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Liltht To inuilcMilc 

\i' iMrlii iin.l Vli'lulty — Llullt to inu.U-MiU 
«liul.>, H'-'.-.'-rull) fHli ; today anil on Saliii 
iln'-. 8tul(uii»ry or jcnvi'f luijiinMiii iixi', 

I.M«i-i' MHlnland-IJglu to niii'lm up; 
wludx. pini'rallv fair today ami oil Saiui- 
<Jay: stMitonaiy or lower Lenipuialurii. 






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Narrative of French Eyewit- 
ness Covering Operations of 
Eiglit Days Reports Suc- 
cesses of Artillery. 



Brilliant Attacks by African 
Troops Lead to Important 
Advantages at Two Points 
— Ground Won Is Held. 


1'.\-R1S, Deo. 10, — All orriclal ivport 
or the principal hoppenlnRH <>n tl)« 
buttle front from Novtunbcr -7 Id \>v- 
I'onibcr 5 was given out in f-Hrls to- 
day. It Ik. lij part, from the ohHervH- 
llons c»f cyc-witnoBse« at lh<j front, ami 

"The pi'r}p^ of time hetweoii Novem- 
ber 27 and t>coriinber .'i was not maa'ked 
by operallonK of any xrcat extont, but 
iii lj . iir , rv M<. J u o ti — i nadrt dHi' l ng- — thfn<» — liuy n 

frc iii.s r 1" houses, which wore nc-rvln^ 
.•IS .shflttr for tho Gcnuansi. Oi!r iiv- 
Ijintry rRptiirod during theae clays wLr 
iiiaiv.-rlnl • f ul! kinds. 

Ont Ttaroufh B«rb«d Wir« 

"KurihtT to the ."joutli another ul- 
luck on tUe town of Fay also sgrved 
to eive rrooi; of ihc spirit wUh which 
our HHMi iindi-rtook tht: offensive optra- 
I tloiis. <»n thL- 28th of iN'ovcmbti 
J'renili troops reached the first barbod 
wlri: t^iitaiiglemcnts of the enemy and 
fut liicni. Thf^' at oncf entrcnchuil 
tii"nit.^;lv<!s on the ground thus guinud, 
iJurinc all that night the ont-niy did 
not: ctasjo a fiisllade. Our yharpshoi.-t- 
'.■rs, nevertheless, c-outlnuod tho de- 
al ■tictlon of tiie Avii'e cntanijluinoni^', 
!i:tti:in^ iim,- of .f'leara and nieUnjtc 
U;.'mb«. On Novcnj^ber 30, after haviiti.? 
been BUfvcssful In pttfislns the first iiit 
Of cntanglcnicnts. '.hoy found a serlca 
iif virc defunacB. A tuBtlade from r.ta- 
ohliie guns and hand grenades, sus- 
tained all day, infllctefl heavy looses on 
our men. NotwUnstandlng this thoy 
were aucceaslul In protecting and kcfP- 
liitf the coaciuerod tfround, an advance 
of lOo yards. 

iMvntlon ishouUl alt=o be made ot tiiu 

inaanltli-eiit i;nBaiiunienta which took 

pla><> between November 28 and 30 to 

ihe north of Ki.'urie. In tho capture 

j ami recapture of a very Btron« ay.stem 

i of Irenehes, our soldb'r.s jjave evidence 

I of it, couruKu and tenacity that is above 

I all pralye, 

"l''rom the i.titiiu i(j iliw AiK'jnnc, the 
Westiirn portion of iIuh ?r?<Uon was 
fairly nulet durint; iho wck ended 
lU-cember 5, On November ao I'rench 
artillery dlniperaed certain columns of 
U<!rman Infantry at a point to the north 
of Fort Condc. The artillery of the 
tiieniy showed llltlo activity, and our 

Limi mm 

French Report States That 
Past Two Days Have Been 
Comparatively Quiet on the 
Extreme Western Front, 



Progress Made in Argonne 
Region and Further East- 
French Aviators DropBomlDS 
at Freiburg, in Baden, 



LONDON, Dec. 11.— H««t..Ccn- 
eraJ Sir Jame.s ^^'o]fe Murray hajt 
bren appointed chief of the Im- 
)>erlal General Staff in aucc«BBlon 
to the late General Blr Chas. 

Lieut.-General Murray was for- 
mferly in command of the 9th 
Division In India. 


s imm 

Results of Several Engage- 
ments at Points Along Front 
Unfavorable to Germans — 
No Important Change, 

defensive organlKatlon. 

On Eaatern Wluff 

"In Champagne our artillery haa been 
notably su<.ca8Hful. On the a.tli of 
November one of our batteries of 75 
millimetre Kuns demolished a piece of 
German artillery of 106 ralUimetres at 
a point west of Presles, while at the 
same time our heavy artillery silenced 
the Are of the enemy In the region of 
Itougo Alaison. 

"It is Interesting to record that tho 
Incix^aslng activity of our artillery 
along this part of the front has had 
the effect of reducing our daily losses 
among the Infantry from an average of 
100 to about twenty men a day. 

"November 20 Wo dcstroyfcd a cais- 
son, six machine guns and a battery of 
the enemy's artillery, and on the same 
duy wo silenced liis artillery at Ulanc 
Chateau, on the 30th of November wc 
silenced the fire of the tierman artll- 
ler.v. Which was shelling Tolssy. 

"On the 1st December we destroyed 
a battery of German artillery on the 
plateau of Craonrie, and on the follow- 
ing day we demolished a shelter and 
some machine guns lu the vicinity of 

"December S and the day following 
wo caused an explosion of ijcveral de- 
pots of ammunition, and on tlie 4th and 
.'th of December wo reduced to silence 
the artillery of the enemy which was 
rtring on Khelms. >'urtliermore, wc." 
bombarded certain German supply 
trains In the vicinity of Amifontalno 
and of Gulgnlcourt. Generally speak- 
ing, the replies of the aerraM,n artil- 
lery have been without spirit 

"On December L*, tho enemy en- 
deavored to blow up the bridge at 
Berry-au-Bac by making use of a boat 
loaded with explosKx'Js. This boat was 
stopped and sunk before it did any 

"The only success of the Gorman ar- 
tiUery in this region has consisted In 
two or three bombardra«nts of Rhelms. 
One of these, delivered the day that 
the journalists of neutral countries vis- 
ited tho city, was particularly vio- 

PAHIS, Dec. 10. — The following offi- 
cial communication was i£:aufd to- 

"The general situation remnlnB un- 

"Yesterday our aviators succeeded 
in dropping sixteen K-imbs on the sta- 
tion and tho aviation hangarn at Frei- 
burg-, "in Brelsgau (Grand Duchy of 
Haden). In spite of a vigorous can- 
ii onnd t 

tiw y — r eturimu — winoin — afccl- 

The official statement giver out at 
tho War Office this afternoon Is as 

"The day of De<.:ember 3 passed 
(luletly in Belgium as well a* In the 
region of Arra«, where the enemy made 
no attempt at resumption of offensive 

"Further to the south, in :he region 
of Lequesnoy and around Andechy, we 
made advances, varying from 200 to 
600 yards. Our gains were maintained 
and consolidated. 

Artlllary Duels 

"In the riglon of tho .Vlsue and in 
Champagne there has been no change. 
The German artillcrr, over which wo 
galne4 the advantage during the last 
tow days, yesterday evinced Increased 
activity, but was again mastered by 
our heavy artillery. In the ►nvirons of 
llhclms the heavy French pieces com- 
pelled tho Germans to evacuate sever- 
al trenches. This evacuation was car- 
ried out under the fire of our In. 
fan try. 

•Tn the region of Perthes, the enemy 
by means of two counter attacks on- 
deuVored to recapture the entrcucbmenta 
which he lost to us on December 8. Me 
was repulsed. The ground Uken by us 
had been oftoctlvely protected. 

"In all the .\rgonne region we have 
continued to make progress. Wo have 
occupied new trenches, repulsed with 
complete success six counter attacks and 
completed and consolidated the ground 
won from the enemy. 

"On the heights of the Meuse there 
have been artillery engagements in 
which we maintained a distinct advan- 
tage, and this in spite of the very great 
activity of the batteries of tho enemy. 

"In the . torest of Lepetre we hav« 
taken some new trendies. 

"There, is nothing to report on the 
remainder of the front as far as the 
iSwls.s frontier." .. 


Lora KltoJi*n*r Said to B* VarotUtlnf 

for Fnraliaao of Apparatua ZnTantad 

by Watartown, H, T.,^ rirm 

WATiOHTOWN, N. Y., Dec. 10.— That 
Karl Kitchener Is negotiating with the 
inventor of a new focusing apparatus 
here is the statement of John Weekes, 
of John Weokoe, Son & Company. It 
is said that Earl Kitchener has bo«in 
In correspondence for some time and 
has made an engagement for the In- 
ventor with a Canadian official, with 
the object of purcha.sinK the invention. 

The apparatus Is a sighting device 
for use on big guirs, Uealenea especial- 
ly to secure the rajige of hostile air- 
craft. It la on a swivel and swlngti 
Willi the objeotlvo. The operator is 
not obliged to "sight" the machine, but 
merely looks into tho device, which 
focuses the object In a reflector. 

In trials with a flock of geese a gun 
»«> equipped brought down fifteen out 



Tenacious Fighting Reported 
to South of Cracow — Suc- 
cess Gained by Russians in 
Carpathian Passes, 

FETROGRAD, via London, Dec. 10.— 
Tlie following official statement was is- 
sued tonight from general headquarfers: 

"There was no important change yes- 
terday. Isolated attempts on the part of 
the enemy to take the offensive have 
given rise to engagements In the dis- 
tricts of Glechanow and Przasnysz. as 
well as at Plotrkow and in several other 
districts on our front. The result of 

Lloyds who ^occntIy had not been ac- 
ooptlng any buslnnss resiiuied opera- 

'I'lie ■ilppreKfibiii prcvail.s among naviil 
I'wu V\ui .Ailiiiiral von 8poe, idealizing 
that, hi could no lor^rer keep out of 
touch Willi the Hritish and Japanese 
llf-'ta patrolling tho FacUlo. decided to 
otiter ihv Atlantic and make a run for 
home in tho hope that at least some 
Pf his ships would get past the British. 
Tills move, it Is .said, was anticipated 
by the Atlnilraltj', and N'lcc-Admlrul 
.Suinlee waci sent south to heail oflC the 
Gcrinaus feforc iliey could get well Into 
ihe .Mlantl," ami scatter, which would 
h-ive made th.>ir capturna inore diaicult. 

CMrnxan Annoanoamant 
BERLIN, Occ. 10.— An odlcial rj.m- 
uninlcatlon issued by the Admiralty to- 
day nfjuoduccs the statement of the 
British Admiralty regarding the sink- 
ing of ihe German cruisers oft the 
, Falkland Islands, and fidds: "Our 
losses seem to hava bern great. Con- 
cerning tho .stivength of the enemy, 
whose losses arc reported to be smu'l, 
the English dispatch says nothing." 

BuoBoa Ayraa Xcport 
BUENO.S AYRES, Dec. 10.— Thd Ger- 
man cruls«r Dresden, the only warship 
of Admiral Count von Spoe'a squadron 
to escape after tho battle with the 
British squadron und<?r command of 
jVdmiral Sir Frederick Sturdee, has 
been cornered la tho Straits of Magel- 
lan, according to advices obtained 
through well-informed circles today. 

Th* naval division, commanded by 
Admiral Sturdeo. is understood to in- 
clude nine warships, notably the British 
battle cruLsers Lion and Indefatigable. 

Reports on Operations in West- 
ern Theatre Regarded as. 
Favorable to Allies— Enemy 
Steadily Driven Back. 



General Botha Announces 
Practical Suppression of the 
South African Rebellion — 
Mystery of Servian Success. 

Koumanla and Bnltraria 

tne engagements was unfavorable to the 

"In tho region of the passes of Vyzs- 
kow and Beakld (In the Carpathians) 
on Decornber 8 in an attack on forti- 
fied positions held by the Austrians. wo 
captured four guns, more than three 
hundred prisoners and many wag'ons." 
Beaperate irigrbt Attack 

An official communication issued by 
the genera! staff last night: 

"In the region of Mlawn Decemb«r 8 
the conflict assumed a less tenaciotis 

"On the left bank of the Vistula on 
the evening of Dec. 7, the Germans, 
under cover of darkness suddenly began 
an offonshe raovem>int along tho entire 
front from Ilow^ (west of Warsaw) to 
tUtrwna (southwest of Warsaw j. 

"The movement was remarkable for 
Us stubborn nature. The attack was 
repeated again and again, the Ger- 
in.-ins advancing lu compact columns. 

"Aided by st^archllghts, however, our 
fire decimated the enemj', who was 
everywhere repulsed. "With the rising 
of the moon the attacks of the enemy 

"Next day the desperate fighting on 
the Lowlcz-Ilow front wa.s rostimed, but 
without for the enomy. 

"In the Plotrkow region the situation 
l.s unchanged. 

The fighting south oP Cracow has 
continued tenaciously, presenting alter- 
nately offensive and defensive move- 
ment.s. Tho Germans twice attempted 
to break through our fronts, but were 
repulsed with serious losses. 

"On the Black Sea. on Dec. 8, the 
whereabouts of the enemy's vessels was 
not revealed." 

Aai.'irKKDAM, Dee. 10. — Tho Sofia 
correspondent of The Berliner Tage- 
iJlutt saya that the nows has been con- 
firmed In political circles that the nego- 
tlations between Roumanla and Bul- 
garia sobli will be ended by a full 
political agreement. 

LONDON. Dec. 10.— While tho dcfuat 
of tho German squadron in thu Soutti 
Atlantic hu.-ii evoked th<a liveliest satis- 
faction throughout Groat Britain, there 
have been no celebrations such us 
marked tho victories of the South Afri- 
can war, tho British people being too 
much wrapped up in the operations oC 
- the Allied armlet; on tho continent. 

Tho lack nf news frnin Vn^a-fyl '•'^""•.iH the fact that along the en- 
tire fixjnt wc have taken Iho asooiid- 
ant over the enemy with our artillery 
and Infantry. The French artillery, 
wlthonr" suffering severely from the 
lire of the German guns, was success- 
ful at n number of places in silencing 
*nd demolishing batteries of tho enemy. 
Our InfHntry made progress cvery- 
ivhere, and at no point was progress 
I'ollow^d by retirement. 

ArtiUary Saocoaaea 
"From the: .M.>jnc to the Oise on the 
first of December, and at Bixschoote 
jind Mcrkeii, our heavy artillery In- 
flicted serious damage on five German 
batteries. Soveral ammunition wagons 
wore blown up. On the same day, at 
Wydenilrefi, we destroyed a section of 
(lermnn niachlne guns. On December t 
oijr h^ayy artillery imposed silence 
ujKm the Germans. On the 2Sth of 
November our heavy artillery demol- 
i.sluid certain briOgee built bi' the 
enemy and destroyed his supplies in 
tho region of Knocke. Thero was a 
similar series of engagements on De- 
rinihc!- - HI Bixschoote. 

"tJu the L'Tlh of November wc bom- 
barded aucceesfuily at u point near 
Leu«s certain German snppl.v trains. 
On December o we demolished tho 
earthwork's of the ern'mj- in tiie vicin- 
ity of Rocllncourt.' 

"Hers Its a- ifilV of the principal In- 
lontry cnKageThents, with tlia date and 
lOoallt.v of where they took place: 

"At F^aschendaelle on .Vovember -7; 
at Bixschoote on November 30; again 
at Faschendaelle on Decomb«ir 3; at 
Wydendreft, December S, and at Brod- 
aeinde. to the cast of Tpres, on No- 
vember 29. In this last-mentioned en- 
.5agcment the Germans evidenced groat 
ciicfg.v in their offensive. .Some of the 
iittiicking force were killod on tho 
parapotB of our trenches. No fewer 
than IB* dead were found iii front of 
one trench. 

Soma Oronnd Oainad 

"l''rom one end to the other of the 
>i?l6rthem soction our infantry has 
iTiade advances anil won ground. In 
tlie region of Streenstrante. on Novem- 
ber 20 we advanced between 100 and 
•150 y.ards at Veldhool«, and the .same 
day we made sixty yards at Swartelen. 
The follow.'ns day we advanced l&O 
yards at the inn at Kortmeker. On 
the 4th of December wc progressed 
rafiro than iiOO j-ards In the region of 
l,angcmarck, ajnd on the next day, 
December 5. wo made more than 200 
.var(3« In the region of D*As>iy. Wo 
won 100 yards in the region of Ma- 
•ncta on December 1, and our .advance 
on December 4 amounted to about 200 
yftniK in the region of Andeshy. Ovll- 
lers and I'ricourt. 

".Several Infantry engngemenls are 
• ithy of special mention. The en- 
gagement which resulted In .trlvlng u.« 
Ihe house of the Cerrymiin, the posi- 
tion of which haw been Imlicated in 
jirevious official communications, was 
particularly brillliiiil. Several German 
trenches were occupied on? pfter tho 
other. The operation \v as ,,nc of 
laborious accomplishment liy our 
ti-oops. It was .'I question of driving 
the Germans away from the left bank 
ol the Yser. The Yecr Canal is 

of twenty. 

Oanadlaa Banka and war I^oan. 
. LONDON. Dec. 10.— A Canadian bank- 
JUL states that u£- tlie i66o,000,0oo Brit- 
ish war loan, Canadian banks secured 

Unofficial Reports Speak of 
Occupation of Roulers and 
Armentieres — Latter Taken 
by British Forces. 


ArtlUaty Brtrada* Bow Balng- Fra- 

parad for Actlva Sarvloa — Two 

>oldlar« Bia of Tnaumonia 

Excitement Caused at Dover 
by Reported Attempt of 
Germans— Guns of Forts 
Fire at Supposed Assailants, 

DOVlcn. ICng., Dec. il.— The city 
of Dover was thrown into excitement to- 
day by tho announcement that tho Ger- 
mans early this morning attempted a 
submarine attack on tho harbor works 
and the fleet at anchor In the harbor. 
The night was dark ami a hoary rain 
and haze made searchlight work diffi- 
cult. I''ortttnatcIy the forts were put on 
flanked at this point by an impassable i the alert about 4 o'clock this morning 

AIONTRKAL, Dec. i0.-rltt a dispatch 
to his paper from Salisbury Plait, to- 
day the correspondent of The .Montreal 
Star says an oHlclal canip order modl- 
nos the training of the Canadian artil- 
lery brigades, the object being to pre- 
pare for active service as soon as pos- 

All c^-remonlBl parades and work with 
horscH are cancelled, he says, the entire 
time being given to instruction In gun- 
laying and to training the gunners, as 
the result of inspection by -Major GUI- 
son, of Sir John French's staff. 

Two more deaths have occurred at 
Bulford Manor hospital. Privates G. 
Burnett, third compojiy engineers, and 
J. Ivcrs, army inodical servlw;, havo 
succumbed to pneumonia. 

AMSTliRDAM, via London. Dec. 10.— 
The .Miles have entered Uoulers (Rou.s- 
sellaere) In West Flanders, about 
twelve niUpN northciii<t of Yiires, ac- 
cordliie ro tho Hlui«: ■ •rii-.'iiH'n'lunt. of 
The Handelsblad. 

•nooaaa at Armantla^aa 

LONDON, Dec. 10. — Ilcutor's Boulogne 
correspondent who has just returned 
to Boulogne from .Vrmenlleres says 
that on Tuesday the Germans were 
driven out of Armentieres by the Brit- 
ish and hurled back beyond artillery 

Armentieres is nine miles northwest 
of Lille. 

Oanaral Movomant Kaar 

LONDON, Dec. 10.— Along the battle- 
lino in France and Belgium the tone of 
all tlH> French and British official state- 
ments reflect more and more tho con- 
tention of the Allies thsit .slowly and 
surely they arc gaining a superior po- 
sition. The belief prevails that when 
the moment is ripe an aggressive Allied 
offensive will set in with the Idea of 
clearing the Germans nut, but whether 
this general movement will be made bc- 
lorc the Spring Is unknown outside of 
the army councils. 

Four Movements Undertaken 
by Germans and Austrians 
With Object of Capturing 
Capital — Expert's Review, 

Vowarfnl Biplane. 

MILAN, via Uonic, Dt^c. 10. — A new 
military biplane that it is estimated 
can lift 3. .100 pounds and remain in tho 
air 25 hour.s, was given a. successful 
trial here yesterday. The machine has 
three motors, which develop an aggre- 
gate of 300 horsepower, and it Is said 
tile ciaft cnn attain a speed of 75 miles 
an hour. It will carry a I2.t millimeter 
gun. On Us Irlal the ni.ichlne losc to 
a height of 6,r.uo feet. 



swamp. As ii result, the attack could 
be made only t»y following nlong the 
bank of the canal and against a very 
narrow front, l-'urthermore. thi.- right 
iiank of the canal, where the enemy 
wns Installed, at a distance of 
than ItiO yards, dominates the left 
iiank, which la under the fire of the 
inachiiio guna. 

TUfti*inK Im Watar 
"The asa'ault on the house, of thi! 
I'lM-ryman w«a undertaken by a detach- 
ment of volunteers numbering about 
100 from the African battalions. Our 
.•joldlcrs fought in the water up to thoir 
w»lsts and In a violent rainstorm. The 
Oormana irave evidence of the {treat- 
's t courage. Our men fotmd It neces- 
xnry to kill an oflCioer and Hfteen sol- 
dlera who rcfuaed to surrender. In the 
hou.tie of th« ferry, nuut, now effectively 
srranftod aa a Held fort, we found 
85 dead. Inctudingr two offlcera who had 
^ ii^en kllMd by owr ahcHa. In addition 
Vw« counted SOO Oermnn dead at this 

"The French attack on the park and 
ibe chateau of VerneUes was no leas 
remarkable. Two detacbmanta of Al- 
gerian cavalry, opsratlng on foot and 
armed with rifle* and bayoncta, to- 
cether With three conpaaiea of In- 
fiantr>% wer* ftiMl«ned 't« tlU* operaUon. 
On the moniltic of Dectmber I. the 
Oemuua ter««M. ««Mll*d from atl iddoa. 
ll«d from the mu*. *ad««vor.'nar rslniy 
to Mr«en tlNHMMhr«0 la tho iAMMu. 

by the appearance off the harbor ent- 
rance of an unidentified steamer which 
I'efused to stop until a shot was fired 
across her bow. This vessel then re- 
tiroil. She Is believed to have been the 
tender of the submarines. 

Malf an hour later, It la salil, a -single 
submarine sighted, and one of the 
heavy gnn.s In the harbor fired at hor. 
Thle siU)marlne, which evidently was the 
advance guard, disappeared, but at half 
past six the observers sighted what they 
br-Iieved to be a fleet of about six sub- 
mni'lnes s.Mcral miles out In the Chan- 

The Channel forts commenced firing 
In the direction of the supposed sub- 
marines and kept It up for almoet half 
an hour. At the same time a torpedo 
boat flotilla, put to sea. where It re- 
mained all day. 

Large crowds gathered on tho water- 
front In the early mornlnr hours and 
watched the searchlights and tho artil- 
lery fire. When they aaw no reaulta 
many expressed the opinion that It was a 
falae alarm. 

There Is no official oonflrniatlon that 
German aubraarlnea were seen. 

Qet £aaTe of Ahaeaoe. 

I'AkIS, D'fc, 10. — The Minlstei of 
War, -Mexandrc MlUerand. has granted to 
tho senators and deputies a leave of ab- 
st-nco from military service from Oc- 
cember 16 until three days after the 
.session, which begins December 22. 
-libout 20O deputies and 20 senators are 
now with the army. 

Bllnea la Black Sea. 

I-ONDON. Dec. 10.— A despatch lu 
Keuter'.s Telegram Company iinuounces 
that tho Russian Government has noti- 
ced neutral shipping that military rea- 
si)ns compel it to place mine.s off the 
Russian and Turkish 'coa.sts and ports 
In tho Black Sea. The Govenim'-nt's 
notice states that neutral must 
proceed at Us own risk. 

Main Part of Army Shattered 
by Servians, Who Capture 
Many Prisoners and Vast 
Store of War Munitions, 


oeauMWdaat OaalatoB BaaallM 

KINOSTOX, Ont. Dec 10.— The com- 
mairtdant of th« Royal Mltltiary Col< 
lese. Colonel U B. Carleton, has be«|^ 
recalled by the Brtttah Wmt Off to* few- 
duty, «nd will leave Klnyston next 
week for lm{|Mk Durliw the . Boer 
war CMoiliial «|tt4(|l«0M «•» ^ the aUff 
of th*:|iit#:,;}.i«(«ilv^l^i(b#rlf,>' antf: -wai 
|olii: . t»»«-.' *t«|rt'V: .:ai?,.vTlel«w, 

PAUL'?, Dec. 10.— -V dispatch to thf 
Havfts Agency from Nish. Scrvla. says 
the total captures of the Servians In 
battles fought with the Austrians from 
December S to December 7 are 121 offi- 
cers and 23.114 men, 68 field pieces. 42 
qulok-flrers, 8 mortars. 10.000 rifles, 59 
wagon loads of ammunition, 3S0 trans- 
port wagons. 10 hospital wagons. 4 am- 
bulances, two treasury safes and 376 

LONDON, Dec. IL— A dispatch to The 
Dally Mall from its correspondent at 
KraffuyevaU, Servla. aays-., 

"The Austrian debacle is now an es- 
tablished fact. The Servians drore • 
wedfe into the eentre of the Aastriftn 
forces. ahatter|ns fonr army oorps, 
whteh are now in fliacht The mass of 
prisoners and captured material Is so 
creat that It cannot be tsbolaMd. 

"The Servians are pushlaf the pursuit 
vlforouBly and sticcess'fuUy. The roads 
in ths rsar of the Verrian artny are 
blocked with incomlBiF nrlsoners, wha 
appatr sbt tailed that thbir or<f^ is i»T«r. 
BRtite battalions ars M«/ aiMvhili^ 
tiwfsr t«av« t$t a biuidfaf 01^ Bmtmmiti' 

Air Soont Kay BCaTs Helped. 

-MOW <JRLKA.V.S, Dec. 10.— The Bj-u- 
isli .sriuatlroti sent in pursuit of German 
commerce destroyers operating off South 
America, was aided In Its search for 
the veH.'»elR by an air scout, in the opin- 
ion of ofTlcers of the Colon, a vessel 
plying bi.'tween New York and Panama, 
and owned by the L'rtlted States Govern- 
ment, as told in mall advices reaching 
here from Colon. .Xccorillng to tho ad- 
vices, the Colon, when 300 miles aotilh- 
east of tho Florida coast on its last 
voyage otit, sighted an aeroplane, which, 
bfcause of Its distance from shore, was 
thought to be unattached to an.v lanil 
station. The aeroplane approached the 
Colon closel.v, then veneered off ami viin- 
Ished in the gathering night. 

Am um 

Fourth German Cruiser Falls 
Victim to British Squadron 
— Dresden Said to Be 
Trapped in Magellan Straits, 


Wo .xhall all like to feel that we 
have at least tried to do our 


Are beinc sacrlrtced to maintain 
the honor of the Bmp!!*. IVa 
onsbt t» be proud to make soma 
saorlflce for thf sains cause. 

Pllinsll FjyDH PLAY 

I>MBs:iids that ^s ka this m no 
tKWdtita spirit, i^st us p«jr our 
dsbt^to . 

f 4liiK^pe Am MM^^ 

it "'^V'^sA^ 

LONDON, Dec. 10. — The German 
cruiser .Vtaernberg. which withdrew from 
the battle off the Falkland Islands last 
Tuesday and uttempted tt» make her 
escape in compan.v with the cruiser 
Dresden, while the British warships 
under Vicc-.\dmlral Sir Frederick 
Sturdeo were sinking the cruisers 
Scharnhorst, Gnelsenau and Leipzig, 
wag hunted across the water by units 
of the British lleet and sunk the same 
da.v. , ' 

This information was obtained in a 
statement of the Brltisli official bureau 
made public today. The statement 
added that tiie search for the Dresden 
was still proceeding. The text of the 
commiinicntion follow.*): "A. further 
telegram has been received from Vice- 
Admlral Sir Frederick Doveton Sturdce 
reporting that the Nuernberg was sunk 
on December S, and that the search for 
tlie Dresden Is proceetllng." 
meportsd T i a vp e d 

Although the official press bureau 
says the British ships still are search- 
ing for Ihe last one of Admiral von 
Spee'JH vessels, unofficial repmrts re- 
ceived in Buenos Ayres say the Dres- 
den has been cornered in the Straits of 

Whether these reports are true of 
not. It la believed In Admiralty circles 
here that the Dresden, although she is 
a somewhat faster ship than any of 
those sunk in Tuesday's battle, sveo* 
tually will b« brought to aotlon. 

The battla in which tha Soharnhorst. 
Gnelsenau and I>ipBlc were seat to tbs 
bottom, aoooMia* tft the Admtraior f 
port, lasted ilva hdufs with InMrvals. 
Tbs 8«harlibor*t sank In thrsa hours 
and the anJaissyiau two hours h»«ar. Xo 
lo«s of itmy Britlth vassst bAa Hkma r^ 
ponad by the Xdmirattr. 

The destru<}tioii of a msdlarity of th<a 
«hi|M of tlM Oermsn saoadiraa had am 
.immediats effMit on iwittraao^ ratea^ 
anta th* fMwf>m)sii«ni^ mita t^ Wntrtintai 

PKTUOGRAD. Dec. 10.— .\ Russian 
mlUtai'y expert analyzes and Interprets 
the German attack on Warsaw as fol- 

".Vlthongh tlie Oorntan forces are more 
numerous than in their forineT advance, 
and they are idanning attacks from 
several directions simultaneously, their 
task ia greater from the vastnes.s of 
the Russian army which Is massed to 
moot them. 

"Goneral Francois, of the eighth Ger- 
man army corps, from .Osterode and 
Soldau, is proceeding from East Prus- 
sia southward through Mlawa,, Glecha- 
now and Przasnysz, on the right of the 
Vistula, in an attempt to push toward 
Ro.shon with the evident intention of 
giving the powerful fortress of Nowo 
Gcorglevsk a wide berth. The Germans 
thus hope to outflank the Russian right 
wing and strike Warsaw from the north- 

"General Mackenzen's German army 
from Thorn meanwhile continues an 
offensive on the left side of the Vis- 
tula through LowlcJ!, engaging the Rus- 
sian centre and aiming to hit Warsaw 
from the west. Another part of I'Told 
Marshfll von Hindenburg's army from 
Sieradz, recentl.v engaged at Lodz and 
Piotrkow, is making every effort to 
march through Sklerniewlce and threat- 
en Warsaw from the southwest. 
Attsmpted Ontflaaklaff 

"The Austrians from the west and 
.southwest of Cracow complete the Ger- 
man plan by beginning an offenelvo in 
a.n effort to outflank the Russian left,' 
which is besieging Cracow, while the 
other part of the Austrian army on the 
north, which l.s In contact with the ex- 
treme German right. Is trying to pro- 
ceed northeast with the object of tak- 
ing Kielce and Radom. These movc- 
meiUs take the form of a widespread fan 
with Warsaw as the handle. 

Kxcept on the north, from Glechanow, 
the movements are not new, the Austro- 
Germany army having tried them before 
and failed. 

"According to Mie Russian author- 
ities, the yielding of cities to the enemy 
does not constitute a factor, since the 
bombardment of big cities like Lodz, 
with the attendant destruction of life 
and property tends to demoralize tho 

"Tlius If It Is of strategic advantage 
to evacuate Warsaw, the capture of that 
city ought not to be considered Im- 

Ssaa Marx Ketnnis 

KIN(;STON, Ont., 1.4ec. lO. — MaJ. the 
Very Rev. Dean Starr, who since last 
August has been chaplain of the 37th 
Brigade of the Irish Guards, and who 
has been at some of the base hospitals 
In France, relnrlied 'to Kingston yester- 
day. It Is understood that the Dean 
will endeavor to ipet further lea\'o of 
absence from his duties here. Dean 
Starr was In England on leave '(vh»'n 
the war. begah, and jolne(ii the Br^^sh 
forces. . A demand that he retui*n forth- 
with it^as cabled, and the Dean repllled 
thatJie would come back. 

some uneasiness regarding the result of 
the prolonged battle between tho Rus- 
sians and Germans, but the report.s 
fiom Franco ore considered here to bo 
tho mast favorable to the Allies. Th« 
dally communications from Paris show 
that the French have been making alow 
I)rogrcs» at many points for the past 

Idnea Pnataed Torward 

Tho report from French headquar- 
ters this evening adds little to tho 
general knowledge, as it saya the situ- 
ation is unchanged, which indicates, 
however, that tho positions taken have 
been maintained, Berlin, on the other 
hand, states that tho French attacks in 
tho Argonne have been repulsed. 

It Is apparent, however, that with the 
wlthdrawol of German troops to 
strength'^n the armies in the Bast, the 
Allies have been able to push their 
lines forward in many places. 

The Germans meanwhile continue 
their efforts to amaeb the Russian 
armies. While a largo part of their 
force is endeavoring to hold the Bus- 
slan centre, another army is advanolns 
from Kast Prus.sia to the cast of Mlawa. 
and Ik attacking the Russian right with 
a view to cutting communications and 
enloring Warsaw through the back door, 
lleax-y fighting also Is goins on to th' 
southwest of Lodx and to the south o' 
Cracow, while the Austrianji and Ger- 
mans are endeavoring to set around the 
Russian left and force these troopa to 
retreat from the fortress. The Ger- 
mans, in fact, are repeating, on a larger 
scale, their favorite tactics of outflank- 
ingr the positions of the opposing forces. 
In this they have always been able to 
gain Initial successes, because of their 
ability, with better means, to move thetp 
troops quickly. The Russfcns, however, 
heretofore have met them with over* 
whelming numbers. 

SsxMaa HiioosBB 

The defeat of the Austrians by the 
Serbians Is virtually admitted in the 
Austrian official report, which says 
that because they have met strong hoa« 
tile forces, some of th«» Austrian troops 
have been ordered to occupy mora fa- 
vorable positions. 

This sudden turn of events in favor 
of the Serbians Is somewhat of a rnya* 
tery, but It Is possible they have re* 
cpived reinforcements from Russia, op 
guns from some friendly oouatry^. or it 
may be that some of th* Austrian 
troops were withdrawn from Serbia 
after the occupation of Belgrade. What* 
ever tho causes, the Serbians have ln'< 
nicted a severe defeat on the Invaders. 
The latest official report; from Berlin 
saya that the German Emperor's health 
Ifl much improved. It Is bsllavsd that 
the bronchial attack to which he Is sub- 
ject at this time of the year was well 
under control before the fact of hla 
illness was made public, and ttuit hei 
will probably make a quTek recovery. 
BsbsUlOB Stajvpsd Oat 
General Louis Botba, t>remler and 
commander of the defence forces of tha 
Union of South Africa, reports that th« 
rebellion Is practically at an end, Slnca 
the capture, on December i, of 7tt0rehela 
tmd the surrender of SOO others, five ad « . 
dltlonal rebel leaders and thsh* com* 
manders have uncohdttlonallr laU^Mlwa 
their arms. Only one rebel l«ad«r;llf^h| 
large. Colonel Marltz. ' _ ''* 

General Botha in making th« an^ 
nauncement, warns the people aimfnst 
harboring any vengeance, and ooiielu4|«s: ,' 
"Marltx and Kempf, who wersoprfupf. 
v/hile officers of the Union DaCMJice* 
^Imve succeeded in escaping to Osrinaii( 
Southwest Africa, and from > thariai ' 
equipped with fresh arms and iMTtlllery 
by their German allies, will ssfik :th;*ln4 , 
vade the Union. Our next dutjr Is, t«1^ 
deal with this danger and matt* It tm:< ^ 
possible for German Southwaft; AfMca ' , 
to be again used as a base fffOiti. Wli^li 
to threaten the peace and llll>afty 61!th%i; 
t/nlon. ,, i,;V',;'- ';;■,"■ .''^■" 

"I hope and trust that ,i»»^pi(igKi>irW j'V.?^ 
deal wl th .-th I s danger a« ■ "' "" . " . *' ^ ^^^r^ij^HM 
sf. they dealt with the li 
uon." •■,r1|s; 

The Indian. Office rfports' .. 
'J'urklsh ]|^rlson*cs. eXt^iustve oi^'*-.,^ 
and nlnai^mi'"* war* oaptunwl at • 
at the MHR*<'t!tM>e of the £>wph|r 
'I'terla, iMlM^-;';#'iM occupied; oat;'' 



l||li|<ll,ll ( <|M 




nrram 1(%*:C*leaiait, OMKi :«!. 1S«« 

Onr Seventh Anntvairsafy*HMif||h 

■evsath year ofUs exMlciirtai, ,'.ft 
uaitst«4 tht* betiig in a haMMa/ 
sernr vniac* «f a few U« h«i|iM| 
Until «t aaaiuisd itspf^ -' ■**-' 
#*araM«r tbis dot^iy, 

«MMi^ira«!l«|S» 'riiMR. «^ rsa«i;^MM;«i':.f««vy;' 




Mtm, womf'm 

I* aaa.:'%...,«fv*fjr )«•* 
1>«t ffiMr. ;Ml;#p«isd as 



AJk JkJkJk 


Great Sale of 
Jewellery and 
Silve rware 

One-Fourth to One-Half OflF All 
Regular Prices 

Cut Glass Bon Bon Dishes, reg. S2.7S for $1.85 
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Hundreds of other just such bargauis. 

Shortt, Hill & Duncan 

At the Sign of the Four Dials / 
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* KiRi m 

Fierce Charge of Gurkhas and 
Other hiclian Troops Sends 
Them Flying From Trenches 
— Important Gains iVlade. 

Wc Arc Prompt, Careful and Use Only the Best 



A Lady's Ebony Hair Brush fmni Ebony Whalebone Hair Brushes, 

$5.00 to as low as $1.00 each S?3.50 

A Gift Purchased From ••Campbell's" Carries With h a IVostigc Tliat 
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Nothing Succeeds LiKe 
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The most successful firm is the most talked of 
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WImIm«I« Ataiik* for Britisli C*luaibU, VitftMia, Vancouver, B.C. 


•i .''■•K--B''i# •JHj.. > "iXi ■ 

xitiffii'-' ''!«• fir' ■": .'■■ •■ '•' ■* 



l-OXDOX. I"' ii' rcik'smpUlng 

fruni XoriluM 11 !• iHiic-r, .\i'lhur VV. 
Loiifli, .spt-i'liil fiirn?Hpoiuleni of Tho 
L)ally .\i'ws. sa.v.s; 

"Very iiulotly, Inn \<\\ muiIj, ilia 
Imllaiis llu^■e boon lulilliig to (Ik-Ii- 
r> i.oiM of niUitury m-lih'Virnii.'iU.s. 

"liv the Vnrly hourt> of Monday morn- 
i;i,'. v;h(:n. it WAS cdiialUciea ilmt t'.iQ 
efl"«ct Of- ri bonibtiiflmpnt wlilcli liail 
consUUrablj- .sliakcn up Uio Guruiaii.-) 
and glvon thoiii ii parllciilarly eloiiV)- 
Ic'ss night, the Uurkhaa left thulr 
titMicheM with Unlvo.'i and bayonets. 
They crept owa- tlio intervening ground 
like panthers utalldiiK th<^lr pri.-y, then 
suddenly they opvnifd on nwful liulla- 
buloo iind fell on thi- acj-tu.mH In their 
own trenches. 

"It WHS a hand-to-hanil tighl, and no 
tiooim In thi- world could heat Ihf 
(iuikhuH at that kind of warfari'. Thi* 
kiikii did nuuh swift lm\Of, but rtonio 
of thi> woiuuU'd brought butik to the 
Hriilsh llm-s rtiX'rtcd that tlu> butt 
■ iidH (pf rltli.H were uK»^d. 

■\V)iiIc the tlrsi Hue iif trench's was 
bi Iiih' stmri.ed wltb Krini Hiiccehs, other 
comininb-M of Indians charged front. 
yi-Uins; and .sbuulinK, anil ilie (■■ei-nian 
look to thill- h''eli<. They did not stoii 
until ihcy ciime uiiilcr the effective «up- 
poii of ih-elr own artUleiv. 

A.-, a resuli of Ihcir sorlli- the lii- 
dlaiif gained .sonie valuable petitions in 
the direction of IJllc. The Indian 
caswalliis \vei-,> heavy bill Ihf rOHUlt.s 
iirhii'\i'.l Wi'i'i' ol' tri'iilfllilnlis iliipol't- 


Tkionvht af •nocasa far <l«n»«B Anna 

Abhorrant to Ohraat ll»]otl«r— M*^ 

ooBtanta In Tarjr SauU WtoporViom 


Dlrectora Aaaouuoe 'Wltliavawal of fSO,- 

000 From Seaerve to Supplement 

Profits — Expenditora Statement 

, l^OXnON. Uee. JO. — The annual re- 
port of the directors of the B.C.K.R. 
CTompany, Utd., for the year ending .lune 
:i(t last, ha» just appeared. The direc- 
tors express reRre.t to the .stockholders 
that the report Is not so satisfactory aa 
these which they have been accuKtomod 
to receive In the past, and that in order 
to maintain the uBOttl dividend It will 
be necessary to supplement the profits 
by a transfer of $j30.00O from the re- 
serve. The directors recommend tills 
course with «qmio hesitation in view of 
the extremely unfavorable outlook 
caused by the war. 'bnt they desire to 
avoid throwing any additional hardship 
upon the .shareholders at this time, and 
for that reason approve of the transfer 
from the reserve. 

As a result of the wai;. commercial 
conditions in British Columbia could not 
very well be worse than they aro at 
present, the report says. The oxpocteJ 
revival In buslne&s conditions through- 
out tho l»rovU)ce wHl. at host, be grad- 
ual and mny be sroatly retarded, llio 
future being extremely uncertain In 
view of existlnur circnmstancos. The 
directors believe, however, that the halt 
in the rapid ^levelopnient of British 
Columbia which has taken place during 
the company's fiscal year wlU, In tho 
end, work out for tho establishment of 
trade and other undertakings throughout 
the Province under more stable condi- 
tions than previously existed. 

Tlie report shows capital expenditures 
made during the year which total 
*<. 110.327.71. This total is allocated as 

B.C.K.R. Compan.v. $2,o"l,003.24; Van- 
couver Power Company, >717,972.r>i5; 
"V'ancouver Island Power Company. 
Jtii7,-H.54; Vancouver Gas Company, 
$149,051; Victoria Gas Company, <:il,- 
07": other subsidiary companies, $in,51(. 

LO.Vl.>«.).N, l>ec, 10. — Ireland's atll- 
tudtt lontiixucs to be the subject of keon 
Intere.Hi. The overwhelming niasa of 
the Nalloiiallst Mentlmeni Is Beiierally 
lo>iil. and ihe malcontents represent an 
Inllnlteslniul portion of iiie nation. 

The Mornins Post oorrespondfiit says 
Ibc partj ot" sedition is itnury and inor- 
iHled at Ileitis cut off from what it 
calls cunimuiilcation with Us iK-ople, 
threatening to talte Stops more drastic 
than jiny hitherto ado|)tod, and udd.s; 
"I'ublic oidnlon as a. whole, howovni-, is 
strongly on the sidt of the anihorltles. 
1 cannot too .stronyl)' vnipliasize the 
faci that to the vast nujjoniy of 
li'ishinou Hiicceas of the Oeiinaa arms 
Is a thing tibhoi-rent." 

Tho Hiilly Clironlole, fiuni the oppu- 
sito polliioal cQiup. emphasises tho same 
fact — "Ireland Is body and soul for tho 
cause of the Urilish Kniplic- aKainat 

In the V'lJorer ijuarters ol IJiildln ibe 
Irish clieiT wildly as views of the Brit- 
ish life'htlnij troops arc Khown In picture 
piilaccs. Isodlcs of Xatlonal volunteers 
march through tlie streets with tho 
Union Jack and the Irish (lag side by 
side. Tho Irish Iiulependent has pub- 
lished returns of recruiting enlisUnoiUs 
for the entire country Since the begin- 
ning of the war to Novonibor 28, stat- 
InK they wer<- under -Hi.OOO, of waoin 
24,000 were from Ulster and a llttlo 
over .15.000 from the remainder of Ire- 
land. These Include peservlsts rejoin- 
ing the colors. "AlthouKh we differ 
profoundly from the Ulster Unionists, 
We do not believe In Ignoring facts," 
says n^he lnde|K:ndent. 

iUi iK 

'j U 

i\rt\i \\i 


Two Hundred Are Sent to 
Petewawa Camp, With More 
to Follow — Land-Clearing 
Plans Also Arranged, 

OTT.VW.S, Uoc. 10.— The first niovo- 
nieiii of alien «nenUes Lo Petewawa 
nillitury camp, where they will be put 
at work during the Winter months, 
comnionced loda.N , wheji 100 Auslvluns 
and Germans left Aloniri;al. whlK' a 
similar nuntlwr were liikpii from Kiiia- 

fcjix hiinilred iiioic will \if sent to thi.v 
camp, luukiug 80Q hi all. it is cx- 
fiecKid that by tliu time the snow koos . 
it will ho In good shape for mill taiy 

The plan arrangeil. with the Quebcr 
Go\'LTnnient to send several luiiidrcd of 
the alien enemy North to clear arable 
lanila along the JC T. 11. will soon be 
put into elTcct. Tho district chosen for 
this work lies uround Parent, a station 
350 miles west of Quebec, where a lartjc 
tract of land will be cleare<l. Seveial 
hundred men will be put to work in 
this district within the next fortnight. 
They will be given lui opportunity to 
S' ttle on this cleared land when ttu- 
war Is over should they desire to do so. 

Onu of the <)uoKllons which Premier 
Hearst took up here with tilr Hob'Crt 
Borden and Ills ilo\ernmeni was the 
employnieiii uf prisoners of war In 
clearint' Kovernment land for settl;^- 
nient. The i intarlo Government appre- 
ciates the value of the plan which the 
QU'Cbec Go\ i-rninent adopted without 

I'i-<ai)lr-. is understood to liave 
mad • Bor»o h'.fjuhles Into the attitude, 
of t!:e a')(iiorllles toward thro-' Ger- 


Dnringr Aviator Drops Bombs and Sellas 

Oerinan Tire — Message of Choer 

to Belg-ian Populace 

UGTTERBAM, iJcc. 10,— .AJI .\nt- 
wtip Is secrctl.v lautshliig over the re- 
cent discomfit. ire of a large portion of 
tho Germoii garrison in that town. t>n 
.Satorduy an ueroplanu of the .\llies 
was seen approachinff tlio city,, drop- 
Ptng'^sTjuvenlrs of a bomb variety, and 
also cheery messages, liombs wore 
dropped with such skill thai the pon- 
toon bridge across (he Heheldt, which 
denuMidod nil the ingenuity and skill of 
till German engineers to k-?cp In any- 
IhlnK like Older, was once more 

' The Germans o;.erieU fli*, both In vol- 
leys and Independently, but the daring 
airman seemed to possess a charmefi 
life, fof he flew gnll.c ov('r the city, 
w^ivlni.; to those bidow and dropping 
mrssaKes which told the inliabltanis to 
be of Kood cheer, for their fiHiuls would 
1'.' coming b.v December Ifi or 18. 

Siidri^nly the aviator turneil his 
course and the machine hoj^an to ile- 
scribe weird evolutions. I'or sheer 
devilment, and to show his contempt 
for the poor shooting of th^e Germans, 
tlie fiirrnan was looping the loop. 

In raee at this insult, the Germans 
once more opened fire, hot their cfTorts 
were hop, less against the cver-ohang- 
liig tnrKct of the looping aeroplane. To 
tludr dt.scnsi, and to the great Joy of 
tho iielgian populace, the aviator, hav- 
ing concluded his frolic, flew off mi- 

Srownad in BaplAa. 

COnXWALL. Ont.. Pec. 10.— Two men, 
a Woman and two children •were drowned 
In the Longue rianit Itapids In the .St. 
Lawrence Ulver last night from the 
capsizing of a boat. 

Carro of Ooal Xeanialtloaed 

HAN FRANCf8C(.1. Dec. 10,— The Brit- 
ish .steamer <'arnhlll, 50 days out of 
Newcastle, Australia, with ;!,600 tons of 
c.iiol for delivery at this city, arrived 
here today without cargo. At Suva s^io 
reported ?he was hailed by a Ttiltlsh 
tramp, whose name was withheld, and 
ordered to turn ever .'!,000 tons of coal 
for the use of the nrltlsh fleet. 

aialvtMM 9**Mt Ut rroat 

MONTREAL, I>ec. 1 C— Temporary 
command of Bolfhans who are joining 
the colors undeir the call from their 
Oovernment ft»r all men between tne 
ages of 18 and 45 years, and who will 
tnoblllBc h«re, has heen givan to a Can- 
fttflan officer, Major noddan. veteran 
poyntaster of the Victoria RIfiea, and 
b4rr«ck«i haVi been provldad In the Mlfb 
HctMol huiUllnia. The B«lctan oonaul 
Mi^iNMt# ttf fMi««ntnit« At 'twfit a.«0« r«> 

Casualties in Sea Encounters 
Far Surpass in Proportion 
Those of Land Battles — 
Southern Fights Discussed, 

LONDO.V, Dec. 10.— The Drltish naval 
victory In tho South Atlantic is being 
discussed almost to tho exclusion of 
all other phases of the war news. The 
last word regarding the naval engage- 
ment was that the iJrltish s(|iiadron, 
after sinking the German cruisers 
Scharnhorst, Gnelsenau and l>elpzlg. 
with the loss of nearly a,000 men. and 
the Nuernberg, Is searching roi the 

Naval observers, commentirie, on the 
action off the Falkland Islands, make 
note of the fact that in all naval en- 
gagements In the present war there is 
irreat disparity between the losses of 
the victors and the vanaulahcd. In 
Uie case of the British cruisers Mon- 
mouth and Good Hope, sent to tho 
bottom by the German squadron off tho 
Coast of (iJhlle, early In November, the 
Germans ts'ere practiv^ally unscathed, and 
tbo same is true of the British In their 
victorious engagement in the South At- 

In other words, defeat at sea means 
vi'iually annihilation and the loss of 
,ill crews with the exception of such 
men as tho victors may be able to save. 
Tbiii Is attributed to a great extent to 
the fact that naval engagements have 
been between ships of unequal arma- 

The German guns outranged the Brit- 
ish off tho const of Chile and the I'ales 
were reversed off the Fnlklands. 

Nevertheless. It is argued that even 
with ships of similar armament the 
disproportion of losses between the 
victor and the vanquished would be 
greater by far than anything possible in 
land warfare. 

niHTi prftlfunsoif who ha\ e been Kivcn 
a war laeation witli pay by the tiov- 
•: 1 nois of Toronto Unix ersitv'. They 
are not likely to Ij* required to report 
to the alien registration officers, and it 
is not llkel>' that their departure from 
tile country will be forbidden. 


Blr OUbert Parker Makes Another Ap- 

p«al for Aid to Britain, Canada 

end ITnltacl States 

Kon. M. Bnrrell'a XUneas 
UTT.VWA, 10. — lion. .Martin UurreU. 
who has been seriously 111 with a 
threatened attack of pneumonia. Is 
slowly recovering, but will not bo 
around 'for some time. It rnay be neces- 
sary for him to go away for' a holldaf 
a little later on. 


Bentanoa ia Sjaiiirthened 

ICIXOSTON, (Hit.. I>ee. 10. — Vlel.u .^. 
Szynuindskl. the convict who assaulted 
Guards Tatlon and Dowsley last 
and escaped, pleaded gtillty in the county 
court today and was sentenced to ten 
years addition for assaulting tho guards 
and to two years for escapinft. the .«<on- 
tenees to run oonciirrently. 

