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Bttsinesf Olllce h 

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Job Printing. ...,, ,, 197 

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Editor .'.am 



Country Prepared to Proceed With Work of Re- 
generation and Reconstruction as Soon as Settle- 
ment Is Reached— Empire Must Be Whole and 

^ I 



Large niambcn of German 
naval officers are being em- 
ployed by Swedish shipowners. 

The gOTcmmcnt, therefore, is 
preparing a bill to combat inva- 
sions of the Swedish sesnien^ 
union and also to provide 
against the employment of Ger- 





•j^ONSTANTINOPLE. Friday. Dec. 5.-The Sultan of Turkey. 
Mbhammed VI today received the Associated Press correspondent 
and discussed the Turkish situation and the part Turkey is taking 
m the settlement of the world peace. 

H^uu^ the view of the Sultan, despite alarmist impressions in Europe 
>vith regard to the peace settlement, Turkey politically is taking a 
S?. ?,?JJ,v! T?i? '^^f,^?"fbleness. relying upon the judgment and also 

)k! I V f °^ *^^ ^^ [f ** P**"^*^"' ^' ^'^ Austria, in order to secure 
■Che best terms possible. 

♦I,. ^^'^^^ has been a moderate amount of propaganda to show that 
the Turks are fundamentally like other human beings-no better, no 
worse--and that the nationalists have temporarily submerged the 

L^.nl^^^^ I !tL^"''^^^ ^"^" i*^^*^^ and Talaat Pasha, who ar e 
Knowii> ^s hotheads of tBe Germanic school. ~ • 

There is a suggestion of defensive attitude in the event the terms 

the Islamic 

^ll! *" °^ '^^ °P*"''*" thkt thLs is more"of'a 'threat' thin ^anything 

^L«, "f J ?T' ^"**/^ ^"''^^y •« partitioned, that xne i, 
SST S 1 u •"'***' ^"'••'"ta" and Egypt may make common 
wi^h Bolshevism, especially against the British. But foreign ( 



VANCOUVER. B.C., Dec. 11,— 
Over two years' accumulation of sup- 
plies, includlngr enough rails, cars and 
•car parts" to build and equip an en- 
tire railway, are stored In the yards 
of the Canadian Paclflc Railway at 
Port Coquitlam. destined for the 
antl-Bolftheviki forces in Russia. 

The information was gleaned from 
11. V. Keeler. chief of the accountinR 
department of the Russian mUslon 
to the United Sutes, who was in the 
city on Wednesday on a trip for the' 
purpose of checking up and examin- 
ing: this vast deposit of stores. These 
contjiln the accumulations by the 
mission of the past two years, and all 
the time they have been lying in the 
yards at Coquitlum awaiting ship- 
ment to Russia. 

It was announced by Mr. Keeler 
that arrangements Were being made 
to have all supplies shipped as soon 
as possible to ports on the Baltic and 
the Black Sea which are held by-the 
antl-Bolsheviki forces under General 

• ; 



Mr. Balfour Expresses Regret 
That Co-Operation in World 
Reconstruction Has Been I UQUOR REFERENDUM 
Temporarily Withheld. VOTE IS ATTACKED 

TORONTO. Dec. U.— An exhaustive 
report on the referendum vote from each 
electoral district was presented by'B. K. 
•BUI at this , morning's session of the 
Citlsens' Liberty League convention, be- 
ing held in the Foresters' Hall. 

The report showed that according to 
the official returns published by Arthur 
Sydore, Clerk of the Crown In Chancer}-, 
in this week's OnUrio Oasette. the re- 
turns of 73 out of 177 districts do not 
check on the four questions submitted. 

Mr. Bill contended that there had 
been a breach of the Referendum Act. 
and that the Oovernment In power 
should declare the election on the Tem- 
perance Referendum Act null and void. 


Unfortunate That Direct Ac- 
tion by Great English- 
Speal<ing Democracy Can- 
not Be Counted Upon. ' 

Says He Still Holds Intention to Advance on Petro^ 

grad— Bulk of His Army Is Still Intact on 

Russian Soil--Plans for Joint 

Offensive Forming ' 


M. Clemenceau and'A/lr. Lloyd 
George Talk Over Turkish, 
Russian and Other Ques- 
tions Needing Settlement. 

IjONDON, Dec. 11. — M, Clemen- 
tway, the French Premier, arrived in 
I^ntfon today, ooming by iovltation 
of Premier Lloyd Oeorge, and con- 
ferred with th« Pr«mi«r In his office 
In Downing Street. 

Nothing deAnlte is known concern- 
ing the matters discussed, but It is 
hinted that Important results were 

M. Clemenoeau dined -prfvately this 
evening with friends. 'A>m«t'row 
night he will have dinner with Earl 
Curxon, and probably will be received 
by King George on Saturday, after 
which It la expected he will return to 

According to one aqthoi-lty, the 
questions to be discussed tomorrow 
comprise notably arrangement* for a 
conference on Turkish affailra and 
Bome means for eventually bringing 
order ant of the Russian ohaos. 
f Officials of France, as well as the 
French people, according to this au- 
thority, still count upon the Franco- 
AmeHcan pact, and until the United 
{States Benatc gives indications that 
It will -not raUty It, there will be no 
ofhciul action looking toward a sub- 
stitute for American help. 

PAR18, Dec. 1 l.^—Premler Clemen- 
feau huB summoned Louie I.iOUcheur. 
^Minister of Reconstructlup. to discumi 
the question of an exchahge of coal. 
M. Loucheur left Paris this after- 

'X . ■■«4y^'«^« »ee«fui V 

He betfan speaking in Turkish to an 
Interpreter, his aide, Lieut. Commander 

"Turkish peace Is desired quickly be- 
cause delay is worse than war. It 
Interferes with our political and eco- 
nomic conditions and also our finances. 
The unceruinty tries the raonUe ot 
the j>eople. who have been long at war 
and likewise involves misery and sick- 

"As for the kind of peace we desire — 
« is one that will Keep the East tran- 
quil. In which the powers of Europe 
are concerned. Eastern peace can be 
maintained only if Turkey is left In- 
dependent. Whoever knows the E^ast 
will agree with this opinion. The Islam- 
ic world will be satisfied 'only with 
our freedom. 

"Regarding t|ie Amei^lcan Senate, I 
believe it wUl be wise toward us. It 
is clearly unfair that other nationalities 
should profit by President Wilson's 
pledges and not we. President Wilson's 
principles were approved by the Allied 
Powers. We also rely on their sense 


Presented by Owner as IVIem- 
orial of Its Capture— Other 
French and Belgian Sites Are 

LONDON, Dec. 11.— Mr. Arthur J. 
Balfour, Lord President of the Coun- 
cil, in a speech today in London on 
world reconstruction, said: 

"One of the greatest of our Allies 
reelB that it cannot go through with 
us to the end In this process of re- 
construction. I am not going to 
criticize, because I think it out of 
plac e for any foreigner t o criticize 
any powerr Birt It would be a very 
poor compliment to my American 
friends to say we regard with Indif- 
fereneo the fact that they have not 
Heen their way to carry on 4heir own 
co-operation with m in this work of 
Internationul reconstruction to the 

Mr. Balfour described the part the 
United States played in the war us 
noble and disinterested, with no 
thought of national ambiUon. "We 
are grateful," he continued, "but I 
confess I had dreams that a work so 
nobly begun would 'be effectively 
carried through." 



ABE soBMinrn 

First Lord of Admiralty De- 
clines to State Future Policy 
Until Conditions Are Settled 
— Some IVIembers' Views. 



