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Victoria »n<1 \'lr|ii|ty — Krath to w^w_ 

MUtbarly paxlly tlwudx *n<| co«l, 

With ahowtrt. 

^■^•T MaUliM — 



Job Prlotlni 

CdHorlai Koomi . . 


ic-TABusmro imi 






Rain Falls After Opening Ceremony But Does Not 
Dampen Interest of Public — Races Continue in 
Mud and the Various Buildings Are Thronged 
With Visitors. 



Rain did not interfere with the success of the opieninf:: cere- 
monies at the Fair Grounds yesterday afternoon. All morninp the 
»ky ^was overcast and threatcninp. l)ut in spite of tlie unproniisinfj 
appearance of the day there was a large Katlicriiig of racecourse 
fans and the gfeneral public present when Hon. S. P. Tolmie, M.P., 
Federal Minister of Agriculture, formally declared the annual ex- 
hibition of the Hritisli Coltimhia Agricultural Association open. 
There was no rain up to 2 o'clock to prevent the people from goinpf 
to the Fair Grounds, and shortly before the hour announced for the 
ceremonies people began to congregate in front of the reserved box 
on the grandstand. Mayor R. J. Porter, who is president of the 
TttlociatioM, introduced Dr. Tolmie. and in doing so referred to his 
interest in the exhibition at Vietoria for a long period of years. He 
ipok&of the strong support that Dr. Tolmie had given to tlxc ex- 
hibition, and to his willingness to come from Ottawa both this year 
and last for the purpose of lending His help towards making it a 
success. Tie said it afforded him great pleasure to call on Dr. Tolmie 
to perform the formal ceremony. 

Dr. Tolmle'it Jtooommendattoiit 

Dr. Tulniio said th;it It was « pleas- 
ure to him to see tho inarkeu growth 
ami improvement in the cxhibltiua 
thU year, both as to the quuntUy and 
(luullty of the exhibits. He had been 
in aitendanc* at many ef the fair:t 
throushout tho country from Quebeo 
weiitward to tirltiah Columbia, and ho 
had found that there le a tremendous 
growth ol' public interest In iifrtcuU 
tural aftalrst everywhere. This Is evi- 
denced by the lurgo and splendid cn- 
triM in the tiveatocti aections «f the 
preMnt exhibition. 

Referring to the agrlculturai 
wealth of the country, he said that it 
urnoiiiitt'd to seven billion dollars an- 
nually iiTKi that there are llfty-threa 
iiUllum dollars' worth of livi'siock in 
the Dominion. Uovernment reportji 
show that ten per cent of the coub- 
try'e acreage ia under cultivation. 
TtUe goee to demonatrate, eaJd Dr. 
Tolmie, tke Imporunce of the farm- 
ing intcreete of the country and tbu 
Importance of these atuiual exb4foi> 


WARSAW. Sept. 20.— A new 
revolt has broken out in the 
Russian Baltic fleet, 400 offi- 
cers having been arrested, ac- 
cordhiff to advices from Mos- 

Britain Sends Note to IVIoscow 
Strongly Protesting Viola- 
tions of Agreement — In- 
trigues in Eastern Countries 

XjONDON. gept so.— The ^riUah 
Oevernment has dispatched a atrong- 
ly-worded note to Moscow, calling at- 
tention of the Soviet Government to 
allesed aerloua l>reaches of faith In- 
volved in the purauance by the Itus- 
aiana throughout Central Asia and 
AfghanlBUn of a campaign of intrigue 
^■iest QmtA Biwate . Mm smiias 
tlon Is demanded. 

The Bate details fully the alleged 
hoeUie aots. Meat of them were i:'- 

The ncUe details a number of 
flagrant Yiolatlons of Russia's undsr- 
tak|n«e oader the treaty agreement 
with Oreat Britain to oease antl- 
BrltMli propagaada. and enumerates 
activltiee nt the Third Internationale 
of Moscow In India and Afghanlatan. 

'The note declares that th<> Kritlnli 
Oovernment has evidence of continued 
IntrlKUR with Indian revulntiiinarics 
ill Europe, and alao refers to tht. ac- 
ttrttiee of Rothateln, Ruaalsn ropre- 
eentatlve at Teheran, who ia declared 
to be Importing large auma, and 
baewa t# ke subeidisiog Persian news> 
papeM t« earry out an anti-British 
eampalgn. it complains that the 
■evieta ar* supporting the Turltlah 

The gravest r-har^e pertains to the 
Uusao-Afghan treaty and M. Tchlt- 
cherln'a inalatence on a cla«ae provid- 
ing for the opening of consulntee In 
■■atern Atghanlstan. The note says 
th» Ctottrameat posseeees tadlsput- 
aJM* «(vM«Me that theee concalatoe 
ar« fe g arded by the soviet Oovem- 
nmmt tm p » ea»> B tlve eentres of propa- 

The note asks for definite assur- 
ance that these actlvltiea, conatltutlnx 
breaches ef the trade agreement, shall 

The notes accuae the soviet of try- 
tag to Induce the Indian anarchist 
wRi to proceed to Afghanistan and 
eagenrlw a bomb depot on the bor- 
deta «C tadia to faelUtate the import- 
atlan of bombs into India. 

It declaree that the soviet used 
every persuaalon tn prevent tho An- 
gora Oovernment from arriving at a 
peaceful aalatlatt with the Batente 



VANCOUVKK, Hept. 20.— The Brit- 
ixh Columbia Manufacturers' Associa- 
tion went on record last evening as 
being opposed to the way in which 
horss racing is carried on in the 
Province, and being in favor of steps 
l>eing taken before horse racing is 
resumed to put a stop to reckless ex- 
travagance on the racetrack. 

Thla reaolutlon was endorsed unani- 
motuly. • 

"You cannot expect to have a com- 
munity In a healthy '•ondltlon." and 
you cannot expect nie,, not to become 
socialLstic and have red tendencies 
when they see wasteful, useless ex- 
tiavagance," aaid J. A. Cunningham, 
in introducing the subject. 

"In alx weeks $6,000,000 passed 
through th^ betting machines, " he 
said. "Men are spendlnp; hd much 
money on horses that they cannot 
pay their grocery bills for six 

Ceremony of Swearing in Be- 
fore Governor General Is Ar- 
ranged for This Morning at 
8:30 o'clock 



Some of Present Holders of 
Portfolios Attend Tlieir Last 
Cabinet M eeli ng — Sir 
George Foster to Senate 

IVIessrs. Hall and North Modify 
Programme, But Deputy 
Chief's Office Is Abolished 

. and Four Detectives to Go 


Declares His Party Wants 
Tariff for Revenue, in Inter- 
est of Producers and Con- 
sumers— 'Urges Unity 

TORONTO, gept. "The Uberal 

ifoUijr Is that of a tariff for revenue, 
ta the tota r eat a at pr*d«aera and con- 
Mt h taHtf hi.tha talwaat of 


taafgera. saeh as a taritt haasd pH- 

marily on the principle «( pra t edtlon 
ia all but cerUIn te be.** 

Thus did Hon. W. L. Ifackensie 
King, L4b«ral leader, eummariae the 
ef Ma party on the tariff 
at h gi aa t meatlag held in 
aad which 

Thf Uberal leader claimed thai 

Premier Melghen had been forced 
into declaring a Federal election b«- 
aaaaa the presa aupperting the Oov- 

He was specially pleased to see that 
the manufaeturers' exhiblta ore ao 
Mtroner In thin yeHr'- r-hlbltwr. •n*! 
euld that while the tourlat traflle wan 
of great importance In the aouthern 
end of Vancouver laland, It ahould 
nut be forgotten that the manufac- 
turing Interesta are equally Import 
tant and ahould be encouraged. Dr. 
Tolmie declared that tho two Interests 
muMt go hand in hand. 

With reference to the future of the 
ixhiblliun. Dr. Tolmie said there are 
some improvements that he would 
recommend to the consideration of 
the Mayor and City Council of Vic- 
toria. Among them h» would suggest 
the erection of a new Kra:ulHt!ind and 
the improvement fif the exhibition 
grounda in tho direction of ornamen'> 
tation and horticulture. Theae im- 
l>rovemenls should be made with n 
view to the future development of the 
fair and its continued success. He 
had pleasure in declaring the fair 

Shortly after the opening ceremon- 
ies on the Krund stand rain began to 
fall, but the races were continued in 
the wet and mad and an interested 
and largo crowd stayed until the last 
race. The indoor exhibits attracted 
hundredH of vlBltors In the different 
l)ulldi!iKn and If Is the expecLallcn 
of the in.iiKiKeinent that the unfavor- 
able weather will not permanently in- 
terfere with the success of the exhi- 

Barly fudging results are an* 

nounced sk follows: 

(iardon Prodncr 

Bpeciui exhibit of gardening veg«- 
tnblen. ppen tn any gardening asso- 
ciation (stage limit 10 feet by IS feet 
— 1, Vio\orla and Dlstrlot CotUge 
Gardeners, Ward 2. gaanlch. 

Best collection of vegetables. to 
contain not 'more than 12 varieties 
and n<it tens than 9 distinct kinds; 
nuantttles a.H i>er- nlnitle entries, 10 
per cent allowed for staging — 1. <m. 

H. Attwood; 2, J. Naysmith; 3. T. 

Collection of vegetablee, • distinct 

kinds — 1. J. Naysmith : J. O. H. Att- 
wood: 8, T. Astley. 

Artichokes. «. any variety — 1, J. B. 
Forrester; 2. K. W. Darcus. 

Beans, kidney, wax. 12 pods — 1. A. 
w. Oreen: 2. A. O. Talt. 

Beans, kidney, green — 1, A. J. Bd- 
wivrds; 1, A. W. Oraea. . 

Beans, broad, Wladsdr, IS poda— 

I. Oee. Utile. 

Beans, broad, long pod. 12 poda — 
1. A. W. Green; 2, J. Nayamlth. 

Beans, scarlet runner, 12 oodn — 1. 
A. O. Talt; J, Chaa. Bennett; 3. A. W. 

Beeta. « long — 1. Joaaph Uawia; a. 
Chas. Benaalt 

Beets, • taralp rooted ar 
Chaa. Bennett: S, Q. A 

Bruaacla aprouts, 3 atalhP— !« A O. 
Tail: J. T. H. Wlaon. 

Cabbage. 3 heads, early potated-*- 
1. Joseph Unwin; 2, J. B. Korrceter. 

Cabbage. 2 heeda, round or flat — 
1. A. O. Talt; S, WUMam C. Might. 

Cabbage, S h ead s , lat»— 1. O. 
Attweadi a. A. O. ihlt. 

t . heads ra«— 1. J. Kay. 
: 8. A. G. Tklt. 
Oahbage, Savoy, s heads — 1, Jfrs. 
Ward; J, A. O. Talt. 

Cauliflower. J heads — 1, A. G. ^t; 
>, Joe. ITnwta. 

Curt denial of^the right of rate- 
payers and citizens of the city to 
make their repreHt iUal ions before the 
Board by way of petition, thereby In- 
auguratinfc a new method "of autoc- 
racy In the administration of civic 
affairs; refusing to permit to be read 
a communication forwarded by the 
secretary of the Trades and Liabor 
Council urging a full investigation 
into the affaire of the department, 
and even going, to the length of re- 
fusing a similar privilege to a com- 
munication frotii Major CreaHe In 
support of the claim of Detective 
Siciliano to consideration on account 
of his long and excellent war record. 
Police Commiaaionera Dr. Ernest Hall 
and Joaeph North inaugurated the 
long promised "clean up" campaign 
la local polics attain at the meeting 
ef the B«trd net7 last evening. 

The net result of the meeting 
showed that within recent days the 
two co~rr.!r"'""'>rM — Mavor Porter'H 
objections carried no weight with 
them — have aeen a light. While tho 
edict had gone forth In the Welfare 
and Citizen League circles that in- 
atant diamlssal with the aop of a 
month's pay should be all that Deputy 
Chief Thomas Palmer, Detective In- 
spector George M. Perdue, Detective 
SerReant E. R. Carlow and Ketectlves 
H. H. Macdonald and Samuel Sicil- 
iano should receive, the commission- 
ers — that ia Meaars. Hall and North 
— aprang aomewhat of a surprise 
when they decided to give the above 
named officera — all of many years' 
faithful and efficient aervice — three 
months' notice. That is, their em- 
ployment is to determine at the end 
of the year. 

Pnllti(« In Department 

Dr. Hall Intimated that this step 
had been decided upon because he 
and hia brother commlasloner, having 
In mind the fact that a civic election 
will be held this year in December, 
had figured It out that prior to the 
departure of tho dismissed offlcem 
the public would be enabled to show 
what it thinks of the "radical meas- 
ures" for the betterment of tho force 
and the moral uplift of the city. 

"I shall again run for the office of 
commissioner," announced Dr. Hall, 
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OTTAWA, Sept. 20. — The long- 
awaited announcement covering tho 
personnel of I'remier Meighen'a re- 
organized cabinet will be made to- 
morrow morning at about 9 o'clock. 
Tonight the cabinet was *in seaaion 
passing the c>rderH-m-councll pre- 
liminary to the swearing in of mlnis- 
tiT.s before the <;overnor General, 
whch will take place at 8:30 o'clock. 

His Excellency the ao\'ernor gen- 
eral, who is now in Kingston, will 
arrive In the capital Just before the 
swearing in ceremony, and it ia ex- 
pected will return to Kingston tmme- 
diately aftcrwardH. A number of the 
cabinet ministers are attending their 
last mcetinK of the cabinet toniRht, 
Sir George Foster will close his loiiR 
and active career as member of the 
cabinet and retire to the Henate. It 
seems likely that Hon. J. D. Reid 
and Hon. J. A. Calder will follow him, 
and possibly Hon. A. W. Wlgmore. 

A number of the men who will to- 
morrow be sworn in as ministers 
were gathered in the corridors out- 
side the cabinet council chamber this 
evening. Dr. J. W. Edwards, of IJron- 
tenac, and J. A. Stewart, member for 
Lanark, were there. There was no 
indication "f how portfolioH are to be 
apportioned, but it Is said that there 
will be some surprse when t|o of- 
ficial announcement ia made to- 

It Is expcrtril that there will bf a 
number of senatorial vacanries filled, 
and that announ<-ement of thetn will 
be made simultaneously with the 
statement In regard to the new cab- 
inet It la poaaible that the Prime 
Mlnlater alao will announce the date 
of dissolution and issue a manifesto tu 
the electorate. 

Within a couple of days i'remier 
Melghen will leave for Portage la 
(Continued on Page 6) 


WASHIKGTON, Sept. 20.— An- 
nouncement from the White House 
today that the new peace treaties with 
dermany. Austria and Hungary would 

be tran.smltted tomorrow to the Sen- 
ate was followed by Information that 
they would encounter oppoi^liion from 
several Republlcana as well aa aome 

Senator Borah, Republican, Id;iho. 
Is planning to wage a fight against 
ratification of the new treaties, and 
is said to have assurances of support 
from a few Republicans and some 

Despite promises of opposition, ad- 
ministration leaders said they were 
confident ol early ratification, and 
their opponents did not express much 
hope of overcoming the administra- 
tion support, <<irnHlne(I with Demo- 
crats favoring ratification. 

Senator Borah, it is understood, Is 
againat the new treatlea because, It 
is aaid, he believea they woCld in- 
volve tho ITnited States In European 
problems of diplomacy. He also is 
said to object to Hie iirdposeil n |i- 
I'fiintment of an American represen- 
tative on the Allies" reparations com- 
mission. The plan and practice at 
mandatea alao waa aaid tu meet with 
his disapproval. 



VA.NCOUVER, SepL 20.— Registra- 
tion is proceeding in full swing at the 
Univeraity of British Columbia. Over 
•76 have now registered, according to 
a statement of the regl.strar. Stanley 
W. Matthews. M.'A., today. All stu- 
dents^ must register by Krida\ . and 
as there ia always a rush in the last 
day or two caused by students coming 
in from outside pointa, there la likely 
to be a considerably greater enroll- 
ment thla year than last, when the 
total reached well over 900. 

Lectures begin on Tuesday. Ac- 
(•ordinK to custom, the whole student 
body will assemble in the auditorium, 
where speeches will be delivered by 
I'reaident L. S. Klinik and the deans 
of the various faculties. The remain- 
der of the day will be spent In ar- 
rarglBg time tableg and meeting 

Th^ fa< ully will meet on Monday, 
and a meetitin ()f the Senate will be 
held on Wednesday. 

Premier Lloyd George and 
Marquis Curzon Unable to 
Go to Washington-— Other 
Names Are Mentioned 

I.O.NDOX. Sept. 20.— .Neither Pre- 
mier Lloyd (leorge nor Lord Curzon, 
'Secretary for Foreign Affairs, will 
attend the Woahington confe rence on 
the limttatlun of armaments. It was 
officially announced today Their de- 
cision Is attributed to Impending de- 
velopments at horne 

This hiiH laused n<i surprise here, 
as the dev.-lopmeiit of Prltish affairs 
has made It evident that the I'remier 
could not leave, although it is under- 
stood he was anxious to go. Irish 
affairs will demand the Premler'a 
cloaeat attention, while the problem 
of unemployment promlaea to become 
mora preaalng. 

It had been assumed that Lord 
<' ■ • 'i wc.uld K(. to Washington. His 
li«»aitta,_bowever, is a drawtmrk. 

No apiioiiitnienis have yet been 
made. The choice of Mr. A. J. Bal- 
four, however, is believed to be a cer- 

Mr. Andrew Bonar Law. former 
Oovernment leader in the House of 

Commons, is mentioned as the next 

The First Lord of the Admiralty. 
Baron Lee of I'areham. Is <onKidere<l 
a logical aiipoinlnient because of the 
proposed ills( iisslon of naval disarm- 
ament. The' Secretary for War, Sir 
laming Worthington-Evans, and the 
Attorney-tJeneral, Sir Gordon liewart, 
are considered among the poaaiblli- 


Public Meeting 

of the supporters ot 

The Hon. Dr. Tolmie 

Federal Minister of Agriculture 
• will be held in 

The Alexandra Hall 

Courtney Street 

on Monday the 26th 

• at 8 p.m. 


For Organization Purposea( 


la Hie tMloii of Hoik Dr. Totmie are coV- 
.dtaQy lBTHed to attend. 


Last to Be Heard From Is 
Swiss Racer, Which Wins 
Gordon Bennett 'Prize—One 
Strikes Sea 

LO.N-I)O.V. Sept. 20 — With the land- 
ing fortsy of the Swiss ballocm. pilot- 
ed by Paul Atmbrunter. all fourteen 
lompefltors in tli.- Inlernatlonsl rare 
for the .Tame« f;ordon Hennett trophy, 
which started Hunday at Brussels, 
hsv^ heen aecnunted for. He landed 
at I..anhay Island, off the east roast 
of County Dublin. Ireland, and there- 
fore wins the <ui>. 

It was announ. ed by the Aero riub 
thiit the l-'rencb balloon Marne had 
l.inded at r.indHv. twehr miles north- 
e:ist of r)ol(ceIIv. Wale.s. 

EXICTER. End. Sept. 20. —Wade 
Van Ormand. an American balloonist 
competitor In the James CJordon Iten- 
nett cup race, who landed near here 
yesterday, derlared that the race was 
the most remarkable In his experl- 
enre It started In a dangeroua 

wind, which speedily died down. 

When he left Diinkirk. Van Or- 
mand aaid, the wind waa blowing 40 
miles an hour. 

Early yeeterday. when the balloon 
wae over Rxeter, the wind again died 
down, but the %sllr>nn rf>ntinin-d lo t>e 
Carried towards the sea. Another 
current waa strurk eventually, and 
Ijie bslloon beaan working back 
avaln. The aeronaut by this time 
had thfown all equipment overboard 
to Iceep the balloon In the air. 

aT. L.OUI8, Mo., Sept. 20 The 

City of gt. LoQia, an entry In the 
InternaUonai balloon race, landed in 
theKriah Sea yesterday, IS milea eaat 
of Dublin, and B-'rn«rd von Hoffnian. 
pilot, and J. 8. KIbben. aide, both of 
St. Ltouia, are aafe. Thla Informal ion 
waa received by Albert tob Hoffman, 
father of the pilot, to a eablogram 
from the eon togay. 

nnrtelbK gftef iNl 
LONDON, Sept. 20.— Herr riaher. 
Independent Sodaliet member of the 
Bavarkui Parliament, waa aentaaoeg 
to fifteen meatha* Internment for an- 
noanelag th« Imgendlng proclamation 
ef tiM repnbUe ot- rrancenla, aaye 
• «l«gtck tnm mmktk f4mr 

I Delay Expected Until Premier Has Conferred With 
Ministers at Gairloch— l^ace Conference at 
Inverness Is Tffought Improbable — 
, May Transfer to London 



Rumor States That De Valera May .Withdraw 
Claim Found Objectionable — Sir James Craig 
Speaks on Ulster Position — Mr. Coote 
Alleges Violations of Truce 

LOXDON. Scjit. 20. -Proniicr Lloyd Gonrpc's reply 
to J^anionn de Valera will i)rol)al)ly he delayed until after a 
conference with the ministers jut ("iairroch on Thursday, and 
seems certain there will be no Irish peace conference at 
Inverness, for, according to the latest reports, the Premier 
has decided to return here this week if ins health permits, 
in which case the next formal cabinet council will be held 
in London. 

Sir Ilamar Greenwood, Chief Secretary for Ireland, 
left today for Gairloch, indicating: that Ireland will be the 
subject of the conference on Thursday. 

None of Mr. de \'alera's previous coinniunieatioiis have 
provoked such divergent opinions as his latest telegram. 
Everything considered, it is not unlikely that the Premier 
will delay his reply until the whole cabinet has met here. 

The decision of Mr. Lloyd George not to j;o to W ash 
ington has revived i^f'ssij) of a coming p^encral election, the 
idea bein^: that there are now only two alternatives, a peace 
conference or .appeal to the country. The (ioverimient is 
likely to find itself surrounded with'difficulties, not only in 
the shape of unemployment, the ant i waste campaign and 
similar matters at home, but also abroad. 

The reparations questions witii (krmany, involving 
possible friction with Prance, combined with the continued 
depreciation of the mark, may necessitate further meetings 
of the supreme council. New difficulties with Russia seem 
to be brewing, all of which may require the Premier's per- 
sonal attention. 

Latest reports from Gairloch tonipfit say that a minis- 
terial conference may be held tomorrow, and there are also 
rumors that Mr. de Valera has expressed a willingness to 
withdraw his claim that the Irish delegates must go into 
the conference as representatives of an independent state. 

I'bttor and ConfcTonoe 

HKLl'AaT. Hciiij- 20— In his address 
to the Northern i'arlliitnenl today, Hit 
James Craiy cxpialned that to huve 
adopted a negative attitude toward 
the Irish conference would have pre- 
judiced Ulater'a pualtion in th^ eyea 
of ayinpathixera with it in Great Brit- 
ain and throughout the Domlnlona, 
and In other parts of tiie world. 

■■.Secondly," he declHred, ■it w<juld 
have rl8k»-d a settlement behln<'. our 
bacica, and 1 couid not take tlie re- 
sponsibility for allowing others to de- 
cide what the future of Ulster should 
be in regard to those reaerved aervicea 
which have not yet been tranaferrad 
under the Oovernment of Ireland 
act. Wo deHired to insure, if the con- 
ference waa held, that nothing should 
bo given away behind our bacita. 

"Thirdly, had we given a negative 
answer to the Invitation, I fear the 
Hlnn Kein leaders might have taken 
th.'it negative reply aa their model 
Mfid also refuse to enter lh<> conler- 
en«o, In which cafe the whole pres- 
sure of public opinion would have 
been brought tu bear upon us, and wa 
might have been eventually forced 
into the conference." 

VIolatlolu of Truce 

IlepresenLatlve Coote, who followed 
Sir James, alleged that motor load* of 
ammunition and guna had been tra- 
veling thi^ough Tyrone and Ferman- 
agh during the truce, and that drill- 
ing was prevslent, lie added thai tho 
Hrlilsh Oovernment In its negotiations 
with the Hlnn Kein. waa making a 
catspaw of Ulster. 

Repreaentative Coote eJao (lueetion- 
ed Eamonn de Valera'a right to mem- 
bership in the ITister Parliament, to 
which he was elected In May, nwlnir 
to the fact that he wsh born of alien 
parentage and ha<i not been nattir- 
ulized aa a Brltiah subject. 

The Speaker replied that Mr. dn 
Vaiera waa a member of the Brltiah 
Imperial Parliament for a period of 
atmut three yeara, and aa that Parlia- 
ment permitted him to remain It 
hardly devolved upon the Ulster Par- 
liament to take steps us were sug- 
gested regarding Mr. de Valera. 


LONDON. Sept. to.— The Admir- 
%lty. It ia aaeerted. propoeee to spaed 
up the work en the four new battie- 
ahlpe, which. It la expected, will pro- 
vide work directly for J, 000 men. 

Tho batleahipa. it la expected, will 
be built at four difTerent sblpyarda, 
and will, indirectly, furnish emplAy- 
ment at steel wgrks JB dMreroDt parts 
of the coantry. 




Journey From India 
Be Made Via Suez 
Canal— Generous Stores to 
Go Aboard Renown 

OoiU MlM Wagee 
LONDON, gape 29. — Largo redae- 
tlons In wagea paid to workmen tn 
the seal tragee are 4ae. ««4er an 
agree m ent, et Ibg Mi of this month. 
This will, ttf MVfse, prove mpepglar, 
hot farther trouble le not enpeeteg. 
aa the agreement can only be ter- 
minated by three maaths' notice. 

I.o.vr>ON, gept. 20.— The^e is no 
quesllon as to the Prince of Wales 
visiting Canada on hIa return journey 
from hia tour of India, aa he will 
•follow the same route homeward a« 
on his outward voyage, namely, via 
the Huez Canal. 

Th<- foregoing appenra In the of- 
ficial announcement which atatea that 
the arrangements for the Prince's 
tour are practically completed, and 
that the recent events In India have 
In no way affected the proposed pro- 

The Renown, which niskien m trial 
run next week, will sail for Olbraltar 
on r)cfoher 2«. The Indian ataff will 
Join the I^rlnce'ii party at Bomba.v. 

The Renown Is slocked with stores 
neceiwary for receptlonn. In addition 
to the rieejln of those on board. In- 
< liid<-i1 In th»se ntor'-s for the use of 
offirers are 195,000 <-lgarettea, S,0OO 
dosen bottles of wine and 9,099 cigars. 
In a<)dttlon to the S.OOO ■ I gars to he 
taken by the Prince himself. For the 
men there ^e r>.ll<lo gallona of rum 
and 4,000 gallona of llmejulce. 

The Renown will have a goodly 
supply of mascota, 1 1 black cat^ being 
taken along for good luck. 


MONTREAL Sept 20. — It was 
stated today by Eugene Laflear. 
counsel for the Grand Trunk Rail- 
Way, that foWowlr« pnbilcntlon of tho 
majorKr deeMon by tho AiMtmtloa 
Board declaring shares of tho mlNmir 
to be worthless, eoneoHatlone have 
been held here by the Grand Trunk 
counsel, and unanlmoos decision ar- 
rived St that an appeal should be 
taken fro mthe findings Advices to 
this effect were eent to the rspresent- 
aUves of the abarehoMers In Loodoa. 
and a deeielon is espoeted within a 
few daye. Mr. Linear etoted .tbot aa 
ago sal weald probably bo fbbea 
direct to the Prlry Coondl 

"In thla way," aaid Mr LaAoor. "the 
cabled Intimation that there would 
bo a doable aggeal iTas grofeably aa 

As soon as dednite word la received 
from London greparatiene lor tho 

Central BnilUmg. The Gilt CeaUe. Cof. Vitw and Bro»«l Streets 


' Watches . 



are "Gifts that Last." Our extcn^vr -AncV lomprisc? suitable 
gifts for all occasions.. After visiUnj. the fai^, oul-ot town^ 
patrons arc specially invited to visit ou/r ftore, whc»c they may 

^ni.-t!ii;ie: useful-4o take homeT 
Stop WatdMs for rtdi^ from. . ^ « ;r>^ «c>*v. • • .$lft.00 

Mitchell d( ^Duncan, Ltd. 

BiiUdinK PboM 871 Vtev mA 

%C^JL mU B.C Stoetife Watck 

Sylvester's Cash Prices 


Db Too*. 100 Iba. sack 

sgf**- ii>- 

«•« MhbA mmg, per Im 



brush aak t.r 




^"•Rtl ^ ■OICKH COMPANY. Lll. 

Mtktn «f tvtrytkiag ia Bnulm 


Victoria, B. C 
nrr. 19^, imi 

Programme for This Evening . 

Marc h--' Thr Vuicr of tiM G»««" ^ Alford 

Ovrrfurf - Mirrllo ^ G-iin-d 

Sriertion — "Hi|jh Jinks" Clark 

Intcrniczxo--''i'oT^ct Me Not" Jillicbeth 

Valsc — 'ITinlls „„ AncliSe 

Selection— "Ytomen of the Guard" ' StilUvui 

Fox Tro»--Mony on a TroUey" -aaiiiTWi 

8«l«eUoi»— ^Op«ra Mirror" _ ." Tfflrtlli 

J. M. Miller, Bandmaiter , 

Fintrancc to Grounds , 50c 

Ticlcct for Weclc V.*. .$2.00 

CMIdrcn under 1 2 years . . . !*.... Fr*e Stand ,*,*.' .'.25c 

Admission, after C , !!!!i2fc 

Georse San^ster, Seaetary, Pboae 3S30 

Fire Sacrifice7-$1,000 Cash 

The house on my property on South Pender Island 
, having been burnt, i am offering the land. ^.2 acres, 
with outbuildings, chicken houses for 500 birds, incu- 
bator and brqpder house^ 7 colony homes vUh i^t- 
' tin^ runs, water, small orchard and some 

fruits f'^r > 1,000 cash. 



nsnnE over vhna 



QBKirVA. Sept. !•>— The Uthuanlan 
delegation to the I^akua of Niitlona 
ronf«r*nc« yejit»»rd;iy (lpmand«><l in 
<M>«»n fifosion that th»» council tak<> 
''tm I'linf about evacuation of 
viin , 1 , tii« Irrecular ^oli«h troop* 
of Oeneral tieUffouaki. Both the Polea 
MM UthuantaUM wer« reprtMited at 
tiM M^tfoa, mUI It M«mla«lr ima arrt- 
4m% tkttt th* VlhM atqrate wm fkr 
tnm Mlliad. MtwltiMtaBdlac that » 


''^ t 1' r rtmrr. 
i n g w h ei 
ns* I>r. 


I men'. t"T Errema and Hkln Iriita- 
Uon*. It r^llrvri at on«r and gta4o> 

^■l aUT iMaJa th« ikln. Ranpla few lit. 
ObaM'i Otnunent (r««> U you iMMinttai 
sap^r and aAnd 3<v "tMPiWfeaMfr 4|ka 
box ; all dMlfrs or HMMMk aMM ■ Ok* 

fortniirht airo It waa aaenuBMd aa 
acreement had been reached. 

The UthuMlan delesauon today 
▼ltor<Hisi\ supported A ■OTitiei of 

propoMed chan|r•^■ In the plan of Panl 
Hymana, Belslan'a repreeentaUra In 
i->daral LlthuMtal rietwiui wumwa- 
Aakenasy, of Poland. *ald hU coun- 
^nr would Mvor accept a setUament 
•0 Hafiavorablt to P^nd. 

TORONTO. 8«pL A vcr<lirt to 

tha effect that th#> d»»afh ..f .i,,hn Ar- 
thur Pyk»», th.' Moritroj; ni..f..rboat 
(;,„.r. who v.ajf hlll»>l Ij. | h« mo- 
t'Tl.. »f ;i. ridont on \hf •'xhflMlOB 

iirso here on September I. wm 4m 
' caraleaaMM e« tHe put ef Arthur 
J. C. Lau« and Pred Itsceni. prMident 
of the Rosera Ooel Cotnpaar. driver* 
two bOftta which collided, waa 
retwaed today hy Coroaer Oraham'a 

Women's Snappy 
Walktas Oxfords 

\A»<\'- from t-Urk V \<\. rti j l\ j |. y ,;,!-' ;,, 
patent (flit Iratlirrs, aniart inrHr in^ tTinlm 
<"nKan lirrls. aixl with »»if. Iir.l ,in 

tation to 

opt. Welted toka, B to D 
Extra vaHM tt, f*ir, 9lWJt% 

1115 Gov t 


Th« Rntiak 

Boot Shop 

f .iiilt Is f ound • Witli I hull 
i'[(;o^ifir, lof IliturvifW With 
Ailing Piemier Mifiisters 
to Assemble at Gairloch 

PIlr<> ,.f ttio l..i.L>.n 
ill l,«-a I .1 1 1,^ Mr 1 .1' 

lot h, .s. olliujj. iiti haB bi'cn lii- 
dlapoaad tor tiie paat four dayib u 
meetlas a good deal of aaflavor 
able •oauaeat here. Thla la due in 
part, BO doubt, to the fact that Lorti 

Dawaon, thu Kln^- a i,h > Mi, ;,, i, h,,i 
BOnt the inayoiM a iBruuiiol Ib1ok(hiu" 
xlallng; that tfie I'n ihUt Wum not la 

Ut condition to undergo the Xatlsuo 
of a I0B9 latenrtevi ^ 

One eonuneatator remarka that 
Ueyd Oeerce la one of the moat ac- 

caa alb le men. ..i.'i ii.m Im ih.- pajtt 

ehown hlmar.r •■ xt r < im- 1 v iiptulK''iii to 

'hl.i Kin. I ..f [M- 1 Mii<i.-<i> - M A PI. 11 ••lit V 

ijy Kni.Jii.'HH of heart, ho doea not in 
tend tu nend the mayoral taurlKia 
away without aeelnc them. 

Be atlrht, however, profitably rive 
them aorn.' -ii uKht t.iik iimi [..imt out 

to them Ih.- flrHt iMini.Mt. r ,,f thi- 
frown u fi..( a H..1! ,.r ■ man 
of all work," nor i» he hound to hold 
himaelf at the disposal of every knot 
or croup of peraona havlac their own 
view on the way aOlBlra ahoald be 

GAIRLOCH. Scotland. S««pt. 20.— 
Five ineinb.Ts of th»> C'abln»>t 
arn oxpfctPd to h<i here tomorrow to 
iif-al i.riiiiHriiy with the qoeatldli ^>f 
unemploynunt, for which purpose 
•everal of tha Loadoa Labortte bor- 
oushynayora easM nprth, but it la 
probabla Premier ZJoyd Oeorse also 
win conaolt with them regardlas tlie 
Irish negotiations. 

Winston Churchill, Secretary for the 
Coionlea, and Lord Birkeahead. the 
fc!!I*''«^^S?***t^* '* due to ar- 
Herae, CkaaeeNor of the Exch»i(iuer; 

Sir Alfred Mond, Minister nf Health, 
and Thomas J. ,Mai ti.iniura. Minister 
of r.,abiir, the latter throo r()riii>"MnK 
the roiiunluee on unemployment, on 

Mr. Uoyd Oeonre haa had the 
toota which oauaed the ■luaoai he 
sutferad from raeeatly astraeted. 

President of U.W.W. Says de- 
duction Must Be Fought to 
Utmost— Reference to War 
in West Virginia 

I.NDlANiM'ol.ig, ind.. Sept. 20. — 
No wage reduction of coal mloera 
must be permitted, and an reaeureea 
of th« minora' unloa most be made 
avallaMa to ba^ «p the poUey in op- 
poattloB to waca euta. John I* Lewis, 
prealdent of fhe United Mine Workers 

of America, declar.-d h- re to, lay In f Is 
report made at the opening of the 
biennial conveBtlOn of tha iBtama- 
tlonal union. 

He alae reoommended a postpone- 
ment until next February of the min- 
ors' adoption of deflnlte wajfe de- 
mands, and declare,! that with all 
wace aKreemerit.i^ explrlajc on March 
n:'". "the full mnuence and eco- 
nomic iv>wer of our great memberahlp 
may thus be utilized to the advantage 
of our people for the aehlevemeat of 
our Ideala" 

Much of Mr. Lewl.'^' forty thousand 
word report related t,. the wage ques- 
tion, apparently Indicating that this 
woui.i be among the moat Important 
bi:slneas of the OOnTeBUOB. Which 

brought together batwaea i.BOd and 
repitaenUtfrea o( leeal unions 
"cattered throughoot tha Ualted 

Staten and Canada. 

other cfl.qontlal points ,,f Mr. Lewis' 
r. p Mi in. liided a recommendation 
thit.the convention reaffirm Its deo- 
i M Htion of two yeara ago favoring na- 
tion iiizatlon of coal mlnea: a daelara- 
tion that "the light la Htlngo Countr. 
Weat Virginia, muat be won"; a rec- 
ommeadaUoa that legal proceedings 
be Inatltuted to make a full test of 
the constitutionality of tha XaiMaaln- 
dnstrial <-,iiirf law. 



LONr)ON, Sept JO.— Lady PatrieU 
Ramsay, formerly PHneoM Patricia, 
baa Juat reoelvad. through Colonel 
Hamilton Oault, a brooae autuetta, 
^"l^*!***** • Prtnceaa 

r'ir.'^\.."^ tttortrjr ia full 
lighting kit 

lAdy rafrlcin Is the honorary ool 
onel of the regiment .She has aaked 
tho Canadian I'r.-ss to expreap her 
warmest and most ninoere *hanka to 
the donors, now scattered over naay 
parts of Canada, >for the heaptlful 
and valaabla gift 

Ti m mm . af thla eUtnette was to 
iMKVa baas' gftan to lady Patrlda at 
tha tlBIa of her marrlaite. hut the 
bronae has only recently been com- 


Squeaaa Um Jiitee of two lemoite 
Into a bottle nalalalBg three ewae 
nf OtalMd White. wkIA aay «ug 
<tore vm aapply for 4 fbw eenta. 
■hake waO. aad yoa have a quarter 
pint, of haraUaa and deliKhtful 
l»m..n Mearh Nfamwc* this sweetly 
frsirrant lotion Into tf*- f ;» rr neck. 
urnK :»ri,l ban In •■•cti .1s r lh»'n 

«h'>rtiv ri')'" ib» b««ijiy aad whttanasa 

20 The Insist- 
.Ma>ors of London 
rtl iluuiKc ut (iuJr- 

CANADIAN Dfcii'X:An:s 

TOJiD.N ro .N. lit .20 S R Tar 
H< MS. preaident of the Brltlah Auk ii 
(an Oil Company, Toronto, will nuil 
by tha ■anpraaa o( Fraaae from Que- 
bee ea aatariar W altwid the coming 
onferaaoea at OMnea, wtth Blake 
uobertaoB. of OttMra. Mr. Pareea* 
will repreaeitt CaaailM aa9l*fM* *^ 
the conference 

The Oana.luiii eapldsrer.<«' .l« l'»tateH. 
it la claimed, tutund to nM kf .i i-i r una 
fight against a jiropomil eiti-ii(i:iiK I" 
agrleultur^, the S-hour-day the coo- 
veatlaa adopted aft WiMMagtoa in 

Novaaaher. lilt* 
The caaatflaa Oafeaniiheat lalaMalaa 

will t>e J. <^ aoUth, Commlaaloner of 

Immigration. London, and H. H. 
lirown. ]>»-i'"l* .\!i!il--t,i ..f 
Labor Hoth aiu n.iw in l.ui. i.e. 
t'anadlan labor will b'J rei'i n I «-.l by 
Tom Moore, preaident of the Trades 
and lAber Congreas, and by Arthur 
■Martal. The twa iatt*r-ara aspaaCad 
tu aaU for Europe shortly. 

Question Ls Raised as to 
Whether De Valera's Mis- 
sive Will Bring Conference 

- — Noithern Parliannent Sits 

LONDON, SepL 20.— rremitr Moyd 
George had before him today at <iuir- 
lorh, Scotland, the Sinn Kein sugKestlon 
that representatives of the British cabi- 
net meet ^nn Fein delegates in a con- 
ference untrammelled t«y condltlona 
The latest note between the Prime Min- 
ister and EaoiOBn de Valera, aeat yes- 
terday by the Xrlah leader to Mr. XAoyd 
George, did not however, ezeept pos- 
sibly by Implication, withdraw the of 
fending paragraph of the Sinn Icin 
note of September 12, In which the sov- 
erelirnly of the Irish state. waa aaeerted, 
and which led Mr. Lloyd George tO oaa- 
cei invitation to a oonfereaee. 

Aa viewed here^ the lateat Irlah note 
waa eeaelllatery In character, and it 
seemed to place upon the Prime Minis- 
ter the choice of holding a free con- 
ference or Insisting that Southern 
ireianH forrnally expreaa Its al> 
IcKlance to the crown. 

A decided diversity In view la prev- 
alent here today regarding the effect 
of the telagr^ from Kamonn de 
Valera to Premier Uojrd George — 
whether It means a rupture or a step 
forward toward a conference looking 
toward an Irish settlement. This 
illfTerence of opinl.m i.s notably ap- 
parent in I he nc w,s;),ipcr comment, 
although tlio majority of the BOWa- 
papers are Ktill opIlmiHtlc. 

BKLFA.ST, .Sept. 20— The parlif- 
mcnt of Northern Ireland opened Its 
Autuma saaiion here today with a 
full attandaace of the UaloBlst mam- 
bera. Neither the Natlonallsta aor 
the CNan Fein, who hold 'a total of 
twelve aeats, were In attendance. The 
aeswlon wa.s hold in the building 
which was formerly the Holfa.ft Col- 
lege of the Presbyterian Church. 

The main bu-sinesii of the day w.ia a 
motion to approve the purchase of 
Stormont Castle as the alte of the 
new parliament buildings. A select 
oommlttea alao waa aaaaad to con- 
sider tha pay of tha eablaet aftlais* 

James Craig, tha Ulster Pre- 
mier, explaining to the parliament 

IT|."ter'« poeltion with regard to the 

proposed conference lookliiR towardw 
peace In Ireland. malnlHliK-fl that 
while it would luive born Impolitic to 
refuse to enter a conference in or- 
der to protect the intere.sts of TM- 

ster, nevertheless, Ulster had noth- 
ing to gl^ away la auoh a aoafar- 
eaoe. , 

The Belfast Telegraph says today 

that a Sinn Ifeln camp of 600 men 
hai' been eetabliahed at Drumaness, 
County Down, Six miles from the 
liaUyk Inter internment camp, where 
more a thousand Irish rapBhU- 
can prlKoner." ate hdd. 

The .Sinn I"ein tl.i^; i-< flying Over 
the camp, and drilling is being car- 
ried on aattvaly, tha sewspapar as- 


Names of Recipients Through- 
out Canada Are Announced 
— Open to Children of Total- 
ly Disabled Soldiers 

TORONTO, Sept. 20.— Tha year's 
award of tha I. O. D. B. bursarlee la 
Canadian universities la announced 
The bursaries, valued at 1250 per an- 
num, are open to sons .nn.l <laii({hfcr.H 
of totally diH.iblcd soIdlorM. and form 
a Hhare of the order's memorial to 
the men and women who gave their 
lives in the war 

The Winners for 19S1 are: 

Alberu — Earl M. Prlee. Colemaa. 
WUl enter Untveralty of Alberta, floa 
of Private John A. Prlea, tavaath 
BatUUoB, klUed at Tpres. 

British Colombia — ^Kathleen Dodds. 
Vernon. Will enter British Colum- 
bia University, Daughter of Private 
Dodds. who waa parmaaaatlr dia* 

ahled nt Yprcs. 

.M.inilotia .l.imes K'ellfit. Winnl- 
pep Will enter I nlverslty of Mani- 
toba .Son of James K^llatt drlvar 
Mih Field Company, accidentally 
killed on active service. 

Quebec — Edward William Steaele. 
HoatreaL. WlU.entyr kl^oOin UQlver- 
alty. Sea of Oaptaln Richard Steacie, 
14th BattatlOB, killed at Tpres. 

Saskatchewan — Kdward Wesley 
White, Areola. .Will attend Wesley 
College, l^nivvelty of Manitoba. Hon 
of r'rtvate .1. W White. Prlncees 
I .lied In action. 

liron^wick — No applicant la 
t^"^' i.r..M'." Awarded to aeoond 
applicant in Manitoba. 
Bar. aon of Private J. 
BMtrtaa, l^kjd at_^ 

eaat Awarded to aeoond appi leant In 
•aakatchawan. William Blackburn, 
eon of ^ot. Alfred Hi.Hckborm. ISSad 
Battalion, killed In action. 

Nova Scotia — Florence Tupper 
Krnt\-llle I>auRhter of I'rivate 
f'harl*'^ Tiipprr. 12th Construction 
Company, penaaaeatly 


mi mis 

Officially "Welcnrned v\\ Ik-ach- 
ing Vancouver -Will Be in 
Victoria fur Lxhibition Fri- 
day and Saturday 

\ A.M-OUVEU. KC. 8a#l 
M idu-laJrYanca •zhitflUoa trate BMB* 
pieted Its traaseeatlaaatal Joaraar InM 
night whaa It arrived hare traas Bd- 
moatoa. Vaaaoavar'a aflMal walaome 
to the Wench exhibitors was extended 
at 10 o'clock thla morning by mem- 
bers of the City Council and a dele- 
gation ri''ntinB the Hoard of 

Th« French cemmerolal nUaslon. 
headed hy CoUBt d'AnUMrt, Inalades 
17 proaalnaat isprsasatawrss from 
Waaaa aad two PYaneh-Canadlsns, 

accompaaled by Em lie J. Ilehart. 

representing the Canadian Paclflc 

Railway, and C K. Howard, of lb,> 
Canadian National Kail ways. The 
train conalsts of twelve cars, eight 

of which are devoted to Uio varie- 
gated aasortMaat aC high etoaa French 

tile VVaadh mtaslon fnelodes the 


Max Uevllle. Mme J^nrie Tleville, 
Mile. I, J..ub.-rl. Albert Kuulek. 
(Jeortri'.s I' \i\.ir,t. !•' A. 1/Heureux. 
M.iuiHo I i.-i thflut. .Maurice Clonon, 
Char lea U 11 lard, Andre Laooq. P. I. 
Henrlot Marcel Lafdhvra, Severe 
Bailie, Maurloe Baaactf aad Beae 
Illagla, of ftaaea; aad Traak tT. 
pauxe and I*. N. FataaaBda, af Maot- 

I eal. 

A luncheon In their hontir was given 
at ia:tO p.m. today by the Beard of 

From V'anc'Miver the nil.sslon wl!' 
depart foi Victoria, where the exhibi- 
tion will bo held Friday aad Bitur- 


Substantial 'Reduction Will Be 
in Force Friday on Export 
Business — Canadian Grain 
Going Via U.S. 

MONTREAL, Sept. SO.— Reduced 
freight rates on <y grain and grain 

products for export, to come In force 
September 28, are sivn In frelj^ht 
tarifTs publl.xhcl bv tb.- Canadian 
Paclflc Hallway and rec.-jv<d thla 
morning by the transportation bureau 
of the Montreal Board of Trade. 
Theee redaotlona brlag the rates 
down to wlthla 10 par oaat of those 
ruling prior to the tnereaaed rates 
granted last December by the railway 
oommlaelon, according to W. B. Lanl- 
gan. frci^fht manager af thh' Oaaadlan 
Pacific Railway. 

Tha Orand Trvak aad tha Cana- 
dian National Rallwaya are laMdng 

similar reduced tarlffia. 

The four new tariffs, on all grain 
and grain products, are for shipments 
to Atlantic seaporta from Montreal 
and Quebec for esport, by lake and 
rail from Fort WllHaaa to Atlaatle 
xeaporta (or export and by lake and 
rail from' Fort William to Montreal 
and Quebec for e.xport. 

Kxplalnlng the redn, lion. Mr. Lanl- 
sran Instanced the Fom William rate 
to Atlantic aeaporU. In tho early part 
of ItM, It stood at S4 ooBta per 100 
r'^BBdSk bat on Deoembar Mt beoame 
4i aaata by virtue of tha laorease 
authorlaed by the railway board. On 
May II It was reduced to 4S- cents, 
an<I now comes the further reduc- 
tion. In force on Friday, by which the 
rate \n established at tl\k cents; that 
Is, Mr. Lanigan added, ly^ cents 
higher than before the Inereasod 
rates given by the rallwajr board. It 
IS statsd by grata paapla oa tha Grain 
Exeha'nge of the Maatrsal Board of 
Trade that thee* reduoed rates will 
come In time for the movement of 
practically ibe whole of this year's 

Going by V. s. lioate 
NEW YORK, Sept. SO.— Canadian 
grain has commenced to flow through 
the ITnlted Statea North Atlantic 
pt.rts, according to advices received 
here today. Canadian wheat to the 
amount of three million bushels Ar- 
rived in Buffalo yeeterday, aad 
2.500,000 buehels ara avaatad to 
awive there today. 

It hha been reported here for some 
time that Montreal had reached Its 
capacity In handling grain from the 
Canadian prairies, and It was ex- 
pectod that the surplus would be di- 
verted through Buffalo to Portland, 

Quit Laxatives, 
Parges; Try 

n laja alBtake to eoathraally do«« 
youre«f wuh so-eallad laxative puis, 
calomel, on r'TX'* and rntharti.* 
and foref> l-.».l s. flon It »'«k»r,« 
the bowels ai .1 liver and niakc-.i r on ■ 
Stant doKinf; n'"»'K»Mry 

Why dor. I voii l>eg1n right today to 
overoome y.x r <^nMiBatioa and get 
your ayatTn in Budrnape that dally 
purgl'.c will be unnecessary* T.vj 
can fi.i so If y.iij ret a 25'^ hoi of 
Naturt'a Remedy <NR Tablets) ar>4 
lake one aaeh awht for a week or sa 

Nit Tablets do noch more thaa 
tn^rely esuae pleasant eawy bowel ac- 
tl..i. T his r:.',)!' n. •■ n iitxiri th« 

dlr».«f I vn as w ' ;i nn ».|lr'i I n»t h « Organs 
- rr..i,v:|»« g(K^>d dlK''«'lon. raOSeS tiM 
\«-\y t . j:rt the nourishment from aw 
<'« you eat. glvae you a rf>^, 

I 'irtjr appetlts. atrengther* Iho II »T. 
ovrrrnmes blllnuaneas, regulatr^ kMnoy 
S' .1 Ihiw.-I s,-fton and g1v»« tli« wItiIh 
IkjiIi? a ihfiroiiKh clf-anlng out Ttile 
ae«-ompll»h«l yott wiii not haTO to take 
mMh In- every day. An oe.-a*lonal NR 
tablet will kaep yonr body In rosdl- 
tJ<m and yoti can nlwaya frd (^nt 

Try Mattire's flemeay (NR Tabieta) 
•aAjinnm^lm, It la the iMst bewift 
BMoHiM tmt yea eea aee aad eeeta 

•nir ?'><• P*r ho». cnntaJntnr enrmfh to 
|a»t lw»nly-ftv» Jlajs Natur*'t We»n- 
diy «NR T^buta» la eetd. guavanteed 

btttcr V l;s 


?5c W 

If FM Mm ghirtt oi distiaetioa— ehirts^ raal class, yo« ahopM Md 


AU- Wool Crepe Stairte 

we have just received from Eaalaad. They're »ad« with devbia cuffs, 
well cat, and are nicely finished. Shirts that are sure to appeal to 
men of discriminating tasta. Priced at , f T.SO 

• ■ I , II ; I I I 

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WATERFRONT LOT:S— 100 feet frontage, from, 
.eack '. 4.... $1MMKI 

Phoae 1396 

Apply E. H. WIL50N, Land Agent. 

401 Pemberton Building 

Boston, New York. Baltimore, Phila- 
delphia and Norfolk. 

WflKBltaaeously with the lafltiz of 
Oanadlaa grala for export, Ualted 
Statsa railroad offldabi of the United 
American lines and the Gulf Eastern 
trunl< lines h:ivi' appointed ii coni- 
mlttee to decide upon a Ht.ihillzed r;ile 
for the transfer . r Ki;iln l<> (Jrlf and 
North Atlantic porU. The committee, 
liader the ehalrmaashlp of c. J. neck, 
trafllo manager of the tJnlted Ameri- 
can llnee. Is expeetad to moat today. 
As soon as a decision Is reaahed the 
committee will go to Washington and 

present Its case before the iBtaratBte 

Commerce <'oftmlsslon 


YXSKNA. .Sept 20 The aitiiation In 
■argealaad, the atrip of territory on 
the Haagarlan border awarded Austria 
by the TMaaea treaty, u hourly grow- 
lag mere erltleal. aoeerdlag ta the gov- 
emmeat view here. It was reported 
tonight that an Kntei^e ultimatum to 

Hungary to t>e delivered Tuesday, says 
a oonnerrlal bl(irka<le will be insti- 
tuted onl'-ss the territory la completely 
evacuated by the Hungarians' wlthla 
•eveaty*t«a houra 

from Burgealaad deelare that 
af Irregalara ara tapMly laereaa- 

IriK. that the town of Oestenbiirg la 
molilllzliig Its entire popnhition of mili- 
tary age. and that T'OHtTa calling the 
people to arma In the Klaenstadt dia- 
trict are slgaed "ia the name of Kim* 
perer Chartaai" The Aaatrlaa aatharl- 
tiea alMa ther have taformatloa 
thai artniery to being asaembled at 
Keokskemet KxchanKoa of shota oc- 
curred flunday between an Austrian an, I Ifumrarlan t«nda. 

From Kudapeat comes a report that 
former Premier FYledrleh haa ISBMad a 
ean to anae to bis fhattask 

The Frenchman Paro in the six- 
teenth century Invented three kinds 
of nrtiflclal eyee. 

Why Stay Fat / 

You Caa Rediicoi 

— ^ — I 

The anewar of most fat paeple le that 

ft Is too hard, toe trowbleaome and too 
dan«er»aa to forea the weight down. 
However, In Marniola Prescription Tab- 
lets all these dlffteuitles are orereoma. 
They are absolutely harmleas, enUll no 
dletlnc or esaretsa, and have the added 
a.lvaritage of cheapntwia A larua oaaa la 
■old by drugglata at on* dollar r>r If 

preferable, they ran he obtained br 
aandlrig price dfreet to the Marmola Co.. 
w<,odwar<l Ava, Datroit. Mieh New 

that you know this yon have no ezou 
.for being too fat, bat eaa redoee two. 
three or four pounds a weak without 
tear of had after-affoots. /Adv, « 


M<raf s 

A« e ( ,ov- 



New England 


2368 Mi 

Frae de- 
livery to 
aO parte 
cll|r ^ 

Today's Specials 

ROfLING nERF. lb • ^ 

roT ROAM liLliF'. lb * . . . a. a. . .iaVi« 

PRIME RIBS BE£f , lb. , . . ^ 

SHOyiDER YOUNG MUTTON, lb. ........... 16c 

Nev Enfland Brand Bacon, lb ..jfc 

Sugar Cured Corned Be<ff, Bonelew 8Ciw, lb. lit 

Mutton Chop.', lb,. . . . .2I« 

Mutton Stew, lb 16c Choice Sausage, Ib...». 

Dripping (somcthiaj food), lb , Ifg 

Qibbf ^. 11>-. • • « . .it . Qtirtta , ^pach ft 

^ Ih*. Choicp No - 1 Alberta Butter for ....flJO | 




r i 

Money to Loan 

In tunu froai |5(X> to $2^(K)() on approved MCteil/ at current 

rate of interest. 

Bring in your application. Nu delay. 

^ • ^ Ai'i'iy 


P. &. BKO WN 

Broad Street 

Phone j076 

Soborbai Honesite at Beautiful ML ToWe 

* «.r.« Bn.1 .)ull.. u I .>inftirtal.le '. r.K.r . .)wrllin(c within <h« l-mll* 

• Iri !•• A fil«e rornrr proyerly th«t woul'l muke an Idml "tt* lOf » 

country boiTM. with vmait rri.»ir» th« kouM could b« iMd* very J®*?- 
Modern •oavenleBeea la th« way of eleotrlc light. cUy water. t«lepl»o"«. 
iMUi: part taeewMC et*. TM "miI granlen u eet out in b«>utirui 
omametital trees. t!M taere*a 4«1U • rood elM orcherd. «■ w<- an 

n.ini.rons poultry houn^'ii and OWCbOtMlBCe. Wlthl« § inCi'it*-^ w-lW "f 

• Ar t. ruiiriLm. uri.i ri(.»» t<j ncbool. etorea. chur«l», et< ' n. ^ r,. r i« 

I '.t .4 r«»i>tent. mcl In Hniloua to nrW. and for tkis reaiton 

••.OOaOO for the |ir .|..riv ,.n k' '"I t^rnm TM'" In a MMVMB f»r ••••• 

one i »t>il let us l*kt v.. I] .mji i.. i i)rrii.-rt- 


922 Government Sttc«t Pbone U5 

"Promotion" Frenzy Foflows 
Lstablishment of free Trade 
by Soviet— Huge Sums in 
Roubles f aid for Privileges 

To Close an Estate 

n 1 

■We mrr aulhorlied lo rnnatdcr nlTars for tl»e fellewin* nr^r.--'- 
arrra of Idval land for Hhaep Hun an<1 H^rtini KMatc. In i >rr ,so..k< 
Malrhoain <1Utrj<i> Imvina lak« an >i alao call watar frontagr linvr 
m«nta Include: Kl(ht -roomed modern hovae, M« ■table, aundrr nut 
hulldlnaa. a<vi-n onllaa of wira fanelne aa4 tea ^V*' uadar culiWatlnn 
Carta of land are wall Umkared. cerryla* aMpenUuUly atcht miiUoa 

frrt . and 

alveljr by 


i-HONk, ze4« 



Up -to- Date Oak Bay Home 

MBATINO, HARDWOOD ri.OORB. kaaoi ealltnca. eood panrlllniiT larea eranlta 
eyea flreplaca, bullt-la baffat, boekcaaaa. air. : 4 fine badrooma ( 'i upalalri and 2 
dawn): bath and tollat dawnataira: nrat-claaa baaaieaet with laundry taba. hot 

«'..! . ..M water ntr HouM> la In Hriit i«in> < ondltlan. XaarCe let. It ft. X ttS ft. 

I .in. ml niue and roar Nrw u^r^K' I r .[..rt]r la eleea (o Car, aeheel and 
t>aactT. aB4 oa a eeod atraat. rrtoa. aa tarma, aalx pt^tM 

tm fad €124 

MOflOOW. Seat H. ape^a Ut tea u 
rampaal la tke capital of aarlet Raaala. 

Wall Mtreet 8t. Praneli Xavler Street or 

• any other Itiiamlal atreet In tli«" world 
has not aa many ■fiMoeMtrinu op«T- 
atora aa thf aacient <-lty of the Czar. 
The curba are crowded eacb day with 
praaietara trrl«s to orsaalas o»«pera 
titre eeaeenui from tea Iwa a ai to auto 
moltlle factories.' and the talk of laoney 
Inalile un<l outaMa the (overnment has a 
lapitHllnilc rInK m-ldum heard In Ruaala 
i .f .r. III.- s.i.i.l Kovernment deoldrd It 
waa unable to handle a^t bualnr.-^n 

Ijloeneea for l>7 shops and h mar- 
ket ataUa or street #aanas have been 
issasd la Moaeaw alaaa tha apealav*of 
free trade. Market stalls pay 
I.OOd.MO to 1.(00,000 roubles annually, 
ni i ordlti)? I'l loi tttiiiii booi hla( k.s pay 
thrff hiiiiilri<l lhon.s«ii.l roullea for 
Oi.-ir |.ln< < s ..f tniM i>r.'<.s. wlill<> ahopH 
i<a\ ono.OOO to 1,500,000, accordinc to 
lot at Ion. and the proprlatara must also 
keep the preparty la repair aad clean 
tha oa aftyar d a aad ativata arotind their 
hiiiMinrs. The soveminent levies a tax 
11^ nv«> per cent on conceHalunalres pro- 
durlHK raodBtuffM, elKliI per cent on 
chemical iiianufacturera and ten per 
cent on metal worlAis flrms. 

Twsoty-siz Moaeow factories have 
beaa leased to private ladlvMuals, out 
of Mi- whish the aoraraawat has of- 
fered to eoneeastonalres. These plants 
employ 1,700 men. Th<- Kovernment haa 
retained S15 factories, employing I&O,- 
000 workers, but It has ati.sii nifd re- 
aponxlblllty for feeding only 70,000. The 
Industries retained are chiefly mechanl- 
oal, textile, metal, taaalas, e l e e t rtca l 
and prlatlav shops. 

Bishop & Worthington, Ltd. 

618 Broughton Street Phone 74 

Real Estate — Collection g . . 

* Invettmentt-^Fire Insurance 

Automobile Insurance—Loans 

Gene^l Agent for Vancouver Island 

\km kummit Sadety, Ltd., of Loadaa, h^asA 

Fire InttmtBcc Since A.D. 1714 

Oak Bay Bungalow 

This attractive bungalow is dose to the 
Golf Links, beaches and car line, and has 
entrance hall, drawing room, dining room, 
den and kitchen. Upstairs three nice bed- 
rooms separate bath and toilet; three open 
fireplaces downstairs; special power wires, 
cement basement and furnace, garagp. This 
is an especially good property. 

For $5,800 

For further particulars appl> 
— .•<■ ^ 


Co-opomtlTa Loaea BeairUy 

LONDON, a^at SO.-^Tha Co-opera- 
tlva Whelaaala i aB l a t y of Bnciand 
•aflarad losses of nearly ihrrr and a 
iMdf aUlUon ponada during tha last 

six months, aaeribabl^. U in under- 
stood, to less trading on the part of 
the retail societies and tt.e ganaral 
world-wide depraaalun. Tha aanip* 
erative wbolaaalara ««ai in faed- 
stufCs and olftMn*. 

Sttuwi'Trjr or 

4 11, tn-^ 



7a8-751 Yataa Straet 

Where Goed Feed Is Dispeased 
ip the Mest Eeenenical Way 

Kbowb in ModwB Biitiiitt 

Pura Fraah Oromid CallM, par lb.. 50c; 45c, 40e and 84< 

Raccption Tr,i. a rhoicc blend, per lb. . . . 
Fry's Brrakfasi Cocoa, Vj-lb. tins 

Som-Mor Biscuits, plain or <taltrd, per packet 

Wild Roaa Paatry Flour, 49-lb. sacks 

Ho Hn »o k *a Cnttard Pofwdar, larfre Hni 




Fhie for baktnir. per hox 


Rr<i Cahhapr. for picklinj;. prr Ih. ., 

Small Uniona, for pickling, 5 lbs. 

Pw» LmI L«4, in balk. p<T lb. 

Empraat Minfiimat, per lb. ^ 

Breakfast Barrtn. •.!:■ pr- V. 
No. 1 Albrrta Crrstnrty Huttn 


^ I 'Tf. per lb.. 32< 
44< ; or 3 Iba. 

Our Non-Wrap System Sa^ Y«a m 





Contlnaad tram Paga 1 

Celery. whlt.\ 1 roots— 1, Jm. Un- 
Wln; 2. A. U. Tall. 

Celery, red, 3 roota—l, Joatph Dn- 
wln; 2. A. O. Talt. 

Celery, yellow, 3 .oots — 1. Jotoph 
Unwln; 2. A. O. Talt. 

Cnrrots, C short, without fell- 
»«•— 1, A. O. Tftlt; 1, Oaklanda 

Carrots. g Intermediate, Ktump 
rooteil, without follajfe — 1, T. A.-itley, 
2. M. A Tvr*.ll 

^ Carrutj^. 6 long without ftoliag 
No award; 2, Joseph Unwin. 

Corn. « eara. swaat— 1, F. Tatham: 
2. A. O. Talt 

Cueumbar. 2 speclmenx. ridge or 
gardan — 1. A. O. Talt; 2, J. B For- 

Cuctjmbers. 2 sppcinienH. fr.ime or 
gJ'ecnhoutie — 1. chrifi. Stiiiileton. 

Citron. 2 red .seeded Variety — 1, 
OaklandH Si hool, 2. L. Charlaw. 

TE-Kt planu. 2 plants,' any varlaty — 
No award. 
Laak. 1, J. NairMnlth: t. T. Ast- 

»«y. a 

Lettuce, 2 heads Caa — 1, J. Nfy- 

smith; 2, A. <;. Talt. 

I.»tlu( »', .1 heads cabbage — 1, A. W. 
Ureeii; 2, Joseph L'nwin. 

Kohl Rabl, 2 roots — 1, A. O. Talt. 

Kala Curly, I haada— 1. J. Nay- 
smith; t, R. Batteson. 

Melon Musk, l. green fleshed — 1, 
A, n. Talt; 2. Joseph Unwin. 

.Melon .MuMk, 1, aoarlot fiaahad— 'S. 
H T. .Marshall. 
Melon, watar. l apadman— S, A. O. 


Onions, • whlto— 1, J, Naysmith; 2, 
A. a. Talt. 

Onions, I yellow, or brown — i, T. 

Astley; 2. Chas. Htapletun 

Onions, 6 red 1, T. Naysmith; 2, 
(jeorge I.Uthv 

otil. riM, 6 large, any variety — 1, T. 
A-sIU n ; o. Talt. 

onlorw". 1 quart, pickling — I. T 
Astley; 2, Chas. Bennatt. 

Onlona. ropa. I ft— 1, T. Naysmith; 
2 R. Battleson. 

I'ir^n;[..-<. ,1, ans varlsty— 1, R". Bat- 
tleson, ;;, T. I nwin, 

farsley, 1 plant In •-In. pot — 1 T 
Naysmith; 2. Q. H. Attwood. 

»'« aB. 1 Duart, shallad— 1. R. ri .t- 
tlaaon; 2. T. Naysmith. 

Pass, 12 pod^— 1, A. .M. Tyrrell: 2. 
C. \V. Kd wards. 

I'ppperM, 6—.', A. (J. Tnlt. 

i^irre dlshea of potatoai, aarly 
distinct varlatlaa, • in aach diah — 1, 

H. W. Qardenar: J, A. O. Talt. 
Thraa dlshaa af poUtoas of pot a 

toaa, late diatlnct varletlea, « in each 
dish — 1. C. Hart; 2. A. H Talt. 

Dish of 12 potatoes, early named 

A (;. Talt. 

i>l»h of potatoes, late namad— -1 
Mrs <• w Darcus; 2, B. M. Whyta. 

Ulsh of 12 potateaa, oooked, to be 
shown In thsir akbia— 1. O.Clark 2 
i2. N.- Vanoouvar Aaaociation 

Radlahes, S bunches. 6 in a hunch— 

I. A. G. Talt, 2. c, n Attwood. 
Rhubarb. « .Mtalk.n ]. T. Antley 

A, (; Tait. ■ 

liorseradliih, .1 roota 
f ireen. 

Squash. Hubbard. 1 spaelman — 1, 
A. a. Talt; 2. Oaklands School. 

•I. A. W. 




erannnq ollwy 
peoples Moiifulll 

bdU5ing ~ 

' Irfall 

whw a Of y tnow — i, T. K. wiuwn! 1. 

'tian He ru.> ; t , 

\ > K e' "J 1' It. raarrow, 2 «i>«-i mienii. 
grrcri 1 \ i; Talt, 2 W C Flight. 

hijuuh, iiii>ie coliactlon uf 3 dis- 
tinct kiiidx I ,r eaeh— 1. A. 0.iail; 
- A. Q. atawZurd. 

TsMata^ rad, t. T. Juitimfi t, A. 
W. Oraa*. 

Tomato, yellow, i — 1, Chas. Btapla- 
Otn; I, A. r; Htawford 

Tomato,, rfl Lunches — 1, 
<; Sargent, z. T Ami.N 

Turnips, whlti-, « 1. II I 

Turnips, yellow. I — 1, U. ¥. Mar- 

Bstra aatriaa— 1. O. Aallay; S. Mis. 

Garden VecctaMe Seeda 

Whlta baaaa. l pint dwarfa— 1, A. 

0. StAwford: t. T. AMlay. 

Celorad baans, 1 pint — 1. Charlaa 
Bannatt: 2, T. Astley. 

Hcarlet runner. i pint— 1. A. W. 
Oreen; 2. T .^Mlli y. • 

Runner. ■ . : hsr Tarlatjr, 1 ptst — 

1, Arthur \\ i iKlit. 

Hroad be.tnc. I pint — 1. Q. T. Wil- 
liams; 2, Chas. Bannatt. 

Paaa, 1 pint — 1, A. W. Oraan; S, 
Mra. B. W. Darcus. 

Collacttoii of named varieties, paaa 
and beanH exoaptad — 1. T. Astloy; 3. 
K. Cresswall. 


Best trade exhibit to occupy 100 
square feet— 1. Mrs. M A. mewin. 
<"ut llowrni — l>ry>rcMf.i<>nslM Only 
Ka.sket of nowers, not over IT in. 
In widest dlamatar— S, Mrs. i|. A. 


Dahllaa. alavla. I varlftlaa. in vaaas, 
C blooma of aaeh, aaoMd— 1. Mrs. M . 

A. Flawln. 

Dahlias, cactus.. 12 varletlaa. namad 

— 1, Mrs. M. A. Flewln. 

Dahiiaa, c.iciu.s. 6 varletlaa, named 

— 1. .Mm. .M. A. Klcwin. 

I>ahllas, decorative. 6 varieties, 
named — 1, Mrs. M. A. Flawln. 

Dahllaa, oolectlon. If, namad — 1, 
Mrs. M. A. Flawln. 

QtodloU. IS vartWtlaa, ahown singly 
— 1, Mrsk M. A. Flewln. * 

Vaaa of SB asters — l, Mrs. M. A. 

P i s n ta Amateurs Only 

Begonias, Rex. 1 specimen — 2. J. B. 

Begonias, tuberous. 3 plants — 2, J. 

B. Forrester; 3, J. Black. 
Qera n lu m s. single. 2 plants, 1 

variety of each— 3. J. Black/ 

Geranluma, double, 2 plants. 1 
variety of aaah — S, J. Black. 

Fams. eollaotlon, • plants, not lew 
than 3 varieties — 2. J. B. Forrester. 

Specimen fnilnge plant— I, Mrs. 
MorriB; 2, .Mr. Herbiirjfcr. 

ChryFanf hetnum.s, 3 Rrown In POts, 
1 variety each — 1. J. Parker. 

Chrysanthemum, speclnmen grown 
in pot or tub— 1. J. Parkar; 3. Mra. 

Spadmen plant in flowar— 1, J. 
Forrester; 2, J. Attwood; 8, Mrs. 

Hanging haitket — 2, J. Attwood; :!, 
I Black. 

Wlndor.- box. 3 ft. 

>g — i," J. Alt- 

I, J. Black. 
dasB J. A., Cat Flowers 
( Amateurs only > 
I'Moral design, wreath. 18 in. frame 
— 1. Mrs. A. Darcus; 2, O. Attwood; 
3, O. Unwin. 
Bouavat, buttonhole, gentloman'a — 

1. Mra. Howard; 3. J. Wollaaton. 
Boaquat, hand— 1, J. Unwin; 3, 

Mrs. Howard. 
Bouquet, apray, lad]r*s. 3—1, Btlaan 

.Sc holes; 2, J. Wollnston. 

T)ahUa.<i. show. 6 vtW'iatlas. 1 Of sach 
— 1, Thos. Muirhead. 

Dahlias, cactus, • varletlea. 1 of 
aaeh- 1. Thoa. Mulrhaad; 3, Mra. W. 

DnhllH" iiillecilon — 1. Wm. Nenen- 
feldt; 2, Thos .Muirhead; 3, Lucy A. 
T;i 1mi<t. 

\';«se of li;ihli,-ts —1, Percy Scholes; 
ThoH .\1 uirhc.xl. 

Pansies, 6 varistias, 1 of' aach 
namad — 1, T. Aatlay; 3, O. H. Att- 

Roas s . C varlatlaa, 1 of aaeh named 
— 1, Percy flcholaf; 8, Thos. Mnlr- 

\ 6 varlatlaa, 3 of aaeh— 1, J. 

N'ay.sni It h. 

i!.>wi of Kosos -1, Mrs. J. D. Waat; 

2, Thos. Muirhead. 

Oladloll. 6 varlatlaa. 1 of aach 
named — ■'t, Percy Bbholes. 

Annuals, cnllactlon of 6 varieties, 
named. 1 hunch of aach varlaty— 1, 

K.iler \. Nelld. 

Sweet I'ercs S varieties, fi di-^tin'-l 
colors. .1 .sterna of each — 1. Mlas iiam- 
llton. 2. (J. H. Attwood. 

Sweet Peas. • varieties. • distinct 
colors, 3 stems of aach — 1, Mlaa Ham- 
ilton: 2, a. H. Attwood; 3. .Thoa. 

Bunch of Rweet Pe.-m. not more 
than 30 stems, iiny \ariety. shown 
with Its own foliage 1, Mls« Hani- 
llton; 2, M. A. Tyrcll; 3. G. H. Alt- 

Chryaanthamuma, outdoor. 3 vari- 
atlcs, 3 sprays of aach — 1. Thos, 

KnXm, 4 colors, 3 blooms of aaeh 
1 Jos^h Unwlnj 3, Thoa. Muir- 

Vase of Asters. 12 blooms— 1, ThOs. 
Muirhead: 2, Joseph Unwin. 

Stocks. 3 colors. 3 spikaa of aaeh 
— 1. Jaaaph Unwin. 

Vaaa of talplvloola. 3 stalka— l. 
Joseph Unwin; 3. Jas. Black. 

Vflso of Lilies — 1. O. II. Attwood. 

Antirrhinum. .1 varieties. S blooms 
of each 1. .1 Naysmith; 2. F.ster 1.. 

Phlox Drummondi, 6 vsrietles, 2 of 
C|^ch — I, 3. Black. 

Afdoan Marlcolds. • blooms— 1, 
Oaklands School; 3. J. Blaek. 

Krenrh Marlgoldo. I blooma — 1, J. 
Naysmith; 2. Wm. Nenanfaldt. 

Nasturtiums, 12 rolora — 1, O. W. 
Fdwnrds; 2. J. Black. 

Zinnias, 13 blooma— 1, Jaa. Vnwia; 
2. J. Blaek. * 

Patvalas. slnala, • blooma — 1, Jaa. 

Tibia daeoratlon for ladl«a (table 
4 ft. by I ft., axhibltor finda own 
rioth. vassa. ata) — 1, Mra. Howard; 
2. Mrs. A. OaraaB; S, Mr*. J. H. 

.*> t n n 1 «■ V . 

^ !, .1 ( hlldrefi's ctsss. best oollec- 
ti. -1 of wild Mowers — I, Master B. 
I'lrcus; 3. Master I*. Darcus. 

ci e l aetlan of Parannlal Flowar 
laasod varlatlaa, in gtasa— 1, B. 

Best coMedlon Sweet Pea aead, SS 

r-Ur, .^^ glass 1. B. W. I 

2. 1::. Cresswell. 

Parkaga 14 tba. solid pack (to he 
■Atpped not later than April iS)— i. 
K'lrnonton city DsltTk . J, Belmont 
i-rrnni^rv ro , I. 8hoal Lake Craam- 
I er 4 Kdmonton Ctty Dairy; I, 
' rv.f.,.-« oeamary. 

i srkaBa 14 Iba saOd pMk fta ba 
■Ml latar ilMa May 3l>— 1. 
Lnka C fsasssi f ; t. Cantral 
Creamery: t, Belmont CVaamary; 4. 
W Hanvnn; I. Saak. Oo-«persthse 

t arkags 14 lbs. SOUd 

(to be 
•t)— 1. 

BdmoMioii cnty TRxiryr 

city Dslry; 3, Central Cr«>aiiiery; 4, 
S.iUiHTi Arm ( 'rt-anit?ry . J, Shoal 
1., , . t ^ 

i'ackuKe M lbs. solid pack 1 \N 
Hanson. 2. i'entral Cresiiifr>. i 
ShoaJ Lia^o Creamary; 4. Bdnootun 
City Dairy; S, Comoa craamary. 

Paekago 3i lbs. in 1-lb. print*— 1. 
Bdmonton City Dairy; 2, Central 
Crciimery; 3. KM n i . .ii I 'i n City I>alr>. 
4. Khi<n! I..iike ( 'rt-.i nu- r ) . [>. W Han 

, Beat average score in classes 1, 2. 
3. 4. and & (score ovar M polata) — 1. 
8boal Lake Creamary. 

