cent 

of the Hupmoblle alaaa produced for 
tb>< I I ir- i (^tHtea akd CkMda were 

cloaed model*. 

conacata pAvmaata at^ the rai» — of 

thirty niilf-n itu h>mi would Involve 
no annufi of Miiiddlng, for neither the 
wet pavement aar the wac ataal tire 
la altppary. Bill to aptly tha brakes 
or attanpt ta tara a mbber-tfrad aa- 
tomeblle ui^wet pavement even when 
traveling at a much lower apeed than 
thirty milea en hour. iM<-aii.- t.. incur 
the danger of aklddli x or alipplng. 

That m t>«icauae wrt rvkkar la aaartir 

&a Hlippery aa aoap 

Vm Hemvy OU When 

riiarlee D. Haat nge, prealdent anJ 
Keneral manasr«.r. In commentine on 

ihe company'H r« ^ord huKinod* polnr 
cd out that "Jiupmobil'- ^xi)octa 
t nivh tho >eHr e/(lh mi even liir'rcr 
trim than It i tjf li<' r il (t'i-:n;; the 
f'.pf elx mon'bt. I'j ^(mumJ vlifu- 
al'k' rtiipllcalp ;h«. rrcord ninde in 
Jun*' Kvery i .■.'lit i.Mon la fiir n cin- 
ilntiance of aplendld buatnea.< for cur 
dutributora and dealara throughout 
the eeaatry the rest af tha year. The 
demaad for our ears, both rlicea aad 
althta, la eaatlattla* ta g»a« ataadUy 
aa mora and more nf tham reach the 
public. We expect that cloaa ta 
40,000 Blx-cylinder cara and more 
then 18.000 elfhta win be sold during 
1I14. Both cam have ..•, t«d a 

conaplcuoua ftucceaa. wi'' < ^ ' r > imdl- 
catlon that their demand aiII In- 
creaae atill further." 

Oa July 1 the company had unfilled 
ordare for M.IOO.OOS worth of 

i«aa all all thtaw a«t wkaa K la 
H ea t e d , kaapf ahaald ba vaad la 

a hat ruhaliMr eadae. la aaraSal 
rttnnlng. a earfaln amount of oil al- 
wayM pasneit the ptatonn If the cylin- 
der N h r )• priipi'i^N 1 > ) ! ■ m ■ .. ; r .1 it 
.1 burr s I Ir.inlj. Un r. i, r 
I If it doeN not li.iin . 
j l.< .i n "oil i<!i m per u ! i n .w '. ■ w de 
I piifi.M H..! i-nglnf.-< I. 11 I, fieavy 
i "il ' 1": "-nglnee ni«> nui. An en- 
b; n.- I in.-, hoi or i uol uccordlBS tO 

I the kind uf work ii doea and the way 
I it la dealgnSd. Whether or nat It la 
I aensttlva ta earbaa dppeslis dapeada 
on the eaipee ael ea and many ether 

thiaca. The bMy ef the oil nece8aar\ 
to seal tha plataaa properly depends 
OB the piatpn claaraaae, rlaca. epead 

and other factora. 

Emergency Fuee Dogr hey 

All 1 tnflU' IP \ fu^«r Ifi Ih'- I J. hllllC 
iiri-ijit I. Ill \,r ri\Hdf by uinit! n. .i 
< ommcin door kp\ in thr . 1 1 j — 
Whrre this will net fit, the clipa 
may be bent toKPiiif-r and made to 
hold a small bolt which may gaaar- 
ally be found in the emertakiey teal 
ekaat. If thia la kept la mind It 
mlvht praveht aa aeeMaat eaoaed 
by maataf at altht wlthoat Uykta. 


Two llnndrcfi s>'r\ )<■<■ M niiAfrerw Foro* 
gaibcr In l>etrolt 




Over and over ajrain, we find this 
Hupmobilc Eight winning the en- 
ciit Itmtljr Atngrlroai Itf more cotdjr 
cart, slnuitc ai looa at k tskct itt 
place in the gange. Ajoyomcarto 
dri v e — with cUihing, rich appear- 
ance entirely in keeping with per- 
foHMoici that k not surpaand by 
any car at any price. 


Sedan, h\f panenker, $J,.S7V .^rdan. Berime. $J7I,V 
< rMipe. (wii pa«arnger, with ruiuMf »rat |J 

liv r 

mypMOHii K 

SHaa. Ae#-fMerr<t" ' 

pattengef, with • iiii>i. -r^i 

fd M ekfer. |ljOI> l.quipotmi mcladc* JO s iji 

Coittolkiatcii i 

m tm 

Ways aad_.jneana of imprayln# 
aarvtee en Packard edrs will be 
atudled by more than ISO eervlce 

manaxere ef the r.nknrd Motor Car 
Company who will gather at Detroit 
.liil> '_' * J9 ;ind klv^ry .Si^tc m 

thn I niun und many parte of Canada 
will be retne*ented In the convention, 
which le an annual affair. ' 

The vlaltora will be addroMod by 
exooutlvea of the con^pany In eeaeiine 
at the Packard factory and eervlea 
demonairations win be made by fac- 
tory eervlce experta. A whale day 
will be .".pent on bonrd a ateamer on 
the Detroit Ulvcr. Service rxhiblia 
will ba set up on the boat and meet- 
inee conducted aa they would be at 
the factory. 

S^rvlrr Charreo 

Packard was the firet automobile 
ffitnr>n\ 1,1 in.xiliijtc .itandArdlMd 

rvh o . h.irKes for both time and 
rri.if»iri;ti ii plan neceaaitatlnlr a atan- 
dardlxation of each eervlce operation. 
Rince thia eyatSm wae adopted by the 
compiMty for all of Ita aervloe etAtlona 
th'<>oughaut the world a corpa of ex- 
pe-'ta haa been at work at the factory 
I constantly tr>lng to improve the 
I technique of e.irh .servlr-* operation 

I'nder almost universal melhoda of 
repair work on .iwtomobllea In vOfuO 
yeara ago a motor car awiier drove 
hie car Into a parace and left ta blind 
luck hew lent it weald bo out of uaa 
an» how maah the Mil weald be. 
la mtptn BaMta 

ktandardlaatloD of aemee haa 
taken eervloo work ant of the heads 
of alloy mtfrn* mechanlea and placed 
It with ecpOrta trained by yeara of 
etUdy and <-xp^rlcnce it han lowered 
the coat to the owner tremendounly, 
niRdo sh.iit. r the time a car mu«t be 
tied up Hnrt Klvcn a plan by which the 
owner can know in advance exactly 
what any apeemed bit af wark ia go- 
inv ta eaat. With theee thlnca the 
ayotem haa made It aaaler for mora 
people to own motor eer.'*. 

To make t**" »>>etem a it 
haa been necf>s«ary to develop what 
amountfi prHiii. tlu- to a new school 
ef englneerinK and In rceeCBltlon of 
the new nciencA Packard factory 
eervlce experta have beea daal«MU4 
an aonriee onpfneere. 

TUi mukjm 
mum mm 

t rnder Way la KnfUad 

On a aeetlen of particularly heavily 
traAkod road la Knginnd tho paving 
haa bean divided Inlo ivtn i>arta one 
ef eeaafete. the ..ih^r < f « ' -orien pav - 
lac Maeka i^t have b<>en equipped 
with rubber projerflnna. This division 
haa been nMde In an attempt to die- 
cover a way wkaraby eklddin* mey ba 
■Hmmlsed or completely overcome. 
tMa "rkbbarlaed' pavlnp block la the 
pradad af aa Baciieii i«>entor. who 

balleveo the preaeiu^ of rubber pro- 
Jeetlnna hft\inK i patterned au^face 
will pr'-xent akidding ;i nd thus reducS 

For a number of yeara eclentlata 
have knowa that the reatfldaat of 
frtetloa on a vbtar Ivbetaatad rabbar 
aurfaaa le la^er tkaii oa aa aiiod 

ni^inl oorfaea. ThU meaaa that wet 
rubber la more alipperv than ally 
metal w h ■ h r>oi only ovar- 

throve popular b4'ii*r hut which may 
nullify all oaperted reaulta fram tha 
inno\aiion of rubber eeuipped pave- 

Tkera eaa ba mile aalaa to alter- 
'Sa iy»a af p aosmsa e . m iSMt 

the provlelon ef rubber, h 
the wet pavements that 
p. fnr wet ee>«rr»te u not alip. 
▼ The iiliiifdinc el»«m»'n« la the 
r,jt.>>»r t're» ihrm-eUr*. and this b» 

r, «.f r.ihber !• Miippary aad win 

e-^' 'Irs . an\ curfaee T* drive 

• mm 


(•cmhI ,Bu«iiieiw t'oa^itlons In Canada 

■hipmeata af earn aad tr«eka tnm 

the Toronto factory of Dadfa Bmk- 

era i<'anada). T.lmited. to Canadian 

i |n.ln fr.r Ihe Hrnl »ix Omntbs nf \f"ti 
(■l.ou .in uiitr-a«« nf n^fr ihe 

a»rn( iit'-iiiiil <'f l.tM N'ar .i rul a gain 
Of it% cir the entire year of 1925. 

Mllpaii II 1 1 for June alone show an 
lacreaaa of 1SS% aver Jma. ItM. 

Pifarae far iraak aMpasesila tkhea 
aeparatety abow aa evea aara re- 
markable remparleon wtth laat year. 

•lie iniTea^e for the motuli ''eing 
:■ 1 (I V f' r liii' in>in!ht< p'Tiod 

liO', uiij fi>r 'tie f.l» rnnnt'i- i.*i'-..l 
o\fr 192« o4 r ^.Tcater than for the 
entire year of lt:4. 

oAclal flgtiree akowins total pro- 
daetiaa ef paaasater aapa aM tt«eks 
for, the Wire Caaadiaa MisBlry for 
the'flret five moathe of 1094 ehow a 

gain of i?'r A.'^nunitnit that thU per- 
ren'.iK'' "f »!><in >v i i I not be materially 
\n< re.i.'-e.l when June ficure' nr- 
a\allable, Dodge Urolhera' progress 
by comparison le over i% times aa 
>rreat aa that of tka ladaatry aa a 

Baaktsae asea wko ara fteenatemed 

to reading motor hiduatry kgaras as 

a barometer of penemi busineea con- 

ditloriN will f<nd k<>|"1 reason for op- 

in^'urn In ihi inrre.ineil .'i b-- > r i > ' M ■ i 
motor cara and irucku by the Cana- 
dian public. 

The ftfeignere of Grakam Brothers 
Tradta are tikw •» iIm Ibct that everr 
busineas km IM tmiMimd hmh^ V 

problems. }. 

itcnalv* studv has therefore beea 
at rfM pefftkoler feqiilfemriatB 

of various izuluscrica— including your \. 
own— and truck bodice ( 6l 
tiM needi of wdm dMft 4994 

Ready adapcabilitY to the job and lo w«r 
Initial codt due lo mass production ac- 
cotmi for the steady Inrreeee la sake 
of Graham Brothers TnicksteaBSilde 

of commercial haulage. 

We have vUuablc information con* 
newiim your luaUgc proMnM. It te 

WMTMl Cart. 

Wken tkere ki a flat epet ea the 
cam roller or head ef a valve up- 
pet, the nalee eannei be elUaieated 
ky MJaeUag tka 

leTon Chassis (O.BOT) $1 ICS 

1%-Ton Chassis - . - 1S4S 

MBM Low Chassis ' . 1605 
|k* e> Teeenatk Tm*< <• i>' addHi 

A. IL Humphries Motors, Ltd. 

925 Yatet Street Photte 479 

Graham Brothers 


Section of Fir 

Gmm4kppint Uniu WmOn, Tower CMAmt^t^Skm JiMtf 

Heroes Wbere Tire Economy Starts 

One of tha oiititiiHting dttslopinatita by Pirtatopa Reaiaroh Boginatf ia tha 
pffoeaaa of dipping the corda in a rubber aolutieii whieh i mp fd gn atea ail4 inif^tea 

•tery fiber of every cord with rubber. This adda Btroni^ to the corda tM itduoas 

to a minimum internal friction and heat so destructive to tire life. 

The Gum- Dipping; of the cords made it pOvSsible for Firestone* to develop thf» 
r^"u]l-Si7e Balloon Tire which gave car owners not only oomfort and saiiaty but 
a definite dollars-and-cents saving in increased mileage. 

Tn the battle of tires on race tracks in the day-in and da>-i>ut servir*- of 
the largest triK k, bus hthi i.ixjcab fleets on the cars of'hundreds of thousands 
of motorists everywhere G urn-Dipping has demonstrated its supremacy in 
greater economy, safety and comfort. 

Do not deny youraislf theae advantages. Equip with PIrMone Full-Siat 
(him*I>ipped Balloona. They are built aa only F i to a l d n a can build them, wiU 
perform aa only GKim-D^pp^ oaii parftm 8ia thi oalMat JMitoiMt 






Mackenzie, White & Dunsmuir, Limited 

Wholeeelk DtAtribalMtt. Vaneiaver. B.C. 


\'irt»rl«) l.»e. 

pea areUtea 


II' ' 

II KM « 1 \ r « 

• ooi r mil 


'»! fl T F ^ 1 < 

a ^ 

' - V. . 1. . - 

a 1 

t M 11 en t \ V t 

Marin* Dnv* ^.rvlr* llifttlna. 

roRT AiJtcawi 
Peeerei ami hi Kaer«fe Moiar Oa. 


1 c^ere Oe ^ • ■ ^ ■ ^ ^ 

« kav 

»:f 1 1 vo-roM 

mrADOVAirraM Foa marrotci Traat 



Solid Tire 
S^nrtce \\Am 

F o t ' \r\>\ F-l i ji n «; h * r d 

A I W PAGE, Manafer 

Tom Lumsden 

tU Yetee Street 








Luggage Carrier Invented Locally 

.... ' . "• • ■» 


b««n tflvra 'patMt MUMS to C«na4«. 

Mr. John A. Gmnt, eredtt manacar 

of r>it%i'l Hpr n< er. Limited, Is th* 
V«nlor anil ah" rli). » the [>#rfccttnc 
of It tn Ifi" far I tU\i lie. «-K.Mll y In th« 
mother of uixni.'/i. w. aM In ne«d 

of H luiCKai;'' < arri> I > Mis own far 
Which could not be served by any of 
thosn In UM, m€ Uh eonaequence he 
Mt about working out a ■ch«m« to 
PffVrMo hfmMlf wHh what he wanted, 

mam "60" SALES 
ALRtADY $lii,OiUU)00 

with ik9 rmtli tkat ho hit apoa the 
plan whtah ia aaamplKM la the 
V.A.I..C. A tart* nambor of Cana- 
dian end American automobile ac- 

ceaaory manufin t ijrrrn an^ now ror 
renpondlnjT w.tM Mr firant. «Tii1p«vnr- 
Inc ti' Mccuir tho ina n II f H' I w rl n (c 
riKh - Nt I hi- ' IK?.'!!'.- i«rri*T, and 
ail ,■ r ... i ■ , ,,r i.f I he mOHt 

Mi., r ,-.-' ' \ Th>« 
. ! • I . , , : • i ' - F h o * 

K. Humphrlea Motors. 

useful on t I 
carrier la no\ 
rooma of A. 

Total or 

tm Msty Dftya 


More than fit. 000. 000 haa been 
upant III •l.xtv c!a>H for Iho now 
• 'hrysler "80." nrrrirdintf to .) . K. 
Field". \ Ire- pro^ld ont , In charge of 
the Chryaler Halen Corporation Un- 
flUed ordera agcrecatlnr aeveraJ mil- 
lion dollara moro have neceasltated 
•tin tafsar produrtlon in an effort to 
flscetr up wiix ~tlia V^bmM die xmr 
haa eraataa. 

Whfn tha ear waa Introduced pro- 
duction waa aet at 3S0 rara a day after 
a careful Htiidy of market requlre- 
menta. Within two weekn demand 
had cauaad an increase to 400. That 
waa feUowad aarly in June by a aaoond 
and third atap-up. flrtt to 411 and then 
to 4(0 per day. Late In Juna the 
flture waa aet at BOO for thta one car. 

Mr. Field* pointed out rVnt chrya- 
ler's policy of .standard i/;e(l i|tiallty 
and the featureM Included in ilic car 
have combined to Injure the o\er- 
whelmlnK aucceaa If att.iined. 
"Unit for unit In thii* car," he aald. 
"tha sama standardlaad ouality which 
la latMd la tha '70' and Imptrial 
•tr to ayparaat— In andaaarfikf da- 
algn. matdrlafei. oraftamaaahlp, rigidity 
of teat and inspection and In all char* 
arteriMticH which datamlaa dapaada- 

hlllty and lonir life. 

"Featuren of the ko' Include epeed 
of (tlxly miles and more per hour, ex- 
cellent acceleration, naaollne economy, 
•xoeadinK £3 mllea per ffalton; Chrya- 
lar aymmetry. riding eaae and roada- 
MUty. fovr-^haal hydritulle brakea. 
oil fiftar aftd air cloaner. full proaaure 
lubrtoation. Keven-bearlnr crankshaft, 
mpulae neutrallier, road levellsers 
front and rear, and roomy, luiturlous 
badiea that aoikiblna the Chryaler 
eharaetarlatla of eompaetaaai." 

Limited. >tt T afa Straat 


\ Ernie ff>ll (,nrn(j( 
AppoinUd Moon and 
Diana DUtributor 

THK Moon Mater Car Com- 
pany, of 8t. Uouifl. an- 
nounced yeaterday the appoint- 
ment of Krnle Hill's Oaraa«. 
8.15 View Htreet, as the Van- 
couver Island distributor for 
the Diana iidvaniBOd atralght 
"I" and the Moon "4" cars. 
Back of thaaa eara la one of the 
eldeat and Mrongeat automobile 
maiit acttifef In the ladwatnr. 
a conipuy thai "Tai kkss 
Hteudy pro g re— and haa con- 
sUntly atrengthaned Ita posi- 
tion. The Moon Motor Car 
Comi>any began producing auto- 
moblle« In 190(5 twenty years 
ago The litJi models are now 
on dtaplay in the ehowrooma of 
Kmla Hlll'a Oaraga. 

Perfect Lubrication Value 

The lubrication of the odd j^trta 
of the car, such aa the ateerlnir 
gear, traaamlaeldn, rear end, um- 
veraal pelata. aprlag ahaokle bdlti. 
king pine, dte.. la juat aa laipif^ani 
as tho correct lubrioatlon of tho 
engine, if the parte affected are to 
relatft their Ufa and 4«iet operation. 

Where the danhboard llRhtlnfr Is 
not of the Indlret I type, it Is beat to 
drive with the llfht turned off. 
Many drivers have found that when 
the liaht le Klarj I il'<irftrt« atten- 
tion from tha road ahead and also 
aervee to tire the eyea. 

Wet rubber la a slippery sub- 
stance and is aa tlippery aa wet aeap 

or rreaae. 

The most common cause of body 
nolaea la the wladMileld. 


The Only Light Car That Offers 
These Exclusive Features 

1\(l\atu-rri r.iiropetB tngjaogf iiif cowibinid with MW improved Amen* 

2 i iigh-toiquc, Jl hofbcpuwcr niutor , small bore, long stroke. 


^ Ovtr 55 mllet per hour ; S to 10 mUt* in 13 geecodg. 
^ Thirty mi^ m a gaUoa ol fM- 

J Incredible luilcajjc on tires. 

6I^oar-w1icel brtkeg, greater safety. First tttne on any light ear. Can 
atop in 51 faet from a apeetf of 40 aiilea an h«Qr. 




i uraa in 34>foot drelc; eaay to staer. eaay to park. " 

Lower centre of gravity ; givM gania of accuri^ yon tavt nayer an- 
joyed in any light car before. Makoa olliar cara geeHi biaiky and e«a- 

hersome b\ cfunpan-r.M 

bcautitul, low Luiopcaii tvpc body. Height and length in true syro- 
roatrieal propottipn. 

Unique body deaign provides more inside apaoe and graatv c o a rf or t 

than ever found in any light car before. 

Highest (pi.ilit V of construction throughout. Entire car ia designed and 
built to Ri V 0 > ears and years of serviea. 

This new-type car marks the most important Kfht-car enginearing im- 
provement in Amariea during tha last 16 yeara. 



(Delivered Victoria). Z-DOOR SEDAN, f 1,125 (Delivered VictorU). 


i ilONE 697 

On the Way to the Post Office 


sue Motion Causes 

' Tires to Wemr Awaif 

Anything whieh causes a tirr t., 
drag with more or leas »tde «noi on 
Instead of running tme, will «rind 
the rubber tread mWKT 'V* 
faater than la norwal. Chacft t** 
rar over today to aee whether tire 
.ervue is beinr fut becauae of any 
.if ih»' vf»rloii« formn of Wheel irreg- 
ularltlc.-'. These Include mlsiallrn 
ment. Improper cAmber. wobble,, 
and may reault from a bent A\\f 
bent otaerini knuckle, a loo.s. ' 
bearing. » broken aprlng. ». i^ent 
spindle or a rtai iMiev««hr plaeed on 
a wtaMl. ^ 

ChuMnPs Attempted Rescue 
Mnn Result in FaialUy 

HAMILTON. July t4^1arenre 
Tran.iom. l«. oon of Arthur Tranfom, 
In ;i Kerlous condition aa a raault 

of It very peculiar acident. TOUIMt 
Transom whji lUmblfig a tall tree 
and when nearlnK the top thf- limb nn 
which his feet rested, broke from thr 
tnmk and he felt on to a hydro wire 
whieh paeaed through tha brancbaa 
The boy's elothtng took fire. and. 
thlnklnir he woaM aare Traaeem'a 
life. :i eh Mm pushod him off the wlrea 
and Transom fell twenty feet to the 
ground, with the reault that he re- 
eeived interaaf tajerMa which may 
prove fatal. 

"In it poealble, doctor." asked the 
carruloue widow, '*that one eaa' be 
talked 4o deat1t>" 

"Cerfalnly. madam. Have you not 
htirtod three htiah«ada yoaraaUr" 

I he Moon Motor Car Company, of 

St. Louis, .ViinoiiiRX'S the 

Ai^pointment of 



As V ancouver Island Distributor 




Plana Advanced 

Straight "8" 

Pdwrr- (''nntin«'ntal Powrr whrn and wherr 
vou need it. Great power, sustained power 
and lots of it That's the Mew Diana Ad- 
v.incr.l Straight Kij;'ht for 1027. de- 
li \ri^ 7^ horsepower with an elastic ilexibility 
' I n l: It 1 from 2 to T3 milftt an hour. Aeeelara- 

in n. 5 to 25 milfs an hour in 6yt seconils. 
I >Mn.i also brings Patented Safety Vision. 
L'uniposite-Steel Body and the Easiest Stear> 
ing in America. 

Moon ''6" 

Enjfinrfffd to cndtirr. Riiilt to Uit Or 
sifTned to absorb abuse— th^t s the Moon 
"6^' for 1^. But Moon it more than an 
rnuiirinp car it has power, spted^ flex- 
ibility, great smoothness and low centre 
of gravity. From Halifax to Vancouver, 
frnin London to Rio you'll find Moon 
Atisfied owners. There arc thoti«,ands of 
Moon Sixes in use — just ask the next 
owner you meet 





Removal and Stocktaidng Sale 

•i - 

For Sale uii lIic FoIIow Ihl: Terms 

Small Casb Paymeot 

Easy-Term Monthly 

Small Interest Charge 

We Certify to Value and 

Used Cars Taken in 

See Our Classified Ad. 

Call and Have Demonstration 

Begg Motor Co., Ltd. 

865 Yates Street 

Phone 2058 


( oaat df- 

^rrltrn In 

Thlrtj-lMijr Tour 

MONTmSAU July S4.— Travalllnc 
• r roM a oomHiT watch aaoMtor 
200 y»ar« air* g^ y iUS a III Ih* nam« 

or KInit I.oul* XV of rr»no«. Duke 
I'lnlir: of I .^n f ht *nh«r K <*ount «1« 
B«auharnoia, arrlv#d on th* Cana- 
iltan raolfln lln«r Mcllta and took 
train (or th« C*n*4tan RockiM l«t*r 
In th« aay. Th* D«k« li a imb of 
twenty-foar fsati. who. wHh liU 
rnuam. th* lia>aela 41 AIMhI, ta tak- 
inc part In th«> thlrty^ar tear of th* 
mnuntaina. rnmhlnlnewHIl tt a thr**- 
<^%^, trip with Ih* Trail Maen tH th* 
I < nail lan I" w 1»« 

of Charlaa. Marqnis 4* S*auhamota. 
wko wm 0*v*r«*r •! N*w PMui«* 
iTte aaC it«T. 

a* U rtlatae t* m«at mt th* ei *imad 
I hsada of Buroy* ani to a ar**t- 

crandKon of CSAr Nlch*laa T of ll*** 
ala lntervl«w*4 h«fe. h« ktatMl that 

' ^hla w-.i* hi* flrxt \ lolt to t'anada with 
I wtalrh he la ao clocaly connactad hla- 

"Thar* to." h* aaie. "ta th* i iMii 
■•*■ mf tanuir a d— * ai* a t prtat*a 

en birchhark and wrlttaa In r wwh 
and Iroquois. a4<lr«aa«4 to th* 
llarqula •l'' n<<niiharnnl« thanklnic 
th* Ovvamor for "hta kindly cara of 
hto ehlMf«n.' 

th* MMMtlT. FHMMh-Caaaa*. h* aald. 
wMiM ato* h* ■^aetolly lat*i«*tln« to 


}\f that h* waa f*lHWMe to 

aom* fsi^nt In th* footM*pa Sf th* 
craat a<1v«ntur*ri and axpl*rr*ts ••• 
couras«d by hta ancaator. ona of 
whom. La V*r*n4ry#. had foundad 
r*flt WiUUai •m 
Caithar #««. It 
InUrastlns to vtalt for th* flm tim* a 
«lty that had auch intlmata aaaof'ta- 
tton» for him thrr.ijiih hi* an^-^weor 
For Ihla r«>aaon. and h^raus* of tha 
Ciowlaa daacrlpt ion* of th* Canadian 
Rockia* ft«*ii.Jit«i by hto c*«ala. tha 
Marevhi «l 

Bom In 8l. Pctar»b«ra, th* T>uk* 
waa too younc to tak* part In th* 
World War. »«t h* p«rtleip*t*e ta 
th* t«»*ir*a» **■!»• lea aeataat •*!- 
iiMVlHN •aniMlei hy 0*M«fal r>*n« 
khM aai BaMn Wrant*i- At on* 

tIm* th*ir forraa had h**n within a 
f*w mllaa of Mo*' ^"i' ^')t •v*nluatly 
lark of m*n and * >rr ■ ' had driv*n 
them baok. Ha ea<:ay*d from th* 
eoaatry aji« haa h**a Mafthg MMi la 
variau* pari* of Kuropa 

Tha Duka ia an a«e*«»pilahad lla- 
awlM. apaaking B— l toh. rraach, 
OaraMM. and ItaMaa. M* 

thMwht u mIH H bi' la M m t f at th* 
prMant unM vAie ««ry |atf a«i Umm 
waa m«eh aMSiflarniAM. F<r that 
roaaon ha aaaa ta Oaae4a a laad *f 
promla* for men haflaf tA maka a 
naw atart and VtlMm t* vork -T*« 

hav* aa aMnea* af CaeMMMlaai r*a- 

aald. "and racial and nal 
do not axiat ovar hara." 

Whan ta* Dttka j*ln« th* Marqula 
di AlblBxl in ih* Rockl*« th*y *it 
«l*rl out for a month a ridinc 
campinc 'rip «nd will h*tin wii' in* 
Trnll Hld»r» jmlfin Joininc In th* 
Pow Wow in tha I'Urmiaaii Vail*r 
on Aueuat 1. Thto Will eoatOtaf the 
araaa daato tt th* ««a Trait rrnirr 
irt^ MM •# a er*-eay rM* asd an* 
oth*r 9t thr«" Um both of wktoh 
maac at th* I tarmican Vail*r Th* 

I'wk* will lati* ih»- npf,i.rtur\<f ■ ' 

Ing rnjt \* (o UK.k ovar th* c***' 
try with a %)*w lo rMMrMac ahd Ml* 
tllaa iai*r. Th* M««pMa to fTiftag • 
aartr of thirty M raaad *» hto thirtf* 
day trip and h* and ,>,0f 
mak* *a a hiift'tny p»r> -a* 
> M i ii t la f h« i ■ 
M* toft 1* >oMi «a* Marevii ihd 

It 4o*« aa* fr >* haw 

D I /\ N A 



With Pastor and People 



MAOB mr Aifoumir 
Mtrmoff IN KBfoifAini! 

ot Wlncbntrr Kri 

SrrA of 

M "kUoeatiaa of 

•Thn Mother Church' of i;ni{l«n(l 
)inn a (Treat fhallrnge. and It 

In prohahle that In the future Ht. 
I'aul'a Day. 1»2«, will hr lonkpil f>a< k 
upon an the heiclnninic of a ii<'» era 
In the mlnalonary work of the < liuri h. 

and perhaps of a mw wm In the whole 
history of tbo AngUeas Communion." 
aUim "The Urta*- M««wc«." the 

monthly orcan of the Woman'* 
Auxiliary In Canadu 

"for the rtr»t time thr- fall to miii- 
elonary effort hun rome nut frnm 

•ameat men and women within the 
ehitrch, not from aocletlee founded bv 
thMo eameet workora. and for all their 
wealth of devotion and paaaldn of 
eervlce repreaentatlre only of a part 
nf the church, but from the rhureh 
an a whole. Starting with the Chur' h 
Aaaenihly. rnninnended hy the bl«h'>|i<t. 
and fortii;ill> pt eNCiit^-.l t.. a p.illwr- 
InK In iho i>nttal Hni'. W < «t m i 't. 
bernuHi- iIk' ^.-rrai hall nf ihf i huri h 
house wan loo Mniull to rerrlve them. 
It waa welcome. I )>y reprenentathrea of 
•vary diocese In Knglsnd." 

Wlnohesirr Spoafcs 
The Bishop of Winchester says: 
"Indeed. It Is this tremendous chal- 
lenge which compels a raaponso from 
the whole family cirels. and makes 
the imperioua domand that wa eease 
to waste the time and enersy In. our 
domestic differences which should be 
spent In the fxeruiton nf our areat 
rommlHBlon. It l.s. I repeat, no chance 
that the l.lMhopM (It In .ilmost literally 
true to ssy ) walked ntrulcht from Xhn 
ee n f e HHt e tnMe tn l.ambeih Palace. 

whers for day* they had been work- 
ing through the church's aervloefl, to 
the great hall in Westminster, where 
the challenge was delivered. 

"I have riillcil this rruJl impar.-il 
leled. for nf-ver liofore. in f-'ui h ii way 
as thin. hn.>» the world'M need hern 
preaaei) homo on the ihurch !•> the 
rhurr h. Xi> iio< lety is r.illinK. ralhrr. 
all societies are calling, and more than 
all ao«letlea— for the whole body, re- 
sponsibly reprasantad In Its mission- 
ary council, is voicing the measage. It 
Is no such sectional call as those to 
which for many years we have been 
arruBtomoil from Tuflon Street or 
."^allehury Square. Ii \n the Mother 
t'huri h faclPK Hie f.n Is )in<l roiinlriK 
heraelf to a<-tlon. The rontrast be- 
tween this and the situation a hun- 
dred years ago and more Is amaslng. 

"The challenge was given not in 
an outburst of emotional exaltation, 
but by a csim statement of farts 
'Thro\v t)if f.irt.s at Ills lieail" some- 
one saiil. when asked how liest In 
tiiovf I he lOnRllshman TIu.m the rnlv. 
Hinnary lounell has done, and the 
effect has been shatttrteg and over- 

bishop of London to 
Lean' Lngland Thin 
\\ cek on Canada four 

Z I Haptititn Say (iood-Rye 

WiU Represent Canada I 
At Le Zoute, Belgium \ 


psots to iMva Bnglaad this 
week for Canada and Idg .world 

tour, nslling from the;01d Coun- 
try on Friday. July 80 

Dr. Wlnnln»ton-In^ram, who 
plans to spend nearly two 
months In Canada will be In 
\'an<ouver Islatid from Septem- 
ber 9 until September 13. ofhei- 
atins at the laying of the 
foundation stone of the new 
Christ Church Cathedral on 
septsmbor f and praaeklag la 
iity ehurches o« Buaday. Sep- 
tember 12. 

From Canada tho Blahap will 
vlalt a number of universities 
In the ITnlted States at the spe- 
clnl Insliation <•( the suthor- 
Itlea. lie will t ;i. n travel to 
Japan, via Honolulu, and will 
also vlalt Korea un l < hin.i In- 
fiiencl of retUrnlnK d.iect to 
Knaland, he hss been Invited to 
include Australia and Now 

lar ' ' ■ 1-- 

ihe resolutions made on our knees In 
the Abbey and In St l".iul> " 

•■.\ hundred years »m> the <-hurch 
had little sense of mfkwlonary respon- 
stblllttes." the report concludes. 
"Thank God. ws have changad from 
thoae days, but It is only tho few who 
have changed. What la needed la that 
the whole church ahould roeogniss 
the arealness and the glory of the 

WiitRt iS iltAVEN? 

To tfys iUv, W, U. He4/nan 

Members and fr ■ ■ i ^ - ' I'-uk 
las Street BapUot Church arranseU 

for a very plaaaaat o«lla« at tha WB- 

lown Reach on TiMlf day. WlMB a 
company »pent tho groatar part of 

the day there, and In the avantttg 

the ><>una: people of the ehureh 

Joined them hinrh and taa 

serxed under the treei. 

The gatharlag was planned lo 
honor of the ailnlatar of ths chur ii 
the Rev. W. H. Rodman, who rr 
cently realgnad tkk paatorato and 
who will on 0nnda^. Auguat 1. proach 

s farewell sermons. Btneare ragtat 
hla de iarture from the choreh 
wan expri— .1 l.v .Mr I) Maekereth. 
who. on tiehilf of the church, re- 
ferred to llie faithful pulliil and i ^'' 
toral work whi' t Mr Uedman hi'l 
performed dur . last four years, 

work whirh ha<' I orne niach fruit 
As an expreaalon of the esteem In 
which they held him. and of cood 
wisbaa far kla future, ha was pre 
seated with a gold Evarsharp pencil, 
a Wakl founUin pen, and two sub- 
sUntlal cheques. Mr. Redman auU- 
ably replied, referring to his tavm Of 
herUre \%Hh Hi" (liur.h and arate- 
fully iitk now ledKin;? the loyal sup- 
[)oi I .ic< orded hinj duim^ 
period. He th.inked his conKrega- 
tlon for ih-ir KPnerf>us slft.s and food 
wishes and for the kind words ut- 
tered by Mr. Maekereth. 

The Rev. Henry Knox was preaant 
and on belnir called upon to speak, 
expressed hit* nw n appreciation of the 
friendship and fellowship with hla 

fallaw a aBltar. 



The itcT. Dr. Hlpprdl to Preucli at 
MctrDpolUMi Chareli Today on 

The correspondent of The Cuardlan 
writes of the meeting, at which the 
four reporl.s on the Moslem U'orld. 
India. Afrlia and the Far lOast were 

"The unique thlnft about the vast 
sathering was that It was a mission - 
sry convention, summoned by the 
t'huroh of Bnglaad. The sooleUen 
have done noble work. Between them 
they have saved us from heathenism. 
They have kept before uh the Ideal of 
Christianity as the Catholic religion. 
Milt the representatives of the mla- 
t<ionar.\' so( jctjps j)resenl at Weat- 
iiilnsii'r thin week miiat have felt the' 
wj>nderful kIow of happy, self- 
effaclnc thankfulneaa which comes to 
pioneers and handmaids of the true 
quality — the humble gratitude which 
once made the Baptlat say: 'He must 
increase, and t muat decrease.' The 
Church of England has declared be- 
fore Cud and man that she In n mis- 
sionary chur. h. There Is \ cry much 
still t"j be ilotie The dtlet;.iles at 
Weatmlniiter are only tli.. fcsv u.'i-n 
spirits. They ha\ c still to ^:,•t ilic <.ill 
across to eai h illocese and parish. 
But at least the Church of England 
haa said from today. 'I bslieve thst 
the purpoee of Ood. revealed in Jesus 
Chrlat our daviour. Is a purpose for 
Ike world ' ' 

Kev. Dr. Hipprell will occupy hla 
pulpit at .Metropolitan Church today. 
Iioth morning and evenlnp. Ths 
rnoinini; siihjeif It "The Father's 
Houf*' " Tins el iMusfiioii will prove 
to lie a soiiri-e of instruction and com- 
fort to all who It. Dr. Sipprell 
will offty- come illuminating Informa- 
tion on "Where la Heaven aad Who 
will be There'." 

At the evenlnc service will be pre- 
Kenie.i the theme. The Qod Who 
liuidew Thu will he a study out of 
experience and ri-v el;il Ion of the 
character of Ihe DK'ine HeiriR and 
Ills relation to human affairs. It 
will reveal reasons for faith and the 
relation of the wonderful Intellectual 
activity of modern life to religious 
faith, and also how great a paft of 
present day civilisation is due to the 
Influence of the Bible. 

At the mornint- ser\ Ice rte\ \ . (' 
Mawllns. of i i.i i< i.i ud, m former leader 
of the .\I el r"|'iil II ,1 n . h'lir. Will sinR. 
while at tlie < vening service the choir 
will be composed of the members of 

the I.,adles Aid. 

Slag-i spi. 

ItaoM'll anil \djt. 
s > N). , -,,„,•• Mat 
Work Described 


Commandant and Mrs. Jones are 
takina their holiday furloush. and the 

meetings at the ."-Salvation Arm\ (Ma- 
del today will be leti t.y visiting offi- 
cers, several of whom are In the city. 
Amonir them are Staff -I'aptaln Han- 
sell and Adjutant Davles. who spoke at 
the Citsdel on Wednesday nlffht. The 
Staff-Captain, who has bsen an ofllcer 
for twaaty tmxm, gave aa Intereatlng 
talk on Salvation Army hospitals, 
which from a small bealnning, a four- 
roome<l cottaae In Clapton, London, 
today are amonn the best equipped for 
maternity work In the I'nlted King- 
dom, IL.M well as other countries. Phe 
went to Craco Iloapitsl, Winnipeg, lost 
\ to take the position of asaletant 


Adjutant Davles. who Is on the 
training garrlaon staff at Wlnnipsa, 
gave a splendid demeaetratlon of the 
training course given to the eadets. 
Rhe was formerly en the ataff -of the 
! International Training Oarrlaon in 
London. Knurland. 

The meetings will l)e 'held n» the 
usual time, and Sunday School will 
commence at 2 ji.m.. when .>ew schol- 
ars will be welcomed by the leachera. 

Christendom the World Over 

A Weekly Review of Religious News 

In order lo grive annual recognition 
and slImuluM to creative work amonK 
negroes, Mr. ^VIIIIam K Harmon, an 
American business man, has erected 
the Harmon Foundation, which offers 
awards In seven fields of activity — 
literature, mualc. One arts, industry, 
sclenoe, edueatlen and religion, and 
an addltlon.'>l award f^r distlnguishsd 
aervlce In improving race relstlons. 
A flr»>t prize of $400, with a second 
of llOu. will lie Klven annually, the 
Dling of aPplieatlons to he tiiade be- 
fore August 1 to the Cuinmlsslon on 
Race Ilelations of the I' < oun- 
cll. of Churches. The adjudicators 
are outstanding authorltiss in their 
own dspartment, and Include such 
men as John H. Flnley, editor of The 
Nfw- York Times. Edward T. Devlne, 
dean of Ihe American I'niveralty. 
Wushmsfon, and Clareme WnUinson. 
ork'anist of the Brick Presbyterian 
( hur. h Ne.v York. Although or- 
ganised but a few years the Commis- 
sion on Race Relations has done 

much In creating a better under* 

It is a aoiirce of pleasure and prIUe ! '!'.»"_'!'."»^^!*TV.!Iv"**'!L.*?* wT.*!"! 
to the Anglican Church In Australia 

thst the motive spirit of ths whole 
movement wss the chairman of the 
miaeionary council of the Church As- 
aambly. ths Blahop of Salisbury, a 
fOTMer Archlilsho p of llrishnne, 

Tiidajr and ClirlNilanli}' 
As chairman, he gave what wss. In 
effect, a vefy aearchlng sermon. "We 
are, Ilka tlia three men whom our 
Li6rd took wKh Him an to the Mount 
of Tranaflgu ration, the blahop de- 
clared. "We sre with Him, and all 
round us In the world. It Is full of 
moven)enl I^veryw here a new gen 
erstlon l.« sprinRlni; up. eager and 
self cons< lous The tiew Impulses 
which mo\e them h.ive no relutinn to 
Christianity ihe iiiiinns arc Indif- 
ferent, eometlmea even hoetile, with a 
cangtruotive adverse propaganda. Bui, 
aa glwaya, Ood rlaes upon the wings 
of the Btorm. This time the way 
eeeme different. The Oalkrd Move- 
ment began in the study. The Metho- 
dlNt revival began umonff the mas^eji. 
The I'oming rev Iral. of which the .\i|s. 
Hionary Council nn<l this <on\enll>>n 
sre hersid slsns. will l)«. horn anci 
grew amooR the rank and file of faith 

ful members of the church. But let 
ue be warned. Let fear come en sll 
the ekarek. By our frulta we shall 
ka knew*. TBere la no real trevlvsl 
yet. Vfegia la no etraami of recruits 
far eefvloe overseas. We must take 
how we hear We must And Ihe 
&I purpose of otir convention, not 
la listening to great speeches, but in 



Ac!d a TsBipOOWfulotf 

fk)vril to every two 
eggrs. Mil in usual way 


psople, one notable result having 
been the leMenlng of lynching. It Is 

expected that tho Hsrmon Founda- 
tion will encourage the negro to the 
Iirodiictlon of work which will l>e 
Judged without unfair diecrimln.itlon 
or prejudice, or. on the other hand, 
without the undue support of pater- 

lisdles PIret 

Antecedent to the men's gstherlng 
at Helslngfors was the women's at 
Oxford the flrst week in July. It was 
thn Biennial Ctonferenee of the 

World's Committee of the Toung 
Women s Christian Assoclstions. 
meeting for the flrM lime In Enirland 
since Ihe M.TUKnr.Tl jialhering In 1S9». 
At tb.ii tinie there were only Seven 
countries sfllllsted. Today the family 
of mors than I.OOO.MO in forty-three 
countries represent nineteen national 
onrsnlsatlona. The diaeuaslens 
centred arouftd the problenw of the the rural and the educated 
Rirls The Y W c A hrts taken ad- 
%."\nced ifround !n dem.indmK right 
conditions for glrl.^ and women In In- 
dustry, Its repreeentatlves In China 
having been specially active In calling 
attention to wretched coqdltlone for 
women and children In the silk In- 
dustry. The Invitation to meet In 
Peking in li;i was. therefore, very 

I'alted Chanh ( oanctl 
Declining to act upon the recom- 
mendation of the 8aaka!< hewan con- 
ference te ordain a mission- 
ary who h,id ilone e\crpi|onal work 
in that Province, the question of the 
ordination of women by the recent 
(ienersi Council of the United Cfcuroh 
wss sent to Ihe preabyterlee f«»r dle- 
cuaaloa, the reports to ba preaaatad 
to the next meeting of Coanetl In 
Winnipeg In 192« There were six 
women commlaaloper* at the 
1 Montreal leathering The Federal 
Commiasion of nine members, with 
c^ief Justice I.yman Duff akalr- 
msn. hss bMn erganitwd ta aMn> 
mence work neat September fti ad* 
Jadieatlng the general prof>ertlee of 
the rhnrehea. Inelndlng colleges and 
I As to mlaslons the Ciuneil 

^ has handed o%-ar the UwaUor mission 

in India to the Continuing Preeby* 
teriana, but while declaring Its 
w illingness to co-operate as may be 
iirranged by the workera on the field, 
Ih determined to retain all the 
I'nionlst missionaries in their precent 
Htulua and work. This may mean 
the retention of practically all the 
former Presbytartaa miselons, aa the 
vast majority of the foreign workera 
favor union. Editorial comment 
upon the recent Council varies, but is 
on the whole favorut»le I)r W, K. 
<;ilro\. of The lloston Congrega- 
tionuilst. .1 fornier Canadian, thlnka 
the nioNeiiient has alrsady crsated a 
new Christian coneclouenase, and 
Ths Methodist Recorder found that 
the hardships and misunderstandings 
incidental to so great an experiment 
were met in a aplrit of unity and a 

most Chrls'i 111 lemiier. 