Denounces Those Who Hold Grain for Sale, Saying 

Their Action Is Exploiting Hungry Worker— 

LitvinofT's Effort Towards Effecting Peace 

Negotiations at Copenhagen 

REVAL Esthonia. Dec. 1 1.— "I have not given up my Intention 
to capture j^o ^rad/' said Gen e ra l Yudenitcli, commander of the- 

LONDON, Dec. 11. — Comte de 
Francqucville, owner of Bourlon 
Wood, has presented the site, de- 
sired as a memorial to commemorate 
ItK gallant capture, to the Canadian 
people, according to General Hughes, 
who is In charge of the handling of 
memorials in France and Belgium. 

General Hughes, who has just re- 
turned from the continent, states also 
that he is assured that the Belgian 
Oovernment Is preparing to present 
the three sites choaen. as testifying 
in some small manner that thq na- 
tion i« grateful' for Canada's sacri- 
fices in tho war 

lo^wL'^"? '"""'r: *"* >^--'-«'hav;'be;n"c;mplet^"foT'^Te'"S- 
people, whoee honor is involved. chase of the three remaining sites In 

Surely Amerioa wHl not disappoint 
the millions of Turks and the Islamic 

"Those who Investigated impar- 
tially the Turkish question have dis- 
covered that, despite bad government, 
our people have many merits and de- 
serve better treatment than It is re- 
ported they are receiving. Those 
Americans who do not believe the 
slander about us and who undersUnd 
our dimcultlea will not countenance 
this treatment of Ihe Turks. 

"With peace we will begin solving 
internal Turkish afTaire. It is first 
necessary to preserve the tradition of 
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General Hughes is sailing to Can- 
ada on the Empreat, of France, and 
will report progress to his depart- 
ment. An ofllce ha* been opened at 
Arras. The General will return In the 
Spring to begin the construction of 
roads to the sites. Meanwhile he 
understands the Government Is to 
open competitions for designs. 

LONDON, Dec. 11. — George F. 
Rand, an American, was killed today 
by the fall of an airplane in which ho 
was a passenger. The machine was on 
a trip from Paris to London. The 
1 pilot was dangerously injured. 


Sinn Feiners' Houses 
Visited by Military 

Thomas Kelly, Member of Parliament, and Others 
Are Arrested and Conveyed to England— Man- 
^on House in Dublin Is Also Searched 
i^¥ J by Police and Soldiers 

Balfour expressed the opinion 
that the future of the world would be 
assisted incalculably if the great Eng- 
lish-speaking nations wbrked to- 
gether in the cause of liberty and 

"I ""low well that hi the cause of 
liberty and peace American co-opera< 
tion will still be forthcoming," he 
said. "I know they are not going to 
abandon it as a nation, and that no 
party In the United States Is going to 
abandon tliese great ideals." 

The speaker said he was bound to 
admit, however, that it seems more 
than likely that "we cannot count to 
the full on direct action, which would 
make the assistance of the great 
American democracy of tenfold value 
should It be forthcoming. 

"Therefore." Mr. Balfour went on. 
U- Is-^nd I, know that what T say 
Will not be misunderstood by Ameri- 
cans, even by those most convinced 
that the true interests of their coun- 
try lie in the opposite direction — to 
me a feeling of deepest regret that 
much of the common work between 
the two countries dhould come to an 
end before its full fruition could be 
enjoyed by the wo rld at large." 



LONDON, Dec. 11. — The British 
Government does not purpose to take 
any special measures in coffinection 
with the fall in American exchange 
beyopd continuing its policy of with- 
holding artificial support by borrow- 
ing abroad and doing everything pos- 
sible to stimulate British export 
trade, according to Mr. Andrew 
Bonar Law. Lord lA-ivy Seal and for- 
mer Chancellor of the Exchequer, re- 
plying to a question in the House of 
Commons this evening. 

LONDON, Dec. 11.— Rt. Hon. Wal- 
ter Hume Longs presentation of the 
revised naval estimates was made to 
the House today. He frankly ad- 
mitted that the Government had not 
decided on its future policy, and It 
was not fair to expect any decIaraUon 
at present. 

"Why not?" asked a member. 

"I will only ask you if you think ft 
reasonable before we know what the 
condlUons will be and before the 
House has had time to settle Itself" 
answered Mr. Long. 

In tho general debate, the most Im- 
portant p«int« raised were the posi- 
tion of the air service in relation to 
the navy; the need for closer co-or- 
dination of tho fighting services, and 
the feasibility of Lord ITshcrs ideas 
for new construction. 

On the second point. Mr. Long ne- 
plied that it would be criminal to 
abandon the great type of warship 
on the ground that the submarine and 
atrshtp 'would replace the naVy. 

On other points Mr. Long was non- 
committal. Sir Fortascue Flannery 
declared nothing would bring union 
between the Mother Country and the 
Dominions so completely as the co- 
ordination of the navy into one great 
Imperial force. 

Sir C. Kinloch-Cooke urged an Im- 
perial conference on naval matters. 

The Morning Post thinks that Mr 
Long is Justified In postponing any 
statement of future policy. It is the 
first time the country has •been 
enabled to feel that the naval require- 
ments are being examined by a prop- 
erly constituted war staff. 

The Board of the Admiralty must 
be guided, adds The Post, by Admiral 
Jellicoe's report, but the sheet anchor 
of Imperial defence is the mainten- 
ance of a war staff consisting of highly 
tralned officers, preserving contin- 
uity of principle and method. i 

Russian Northwest Army, to the Associated Press correspondent. 
Despite reports to the contrary, the bulk of my army still is Intact on 
Russian soil. Only a fifth part of it has been disbanded by tha 
Esthonians. My troops are well supplied with food and other equip- 
ment, except clothes, the lack of which was one of the most cevera 
handicaps in our recent campaign. If we had had mdre cloths with 
which to make uniforms we would have had more soldiers, and tha 
story might have been different." 

.n .H?^^^^; '^'f: ^ j[--Nikolai Lenine. the Bolsheviki Premiei. i.i 
an address^before the first all-Russian congress at Moscow, as quoted 

Ini^T^'i^"'"'^ ^"^ ''"'^""' '"''^''^ *'^^ fundamen arprobtni 
pL nt " Wh'^'^'h «°^^^"'"^"* -^^ organization of the "middle" 
peasants. He claimed progress in stabilizing the soviet system. 

'Vv^' ."""If u^ "'"*'^" P'^^'""*'' designated as "well-to-do" for 
exploiting the hungry worker," he said: 

r..,r^ f '''^"* '*'"""' ''''° ^'' ^ "'"^'^ °f «^»'" «s accustomed to 
regard it as his own property, which he can sell freely. To sell the 
margin of grain in a hungry country is to convert oneself into a snecu' 
a or and an exploiter. The peasant who exploits is our Inemy No 
""l^J^"'^''' ^y ^^^' ""d^^^tand that free trade in grain^Lrll;^ 

against the state." 

liitvinofTs LettATH 

COPENHAOIQN. Dec. 11.— The 
communications sent by M. Litvlnoff. 
the Russian soviet representative to 
the American. British, f'roneh and 
Italian Ministers here, have been re- 
turned to Litvlnoff. The Ministers 
hold that to take official cognlxance 
of the communications would be a 
breach of faith with Denmark which 
consented to Utvlnoffs presence in 
the country for the purpose of meet- 
ing a British delegate on the ques- 
tjon of the exchange of prisoners 
and on condition that politics should 
be excluded from his programme. 

A dispatchNrom Copenhagen Wed- 
nesday said Letvinoff had addressed 
to the representatives of the Allied 
Powers a copy of a resolution adopted 
by the seventh congress of Soviets 
at Moscow December 6, authorising 
peace negotiations with the Allies. In 
a letter forwarded with the resolu- 
tion Litvlnoff said that the handing 
of the document to the Ministers 
had been taken as formal offer to 
enter into preliminary negotiations. 
Continued on Page 11 


Chancellor Karl flenner, Visit- 
ing Paris, Draws Gloomy 
Picture of Situation— Cliil- 
dren Are Dying of Hunger. 