Baat avarav| aeora by B. C. craam- 
ary In claases I. 2, 3. 4. and 3 (aeore 
ovar 34 points) — l. Comox creamery 

and Salmon Ami Creu-nciy 

Vmna Dairy Butter 
Bast tub of croak farm dairy but- 
ter, not lefs than II Ibl., aahad— i. 
Mrs. J. T. Wright. 

HoM farm dairy prints, not leas 
than 10 lbs, salted — 1. Mra. J. T 

Best farm dairy prints, not lees 
tliun II Hw.. saHad. mada by boy or 
girl. II years and nadar— 1. Miga Nora 

risMt K, Cliecao 

Bast two twin cheeMe (factory), not 
less than, 30 lbs. each make of . nr 
rant year — 1, Vancouvi i i>,i .Milk 

Gonmervlal l>Yuit lilxhiMt 

Best display of fruits, commercial 
varietlaa. packed for market In stand- 
ard packagaa. not leas than I boxes 
or cratee of each (variety, and nut 
more than 4 varieties in any one 
cliujs; apples 3 1-2 to 4 1-2 tier, 
peurs, prunes, plums, peschet» — U. 

1. ayrlta. 

Best display I boxaa. 1 variety Fall 
apples, packed for market in stand- 
ard packagaa. sisa of fruit I 1-3 to 
4 tier — 1, o. Vantralvht; 3. J. Hol- 


Yellow Transparent — 1. Tbomaa A. 
Brydon; 2. A. \V. (Jreen. 

Ducheaa — 1, (Jeo. Sangstar. 3. B. A. 
Kign; 3, M. 8. Mid^leton. 

Oravenstein— 1. M. 8. MIddlaton; 
3, J. A. Coatham; '3, Mr. Moora. 

Wealthy— 1, M. 8. Middleton; 2. 
Mrs. c. White Btreh; 3. Whltaey- 

GrUnth Bros. 

Itlenhoim Oranse 1. Thomas A. 
Brydon; 2. . Hnlioway; 3, J. A. 

nih^mi »" '— « lA a. XAlAAIo. 

vVIWWn s l|V|PVU ■ s. SS. V. ■•^^wwy 

ton; 3. Wm. Mathews; 3. Thomas A. 


Alexander— 1, Arthur Wright; 3. J. 

A Coatham: 3, Geo. Sangster. 

Cellini Pippin— 3, J. A (^outham. 

Any other I :ill vari. My — 1, M. S. 
Viddieton; 2, \\ hitney-Criffllhs Bros.; 
3, J. A. Coatham 

Coltoetlon of 4 varieties Fall Ap- 
ples, 6 eaeh— 1, M. 8. Middleton; 2, 
T. Uolloway; 3, J. A. Coatham. 

Winter Apples, King— 1, M. 8. Mid- 
dleton; 2, J. A. Coatham; 3, U. B. 

(JrimeH" (;olden — 1, M. P Mlddie- 
t<f». 2, J. A. Coatham; 3. Thomas A. 

Northern Spy — 2, Geo. Sanastar; 3. 
M. e. Mlddleon 

Ontario— 3, Oeo. Sanfster; 3, M. ». 

^ P.aldwln — 1, .1. A. Coatham; 2. Thos. 
A Pry. Ion; 3. A. \V, McClure A Hon. 
Yellow Ncwinn -1. M. 8. Middleton; 

2. J. A Coaltiani 

Wagner — 1, .M S. .Middleton. 

Jonathan — 1. M. S. Middleton; 2. 
J. A. Coatham; 3, A. H. McClure a 
son, • 

Snow — 1. M. S. Middleton; 3. J. A. 
Ctatham; 3. Whitney-Orifflths Co. 

Cox's orange — 3, F. Latham. 

c.oUlen Kus.set -1. M. 8. Mlddlcton ; 
2, .r. A. Coatham 

Home Beauty— 1, M. 8. Middleton. 

Bellfiower — 1, A. W. Qreen; 2, J. 
A. Coatham; 3, Wm. Matthews. 

Mcintosh— 1. M. 8. Mlddleon; 2, 
J. A. Coatham. 

Stark— 1, M. 8. Middleton; 3, A. W. 
McClure & Son. 

Canada Rennette ,>f PC -1. .1. A. 
Coatham; 3, A. U .M. i lure & .Son 

Wlntersteln — .', Thi.s \ Prydon. 

York Imperial— 1, M. 8. Middleton; 
2, J. A. Coatham. 

Greening — 1, J. A. Coatham; 2. A. 
W. McClure A Son; 3, H. E. Bur- 

Orenso— 2. A. (J. Talt. 

Winter Banana — 1, M. S. .Middle- 
ton; 2, J, A. Coatham; 3. H. B. Bur- 

Any other Winter variety — 1, M.S. 
Middleton: 2. A W. McClure A Son; 

:i. .Mrs. C. White Pir( h 

Stort houri : 9 aju. to 0 p lu ; Wedncs(U>, 1 pJBi 

View the Fall Op ening 
Displays of New Suits 


OU are cordially Invited to attend the hall Openiof 
displays here thh week, fetturing the newMl tni 
most correct modes for Autumn and Winter wetr 
in new suits, coats, dresses, blouses, skirts, etc. There 
are modes to satisfy the preference of every woman, and 
the values are not only exceptlonti, but very Importtot 
Aftin we invite you to come. 


Special for "Garment Week" 

Thirty -Five Women's New 
Fall Coats, bpcaally 


J at 

$25.00 to $i7a50 


A purchase made under the most fiv«rable circum- 
stances accounts for this special selUnf /of thirty- 
five Women's and Misses* new Fall Coats here 
this morning. Specially priced for Garment Week 

at $25.00 up to '. 137.50 

On Sale This Morninf 


• I 


Red — 2. K. Tat ham 
White — 2, Mrs .M .M Stephens. 
Best collection. 3 hunches each, 2 
varieties — 1. I'ercy \\ int»Tli>rne; 2, 
Mrs. Charles Gardiner. ' i Tatham. 
Qtdacea, Cknbappica, Kto. 
,^,.,,.,,.1 1„„ r ,., ,1 a , . Orange. 4 — I. T. A. Coatham; 3, 

Collection of varieties fi \\ inter Ap- I V— m «* ■••■Iwam 

r. .„.„h , VI ^ w, . I Mra. M. M. Btepnens. 

Rea's Mammoth, i — 1. Mrs. M. M. 

pies, r, each -1. .M S .Mi<l<lleton; 
J. A. Coatham; 3. H. A. King. 

Best rollecthm hy Indivldusl grow- 
ers. 6 varieties. 6 each. Fall varieties 
— 1. J. A. Coatham. 

Barllett. 6—1, V. Uolloway; 2, F. 
Sere; 3. Mrs. E. .M. Van Arun>. 

Meurre Boussack. 6 — 1, .Mrs. C. 
White Birch; 2. .1 A. Coatham. 

Beurre H„.«, . i. j. x. Coathan^; 
2, Mr- While Birch. 

FlemiKh r....uiy — 1, M. S. Middle- 
ton; 3. H. Hodgson; 3, Mrs. B. N. 
Van Arum. 

Louise Bonne de Jersey, I — I, F. 
Sere; 2, J. A. Coatham.' 

Any other Fall variety — 1, Mrs. M. 
Herburger; 2. J A. Coatham. 


BcHt collection hy Individual grow- 
ers. .1 vnrietie.H. 5 each Winter Sorts 

1. M. 8. Middleton; 3. Mrs. C. White 
Birch; 8. J. A. Coatham. ' 

Beurre Clairgeau, S — 1, J A. Cost 
ham; 2. Mrs. M. C. White Birch; 3, M 

S MlddletcHi 

I!eurr»> li AnJou, S — 1. M. 8. Mid- 
diet., n. Mrs. C. White Blreh; 1. j. 

A C'>.ith;in) 

Winter Nells. »— 1, J. A. Coatham; 

2. M. 8. Middleton. 

Any other Winter variety-*-!, F. 
Mre; 3, J. A. Coatham. 

Coe's Golden Drop, 13—1. P. Rol- 

Pond-Heedllng. 12 1. V Unliowsy. 
Sliver J'riine, 13—2, F. Latham. 
Any other varMy, 13— 3, Whltney- 
Grifflths Bros. 



5—1, Mrs. M. M. Steph- 

Cfawford. early or late. I — 1. Mra. 

J. B. McDonald; 2, F. Latham; I. 
A. W. McClure. 

Any other variety— 1, T. Astley. 

Clau to hsndle Sold by all 
Drvgaiata, Groccra maA 

I'ln«'ap|ile. 5—3. Mrs. M. .M. Steph- 

Collection. 2 varieties — 3, ,Mrw .M. 
M. Stephens. 

Crabapples, Uyslop, 12 — 1, J. A. 
Coatham: 3. A. J. Bell; 3, Oeorge 

Crahnpptes, any ether variety — t, j. 


lUTFica, Cvmata, nc, Drit-u lYulta 
Blaekberrles. ■verareen. beat plate 

-1, O. W. Edwards; 3, Whltney-Ortf- 
riths Broe.; S, i. B. Forrester. 

Biackborrlao. Bria. pUita— 1. T. 

BtrawberHea, avorbsartaB— >1. Chas. 


Loganberries— 1, A. O. Talt; 2. F. 

H. Wilson 

Riixpherrles I. f'haw" Bennett; 2, 
r AhiI.\ 3. A W. (;reen 
itc'Hi diMplay berries, any varielyi — 

I. Mrs K w imrcua; S, dao. Uttla; 
3, Mrs. J. U. West. 

Curranta. white— 1, T. Astley; 3. 
Mrs. B. W. Oareas. 

Curranta. red— 1. A. W. OrsMi: s. 
T. Astley. 

Currants, black — t. A. W. Green. 

Best display currant*— ^1. T. Astlay; 

2. Mrs; E. W. Darona. 

wsinata. Mash, p l ats S. A. 


Wainuu, Kngiuh - I. Chasi Baaaot; 

3, Mra. i. W. Kiddall. 

Waiaata, Japaaeas. p l ats J . A. 

O eeaake rrl sa t. A. W. Greea. 
Aartenltaral Prodacu ^ 

Wheat, fPaU. 1 buahel. red— 1. A. 
Olswdsnnhm Farm; S. Wai. Ragers. 

Wheat. Fan. 1 basM 
King. - - 

Wheat. Spring. I bushel— 1. 
F'.ogers; 2. Wm f;ilberl. 

l!.irlev, 1 hushel 1, Ol 
V ,.rro 2. Wm c :i'i.,.r» 

I huwh- >■ 1, olai 

ning Farm; 2. W. L>. MiohalL 

Oata. I >ai>il, bl agb S, A. 


Peaa. 1 peek, whlta— 1. Geo. Clarif, 
t, a. C. Swift. 

Peaa. 1 peek, smsll l. f ; lend ^ n 
nlnr F";.rm. ?. ';eo ciHrV 

C'l* I peck. A <> V 1, Gao. 
< ..ri, Whitney firimths B 

Kye. 1 bushel — Oeo. Clark. 

Vetches. 1 bwhel— 2. H. A. 

Beana. Aald. 1 paok- 1. Wm. 

Whattt, l.Ma alaaa hi slMaf— 1. H 
A. ..Ifia. 

Oata, l,iai sums, la sbsaf— 1. H. I 

A. King. 

Barley, l.nnn Hiems, |b 
1. Glendenning Farm. 

Timothy, in bale— 1. W. D. MIsImII. 

Clover, In bale— 1. W. p. MMmU. 

Mixed, in bale— 1, W. D. MlefeelL 

Best dlspfaiy of potatoes, from any 
district, not less than 12. of any var- 
iety, to be erhlhlted cm a apace not 
to exceed 8 ft. hy 4 ft. — 1. (Jco. 
Cl.irk. 2. F M. Whyte. 

Best collection potatoes, 12 stand- 
ard varieties, correctly named, ng| 
more than 10 of each variety Geo. 

DIah of 13 poutoes, raised in Brit- 
Hh OelamMa. not yat in coaimersv— 

Geo. Clark. 

. Ten carrots, white — H. -A King. 

Five mangel w-urtsel, long, red— 
1 il T Marshall; 2. A. G. Talt. 

Fl^.' m ingel wurtcel, yellow, globe 
or tankard— 1, Geo. Butelier; 3, C. 
Bat eb sr. 

Fits mangol wvrtsel. yellow, in- 
termediate — 1. H. W. Gardner: 2, 

A. O. Tsit 

Msngel. Hug;ir. white — 1, H. F. 
M-irKhall r A. G. Tslt. 

Uwede turnips, I roet% piirple tope, 
globe shap*— 1, A. O. VMI; 1. 1. Star- 

Swede turnips. I raets^ Msaaroll ap 
long ahapo— A. G. Tklt.' 

Tumlpa, I reota, whlta, glob»— 1. 
F. Marshall; 2. A g. Tait 

Continued on Page 4 

^:fflin;^^ Aspirin if ill ijnlf<« 
you sec flir n,<nir "Bayfr" 
(»n pacltagc or on tablets. 

Assiris Is tbs tfade aMSfe (rvgtotareS i« 


**• ColoDi.t Prlnili»« * Publl«hlB« Com 
PA")' l.lKlltca l.lsttllllir 
IMll-H llrM4 ttrMt. TtctorU. BO. 

^ Talt. BaatmcM Manaiiar 

•■••Bripilon nm*. i,y CarrUr ami by lil«n 
WlWrlt 1^ f .,riii« uou« to VIclorl* ••r»»4 

^mmtitm •••••• ..••«••• •••J-*2 

Mfitak «aMM iBn^ M akav* 

5!S5iIri?T..:::::::!!r::!!:::!:*::::: tH 

All ■>jb»<-rlp»ii)n r«ira piynt,!. (ii .drMc* 
r«ii.iii.„, ,1 dusct iu Tb« Ualtjr CotMiac 

WcOiKMUy, bi'tMc-uilK-r 2i, 1921 

A racmriTRucTRD oi»mff 

TiM fernaUM «f tlMi a«v*nun«Bt 

with wtiiek Pr«rni<T ^!<•in^lt ti win 
make hiu to the cuuntry wUI 

b« known in a day or tw«. Vha f 

1 •.iiwtructlon Im forecast Indl- 
ctttea a counc«oua de«lr» to bulUI up 
• bti*l»*M-llk« •dBtaMrntlMi, r«pr«- 
-.iitativf lit the country's dailr* for 
prosreM. Th«r« ar* mra likfljr to be 
ekoMs who might bo aUnoot aharae- 
ii rized aa BOW In a potttleal aenjie.* 
tbouvh la tho TaHoaa Provlaeta in 
whleh thor Mva thojr aro wMoIy 
known and as widely oiUomed. The 
now Cabinet will bo ono rooonatruot- 
•d In a whoteaai* way, (or the Prima 
Mlnlater haa aeUed upon the oppor- 
tunity of maklnv awoaplns chanaes. 
It will bo poaaiblo for tho poo|)le to 
moaauro tho olBeloney of hki now col- 
leacuoa dartac tho course of a 
poUtleal carapalcn which will be 
wholly unuaual In a Fodaral aoaae 
owlnv to tho riao'Af a now and power- 
fully orgaataod pavty, dominated by 
tho atrloultnral Intoroota. 

c^urtx-c's ropreaontatlon in th» new 
Cabinet, wlU. without a doubt, 
atrottCthon Promlor Molchen'a follow- 

Ing In that Province. The Im i iHioii 
of such man as Mr. R. Monty and 
Mr. Im doO. ^Hley would -bo a par- 
ticularly Ini (i>'\ olopment. 
Thero aro to be two or tbroo now 
. Mlnlatana front Ontario, and th4Me 
who aro daatlned for selection are 
wall known and tholr ability fully oa- 
tabllahod. Tho Marltlma Provlncoa, 
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British 
Columbia will probably each con- 
trtbuto a now Minister to the Cabinet, 
and In the reconatructlon area(er 
roproaontatlon Is to bo riven to the 
woi^ man over before. The aeloctlon 
uf Hi. H H. Stovona, tho VaocouTer 
member, for a Cabinet ^.-..•:!t''^n, on 
appointment that will be peculiarly 
vratlfjrinff to British Columbia. No 
member of fh« Fofleral ITouh© hae 
ever been more assiduously attentive 
to tha wolfaro of hla ooaatltueney 
than Mr. Stevens. For a considerable 
tlma paat he has been spoken of as 
Otto who has oarnod and deaerveo 

cnMiirf rank. HIk lnfiufi')n will be 
Indicative of the arowlng political 
tnnK>rtanoo of the Province which, 
'or thn rirst time, will havo tWO OUn- 
Isters in the Cabinet at OtUwa. 

A pom «0 HMMJOMO 

Thoro la ao doubt that Tary voneral 

roaret will b« felt throitghout the 
roderai constituency of Naaahno he- 
eanaa Mr. 1. C. Mefntorih win net be 

fl onndldate In the forthcoming e'lec- 
tion. He waa elected In December, 
ltl7> and durlny the period that has 

i-lapof.l Mr ^rrIn(oHh. altlidUKh the 
\-lotim of poor health, haa been enersy 
poraetUfM* la attondlnv to tho naoda 
of hla eonatltuenoy. it is no exax- 
deration to aay that Nanalmo has 
noTor boon better represented at 
Ottawa, Hiut Mi, by the 
manner in which he acUd up to the 
bMt iatoroata and traditions of beinir 
a flMtthar in deed and word and 
name, wen the confidence of hla col- 
lea^es In the House of Commons. It 
will be recalled that a year aao he 
was anxious to reirian his «e«t because 
ot,the Ktate of his health, and, if we 
mlatake not, it was at the earnest 
solicitation of Sir Robert Borden that 
ha did not take thia aoUon. This ll- , 
laatratoo tho plaoa ho had won in 
tha esteem of the then. Prime ^ffn- 
lator, and be la thouaht of equally 
humy by Mr. Malchon. who, wo fool 

aure. will he keenly disappointed ^hat 
his services will be mlsaina from the 
iMVt Metiaa of Ceaimona. . 

All 'ii\e come Into conta'ct 

wHh Mr. Mcintosh approolato his ox- 
ooHoim «vamiM. and his eonatltuoau 

eopeclally will nnHtnin a real loss In 
tho aovennc of hla poUUcal eoanoc- 
tloa with Naaalme. His support win 
SUII I liable to the party in 

power lor be Is an unqv*lined be- 
llavar In the especial fltnesa of Mr. 
Melchen ft r tr . > position he oc- 
ouples. Mr. Me if hen aad Dr. 8. F. 
Tolmie havo alwaya werkOd hand In 
hand for the common Intersata of 
their constituencies, which are Iden- 
tical In "moot respects, and amonc 
What they have been sueoessful in 
aooomplished is brlnalnc about the 
btUldlnc oi tho new dry dock, now in 
pt ps r ani at BwiAnalt. The Mtnlater 
of Airrieulture i ••• ' i ■ i and 
an enthuMastic nupportei tn .Mr. Mc- 
intosh aatf BO ono wnt bo mora du- 

Rppolnfed at his resolution not to spov 
re-election. Mr. Melntoah retires for 
tlaao hataa from poimoal Ufe with 

|PDnwle>>1s'o that he hn* ■ ■ '1 1,1'? 
to l>e one of thoa* whuee record 

Of mntm U ■■■ rtU d f n th ^ibw rr- 
twah In Any particular. 

million of Canada. We are n-.- ui- 
that Canadlana^ aro parilcuUriy 
aaaloua to mtdartafca now rosyoasl- 
bllltieH by the extension of the bounds 
•if their Doanlnlon far bey^^nd preoent 
Units. Our Oovorna>oata have had Ut- 
tls ezporlenoo la Mla^'hanAJos of 
"natlvea," with the exception of the 
natives of North America. Still, we 
hava diasimrsod that ImporUnt duty 

\\\rh f'.m,. little credit to ournelven. 
uii<|, wu hope, with sonie advanlasc 

to our warda. Adaalalatsa lag Mm af- 

falTH f S'.ii'b .^■<i iHlHndf rf». whom 
we do nut know aitythina about« is 
QvHa another mattor. Tho Brttlsh 

' loverniY!. j:t b«.s . iiKased in that 
kind of work for centuries. 'Its offl- 
elals %tim boon tralaad la tho datlss 
. f iK ir offlco and hara acquitted 
themscivsa with oonaldarahla credit. 
, Besides, the queaUoija of "aolf-doter.' 
minatlon" and of "^vernment by 
consent of the sovomed." have ac- 
quired oonalderable promlnoneo dur- 
ing roeent yeara The "natives' 
micht object to beins delivered over 
to Canada as an inherltaooo. Sroa 
tho yroipoct of open mafkola la 
northern realons for their tropical 
f rttlta and other products mijrht not be 
eo«Mai«d by them a suflelent quid 
pro anO for the proposed change. 
Caadte has ail the territory siie re- 
qatr^fTfpr the praasat. After wo. have 

thorou»fhly artjiistofl our r>wn ilomen- 
tlc affairs and permanently establish^ 
aa ideal form of •ovommont, poaslbly 
we shall be in a po.«ltion to aasume 
new overseas responsibilities. 



tint wMto tho BrttMi Oola al al 

grooplnit the Crown Coiontee of the» t,. !»,.. I'nporial , Oavarhment 
for the inoorporattoa af aw tain 

FUixc OP THE yvrvAiB 

In accordance with tha dacreos of 

Nature, flrst proclaimed In the Oar- 
den of £den accordlnc to sacred 
writ, tha preolaoa thinss of this 

world. In modern parlance the thing.-" 
we most urgently "need in our busi- 
ness," usually aro the most dtffloult 
to procure. Ordinary requirements 
can be met by "the sweat of the face," 
but cold, in the preaent day at least. 
Is hidden away in the most Inae- 
ce^lhle plaooa Hardnhlp and priva- 
tion must ba added to toil In order 
to pfeonro It. 

The wonderful properties of oil as 
a source of energy havp created a 
strong damahd for th^ product of 
the earth's bowala. ' The consump- 
tion of oil i.H enprmouB now that 
motor cars are buzzing like flies all 
over tho faeo of tho oarth and sreat 
•'onmship owners are finding out that 
use of It lightens t'lt- lau....- rf »nsr. 
irCi Incraaaos tha spaad of their craft 
by several knots an hour. 

The supply of oil immediately at 
hand, howsver, is not Inexhaustible, 
and ezplorera ara scouring tho globe 
oven away up to the fringe of tho 
Arctic regions in quent of it. liut 
even If the highest of antletpationn 
should he fulfilled, thn Rupplios of oil. 
like tho suppUso of coal, cannot en- 
dure foroTor. They ean hut tide over 
the praaont ladaatrlal dispensation 
and prepare (he way for the advent 
of some new method for tbc use uml 
applleatlon of natara's latent en 

erKle". The sun, of conraa, |h th<' 
« creator of all the fuels stored away 
upon and under the alirfaee of the 
e.irth. We ure using them up rapidly 
and the time must come when there 
will be a famine, as far as they are 
concerned, throdghout the land. 

Hut the mm also Im the father of 
another source of "power, light and 
heat," and one that apparently la in- 
exhaustible, w h< n he comes Into action 
in tho production of the mysterious 
"fluid** known as eleetria energy. 
Man has disoavarad a system bf ap- 
plying that enersy, and when coal 
and oil and wood and all kindred 
forms of fuel ara ashauatedr poaslbly 

man will bj» In a position to get 
along comfortably until the span of 
life tho globo upon which ha lives 
and move.s and haa hla beins haa run 
its course. 

The way of prohibition enforcement 
agents In the United States la hard> 
A New Tork diapateh says that a 
huge liquor manufacturing eatahliah* 
ment has been dlsooverrd This In- 
stitution ''has been feedlng>^he United 
SUtes" with whlaky, gin and rum 
that purported to bO Imiwrfed. huf 
really was concocted out of domesUc 
raw matorlala. Tha ataff waa not nt 

for hiirrfhn ron.suinpf ion. of course, 
and caused mental and physical de- 
marallaatlon. • naro are certain re- 
form<« that cannot be accomplished 
Hlmply by passing laws, aa human ex- 
porlonee In other eottntrlea has dem- 
cnatratod. .New countries, more en 
thuslastlc than practical, are lured 
by curiosity Into experimentation. 

The late snowfall In the Wejitern 
Prairie Provinces seems .to have been 
an Incident of no partleaUia moment 
In the lives of the peqple. The news- 
papers Feem to be quite cheerful 
about the orop pr sapsc t a and long 

trains of r.irs tilled with grain are 
moving aleadlly to the eastern sea- 
board> «ia*^ort of Montraal eon- 

tinues to be congested with illlpplllll. 

but this Is due to some aatant to 
heavy aM^manta from tho Weotcm 
Statoa Canadian waterways seem to 
b^ a groat convenience ta our aolgh- 

Turnips, f r ssia. grayatene — 1, H. 

A Ktnc. Z. A. a. Talt. 

Turnips, I yaat» yoUow, green top 
—A. O. TWt 

Pumpkhi. flold. kktm <« A, 0. 
Tait; t, J. Kilgora^ 

a<iua«h. large — ^A. O. T . t 

Boots, for aiiaar mkwiUciure — U. 
F. MaiahalL 

Beeta, a««ar. far aattla. latiiai 

A r, Talt. 

{ I ' ' tlon field ro t leas 

itiun b aisuiiot varlatlaa, i of each 
kind-^i. H. r. Maiah^U; t# Olaadaa. 
nine Farm. 


i! ley. whlt<> 10, 12-oz. lara — l. 
>li». N. McCallum. 2. W. J. Savory. 

Honey, aiflber, 10, 12-oa. 'jars — 1, 
A. K Crouter; 2, Mra. B. O. I^alkar; 

3, V\' J. Huvory. 

Honey, white, JO, 12-OB. Jara 1, 

Mra. N. McCallum; S, W. J. tevory. 

Honey, amber, JO, IS-oa.^ Jara— 1. 
Wult. r Lalng; », D. MelAtmi t, F. 
W. Thomaett. 

Honey, white, I*. iS-oi. jara — l, 
Mrs. N. McCallum; 2, W. J. Savory. 

Honey, amber, 60, 12-os. Jars — 1, 
VV. J Huvory; 2, A. 12. Crouter. 

Honey,' in oomb% 14 seotlona— 1. 
F. B. White: t. F. TOmoett; t, W. J. 


IJeetiwax. not leas than 2 lbs. — 1, 
W. J. .Savory, », A. R. BWUt; I. MtS. 
N. McCallum. 


1. mm- oiuis: t. 

for Selitac Idqvor 

VANCOtrVICR, Sept. 2«.— Three of- 
fYidirs against the provlslona of the 
Liquor Control Act. found guilty of 
selling 11 1 inr. were today aontenced 
by .MngiHtrate Shaw to sarro six 
months' Imprloonmont. Thoy In- 
cluded a woman. Kitty Jaakaon. the 
others boing lota R. JOtaaton and 
Aatanto Traao. Aspaalg N 

terad. it Is underaCood. ' 


r>«llr eonsunu'tlon of gasoline in 
•fl" United Ml«t#.s In April. 1120 

j amouatod to tll.lll galloai^ 

itaUun Bees. In ohsorvatory hbn^ 

1, W. J. Savory. * 

Women's Institute Kxhlbits — 2. 
LAke Hill Women's itK^^tltute; 3. 
atrawborry Vale Woiii' o s Institute. 
U4>at CoUectkm 'Fancy Work 

Best collection of fancy crochet 
work, one person's work, collection to 
('oiL-siKt of not U'Mij than ten dlSerent 
(l«uis.a--l. IMr.s. M. A. KOBBOdy; t, 
.Mias iJdith Franks. 

Best collection of fancy amhraldary 
work, one person's work, oefUaetlan 
to consist of not less than ten dlffer- 
i iit cla.' — 1, .Mrs ,1 \ \\ hidden. 

Kinbroldcry on llin-n — 1, Miss Kililh 
I'l (iik!<; 1.', Mlaa Hope Hinlth. 

lOm broidery (Paisley) — 1, Mrs. 
Kred Warren. 

Embroidery (Bhadow)-i-l, Mrs. W. 
T. McDonald. 

F:nibr<)ld.ry (Mount Molllak) — 1, 
Mr.t. K. McKeir/.ie. ' 

J-iinbroidery ( \\ a I lii< hlun ) — 1, Miss 
J. HalanKer. 2, Mrs. H. N. A. Cook. 

Knibrotdery (Uanlsh Hedebo) — 1, 
Mrs. K. Blichfeld; 2, Miss K. Kerr. 

Embroidery (Hardangor)— 1, Mra. 

B. Parker: t. Miss B. Bolanger. 
rjr.fcr.-.ldcrv /t.:,.»'H*v — t 

A T^iarcus; 2, .Mrs. 8. Brown. 
1 ui. chcd Work — .. :.lT~ ^ mirh- 

Drawn Work — 1, Mi?« .M. Walter; 
2. Mrs. H. D. Lee. 

Crosa Stitch Work— l, Mrs. A. C. 
chlslott; S. Mrs. P. C. Thompaon. 

Kibbon Work— 1, Mrs. T. OalUn; 
2. Mrs. F. McKensle. 

Silk Embroidery on silk or satin— 
1, Mrs. Fred Warren: 2, Mrs. V. Mc- 
Kenilf. * 

Set of Boy's Clothes, hand made — 
1, Mrs. A. D. Currle. • 

Child's Dresa. hand made— 1, Mlsv 
R. Anderson: 2, Miss Hope Smyth. 

Hand Made Ixice, Battenberg — 1, 
.Mr.s A. 1). Cufrie; 2. Mrs. R. Kent. 

Hand Made Lace, Torchon — 1, Miss 
.M. Walter; 2, Mrs. C. T. Ward. 

Hand Atade Lace, I'olnt — 1, Mrs. 
H. M. A. Crook; 2. Mrs. L. A. Palmer. 

Hand Made Xiace. Honlton — 1, Mrs. 

H. M. A. Crook: 2, Mrs. T. Oollan. 
Hand Made Lace. Filet — 1, Mrs. 

Murray; 2, Mrs. ."=(. Ilobson. 

Hand Made Lace, Crochet, Irish — 

I, Mrs. 3. H. Stavaly; t, Mra. A. Xhur. 

Crochet Lace In lengths not less 
than ono yar« — 1. Mrs. T. Oellan; 2, 
Mrs. S. Robson. 

Knitted Lace In lengths, not less 
than one yard — 1, Mrs. E. A. Or- 
chard: 2. Mrs. K. r.llchf.-l.l 

Tatting- 1. Mrs. M. A. Kennedy; 
2, Miss Abbott 

Netting — 1, Mrs. J. J. Townsend. 
2, Mrs. r. McKeniie. 

Knitted Wool Slippera— 1. Mra A. 

C. ChlMott. 

Knitting in iUk, boat 9«elni*A— li 
Mrs R. Kent. 

Knlttlnk In wool, hoat .■specimen — 1, 
Miidanif^ lio.nK iK'mlun; 2. Mrs. Ran- 

Crochet, beft collection useful arti- 
cles— J, Mlas Edith Franks: S. Lavra 
M- Oawley. 

Croohot In sllk,^ hoat apoclmen — 1, 
Mrs. B. Ssnouf. 

Crochet In wool, boat apo«lmen — 1. 
Mrs. w. T. McDonald: 1. Mra. R. H. 

Crochet In cOtton, best specimen — 
1, Miss Edfth Franks: 2. Mrs. .T. V 

Raffla, colloction. not less than I 
pieces — 1. Mrs. B. F. Mathews. 

Kama, specimen — I, Mrs. F. 
Mnthews: 2, Mrs. R. Moffat. 

T>nrned Pocks or Stockings — 1. Mrs. 
W K. M.-Oonnld: 2, Miss K K. Olr- 

Mending tear In cloth, flannel, cot- 
ton and linen, nno specimen of each 
— 1, Mrs. K. Btl^aM. 

Patching — 1, ■!«■. O. Brown: 2. 

Mrs t: Blichfeld. 

Rofa pillow, embroidered — 1. Ml'»s 
Edith Kninks; 2. Mrs. A. n Purrle 

Sofa *plIlow. any kind -I. Mrs. M. 
Ooanell: 2. Mrs. M. A. Kennedy. 
Plain Ne«dleworfc 

.(Specimen plain needlework — I, 
Mrs. M. OoaaaU; t. Mtaa ■. p. Olr- 


Boy's suit (aloth)— 1, Mm. S. K. 

Buttonholes, on linen — 1. Mra. N 
B. Sadler; 2, Mrs. B. BUckfeld. ■ 

Colloction of not loaa than 4 
plecea— 1, Miss A. OlrUat. 

Morning work drem (cost of ma- 
terials and pattern not to exceed 
$2.50; bills to be ahown with exhibit) 

1, Mra. O. Lb KaToa; t, ma ■. 


Summer wash frock fcost of ma- 
terials and pattern not to exoood fS, 
bills to be shown with exhIMt) — 1. 
Mias F. T. Bohbott: S. MIM A. Olr- 

Kltohon or worfclaff apua t, Mrs 

M. A. Kannody. 

Vadlea Over Taaia of Am 

Colleotlod of haat 
1. Mrsi H. M A. Oook. 

KBlMor*8adB^ phiki I. MMk e J. 

KnMai h a s t . lt» Bl A. Or- 
chard, t 

Nett8« l uM O I t mm. t. Dmm- 


BiiglMl SValfet, aay srttrle— l, Mrs. 
cieo Jeoveo: t. Msa B. iahaslaa. 
Hand made qafltMl« Mflh MUM; 1, 

Mia. & Cerhoald. 

Mrs. Banka. 

^■«»ttrs of Ago 
Bmbroldn . ,] Aufa pillow — 2 Miss 
Jean Kdwardu. 

Fancy afUmoon a»fO B 1. Mias 

Crocheted laoa, eotton— 1, Mlaa Ada 
Relnes; 2, Mias B. Warder. 

Trimmed pinafore, hini imadi f. 
^Mlas BUaea Scholes. 

Daraad aocks or stockings — 2. Miss 

^:>lesa Mioles. 

Uemstltched handkerchiefs — 1, 
Mbs BUosa leholaai ^ 

Beat dressed doll, garments hand- 
BUtdo — 1. Miss Eileen Scholes; 3, Miss 

Qladya cai... 

l>umestic Hdeaoa 

Br.-ad, plnln. while, 1 loaf— 1. Mrs. 
A. V Joyce; 2, Mra. I'. Bcholes. 

iiread, plain, brown. 1 loaf — 1, Mra. 
C. Hedge , 2, Mrs. J. TownslAy. 

Bread, collection, plain, not loss 
thsA I loaveo— 1. W. L*wroaoo; t, 
Mra. W. J. KiddaU. 

Boonea— 1. Mrp. BL MltahoU; S. Mfa. 
A Campbell. 

Rolls, dinner, « 1. Mra W. B. 
Hpil: ~ MrH J Towii.-iley. 

I'.isi uitM, plain, ti 1, Mr."*. W. J. 
lUiiKfr. 2, Mrs. K \V I)ar<Mi.s. 

Tea cakes, sm,*!!, a.s.surted. 12 dlf- 
f»r«nt kinds — 1, Mrs. W. O. l>9 
ICousee; t, Mra, A. 9f, lafOS. 

Caha. Mjrar— 1, Mra. P. Bcholoa: S, 
Mra L. flchomota. 

Cake, sponge loaf — 1, Mrs. L. 
Schomets; 2, fin. W. J. Parker. 
Cake, fruit— 1, Mra. ^P. Holloway; 

2, Mrs. C. l''orr(v><t. 

Cake. (hOLolulf loaf — • 1, Bbn. Jj. 

Hchotiii'tz; 2. Mrs. K. x>algartaa. 

Cake, seed — 1, Mra. P. Soholsa: S, 
Mrs. Lt. Schomets. 

' Caka. iced an ddoeoratad— 1, Miss 
Stavolayt S. Mra H. D. Loo. 

Shortbread— 1, Mrs. W. O. Barker: 

2, Mrs. A. Campbell. 

Plum Pudding— IT Mrs. F. Butcher; 
2T MiB« T. McPhail. 

Pastry shells for Urtlets, 12 — 1, 
MrH. II. Thombor; 1, Mrs. L. 
Schometz. » 

Mini i nitat. shown In glass Jars — 1, 
Mrs. E. W. Darcus: S, Mrs. F. Butcher. 

Assortmsnt of pickles, not less than 
d klad^^^l, BCra L^ Behometas Idra. 
I. S. Denholm. 

Assortment of sweet pickles, not 
leas than -3 kinds — 1, Mrs J. P Den- 
holm; 2. Mrs. I.,. 8choni< i7. 

Assortment of jams, not less than 
6 kinds— 1, Mrs. F. BooBiaa; S. Mra. 
E. W. Darcus. 

Assortment of fruit Jellies, not less 
than a kinds— 1, Mra E. O. Ullsa; 2, 
Mra B. W.-Daroua. 

Assortment of bottled fruit, not 
less . than d kinds — 1. Mrs. L. 
Schometz; 2, Mrs. E. W. Darcus. 

AHsortmcnt bottled vegetablea, not 
less than 3 kinds— 1, Mrs. A. Camp- 
bell; 2. Mrs. W. J. Barker. 

Assortment marmalades, not less 
than 3 kinds — 1, Mrs. K. Butcher; 2, 
IJcra Fryatt. 

Marmalade, orange — 1. Mrs. 
Butcher: 2. Mlaa XSsth«r Valid. 

. • - - — .a.. „ _ 4 • ■ ' 

X\otj-^ » v«**4M^ t gCOA til A Ik U 

kinds — 1. Mra. C. W. Darcus: 2, Miss 
<) yiaveley. 

Candy, chocolate. 1-lb.. assorted — 
1, Mrs Schometz; 2. .Miss O. Slavoley. 

Display by one person of artlcbs 
not entered In any other class. un<l 
not less than 10 different articles — 1. 
Mrs. C. W. Dai^ua; S, Mra. O. L. 

OMa, id Trars and UnOer 

Plain caka, Icc.l l. Miss J. Ed- 
wards; 2, Miss fflleen S' hol<>M. 

Apple pie, short crust I, Miss 

Ellsen Bcholea; 2, Miss J. Edwards. 

Intenuodlate Grade (Srakir) and 
l/owrr Senior tirade 

Beat nightdress (cotton) — 2, Mias 
Maria Pye. 


^ TO nmm 

Papers Read Before Gathering 
Under Auspices of Canadian 
Association — Aeroplane 
and Wireless Telephone 

striking, fi^ts eoncernlng the for- 
ests of British Columbia and the 
Provincers lumbering Industry woro 

made "known through a series of 

|)upers by expertH given bfTori' the 
r.rlllHh Colunibl.i l^'orrstry fon vent Ion, 
held at the l-Thi press Hotil yester- 
day, under the auspices of the Cana- 
dian Forestry Association. Some of 
these pronouncements were: 

Tho Chinese market is the one 
which should be most cultivated . by 
the British Columbia manufaaturors 
of lumber. 

Insects killed 150.000.000 feet of 
yillow jilrif In tVie Princeton nrea 
between tho years ir»l4 and l<)2n. 

Approzlnlately ono million dollars 
has beea spent In British Columbia 
during tho last five years in forest 

Oraslng Is a protection to forests, 
by keepltig down the Rrassfs and 
^veeds which would form a fire men- 

The regular and correct use of a 
forested area by livestock promotes 
tho growth of reproduction by break- 
ing up dabrls and harrowing thoaeods 

Into the mineral soli. 

The protection of Brlthih Columbia 
forests from the air led to flights this 
season of over 8,500 miles, cfivering 
an area of loo.flOO square niilci . 

The flying done this season has ef- 
fectively demonstrated the value of 
aircraft for Are patrol on this eosst 
when handled properly. 

The wireless telephone has proved 
Invaluable In forsstry protection work 

this season. 

Tb*. ( onventlon was attended by men 
en^:ii.:'-il In forfsfrv work and the 
lumber Industry from various parts rff 
British Columbia. Mr. C. E. K. 
Usshor. proaldent of the Canadian 
Forea tr y Aaaoeiatton, proaldad over 
^ho gathering, while Soerotary Black, 
of the same organisation, acted jA 
secretary. The cohventl'in <iiien««d in 
Vancouver on Monday and continued 
here vrsterdnv tnorninjr The final 
session was held yesterday afternoon. 

Major MclAurln. siiperinteadont of 
the Oovemment aaaplaaa atatlaa dt 
J a rta h s Beach. VlMod ono o« Mm bl« 

1 • . » : • ' 

25c Copv 
$1.50 \cdi 





Special Inducements for Half- 
Holiday Shoppers , 

Children s Tub 
Dresse^j y9c 

A Snap Price in Kiddies' Tub Dfeigcs. 
made of splendid quality chambray and 
plaid and check ginghams; attractive 
atykt; ages 3 to 5 
ytsrs. SpaciaL UVK. 


Children s Middy 
Waists, 93c * 

Children's Middies in rcffulation style, 
with lace front, long and short sleeves, 
white and colored collars, trimmed 
with braid; sizes 6 to QQ/* 
12 yavi. Special at •'•'^ 

Housefurnishing Specials 

Regular 98c Handy Wash Rugs 


Mottled centre*:, with band hnrdirf, 
a lian<!y size for many places; fast 
washing^ colors. 

Regular 39c Drapery Chintz. Yard 

Two hufHired yards repriced; full 
36 inches wide, in useful floral designs 
ia ail shades. 

Dutch Sets of Voile Scrim. Set 

Reg^ultr $1.70, fancy dr.iwn thread 
l)Ordcrs and rrbbon edges; full 36 tns. ; 
in white and cream. 

Regular $3.98 Reversible Smyrna 
Rugs, 12.98 

Mottled centres, .<with band bor- 
-dera>^;SpUadid nif far hard i 

to Vietarla jtaa- 
tarddy morning, brinirlna over Mr. D. 

Hoy Camrrnn, rllsfrlrt lniipi»rtor of 
forest reeerv^K in Brltlah Columhla; 
Mr. n A. MarI>onald. ini{>erlnt indent 
of forest reeervee In Rrltlah Colum* 
Ma, and Mr. c. H. Mnmei district 
Inapoetor of forest reservoo 4a Al« 

THa addreas of woloomo waa alven 
*9 Mr. <l. K. MadOB. Dopvty Minis- 

««r «f X«M% vko aiataA Omi tka 

Children's Wool 
Sweaters, $2.69 ' 

Cliildrrn's WOd] Swcatrr Coats in 
liruvlied Wool ami plain and taiicy knit 
vvt-avcs; made with roll or sailor »oi- 
lars. sash and pocket*; . oi 

Special at - - 

CkUdren's Wash 
Dresses^ $1,98 

Wash Dresses for girls 6 to 14 years; 
HMde of chambray and. plaid and 

check i'i"r:haia$; in a raricLy oi styles 


and colors. 
SpT':-"''y priieu at 

. I 

Specials in Staple Goods 

.^6-inch KKYptian T.ongcloth, absolutely 
ptirr quality; suitable for ladies' and 
children's whitewear; regular 3Sc. Spe- 
cial, yard. 2?>c 

.36-inch White I-iannelette in a fine quality 
' and soft finish; excellent value. Spactali 
yard, 25c. 

40 inch All Para Irish Linen. thotoiiKhly 
shrunk; in a nice, fine quality; originally 
$1.95. Special, yard, $1.29. • 

21-inch Towrlinp. red stripe border; for 
kitchen towels; will give good wear; reg- 
ular 2Sc. Ppecial. yard, 19c. 


80-inch R' Mi.ii Sheeting, u nblaMlMd, Mitra 
rJravy twill quality; will stand yeafl of 
hard wear; originally $2.25. Special at, per 
yard, 98c. 

28-inch All-Wool English Raby Flannel in 
a fine soft quality; regular $1.50. Special, 
yard, 98c. 

Specials tram the Dress 
Goods Dept^ 

36-Inch Shej|})ecd Checks, Special Value, 
Yard, 39c 

A fine, closely woven, mt^ium weight cloth, in 
small and medium sized checks; in black and 

white. Special 

value, yard _ _ 


36-Inch Corduroy Velveteen, Special Value, 
Yard, 98c 


A very popolar and 8ervirr»hle material 
suits, skirts, dresses and children's wear ' < 
nice fine cord; good range uf CiK<» 
colors. Special value,, yard — ,,.~*^0^ 


Girls' Navy 

Cotton Ser^e 

V Kilts 

at $1.76 

(iirls' Kilts, made of splen- 
did wearing blue cotton 
serge with bodice at- 
tadied; sizes 8 to 14 
years.- Price, (I» 1 'J 
each vVlo i O 

Oovemment wsa desirous of eo>opor« 
atlng with tho I'lmh' Ti IU- i'liorosta. 

Un Kzport Biu>1im-hh 
Mr. J. O. Cameron, the local mill 
operator, read a paper on "Manu- 
facturing Lumber for Bxport." 

"FnrcBt rio.<«>ar( h ^ tho \N>ni" w.'ia 
thfi Biil)Jpct f>f a i>.ip<T li.v .Mr. V. Z. 
Cftverhlll. I'rovlnrliil rur^Htor of Brlt- 
Inh Columbia. Owing to Mr. Caver- 
hill's Illness the paper was read by 
Mr. R. B. 8t CUlr. 


A peculiar shootlna accident yen- 
t^rday at noon resuil'd in Rrnpxt 
'".ibb.i. of Vsncoover, being wounded 
In th*^ left fore-arm and Hvmphrey 
('. P. Bradford,, of tha aaaao dty. 
cashier at tha raea track tar the 
I'arl-Motuela, being arrested SM a 
charge of belnjc In po««ewilon of a 
rev»>lver'-i:' fi!-<i hi\i' ;- • < < urcd 
a permit, and<-r allowed out «»n 
T>al| amounting to ft. 000. He will be 
arraigned la the poUoo court this 
moralngr ^ 

Bradford, who restden at ltf4 
Comox Rtreet. Vancouver, wa* ent-j - 
'n» th* Mprcbanti' Tank »i 12 ;i ) 
o'rlock with a l irire eurn of raon^y 
»hlrh hf tnfpndod d»»poi»1t H». 

alighted from a motor car In which 
he had dnraa in from the WUlows 
and aa ba> did sa 'ho picked np « 
revolver end holotor ho katf oarrlod 
on the front n^nt »T?e wan mnuntlna 
the atepa In fr- p' nf the bank when 

Ihe aun f ' holoi^r Ar 

KtrUCk th.' ■! ,.<. '1 tinrtr>-'l Tli<- 

balU't rlrhorh^tt'- ' - :»v»r»ien» 

nnd flew across th-^ utreel, strlklriK 
Olbba, who was pacing tho entranr^ 
at the pomlntoB Baak. oa tho op- 
rosAto ifdo of Deaglaa Siroof. Tho 
bullet struck nibhe on n.- ■ - .y> 
btil did not orcaalon a nt M ^ja hd.j: il. 
•( UNI 


ths many pedestrians on ths street, 
and vUdona of '<n attempted haak 
robbery floated thmuKh the mindi of 

many. It \v i!> M..rii» flnw hpforp the 
real facia wi i'^ ».rt«ln»-d. Thf« 
piiliro Bt.iti"' <■ tidtified and num- 
motied. In the meantime Mr. Ulbbs 
nlad). hla way to Dr. Bryant's oflBce, 
where the wmin^ waa dressed, and he 
WHM then taken to' tha 0t. Jeas ^ h's 


nrndford, wlion the pnllm irrlvpd, 

promptly ^»)ld them fit h;« -i • In 
the Incident. He waa taken lo police 
hoadaaartara, whbro he was bookai 
oa tho eharga aad lato^ ha waa al- 
lowed out OB ball. He stated that 
the revotvar, a Colt automatic weap- 
on, most haTs beea discharged hr the 
fort p of the Impact wtth tha Mawalk 

»h'n It fr-ll 



Nr.\<;ARA WALIM, out. Sept. XS. 
— While a aoara of aaaa aad woman 
ran a la pg tha mainland *avo af tha 
appor KVar batwaoa Odat laland 
bridge aad tha Anaorleaa Falla, try- 
tnt hi vaia to Had aaaa asaaaa af 

rescuing her, an unldentlfled wcman 
waa borne throush the upper raplda 
and over the f«llji Monday aftdrnoon. 

The body appoired nlrriont Imme- 
diately In the river on the Canadian 
side, from where it wa* recovstatf Imd- 

Uksn to Mlagara Faiia, Oat. 


sratrr OF cowoORD 

HO .ME. Bept so— Society today le 
deeply nffecfcii wiih flvll dlHOord due. 
to ei'-eeplve eaotieni and a refusal tu 
acknow le<lK" inevitable dlfrerenxn be* 
tween social alaasea. said pope Bene* 
diet yesterday during an addraai to 
mombaia af tha Ordor of St. Ibhaola. 
gathorod hara hi laternatlona^ aon« 
rrM* As a r«nlt» bo i.«]ded, troatlaa 
of pe.ire woro Slpiad by nations, bat 
they (ontlaaad to oagago hi bloady 


Pope Ftencdict emphasised fit. 
Francis* love of peace and eoncord« 
aad aald a»lr thia'aplrH aaeid halp 

t t a aH f Ihra thnaaawd dalagataa ta 
the congrsas wors reoelvod Vy tho 


I 'ope. who addrsssid Cho assembly in 
tho Caart of Damaao, la tha fatloaa* 


(Fresi Tka r>aiir Brittoh Ci 

tl, ISfl.) 

BcheaMtlM e« BeOy of or«at rvMiOeiM— TIM fOOtalSa ef Ule Pl^»»mt 
l«» M P»s ba»« bMN rMMvl from ih» cm^mrr v«olf la wMeh Mmt ka»» laM «■<•• 
daaia, aaa stoeeS *■ fti* ««ni' i.,.: fmtth.-^ for rM-aylura. Tker* wer. n-. 

aa« is 

laa stoeeS tm tii 

neOart Lln<-niii.' H«n«inr Trawtail. Uoveraar 
of tha tTaltaO Btatae aayrame Oaert, were priwiiit 

•eoiaolaa e< lalS f ai M a M P.O. OrSws PeteWce 
state* aa« BaglaoS i >w n a « e •« tba eveeaa ot ra^r 

l« r»tif« Marten— Oa ^rtdSf Or* 
whi»> A'\)t*ttfv\ •4'tliiv h»m aalnaa tnr h«r (k* mjmp^lhr muwp*rt nt al tlt»a<r«- 

tn.rm •III itk* • beaefii at (lt« Th«*tr« Roral. Sir Jam** I>««Klaa K.C B ba* 
kin«iiT vsMeeaS hla sotrenase t^^tka «at«rtainw«ot. aad aa a rare •atartalaaMMt will 
ba s » «»IS>a hr ~ ' - 

. 1 

M i_ 


Fair Week 

Special Offerings 

See Windows 


649 Yatc» bUect Phone 1232 



B.C. Electric Railway Company 
to Operate One-Man Cars 
Exclusively Here— Economy 
NecQSsaryi Says Manager 


Comiiiissiuneis North and Ibll 
Ubjcct to Heaiiiir; Petition 
hum Repiuseiitativt' Citi- 
zens in Behalf ut Police 



'11'- iwo-maa m*m Mr* to 

!'<■ r( i>iu<:«-a by cam Ml the 
local street ralhmr eirateai, Mr. A. T. 
(Juward, manaser ef the B.C. BHIr te 
Kail way CompftBT. MnmiBeed ]r«attr- 

Thr fhanee 1* bclnit mad* to effect 

• ■^•inMiiii whl<li Im i.t-o'illa! If I li<» 

• fiiMii.iiiv Irt tM iM"'"''' » • jiif.senl 
i.ii>« Ml i;i.w,ii.t |...inlftl iMil tliat 
tli>' lint- iiiaii rar Is imw 1><-Iii( ua<'d 
e\< hi.xlv < l\ In Puch titli -i a.a Calgmry, 
l.rlhbrJdc«, Cdmontua, Spokane, eAe., 
Mnd has proved qwlte aillafaetory at 
tiioee poinla. He antlelp»te» ao alow- 
inn tjp In th* acnrlce or reduction in 
cfflctenry throuKli tli«> change. Re- 
fenlly I^Ir. (luwanl anil Mr. Tripp. 
i{"iirr«l HI ppi InteiirJ^nl . In vo.^( Igal ^il 
Uir unf iif the nn* man <ar« In tht- 
< It leu nanird, and I li^y wpip vor.\ 
muirli Inipreaaed with tha celerity 
with which the moto r man- eoadaotor 
cuuid handle trafllo en the oar*. 

The prteent earn will be equlppc<i 
with alt the standard automatic fra- 
turo« for onr-man operation. an«l 
BiHiii- Mf^^ iiiir man cam arc brine ob- 
tuuHil. %h<'«f« nlU bp "IMrnpy" BAfrtv 
car^, a llKhtrr anj mnallrr niodpl than 
thdt preY-°>'l<'i<t on the local syslcm at 
thi' prtxrnt lime. 

Under the new system, paaseasern 
will enter and leave the ears from tho 
^front end only, the 4o<va belnc op- 
erated by the tneConMn«eondu^tor. 
who will drive the car aad handl* the 


Oradaal Chanic<* 

The runipany can give no definite 
•late for the rhanffe^ stating that it 
protMibly will be made ^adually, the 
flrsteof the one-man oar* colav Into 
spsea i l uii who* tli* w saipaary flttlngH 
for thp convemioh can "toe obtained 
and plai'i'd on tlnj car^. 

.Mlcratliin.s for ono-man operation 
■will III' in.idi' 111 the prcsi'iit i.irM ii I 
ihr .>'anic time that tlicy are changed 
111 coincide with the new rule ot the 

The manager of the street railway 
company can make no deflnite 'an- 
nouncement at preaent conoernlng 

ibi- number uf car.s that will be In 
i.|ii r;«i -.vb' ii liif- ono-nian system 
IS iidopi'd. Tb<ro niav bo an in- 
on' ho Htutee, and it maj* be poa- 
.-iM. t ' .-^peed up the aehedule on cer- 
tain llnea. 

Flnanolul condlUonn. stated Mr. 
r'.oward. make It imperative that 
cnaik be reduced, and the change to 
fho one-man »y«tcm will not, Judging 
b> what he hHw ."leen In other CltleB 
\\ai^:r> thi' Miethod Is D.sed. doereaBo- 
tho « (flcien< >' of tho .sor\ joo. He bo 
lieves that If Spokane, with .1 popula- 
tion of over 100,000 people, tlnds the 
f>y8tem satlafaetory. that X'lctefla will 
find no cause fo' complaint. 

Guaranteed not 
less than 8 per cent 
■prool spirit. !^ ^ ■ 
i- only one CAS- 
CADE, the beer 
that for 30 years 
has been the best 
beer sold in West- 
em Canada. Insist 
on vendor sup 
plying you with 

Vancouver Breweries^ Lt4* 

^ ni 

Prairie Entrants Succeed in 
Gaining Majority of Prizes 
When Dairy Produce Was 
Judged Yesterday 


Ikptembcr ia th^ month yt "Kail 
Fairs." when all rtiral bi>>N and 
KlrlM I'l the different mhooj nettlonn 
Mte bii"\ firlectlnn their fruit md 
xenoi.ibli-* 111 (iiiiipr'o .ica)ni<t thijr 
neighboring nchool comrudon lor ibo 
-county school treph} . 

Kvvry year brings improvement In 
the quality of produce exhibited, •itui 
net eo good •» eould be dieplayed it 
w little earefut forethought Is de;rot- 
cd tft * the artnal needa of the 
«hOt( ""I "i'^ pilntj. looked for by 
the ju 

fallow Kcgulaclons 
The fliwt easeaHal to beef in mind 
la the reqUireaienla -tnted in tho 
■■numl gchnnl Fair Kwifulallona,' .tx 
^o niaii\ liul 1\ Id'! J Ik Und !«ehuol» nio 
•KiM od out of thr- ( I'll! p' I ii ton e »i h 
\ for fiilllna ti !-. r\. mrno 
Mimpio point. Have the e*«' i nmn- 
Vr nf fnilla and vegetable^ railed for 
in the panieolar claga on t^ platea, 
>o i.iorok »• leaa." M» the>vanetr 
hstirn* in riaiw ertteTtt.. ^ Al"*^ 
■peohnen of anothei^ VMM) wfll not 
be ronxldered. \ • 

Iri ninking "friili ' oelocflnn* onnl- 
,lly 1- ■ I ii»eH In i ■ . 
t*cn Irum lueevt tnjuiiee an^ diacaacs 

or ether hUinlahe«: welt , olored for 

the >arl<iv named. emphii'»l/.h)» on a 
iinlfnrni. niertliini --izo ttio p.i rt icula r 

In .s«-|(>«Uiig \i>gcuil4^*N 
The larceHt vegetable Is not alway.< 
the prlie winner,^ as iMgeiahloii arc 
Judged according to the least wa^te 
obtained tn coeftlng and their Hnal 
table uaerutne«a and pnlntabllliv far 
rol^ xhoulil bo ,,( modbini Nir.' freo 
frivni firtr ro"t.~ .ind Kroen topn Slue 
count* In p«mnlp«, hut nNobI elde 
root* nnd "u?i <«<'orrhed topw. (.mionw 
need to l>r ^voll curfid. that is, not 
■oft on t(v> to the touch, and uniform 
in slxe. 

Select b^te of medium else, about 
three Inrhea In diameter, ^rk color, 
fror from dl^eaee. and avoid Waste on 

top r.)M«ed by utin acalff. 

< lo.tiillnr-ti, frrr from dixeiwe. but 
not wMKh'vl. H"il a'l one nUe. i* whnf 
Toiint* In piilalor* a potato Inn i»nd 
n half to three Inches |n diameter for 
»n irMi CohMcr"^ls a very deslfable 

WHh cabbage and eaeltflower a 
large. Arm heisd la wanted a*| free 

from worm eaten leaves. 

CTinrlo* I'Viinrix Jenkln*. Mivrntor 
• ■r 'b.- », ">"• pi' lure machine. 
^ indented the i>a)ter bottia 

The I'rulrie exhibitors .won the ma- 
jority of the prlsee In the creamery 
butter section of the Dairy Produce 

JJepartment at the Knir. which wan 
.tiidgcd ycHterday afternoon In the 
-Main Building. 

Creamery Bolter 

The exhibits were dlvldo,i into 
llirci' rl.issc-. (, I Invlns; beon 
Inppiil Mill l.iiof til. in .\pril :!0 lo liio 
i: W'iNon t i. fold Stor:iBe and taken 
'"ii ' " Mil Kxhibltlon (irounds on 
.Mond.ix . n.iMa waa ahlpped before 
\b>y 31. and Ciasa 9 ahlpped not later 
ban June 30. 

The following Is .1 ll.«t of the win- 
nora. and thc^r respective points: 

Section 1 

April .Storage Butter — Edmonton 
i ity Dairy. Kdmonton. Alta.. •T.IS; 
I'.rlnioni ( "rfa mer>-. Manitoba. 97. 1 ; 
Shoal I.;ik', .M.mitoba. ST; IMinontun 
l>air\ \\i|; win. i'T; (""omox 
C'lcainoiy, Courtinay. IJ.C.. 91.65. 
' Section fl 

Jla\ Storave lluitor - .'^bu.ii l^iUf, 
MaMiiiili.i. !i7.'.': •"on(-nl <"rr.imer\. 
r.ilcatv. Alt 1 . ''tiO'i. IVlmiipi f.-entii- 
«ry. .Man.. !>e.On; \v. Hansen. Jm- 
< ombe. Alta.. 96.80; Saakatchew in 
(.'o-operatU-e, Itlrch llllla. 8a«k., tt.hl. 
Section 3 
luiio Storage Uutfcr l^dmonton 
t lt\ I>nlr>. Kdmonton. Alta., i»7.1; 
lldtnontf.n City Dalr>-. Wita.aklwln. 
:'7.0i; Central Creameriea, Oalgar}-, 
Alttt., Salmon Arm. B.C., t».iO: 

Hhoal Lake. M : 
s«^ ilon 4 

Hepteml)er Butter, ^resh— W. Han- 
son. I.aooinbc. Alta.. •7.t# (Hlghort 
!^<*ore In K.xhtblt>; Central Creamer- 
lea. Alta . >:.?.'>: 8hoal l<ake. Man . 
97 2; Kilnionton City Dairy, \Tltaiikl- 

wi'i Comox Creamerr. Cenrttaay, 

1-6. IS. 

ScrtlMi S 

•-• . Ill' prints, fresh — Kdmonton 
(•||> l•air^. Kdmonton. Alta.. JT.C, 
<'entr;«l <'roan erv. ('.ilfrar>-. 97.1, 
Kdmonton fiiy I>nlr^- Wltankiwin. 97. 
Shoul l.ako, Man , 9S 9; W. Hansen, 

l.iicombe. Alta.. 9<.S>. • 

IIIrII' <t :i-or,iso •rorr on i l,ts*o I. 

•J. .1. 4 and j — Shoal I.iake, .Mar,., 
97.01. won the ealy prise given lii 
Ihia claaa. 

The foMowlns la a list of eshfbiterx 
and their rank In samf claas — Kd- 
monton City Dnlrx-, Icdmonton, 99.94, 
Central Creamery, Calgary. Alta . 
9«9:: Edmonton cifv nnirt'. AVIta*- 
i*ln. Comox ^■r^anl-•r^ Cnur- 

tena\. TIC '»•; .■» 7 ."^ilmon Arm. B.C., 
94 ."i«; r*. Murnf 0« 1 ". 

Amrrtran Rilled by Mextoaa* 
WASIIIN'OTON. Baft. M.— Carl It. 
Tabb. aa American emyteyee ol 

MoTfean IVtroleom Cnmmtny. 
'hot and killed ffundsy night *'br 

>'e«io»n «oldlor«" in the oil 
Tamplco. the American Conaul at 

TriTiiptro reported taday ta UM Matr 


llcsidcnia and taz-payera ot the 
highaet prumlnehco la the city wefv 
not extended the oeurteey of havlnu 
their representatlob even considered 

by the lluard uf TuUcc Comnilaaion- 
era laat night when u petition, prou- 
;ibl\ (jiio of til"' niii:n i> pro- <'nt.ill\ i of 
aii\ o\,T pniLUi-J 111 |||i' (■!(>, n.if 
briori' ihi- I;., lid ur^liiK In ll< u 
of the oxpM-M>«od determination of 
< onuiiiM.-'ioiu 1 « 1 1. il) and .North to dlh- 
mtas Detective inttcctor George H. 
Perduok Detecttve 'Sergeant Carluw 
and Detectives Mecdonald and Biclll- 
uno. and reduce Deputy Chief Palmer 
there should flrst be held a full Ib'** 


Boi rotai N- llallaiii l onitneru oil tn 
read the (lotition When Coiiiuilasluncr 
Hall Interrupted by movIng that It 
be not heard. 

"When Chief Fry, Mr. North and 
myself were hounded recently by a 
certain element and our lives were 
iiiado nilneinblp and, poiliups uur 
bufiiit .•«««."» iiilglil bo njliioti, iKj pctl- 
lloni wore dnulBtcd in our favor," 
declared Cuiuniinoloiior Hall. "This 
Doard is her* to do things' and we 
are not to be swayed. 1 move thai 
the petition be net read." 

"I'm with you, wo doB't want it." 
said Mr. North. 

Mayor I'ortrr stated he had iml 
ncen the petition, but ho understood 
it wan nlReml by a larso number of 
representative citizens and tu.x-puyi rs 
and ho conaldered it but proper thai 
any body of cltiaens should be given 
the right to present their views to 
the Commiasion. 

"1 want to aay I was elected by a 
bijc majority," declared Mr. .North. 

■ I'tii trying to work hard for tho peo- 
pb Th" fieople can't neo il >ot, but 
If they will only let mo carry on ^t hey 
will. I want to tell you I can't bo 

The petition was rejected wUhout 
being read. Mayor Porter being out- 
voted. The petition waa as followa: 

' Victoria, n.c . September 19. 1921. 
"To the Hoard of Police Commiaalon- 

er.", \'lctiiria, I ! » ' . 

•'(;entlenien \N tho uiidersiKned 
renldenlfl and laxi^oors learn with 
regret, not unmixed with n feeling of 
alarm, that it Is the intention of the 
Board to effect certain changea in the 
detectl^ and police force of the city 
by either removing or altering thu 
statua of aome offlcera of long and 
proved standing and ser\ire. 

' \\o would point out that in the 
.pn ■-• lit ( undltioii of public 
thruughoul tho worlil. f.illow iiier 
the close of the w . it n rxircniil'. 
dangerous to Interfere with aeitlod 
conditions except tor very ^rave 

"Also we would point tfut that' Vic- 
toria, of all the Coaat cities, since the 

war, has been particularly Immune 
from a cluf.^ gf iiiidosi ra blc per.'«nnH 
who h«ve flocKi'd into ib- otl»ei- rltlen, 
with re.sullant robborloH, assaults, 
burslurlcH. and even murder-. 

•'It la our firm, conviction that this 
immunity haa been secured to Vtc> 
toria altogether through the effict* 
ency, good Judgment and caution of 
our city detective and police forces. 

"A comparison ot the crime calen- 
dar of tho Coaat cities nhowa Vic- 
toria to bo >irtu.i!l\ clear of .-eriouM 
crinio. Sui-h a suito onl.\ bo at- 
talneU by a w.itchful and aufflcient 
staff, and the Htato of uffalrH now 
existing, and which ha.H o.Msied here 
now for many yeara, ia the beat evi- 
dence that we have auch a staff. 

"The men proposed to be removed 
or chanred. aa indicated in our In- 
form ition .iri officers of undoubted 
Rood slandinK. competeiu y .iihI hop- 
c.-!>. conil)ln»'(l with year.-i nl ifliili nt 
service. They are .-i residcntH and 
taxpayers, whose intercHi.-*. ap.ati al- 
together from .the discharjce ot their 
duties, are for the pruniotlon and 
preservation of peace and the pre- 
vention of crime in the city. Thu; 
they have been succeaaful is shown by 
the oulxtandlng poaition of Victoria 
a» the only one of the Coa."t cities os 
an iinhcaithy pi. ice for crimin.iN to 
opr ra Lr. 

If It is proiio.'ied to iii.iko an.v of 
the reportod i h.insr^ ii <iuesl ib ii 
it be done only after a < oaf invHii- 
galion, ao that public feeling may be 
satisfied and Informed that changea 
are necessary in the Interest of pub-' 
lie peace and puhlie safety. . 
"Reopeif fully submitted." 

Alipended to the petition Were the 
fullowliiK ^ipll.•lt iiro>i 

A. M onl ir..i 111 111 r t . niin.iKor I'.. ink of 
Montreal, .\ M. (ire«n. ni.mauei of 
the Imperial P.anK; .T. 1. Talt. man- 
ager of Tho Colonial; II. A. Pcott, 
manager of Canadian Kxploalves; A. 
n. Witter, manager of the Roysl 
Hank; K. IV Pemberton. Pemberton ft 
Son, It. W. !*err.\. Croat AVeft Loan; 
W. \. I.o.n h. bmk in.maRor. Louis 
.M. Coske, trink riiBna).'<i r ('iibill, 
bank tn.inacri i'wi;.'~ II 1 '.mv o.- druK ■ 
Klst . \V. i:. .\'. K p. .\\in A 
Co.; II. K.arni>a, llithet Consolidated 
Co.; Beaumont Doggx, real cjitale; 
Harry H, P*ole>>. M.P.H.; B. W. Mc- 
Mullen. manager Merchants Hank; 
J. V. Copeman. barrlater; W. H. llul- 
Icck- Webster, burrl.ster; f). Ilane. 
h irrister: Cha.t. .1. Prior, barrister; 
A. II .I'i>;Kolt. \ ictorl:i .•md .\'.ini'ou- 
vcr Stevedore Co.; K. \\ .Vncu.--. Pa- 
cinc stevedore and Con^Uuctton Co.; 
Alex. McDcrmott, capitalist; U. <:. 
Fraaer, lisrdwafe merchant; W. M. 
Allen. / Rithet C o ns o l id a ted Co.: 
.\fiteheii UroK.. motor dealere; BuMen 
.laniieson. brokera; Angua Camp- 
bell, dry goods; W K M.ilo. fire, it 
Northern ll«llwa.\. Tbi-^ I'limloj. 
nuto dealer; A. PliioI' v. :ir;!o de.ili r. 
(i. K. Ilurdick. Tiurdick nroa . Ltd.; 
R. V. Winch St Co., real eatate; Rob- 
ert II. Swtaertoa. real estate; JU 
O'Connell. O'Connell's. Ltd.: n. H. 
Ilelstermsn. Yeal estate; James Fore- 


In aiwav^ in»»T»«nng and ravadli 

the faei ih;it the hlnotl 1^ usuStly thin 
and laoVlne In 'be rt re n K' he ri I nc 
properllea of \ oiinc folW"<' blood If 
▼ou want to t\\\ \our blood with the 
of youth. buiJd up your »trength. 
'nre your nerv*. junt uiie Pr. 
HAmtlton's Pills. ThU wonderful 
medlelae le a grand system regnlater 
keeps the bowehi M goad eaadltfcm. 
keeps tho kady free of waaie and 
impurlttee. r*r young and aid the 
11^* of TV Vtamitton's nils la recom- 

■ r ^ ■ .1 nU dealer- or Th* 
CaUi 1 i<w*<.ti» «-u., Mbuircai, vAUvl.^ 

Winter Millinery 

in Charmingly 
Individual Styles 


O trimmed hat shown tt tKis store so closely resemMes 

.cinthfi tlut \iiu I in pti^'-ilMx Ini^t.^kt• them lor a 
similar dcbifii. bach hat ^howii U distinctive, &mart antl 
quite individual. 

Ihc new modes in duvei}ii and velvet combkittions witli 
ornamentation of ostrich, shirred fadnp or dainty bead 
cm broideries are ^^hown In a Kore of very effective nodes 

and shades. Prit. i 

$9.75 to $20.50 

T2« 734 Y.tfs St. 
Telephone .19tJ 

man. real eatate; 

barrister; .1. S. 

Ila rold 1 1 . Tirow ii. 
.Mitchell. Jeweler; 
l.,»lorrir, )tiahop 

Chas. B. Wilson. 
Bowker, capltaltat; 

real oslate, A II. 
II. l ulb r. l ather 
Ma< diin.i M. .lames 

11. Ueatty, prealdenl Clianibcr of 
Commerce; W. F. Loveland. B. It- 
Newton. Newton Paint Compan} ; 
ileginald Hay ward, Haywarda. Ltd.; 
1 lay ward Ratate, B.C. Funeral Co.; 
<'liff Denman, manager Iluyal \U:- 
ti.ri.i Tliealto, I'. U. Scurrnh. lAdleg' 
^^■ear. A. 1" Sl.ide. -w bolcaalo fruiter- 
eia; ,1. II Cilli-spio. Hart. Cllle.iplo 
«• Todd; KrnoNi K. Todd, Hart. CJll- 
bnple & Todd; .1. Kinfcham, coal 
dealer; IjCster Patrick, real estate; 
.lames Hunter, wholesale dealer; H. 

K. Wilson. 608 St. Charles Hireet; 

K. i;. nl.i'k wood. Northern Pacific 
.i;;i nt. .\ K W'oh crlon. !!.('. r-ind ; 
T l;. I ; 1 ivs I 'i- n I 1 1 I ;u I Id i lit; ; K. Croni- 
bie. (■(• lluibtniK: Cipt. .S. Ital- 
0<ilni. I'oukI'is Strict. Tho.s. Kelway. 
Kclway'a Cafe; Dr. Sinclair, phyai- 
clan; The Colonist Printing and Pub- 
lishing Co.; T. 8. McPherson, Mc- 
I 'hereon ft Fullerton Broa. ; P. n. 
I'lenilnK. Insuranci'; Mis.s I^ottlc TJiiv.- 
ron. President KuiiituUs flub; .). O. 
'I'lii 'Hi p.'-iin. \ ictori i Devel- 
opment .XsHociatiou; A. C. Sarglaon. 
.Men/.ics .Street; Wm. Cathcart. En»- 
picsa Hotel; C. K. Courtney, Court- 
ney ft Elliott; Courtney ft Blllott, so- 
licitors; Langley ft Moore, Mlicitora; 
n. F. (Ireen, M.P.; The Times Prlnt- 
ins Publishing ("u.; W. V.. Mon- 
leith. Itroad and l ort Street-^, .lohn 
Mosiiin ^. Co, carrlni;o mikir.«^. II. 
I''. Ilishop, postmaster; .1 \'. Ateeston. 
^Iroad Street; K. <: prmr & Co., hard- 
ware dealcrn; c. 1'. Schwengera, man- 
oglng director K. O. Prior ft Co.; 
John Day, 680 Madison Street; W. O. 
Oaunce. Hibben-Rone Building; Wood 
To>« Co.. f>td.. -F. Wood, Stephen 
.lono.s. hotoikeeper; Sylvester Feed 
t'o. C. I!, .-^.x 1 ve.-; or. .Inhn ('oclirano, 
druK;.-lsl. l.indcn Axonuc, W. II. Wll- 
ker.-ion, j -web r. <;in crninent Htrret ; 
t.'. Cross, Helniont Uouhc; Revercombe 
Motors. Ltd.. C. Uevercombe, W. K. 
Revercombe, Masters Motor Co., LM.. 
A. Masters, Yates Street; W. Nlcholl, 
Maatera Motor Co.; H. A. Davie, Do- 
\ le .Motor Co.: Tom Saunders, West- 
ern Tiro Station; I). K. Campbell. 
tlruBgist; W. li. Hone, st^^tloner. 
Woat Hear Labor 
.\ like discourteous treatment waa 
ac -orded to a communication from 
Mr ]■'.. S. Woodw.ird. of the 
Trade.s and Labor Council, also urg- 
ing an InveHtUation. 


GORDON*— There paised away yes- 
terday morning at the residence of 

bis parnils. 1027 Chamborlain Stroit. 
.1. H St.inb y, peconil son of Mr. and 
.Mi.-', .y P Cordon, in bis thirty-third 
>e4r. Due notice of the funeral will 
he given. 


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Wii time lo brow 
coJtce is the 
lime you are ready 
lo drink it — NOT 



Authorized i.ipltal of $11,179,000 is 
represented by companies who^e In- 
corporations were reported to The 
Monetary Times during the week end- 
ed September 10, compared with tlt.- 
796,360 the previous week. .\ com- 
parative summary by provm-o.s |« n.i 

\\>ol< cndoil 
S pt :!. Sept 10 
Dominion ..... 1 ;7n.-,oo $1,451,000 

Alberta 670,000 

I Brit. Columbia. 




Saskatchewan . 



CiAI.K- The death occurred .veater- 

day lit the residence of hi« Kon in 
biw. (.apt. f;ordon Smith, ill Mfdir.a 
Street, of .lames Henr>- (i.ili The 
dei eased w.i s 7'.' veins of hro and 
bor n in I levonoliiro. llnKl.iiid Ho In 
hurNlved b.v his widow and one 
daughter. Mrs. Gordon Smith. The 
funeral will be private and It is re- 
quested that no flowers be sent. 

IIVDK— The funeral of the late 
.Mis. P.osill.i i;ii7.a Hydo look place 
>o.-.ierduy aftrriionn at 2 o'lloi k from 
(lie Sandji I'unoi.ii chMpel Ttelath'ea 
and many friends were present -and 
the many beautiful ftowers teatiDed 
to the high cateem in wtaDnh -tho de- 
ceased v'fla held. ' Rev. .T. L. Batty 
oondiifted a ^ ery Impirewive service 
it T^ hb h the h^■nln)> sunt; were "My 
r.iith looks up lo Tb<o" ind 'Abide 
Willi loo " Tho p:i 1 Ilio.i rers wero 
.Mo-.-r- M S. I.'jIbr'iiiTi \V M. 
Uitchle. It. .MacDonald and A. Wilaon. 
Interment took place at Roes Bay 

1.A8H— The funef«l of the late 
Mrs. Mary T.nsh will t.ike place on 
Tbursdav afternoon ,ii ? .to o'elnek 
from tho ThoinBoii I' Ilonio. 
\H2'> Quadra Stref Tbo P.o . \\ ii- 
linm Stevenoon Will officiate. Inter- 
ment Will be made in Roes Bay 

nF:Ai < n aMP — The deaih occurred 
>e«»terd:c. ifternoon at ^he family 
resldopo. 4t>7 tlo-eo P.oiul "f Juar- 
ez. irot \ina neaueh.nnp The de- 
ceased vtMs aged ten >e.-»r« nnd eleven 
months nnd a native of Victoria The 
remains are reposing at the Thom- 
son Fanersl Home, whence the fun- 
eral will taVe place on Thursday 
morning at la io o'cloelt. Rev. J. !>. 
Ratty will officiate. Interment will 
be made uPVUm Bay CeuMtary. 

i,vminiin»GK. Ai»a . f»epi ;a _ 

'"aplaln .lannoy has b«-en inking light 
food, and So far ha« ro'.ilned •iifficlent 
ptrength to rnnblo iiim to leave the 
hoeplt^il to aitond the invp«itlgation as 
Ui his priann freatmenl. which opened 
at 10 o'clock thto morning. Janaey 
was taken to the coartbmiaa aa a 
stretcher, and eppe a rs very wag*. 

fVe6^ foe tTncwiiptoyetf 

l.'iNIXiV Hepf. ;o -The I>>rdPro- 
t ost of fitasgow has reopened the tmn<^ 
for tbw purpose of paying rcalg o' 






Totals 16.7lfJM 11,176. 