Noted llcllgloniata 

l>r.- Csmpbell Morgan Is supplying 
the pulpit of Weatmlnster Con- 
crejra t lona 1 Church. London, during 
.Inly anil Au(; 

.Mrs Annie Itesant, the titular head 
of the World Theoaophlcal .Soc iety, is 
drawing large audiences In London 
to hear her addresse s on the coming 
world teacher. She declarea that the 
body of Krlahnamurtl, the Hindu 
saint and te.acher. who la living at 
Wimbledon and who has been under 
training by Mrs. F'esant (r>r a number 
I of years. Is to be used by the Lord 
when He conies in the immediate 
future, aa Christ used the body of the 
disciple Jeeus some 2,999 years ago. 
Ths Christian World points out the 
Blmltartty of thie Idea to the "Deeetie 
heresy " < form of f)rst •century 

agnoatliivMi ulii<h .Tserteil that Ood 
entereil the luimnn t' of .leaus at 
baptism .Mnd lef; ii at the cru- 

Two Roman Catholic leaders ssso- 
cisted with the conversations ss to 
the union of the Anglican aad Roman 
Churches. Cardinal Merder and now 
Abba Portal, have died during the 
yesr. Ahbe Portal was nn Intlmsts 
friend of Lord Halifax, the prom- 
inent Anc |o I "at holir. and waa very 
active In lr>inK to find a way for re- 
union of the two churches. It was 
he who indneed eeveral leading 
Anglican clergymen to vlolt Rome 
when XTTT apfMlnted a eommls- 
alon to Inqtilre info Angllcsn ( l.ttma. 
The X.itif-an'* adverse declaion threw 
hn. . 'Ur movement, which waa, how- 
ever, rsvtved under the late Cardinal 

"Sprctsmlsr ShowwuMHMp^ 

According to The Christian World, 
there has been an orgy of Spectacular 
showmsnahlp among the Kansas 
City ministers, of whom Dr. Stldger. 
of Uawaad Methodist Ckarek, haa 
been ta the fore In advartletng "The 

Church with the Cross, the Crowd* 
snd the Chimea" He ta the Inventor 
of an electricallv llliimlnsled revolv- 
ing cross on the top of a church 
■teepie. of which 12* have been 
Installed In tke United States. Dr. 
Stldger clatana that plature pagaaate. 
beak revlawa, maele and lighting ef- 
fects have an tmperUat part to play 
In the successful modern church 
■The church must compete with the 
theatre, the 4a«ea fcaUi amd ether 

THK UlCV . JUILN T. TiJCM.KH, 1>.1>. 

Of Dondi Traialac Inatttute. West 
cemral Africa, wka win attaad the 
interaatlenal Conferaace an Africa 

at I.e 7.oute Ttelgluai, Bapt. 14-11. 
under appolnttnent ' the UpitOd 

Ch^rah ad '€huid4tk > 

Installation Service 

for Salvation Army 

WI.N.N^PEO, July 24.— A great In- 
stallation eervlce for a number of 
new g^ee te M the Balvatlaii Army 
win be kald In Winnipeg on Mondsy 

evening. Commissioner Chsries T, 
Rich will be In command, assisted by 
the chief secretary. Colonel C Miller, 
and the staffs front the territorial 
headqoartare aad thk Training Col> 


'Hie officers who arc to be installe<l 
Includs Major John Merrett, Adju- 
tant Alfred Steele. Adjutant H. H 
Orssnaway and Stoif Captain Harry 
Dray. Major John Merrett will be 
Inatalled la the work of the Training 
Cenege. Adjutant Alfred Steele be- 
comes ths divisionsi commander for 
Manitoba, and Adjuunt Greenaway 
the secretary for young peoples' work 
for Manitoba. Staff Captain Harry 
I)ray and Mrs. Dray will ko to Van- 
couver as divisional secretary for 


The Salvation Army Is operating 
this Summer two motor chariots, 
with four young men, trained ofhcers 
of the Army, la charge of each. The 
reporta from theee nsotor ears, one 
of which is operating in Manitoba 
and one in Southern Saakatchewsn, 
show thst the service is very creatly 
appreciated. People assemble for the 
meelinKS. which .im a rule, are con- 


Suc<-r»»f<i*«in ot Sub-« hri'.ii.iii |{< »I»hI- 
Of PrlMiUve Krtmtna UM>ked lor 

the reeruUs to ear migls- 
tries there are too many youtha of 

crude and unimaginative piety," said 
the Bishop of ItlrmlnKbdm in a strik- 
ing addrsaa on The i:< ligioua Situa- 
tion In England Tod.i> at WsHiala- 
ster College, Cambrlclge, 

"When the present turmoil ceases, 
the need of the influence of orgaolaed 
religion and the value of tke trained 
Chrtatlan teacher will be more clearly 
perceived. . I am convinced that be- 
fore long ike new presentation of the 
Oospel. which is now being faahloned 
by our leading tkiskara. will establish 


\)i niir people ' >> I ead snd 

writfi All believe iti.ti ilx-. ii iv the 
capacity' far accurste Ihout;! i In 
fact, few are qualified to separate true 
epirltuM unjlerstaad^ng from dlsvulsed 
rellaaW rellglMia bafbarlem. The best 
rallglaaa thought of our time teada to 
ba ewsimped by popular culta which 
kre well est>lolted. 

Primitive Revivals 

"I think thst we must expect for s 
time a succession of popular sub- 
Chrlatlan revivals of primttivs rsllgion. 

"Coaourrently with thsm there wl|l 
be a refarmula t iok of the Chrlatlan 
faith which It will be the duty ot or- 
ganised christian communions to 
make and pressrvs. Ihis better sort 
of Influsnce will spread through achool 
teschers and JournallatH to the com- 
munity as a whole. 

"To the leaders of the churches we 
must. In the main, look for construc- 
tive thoMghti but U will be purveyed 
to the pagplo'iM a'whole far more by 
the eehael teaeker and tke Journalist 
than by the mlasloa preacher of for- 
mer epochs. 1 doubt if we ehall again 
get a religious revival of the eigh- 
teenth-century type 

"Doubtless Rreal w irele.ns preachers 
will emerKe whose fame will rival that 
of the film favoriles. Now that edu 
cation Is so widespread, the purely 
emotional appeal will be Inadequate. 
The preacher will have to build on a 
framework which scholars and men ot 
acienee have fashlonsd If his maeeage 
la ta ka <f < permanent va k**» ' 

new tulministratlve eentrea for s 

numt-er i.f the din.cHO 

In 10.'. the <ter of l;liiili.»m » ,< - 
traneferret! in 'rtie'(..r<! and nine-... 
)fars later was removed to .N"rv«:. h 
Uttle baa bee« heard of i r. h . 
since, until the reoent sxpiuraiiuiia 
indicated that tlie remains of the or- 
iginal Saxoa cathgdral Bad kda« du- 


of CnlomMfk CoaUnatm 

WiU Preiarb on Ihim 


."< 'onfldent appeal.^ of the Ignorant 
to the Ignorant and of thoae who like 
to toy with superstition to those who 
are gtreedy for It — such will continue. 
But the slow pressure of educated 
opinion will prevail against them. A 
new standard attitude, or, if yau pre- 
fer the phrase, a new erthedoay, will 
gradually be ehaped. 

We need not be apprehenaive as to 

ducted from the platform at the rear the outcome of the present era of r 
of the motor The offl( cr.s visited hun 
dreds i<f fumille.H in isolated dlatrlcls 
and brought to ihcm the goepel mes- 
sage. The work of the chariots will 
be carried on until the Training Col- 
lege opeas In the month of Sep- 

Many offlcers of the Army In West- 
ern Csnsda have been transferred 

during the month, and are beginning 

work In new fields In the four West- 
ern I'rovmi c:< A larjte number of 
liromotion.s have also tieen made by 
Comml.saioner <'harle.s Rich In recog- 
nition of faithful and successful 


Centennial Church l» 

Rfwning AeilviHea 

After two weeks of general stir 
and enthusiasm under tho direction 
of the Rev. Dr. Hill. Centennial 
Church will again settle down to the 
regular actlvltlee ot iU programme, 
with the pastor, the Rev, J. P, West- 
msn in charge of both ssrvlees today. 

In the morning the subjset will be 
"A High Ideal.' and in the evening. 
"My Creed and .My Programme. " 
The evening address will be an 
anawer to those critics who think 
thai the church has lost Us faith In 
the old gospel and la not now sound 
In the fklth. There Is a great deal 
of eheap Ulk theae days regarding 
eouad dootriaea and creedlesa 
churches. Mr. Wsstman will try to 
anawer thess rumblings tonight In 
the regular service. Ths choir will 
render a fine musical programme 
and will be a.ssiiited by Miss Kate 
Ede. SQprsno soloiat, who will sing 
•'Pear Ta N6t, O Israel." 

Bishop (TDonnell Back 

The Rt. Rev. Thoe. O'Donnell. 
Bishop of Victoria, who has been in 
Chicago attending the Buoharlstlc 
Congress there, returned to the city 
last week, only to leave a few days 
later for Prince Rupert. He is ex- 
pected back this week. 

licioii.-i i hanKC Chrlstliin < immiin- 
lon.s will l>f Irouhled hv thn (•"unda- 
mentallMt.H and M ed i.i e\ ,il mt >< hut es- 
labliuhe,! Ions are IoukIi and 
can survive tnui h dissen«ion. 

"Only when the hierar<li\ i-; rri 
powerful and the aysteni so ilonels- 
knit that freedom of thought can be 
atamped out Is there danger that reac- 
tion can triumph. Fortunately, such 
a sjratsm can only be made effective 
with a celibate prieathood. A good 
and honeet man who has a wife aad 
family dependent upon him is almost 
Invincible, because of the human sym- 
pathy whiok hla oppreaeioB would 

crea t e " 



Imp'Ttanl Ills. oMi) at I loiliam Nor- 
folk, Knglaud, L nravcra .\iiclcat 

Chwch of 11th Oentary 

The rcnutlna of a great Basen 

cathedral have been unearthed In the 
rectory garden nt KImham, In the 

County of Norfolk, England, accord- 
ing to a recent dispatch, which 
quotea the oiiinlon of experts, who 
made an examination of the dis- 

Elmham was the sest of a bishop- 
ric founded In tho yesr 673, The 
Dsnlsh Invasions were responsible fur 
its short life, though ths dioceoe was 
re-esUblUhed in the middle ot the 
tenth century. 

At the time of the Normag CoB- 
(juest. iOlmliuni wnn numbered among 
the fifteen Kntrli.'h dioceaea then the 
scenes of .iciUe ihurch work. The 
others were Canterbury. York, Lon- 
don. Ilocheater. Litchfield, Winchea- 
ter. Hereford, Worcester. Wells. Dur- 
ham. Exeter, Dorchester, Sherborne, 
and Selsey. 

During the period of organisation 
which followed the Norman Coo- 
queet. the aress of the dioceees were 
more dearly defined, snd their divi- 
sion into archdeacenrles and rural 
deaneries waa achieved. Another Im- 
portant change waa the nelectlea of 

In continual -"'I 'f .i 'nurse of ser- 
mons on "Ch r 1st M II :t \ in .1 \%.irld of 
Chsnging Tb<MJ^;hl ■ |;; prcched 
oa Summer Sunday evenings in Chrlat 
Church Catkedrgl. tBe Deaa of Ca> 
lumbia will deal wttk (Be oMUon. 
"Are the Panr O^apala HIetarieally 
Trustworthy?** at •aalght'a aenrloa at 
7:10 o'clock. 

'This msy seem s strange and al- 
most sceptlcsl question to ask, but it 
is fsir and Insvltsble," the I>can 
statea. "Per we live In a critical ags, 
aad there are men who have no clear 
grauBde for beUevlag la the anbatan- 
tlal truth of the four Ckiepels. 

"There is little reference to Christ 
in llteraiiir,- of the first century out- 
side It - ^ ' V Testament. What U to 
bs made of that silence? la the evi- 
dence for the gospels ss good (say) 
as the evidence for the trustworthl- 
nees of VlrgU or Tacitus? Some pro- 
fessing Christiana (though few in 
number) belieVe that wa could keep 
tl|a bssuty snd dynamic of Christ's 
spirltust teaching If the facta of the 
r.> II Ki'spris weie all denied or dis- 

I)roved. Is that i-redible?" 

The services in the Cathedral to- 
day Include Holy Communion at 
• a.m. aad a.m., aad Matina wltk 
amrmon by tke Dean at 11 a.m. 

A Condrmatlen Claae for aduNa will 
be conducted by the Dean thla week 
for men and women whs desire to 
know more about the teaching of the 
( hurch and to become ( ommunlcuntn 
The class will meet on Friday eve- 
ning St 8 o'clock In room 21, Memorial 
itaii (upstairs from CeurtiMjr Street 

Charlottetown Church 

\Mm than a fortnight ago, St. 
Jamea' Praakytariaa ClMrch. Char- 
lottetown. P.R.I.. celebrated lu 

100th snnlversary. 

The occasion was suitably marked, 
three special services being held. .•Ser- 
mons were preached by the Kev. 
James Carnithers. I>I) of Xamioj 
ver; the Uev. W. o. Mulligan, of ,mi 
Andrew's Presbyterian chwr. h .N'i>rth 
HIdney, snd the Rev. D, Robert John- 
ston, of New CUasgow. 

The Rev. W. Bruce, before the 
morning eerviee, read congratulatory 
telegrama from each of the Maritime 
Hynods, the Moderator of the Preshy- 
terlsn Church In Canada, Principal 
Kraaer, of the Presbyterian College. 
Monlre.ll anil from Dr. WItherspoon, 
IMinhurgh. Hcotland. The proceed- 
inKs were concluded by a garden party 
and reception at the private reaidence 
of Hla Honor Oovemor Hearts. 

Mrs. W ilHon Jiuun tn lie 
At New Thought Temple 

This morning st the New Thought 
Temple, Dr. Arthur F. Barton will 
speak on "Behold! I Make All Thlnga 
New," and in the evening at 7: SO be 
will speak on "Shadow Worship." At 
the mid- week service on Wednesdsy 
evening he will speak oa "Cultivat- 
ing the Mind." 

At the evening aervlce today a 
special treat la In store for thoae who 
attend. Mrs. Wilson Jones, formerly 
of Victoria, is visiting from Cslt- 
fornia and will sing a solo. She Is 
well knows leoally both as a ainger 
add teacher of alnging. and her 
selection Is aura te he looked forward 

to by att. 

Ltaving for Holiday 

Services st Bmmanusl Baptist 
Ckurch for the Hummer months' Sun- 
days are iiri,in;<e,) to last for one hour 
Today the lCe\ Henry Knox will rx 
cup;, ilje pul|iit for the last time be- 
fore leaving for a four weeks' vaca- 
tion, during which period ths Rev. J 
C Wllllsmson, Wlnnlpsg. Man . will 
be the pulpit aupply, 

Mr. Knox will preack tkis morning 
on "Great Poaeeesions." and at ths 
svenlng eervlce his subject will bs 
"Our KnowUdge of Jeeug." At thU 
service Mrs. • Reginald Chave will be 
the soloist, and will aiag "I Gave My 
Ufe for Thee" (Jude). 

Hills. M A., LUD.. 
n Kiving a aeries of 
• I . I It 1 . Ism I M t he 
King • Hall, ^alf^a b'lrcct. gave anot)\er 
most Interesting and illumlnsiinf; 
addrees oa Thursday on the subject of 
"Modernism.** which waa llgttaed ta 
with rapt attention by a kut»*4MI very 
sppreeistlve audience. * 

in ih.' t iMii'Ho ,,r lecture, the 
apeakct asserteil the theory of 
Lvolutlon is c-lowely i elated to hO j-.\llcd 
Modernism. Thi former i.>< an attenipi 
to explain the origin ot animated 
matter, apart from dlroot creative 
power, aad eo deals with tke beglaalagB 
of Geaeals. Tke latter la an eSort to 
disparage more or lees the Old snd 
New Testaments, and to relegate them 
to the position of Ltook.s written by 
hiKbly religious men out of their con- 
viction of experience. but. 
denying the alooluic iorieitnc».s of 
their hlstorlcsl and miraculous claims. 
Tbe FIrat MedaralM 
The flrst moderntai. eald the 
apesker, waa the herette Celsus. A.D. 
i:.o. and more recently its chief ex- 
ponentM were Splnoxa and Aatrue. and 
in ( i:ii horn, Harnark. Kue- , 
nen. ^1t^au!u<. llaiicr and Wcllhausei , 
all of whon\. he >.,iid. were avowed 
German lafldels. lister its claims were 
supported by Robertaon Smith, U. A. i 
Smith. Prof. Driver and Prof. Briggs. 
The concluelona of these men hsve 
hc> ri ir ccpted aad guated as autbori- 
t.itiv. Ml Mil literature dealing with the | 
.suhjc I I »«■ Hilili.i 1 ;ni .\ clopaedi.i. Ln- I 
cyclopacil ,,i Itrll.i ntilca. C nlury liible. I 
Oxford Itlhle. Hastings' Hible I>lctlon- 1 
ary, Peake's Bible Commentary, etc. 

The lecturer aaeerted that there j 
could be only two methods possible 
by which these cisims could bs proved. 
I.e., phllelogy. that la. Internal evl- 
denci.' from a consideration of the text 
II ' If, and archaeolog.N i.'., dis- 
coveries made on tho sites of ancient 
ruins. He emphatK-.illy denied that 
any dlacovertee had been made from 
either of tkeae sources wkieh had in 
anyway tsadsd to displace or throw 
doubt upon ths establlsKed credibility 
of the Hible and ( hullenged produc- I 
tlon of proof to the contrary other ' 
than the vin|>rov.-n And (ancifuV 
theories originating in tho minds 
Oe/'man philosophers, all of which !| 
were tinged with skepilciam and un- I 
willingBeas to aeoopt what ever waa • 

In concloslon, Dr, Hills ssid thst he 
had no fear for the Ark of Clod, hut 
trembled for the I'h 1 1 i!«t i nes who were 
rai.Mlng their hands ag-tinst It. 

A hearty vole of thanks was ten- 
dered the apesksr. He will speak 
agala on Thursday . avsnlng oa ' 
"ABdeat Egypt and Modern DIaeav* 
erlea" la the eaaM pteas. 

TeaeMngB of Nature 
Form Sermon Themes 
Ai 8t JoMo Chwtek 

Jesus Christ, in Hbi teacklng. used 
the illustratlona of Nature to esem- 
pUfy divine truth in most effectual 
manner. In His parablae He referred i 

to the Illllea of the fleld, the trees of ' 
the forest, and the i f lli<- nr. 
In following thin idea, tho Utv. I". A. 
V. Chailwlck. rector of .S| .lolina 
Church, La giving a series of ^ermonn 
on Sunday evenings enpei-ially suitable 
to the Summer Mcaaon, on tho te.tcb- 
ings of .Vaturo. 

The subject for his sermon this eve- I 
ning win be "The Birds of ths Air. * ' 
and* Mr. Chadwick will dsal particu- 
larly wltk tkat very fascinating fea- 
ture -gde^ird Itfes, namely, tke greeft 
mIgratloB of BtuHMg a»d AOtumn. 

Tkore mlU h^-WMf OgguMinlon In 
St. John's st f a.m. add Morning 
Prayer nt 1 I a m . whsn the reotor will 
preii' h I 'i.- sermon. 


of I 

At the Strangtra^ Reoi 

The Kev. .lames Rlrachan. pastor 
of I'lrst Baptist Church, will conduct 
the eight oclork servloeg *t thB 
Strangers' Rest tonight. 

Seattir nnilder Blown 
To BitB by Dymufiite 

SEATTLB. July 24.— Ths body of 
A. 8. Alexander. S7. a Seattle building 
contractor, blown to bits apparently 
by dynamite, was found near a high- 
way south of Dee Moines, Wash., be- 
tween He.itile ami Tacoma. lost night. 
Notes found In Alsxsnder's automo- 
bile near the body suggested crema- 
tion "te save sveryene all uai 
expenae." and deelarad that 
credit is etir worat enomy." 

in Brim OakmOkiK 

UMt How food food taittg in 
Camp. T' i cering odor 
of gizding uacun, the bc« 
wtecUaff arona of frgghly inadd 
coffee and the appetizing wheaty 
flavor of 4X Bread toaatcd and 
i^raid wMi bottir m |hb. Oh. 

Tfll •<» rtf<f'f VIM efi rafnpint 
and ir< will arrnnfg to k*»p yoa 
fupplUH im ramp tu at ht>m» 
4X Brtmd ssd Bukty 

BaKei(>) Service 

g«MlffliI«ft W^tef ^tsd^ Tn^$h^y^U'§ihoh m itom rmr tUf^pitiffih^lgf^ 


Tnr: pati.y colonist. victoria, bc, SL.\lJ.\^, jli.v 2i, yjzu 

Cableship Domima Has 
Successful Trial Trip 

' - . - ■ • 

Vessel, Which Is to Lay Fanning Island-Bamfteld 
Cable, Is Most Modernly Equipped and Largest 

Vessel of Her Type 

The tttMOMT Domlnla. ap«ciAlly 
con«truet*d by M«Mni. Hw«n, Hun- 
ter A WIfham Rlchard«on. Ud.. for 
th« T*le«raph CoaMrvetlon * Main- 
tMMM C«mpMy, wkieh Mourad th« 
(•ontrart of laylnf tha Kftanlas 
Jalan<l-Bamrt«>M rabi*. haa Ju«t cam* 
pl»'lnl 1 \»T\ MUf ''*'.tf iJ 1 triitl trip b*- 
for» If-^vlng for ih.K u> l(t> the 

duplicate cnlilp. (Mtmr iinK thi.i >oun 
try wim Jrui, Naw ZcaUnd and Aua- 
tr«lta. * 

Wifh ih<" re<<'lpt f>f .ir1v!(*« r«cmrd- 
ln« »he »hlp«( trial run ram* a full 
clMcHpMon <^ 111" DoniiniH. whlili Im 
Ihe largeat cable ehip Hfi'»Ht. hus 
a ataamllMr rmdliMl of mtlra. an<l 
hM » canity of li.ftt nauUcal 
mllM of e«^i«. 

Mill^'a DlmrnMkma 

Tha Mlowlnt ar«f th« chief cJiarac- 
tarlatlPt of tha Domtnla: 

Lantth. iio ft.; braadth. St ft.: 
dapth, 44 ft. 9 in.: number of cable 
1»nk(4. J. ii pproxlma tf total cLlllns 
<'Mpui'llv "f iHiikH for cublee. luhli- 
f#*t, inn onii <i»«(l wrlKht. ] : kiio 
t«|Mi; groaa tonna«e. about I.ZuO, net 

Thf iif.idM and HtorernoHil IttVi. 
born Adapted for the nhlp'tf tT>erla1 
•ervlr^. und Include 1urc«« ntoro» for 

rnprn. nceofniTiodatlMi 
buoya, *t?. 





^<JB««|* Aag. 4 AlaanU AM. la 

rMia Aac. IT. BapC. t«. Oet. tt 

«• MttMkvr AMD ai.Aauow 

"Hia Aui. • l.»UUa.».. Aat. I* 

'> <ii RKwarttWM AXD uvnrooi. 

;ir. ■ Au« T Mcrthla. ..Aa«. it 
TO rilKKfMl'lUl .«MD aOl'THAMPTON 

I' r»ntarla Ave II. a«pt. I. a#pt. ii 

• Mii«fal»nla. ...Aaa. It, aapl. », Mapt. It 
V i<iUaiila..A«p. 14, Wpt- 1*. Oct. «. Oat. IT 

ro tvONDowatannr akb olawow 

m a^aiila .».*••••■•♦.••••#*•••• Aa9* i * 

1 naaplvaatai > •.<!•. •••A«c. i\ 

«rinaaia...Aa*. T Taaeaala. . . Am*, ii 
Nn ianla 8*»t. 3, OcU 7. Nav. M 

rM>M Boim>N 
I <> «t MtNvtowM Alio uvanrooK 

,arla Aa«. • t.Maala. . . . Aa(. tJ 

• «'all8 at riymautfc, Saftbaaatf 
xnnry ard<ra. ilrarii ana lravall*r«* 

J 1 at l<IW*«l r»l'» K"" In'nrmmim 
' , irai aa»Blli "r ''oinp«ny • <iff'r».^ 

hi'j Itaattaga Pt. W. \anc(»uv«r. B 

Thp propelling machinery of th« 
Domlnta. ronatruclfd at the Neptuna 
■nfinf \\ orki» of the ehlphulldern. 
ronalata of two a*l!» of tripl'- expan- 
blon englnea. ateam being nupplled by 
five otUCtrad boUara werktnc uadcr 
ror««d drautht. rual M bunkani ara 
provided of Nufftclent capMlty (or a 
voyage of about aix woaha* duration 
at a ap.vd n( ll'j knoii-. The <le^4ilrn 
and conatrurilon of these enjfln'* ami 
baUara have been carrfuiiv < onaid 
erad, tha propcUlBf machinery in 
» oaMo atdMMkip la of viui import- 
ance, aapaotelty la retard to man- 
oaurrlnc qualitla^. an/ defact Min* 
liable to caunn a breakac* in the 
oable. with ii ponalhle loM ot weaka 
Of Umo tn the laying. 

Made 14 H Kaou 

On the trial trip of the Domtnla 
the iiroptlling tniichlner>- workerl to 
the aalljfHrt lOii of mII lonrerneil. und 
II fpood of Mhoiit 14': knotn « hm at- 
tained. The Telegraph t oiiaiructlon 
A Maintenance Company wne repre- 
•antod by Mr. Wtttouchby H. Bmlth 
and Sir Oaoffray CUrka (manavlnv 
.llrrrtorni. Mid Mr. C W. Clarke 
I re< re'.iry ), and the bulldera by Mr. 
.1. Deniani Chrlatlc and Mr. «:. K. 
Tweedy (rtlrertora) Mr. A Mamll- 
lon. of the firm of A. Cfiodwln- 
llamtiton * Adamaon. Ud., ot Uver- 
pool, undar whoa* auparlntondonca 
the veaMi Ku baan balM, waa alaa 


It in Intereatlng to add that the 
hirgem cable-laying ahip afloat prior 
to the launching of tha DomlnU waa 
the twin acrew ataamer Colonia, of 
7.97S tone Rroaa. alao biilJt and an- 
gined by .MtMxtH Swan, Hunter A 
WIghani Itl. hill d«on, Ltd . In 1»02, 
for ihf ri'li-^;t iiph ("'ipw ruction A 
Ma III I <• 1 . 1 n . I I 'm rii pii n y , l,td 

Dean Laird'9 Party 
To Arrive in Cifu 
.. From East on Friday 


vfATiom now 


V» Uvaepeel 

Aag> 9. ■•Pt^. a Maaialar* 

a5.N; bepLtT TMeatreea 

A« ->pt »< 
fie V%0r*mmrt 

Biapreaa •( teetleaa 

Beet I. »^»t'' r.mttfma of Fr»nr» 

Ta <'herlMar«-amilh»mH*" 

■•yt. II. 0<'i ( Kmpraaa sf llcoilan'l 


2^. ^•pt. J.^ Mnn*n»tpn 

.MoMi Interenllnff of the pnrtie.s who 
will ( ome h« ri' rei>rr»tentallve cf the 
profenslonn and bunlnexH InlereMta of 
the Kant thiK year will be tiMt organ- 
Ued by i>ean Laird, of Macdonald 
College, Quabac, which will arrive 
here on July 10, numbering 

Tha ColpllU tour, which haa vtalted 
Aiaaka. will arrive here on Monday. 
There will be another cnieapiO t^fir 

to ren'h here on Si'i''.),' 

mmmn ru come 

Xrw WcatmlnMrr llrlall Mcrv'lianlx 
lluvc t'liariorrd I'rln*^^^! Vlr- 
lorla for Aniiiiiil ouilns 

.•^o iiU-u»»e'l were the people of .New 
Westminster at the eaeuralon to thin 
city laet Hummer, n revemlnn to a 
praotica of foriker yeara. that the 
• ity h«8 agnln bean aaleetad for the 
iftSi exeuraien organlaad by tha re- 
tail trade of the Royal City. 

Tha rrlnc»»ii« Victoria will be the 
excuralwn uteamar. and ample time 
in Vlrtorlii will he riven to the pjrty 
111,1 kinr the trip 

The .«atT)<" vif irocr lixed In 

hrinK a p.i i ' > froMi Heaftle yenlrrd!i\ 

">n Tue«da> the Hteamer will take 
a party from \'«nroiiver round the 
mouth of the Kraeer River and up 
rivar to N4w Waatininatar. to tie over 
the night la nrder to await tha ex- 
curat<fn next day. 

On Thuraday it la intended to offer 
N-'W Waatminater people an 
ti.nlty 10 reach the Terminal i iiv !>> 
w ,iler, by liatng the Prlncean \ |i |..ria 
\l»llf< Ij^ 'he :i rill hrad.x At the lime 
of the flahing aeaaon are niiluraily of 

great Intareat. 

"I wint a box nf i>lgMra, plonaa." 
"Yea, madanii a atfMur cigar?" 
•.>h. yaa; my Intabdatt Mt«a tbam 

Mill Bay Ferry 

■ I 

a le 
10. !• a* 
it:ea aaaa 
f:te pa 
4MI »a. 

fi4« pm. 

t ^r-\ 1 


: xe a m 
f;l» aa. 
•lliOO a.a. 
1:10 p m. 
t:U p.m. 

Dally ( 


•itr ae ma. 

Local Strawberries Shipped in NewiCar 

.Vl)i;it old I ..ii iif'orui there waa 
h\ .1 3 « at'-' ill .Amount of risk 
III vhlppiog fruli. llK- entry of duat or 
< indera, or tha high temperature of 
the car. waa fra«tiantly tba capaa of 
fruit b«ooada« iMilad dkrlag ttanait. 
Hut undar fraaaat condltiona, fruit 
not only retains Ita coloring, froshneaa 
nnd flrnineBd when It Is shipped fi^ni 
one point to another but It la uotually 
1 11 1 1 "" o \ e d 

>'or many months offlciala of the 
Canadian Pacific Railway and the 
DomlBlon Bspraaa hava Mdan carrying 
on esperimantal work with a new 

t.xpe of ventilated express car to ba 
u«ed In the h:in<innc of soft frultn by 
fxprena to I'ralne iimnls, and \\\f\ 
hiivo recently arrivrd at ao entirely 
new method of ventilating axpraaa 
equipment, which la known aa tha' 
"B.C. Ventilator." 

Thla device aTTowa the air to be 
received Into the car through two 
Kpncloua Intakea located at the enda 
of the (ar at the roof, carried to the 
n viihotit decreaninx "i velocity 
and effectively distributed through tha 
lowar ae«tiona of tha car. Thraa ttmaa 
n minute thara la a c#m^leta changt 
of air, 14,ST< cubic feet of air peK 
minute hein:^ rc-orded fhrouifh the 
Intaken. and 9,."i'-'.' through the ex- 

The new type of ventilator waa 
teated uut undar full load obndltleng 

New Type of Fniit Car Showing Spgcldl Ventilators on tha Tap of 
the car. Which Aid the Fruit to Retaia lit Frcahneaa. Lower Picture 
Shows latwior ol tho Modtra Frah Car. 

thla month, the car containing more 
than a tbooaaad eratoa of atnv«^b«r- 
riaa. which wara carrlad from .Van- 
couver Island to Oalgary in axcallant 

condition. At the end of the Journey 

not a >;ingle npe<k of duot rmild bc 
found on top of the lioxt-.-f. and tli« 
average temperature of th«' car "hm 

Jto An B.C. Caaat PiilMt 

„ New Steamers 
Oltd McGl^KGOR Airent 



\ -xnfrr Unoae rtwll»,1 «nil War\*(*<| 

I na • \ I » I Iff . 

FlalliBC dostuifi Rathing. Ktc. 
Hotieekerpii.K Cabina 

Cordova Bay Stage 

< < i>.%IITfl ^ 
•as Ofpovii* >• Ja>n*t I .Hn. 

MreaL, si I »( am. ii • ai , I i» 

. • PA.. •:!» » m . « te a.«b. i aai 
lala 01 


How to Sptodily Gain Strength 
and Put on Nooded Weight 

Nothing like the wonderful vital- 
lainx xltamlne^ exiracie,] from tha 
livers of the common codfish to help 
convaleaclng people to quickly get 
"trong and well— everybody kaawa 

So apwadaya, aiadieat maa who 
keep nil with tla^aa ara or4artbg a 
•i.biat eaatalalof tha Ttf laiaia that 
give ta AttU r4»ika ^rlgar, atraagili and 

weight — a Ublet that la known aa 
.VcCoy'a Cod Llvar Extract Tablet — 
and It auraly haa proved a bieaeing 
to thousands of people who hax-a 
baan tapped of the.r natural gMaitlll 
after any nevere lllaeea. 
I Skinny men and women i k r. them 
to spaodlly j>ut on , plenty of good 
healthy aalid fleab and for this ptir- 
poao they ara so extremely good that 
thla men and woman oftaa taha aa 
at* ffoaa4a ts H dan. Aa a OMttar 
of Ml, fmt^ ln>ilM !• astliatlBid 
to ratara jr^ay aifaay If yaa «aa*i 
tah« oa I »a«Bia M U Aaya. 

Great for waak. akinay, backward 
run-down ehUdrfn. too. and gi vaa 
them a hearty appetite. 

Be sura and ssk for M.-< oy<. the 
original and genuine Tod I.lver E«- 
treci Tab)':* \'an-ouv»r Drug Co.. 
MaeharUne rvvig i Owl Drug Co.. 
and driJgglsta exerywhere have « big 
demand for tham ^nd mitllona ara 
eald monthly all ovar Moftll OMl 
South Ameriea. Tkar ara 
•d4tad aa4 af fair to taka is 

mm Fiwv 

on May Sn Whaclg of 

Turning on lfc«taot«i Waal 
Coaat of fUaad 

The trcMiendouH U'OWlh of the 
pilchard induatry on The Waat »''>a«t 
of X'ancouver Niand has attracted a 
great deal of Interest In all parta of 
the country, and many Kaatem news- 
papera ara carrying ataHaa aa tbo 

Tha InTaatmeitTt. of f9.a4«.«»a In 
plants and aaulpment hat done murh 
to revive the shipbuilding industry, 
and to provide a denland for the 
products of the nilll.s .ind loarhmc 
.•<hop.-<. Vr«ael» have been ad.ipied lo 
iarr\ the oil to tank reaerv.drn for 
the . purpose of ahipping linst, thus 
the actual extent of the Industry 
promises great things for the future. 

DIscusaIng tha permandltey of thla 
induatry with a Victoria cttlaan who 
haa had lonf axparianoa of tha pll<- 
chftrd, hafora the ralasation of tka 
regulMtlons permitted It to be uaad 
for fish meal i«nd fertlllaer. he said 
that the lndu"»tr>- was still In an ex- 
parlnientikl .itHxe. nnd that It would 
be |\v<> or three \eTr'' before it could 
be definitely proved whethf-r the 
large Investments would yield a 
profitable return to the companies 
and individuals who hxd gone lata In- 
stalling roductlon planta. 

Tha aaaaon nf 1*11 had been good 
but It waa too aarly to agy whether 
such ronditfaaa would asaln pravail 
In the present season. The raparts 
from the Weat Coaat showed that tha 

run was en<M>ijcagin)r. but there wero 
many factoi i* yet upon whii h nothing 
was known, and It would only be fair 
to average production aCOinst oatlay 
over a term of years. 

At thla aaaaon the oil extracted was 
much batter than aartlar la tha aea- 
aoa. ha aald, and would ba diapoaed 
of nara raadUy in ceoipaMt^ ^Ith 
other Oah produota from tha Pacific 
■aaheard outside Canadian watam. 

Wtmthur Report 

eight lo ten degrees lower than the 
outaide Air during the entire trip. Tha 
atrawbarrlaa arrived in perfect con- 
dition, and tha hew typia car is ex- 
pected to greatly help the fruit-grow- 
ing liidijwiiy of KrltUih Columbia In- 
a-<iiiW(h im It opens up the entire 
I'laiiic disirict to that trade. 

\ 1 

Clateran — Miety; aouthaast. 10 

miles: 30.11: 17: heavy awall: thick 
to seaward. 

Aierr Kay^'leudy: calms.ta.lO; 40; 

«ea nniooth. ' 

l'rin< <' Uupert ( loudy : i^OUtheaat 
IlKht 30 on .Ml sea smooth. 

F' a r h (■ II a ( I'lijil . : DOUthWegt; 
30.06, 61.; moderate hxvell. 

Cape Beale — Part cloudy; aOUth- 
waat: 14.00: light awall. 

Carnaaaah— <:ioudy: eaat: tO.OS; 
moderate swell. 

/troefa Afffrolion to 

Bo Shown on Seroon 

"The Htsterlcal Migration of Israel. 
Kroni the Beeao of Her Captivity to 
the Appointed Plaee." 2 Hamuel xll. 
10, will he shown on the .screen by 
Mr. K. K. Rlihards. under the nun- 
plceH of the Vletorla Brit - Israel 
Association, tomorrow at >< i> m.. in 
The King's Hall. YateH Fireri. Just 
below Uovernment Street. The lec- 
ture will bo preeedod by a abort de- 
vetleaal aaeetlas aoau^eaato t at 7 30 >! 

Ocean and Coastwise Movements 

\ rs.sF.i, >fot t MvrvTs 

.SI VITI.K. Iiilv :i Nrnved Kl- 
dorado. Arkan»aK \v illiaoi I'erklna, 
Cireylock. Charles H. tramp Han 
Kranclaco: Warwick. D. G. Schondd, 
SaA Pedro: Ma Atago Maru, Robert 
Luckanbach. Kvarett: Lubrieo. Itlrh- 
ninnd: Alamada. Southeastern Alaska: 
Kmma Alexander. Ta^onna. Ballad: 
Hobert T.ii'-kenbni h. Ms Axel John- 
non. l-;mn>a Al<jiaiider. Montsuk. fSan 
Krancls«o, •■htrlex H •"ramp. Taco- 
ina (treylo. k. \ «nioiiver; Lake 
IrMnie.x i<.»ii I'-ilro M.«. Charlie \S a t . 

eon. Belliofham: Alabama Maru. 
Kobe; WoHhwee t e rw. eetithweetem 


W RA.VCKI.. luly :<.— Mlled: Yu- 
kon aouOibound 

TA<'nMA. July :4 Arrived: An- 
vo«. B.C. perU: firsy. B.i\ pofta: 
(^Mha, Arioa. Hailed: Ituth Alex 
and^. llewnd ports; Oartflfanahire. 
Portland: Aay*g, B.C. paru: Ot-ay. 
B.C. porta. 

PORTU^ND. July 14 Arrived Ia 
Brea. I>oa Angelea vIa Puget Sound. 
Manhattan laland. Baltimore end way 
porta: iSraeet H. Myer. San Fraaclaeo; 
Naeamleam. Ban rranclseo: Weet 
O'Rowa. Dairen. via San Francisco.' 
Hailed: 1>ebre. Loo Angelee; Admiral 
."^hley. Han Diego. Ma 
Mull Kdna. Han Francisco, Manhat- 
tan iBiaad, NOW Tark: oiyaiioaa l^^ 

Wireieaa Rcpatt 

r^eran. I P.M.. Xuty t* 
Siskyoii Cray's Harbor for San 
Pedro. (TiO miles from Ban Pedro. 
Kverett. Hiin Pedro for MMP^ Baaad, 

K94 miles from Seattle. 