Canadian Ked Crosa Wants. 

hON'DO.N. Doc. 10.— ,V motor car re- 
(luired for tho work of the Canadian' 
Hed Cross In 1-ondon has been supplied 
by Mrs. Osborne, wife of .lames Kerr 
(tsborne, of Toronto, who has donated 
a car, Col. llodgeits, the comniissioner. 
stated that a runalxjui Is also needed, 
while more motor anihiilances arc ur- 
gently needed. 

LONDON, Dec. 10.— A fervid appeal 
for further relief from Canada and the 
United States for the Belgian refugees 
was made In an Interview with Sir Gil- 
bert Parker, who has just returned from 
Holland, whore he was inaking a Merles 
of enquiries on behalf of tho American 
comnil.°slon for relief in Belgium. 

lleferrlng to the Canadian relief ship 
Trcmorvah, Sir Gilbert said, she re- 
dounded great credit. 

"Ghastly war and gaunt famine have 
set out to ravage Belgium, and its peo- 
ple, need $6,000,000 worth of food each 
month, at the lowest estimate. The 
vast bulk of this supply must come 
from Canada, Great Britain and the 
United States. I have appealed to the 
British Gov.ernmeiH-^ to organize . the 
transportation of refugees of Holland to 
Britain. Now I ask Canada whether, 
besides giving fobd so generously, she 
Cannot also take largo numbers Of re- 
fugees of the agriculturist class. This 
t>-pe would add to Canada's welfare and 
prosperity, as they., make patient, sober, 
honest citizens. Canada would l>e at 
the same time opening the <loor to 
home Industry and affording a home to 
,a dispossessed and martyred people." 


Paw Mamaa Given on Yeatarday's Caa- 

ualty Xilat Prom Pront — Three 

Are Saported Wounded 

1.0NIK)N. Dec. 10.— Major J. 11. 
Masslc, D. S. O., of the Itoyal Garrison 
Artillery, is now officially reported to 
hnve died of his wounds. Captain K. V. 
Gatehouse, of the Northumberland Fusi- 
liers, who was yesterday reported as 
killed, is now unofneiully reported 
wounded and a firisoncr of war. tJIapt. 
a! K, Parker, of the Black Watch, is 
reported wounded and missing. The 
following were leportefl In tonights 
casualty li.=!l: 

KiUciI — Clothier. Caiuain .1. Iv., West 
Yorkshli'e rtegiment; \\'ordsworth, Capt. 
A. G., Af IdiilloseN: Ueniment. 

Wounded — Antrobus, ,Second l<lent. P. 
H„ Irish Guards; Barnes. l.,leut.-Col It. 
W., D, S. O., Tenth Miissars; Donn^ s, 
Llouu C. H. M.,.X:UinattitgUL Iviinger.«. 


Substantial Contrlbutlona Received From 
United Statea and Eaatern Cana- 
dian Org'anlaatlona 

To BaparvlBo Army Coutracta. 

bONHON, Dee. 10. — Rlr Geo. S. tilbb, 
cliftlrman of the Metropolitan I.il8trlet 
Itnllway Company, and of tho Tube 
Itallwoys. has been appointed a civil 
member of the military coiinill. and 
will be charged with the .><iipeivtslon of 
army contracts. Tills appointment of a 
business man of great experience to 
contT'Oi the contracts has l^een made 
because of criticisms arising out of the 
alleged action of some contractors In 
siipTd\lns Inferior articles to the army. 

Baolaraa Xlmaalf a £«par 

WASHINGTON. Dee. 10. — Announcing 
tiiBl he was a leijer, a man giving the 
name of ('has. II. Hamlail. of St. liouls, 
walked up to a )iollceman hero today 
and asked for treatment. He was locked 
up and the lieallh officer of the Dis- 
trict of Colombia, who examined him lat- 
er, said he had all the syminoms of 
the disi-ase. Me wa.i idaeed in iiunran- 
tlne for further obsorvallon. .Vccording 
lo Randall, he contracted the disease 
while in the Philippines, and had been 
held as a leper at Ban Francisco. Halt 
Lake City and Ht. DouIb. 

OTTAW.V, Dec. 10.^ — Contributions to 
the Canadian Patriotic Fund acknowl- 
edged today Inolude $3,500 from tho 
British Imperial Relief Fund of Bos- 
ton. .Another conlilbiitloii from aci-oss 
the border is ♦.'iO.Il.'; from the employ- 
ees of the Pittsburg an<l Cleveland 
Agencies of the Minneapolis. Ht. Paul 
& SauU Site. Marie Railway Company. 

The Quebec branch of the fund has 
sent in an additional contribution of 
$15,791, while »7,2I0 from tlu Three 
Rivers brnneb Js acknowlodged. 

The Hiintsvllle. Ontario, biapoli of 
the Patriotic Piind has eontrihutad 
1300. The total iioiv yt'ind.« at 

Oarauui Prof MMra In Torosto. 

TOKONTO, Dec. 10. — In a statement, 
lYesldent Falconer, of the University 
of Toronto, says that the university is 
paying full salary to those of Its staff 
who aro serving at the front with the 
Allies, and that no preferential treat- 
ment Is b«lng accorded to the Qerman 
professora who have lieen been granted 
leave of absence. We should do aa 
the Germans do." aald the principal. "I 
am sure that If we dlnmlas the men 
w« wonUI regret »t on l«oklnit baeii,'' 
\w> aays. His action In refucllHi to dla- 
itei0N the prttfeaMira^, he aaattrta, «w« 
piH^tVuMiMi «*iax iir JUM e9tie«»ti9n «' 

Xooaa Jaw Tarmlnal 

MOftHIi: .lAW, .^nsk., Dec. 10.— Tho 
Railway Commission has gniiited the 
Western officials of Ihe (3rand Trunk 
Pacific ten days to ascertain from the 
head office at Montreal what Is profioscd 
to be doiio in reg,ird to tile construc- 
tion of a terminal hero and to hiind In 
a written reply on the mattei'. In mak- 
ing thlfj ei-inceaslon to the company tlie 
commission assured the City t.'ouneii 
that the Railway Board would take 
some definite action to compel the rail- 
way company to conform to the order 
made some time ago that plans of the 
termin.ils should be lodged and work 
In the construction started by .Tune of 
next year. 


.ijWKt '.*^'W'f. :.■', 

ViM^fiSji.. *&^-S;'t,~i-lli4i- 


OTT.\WA, Dec, 10. — A long scar on 
his head, extending from the forehead 
almost to thA crown. Is the testimony 
of what happened to Major A. A. Duff, 
of the Gordon Hlghlander.<» In the fight- 
ing at Camhral, France, recently. Major 
Puff arrived., In Ottawa this morninc 
from KnglanA to act aa nnlllUry secre- 
tary to II. R. H> the Duke of Connanght. 
He ia a flh«,< aotdl«rlr-lm>ktng man, 
pt^tid of hia wvund •Dtl ready ta go 
to th* (roitUklf jp«qwlr*d. 



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3 tor 2S ••at* 

Uonowrt at Y. W. C. A.— A d«llchtful 
concert arranged by the »eneroHlty of 
tk« iSth PuHillen, wiU take plac« tblH 
cTtUaK at the T. W. G. A., comer of 
l»atlaii ami Conrtner fltreeta. An ax- 
evitglit'-'proimunnie hiiM htmn arran»r<f, 
nnrt tlio manaammcnt narncDtly h»i)o the 
(ivuit WIU Im: iKNurtUy 9«|roiUa«|, 

Suffering Caused by Floods 
Said to Be Gieatest in 
Sixty Years — Wliole Fam- 
ilies Commitiiig Suicide. 

\V.\«lll.\<ri'»JX, Doe. 10 — •I'lic 
Ch1iief<« iJcivernment, tlirougli AmoilcMii 
Mliiltiter JSfiiu.sch, 1m iirKlUK tjio .Vnu-rl- 
van ' Ucd Crosa SiKMcty to inflnoiico 
■ .\iiii'rii-aii hunkers lo Hilvatice an liti- 
nuMiiaic loan ol' $D.uOO.OO() on the pro- 
po.setl Hutta Alver project, so tliat sut'- 
rt-rera from the late flood In thul dl.s- 
trlo.t may bo kept from starvation 
throiigli eiiiplo.vnient on the great 
I'oclamallon work. 

A not© from the chief 01* tl»e 
Chinese Conservation Bureau, whieli 
the American Ambasseador transmitted 
to the Stato Department, describes the 
suffering entailed by the latest flood 
a« the worst In China in si.'ity years. 
The Conservation Bureau chief aaya 
husbands and wives commlttecl sulelde, 
and in some cases whole faniiliea made 
away with themselves to escape their 
desperate plight. 

"Parents," ho continues, "knowlnR 
that Uiey them.selvea had to die, have 
tied Uielr children on to wooden doors 
and let them float off. In tho hope that 
they mltfht be rescued by someone, 
and tho children have starve-l to death 
after floatlnu many hours." 

Other reports to the Sta'^ Dipait- 
ment say tens of thouaands of dpi<tl- 
tutPi poreons are waiting for '"ellef and 
that the approaching cold weather will 
Increase their suffering, 



Oarmaaa rtrcA oa Owa Mta aad Owa 

Wblta riMg in Or««r to nu 


.Ml iustaiu'o i/f ilio iiciic-hory 



<;<.'riiiuiis and tlu-li' uUmoIUIh Ulnn-Kaiil of 
llio wlilte riug- uppi-nra In llic columns uC 
.Misw'crs, In thi' form of a letter wilt leu 


»tor.v IS 

by a, BOldkT at tht. frmil, 

(18 roilowtii 

"I wan tyliiK l>iin<iue''N un two of "'V 
section — huili ai'u nou- Uead— when the or- 
ihT 10 miri' eainc. Oiio of them a«lirU ini? 
to Btay with hlni. and I hud noi t.hc heart 
lo luavft them ihero. , uk iho undergroivih 
WHS thick, and thc.v inl)jhi have laUi thcio 
iiKiiilhs before nnyon" could' find thon>. Pu 
1 stayed, wlih four men, and 'udIc ui> a 
posltliin behind a low wall. 

"1 found out that a small vIlluKC 'jU- 
twocn thn two lillls was occuDlcJ by the 
f>ii«my with a niuxlm. .\s tho CSermaaa 
rinrwited out of the rlllage they had lo 
run across an opcti .ipace of elfthly yards, 
iind wo potted each one iis ho ran out 
until they liecamo afnild to loava, ami 
waved a while tint; cut "f a window. \S'(; 
sot them us prlsonurs, with iho maxim. 

"On Seplcijiber 13, at noon, we oomo Into 
aotlon n* — — , nnd (.'lenred tho Germans 
out oi a big wood again. 'WhPn we got 
iltfht tlirough tho wood we canio upon 
several Une.i of the enemy In open skir- 
mishing erfler, ana we gave them such a 
hot time that there were white llaffs up 
In loss than an hour. We stopped flrlni? 
when the ilass went uii. and our chaps 
went out to bring In (trleoners and wound- 
ed. As they did so the enemy came oviT 
tho rldsps In slronc linens and fired ou 
their own white flasa. killlnt; TCnRllsh and 
Germans alike. 

"t WHS BlvloR B wounded German cap- 
tain a drink when tho bounders com- 
menced to fire' on thK white flags. I 
ilroppcd two of tho blasts before 1 got a 
chance to run bai-k to the wood." 


Work Initiated to Help Unemployed^ 

Ooverniaent'a Proposal* Are Ap> 

proved by Seputlen 

rinanoial Statomest Sladoaes Small 

Seflolt, to Be Made XJp From 

I^aat Tear'a Balance 

TORONTO,. Dec 10. — Ontarla'a. tolal 
revenue for the fiscal year Just ended. 
Including money borrowed within tho 
year. Is $19,577,414. The total expendi- 
ture, capital and ordinary, will be close 
to $20,000,000. There will be a slight 
deficit, met from tho balance on hand 
at the beginning of the year. 

Exclusive of borrowings, there is a 
shortage of $1,119,464 in tho estltnatsd 
receipts presented to tho legislature by 
the Hon. I. B. Lucas in his budget speech 
last session. 

The actual ordinary revenue was a lit- 
tle over $11,000,000. The approximate 
ordinary expenditure will bo $11,039,000, 
and the capital expenditure nearly $8.- 

The expenditure Includes $380,000 paid 
for flour as Ontario's war contribution 
to the Motherland. 

Xlnara Contritiute 
LETHBRIDGK, Alta.. Dec. 10.— 
Miners of the Gait collieries have con- 
tributed $1,800 to the Patriotic Fund. 

Tnrka Sink Tbelr Own Ounboat 
LONDON, Dec, 11.— A di.Mpatcii to 
The lially Telegraph from Athens says 
that a Turkish gunboat has been sunk 
by a Turkish mine at the entrance of 
tho Bosphorus. 

RO.VrE, Dec. 10.— Premier Salandra in 
the Chamber today supported the appro- 
priations requested by the Government 
and favored postponing the approval of 
tlve- Budget fw n**xt year. The Qovern- 
raent proposals were approved by a vote 
of 309 to 2U. 

Premier SalanJra, In his speech, said 
Important Governmental work bad been 
initiated to help the unemployed. Al- 
though the crops of 19H were sufflcient, 
he added, the condition of the people had 
been Injured by the slackening of com- 
merce due to the war, and also by the 
increased prices of foodstuffs. 

The Government, he tald, had helped 
the situation by securing wheat neces- 
sary for the army and navy, flic per- 
sonnel of which was more numerous 
than ever. Other measures were in 
course of execution, the Premier said, 
but he would not specify them, as he did 
not desire to give a clue to speculators 
of tho Government's Intentions. 


city Deatltate of Food Whan Bvacaated 

by Raaaiani — Oennan iright 

Attack Xapulaad 

Prlaonera at Jamaica 

KINGSTO.V. .lamalca. Dec. 10.— .V 
Ilrltish cruiser landed today 120 Gerp 
man prisoners, who had been brought 
from the British Island of St. Lucia, an^ 
transferred them to the detention 

Xilltd In Franca 

COBOUKG. Ont., Dec. 10.— George 
Walker, of Percy Township, has re- 
ceived a teleprr.Tni that hl.s brother, 
Lance-<:orporal Walker, of the let Bat- 
talion Gordon Highlanders, ha.s been 
killed in France. 

Free of Saty 

OTTAWA, Deo. 10. — Hon. J. D. lield. 
Minister of Customs, has authorlaed in- 
structions to be sent to collectors 
throughout the Dominion that personal 
ffift.s from members of the Canadian 
Overseas pxpodltlons to relatives or 
friends In Canada may be admitted free 
of duty during the period of the war.' 

BUa Kephaw Xllled 

l.O.N'DOX, Ont.. Dec. 1 1»— George 
Burgess, Inspector for th.. London 
Humane Societ.v, received word yester- 
day that Iil« nephew, .Sergonnt Frank 
Burgess, of tho King's Royal Rjfl.s, 
has been killed In Franee. In.sncoinr 
Biirge.<i.«< ha.s throi- ut'i.^r n.-nii- v ••■i 
the firing- line. 

XtOdi Vaarly Daatroy«fl 

ROME, Dee. 10.— The ir<'-.«.sagcro s 
cf.rrcapondent at .says that 
the German."! almost destroye.l LodK In 
honibardlng it, .jjid that its pi-cupntiop 
docs not represent a .succpo.s on tho 
part of the German.s, a« they wero 
driven toward Lodz hv a RiisiHian of- 
fensive movement which thev eoiihl 
not resist. 

Canadian Shrapnal Bhalla 

MONTREAL, Dec. 10.— TMO. 
War Office ha.s placed, or is about to 
place, with Cnuadlan steel mills or- 
ders for 600,00(1 shrapnel shell.a, and 
estimates are that this work will giv,^ 
finployment from now until .Imie to 
1 0.000 men in 100 factorlesi nnd repre- 
pent a distribution of over l.'i.oOO.Oot). 
Ton inspectors are at work Inspoetlug 
ehells on or<lers already given and, .■«) 
far, none have been rejected. 

Xodx of General Barera Found 

I'UETORIA. South Afrlea, Dee. it.— 
The body of Ocnet-al Beyer.s. 
the rebel leader, who ■was drowned re- 
< ently while attempting to escape 
across the Vaal River from the ao\- 
ernment troop.s, has been found at 
Vliege Kraal, far from the placp where 
General BoyerR was aecii to .«liik. The 
orfiolai announcement «ay.«t thuro l.s no 
eiouht with regard to the Idcnt'fieatloii. 

MoOlU'a Koepltal Offer. 

MONTREAL, Dec. 10.— McGIU Inlver- 
sit>- medical faculty received ^idvli'c 
through Uio Department of M>«*<la and 
Defence, Ottawa, from the British War 
Odlee that the faculty'p offer to furnish 
the personnel of a general hospital has 
been 'acr.epted by the Iinfierlal author- 
UleK. Several of the players of the Mo- 
Glll Kugby Club who were eountod upon 
for next season have signified thrlr In- 
tention of going to Kiirope In connec- 
tion with thiK hospital. Antony them 
arts IJornn Montgo.^icry, who haa played 
qiinrterback and generaled tho aenJor 
team for the two jwet eeaeone; Dud 
Rose, Otto J>ernuth, Korman Wllliain- 
Bon and Oreenwood. Several of next 
y«««r'ii flcradwatee will alao Join, and It 
In probable the tca»^ will be broken tt» 
next year 

LONDON, Deo. 10.- A Petrogrud 
dispatch to Riuter'8 say.s thn Polish 
town of Lodz at tho time of lt."5 evacua- 
tion by the Russfans wa.s oompletely 
destitute of food. The populallon fled 
the towit en masse, fearing the Ger- 
mans. Thousands 'proceeded to War- 
saw on foot. 

Accounts of the fighting between 
Lodz and How show that the Germans 
attacked In close formation in the 
twilight and a fog. hoping to catch 
the Russians unaware.s. Th*: Russians, 
however, were forewarned aiil allowed 
the Germans to advance close, then 
ewept the German lines with a hundred 

Dazzled by the glare, the Germans, 
in dense columns were an easy target 
for machine guns and rifle fire. The.v 
lost enonnouHly, and finally retired. 

Death of rionffreaaman Payna 

WA.SlU.VaTON. Dec. 10.— Ropresenia- 
tlve Sereno Payne, of New York, died 
suddenly of heart failure at his apart- 
menl.s here at ll;l.") o'clock toniRlU. 

Cape Breton Komlnationa 

fJYDXEY. N.S.. Dec. 10.— .lohn C. 
Douglas. JI.P.P., and Roburt H. Butts, 
^M.P.P., wcYff today ni'mlnated as tho 
Conservative candlcUites for the Keileral 
con.^tltuencleK of I'ape Breton South and 
RlohiMon»l, respectively. 

Znapection of Saddlea 

OTTAWA. Dec. 10. — Captain 
i.«f the Fri mil army, arrived 
capital today tu Inspect and upon the oaddlCs ordered 


111 llie 


by tho 

Government from Canadian 

Xaleer'a Health Iiuprovea 

A.M.^TERDA.M. l>ec. 10— Emperor 
\\'illlam'.s health has conslderabl.v im- 
proved, accordUjpg to an official an- 
nouncement made in Berlin tOfUiy. His 
.Majesty's catarrh is relaxing, and liis 
temperature l.s normal. 

■trnok by Train 

VAXKLEEK MILL, Ont., Dee. 10.— 
Mr. and Mrs. Moses i;;;ameroii and .Mrs. 
11. Dupuls, who lived near this town, 
were killed yesterday when their car- 
riage was struck bj' a Grand Trunk 
train. The horse balked at a crossing. 
The horsi^ also was klllefl. 

Trained Hnraea Wanted 

OTT.VWA. Dee. lO.—The War Office 
ha:-! asketl the Mllltla Department tu 
SI ncl an additional .seventy-five trained 
nurses to England as soon as possible. 
The Mllltla Department has made ar- 
ranK^ementf to send these at the earli- 
Cft possible date. 

Oermaa Teacher Xeeigne 

TORON'TO. Dee. in.— Mr. Bruno Tep- 
per. one of the three (ierman teachers 
to whom the bodrd of governors of the 
University gave leave of absence on full 
Hahiry. has resigned from the I'nl- 
verslty. Me will go to Chicago. PreHl- 
dent Falconer's proposal to secure iiii 
exchange of the two < Ierman profes- 
sor** on leave of absence for men of 
cfpial attainments from American Unl- 
vprsltles was cordially ondoracd by the 
board ut their meetina toda.\'. 

AMtraUa'a Vew Oralaer 
MKLIXJrUNK Dec. 11.— In IheHotise 
of Kepresentatlves, Mr. J«nmn, ANSlst- 
ant Mtnl.<4tor of Itefenee, stated that the 
keel of the eruluer Brlshano wftfl laid 
on .lantiary 2S, 1KI3, but tliat he was 
unable to nay when the veawl would 
be Iaunehe<1 nnd «M>mmlit»lonod. He eett- 
nuted the cost dellvoreil to England at 
$2,350,000. The amount {mid for raa- 
frrlala impurt)»d from Itritatn for iiiie 
In bitlMIng the \nttH«} yintt |t,S8«.<M»«, 
anA the oo«.t lo iJnte |3,l50,f**. Me#aat 
unablo t¥VHijM|t«S4ft|y .eetimle tlM <i«/m- 

'ttiiffiyyiiiailii w T#'*fai«^*'i»i'^^^ I 

^in^ ^s^^ fti^Si^ :^2^ii !^^ 

'The FMhion Centra"— 1008-1010 Government Street 

Two-Day Sale of Aprons 

(Today and Tomorrow) 

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Train Barailetf 

.S.VRXIA. Ont., Dec. 10. — Th* Grand 
Trunk expres.<« No. 13. Montreal to Chi- 
cago, was tlcrnllcrt In the tunnel vardH 
hero at noon today, but no one was In- 
.|iiri.''l, and tliii lia-mivpe was .sllRht. The 
dc'rallniont w{u« duo to a defective switch. 

Colonel MoBae Ooee to rroat 

WIXNIT'KG, Dec. 10.— Colonel A. "D. 
.Mi-riae, of Vancouver, na.ssecl through 
Winnipeg this moriilng en route and 
Will later go to the front. Colonel Mc- 
Hae had no lime to stop oft in Wlnnl- 
pngr, aH hlK orders were to pre.scnt hlra- 
arlf at military headquarters as soon 
an posslhlc. 

Ontario Kertalator* 

Ti")UONTO, Def. 10. — l'reparatlon.s arc 
uiidiT way at Queen's Park for tho call- 
ing of the legi.slature about the third 
wci'k In .Jitnnary. No date has yet 
Ih.m'11 officially detornilncil upon I'or the 
(ipi-nlng, hut the mlnlHtcra arc prepar- 
iiiK departmental matters with the view 
that a little over a month now will .see 
the Hotise at work. 

AnatrnUnas WuteA TXghX 

I>0.\'I>ON, r)p<:. lit.— The Sydni-j- (or- 
roHpondent of Tho Daily Mall, descrlb- 
liiK the rejoiclii),' there at the British 
victory, says that Admiral von Spec's 
tloet had been reeartled a.-s the special 
fHiurry of the Australian navy, hut evon 
as matters stand, .VtiMtralla played '""r 
]iart by driving the enemy Into the 
hi«nd» of the Britluh fleet by destroying 
lii."5 I'Use In the l-'iiclflt;. 


m*»mAf Yxom TUiU KarslMl 
LONDO.V, Doe. 10.— Plefd Murbhal tfir 
.lohn French, commander of tho Brit- 
ish expeditionary lorccB oti the conti- 
nent, has sent the following measRKe to 
The War Houvenir, which ia publialied 
by the Cnnadlans: "In ISIO I Inanected 
the Canadian forcea and I look for- 
ward with irreat pleasure to titc day 
when the contlnitent from Canada will 
Join the army under my commsuid. as I 
f«ol sure that their Mervloea will be In- 
valuable. Canada, in aendlng these 
troops, as I felt sure ahe would, haa 
given the Mtronffest and moat tanvlbla 
proof of the unity of the ISmplre. A«l» 
miral Ulr'tfohn Jelllcoe la aurc the Cana- 
dian cbntinircnt will b« worthir of tlia 
tr««t tradttlehM aatikiiltoliM t»)r CaaiMlUa 
iioldlera In tho CtoJtt. Md that XMlt 
d««4ff will aM liMttrv ,t<L t|)* «li«Mf ^; 
ItiftvVWua ruforH: 'i>f >«# :-mm^''«ii.- -«!»# 

Gloves as 
Xmas Gifts 

A lady 
will always 
gladly re- 
ceive an ex- 
tra pair of gloves, 
no matter how 
many pairs she 
already has. Rut 
^ivc her the best. 
B c s W'r e y o u 
see the name 
DENT'S on the 



ST. JOHN, N. B.i Dec. tO.— In aceord. 
ano« with the announciment mada Itart 
week, the realcnatlon of. Upn. i. K.; 
FlemmlDV, aa Premier .of ICaw .BruiuK 
wlok. ban b««n accepted bjr Jton. Joi|«li; 
Wood, lletttwiMit-KovatiMiii wlKai "ttajflbii? 
ttpan Hon. ' 0!Mr<«^ . ifc 'Ctlilrhv : AtiinMj^^ 
«en«ral lidd wtt»t»tte^imMti ;i»'ti^ 
new «overnin«t{it4 It IB 'tiC|i4#r«f^Np 
ciitrk a«^«iptM»»-'''t|iB 'luui 
mitted io- ttttr'<immt:''fM^*' 
<»lMMiirt. but > 1|;. 


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The Novelty Stoff 

Cor. Fort «a4 BIwulMira 
1308 GovanMMoe St., 


■ yj i ' i' J. ' 


called and m^^ii^' 

QvattNUM..^^ _■;■" 






TIM CelonUt rr»n;ln« * l'ubll«ian« Cw** 

pknr. Umtted I.UMllty 

ttll-lltl BioaU 8lr»-et. Violorla. ■■ a 

J. D. H. UATtiOM 

8ui»cripljoo Bate* ty C»rrt»rJ 

rtmrly .. HOO 

HaJf-VMrly ^..., »-•• 

Qukrtarlr . . . ; l.«0 

Uonitily »• 

?ub«cr|nMon Ratei ny V«1I 

To Canada. Great IJrttuln. >he OnllrtJ filtle» 

and Msxlro: 

T*»rlv I! *• 

U»iX-y«,rly '•*<> 

AU lubscrlptlon rate* payable »d advance. 
Mai! aubiicrlborii aro reiiiii-slrrt lo muko all 
romllUnres illreiTt tn Th« Daily CoUmlat. 
t5ub»ci)bfir» In ovdrrlntf chanifo of aJdresa 
■ bould be particular to give both ue«i> and 
Old ktcldrMsea. 

Trlda}', Decembar 11, 1914 


I; iw nut vtsry Ions' Miurc ii •- I'olun- 
ih't liuil lliir pKusiH'.' of welcomlns' i" 
Victoria tlK» Very llpvt'renfl A. .1. 
iXiull, (lean of r-hrist Oliiirrh CRtlitclral, 
aiiO II. iw we are ojilled upon to oxpross 
II fecliriK of mixed pU-asurc antl regrot 
that hu will shortly leave iho city to 
accept the very onerous post of Bishop 
cf Kootonay. Durlnff his residence 
hore the Illshop-eloct has mnAa very 
many frietiUs. He combines strength 
anrt gentlcnerts of character in a 
marlied degree, and unites with them 
broad HCliolarshlp and equa'ly broad 
Hjmpathles. In hl« new field q| la!>or he 
wUl have nrope for the exer-lso of his 
many adnilralilr riualltlc.-< nf ^niiul aiiil 

^^■e are ocrlaln that htf will brlnt; to 
hear upoi> the dntir.s to wliii-h hf> hir? 
iH'en BUtnnioned tlie tianir .^inglt ncss i)f 
Pllrpcso and hioail-mlruKd tniinaiiily 
that ha\c characterized hlH career while 
In Victoria. 11" is enleriiiK a fUi.l 
v.'Uere ho can accoinpUnh much, fur the 
comniunitv where his future lioine 'will 

be is destined lo bei'omo one of ihc 
most floiirislxlng- and popnlou.s in tlic 
I'rovlncc. Ills departure will In- n-- 
_aEetted. though all will unite in wi.-^hinar 
him the fullest of auecess In hit* ad- 
r,\Injfctration of the Sco of Kootenay, 
audi conifratulate him on tlie lecogniilon 
that his merits have won. 

lioth the Dean and Mr«. PouU will 
bS greatly raisecd in Victoria, where 
they have endeared themselves to very 
many people, Avhose best wishes will 
follow them to their new home. 


Commeutlnff upon the reyorls from 
the Western theatre of ver >oroe days 
ago. we said that it is impopnible for 
anyone following the dispatches from 
day to day to be able to isay what ap- 
parently minor successes were really of 
importance. The ne\v« of yesterday 
bears this out. for we are now able 
to see that the various operations caii 
be co-ordinated by those who are ad- 
vised of what is going on in full detnil. 
The woTJs, of tjie. Allies is assutnins 
3efinlte foriti, and apparenlly means 
the driving of the Germans out o* 
Western Belgium. Thejr bavc occupied 
Zevecote, which is seven miles east of 
Xieiiport and about the earn? di«stance 
north of Dixmude. They ar« also at 
Qhiatelles, some seven or eiqht mllei< 
yet further east. We find it lmiK>s8ible 
to recoTicile these statements w^lth a 
Jlspatch of yesterday morning that 
said the Oennans had bombarded 
l-'urncH. that town being somf. seven 
miles west of the Yser. B:ither this 
statement must be an error or the op- 
ijosing lines must be greatly mixed in 
Western Belgium. With the Allies in 
possession of Dlxmude and Zovecote, 
which are only seven miles apart and 
iioth east of the TtBtie, &tid to be ad- 
v;jncing eastward from thoue points, it 
Us hard to «ee how the Germans can bo 
bombarding l^irnesi, which iB nine 
miles west of the Yser and ft line join- 
ing iJlxmude and Jievecotfs. , The 
ilispatch which spoke of the bombard- 
ment of Furnes also mentioned that 
Yjircs had lieen bombarded. 
towns are more than twenty miles 
f>.part. ^Yesterday we v,.rc told that 
the Allies wore bombardli' l:.,l. ... 
\Aliioli is fourteen miles ea > ■ : .\ i.i, 
joining Dixmudo and Ypres. Yet, not- 
withstanding the Itnposslbllity of 
reooneiitng these statements with the 
situation as presented by the irnJ*p, there 
emerges from all the apparent con- 
fusion the fact that the Germana are 
wlllidrawlng from Western Uelglnm, or 
l-'landers. a.s tlie dispatches tuually call 

'J'he allempt, which <<jnc:;p(iiiil.-iii.s 
thought the Oormanu were about to 
make, to pierce the" line of the Allies 
near Arras has not yet m:«terliili-/ed. 
HUght advances on the jiari oi tiie 
Allies arc reported from tliu viciniiy 
of Khelms. l::is<(Mvhoro along the lin 

have taken placi-, hut tlie .Mlies claim 
to have retained and .silglUly iininoved 
their pOBltiotj.s. Xon./ of till.- iiiws 
from the AVest In eoiitradlctod by the 
advices given out from I'.erlin. 

No new development."* are reported 
from I'oland or from Kaat I'russlii. 
From Oallcla comes word that I'l wmHyl 
la very short of provisions, tf this la 
true, that fortress must soon succumb, 
and this will .set freo the KusMian 
force investing It. There wa« no news 
y<i«tcrday from Cracow, iioin ilio 
''^erations In .^nrbla or from any part 
olfVrurkey. This need oecaslun no nur- 
prtaQk.for It is ImpoMlble for armies to 
keep molilnff notable new developments 

from (Ja y to <*»y. _ 


much, but wiiut !•« doet. fi^oy Is dlroclly 
lo tiic !)iiii!i|, .'mri wo make n fmv ex- 
tlUCtM from IllK t'uper. •'i'iu- pioneer 
days are over; they .>-liould be. The Jlg- 
ciiig of draiiiKKo eaual.s and IrriKatlon 
U'lrtH's aiiil the rictirlnjj of lanil should 
not be the work of liie indivUliial. . . 
'i'ho farmer slioiilil l»a\e, the land tuiiieU 
I Ml lo iiliii ready for the seeding. • . 
The work of farming Is lln most ini- 
|K riant o<" all our iniliiairleH. To do 
this work economical l.N \~ not tiv x.tirk 
of individuiils, but oi iniiinili'iili (leu, 
states and natlon.s. with modern mucliin- 
cry and plenty of cupltul. and on a larje 
scale. . . . Wo must not waste our 
men as wo iiave Uone in the past, Wo 
have the moan*, iilt. saving time and 
energy and muscle and human holnss — 
fir.d we must do it." 

'J"!io .''talo of Victoria In tin; An^- 
liiiliaii Connnonwcalth Is ondcnvoring 
to follow the lino of policy ailvocHied 
li.\ Mr. 1 lanky in connection with 118 
irrigation system. What Is being done 
in this way is shown by extracts from 
The Knglneering Record of Now York. 
The opinion of The Record is that pri- 
vate irrigation companies in the United 
States are all threatened with bank- 
ruptcy. The extracts referred to are 
too long for publication here, but, 
speaking generally, they seem to demon- 
strate that the ordinary private irri- 
gation system is almost fore-doomed to 
failure. It seems to have been proved 
i ) be not enough to bring the water to 
the land and th-^n expect inexperienced 
people to buy areas and become huccosh- 
fu! farmer.'-. The reasouH are many. 
r.i!ii. nece.wsaril.v, tUuy are different in 
i:;li'rent looalith .•<. but some of them 
iiiay I'e UK iiiioiuJ. One is the initial 
ilaruo for water rights, to which must 
I'.' a. hied tlo' annual water rental. .\n- 
i.ilor is the larix of capital to make 
ii. . • ssiry iiniirovemfnts, which leads to 
ais< uiiragemi-nt and later to the abnn- 
(lonnuMU f'f the land. The personal ele- 

II. cm of ne<.:etiKii J- enters into the case, 
and is v«ry often the Important 
tactor in it. 

In N'ictona, Australia, the Govern- 
in nt is endeavoring, and. It seems, with 
a great promise of conspicuous success, 
to meet the difficulties whieh private 
enterprj.ic has encountered in America. 
The plan is to reduce the cost of the 
land to the settler to the lowest pos- 
sible minimum; to assist him in prepar- 
ing his land for a crop, and to advance 
money, at a low rate of interest, to 
erect buildings. Tho land Is sold to the 
settler on a cash payment of 3 per 
cent, and the deferred payments are ex- 
tended over 33 years at 4',i per cent in- 
terest. Houses are built for settlers 
who can pay £& per cent o£ tho cost, and 
the remainder 1b repayable In 20 years 
v.'Uh interest at & per cent. Jf the 
settler wiU pay 20 per cent of the cost, 
the state will prepare up to 25 per cent 
of this land, tho expense to be repaid 
in 10 years. If the settler makes im- 
provements himself, the state will loan 
him fiQ per cent of thei:' value, and new 
loans will be granted as new Improve- 
ments are made. This system has been 
In/jporatlon for six years, and it is said 
t'mt .settlers, who have been thus es- 
tablished for three years, are all prac- 
tically self-supporting. In addition to 
giving financial assistance, tho state 
employs competent persons to act as 
advisers to settlers. 

In Australia.. as elsewhere, there is a 
percentajKe n( failures, for it is impos- 
sible, under the best advised system, to 
supply what is lacking in tho settler 
himself: nevertheless, it is claimed that 
pn th3 whole very excellent rc-sults aro 
being accomplished, although it is only 
fnlr to add that Th6 Hnglneerlng Record 
thinks Judgment must be yet sus- 

In placing the above statements be- 
fore Colonist readers we do so in order 
that they may be fully considered. If 
it Is true that "the day of the pioneer 
I'i over," It seems obvious that a now 
dfcparturc must be made in some dlree- 
tion if people are to he got upon the land. 
One thing liau (o ii.. kept in mind. U 
huf- b<en found in .AustrBlia timt a cer- 
tain proportion of settlers look upon 
wi-ai I hi' Covernment does as a sort of 
enciuwment and are unwilling to second 
U by ('fforts of their own. There is no 
v.&y of s'-'ltin;; rid ut" ilv ocrsoiial 
iMluailon. The only thing i.s not to for- 
get that it is an element In the, 
at;'! ailmlnisli I- aiw system of alil to 
agriculture accord ingl.v. 

"Bieatly relarded." On U\,i conlrar; , 
there iA e\ery ju.ttlfjcatloii '' >'• tiie l)u- 
llef that tills I'nnliico, witli it> illlmli- 
ablc re*ioiirco.s, will show a very rupld 
recovery. There are many .•••usoiia for 
bi'lievlng this. The in'og-umme of 
railway devclopmiiit inaugurated four 
>i'ar.« KfiO will be coinplclo. W'c shall 
bo iioginniiig to fv(A Ihe liciT^flclnl re- 
siiltK from Incrcjsed trail' via (lie 
Panania Canal. .Seitlemeiu will We more 
rapid. Capital, prnbably to a larger 
extent than over before, will be avall- 
abli- I'.'i I'^ltlmatf enterijri-i*-'. It is 
fair to assume Hint a proportion of 
the trade lost to Germany through tho 
war Will'. 09 .diverted to ilio I 'oininioii. of all. this rrovlnce. In common 
Willi the of the L'mpite, must 
heinfii markedly in proHilyc su<'ii a.s 
comes III till' < ii'l "1' a \ icLorlous 
struggle ui^ulnsii i>i/r oi' lii- greatest 
commorelnl nations of i'.;o world. 
These are e"Mslderallon« a|>l '.■• lie lo.^il 
bight of, possibly heeausB within the 
memory of no one living bn« there 
been a war Ini any way comparable to 
the present atruggle. 

The B. C. Electric Hallway Com- 
pany Is controlled by ke.-in finan- 
cial intellects, and we venture to 
fioy that its director.s, and gen- 
eral shareholders as Well, are thor- 
oughly satisfied with their inveat- 
ment In this Province. It is natural 
that, in common with every other eor- 
purattoii. U should 111 feeling' I'le strain 
ot exlHttii;^ LOiiiHtl"n>^. The action of 
the eomi>any in w illnlrawins from the 
Johnson iStroet bri'l:.:'' aRroemeiU \h 
readily iindersian<lali.i' in tlio light of 
Us annuiil i c'i'm c. f'li we notice that 
it bus had to suiildrinenl !'3 Jiroflts 
with a trarihfer of J'-fi.OOO from Its re- 
serve, pre«umuably to insii!-.) liie main- 
tenance of iia regular dividend. It 

term 1« used today. Thus wc find 
Terence, who ll\ed more than 2,1)00 
years' ago, writing, "tjuid I'.i autem 
lliile, iKsliie Biisi.'ultUH"' aiid t'.i'ero ob- 
serving "(Jiiid le nunc, asasln.i, literas 
doeeam?" The root of the word aslnus, 
ass and others of ^\^<^ same moaning is 
found in aM langtiuKos. .M-ix Muller 
I'./ntcndeil h'om the fa«i Uial tlio word 
"c.U" ill one form or aiiothcr la found 
in all languages, as the name of the 
"harmless necessary" creature, Ls 
proiif that cats were domcHiUalcd bu- 
fori' the dispersion nf mankind, attd .so 
from the fact lliat the word "asa" Is 
found ill one form or aiii)ther In all 
languunies Is proof that iheru always 
were asse.s In society, but whether the 
four-lei;(jed ui Do two-leggod variety 
Is the more aneieiu, and, therefore, the 
original claimant l**) the nam", we fear 
liaisy Will liave I" !"■ cunleni to re- 
main in i:4norance, 

mu i.1 n oi b »i f o r H Mtt ti n i h ai, 'l a fauB e i » 

its contracts with Its employees, 11 has 
not been in a position tii i-arry out re- 
treneiiment to the extent M'ch .'»av- 
ing can be effoeted In uther t il.^lnes^e.s 
at times like the present. The com- 
pany has faithfully adhered to its un- 
dertakinK.-i with tho men It employs. 
As far as has lain in lt<( potver. It has 
played a courageous piiii In the era 
through which we are passing, assured 
that the future will justify the un- 
doubted faith it haa in British Colum- 
bia. In the years to come there will 
be many new enterprises of aw great 
interests as the B. C. KlectHc Rail- 
way Company operating In the I*rov- 
ince. The best hope wc can express 
for their success is that they will evi- 
dence the same steadfastness of pur- 
pose, the .tame enterprise aiul the same 
optimism, through good and evil re- 
port, as have been shown by the cor- 
poratlon that supplies transportation, 
light and power to the cities of Vic- 
toria and Vancouver and their adja- 
ceixt jterVltdries. 



Till- H. '■ ISlot^lTlc Railway f.'ompativ 
has invested so largely In British Co- 
lumbia and .shown euch an undevlatlng 
faith In the future of the Province 
that we have como to regard Its opeiu- 
tions as nn essential iiurt iif our de- 
velopmenl. It has proved llSi^lf a cor- 
poration wlioso directors aro. I mimed 

in France no changes of Importance '''■'^P^ floorago and opllmlsm. and whose 

inanapemcnt has done Its utmost to 
keep ahead of the needs of the people. 
.\l tinie:i like the prftsenv, when a 
world-wide period of dopressS.Mi .•xisls, 
II l.t well to remember the.-'. iiiIii«h, 
especially When reading the aimnul re- 
|(ort of the company. The rnport, of 
whloii wo print a summary todii.\', 
shows that durini? tho yenr ending 
.lurfc ''0 last tho cipllul expentllturo 
was $(,1 H>,:i:;T.T1. of thU amount 
<jver $(iOa,()on was apportioned lo nn- 
dertaklng.s on Vancouver Island, in a 
year such as that of l0l3-t0H, which 
W!i8 not especially rtiorked hy develop- 
ment, this expenditure wao very large, 
and proven the point lo which we 
h ve drawn attetitlwi. namely, the en- 
terprise consistently displayed by this 
company. The conditions that have 
now arisen, of which mention is made 
In the report, are only similar lo those 
everywhere else. The w«f has \tnh- 
erod In a period ot uncertainly. Thie 
directors are right In belns eon»erra- 
tive with their RharehoKlcr* In «t>e«k' 
Ing of the future, bnt we &>* tM stree 
.•Ith thMn When thfty Mty ilukt tho *rA 

-Tferovcti t»>« coortosy of Mr. w. 
•VlhtWIfW^ nicarto We have had the op- 
l^aijiittiuty <yf ro^io* ■ome iat«resting 
Mktltr r«Uttav t« iUte aid to aKricul- 
|ii^ jtai tt« InlU*! mumtm in mt-w cotn- 
jpiiftttiM- on* of Uf papers appeared 
W Th* IrrtffcUon A«*, and is by Mr. 
'^fOiftta llantAy. who sU^nt twelve 

thu In^propor use- 1-°^"-*-- *'^' "' 

In order that war nilght be robbed 
of some of its horrors, tha Powers 
represented at the International Con- 
vention of 1907, sometimes spoken of 
as The Hague Convention, adopted a 
set of rules. Fifty nations were rep- 
rc-fented. and among them Germany. 
The rules were unanimously adopted 
and signed by the several ronresouta- 
lives acting on behalf of th.dr respec- 
tive nations. Wo HUmmarUo some of 
the proviaions of this agreement: 

The Inhabitants of an invaded coun- 
try may take up arms In its defence, 
and, even If unorganized, shnll bo re- 
garded as belligerents, provided they 
carry arms openly. 

Prisoners of war are In thn power 
of the hostile Government, t'tt not ot 
the Individuals who lapture them. 

The personal property of prisoners 
shall remain theirs, excciit arms, 
horses and military papers, 

Belligerents have not unlimited 
choice of means of Injtfrlns tho 

The u.<ie of ind.-fona or treacherj', tho 
killing or wounding of, re- 
fusal of auarter, the employment of 
arms or missiles likely to cause nn- 
ncuuasar,v suffcrlna, 
of the flag of irui e, the Red Cross or 
«n enemy's flag; the destruction of 
property unless neceasary as a part of 
military opet^atlons and the eompelllng 
of an oiiPiny to fight against lii- ■■\;j 
country are forbidden. 

The attack or boinhardinenr. by any 
meauH whatever, of undefended t.i\\ii«. 
vlllagos. dwcllincs or blHldin^'^ i : • - 

In sieges necess.".. i,iii ,■ 

taken to spare as lar ati pii..;Kil'ln al! 
buildings dedloaled to riiiblto worshiii, 
art, se.lenc.s or eharltalilo purposes, hlH- 
torie nioniimentH, hospitnl.i 'i;id places 
where .•»lck and wounded aro collected, 
provided they are not betny uscil for 

Pillage, even when a pliio-. |ia.« h, .n 
taken by ossftnlt, Is forbld;ler> 

l-"amlly honor and rights. InOlvidoal 
Mfi- and properly and reliRlol|^ eoiivle- 
llons shall h" respected. 

.No collective pennlly sli.ill iie im- 
posej] on a community for nets for 
which tho cominnnlly ii" stieh |h not 

We print HiCHc rnle.s wllhoiU com- 
ment, so that renders may he able to 
Judge for themselves lo what extent 
Germany has considered hoi^df gov- 
erned by her solemn ohlif-nilon entered 
into only K»ven year.'i aro 


.\ (ii.-iiai.h slates that four C/ech 
leBlments (pronoiiocod checks) belong- 
ing lo the ,\U8trlan army have refused 
to fight against the Serbu. If this Is 
al all significant of the disposition of 
the people of that nationality, it Is In- 
dlcativo of disintegration In the Dual 
Monarchy. Czeehy, tho land of the 
Czechs, is known as Uohcmla, but these 
people also form a large proportion Of 
tho people of iloravia and Prussian 
Silesia. They number in all about 
s, 000.000. (Ml a itaclal -Map 'T Europe 
they are shown ;i-< oceui)yinp an area 
extending In a ItohI bolt across .Aus- 
tria and Hunt;. 11- I;. nil liermany on the 
«'est to Un I s.'-il;i I'll I he ea.-'l. 

The Cjtechs liclonir to the northern 
branch -of the sieat Slavoiii • race, to 
which also belong ihe luisslans, 1j^oie«i, 
liuthune.H. apd 'Slovaks, tliQ ••is(-nt>Ti)ed 
being found chiefly in .\ustrla and the 
Rutheiies eoni«tliiitliiu' the population 

"oT southoni Uussi.i TTTo aouthern 
liraiich of the l^lavonii; race includes 
the Slovenes, who are niljred with (ho 
Ciechs In JHornvlf* snd torn* the bulk 
of the population of that part of Au.>»- 
trla adjoining Italy op the east, the 
Croats and Herbs and the Oiilgars. 

The death Of General Christian Beyers 
Is oonflrme<l officially. Of the rebel 
leaders only Colonel Marlttc is at large, 
and he has sought refuge in Gcftnan 
.Southwest Africa. The strength ho will 
add to the enemy l^ negligible. 

Now that the former Germm t^aund- 
ron has gone to Davy Jones' locker, 
our amiable friends in Seattle, Port- 
laud and elsewhere will have lo con- 
jure up some new reason f^r reprosenl- 
ing that the people Of Victoria aro 
scared half out of their wits. There 
are some other people, living it; another 
direction from this city, wh^ also will 
have to devise some thing fresh to say 
to Its prejudice. Perhaps ptciilo will 
now realize that Victoria was never for 
one minute In danger of an attack. aU 
though what might have hanpened It 
the enemy did hot know the nature of 
the reception he would rccelvi' here is 
another story. 

A story comes from Wajshlngton, 
H. I . to th0 effect that a new air- 
ship has been devised which will ren- 
der London safe from aerUl attacks. 
The New York American, not perhaps 
the most reliable authority In the 
world, tells itbout it as foilow^s: "It 
repreuents a gigantic balloon with a 
large car attached. The car Is ar« 
mored and pierced for some ^^uch pieces 
as onc-ihch rapid-flrers and gatllngs. 
Also the car i« furnished with the 
most powerful searchlight known. It 
is proposed to guard Londtin with 
several cars of this kind hanging from 
captive balloons, which can easily de- 
tect, from their positions hl.y;h in the 
air. tho approach of hoetlle ii 'iift, 
and give ihetii a great deal iV.oro than 
they caJi. possihiy recehe. sin.^o tho de- 
fending captivi imil I'l ... ; '■ better 

armed than the enemy and the sh<^otIiig 

pl.iiform is steadier. The sinrchllght 
enable.* the (Ictei'tlon nf an i liemy in 
anything but «irch n fo^ ai; would pre- 
vent the enemy from atlac';!ng" with 


fa 4rallifi|ir on* iirlfatiw a^liaw .*"" tlaw when thty say iiukt tho 


Daisy had n drnr donkey, .xnd h'l' om- 
perlenee with It has le<l her to Tho 
Colonist, with sonii- indignation, 'Why 
Is SK fool, who Is certainly the \ini>t 
oompanlonuble of men (for women) 
dignified with the name of 'nifn'i*' TCe 
fear, dear tValsy, that you have pro- 
pounded an una^nsweraUle ciue.-itlon. The 
dictionary will not help you at nil, ex- 
cept to tell yon that »i«ch old fellows 
as Shakespeare and his contemporaries 
used to call absurd people onne.". But 
we were not content with that, and so 
went bnck to the L>atln. .\iflnus, we 
may Inform 0al«y. !■ ilta Latin for aas, 
ati^ tttujmrm was api^M In the days 

1*^/. ;ii..:v',...'.L^H..ti..^iSi^H''C..i..^.\;.' ..: '.a.c 

Btratbcona Park 

.Sir, — W'l-cliie.srlay evoningf Tillies puh- 
llhhod what they called a report of 
.sc-ason's work In i^ailieona Park. As 
Olio of the men wjni were onKnKi>d there 
'till lug the tree-iilantiiig, of whioh they 
make mentloM, I would like to 
(rfij, most iiTit)hftl Irally that that part 
of the statement Is entlieiy fal.s<,', and 
e.n:i eaully be disproved.' other parts <vf 
statement are false, and the whole 
report Is garbled in such a iiiantier that 
anyone Who knows the locality may 
easily See it was written by someone 
I'.oi acf|ualnted with tho place nnd AVlth- 
out any regard for the truth. 


\ ictoria. P.. <"., l>oo. 10, TOM. 


ITow Method of Frepariug Metal Am- 

nonnced by Ohloago rrofeesor Credited 

With Kemarkable Qnalltiea 

f|lir.\<ii). Dci'. 10. —War may lie end- 
ed successfully, sky scrapers may pierce 
the clouds to helght.s never attempted, 
and all manner of striictures may bo 
undertaken on a gmiider scale than over 
before by means of a new steel of ten- 
tile strongih maii.N- times greater than 
that of tho present product. It was said 
hore today. 

ProfoSHor A. \. Mlcheleon, winner In 
1912 of the Xobel prize for physical 
research, yesterday exhibited before the 
.National Academy of Sciences, In ses- 
sion here, a bar of new steel, and sub- 
joctfcd It to torsion tests which, he 
said, proved that continuation ot the 
treatment might produco a metal of 
unlimited cohesion. 

Fortifications built of this metal, 
he suld. might bo madQ Indestructible 
FO that It would be AMless to l>om- 
bard tham. thu« achieving a lonf step 
toward the ellmtnatlojKi .,yt warfare. 
IH>aoerul prajccis iwi»>^ ,"N:,«ag;( *d far 
beyond the scope ^TltlJitt 'jBliiiSfe iit' are' 
hxld noir by tba tltatt ofiSHMM^ac* 
lOf #tss). 