A. R. Orahaaa * B. M. I 
IMS Broad ttrag^ 


For one week on\y. commoncing Sep- 
tember 19. we are goiag to give to each 
customer alMOlutely free one-half 
of Carey's famous tea or coffee. 


Provlace WIU 

More Lota 
oa Market 


WHbin the next \\\n nion'.b"" addi 
liun.M lot.f in the .Soiilli okanugun 
land sol t lonii n; 1 1 • .i bejng developed 
by the Provincial (tovernment will bo 
placed on rale. It was auted yester- 
day by Mr. O. R. Nadea, aeputy 
Minister of l<anda. 

'Ibe IdHt sale f f lots was made |n 
II !ober. when ;i cmHiderable hsrn- 
bor of tfi«n and rijr.'il lots were dle- 
posod of lo settlers. 

"The new nrca to bo opened com- 
prises the beat fruit-growing property 
within the settlement area, and 
through the conatruction of the new 
irrigation system new being puahed 
shead will be provided with an ample 
water supply. Roads have been 
Operrd IbrouKb 'he tr.iot and the 
new IhikIs are ii cre^slble. 

Kztroalvc /linr Coalraot 
LO.vrWN, tffpt. CO.— A Reuler dla- 
patch from Melbourne saya the Kb r. 
trolvtic Ztnc Company of AuKtraiia 
has looipl.tod H contract vilb tbo 
P.ritlsh Hoard of Trade to supply 
7(6,060 ions of concentrates. 

neae 1606 

•It rert 

SHOW^ liMl'uKlAML ' 

FL,I.\T. Mich.. Sept. ]6.— Opening 
the Bt. ].,uwrernce lllver to deep w.iter 
tralllc vs 1 1 moan more to lite l ii.'ed 
States than the Panama Canal, United 
Btatea Senator Townsend ta^ay toM 
delegatea to the convention here from 
the Michigan Raal Bstate Association, 

"It will help solve the fuel sltuai> 
tion. It will largely abolish the evila 
of railroad eonneprtion, nn.i v\ 111 Ie>^en 
the terrors which arise from i itlmad 
operation interferences • he said 

BtlfTlcleni «.lectrioal energy < » n be 
develiipod tbrough Improx etnoni of 
the St. I^Bwrence iliver, Henator 
Townsend declined. "to pay every 
dollar of the coet of transfgrmlag that 
waterer^ lata the greateet oceanway 
e| rommerre In the world." 

Pointing out that not eserv prediirt 
neuld be protltablv uhtpped b) n.cer 
Jlen.ntor Town^en<I doclared Oir Ut 

I,iiWr(i|. r- OCO,')nWrt> ■ would 1 ■ i" t\ 

trr' riiir re^ulnlftr fif r.itea 'iei«(er 
•111 Middio \\>f.l ;iii.l iho ^ I l;i lit Ir S4a - 

board than the Interstiitn Coroweroe 
commlastoa or aay other Inflaeaeg. 

—*-—■ ■ I m 

Tli# Latest Breadw jqr 



111 oiilv .iliout one out ot irii liita 
do \(Mi ;^et the zip aiid Knap *o 
nrcdcd to nuke a good fox trot 
."Perwa" hat thif »nap and rhythm. 
You1l want this hit when you hear 
it. Call in today. 


t ndereeath irawalian 

Hki'-n Vtrttin 
rarollna UwM«hr 

l.."ik for the MI'T 
l.lnlna. Inirodiietng 
Tliirrirnlnc — Plsno 

M;.l«i f . I . • ^ I- in., 

Pncc ll.dii 

Kent's Edison Store 



THE DAILY rrvi/iMST. \'ICTORl\. RC. W Ln\l-SI)A>' :-i:PTI-.M P.I.R 




Avery Tractor 

Prices Are Down 

A higf worth-wtiilr cash savinj;^ offertd jtttC when' ]r0V 
have heavy work i i tractor to do. 





Avcrj, 5-10, 
1900. pow._ . 


AvMT, 8-16, was 
|1.250k oow 

City and District in Brief 

Our Dope 

It far • 


You Can Save Money 

^biif feodlMMt 

If. «• 

Rolled Oats. Victor Brand. ^ 
lb. sacks, reg. 40c valve; s] 
ciai ^ 

Holbrook'a Custard Powdar, 
large tmt, reg. 45c value; spe- 
cial ^ -»4* 

ItaUMi Prwiea. per crate, 91*88 Saltad PaaonU. 2 lbs. ffi: 88# 

Large Prone PloaM. prr 
crate fl.Tft : 

Layer Figi, New California, per 

n, rtr»<» 

Yrllow Egg Plums, prr 
crate - . 81.75 

Snowflake Pastry Flour, prr 
49.1b. aacks -.^88JM 

Special Govfrnmrnt Graded 
Creamery butter, per lb.. Atnr . 
3 lbs. for .-^81015 

Robin Hood Hard Wheat Flour. 
per-49-lb. sacks .88.rif 

No 1 Government C r e a m r i y 
Butter, per lb., 44c: i 
lor »1.3<> 

OnUno Honey, White Clover, 
S-lb. pails 81.88 

Malahat Coffee, whole beans or 
ground aa desired, lb., 

1 lapM ttolb i ftn ~18ft# 


Orocarj, 17t and 179; Fruit Dept, s-^r-i v, ,i, ,„,) 
Provisions, 5520; Meat. 5521; Delivery, 3522. 

Exhibition Week Specials 

LADIES — The newest styles in Black and ilrovvii 1 
Kid and Calf Pumps; military heel. (^Ll Utt 

I'.xhibition Week vSpecial * „ - tPO^Ov 

Meri'a Calf Boots, black and brown, Goodyear wclt. \ , 
did boot. Regular up to $10.00. 

Exhibition Week Special _ n^O««70 


! .:m ! 


Our Wit 


Ooatralto, MadaUUt n.A^ 

ilnr and 

Bpwo laity 

Just rcceivt^d 
new.-ahlfNatfit of 



Copa and Saucer*, 
Sett, Vaata, B«w1s. 

I l-w n thr hest 

ever had, and 



rtmriit wr 
arc reason- 

Carter Oriental 
Itading Co. 



From C 1" M 

-Bafk— Blocks 

KutTib«r I •<> H Mills 


a t s oev w y aad Stor* Bta. 




yrfoM. rIMn. ana t>Mt r«*klas. 



tSBWlrh Wsod Cs^ 

Wa bare »nv d.^^ of wood tgr 

delivered anywhere. 

dVi \ o\ks who spend judi- 
^ ciously make it a point 
to order tiicir Winter sup- 
ply of 





617 Corg^u-aat Streat 

Aak Tour r!r>»«^r for Our 


(Wm* GBBAl 


▼Asoooma ua^n 



Beat grade 

drop aldinf. 
faced boards. 

floerfngr. ceiling, 
•hiplap aid nur 
ahort icnstha. 
Weather euincd nttsr, varl- 


.^^whOs thcr iut at HALF 

Cammg LviWr 

Compuny, Ltd* 

Vktona. B.C. 

• , 

Omua of iirahh^n^. t. U. mmm* 

w»M le.-tijie on Uixlnn Heanng in tiM 

i'*th«-dr.»i «< Jioolr ,, n.n evanlng at 

« o . loik Mr. ii..,v>n will b* Itt tiM 
■choolruom fur v<'n*UlUtlon thts 

raornlffg trom to ao to 12 o t i. , k 

Hsfc S. F. TDlmlr'H CuiiUitUtUir.^ 

A roaetina of uii mujeNieii m 

the eU-fUon of iii< M< m 1m Tulriiie 
)'<()it .il Mmi.ii., of A,<fi liur.'. will 

be Ik Id in Alejutodra Halt, Courtney 
hirr. i, on Monday neat, at S p.m., 
for the — y pyaa of orgaalali« for 
tha approa0lilnc poMUoai campalan. 

KiriK'M DauKhtrra at Fair The 
Kinir'M I ' iu^fliK rs ara st rv liiu lunchea. 
afi.rii(,(,ii loaa and supper In the 
around floor of (b« Women'a Build- 
inx *t the Kair. Laat year the mem- 
bera uadartook the aame work, 
whlafc mm Aarked with ar*tifyinr 
"voeaaa^ aa# no doubt this ytg wtU 
out-Hval any former cfff.rt.s 

St. liukr'a W. A.— A wilver t. i will 
b«> held by St. Paul a W. \ at tha 
ho ma of Mrs. L. C. Lytton. cAinausht 
Avanua, Xt. Totmle, on Saturday, 
Saptaniber 24, from three o'clock to 
'"tx If thp (lay in wtt tho alTalr wJll 
I.. i>f)mpono.i unUl the following Hat4 

urda.v. Mo.iibfrs and Maada >ara 

cordially invited. 

Dr. MarLeaa PreaaMtag— The Hon. 

Dr. MacLean. Minister of ailon. 
haa very kindly conii<>nted to prtM nt 
tha Unlver.'-ilv Wotn.n'.s l.ur.s.iiy ;o 
Miss Dorothy MoImm-.', at tli.> nicilin.,' 
al tli<- Ktiipreaa Hold tomorrow iilnht 
when Or. i;owen will adUrcaa the club 
on - Dunte and Today." The maatlng 
will becin «t and will take plaae 
In the amall lecture hall. 

.Army and \tt\y XctrrHiLs A smok- 
inc cnni-erl iiiidfr I he Hii.>-iiiiT.s of flic 
\ ' lorlii I'nit of lha Arnij and .\H\y 
Sf>ipr,»n«' AMwociHiion will bo held In 
that or(r:»nir.Hilon'n rlubroomit, Ham- 
ley Building. OB 9«turday, September 
34, oemmenelng at «:li o'clock. A 
fine proKramm<> of vocal and Inatru- 
mrntal muKic in being arranged, and 
•> ffoad time la being loolisd forward 

J-lngem Cut Og— While cleanloe 
ouC & planar at tha faniaran Ijiaftllar 

Company'a mill yeatorday mornlnjr 
Mr. Ph.irlfs Iloyf, of 2^2fi niafkwood 
Str»'ft. » iiipl<)> Oil nf a driver .it tlio 
mill. Ii.iil hl.s hiiriij < .iuk1iI in lli" 

maihino and the thumb and two 
nnRoiti More amputated. In th'^ 
poiioc ambulance ha waa taken by 
I'l iiHiable Waod to the Royal Jubilee 
Uoapltal whara hia Injurlea wara, at- 
tended fo. 

TTio Morn^liuiH W ho are they and 
whiTp arc they lo bo found? Thin 
topic is tu br dif<euB8ed at 8 p.m. In 
tho lecture hall of BL Andrew'a 
Church. Tha Moravian Brotherhood 
Ih a wideapraad confederation, indeed 
tho only Protostant rhureh aulMlatlTiR 
.IS an iirganlr nnit throughout Iho 
uurUI, and tho Nijl)to<t of Mornvlan 
iniHHionn ahould provo to bo vory In* 
lorcMtlna and inatructlvo to all fhrla- 
liana who are earnestly aeeklnr to 
solve tha problem of Church Union 
I oday. 

Now AwJOHMiicnl I>i<<tr1i-t Willi tho 
f-rcation of .i lu-w afu-oswmont »llMtrlrt 
t'l hr- Kiicwti UN tho I'oace Rlvrr 
Hsacaumont district, an early com- 
mencement on a re-asae«am«nt of tho 
landa In that section will be mr.f]'^ 
Hon. John Hart, Minister of Flnan< 
slated yoHtordnv. Kollowlng this work 
"( tax palp ff)r Iho district will ho hold 
at T'ouco CiiiiiM- (111 «>((,ibor t?. in- 
.vtrad of at Qiio.-nfi. aw has hoon tho 
r afo hithorto. Mr. Ti Ij Harprr, a 
veteran of the Great War, haa born 
Appointed to the poaition of aaeea<«<>r 

i n I'h.i rpr<- "f " , d j-t ri. ■» 

\ h'torla West i'iir<-nl -Trui4 hor«i — 
.\ bu.HinoMW mootlnir of Ihr \lrtorla 
WoKt Parent -Teachers' A.«<Hoiiatio!i 
took place laat evening:, whon tho 
following were elected offlcera for 
tbe enaulng year: Prealdatft. Mr. Fox 
welt; flrat vioe-preaident, Mr. A. T. 
Hunk In; sorond vice-president. Mr 
A .!. nani<l?<; ."'r. 
.\Ir. .1. I.. Spen<:e. An oxoi uUvo com 
milf'i- of oljtht wan appointod 
A general diacuaaion of tho proKraniiiio 
for the coming year followed the 
huaineas rneeting. Mr. Foraythe behiir 
in the chair. Mra. Toung contributed 

I/, .\. in \. iiihI \. \. The rfKUlar 
monthly m«^oilnK of tlio l.adt«>f<' 
Auxiliary In tho Army and Navy 
Veterans' Aasotdation wSa held in Iho 
Hamley Building yesterday afternoon, 
with Mm. Champman. the prealdent. 
in thr- rhrflr TI was decided to hold 
the tirHt niilit.irv five hundred drive 
of tho ."le.ivon tonight at 8:30 oflork 
ill thrir hcadiiuartor"*. Arrangcmonis 
wero. made to conduct a silver ton 
at the home of Mra. Spayen, 62 4 
.lohn Street, on Wedneaday, Septem- 
ber 28. from 8 till • o'clock In tho 
afternoon. The ladlea are mo^i 
Hnxioua that thla affair ahoulg ba a 

IdMgfard WoascB's Auxiliary — By 
kind permlaaion of Mr. and Mia. 
Uoucher, a very pleasant social evefr- 
\uK WHS spent at the .Assembly Hall 
on Monday last. Camca. music and 
<-ompol II i(>n« were tho order of tho 
evening. The lUs. A. I'euraon auc- 
tionod the voRetablcs. flowcrM and 
fruit. Which had been given for tha 
harveM featlval held the previoua 
K^undajr. In thla way tS.80 was added 
to tha ehuroh building fund. The 
winners of tho comt)olit Imh were the 
Misses Rllsv, A. Jonninps ;, t;d Mr. (!. 
Uoaville. Tho \^ <)ni. ii ?< Auxiliary 
wish to thank all who helped ta make 
tha avaalag auch a aaaeeaa 

Aak far AypobMaanN— Application 
waa made tn Supreme Court cham- 
bers yesterday morning bv Cltv So- 
llellor Prlngle to Mr .fustire cirogory 
for Iho appointment of Mr. A. M. 
Bannerman hh Commissioner on tlie 
Board of l.ocai Improvement Com- 
mlaaloners to auoeeed tha lata Mr. j. 
J. thatleroaa. Mr. JnalMb Oragory 
puggeatetf that while the r-uRgestid 
. rpolntinent waa. in his opinion, a 
Triso one. vet he ronaldered II would 
l.e pr.iprr for tho appliennt to ndv^r- 
tlpe fi.' I he apace of one week oi 
>.1ternste .:avs lo y.-\r publicity f) 'he 
-\ppHraiio., befor . an order was AnaMy 
granted Mr. Baaaormaa haa had a 
long r ee o r d an riualelpai^fralra hav- 
irg aervad a aumbar of tama on the 
I 'tty Covacil. Tha othar aiembera ct 
I he Puard are Mr .lamfn Korf'.ir. 
and Mr. >• . A. Pauline. M P.P. 

Miaa Jaard Phiy»~Miaa Mary l,- 
ard's l^aytag 9t tha vtolln waa the 
featara aT tha Kiwaala Oub luncheon 
In the Paaslalaa Hatal yaatardav. 

be Jiaa 


Thf popular aftJta driiKiiK- t with 
three numbers, her popuiaru> with 
the members, before whom aha 
ptV*d baffwa, hahif av i gaaoai 
ovatloa wfela^ gfaalad har. A 
writiag aaataat araa haM. tha mem- 
bers each being requested to comptu«e 
four lines about Klwani'^ hnA..riiiM 
\\' J (Jauii :c wjia the w.ninf wtiilt- 
Kivv in 1,111 t ar! Htocker'?» i-fToit i« 
tt'ljiiclK' il the mcoMd t)i'Bl. Kiwanlua 
l>an I'Miip.ird, who was the Victoria 
4elegala lo tha Inaagurating ' of the 
n«# Olympia ' club, gava a report uf 
tha gathering; and wanted tha mem 
bers that the Klwaniana from acruaa 
the line would bo up in force for tho 
district convention here In October, 
<•- W. V. A. The regular fortnight- 
ly meeting of the araat War Veterans 
Asaoclatioa took place laat algfat with 
Comrade W. N.. Wlnaby, the presi- 
dent. In the eftanr. The resolution 

adopted at the roccnt m.i. inirtiiig 

of returned men li iii< r.iciiatjos 
Theatro wan endorsed, arwt the reroni- 
inendaiUms of the provihiuiial amal- 
SamaUun committee were also ap- 
proved. Comradea P. C. KawUng, 
H. W. Hart and O. Q. Altkan, with 
Conrada W. U. Bowdea aa alternate, 
were appointed membera of tho 
amalgamation committee of the Vic- 
toria <;. W'. V. A. A Hperlal general 
inoetinK of the organization to »hapu 
Ita final course in the amalgamation 
matter will he held next Monday 
night In l^jeJr olubrooasa at I o'clock, 
to which every past and p r aasht 
member Ig argad to attaad. 

mu\: mil mm 
m mm m\'i> 


Commissioners Hall and florth 
Declare No Such Events 
Shall R( tipid UntiL».Com- 
mtssion Is Named 

Stated That Lead of Over 
Fhroe Feet Solid Galena 
Has Been Fou nd QI1 Claims 
Near Stewart 

A telegram received here yester- 
day from Mr. H. V. W. Benson, who 
la at present at Stewart. aUted that 
they had "dlaeovered a lead of solid 
galena three feet aix inches wide and 
traced lead 2(0 feet" on tho (irop- 
crty owned by a hnai Kyndlcatc. 
Tbnae claims are located on tho Am- 
criri.n .-iii. of the line on Flah Creek, 
.Salriu)n Kl\or, a short distance from 
the property of the l«1«h Creek Mlnr^a. 
Limited, which latter has.^lready 
I > roved the value of their clalma. Tho 
wonderful Premier Mine la located a 
few miles further up the Halmon 
illvor, and tho aerial irtm as wn\\ 
Iho wagon road paHttes both tha tlrsi- 
inentioned propertiea. 

An aaaay of aamplas from tha claim 
referred to by Mr. Benaon made 
earlier In the aaason Rave nhIuoh in 
Hold, silver and coi>pei of .«om» ihin^ 
like $165 per ton, an.l llic rcHult 
auMays of ore taken from tho Just re- 
ported find are awaited with Intereat. 



(Contlnaed from Paga 1) 
rrairio where ho firea ihs opanlag 

gun in hlH (campaign. 

A I ' 1m . h It w.i.s riia .1 ,• . |i a r •'>■<■ 
III. Viii itti,.-* (.1 I ruiii. hate alrt ii.l 
expended ^..ln. IT, arranKixK 

t>oxinK bout* to be held tliis avenlng. 
Police commlaaioaaia Dr. Mil aad 
Nfirtii at laatnifliVa MaaUpg^of the 
board, r s f aaad to meat the saggeatlon 
of Mayer Porter that tha reaolution 
of the board passed at a recent meet- 
IfiK .ipllmjf f(ir(l, I' ,, ij. rmll.s for 

such « iiterLainnieol.i »..uid l>e grani'd 
until a Boiing <~'ommi»Mlon waa «!• 
pointed, be reaclndad to tli* estani 
of permitting tha eontemplatad aater- 
lainment planned by the veterans. 

The matter came to the fore when 
a communication from Mr 11. 
I>avle« a«king for a permit for a 
boxing bout to be held ahortly at the 
Princcaa Theatre was read, and alao 
one from Mr. IVank Slavin proteetlng 
aguinat the action of tlia hoarg in 
having refuaed • permM for a bout 
he had proposed * . r^taga. 

Mayor Porter was in .favor of 
'granting the request and moved ac- 
oordlngly, but wa« ovarrulad by Com- 
nslaaloBera North and Hall. 

A communication fr,,m Clerk 
Bradley setting fortli the fact that the 
Clt.v Council will refuse to consent 
to the of $!.'> pc^ month 
voted I'.N I 'ommlaaioners tiall and 
North for Miaa Wark, police woman, 
and alao refoaing to appropriate tha 
ITS aaaded to furnlnh Mtaa Wark'a ^ 
oAea. Cammiaiaoner Hall's motion 
that the council bo a^kod tp recon- 
.'Ider Its attitude on this matter was 
.■^n Pl>orlf (J \i\ ( oin III is%ionei North 
thouKh Mayor f'orler rppoaed U. 

Why Do So 
Prefer the 

^^QLMJm ASA asL^ 

i^ow-A-DAYS wbca yon 

^ visit a friend's home 
\t)ii IdOK arouiij Inr (^e in 
tviUbIc biniura! It seems 
tlut everybody has one. 


Simply because the Sonora 
is the worlds' best phonu- 
gnph. It plays iH mtkcs of 
records — plays oaeh^ dhe 
perfectly. And, in addition, 
its appearance is as lovely as 
its tone. 

Vcu should c?rtaiiil\ 
the Sonora before I 
anv other phonograph 

Many People 

1121 Oovemment Street dnd ho; View iitrcet 



W^IN.VIPKU, Sept. 20,— The OtUwa 
correspondent of The Manitoba Kreo 
I'rOBS In a dispatch (<>niKht mjs that 
the present IndicaUona are that the 
new Malghaa oaMaaf will ba aa fel- 

First Minister, Rt. Hon. Arthur 


i'realdent of the Privy Council, Dr. 
L. P. Norofand, Three Rlvara 

Mlaistor of i'uhiic Worka, Ii. daO. 

Belley, K.C.. Montreal. 

MiniMtor of Trade and CommerOO, 

11. H. Htevcns, M.P., Vancouver. 

Minister- or.flarlne and Plaheriea, 
Hon. 1". Baflantyne. 

MinlsTer of the Interior, Sir .lames 


Minister of Cu.'^toms and Inland 
ftevenue, Hon. .1. B. Baxter, St .lohn. 

Minister of Railways. John A. 
Stewart, M.P., Lanark. 

Miniatar Of VlUtia, Hon. Hugh 

Miniatar a( Labor. SaaaAar OMaoa 


.Sec ret a rv of gtata, Rodolpha MoatT. 

K.C, Montreal. ' . 

Minister of Agrtevltara, Hoa. Dr. 

8. F. Tolmie. 

l*oatmaster Oanaral. Hoa. H. B. 

Minister nf Justice, Hon. C. J. 

Mini.Mtor fif I'lnsnce. Sir llenr>- 

Solicitor tioneral. Hector Mclnnea. 
K.C.. Halifax. 

Miniatar of Immigration and Colai|» 

Izatlnn. Hon. >Arrhle McLean. Taber, 


.Min-ntorM wiihoiit pfirtfollo; sir 
Kdward Kemp. I >r. J. \V. Rdwnrds, 
Mr. Hon i: .1. Spinney. lOdmund 
Hrlstol. M IV Toronto Center, R, C. 
Henders, M.P. for Maedenald, aad 
James R. Wilson, flaakatoon. 

fOK AKMii)lia:. DAY 

Continued from Paga 1- 

ernment had broken into open re- 
bellion agalnat hki a^mlnlatration 
holding -office any longer. Mr. King 
maintained that the Prime Minister 
sought to narrow the isaua down to 
that of tho tariff. 'Bin let mo tell 
him." ho continued, "that It will take 
more confuNion than he and hiM «()!- 
leftguoH are capat>lo of creating hy 
spoken er printed word, to cause the 
people to forget hIa many arbitrary 
and autocratic acts of government." 

Strong eondaainatloa of the Oov- 
emmant'a attitude In rafuatag in- 
formation to Pariiamant reapeeting 
expenditurea on the Government rail- 
ways and inerrhaiit marine, waa 
Vol(-ed hy the I.itieral loailer 

Me urRod thi- fun i .s of Libera li.vm 
to unite and fight the common foe, 
not to ho divided between thoao who 
wiahed to go to extremea in the mat- 
ter of govaraasaat. and those who 
wished to go toward a higher and 
better aaonomlo order. He aaid' It 
would ha a miatake for each to go 
their own gait now and unite after 
Iho elirtiiitis Tile cdunlry in llred 
and diFgnnted with coalitions There 
muMt ho a united party In support <if 
l^lberallam in Its highest and truest 

Referring to the challenge made by 
Premier Melghen in hia London. Ont., 
speech, that Mr. Klng dafinitely state 

hia poaitlon in relation to the plat- 
form adopted by the Liberal pare.- 
convention In I9I9. Mr KIiik replli d 
by quoting from his apeoch on that 
occa.^ion. It waa that ho regarded 
thai i>latforni of principles and poli- 
cies aa a chart upon which was 
plotted the courae It waa decided that 
the party ahquld take, and In aeeking 
to diaeharga tha dutlaa of hia office 
he would rely on the counsel and 
advice of thoae who were outatandlriK 
io tho ranka of ilie party. 

"Lot me Ha\. " .Mr. King a.sslerod, 
"n(^ with relation to tho tariff ih.siie 
only, but as rospocts all maiierM of 
policy, not lesM than all m. liters of 
religion, that I believe there Is no 
truer saying Ihsn that 'the letter 
killoth, but the aplrit giveth life.' In 
refepenee to the aueatlon which ha 
haa propounded, no one knowa this 
hotter than Mr. Melghen. I do not 
propose, hv aM\' acoeptanoe of the 
loiter in the manner in which the 
I'riine Minister fl'sircH to be to 
tho ^pinl of the Liberal parly, or to 
any .of the policies lafd down hy its 
members In convention asaembled." 

After referring to the announce- 
ment by Premier Meighea of aa early 
general atectlon. which tha Liberal 
loader characteriaed aa a auddon 
change of front on the part of the 
I'liriie MIniHter, Mr. King i^ald %lhute 
to the nervli-o to the c'lnot Ituency and 
lo Canada <'f he late Captain T<fm 
Wallace, who for many yeais repre- 
sented Weet York In the House of 
Commons, and the latter'a opponent 
la the laat general election. Frank 
Denton. K.C. who atao died during 
tha Interval. He congratulated the 
l.iborala of West Tork on the selec- 
tion of Major J. L. Btreight aa their 

Enameled Ware 

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* th^ items today. 


Grey Water 

Mnch Pie Plataa. grey ware, 

special, each IS^ 

Caraal Cookan^ twp aauccpaaa 
in one, l-qt aiac, «ad^ii# 



VaM OeMi IMIvsry 

baad aava Vaa l 

We sea far 

4 oakea. 

Coal Orders 

should be placed now. We have ail sizes suitaUft for 
t urnace, stove, grate or range 

Mackay & Gillespie, Ltd. 

Phone 149-622 733 

Cash Shoe House 

70.1 Fori Street 

Lowaat la iava* Yadra 

Here's the old original, tM 
standard pf Canada for 
three decades, the genuine 

"SLATER" Shoe. Made in 
Winter weight, with two double 
Sdlcs rlKhf throiiKli to heels. A 
man's hfxit of solid w..rtli 
(worth $lr.50 last 
year). C.SH. price. 



a wajoBT. 

aw af 


Easy to Identify 

It is casv for hnvs .nui ;^irl.s (o tell whrn 
liie> arc buying:: sclinci applies (hat arc 
"made in B.C^.." for mi 
trade inaric is found ilie) 
article made in our own 

v>- thr "lscvvsf(->nr" 
kiK.w tlicy have an 

Keystone" Supplies^ by comparison, arc equtl 
fo anv made In Canada 

It inr4i 


For tlie Hands 

WAgntNOTON. Sept ;b ,a solemn 
cerenionUil to volee at onre the na 
tlon's gratitude to the --'.idi'r. dead 
and \\M hope of dellveran<'e from 
heavy armaments wlli be ohxervod 
from coast to coaat en Afmtatioe Day, 
under tha l eade r shi p . aC yraaidant 
Harding and ofllelala of JUa admlnta* 

The flrst meeting of th* armament 
conference, railed for that day. is to 
be confined in brief formalities, leav- 
ing delegates free to join with the 
Prealdfnt In the rontrai ceremony at 
the Arlingtos national cemetery. Oin 
November 13 the real work af tSa 
conforeaca win begin. Plana for tha 
obnervaaaa are espeeted to include a 
nation«Wida demonstration for the 
limitation of arman\onts by nrganiaed 
IhImi pr.iyrr i«Tvires In many 
thur« hoa. apecbil meetlrvKs <>f women's 
organlsatlona. and eeremonlea by 
cirle Indoatrlal and political bodioa 
ganeralty. ' 

It la pra h ahia that a 
p r a el aa ia tiaw erlH aat tha aay 
a* a natlaaal holiday. 

The house flj- U er*A\\*'\ mlih the 

T>»>w.- of pro«ii,. inic I •'>«,aae. - 

*•«•<> i(Min« \n a alavte eoaap% b«t It 

4K-unas like a uil larn. • 

Tatae of Okaaagaa F>«lt 

VANCOUVER. B.C.. gapt II.— 
Fruit ahlpped from the Okanagsn 
\«ne\ this Fall will total In value 
right iiiillon dollars, a record for tho 
dlHtrl. t Mtateil W. H. LgPa, pTPVtaaUl 
fruit lnHp*«tnr. tod.v 






M»t.-ornlf)«l' « flfric*. \'irfarta, 

* p la., S«pt*ro^r t*, l*tl. 


A srrtM *f aMan •term* la ernaalat (M* 

ITnln'-'- arfomiHinl**! hv pniiihrri, (aim 

• n<l hr«»y r«m r.n th» t<Xkr\ mil'l 
»«talb*r ta g«i»«eal in ia# PrslrU Provlarea 






Van- "u X > - , . . 
n«rk»r\ lllr 
I'rlnr.. \Hijp^f l 
I ■•lr»r'v. Alt*, 
w iTinU>»« Mas 



• • a « • 4^ 
. . it 
...... «• 

. t. 


NiaMal t 

\Ammm , , 

Avvraa* , 


rials. .«• II 

i;«neral ■tai'» af waaMae. 









Tho nifist flagrant tire ;iliuacr<. 
BUltIng in premature bloWoiit In oar 
Ings, even whan they are of the Xirx* 
grade, are: ovfr loading. andarlnlU- 
tion. ov Ms paedingi^ mlasUtgnnSaat of 
wheels, ortring In car tcaeka 
rijtx. ri' glecting ruts, and 
ii^o <if iiiitl skid de\ i( e!«. 

All llre.i ha»e ;< l<>«<1 lloilf ()\er- 
loading ahortens tho life of tho tire 
To getarmlne accurately the load 
widad an a rahiaio tira. 
aialaly tha fiaaC aad'raaf 
and diride aaeh wal^t py two far 
the tire Aad. 

Ti> this «an he ad'lcil «eight flgur'^-' 
corrospondina t.i the average finnt 
and rear pasaenger load. The maxl- 
mam actual tire load aboald not ex- 
reed tha maztasam lead earrying 
-Sapaoltjr adra rt iaa d by raeponalble 
ure inaiiTlfasiMiaia. 

A great pert of the th>e trouble,* aa 
auto men aay. la due to underlnfla- 
tlon of the Inner tuho: 

The casing may be of .the best 

V «1U 

a« if 

jfrada; pat a gaar laaap tah 

hring i.n JupI ,is mwh trouhl« 
tiie whaei bad a poor oaalng. 
ani uabraadad 


(;<i«d Inner tubaa are built a( al« 
aad hare tha 

to one an<f one- 
'etion Inch Thia 
tube stork wora 

plere r>na 

moat pur«^ rubbar 
atrength of frarn 
half tens par 
anaana that if the 
built up fo a square teat 
in«h thick aofl on»» inrh wid* it 
would be strong enough Lo lift from 

i.oaa to a, 000 pounds. 


Oreasa should not b» naeri ' r th« 
lubrlratli.n of tho CArnmTitat.,> < ylin- 
dor oil Is the proper luhrlrjinl and it 
'fhould he sparingly used. Thla appllaa 
to all commutators ar ' ' ' 
tributora. Wb«o grsasi 
the commuutor It la galla MlMly ta 
prevent the distrtbatar 
making eaaiaet aad aa 
of IghlDaa tTMrtto 


More thaa half tha aala 

farms re. 


Mtlltd MBk for loTmlids 

A noariabisfr and digenribtedf^t. 
Ca«taiiia rt< ii n 'V » \ t- ^ 
grauiaaUact. A |i& a uii soluUeia « slat; 


Paddiis for SUpment 

I wtn I worry atMiiit iMp tlrtsome. n»rve rarklng work 
,. r roma'**' 'lay you *»»n' I . 



V"u oan 
Wa r< 

iiaa la 



.1 If. 520 






PHONE 1670 

Private Exch.iu^ Connecting Al 
* Departments ' 


Twice D»flr to All PMti of City 
»nd Olttiicts 




Exhibition Visitors and Those Who Have Come to See Our Magnificent 
^ New Store Will Greatly Appreciate These Exceptional Offerings 

Selected Values 
, From the Men s 

liaa'* W^-fc Paata 

Made from strong cotton worsteds, with 
good appearance, and cut to fit, and mtdc 
for ■nrlf I AH lirw, per piif, 

Canadian Twt«d Panu 

Of heav y lirriw II mixture^, made \n ^mt 
the man v>h>> prefcr> a .-froiiK twcnl. 
Come in lufmn mixturf--. wrll_ cut 
throughout. All sizes, per pair, $4.75. 

Smooth Finish Tweed Suits 

In a' neit mid grey fabric, well tailored 
models with the best of tritnmings, popu- 
lar 3-button SBck style which the majority 
• of men like. All ajici. Price per auit, 

Work Shirts 

Tn close weave l>luc cliambray. well eut, 
fully ^iled .sliirt>, with lay down collar 
.iii'l double button: will wash and wear 
well. All'sizes 14!i to 17. Trice, each, 

Men's Cotton Socks 

In black, gre}- and brown. .\ well shaped, 
soft weave cotton, easy on the feet, and 
long wearing. Sixes Oyt to 11. Price per 
pair, 25c. 


Heavy Wool Socks 

In natural grey shades as well as dark 
brown; A comfortable sock to wear with 
beavy boots. AH sizes. Price per pair, 

Heavy Pure Wool Sweater Coats 

In dark and light lovat shades, heavv 
weight farn. and made with ahawl col- 
lar, which buttons up if necessary; com- 
I' rtable under overalls. All sites. Price, 

each, $3.50. 

—Mala n«er 

Autumn s Newest Oxfords 

One ui the inost poinilar styles ui out-of-door sliocs worn tUis 
Fall is the Brogue, shown in the perforated wing and quarter 

eft ccts. ill the low walking or Cuban 

liccl t \ pes. 

.\ full range now oii display in the new 
F^lt shades of leather, manufactured 
}>v the best Canadian and British 

11. (kn-' 

P. ; 

$7.50 to $12.50 

-Main Floor 

Bungalow Aprons o£ Good Quality 
at 89o Each 

111 plain anil fancy Stripes. light and medium shade.-, piped \v ■ 
around tlic neck and belt across back. Very good value K^tf* 

at, each — — ............ ...M...«....M>..M« .........^.^M......— 4 

Apron House Dresses o£ Sell 
Colored Chambray 

These Apron House 4)rcsse-, arc of self colored chainbi a\ . with side 
fastening, square neck, pockets and all-round belt, trittimrd wit it 
white rick rack braid, in shades of blue and pink, at SX,.2d 

Children's Slip-Over Wool Sweaters 
With Square Collar at $1.36 

In shades of white trinitncd witli pink or blue, others in i u i -r 
pink. Sizes 2 to 4 years. Extra good values at, 

— Snd Kloor 

TaHeta Silk Ribbon 4 Inohes Wide 

46g Per Yard 

Swi-^ Maniitactiired Ribbons, suitable for handbags hairb^A i 

and dress trimmings, etc.; shown. in all the wanted shades. 

An exceptionally good value at, per yard — rttJi/ 

• .^Main Floor 

Special Demonstration o£ "Wear- 
Ever" Aluminiun Cooking Ware 

During this week a special representative irctin ihc lactury is 
demonstrating tlic advantages of "Wear-Ever^' Cooking 
Ware, and in connection with this demonstration we are oflFcr- 
incj a I'our Quart "Wear-Ever" Aluminum Windsor Kettle 

for the very low price ot 


This famous cooking ware is inade in Canada, and has the reputation of being the most reliable aluminum wart 
manufactured. Our present display includes a complete line of Covored Saucepans, Stew Pans, Windsor Ket- 
tles, Fry Pans, Double Boilers, etc. Our t>pecial Demonstration Prices run from 49c to $a.J9* 

Cut Out This 


And Present It Today 

It will entitle. you to one of these fine 
Windsor Kettles at a 

'^t ration 


$ 1 .98 


In ordrr thr- fartorv m«v have an ati ijmtf 

rrcord of the number of thvM four-qii«rt Wjndcor 
K>ttl«a Mid At the np«ei*l price of ll.SS. we are 
required to return t* the tmefrr thia coupon with 
tiM pmetaMr'a n aaaa mm4 atltiaa ylalaly wrltu* 


Vara* « 

Addrooa , t 

I'lty .■. . l>ttr 


Fast Color Imported Rag Rugs in 
Two Sizes, $7.25 and $8.95 

It would seem almolt impo.ssihie to obtain a Rug^ which is really unlidable, but these are guar^tced b> manu- 

facturer-;. who ha- r n world \\\<\t rrpiitatioti lor niakinc: rnlor-fi^t fal)rir': Th^^ ...nir in the qiOtt ftttfietive 
Hr<ic:n*, whnii arr rntirclv new. .Specially suited for bedrooms an«l batlir(j<>ms. In two sizes: 

J4 X 48. Pnce, each 47.J5 ^7 x 54. I'rice, each - 48.95 



T'.o.Tul Standard Flour— 
lb. sack.s $:.«:. 

'.'4 11) riackK 

lU lb. tiacka jiv 

Whole Wheat Flour— 

IS lb . Mc IcH w 7&C 

Or«ham Kluur-^ 

IS Ik. SMfis^ T5o 

UlrondelH'K Macaroni. \ari- 
ttles Includf .Xnlniulfi. l.oiiK 
Ma'-nroiil. Spaghetti. \'Tinl- 
<«"lll. .Vtiocll«'H. .Mphabf.tN anil 
Uc,t(i>' i.'ut. |><-r package .... I St- 
J pa. 'Races for Sue 

• iosiie Miiirrd'a Canned rii- 

< liard.s 

No. 1, tall He 

i tlnit > 4Sc 

Croaac4 Piah 8«rdiBea — « 
par tia SOo 

Crtaco for frylaa aad eoolUav-* . 

1 lb. tin STc 

lb. tin lOc 

)> lt>. iln I1.SS 

:> lb. tin ■ M.Z\> 

HqulPral Brand Paanut Butter 

1 lb. tin •.•0«; 

:• lb. tin ft. 10 

Hulk, per lb 30c 

Lea A Parrtn'a Sauce, now bc- 
Ins denwnatrated — 

napwted pinta tic 

Rapvtad half plata iSc 

Rapdtad quartar plnu tSc 

Hwan^down Cake Flour — 

\>rv package 45c 

w i'S!<f>n X Cookingr Oil— 

lo o/. tin 50i- 

Itcputed gallon tin t3.oO 

Parrtn'a cioda l!i(icult.«. in palln 

ISavh > <i<c 

— Lower Mata I'loor 

Smart Novelty and Tailor- 

:f.!r}! $49.50 

In plain and embroidered styles, trimmtd with colters 
of beaverine, oposs um and Frcadi seal, lined with 
fancy novelty silk, in color.s uf na\>'. l)io\\ii. IVkin. 
tatipe and tan vclour. Skirt- arr -niartlN • ■ ' 

.straight lines- Styles to .suit women 
and mi:ises. Sizes to 42, at ..Ai....... 


New Fall Coats of Salactad 


'I'o be iiad iif all the wanted shades, with new lu<i-e 
back and fancy stitching, patch pocket f tnt. n "<ni. 
mcd, half linetl with fancy nov«ty *^S}n riA 
sateen. Sizes 16 to 42, at ~ I allU 

— :n* Floor 

Wpmen's and Misses' Smart Semi- 
^ Trimmed Hats $5.00 to $8.95 

.\n Bnu.<»iiallv fjLwxl \ aluc aw .iit'. \\ c'lncrfla>- MorniiiR millinery huvcr^ in vfrv 
."mart Scmi-Triinincd Llats ot felt. du\ctyti and velvet. Most ol thcni fc^iturc the ^ult 
rol|^cd-up brims which are so becomlhc^snd »o styllah for Fall wear. ^ 
They come in all the newest and most poptil^r shadet such as Ja4c, 4elfl, bmver, fH^^e^ 

ant an<t .\trican. 

Triced from $5.00 to $8.95. * — 4a< Floor 

High-Grade White Wool 


^ At $11.95 a Pair 

We have only 15 pairs of these Blankets to bell this morning at this cxerp- 
tiona!l\ price, llrinp a part of a largf order, they were jxirrli.i-rd at :i 

special price concession, otherwise \v£ would be unable to offer thnn 
at this low figure. Woven from heavy pure wooLyaras, we r^ommcnd 
them w itli the c:rcate!^t conlidcnce. Sizea 6a x' 84, 68 X 84 
and 72 x 84. All on^ price, per pair 

* ~auia riMT 

r ^ a «F9ailis^flt"t 


Patant Lieather Purses at 
98c and $1.98 

Tn the new black and white stripes, kodak or long shape, abo 
pulses with bark straps. This is one of our leading valueii 
at, eacb. 98c and .51.98. » „ 

Matal Bag Tops 98o Each 

Offering a wide selection of the newest desi^^ns in o\ al. s<|narc 
and rouad .shapes; oxidized silver finish. Selected \ alius f r 
thi» morning, each, 98c. ^ —Main i loor 

A Rflu^e Value m Patent 
Leather JBslts 

\\ union 's Patent Leather Belts/ pltiii biftck or colors, also 
black and. white stripes. Each, 19c' 

\\ ( men's Patent Leather Belt-, black and white, red and 
\%hitc, blue and white, etc., trimmed centres. A great value 

at, each, a9C. —Mala Floor 

English Cretonnes. 31 and 36 

Inches WicLs. Per Yard, 75c 

riicse English Crctonncn are of exceptionally good quality, being, 
rvrn laperior to the ttiorc expentivr .\meHcan make*. They hare 
about t'lrni tliat attrarti>r nfune«» which i* «'i imirh drtirrrj in in- 
terior f<jrninliing» toch as loose corcrs, cushion* and *Klr curiam* 
You will be pleased with the extra large choice of pattern* at. prr 
yard, 75c. — Jrd noor 

40 Oliti 42 Inch Circular Pillow 
Cotton at 39c a Yard 

ooo ^ ard.'4 oi ^nov^ W hitc Circular I'fllow Cuttou, ot a 
sturdy wepvc. 

At this knr price tb«i« goods will simply fly over the 
ntMttrt, ao come etrif . ^osnd 4* Mcb at J9r per yard 

— Mala now 

41 -Inch Enghsh 

38c Per Yard ' 

A dainty pure bleached l'',ngli.sli ct<tt(»ii of 
line texture, in a weight stiitahle tor gen- 
eral purposes. You will tind tlii.4 cotton 
\vill launder to yo'.ir entire sattsftCtioil. 
41 inches wide, pcf yard, 35c. 

—Main floor 

51-Inch Nap Coal- 
ings $2.50 Yard 

•.\n ideal fabric fbr girls' and nii^se.-** 
coats, ofTering a choice of navy and 
brown. 54 inches wide, per yard, ,$^ 50. 

-^Msia noor' 

White Titrkish 

^ - a ior $1.90 

S( . lire a ivti of these thij niominfj The 
l>ik is closely \\o\cx\. ensuring good 
wear. .Size i/ x 33. at j for ft.00. 

•««aia nmt 

Bed Spring and 


WhHc Enamel Bed, eM >iiich i. i MK\m 9 m 

l>0!»r, if-inch fiI1en«. Ml white felt mtCtMM 
'and woven vire spring; full sixc. Complete 
at$32.85.' ^ 

THg bATLY^U>NIST/viC«)RIA B.C., WLUSESUW. i^iU'li^UKK Ji. ig^^f 

Flour Is Down Again 


lUM's wutyIband floor 


Inacpeo4«l(t Crc^racry BtitUr. 

NvMif nietr, 2 Ike for 

NIm BMi flwory Tm. G 
v«Iu«, J Ibt. for - , f: 

Frtth Pnit and V< 




Caudian Com SUrcJ^ i 

■ for _ 

ti» /t Pork and Beaas and To- 
ast* Sauce, large can 

Fmcf Cnh AppiMb to*, f 

of aQ MMlL Sm our 

Copas & Son 



Phones 94 and 95 

Comer Fort and Brood Streets 

fwi Truck 

t>ecreaac yotir transportation 

coats and inrrcasr vour »er- / 

vice yihh a l ord Speed y 

Truck. ■ 

See This Medal at tha Motor Bkow, SipMlibMr 

I IfAtlMAl Motor Company, Limited I 

I 9Mlu«iv« rord D*«l«ro I 

OpM ETonlng. Pbon* 4»00 J 


Bakers and 

SAHAIHO. S«|»t. ▲ ^ ^ 

*t ddJn« vaa sotomniaad at hish%aon 
today at St. Fkttl's OUbtgIi. R«v. Mr. 
Jt/aU aA^pattaf. wiiaa DowaUia i'*fK« 
owi of Mr. and Mr... Lotk- 
harr. was united 4ii ni»rrla||« lo Nor«. 
yuuiinrml Uu ixlilfi Air. ai<<l M ' ■.' 

rnoiu.ui (;r«.i,. ..r MajuUmo m- 
bnue. who waa a>veo away by tk«r 
(athar, looked charmiac iB a auH of 
blu« val<Mu. wltJi kat to MatoH. and 
carrlad a bo««Mt of Ophalia ro«e«. 
Htoa was atUadad by her .iaier muh 
OUva Oraan, who was Kownea lu 
Paarl »rey fani r, crrt,, >. .-h hut to 
match, the groom t>«iu« smp^wiiad by 
Mr. Oeorge Huntar, .Of Vaaeowar. 

Dwrbiff tlM mlwnUm ot the H^btar 
Mr^Trawf«rd aaac "O Froralaalli." 

Jofcaaoa presided m the ot 
ran. The iroom's pt.-.-,fiit lu ih« 

l-rl(le ;iti .rtnln.- n.-.kpu.. to 

I IK' I. rid. ■SI,,;, 1,1 ^.,,1,, ^j^leh, 

•" 'I l'> 111*) lj«-i4( rji.ui i.iiir of mW- 

biii.^hfs. After oaramony tha 
' " ''1 la.ty retired to tha boAa of 
vir«. Btaolar Uardlas. aiptar of tie 
Md«, whara li^ekeeit was aervadC 
The takle was tastefully dacoratad 
with lav*nd«r asters j.nd pink sweat 
i<.ij<. lavonder and pink beinj cnr- 
'i' d (hr.,utchout. . Tho happy couple 
I' ft en (h<! attprnoon boat for Vhd- 
'••'uver from whenoa they will pro- 
te^^d to QuasBel. where Mr. Leekhart 
has beeo iM^inted manacer of the 
nojral Beat. Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart 
were in r^mipt nf niHny beautiful 
and costly w«<idliiK presents. 

The wiiinsrs of the Q.W.Vj^. whist 
drive are as foliowa: Liodlaa— yirot. 
Mrs. Oeorse Wllaon; aeeoBd. Mrs. 
Klrkbrlde: third, Mrs. Teirer*. Oen- 
Meraan— First. W. Kneaa; aeoond. 
Hob^Tt McDousall; third, teul Car. 
I II (hern. 


^^'^^^^•"^••ap aBsewsawaa> 

Mr. R. K, Brmr>. ef Vaaoeuver. was 

a w 

TiiHor to tUp oapllAL 


\1attlog to Yen 
ilai la Mm, Marry craa*. 

• • • 

Mrs. Oeoiersat Aikins. ef Toronte, 
1" mpt-naiDg a frw days In th« T«f 

iiilnal fity t/rfur« rt^lng ti> thlg <lty 

• ■ • 

Mr. H A 

Lnlon Club 

Alae. Martin wua riectad, tbara belac 

~ ^ lOMinaUona. 

Mn. Donald Gould 

a of the jfpeav peoplo lMi Men. 
day, In hoaor af kar dauKlitar Jean's 
•htth blrtHiay. Among invito j 
OOWii vara: May Thi inpaun, uetty 

aaill tiHtan lluirowa, Ja, k and Jill 

Blflar, Arlum, h'uI fati<»' \ nn Sor 

. " " 'I'l >■ • .ii.k „ 1 1 i . .M . Kow- 

MA«;Uooald Is OTer from > buthaui. Mim. iiuuid w«s — *-'ti | la 
at the entertainliiK ty h»r gjafrr, Mlaa HSQ- 
I too, ef aaanlcbton. 

JJirn. l,ii< V i.iit;i-, of Koekland Ave- 
nue, enterlulned a , few frleoda at 

liiii'-hpun im Monday at her hime. 
• * • 

Mr. . s. i>ouclaa, of Vaaeouver.. 
xi en i nf a tMrt«||hfs koUday la 

thin rU> 

and Mrs. C. Otuart. of Van- 
rrnut wummt to Ihls city far 

It will pay you to investig^ate the 
many advantages of the 

Heavy Duty 
Electric Bake 

Fivt" hr^je commercial inslalh- 
tions already in successful use 
in this city. 

Wc shall appreciate your en- 

liffliC and Power I>apt. 

PboDO 1609 


H.M. Mail Contractors 

CP.R. Cartafe^Afeoti 

Furniture a 


MOired, Crated, Stored 

and "-'hipped 

Let us do your work and 
aava you — > 


Deiiv cr V 


one 2505 506 Fort St 



Cettoa Crepe, all pretty shades. 

prr yard 38^ 

Kimono Crcpc, all designs. 

>alp. l"-r yard ^^Mi^f 

Rtr $1.75. Sale, yard . 
Grass Chain and Tablet s^lr 

$« 50. $9 00 and „.«7.56 

Grsae Cake ttuida. Sale. 

'ach .„98.ri^ 

99 Kinds of Beautiful Baskets 
M Bala Frkos. 

Lee Dye & Co. 

715 View $17 OOV^ St 

Above Spenccr's.| Qpp^ p.Q. 

soup and a 
'iskHT Mlad is 
'•rtur lunch 
desire, then 

Vl*« S«r»««« 


(Piroct From U>e EslalM m 
f*e«» tkas* 


{•a Plaatars and Importers 


Dtaiiion Acideay ot 


< or. I- art Ceek MrseU 

MADAIIK KArm WMM. f.a.w. 
Plane, S la atas . Vlalln. Harmonr - 

AttTunr TvuM 

ru»llii ei'^parerl 

i,-' .-•-.'-■T-. for enma: nf Aaan* 
»«t auecaaey m ,a., , tZ^^,% 

Dtatlnrtlnn. Harnieey." 

Niefcfx \ . . .. , '.nese 

Wbere U thi 

Posy Shop? 

I roax ST immu avrt.) 
rMWns jfom AU. oco*sTowe 

A alee liaa ef ntsue b««keu 

^ _^ - ... fla Yi 

»y Tt 

X. C A. 

a CoWfortabtc 



7W Tatee OS. aa« fks r.n„,,n»r 

^Utjie Str*«l. op«n to ptt^ 




MUk l-'and of Ur. <) 

la Hevevely 

- to 

M. j« 

Ba Chapter 

The Dr. O. M Jones Chapter, I.O. 
L' K . held th« hrst rf gular monthly 
ni.tting after the Summer holldayii 
last nlirftt in the Jonaa bulldln*, when 
plana for the comUw Bioatha %ara 

The monitx rs find (h:it ih,- Uf- 
niund.M for milk are already so ex- 
l«*njilve that the funds are ;rkpldly dl- 
niinlHhinc. Arrancemenu were made 
to hold a rumoiaca aale en Saturday. 
OetS^r 15, and all members nr., 
eumaatly requaated to eoUect articles 
for thla sITalr and notify Mis. 
Knowles f phone 4I29X) who han 
\(indly ufr. ici I,, ...ill r,., iiiiy purcrl*. 
It wa^ ai^u do. Klod to hold a dance 
at the Ai'xundrii House In the naar 
future, and a committee Was appoint- 
ad to nake the praUmlnary arrance. 
manta. A apecial meetintc will be 
ealled later in ronnection with this 
danro. HTKl It i.M hoped that .ill mrm- 
borM will ..itend us only by individual 
iirid • n.-rgetlc offorts can the Urgeutly 
needed fuoOa be secured. 

Th^ pletara of the fiuria! of an Un- 
known Soldier will be fratur,! and 
held In reagineM for prt seritH i ion on 
Armi-stice Way t<, the Unnk .Street 
Bchool. An apt»<-Hl was irtade to the 
members to patrotu/..- all British films 
and Ganadl^ an^l Hrltish goods. 

Fl^a new members T*ere oroponed 
for niemberBhlp ari i n.'w mf^mher 

was elPrted Meiiil). will bear In 
mind (h«t the Boy Scouts have a 
cartdy stall near the entrance of the 
Women's Institute Buildlnr at the 
Fair, and patronase la solicited. 

Ofrs. DaiFfd Miller. Municipal Rec 
retsry, read a most interesting and 
innpirinr report on the National Con- 
^■e^tlon. nnd wan ixvorded a Htnnding 
^ote of thankji fulIowitiK which the 
mectins .idjourneu. 


KatartalM ItOa Kvealac at K. of P. 
Hall— Gffaad Maauucrade oa 
Ootoher • 

few days. 

• • • 

Mc. and Mrs. ,Ix>rne Cameron, of 
Vaaaeuvar. were week-^ad TlaHon la 
tha eapttal. haTtec e«BM over vith 
Mr August Nantoa. 
\ • a • 

Mr. J. B. Reutas; VrepHeter ef the 

Wettbolaae Hotel, returned real. rdsy 

tr«m a gnmn huatlns expedition to 
Salt BprtagMslaad. 

• • • 

MV. H. r^. Hopkins nf the ("'roMccn'. 
Krultery. Nanalmo, » .is in i..w n yo.-i- 
I'Tdav on a bu«in«-H.s trip H<' took In 
the eihibillon ».. f,u , r . turnlnij honir. 

Hr and Mr-*. Hit.. id Kberts have 
K.-n lip fhpir residence at their 
home on IN mberton Road for a few 
montha. after which 4hey ialaad laav- 

ina for the East. ^ ^ , . 

• • • # 

Mr. Richard Jonaa. aea of Mr, and 
Mrs. Fred Jonaa, ef RoekUnd AW- 
nua. left last nl«ht for Montre,.!, 
wkera ke will raaume his studios at 
Meant UnlVMulty. 

a • • 

Mr, J. E. Araiahaw, of .Sayvrard. 
waa In town yesterday in the inter- 
ests of the development of the di.i- 
trlct and la leavinc for Vaaeouver 
thla monlaff. 


The •'niraR.inpi.t i« announced of 
Doris, serond daijjfhter of Mr, and 
Mr«. J, K \v,i.v..n. 111 gt. Charlea 
street. and Claraaaa' H. Pitts. 
yooTner sob Of Mr. B. 7. Pitts, 
Pi*'rmonf, ' Rockland Avenue. 

hidaflaitair oa aoeevat 

Thr MooKf Tennis Club will be 
hosta IhiH evening at a danre to b»' 
held at ihp K of I' Hall. Norlli 
Park Street, and it is antiiipatcd by 
the committee in charge of the afCklr 
I that a larce attendance of* Moeoa 
members and their frlendu will be 

present. ' 

On f)<tol)o;- ,'. th<» il.iti.f ' oinniiU'^ 
of ihe I,-o\al Oi lnr ..f .Moose will hold 

thfir opening dance of the Winter 
.--.■.tKon. which Will take the form of a 
grand raaaquerade at the Caladoftia 
Hall, and plans have also been oom- 
pleted to arranga for dancaa pn the 
firat and third Wedneadays of each 
month throuvhoot the <^minr eeaaon. 
Kvery effort which the committee 
could make for th*- co tji i>l.| «■ ><ii(re«.«i 
of the maacjiK rxdp ha.M hi cn iind<-r 
lai<en by the ■ nergeln m«'«. anil 
It han been .jnnoumed that this event 
will lio one of Ihe outitandlng aocial 
affairs of local Moose records. 

. ^ 

Hetween 1>12 snd IflS neSrIy |4,000.- 
0(>S.SSS was added to railway property 
values In the United SUtes. 




MoUmts Bkoald ioek wall aJler tkeir 
reuag eaaa darint tha kdl Oummer 

w — • M usees rvsTT 

months as tkis Is the time of y^nr 
wliea thla ftimmer eoapuint << mort 
prevalent. It b^na with a prnf,,*. 

diarrhoea, thr 'tnmarh hooomee Irrl- 
tsted ▼oraiting and purging aet m 
and Ihe matter eWled from the 
ntomarh has a billeue appaaraaaa 
the child ra«Mlr liMa flaiSi aad is 
s oon r eduas d te craat laageur and 

- I msrtu* ^ ai!l ? *f? M jL * *^ 
pontine aad diarikaaa 




Mlaa Nancy Fone. ef Vaaeouver 
whd waa.a reeent vMtor to the capi- 
tal, wHl again be In thi.s dty today 
and will Uke the .s.m. President for 
San Francisco, where .she will attend 
the marriage of Mini, KaMe 8i 

l»tar gelar to Washingtoa, D.C. 
• • • 

L.tdy Hvng «a« ihc guest of honor 
nt a tea given by the directors Of the 
Central Canada Kxhibitloa at Ottawa 
last Thursday. whei| Mr*. J. char- 
lotte Hannlngten, formerly of vic- 
toria, superintendent of the \ c) x 
In Caaada. acted a« hostess and de- 
livered aa addrem. 

a • • 

The 9av. Dr. H. H. Oow en. of .Se- 
attle, and his eldest daughter. Joyce, 
are vlaltlnR (he .iiy for a few days. 
Mis.M Oowen tnui arrived to act as 
bridesmaid to Miss VIvlenae Charl- 
ton, whose marriage to Jaek Chad- 
wick will take place aext Saturday 
afternoon at St. Joh^. Chareh. 

Frienda of Mias Martha Allen, of 
Ravenaeral*." Montreal, who spent 
several mentha in this city, the truest 
°' Mlaa Muriel Dunamuir. will be in- 
terested to hear she is leaving on 
Saturday by the Empresn of France 
to attend the wedding of Vflai Muriel 
Ounsmuir and Copt. Molyneus. which 

will take plaaa la Loadoa oa Octo- 
ber 19. 

• • • - 

Of Intereat to ihe many frlz-nds «f 
Mrs. Conyers-BrAjgwater. formerly 'of 
this city, and n.nv of I^ondon, will be 
the news of a < harniing tea which ahe 
gave ifMoiiily in honor of several vla- 
ItlnK Cana.llan.s. among the gUOatS 
present b-ins Mrs. John Hopa. Of VIc- 
'oria Mrs. Stuart Qalaworthy. Mrs. 
Hobin Ounsmuir. MIm Freda Kendall 
Mrs. Francia Oroavaner, Mrs K 

^^J**^ Chrlmee, and Mj^s. 
Humble-airkatt formerly of vie- 
torla. • 

• • . 

Among tha guests .U th,. Dominion 
Hotel are Mr. W l, Harri.-, I'ort Al- 
bernl, Mr r r. i.obson and wife. 
S'-wltle. M, u Milh^an and Wife, la- 

<.<Me Mr h. Dennis. Vaaoouvar: 
I. Manning, Prinoa Rupert- 
Mr. K. H. D. lAne. Vancouver: Mr* 
W. E. Alahmtth, Edmonton; Mr. and 
-^rs. T. Fortune. Hanover ont \fr 
\ C. Best. Ganges; Mr. James Flnd- 
i^.v. Hhawnlgnn l.ake; aad CaSUla 
Moore, Agassir. b c. 

• e e 

Heglstered at the l>n|l«. Hotel at 
present arc M^ an.i .VI Thompson 
and Mr .s liorward Harvey, Mlaa O 
McDonald. Mr Kmerson, Mr. McLeai 
and Mr. E. Q. simpeon. all of Toron- 
to, raeiabera of the "Mademolaelle of 
Armeatlaraa" Company; B. L. Brit 
< on. of Ottowa. and Wm. Byers 
Comoz; C. Maclntyro and wife o 
Cowiehan Bay. and Mr .John Oould, 
Of \ancouver: Captain Wills, of the 
O s K. line of steamahlpa and Mra 
Godwin, of Kdmonds, B.C., and R 
nrltten. Port AlbernI; Mr. and Mra^ 
Toller, of Kdmontea; Mr. and Xim 
Ifagg and aen, of Burnaky lAka. 
•"d P. 8. Whaley. of neattle ^ 

Mrs. T. Whalen hag 
a heUday apent in n 

• a 

Mrs K Rows ki eatc. 
from Victoria over the 

• • • 

noctor end Mra. PaMek aad ehll- 
^r.n sp^it tha waak^ ^ung la 

» l< toria 


OlONCY. Sept. 'tS — There . « 
movement on f.,,,i n, .^^idney tt> n< ^ ure 
Jncorporatio,, ^ si r, ai oommmcv of 
(<':-•■: .\K ih.- move reoenlly 
I'T.. light III r«'> ..ji.iiifiidatlona, and _ 
pcnihui aaking fur I in m luilgligg Ig 
now being circulated. 

Mrs. David Jackson has returned 
from hoapltal, where ahe undarwaot 
a aarloua sps ia M a a . 

The annua.1 picnic of thi- NUVlh 

f^aanirh Women's luutitiite, v,liich Was 
til h.. w i.eeii hfid ye.slcrd.. V at the 

horn.' „( the praaldsnt, Mra. 

wsH poHiiioned r 
of the rain. 


I>r. Mnnror, nf Km-.., < ni. \\ iii .\d- 

— itiM. ( I.,,... ,,, It, K,>suroed 

l»r Monroe, of Kanaaa City, Who is 
* tootwea 
at the Firat Praabyterian Church, will 
addreaa ska members of the Qlria' 
fcTo^F^H*! avenlng at tha 

Supper will be served at <:13 
o'clock sharp, and will be* followed by 
a niuBlciil programmey Including 
pianoforte aelectlona aad aongs 

Mrs. William Martin haa returned 
^om Vancouver, aad wUl reaume the 
Bible atudy clasaea ahe was conduct- 
ing prior to h«r departure. 



Save Money on Your New 
Fall Coat 

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VA.NcorvfcXl. Sept. 20.— M. A. 
X>avls. held up and rekbed of ftO thla 
morning, today gave a doAription of 
the robber, who was armed, which is 
said to tally In many respci i.s ^ith 
the marriage of Miss Kalle Snyder' ''"'^ 'Jaixlner. who recently 

lAtar aelaw tn /s * I eacaped from the pcnltaatlaty oa Mo> 

•Nell's Island, Wash. 

Davia aaid that the man had a three 
or four days' growth of beard, and 
was rather tinkampt In appearance, as 
if he had been aome time in the bush 
Cheeking up files at police head - 
quartera after Dnvls had roportd the 
officers found that tho dee. riptlon 
given taiuad geaarally with that of 


•Mil* Psnkhnnit Will Oontinae 
IX)NDO.V. Sept. 1» -Th.* Workers' 
Dreednought. .^yu ia hurpfs 
paper, is rot going to wtop publica- 
tion as previously announced. Today 
Miss Pankhurst aUted that she had 
changed her mind aad decided to 
continaa the paper, as she had been 
sueeaasfttl la ralaing CMS to carry on 

^flll <>wn<>r riadly Injas«d 
PItlNciO RUPBRT, B.C.. 8ept 19. 
—It. K. Allen, proprietor of a lumber 
arUll at Royal Mills, Skeena River, 
waa aerioualy Injyred while at work 
la the plant. He was brought to tha 
Prlaee Rupert hoapital. 

Document jSent From Wash- 
ington to Participating Pow- 
ers Suggests Subjects Re- 
lating to Armaments 

.WABHINOTOIf, Sept. 20. — The 

tentative agenda the l'nlt(-<l .Slates 
haa transmitted to the principal 
Powers who wifl participate in the 

conference on llmKatliin of urma- 
ments, suggests on broad lines aub- 
Jeota ffir l onsidffi.ition. I 'orriKri t if- 
to whom it has been sent have 

been In f of s sd that It la essenUally 

Muggestlve and subjc. t f. smcnd- 
tnents. or additlon.s. An oatUno fol- 

• • •■■ 

I -Iniit.itlon of armariK nts: 

1. I. Imitation of na\.il armament 

Uasls of limitation, ijlxtant of llau* 

tatloB. fulflllmsnt of ooadltloBs. 
i. Rulea tar eeatrol oC mw i 

of warSars. 

.1. LiaUtatlOn of land armament. ■ 
Pacific and I'sr i;a^<tern Qliestlonsr 
1 Q^ieatfcms nlatlnjf to Chlaa. 
I'rirx ipl,.>i to I,,, applied 
':. Ap|)li< ,if If.n to Mil.J.Tl.s. 
(a». Territorial integrity. 

(b) . Administrative integrity, 

(c) . Open door. Bquallty of ad* 
mlaMratlva and Industrial oppor* 

(d) . Concession", monopolies end 
other economic piivil.ReM 

(e>. I>eveIopmeni of railways, 
(fi. I'refereiitliii railroad rates. 
<i > si.injs of existing comoUt* 
nif»ii : - 

t^ue.-i Toiating to Siberia. 
8imli.<i iu>stions relating to Chlaa 
Mandated Mlaada. 

Honest > Advertising. 

nPHIS is a topic we all hear now-a-days Ixn anseso many people are Inclined to 
^ * exaggerate. Yet has any physician told you that we claimed unreasonablo 
remedial properties for Fletcher's Castoria? Just ask tliem. won't aofwerit 
Onnelves, we know what tlie answer wiJl be. 

That it ha.s all the virtues to-day that was claimed for it in its early days fg 
to be found in its increased use, the rcconiinendatioa bj prominant pl^yajctafflt^ mmI 
our assuraiict! that its standard will be maintained. 

Fletcher'r, Oa.^toria is strictly a remedy for Infants and Children. MfflMtrtij 
advertised ar, rin h, without a claim formore than its overaOjrears of use have implj 
provoii. A Baby's remedy fai Babies. And not M idBllft NBtdj ftr lU tte falflj 
and all tbfl ails that iu^xMia flwh k hffir Uh 




Children CryTor 

Mr and Mrs. f. \V. HolkMd 

the we..k-end In vieteMa. rsturnT^ 

IM WIN ( llllliHJ_> 


^"le on Sunday eve 

Mra rkaria 

'^-sw writes:— n fSeve need Dr Pew. 
I" ' ;:xtra^ mt Btrawkerry for 

ftiin.n rr '-nmpieiat. i tklak M saved 

^ aa' UtTuH^Sr 
t» A frtaas aOilsad sae abeec 

•Dr. rewlar*a.* ae I get a 
M help^ W> Hgh* aWav *• 

Dea** vour htid'a be^ith 

.^^.p, :.t , . f-MMot... but gel the 
* '■' -ler-B.- price kSe a 

1*^ ^ tttmsX» MUbwe 

Mrs Byres rstumed keoke on ph. 
dny ft'om Mittle. where aha apent a 
very plsadkat holiday vtsltlag 

• • • . 

.^I*" of VMaSla. has hee„ 

viltlag Mia. W. Tartar (*r a fe, 


• • ■ 

MlsB Coaaie Ford aad Mlaa LIIHaa 
MMtIa apaat the weel^nd here, re- 
turalag to sshoal tt MMap 

Mr. and Mra. Norman Moore and 
daoghtar have returaed ^oaie. after 
apeadlat two 

returned hnme on Monday eveniag. 

• Mias Richard* was a visitor to town 
on Haturday. returning heaie la the 

i I Ok. 

r Allen and party spent the 
^-r-k -nd aa the gosAta of Mr. aad 
Mrs Norman wilaon ^ their saaip 
• Wellhnry. • OmM^ Kprl^g lelaatf. The^ 

A meethig of tha rJUdeats mt Jaaiaa 
laiand waa held la the eehoelroom 
Monday evaalag far the pnrpoee a( 
eleetJat a Mhaal Iraatee la the 
af ^ 

Special Care of Baby. 

That Baby should JhsTd a b>4 •< its ewa all are screed Tet ft 
'•ff'V**'*, with grown up* than tn osS 

« man s medirme la sn attempt to rerulate the delicate nrraajam of 

Tour Physidaa win teU ya« tut Irt^ ■Siktos ■sst W ffO- 

psred with even greater care than Batry's U$4, 

■y ttfivpsr fmi, Cmid you for s moment, thsa, think of iItIim ts 
your ^///n^' rhfld aiflklos but a aedlclae dM^tr MMlJf^r b. 

fanta and Children? TVn't he derefved. 

,ViSli-2£lii^" important, Mother* rhaf vo„ 

^haiM rSaSBMrftOt tifSaetioS wni, the digestive organ* of yoof 

BabT m..ct rerftve gperial rare. Ho Baby is so shnormal that 

dsaixpd zsMtlto auj b« kU Im Vmwm§i 

^TNisagRifryatr is*»ou«id ivjey sottii o» 'uitHig-acAgrogiA 


Bears the Signature of 






The Personal 

A Sterling Silver 
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I Kali, coal oil. TMblo UmpH, $l3.r.O; 
lUnclns, 116.50. R. A. brown Sl Co., 

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Kre«-trad« propagandists are fond 
o( daelarlna th«t prleM of all goods, 
demMtIa or imperud. ar* ratotd by 

the amount of the tariff duty and that 
the consumer pays, saya tha eoMirflt- 

tee of tlin Canadian Reconstruct Ion 
Akbo" liUion. Hurh oontcnllon Is nel- 
tli»T nounU In Ihrory nor nupporlfd 
by tho farl.M. If Iti'- prlcrri of nlorl to 
users In th«« l nliril Stiilos uro Kilng 
to t>« ral>'«''l by tlir full iunontit of tho 
dutlea 111 lh«» I'onlniy T.iriff. why im 
It that wo find a deputation from the 
■hafllald induatry sacrindng theic 
prlda and appealing to the Washington 
Qovarnmant . against aueh ineraaae? 
Deaa tha consumer of agricultural 
products In the United Htatea pay tha 
full nniount of thf diiHo.-* lnipofi<'d by 
the < iOVornniMit of th.' l nil»»d HIalrH 
affalnttt Canadlnn fnrni protluoi.M • 
It so, the Canadian f trmrp Is on * 
baala of equality wuh the United 
•tataa agrteulturtst. Tha farmer may 
not maka as much monay, Moaoaa 
the United States farmer la auppoaed 
to have the duty as a "bonus." but '% 
umlrr the frr> tr;Mlri'a ll>oi»ry the 
markol will sUll l>o a\Hllahln to the 
CanadlHri rxporlrr. thr only diff'-rpnoc 
being that prlrrs would br ruMrd by 
the amount of the tariff, if this be 
the altuatlon, why Is It that agricul- 
tural producers all over Canada have 
been complaining agalnat the Bmar- 
nmcv Tariff and Fordney Tariff 
IPKlhhitlon of th« United Ptatrs' 

Kven The Toronto piar H forced to 
admit that the eaportrr whosr good.H 
are excluded from the protected mar- 
ket la the principal aufferor. It aays: 
•Ttip rordney bill with lU tax of tS 
p#ir rrnt nirain»it ranadlan products 
(lorn n' t .Mr.-ni to h*" )iavln(C Its pro- 
mlnr.l f-rr-rt — it Is not noticeably re- 
tardl' 1-- I. •If^ollnc In i>rii'osi ofArn- ri 
can farm producla." Is It not tlni« that 
thoao who are deinandlnir tanrr reduo- 
tlona. iaeause of their general opposi- 
tlm > ta "arbitrary reatrtatlana on 
trada.** eoiuSdorod the fact* 
and admitted that many of 
thrir rl*lma have not been 
HPd Dinnot he substantiated by 
rxprri'MK < ll 1^ U"' trii<» RcnrrallN 
that gOoilH In H ronnirv whof<<. h<MMO 
market In prolritnt ii\ tariff dutlr.s 
are higher by the amount of such 
\ duties. The Canadian Reoonat ruction 
Aaaoelatlon in Ita Information 8er> 
vice and otherwlao. haa ctted t%^m 
where prloes actually are lower in 
C-nnda than In ihe United Waten 
nlthout txklns e«''hHnre or duly In- 
to s< «'Ount. Vf"! Mil »i kltiiation In no 
proof thul proleri iciti n"t required 
for the production of theev goods In 
Canada. iiideed, by sMuring the 
CanadUMi laarket to Canadian pro- 
ducers, the UrUf may bo re«»on- 
s^h'e partly for the lower prices here. 
Under a protectee tariff which has 
de> eloped induatrlee in this rountrj. 
compelltlon between domaslic pro- 
dw«ei« gemtralb- ran be > <,<j.ii.-.i upon 
to hoop pricee on a ro.«t ot pro«iur 
tion baala and to restn.t the mar 

alaa •( profit by manufarlurerv iind 

11.1 r-r-r— - 

distributors to very narrow limits. 
Even In buying imported goods upon 
which import duller have hern paid, 
in many caKea the Canadian coriu- 
nier is not called upon to pay the full 
amount of the duty, becaufte in nurh 
cases part of thO duty may be paid 
by the axperter or abaorbed by the 
Canadian Importer or dlatrlbutor. 

.\ni\ In i( not linn .i1m<> 'hit (nr. 
tradi'TM HbHndoiioil their idial- 
Isll. ( (.IM r pi ic 111 iif world ocnnoiM> .' 
During the three years the nu- 
I tionn of the world, great and amall, 
without esqoptlon have ralaed their 
tarlflbi to protect domootle induatrles, 
to safeguard their national trade 
position, to provide for national re- 
veniie.s, Or for .nil of (hcj<o purpose.--. 
Whilf' a few free-trnde 
hold fttlH to the lonooptiiin ff world 
economy lo be developed by frer 
trade, the nations of the world,* if 
they ever held any auch hope, ha\o 
relegated It to the Umbo of forgotten 
ihlnga for the preaent at leaat. Free 
trade with the United States, or even 
an extensive reciprocity arrangement 
with that country, If it w-erp now 
acceptable to the Washington .Ndniini 
."^tratlon. nould nerlouBly cheek the 
Independent development of Can- 
adian IndufltrieM without pro\idinR 
any assurance of permanence In our 
trade relatloiM with the Republic. 
Indeed, It would plaee Canada large- 
ly at the mercy of the United States, 
eommercislly and politically. A more 
perrtianeiit trade Hgrei-ment might be 
poaalble hut in conf<lderatlon of llie 
lne\iLablo political and commercial 
consequences, the Canadian Itecon- 
stnictlon Aaoclatlon believes that 
such a pact would be repugnant 
to the ^at majority of the people 
of Canada. Under the clrcumatanees, 
there seems nothing for ua to do hut 
Cour^iBf-ouHK ti) continui- lh(- 
of building up. on the northetn part 
of tbl.'^ CMntiiieni, a nation indepen- 
dent of other counirleo in respect at 
least of the moot oaaentlal supplies, 
with tranaportatlon services which 
are not at the mercy of a foreign 
power and, In general, with Inatltn- 
tions and industrinl ind commercial 
orgitnlrjitlona conwtitiited primarily 
with a view to <_';inadlHn (ondltlons 
and nceda and under th( rnntrol of 
the Canadian people themselves. 