8. A. Waraer, Caee Say for flan 
Pmaeleaa. 14t aOlea irafli San Traa- 

Canadian Wiaaer. Baa rimaelsea for 
Seattle, eateaed Strait 4 p.8i. 

Coos B4ur. hound Coed Bay. TO 
miles from Ceoe Bay 

r:oi»e rity. Portland for Fan W^MM' 

-o t»a nnrth of Van l^nfn- 

( Iff o 

Hann«t« • >•.. n r'-«n'-1«<~n fer F*a»tl». 
414 milea frnrn VfalCe 

Oregan Seyttif far 

Prtaoeoa MAOuinna. passed Betavan 

Point 7 p.m.. northbound. 

princeKs Kna passed Carmaaah. 

7:40 p.m., northbound. 

Orldoro Maru. .'Seattle for Yoko- 
hama. InO miles from Ksievan 

f'anadlan Skirmleher. bound I'ana 
ma Canal. 110 miles from Cape Flat- 

Proteellaua. bound Tokehaiaa. 710 
milea from Vaaoaaverj • 

Argalla. Maroran for PortkUit. 140 

mllea from Portland. 

Akibl^an Mam. ';ra\« Harbor for 
^ okohMOiH. 6K0 nille.i from MStOVaJI. 

'lakrldRe, Portland for Tekahamtt. 

41.37 north I 4 J Aveat. 


jrjiv. itsf 

China aai Japan 

President JacksoO— Due at Tako- 
hama Ju^r Si; ihanfhal, July S4: 
Hohg Kent. Jaly S|. 

lyo Mam — Due at Tokohama 
July :c 

Africa .Maru — Due at Yokohama 
July SI. 

Bmpraaa af Aala— Mails aleaa Jaly 
IS. f p.m. Due at takc^ 
I: Miaaghal. Aiyaat 4; 
Aagiist I. 

AJabanw Mam-^Maiia ri - t , 24, 

A p.m. Due at Yokohama < ir^iat t 
Anatrnlla and Sr\t 7..«lnncl 
Tahiti— I'uc at Wellington Augast 

S; Brdney. August 7. 
Veatuia Due at Sirdaegr Aasuat 14. 
NiaBara— Malls class «a|y u, • 
Due at Aaeklaad Aafasi 14; " 

Aaewasa Vrvm Caa* 
ea momf Poiau «• Be 
Ooneeatrated rpon 

OTTAWA. July :4. -The Tradefi 
and I>Mt)or of Canada has 
iH.siicd us election manifesto to its 
mt-inbcrship. Organised Labor is 
asked to concentrate on four points 
end to obtain from every candidate 
for Parliament a detalta dealaration 
The pointa are; 

1. The abolition of the Senate aa a 
hon-eleetive body and the curtaiUac 
of Its power to veto ict;i»:atloa pgagiil 
by the House of Commons. 

- rh< cna.lm.-tit of legislation 
whli h would |)r<.t<-ct the rlghta of the 
workepH to organize und peacefully 
picket during strikes or lockouts, thua 
bringing Canadian law into harmony 

Willi the laws of Ureat Britain la this 

4. The repoal *^ef amendmenta to 
the Immigration Act and tho Crimi- 
nal Code, ineerted during the 111* 
aeaelon of Parliament. 

• The enactment ..f leglnlatlon by 
the r>ominlon f)overnment to pro\ Idi 
for p,i\ rnept of old age pensions. 

The .innual convention of the 
Trades .,nd i.Lbor Congreaa Win be 
held in .Montreal beginaln* Monday. 
September JO. 


The "Continental Limited." which 
leavea Vangt^uvar 4:40 p.m. daily (or 
ii;dmenton. iaakataoa. Wiaaipeg. Ot- 
tawa and Maatreal. earrlee thraagh 
ail-stleel sundard aad tourist sleep, 
ing care, dining car and drawing, 
room - compartment - Mbrary-obsorva- 
tlon car, equipped with radio. In ad- 
dition, this train carries standard 
sleeper from Vancouver to Chlasgo. 
also through standard dloepar to 
Anastreng, Vernon aad Kelowaa. 

Trala Mo. 4 leaves Taneouver dally 
at 1:44 a.m. for Kamloopa and Jaaper 
carrying atandard alaeper through 
with ca^-observstlon and mountain 
observation cars, \ancouv6r lo Kam- 
loops This train afTords paaaeasers 
,in opportunit) to view the IMlar 
River Valley ii< daylight. 

TlckeU and reservstlona arraaged. 
alas baggaga checked tkreugh from 
Vlotorta. City Tleket Ofllee. 411 Oev- 
cmment Stroei. IMaphouo lS4t. 


Ketchlkaih !•» 

'o OAt.aii>An 

To Arrtvo 

Empress of ''aniida from Orient. 

«uly t4. 

Artseaa Maru. from Orlaat. Aas. 4. 
•at a a st ft«a AaalraBa. Aa*. ••. 

To Sail 

Alab»tn« .Vtaru for '■■'r-,.- , ^ 

i'reatdan* )-T*r%nn. for Urloat, 1 

I Aug : I 
t 8hldsao|iA Mfra. tor Orteag. Auf. 4. 

I Bmpcaaa at OaaaBa. far Orteat. , 

i. ' 

Maru. tag Orleai, Aac. JX. 


Steamer Prince Oeorge or Prince 
Rupert will lesvo Van every 
Monday at 8 pm. (or &>■ i^.^..,. call- 
ing at Ocean Kai:«. Prince Rupert, 
Ketichlkan, Wrangall and Juneau. 

Steamer Prince Rupert or Prlnee 
Oaer s e will leave Vgaoouver ovary 
WOdadaiay at I p.m.. ft Aayos oad 
Stewart, ealUas at Powell Blear, 
ooeap Palls and Priaoa Bupeet. 

Steamer Prince Cherlea win leave 
Vanoeuver evory Saturday at • p m.. 
for Prln'-e Rupert diract. pror-#(*dlng 
to Stewart and Maaeatt Inlet, return- 
ins to Vancouver Via Mpoa ■apen 

and Ocean Falla 

Steamer Prlncv JOhB lea 
Vaaoouver at 4 p.m.. eeWy BatarA 
fovy Booth Oaaaa Chaeli 
poMta Aad Prtaae -Bapari, 


Motor eoach leavee Tictona (PolBt 
Bliice iuttoo). 4:40 o.a^ dally, ec- 

(MUo UU 


SI fw O NtSS W C aiia»»%. ii» a im B i »«S a 
la B l«ia«ia • (av^Mi. »..a,i.^.fc 

I SasMMu a4.k ■ml 

Flok on Dio0kif/ 
Boo Afffmromeo 
Of 9m Sorpont 


t«.— An 

usually large and fer- 

) c>clou» lo.ii.ine wolf fish la «t- 

I : rai ^ : ; i i ■ !«■ .i t ten! ion 

\ in Itw » iti : A "f I he HC l■'l^h 

J Market Th, -]■> i m > i\ was 

^ c .,ptured Ht .'•>> luoui Inlel. 
* ; lie huh i.s more than Bve 

\ teei In length and has two rows 

{ of laac ahairp tooth la tto jaws. 

^ on appearaaca it aulta tha de- 

I cripttoa of aoma of tlM fhMod 

( sea eerpenu of ancient days. 


ttOAi ui mm 

Whaltas Teador CMay Mshls nUMray 
.MlUa* Molp l eiia ly ta Hooate 
BtraH With CX>w of Five 

Hut for ili< lunely arrival of the 
Con.'tolirtatod W haling ion h 
eteamer «ira>. which wae eii route to 
\ lctorla from Roae Harbor, the United 
HUtoa flahlaf boat and crew of ftve 
men miffht hkva been a total leaa 

When crossing Hecate S'trail the 
Inhaling ;hlp eliftited the h."hlng boat 
I'.urw.iN ■Iriliinix l.e|p|nsi>ly and 

M allowing In tiie heavy seaa that 
alwayri run in llerate Strait. Heaving 
to, the taader algpalied to t^e vaasal. 
and upon leamiag that she ha>l broken 

her tallahaft put n line aboard, drew 
the nineteen-ton craft alongside, and 
transfering tli' < rew proceeded to 
YU 'orU \sUh the diaabled fishing boat 

111 lo«, 

l'he Uray. after discharging oil 
und fertlllaer here, proceeded to 
Tacoma yoeterday wHh the disabled 
b4>at and the rescued crew. At the 
Pugat Sound port the whaling ship 
will discharge 140 tons of whale 

Doatho FromJkeeUoni 
in Baaiom Pr^neeo 

OTTAWA. July 24.— Dendis from 
sccldents reported from Kastim Cnn- 
ims. yesterday, were: H'-\ H. P. 
llently, .Mlddleton. N S . Krnest 
Wheeler. Klngeton. Ont.: Walt Walsh. 
l.,ake St. Lottki; Irvine Stau, Ottawa; 
Oeorge Clark. Oakville. Oat: Mra. 
John O'Connor, Hamlltoa; Thoaus 
Cleary, Wladsor, Ont 

Wi- -t l\nd <Uondont Mistre.MH (hav- 
ing d I.S' ere<l butler I hnrouith ly en- 
)o\ iiiK hlinwelf In the drawing-room) 
' t'.irkin-f' I'm nMtoni/<hcd 1 really 
.1 ni a.«t o n l^h e<l ' " 

Butler (making the boat of it): 
"That sentiment expreeeea my own 
feelings, ma'am — I felt certain you 
Had rone out." 

OAllEi 10 MINDS 


Binqr Mw 0m_4s Um lam 

All weak men aad women. 

All norvoua men' aad wemea. 

All afciaay aMn and women. 

Can grow etroager, healthier ao^ 
mora vigorous and take oa solid 
naeded (tosh la 14 daira jaat by uking 
McCoy'a Cod Uver Bktraet Tablota 
four tlmee a day — eugar oootiM aad 
eifiy to lake as candy. 

And what a hit these fleah produc- 
ing tablets have made. One druggist 
tripled his sale« in one week. 

Everybody knows t^ist from the 
li\ers of the humble codfish comae a 
rirtt claaa vltemlna that la a woadar- 
(ui vitallser. flash prodaeor gysi 
hedllh ereotor. 

Mlllloas of MoOey'e Ood Uver Bs- 
traot Tablets are eold every week 
aad theoaanda of trail rundown un- 
derwalght people arr l>elng helped. 

A box of «o tableta for 40 cants 
and If any e^nny n\an or woman 
doesn't gain at le ist s pounds in a.) 
days. — r.u.n' N i .n 1,. Ask ^'uncou vsr 
Drug Co, Mj Karlane I>rug Co. Ot\1 
Drug Co. or any drusslat. 

Be sure and g»i McCoy'n, the orig- 
inal and genuine and don t forgot 
there la nothing nn e^rth so good to 
mo|w backward, lletlees. uadorwelfbt 
BhtUraa grow stroac aad rabuat. 


a ' 


Aas •rh«v>n»r >arht, ab«ut fl > If ft 
1 in. « « fi I Is : goal aendlMnn. na 
raaaansbl* «ff<-r rafaeM Aalla n»«. two 
lol'aia. J2-h.s. •nglna. alaetrK lishi* 
thtoaskaai tram atarase beltarr. Smaller 
keal talwa la part parweat. 


1..\1M.\ \I.I.\\M»IR SAIf* 

.MOKMM. \\ I I H « \P\CITT 

l.lsl (II !• X'-vl N(.t Kv 

Tula! of 135 Will I .iiitNark lier« — .Ncu, 
BaUlng* Already 


PaJisieng*r travel to and from Cali- 
fornia ha* reached tha peak and haa 
aet a raoerd whteh ovea aarpaataa " 
that of l.urt .vear. when the hea.iest 
movement in paaeenger travel wa* , 
a s perlanoed. 

T) r I rnx I Alezaader, whlc^ aalls 
tor tun IrYanclsaOk Los Angalao aad ' 
Sjin Diego at 4 e'deok thio morahiir... 
will take out another oaparity list. i» 
There l» not another berth available 
ea board tho ahlp. whieh WIU take" 
out a list of 3S0 pamengere^ Of whom" 
I4R will embark here. * 

>-(>r the las4 three weaks the entire 
ncpommodatlon on thIo veiaal haa... 
been aold out. while tlio lluth Alea* 
aAder. which aallia south en Bunday. ' 
has also been eold out. l^o ttorths 
on tha fblltiwing Surdav hav-e l>»en 
di«po«*td of, while rooervatlons for tho 
.Haiiini; after that OTO •hstev roAuood 

Not only le travel heavy to tho^ 

south, but the Admiral liners errlv-' 
Ing hera from California are bringing^ 

rapacity liMn When th<^ i:nim.i 
Alexander «rrlve«1 here nn Thursday 
rroni .'-'.in l-'Y i nri>.i i> every StStOrOaSk ' '° 

und bnrih hail been taken. 

SMpping TntonmmK^' 

SBinuas Air» atm 


Tlma of snarla* and aunaat ( 
at Vlotorla. B.C far 

erd^Usta) at 
af inly. i»t« 



Ike aeata 



.... 4.l« 

• :IT 


.... tilT 

• :1T 


.... <:lf 

• IT 


.... 411 

* 14 


.... 4 II 

i 1 • 


.... 4.1» 



.... «:!• 

• :l» 


.... 4:1* 



.... 4:*1 ° 



4 11 



.... 4:tl 

• 11 


4 t4 

• 11 


4 l« 

• 11 


• ill 


:::: \M 



.... 4!M 










4 II 

4 - t 
« I b 


4 I» 

4 4a 

« 41 

i i^ 
4 44 
4 144 


• :^T 
I •• 

« tl, 

t 04 

• 41 


T •• 

7 »f 
7 •• 

7 HI 
T it 


Data ITlma. H'tlTlma. H'tirima. H'tlTlma. H't 

Ih. h. rt.lii. II. rt Im. u. rt.lii. m rt. 





1 1 







• J« 
• :lt 



I It 

• 7 
I • 
4 • 
1 I 
1 T 
1 1 
t 1 
I I 
I • 

• • 

6 •> 

7 II 
I 41 


• :I4 
14 SI 

7 0 1) 11 
4 114 II 

I 7 

I 1 





I. 4 

I 4 

0 r» 

II 4 M 

II, 111 
• 1 t:^T 
11 14 41 

1 11 1 IT 
I 11 4 41 
i II 4 11 
4 71 •'!• 

lilt 4.1 

14 II 

It 41 


1 I 
I I 


I I 
I 1 

• 1 

• 1 

• 1 







11 II 

II •I 

•4 • « 

It tl 

M •• 

t« t l 

II l.t 

ii "I'i 

tl I I 

14 T t 






• 4 


t • 

• • 

t 4 

0411 II T-;:»4I 74 

• 1111:11 TiltO 11 T.4 

in^ vim 11 

l.Tl» »T •• 

T 4 lt:l( I 4 1t:|T I.I 

• 7,11 •! 1 I 1* •• I t 
4 lilt 41 4 I{t0 41 I 4 

Tba lima vaad la PacKir aiaadard for ttaa 
tttta MarMlsa wfat it la counlati from • 
te t4 haura. from mldolshi to mldn4sht Tlia 
fl(ur<-a for h>l(hl aorva lo dlatinauUh tilfh 
watar from luw walar. Whara blanka nccar 
la tba tasia, lha tida riaaa ar lalla eeatias- 

Mgy dartM too ' aaeeaaMva ttdel 

^tieat tarimg. 

Th. (ht le lo 41 
m»mf u-.\ ftem toe 

l ow ■■ SMI — — 1^—^11 

Contova Bay ttaga 

r. r. 

i«eav«e o pp o site st. Jamea Metal 


!(!■ I 

Site p.o 

14:14 - 

■ 4111 



BaCs CMSt Sarvica 

Gulf Islands 

From Niitfiria Kverv \\e,1ne .Uv 
.it RAM 

Sotvra Fare 

PIu« Se Taif 




\m HonoluiM Suvu 

Tt,a n*w aad wall-asaa'siad paaaauaar iioera 
aali fram Vaaeawar, a.C . 
Niaas'a ' ID ••* lona) Jalr 11. 

A«raasi (11 1** taaa) 
Far faeaa. tta . apsir la all 
Btcamahls Atastai ar lo (ba 
Aairtralaalaa Uaa. :4i lUatlai 

»«»f It 
Oat te 



ftS. kMMA ALivXAi'J i •! • 

•S. • 4.SI - . » ' 4 


al 4 »M. 

rial Aiwaa aiiaiaew eT aa. vomtmn a 

•ailUf fram Vtelarta T PM Jsir 1* A as aat 1^ th 

rreaaent iaii'-- , ^ • . - ,. - . - r - 

W M Ai.L,AN *.rn«rA, Agent 
at &t 


Pacific Steanishro Q 








• « 



I • 




Important Notices, Employment, Business and Professional Direc tory^ Wants . Etc- 

iMTts fom CLAMirico on 


Om •nd oi" '■»" ■ ••* - i 

<a>lt with ortl.f N" «<J»«rtW 
lor laaa than i»»ni)r «•<• ■•nU 

aMtlWi: 11 00 lor »«.h -<Wlt*00*» 
Marrtacw, 0»f<l« Tt.«nk. *u« M 

«. il.»0 P«» )i..«rllo«. 

|l«ttcM. li-ou par 

iri{< a >(»ri« 

(■Iirl»» Char^h »••"■'■ I , II iinl««, 

I am. ■•4 f 30 • m M&iin« ■nii anmvM. 

II am.: prmek**. ih« D*an oC ColamWa. 
KwnaABc aarmaa. T }• p m : pr«aeM*r, 

(hr Uran »r rolumbia ttuni)*)' AtkMl. (Is 
MrrnnrUI H»ljj. 11 • m Th« Vary WT. C. 

•r'mdar. ft*** f 

•t I! ■■ V" P** 

' AJ— ."f. -•«» «»••'" rapUaa ad 

a.. I to a bM Til* Colonl.t ..rl (or««r<l-d I 

" . f r MUtac ra pitaa. . U Uu ^aa a add 

f i ,r. ••jrin ("Bo« — . Omml0rt w w» mmt 

l,,f -t'.r I ■. iiit>*r of woroa. _ 

• 1 .«!. ""f •.l»trtla««a«ta 

••k adv.ri.Mfa to .ddraaa aa waU aa pfcoaa 

Buabars. a» U to •ot tkmtf poaalbU !• 

* Tk, CalMtot MfvtOT I* SfatfOI* 

txmm • ••)■• *• ***- 
imftmU 11. 

SI John l^UiiUr» Mrr^t t"il»<T uf M 
Raclor. Rav K. A. r. Ih.rtw . k MA t 
MM.. M*lr C*HI«i«M»<t. 11 M<.rnla« 

Pf«r«r aM atrwM ky th« u*' or 7 it 
».if>.. Bvmmmg —4 — fina» fcy Iha llactar. 

St. M*iVa ni«r«k. Bl«««f 1t**«. Oak Bar 

Hul/ ruinmuDlan. tarn MattM MA ••»• 
tix.n. II Kv'Daonc and aanRM. filti 

Kn lor. R»v A K (l»f. Nunoi 

Ht. Harnabaa < h ur. Ii '"ook »ri.| 
J Holy ♦.urliari.' < 

'ar N. 
' nuna ) 

1 . 1 » II, 

hlvenaona 7 Jfl 


- 'I - 1- r - in - r ift^^^T^lr^ r ' "" ' ■ - - ■ 

aary ^?*y^"ar» ''w1lt«B5*»?T2«''Jl"«I» 
TralBlB« laatUala (ar llM Mflior IM wtry 
Hl«h arada madara car* aaaW* »**M« U 

drW. aad rapalr aaj car a« eanaiattaa. 
Ualimtad iralBlaa uottl proAclanI Oaa la 
claataa Faa. Fraa lacruductioa u> paa tt U m * 
*m mk tiaim ttm ft ear .«B.w« M 


Acr«af« f»r *»ot 

Aerate* lor Hal* 

Arrragc Wantad —- . 
Afani it* \\ ai*»d 
Asei.U W»iil»d 

Autoa lor lllra 


BIrtha - 

Boato Bad taoacbea 
HutlBMa Otraetory 
Huainaaa Upportualliaa 

< 4r<i» ol Ttianka 

I hurch MoUgaa 

( oiatac EvmM i . i... 
I>an<HBC I. 


l>rrauiiak:ng i ■ — — 

IMucallonal • — ■ — 

ftriM far llMt 

Fanaa for Itto 

yara rro4iic« ' 

rarau Wanted - 

KlaU aad ApaHnwrnta to Rant 
KUta an4 ApartaanU Waatad 

riowara — -• 

for Bala — MiarallaBvoui 
r«Mral Wr«lor» .. 
Funilabad llouae* tu R>nt 
Kuratahad Bo^iu* t.. R»iii 
Kitmlabad BooMa Wantad 
NoHBvhMrtnC MaaaM to 
Hmii«kt«pla« BaoM Waatad 
lloiuaa lor 8ala 

In Mrmoriam _ — . — — . 

I.lallnga Cancfllad — . 
l.nat and Kound 

l.odaaa and Hoclallaa 


MarTia«*a - 

JNtrmtty »r>d Co«»«l»»«^t Hamaa 

Uontf to Ixian 

MoniMaaatal Wofta 

Mnalr A w ■ 

rrraonal — ■■■■ 

rrnfaaaltinal IMrar-tory i ' i — — 

IVoparlx lor Sa'e 

Proaarty Wani»d 

Vow try and Mvaetoch 

Room and Bnard - 

Rnotn and Board w«ntiNl 

Hifiiallnn* W«nl»H Kftnil* 
HKU4linri> Hunli-M Uul* 

hummer R*>ort« . - 

Taaniiara Wantod — . 

T1m(v»r — 

To K«fhin«» 

To R*nl ur#* !an#oii« 

1.ln^lmlahad Hnuaaa to Rant 

Waatod--ramala Halp 

Wantarl --M«l» H»lp 

W»nt»H Ml.. »l'ji,»f>»i« 

Wanl"! In Flr.rro>« 

Wint^d to Bht llmiaaa 

Wantad to R«i» - riimlabad H 
Wantad ta Rant- -Miaraltanaeaa 
Waatad ta 




















7 ; 





1 ft 


1 < 






Mt Aiban « c hunh Hall ■ » ' '" 
ma l'ra»er, II n c lo( k 

81. Marlla-la-tbo-riaUla. ilx <^ur« Mann. 
aa« sarMM, 11 a.a». Omms ■tvchoa 
im ciMtfa. 


i^.i .iri. I. r.i^n of Ci>o<1 education and 
...II rmm 1 ■• n nn i om in I aalo n 

■ ■•> nut undar J«. Thia la ona u( (ha htabaal 

■ rado kalaaaa— , aad a ■o«4l 
•nonay. Baa Ml, C«|a*l«l. 

llA I 

Ftrat ■to»llat Charch. Qaadra aad .Mi^aon 
■(raata. iamaa atrachan. mlalatar. Chareh 
■ehaol at 0:41. MomlBV weralilp at 11 
o'clock: aabiort. "Tba Allotmant of Llfo." 
Anthem. <"Walt on tba l^rd" 4To«no). 
aololot. Mra Melnloah. 8oto. -AMdo With 
Mo** (U44IO). Mra. UcCaklll. |B*oalMI 
aarrlao at T:l«: aubjacl. "Tba Balranco to 
the Kinadom nf Ood " AnthORI, t'Savlo'Jr. 
\Vh»n .NlKtii Involvra lh» «ky" (MaO'l.'' 
■auhni Mi.lvrk iiierlinK. Wadnaaday. at 
I o'clock 

Douclaa .sirm Itaptiat Church (I'luvrrdala 
farmlaaa, .n» J far lln#» Kar«w»ll aar* 
Iraa Rav W H Radman, U am. I 
D'clar* ITato Tott tba Oaapoi Which I 
I'r-a. h»rt." T:tO p.m., •Tka Pa(«4«C of Two 

Kiiiiiianufi liaptiat ( hurrh Rav. ll»nry 
KnoK. i.aalur Hrrvlrm M n m and 7:10 
pm Mubjait of III. .1 nine n.-rmon. <lr.iit 
Poaavaalona " Kv.niin. "^.i Ki.„wlf<Wa 
Jraua" Hulo by Mra. Haf C'hsva. "I Gava 
My I.Ua for Th.>a " (Jawatt). *mmt»9 >«kaal 
ntaata at t tl a.m. 


MAKK MKNKY AtV MOII> eaa aara 

II l.i 12 aa kaV la your apara tima 
wrIiliK aiiawcardi No caBvaaama or aollcll. 
ma. mt inilruit jou and auppiy rou with 
Tba Manbaaltt C«ra- 

wark. Writo today. Tbo Manbaaltt c«ra 


r^ATABKE < nnk hoaa'keavmr. t«r eoantry; 
i-J three in f.iiuly I'hoAa ftMR. 

Cbrlatadalphian. IIOS AVbart Htroot. To- 
day, at II Pubb' l>.ctara at 7;1« p m. 
■ubjoct. "What Hhjtll tho Blcn of Thy 

Oaaiinc?" Kvarylx..i» w..l..iim. No <olle. 


■TAm.BT— Ta Mr aiMl Mra. H. B. StMilor. 
M J«tr i*. at tbo JaMioo Haaplial. « aM. 

ITT— To Mr and M»a Marry «; 
■airitt (aoo VInnIa Mrllmoyl),^ Jaly It. 
At t. J—tpb'a Hoapttal. a dA— itar. 


TW^MPf'nN- On July 14 lhara paaoad away 
ai Ih* hom« of hrr dauthtr-r. Mra U H 
N'laon, 4*32 ;Ath AvrnD<> N H. H'atll*, 
Mra. Tryphr-na K Thnmpaon. wtrto* of the 
lata Charlaa K Th..nipaon. a«ad alaty- 
aavon yaam Hha leavaa tn mnurn har loaa 
bar AbMChlar and on* arandoon, Albart 
NoMuM. For Tiianv yaara tlia lata Mra 
Tbampaaa w*k i '.aidanl of VIriorla. Hha 
waa a inoiiib»r ■■t Matropohlan Un4tad 
f'hurch for a number mt yeara. 
Thi> rrmaina will arrlyo In thIa city Mno- 
rlay afleriinon. and will bo ronveyeil to I ha 
ThoHiar.n Kunaral Homo. If9( Qua.lrn Si-r. i. 
whera funaral aarvlce will bo bal.l nn TiK-a 
day aftarnoon. at I o'elork. whan the Rev. 
W. J. »l*prolt, M.Am D.U.. paator of tbo 
Matropollian IfbUod Cbareb, will ee«d«et 
• h- (Aivi.e. aftor wlilah tba roma^aa will 
b' 1*1. 1 In reat In tka (Amilr plat At Roao 
li.i> 1 ■■•111 • fry 

TRt'HWKl.I/- I'aaard away. TrannnlHa. M r . 
jMly II. itiO, N. W. Trua4frell. afad ]4. lata 
of Trail, B.C. Pvrrlved by hia mother. In 
Vaaeaavor, B.C.; fowr alolara. Vara. Van- 
ealtvor, B.C.; Mra. P. Dankarloy and Mra. 
1^ Oddy, Vlatarla. B.C.: Mra. J. Aitotin 
Bdwardat WandAbra. B.C. : W. r. TnMwaii. 
Trail. B.r.. and B. N. Traawoll, Paweii 
lUve.-. II. i:. 

rirat Church of Chrlal. Sclantiat, Charnbera 
and Pandora. tfarvicas, 11 a-ni. and 7: SO 
p-m. Babjact for today. "Trttth." Toatl- 
moBlal maatinc Wadnaadar. I P m. Raadlna 
Room and l.andlns Library. (11 FaywurU 
Bttildint. dally, aacapi nundar. 1* to «. 
.Wodnaaday. 10 to 7, V»»tlora are welcome 
to tko aarvleea aad U> the r.-a<iing rooma ^ 

Socon<l Chuirh fif it.riai .Siienliai. Vic- 
toria. Harvlo a. ,Sun.U>«. II n m and 7 30 
p m Teatlnionial iiieei inf a Wednaaday at ( 
pm. 7Jt fourtn»y Mtieel Subirct for to- 
day. "Truth " Hunday Mchool. 1 1 o;cio«k. 
All weUoni.. I.. ih.. aerVIOM. XAAAIV 
and lendinK lihi.ry 711 CaATtMr atTOat. IS 
to b, racept SundavB 


The ri»)houae Theatre. Yatea Hireei 
Pubkc lectut' at : 10 thin evenln(. .>4ubJ.'' ' 
"The Hun of RIslHaouahOaa Now Arlaina" 
(Mal. Iv. t>. Bpaakar. /H. C. Bickall. Saata 
froa. All welcome. N o eolloctlon. 


New Thnuaht Temple, »tt Pandora Ave. 
Dr. A. P. Barton will apeak today. 11 a.m., 
"Behold I Make Alt Thlntl New." 7:14 

r Ti , "Shadow Wnrahip " ^n'.o by Mra, 
vviinon Jon'-a \N edn^-aday * p m . aiibjacl. 
"Coltlvatlnc the Mini A'l »r- welcome. 

rraawlll nfferine 
' OAKI^NDn H.\I.I- 

iK-4IBMBBAL« por montk. lUf 
afaaea* r«q*lN4L Apply CaImUM Bo> 

6770. ^ . 

.1 I 4 • m III ■ 

r^l.DBRl.Y lad/ IlylBA In c^tap aCara 

1j . homo in ro^wm far cam 
panioii^tHi. Kererencae. B o« KI4. Cat—to t 

I.'^AR.N %H w»ekly. apara time. wflliaC for 
newapapara. inaaaitnaa. Bsp. Manoe. Do- 

I.,lla free. Praaa Syndicate. 8 40 »t. I..oUla. Mo . 

/1IUI,. domaatlcated. araall family, dalira 
^ I u«ht. Pbone 4I70M. .Altar »■ 

Double Service in 

V«Hl c«a telephone jrotir •■•JS*'* 
M well AA your rlassinrd AdPBTtiAA- 

■KBto to The Coloni»t R«AderA 

Are often mtrre&trd in Wkfit Ad- 
vertisenicni* that do not tarry the 
names or addresses of advertisers. 
I'Ut a Colonist box number For I 
Ihe accofurnDdation of those read 
eri who find it incoiiyeinent lo 
*iite un answer, and to serve the 
advertiser better, we will Uke re- 
plies to B«B NaMtan ovw^uM 


1 he CokmiAt Sei^ice to tftilUbh 

from $ BJB. to 10 

Sundays. Fkoaa IIT 

31 MuMuk TtJlAJAX 

<■■*■■«» fca^. n ii»..i» S ?*tHffRft . * i.i..^» |«»,' «i»««» 

ATTRACTIVK terr-a .if raparnaot — Rama 
raocing from »Iia upwarda aiway* 
aealiabla iur Orat morlaac* loaba oa baal 
aaaa. koaao or fan* pewaoro** l>owaat aar- 
r^t rata o( latoroat. atrlciiy coaUdaattat. 
p. B. Brawa * aM» im *raa« 
Pboaa int. 

HEl:*! KMMAN. »«JKMaN It CO | 
<tS View bliaat t*baBa *S i «0<> 

C'^oaTS I 
f quallt; 
^lolievf il..« 

f > ti A I a iiii.fc lot 
V J . aoart. Miaa 

("^tjArA rnUk UailvareJ In 0«a May 

milk tfallvarad. lOo par plBl . 
laaianiead Pboaa TOakR 

1 ■.!> Zli 1 aniforU Str**l 

(OC aal* J<-li«>f«(l IS laaia 
11. ph ..a* T r 1 I II 




mn iinali ,Ki Till il Bl wiiW' 

J OHM BON wftmr trbaal la good rnnntas 
ordaf; traAa for radio or ■mmopbone 
' r anythlac aaaftU. Pbano 1001. 

U'lL.1, aachanea 1(0 aerae^ 
ed. at funnlahjf. Bbalwi 

1 >ba«( Vlotarla. 


properly ir 
llui SilS . 



/ MHU for caaaral kaaaawarB aad caea of 

\ I ona child, acod T. PAOM (llOU or 
.aiW20H Cuok Ptreet. BaaAAP l a fa lag. 

/MHU VAAtadu far Ma ia a t a r lay Lalioaide 
' T foaatala ar taaroaaA. BapaMAMa pr«- 

ferraU . 

LADt, unencumbored. botwaaa 24 and ts, 
aa boueokaeper for famalp af two. lo au 
to CullfumU; good bomo, fair waco^ ii«r- 
munenl poaltion to right parMr. Apply ba- 
t» . n Hiid 10 a.a».. Boom 111. Btratkcona 
Hi. I.-!, .^uM*lay. a 

SHAMl'OOINi], marcelllDg, paper cutting, 
hair < uttlQg. iiiaolcnrlng. at reduced 
pru ea Phone >U0. H C Hchool 0>t Halr- 
.ireaalng. Jnd Kloor. Say ward HIdg 

STK.NoORArHERS. tirade 2. for Dominion 
(l.ivernriient offlcea at Baqulmalt, B.O ; 
•alary 15*0 i>er annum. Appllcallona. which 
may be obtained from the Poat n - »• .■ r ahould 
be forwarded to Rev. J. i"*nipl.til. IIS& 
Kort atroot. Victoria, not latrr ni^«ri HHy 

CJPECIAt. Bummor rooroea at Bprott- 
gbaw Inatltuta. elaaooe 4 a.m. to 1 
».m.. year afteraoesa fraa. Pbone M ar 
oaU far praapi t tua 

tlon; eoaehlaf 
Hibben-Baaa BalMI 

tor. Maw I 

U'A.vTBD— Bomaaaa ta da Itfkt kanaa- 
work aad cara tor twa ehlMraB: avar 
IK yeara of apa. 14«t UamMtaa Band. Aftar 

Oaklanda Ooapol Hall. HHIalda car ler 
mlaaa. II am. worablp 3 p in . arhool. 
t p.m . (Sospel aervlrea All are w»l<-ome 


' i;ltlTT rBNTRB. (OK Camphall Bvlldlnf 

Mra iiorrloii itranl. I.^H'Ifr 
Mnrmnic S*r\ \> ^ II n'ln. k 
Speaker l,awr»nr» I" Marra'- Subiect 
"THK rKKKK.oTloN OK K \ 1 .'.iTKNi "K" 
K.vrnlna (tervlie. 

* p m. 

\V7ANTKD — Olrl, 17 1«, m.uhera help, 

VV ii(ht bouaawark, 1-4 p m. Phone 4:iti>. 
a ftar 0 p.w. 

WfANTED — A capable wnman lo look after 
T.V,J email rhlldren k-.I n «ke heraalf 

Renarally uaaful, oihe- h'lp kepi Hva in 
.rferenreo required Boi S<79 i .iloniat 

A^'ol NO lady wanted for atore work two 
1 aftrrnoona tvtry waak. Apply liu 

Kort Street. 


J \l8TRIBVTOBB oalekly develop own Inde 
* pendent bnalneee handling Beotminta 
Yeaat Oandy .Vaw Pord automobUa free 

F.»<-lua(ve lerritory Itrotmlnta To.. Inc., 14: 
Smin inn KMit .leraey City. N J 

"Mi WHO WII.I..'* 

SMAker, Mra linrdon Uran*. Babjact: 

, J, T-|u WILl, or OOD 

Sunday S. hoal, 11 A.M. 
.lamea T liodfray, aMOrlMOnilent 
Tuaaday. I p.m., Reat and Healing Hour 
Tbtiraday. I p.m., Btady ruaa in "Ckrtatlan 
Maallng." Noon Proaparlty Hllenra Rvery 
Pay eseapt Haturday Reading Knnm opan 
every day. 1" a m i.i } p m office hnura. 
I to 4 every day •■«rep! Saturday All Inlly 
Uterature and I'roaprrliy Hanka kept la ataak- 


BnOKWITH— At the Iloyal Jubilee Mnapital. 
VIcloMa, BC. on Krlday. July William 
B. Bockwlth. ace<l aeventy-three yeara. of 
V34 Oowlchan Street lli- late Mr Heck- 
Wllh wat a native of N.>\.> s.otia and had 
realded here for the pmi i..riy aeven ye«ra. 
He la mourned by hia wMow and three 
dauchtare. Mra J K. .Myera. of Van 
roMver. and Winifred and Marjorle. at 
haUMi two aona, l.ewla M.. of Boattle, and 
Boclaald. of l.oa Angelea, alao fiva 
brethera. J I.. Beofcwkth. at Vlatarla, two 
brothera In Purtlaad aaA twa bratkara in 

Nova Bcotla. 

Tha remalna are realing at Mrrall Broa ' 
Puneral Home, tha funaral takin* place ni» 
Monday afternoon, at } 10 o'clock, from 
tba PI rat Baptlat rhurrh intermtat will 
ba mada at Boyal uak Hunai Park. 


OWBN — la avar-lovlng memory of mp 4aAP 
mother. l,oulaa Owen, who paaoad away 

Jaly Uth, i!>M 

Aha waa aurh k \rrv ni.tih^r 

Bo pallMll. an kin. I nilI Inie 
There waa never a < Inu.l ».. nr dark 

But abe aaw Ihe aunliahi IhreUgh. 
Na daath can divide me fmin matMr, 

Or aover tba cor<1a of |; 
Jaat raaUng ewaetly In Jeaua 

In tha beautiful home above. 

lip mlaaaa bp bar only daoghter, Mra 

Bt. Andraw'a Proabytertan Church Rev. 
W I^alle Clay. O.O.. mialalrr. f:<i a.m., 
Sabbath Hchool. II B.m.. aiorn^ng aervlnr. 
Cermon. "The Tyranny of the Boundary." 
(lolo. "The Voice In Ihe Wllderneaa" iPrlndle 
Bcottl. Mra Jraae I.ongnelil Anlhem, 
"Pratae the l..ord. O My Kuul" (Bruno Hahn) 
7:M p.m.. evening aarvle#. Bermon, "Tba 
Martha Mind." Soto. "Come Itnio Ma" 
isiebblnal. Mr H .1 Pope Anlhem. "Aa 
V ilie sun'a r>ei lining Itay ' (.lanieai, aolo 
Mr. Wm. Melville. A very hearty and cordial 

laidUMan la eit a adad ta alt ta come aad 
iola Ik tbeaa aarvlaaa. 

MAKK 116 dally aelling "FIsll" Rubber 
Repair (lliuiil rubber) Peablea mile 
ago af tirea and lubea. Henaatlonal xeiler 
and money maker of 1»5(. »*»»>al« I'" 
Marquette Rabbor Ca., HIT Walfram Bt . 
chirago. 111. 



PHTB1CAI. rtlreclnr. roach and gymnaat 
open for eniagemenl with roUege or 
Bchaal; wide field of work, Mgheat refer - 
eneaa. Baa MIT. Caloaiai. 


rirat Bplrlluallat I'hurrh 7:t Kurt ."Street 
Service. 7:30 ti m . apenker, Mr« I'larke 
Mplrltaal n ••.i' ai welcuma. 


i(|.><>KviKii Kri>«(<>r\i, 

I'liurih of iMir tr.ird iRef<»rfne.I l-'.pim opal ) , 
Huniboldl aii l li !>i n >)> n I Iteotor. Rev. A. 
deS. Owoa. ■ aaA T:l> p.1. 



KBd Cbapal' I tit Qnadr 
Pkaaoa l*0« and 0«M 


1«M QaaiAra atraai 
4W MIBM mt 

Byapatkaue and tM«alBa« 

_ ay 

a. 4. COMT * aOM 
Bmkah»ara aad Panoral M io tt afa 
•ladaala Nnrao In Aitondanaa 

044 Quadra 81 root 

• 44 NIabI or Dap 

rrNFRAi. DBmmta 

AAVOPra, 1.1M1TBO 

r«oi '.>'«ba« IHl 

rTBtlAna of. All 

i boaa 101* 

Itai Paa a taa Bt*«a4 

J Vlav aM BraaA. raaaaai * 


r^. enl « I w CM k 1 l» 

a.. iiSJ 

na aaA Moaa- 

i.^rtaoyi atraa*. 

^otoria Thei.aopMcal Hori.-ly Independent, 
101 I'nlon Hank Itmilini M-.tinia diacoB- 
tlnui d durInK J i" ■ ^ ixixi 

tKlTBU CHtBCM OP t .\.\.\ l>A 

Metrapolltan ITaliod Oiarcb. corner Pan 
dor.i and (Juadra Htraeta Rav W J. Mlp- 
preii. |>1>. paatnr li A Downard. cholr- 
inaairr K Pareona, (irganlat. 10 am.. 
1 tnaa iiir'nnga II "Tbo Path'er'a 
llnua... i>r Blpnrell. Anthem, "Thou 
I 'row neat the Tear" (Boverldge), aolo, Mra 
Oao Raid. Bolo, aalaetad, Mr. A. C. Raw- 
lina. of Oakland. Calltarala. a former leader 
iif Metrn|M)lliaa* Choir. ll:l( pm. nunday 
.1. hnol aeealon 7 JO p.m., "The "in.l Wh.> 
Duldaa " l>r. BIppretl. Uadlea' choir will 
aing. Anlhem. "Olvo Bar lo My Prayer" 
(Arr^elt). Boafaao aala, aeleotod, Ifra. 
Aubrey Jonoa. Wataa t a ta vjaltora In our 

rirst Called Church, comer Quadra and 
Balmoral Atreeia llev Ollbert Wilaun. 
M A . D I) . will prearh at both aervlcea 

• 'aatennlal I nltrd t'hur. h. liorge It.jail 
Rev J P Weatman. paalor. II a.m.. 'A 
in«h Ideal ' 7 10 p ra. "My Craad tkad_ My 
Programme" "i.ifWat. Mlaa HI 
•year ' ' 

ROOP wark. palntla* aad aaaaral rapalra. 
very reaaaaakia tarma. Pkaaa tTieu 

evenlnga ' 

SHINOLINQ. raaf war«. palatlac. katao- 
mialasi aaW 



HOUBBB palatad, Inelda or out. on inatal- 
__maat f lyy. ^'^J'J^**'^- '*^^*fi * 



/^BPBNTBR. work pf aay deocrtptloa 
\J Aaaa by raapaaaibia aiaa. NIX aftor 


ABPBNTBBINO— All klnda of repalra. 
•M Jabaaae Bt. Phono 2042. 