.fJt^^ilii;^— -- 


her from famine and bankruptcy 


today. In 

told the Associated 
explaining his pres- 

Determined to Hold Fiume 
Until He Is Satisfied With 
Guarantee That It Will Be 

LONDON, Dec. 11. — aabrlGlla 
d'AnnunzIo {s ready to co-operate with 
(he Italian Government to bring about 
a return of normal conditions in the 
Adriatic If satisfactory guarantees are 
given that Italy will neither renounce 
Flume nor evacuate territories occu- 
pied since the signing of the armis- 
tice. It waa officially stated here louaj . 

The poeltlon of the poet comman- 
der was given by d'AnnunxIo in a re- 
ply to the terms offered by General 
Badoffllo, chief of staff of the Ital- 
ian army, who, it is stated, proposed 
retention of Flume by ItaJjr mad the 
surrender of all claims to Dnlmatla. 

FIUMB. Monday, Dec. 8. — Captain 
Qabrlele d'^hnunzlo reiterated his 
Intention of holding Flume until all 
that he and his legloniM'les had set 
4ut to accomplish had been realised. 

"We are not going to l«av« Flume 
tinttl asmired that the purpose for 
which we name here is atuined." he 

"If welcome to an agreement with 
the Oovernment," d'Annunslo added. 
-"I wlO not leave, nor will my legMn^ 
•rlM. who have sworn to follow me 
•ven to death Itself, until i receive 
concrete guarantees of the good fkith 
of the Oevernment 

"The word of Premier Nlttl will 
nvall me netbSnv. for Nnu ie he(« to- 
day, but a«y be gone tomerrow. 1 
than would hare bem tricked If hia 
■uoeeeeor should dtaavow NlttTs 

MADRID. Dec. 11.— CoOat de Bv- 
gaUat. riBAnee Minister m the Ibea 
eabta|«t, has given up the ta«k of en- 
de«r«nnr to form a new mlnletry. 

DUBLI.X. Dec. n.— Thomas Kelly, 
einn Fein member of parliament, was 
arrested in the course of a number of 
raids by the police and military this 
morning, when the houses of several 
prominent 81nn Fslners ware searched. 
The residences entered by the authorl> 
ties in this process Included the home 
of Count Plunkett. who was absent at 
the tinse of the official visit. 

Several other arrests were made be- 
sides that of Kelly. The prisoners were 
taken to Kingstown in mlllUry lorries. 
They were then placed in boats and 
taken out to a warship, which sailed for 
an Kngllsh port. The approaches to Ae 
hnrbor were guarded by the millUry 
with irhiored cars and ttinks. 

It is rumoiPd that the destination of 
the prlsoaeis is Wormwood Scrubl^s jail, 
in London. 

Kelly was served on Tuesday evening 
with a police magistrate's order to close 
the Sinn FelI^ hsadquarters. which, de- 
spite several raids and its suppression 
by preclasnatlon. has continued In oper- 
ation. The order was not obeyed, the 
headquarters atill being open when the 
raid took place. 

The Mansion House was surroundea 
this afternoon and a seareh of the 
building was carried out by the police 
and troops. 

One haadred policemen aad koe sol* 
diers were engaged. The soldiers, wear. 
ing steel helmets, arrived la motor lor- 
ries and carried rifles with fixed bay- 
oaetsu They were also supplied with 
machine gune. When the Moldlers sur- 
rounded the Mansion Housn the pollco- 
men made a search which occupied 
three-quarters of an beur. There waa 
no disturbance, and the incident wa« 
almest without excitement, only a small 
crowd having . gathered. 

When the eeldiers arrived the first 
belief p-aa, that th« object of their visit 
«* »iare|^^for atnn Felaera whf 
from custody during the 


l*ter. hevever. ^t 

was ro> 

ported that its purpose was the sup- 
pression of the Christmas fair, annually 
held by the Gaelic League for the dis- 
play of Irish manufactures. The fair 
has been, advertised during the past 
fortnight to have its opening tonight. 

The. Sinn Feiner leaders ace not try- 
ing to avoid arrest. »ome of them were 
walking the streets of the city 4ung 
after the raids had taken place. 

The police declined tbis afternoon to 
give out the number of arresu made. 
It was then said that the fair would 
not be suppressed. CoL Johnson, the 
chief of police, explained to the Mayor 
that the policemen on duty had reported 
that meetings of the Irish Volunteers 
arc being held at the Mansion House. 
It was learned, however, that the report 
was erroneous, added Col. Johnson, and 
the holdltag of the Christmas fair would 
be permitted and the police and troops 

It was learned this afternoon that the 
prisoners being deported on the warship 
Include more than a dosen men arrested 
throughout the Prorlnces. although no 
news of raids or arrests ouUide of 
Dublin had been received up to a late 
hour by the Dublin newspapers. 

Tonight, after the stotus of the 
Christmas fair had been regarded as 
fhially settled, the Lord Mayor an- 
nounced that he had been notified by 
the Government that the fair would not 
be allowed. The reason supposedly was 
that the fair was under the auspices 
of the Gaelic League, which organisa- 
tion had been proscribed. 

Modlflcatlone of the Governments 
order banning motor cars, exempting 
lorHes of more than three tons, from 
the provisions, brought many of these 
ent on the streets again but the trades 
unions refused permission to drivers to 
operate the lorries and 'they dlaappnared 
sgalB. The trade union order applied 
to towns In South and West Ireland 
hot traffic by lorries |s col«g on 
the Bor^b with permits. 


There Is poverty in Victoria this 
Winter. It la not widespread. 
There are only a few Isolated cases, 
but poverty does not exist In some 
households, and It Is to cheer the 
youngsters in those families that 
otherwise would share no Christ- 
mas happiness this year that the 
Rotary Club has inaugurated its 
Christmas Tree fund. This pro- 
vides an opportunity for everyone 
to help In making this Christmas a 
Joyous one for the less fortunate 
among their number. The commit- 
tee issued a statement yesterday 
asking persons who know of de- 
serving oases to report to Secretary 
Ooodlake or Mr, H. P. Johnson, 
the chairnruui. This request applies 
parUcularly to doctors, nurses and 
clergymen who have greater op- 
portunity of heiiring about such 
caaea New contributions recorded 
yesterday were: 

Serg-te Coppins Tells 
Of Riot Proceedings 

Victoria Cross Man Says He Was Injured in Clash 
at Winnipeg, But Was Not Pulled Down- 
Other Police Witnesses Are Heard— 
Threat of Agitator Reported 



Amount previously 
knowledged , 

Swlnerton A Musgrave 

Mrs. John Hopo 

H. B. Robertson 

G. W. Greenhlll 

J. H, Mclllree ....'. 

A. W. Jay 

Old Partner of Santa 


Sandringham Bazaar .... 

Mrs. Audaln ^ 

D'Arcy Tate X 

Phyllis A Franeta 


C. V. MoConnell 
Dr. Humber . . 

MetroMrfto Cafe 

p. K. Smith 

Hall A Co. 

J. H. Le Pace 


Standard Furniture Cow>. 

Peden Bros. 

Malleks. Ltd 

Stevenson Candy Co. .... 
Mr. and Mra H. Rowley. 