An Aid to Wearing 

Xhia 5eaaon'a Faahiona 

II,. , , atmpl" unfailing way ta 

.,' , h>. r M,,„«i balm TTlfh 

rid llie 

soma p"" - - 1 
m^Xe enough i>a«t« to cover thm hatry 
aarfaoa. apply and In about S minutaa 
rub off. «aaa tha ahla aM avory tmao 
ma vaatSlMd. Thii to «««« 
but tn avoid dlaappelntment 
ta gel the da*ataaa In fa 



How a young Kngliahman flew to 

I^rla l>y airplane from Uondon to 
have a drink wii.«» told In a Tnrls 
piillee eourt recently whfn I'yril 
coln Reed, of a good family In Lon- 
don, appeared to answer the charge 
of pa«<slng worthleek cheques. Having 
stayed at the Place Vendonie Hotel. 
Keed paid hla bill with a cheque while 
having no money in the bank and 
borrowed LOSS franca from a waiter. 

Some days later he again turned up 
In Pari*-, arriving by air after pay- 
ing for the passage with a worthleaa 
cheque at Croydon Airdrome. 

"I had bee* turned out of e%-ery bar 
in London. After twenty-four hours 
I booama thlraiy that I atmply had 
to fly to Porta in order to bo able to 
drink peacefully." 

The young man la now locked up 
III .^an(e Prtoon poBdUtc fartboT In- 

"lulries. ' 


rKXIN. Sept St.— Tho Department 
of Commnliiallana kaa aigned the 
supplementary bond laaue for com- 
pleting the Federal Company's wire- 
leas contract, which long hna been Ihe^ I 
»>ibje<t of negotiatloi"- trnwinc out 

of the A n elo-JlpH ri- • • , <it>' <-r l (.>n 
that It Intritii;' 1 -f;. f.api-' 'lie 

righta. The lontract was aigned on 
January < last. 

Yeotorday'a devolapuBt la the 
kituaUon wm iisflH of the Amorl- 
eaaa proeooding vttb tho construction 
of a blab-powered alam at Muaahal 
and abialler stationa at 
Hankow and I'antnn 


FUR mmm 

Local Provisional Coiiinnttet' 
Will Report Sentiment of 
Recent Mass Meeting to Re- 
spective Oiganizations 

A meeting of the Amalgamation 
Committee repreaontlas the Oroat 
War Veterana* Aaaoelatlon, the Army 
and Navy Veterans, the Orand Army 
,( iriit'ii Veterans. Veterana of 
I r.uK i- .11, d the Paclfii; Coast OfBoera' 
Ahuot-lution w<u« held In the ilubruoni.-t 
uf the S'eteraJiS of Friince on Monday 
(iftomooo, Comiada Robe Jtaoaleol 

The ftnanclal statement In connec- 
tion with exjicnJ-es Incurrt-d fur the 
mass meeting was prenent>-d, and af- 
ter allowing for thu- anicum nf $76.07 
(.ollectcd at the inetling, tiie net 
cost to each aSMUclatlon was ahown as 
|1C.6>, which waa conaidersd a very 
satisfactory atatement. 

Th'' re.^idutiun In favor of amat* 

K->niatiun. p.'ituted at the mass meet- 
iiig, waji then con.ildered and a mo- 
tion waa passed authurlziitg each del- 
egate on the committee to report to 
his association as follows > 

That this committee become a per- 
inaiH [It Im ,il ainal)(;itnutlun cuniiiilt- 
t<e, and thill two dilegateu be elect«-d 
by thi- r>'.-<jiri ii\ !• orfj-i lUJiut ions I.i- 
\oring uinalK-inuitlon, to represent 
I hi m on the .iniuigamatlon body. 

That each of the preoont repro- 
sentatlvea go back to hla aaoociaUoa 
and Impreas upon the membera of 
same the strong feeling for an Im- 
mediate n malKamatlon. expressed l>y 
those in attendance at the ina.'M meet- 

That the executives of the eximins 
organizations In Victoria be advised 
uf the advlaablll ty of the ir cal ling 
Mpectai generat maettngg of their or« 

ganizatlons at an early date, to deal 
with matters in connection with 
ainalgainat ivn. 

The committee [i.-Lsj-ed a \ote of 
thankn to thOHe who ii.'->i.-t<'d in any 
way In making the ma.sK meeting a 
success, this including The Dally Col- 
onist. The Dally Tlmeo and the band. 

The meeUng waa adjourned, the 
delegates to reconvene at tha eall of 

the chair. 



Continued from Pago 1 

"unil ll till" publir «pprii\"" uf "iir 
course they will return me If they 
don't, and Xh>^y defeat me. then we 
can assume that they dcaire to revert 
to the old s»-stem of an open town." 

The office of deputy chief was 
abollahed. but Dr. Hall announced, 
"We will take care of Mr. Painter." 

The Board refuwed to aerrpt the 
rf <om mendat ion of Chi^f I"r\. wlin 
strongly oli|<-i-l'-d 111 the <l if rn insai^. 
nlallnif that In- • "iild nut recommend 
any ."Urh course at this time. "I 
ha\e no eomplalnts to maKe HgHinst 
any of these officers," declared tho 
chief in emphatic manner, and Mayor 
1'orter aaserted he propooed to be 
guided by the advice of the chief. 

More than an hour before the 
mi-eting eommen(-ed huslnens at 8 

p m the i-iiUrtro<.m at tlin poliro hr-ad 
((iiiirters buildinK was parked. Tbe 
Hall .Xorlli siipporterH « ere nut in 
for«'e, and tli'ri- \\a.M a larjfe Rathrr- 
Ing of people who. a-< the proceedings 
progressed, made, their objections to 
the dtamlaaal of old and tried officers 
apparent In no uncertain manner. 
Frequent laughter greeted Commix- 
sloner North'a protestatlona of a de- 
.slre for a clean town, and when the 
cominif»Bloner, in tlic i ourse of a 
lengthy and excited liarrangue, de- 
clareil (hut In- was no churchman, 
"but by (Jiid 1 believe In (.Jod," there 
wnK H fliout of dcrlnion from nil 
corners of the courtroom. At another 
time when Commiasloner Hall got 
Into an altercation with an Interrup- 
ter aeated In the prisoner's dock 
every available bit of space was 
occupied — and the latter ' called the 
commi.i.'-ioner a "rat." there were 
nhouts approving of the coiiiml.nsiiin- 
er s di-( 1,1 rat ion that be would mist 

the Interrupter, but no such step was 

The big Queetian of tho eaening 
arose when, after some minor matters 
had been attended to. Dr. Hall aake>i 

permission to make a statement anent 

the reorg.mi/ation of tbe force. He 
read IjIh Hlatcmcnt. which was as 


Their Purpose 

"Since the present commission haa 
taken office we haye had but one pur- 
pose, the development of a police 
fori < tip to the liighest possible point 
of efficiency that < an be combined 
with reM.«onalilc ci oiiotny. In matters 
of poHry we buve iiau certain dl.s- 
agreement of opinlou. but In the ul- 
timate purpose of efficiency I am 
happy to state there hoa boon com- 
plete uniformity. The (natter of the 
reorganisation of tKe force la one 
which, in the estimation of the ma- 
lorltv of our ririiens. Is long overdue. 
M.i\ T I. ill attention to ihe fact that 
reorKaniZHlion of the police force whs 
tbe main i>lank of Mr :'.i.rtli> |d;it- 
form, atid upon this h'- wa- elected 
at the head I'f <b'° peii nnd a'.so 
please remember that the most em- 
phatic and apparently extravagant 
statement* made by %if. North have 
net been publicly ehallona«d. It Is 
for me to stste tho fact that the 
public placed me her% to conduct 
public business, and I propose to do 
this to the bewt of my ability in the 
public interest. 

"The Comnli^<■<lon baa realized that 
between the two departments, tbe 
unlfon d I • ' Micd ther-' 

Tho naltvos o 

of Nerili Africa favor 

:avor j 


haa not eisloud that cemplolo har- 
mony which ahould charaetarlao our 

police t>o<iy. and In order to effect a 

l<r n ( ( 1) li d ' ! .-.I a n ■! 1 UK and lii' m ti 1 . 1 1 - 
If 1 uft It u n " • 1 i M , ■ * . • r ; (1 . 1 I'.in^ Vt ' ll .1 t5 
.1 n Ml .1 • J. ! •■ .1 , • n \ <■ (Ir liar' 
iiii-nt MM>i<- dir-'ily uiidci lli-i <'hl<f 
of I'olice. Mr I- ry, and do away wIMi 
the uualtlon of laapoctor of i'olb u 
now field by Mr. Porduo. We are aloe 
of tho opinion, and tbla la by no 
meaaa a novel propooltlo*. dgr It waa 
under dtoeuarton by th« SorWr Com- 
mlsolon. that the pooltlon of Deputy 
Chief, now held by Mr. T. Palmer, la 
unneceaaary and can bo abollahed 
without ontortatelng aay loaa to the 


Tha nhollehirini^ of ihone two of- 
tlcett, he stated, would HaMC %i.20{) a 
ytar. lie was also of the opinion 
that the detective department la 
haaYlly overloaded. He had found 
that oomparod with Vancouver, moro 
than doable Victoria'* population, 
there 1* almost double the number of 
detectives here, though It Is admitted 
by all police ofncers that Victoria, on 
account of ilii location, is a much 
easier city to polli <• than in \ aru-ou- 
ver. It was. thircfme, decide. I by 
hims. If and Mr .North that the de- 
tective force uhouid be reduced, 
thereby saving a further f&.&SO a 
year- Agalnat thla aavlng mus: be 
placed the added coot of the propooed 
morality department and tho added 
incr«iaa« In pay to Mia* Wark. police- 
woman, amounting to a little over 
IS.SfO per year, or a net s'lvln^ ud 
round, ho hold, of about |T,ISS a 

Hulding pii.-^nal iiui.sldcr.i- 
tlons k'^' " -i ^ in pnl'lii Inii ri--«», 
CommisMiiin. r 11. ill a'iiiMMiH.-.| (u> in- 
tention of, at the next nuiiucipal el>.-c- 
tion, again running for the office uf 
commlastoner, thereby giving the 
people the privilege of passing upon 
the policy of blm-^eif .i d Mr. North. 

Fp to the i:ic< lorn 

"If tfie electorate are di.s.sat isfi.->d 
With the actlona of this board they 
have the opportunity of registering 
thoee objeetioBO at the eloetion and. 
If defeated, I ahall bo ploaaed to re- 
tire Therefore move that the office 
of Deputy Chief be abolished." 

this your recommendation?" 
asked .Mayor Porter of Chief Kr\v 

"You Know niy posit ioi' \ n < . I, 
ago 1 waH in >our oftico ami 1 prefer 
that \ou Plate what ni\ pn^ iKin 
as I th»'n Mtated It," replied Chief 

"If the Chief considera tha men he 
has under him are efllelent and 
Hhould be retained I will oupport him. 
If any man In the department has 
any charge against him It i<i only 
British justice that he should hear 
the charge and ha\c opportunity of 
annwerlng ' ll," declared tho Ma.Nor 
nmld cheers from tbe ;-pect itor:<. 

"I still slick to wh.'tl 1 ."aJd. l iii 
: otng to cleam 'em out." a.-'sertcd 
CommUisloner North amid laughter. 
"I want a clean administration. It's 
pretty hard to get it, but there are 
lots of thing* you don't know. In 
rcg.xrd to that dlsmisaal of Perduo 
I want to Include Carlow, Macdonald 
and Sictllano." 

"Well, we had better stick to the 
matter . hof oro US," *ugg**ted the 

"I'm tellin'i > ou what v e're khIm:; 
to do," snapped ( 'otnml8."loner No'tli, 
and the crowd laughed. The Cointnl.- 
.-<loner referred to the recent Tisdal 
charge agatnet h>m*elf and Dr. ilall, 
asserting that case had cost him and 
his confrere 1400, but ho failed 'o 
mention the fact that a house-to- 
house canvass la now being made by 
Nome of his friends to hccure contri- 
butions toward.^ meetlnL ihat .ost. 

"Vou r>"(ip.c Juvt triiMl iiic .iiid be- 
fore I ge' ilonc I'll 'iliow .\viii what 
I'm driving f^ir I'll r'lire'-rnl jou 
and not take money," ejaculated the 
cinnmiaaloner with evident excite- 

No Ooaiplnlau 

Chief l-'ry. lo further que*Uon* 

from the Mayor, made it clear he 
had .ib.solulcly no conipl.iinis to nial%f« 
HK.iin.-^t the I'llieers w ho^<e namex had 
been inentior,ed. He referred to the 
JiLstice of 'us position that any coni- 
pialnts against oflleers on the depart 
ment should be made in writing and 
a proper InvesUgatlon held. "If I 
dismlaaed every tnan on the depart- 
ment and i«ut a new force on. In six 
months' time we would have the same 
street corner gossip and Insinuations," 
declared Ibe Chief. 

"This reaolution means the diKn»i.~- 
sai of the deputy chief," *aid tha 

Ma \ i>r. 

"Nothing of the son ' .i.-yci ti il I ir 
Hall. "We're merely .1 lioll.shlnK t);-) 

"You would be .ibollHhing the of- 
fice and still retain tho man at thu 
aalary. I* that it?" querrled the 
Chief, who said he supposed the de- 
partment could get along without thu 
ofTli-e, but he could not recommend 

i)r Hall <h.«i>red the Chief wa.i 
"hedging. " ami he isserted ".Mr. I'.t!- 
tner will be looked n f 1 1 1" 

«'hief I'almer asacrtcd ihe dcp.irt- 
ment has been In an uproar for a 
long time owing to rumors, but per- 
oonally he would regret to see any 
of the pre*ent members go. He waa 
making no recommondatlon Inviting 

• I move the deputy chlers position 
be abolished." Interjected I 11 Hall, 
and Mr. North's "I second It" did the 

trick over tho objoctlon of Mayor 


Then Dr. Hall moved that the ofDce 
of detective inapoetor be abollahed. 
"And al*o tha( of DeteeUve* Car- 

low, Macdonald and Hicillano. " 
chimed In Commiasloner North. "(;i\-,» 
'em thre-e month's notice and idl 
them to t>e prepnred to move at tho 
end of the year 

t'hief Kr> held there are not too 
many' detectives in view of the fact 
that two shlfta daily are being worked* 
and he explained the worklngn of the 
department. Dr. Hall wanted to 
know why the detectives always wetit 
in eoupioa. Waa It to protect one an- 

"Why Is It Mi.Tf Miss Wark. who Is 
doing as good work ss anv of those 
*detectbes. floes not hare to have 

anyone with her?" asked Dr. Hall, 
and tho erowd ban* Into laugWter and 
Dr. Hall dieeame red in tho face. 

Chlof Fry pointed not that Miss 
Wark'a work was ^'^b wnmen and 
ehlldren. not with crimlnuts. 

Stands tty o<n«-^r 

"I certainly cannot reeommend th»> 

d4smi«snl af r iMpoMor Wrdae." iaid 
the chief. - 

"I won't agree to It. I consider Tn- 
opeetor Ferdu* one of the boat and 
moot edtelont olileer* In f^nada." de- 
clared tho Mayor, snd the crowd, 
loudly ai»plauded thi- statement. 

Put tbe resolution to do sway with 
the nfncf carried with 'be Msyor 
against It 

Then Commtaaloner North moved 
that Deiecttvoa Oartow. Maedonald 
anf aialllaa^ "cot* notleo that tMr 
Umo l» ap at tho *«« or Um year." 

Dr. Hall, in secondli 
called attention to tho 
fore the offlc-ra doparti 

wn..M t'e hrld 

T »Vii" nin asain. If rf>u*r'»t In 
n M«v<»r fnvoeivhlfi in ao op#n town 


II. aaain 
I that bo- 
na stoetlAn 


Store Opens at 9|a.m. and Closes at 6 pm 



Fcaturuig livo ^ try Good f alius /// H'ool Su: caters 

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If you ^nt a commla*lon which will 
i rinK l uck the old regime, then you 
(iin li.iv. It, ' said Dr. Hall, who took 
pains to i xprcMH hiM rcuret at tho 
necesflly if iliHriilM«lnK riifmt>or» of 
the dcpiirt IIP ni . ,i sialom>-rii which 
waa grccloil wiih Jpf-rs ami l.iuKhter. 

"Why IliKuM the ni<n bv «iJili ;ii 
tlon? Haa the Chief any complaJnt 
against them?" Interiected a voice. 

• Tlu election will bo In the nature 
,,f , pi. i.lsciio an«l it win be up to tho 
iilir..nM t.. s.iy Just what they want."' 
i-ulO \n. Hiill. who declared that were 
lu defeated he would be very thank - 

•I ara han<llc-ipp<"il Kunuwhat. 
said the Mayor, 'n any ch.irnes have 
been brought against these men I 
havs never heard them. I have no 
Welfare T.eagiie ^or ClUsene' lisague 
wi rkiiie for iii'^. getUng Information. 
If ttjei . i.H ;o>yihlng sganfst thewe men 
I want Kti.iw iV Til troat llif>m in 
this manner in miuM.v < . .m < m pt IMc.'' 

Dr. Ilall af'-frtr-il that i?i Ih" i<:'-^' 
roUce Commlasion meetings hart not 
been pubUc and the men had not re- 
ceived fair treatment, a statement 
which brought f«>rth rtbjectlona from 

the crowd 

Home Work Done 
' .Tuiit a minute. * Interjected Com 
missloner North. "They gave T^nK- 
\ry 15*0, but wa diiR that up Th' y 
itave a detective an extra month's 

Mr. Korth got Into an alUrcaUon 
with s spectator aoated in tho prloon- 

rr- <\r>'-V. .Tiid frcnuent InierrupMonM 
from tho audlcnrr- crcst^il wome ullr. 
Th»> North sn ptifrtTo <1oinanded th«» 
Jntrrriiptrr !>houM hf ttvmwn nut. 
whll"" thr other Hide demanded thst 
the Commissioner should '»hiit up" 
and In the meanOme the Ccmmls 
sinner and Me eritio w*r» alaaglng one 
sn other, the lattor ealhiK tho Com- 
mlwKloner "a rnt." 

fommls»loner North was aparewtly 
wToiicht tip. He tu^erted he wan after 
Momethinc f«r the it#>od of the people, 
hot the latter did n«t ,Tpp*sr »o ap- 
preciate his eltorta. flut perhaps, if 
he would take money the peopif 
might 1lk# blNi better, hft •ncaoated. 
He wouM he wlMng to atoip down and 
nut affer th» next election If Sr. HbH 
wer«« eirrted. he saW. 

•Totra ao down all right," «an( o«t 
A voire froTn the rear. 

Mr. N^h derlsred he 

thi catr nca, that It had been saia thai, 
If the element against him could nut 
burn up the ballot boxe*. they would 
"load' me up with cocaine, and If I 
went to Heattlo they wouM have me 
pinched there, and maybe I would get 
three or four inonthB for It." 

"I'm n(» church member, l>ui I 
want honesty and Justice. Uy <iod I 
believe in Cod, I want to rcpreaent 
you folks and fight for the kid*. I'm 
apeaklng from the bottom of my 
heart, and I am aurprlsed at the atti- 
tude of some of you here, and I am 
Korry f<ir It "' 

Reiativo tu the charge that prevtoua 
noarda had held .secret meetings. 
Mayor Porter declared h« had licen a 
member of tho Board for number of 
year* and he desired to aay most em- 
phatlcaHy more secret meetings 
hsvc. been hrM this \ r-<\r than a»or 

were held in iire\loii» >o.-)rK 


books, reading 
Til Fort atroot 

P— CO Moose Tennln Club, K. of 
P. HslI, NorMi I'arU .«»lr»i «, lorn 
row. Heptrniber 'J 1 , !» ti» It. PorriT'S 
orchestra. Admission GOe. 

Pr. Oao. C t. WaBiig. P— U*t. haa 
moved hi* oflloo from tho Aroado 
Building to Union Rank BalMlaiL 

lloom Sll. Phone 7195. 

Haporauoua Hair Permanently fJe* 
stroyed. Moles Ruceessfully Itemovatf 
— •clentiao. antiaepti*. aafo; abaolalo 
cure guarantood. f4 yoari^ praotloal 

experience. MIsm HanOMn (oertlfl- 
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tho (■.■•nn'JI;tn .N'sllopnl RailWMy to 
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dcM Ma work. Ita at aU daal 


Apply phone 4S7JT 

HrTcn-l'SMtrngrr .Mci|.«aghUa car 
for htro. Mr*. K. aehwaagora Phoae 


studcbaker T oo ring fBIg . S) for 
hire, moderate ratee. Mra. Charlea- 
worth. phone SSSS. 

AMo for HIra atadobaker tot^rlng. 
Toml* m oaoraWc Un,Jt^Sttmim- ] 
worth. Pboao TMt: ' 

perp ObVO Laum li and r.oat Her- 
vlo* to tho lalandK. Crane a pop 
ham. Flmo Mdnoy SSW. or Chalot 

latl Orrrtand for HIrr. »i r.o t>#^r • 
hour. U. Llewellyn Udwards. phone 


tYr, .ri.i ^fi.r <^ptmibcf 1 the Ceo- 

imi ' ' i>«a ad. T a>sp. la f 

mr ri\TT,Y roi ovist, victoria, b.c. \veunesi>av >i-.!'Ti-.Mr.i:j^ 21. 1021 

Survive Kound 



Ponicb Perform 

in beab. of Mud 





Wlirthcr you 
hunt, fish or 
work in tli< 
u p e a t h I 4 
Wiittcf, you'll 
need a tiickcr 
• <>:<t Such a ^ivcs the 

iitinosl pro- 
irrtint) ;if the 
lowest |>OSti> 

blc price. 

Racers Cover Track 
In Adverse Weather 

Three Thousand Fans AVatch Horses Go Through 
their Paces in Sea of Mud and Rain- 
Events Arc Keenly Contested— Thurs- 
day Is Derby Day 

Prices Are Lower This Season 

Jacket!*, black, fruiu 
Coats, from — 

Bicycle Capcti, from 
Flats, from 

Law of Survival of Fittest Pio- 
vails in First Round of Can- 
adian Women's Champion- 
ship Games 

TAWA. Kopi. :;o Tlif 1.1W of tlif Bur- 

vlvill of llio (lltfwt prov:iil(<l In the 
tJrHt roiiin) for Iho ranadlan woiiuin's 
folC chainpionahlp today, ili<> favor- 
lUs ellminatlnK weaker conirst;iiit.s 
mMtbr bjr decisive iicoree. All tho rn- 
tnuitl from the British Iffleit came 
through aafely, MIm Cecil Leltch, tho 
Britiah champion, diapoaUiy of lira. 
Hop* Olbaon. Hamilton. • and 4. 
frhlle her alater. UIm Edith L«Ueh. 
. lUnm itf.l Mra. F. Ahrrn, Royal, Ot- 
i.iwa. I and 2. MIs.s Doile Chambem 
tirxl Mi-^" iNisw.iiili tho other Invad- 
f-rn from aiios.-i the AtUntic. won 
'.h.elr gumr« 

Mlaa Ada M h Urtixic of 'Joronlo. 
fornar Canadian < h.uupion. had an 
May ttma with Mra. J. 8. Kldd, Royal, 
Otuwa, winnlav the mateh at tlia 
tenth hole. 

MlaH Alexia Btlrlinv. of Atlanta, 
tia . present holder or the Canadian 
nnd I nltPd States titlee. found Mr«. 
B. While. T!'>viil. ilontreal. a ton 
liCiOllH oppoiK'iil, anil It TVfiS not Until 

the 171 h »H.if I hi. I till' Aratrlcan 
SOlflnc ace won the ntutcli. 

Igiaa Ada McKensie. Toronto. I>( ,>t 
Mra. J. B. Kldd. Ottawa, • and S. 
Mlaa Emily. Toronto, boat Mlaa Codl- 
lillo. Koyal. Ottawa,' i and il. 

Mlim Edith Iveltoh, Great BriUln. 
beat Mm. F Ahrrn. Ottawa. 3 and 2. 

MrM. J. KIdeout. Lambton. beat 
Mre. H. nthey. Ot Uwa. 2 up. 


Mtna M. M. Hrldr, Hei 
Itciit Mm. lliiniiltou irwin. Montreal. 
4 an<l :i. 

.MlM K. Koberiaon. Ueaconbfleld. Mra. C. C. Mltohall. Algonquin, 

0 and i. 

MInh Martha Allan, Mount Bruno. Mifa Masel Kanaody. Meatraai, 

aud 1. 

Mins Aloxla Sllrllnff. Atlanta, beat 
Mth. White, Montreal. <l and 1. 

Misu J. llutton. Toronto, beat Mias 
Holon I'aKet, otuiwa. hy dofault. 

Mian iJorlM Chambers. Great Brit- 
ain, heat IClaa J. Maaten, TeroRto, 
9 and 8. 

Mlaa Cecil Leltch. Britain, 
beat Mra. Hope Qlbson, Hamilton, 
f and 4. 

Mlaa Bosworth. Great Britain, beat 
Misa A. McCartney. Grandmore, 9 

and S. 

Miaa Sydney Pepler, Toronto, boat 
Mlaa B. B. Attld. Halifax, B and S. 

. TO li\yiAiVi IM 

Cleveland Holds Lead Over 
New York Giants by Two 
Points Through Detroit De- 
feating New Yorl< 

.NKW YOUK. .sopi :fi I irxi place 
in Ihr Anierlraii I.o.irixi appears to 
be H.S (lifJIrult to hol<i n/t a grca.Hod piK 
It ha.t ( hanK^ fro«juently in the la.-'t 
few days, but today tho ricvelan'l 
Indians ocaupy it. holding U by a 
count of two polnta oyer New York. 
Cleveland, though Idle yaaterd«y, took 
possession of the coveted poattian 
when Detroit defeated New York In 
n irame in whl< h seven pltohera ware 
\iKert — four hv the losefM and three by 

tho wlnnoi- Tlio Tk'ors scotad Olght 
runs In tlio oi>;hili 

Thro^ jin-l h.ilf pumes was the 
margin l<> which tho .Nr w Torlc Na- 
tionals lopped I'll isbiii i; tmlay de- 
fipite the leaders" defeat by the run- 
i ners-up yeuterday. 

Kour hits, one a double and another 
a triple, in Ave times at bat, was the 
day's work performed by Third Base- 
man Boeckel. of the Boston Braves. 

Tho St l.nula Nationals made it 
four KiraiBht'victoriea over Philadel- 
phia yaa tarday^ 

Can tnnd Mon^y for B<>t(ln(t 
L.ONDON. Sept. 20.— The brother- 
hood >«Anference In Uvarpool aadly 

reflected over the nawa thst in ono 

I.iinr;if»hlre town of S9.000 InMbl- 

lants, ,,t wliom 4.000 i^ere receiving 
poor relief. .^O.OOn football betllnR 
<■' iipoHH are hoinfc rirrulated weelvly. 

U. If ill.; uiiil. r Iho nio:.! ailvomc 
woathor rondltlonn of tho »'ntlro rea- 
son, the Ihorourhbroflu wont tlirc'Uj:h 
their paces yesterday ut th'- Wtiiowa 
la a "aea of mud" in a manner that 
waa a revelation to the three thou- 
sand fana in attendance. Coadltlona 
at tho surt Of the matinee were ul> 
inosi porfeet for fast •raclnir. but Just 
botoro ihojioll ra njf c.tllln;? tho horse?! 
to tho po.^.1 fur t)io Ho<'c>T\il lioat. rain 
coni niotx-i'il lo f.ill, and from thoji on 
until the ttnit>h the ponies r.tie forced 
to perform In a ataady downpour. 

Deapite the heavy rain, however, 
the various events were keenly con- 
toKiod and few reversal of form 
\v. re In fvidence. The rfth race on 
U.. 1 iril jiruiliii od \\ hat w .\n probably 
'ho moM thrilllnir finl" 'i of il o «ork 
it' \ low . Loo KnflolJ aii<t i.!oiiji'- Itove ) 
lla.'^hlrig under tho wir." 'ok. iiior. 
nosos apart. Tlio l.ilfr sfrppod in 
the front at the break from the bar- 
rier and led right up until within a 
length of the poal, when Lae Enfield 
«ot hie head in fronr. The favorite. 
Uevlew, came with • terrl .<• holatod 
niHh. and under Hfroniy uriritit; by .ip- 

dict in tlie latit stride. 

Cancion waa established a w.-imi 
favorite lii the opening heat and 
mad^ eveiS' liosf k WfHfl«t- ftffalnrit 

Kddlo Trantor and'.MInoral .lini. 

(inc of tho two .surprtse.s on th'' 
card was in tlio .'-rcopil, w hoi> l».ii>-y 
N outfitted the f.avorltc, fover lunia. 
apd rcn'arded her support(!rs to tiv 
extent of nloe to one. Junta closed 
with a ruah, but ahe waa unable to 
get clooe enough to tha favorite to 
ereate murh excitemfnt. Minstrel 
wa.s Kl^en iho "liow. 

StanloN- II . wlio ran a fino r.iro 
Monday, was ostublixhcd a prohll>itive 
choice in the Totalixer right at the 
start of tho betting, and fully Justi- 
fied tha oonfldenoa placed in him by 
his supporters by wlnnlngr in a gaMop 
by four lengths from Gray's Favorite 
and Little .lake. The real contest In 
this luco w aH for tho place, tho formor 
only winning by a bhort head frcjm the 
Leyel entry. 

TlUetaon upaat tha dope in tha 
fourth when he broke In front with 
Johnny Muleahy In the aaddle and 
set the pace tilt entire dlatance. Lola, 
second choico In tho bcttinp, waa 
noxt Iho post, with Hovo third, 
and the stroPK puMic cholio, Choir- 
ma.stor, oiitsldo the money. The fa- 
vorite failed to <llHplay any class at 
any stage of the race, and was never a 
strong oontandar. Tlllotaoa paid T 
to 1. 

Roy t«wo rede his fim winners 

of the present meeting In the sixth 
and eeventh cventii, when he antiexed 
tln' pn rni' r prizes wUli Miss So<lulla 
nuil l.>oikhan<l ito tool< .Mi^H Se- 
dali.i lo tho front rlKhl at th" Bate | 
In the nixtli, and iiovor had to ox- 
tend h<r to defeat York«iio and 
liaby Cat. The latter closed with a 
rush and obtained the place from 
the favorite, Tork Laaaie, but ahe 
Was easily three lengths behind 

Ivowe Ka\e Declchand strontr xup- 
poi I 111 tho do.sini; ovont, and aflt r 
holilin;; cff the paio for the Rreater 
pari "f Ih' .)'>ijrn('\, ho allow od 
mount to take the lead at the back 
stretch, end phoweti tiio way from 
there on. Ruth Ilarrlgan ran her 
race and had no excuaes. Shenan- 
doah was third. 

Presiding Judge Herb Kullerton 
announced Ja^l ivonins; that Derb> 
Uay al tho track will be Thursday. 
A special effort in liomc made to ar- 
range an iill-star programme for the 


KIrM Hare 
Horse Show Claiminc Purse, ti>00. 

for .t-year-oida and upward, about 

fl\e fiirlonps: , 


Stock Show dalaslng Purse, «aQO, 
for s-year«olda aad upward, about 

five furlonsa: , 
f41S)Vollma ^114 

436 Foenian 114 

420 Mex 114 

43 4 l»al^y .\ 114 

379 IJuc Do (;uisn 114 

4:14 Conichon flOR 

43« .Maid of Ansel 114 

404 Olive D 114 

494 flquaah tlOt 

43S Gretna Green 147 

Third Race 

Auto Shqw Claiming Puraa. 1504, 
for 3-year-olda aad upward, about 

fi\e furlongs: ' 

•ill I -It tie Abe 1 M 

.117 Murlel .s Pet 114 

4.3.". Uabytilri 114 

4:0 ilanover'a Topaa 114 

•117 Mistake tl09 

:;28 Al Wick tio9 

240 Perfect Day flOl 

404 Salpt Pierre 108 

391 Golden Flight tlo.S 

399 Letty Reo tl03 

k\Mmh HaeT 
Oak Ray Handicap Purae. STOO. 
and silver cup to owner of winner. 

resented by Mr fohn \irtw-. for 
3-year-olds .ind upward, otio nill<' 
and ono N j \ 1 nt h : 

4L'I .laKc S. ha^ *12* 

(4ll)aa^ao Boy *ii ' 

44S PHaaa XHroat Xl» 

401 Gordon Roharta 14t 

424 Bhort Stop i. !•> 

440 Naabouh 

* 4IS Tokalon March IM 

*J. A. ParaoDs' entry. 

ftflll ~ ' 
Flower Show Purse, 1600, for S- 
ycar-oldn. about five furlongs: 

4;t.'i Little Pointer 

4il <»ld Kight 11:' 

( 409 tKllH ^ Waldo IIS 

424 Full Moon 113 

4tt Figuration no 

411 Auat Anala 147 

4l< Tartnklra KaUah i«i 

Hsth IfaMe 
Baby Show OlataUnv Purse. |600. 
for 4-yaar-olda aad upward, alx fur- 

(4S4)Kitty Cheatham 114 

430 Thrills tl4 

428 Cafeterte. 114 

41 1 «'lear i.,ake 114 

437 lie view tlM 

4S4 Choir . ■ ..tlH 

Sevcutlt Ilaoe 
Exhibitors Claiming Purse. |tO«, 

for 4 year-ot(\f and upward, oua mile 

and hc\entv yards: 

A■^>^ < .nniiia Mullar ^ < 

4:i)> (lift IK 

426 Hubbub 109 

4SI Bab^ Cal ,....tl09 

308 BrmiUna '.tl09 

(48S)Calcary Lad 107 

480 Deckhand tl44 

481 RuthHarrlmin tl04 

tApprentlce aIlo«'«nce claimed. 



AU-Canada Tram llokls lis Own 
Agalaai Yaakcq Otakotrni la 

Meet Us at the Auto Show 
-and We'll Show You How 
It's Pone 

Dougias St. at Bro«thton (New Otto Wctlci Building) 
TELEPHONES: Office, 6S9; Batttrr Dept.. 669; Night Phone. M 

, tiir . ik IuhIoii of toda y's play in the 
I annual erb Ret oonteat between Can- 
I Mda and th" I'lilted State;*, the All- 
rhlladolphia team scored 198 ruu-* 

4 3 3 


......*. lit 


Toniin\ W. , , . 

........ 114 


May I >awn . . , . 

........ 114 


Von Lady . . . . 

.....a.. 114 


Call Me v> 



Tou Bet 



Plreball II. . . . 



Dixie Mason . . 

; . . 108 


Chattan Court 



Afternhlle . . . 





Cut Brier 

horelbbacco for the Money 


Packa^s 15^ 


Colonist Daily Form Chart 

si.'vrtr.J.. .1 \irlor. II. (. Hot; 11. U. PHUMlea. It. I I "Kl.l"n 
W illo*„ r^rl., \ loterit, D.U., Tucs., 8cpt. 20,1981. 8»4 I>«.v. M>»thcj- raiinrie. track .slopi.* 
I'mi'linc .l\i<igr, H. M. rsllsilsa .^NN»•'Ut^ Juilsr, R. K. t'ichlnn 

.s:(»rtrr, J.imm l>onoT«n lUi ing Sis rrUrT, J. S. Kolhrrt 

mtST RA( K .MH)ut H\e ( urloiiKf. \ lolrt ( Uiminj. 

"unl. Ncl <»luf lo W 

IjiJ" X Itorve ami Ownrr 

4^1) ( Ut.i ion, 4 (KHshoS)"' 
4-11 f:.Mi.' Trsoler, 5 (JApaiMDl) 
:i»<4 MiiirralJim. a (KMr.«*el) 
38 8 Kio, e (IxttusSUble) 
4tS Lantwn. • (OlaooaBsrher) 
4t0 Chrome. 4 (JRBainboth) 
42S Dootor ]^wn\ry, f> ( SKVarias) 
934 t'offrr .tolin, .) ( MUunica) 
484 TiiN< »n, a ( .lUm kriitif ) 
41!» Miiv Ihmii. fl ( WK.Shnnnori) 

1 ()« 1! 






•a !• 

si 2* 
1* »• 

9» 4» 

as 71 

4' 4* 


10 10 
7« 5» 






1 1) 


ThnT 1 rAT ol 
Ih $40, ..Ih 1- 

S>i Williams 
SI RHnuiU 
4* Owon 
ft.) MrOowa 
«-i Milry 
7" .'^Smlth 
h'' llikrr 

1 n W rbcr 

U and up 

... eth %••() 

Oil.ln ith 
40 40 

p:> 00 


2I .f '. 

At poat 6 imn Off at 2.511. Time JS 1-6. 812 6, 69 S .'.. |2 muttiela |wiiJ Csm ion 
atnilght 98..-I.S, plare 99.60, show 92.26. TrtnUr place 93.46. abow 92.60. Jim ahew 
92.86. Winoer b f by U*ciicli-R«aa. Trained by K. II. Nhort. HUndlnf start good. 
»on driTing. second aj«d tliini a*m». Winner entered lor »200. No rlaim Canoion took 

toad going to firat turn, went VC17 wkle, but waa hard ridden and then ramr extremely 
wide OB ta* tan for hooM, bad «M«gh left to stall off £<UU« TruUr. Tb* latter bugged 
raU lbs satiie w^r. MiMval /ha «as ths etassst ia parsslt el Um belsaoe. 

— SECOND BACK. About PlM riftl«i«4. Dahlia Olaiiniag. Tbres ytsr olda and 


upward. Ifet value to 

llorne j.n't iirr 


.184 Halny N., 4 (CM. C a.slin) 

4 '.2 7 Clover Junta, 4 (URipler) 

."7H IMinatral. a ffTonpcniahHUbto) 

4 III l ov Along. « (FRIXiyie) 

I 07 ) li,K Smoke, a (CbDielierMa) 

417 Mabel R .« (ReiCooper) 

4 19 KofTie Klvrr, a ( t Wilaon ) 

•.!.><< Hunker Mean. 5 (t'KDrCKawell » 

At poat 5 mln. Off at 3 24. Time 

f 8SS. Sad f 114, Srd 946. 4tb 8«0, 6tb OtS, 6th 9*0 

Odd* alh 



1 4 85 
070 00 




Kill. Jookejr 



.. 1' 



1>k Mri:wen 



.. 9» 



2* MmaU 






8« Ifllay 



! '. 7« 



411 Neal 

1 1 4 


. . 4" 



6) CUroaa 

1 1 4 


. . 6' 


6» HCooper 

1 1 4 


. . «<i 61 


7'i Baker 

1 1 4 


. . 8 



8 Mrt'ewn 

61 1 

.'•9 4-6. $i miilurlK naid I>ai>v ulrtighl. 

$18. 4&, plare $4.45, ahow $ .luuia place $1,76, show $2.80. Miiiatrel abow f.S.o:. 
Winner cb f by l»eutarhland l.aura K. Trained by (;. Mo<-aalin. Hcratcbcd (426) Kthel 
114, 410 Dinna Faah 102. Standing dart (rood, wou driving, aaeosd aame, tbirA raaily. 
Wisaov antcradk for 9200. No olaim limiiv N. cot into har atrida quicliljr aa4 aagMd 
tha rail all the way. Clover Junla ikom I up atrong the la«t eiffhtk. Mtowtrtl ia eHSa 
quartera on the far l^fn. Toj Akuiic hfl'' lb' remainder aale. 

THIRI) RAt'K. About lp'4*« Kurlorc" t'amation ('laiminu Three jrar olda 
ami upward. Net valsstOlrtanir fa'iO, aeeond $100, third »,.0 

~Ho-^.- and Owner y>} J^t '« "4 % Mr. I in. 

1 (i« :< ' 

114 2 

lis 1 

111 6 

103 4 

104 6 



4:11 .SUnlrv H , a (Oreum) 
400 Oray'a KavoriU, a (UENawton) 
4 28 Uttle ,Iake, a (KMbeval) 
(4l«)«'nni>-hon. .> (WCOtbaon) 
4'.'.T I.ittip I'ointrr. n ( 7:KMi liregor) 
4.11 Killarnev Helle, a (JMaoktnale) 

1«| 1« )• 14 I lium 
6«i t»l t'l 2"' Rellig 
9* S'l S*t 9* Rflmall 
6 4| 6* 4<|Carea 
S* 6* }■ 4* Milib 
4* • 4 « Naal 

lo' key Odd* at h 




At poat 2'j mln. Off at 4.08. Time ••.>. 60 2 5, S9 1 92 mutuela paid (iUnlry atraight 
»:t.lo, plare 9'i.OO, nVrw 92.30. Kavorlte plare 93.80, ahow $-.!.0S. Jake ahow ♦•• ..'.o. 
Winner b g by I'lanude* Variant. Trainrd bi 1; V Mum Sml-h'-.l 4'n l'i»l.h'ir({ 111. 
f.i«4) Itaby Olrl III. Standing hUrt g<"^\, von .. .11,1 dririnc. thn.l; 

W iniirr rtitpre<l fur 9.M>0 No ' Ulni stanby li. laiind the Lrark to hia iiking <vben the 
r.iin r<<l| harl. making the trark muddy, he won with esae* flray'a Favorfte raeed tba 
nrare»i to winner »hro«^||h..ul, and jiift did laat lo oulatay Mtfle Jalfe. The latter went 
"id.; (.11 lum.. U,ni<t a i»'t of grnuod, and liniahed fai.t. Conl<h<m rared «ell In the goMij 

Marigold f'laiming. Three year olds and 
Nrl vatire to w|a««f 9330. aaoond $100, third |40. 

4*>G ^ Forlooga 

iipw ar.1 

fndec Horae artd Owner 

4S8 Titlotaoti. a (7.RMo<iregor) 

404 Ii0la,B (JHlfeOaniel) 

414 Beve, 6 (OCaroreii) 

4:: 7 Vald of Anael. 6 (RMcCowa) 
14 14 )C b<iir Maatar, • (AKem) 

110 I'lunrer, a (TateftRltarh) 

4 iH Royal Iriah. 8 (MaillandaMf knnr) 10 

4JII loeman, a ( I' AKobrrla ) 

371 lYoapero'aBaby, a (gJl«>pcr) 



% 'i 


l_str. .looltaji 




. . !• 


1« I'i Mulrahy 


1 1 2 



••• ?:■ Weber 




. . :«', 

.■ * ll-lntir. 

1 0 :,<) 

1 14 


. . 1' 

4' 4" Mrdjao 




.. «'k 


A* b* Wil«MI 




.. 4«l 


9 9* C4Jraar 




. . 9 


8* 7* NmI 


1 1 H 


. . 6« 


A* 8« Ktiirpitjr 




.. 64 


7'1 » Froat ^ 


At seat 4 min. Off at 4.44k. Time ft, 61 4 .s. 1 
914.66, plare 96.8f>. fchow $1 «0 

in. $1 mulueU paid Tillot*on atraight 
I..!.. )d.ire tiOn. ahow $:!»0. Ilevo nhow $4.80. 
Wilieer l>r g by Maria ^anu llln. ' lUni '-r I raiiie.1 |l^ /. K M<.<;regor. ral< hed 4?; 
Mannikin II. lit. htanding alart bad, won eaaily, acood and third aamr. NMiinar entared 
tor $';oo. \o rlaim. Tillotaon awsf to a laat heaali and the golna aaited Mm, ofrtiad 
up a big gap. winning eaaily sl 6ad. Lola earn* stoetir the laat dtteegtli. Rev* boat 
tba etkars elf. Cbeir Maatar s peer sfcswtng te tba bM.el gelag tbat ba has ; 
raead walL 

4»»~' HI' 111 RAi l" vii KurlonjK. Vtnrir* CU'tait j Thffe ySOr eUo I 
O I valiia lo.winnrr t36<i. awond 8100. thir.l $;.0. 


( ? 1 
4 no 

^iior*e .nd Owner Wt ht._'t ' > ''i Mr 

ReT(e»,"4 fStrit'AVtientine) t09 1 ,. 8" 4* S'J ► nfiebl, ;. I !• KI>o> I.- ( 108 S .. 4* 8' 2'i 

(rfddie Koae, 4 (JAI-rilrhard) J 13 9 .. l»ll» l» 

Huch<it«n,0 (TVartia) 114 4 .. 4'lr 64 

Vodka. 0 (Cailatthraa) 14» 4 . . t> tk 4* 

».a(raWhHe) 110 4 .. f 7 7 

9(L(»>hea») 114 7 .. 4* 4| 4< 

Kin .lorkev 



O.Mf ath 
1 I 

92 Mtrtuela paid B4«lrw 
•now 92.70. Roaa alMw 

At poat k mi»< Off at 6.90». Tima 18. .\0 4-6, 1.19 9 \ 
•traicM 94.30, plare 99.»e. ahow 92 40. Knfiaid plare 94.66. 

$1.90. Winner h R !•> I>e<)l vhlan.t \ll <• (Nrv TraliK^I ii> t. T. ijtrite Standing «tart 

1^0^^ wan driving. oTvl *anir. third raai ' Htnn. r rTiier.*'! for •.'.00 *(,, riairn 
Review lay up with the a«-ond diviaion. and under arging m<Tx" 'i- I ramely, fialakti 

»er« tbalaadiw dowa the laat buedrod rsttfe. bss MM'i i.»«Billd 

Row tlrtd aa if abort the laat part. Te4ks wetTap la the .gaa. 


oMa asd iipwanl. 


694 WasMpaTa (Aliaad) , 
(494)MNT CaL.a (8trl«earalaatiBa) 

t406)YoTk iMmir. 4 rTCnaW) 
499 li'ft. a ( r\ .»( I 
401 (TamllU Mullcr. a (t-HrCown) 
408 Misa W*lla,a (BTZowwalt) 
427 WetMi. 6 (Tataaaitach) 

and fhie Sixteenth, fieranium < 
Nat value lo winner 93AO. •'•nnd ll"0. 

Wtf SL >» , ••» -^ir I . 

" 1 



1 1 •• 
I I 4 
I I I 

1'k 1» 
4* 4« 

,1 J.J 






Ihir.t $ . 

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M' 1 ..» ' 

(»d<1a atk 


• « .'.0 

At paat 2 min Oft at 6.89. TUa9.X4. 4K.-I.tO ^i, 1.48. l.M 2 3. 91 SMrtaate psM 
MaUa atraight 97.90, plaoa 91.4». ♦*-«0. iii plare 9S .how 9* l£mt» 

99.19. Wtsacr b » by Basnoekbom HuU. Traiiw-1 by i H.d i Sm,hUiib ••eH 
, wan eoally, aaewad aad third aasia. Wumer enterrd t'<r f3oo^ \„ > la 
<»t revelled in th'- .inp. aad 8l9s feslntBt all Swiw tba ■■Ming Babf OBI i 
the i»t right h, asfi aaliaMi Leaae. Tbe laltar i 
Mt of ground. 


«v>Htiag MaH 

a.«. lallMl 

up (aa* 



nt'U and 

4 -'.^ 




llnr«e and <>wnrr 

r>erkha»d, a (X had) 
Rath llarTiaan, 4 

e« 4 

Hbiaindoati. 4 (RgTawa— n6) 
HaiMner'a Topaa, 6 (Jl.rwSl) 
MtchtT I 'ver. 4 frlJR^rr " 
1.(1 .1 I M M • It 

l»r Saniurl, a (lateaRita^) 

Al poat I mi a. ifll at « 4n Ttme 23 13. li. ll»l-8 
paid I>a<khaad atralghl $4 7r.. plaee 92. 4S. abew 91.66. I 
MbenaadMh abow $1*3 W Immt b a br Joa Cmm-M 
iiceatehod 419 tiac 106. 411 VIeMry Vaa 96. 499 OMi 





laa te, 499 ^ 

iaa4 p((*«l Wfla m%m tmtf. a«4 bad •a«eMI at flek*. R.U r.m 
akMaasak aade smee Mke taoh sMOrfk hat iM. MaMHl 4M ast Mb* tba 

Mile aed aa««ty Tar«a. OhtyaaMha 

J(et valve to wlnnw 9969. aitasO I 

"~ Wl jit. * i % m. 

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4« 4» 

? 7 i* 

8 ]< l<k 2^ 

6 6> 6' e* 

8 9* ai 6* a* 

7 6» 7 7 7 




A Willio, UtL 

This is an exceptionally high-fimde 
tiN in oircrslse' 32 x Syi, Tht 
regular price ia $25.50. 

TttbM, atze 52 x Zyi, Reg. $3.55. 

aatomobUa lUMWTooau. 73P Tort Rt. 



for their fira t Innlnps, while the Can- 
adlsns had »• • unuiiateil 107 run* for 

fixi- wl( Kith h« 11 ;lijni|>.' w < I e ilrtiwn. 

riay w ill bo reauinvd tomorrow. 

The All-Caaada suiA All- Philadel- 
phia cricket taaun wero..^ matched to- 
day In tha forty-fifth annua 1 conte^^ 
between Canada and the Ul^ted 
Hiatea. The Canadians selected from 

the bei>t ("iloK.- and elub teantH In tho 
Kastorn I'.iii I'f tho Dominion, pliiy 
toilaj anil tniiiiiriiiw at thi! I'liiliulol- 
phia frii ket Cluh aguiliMt a team with 
virtually the same llne-up an that 
which toured England recently. 

Of tho fortjr-foar pravloua matohen 
between the two countries, the United 
States has won 1'7, t^anada 14, and 
three wcro di.iwn Tho firHt ^vas 
played In liii, and was won by 

Residence Rooms 

for Young Men 

1 iwv Mifi^ 

Qcaa, comfortably ftuniabe4 
rooBM laay be secured in tha 
large, claaerfal buildinf ol tba 

T««iif Men's CkMum 

Cor. View am! B.anshard Sta. 

SHOWER BATHS, with hot 
and cold water are coa na lw i tly 

l^ated on each floor. 

ta.OO ami f-4.00 ,,rr work. 

Young turn away fimn home 
will find it very ad vant»^eoua 
lo oaake the Y.M.C.A. Buildiag 
their hcad^aartcro. 

Judftc Suggests Inquiry into 
Carpentiei - Drmpsey Bout 
I ast July to DeleiTriine if It 
Was Crmiuial 

JKRSSr CITT. Sept. 20.— An iii- 
vestigatioa of the Carpentler-Dcnip- 
sey flght waa auggeatad to tha Hud- 
son County Grand Jury today by 

.Judge Swayzie. He it.skrd th4> Jury lo 
Oeterniino whether :t wii.'s .a boxioK 
exhibition under the nieunlng of Iho 
state law providing for such enter- 
tainment or a prise Aght which would 
sugject paurtlcipaata and apeclatore 
to proaeeutloa for eoaaaaittliig a mU- 

"The law chnnot be evaded by mere 
nanicH." .•^.lij JiirtKo Kwayse^, "ami. if. 
ill f.'iC't. tho eonttst of July 2 whh .i 
flKht and if It was only eallo.l ;i hux- 
ing or sparring match in name, tliai 
would not change ita eeeentlal chur- 
iicter ar a crime." 

"If you think It waa a light." ho 
told the Jury. "Indirt the prlnelpain 
and thoir fnanagera, especially air 
who hid a peouBlary Intereec la the 

contrsi " 



n. u. 

7 It 


At Portland : 
flan Franelaco 
I'ortland C XI 0 

liattories — dcott and Yella: Plum- 
nior, K. «cott and FIsher. 

At Han Franciace: H. II. K 

Kneraineato •••• ' 4 0 

Oaliland ..j... 8 14 2 

Battarlea — Pennar. 0hea. KMiaus 
aad Cook, KlUott; Arlett and Itead. 

At Angolaa: R. H. E. 

.Salt l>(ilve «.«•• It It I 

\'rrnon 4 14 2 

Ustterler ■ n/, Kolgr-r and 

Rdwsrdii; Mi'.ia», I.o\e. t'romi and 
Murph) . 

(Only three games played). 

.^HMvlcaa Aaaoc<latlea 

Milwaukee 4, Toledo 0. 
MInnrapolis 4, L.«iiil'<\ llle '. 
(Only two gamea t.^layi. 

H. £. 
7 1 
4 4 



1 1 



Aiuerloaa lieague 

At Phlladelphht: R. 

Ft. l»i]is I 

rhllnrtelphla • • • • 

Hattorien HhooUer 
Rummeli nnd Perkins, 

At Hodton: 

UOSCOB . . . . . . .... ------- 

BatMiaa — U|ile. *Bagbr aad 
O'Neill: Ponaoek. Jtoaea aa« Walfera. 
At New Tarfc: It- M. & 

Detroit * *- • 

New Tork < ' I 

natioriex <'ole, Moiling and 
»), M .rpor ar>d 8ehaag.. 

At washlngtaa: n. II K 

• 4f 4% 
. , . . ^ - - - 

W|kpl||i;ftoii a t 1^ S 


New DriU HAU, Bay and Douglas 


Under the au.^piren of the Fifth 

(.Staged by tiic Vcterana of 

ft C T.iRhl « I ifflil ('li.'irnpionnliip 

'II ! • , i . ■ • 



Pacific Coast Welterweight Cham- 
pionahip, 10 Rouiidf 

JOHNNY MORGAN, Lsdyamith. 

SOI niFR WOODS, Seattle 

; I'l 1 Ml livcnt, 6 Kound/ 


4 Ronads Preliminary 

XIO BRADY, VancMrar 

lifKirn open at 7 .".0 p m. Kiral bout 
romineneoH at .iO p m Ulnj^l'le. 
I? SO. rtrHorvo.! ,.e«i,.. 9'J 0(( i(i,<| 
1 1 Ml (iineral H<lml».Hlof». 73 renin 
'llrlo tn ran Im had al Two .la. K«, 
Mi'tropulla Itlllla'M Itouinn, Kt. Jainea 
Motel. I.,evy'« t'isar Hlore, Tstaa 
Htrect. and the Veirrana of Fraaee 
(^ubraoaui, telephone itte, 
Klfth ••stment Band ia attandaaea. 

Ua(terlea~ICerr. nuaaell, Wilkin- 
fuu 11 ml HclMlfc, Yatraa; Baehary aad 





At (*lnelanaU: ft. If. K, 

I'hlladelpMa 6 14 A 

ClndnnaM l 7 

ft.'i tier tea A\'in;'r'4 .itid BrUggyj 
llar<|uard and Margrave. 

At Chicago: R. H. i:. 

New York • 19 I 

Chicago 7 19 e 

Batterlea — Barnea. Mhaa. Halleo, 
.Nehf and Bnnlth; Aleiander, Oieeraa 
and Klllifer, O'Parrell. 

At Rt. Ix>ols: It M R 

Btwton 7 1^1 1 

Ht I/»uls 9 !'• I 

|irtitorloi»-~» loaehser. >foran nnd 
<> .Neill, Hherdtll. North, I'ertK-e and 
ciinnofia. Akiamitli. • 



PITTBBUflUU. Pa^ Bapt 2e.— Tha 
prop 989 1 vafaa of tha Paa->reat y » 

tartan Allkince »nH th* r^«f«|i •< 

RnrlsMl. or th. i i ■•••afunt Rplar«aal 
• 'hiirih « 1.1 .• I hrr'. >or»orda» 

l>.» 'h'- ilrii-jii<. at'endln-J tiit 

el.- u < ' ' r I I < on II ' 1 1 of t h n .i 1 - 

llaiii" i.f ihi Itefortnoii and I'reabji* 
lorlan <'tiurchea Ihrotighout the 

holdlag tk* l^aabytarlan ayatem. 

riwiaMiuu ar the 
apoken Of «i Uaaihath, Bagfand. took 
i.inee hat no a gr aai u ent was reached. 

,^m'l•l^; r.ther toptoa apokei) of waa 
th#> r«» r.iinaijon of the f*r♦e^ytertaa 

This was the ontol niHiriB dev# 
i^ent of (he 4iBrue^l''n <.f g| 





Mann Cup 1 lolders 

Execute Neat Coup 


W Cblcrri Rugbv ' ' 

Champa Deii^aied 


tastern Champion Rugby 

Team Cinlcs Off Victoiy by 
btroH" Back Field 'Play on 
Bad (jround 

TlV,r;rNA • d jiamiiton Ti 
/ ■ rK .i<-f( .iipfi Id, I!r4;ina Tugby clui), 
\Nci>t<>rn championa, h«r« today 1!> 
to «. in a a exhlbiUon fam* whleh 
WM pisr«d oa th« meaatad polie* 
9ra«««a baeaua* of tfea fa«t that th« 
l}«airr rmlM of th^ unt f«w day^ h^d 
mate athar floida impaaiiibir. 

Tfca TIgara acore.i twn imK hdowna. 
f>nm roal after ffmrhdown. thri-c dead 
"n« Uli kn and <in<> rr>uc«. While th'' 
looalfl H.nrrti their touchdown and 
coal whi. r. l^i»h fell on a fnmblad 
poat bahlnd tha coal Ifna M« Mtr 
Wilm kl«ka« tha vmL 

IW* waa a yraat daal of hard 
faallnv axhibUad betweea tha team* 
and t)\r fifflriaiw wf>ro rantd upon to 
• xrrf l-<- ih'-tr nuthorlty. 

Th. . ) :. (■ .hiT«renre in the pUy 
nrcrned to b- In the bark field of th<> 
Tl^ern, which wa« better than tiia 
loaalik Uoublaa, trlplaa aad qoad- 
r«»to AbMtndad. ona of thaae 

raadftliic in tha flrat touchdown belnx 
Morad. nia aaooad Titer toachdown 
waa made whan Reyina fumbird on 
th«lr own 20 yard line and Klford, 
^.'rabblav the b«il. rarrd over Ihn niark 
for a toachdown. The Tlser line 
pian«ln« waa tho big fMtiirf af the 


In«»ruci<>r, M 
thHt the At 

■ 1. 1 1 I" 1 1 •• \ I M . 1 ,1 about 

GYM soi^\n^ RFGIN 


for Thifl 

Hmw hmrgt 
■iWMl In 
Wtatar Work 

The members of the Junior rIttBi 

"t tha T ^f r A a»«n<»Vnbled vrNierday 

afternoon, w ith « !• nt'»ndajice of 

■ome thirty f - ^ • - the flrat 

titty or aUty boya for this claaa. as » 
reoult of tha attanttoB drawn tp tha 
T^CJL Uravgb tk« am' Siunmar 
Caupo. Tha Bmlaaai Boys want on 

the floor laat' nivht for tha flrat time 
thia seaaon. with an attandanea of 

•oma twanty ni<'riil>' r>. ,.nj that iiunri- 
b«r will. In all prubabiliiy, Im doubled- 
a« the claw«s cat vndar wa > 

The e^data from tha Iloyal Naval 
CallPce In EaqulmalC nra lloKlns 
their swImminK tonta at t:S* thi* af- 
ternoon In thf tank 

iLL\.\ cLi' 'mm 


former Title Winners Hold 
Places in Golf Match Play 
at St. Louis Country Club 

Crttlcize Victoria and Vancou- 
ver Lacrbisse Players— Al- 
lege Unsportsmanlike Atti- 
tude of Coast Teams 

Ni;\v \\ i;sr.\n.\.STi;r:, s. |.i ■ '^ - 
Roalcnaliun of the entire board of 
Mann Cup truatoca la reported In •< 
wire from Jea XAlif. rooahrad hy Dave 
Taylor. flM wire sCataa that In Ttew 
of the unaatlafactory and unnporta- 
manllke attitude of the Vancouver 
and \ ictorla luc rc^sf ( luhM th<' truH- 
U-cn fefl compollrd to pluco thi-ir 
reniRnationa with Hir I>onald Mann. 
Local offlclalfl ncc In thIa move ail 
effort on tha part of Ontario eluba to 
•acura tha trophy for competition 
next yaar, with 4ha nioanrtty of N«>w 
Wentminator poytac fall fare biir 1^ t» 
Toronto In order to defend h < up 
Whirli ihcy hn\ t- uon the pas' t \ro 
years, but whidi ihr\ hiivf \it to eee. 


The H. O. Klrkham Pootbtll Club 
will hold a practice this after- 
noon on tho upper ground at Beacon 

Hill at 2:40 (.•rio, k Any playera in- 

tcrcslf'd Hwe w«'l<-oinr. 

Tlie nrat hiMtory of Rncland, the 
An«rio-8ason Chreaicia, waa atarted 
In the reign of King Alfred. 

ST. LOUIR, flept, ;o Sunivora 
In the flrat round of mat< h fl.iv today 
In til'' National Amateur (,,.ir < liHiii 
Pioiiahip at the St. Ix>ula «\)Uiiiry club 
Inoluded three former title winner?!, 
among them Champlbn Chick Kvana 
and Winia Hnntar, Brltlah ahamplon. 

Bob OardBor and Fmaeto .Oulmet. 
tha formar atanmplena, ha,d to extend 
tbenaelTea to win. however. Ouimet 
met a Urtar In Max Maraton. of 
Philadelphia, but after flnlshlngr the 
ino-ninfir round three down, he ahot 
a ?>* on the third a^na nad Anally 
won two and one. 

Gardner Marted well* and reached 
the flrat turn three up to Clark 
Rpler^. of Reattle, but he faltered on 
t|p> srcorid nine, and wan only onr iii> 
at luncheon, a acanfy lead that he 
cotild not imBTOva. 

Gardner and Bplera were the only 
pair to reaoK the Stth green. 

Kvana, Bobby Jones, or Atlanta; 
.lamea Manlon, of 8t. Tx>uia: K K. 
Bunnlng, of Chlcage, and Willie Hun- 
ter ecored easy vietorlae. Jonea de- 
feated Clarenee Wolff, 8t Xionli, 12 

and 11 

i;vaii.« and Manion whli>|'od »'liHrlr5 
I'l itcr of liAlliLff. and .lohn Slmpuon. 
of IndlAnapolia, reapedlrely, by 10 
and 9. tho ohamiiion gaining all hla 
advantage over Dexter in the' flrat 
II holea by Piaytng t«.t7— Tt. Aie 
above par on aaeh bUm, whlla -4he 
Texan took SS. 

Bunninir, of t^hlojiRO. defoatcil A. 
r.oyd, of Chat tanooira, 0 anj S. 
Hunter, In hln niatch with K. Huovrr 
Bankard, of ("hlcjiFo. barely played 
him even on the ftr^t BlBa, Whleh 
they atroked In St each. 

Tha Briton gained two holea on the 
aeoond nlaa, and after luncheon 

walked away with hla oppeaaat. In- 

rrea.^lnK >it^ ,i '1 \ r> i .>(« to aaVaa BP 
on the Ziti Kiecn. 

T. D. Armour, scotch invader alfo 
dafaaUag. Laa Stell. 
f aad 4. but not without 
vallaat taatetaaca by tha Paetflo Coaet 
player. The American alMH a SC la 
nrMt nine rrpwlclnx the ■oot 2 Up aa 
he look htrok«■^' Then the Scot 

not only «n.-li- i>it ul)la!(nd 

a lead of three hole« b«foio luncheon, 
^^fil fought b<ick vallajitly In the 
Acond round, but flnaUy auccumbed 
at tha ttad hole. 


■ONTIUCAL. Sept. 20 —Moo Uar- 
aovltoh. clalaiant of the ' Canadian 
welterweight boxing ohaaiplanahlp, 
knocked out Irlah Patay CUae, of New 
York, In the flrat rouad of a aehed' 
Blod ll'foaa d baat hero laat aifht. 

BOSTON, Sept. 20. — Johnny Dun- 
dee, of New York, waa awarded the 
decMea aver Jbo TipUta. of PhOadel- 
phta. la a lt«roBad boat hara laat 


SAI^T UAKt: CITY, Utah, Sept. 8« 
— I»uie Paluao won a idx-round de- 
ol«loi| hara lait night over George 
flolUa. Hie men are baatamwelghta. 
BUUe WalUa, of flaeraiMBta, aad Joa 
■olomon, of talt Iiafca, fought four 
r a aada to a dra/w, 

BA.Nridi:, Malaa, ■apC Mh— Mgar 

PranciM I'rout, of Hampden, t\. fell 
dead after reorlvlni; a blow on the 
Jaw in a boxing bout with Oeorge 
Langley, of Watervlll*. here laat 

night. Phyalciana pronouDOed death 
due to Heart failure, but LAnglcy waa 


T h«' mm had bceii pronounced 
;di.\HK<illy tit by the ilub phyaioiana 
before entering the ring. * 

Fhyilciana wha' lulir ^ ^ 
Prout, said the boxer, died of eonoua- 
•Ion of the brain, hla akuU having 
bean /raotured when he fell through 
the ropes to tho floor. 

1ji;nvi;k. I'oio , .Sopt 2n -<'harUe 
"Whitr. <'lil<aKo liKiit woi^ ht . won u 
ten round dcclMion over Jimmy ilan- 
lon, of Denver. The Chicago man 
outclaaeed the local boxer and had 
Banlon blooding freely In tha eighth, 
ninth and teath roaada. 

KBW OR|<BAN8, La., tapt. f .~ 
Frank Carbone, of !few Jer<rx md 
Jim ^Darcy. Paclflc Coaat middi*- 
vir' i,<lit rtiiiiiipioii fouxlu IS rouridH to 
a draw here laat night. Carbon 
Its pounds aad Daiay &96. 

No money 

bfirM. W*cTen paythtf] 
ThL k ^im^lly to urg-s ihat you 
taat it. S«o for youraelf what it 
does. Deddabytheclaarreaulta. 

Jiiat mod the coupon, thea watch 
tlMboMlitgyou f«t. 

MEMPHIS, Tenn,. Sept ft. — 
Prankie Garcia. Lpa Aagelea, waa 
glvea the referee's doeteioa over 
Krankie Osner, 8prlnirfl*ld. III., after 
eight rouada of fant fl^htinc h«re lant 
iiiKhl Osner vi(i-< Knocked down 
three noie.o Th» \ . r hantaraweigbl"* 

Drawings for 1921 Challenge 
Cup Contest of Golf Club 
Are ArMiouneed i%r First 

Tio loiiowing Is the result or the 
drawing for the firet roBnd (or tho 
ladiea* haadleap /Dhalleaia e«p for 

lira. Phltbrirk va Miae Tate; Mrs. 

Holland V.-. MIk« I'lttn; Mrs. B Hein- 
torman v.-'. .Mi-i.-* l .Macl^od. .Mrs. 
Ilurton %r M rn <;or< .Mrs lliilchin 

son vs. Mrs. Boultbee; Mrs. II. Hei.N 

terman m Mm. Platen. There wc 
ten byea. 

The following was the reault of ti ' 
drawing for the second round: Ml.-« 
Tuck va Mrs. Green; Mm. B. Wll.son 
vn. Ml!«» A Macl>eod: Mrn. Lennox va. 
.Mi8« Wa>\vard; Mrs. Ij. lodd vi«. Mrs. 
< ioward 

The others will be announced after 
tha fizat round, tiss haaa r*tr*^ Tho 
first and aeoond rounds muat be 
ployed by October 1. rnie third round 
muat be played by October 8. The 
senil-flnala and finals must he played 
tiy (>clol)er IS. Thri n qunrters of tlic 

dlfffrrn. . ..r '),,. (,(.,.(.. uMoWfd 


OLA.SUOW. Sept. 20.— Reaults of 
association football flxtttrea played 
today In tha Scottish Xioagtte: 

Clyde, S; Ayr United. 1. 

Queen's Park, 0; Albion Rovers. 4. 

Wins Polo Matrti 

PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 20.— The 
Great Neck four defeated lfeado\« 
brook at the Hilladelphla entry ciuo 
today t games to >, In the second 
gamo for tha national open polo 
ehamploaehlp. f 


Wooden_Battcry Box Replaead by 
Ona flaw la 

Tour Pretty leeth- 

What have you don^ to tb 

There It a new w«y of teeth cleaning — a 

wajr whifh fights film To millions ..f propi» 

it has brought whiter, prctuer teeth. Also 

You »ec the retuitt in 
tlMm in sliateniaf teeth. 
TUi li to Brge that yon try this methiC 

Aak for a ten-day tp»t Thr n mark the i 
which you see and your friend see 

h combats the film ^ 

Sfost tc=& srt deedH mote ar laig hf 
ftlm. The film la irtacotia. Yen can feel it 

wTth TOUT tongue Rut it cling* to frrt>i rri 

ters crcv^s and etays. And it ohen forms 

fiave amply proved them. Millions now em- 
ploy llifm And Ir^'ling d r n ti <ite aVWywlMfa 

• le helping to spirad thrir U!.f. 

The methorU jirr fomhinrd in Pepso^ent. 
a new day dentitrur The rr^ult* «rr quickly 

seen and felt, «o they caaaot be dkpoted. 
That ia ika taoth pasta wa «rgt ysB «• tiyt. 
Aai ws MBi • tMltiAt in 


Natvi ylBMB in tfM 

A^^^^^ ^a^A ^^teik Mil* ■ " 

P'wewiBg aasilW- BSC WJ!?» TBnQ?ni CDe^ 

rich in starch, these forces need constant 

atimvlation Prp^odrnt «upplie« tint «tim 

■l lttoa . This IS in kccpmf with the views 

The ordinary tooth paste does notMifliik' 

The tooth bruah haa left much of h iataat. 
The film absorbs stains, making the teeth 

look dingy. Thaji m illiaM al taath hava laat 
^mIt Batval tartar. 

How film ruins teeth 

Film d^M^iMre mar the beauty. It 


Film is the basi* of tartar It hold* lood 
■ubttanc* which fermfnta and forms acid It 

lloMa tha acid m caotact with tha ttath to 

It multiplies the nallviry flow Tt multi- 
plies ifie starch digestant m the saliva. That 
Is there ta Ageat atireh deposita whkh BMy 

otherwite cling and form arid* 

It mu hipiiae the slkelinity oi tiie Mliva. 
That la NatMa'a ageat far mt m i i Mi 

which cauae tooth decay 

Kach uac of Pcpsodent iturca 
fotaea, and the eac eas remains for a 
Theaa aflacti alaae^ ia 
a wKW ard is taath 

Men see the n 

▼<ery quickly 

tmokara* taatfi an aftaa pattlcalarly Aa- 
aalored. Tha film afcaorba the staina. Tha 
raeoha of lUm removal are aaually quick aaA 

Mast ahiUiaa tulTer from tbaaa fite al- 
tacka. Few reach th* age of IS fiMh saoM 

teeth Dentist* advise that Pepeodcnt be 
u^ed twice daily from tlie tioM the firat tooth 
appears. No I 

No soap— no chalk 

Million* of nemn hreetl in it They with 

tartar, are the chief cauee oi pyorrhea. Alga 

These tronbles have been constantly in 

creaaiac. 6o daatal icieiice haa loaf 

A daily combatant 

^ja ap m mA dfULjn jmktM from 
aHtt, ta aeeard wMh flftadem daatal 

mrrt« No tooth paste which c 
can bring Pepeodaat effects. 

new-day method of teeth cleaning 
aay that it should 

Sand the coapon for a 10 Day Txibd. Msta 
haw clean the teeth feel alter iMing Msrk 
the absence of the vjscou* film Strr h w 

teeth whites aa the 

ludf by what you and f*-*-! Y - o 

eaailydaade thaa bat waigi th e old ways 
I MM flM vB^^a evt ^fet eeflipHi sevi^a 



rratona are told m a book we aetvl 

Made in Canada 


iMtlfic film conibatant, approved by modarn autlionuca>aiid now 
I W lldiilll dafitlsU everywhare. Ea^ W Mafi iv* 
effacts. AO drvffiata aupply the Urfe tube*. 

10- Day Tube Free 


A, lit ntisiBi at. T 

An all-iuMx': ttoraRe lj:iuor\- la the 
liileht arlil. x ( irieni In the develop^ 
niciit of the ele^•trlc nyatem Of the 
modern motor -<?ar. according tO an 
announcement which has boon re- 
ceived ^e^a from the WUlard Btwage 
Battery Compai\y of Cleveland. O. 

In thiH Improved batetry avorythinir 
la of ru~t)h.T f xt cptiiiit the plates or 
Brl(l.«. Hicor.liiin to iio' uiinouncr- 
nient. Tho wooden battery box ia 
done nwuy with, aad replaced by a 
bard rubber eaae. The announce- 
ment relative to the new battery. 

whleh win no doubt make Its appcnr- 
ance in Victoria before many month.<i, 
an received i,> local WUlard repre- 
eeolatlven, In aa follows: 

"In the new battery the wooden box 
hi recced by a hard rubber cas^. atid 
this change has made It poMlble to 

do away with the sepiirate rubber Jar 
heretofore required for each individ- 
ual b.ittery coll. The new case being 
of ruliber It hum been found practic- 
able to mold it with soamleeo parti- 
tions, which eliminate the naeeesitv 
for Jars. The term Monobloc, which 
haa been applied, describes the one- 
piece eonntruetion \rry aatlafactorlly. 

"I'.etweeii the pUloM. thrc.i.lcj riit)- 
ber ln.«tead of louden sep;i r.-itors are 
UfiOfl. The iiH.. of ruhhiT, howe\er, 
is not entirely now, having been 
atarted six years ago under WUlard 
patents. It ia In the development of 
the new case and the bringing to- 
gether of rubber container snd rubber 
aeparatora th«t the latent important 
advsnce ba.n been made 

"An all-rul>ber battery has been the 
goal of the company for years. The 
biggest obnt.icle was the ai^araat Im- 
poe«lbillty of making praettoal rubber 
separators. This waa due to the fs' t 
that no wsy could be found to provide 

for the free fiawsac of the l>,itfery 
sniutinn betwe'-n th' platen without 
maltinir hoiiK h, the ffp^mott to 

larRc an to <au."e (rouble. 

■Th'^ tmo of thousanda of tiny 
threads, which aat aa wlek% flaally 
overcame thki dtileulty and pav^d 

the way far the all-rubber unit. The 
molded mtkh^r csae, besides ellminat- 
InK <Ih- -eparate battery our t^^tn 
•ihorn . will reaiat decay and c orruHlon. 
In much k:r««ter decree thari the 

wooden container, being unaffected 
by the acid aahttio* 'or bp waUr. 
Alaa. alaea rubber la a non -conductor, 
k 'wilt materially reduco 4>lertrical 
laakaxe. which N enpecially llV.riy to 
he present with wooden r««ep In damn 
weather The new raae l« th<' r'xnlt 
of an efTort to ).roduce a unit that 
will give HH Tirarly i Ml Interrupted ser« 
vice as poaaible, and the varlaan 
of whiih wttl iHiva hot only 
bat alaa Btare^ eattal ma." 

Bonlto la ?Vorth flea 
Tallure of Northeast coaat herring 
fishing was attributed at a meeting of 
the Hoarboreugh Harbor Cemmlsalon- 
•ra reoMitly ta the preaenea ta the 
North tea af abash af .hoattoa. The 
haaltaa are hr/mmtm avCkoritloB aap- 
poaad to ert the part of th^ aharka' 
pilot or provider. Mr. Whitehead, 
chairman of tha commissi on sra. said 
Mr. K. T. Hellern, one of the oldeai 
and m<yit experienced {Scarborough 
akippera, had told him tho bonltoe 

Mr. Whtte 
head, ware badly noarl«f • ^ T' • i 
■hawed, ha said, that tbe> aiao r>iuld 
aat tod tha herrlnge. 

Tatto/^ marks e« r> 

the aae ef pawerfui 

ckeoUealsh ecMaU> 

MAUL IN ti. C 



Ranges and 

• Heaters . 


Liniitad LiabUity 

Curlier CjoscMniiu'iU and Johnson Streets 
Sole Wholesale Distributors for 13. C, 


Willows Race Track 



n n 

Admittance - - $1.00 

Induding Grand SlAiid 

Announcing our Exhibit of the latest models 
^ at the Auto Show ^ 





We Invite Your Call and Inspection 

Begg Motor Co., Ltd. 