HOU8B ropAlra, altoratloaa. atara aad 
olBea flttlaga. garagoa, buagalawa, try 

Hmllh. 47aiR. 

IP It'e rarpenterlBg work, altaratloaa or 
rapaira i.h. na 72((L1 for eatlmata. 

Tr you waat a carpel 
al tonal aaion. (I7 


ANflprAPB gardening, eaport on lawna 
J .nd rockarloa. PtIcoo roaooaabia. Pkaaa 



18 crrvM I ^ w 

1^ l .MAIJB 


AII.Y work, from » till t: houaework. 
i jokanr. elf- Phone t4itR 


» KCMiMKU aeni! ow. 
fully modern. Good dialrtct. 

uwnar waata 4 ar ••roomod buBAataw. aaar 

etraat ear. P. P. HicCB. 104 Pafnborton 
Hiiiidiag. Many other tradoa ta pic k fram . 

to es- 

" I'.DOM modern aeml-buogalow 

I ..m- ' - >• • 



M 1 sci: I . I . A .\ Kt ) i: 8 

K t->i Kerali a w a 

IU0<%. pill* »> I.I • 

I ..>( an Derr 7 
I <ii atore* 



ALL your iiaaii "ii. u::b« you i-aao. 
augh ba raaa, buttlaa. aiau taola. aluvaa, 
or aaftklac otoe. We can aay 
pap Beat pr 

f Bl , ^ _ 

whera aad pay 

priaaa. Phoaa titt 


pairod aaA tarcoA. Work faaBpaieo l 
uaiee free. Pboaoa 1»7I. IMOU 

DKCOKATINO, VaporhaaglaA. 
rirai claaa worg. MoAa. -tlA 
7hon>aa Allan Phoaa (fItB. 

lUAT'A nalk cheaea a^ Hudaon's 
and Bpencer'a> 


mm aaA balaamtn- 

^ 4>1». 


Mac oot. gataatoA. eio. 
IMf OlaAataaa Av*. 

SKIN diaaaaeo— No ramody ovar eompound 
ad ao quickly allayo fever aad Irritation 
of the akin » > I >r I'huna'a Balaama It la 

the iiioat i.t 11. 1 1 .»! ug remedy known (or 
ecsenta. acrufula. <.iyelpolaB, bad i x". aall 
rhatim. 'klotofcoa aad all furroa of ekm .-lui 
~ the blood. < all or 
Herbal let 
^atoata. BU 
aiores In Toronto. 

fanclog aad saiier»i c^oiiaciiag. 
»a A Baat. Ltd.. 4*1 CeriBoraai 

tluna or Imparttlea of the blood, 
write for information. I>r. TkaaA. 
bead off lev. «>« quaea Bt. Tal 

HAY and atraw baling < 
ino mea to teod). v^ i 


Weat^Baaalcb Road., 

8KM1 t.NaiBBCT bawl apectal at 27(0 

k^lactrlo wlHag aad rapaira McClary « 

electric rai 

from lUO laatailad. 

tr«« wMbara,. jlft _aa|fc gja 

Kua Malnwarlac, Tka MNMIW 

• 14 

Bird elect 
Koa 4k Ma 

Karl Street. 

AHY Carriaga Warba. 041 P*rt Btroat. 

Phone 44I0B. Mkcllafc aarrlAaaa from 
tn. I.ateet lu« kadp-Mplaa. MA mapalra 

uf all klnda 

VUBRniCBN Hotel St 1 McOuro— Tran- 
alant and i eai<S«nl lal . caairal. gardaa. 

. n ii^K 

Hotel Stl 

deni lal . 

roooia. raaaonabla iata& 

HL»1.M t.iiiieman aa boarAar 
IlDr.l hoiii,. Phaaa 


BUN-A.C«MRU. •40 
AatMit gtaaa la 


Taaata. 1014 McClara. 

aaA kaafC alaaa lA. 



i! Bookal I1..-. — U.J. lo 

itaat tram at Mrituh ruioituia Mao. 
m-mjfajJIMaai; _ . 

ARKl!:i.!<. fermenting tub* wine kaga. 
jardlnlrrea. palm tuba. water tanka. 
ihurna. waahing uiachlnca. well ""b* altoa. 
4r., cream tUbai ata.. J!f*9^ J^Sf^n^ 

wiibinaoa Coapara«% Ml ueCB* Maa* and 

ci ty Market. — 

TtRBAM wicker ga-cMt. praatlaallp aaw. 

110. Phon o 110. 
/ tCRIo'lTuntera: - Old Bngllak awarUMU k. 
\ aood aleel lap'er. ouior CMO ckerry 

yood aleel lap'rr. 
wood wllh atng li..rn I 
Write inlet Uo\ ijlJ 

aadlo. Irire «l»«. 

> > Jei 
Btraal. . 

Bf^ DRAMATH' .s 
.' Vancouver. . loee.l f .i h.iM.laya. 

'ieptambar i 

I'lioiie I >, I 

la and 

I.'iAl'fe.KT coaching for auppleiaeatal ex- 
■J ama. matkaaaattea aaA pkpalaa. 

itla. ■ 1 

for Coitago aad MiCk Bakaal p«p1 


' ^kaaa 

IyRIVATR tuition. Latin, French. Rngllah. 
Spanish, Greek. IJnlveralty and Huh 
Hcboola attpps., BagllSh. Public 8choola Kn 
trance Percy Fletcher, M.A., Cainbridcc 

6.T4 .Simioa SI. 1»47V, 

KHODKS Hchool Memorial Hall preparea 
glrla for first and aecomr year hiah 
achool. Individual attention inakea claaaea 
helpful to falluree enabling ..'i i' i.i work ..n 
Inatead of repeating. Nu<l< .."f i: n pob i 
aaama tor laat tbrma yeara Mrs. Mackeosie 
aad Mlaa Uttlar. tttt » U kag<gaa IMaaat. 
Kaaa ««ttU 

SI'EriAI- COACH INO for Matriculation 
and High Bchoal BupplemeatAla 
Claaaaa now farming. BUCKLAifDA 
▲CAOBMT. TOI. 104. 

UHOBWAMO a OM W4» 1011 Oavorai 
O Btraal.^ Wmfmm ^ g«k}aau: tkaraaak 


SPECIAL, private and aemi pi 
Ing for high arhool a. 
Recklaada Aeadamy; A. O. t 
haadmaater. Phono ti ar 044. 



t ll.l>li:Hi3 — Our window frame plan of 
aelling you tbo niatarlala K.D. to a 
■uunay-aaver. We apeclallaa In mill work. 
Kree eetlmatoa. Oroea Lumbar Company. 
Phono lid. 




ajiw.aUae in mlllwork of all kln.le I.ow 
prUra. prompt dallvary. Uraen Lumber 
I'oiiipaBy. Phone itlT^ ^ 

lA^riH ani lioora — Home at bar Ba la prieoa. 

A few hot be. 1 aaah left. UrooB Lumber 

tnijiari>' riionv &H||7 


cLOTMiMi, rvaa. MioBa, btc 

I..ADT*8 kalak«r ault 

Phone 7142L.. 

far riding or 
pair of riding boota. 



tlAWOODi kladllag waaA. eeUverod. 
tiOO. Buckaa BIAck. 


IBD louaga In 

Phone 7;ill.. 

good caaAltlaa 

3-aerl looai 
ly I 



hookeAaa ta Ai 

WB apoclallae la talaBrapky — Day aad 
algbt rlaaaaaj praatlaat training tele- 
graph corapaay'a wiraa. C aa r aa laciadoa typ- 
ing waatars ValaarApfcP j itiaal. Ill Paa- 
dar w . VABAaBvapTltairTMriBiuBaP aA Bt aa 


■tHacaA |Ml£«Nionta laagtat by W. a. 
plowrlgbt. IliniraaA Btreot. Pkaaa tOAi. 
Bea phaaa )1MT1. Hourik 1 la 0 


ri A.No 

ADAM BUTD. Piano. ainglBg 
im Tatea. 


I4.40 par meatk. 


BBMPLB. taaakar af 
Boa a I oot ataAla a««1. 


pta nn 


iKtM.Rl.E aa 

m on I h. 

aught, i: per 

teed. Boa .tl»». ColoBtat. 



I>ou(laa SI 

Kl'llKAC. W.K. Wllh roomy 
and large pg m.rror. aAlp 
Island Kschahge. lii rort mraat. 


4 ^HBST of drawera la tvory, . . _ 
^ anap, 110.10. lataad UsehaagB, Til Pert 

•«aAl ta a*w: 

C^AKPlCTH. every aeacripttoA. gaaraatood 
J clean and sierlllsed LargOet atook la 
atty. Bee oura l>e(.>ra purcbaalBg. Island 
Window A Carpal Claaolog OO, »1I Port 
glraet. Pbone It II. 

l-IOR Hale — Houaahold furniture and ruga 
r In first -claas order. Pbone No. 344. 

I ) Oaly |l4.»i. 711 Yatea 

RUPHBAD aewlDC n>aihlna. 


deep, eaay lunn iiti. 

I.-^.MiMAM kabP kttggy. deep. ea»y i uon 
I J like new; aaap. ( to. Pbone U 14R 

i.'luR Sale— 2<4 bp 

" llioat new : o .-- . _ 

park bcii. hea auilabl. for plcalo grounda. 
1 bp atalionaiy t-ngine power Winch. 


J hp. 1-phaae »le.lll" motor 
steam bollei K oot treadle band 
chine Sei of I'aylon uuir.puilug B«*lee In 
A. I ..ind.ii.M. aiiitablo far graeery atore. 
too galluu tank All klnda of eeatera. bot- 
tlea and deasUokna -1. a doaen up. 
Wa will traAo aaything in thia ad for any 
thing you h*vo Ata uae for. Veteran Ira' 

Ing. 141 Jokaaaa 

lioupe of a Mllllaa Pbrta 

hoalneaa ineB 

. . 1 . t r\e » 

baard-roatdonco far 

.M I 


t l< I K f urnlehed 

irnlehed reoma; larpa 
• liaJy garden kreakfaal If requlPOdi 
leniral 1144 Botkland Ave Phnna 2l4At„ 

d^^J^>l^ room aad board at ill tiovernmaAla 
VA aaltakle for two^ 

TAHV would board chlldraa ta awa ka t aJ 
^ • irieo to Boaron Hill waAlac paaL Aa* 

ply < nionlal Boa 174] 

>TURSK. with boueo aoar aaa. wwsM taka 
I Invalid or elderly paraaa ta kaard. Pkaaa 

OCEAN VIEW— BoarA aaA raaldoaoo. larga 
krigbt rvoma, boma iAeW—. «aaA tafcla.- 
cioee lo Boacoa Hill Fark. aaar oar. Mra 
Macdon ald. I40O Pall aa BaaA a 

UooU and breakfast for two adult a. Foul 
Ha > II. .>■ 1. I'l. .1, ■• »■•>,: I 

KUUM and board, la refined iitudara aab* 
arbaa kamo: aharpaa oMaarat^ Pkaaa 

in IB. 

PBlNCaaa Avaaaa atl Caak at. 
Catatartafcia kataa tor ka a i n aaa 
Mlaa r aa m a; ealat laeatlaa; terma 






Til a 

,">UR -■.II' 

range, .1 plate 

AlmoBt new Hotpolai olootrto 
high oven, tharmamater; 

very ie„aoi.*ble Aleu ainall rafrlgerator 

Phone :;9I.M. - » 

;,-\AlllBA.NKS MORSE dragaaw, com^Uie 
alpmcBi will " 
PHmlap, tAA.. Pkon« 4»7 



if a«al; 

aawa. 1140. Tboa 

Victoria. B C 

I^IOB aatok larpa wladmlll. Juat the iblag 
I?- tar a tarm wall, la parfoot coaditiaa. 
CkoapT Fkoaa 470lL. ar Ba« (110, Catoatat. 

TTtOR BkH — Ca«ar tosaapaat^ »aa saab 

J7 Pboae Ka atlag Itt: 

Toh-QBADB plaaa tar raaL Tli Tatea 

Phone Oil. 

J igi;oR barrels, brandy, 

-ui nr rum, 

made any alae Inm an f Wll- 
kin aoB Ca«p«ra«o, i«l Oarge Road 

^AMtNBX OaaraataaA Dooro— Wiii not 
■ wall, shrink ar «»rPiJ»adorB dealgne. 
low pri. e, larga gtaek. Tia Maaro-Wbit- 

jr >is:^ . 

tincton Lumbar Co., Ltd.. Vaaoauvor latand 


MALLBABLlii ateal raaga 
Pkaaa OAAt. Tl» Paadon, 
ftao atraaL 

11 per waoa. 


OTOR BIKB for aala, aaly 111 
knitting maoklaa. III. 

aiient eeleamaa. caak regigtora 

Pandora Ave. 


Nall-S. (14 

49 fv ftwumsxt 

AT (17 oovomiiMBt atraot. alealp fare 
alakod raaaia wlik kMakaaatta. Pkaaa 


VI.ARQB front bed alltlag-rooni, open i 
Beepla<a. prlvala enlranre. ault bualaaaa ' 
reupla, Bear town. car. aaa aad park. ' 
Braaktaat U deeired. Pboae IW4X. 

nil BLAMBllAJtO ai 

BBIOMT. aaasfortablo 
taaiaaklo r« 

taaiBAklo ratoai Pbaao llllOk 

BWB^il^TlNO room, furnished; 
tar •fcaalBaaamao . braakfaat if 
Bear aaa aad park. 



Pkaaa iOiUi. 


claaa: ( minatea fraai CT.IC 
4*1 Qaaboc Mra Aaeroft. 

/ loMFORTABI.R furniahed rooms, large 
* ahady aarden. h^eakfaat if required, 
renlral 1141 RcH-ldand Ave Phone !llt(. 


CBNTRA1.LT located eppoalte City Hall: 
clesa and qalal; bat water xiil -eil 
boated; raaaonabla ratea PhOB* Htfj. 

H. A Llnehain. proprietor. 

HOTBL, Brunawick, under aaw manage- 
aMat. cieaa. comtartaMa 

waak aaA ap; bouaokeepiaa 
aaA TAtaa, Pkaaa «07«. 

^^I RNITUBB .and boooehold e«ecta for 


F iiiaV'pflvAtaiy. Na AOAlOra. Pkaao 

OOD Bagllah funnrure. Including vir 



MPLB. vlallalat aad tOM 



Studio of 

Mlea FarrlngdoB 

DanciBg. ataekar 

tar 2 


AN esperleaced dreeeraak 
dey. Phone 1714L. 

or; work by tba 


kta aaA suita Marto 

hlmoBoe aad 
leratlona promptly doae. Roam II, 
fg^l^Te^ ea Si ree' 


M>NT A.Ni> lOI M» 

orlan mahogany dining sulie and bed 
room aulta. Bata •( alx mahogany Virmnan 
aad OeArglan dining chalro. estra . hoica 
I! Inch round roaawood table and an lovely 
roaewofid thaira Vary beautiful round rooo- 
wond tip labia Mahogany sawing ««blo. 
InUi.l levolving book table Walnut t>ooh- 
<aae t'arvad oak Jacobean aldeboard Large 
cheat mahogany drawera, ale . etc. These 
goods are all In eseelleBt condition, aad you 
are cordially Invited ta aao tkam The 
Hritia h Puraltara Mart. T4I-T4T Part Bt. 

ilA.NPHOMB Mrd's-eye mapla aaerauira 

II and (hair tn match. In BB* abape. 111 

trie tvko lalaBd Kachange, 711 Port Street. 

KITCHEN cablnate 
Large oak double kllrken cupboard. 

it 122(0 and IK 

_ kllrken cupboard 

(14. British Furniture Mart. 74 1-747 Kort St. 

JJARTY leaving elly hai^ furniture of light 

WBLL-MAPK i.-r. aooaPAMb 117 IS 
Romlnst-", .! saire. nBk'. komm.r 
lean akotgun, (11 lo, child's Paokard auto. 
(ll.lOi aalld loatbor aaltoaaoa. Ill 10; pon- 
akia gramoahoaoa. 117. »0; table grama 

rbaaaok 111.10: steel ball-boaring akata% 
1.71; beat BBchar. Ill; now h. w. eollsi 
II ti: Dunlop oaler llraa new. It; Inner 
taboai II: boy's bi. y.-le n t« gant'e Maaaoy 
bleyele. Ill gold fl rl apecta. lea. to fit 

any sight. 11.71. 4 tube radio, (10. 
Aareaaon s New and atiiBA H Bja, Btore. 
(II Jobaaon BtroM tfatw «aan TMaiv Oavi 
■treat). Phoaa Til. 

l:<iX good rebatlt raago bargalaa 



SIX good re 

niBNT. 14 I 14; caMi loganberry. lOgaL; 
1 new els hole range large refrigerator; 
meat aafee. etc 111! 1 afa Street 

#Ort CABlTwlil bay a 111 (0 modern aet of 
9^yf Wlnataa'a Bncyclopaodia (10 vol- 
umes)ln portoat condition, roally.oa gaad aa 
Call at 14 Wlaob 


BMa . Citp. 

housekeeping emiee lo diapaaa of. In- 
cluding gaa plMi.« ,1 .he» ete. IIM Bar- 

detl Avenue'- :.7ol. 

'Iceberg. In 
Island Kxrhange, 

KKItMiKltATOK. M. " lary 
.|)t.*n<1ld nr 
7 S |."..rt Street 

jrnilirt ord> r, 117 :.0 

-Holld oak split pedeatal ex. table 
jood cat 
1411 Douglas Bt 

S^'tn good caaAlttaa: aaly llt.M. Oddy'a^ 

LOST — Black covered steamer trunk, con. 
talnlng men's weartag apparel, oa road 
bet wee a Nanalmo and Vlataria. Baward for 
return to Praak Bpeeaor, Oorga Bead Aate 
Camp. V tater la. 

i>8T^-2A Kodak. Beacon Hill Park, aoar 
wading pool Reward. Pbeao 4 iHX. 

L~OBT — A lady s pearl crescent pla, lA 
vicinity of Oak Hay and BlehnMind 
Avaaua. Kindly return to 1402 Richmond 
Atraaua, or ^ho ne 42I1R^ 

TOUT— Mlak tar. ea Beacoa Hill car line. 
J pieaaa tatarm MT Baaaaa atraat. Mo- 


I.'^XPERIKNCKD rom.'vtometer operato 
J open for engagemeir^a. Invoicing, ex 
tending, etock, etc Phone 1 744Y. 

I'KRIKNi'KK infant a nurae keeka poal- 

l J tlon. or for young . hlldren Lilian 
Thnmaa. 441 I,ainpe..n Street :'.:HIL 

Cato Bda. aala. 


» o.Vll.Nt. KVENTB 

BCLVEOERB. Beoke Marker Hotel aaaaad 
summar Aiaaar BAAao. AaawB t T. BalA'a 


(V»il. open air .laririnc al the Willows 
Hea. h. Mr.lnea.lay an. I Saturday, i 10 

/^HAI.KT peep ("ova, open air dance avarj 
V ' Salur.lav evening 1 pier* orrheetra 

HAMaTiCRLKY l.aaealda garonaders will 
play each We^neaday TbaroAay, Priday 
Itarday. 0 p.m.. at Uamatarlay Lake- 

LABOB OAT. flepi tlh -The Rrliannra 
Peat af the <'anadlan T.eginn of |he 
BHttoh Bmpire flervlce Leiigu.. (formerly 
tlW V.A.I annual marina eirurMon to Na 
naimo by Inner Paaaage see beaut lea of 
Vanrnuver Iglaad by water Keep date open 
an.i watch far further ahnounremente. 

M'>Nr«Ar. July 14th Baglee whlet drive 
and dane#, new ftaglai^ Hall. Pandora 
and pouglaa Alreet*. rnmmencing at (.10 
p m llond pfiaea Admlaslon 2I<- 

V'^IfH^mtA No t Bull(Bng~l«oeloly— ^a 
V aemi annual meeting will he held al 
ISflt Mroad Street on Krlday .luly 10th. al I 
pm. to receive the nnanclal alalamani and 
audltere' reprrt. and for saah OtbOr baallMaa 
ae mav he hroiighi hefnre tka fnaatlM. T. 
J «>««.i • .'. ' .. 

13 U\\ll,t» \IA1.K HKIiT 

CILBRKS, tirade 2, for iMtmlaion Oovom- 
' aMOit at n aaa at Baenlmalt. B t: aalary 
MM par aaa am. Per partlcaiara b.<piy o. 
Rev J. ^Mpfcall, lUtPart atreet. Vl^ 
leria. B.r,. aat later tkaA Ja tp list. 

I^ViRD meaBAlHaa wanted. Only cppab'a 
and eipaMaiMed Knrl men need apply 
t.i H ijiaddlng. ahnp aupertnlendenl. Na 
nor.' u 1 .,r»nv, Ltd, Tatea glraet 


IAI'Y wanto work by hour or day. Oak 
J lijv distrtct. Phone Tbosr ^ 

LADY wiakaa poaltion aa Aouaokoepor la 
worklaa maag kama. Baa Mil. 

Colonist. ■ 

N i R.-K. Vania paaltlaa kp Aay ar waa k . 
Phone ttOIX. ^ 

\*'orNil girl «»ahea w..rU aa riiolher's hal^ 
Mlaa Johnenn l< It 1. Royal Uak. 

■ IB 

l»TK>0«.KArii KBA 

(liiMf'K.TKNT S'eni.grapher would con 
Ira. I In .lo work <»f one or two email 
■...1. . J in« .t».iy or aa required. Moderate 
lor,,,. H.J I t7H, f?elonlet. 



11 iS r Hrown pig 
^ tatning rerelpta, 
(.liorie (tial 


pigekin pockei book, ".n 
etc Rewatil T'lr 

UST— Khaki laundry bag, well niled, on 
Island Klckway. Pkaaa or call at 
tjoallcum Boack Hotel. II reward. 

Jamea Hay 

IosT— In 
J with p< 
\ alue.1 aa keepaak.- I'hnne lit 

10AT — On Ciordon Head Road. We,lnea.)ay, 
J "Clvltasr' watch, valued aa gift Kinder 
pkaaa ilTIT^ Baward 

1 ^PHOI.STRRRD aaap atMira at IK. 117 
I and IK Bilra larte Ckeaterfleld with 
epring pillow arma a bergain at I7(. Very 
neat aottee couch, walnut frame, for IK. 
British Furniture Mart. 74(.747 Part At. 


OAK sBteaaloa takia witb not of sU dlaiag 
ckalra ta SMtak, at IIO. 141, Itt, l(( 


lUrPBT. tAMa. aad i Aiaanii at ITl. Ml 
aa« Ml. 


AMOOANT dialog sultoa at MM 


, One suite Id dark 

nmeb. practieajly aaw, for till. 

I/LMBD buffata at lit. (21 10 aad III. 
JC Bngllab walnut estenelon tablo with 
ol*bt elMlra, far 171. 

QUABTBBBD aak eaaiMaatlaa cakiaat- 
baCet, III. 

T4|eT4T Part atraAl 

4 OB 


-A MItclMtl ear kak cap, kattraaa 
town and OarAa* Maad. Pladar 

phone III. 


! . 1 

osT -Rrooch. en 

tween Kenman and (lladafone 

1,1 R w a r d 


CONgULT Madame Nirola. paimlet. pe»- 
ehologlet. pbreaologlat. 

[TIT Oak Bay 

Aveaee Vham*' 1074 

DBHT Recovery Office, 201 BC. Pormaa 
ent l-«ai 
to accounti 
44 1 7 7I7IL. 

«an BMg. Baaaial attaoMlas paid 
ta of pratag J oBA l BMB. Pkaaoa 

IP year watch doee not givo satlafaotloa. 
^rlag It t" '' • ' afrh Bench." Brew* 
Block, Broad S ' .apring. tl. cieaalag. 
(I: work gaara iiee.i Opp gpancer^a 

"l H TABVER A SON. I.o kan-itha have 
•I. maveA to 711 Fort. Phone 4 44 

APAMB f>l.nrtA. pgpebaloglsi aad 
riairvoyaat, IIM rail atreet. Pkane 


'OTH'r 'o Real Ketale Aganta- 414 rThoo- 
i.r Sfeei t« for aale en inairely br 

Maaara P 

1^ method. elTarllve. 
Union. Wool worth Rldg 

Brown A .Sona. 

B O 

ramavod , 



^AFKTT raanra reaharpanod: cklaa re- 
paired \Vr....ia ia>e l ot. ('arver*a 711 

long )•% for gaod 

Vancoover R C 

* rpi.A' IIV-K • anted for ih« primary dlvl 

I vien of O.e v„,.h Bnanlrk Bckaal. A». 
: piieailoBa nualMoatlaaaaA MPeri- 

1 rWf 1 « 1 'ni- -nar 

BHa w 
p m. roar a f 1 • 
eall tmt praepectaaL 

IVANTBD-^-Plrst elasB aate wsaekAaic 
V V <>aiy ihoao wllh garage ssprrtaaaa Bead 

apply Kve Broa. Ltd rn" a"ee» 

fx: ■ a :.r,. / 

Icr. a "lan nf fair' . .n.l e 

legrlty capabia of meeting tha aablic. win 
Ing la leara sew melkoda An epportanliy 
af varkiaa tata^i 
MBt. - 


ATCHAA. cleeiie 
and repaired, 
and T>a.ieap, 

p*. — »•«•» 

■ nd Jewelry etowtsad 



RKBinKNT of rallfomla. an acewant of 

raaldaBca In thIa city, and will trade tkroa- 
room dwolling aad let (ialM Bl F g aaao. 
vatao 11-000. for property of aaaal aataa 
kera, Baply Bea KOI. Calaatat. 

BAB*AtN ky Otyaar— My Victoria bemak. 
large haaoe w4tk kaaatlfal. epartoaa 

groanda la heat roa H aatlal district, eloi 
In. anit.h'e ' .r aparimolita OT private laatliw- 
ti.yn '<eaadlagly reaaoaabia Hi'. 

aai t "T California property con 

• ' k I ir-aa Owner 111 Raa« 'Tlienwae 

-•riie, \%aah 

^LKAR Mtie ket. an aiaatwrd Ave., far 


(i.«T Recently In ^ ly r.r i r.-df)Va Bay. 
brrvo. h 4 le.,r . r> ■ r . ,r ■ « ih pearla. 
nllvlnoe or perldola, also one blue atone. 
Write 114 Phoaniz m.. or phnna 47*01. 

j~n«T— lA KeatlBB BMriet. ear li 


plate AA-llA 

OlAaaalA. Cal««IU 

lyn I. persoR wka plakeA ap wat'i 

vT Onrdr^n Head 

plea ae phone 
( *Ier' q. r1 n n nr 

an WOdaeaday laai 
M70T 4MiA akHaa O. A La 



1"^OR Tve hmdred dollara v"U e«n bur yoor 
eon an Intereat In going raneem, timber, 
aoaalda. ikpne hoara from Vieioria Inter - 
viaw oaly. ttn paatlealar^ Baa Mt4. Cal- 

raparta aad eaUnaatea 

raratofceA. wHk toagaiApklral mapa Leg 
Prahera. OlrdwaiaA A Lewl« Ltd.. llT-lli 

/ aato. 

Pambarton Bldg 

WM bavo far aala timber. Crewa graal ar 
Heeaee. targe or atuall trael* Pom- 
bortea A Boo 

TntBBB CO . LTB . TWB Ib ft tPIB 
BNOtNBKRS. -I 'or sato la large er 
amall fraele. Crown areat er Meoaeo. In any 
■art ef the Province. 701 704 RELUONT 
ItOOBB. VICrT<5RI A _ _ 

TIMBBB tar Bivealmonl— For aato, llcoaca. 
Atkorat Caaal. II million, cedar 01%. 
hemlock 41% 1 Vh mileo from aalt' water 

Taaea paid 'n JalT. 1017 PtCso M.0«4. 

Robert Urabb A aaa. Makaa Blaak. lilt 


FINB piBBu, uheap. Ill down. (7 
J\ moaibly. Or reat,.M BMatbly. HIT 
quadra Btreat. 

l.'^OR 8nl»— Player piano. In flrat-claaa can- 
r ditlon; 40 rolls, price IIM. Box (^17. 

1 n.oniat 

ORUAN. (1(; 
IK 10: 

trembeaa. llAMi laadalla. 

cone. I.I. :tss\,mAJBt%HV: 

dera Aoaaae. 

'ALUABLB alA vtolla (ITM). 
(40 iCalvIa im*. 


What offers?. 

40(1 OPFirR AND nora MQMPMPNT 

OLIVKR typewriter, Na. I. guaraBleed in 
nrat-clBM condition. A raak aaap ai 
121. Island Bachaaga. 711 l^vt BIreet. 


|4U.fCL4l aate a«w aa at laa viatarf 
1> Cpala Wacb& Oil Jonaaea BireoC Boy# 
MoyetaA ILOa to (il.ia a«d ap. Paiiy 
aoor aataaA 

FI^NOLIBH Meyela for aato, goad condition. 
!d Pkeaa TMIBI. 

TTtOB Bale — LiaAy's or gtrl'a ktoyila, Pkeae 
r 47f(B . 

FOR Bate — Olrl'B bleyela, M. Pbeae 

EkDB aala— MaiB 
r In ge«»A M»«l _ _ 

ISniAN matoreycle far aala, 
modal Phone g404. 

■tfXfi SHK.KTfl. 10 en>-loi>ea, Hu 
1'tI' pcrlor linen nni.n>.l personal Sta- 
tionery Your name and addreaa priatad 4n 
blue ink. (lothie tyaai paat palA. lA Maaoi- 
dine Printing t^a.. ilf PoBAar BL W., VAa- 
couver. II'' 

rrfk-OALLoTT all taak witk Bewaar pump, 
t)U Ckaap for cash. Phoaa 44011* 

»OOM wllh fireplace hnarl if rerjul 
M-1 Kf.ri '.tr... Phone «:«1\ 


ler. Prop 

RITZ HOTEL— 714 Port 
modem, oosy r eas a s; aai 


51 HomonuDBrafo iiooini to 

atreet. Faily 
lairai; ataralatt 

A PPLT 111 Vaaeeavar — BaMaa or reaaw; 
.< n- gatk all •envoateaeea. 

keephig apartmaata; ket water i akargea 

eiof ok 



aad ahoppors! 

Pkaao TUOU 

724 Yates St Tnurlala 
Neatly furalshed hoMsO* 

keeplBg reenia by the day, wsob or monib: 
uBllmltoA kiK trtitar: llBkt. alovalor. gaa. 
Managed ky Jaa A. OrUiik._ Phono till. 

B~ LACIU>(3oL LODOB^mTo. Potter.~iM 
Oallaa fsriBg aaa. No objectloa to 


BatakUakod HOI 

"AAvertielng la ta kaala 
aa atoam to ta macklaail" 


tmbouoh tmb raaaa 


— Is what our 

buslneae ronalata 

af. Very low ratea 

guatad far wriilag 

and displaying year 

newapapar ada, Wa a 

pla. e ada In gAP 

part of tha 

world t'ircuigg 

lettera from It 

lo II flrat 100. 

Includlag paper: 

following handroAa 

from 21c lo lOc 

Reliable mailing 

lists. We caa 

quote you flat 

ratee for complete 

work: anpplylag aamaa 

and addreaaes, addraaMAA* 

all elatlenery, paataga 

and mailing Your 

newapapar adverllaing 

ran ba made mora 

preduetlve If . 

plaoeA la ear 

kiiiiiM. Pkaaa IIU 

tar ApfAtBuiaal. 




Aaaertlaaaiant wniera and AA^rttalaa 

Contract ors. 
MalllBVapk obd Mimeograph Circular Lettara 
aad Poetcarda 

Batoe Quoted for 
Bulte 24. Winab Midg 

Addreaatng. Mailing. 
Laaal, UominloD and 

Phone Kll 

(^l.>k;A.\ turniahe.l boaeekaaplag rooina aad 
' . a Mra I ■ • ' !■ 14 14 Ml llaide 

Db.Llti MU i Kl^-Huaaaaeepiag and Magto 
Bidka All Vt 


AHOtlgKkKKPlNU room, funyahed. open 
Braplaae, all aaavaatoaaaik MIT Bkaka- 
spearo itraet. e lf WlUMAa. 

APrLT 111 Mleklaaa BC— 
reoma alee baaaekeeplaa 
aaa: ar pbaao I174R, 

AT ill Mlcblgaa, eloaa. oamfertablo rooma. Talepbeae 2141. 




witk er wltkaat 

HOU8BKBBPINO room witk flaa; 
koA-alttlag-room. Ona mlaata 
c P.B. docka 4IT Bellevllla at. 


HOOBBKBBPINO rooma: altl 
plaao, gBA mtilmltod bet water: larpa 
gardoa. Pkoao tOOOU 1144 B ocklaaA Aye, i 


|rx a I lor 

adulla Batea 

tA. Wl«ll 



N aaceptloaallP 

nisbed. eaeallaat 
Apts., Lladea Av» 


APARTMBMTB to tel. aatantlaBed. Pav* 
cell Btock, eeraar Ooaplaa atreet aad 
Ki ag'a Bead. Pkaaa OM. 

AT IM Cheaiar atraat BrlAkt faratokaa 
aaW-eaataliwA ttati t rao wi A katkraaiA, 
kitekeaoiia, all oaayawlaAaaa; arlygM kapM. 
Bear park aad gaa. Pkaaa I4MX. 

AT I be October Ma 
gAt Pbeao till. 




Nfil AN 

Poworplaa Moterryala. 
Phone 74(IRt 

BiMp at 

iJNAP — Aca 4 nallooa llraa die.- wheeia 
n electric llgbta, all O.K Come la aad 
have a rMtok Taa're wetoaaaa. 
A Baaa. Bil ' 

Al ri > KNITTBR leaoona wanie.l 
t."n.a ari.l n oa t Iflcal Ion a ■' 

•'o!cr -1 

far rags, boiiiea. toolg^ steres. fansl- 
tar% er aaythlng you wish to diapeae of. 
We sail aayw hera. any lima: Pbooa 4lle 

ABBOLUTBLY boot prices paid for gealle- 
mea'a dlaaarded stothlag. Wa aalL 
Mra Jewtil. ill Pert Phooe 1114. 

ABiioLUTBLT~beat aaaa prlees paid for 
iadto%; aoaUMMB'a aaA ekiMraa'a gaad- 
er aall Mta. WArAajaTlBM Peng laa Bt. 

paa kA«% ika Veiaraa Ju«ji 
Pkeaa MBL 

wm kap. 

'pbONT heeltale— Pbone list ir you ha.. 
jL^ aay fernlture you wlah in diapna* nf 
0«r rapreeeaiailva will call anl • fer m. pr rea laland Esehanga. 71* K.>'r •> 

t^CNTLBMBBB dtooardod eiothiag 
W kaaakt. Baat prteaa paid. We calL 
Bbew a Ca.. TM Part Btroat. phono 401. 

GBT eaak for year moa'a diacardod cioih- 
lag. ebooa, etc. 4 dOOra ahr.v. it an 
ahard K«»rt Btroet rn..-- 

AT LrolaaA A 

tA Mil Oeagtaa M.. 
bright. maAera aalta« faralakaA aaA 




AT Morrleen Apartmeola 
FalrAeld - Furnlehod 
wllh A replace 

Hilda Ml real, 

AT Cya-bo Myr, 414 Mieblgaa BirMt— 
LATgeat and boat ■ fara l akaA toar aaA 

Bee -room apartmeats 

to iba altp. 

\T Savoy Manaiona -Front furniabad eulta. 

lone till 

\ I KRbBBN Haial, 141 MiClare— Tra^ 
.'a- eieni and 

'.inning water la 
I'hone KilO 

aaA aM 

any aAAl 

pnaoa paid ler u.amaada 

TBI lu-a't 


1MB Bi l e A iatral gaa raApa, 
Phono ntn, Aftor 1 p m 

TL"" -K Sale L| 

X rondiiioo. el 

IT 14 

Oap" rsBge. In ge«d 
9- Pkaaa llOlR. after 



•44 Part 

parakaaaA. to^i 

j^^ASOEg moved. caaaectoA aad rapajrod. 

Btora. ill 
alafct tOM 


RANOBB aeld. ropA M aA. |raAo«. 
oMnoctad; eolto mada Aaatball. 7(1 
Pert Atreet 

SMALL real Iron conk stoeg, gaMakle far 
launch or camp, ■ oal oi 
17 10 Pbone 411. MenAay 

3-BUBNBB Perfaptiaa all atowc «llk avoA. 
aad laAp'a Mapala, Ceraar Ba 


q,6at» mm tmm ^ 

4»l eat aara. 
Pkone l«li 

HIOHEMT raeh prl^ea paid (er elA gotA. 
ailver, anilqaa ]ewa|ry. allvarwara. dto- 
inonda eie t Raae |*|| (;nvernmeal At 

OLD bicyclaa aad porta. In nap oaaABtaa 
Vietery Cyato WarBa Pkaaa t»A Ml 
Jabnoon BtrooL 

I)HONa 41 ~ 
for bolt It 

|bBLTI^T< Apartmeaia— Caap: I, 
I s > elapto room aattaa; ma 

Call aay addraeo 

K4- V 

lea rasa i' a 
er eaytblng alee yu<i wu 
We cell eaywhara. any tIa 

•-a raroltora, 
la dispaao aC 
fry BA 



ryniOHT « room Bat, Maara Btreot. Ap- 
I> p y nil Port J^raof Phoaa (Idk 

HBi.r.ivcB cnoet. riaii Bay. aaar keaek 
and car, unruralahod aallo. |4A par 

mneth Phone J714 

HK.Ai'iyN Hill Apart menia 421 ' Veneowver 
Paralohad eufe bright, eitro'tive. 
every eonvanlence ; Bear Heaeon Hllf Porh 

BBOaDWAT Apartmaatal 441 awparlarr 
aaar ParHAmeat Btrt i a i ajgL ^AttoaaUeg^ 
PBrBtakatf ar 

t aaA 


~<«OAT moAern fttrnlakod euiie near pack 
and Itaa' h , gaa. |K. II* OevernaMAt. 



CARLTON Aparimenia 7M Paadara Avo< 
BOO — gaitee. bonaekeep'ag raaaaa. far- 
BlaBod or BBrornloked, aewly raaavatod 
tbraaakaat. gaa and ligkt laalagi* 
bet aaA eotd w»l 

fyOtUiti OOVBT. 414 nimeoa Furnished or 
^ ' aaftsralekod nitea Aur ..- i- , 

aalagloai ateam 
r > Ai rMMB 


V>e*MUA smm *m 
y w» »ap JBafe 

MIt Wk arf Btreea 

WANTKD lo BaT-^^iaa^" al(M-taat er 
ten fool iinraa ItBltoi WtWH kg AB BtBI- 

ataaa ewndiii.n Appip Ik •apar. KCb. Ma. 

I. ColqBlta. AIR. 

V\7A^^*^-~**^'o aaaa.' Appir ' Tiog 
*r |«u. Cklaatot 

^'^^BMBi'iBaSr SSSm*Sm mSkf^ fStaa 



Beat— oae 

em apartment at 

Sap. aaaci Paruaa 


17 4 to 

If BlknOW— ill MlaMaaa,' ramf..etab 
Cm, ra«<Mlahod raama WMb bnard if daaire 

Phona l*tt 



Z>e«Wl«a Apart men «a Oak Ray Jane - 
Sir r<arnle**g Hal wtm 
MA. Oaraaa. Pkaaa CI. 



A. Mart fox Busy . Readers--House and Busm Sale and Exchange 



Nl MMKlt K£t»UKT» 

I Coal > ■ 

nt*H<>4 room. wlUk 

u i.'u occoirviniMlBtJo* l^ho — l«t>. 

k'^T HKLKNH »«• Coufto«jr Mtroal >vi>»* 

• •4 »p»rim»«l«. H»«u»» «««■ tr»aoi*o<« 
rhan- (KIO 

rpMK "iranf*. *» _ 

1 •iii'«a. (mMtt ■nvi 

X Sulla f«r (Ml. 

WIl.U . 


•ubl«t niy ruriil«l»«4 flat. < mom*, 


ll«r*o*4 Avo. — CloM 10 p«rk. and car. I 
rOOfl) ■ ; M%^M0% •••■f^* 

How* {«t — rslf«4l4. I rmma. tvllr fur- 

nl»h-1 •••• 

(iiiv.r >i fiah Bay • room*, t k*drMfna; 

MAT ago . t'fr nna rnonlh ,...$71 

Ciltjlilfci I II h Ono<i houM of Id rnom*. hoi 
bootlna. 3 batba. SArago . Ilk* 
AMrtnMBi of f R««n*— C1«M tn. vary waM 
IkS roniplalolr (■TMh^-Cx-- *>** 
|r*rt »tro«t Ptaoaa Ml 

9om asMV 

WIIITVIRR AVKNVa. 1- I f m m Ilk 

■T I'ATHK K ST. Oak Btty. • raoM .. (M 
OAK liAY AVCNUB, I ream* |4I 


ArVRNIfHBD apartMoat. I rooma. ttt; 
two b*dr<>ofna aail k'-rhan t;i> kitehaa 
aoil b«dro<jru, aifif > urii a i vi. 12* i'li.** to 
Mlah acbooL Apiiir izii«. bataooa 
I —4 • » Pkoao 4T*SL. 

AUOU0T lUld Saplanibar- Kully furnlahod 
t-raaaa ma4awi liaaa*: «4«H* Mty> hltk 
laaatiea. Norm Qwadra; ff«rac»i lu p«r 
maniA Prtmor. phawa tttM. 


URNIRHBD cottaM ta rMt at lik«w«i- 
(an l.atan for Auguat. Fkaaa SItlL. 

UN<iAL.ow apartaoai. I raaiM vaM»> 

rri,ni Foul May. niodora. Pkaao ITItO. 

1/ 1. I< v ihH 1 r • 'o(i««e. on Qualii-uin li<-ach, 
for r' r I \ .<inl 1 j rhon.- I*"! 