Dainty Dishes Enhance 
the Pleasure of Eating 

And lend an air of eleg ance and re f inement t o even the simplest 
meal. Every w oman craves for pretty dishes, and it has been our aim to 
satisfy this instinctive craving. With this end in view we have gathered 
togeth er a wonderful array of beautiful Dinner Sets in ev:ery style of 
decoration and ever y color that you can ima gine. The jxasonable 
prices will also be a great surprise to you and will give you an excellent 
opportunity of setting a dainty table at very slight cost. Cash Prices 
$5.85 to $45.00. 

Handsome Doll Buggies 

Don't forget fHe' Uti le ones. In our— Government 
Street window we are dis playing: Doll Beds, from Cash 
Price of $1.80 up; Express Wagons; Four- Piece Kinder- 
garten Sets, sellin g at Cash Price of $2.70 set; and hand- 
some rubber-tired Doll Buggies, exact reproductions of 
the baby carriages , ut Cash Prices of $3.15, .M.SO and 
S5.40 each. 

The Soft Shade of Fumed Oak 

Is the latest, most popular, and best finish for dining-room furniture. We have a num- 
ber of different styles in this finish, built on simple, beautiful lines, all up to the "Wei- 

ler" standard of quality. 

Fumed Oak Pedestal Extension 

Table $25.20 

Fumed Oak Set of Dining 
Chairs, consisting of five din- 
ing and one arm chair $36.00 
Beautiful Fumed Oak Buffet, 
with lots of drawer and cup- 
board space $33.75 

A Good Percolator 

Makes a. most acceptable gift for the housekeeper. You cannot alTord to 
Spoil .eood coffee by the old hit-or-miss plan of making it. The Percolator 
cannol f:iil lo give you delicious coffee at all times if the simple direc- 
tions given are followed. Cash Prices $5.40 to S9.00. 

Appropriate Gifts for the M|an 

if you want to give him something that wtl bring 
both pleasure and comfort for many a long yiiy, you 
cannot do better than inspect our display of lindsome 
Art Brassware. No doubt he will appreciate j/smoker's 
set, tie rack, pipe rack, tobacco jar, ash tray, )ook rack, 
paper knife, paper weight, dinner gong, n»velty pen 
wipers, candlesticks, photo frame, desk s<r, clip, ink 
well or calendar. Our window displays s^gest many 
appropriate gifts for each member of thefamily. 

Choice New Tapestrl 

We'll be pleased to show you our splendid selection of choice new 
tapestries and beautiful silk brocades for furniture covering. We have 
many fine reproductions of rare old tapestries and beautul copies of 
Oriental designs. The Sundour 1 apestries are guarant^ not to fade 
even when exposed to the strongest light. Why not haWsome of youf 
shabby furniture re-covered for Christmas? You have if idea what a 
difference it will make in the appearance of your livingpoms. 

i: '■ 






^'.rst':.!^ ■ "Adiw^p-" ■.■■■:■£ fi;f>'- J. 


■r " '■ 

For Dress Occasions 

; We have some new styles 
in High Shoes and Evening 
Slippers, and we are also 
showing many attractive 
models for street and every 
day wear. 

Jas. Maynard 

649 Yates Street 


Back to the Land 

Comfortable five-roomed Cottage, recently painted and decorated 
throughout, situated on main road in Saancih, close to store and 
B. C. Electric Station, and only eight miles frum city. Five acres or 
more, desirable country home. Specially suitable for poultry farm. 
Baxssiin price and easy terms. 

Tracksell, Douglas & Co. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 


722 Yates Street Phonei 4176 an3 4177 


omc* and) <s«* 
Ubmwt. til. 


K**r OuvvrMnimt ^^ 



Large Stock of Cull-Paver* at Low Price 


For sharpening the appetite and stimu- 
latingr the digestive organs generally, 
you will find nothing to equal Wolfe's 
Schnapps. Take it as a "toddy" with 
hot water, sugar, lemon and a wine- 
glass of Wolfe's; with ginger beer, 
aerated wattri; the result is the same: 
you will always find Wolfe's 
Schnapps the greatest tonic 
energiser for the vital organs. 
Vastly superior to ordinary 

OblainaMe at all Hotels 
and Retail Stores. 


mlant can- 

fy tfiOO.OOO 

h»ttUt utt 



The Great Line of the New Era 
Drug Association to be Soid 

Exclusively at Our Store 

Here is the most important announcement ever made io 
the buyers of medicinal and toilet preparations in this city. 

We have just succeeded in closinsr a contract with the 
above well known and successful company whereby we shall 
be the exclusive local representatives of the N. E. D. A. line. 

This will mean much to the people of this city, for it will 
enable'Hhem to have the advantage of securing: remedies that 
are absolutely guaranteed to do all that is claimed for them. 

We Join the Manufacturer in 
Guaranteeing tliese Remedies 

The manufacturer protects as— a/<f both protect you. Here is the 
guarantee that is printed on every N. E. D. A. package: 

"If this preparation is uaed accordinti; to directions and fails to 
do the work, talce it back, with tills coupon attaclied, to the store 
where purchased and your money will be refunded." 


ajrM«t (far M^ur Stuvins) NMney Relief 
But Ire* an* WhM wHIt F wtn w ^ Tatavm 
■Mt aera TlMTMt Raltof 

OeM Cream 
l>l»«a>»»iles Crmni 
Oalr. WIM Chefry m\ 

eaMTaMeta WhM •« ■ertfeeti mm* 9m* 

I Viae mm* Senm O— r 

r » well ri lea S BM S » ■ — Iter C ew ^ e fc araM< WMte Uel- 

N. ■. D. A. OemhtaaMwi 

Ml KmC. 

a aa lM wB ayrei^ 
Teata Hypaphaanhlta* ' 
TaaMiatlia Waa 

( raegli Raim^r 

A pledge like that conid not be plared behind a line of goods that did 
not repreaent the highest quality. The name N. E. D. A. covers cough syrup. 
ktdnay preparatidtis. tonics, stomach and liver remedies, cold creams, tooth 
preparations, etc. About fifty superior preparations arc included in the line 
—.each article prepared from the purest ingredients with the formula pub- 
lished on the packago and guaranteed to meet the purpose for which it la 
intended. Remember the name and the guarantee on every package. 



and IM sara tkia trade natfe Is oa mwttrr paoka** yon 
let oa tail yen aiere about ihls Ha*. OattfaH It la tbebMl IMac 
Rtdil^wlajMirgratltaAe tothlsslon. 


Tm oanDot affoid kralii<baf9f|lBg 1 

MU^DIIKXI Bcaiaclie Wafcre 

Provisional Liquidator Reports 
That Company's Actions 
Were iiiui/iolation of Law 
and Terms of Its Cliarter. 

outHlile but tiut within riin range of the 
cuauiil observer. The two i-um*. aa per 
HChi-dule, and the plan waM curriod out 
JUHt a»i uutliut^d. Thla tlino, liowcver, 
tht-y were uiiabi* to walk away In 
tiiianpli. They had not jfont* far bu- 
forn bflni; apprehondcil. On being 
M'aiThPd Ktol*n goods were found on .To 
Kct'. The other man. 8inK, pleaded not 
tiiillty und iTigaged Mr. R. C. T>owc to 
represent liltn. but Va^ nmglstiale 
tliought the evldeiioe conclUBlve and 
Bont both to prison. 


VAi\i;oL;VliH, U. C, i)i.>.'. lU. — .Mr. C. 
R. Drayton, piiivljjioaal Uiiuldator of the 
Doniliilon Tru.^t. ilJiUa that the direct 
euuMo of the lluuiUatlon, ao far aa htj 
lias b«en able to ascertain, may be 
Hijoitly stated aa follow-n: 

1. The fact that, in violation of its 
powers, the company received deposits 
and kept in liand little or no liquid as- 
Ki'ts with which to meet a possible 

;;. The fact that moneys, both trust 
money.-* and the company'.s own moneye, 
■were invested not as required by the 
provisions of Its charter, but in highly 
speculative assets and in shares or 
bonds of highly speculative companies, 
where more and more advances woru 
necessary to protect tlie company's 
security. ^ 

3, The fact that moneys entrusted for 
investment were not kept ucparate, nor 
in a separate bank account, although 
the company's charter required this to 
be done. At the date of liquidation the 
company had under its control trust 
money.s amounting to between 14.000,- 
000 and $5,000,000. Part of this was 
always uninvested and always "carried 
in the company's bank account, .mixed 
with Us own money, and ofteni If not 
always, dealt with as if it were Its 
own money. 

4, The fact of the inisapjjropriatlon 
of trtist and other sccuritlea) ■> TWa ap- 
pears to have been u vain tittempt to 
save the situation, and has been most 
noticeable during the few months prior 

to liquidation. ^ The inability of the 
company to hand over trust funds when 
demanded rendered the situation acute. 

5. To sum up th€ situation, the com- 
pany seema to hav« done most things 
that a tntat company should not do. 
and this company had no power to do, 
and few things that a trust company 
should do. 

Mr. Drayton estimates that the assets 
will realize |!)"0,715.07, against a book 
valuo of $5,752,232. and expects the 
liabilities to rank at $3,000,000. 

rralrhta Committee )Lodf • Protest With 

Sallway Oommlsaloners re Cbasrs 

la XUad rrelffht rrlTllefes 

Therp will be a meeting this morning 
at 11 o'clock of the trade, commerce and 
tranfiportatlon committee of the Doard 
of Trade to consider .several matters of 
Importance referred from the council. 

The freights committee of the board 
met yesterday and drafteil a very 
Htfong againKi the proposal of 
llie Canadian railway companies to 
make changes in clasHlflcation, which, 
If 1 ari'lfid out. will tend to neceswitate 
till- .slilpplng of many good.i In less than 
carload lots, thUH causing a consider- 
able Increase in the cost of commodities 
to the con.sunicr. 11 i.s the opinion of 
the Board of Tradc'.s committee that 
the present Is a particularly Inoppor- 
tune time to make any increase in tlK- 
cost of living. A lettergram was pre- 
pared, embodying views, of strong 
protest against the making of any 
change. Tho necessity ^r lelegrapli- 
Ing arose from word h^2l«g been re- 
ceived that tlie commi.ssloners would 
.sit In Ottawa today to consider this 
case. Encouragement is lent the board 
In their action by the fact that they 
have learnt that similar protests will 
be lodged from other distributing cen- 





Municipal Voters' List Requires 
but Few Minor Changes — 
Departmental Estimates Will 
Soon Be Considered, 

Colonel Tracey and Mr. W, G, 
Chase, Prominent Engineers, 
Approved by Court — Will 
Assist Trial Judge. 

As the result of argument before a 
judge of the Supreme Court at Van- 
couver yesterday morning the two as- 
sessors who will .assist tho trial judge 
at the hearing of the action of tlie 
VVeslliolme Lumber Company against 
the City of Victoria were appointed in 
tiie persons of Colonel Tracey, formerly 
city engineer of Vancouver and now in 
private practice "fas a consulting en- 
.gineer, and Mr. W. G. Chase, chief cn- 
j?lneor of the Greater Winnipeg water 
works sciieme now under way at the 
Prairie capital. These two gentlemen 
were .selected by the court from among 
a lenglliy of names <>f engineers 
submitted l)y both parties to the action. 
Wliether they will act lias yet to be 
ascertained, but if they accept the ap- 
pointments the work will be in the 
hands of men who stand very high in 
their profession in Canada. 

The application was made on behalf 
of the city by Mr. W. A. B. Ritchie, 
i K. C., of Vancouver, who has been re- 
! tnined by the city a.« counsel in the ac- 
; tinn. wliich will comnience here on Jan- 
uar>- fi. Tiie VVestholme Lumber f'om- 
i panv was represented by Mi. i;. V. 
1 Bodwell, K. C. 

Recontl}- bofore Die Supremo •'curt at 
I Vanro'iver the application of th.3 plaln- 
; tiff company for a jury trial at Van- 
couver was argued and refused, the 
city's request for an order fixing tho 
trial at Victoria and before a judge be. 
ing granted. In that ruling tlio court 
decided that the trial judge should be 
assisted by two assessors, men of tech- 
nical training. ycstcrday'.s argument 
wa.s for the purpose of naniing tUc a.s- 

City lilngliieer Rust went to N'unoou. 
ver to bf! present during the hoarlng of 
the argumeni and returned to tho city 
last evening. He stated that the idea 
wa.o first to liave at least one local 
fUKlnocr appointed hh an assessor, but 
it WBH thought best to appoint two out- 


Otilnxiaan Bteal Cloth Trom K. Iiens'a 

■tore, Tates Street — Olaver Sohamera 

Ara Clarerly Trapped 

.lo Kcc, ami Sing, two glib-tongued 
' iiirnlal.s, appeared before the |)oIlce 
niaglstrntc yesterday to answer the 
charge of .shop-lifting. The former ad- 
mittod his guilt but the latter main- 
tained Ills innyc^noc to the lajst. He 
was a professional man, ho declared, 
following the line of music In the local co]nn1nnit^■. They had fallen 
too conipl<'tely Into a car^^fully laid 
tpnp, hownvor, to give hrlng a chanoe of 
piMHUadlng tlie court that he pos8es»ea 
the impeccable character he painted, 
TlU'y wore found guilty of entering the 
premises of M. bcnz, Yates Strict, and 
of carrying off a bolt of cloth. Three 
.x^ars in tho Provincial .jail was the 
penalty to both alike. 

Tho police believe that, in the cap- 
ture of Jo Kee and Sing, thoy have 
landed two men who have been preying 
on the stock of M. Lions for some time. 
Their mod«« operandi, apparently, waa 
thua: Choosing the noon hour because 
the ataff of attendants then waa re* 
duced, one would enter the atora and 
engage the clerk In looking at goods. 
While the lattar waa buay th« pur< 
■. haaer's companion would entar and 
stroll about. Eventually the flrat per> 
won would buy a pair of aooka, a few 
yards of f)ann«1ette, or some small ar- 
ticle. By the time the deal waa oom» 
ploted the second party would bara 
taken advantage of the opportunity to 
secrete a bolt of elotfa about hla cloth- 

Suspldana finally were arouaed and 
on TtMMtday arrang«m«nt« were made 
for ttw reception of tho vlaitorH. De* 
tectivea Heather and "Mina irtrt jppgtif 

The revision of the municipal voters' 
list this year developed none of tho 
excitement that prevailed when the 
sessions of the Court of Revision were 
held last year. Yesterday's proceeditigs 
before the court, composed of Mayor 
Stewart and Aldermen Porter aud DII- 
worth. proved an exceptionally tame 
affair and there were few complaints. 
There were a numbei' of cases of house- 
holders whose names arc on the list 
but who have not yet paid their VI loart 
tax, and an adjournment of the session 
was taken until next Monday to give 
those householders an opportunity to 
attend and show cause why their names 
.should not be struck from oft tlie list. 
Some duplicate names appear. 

The court instructed the city treas- 
urer to submit a statement sotting forth 
those agreement holders whose names 
are on the list, hut who have not yet 
paid their taxes for tiie year. )' 

Karly consideration by the Council of 
the estimates of expenditure for next 
year will be possible aa practically all 
de'partmrnls have compiled their state- 
ments as recently requested by the 
(■■onncil. The figures have been based 
on a reduction of 25 per cent on the 
osilmates for the present year. Tlie 
chief statement still under process of 
compilation is that for the engineer's 
department, and this will be ready in a 
day or two. Next l^'riday t!ie estimates 
will be before the Council, when repre- 
sentatives of the recently organized 
Civic lietrenchment .\ssocIation will he 

City Treasurer Smltli will next Thurs- 
ilay offer for sale by auction three 
parcels of land acquired by the city 
under the expropriation proceedings in 
connection with the wi<iening of Pan- 
dora Avenue. When, sold the city will 
be In a position to close up the Assess- 
ment By-Law and levy against owners 
benefitted by the Improvement work. 

In a short time a by-law to regulate 
the erf-ctlon of huts, shacks and cabins 
will bo before the City Council. The 
Municipal .\ct gives the city power to 
regulate such premises where they can 
be shown to prpjudlcally ane<.'t the aa- 
.sossed valuation of adjoining properties, 
but the -city has so far not taken ad- 
vantage of this power. The proposed 
by-law will cover this defect, 

Tlie by-law amending existing regula- 
tions affecting the public market will 
soon be ready for consideration by tho 
Council. The new rnles as regards tho 
administration of the market and the 
fees to he chargetl for stall accommoda- 
tion will be fixed by the measure. 


Talented ▼Ictorlaaa IflU Coatrlbnte to 

XntertainiaaBt Vest Taaaday at 

]«ampaoa Straet ■olieol 

In the assembly room of the Lampson 
Street School on Tuesday, December 15, 
at 8;30 p.m., a special concert will be 
held tho proceeds of which will be de- 
voted to two distinct patriotic causes. 
.V part win go to the Belgian Relief 
Fund and the remainder will be devoted 
to the purchase of material for tho knit- 
ting of comforts for the soldiers at tho 
front. The latter work has been under 
taken hy the ladles of B^squlmalt. Among 
those who will assist In the entertain- 
ment are Mrs. Roy Troup, who In con- 
junction with Mrs. Baird and Messrs. 
I'avis and Mackenxie. will give Liwi 
Lehman's "In a Persian Garden" In 
costnmc. There will be patriotic songa 
and topical numbers by Mrs. R. H. 
Pooley, who will sing "Yotir King and 
Country N<>ed You."' anslsted by her 
smart regimental chorus. Miss Kath- 
leen Dunsmulr, whose absence In the 
last concert was so greatly regretted, 
will appear In two numbers, which will 
be her last appearance for some time, 
owing to her immediate departure for 
Bngland. Mlaa Phylla Davis, will also 
appear in two turna, in one of which 
ahe will be aaalsted by Mr. Horton. 
Other popular favorltea will he Mra. 
Robin Dunamulr and the Cadets. Tiekata 
are on aale at Hlbben'a Bookatore. Re- 
aerved fer fl.OO and unreaerved at SOe 
and 35c. 

VaaayleyaA at Voveato 

TORO.STO, Dec. 10.— It waa decided at 
a private conferanoe between the Board 
of Control and the Board of TrsAe yea- 
terday to petition tba Federal and Pro* 
vlhclal aovemmenta te approilrlata 
I190.00* «ftch toward* a, fund to »«y the 
unemplbred |1.M par day for. drilUac 
four hotira, and tkarabl^ rellWe OtgtrMw, 
Oenratatloiui of anampl«r«d d win a dl fit 
1^ oometfilas be dono hftve rooOAtlir 


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70€t YATES ST. 

Sale Prices! Sale Prices! 


Ctiristmas Presents and 
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if you have not yet chosen your Christmas present for your friend wliat could be nicer or 
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Bureau Scarfs, Table Covers, 
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Gent's Handkerchiefs. P u r e 
Linen Gent's Handkerchiefs, 
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Embroidered Pillow Cases, fine 
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Hemstitched Linen Towels, fine 
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Ladies' Hand Crochet Yokes, 

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Sheets. l-'inc Hemmed Sheets, 
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sheeting, in sizes 2 x 2'/., lYi, x 
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Bon Bon Crackers 

Table Decorations 
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Wc import large quantities of tiiese goods from the famous 
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Wilarf i— 1». 


|SSS 0*«Sl*« MrMt. TletOTla. 


The Brituh ColumbiR 

Old Country 

Pidblk School Boys* 


▲If «l« Wf aC BHUih. r«Ml* 
•■kMt* B*w ta Tknoouvar laluiO. 
B. Xim •*• raqiMatcd to ««BM«iuila*l« 
ik» i>ll«wiii)r isfermaUtn to ui* 
fcsrilMy ef a* AMael«tto»i <1) 
rnvm*, (i> VMMM MtfrcMk <l) «u 
»M«t Mi« «•*• «< rMt««M« tkw% 
<<> yvMWt MnvAtlMk A M»r t 
iM 'fer^taura •( tk« 
wOl ^ Mat to otmt «M 
\wf «ko la Mt str«Mly 
• SMMbar ttaw rt . It Is^ luv«« that 
■n Mar W»* •• *)>*t • eoa>si«u 
|««iril^ mt •!« »iiMla Mk*M boya 
M# ta I^MiMtrrM' lalsBd iii«r.b« ob< 
tslaet. OM mmibAfs wIm liwr* B*t 
«•■• »• AM r«4«Mta4 to noUfr th« 
tMMtorr •< Miy cIimis* t aSirtH, 
aA^nmm to tlM iMntonr. 



Orange Cream 

Are delicious. They are com- 
posed of a piece of fresh 
orange dipped in cream and 
the whole encased in choco- 
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Ir ^ . 

imnNE « CO. 

SW^frfV-'V.' <'■'."■ 



It H<r 

Help Tht 


.'4.->- ■!!f*l'''W!Pf*W*"^^ 


■•vlBff Ptaeoattanad — Thu nawlnx lur 
the itelKian IteUef Kun<l li«ld ul tlia 
VIctorU Club win ^JC (iitfcontlnued ilU 
after tlie liolutaya, witen due notice 
will bo given. 

Vo Xdrht Dlaplayad— Wuiit;, a Cliitia- 
mun, Ava« ariaiKiiPil in the ijolirt- (.'ourt 
yoslui'tliiy uccuattcl of ilrivlug u wajjou 
one lioui- ufti^r sunset without a lltrhi^ 
lie watt <unvi<:iocl and fined $!>■ 

Oonaoll OomailttoaB — in addition to 
the reiitilai' \v«ul(l.\' meatinK of the 
iiirfftM (.•ommli toe of the City Council 
ihia afternoon Iht-ri; will ho meetings 
of tho sewer-s coniinlttec and olectrlo 
lisht fomnUttei-. Utile busines.-s Is 
sclieilulcd for the .'itreei conrDUltiee. 

Doaatlon to Vutia^-Pi'lur to lixkiiiK 
Ills (lfi'H.rturfr for the Kast yesterday to 
•Tend hl.s liolidayH, Mr. S. Carmlchaol. 
K. I"., of AIontr«ul, a niombor of tha 
Indian L.audR Comtnisslon, forwarded to 
till! Prenilei- a chpiiu© for |100 to be 
donated to tUo fund for the rtjllef of the 

GruaUjr to Anlavala — Con vie ted of 
iruelty to arUniiilK by beating a 
be \vas drh'tng, .1. I'^wing, driver for a 
bakovy oonccrn. was fln^d $5 by Magln- 
trate Jay In the Ksquiinalt Police Court 
yesterday. Tbo action was brought by 
Inspector Hussell. of the Society for tljo 
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

Markat Say. — There Im no slaokenlngr 
in interest on the part of grower.? In 
the weekly market day. Today's mar- 
ket, will see all the stalls occupied and 
tiu) usual large and varied assortraont 
of produce offered for sale. Last night 
only two stalls were available and tbese 
will bo ciulckly taken this morning when 
tho growers arrive. 

Dacambar Baapbarriaa — Further evi- 
dence of the benignity of tho climate 
of Victoria and the fertility of her soU 
came to liand yesterday when ^r^ W. 
Kvans brought Into Tho ColonlsT^bffiiJia- 
several sprays of fresh ripe PRspberrles, 
whioh had been grown by him for Mr, 
MtThee at .1170. t^amma Street. Mr. 
lOvans also states that «t his own home 
he has now swect peaa no loss than nine 
Inches high from tho Kfound, 

TlotorlA !■ ravorad— Another illus- 
tration of Victoria's esc-eptlonal cllroato 

t . i funi l s l i r a ti y yust P nlay 's r cportB f To t it 
the meteorological bureau. At Halifax, 
N'. S., on the Atlantic seaboard, ^ho 
temperature of Thursday was 10 abovo 
zero. In Other words tho residents of 
that city experienced 28 degrees of 
float. Tho thermometer In Victoria, on 
the oth«r hand, only registered 35, there 
being but an exceedingly light frost. 

Await Appolntmenta — It is expected 
that by next week the various organiza- 
tions intcreatcd in relief work will have 
.selected their ropresontatlvcs to serve 
on the central committee decided upon 
at Wednesdays Joint meeting of mcm- 
ber,s of tho organization. As soon ua 
replies have been received by Mayor 
Stewart ho will summon a meeting of 
tho committee, when further steps to- 
ward.s i>entralizing tho work of relief 
will !>« lakon. 

"lCada-in-7ictorla" — An interesting 
departure in the •Made-ln- Victoria" 
movement is to bo found in tho manu- 
facture locally of wooden models of 
cannon, trolleys, exprcBs wag<«s, etc., 
as a contribution to the Oiristmaa 
trade. The aim of tho makers has been 
not only to make to sell, but to make to 
wear, and a high Mtandard of excoUeneo 
Is maintained throughojit. If sufficient 
Hupport i« given the enterprise will un- 
(Idiiiitedly he fxtonded. 

Old Country Mall— The British mall 
ha.s not come to hand wtlh its accus- 
tomed regularity recently. One was re- 
ceived early in the week, but it con- 
.sisted of only twenty-two bags of let- 
ters. It was overdue some day.s, and 
.-mother Is con.siderahly late. The local 
authorities are unable to offer any ex- 
planation, except that there may have 
been labor trouble. At any rate, they 
arc looking forward to receiving .another 
batch .shortly. 

Amount la Allowed — Judgment for 
♦ 20S.47 was allowed the Oriental Im- 
porting CO. against the Canadian Pa- 
cific Railway Co., by consent, In the 
County Court yesterday. The claim 
Was for the value of a oaso of silks 
which had boon delivered to the com- 
pany's Kmpross of India, but which 
had disappeared Ih some mysterious 
m.^nner while In transit. Mr. 'W. C. 
Jlorf.sby appeared for the plaintiffs, 
while Mr. Kdward C. Mayer acted for 
thr company. 

Chrlattnaa »oat— Xotwlthstanding the 
fact that a large (juantity of parcel 
post hu.s been sent i\v Victorians to tho 
local men serving with the CJanadian 
contingent at .Salisbury Plain, there ha.s 
not been as lieavy a. Christmas ni.'fh 
thi.s year as heretofore. This does not 
mean, it Is explained, that It was small, 
n kept tho staff hustling to get it away 
on time, but all now is en route to 
Great Britain. The last hags left yes- 
terday afternoon and, although they 
will not arrive before Chrl.sttnas Day, 
Ihey will re.Tch their destination during 
the season. 

Motor Car Oaaaa — A number of motor 
car owners wore before tho police 
magistrate ye.sterday to answer to a 
varitey of Infractions of the regula- 
tions. For exceeding tho speed limit 
one was flne<l $10. |5 was exacted from 
two others for allowln^r oars to stand 
on the streets without rear lights, and 
two charges of falllnft to stop at leawt 
tert feet behind a stationary street car 
wore remanded. The police are enforc- 
ing the rules and the law of the road 
with the utmost stringency of late, be- 
cause of the many complalnt.s which 
have been receh-ed from pedestrlan.<«. 

irork of Day M'uraary— The Victoria 
Day Nursery continues It.s valuable ser- 
vice to the working mothers of the city, 
no fewer than 372 attendances being re- 
corded for the past month. Gifts to- 
wards the work of the institution m-era 
gratefully received during November 
from the following: Mrs. Herman Rob- 
ertson, Mrs. .TamoH Dunsmulr, Mr*. Jay, 
Mrs. Emery, Mrs. Loewen, MIh.<i ffpenoor, 
Mra. Brown, Mrs. Bloor, Miss Cooter, 
Mrs. K. Hanson and the Girls' Realm 
N'eedlewnrk Guild. A kitchen table 
was kindly supplied by a friend. Other 
necessities are shoes for children from 
six to eight years of age, children's 
sweaters and Jerseys, and three oom- 
fortable chairs for the staff. Firewood 
is also very urgently needed at the 

OhUdyMl Aid Baport— The Chlldrcn'a 
Aid Society reported at their monthly 
inaetlnr that twenty-three children 
wara in, the hom«. Tha Juvenile Court 
made an order for one child ^to be 
plaeed In the care of tha tociaty, ana 
two more caaos are pendlnv, one con* 
cerninc a boy of ten yeara, and the 
other • babjr. Two caaea have come be- 
fore the court, and aaveral othera arc 
'toainff Inveatttatad owin* to reporta of 
injuatlc* »r orualty. The aoclety re- 
qtiaata oontribuilona from kind fri«nda 
of umlerflarinmtB tnd at4li«IUnt8 for 
^t% (Miwaen I and 1> rMnt of ag*' 
Tha foUowinc «lftt triira gratafttUy rt- 
eetTiM durinf tha i»Mt nhonth: A|>irf«« 
from Xl«a ToliatAb Mr. Orlat and Jdr. 
Xirtrhaia, And tiro 4bMa htod toi»«ia 
from (MO ^trM' llMtai tfiittd. 

JTiMrtleo af «k« »aaaa Mr. J. M. W. 

Tinling, nS Sltverton, waa appointed u. 
Juatioe of the pcuce at a meetlntf of the 
Provincial executive yeaterday morn- 
ing. Muuiotpal by-lawa. under the 
Milk Act, for the City of Now Weat- 
mlnater, were given formal approval 
and a <-(>n«tderable iiuantlly of routine 
departmental busltiess was transacted. 

!• iH;iiieii » i»t'iif\ uK-nt 1 unu wusunrlctiea 
.) i,-i»ii.-ruuy ijy iiiu iioiiHiioa oi ♦-.>U, ioi- 
uurueu oy vJaptalii 'froup, ua uenau of 
till; L". V. Jt., u» uvidenue oi; tnc coni- 
ijunj n appreciation oi tne work of ine 
(leliuriinvnt at itie recent tlru on Ijoaru 
Liiu rfifainslup Ollei- al llit inner 

»rfuu Hawtag MaoiUaa — Th«' sitwini; 
.i.tttinni', vci'.s- kiiioi.v yivyu lj> mo 
.aiiiiii;!''.''n4iiii «_^oiiniuli} , to bn ral'HcU 
III uiu ui. iiic JJelyiiiii .tkuilfi i- una, liaH 
iJLoii \>oii uy juitt. urejjoiy. I'ne iiuiii- 
ucn- 01 iiukuiti buid uuM liu, ac iwuniy- 
nve conts each, inakiiiii a total of 
♦ sU.ftt;, wuicn sum tiab occii ijiveii to 
-ur. 'lurry to aua to tuc lit-lglun Itellot 
1; unu. 

MUk Oompetmona— Tile Ji. C. Uulry- 
iiien'B ABMocittiion uru announcing 
Ijuiticulaib oi iiuiK aiiu cream coiiii)eti- 
uuns lo oe Held in cuimcctiou wiln iiiL-ir 
uniiutti meeting ui Saiicouvur on r'riuuy, 
juiiuury i'i, iiuiidsunie catih prUea uro 
ijtnng oriured and tne eonipetiilons are 
o^jcu to pruuuoers in BrUun Columbia. 
j:.iitrlfaa iiave to be sent to W. Klv*:, 
e.ijcretury 13. C. Oalryiuena Association, 
i."<3purtincni ot Agriculture, Victoria, 
ouiuru January 1. 

Xlmber iiniea — TUu total sales oi' 
timoer uuring tho month of >,<jvembvr, 
accoruliib' to a tjta,tc-m«;iit lasueu by the 
i^oteai jjranch of tut i'rovlncial Govern- 
ment, represented an ostlmateu valu« in 
oonuB and royaitie|a ot, yiZ,<i'^i.l'i, Thero 
were scaled lu all the dlotrlcia of tho 
Province . uO,/»p,tfl6 ft-tj* uf saW-lo*8. 
'304,a*+- IJt^oUtI fo^i,.,0!k, yolea a>«.d P««e3 
and 1»,652 curds giTttUwuy ties, ahlngiu 
DoltB and cord wood, lu addition, there 
wer« exported 6,IH3,31« iet»t of uaw- 
luga ana TL'.biU Itqcai loet of polca aud 

j»eifiRn XaUaf rund— An acceptably 
giiL hajs been received by inc managc- 

iiiunt f o nmnttL ' p \i i — t ti c P t it gtgn runcf 
committee from a prominent clti*en, Ic 
has taken the form of a large supply 
of holly. Conseauiintly' hottc* is giveij 
tnose who wish to procure thla desir- 
able evergreen for Chriatmaa uae that 
they may malie tb«lr purcha^ea at fhd 
committee's Fort Street quarters. Tho 
High School pupils also have con- 
tributed a large case of goods. Among 
the articles are caps, mittens, mufflers, 
etc, which haro been knitted by tliu 
students for the destitute of the In- 
vaded country. Tho Ganges preparatory 
school for boys also has done its part. 
As a result Of Its effort $11.50 has 
been received. This, it is explained by 
Mr. L. Q. Tolson, the principal, is tho 
income from a bazaar recently held at 
which waa sold articles made by tho 
boys for the purpose. This amount, 
by siieclal rc<iuest, has been forwarded 
with I ho request that It be devoted to 
the. relief of Belgian children requiring 

Siacuaaea Vroblema — ^ -There was a 
meeting of the ratepayers of Ward 3, 
South Saankh Municipality, on Tuesday 
night at Gordon Head, when an in- 
teresting address waa delivered by 
Councillor Williams, who announced 
his determination not to stand at tho 
forthcoming elections. He dealt with the 
difficulties which confronted the pres- 
ent administration when assuming of- 
llco In straightening out the district's 
affairs and putting its huainess on a 
sound and equitable basis. He thought 
that, in a general way, this had been 
accomplished. The Shelbourne Street 
extension and pavement scheme was 
deslt with in detail, the councillor ex- 
plaining the several alternative methods 
of meeting tl-.o com of the improvement. 
The whole cost might be levied on the 
street frontage, a portion might be 
raised In .such a way and tho munici- 
pality meet the rest, or one-flfth could 
bo levied against Slielbourno Street and 
four-fifths to a certain benefited area. 
I'crsonally, he favored the second plan, 
but the majority of the Council tliought 
the latter the most satisfactory. Ho 
pointed out some oj tbc diftlcnillcs In 
making; as.sessinents and otherwise ad- 
ministering a municipality of a mixed 
farming and residential population. Tho 
laws, he thoimlit, wouM have to lie 
amended to make the paths of those 
chargpfl with responslbilUy easier and 



•plandld ■em maallaad at Baoaat 

■aaaar— «erTloaa Oratafnlly 


The ladles. of St. .lohn'a Senloi; Guild 
desire to express their grate.'ul thanks 
to all those who in any way contrib- 
uted to the .succexK of the l''air of the 
Allies. Healdes those stall-holders 
whose namits weriB mentioned In Wed- 
nesday's Colonist, Mrs. Moon; at the 
French stall, Mr.s. Dcmere at tho Ru.s- 
slan stall, and Mesdames G. rtiirt and 
Penketh in the Japanese l"ti uarden 
rendered valuable aaslstance. 

The following ladies, in the national 
dress of the .Mlied countries, added 
materially to the general vffect, as 
well as oontrlhuling their <!iiota of 
service: Mrs. Parker Hlbhen. an 
"JJritannIa": Mlns Smith, as "Russia"; 
Miss Rldgway Wilson, as "l'>ance," 
and Miss M. Eberts. as "Belgium." 

The Fair was an unqualified success, 
socially and financially. At its close 
on Wednesday afternoon the various 
stalls were practically depleted of 
their #ttock-ln-trade. and the guild an- 
nounces that close on $350 proceeds 
were made* as a result of the enter- 


MclcDiOlofflo*! offlci'. ViiJlorlB, 11. C, ftl 
% p. m., Oficember Ui, 1!»M. 

The liftromcter In alinorninlly hl^U over 
tlilK rnn-lncc ami flue weattier U Ki>n*riil 
with morter«t« wlnilii on lh« CoBiit, while 
In CallfornlB heav.v ralnii have ouourred. 
Tho temprraturd r«mi»ln» iM-inn- «*ro In At- 
lln. Cariboo and acromi the Prairie Prov- 
Incca to ManltobA. 




Victoria, U. C 









Kamloopii , 



Kelaofi ..'•..,..,,♦> IB 


Itarkervllla .', 

— a 


Prtnns HUpcrt 



Atun ;..* 



Dawaon < 

— 1« 


OAlvaiy, Alta 



Wianlpag, Man. 

— % 


PortltUKl. Ore 



M.n rrancli-ao, cai. ,.,.,,,,.. 



port Arthur 



Teronte , 



Ottan^a ..,, ,., 



Montreal ., 



lit. Jehn .,,. 

14 ' 






Uaalmutn i,,** 

Minlmitnt . ..^ 

... 411 

... *» 

Avtrat* ..■ .^ .if,... 

...< II 

••nliiiia, • kaun. «l pMOOtoa. 

Fair Prices at 

Our l!9ew 

Cor. View «nd DottglM Su., 
and Cor. King« Rd and 
Douglas St. 

Bread, per loaf 5c 

Empreit Flour (Household) 
and tin Bakinjj Powder 

for » , . « $1.86 

Engluh Pickles 10c 

Smith's Catsup, per bot., 17c 

2 Tins Country Gentleman 

Com, reg-. 2 for 35c, 25c 

Peas, Bieans and Tomatoes, 

per tin 10c 

4 lbs. RoUed Wheat . . .25c 

5 lbs. Rolled OaU 25c 

4 lbs. Farina 25c 

3'V^ lbs. San Juan Cleanser 

for 10c 

1 Tin San Juan Clesmser 5c 
1 Tin Polly Prim Cleanser 

for 6c 

1 Tin Old Dutch Cleanser 9c 

Com Flakes 8c 

Molasses Snaps 8c 

Heinz Pork and Beans per 

_doz $1.25 

Rice, Tapioca, Sago, Split 

Peas and Beans, per lb. 6c 




Phones 1496 and 5405 

25% Off 


.Xiuitlicr .s|>loiuli<l value at our 
DISCOUNT S.\LE. Wc have 
a K<)od slock of ik'lightfiil pat- 
terns in tliis faninus China and 
wc arc getting rid of it at 
those prices. ROYAL 

CKristmas Gifts That 
Will Be Heirlooms 

U is hound to he appreciated 
by any of those •whom you 
wish to remember this season, 
and at the prices wc are 
inR diirinR (his sale, a piece of 
Royal Crown Derby is not loo 
expensive for almost any 


RcR. $4.00. Now »3.00 

Reg. ?5.00. Now ..... f 3.75 


Rey. $3.00. Now 1|J2.25 

Reg. .1:7,00. Now f5.80 

Rep. ?5,50. Now *4.15 


Reg. .$.1.75. Now f2.85 


3 Pieces 

RcR. $23,50. Now . . .f 17.T5 


Rc,^^. .$8,00. Now 1II6.00 


Reg. $14.00. Now ...f 10. 50 


Reg. .$.18.50, Now , . .f 28.85 

RcK. $10.50. Now . . . .f 7.90 

Visit the Store Today and 

W. H. Wilkerson 



Remember the 
Old Adage? 

"The way to a man's 
heart," etc. Feed him 
well and enjoy all the 
happiness you are enti- 
tled to. 

Popham*s Sodas 

Carry a fresh, crisp at- 
mosphere that is 


Popiiam Bros. 


Clay's Puddings 

From 78e 


All Sizes 


Any Size 

The Qay Quality 

Decorated Any Design 

Any Inscriptions in Gold or 







Ladies— Ask Your Grocer for 

"MOUNTAIN MtAND MCE" put up in neat 3 -lb. cotton sacks, price SS« 

Alto sold in bultc. 
"SEETA PATNA.'' a very fine quality of rice, sold in bulk at 3 lbs. 

ror . . • 2B« 

GROUND RICE AND RICE FLOUR in neat 4 -lb, cotton sacks, price 26c 




Electric Lamps in Solid Leather Case $4.50 

Extra stroll,^' batteries, and beautifully made. 
Pocket Raah Uffhts .... 75c Tubular FUuh LighU . $2.25 
Electric Lantemt $2.50 

CARTER & Mckenzie 


911 GOVERNMENT STREET, Hinton'a Old Stand. 

Pkon* 2244 



the Childrens 


Playing around In the damp snow, getting 
overheated and then cooling off quickly, it is 
nq wonder the youngsters catch cold often. 

NA-URU-CO 1 asteless 

Preparation of 

Cod Liver Oil 

helps them to recover quickly from the colds they have caught, 
and so effectively heals and strengthens throat and lungs that they 
can h)et^er resist future trouble. 

Na-Dru-Co Tasteless Preparation of Cod Liver Oil 
is a splendid tonic and ''builder-up" for weak and sickly 
children. It gives them better appetites, rosier cheeks, steadier 
nerves and more energy. It is the best combination you can find 
of Hypophosphites, Malt, Extract of Wild Cherry for Throat and 
Lungs, and Extract of Norwegian Cod Liver Oil so treated as to 
make it pleasant to the taste. 

In 50c. and $1 .00 bottles at your druggists. 304 


PHONE 1632 T. J. JACKMAN. Mfr. 

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Dcmorara. per Imp. Pint "3 

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Demerara, Flask SO 

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Jamaica, per Bottle 1.00 

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Jamaica, per Imp. aallon i.iJi 

1303 Goveminent St. Open till 11 p.m. 

We D«Uv«t 

^A,3»>»r»y ^ 

IF you are using an imitation and you don't believe 
that it is costing you more than the genuine Lea & 
iPerrins, try this : 

Order a bottle of LEA & PERKINS. Eat one meal 
with the imitation — eat the next with Lea & Perrins. 

See how much you have been missing. The genuine 
goes further and gives more satisfaction. 

It does cost more to buy — but costs much less to use. 

The wkite witlinf .• 


Im Ofitmal 


X. M. DmiV a Caafur* MmItmI, CaaaJiui AgMta. 




Bup Your 




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QRAPt^NUTI ' -'Mli 



Newton -AAmiMlk 

Ratei Quoted IwlJtM 

^m^^mp^'^-^'^t' ■ ■ 

.1, . ..: ■ \'\ 













Oiie j^fyMsr orjamiiI>^ 

with ThU Hatnprr • •I.M Box of SB Vomeatlc 
Cl(M» for fl.OO. 

U. ». "M> 


ClarH. (^'••< 

Quarto. »«.M 


Price $10.00 F.O.B. Victoria 

I Bottle If. B. FUM! Old Hicbland Ncotch n4ii«kr 

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I II«1IU' II. U. (berry, (tliiKvr or Oriinire Wlnr , . 

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I. Ml 

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Fammy Wine and Swrit Merchants. 








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Sale Prices on Everything in the Store 

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Ladies' Hand Embroidered Silk Kimonos, always sold at $9.00, 

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Sensible Xmas Gifts and tlie whole stock will be at Sale Prices, as well 
as Extra C^sh Discount of 

10%, 20%, 30% and 35% 


Children'* Chairs, from $1 .00 

Toy* from Japan. Prices from . . Sc 


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The Most Reasonably Priced Up-to-Datc Hotel in Victoria 

glluutpcl In llie heart of th<^ financial, buslnnsit .ind shipping district, and 
wItliiH easy access to railway depots, steamer ' landlnga and places of amuia- 

Fp«»p(jH WlhtW tornis to families and 

;>iislriesB ircntlftmen: 
Kooins, >t:).00 U|i, 
Jldiird, .1!7.<K> per ivcfk. 
tCnnm and Board, S40.00 per mnnth. 
rrlv.ito iriiin<'is( and tiiinqucts ananeed 

ijn short nulit It. 

Daily merchants' Iimoliean. 35c. 

Sunday eveninir tabic d'hote dinners 

arc ■\voll knoHU lor excellence, 50c. 
OBourders wanted. 

Free bus meets all trains and steamers. 

you require a specially 
atrong antiseptic Soap, 
ror instance, when mos- 
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tope troublesome, buy 


Carbolic Soap 

Use a lif;ht lather only; that is all 
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Your <^rustl;i^t srils it. 30 cents. 
.Made by F. C. CAtiiiKj •% Co., 
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J49, DorcheMerSt.West, Montrc»l. 

Dresacuttlns and DrcsRmaklnB Couraee 

tor Home or Prorcsslon. Hours bj 

Appointment. Indlrldual Tuition. 


4M Campbell BolIdlDB. 

Teachers trained and quallfl«<L 

MADA>IB UROHE. Priaeipal. 



The best on the market, at 
$25 per 1,000 ft. 


The only indestructible base 

for stucco. Us use will save 

you 30 per cent 

Full particulars from 

Balfour, Guthrie & Co. 

Victoria, B.C. 

The Best Part 
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f[ivfls SD exquiiite 
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frosting* and filling*. 

AiDd for flavoring nigar 
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for goodntSB and 


9#attMfe VrAa 

th-. r»r# Vwwiiidar, Mntlat, ii«i »♦• 
•uai«4 pvAlBtlo*. lit CaitafboU BttlMia*. 

Make It a 

Daily Habit 


Tea at 

The Tea KetUe 

Mis* Wooldridc* 

1.119 DoHglAs St. Opp. Vict*ito 

Run Down? 

It yoti have contracted a 

dull. Infltienza, or any 

other .similar trouble 


Will put it out of your 
system at once. 







At >. 7:30 and %:\% p.m. Matiases: 
II eants. Cvenlncs: Orchestra and bal- 
oony. IB cents; boxes, 10 cents. Batiu- 
day t shown at nl»ht. beglnnlnt t:lt. 


AKD coMrAirr 

In Porter Bmeraop Browne's sreat one- 
act comedy success. 

**In and Our 

ToEiilher with 

4M«nb r«Il«baa. 

wizard of makoup: B«4t 

. the 
Itrah « Bcltrah. 

In "The .Muolcttl Dalrj"; iMTty Comer, 
the Wajrse Trio, and the 


Sensational boondlnv acrobats, ten of 



Ttit Mila werywhar*. A feme tar your 

t«* aolvwa tlia labor qiMstioa, A aub* 

atastlal and laaMsurtv moat. 


Empress Hotel 

—A— • 


WIU be gtrcn on Friday, 


A spc«iiil diancr will toe Mrved 


R. W. Hammond Found Guilty 
of Appropriating Chinaman's 
Premium and Is Sentenced 
to Penitentiary, 

Ori<» year'b iinpriHoiiuiDnt wan the 
jtontt'iioe iiroriouiiced aitalniit R. \A'. Ham- 
mond, formci-ly the local reprt-seniailve 
oi' tht; K. C. Accidpnt &. Kmploj'dis' bla- 
bllity .\saurancc Companj-. who was con- 
victed by Judgre I.iampman yeaterday ot 
having failed to render an accountlnc of 
cortnitt fundn collected on behalf of thut 
concern. Immediately Hlo Honor made 
Ills jiidsnient Known Mr. Frank Hig- 
KJns, counsel for the accuaed, gave no- 
tice of hl.i Intention to apply for a stat- 
ed L-asi". He afterwards asserted that 
lie proposed taking the matter to the 
Court of .Appeal. 

The sppcifled charge Hain- 
iiioiid wflH that lie obtained |:J4 from 
\Vi-(nK .Suey, a Chinese resident of Cum- 
berlatid, for the company by which he 
was eniploj-ed and fraudulently con- 
verted it to his own use. The money, 
the informant stated, was obtained on 
March 14. Hammond denied the allc- 
Katlon In toto. He took the stand on 
hi.s own behalf and uald that the Bum 
had been turned in with other amounts. 
Everything he had collected had gone to 
the company. Ho had a personal claim the company and understood that 
the matter was being adjusted and It 
was while under the Impression that 
tills was being done that the action was 
launched against him. He explained his 
Inability to render an exact accounting 
of every sum which passed through his 
hands by the fact that he 'had' lowt his 
receipt book. _;<;' _ ' , 

Mr. W. H. Bullock-Webster, who acted 
for the Crown, called his witnesses In 

'i^mtTtT Til xiicrc nnv vtuhk uii^y 

who testified that he had given the ac- 
cused the $24. Then Mr. Harold R. 
Thomas, the company's secretary- treasu- 
rer, was sworn. He gave an outline of 
the HysCem under which Hammon'd and 
Mr. R. H. Duco worked la conducting 
the Vancouver Island agency. Xo |24 
amount had come to hand from AVong 
tSuey. _ To Mr, Hlffglns on crose-exanii- 
natlon It was admitted by Mr. Thomas 
that Hammond had wiitten last October 
aHking- for a statfinent of what he owed 
tin; company and asserting that he had 
lo.>(t a receipt book and was unable to 
trace all he had collected. No state- 
ment had been supplied. Mr. Duce tes- 
tified to the sums received from Ham- 
mond in March and April and what had 
been deposited to the company'.^ credit. 
He Maid thnt jranimond. on returning 
from up the I.slnnd said tluit he thotiglit 
he had collected from a Chinaman, but 
could not remember the name. Mr. D. 
S. Fyfe, of Vancouver, who took charge 
of the company here for a time, also 
had been asked by Hammond for a statc- 
mrnt but hart refused coiLsiderins: that 
it was the latter's place to furnish 
the company with such a document. 

An account of liis trip up the Island 
was given by Hammond in the coursa 
oC his examination. He had made a 
tour of camps and towns and had col- 
lested about |I77 durins the tour. In 
the course of hi.": travels he had lost 
lii.s receipt book and .so was unable to 
y.\\c. an exact account of thosi; from 
wliom the money was received. He had 
sent down two amounts of ITS each, 
andr*on his return, told Mr. Duce that 
he thought he had pot something from a 
Chinaman whose name he could not re- 


Kncta Oood Work Alroady Oona bj Vew 

OrfanliatloB — Waod of rnal 

aa4 Boot* 

.\ meeting of the .Saanlch Friendly 
Help was held on December 8 at Orlmm'a 
House, Bole8kln<' Itoad. There was a full 
attendance with the president, Mrs. 
Kbcrts In the chair. 

It was reported that ^roccrie.i, vege- 
tablrs and clothing were being freely 
given but that buots and shoep were 
liadly needed, enpetilally for children. 
Xot more than JlOO In cash was received 
during Xovernber. 

Much good work has been done and 
many .xerloiis cases relieved, but with 
the advent of cold weather, fuel will 
have to be provided. 

As far as possible Christmas ijamp- 
ers will be given to families In want, 
and donations on theac lines will bo 
gratefully received. 

The society's rooms at (5rimm's House 
are open every Tuesday and Friday 
afternoon from 1 to ^ and members 
will be present to receive contribtitlons 
and td distribute provisions and cloth- 
ing. Casli contributions may be sent 
to the secretary-treaanrer, Miss Aston, 
May wood P. O., telephone No. 236X1. 

The committee wish to acknowledge 
most gratefully the following gifts: 
Cash — Mrs. Agnew, Mrs. J. Todd, Mrs. 
McHardle, Mr.««. J. C. Roper, Mrs. Bullen, 
Mrs. r. Peml>erton. .Mre. Dickson, an- 
onymous and the Ijikc Hill Women's 
Institute, who gave the proceeds of 
a concert amounting to IS4.00. 