#37 ViMrilMtl 




Fighu CourL l^ inding 
In Exporter Inquiry 

Capt. William Bradley Challenges Decision Sus- 
pending Ticket for Six Months--File3 Protest 
Before Supreme Court-^No Charge Made 
and No Defence Permitted, Is Argument ^ 

VANCOUVER, Sept. 30.— Tht decision of the marine court 
of inquiry which investigated the str.nulln},' of the Canadian Covcm 
ment steamer Canadian Exporter on Willapa Bar, on July Jl, and 
which suspended the master. Captain Bradley, for six months, is to 


■r.i h\ the latter 


li;tvr Ixtii filrd to Nrinj; the 

matter Ixfoi.- the Suprrmr (.'oijrt on September 2b. and Mr. IJ. E. 
McTap^p^art is uppearm^ for Captain Bradley, The basis of the 
apiM ,il Is that no charges wen i irfrrn-d against Captain Bradley, 
and that he was given no opport m n v of presenting a defence. 

Captain J. D. MacPhenon, i^" 
mlnlen Wrack C t mm iis f onT. pre- 

nl<Jo(i at th* Inqulrj', aanlBted by Coni- 
iDHiwlfT Uacl<'IIITi-. H.N . uiiri Ct>ni- 
nunfl. r !■ VV K\iiti><, It N It The 
court derlUrd that the Mlrandlnx was 
tflia to careiPHH nHvliratlon. and muh- 
ptndrd Capt. Bradley for six months. 

Whilf HicrfriiiK with the causea of 
Ih»> \vi«-<k, Co ri I iriu tidt'r Kvan« l»lt thn punlflhnient meted out waM 
too aever* and Mid ao In a mUMflty 

ri»inlii » MoBCirMkar 

SEATTLE. Waah., 8«pt. IS.— Hal 
vase operatlona aboard the ateamshtp 
Canadian Kxporter. uHhur< i>n vviliapti 
aplt. are virtually ( i>iiii>int('d and 

three mora dajra of work will »<•<• ih.- 

last of the soar and cargo removed, I fleet of ih 
aeeordtna to Percy a. SUIa. of tho * Marohant M: 

1 foml^r Lumber Company of Van- 
<..i)v.r. Itf. wlilcti purchaaad the 
v\ r» i k from thf utidHrwrltem. 

.Mr Sllln pamifd . through .Sealile 
yeaterday afternoon. He aald that 
SOp.SOP f««t of lumber, the Khlp'M 
nnehoni. a wludlaaa. dock wlnchee. 
the ataarlnr •nvlaoT anchor chalna 
and other khip eaulpmont. had been 
removed from the* wrock. 

The purchaae of the wrti k of 'ti.- 
Canadian Exporter waa a profitable 
vantura. aooordlav to Mr. Hills. All 
th« aqulpiBMit nnd nwcliiaery re- 
covered ta of the Canadian Govern- 
ment «tandard and can b« easily dle> 
poHed "f. he explained. The Canad- 
i.m Kxpoittr stranded On Willapa 
Lout .seven weeke «S'>. and 

.Sill' IS H 

e Canadian 

unit of the 

1 n 


Canadian Port Will Be Stop- 
ping Point on Westbound 
Voyages of the Big United 
States Liners 

Ni;\v "N 'Mi^. .«f-r>' T" 

effect Immrd Ihf" xrhrdulo of 
the Mudaon. I'clomK iiMrt |'rl:iro.'?.s 
MatoJka. of tba United Sialca Un<-. 
win include c-alla at the port of Hall- 
fax an their weolboond triya, accord 
ina to an anneaneement made todav 
Ht th*- otnce.-! of that rompaay, 


Hkico Iho r''"rKH niiaUon of the d<*- 
funct Unltoa atatofi Mull H»«"im.ship 
CbrporaUon, the %iico«aa of thrr oprru- 
Uana of the veaeeUi formerly in com- 
mlMlon unJefr charter by thnt line 
haH hern ibHi'rrd by the excellent 
ix.iirO of in.itiauifB that haa been 
pl.irrd In i .introl ».y Albort I >. I-T.-^kor, 
ihalrmnii of tho tnllcd .States Hhlp- 
ptna Board. 

The above three paaaenccr Uncra 
will make the Halifax port on tholr 
way from brrmen and Z>ansl«, no 
l>roMi«lf>na havlnir aa yet been made 
for Im ludInK H illfax aa a Htopplnif 
print on oriethonml voyaK''a. Thfi 
ITiiH os.s Malolka »<.»IN from hrrn to- 
morrow with a Rood tiooking of cabin 
and ateeraite paj'H'-nKrra. 



\ .\NrorvKR. 0ept. 20. — Inaugur- 
al Inn a now Horvlre between thia port 
and thi- t'nit-il Kingdom, the bl|C 
Withy frolKhtor Monxollan 
ITlncr. Captain .1 Hallowa>. rrarh^d 
Vancouver H'in<lay to i'lUr- on a nhlp- 
ment of llO.ono cih^s of nalmon a.M 
well aa a conaldcrabU* load of lumhor 
and general frelaht. 

lihe la docked at Pier H. and the 
Hhed thero la tlHod tn the roof with 
the ihouaanda of caaea which eonntl- 
inl.- thia Bh!pm«»nt. The Furneaa- 
Withv i.inr- owns rn';iri\ -00 ateamera. 
iin<l |t« 111 t iv It ii'is now cover rvery aea 
anil rvfrv illm" I rank Waterhouac 
& t'ompany are tho lotal axontn. 

fThlef « »fnrer Coekbnrn. of the Mon- 
golian Prlnee, la paying hla Itrat vleit 
here tn eleven yeara. Ite waa laat in 
Vanoouver in ISIS aa aeeond mate of 
the aalllng ahlp Celtle Monarch. 



wiirtor 111 111' 

a wondrr- 

bupcrfatted / 

H«rmonlr>iif>l^ prnport lonrd to 
■ iirpl'' '"''■'"n> "f health and 

•oolhlng to the romplealon. 

At All Draa end T>epartme«ui 

X for O 


Baa eeatau 
' Oikba tHatirrtee 

I Oiaea OeM 



I ... r...n«l 
I .<n> r««- 
l»<n<i>a — I 
OlMa <'nl<l CrwaiM 

Stiavlaa n^mp I 
riiaiMi r»«ntlfrtci« 
t>ib»» rrrMaUlaae I 

«]lblka i>>ntal i 

I'r.'kiM I 
a*a4 tbie halC 

aaa SMi 

. rta tM« rn«|w.B la a 

of aaair aa 



<n"l'A\\'A. .Sepl 11 Th ■ n.irki've 
.saltnoM raich In the l""ru.'»tT Jlivcr a.nd 
I'uK' i .-'uund for 1920 aniountcd to a 
total of 107.252 caaea, aa a>;jJnat 
:r,m;tt» caaea fn }tt». Thn .nnu.-i! 
roport of the Dominion Fiahcrles 
r.i-.-tnch aaya that unleaa dnutlc action 
l> taken, internationally, auve the 
situation, the Hahery will become 
comrarrclully t-xhai).'«l<tl m a lew 
year.M. The valuo of thi- ran li in 1313 
waM Ihiiiv million dclLii .i.,| the 
opituon- iM expreaMod In Hie report, 
that If proper meaaurea arc taken for 
aeeding the apawning beda thia catch 
would be equalled every year. fHher 
big yeara for aalmon were 1905, when 
the catch amounted to 1.663.942 
caaea. and irtoo, when it was ;.<540.- 
152 caaea. The loweat point reached 
waa in ItlS, wlMM- th* lotal waa 

mm liOimmT 
mm \m\m 

Canadian Pacific Atlantic 
Liner Will Carry Indian Civil 
Service Employees to the 
Far East 

ThB Canadian PaeiAe liner Vic- 
torian, a favorlt#wlth Atlantic travel* 
era, haa been chartered by the BrlUah 

Government for Winter nervlro to 
India, and will bo onfraRed In the 
work of <arryltiK Imllan « i\j| .Servlee 
emplojers to and froni the i:,aal. 

Illih.rti. the ItrillMh <;overnniont 
haa eharler. ,1 f yrid « ». Ilncra for the 
purpnae and thi.n la tho flrat time a 
Canadian raclflc Uner haa been aa- 
al»ned to the route. The ecarclty of 
cabin apace for thoae Iravollnjf to 
India in a notable aftormath of the 
war. when nil Indian Civil .Service 
leave \MiM Nii'iprnilei) for yeara. 

The linrr will I.e taken off the <'a- 
nadian route at the cnncluHlon of the 
preaent voya^i .she left Montreal on 
Kriday and will not run to Canada 
aaa^n until next aeaaon. The charter- 
ing of thia yeaael had been under <-on- 
aideratlon fdr aome time, bi it owing: 
to the fact that the Vlctori.m had 
definitely been taken off the < '.I n.i d ia n 
route for th«» conilnR XVinter. ii lu-- 
rame known that ehe la the liner 

aeierted for the Indian charter voy- 

There waa such a preaaure laat 
AN'Inter, the Brltiah Oovernmant put 
I', and O. cabin apace "under con- 
trol" ao that the Government em^ 
ployeea would be eerved before the 
ordinary tourtat whoae reaanna fop 
travellnK were not an vital na were 
the re<><oni of homoatak Indian Civil 

Servh e jieoplr. 


Cuban Port Will Be l^egulai 
Stopping Point for Vessels 
on New York-British Colum- 
bia Route 

\ ANi itt \ i;i:, s.-pf :n— When the 

Canadian Robert Dollar Company ex- 
tended lu aervleea to tha Attantio 
seaboard, two or fhree years ago, it 
was planned to make Havana a regu- 
lar port of call In the Vancom or New 
rork service. The nri.t ahlp which 
made the Cohan pi'ri w.-%.n dela\ed 
nearly two weeks nn .irrounl of the 
I iiiiibtlll> to aeeiirr wb.irf.»ae Th" 
I -hip received auch a alow dispatch 
<i)at the company .decided to ahanden 
the eiUI at Havana altocvthor. 

It waa annottacad hjr K. J. Rams, 
manacer of the eomnany here, 'that 
It haa nnw )>e«n decided tn make rer- 
iilar ealU at Havana, tha rnnReitlon 
being a thing of the paat Th»» three 
vessels, the Resale fvnllar. Melville 
r)ollar and Harold Dollar, operating 
t>«tween New Tork and this port and 
thence to the Orient, will touch at 
the Cuban paK ta fatare. Ijirge 
quan'lltlea of afat witl W takes an 
en the weat 


MONTRKAU Sept 50 —The heed 
ofhee of the C.inadian f^xploaivea. 

I.inilferl In thin <ili >•' ■"xineed a 
r»'du'-tlen in waso- - of their 


(By Uovernmcut Wireless; 
Fiiah^ ■ 11 III »»§i 

' Oa«r — Rain: aaikllMaflii 

atrong, 2».Tf: (4: rough. 

Cape Uno— Ralp: aatrth; freata; 
it.Ui M: heavy awali. 

Balavaa— Oloady; northwest ; light; 
J9.S4: 41: heavy swell. 

Alert Bay— Overcaat; weal. :8.8u. 
»f: aaaeoih. . ! 

Bull Harhor ■ Ba l a ; aatrtiiwnai: | 
29 52; 67: Hskt awail. 

Dead Tree — Ororeaat; aala*; tt.4l; 
«X, light gweU. 

Prince Ruper^Raia; ■otttheaat; 
29 tO; 63; rough, ■poke, 4 p.m.. 
ftteamer Admiral Wataon, St milea 
south of Ketchikan, northbound. 

Ocean Falla — Rain; aouthweat M: ehoppy. Paaaed in i p.m. 
steamer Prince Oeonfe, northbound. 

Oonialea Hill — Bpoha. • 
at earner Canadian Whuar, aiTlVlBS 
t^raaer MilU. 

• AJf. mtpaH 

Point Grey — Rain; aautheaat; 
freah; 39.96; 54; dense seaward. 

C.ape I.axo — Fair; southeaiBt , xlronK 
29.70; 48; sea moderate. Bpoka M. 
s. Apex. 9:15 p.m., abeam BaBMaa 
Light, southbound. 

Estevan — Fog; rain; southeaat gale; 
39.56; 4'J . ilenMe Ht uward. Bpoke 
Htearncr If. U. Klngaley. 6:20 ; 
position at S p.m.. BIS miles north of 
San Franciaco. Spoke ateamer Fur- 
eat King. C:tS p.m., Rendondo for 
Seattle, 6 p.m.. 17 S mlUa from Seat- 
tle. Spoka ateaaMr Rainier, T:05 
p.m., Seattle for San Franciaco, 8 
p.m., 614 miles from San Francisco. 
Spoke «tearner CJuecn. 7 '10 it.m , Se 
utile for ,«,in Fraruiii n. no position 
Kiven. .'^pokr .steamer Hyadcs, 7:30 
P m., Makukona for Ban Francisco, 8 
p.m., \$t mllea from San Francisco. 
8iH>ke ateamar Admiral Farracat. 7:40 
p.m.. San Franciaco for Sealtle, 171 
miles from Seattle. Spoke ateamer 
VInlto. 7:50 p.m.. position at 8 p.m., 
L".'0 iiille.s womI of Culuinbla River. 
Spoke ule.Ttiier Ceorgliia Ilolph. S;-0 
|i rn . iio?<jtif)n at 8 p in.. 167 miles 
from San Francisco. Spoke steamer 
Diadem. 9:30 p.m., Latouehe for Rich- 
mond. > p.m. , 1 40 mllea from Le- 
touchef ifttbke ateamAr Tiiailliir'Haru, 
10:20 p.m., poaltlon at 8 p.m., lat. 
49.46 N., long. 141.10 W., Inbound, 
.spoke steamer Silver .State. l:45a..m.. 
rio.sltion Ht K p.m.. 8.10 mlle.'^ from 
Seattl*. Spoke .steamer M it.tuk 1 .MurU, 
L';30 a.m., \'ancouver for Yokohama, 
poaltlon at 8 p.m.. lat. 48.20 N., long. 
124.50 W., outbound. Spoke ateamer 
Talao Maru, 8:Sa a.m.. poaltlon at 8 
p.m., 600 miles west of Seattle. Spoke 
steamer Ran Juan. 4:30 a.m., bound 
from Crlntobal for Kranrl.srrv. 8 
p ni , L.TOS niilef( Moiith of San Kran- 
riKco. .'<poKc Hteanier Cuba. 4:20 
a.m.. .San Kranciaoo for Cristobal. 8 
p.m., 2,160 mllea south of Ban Fran- 
ciaco. Spoke ateamer Victoria, 4:40 
a.m., poaltlon at 8. p.m., 421 mlle.s 
from Seattle, northbound. 

m\ mi) siiir 

British Shipping lakes Second 
^lace in Panama Canal Sta- 
tistics — American Ships . 
Are Most Numerous 

Steamer Mnvcmcnta 

Corsican at Southampton from 

Megantic at Liverpool from Mon- 

Carmania at Uverpoel from New 


I..a ShvoIo nt Mnvrr from New York. 
Raltic at New York from Uver> 

rived: Carmel, nray's Harbor; Sono- 
ma. Sydney; PaKopago. ^lonolulii: 
riavenroek, Liverpool. Sailed; I'rank 

H. Ullrk. rresldonl. ."brittle 

I'OKTLANn. Ore, Sept.^ 2n .\r. 
rived: Floae (Mty, .San FraneUeo, Utf\ 
F:xporter, New York. Sailed: Wah- 
keena, Loa Ansato*; Frank O. Drum, 

TACOMA, Sept. 20.— Arrived: Mo 
torahlp racirtc. Copenhagen; l-n 
Touohe. Alanka porta. 

SKATTI.K. Sept Arrived: For- 

cHt KiiiR, Kedondo; Admiral Farra- 
fcut. Han Diego via I..oa Angelea and 
San Franciaco; Admiral Schley. Van- 
couver. Sailed: Juneau, Nanalmo. 

CAIXAO. Sept. 18.— Balled: 'aeptha. 

HONOKONC,. Sept. 18.— Balled:* 
Tyndareua. Seattle. 

SHANciiAi, sepi IS Sailed: Em 
press of .\*la, \ Hncouvcr. 

•B^BUnBR. ItSl 

L>ar inma. U-t|Tlai«. irilTlaie. H'HTIaM. H e 

U M 


W M. 


• SO 

1 4 

• o; 

1 . . 

1 so 


1 4« 

t . . 

; &s 


1 94 

4 . 

« 00 

7 4 


^ . 




1 . 

« so 

t '. 


T . . 

• :sa 



• .. 




9 .. 




IS . 

r *» 

J 1 

13 4» 

n . . 

i 43 

1 : 

1 4 J4 

i« .. 

.1 1 

14 F4 

la . . 



II 20 

14 . . 


i( . . 




1 :4« 

1 JI 

It . . 


7 : 

1 11 

16 .. 



• It 

19 .. 




99 .. 


• • 


11 . . 

• :»• 



it . . 

• :Si 



It . 



I« . . 



16 . . 
2t . . 





n . ■ 




I It 


11 00 

• n* 

7 « 

« 47 


7 « 

7 34 

FriH. M. 
2 2114:61 
4.0 lt:ST 
4 1|17 01 
I 4,17 :11 


• 1 


14 21 



7 4 
1 7 
1 > 
4 2 
• 1 

I) 4K 
14 :41 
II 61 

1 2|. . 




6.8 16:89 

7 4 
7 7 
T » 

7.1 t4:f t 
T 4|17:1» 
7 4 14 40 

3 4 U :i 
3 till S! 

7 0 

0 i 

1 7|. . 
7 H I* 

It U-O 








1 1 











4 7 

1 i 

1 0 

7 I 

7 4 

7 4 

7 1 



4 1 
1 i 


7 1 

7 4 


4 ' 

Tho l\mf u«»d 10 Pad Ir eian(l<r<t. for ih- 
llOitt Mvrldlan woa:. It la ceantcd from 0 
tn 24 hours fraao aiMalglit te mMnlthi. Th« 
XXgvrra for htlsTit seer* to dlatlnfuUh i|i(h 
•,V»i»r from l.ow \V»l»r Whrr« bl»nk« 
oc-iir In Ih' l»t>l".t. Ih" IM* rl»..|i or falU 
rnnilnuoiiiily riurlnc iwo tucrcBaiva tidal 
pcrtnd* without lurnlnr. 

Th« Holfhl Ii In an.I Itntht ef • 

fni.i, abo^* Ih* avaros* lavai «c lewar Lew 
W aiT 

Kaqolmall — Ta find ih» Arvih »r vatar aa 
Ihr r:ll of ihr rkryCaek ai any tld». add 10 0 
feat te tSa height e( HIgk WaUr aa afeeve 

and 8« 

Tims ef ffunrln' and ganast (Paeine 
Standard Tim*' v l'>ior|a, B.C., fer tSa 
month of 8epti 'nN#i ifSI. 

Tn.^WfWAriFtr mails 

I H i w * m rt .1 ,i % « 1.1 

ffaw* Ma-,1. mail* cIom >t«pt*BWr liL 

ailv»r vialta r\nm» a»|t,*mK«r It. p.m. 

Mar,:'« VI „ - n . , '-.I '-rnaar It. 


Montoaal^ m«ii» rio»» .'^.-piomiwr 14. 

Ulaaate. »*ptmmS^ 

^ 'lIT asM^TMsaaL 

ahlpa, next to Amfriean 
ila. are the chief users of the 
Panama Canal ii. fi,t of every 
three hhlp^ [irts^ing ihiuuKli. onr is 
Tiriti.sli 111,, Canal autho- 
rltlts made public a shoa^' 

l"*- of If,. ( xtent to which the 
Brltiah MercanUle Marina ttgCg the 
canal faoilltlw: 

"IB th» atatlstics of the Panama 
Canal, Brltiah shipping takes second 
place Immediately after th:it of the 
United Stated. Hy Mrltlsh'is meant 
Imperial, alnen Australia. N. w Zea- 
land ;ind Canada all contribute mate- 
riiily to the tonnage under the Brlt- 
iah flag. In the Oacal year 1821, ap- 
proximately one*thlrd of the whole 
traffic waa BritUh, figured either by 
the numl>er of veasela. net tons Pan- 
ama Canal nieahu t e ment or ton.s of 
earifo To he aii ur.ile, 0 per , ent of 
all \e.'/scl.s paniiiiK throuicii Mi.- i :ihal 
were Hritiah. 34 per cent of tho total 
net tonnage wag Brttlsh, and 88 per 
cent of all thn carfo handled waa 
carried in Brltiah bottoma. Approxi- 
mately the same percentages gpply 
for 1»IR. 1919 and 1920, During the 
flrht three jeara of canal traffle. l e . 
ijlo, r.ii6 and 1917, British ahipping 
represented from 41 to 45 per cent of 
the total. The relative decline ia ex- 
plained by the rapid development of 
Amerlaan ghlpylngr durlaf and after 
the war la ■vrope. 

"The development of the trafBc in 
the early yeara waa retarded hr alldea 
In the OalUard Cut. The war at flrat 
impeded trafllc, and then stImtiUf'ed 
it along certain routea. Thi<i latter 
effect ia apparent in the figures for 
1918. which reprea«nt a temporary 
peak. During the laat three years 
there has been a gradual increase In 
the number and aggregate tonnage of 
all veaaela ualnc the eanai. and a eor- 
reapondlng incrcaae In toanaca under 
the Rrltlah flag, which haa main- 
tained 1(4 relative poaltlon. Approxi- 
mately thn sanie number of British 
veasela the ranal In either ihri , - 
tion, but this applir.<< to the aggregate 
trade only. 

"For the period covered by this 
statement, the moat Important Brit- 
ish trade aarved hy the Panama 
Canal waa that between Europe aad 

Australia and New Zealand, with an 
aiTKTeirate ear(fo tonnage for both 
• hr , of 950,000. .Second place 
» t.1 taken by the trade between 
Kiiropc and the weat coaat of South 
America with 747,000 cargo tons. 
Then followed the trade between the 
United Statea and AuatraUa aad New 
Zealand, with B04,80« tone; the trade 
between the Ignited Btatea and the 
I'ar KaMt with 4.M,000 tons; and Anal- 
ly the trade between V^urope and the 
west coast of North America with 
880,000 tonp. Theae five trade routes 
account for 81 per cent of all the 
caTgo oarrled through tha Panama 

Caaai umler tlie Brltiah flag. 

Moat .ShIpH Uemhound 

" \ few of thi^ prinrlp.Tl tr,'ide<- ,Tre 

well * balanced, with approximatelv 
the aame number of vesaela and the 
same tonnage of cargo moving in 
either direction. Thia la true of the 
trade between the Atlantk; and Qulf 
roasts of the United Btajtea and the 
Wewt coaat of South America. In 
other eases, however, there l» a 
marked preponderance <if trafflc in 
one direction. For example, there 
were 68 vessels from the Fast coast 
of the United SUtea to the Orient 
and only 18 from the Orient to the 
Fast coast of the United Btatea. A 
ximllar preponderance waa noted In 
the ciLne of .lapane-^e vessels In the 
trade between the Kajitern seaboard 
of the T'nlted Slates and the flrlent ; 
and It Is apparently duo to tho fait 
that veaaels which go out to the Far 
Kaat through the Panama Ca.nal 
commonly return by way of Buea. The 
4 wo canala thua aupplement one an- 
other, and stimulate a drtmlar 
around -the- world tra^le. 

In the trade between Kurope snd 
Auxtralla there In a nlmllar pre- 
ponderance but In tho oppoHite dlrec 
tlon. There were 48 veasela outward 
bound agalnat 88 homeward bound. U 
\n known that aome of the veaaela 
returning via Panama go out via the 
Cape of Good Hope or the Btralt of 

MaKellnn In the trade betweCB Eu- 
rope and coaat of Bouth 



Tba steamer Island I'nnce&a fell 
behind a day in her schedule 
aaaaBB the 046if lalaada yea t a rd ay. 
Porta aC eaU aa tha Wadaaaday 
trtp will ba made ea Ttaiainr apd 
ThurMay porta of aall #in bo 
made on Fiidny. 

America, th. r- w< n- 

(, { outward 

bound aa agalnat 107 homew ard bound 

veaaela. Outward voyages via the 
Btralt of Magelhta with return via 
Panama probably account In •▼•»» 
part for the difference, although 
some vessels reach Chile .from Aaa- 
tralla and then load BltratC fOf Eu- 
rope \ la Panama. 

"The British roriip:inv contributing 
moat to Panama Canal traffic H the 
Pacific Btoam Navigation Company, 
which mataUlaa aar\-lce from the 
1 nlted Kingdom to Bouth America, 
New York to Bouth Amerlaa, Crlato- 
bai to South America and CriBlobal 
to Central America This company 
put fhxpn throurh the ranal dur- 
ing the fiacal year ISl'l .'^enlcCM be- 
tween «hc United Kincdom. Auti 
tralia and New Zealand are main- 
tained by Bhaw. Ba^-Ule A Albion, the 
White Star Une. Commonwealth and 
dominion tJne, and tha NcW aealand 
Shipping Company. 

The Federal Steam Navigation 
Company operates from British. portM 
via New York and the Panama tJanal 
to New Zealand and Australia. The 
Nautllua Bteam Shipping compaay 
( I'. A W. lUtaaa) naalntalna a aerv- 
iee between tha Valtad Klnsdom aad 
the Weat coaat of South America. 
Some of these vessels go OUt by way 
of MaRflls" hut all return \ la Pana- 
ma. T. A J. HafrUon and Alfred 
Molt A Company (Blue Funnel IJnei 
malatain aervlcaa between Kurepe 
and tha Wea8 aaa* of Eatth 


Inataad of retarata* dlraaC ta Ian 

Franciaco. aa waa thought, the two 
Red Stack tiir" Sea I Aon and Bee 
Monarch. «t^i'li hurried ..ff i-. »e« 

.train n« n ua they had brtma^' 

I h.. <•.!■ 1.: .n Importer Into the ' 'i 
den Point doolia, have t>«en ordere.i 
north to Nakaak. Alaaka. They win 
tow the ba ra aa a tlnaa BtnP of Alaska 
and Star of iatiaai, nwaad bv the 
AhMka Paehera* AMtiltlllilk jMh to 



to -After 

t-i I \ n o be- 

having a.baiii1i'iied th<- 
iween .Mediti rt.incin ports and ^■an- 
couver aome nionth.i ii^o. the Sooieio 
(tenerale de Transporu MariUmfa a 
Vapour, one of the larsaat of the 
Freach ataaaaahlp llne«, haa decided 
ta roaame the galllnga. and the flrat 
ahlp will load here late in November 
or early in Peeetnber. n -cording to 
.■■l^i<<- uhlili ti.i-, ...iched the 

local aRents |! \v i ,r. , r A. I "o. 

l-urK- Khiiiiniiils .il :iin.,:i, which 

huve been booked for Mediterranean 
porta, is given aa the mala raaaon for 
reaumlns the aeHrlaa. 

The Mont Carvln. which haa mad 
irany voyagea to thia prtr: nince the 
service Was commenoej, ahciit three 
years ago. will be the flrat ahlp to 
make port und.'r the new ^chedule 

of 8al!lng». 




Excellent Cafe— Best of Pood Moderate Price 
European Plao 





for Good Accommodations at Moderate Rates 


Oa Oeary gt, Ju«t off faion Squu*. Uom to Ui« t>Mt itor**. cttm and tkaateas. 
HoMdUk* eomtort uul i(>l*adl<l Minr* n>odsiiii« rates Tha beat kaSWB SiaalS 

in U« United SUUa BiM.k^/uV wMkiU^s uid Bondayi. .sOr. <0« sad 1ft; 
Lrfiack. WMkdays, ti.v, HuodAj*. 7 'm , I>ina« wrrkil.ayi tl 1."' Sundays. f1 fiO. 
Room furulaliad upon re^OMt Tu Initiis puaiUva a< riiiuD'».lalu>aa, dafluit* 

iraarraUon t>«foi« airlvai t* »dTl»»d Muuitliua tu luia puiuit th« dn^r. 
Stavart Bua bmU UaJaJ ikad itataiai* (°hu A anil MaiiEaici htrrwaii Ciupa. 

Fishing Boat Drives Ashore 
Near Port Townsciid — 
Violent Wind Swept Lower 
Sound Waters 

POaX TOWNStJ ifD. Be pC 88.— A 
auuiawgil gala Wai alripl the Liower 
Sound early thia morning drove the 
pivee aeine Ashing veaael Athena 
ashore near the lllllHlde Cannery, m 
Port Townsend May. The roci dine 
tide I' II Ih.. \i-..sel high and dry, but 
she haa e»cui)eii damage. The Port 
Townsend city float broke adrift in 
tho gale, but later waa recovered 
Heveral scowa, la^udlag one loaded 
with coal for Fort Caaey, had to be 
towed to Hadlock because of violenrn 
of wind and seas. The barken tine 
Anne Comyn. bound to Port piake 
ley to load lumber, was towed in hy 
the tuK Forrest T. Crosby, but off 
MarTOW8tCine Point the i ro.Ml.y had to 
turn back and bring the barkentlnc 
into Port Townoend Bay. 


At daybreak tomorrow the Nippon 
Tuaen Kaiaha ateamKhIp Fu.shimi 

Maru, is duo to reach quarantine from 
Hongk ong and Yokohama for \'lc- 
torla and Se.jttle. She carries pa.ssen- 
gers, inail.-i and cargo for this port. 

The Osaka Sboaen Kalsha steamer 
Africa Mam la due on Hriday. Hhe 
haa aix ateerace paaaangeia for this 
port and nineteen cabin and twenty- 
one ateerace for Seattle. Some cargo 
is en the veaael for B.C. porta. 

M'hen the ateamer Harold Dollar 
aalls from \ :ini oii\i r for the Orient, 
aho will have al'o,,ri| 100 head of 
Canadian l attle Th< > are a gift to 
the people of China by supportera In 
thia country of the foreign mlaglona, 
and have been collected In all parts 
of the Dominion. 

The ateamer Canadian .Scotii.«h i^ 
at \ aniou\(r loadirm liinihrr for Aus- 
tralia. The \f-KK(l took on her first 
Bhipment at Portland. saiUiiK thence 
to Nanainio to coal. She clears for 
"dowa under" October II. 

Book Now 

For the Fall aad Wiater Bailings 


Oholos of Any 




Canadian Nattoital 

Via Vaneeuver direct 

or , 

Grand Trunk 
Pacific Steamships 

And Prince Rupert 

Thskets and Raservstloas al 
tu QoNemnMnt Street 

Dietrlct Faaaeager Agent 

R. M. S. R 

Now York to Hamburg 

OalUag at 
* ftoatlMuaptoB aad Cheirtwmrg 

OflOI'KS A . I >• lobiT » un.I Novrmb^r 

Ont'I NA. II. r ■ ■ »M.| l>. . . Mil.. I in 

Oil HI I .^ ■ ""'I l»eo«nH>rr-* 

LHracl Paaarnarr HrrvIc* — LargS. 

Luiurloua l^irain*ra 
Isl. ts4 and trd Claaa raasangara 
Paeiric Bulldlna. Vanioiivpr B C. 

Prom Victoria. 5 


SS. QUEEN. Oct. I 
Alas a44ltlou.ii F.«iiinin from gsatUe 

Pacific Slcaniship Co. 

niTUKT CUNH01.1UATIi4>. J.TD. 


HIT Wliart at. Flieaa Ne. « 




McaanMr <>rl. S. No%. • 

( Mit^il,. »»< I 12, N«*. le 

VriJlr • .. .Wet. a» 

White Star Line 

N.T.— (UKaBouafi— »<oi:tiia.mi*to.n 

ArtHallr Oct. ». t. N»». SO 

oimpic ooi. 15, N«». i>w. le 


Cedrie Oct. 1. Oct. N,». 

CeltMi • ' V N..< I • I» 

Hallle .... I lee. If 

riiii \i>i'. I rill \ I i\ » III i>i>i 

Haver ford i 

2^ V. UOSlUN— A/UlthH— 4.IUliAl. i AU— 

CMMPIC oesaaaeseeeee.eeeeeeeeeese 'XjJ* 
t'rvlWl «•»••••• e a • e • e e ea e ee • eo e e • s • atfri. «N 
AfSMV asasaoeee'eeeaeealftas* asaa* aMMfe 9 

AqMrkan A Red SUr 


The Canadian Winner, loading for 
tha Orleat. docked at the Fraaer Milta 

Unkm SS. Ca. «f B. C, Lid. 

If salHags fresi T aa sseeee ta au 

Baat Ceaat sag Mainlasd Pelata L.e«- 

atn> r'*i>ip« anil Cann^rlft far aa 

l*riMi« Uiir^rt anil Anv<>» 

For dotallad Inlormatlon aoply; 

I 1 n 1 1, n H 
/. . I. II,, I 
K ri.ftnlN ml 


.Ort. I, Nat. K, !>»<■. 

.Orl. Not. I», Urr. 

.Oel. Nn». ■,'«. Urr. 31 

.Orl. '.>N. I>«ie. :i. Jaa. 1 


Vaarharto OH. a, Nev. 17, Iter, m 

Mawella Ort. Se. Der. I, Jaa. IS 

.Wlaaeliakda Nor. :t. Um-. tg 

rHitAnKi.riiiA— >Kw v«>kk— ham« 


SnmianH Ort. 14. N*v. St. Jan. I I 

4M>lhlan<l Ma«. 4. t**r. in 

rnm New Yerfc faltoirlaa dar*. 
VoT aalima dalea. rates and reavrvallnns. 
apply le L«cai Agsnia. er WbMo War Pa 
■MSB Ugpk M* Heeaad Ave, aeatHsb Wa. 

: " \i l \ 

last night. She clears for Yokohama 
and Taku Bar next month. 

Flm Lioacfl In Canada 
Fire leases In Canada during the 
week ended Heptember 14 are eetU 
mated by The Monetary Timea at 
ISII.OOO. compared with |31«.30O 
the previotia week. 

Don't Experiment 

Tea will reeelve all sorts af *i 
toe eeavenlsncsa. etc.. kut — T AND COaV ar* all ear 

ronmi I all niilaldr. toel. and Wkat Wa 
,1,1.' V " prnvr Yett SSSBSt g«( beUST 

prlrra In tha clljr. 

ReoBis a4Aa far aiaglea aad tM* a wsok 

for doubles. 


Cor. Blaaahard and Joluwoa 
Phooa 131IO 

**Support Home -Industry '* 

These Goods Are 
Made in Victoria 

They're good goods and should be used in the building , and 

repairing of youc iioae 


. AND 


tber— Money sent out of Viotofia slays out 

Hidusas Tye Hardware Casipasy, Ltd. 

Siora Fbone 

544-646 YBlBBStvMt 




t * 




Thot. li. Incc's Great Ui«iii« ot 

Ufa m4 Lovt 


Lying Lips 


A Uig 6 Krcl Spoil! rmduction 

Travel Picture— "The S«0 of 

Mbrd in "Ova Ymt 


Ofiiciai Films of the Peace Arch 

What s at- the Playhouses? 

W \}\}VV^\ \\\} 


Unusual Appeal to Best in 
, tJaturc Is Made by "The 
Child Thou Gavest Me," 
Showing Today 

'rcrp*<r-hor»ari Arllals 

I i.1 1 •- 1 , . r .-Ihi.w OBly> 

PAJrrrM Htl \M» TK«VBI.Ai;UHA 

iArinn < OMKIiv I KK.ATION 

• HKOW -Nir.- 1t,r V, r In 

•« II" I h, I 1 I !• .< . 

CAriroi, oi-r.K\ i-kkmkmation 

L.1UJAN nil'Ml'^ "nd VICTO* 

V 1 r r • 1,1 . f ,. ; VI * ri tm" 

' > >Iy 

Ihr I'lJtj ; KTHKI. 4 1^1 TON la 

IMOPTY^ CX>lfr«ON 10 

N*«t Weak 

■ NO. MTTlt*. •tMl WED. ^ 



"Pink Tights" 

Whrn a man v<>iitik temptation 
aUvavn hrfs (Imipirs and liluo fvc< 

SUrriag GUdjrs Walton and Jack 
^ Ptrrin 


Mbm: lie ud JOci ClUMffM^ Sc 

An the bjific theme for 'The t'hild 
Thou <;«ve)«t the 1-1 rat Nation il 

attraction whtrh atartA u fourduys 
run at the lioyal Victoria Theutrf i<>- 
«ajr. J«lM M. 8t«J»l. tlM dlr«ct«r. cboae 
th« OB« aars-flr* aubjcet of the 
Aacrioan drama — hMirt lnt«r«at. 
Careful not to reduce bla proditoCiOn 
ru i^entlniontal muah, yet nerar loelnc 

Kilt of 'h.. \alun of the human note 

III )ii.-< '1 ■ , 'i .1 ■ I lu.i'lf hi" 
jjiiluM- M . . 1 1.< I) ■ o'l . i-iiihiiiiil ion 

<)f fii.n- ilr.irii.i aiiil B'ik»l'<- liiiiin'" 

that cannwt (ail lo lu-ouae xnataot fe- 

To say that "The Child Thou Gav-» 
eat Me" la.appoulinK and aoui-all'- 
itiiK «kiM iif<:> i.ikiiik' udvantase of 
overwurked phiujirs. txit is doii^ it 
advtMdIy anil with full Jii.HifKatlon. 
A pernoii who lOulU «H thrnuah thlw 
picture without belnf t'Mn^hfd by (he 
plaiative little flgnaie.oC a l>oy v^hu 
lives In % heue'iMiei eod the #ltu- 
•Uoaa^ wbtoh MlHmlly artee from 
this MntfMon «b whollr IneBpeble of 
human penetration or emotion 

All in all, thu >• a pi'-tiiie that 
everyone abould Her, for It conibLn«"M 
excellent acting, a ffood "tory with 
KUKtHined Intereat and ■aaprnor, la\ 

Uh at«#liiff Md sealiie la pertooUoii. 

Twnrs AtttnEifim 

r the reUL** 


c«»laaaM».--Pt»k tlckto.' 
Koyal— "Tl^ ChU4 TlM« Chiveet 


roottlt. the fameue elewa. who. 
with bin comrartle Cbocolat, haa 
^imuicd youn( Pariatans for many 

\f.irs4 Liv 111) aiilK-n ui lli'' ■ Inus, 
who had tx coinc <iijH'- a ' nf riiti.-i 
life before hLs n-tlremen' ...m.- >»>»f'. 
aco, dled^recently at iua ruuldence lu 
the Aveave llMtolCM. 

Poottlt was an Bactlahman, «born In 
Manchester, and h<s father, (rand- 
father and srcHt KrandtatlUr kad 
k>een clowns t>efore him. 

Princess Theatre 

4 Days Conunendng Wednes- 


drxl Fag* Flararn ' 

- Mnf 

'*Out of the Fold'' 

Oee of the pretUesI of the 

Ito. I(e. Cbndren, 

Prloea: tea, S6e. lOc^ CurUJa, 1:00. 
lie. lael JilBC las. 

Saturiajr Matinee: 




SSe aad He 

Awfully Funny . 


If there wu« one person whom 
Tsaayson hated more thnn .-mother, 
it was the Journalist and interviewer 
who soucht aneetfetes and partleu* 
lent of the poet's rareer. 

"Tho ijr«irp to pry Into the Uvea 
of prorninnnt mon. " lin woulil .•'ay. 
"la tre.iliiiK Dkiii like piKa, to b« 
rlppeii I 11 f ■> the public." 

Yet he had hl.s merry momentn. 
mere was an occasion at the t.ible 
one eivealas when, belnc in a bum- 
oraaa mood, the poet eompoaed 
rhymln* epiuphe upoe every aame 
that occurred to him. 

"What would >oiI Ki«y of in<>''" 

aslced hln BUCMt. Father ivirr Hay- 
thomthwalte. Inatanily lliia couplet 

rflled from the Ups of the horn: 
"Bar* Ilea P. Haythomthwaite. 
IfuauMi by aatare, Romaa by fate.' 

\RKVKlJjTOKB. B.C., B^pt. ■'20.— At 
meetlna of the Revelatoke mer- 
/ J chafHa on Mond.«v rvcning Ji brunch 

\ of the Uotall .Mi ll liHfitM' .ViMx iat Ion 

* wa« oriranlxcd with |li<^ f.i|l'>wnm .of- 
ttcer*: Prealdeni. llnrtKo M;innlnK; 
first vice-prealdent. .\. Hmrdy; 

■^■IL seeoad vioe-preeldent K. a. MclUe; 

a* ere U r y . J. P. Hume; treaaurer. I* 
. •: A. Ha' 

W • 1 

Hujrnr Trier 

VANCOUyBR. Sept — PoUnw- 
ln« the r«eent trend of the American 
market, the local .aucar reflnery thl)~ 
mornlnf announred another drop in 

1 he price of Ki ii ul itcd nUKnr The 
(luotatlmi (•> totmii'ii now beoomea 

• •.7S n IhiimIi. .! I'. <inda.' 'Tk^ #tap 

la«ie cents a hundred. 

r>L«t«»rdcr St The Ilnjpir 
THt: IIA<it K. Sept L'l -I'iirhament 
mjM opened by Queen \Vllhelmtna to- 
day aasMst abenes of disorder. The 
de iuuamt atMHi was earrle* aa in the 
•Ireet before the Parliament Build ins 
for the parpwe af relaaae of a man 
Imprisoned lar ralueVt military 

lioadoa Rales lledMixxi 
LOKDOK. Sept. 2*. — A fleam of 
comfort had appe.-»re^1 for « majt^lty 
■ r ll<e I .>n(1on rii tt< p« \ who»e rates 

,,, ■• ( !i ri«»n alnce the war. Tle- 

• lucltona varylnc from twopenoe to a 
ahUUac in the pound are recommend- 
ed by Iff out of tf metrepouun 
baroasbe for the ee mla f Ms maat hi 

I 'trtita i<> 

BBL.KA8T. Sept. 10. — There wm 
reaewed flrln« toal«IK im the Mar- 
rawbaae. SMa fala, IMMfet aortb 
e< Belfast. A a um aa was w e wK ed 
' aad traapa were ealled aal ta alear 

■ - -J — ■» iL / 

i 'i>-^ ■indred rb' f.^-.-icrf 
tajDwl la (Germany onK. are »6 


\ \ltti"I'> ricdirc 'ana in quest of 
I'llKAl KiJ now p< r»w>nalitiea will 
find much to Interest 
them In "Lying Lipeii" Tho mas II. 

ated Produoen. whieh is now beinc 
produced at the Variety Theatre. 
Amonr several brand new Iuminarie% 
In vivacious Margaret LiviDgston, a 

ircent Inec "dlitcovery." who. In ih« 
role of "I..ella." aa vamplnh ii little 
riirt at* any roue would care to meet, 
ftrtiily ealabMshed heraelf, it in aald, 
as one of the moot charming entrsnts 
In thia year's crop of film debutantee. 
Miw Llvltiflstoa has been before the' 
camera only two years. Mlsratlnc to 
California from her home in Salt 
Liake City, she was engaged for "bItH" 
by on^ or two Independent producers. 
A small part In an Knld Bennett pro- 
dui'ti<>() attracted the interest of 
Thoman H. In^c. He Instructed that 
hhe be given a full opportunity and — 
Rut her work In "Lying XJpa" la suf- 
ficient evidence of how well she 
■racped "Old Maa Chance" and ea- 
tdred the portals of Famet 

CllAlill ULlim 

Little Comedian Comes, Sees 
and Conquers When He Re- 
turns After Wany Years to 
Native Land 

( M'i mij Nothing like a little Joke 
TlLk^^vrnii: to maks-easler the hard 
work of aetlag before 
the cimera. Between sceaee of 
"Wealth." a Paramouat picture ht 
the Caplt9l Theatre tonight, starrliiff 
Ethel Clayton and Herbert P::w!tn- 
son. Mifa Clayton, the, offered* 
Herbert Rawllnsun, her leadlnK man. 
.1 trcnt from -i bux of h»r favorite 
confectloft, tieanut brittle. "No. 
thanks," said Rswilnsbn. ' I dun t 
dare eat pcanuu, they clog my wind- 
pipe up." Well," retorted Miss Clay- 
ton, laughingly, "you don't have to 
sing in thUi pletare." Herbert Raw- 
llason la fiaety daat as Philip Domi- 
nlck, the wealthy Idler, who runs 
through all his money in the picture 
"Wealth." Thi! rent of the ( .mt l.i of 
exceptional merit. inciudlnK such 
favorite.^ as J. M. Dumoni, ("lalre 
.\la< I).iw ell, Ceoritc reriolat and .lean 
Acker.- "Wealth" is scheduled to re- 
al the Ciipltol for a week's run. 

PRIN CT^H "Out Of The Fold' is 
nDBATRK the nfTerine nt the I'rlii- 
ce.-w Theatre thIa week 
beginning tonight and continuing to 
the end of the week witU. a fiaiurday 
matinee, ^e play is a rural comedy 
drama which has been requested lliany 
times since the Mildred T*age Players 
brKan their long enr^iJtement here, 
and at lant t>^ managenient have de- 
cided to gi\f a real production of thla 
beautiful old play. There will be 
singing and dsnolnsfcilttered through 
the performance, and' Pr)noem pat- 
rons are due forr another delightful 
treat thia week. ThjL play will be 
Produt^d under the dlfiM'^^n of Harry 
l.eland. the new producer and direc- 
tor, lately (■ecurt'd to relloNc Mr. 
Alilenn of ennu- of the refiponeihtllly 
whict-. Jjercioforr he hnn been ahould- 
erlnK Mr I<eUn^ win also appear, 
OS the Shepherd of the hlUa in "Out 
Of The Fold.': Another new member 
of the company Is Mim Vtvtan Mf>ore, 
who will appear aa Auitt .Tane Larkln. 
.MIsH Moore and Mr. Iceland both 
«'ome highly recommended and *v»5%re 
espestlBff bifr thinirn of them. 

liHTIit: "Nlobe" al the Uttle 
TSBATMB Theatre eanUnaes te> play 

to large and enthtialaatrc 

;iudlence^ and from preHf^nt Indlca- 
llonn rrnwded houaea will be the order 
for the rest of the week. Mr. R. V. 
Xlncka has seored another great auc- 
> r-Ns In bringing this particularly good 
caat together and living to Victoria 
pisygoers such s treat th the way of 
resi clean, good comedy. "Nlobe" 
ran one of the moat auccessful aea- 
sona when firxt prodiu-nd In London 
and it 'Ma aUmlttod to be one of Die 
best. If not the best, farcical comedv 

ever written. There are three arts, 
alt of whIeh are crowded ftell of oom- 
ptlcationa arising out of Peter Amos 
Dunn's efforts to explain the preseade 
In his hottse of Nlobe in the fMk 
Mr. John MeCallum playa the leading 
part T\ ilh an exceptl' grn-p of tb« 
hiimornua altuationa and keepr< ht» 
audience In flta of laughter throush- 
out the whole evenlag. MIse Ulsdys 
Thorpe Is new ta Victoria palPeaa. 
and It is patUaff tt mlMly to i*y ttol 
she has at one* won liar way lata 
the hearts of all who have aeon the 
play. Her portrayal of the part of 
\iiibe i«i full of gmcm «n^ charm and 

hit* the touch of the AnlKhed X treM 
'Mr T>unn'ii houaebold la dof t 
by hia wife's relations, eepeelaiiy her 
sister. Helea OrlMln. Mre. W. Mr- 
Mleklag** laierprelatlaa aC OUs part 
Is admlraMS. as a fc s a peci k iag Mstar- 
tn-law she leavea nothing to ba de- 
sired. The pisy wtn he continued for 
the balance of i he i\ . , r « 

being reserved very faxi «iui i« !h<> 
theatre Is small Intending p«>'''>'^» 
ohould book their aesis early. This 
may t>e 4Jhm at Kaat'b Bdbwii Store 
during the day^ ar •* tMa|f<« 

Passengers ' arriving at 
Htation, liondon. reeently ta-taka a 
train for the Berengaria tfeaught that 
.m emr>eror. a king, a prestdsat, ar at 

ieaj«i a popular prime minister was 

arri vl ntr. 

For block.s away fr^m the ut ition 
entrance the narrow street h were 
filled with people, every roof was 
crowded aad windows Jammed, and 
men. women and children w'ere 
worked up to a high pitch of asaite 
mcnt. it was all on account of 
Charlie Chaplin, and. lo catch a 
glimpse of his little figure without 
the moualache^ the ba^Kv iroiitic-s 
and the hcelless boots that ti.i\i> made 
him famous, people. othcrwiBe eanc, 
were willing to eUnd for hours in a 
drissle .".od Jostle each other for good 
places to see. 

He had been well advertised. For 
days e\ery new.><paper had told the 
pi ople what a mod< >i. retiring littl - 
chap he Is, how h" played games with 
the children on the Olympla and 
dion't get up till 11 o'clock. 

A battalion of reporters and photo- 
graphers nmbuahed him ut Cher- 
bourg, a brigade deployed along the 
Southampton quay In a frontal at- 
tack; even the Mayor of Southampton 
reee early to hail him "Kini^ of 
Mirth." In the name of that ancient 
borough, ^nd so whi'ii ChaHln 
reached London he found a few tens 
of thousands of its unoccupied Itlhahl- 
tants determined to see at an 


l-'ortnr.ately, thO polnc T^e,e [>rf- 
pared for the occasion Two burly 
Inspectors' liM>k him iK-t veeri them 
and charged *he crowd. . le nervous- 
ly shrank back, but they <novcd for- 
ward and by their sheer pushing abil- 
ity ght him to his oar. But not 
sea th less. Two young women ere to- 
day the proudest girls Ml all London. 
They dared the mob. fou^'lt the'r 
way to the little zreat man ul-d actu- 
ally kiSMi d him full on |he mOOth be- 
fore he could Stop them. 

Mi« proK'"'-^'* to the R|i7, Hotel In 
Piccadilly waa difficult and his ar- 
rival there waa almost Impossible. 
The police had to use mala force to 
clear his admlrere off his automobile 
at the station, and every time it 
slowed down at rrosainga there was 
rivk of new onalaught. 

Charlie .itood In the ' < ■ «• it 
nearcd the hotel and tried to make a 
spcccli of thanks, but he needed all 
hIa breath for the Uial deaperate 
siTlmmage in which the police got 
him acroso the sidewalk aad lata the 

Theiif like ether potentates, he ap- 
peared at the second floor window 
and dlsplsyed himself to his sd- 

mlrern .Moreover be lf>oU a bunch 
of c arnal i'>ns and to.^.sed them .•»monK 
the oiijijlde to lie scrambled 
for wildly, lie kissed his hand lo the 
crowd, retired to his room and sent 
out word to all callers that he 
too fatigued to receive them. 

Tribeli of the neath af Bngland 
knew the art of ooln eauaterfolttag 
before the conquest of Caaaar. 

Today ROYAL 

Adults - 20c 

It Took the l iilcnt of a Famous Director and tour 

Popular Stars to Achieve 



Little Dick Headnck, the wonder-child uf "The Woman in His House.'' Now liner still. 

Barbara. Castlcton, as the faithful wife yet secret mother. 

l ewis Stone, as the husband of spite who found himself duped in marriage. 

\\ iiii^tm Desmond, as the friend who used to love the woman, and was now uncoosdoiu of tbs 

menace of that love. 

They're splendidly dramatic figures in this big drama of a wife who wed with a lie on her lipa. 

" ~ " Vakralf. " - - -- 

KOVy 0]r MrWTTj If. 

Diroctsd kr i*lui If . ttahl. 

Bruce Scenic 

"The Log, <>< fhr Lavo^erva' 

Showing Some I mc Local bccnes of 

Lyric Male Quartette 

•Tsc Going Back lo Dixie" 
"Soldiers' Chorus" 




iNAMLD B\ VMiiiLb 

LUNBNBURO. N.8., Sept. S».— 
William Duff. MP., was nominated 

1.V a 1 onventlon of th« UbOTal Patty 
of I^unenburn county. 

K1N08T0N. Ont . Sept. 10.— Af a 
meeting of the Krontenac county Lib- 
eral eseetfllte hsre it waa decided not 
to place a candidate in the held, but 
to allow the Farmera to battle 
agalnat Dr. J. W. Bdwards. Coaoer- 

MII.TON. Ont . ."^eiTi I'll -1)1 K K. 
Anderson. M.I'., waa renominated aa 
r:onservatlve oaadieate ifor Halton 

MONCTON. N.B., lopL 20.— At a 
coerention of Farmers and Laborltes 
here thla aflemoon. Albert B. Trites, 
farmer, of Salisbury., was nominated 
as a Federal candidate la Weetmare- 


LO.— Jamas Melaaac, M P. for King'a 
ouQty, who was first elected to th^ 
Muuse of Commons as a Conserva- 
tive-Unionist in 1>17, has been nom- 
inated by the Conservative party of 
hia present conatltuency as their can- 
didate In the coming Federal elec- 

Donald .\ ii hol.soii . S\ V. Conserva- 
tive. Queen's county, h.iw announccri 
his retirement from ai M\n public life 
owing to ill health. .Mr Nicholson 

has boon a member of tha House of 
ComaMns slnca IS 11. 

WARSAW, Sept. SS.— The Amerf- 
can relief administration has decided 
to extend Its work to aU portioas of 

HiarvlnR Russia. 

Benndarlro of Armcala 

OBNBVA, Sept. SS.— Oilbert Mur- 
ray, representing Australia, Intro- 
duced a resolution In the aaeembly to- 
day providiffir that the boaadarios of 

Armenia be defined. 



VITaSHINUTON, Sept. 2*. — sir 
Richard Aadorson Ivalrea, Premier 

of Newfoundlantf, had a conference 
with Secretary of Commerce Hoover 
today over the probltiit i\ e lati . ,if- 
fectiiKj trade hetwei ii .\» w f <iij nd land 
anil tlie I'nltcd HtatcH In the l-°<>idney 
tariff bill. He pointed out that with 
only tS.MO.SSS of Newfoundland Jlah 
and ather products bought annually 
for Bee in the United SUtoe, agalast 
I2S.0OS.00O worth of manufaetarod 
articles going into Newfoundland 
from the I'nited States, It was a mis- 
take for this country to Impose pro- 
hibitive rates on IhO IMl aad lloh OU 
of Newfoundland. 

Sir Richard will probably take up 
the mme question with the President, 
and has already seen Secretary af 
State Hughes and appeared beforn 
the Senate Finance Committee. It 

was deShitely learned thoro la Mroai 
sympathy with Sir RIcliard'a vlami Is 

high administration cirolce. 

Quociutlaud Mine Utsaster 
RlilHiiA.Ni:, Hepf. 20.— Twenty-two 
hodleji have been reutivered from the 
.Mount Mulligan cOlllery, near Calmest 
where an Mploalon of gas seearnsi 
.Monday. It is heUeved that all thoA 
entombed, about seventy, perished. 

Fighting on Albania Frontier 

GENEVA. .Sept. 20 — Bishop Theo« 

phllsn Noll, the Albanian delegate to 
the aMembly of the League of Na> 
tions, totfar atiSed thm political com- 
mittee of tJw.asnom^ly tkat iiastUUleo 
had brottaa mi an tha froalAar be- 
tween Jofo-nsvla aad Alhaata. 

Total ef 4>,4*&,r.07 r«-ef of lumheV 

meved tbreagh the Panama eeaal ta 
AthMtIc eeasc eltMs dwMaff ISM. 

Everybociy Smokes 



There's a worid- of 

satisfaction in a pip>efiil 
ok Oici TobaccoL 

The Tobacco 








« MM* 

»»r iM — T» wii o« ItooM 
t« rafar (• anr apAclal ad van laa ma at M IBa 

» I 1 1, . I.. I : . , I y .ir«ri,»-l mli i 

>U»»>Bcailun lurolatiaU w iU a uuuibar. • Ik- ■ 
Tk* ••nbara .t.. ..i. iha rlVM W **,** 

rk kaadlDS apirrai lu coa— l*U»» ^f? 
th* (oiuM.iia Tba BiykAkaUMt WimM* 

M la >.<ji>aa«HU*«k 

"ITur Hat* ••••••••*• I •••••• ** 

Ml»— F*r >••<•••*••••••••"* 

•rv — WaalMl •....••••••••••••••* 

\V « II ' ad . 

OUIi'rilirlt'a «. 
PtoB t> t nil* 


)l1J*ir,.Ta« I I, all. ta . . _ . _ , 

bUiuutf* and Hwi •••a*f 

•■<1 I k— .....••a«a> 

•Ma Dlrttctary • 

m MutorcTclM • 

Ik MoUcM 

•clac •••• 

f raaMiiiaJil nj 

l£da< dt.nii> I • 

Vsrnia (or Raal ,»..••••• 

{MWa l»r kBt* 

Tmrmu WMt«« ••••• 

nmUt •■4 ApartmaBts ta ftaat 
1t»r kala— MlacallBBaaW 
raralahad Houina W»ata4l . 
rnrniilir,! U.>oiiia ta MaBl 

V t nm tiiiAt ••••• 

iiK-vm^m for bal* 
Mulri I'iractur/ 
Huaaekacpiug K 
aad irauad 



U TRO— Ortvw lar Tf* waod trurh. 
f»t Mr a.4M» bb« taurC A»»>y >«*i 
fambraka tfaat. t i» f r<k r . 

\ t ' A NTED—SalMBIBB- 
' » ral«amao »hoa«< 



la lyoaa 


• • • ti lil* * •••••••• 

!• BAM 


. . . .•• ••••••••••••** 


*-*wiaMtenal Directory 

Wt*9«rtr far Sala *•*' 

rr«pariy Waalad • 

fkkltnr bb4 LivaMack 

MM BmMI ••• 

Mi4 BaBrtl Waated ••• 

___jar Raaorta «• •••• 

MMUaa and Lxtdsaa 

lltBatlona Wantad- XIala • 

■Kualluiia Waiiliiil K« ala 

To Hrui lluuara 

To Haitt — Vuralabad iluvaa* • . 

Taadara WBMMI ....••••aaataaa ' , 

Ta Maal MTwUMW— •••• 

To ICxahaBC 

T* LMaa 

TMakara Wantad 










«t I 
• I 










A »»lt r»»t«"-<in» 
amiiiiion U b« yn'' 
hii n^tar-iit o'iupation itiigtit find morr 
(ijriKi-ninl <■ rrt ploy m t- oi with m. and at t' 
■am-' time doubia his tncom* Wa requir' 
A Mk at ciMB ckBiMtar. •••md Ib min<| 
ab4 k«4y. at 9troag peraoBalliy. wha.wou'l 
appraelBIa a Ufa »ai>t>on with a faal gro» 
int oanoara whara Induairr wouiJ l>« 
ward«4l with far abova A«'r>la rarnin*. 
Marri>-d man prcffrrrd. Apply la U, 
lAMlor, orar Koyal Uank WMf.. Oovaii^ 
roaBt jfcr— I. H ill t. 


AI'fl.K'ATIONS will I"- Tfrel\rd by «he 
Lind. rsnri' .1 • nr ili. poalllfn of pro- 

l.*iluii«T lu llie l.aJ>"iii't< '"I lli.»piial 

•B* ta ka »" 1" '"" <->. t''bi: 
M t— tlrkta Karr. MaU' " 

/ 100K-CIKNBRA1. wmmtU. A»»ly H" 
(Uri Hudaea. rir«woa4 ■••0 


I. ini 


ACOLt'VBIA t:„ol of Wu.l.- CO 
atfara i.i.i.. ..f aiudy t^aad upon 
lha maat modar" . .lutati-.nal piluapln in 
plana VtskB, tbo«rr and \uit« tuliura 
(llallan Biatbadl. I'uplla' .nonihl) rr<llala 
frr' i:aAAilaBll»B« bald UB«tat iba Uo>al 
A<aJ«n.y a( UmaU. LaBdaB. BBgUaC mtc- 
.raara at taeaat aaamlnafloaa wara 
rnnrlpal. lira Bordon - r ph|( M H I a 
y. t \ l!«l Uroad bliaci. ...m.. b .- .u i 
Hioad. Kbona 7111. bpaclai lalra loc ui».u- I 
Inw rail t^m. , 

ClANALilAN t'otiaarvatury ot Mualc, largeat 
/ inutlral inalliuilon In WratarB CABbdA 
S^iud-nia admUtrd frra lo ctBMBa, tbanr/, 

MiiKiuK ri.v uiiM. 4f«aMita Art. BrBorii. 
>^>ca birwi. VlalWKw I'kB***, Ukt 

and ll.lil. ^ 

DAN WALL A« K, ptanKt. CAN tAka A liw 
puplla, loi Jocrph htrtat. Pbona 

1 I 


U»OR MaU ar L4>Aa— Tb^^k Xrkrt»t»B- 

dom AaCray." a*ttlD| f^h the hop* ot 

Ihrarl nnd >l>i>«>lnc i»n return af Ihn Jc»a 
1. I nltatlll.' !■! I" tin li. raid of IT ^arly 
return of ibf l^rd Jeaui tu rri«n in»r« 
Mallad iraa fraiu KIT. Nfmnc sc^ti, \ 
tiwla. , 

i.'M'irM ri HB aald aa tk«y lemA City 
J Marl Til Fort mfat. 

II M! ' .1. and goldan oak aatrtlanat 

r !.u..k »>. t'.r a ala ch>|p. 1** fort 

1241 MItrhell .''trrct: 

viollnial and tcarhi 
Hhnne 3TtT. 

_ ^ A H.T.C.U, plane, karp. tkaery. 114 

I AlJV-MKM' or e«ok-»»«»ral. 4 adult* In 
I J family, no •B»hln«; rv. ninK. frra, t^all 
roornlnf. I ta >2, 1S42 M. "^JH"^' " 

STKSOOBArH^Rh«--Bmployiii»nt 4*PArl- 
meal fraa aarvlf*. Xom* •«>«1 ra«IM«»' 
» i I niied frptwrlttr Co.. Ud., 73J Fort Hi- 


TKkkar Btobera 
Waitad— Mala He. 



WMtaA— l^mala Jialj* 

SfiiM •#> atiik Karina 

(• Mat — Aeraasa • 

WBBtad ta Baat-'riata aad ApartmaaU 

Waatad to Rakt — Uuuaaa ..> 

W«Alad to Baai— Kuralabad Uo»a— ••• 

Waaied lu Hani U >m allaaaoua 

M'aatad fcllac«ll»o uua 

Waalad — U«ua«kaaptnc llooma 

WaMa4 u a»«r-^ 

WMta« to Bamv 









<•■,« one half ccnia a ward aACk *"**'' 

UoO <, ua , m. w..ld a ^ •"rji-^ 

■uiu.a>un> of 11 wurua. caah wltb •»••'■ 
f«a aUrartiaeni'Mi a.vaptaU lu. laaa ibaa 

Daalb aad Vuoaral MotloaA tl>* ^ * 

or I iBoartlOBA ^ . ^ 
Uarrlioa. Carda of Thaaka aad la Himar- 
lain .N..iii»a. II 14 par InaorllaA 
Hi rill .-^oii. .a, II 110 par inaartlaa. 
BBMaaaa or Irolraalooal '-'V"**. iliU 
BMP AT aadar, tl 44 par iBOBlb. Addltleaal 
■ mmum at H it vf P*' "'O"'^ , 
A«««rUaaa»0Bl obfrga^ta aecouat for 

WA.NTJCr> immedlataly. uparlaBead ckU- 
drrn t nuia-^ . dAlty. PbOBa 77tY. ^ 

W' ANTBP— iTcaikB^akt Ctrl (ar ••M'*' 
bovaMTorki mmII fkaUlf. Pkanc 


ITlfANTED— Wo«Ak. caaaral hoaaakeap^-r. 
Vt i.uin cookinc far two. Bo« 11**. 

YY'A N rKl>— Molhar and dausbier romix 

»» li ni li> run amall 

<ill»rr Mre«.t. Oak Bay. 

Mi >- I (>.\7 irai bar of tha plABo. l/Maoaa 
n ai puiill a h'lme phona tU^Y. 

\t . MAV .Mi nt i.a.lnr of ainfinc and 

I'lar.o 1 M. 

Ml..«. u. U. SIU:'6U.>>. plauo. tbaury, man- 
dolin: apccially auvreaafut wlik koya 
and adult baclnnara. :;it SaywArd ktrtai. 
cloa«. !• rernirood car irrmlnui. 

\MlWar MONTkBHKAT. piano and thaorf. 
JU^Pnplla praparad for •&«inluatloA 
PtBdia. l«:t Burdr't ATODUA 


VI 1 1 . hrll ^ I 


KKMPr.K — Planlit _ akd «■«- 
I iiK'ii r .rf piAOo; puplla 
kaiiiiniii [ < If daalrcd. IKI 

.1 riL.tu- 

T.'U.SK tunrd piann. Ilk 
P II I ; K»rl .Str»-el. 

J- r» 


Iialr^«'ulla«<? platio walmit r**a. 
cantly overfcaulcd, |i:i < a*!'- I'bona 

ITVJR H*le >'urirtiurr. furnituj-"-. furniture 
U«(urn<><t Holillfia luriillure Kirhanaa 
hii\n and a< ll» aood < U»a furnllurr. Addreaa 
1 l:'l I ;<>v. rntncnl Strr.t. riioili- 6414 

i.-^l it.M r I i:k 

lit U<r a*lc. baif 


I/OK l^alr, ch.ap, I'avy uuby tarriav"', 
* n<a riy nrar. I'hun* :;» 4't K 

I'T^OR Bala— Opao Kranklln hratar. No li 
^ Moyaa, batW4«k Ualveralty And «ka'.- 



A grruK 

.ill-— 4 mllllury blankri... also 
oat. new. nnap. rhon*- 

I.'^Ult Half— 4lav»»a 3<'3, an.l box of ahKlln 
*2'.' .0;- alao WInchcater it '< 


I hono 4Sr.«R. 

good lioina fur 


boardlivc bouaa; 
rlgbt pariy. I'buou 

WA.STKD Hoflaad lady-balp lor country; 
good aalary. PkoBa (Uf, batvan » 

an.l |i» am 

W \.NTKI>-I'l»nlit. young luUy coairalla 
V' „i aoprano. for contaft parly. Phono 

WAM'KU Uipcrlaacad cook - gaocral. 
Pbooe IJ40^ 

Y'UL'NU girl fur kouaa aad aiora. Apply 
310 »lan»l»a Rtreal. o r phoAa %i*>: 

I , ^ 

\f ANOOIJN. guitar and banjo taught by 
Mr A Altfle ld. 124 Mimooa Straat. 

MlIM IN.V H. OORPOW. t#.ach»r or plaao 
aad k t .iHii. IIX HUnabard Xtft. 




WOODCROrr— Ob 8apl«rob*r ll. '" Mr. 
and MrA A. Wo««ero(t. of lAka Htll. A 



aORf^'^i^ Paaard away a« t>i- parenia 
raairirii.'- in;7 flmmtorrlain t'iraat. 1 u<-a- 
.l.r. ^rpiembar 14. J H. Minnlry. 

U«Ar»y kalovad MMBd aoa o( Mr. ABd Mra. 
M P UorddK. IB hiB ihlrty-fotirtb y nr. 
Kuncral aaaouni 'meni lafr. 

OALK -On fnl'-nibrr :<(. 1!>:I, at ih' r>-»<- 
- daoc. ui bia roi.-h. Ikw. t;api. V»ordon 
Hmlth II' M<Mliiia atrfct. .lamca ll^nry 
itele -X'-'i - • >■■'" n''""'*"--'-. 
UBglnn-l ^'|'■^l^c.^ l.v hl.< «ldow 

aad oi.' <l«UKhirr Mr» (JorUon ^j"''"- . 

Tha fiiPTui '■• P'l^'k". " 

reqarstril itiai u- *>-r» be aenl. 

Dr.Al 'HAMf r>n ihr !4»h Inal , at t'« 
■tlorgi' lload, Maruarri Vina |ir*i). liatnp. 
dearly t.fl«> an.l nnlv .hii.l ... ""1 
Mm. William llrn< liaiimr. a*--'! 1« ><•»'■ 
and 11 innniha 

Kun.ral »lll laWf pUr^ from lha Thom- 
•0*1 i.-,io.T«i lioin. ..n Tharatfay morning. 
f^ptrmh-t at ii);!to. Iniarmtnt will ba 
in Roaa kav' »Vm"lrty. 

V^IBaral prlvai.- 

• <•!. anlincan l» hfll '.> ilodlinfaa. 
Kiii.liy (.h..ii.- any llnir t.> in p m ■ 

i;.ir.|i(ii w.ll i- mil M.or floor* alao wax and 
pollah thrill. »t.iiM wlndown i.'.ilrh . ooklng 
ranges like n.-» .IIk «ai.l.i.i>. ■ loar Iota of 
weeda. an.l .>ili<r work abuui liouara. Only 
4«.- [»ef h"ur 

CAPADLE man acekf pdattton tn ware 
houaa or workroom; auod pAckar 

, ^ . can 

hindy'wllh 'toola. 

riK wladoa- ahadra 
41>IK. nerilngt 

CIAHPESTKII wanta work, aiperlencad all 
> broBckaa a( tba iradr, or Jobbing work, 
low prIcA Pfcoaa 2T7JB. 

EXPURT fkaebABle will rapair your auto 
In apara time. Katlmaiaa given on all 

Joba, elertiloal or mn hanlral . PhoiW 71 4". 

IK you want a good aal.sman. ona who l» 
A g0O<l window dittaer and aliuwiaiJ 
writer, write Hox ;;74. l oloniai. 

TAPANEMB married couple wabi posltl4a; 
good cook; town or country. P.O. Dox 

v||. I'lly. . 

Hi: ATI Mi engineer poiltlon. Ba« 

. 7 < < 'olonlal . 
.MtltlKU man with about II 40« What 
nfixfa? Htrlctiy coal 

DHICjS.- .\l.\ K 1 .N'li • BveniiiK dreaeri 
modelling : all kinda .>i 
your home. Phoae S7IUI. 


dicwork, at 

I^imSKMAKlNO — lAdta4' and children's 
' dreaaCH aulla Bad coalA KS MIcfclgan 

.K.rrr: 1'honi- IKIIV 

Room 11. 

IvHK.-^.sMAKlNd- Hi..u»ri'. kimonia and 
' alle 

aiierAtloaa promptly 
:*T t, YaiM ttraoi. 

dollf . 


lURB altered, (ur coata rallaad aad ro 

paired. Moderate ekargeA PfcMaMTfU 

HANP embroidery by eiperieaced 
brol.l. rer. 1 J >ear» allh I.lbarty'a. 

am- Iireaaes. .oalumei.. blouaas, under- 
.loihlng tl. r.ia.ionAble terma. MrA 
Klaou. »:' 4 Kor i ______ __ . _ ___ 

II'.E.SE — HIgh-claaa dreaamakliit . rraaon- 
abl* rata*. Huum 4, iri9 Ijingley St. 
Phone C;:>li> 

about 11,400 
■ridcDttai. V.' 



Mr A. n HI'bblngn un.l .Mr. niol Mr* 
1 Slaplep and family wli-h to . xpr.f a I h'l'^ 
I'lnrere 11..1 ^- 10 their many irlen.1i t.r 
Ikrir pymp.ii'«^ an-l beautiful floral tribui.a 
n}_durlng -^21^ .i fni.nt 

KKi.IAlil.R Kngllfh rouple require po»i 
llofi aa rarriaker of Summer rr.4orl or 
hotel,, during Winter monlha. Illghi .t r. r 
creareA Hox 7711. Colonial. ^ 


WANTi:L>-lnit*<tlon OA, good 
fami Ilo\ 7 7. in. rolonlat. 

X Kf>rd 

M1S^< MiKtH.s.s. Milliaer, from tiOBdon. 
I MfUiid Hi Ul.Kinalda' hOtl A apoelBlty. 
leaaonn aU.n In inllllnery. Terma mod- 
erate ;4l \ lew Ptr.-et. 

FOR Bale — Rifle. .25 cal . 17 10; ahotgun. 
11 gauge double barn I. hammerlna. 
117.14: riria. .« apeclal, i:1 10. rifle. .141 
Ravage. |:l: ahoigoa. II gauge. III: rWle 
SI IS Win. heater. |lt.»4: prlam binocolara. 
J.,0, r...Tin., |1&; '!< Id glavaea and 
<ji.e. |i: (.'1, aaxoj.lione, Kren.h. 1^1. II kt. 
gold wauh. Uenaon. of London, |76. II kt. 
gold CkAlB. M»: Ollletta aat.ty raior. 
brar I Bow. with blades. |l: can»aa ki..vea. 
10.. leallier flnvea. 41c; mens loo atilria, 
tl ■:k. k »o< k» li. . .arblde. lie pet ; . ; 
I. rand BcW blcyilt a. 144. Bng'!*!! :! »p. e 1. 
Blinoat BOW. only I1.0. 4 0 ►.■.on.l hart 
bicyclaa^ with new tlrea. from 1 10 lu 120; 
...Iter tlrea. new |1 J;., nw lunar tuhee. 
fully guaranteed. |l !S. bi.m.l iiaw ktcyula 
ibalni. 11.74. We alock paru i.. fit almost 
any bUyile. Jacob Aaror.aona Saw A 
Heioud-Hand SWore. ull Joliii«on Plreet^ 4 
doora below Government >'lr<ai. PUoueisJ- 

Ft'MUD oAk chlOA cabinet, ua aew, fti. 
Oddy'a. 1117 Douglaa Btreat. 

*t>K bAl^ — MibCKCiLiAAUOVM It 


Ourney Oiford rkaoeollor. W.F. 

(iurner Oxford <l NlWSOt. W.P. 
tiurner <>if..rd .H«avoA|r, W.F... 

t'anada Pride, W.r 

t anadd Ideal, with lagA W.F., .. 
l.orraln, •-kale, L wator (iMI • 

l.orralo, 4 -hole, roll 

Pawcett. l-hale. W.P 

Kawcell, 4-hola. I'rlaa 

Hock I'nIV'raal Willi reaervolr.. 

Weatern Her.. » i....e: >oii 

WrfterB Radlam. 4 hole, roll 

All tko Above raagea cfaraatood la good 


Ml to. 

44 49 

kt ta 
1% II .J 
II 44 
SI 44 

Talea Sireei 

liUL!>l:Jhil^U'I.NO BOOlU 


^PPUT at »4« MUkr 


aad>MtUBC Aloa 

(KJCH* furniture bougkt, aold or o«« 
-X changed. City Mart. 7>4 Korl titratt. 

Phone Itas. 

GOOD claaa bodroom dr«aaers. fil l* up: 
chest of drawerA like new. 1 12. It. 
davenport, opholal-red iB greea, TfcO 
Capitol Kxrliani.-. Fort BAd MlOBakafd 

SII..1 I'l.iii.- •.' ;« , 

Hi: V 1 ..i,.-. . t.tapeii in VlctarlA — Ika 
riglil p;*«.e. Eaatern Stove Co., til 


HKAVY Winter .'.ai 
f.M I . ondit Inn. 1 1 " 

ni otic la 

I want" J..b. anything, can drive 
llov 7S :'J I ii'iiiUal 

A^^UlNO man's poalll-vn, oier i.n 
X year* 1m rharge of railroad o'fl"a 
and an offl' 1.1I of company: aecuatotned to 
poalilons of rrapontlblllly and truai ; beat 
of rrferances, bond If csseallal. P.O. Uo« 
«.'l, VIclorIa 


V v.. I N 

•rno5riipl).-i deelrea po'lMon 
mporu.'^ .^r perniii nr nl . two y*.af» 
txperl^n*** rhone, 

(~S liTl'n !•■ H • A T E U nura... t are of Invalids 01 
> .ontalesilag patla.ta: moderAlo cbArga*. 

I'hone 7:191. 

\f II.M.NKKV - llata remodelled; 
All copied. MrA Clarke. ll&:i 1 ' 
Phone ttttr. • 

OPPOBTCNITT occurs lor a lew ladles ta 
loara higk elaaa dressmaking and 
tailoring; own mAtortaU: WednasdAy and 

Friday. I to It p.aA, |»IT QUAdrA ttroot. 

I hone TIllIv 

SAli.i.t:.U .>ianda produce pu«a:ng work — 
MrA Clarko will aew for you la jour 

BBFORB the rain comei. tar >our roof. 
W c do thig work, aad do It wtll. Phone 

i o:tn 

I.NUltiKciTlON I ured hs .It.igl. ^a rnelli"d. 
A aane. soun.l and Im xpenaUa < ure. 
Sind tl for romplclo course, Wolltho Co., 
I'oaioffi'-e Hox »»2. Victoria. B.C. 

IIhTpPS * UU.N AI..UHO.V— Painting, paper- 
hsnglng. i alaomlnlng. rH-. Interior 
do'orailng a apoclalty. Egtlmatea tree 
vVork guAraalecd. Pbonea, 44t(Ll dal 


IIAINTINO — KalanmlBlng. paperhanglng. 
J. J. BoaA PoMkreko aad QttAdrA 

> fc/Nne >y«». 