II^R monih u( Auguat — i-roomad houao, 
' rmir «a«*m. fa« »*•■•. S*****- AR»lr 

H«T. Cailaalat. ■ 

TJWR tk* maath of Aii«aat— la <Hk Bay, 
X: w«U-far«laho4 »-reom baM*: ptano, oloe- 
VHmt aMvtatancaa; pr«tty cardf^n Phon* 

XjlOR I*!*— Taa montha' Iraan on aoraa- 
jT raomod Talty fnmUhad r>ouao lipatoira 

Aaguat I. Boa M4». folonla«. • 

FURM«Hi:ii h<.u»» In »-»i»ll»nt locality, 
■ouih of l^ak Uay Av»nu», acmmmotla- 
lien ronaiala of drawing-room, aniraoc* halU 
diaina rocvi. pantry, kltehan Oowndaira, up- 
atalra ara tliroo Itadrooma, dan. bathroom. 
Off. O. a MaraMaal. ill PambarMa 
BM*. Phona fU. Mamkar Raal Katata 
■MTd. A$*nt DoMlnlda Oragkaai A hom4»m- 
CsMda ImaarMwa Cog. 

I K Rd'iM inodrrn rotlagK. faring Paul 
Bar n**' h Iti.'/J <'raar*nt Road. 

TJIVRMIflHED raaldrni-a tnr rant. Immadi 
f al« poaaoaalon. In ' nriualvo part of 
CMkMr* Bay -watPrfrani. foar kadra«m« fM, 

Irtg t^'yii>i»*?ft I »t!**' 

IMMRDIATM Paaaagatea— Kuliy furnlah") 
■•w ata>roani aaml-ataeio kaacalew; 
«>«•• Oak Hay UaU Clvft. ,Thr 
kadmama. on* haa hnl gnd cold walar an'i 
flraplaca; k«lhre«fn and hm and raid akowar 
bath. drawl«t*reont. 'lining room, with Arp- 
plftgaa i . Saras* : lavaiy gardan: plana, UiiaH, 
•IIHr, vkdMHi. Pkoa* •IIIL ar t4l. 

Oovtnintcnt Htraa^ 

OMVI.U 81., Oak Ha.v. li rnnvnii. 3 bart ■ 
rooina, fally furnlahad . ala> tri'- rangr. 
taraga. for long tarm. Ill wiim-r Ava.. 
Oak Ray way, • raama. l kadrooma, fqtiy 
faraialiod . aiaririe imtM% minm*> Immadlai* 
poaaoaaion fdr balan<><> or Hummor; montkiy. 

I7» f.anadnwhx Rond. I pUnil* » loonia 
i bfdrooma Z halhK. ' xr k'i^kc I' nnni 
• ourl. rrlM^uat lawn, linmxdiata yoaaaaaioD 
far kalaikca of Hummer; monthly, 1241. 
71 I rert Hlran 

iabe«, far 

HUUSJbM, luraubaw and aafBraiaba* 
r*M or for aala aa aoay t«ni» 
M. Baaaall. I >U Brwb d itypot. Fk o«a 

NirRLT furtiiihad amall kangalow. with 
piano: handy in Normal H<'nnol. JH7 
Richmnnd Tl'iad Tall or phnnr IlilR ':til*I,. 

HI X ROOM (urnl«ha4 bungalow, oak Bay. 
near Ma. c*r a«d aekaali ana year ar 
I— gar. Paftlfwiara aRRly Bag Mt. Calaatgt. 

V^CRV auparlnr I rooai bungalow, Mard> 
wnod rinora. rirallanl furnllura, goad 
rondltlni. tn r.llablr trnjnt for eli montha. 
$41 Wal^rfr'int Inmaiilnw. ^srallant lot a - 
tien. garag* hr>«i . t~i!> Thr»» rooni wal'i- 
fraat rnttnar I . yivr rnom kaagalow 
goad furnitur' giio.t rnn.iiiion. Palrlald, l«4. 
riyp-f««m bungalow (Inrgo diatrirt, niraty 
furaiahed, plana inriudad. IM, Flyt»f— m 
kkllgalow, Kernwood ItT.M. 


$$ vmnnuinrHED bovcbi «o 

VgaiMBTON * fOM 

■MM »iiasai«w% t>; m 

oVriP— i-ream kungalow fu' 

Mt«k garage iii i« 

Boackwaad Av* — l mam iMRgalaw . fur- 

aare; good condlllon $10.01 

Petl Nt — • ro<»ma; furaa** 122. 10 

Itotckoain M — l-rvMi fe«agalaw iio.oo 

•II Fort airaat 

Pfeaaa III 

tfll nak Bay Ava.. f room*. I bad . .HIM 
Ifff Pell. I r'onme. 4 bad (g«rai*i . .. 4I.M 
1141 Oaadre. I rnntna. 2 bed igaraga) II OA 
Sill Vanr var. 4 rnnma, 3 bad (garaga) II 10 
1141 f>ah Bay Av* . 7 ronnia. 1 bad. 30.00 
III Jnaeph, I rooma. r> badmome. . . . ;T.IO 
III* nnvarnrneai. 7 rnniKu .1 badroom^tl Ol 
Til ni»*>ov»ry. 4 rioma .1 bad rooma . , 1100 
2tl4 'ii.yarnin^ni "i i ^oma 1 bodronma 'H' "« 
TM \ !•«». f ri>on-'» I. badrnnma . . I.' ^ll 
not I'anihrolia, I roonia. 2 badroama , 10 m 

III Roaaiiil, I roam a, a bedrooma 10 no 

till oatr*. I raama, I bedroom* ii 01 

Ml Pl«a»r«. T radma, I kddrdoM* tl.M 

aitUTBBMAN. roilMAM * CO. 
Pka4is 11 

Hlitaide A va . ( ramnA Madara . . . . |;l no 
Hiiiaifia -Ava, i-raom aaite ipartiy 

furnlabad) 117 00 

iMiUa $11.1* 

•room kuagalaw, 



Hi .TM«« Mraac r>wi Mfi 

J ^> A Itii HRSlDBNf'B la 




•uaamor boardlag. 
plaoty uf fraab aggii 

|/laca fur rhlldran. 

liiilll. monk", H I ' 

1^^' I I H Mjri!l»li-.I r').ii«. "1 '.iifiM* iM.ri.' 
by aca, U.K. a*fa baiAiag. i<ua'.in« 
flalMa«. tOM^ik JM HBIk Mr». P- Hay 
•Ppft. Oaftatfc, MX. 




TAOr eaa Uka $«• koardora in comfort 
^ able gt 

ni(b' la Ai 

na «tit. 

1 ;«iir. 

TiilB vary rMMaiMi r>on« 

55 AinroMUBiLiOB 

/ 1 ARAOE for If II- Phona 7]MV« 

rOK fAI.E 

• lA 

Air» m 

\$-ROOMBU fwratakad buiritn'r reitage 
• I Ho.ik.- Harbor baa'- 

-h and balhlBg. 

A.N< Hi'ltA'jt. i Ka •. /« im !• -Na. •raoiwood 
Hay — Tha in.. at f,-«'.rul . a 5j»rilch 

1 eiiin«ul» Altirruaii I'* iiui'i* .i>..«io» 
(oud flabtog. good boai^a< 
privata partlee. 

\^ ft ca [ar t« 

BRt:NTV%000, >'an. ouv«r laland. naat lo 
Batakan Oardana -Kuraptionally good, 
wall-faralakod coiiagra, thr«-a t<> Ave room*. 
*lai!lr4<- llgkt In all rouma, vary larga varan- 
daa. piped watari magnlflcant vlawa of 
•aaalrb Arm; warm aa4i fcathHur: keat aal- 
moB Hakiag at deor. ilgg a (aw BMPad toata 
Boata and laaaf^koa la raat. IC H, Aadroa. 
t P.O, B.C. 

Tud lal* 

BB8NTWOOO Bay cottage 



afly Dandridge. MarekaMk Road, ar 
N4«. III. . 


BlglM4 adtUco Willi MMOoaal. Pteae 

/iAMPBITB wltk garage to lat. near Mount 
^ OOMIM aid Oardoa Head beet haa 
Apf>ly JMMM**. H.II.O. 0. 

/ i<)Ri>ovA BAT IjOIMP— Baafd-raaldeaoa, 
^ ' or rurniahad riin PMm Ultla Aratic, 

• nr.lnva May 

(IfiMKORTAHI.K Hj . 'Ti-r .irrping private 
beach, good bath,ng ond boating. Ilbaral 
takl» larliM*ve terme from $10 weakly. 
Boa III*. Oolewlat. 

f^HDOVA BAT— Twa-room Matarataked 
V^' cottage, large watarCraat Mi III taa- 
Ma. ar Mil eaay lerntA Uayd Toaag. 
l-aka MIIL Pkoaa MUM. 

l/( RSIMiaO kaaMlfW oa kaack la ▼!«- 
I toria. laoaaikM gatMaaiaa. Pkaae 

4J74R1. _ 

ROOM and board la galet country bouaa. 
Terme $11 week. Apply Miaa Maekay. 
gauth Pander lalaod. 

OHAWNIUAN UAKB— rurnlaked water 
*j front cottage. 4 raaanA kaindMo aad 

I'hona 7020R. 





jMAI.L rollago. furniahrd. 

Aoguat 1. (,'adboru Hay. nrar bfach: 

SilAW.NiuAN i.AKK— Paniiakad koaM ta 
let for iha month of Aagaat. Apply 
P.O. Boa 11. Bkawwlgan. \ 

8001CB HARBOR Aato Camp aad Ooaaral 
Summ»r Camp at tha fool of Whiften 
gp'it. In virgin furaal nn th* open aaa And 
harbor, aspanelve beach; unrivalled aoenery 
Itfedern convaal>Roa% akawar katkot eaWaa 
and tenta. gaaka Iggiogtl 
Co., aaoko, y.i. 

tfflal OavalapMaat 

QtmiCBB OaCUM Daa» Oaoa, goad tan- 

SUMMER camp to l«( at aallat af Ba^al- 
malt Lagoon; partly f »t kl glladau»W7lB . 

rpn Rent— Kurnlahad aparlRMat, Oadkaro 
I I'ay; eleeping accr 
-y. Phane JTT^kl. 

rnmmadaMM far ftpar 


Couatry appaala to agortamaa. tiakar' 
roda, klaurlaa. gaolagtat. arilai. Aajm- 

talaeer. or eeebar after raat aad raereatlaa 

Twcnty-nna mllaa fiom Virtorla. Raacbed 
ky C .N' H. motor coarh or auiom ibila It 
par day Inriiialva. Ilndar nrw uwnarahip 
aad ■<■• 1' >x • > 'o t . Mcaart R.>blllard Rroa 

EVBR V 1 II I .SI) for an rn.'uyabta Huinmar 
vacation at Moniagua Harbor Para 
L,adga, Oallano lalaml. Juat opaaad Bp. 
Camp atlea for root. Apply Proprieto r. 

GOgglP IdUANO KBRORT— Hotel and 
faralaheg eottagM; kaaitag, bathing, 
■aklng. teania, eta.; II mllM fram Victoria; 
each eattag* haa private kaaek; milk aad 
(arm prad B M. A a4trd wilt krtag (all - ' 
tieaiara L O. DakraaM, tiagalg 


. V K.N I I H H 

Port waaMagtaBi 

H ABHOR MaaM Uatpl. tiaagM 
Aa IdMl apot to apaad a 
BatMag. kaMtaMu ll akjBf.JjaB T'- 

WYM. Badke. V.l Rxcellent flehlng. 




kome cooking, um garage: 
Tanas 11 ug. lira 

rrau wMia 

X iBf. talk _ 

trim victoria 

_ ,!• 

feaiktag, tlablag. taaaia IMIP aw- 

Ideal raaort. 


\ll'KI.L furrWah'il room*, with uaa "I 
* V kitchea. alltlng-rooma, large veranda 
and rawkaatst lla par day. Havlra t«ad— . 

ua* of 



Liva gaultry wanted. Hitlalda Poaltry. 
lift baa* MiMt. msBa »Mi. We 

<0 ,,iialltv 

rnARI.INil Leghorn hen& >stra good 

U t 

leria riiniT : ' '. t n j 

It I- Cooka, R R. 4, Vlc- 
WHITK Legkora patletak Mnllywnod 


ALU BAUiiAi.N.-t Th. dood Maawetr* 
1022 tuur«n« iJlai whaala. anappy leak 
lag naw a> i laa cai . aU In wund.rful abapa. 
,t,.i ba patnlad to ealt parcbaaer. a 

,,.1 fuv at I4M. Ma gn lBi ymmymrn. IW 
„,u.i» l< naw firea new paUM. aad general 
.III""'*""' b»ti»r trian avaraga mar-bani 
cal>> ab»olui»ly p»rfa'i only 44»4 kiudaoa 
1010 medal 7 0. aevao paaaangai touring, 
aatra good rabber aad appaarano if yoa 
aaa aaa a ear Ilka tbla you can t ■!> wruoa 
at MOO Tarma. Iradea. Other barsalne 4a 
rara and ua*d parte for alSi M* >» ffrttt 
W Krank ("amaron. Auto Wroeklag. tOt-MI 

V \rm •'I r .-rt I'l ma I 4t4 

* PURCKO SwAl^K— tl>4 Maaiar • Mr 

.A La^fclla, 4-««aal ferakaa. diac wha.:a 
.tc Bad a*>y alovaa tkowMad ■»»"'■''•■" 
laavlag (or India rauat eail al Jj^^OO 


IMI PaH ~ 

Ml I- R' II KT 

l»t] Superior tOSTtag: 
'< r>.|[,i[<#r« «indahi«id winga. prtvately 

. . n,.l anl —lU'd afi»- prlra $100 

*L 4 . 7 Hurri.l..' Kn.'l . ' ' «• r I, p ni 

L,>ltI>HMAl. Truaka. Canerea Mei«r 

r laaal 4lgHIBgHi» M* 9mn U. Pke.a 

40M. . 

T,-«rR Sale- 1»21 MeLABghUa faartag cor. 

r In nret claea roadltlon. run If.Md ailUa. 

owner leavlag city. Price (or ««lek oale. 

11.4*0 Boa IH>. Colonlat. 

TTtOR Ssle— Overland Paar, la gddd MBdl- 
r tion. IS**. Boea at MM ParkM ■tract. 

batwaoa I aad T p-m, ^ 

TJUDBON aafgr •M.'lipart atadal. dttad 


HRRB IB maAi« cm car value. 

|>I"R m StlNKH,'! HA!« INi RKA.><Kr> 


cLA'JQlfMN I. ItM model, la aieolient 
condition: gaad tira* aad «ally g»*r- 
•niaed. This la woaderfal S535 

raltt* at . 

Tfcta Mr looke aa 

J good a* new aad Ue prira la nghj 
for th:. popalar $4(:h) 



.-^ORD COtJPB. IMS madet. la 

good running order, only 

irtORD ROADBTBR. 111! medal Tha owner 
' of tkia Mr kas jaat loft (or the^Keai 
and wlahea aa to wll tkU at #••77'^ 
I , vary law gaMS a( < 'f 

C^HEV. TOLRINQ, 1111 model. In •♦"JJT: 
) gMd caadltlaa dP*»**».» 

Pkaaa m Yataa Wraet 


real Mr at a moderato pi-i< .N>'a 
palat, karoper. Ave good tlrea, and, •7"^() 
of eonrM. Brat-elam machanlcally . . ▼•t.'V 

Rnadatar. rtrat ilaea in every raaperi 
new paint, two new tiro* and threeothar 
gaad onaiL kampar, ale. A vary ■TfNI 
dealrakia car o( tk* raadStM tn(a.. VI W 

OLDRMOBiLK <a kaaatiral aaadltion 
tbrottghoat: new palat, I 
etc. A very aaappy Httl* aar. 
tkat yaa will onlay drtrtag 

Alf^O Could be aeld aa brand n'w h> 
It haa run aniy about 100 mllea. Bumper* 
front and rear, apare lire with cover, aato- 
matio windahleld cleaner, mirrar. atopllght. 
idfaar-wkMl krakea A pracUcaiiy n«w 

'car at a Mkataatlal diaMaat 

All on ' Kaay to Meet" Term* 

McLaBghlia-Balck Ageacy 
•«a Tate* BtrMt Pkaao IMI 

Opaa SvoBing* 

PARI*: PARTg! PARTg for radlllaa I, 
Balak. Mudeon 8uper i*ii. Rig Sli 5tude 

fcakar. Dodge. Naah. Oray Ubrt, Haswell, 
Ovarlaad. Paekard. Hup, Rao Bpeed Wagea. 
B. O. Ckov., aad a theuaaad Mhara. 

UTO BAROAINB — Cadillac. Modal II. 7- 
r\. pare $41* Studebakar. 7 peaa. 1114 
moder I*." »••• l"»d'llee I Tonrlr, 7- 

peM . daakla letter, aew paint, tirea. 
Hudaaa BapM Ma. iNl aidAai. f -paaa, III* 
Na BaaaM f*M cfcargad. 

Ml Vlow gtrMt Pkaao 111* 

PRIVATULT OWNBt> Orerlaad Poar, good 
, rondltlon, cheap, larma If dealred. Alee 

UV/l/ etrala, (or Mie, alne w >. ^ \<k'%- n.« » irage foj^ rent. Phea e HM Xl 

i-KclAL RekulU Trueha— IVI-laa Park 
ard 2^ ton Diamond T 

Nothing Baer la BC Arrlvln. 
Crate-fattoaed, mllk-(ed eklckan* aad 
kratlora. Tka aalp aiaM la Vtetarta whiak 
klUa avary dklakaa It aalla_Bay daaUly. 
#aka Sag. IM CaraivraBI Wmmk Pkaao 

to WTAMDOTB pullet*. nMr laplag. $1 71 
aaek. Oardon H**d IP 

llillalda Ava,. l-roM 
Brighiaa Ave, I- 
tally modern . . . 

WlUlaaa mreat. I rnotn houaa 

i;k>R Bale — Ooad genaral parpMa mara. 

y.^'V »<^.>Ty 


1.'«on Pale -Pin* JpTMy raw, due aair. 4tk 
.aif: ri' h mitki aal*t. eagy milker 

i^hone 4471R 

TpUR MIe — Pedigreed Jereey MMb f paaM 
J? aid. Pkoaa KiM tiaa l*T. 

X!H>lk Bald— Oardoa Batter pupe Rr* «ood 
x" ataek. Ck Mp. Phone Uerdon Head 37 p 

TiViR Balo-^adgUsk aMtara. priM wlaa**A 
all rogtsfrod a t Mk. Pk aa * IIT I . 

• KtiigTBMW Irlak tarrtarai akamplaa 

tvt ton 

0 M C . 2 ton Uar(ord. tVO-lon Oarford . 1124 
Paed 1-toB truck, wltk^ualvercal trana. . 11 
RM *po«d waaaa; llM Oray-Dort. Itll. 
Ov*rlaadl», IIYI; Mad aaa gaper Bis, tlTI. 
Ford*. $11 and up. Chevrolet. $10. 1 and 
1-ton worm drive rear and*, trallera from 

1 to l-ion, eecond-haad parte (or all make* 
o( lru<-ka ClarkS'* Bofvlc* Oarage, 1T17 
CMk gt. 



(or .•,*•••.• 


•* )*»***sa«*aa*«aa«i 



t « • • a e • • 1 

I »K(iigT; 

W .lofl^ ^ _ 

piio,,. ooiaaHa jiy 


OuraM. Bevea Oaka Ttatart^ 

> Ml 
II doaa, VttB 



« .vnMiKR.N i-rasBMA kaacalav. 

.aV Roae Nt. Phone ItltS. 


Mttago. Apply 

CILKAN. modern l-r< 
' i:ll' Danman Bt 

If'^BOCIMAO^Tw* rooma. waiortraaC 
^tf aaM. garaaa. wirad far al MlH d 
lag: radio aa4M<M: ikBts a tkaf. Ml 

alanre Ave 


.^I'll Rent 4 rocm houaa, el 


lV»i no 407 1 \ aftar * p m 

MOOBRN ^ room, with gaa and I ploCO 
kjAbroorn. AiM' y 114 Slmeoe Bt. 

SPLBNDID ell loom hnuae In beat part of 
PdifillB. Open gra dan gaa furaace. 
aBMM> III. Pottr-reem hupg.-iioir. end 
MIIIMik Mr. opaa Bro, Dutch kitchen. $11 I*. 
Pi va. room buaaaiiw. naatk Oak Bay Am.. 
$:t H AmpHbtt. Ill Valda Baak Btdg. 

Phuna 1100 

4 ROOMKn modaiii ..uiage. Wlilavp 0|«. 
trirt. rant III < arlln Realty Co 

4 RO<>bt ariiil modern cottage Apply 
owrirr M'llilam Ballon. I'ale Alia I>riYa 

M- !..'i..:a 

J§WANTv:i) i<> HI N I 

M'illl |i >l< il 

Ml.-. / iw 


» r, ' » 1 . 

|A^r I- 
PA Appir 

/iright coraer 
partly fardlBkad 
.^uiie 1. ar pkMO 

k'Ut. warm 

iforlabia atv Or aaaan- 

1^ room hnuea or bungai ^ ' • « ar 
more bedroom* dawnataire -i^ai. 
Oaklaada Wiilowe ar Narth Quadra achMla 
Addraee Roit HI 4. Celaalat. 

oJHALL ^kangaiow or cottMOk akdat 111: 
P ^BBMH^ dlataasa. Boa Mil. Oataa4o> 

CXm Aava BWaalB MBBi m b u B m b MMMr^ 
VT tawa aaA haagaa w raat «a Oak Bgy 

aad Palrflei.i 


Ui'EU — Cattle 
Hayal Oafe r.O. 

tar paaiar*. Pillar, 

e% JBRBST aawA fraak. I year* old: «raaM 
— trada. Apply Lake Hlll Cottage. Baaa- 
I. X ii.iad. PWae 1II4T*. 






^^OArt mNk 

,OATa N'^« I, tb» time to hoy Preah 
_ eta oi H . I hroada on aala Mland foi 
Hat and literature to tk* B.C OmI Broadfre' 
Aeenclatlon. ftopaitMBI af Atrtagl ll id> Via- 

torla. B.C. 



Phnna IMIIL 

1^'^tiR .Sale -Part Roeton. wall merkad mal" 
pup. I heap for good hnni" Phona 74JJ, 
or Call ' R." f'anipbell ll:d( 

RCOIBTBRRD pedigree Calm terrier pape 
far aale. Apply Mra. nagwaH-Pardyee. 
Be* III. ^a,araa; ^ 



PAioa »-PAjiB. ToiiiiVMa " b* 

fkr tka Baatfc. WUt MfPI«M 



Tka akova rara ara asceptloaal valMa, Wa 
have other aaapa at g^aaUy law 


Cm. Part aad 9aadra nia Phoae till 


SPELl., protection to every part of tka ear 
mMhanloelly. the aeme aa oa a Pew 
car. aad <n addition i.oo* MILBB gaaraatM 
oa WM witkia eae year, mo y*«r aa 

oar rapatatiaa aaa oaiy ke kaaad aa ifco 
MrvicM we ar* readering. aad ear rafer- 
•aeea ar* a kaadrad parch aaan a< oar 
Red Tag uaad care Ihla year. 

■TL'DEBAKER Ulg Sli. 7 paee Bedaa 
IRM Tag), la beautiful ehape. raflalahad 
la Oaaa. a^alpped with MUbber*^ r*ar 
vlow mirror, wladahlald riaan' 

KalT n huad 

I ^ rakMia, aaarip 
nty Hr* Ml. fill 




FOR Bale— Aboal II taae of oat kay. ready 
to haul, oa raadalda, $111 lahoa the let. 

R roverdale. "Bkerte " off Wilkiaoen RMd. 

SEVERAL tea* good clean eat hay. 
oa^SSSaa'' " ' 

ft ^*N»ae»ea^»eae 


■yv A I v« <» 

Hi l-atBhr- 

>ad valM. 

AlTtM frttU HtKK 

bumpar aad two apara H' 
' a* been In private uae 
ainre near, and la aa eitra 
ordinary buy for 

ft r 


BTUDEBAKER Light eii Touring i Red 
Tag I lateat mndrl e<)ulpped waih full 
ballooa llree and epare, aua vlaur. raar- 
vlew mirror. Only been drlvea I.*** 
mllaa by one owaer aliw* imw; erIglBat 
factory baked anaiwel Snleh. Caa't tail 
N from new. Boat Bead $1 *M5 

lightweight rar ea market 

OAKLAND SI* Tewrlag. la 

A vary 


TM Brwagktaa 

1 *^n'a' at«"*ir'y*iiy' y R da V ftM;*?^ 

U'arlaad •» » i.«»-«n«.- |J7« : i'»..',a<i 

wiir, aaf .'arf.t t - Tft 1 ( '» I- ,fd., «) 

lit |<l an<i \,% <"h«.-a>a< in,iMna. |«. 

ill I Ca'1!:.a' t'ni'^T.ftir* |t*a I ■ f; p. Pa,t,a 

ard 1 tan l,)la.T->a«^ T J ' m !'*i,h> . 

iaa Oarforif 1 ta^ Mat*. . ' loa yard, 
10^ with t a<v«it,ai t.a-.(«m aeiiye , *>taa 

Iten rear en.i compleia .iaiier% aa> 
I. < end l-to*. «r 
-ta (er all maAaa ad 

To Out-of-Town 

OiM-of-town sabdcnbcrs who 
wish to answer advertisement* in 
which only the telephone nmnber 
of the aJvrrtaBcr i» given, may xn%\\ 
their rrplic* to The Colonist. aiKl 
^bc . CQjkMu^ coamaakatd 


AL IUM<,)lilLJiJi 

ear. aar 



lilt rruDSBAUft B B MiBi I. •ftSn 

A gift at *' 

POBD B*d»a, MmglaM wltk Ro.„. 
Moaatala krakM aad daakta ^•>7~) 
H aoalara 

HI PMOBILR. Madat'll Tkar 

'■■'fi : lect *hape 

Ill I'MuuiLk, Taivlac^ ^i* m odel,. 



COMB AMD nta in 

I <»•>'> Vf I A( iMl.l.S Maater Fear ta 
^ — «a aplaadid aliape Thla car hM had 
>'i-r careful uaega and i* 04|Btgped W4tk 

ap-indid tlrea Thla la uoi a larga ejr^jar 

a wnall one M a Juat an Ideal 
.'anilly , ar and a gift at ... 

1(1* ' lll.v It. il K, r I.I up. ..tie. luf'y like 
— O ,,. , . . , , , I . ,1,^ t f fell 

baiicn llraa waih a aper*. ami i un.froa* 
r>|fa ac r iaearlaa Vaa'U MBa ti 

minute yoB MO It. Mp M l at ly aa ^tS^Ct 
tti- PTivr le aaly . r^^-^v/'' 
10»>'» ('HBVROLKT .-^u^.^rl,.• I .i. • » '•. 
lOm0*J Sa* akap*. TU* general .k.i'e 

aaoo o( tkia ear won taM paa iw*t ' i •• 
had esira good care, aad mMkaaii ' > 
ran I ba boat. Tiree are very $4:^C) 

I <!•>•> CIIEVRtiLET superior Tourlnr uet 
• '.iatO a^ good ae tbe above. I( yuu er- 
In the tnarkat for a real good llttl* 
car il.'O I pgna tMa B» Wt^** 

>^ND TaarlRB. raaalag tk* way 

A,«'ai^i- yau like them ta. Ai' i ■> 


CM(ectlaaeiy buain 
AMalM, Wash Vendor 
kow to raaW* candy. 

ly to 

A A M I-. 1 1 » K I ; T 
d BiO( :or 
Pbun* i]4l 

t ur |>ar 

Kood with a apare, aad tka aateii' 

.. ; t"«ran< e to vary good 



a so * 


1114^ ..OAft apart TgmHM- if<' 
tka akiaa. OwaKr bmIb the 


' $600 

BTUTZ Baaraat ■aadatar. 
Baappiaai aar IB tawib Oaly 



Wo't h I « iifio I'll ;r I <■ 

K li - 

I9d^ gRBB*. Ataal 
' ar at th* law> prtM 

1*24 Hl.l l.:.lHli 

ll:o ()\k.RLANU. .^porl Modtl •*. A 
aplrnd d UgiUy CM. ftl OH 

.Seat a 4 VJWTV 

STLTZ Touring. Haa gl*sa> 
mobile top and aidM 

CADILLAC T-paasM Madal ftTfUl 

17 t>nly dFltW 

Ml I.AI t.llLIN, SI ^bO 

I> 41 ..ft. dpAtJV 

u M . A uo KLtN. SMrw^ 

K It «»»l\fVf 

t-HKvaoiia* 9t1'>^ 
oo , 'iri — •» 

1J.-.1 STAB SL"7~i 
Teurlag , ' ' ' 

PORD, l.ton, warm drira. jik^itl 
poeumatic llrM, only ipoyj 

DriPQE Sedan. A r^4a Mr it4*>^ 


CADILLAC S^vif Truck ^T"* 

for • ' 

P(JRI> Touring. 111! model al! iJrt K | 
new rubber iT- 

t»:i STIPEBAKER T-pa*- Ji~»7~v 
eenger. A dandy ^aj 4** ' 

KORD nil Toarlas SA'*^ 

(or W^»*J 


f ttP aoae* 4 **aeeagaaadawB«ssa**4 




Wa aell part* for Mcr.aBgklla, Baiek. 
Light I MeLaugklla. ^vorlaad, Btiid*- 
bak*r. Pafd aad Cliavralat «ara vMy 

See Oar Official AppralMr 
AwtMaotkUa Caatraeu Relaaaood 
TsTBi* and TraAaa 


init Fart BlraM Pkaaa Ml 

1114 OVBRUtND n fill 

1 12 1 tyVBRLANO I « IMI 

1*71 KORP TOURINO ... lit! 

1*11 PORD TOURINO 1.0* 








jBwrrr TOtntiNO 
■sflliBH la Twa-Toaa Daas 


poi'i;"- xrnjRIMO 

«a«siafe*d NIC* 

«U I ni:RTNf;T rhone g4« 
• 44 TATEK. riione 147 
Hud*on Super Sii and l-laea* MotdV Car* 
The Time Proves bum 


1124 poi>OE PPECIAL SEDAN, Jo. 
hauled and repainted Priced 
to aell at 


i MBmllsa Tkta Mr MMSka g^g^^) 

OMB M ka 

121 TatM Bt. 

a • » a a 


Pkaao «Tl 



TOUBtMO ...... ...aaaftaeaa. 


for only 


4oing (or 

Good ehape 


A anap ■ . .eesaa . 


T*a ........... ft ..... .aeeeaaea. 


A r#*l ■*e* • a • • o • « • 


f #f • • * • * ••aea*«**»«»« 



A good buy 

BBOAN. 111*. 

(or .••.••.........••••«.. 


A gift at 

NAUH (AdaBni-ed Sll). 

mh.'ai' Toi RrNtai, 

for •aaaeg 

. $100 



. $750 

HIM» ' Touiaag Hi.' «ood 

••'I'' t,.p good tlreb ..n,t 'una ^^^l^ 

llilW OVKKLANI) loui.i.g An Ideal 

XV±0 taakUy aa« wMli aaad ftlfUl 
tirka .m.,4.,,0 dPXi/^' 

•pro;; — BTUPEBAUA Bpaslal Blx Tour 
dPtJtJal ing. in Ma aMf Bt aaadltlon rhia 

'» an , »r.. |.i l..o» . g :od buy Id a 
.r .It tr, l>i.. dP»'« '«» 

k^-XJ .NAttH Irour Ru^About, in fine 

raaaing iiiii> 


1<HQ t'ORD Delivery, la good running 
order, Tka tlTM ar* good ma 
( hamcally it a good, akd It /AM S 9^1''^ 

nao 4-poat body dPX— 1» 

tQ'l A-SS CMALMBRg Bis Toartag. A real 
.LcUlP amart laoking aad estra g*ed 
raaglag tar. AII tIrea ar* good •QtiP^ 

add It haa I wire wheel* tftJCTtr 

iQ/\ CM KVR( il.KT Touring. A re* »oo.l 
rl»7U mtir . ar All II need* 1* a «» 1 {t\ 
little paint Y.iur own lerma at ... ' 
AQfi CHEVROLET Touring. In fine ahape 
'titU II haa : bumper*, new Urea. #« ) d K 

»p. • ght. etc , aad ruaa Aaa 

4jt I - KtiRD Touring. Tear chaae* for a 
vHtO bargain. It haa demaaatable rlma 
etc., and the motor run* and puile 4|MJ^ 

nne Worth |7l. Our price .. 

1 li*^** ••''R'* Koadater. In entra good ron 
It/wO ditlon. It haa i ■pleadid lira*. 

looBM. •!«.. aad mMkaalaaUy U 
« a Brtt rat* ip*A:>J 

BABT nouca CAM mm Auumm 

•»ELL-BfILT brirW building, coarrota 
floor, fully'i. »iil> plumbing 
Itnanl will leaee al I3«« per annum Choice 
laMde property taot In auctloa arM). I>.(M 
1 1. It* cask. Tkl* propasltiaa ta raaam- 
m*ada« aa a arai-«)aM lavis ta mat. 

Pert, at BrMd. Pfeaaa •••• 

- .* * — 

St' *MI I'UNCM Caaat*r, cMitrally loMtod. 
-r- >IMF doing a good buainraa Living 

•Af/k/i OBLlCATBB»BN aad Roomlag 
#WAf HaasiL BtdM dslac 
Rooma raatad. WaM wdStfe Ida 
91 r^AA— >^<^>t odBtaaM af -b wall<<Br- 
VitHIU niahad *a8«ta« hapga, waU la 




N'KW (<>.^da aithangej lur o'd (old. er 
guul boufht (wf V aal. A^'^ly W 
Wilkaravii Jtwclar Itiu Iiuug.aa 



cAtad. datag ale* 

p r HToas 

I t'OK I'embrrtuii Huilding 

For apartment bio< ka. hniala or Other bual- 
oaaaca. cum* and ara me. 


911 TatM BtrMt (C*ra*r of Q a a ds a BlrMt) 


U8SD CAM or MniT 

DURANT Illl TOUHINU, orlflnal 
palat. first -alaas #650 


I,'><iH 8ala t'onfactloaery and grocery; i 
roomed houae attached, all caak trade. 

.\.«o <icai and newaalaiid. central poaltlen; 
a r,'ally eou.l hvin* I apacially recommend All. I I tan offir other bualncaaea from 
ison Apply til H W Pra»'ing, 2 tsu; . y 
l< o, k. Vatea htirri Phone 1771 

I^AOR Sale— Contectloaert, dalicataeaen aad 
A? grocery, cloee tp acbool. good raaldantlal 
dletrict. with beautiful I reomad bungalow 
and garaga atiachad B«* 4711. Colooiat. 

^PPDRTfMTT far >oung man t" *»i o 
laiaai in old eaiabllabad budneaa. amall 
raiiilal r.-qulr*d e.thar leern bualnea* or 
take charge of aOlc* aad atock room. Hera 
la a aAaaco for youag maa to learn pmnt 
akia ktiBlne** Moat M lire wire and willing 
le work o otkara aMd apply. Apply 
Caloaiai i >o 1 1. 

R(>OMIM< HOI !<t» 

1,'^AIHKIKLD — Modern apartment block. 
r prominent corner; etoraa; I 1-room 
auitee. hot water kaatlBg: galBB Maaara. 
A bargain at I1I.IM. Bagokawo A Ca. 
Say ward BIdg. 

riTHIB'la a good lavoataMat! Palrflold 

-i Apartment block. KalrSeld. Prominent 
lorner. 3 einre* and I I roomed aultea wit! 
bethrooin* in ear b , gaa atovee aad locker* 
hftt water heottng All in gOO^ oaWdtMoa. 
All aultea ranted Quirk aale, |lS.BMk Bad- 
ahaw* A Co i i' u 


.VIl.M KLU\.N KA)l S 

maskaalMl aa B<l ttaa 

a a • * a 4 


TOURINO .,.•«.•«•..• 



Ill l-MOBTLK lit* 









BroughtoB Street Victoria, B.C 

PfedA* IIT 

TOiiRiMO aar, Osad valaa $45 

TOCRINd car with new rear-ead. •T?\ 
a I'eei buy Bargain at 


IMI TOUaiMO. wttfe a MMglaUly > 
kaaldd NMtar, rMr-aad, aaw >< • i | 

paint. A real kuy at C»« W 

Illl TOURINO completely aew rear end. 
meter In A I rendition. 4 n*w fttAA 
tlroA naw paint ♦eMJU 

1114 TiU'RINO Ilk* naw Specli 
thla week 

Illl LIGHT DELI VERT BpMlal, with 4 

araraiM eord tirog^ Uha aaw. #4 A K 

aMakaalaaliy parfHt ^PXUIJ 

nil MOAOBTMI. rtalsAad la twa- %AfUi 

taaa aaiM. aaw 

till UOMT DBIelVWIT M Raadstar, la 

gaa* MadiUaa. A raal fcay ftl 

till COITPr with a romplataly ov 

motor, tranamlaeloa. rear-end, >1 11 k 

good flnl*h V-atlU 

f'OUPE with rnmpleie overhaul, new paiatj 
flnlgfc*d in moleekin eolor, gMd " 

II TOURrxO Special prlM *1 KS; 
Ihla week oaly dPlt»»» 


rpwo million dellara wa will Inveei In 
1 worthy eaierprlMa Write folly, dmlth 
A Bob. Itll Atlaatio Ava.. Atlaatia City. N.J. 


C i B iaw«^'w.e»a^^^»««»<.^»«»iwwwa«i«w«a»B»a»w>«a» 

\ p» • ■ la 
P heae 1*14. 

7~1LINKBR BUILT reirkoat, 10 ft. Inag, la 
^ ' goad akaaa, wltji aaxf^ pad rawl 
quirk aala. IM> 
>" reet 


^ I y I N V t' 1 r IC rnor.ira Lat ua dameoatrai. 
the aaw 1114 Ki.ort Twla Ser yea. Owl 
Igaltten. B. B. Mar.ia * \;o.. tl* Jokaaua 
biraet Victoria. 

F^VINRVM aaMly aawj kailMP adartar. 
i ' Ball gr osekaag*. paa A rli B B. Oak Say 

Li^ORD aiarliko, (ally oaalppod. mtr-atarlM. 
I BM taafc. pMpaM*r gaaft. au:. raady ta, 
l aatal la kaat. HW. Baa Itll. Cal aalat. 

'P'^OR Sala — :2-fnot launch, eound. and la 
I running order Will eall cheap, owaer 
ba* no further u** (or earn* Apply Steveaa' 
Boat HouM. Sunnyelde Ava. 

I.'^oR Raie-^Maiiiag yacht, centrokaard. 
;:i by 7, 1 1 TO. Boa 1141. CaloBlat. 

1^'^OR Sale— Oaa tug, Baefal, for freight. 
P paaaanger carrying: elae 44ilt. 74 u p 
I'lilmer $2,000, term* If nacaaee'v ii^t 
444*. ColoBlet 

f.'^OR Kal- New li ft. 
rh<.nr :4HT 

flat -bottom 


\t'ANTi;n fllnkar built boat. Ii 
cnndllion Ho< 1(11, Celanlat. 

g lod h! 


tl-30-ft launch r..|lah|e or 
hull Pleaaa give prlr. partiru 
i*r*. »ri'i »>.»-» .^.n >ip< [44S ' c.'nniat 

iw palat, 


nil f'OUPE. MulpMd Wllh balloor> •'TOIT 
lira*, naw palat i^.»t>,> 


ThI* w**k 

l»2t Tl'PfiR SEDAN 


TWO Illl TUDOR SEDANA brand new 
kodloa. Mmplatoly r*kam 'II ekaaeie with 
a tkrM moatka" VBaraatd*. ft'.lt^ 
gpagHI wklla tkey i«et ^}0't 

TON TRUCK with aiienalen frame *ida 
apring* canopy top bod> Real ^|()() 

l»tJ TRl'i K i llASSIS. with a <-om 

pleie overliaui (uaranlaad fnr 

< Hrv Tul RI.NO. Special •T"» 

Ihl* weak for ^ I • ) 

1110 CMEV TOURINO. W* will 

asM ifciaMt far CI*!*) 

ooSofc fbUMMO, wtlfe Ba# BKlasa. avr 
fcaaM kattary. aala M'K) 

ess* *• eadAdddAdaasadaaga d* ^F**^ 

71 BtblMu'sj* UllLliXriOKY 

' — —>—»-■ — — I ^ ■ — ■ '-M~w~M~Ww~^~u~w~^»"'xr-^a— I j-ij-u-»_ixm-i~i-n _r 


AUTO Radiator tad randar apa.ilallata 
Watluaaaeblg tkat c«ta»ot be eaeolloA 

HTTHINU <a bonding nr repalra rb->na 
ITII. Reoting a epedeltr T. Tklrh« 



Al, OAHIKN eiaa water iMlhna 

wator aad TarhiM katka 

C^aRPBTSmiA CO- tll Pert St 
J Ptoaaoro af Hamlltoa- neai-h ayaiam, 
alao rapeire al'araltone ate I'hona 1444 




niNBTA maatela. boiler work. 
~ 141 Oavlda 


'Hi t>ATB agataet de(*eta. I* daya free 
■>VI a*r«*e*. All oar rara ar* rertoadltlonod. 
i oawd tkroogh and Inapeeted by nor ekop 

<nd nur electrical d*pi Purrhaaer* have 
ha option of apr'ylng ihair d«poelta on any 
• ih«r new or i*Md car wlthla 1* day* of 
M aa 

Th* MaOM Wltk a Dofialta PaHay" 

Aathorlaed Pord DMiora 

•II Yatw atraM 



McLAUOHLtN TOURIMO. « 1 "Hf^ ^7 

glBM enelpeur* ^1 ' 

utsi.Mi:^ ori'uRiXMiui^ 


Ttalt Oar Now Bk. 