Orocerlca. vegetables and clothing, 
etc. — Mrs. Borden, Mrs. T. Todd, Mrs. 
Clarke, Mrs, Barnard. The Women's 
Institute, tiordon Head, Mrs. Burgess, 
Mrs. Hlbben, Mrs. McGregor, Mrs. Lis- 
ter, Mrs. Thoin, Mrs. Charles, Mrs. Poi- 
son, Miss Lucas, Mrs. Vaughn. Mrs. 
Sherwood, Mrs. GlIHe. Mrs. Head. Miss 
Orwin. Mrs. Cunningham, Mr. Samuel 



raaalMt Skatoli xror atartd tx Ballfht. 

iar Btr Aa«l«a«M at Vaatai'M 

Thcatro Thta W«i«k 

•In and Out," the laugh-provoking 
sketch which Is featuring this week'a 
excellent show at the Pantagen 'thea- 
tre, has proved rtne of the most potilar 
turns ever seen on a vaud«vil1e ntag« In 
this city. Victoria is not unique, how- 
ever, In discovering the riohneos of the 
comedy vein In Porter Rmerson 
Browne's playlet, for already the pa« 
trona of the highest prieed vaudevtUa 
houses In America have accorded It 
the unanimouH verdict of being th« 
funnl«at on«-aot farce ever put befora 
them. Walter B. Howe, the oomedlaii 
who fs playing the chief part In this 
city, fully realises the posslMUtlas of 
the sketch and Is making much of his 

JoMkpb Callahan's clever oharacteriaa* 
tl<>]is of great m«n of the paat and pres- 
ent are ata* pratrlag highly entartatn- 
Ing to the big audlcneea. The marvalr 
luua aorohatio work of the Boaomor 
Araba and th« ainflag of Larry Comar 
arc other outataMtng features of a 
atrong progrMiaMii. .^^ 

apencer. Mrs. Taylor, lira, P. Buraa, 
Mrs. N. XX Bhaw. Ulaa Aaton also anp* 
plied several' famlUea with boots during 



Wew reanua of rtlai llayara at Vayalar 

Tksatia Attraata &arga 


There was a good attendance at tha 
Hoyat Victoria. Theatra . laat evening, 
and It goes without eaylng that those 
who witnee>Bed the performance were 
more than pleased with the aeries of 
pictures shown. Mary Flokford. one of 
the most popular moving picture stars, 
again illustrated the fact that she Is 
on* of the most versatile actresses now 
appearing befora the moving plctura 

The story as told by the ftlm, "The 
Eagle's Nest." Includes tragedy, com- 
edy and pathos that will be bound to 
suit ail tastes. It Is a tale of the Vir- 
ginia Mountains, and anybody who has 
read or Bti^n any plays knows what tha 
posalbilltlea are for turning out a life 
picture In that part of the world. In 
future there will only be three per- 
formaiiuts a ilay, the matlnoo oommejic- 
Ing at 3. and the two evening perform- 
ances at 7;,10 and 9. 

The new ei|uipmoni Installed for this 
popular form of amusement is now 
running In i)erfect order and the pic- 
tures can be^ seen from ,iny seat in the 
house, in I'nci tlie manuKemeni of the 
Koyal Victoria Theatre has decided to 
nil In all the vacant time that has not 
been taken by the road or theatrical 
attractions. A last word should be said 
and that is the pictures are excellent 
and well worthy of a visit. 


Society Kakss Arrangements for Oao- 

oratlon of Hospital During the 

Christmas Season 

A special meeting of the Daughters 
of Pity took place on '.Vodneeday 
afternoon at the residence of Miss 
Lovell. tWe president of the ovder. The 
chief business was the discuaelon of 

nounced in connection with this that 
the decoration of the Jubilee Hospital 
would take place on December 23. All 
members of the .society are asked for 
their help. The usual toys, bonbons 
11 nd small gifts for the hospital will 
also be gratefully received. 

Prellmlimry arrangements were dis- 
cussed for the annual ball, which tlie 
Daughters of Pity will hold en .Tanu- 
ary S In the .Mexandra ballroom. This 
win bo arranged on the usual lines — 
a children's dance from t to S o'clock, 
followed by the "grown-ups'" pro- 
gramme from ".) till 2. 

Owing to the fact that, by t.h« can- 
cellation of the Kali Fair, the society 
was unable to replenish it.*" ftuids by 
tlie usual tearoom, the public i« asked 
to fflvc generous support to the forth- 
coming bull, and so aid the society in 
its efforf.H to ameliorate the ." 
and sufftriUK of the little patients at 
the Jubilee Hospital. 


Oflleara Xlaeted for Tear — rrogramme 

for OeaeraX Xeetlng of TaacouTsr 

aad Tlotorta Braaobaa 

The Victoria branch ot the Canadian 
.Society of Civil ICnglnocra held their 
nnniial meeting on Wednesday evening 
at which officers were elected for the 
fn.sulng year. Mr. F. C. Gamble, chief 
enginfiM- in the F'rovinclal Department 
of Railway.^, on retiring from the chair 
.Tfter two years of office, made a grace- 
ful speech thanking the members for 
the honor done him by his election to 
the chair for two successive years and 
nlso for the support given the com- 
mittee In their efforts to advance the 
interests of the .tocicty. He also asked 
for an even greater and more earnf-st 
tiupport for his successor In office, and 
made an appeal for determined and un- 
selfish effort on behalf of the mem- 
bers of the branch to raise their pro- 
fession to the highest plane of Influ- 
ence and efficiency. 

He mentioned that in his opinion the 
aclh'ity of the members had not been 
so great as was desirable in preparing 
and reading papers at the monthly meet- 

The new officer? elected were as fol- 
lows: chairman. D. O. Dewlsh; Vlce- 
Chairman, H. W. Ebbs-Canavan 

Treasurer. Frank C. Green; Secretary, 
H. W. Mclntyre; Kxecutlve. A. W. R. 
Wilby and .K. E. Forman: Audlto^S, E. 
H. Harrison, H, A. Icke. 

Today and tomorrow the iireneral meet- 
ing of the Victoria and Vancouver 
branches \y. taking place. A paper will 
bo read this evening on harbor work by 
Mr. J. f*. MaoLaclilan. and on Satur- 
day morning at IO:;iO Mr. O. R. O. Con- 
way, chairman of the Vancouver branch 
and chief engineer of the B. C. Electric 
Rnilway Company will read a paper on 
"Legislation and the Engineering Pro- 

.•Saturday afternoon is set apart for a 
trip to Albert Head, while the meeting 
will be brought to an end with the an- 
nual banquet in the evening at the Em- 
press Hotel. 


Beath ef Mr. Oeorga DutaaU. Who Ar> 
rlTod Kara ta IWO 

One of the few rema»fltng members 
of the rapidly-dwindling band of Hud- 
son'.'^ Bay pioneers has jupt passed 
away at St. JD«eph's Hospital In the 
person of Mr. George Dutnoll, who for 
many years, since his retirement from 
the company, has been a resident of 
Albert Head, where he had a farm. He 
is survived by a daughter. Mrs. 
Battersby, of Cralgf lower Road: a sis- 
ter, Mr*. Woodger, residing at Seven- 
oaks; and thre» grandsons. The fun- 
eral will lake place on Monday, the 
Rev. Robert Conncll offlciallnK. 

He was born at SevenoaVe, Kent, 
England, January 30. 1830, and at- 
rived here In March, 1830. For a Ume 
after his arrival at Victoria he was a 
member of the crew of Ihe fanwtJ# oM 
steajnship Beaver, the first ateamship 
to ply the •waters of the Pacific Ocean. 
After a long and honorable career In 
the services of tha Hudson's Bay Com- 
pany, during Which period be made 
many interesting voyages In the Beaver 
on trading expeditions with the Xortb- 
ern Indians, ha aaeured some acreage 
at Albert Head, where he eatabliabed a 
farm and soon becatae eae of the moat 
respected resldenta of the dlatrlet. 

„ 1^ „i, I - • i„ II — — I Hit 

Italtan flblolata Asatst Band— Tha fol- 
lowing are the maatera that will i« 
auDg by the aoloista of tha Xnvarlal 
Opera Co., aaslatlag the ruslllera' b*«d 
at the Pantagaa Theatre on ffnndar 
evening: MasoagnJ f"Vollo Wiw%*m 
tUiiitaa"). Mlwa 'Coyfnyj PB«tl«a«» 
("Yoatl la Otttbba"). Bifivr lltMttftO), 
diMt. Paeoin|i ("LA BohaMa," «a«imik 
flf*t Mi). If las Cov<anr aiHl "tm i ' ll v 


Case of Man Who Did Not 
Send East for Suit of 
Clothes Reveals Secret of 
Civic Self-help. 

SmlUi did something yesterJay which, 
if it tiecame the general practice 
amongst the people of Victoria, would 
apeedlly banish the hard times due to 
the war. Smith wanted a suit of 
clothes, and he had been Intending to 
order It from an IQastern department 
houae. But he didn't. .\nd the money 
etays in Victoria, thus helping the man 
who jwld the suit to pay the rent to 
the owner of the store, as well as keep 
his clerical staff going. Childishly 
simple? Of course, it is, but llie best 
of civic patriotism, noverthtl-.'ss. 

if everyone acted aimilarly, whether 
It be siloes, groceries, meat, clothing, 
furniture. Jewelry or wiiat not. what a 
difference would be noticeable In re- 
spect to commercinl ijondillong In Vic- 
toria: A little ^thoughtfulnesi^, a llttlo 
"horse sense," and In the twinkling of 
an eye the whole city could be lifted 
out of the slough of depression and 
business placed on ii solid and endur- 
ing basifi, People are doing it In other 
centres on the continent during the 
war. Shall Victorians show a lesser 
measure of patriotism to their own 

The movement tending to f..stabli8h a 
larger measure of civic self-help on 
the part of everyone In the commun- 
ity Is being endorsed with enthusiaem 
on all aides. Mayor Stewart, wpeaklng 
about the matter yesterday, faid: 

"If people during the last twenty 
years had shown a real desire to build 
up our local factories they would have 
made Victoria a manufacturing city by 
now, for 'Stimulation of manufacture 

then there would have been loss incon- 
venience to trade when financial condi- 
tions outside Victoria became unsettled. 
But there has In the past been too 
little local patriotism, and thn.'ic Indus- 
trice which have been created Kave 
grown amojis di.«cour«ging conditions. 
\ have already strongly supported the 
movement Initiated by the Victoria ami 
Island Development .\esoclatlon along 
somewhat similar line.«i to this one, 
which Included the Made-in-Vlctoria 
Exhibition, and ^^■hich all worked to aid 
local industrial development. 

"Valuable as nn asset, climate will 
not keep this city alive, and I ehall be 
only too pTc-uscd to see any movement 
alontf these lines receive the full sup- 
port of the public, as consumers, bn- 
cause it Is with the public, after all. 
that tlie .success of It lies. Tf the 
puldjc rei-ognUc.s ll.s duty — and it Ih a 
duty at this time — <t will check the 
outward flow of capital to the mail 
order housew. which i.s such a strain' on 
the commtinPty. Every dollar tscnt out 
•jf Victoria today is sent to build tip 
other indu.strie.'s which are needed here. 
E\'ery dollar spent in \'ictorla la cn- 
abllnsr the. merchant to pay hlf» Wiiy, 
t~ne manufacturer to pay his liibor and 
the artizan to maintain his independ- 


Companies Xaoorporated — Notice is 
given In thl.-^ work's issue of The B. C. 
Gazette that ccrtlflcates of incorporation 
have been granted to the following: 
The Cranmorc Development Co., with 
head offices at Victoria, and capitalized 
at $10,000; E. R. Tail Shingle Co., Ltd., 
Vancouver, |.)0,000: Jlan Sing Wo Com- 
pany. Vancouver, $5,000; Master Crafts 
Clothing Company, Vancouver. 110.000; 
North Rupert Investment Co., Lt<l., 
Vancouver, $800,000: Ridley Kennedy, 
Ltd., Now Westmlni.«5ter, 110.000; Star 
Brewing Co.. Ltd., Vancouver, $100,000. 


The funeral of Hugh G. Spry, 
death took place on December 1 will 
take place this afternoon at 1! o'clock 
from the .Sands Funeral Furnishing 

The funeral of Allen McDonald, whose 
death took place on Tuesday at the 
Royal Jubilee Hospital, will take place 
tills morning at 10:30 from tiic Sands 
Funeral Furnishing Companj''s cliapol. 

The funeral took place yesterday af- 
ternoon of Elizabeth Hart, widow of 
the late David Hart, at the Jewlsli 
Cemetery. Rabbi H. J. Elkln conducted 
the service. There was a large attend- 
ance, delegates being present from the 
Hebrew Ladles' Au.xiliary, Sisters of 
Rcbekah. I. O, O. F. and the Aged 
Ladles' Home Committee. The pall- 
tK'arers were tt-u follows: Messrs. W. 
Farquhar, A. Cleary (representing I. O. 
O. ?'. ), F. Lansbcrg, I. Lancaster, 1. M. 
Mndek and H. L. Salmon. 

On the lOlh Instant, at the Jubilee 
liospltoJ, occurred the death of Jon- 
athan Martin. He wajs 61 }-ears old, a 
native of Westmoreland, England. He 
hai' lived in this city and in Esquimau 
lor four years. He Ieave» a sister. 
Miss Hannah Martin. The funerol will 
take place Saturday. 2:30 p.m. Inter- 
ment at Rose Bay Cemetery. 

Births, Ma rriag es, Deaths 


CAnMK'HAEL— At, thfl Victorls Private 
Hospital, on the toth ln*t.. to the 
wife of .Vlrrcd Carmlchael. 19S2 SU Ann 
Street. Oak Flay, a son. 

_____ liiKD 

DL"TKAUL — On tu* !»th D'-cember, JHU, at 
81. Joseph's llosplla.!, neorge Imtnall. 
one of the •'ftrly pioneers or the Prov- 
ince, as«d S5 yearv, born at Sevenoaks, 
Kent. England. 

The funeral will take place on Monday, 
Dscember 14, at 2:30 p. m.. from the 
oba.p«t of tho It. C. Funeral Co.. 734 
Broushton Street, where service will be 
held. Interment In Ross Bar Cemetei-y. 
Friends will please accept this Intimation. 

MARTI.S — Thn deaih occurred of Jona- 
than Martin, at the Jubilee Hospital, 
■csd •14 years, native of Wnstmoreland, 
Bngiand, residing In Bs<:<ulm»it for four 

Funaral from Vletorla tJnderiakinn Par- 
lors, «aturdar. Dectuiber Vi, at ::J0 p.m. 
Interment la Horn , Hay Cemetrry. Friends 
please acoept thi s intimatio n. 

m'SRSTTT-'At Bt. Joaepta's KeepUal, en 
Deoember I, 1914, th* d«t»th took place «f 
Mrs. Margsiret Bv#r*tt, reiiot u( the 
laic Patrtok Everett, lately deceased, of 
KsaulmaK Read, a native of Cerk, Ire- 
iMid. a4(e4 aliout 10 yaanik><; 
Tba fumrai will take pliiie on Pt-tday 
aaemlag at $:(t e'cteok trom the Vinteria 
Uadertaklag Parlers. *Z4 JehnaeB Street. 
Mass will be said at St. Aad^eW's R. C. „ 
Cathedral at S VelOok. .Puaersi st K6«s,r 
Bay tMNrtde b«r late husband, Bev. Father 
Silver eCflelatlag, 

(Pertla ad, Ore., paper s please eopy,> 

Popular Conoarta-^Pofnilar eonoarta 
for the people are being held In the 
hall of the canaaiurht Beamen'a taatl- 
tuU, Suporior «tr«et, every llatardiKr 
e^'geiag, at lilt. Ths Bt, ,A"<'>'*^* 
preafertertan ClirlstUm ItaiAMVW ■•• 
ti«*iy la j»r*tniln« tjke Vf0$mf$!*. Mur 

I*. ■ , AdWtsMiM i» aHiiMs.' : •; ' '.^.JV, :,.V ■ '■ ■ , 

Don't Walt— Hurry Up— Join This 
Week Fletcher Bros'. 


You need not wait for Christmas to take ad- 
vantage of the splendid opportunities of this new 
Grafonola Club. Join this week and enjoy the 
use of your Grafonola right away, 


Simply call at out store any day this week. We are 
open daily until six o'clock and also on Saturday even- 
ing. II' you cannot find time to call, drop us a post card 
or telephone to No. 885, Full particulars and copies 
of catalogues will be given you without obligating you 

in the least. 

Some of the Columhias You Can 

Select, and Easy Terms 

Open to You 

Below are given a few of the Grafonolas open to you 
to select as a member of the PiOME CIRGLE, These 
are only A FEW of the many types. You can choose 
any instrument in the entire catalogue on equally ad- 
vantageoas terms. 



A real Columbia in every 
sense, and your choice 
of 3,000, ' 
Records to a total of six, 

Only $25 

At $5.00 a Month 


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record, and your clioice 
of 3,000 'Double-Disc 
Records to a total of six, 

Only $50 

At $5 a Month 


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ways popular, and your 
choice of 3,000 Double- 
Disc Records to a total of 
Only $37.50 
At $5.00 a Month 



A Columbia with millions 
of friends, and your choice 
of 3,000 Double-Disc 
Records to a total of six, 

Only $75 

At $5 a Month 

Advantages Our Members Enioy 

PRICES — You secure the instrument you select at the regu- 
lar catalodfucd CASH price. , 

NO INTEREST OR EXTRAS— No interest or extras of 
,iny nature ,irc added to tlic C.-\SH price, which is usual 
wlieii instruments arc piircliascd on the instalment plan. 


records are only sold for cash. Now we will include 
records with tlic instrument as part of the outfit. 

EXCHANGE— Every member of the HOME CIRCLE has 
the privilege of exchanering his instrument for atiother 
of a MORK or LESS expensive clas.s at any time 
WITHIN ONE YE.A.R of the date of purchase. 

GUARANTEE — Hvcry instrument is fully guaranteed by 
the manufacturer for one year. This guarantee cover* 
the spring? as well as any other part of the instrument 
when breakage is not due to rough or careless handling. 
The Columbia Graphophone Co. i.s the only talking 
machine firm making such a sweeping guarantee. 

Don't Delay— Decide Today 


1231 GoTcmment Street 


yieM% B,C. 



Could you desire for general 

domestic purposes other th^n 



NUT S^To. 


None better 'for stove use. 
Beats your hif h-priced cord- 
wood and wet mlUwood. 

Pocket Diaries 

FOR 1915 

Books of Views 

Fr«m 40e lo^fl JO 






7^ '< > ' 




-- ... i,'- 



Why. of course you are; that fact emphasizes llie im- 
portance of buying clothes which are designed especially 
to meet the requirements of your personality. Make it 
a point to pay a visit to our great 

Clearance Sale 

= Today = 

Whether you want strictly high-gr.adc garments or simply 
"knock-about" garments pos.sessing correct style and 
tailoring, you win find them here. The latest trend of 
fashion is correctly mirrored in our showing of Suits. 
Coats, Dresses and Rain Coats for ladies and Misses, and 
as for our prices every woman in Victoria knows that de- 
pendable goods cannot be bought at lower prices than we 
quote. Everything in our stock is reduced from 

Half to One-Third Off Reg. Values 

Ladles' Sample Suit House 

1208 GOVERNMENT ST. (Upstairs) 

Phone 1901 



Christmas gifts that one can use 
That's the kind I always use — 
And in this class (you surely know) 
Electric household helps must go, 
Neat and clean as silver plate, 
Cheap to buy and operate — 
Here's the moral of my rhyme: 
Electric gifts this Christmas time. 
A splendid assortment of appliances to select from 
at any Electrical store In the cUy. 

■" show 

B. C. Electric 


Lamp Sales 

Telephone 123 


SCHOLARSHIPS. — Two scholarships arc 
available — one for boys under twelve years on 
entering, and one for boys under fifteen years 
attending the school. 


WARDEN — R. V. Hirvey, Esq., M.A. (CinUb.) 
HEADMASTER — J. C. Barnacle. Esq. (London Univ.) 
For pirticulars and prospectus apply to the Headmaster. 

Just Arrived 

A large shipment of Crosse & 

Blackwell goods direct from tiie 

Old Country. 

C. &. B. GOODS 

7-lb. Tint Scotch Oatmeal, 

each 75r 

Norwegian Sardines, in Oil. 

c«ch 15^ 

I>lb. Tins Grd. Sw. Almonda, 

each T6<> 

J^-lb. Tin Grd. Sw. Almonda, 

each 40r 

Pistachio Kernels, per lb. fa.OO 
I'lb. Tin Mulligatawny Soap. 

each 35^ 

J -lb. Tins Soup, Hare, Grouse. 

Game, each 40<> 

Black Leicester Muahrooini, V^s, 

each 864^ 

Pressed China Ginger, U, 

each 50^ 

Calvesfeet Jeily. pts., each, 35^ 
Cryst. Cherries, J/Js, each, 50^ 
Candied Mixed Peel, Is, lb., SS^ 
West India Tamarinds, half 

pints 25^ 

Browning for Gravies, rep. 

quarter pts 2B< 

Shrimp Sauce, rep. pts. ...60^ 
liCint Sauce, rep. half pts. 26<^ 
Orated Parmesan, rep. quarter 

pts 26<» 

Svted Almonds, 2^-oz. bottle 

for 30<i 

Salted Almondl, 5-oz, bottle 

for ...504i 

Cryat. Ginger Chips, lb. ... 40^ 

t. St P. Sauce, large €a< 

Pried Mi«:td Herbs, sqr. bot- 

tics «••*■••*•«•■ •«■•« •«« .^o^ 


Grocery Co., Ltd. 


PImom 28, S8, 1761 

Fre^iMlik IMiveriM to All Parte 
of City 



TOHOXTO, Ont., Doc. lO.— The an> 
nvkA meetlnv of Um Ontaxiu Rugby 
FoOtfMlI Union will bo held Saturday, 
(Ml* tlM iHislnon to come before th« 
'-''n. fffifMklg Ineludeo the union'* reply to 
\ptmuml 9f9Mmiim$ Uwttuu* «• up, 
it$. lt« 4««t«t«<l tn *>>• «iM«ipionahlp 
«lvM(L WhtoVar If tovaUk ro«>onslbl«, 
wlMtiLtf tii«t«)«iMl #r 4>1»^ ^tti U M* atttUd. tk la mtortod that 
f^ffwMM )m *••• totwrtM to 
the auto*, iwt mlii Bot >• aioctoUA, 
M^ t^^to ■Ii* Mil «Mi <»% «iAM wiU 

.tM •Iftdr MM* M* rtU 

«f kM WMJw;- M tut aa th* 



•Ml 1* eon c swwi. 

, ^IkMti 

Ins i'lul> claimed t}u>y should first 
play Hamilton and that the executive 
of tlve O. R. F. TJ. oxceeJeU ;t^ autliar- 
Ity In arranging lUa Kanu- ' between 
Ai'HOa iinil Hamilton. An injunction 
against the same was refviseJ. 

Woici^ Ocal' 

•Y Mara A Laws 


Ttaa tniimMi of Ttrmond* 

The grovMng .spire« have lost tlie sky, 

That reach from Termonde town; 
There arc no bcUs to travel hy, 

The minster ihimea are clown. 
It's forth we must, alone, alone. 

AnU try to find the way; 
The bells that we Imvc alway.s known. 

War broke their hearts today. 

They used to call the morning 

Along the glided street. 
And then their rhymes were laughter, 

And all their notes were sweet. 

I heard them stumble down the air 

Like Moraphim betrayed; 
God must have heard their broken 

That made my aoul afraid. 
The Termonde bells are gone, are gone, 

And what is left to sayT 
It's forth we must, by bitter dawn, 

To try to find the way. 

Tn cy wwa t n c an th p ctilUren 

To go to sleep al night; 
And llien their aonjso wore tender 

.Vnd drowsy with delight 

The wind will look for them In vain 

Within the empty tower. 
We shall not hear them sing again 

At dawn or twilight hour. 
It's forth we must, away, away. 

And far from Termonde town. 
But this is all 1 know today— 

The chimes, the chimes are down. 

They used to ring at evening 
To help the people pray. 

Who wander now bewildered 
And cannot find the way, 

— Grace Hazard Conkling, In The De- 
cember Atlantic, 


("fi plain \V. A. C. Thomson, of tho 
.SeafLvrtli JUghliindor.i. who dispatches 
fra." Iia.s hc.^n wounded in tho lighting 
in Kuri.p.!. is a brother of Mr. U. U. 
I'.'ionvscni, M. P. T*. 

A marriage took place at Osoyoos; 
k'. C, on December 2, between Miss 
Ciladys Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. 
LeiiUe Hill, of Osoyoos lUinch. ami Mr. 
.1, J. C, aecond son of Mr. .1. J. 
C. Kernau, of West Dulwich. London. 
KnBland. The Hev. .1. ,\. Clcland per- 
formed the ceremony. 


ICnianu EI — Congregation Kmanu K); 
.services, g p. m. ; 'Slang in Kvery-Day 
Lsnguage." liabb!, Holman ,1. Klkln, 

IJoy Scouts — 5th Troop, senior Boy 
Hc«ut8 will meet tonight at t):46. 
Sr^nioj ni-embcrs must be on parade in 
at. .Johns school room sharp on tlnip 
in full uniform. The whole troop will 
paradft at Quadra and Fort on Saturday 
at 2:30 p. m, for parade to Beacon Hill 
I'ark. All members of 5th Troop are 
requested to attend the Scout.s" Own on 
Sunday at 9; 45 a. ip. In St. .Tohn's 
school room, wh*n the Ven. Arch- 
ileaoon .Scrlvon will address the acouts. 
Uniform not to be worn. 

Fifth iteglment Cunoert — For Sunday 
evening next, which will be military 
nljfht at the Royal Victoria Th<i*tre, 
ilundmaater W. J. .Smith has arranged 
a too4 prograinmo of patriotic and 
oreratlc selections, and with four aolo- 
lata, It should be a particularly attrac- 
tive concert. The assisting artists will 
be Mrs. Robin Dunamuir, Mr.s. P.. H. 
rooley, Mr. O. p. WaJson, and Mastpr 
W. Bolagno, the boy violinist. Mr. n. 
H. Hiroes win act aa accompanist. Doors 
open at 8:15; concert comnncncea at 

Subscription Pance — A private sub. 
•criptlon ball, in aid of the Belgian Ko- 
ll«f Fvnd wlU be given on the cvenins 
of Pecember 18, In the Alexandra ball- 
room by Mien Kathleen noberts. The 
tall will be under tho distinguished pa> 
tronage of Hla Honor tho Lieutenant- 
Uovorttor and Mra. Pateraon, and tha 
following ladlea hav* fttodly consentcMl 
to net aa chgperone: Meadajn^e Rlley, 
J P. Gordon, H. C. Hantniton, F, X. 
roulkea, H. J. Se^tt, F. ICoore. Klng^ 
ham, and A. B. TtTlor. A delightful 
ttuialcal programme will be supplied by 
Heaton'a oroh««tra. 

inrestora' Chance — An important ad- 
Vertla«m«nt appoara In another column, 
rnme ' Mnaloipal tfebontarea havo al- 
waya boon rM9gnla«l aa smong the 
Vary tieat poaalhle b(i(# and remunera* 
Hv* te n f <W »nta, btit ttt tho piMit there 
iMi* MMr M OMMtrttttllty for tM small 
knmm, V1i« Oqw VrMar Tr«»t Co.. 
If yiMtmit^. i«. however, «ew offeHn* 

{ttflft fiH'S p«r eent bonds, tasued by 
. yitt t' W lglgyatglgaittyat a ro«aoii«t»» 
IkreryoM Wlw u «aTlKr> •^•rr 
i *ni HvtfaaRo man who lifta 
««m« w K> buy aom« muniei' 
I* ^Mr ««M*> h«i now aik e»« 
«|iM*t«tt|ty, fW «k« interant 

.^^. i?5w? JSJteia .'^^^ 

Xiady Xenderaoa 

Since tbe war began Hying machines 
have proved their, efficiency. There 
have not. It is true, been many groat 
air battle.^, those territtc combats imag- 
ination led many people to expect, nor 
have thii bombs been as destructive on 
cities as the Oermans hoped. 

The Zcppolhiss are by no means, as 
accurate in their aim as Ihelr inventor 
liopeM. Tile droppin^t of bombs on de- 
fenceless women and children has 
rottsed such a storm of protest through- 
out the civilized world that even the 
Germans have not dariid to disregard it. 

Uut tho aeroplanes of all the warring 
nations have proved their value as 
scouts. It Is said that the inovrMnents 
of armies were never so well known to 
their adversaries. Sevural times tlve 
British alrnieii have attacked the ar- 
senals of tho enemy, or lia\c tried f(» 
destroy the stores of ammunition on 
the batilelleld.5. The raids on Dussel- 
dorf and on the Krupp works were such 
deeds of valor as knights of old would 
have gloried In. That they were not 
more successful was not the fault of 
the aviators. .So fai- British airmen 
have not made an unfair use of their 
powers, and it Is to be hopyj that what- 
ever reverses our foriie.K may be called 
upon to boar nr however great the 
triumph of our armies their branch of 
our service will conio through the war 
with an unstained record. 

It Is not to be wondered at that In 
Great Britain the sympathlos of many 
women would go out to the daring men 
who b|;ave the elements In order to do 
their country's bidding. They share 
witli soldier!" I'le risks I'rom sliot and 
shell and witli sailors tlio rlangers from 
wind nni.l wave, but to most of us there 
Is still a feelmg of mystery about those 
whci venture to ride tho air that begets 
admiration and calls forth sympathy. 

It was natural that at the outbreak 
of war an aid committt'e tn the Royal 
Flying Corps should have been formed 
for the purpose of supplying tiic men 
who must spend mvicli of their time 
"abovi- the clouds" wllli those things 
as would conduce to their comfort. The 
ntitural Iftjuler of such an organization 
was I.,ady Henderson, the wife of Sir 
D. Henderson, head of t!ie Royal Flying 
Corps at the front. 

Most wom"n will feel that .some form 
of activity was necessary to the lady 
who must remain at homo while her 
husband ran tho many risks whicli his 
position cOmanded of him. There .can 
be little doubt thnt from the people of 
fJreat Hrltain ample conlrll)utlons would 
be rpcelved to furnish tho little army 
of airmen with all that they need In 
addition to the Government supplies. 

OiTlaf Vreaenta 

Some people nro asking themselves 
whether they shall give Christmas 
presents this year as usual. For some 
tliti questlor) needs no answer. All that 
fht-r can sivo Is love and goodwill, and, 
Btler all. the»e are far bettor than tho 
ccetllest gifts. A lady of means re- 
BClved a few days ago that instead of 
sending presents to friends at a dls- 
t,/;nce, ahe would write to them and use 
Ihc money to buy warm clothing for 
aume of her poor neighbors' children. 

There le a great deal of good flense 
and good feeling In the following ex- 
tract from an article on thla aubjeot in 
The Toronto Star. It la & good thing 
foi' aome of ua older people to sit down 
quietly ijeforo the excitement of Chriat- 
niaa time i« here and think the wholo 
matter over. The^fltar aays: 

"Even if «oma of us older people have 
rea»An to r<!pro«tih oareelvM, why 
»l?euld w* puniah the kiddlea. telling 
th'^m. with long, frowning facea, that 
Chrlattnaa enjoyment muat be dimin- 
ished thla year? Why ahould they mak« 
thinfi harder (or thotM who manufao- 
ture or aell Chrlatmaa proaantaT 

''No doubt thoro haa baan Bonta un- 
wiaa it>«ndin« and giving tn prevloug 
yeara: but that la a raaaen for omn 
otaldf mora wladom, not for a auddan, 
P«nlcky Btoppage of hn ancient and 
honored praetlea. 

"And tiara t« aomathlng to ba ramem- 
berad: No m«t«ar<wh«t r«u m$-. you 
»tN> aul^ to ,%tnr CiirlPtsAii #r««ont« 
aoohor df »*t«r. «t^ tf . yon »r;a»u» aomif 
abdttr^ tlMMrtiiifon to tM off ymir Chrlat* 
fMa #vnik tMN^y fw *r$ iifuH u> tMNMb 

'I.-. .-k/t~A«um.l;BM« JiiiriiMiiAt' ;. VMbt -kttl'iM .'<ltMU> 

have a poorer choice, and add greatly to 
the troubles of the clerks. 

"What difference has the war made? 
\\'ell. It may have diminished the ro- 
.sourcea of some peopIf'','TinU given them 
Ics,* mnney to spend. Consequvrilly, In 
ycur Christmas giving, you should Ivear 
these people In inlnd, and try to make 
their Chrtstmas as merry as possible. 

"To necessary economy there is, of 
course, no objection. But there ought 
not to bo a sort of penitential or mourn- 
ful cutting off of expenditure. That 
will only make trouble for those who 
mave trouble enough. 

"And nobody ought to encourage the 
impression that Christmas as an Insti- 
tution is knocked out by the war The 
grand idea which Christmas eymboltzes 
will stand forever, and will grow from 
yeiftr to year. We should all go about 
In' a spirit of optlznlBm and of chaery 
defiance of every influence that Is ad- 
verse to the Christmas spirit." 

Care of I.lt1ile Ohlldren 

Oak Bay 

Eiti>t-Rooaia4l Modafn Hoiiao — 

Larg;<! reception hall, lull-sized 
basement, wash tubs, two lire- 
places, lot 4 5 X 120, two 
blocks from Oalt Bay car, for 
quick sale 13,900 

To Rent 

Oak Bay, Madison St. — 6-ruomed 
bungalow, furnished, ^a of an 
acre of land with tennis court, 
hot water heuting, hot and 
cold water basin in each bed- 
room, wash tubs, modern and 
well furnished $45.00 

Uplanda, Shore Rdl. — Facing Cad- 
boro Bay, eiglit-roomed house, 
hot water heating, modern and 
we'l furnished, owner will 
lease furnished or unfurnished 
at a moderate rental. 

Vancouver St. — Close to Fort St. 
ten-roomed house, furnished, 
coal and gas connections, 
Owner will give lease at a very 
moderate rent. 

Canadian Financiers 
Trust Company 

W. Q. ARNOLD, Manager 

606 View St. Phone 839 

Mothers of means are beginning to 
renlUe that it is necessary to have for 
nursemaids women ,oc refinement and 
ahlllty. At no lime In their lives are 
chlWron so sustceptlble to good or to 
bad Influences as In tho years generally 
spoken of as babyhood. 

It takes ntany months of careful 
training to overcome the harm that a 
coarse, vulgar girl does, without in- 
tending It, to a bright baby between a 
year and eighteen months old. 

I..lttle girls and boys have l>een so 
frightened by the silly stories of fool- 
ish "girls that a lifetime has not suf- 
ficed to strengthen the injured imagin- 
ation. A deceitful woman will hurt 
oytry little child with whom she comes 
In eontact during her term of service, 
even If she Is never found out. 

If children are easily injtired by those 
un lilted to take charge of them, the 
Influence for good of wholesome na- 
tures and roflnod manners Is: Incalcul- 
able. Hontst, truthful, generotis girls 
i;:ay bo .safely trusted with the little 
ones, uvon though they aro ignorant. 
But mothers and teachers will have 
niuch trouble in curing the children as 
they grow older of the expressions Jhi-y 
h.'ive learinil anil the habits they have 

Ilut when to good pilnclplcs, a .sound 
i-iituri", anil a loving heart arc added 
reflucmenl nnd education, the child Is 
furtunatc Indeed. 

In Great Britain there Is u niovcmnnt 
atnong the wealthy and high-born 
mothers to select ladles as nurses for 
ll.elr children, and the move.meiU^wlll | 
spread till evory mother who oninJ^n 
tlif ear<* of her littlu children to others ' 
w'll si-lect only a girl of high charac- : 
ler nnd f»f good education and will pay j 
hev a salary commensurate (if that lie . 
j possible) with hor worth. | 

It miiy matter little what kind of a 
wonuin cooks your dinner, so long as 
she knows how to cook. It does not 
mattor greatly who keeps your house in 
order. But it is cssenllal that the baby 
Is totolorly and wisely cared for. Xo 
o\prHlght can be so strict as to prevent 
barm being done If It be otherwise. 

For girls with a natural love for 
children no employment can be more 
coiigonlal tluin that of caring for them 
di;rlng tho year.s In which they iire most 
attractive and nioxi Innocent. When we 
nil come to understand that these lltllo 
ones are entitled to the best service good 
women can crlve them, there will be no 
lack of trained iiuraemalds \>y whatever 
name they may bo called. 

Staying at Kome 

The Travelers' Aid Department of the 
V. W. (J. A. advises girls to stay away 
from the city while employment fs 
scarce, and one of the Montreal papers 
niterates the warning In lt« Woman'* 

l','\'cryonc knows that many girls leave 
their homes each year who need not Co 
.^o. This Is true of city aa well an 
country girls. It is little use arguing 
nealnst this. There Is a, natural desire 
(11 the part of girls as well as of boys 
fdr Indipendrnce. 

Parents who want to keep their girls 
nt home shoul.j see In It, not only that 
thpy have duties to perform, but that 
they hive motiev of ih<>lr own to apend 
A" they wish. Many a girl Is unhappy 
who Is compelled to iisk her father for 
th«! money she needs, who would cheer- 
fi'lly make her expenditures fit a very 
small Income. 

In Canada. especially, few. even 
among the rich have formed the 
hnbit of making allowances to the 
dflughti^rs who assist tju-lr mothers In 
household duties. Fathers who are 
liberal enough when naked for money 
to buy dress or ornaments, forget that 
their women folk would ho far hnppler 
If they were not obliged to make euoh 

Vet It Is a minfortunc when a girl 
who could be usefully employed at home 
enters an already overcrowded labor 
market. To k«ep tho girls at home 
they must be made economically Inde- 

Oanadlan Hootora 

A hundred doctors, who have gone 
from Canada, have been sent to France 
to eatablteh a hospiUl i^ear the great 
forest of Hardclot. Some of theae are 
French Canadians, to whom the place 
has old aaaooiatlons from the tradition* 
handed down for generattone. These 
phyelclana and aurgeonR, whether of 
British or French extraction, will provo 
to the worM the vniue of the training 
raeelvod In Canadian unlveraltlea and 


AlinoVt avaiy nawapattOr from Winnie 
peir to Mallfasla waging war agafnat 
tho aealltng up of the houaea during tho 
Winter. It la aOld that during the Win^ 
ter tub«reul08i« la making groat rav- 
age*, not beeauae of the roM, but b«< 
oauao of. the want or oxygen In tb« alf 
of the houbea. 

lu our tavorod oUmaito thiira la no 
n<<iHfl to c>M« tho wtndoWi at Might Of 
In tho daytlmo either, an lOng aa i»oot»ia. 
vMiMi M> old. ara mortBc abML. ••..It.'UM 


We invite you to our .store to 
see our magnificent display of 
matured Wedding Cakes and 
Ornaments, of which we h^ve 
the largest stock in British 


We know how to cater for 

"THat event you are thinking 
about, no matter if it be a dance, 
ball, dinner or supper. Leave 
it to us. You won't be disap- 





If Yo« G«l tt at PUMLEVS lt*« All Riflit 

Bicycle Lamps 

This is a aectional view of the wonderful 
New Solar Lamp, guaranteed to give 
satisfaction ,94-8B 

Carbide Lamps, ranging in price from 
$6.00 down to W.OO 

Electric Lamps, complete with bat- 
teries f a.TB 

Self- Generating Electric Lamps, $5.50. 

$6 50 and *7.50 

Oil Lamps from $1.00 to fa.OO 



697, 09S 


PHONE 4628 

*' Madame X" 


Only Matinee Saturday 
PHONE 4625 


Beaeoa XIU Vark, Tletorla, ■. C. 

Sulect l.llgh-Orade Day and Koard- 
Ing Collff.'ie for Boys 7 to 18 yeara. 
Hefinement of well-appointed gentle- 
man's homo !n lovely Beacon XflU 
Park. Number limited. Outdoor 

aportB. Prepared for bueinoss life 
or professional or university e.Kam- 
Inallona. Fees Inclusive and strictly 
moderate. A few vacancies at 

Autumn term, September 1. 193 4. 

Vrlnolpal, J. W. Church, M. ▲. 

Made in Victoria 

We cannot yet have tlic plea- 
."^urc of advertising many dry 
gf)od5 i«acic in Victoria, but 
many of our Hats for ladies 
and children are made in our 
own workroom. 

Will you let n.s sliow ihetn [n 

We Ii;ivc also mriiiy lines in 
Dresses, Coats, Suits, Sweaters, 
Turnbull's Underwear, Hosiery 
and Fancy Goods for Xmas that 


A special 10 per cent discount 
allowed on purchases by soldiers' 
WiVef during December. 


823-628 JOHNSON ST. 

Phone 4740 

Botwaaa Govarnment and Broad 

roomis are warm and the chlldr(>n well 
fiaf' and well fod, iherp is no need to 
*»:ut out tho o\italde nir. Indeed, tho 
morp time spont In- the open air tho 
bettar. We muat not forget that. Ilka 
on;- nrlghhors In the Kaat. we can only 
I. ope to bo immune from thl« acourga 
by falsing the priacautlons which artcncA .shown to be neccH.sary. The groat- 
t'ftt rnemlea of thp. tuborclc bacilli are 
Nunnhino and fr(^»h nlr. Xoxt to the»e 
i.-i nouriahing food. 

Jl would not be right to leave this 
subject without a reminder that It Is 
not «a«y for many peoplo tlils year to 
k;vo ailing children a« tnuch nourinh- 
mcnt aa they need. A very Bpecial ef- 
fort BhO'.iM be made on their behalf not 
only for their nakcs, but for that of the 

Tht> amaileat achool In England, If 
not In tho world, la that In .Vugton, 
where, although there are only flv© 
Iiupllo on the register, only two are at- 
tending tha aohool. A teacher Ih em- 
ployed for their bancflt, and apanda as 
much time on tl^em aa on a larger gath- 

No Trouble to Kmtp 

Sldn Froe From HtAn 

(The iMarn Beauty) 

There la nO' p«^ ^tor any woman to 
countenance auparflupua hatra, baoauae 
with a paata mad* by mlXtna soma pow- 
dered '>«latone with water It la easy to 
t«t xiA ot them- Tha iMata la applied for 
8 or a mioutea. than niblNHl ott aad tha 
atta waih«4. Tbfw ttcafunaDt will v\a 
ill* RMtt af IMtir witkatit laavlnc a Mem. 
i«h, hnt {0if tnttwfM IM taken va ej»e that 
. JTott . aetriart de Vl lWie.,;:.. 


A,L kerbsene IS not^alike^-^lhere"^ 
are many varying grades and 

Royalite is the registered trade name 
of The Imperial Oil Company's pure, 
high grade, extra refined kerosene. 
Wnen properly used it will not give 
any smoke or soot, and it is always 
absolutely uniform. 

The Imperial Oil Company is the larg- 
est refiner in Canada. Because of its 
extensive manufacturing resources and 
its system of delivering direct from the 
refinery to the store or the consumer, 
it can offer Royalite at a price which, 
considering the quality, is remarkably 

You can get Royalite everywhere — in 
villages as well as cities and towns. 
You can also get Rayo Lamps, and 
Perfection Heaters and Stoves, for 
which The Imperial Oil Company is 
general distributor. 

Royalite Oil plus the Rayo Lamp 
means a big light for litde money. 

Royalite Oil plus Perfection Heaters 
and Stoves means most heat at lowest 



\ Tereaio Meatrtal ^laaipcf Vuceavcr 

Ottawa Q«»b«c Calfsry EiMatea 

Halifax St. Jeka Rtgiaa Satkateoa 

j, AU» DUtrihmtint Statin* in all tomni thrmmghomt tke Domiaien 

Thiimdar. FrMar •■•I Saturday 
M.UIT rlCKFOHD la the llTe-Ke*! 



War Plrtorea aad ('oni*<I.T. 



7.3(1 II. TO. and fl p. m. 

Admindlon ISc. Hnierv^ :!iP. \>oifv» 

and Bone* -6c. 


ramoaa Actor WIU Portray Character 

of Oreat ■tatoBMaa at moyal 


Tho lengthy engftsements In New 
York. Hoflton and Chicago, which have 
prevf-nted the earlier appearance hert 
of iMr. George Arllaa an<l his English 
company In Loula N. I'arkcrH comedy, 
"Disraeli." to be «««" at the Royal 
Victoria Theatre on Thuraday, PHday 
and Saturday. Dacember 17, lf», 1», !■ 
eald to bo accounted for In the broad 
appeal of the play and Mr. Arllaa* 
peculiar charm and magnoUani In th» 
interpretation of Uie Victorian Prlm« 
Minlater. Benjamin DUraeli la. per* 
hapa, the moat intereatlna figure 0* 
modarn biotory, and Mr. ArlHw' Oltar* 
Mstarlaation haa bean conaldered ona «t 
the moat remartiabla ataga mtacpNti4 
tlona of the daoafla. Jn "OUfagir. Mr, 
Parker haa written a »1iy tM* tallg 
an abnorblng and koanly lnt#rMj^ll||. 
atory of love and political t|Btni««r 
woven about the domlnaAt abartiie<|*» o* 
the famou* ataiaaman. 

.,1. Il l » III ill 1 I IIM H IIII , ' , » y ^ ,1. .J 

Dnnoe on Friday— Cwrt I^JtW '.iwiatii./ 1 

A.fO. f., *rm »<va a^*a»ea:!»a^M^1gj5|| 
■acerit- Hall. »McMl ■■|it«!f«V:J*: 

Tell your 
you want 


rubbEjR heels 

RuMr HMb-wk fci "^ 

'j-r^'ti-'' '-si 

'■c.-'^ '^ 








Capitals Play Their First 
Hockey Match of 19 14-' 15 
Series ill Vancouver — N,H,A, 
to Open Early, 

• Tlic Vli-foila Limmpioii.s will KPt away 
on (he 1')H-'i: Pmirif Coast horkfj- 
•s<'rlee tonight at A'aiiccmi-er. Thi.s wlli 
ho the »te<;ona sanio ot' the scuson's 
xfriea and the rhampions ar>- picked to 
win. A!tho;:gh the Toriiiinals snrprfsod 
iorm-foliowers by their jfreut slaying 
l)i>werB Jn tlif opening mati-li at Port- 
lutid, it Is IhouKht that the chumplonB 
shoulcl have xomt- "light artvantaK*^ to- 
Jiitrht in respect of condition, ji,nil, kh 
it.r team play, if the Terminals .an 
shoij^ anythinK bette- at this atago than 
II f luealH have be«n showing In recent 
practices, then thoir chances for a 
( lianipionshlp are distinctly good. A 
iiiimbei- of N'ictorla supporters will ao 
over to Vancouver to take In the game. 

Vancouver's clean-cut victory over 
>'ortland was a varning that tte Frank 
I'dtrick agsregation must be fierloualy 
counted as a title-contestant, but there 
Is no doubt In tho minds of local fans 
that, if lucU breaks even, tho Capitals 
Jiave another championship in prospect. 
Victoria has now won the premier 
lienors in the Pacific Coast I^eague 
twice, and. by defeating Quebec In 
ISja-'lS, has once been supreme In the 
hockey world. 

Tho teams for tonight's matclT are as 
\ancouver. Positions. Victoria. 

iA-Uman goal Lindsay 

L'ook point Geng(> 

<!rltfis cover L. PHtrlclt 

'I'avlor rover .... Dtmderdale 

McKay centre Morris 

AlaUep right wing Poulin 

-Nighbor left wing Kerr 

Micky Ions ^nd Tommy Phillips will 
handlfi thfi gnmfi. 

MiJNTKB.M.. Dec. 10. — The playing 
.>»f.agon of the National Hockey Associa- 
tion will be opened a week earlier than 
the eoheUulv calls for, through the play- 
ing of two matches, one at Toronto and 
tho other at the local arena, the pro- 
ceeds of which win be donated to 
charity and ho.spltals in need of help. 
The matter was discussed at the sched- 
uietl meeting some weeks ago and left 
t.) President T. Kmmett Quinn to make 
linal arrangement.s. 

Arrangeniont.s have been completed 
for the champions and runners-up of a 
year 'ago to play all-star teams Satur- 
day, December 19. The Canadlens 
iMontroan will play a team chosen 
from Wanderci's (Montreal) and Quebec, 
while the champion Toronto.s will play 
a team composed from Ontario (To- 
ronto"*. The local receipts will be di- 
vided between Quebec and Montrt;al, and 
the Toronto receipts will be given to 
charities in Toronto and Ottawa. 

The maiiagement of the two arenas 
li«ve promifpd tho of the Ice free, 
while the playprs and officials liave all 
offered their Heryloea to help the cause 

tioldle Proi,lser.«<, formerly with the 
VJetoria Club, has been lent by Que"of-» 
to .the Wanderers for thi.s season and 
will, replace Art Ross on the defence. 

Pjfircy Lcsueur, who has ^een eoal- 
keeper I'or the Ottawa Hockey Club 
since the Spring of 1905, has applleil lor 
his release. The Ottawas will likely 
Sive it to him. 

▼ictorm "WeBt Teajoi 
Victoria West senior soccer 
teaiji for Saturday's match Is as fol- 

Turkey and 
Goose Shoot 

Will Be Held at 

DEC. 19 AND 20 

35 Gecsc, ^5 Turkey?, all aver- 
age from 10 to 12 lbs. each. 

All Sportsmen Invited 

u>\\h: nuD.rteon; Whyt.' and Bolton; 
.•^ifwurt. PeltlfM'ow and UkeM: Plump, 
PUkltiKlon, nine, .Shrrruti and Baker; 
ie*i'tveN, YouHon nnd I'lovost The 

kick-nff for llic scven-iuinut? r'lii.^ -«>'''' 
Ih Met for :;;.'J0 o'clock, 


Defeat Bt. Jam** Three Ortum to Two 

In Iiooal Ohamplonihlp BUlUra 


Wostholme took ilir mlil game In 
their "home", match with iho St. 
JamcH in the local championship bil- 
liard series last night, Tho match wan 
rxcecditiKly closely contested, nnd the 
deciding game. between ('anieri)ii 
(Wostholme) and Coldlcutt (St. .I«mes>, 
wfi.s watched by the speotatorB with 
keen interest. It was a Ions, drawn- 
oiit affair, each cotitefstant playing 
the other .vieverely safe. Catneron 
finally won out by a fair margin, and 
he also carried off the "hljili I'reak" 
honors of the evening with a. 19. A 
surprise was sprung when S.-nlth. of 
the Westholme, defeated Cowan, one of 
the best of the St. James" player.-j, 
very eatilly.-lioO to IKi. ymith Is rated 
aji among the leading players in the 
city, but it was not expected that he 
would give Cowan so bad a beating. 
The complete rcsulte follow, West- 
holme players being mentioned first; 
Cameron, 250 (19 >; Coldlcutt, 281; 
Smith, 250 (-IS); Cowan, 11.'!; Ash- 
worth, 245; Reed, 250; Scott, 228; Jor- 
dan. 250; C. T. Marshall, 250 (80); 
Hartley, 186. 


Only One Oame in Konve league Series 
at Y. M. C. A. — Merchants Bank- 
ers 'Will Drop Out 

There was only game played In the 
House r.,eague basketball series at the 
y. M. C. A. on Wednesday evening. The 
Merchants Bank players did not turn 
up. Bob Whyte'8 team won easily from 
Tom — Pedon' n flvo by a a oor a of 53 t o 
20. It Is now the Intention to redraft 
the schedule, leaving the Bankers out. 

The teams were: Bob Whyte's — 
Guards, Carno and Hood; centre. Whyte; 
forwards, Yate.s and JIarwood. Tom 
Peden's — Guards, Cameron and Lane; 
centre, Steele; forwards. Young and T. 
Peden. The two captains both did 
some very excellent shooting. Kd. 
Steele refereed. 


CALGARY, Dec. 10.— Anthony Me- 
Klnley, president of the Alberta La- 
crosse Association, and manager of 
the Chinooka, states that neither hVs 
league nor club were notified of the 
meeting In Ottawa last Saturday, and 
Ihat the Alberta representative. Bnl- 
Icntine, was not notlfle<l until after 
the meeting. He says Boyl had no 
right to represent Alberta, aticf that 
public opinion will brand th(» action 
taken tis an unfair frame-up when alt 
the fact.s are made public and It Is 
known that only one side was heard. 
A wire from Mr. Lally, one of the 
trustees, tonight, says that the Mann 
Cup will come to Calgary. 



Cedar XiU Seven Meet Second Defeat 

of Season in Commercial 


Carter & McKensie moved up Into 
first place with the Shoemen in the Com- 
mercial League hockey scries by de- 
feating the Cedar Hill t^'ani, 3 goals to 
0, at tho Arena on Wednesday evening. 

The game wa.s an Interesting one to 
watch, there being plenty of good 
hockey and not a few brilliant dlsplay.s. 
The Cedar Hill seven were clearly 
beaten; they could not break through 
the strong defeno! of the Carter & Mc- 
Konzle aggregation. At half time the 
score stood 1 to 0. Referee Morton 
handled the game to perfection. The 
league tabic Is as t6}l<l^,m: 

.'■'• t \V 1. DPts. 