ClOVrOflNMKN'T S'reot Knee. bel».-'-n 1 
V and Ttrnuehlon .<treei. o. • upan. > .mii 
!».• given In Kobruar>. J. < . Hrl lgman, I.UI 
llrnughmn ffireet, . 

^e.^ large atae. wl..l» l.ath 

i ..ii.llt|..n t-i' I'h.'n- nsr.TXl 

la.u ■ »iT- ,1' p.-r- 
H I II 1 [»h 1 . • I her 

flVtT a rap '■' ""r .leiiilfua lea with hot 
-a- bUltorcd l.>a«i an.l Hainilrriey Jam. 
aervod at Hammrrley, <]o«ernmeni t>ire>' 
Hanutorley. DotldBO Btroat. No. 1*11 
cArrUs A fall tlao of HaaMtorley aaadlea ana 
ibooolAtoA Cloaa to HudoAf'a Bay BIdc- 

ATTENTION I — Mrs. Huat. wardrobe 
dealer of Winnipeg and Calgary, la 
r.pan It buy Bad aell hlgk-clAsa ladlea*. 
gents' and cMldroa's clotklBS. Bpaalal o(> 
fers for gaatlemen's eloibsA Wo pay spot 
(aah to any amount Hualnesa done atrictly 
prlvata. Mra Hunt wi i <all be.-«elt to aB> 
addreaa. 01 >:all at IIS Korl .si -• at. MIA 
Hunt haa move. I to bar lata daBMlar'a 
aiore (Mia Wardala) 7IS Ku. t BtlOat. 
I'hooe 4411; after 4 p m.. «I4;U. 

ABUMPl.NO price la wnat wa pay lar 
«iy fclad of aaot-oC cio)b:aA Cau 
aBFWB»fO. aay tImA Pkoaa ti n 

ALL traih will bring y.iu <a»li, aui-i a» 
laga. lion;ea. s.i.ii. > - - caJt-off 
tlothlng. metal. Jam Una. paf.i. n • ri.ral- 
lura. Wo pay top pricea I'hoi.a I 1 » « '1 



T,'01l Rent Two from iixjina. IrJraoas ABd 
" sitting room, lertm leaaoiw. . APPiT 
Ili tfoft .Street Jamca Hay 


coavaalancM. lOtl PoBdorA 

Jl^L'RMSHEO kooaakooplBg ro«n>* 



imnED nt 

(Con tinned > 

'l.'^OR flaat or aale. a ruoised toodero bunga- 
•I^ lew, on watertroal. Cawicbaa Uay. etery 
ooavoiMoMo, nigakgae M* AaUy twX aMit 
Bac T*I4. Oalaiiigl. 

Cook atrool 

Igfct rttm furwlakod kouaa. 
grotMdA lit foot okuore, Ht 

corAor Btardett Avoaae. App / 

Dtiek * JokBotoA. 4U Jobaaaa Btrret 


I.'UIVNiailKD bo«B.iie.-pii.s 'oat 
cabin. 1414 Avaaua. 

AL.I. your Curaltuia aad other geoda 
Caak paid at ywar hoaao. or aall OA ooai- 
mlaaton Pho na City Market AuetlOB. t4t4 

^^L>vi;i; risKit wishes to bay S 

ruome.t bouaa ot 

, I ur 4- 

furnlln.A I'koae 


AUVKKTISKK wants 10 buy cooltnta a( 
houoe. Phone 23;2. 

Bee ua before you aell. 
T<.l4»koao 3471 ttl PonbortM B«UdlM 

S'.rlctly ConfldentlA 

1.ALK.MSHEU houaakaaplag roooia to 
five mlBute^ walk troga ParllAmaai 
Uul ldlagA Call tW Bfiooo ktfoot. 

iyuRNIBMBO koMoakooplBB rooai, fiata. 
r aad cAblBA Ibtd MitoMU. 

TiV^l'I. Bay-'FoUy metern cottage, bAlh. 
" eir ; direct arceaa t<> beach; portly 
furolahed: would lease ts llrsl -class tenant. 
All rot. ma aewly kalaomlned. Apply 
I errainc Kroa . Mmiled. 1114 Broad Birrel. 

- — ;a ~ - ■ - I , ,jy [ 

<< >iy ruinlahrd kitrhen and bail^Oom. gaa 
I and lan^r. aull bualnraa cofple I'hona 

i 0 ' ' . 

V'ART wall furnished 14-roomed houaa, 
eoatrAl. garage. Phoae <t44. Room 31:. 
or Boa Tt4t. Oat— tat. 

LABOM, aaaay Irkkl t ai». fifBliiM* t»' 
llCkt koSekMBBMr: MBiTAl. tN Tktaa 


lOHT froat rooa. eloae la. all eonveal- 
J oneoa. Pkoao 7I7SL. m Caledonia 

A . eaue. 

/ vNK~or iwa raaaM. furalgkad. Ill Cook 

yf Stree '. PkOBO T«4»B. 

fX>M BBd board at ■ •aaakkw 
■todalloB lor aaB»laa »t 

ST. HSeBNik ttl OaiirtAOy— Hooaakeoj. 
In looMA gtada or •».,■?«»•« 
rmmrnlm irAoatoBtA Pkoao tttlO 

mb Raat— A faratobod glltlBCrooM aad 

I bedroom witk kltckea prWIIegee; coa- 

ir«l. l-hone llttT. 

Tl l^t — Large, airy wall furnlabed houaa- 
keeplng room, near Parllamanl llulld- 
liiga. 104 Qo»ernmeBt kt reet. ^ ^ 

rnWO ba«aakooptB« roeniA auitaki 
1 alacia mna. Pk«M 43i4t. batw 

and « ^.BA 

able for 
'ooa t 

rvi ri:MsHBD houaekeeplng ra«.ma. 
„ .itwu a ta MoPkeraoB Ave. 

rum Asm APAMCMMm 



VT Mount Edwards, Vancouver Street 
one furnlskad aad oao OBlarBUked 

i-oiie to let. October 16. 


M..i>Kf;N three roomed a»Arl«noat, Jooo 

Mreet. Kaqiiimalt. tit IBOBth. iBClud- 

1 iig 

»ier ' Phone •.':S.".T1 

DkJi. r besUaie— Pnoao »«4» If you La»a 
aay furnituro you wUb to dlsaooa of. 

will CAll aad arter Mr- 
BsakAAdA ««»«ltt ran 

Vl-AKTMENT. furnlabed or unfurnished. 
heAted: BdUltA BtABley Apartments. 

1 inden Avt nue. 


real pnagA 

IADY.S n»\y aull, :!». also two brown 
J aullB. 

large slae. cheap 

1121 Hllislda. Phone l>07tB 

Mrs. Jowlti. 

nil IJroad Street , Phone 1711 

IOCAL agents for the De Laval Croam 
J loPBratur. Aak or write for catatogua. 

Fl'R.NITVHB of 4 
Phone llltX. 

or » roo«a vaatod. 

1.,TK.NrriHK wanted for dlB4B«-r 
li..-drooiii an 

ad' kitrhen: 
Box 7;0«, Colonist. 

oae. or aoBsrAlo 

(1 1 i-TA RT wanted. 

I n good eoaditlOB. 

Applv B.ix 7«»). Colonial. 

IARCIK cheat of .lra»er.. like BOW, tt.71. 
J eddy's, 1117 Doug las t ltreel. ^ 

ARUB wardrobe with hanging cupboard 
J and drawer, only tl^- Island Exchange, 

745-747 Fort Street, 

Jr M I ■ 
J : 
If rcroovrii 

i:i!' (5e<ond-handi. I.Jt* f'ct l»l?. 

jxl, cheap for firewood at IK 
Phone 1714. 

MIMKixin.VPH msflrlnea 'Kills«»n- 
Mi.k. and supplies. Kgclaalve 
vi.'inru agenta at 21 Winch/ Bldg. 
I'hone 1915. 


Lsi:n< ; .M , Ki ' lOxperiemed iady»help. C 

We ate not f>nl>- In a poi>Ulon lo render 
real Service but we aio reaaonablo tn all 
ckargCA ttpeelal attenilon to mlllinry work. 
Lkdy kMliikBt. 

PBoMki Offl'o. 'iot; ttlt and itll 

111 Qiiadr* . ireet. V>c^orla._l^l^____ 

"Say It With 1 i..wa»*« 1 ^ hh si;k KKPBR worklngman. small 

• TlIK liu.sAHl" I H ,( romfortakia homo: no . hll- 

In conueitlou Hall A H'>n | ,|r.<i. ruuntry Of gkbarbBi P. O. Boa 1114. 

141 Ton Kt riiona 3 .14 Vl. lo-la. B C. \ I lorla, U.C. 

raneral deals nlm: a etx-'lalty. at ratea 
arc lo»er than rlaiaharA 


I'' \ ri- r. 1 K.N'. Kl' practl al nurae. terms 
!i' moderate. Phona Mrs. MUler, SlJtU. 
l? gt qoadra Wtreet. 

/^I K.VTLi:wnM AN. educaieil end refined. 
vX «|ih msnv years' nursing experlen-e In 
\ Irtorla. da.'lrea poalllon In iloctor h 
denilais offMe; some typewrlUng exp-n 
en<-r; or aa , nmpanlnn-nursx to (nvait.l 
Willing In iravel r...\ 7*71. Colnnllt. 

(lOflll sleno«rapli.-r desires half day. work, 
t Phone, twrlVe and two, 3t7.M;. 

or T'..>» 77;: 

^J|..'.HAUB for rent. Paone tl4tr. 

rpWO well lighted Offices for rent, over 
X niggon's; nl»" one large room. 30x40. 
on floor by llaelf. Apply Ulggona. I-'IO 

Til I.el ITU..I' off|.-e itrounil lloor. Vsl'-" 
.sill, f. I III iiinhe.l. llfht. phone, heal. |35 
pf-r inoniH. I'ov 77 14. I'nl.inlai. 

WA vi>:u^ !?3^'5^l-^Tj**'-'^ - A*. 

W'ANTIcn lo Bent— Large, airy room as 

W arh-.nirooni Tor few rl.lldren near 
neai-on Iliil I'ark mnrnlnga ..iit> use of 
piano denirahlc l!o« "■ S. ''olonlal. 

MALLli.Vlll.i: aleel rang'A 12 per WOOk. 
I'll >!,.• 4f^i isil liougla s mreet. 

! \f .Mli"i\NV pallor ^eii.i , m lour < uiliiO'i. 
..vl „ t.argain. tit. Island Kschang:^, 'it- 

71; I". 11 1 rtire cl 

MONAItt'lC tvpewrter and cream aep. 
srHior eewSnir m«.lilne, cl''. l»tl t'>ak 

llm \>.iiiii- _ _ 

Tha Odd Sack 01 Ihs Toa LaI of 




Ill.; .aah prices psld for shot- 
1 c'lii- ni.- . »rpenler« tools. <lolh1ng, 
iiiinU- .1 .- I. .iota. maililn>r>. diamonds 
and lewilry. .Ic Ja.ob Aaronsona New 
and Boeond-Haad Store, ill John.- .n sireet 

Phowe 7tt. 

fflHB VeterABS buy cast-off gantlemei. » 
X clothing, tools, furniture. Junk, '.all 
aaywhere. Pay top prlctA rbeae, day. 

tttt. n ight , t:i4t R. 

8KD piano, will pay ca»b. What offoraT 
Hiat.- pri-e. make, pATttoMArs, Bm. 
7 7 7:t, Colonial. 

..nmadlAtrly — Prescribed text 
I nuerslty, aecoBd year Engilah, 
i ren.h and LaUb. HIMory "ado." 

I .ilonl..!!. 


»» IJinens 

I ;r T iilH n. 


't 1 Mount Edwards — Puralaked flat to 

» » r . nt 

» T;or Arartmaota 
^ k. 3 or li rnumed auii*. 

-Nicely lurnlabed 
143 Montreal. 

Bmou r r i.. 
PMheil f.jr 

I en 

• m flat w'lb %eranda, lur- 
,, housekaoptBg: good »o«Al««y. 
incltldUlV PBOBO, llcbt, water 

( ent ral . t 

iKAl TIl.'! l.l.r aituated furnlabed flats 
■ mforSahV leaaonable. i Iota In. 444 

.*» im ro.. s *) I ; 

BIIOAUWAT Aparlmants. Superior niraai, 
moat oeatratly laoatod. dealrabla '— 
ntabed aad wafaralabod 

BniiiiiT furnlabed flAt,. acatial, aiaam 
heated. PboBO 7tt4. 

1."M llMSHKn suite, all coarOB 
adulla. ml 

Quadra St reel. 

Tj*OR Bob! — Nicely rumlahed three-roome.l 
-T flat, private houae. lames Bay. iie"- 
Beaeon Hill and bea. h i honn 17I»R^ 

\\*ANTi:i> -About li or !0 kitckca ekalra, 

'V delivered. Phonn 4 4 44. 

V V lender Storea. 1 

allent sslcsman. Cnl- 
407 tSoverament ittreet. 

buy toeoad-band short 
most be raagoaable. 

\\»ANTBD— To 
4 4 babv clothes; 

I'hone Iku'l. , 

WaT^'TKU - Tolding bAby bugg>-. 
have hooil. I'hoBO Slltl.,. 


WANTBD — Card Melngatan piano, cheap, 
f or cash. Bo« 7117. Celooim. 

\1TA.NTKU — Bolt lea. rags. Joak of all 
4 4 kinds: also Iik>ii«, stovea and furalture. 
etc Wc psy highest prices and call any- 
where. Phonn 4114. 1421 Store Street. 

WANTBD— Men's dark nulin 
after sU. 44 37 LI. 

hone 401. 

l.iU ..t, ii.iKrai.hi r wlili K.jnie expeil- 
« ^4 p. 1.^1 1 loll . small Hilary, llov 

<Ma»a««^^|^ ' 

ABIT.VBn l4A will bo held at Mra Wat- 
sen's, lilt HIanshard Htr..t. \v-dne«- 
dAy, tlol. A" IcgloBAlr a Ana frlenda In- 

»HOd. ; 

ltd military t|». hiin.lrr.l an.l lUnre w 11 
be held iln.l.-r 1 1. ■ ».ii-pl..a ..f 'h'l 
tlaellc Ho. leiy. in the otange Hall, Cyurtn- y 
Slreei on Wednesday, Soptombor «l. At ».J0 
tlood scrip prises. Mambera meat at 

abarp. ■ 

k|u Seetcb dance, auspices Knights of 
Ihe Thistle. Caledonia Hall, PrLlav. 
110 III! 11:10. Wallaci-a nr.liealra 
LadleA 21c: geatlcmA. kOc. tadudlng ri- 

CAlaSDONIA dABOo. every Raturday eveB> 
la«. Calodoala Hall. View Htreel. tilt 
to Halt. Wallaca'a ala-Plece orcheatrA la- 
rltidtag saxop hoBO.' ^ 

IkANCt. Mooa.. T.nnia i lul. K o' I'. 
/ Hall N..rlli f.irk .--tr.i 1.. night. I to 
1 rerr)'a <>r. Ueatra. .Ml in i.«»l"n iOc. 

J.-'til KNDHMlP tlub. opening dBDce, K. of 
r. Hall Samrda*. -'Ith Inst.. t:lt to 




I.MiV with lif.-lotiR experlinie aa owner 
-i and managerraa in hotel boalnesA wishes 
p..alili>n, or as houaekeel»er In rirst-rlasS 
hoiirdlng e.iahllahmenf. or private houso- 

ii.iiii iii.x ;;i:>. colonist, 

(VLI> Country Rradiiale nurte of long ex- 
" perlence, op« n for engagement*, maler- 
nliy or general nursing; reaaonabln leci". 
Phone 4414 T. or Bo« 771 4. Colonial 

icV isi.;i> young lady desires position a« 
driver, any car: 4rar*iliBa ogportcnee. 

FOn BAlJ'^-^MItyiOIJ^AI^ 

IkTC.OONISM — "\ (ofnpefent rnmprtllor 
' t.r.M.r IlKin nn I n. ..I'l p.i '■ii I rlvHl ,\,r\ 
lime." I >I;:k.>'i>. priiii'i.. Miin..n.i-. jiiol ' 'i - 
uiaier.* 1 ■' 1 0 i;o\.inm'-nt .sireoi. .s. e lili:- 
foii I hooMi ill lt"< Mnroe Producia Fair. 
I'er«nnal Bre. ting Nmas cards "It dl»pl«v 

i ai:m tins'' pndouCE !- i . 'i!i; 

f-.-; .street rh..iie •.•'>r. 

I,...a; Priin I'hfnia. 10 Ibii. for II 

I l.leen TolliallHa. 1* Ihr* ■ 

Lipe Tomaiifca, 4 lha . . '•" 
liiirllelt Peara, for pre«er'. inft i aar »-' . .. 
I>amarin and flrengns- phima Applea 
\\"allh>a, Alexanders, i ir« » .-natelns. N'-w 
York KInga. 'I' -M-" Mairowa, Sijuaah, 
Pumpkin*. (-.1. II. 1. 1. era, I ahbflge, and Hrus- 
»el Hprouta, Corn Kalo plan Is. 

AVaBIBtV bt cut nawara ai Bialla U 
and II. PuMla MarBat, or Ui%, liadd. 

I urnalds Road. 

A' CANADA Ideal range wltb- waterfront. 
Jack's Btova B we. TW Tatoa gi. 

Can Ha Purchaaed from 
Pbona "Two-nloe-oh eight" 

fe^ABLT BOW klUkOB llooalar. coal III; 
Will aall okoap. Uty Mart, lit Port 
HI root. 

.1 h'atera. 

I - - . a,,... - - .-- lion 

I oil ■' ov""and'^oveB." like new. »S3 I0- The 
t Hpiioi KxchaBge. Port aad Mtauiflhard. 

1 CI. ..lie -nt. 

OAK l.lireiiii Willi ili<».' < Hn.; Mill 

l-nKlli l.-v.l "iirroi for i|iil'U file. |.... 
I.Un.l i;\. I. ii.j.' .1.'. : I I'ori >ir< ei. 


,11. heslera, 11. SO and up 

and up. elcdri.; Iieiii.i r'rf.' 

l^y stoves, furniture, oloiklac, toots, 
. junk, or any thlog^elso. PboBO »». 

WANTED — StraBAilos aad abort atoHoa 
adaptable for metloa pieturoA Bead 
maaaaerlpla to titernry Berrtoa BurOAB. I»I 
Ra gara Building. Vancouvor. 

WANTUD — Old biryclea and pant in aar 
aoBditlo4|. Victory Wreckage Cyole 
WorkA PIrana 711. lit JakAsoa BUoot. 

Will call at ay addrwao 

W" ANTEU to Bur— A bouaa ot cood far- 
oil ure; WUI kaP BWmM BRldlM 

Phnna 4444. _ 

xi',\N ri:i> W.i l.ii\ s..nd . lana furniture, 
»' .arp-iH lanK.-!- rl. . boo. I prl.r. palo. 
1 l.l.lve. I V I , I •.•ilKla« ^1 rerl r ' •■ 

WAN'l'IbD— ClaAB oottoB rags lor wipiag 
maoMaorp. 1-Ba OalaB l B l ia» Papari- 

I^RONT apartmoat In Park Mansions; 
' gsrage. Apply ITtl Qtiad fa Btroet. 



UITK. 1 roomA largs veranda. 

1 007 Col 

mwo or tkrae raaw sattaa^ woU 

X steal* BBBtBia kltaaaaattdk Man' 


rno Rent— Apartmentg, furnished ar akMr- 

X nlahed. flrat floor. Phone ItttR. 

8IMCOK, near Menclea. furnlabed two 


rooia apartments, 

126 month. Phone 

furalabad gattas adalta. 



3 -BOOM 
Mrara Htreel 

3-R()OM ftjrnlabed suHe. vleon, jam/3rt- 
artle. with linen. |:l; wllkool. III. 

rhone Haddon, :^:.4I» 

»^n<Mi.MFI) furnlabed flat, near the aea 
•J and car: grK>d garden with frolt iraoA 
A ft. Barton, 111 Pembertoa BIdg., Phoao 
III. . 




.- 1 r... : 

Julaii'l I 

Phone -.'Sir. H 

V, .III I'l 

1 1 

:^4 P m 

l.e >. 

11. ;> orrhHaira Invltallona 
.1 f.ii .lie. r.. ling VI eekly danceA 

II i: \ l:Y I'lO«' Auxiliary-, Ainiy 
id Na^y Veterana. Is holding a 404 

^iaTa the ' Haia7aV"BTdg.'. loalitht. wid 
n<«dar. I tt prompt. Oood prlaoa. Admia 

TBINCKf*') Patricia. Uaughtera of fft. 
Qoorgo. inllMary Mt, Wedaeaday, l:Jt 
Odd POIIatrr Hall, Douglaa Btraet. 
■ ■ .TV prlaoA 

lli lNCEftS Aleaandra I.odge. Daughtera of 
X England -Mllllary lin. urnnge ii«': 
Thursday, fieplember 7'. n pm* 
alon Tie. tlrocer* prixea. Man.e folloa » 

mTh KUHOPHICAI. Society. 141 Union Hank 
i RuHdiBg. Publlo _fneetlaB^ Priday. 

uHdiBg. Publlo meetlBBA Priday. i 

p m 

iJTKNi Ml It A I'll KR and iKiokke. per 
D like poslllon. temporary or permanent, 
amall salary aci' optad. Bo« Till, coloni st 

^plt^I^'KI> 1 ■.inpiomcter operator desires 
1 pi.^ Irmporary or permanent, aall'- 
laitpm guaranteed; can do prorating, pay- 
i..|i, diacounts, Inauranco, vr any office 
work. Phone 1812 


Cno?I!T P-hool ilala Ooldan Oatel — 
Junior school for girls snd kindergar- i 
lea. Held In achoolhouae on Chester Ave.. 
Fairfield. Par particulars apply Miss B. P. 
Dullsnd. 1411 Port IHreet. Phono IlltL. 

I'^.VtHHTTHMIC Dancing— A daaa will be 
J liel.t at fieorge'a School on Satur- 

VFEW exlraordli\#rv plann bsrgsln* 
I«..n 1 il'la> lo .■ oa no*. f'>r «<'\.' 
aonie hiK «n.ip« l i u-e.! pinii..i. m p..^llnel^ 
firal-claas cnndltion. Terma Mnd\prlcca to 
suit you. Iletnisman A Co., Ijid., opposite 
I'oatofflie. Phono 1241. 

day mornlnga. 11-1' 

I'hone 7414. 

1i4M«»IN8BB8 Instructed for okaiaiBatloaa. 
J W. a. Wtnlerbiirn. M t.N.A., lit COBtrai 

Building VI.L.Na. B f _ 

I.'<.N«ILH«II M.A. experienced teacher, de- 
J sire* coaching IhroiMh Hummer nioniha. 
would prepare matrloulaton candidates for 
September examlBatioBs In mathemadts 
an d Bnglab subject A Bog 17lt, Usionlat. 

MISS IIARliOW art mlatr.-a> a: nl Mar- 
garet's Hchool «ri Bi'» leaaona In 
.Irawlng and palming l"or pariirulaia. phone 

A CLASS Is boglBBlag OB October 1. ape- 
atBllslnir aa auta ignition, starting an.i 
MBhttag •vslemt IVav sn.l eienlng .la««'" 
Klf^l now. Terma reaa.inahle AppW Man 

ager, Churrh liarage, 414 Courtney street. 

lOY wanted, ta loara 
oae Hvlaa la VtoloHa 
Apply Bo« IwB. OoloalaC 

rienced Rngllah 

.... . vacanclee In 

li. r i laaaea for glrla: uaual aiihlecia, music. 

HH«.i>L- el. I'M Yalea Sfeet. 

M|i<;.| K. ."MKriJ. exparl 
teacher and coach, ha 


baataeaa . 

Waat •rolarred. 

AKB moiMP at noma— tit »• ft* pold 
^« weekly lar FOar spare tlOM writing 
abewearda for tia. Ho eaavaaalaii. Wa lo- 
iract aad ga a aiy yoa 4rMk work. It oat - 
iSus Bb7w^37^*M^ n Calbaraa Bidg.. 


UKI.IAiTlK partloa to addr.aa envelapea 
dialrlbule advertlsmx i t.--a'or^ anllcli 

14c tor 

lion foraia. inatraoUoBA a. \ 
Co.. publlebere. obalbai. Oat 

• aiiipi'« appllra- 
MiCreery A 

SHArr teiel40gal gnan with Balling abll 
11% •ol goad dOBlal po«in.>n lo repre 

SSftootty but 

efr iM whlcti 

tlt^n Thia la a raal 
ma willing lo give hia 
Bamiiltlst 1 ratnrna. but 
up a BSUWd Kualneaa for 
tha atari he would 

to bla ovn maator. Mo laveaimeni 
^iMdr aad af tl. a aupplled. Write la 
JQmmo. to Box -iMl, rolwwlal 


Mil. HUTTIK, .>-t Oeorge a School for 
OlrlA >t4t Rocktaad Avenue, haa few 
hours avallablo for pnrato soachlng; girls 
oniv, acadomie or eomiaerolal. I'hone Itll. 

or call ■ 

i \?'r. >f;TrNtTT o< rurg for a lady papll to 
^ f le.-n highxciaaa phataBfapBr. Ap0(y 

Hot »»!». Colonial 

a aafe 

praw.>v...r — order, wll 

save money by actlag promptly, as owner , 
has nn use tor aamo. Price tilt. P.eply 

Unmedlatelv to Box IMI. jColonUt. 

i8T new Columbia grafnnolA with 
ihogany j iiiin. i »>i.i i|ew rocorda. 

el ' 1 r.- .a n I 
Apply H"X 


^HORTHANty WHiKll., l»ll <;ove 
1^ Street. shorihand. typewrliing 
keeping thoroughly taught: fradaaioa fill- 
ing good poalilnnA E. A. ifellUlaa, prln- 
rlpal. Phono 17 4. 

rniTTOR Tar 

L ad edi 
1 sen Bids 

iirard aiaBMts aad aosioot. 
Ml a. C PnrmaBoat 

ANTO.NK wishing lo purchos 
practically la brand n^ . 

\I .Mi If 
inah,-., — , 
ttl 1 oinpl'l''. Ph'.ne 7711(11 

"|4fHIM;S!t block. Fnlrnrii 

X* apMIIlnentS. for aale (heap 

77n;. Col.inlal. 

BAIIY carls and Eagllsh buggleo llW" 
new. t» WP. Ci t y tter t. 71t Fort St. 

"!> nocf-< il.t. It-rge. earn •<Vilte and purple 
1» apro.iMng. I#4. t '. f ampannla Lsrtl- 
llocA extra fine. do» . |1 . lOO. IK Canter- 
bury Bells, In aeven' has: kinds, dox. 21c; 
144, 11.14 Delphiniums, sorts, dox.. II; 100. 
|g ' Kalea. s "-I- ^"1 ■ hobaand-hesded. i«o. 
14c. Iieek • ; mn tl. Panalea . hoh e. 
dn:t , lie; 1' ' t' I'liika, Mrs. KInklna and 
Old Scotch Whiio. d"X., 11; 100, |4 Sweet 
William, crimfon. pink., dox . He; 
1«0 II 14. Wall.'lower. crimson. yellaw, 
ruby extra fine. doa.. tic; 100. |1.I4 c W.o. 
Rosea and landgcapo work epei lattles. James 
SImpoon, 411 Baporlor. victoria I'boae 

C^HOICB of tbreo Bleapy Hollow chairs. 
J 111. It each: eaay chalra sood epringA 
hMMs cover*. Th* Capitol Mxchaage, 
Port aad Biapabard . Phone lit. 

<4AN,MiA I'-ld" rans". als-hola Monarch, 
an lu. . M.inarrh v'lth gss allschmeBIa 
Klao a r — I l:<^ I The Stovc King. IJ2 

|.-..r. I'l: I..' tj:l 

(kAK iiiii"l. <at'lnei hke ne« 
' i:\.'lisiige. 7li-:i7 Korl 

^UUAN, splendid tune. tit. I'houa 472JL.2 



(1LOSB to new lludxon s Bsr piore. 7: 
' snd 724 Herald Mreet 4 rooms, bath 
and pantry, with nice gardens. 
painted and doeorated tkrougbout, both In- 
Mlde aad out. 14* month, each bouae. Itcalr- 
able teanu only, and will Siva leaar. Apply 

ti2 Say ward Building. 

I moiCK boBBBlow. cloao in, furnlsbod or 
* unfumlaked. Apply 1114 Bardett Ave. 

\i ^t:i.i.^PCIUIIBHBD baagalow to rea . 
» tio. taiaMdiato poaaeaslon. Pbon* 


TAroUt.O real batf faralaked bouae for t 
vT aaoalb^ mo rao»A furnace, near Em. 

i»ao«*l. Bag mit. Coloalbt. 

nTOULD akaro furnlakod bodbe, modern, 
▼V eleetrto llsOt. MrA UaUlday, Cadbora 

Ha V 

V> itoou boas*, well (Bralakod. Oak Bay, 

O apiendlJ view, UI.M. 

B, V WINCH A CO . LTD., I«< Fart lltrt*! 

8"-RUOMEn semi bungslow. l.ladfa AvoBtie, 
close In, 174: t roomed hauae, Jamee 
Bay. closo IB, III. BA**kAWs A Co... 121 
Hayward Bldg. 

J. ROOM cottage. Fsrnwood. ataso to aioroa 
*x aod car. large garage, chicken ^ vitex. 
good garden, partly furalsbsd; i 


^POPI/rU Y AND LilV t yT<LK;K.^ «» 
nesa. aad bMBBP far aalA STM 

\ I'l 111 harness. 
Sm ond Htreet 


I KNTION -Will sell 104 of our famous 
WlBKrlaylng puUeia, many abuac 
ready to lay. lor It to |l eacb, AfPcadtng o« 
matnrlly. T. W. Palmer B.MUI>. N« 4 
vietorl^ Pbaao IMI. P»m oaa»o flrat 

NT aaaaittp a< 
paM at yoar 

t«l4. ■ I 

Lv)R Bato — Boveral head of good farm or 
r heav y work boraoa. 1114 UladatoBA^ ^ 

1" ^)R Bale— Taaas klliy soot, almaat »«ni 
' br«d Baaaoa. • Moyea bottr**a ValTSr- 
alty aad Bbalboaraa Street. 


r 111 

IJVJR SaIo— I canarlea. 7 young alBgers. 
thren pur* rollera included and two 
heoA MIngera worth tlO aad up each, bell- 
ing the lot for lit. _Phone 3tt4R. 

R Bale Pedigree C.uernseyA one year - 
ng buil one aged bull OB" trash cow 
and 'others ft Daictt. K. K No 1. Maplo 
Hay. l>un.'»n 

1';^UR faie l>ean Strain Wbtt^ W yaadottw 
puiicta. laying. Marcb Bad April 
haichad. iJ 14 each Some yearling heoA 
and g oala. 6 ll*a A Mott. 414 Darwin Ave. 

1>:>R Bale— Parekred DurocA 2 •<>*»■ ' 
' boar. U ^aBBB PlBS. H. P. Wolf. Mill- 
Hi ream ltd. , 

Sale — 1 young sow and nlna pig", 
eek old. S. Rodman. Uranvllla A^e. 
Strawberry Vale 

A we 

IrtOR Bala— I top_PoBieranlans. puppt*^^! 
' months rtd. " - — - 

ir. M. Taaby.- ar Bki 

SI.'.IX. _ 

I'tilt hale liond team of black horsea. well 
^ matched; also wagon and h»rnei.a 
Asaly IS7 Part Btroot, phona Hit. oi 

Diikyard Baad, pkoaa 114X 1. 

<OR Bale- Two BOod bows, due in eight 
w**k* It oaofc flrat Utter; also a pure- 
bred Torkshira koarj seven monlha old ; alsa 
smsll piga et«.; very cheap. I'hon* 7ttllA 
I' Harnea. l!alon Avenue. l.aWe Hill 

I.Xjn Hale -Tov Pomeranian puppies Mra 
^ .1. Orrick, 2140 I'rlor ritreci Phon* 
Itll R. , 

HOR8B for aalo-Mar* t year* old, re- 
llakia and aound . Sylvesier. Talag Bt. 


MILK-PBD rMtatlag chicken. 40. per lb ; 
hrollera. llo per lb.: bolting fowl. lOn 
per Ib pullets' eggs. 4t« per dosen at 
main store daily, and on Paturdsy at < iiv 
Market Stalls 41 and .'•» Laj-geit a.leetlon 
In the city. Yearling l.eghorn hen«. ihr.'iigiT 
aioaltlBBa heavy larlng sualn, Uua« 

dfads ta akeese from 


tM-M Tstaa ^'>t Domisloa Tktstra 

Phone II4t '_ 

ON)-; team of gtrr mares for rile. i:o.,.l 
farm team, or trade lor good cow or 
Pign. APptr Bsath Bad Patbi. Bocky Point 

P O. • 

fvunKBRKD nordea ssttar paps lar «iIa 

J -1X1 Inlet T)rlve^ 

I>AI.MKI('S strain I.eghorn pullels for 
X sale at |1.7I. 2140 Khelhoiirne M reV» 

pleaaani loeatlon. 

rnoDis, high part of fVri rttraat. 
lani loeailon. alee £r mnd.,. might 
|«ast:' tij month. 244 Union Hank Uulld- 
iBg. Pkoao IM4. 

I~>OB~n;eBt — }-room*d cottage, aegr Cad- 
' boro Ba y. Phoae I7HB. 

1" 5(Tr! nent Piro-roaaisd basso, aiadara, 
* adultji only, ABPty Os UH lMS Bt, 

rhone 7«;'.tH. > 

A I > oni|lllon, sweet lone 
IS Yalea. 

1>IAS< >. 

inu nouany 



.1. .Miller. .N>« York, |W*, par! 
I, rma If m-ccssHry. Phnn- 

I^IANO HargalBK— Bmall overhead ex- 
. . pennes enable me to gHe von the b. «l 
bargains m to»ii in ii«e.i n.. .1..' 
lored up wrc' ks. 1 nr l|. t Itanlly. 11. i 1 orl 
Hreel ^ 

1>IANO bargain -Maaon A lUa.h piano. 
Iieaullfiil tone, eaav action, a genuine 
luirgain I'.eneilti t Hantly 1 121^ For t Mt. 

jl AN.' I .\.-IJi otjmn. n.iirlv new alldli'.; 
bed inucii, also small bureau and chair. 
Phono lIltY. 

FOB SAT.K on iiini: 


1><JRTAIII.i: ga« 
li.r , or. I » ood 

gaa engln* and circular aaw 

" A RUADAUC" — dOA vl'". ci m To i • a 
J\ rOt>m. wltb board; terms uiudaiaia. 
P bons l illX^ 

BEA'coN HURST — Aaoomroodatton for 
couple; awdsralA Pkoaa UttB. SU 

Irooglaa. ^ 

BO.N-Av-C<yHl>. •41 I'rinceaa Ave. — Room 
and iioard. moderate Phone 4_44tO. 

BOAItl> and rooma. Kingatoa BlreoL 
Also am all collago lor rent. 

CHRRHT Bank. prHrato poardinc bouse, 
centrally localod. ~" — 

nOCBBB, fara 
•1 aad Mr 

T A 

\VANTK.I->- « 
»» to freshe 

-Oood famllv Jerae. 

>1 lie 

first or second' calf. 3 to 4 gallons. Tele- 
phone 77J1XI, after 4 pm. or Bog T«T. 


\'"Ul N'l PU" ►«-l» 
I'roaperl I.ake Boa' 

A pp V 

aperl I.ake Boad 

a Fl/'LL-OROWN toy PjmersDlans 
papoi BiM Paklaaso. ssaAs. rhen* 
MMT. . 

ajid 2 


nil Broad Btraat- I'bons 1 

nriT rn; i » laid 

I los* to car. 


Phon* 774»i. 



E.SQCIMAI.T Comfortable room, 
board, sitting- room, e iiiabi. far two; 

HILL Homo*. ° Brat-olaaa board raal d eaaA 
B«ac4n Hill, ttl BImcoo. IIMB. 

A ppi y 


AHan, pleasant room, eealral, nodora: 

i meala If dealred 441 Hupertor Wtroot 

IC1£ large roam, aiiliabla for two goatlO- 
men. IH <iovernmenl Str*et . City. 

icK roonif, j-iiii I.I without bsard. 

private houae. I'hone I H4T. 

luM and board for man, it ailaates 
from Hudaos'g Bay Btora Pboae 

•.' : I . 

SoLlli ..ak hall aland, oval b.?vel sglrrar, 
11 anup t.. ..9. iglaad Ki':k«MB*. I<l- 

717 I'ort Mreet 

l^'l'AUI'.-< bought .\nu a<^.ld al tha^B 
O Escha nge. 411 Ya <*• Htreet. 

SELL your gooda at city Markrt Aurtloa 
aalea, Turadayx and Krldava. Furniture, 
livesiock. guoda'of all dea'-ripilona called for 
I'll reouiai. Phone JH4. o r ^OIUU I 

SLINK net for aala ctaaap. U. B> 
Slilo. y. H C. 

S.s M' |tiir:iiio garollna *nKii.. f..r sale 

pil' C 11.440 

1 'I hois.'p.wer. .ill eonipl* 
t„l Hi Htreel. 

t"^! PKCIAL— unger sewing machln*. light 
) rsaalng, only fis. 'Tit Taieo^ 

Ss.M'-Lady'* brown tsnc coat, saarly 
n. ' . coat $11; aceo^i law offer. PBoaa 

: tl ; » I : 

DRV cordwoo>l an.l cedar fence posts, 
cheap. A. a A Lawes. Royal Oak P O . 

R.M.D No I 

W rainaKtd^ > oasBie d collABS. UoA :7*V 1 1 .-m <MkaBBa 


];^LF.VK.N aeres. rl'sr title land ami I'.at 
^ i-aih aa first patmenf on houae. snd 
• 111 aosiime pn It. > ■ ''«•" 

EXCHANUB flvepasaaager auto, electric 
ilsktgL starior. now batiory and tiroo. 
for rioar ntta Mt, acTMiso or lioua*. aad 
pa y caak dlffnieaaoa. Bob tlH. Coionlo t. 

I.'^OB Halo, or tX«Baa«». rarrlage and bar- 
nese, Perfoetloa ell etorve etc 
1«t«. i ntonl at. 

TTtOR 12. Tas k lo b and Basato* both ear*. 
r lee. Sayward Bid *. P haw* 7117. 

DIAM'I'fM ring 11.104 boya rr y superb 
and flawleaa stone ilianon'l ring ll't 
rarati. aet In plallnum. a gen i me 
B og 7itl. Coloa lot. 

I^'^AMT chaif , aphoisrered In iap*«>r>. t,|i.i 
J taaae cover, in fine aha »e. «2*.M i*-' 
a-i l KtcbABB*. T4t-74 7 Tot > re-i 

rn^^ •> dandr. levot, etenftMIe tMk Ua 
1 will ^AcBsBsi tat smsawSMA 

V lota. 

tor aale. cheap, mt 
eeni lit: wiadrA 

Ml It • »• or.l« 



• I'fi' K on 
.1 ..h nson 

1" Si.lge 

I'c.ine 711 

I/l.ntlANT pItM 
^ pavmeata. or 

1^'lilsoS gramnpli 111 
^ J'X K..ri Sir..- 

I^fWX SAle— Parker 
Itammarleaa. '^W 

■■.•CMBlT OAk dining room aolle. library 
X table, a* new. 1T*I Fnul Hay Band. 

I^V)!! Pale, choap. t- burner Uorney-Osford 
» *0 rABS*; BO*'*' nvrn. i'hone 42MT. 

« XlR Bl 
A' while 

I ..It • sill* 

l.v HI Sal*. rb«ba, 
J? IBB Mtk Mt f M . 

. oiieioik. grasi Mats. 

aatol bed hall etantl. otc, also 

Pboae 7X.'. 3R 

^a, tBSMd oaA dMiaa WC 

THK Capitol Exchaii;c - JIala store. Port 
and Blaaabard Sta Pboae ill. 
Braachea Hit DaaslAs sl. phone iit; 741 
1 IMk We buy. aell ar eg- 
Toa'll bo aatlaOed. 

ROOM and board for two biialne-a peopU 
in a comfortable private familv cloaa 
to Hudaon'i Hay Btor*. Phona 27»4B 

nooM aad Board. 



«*akly: 1 

Broagktao wt. 

ROOM snd board for 
married couple*. 
Phone llltX. 


tnlBus: nir* gardcm 

1C">'NV room and board i" prhate fami r 

Phone 77141.1. 

1141 Monterey Aveao*. t roon 
would give lease: |40. R. V. Winch * 
Ltd.. 444 Fort Klreef 

hJEVKN-BOOM houae. No. 74 Dollas lload, 
5 larg e gard*a aad eblokon koaa*. t:5. 

T~ n i^i — i-roomed houae. light, hot and 
cold water Applv Moves, bOiVWa L'nl- 
veralty snd Shelboiirne Hireef 

«-m''B have aeveral houses to lei, furnished 
W and nafaralabed. Apply Carlla Baaity, 
t il Joaea BalldMt. ________»_ 

$~ 10 PBR month— 1-rooined cottage In Oak 
Bay, nice localliv. sea view: aom* farnl- 
liire for sale. Hox 7717. Colonial. 

olive Street. 7 rooms, all clean and 
I tfO In good order; furnace; cemeat 
basement : biilltin buffet: per month. 

.^pply to P. B Brown. III? Broad Slrrr:. 

^ I'.fKiMHn h.,Mee 14.1* Vorih ParU Htren. 
a) ji-. Vr-P' M'" !'.!■. ni'Ii.'if^." ..I'l'*- 

MAllRIPD couple, ehlldle**, n*«d 4 or 
I -room modern bungalow wMfc garden, 
about mile circle. Would pay IS Maalhi 
I en I In advaaee. Phone 7t41U 

vv able rant. 

or I' 

I4«lch»r Street 

lod boaae, roaaoa- 
it. BiniBMas, lilt 

W*" ANTRD to leas*, by Not. 
term of years. 4 -roomed 

ramt>er. for e 

^ „. "d houae an.l 

one or two aeres. must have outbuildings to 

hold ?04 ehicbens. Bos 7144, Calaala:. 

rflAIILK l«ard lun.heons, dinners. If 
X. private boar'ling houae ansall table*, ex- 
cellent cooklag. healing and opap fire; .an- 
tral; tonaa raaooaabi*. we*kiy 6r monthly. 
I'hon* 7tlTII. 

■\ ' Kit.voN Houae — Private room ood 
V bourd moderate: central: BaglMh eaok- 

Ing ^1 


L>^ 114 w< 





Port Bt- aktmo 
ihaaso MirtklBB. 

rpilK Moore- Whilllnglon Lumber Co. I.,td., 
\ ealBblis'ie ! I<i|,t Bough and dressed 
lumbir. .l...i-« winiloas. tram<s. Interior 

finish, et City or country order* rocelva 

careful attenilon. l.'arrr*p«Bd*Bco iBvllod. 

Hawmilix. Plaaaani Strort: factary. tttt 

Hm.Iu.- Steeel ^ 

Iv».KI> iiptishi pun., best make, cheap. 
|in i.iontliH l«ir tjiiadra Streei, 

1''.>if:i> WhUo sewing msehioe, half prlre, 
J S' ! qui. kly 711 Yat< a 

L~ rpiKii STKBINO — ChcttarBolda aad eaay 
I ">aB f IB MdW . J iW B IB t B a SB B lB 

t.v I r ne 2!IS1t _ 

UPHOLSTF.RBD willow parlor . .t^ in 
lapestr). loos* rookloas. m ' idins 

1 LU.\I(»I1^.I> UOOMB to 

1-on RoBt— BodroaM aB< Ml 
tor buain*** wiwa s , aoaflp 

tor bu*4n -- 

c lean and comfortaMa. 
man. Pbon* 1174R 



rootwo, faraaaa. 

bed room. 
Pbjn* isitu 


PhnO* tMtX. 

lel. well M ra l S b od 
tireplac*. saraB* 

1' »ALL laii Hial. B watitoa BB j laa ra y , 
on port stns^ aMMrtM' tba PBaca 
iiuiidiBi. rurniabod rootai aad light bo«^- 

tiuiidiBb rurBiabod rootBi't aad light bi 
koapMs room* 'root t*. tip Pir week 

\\ A.\Ti:i» T<» r.v.} 

f LHNIBUh.l> UUi; 

U-A.'^rEO— raraisbod baMSlair ralrfloM 
district, by BoptaaiMr T. 

c mn. 

FAIR w KKk ari:ci*ij» 

The activity ahown lo our Jiaed esr de- 
partment ahowa kow pooola appraclata 
good, dependable cars at tha right ,»rlee. 
Thie week we plan a cleBB-SP. and All tb* 

• aia on this Hat aro worthy your aUeatlvB. 

CHKVH<JLI':t BAUY OBAND, let* mode. 

euusi lo new in s ppaa r a a aa. an i 

buy at tbe low price 


■I M r ■* I 

UVK.HLA.ND "tr' Tourlng, lllt-ThI* tar 
la in high-grada aoadHlon. driven bv ono 
careful drltfop slaaa aew. A •V^ITL 

snap at ♦O.Pt* 

UKANT uiX TourlBg. 1IJ0--A rid* In tbia 
car will aatlify you. It has run leas thsA 
six months Ai J'lat hsi/ •I'Ml.'t 
new price <»l-.r,) 
FOHD TOI Ill.NO. Itlt — Osa *f ' 

mile Koris that wa baro fbe* 

strong. tiui*t laator, aad isaks jr.lkT. 

like BOW ♦u.r.j 

norxiB TOWBINO, late WSdal— Tkia car 
win Btro yoa *atiefaciory rorrlcA Bolsg 
\n extra ^ood skapo. A bargala 

MAXWBI.L TOf}BINO— BaBaiakod ilk* 
new, baa sow battery, top aad tlraa A 
BBo lltuo car. sad a barvsM 


A LA ROB ato«k 
A. sarto for the 
ABbat-Ooirali. Bu 

Tl > HI . NT 


ATTRACTIVE beo**, faring **a, Ook Ray. 
foor bvdrooM. fMa larae drawlas- 
room; good garage, i. C. BrMcaMS, Ml 

Hrwoghion Street. 

I~jvxr-lKPTloNALLT well fsralsbod madora 
;-ro«m houae. beaotlfolty aliaated. 
large rooms, hardwood BoorA kot water 

keotlas. aoaitBt baaemeat; 1*1. Pkoao 



FUBNI8HBD koBO*. sevea raemA Cievern 
meni street, for sis or tweiv* montat 
Tfn' la* 

W'ATKBFBO.NT farm. fifty ArrOs; |- 
roaatod dwatttaB. tor alg moatbdk MsM 



714 Jobaaaa Btraot Phon* .'rir 

novem ment l»laaor Vander'* opposite 

Airro PART* 

LA ROB atoek alway* oa kaM of aaa4 

ho following cars: Apperoaa. 
Hulcb, Chalmers. CadlHBIb 

'.Car, Cole. EMK. Kraoh> 

Hg^ llapmeMIe, Hudson, iivaiian.l. Oaklaad. 
Baa. BaaaeU, ' Btoddord-DayioA MItoboU. 
TadBopo. WblM aad Wiaioa. at a iiaeUtM 
af tb* ortgtaai aaoc 

HO>>< H Magaetoa artd eoPa I t t, 4 OOd 
» cTllnder engto.a. rarboratora, «a* 

laaka, t.e-i.ea (tourtag aad d ailvery*. topA 
sMa coriaina .-naBtsailb M S ip^ SbMBB^ 
laboa and rtaaA 

IJVMAAM Iroat aad rear aslaB 

MBB gidaig give* prompt alloaUafc 
'Mr. Jaakl*^- 
• «t view Stroot 

irrMUAIBBSI diotriboior fee ttoartas 
Jaxoae Rime aad 
piaiea Klaga 

Misfci Pkaaa tlMl. 

Al. ^ _ 

rtai jarta HI I 
•ttfsMS Btreot 

•laaB Mil 

• It M. 

- - (SB Uroochlon Str*«« 
PtSsh«rioB Blook 

aeilee and two > hairs;* 1 
I II 7 Dooglae Htreel. 

Ill <>ddya 

1 I 

UtXiM and break'ast with ■rivata f*mllr. 
..ak May bjngaloo ffSeka beyond 

Ratea ar- 

Hay bjngali^i 
lady or genii' man 
• lit* Bos in;. V letnrll 

P c 

nrs 'bay aad aell -wttMB aad M«« aN 
VP BMl la P hoao ItIC 

•% A OAbtW old Kagllah hammer gun. tt 
JlU M. karrsla; t boa** ahalla: kaattaa 


v4>ott reioadtag ootrit. copa powde- 

ttt Ttt Market Str*e» ^ 

TjrjrTNCIt victor aad Colombis rameda 

1 vNK Slr**t Phon* 2i;tT. 
Hav 'ar Private hom* 


At lit Bardett Aooaaa— A oo«iplot*ly far- 
•Jahed bod-itltlaf*oom, groaiM floor 
apaa fIrwpiAc* Pbeas 4t*4R 

Vi.AnoK fara l sbcd boaaalMsptas mom. 
• ith na piai«, IS oidsB. MS Vaocaa- 
var Btroot. 

1/i>n R*nt— \lo* aalf-eaatalaod Hal, for- 
ulsh'd beamed 'elHnra, rireplaras. 
panel Wall*. hardwo<.d fl-x..-. gardea , beat 
pan Oak na> . |4l p« r mon'h. adalls oalr. 

Has 77^4. I'olonm 

>OR Bala or foat, 3-rssaisd s sodsra far- 
BWboB BaBSBi AffBtp VMMB, TS OBsd 

A reffOO . 

r'*owis |lt. ? ro'Nm 

ly -ei* fetSMOod 

I.ltiRNIBiraD Satie 1 
lit. Ilgbt. water A 

It a" 

It — PorBlsbad bwaa*. 

1 M Sood order: c 

moot and Part: two BO ; rerit IM 

Ltd. I4I.1M 

loae to 

4r. H. HUOHBB 
r rerd bag >a the eiiy at 

A ' A!^'^. -r rerd bag la me eur ■» 1 
niaa. lilt Cook St-. City, for ttSA 


DOnOE Roods4rr, 1474 model, cord t.rej 
ts- 10 exe^Meat (oadlilaa MtAs IBM 
new own.r muM aell tl.IfS 

Mcl.Ai <;hliN Maoter Bia. all good iireo. 
This la a Itlt modaf. lo epIeadM fon- 
nlBg order s"d iha eheapeet Met.eursin 
la the Prl.* . |l u'* 

(kVUHLA**!* receBily oaerhauied aid 

' a *w»d bov •« ■ •* ■ ■ 

KEPI BLIC troek, toa and half rapacity 
Saa body, asb •■«_»|B«MMtd. Tirto 
iri«iii fai raady ta BP^^-stk. flM It • *'»■ 

f «. #•« r«*oo«*«a«**a«o «s*sroo VlaM#V 

la aa MM** JBP. ^IBM 



MlilPl HI' ■"■l ll'.l,- 



A Mart for^ Busy Readers— iiouse aad JBusmess Property for Sale and Exc hange 


•^M- < HK\lt..uKT. lai* mo4«l. flv» 
' '* ' t>»MrM(ri, In rir*t c lass ordar 
This ' «r ha* v«ry (004 llr««, M Mcaltoat 
top, with m, Mt o( M« 4MMMML MA 
run* ^ad louka •« ■••A M MT 9*** tV. 

V*<^<^> riva MAiar, l^ bMiiUCal condl- 
iiu- Tlila car la abaoliAalr l^l*«<l • 
n«w OB«, »• It haa h«d •ie«»tloMll]r ci>o4 
MM. The tlr«a ara Tarr >ood (S ^ ' 
MM), mmA It U a«al»p«4 wttk 
•StM* SMk M Mtttal — -g U M 

VfcJV MMar, t« •se«iTant M«4<tl0ll. Tkla 
la tha bMfBla tlM( y<'Li havn hrt-n waltlns 
1»r. It luM Mtr% $0'xi Ursa, witli a ipat* 
* braa« MW t*9^ Mui l»ta •( csiraa. Tba 
raolM »rtM •< (kto ite M •»•*. 
la Mly m«. 

4^»if- Kill;!!. flvr paaarngar. In flrat 


rannlos ordar. It bM cood 

ttraa aad » 

•0»>U la t>M>wti(ul fh*p«. — _ 

Mir Mm {■ mm • !•» — * >• ii« M 
lwr4 to lairit frrai • M« CM. Tm Ukm 

«r« McallaBl, sWttk • 

1«| l...i.ln«. 

ThU car tiu 

il, lialit fMT. !■ 

la aM»t«toW M ton* mm ft n«w oM Md 



haa axcallent Urrt with a aitara. 

(ji>r'/k/\— Itt* modal Overland llcht fanr. 
#4UU Hara-s «■ MMp«i«Mllr mo4 tHir. 
M tMa Mr haa onljr M«b •O' tha r«*d a 

v#rT ihort llm>- Tha raaaen that thU pr*^- 
llrally n»w 'ar la "n tha markat la ' 
lUf ovrixr wants a larsar oaa. 

CORD. l-aa*tar. In rary »ood 

4>.-:/k KORD, t-aa*tar, in rary »ooa 
A-*-*'' ninnlnv ord*r. Harv'a a raal %ooA 
i '-ri nlih all Koo<l (Iraa, and cvarything In 
flrat-claaa condition. Thla la a aaap. 

■My Tarma m Aay Oar 
Tm — 

•It TatM Btraat.. fu rm m 9i OMAr* Itraat 


fPOKD Mupa, In azeallaat 

MW Uraa; anap for 
rash, MM TTIt. OatMlai 


MT. la 

affar ra- 

I.'^nitPS 1110 taurlnr. o*w top, 
aiM-rdomatar, cut-out. foot threttla, ate, 
Itlii 1(11 1-laa waraa-drlva tniek. Sk aord 
damp body. lITi; lit! dalltrmr, full-alaad 
body, top aad oaiTM enrtalaa. IM«, PaetBa 

Motor Co., 141 View St PhoM IIU. 

1.V)R Hain — Mcl.*u(hlln l-pMaaacar, Boaeb 
.1 inasnpin. In (Irat-claaa ahSM: MtM all 
IT'XMI. and two nparaa. fZIO. AMty HI* 
)Tlnr»«a Ar# i'hooa !H*L.. 

1^^UH HaJ«- Ford. > avatar, with dallvary, 
«t»0: aiao rord 1-aaatar body. Ill 
Apply l^tfMas, MM Waaeaaa St. >kaM 

I7>OR Rale— MudaM M OTMI Aa0% Hitt 
I'hon* «7«3. 

jjioR Hair i»ii OkalaMta aar. 


Phone t»lR 

IHAVH a dandy rar that would make a 
food tail Would Ilka partner with aM>t 
II, 00*. I will trach partner ta dftM, If 

nrrraaary. Box 7 III. rolonlat. 

OWNRR left for rhtna Tharaday, Md hM 
laatrtirtad us to aril hia ll-4tf aaVM- 
paaaaavor McLauchiln. The car la praa- 
llrajly new, having been aold by us a abort 
time aco. It la fully equipped and baa 
aavaral axtraa. and la a barsaln for quick 


M» TatM 

PilONK ilOt, rox 4k Terklna. «ll View 
airael. Winter lopa, tourlof and da- 
llvary Mdlw > Ht la aaMr. TaM. ItP 
Mvava aa4 4aat aaMaa^amta ay 

XV maki 

bMtortaab Ma 

makaa af llcktlaff 
rapalrad. Bar 


Mrtaa rapalrad. 
Vlaw.- PfcoBo 1714. 

par day; all 
_ __ atartlaa bat- 
ttary Sarrtaa Co.. ill 

BTUnRRAKKIt tourlnc. ea la. |I0« Mr. 
Junkie. »U \*\<'W Hlreet. rrmn" til*. 

CINAP. liffr— V)»f« llfkt Milvary. Apyly 
D Normaa HIral. UlT Oa«fe ttoaat pSmm 


aiMk tar 9m4 taMyary Mr la 

priaab Bax IMS. Oataalat. 

TTlTANTarx— Uae.l rord. 
Vt amall payment ilcywn. 
Apply Bos TTIt, Colonlat. 

MaMOKKAjra oAJuaa 

IIT JokaaM tt Pima MTT 

nita lALS 

MslH Nnn-Rkid lll.H 

MsIM Non-HkM Cord II.M 

Ilk4 Chain Tread |4.M 

lism rorfl Non >^ki^ t9.H 

t4s4 Cord NoA .Mkiu «|.M 

Ma4M Cord Non-akld .< M.M 

owHf AUt tnatn 


• A4>r — 1»11 DVKUl.A.M). nv» paaaencer 
9^KA>*J tourlns. in aood mechanical con- 
ditio*, all good Uraa aaA M aa M aa l patat: 
aeif-atarter. alactfta Uvkta, mw MItary. 
«p« thla ear. 

dk'T/wy-l»2l LiailT "4" OVBRL.ANn. aa 
W • food aa new In every reapact. 
auatanteed A real tiariraln. 

(v — r; — DVFm.A.ND. Modal tl. 
'i' 1 *^ (uarantaed to lJ» In flrat-claaa 
maohanleal condltlM. A raaaiy flva^pM- 
aenyer car. Runt Md looka like new. All 
irnnil tlrea with apare. with nrw threaded 
rii(>^«'r arparaior Wlllaril baii^rv. Car 
newly palmed. Thla car la chaap. 
^-lAA/V— 4I1T CMALMBRa SIX loarl 
9-LVf\y\/ tlmroufhty overhanlrfl In < 
own afiop me< hanlrally (uaranteed. nev 
top, all «iind firra. econonilral family car, 
ii'wiv painted. Brat buy la cliy. Don't 
r .1 t.< aoa thla aar. 

tfV-'/W'W — l»ll H0D80M foar-ryllnder tour. 
»lfV)UjJ Inc. A onmfnrtabia car for fam- 
ily line Rise of tlrea 14x4. Blactrlo atarler 
l^■<■^ iii^hta. Car In nrat-rlaaa mechanical 

II. A real anap. 
a>r:i Wi— till f-AI>II.I.Ar. m. < hanleally 
qPUUl/ (uarantred In flrat-claaa condl- 
tlM: alt yood tlrea aelf-atarter. eloctrlo 
llahts. seat ro*er« Heat Cadlllao In 

cfly. Have a l^ok at It 

Baay terma can be arranted on all above 
•aM Aptfiy 

•kafrrooaaa Til Port St. PkOM N4« 



1«S« BABT' Oraad Chevrelal. aaaiptata 
with fnra and rear bumpora^ xMad da- 
Rectors an<l npntllKlit all coad Una dad 
■me new apnir main' In r>erfaat aMari a 

flc - _ _. 

■ me new •pme rnain' In perl 

■ ood all roUMil buy. tl.OSn 

IttI OVrRI,ANI> 4. only run 7,000 itill»a 
aa rood as new. all ■nml Urea and one 
gaad apare. A anap. 

rATiTAi. nr.nvvK oarauk 

ton r.rt Rtr..t Phone 1114 

I ■! »»» MUOICI. 90 <'vv'«n'l f 'r "aalaT^laljar"^ 

Ja BM aMdiiinn. i-nr.- iioo PboM MM& 

Al'r<> llAHOAU«i_ 


A light »-r«"'"«*'-. « 
llCkta aad atarter 


PUICK, l-paaaMflar 

i^APII'LAC. elyht. T-paaaaaaar 

FI1HI> worm-drive Irnrk - 


r Il 


Theae --ara have been |<ul In -r^, ... ,u 
kpo, wltk ttraa all round, aad eaa M 



:< CAB 




^flctnrla rira 

(J! A NT, TItt. Ca 
1 T»« 


A T Rl < K r '> 

I- V 


« ri Hi- <HK 


1 ' 1 

rii i;>:ita. 

Af all ataaa ap to sii tone 

fffWAPPtC TRfCK, one slae »rU 

poanda rapa< ii r 

daatcaod and built eapeclally for mer- 
• riaata wkaoa doHvorlao roawire a apeedv. 
Oepeadable Irocb OntBas ennlnped with 
aaaroao Kndv »ii>t can'irr it hae »i«tri<i 

UMtS anil •laner A w^n4»rf,il (r.iTk 
Termi Anvwhwm r*n the II 
Repreoentallvaa of 

A mPrnOM — Oia kl«y«le part 
A. ■Wtfe aMBey and wa pay II 
CyolO WrockJke Wurha. VhvuM Tit 


John »o« Kt ree f 

ly'barff " 

" larrta. R 
Cycle Works 4*1 

kalww (Jiivf-rnin«ul 
Asronei.n I'rop 

J^'^dlt Hale 

Will call 

parts are 


say addrooa 

e-WhIiworih I- 
t aaw; fsrUel. 
lit eaak. Victory 

A I rundltlun 

I >a V Mr.' 

(uud Urea. 

LADT'8 and sant a 
ftl OrooB atraal. 


BfM4 aad 



'ANTBO — A atrletty aeaad 
^■nall WB» will Invest 

aa la 

MH. HOai.'bMa U.AM 

tt*m aar offlaaa la Wlaatpa* RocIbb. 

< alaary and dmonlo reaardinc bualo>sa 
vPlpvi tufjit i«a In Vutwila au.i vt'liiir it 
wish to sell yuut ba»4U««a. let ua 
aacatlaia far you in strict i mficai ca, no 
advertlatag. bo publicity. 
iMPKHiAi.. canauiaj. Tkuar < ')»<i"ANt 

tit Ml eel I'houu 1 kit 

lit bUtii^ A»4iuccruiix 



IlKMt tala M-fcat — »». A»plr fM 
T pard fUoaC 


<;eni a :4-iaak aatra feMvy service bicycle 

onl> Ill 

(.Ilia t: li.rli KiiCllsh l.ur'lo . }IT 4« 

t.lrl a :i ln< b KIriiiar, Krigliah make, flrsl- 

claaa ordar MT-I* 

l^dy'a RAtelah, aaarly now, only ....•?•.«> 

Or wa wM 

iBlk II 



F*UH Aria H IMI Mai. cm aad Hflaj all 
nearly BOW. Phone 41IIR. • 

1>< M< .lie < h»ai>. Dex eel launch cushioas, 
^ I auaevar llual-iouae Pliooa Ittl. 

IAl^'^Cll for inre, abort or lun« Irtpa. 
i I'artioulara and tariiia. uliona llelmont 

8AI.klON flshloc la at Us Ixat. Urtve- 
youraelf motorboata eaa bo roatod from 
private ownera. 11 par he«r. Apply flrat 
i..>aihouse pa at g.P.IL Wbarf. Phoao W«IR . 

rT\uui.uU40 boat wMk mMi^ H n. a c ft. 

after a. 

WANTED — iyutomoblle aaclM <tad two to 
four a.p. laartM oaalM ar raad avar- 
boar I maMr. tU •allMlUa Btraat. 

MKORTAKI.K tar. -rllabla. courteoma I 
attention, iraaoiiable i-haicra ruoaa4*l. 


[TtlVB I'A-Hbt.N . 1. 1, 
^ hire. Fhooe <«<ir 

»> I " >r I rai 

IJ L'«- '.tjilr 

S-PAaaBNOBB far for bua. day »< niahi. 
roaaoaahU lataa PhOM IIM. Altar • 
9.m^ iMail. ' • 


iOnNt>— Naar Tripp SUIIoa. vaalaa 
scarf. Owaar aaa tova aaiaa by ap- 
piylny at ko woo adjalaiap Trtp» 

I.IOL'ND — Bttlldoc wtik 

•C rarv. Haala. 

LOMT la wa Jap 
Ubaral roward. 


^oUI office. 

IO«rT OB HIanabard or Taira atroot— 
J }Ieart-ahap>«l iar-v«1 Ivory pendaat 
with round and square Ivory ratch above. 

l-hoBo Matropolla Motol. Room 111. Baward. 

LOST dapia m kar It. ky waffetav atn. 
black purse contalninc wacea and 
akaaae. about tl*. in U\r- iitpuol Theatre 
•r kotween Ihrre and B ' 1. I'lihona. Kort 
StfMt Pindar kln<ll/ pbona l7<tK Ksward 


\t'AN l'KI> ■ .'I'lM laun. 'i. 3" to 3i ft., 4- 
VV cy^e rriKinr- iiiiijif !>« liouo'l. and cheap 

for caah H w .stiae it it ii < '<iwiuhan 
Rta tloB. 

biisiNESS directory"^ 

AOTO BadlalM Md Faadar dpdklanata 
Warkmaaakip that oMBOt bo oxoolWd. 


AW iLlNK. oi:a a. ri-aeorlaa ReMrtoo 
atatloa ler atudabaksr and Qray-Oort 
Jamaaaa * Wiiti^ lAd, PkoM Mil. 
BcoByhtoa atroot^ 





AKI.Nh.M'^'. llMletl 


LOar — Auaast 16, pearl brooch, valued 
kaapaaka. PhoBa IITIU I.iib«ral reward. 

aallar. m OoacUa atroot 

IO.tT 4'rank handle frnm Clant traok. 
^ Jamea Hay dtarrtct. f<undaT Heaaoy, 
);»5 Wharf HIreet. 

LOOT from 401 Cooatajico Avenue 
aad whita Mti iMirata «a 
"Ttddloa.'* Aayoao kaawtas a( 
4S1SX2. Howard. 

Toirr Purse on InL car or aroBBd Marl- 
J ai ' Tapf'lav K^-^BT'l Mra MMfg 


DAUaAa BOTBL — Comfortablo famlty 
roatdMtlal fcotol. faalM aMi tana* 

moderxe PkoBO tipdO. I HOTBL. — Uadar aaw laaiMaaaBaat. 

Bodreoms an I lltht housekeeplny 

Ihoruugiiiy rleeoed tbruU(boat, 
lerme reoderet" ri. ."fhelton. Proprietor. 

OTBL. ALBA.NT, l*21 Oovemmant It. 
ttaraaatly Brawa Jaa) — Bodreoata: 
ba» M' - — 


rp B. JONES, Baby Car Bpeclallats. Illvb- 
1 • rlaaa reed carrlacea. dolla' prama, 
wooden tova. a heels of all mak -a. Invalid 
chaira and baby carrlaces for hire, i'hoaa 
Wa da raaalra Til Fort BL 

Y the Famous UAMILTUN llli:vCH 
MBTHOD. Ramovoa all dirt aud <?ost. 

dad brlaaa 

rM ilka MV^ 

Ow Wark aad horvioo wiu fjaaaa Jfat 

^lovokiACAHiBT WAikKwa^oa 



111 Paai 


4 10 Ii r Permanent L«an Uld(. 

AHKAI. Kuod tiualni'sa fur 2 ladlea or 
Keinlemsni In ladlaa' wear and millin- 
ery. Thla baaiBaai will MM ^' t l n JfHiltSA 
lavaatlyatlaa. fiaift BMaB ikST A k ad t fliMi 
will handle. 

<^Ai'E — Well eaiabiishaC IB Ika heart of 
' the city, dolnc a cood boolBeaa. This la 
Ih' beat liiiKi iir-io c f itila nature »e have 
ll.i 1 1 for a lo II j; ( I m r 

/^ONyKcTlU.WKM Y. Frolt, Clyar^ Etc. — 
\J Thn bualaoaa haa tba baat loMtlM In i 
tha elty. Well eatabllabad. LlTlBc-rooms 

In rrar. .I'- t2.0t0 will handle. • 

Have rllrnt who will take In partner 

«1th 11.000 Money fully secured. Oood 

propoaltlon for entarprlslna man. 

Wa have several cheats In the Pralriea 

who are wlllinx tu rxrhrante prnt>erty and 

bualneaa«a r>ff Rood lo ationa on the laland 

ACARll lavaatment of H.IO* produaaa 
MO moatklrt akaaUiM aaa Hlj i . Bm 

7410. Celonlst. 

C10VINTRT Stores, 11.000. I?. TOO. I*. 000. 
■J 11,000. all of them «ood ones. The 

last oaa fcM alskt aaraa of laaA 

DRTOOOtNl Btaraa. ILM* aad II.M*, da- 
Ink a nlea profltabia baalaaM 

CiANX>r, Ire Cream and Baft Drtnka. 
J 11. (00. tl 7S0, 11.000 Tha last one la 
a whlrlwir.l maklnR Iota of money 

PURNITt'RB atore, new and aerond- 
kaad, atack abMt ia.tM. 

BBS ua FOB uya ausixaaa chancer 
H. AMraurrr o. c. howki.l 

M<>T UbIob Bank Bldy 
Fkaaa IMI 

FRUIT, caady, taMooa aad ataUaaery 
bualnaM Taraavor II.M* mMtfc. Oood 

firoAta and all «uh trado. Bplaadld looatloa. 
ow rMt: llTlas-rMma eamblnad: cloao to 
arhool. II.IM Will baadle. Ill hMlth caaaa 
of selllpy. Partlcalara Bo« T4T4. Colon lat. 

Tf'^OR Quick Rale — Cafe, altuatad la tha 
F lentre of the rliy. doln* a aood boat* 
neaa. lonn leaar ( >e ner leavlny City) thla 
rauat be aold thla week. A anap far aama- 
one. Aot quickly, aa tfela Will aot laat iMt. 
Phone IMI. 

17IOB Bala— Claar aUad. eaatral IbmIIm: 
*e*«aa of Mlllaa. dMlb of proprlater. 


T7\()n Kau. by (ha owner. Abaolutaly tha 
-*- beat revenue prndocer In the city. 

will collect your dirty carpata aad 
deliver to your new addreaa. properly 
cleaned, and aaoltary, br our famoua Ham- 
ilton Baach proooM Our apodal duatina 
■attiirt raatavaa all daarwltMvt daouca. 

MM Oaak airaM FkaM IMi 


DTRTINO, elaanlnc. presalny and repalrlnc. 
l»e. l allor^ll^Biou «htoo. *'''*f^ * ^M ; 


MAIilNKl l,i> H417 I* Hayward rid«. 
l U. . ne 2* ' r-. 


rmi.r'KKN-S and la.llae- ouiniier — .Hea- 
l,r.,ok Tuona. 1411 Uouslae at., neat 

AU. klads of Junk, 
llta Vrlri.n J 
kneel 1(11 

SA V k. your while eri.l v'l^t ocitloa raas, 

we (.ay 4. lb We tjuy liolllea. fetwr. 

end J'l.-ik u( ell kloda k'l...lie tit* 

VrH lt^iKlA JUNK Ai.I!..N> \ . l«l« 

Wl.aif HIreet. aud 1<*< Olore RtTOOk 

Phooa 1114 

STBWABT KoBumental Worka MA 
BlOM yard. rurner May au.I KbartB 
~" JOar f'a n^eiery **^ S!t^^»ii^^^M 

NLiU>l>C^ 110.H1C 

CBMTBAL. PHraU Hoopltal . 
maianuty. ' cbrooio aad aorvo .aaaM 
Materalty • apectalty. Tarau ■ lil f ali^ 

V. M Looaard. K N.. matroiL IMT Fan* 

<•..,,.■ It. a ' I'tii r:e l»04 . 

wmar — * -1^ g'j ^j --^^_j w u._aj mil i^^M 

O .V Y - A C t.Tr)LXKW jt^ WEXpjMU 

CABT IroB. brae* at eel Md alamlaaaa 
«. . 1 . 1 1 m II K.lwKr .ta. * 1 1 rpurl^n er B^ 


GBT that oomeat Boor. walk, drtvoway, 
or wbatevor It may bo, doao aow. All 
work of arot qaaUty only. Oo* m ■a t lma t * 
by pkM iaa H»4. ^ 

JAIXB.N. Plakterer- BatlmatM aivoa oa- 
. piaia and oroameotal p l Mlg |aa.^^»a^ 

h Irlve 


J.^ T. JBNNl.NUtt— i'luugtalac. dUclas. land 
J' riaartM and brapfclka. bMvy haalinK 
1170 DoaalM Bt p5mo IMTLl. BaMon 


IMJH palnitny, paperhanclaa Md kalao- 
^ liilmnK. phone i 1 37 K ^ 



isa CLARICB BVCKUDR, 111 Tataa. 
Phone HIT. roaldeqce lOItU Bpoclalty 
le«a l work. 

rate, oonSdentlal. prM 
toB Bldy. Pkone lOIT, 

TTTOBX ainoUy MMBdaatlaL BIM inkOL 
W Pkoae 4M# aad MIIU 111 joaea Dlda. 



oBlcki.. — — 

Colonlat PHntlBR Do 

JX aaad your prtatlaa ordora 

. . whaa yoa caa aot theca doao bettor, 
qolcker. and at tha oamo ^rlao at Tko 


BBOBMON a ARC^HUBNT. roof palatora 
'BM* f apalrera Maker* of tba B AA. 
fireproof paint Recotnmeoded by two Are 
eblafa. I«4 Cuurtuey Ulroet. VIctoilA. B-OL 
Pkone 1414 U 

T BT laa rrpavr your roof. Quarmnteed 1 
Lj yaar. 'Palntlns kalaomlnlnit. fl.lO par 
r oom up. Laycock. Phono Hit. 

PAINTINO. kalaoialalaa aad dooorauas. 
Btewart tiOWry. pboao T4TIL1. 

PAINTtMO A n klMa ar aUkaa work: »or- 
aaaal atlaMlaa. »aM «. Ban* Ilii 
Davto Btraaik 

ROOFS tarred, cemented and repaired. 
I'rl' es r'naonable 20 years' exporlem-e. 
T Harper. 4«» Admiral's Hoad. Phone «7*4L.l. 

ROOTS tarred and repaired; painting and 
InbhlnK work. < ! ■ ~ ' ' 

4471 H and 11401.. 



ARBAt. kaaa kiiBiia I raaaH^ woU- 
bolli modora kaaao, ballt by day tabor; 

bulldinic material. plumblnc. rierlrlr fix 
n.r.H ^l1(tlral urada . larae tiali. ;>arlor and 
diiiinc rouoi pshnrlled. oak maniela aod opoa 
firepia«oa. larM fcltakoa. « bidraimtt balk, 
eti- large baaemoat 4eamoat) aad atadaM 
h-niinK fumaie; lot 10 x ISO. la IkVB and 
■ er<t"ri fruit Ireeo, roroeai walka. Owner 
i. du. <a price from M.toa to I4.TM. Tarma 
Tiiia i> tke baat valM af aap fcaaaa a^ i''* 

luarkri. — - 



\rHOIfK pl,-ce of lan.l with rltv water, 
un Koo*! paved i o« 1 \n llrr..- iiiile 
circle, and in vU lolty of e< bwol iMtaana. 
black ourraBla aod other varletloa; M.Ma. 
|1,4M caah, balance of paymenta ooar tkfao 
yaan. A rMl barcalo at the prlM 


IACRK. Uurnaide dialrttt. i Im favored 
part. In l-milo circle. ..cliy water, oao 
af tia Mat kaltdlaa aliM Ika dtaWMi 
ak altar odTwltk aaad rlowj ll.lNrMM aaak. 

^NAf'K and i Ittm, 

a caah. 

I MM. 

Ml B.C. Prrmaaant L«m 
PMao MM a 

iT^LOmU to beaek. I ruons, partly tBrBlaBM. 

V> and Dice ioc No t.etier bur la Ike oily. 

apply to»4 rroai airoet. Paal Bay. 

<'«oiirORTABl.B >-mom eattayo. oa lot M 
X 170; ( MMen houa# for 100 hirda. 
rlerlrlr Hicht and rity water near l>ouRlaa 
hi oar; 1*00. oo terioa. t 'roan Itraliy t^i. 

IvANDT aommar eamp. well Aalahed, 
' with aocjd furniture, for aale Owner 
lenvinic the rity > Oai over tiUU tan be 
boucht for 1?00. Includlnit two xoexl alovt-a 
and throe beda and sprtnss. iloa-- m lu <ar. 
Cood roada Phone 2001 

tOUOi.A.1 NORTB— fl>rMa fally mad- 
•m buncalow (aoTor oceuplod), wrtth 
tiro lots 40x1 :o each, hlyh around. Il.tOO. 
on terms. 

lK.N'8ir>K niatrlrt — 4 rooms, entrance 
hall, larie veranda, basement, with two 
tpis 10x111 each, plantad In frulL |l.Zt«. 
terms to aulL 

HILXaiDB Dlatrlat — I rooma, nodcra, 
ccmant baaamoat. waah tata; alao 
lawa. akyakkary aad CraU aaiaM. ta.M«. 