Cti'iUk I >> KIN EBB maa wltk ll.alO to eoatrel 

vi-llUU I le rtnanraa of rapidly -e ■ pa nd ' ng Arm 

YdtiH ygMi I'tei m ui^ Toora .f...^ 
to eend i ''.nt.i i >(. to i rl. *.>.,«■ 
Wbr ikerft. nrlt. Ing it. ha a'^.1 tf wt, «e 
. r.o ..nd O' . m lo ih. ' !ir l>r» Warka, be- 
- »...ii ii> r ' ^1 ee w , 

. .'i. '"•oh',.1. Tt 

l> M y <3<>0 Dft— wilt > L F-S A l.g 

WMOUBdALB fiRTOOOps— TaraM, Baa- 
Taa A CO-. Ltd.. wkoleaale drysaaAa 
ead aaaaatacturara Maa's far- 
laata "Big Mam Riaad 
11 iragfj^oende^ji^^ 

as -^^ r n 1 1, eagrt 
e»» .ngraear 

»r ateeoit mtt*. and 

a«0 ' Oreoa 
Aack. IJm Hroad at. aal aag"alle 

KilHI'-s AMJi^KAMI \t, 

TTENTIi)N. eiftaaat l;ea a.-Mao», atg 
*ae. Ueaaa rama^aia a 

Cm CaAUIa«b 

loaniifa'-turing beuMlMld Be^eeiii Money 

required for ggieBataa aad *atra plaat. Oreat 
prMpMts aiM wsad*f f a l ap p ad t a a i t y Bar ii>a 
party. Baa Mfl. CalaaMt. 

MAM — JeMp4i Haeeey. eCflM M ISM 
f Street. Pheae 111 

>PtVA7* BTATiriNBRT emVrvaaad la 
daalgn or ralo* Tha Colonlat. 
Priotiag ^g^^Ureg^ji^lj '*''" '* 

El jcfnTtirAii <»!»ra 

gnnKnr <'larh aie«trl* Ca Reg 
and aaleaaloaa 41 Mlghiaad 

' a CP CARS 
KICii T paaaencar laurlaa 
Coet 11.400 Wa will aell for 
Mil NASM louring t oet 11.410 • 1 1 iTLA ' «.V 

wa wdU aell for I 

TeriM aad 

•M TatM gt. 

STOCK i M aa waatad la Mmpany needing 
additienel Saaaelag or prortmtion, with merit aad poaalblTltiM 'liva lampleta 

<>v ~ n ' det4UI* Brat commaaleat«on Arthur l.«agley 

Wall Bt , New York llty^ 

Pkoao $171 

ff lat 

1 (JO"; OANt-Aim, M gaad *a wow; *■ 

gloM aMoo eaa be (ittea. 1( yea waat lal* 

rm'rT •isso 

tOni BTAR. Bpari madol. dim wheeia 
X.%ti^ fToat aad raar kampere. traeb. 

T^l!!i'*'*Mj9Bftt *S^hS& Wladahi.ld 

TMa la' a wSSSKi\m ' ji'f Qfi 

•i *«•••• ••••-•ea..e..e*oeee***«B«* • W 


a ». 

|.>li.lir at;tTE aperimeat balldlag: lareme 
*-* averagee 12 >to par year ever foar yeara. 
baatdea owner* apartment I'emaat elucro 
eaierior. Piece III,!*!. Tonne arraaired 
Aider A Peaa, i.lmlMifc ill ■iaa gfe lBa Btreet 
Pkaao Wll. 

i 1 0*X^ POOOB Spodat ToBTioB M '»•• 

fbTOMKNT BuaiNBaa A rara 

Al In bay outrtgkt, M a golag coaeera. a 
folly .' »d norearr baelne** Preaenl 

e)a<k ' •< mora then I2.l*« Ih* .and 

rempriae* 1 % err** la the bMrt el Oak Bay. 
wita market at the dOM IM fMt af gtaai^ 
woih madera bet erator kMtNW plaat: alM 
no fMi of >oi4 frajDM A good, modora, 
u(. 1.1. at* ro^m bangalow amidet the 
t-eautifai greuada. with fall eemeM baM- 
meat. f*r«are. aad twa opoa Bropiaree 
>.arga garage Thla wtTI kMr twepmig a tlaa 
aa a home aad boataeea combina.i m-a le 
oaly II*.4** end 'aa ba p.i- -tt-: oa 
raaer nabU • "eie Haa ea al on' • ■ .^aa a 
'■ - Meae* oppoalta p'. 


g(TB The tlneoi awailakla. 
aad la tka dire<> <ine 'r, bu*ineM r^aae 

o the Cmpaoae Hei- .> i*aeai i«« 

lege aad I4ii ir-j. • 

^R. <i I KriMy A Ca, LtA. 

rmr TVKf-nAxnt 

R WAI'MfiBRS Notiaaai. Puraltara a 
.-'..niftn'ft l*«l I. aaa lay •traet Pb« 

,»ft^^^N,.»es.^^^^.%^^e»»%JVi 11. I 

A BOOT Wwalt ai o saowiaB. p ag kl a a , aliOp. 
m^^*fgf ^ ^PpwardKiaairilatoikiMwk 




ij'Ena ranaiwaak el»a»ad eag rel 
; nt bakbad baaid a lodlM uad gMi 
Vieierta Hat Paolory, lilt Bn 


'«TS;RA»< I.ih Worba--- Wadviiajiaa Al 
ley Sprlagmakara. fargara. f aamoatAl 



IITHOOBAPHlItia — LItkograpblag. ea- 
J gravlag and arahoaetng Netbing le' 
larga aad aothfbg o auall Tear etattoM, > 
la yaui ad*aDi.e gaol Oer work le ee- 
aaeallad waat Toronto Tba Culeala* 
Prleltog a I'ubllebing to Ltd 


laa PIKB. Ill Jenoe BIdg Work atrtetly 
ciufidan^ial rbonaa «t«« and TttOR. 


ANDRBW J ORBT, rogtatorod 
alter aey. Pereoaal atlaattoa. 
•II Powil 


<broke Street. Victoria 

PATBNTB. trade marba. doeigoA copy- 
rlghlB Paatbaratotibaugb A Co the 
old aalabilabad ftiin of patent atloiaaya 
0((lcee. lOlD Hocetft Hide Va'-rouv.r BO 

TIa BOTPBN M I E E. raalatarad peleal 
a attaraoy. tit Vl*w atrooi. aad at Vaa* 

TAI.LBN Plaalarar Be(lmatft« glvo* zm 
■ plain and orttaiuaolal plaatarlDg. cacnaat 
work rapalrlug. ate. Pliaea *iO«. 114* 
Beat b Drive 

WRY eoad yoar prUtlas order* Bear, 
whoa yea «4*a gM tkam doao better. 

fisa ffMiiiliM&r - *• 



wata*^ gfeawMrda IMIartaak .MBa 


AROKHT Imixilftie af Kogllab aad Scotch 
aotttaga p H Llakueler. UM 


IQBB the aaw "Uaderwood" portable, with 
P alaadard fcapkoard at •ar afflaa. OBHaA 
Typawr ll ar Ca. LtA. tM Port Btraa*. 

ffim RoaitagtOB panable typewriter haa 
X the earao aayboord a* tb* big maaktaoi 

aa arilfliiia f.H ri|>,rfta la made la Caao 
• da * H.ioioainn 't?(.ftwii'.» i'.j af I'au 
H*., 41 « View mreat. laie»heae 0**A 



PkSBd MM , 

BbOCK WOO P Pm laad. ia.M! Aft JK 
par aard ^pUalU 

BTOVB WOOD— Par laad. ll.H: Ad fit 

per Mrd VVelv 

lONDMNO Pm hMd. IMdi tftJSO 

*a**aa«oo*da*d**ee**ae e^^^^^^^w^ 

#7 K/l CORU. |4 balf. I. ..r.i 

V I a4M/ aordwood. elev* laagtba Pieplkoa. 

Pkaaa tBd>>i. 

TBLAlfD WLNPOVf a ca ri > K i CLBAJtUtO 
1 CO. Bit tan airoei 1 hoao Nli 
*Tka F t aaeir Kint. 

_ and 
W. a. Huabaa.' 

Berrletaro Soli, i ' 'ir a. Nolarlaa. Bf«. 
Memba.ft of Manltuba. Albarta ftnd lirltlah> Hare I'lvona 11* 

Baak of Hroila Rl.ta Vl,i.,rla. Hi'. 


PAINLBBS cklrigsAyi WkP Mder na 
ioaaly (rem eoraat MadaaM Cea 

m^^ll^J^^^ar ward MMg 

riiiiuirK.y 'Hjit 

PAUL C. LONO. PC. Ph C. Ill P*m| 
^^M^JMyt B« Ifti Illl R^^^lfc 

lU N ris-m 
D'Wtf ^abI Saaa&a'aiMM^'^'^ 

SWEDISH maaaaga. 
tire, r 

lice, radiant hoal, s j gS l rtsHy. Og||g 

iathy, Swedleh Syetom. PhMM MM, MiHa 


M \TKR vrrvjjoknc 

BACHCRQPT Nar*4as Jlom% ?•• 

; > R I \- A T K VI 
I .M K . 


BRKNTWnriD On the waterfroni To ha 
gold, furnlahed. a A room hORKalow. anb 

•very modern tonveni^nre. garage and very 
pretty garden In llr*t < laaa oonditinn and 
well appointed thmaghoal. only imeae lo 

I" ■ u. 


..f'P I'ARIC PtaM, Connred*. San Diego. 
— 'xe» r'aiiforala — Ten roome. furMehed: 
lot 40ttl*; prire $in.»oo Anything for ei 


. ■i«ft«»»«eft.a<a»»»*rMwa<*»ft«a«»%i»^ie»»a»*»a«*«»«»»»»««w»»***» 


I.-4AIWPIEL D W sdara ApartRMat aiaaki. 

P prnniineni roraar ; Bloreg. • I room 
•■iiiea »ith hath end gaa elove*. hot a ater 
iir-ft'ing going rnnrarn. A bargain at 

ll'ii'.n fr - .|iil. 1. eale Ragehawe A <"a. 
.»4arwaid It 1* 

4 ' Mi l I 'l. lI'LVtR to be Mid 1W« aa 
.\ ' .'.r i. A .i.mpietely faralahed Sve 
t. .. I ' l iiunaaioa with brick feaadotloN. 
Ilnuae and furniture are riean and W*ll kept. 
i;ood dleirlri rloae In IWgh arhool A gCBUine 
baisaln for a bomaeeeker Only It.TM: 
lerme arraaged- ll.l** boy* a foor rMma^ 
bungalow with half cement baaemeal and 
pretty garden: rioee <n Par part Ir ulara dd 
Iheaa and other hr.uaca apply to II w. 
rrawjng. 1 B4irrey lile'l. Tat. a Htreot. 
PhoAe 1774 

(V>MPORTARLB roltage, I larga room* 
' a lac trio MfRt. SHtk, water aad li>im|Bt..' 
o«od^iot.^loM M eaf^tdMl ***^^*f' *^ 

rrfidd. ^ulS. oSifyaM k Aa'jft'ltiffaL 

T a ' oMPAfTT. 

* ri pbntbbII 

OKIca rialarea 

aad amidoM 

Plilarea. Bto. for tko HsBM 

era r* *H',ttT y r p rttildimo 

n*:<J ■ I II EM K •. T« 
S«iai''.r and lo'.ri'.r Ai'arailona aed 

Rapalra m».B ■ u> (lll>«-:lal AfaBtlea 

•Hor A.N-f. c.yr; n. )oti fArBasrsiBT 

Otrira r-h'>Ba III] Baa Pbewe 14*4 

T740R Sale — LMglard tAfce fraataga, larse 
r lot. T» ft. kg akoat lid ft., aaw f.** 

E. ' ' * 

lot. T» ft. ky akoat lid f«~ aaw j wsmod 
M. wltk akaM IIM wartt al fcraitara. 


g aa k. .ll,«dA. M 

fJOOR aaio, aioM 
a: kalk growisg. foa 

' r.d * 
ng. eblCbOO 

ffrrpf B^~2X -^*>* * ' V-* * '*aA. — ♦* 

Cowtalkaa gtatloa 

A k. Basway 

YJVI|RPIE:.r>— Haif a black (rem eea aad 
JT eloM to Beacea Hill Park SplaadM 
i-rMmod m sdora koam, ooatdM baaamaav 
(araaM aad «a«k l*M: katk and lellM 
aoparaWi saaaad toitet oa grmmd fiMr- 


wtas A cOh 

IM Pam k or t a a 



Hill SK rOR SAM ailAl- Bey 
diatrlct— l-rrvomed madam >aagBla'» 
II. IM Victoria Weet- 4 r<»«med kaMgM«M 
up to dele 17 ">e r*'-f'e'il dletrTef - i 

r i»o rr^ e '1 r. n o f ft I • . . 1 7 ♦ « t p . 

Uaedra • « . , i. ir»»,n. 

$4. 11* Oek Har d ai i'i * ronma mtttr-y 
M IMtllO. |4.t** • roome. modern off 
r'tek Rar Avenj**. Ill** 1 reoma aoodern 
R*» A»" I? l'» ' roow.e. 

- ' ^fl Part T > large lei , 

r " »< 'I I>*lh, A 10. Ill VWW, opp, 
* r . r, . . « 


OI "Ka boiii a« laetalmeat ptaa. 
aacdara R.,ma* far aala aa -aaW 

r V-t. -aA:..,7^, .*! lttd4.»lilB'lB .»wJ3 y; ii.W3r»iL.i'«'^'>.. 



Country Homes/ Acreage, Fruit Lands, Poultry Farms, Poultry and Livestock, Etc* 


Vrrnrrrr ham* •t « rMM *r 
• uniry fonlraolnr. •v«ry pi»e« •€ 
»„ ; ' ; ^iirlling. ••I' r»p«(l«il)' plck«4 
lor ih« ciaiii, l«r«« drawing • r<x>"' oP«i» 
flr»»ta««. Wim IkM* tor«« •••o"* «yrrl..ok 
tn« lh« water. ««ni« <mIH«C with b«am«. 
•pl»ni:^i1 /tlnlns room with Kr»o<h doors. 
oprn tWfplar*. lioMM .l . <illn«. T»>r»» l»r«« 
bedrooms, •••nrr • fdiuom h*s l»rg<f win- 
daw* •vvrlootilnii the v»»i»t Tlir. •• pi" • 
b«il>r«om In whll* •nainci k,, . n 

wtik MlU-t* (••tHT** Uardaa alupins dawn 
(0 ih« w«t«f» •«••. With U»(M«« ataca for 
hoMa. T»« « V» "illw 

a||^>tM|. a^^^UMM yftrn* ««. Mir M.»M. 

NKW l-rMm aiMcco kun««i<.w Ura* iiv 
iW-raam wUfc gaa iiiipuc .i.m.i.-.i 
from 4l«lag r«om wtU rranch door., kii 
eka* with aa*«rat« krMkfMt mfok: I Ursa 
ka4ra«ina Mill ciMMa ,e«*kMr«ai •-placa 
kill warn; Ml cmmM kMaaMWi; IMV*. 
Mt*l tot. UMIac M*. M. 

ABBAVTtrvi. rroCCO HOMK .monaae 
tk* Mka, «o«« kr tk« Ma. I" "■>« 
Mm larfa aniranea kali witk oytu nr>pU"-, 
Ikrca drawlMi-roona. diklna-ratfin with lars* 
tll»d aunroam. divldatf br Frcnrh doori. den 
with nMrinni'ii All ilirai* roniiia hava Inlaid 
l,.r.;» I r ..,r Ilk liiiatii kttchvB with 
• vrr> iuri< r4v»bl« icinviolrno; alcctrlo ranga 
and hot wai«r tvcaK'i Oaraga kkd alcaly 
Uid-out srouod*. Tiiic hooaa baa laat t>Mn 
rcducad, and can t'< L«iu(ht «ii vrry vrnty 
tarma at *%■ l.iatuic to 


1,1. n k 

*»>OfU| <'Ai.IFOH.VA 
^mt*^\J\f 1 1 1, .M 1 A I ,( f \\ 

StjVI II of <i«k tiny Avrnll 
from car. Vrranila. lHri>- 
laam with opan tireplaL*. oivirir.i iiy .< r ii 
'Wkr from BAMllad dlBlni-rooin. Iwu Ur«« 
ka«wn «Nto <ikt k >» ••pkoard; thraa-ptaea 
k*tkr««in «nk ina<t«claa rhi<a(. kttrhrn with 
Vhlta aaam*! ropbixrd- unil bin, »lmn rnoicr. 

f'liagltt 'n ba<'k P'>ir-li, ••mmt hHR-m^n'. 
ttraacK- l.««aly flow*r sard*n Thu (X-ici* 
Ik«ik4aa IImMmm. e*4k nova, klHitfk aM 
e«rt«Hi fta, ate., «'al«a akokt f IM. Umt 
Mk. ISI. 

A BBAtTTlrui. '^'icvTRT MOMB OW 

10 ACKKil 

rj.nsr. to thk ska at nRKMTWOOD 

LAItOK. ARTI»TU: HOUMK of V roomi. In 
iwrfart repair, with atl modern ion 
vanlenraa, clai-trle Hgllt. phnnr. anil abunil 
ane* of water eupplled by automalli' elnrlri'- 
pump. Houaa haa very large entrance hall 
and llvloc roAtn. with kaamad calllnsa and 

rinallatf walla, mi« Ikrs* apam kraptovaa. 
irpe. bright tflnlnv-raam and coar den. 
iiwn^r'n h^rlfftoni le very eparloua enfl le 
(I" or» I r ft » ri U'o iiiripl arlielir meaner Ther^ 
are three other bedronma, breldee. aleo fur 
Maea, CklMmM'a houee, , hirken houae. 
atabla. MasklAcant ground* with flower 
cardena and ruatle arfe^nk *l£- fJ*" "wttvr 
haa epared nn expvnaa iWM property In 
nrdar to make ii perfect, and haa given It 
»i> ua eirlualvely fur the abaurdly low prirn 
af tll.Itt, on (erma, in nrder thai he i un 
dlapaaa of It dmmadlately, aa unforaaceii cir- 
rymatkkMW kav« ekUktf kim kkr«»< at 
■fiart aatie*. n.laeta* N«. 11. 

Ona acre, with aeafronlage. in ahelterad 
bay. with eamaki ratalning walL ala-raam 
hatiaa, aaa vV»w (r«m nearly every window, 
large llvlng-rnom and daning room, neat den, 
bright kitr-hen and panir) . Iiaa^menl . dot 
water healing elxtri, lichl. (arag,-. eiable 
eklehen bou*' ' ' trera and aroirll 


B.C. BC>Nf.> lORPtiRATlO.N 
ISM Oav«r«ma«l M. Pbkka tM-l4t 

HIL,L,SII>K hour rnon> mndrrn bungalow, 
t-plare haihroom, hot water heated, 
ettmanl basemrni, built-in feaiurea. aun 
porrh llaraae Kull lot I'ntrn I2,l0t. 
teriti« Vfi t.^M^r buy In Vlilorla. 

l^tSKNWOOO — bla-room bouaa, l-pl*ca 
M! |M|UirM*n. mitt tf**, aklkfcga kaaaa, 
wkklflm, r«U Ikt. Nkvlr ««o*imt«« Ikatda 
fM PM. Ikiiiip4tkt« y iikiXik. Priaa 
•<•• sMk, kkluM Map. 

>bM> iH» tl» TktM Ig M t 

TK>MB«lilON Attvwat It— rMr-rMin eam- 
1 fnrtabla «>n{ta(a, madam; rlaaa in. 
iteeirahie lacallly. riaa ea«4ltl«R. Odbd 
M" tl.tMt ftrrMt* tgriM*. Bos MI4. 

t.'oionlat. J 

I . I If " 'III I la I 11 III ail I 


liC.VUAlOW roR 

Kun ottur 

eiceiientiy krrakcad wail «*■ 


Ilaama ara brlgfct. 
Raom* ar« «l«al|r <agpff »m . 
Corner tat, fMlkc gpktk. 
W lib Ik kloak or aar. 

Tarmg fc* arrkaiad. 



•M OpppMHiMt at. 



WB hkva aMia aieaptleaally alca havaaa 
IB alMive dislrliis at moel altraniv* 
prirea Kull InforiTialioa on leijueat \Va 
waald adviac lo buy NUW. propart/ will 
be cbaapar 


kklUbM IIM PkMa 111* 


Y\THKN > oil I an aenire a ver%- altrarllve 
VT 7 roeiaeil tiMiae .m your own terma and 
at a flgura almost |l,o«0 below iha praaaat 
markai vaiua. Tha boiM* baa i«at racMlTp 
b*«« rapalalad and la In Arat-rlaaa cMtfltlpa. 
UMtalaa all medara eanvanlen<es as remaat 
kMamcat, fttritart, aal wash tuba, open lira- 
ptaea. atr, Tha proparty la sliuatad oaea 
uavad atraat In good lorallty. ilaaa to rar 
line and near a papalar bathing baarh Oea- 
•ral tale* far IfS* approtlmalaly |(t. Thia 
ta aa aaaaMl •pp«rtUBlty to aartira a lom- 
fartabla Itama at a Venulna bargain, and la 
also a flrst rate Inveaiiiient The house Is 
a g<>o<l tenter and lan return about lt%. 
Thia la really worth investigating at the 
■MAP PRICB of i: eso 

«• AtMM IM rart at 

AQAiWWMiaN PART PAiRriRi.n aa 

VvVW pretty street Newly ,,»inled I 
rowm kaatalow cnntalna Billing raom, 
Aialac raam with Araplaee, pantry, kitchen 
balbraam, t kadranma with rioaata, eemant 
bMamaat. Caa ba had on cMk MVmMI of 
llN. balaaoa en eaey tarma •( T MP aaat. 
Tfela baatg paying rent 

•»>flnn^*'***'*'*'* " I AIRFIBUtv- 
V««VFW Ua*4 l-roem bungalow, all mad 
aP«; baaamani with cement faaadatlon. Alaa 
vary gaAtf, large atabia, raa eaatly be can- 
Mrta€ law aaatkaa kaiiaa. t,*l 4lailt. ta 
IMM. Baar parBiMta It daatrad. 

Raallara Til Part Mraat 

|M sltfVV-l-KOOK plaatarad <>«iiaga. *• 
large la«. rlaa* la Ht. Tnliwla cars 
KA— ••ROOM kMgalaw. remeni kaee 
9ClX*#V meal, ftmMaa r>«l»ght^at gar 
dan. Paw mlnalaa* walk from Knni Pa^ 

M|»Wbfk • n<tnu aemi bangalftw 
9^*^"' i^tMdra: fiaa OMdlttan. an eon 
vealanrea IM* hallway, ostra large klechea 

eirellant hae"' WMb fkTMM Oaod 

lawn in ii"' ' ^^ith •aMMl VaBlA likirve 
vepelaMa gsrdea 


**b;^r|WV->BtO PNAP la PatrPald. b«a«a 
9^>*JViw law of nrs rooms, paaatiiag. 
b«lU-Hi affacta. apaa krMlae*, taraaaa; «aai 

tardea: al«a I gia tl gR BMP MP M« kaaak; 
»ka caak pturaiMt. 
•00|WV-P1MB BUT la beat part, aaar 
^J*^/Vy Rickardaaa; aawa, roMaa ak4 
TMa l»raiioa 
M M^alred 

J. B. lelVMBT 

* _ _ ••* 

" ) ». ■• hultt in balfet 

t ■ • e. re mem ha 

i« ',erag>, ehl«hsn b,.aa» 
dMItk mt»4 ir(»w af sea 
la >L CMpara 

5 -ROOM •• - 
ment. laup 
All la per" 
aad meun • - 
••Ok* IM ran 

RPAl BkUta. PiMaatai aa4 laaaraaca A«*kU 
CSftr. Tlav ak4 Oevn 0t*. PhMk Itt 


Sl.X RO(iM bino ow. wltbla walking die 
tariir ,,r II . biMlmaaa tflatrlct. Baira 
Ur(r. wr.i n.'|.i I roBcrale baaamani and 

rurna.e i.oi ..ti Interior la aMoUan' 

'oi,.iip,o .ii.r>.>i aiipi-araaea allraativ' 

rttli'K 1 .M,Y '.iiK r.rii.a 

/ |KI"" lliH. 1,- .\\.nu<- anil wilhln one 
' ' bl04 k of ( ar line, in high, healthy lo, a 
tlan, wa ara o>erlag a very pretty flvs-roam 
inodttrn baaaalow far tS,tM. Interior con- 
talna maay baill-la faniaraa: bathroom and 
tallat are aeparata. BaaamMt i» el con- 
rrata Tkera la a gaed garaga. PtmI lawn 
and back garden, witb aaaort«4 Cr«M (tMa 
in Bearing, alao amall fralta. 
rnwo blocks, south uf the Aveage. In Oak 
a liay. we offer H lonipart bungalow of 
five rooiiia for tZ.lOO The living room Is 
sparloua and has a very pretty nreplaee. 
Main bedroom haa a built-in wardrobe and 
bpvol mirrpred door Lvnlng-roam Is beamed 
and paaalled and has a buffet. There is a 
cpktaot kitehen, <>omplete In detail, and 

rjna.'**ffM<glgg?*lit ''**'^** * 


PJxr* ijl.irH MM I Trijalfea 
PkMa 4TII 
BatpgMN Maw*. YlatWta. 


a are apan tp oanaMar aBarg far Ihp 

following properties: 



*i^ l.^s<,^-|lKr> htrkkt 

l«31 I'KM lllti 'K V: STRKKT 

:H fll .'^SKI I. STRKKT 



■ I i;i(;HT<'S H'lAD 



> itr MBNSM iminT 




J. m story iTuiilaw, gpTaaaid aMaCMe 

t Ion 

2 Klve ronma and bath on flrat floor, three 

roorr^n and bath upstairs 
X. Open itrepiace, ballt-ln (eaturea 
4, Oaa. furnace and inatantaaMaa wwler 


h t'oncrete haaetn^t. atora room. rnal 

hln», rlr 

« SplenilM large lot. large and amall frial. 

KAIUKIKI.n niPTWCT. Juat off Pair 
held Road VS • are prixlleged (o offer thia 
altrsrtiv* bungalow at h giva-away price. 
It rontalna hall, llving-rooni and dtnlng- 
room an aiMe, opan ireplare, large pass 
pantry, bllrhen, twn bedrooma each with 
rioaet. bathrrwtm, eir On Ih.* aeron.l floor 
are three falr-alaei rooms »arh wHh . I ia^i. 
bathroom (Splendid hasemrnt with furnare. 
Inatanlaneoua gas water henier. storeroom, 
fuel btna. eir K-tra large jot, beautiful 
flower garden, larae and aniaU frulla, vege 
t.ihl'- garden Morlerale iav,>H 




iiAfKit.-* In \iK\v THi.'< I'Ri ii'Knrr 


iiia Broad atraat Pbaaa ilt 

-NICK little .1 roomed houne. rity 
•iPWv/ walfr and light "Very low taiea 
Tarma: 144 raah. balance tl4 a month, 
Inelndlng Infreat. 

•l JKA— «H Y .t-roomed cottage, water- 
^l^i/vy front, with flne sandy bearh and 
beautiful aharle ireea Mix mliea from tha 
city. Houae partly funUahad. aplMdM 
apring water pipod 4k. Varak: ISM aaak. 
balanre in »wi. 

fhi{|U|— TMRBB ROOMBD houae. bath 
91\tij\f room, pantry, fully and well 
furnished. fSarage. rhi kr'n l oua^ and shed 
Alao Inrludea ItJ^ ino>lri t-Hirt (ar, in l>eat 
Terma: $40u cash and balaoca. aa 
' V low laxaa 
1C 1 i il Ii I OOOD l-raomad bMgalow, balb- 
•r 1 ' X M f ,„„,„_ pMtry. baa*at«kti aktekan 
hnu». .in. I eh"'!. Prkita. Tam«: |IM aaPk. 

balance aa rent. 

/ lUOO ••roamed batiaa. eloaa la. MTlng aar 
^ ' lara. Vary taw priea, with larmi. 

P. P. HIOOS. to* Pambcrton BIdg 
Ueneral Agent, North Kmplra Pira Inanrance 

Coin pany. 

vm 1 AN iiWN Viil K OWN HOME ANU 

I'l fd MA.SK i>N i:.vflY TBRMSr 
^1 •>,";i||—l' OIK -ROOM modarn oottage. 
^L^*J\f walking dialane*. ThI* im near 
Central Park and aobool. II. 1*4 — Six -room 
io(Ml.-rn houae, %-tnlle rlrri' mar l»o car 
l.nea MHd achool. |l.4^0 F'lvp rv>oin modern 
cottage, cloaa In. It will pay you to aaa 
tbeaa fcalara b«ylk(. 

B. 16. • HCATH 
•!• Tales Street Phone 174 

NBW Bl Ni 


/100D location, cloite to school and car. 
nJ Bntranaa hall, eaira large living-room 
with kraplaaa, dtataf -raam. Dalcb kitchen. 
S bedroama wllk katkMpm kolweaa, beet uf 

RlnmMkg; foN aamakt kaaMtaat, furkaea. 
lea tat la laws akd garden. Oaragat 


JUST aff Quadra -Roomy, well-built mod- 
ern bJngalow. entrance hall, living- 
room with flreplare. dlnang-raom with buffet, 
large pass psntry. bright hllcben, I hlg 
hedrnoms and flrat -claaa bathroom. Por a 
wrii planned house for eontraataaeo, Aard to 
beat. Kates south and has a Tary oaiB- 
faftkkt* veranda. 

■ALB on K.xcHANOB 


MOliKKN II roorr.e.l house, hui l for 
boarding house by owner Lots *f 
bedraama, 1 bsthrooma, cemaal baaement 
furnace, waah tubs. etc. Pari of It is already 
arranged aa suites, wllh gaa rangea and 
ainka Installed. Handy location near car. 
and not too far out. Haa frontage aa wide 
lane at hack for molar Mfa. Owaar Mil 
ceoaidi-r 6 or • raom*4 biwgalow |a ag 
akkkga far, aqnlty. 

Aah far r«U partlcnlara. 
Pfcaiia •• IN View Biraal 

< ALIPORMIA- ^ »^^, 

—r^ ryf bUNOALow oUU 

SullTIi of t)ak Bay AvMka, aaa blaefc 
from car Vera.idai Ikff^ llAkt living- 
room wllh open »r9p:mi% AfMkf by areb- 
way from panelled iMalng-rokm; two large 
bedrooma with riethea . uplyoard three-pleeo 
bathroom with medinn- i hest kiirhen with 
white enamal capboarda and bin. alao coaler; 
glaaaed la back MPgb; eomMt kasamant, 
furnaea. Lapaly flawor tardaa. Tha prie* 
inrtnde* Hkgliki, *Mk auva. MlBda «M 
curtain ra«a •«•, p«Um aktt ttft 1 MBM 
Ma, IIA 


Mtl4 C,overnm«ni Street PbOBOa 141-141 

ft ROffM medero buBgalow. til Rllery St 
•r garaga. large gkNIaa in fruii rnrc 
ll.ia* t A MaP k awaa. •:• Caatral BIdg 
Phnna If" 


•>7'1/| l-RfV»M modem bMgalaw. the 
— • • " ' heat huv 4n James Bav. etnse to 
. ar ao-l park e irepttonally well 
bum. and •\»r> modern renvantenee. Terms 

A. T. Aktar. Mar 
4M View Mreet Pbaaa III 

J \MMf Bay— f rMma aad •arata. m feet 
fraa t kBa aa atraat. BtaaM ■■Sk. Houa* 
imm earn plat afy robalU aad Ik AVeoadiitoa 

rRiriC t«.4«4 VAST TKR \t^ 
AI.PRKD r-AnMK-ll MCI. A fO . |,TD. 
lit Perl SI lat Brand) 
Keel Kelats and Insurance Agenia 
Membere Real Kataia ftearit of V^darla 

StnrUM) f HOBB l>at IM by 

oi'^derw aad hlTi 1 rnnma Woadarful view 
and yet ■mlacted fram wlad <lood beach 
and balMtaa- l<e« laaaa R a Ckrlaly A 

w m wi^^n^a^ a<ae»<aiPPPPO gia fc ■ 'a^ 

* BOM 


'^'^ hmv ak aaeaptUnallp wall- 

— ' t,u r (■ . r room aetnl bungalow 

1 ' .« I ' 1 • ' ■ II - c I orir ret fl> tiasc 

111*111 ^n- I, am fuin* Kfcceilent woodwork 

aad built In fealur, . t li rougboul. Oarage 
aad gvod garden. I'hia la a real aa«.Tlflo« 
wbtcb wa wetUd kka l« ahaw yea. 


mvwr vf ' ,) 



Vm wnmfiUzn in oak bat 

Wa ara p«aPta« far tAa Arai Uaaa tfca (ol- 
io wiag: 

ElOMT ROOMS, bardwood fpors. In spi 
did ca«Altlaa: dmwln«-raom and .i 
Ing-roam ara apacloua aaa apM inta ca. 
other. Tkia 4a on ona PC QkB Bafs b* - 
airaata PrIea |T,ftO. 


I7IIOHT ROOMS: 1 Iota, with tenala lawn 
Si aad apiaadM Aardea. Tkla la a wali- 
kallt kaaaa oa 1 taai suaal. frtea •!•.••«. 

FIVR ROOMS fully mp^epa: alMlp treed 
lot. on a gooil street. Tbip Ik a ahesp 
kaaaa. Pricei |4.M4. 



rHO.NF. Ill 
Msmbera Victoria Real Batata Board 


d 1 AO "AK HAY Three-room cattag* 
9-1 XUU floe garden, Near the aM and 
TB RM a. 



I,>liR S»lc V..!fa .S(ie»l 
.-ai K 1 1 : :> ror the ti. r.-. 
«:,»'..• HO'. . Mver til . . 
ttkO Uavida Ave.— Itall* 
Awe.-~«I.I«4. OatarlP* 
each. tl.Tfte for the four, 
shirr An ft (ri.niaKr - I 
ijrat, .11, .si t ■. 1 I I ■ , I. 
1 lola. frontage 1«7 It . II, 

: lola. .'.Oil 00 
\ liny Ave 
H.> -«l«l i:. 
tl»e. Bunny 

lata, lieito 
Narth Hamp 
II, li* l.v. 
■fkCh I 
I tor Mta 

Marekaat. Ill PembartM 


|UOBN POINT l>ocka. cl 




mauly^aaa acre, with »H fPot iyidrtA|a 

ta Dnllaa Road, over t4« oa 
or o«ar. Ooadlake a Webk. t 

1\'A ! ICRTRi ST I'HOPKRTIBB la aB Blaea. 
^' ii.ipr. .r,i I uniiiipruvad. Baaalmait 
district, Alt>rM Head. Metchoala. William 
Hand, Rocky roini. .Suoke and the West 
Coaat. right and terms arraaged to 
aul on any of ihsm. P. P. Ulgga. tOI 
PeaibertoD HIdg. 

so \ 


(ii.usiMN nrsi.NUttS ix>T8--|44 and up 
'' per front r.xii. Now la' tha time lo bay. 

R- li, t hiiai> A Co-.._ l>td.._ yiclorla. » <" 


FOR •ale— Modern banAalaW, Liaa Ave , 
cloaa lo lw« rar linaa. Utrlag-roam, 
dining -room. l>uich kitekan, Maraom, katb- 
raoni. tw.i bedrooms, eamaat baaamant, fur- 
nace. Uundry tuba and garage Reaaonable 
price Anil., Iloi bit*. l'oloni«f ^ 

lAMK.S ItAV l^re auction snap & roomed 
'I cottxnr H'Oiio l'hon« 4I0IR 

OCEAN Docks- -lionie nearby lot^ to cloaa 
eaiatak aaAall aaai . payniMt. fcalaaea 

P^rthmmt't convenience. Ageat. P.O. 

41 (\(\fk—^^Nr'^V\KR PTRBBT— • room 
Vi'r'-rw scml hiingaloK' and hath two 
nice flreplaees. concrete fownda t l<<nw, ha»e 

nicii i,-.4rden spot, lot 60 x 120 |«iiO ■ «ah, 
b.i I II ■ II ranged 

4tl Wikik KOI" H ROOM t:OTTAOK. clean 

vloUU na a a«w pia. Nica raae arbar 
and nlea gardM; gMd kaeaairat. Tarma. 

• I rtflft -<>AIC BAY .HOME - Splendldly- 
^T'/VFU built houae of seven rooms 
Nice enlranee hall, plenty of rupbeard* and 
bulll'ln fMturea full ramant baaemeal and 
furnace aa good aa new: large veranda 
where there la a wide view of the ses , 
everything <l»iin and In flrat ' lajis order 
Owner in going Kast and must sell quickly. 

— NBWrtlRT AVBNfB — IWurro 
VUUUU bungslow. nesr golf links, Klve 
rooms and breakfsal nook, built In buffet, 
china eupboarda. full baaement with furnare, 
oaraga. aad eighty feet af Oak Ray'* rhoir- 
eat frMlaga. Kurnltnra If dealrod. TBRMH. 

ARSOt.CTEI.V the best avall- 
•vvW able rioae-ln corner In the city 
for an apartment houae. I-arge houaa In 
good rrpair now on property, and would not 
Interfere with Aral unit of apartment htnise. 
Lat la faat m Rarkland Avaaaa ky 12* 
(eel daap. A grMt appnrtuatty. TBRMH. 

111 firoughtOB Street iremberlon BIdg ) 
PkPM Mil 

t»->'>|>|| O.N PRETTY OARPEN I.OT 
lP*.»OUU mi) I 121) IN aOoii l.ofAI.ITV 
Distinctive I room bungalovi hot wairr 
heating. .1 plere bu'hruom. X bedrooms, full 
high ' cmenl baaement. Kaay terms. 

Vaw«/tivr ULNUALiOW— •-rooma. panelled 
and beamed dInlng-rtMm with buffet, manv 
bull' n ''ilurca. 2 bedrooms, J piece baih 
good honiH at a reaaonable pr)> r 

lear aaa. lar and a' huni Kx- 
tellent condition. 2 bedrooma. 3-plece bath- 
ro..tri I'-ment baaement. Vary aaay terma. 

ft! •*■".< I 4-ROOM STUCCO BCN- 

•ip-t.). JIf (i A LOW — Solid construction, 
large lot high elevation. Large living 
roo:n tgranlte flreplare). attrarllva dining- 
room with bullt-ln buffet, modarn ■ Dutch 
kitchen, t bedrooma 3-pleie bathroom, fur- 
na. e x.tiHge The home are working 

$2500 1.*. 

••11 llik- UANDY 4-RooM nrN(;AI.i)W 
Large llviag-raam with open flreplare. con- 
venient kitglMa. S kggfiim^ I'placa bath 
and toilet. PMi caaiMt fcaaaaiMt, garage 

411 Vlaw airMt Phoae l*ll 


' liarnife i.nd everything like new. 


Avmua TeriMB 

<jf*ir^yk CAMimiDOK htrket. near 

ri.KNlY iiK ,-l-A. I. Forced akla. Price 
Is less than i oat of building 

"■' ATTRAC- 
nA8KMKNT Back and front vsraada 
large garden and garage. good fencing 
Thia la a teal bargain 

U. C. HUWKLL. 101 Pemberten BIdg. 



NBW aea-room stocce bungalow, cl 
In. Phone tItlR. or 114 VaacaBvor ait' 

4-roomed modern kaaaa. keat 
part Jamea Bay, will aall cfcMR Par 

'CV>R aal 

■T part itamea say, will aall ckMR 
paruealara. addraaa Owaar. Bm Utl. Col 

Q-B(X)M.><. aemi hunxalow beat part Palr- 
O fleld . har«lwon.| fiorrra built m fraturee: 
Juat completed I'hon^ 1711 

i|| nooMED house, beet part of Pandora. 
-Lv for aale. Ijtt lllaTI. Per quick sale,>* caah |M«, balance as rent. Apply 
HI' I'.n'tora Aeenae. 

4l"»~:(UI TWO well-built aemI detsrhTTl 
^>.|^rtf h..usea 10 rooms In each, good 
haaemenia Two lots, flower garden See 
thaea If you want a aaap. Apply li* Pan- 
dora A*a. 


HOUSE In Oak Bar. new building. Or 
Will bitild anywhere to salt ynu. Esay 
payments arranged R A <ireen Phone 
IIIIT eveninga T«i<)R2 

NAP — Oak Bay bungalew. near aaa: awner 
iMVlag ta^. Baa •••«. 



CLOVERDAIJ^ cine* ta ear. Dlntng 
rMm. anting. room. } bedrooma kitrs 

en, balkraam: full cement 
lot. lat. 1114 raah. 
moalhly payment, Intereat 
II.444 Rrfa IT41. Calenlal. 

mani . good 


l». 7«a« 


UR ROOM kaaaa. kalf 
t«<l MlllalSa AeMaa. 

>RTH Qt^AHRA— S4m« baasalaw. fear 
good sited, hflghl rnoma snd room over 
all fireplace Nice (aflen and lawn, re 
malnder of lot, 244 i 4*. la vegelableo 
Oiicken heaaea far !•« ktiSa. City water 
and light. Near baa an« arBaaL* IteSacad 
to II !•*. Phone - I 1 - 1 I. 



130R Sale or to I.0I -4-rMm eattngg^ naa7 
Laaa^Maa SlrMt_a*booi: largo gSrSaa. 

Apsly ti 

Raad. B aa l i a alt. 


HEATJTirt i. sproai Lake haaaa. 4% atraa. 
: cleared. 4 room house; l-room cat - 
lag*, both furalehed. 1 boats Jga Wyan 
dotlooi Mlhaaeoe. large garden fuMr 
atoefced good road. I4,l*». reaaonabls 
^ • ^wayaa. Port Atkarai. B,r, 

vv A NTTCP TO Birr — gi 

U- ANTED lo Bar-A aaiail t ar 
kwHa aad M. aSaas Ikr 

latl. CalMiiat 

r«^ANTaf>--Threa , 

aoe let -r »m arr» n r -•. » ■•■^mm fa- 

MOST BE «»A-.! ». <..,,. H — r pit: 

aMt._jram>arven A tM, PfeoaMt " 

I .vROK lot, ► 
I ^ nicely treed 

.ik Day district, 
Willi beautiful oaka; price 
Ui«. Niea buildlag lat. MaStaltfe BlrMt 
price |4««, T 8, McPheraOn, It* Central 

Uldg. PhoH' MNII 

Mil ATKi> in OAM BAT. UPUANDS aad 

KAIRKIKl.O. we have an eitenelve llet 
of lola from which te make your choice for 
a homeslte or speculation. Some flaa 

• R V WINCH A m. LTD. 