Shoemen /.;»'•*'• 10 13 

Carter & McKonzle .\t'.. 10 13 
Cedar Hill u 2 




W!m \T^ mm 

Letter From British- Columbia 
Football Asso-ciation States 
That Order for Play-Off 
Was Entirely Legal. 

The Kriiish Columbia I'Moilmll A.sso- 
clatloti hH.s ■written the following self- 
explanatory letter to The Colonist: 

"Inasiniich as the Thistle F, t;. havo 
taken exctJiHlon to tho ruling of the B. 
C. F. A., and have i)Ubli!<hed statements 
In the diffviont paperw whic'i are not 
In accordance wllli th« facts, we would 
ask you to give this communication tlie 
saine^jjronilnenco In your paper. 

"1st. The Victoria League affiliated 
to tho B. V. F. A. on September 12, and 
the minute hook of the association will 
prove this to be so, therefore, this as- 
HoclRtion had full power to render a de- 

"2nd. The Thistle secretary In hl.s 
communication states that It Is usual 
for the appealing dubs to be represented 
in order to state their aide of the case. 
We fail to understand why he has even 
hinted that this privilege was not 
granted, inasmuch as tho Thistle F. C 
were represtinted at the meeting by Mr. 
J. WaJker, and the Victoria Wests by 
Mr. Youson. Both these gentlemen 
il^tre given every opportunity to state 
their case. 

"When the B. i*. K. A. Is denUiiK with 
an appeal esse, it In not the council's 
.secretary's duty to correspond with the 
different clubx, but the league secre- 
tary, from whose league the appeal is 

"3rd. If your corre«nondent will otily 
take the trouble to read tho Knglish and 
Scottish law governing .such cases, he 
\\ill lliul that buch Provincial associa- 
tions are given full power to deal with 
such cases as they arise, taking all the 
facts in connection with same into con- 

"4tli. The Victoria League have full 
power to decide upon the ground on 
which the seven mintites shall be played. 

"It nilfclu be as well to remind Mr. 
AVehsfer that Mr. Walker not only 
rcrni'tsentcd the Thistle I'". C, but Is 
vice-president of the B. C. T. A., and Is 
one of the coiincH'K stronge.'Jt sup- 
liortcr.s, nnd, further, owing to such 
liositlon Mr. Walker' s exponses wore 
ordcrcil to bo paid by the Victoria local 

"In all cases wherein any member 
of the coimcll Is inleresteil in a club 
appealing a league's decision, such 
league must appoint another delegate 
to take his place at such meeting. The 
president of the B. C. F. A. notified 
Mr. D. Bain, president, Victoria League, 
that neither Mr. Youson nor Mr. Walker 
could act as Victoria delegates to the 
meeting, and was informed by wire that 
nt a Victoria League special meeting 
Messrs. Bain and Laity ha<l been «Iected 
delegates to this particular meeting. 

"The above facts will, wo think, prove 
that the Thistle F. C. received a fair 
hearing and th«it Justice was meted out 
to them. 


"DAVID LEITH, President. 
"A, CAVERS, secretary." 
■■ - i__ 

Mills m FAIL 

Motion to Have Case Reopened 
With B. 0. £. A.— Arrange- 
ments for Christmas Day 
Benefit Match. 

At Wednesday night's meeting of the 
Football Association the Thistles once 
again failed in their action agsinst the 
B. C. F. A. ruling, which ordered a 
seven-minute play-off between them and 
the Wests. They asked tho association 
to reopen the case with the B- C. F. A., 
and put a motion to that effect, which 
President Bain ruled out of order. 
When the Scotsmen insisted upon the 
motion being put, the president vacated 
tho chair and Vice-President AValker 
put the motion. It was defeated four 
to Ave. 

The Scotsmen receivcil the verdict In 
a sportsmanlike manner, and a unani- 
mous vote of confidence in the president 
was passed. 

QoAl-keoper Rogers was granted his 
transfer from th<» Thistles to tho Civic 
Ser\:iC5 for cup-tie matches, but he will 
not be allowed to play iff tho second 
division of the league. Donald was 
transferred to the Empires. 

Arrangements were proceeded with for 
th'c Christmas Day match between Scot- 
land and The Rest In aid of the Patriotic 
Society, and in this connection a letter 



Tuesday, Dec. 15 

8:30 p.m. 

Scats on Sale Friday, Dec. 11 at Fit-Rite Parlors, Cor. Government and 

Yates, and at "Arena." 

from the Mayor was read, expressing 
his rt;adlnc8s to lend lils support by at- 
tending, ^-ommlttee.s to select the teams 
were appointed as follows: Scotland — 
Messrs. Walker, Sullivan and limes; 
The Kest — Messrs. Watkins, Hlrd and 
Laity. The match will be played on the 
Royal Athletic grounds. 

Games for Saturday were arianged 
n» follow?": 


Thistles vs. Wests, Beacon Hill 
(lower); referee, Mr. Allan. 

Empires vs. FalrneUl.s, Oak Bay 
ground.s; referee, Mr. I^ock. 

Civic Service vs. Oak Bay, Heywood 
Avenue; referee, Mr. Lorlmer. 

C. P. R. vs. Wests, Beacon Hill 
(ufiper); referee, Mr. Oliver. 

WcBttf v'b. Ward.s. ueacon Hill (new 
grounds) . 

In addition to their full league game, 
tho Tliistles and Wests aro scheduled to 
meet in the seven-minute pla;>'-off, but 
It is doubtful that the Thistles will 
take the field for this. They have just 
about decided to Jet It go by default. 

The Thistles team: Shrlmpton, Thomp- 
.Hon and Orcig; Jsrdlne, Nawlands Knd 
Brown; Caskie, Muir. Adams, Fanthrup 
and Jngllp. 

The Civic f'ervlce tpam: Bossom; 
Bridges and Shearman; T. Martin, 
Haines and A. Martin; Baker, Bartholo- 
mew. Swan, Shearer, Maxwell and 

West ' Intermediates: S. liavls, L. 
McKenaie and H. Ord (captain); V. 
Mcsher, .S. Ross and C. Brown; Harris, 
B. Youson, J. Shakespere, J. Pettlcr«w, 
A. Carmlchael. 

MoTsy XMfsats Jlin Jobaaon 

NEW YORK, Dec. 10. — Sam McVey. 
the negro heavyweight, who has been 
matched to fight .lack .Johnson for tha 
world's championship In Cuba or Mexico 
next year, defeated "Battling" Jim 
.Tohnson of I>hlladelphla in a ten round 
bout here tonight. McVey outpointed 
and out-boxed his opponent. Tho 
weights were: McVey, 217 pounds; 
Johnson, 222>,<.. 

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if .,V i««<i ' < > Jli'' ! <ii« *''l *» i 'ii «' ''' < »g*'i' »»«<«i M i ii'i rA i. 


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lieved to Have Delivered 
Part Cargo of Oil to Cana- 
dian-Australian Liner, 

That till' British stpanishiij Nlagjua, 
oi' the Caiiaiilnn-Ausiralian fleet, on her 
last outward voyage from Victoria, ran 
short of fuel oil, and that her Uinl(s 
were rapleiiiwhod In the vicinity of the 
i'ljian lalanda by a Britlali tankar, is 
the news emanating' from Honolulu, fol- 
icwlnir the arrtval at that port of the 
Bi'itlah tank steamer Ksturla. 

The officer* of the Eaturia were very 
ictlcenl regarding the disposal of part 
of the tanker's oil cargo, and it ia be- 
lieved In Honolulu that the tank ateam- 
er rendered timely asslutance to the 
.Niagara in supplying that vaasel with 
fuel oil ul a time when it was badlr 
needed to Miabio the steamship to reach 
its deMtUmtlon. 

The I'Jsturia, In command of Captain 
CharleH .Jones, in being lield at Honolulu 
awaiting iautructlomi from London. 
The tanker was supplied with a full 
«hiiiment of oil from the British Borneo 
ports some weeks ago. The Eaturia ar- 
rived at Honolulu with about 1.300 tons 
ot the oil fuel, representing a liaU- 
civrgo. It is reported that 't.'?>e tanker 
called at Fiji and remained at Suva for 
several days. It was at this time, it is 
believed, the Niagara, then .steaming for 
Australia, was given a supply of oil. 

Shipping men here consider the etorv 
remarkable, as the Niagara is fitted 
with tanks for the storage of sufficient 
fvel oil to Icat her the round voyage 
from this Coast to Australia and back. 
The >JlaBara takes on her fuel at Van- 
ceuver. In the past, however, the Ni- 
agatu hag been In the habit of taking 
aboard several hundred tons of fuel oil 
at Honolulu, .and as the latter port has 


1MW*«* VnaMaat tmi. •mwm* WUl 

Becomlnc effective on January t, the 
•teamera Prealdent and Oovsrnor. of 
the Pacific Coaat Steamship Company, 
win aail from thla port for San Fran- 
cisco several houra earlier than In the 
past. The new achedule calla for the 
departure eC theae veaaela from Seattle 
at 10 a.m., inatead of ( p.m. on Fridays. 
The new nailing time wUI put the 
Prealdent and the Governor into Vic- 
toria, about .1 p.m., inatead of 10 p,ni., 
and they wlU reach San Francisco on 
Sunday afternoon instead of Monday 


ronH«r Ball Oavriar OhartaraA to lK>ad 

Oatf o of Orala for Valtad 


T.tii been tbUched at l-W6Tlt!y. th* com- 
mander of the Niagara may have been 
instructed to take on an additional 
supplj- at Suva. The Niagara Is now 
making bor return voyage from Sydney 
to Victoria, and is due here next Thurs- 

The British steamer Penrith Castle, 
2,31'7 tons, has been chartered by Bal- 
four, Guthrie & Co., to carrj' a cargo ot 
grain from the North Pacific to' the 
United Kingdom at a rate of 45s., with 
the option of merchandise at 47s. 6<l. 
The Penrith Castle will be remembered 
as a former ateol carrier between New 
York and British Columbia. 

On time charter, the British steamer 
iVlancuDiM, 2,8S7 tons, has been taken by 
A. AVeir &. Company I'or delivery at 
.Nfiwcastle, N, S. W., redelivery United 
Kingdom, via, San Francisco, at 78. 

The .Japanese steamer kcnkon JIaru, 
4,323 tons, lime charter, delivery Japan, 
redelivery China or .Japan, via Colum- 
bia River, Is., taken by China Import & 
I0::port Lumber Company. 


Facilities Offered by New 
G. T. P. Transcontinental 
Line Adds to Steamship 
Activity to Prince Rupert. 



' TD 

£x3ice Lloer, Which Has Been 

\\ ith the new tianecontiuental line ot 
the Grand Trunk Pacific system offer- 
lug direct transportation to and from 
Eastern Cahadian points, a great vol- 
ume of travel is being diverted from 
old roundabout routes, and a lively 
passenger business, handled by the 
atpamsbip Prince George, is developing 
between Vutorla, Seattle and Vancou- 
ver to Prhicc ilupert, the G. T. P. Pa- 
cific terminnl. 

liusinoBM, which had been somewhat 
alack since the besinnlng of, the M-ar. 
has picked up wonderfully in the past 
!:tw weeks. The new railroad is fur- 
nlsihlng 1 73-hour service over the 1.976 
mile."! from Prince Ilupert to Winnipeg. 
To a certain extent, the war has helped 
tlic Hteatn.ship buslnes.s of the company 
in the past montli. Alany British Col- 
umbiana are goinj; to Seattle every trip 
on the Prince Gcoiffe to make transcon- 
tinental connections with European 
liners sailing from Atlantic coast ports, 
ThI.s I.<5 on account of the Canadian 
tit'.nsatlantic steamship services being 
somewhat reduced by the war. but there 
have been several sailings each week 
from New York. The Prince George is 
now operating on a weekly schedule be- 
tween Victoria, Seattle, Vancouver and 
Prince Rupert. She Is commanded by 
Captain Duncan McKenzle. who has 
been with the company since the service 
was inaugurated some four or five years 

When the war broke out, the Prince 
George was requisitioned by the Admir- 
alty to serve as a hospital ship. She 
was fitted up for this ser- 
vice, but was never needed and was 

s u t tye f iugnt l y — r el e a s e d — to — rg s unig — trer- 
pussenger run. 

Her sister ship, the Prince Rupert, 
which was laid up at the beginning ot 
the war, is still at her moorings in Se- 
attle harbor. Each Winter either one 
or the other la laid up, but this i.s tho 
first year that one has been laid up at 
Seattle. This wa.s done as a jtrccaunion- 
ary measure. The Prince Rupert will 
ho back in active service in Mnrch, 
V hen the G. T, P. Spring schedules 
come into effect 

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Cargo "Sweated" When Heavy 
Seas Effectually Prevented 
Ventilation of Hatches- 
Vessel Plunged Heavily, 

Round Trip Winter 
Excursion Rates 

From Victoria to Winter RMortt in Florida 



KEY WEST flBO.«0 | PALM BBACH ...... #136.0O 

Tickets on sale December 15, 22, 29, 1914; January S, 12, 19, 26, 
1915. Liberal stop-oTers; optional routes. Final return limit May 
31, 1915. For full particulars reerarding the above excursions, apply 
C. P. R. Offices, 1102 Government Street. 

Phone 174 L. O. CHETHAM, Chy Paaawffer Afent 


Union Steamship Compmy of & C Limtted 


lUgMlnr SalUiigft to 
Oraaby Bay 
Altrt B«r 
PowaU Wvar 
Naaa SIvtr 

GMMkatt llivar 


Balfour, GuthrU & Ca 

420 Hibben-Bone Building 
Agents for 

Harrison Direct Line 


0LA8QOW .. 

....December 31 

....December 10 

....December 17 


LONDON December 21 

GLASGOW January 7 

LIVERPOOL January 14 

Freight Service Only. No Passengers 





tetwi were WatlMiuiltoti. and the con- 

JUMt irMi4ut te a 4ii«|ittt« jif is the oon- 
iUtuciMi' «r^tli» XaM4tMilt»( «<inv«ntl«n. 
irhtBli ' ' i|ii(««t#i< V A4asi^, fH* ^ AvflwteA 


In returning to SenttU from the 
Northern halibut banka, the Tfshln* 
/^eolioiAer A.tli«na reported that ahe had 
lK>«n ashore In the Johnatene Btratt and 
had been hauled into deap water by the 
Canadlaa flabery protaotlon atoamer 
xv'ewington. Vhe Athana ran aground 
In broad daylight, and atruek off Rob> 
er.n Bight, trhere ahe ranuUned for 
tMrtr heuvn, After tha a^Oenar had 
'^tilaotted !%•*• pooada af hliUbat aha 
«iia havdei oCf br the Kairtngten, ttie 
Mawilfwa #iM in itOMt^Ufkr H «M* tti^ 

(•«ptaln Forbos, of the Athena, and 
several of his men to row fifteen mllos 
to Alert Bay to secure aid. 


B»rge Aeapnleo Zieaves Man rraaoisoo 

for araaataao in Tow of ateamer 


Making her iiecond trip to British Col- 
umbia an a coal Imri^e, the former Pa- 
cific Mall Hn«r Acapuico left San Pran- 
ciKCo on Wediienday in tow of the 
atcam(>r Leelanaw for Nanaimo, The 
two craft are expected to pass In thlH 
week-enfl. Both the Leelanaw and tliu 
Acapuico will return with full cargoes 
Of coal for San Franolaco. 

r.a.-'h.^.i l).v following gales during the 
j?it;atcr pan of her transpacific voyaKe, 
ttit Osaka Slioet'M Kiiisha lln<"*r Panama 
>laru y«>8lcr(lay compietoil an avoraRe 
Winter paMsase from Yokoliainii. .Mmost 
before the .lapan const was left behind 
tlio Pan-jnia Maru plunged into dirty 
wdither and she was nursod tlirough 
Btorms of more or less severity until 
th<- lookout sighted the Vancouver I.*!!- 
and Coast. 

Vokoliamp. was left behind on the 
alternoon of Xovcinber 24, and Ii,\' mld- 
niKbt a X. X. Vi'. blow rapidly increased 
it. force until the ship was laboring 
boavUy in a dirty soa. The gale con- 
linufd until 6 p.m. on November 25, 
V. hfn the wind shifted to the eastward, 
All wan well .Tgain until late in the 
nMornoou of Novcmbor 28, when a fresh 
s. W, gale, accompanied tiy high ncas, 
i^rnko over the ship. T!il« blow, how- 
ever, was af short duration, as by 
mi<lnlght the full force of the etorm 
was spent. 

BnowetonuB Were Vrequent 

l.arlv on tlir ff)llowin« day, Xovfimber 
-!'. the Panamii Maru was plunglnsr in a 
nvinpraie U'lrth westerly gale, and heavy 
ttiitrw sqiiHllH wtri! "^ncoxtntered. The 
wind rhiiiigpd to the wPKtward. but .snow 
>''intiu\ied to fall until Into at night, 
when a hailstorm .«itruck the ship. High 
liilliiwing. .swpUm helped the ship along 
nmlt^rlailj- rn the la,'it day of November, 
Ijui Desembnr was tishcrcd In by an- 
other galjD. It was a strong aouthwestor 
ntii'. seas* Wf're soon pounding over the 
vp.-jscl'.-r-ntern. the after deck being al- 
most continually flooded. Until nighf- 
Ccill the. Panama Maru was straining 
httivlly In a high sea. The medidian 
w:iH crOBsed on Decfinber 1, and for 
three dsy^ the liner steamed through 
ccmparatlv'ely smooth seas, although 
dense banks of fog hampered the ves- 
sel's movements. On December i the 
Ponama Maru was in the grip ■ of a 
sontheaalerly gale, and for the next two 
days, with the wind changing to the 
enstward, tho Panama was rolling and 
pitching violently, 

Oloeed Xatohee Sweated Cargo 

Owing to the tremendous amount of 
wftter shipped on deck diu'ing the voy- 
age, it was Impossible to open the 
hr.tches to ventilate the cargo. The 
I'lvigo ".«sweftted" to such an extent that 
U was neces.sary for the port warden to 
Inspect the cargo before the winches 
sot to worK 

lufluded In a Cargo of 328 ton? for 
Victoria was a shipment of 13,.18.1 boxen 
of .Japanese oranges. The Panama 
Msru hart a total of 1.061 tone for Van- 
couver, 2fl1 tons for Seattle and 2,280 
tons for Tacoraa. 

Six .Tfipanese and 26 returning Chi- 
nese steerage passengers dieembarhed at 
tile Outer Docks, while 5 .Tapaneae cabin 
p.'psengers. 4 Russians and «& Japaneao 
and Chinese steerage were booked 
tlirough to Tacoma. 



af Uaar Vlpp«n Mara 
Oesaasaad to 

Captain A. Q. Iltevene, R. N. R., has 
resigned from the employ of the Toys 
Xlsen Xatsha. Captain Steven*, who 
was in oonmand of the ateamer Nippitn 
ICam, retired from the Japanese ser- 
vice after taming Ma .v«mtil over to 
the Uovemmant for use aa a troopship. 
The Nippon Mara is back ia the T. IC 
K. service and la In command of a Jap< 
an«ee sfklpper, Oaptaln Togo. 

iTndar the agreement with the Jap* 
anaae Oovemment Ui eoanaouon with 
tha auUsldy th« Toyo Klaen Xataha can 
employ no other Kuropean eayltalna oUt- 
atda of thasa who now ponMM JaininMe 


rower Flahlag Solioeaer, »aUt for the 

B. O. ruh Ttada. &»Bsa Seal 

•« SoaMn 

While cruising off Boston on Novem- 
ber 24 last the new flttitng aehooner 
Bay State, recently completed to the 
ordor of the New Bngiand Flah Coni- 
p«ny. went ashore on t>avira Back 
Whera.'ahe remained until high water. 
After .ahe had lieen 'floated with the 
aeeistanca of a tug it waa found that 
her keel had gene. 

The Bay Bute is a sister veaael to the 
Kuxliiary fishing sehoonef Knicker« 
booker, which Is now engaged Ih the 
haltbnt fishing bualnasa biit of <Van« 
couver^ ' • 

Tha-Bay itate wa* about >t«< lNi,dl#ir 
pateHaifl': to , 'i^.lBiNiat'' ^miimti^^'imU^ 

Operating Between Victoria 
and Valparaiso, Ordered to 
Go on Bertli for Sydney, 

For the first time since she arrived 
on this Coast from the builder's yards 
In the United Kingdom, th-.' .Vmerlcan 
steamship CoUwa is to be plareci in tho 
offshore trade. It Is announced by 
W. rt. Grace & Company, owners and 
operators of the Colusa, that she Is to 
he placed on berth at Puge'r Sound 
port.«i and San T-'rancisco for a voyage 
to Sydne^•, .Vustralia. 

The Colusa will carry freight and 
passengers to the Antipodes. The 
Colusa is shortly due from Valparaiso 
and other South American ports, and, 
as .-^hc has a considerable cargo of 
nitrate aboard, it is just po-islble that 
yhe will come to Victoria to discliarge 
part cargo. Since she was put . in llic 
Coast trade between Brliisli Columbia 
and South America the Co'usa has 
made a, number of voyages between 
Victoria and Valparaiso via Seattle 
and San Francisco. She is a steamer 
of 3,703 tons net register, and is built 
on tile Isherwood system. 

■^Vhlle being a freight carrier of large 
capacity, the Colnsa is also fitted with 
accommodation amidships for about 
thirty cabin passengers. 

The Colusa is not a very fast vessel. 
and cannot compete in any r-ay with 
the past passenger liners plying be- 
tween this CoAflt and Australasian 

It is probable that the Colusa will 
taJto the route hitherto followed by 
the cJiartered freight steamers operated 
by W. R. Grace & Company. Upon 
arriving here from Valparaiso and 
Chilean ports, these vessels r\rt sent to 
Australia and complete the triangular 
run by crossing the i^outhern Pacific 
from Sydney to Valparaiso. 



Steamer Azov, Wrecked on 
West Coast, Sustained Seri- 
ous Damage to Three of Her 
Tanks and Stokeliold. 



Steamship Manila Maru, of 
10,000 Tons Register, Ready 
for This Service in August — 
Hawaii Maru to Follow, 

Announcement in made by Balfour, 
Guthrie & Co, that tiic British steamer 
Azov is due here from the west coast 
of South .America to undergo rt-pair-i 
at the Yarrows plant at lOsaulmalt. The 
A«ov is a tank steamer of 1,511! ton.s 
register and is under the command of 
Captain \Villiams, The Arov carried a 
cargo of crude petroleum and was re- 
ported from Lima previously to liavc 
stuck on a reef near Talara on Oc- 
tober 30. After floating the vessel was 
found to bn leaking badly. She pro- 
ceeded to Liobitos, where her cargo was 
dLscharged and a survey made. In the 
.survey it was found that the vessel has 
.sustained serious damage to three of 
her tanks and to her .stokehold. 

Following her arrival at Ksqulmalt 
the Azov will ho hauled out at Yarrows, 
wliich firm has secured the contract to 
carry out the necessary repairs. The 
Azov was built in 1892 and Is owned 
by the London & Pacific Petroleum Co., 
Ltd. She is a two-deck steamer, with 
machinery, aft, and fitted with tanks 
for the carrying of petroleum In biitk. 
It is said that the repairs will take 
several weeks to complete, after which 
the vessel will be dispatched soutii 
again to load petroleum. 

Imiiortant additions will be made to 
the Osaka Shosen Kalsha tranepaclfic 
fleet next .\ugust. when two new pae- 
eenger and freight steamships of 10.- 
000 tons regieter will be placed in the 
service between Hongkong and Victoria 
via Yokohama. 

The .Manila Maru and the Hawaii 
Mero, the vessels In question, are now 
rapidly completing in Japanese ship- 
■buildlng yards, and will be launched 
during the early months of the com- 
ing year. 

Xews to tills effect waa urought by 
the offlcere oC the Osaka .Shosen 
Kalsha liner Panama Maru, which ar- 
rived In port yesterday aftornoon from 
Hongkong and Yokohama. 

It is stated that the O. S K. Com- 
paay plans to put the Manila Maru in 
commission In August, when she will 
be dispatched from Yokohama to Vic- 
toria and other North Pacific ports. 
She will be followed in September bf 
the sister ship Hawaii Maru. The for. 
m«r is now nearing a state of comple- 
tion at the MItsu Biahi yardit at Xaga« 
•aki. while the latter Is aleo well ad- 
vanced at the Kawasaki yards at Kobe. 
■peed of geTe n tsan «nati 

These veseels are each of 10,900 tons 
re«i*ter, and will have a lipeed of 
seventeen knots an hour. Thviy ar« b«- 
ing fitted with muah greatar itiloBiMiiiliar 
space than la to be found on the prM« 
cnt trsnsiHbclfio boa^ Of the flaai. 

The two ahips nave haan apsniaily 
designed for tha transpaoirio t|wJ|i, 
and, by reason of their liuga fraifjiiit^ 
capacity, oomblnad wltit iqpsM, jdM 
Osaka Sboaen KaMHift ^ill iki «««a iii^ 
come strong «Ma»«dtar«i o?; tl»y«yH||# 
lines for a larga t»mm H.:th$;mM 
moving aerew tlwFaillllc. ,,^t;\,N;.ii.<V|;^^ 

Whan tha KanllA l|gni':'««« 'tUlMI 
Hawnii Maru <ra pal W^mmmUHim^ 
ie said 'that two, mr pomf^' mji^Mii 
the company** slMMnMM M 
to this C!datA'''^irtn-.:i»..1)Plt«i«,|r9tiri,,.;, 

Am ths, (irg ,*•«';" 

onaraiad' ?*. liS?''*'*''* 
tlui , pragmas rjdjp^l 

American ghlpplag Frospeota 

P.IRMIN'GHAM. Dec. 10.— British 
shipowners are not taking President 
Wilson's promised revival of American 
mercantile shipping seriously. They 
sa.v -Kmerica can never be a formidable 
rival for sea trade unless she revolo- 
tionlzes her economic position. The 
cost of building ships would be crusli- 
Ingly high, owing to the protective 
tariff cost running much greater than 
our*, ami owing to the American ship- 
ping laws. 

In Cases of 
Digestive Debility, 

Benger's Food forms an Mp- 
petising: and easily digested 
cream. It is so soothing as to 
allay internal irritation, and'vp 
delicious as to gently incite 
into activity thie weakeoM 
digestive functions and |kf^ 
cess of nutrition. 

acigin .mugers looa 

digcttiiM^''^ '1'' 
use it Ib' iemporaiy 
la infsiilfle 
whent^ latMil 

fMrefsUS'fltt ''ilibiHL' 




Wmi FART IN m 

Aisiie, Oise and Somme Play 
Part in War as Did Rhine, 
Tugela and Hudson in For- 
mer Days, 

RUlTo have alua;.; pl^ysa, » tfrfldl itlf-' 
soineiimoa u ilci.'isivo rol6 Jn ilii> grcut 
ilvania of war, say* u writer In TI'.-UIib. 
Kvnn lilt! coliisjiil Europoao stniKsli' rnalns 
lit ilio vro!"'"'' time, vonilnucs tlio artk-lp, 
i~ 111" pxotpiltm to the rule, On iho con- 
irarj-, ibn Rrfatcat battle the world ll»8 
I \ rr seen, both by ruitsiciti oC Il8 duradon 
unci the ungUKoii. Is not unlikely 
to go down to history ns Tlin naillc of 
ili<j lllver»: Thcrt' ore tho Alnn". the Olsc 
.111.1 thf^ somine. all of w:bicU. (lurlug tl>ai 
intcrnilnabU" batilo, literally ran . "wltli 
bkiofl. ,. . 

What u role, t06. has the Meu«e played 
in Ibis war! Indeed, It may be safely 
said that tills river literally saved tho sit- 
uation, for It wos ihD difficulty of croas- 
liiB It In the face o( the Qro ot ';!>e Llcgc 
forts w'hlcb caused that fortnlsbt's delay 
111 tho catTj'lOK out of the Kaiser's pro- 
grrammo which saved France, and perhaps 
eventually the Drltlsh Empire. During 
lliat fortnight the waters of the Mouae 
were choked with the bodies of tho slain. 

The River Mcasn will over be ntcmorablc 
because It was along tho line of that river 
that tho great buttle — a battle that may 
later be reparoled an one of Ihu iluctslvo 
L«attl<-s of the World— took place, wbloh 
lurnt'iJ the Ciermans back upon iliolr Ions 
Jouriioy home. Tens "t i hmisiinfls on both 
sldps were slain In alicnipi.x to rroB» snd 
rof-ross this sircani. 

The Klvcr Ncthf. ;i Uiliularv ."f the 
.-'chfltll, formed one of thr main nbataclci* 
to th«i Oermmns In their great ossault upon 
.\ntwfr|i. Time and tUu« again the Oer-' 

mans suoceeded In gcttini; n pontoon bridge 
completed and came down to tha river 
bank in solid masses to crorti tt. 

Aa they came e^-ery Uelginu gun that 
oauM Ut^ turuod upon li>c«pot was. ooucen'? 
irated upon tbera, and they were blown 
aWay and tho bridge destroyed. Similar 
destructions of pontoon bridges burdened 
with their living freight of men and Uorsoa 
end guns have occurred on all the rivers 
which this far h&a hrought into tho ter- 
rible limelight of battle. 

Who will ever forget the tragedy of iho 
Tugela 7 From being nn unknown river ex- 
.ept to South Africans. It suddenly spring 
Into universal fomo. Its crossing proved 
tho crux oX the Oocr War. Tho attempt 
to force a passage cost thousands of lives, 
including that young hero. J.he only son ot 
Ixird Uohcrts. who died in trying to save 
tho guns, and upon whom the Victoria 
Cross was bestowed after death. Depend 
upon It. tho Tugela is written lor ftU time 
upon tho page of history. 

Kvcrybody. ■wjll recall tho part which 
"Father Tiber" played In Olden days In 
the defence ot Rome, and especially I..ord 
Mai'aulay's stirring ballad which tells how 
Horntlus kept tho bridge against an army, 
and them swam back, when the bridge w"as 
hewn down, weighted with his armor. That 
ballad .ind its heroic topic is but an indi- 
cation of the esteem In which rivers have 
ever been held by strategists as lines of 

Value of the Bblne 

What were tho Germans singing before 
the palace of their Emperor just before the 
war started? And what are they singing 
as they march to battle? The German war 
song "Tha Watch on tho Rhine." They 
have irOod reason to sing that soncr- **'" 
the Rhine for generations formed their 
western boundary, and no foe ever Crossed 
It unopposed. From the days ot Julius 
Caesar, who crossed it twlco with an 
army, to modern .times Jt has been making 
hlMtory. Xapcloon crossed It time* with- 
out number. ItlR most tragical crossing 
was aft«r the great Dattle of Leipzig, when 
his broken army straggled back into 
France. But on most occasions he crossed 
tt victoriously, and on ono memorable oc- 

casion hlf" urmy crossed by moonllclil on 
lli» lev 

.\ irll.utary of the lilbv, tieruiany'n nios! 
fumoun r(ver ne.\l to the Jthlni:, bus henn 
tviado Ininioi'lul hy h «n ,11 battle on Its 
bunks. Tills wnn the llatile of Hohen- 
!lnd"'i\, foiiKht In nild- Winter between tho 
oombln''d foicos of Knince and ItuvafU, 
under that great military genius, deiieral 
Moreau, and tile Austi'Uns. The latter 
wero deCealed with a loss of 1$.000 men. 
The victors lost »,ooo. but trtpturud iiUisiy- 
."■•von of iliv enemy' guns und took 7,000 
prlBoni-rs. immedlniely after this bnttlo 
an lingllsh bard wroi<' ■■O' .if bin finest 
odis ti|ion It: — 

'"I l.iinjiil «l,f>n i!n sill AJ> l"\v, 
.\ll bloodless lay thr uiitroddcn xnow. 
.\nd duilt ns Winter was tlK' flow 
' M l.s. r r.jlliiig rapidly. 

Tliui Niniili tributary of Hie TOlbe v m 
ihUH enshrined In lltorftturc. rts waie/s 
literally run blood, and this f.T' -s<lzoci 
the imaglnatlotv of Campbell. 

TlU'n shook tho hills ivlth thtindei; riven, 
Then rushed the Bteed to battle driven, 
.\nd louder than tlu> bolts of henvi'^n, 
■'■•iir flniilicd the red artillery. 

But rodder yoi that light yiiiiti a'.^w 
On Ulnden's hills ot stained snow. 
And bloodior yet tho torrent flow 
Ot Iser rolling rapidly. 

Another famous little river, a tributary 
of the Danube, which itself ha« seen more 
fighteing, perhaps, than any other stream 
in Europe except the Rhino, is the iCibel. 
fpon thlS' stream stands tlto village of 
Blenheim, after which the splendid paldcs 
of the Duke of Marlborough, a gift from 
the nation, is called. On this stream, and 
this village, the famous ancestor of Mr. 
Winston Churrhll), and one ot England's 
greatest mllitiiry leader*, won his "fcmous 
vletory" i>\'i r 'lie l"rt>iu h (n ilie 
Vears' War In ITOI. 

Tb'- rl\er :it Ilils |iOlnl \sM.r.' it f.ills 
Iniii III'- Danube, Is divided Into several 
branehes. with marshy ground between, und 
(be Freni'h niado It tlielr K'fi flank. The 
aiij'k on the village bad fnlled, and .\larl- 
boroiiph risked the crossing of Die marjby 
stream, although th'> withering flre of the 
Freneh artillery and the assaults of tbclr 
cnvalrv an UlS fun h or sf i\f Tiiog.'e.l .'nivn 


Advaaea of Oarmams BUTaa Bvaryoaa 

rrom Thalr Xouaas— Amoaf Oaraiaa 

rrUoaarg ara l4-Ta«r-01d Bojra 

•J'lie lotlfM- from a Urlllnh si'veeant 
now ut the front will five a good itlea 
of Low the IJriltsli .soldlerM aro tri.otcd 
ill tho i'l'ijiich villages. Tlio i'olU.wintf 
is ati extract rioiii tin.- coinniunli'atlou 
which WH.S iHilillslivd In the Uoiidou 

"Tlio last I'Ih' ■■ vi.- Were ros. 1 \ .• iiiui 
ijc'oiiplcd a xillaye. tjur eoiiipntiy wum 
at an Inn. Tlif' limktioper ii.sed Im Sfol 
very norvouB wlu-ii ho heard the liilng 
of bitf guns, and oftoii a.^fktal im; loii- 
Hdentlally to tell him when I iliijiiglit 
11 wii8 necossary f>ii- .safety to dopart. 
ills wife and fninlly and mivny of tint 
womoii of tin- vllliigti had already Kotie. 
(.»ne ility we got 11 little shapael over n.s 
and you should havr* nc.en the exultc- 
melit oveiywliere, I'ooplo bcgaii to 
oir, mill Line .saw Ivugti t-arte ftjll of wo- 
itioii and cblldreii goinij to safety. It 
W11.S loo much for Moiitilfjur when Iho 
sliollii lios-an lo htirst over the village. 
He .solciiitily'il lilmsolf in liKs 1)<-h1, 
and with loar.g in his eyoa en- 
iru.sti'd lii.s; to lis to lie at onr 
dlttposal, and pu'bIhmI off eome nillo« 
back. Thf> soldiers had the run of evcry- 
Ihlnff In the Inn; not a thlnu was locked. 
Xe.-st tlay, as Ihingtj were (luiotcr. Mon- 
sieur turnoiJ up with a heamlriB face, 
expecting to And half his thln.qn Kone! 
He couldn't make it out as he wont up 
and down and found not a thing touch- 
ed, and yet tho soldiers had been there 
all the time: Finally l>o came to ob 
and expressed hla entire admiration 
for the British Army antt the ox<.-ellent 
dlBclpllno which prevailed. 

'.'I had to escort a number of rjerman 
prisoners towards odr llnew of coin- 
niunicatlon, and had a long converMt- 
tloii with a .sergeant-major. lie hiid 
only boon lighling a fortnight, and had 
come from Hanover with a lot of re- 
cruits he had been trainlns slnci: the 
hegiiinlug of the war. They were a 
tiueei-looklng crowd — some actually 
boys of only 14 y(>iirs old: He wa.s an- 
noyed at being takeit prisoner, and said 
he wanted to light for Germany, and, on 

lieutenant, anil kIx year.-i il«i> lu' was 
appointed captain. 

"dnlj/ilhe day iiie\liMis in faptHiu 
MetliviMiH death, the Lanee-t'oipoiul 
Miated, Hie Kegfortliy took another 
baioli Id' prlsonersi, tlierie siirroinlorliig 
with sliiKulHr rertillni-H.s. Tln-lr eapiure 
wa« due to an Important position which 
wh.s won by i>ptain Balllc, who later 
fell wounded, but not before he had 
received lite thanks of his conimtindliiK 
oHlcer for the valuable work h'; had 


Shoot at ImproTlssd Tarfata — Frsuch 

Cooli Carrlaa rood to asi'inana 

by Mistake — Sicapaa 

the whiM« thodgnt iyt<s wai' a terrttjic 
thing which ought never to have been. 
Only One ofUcer was captured with thorn, 
and he waa a second lieutenant of quite 
■10 years. Ho looked like a peaceabto 
schoolmaster or business man. The Oer- 
man.s aj'pcar to be using worse stuff 
both In Infantry and artillery than they 

Some nmusiiig stories ;>f life on tho 
battle front fire told, from which ihu 
following extracts are taken: 

An aintising little sttiry, which 
shows liow strongly Toinra.v Atkins ob- 
jei'ts to lieiiiK dull, cnmcs from the 

At otic lime, diiriiiK I'le coursi; of iluit 
long-drawn-out 'latile, tliore cani(» a lull 
ill the llriiig, and the Hrltlsh soldiers 
began to ilnil tliluifs growing monot- 

Haviiia: an old idece of cardboard at 
hand, an ingenious Tommy roughly 
marked a target upon It and stuck It 
up above the trench on a pol6. 

The Germans immtitl lately started 
potting at it, and our Tommies signalled 
tho results of the flrlug, oheerlng 
vociferously every time a bull was 

When at last the improvlaet: target 
had been almost shot away, and they 
had to pull It down, imagine tho sur- 
prise of our soldiers when they saw a 
duplicate pop uj) above the fierman 

The same thing happened. The I'ier- 
mans signalled the results of the Brit- 
ish marksmanship, and loti'lly cheered 
each tlint- thex- ha<l to signal a bull. 

Mr. I'urclval I'hlllips, tlic war eurre- 
spondeiu of Tho Daily Kxpress. had 
walked Into Belgium for a dlstuiioe of 
nearly 200 yards the otiier day when 
he .taw a queer Ilgurc dre-^scd In tlie 
garb of a peasant, but In the hoots of 
a British soldier, making for the boun- 
dary of Holland. 


Storf Houn: 1:30 ajn. to 6, 
^turdays Included 

Ho o i' Ot 'w eU — Bv e r — tr 

h lni . 

a nd the 

First Annwersarg Display 


In announcing- tun- First Anniversary Display. \vc wi.-^li to lender onr be.^t 
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Daintg Initial Night- Silk Kimo nas /or Gifts 
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A\ilh dainty yoke embroidered in floral 
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of an embroidered wreath, giving a very 
pleasing effect. Pretty insertion and fine 

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his men likp corn. Itut he not only sue- 
eeeiled jn potting his ewn Infantry and 
cavalry aeross. but routed I be enemy when 
he bad done ao. It is recorded that the 
river literally ran blood, and later whole 
divisions of the opposing army were UrKcn 
Into the Danube. 


OTT.\WA. Dec. 10.— It was an- 
t.ouncod today by Ormle Haycock, a 
prominent official of the Minto Skat- 
ing Club, of this city, that the Cana- 
dian amateur figure .«<kating champion- 
ships will not be held this year on ac- 
count of tho war. This atatcmont Is 
an authorized one. 

The reason for the postponement of 
the event this Winter is that .«io many 
of thoee prominently connontetl with 
figure and fancy slfatlng Iti Canada 
h.ive enlisted or arc proitilncntly con- 
nected with tho mllltla of tho country. 

As a result of this announcement. It 
Was learned also that Ottaw.i will re- 
tain the Connaught a^d Mlnto Chal- 
lenge Cups, and Montreal the Earl 
Grey Challenge Cup, They will hold 
the trophies until the season of 1915- 
"16, when they will be compfted for 


Oained Gsman Trenchss Almost Single- 

Handed — Having' AccompUahcd 

Task Was Shot 



The junior clerks of the I'rovlnclal 
Oovernment held a mcotlng laut night 
for tho purpose of organizing an ath- 
letic club. There v.-a» a f<^.lrly good 
attendance, and the followtn:; offlci-rs 
were elected: President, Mr. .V Ballan- 
tyne: vlcc-preeldent, ^Ir. 'VV'. i4. Baker; 
secretary-treasurer, Mr. 15. X). Bellby. 
This organization Will be known as the 
Provincial Government Junior Athletic 
Club, The club has formed i football 
team and Is looking for a te-x friendly 

The central figure In the bravest act 
that camo under Corporal Martln'.s no- 
tice was Captain Methvon, who was 
killed after having won single-handed 
a German trench. The story as related 
to a representative of the Liondou Times 
Is as follows; 

, "The Germans last Tuesday occupied 
a rldgc in tho vicinty of Lllle. and It 
was allotted to Captain Mcthven and 
his company to drive them from tholr 
position At the point of the bayonet 
The Gorman trenches wore on tho top of 
a steep llttlo hill, and up this Captain 
Mothvcn rushed, his mon scrambling 
after him. The gallant Captain did not 
halt until he reached the very brink 
of the enemy's trenches, and then, sil- 
houetted against the sky-line— a striking 
figure, with sword In one hand and re- 
volver In the other — he hali-iurncd to 
wave his men onward. It was thus 
that he fell, shot through the heart at 
What must havo been point-blank range. 
But the trenches were won, and tho 
small force of Germans sullenly sur- 
rendered. 'I had read about men single- 
handed taking a position like this,' was 
the Lance-Corporal's comment on tho 
Incident, of which ho was a near wit- 
ness; 'but until 1 saw Captain Meihven'a 
action I thought these things only hap- 
pened in story books." Captain Methven, 
it may be stated, was born In 1870, and 
entered tho Army at the time of the 
South African War, for which cam- 
paign he held two medals. Before that 
war ftnlshed, he had brpii promoted 

Canada Life Service 

The Canada Life management studies to 
extend and broaden its service to the , 
policyholders, while constantly aiming at 
increased efficiency. The Company is qmck 
to adopt any measure which will promote 

An Example of 
Canada Life Usefulness 

By means of an annual deposit with the Company a man may 
now arrange that in the event of his death Kis wife, or other 
dependent, will at once enter on an income of, sav, ^50 per 
month. Tfiis sum is beyond the reach of poor investments and 
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parents to the estate should the beneficiary die. pe amount 
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means of the assured. 


This is the ideal provision in that it furnishes a guaranteed 
income for life, payable every month. As '* m*^Jf PJ^' 
vided through moderate annual payments to the Company, 
it is within 3»e reach of every business man. 

Herbert C. Cox 

Pretident & General Manager 

N.B. -Booklet No. 283 talli intorattingly about this pbw. Shall wo 
•end you a copy 7 Address : 


figure Introduced itself. 

"Drummer , of tho :'i d IJui- 

tallon ,■■ it said. "Kcdl out with 

»or^ feet on Tuesday wv^k. Been 
dodging Germans over since. Is that 
Holland on the other side of th<j wire 
f once 7 loot's get into Holland ami tbtiu 

They walked past the boundary post, 
and the drummer took .1 deep breath. 

"Xow let the Germane find me," he 

The Kxpresa man explained that 
some hundredfi of British 7;»llors and 
.soldiers wcro Interned in HolJaml, and 
explalnml tho disadvantages of In- 
ternment at length. 

"Dh, Ixird," said the drummor, "then 
let's got back into that corner of Bel- 
glum again!" And ho got back. 

Xoar the French have an opeh- 

alr slaughter house, adjacool to a 
grwit i>ark containing thO°dS.'>.nds of 
cattle for the provisioning of the 
troops at the front. I was watching 
the regimental butchers deftly cutting 
up their meat, and one of the cooks 
told me a story of how he had lost 
himself one night among the trenches. 
One evening, when the mon were 
hungry, he grilled some sixty pounds 
of fine beefsteak, and. at thu risk u: 
his life, went to carry It out to them 
In the trenches. He went galJy along 
with his load, and struck a trench 
which should have been tho one ho 
sought. "Hullo, Sth Company! Hero 
I1 something hot to eat!" To his hor- 
ror, a spiked helmet appeared, and, 
with his burden, he sprinted ff.r safety. 
He calculates he escaped a hundred 
bullets, with only a scratch on the 
arm, and his chief joy, after eventually 
convoying his invaluable foorl to his 
"5th Company," Was that the hungry 
Germans must have been sti mad to 
have mlfisod the treat. 


Terrify Oermans With Bayonet Charge* 

— Xrlab Fusilier Praises Work ol 

Bcottlsh Xegimeut 

A tribute to tho gallant work of the 
Sea forth Ulghlandors Is paid by Private 
Rooncy, of the Dublin Kuslllers, who. In 
an inl(>rvlr-w with ti rcproBcntatlvo of 
th« London Times, made the following 

"It keeps up your spirit to be fighting 
along with such follows," ho remarked. 
"They have struck terror Into the hearts 
of the Germans with their wild bayonet 
dashes. When there was any clo.«o 
flghtlnK:, and It came to usinR cuUl 
steel, tlie t;iernians ran from them liki- 
hurefi. Most of the '.Jocks' now 
beards, .-ind with th'-ir Ullts flyln.i; when 
clmrglng the oneiny, they aro a flcrcc- 
looklng lot." I'rlvate Uooney said tho 
gallantly of their Scottish comrades 
pulled his regiment out of many a tight 
corner, and as a result there is now a 
close bond of comradeshl|) bocween the 
men of both regiments. Wheiitver ono 
Liitttallon is on the move, tho other must 
bo up and doing or there la dlsap|)0int- 
inent. "I'he men In this brigade were 
lighting almost eontlnuou-sly from 
.Suturday till ■\VodiU'sclay. the day on 
wlilrli rrivafc Rodnry was wounded, and 
during tliai ilinn liicy were ;i;akinit 
slow but steady jvrogress. It rof)iilrcd 
rf solute work to clear the' Germans out 
of some of tliclr positions. Kvcry Inch 
of .available cover was taken advantage 
(if hy the iMiemy, and our men had re- 
pcitedly to fare n rain of bullets fioni 
inachlii"' guns juisted in houses on tlio 
lino of advance. Prhaie Itooney wa.n 
wounded by a bullet In a bayonot chargo 
after tlir-y had twice previously turned 
the Oermans out of their trenches with 
the hsyontM. In tills kind of fighting 
lie St' id,., the GcrniHt)!? weio of no u.-x-. 
'Tliey aro big chaps most of them. I>'il 
lin\o not got the liourt,' he observed." 


■ankera and Sbortt, XIU * Sxtnean 

Tftk* Zc* for rirvt Katoti at 

ArcBft Toalfht 

Two matches will open the new I'lty 
League hockey series at thJ» Arena to- 
night. Tho Bankers and Hhortt, Hill 
A Duncan will take the Ico In the first 
game at 8 o'clock, an<) the McOllI and. 
High School contest will follow at 9 
o'clock. The charge for admission to 
tho double-header will be 25o. 

Conslderablo public Ititorcst Is, being 
manifested in the ncw.serlet, and It '« 
expected that there will be i good at- 
tendance at the opening evcnl. The 
games otight to be well worth seeing, 
Both schools tro irnld to bo strong, 
ti'hlle Shortt, Hill & Duncan, with 
several of »he Y. M, C. X. Otamplnns 
In their line-up, mrt rated an protenble 

linen lace i.s U5cd to finish. 1 he gowns 
can be had in the following initials: A, 
15. C, D. H. F. G, H. J. K, L, M. X, P. R. 

S. T and W. 

Special, $1.85 Each 

New Boudoir Caps 

50c to $3.50 

A threat niauy styles in this entirely new 
collection, cmhracinjuc the popular Vernon 
-Castle and Beljjian designs. These 
dainty headpieces will make very accept- 
able gifts. Women of taste appreciate 
articles of this kind. We show Boudoir 
Cap.<? in net, crepe de chine plain and 
figured chiffon, dotted Swiss, shadow lace 
and point d'esprit. View this showing 
in the Muslin Underwear Division To- 
day. , • 

Waists Lengths of Silk 

In pongee. China, niessaline, in plain, also 
niiveliv effect, in dainty boxes, from 
?1.06 to JP3.00. 

Goo d Lines in Perfumes 

At Moderate Prices 

A variety of Perfumes in dainty hottle?. 
-including the following (^dors: Opoponax. 
white rose, Parma violet. Jockey Club, or 
sweet pea, at 50^ a bottle. 
.A splendid collection of higher grade 
Perfumes by the, best distillers, from 
^1.00 a bottle upwards. 
Perfumes in bulk at 75^ and ^1.00 per 
oz. and upwards, in the following makes: 
Atkinson's, Roger & Gallet, Houbigant, 
Pivets and D'Orsay, 

Glove Suggestions for 
" Christmas 

.\ complete range <»f Gloves for day. al.^o 

evening wear, in kid, silk or fabric. 

i-domc i)iquc nappa. I'seful Winter 

Glove. ^1.00 per pair. 

j-domc white chamois. Sj^ccial .sale, 

95<^ per pair. 

2-dome kid Glove, in grey, tan, and' white 

with self and black points, $1.25 per 


Tail capo Gln\(.'. suitable for driving, 

$1.25 and $1.50 per pair. 

i2-button length mousquitaire white kitl. 

$2.75 per [lair. 

I'.vening C^loves, $2.75 per pair. 

Trefoussc'.s Shclbourne French kid 

gloves, $1.75 per pair, in self and lilack 

slilching. all shades, 

Christmas Gifts in the 
Art Needlework 
" Department 

A beautiful line of small pictures. These 
are splendid copies of famous paintings, 
verA- artistically framed. Priced fron» 
$1^25 to $3.75. 

Hammered 'brass Telephone Pads. Pipe 
Racks, and '"Will Return" Clock Faces 
for office use, 40^ each. 

Daintv French Gilt Baskets. $1.00 to 

Sweet Grass Baskets in all shapes ami 
forms for all uses. Prices range from 
10^ to $1.50. 

Finished Dresser vScts on sheer material, 
worked in pale blue and pink; daintv and 
useful gifts. $1.85 the set. 

Daintg Dresses for the 
Little Folks 

These little Dresses we aje showing both 
in yoke and long waist effect, some in 
fine lawn, hand-made and beautifully em- 
broidered dotted 'tnuslin and \"alen- 
ciennes lace; others are in marquisette, 
daintily trimmed with ribbon and lace, 
and still others made entirely of shadow 
laee with broad ^atin ribbon threaded 
through the skirts. These little Dresses 
range in price from $3.50 to $10.50. 
Ages 2 to 6 years. 