Mrs. Radford 

If. A. Davie 

Mrs. C. U U( 
Geo. Bushby . 
Rotarian J. P. 

s • • • • a 

11,328 15 

10 00 

B 00 

5 00 

6 00 

6 00 

S 00 

6 00 

6 00 

10 00 

K 00 

1 op 
1 Oh 

1 00 

1 00 

2 60 

1 00 

S 60 

t 60 

1 40 

10 00 

6 00 

B 00 

6 00 

2 00 

1 00 

10 •• 

2 •• 

10 00 

2 00 



-tl.UX 06 

«ii m < u *wmmmm 

WINNIPEG, Dec. 11.— Sergeant 
Fred O. Coppins, who won the Vic- 
toria Cross in the war. and who got 
two Hbs broken In the course of 
the riot at the corner* of Portage 
and Main. June 10, was one of tho 
witnesses called by the Crown at 
the trial today of R, B. Russell, 
charged with seditious , conspiracy. 
He told tho court that bottles and 
stones were being thrown by peo- 
ple in the crowd, that he was hit in 
the ribs, and that his pony was hit 
by something and ran away. Under 
cross-examination. Sergt. Coppins as- 
serted that an evening paper's re- 
port of the affair, so far as he was 
concerned, was false and that he had 
not been pulled down at all. 

Captain Dunwoody, Calgary, who 
was In charge of the squadron of 
mounted special police detailed to 
keep order on the streets, spoke of 
the crowd at the comer of Portage 
and Main as being extremely hos- 
tile, of the missies that were thrown, 
and of what he claimed to be the 
necessity for charging through the 
throng as the only moans of clear- 
ing the streets for traffic. The state- 
ment In the Strike Bulletin that "the 
police had been replaced by thugs,** 
he stigmatised as a "damnable lie" 
pointing out that the "specials" were 
returned soldiers who had boon In 
the Infantry, arullery and cavalry, 
and that they Included majors, staff 
captains and lieutenantg. 

An Interesting point an to state- 
meaU which had been attributed to 
Sergt. Coppins developed in the 
course of Ihn cross-examination of 
Captain Dunwoody. Deeh-ous of mak- 
ing out that the V.C. hero had not 
been pulled from hki horse and kick- 
ed. Mr. MoMurray aeked the nltnisn 
If he would ba suryrtoed to be told 
I that iergcant Coppins find poeHIr^ 

denied this. CapUin Dunwoody's 
reply was that he would not be sur- 
prised, as Sergeant Coppins became 

"But Sergaan^t Coppins said at the 
preliminary heahng that he was not 
unconscious." said counsel for tho 
defence, a remark that brought the 
retort: 'Sergeant Coppins would not 
know that he was unconsclotts." 

Another special police witness waa 
J. W. Ogden. who testified to guns 
being fired by persons in the crowd 
which had gathered In the neighbor- 
hood of tbe police sUtlon prior to 
the final riot near the city hall Ho 
admitted, when cross-examined, that 
the crowd at the isomer of Portage 
and Main on June 10. did not come 
with rifles and swords armed for 
battle, but that the specUl police had 
Just been greeted with "boos" and 
that naturally If a "special" hit a 
man op the head with a baton that 
man would resent it. but maintained 
that the police had not drawn clubs 
until missies had been thrown 

Mr. McMurray'g reason for* the 
line of croes-examinatlon he bad 
taken In connection with these wlt- 
"•■•*• ^^* *n attempt to prove that 
the crowd was acting without any 
organteatton. a sUtement he him- 
•elf made when His Lordehip re- 
marked that the extent of the riot 
was not so matertel as the connection 
of the aocnsed with It. 

Sensational evidence was given by 
O. Roche and A. B. Brock, foremaa 

w *i* ^'^**** »^«* "^ Iro« 
Works. They declared that a man 

named Spenoe, at a aMoUng of the 

striker* with Um focMn«n, had snid 

that It was time the foreman joined 

the strikers, beeause la a few days 

there wowtd Manlteba Bridge 

and A^m WMita; that th» »>««i tuTd 

*een dictated !• i«ag ewmgli antf 

^n^ .o /'»!"■*:• '^*'*'""' ''« «*'"« to pre- 
sent to the Supreme Council the sit- 

co'imry.""*^' "" ""^"^^'^ '•-" •!1- 

o aa!^*"" * '•'' Vienna wo had only 
9.000 tons of flour for 6.760,0W j^. 
Pie, ft supply of six days only," Said 
J^r. Ilenner. "Children are dylhrif 
hunger and cold in Vienna, and «5 

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part of the nursing motfirs ff ,ir! 

n^ir. *■""'""» '" *»>• Je-ening of The 
nursing capacity. 

"For this reason it is of the utmost 
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Ultate our task of 4ieep 
alive and at the same time 

obligations to tha^AI- 

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will facilitate our task of -keeping J^ 

nation alive ■ -. •- ' "» *^*»* 

fuUllllng our 
lied Powers. 

• We are now paying thirty pieces 
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thirtieth of ito normal value 

^L-!!"'.* ^* ^''* «hau.ted our 
reserve* In securities, and we have 
nothing left but the resources wliirh 
according to Article 107 of tho SSty 
Of «r Oermairn are mortg^ed u» Ihg 
Alllee for pai^nent of reparmUon. 
I am go«ng to afk the Supreme 

sage 4 sufllclent amount of our na- 
Uonal wealth to form the beats of 

riZ?/***; '**"" *»»•* •'• absolutely 
needed to Insure the feeding of our 
people. . What we need flrst iJ a loSi^ 

^\uiJ''T^n^'^ '^^ *»' » hundred 
m«llon dollars with which to procuro 
food until the end of October l»2o " 
To a repreeentaUve of Tho Temp* 
Chancellor Renner painted a lament- 
'^'.l?'*""^ "' *»»• ■lUiatlon in Vlwna. 
The infantile mortality," mM the 
chancelter has reached M per oenL 

J* !? ^*""* '• * t*'*"* ««ta»own, 
and a hot meal a rarity. The coat 
ration 1. sis pountfi w«^(}y p«r fam- 
ily, and there le a lonr wait in tho 
street to gi»t It. 

He ended t»y expressing thanks to 
the peace conference for allowtotf 
Aostnans to eome to Paris and lar 
Iwfore It the «tate of affairs aa tW 
exUt In Aua(.\. ^^ 



were now going 

to diotato. 

BCRNB. Dec II. — Dr. CMmm^m 
MotU waa elected preeMest ot tho 
Swies Federal ion by tbe efewbQ to- 
day, eucceedlng Gustav Ador. Dr 
Motta Is«eldent of the fM»ra« 
Hon for the present year, Mkd wa« 
**>o*en for the presidsac/ !■ mmulM- 

■"'c^**' "* «-»«»»«y rlM. dfjro- 
motlofi. Me waa omie pfilliiMh ii., 
^nnMoiM or tte M#||K|«, ottS for 


'jff 't 

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Martens, "Ambassador" of 
Soviet Government, Refuses 
to Produce Document as 
Required by Subpoenal 

NEW YORK. Deo. ll.-~-Ludwla C. 
A. K. Martetw, "ambaMador" of tha 
RuMlan aovlet government, today 
flatly re(«Hod to obey the mandate 
of the aubporna served on htm by 
the joint levlRiative committee inveit- 
tivatin«*eodltlou8 aotlvlttea here. Ho 
declined, both upon request snd then 
apon direct inatruotion from the 
chairman, to produce documenta and 
papers received by him from hla 
aovernment, or copies of his corre- 
spondence and reports to it. 

Martens declined to answer ques- 
tions ooBcernlnv his doaltnss with 
Russia, and stated point-blank that 
he had sent all his confidential files 
beyond the confines of New York 
State, out of the Jurisdiction of the 
letislatlve committee. They are still 
In the United ,8tates, ha added, and 
admitted that he could produce them 
at any time If he so desired. 