Establlahed 11*0 
(41 Kort St. Realtara Fhane 414* 

rpiiK City la Inrroaaiag lU 
1 M IV now. before nwnera 

Three lots are far below city 
• ;ia<lstone Ave. Llating Na. 
tirahame St. Llating No. It 
Be.tch Drive (aaatroatago). 

No. 71 

St. Patrick St. Llating No. t: 
St Patrick St. (Cloaa to ^a). 

No 77 ..... 
Heart of city. tOxlO Mating 
Point ,'41 Listing No It.... 
8t. l.nijlie Oak Hay. Mating 
Harbinger Ave. Mating Na, T 

lata by :i% 

follow auit. 

It I att 







Na. II. ■ ftxaii 


Na. ••., Ill 

I T«4 

aad ill 


barad, raak. 


Mil OoTarnment St. 

^J/Wy— AN exceptionally fine building lot. 
4R>irl/ facing Iha Oprga watora A kM«- 


tiful alia for a afeaphame. aad tka price la 

a real rut. 

ACRES, Mill Bay. cloae to SnIarlutTi, 
and ha* waterfroniage: and ni 11,191 
tkla iftaaM ba p very aiiraeWva prapartir 
ta gMttre. Reaaonable terma. 

IIK Saywanl Mtdg. , 



1 • i^traai 


Several lAla on Kaqnimalt Road, between<ip*on and JoBro Stroata ••al*l. Theae 
are , riered Sy W tP Sg th* b*** Patuo In 


We alao bare some flne watarfraat Iota at 
Langford Lake. >HI up. 


U'ANTBO to Buy— Waterfront lot. with 
or without small cottage, on Rhawnlgan 
I ake Kiaie frontage and depth of lot. 
Ill' aKon and lowest caah price. Box 6404. 


ANTUU for |l«4 caah— .N4ca lot In Oak 

Bay ar PalrflaM. Boa Ml*. Calaalat. 




splendid land, all cleared and largely In 
a very l.,gh stale of cultivation Kacellent 
cotnii eri Ul orchard. AbumlMtit supply of 
tineat spring water. Lung frontage on shel- 
tered Ifcach. ATTRAt.'TIVK 4-RtK>M lU N 
UALOW AND OUTHOUSES. Cloae to city, 
golf links, ale. Splendid outlook Thia 
properly Is adaptable either as a charming 
country home or a commercial propoxition 
For further partleulara BMlllgto K I' i lark 
A Co . Ltd,. View aad WIftm B trecia. 

AT MBADLANDS. North Baaolch. cleee te 
Patricia Bay. 11 acrea, all good land, 4 
aeraa cultlTatad; 4-room cottage, with kaaa- 
ment: water laid to houae, raaslag wa4ar 
tbroagb laaA Priea |l,l»l. 

AgMla •!• BraagktM traot 


fMiVHrnr house, eonmimng nine ^ma 
and usual nfficea. Waterfroniage on 
sheltered bay. with flne view I'lKat.- elec- 
tricity and water ayalima |. nme court. 
Piva mlautaa from gulf couraa. 11.404. 

■ P A rY I N O 
At Deep Cora T*l. StdBoy l«tT 

TTtOR Saft or Bgehaag* — !•• acrea of flneat 
A^ farm fand In Praaer Valley, no rock. 
Nine room houae. good barn and other out- 
bulldlnga 10 ,i> n-a 1 Irared. Suitable (or 
dairy (arm and small frulta Will aall at 
aacrtfia* ar trade (or ally kaaa* praaarty. 
CampiMU area, t*tT Oavaraiaaat St. PWa* 


OR Sale^l4 acraa partly elMred. aituata 
1 mlla aauth of Saanlchian: amall gkaali 
and kara. Por partlculara and lergMk SA* 
drese Owner. Box 4SII. Colonist. 

nn Kast Saanlrh Road, I mllee out. .14 
acres cleared aad aalllrated , 4* ecres 
logged off and baraad. No better land in 
Maanlrh (AO feet road frontage. Hlopee 
gradually up, giving magnificent view of 
eea and mountains Would subdivide to 
great advantage. Water aupplied from 
springe, piped to hooaa and barn, t-roomed 
farm heuae and barn for 14 bead. Only 
llt.H*. en goad terma BialaatPtly Sy 
Bagabawa A Ca. 

OVER m ACRES of some of the rholceat 
close. in LAKK HILL acreage, on t%- 
inlle circle, on HAANIi H PAVBD ROAD 
City water laid on. Iteaullful viewa: good 
soil Prelly building alte, Bgceptlaaally 
good for chicken or amall frail propealtlM. 
Mora land adjoining if daalrad. Oa«eSftk 

.aall halaP'e over flve Mt^ra at gig gar PMt 
latereet. Only llll, 

•H Tlatp Streel PBaa* ItM 


*>if|/V-MTrB b«tl«ag lat at Cardava Bay 

•|r<w^^-r Very low terma 

ftl '>nn '* A< RKt real good lend. 
ViAsUlr Raanich dIaUirt. t.og houae. 
Witk Bmm thaa eaatigli ilatSar la pay far 
the plara. Term*: IIM caah. kalaaca Itt 

a month 

HOTiM^*' ACRKS good land, about 14 
9^1"' mile circle Oond diBlrtrt. City 
water available Tarma: IMI caak, kalaaca 
ta ault 

P P IlinilS. 1*t pemberten BIdg 

^|iwWV~ONK ACRE of raltlvated toad 
g^jtlUV nn paved road. Royal Oak. aglk 
an room nearly new bungalow. Iwa veraadaB, 
full baaement. I^hlrhen and tool baWMt 
fruit treea and email fruit f*ity water. Ilgfct 
aad pbaaa. lively flower garden. aaaMrat 
WAiha A alee heme st a low price 
^lKfU\ WILKINSON RD Three arrea 
^^j0^r\l beauliruIlT located, with large 
■OTea-roem beuee cit, water, light and 

pboaa. OfM flreplaca in living aad dMng 
la Niea orchard. garAea. letMla eanrt: 
bara aad cklHien heape. ieptle 4aak far 




ifclM Bt. 



f*^ AfRKH moetlr logged off. aom* rtegr 
I tng 1^ a^ rea good bottom land, eselly 
cleared Kirst claaa J ro"med houae. baa* 
meat Naaae a>e4M wwrth ll.aaA Barn 
cktefcM kanaoe. One mlla from atation. 
aiS^a, 1* O-d nalg»|«K«»ad. •t.M^ M 



• ^ ACRBS uf eici.-ni n full tvearinf 

" ebarrlaa at the prea^ni muiiieai. l.igh- 
pbaaa aad wplar paaaea p rgag gt p. Tax< 



IDEA I M' 'Ml --111 i- ..NIS ACRE, sur- 
rounded hy oak Irrea City Water, light. 

p b aaa. bua available. Buildlag, a beat taxi* 
ataada oa property with poad material in 
sagaa. Ca«M be ^o < retnagaUMt Wttbia 
i-gMM alrtla. 



-I (\ ACRBB, f ealtlTatod. Oood water 

■I" supply all year 'round I bungaiowa. 
3 and i roumSb with walcr laid on i' aual 
outbottdloga. Macnri'mi view dewn ilic 


Tiiiaa: aaafc, kalaaM aa raat. 

Fat psrtlealara and pbotograpba apply 

Port gireot Pkaaa IM 

wlr riVtJ li'i -, 1 H 1 ll.iMi; SKAH VIC. 
LIGHT AND PHONB I*Bnelled and 
t>«.Aini'<1 mII the fonifoeta of a city h<ime and 
;'ii iiioat pio,|uilive lUMi.iilr.l aoll. 

heavy ci up. I.and sultabis (or i:iixed (artit- 

ing ar Irate Pvlead ta aaba ftaKAll 
quick aate i.^WfUV 

.)| \ • 1 IN BEARI.NI) KRl ir IRKICI 
COMKORTABLK. ready IP move into '.'4u 

flne large fruit treea aaS^anaall tr<mi Nr«r 
aaa. aekaala aad at area, Maat b« a->i,i no 

T,:t^:"":...'!'. $:iOOO 

bale No. 1141. 

Important Sale 

524 M 

Duly iiulruclcil 

\ r. I 

>i , will sell by 

Public Auction 


144 PembertM BIdg. 

1 if\ ACRES, with aew modkm l-raaai 
-L'v/ bungalow, on aheltered bay. 

Price an terma. with 14* acrae. |l,4*4. 
Price on terma, wiitb 14 acraa |>.*«l- 
PriM M UratA witk • aeraa »•••• 
Owner B. BIBRMANN. Baal Saake. B.C. 

It ^(^'■NrAl;^; i i.i'SK Ti 1 thk ska 
igMt.wyk 10 Ai-'UKS of goad land, about 
VOwlAJ 2^ cleared, 1 fenead, 1% In hay 
SI aaabrted fralt treee, I yeara old. Small 
fruits and good garden 4 roomed modern 
hungalow. bath, hot .ind cold, etc . flreplare 
and flxturea. Ueod well, woodehed. gamga 
aad pbaaa. Oa good road. Boat aaekerage 
at tk* anaath af tka Hver. 

lit PemberloB BIdg. 

PhMo nil 

I.-rj At RV,M, fikanaaan 
*rT exchange Victoria 

Boa Til. Victoria. B.C. 

Hell cheap, or 

property Or acre- 



ABSOLUTK Paraain - Modern rhirken 
ranch at I'olwood, near atat^an, achdnl 
and atores Hus line paaaea Psved road tit' 
clly. i'/i acrea highly Improved, with mod 
ern chicken houeea and m-ire runs for l,NAO 
or more birds, brooder hnusea and garage, 
new l-raawi cottage, plaaterad IhroMgbnui 
Imprevementa alone would coat aaite 14.10" 
City water piped to houae and ckickoa yards 
Mortgagee a frice i'!iNo. an tanaa T. r 

M'Conneii. I'emherton ftldg. 

/tiiUI"i\ HKMi Slie. lal ; I, ai rea choice 
land, nice local.on for home or small 
raklCTban garden. wIHi chlckena and fruit 
All keen cultivated City water, light and 
pboaa avallakle. Snap prlee^ IITI. terma. 
T. P. MeCaaaell. Pemkartaa 

MeCaaaell. Pom 


FINB Income-Producing Farm and Nur- 
aery . One af the beat pieces of land In 
the Cewlchan district, having the great 
aaeet of an onreatrlcted water supply: a<iu 
aled nesr Mill Rsy. on the (eland Highway 
4J arrea: Jl clasred. apler'Hd aoll easily 
worked 1 acre In full bearing orchard 
Large nuraery alack, all kinds of fruit and 
rosea, etc. Houae of • roama, water laid M. 
Hsrn with rnom for 14 head eewn and 1 
horses. : Isrge chicken housea Perm Im 
plementa. furniture snd poultry go Willi the 
pisce. Two kving sireania and a wonderful 
apring nn the propartjf. PriM |l*.IM. 
Rol>ert Orubb A Noa. MahM BMg., lilt 
'lovernmeni Street. 

I.'^oR Sale — 4H anrea: 7 rleaxad. 7-roomed 
bungalow, ally water, katk. at« Paaltry 
houeea Baa •ITl, Calaalat. 




At hit fg i dgMcg. 1909 Crcs««m Road, VobI Bay, on 

Wednesday, July 28, Commencing at 10:30 

tlir whole of his wcil kcpl \ 

Household Furniture,, Oriental 
Rugs and Effects 

iRCludinf : 

DRAWING-ROOM^Upriglit Crantl Piano, by Decker, of New 
York: 8-ft. Overstuffed Cheiterfield. with Ioo»e covers; four Deep Stuffed 

Arm < hairs to match; thrce-picfc Rtiscwo xl l^rawiii^; Kt>om Sinir, jftn 
Hepplcwhilr ; Mah ( )i- Cliair, ( I'.nglish l.aitiucr (K I .iMc, Wainn 
C'lMitrr Jahlc, Iiilai.l li i r.o sf l.tnliiucrc Stand. Hrass I ;iri!inirrr'^, H<a\\ 
l\nBli»h Brass FciuJcr. a -.ct of Old ERgliah Brasi Fender Jlniplemetits. 
pair .Antique Satsuma \ a>t s. with pUntha 18 inches high; OmnUi Dishi - 
and Vaaes, fine Old Kngliah convex Mirror in round gilt fr»in«: I'slm. 
Oil and Wstercolor Drswinga bjr Sidney Moore, K. K. Warren. Montsgur 
Smyth. V. MartincSo, E. M. \\ urpun.s, \\. Maccarcio, C OaviiUon, K. 
Hayes, Mary .'Simpson, Maurice F'liRh, K. K. Horklrtt, V\rl l(ai«, Goil 
and Simpson. \il\<t and I, air ( iiMams; ihrcr \cr>- h.iml.somtr Krrfiiati 
ahah Rugs, three Kasak Rugs. Sirvan Kug, Jaipurc Kuk. IK It x 8 ft . etc 

DININ'G-ROOM— Large Oak K.xfm.sion Tahle, IJ Oak Duifi* with 
leather .seats; small Walnut niiinrr Wag tail. Oak ( »f i aide. Over 
ftufted Leather Arm Chair, Bia>v Cnrair, Iron Fender and Irons, Bear 
Skin. Salad iU.v\ i. J antslui, i , .sund. Dinner Service, Hand- 
Paintrd Dessert Service, Tea and CVn ire ware, Tsblc snd other QImi- 
\sare. .^alad Plates. C laret Jug, t ..ppei Coffce RoSStcr, EI. Tositer, 
Bagdad C'iirtain«i, Ax. t arprt. Kasak Runner, etc. 

UBK.\RVMahot;any I.ilirary Talde with drawer; Oak Settee. I'aay 
Chairs, iipholsiprrd 111 leather, .\iali Or lal. If, I'p. Oc. Chair. Book 
case. Old Knglish Beaten Brass Kettle, Pr. Bronze Ivqueatrisn Statues. 
Bronze Jardiniere Stand; a quantity of Uook.<i. including the Works of 
Gibbons' "Rias mm4 KsU M the R«m»n Kmr«re," Srott s Norels, Martin 
Crawford, t hambers' Kncyclopaedia. etc.; Pictures, Curtains. Bear Skui, 
\S iltnn !\tig, etc. / 

^ ll\U. AND I.ANDINGS~Fi«r Old Grandfather Clock, by Etiis 
of Kseter, in mahoRany case after Mrpplrwhite; Oak Hall Tahle. Carved 
Chineae Hall Chair. 1 inhrella Stand. Barometer, very handsnmr Inlaid 
MahogSny Wardrobe after Sheraton; seven lar«c Ka.saW Kug*. etc. 

RKDROOMS— Mandaome Italian Brass Bed. with wings; SprinR and 
Hair Mattresses; nonSIr Beaai Bed with Spf^nK and Osternii..,r 
tresses; Twin Rras> Mnli, with Mattresses; Imn Brds .ind M»ttrrNM» 
Mahogany niirraiis. \S ash«iaiids, ( Inf tuniri s. liressinR T ,i!ilr*, Mrdinnni 
( h.iirs, Urdside T.iMe, Ivory I'.n I.ady s Desk. Kl. Keadinu Lamps, Fire 
piiard handsonu laipure Riir, I J ft. x 9 ft.; Kasak, Shirvan and other 
Oriental Rugs; Wilton and Axminiler Carpets; Curtains, Pictufts, Bn^ s 
splendid lot of Witney BIsnketa. 

KITCIIKV AM) ft \S KM K\T— Kitchen Comfort, Kitchen^Tahles 
and Chairs, a well equippe,| l irnic Basket (or six persona; Cooking 
Utensils, Coffee Grinder. Miooniv M .ps Koysl Vscuuni Cleaner Bird 
Cage. Uwn Mow^. Garden Roller, by Ranaome. of England; Hoae 
Garden Seat. Vise, Garden Tools. Lino, and other goods too numerous 
to mention 

On view all day 1'ueaday from ten oclock. 

Takt the Foul Bay car to the Terminus and walk to Crgscent Road. 
For further particulars appiy to Th* A«ctiOM«r, 


nd 411 tqrwBTd BvUdinff 


i Bala Ma. IMS: 

,NK of th'* TTtoet profl ui-i i\ fi\iYne en ! 
Vancouver laland 74 acres In crop 

Oaad karn. twa allaa Parmkaaaa. Pitll par 
tiealars fram 


Baal Batata aad laaaranca Agenta 
«M Part BlrMt. at Broad 


Tendere will be received by the under- 
signed up to Wedaeaday wiaralag. July tl, 
for painting achoola tiabar aalyl, Speeiriea- 
Mon* may ka agaared aa aniifaatlM. The 
lowed ar aay taaSer aat BaaaaMtUp ac- 

P. U BAWUNA Baap. 
Kayal Oak. B.C. ^ 



All aharehnldere of the above-mentioned 
company claiming ti he entitled In ahere |g 
a propoaed dielribuilon uf the itserte thereof 
are hereby required to furniah tu the under- 
algnad, ea ar betare Ike SIrd day o( Aaaaat. 
1114, partlealars of Ike sharM keld by tbam 

reepect Ively. and the amounta paid thereon, 
verlflerl by elalufory fir, inrat lon. 

And notice la herebr given that after the 
aaid lird day of Auguat. n:'t the aaaeta 
of Ibe above company will hr <iiairibttted 
amang tha peraone entitled thereto, ha^ng 
regard only to the rialma partlculara and 
proof nf whick aball have been furnlabed aa 
alaraaaM. , ^UjaS 


Secretary pro taai. 
••• Pa a ttar t a a BIdg.. Vlatarta. IkC 

rnmcr or nixsoLt'TIOM OV 


Notice 4a hereby given that the partner- 
ahlB baalaeee hithorta carried ea by the 
underaigaad aadar the Arm name of neymour 
a Morrta Oaagea. EkC, haa thle day l>eeo 
diaaolved by roiNBal roneent 

All aeeeanta dua to the aald partn*rahlp 
will be paid to the underngned. Wilfred 
Henry Seymour, who la rontanuing the aaid 
btMnaaa, and by wham all meaeya due by 
tka aald rirai wt« Sa »aM. 

Dated at Oaagait BV., tkia ttad day of 
Jaly, I IN. 

SRAI.BD TKNnKR.^ will be 
an addition and aiteratlona to II 
land (leneral Hoapital up llll noon, Satarday, 
Jaly ai, for whic h plana an I apeelllaallaaa 
ean be greeared al my raatdaaee. 
Tka lawaal ar aap iasda r aat saaasHMtly 

gaaretary CaaskarlasiS Hsagl t at. 
Marppart Avaaaa. Cagikarlasi. B.C 

phoneV i 

1524 , 

Duly initructed by C n Walsh, Esq., will sell by 

Public Auction 

.\t his residence, 1729 Otk Bty Apcttne. corner of Beverley Plafg. ocxt 
to Rockland Avenue, 

At 2 o'clock on Monday, July 26 

tbc whole of his 

Household Furniture and 



Including Handsome Uining Room Suite, consisting of Circular Ex. 
Table, six Diners and Sideboard, Burr Walnut Bookcase with glazed 
doors; fine Old English Burr Walnut Desk and Bookrase romhinrd 
Overmantel. Pansisn Mantel Clock, Old English Screen. Floor Lamp. 
«. arVed Oak Stool, I 'p. Arm Chair*. S..fjs. Ri„ kerv Coii< hes. t omlnna 
tion Chair and Bedstead, ti;) in solid l.-athcr. RrvolviiiK Chairs, Bamboo 
BfKiUshrlvr., and Books, I'u tures. F.ngraviafis, < Irnaments. Portiere 
Curtains, Axminster and other Carpets. Blinds, "Charter Oak" Range 
Gas Range, Cooking L'lrnMls, Knchen Comfort, Chairs, Dinner Service,' 
Crockery, Aluminum and Enamclware, Uno, Meat Safe, Crocks, J«m 
Jars. Lawn Mower, Carpenter's and Garden Tools. Platform Scales. 
Hoie, Flower Poti, Wooden and Iron Bedsteads, Springs and Top Mat 
treases. Chests of Drawers, Bureau, Wardrobe. Chairs, Lady's Writinu 
Desk. Shavin;^ ( aliinef with .Mirror. He.,i-r«. I runks. Medicine Cabinet 
F.I. Vacuum Cleaner. Inlaid I.ino, Stair and Hall Carpet, Boy's Bicycle' 

TBNDBKS nCNDICnS win be ee<>e»teg fnr 
riumhing and H«aiinv Inatallallnnc at the 
f 'urTib*rland 'leneral llnaf«t«t up itii nrwtn. 
natarday. Jnly 41. fnr whtrh plana and 
agaeiScailaaa raa be graffared al a^r raal- 
deara. Tka loweat or aay taader aat liaaaa- 
aanlp aoaa st ed 

K n pn-K *nn. 

n*<re|«ry ('amberland H<»epltal 
Ma'TT>"r« Avenne, Ca.nberland. R ' 


Kacegt tonally gae d •«>e-raerTi hmg> 
faVy Mtadam. grlrate aad #'^*>4U| 
c a s a aa laat. oa lenwa ♦i>e*VU , 


atl Par4 N4r«w4 


Take the Oak Ray car to house, 

For further p.irtirnlars apply to Thg 

New Furniture 



410 and 411 Saywgrd BniHing; 


At t^rii >N i t i; - 

Inatnialad. wa will a^li ai our nMiea 
raemgi 7tT*7tt Pandora. Av««tM. •« 

WodiMtdBr, ls30 P.M. 

ALt« Twe jncm ouban 

Furniture and 


Of four dlffarent homaa. ramo^ad to 
'>ur rgowg for o w irg i itg— of gala, 
^rtloulapg off whiMi will mppmr 

lnfr»r * 

Algo to the iiiinilBt, mma «air. •* 
If o^alaclt 

Frttir A 111 r>mr,Ml#«, auott aa two f)veir- 
landa, mr»<1ei fwir: ona Chandtar, 
aasran paaacnger an4 a five pajokani 
OvapUtnd. Thag* earn ara ail In a»o4 
•rtfsr: tm4 mm mmI la* of Foukry. 
four fftlP f W fglftM <?lilo «ji H» 
>•! 0t DsoTS ajtd i^h. Rtr. 

McClox & Co.. 


^artlofMvra asMf A 
Hpoclallgta In High-Clagg fcIgS 
< ■ gU b ilgt»>1 fiver A CSBtHm ^ 

I htirRday at 1:30 PeMe 

In Our Auction Hsllg^ CorOgg rsndOTS 

Avanua aiHf ftlafMliaHl Slrggt 

Hiwehold Furniture and 

"'•i l vrtijr atirpliia furnlahlnre ' i "tjr 
arge, rieiwi. aanltary anioarooma, eaol 
well venlNated — wh«>r# yatir gUgig 
arg glMwtt t4» bast a4vanta««. 

#lMWg I4tl 
T,ivr>al»^k Sala ni MnrkH Igtartay At 

II a.m. aa %wiM!^-~iimm%. <|gaia. 




I Finance and Commerce 


lUtliM !)lir>» IVr((<v SupiM»r< — TrMUsf 

, NEW YOHK, July Sf.^TlM •tock 
trr«««lwrlr In tote/s tvMliiS. 
f MTtM o< bMO- MU«k% pMtScutorljr 
•f^laai ilM motvfn aad aom* e( tb« 

MlU4> In the «ltmln«tion of «om« 

WMlk •pe' ;.:,it n ,1. I , inl*. l.ut failed 
t9 Underriiiiif • !i. Ill 11, if I .••trurtur^. 

il!^ iiticwr 1 •..tiri ^.iiiport lhaii 
Inil u»' I l iin, u»e axerMKC of twenty 
IlfeO*' i'-^ '< B in that group •howtDH 
• 'Met nAiu of nMrty ba^f a point M 
tiM day. Southern Paelfle elOMd 
^ISrly two potata blgbor at IM l-l. 
CKtoral Motors c1om4 1-1 hlgbor at 
lH 1-S. MMk Truck* akovod a trae- 
•tlMal low kt 111 1-1. Hu4aoa 
cleood Boarly two pointa lowtr at 
1-1. Jordan rallied over two 
polntn to ?r, and (hen >i»M. il vlighily. 

Mont iif ih*- ritliT ntaiHlard m'luM- 
trlal« ilrrlln<-i|, I'nlti-d Htates St. - i 
'')mnnrin nhowing a not Qf < at 
wh]|^ the largo majority of 
net loMJi^H In that croup woro frac- 
tional <i«!riine« of 1 to S polnU. 
recorded by Amoriean Srooltinc. 
American Watorworiu. Dupont, Oon- 
«nu Kloetrle. Pullman and WoMinv- 
MtM Air Srakoo. <MllMtUa« those 
woto almllar calno In Aaotln Nichols. 
Brown Shoe, Davlaon Chomica), 
Foun(lHtl(,ri """ompHnv. Marino prf- 
ferred and Jones Hrothere Tea. 

Trading in today'ft hond tnarkft 
wax reatrlctad hy the abeence of 
m.iny trader* for an extended week- 
end holiday and the dlapooltion of 
Home larg* buyOM to await farther 
dovolopmo«ta In tho menoy market, 
but prieoo bold folatlvoly otoady. 

Fronob loauoo adraneod sii«htlp. 
whilo other foreign leonee ohowod 
narrow aad Ivfogular rhanirea. 

' ^ « bU ea<lwfi of wrellent Jiin*' f.'im- 
lnK« report* Imparled a firm iimler- 
tone to railroad llen.H. l>ut only n few 
lOOUOO were at all active New Hav*n 
t l-8"a of 1984 advanced over a pulnt 
lo a new high at 67 1-3 and 

Qrtat Mertborn 7'a improrod frac- 
tMlally oB a largor tiimo««r. 

AUto r-halmers 

AllieO rh«m 

Am. B«at flugar . , 
Am. Bnab Maf 

A"> '"an 

At- Cur a Kdr.. 
A ni I n 1 1 *"ortJL . . . 

Am. I.,n*«»<l 

Am. LK-omotlre .. 

Am. Hmaltera .... 

Afe Kdr ... 

A rrt . S 1 1 B « r 

A in ,s tj ,n T n b 

A m. T»l * T»l. . , 

Am. Tr»borro 

Am. Tobarr-o R. . . 

AM. Wooleaa 


Aetinur A 

MUnn,. iJulf 

A I ' h 1 »»n n , . , 

Haldwin \,t>ra 

■MllMore Aphie . 
wtntlellem Meel . . 

Ilrtfoklvn Manhat. 
<1«lif«rni/i Parh'g. . 

• 'altfo-nm Peta 
<'an. Parlflr 

< Vnlral l.'H I her 
O^rre Da P»a< o . . 
(.HanOlar pr<i 

tk a Ohio 
It. Waaler* . 
Mil. a ai. P. 
a NaHhweat 
R I a Pmt. . 
<ikryiil»r Molar ... 

<'a<o I'ala 

<'«il. Fuel a Ir«» . 
I'nlii^bU 4Jaa .... 

Cnnii. Ilaa 

f'oni <'Mn 

I onl. on .... 

< V>nt. Motor . 
I'ora Produole 

<'ee«an Oil 

rrweibia Sio«i 

Cuba Am. Diigar .. 

PavUion fhrni 

11*1 K a Weat 

l>oHa* Mrna 

Doda* liroa, pfa. . , , 
Dupont Powder . . . 

Bloc. Pow»r 
naglnaar <iolil 

Rflo . 

KrIO Kir, I ,,fd. ... 
V^amiiua ria > ira . . . 

Klah^r Hody 

KoiNtdalinn .... 
Ktelarhmann f'n. . . . 
'Janaral Anphall . . . 

'»«B. I'.l»'-lri. 

tWfl Mn'nra 

<;«n»rai Pelrnlaaiii 
';»»<Mlrlrh neW»er . . , 

l>r#al N.-irf t, I ir*. ,. 

• Jf'«' North pf'l . 

))f \v»M Sua 

i|«ilf .>^i(iti>, .steal . . 

HOuatnn OH 

Mewe Round 

Hedaon Mntffr 

(WIfnia reatral . . . 
imaeriai on 

I napir* 1 1 "tn ... 
I 111 I imh Knt . . . 
Int. I>l r . . . . 
Int. Mer Marine 
IM. Mar. Mar pid. . 
TM. NIrkel 

tot T»l * T.I . 
T^an < If r H'liii li . 
Kenn**""!' '"PPT .. 

1«lllah \alUy 

I,<ial"lan« on 

I<eula. a Naiih 

Maek Trii<-ii 
MMbatlan Rle<>. ... 

MaMand OH 

Mei l««aboar4 


Mlae Pa^lfir 

Mlaa Pa«v pfd 

Montana Pnwer 
M<jnl»nmerv Ward . 

Mo«n M ni or 


Motor Whoel 

Maali Mntnra 

NaMnnal niarnlt . . . 
NVtl. raah Mea . . . 
Nail Dalrv Prod 
National I '"'I 
NOI*"ll» A Ueol... 
reortli Am»i-i.,a ... 
NOrlhern l'«<-(fle ., 

• • f • < 

Mjr. ('antral 

iM.. N.n. a 
rfj^.. Onl. a 











:n ! 












. Ill 






f.7 « 


>i ; 4 


1 « 4 

H I 



1 4t 1 

. it* 

1 m 

1 M 

. 114 

1 1 4 

1 1 4 

. t»-« 


;i 1 

. 4»-t 




1 1 

1 4 

. 1* 



. lit 

III .' 


. !•« 

104 4 


. f«-l 




40 1 

. 47- 1 


• 7 

. 114 

11 : 


. .1J 



1 .',4 

I . » ( 


1 n 

1 It 


«: 4 


. IIT-T 



. II 









. .11-4 

30 4 

11 4 

. 1»3^T 



. 40 




no ; 

KA 7 

. us 7 



74 % 

71 « 


, 2»-l 

20- I 

20 1 

. l»-t 


It- J 





IS 4 


. TO 



. »l-4 

"IS •< 



14 1 





. 14 















<n 4 



i:i 4 



. lt-4 



. IT 
. 41 


. IT-S 

«4- 1 


. tt»-4 

nil 4 


. II* 

1 ?4 4 


«4 : 


«l 1 


47 4 




II 1 

, !»-» 





74 « 

. »l T 

tl 4 

th 7 

. 7II-J 


*n 2 

«1 • 

• ; 4 


1« 4 

1' 4 

. %\ 


t4 7 

. Ill 

I ;« 

1 -.'I 

I* < 


. !?■ • 



:, t 

H 1 

14 * 

.•; 4 ■! 

3 4 r. 

» 2 

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. 4 



. i;s « 

I :? 1 


41 < 

41 « 

41 « 

^.1 ( 


11 4 







. I3J-1 

l;'7 1 

l.'7 1 



112 4 

7* 1 

74 J 

7 4 2 

tl 1 

„7 S 



7 1 

7 4 

II 4 

1 1 4 

1 1 i 

. 11 T 


3 1 2 







«t 4 

* ■: 7 

« , 1 

. I« 7 


J', 1 




. :« 



. II 4 


ir. 1 

. lt-3 

• 7-4 

*» 2 



42 7 


«) « 

>i| « 

1 «« » 

M' 1 

144 « 

I4« 4 

1 4« « 

1 4A-4 

*• : 

4* 4 

f 0-J 

. 71 

Tl 1 


. tt4-T 






»» « 






■ m 

■1 « ■ 


K\:y. V.thK luty 14 Korelgn •« 
I liana*." .n (;*ni» 

I ranta- l 44 . cobira I4»'» 
rialy— |.UV«. eaaiao S.MI*. 
HrlalMni- - 1 44 
I »rni«n y 11.14. 
Ilollan,! 10 tl. 
'. -.1 » • > J I 0* 

I > 


Hwitsarland— llll.t*. 

Baala— li.ft. 


p.. I 

n't Mil 

ii. M »aKla— !.»«. 
1 IS. 

I >,( , 

\ii»lii« I*!. J 
A I aan 1 1 i;a to ^7. 
Urasll— Ik 31. 
Tokle — 4T.M. 
Moatroal— IN.1M. 

irrsBiiM t\<iMNf;r 

NEW rORK - :i .-i'.rllna «I \ 

okaaao ataaj0> i<«man<l 414 1-14, ( 

•aMM Ul t-T<: ••<.«ar MUe eo baaiia ( 

.At VIetpeta i 

Boytog «tl«j aeifiat 4tt%. S 

Pacific on 

Pan. Anirr i' mn 

Pan A tiir I LI a II B 

TV ri n n > 1 va II In K B. «.■• 

Pviiplev Gaa 

),',• Marqaalta ...... 

Hoadtag Coal , . . 

I i.i;iipa Palo 

I'ltnr Arrow 

Produrara A Bot 

Pullman Co 

Pnro Oil 


Ball, aieol apring 

Bay Coaa 


Bap. Iron A Btool .... 

Boyal Daleb 

Savaao Ario« 


itanra Bookuok 

j-lifli. rnli.n 

.^i I,- !« .1 , ■inn 

ftoulhfrn I'ai.. 

Koiiiharn HatWvay 

Miajidard Uaa 

Hiandard OH <'al 

Mlandard Oil. .N' J 

Standard Oil. N Y 

htaiidurd on, Ind . ... 

.''If wart Warnar 

Ht. l^ttia A a. Fraa . . . 

HiroHibora CarO. 

Kt odabakor . • • • 

siuia Motor 

Tannraaao CeppOr 

Tunaa <*0 

-t'««a« (iulf Nulpliur ... 
T"«»a Pacini' R R . • . 
•I . « Par f . A O 

riniWan Roller 

T.ihatVo Prod 

1 ob»' ro I'rod. A 

1 r ,ir.»< on' 'in 

Lnion Patllii: 

.,a. Caat 1. Pipo...... 

[r.M. ind. Alee 

V 14, Bubkor 

\- n. maai 

Inlvaraal Pipe 



V^ratrrn I'nlon 

>A>«l»rn PaeKIS 
Weadna RIOC. ...«•••• 

\A Im •■ Mol or 

VS 111) a-' '> 'rlan'! ....... 

■Wllljro-Ovar. ptd 


Worth. PUBio 

Y'galon 8*. A Tu 



^^•^ -* 





70 7 


42 4 


111 4 

121 4 







. 4* 

Jl 1 








1 7 4- 

2« - 


;t 1 

44- 1 


4 4 .' 



04- - 









































32 7 







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41 1 














14 1 






41 « 



It « 



50 4 

• I 4 


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147 « 



1«» « 


14* < 

12 * 


4 2-1 



44 1 






14 4 



.It 1 

7 V 7 

72 -T 

141 ( 

111 4 

1 tn 4 





















11 2 






A'-ln'> <'r>«l 


I ln-i-ker Cab .... 

Iiiirant Dot 


M III /. 

Tnli Pro'l Kx 
I n I'roflt Hhar 
I'll Retail I'anily 
t'lilaa Merv. Com. 
< illea l»err., l-t'l . • 
I'llloa Horv.. Bkra. 

Am. Oaa 

L.oblgh Pow. Boeo, , 



In! I'eie 

Marl Mox 

Meiiro Oil ....... 

rn>nt i on 

Penaoola 04I 

Bran Ceaa ...... 


Salt 4'r. Prod. 

a • o O 
» e a e a 

Jtall <> 
rir. ... 
Mu. . . . 


t • • 

A rla. Qloba 
nfflla A Waat 
Cal ^eroBM .. 

rona Coyr. . . 



Kurrka ..... 


Hoi linger . . . . 
4. V Daval. , 
Karr Lake ... 
Maaon Vallajr 
v*h I n I 'nppar . 
■|><l< Hiivbra 
lin. Kaalern . . 
Vn. Vertf* Bs. 
Wayne Cual .. 




.41 •« 






20 W 



.14 4 









.11 -% 
.01 N 






OH 14 
.01 <■% 




















Calgary Oil Stocks 

laoMiioa br B. r ciark a c«, 
_ direet petfoto w|>ot 

Mrt.eod Nrt. J wge keobod «n to iba 

rtoyaiiix rninpanv'a faa llnaa reaorday bnd 

iho frr,. nji«,,n,.- h,* na .yfrnrtad In a 
^'.par.i'or \n ., [i''*iiT\a'ion «f lha yield 
win priaalhty h» known ll.« mnrnlna, but 
mora probably lha teal will bavo lo b* 
rarrled on iwaniy-foor hnora llllnnia 
Alboria I" tnaklna rood haadw-iv in lli>- 
remtnl anil nhoul l t>f ihrnugli H tlii.i morn 
In* Vulran drlHara ware allll (lalWag for 

<h* leet artillag atrtag loei nigbi. Tito gab 
• na leola dreoged havo bona reeovared. 

Big « Aakrd 

Alhrria Paolfle I'nna 


Rrlilah r>omlli4oa 

niai k niamond 

Rl« I'hiaf 



ralt»r^ P'lreleoiM 

ftallioiiai,- . . . f ^ 

<lr*at W«at \ 

iilinola Alborta , 



Mi<l »aa' 

Moop. viAuntata 

Mil ' 1 1 V 

M. l>ouaal .-^agtir now 

Roae on 

Wanal Mill ,iO .40 

Tnrner Valley .«« 

Voleaa 4.w 4.ri 




a io 





1 21 
I 31 
I 34 


14 no 
1 21 



• 8% First Mortgages • 

• Poryouf unmvestcd funds. Thev arc sound and 5u:c .^rruritics. 

■ \Vc sliall hv pteMtd if yott will makt of our Mortfage ■ 
p Department. ^ 


62S F©rt Stmt PhMM 318 

A n <^ T f ? A I 




• •0O<K>.00'^0O 

«< ■.' ,n o no 

I'Nav (lalaoai, and I/OnAiO. T>ia 

B^inn'M ^ -^1 
n m o w • a 

oaofttic OTnaaT. avanav 



New trop Futures tialn (>*rr Two 
OOala and .Short ( otrrlng Ijlfta 
Winnipeg ijiioiutluMa 

WiNNI^VQ. July 24. — Although 
whoat loat t aMt Bftar apaalaa nkout 
4 cent blfkor. ovta« to tha daoUiod 

uneaalneoa In Chl«aao. prifliao aradu- 

ally .idvanred. the n«-w crop futures 
fUdfiiiK of 1' H renin Wheat 

. I'.isr-d IH I" '.' 't» < ont."» hlglirr with 
July 157. Oclotier 144 und Deoern- 
ber 141%. 

offerlaan waro again very light and 
buying ordara pradominatad. moatly in 
tbo way of abort oovorlag, duo to tbo 
return of warm woathor-'la tl^o Cbaai- 
dian Weat. 

A little easier tendenry waa (tin- 
played In the inu'-r irrHiriH ilitiri^ 
early trajUng, but bet-aine Urnt iii'' 
In nympatbr Vltil til*' BlPMiatb < f 

In caab whoat. No. 1 Northern 
cloeed % cent blgber, or t% oonta 
oTor tbo July option, wblla No. 
NortJiarB sained 'i cent. 




Dee . . 









Jaly ; . 

Oct. .^a. ..«.•, 







4* . 






I 44 U 

4» •» 
4> ^fe 

44 M 





144 >« 

141 hk 



41 U 






41 Ha 


e2 i^b 


|»7 11*44 

1*4 1*4V4 

194 141 

lt«K 1*1 

llltb ii&b 
tll« >it%* 
ail%a SllHb 

104 I*4Sb 
103 101b 
1*4 l*4b 

Whoat — 1 nor., lltH: > "or- 
164H: > nor., Ut: No. 4. 141; No. 1. 
129 No. «. llSla: feed. track, 
157Vi; acrecnlnga, |3 a ton. 

Oam- 2 cw , 80S: 3 ••w.. 4«»i; 
extr.i 1 ferd. 46%; 1 feod. 44 H . 2 feed, 
•41%, rejected, 19%. track, &0>, 

Barley— 3 CW., •3H; 4 cw.. «2"4. 
rejected, 10%; food, i9%: track, tt\. 

Fl4ut — I nwc. tl6i S cw., 311: * ew.. 
Ill: rojactod. IIS: track. 111. 

Rya—S ew., 104 M. 



n C. Hlloar 

2 •• 


r>iin«r»ll MInaa 


1 40 

niainr 'rrcU 






2 4'» 

• ilranrr 



3* 00 

33 00 

Howe Knund 



Indopondtnre Uold 



Indian MInaa 


Inlarnatlonal Coal 

1 b 

1 4 

I... A I. Olaclor 

. 1 

Idikevlaw .„ .4.<. 





I.u, k). Jim 




. 1 li 

Marmot M^lala 


Maalran Promlor ........ 



National gjlver 


n»rlor Idaho ^ 

Premier Oeid 


3 10 





Buaacll 4.'r««k 

















. . 



n.r. Montana 



PC Parman^ni Loan 

1 1 n 111 

HC Klocirl. I' ti (i 


■i 0 4 Iji) 

too ailvtratnltii ai .4*. i.oto siivaromiHi 
at .4*. tta fllvormiHb al .4*. !.*«• Uolti 
emJib at .14k. I4» neawaii at i.ti. 


laupgllod by B. P. Clarb A Co.. Ud.) 
(All rraetloaa in Uigblba) 

■ Id 


. 73 1 

Allantlr Sugar 

. . a 

. 24 7 

Bell Taiephono 

Rrailllalf Trao «... 


. 1141 


. 1* 7 

Hrompton Paper 

. tl-4 

< 'a« Crmeni, i om ^ 


. It* 

Can ' >in»n' pf'l . . 

. 111-4 

'"•n. I'ar |. il . . .m 

. 37 

Can. 4. ar k'di . pfd 

79 1 

''on H M.. eom 


14 -, 

' on ^« N , pfd 

71 1 

fan 1 -lit on a 

. 114 

'in 1 on t arlara 


Cnnn M A .S 

. 311 

P'.' M i'l»» 


1 < , 1 N Ha 

• 7 4 

1 loin T»»« ll» . 