TAAIRmBU>— NIeoly altuatad aMM to 
1/ RlebardMB Bl. « rooma. all M one 
floor, cement basement. Iloaoo In extra 

food eondltlon. tl.lOO. terms. 
T^UL BAY— 6 roams, built-in taature^ 
J^jj traace, laundry tuba. ▲ nla% 

IIM OaaalM at, 


PATBNT8. trade marka, doalna, oopy- 
rlchta PeatheratMkaaak B Oa.. tba old 
eatabllahed firm of patent BttorBOya OBeoa 
1*10 Kocara liuiutinc Vaaooavor. BeC 

P" ATKNTa obtained. toMaloal 
tlons sad drawloca praptuwd. 

««T Ua 

Boydan, M.l.E.K., eta.. 
Bld «;. Victoria. B.C 

Px't BNTS — Ro wlaad BrIttalB. radatorod 
attorney; pateota trade marka and do- 
elvna In an countrlea Pairflald Bulldlaa. 
*4t Uranvllle atreet. Vanconvaa' M.O. 


i' luin bl oic. hrHtlog and aheet Iron wnrk- 

l.l M ITl£r>- -oppoalle V M n, 
hrHtlog and aheet Ir 
Victoria phone 47(t. Oatt Bay phone 4110 


I..K L.AKB*— l-rnomcd houae. modem. In- 
-'-^ aide pluablns. baMiaoat: k aerea land, 
about 1 acroa claarad Md uadar cultivation; 
pumpiny piMU aaya«a aad aatali loa 
houae frMUaa M Mvad MM; BM IB tl aa B 
over Elk Laka. ^ .^^ 

Price, aa tarma »' aa,M* 

d^OI'TH SAANIOf — 7H arrea. fronting on 
F" paved road, about * a («■« |r> ..r hard 
(full bearlny). apples, pnara. plums, treee 
ara all In yood condition. Now ••roomed 
houao just completed, with oMa flraplace; 
yood wall of water; Una loMtlaa. wltk 
now: abMt 11 mllaa f^m Mwa. 
Prtoa. oa tarma M,Md 


EXCBI'LBNT amall fruit raaek of abeu» 
I acrea. 4 acrea Improved and under 
rultlvallon In amall frulta and orrhard. 
t'omfortabla bungalow, very flne marine 
view from property. Thla la a Kood rev- 
enue pradaaar. about T mllaa fraaa tawa, 
J oat off Mvad road. Prloa aad fBltkar 
partlaalara oa appllcatloa. 



PbMoa 1114. IMIU 


Ml Fort 

FINE, wall-bnilt l-room buaaalow. I bad* 
rynia. parlor, dlnlny-room, ' laraa kttek- 
en. bfaemeat, all In perfect ahape; b4a lat. 
I. oar Central Park: 12.140, terma. CrawB 

Healtv Co. over Imperial Rank. 

,'>OH lovely homea In any dlatrlrt aee the 
H A Mood Corim . I4d.. 721 Kort Bt 
Phvinra ?l I aril 119. If you wlah to sail 

J oil r n I »- t' Il I . ri^ ua. 


P)>ons 4l4*. 

\X7iEBTBRIf ITrlTata Datrcttvo AaaMy. III- 
Vt lltA Bayward Bldg. Esperlanced op* 

UJJors__J__Palnri<r. Majiar'r^ l'ti.>Tii - ^l^ TT. 

VV BectoB A Co., Ltd.. wholeeale dry 
gooda importora aad manufaeturere; men'a 
fumleblnya tenia "Big Horn ' brand 
gklrvs^o yeralli^ Mali^ord^ra ai"-ode<t it^^^ 


PRIV VTK .STATIONItHr emtn.aaed. iB kaP 
/l#«lrn or rolor. Tlie » . .. I'riatlaa 



ehance. confectionary, etc Owner ratlr- 
■"«• <aoii ckaap far aaak. Ma delay. 

loT Hibben-BoM Waek. 

GABOUNE, tire, ar«eaaory ahop. steam, 
electric viibanlilng plant, inoior air 
line. No rom|>eiltton. good diatrlct riood 
llvlng-ronma. i«r«. workahop. I..eane. Hea- 
aon, wife a alckoaaa Hpoalal for cash. Par- 

ticuiara 1140 Praaor, VaMaayay. B.C. 

TTANnr.INQ grocerlea, looa 
A I ilintri. t All i-aah trado. 
rooma aAtoln. Owaar kM amoraaMy eail 
jaat aSf wiM aaM ai a MnnliL7it.iS(. 
Tmwm Witt ka MMadod m thla aaW 8ao 

TBB BvaiitBaa jbscranqb 

M aood 

Oaad llvlny- 

Ml B.C PanaaaoRl Imr BIda. 


yVHO waaib a pood 

~ v Sure fortune to 

■kaad baal a aaaT 
ine to Ika rlafct ai r aaa. No 
••^ WMaalrod. 

Box 7 non. rolonlat. 



ANTED— A aoad Mra 
of lajra kaalaaM WNI 

for a«t- 

MM to 

Eatabllahed itOI 




-It write: 
4knd pktooa 
Mwapapor adra 
laoally or la 
aau part o( 
tko worl. , 
«-4t drafta 

pamphleia personal 
leitera twkl<h 
cannot be detectej 
from typewriiii«(i . 
— It doea raalUpraph 
mlmeoyrapb WMB * 
of every kUld| 
— It Aooa 

laa aa4 

J ftMM 
llete or 
owB I lat). 
la akart. It 


llnlne 'n 
- _ - - • '"'rf 
Botlntatra far nil 




Advortlaement Writera and Ad'eriLalng 
Molllcrapk aad Mlakoo«raph CIrruiar 
loTB aad Paataarda. Addreoslng Mal'lr* 

Inlnn and 

Pboao IJll 

rj^>rt stencil ond seal enrravma (eneral 
1 'oaraver and aiencli .111.T Deorge 

Crowiher, GroM BIA, 1110 Broad Btraot. 
It. Calaalal. 

EXPiuDM Airo TEIAMnva 

ALI^AN Ramlagrwaya Traaafar. FkM* 
1414 ar MlIU Furalture. bagyMa^ Uaa- 
atMk moTod Mywkara at roaoonabia ratM 

ALWATB BaUafcIa — Mollwaiao Braa. 
la^eet motor farnltara vaM la TIa* 
a: lone •iiaian'-e tl aiU|aa a aBMT 


cheap rB:.>a I'Iimom 
*4II nil Tal'a Utt—I 

'li> Kaxaaa* Kipreaa and Ira'leamaa'a 
delivery spaelalty. Phone 1440. 


APROHB eall will brlag a PIckford truck 
to yoar dMr, CkMpoat rales In the 
ally. Batall ordara Invttad. Large orders 

1 taa ta T taaa dattvafad to any part 
-mBtlca. PIckford A 


Fhoao m 

I'<l KVITURB atarlM baKgsse an<i ge«- 
'lal hauling. The (lanxral Rsrvtoa 
'lran>port. LImlle 1. 11(7 laoalay airssC 
Phone **. 

TBBVB8 BBOA. aMtar aad boraa vaaa for 

MOVB your farnltura by motor 
quick and rallable aarvlca. 

to i. O. WUUama Pkoae 110. 

rpHB TraokMrtatiM Ca.. Ltd.. graorqi and 
A Imp diatanee hauling; 1 to S ioa traaka 
400 Bak Btroet. Ph^n.' 7147. 

RENTALB, repaira. etc. ItB BlakaMeBtdi 
Phone 144! ^ No 10 Raaafaatak an 

deak. Ilkf new. }>!0 caah 

T"~ TPKWHITKKa— New and second hand; 
repaira: rantala: rlbboaa for all ma- 
abiaoa. United Typowrlter Co., Ltd.. IM 
port atreet, Victoria. Pkoae 4ttA 

1 1 A T I s I » 

lOR Bale or Kent — Oaa aero, with gardoa 
aad fruit trcea. flTo-raam farnlakod 
„ ^aJ^^MMadBMak 


LADIES- Tailor — Joha Baitdara 1*4* Oak 
Bay Ato. Phone Mil. VltaratloM 
aB^jejjg|g^e ^^m^m^^^^m 


/"^wicHA.N i.AKK miiiwood aad bloek^ 
V_ dry kiiHiimx w jod. W A. CaaaroB A 

Bro 1 11, fie 1,000 


Q^OOD knralaa ay 


41 44 iM 


WOOD oARvnro 


n wood ' 

FOR Bala— VaMUid Balato — l-roomod 
banaalow. ballt-la fMtara% eameat 
baaement aad atdawalk^ madara la arery 
wav Prieo aalp MiMdi latsM 
lanaeri If yea ara laaBlaa Car • 

ttala to aa 

IMt Braad BUaaC 


rkaay*ffl? WINDOW CLBANI^ 
'^ka Flaaaac F'Jm-^* 
Wa doa't adwartiaa aar irarfc 
Oar work advortlaaa Itaalt. 
Oar Aata Barrloa la at Taar 

W. M. HUOHBA FraarlatM. 


n a<ae<r«rw 


Barrlatar% Bolleltara NotariM Jla. 

Maaiiawi ac NoTA bootia. Manitoba. 

AlaBBBTAaad B.<:l BABB 
..a.M BaoMaM SSOT ywtaH^ m^fl. 

pq»- ^W»^^»^»^»^#^ 


R. LEWIB HALL— Jewell niork. ooraor 

FOR Bala— d-rMaoad bungalow, fully 
modern, avary coavonlenca; eamoat 
basomoat. ataUaaarp taba. Far aartlaalara 

phona^ TflTU. 

IjlOR Rale by fiwner — Newly decoratr<1 
room bunxolow panelled, beamed 
Ing-roora. Dutch kitchen, cement baaaiaent. 
chfekM ka M a aad aaull fraltai aaar aar; 
lt.»M oMh. Baa TMd. CalMlat 

TTIOR Bala, from awMr— l-rMmad kaaM. 

X< half a block from Rlllaldo; larpa kll- 
rhen. t bedrooma, dining-room, bathroom, 
pantry; large garage; largo lot; low taxes. 
Prlca it.lM. amall cMh payaiaat. raat a* 
roat. Apply Baa TTM. Calaalac 


O. H. B a la , eontrsctnr. Fort 
Phone 1140 

I.'MjK Sale — Modern l-roomed houao, atone 
foundation, largo lot, fruit traaa. BMr 
Vlatoria Ulah BakMl: II.M*. Apply MM 
Fart atraat. 

OWNBB will bmHBm Malty la aavon-* 
fMBiad modern hoaao la FalrHald. 
Phoaa ITIL. 

OAK Bay — < roomed houae, clone to cars 
and beach. Houae eonlalna hall: par- 
lor, panelled and open fireplace; dining 
room, panelled, built-in buffet; kltrhen, 1 
bedrooms with clothes closela. bath and 
pantry; csmoBt baaement; largo lot, aood 

Krdoa. comtat .atdawaUMk aaa d lawa. 
aaa 71MB1 for*Mrtlealara 


OAK BAT— l-roomed modern baacalow, 
Uraa let. cleaa to baaplUL Oaly MNB, 
MM aaa k , balaaea eaay. 

INT. cloee to Wmdara* I 

rn. baaement. M.MIf MM 
Ml Rayward Balldlaa 


^lAIBFlBLD — T-room aami 

' I'KVHKRTOM * won 
PemborloB BlOg. I'bune liBi 

BAT—Ba oM of tho ksat 1 

V/ iMa diatrlct. rlooe to 

■Ika ao<1 , ar I >oe a < I 

airMta In 

ea. golf 
1 1, ,r, ushly 

fcdf'io an 1 t% ; bull' r r iioOw 

OMtalnlng aighi rooms, dea 
Wltk apM Bropiaao: llakt draw- 
lay roam, opea flr«i>taM. aad 

ronservatory leadmc off. largo 
<linii>( roon. l.urT.i and PM- 
elled walls, paaa paoiry wltd 
wall arraapod km hen wltk 
madara eoaveolencea. four bod- 
rooma and varaada, hot water 
headng ayatem; cement baoe- 
ment and waah tuba, aaraca. 
Prli-« 17.000. on terma 

I^^A1K*°1ELX> DI3TKICT — Clooe to aea. A 
^ iMMly altaatM mMora bungs 

^ taw, contalplny I rMma. con- 

crete ba»ein.iii. kot air fBr- 
oa'-e «i, I n draplaco: pM la* 
alalled. and pi ice lacludea Read 
heater. IMoaoaat atttlng room 
aad dininc room with aplendld 
k kallt-ln buffet. paaoUod walla 
Md nicely decorated. Two llsbt aad arall arribMod 
kitchen wltk all ■ iBi ra ^ jU- 

ttirea and HtllaaA MM iM**. 

M terma 

'n\ll'RFIBLD DIBTRlCT— A modern b»a- 
•*- ralow .if I rooma I bedrooma 

bi>>kfaat room, large dining 
« anil sitting room combined. 

open flreplaoe ani hot air rur- 
aaoo la flrat-claaa 1 "H'liuon 1 m 
a goad atroot and with la eaay 
walkl)« dlataaca of tawa. aaay 
t« park. Fnaa tl.>M, M tarma 

aurroundlnga. containing foar 
paama; reception hall with a 
aaad graiills fireplace, sitting 
room aa«l kltoken. and 1 bed- 
fMrn; aaar ta aarllna aaA in a 
food diatrlct Oaraaa. Price 


FBMi'i.i: i< IN a aON 
Baal BMata. Financial aBd iBaBrBBM 


Port Street Victoria, B. C. 


i^VAK BAV. 14(4 Yale 8t.-i-room bwnga- 
vXiew. furaaco and fully modarn; fruit 
aad aawarai Oaraar aaMa oat at tawa. Bee 
thla piatty plaaa. aal prlM wUI aalt yea. 
Terma eaay. 

Ij^AlRFIELD, Mlata Bt. — l-reemod houae, 
all mod era. aad a real home: iLoto. 
Sea lu 

Ml Pemberton, 


BBMIUED r<>i< gmcK UUI 

OWNKii. leaviaa elty. oBara attrMtlva I- 
rooni ino,|ern house d laamg unfln- 
Mmd). on one of the nireat aHaatk la Oak 
Bay. at greatly roduoed price. Wall built, 
newly doMratod, atone foundation, full 
baaomaat. piped for farnace, IxM MalOI. 
Cood garden ant} bam Kaay terms. 

^i. 700 


I M-MI FambartM BIda. FkaM MBB 

^AK BAT— Ktl rail Btroet, all-roomed 
modern bungalow, hardwood lloera fur- 
nace, etc. Taaea low; Imaroyament taaea 
all paid. iMmadlatq paaaaaaloa. Eaay 
terma will kd madr^a Mitable parafcaaer. 
Apply owaar. T. H. Blatar. Ill ValM B*uik 

OAK BAT— M. oao 
A N Mtra akolM kMpalow of a4x rooma 
■ 'A> la a altaaUoa tta| Will aaaoa l to yoa. 
balaa vary cloao taMB Bay aaach Md IM 

Oolf Links Coatalaa M attractive raeep- 

11, in hull »,ih tia K hall adjolnioa a liv 

< !. elil ilililnx Kx'Tii ibut >''a will 
Ilka, blight kltcbea. three Drat -class bed- 

reama Md a batkraam wltk poad attinaa 
Larye aheerfal raoma loada of windowa 
hardwood Ooora panelled walla, bullt-la 
furnlahinxa. firplace. cemeat floor In bs s e - 
iiieoi and (araaoe. all ea a lot 100 s IM. 

N'wiy p alalad la allraailM aalara 
akapa tkyaaskaab FHaa, aa 


OWNER must leave the city Imaiadlatatr 
and Inatructa ua lu anil at a aaarldM 
hla T-n>amed modarn house, alluated la tha 
baat raaMaatUl diatrlct of Oak Bay. TUla 
atnractlva home has been recently kalao- 
iiilnril thfoUKhoui anl pHlnled OUtalda. 
There are all inodrrn built -In faateroa, I 
bedrooma. den. Itc. Pull cement baMmaat, 
faradro. wired fM aleatria kMttas. Fyattp 
pardM. garaga. If yM ara iMklap (or thla 
ted af a kaaM a«ll da Iks sBBm 
fcMW wa aaa lataraat paa. , 

R. V. 'WINCH A 00,. LTD. 
Wlaak BaUdiaa 

MS Fort at. 


6 -ROOM modara boaaa. goad raale 
daatlal diatrtet. oa Fart Btroet. 
elooe to Craljrdarraek. MslM. 

IkM^My yaank ^RtM*lSkTSS? 



Hd Palon Bank BalldMS 

PbOM 111 y 


$2350- modern 

I'A.SH .Splendid Il-room 

MUiiklhA kX>U 

lip lop 


A NU a maaalBooat homo of eight ream a 

.aV. la a fclab MtMUoa, aurroundcxl by 
homee of eqaal valM aad only one block 
from tha car. Kvary iMh of thla lot la 
flrat-eloM aotl. aad M a raaalt af aavaral 

yaara' careful plaanlag aad aiparleared 

work la In beautiful condition both for 
produciMR anil for apt>earan(-e Bearii.g 
frail iceea Urge and amall frulta, oak 
treaa, akraka aad all klada of Beweca. Tha 
hoaaa la aMat eight yoara old. Md waa 
built by the owner for hie own use. Tbera 
Hie rive nrepiaiea built In featureOL large 
winduwa. atonp foundation, aud rvery room 
la bnxht an ! cheertuL Thla 1s the cheap- 
eat bonis In Victoria, witb.low taiea. and 
only IV niilea from ;he 1 "v 11 i i I'n 
OB terms. (li.bOO. 


111* DaoisiM at. rkaaa MM 

iBilSlMrtid IBBBI 



VOW talniap throe raoma, aitMla aa 
ilB<t larpa loc Mder aalUvatlaai MSB 
rround. good aoll. flne aatlook, aad law 

1 .n , ^ \ . V easy terma 

U|^kl|U| .S'KAT BUNGALOW, containing 
#<UXUvr four rooma. two of whleh have 
opra Area: alwi bathroom, paatry Md fall 
cement basement. There la a good gardoa 
with lawn, flowera and good vegetable 
garden. Low taxea and haaltky aelybbar- 


9*i^U\f\J eontalnlny eniran.^ kaU: HMas* 
room, paaelled and with open Bre: 4Halape 
room, two bedrooma. kitchen, bathroom, 
pantry: full baaement. snd aolendid garden 
with flne crop of vegetablea Thla la la 
perfect rondtaion. and the wladow akadea, 
aereen duora. eUotrta flxturee aad linoleum 
on ball and kitekaa Baara ara laclada' 
Vary aaay taraw af 
the taioe are low. 


qNiOU" ^ liAlAiW, cnntalninc rr'-aptlon * 
ball. JMaS'room. dlnlng-roem. kitchen, 
three bod room a. bathroom. pantry, larce 
baaement, and good lot In garden, wltk 
cement walka. lawn. etc. Thla place haa 
open Are, bMmed renin* and bullt-la rf- 
faata. aad la a nioat iviiaktfal 
vary aiaaa. • 



nACRRB— rtBaT^i.ABs Hooaai 
taming ala raoma. with city water, 
and flne new ham Six acrea cleared and 
under cultivation, balance alaahed and In 
paatura. Oood bearlna orchard of apple^ 
poara. ebarrlaak plama and peaehoa Thtr 
fa aa aaaallMt h4Mao, and a vary great bar* 


Kf\ ACRBB— About forty mlnate^ raa 
frpm tha ettr- Practically all flrat- 
claaa land, at the esreptlonally low price 
-«f tlM par aera. It hM aeafraatapa aad 
one of the flaeat Tlawa In lira eaaairy, B«> 
rellent road Two small houaea. atahle and 
lioallioiiae spring watrr It la an Meal 
lixatlou tor a home, aod north almoat 
d.iiibie tka price aakad. 

I.,*^ XCRANOB — l-ra«at madara kmsalow, 
well aitiiaird, to agekamro for buiidina 



T> f ytTNrRAI, CO (Haywarda. L*A» 
I - '"'.-ral dlreitrira an-l .* i r i 1 . a 1 merB 




. FBBUD. 131* O.vern roant at 
Phone 1117 Allerall'ioa anl repaira 

^ 11 1 <-a I at aay addraaa >iia atyle 
h>vni< 1,^ have your ture reltoad. remod- 
eled ■ r«i>alred; fur eoata rallaad wkk 
tour yeara guaraatoa. from Ml ta ISA 
^ ^ l M der^^lM^g|^Ba^a» 

SO. HODOBR. 1*0 Ardealer Rnad. gen 
• oral gardeainc pmnins ,.ri,t >nra>uta 
L44WM atMo. Uoo4l wiMk Buaraaieed. 


IVR. J. DITNLAP, BuropMB hoapltal ex- 
* perlence, womeo'a dtaeaaea tIT Walker 

Hld« . Second and I nlvrraltv Sealtlr Waah 

Dli. ANOUA Room ioi Pantagea Bldg., 
Seattle. Rpecia i r ^ men s disordsra 
rroo roaaaMbla 

/^AA A. aad BatelU M. KaOap. Balaa. 

UahM aver I yeara O oaM ll a t laB free. 
FkMea 4141 BBd I0T4. 411 Baywaad Bids. 

ELIEABETH Dwiakl. It la II, • ta •< 
other boors by appaialaaaat. Om — " 

lion fre. I h.ines 7 tiCA MtalL MS- M 

».»rion Hulldlaa 


aamaker; repaira and 
gun ai"<ha. bwra, 
v^e bur aad aall 
aatamatta ainala 

TTAiBDWy.aaiNo n. ih,. .i MaMM 

JOL Tyrr'll tl alidreealna l ar iora. Oavtd 
apOBOor'a I ><i victoria Ire ' 

Marr-el ar.,| waj.,- wavlna. 
wavlna hair tintinv piaip 
manbure. face rT,aa«as« eic 
i.'arefal aiteniloB lo >hii<1re^ 
AxtiaetlU hair werk < unakli 

MTIf t K3 RAPfUn O 

LITHOORAPHIN'i — I.tlbawrw 
a* a I lag aad emhi.aei«e 
tarve aad wntklna lo« arnail 

flo^err la v-et.T a-^-ae.-. mg*r,^ «r 
p.*en wa ; leil w«et ,.r T .( ' Ike 

Frtaitaa * 

s fiMiSr 


nn raquoat 


IXC.^ Pb.U.. aad laakal A. 

~ 4>rMa> 


Mi^irFMtiarMNt BIda. Pkatto 


WANNEI.I, A NOAITKS. CB. DleSC . 404 novera-e.. Bt. PkaM IM. 



^ MOPBKA ^ O » 4 ■• 

A PERFECT l-ro«m bungalow — Parlor. 
»sp«WrT papered, oak floor. dlalBC- 
room, oak floor panelled, beamed relUnga, 
lead llahta. bailt-Uibafret. lead Uykt ka ok 

wkMa aaaaS^ kal n ima aolaatad waada 

reaerete baaaaaant. fumaee aiatlOBary wash 
taba. eleelric and plnmhlna flxtnrea Btgbeoi 
grade, lawp and ganl^n aeearated by lat- 
tice rail taa, The haMdaomee* b'inralow la 
tM alty A haraain a< ti i'')*. ■ lerma 
f, baparlal 


good loc at loa Md 
14,100. eaay ienaa 


,~^AIRPIBLD — Modern 4-room kaMalaw 
on large Int. local ImprovemoBta 
all tialil Only Il.tOO 
/ 1R.NTRAI. PARK — I room modeyB baa- 
' galuw. large lot Only 11.000. 

CENTRAL PARK— T-roem aoml-Maaalaw. 
all bailt-la aBaat» Imm M, 
good rar aaa. OalF Ml Ml, aaay 

fer-na . 


8QUIMA1.I 1 

rei^ all eiaared. water- 

frontage, wltk aaw. maderiL 4 
eSu? JSmlRiSrilitwta^N Ma' 


aerted : good open 
large veranda; taxea 
aoaable. Only II.IM. 
IABT'TMm>BIA— Modara l-roem baaga 
law. all kam-ta aCoei 


BBoe. Oaly tS.( 
Kindly brine In or mall Met Inge of yoar 
baacalnwa or arrMgo, as wa are revMag 
,oar list We kayo roaalvM aeveral laqalrlM 

fr^ni pralne — ' ' 

to buy hornei 

1111 I>oaalaa Btroet 


T ET aa Maw paa 

nlreal kaaao mt 

«1MI la Mid to M flia 
^ nlreal fcaMS aff Na alae la tke alty. II 
rontaiM aavaa wall^anaaaal laama; kat 
water keai. kardwaad Baara aad avarr 
modara eearsaleaee; aliaatad la Fatrdald. 
WMro yWw rannol be ohatra«ted. Fot 
iad appalatment m vuw. apply 
■njMee Balldlaa 



ill'irlii cement baseiiieiil. open flreplacv, 
I. ' ' alurca 

>l •! u I -1100 CASH, balance rent — 
•f«_Uv\/ Lovely Utile l-rMM kaapalow; 
iMiaement. open flraplBM. kaM fla tMtarM: 
fruit treoa; good lot. 

tt^/wrk — O.N tarma— Large 1-1 acre lot. 
q^^UUv all In gtMdan. and aplcndid 7- 
room borne, oomeat baaement, furnace 
(coating 1400). extra rMM la baaataMt; 4M 

berry bnshee: I mlnatoe trem beaeh. la Feul 
liav li'Tif-t with garage. cMcken houses. 

,1 ■ .rily 1 iTilniiic from car 
d^t^i u k ON terma Plcturcaque 4-room 
^yifyJxJ modern bungalow, faratMB. M< 
ment basement, etc.; 2 lota: lew tMoa; I 
blocks from nar. In Oak Bay district. 
A'-'«>p'/\ r.tjVKl.V I room home. Oak 
q^ < «ji.)U Bay district hardwoo.l floors, 
and vary expenaive built in featurea both In 
dan aad llvlng-room, the living r<Mim belna 
huge aaakea m Maal plaaa for daaciaa. Tkw 
la the kaM kaaa af Ms Eiad tti Oak Bay «|p«. 
trtot. _____ 

Ill Fart atraat 

rjr / \ — OAK BAT raaMaaea: I larg e' 
V''*'*''' lovaly rooms, beanied and pan- I 
► lied; living room, fireplace, built In buffet 
In dining room, bath, lollei, furnace, ce- 
iiient baaement 

0OtiKfV-*J^K BAT— A swell l-room 

WOQknM kMfBlaw, kallt-la kairei. 
bMkeaaaa flraplace. bMmed and Maelie<i 

rooma c'ment baeernent; half block from 
tram, rood liralllv T'rn-a on both Pun 
nett A <■«> . 104 Periiberlon Hlk l li • - ':>0« 


5-ROOMBO Madara k a aaalaw, om MMk 
iraM aar um, 

roArr PT' a BnoKFrnp, i,td. 
401 Unloa Bank Bldg. Phono MM 

#QKAA— BLACKWOOD BT , near Hill- 
aide ear l|ae— i>raaaiad atadant 
bungalow, oa fall lat, la s ai<a a ^ A Baa 

little home. 

dl't)--/Wk \-Ii-T( il'.l A WIC.'^T Oooil S. 
^^t\J\J roomed modarn dwelling, full' 
baMiaaat aM laraa lot. vary 
belna saM ta eloM a aiartaapa. 

(Jj'ljr/Wb— ITPPy.R YATKR RT —7 roomed 
<fVHyUU modern daalllnp, wltk bullt-la 

WUB da 

iMtaraa, Maall 
Bplaadld valaib 

dP*V\yl/ —Fine hiah loiailon. with «a> 
otiat rii' I ed view of water anil mountains; t 
loniiia. attractive dining and llvlng-ruont 
with opening between, aldaboard aad beak' 
eaaaa; T bedrooaM aad MtkMaa m ' ^ ' 
la «kMa: kat water kMUas. wIMi 
taaa. IMM. nia la aa 
aMaIra a aMa Bwaa la a B 

•01 View at. PkOM It 

i I —ON - terma— A Maaalaw af 4 

< • ' rooms plastered. The Interior la 
(lean snd In excellent condition. outside 
needs palming I.lvlng-room. good bed* 
room, kitchen snd larjre bathroom, all 
plamMng Is In, but no bath; full baaement 
and concrete foaadatioa; laraa fMeed lot. 
rioae to Qaadra atraat. laglai alty iimita, 
iiow laies. Apply Bratt m Car. Ltd.. ill 

la aaad 



T. B. MO.NK A CO. 
•M B.a FttraMUMBl Vmm Bids. 


l—THRBB atlaataa ta ear. oa a 
let IMalM. all aador ealUea- 
Mea, la Blaatad tkia l-raaiiMd 
bMaalaar. aawlp Mlatad. wltk 
My ja serMm. dlaiag-mowi. t 

fcadMMis with cinaeta In each. 
kaill*aB bnokcaaea In tlvlng- 
fMta; very bright kitchen with 
aN baMt-la eaoote: good-etsed 
Bathroom; fall femeat baae- 
aiMt; all fally naadera. 

laraltara. laelMlag atallaahie 
etoel ranye. I rorda wood, 
rhickena. toels. cee- barn and 
' hlrken rnna 
BXTI^A LOC >OklM.. la 

lt4 TatM BL 


4>BOOM akMk aad twa lati^ 
^ MSA BM MM. Ca 


' ea. ea •- 

hoaaa, J« 

•1^ 4*7, 

Ml Vlaw 

. #*0»» e*t F f*r iiwvirp 
BfeMIBp^fcr* t>«iasai.^« an«4 a^" 
D SMB alrcta " p«v« 

KA^lMkS waiei l ahi 

BfU laMtMa. ea M One 
2b aader erep I rfca I' !,ee 
WKFOalNii re«ld#n'« 'f 11 roooie^ eBmaa 
A Bay dist/lci. on main roaJ In Oetar 
Wbafl. cloea te Parliament Mulldli 
OJPJL. doclu; beauUtiUty aataOad 

•••a reiMir. sattabia lar aakaal 
bMPttai priv'io kadMllaaaMM at 

ler lars. family Pllae trMBT 
■¥ Tl V k arre farms at Booke Rleer all 
r i«rilr cleared. clt» waii-r acreei 
le rl»-i (loae la n N H eiaitoa. betel 
aeheol acd I o G««>e akoaUaa. 
kaihina. boating. Prlee 1110 pqy 
r-MNB aBrdaa ----- — 
r rooBiMM 


STORR aad tirmr Nving -esesma. *««k end 
tstlet for aal* raat ar leaaa eicMaa In 
Prtee 11.700, 

^1<^(K) pantry, full baaement 
In aliiina room, lot .',o«i:o ( %0 
bllee Hoajillal 1!>00 win hamll" 
MOO||\/\- Kol It rooma. bathroom an-l 
9^i6vFU pantry, flreplace In alttlag-reoin, 
full cement baaement . large lot WljUl 11 
bearlnr fruit treea '.n high land, Slsaa M 
1- -lale Ave I'.no «ii| handle. 

^^y-^ f''^ r ioitiB, psnlry. bslh- 
^_|»MI room, aepsrste tol'et basement; 
laraa lot. **itlO. In garden and fruit. I^ia 
la tlie beat we have to ofTar In a aover 
roomed houae. Jaat 
flvt mInatM ffaat 
uteo from darerdata 


• nave to oner In a aoven- 
Jaat Mtaldo.the city ttmlta. 
MM Qaadra St.. alskc aUB* 
larerdata car. It.Md wfu 

^J»J\J\f room eoimrato tollat. fall kaaa- 
meat. furnace, laaadry taba. Om MMk 

from Quadra. Just Inalda ftlty Nmlkr^ NMa 
|.,| wlih flo«era and amall 'rnlfa 

BMyTfr/V-.V K W. nra' houae 
I *-eV rooTii,. t>an1ry a to' 

II rrnlta OarflMk 

• i< ».an*e Oer #aa« 

momed houiK" "e one t1o<,r Terma 

..f three 
id >'B I hrr.y>m, 
with about two arree of flrat daaa land, 
rli>ee to Shelbouma at., I milea fr.<m t'liy 
Hall. This la a Srat-elaaa fralt ar akIokM 

Krepaaltlea. Cltf IMkC walsp aad SBsaik 
taot be aaM. T iriag. 

TEN, iweety or tklrty-flve d^ree. good 
land. I miles from City Hall, nn pared 
rMd. cloee to B.<'. Elarirlo Station: reed 
• Imbor t'lear It apS and It win b. wertk 
MM per acre. Price for aaick aale. Ml 
par aero. Terma. 

Meaey to Lmb ea Apararad Bo M r i ly. 
W r THMpiii riN A. MatLTBIM 

111 Pemberton Block PkaM ITM 

geed bBstBaM lecaittr Prl 
f IM BMfc baleae. Per 

Ualtav Mo MM 


1014 VBBT pretty 4 room baa«a4aw. 
freMly Mlate/l and kaleomlaad; 4 larsa 
bright rooma: omv i>arior. ii pe a B toplaes; 
handv kltrhen. noiih pantry: I 
dq^a wardrobes, splendid 1-pleee 
higir. fell beaameot, good lot Only 
t40« caali,'balaa<)^|M atMtklp. 

IiiatlMiNe. MM 

('ILOffE to MaBietpal Rail. In a eer tadqil 
^ gardea lo lawn. Mwora aad veeeiablea. 
Tbie l-roem bnme eaaaot be equalled f«r 
ibe prioe leday i.arr« eatra««e hall, 
bright II ilBS room ..r which Is a'aoead-la 
*. e* T 1- f. tory. wide ar^hw. tinlrie r-v^rr» 

• >■-■■ wi ipiiaa, ine-t 1- • M« 

• ■ bMraataa deep ^, - larga 

ri. fiHt alM aaawie' >' 

a • »!•- aad weadidwA l>>t >■ i > it* 

waar la <mI*'"*' »••• 
.he M awr. Il mmat m. 

OBIPriTtf rv.MPA 
• IM HIkaa n R*ae H 
~ MdH Mid 



City, Suburban and Country Real Estate — Fruit and Dairy Farms, Poultry Ranches 

till HroAtf 

r < 'onll I. -._d > 

lolautaa' w«lk of the riLloBI' » 
iiuugkluw of Mvaa rouiua, cuntalains liviriK 
9—m, 4tata« room witk dm* arapiiw *. p*** 
MMUy, brtAt kitehsn wlOi brtakfuat t»-j«> 
mm. (wu b'"lroutna with cloth's iluaria. bath 
I' ll' I a4'(>ara(r. >>n« bvUfvoi upaolr*. 
1.1 !....« luaal, (uraac^ 'i'Ula j>roi»»riy 

^itHMMI ^'ttofXl^fboD CRMCBMT. 

.irMMn; ^m, „„ un«batruct«d »l«w of 

II' r.. « an 'I iomuiiI nllliv i l»«a tO MBdy 

Im ^, M tsrinj buockluw ut all rooma, can- 
t«.iiiiiis larc ilvtas room with up*n nrr 
plarr. ali'liim aoora to dlnlnx rouiii. larc* 
I'ui.h kit(.h«n, ttin* (oed Bisetf badrooma 
>sH . . ,thaa eloMUi I«U •!>•« bMMnont;. 
Uik" i«t. 

»)l SITtlATKO Joat off Dak Ilay 
^^X^yjlJ Av.nur, In a a«?clud«d lotatlon. 
• lyplral CaUlurnU bUDKaluw u( tivt 
roorna In the vary brat alala ot rapair, 

(oniatnlnK riitranrr hall, llvinc room with 
hr ■ k ..iirii 1,1. !.,«..■. bulli In tH<pkraa*-». 
«r.|,»..y li, .Imn.K f..,m. wlilill ha* bUIII- 
la buRrt, brained icIlliiK, briflit kitrhrn 
With bra«li(Mt aoek, many bum in r.ip- 
bo«rtfA raar hall, larsa bathroom in whi>.'. 
two fliji.l.ed In whii. enamel. on« 
havlna iiir*.- l.ui.i <lr«-aa»i All floora 
ar« poliah.'l -.i..l linmhe l llghi. Kull alaad 
cainant baavmeni Thi*< waa buili by 
tha owner. 'IVrnia lu arrunK"-. 

jWT/WVWUirr 0«tal4« 'elty llmlta. unfln- 
Vim^lahad four-room buosalow, atanda 

hirh on iilrrly in .d |.)i ; macnlHcant »law. 
An<>ih<r oin- In .am. ili.trlcl. with fhlmliajr, 
oprn tlrx ami l.^a nrni. ihlrken houaa aad 
jcraiid frnc rd loi. |1.'j,'.o .siiil anolh.r on... 
€>n larjip, l.raullful, iiiKli KiTiiW'i"d I")'. 
plaatar.O. water In. TBRMn tiS AM.. 

Anil — IMIAL.L1, well-built, ruay hoa.e. 
91.\jU\f chicken houaa. and one ai r<- of 
l^le nn.-rtf ifnrden. all In cultivation. Watir 
1.1 l<l 'i I. U .VI 

1 I n 1 1 Qurd I 


fcutU-UCXJM attractive bun^a- 
•XWl/ lowi MrM, brlajkt. airy room« 
•varriklaR la ptak of eoaditloa: nice bu- 
lot. Mar car. vory pleaaant lorailbn. tekm.s 
Qfki>— TIIH dinklrat of dinky four 
W-M-OUU room buncaltuvi. bath, toiirt. 
open (Ire. built-in rfTaota. ebtokea rua. etc 
lot SOxlTS. TRr.MM. 

*(Vr/Wk NKAIU.Y new modrrn and at- 
^^til*j\f\J irarMve nv r -roorn hunsalow, 
open flrr. remrut baaeroint. icarace; one 
arre nne sarden, 

d|».77^rrn mX-ROOM modern aa« attrao- 
I »>v/ iiv. ••rrtl-bunstln*' : ofoa tra. 
I.ullf-ln feature., rement hagemaat: klce 
hl«h location I-;aSY TKRMR 
^KI/iAA — KlVKHooM particularly (Ood 
•OVUv modern bungalow, nlca aectlon 
•r Jamoa B«yi aiMa Mr%, bulU-la t*^i»f^ 
mtmnrnm* fniK traaa: low Uaaa. ■▲■T 

XHOO.M l,iiD»«low. In beat 

paaaliad and beamed, open Area. built-in 
rtaturea. rumar>, itaraae. etc. Another 
boautiful bunsalow In aame section, ali 
roema. withr baa«m*nt. iraraaa and maanlfl- 
<>ent garden. 14.9(0 AND another arml- 
0 bungalow nf nil rr,.,mii karAwooA BamL 

furnace, raraife *r,,) -iiO.f 
AI.U ON KAHV r|-.l!\is 

;lir r . UK. chol.-e toratlon, 
lah iiart o( Kalrfleld, nice re- 
MPtion hall, apaclous and attractive draw- 
lag- room witk window seat and open nr.; 
Waaaualir nice dlnlnc-room. beautifully 
paaallod and beamed, breakfust r'.nm and 
■Itehen. four hrl»ht airy heil room •. one 
With open Ore; hath .epurate: » really Kood 
garden, with frulla and .niall friltn and 
pratty lawn Kaay terms, or would trade 
for amaiier houaa. 


Mt'T Caion Bank BuUdlas 
Phone it** 

•ii rWg A— CMARMINQ bungalow, fully 
VfclWv furnUhed. newly pulnted. all 
con venlenr«a : ati Ideal .Ituaiioti. overlook- 
ing the < llv. »!«ra«e. c |..i<i' • ur Dwnera 
leaving rity. will alvr iiuli k ii<««iajili)n. 
AQner/A — MUCKI.A.ND IAHK .shaded 
V«5aXJU amongat tim oak.. thl« »l>»ii- 
lately modern 7-rciomed aeiiil-buiiK>>l<>w \^ 
kalng alaughtered In order to nrkoiiate m 
flUick aalc. Cloae to achuol and cara, and 
BurrounUtd by choice homaa. Waa UHt4 at 
ever 14,000. A genulna ikap. 

ai'UL'RBAN bUBCkleW. witb 
^jj\}\J\J une acra. Uva ia tka emvmttr 
and enjoy life on a cholca ploea of land 
that will almoit make a living for you. On 
a aplcndid road, cloae In. naar ear, aad a 
mmmi locniity Kin., barn, garafs. ahlakon 
■aagaa anU run.i 

fth VlMT. B.C Imm BUIc. Pkoaa ITM 

CROW * oa 

1 J(H) ** your chanre for a 

Iroina to lull your i»>i ketbnok. 
d|*«^*«|||k -AT tha Oorga — 4-roum bunga- 
qP.>^vfl/ low. wim t Urga lota. This is 
an Ideal apot for ralalag poultry, and could 
keap a family cow. 

A(])irrk/k— AT Victoria West <I room bun- 
»|^_DtM> (Blow. HmAll cast) payment, 

Sii* W U I Fglrlleld, eloao In — l-reom 

•7"— l.unKslow. Btnall rajih pay- 

t»), ' ' . . '■ a rr»Tiaed. 

A>>|iWi KA 1 lll- l Kl.D huniaUiw. Thle la 
^POX''vf a Rood home. !• roorna. all mod- 
em. Rasy cash paym. nt. 
*Q-f rn—^A'^ ^-^^ bungalow (CaUfmla 
^^Oi•Jly atyla). good laoatloa. Uaok 


this over. 

For Infonaatlon Mil at tbia 
phone Information. 

% CROM * CO. 

iieimoni Mouse Oppoalta Poatofflea 

-KUUM house. \ acre. ft^OOO. Owaor, 
1111 Laurel Laoo. Phoae IM4X 


ft^ilRA — (-Rt)*^-^! bungalow ; one of the 
#^rUt/V aaalrat little homea in the niy 
close to car and achool: hall, living r.i'.m 
with open flrepla. e panelled dltilna ronoi. 
2 good beilroorim wliti lioMi'le. kltrhtii and 

{tantry. all built-in edeita, full baaement, 
aaadry luba: lartto lot. i fruit traog l« fmi 
bMrlng. and all kinda of amall fmHa: coa- 

f r ..t e w n I k ft. 

d|M')iUk riooM modem bungalow, 
^rx^tfVf Heywood Avenue, fronting on 
Boaoon Hill I'ark (no car fare rooulredi, 
kaaamaat. open flreplaca and all modern 
eaavwtmoa*. gaa aaMNfltad; r«U lat. .tar* 
M*. Iralt traaa. 

Mi Uslaa BmH BMs. Maaa M 

.KOOM dwelling. 1 
room, dining-room. 

bedrooms, altting 
kitehan. batkrooai. 

6 room, aining-room, aitenan. aainrooai, 
•aaUT, workroom. _ Tka aatira kauaa kaa 

•••• !l!K*»*!i' .JT'I ■••fcft.M*: 
MHM Nt* MMk. MMM Maatkir MVArat*. 

4. noon dwallln*. elaaa to Quadra St. 
•«ka«l; ImnMdIe'a tHMia««i(An. Prlda 

McniKns'^N A roLbBBTON Bros. 

sit .Caatral Bldg. Fkoaa lilt 

rlti>WN ItKAl.TY LIST OK , 

If'il lllKKf: roonia and pantry. B.U 
0\f and water. lurnlalred: near 

I 4 I » TIIKKIC rooma. Summer kltch- 
1 +• )' ' en. basement, nlo- lot > f uraltura 

[hi ' 

OuMFUIlTAULE t-room hensa. 
good lot. aoar ear*, la Tletarta 

NICE bungalow with haaement. 
tilce lot, cbli'ken house, l ioraei 
k-ROOM bungalow. baaement, 
aoar mn, Victoria Want. 
(-ROOM vall-feallt bungalow, 
nlca baaoMaat, near car. Vic- 


can I" 



rtc . basembnt 

MoI^KRN k«a«alnw. beamed 
reiilngs. Opon ttreplare. batfc. 
int . Kaqulmalt dielrlct. 
^>^irii^ lovKi.Y l-room mod»m bun- 
•|rA.VK)^' aal.'t. parlor, dlnlngroem pan- 
ail<d I'lii'i ID biifTet. hUchen. pantry, bath, 
base""' > 3 bedrooms; fruit treea. ahruba 
A«>.»,~|k *-ROOM modern bungalow 
9«'ei^V/ rooma paaeUa< wlib beamod 
caiiiaciL bMit-ia taatvMi kaaamat: W m 
X no, Kaqulmalt. 

AQO/Wk — «'Rr>OM Boml'bungalnw. e.. 
^OO^^' ment hasement, lot In friilt 
(|gg|tl). chlrken trouaee Hmall place en 
roar lot rents for IIO per year. Kcdoeed 

•AKnn~ ^ " eireptlonallT well 

^p40v'* built hoaaa, I open nreplaraa 
Tilpeleaa f irn.r-a Joat Inatalted . large lot. 

I, t■•^ .tiairlct. oa car line. •ROOM abaolutely m4«dani 
henM, k«lit by day labor. ll!ga 
hall, dining-rooai aad parlor paa«lled. ffre- 
rlsres oak maatala. lar^ ctnthea nreeaee 
In es ^ room larwe hethroom, aemeni 
l>aa»'^<-nt oiodern heatlnc. large Tot In 
lawn and fmlt. foot oun-r >><ilM. le.soo 
^^|A|WV— '••ROOM house on rut granite 
^KMMIVr fovadatlen. larae rnnma. par- 
I .iinlng-rOMa vanollad. beaallfal boll* in 
<„f«.i hItelMB. MMry. dtacB oapboarda. 
i.r»<. e-iiranre hall, larga bodraavM. with 
.•T<arai' ''"k. alooataw porch, 

ramcni N.p.-n^.n< f ■ "aca; daa fc ia garage 
with cement approaaheg. ■•••» Im »art» CH 

Boar Batata, nnancUl aad 


Sjfwr^l 111 *■» thi. grllu,!.- •14*1' i'< -> ali.«M 

'VO*J'\f bungaiuw of « rooma, Uniudiiig 
balkruwm which haa all (Ir.l claaa plaiob 
iiig lu and cunoacled lu aawcr, but nu bath. 
l.Jving ruuiu la large aud has two 
tiuwa, guwU bedruuiu with closet . kitabaa 
has sink and piped fur but and cold 
water; full O-fowi baaement and cement 
fouadaUoaa. Huuaa la lath aad plaalered 
aad latarlor la splendid dean cuouitiua 
Oatalda neods painting. Ulectrtc light, 
largo fern rd lot. cloae to Uaadra Ulrert 
Htli.M.l and Juat i.iT paVOd IMttf. L«* 
taaea Mortgages aale, 

dk-|4|A/i-- cuiTAtigi kaagalow, cloae to 
Vi-VTfV Oouglaa Mraot. on lot »• » 

ISO. Iluuae has 4 rooaia, plaatered. and 
lean to, clu.n to ackoel. au<l vary low 
laaea Trrina, llfO caab and tit per 
ntoBth. Including lutertai. I'oaacaaion ^ 
two week*. 

F"/! — JAM K.S May, newly painted 
^>,lt)U , rtain bungalow of b nice, 
brigbt, clean room. liirplace In llvlni.' 
room: 1 lladrooma wuh i i'>ihra cluaeia, le 
tnoatad baaomani and uumlry trays, atsii 
•way to attic, with r.iom for 1 more big 
rooma; full else lot, and only halt block 
from cara Terms arranged, 
^Q^s/W^ — • hUOMM. juat off Kort .Street 
^NiJDW car. Hallway to r<'ar, K«.od 
living and dining room, flrsplace. roomy 
kitchen, Z bedrooma and bathroom down- 
stsirs 2 bedrooms, toilet, etc., upatalrs; 
fu I . nir ! b.i»' oi>-iu *tid furnsre; gar- 
H. I'.l l..iev iTiii. arrarmad. • 
^.j.kf-^i IlKUri.:i;i> fiom »4.00i> Hun- 
%^^hJ\) calow ot • rooma. In Kalrlleld, 
f lose to Richardson Street. Hall. 3 bed 
rooms, flrepl... <• and china cabiii' 1 In hvln< 
room. Iiar.l W.....I fl....r. in .lin.i.k- i ...iii . ii 
piece bathroom , temenied baaement. tuba, 
and plpad for furnace. Easy terms ar- 

sfWiUk KUl.U-KOOU cattace, unflnlabtd, 
^PoUU naar OavBlaa •(.. lot its 1 11, good 
.oil, Una okiekaa^otiaaa. water, Uckt aad 
low taies. . 
dk*)^.^^— riVE rooms, full cement base- 
9m0.a£) menl. nrepUcc. uanellrd walla, 
bath and toilet, vegetabis irardsn. well-kept 
lawn, shrubbery ami rt(j«erii. Located In 
Maanich. n*sr Tlurnaldr Itoad. 
»-j THREE-ROOM new eottaga, oa 

^XtjOU m arrea good land, at I.uxton. 
AyJ/\/\rk SKVKNUfKtM houiK-, Kalrlleld; 
^P^LrVrvr full cement l.jsement. three 
nreplacea, furnace, bathr and toilet aeparate. 
large wall-llgktod raokMi aardaa aad gar- 
age. Caak paymaat lltt. 

tOi-t dayward Bld«. 


$i.liO. |l.*»t and t<.tOt, oa larma. These 
houses are liiPflrai-elaaa ghapo. and ara 
absoiut. anapa. Ofwm Baa ity C^n awar 
imperial Bank. 


rRMBBBTOet * •0.'« 

I'egibcrtoa Bldg. 

Fkaaa lit* 

ARBAI, BAROAIN— dhawalcaa l*ko 
watorfroat— T acres, nearly all eloared, 
all anod load. A bungalow of • rooms, also 
a billiard-roaaa; 3 poultry bouaes. w«od- 
abed. Kor a qalek aala ttoe owner will ac- 
cept ll.«»0. 

ACREM— tH aeraa aadar cultivation. 

balance le logged: ao rock, all 
A naw buogalow. of « raoaia. •»tk rtty 
wator laid aai fMriinr kt n a fag IM Mfte 
Prtoa ia.Md. 

Cey ACRES— About 1 acra of laad aadar 
cultivation, another 10 to 11 acraa of 
; «ood land partly i lcared The balance la 

louah pa.tur*- ^ n^ver falling stroam 
I running throuah the property A house of 
I i rooma. In eicellent condition .mail barn 
I and poultry houaea. Three-ooari er. of a 

mile from Colwood Station. Thle PlAOVi" 

Very suiisbie for poultry and yoass ataak. 

I'rice, easy terms amngad. 

4'-» A( JtKM, all under cultivation, with a 
modern house of five rooms, sll very 
larga. alao a modern bungalow of 4 rooms, 
both koaaaa bava electric light and ctty 
watar: garage, poultry houses fur lOt birds. 
Wa can divide this property. tha larira 
house and I acres <>r the smaller hoiiaa aad 
Z acres. Tins prooerty Is Wall tttvatad OB 

the waterfront Kor furthaf panMdlafa 
Pleaao call at our ofBca. 


Baal'sauta. naaaalal aad Xa 


•Qp;r|/V— Itit TALE street. Oak Bay, I- 
^fi€tiJ\J\j roomed modam bungalow, fur- 
nace cement baaomant, frulta. etc.; good 
t thia Owaar golas to farm. 

SC 'I'^lk *' ftOOlfBD hoaso In Palrfleld. 
^>I>»IW (-..luent basement, dandy fire- 
place and small eplnic p<.rch Very KO"d 
terms. iiolh these houses are real snaps. 

Ml rtaikartoB Balldlas 


At, t or (-ROOMED bungalow (Oorge 
preferred I. So agents. Uoi 74(<. 

Colonl.t. ^ 

VI.IOHT six 6-pasSflnger tar. In i>«rfcct 
running order, only run ^ OOn miles, to 
trade for a t-roomed m.xlern bungalow: 
will pay eaah difference, price of house ii'jt 
to escaod 11.100. Ilox 77«0. ColonHt. 

V\7n>L pay caah for a amall houae or 
vV ahack, near street cdr, If suitable. 
Leavo full particulars at 810 Pandora «Ave. 

VMtaria. B.a 


TTITATERFRONT tracts for sale. 
»V 21 miles from Victoria, on 
good road. at following prlcae: 
lAe acrea ttOO; 1 31 acres. tttO; 
T.bO acres, tiOO. Terma one-quar- 
tar caab. balance I, It aad It 



^ ACRB8. with modern buiinulow of 4 
rooma. Iraving light. water, 
bathroom, septic tank. The 
iyT(\ laad la cleared; altiiatad oa 
^t\f tka pa«ad faad. with baa aor> 
vlea paat tha doer. 

7H ACRK8. with attracUra modern baa- 
galow of four rooma. and cot- 
tage, light, water, bathroom; 
ftOrWlO K'""! (riiideii, all under cultiva- 
Ct/IA/U Hon V**ll situated, nne view 

of the lalaada. 


A. 8. BA.RTON 
111 PoaibartoR BIk. 

rart tt 



BUENA Vlata Hotel. Cowlchan Bay. aoted 
for It. (Voe.t ealmon trolling world oyer. 
Terma tii weekly Camping sites reason. 
sble, faclna the bay. Hoata fur hire. Phoae 
(7R Duncan F Saunders, prop. 

AL< Patricia Bay. 

The new reaort for ▼Isltora. 11 mtles 

from rIty on 11 ("K.. Meatlland Ftatinn or 
on Main Waal Haanlch Huad for molora 
Light l^nch. Afternoon Teas, Ico Cream 
aaA Bate Fouatala. 

Plcnlca Catered l^or 


s, coll 
_-jr. nea. 

HARHOtl Uottse, Ganges, Saltsprtng Isl- 
snd. Idsal Bummer resort r>...iin(. 
baihlra. flahing and tcnnia A farm in .on- 
cectloo Terms moderate. Appiv to manager 

(^U.NHb.'r loo. Uuallcum li.ach. Vancou 
»er Island— daa 

moderate ratoa 
fully modem 

bathing. Cshtng. golf: 
laaot laa la aaw aad 



VABMS AND acrbaoe: for sai.b 
Imperial Bank Building 

ABB Foa looktac tar a farm or acreage? 
Wa hava tka larcoat aad akoapeat 
llatlasa aa Vaaoatrrar lalaad. Grawa 
Realty Co. 

Sew r. room huncalow, 2 acres 

ri.Mrin :-i(i;ii. 

Foil Bale 
of aar'Un 

I.'^t'R Hale hy fawner 35 a'-rrn, rln^A to 
V ictoria; « roorn. il .haa k. harn. or< hard. 
1 acrea under • ii It I \ at Ion , feiui'd, phone; 
suitable for poultry or truck gardening. 
Could Irrlgato. IIOO par acre. Box till. 


VVtOW aad after tha lat af ■a»taatbar 
a7 ear aalos staff win aperats from lit 

Hilmont Houae. Government ."Street, where 
w« will continue t.> eell .mall block, of 
good land, cloaa to railway, stores and 
aobaalB. at tka ntaadard pn«o ot |4t per 
wttkoui (ataraat 


IlfPROVBD It-aora farm, 1 mlla froa 
Soohe P O. : cheap. Pbsna TIOtR. 

>TORT1l Qt^ADRA tMslrlet— t arroa. all 
iitider r ii!f I ■ «l Ion ; new house of t 

rii..n\« f.i^tl'i'il.lirin., etc Price It.SOO. 
T^ORTII (Jl A1>KA District About 1 acre 
.i^ of choice lanrl. (It%- water and electric 
light available. ..>me uice treea. for build- 
ing alte I'rlre fiOO. 

IrXTON— t acrea. practically all eloared. 
■J lake frontage. pealtrF beaaaa, a f«w 
fruit treee. new modern t-raa m baagalew. 

rrlce. on terme. ll.ltO. 

SAAMCII— II acrea. ail good land (no 
rock). Ifght clearing: l-roam house. 
Price 14,100. Clear titla. Or will trada for 
modern ••.room houaa. 

No phone Infonaatloa 

■aa Oar Aaraaca Uat Ba » »ra Pimhaatag 

oowroRiFt. umrm 

UM Oaaataa Bitaat 

<Q>:'.SOO CASH — Four crea, on pared B. Saan- 

•IP Irh Itoad. half-hour's bus ride from 

\li-foila; t \s o n*it*n ci.-ar<.d and pl-iiUf.I In 
St rawbirrle. . biautlfiil vii^w, Hplendlcl resl- 

il.-nie Nil. .\ lli.x T7J.'., t'.iionlnl 

tl^l l/Ul— 10 acres of absolutely nrst-clasa 
^XJ.IAI prodifbtivo Uad. Cewtehaa Bar 
section; t acrea olearad: amall koaao. Ittt 

r a .li 

10 acre« light clearing, mile 
from depot; no rock TEIlMfl. 
tij»1~",~ik 4 acres: house, three large 
•irlltJU rooms, chicken houses for BOO 
birds, colony houses, garage, etc.;* lots 
water, near wharf, on close-in Oulf Island. 

acraa of tha akalaaat 
land In Saaaloh. thrao 
aercs in strawberries, balaaoo raMF for 

amall frulla. Ideal location oa pavad nM 

and cnmriiandlng floe vlewa 

tfMQer/|— FIFTT-ACRK chicken farm 

V*^<«/V and sporting estate, 17 mIMs 

from city on main road; six-room bungalow, 
with bath, etc.: small houss, larxe barns. 

I I'll 1- I u«. N iin.l Kurage URKAT H.NAP 

UN ■ M'.MS 

> IIAH.MI.Nil modern aix-room 
bungalow and ais acres with 

chicken house., garage, fruit, ate; alg-mlla 

cii. I.. i; tkkmh 

jflftC,". j kl I rWK.NTY acres waterfront, lln- 
»IPOt>UV; ,..( „f land, new bungalow, 
barns, chicken houaea. etc , BialM MaA{ 
chickens and cows Included. 

aad eblekan ranah 
Ittga, Seven acres, 100 

fruit trees, J acres atrawberrle?. ; modern 
hciuxe with bath. faraaaa, -i barna. 
chicken houses; 4-inila circle; paved road. 
11.000 handlea 


xtt-7 Ualoa Bank Balldla« 
Piione (too 


Uatlac No. 2 Mi 

r"'-.. .V'llK.S of the lUl.-Hl level land In 
• S.t.tfilch. 1 mile from beach, cloae to 
HlHtlcu, i« HI hoi, 1 and church. 8ur- 
rouiiMi d by lim ly homea. Very fertile land, 
shown by proline vegetation on a<lJolnlng 
farma, tVa acres ready for ploughing, 1 
acre prettily ami lightly timbered, re- 
served HS hoinealte Kri.ntlnx on wldi- main 
road Also bulldInK iiialerlal sufTlclent for 
amall pla«e, all for 11,700 (terms), or 1214 
an aero. It eoata |Mt to oloar land today; 
hora'a tha title for tha elaaring priea. 
Itl-lflt Mlbben-Rnne RulidlBd 
I-hones I4<2. IIIO 


^1 I ; V I KI) close to Victoria and n. r. 

Kleciric Bl scree, II under euUlvaiion. 
remainder l>i rouah pasture, with good watei 
supply. House of & rooms, nirely Imaird, 
and large barrt i for about 1* head and '•'< 
lens of hay). All neceasgry outbuildings an I 
equipment for th9 running of a rirst-clasa 
dairy farm. The pric* Includes all Impb - 
mentis I koraaa. 10 head milch cowl. It 
yaaac halfars aad 1 bulla 

Price. 110,404. on terms 

Tka above jrou Id be gold without the ,mwi 
aad kalfgra tar llCtM; kalf oaah, balance 

lit Balaiaat Haaag Vlatan4 

"1 t* ACHl'.f* r> n acres In tin hard, garden 
-1"" and pitntuti' < 'iiiriTiMxtlous T-roomed 
house with all modern convenlencea. situ 
ated on laland Highway, two milea from 
good town. This is a home that anyone 
could be prnud of. and at the aame tlma It 
la a farm where a comfortable llvl^ aaa bo 
made, I'rice tA,ioo, good terma 

5 ACRES of aa good laad as thara la la 
n. C. Good house of 1 nrama Tha laad 

Is all cleare.l and In first claaa COadltlan. 
To clii.c out an r.iat'- the laad Oiaat ho 
sidil. I'rice 14.600, terms. * 
"tfX ACRES — Mostly In grass, aow run as a 
•1" dairy fariti ; some rasps, logans snd 
other smsll fruit* * mnniefl modern house, 
electric light, electric pump with pressure 
lank for wster aupply; cemapt baaement, 
furnac... laundry t||ba. A city houaa In the 
country. Unod garden, garage, bara, han 
h ..uses for 100 birda Prico llt.ltt: tarma 
r ACRK8— The niceat ehlckan farmalle In 
*' B. <". 1 acree cleared. H4 acres In crop. 
40 fruit trees 4 years ol<l. i-r..'.med houae 
with bath and pantry, basement, fireplace, 
city water. |4,ltt: larma. 
7 ACRBR— All naa Maek laM. > mltaa 
1 from City Hall Small kotiaa of t rooma 
Cloee to Quadra Street. 94.ltt. 
fyj\ AtrRKB of the flneat bottom land In 
*'''-' Baanlch is acres and In 
crop, balance pasture. Splendid building 
site, cloae to Boat Saaalah Boad. Prtao 
llN per acra. 

JO ACRBS, It In crop of grain, kay aad 
roota balance pasture. t-roomed 
hoaae. modera; new barn, II s tO, coat over 
11,000; old bam. 11 a tt: otbor outbulld- 
Ingsr ITt bearing fruit treea, 1 mile of 
wat'rrri.nt with gmod beach. I m4le from 
», h..<.i. 2* tiiii»e from Vb inrla on good road. 
A soinK farm and a money maker, but muat 
be eold I'rice 112.000. tarma 


I I 

10 Ar^Kn. ■ fl«mvaiad. apfUa, aaarrtsa 
sifalfa, clover, balance tnnatiT Ilrhi 
Mearing boAd on eaat by Ensllabmaa. 

River, w.ll-bulll ho 
baeomeaiL • largo 
ft. aereensd veraaflai 
waMP Metna te be api 

baar. pferh.Tiiie 

t|> it. full ein.nt 
t flreplacaa iitl- 
.tae. leriua Daly 
ted. B. A. Mar- 

w NTrnrftoNT ROMS 
r-X A' itKM -iih w. ! I- tinislMd and panelled 
* 4 roomed houoe with Hne vlaw of tka 
•iraita at Oaargia aad Mount Raker; gaail 
wall and aaiall orehard Th* property haa 
watarfront on ibr..# «i.t.* t'^rludlng two 
gaiall well .heit.r.d h.,v. ,n.1 IS less than 
)l Bilnutea' »a V •- m (;«iiano Wharf. 

kaa four r»r"i,t •'•amercalle weekly. 
•Mta. on terms, er |l,tO« 

A McII.VltlDE 
Phone OTOi 

. sare 

■alow, 'ellp water and light, 10 
trait trooa A koaailfal location juat oa the 
suburka. aad radaaad la »rtaa far hanthta 


»>■« ACTTK^. sll planted to lar|« BBd gmall 
— fruit. /« roon.ed bun«ala«. hMh, ea- 
meBt baeement aad furnaaos water and 
ngbt: iMat, 1 mllaa oat oa tha pavement 

** M*Ma ***^'**' **** 

OO ACBBW. all under enltlvallea. 4-rMmed 
bungalow, cement baaement. mexlera 
karn. 1 a. r- at ra wberriea. and other frulta 
For a praritcal farmer this place will make 
him independoM la a few years, and tka 
imation. 10 intlaa oat on the paramaat. 
warraaia laara maaoy than priaa grtVl 

tit dayward Rld«. 

FARM rOR SALto "' 

lOft ••sa. twellhig. aa«. 

-ivfvr tare. 1 larg* Ikarn. rhicken rua 
and nutbulldlngs: abottt <a acr.. rnuivatad. 
remainder pasture, moel nt which eoald be 
put uador plow. Oood water. About 40 toas 
m vaad kay la kara; aaasMd arop »< rtover 
akaal It aeroa la eats. ( aeraa m bari.y 
▼ary gaed propoattlon Cloae «» rr. 
station adlnlas property Prti-^ it« 
Doed terms ran be arraaged. P< 
with crops and some eery aaa' 
implements If said wlihia eno 




!it*f^^iik — Al.MoHT two aeraa of land tal 
VarflUV jM»d.. ^. ivatloa) with l-roow 

tr poallry aad mmail 
ratlrad maa aid is 


_ room 
cottage, garaga au'l < hlcken' housea The 
>otIag. la nicely luualruclad and has only 
been Imiahsd a short lime. City water and 
lelepbua*. Htaort dlataaca to ShellHturna 
Btraot kaa. Idaal apat 
fralt. Ths owaar la a 

determined to aell ITIca aBly IMM. ILttt 
can re in. I II M..,'iaaga BSA UM hVaaoa 

on term, tu auii yuu. 


Jti(MM) ^***<* P'f ''"^ *<"< besutlful 

«I> 1 acre, i.n i;i.iif.;i.l Avenuq on 

4 iiilla circle. All good auil and all under 
caltlvatloa. Tka altaatlaa la a very pleas- 
aat aaa. City watar aad etkar conveniences 
caa bo kad. Tkia la a mortgage torocloeure 
aad for tkia raaaon tha property haa been 
prlaad at tka vary low Oguro ot tttt per 
aera Oaad tarma. 


JM 9 RAII"''*'** t-raam kaa- 

galow near Mount Donglaa 

(the six rooms sre on the giound floor), 
nicely nnlshed with beamed i .lllnga, flf 
places, bullt-ln features, good, dry bas.- 
■oent. wida varanda. etc. It pBTOkaasr de 
sired, more rooroe could bo eaavaalantiy 
made upatalrs. Tha veranda Is on tw.< 
aides of the house fruiii wlilih there Is an 
excellent view There la a barn, poultry 
housea and an excellent well of water .Soil 
la all of the best. This would make an 
excellent homs tor a ratlrad farmer. Tsrms 
aaa ba arraacad. 


I. C LAND * 
US OavarBBMBI at. 

6 ACRES, ail cleared, good aoll. oa Baat 
Road, ono mils from Sidney, vtth yawad 
road la VlotoHa. Pilco ll.ltt. ARtlF 

~- Ar«- 

Metehoaln District 
11.000 — 1% ACRBS and t-room aottaca. 
fl,SIO— 4% ACRES, part clearad. aaod aoll 
II. oca— I ACRES, good aoll. 
42.400 — 4 ACRBS. cleared. I>eautlfu1 aell. 
11 200 — • ACRli:S, fine soil, good house. , 
tlilta— It ACRES, t claarad. good houaa. 
tt.»t»— It AORBS. baaMUil apat. aaar aaa. 


|l.tat— M ACRB*. SM f»alt traaa. 

Cobble HUl DIatftat 

ll.ltt— t ACRB% Blaa aattasab 

ii.too— II ACRa% trait traatk 
11.100— iJ ACRBfcasart ■ 


ft,tOO — to Acnss. (Murt claarad. l-rooa 


|i.ttt — tt Arnr.H good land, unalaarad. 

||[Hd tl AC'HKB. I cleared, small gha 

Uadyamltb District 
tl aat • • ACHKS. 1 cleared, naar railway 
{(,M« — It ACRES. 1,440 feat watarfront. ito 

fruit trees .mall house, chicken 
huuae, o.-ar .tallon. 
We have a list ot 260 farms, with bulldlnga 
(tB^ and Implements. In all parts uf Vau- 

couvor Island, at low prices. 
gPBCIAL — t acres la trtilt aad nower% 
large greoakaaaaa, T-room bungalow, 
chicken bousos. barns and bulldlnga 
The finest greenhouse propoaltloa oa 
ibt I. land. Call fur particulura 


Caatral AraaM. aaar M. PatHek, 4t 

X ttt • 101 

Hampahiro Road, aaar MeNalll. 41 x 

111; fsw treea lit 

Hollywood Crescent. 60 x 111: facinc 

sea TO* 

Beach Drive. i)ak Ilay. 70 x ISO 160 

St. Patrick, above WIndaur Itoad, 61 x 

lit; beautifully treed 760 

St. Ckarica Btraat. kl«k part; 14 x 

aaaaaaaaaaaoaaaassseaaeasaaae as X|(00 

The above are only a faw of the good 
homealtes on our llsta If jroa are really In 
tha market you cannot afford to buy with- 
oat aaaaatUBC aa SnM. 

Financial, laaaraaoa aad Batata Aetata 
aid BakMBt Haaaa 


PL.EASE take notice that all Inqulrlee 
far altaa In the beautiful resldsntlal 
diatrlct known as Tba Uplands should be 
made at our oflloa. lio Belmont Houae. 
Oovemment Street. An increasing Interest 
Is belnF taken In the property, and we 
stri.nxi/ rernmmend those Intending to 
a\all iheni.eUe. uf our present prlce/i and 
terma 'to do so at aa sargr data. 

na crisAiiML uaorn 


VMarla BBOI.. LIMItkd 
1124 Broad til. Telephone 744 


QUADRA STREET — Fine quarter-acre 
lots In highest part of Quadra .Street; 
fenced, orchard. 1764 each. Must take 
two togaikar. 

JAMBS BAT— Ckoloo eorner. cloaa to Par 
llaBMBt Bnlldlnca taaaa about 140 
par aaaam. uniy tfit. ' 

AK BAT— Several Una lot« cloaa to 
b4ach. unly llTi each. 
'I.'^A I rtFM KM • The fir St oSor ot latt eaah 
Jr titkri. ihi. floe tt It. 8 IM ft. lat. aloaa 

to <'ai and achuol. 

EHQUIMALT- Iteslitrntlal lots, near the 
aea. on Lampoon and Fraaar Streets; 
low taaaa i tram Jfttf mp. varr aaap tarma. 
Apply owaarrT. Siaur. Ill Valaa Baak 
Balldlac ^ 




ST. PATRICK ST. Oak Hay. 64xi:0. 
nicely treed and near car Una. 1710. 

MT. TUi.MiB, aaar Normal aahaai, Jtaraqr 
building sites. ItttlSt aaak: kUh la- 
cat ion. Ittt to f7lt, 

/ ^ l>ANFORD AVE., ales eorner lot, lit x 
vJl HO. all fenced; it. full bearlna' fruit 
trees Ideal homeslte. tHOO 

KT('ii< )si nr. Jv.i:;., :.«ei and all 

111 sr. .p. I.'JS 

C1HANUL.EK AVE., Falrlleld. % acre, all 
■/ good aall. laval aad tiaa Cram rack, 

NHAMPSHIBB BO.,' Oak aSlF. t vary 
. flne buiidiBB lota. ••Bill aaak. to a 
laar. Il.tlt. 



t-MNmap suNOAunr. with t% 


AN ATTBACmrB niovoMnoii 

THIS Is situated en high ground, within 
the iH-mlle circle, with a splendid 
vlaw of the city. sea and aurroundlng 
cauatry .There are lit baarlag trail trees 
of all varieties. t.tOt atrawberry plants. 
■ mall fruit, of all kInda Rungalnm- cnn 
talna i room.. ot>en fireplace. batrr and 
lollst separste large pantry, good base- 
ment. Outbuildings coaalot of amall bara. 
staila for a couple of cows; ektekaa koaaa. 
garaga. Tkara la. ^ a uary flaa taaaia 
court aad a vaad BiatMti BBrMtk Fikia 

* (Ovar lla Store i 


LOT. ttlltO. AnpkiM 

LO'T^ •0x120. Bur 
}T. 40x110, 


LOT. I«xl 

LOT, lOxita. Barttalk 
LOT. unit. Amphloa 
LOT. ttallt. Motcboola , 

txrr. tetll*. K. Aveburr 



1-OT. t" 
LOT «■>. Oi 
l>OT. ••ii.'k 

ixrr. ooxiie 

LOT, 4tv "i 

LOT 111 110 

IA)1 !.•> •• 

LOT I'. "1 

LOT. ls> ' 

LOT. « « I I 1 

LOT, »fl« 1 1 

Ws cr»i 

^ May «•••••..•...• 


MaF ..**..*•••••. 
t^ Itaaka ..•••.••.«••••• 

W A.onlih 
W Ml. Mean 

f. A rnn I li 
K ll'irri.iHe 
HE Kt<er-, 
W X I « } h T 


... m 
^ too 

.. tt« 

.. Ito 

.. ttt 

.. too 

.. 1*0 

.. ttt 
... tto 
... It* 

t m • 9m • • » 

• • • a* a • • 


I.'V.JH Ba.e K :u. corMt M. Niagara BBB 

jC lioveiument tUmttt IBB Bay ^la- 

Irlct. er will UghaBdO tag Prapo<^ aa 

MainUad. Will pay aaak la add lll aa . as 
aaaume. AdvorUaar. tit MaBB SC Kaaa 

gc-otia lUdg.. Vaaaouvar. B.C 


,^avvl IMALT— 1^1. 00 

lea. .11 fenced, 
water oa property, good fiuii 1 1 
1400 casa. or wUl aetl ua leiiua ii.^u, 

A LOT near ilorge bue Haa; mBat ha 
cksap. Box 7 47 1. ColunlaC 

i ^ITT proparty waa tod a» to Ito.ttt la 

^ eichanga for 400 acrea of farm landau 
tweUr iniir. fri'iii \i<i'.ria. may aaauma 
laAss or luurlgage. depending upon valura 

Itt-T Uaioa Baak BalUlng 

Pkoaa UM _ 

\t,'ll.l, pay cash for lot la Oak May. Must 

»» be cheap. What uffirs? Ilox 7741. 


ANTKD— la Oak Bay, prapartF with aa 

without bolldlag. auitabia fur aehooL 
ItSS. (>>ioBlaL 




7A.NTED— 6 to lO-acr* (arm, sultabia 
small fruits and atock: must bo good 
land aad sultabia watar; raaao a able tsrma 
Ml||ht^^c«Bgldar aaa aaulnoa^ Boa TT41. 

\^»ANTKD-(m Vancouver frland, 10 to 
vV :u acrea uf xood land. In .if which 
must ba tborougbly cleared bottom land, 
build lasai BOod water supply. wlUiin 4 
mllaa ot dapot In well aattled district. 
Duncan or comox Valley prafarrad. AH 
cash Kepiies to U. Pattar. ma laB l aB ft.. 

Vancouver, B.C. 

^^^^^^^^^^jnUCBER^ROKKRB^^^ M 

LARQB and small traata ot timber, aoeea- 
aibla to raU 

wMiw^^^ww.^.e ^ W^.*iw' is n ^ta^ew .ev V J 

KA('T!FTT!„, plcturesqus, combined form 
aud park. II acres, if or more acree 
culUvaied. coud land, balance .uipruved. all 
fenced, buildings, good garden, 'fruit treee. 
excellent spring watar oupply; telepbona 
Mostly all pavad road aiM. For rntok aais^£ BaalaalTa acaat, A. Oailk Mt i aha 
gla. Phono Balmoat TiM. 

lOR ISale — An excellent fruit farm of t 
acrea o'lly 4 miles out and close to 
paved road and achool. About 4 aeroa la 
full bearing applet peara plnm% prtwa^ 
cherries^ lagaabarrtaa. blackbarrta^ aooaa- 
barrte« eturnuttA atrawharriaa aad rhakark 
Aci4 la pasturo. Comfortable T-roomad 
bouse with bath and tuUrt. city water 
Barne and chicken houaea lucludlng good 
cow and calf and 44 chlckene and a lot of 
tools aroaad Uta laoa.^ Am MiMLAwat. M* 
win aaerlflca tor IT.Itt. ^oald oaaoiidar 
amall houaa aad lot la city as part pay- 
meat. Apply to Owner. Boa 4444. Colonist. 


nS ACKKS, the best uf soil, and all 
under cultivation, except 1 acre in 
bush and paatura; X% aeroa fine young or- 
chard in full bearing; t-roomed houaa with 
modern plumbing, ilty water laid; hl0h 
position, beautiful vl<.»; n, mlb s on good 
paved road, uwncr away; will sacrlflcv at 
in, 000. on terms. 

OTV ACRES, li alaskad, t under cultlva- 
tliin. nearly all good aoll; S-roomed 
house; latKu loirii. ;: chicken houses; all 
wire fenced. A soap at 11.260. 20 mlU-a 
tram elty. 