Assemblyman Martin, acting chair- 
man of the committee, told Martens 
that he Would be ndtltled what ac- 
tion the committee would take on 
hla refusal to produce the (papers 
subpoenaed and to answer questions. 
Martens smiled, nodded his head and 
said: "Thank yob." 

The "ambassador," when asked to 
produce the papers read into the 
record a statement prepared for him 
by his lawyers, giving what purported 
to be his reasons for declining to de- 
liver the required documents. Diplo- 
matic immunity was the theme o^ the 

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statement. He cited International law 
authorities, and quoted iVom John 
Hay, U.S. Secretary of State under 
President Roosevelt, to bear out his 
contention that as a representative of 
a de facto government regardless of 
recognition, he was entitled to enjoy 
"diplomatic privileges." He said he 
refused "on principle" to produce the 
papers sought, and because he had 
no authority from his government 
to do so. Then he added that there 
was "nothing to conceal in his cor- 

He identified a photographic copy 
of hie appointment by the Russian 
soviet government to represent it 
here. Then he testified that as many 
as ten pieces of correspondence had 

Sen delivered to him by ten dif- 
rent couriers from Russia, some of 
whose names he refused to dlviilge. 
He said he had never procured or 
issued passports for any of these men*, 
or anyone else. 

Martens said the soviet agency in 
Stockholm was in charge of a Mr. 
Strom, a memt>er of the Swedish Par- 
liament. He declined to say where 
other agencies were located, or who 
conducted them. Many of the couriers 
and much of the mall between Mar- 
tcAis and Soviet Russia passed tfTrough 
the Stockholm agency. Martens said 
he received in that way some of the 
$90,000 sent hlra by his government. 



THE HAGUE, Dec. 11. — "If prevl- 
ously we have not regarded him as 
a danger to our country, he is now 
proving to . be a, danger," said De- 
puty Sannes, in the 0|iamber today, 
referring to former Emperor Wil- 
liam of Germany. 

The deputy was dealing with a 
book written by Carl Kautsky, a 
German Socialist, which Sannes de- 
clared said the German Emperor 
was the cause of the world war. The 
data in the book is said to have 
been obtained from official archives 
in Berlin. 

Deputy Sannes asked the Govern- 
ment to reconsider the question of 
the sojourn at Amerongen of the 
former Einperor, and seriously to 
consider the question of extradl- 

Thli^ incident constituted the first 
serious anti-Kaiser movement to 
occur In the Dutch parliament. 



TORONTO. Dec. 11. — It Is under- 
stood the Ontario Government, at a 
cabinet meeting. yesteiHay practi- 
cally decided upon paying a bonus 
to the civil servants this year as was 
done last year by the Hearst Gov- 
ernmant. The bonus will be $100 to 
each of the unmarried employees 
and 1200 to each of the marrlod 
ones with dependents. 

A deputation from the Civil Ser- 
vice Association waited on the 
cabinet and pressed claims, ywhlch, 
earlier in the week, th^y had pre- 
sented to tlon. Peter Smith, Pro-, 
vlnclal Treasurer. 



SHIPLEY, t>erbyshlre, England, 
Dec. 11. — Alfred Edward Miller 
Mundy. one of the largest colliery 
proprietors in England, has notified 
the oollleries of his intention to ter- 
minate their work in a fortnight and 
close hla mines pending a definite 
government guarantee regarding the 
reduction of ooal by ten shillings a 
ton. Mr. Mundy clalmii that as a re- 
sult of the government guarantees, 
the oollleries are working at a large 



l/>NDON. Dec. 11. — State purchase 
of Great Britain's liquor trade would 
Involve an outlay of 11,600,090.000, 
according to the committee which has 
been preparing for the labor cam- 
paign tor the natloDallsation of the 

Extensive inquiry has Indicated that 
•raanUed lat>or is solidly in favor of 
the nallonallsatl«»n scheme, it '«i 
alalmed. Prohibition, the committee 
aaeerta, does not stand a chance, bat 
tbe Brltlah public wanta an improve- 
ment in the standard oT public honsen. 
Such Improvement, it Is contended, 
wauld be made general through the 
state purehase aad control of- the 

u the 


and « 

Gentlemen's . J 





o{ British 




Vattet aad'Oeataaids* 
Vavsi wintaar. fc adisa aad OeatleaMa 

Oraduate Loodoa Aoadeisr laot 
1(80 Veet m. VheeM laiV 



Men at Winnipeg Allege That 
Illegal Voting Was Done and 
Seek Offenders' Names — 
Mayor Satisfied. 

WINNIPEG, Dec. 11. — Names of 
20 persons alleged to have violated 
municipal election by-laws were list- 
fid thla afternoon by -a. «ommitt«« of 
which Mr. F. J. Dixon, M.P.P., promi- 
nent labor leader, is chairman, check- 
ing over poll books and records of 
the eleaMMn on November 28 last. 

"Every one of them will be prose- 
cuted," Mr. Dixon declared, "as well 
as any others we find." 

Penalties range from six months' 
imprisonment for bogus voters or Im- 
personators to two years' hard labor 
for violation of oath of ofHce. 

The probe, authorized by Judge R. 
H. Myers, is being carried on daily 
until December 16. Labor leaders 
claim that many men voted moro 
than once for mayor, and that owners 
of city property now residing in 
Montreal, "Toronto, Chicago and Van- 
couver, voted on November 28. 

"They may have done so," said Mr. 
S. J. Farmer, defeated Labor .mayor- 
alty candidate, "but we want to make 

Mayor Charles F. Gray said he wel- 
comed the probe, and he waa not 
afraid to have activities of his com- 
mittee brought to light. 

"There is no attempt to unseat the 
Mayor, but rigidly to prosecute im- 
personators," ,eald Mr. Dixon. 


TORONTO, Dec. 10. — There was 
no lack of enthusiasm at the reoep> 
tlon tendered by the «ity to Mme. 
Clemenoeau-Jacquemaire, daughter 
of the Premier of France, in the 
council chamlTer today. The recep- 
tion was not prolonged, the Mayor 
reading the official address partly 
in French and partly in English. 
Every reference to the part played 
by B'rance In the war and to the 
Tiger of France, was instantly ap- 

At the conclusion of the address, 
the French consul, Rochereau do la 
Sabller .replied on behalf of Mme. 
Clemenceau-Jacquemalre. But not 
content«wlth the consul's reply, the 
visitor spoke In ^French and thanked 
Mayor Church tor the welcome ex- 
tended her. 

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Street and Troaace 

Death of Lutheran 3Unister 

WINNIPEG, Dec. 11.— Rev B. H. 
Beckman, who c&me from Hamilton 
to take charge of the English Luth- 
eran Church on Maryland Street 
here, seven months ago, died in the 
general hospital yesterday. He was 
taken til on his arrival, and never 
was able to officiate In hie new 
charge. He was a single man. 27 
years old. ^ 

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Bon-Opto for the Eyes 

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Inland Revenue Department 
Reports Large Increase 
in Manufacture — Tobacco 
Consumption Also Growing/ 

- OTTAWA. Dec./ll.-r-That 4.107,109 
proof gallons of spirits were produced 
in Canada during the fiscal year 
which closed March 31, 1919, as 
compared with 3,566,955 proof gal- 
lons In the previous year, is the state- 
ment made in the annual report of 
the Inland Revenue Department Just 

The raw material taken for the 
production of spirits during the year 
included over 15, 0(^1,000 bushels of 
Indian cora and nearly 2,000,000 
bushels of rye. 

The revenue of the department for 
the year exceeded $30,000,000, as 
compared with approximately 127,- 
000,000 during the previous year. 

Revenue from war tax almost 
reached the $12,000,000 mark, as 
against a little more than $2,000,000 
during the previous 12 months. 