. »: 4 

Howard Kmilh 


1. of Wernt,) Mlg 

. 143 4 

I.a4iran> Id'' ' > 

Markay < " 

. 11* 

Montreal I'xwer 

. 337-4 

,S'ailonal Braworleo 


. (1 

Ontario .tloal 


Oaiivia Mia f'o 


iitiawa Pow^r 


Panma n« 1 ,id , . , 


. 140 

s 1 n w 1 r 11 J n 

>*. ..•...!* 

. Ill 

.Sp.i M , Il Ft 1 \ » ' Pulp . . . 

• ..,•■..»•• 

II 7 

.^panlah Rivar Pulp. p(«t . 

. 110 

^••al ot 4'bb 

lot 4 

Twin CHy Klor 

■ . , ■ 


Hint k I 'sr hanin 


VA.Vt^OUVBB. J«ly 14 
li'ina ea Ike Vanrouver 


B4' Silver 





Ilowa nnurid, ei.div 


Indian Minaa 

r. a I. 

I.4ieky. Jam 

l.«adamttH ...■•>.,•.••.. 

Marwiol Motala 


Port ar - Idaho 



Hilv .-r Craat 


Surf Tnlat, at-dlv. 


Trojaa Oil 

Aibabaaaa /, 

nc Montana 

Rriiiah Pairoloom 

Maple laoaf 

8 1". Partn Leaa 

».r. Tal . pfd 

B.r. Tot. com. 
Orogery Tira and Bobber 
dilM— 1.400 llladelona at 
lae at .13, I 0*0 kiallenal 
B.C. ailver at t agi iH at 



3 40 


1 14 

1 .St 




tl •« 


31 00 

. .tl 



1 4 




•7 ta 


3 13 

3 tl 




» 12 

. liO 



•3 '4 

• • 


.*• 1-14 




Itl t* 


144 t* 



gil\er at .1*. 4,01 

t.*ti lia at I o.<. 

Spokane Stocks 

i^em Nortbweel 



4brwigh m. p. 

OaMio * Co,} 

~ J 




Anibarfrla *»..»..... 




• 'aia.lonla 


CailaKan Slae-Load 



Oladalana MoiMilola 



1 ioldanilt h ...... 


He.- la 

• f 0 0 

].4.adBmil h ......... 

• a « o 

I.ui ky Jim 

« a • • 



Marah 4 -ana 

> • • a 


• 3(4 

Pramler Uoid 

3 •• 

3 14 

Rlihmon-I <?eaa ... 


gh«rman ljm4 ...... 





Standard ...>.t 

1 J 


• • e • 






Tamarark . 



Waarera UniiMi . . 



Dmr it 

iRnt»»iled by a P riarh a Co.. Ud.| 
4* boado. Idk^t; m iff. 
30 indaatftala lU.O: •« .lb. 

BmiftmU Lawyer ot 

T9rmUo^J*m§§m Om 

Kmlneni lawj'er and former partner 
of the late Sir William Mere43ith. 
former Chief Jtiatlco of Ontario, who 
dlod in Tbr<Mito laat waafc. Ho waa 
ravardad IkroiMdMMit tha Di Wln lon 
aa 4 laaiiav -aatlMHtr la 

Winnipeg Gcain 

(8upplia4 by B. P. Clark A Co.. Ltd.) 

WINNIPSO, JtHy 14. Whoat:, 
Opoalng prioaa wab.AboiK %a blgbor 
tbla moralng, but aalck^ Mlf!F# 

of about 1c on decided oa.<*<no4«rat Chi- 

cnK", I, i ■ ' I ilt'Ctlnr w.ia onl\' lem 
porary, .m p.';ies rrji inl .md uradi) 
ally cliiiil,«-i| ui'watil ;iii,ii!\ ' losing at 
tl,<» top. hh 'WlnK K'liOH il ; 1 i' 

l\ for .llily and 2 V» f i 'In r<-\K . I p 

futurew. Ofterlngu wer<- aitain vrv 
light, and buying ordern predtunlnuied 
largoly la tbo way of ptMrt Aovaring 
and o^aalat up ovor tha w$0k, and 
dua ta tba ratitm ot warm waathar la 
tba Caaadlaa Waat. with tamparatvro 
ruaalag from |0 to II dagrooa and no 
molaturo reported at any point. 
Thoro woro aloe further report* of 
black otem mat from Southern Mani- 
toba, all of whl'.h made the nhoriM 
nervo'is Thr ■?\r.ither forecast for 
the wi»k IS for iiionlly fuir und warm, 
with probably u few sci' '- • ! howcs 
In Saakatchewan and a ^ 
do not get rain over the nrrk rnd 
there will probably be further reports 
of damage /rom drought and boat nest 
week. There waa a Uttja btiylnr of 
July wbaat by a aa b aa r C bat volume 
amall. Uvorpaol eleaod l% lower, 
about aa ozpoetod. There waa a fair 
dem'kjid for caah wheat, largely from 
T' ■ Mer,. i,u\ nrrerlnga were very acarca, 
odd '-am coming out from farmer 
h'lMer.-* The t o i'ip ^radfa Improved 
their prrrnnini> ntxiut U c. No. I 
.Northern .vxllmc .i' ~ \ over ..lui'. 
price (ithor cradca w« i'- unchannod 
H;xportrr.s Hiated liiialnon.i waa very 
dull wMh them. The market la now 
a weather propooltlOB, and If unfavor- 
able, abarp adtranooa may bo looked 

('oarno Oralne: <i:it'4 ,md rye were a 
liltle easier during' 4-.irly p.irt of day. 
liul turned hilronu iin'l clo.srd at thi- 
lop In t-ynipalh\ with !iilvan'-o in 
wh4^al. I >nl,s showed RJlins to 
IHc for the July and U4tober. whlW 
rye closed Ic to 3%c up. Harley mar 
ket wan Hrm. wl^h final figures Vic to 
ic up. Trade light la all gralr.s. 

riax mado furtbor galaa, cloalng 
from tc to 2 lie «p. Undortaao firm 
but trado net largo. • 


Chicago Grain | 

(BtioaUad by ».& Bead Cerga-. ^A) 

rmCAGO, July 14- — ^Whoat waa 

enaier early on perslatoBt comml.wlon 

h"u««> MelUng nnd also local pr.--4!4iir" 
luit J\n oxpr-aold condition developed 
l.iier and a t)iilKe of mound .1 cents 
from the inaide fiRure.^ followed Sep 

tamber at the low I'oini -iiowci h'-» 
centa undor the high on Monday, and 
while egpoctallona were for a beaxlah 
alatlatloal eondUlon on Monday. 
rovtlBO nowa had little effect and 
valaaa aurtad apward.' fltreagtb in 
MlBBoapolla and proapocta for a 
warm wave In Canada with dry 
weather had rnnslderable Influonco, 
.md more than offnet thO liberal 
niovemenlK. Kans,i>* City receipts of 
1,108 cars set a new r''"rd f^r onc 
day. Hedging presinure was .««-nt 
In December. Trade inokw for large 
primary arrivals Monday and also 
good Increnf*^ in visible. Kxporf de- 
ntand at seaboard glow, but Uulf ex- 
porters were reported aa goad buyers 
In tlouthweat. Corn waa lower at tho 
start en aeattorod ralna In 'Nebraaka 
and Iowa but later there waa good 
buying on di^ weather In Kansas 
nnd Illinois, and the market advanced 
f.h.Trply to well above "yesterday's 

W beat — 



I »r • . 

I ntn — 









boo. ....... 

1 'pen 

114 44 

113 V 

141 •» 


1 43S 

1 41 •« 

1 44 













44 44 

101 '4 






ConMolidated MUUng 
PntU§ for Six Mvkkt 
Given mU^M7 

M0NTI{I;AI,. Iijlv 2i l-^HtlmnTd 
profits of 4 "onsol ida t • d Mining and 
Hnielting 4'onipany of Canada. 
Umlted, for the iiret alx months of 
1124, were 16,431.237.44, according to 
an announcement by the company 
thta morning. Theaa are gtvaa after 
deduttlena for deptotlea, doprociatlon, 
I ontingent accouBt and taxca en tho 
PaNiM of last year's atatement and 
after deducting 3477,144.011 for ad- 
flllion to property thrniigh profit and 
|i>a!4 I'onipwied in the a.mie way the 
profits for the Oral fix rDonthe of laat 
year, 191' wore 1 7. » to 7 ♦> :i 4 .1 after 
dodaetlng 1 1.327,7 23. •* for addition 
to p gaparty through profH and loas. 


, s II [ ' ' ' . I I' ("lark a i°a . I.ld ) 
\lelar« loan .^'-i^fc — Toi P>ea 
Inlora.' "'• ""r Sail 

1»37. lal I ..' - . ■ I - 100 H 101 14 

iMt. 104 Mayand .Nor 1*4 II 

INT. Isl Jnao oitO Deo let-tO 

War IMM. PkOe 

Mtt. 1a< April and 4 >. t ... laAta 

\tn I.I M.r and .HrpI ... | 
tPayahl. New fork) 

\irlory i.oan. 

Itt7. lot May and Nov 
Ittt. lot May and No4r. 
ltS4. lo( May an)* !«ee. 

let It 

lot M 

.. i** i* 

.. m.H 

and :^e» 101 M 

fkomlailMt laOMi 
IfM lllh April and Oel .4% •« 74 
1)41 lltk April and 0-4 . lOi il 

IttO. la4 Mar oa« geol . 4 , tk in 
1144, iitb Ape. aad Oel.. 4<,', >t •< 
iiti. lot P'b aad Ana 4< n n 

AM ee'ruod iaiorvol te ,|at. 

liirt. i»t7. If ' 

t*l t* 


laf N 

10- . 

>4 la 
>4 40 
»% ltt.4* 

7*1 r>*' UOO 
1I37. l*;- It21. Ifll. 44 a.T«"^l<'44 per 

Ittt. 1*43. 1*0 day*. 1 170 per |IH. 

taaa. las aara uut got iioa 


C Wholesale Row 
w^as^e. ■^^e^e.e^% „ ^^^Ma,' mm^^ft^mt 

Iftovtaad Joly ll. IUa> 


Prooh Extraa doa 
proah riraca. «oa 
PvUola. Katraa. doa. 


Baal, larlaaa 
Printa. No I 
L>a.lry aollda 
Dairy prinla 


a C lorn*, lb. ......... . .ao. a*ee« .4^ 

nc twiaa, lb. .«..*«•«•••. e^e.a***, 

B.C iTiplota lb. •••a. .« 

Alberta ooIMUl rb. ....oa.....* 

Albaeia •iiMoaa. lb 

CKMaMo sollte la. now.^M: ■stout 
Ualarto iwloaw lb., maw. .ill4: aaatorad 
Ontario trloloi^ lb. now. t«; oaatwaa 
OntorW aukoaA aopc mab^ lb. 

Pur« L^rd- 







• I 

17 *a 


tl l« I 

Tiarooo btkola por lb n't 

caiapoaa**— Ttofooo iaala gat ia>*... II 

■••■a. "•»• »nP % ......aaaaoaaa** M 

Boooa sreoo. gSS IBk .a.. aa aoaoaa M-P- 

Ba«ta. n«w. par aaab .l lO 

Cwcumkar. holhouao. Mo. 1 100 

Cucumbar bathotiao, No^ | I 40 

Cabbaga. par lb SO 01 

Carrola, n«» per >a«B ............... 1.** 

(.aallflow.r. Jul «... t.aa I** 

4'alary. 4inporlad. doa. t *• 

i-ettgee, bead atl i t* 

Onlono 1 00 

Paraaipa. por aaek )>i i' 

Poiaiaaa. dr* boit. ooatA gog aaa^ .. u t 

Mbukarb ■*................ ..m .a. ... 04 

Ir mataoOb hOtaoagB'* 

.Ns 1. par eM. 4.** 

No. I 1.1* 

Me. I to* 

Ttimlpa per aa' k 1.4* 

C^rapefruii Klurula M.P. 

lirsp.liuu Cal. Ill 
^rvan Papportw 1^ ...)a.....aeaaao... 


Applaa — 

WInaaaPS ... 

nanaaaa crala 

I4!»'-k C'lrranlB 
''an(i.ii>.jp«a. 4 & a 
C'berMaa, ctaloa . 

a iisibi i i i f 

' i r a pa a 

a*. A**.. .S.aea*^ ■ • 



*•.*....•.•... . - - 

I............ 4 00 

I.. .....«.»•• t.ll 

. ..••••••••a.a* . .* .a 


l.',d«oli»irlr. ..J 

r»«rlie» S^jVaaa... 
I'an I a. H. ' I .'Ua . 

I'luma, crate 



wgtaraMlgn, lb. ....f 


I o t • a 





4 40 

1 74 

. aa 

1 44 

I 40 

1 40 

3 14 

4 00 
1 40 




Baat. .No. 1 iitaaro 14 

taaaab ............... •..a... ....... . .1* 

l.ard «St W aOd .14 

Voal a . a .................. a . a .lY .It 

Baooa .......................... .44 .11 

Mol loa ............................. . 19 

H ania ............... ........... .It .41 

CplcboaO ................ a . a a . a . . .tg .tt 

Petri aa.aa...«»a«»aa.aa.».a..«a.^ .M alt 

Pe(B aieaoaaaaae. aaf a*aaatf.a«aa«aaaaa 44 


Whilo. par hun'ired 

TeMow. per hunnia i 


. 4.M 

' m^mtfm* laga 



Bat Mp yaa aaaaoaoaaaanoaooaoae H I* Ko a* 
Or. BalVIP fmm9»»mm»»9 1 " 

OeSa ... ^j... .aaaaaoooaaaoaaaa I*** 40.00 

Craebad Osni ...aa.aa.aaaaaoa Afa 4a#* 

paad Coeni— I oeaaaeaeovooana t.Ta it*i 

Oa'a 110 40 04 

. • f I " 'lag >l* 4l0t 

Sera lob yood ................ 1.7* 41. 

POSa W g j|^aS |^ a»f ooeaaan iiOM (49 

Mat sol aaa miaa a««»a.amn atW aa** 


^ r. f n f aba ..... 

I'uruy . 

tt a K rioor . 

|rt*o Boom 
Maglo L«a( .. 
Hoyal aiaodarg 

II 14 

>l 14* 

.r. 141 

' •••m»»m^m^9m^w9»m* I 41 
• « « I oa ana oaoooaaao . . t 'I 
. .aooaaaaaaoooaaaaa* ^^fl 

Boyal UoaooboM ...aaaaoaaaooaoaa.aa Att 
14. A H- 4*O04ry ....a.aa.aaaaaaaaaaa. A4# 
WbOla arbeat ...•.^..aa...aaaa.aa 

Qaaker Ptoar. gor bbi — 1AM 


Reuil Prices 

(Kovlaed 4«lr St, Itit) 

B.C. ^rooB flataaa .aa.a.ea.e«..aaao9 

B.C. Pirets a .. a a .....•*...... ...aoae 


t^ai bothooe* TOMateoa por lb. . . . . 
Naw t'otaioea. t iba, fer 

Corn, doaan • • 

call'**'"'" ' *'^'*** gor pooca 

artiabokaa ■ >»-j_ oaab .a.. 

Conlaloupea. .a>h i». 

ijabooso. eacat •■••.a«.... 

i*aiary. bead . 

■ — - 

Corn, doaan 
k.a»>«'»'" " 


■ •a lory. ■••«• la 

Cuiuinbora freah *oeh .. .11. .t* aad 

uDiooa. pickMoa. 4 Iba tor ^ 

Oooaobarrlaa " if>- of 

lirooa "»'-"•• bnaoa aooaoooo .E 

MAM^AVa toMB<^ tl ' a a • e a - -ITf »■■■■■ ^a 


traai.. fraah. 4 Iba for 

I-o?aii»-»- ' '»* - 

peialooo. tooa^.^ M'^.aaoli 

j.Otateb*f"**!!tJLBS ooaoaaaa^ 

^■a^MMMflML VWBW^^^W oeooooeao 











■BATTLX. Jttly 34 -Wheat futurco 

Ootn High TaOW r>laoa 

Jaly 111^4 >3« 134 134 

«ep4 ill II* 111 114 

Da< 117(4 I'l OIU 

t'ash blMlg: No. 1. SM'-ked to arrive 
Big Bond Dgrk .Northern Hprlng. Big 
Bond Bluootam. 141; Soft White, 
weatarn White. 149: Big Band Dark 
Hard Winter,, 111: Nerthara Bp^ng. 
1311 i|ar4 Wlatac ill; Wagtara Itod. 



Isigortof* of 

Antiques ind Works sf Arl 

|U*-11-1' Pne* ■* and 111 Oooglao 04. 

PARIS. Julv :4 While lb, Pmjree 
wa.s rioaed today, the franc ahnwed 
■toady Improvement on unofficial 
quotations. At I o'clock It waa tiuotod 
at 41.71 to tho dolk^ and 144 to tho 
pound atorllnB. aa aaalnat laat alvht's 
official eloalag of 4t.lT and Sai t& 
respectively. At 14 o'clock tho quot^ 
tlons were 41 3 to the dollar and 200 
to the pound At 11 o.lock. 10 87 
and Its 76. at noon. 40 9 1 and 19f. 

LONDON, July 34.— neoplto a cer- 
tain amount of llquldatlea. atook 
marketa througbtmt the weak main- 
tained a Arm front. Bualnaaa waa dis- 
tinctly quiet, hawaver, with the hni|. 
day snason slmoot at Its hnlghi. The 
week'.a > arled changen a.t I'arin la ere 
viewed on Ihn local r>>' hangca almost 
with IndllTernnre 

The useful lull, no 'ar 
aa new laouea are cononrnod. 1* here, 
although one Important oaoeptlon is 
i\n espootad Hungarian loan, pomlhly 
amountlnf to tare milllaa etarlla^ in 
7 H per eaat baada at a petal ar tare 
balaw far^ . 


NEW TOItK, July 34.— Bar Oliver 
11%. MaBleaB'«a«ara 4f||. 

.M Ixtndoft 
IX).NDO.N", -luly 24. --Bar sliver 
2t^d par ouneo. 


LfiVrxiN July 24 Money 3', r>er 
cent. Diacount rates Hbort bills 4 '.« 
to 4 3-14 per rent, three maai l i r %llla 
4 «4 to 4 1-14 per cant. 

RooU of ^ ' ' inee 

The wookty erop report of the Bank 
•f Matttraa l atataa that in BrMak'^' C4>. 
iMMMa a haavp srIaM af gtala la as- 
pootod HiweottaB af aata haa aaai« 
meaoed. Tlie graaalMBBaP plg f aa to 

Sound Investment 

44 K OrTKK 

naeaa OOat. op CANAOA guar rsnalian T >'>4 
NatlMal Ballway 1%. dtM 1*14. at 11*1** 4 41% 

11 aaaraa laieAMO TVQ a BAROB CO. LTD. 
1% Caaa. Ptabaoad Black a' tioo o* t% 


(ootrmi Bide. \ trtorta. Hi'. And at tonroater. B-C. 

I.n.bari k hi, a<u Huai.l o( I', B' H. nl 1>»«I»'« A.a<..a«l(On ^ Inalpog 
Uroto aUcbansa. _V left la Slock k.»cli*aa«» Caloary Slock KxcbaagO 


I'enQdical rcvuieo oi Trutt Actwaat Sc<atrttk« ia lyaatursMM wttk 
foo* ateamnMiip. 

IrivrMnirri! . > , n.i l .( .n .s li»\r ihaiigfd nutniaKv o '!,r l.^^t tew vrats 
li It i» juM puasiblc that iVuat Funds can nuM be rciuvcsicd to cun- 
'lerabla advantacc. 

Uui expcrlrn.c am! >r .m- nrrl'. i' -.i;- .li«i>. -.i! 

Brittsli Coliiiiibia Bond Corporatlpn 

1.1 Ml r KU 

n K. BOOBMAN. Mojtoclnc-niroclor 

M.mbar. «( Principal Kschaagoa Diroot Private WIroo to Mala lUataro Palaio 

1200 Oo.-t St.. VIclorU. ».or^ " _ _ . 


l&ik University Sciiool, Ltd. 

$100,000 Fust Mortgage 7' Bomls 

Bail^f a frtt charge ..n all real .iii'l prrs<'ii.i' |r.>i>]r ol ihc tcHooL 

Apgati appraiaad at <i<<iiiiir itnu>uri • --y.-i^^-. 

Prica 100, Yial(Uo« 7/o 


Pliaaaa 91%, lYf TIbni BoiMiag Victona, B C 

Investing for Safety 

The invettment of one's capital require* the mott careful contidara- 
tion potaible anil aitiitance from a reliable source ia etiential aad 
important To be able to rclr vpan the advice of a bond houM a( 

aatiribla aad it ti ia this ea^adtp tiut 

re c a gn i ga d ataadtng ia 

\vc ofTer oifr service*. Our drganiittion, confining its activities only 
to the buying and «clliiig of Invcstnicnt securities and with no intricate 
departmental problems m handle, is iImj'; ;ihlc to consult with \ou in 
the aclcction of safe and secure invcttmentt. We solicit j-our cn- 
qairitf aad tka a al a tia a of jrear iaTgataatac prp Mw i. 


f it\' of Kdmonton Bonds, due l-Cbruary 15, 196S. 

I nitcH Sierl \\ . rks hi-i% RonHs, due .lunc 1, 1951. 

B I . I ' ' ^cr and ( '.as b'U Prcfrrrcd 

W rstrrn C«n.tda Flour Mills < 4>. h'j7o PrefciTada 

H C Telephone Co. 6*^ Preferred 

P. Burnt Co., Limited 7% Prcferrcda 

U. S. of BracU VA% Bonda, due Oetobar 1, 19S7. 

We will gladly furniak fall paHicalart apaa ra^adat and If daiiffa4 arM 
lUbmit aUtff4«tiona (»vcriaf the exrhangr of present boldiPfl tVT 

other seeurit!e<i posnihly offering greater opportunitief . 

Royal Financial CorporaUonp Limited 

• and 9 Wiadi BuUdiag. MO Foft Otraat PhoBa IMO 


Safe investment 

British Columbii Guirinteed PoGoL 

4>S^ Coupoa Bondi. Due \9A2. Price M.M. Yield 4.90^ 

Gillespie, Hart & Todd, Ltdo 

711 FORT STREET ' Victoru. B. L. PHONE ^140 

Combining a 
Maximum of 
. Safety With 
Great Speculative 



In view of impOfUat devetopmenta about tB 
take place, we cannot too atrongty nrfe Ub- 
mediait pafclnat of this atock. 

The company'!! gold drcdfe U under contract 
to be conttnicted by Attest 1. and there \* 
fvtry rrasnn to anticipate a riae in the price of 
Goldamith when fir»t returns are published. 

Early action if advisable. Buy Golddfnitli 
without dctey.. 

Saiardayl martcct 2i hid^Hyt aikad. 





ampball Building 


profniae an avernge yield Marly 
r r>'T. rm and tomn'oea are now ohlp- 
I fralt ts siaing parfectir. but 
I a ah iriaga of Irrigation water li 
eauaiBg aame een«raraa FIcking nf 
' Dpohaaa applaa will re m m e neo abort* 
)r. prahtMp taa dape eartlar thaa 

*'%!. JM- BBfetlant erop of bopa la B-glna 
•«padll<> ' fMnraia ia good, bat rain ■ Toeeni^ 



rrWa lo rro4«M.«ra 

a ...aaaaae. . tt^ ' '* 

oroaio ........ .a... .a ayi» 1* ' 

oHslitlsBB ...a..... It it 




agol, 1'ii«*rea Monuoa. 


1 4 

1 4 




' t ; 


Vancouver Island 



■ t \ 11 I 1 II 1 .1 .ml \ -1 111 1 ni- 
r I • -! jil.i. .• .1 I I tl. loi'Ikl 

ArHvM V 

•■•URTKNAV, .lulv M Mr Kr»>(l- 
«ri<-k Kleld. who fi.i.i rf.cnily rr- 
turnrii from a huflnriw* trip in \ 
toriA and \'iinoouv»r. hnit \<fn> oftl 
elally appointed returning oWrpr for 
tb* Comoz-AllMrBl •l*cioral dUlrtci 
fM* til* MnUnc •Itellon. 

At th* r«e«iit •S«ininatlon« by the 
R«y*l Celtog* sad RQjral Ara'l^my of 
MiMie In thU district. Hoaln.. vui' 
•nd Ruth Kll«en ThomaK. Iiorh |.u|.ii. 

of Mm. K If HhK-niiton.' \'.rr>- fuc- 
r*a«ful In iMMMinK In Ihi-ir r<'niir< ti v«« 

('onHi.iMi <,n(irk''- liihnHon. formerly 
of Wrn'in. Ii.i-i j'linf.l th« nlafT of t 
frfv-i. ,' I lur hrre. <'uniituhle 
1 • ion f urWiuif h. 

Mr A. w. Nvtll'd compittt»« iin- 
nounees th« ftrat p«Mtt«al m— ttwg Id 
tli« Coin«a>Alb«riii e«mp«i«ii to b« 
htM mi tb« A«rteuUaral Hall in 
Cwu1«a«y on TuMday nIsM. 

Th« puirtlii of th« Anvllcnn flunday 
arhooln In the difltriet held tl}air an- 
nual pirnio on Friday. Thin yaar the 
•e«nn of thfir ouilni; v*n.^ Mlllard'n 
Beach. wh»ro n Jmppy (I;iy wum spent. 

Mr» ./ M. KorroHl, iirrompanled by 

The Earle- Roberts 


Vancouver Islaiul Tour 

Monday — Park'^\ illr 

Wc dneyday . and Thursday 

Dominion Theatre, N'aiiaiiDo 
Saturday — Qualicum Beach. 

M..'; i,;v, 2 I'. .it MKrrni 

l uesday, 3, Wednesday. 4 - 

Capitol Theatre, lJuncan. 
I hunday. 5 — Ladysmith. 

I iiday, 6— Chematnus. 

Monday. 9 Coiirtf-nav. 

Tucs(i^) V. in i 'i dirt cii.i \ 

CiMia't PeppiMttbtw 

' '1 ■ ' Ktt I lie 1'. Telephone Co. la 
Ukaa liy 111m VlMlty. •( Vto* 

lurlu. ' 

In b#Mr af Ifflai Joy IIIImmm, who 
ia soa* to toa c aaa tba brida aC Mr. 
Maaiaal Wataon. a pratty taa and 
aaawar waa bald ml tba boma o( Mra. 
J. Idlaaa at Rayatoa raeantly. Mra. 
IdMio Wma aiMlated by Mra. O ){. Anh 
and Mra. Oordon ThomiiB The rooms 
vverti daintily decorateii with Hweet 
peas. A fueuInK contt-xi wits won by 
.VfiNH ''iludyM Hoy Sorn*> iw<'tit> five 
ppiyplc wtTB prffc«'nl AIIT t»u Hflly 
un<l 'Im.i (jrelfc. twin nU-iex of the 
l/rlilc • Icri, (JiHplaytvl u WMi(un load of 



«0<)KK. July 2i. A hu< ( pM-iful 
of W(»rk wajt held iti Hookr Hall 
on Friday avenlns by the l.<adlea' Aid 
of Knox Prasb)(tarlan Church. Tha 
Rav. m. Lwnita' aotad as chairman. 
Tba various Italia wars auaarvtsad aa 
follows: Hand naadlaworic, Masdamss 
K. .1. Muirford. M. K. Kahout and 
Reld . i rf .tni r.inrl\ and home- 

cooklnsr, thf .Vli-i.srn A .Milne. M. 
WlllhiniK Hnd II. 'I r a' I V aM.sli^^tPii hy 
Mr A Wilnon, ri f r>'^h ni' Tit m .Mr.n It. .I'lil .MrH. M. .Miii ra >. .M i.s i 
.Vlaruarpi KItiK w.i.s in iharK'' of tho 
find poriil .'-inl.iH wfTf KiM-n l'5 .M im.^^ 
I'olly Held and Mrs t'ookm^o. A 
Kood crowd of vNiiiiiiK purefiaasrs 
helpad to malie the ttala a success. 
The cake gueasinv contest, in eharra 
of Mrs. A. Acrenwn, was won by, Mrs. 
W. Charters and Mrs. Whlttler. ' both 
of uhotn KifHJtPd the correct weljcht. 

.Mr .imi .Mrs, C. A. IlrlKesen and 
farm Is ii.ivc rotumad to lhair rsal- 

dencc here 

.Mr.>^ Waller I>ick?4 has returned 
ttflcr a week's may In \ lctorla. 

Mra. W. Arden, of Metchoain, has 
been spending a few days with he 
daufbter,' Mm. W. Cains. 

Special i mm to 

Carry Ladusmith 

People to Show 

LJIDYHMITH, July 24.— A opeclal 
train will leave -Ladysmith on Au- 
■uJt ^ at < a.m. which will allow 
passenvers to take a trip to Vancou- 
ver on tba Princess Patricia, also en- 
Hbllna them to attend the Caledonian 
■porta which will be held that day 
iiiid the Rrent rodeo at the exhibition 
on Au(,'UHt f. The Itiirnn Chib Ruar 
anteeit the requUlte number to the 

.c. V.' R. for tba aitaolal train. 

"Bo you coni^iiler it a K'loil Miati h?" 
. "Hplendld. He has the money and 
aha Icnows how to spend It." 

Lady Visiting Canada 

A PATRICIAN woman of far Cathay is now vleltln? In Cnnada. On the left 
In Mrs. 1). M. Chuni;, ureal -»ra ndda uRhtrr of the faiiiou.s Chinese ntatee- 
nian M HunR Chan,, and ^-rca I ii km e .f another Prime Minister. Sun Chal 
Wei. who arrived recently. Her husband la a Yala graduate. Rlcht are Anton 
and Kdwla. tba two aaaa oT Mf. 'dBd Mra. CbVM. «l|o did »et aeaompaBy tbair 
parents. , 

fiy Sptcial Appnintmttt 

Is HU Uahd§ Ifce JGnf 



Table Waters 





(A Favorite Summer Beverage" 



sir ! ) I I,;.- ■ - Rrif rollirih- -, 

mm UF Huy^t 

Ontbreak Wsh in Critical 8Ut« at 
Oooitenay When l>cpartaMat 
Ptiaspily Arvlvaa 


' You cannot merchandise 
Today without ad vertisiiui 
Advertising is only just 
coming into its own. It is 
the preparer oi.the way to 
the salesinai^i." 

olthtt Cmdian Un- 

' ( >1 KTi:.\A Y, July L':i - Mut for 
the Nmart work of tlip t'ourtenay fire 
depart nicnt on Friday afternoon, one 
of the larger homes In the Orchard 
dlMrlat would undoubtedly have been 
destroyed. Almost directly following 
tha blaat af tba alactrio alarm the 
lira eng laa waa aaan spaadlas through 
tba city. A mass of flames enveloped 
the roof of the house occupied by Mr. 
and Mrs. Wallace McPhee. The next 
minulo a .shet't of water wai^ covering 
lln> flames, and the tire. whi<h a 
minute brforo had lool^fil iini'onriuer- 
ahlc, w a.H oven now .•<efn to he in 
li.-irid and whortly affr wa-s complelPly 
I'Xl inKUl.^'hed, loavinK a large black 
holo In the roof. Af the time of the 
outbreak there w aa a strong wind 
Mowing from the southeast which 
^ada tbe work of the Are depaftniaat 
all tbe more creditable. The dwell- 
ing overlooks tbe Puntledge Rivar and 
la owned bjr }It. Alas. Urqubart. wbo 
reoaatly had tba houaa complaCaly 


SET l-QH ^tPieiBEK 

i'rl/<- s|i,,wq Spoclal Se<'ilon for 

Indlaa KsiUbltura. With tiov- 
■ ■■i nt Prise of $1M 

The prise list for the Cow)chan 
Agricultural Society's Fall Fair, to be 
held at Duncan en Friday and Satur- 
day. September 17 and IS. ha.s .ilready 
been .-/lued. It lonl.ilns much salu- 
.il)l<» inforniation for exhlbitc)rs, espe- 
cially the rules and regulations, in 
wbleb it will be noted that Judging 
commeaees promptly at one p.m. on 
Thursday. September It, except for 

livrsfock. Which Is to he JudRed at 
thr name time the following day. 

There .ire fIftTn dixi.sinnfs of»en to 
r n 1, ,bl tors, these being as follows: 
Morsea. cattle, sheep, goats, dairy 
products and honey, field produce, 
garden produce, fruit, diatrtct exhibit, 
flowara. domestte iMlaace. ladles' 
work, art, photographs and Indian 
dei.srtnienl TTils last, which \n In 
<harge of a special committee con- 
sisting of A. H I.oniae. (he Key. Kr. 
.1 CeurtM. the Rev. W. M. Ulbson.. 
.Miss K. Robertaea aad Mlsa Du 
Plessls, offers free entry to exhibitors, 
with thirty-nine claaaes open for 
compet 1 1 hn. and a #ipefja! iiri/.o of 
11. SO from the Department of Indian 
Affairs Is the feature In the prise list. 

Officers of the society sre as fol- 
lows: President, Colonel W. H. Mat-' 
hews: first vice-president. A. H. 
eterson; aaeand vloe-presldent, K. 
w. Nael; aaaratary-traaaurar,' W. 

Deep Cove Peraonals 

Mrs Fornerl and family, of Ikforden, 
.Man . is spending «n extended holiday 
a( F'atricU Pay and is th»», guest of 
Mrs. Oeo. Clarke. Mrs. Fornerl bas 
msny frianda la the diatriet. having 
resided In Sidney, irbere Mr. Fornerl 
was editor of The RIdney Rrvlew. 

Mr and Mrs. H. Townsend and 
family will leave this week for \'lr- 
loria where ihey wHV reilde, .Mr. 
Townsend having disposed of bis 
property at Bradlay Dyne. 

Ladysmitti i'craonals 

full preparations to aatartaln thoao 
' attending the dance which will be 

held In the A. O. F. Hall on July 28. 

.Mr-- Thoma.i CollinKe anil .M I».h Mll- 
ller have returned home after enjoy- 
ing a aliort holiday Bt Lillooct. 

Mlts Pryde, aceompaniad by ber 
friend. Miss Faatar. of Cadamln. AlU., 
who are taklag a motor toar of tbe 
Island, are speadlag a faw dayg/vla- 
iting frlaads bare and enjoying camp- 
ing on the baaeh, a short distance 
from town. 

A most enjoyable (lance wa« held 
In the Hpeedway Hall, ('edar, on l-"rl- 
day eveninK A iileasanlly tool eve- 
ning added to the pleasure. 

Couichan Hay, and 
Good Catches Heporttd 

' • ' \v 1 > . 1 A \ h A V, July - < ' if^i' 
ing at the bay is now fairly good, 
large catrhea are being made, espa- 
clally spring salmon, the weight run- 
ning from ab««t twelve to tWrty-ava 

Many visiting l^tincheia have been 

In during the week takinn .nU 
of the t1«hlnff. Mr Alexander and 
party on hoard ihc Kononiic, of 
the K.V.Y.C.. had very good luck, 

both at aarly aaM^lac m4 darlair tlM 
day. • , 

The Imperial came In on Thoraday 
midnight, with fwel far tha Ia«»arial 

Oil Company. 

The t'owUhan Ha.\ Inn gave an- 
other of its succe.ssful dances during 
the week-end. The floor w now 'n 
excellent condition. The Inn has had 
a number of guests from California 
who bava stepped off an their way 
up-Island for the flsblag. 

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Jayaea have 
come ddwn to their cottage for the 
rest of the Bumibef, ' 

Mr. Glbbs' boathouse. which la' 
being built by Mr. Kingscote. la near- 
ly finished. Mr. and Mrs. Cjibbs In- 
tend moving down next week. 

Mlsa I.iydla Hartlett. who Is In 
training at the Royal Columbian Ifoa- 
pltal, New Westminster. Is spending 
her holiday with her mother. Mra. 
Elliott, at the Cowlchan Bay Inn. 

On aaoaaat af tha rainy weather 
tba waak-aad aalltag raea waa pat ofC 

"Let's see," said the chatty man. 
"your brother went abroad on a fel- 
lowship, didn't he?" 

I ".No." wa>< the reply, "It was a 

i cattle Hhlp." 

» ' ' "a 


IVaara Ghamploa ot tba 
Has Oosa call. Bat Wlaa 
ly Aftar 

' v::k Angeles'! July 

J I Mk' t I.-, of (;curgla. negro 

champion of the middleweight divl- 
sioa. skidded close to daCaat la his 
noa-Utle Sgbt wit^ Bailor Mdia UttBf- 
maa bara taday aa4 Umb raaqpad 
boma a whiaar. 

The Tiger .N .tad mamOlll came In 
the third round, whea. after punish- 
ing Huffman ^severely, he wen , d. wii 
under a sledge-hammer right to the 
Jaw. The Georgian took the count of 
nevea aa4 came up groggy. Hnftman. 
in a bad' way blmaett from a barrage 
of blowa whleb had landed aa bki 
face and: atamaah. tried to flnish oir 
the Job he bad at^arted. but failed 
from lack of strength and uver- 

The flght from then on to the bell 
In the tenth waa a story of loat op- 
portunity, so far as tha sailor was 
conearhed. The Deacon from the 
Houth slapped, swung and punched 
the rugged sailor all around the ring. 

V, iijtMlders gave I'lower*. !<i\ co- 
seven of Ihe ten rounds. Huffman a 
couple a nil one in doiihr 

Sail Francisco Wins 
Metes Singles TUU 
im Tmeomm Tetmts 

TACOMA. July I'lTrence 
(Peck) Orlflln, of Kan I i ,n : ... v .n 
the men's singles title In the final 
rouad of the Pacific Nertbw a at apaa 
tonraamant.hara today, de i a at l a g his 
brother Simar In five hard aets. Only 

tb-e •«p«.F4*nt.'« a»d eraft of tba 

bralber gul^ iUa^iba tf«amph. «a 
for faur aala Wmar p r isas d Mm hard. 
In the final eel. howevar.'' tiM lattmr 
weakened The scores NWe 9-9. 4-C. 

in.l \|^i'..HitUl won 'he nien ■> 

•■i.' i.r-T'p.'lMT-,; 
'ii.ii 11 i-ti ii^hl .•.«-!>, 6 b-«, 

Mias Avery Fottott. ot 8aa Fraa* 
Cisco, taoh the vamaa'a Mi«laa 
crown from MkM R. l«aahaaa, Val- 

IIJo* «-S 6-4. 

I' i:r.>d with QaiBlyB *9eh^*art^ af 

S.iii I lan. i.sio Miss Follett ilMii won 
'n ( h.> ;,,.| 1. ,1 ( , ,,„i M : ~ 

I.<achman and iioae Marls tirunn, of 
San Francisco, f-t, 9-%. 

Peck Qrlflln and Miss'Bmmi teak 
th^ mixed deublen trophy from Oara> 

lyn Bchwsrtx and 
Stanford, t-4. 6-3. 

SspUimimg Rectds UmU 

NKW TURK. July 34. — Twa world 
awlmming records were brakaa at a • 
meet here today by contsstSHta' af tha J 
Illinois A. C. la a IM'foot tank. Arne 
Borg, of Sweden, shattered hia own 
mark for the 4t0-yard free style by 
covering the diatnnce In 4 .11, against 
hla old time of 4 .It :i vet at Detroit 
In March. 1!»J.. Kohert I) Skelton 
l.iit'-red hi.s own rci-.-rd for the 400 
)«r.l lirr,t!-t i-lroke with a time of 
S IK -1 'i. aK-'iiiist his former mark of 
t;6b. Johnny WsiamuUer, also of tbe 
Illtnola A. C. swlmmlag itt yards 
free atyle agalnat time, waa elooked 
In :S2 1-B. which was wlthtB one-fifth 
of It sol'ond of his own American 
record, establlNhcd at Seattle, August, 



.^he And will you still love 
when 1 am older and homelier?" 

Ha — "My darling, yau aaaaaC aaald 
growing older: but yatt will aavar 
grow homelier.'* ' 


Foreigner: "Ah, ma faH Beae IngleeaHt Klna waeks of 

and yet they play their games!" 


Victoria citizen 

UADraMim. July tC — Mr and 
Mra Tha ma a Freudfoet are spending 
s short vacation with frlaads la Vie- 


Mrs McfJIIIIvenr, of Victoria |s th* 
guest of the Rev Kdwtn snd Mrs 

Mr John Rysn. sr . la enioying a 
bolMav with Ma many fPlmiii fa 
\'s nro(iT*r. 

Mr and Mrs Alexander Mc,*«el|. nf 
Port Albernl, were visiting friends In 
lAdysmitb for a faw days daring the 
week aad rapan m«eh ganeral activ- 
ity In kasinmg l» that section of the 

Mrs. Alex Chsllenger r>f cnsimonf. 
hin h»en *[>endlng a bob'. ■» u her 
p-t rents. Mr and M r« r> ' >« 'on 

Mrs A A Mo'^r" m.i »■ < Rs(- 
lie returned home veaterdHy sfier en- 

tovmg two weaks with friands in 

< omni 

Tbe nnin-iMiee r.f tf%^ ammt^TS Of 

, ^ Court Prlnsroseu A. u. F.. 

Every city's prosperity is reflecteii in itt 

men — Lijcmen \\i)oowii ii)en c^wn busi- 
nesses and serve tbe manifold needs of 
. tbe communitye 

Boitiitst owncft in Vktoria ait socctsrfiiL 
Thcy'cc "makiiig good'' 

Most stocct reflea thrifts pcospcrity and com- 
mnnity purchasing power— this general pros- 
perity in Victoria makes profits spvt for thr 
enterprising bosbietf owner. 

Newcomers — anxious to set^'^ ' «ti — should invfs- 
tigstii thf piirr^ist frf in tttiNithtd frmiof. 

Svtiy day exceptional offerings are cdi^crtised in 
The Daily Coloniit Turn to them now and tee the 
Iride Milectioo.