Real Clung Linens 
Appropriate for 
Christmas Gifts 

Visit the Linen Section Today to inspect 
our very complete offering in these high- 
grade lines, Tiie as.sortment includes a 
sjilendid range of Doilies and Table 
Centres at various attractive prices. 
.Vote these: 


fi inc.Ii ; each 25< lo 75f^ 

8 inch ; each 35<- to $1.0O 

12 inch : each 50^ to $2.00 


2o inch ; each .$2.00 to $5.75 

24 inch ; each $2.00 to $10.00 

28 inch ; each $3.50 to $12.50 

36 inch ; each $4.00 to $20.00 

45 inch : each $14.00 to $22.50 

54 inch: each $17.50 to $30.00 

7i inch ; each $45.00 to $75.00 

Merchandise Certificates Issued to A ny Amount 

755 Yates Street, Victoria 

575 Granville Strtetf Vanoouoer 

Phone 1876 


Have JTo Time to ■•*— Praise for AnaT 

■er'Vloe Oorpa — ^British Soiaieni 

in aoo4 aplrite 

,V young officer, In writing to his 
piirents, describes soiiv interesting 
episodes of the war. His letter ap- 
pears In The London Tlme^, from 
which the following extracts are 

'Teople at home, and evtn other 
corps out here, do not reallM what the 
Infantiy have trt go through. Buch 
tilings as many nights out in (he open. 
rain or no r»ln, long marches over 
roads which have almowt become bogs, 
perhaps no food all day. not beottuM 
the A. H. Corps don't brlnf It op, but 
Vionauee you have a lot too miioh lo 
do to eat It. and when you havan't got 
auythinr tu d6 ypu are to» »^||a«t«d 

to eat It. I have seen fellows fall 
Hsieep while thcy were catlnu a mo«l. 
We. have nothing but praise for the 
.\rmy ttorvlcti Corps, who give us good 
ratlotvs with wondelrful regularity 
. . . . \\\\ of course, see by far the 
worst side ot the war. 1 brought a 
camera out with th» Intention of tak- 
ing photographs. I have taken prac- 
tically none, not becausa I haven't bad 
subjects that papari would gWe tUelf 
eyes to get, but becauaa at tha tlMM U 
aaams a aaorilega td take th«oi. It ts 
all very well for trMpa not iA<«X* 'tlilh 
Ing line, but to telte pMOt^trtUN f^ 
one has hoard thai an«'g p«li, lAM* lM|t 
killed requires a Yttl^ ««Ut4lp«»4# 

son we ittWttlAi' 'tCJt^; 

spirits up and al* «ili* ■ '^llf^f 

feaia vary dawn w:)MM|$|^ 

bttt wa fg<rt^,lt, li^j^r"'"' 

««]de tl»* 






AaaarMea of 

maaraM %• 


chart.* . nm*t ■ I*. ***^' 


'W!ia^si*i*'W»'"it.'W,*' • 




Oa« cast • Word adua taaaitloa. It aw 
raat dlieounr (•.* aU or mara ooaaacuUfv 
AMrttona — t.aab wltli <,r4ar. Na adTifUa** 
Meat aro^piad (or taaa Ibaa l( oaala, 

B«alD' u and f rofsaatonal Carte «X raar 
U**a or under — |i.0« par waak. 

Na aA*ti;^uraiuiiai iMtargad oa »coouat tat 
uaa tb«n (3.0«. PUosa N». 11. 


AtT .Ulaia -A. V. Kay. ovar <0 yearr 
tspcrtenuk la art iclaaa. leaded llcbta 
iCT c>iui'ch«t, achoola and private dni/Ulnca 
Epeclal icrma (•> conlractorr Wurka and 
atadlo, cuiiiur Dunodia .t.nd tiuinxa ^u., 
back 01 Douxlaa Si. lira hall. fboam iiiit. 


JkTHS — Viipor and aulphui ; maaeaKe aud 
clcctritlly; chiropody. l»12 Fort St. 

.vUUaUK Dcllvury — Victoria 'Iraaala.- 
Cr.. l,id.. pUoiia 12». 

ObuE I'l'lutlnc — SUclrto Ulua Frlat * 
rj Mny Cotupaoy. tit Canttal Bulldlac 
'. I«\v Su-f et. 

1J11M.MSV .Sweep— Swan. i'honc :l^&l... 

miMNlCr .Swieji — u'. M'hltP. Old CouiUry 

C-tAllI'liNTUy Itirpulrs— L«aky rooti made 
_' «(iod. I'lioijo T. Thlrkell. 38891.. 

CHll'NKY bw*ep — Uloyd. pnon* !ti**l^l. 
fovrtcan ycaia' cxn*riencs In Victoria. 

RAYMBN — Victoria Truck & Dray Co.. 
Ltd. Pbonea IS, 47118. 





RAVMEN — Joseph Hcan*y. offica «t ltl< 
Wha-f Pt Phono 171. 

Jt-'NK — Wanted, ncraii brasiK, copper, eino. 
load, cait Iron, aacka. bottlea; rubber 
blCi><»t price* paid. Victoria Junk Aganoy, 
ItlS Wharf St. Phone ISIS Brancb atar^ 
!114 Rtora St. 

IITHUOHAPHINO — U'thotrraphltn. ea- 
^ (raving and embomlng Nothing too 
large sii< nothing loo aniall: your atatlonery 
It your advance agent; our work la uo- 
•.Qualed weat of Toronto Tb* Cotoala: 
Prlntlns * Publlahlnn To.. Ltd. 

lVk.1.^ — V iciuriA 1 rxnsrer »-o . >-u « *. 
!St B"!"! nt»r\ lie in the rify 

PAPEKHANOING from $2.50 room; palut- 
ing, tlntins. equally cheap; ostlmates 
free. Call ov write Marlow, 2668 Cedar 
Hill Road. 

PaTK.mTS. trad* marka daaigna. copy- 
rlghta. Fcacherecuaaaugh * Co.. the 
«»ld catabilahed firm oi pt'ont of ■.•'!<■>» 

Offices 102^ HoRors Hwlu- Vrinr.ijver B.C 

PATi:^.\Tt> — Kuwiuua Britain. fuglatered 
Attorney, patents In all cuuntrlaa. Polr- 
CUld Eldg . uupualiH Puat Otfli*. Vaucu« 
«*r. B.C 

PO'iTii-Ki nuit — ac^er vJpe. Ileid Ul* 

ground (ira uiay, flower puta. ato. & 

C Pottery Co.. I.iil.. uuruar Uroatl auj 

^WBDISH movement, vapor baths, eleo- 
lO trio vibrations, alcohol massage; lady 
operator. Phono 5347 L. 10 a. in. till 10 
p. m. »21 Fort St., Room S. 



I AUV wanted (o give sllcht aervlcua ut- 
J-4 inaloniilly cvenlnKB III i'<rtuin lur iilio 
bpdrooni, ihruu In funilly, clly. Box 635, 

PAY cttsU at KlrkbfUii's fash Erauch, cor- 
ner uf Oovnrniiiont and Fort, add vave 
money. Our prli'oa are lliu lowfs', coiiii.' In 
Miivl be coiivlncod. Uroucrleii. meals, eall 
and froHh tlish, OTurkery. kitchen uuualla. 
I'ici; ilrllVfiy li> ISn<|Ul,uuH dally. 

i;\7A.NTKU — Ucnoral :iorvant, mlddlM'Ugrd 

' ' woinan prcfcried. Apply botwi-uii 1« 

K. III. iiiiii 1 p. 111., 1040 i:rai((dul I'uuh KuUiI 



VH- regular prlcvs on our uniire stuck 
niarltid 'i to 'a oil. No mitrklng 
tip fnr Kiilu pur|iosi>s hut ri>duoilun» uff uur 
I'l-gulur pricus. riliorli. Hill & Duncan. Ltil., 
corner VWw and Uroad Biroeis. 

ALL, dry llr cordwoad. cut In atovs 
lengths, (li.So per curd. Durt's Wood 
and Coal. Phone fii. 


UCTION Prices — Furniture aelllnc dally. 
^ Select Auction Ituoni, lOlU Fort Si. 

BOOK or showcase for bualncA^i, lioniu or 
, ufttoi'. Kluas sliilliiB Uoorti, I.nT, uai'il- 

\ \ 'A.N'TKI3--Goo<l rclluhio gtenugraphfr; 
> V uiutu i;i.p«rlcni'i-, ^alary and rctcr- 
tiKirs. Apply Oox OIC, Colonist. 

WANTKO — fleneral servant, must bu fund 
of rhlldicji. Apply 1174 St. Cavid Si-. 
I 'A i;[_R*y; _ 

W.VN'TIOD— VouHB Kirl for llglit hous?- 
»-ork and L-aro of baby. .\pi'ly inoin- 
liiK». L'0'17 Saratoga Ave.. OoJi Hay. 

T.VNTICD — lilrl; hou.1c^^•.)rk; plain cook- 
liiK. 11 33 North ParU. 

_■ , 111.' J-l... liox 613, Colonist. 




1 .JiKI,il'JNt!;il. can milk, do other job*; 
T \vai;>:>B peff-ndary. Hox BTiJ, ("olonlsi. 

S um ; 1 liAWU at-Utm . t t m tic i v e iuiu e u ' . 
Bt., shorthand. lypawrltlna bookkeap- 
tag thoroughly laught: graduates filling 
good posltlooe. F \ - tiilpaj 

S*l'<..^CIi. iaii't --^ , .i.ftia. Iti^ *jfn«rai ea- 
graver and standi cutter. Qmo. 

■ '1 •. . I !)>■•? offlea 

UNDERTAKING — B. C. Funeral Co 
(Uaywarda>. 73i Brougbton St. Prompt 
attention; charges reasonablsi F lonea 

:2Sj. 2288, 2237, JJS*. Chaa. Hayward. 

president;. R. Uayward. secretary; F. Caaal- 
lon. manager. 

WINDOW Cle-anlnj; — For promptness 
phone 13IJ2U The Island Window 
Cleanlne Co. 

WIXDOVV Cleaning — Don't forget to 
phone 170S, James Bay Window 
CleauInB Co., 841 Government Street. 

^ ■^ti..^,\i^L^ i-»jj .^u'.'ua — Turner, xieeloa 
& Co., Ltd.. wholenls dry goods Im- 
porters and manutaciurera, mon'a fumlab- 
!:ex tents, "Big Horn" brand shirts, ever- 
alia. Muil ..rrt,T< .itiMnded to 


\ itCi:iii.M!.Ci — I'hoixias lluuper. la , m- 
X\. Uce in B. C. tor 2i yaars; plana and 
specifications iurntabvd un appllcatloa. 
Of£l--«. 'ni-4CiS HU>>i'n-Hone B u •>-. • : r 

A KCHlTEl^' — b:. l^^iwuod V^ackina. Rouma 
O,. 1 and t Oraen Block, corner Trouncs 
Ave. and Broad. Pboa* iia, realdeooa 
libonr. lOBL,. 

"AlVIL, Bnglneet— Oeorga A. ftmJth. Britlah 

■J Columbia land surveyor. OOloa at ▲]• 

*-rn!. B C. 

DENTIST — E. 8. Talt, Dental Surgeon. 
Otrice 408-411 Campbell Building. 
Phone 433C. 

DEIsTiST — W. T. Kraser. O.M.D. OIT.oa 
lOI-SOl Stobbart-Peasa BIk. Offlog 
V'-ara: >:20 am. to t p.m. 

SCKVETORS — Swannel & Noakes, Domin- 
ion and B.C. land survsyora, dvU 
vsglneera. Promla Blk.. 100$ Qovammaai 
9i P.O. Box »4I Phone 8TT. 


rD. A TKIPP, piano virtuoso and 
•• tea 

(jv.l-'A.NMSIC L'oupli» wants pnbltlon; man 
HN conk. wlf<. fur htius«-work. .\pply 
Japanese Mianlon, phone 2412. 


AiUUNG lady wishes position as atenus- 
raphex". Can give best of local rol- 
urcijces if required. Address Box 487, Col- 

BY young lady as govcrneaa, working 
houBukeeper or stewardess. A.ddresa 
Mlaa H., Y. W. C A., Courtney Street. 

DRISSSMAKl.Na. *1.S0 per day, city 
references. Phone 433R. 

DRiassMAlvINQ. e>«wlnKi dally. 2914 
Douglas; phooe "SIOK. 

RHSSMAKINU da<iy. Miss Wilkinson, 
Willows P. O. Phono 4307R2. 

r>lCYCLK, cheap. 6V2 MuiUreal. 

T>LACIv soil and manure. I^hono fi'-'lBYll. 


L.ACK soil and manure. Phont, E21tlY2. 


L.ACK soil aud tuaiiure. Phone 1864. 

(lAMBKON mlllwood, yd per cord, pi-tiropt 
■* delivery. Whlta teamsters. Phono 


While teamsters. FUono 

DRY flr Cord wood for sale, |4.1»; block 
$5.40; block choppi'd J&.SP. Phono 
4 795 yard, Discovery Ktioot, beiow Doug-, 
laa. or l»IO Coveriiiiiciil Ht. 

DRY, sound llrwood. 12 
12. 7B. Charles Hunt, 

lu., ^i cord, 
1131 .Tohnson 
Street, phone BlUaK. Prompt delivery. 

ELECTRIC ^jcturcs bplow coel. A great 
chance for gift-seekers. Carter & 
McKonjsln, 911 Govi'mmcnt PI. 

FOR Sale — Almost new, 0-hole Monarcli 
range In condition. Apply 
mo rnings. Suite 7, Xie land Hotel. 

OR Sale — Two tlno safes, very cheap. 
Box 076, Colonist. 

OK Sale — Lot of carpenters' tools, all 
in good condition. Box 599, Colon- 




Tj^XPEUIENOlSD mlddlo-aged EhkIImIi 
-1^ widow wants posltloa as liouaekei'pc-i-. 
good I'f^fereni^es. Address Mrs, E. Bryant, 
Albernl, B. C. 


OI.ISEKIOKPKK vtants position, good 
••>nk. smiill wage". Box DUO. Colonist. 

IAUIKS — If ynu rcqulro capable help for 
-^ lilt; daj, week or month, Jiist phono 
4 2.'i7. Red Crns.s Reliable Employment 
.Xgi-ncy, 1011 Government St. 

LADY will give her services In exubajige 
for board aud room. Box 4871, Col- 

MMERFIELD, maternity nurse. 

MRS. Sf 

M ATERNITY nurse, 6fl Hillside, phone 

FOR Halo —, mandolin, or cornet, 
$15 each, or would exchant^c i-lther for 
hii'yrlf. llo.\ lil'.:. Coli'nist. 

J^luU .Sttl«^— rwciiiy thousand f^^ci lumber 
mill timbir. 6xt> ami ii\n, 2xil and 2XS, 
all liiigih,! 11)1 In thlrly fuel. ul»o flre- 
wiiod. .Normiil t^rlioiil, Muuiit TolniU". 

1^"^OR Sale — One 22 h. p. 4-oyllnder en- 
gine, JliO rash; roll box switch, 
wiring uiiignoto. viiltablp for speed boat or 
liuineh 111' i<inllonai'y work; as good as now. 
•^pply Pauline Molor Scales Co., I'uinbroku 

I^OR .'falu— One 30-80 Wlnchealer carbine 
rifle, $7; one .22 Marlin repeater, $7. 
I'hnnti (1046L. 

Ij^OR Sale — Lady's Rudge Whltworth bl- 
oycle. nearly new. Box 620, CJolonlst. 

FURNITURE, all kinds: clearing out 
prices. Also stoves, ranges; exceptional 
snaps. 17tt3 Blanshnrd, corner Flsgard. 


WANTBD — Housekeeping rooma or small 
furnished house; state aiae and rent 
e xpelled. Box «I61, Colonlat. 

WA.NTED — By young (^oupla. two nicaly 
rurnluheil liouaekeuplng rooms; muat 
bn warm. eli'nn and convenient; with 
ph'iiie: full psnliTulaiB first loiter. Apply 
Hox 559, Co lonist. 


(^ENTLEM.V.N requires furnished room, 
* modern ronveiilencea, with quiet prl- 
iiiic nunlly; no other roomers. Box 618, 


A SNAP — .Auto repair ahop and marine 
*J. ways; will sell or trade for real estaia 
i-r launch. Apply 310 Belleville St., Vic- 

AUTOMOllllJi business for fule, very 
leasonabK), for nulck salt, beat stand 
In city. Box 411. Colonist- ' 

I^OH .Sale — Complete popcorn crlspellt* 

uulllt, cost l27o; will take |12b for 

Miil'-k sale. Big proflta. Address Box «6I. 


I^'^OIl yale— Mart>er shop and cigar stand 
In good town, doing good buslnoss; -iplll 
baciirice. OwfH'r going East, Box 11,0. 


1)ARTNKR wanted with $1,000; good liv- 
ing and profit; under own nontrol; 
host of references. Particulars of Box 496, 

^.M.\LL manufacturing business for sale, 
lo rxcellont proposiilon for hustler with 
Kinall capital. Box 678, Colonist. 

VIJ'A.N'TED — .V partner In a good, sound 
T V dairy buslnofiu ; must have soma cap- 
ital. Box 63.1. Colonist. 


DO.V'T Jtlas OpportunlllcH— 500 picked 
inulo listings to choosu from. Contp- 
lall liroM.. 1007 Govcrnnieni St. 

i^"'.s;i.'ll.\>'tlH — Now, modern, C-roomed cot- 
-^-^ luge, nk'i! Btreel. permanent bidowalk, 
Bowers, will lake agreement of eal«' • or 
eqitliv In house or lot; balance Itka ront. 
]lo^ 607, Colonist. 

IT'Xi.'HAN'OE — Good agricultural land, 
■^ clear iltle. value $1,400. .Sooka district, 
UK flrnt paynitnt on D or 6-roomcd modern 
tiijiiKalow, l'\)ul Bay district pre;*ri'ed, Bux 

611, Coloillfcl. 

IMPROVED 160 acres,. Manitoba farm, 
n^tar Gilbert Plains. Thin Is a good H 
Nectlon; will trade for Island property pr 
diamonds. Apply Provincial £xohaneo 
Agency, 408 Say Ward Ol dg. 

a^O Exchange — Clear title residential lou 
within inlt6 circle, also two hoUKes, 
revenue producing, for ',i section or section 

■«f — g owi — P rai ri e — tanti: H e ply ■ t o — &vx — 880 , 


ayu Exchange — Ranch, IT acres, house and 
improvements, 2 Vi miles from Cow- 
lehan Station, to exchange for revepuo- 
produclng properly In Victoria or V&nCDU- 
Vot; value liT.SOO. Tull ' parCTcuIiirBTo '.t 
Kenntngton, Real Batata Agent, Cowtcli&n ; 
Lake, B. C. 

WILL exchange large lot near Garden 
City, all cleared, good soil, on which 
$160 paid, for good sailing croft or pell- 
abla tnotor boat. R, S.. Sll V iew St. 




ILTT. l>OUOLAB Apartmenta; 

*,w^«M«i.c7 -A^vt »«uvM»», daalrabla 
place to Winter In; vary reaaonabla. 
Phone J4£in. ' 

"^KW 4-room apartment. -all built-in oon- 
-*-' venlonue*. $12 a month, 
hcrlon Building. Phone tS48. 

TWO rrtoma. furnished. 1007 OoUlnsoa 81. 
Phono 40051.. 

TO lyst — At th« Olympic Apartments, 1120 
May Btreat. 4-rf)om and 2-room well 
furnished Hats to rent; reduced rent. Phone 
S 1 3». 


\ UTO. 7-pa|«ciiger, lale model Russell. 
■"^ In splendid coiulltlun, to trado lor 
eiear tiilo I'cal CRtai« ur acreage. Phone 


Vi:T0M01I1L1SK for .Sale— Cadlllac truck 
and two Ford j-paesenger cats; Ford 
riiftd.iter body. WInlon Six. White o-puKStn 
ger If yiiu vvant to i««ll \ou can Hee Cam- 
ei "n, fii'l t=uperloi' Slioot, behind I'arllamifnt 

1^''XCIIANGE — Two new 4-room houses, 
■^ North end, for 7- 


APURNIftUBO cottage, alao houaekaap- 
I ttg. at 11 I» V aacouvor Street, cloaa in. 

COMTLBiTBLT furnished t-roomed houaa, 
mo^arn; reat 926. Phone t(27L. «38 
Pow ail et. 

Let— Thraa-room furnished house. VIo. 
tori* Weat, 111. T6 Market Btreet. 

TO Rant — Six-room furnished house, 
James Bay district, near car; Imnie- 
illate poBseaalon. 205 .loiie^t Blooh, 



lO Rent — Six-room n^odern houae, fur- 
nished. R. J. Hamilton, phone 3445. 


LADY' wishes to meet another traveling 
to England some tlmu in January. 
I'.ox 332, Colonlat. 


Real Estate. Timber, Mines and Coal Lan>l> 
Phone 2»9tt, tSI View St., P. O. Box 9UI. 


U4VOB ACT, 1*10 

NOTIOB U hareby gtvan that, on tj.« 
Ittb day of Dacembar next, application will 
be made to the Superintendent of Pi-ovln- 
clal PoUca for th« (renewal of wbolaaala 
Itcanaa) in and upon tha premises known 
•a 1117-llsi Wbart St., attuata at Vlotorla, 
B. C 

Datad this 2»th day of Novembar, i»14. 
R. J». RITHET & CO., LTD. 



in good coiidlllon. 

paaeeiignr iiioiur car 
Plionu 4SiiBlj. 

I.j^OU .Sale— A beautiful Six-Hudson, 1913 
niodf I, onlj" run a fpw ihotuand miles; 
will tsK-.., half ca.uli, tonna for balance. Prloe 
$l,3iO; at Auto Exchange, back of Saywaid 
IMilldliig. View fit, 

^t^OR Sale --.V 6-pasaongcr touring car In 
J^ fine shape, for |275, at Auto Exchange, 
VlBW St. 

I^ORD Owners — We can deliver Dominion 
ilres at tho.50 reduced prices; "Nobby 
Trend," 82«.r.(i; Plain Tread, $in; Chain 
Tread. $20; inner Tubes, J3.75. H. Baincs, 
foot of Yates St. I'hone 3 577. 

FOK Bale — Late model S-passengor tour- 
ing ca.r; electric light, good as new, 
JlTiO. At Aulo Exchange, back of Sayward 
Block, View St, 

I^OR Sale — Fivo-passenger StudebaUf<r, 
newly painted, bargain at I860. 413 
Sayward Bldg. " 

FOR Sale — Very cheap, 1910 riulck tar, 
suitable for bullet. Box B22. Colonlat. 

IF you have a car and need cash, phone 
2 28, Auto Exc hange. 

VXTANTBD — Old Ford, sultablo for bullet, 
V' inUBl be cheap for cash. Box BBS, 

W.VNTED— A Ford touring car, 1912 or 
1913; must bo lu good order, $100 
cash, balance monthly. Hllei, 1211 Petn- 

\^7.\NTBD — Car or launch In good order, 
' ' will trade S600 equity on good lot. 
Hay Street. Box 681, Colonist. 

WANTIJ3D — Flvo-seater car, good condi- 
tion; terms; choap to responRlbla 
party, Box BUS, Cojunlst. 

BARGAIN — Vancouver Island, 130 acrea. 
only 11.450; 30 acres bottom land, no 
rock; house, garden, ate. $450 cash, bal- 
aiioa easy. 

BARGAI.N' — 672 acres, near line proposed 
railway, line grazing, hay meadows, 
on stream, lake, under $7 per acre. 

BARGAIN — S30 acres, within 50 miles 
Victoria, 78 acres cultivated, 190 acroa 
grass, near rail and aea, for trada or pur- 
chase; stock, etc., under i9t per acre. 

Notice Is hereby given that appllcatloM 
will be made to tho Board of LIcenc* Com- 
mlasli>ncia tor the City of Victoria, ai thair 
sitting to be held on the 9t'i December. 
1914, for a transfer of t>ie liquor Itcanaa 
now held by me; in lejipoct of the Borden 
Hotel. Blluato at 825 Fort Street. In tha 
City of Victoria, Ip Caorgs tiproule, of the 
tald Clly of Victoria. 

Dsled the 261i day of Ooobar. A. D., HH. 


NORTHWEST farma, eto.. exchange for 
city property. 

rrUMBER — 80,000,000,000 feot to Ohooae 
-L from. Billlah Columbia, Oregon ajid 

Washington. . ■ ■ i p i»w i-.i ,;" m « > : •• ' • - - 


604 Tatea Street, top nat 

Room 10 


TEN acres walorfrontaga privileges, 
partly In vogetablo garden and pas- 
ture; garage, bic, 0-room huune, modern 
throughout; lovely view: To lease, $25 per 
month, or $11,500. 


Notice Is hereby given that application 
win be made lo tho Board of License 
Commissioners for thu City of Victoria, at 
their next sitting lo be held on the 9th 
day of December, for the renewal of the 
Hotel License now held py inc. to sell 
liquor by retail on the premises known as 
tho James Bay Hotel, situated at 270 Gov- 
ernment Street, In the City of Victoria. 
— D a t a^ this B4 th da y of N oTe mb cr , m«. 


NOTICE la hereby given that application 
will be made to the rtuard of License Com- 
iiil»»loiic!ra for tho cUy of Victoria at their 
iiexl sitting, for a transfer of the liquor 
license now held by me In respect of tha 
Clarence Hotel, situate at 130I and 1»07 
Douglas Street, in thu City of Victoria, to 
Barry Campbell, of tha said City or Vta- 

Dutsd the 12lh day of November, 1914. 



Section IS 

NOTICE Is hereby given thai on the 29th 
day of December, 1314, application will b* 
inado to the Superlniendent of Provincial 
Police for tho renewal for the perloa end- 
ing December 31, 1916. of Wholesale Liquor 
License No. 210, now held by the under- 
signed in rcBpuct of the premises known 
us the Silver .S^prlng Brewery, altuato et the 
corner of CatUcrluo and Lime Streets, Vic- 
toria West. B. C- 

Dated the 2Sth day of November, 1914. 


Per H. MAYNARD. Manager. 


NOTICE la hereby given that an appli- 
cation will bo made to the I.,eglslatlve As- 
sembly of the province of British Colum- 
bia, at Its next Sc-SHlon by the Corporation 
of the District of sanicu for an Act to bo 
entitled "Saanlch Municipality Act. 1916": 
(a) Authorizing tho Council of tho Mu- 
nicipality In addition to all powers con- 
tained In Subsec. 103. of Sec. 64 of th» 
•Slunldpal Act. to pass a By-law charging 
Mis iiwnrrs nr orr-iipnntn oX an^i housa, 



sacher. Studio 312 Menzies St. Phone 


LADY, professional piano and organ 
player 'read at flrst sight), good ac- 
companist and singer, wljihes position In a 
cinematograph theatre. Write Box 4728, 

MRP. E. SEMPLEk pianist teacher, 
pupils prepared for examinations. 
2^72 St. David St., "Tho Bend," Oak Bay. 
I'hono Mt4R2. 


RS. Tully, private dance pianist; phone 



ENQINEBR.S coached tor axamlnatloa. 
/nartne and aiailoaa'-y. W. O. Winter' 
' '-rn. VIcforla. 

I AND surveyor's examination; will coach 
-^all subjects. M. C. Brotherton, B.C.L.S., 
Sidnev. V. I. 

P EMBERTON Tutorial College — Prepara- 
tion fur ,Tll puhllc oxamlnallons; 272 re- 
I ent BuccosBes. Manager of Victoria brartch, 
AV. II Hulchln.stin, maths, scholar, Cam- 
brl dgc. 218 P einberton Blrlg.. phone 3638. 

OY.\L sbnrfhimd and business school, 
"07-? Hlliben-Bone Bldg. 


rpHE Annta Wr»(tnt Eeminary, Tacoma, 
-L Washington. Thlrty-flrat year. A* 
•ndowad church aehool for glrla College. 
j<r«paratory and general couraes. CertlOcat* 
• dmlta to emith, Wellesly, Vaaaar and tha 
Kading Btata Universities. Spoclal advaa- 
ttgSB In Domestic Rctcnca. Muatc and An. 
^'I'lalda pr«aton, Principal. 


/ 10UKT Maple Leaf A. O. F. will hold n 
*. henefli iliiiico after the meeting, Dc- 
rember 11. Gciiis 50c; ladles 25c; members 


RANNOCB Lodgs. 781 Nicola »t.. Vaa- 
eoDver. B.C. A quiet o\t conatry hot- 
ttlry providing only the beat; beautifully 
situated; Ave minutes from post olHcs and 
Stanley Park: large veranda and balooai 
rooms fcvarlooklDi,' gardau. Pooaik Be,y. 


MATERNITY nurse; 1187 Second Street. 
Phono 5013L. 

VX/'ANTED — By lady, temporary omplov- 
»V ment; anv capacity. Box 664, Colon- 

YOUNG English girl wishes caro of oblld, 
In Oak Bay. Phone 3657R1, 


OWNER was offered $12,000 for this 
some time ago but unfortunately didn't 
take it. About half an acre of Oak Bay 
waterfronage, nice gravelly beach and cot- 
tage; double road frontage. Must sell at 
once and will tako $5,700 on terms. B. C. 
dLand <Sc Investment Agency, Ltd., 932 Gov- 
ernment St. 

SPECIAL Snap — VaJu.ible corner lot. Cook 
Street, Beacon Hill park, cost $6,500 
and reduced to $3,500; terms $300 cash, 
balance easy terms; $2, .100 can remain on 
mortgage. Phone L202S for further par- 


WANTED — .A. small lot In centre of city, 
must be snap, for cash; also $1,000 to 
loan on eood security. Box 680, Colonist. 


A FEW Good Buys — 23 acres, all im- 
proved, house and barn, etc., $10,500. 
10 acres, all good land. new house and 
barn etc., half Improved, $5,500. 40 acres, 
part Improved, with house and outbuild- 
ings, $250 per acre. 35 acres, half semi- 
cleared, $6,500. 120 acres, some Improve- 
ments, $10,000; 300 acres at $40 per acre. 
Tho above Is well situated, inside 9-mlle 
circle. A. Cosh, Happy Valley, Victoria, 
B. C. 

ACREAGE for sale. 160 acres of land, 
situated thret-qunrters of a mile from 
the post office. Bow Island, Alberla; price 
?75 an acre. Address Ferno Bros., Bow 
Ii^land, Alberla. 

A SACRIFICE Sale — Five acres or- 
chard, close to Pentlcton; seven years 
old, mostly all apples, with a goloA house; 
for a quick sale only. $4,000. Address to 
oivncr, P. O. Box 190. Pentlcton, B. C. 

ACREAGE, chicken ranches and Im- 
proved fanns; a largo number to 
choose from. A. Cosh, Happy Valley, Vic- 
toria, B. C. 

A SNUG little home with one acre, at 
Colwood Station, to rent, $12 per 
month; to purchase, $2,200; voir easy 
terms, A. Cosh, Happy Vallev, Victoria, • 
B. C. " 

FOR Sale or Trade— 29 acres ^aterfront- 
age, main road through property, four 
miles from C. P, R. wharf, * 1,000, easy 
terms. H6S May Street. 

FOR Sale — Ten acres. G acres cleared, 2 
cultivated and fenced, 3 chicken 
houses, 1 -roomed house; property on main 
road, I miles from Duncans, $2,000; terms 
to suit. Box 527, Colonist. 

I^OR Sale — Thlrt) acres, near Prospect 
Station. .Saanlch, closo to school and 
Ijjke; Ideal land for chicken rinch; only 
$75 per acre; easy terms. Apply Box 586. 

FOR Sale — One acre with 4-room cottage; 
store and post office adjoining. Apply 
o wner, O. Howitt, Metchosln, P. O. 

TWO acres, fenced, modern house, gar- 
age, lawn, electric light, boating; clos" 
rr.ll, $5,000. Box 328, Colonlat. 


WANTED — Largo tract cedar, near dfcp 
water; low cash price; give particu- 
lars. Box 582, Colonist. 


AN Oak Bay bargain, new u-room bun- 
galow, near sea and car, paneled 
rooms, tinted walls, cabinets, Inglcnook 
seat, buffet, cooler. exueptlonally well- 
fltiod kitchen, cement ba«eniei-ii, walk*, 
largo verandas; price $4,800; consider part 
trade. Owner. Phone 443. 

FINE, dry. log wood, $5.50 for cord, and 
good mill wood $3.60 cord. Phone 
638 2. Wasawa Singh, I S Erie St. 

ERHARD Helntzman piano for sale, 
best cash oITvr. Phone 50301,. 


WANTPD— Ford car, will give lot in 
' Klldonan, Winnipeg, value $150. bal- 
ance caeh. Box 654, Colonist. 


1HAVE several thousand feet of house 

siding and a large number of doors 

which I will sell away below market price. 
Inquire 620 Brougbton St . 

LADIES' and gfuta' suits made to order 
from British suitings, $14.50. C. 
Hope. 1134 Government St. Fit and work- 
manship HiMsoluioly guaranteed. 

MALLEABLE steel ranges, $1 down and 
$1 per week. 2001 Government Street. 

PHONE 643— Mill wood, double load $3; 
single load $1.60. 

RENT a typewriter or havo your old ma- 
chine repaired. Call or f-.'ophone 
2914. Remington Typewriter Co., Ltd., 
316 pemberton Block. Victoria. 

SPECIALS — Chappel piano, $50; Bord 
piano, $76; gramophone, heaters, 
rangee. furniture, etc. Select Auction 
Roomy, 1U 16 Fort St. 

WILL Mil a beautiful Turkish rU«, cost 
$12S, large size, $85, nearly new. Box 
O. R.. Colonist. 

WARNING — Piano buyers aro not looking 
at the real Hetntzman piano unlesa 
they see the name "Helntzman & Co.," pold 
on Vancouver Island only by Gideon Hicks 
piano Co., o pposite Post Office. 


CONTENTS (or ptrtion) small fdritlahed 
house for cash. Box 5 04, Colonist. 

T\ON'T forget that you ohtaUi the best 
-•-' valuo In repairs and nccessorh'S at 
tiodfree'B, The Bicycle S pecialist, 803 Yates. 

PIANO Tuning — Foi best resulta phona 
4141. Repairs a aoeclalty; any dls- 
taaee. V, 1. piano Tuning Co.. 141 Eberta 

S.VCRIFICB sale of all silks, piece goods 
and gutmeuts, toys, novelties, bH!> un- 
derwear, lln« KoodE>, sea grass chairs; fiv-n 
deliveries. «7omc In and note, the prl'^es. 
Oriental Importing Co,, 1801 Govemntem 
Street, city . 

CJHOW Cards. Window Trimming — Cloth 
>^ signs, back-ground designing and dec- 
orating; up-to-date displays of all kinds of 
merchandise; free estimates given on 
Christmas dlsnlayn, back-ground settings, 
show cards, eic, also on out of town work: 
special terms given to manufacturers or 
retailers who wish a number of windows 
trimmed or show cards made. Windows 
trimmed day or night by experts. Apply 
Ray Bray, 1214 Douglas stroe i; phone 214 it. 

■VriCTORIA and Sidney auto stages, 60c 
v one Way: Victoria i^tatlon corner Doug- 
las and FlBgard Streets; .Sidney j^tation. 
Sidney Hotel. Cole car l^-aves victoria 7:30 
a. m., 10:30 a. m., i:30 p, m., l;ao p. m. 
Leavo Sidney S;30 a. m.. 11:80 a, m., 2:30 
p, m., 5 :80 p. m. 

'T5c buys a dandy little electric pocket flnsb- 
• light; nico gift for a boy. Carter & 
SlcKenzie, lUl Govenmuinv St. !■'■' 


» » car. 

D — -V roadster or 
B6x 6T8, . Colonist 

5-pHJ ten ger 


As heuB don't always lay. and feed la 
dear, try Belgian hare raising. Al- 
ways Increasing in weight. Stock for sale. 
Rttbbltrles. Rock Ave. R. M. D. 4. Victoria. 

C^AN supply a few more private custom- 
J era with freah eggs. Phone 55S1R. 

FOR Sale — Gordon Setter pups, bred from 
good stock. Phono 4703L. 

FOR Sale — £»able and white pedigree 
Collie bitoh nuppy; ten weeks old: bred 
from championship stock. R. Waterhouse, 
caro Marine Iron tV-irkx, Victoria. 

OR Sale — White Wyandotte cockerels at 
reasonable price. 2420 Cadboro Bay 



FI.VE purebred R. C. R. I. R. cockerels, 
$1.50 ench. Wallace Palmer, corner 
Cook and tjuudra Streets, Bellevuo, take 
bus to Cook Street, 

TTTANT'BD — Second-hand Ford cars, at 
' V Auto^ Exchange, back of Sayward 
Building. View 8t. 

$10 CASH, motor cycle, good running 
order. 2203 Clig mhera St. 

1912 Overland for sale, a bargain, in excel- 
lent order, numerous cxtrafl. Davie's 
Oarage. 61" Vancouver .St. Phone CnS3. 

"I 912 Flve-passonger .'^ludehnker, in good 
-i- condition, ?2:;0 cnuh takes it. 3<0 Rich- 
mond Road. Foul Bay. 


FOUND — Where your credit Is good. 
Eastern Outfitting Co. Where you 
can get raincoats, top coata and sulta, for 
men and women on the easy payment plan. 

NOTICE is hereby given that applica- 
tion will be made to the Board of License 
Commissioners of the City of Victoria, at 
Its next .session, . for a transfer of all my 
Inten-st in and lo the liquor licenao issued 
In respect of the James Bay Hotel, situate 
on Government Street, Vlcto/ia. B, C, from 
me to Mr. Merman Roth. 

Dated the Sih day of December, 1914, 
FRED C. i?MrTH, 
By His .\ttorney In fact and .'Vsalguee, 

W. H. AD.VMS. 


Oi^T — Motor cycle CURhlon. 
^ Einerv. phone 432.')I,. 



Tf^OR Sale — Three horses. wagon. two 
-•■ carls and harness. Apply 1117 Fort 

I.J>OR Sale — White Japanese Poodhi dog, 
• ^ eight months old, cheap. Phone 

I kf « t> I A 

FOR Sale — Pure bred bronze turkcyi;, hena 
and toms, .\1 birds. J. 11. Fawcett 
1774 Second St. 

];j^OR Sale — Gordon setter pups from 
Tramp, three months old, $1S. 1699 
Gladstone Ave. 


OR S>ale — Four first-class Gordon setter 
puppies. App'y phones 226, 4S96L. 


OUSES for sale, from 1,100 lbs 
Phone &219T:. 


'VJ'EW laid eggs, stampei' r^rtA guaranteed. 
-i.^ direct from producer. Box 53S, Col- 


LOST — Fox terrier dog. bushy tall, black 
and tan head, blade spot on back, tax 
7S2. Phone 290. Anybody harboring e.imr. 
will be proweouted. 


STORE to Rent— Tho whole or portions 
of "hop adjoining Finch * Finch, 
Tates .tt.-eet. .Vpiily to Clarke Realty Co.. 
Si"9 8a:-ward Block, or to A. G. Sarglson, 
233 Mtnzl«B Btreet. 


YT7ANTED to Ront — Gn^'^Ilne circular or 
»» drag naw; rnust bo In good condition. 
Phone •,{7.')7L. 


AGREEMENT — $800 on small house, pay- 
able $10 monthly. What offers.' Box 
427. Colonist. 

TT7.\NTED to borrow. $5,000; will pay 10 
» V per cent and one year's interest In ad- 
vance and allow $60 brokerage; $30,000 
soeurily. Apply Provincial Exchange 

Agency, 408 Sayward BIdg., from 12 to 5. 


(Section 19.) 

Notice Is hereby given :l)at, on the 7th 
day of December next, application will be 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for the grant of a licence for the 
■ale of liquor by wholesale in and upon 
the premises known as Pllvar Spring Brew- 
ery, situate at corner Catherine and Lima 
Btracts, Victoria, B. C, upon the lands 
described aa Lots t, 7, 18. IB aiUl Lot 8 
(except the northerly 60 feet thereof), 
Block B, Victoria West, and Lot 6 of (ue- 
llon 81, Esquimau District. 

Dated this 3rd day of November, 1914. 
Per H. Maynard, Manager, Applicant 


"VroVEL Xmas gifts, miniature Pomcran- 
-i.> lanstand Persian klllens, cheap. 841 
Burdett \vo. 

PLTl.LBTS for sale, Orpingtons and 
Wyandoltes. from "hred to lay" strain, 
cheap for few days . Phono 5531U, 

^P.XNIEL pup warned, Japanese, King 
►^ I'lmrles or t^oekfr. Phono 2S7r,L, 

SE.VD your surplus poultry lo 2312 
Work Street; market prices paid^ 
Ferndale Poultry .Oupply. 


7ANTED — First mi.rtguge, $«00, 12 per 
cent; good security. Box SOj, Colo- 

V\TANTED— Between $200 and $890 on 
TV Orst mortgage. Address stating terms 
to Box 121. Colonist offlco. 

A 60-FOOT cruller In acaworthv condl- 
lion. Box 63H . Colonist. 

A 6x7 Empire stale and platoholder. 
Brown, Photograiiher. 

13EST prices paid old clothes and 
■*-' shoes. Call for Emanuel, phones 1560 


and 4060. 

\ NY rcBpcotablo man or woman can 
j.\. make $2 to $4 dully distributing re- 
ligious literature. Chance for promotion ; 
spare hours may be used. Home Blblo 
].«ague. Brant ford. '' 

EARN $5 a day. Write for particulars. 
International .Mushroom Co., Empire 
Building, ' Hastings St. W.. Vancouver. 

LE.^VRN wireless telegrapliy^ complete 
equlpmc^nt; fees low. Sprolt-Shaw 
HuslnesH Inst i lute. 

WANTED — Men and women to learn the 
barber trade. Wages paid while learn- 
ing; $18 to $36 per we.-k wlipn qualiflod. 
Wo laauo lh« only recognized diplomas In 
the world. The largest and most complete 
c»ll«g« In the Northwest. Call or write 
Pr»e catalogue Molor Barber College, 846 
Main Street, Vancouver. B.C. 

IXJANTBD — fnller-tor ;nid s,-il(>,imati; ref- 
vT e.ruii<;es required. Apply 1309 Doug- 
I tm St . 

YOUNO fellow wanted for milking, gar- 
■ dening ami axe work, wnges $10 and 
lioard; muat milk with dry hniid. Bradley- 
r»yBe. Homcnoj<, B, C. 

A^'OtTNG man. wanted for milk delivery, 
J- one uaed to tha buaineaa preferred. 
..Apply statiAc rafarencwa to Box «2G, Colo- 

— V 


VatKU to Milit wHh cea«rai houte- 
W«i1b F)>9«« IIM U 

" ■• " - ' ' ' ' V ■ I _ , 

AT oo««, apall-iWWhal for t«i« conntry, 
•li to ••♦. lAdjr halp for country, 
ft#. CMrt(-v«a«rkt, nMtlla a««, for to-«n, 
.itf - OM»»MU«lt for one l«4y, no salary. 
VJ^ %m<n*<f AfPy^ *** B«yw»r< Block. 
IfaUrtlRT ••MOocrantiora gn»»tt«A at abort 
AS* 'j*IMf *•» tam»or«ry or ytfOMMat 
l«Mt rr* lloo 0/ bualMOfi fr«« aar- 


»«, waiitM 'or titmr^i pprltlona: cook- 
COfljora) for Keioivna fai* paid; yfii- 
^«--»^ hOMWfe^Wprr. « nook-»r«>neriH«; n»oth- 
art'a kO-,a. H4A CrwM Hi»lln»>lo ISiti»loy<a«at 
' IMOjr. tfll avtertUiWit «<. 

A DANDY Hub: 4-rOom, fully modern 
bungalow. Blluaied In the beet ijarl, 
of Falrlleld district, very close to town; 
full cement basement, ajul ih^ very Uin-st 
n| plumbing throughout. Come and look 
through this little house, and If you llko 
It make me an otTor, Will take clear ilile 
lot as an exchange. 1329 Carnscw Street, 
off MoKS, phone 1117L. 

A.N'EW 5-room modern bungalow, paved 
street, beat part Hollywood; largo 
sitting and dlnlng-rooni, cobble stone llre- 
plitcfi, bonkcasfls, buffet, chandeliers, etc.; 
large kitchen and pantry, two light Iiod- 
ro^'ima, full basement, cemented, garage; 
price until Christmas, $2,550; cash ar- 
ranged; balance easy. 360 Richmond Rd„ 
Foul Bay. 

A RARE opportuuuy; awcil l-roomad 
brand now modem bungalow, going 
at enormous caerlfico; every convenience, 
fully furnished. English piano, crockery, 
carpets, everything aa It stands and all' as 
clean aa a hew pin; Immediate disposal im- 
perative, hence this rldlculoualy low price; 
only $3,56«. Will arange terma to reliable 
party. Full partlculara of this huga bar- 
gain from .National Realty Co., 1382 Gov- 
ernment 8t. 

A GENUINE bargain, 6-rooraad fully mod- 
ern home, near Fernwood car and 
High School, every convenience, brand new, 
reduced to $2,500; $100 caah, balance as 
rent. National Realty Co„ 1232 Oovern- 
ment St. 

DISCAP.DKD stoves,' ranges, bought; re- 
pall-s; connefltlngit. Ph one 3S66L. 

Tj''lSHINO boat with power, or one sult- 
-*- able. Aijout 35 ft.; must I)o bedrock 
pl-lco, Box 5 21. Colonist. 

GOERZ Oager or Dogmaf lennes; any fo- 
ea l It-neth. BroWn, Photographcir. 

/^IL Mtovc or heater. Box 509. Colonial, 

\;\^.*Ji'rBD— Upright steam Soilor. cai>aclty 
»V 60 pounds., 711 ^Isgar-a ?tre9t, phujio 

1X7ANTED— A few horses for Winter pas- 
>' tuip; two hnndrerl nnd thirty acres 
all fenced, running water, now sheds and 
abundance nf good Titnniliv hay; twonly- 
flvfc ml|.>s from city. Inquiru (120 BrougU- 
t(«tl W. or Phone 2505, 

ANTED — Top market price paid for 

aucU.<, nifi l.niircl St.. Shoal Bay. 


A T 026 Superior Street, board and room. 
■i^ near tiovernmeut Bldgs. Phono 4S9L 

AT "Saxonhurst." 517 Government Street, 
comfortttblo rooms, good table, sitting- 
room, plnno. very reaaonablo rates. Phona 

10MF0UTABLE rooms, with or without 
board, ail oohvonlonces. 370 Cook St. 

'tXJ.VNTRD to borrow $9,000 on flrst mort- 
V» gugo on npartment block In city, 
valued at $30,000 Reply to Box 4S2, Col- 

'T^T'.^.NTKD to borrow, $2,000 on a flrst- 
» » class modern realdence In Victoria, 
i valued nt $ 11. 00ft. Box 4S96, Colonist. 


A MODERN C-room bungalow, corner Ro»e 
and Market Streets, low rent. Phone 


(Suction 42) 

Notice is hereby given that, on the flrst 
day of December next, application will ba 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for renewal of the hotel licence to 
■ell liquor by retail In ibe hotel known as 
the Oak Dell Hotel, situate at Colwood. in 
the Province of British Columbia, 

Dated this 3rd day of November, 1914. 





W^ANTED— From ten to foriy gallons of 
> V nillli dully; 

i>;il. colonlsl 

must bo of good qua,Hty. 

WANTED— Sfrond-hand portable oven; 
must be in good order, cheup. Apply 
to stall 7, Pandora Market. 

WANTED to Purchase — Language teach- 
ing phonograph with Froncli or Ger- 
mnn recordF. Address Dox 161. Colonist. 

WANTED — A blaokanilth's viae. Box 509, 



C COMFORTABLE foom and board, reason- 
."' able, close In, furnace hent. 615 Van- 
cou^ cr. Phono 3S20X. 

PAVING Ouesis — English family are pre- 
paccd to accept one or Iwo'ladle.o or 
fcunilemen. tully modern lniii.<ie every home 
eoinforl; hlghoHt references given and ex- 
poeled. Box 606. Colonist, 

THE Aberdeen, $41 McCIura St.. ara 
making special rates for permanent 



■tXrA.NTED — Board and two rooms, lady, 
'♦ two olilldren. .-, and >■ ; iitudcrn house; 
no other boardei-s. .\drtrcas Box 673, Col- 


■p^QUlTT $!,$•• in 6-reom liottaa, IS mla- 

- . "'!f "•i* '""* ""»' »•>'• What o(- 
feraT Box 4817. Coloniat 

FOR Sala — l«-room Aotiao. • bodvooma, 
modarn In eyonr particular. l«tf 
Rtohar4aon Street, or Oea. & BkoMli, 11(7 

Oovenimcnt lirraAt. 

■p^OR Sale — t-roomod boiure, Mw. modern. 
A bntlt-ln featurea. larc* Iwgeinont, 
water, light, bath, etc. few mlaataa from 
car, aptendid view from thja property; aac- 
rlflco ftt tJ.COO; terms |1«0 down, balance 
♦ JO per month. Oraham, Warren & Co., 
Ltd., 219-220 central Bld g. 


Al*MOKT newx pf»«t card aiixT, f»id<nH 
^*- •;»n»era, afvtfiint Bhiitter. Aldl»i anandg- 
niat lens; t'.jt»,p|«t^ ^1,1, eiiM,, ■ luiro^lHlti 

I'-!!** . •;*"''' "o»i H»i a ««ap at $2». Box 
«••, Colooist, 

AFtTRNISHBD bedroom or bed-sUtlng- 
room with light housekeeping prlvll- 
e ges; suit business lady. I'liono 2740L. 

A T 625 Sliiicoe St.. furnished housekeep- 
■^^ lug suites; rents low. 

kitolicnelte; also 
I'hone 442111. 

/"1LOSE Governmont Buildings, furnished 
^ -' houseknetiing roomii, $2; also two- 
roomed sullca, 521 SImooe {*t. 

BWD-.«!lTTiN(l room, 
bedroom, gns-rlnii. 

Ij^UR.NlSIIED houB-keepIng 
moutli anil . up; all Itlllsldc Ave. 

rooms, $i 

HOUSBKEEPING rooms $1.60; ^22 Fort 

NICELY furnlMhed housekeeping room, 
gas range, fireplace, telephone, bath- 
room, wash houae. electrlo light, etc. Cloaa 
C. P, R., 407 Belleville. 

■ - - - _ 

TWO room*, furniahed. $2.60 weekly. 
1411 Collinaon. 

-flTt Tort St.. houaake«»tac 


roumg; all 



'•^' ''''^^^^^ 


AT X>nn*iRulr Roome, 7ao Fort «*treet, 
rnnninit water, wtirm, ooevy, plenty 
henl. Rates ?3.C0 up. 

BBRDfSEN— 0«I licClure Street, are 
giving apeclal ratee to pormaneat 
ir ucata. 

COMFORTABLE] front room. $0T Mo»9 
81,. rurnarc heat, ci«.4« ».> car Termn 

SfACWVa front b*4l-«iitinir room. CM- 
' BMt, «»,•«. t'fiMo unn. 

ALL beautlmlly clean furnlohed suites. 
Norma ndb; .^partmentK. Phone 178flL. 

ACOMFORTAIJLY furnished 3-room 

suite, also 2-room ditto; free tele- 
Phoiif'H. .'-"avoy .Mansion s, phone 4 022R. 

VT Mount Edwards, corner Fort and 
Vancouver, furnished and unfurnished 
suite*; liirgt^ rooniB; car fares saved. 

l.'NOAl,OW, nve roomei, piano. Phonc 

FOR Rent — Four-room cottage. North 
En.1. Apply 2 


pply 2359 Lleach Drive. Oak 
Phone 34 01Y2. 

I^OR Rent — 533 Rlthet Street. Jame>» 
Ba.\'. r.-room cottage, close to car and 
lieach. -Apply . iihone 4S25L 1. 

FOR rent, a i;-room collage, near Ciorgo, 
partly furnished. Box o9S, Colonist. 

FOR Ront — Modern 8-room house. 1027 
FoVt Street. Oak Bay JuucU.-mi. S2(t. 
A|iply F. Hunii, phone 80; house S3i;''.;i. 

HOlLSB for reat, ."i rooni!!. new. modern, 
built-in fcntiires. plperl fur furnace, 
.qpl.-ndld view, few mlmiies from a car, 
$12.50 per nionth. Graham, Wari'en & Co,, 
Ltd.. 219-220 Central Bullrting. 