During the year the total tobacco 
taken for consumption was 47,498,- 
483 pounds, as compared with 44,- 
920,380 pounds during the previous 

The average total tobacco taken for 
consumption foi* the last five years 
has been 41,934,700 pounds. 



TORONTO. DecV 11. — Apparently 
the city of Toronto Is golpg to fight 
the compulsory vaccination order is- 
sued by the provincial health board. 
The order which was made through 
Dr. J. W. McCuUough. provincial of- 
ficer" of health, gave tbe city 48 
hours in which to issue a proclama-' 
tlon corapelllog all residents of the 
city to be vaccinated. The 48 hours 
expired before the matter was to 
hawe-been eonsldeced by the board 
of contM>l yesterday morning. The 
board met, transacted the ' usual 
routine busines and adjourned with-- 
out the word "vaccination" even 
being mentioned. 

MOS Goverw 



MUNICH, Dbc. 11. — In a letter ad- 
dressed to the president of the Ba- 
varian Red Cross, former Crown 
Prince Rupprecht, of Bavaria, who 
commanded Oerman armies in Bel- 
glum and France during the war, 
and who is in Switzerland, offers to 
surrender himself to the demands of 
the Entente for the extradition of 
German army leaders, provided that 
his action will bring about tbe re- 
lease of Oerman prisoners in France. 

The fonnor Crown Prince says the 
demand for extradition. In view of 
the 'fact that the Judge and prose- 
cutor are one. is a mockery of every 
senst of Justice. He volunteers, how- 
ever, that if the Entente Inaista upon 
the fulfillment of the extradition 
clause in the peace treaty before the 
Oerman prisoners are releaaed, be 
will present himself for extradition. 



LONDON. Dec. 11.— Andrew Bonar 
Law, spokesman for the Oovemment, 
announced In the House of Commons 
today that dispatches had been re- 
ceived oorrot>oratlng a report that 
Cossacks and a volunteer corps had 
carried out m, pogrom In which sev- 
eral hundred Jews were killed In the 
suburb of Podolla, when tha Bolaha- 
viki evacuated Kiev on Ootol»er It 
and 20. 

The British military miaidon. Mr. 
Bonar Law slated, was ordered to 
do all In Its power to prevent sudh 

Aastrta'a Food Reqalmaenta 
PARIS. Dec 11.— Dr. Karl Ben- 
ner. Chancellor of the Austrian Re- 
pubUc arrived In Parte this nomine 
to lay before^tb* peace oanferenca 
authorities the* critical altvation ii| 
Auatria relative to food. 

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Result of Premier Clemen- 
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— Imprompiu Debate on 
Ireland Is.Raised In House. 


Sooke Waterfront 

170 Acres, about 20 under cultivation, S acres slashed and seeded; a 
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rooma Barn. Two large poultry hou.scs. "Mill stream" runs 
through property. Valued. .1912, at $14,50a Price 96,000. 

R. S. DAir & B. BOGGS 

LONDON. Dec. ii.—Tho Introduc- 
tion of the Irish bill in the Houae of 
Cominonit was uguin postponed to- 
Jay. Mr. Andrew Bonar Law, 
wpokesman for the Government, an- 
nounced that In coDHequence of the 
vlHit of PieiDier Clemeneeau of 
Kiance, J'rcmler Lloyd Oeorge would 
be unabi'- to bring the meaiiure for- 
ward either Monday or Tuesday, and 
he could not say whether It would l»o 
Introduced next week. 

An impromptu debate on the Irish 
qireHtlon tOok jilaco In the House of 
CommonH at question time, when Wil- 
liam Jledniond. Nationalist m«mber 
for Waterford, Inquired of Mr. An- 
drew Bonar Law. the Government 
leader, whether It was a new Idea to 
enforce conciliation by coercion. This 
quoHtlon followed Mr. Bonar Law's 
reply to the question whether the 
political offender.s In Ireland would be 
released before the introduction of 
ihc Home lliiie bill, Mr. Bonar Law 
an.swerliig In the negative. 
^ JuincM HogKc. radical member for 
Kant ICdInliu'Kh. said he thouKht that 
if the Government was earnestly 
t'oekliig ;i settlement such a conces- 
sion would be useful. At this Junc- 
ture Ulster members Interjected the 
remark that it would be desirable 
to clear the ground by a discontinu- 
ance of the '"programme of murder 
and outrage." 

.Mr. Redmond responded: "It would 
be bettor to clear the ground by re- 
movlng the orlglnatora of th« ^>oUey- 
of direct action In Ireland." 



VERNON, B.C.. Dec. 11.— An im- 
portant decision was reached this 
week in a conference held here l>e- 
tween Dlstrlot Superiniendent Mac- 
Nabb and other oincials of the C. P. 
R. and local whipping concerns. 

As e reitult of meelini; the C. 
P. It. iias aitrcod to put into effect 
what in known as "Option No. l'. ' 
whereby the arrival in p-M feet con- 
dition to polnU In the Cmtod States 
of fruit shipments from this district , 
is guaranteed b> the lal.'way. which 
wllj provide hehtcd cars and send out 
men In charjje. 

The iiicressed cost varies accord- 
ing to the distance of the point to 
which the shipment is condl{;ned, and 
It is estimated that the immediate 
result of this new arrani^ement will 
be the moving of about tiO cars of 
Jonathans to United States points. 



IVIayor Marshall and " Fo'ur 
Aldermen Elected to Coun- 
cil—Labor Candidate and 
Woman, Secure Seats. 




Store Hour*— ajn. to 6 pan. Wednesdays, 1 pj 

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val and give happiness. Here are gift lists carefully prepared, that can lend \ 
assistance and save time while illustrating how well this store has anticioated \ 
the gift plans of its patrons. ' « .^ I 

€20 Fen Street 

To this Mr. Bonar Law remarked 
that it was most deplorable that di- 
rect action at the present moment 
was murder. He would be very glad, 
he siiid. If the originators thereof 
were cleared a^ay. 

Kcferrlnff to liie Irish loan. Chief 
.Secretary Macpherson declared It 
was for the purpose of propaganda 
for the Irish republic all over the 
world. "We do not intend to allow 
any Rovernment to usurp authority 
in Ireland." he said. Mr. .Macpherson 
added that the number of what were 
called political prisoners in Ireland 
was 161. 

CALGARY. l»ec. 11.— Complete re- 
turns In the municipal election Wed- 
nesday show that .Mayor It. C. Mar- 
shall was re-elected for a term of 
one year over hl.>i opponent, Aid. 1. (',. 
Ruttle. by a majority of L'.272 votes. 
Marshall got 4.6fiS and Kuttle 2,389 
votes, the total of 7,052 being the 
heaviest poll ever recorded at a Cal- 
gary civic election in .spite of the 
severe weather. 






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NEW YORK, Dec. 11.— Carl B. 
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Union Pacific System Companies at 
a meeting of the board of directors 
here today. I • .*• 




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1214 Douglas Street- Two Phones~1466 and 6524 



Residential and 
Agricultural Properties 

C. Wallich 

Nntnrv Public 

Hfal T'lstaii' anrl IiiBurance 

Ufflre: Cowlrhan Ntadon. B. C. 