BAOBHAWB * (.>> 
114-111 Bayward Bldg . 



UM ACREtj, all cleared, splendid soil; 
orchard In full bearing; city water, 
two walla: modern 7-roomed house, beauti- 
fully situated amidst flowers and shade 
trees, and having an Incomparable vlaw uf 
surrounding country and distant hills. One 
mils from Interurban railway station and 
school, and 10 minutes from city by bus 
which passes the xati (thicken housea, 
ttublcs, workshi>p. SKaraKO for two cars, etc 
I'rice lU.&UO. or tU.OOu. Including all 
Stock and furnlturs. 

litt EACH— Uood building loU In Oak 
Bay and Ulllatdo dlatrlcta. 

ITtt— Wall sltaaiad haUdlas lot la James 


tto Fort Btraat Victoria. B.C. 
^ Phone It 

turiM-xl I'l ftf (TvUoual 

I B ABBOCdtlOB. •« 

aDllrli lb. pal 
Ifca lll.r. . ( I. 
Ill rn 1 K' lie .1 
Aiil-til I !-.< IS 
I> M IIARRT, UA.JL. {.bMS.t, 414 

'"'<( Phaaa 

> ' JAMMTUt 

411 6 

I A I I H RBRRILL. A.**.I.B.A.. « 
»>o<^k. PkMo M41. 

Oak 11. r Aoaue. Fkaaa MtA 

QBu. Riuux, iiai OaasUa stiaac 


aad RUnsiiai'l I'l .o. 141A 
j(.HN~,.,N BBOA. MM 

fkuos 4TaA 

A o. r. MBADUl Thahara O t aasry 

Baqulmalt Road. 

B. J. LAWRBNCB. UaadF Caady BtM«C 
tail Blaaahard Mraat. t mlaato^ttam 
Baral VtetorU Thaalra. Fhaaa MdUa 
BTANB A aHAAM. til VBct MfaaL Phaao 

FTvia BROTUBBA ttt Gaaaraaaoat ai. 

Phoae last. 
A U. C JONBA With n. 9- B p rtak Ma d . aar- 

aer Vlaw aid BroaA rhoao tt«A 


M4T aad ftl 


Important Sale hf 
Public Auction 

•( tha moat beautiM 
te tlM cUy. 

STBWAST Wn4atAll8 ft CO. 

Daly iRdtnictdd tha Hml Mr. 
ntartlA, will offar for aala by 

Public Auction, on ' 

TueMlar» S«pl. 27th 


S:SO ^.m.. ' At th* 

H. CUARKB, til Caatral 


n r,« TKK IA.N.1 
FOX A MAINWAUINU. I'siubertua Uultd 
Irni. rhoao ttlL 


H. a. auRNiMugw II* >«o<rai 
" tat. 




w J niiiCK, »»7 H i:. Pt 
Building. Phone 1470. 


Namea at Bto Legal Vlruta may bo ohtalaod 
toarn tha y r aaldoat. fhmmm IMA 

lAini BianrBVOB 

F. K. ALLWOOD. B < I. a 4?i Sayward 
BtMldlng. Phone «»«a 


A. RtTMsuT. ith BacimaM BaaA an 

Niagara BtroaC 

rAu«m» ABB saa 

T. H. RMNOBMa t«M Bay 


to ijQiAlf M 

ONEY to loan, on Sret mortgage, cover- 
ing Improved property. Also money 
to dlaoounl mortsagoe aad agreemeats for 
sale. Dwalap A Faot. BokrrlaMrs aad At- 
torneya. tll-lt Bayward Balidtag. Vlatarla. 

^tltt TO loan oa Brat mortaadab AMiF 
# Btrteklaad. Swain A Patrtek. 



BLANCHE BOTD— Select ballroom dano- 
lagtaackL Btadlo tll-tT Pembortaa 
uidg, Fhaaa Ittt. Mawa. itiir - - 


9 D. m. 

IvANCES— Lady Blanlst wsms 



AaBNT>— One tellable man w.nrrd la 
avarp towa to take orders f.>r beet 
caatom-mada tlathta la Caaada. Blyheai 
rommlaaloA BaS VMIarlMCA. I^AT IN- 

ronto, Onl. 

ATEN |nd womaa. not to ranvaaa. bat to 

i'l travel and appoint Im-al representa- 
tlvi., |:i a week and expenpe. guar.tnteui. 
with good change to make 140 a wecU and 
exponaaa. State age aad qtMllflcatioit'*. 9s- 
perlenca aaaeceemry. Wlnatoa Co., Dept. U., 

RELIABLE manafactnrerar ageat or dla- 
trlbutor desiring additional llnaa. aa- 
rlBslvo territory. Including advertlalng. fast 
aeller. gaad proBta Oordoa Balee Corpar^ 
tloa. Itl BraadtPay. Waw Tarh CHp. 

start you In the randymaklnic hnal. 
ness St home, or .mall room arifwh^-r*. 
Everything fumlabed. Experience unneeaa- 
sary. Man-womaa, aara ttt ta «lta waahly. 
Lea-Baa Caady amhata <a.. F h M adalBhMb. ra. 


vRTKRANr rLUMBiMu coxrAirr. rart 

W » iinuWN, Tii B.C. Peripaaaat Laaa 

BuiKiiug. raaaa ttiU* 
J II uii^LBBTUi lltiStt 


T. u. MomC A Ca,-««4 B.a rarateaeal 

i.x>an Buiidla*. rhaaa ttdl. 
a r, MKKRis. 1444 uraad Itraat. rbaa.s 

coo >n.| kiOl. 

WKMUbLL u. bhaWm Mt romhartoa 
NaildiBC. Phoae ttIA 


OKNKHAl. 8BHVICK T II A N l'< i it r i.TD 

11.;,' l ansley. Pbon. •> • 
J011N8UN UHOB.. t1«t Avsbury glreec 


- - till 


Proylaclal Baral ^akUaa Maa^Mal, 


lealed Tetiders. marked "Tender for 
Superstructure of Bast Wing" will be re- 
ceived by the Weirelary. l'ro%'ln<'lal Royal 
Jubilee Hospital. Kort Htreei. V i. tnrla. Il.f . 
up to i p.m. Weda^wlay. Kept ember 24. for 
work at the aboiT, comprlVIng reinforced 
concrete frame, brickwork, cut stone. gran- 
It. composiiiaa rooflna. oertata earpoatry 
Mork. etc.. all la be iaeladad la aaa saaarai 


On and after Wedneaday, September T. 
one copy of the plans and Ipeciflcatlona can 
be obtained on application to the archl- 
ti't.. on deposit of a certified cheque for 
twenty-five dollars, which will be returned 
on receipt of a bona fide tender. 

Tenders to be accompanied by a certified 
cheqao for 10% *ten per cenli of the 
ameimt ot the loader; In the case of ths 
saecsaafvi tenderer (if any) the Mid cheque 
to rehiala in the cuatody at tha HaaplUi 
Board until thirty-five (M> «a|ra attar the 
completion of the coatraat. 

The lowest or any tatMlar «M aa 
sarily be accepted. 


Aaoo<-late Archltecta. 
Ill Sarward Ralldlng. Victoria. B.C. 

#inNCIAt. balB «v 
ua^ '»BBr A« 

"" «ON. BwO. 

An pret>er(T so.) < -al RIchU of wbl«k the 

P^ae Coast .y"r-,f^**<- Woa-Par- 
sooai Liability. M the lUBlatao a d Owaar. net 
out in the Third Sahedalo la a aartain j.dg. 

ment to the Cooaty Ourt of the < o.,n., »f 
.Naoaimo tioldea at Kaaalmo. wbei.m r 
Aadrcws and others are PlaJnii*. ai. t it,* 
aBweo-oamed Company aad utn... . . 
SQ^gaats and In a aartala a ii„b 

wberelB R. Bradbarf aad atker. are i'lata- 
tlffa aad the said Compaay aad •4hagB Ma 
u;fendanta. sai d Aatlaaa. b Ja« /^SSgiid 

Mar i*>i. eatarad Itth Jaaa, Itll. aad rog. 
latersd la the Laad Registry OfBce vi«tofla. 

j«ored for sale by P»bU« Aoctloa la tbe 
cowt Room in the <>«rt Mows la the CUy 
w Nanslme aa the Irst day of Mevaataoe 
j^l, .( Klevoa a' cle rk la the r .r.n...,a. 

^- p,, uat isigaad a a dar iir* ..nhonir 
il ,he said JalB«»aat aad at ta. i.rtaer 
Of^r at Mia B caa r Jadaa r. A LamaaMa 
STXtatlai iSTlMi 

Partlrolars and CMattlaMa at aai« (nay 
^ at my eOlc. .Sa a alaso; at "<« m ^ 

of atuan ll-n.1er.on «•> ITntoa Baca i< ,hi1 

1^ VI'' '.flleee of l(*r f,.r.1 

H^^rtsor '-'.n ♦ Talt. l.'h riri-jr 

mc. Permaaeal Bunding. Vieteria. It C. 
SSei* «USS.-B."a * Mt R.^ 

•ale la « 
Dated at 



Instructad by tha ownarf. we w'll 
BBll At ear BRldBrooaM 

727.73S PiMdom Atmmw 


AlmoBt and well kept 

Mahogany and Very Old 
Walnut Hoasehald 
Farnitare and ^ 

IneludUic: Very tood Orvan and 

Stool; Mah. ("r. Tablr.t. L' Mifh Mor- 
ris Chairs uph. In t.iix st i-y . .Mahog;- 
any Arm Uockcrs, .\lah. Armchair 
with l<i(i!t»> ru.MhIon, hrann niounled 
Mah. I'r. Table, Mah. Settee uph. In 
Bilk: Mah. Armchair uph. In silk; 
laathar uph. Arm RoekBrs; Suttary 
DavaRport; Goldan Oak Morris Chair; 
Oak Hall Btaitd; MisBlon Bookcase: 4- 
ply Burlap Screen: folding Card 
Table; I^adles' Secretaire, neveral 
very oM IMctureH; ( ■michi s. Cotigo- 
leiim Art .Squares; very goml (ioiiien 
Ouk IMnliiR Room Suite i-oiiHlalinic of 
Kound Pedestal Dining Table, aet of 
• full L.aathar ShaUd Dining Chalra; 
larva China Cabinet and BuSat. Bin- 
Kla and Full 8laa All Braai and Iron 
Bada. Bprlnga and MattrtastB, White 
Enamel and Mah. DraBSlnff Tables. 
While Enariirl and other I ireaaern .tnd 
Standfl, two larf;o Walnut Hf^room 
Hulten. with Hair'i. Walnut 
Cr. XHblcH. Walnut Chairs, Walnut 
Whatnota, Walnut Cupboard, Bad- 
room Thblas. Chairs and Rodkars, 
Child's Iron CeU, Olaas Bhow Casa. 
2 Gents' very good Btay ol — , Bawlnv 
Machines, Mounted Cougar and 
nirtiM, I^eather Suitcaaes, Shotgun and 
Klflea, Hooks, (^ook Stoves and 
ItanRes, Heater!*. K. Tablea, K. Chalra, 
K. Comfort. Cooking Utanalla, Jam 
Jars, Oil Stoves, WaahlfTubs. Wring- 
ers, Bollars. Wash. Madhlnss, Blac 
Fan. Btee. Mrter, Oaa ■ngliiB with 
prima attachment, CroBscut Sawg. 
Whaalbarrows, Garden Tools, Hoea. 


In Parrels, or as a Whela, tfc* 

House of Thirteen 

The Ground Kloor cont.ilna Vegtlbul% 
Cloak Room, Large Kiitranca Itell, 
Drawing Rooma, Sun Room, Library, 
Dining Room with Paaa Pantry, 

Kiti-hi n, usual olTlcrs. Ha( l< llall and 
Jjivalory; on iho Klrnt Kloor, KUe 
Hedroom.i and Three Hathroni.-"; on 
the Second b"loor. Two Servants' Bed- 
rf><)in«, with ample upace for foul 
more rooma or Billiard Roomf^ il ra- 
(luirad. Tha houaa has savBS •pas 
Flreplacaa and Hot Air i>'urnaea, to- 
gether with the wholk of tha Property 
of about Klve and Ona-Half AcreM. 
The grounds are laid out in Croquet. 
Tennla and olh»'r l-twn^. with I'lr- 
goliut. Summer M<iii««>,s, KounlHln. 
Klowerlnu. Ornamrnlal and other 
Tree*. Flower Hede, VfK<-t.ible Car- 
tlen, (Jravel Walkn. eti'. The house Ig 
beautifully altuated and commands 
an uninterrupted view of ML Bakar. 
the BtralU of Joaa da yBHt* tlM 
Olympic, MouatalnB. and tha wiMto 
of the surrounding district. 

(a) . The house and about OBS and 
one-third acre of land. 

(b) . lx>t 100 ft. X 195 ft. Belmont 

(c) . 1.41 acrea fronting Terrace 


(d) . S.St aorea (Dlook A on map). 
Terms, Cavh, ubIbbb prevlotis ar* 

rangementa are made with the Ac*Bt&_ 
F. laindahonr. d^l Vowt 

I'lir further parUiuIarg 
of the property, apply to 

The At 

S l l \\ \ It r 

II II II\.iiil llldg. Pbi>iie X .X'Zi 


M AYKAKD * h(}\ 

AuctlotM-erg riioiu N.t7 

Beaftonable Farnitiire 
m vAfBB store 

asst kalear 

Foar-Hata Caok Stara. I*: rerr goad nii- 
Hala Raaga. with Water Jarket •>;. K«ur- 
Haia Range. Ill; Bur-au. no WMta 
Baantal Uriaair. lit: Whii. Knam.l Cheat 
at Orawera. lit; Xlealon f)ali ftuffet. Ill; 
Haund ISsteaston Table. |l«. aouara Ki- 

I. nalon Tabira |J aa; Rllrhen ihelra. || 
up Kllchen Tablaa. 11 mp: rir. a< r*rn 
II 1,0. <'hlld'B Cat. tttt; Knamrl Heda. 
II t«. ."p'lng.. 12*0 Mrflarr i;a. Range. 
Ill: UlngU Hoaol'al <'ot !«. mn^a WVlng.ra 

II. 10. large Kllclien Cugboard. 11, China 
cabinet •ita.fjaae^aam Mtt WiBMi Bai- 
f«i ga^isaa, lU: naaltb »H. 

Jtin BmIMmmw ft Soas 

gBTLECT runrnTURE erroBEij 

72t and 11 li- 17- II Fort Street 

"lyong ^'"i ihet eai af 

HaU laaSa na to ilgllt."- Mitton. 
■■Mitt la tar tMM iMfd tarn aenn. ^.a/.. 

— Blkaaaa»«ara 

for e»af HSsSlt. B Seat 

ror arerjr aeaa Bla 

lrre»pe<-tlTe of ▼•••'•r 
Haiaa earh la reepeet, 


'Penning "* JSlm.'wmm aNmsa 
Kv.rlaatiaatr ralgB. ■ 

wftn. ^tTN^.Maa-.ter-Maa'!: 

to Haaaiataa aa« Raaaa 


' ■ • ■. 1 

« i.NHT»a. 

We are dallr aalllag 

alorka of MIOM-<rt.A|IB • ' 
V I r ' RC al aboul H A ; > 

-ri<jl KK KaRI.T KN-li i;- . . 

,n<i 'tAK r'RxrrrnF:. axmi.nht«i 


n PVlTt-RIC. WORXB or A — 
- ■ ••■ W F I T r.RBaaS all rtaaaM of 

I n nMTmt aa 
t:^.r Tarma Maaihir raraaaata 

PRaagB im aaa tsii 

Seiaa af tka 
tlTea ret. 

Contractor's Plant 

I'nder and by virtue of a Writ ot 
Fieri FnrlHB Inaued out of tti" Supreme 
Court of Britlah Columbia and to tne 
directed against the goods and chat- 
tals of tha Cameron Censtruotlon 
Company, LImltad. I have sa l asd and 
Uken poBseasion of the foUawtng 
gooda and chattela. namely: 

One TubuUir .Steam 
Boiler. one liirRe Iron Snap \'al, 
BhaftinR, I'lplnft, Colin, a 
quantity of Wooden PelleU, fur Pot- 
tery manufacture; one BUff Leg 
Wooden Derrick With Dakl Rolanr 
Slewing Engine and Bull Wheal: BB* 
Crab Winch, with Double Drum and 
attachmenta for power; three Air 
I.irtK. one Hivet Heating KnrKc. one 
BucklnK I'p Hammer. DerrU k Hoom 
and Irona, one Klertric Motor, nne 
No. 5 Uork Crusher, two M.irlne 
Steam MoiliMr<. inail<- dv .Sfjihury ("n. 
Norrla lleldhlH, .New York; one 
10 X 13 Twin Steum Bnglne, oua 
8 z 10 Steam Engine, one Elec- 
tric Light Bnglne and Dynamo, one 
Kelly Oaaollna Bndna, one S" Rotaiy 
Pump, two Sewer Pumpa, Bnglne Fit* 
tingH, Lumber. Doora, Tools, littlaiB, 
Kic, flubject, however, to a Chattel 
MortgRKe covering i«al<1 go'xla and 
rhattelB, dated the l&lh day of 
AuKUHt, 1921. to necure repayment of 
the Bum of |1, 375.00 with Interrgi 
thereon at 8 per cent per annum by 
Cameron Construction Company, Lim- 
ited, In favor of Alan Douglaa Ford. 
I wUI Offer for sale at public aucUon. 
at my oflltM, Law Chambers, Baatlpa 
Street, Victoria, or Wadnesday, tha 
2Sth day of September, ItSl, at 11 
o ( lock of the forenoon, the equity of 
redemption In the nald gooda and 
ihattela. Terma of aale, cnah Kor 
particulars,^ apply to tha underalgncd. 

Pherirr, Comtr af Vteiarte. 

Sherirr'a OfT^r e. 

Victoria, n <■ 
BepUmber l»th. 1»S1. 

Arthur Hemingway 

Instructed by Messrs. Lewla A Cox, 
Maple Bay or Herd Read, Bamaaas. 

will sell by public au'tion 

Thursday, OctobMr 6 

nil thfir 

Fam Stock, Impleaorts 
Furniture, Etc. 

Inciadlng ST very Baa Batters and 
Dairy Caws, nearly all aiMiiiBarB ar 

ealvaa at foot; 7 head of Horaea, 2ft 

Kwea and T^mba, • PIga. 100 Chick- 

enf< I fii pleriien tp Oeerlngt ft Hlli<1er. 
.VlrCormU k Mower, ,Mypr» Hay Tfa<-U 
and lf>0 feet Hope. WiRona. 4 ln and 
2-ln. tirea. Plae and Tooth Marr*)wa. 
I'lougha, Rrejtklng Cnrt, Hharplex' 
Tubular Separator, SS tone Ilay. 1.000 
bales Straw, S seu Single Bapress 
Harnsas, I sets Btisgy Harneaa, 1 
■ngUah att Doable Drtvlns Hameoi. 
Doable Set* Heavy HaraaaB, all aaiA- 
plete, Bngllsh RMlng SBddla, FbtbI- 
ture, etc. 

All Stock. Tmplamanta etc.. In the 
flneat condition All Iialr^ Hto< k gov- 
ernment leatad and free from cun* 
t'iKioua 0M * r tlitm ar atlMr Imtmu all- 


AN will be aaM without raaerve. 
Kull Itsu aC ataak Biay be obtained oa 
appl l SB Ii i B ta 




TMi no 

Si. PkoM 107S 



g, Cliiffoiiaws, 
KtirialtM'*, £lic. 

t deiivercd free i>a 

1 11 , 1 . ■ II Lj i | i i^p,m 11 1 ^ 11 1. 11 1 u p . w 


urn; i^n 

Slreii^th Of Stocks at Openin;^ 
(ff Session Givps Way \<) Re 
action Qiiotatiuns ^tCio^ 
Generally Lower 

rmlum la Om alMk aMrkar 

further 4«9rMlMMMI tod«y Th«r« 
wat a vl«lb1« diminution of w|>cr.i;lonB 
by \'i><>\if, iuid Du- i. tiv It ii'ii <.f the 

• hoif.M )ii>i;irii>- iinri' ,iKK r \ '• Tim 

AIiiK »lt ll.-l t l< >li ,iis.f Il»t;(r' I .1. .1 

il- 'I rii iil fH<Mf>i l^iiifldii Mttn II Mrllrr 

' I k,'., ;iliJ llUlfh Interest.-) WtTl) 

reported to b*v« Uksn a peaalinlaUc 
vlaw rMptnttiig tte MMdMa •Uiali- 


Market fluctuatioBi In tba main 
d II r>llcated y*«t*-r<1.i> 's tnuvemenls. 

I'rlrca tended upward at the opeii- 
Inir, but yielded before noon, and 
became diatinotly reactionary la the 
final hour, whan laadlire ahowa4 as- 
trrme daoUMa of 1 to 3% polata. 

Sale* wera tSt.OOO •hart^t. 

U. 8. Steel and Baldwin, the ft-a- 
turea. cloaa4 at recaaelona, but Mex' 
lean PatrolawB, tba two tmnm pt 
PM'AoMrlcaa, alao Oi ar a l Blae- 
trla, Itadabakar, and ftemoua Play- 
•ra. comprta«d the weakeat atoeka. 

Call loans opened and held at 
per rt'nl, but the rmiriey niiirt . i v<,im 
ufiiiltt'DMl. although Interior bank* 

w<'re 'lava atrta|itlMM4 tfMr 

loc.c I t ■-■>•!,' - 

yi>r> t^0 I X haiurea,wara eonfualnr. 
tho L^ondun rata ahowlBc eomparattva 
ateadlneM, with Tarlabl* raaotloBS la 
moat ooBtlaoalftl blUa. 

Maadooo Ooironiaottt 4'a oad 
gMaagolnaef 4H to S% polata woro 
tho otttatandln* feature of a seneraN 
ly atrons bond market. All the \Ah- 
artjr laauea showed Irregular ad- 
vaasM^ XDtal aalaa» HMtMM. 

(ruratobad by Burdick 
All rracUuna I 

fif.rk - 

Am. u««t gusar ... 
AM. Can Ce.. i 
Am. Car rdy. 

Am. In. '"orp 

An, LiOComutlva 

Am. Smalt. * lieT 

Am. Sugar aig, 

Am. T. a T»l 

Am. .Ditl 

Am. 1 .1(1 

Aliai <>ri<la Mining 


Ailanilo OeK 

Baldwin Loco 

Halilfiiurc A OhlQ 

Hathlebam HtMl 

Canaaua fMMa 

Ceniral Laafber 

Cru. iliU Hl»r\ 

< 'fl HPK I'. H k .■ * < 111 II. ... 

Chli . Ml>. a HI. !■ 

ctiic. K, I, * Paa, .... 

chlia Copper 

Corn Prodaeta 

I'lMtillera Sac 


<i.>n. Ulaolrio .,». 

0«n. Motor* 

(loiHlrlch (IIK. 1 

(ii Northarti. pfdi. . . . 

Inspiration <'p 

Inn Mrr. Marine, p(4, 
Kannnciita Coppar .... 
Kan Clly Rnulherv .... 

Mjlvaln HlJ-rl 

Mfi IXrolrum 

Miami (nppvr 

Mlf«ourl Pariris 

Naw York Central .... 
Northern I'aclflo , . . . . 

nhl<i (laa 

r-TMinvivaala K. K. .... 

ri<'t<.< ou 


ttr. Rtaal Spring 

Rapabllo gtaal 

Bla. <»li 

Southern raclflo 

Houthern Ry., oom. ... 
Btudebakar Corpa. .... 
Tha Texan CompMy .. 

T'lti. I'rM.l. 

I'niiiii i'n' iric 

Utah Copper ......... 

U. g. lad. Aleobel . . . 

tT S. nubbar 

r H Hleel, oom 


Weatlnghouaa Blee. ... 

AUlad Cbemleal 

Aa*. Sblp. and Ceoi, . . 
tateraatlonai Marr, ... 

Oaaeral Aaphalt 


Xeity SprlagfleM 

Cooa Cola ...» 

' 'iiiimhla Oraphnphone. 

11(11 A .N. Hy 

United Prultj 

FameiM PbMva U C • 
Para Marquette 

Mf.MI»iitat*a Oil 

' ' iinillor Mntore 

Hewaton Oil • 

cnbaa Caae Sagar ■. . . . 
Plarce Arrow 

n«l«ll 8(ore* 

Hhrll Tran»pnrt jj.... 

Raplogla gtaal 

Royal Datili 

Taaaa Paelfle C. A O . . 

In Ulcht 

fl » 




17 i 




• 1-4 

SI- a 



:& & 



11- 4 

12- ;s 
15 4 

k: '. 
I I .I « 








1? I 
4) 4 

10- a 


a« 1 

11- l 

31 4 

n, uailted) 








• 1*» 












• 7 

• 1 










r. R 





TS - 
1 1 

§ ~ 






• > 




il I 


11- 4 






• 1-1 


12- 7 


14- l 



11 1. 







• t-4 

, 12-1 

44- 4 



««; 4 

119 4 






45- S 

54- 4 


55- 4 




15- I 

13- 1 




mmnrma omAot markkt 

WINNIPSa Mpt. SS.'-lBnuenced by tha 
wat, baakward waattaar throughout tha 
Prairie Prevlneea tha local wbaat markat 
was nrm today. Domaaile miliars wars 
I'l" prinrlpal buyer* In the oaah wheat mar- 
k-'. and a fair demand exUted for all 
o^erlnga, which wera small. Pramlums 
wara Uo to Ho highar. There la a bettsr 
damSnd for the daferrad futuraa and tha 
voluma of blislaees worked durlns the ses- 
sion was raportad as lars^ 

Coarsa gfalas wara stasdy. Whaat fa- 
tares elosad He highar to Is lowari oaU 
unehangad to Hs lower; barlay 4ts to H4 
lower: ftai 1H<< to 4e lower, and ry* %o 
lower to Ha highar. 

There wsa little ehaage in tha cash 
cearee graina A atederate deaMad exist ■ 
and alt spreads war* unrhaaged, with the 
xxreptlon of No. 4 barley, which wae %<• 

InapectlOBS totallsd 1.417 oars of all 
■niaa, o( wMeb MS were eeatraet wheat. 

Wbeat— Open. High. T.,ow. Closa 

Bepf 14m 14(IH 14414 144H 

Oct 143% 143H 

Nov 141H 141% 144H 14444 


May i4t« 14t< HSIt 




Or t. . •..«.•••.* 
Vtt *4>*«< 


Oct. • . . •««. •••• 



..«•••... ^^3J 

..««•.•*• 4Sfe^ 4S 

1 11 W 141 H 

144H ir 
isi^ issv^ ^li 





•M M* tN 

• aaoaaaaoa >• •• 

mil m« tta 


41 H 



ii?'4 in>i niH iis% 
llOH 111 1I4H lit 
Cash prl«>*e: Whrat~l hard, 141; I nor., 
144m 1 nor.. 141H: S nor. 1I7H; Mo. 4. 
ISIH: No. I. UIH: No. 4, lOIH; (aed. 


Allied Pk , eons. 

li'l' Am Twl>. 

> *.< 1. aixl i' 

I. lavaland Ma • 

l>«raBl Mo 

Uuldwyn Pla. .............. 

N. A. I'ulp 

Khil M'jifia*. 

re«r|eee ........a.. 

I'err.clloo T a... 

Kail to. f-om .....a*. 

Ii«!lu llfil 

f^wcalji Ait.ri .,..^..^a..... 
Tea. Mapvri • . . . aa..a»«r. • . 

Vm. Prof. Bhar 

Ua. Ilatsll Candy 

U, S. till I L> '>! pri 

Wlllya I • . i><d 

Cities com. ........... 

OitieaaOra. pSd. 

Cities ass. abm 






1 1 14 
















1 '4 


■ H 

t S 



I H 

r, ij 


e a 

e e • a 
• 4 

e «« •« 
4 a • e a 

•a « 

* e a e 

Alltad on 

Alien Oil 
Atl. Pata 

>A y... 

Hooiie OH ...... 

<arlli t-ya. ... 

• Oaden 

I loralnloii O. ... 
KIk lisula 

y-i. on 

Ulanroek ...... 

Inter Veta 

Uvlaastona P. 
Mararalbo O. . . 

Merrlt . ..... 

M W H»f. . . , 

M w. Oil. com. 

.N'orthweat .... 
< ikmulgea .... 



I'rd and K*r. . 
Hyan Cons. . . . 
Hall Ck. Prod, 
gimma . ....... 

Hkally Oil 


Ulg Ladga . 
Uuat MonL 
Cal. Jerome 
Oa. Coppar .... 

Cona Cop. 





Howa geand ... 
Kerr Lake .... 
Maama Cop. . . . 
Mother Lrfi. 
Metker U, aew ... 
Mather U ~ " 
Kay Hit.- 
Da. Bast 
Ua. arde Bat. 


a e e aa a 

e • e e 
• pas 

ra eaaasa 

• • • f 

• e • a 

I a • • 

• * a f 

oaoa e«a« 

• e a e a 


B « • e a a * 
»• e a a a e 
» a e s e • o 

aeeaaas s^e 
• aao aa^^a 














• •'. 





n . 


4 H 














r < 
< '* 

• I 








4 4 

i vs 









1 1 
. 70 





(r«ml*had by Bardiek Bretfcera. 

All Praetloaa la BIcfctfca 


Aabasloa Corp 

BreaiPton Palp a Paper «t'f*. 

Ball Talaphona .....«•..< 

Brastllan Trar ■ 

Caa. Crment, com 

Can. Caroaot, pfd. 

Meatreal PeStec ...... «e«.»i.e«.e«»i 


Dominion Olass 

<"an H. H. <om 

< uri. S , pfil 

Can. Conrartars a..< 

National Brawertea ..*...••.••.•••< 
Can. Gen. Sleetffe ...a.a..aa....« 
Cons. M. a B, 
I>etralt tTttlted 
iJoro. Bridge . 





I. ...... ......a.*. 

Deal. I. a a ......... ......... 

rv>m Textile 

■..aurantld'- ' n 

Hank of Montreal . 

Moleon* Uaafc 

liochalssS Bgak . . . 
Bank of Commares 
Merchant* Hank . . . 

Huyal Bank 

Panroan*, lAd. ..... 

Quabac Rslliray .... 

RIordon Taper 


HpanUh Klv. I'ulp 

BpaMlah Klv. I'ulp, p(d. 

g|*el of Can 

Wayac" •..«■ f 

.4 ... a a 







































1 4 










(BP r Wa atavaagaai III 

^mbcMon Hid* ) 
Bid. Aekrd. 

Atbabaaea Oil* 

Bowafla Copper . . . , 

B C Anml Oil 

B. ' I ' I riiHM.'tK i>oan . ■ 

B. C. Keflnlns Co 

neuBdary Bay Oil 

Canada Cosper 

Can. Plah 

Can. Nat. Ptre . > 

Coast Copper 

Cot^ Pwiaeg 

coasL Ma aad B. . -■ 

Crwe NeM Ceal 

Dewglaa Cbaaael 

OrftStojr • ■asaesasseeeeaeaa 

Oreat Waet Pena. 

Ilowa Bound ... 

Intl r-oal 




T'arlfir Cnaat fire 

rut Mradowa 


Hllversmlth . . , .. ..4 

Kiivcr Craat 


apartaa Oil 

Risndsrd Lead 

Hunloch Mlaee ...... a ..a. 

Burr Inlet a 

Stewart M 

HIewart L,and 

Trojan Oil* 

wkalea. eeiaf . 
Wfcalea. pfC . 

Dom. War Leaa. Itti 
Dem. War tAan, Itll 

IV>m War Ix)an. HIT 
Victory Ix>an. 1»:2 ... 

VIetory Ix>*n, Itll 

Victory I.oan. ltS4 ,.. 

VIetory l^an, 14S7 

victory I/oan. ItlS ........ 

Victory I.oan 1tl4 ... 
VIetory L*»»n 14:^7 


e e 






.41 H 







11 14 

4 S.44 












.04 Vt 







e e 




e s 

* • 

e e 


e a 





e e 


a • 



41 71 


tl 44 


tl 24 


e e 










t7 in 

*« 10 

94 10 

5i 10 

01 r,o 



fParalaked by Bardiek 


Sl«: track, lim 

Oats— 1 ewi. 44%; 
feed. 41%: Q feed. 41%: 

1 rw , 41%; eatra t 
S feed. S4«: 
irark. 44%. 

Duriey— s rw.. 44%: 4 aw.. Mf rejeeted 
and feed. 11%: iraek. tTM. 

Ptaa— 1 nwc. S4S%: I ew.. tM1|| I gw.. 
1T4: seadamnad, IT4: traek, MS. 

are— a. ew.. iim. ^ 

l.ONl>ON, Bapt. S4.— Bar alhrer, S4%d 
eunca. Maaer. •% P^r 

Phart Mil*. 4 par aeat; 
4 1 t < in 1 11 par can* 

Ni •• 1 'UK, Bapt. 10 Hfertlna evrhan 
h»a>v «i |S.«7% for *|ity-day bill* ai 
Il 71 % for demand. 

Par Mlrar, foreign. 4t%. 
Canadian dollar*. It.TI 

7 •! ; . at-lea. 7 01% 
It rahl'B. 4 11% 
demand. I 04 ; rabh 

Praaca. d»n»«nd. 
I.Ira, damand. 4 
net(iaa Iraao*. 
I t4H 

. St 4T: eablee. 
.1M«| eabiea^ .ttft. 


Itii.aliin IS'*. 1114 

I ■ u f rr 'K' j 

Kren^ la of Itll 

PreaA 4-* of ltl7 

Prefteh I's of it 14 

Ilallnn I * of 1124 

Crilleh 6'a of 1122 

llrttlah t * of lt27 

UrttlSk •'* of 1414 

Victory 4"* 

Rrltl*h Rsf. 4's . . 
n*lglttm Rsstor. 

Rarlla 4-s 

Hamburg 4%'e 

I^ilpslg 4%'4 . 

I fTl* 6'* ... 
M , I, h t'l .... 

i«i-an<.«e 4'* 
Japtuieaa 1-S 

.Inpaneee 1-4 
I-arU «'■ . 
IT. K SH U. l!>;i 
I' K. 6S ». Itl7 

I . . a . ■ 


Brother. I.lml(ed) 
nid. Asked 


14 >i 
44 H 

• % 




4 a a t • 
t e • * * e 

t see a e 
» e 4 e a • 


4F. <4 












kp BaHtek Bretkers, L 
Open. Mtgk. Law. 

lt.T4 14.41 It.Sa 

14.14 S4.4S IkS* 




(Pnrnlahad by Rurdlck Brother*. L4alled) 
Canadian etarllng. |4.14%, 
New Tork ■tarllng. SS.T4%. 
New Tork funda. II It-Il, 
New Tork allver. rnrelgn, MH. 
Uondon bar ellver. 3*% 

cxmjonel c w pfck 
is not i^resipent 


C. O. 


Oraat War Veterana' Aaaoclatlon. 

Colonel r' W P^Tk. Vr. MP. In 

rVi ■ ' -l.^nir-N Ihut hr h im .i . . .-i!!!'! Ml" 

pro»i<Ijui<'y of the Canadian Liaglun, an 
organlB44tion of ratumad 
cently formed In Toraato. 

la rafaranea to | 
Taroato, OoL Pock wIpm MmI ho has 
baoB aaaMa to aadoralaad what has 
baan dona and lhat ho hao roeelvad 
no communication from any body or 
nssorlrtt l<-in 

R*re>nt dispatchaa wara to tba ef- 
fect that c oL PMtt ini Biiiaiai the 



Bardiek Iir 'I>>t. umlted) 

la Kl*Mh» 

Ml«'i I.ow. Claaa. 

I J- 3 1 « 1 *« 

• .. l»t 4 Mi> 1-T I I t 

lSS-4 114 111 4 tit 4 

..a... ^R*" 

Bapt, ....a...... 






ia4 w-s 

^ &2 S» 
SS^ SiS 

COLUMBOT. O.. Sapc. M.— Andl 
Davay waa alaetro<-.t»rfi at the ohio 
paallantlary earlv tin* morning for 

the. nn^.ler of hi, »if<' inorr. tlnti t 
yr«r ^dP" I>a>.<-\ « ,, » t » n. ••«t 

lila- -^hi Ml 1 pirv 'rinl thr flr«' i-^„- 
of Ua kind In Ohio courts. He choac 
t.< tak« hlg ehancaa wltb tha ooortaad 
saiorod a gsMial plM a< mMt at 

mmm mm 

m; rai m it 

Further Reductions In f loui 
Figures Ontario ClifM-'.(' 
Advances a Notch — New 
(jalttornia Figb Airive 


la tha whalaakio 
sIfBpliMr »o loss thaa ll.Sl' 
and 12. tl aln<M laat markat day. Thla 

:« diu. liir»,-<ly t.i th.- Urgei ahlpments 
r«-.<iill> ii-iiivi-,t from outaldn point". 
w)i|. Il h .H iiiilur.illy broughl d..Mii 
thfl price cunaiderably. Wealthy So. 
I s hare been standing at 12.50 a box. 
but Call yaaterday XI cants. The 
Doehaag variety, howovor , rosaala fsm 
at aad 11. 

Freah appa eontfaaad oa thalr up- 
wind ii-ifiit yeaterday, when t'lcy 
Hdvanri',1 .iimlhflr 2 r»'tits. now" dc- 
inaiiiliim hi) <i-nl« ., .1../. m fr. m Iho 
irtailtTH. .SioraK'' ''KKm ^>'f Jlrin ut 
40 ceiiiH Thei vurl.iua lir.u..:* of On- 
tario ohaasa each advanceU aaotbar 
aotoh yastarday. XlBpara aJao la- 
«il«o« t aaola 

invo flour Itotao record a farther 
reductloa, droppina 10 l■^r>ts par 
4r-lb. aack. The different brands. In 
which the df lliii-H ire ii" > il hi.- 
Purity, Uoyal Stmulard )t.>>al Jinujw- 
hold, B. A K , an I I'U.- liii.srH 

A notioaabia chanpe In the prlcda 
of grapaa baa takon pIhlo The 
M*'*dM arp BOW aseartiia SI conta 
flsors frwiR tfto pgtanora, mtth tha 
Tokaya alao adyanelnp a alipllar 
amount. Tba black grapaa, tbouph, 

art- Mown II oantSk SMd OTO QVOtOd 

at S3 50. 

^pw California figs made their ap- 
pearance on wholeaale row yesterday, 
their prlcea balng $4.26 and $2.30. 

Thara ara no cbaacaa in maat or 

od flaaras. whiio tho sttpar quota- 
»Ba ramala otabla. ' 

, VFGfrrABi,i:s, 


CowlChan .aa. 


Bait h<prlne Island 

V. I Milk I'roUocera 

B|>eclals, Crramary, cartoaa ... 
Orade 1. Craamory. MMU .... 

raoiarr. pneiB ..a. 


tirade 2, Cre* 

Ontario, aolld 
Ontario..^ twtaa 
Ontario, slaglaa , 
' ll(od 

»ees«e*a aa 

Ontario, Btll(oiA 

Ontario, TrlpleU tS% 

B. C. Cheese. BOMdS or tirlae.. 


a. C. Craam. desk 

MeLaran's Craam, dos., small. 
SleLaraa'* Cr*am, do*., med. . . 
Moliaran'* Kraft. Can., I'* ... 
Mcl.arpii s Kraft, SWlSS, I'e ... 
s — 

B.C. N*W L>ald ...aa 

l^G. asargpa ................. 

Haddle* If it> hoi 'h ... 

K ..1 . , - 

eat>ufwb. smoked, iS-lb. boa. la. 
rotstoe* — 

rotatoea, per taa .- ss.4« 

Aahcreft a Si, 14 

Hweat P et al eeg fl% 


Okanapaa. per *as6 

Oraea Onlona dos 


Artiebekaa, Oloba. par doa, ... 

Boat*, par aack ...a.. 

Baana. wax. lb, ....... ..a.... 

Beans, graan, lb 

Calary, do* ^ 

Oolden Baatam Cosa ..1^ 

Carrol*, per saofc 

KSS I'laal. Ibk 


ParSaigS ..a. .a..*. .....a... a 

Canliriowsrs. par doa. ..a a SaM 

Cu< umber*. No. 1 ..aa. 

.N'o 2 .•,;,aaa... 

Cabbage 44 

Bead Lettaee, dee. «• ta 

Oarlle ^ 


Toinatoe*. local, hotbousa. 

'No. I's. per crate ^ . 

No. 2'*, per crata 7. . 

aiarrow*, lb 

Oraan Ball Papp*^ paseh hexee 
Oraan Bell Peppera, esaieg ..... 


Plum* . . . . r 1.S4 

Prunes. Italian, crate 

Pruaee. Itallaa, peaak- bemea 


Ore pas — 

Malacas. lug S.2S 

mark, lug 

Tokays, lug i,tl 

Bartlstt Paars 4.44 

Cantaleupaa. 4 6'* 

Cantaloup's, flats lis 

Honay Dew Melons, crate ... 
Paaebe* 1.14 

OraTaaatalng 1.71 

Wasllhy. Now 1 

No. S .................... 

Slatted, kas .....aa..... • 

DueheSg .....taa,.... a t.lS 



-Per ease 



Per Ik., city 4*11 
Par lb., crated 
IJask. ta. 1 d.« . 

4-baskel cratra aaa. 

Orapefrult — Aoeordlag t* siss ^ 

California ^ r: . . 

Watermalons — Loag rarlsty 

Beae r — 

N -» < I ? H ox. combs, |>*r case 
New, 14 ii-ea. eeaih^ per ease 

Naw Calif., pkg 14 4 eg, 

New Calif. Iayer>. 6 re« tf>S. . 


- -.-BOaaeeaaa* 

fy. la arrive^ 





•J 7 

1 Ii 



1 1 







2 71 












t no 

2 no 




I 60 

; 26 



1 75 

4. tl 

4 HI 

3 00 


7 00 
1 00 


5 Oil 



5. T4 




p^rf. No. 1 atttrr 

I,*mb a e a • . 

L.a r<l e**aaaaaa«aa 
Hamt oaeae 
V^ftl eeoBdSBBBaagee* aste 
a aao a a a a 

• agaeee see see 

• ■ * s s 4 a ■ 

... .24 



.14% to .31 
.41 to .44 


40 to 60 

.... .^^.e 

Or. Bartay ...... 


Cracked Cesa .... 
Peed Cs ra weal .. 

Oats .....a. ...... 

nr. Oat* . . 

gcrstrb Pood 


Hrsn a... 

Shorts a 

Ait. Maal 

Poultry Maah ... 

lie read 

Oat read 

C. N Caka ..... 
C Ii. Msal .... 

OU Cake 

Peg Baan Meal .. 

Oletai. Peed 

Ca«taea«*d Baal . 

Haat gSSagS 

Or*4«r ghell 

Ur. Boaa 

Hay. Timetky aad 
Alfalfa Hag 

glraW a • a a aa . a » * . 


ooaaaooeaee 4# 

seea* ee> 
eeaae sea 

SI 44 

1* •* 







Purtty ., ..........aa |2 TS 

MoY.i c,.n.i.rg J 

wii ' i( Paeiiy) i is 

Royal iio uilkeH s.T| 

Js ^ aeeaeeeeaaa e* ea«aaee* 

^^^^ HVSH^e as** a a a a oa e a a ^0 a a • a oao a 
B« A Ka 4 IKlfltQr) a • • • • • a ^ aaaOaeee oo 8.09 

RttooUi ma Wifr and nimnrM ^ 

MONTHFAI.. S*r» 20 Klrlnr 'hrer 
I r».,,.|ver ehnia ut h'.« wife an. I •■r-r. 

. i.iv w.iiindiiig her, ICmll* Ahmand, 

4 ^ tii-nfd ih» weapon oa 
I and put a bullat 
^ytaa ahBM 
I waa tha calmliwtloa •( a 
I rol that haa lasted 

News of Vancouver Island 

mm mi m 

While Txee Safmon Are Still 
Taken In Famous Watere, 
Disciiifes of Nimrod Art 
Mtit-<R EvideRce 

CAMPBELL lUVm. SeBt. If.— 
As tha hunting geaaon aprotkcbfi the 

Mportaaaen in this locaUty are antld- 

l'.itii)« K'""! .-iltort oil IK count yf i Ih^ 

fc;'*'"I Ilillllli.-l .if .|.-.l .111(1 iliMI- Uuit 

hu ■ f t.i , I , I . . I, I : V ., I i ■ 1 . i.- 1 1 lo 

tr.iila uiiil iiiaiiu ihruughuul the dln- 
iiK t Ah nearly every man In then* 
norUiero tarrltorlaa la a aportanan 
theiB hap bean a rath fbr dhootlng 
llceaces and tha revenue to the Qov- 
(•rnment from thla district alone will 
be conaldtTiible. 

To tho weBtward of fatiiiilcll Ulver 
an far it« tho houndary of Sti;il hr. >ua 
I'Hrk, thi-re In one of the best hunting; 
tieiiiH UM Vancouver Island, for thiH 
great atretcb of oountry. With tho ex- 
t eptloa of rorbes Hotel at Lower 
Campbell Lake, la totally uninhabited 
and haa been very little hunted over 
Hnd the niosf of it virgin cnuntry 
to the htjtilcr or trupper. There la 
one ;i ilvii ntiiKP In ipfpr»'noe to 
this fine huiitlnt; ground, und that is 
the fact that the aportaman can take 
hla oar rlfht tato tho heart of this 

The fact alao that the efsht hun- 
dred sqanre miles, reserved by the 

(iovernniciit a.n a niitlonal jcirk, will 
IxMorne .i vast prem^rvt*, will fti.suro 
to tliiH (llHtrk't fur all time a constant 
supply of game of every deacrlptlon 
foaad on Tancouver lalaad. For this 
raaaoB Campbell River. iMtpr widely 
advertised In recard to Tyoo salmon 
flshtnp, will alwnya remain the out- 
nttlng centree for this part of Vdn- 
cOuver iHland and for expr.lltlonM to 
the many pl.'icPM on the Mninlaiid. 
such as Toby Inlet, wbiM'> niouiit.iiii 
goat, deer, bear and/ many other 
species of big game nbound. In n 
few hours' gall by saaollne boat num- 
eroVB places can be reached where 
the hunter haa every opportunity for 
Kolnp aa far nn the Ittw will allow, 
and flllinp hiH h.iK in record tlsaa. 
Muilao city 

One of the moat Interesting places 

iilong the coast of Brltlah Columbia 
and situated on the southern kIkho 
of Valdez Island, Is locally known b-^ 
.MudKe I'Hy. This collecllon of slia<-ks 
and tent.s. with Its Odd looking side- 
wulka of huge lops and timbers 
placed In poaltion by the fierce aouth- 
easters ^ia the Fall aad Winter 
months, is new a dsser t e d town aad 
wilt remiiln so till the flshlBC PPason 
HUi'rtH nKain next year. 

About the flrst of June nHhrrmon 
from far and near pather at this 
point only to find their former dwell- 
ings destroyed by the flerce winda 
and heavy' ssaa that paand these 
nhorea for maay montha in the year. 
Korttinatol} for the men who folkiw 
the flahlna industry, there la amplo 
material close at hand for the re- 
building of their temporary homes, 
find with the ever handy froe they 
soon cut out of (lie hiitidreds of 
shingle boU" Ht^attered around suffl- 
clent lumber to make themaelvea 
comfortable and eomtaotllovf houaea. 
No looks' or koyg aro neesssary la this 
curious little city by the sea, for, un- 
der the b.'achcombeni' code, like 
mlnerH" I.twp iii the ilav.s of the gr>ld 
TUfh 'way back In the sixties, no man 
darn •.teal hiS Balghhofs fOOdp Odd 

Oreat Inpenuity la shown by these 
hardy men of the sea in the inaldo 
llttinas of their natty ahaOka. and the 
tenderfoot finds that he has a whole 
lot to lenrn as he watches the old- 
timer creating, with an ordinary can 
Opener, .t. Hurprlnlngly neat little 
cooking stove and with the same use- 
ful Instrument fartiienlnp a dosen or 
more empty tomato cane into a first* 
elaas stovepipe. A recent Invention 
by one "Mlehlaan Chai^ey" makes 
aaa of a thlrty-paJlon milk can f^r 
stove manufacturing and is gradually 
being adopted hy the rekt aT tha fra- 

Water Supply 
In some instances, where a aback 
In built near a side hill, a few foot of 
pipe driven into tho ground near a 
spring aervea as a water supply, 
thereby saving the proprietor much 
labor in his fetching water frwm far- 
off holes The n i 1 1 f re<>ne« lined bv 
these so-called beach tramps sre usu- 
ally made of fir and spfuce boughs, 
while an occaalonal "dude" packs 
around with him an Oatermoor, or a 
fair Imitation of one, bdt eventually 
gives up tho "hlg notion** and adopts 
the prevaiUag AOthod of hla brother 

Oiiring periods rf Imd weatbes, 

when It Is lmi>osMn.|i> f'l flsh on nc- 
roiint -if h< :i\ > xi-^im ii iid wInds. the 

comber flnds time to break away 
from the quirkly-mado alap-Jackg and 
cook himself a few daintlee In the 
shape of hot bipenita, mulllgana, rice 
puddings and, when "ready-made"' 
hrend Is unprocur-i ble. n batch of 
■ ( haln I i({hl n ing." w hich Is not a bad 
substlliite when eaten fresh, but nt- 
Ulna the hardneea of granite If kept 
for a day or two. 

When tho s e a son fn^ deer and 
grauae coasos reaad tho oombor lives 
like a prince, for he ia uooally a good 
shot and keepe the larder well sup- 
plied with these tlixurlea. The mrtln 

ob)er(ixf« ..f ||,(«c nom.ids of the 
Coa)»f Is to iiiaiie n stake of LSO that 
fbev c,<n btiv siifTlclent grub, and "den 
up" for the Winter In some cosy 
corner «b( of reach of tho storms, 
snd Where wood aad gaina aaa be 
had la phmtir. 

When the ftah are running the nub- 
ermnn works very hsrd. for he knows 
that there Is a limit to the runs, and 
he mil" Inke full sdvitntase Of his 
opport II Ii ' ic« diirinc these periods. 

Now that the price of aalmon haa 
dwiBdIod U leas tlma half af that 
paid daring tho last law iraaia. the 
comber finds It dlRealt ta gatNpr suf- 
ficient money for a comfortable "den- 
ning up" and haa left hla old haunt* 
siirh as >fudge Pity, tnr other field* 
where better prices can be obtained 
for' the products of the sea and In 
cloaer proximity to the markato of 
our SOBthern rltl^ 

Maad FlPP Facrol 
Tho WPNsr had the p rivlleoe. a f»w 

daj« agn. to go ov»r tha Itttle cr I is<»r 

Klors. mpfslne,1 hv Mr M p U irt. 

w l-'i-i I- 1 » ' i r r ' . ' • I . • ( i, I . . , ^ t 

Tharvtoa Bay and who 

■i»ass«s»^^s*— — — — — — 

tftpa aloac the coast la ooanectloa 
with the Are patrol systeto. The 

Klii'.i 1- itic i f a aiuitll fl'ft of trrula- 
»•r^. tint U.I a bIuiijohiI ai Thuraton 

It 1 V and cevel u anv huii li. l» of 
nilU-j> of couHtlliii- vii.kl. .iti.l liino 
more than Juatitlfd ilitii UN. iM ili'f 
fOPSOt protooUoa aervlce by trana- 
partlnB flro-flghtlag gaaga of men to 
put out fires la their early stages and 
thereby saving tretnentloaa traota 4>f 
>alu,il)l< timber 

All the boats used in tin* oiv-ie. 
lion ara. Btted up with wlreleas ^ele- 
Vbuaar"MMl telegrapba, wbl<:h bavo 
hooa <oaad vsnr a ss f ai la ooasBsaal- 
caling with hoadoaarters at Tharstoa 
Bay or from one boat to another. Tho 
apparatu.s ^ tjsed on theee crulaers la 
aopplied by iht- .Marconi Company and 
la 04>mpl«le In trvery detail 

Not oni.v i.s their Innovation useful 
to the ili'wardeiia in a\eH?i 
MMise, but the novelty of Ustenlnifc lo 
musical ooneorth at 8aa Diego, Call- 
fonUa. ip alao oajeyod hy tho wardens 
and families ia their aalet llttla 'bay 
on tlx- co.istlUie of Brltlah Columbia. 
Mr Mart .statPs that 1921 has berth a 
Kood >.ii m.sofar ;is forf-t lii.> are 
con. t rnc.l. .mil much less money haa 
been .Ki>»i't thiH j'ca.son In putting out 
flres than for several rtmn past. 
FoHtlcal If oteo 

'I'll'' <'on.serv:illvcM of I'i'iip x tl«liii>t 
will HMd a convention in the l.llflaiiu 
pavilion here on Wednesday, Sciit'in 
bar 21, and It la likely that a cuna!- 
data will bo selooted oa th^t data 
to run In the coming general - alM- 
tion. As to who will get tho aomlaa* 

tion is not even gue.«sed at here, and 
a dark borne tiiay be the outcome ot 
the iK-niij,- on \V. .1 n. m<I.i y . 

Since the I'eoples" r.irty flurry on 
Vaidea Island last month, there haa 
boon BO excitement of any kind po- 
litically, but as there will likely be 
four or five candidates raaplac for 
/he Dominion House this election, 
there I.m every likolthood of a very 
keen fight for this constituency. 
^^P^taij^ "J^m^^" 

There are all kindest rumors float- 
ing around Campbell River recently 
la rafaranea to the big d- . oloiunent 
of the water power and natural re- 
sources generally from ih^ f.uf 
there are at present tue surveyors 
here from Cumberland surveying the 
whol^ dlatrlot of Cpaspboll River and 
Duncan Bay. It la said that previous 
survey.'* h.ivc been made In thosO dla> 
trut.t. borings have been made 
to ascertain the number of co,-. I 
scams at tliese points, and that the 
present survey Is to ooaflrm thO fpT* 
msr findings. 

TPonem mm Active 

AItb.nik;h i . what late In the 
.season, • enlhusiastlc fishermen are 
mill finding their way to ll.i<i I .nous 
nailing oentr^ and no lesa than three 
Tyeos wara caught. on Tuesday last 
Miv Percy Charleaon. of Vancover, 
captured one of the big felltlWa, 
which tipped the acales at thirty- 
eight pounds; while Mr. Hedley Bha.w. 
of Toronto. \vb') ha« spent Iho Siio.- 
mer months here, caught two weigh- 
ing respectivdr forty-oicht and fo^ty- 
flve pounda. 


^ a 

NANAIIIO, Sept. SO.->^a fall 
board waa present at tho meeting of 

the City Council last night. The mln- 

iiten belli;,' r.-ol .iii.l inovc.l and sec- 
onded for adi>|itl'>n. when Ald< 
Mc'iuckle took exception to the work 
of paving Urace Street being com- 
menood without proper authority, the 
Mayor explained that the oompajoy 
undertook the raspondlbllity In tao 
event ot It being necessary. Alderm%n 
McOuckle moved that the company 
pay the cost. The original motion 
that the minutes be passed carried 
with the dl.ssenting voice of Alder- 
man McOuckle, who renyirked, ".mo 
support for the eltiaeas." 

A commanieatlon wsa received 
from tho British Columbia torvleo 
Council, asking that the Mayor and 
Council attend an IKiportant meeting 
that Is to be held In this city. As 
many will attend as cm do ho. 

A communication ffom the Hoard 
of Police CommiaaloiterB requesting 
the purchase of police raincoats, was, 
on motion of Alderman Hsrt. soeond- 
ed by Alderman Bariby, carried, not 
without a suggestion ^ by Alderman 
Rowan that a cheaper coat can be 
pujTchaHed. whereupon the Mayor ex- 
plained the fallacy of a cheap coat, 
although the estimates for this de- 
partment are exceeded, aad Aldermaa 
Hart explained that cheap aoats oaeo 
BsM wore like a sisvo. 

A oommunlcotlon ttom tho British 
Columbia Telephone Oompany asking 
for permission to laf conduits on 
firiifo Strerf before pnving w.ts un- 
dertaken was considered by Alderman 
Rsndie to be too lato lo tho day, bat 
Alderman Rowan moved and re- 
ceived a Beconder In Alderman Planta 
that the matter ho oonslderod in com- 
mittee c? *ho wheflo. which earned. 

A report from the Cotmcll in 
mlttee dealing with the sewer^rnain 
under the E A N. Hallway on Hec.ite 
Street waa emlorned by the Council. 
The City Manairer reported an eg- 
iture of 1261.01 for the weak oa 
i' aecoant, and fll.lf on water- 
workiT accoaat. 

A City Land Bales By-l^w was In- 
trod'iced by Rtirsby. The 
bv-lnn- nI»o pnsscd Its first readlnft. 


(■f>I UTKN"A V Hept tl — ^At B 
recent meeting of the Soldier Sot* 
tiers' Association at Courtanay, tho 
following was adopted aa tho saprso 
slOB of opinion of all the soldier 
cottiers concerned: 

(1) Under the existing agreements 
fi settler's psvments now fall due on 
October I The farmer hns sold 
i:i;le if any of'hif produce by that 
date, and he would be In a better 
position to meet theee payments if 
they foU due oa Decemhor II. 
trrted tiiat. that tha Bo ard ha re- 
qaastod to altar tha data a( paiBnat 
to December SI. 

(I) That the Minister of Agricul- 
tal^e CFederaM he requested to visit 
the aoldler settlers In this valley 

(S) That the aettlera have pro- 



Province of British 

GiUespie, Hart & Toddjimited 

\ ii-roKv noM»» u<>i ».irr. t44ii o. oroTBD . 


Price 9S.S2 


0 40' -'c 

rM4>>R ti«* 

111 r<»i 



WB BUY AND SFI I All M aturifif^ - f VICTORY LOAN 

AT C I ( )SIM M M'KI T. ^ 

Ba P. CLARK & CO., LTD. . 

Mrnilirin 11. f. lioii.i I'talcrs' A^». ;n'. i. 
gtraet. Pemberton BIdg , Vlcturia. Ii<- i i . <■ 

French Goveriu^t^^% Victory Bonds 

The most dedhable aad attrasttvo ad tho «pa> «B0Sll4|at ataartlles iMBSd 
by tbe French RepubUe. eamrtstf tho fsUiwtag auiaetlvo features! 

1. .Ouod Interest return. . 

2 Opportunity to profit from the reeovory la Frpneh exehaage. 

These ate .|l>oted now arOUnd IS4.00 (CeUSdiSB fUlMS) f Or B MM 

franc bond, the par value of which 1* $19^.00 

COMPLKII. I.NKi>HMATI( (.\ I \l I ! ■ ATI^N' 





We compound tba iaisrost quarterly. 
Ws allow jroa to iMOt aha«BM against your acceoBV . 
WoATo apoB for baglBiM trot t am IB S i 








Braadlian Government 5% 
Loan of 1913 

Principal and Interelt, April 1 snd October 1, 4)aya»)le in London in 
'■teriing. and in New York, Paris. Amsterdam. Brussels. Hasic ami 
Hamburg at the exchange of the day on Loiul.m Hoiuls arc in 

coupon form in denominations of £1,000, £500. £100 and £20. 
I'ricc on 27th July. 1914. on London Stock LxchanRc, $80.Stf. Price 
today. $.S3.00. 

Cash Income, 7.74% on a basis of $4.10 to £1 sterling, 
SafetF Daposit Boxes (or^Reat 

British American Bond Corporation, Ltd. 

Fort Street. 


EsUblished in 1901 

Phonri HQ, 2121 

Do We Take Small Accounts? 

We do more ttum that. 
W« Inrf ts tiMin— weloonM 
them and tAkf> p^twd eiTt 
of them. If you widl toopta 
B SftFlfiir* AeeoQBt for any 

particular purpose ot wish to 
teach tlio children to save hy havin(? 

gn aToiiiit in PSi'h child « fiani*" Id tii.t 
hoeitate to do BO because the anVttniis t.. bo 
dopasited will be small. |1. in sutli'int ta 

apaa a Savings Aofpuat, aad depool^ of |i. acB 


HeadOfTice: MofitHHL OF 




Established 1864* 

E. W. MoMUl Lf N. M 


taction, in that, if any dispute arlaes 
between the Soldier Settlement Board 
and the settler, the aame to be dealt 
with through arbitration, a board of 
arbitration to be oompoeed of one 
appointod by tho hoard, one hy tha 
settiere. and oaa hp a looal Fanaoro* 

(4) Th.'U Iho settler he given tn iro 
freedom with regard t'> it>'' 'n<m*" 
of hla stock in that the »«iti.T he 
allowod to diapooe of some at any 
time ho wlsbe* without first having 
to constat the Field Suporvlsor. and 
that any returns from the iMles be 
left at Hi' ■• ili-i'""-''' 

(I) That the question aa to 
whether tbe soldier sMtlirp lasid I" 
taxable, be decided. 

(6) That the Soldier Beitloment 
Roard r«M«gnlse Bad allBtr PBTtaer- 
ehlp on farma. 

(T) la caae of a soldier settler 
being salvaged, that valaors be 
brought in and the valBatlaa over 
and above the first purchaao prfas be 
paid over to the "*-'fler cnnceraod. 



TOROMTO. Sepc Ia aa ad- 
dresa on British sUteemanship froip 
a Canadian point 6f view to the Ca- 
nadian press >rsi»'rda*', HIr tleorge 
Parkin sounded a note of warninir 
over the proposed apprilntment • ' •• 
Canadian salalater to Washington i^ir 1 
George le secretary of the Khodes 
SehotarsMp Traat mmA Ipotareg for the 
Impertat FsdsraHdB LsP0Ba. 

Aftrr - '^• rrlBS IB the fact that Mr. 
Lloyd ~ » waa quite willing to 

agrOe * ' . Appointment of a Cana- 
diaa rolnlater to Waahlagtofi, he said: 

haaa aalr ta 
tho isava Is a 
caaadtea »alBl aC viow. Of this I 
hava giava doBMa. Tho oAmpio of 
Canada would afinnet certainty be 

fi>II'.we.| tiY 'tl>> I'.iclflr I >oni I n i^^ 11". 
poaslbly alao by Houth Afrii;! It 
would certjUnly Im follow. I i.y ire- 
lead. K thai eoaatir !• given Dnmin- 
toa stalaa as tho pmbM of ih« oego- 
">i M w aaw gatag a*. To 
t bat iBiai WpshiagtsB. the 
of having a aanihor of miaor om 

ale* fhei^. each working for H* own 

eii'1« i'l er-'.!' H j-i. > n ^ « i fie^' . • m f i, . n» 
Whli h n».ed l.ehmd them I li* Imrr of 
a unite,! empire |« altr>xether a 

•BtMylag ar 

A. Ea.Ames & Co* 


B4, Maalriasil »m* 


Fntiiht Sold QtMOU^ 


PH, ,t '. R'Cjt-iT stPvir r nu.MT 
Cir«tl'. Nsa^tkoll. llvt •«< lll>(4 


ll«'t l<<4 ftl>t« *l|l 

'g^V.^ fCIIM ■*l'e,»iJ 

tfPiwiir**i ui\s t,mt% 

OtSlSS H' !•(,.« N>. . 1 ..I 


• r. Hiviied te attead aa inrnrmai meet 

In* to be held Ul tbe (Jhamlier uf I'oni 
i'>'^rr« Hsil. Arc*a* BslMlnf. Weilne. 
ij. ^'pleniher tlal. .1 « p tn.. (n%lh. 
l.urp'iM of masting Mr. K B K.llln 
(form.r commlastoaar of nil and au for 
tha Ontarte Oeveraaiaat ). sad to <li* 
. ua* inrormallr tiM » as4a»ss whtsS skall 
>>' breaght bsfers tk* estraerSlaary 

OS ▼! 

) roMMiTTBB <<r vir 

Toaia SMABauuui>Bita 

iHb vi:ar s iAxm 


wuntiFM. aspc ff^i_. 

1 #.••«,»•• bushels of this rear's grdfh the Ihrea Prairie rT'.vlnt«-« the 
hulk of II df^itlned f'.r Wllllarii, 
lw»« |.»-»n rii'n<-.l 1.. 111. '"nns'll ii V .t ■ 
eirfc Hallway, according to an O0I« 
clai annhuBCaiBaat hf the oempaaF* 
Of thtak lT.ltS.l7S 

movement haa been very , 

the crop has been handled wIThoaf 

delsy. It w.ia atAted We' w'-a^ 

th.j.'ii-t, iY,f •Khf\f Western i>'r.' 
• J V l,,.-t n (i I r>|>lna, nn'l tt.e iri. .•,.». 

inent will be very Ugta uatll threah« 
lag H tPiT - " 

hi r 



♦ft?/ • 




nji p m i umLHii i n.i ii i^iW Pip^^H 


/ - 


^ ni to (> i> in 

y •jm. to 1 p.m. 


Emphasizing Our Hew Fall Display of Evening Dresses 

And Drawing Your Attention to Many Wednesday Morning Specials 


■ ■ / 

Announcing Arrival of a Shipment of 


« » 

Is Representative of the Newest Models 
in Vogue for the 1 all and Winter Seasons 

Our cases are now re-stocked with an assem- 
bly of Evenin^^ Dresses, featuring practically 
every new model approved by ^fashion for the Fall 
and Winter seasons. 

Dresses of the finest, most favored fal}f ics, in 
the prevailing shades, and trimmed with a finesse 
t hat will appeal to ^uui leflned* t as t e and good 

Several worthy of your altenilon are shown 
in black, in wliich colors are artfully introdnred. 

Considering the excellent quality ot the 
dresses the prices are exceedingly moderate, rang- 
ing as follows: 

$29.75, $39.75, $47.50 
and Up to $1 25.00 

See this interesting display in the Mantle De- 

— lat 

Kayser Silk 

• ■ 

No need to tell you of ttie fine qualities of "Kayser" Silk Underwear; It Is 

so well known that the name is enon^frto stimuhUf a dosire for the blooneni 

vests and conihination"^ imw in our Women's Knitwear 1 )epartnient. 

Silk Combiiutiuiib, without sleeves and with loose knee, and Envelope Com- 
binations, Open style, with ribbon straps; all excellent weight Italian silic; all 

sizes 36 to 4: at. a suit, ^S.os and. . $6.9S 

Kayser Silk Vests, designed with straps and trimmed with fancy hemstitching 
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Kayser Silic Bloomers, with elastic at waist, well finished and food weight, 
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— WoRMo's Kalt UadM>wMr, lat rieer— PhoM MN 


A Snap, at 

$ 1 .00 

This is a Wednesday 

morning snap in childrr 
boots worth your atten- 

Boots of Box Calf and 
Glazed Kid, with hard, 
sewn soles; si/r^ 4 t(j 
7^. Extraordi nary 
value at $1^ 

Men's Wopl Sweaters on Sale This 

^ Morning 

Two dozen only, Men's All-VVool Knitted Pull-Over Sweaters, 
desij^ned with sleeves and vest neck. A superior grade 
sweater in shades of green with purple trimming and purple 
with canary trimming. Keg. values is.OO on sale at. .$3.i§ 

Six only, Men's Sleeveless Pull-Over Sweater Vests, heavy r^pe 
knit pure wool (Pride of the West Brand), shown in shades 
of white and tan only. Regular $10.00, but, bein; slightly 
soiled, are being sold at fSJO 

Heavy Wool Mixture Pull-Over Jerseys, with high roll collar 
and shown in shades of blue and br'own only; sizes 40 to 
AX Regular 13.75 at $2M 

Envelope Chemises of Nainsook and 

Mull at $1.90 and $1.45 ' 

Sample lot of Nainsook and Mull Chemises, wide yoke of em- 
broidery, tflmmed with narrow "Val." lace and ribbon 

straps. Values to J2.50 for .$1.4S 

Pther styles with yoke of fine Swiss embroidery, trimmed w itli 
hemstitching and picot edging. Values to $3.50. Specijil 
tt .-k $1.M 

Children's I leece I iiicJ Underwear 
lor I 'all and Winter 

Children's Fleece Lined Waists, button front and buttons for 
akispenders;'in Vhite'only; sizes for ages of 2 to 11 years, 
at, each i / .68c 

Picece I ined Bloon^ers in grey onlv, cla'tic at waist and knee; 
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Fleece Lined Sleepers, suitable for either boys or girls, cover- 

*ing from head toes; open crotch and button fronts; sizes 
for all ages, and priced, according to size, from, a i t 
. $1.00 to.. $1.65 

Lunch and Tea jF^oom Service 

Lunch S€rv«d From Tin 2:30 p.iii: Wednesday, 11:30 Tin 12:45 
,Aftemooa Tei Served Prom 2:30 TiU 5:30 
Music Daily From 3 to 5 p.m. by Mn A. J. Gibson aiid J^ss Izard 

No expense or trouble has been spared in makinf our Lunch and Tea Room one of the 
most up-to-date m Canada You will find the environment restful and cheerful, our aervtce 
prompt, and our menu most inviting. — tuneh Reea, tta 

Huntsmen's Boot^ — ^AU Sizes 

at $3.45 

The hunter will realize great satisfaction from these boots, 
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heavy brown duclc uppers and rul)ber soles and hceiv 

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lf«la Flow 

This Morning's Specials in tiie Staple Dept. 

Chickeo t'eather Pillows 

^ oXanwMT. .1st 


Women's House Dresses at $1.75 

and $1.25 

House DrcN I- nf strong quality percale and print; t> 
made, with collar and cufTs ot pique, at $1.75 

Bungalow Dresses in striped prints, trimmed with bands 
of plain Mue. Excellent value at, each $1 .M 

$1.10 Each ^ 

Chiclcen Feather Pillows. 19 x 

27 inches, covered with dur- 
able ticking. Regular $2«00 
values at $1.10 

Pure Cirade Heavy IJnen 
British Government all pure 
heavy prade natural linen; 
in 4 and 4 ' j lenj^ths, at one- 
third the original price. Sell- 
ing at, the piece, $2.00, 
$3.40 and.. . , 

SiHcolipe Comforters $2.95 

Sillcoline Comforters, filled with 

purifld cotton wool, and 
measuring 60 x 72 Inches, 
on safe at $2.95 

\yhitc Turkish Towcls at 
25c Lach 
White Turkish Towels, 18 x 
36 inches; just ten dozen to 
clear; regular 5oc values 
now ofTeietf at, each. . .Sit 

( Jiiiirhams at 19c a Yard 

Ginghams patterned in blue 
and white and pink and white 

checks; excellent materials, 
26 inches. Regular 30c, on 
sale at, a yard 19c 

Face Qoths at loc and I5c 

Face Cloths of good grade 
Terry — 

Reg. 20c values at. . . lOr 
. Reg. 30C values at 15c 

llMto D^t, lUla n«or 

Wednesday Mominf: Specials in 
Beds, Springs and Mattresses 

20 only. All Felt Mattresses, covered with jieavy striped 
ticking; sizes 4 ft., 4 ft 6 in. and 3 ft 3 In. Ex' 

dinary values at $8.50 

20 only. Springs, made of double woven wire and rein- 
forced by band supports. Special at^ $4.f0^ 

20 White Enamel Irf)n Beds, 3 ft. 3 in., 4 ft and 4 ft. 6 
in. Beds with l 1-16 posts, with brass knobs an ' ' 
upright fillers. A big value at, each ' $/.2S 


A -Lar^e Choice of Children's 
All-Wool Sweaters 

Children's AII-W00I Sweaters in cuat and tuxedo style, finished 
with belt and pocket; in shades of rose and saxe blue; sizes 
to fit ages from 6 to 1 2 years. Specially priced at $i.98 

Heavy All-Wool Sweater Coat, with scarf and pocltcts: in 
colors of green and bkie;^sisesifor ages of 8 to 1 


Children's All-Wool full-Over Jerseys, with sailor collar; in 
colors of rose, saxe and green; sises for 6 to 10 years. 


Children's AlI-Wool Pull Over Jerseys in fine weave, with 
square neck, in shades of green, rose and saxe; si/r ♦ 

afss from 6 to 10 years. Price , $2.75 

IM W\mm m m% MM 

Wediie6da>' Momin^j; Snap^ ui the 
Drug Section 

Toilet Piiper. 1 2V0IIS for. » m iO 

Fair^Soap, 7 for.v , ; 28 

50 Axminstc r Ru;; <>n 
Sale at $4.>0 luich 

Deep Pile /Xxminstcr Ru^^, in mottled de- 
sijfn with hand Ijorder; size 27 x 54. 
Special today only at y.$4.<0 

500 Yards Colored Bor- 
dered Scrim 25c a Yar d 

Scrim, 36 inches wide, white or deep 
cream ground, with designs in rose, 
%rttx\, blue and primrose, ^pedal Jo- 
day at, a yard 

Air-Tight Heaters at ReducedPrices 

A handy, economical wood burning heater of heavy sheet 
iron ; a stove of very neat appearaica and moooted vm legs, at 

the fallowing low prices: 

1 8-inch Air-Ti)e;ht Heater, unlincd, regular ?^.So. for $2 75 

18-inch Air-Tight Heater, lined, regular >4.50, for 70 

21-inch Air-Tight Heater, lined; regular $5.25, for $4.25 

33-inch Alr-Tlfbt Heater, lined; regular $6.25, for. 
6-lfich pipe to fit above, at 3 lengths for 

Unmt Mala 

CiKx^ctcria Daily .Bulletin 


B»kiiif Powder, 12 oz 


Pastry Flour, 10 lb 

The Newest Klodels in Women's Silk 
Sweaters — Excellent Values 

Our present t)fTering of Silk sweaters pre^nts the best grades and fastaiooaMe 
modeb thit tfe favorite$ this season. 

Silk Sweaters in plain or. fancy weave, designed with tuxedo coUar and sash girdle, and »hown 
in shades of navy, black, brown, taupe, jade, orchid rrp' 
and turquoise. They tfe attractively neat, of excellent grade, at tPO* • O 

Handsome Silk Sweaters, in novelty weave, desijj^ned with tuxedo collai^ pocke< - • h £:ir 
die, and shown in shades of blactc, navy, white, tomato, 1 O ^!L£V 

koatyfiev, sRiwr, saad aod jade. • Beautiful Sweaters, at. . #li6«t>V 

Heavy Silk Sweaters, in fa*^ basket weave, made with tuxedo collar ffhd firdle; sweaters of ex- 
cecdinnrlv pood quality; very hailil0lM p#pduCtioiM io iKtdCi ^1 Q 

of navy, hlack and sand only at <p I 0« f O 

Pure Silk Scarves, 70 x 14 inches, with fringed ends; shown in shades of navy,^lack, henna, fur 

vtM,^.::}^, itrrr. $4.75 

Kcillcr's MarmaMc, 4 lb. tin* 

for ■»■ 

White Crett.ChuM, per tin, 

Cadbury'a Bo f — vHIa Cocoa 

^ lb. ttat .., . 

lb. tin* • 

1 Ih. tin» 

Whole Pickling Spice, pkg.. 

Parity EoOad Oala, large car- 


Hamaterley Pluni Jam, 2a,, 

Bloe Ribbon £vap'^>r4irM 
Pfirhcf, pkg 

Prrr FreacH CaatUa S*ap. i"Mt< 
bar» 4.1^ 

Pare Dutch Cocoa, hiRhi'tt nnal- 

ifv, p«r Ih _ \\t 

Blue Ribbon Tea, ib ,. . »Of 

^^•••fvad ClB|cr, lb. ■ I .BS^ 

Red Arrow Soda Biacuits, l*rj:a 

BfftMi Piisa CoMc, lb <A^^ 

Varikicelli, lie 

Piak SatmM, f.P.^. brtad, «s- 
tra ch<»ica. ttll tlM , ■ „14# 

Provision Counter Bulletin 

No. 1 Alberta Buffer, 4Jc a lb.; 3 Ibt. for - - r , 

Springfield Brand Buffer, 1 lb. printa, a lb. , , , „ 

Pore Beef EHipping^at, a lb. - ,- , 

-Pwa Lard, 20e, or J Iba. far. 

in ptocag 4 |o # %^ 
UnvaMlccd SMa Bacoa, a lb, allaad, at JOc; fltM, at ^ 

Saver Kriw*. » ^ ,■ , \ 

Cooked Pickled 1 k ^ - > 

' " • It, . 2 Iba. lor 

A fall line of Heinx i icklca in biOk. 


Canada Food Board 

Mo. v^mn