MtiOKUN house. 5 ro,,mK. practically new. 
with garugo, liirnace, fine placp| built- 
in liuffei. large baReinent, \ij cement floor. 
Beparate bath and toilet, Mitchell Street. 
Oak Hay: Urge lot, chicken coop; will 
rent cheup lu good tenant. Box 623. Colo- 

SEVEN-ROOMED house, fully furnished 
for Immediate possession; very reason- 
able. Phono 2n'*9Y. 

OEVlCN rooms, modem, furnace, Belmont 
1^ Ave., Immediate possession. 1444 Pem- 
broke St. 

mo Rent — 10-rooni house. 14 60 Dallas 
-I- Road, furnace heat, large garden and 
garage; low rent. Owner on premises 9 to 
1 2 a. m. 


Let — Five-room collage. Apply 1054 
Burdett Avenue. 

N.-.tJcc is hereby given thnt application 
will be made to the Legislative Assenibly 
of the ProvlflCe of British Columbia at 
Its next session on behalf of Uplands Lim- 
ited for an Act to authorize the appli- 
cant* to carry out and perfonit the agree- 
ment set forth In Schedule C lo the Oak 
Bay Act, 1910, as it may be varied by 
agreement between ilie Corporation of tho 
District of Oak Bay (berclnafier called the 
Cor,;nration), auu the appll.;-unla. To 
authorise a supplemental agreement be- 
•-W?"!! "''C si'Tilicauis and tho Corporation 
upon the matters herein referred to: To 
empower tho Corporation to chargo a lower 
rat« tor water supplied to tho applicants 
for flro protection, watering sireets, boule- 
vards, |<arks and squares, end flushing 
sewers ilian is charged for domestic pur- 
po.ic», and lo Ilx such price or rates as it 
shall think propei to l-.- charged for water 
supplied to the api.licant* for flro protec- 
tion, watering streets and boulevards, 
parks and squares, and Hushing sewers 
within Upland Farm. To authorize an 
asrcoment boLween tho applicants and the 
Corporation iclating 10 the water ratea, 
and lo tho collection and the enforcing 
and securing tho paynimit of water rates 
i for water Hupplicd to tl;e residents within 
j Upland Farm, or to the applicants. In such 
I wanner as may be provided by tho water 
charges, and other by-lawe of the Corpora- 
lion, and lo the tight to the Corporation 
to enter upon Lot -X. and the boulevards, 
parks and squares wllliln Upland Farm 
for tho purpose of Installing, maintaining, 
Inspecting and shuttink oti of meters. 
valveK and stop cocks, and diacontlnuing 
the supply of water on non-payment of 
water rentals, and as to the taking over 
by the Corporation oC tho mains, meters, 
valves and water supply plant of tho aonll- 
cants: To glv« to the Corpbratlon aud 
the »ppllcant8 reapccllvely the rights, 
poweva and authorities above mentioned, 
or referred to: To extend tho time for the 
completion by tho applicants of tho w.irits 
mentioned in tho said agreement set forth 
In said >»chcdule C. To eonflrin the plan 
of tho said Upland Farm depo.ilted in tho 
Victoria Land Rsslstry Offlco and ihcre 
numbered I21fi.\; and to authorize iho 
■ ubstltutlon therefor of iinuther similar 
plan of the aubillxlslon with tho addition 
of further subdivisions of certain lots con>- 
pi:l9-!d within said plan No. 12I6A. in all 
other respects to ratify and contlrm the 
said agreement sot forth in said Schedule 
C and the assessment therein provided lor 
and to continue tho same respectively la 
full force until the 31st December, 1919. 
Dated this 23rd day of November, 1914. 
Solicitor for the Applicants 

property, tenement, lot or part of lot, op 
both, in, through, or past which any water 
main or pipe shall run, a reasonable renf 
or charge for tho use or opportunity oC 
use of the water, M'hether such owner or 
occupant shall use tho water or not, or is 
connected or not with the water main or 
pipe, and for charging the owner or lessoo 
of each vacant property, lot or part of lot. 
fronting on nny street In, through or pant 
which any water main or plpps are to bo 
placed, provided the pipe or main runs In, 
through or past the said property, lot or part 
of lot, with a reasonable rent or charge 
for the us<2 or opporlunlly of using tho 
water, whether iheru la any connection or 
not, and for providlig that these powers 
shall apply to all water works herotofora 
conetructed under Local Improvement Sys- 
tem and taken over by the Municipality, 
and to all water works hereafter con- 
structed with moneys heretofore voted. 

(b) Authorising tho Council of the Mu- 
nl.Mpallty when a work la to be or ban 
been done cither under tho JIunlclpal Act 
or Local Improvement Act when a front- 
age rate is incapable or difficult of deter- 
mination, to charge an equitable propor- 
tion of the coBt of any such work against 
nny area or areas whether subdivided or 
not. and whether the same has or has not 
any frontage on any street; and to assess 
such charge by a special rate: 
I (c) To take over, alter and Improve any 
I ^vater workx. mains, pipes, or plant here- 
; toforo or hereafter constructed, and to as- 
sume bU littbllity In connection therewith, 
and particularly to exercise lu connection 
therewith the rights provided by gubsec. 
103 of Sec. 54 of the Municipal Act, and 
all rlghta lo be granted by the Act to be 

(d> Authorizing the Municipality to bor- 
row any amouut for fire protection pur- 

(o) Validating the Marigold and Black- 
wood Ij>cal Improvement By-law and ad- 
j diilonal by-laws affecting the same to be 
hereafter passed defining {he area «et 
out In said by-!aws and fixing tho assess- ' 
raenta and permitting the Municipality to 
apjiffss and collect the actual costs of the 

(t) And for such other powers as may 
be nece.q8ary or convenient In connection 
with the above. 

Dated this I at day of December. 1914. 

& TAIT, 
Of 10th Floor. B. C. Perm.inent Loan 

Building. Victoria, B. C, Solicitors for 

the Corporation of the District of 



ALANDALE Apkrtments. Linden and 
Hilda, one furnished and two unfur- 
nished r-ntes; rent* greatly reduced. 
everything flrst-class. Phona till or 

18591,. H. B. Maddock, fi W inch Bldg. 

RELLRVIJE Court — Cosy, "id oaTrr^heateS 
mute", fnrnUihrd or unfurnished, ideal 
oliimilon, rloB<' to ear ami sea; rents roa- 
soiiabb; service the be.xt. J. O. Dunford, 
munuger, 312 Union Bank Bldg,, phonoi 
*:-*i Hnd ««57Rl. 

riKNTRAL Park Apartmentik corner 
yj Quoena and Vancouver, 3-room aulte, 
for rent. 

PURNI8HF.D t-roum and bath auiiee lilt 
unfnmlahoa fll: Fairfield dtetrlot. 
I ampheii uroa.. 1007 Qo verentent St. 

TJj^ORT street, t-room aulte, liatli, gn*. 
■■ only llf. Phone Included. Phone 


*rj^OR Rent— -An nplier llat, SOstO, would 
A- inako a iHMd hall, or for factory our- 
pose*. Apply 828 Fi»gard St. 

T^'^ROM $11 a month up, two moma fur- 
-T nlahed, lot* of hot water, hot water 
heat. 2914 Douglaa. Tho Bclwll. 

FOR Sale— Ten acres, four mllet frOm 
Ouncana. wve acres partly cleared, 
two wore* foncnd and under oultlvatton. 
1-room houae. barn, two ehlcken houaee; 
fronting on main rood; price •$,••»,• terms 
lo suit. Box (27, colonist, 

UiNaAJinr, su coou tntvm""m»^im^ 

ttotSI PtiOK* fill. 


TO Rent — Modern «-rooin houae on Mon- 
treal Stree t. .\pplv 217 Montreal St. 

nV} Ijot — .\Iodern 8-room house, Undcn 
-L Avenue, below Rockland, $30; Hno- 
iQum and ran gew. Phone 1621, 

TO I,et — Five-room house, half block 
Parliament Building*, $18 month. 
Apply 447 KIngiton Street. 

TO — N'lne-room house, close to Par- 
Uanieiit Buildings, $35 month. Apply 
447 Kingston. 

TO rent, $-room aback on large lot, four 
minutes from city carline; very cheap. 
Apply Box 622, Colon iet. 

TO Let— 4 $2 Oovornmont Street, beauti- 
ful house, seren rooms, built-in fix- 
tures, furnace, gas, etc. Apply COS To- 
ronto St, 

NOTICE la hereby given that an appli- 
oation will bo made to the Legislative A«- 
Bcnibly uf the Province of British Columbia 
at ilH next Hesslon for on act to incorporate 
,in educational Institution, and being tiio 
Anglican Theological Coll.'ge of British Co- 
lumbia, in connection with the (";hurch of 
England In Canada, and under the author- 
ity- of the Provincial and General Synods 
theroor, with por.-er 10 acquire, hold, po*- 
sess and en.Ioy real and personal propcrlv 
v.lihin <-.r without the Province, and lU 
leai«e. mortgage, sell and transfer Iho same: 
iilso with iiower lo borrow or loan monev, 
and to give or receive security tlicrefuV. 
nlBo with power to arrange and teach 
claasRs in the theological and allied sub- 
jects; to establish halls In afllllatlon with 
said college: to affllialc with the University 
of British Columbia, and with other hall'/i 
already ecloblished. and to confer degrees 
!n Divinity and generally to exorcise and 
enjoy all such other rlghta, powers and 
privileges as are usually possessed by 
theological colleges. 

Dated this 28th day of November. A. D. 


Solicitors for .\npllcanis. 


To All Bnbjocts of Oormany, Anatrliu 
HuBffary and Uia Ottoman Bmptro 

NOTICK is hereby given tliat all per- 
sons who are subjects of Germany, Aus- 
tria-Hungary or the Ottoman Empire 
who reside or enter the City of 'Vlotorla 
or within a radius of twenty milea of 
the (Mty Hall are required forthwith tu 
pr»!.«!CiU tliemaelves at this oince to there 
register tholr names and adtlressea and 
give .Huch otU«,>i* particulars aa may l>e 
required of them. .Any alien of enemy 
nationality who fails to comply with the 
above before the 21st day of December 
ne.vt will be liable to arrest aa a nrlson- 
er of war. 


Law Chambers, Bastion Street, I9flc«m- 

ber 4. 1914. 



I<et — Pumtitiaa Mbto. 
Box ]«<« itllMde Ave. 


fpo Rant— Rfsht nM«BMh • fireplaces, fur- 
A. naca. panelled, watar. beamed «eil- 
ngs, built-in (tatures, garacu. tardaa I4lt 
Crawmore Road, Oalt »4$y. 


TyA,NTRD— small, modara house, three 

bedrooms; rumaee. Box M, Colon- 

W ANTED to I,eaac' — In seanlch. from 
191h. modern cottage and al>out Ave 
•crefc for 1 10 ( yeara. D. Box t&O, Col> 
tmlst, . , V ,• 

•■■-•■ -.-- .. '.- I - _ ■ I d ' ' r' I i 

WANTRD- immedlBfely, a smgll buttsa> 
low for (ihrtw^ a«viu (Hnsltaltl; no- 

^:, .,:,.,^.=k.ii;:;U-i.^i«:.^^.,.... ,;■:;, :,. ■..■.,-;A:wa:ttrt;v.^„wi^^;v..^,.^,.:.js,.,vi.:,J;A 


The attention of those inlorcated Is 
hereby drawn tO Section ft of tlip "Muni- 
cipal' lOUctlons' Act, Amcndnu-nt -Vet" 
of 1914, which provides that m> applica- 
tion to the Pollct> Mag-Istrato, or a Jiidyo, 
for un order to adil to i n- Voters' List 
the namos of any person, ,illcRed to 
have been Improperly omittetl there- 
from, shall be heard, or ordor made, 
after the 21at day of December, Instant, 

City Clerk's Office, C. M. C, 

'Victoria, B, C- December 10, lOU, 


Under InHlrtictlons from Hla Worship 
the MMyor and Boar^I of Aldermen, J^ witt 
Dell by Public Auction at tho CUy Cowb*' 
«li Chamtoora, Glty Nail. Viotoria, Hi }g^. 
on Thwraday, the lTtl>/r)eeonib«r, li\i. 
«t- the liottr of 2 o'clock |>,iu., U>a foU«Mr>f: 

1. Olid one-story fivA-roomM diriftUn« 
known as No. U88 tfUnley AY*tii||r^ 

2. One one-an<1-a>haU-fltOr]r |f veri* 

roomed 4lwcllln(t known tut "Ittt 
Avenue. ' ' •'; 

.1, One onejaniiia*half.-^«|i|d^,:^;;; 
roomed dwelllnc Known i|f ^l|i|tF 
Avenue. ' „ ,.;.:■■■ ,;■; f;';^' ' 

*. Triangular |j«Wi\of I*gi|> 

33 and 34.'aeeit43i««:'f#|t9|-';'''' 

8t#i»l«|r ikifmnit' 


'^''K^-' -. 

$mi4> irlttiiK 







War Is Senseless and Unnec- 
essary — Fighting For Ex- 
istence — Great Britain Is 

Kail \ ijii W'legaii. HtafC correHpuiident 
ul 111.- L'nlti-il IM-ess, rr^priHy olitalncd 
a. I'airly oxtoiinl\t' Intorvlow with the 
itei'inuii ('I'ciwii I'riiic'i-. while at liis .slalT 
hfa'liiuartors in France. It 1h the liist 
Intofvlow given sinee tlu> mubreuk ui' 
ii'iKtlliilcR hy any memher of tlm liu- 
'u-rla) t'amll.N', unil is jcirtlcnlarly liitci- 
-Hiij; III iliat it gives! an arourulu iilcii 
• I Uui (iermun point of view anil tlm 
ifUHon for tlu'- Crown Prince's actions, 
riie corre.siiondencc 'svas .sent liy -courlBr 
via Xumur. Alx J-.a Chappcllc and The 
]la|:;uc to Xjouclon, whcnci! it was sent 
liy cabin to J<jc'W Yorlc. It la asi follows: 

"I'lidoiibtf-cily this Is tho most stupid. 
stinHcles.«» nn<i unnficetisary war of mo- 
sicru times. Jt is a war not wanted by 
<'icrnjany. I can ansure you, bnl it wa-s 
forced on u.s, and tlie fact tliat wi' v,-ovv 
fit i>ffectually prepared to defend onr- 
smIvcs is now being ua<>d an an argu- 
ment to convince the world tl»at w»' de- 
siifd the conflict." 

In thp above words Frcd,Tlol< Wil- 
ludni. Crown Prince of (Jcrmany. nnvi 
'n'lr to tlic> throne of thi' Kaisor, upcni'd 
I he first Interview he lias tnt-r Kiven to 
a foreign newspaper man. 

"I am vnry pleased to .sei> you lipie," 
Iw- .said, "and T liope thai yr.u :iii;l 
plenty to inleifst you." 

"I hope .vour IinpcHal liifjliae.-^s will 
pardon my Anu'ricanl/.ed iJerman." I 
said, in slating to him sonir of thi- 
points in which I ihouRlit Ameriian 
ii-aders would be ciiietly InicreKtid 

"Then let uh tall\ JOntjlixh, if yon (im\ 
That we i-an better thii.w f.xpr. .--.s oiir- 

in}- tlie HUpport? and iiiouiltlnB.*' <'f the 
l-:nih tfiinh. 

Now, (he Orion was wpeidally con- 
strmtii,! for i;{.5 guiist. If iS-lnch suns 
had been pl.ueil ot» her the effect. of her 
l»roiid«lile woulil liavn boen JuhI «m dlsa.s- 
(.■iiu.'< lo tier ii.s til llie enemy, for platu-'' 
would hnvi) ".•^lartcO," ffun mountings 
would have t;l^"en way. and tiven the 
iinnnrcd dfi^lc would have got twist e<i, 
for the area of tlie declv over which the 
i;uii!< lire Is speeiully thicljened with iir- 
mored wt<.el lo rOsiBl the tendency to 
biieltle under the «hoclc of the dlwcliargos 
of hundnnls of pounds of cordite, The 
tleclv. la otlier word.«!, iH const i-ucted to 
stand the fire of 13. f. (runs, l)ut IS-lncli 
or IT-Inch guns would *«imply buckle It 
cleiiii out of shape, 
' The bltrger the fiun llio stroPKer ihe 
mouiitiiijf.y. deeli.s, turret."!. maKaB'ney, 
and »o on. To put u 17-lncH gun on a 
JTi-indi Hhlp means rebuilding the ship. 
The lilKuosi ffons carried on German 
iM'oadnouKhtP are ii-lncli trunn. They 
weisht IS tons each, and can lire a 
-sliell of l.itoo lb. .s' a.s the man 
in the street niisht thinle, that they am 
beint; tilted with in-inch s"ns. 

The 15-lncli gun wolghi.s fid ions, and 
llrert a shell of 1.3i!7 lb,, thai is to say, 
it weIi;hH -12 tons more and lires a .shell 
3t;7 lb. heavier than the 12-inch. If ten 
of theae guns ar« lUted, the extra weight 
of Kun.s alone Is 420 lono. Add the 
extra woiglit Qf tiirreta and mountinga, 
and Lhk! axti'a weight of aholU', which 
alone eome.i to 1.10 tons, and a sliip llttcd 
for 12-incli guns would carry an «'Xtra 
-',110(1 toii.s If ij-inch suns were substi- 
tuted. TIiIk extra weight would make 
the sliip comparatively u.-solras. and the 
lir.-it dlHcharKe of her new gun.s would, 
in nil [irobabillty, damage her to .«!uch an 
extent hy the extra strains wliich have 
not heeii allowed for In the buildlnif. 
that .>«ho nould have to be ilocUed foi' 

."^o thii'f is not tile t(lls-iite.''t reason 
wKv aiivoiic .should woi ry and think tlio 
(Itrtii.iii Hiny L>* beintr relllted with gi- 
^.-aiitlr i\i w Kuns warranteil to i4mash 
aii\ thin;;. It runt hi' done, any more 
iliitii >dn liiii Kei a (paart of water Into 
a I'liii poi. Till- navy i.s bound 
to !,,■ .supeilor In gun-lire all the time 
I'l I'o' war. 





Bonds and Stocks of Specula- 
tive Class Show Irregularity 
— Government Report Esti- 
mates Large Cotton Crop. 


.\i;\V VoKK. l>ir. Ml I'onliuued 
broadcninK of the deinund for high .irndo 
atcurltieti wa.-< the conspicuous feature 
of the generiil financial situation Loday. 
both on the stock exchanee and ainoiiB 
bankers, who ri'port<Hl a luit'<' number 
of "over Die counter" sales. TlK.-re wein 
HiL'ns of forelRn Ikiuldation. pri-«uiuablv 
for (lermany. but lhl» w«h taken wit li- 
on t strain. 

lioth bond.s aii.l stock.>( of t:r<(iulallve 
(luullty moved Irrcfrnlrirly, but the scope 
(>r the tiadin?, a.s well as lis nxtent, wa.s 
below that or recent iicilve days, Tii 
Iho mock llBt .'4ubTnltted by the ox- 
ciuuiffe the weaUfjst feniuie wa.s Xew 
York Central, which reflected yeslor- 
day'H dividend :iiinouncenient. 

itoutinu news inclnded the Xovember 
tonnage statement of Ihu V. S. SWel 
(."orpo ration, which was moro favorable 
tiiaii most forecasts, and the Govorn- 
nient cotton report, which estimated the 
Utlt-'l.'. yield at 18.000,000 bales 
without lintora. Should thi« 
b, fulfille.l, the crop will be the largest 
in the hi.story of the country. Cotton 
options broke perceptibly on publication 
of the report, 

Bankers wen- aRaiii in conference 
T ith representatives of the Kuropean 
t;<>vern:nents iilanning the placing of 
ii-lditloii.ll credits in this market, but no 
details coneernlng: these projeotf wen- 
o'Halnablc. Somi- of the prominent riiU- 
VI ay and Industrial corporatlon.'j also 
were said to have, new financUiK in c«n- 

I'nr the tlrst time in several ilays. 
I. larks failed to show IncreA.siiitj 

.(reiiatli, .i fi^^l "^WCA was aswelalod 
with the re<enl defeat of the flcrroon 
fle.n In the South 'Atlantic. More likely, 
however. It was <lue to a temporary 
cessation of demands for th^ae reniitr 

London's markets were checirCul. tUMl 
the Dank of lOngland showed improve- 
ment over recent weeks. 



B. S K. BrMd Flour. P*v 

4 9 -lb. sack 1 

Lake of th« Wood*. l>ag . , i 

Ktiyal llnuiehold, b«( > 

Hoyal Rtaiidard, ban " ■ 

MufTet'H Heit. t>aK '- 

RriowHakc, bas '■ 

I'lirlly. bag . • 

Wild Koiiw, bkK '■ 

UiiKl Kfal, iJi-r Kack '• 

Five KuacDi «ack - 

n. C. Craiiulntcd, ;0-lb. «k. 1 

U C. Oranulaled, 100-lb sk. 1- 


neoC, per Hi l-",j l" . 

ruwl, lb 

Chlnk«n«, rnllk t«d 

TurkuyH. per lb 

Mutton — 

Korfliliiiiiiei ?, pi-r 11> .![, in . 

iUndijuartera. per lb .tu lo . 

N«w Zealand Mulloii. lb.. .U to . 

I.unib, forequarHira. lb 

J.iiiiiD Illildiiuai ItT!-, lb. .. 

U>oal Li«K ^luuoa 


(liaiigrii, KIT deaeii 2S. . 3», 

Jhji Oiiins'i'- hex 

(■iil)foriii.i I'tiir", basUi'l . . ' 

LiBinona, Callfoniia, aui. . . 

.VppU'ii. local, iiflw, box... 1.00 lo I 

Okuriac"" Applea ,.. 1 

lianniian. p«i' doz 

]ni|i. .MulilKB (ilUllt'S, lb.. 

CeiMk-lion i.i;a|H», basket. 

Grat'efruli, t'ai'li lo and 

Caaeaba Mulon, fOCh «U and 

hua boxes lied liinperor 

Grap<!», i IbB. for 

X.,uff boit* Malaga Grapea, 

per lb 

Capu Cod Cranberries, peb lb. 

PcralinmonH, do/ 

ronjcitranaies. each 


AahcroCt . oitloea 1 

n. C. Polfttoes . . . ■ J 

UoelB, uew. per bunch.... 
Si>anli)h Onluna, 4 Iba. .... 

S]>liiacli, S Ibw 

Qabboge. new. lit 

Garlic, par lb 

parsnipa. bunch 

liocal Celery, stalk 

Tomatoes, basket 

Oreen Onions. 8 bunchea., 
California Dry Onions, rj lb. Head lettuce 

California Head Lettuce... 


Parsley, per bunch 

Poppers, green, per lb. . . 

Mint, per buncti 

Carrots, per bunch ^^ 

RttdUh. per buncli 

Turnips, per bunch 

Citrons, lb 

Silver Skin PJckling Onions 
Crkanagan Celery, per lb. ... 
California Tl>mo(^)OS, per lb. 
ripanlsh Onions. & ios. 
Calltornla Pickling Oidoiis. 

S ms. 

pnipklus. lb 

CaullUowers, lb li and 




C«<J. J^'-Wiir • • • 

Finnan IladdJa 


llc-rrlne. per "> 

Skaco ,..- 



Esquimau Oysters, dox. . . 

Alfalfa Hay, per ton »;•.'. 00 |2« 

Timothy Hay. per ton tl«.00 »:o 

Barley, per 100 lbs (2 

Ground Uarley. per 100 lbs. 12 

Bran, per 100 lbs It 

Bhorta. par 100 lbs....:.... II 

Cern. per luO lbs Il'.l'u J:; 

Cracked Corn, uer 100 lbs. *l 

Oat!». per 100 lbs $2 

Crushed Oats, per 100 lbs. it 

Straw, per bale 

Ualrx I'ruduce aniv ICggs 


Contest Eg*" 

Ixical. fresh, doa 

Easicrn Eggs, do* 

Butter — 
Edonbank (Chtlllwack).... 

Cowichan Cresrriery 

Salt tipring Island. lb. ... 

New Zealand, lb ....« 

N. V,'. Creamery. lb. 

Eastern Townships, lb. .... 

Eastern Creamery, lb 

Chc':8e. Canu.lian. lb. .j.^.. 

Eiigliah Stilton. i>er lb 

Canadian SttUoo. per lb. .. 












1! iJ . 




















cily Market Auction 

Auction Sale of 


Today, 2 p.m. 

I >lie Ki'i'd Milk Cow, lloiHCti, t'bkk- 
iiis. Kabbit.s. hariies!^, I'mmIucc, Kl^^ 


riion* 3484 646 Tlmga.xA St. 



iVlessrs Edwards & Fuller 

lliive rireivi^il Inst ruetloiiH to sell by 
rubUc Atictioii at Un llui'dett Avenue, 
tipposite tile CathodrnI all ibo •« 

Household Furniture 
and Effects 



l'"lirthfi- pailleulH!'.'! will lie ;;l\eu 111 

Suiiilay's ("oloiii.ii. 

XOWAKD8 fc TVItJ'JiM., Auotlonoera 

Phone 2149, 1119 Fort Bt. 

oitEDlTOKS' TKI'ST 1)EKI> AtTS ;\N1> 

.vMKNuixt; .v< rs. 

.Notice iB hereby Klveu thai 1..«1m ,\. 
FHicli. carryliijf on buslnetis under ihe firm 
name and style of Klnch & I'^lneh, as a 
ladles' outfitter, al number 7111 Vates 
.Street. In the City ot Vlolorla, ProTince of 
Drllish Columbia, asnlKned to Guorgo Hull, 
clM-k i.)f tlio City of Victoria, In the said 
Provliiee, In trust for the benidlt of bis 
creditors, all Ids rt-el and personal proi>- 
ortv. credits and eiTeci.i which may be 
seized or sold or atiaohud under execution 
by the "Exeoutlun Acf or atiachmeni 
w'lili-h BBslBiimeni la dal'd the 3<>th day 
of .November, One Thuusand Nine Hundred 
Biid Fourteen. 

And iiolleo is furilUT plven tlint a meet- 
ing of the ert'dllorst of ilie culd I.ois'ls A. 
KIneh will be held at HI! (Jentnil r.ullil- 
Ing. View Slri'ft, in tlio Clly of \'lctorla, 
aforesala. on Tliursday. thr lOih diiy of 
Ducember, l!<H ut -'00 In llie afternoon, 
fur tlio purpose of giving iliiceiluiis fm iho 
disposal of tlio ICstatf. 

.\nd notlee IH furllu.c nl\<'ii tliiil en-dltors 
are rnqulrtd to send to the nnslanee, on 
or l,«-fero the 10th il.iy of January, 
Uni- Thmi«Hiid Nliiu Hun<lii-d and Klftecn. 
particulars viirltled by jSiaiuiory Dpelarn- 
«f — t>i' di ' «»lii h» s nf i il — UUu — Mtt ei ii iUj i i — IM- 


liiKlructeil, we will ."ell at uur .sale.y- 
iHioni, 7:itJ View tit., 

TODAY. 2 p.m. 

■•iMt and W«U-X«pt 

Furniture and Effects 

liu'ludlii);: • rainier l^xleht I'luno, 
I ii'ip-lliuii Siiijier .SewliiK Machine, - 
< hlk Sldi-boardH, very fine '>ak Ihiffel, 
very fine Mlis.sion Oak ilorrls <!halr, 
with k-athci- cushions: Upiiolatercd Arm 
t'bairs and Uockers, MiihOKUny (.Centre 
'rabb's. Oak I'enlre Tables, Onyx Table, 
Leaiheretlo Couch, Sanitary Couch, 
.SinaU llilllard Table, l.euUieretle ITp- 
holwlered liavi-nport. 1' Klnt-lop, 'Z 
I'.'X tension Tabli-.s, Lilniun Cliairti, lol of 
I'Heclrl,! l'"lxlui..H, .Mahogany Tea THbb'. 
li'ur-lliii-d Coat, Caipet.s, Carpet tSquareu, 
fcjtair i^arpel, i.,inolcuni, .lardlniere 
Stand.s, ori>- fiill-Mi/.e ami two sliiKle all 
brOHW Ued.Hlead.".' .>^prlii;fK and Mutlre.SKes. 
Oak liroHseis and .Sland.s, Iron Jlcd- 
stc^ad.H, S|iriiiKK and Mattre.s.'^eM, Mirror 
Ooor, Wardrobe. Kitchen (Jnpboard, 
Kitchen Comfoi't, kltchon TabluH, Chairs, 
lot of t.'ooklntf Utensils, Lawn Mowers, 
Washing Machines, •( good .Steel llaii^.s. 
Heaters, Ijllnd.s, Curtains. .Screen Doors, 
PuncbiiiK- Bag and Hack, Cajje of 10 
Canaries, 1 lent and I'ly, etc., now on 

Algo at 11 o'Clook 

t l oii , 

any I held \>y tliem, iind lo riitlib.' nnv 
creditor lo vote. hlH elnlm niu.-il be filed 
on or before Mm date of llie nieeting. 

And uotico Is further glvon that the 
asslgnoc will, on and t.fti-r ilie lOlh day 
of .hinuary. One Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Klfti-en. procuud to di.'tU-niute the 
assets of the uuld L<=*1« A. Flneh. among 
lliB persons entitled tlierolo. having rc- 
>fard only to thi> claims of which he shall 
have then had noliee. and ho will not be 
held responsible for the axsets. or any part 
thereof so distributed to any person oC 
whose clatm he shall then have boon noti- 
fied, , 

Dated at Victoria, B. C.. thU 1st day of 
December. In the year of our Lord. 
Otio Thousand Xino Hundred and Foikteen. 

Care Turner. Bcctou & Co., Ltd.. 1282 
Wharf Street. Victoria. 11. C, Assignee, 

Ijot of Wire Netting, assortment of 
Chicken.';. iJiWn lt<dler, etc. 
MAYNAXS ft SOVS Auctioneer* 




Sllverwaie. AVatches. Mantel and other 
Clocks, Opera and Field Glasses, 'I'oilel 
Sets, Spectacles. Pocket Knives, Razors, 
Hair and Clothes Brushes, Hand Mir- 
rors, Safety Kazora, Kountain Pens, 
Hracolots, Chains, IjOdgc Pins. Buckles. 
Lockets. Carving Sets, Cutlery, Hand 
Hags. Valises, Trunks, etc. Including 
four Show Ca«es, Fixture*. Cash llegis- 
ter. one Safe t.Vorrii?), 4:!x5l and L'S 
i l p r p. 

A Unique 
to Everyone 

Prime Municipal Deben- 
tures lijive always been rec- 
ognized as among- the very 
^L'^t possible safe and re- 
munerative investments; but 
heretofore they were only 
available to the capitalist, 
i.e., the purchaser had to pay 

We Own and Offer to 

Sell a Few $500 Five Per 

Cent Bonds 

Issued By « First-CUss Brit- 
ish Columbia Municipality 

ai a rca.sonablc price ('below 

par") on easy terms, viz: 
$47.50 cash, balance $20.00 per 

6 per cent on deferred pay- 
nictit. prepayment if desired; 
and any time after the bond;* 
you liny arc paid for we Riiar- 
antce to loan you $3.^0.00 on 
cacli $500.00 bond tor six nionth.<i 
;if ordinary bank interest. 

I'.vcryonc wbo i.s saving, every 
merchant and business man who 
has fitrured some day to buy 
.;<iine Municipal Bond.s to set 
■Lsidc .sliould avail himself of thi.s 
evreptinnni opportunity. 

I / 

st'lves," was his quick ie|dy. 

.Xcting on the KUgKestion tlif Crown 
I'lince of Germany proceeded to Ki\e 
his tirst interview in KngUsli. 

"I am a soldier and therefor.> cannot 
iliscus.s politics." .said the Crown Prince, 
•'but It seems to me that this whole 
i>u,slnes6, all of this action that you see 
around here, is senseless, unnecestiary 
and uncalled for. 

"But Germany wa.s left no choice in 
tho matter. From the lowest to the 
iiighest wo all know tliat Wt- are lighting' 
for our existence. 1 know that soldiers 
of other nations probably .say that and 
a groat many of them probably think 
the same thing. This does not alter the 
fact, however, that we are actually 
lighting for our national life. 

"Since we knew that the present war 
was to be forced on us. It became our 
highest duty to anticipate tho struggle 
liy every necessary and possible prepara- 
tion for defense of the Fatherland 
as-.ilnst the iron ring which our en- 
emies have for years been carefully and 
.'-toadll.v weldlny about us. 

Oerniaas Stand Tosrctber 

"Xo powt>r on t^arth will ever be able 
to convince our people that this war 
wa.s not engineered solely and wholly 
with a view to crushing- the German 
people, their Government, tlieir institu- 
tions and all that they hold dear. As 
a result you will Gnd tho German peo- 
ple arc one grand unit imbued with a 
mashlflccnt spirit of self sacrifice." 

The scene of our conversation was 
the drawing-room of a smalt French 
villa, located a few milos directly back 
of the German fighting line, and it was 
used by the Crown Prince as a head- 
•luarters. for himself and staff. 

The prince wore on his uniform the 
Inslgna of his rank as lieu tenant-gen- 
eral and his lecently acquired black and 
white ribbon of the Order of the Iron 
Cross. He carried no sword, but toyed 
With a short swagger .stick similar to 
those carried by English cavalry. 

(Jur conversation had been In prog- 
ress bnt a short time when It became 
clear to me that the Crown Prince, like 
!•!• per eent of the Germans I harl met 
on the firing line and off it, holds Brit- 
ain responBlhle for the present war. 

Karly In the conversation the Crown 
Prince .issumerl the role of the infer-' 
viewer, and made evident his deep In- 
terest In the sentiment of the X.'nItod 
Stales and hi.s lack of understanding of 
tji'. general attitude of the Tnlted States 
towards Germany's position. L,ike a 
met^t majority of all rSernians, lie is lo under.stand exactly why there 
i.-< not more sympathy In the T'nited 
States for Germany. 

"There i.s no use or in purpose lo ho 
• I ved by our closing our eyes," he saf'"', 
:>i the fact that a \"cry large part of 
Ui. world Is m?. But it aiir- 
iTiMt.s me that .\merlcfi, to which wo 
;irt liound by ties of friend.<!hlp xlnd 
liood as to no olhor neutral oounlry, 
.\nierina, to which millions of our peo- 
I'lcf have gone and carri.^d the German 
lani^uugc and German idiris of Ilherty 
Jiiid fr ied(Mii. should ho' so toi.-iliy iiii- 
•ilde to put themselves in our place 

■'I would not bt) f''ank iinle.<"s I ol- 
tniiicti iliat It hn<* heen a .sifinl.-te to 
me Hint Americans have not seen rdoro 
ileai'ly "P to this time the po."'itio>i of 
Germany, entirely Burrnundeil by jeal- 
ous enenties. fighting for n-sr oxi.stenco." 

0«rmana Forced Into Battle at Point of 

Revolver — Oermana Rav* ITo 

Terror for BrltlaH 


'i l 9 f mi MMB Could Not Have 'Such Ouna oa 

BsttlMbipa— The Blggraat Carried 

at Froaent ara Twelve-Inch 


An instriicti Vi; Mrtlcln li\ :i nji » n l ,v. 
pert which appear.'; in Aiinwerfi, in will- 
ten to dixcoiiragc th(> Idoii that the Ger- 
rnan.s roulil mount I7-Incli guns In their 
battleships. "When a .shii) is dcilgned," 
Hald the writer, 'the very thing 
that I.s cnimidered i.s the nuinhcr and 
siae of the guPK that nro going to bo 
ctirried. Ai'fer that thnre comes the 
h.r>eed o{ the whip. It is nor till these 
iHci.s ar.' told him that tho designer 
ir.akPH any attempt to rlrnw uy* his plans 
for the battle.«hlp, 

"The de.sisn.'' for the hull, loi the 
?i iieial (MMit-tnn lion nt Ihe \ enHel jiito- 
gf. ther, depi-iiil to a vi'ry Inrgi- extent 
upon the luiniher and .•'izc of the gunw. 
I'Aery ouvt of the veH.sol, the luill. the 
deck, Ihe armor plating, and ho on, are 
all constructed fioin th» point of view 
of the strain they "HI hate to stand 
V'hen the giinf are fired. 

"The first ship to h.nve i:!.,'i gimn, for 
Mimple. wa.s the C>rloii. and experif^. 
it.ough they cnlnilaleil as far ji,.h pnt^- 
«iljle the effect of th" fire of thewe 
tiyantle guns, would not have been Kur- 
) iKed If the hull had been damaged 
V hr-n the .•■hiri underwent Us firing 


".Vs a matter of fact a number of un- 
expected things did happen. The thick 
glass of tloEefts of skylights and port- 
hcles were splintered or fractured, 
though the »kyllKhts were protected by 
iirinorod plates fa»«fene<l «Jo»vn lightly. 
l..\' the force of the concussion the bot- 
irtn of a snniall Mnt In ihe davits fell 
(l<nn out. and fh« terrific binat of the 
tiri«f4lc 13.5 had the effect of weaken- 

.\ I'ttii from nil officer In a 1.4incer 
regiment is reproduced in The L,ondon 
limes, irom which the following ex- 
tract Is taken: 

"It was simply grand to receive your 
letter of September 23 nlglit. and 
I rushed to the dying glow of a fire to 
devour all your news. My German la 
very useful, of course, and I am gener- 
ally put In charge of the prisoners, so 
hear lots of things, and their Ignorance 
on the war Is amazing. They arc Just 
fed on lies. Their officers tell them 
they are w'hining, that Paris la tak«n: 
but the same ofBcers drive the men to 
fight at the revolver's point. I bagged 
my very first German at thirty yards' 
range at Ulanch-e. lie was a Uhlan and, 
all unconscious of our proximity, walk- 
ed out of a wood. He never knew any- 
tbing, as my bullet hit him full in the 
throat and broke hia nook. We only 
bagged four of them; tho others kept 
to tlu- wood. :\t a later date I knocked 
one over at 1,200 yards with my sixth 
shot. Ho was a scout and showed up 
on a hill, as 1 thought, 1,000 yards 
away; ."o I sighted my rifle to that dis- 
tance, with no result. But 1 saw my 
sights to l,2<.iO and tried. He moved. 
Out my next took him between the 
shoulders and brought him down. 

AVe took our turn in the trenches — 
an unforgettable' time It was, as most 
of the attacking was done at night, and 
a weird sight we had. Bursting shell, 
sickly moon, a haze of enemy, the sma'-t 
rattle of our Afaxims and rifles, tho 
cries of the wounded — all hell let loose: 
our fellowK grim but cheerful, the 
enemy courting sudden death and land- 
ing it as we mowed them down in 
heaps. .">rot a yard could the modern 
lluns make. Their crack cori>s had no 
terrors for our men." 


<Furnl8hod by F. V,\ Stevenson *^fo > 

Open. UlBh. T^w. Clofe. 

January VIS 7. IS 7.oa 7.02 

March 7.8S 7.3S 7.J7 ;.!« 

Mov 1B« '•!''' '•-"' '•'^" 

July ■ Tit 1-"« "•5<> '-5" 

VUKUHt ., ... 7.8 J 7.SS T.SS 7.S0 

Deoemb'-r T.Oii T.ftS _"."'■' '■'>»' 


(FurnUhed I) 

Wheat — 
December . . . 
May ..-■•• • 

Corn — 
Oeocmber , . 
May ... 4 . . . 

Gate — 
December ... 
May ...... . 

Dccemtjcr . .. 

Lard — 
December . . . 

Short RIlJB- 
Docembcr . . . 

F. "W. i^tpvcn^nn & " 'o. ) 

Open. HlRh. t.<iw. Close 

115»i U« IH". It" 

130H l-»'^% G9''i l-0*i 



..17. no 


. . .I.Sli 
. . 9.93 

(59 ',i 



62 \4 

t7.t'.'. IT.S.'J 
IS.r.O 18.82 

. 0.71 














Amusing Epiaode of War — Oermana 

Putting TTntraliied Troops Into 

rront rightinff £lna 

An officer In the Hoyal Horse Artil- 
lery.. l»' a letter published in The 
Times of recent date, givc^ an inter- 
esting account of his experiences ;it 
the front. Kxtraots from the 1 ■!!"! 
ri.'ad as follows: 

"These Germans .can fl»h» all right, 
and they gave u.« a very iinptefl.snnt 
/ew hours yesterday momlnc, early. 
They brolcc our i en tie, drlvlnp- back a 
cavalry regiment; and the staff Imd 
very 1 iig facca . Howct'er, the 

• i\ ilry ooimlor-attaoked, aide'! bj' tre- 
),iondouH arllUery ^fire, anlfl the enemy 
were driven back v,*Uh very lienvy loss 
In killed." wounded and prltJOiiers. .V 
gunner suhsltern of a batter.v close 
here had an n musing experience the 
other day. lie was in a village right 
forward, observing the flro Mf ltl« iiat- 
tery; early In the morning, liowever. 
tho fieriiians riisin-d iht; vlllaec ;ind 
captureil the gallunt offlcoir. They 
v.'cre very kind lo liliii, and put liitn In 
a c<dlar out of danger from ciir shell.". 
with an eficojt to guaifi him. They 

reckoned without Ihe — , however. 

who counter-attacked, recaptured the 
vlUiis^e, and the Germans luuriedly re- 
treated, leaving their prisirer and 
escort l>ehind in the cellar. So ihc 
gallant subaltern, Instead of being a 
prisoner, returned trliimtdian; with the 
iiipinied cHcort. 

"AN'e've all more or lc.-i>- '.;iil ^nc- 
cesHCK 111 tlie rii;hUiis iatel,,', i.e.. We 
have lieatei) back llie tJerinaii attacks, 
whiih they made down the ertire line, 
with great lo.'ss to the i'noTn\-: and the 
I'Mrwt Corps wa.«< .particular!;.- ^ucce!>%- 
fiil. It advanced a bit, f uatlier. nnd 
llic Gernlan^J lo.-t i.r.OO de.nd iukI OOO 
prisoners. Wo know Ihe Germans nro 
pulling all sorts of rubbish Into their 
first lino, and we have taken heavy 
toll of it, i-Mpeclally the I'lrsit Corps, 
who got Into some untrained troops. 

"We want troops nad more Iroopa, 
but they are steadily rolllnyr up, and 
every day wn get stronger im.l the 
Germans wetiker." 

(iTTAW.V, Dec. Id. — .\nother proof of 
a lack of desire on th" part of Amer. 
Ir-an business men to <|o husin<ss with 
the Germans was glvon Kxlay hy a well- 
known manufacturer. Comoiet^tlnK on 
the difficulties experiencing in scK-urtnir 
f( supply of raw wool, this Vnanufao- 
turer slated that three of th" biggest 
dealers in Bonton were recitnlly ap- 
proached by German buyers, rrho of- 
fered to buy their entire output, Th« 
Germans were told by the Boffton firm*. 
however, that they ^ircferredi; to uttek 
to their old Cariadlsn an<| Rritiah 
customers. The action of tlvcso flrmfl 
has been much aopreciated In/ Canadinn 

niaokblrd .Syndleatc ... 

B. C. neflning Co. . . . . 
n. e. Copper Co. . . 

C. N. T. Vlslwrles ...* 
roronailon Oold ...... 

l^uckv Jim 5!ln« 

McOlillvroy Cos! 

Xugcet Oold 

I'ortlanO <'anal 

flambler Carll>oo 

Ked Ctlft 

Standard Load 


Strsvurt .M. anil D. ... 

Slocan .^inr ........... 

.s. .M. Inland creamery 
Stewart I^iitd 

Olaeier Creek .... i ... . 
iHlund Tnvealnient 
Cnion Club (D<>l>. i . . .< 
Wrst.-rn Can. P. .Mllla 

rortlond Tunnels 

North Hbore Iron 

.\thnba«<'B Oil ■ 

Sook,^ Wiit'TWorK-' 

Til.l. Asked. 

.JIO .80 

.30 1.50 
.04 .tJ> 

.02 »i .04 



.Dl«» .02 
















BritlaU oaieer ia Concaatratlon Ca|bp 

Baya Ha Xa Well Traatad — Prlaoa- 

•ra Are Cliaarfnl 

.\ communicallon from Kieui. I'carcc, 
of the Esse.v itcglment, who wa,s taken 
prisoner by the Germans and is now in 
a concentration camp at Crcfeld, is 'r>;- 
produced in the London Times, from 
whii-h the following extract is taken: 

'1 go', cut off in the early moru^ns 
With only eight men alive, and Was sur- 
routul»;<l by aoo Germans. Wo lUod a 
few rounds more, but my rcvirfVer Was 
empty, and wc liad to give in In the cud. 

"We are treated very Widl indeed 
here; we liave good beds and (Ire.s in 
the rooms, three good nieals a day, ami 
.a French soldier for sci'vant. and a 
splendid hot bath. Wc have toll-call 
twice a day. at 8 a. in. and O.l.'i p.m. 
Lights out at lll.4.'i. U,. have a large 
courtyard lo walk almut in. We have a 
canteen, wliero Wi- can |pu.v clothes and 
anything wc want. Prison fare is very 
good; new rolls an.l c.ofi'ec and fresh 

"I managed to keep my walcli all 
right and cigarette case. 1 liad a. very 
decent guard when 1 was coming up 
in the train; lie got me food, and wlic.n 
a. man fried to get In to attack me, he 
threw him olT the train. T ain In no 
danger of being shot imlc.s i try to 

"I shot till' man who was I'airying 
their colors and he wanted Lo have m-; 
shot, but luckily no om- .seemed to 
ne'ee with him. The next time f saw 
lilni be was bandaged uji. He was shot 
tlirough the shoulder. Me dashed up 
and shook my hand and shouted 'Mein 
freiinilt.' I expeci he was ghici to be 
sent liaclc to Gi'rinany, Will you send 
me t'l" — that Is all wc arc alloweil to 
have. There are a lot of French oiTlcern 
liere; It Is nfc to he able to talk to 
them. AVe are a very cheery crowd, and 
there Is some talk of football." 

MoBtraal MotV^tttX Txamm 

MON'TUKAL. Dec. 10.-— The Montreal 
general hospital which is seriously 
handicapped financially because it has 
been supported by private aubscrlptlon 
for years, and this backing lias not been 
forthcoming this yar. set out two daj's 
Ago to ralao $150,000. Ry last niffht 
tl.10.00ft ha^l been secured. The honorary 
governors of the Inatltution organised 
teams to canvas for funds. Herbert 
MolRon, captain of the team that aeourcd 
the largest amount, waa deoorated with 
an Iron Cross made In Canada. 

buBfn*'!'" circb'f 

agyyttaa Oot«*m 

LOXDOX. Dae 10,— Oraat BrlUIn ha."4 
announced oflloially that Bgypttan oot- 
ton may be exported to neutral •eotirn- 
trles without any I'eatrictlotl concerning 

Ms r»-fxporiatlon. 








18 Ml 















Sale Each Day, 3:30 and 7:30 
Corner of Tates and Oovarnment Sts. 




AUCTIOXEICRS. 1119 Fort St. 
WlU oontinua to aeU by Fubllo Auction 

TODAY, Dec. 1 1 

Comme'nciiij;- at 2::!0 p.m., ^11 the 


At the Siberian Fur Company's Store, 
adjoining the Balmoral Hotel, Douglas 
.Street, consisting of I'olai; Bear, Siberian 
(irlssley. Tiger and Leopard Uugs, 
Mu.squash. Fox, Laughing Hyena. I Hack 
llim'alaya.s-, Motor RugB, Fur Coats in 
.Miis<|ua.Mh. Seal, Haltlc Seal. Russian 
I'ony and Natural Musquash. Stoles and 
Mnff.s In Japanese Fox, Russlait 
lox, Alaska Black Fox, Canadian and 
I Ku.wsian Sable. 
EDWAXDS k, TVJmJjTE*, Auctionaera 
Phona 2149, 1119 Port Street 

Interest always sure and pay- 
able on tiic day. 

Ask your bani<er. financial ad- 
vi.scr or your .solicitor. 

Wi-ile for particular^ today: 

Dow Fraser 
Trust Company 

122 HastingB Street West 

4 )i.^r cent on deposits, credit- 
ed niontblv. f5nbjcci to withdraw- 

.\ccouii(.s satisfactorily ban- 
died by mail. 


Chartared Accountant 


Phone 4171 

722 Tataa Straat 

cs^^ ..■»tvp5v> 






the Urfctt and most up- 
to-date Office in British 
Cslumbia in these lines, and 
our equipment and facilities 
for executing work are right 
up to the minute, and all 
our work is of a first<lass 
character. Our aim from the 
first is to please, and our 
slogan is, "Once a customer, 
always a customer." 




a large number of employees 
throughout the year, and 
money earned hy them is 
spent in the city amongst 
the merchants and store- 
keepers, and in this way 
they have helped to build up 
some of the western stores 
and business concerns, so 
why not reciprocate and 
have all your printing, etc., 
done at home. 

The purchase of $1,000 worth in goods from your own 
city, instead of purchasing outside, means the addition of 
one person to your city instead of supporting him abroad 



Wh«n you w«nt •nytkiag in th« tin* of Prinlint 
giro ua a poraonal call, iind aoo our toiniilc* and 
tjrpo faeot, ■• thor aro Urfo and varied, and tho 
attontion tou rocoive i* of tKo boat Wo conaidor 
it much moro bcnoficial lo the cuttemor to moot 
ut at tho Offico with hie ordor, or ovon to auhmit 
hin pricoa and MmpUi, and lot him oonaldor tamo 


at hia loiawro. than to moot tho offorvoacont canvaator. who fonorally calla on row at iha wrong timo, whon you nro h««y, vr nnt in tht knti nf 
humor A fow minutoa with ua will do tho buainoaa and aavo you liMo and monoy. Try it onco and you will b« raro^t* fail iM haUt. .' 



' "i'VaiTi iiiiVljyiBriittiiiir'rfi'iiii^T' I 


■iiiiltlinini ■ 




■ . i'\ 






War Is Senseless and Unnec- 
essary — Fighting For Ex- 
istence — Great Britain Is 

Kail ^ nil wiujan. atafl" coii-etfi^outiunt 
uT th.- L'liltorJ Press, rix-eritly obtained 
it laiil}' extensive iniPTiMew- witli tho 
ii*-rinuii Crown I'rinc'i', wlillo at lil« staff 
lifailriuartors in France, ft \h tho first 
liilt^rvlow K'ivcn sincft tlio outl.u'oak of 
iioHtllltlcs by any iniimbor of tlio Im- 
porlaJ fanUI.\'. and Is pnrtloulurly Iiitt-r- 
-iliiK III that It Klves an aecuruto idea 
■ I' I ho (lerman point of vUw ami tho 
ri'a«on fov the Crown Prince's actions. 
I III' .-orroHiJoiulenfo was i^ewi Uy •courier 
\ ia Xamur. .-\1.\ La Chappflli' and The 
J liiHue to Jjondon, whunco It was sent 
ii\' fablp to Ntiw York.. It I8 as .follows; 

•'L'lJdoiibtf'dly this i.s tho most stupid. 
s»-nHele88 and nnnocessary war of mo- 
dpin times. It is a war not wanted by 
CTormany, I can a.ssure you, luit It waj< 
forcprt on us, and the fact that we were 
.-•o effectually prepared to defend our- 
-.•lvi»s is now being: used as an argu- 
ment to convince the world tliat we de- 
."-nrd the conflict.'" 

In the above words Fii'diTiek Wil- 
lielni. Crown Prince uf Uerniany. and 
tii'-lr to the throne of the Kais<>r, opened 
the first Interview he has c>ver given tn 
H foreign newspaper man 

"f am very pleased to sec > mi liere," 
lu' said, "and I liope that ynu I'uid 
Identy to Interest you." 