K. * N. Bellwv 

The TJITIzens' Committee scored a 
sweeping in the aldermanic 
contest, all four of its candidute.s 
winning out. They are Mr. George 
Webster, contractor; Mr. S. H. Adams, 
lawyer; Capt. Kred Shouldlce, re- 
turned veteran and lawyer, and Aid. 
Frank I'Yeeze. manager of the Cil- 
gary branch of the Canadian Credit 
Agency. The two other aldermen 
chosen were re-elected for two yea is. 
They are Aldermen A. G. Broatch. 
a Labor candidate and enthusiastic 
advocate of the O.B.U., and Mrs. 
Annie Gale, whose tendency has been 
to support labor ideas In the coun- 

The two Labor candidates won 
largely through the system of pro- 
portional representation voting. The 
surprise, however, was in the defeat 
of Mr. James Ilae and .Mr. Walter 
Smitten, the regular labor candidates, 
by Mr. Broatch and .Mrs. Oale. This 
was largely due to the split in labor 
ranks in the fight over the O.B.I'. 
Successful candidates for the 
School Board were Mr. K. S. Selwood 
and Mrs. R I.,angfora. endorsed by 
the Citizens' Committee, and Mr. R. 
B. Gale and Mr. Harrj- Prydc. Labor 
candidates. Mr. T. W. Baker, Mr. 
John Burns and Mr. (J. D. Venini 
were elected to the Separate School 

I"'our money bylaws were passed 
by the ratepayers. 

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At a Sacrifice-Owner refused $16,000 at one time for tliis property 


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OTTAWA. Do.-, li.— IJ.l;;.-fJencrul 
R08S, of Kingston, who htus be«n 
named to udmintstor the l-Vrtenii 
emergency appropriation of |40,. 
000, lu.* for o.\-mcml>er» of Canada'« 
llghtint,' forces, ha.s arrlvcfl in the 
capital. General Iloss 1m niaklnj; his 
heud<iuarters at thi- oHlccs of the 
Canadian I'atrlotlc Fund. He will 
devote Ills energie.s from now on to 
the work of extending the orsanlza- 
tlon along such lln«« an will make It 
poHsiblo proi>«rly to admlni«ter the 
Oovernmcnt vote. , 

The order - ii: - council recently 
passed making the I'atrlotlc Fund .» 
national organization for the purpoHc 
of handling the emergency appropria- 
tion uuthorlzea the cmplovment of 
the nocessaiy additional Htaff and the 
naming of personH to represent the 
aovernment on the control and pro- 
vincial administrative organlzatlonH 
of the Canadian Patriotic Fund. 

One of the first matters to be de- 
cided upon is the standard form of 
application by ex-members of the 
force for assistance. Such forms It 
is provided, must Indicate whether or 
not the applicant Is in receipt of a 
pension or any, other benefit. 

In view of the time required for 
onranlzlng. some days will necessarily 
elapse beiort the new organization Is 
ready to deal with applications for 

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OTTAWA. Dec. 11. - Inspector- 
Qcneral Sir Arthur Currle has arrived 
In Ottawa to take over the duties at- 
Uched to hl« office. He in accom- 
panied by I.ady Currie jind family 
and is at proHcnt a guest at the 
Chateau Laurler. 

General Curric, speaking of the 
progress of re-establishment of the 
soldiers, said that in the rural dis- 
tricts of the West and British Colum- 
bia, he had found the returned men 
were fairly well established In civil 
life again. In the towns and ciiieH 
however, while many were at work, 
there were a great number still seek- 
ing for congenial employment. 

British Columbia, he said, has had 
to face a serious problem in that from 
16.000 to 17.000 more men had been 
discharged there than were enlisted 
In the province. The facilities of that 
province were hardly equal lo taking 
care of the task with which it was 
faced. Many of the industrial con- 
cerns In the west were doing all they 
could to get the returned men into 
civil occupations, but It was a hard 
matter to handle all of them. 

Sir Arthur considered that there 
was need of a broad, statesmanlike 
policy of giving •employment to the 
returned soldiers, otherwise there was 
bound to be some hardship durin* 
this Winter. * 

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Enicrtnr Clvlo PolMira 

VANCOUVER. Dec. 11.— The Unit- 
ed and Public Service Council, conf- 
p<MMd of internaUonal labor union 
members a«id representatives of re- 
turned soldiers- organisations, decided 
at a meeting last night to run at the 
coming civic elections four candi- 
dates, two labor and two returned 
men. An endeavor alao will i>« made 
to find a strong labor ana'war vet- 
erans' candidate for th e school board. 

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Oak Bay Dwelling 

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Bfe «M1t) flfotottljS 

UU>U I W tlf—t. VW Mrt^ 

^Ail MkaerfvttM i»tw 9VM» la 
l|«n MbMrtbcf* ara r a»<»MU< to 

IB, ni9 


Mr. A. J. Balfour'a rttproaeh to the 
American Senate for falltnc to ratify 
the Peace Treaty M esopUltely 
forded. It U not a reproach in the 
neual aoceptaboe of the word, but it 
Ip an expreealon of deep-eeated re> 
^t that America haa sot seen flt to 
earry the work of co-operation In 
Che remaking of Che world to the end. 
The part of the United Statoa la the 
^ar, said Mr. Balfoar, "wa« noble 
and dWntereeUd. with no thought of 
national ambition. I had dreams 
that^aiJKwrk ao nobly begun would be 
effecUvely carried through." The 
|reat British statesman has voiced 
Oct only the feeling of this Empire 
fcut of all the Allied world. The ac- 
tion of the American fienate haa cast 
a damper on a great hope of humanr 
Ity, for there Is no denying tha^ tre- 
|nendons faith was baaed oil the 
»ugust tribunal to be known as the 
League of Nations. It was imper" 
atlve, and atlU la, that the League 
should acquire the trust of the world 
in lU early days, and that it would 

"^ satisfy the spirit of Justice which is 
Inherent in mankind. America's de- 
_ fecUon has, to 0dm«e«tei^t,\. dissipated 
this hope, and it is upon this account 
that Mr. Balfour has had to Toiee 
his feelings of .regx|»t. 

Without the United Btatee as a 
member the League of Nations will 
constitute at its inception a new con- 
cert of Europe, for even If Japan la 
included ahe will not exercise much 
direct influence on Europeah affa4rJi, 
although she plays a very deflhlte 
part in world hiatory. In ita easance 
the League waa to atand for demo- 
cratic freedom, social Justice, econ- 
omic progress and political morality. 
It was to bring Ameriftati' mflvetrce to 
bear up^ the tangled affairs o^ the 
Old World as a oouaterpolse to the 
political dlsputM ahd' - •traditional 
enmities' which have existed through 
the centurlea Without America the 
League merely splits Europe in 
twain, for Russia and. Qermany for 
some time to corn's^ will Mtve no part 
In lU deliberations. With America 
the League would have been a power- 
ful Instrument for world betterment, 
and ita existence, fortified with the 
virile strength of the Kew World. 
Would have brought ab«nt Che main- 
tenance of just conditions of peace, 
and prevented wars developing be- 
cause of its combination of moral and 
material power. 