■I hope your Imperial llii:lme.•^^ will 
jiardon my Aiiierieanized (ierman," I 
sai<I, In stating to hlin some of ihe 
liolnts in which I ilioiiRht .\merlcaii 
readers would l)e chiefly inrerested. 

"Then let us talk l>;nH^lish, if you ffi! 
1liat we can better thus express our- 

-neUTs," waij his ciuitu i'^imv. 

-Setlng on the su;i(restlon tlf ('luwii 
I'liuee of Germany procetnie^l ti) £ri\e 
Ills first interview in Kngllsli. 

"I am a soMk-r and therefor.' caiinnt 
discuss politics." said the Crown Prince, 
"hut It seems to me that this wholo 
I'lislness, all of this action that you see 
around here, is senseless, unnecessary 
and uncalled for. 

"But Germany was left no choice in 
tho matter. Kroni the lowest to the 
highest we all know that we are fighting 
for our e^xlstence. I know that soldiers 
<jf other nations probably say that and 
a groat many of them probably think 
the same thing. This does not alter the 
fact, however, that we are actually 
llirhtlng for our national life. 

•'Since we knew that the present war 
was to be forced on us. It became om- 
tiighest duty to anticipate the struggle 
by every necessary and possible prepara- 
tion for defense of the Fatherland 
ajsninst the Iron ring which our en- 
emies have for years been carefully and 
sii'adil.v Avelding about us. 

Oermana Stand TogfctUar 

"So power on earth will ever be able 
to convince our people that this war 
was not engineered solely and wholly 
with a view to cruslting the Gernian 
people, their Oovernment, their instltu- 
tiona and all that they hold dear. As 
a result you will find the German peo- 
ple are one grand unit imbued with a 
magnlflcent spirit of self sacrifice." 

The scene of our conversation was 
iJie drawing-room of a small French 
villa, located a few mllos directly bacls 
of the German fighting line, and It was 
used by the ('rown Princo as a head- 
iiuartors for himself and staff. 

The prince wore on his uniform the 
inslgna of his rank as lleutenant-gcn- 
oral and his recently acc4uirod black and 
wiiite ribbon of the Order of the Iron 
Cro8.s. He carried no sword, but toyed 
With a short swagger stick similar to 
those carried by English cavalry. 

CUir conversation had been In prog- 
ress but a sliort tim6 when it became to me that the Crown Prince, like 
:"!• per cent of the Germans I had mot 
on the firing line and off It, holds Brit- 
ain re.'iponalhie for tlie present war. 

Karly in the conversation the Crown 
Prince assumed the role of the Inter- 
viewer, and made evident his deep in- 
ti. rest In the sentiment of tho t'nltod 
Ki.itos and his lack of underatanding of 
II,.. general attitude of the United States 
I 'Wards Germany's position. l.,ike a 
Aiiei^t majority of all Ge.rmans. he is 
m.alJle to understand exactly why there 
is not more synnmthy In the United 
■'-'i.'itcs for Germany. 

"There is no use or in purpose to ha 
N. ivc<l by our closing our eyes," he sain, 
■;i> the fact that a very large part of 
111. world i.s us. But It sur- 
inisp.'s me that .Vrricrlctl, ~T7r~WTnch wo 
■ re hound by ties of friend.ihip and 
liood as to no other neutral country, 
Auierlca, to wlilOi niilltons of our peo- 
I'le have gone and rarrie"! tlie (lerman 
language and Gorman ideas of liberty 
imd fr^icdoiii. slioiild bo' so totall.v un- 
'il'Ie to put themselves in our place. 

"I would not Vie f'-ank unless f .'id- 
1 ittcd that It has lieen a su"prise. (o 
111,, that Amcj-lcans have not seen wore 
' leai'lj' up to this time tho po.xilion of 
'lermany, entirely surrounded lj.y Jeal- 
I ii.« enemies, fighting for nor cxistenvjc." 

Ini' tile supports and mountings of the 
l-lneli guns. 

Nov\, the prion was spcel.-illy ''on- 
strueti^d for \V..^ guii.s. IC IB-lneh guns 
had Ijikmi pi a ceil on her the effect Of iier 
hroiidslde would have been Jiisl as dUa.'i- 
troiiK to lier as lo Hie enemy, for plates 
would liavo "started," gun mounting!' 
would liave given way. and even Hie 
minored deeU woiiid have got iwlsied. 
for tho area uf the deck over wiiii'li the 
emis lire Ik siieciully thickened with ar- 
mored steel to resist the tendency to 
buckle under tli» shook of the discharges 
of hundreds of pounds of oordlto, Tho 
<lecki in other words, is constructed to 
."ftand the tire of i3."i guns, but 13-int;ii 
or 17-ineli guns would simply b\ickle it 
clean out of shape. 

The bigger the gun in:- nliongt-r the 
niounliiigs, decks, turiet.s, magacines, 
ami so (in. To jnit a 17-inch gun on a 
;.".-lncli ship means reijtilMIng tlia ship. 

Tlie iilffgest guns carried on German 
J.ircadnouglits are r.'-liioh guns. They 
weight I.S tons each, and can lire a 
shell of i.Oiin lb. S'uppose. as tile man 
in tile .•itrcet Hiiglil tlUuk, tluit lU€y are 
lieliig fitted wltli l.l-inch guns, 

The ].*-ineli gun woiglu.-^ 1>0 tons, and 
lires a shell of 1,3(17 lb., that is to say. 
It weighs 4^ tons more and tires a shell 
SG7 lb. l»eavlcr than the 12-ihch. If ten 
of these guns are fitted, the extra welglit 
of guns alone is 4 20 tons. Add the 
extra weight of turrets and mountings, 
and tho extra weight of shell!;, which 
alone comes to iSO tons, and a aiilp llttoa 
for 12-incli guns would carry an extra 
-'.00(1 tons if ij-inch guns were substi- 
liUed. This extra weight would make 
the ship comparatively xisoless, and the 
first dlseharge of her new guns would, 
III all iirobabillty, damage her to sucli an 
extent iiy the extra strains wliioh have 
not been allowed for In the building, 
that she would have to be docked for 

So theri Is not tlie sllghte.-'t reason 
wl.y nii>o\u.' should worry and think tlie 
Cermaii nii\ y is being relUied with gi- 
Kaiili.- ]i<:w Kun.s warranted to smash 
aii,\ LhiiiK It cant be rione, any more 
than you ean gel a (juart ot water Into 
a pint poi. Thi- ^ritl^■h navy is Ijound 
to lif. supeiior In gun-ilre all tlie time 
'I 111.' wnr. 

Bonds and Stocks of Specula- 
tive Class Show Irregularity 
— Government Report Esti- 
mates Large Cotton Crop, 

-^6 T BY O fFieER^ 

.\i;\v VOKK. Dee. Id.— Continued 
luoadentng of the demand fur high grade 
securities was the eon.spieuuus feature 
uf the general fliu«ncial situation today, 
boll) on tile stuck I'xchango and amuiu; 
linnkers, who reported a large number 
t'f "over the count'T" sales. There were 
sijjna of foreign iiriuidation. prrsnmably 
for tlermaii\'. but llilti wus taken with- 
out strain. 

i;otii bunvls iiii.l stocks of speoulallvc 
iim;lity moved Irregularly, but tli,e scope 
or ih.' tiiidlns, as well as Us extent, was 
l>elo'\s' that of recent, active days. In 
the slock list submitted by the ex- 
change tlie weakest feature was New 
Vork Central, which reflected yester- 
(ia.v's dividend jiiinouncenient. 

itoutinc news Included the November 
tonnage statement of tho U. S. Steel 
(.'orporatlon, which wa« more favorable 
than mo.'st forecasLsi, and tho Oovern- 
ment cotton report, which estimated the 
1914-'l,-) yield ot almost 10,000,000 bales 
without Unters. Should this 
b, fulfilled, the crop will bo the largest 
III the history of the country. Cotton 
(>r>tions broke perceptibly en publication 
Kii I lie report. 

Hankers were again In conference 
▼, ith representatives of the Kuropean 
Coxernments i>lannlng the placing of 
tidcUtlonal credits In this market, but no 
details coneoniing these pro.lectB were 
oiitainablo. Hume of the prominent rail- 
way and industrial corporations also 
were said to have new financing in con- 

lor the first lime in several days, 
r.iarks failed to show liicreA."jJhc 
■' te i'i mtl ii I I — fa^* — uli i ch w a « ; ia;sOt i a l t: J 
with the recent defeat of the German 
fleet In ih<- South 'Atlantic. More likely, 
however. It was due to a tamporary 
cessation of demands f<^r th^se remiV- 
tar.ccF. 7 

London'.^ markets were chcorCiU, ai>^ 
the Hank of England showed Improve- 
ment over recent -weeks. 


(Furnl8b««3 l>v P. W. Stevenson * Co ) 

Open. lUBh. Ix>w. Close. 

.Tanuary 7.tS 7. IS T.03 7.02 

Marcl. 7.8S 7.«S 7.17 T.ll 

Mav ■J'"« ^'5* ^-^^ 1-^' 

July ::... ...... 7.7 4 7.74 7.50 7.80 

Au«UBt 7.8& 7.1(5 7.8S j.SO 

Ootoher 7.9.; 7 »7 7..0 >.>/• T.Oii 7.(1^ (-'.t'O ''.ss 


a.'urni»!i<»a by F. W. .^^t.-venson ^t ' 'o. ) 

Wheat— open. Tllgb. Low. Close 

December Ui>^i »l* l**;!- "L- 

May J3014 U'0% U»'i IJOS 

V^clmh^T <8 fiJJfc 8:Mi ^% 

May fi8H . «»% «»Vfc «« '4 

Oatu — _ .,-, L. ., 

December .... *' <' ;»* J»i» 

May ^'I'i Sl'i 51 fil% 

pocemli^r .1T.9» t7.«i.-. 17.S; 17.91; 

Mny 18. «3 IS. 50 18.85 18.87 

DfC^mUer 9fiS ''"O '-fiS »•«? 

May . . 9-92 ""^ 8.90 9.»2 

Sliort Ribs— ^. 

December 9.7G fit fl.7S 9.73 

May iV.Of. f".07 10. 02 lO.e'.' 


Qld; A-iked. 

Tllttckblrd Syndloate , "7 

15. (*. nefinlnj: Co !)« '*<•» 

n. c:, Copper Co JO 1.50 

C. N. r. Fluherles 40 

r.tronaiion Cfoltl ..» ••• •"* •^'' 

f..ucky Jim 7.lne -. .OSVj .04 

McOihlvray Coal IS .31 

NupRft (fold 'j^ 

Kiinililer (,'arit)00 «••>• • -■ ■ •-•' 

Ited <'Mn ... -Oil 

."Standard I^eod 1.00 1.40 

gnownlorm ...••••■... .10 -70 

.StfWftrt -M. "nd D. ....•...• .» . .05 

.mocan Star >...•.••,••. ... -SS 

.s, H. Tulan.l creamery BOO _.^. 

Stcwnri lAnd 7.50 


r.laoler Crock OUH .Or. 

iMlJtnd Tnventnieiit .2: 

I'nien Club (Deb. i .20 .UTi 

AVeslern <^iili. ^. .Mills . 1.2i' 

Portland Tuuivfls ■''<'> 

.Vorth .Shore Iron "'■ 

.Mhabasen OH '■'< 

Sooke WnlKT'Worlts '"'' 


British Ofllc«r is Cosctntratioa Camp 

•ay« He Zs Well Tr«»t«d — rrison- 

•ra Ar« Cta*«rfnl 

,^ eommunlctttion from Klent. r.ui' e, 
of the Esscv Ilegiment, who was taken 
prisoner by the (."lermans atid Is now In 
a concentration camj) at Crefeld, is re- 
produced in til"' London Tlmc^. from 
whieh tlie following e.vtiact \n taki-n: 

'1 go', cut ofV In the early morn'iiTg 
Willi only <dght men alive, and was avir- 
rouTided l>y liOO Ocrmans. We ih.-d a 
few rounds more, but my revi^U-.r was 
enipty. and we liad lu give in in the end. 

'•We are treated very well Inileed 
liiue; we have good beds and flrc--? In 
the rooms, tliroe good meals a day, and 
a French soldier for s'-rviml, and a 
splendid hot bath. W.' h;ni.' roll-eall 
twlei- a day, at 8 n.rn. and fl.l'i p.m. 
Lights out at 10.4ri. Wi' have a large 
coiirtyaiil lo walk about in. We liavo a 
canteen, wliei'o we can buy clothes nnd 
anything we want. I'rison fare is ver.v 
good: new rolls and eofffe and fresh 

"I managed to keep my watch all 
right and cigarette case, T had a. very 
ilecent guard when 1 was coming up 
In the train; lie got me food, and when 
a, man fried to get In to attack me, he 
threw him olT tho train. I arn in no 
danger of being shot unlea l try to 

"1 shot the man who was earr.ving 
their colors and he wanted lo luive mc 
shot, but luckily no one seemed to 
ng'ee witli him. Tht- next time I saw 
him he was b.nndaged up. lie was shot 
tlirough the shoulder. He clashed up 
an<l shook my hand and shouted 'Mein 
freiindt.' I expect he was ghiil to be 
sent back to (Serniany. Will you soiul 
me t.'i? — that is aU, we arc allowed to 
have. There are a lot of Frencli oillcers 
here: It la nice to be able to talk to 
them. Wo are n. very cheery crowd, and 
there l.i some ti)Ik Of football." 

M«mtr«iil Moiipital mada 

MONTIIKAL, Dec, 10.— The Montreal 
general hospital which in scriouflljr 
handicapped flnancUtly because tt ha^ 
been supported by private nubscrlptlon 
for yMra, and thin backing iiaa not been 
forthcomlnfir thlB year, set out two dayii 
aso to ralac 1 150,000. By lant niirht 
91.10,000 ha<) been aecured. The honorary 
governors ot the InatUutlon organised 
teamM to canvaR for funda. Herbert 
Molaon. captain of the team that aecured 
the largest amount, wa« decorated with 
an Iron Croan made in Canada. 



r, p«» 

49-lb. sack ' ■ 

L»l<e of ih«» Wood*, bag.- •• 

Fioyal ilouieUold, bag <' 

Koyal standard, bag ^> 

Murret'a Kelt, baa '- 

BiiowflaUe. baa '• 

I'ui liy. baj 

Wild Koite, baK '• 

UolU Kcal, tier inick '• 

Klv* HuBCif, Hack 

n. C. Crainiiaicd. :;o-lb. «k. i 

U. C- Granulated, lOO-lb al.. ?■ 


Ueef. per U> l-'/i Ui , 

l-"owl, It) 

Cblckeni, milk Tad 

'l'urk«yH. pel- lii 


KmeiHiiii ITH. pfV II' ,15 to , 

HluayUftrtoi'K. per lb .tu lo . 

N«w Zealand Mutton, lb.. .11 to , 

I.uinb, foreiiuart«.'r». lb 

I.Hiub HliidqunrliT!., lb. .. 

Uueal lAis Muitua 


(.Irangfs, ui-.r duaen .2S. .3i. 

.Iftp iJiiiiiges, box 

i';tllforiil.i I'liiiH. liUBl<.'t,. 
L«mnna. California, aox. . . 
.Vppleii. local, new, boic . . . 1.00 to 1 

oUuimS"*" Applf* 1 

Uaniinan. prr dox 

Jni|>. .Mulajja (liape.i. lb.. 
Ooi'iilelion vJfnp.n, baak«l. 

Grapefruit, cueh 10 and 

Cua^aba Melon, rach 40 and 

Lug lioXBS ll«d Emperor 

Grapeii. i lbs. for 

LuK boxe* Malaga Grapea, 

per lb 

Cape (-'o<3 Cia" berries, peb lb. 

I'erBlininonH, do>! 

I'omegranateM, each 


AsbcroCt . olato#a 1 

It. C. PotalocD 1 

Hoots, uaw. per bunoh.... 

Hpanlsli Otjions. 4 Iba 

Sj)ttineh, 5 Iba 

OabbfLge, new. Ih 

Uarllc, per lb 

Parsnips, bunch 

Liocat Cel«ry, atalk 

Tomatoes, baakot 

Oreen Onions, 9 bnnchec, . 
CaliCornla Dry Onions, 12 lb. 

Lo^al Head Loltuc« 

CalJfornltt Head Lettuce. . . 


Parsley, per bunctt 

Peppera, green, per lb. . . 

Mint, per bunch 

Carrots, per bunch ^^ 

Radish, per bunch 

Turnips, per bunch 

Citrons, lb 

Silver .'?kln Pickling Onlous 
OUanagnn Celery, per lb. ... 
California Tomafoos. per lb. 
Hpantsh Onlous. C lbs. 
Cultfornia I'ivkUns Onions. 

S lbs. 

pmpKlH a . — ttr. — 

CBUllUowers, lb IS and 





Stnnas ftaddl* 


Herring, per lb 




Kiqulmalc Oysters, doz. . . 

Alfalfa Hay, per ton 122. 0» |24 

Timothy Hay. per ton I18.00 tio 

Barley, per 100 Iba yi 

Ground Uarley, per 100 lbs. 13 

Bran, per lOO lbs tl 

Ehoria. par 100 Iba. • tl 

Corn, per lUO lbs t2.2& tS 

Cracked Corn. ,oer iOO lbs. ti 

Outs, per 100 lbs »2 

Crushed Onts, per 300 lbs, $2 

Straw, per bale 

Ualry I'rixluce aniv Kegs 

Contest Ebk« .., 

thecal, fresh, doz 

Eastern Eggs, dos 

Butter — 
EdenbanK (ChtlUwack). ... 

Cowlchttn Crcamury 

Salt iiprlng Island, lb. ... 

New Zealand, lb 

N. W. Creamery, lb 

Eastern Townships, lb. .... 

Bastern Creamery, lb 

CheKSe. Canadtao, lb. .j^.* 

English Stilton, jKr lb 

Canadian StUton, per lb. .• 





















• k 

















City Market Auction 

Auction Sale of 


Toclay, 2 p.m. 

line Kood .Milk t'ow. lloi.«es. t'liieU- 
I'lis. Jlalildt.-! liarne.'is, I'loiliiee. lOtc. 


S>hon« 3484 

646 riBgard St. 


Messrs Edwards & Fuller 

Have received Instriicilons to sell by 
FutoUo Auction at 841 . Ihudett Avenue, 
opposite tho Cat'liotlral all tho •• 

Household Furniture 
and Effects 



l'"lirth<'i- iiaillriilarh' uill lie-Kivcii in 
.Suiidny's f'oloiiisi. 

HSWASSB fc ruXiX.£Jl, Auctloueero 

Phone 2149. 1119 Fort Bt. 

0Kl«il7lTt)l{!V TRl'ST 1>KKI> AWH AM) 

.Notice Is hereby given Uiat I..ewl» A. 
Pinch, carrylnji on buslniisa under iho firm 
name and style of t'lneh & Klneh, a« a 
ladles' outntlor, ul number "1» Yftte.i 
Street. In the City of Victoria, ProTlnco of 
llrltlHh Columbia, asalKned to GoorRo Hall, 
clerk of Ihe city of Victoria, in the aald 
I'rovlaeo, In trust for tho benellt of his 
creditors, all his real and personal prop- 
crtv, credltB and eiTect.-i which may be 
seized or sold or altnehoti undur exeeullou 
by tho "Kxcculloii Act" or altaeliinent 
whl<-h asslgnini^ni is dalfd the 30lb day 
of .November, Onf Thousand .Nine Hundred 
anil Pourteen. 

And notlee In further Riven Hint a me<»t- 
Ing of tho iri'dli.>r-H of the said l/tnvli« A. 
Kineh will be liflil at ill Central lluUd- 
Ing. View .Slrei'!. in ihe Cltj' of Victoria, 
nfornsald. en Thursday, the 10th day of 
Ui-comber. It'll ul 2 30 In Hie afternoon, 
III!- the purpose ot giving direttioiis for the 
disposal or tho Ksiate. 

.Vnd notliie Is further clven ihiit creditors 
are ri'qulri'il In Honil lo tho fluHisnec. on 
or l.t-fore tho lOth <l.Ty of January, 
C)n(> Thiiusuiitl Nino flun<lrv<l and Flficf-n. 
particulars vr^rlllvd l.y Statutory Deelara- 
tloM, "f th''lr rlulins and ihi; Hoeiiriiy (if 


any i held by lliein. and To entitle any 
iredllor to vole. hln elnlm niu.'it he filed 
on or lieforc tho dale of the meeting. 

.\nct uoilctj IS further glvun that tho 
assignee win, on ai\d i-fti-r the 10th day 
of January. One Thousand >.'ine Hundred 
ftnrt F'lft<><'ni pr»o«ed -t« 4l4alrll>ut» (h» 
onsets of the said l.,ewlB .V. Finch, among 
the persons entitled thereto, having re- 
gard only to tho claims of which ho shall 
have then had notice, and he will not bo 
held rosjwnslhle for the aHsets. or an.v part 
thereof so distributed to any person of 
whoso claim ho shall then have bcon notl- 

Unted at Victoria, B. C., thla l«t day of 
I^eeemher. In the year of our l..ord, 
uiio Thousand XIne Hundred and i'"oikteeii. 

GBOItUK lf.\l.U 
Care Turner, Bcoton & Co., X.ld., IISU 
Wharf Street, Victoria. B. C.. Assignee. 



In.slriieted, «c will .-ell ai our .-saleH- 
rooin, "lm; View St., 

TODAY. 2 p.m. 

■alaot and WaU>Xapt 

Furniture and Effects 

1 iieiuilltiK:: • I'alnier L'pil.ijiit I'lano, 
1 ifoi'-llerol .Singer HewitiK Machine, Z 
Oak riideliouids, eery fine Dak Uiiffet, 
\ I'ry fine Mi.s.sion Oalt Morris Chair, 
with leather utiaiiions; Upholstered Ann 
Chairs and iiockei-B. Mahuifaiiy <.'ontre 
'I'aljle.s. Oali t'enlre Taljlc!*, Oiiy.\ Tabic, 
heiiiheri'tle <.:oucli, Sanitary Couch, 
.Small llllliard Table, L,''ath.'retle Up- 
holslcied IVaveiipoif. - Kliit-top Desks, U 
1','Xtf'ii.slon 'rahleN. DlnliiK <"halr.s, lot t»f 
lOleclrlc I''lxtures!, .Malioijauy Tea Table, 
I'^iir-lliied (.'oat. Carpetx. t'arpct Squares, 
Stair ( 'aipet, l.,inoIcuni, Jardiniere 
.•^laiid.s, on.' fiill-.Hl/e and two HliiKle nil 
liritss UedMteadw,' t>iiriii,.r.s an.l .Miitlre.' 
t>ak lircHH.Tn and Sland.s, Iron Bud- 
.stiMKl.M. fj'jiiiniiK and Maitreswe.s, Mirror 
Uoor, Wardrobe, Kitehen Cupboard, 
Kitchen (Jonilort, Uitehon Tables, Clialra, 
lot of Cooking Utensils, Lawn Mowers. 
WashluK- Machines, -1 good Steel llaiiK.'.s, 
lleatcrf., Curtaln.H. .Screen Ijoor.s, 
PuiR'hiiiK Kag and Uncle, Cage *>1 10 
Cnnarien, 1 lent and fly, etc., now on 

jvjsst:- \ . 

AIM* at 11 o'clock 

l>ot of wire Nettins, asHortment of 
Chlclveiifi, Uiwn rtoller, etc. 
XCAYITAXS ft! 80HS Auctioneer* 



silverware, Watclies, Alaiuel and other 
Clocks. Opera and l-'icld Gla.'«ses, 'follet 
Sets, Spectacles, Pocket Knives. Itazors. 
Hair and Clothes Brushes, Hand Mir- 
rors, Safety Ilazora, Fountain Pens, 
DracoletH, Chain.s, Lodge Pin.s. Buckles, 
Lockets, Carving Sets, Catler.v. Hand 
l^aerK. Vali.sfis, Trunks, etc. Includinj? 
four Show Cawes. Fixtures. Caali IlesL-^- 
ter, one Safe (XorriiO, 42x51 and 2S 

A Unique 
to Everyone 

Piinic; Municipal Deben- 
tures liave alway.s been rec- 
ognized as among: the very 
best possible safe and re- 
munerative investments; but 
lieretofore they were only 
uvaihtble to the capitalist, 
i.e., tlie purchaser had to pay 

We Own and Offer to 

Sell a Few $500 Five Per 

Cent Bonds 

Issued By • Furtt-Clais Brit- 
ish Columbia Municipality 

at a reasonable price (below 

par) on easy terms, viz: 
.$47..SO casli. balance $20.00 per 
month. . , 

6 per cent on deferred pay- 
ment, prepayment if desired; 
and any time after the bonds 
you l)uy arc paid for we R:uar- 
antcc to loan you $350.00 on $500.00 bond tor si.-c months 
at ordinary bank interest. 

Everyone who is .saving, every 
merchant and busine.^s man who 
ha.s 'fifnircd .some day to buy 
.ome Municipal Bonds to set 
aside should a\ail liiniself of this 
exceptional opportunity. 

interest alwaj-s sure and pay- 
able on ilie day. 

.\>.k your banker, financial ad- 
viser or your solicitor. 

Writr-for particulars today. 


Oarmaaa Cotild Hot Kave 'Buoli Ouns oa 

Battlashlpa — Tlia Blflfg-«st Carried 

at Vreaant ar« Twelve-Inch 

-Nil in.striictlve articlo hy u navnl .-x- 
t" rt which appeur.s In AiiMwei.«!, is wri!.- 
I. 1. to <li.scouraKe the Idea that the f.ler- 
iiiuns eouhl mount IT-inch ),'uii.s in tlieir 
baltlcship.s. ■When a slUi) i.s deHlgne^l," 
wiid the writer, "ihe very firfit thing 
tiat I.s conwidered I.k tlu. ntiinlier and 
size of tho gun.s thnt are polu!,' to he 
eiirrled. After that there comes tlic 
.'.pcetl of the .shin. It la not till th<»se 
inct."! ar.; told him tliat tin- do-'^lgnor 
in.'ikes any attempt to draw up his plans 
lor the battle.«hlp. 

"The dpnlpn.s for Ih" Inili. for the 
Mineral con.'-truetifm ot" lite \iisKel alto- 
>rt.thcr. ilcpond to i, very larRii extent 
oiHin tho luinilier and sl'/i- of the Kun.i, 
l';\er\' oart of Ihti vrs.yci. the hull, the 
dck. tile armor plating, and wo on, are 
all constructed from the point of view 
f;) tho Blraln they will ha\e to .stand 
e-hen the guns are fired. 

'"I'hci first Hhip to h.tvc l."..ri Ron.'i. for 
'•Niimple. wu.s tho.drion. and operts, 
itiuuxh they calculated an far a.s pos- 
ntbl*. the effect of the fire of thexe 
fiipantic jfunK, would not have been sur- 
rrised If the hull had been datnasod 
V hen the thip underwent Uh firing 
II SuIm. 

".^s a matter of fact a number of un- 
e^pected thlnfra did happen. The thlclt 
Kla.«a of donena of skyllKhtn and port- 
hrlm were ppHntfired or fractured, 
tboujrh the pkyiuhta were proteetefl bjr 
armored platcM feotencd <lown tluhtly. 
\'>y the forofl of the concuBwIon the bot- 
tom of H xmall lM>At ill '.he davitN fell 
cli'un out. and Ih4< tcrrlfle hlaat uf th« 
tilbantlo 13.5 hod the effect of w'oakcn- 

Oermans Forced Into Battle at Point of 

Bevolver — Oermani Rare Ho 

Terror for SritliUx 

.\ ktier from an officer In a l-.ancer 
reslment Is reproduced in Tlie London 
Times, trom wnlch the following ex- 
tract la takon: 

"It was simply grand to recolve your 
letter of .September 33 la.'tt night, and 
I rushed to the dying glow of a fire to 
devour all your newa. My Gorman la 
very useful, of course. an<l X am eenei- 
ally put In charge of the prisoners, no 
hear lots of things, and their Ignoranco 
on the war la amaalnK. They arc just 
fed on lies. Their officers tell them 
they are winning, that Paris ia tak'Sn; 
but the .same oHlcer.* drive the men to 
tight at the revolver'.s point. I bagged 
my very first German at thirty yards' 
range at Blanclve, Ho was a Uhlan and, 
all unconsclouH of our pro.tlmlty, walk- 
ed out of a wood. He never knew any- 
thing, as my bullet hit him full In the 
throat and broke his neck. We only 
ha.irged four of therh; the others kept 
to the wood. .Vt a later date I knocked 
one over at 1,200 yards with my sixth 
Phot. He was a .scout and showed up 
on a hill, a.s J thought, 1,000 yards 
away; so I aishted my rifle to that dis- 
tance, with no r«auU. But I saw my 
sight!» to 1.2O0 and tried. He moved, 
but my next took him between tho 
sitoulders and brought him down. 

We took our turn In the trenches — 
an unforgettabU- time It wa*«, as 
of the attacking was done at nlxht, and 
a weird sight we had. nursting shell, 
sickly moon, a haze of enem.v, the ama'-t 
rattle of our ilaxims and rifles, th'i 
cries of the wound.ed — all hell let loose: 
our fellows grim but cheerful, the 
enemy trourtlng sudden death and (Ind- 
Ing It as we mowed them down In 
hcapH. Xot a yard could tho inoilern 
Huns make. Their craek corii.s liad no 
terrors fur our men." 


Amusing Epiaoae Of War — Oermans 

Putting TTntrnined ■Troo'p!i Into 

Front rifhtlnr ILlae 

.Vn officer In the rtoyai Horse .Artil- 
lery, in 4 loiter published in The 
Times of recent date, glve^ an inter- 
estins account of \\\h e,"i:r>efiences .it 
tho front. I':.<ctract.s from the letter 
read as follows; 

"These Ocrmana can ffrht all right, 
and they gave u.s a very nnpleasnnt 
/ew hours yesterday mornlnc early. 
They broke our centa-e, drlvlnj.- back a 
cavalry regiment; and tlie staff had 
Tcry long fa<'e«. liowoyer, the 

car.tlry .-otmter-attaclced, aldcn by tre- 
mendous artjllery fire, and the ehemy 
were driven hack with very lionvy loss 
in killed,' wouiuled and prltioiiers. \ 
gunner suhalt''T'n of a liattcry cin.«ic> 
here had an !imusln« experience llic 
other day. lie wa.^ In a village right 
forward, ohservluK the fire -if V.I.s l);it- 
tei'y: early in the inornln;,', hotvever, 
the (lermans rushed Hie village iind 
captured the gallant officer. They 
were very Kind lo him. and put him in 
a cellar out of danger from cur .shell.s, 
with un esco^j't to sunrd him. They 
reckoned without the ^ — — , however, 
who counter-attacked, I'enaptured Ihe 
vill.'itro, and the Ciermans huir'edly re- 
treated, leaving their prl.s>rer .and 
e*eort behind In the eetlnr. So the 
uallant siihaltern. Instead of being n 
prisoner, returneil triiimphaiil with the 
caplured escort. 

"We've all more or le.'as !iad sue- 
eosse.K III the fighting late!;.', i.e.. we 
have beaten hack the '^lerman attacks, 
which they made down the ertlrc line, 
with great loss to the eTie.m%" and the 
l.'lit'l Corps was partieiilarly S'lccoss- 
Itil, It advanced n liil. 1 yntlier, nnd 
the fJernians lost l.-'-OO dead nnd BOO 
prl.soners. Wo know the (lermans arc 
putting all sorts of rubbish Into their 
first line, and we have taken heavy 
toll ofclt, espei'lally the I'lrst Corps, 
wiio got Into some untrainod troops. 

"We want troops nad more troops, 
hut tliey arc steadily rollln;; up, and 
every day we get stronger nn.l Ihc 
Oermiins weaker." 

Pr«f«r OaMMAtaa TrMIe 

iiTT.VWAi Dec. III. — Another proof of 
II lack of desire on tho part of Anner. 
lean business men to do huftlnoa with 
the Ciermans was given today bj a well- 
known manufacturer. CommePtlng on 
the difflcultle.i «xparlencln|[ in sectirlriK 
a «upply of raw wool, this , manufac- 
turer stat«d that three of tho blearest 
dealers lu Bonton were reoimtly ap- 
proached by Oermnn buyers, : who of- 
fered to buy their entire output, Th« 
Ciermans were told by the Boi^ton flrDiK, 
liowevor, that they nref«rre(^ to stick 
to their old Canadian an4 British 
customers. The action of xliotm Arms 
has been munh aui>reclat«>!< liy Canadian 
buslnean circle* ( 

L.OXDON. I>«o, 10.— areat BrIUIn has 
announced oinolally that E^'Ptlan cot- 
ton may be exported to neutral «onn- 
trias without any restriction uvtKernlui 
Us re-exportation. 










Entire New Management. 
Newly decorated and re* 
I furnished throughout. 

RatMi tl.OOpar Dar»Ja> 

With B*tK 12.00 ■>aa» 

Sale Each Say, 3:30 and 7:30 
Comer of Yates and Oovernment Sts. 




AUCTIOXEIORS, 111!) Fort St. 
Will continue to sell by PtibUc Auction 

TODAY, Dec. 1 1 

(.'oromehciiitt at "::'.0 p.m.. all the 


At the Siberian Fur Company's Stor^ 
adjoining tho Balmoral Hotel, Ddualas 
.•Street, consisting ot Polaij Bear. Siberian 
(Jrissley, Tiger and Leopard Ruga, 
MiLsquash, Fox, Laughing Hyena. Black 
Himalayas, Motor Hugs, Fur Coats in 
Musctuatjli, Seal. Ualtlo iSeal. Russian 
I'ony and Natural Musquash, Stoles and 
Muff.s in .lapanese Fox, Russian 
I'ox, Alaska Black Vox. Canadian and 
I Uus.slan Sable. 
EDWAHSS Ic PtTIiZ>i:it, Auctioneers 
Phone 2149, 1119 Port Street 

Dow Fraser 
Trust Company 

122 Hastings Street West 

4 ]);r rent on rlcposit.s. creciit- 
cfl niontlilv, subject to withdraw- 

Accounts satisfactorily han- 
dled by mail. 

Chartered Accountant | 







Phone «17« 

7 22 Tatet Street 1 







the Urgest and most up- 
to-date Office in British 
Cdlumbu in these lines, and 
our equipment and facilities 
for executing work are right 
up to the minute, and all 
our work is of a first<lass 
character. Our aim from the 
first is to please, and our 
slogan is, "Once a customer, 
always a customer.*' 





a large numher of emph>jees 
throughout the year, and 
money earned by them is 
spent in the city taongit 
the merchants and store- 
keepers, and in this way 
they have helped to build up 
some of the western stores 
and business concerns, so 
why not reciprocate and 
have all your printing, etc., 
done at home. 

The purchase of $1,000 worth in goods from your own 
city, instead of purchasing outside, means the addition of 
one person to your city instead of supporting him abroad 



When you w«nt snytkiittf-'n the line of Printinf 
fiv* us • personal call, and seo our ■•mplce and 
typo rsees. «• thoy sro Urf* and varied, and the 
attention you rocoiva ie of tho beet Wo consider 
it much more boneficial to the euatomor to moot 
ut at the Office with his order, or even lo •uhmit 
him prices and samples, and let kim eonslder same 


at his leisure, than to meet the effervescent canvasser, who fonorally calls on ftm at Iho wronc lime, when you aro busy, vr «•! in di* iMtt of 
humor A few minutes with us will do the businoe* and save you time and money. Try it once and you will bo euro, to «•( «k« haUt. .* 









"' riV'^'nhvW'; i iiifa i3i 




Another Day of Rarest Economies in Stylish Winter Coats 

$20^ Coats for $10-:?? 

$25^ Coats lor $15??? 

These two special offerings involve all 

Women's and Misses' sizes; likewise 

the smartest styles and materials that 

the season has witnessed 


Are to be had ia heavy tweeds, chinchillas, curl 
clcth, and a variety of novelty weaves. The 
styles show cape effects in a variety of ways, also 
tailored and other novelties. Every Coat speaks 
of M'armth and comfort, is well tailored and fin- 
ished in best style. 


Represent one of the smartest lots we've otTered 
at the price this season. The styles and fabrics 
are extremely smart and attractive and there's a 
very wide assortment to choose from. Every 
model a most desirable quality. 

— First Floor 

Men's $6.75 Heavy Wool Sweaters 

Today $4.75 

NOT often do we g^i the chance to make 
such a splendid offering- as this — there- 
fore, all the more reason why men should 
take immediate advantage and buy their new 
Winter Sweaters today. Only live dozen of 
these Sweaters and they come in beautiful 
qualities of all-wool, heavy knit, and in two 
styles; all sizes. One style is made with the 
popular shawl collar, as cut, two side pockets, 
and in colors grey, dark slate, and white. The 
other style has a long turnover collar, two side 
pockets, and in colors khaki, grey and navy 


Regular $6.75 Grades for $4.75 

— Main Floor 

Woolen Sweaters for Ladies' From $2.50 to $4.75 

SWEATER weather b with us and 
iiiiw is the time when most 
women appreciate one. They are so 
warm and cosy to wear about the 
home, i n l-'usin e t ' N, and p a rticularly 

adapted to sports wear, also for 
wall;ing and riding. We have many 
qualities from which you can choose, 
and if you want to give your friend 
a real useful gift this Christmas, we 
would suggest that you give her a 

We are showing samples of these 
garments today in the View Street 
windows. There are: 

Sweaters at J^2.50 — In good quality 
wdolcn niixtiiri-^ and in popular 
shades. A good sweater for home 
and business wear. 

Sweaters at V''^-75 — A splendid quality 
of all-wool. Shaker knit, and in good 
u.s(-ful shades. Finislicd with shawl 

Sweaters at *4.75 — .A good heavy wool 
(|iiality, well knit, finished with shawl 
collar, in colors fircy, white and dark 
sl«te. .\ very special quality. 

— Fir«t Floor 


Special Christmas Offering in 

Ladies' Silk Waists at ...... 

$2.50 is a very low price to give for a Silk Waist we will admit, 
but when that price really represents quaUties-:th^t;U&uaUV.-SeU.i*0.m S.?.5o 
to S5.00, surely it's a chance that's wei'W'flJt.lijV^^-' #he'BBlc;|^ we 
offer you today at this low price is an exce piiorially fine'rang'g'; and com- 

ing as it does, just when the problems Of Cliristrh^s gifts are uppermost m 
the minds of all, we are quite sure t;bat i^i^jiy of th^Se W'4ii^ will be 
selected on. They will make ideal gUi$: : Practically iiti collars rind sizes, 
and samples oan be seen in^4b%rVi*w 4tr-^e-^Wih3bws tioitay.. - 1 

' r •'• - <■ • — First Floor, 

Enjoy the Extra Comfort of a Flannelette Nightgown 

THE e.xtra comfort and warmth derived from wearing a flannelette 
gown is well worth .the modest cost. It's surprising what good qual- 
ities can be had for such low prices, and the garments wc quote here are 
exceptionally good values. You need to see and examine them before 
judging from this price list. This we invite vou to do. 

Fancy Striped Flannelette Gowns, in 
pink and blue: hiyli neck, lon.t? 
sleeves, finished with narrow lace 
editing. Special at SOp 

White Flannelette Gowns, a nice soft 
finish, made in the high neck style, 
and with long sleeves. Special 
value at 85< 

, Flannelette Gown, made in a nice 
plain stylo from extra' good quality 
wliitc flannelette. Has plain front 
with side pocket, turned down 
lolhir. and. front trimmed. with scal- 
loped cotjirbrrferyi^ -^Isii various 
other styles ,in' the'/S5Mi;ie' tpialit}'. 
Special value^at' V^., '..,'. V.'. .ijH.SO 

White Flannelette Gowns, made with 
tucked yoke, irinuned with silk em- 
broidery. Ili.^h neck and long 
sleeves. Splendid value for ^1.25 

Flannelettfe OoWns, made with double 
yoke, trinmud with silk in.-^ertion. 
High tieck. long sleeves, pink only, 
and in e.xtra large .sizes. Very 
special af f 1.25 

White Flannelette Gown, made in 
slipover style; square yoke of silk 
embroidery, three-quarter .length 
sleeve, tinishcd with frill of silk 
embroidery. Good value at ^H.75 

— Fir»t Floor 


;. >■ ■!* 

Genuine Hand-Embroidered and Hemstitched 

Squares ^-. 

Regular $4.50 to $5.50 grades 


Beautifully Trimmed Velvet 

Hats on Special Sale 

Today at 

= $2.50 = 

AN exceedingly sniarl range of triinmed velvet 
Hats is mariced for special sale today. 
Samples of these can l^e seen in the Broad Street 
windows, and you will easily recognize that there 
are Hats included that could not be purchased at 
the beginning of the season for at least three and 
four times today's price. A good range of colors 
to choose from as well as black. Every model is a 
rare bargain worth securing. 

Children's Bonnets 

In all wool, also in silk. Very pretty styles and colors; 
suitable for Christmas gifts. A large selection to choose 
from at all prices up to 54, uo from 35c 

^—Second Floor 


A Big Clean-Up of Men's Hats 

^2^0 to $3.50 Values, Clearing QfZg9 

at e^ch OwC 

NE of the best opportunities men have had for some con 
siderable time to buy a real good,- stylish Hat at a price 

out of all proportion to the regular. After a long season's sell- 
ing we have readjusted our stocks of Men's Hats and all broken 
lots and sizes have been grouped into this one price for a quick 
clearance. There are Hats of all styles and .shades in both smooth 
and rough Ihiishes and every one a desirable quality that was 
previously marked to sell from $2.00 to $3.50. Today you have 
your choice at, each . 85c 

— Main Floor 

THESE beaiitiful linens are taken from our regular stock, and the) are 
marked 'at very low prices for quick selling today. One of these 
squares will make an ideal gift for the housewife. They are all hand 
embroidered in pretty floral designs, also in drawn tlircad work and 
hemstitched all round. 

$2.25 Linen Cloth for $1.65 

,Vii exceptionally low price for an 
.\I1-Lincn 'lablcclotli tjiat will stand 
tlie test of time and launder well. A 
)iicc assortnicnl of dcsign.s to ciioosc 

Other Qualities in 8-4 Linen 
Tablecloths Reduced as Follows: 

8-4 Damask Tablecloths at 
Specially Reduced Prices: 

$1.25 Values for 65c 

Just the Cloth for the hrcakfast 
table — a Rood wearing quality in 
damasis dcsiKn> fncxpcnsivc and 
ca.':.y to launder. 

$1.50 Vahies for 95c 

Made from strong quality yarn.s in 
pretty damask designs, with loordcr 
all round, 

$1.75 Damask Tablecloth for 


A good quality Clotli iov cvcry-day 
U.SC, in neat damask patterns. 
















$4. .=50 















$6, .50 














— Main Floor 

Black and Colorecl Leather 
INovelty Bags Special at $1.25 

Novelty Bag.s are always appro- 
priate gifts to give a lady friend, 
and they are most useful, too. 
in the novelty bag department 
wc are making a very special 
offering for Christmas. These 
bags come in a good variety of 
new shapes in black and colored 
leather and most are fitted in- 
side with a small mirror. Ex- 
ceptional value for ... .$1.25 

Other Leather and Chain Mesh 
Bags in all the newest shapes at 
prices up from $1.50 

— -fthin Floor 

Fancy Collari, Mufflers, Tie* 
and Handkerchiefs 

These are the little items tliat 
make all the difference to one's 
personal appearance, and they 
make most acceptable Christmas 

Muslin and Lace Collars, in all the 
newest shapes and designs. Various 

prices up from 85^ 

Windsor Tie* and Sctrfa in a good as- 
.sortnient of colors. Each, 65c 

and 3B^ 

Muffltrt in white and colors, also in 
Mack and white; packed in pretty- 
boxes. All prices up from ...TBf 
Handkerchief a. in a very wide aMOrt- 
mcnt and allprices from, per doxen, 

60c to fS.AO. 

Also in many other prices too 
numerous to mention here. 


In Toy! and Today 

See Our Special Table of 
Toys, All ^ti^ 

Marked at tWC 

ONE ut" the finest assortments 
of Toys and Games for 
children ever assembled to sell at 
this price. Parents should bring 
their children along to see these 
and to make their choice for 
Christmas. Space will not permit our quoting all here, but we 
give a few items. 

Pet's Pastry Maker. 

Unbreakable Sailor Dolls. 

Kewpie Dolls. 


Soft Net Balls. 

Wool Balls. 

Indiarubt>er Balls, grey and colored. 

Sailing Boats. 

Doll's Kitchen Sets. 

Doll's Housewife Sets. 

Doll's Furniture Sets. 

Doll's Cupboard Sets. 

China Tea Sets. 

Painted Tin Tea Sets. 

Doll's Baths and Pail. 

Paint Cabinets. 


Train and Wagons. 

Trapeseing Clown. 

Dressed Dolls. 

Indian Dolls. 

Captain Dolls. 

Wooden Engines. 

Men^s $15.00 and $18.00 Suits Sell at $11.75 

HERH'S a savin^£j that's well worth while to the man who needs a new 
Suit this Winter. Every Suit in this offering was previously marked 
from $15.00 to $18.00; theonly reason for our marking them down to 
this low price is Ihe fact that they represent the broken sizes that must 
essentially be cleared in order to keep our stocks in proper order. Men 
interested in a new Suit .should most certainly investigate this offering 
and buy today. Samples can be seen in the View Street windows. Your 
choice "from this assortment today at $11.75 

— Main Floor 

Latest Novelties in Men's Furnishings Suitable for 

Christmas Gifts 

THE Men's Furnishing department is alive with very special values in 
goods suitable for Christmas gifts for men and boys. Ties, Col- 
lars. Scarfs, Gloves, Tie Pins, Studs and other jewelry, also Braces, Arm 
Bands, Watch Fobs, to say nothing about the excellent assortment of 
Shirt.s Socks, Handkerchiefs, Sweaters and Underwear. Space will only 
permi.t of a few of these special offerings being mentioned here. We 
invite you to come in and look around for yourself. 

Doll's Wooden Beds 
Christmas Stockings. 
Skipping Ropes. 
Driving Reins. 
Building Blocks. 
Pierrott Dolls. 
Fancy Needlework Sets. 
Horse and Wagon, wood. 
Horse and Wagon, tin. 
Tennis Baskets. 
Soldier Dolls. 
Boy Whistling Dolls. 
Squeaking Dolls. 
Babies' Bath Duck. 
Babies' Doll Rattles. 
Esquitno Doll. 
Drawing Slates. 
Celluloid Baby Rattles. 
Dresser Sets. 
Pet Sand Toy Sets. 
Pet's Washing Sets, 

— Second Floor 

A Special Clean-Up ol Slightly Soiled 
Blankets— Saturday 

THESE Blankets got a little soiled while on display in the windows, 
also in the stockroom recently. About 25 to 30 pairs in the lot 
and we have marked them at a substantial reduction for an immediate 
clearance. Some are all wool, others are woolen mixtures, A good 
opportunity to buy a pair at a very low price. 

Regular $4.00 values, size 60 x JO, at, Regiilar $7.00 values, size 66 x 86, at, 

pair ....•.,.. .9^'9K 

Regular $8.00 values, size 70 x 86, at. 
pair ...: .....;.... 9^.95 

Four-in-Hand Ties, in plain and fancy 
shades, straiglit or wide ends; ex- 
cellent assortment of pretty de- 
signs and colorings to choose from, 
liiich Tic put up in fancy holly box, 
suitable for sending away. Special, 
each, 75c, ."iOc and 25^ 

White Jap Silk Mufflers, larcci- size. 
Each *1.25 

Men's Collar Boxes, in suede and 
fancy Ic;.tluT. l-lach. .$2.00 to fl.OO 

Men's Fancy Jewelry for Christmas 
gifts, put up ''n siiiple boxes. Tie 
Pin, CufT Links ind Tic Clip, all to 
match. Per set fl.50 

A Large Range of Tie Pins from 75c 
to *1.50 

Fancy Tie Clips. Each, 50c and 5C5«iJ 

Men's Watch Fobs. Special value 
J,, ....$1.76 

Men's Colored Bordered Mercerized 
Handkerchiefs, soft iinish, for im- 
mediate use. Special value, 2 for 
25c and 3, for 25^ 

Men's Wool, also Wool and Silk 
Knitted Mufflers, in shot effects, 
fuH length and width. .\11 prices 
from $.3.0U to »<>*> 

Fine Dress Kid Gloves, silk lined; $2.50 value for, pair, fJi.OO 

Heavy Cape Kid Dress or Driving 
Gloves, in tan shade.s. silk lined; 
$2.00 values for. pair fl.SO, 

Fine Dress Kid Gloves, unlined, tan- 
color: regular $2.25 value for, 
pair $1.75 

Beaver Suede Gloves, silk lined and 
unlined; regular $1.75 value for, 
pair fl.OO 

Beaver Suede Gloves, in sizes 7'/i 
and 7j/> only; unh'ncd: one-button; 
reg. $1.00 grade for. pair 500 

Grey Suede and Tan Kid Gloves, all 
tizcs. Special, per pair ....$1.00 

Tan and Grey Wool Lined Mocha 
Gloves, imported brand. .Special, 
per pair $1.25 

Heavy Wool Lined Mocha Gloves. 

tan shades. Special, per pair, $1.(X) 
and 7S^ 

Tan and Brown Kid Gloves, wool 
lined, all sizes for, per pair, $1.25 
and ..-.. . . . '*'5«S 

Mocha Wool Lined Gloves, the l>est 
(|uality, also Kid Wool Lined 
Gloves, all sizes. Special, per 
pair $1.50 

Men's Woolen Gloves for, per pair. 
75c, 50c, 35c and 25p 

pair ...... .».^ $8.95 

Regular $6.00 values, size 64 x 82, at, 
pair $4.$5 

Abo regular $8.00 English Blankets in white, grey and red, per pair $6.50 

Mix and Knead Your Bread 
in Three Minutes 

And make lighter and better bread 
than you can possibly knead by 
hand in half an hour. That i> 
what you can accomplish by using 



Any yeast, flour or recipe that 
will make good bread by hand 
make better bread by the Uni- 
versal method. 

Your hands only come in con- 
tact with the dough when it is 
placed in the pan for baking. In 
two sizes: 

4 to 6 loaf size $2.25 

'8 to 10 loaf size $2.75 

An excellent gift for the house- 

— Second Floor 


Ladies' Silk Undervettt 

In pretty shades of nale pink and 
pale blue, also ^^hite. Hand 
embroidered fronk specially 
suited for evening] wea''. In 
three grades, each $B.9o, $2.90 
and • , . i . . . . $1 •90 

I— Firat Floor 



Felt Arctic Plaid Slippers for 
Men and Women 

One of the most favored slip- 
pers for Christmas gifts. These 
slippers are warm and' comfort- 
able, and particularly suited for 
fireside, bedroom and bathroom 
wear. Made from plaid felt with 
turnover collar and felt and leath- 
er soles. 

In sizes for men, at pair, 85c, $1. 
and $1.50 

In sizes for women, at pair, 75c 
and $1.00 

— Mon'«, Main Floor 
— ^Womoa's, First Floor 

Christmas and New Year 


In an endless variety, suitable for 
all. Prices from as low a|^ Iflfj f 
5c up to the high-frtd^ ^unQ^ 3I 
oD vellum. Come in and c^pili ^^^ 
before the best are all bo^pilt «q^ 



■ fl:«ffv*w^«f^ •A"' 


S''^ffltf^ltW1t«7^'•;•v^ #«w^«'»Tw(jv-w**.#»»»w»'ys' 





»«»-«i/V«»«-' V'l»««»'«i*il>iwH' ' net-f .1