It ddea net re<tuire American ratl- 
flcation to bring about & condition of 
peace between the Entente nations 
and Germany, for the United States 
was not a party to the Declaration of 
LondOB. Peace will be ratified within 
the next few weeks, but not the 
peace of the world, for war will still 
persist, and because of the American 
Senate's action 1C\ Is possible that 
belief In the sincerity of Anglo-Saxon 
idealism will die. The niAlona of 
Europe, atniggUng for politloal. ao- 
oial and economic regeneration, have 
loOlBM «0Mthe tjnite* Stataa fmr help 
hv their hour of need, but now they 
B«^ thai assistance withdrawn at a 
tiptoe when It is most required. Mr. 
BiPfour has not over-emphasized in 
iail^ respect what the actlpn of the 
Altherlcan Senate means. On the 

\«^trary, he has not attempted to 
cilftlclze because he does not wish to 
pftftnd any American ausoeptlbUlties. 
VEQiat haa happened, however, will 
oAatltute ^e of the greateat regreta 
PCmodern tlmea, for every day which 
pa^s leqaena the likelihood of 
Alberloa'a partlolpatlon in the Ideal, 
w|ileh, by a atrange Irony, was flrat 
ptt before the peoples by her own 
xyssident. Th»- danger of the effect 
uiyon the world la that httmanlty will 
be diallltfslonad and lU fkici; In Ideal- 
la^ aa a political foroa will be de- 


thoae employeea who beoome aervants 
of the State. If this could be over- 
come, and if everything savoring of 
party politics coold be dtvereed from 
Government ownership, t^ere woald 
be a more wMespread deaire for the 
reform. X§ matters atand at present 
Mch owrieraklp la a retrograde step 
as far as railways ar« concerned. It 
Is a new patriotism, that Is wanted to 
make Government ownership a aae- 


Mr. W. F. Tt*» m leading authoHty 
oa Canadian railways, estimate* that 
thb annual loss to the OMintry 
through Government ownership will 
be from 140,000,000 to |<0,D60,000. 
Thia will have to be n^de good by 
Xhe taxpayers until such time as the 
coantry develops or until a system 
ot,.b*tter bttslaaas management than 
haa hitherto prevailed la Introduced. 
«i^ Is not pleasant to thiak of this 
ootlatant drain on the 'ebuntnr*a 
monetary reaouroea at a time et re- 
coaatmctlon, and when the national 
««A^ la so lacga. The Uhlted States, 
ratfier than eontlnue to face a heavy 
deifce i t throagh V>* operation of nUl- 
w^gra, baa decided to hand the made 
baiek to private owners. This de- 
cision haa ttet with apprefral^ ll( at- 
moit ^vary ftairter. " -^ 

It to ladlapnlaM* «Kat men ^rtti'^ot 
wdilC ao well for a Ctevemment as 
for a private tmplaifar. ' The reason 
oT the parehology which governs 
thlk fuet IS dimeiftt to understand. It 
la the peat ^wejrful argument thero 
Is agattMt, Otvafnaaent ^ihMrahlp. 
wlloh 111 so many cases has Imposed 
, a 'feVMB on tha paopto aa a whole 
Jggate e of tha relaxeU ettargSea'a^ 

9^pr a )o«g .time ^ter the 6th 
Regiment band went «ut ef existence 
public opinion waa ^issgtiafled be- 
cause of the lack of a moaloal or- 
ganlaatloa af the kind In the city.' 
The Great War Veterans' Association 
haa aupplled the deflclency and haa 
been suoceasful In getting together a 
good band under the charge of Band- 
master Miller, who conducted the 
First Division band in France. The 
majority of the mualolans engaged 
have represented Canada in the 
massed bands at the front. Each 
Sunday Arenlng this hand gives con- 
certs at Pantages Theatre, but ^lle 
tl^e are always crowded attendances 
the flBanelal support is very meagre. 
Now the situation I' that ualess there 
Is public support for the O.W.V.A. 
band It .will be dissolved. 

The majarity of the bandamea are 
unemployed. They are reoelvlng 
tempting offers to join other bands, 
with employment offered as a bait. 
It is an extraordinary thing that when 
large Crowds assemble to hear Sunday 
concerts they are not disposed to pay 
suflScient for the entertainments to 
cover the expenaes of the muslcianji. 
An illustration of what we mean by 
this is furnlahod by the fact that at 
last Sunday's concert a tally was kept 
on the coUectlona from 30 people for 
whom room waa found In the theatre 
after the doors, were closied. Exactly 
Si cents wtts tjlelr subscription, and 
this furnishes an indication of the 
character of the support the public 
are giving to the musical organiza- 
tion which well deserves popularity 
and financial assistance. Hitherto 
the local branch of the O.W.V.A. has 
guaranteed the expenses for the 
Sunday night concerts, but unless 
there 'Is better support forthcoming 
the band will cease to exist. 

Surely It is of snfllcient Importance 
to the pe<?ple of Victoria to keep this 
band in eJCl^t^nce. Ike large at- 
tendances which it attracts to con- 
certs 'show the desire of the people 
for music but . bands now-a-days 
cannot eXUit on \ popularity alone. 
Irresiiective of purely business con- 
siderations, it should be a pleasure 
for the people of Victoria to support 
a musical organisation drawn from 
the l-ahka of the Great War Veterans. 
Possibly it la through she<^ Ignorance 
of the circumstances that conditions 
are what they are. If that la the 
case, we hope thi^ mention of the 
possibility of the band going out of 
existence, through cpathy towards its 
upkeep, will remind the people that 
tangible proof of their desire for its 
continuance la required. 


The Tovng Women's Christian 
Association Is making a modest re- 
quest on public generosity in its desire 
to secure 11,000 to rbmove the in- 
debtedness which rests on the in- 
stitution. A tag day for the purpose 
of raising this amount will be held 
tomorrow. Thosa who know the 
activities of the organisation and the 
influence for good It has been in the 
communitj^will be only too willing to 
help. Such an instrument for social 
betterment should net be allowed to 
renfafn In debt; for where' debt exists 
there is always worry, and good work 
is marred. The small amount sought 
cah be readily subscribed by the 
people without a single person feel- 
ing there is any sacrifice Involved. 
Tomofrow's tag day gtvei the public 
an opportunity to make a Christmas 
offering to the T.W.C.A. It should 
be a thankoffering for the work 
which the energetic ladles of that 
organisation have been privileged to 
do on behalf of their sisterhood. 


The WlU-o'-tlie-Wlap of Natk>nal< 

If wo assume, for the sake of argu- 
ment, that the mines are nationalized. 
It la quite certain that the public will 
see that the management and finance 
of a nationalized Industry are effec 
tually removed from the sphere of 
politics, and that direct action is met 
by counter'actlon. And In that case 
v^at will the miners' gaint They 
will by no means gain posseealon of 
the mines, for what the State holds, it 
holds, with all the massive pressure 
of public opinion behind it We are 
willing to be enlightened, but we do 
not at present see any gain accruing 
to the miners. But we can clearly 
perceive what they will lose. They 
will lose, to begia with, freedom, the 
freedom l}y virtue of which they can 
change their masters at will and bar- 
gain for wages as mea with men. 
They will be State aervanU. bound to 
a common wage, and governed (aa 
they would be governed) by a power- 
ful body from whose decislona the 
only appeal would be a court of law. 
Direct action would be unlawfuL— - 
London Mornlag Post. 

It Cmnt Be Done 
Apart from the qvaatlon oC whethar 
or not reform In Vomep'a frees Is 
dasifiabia. it is oevtgia that it would 
Mq«m a long vttfitA ag pfa—hlng to 
bMng. women to ohanga their ways In 
the matter. If they could ever be par- 
•ofded. Certainly Canadian woman 
are not going' to adopt a policy la 
dress that disregards the eonalderatiOo 
of appearance ao,long as their sisters 
in athar cooatrftv eontinne to do 
bomMM to tiiahloii. Agd. after all. 
would not the cure be worse than the 
disease? If high scHael glrta should 
a .staadarjd . drea^ why not (hair 
«a« HMOTK'teor An 

Dainty Ribbon 

We have on display an unu.sually larite 
range of Ribbon Novelties, including Pin 
Trays, Pin Cushions. Boudoir Caps. Cami- 
soles. Slippers. Slipper Bags. Roses, Vanity 
BagSt yVrist Bands. Handkerchief Cases. 
Garters, and many dainty pieces for baby. 
These are ideal for gifts. 

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Helpful Hints for Solving 

m Problems 


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colored, hand - embroidered 
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than. woaM ba dr ea aed pra^tteally 
alike, and presumably In garmenta of 
plain and aevera atjrie. What a drab 
world it would bet What 9, lot of tha 
tntereat m life woul)} depart! The 
cost of living la hard to bear, but It 
atlll leavea ua mueh to rejoice over. 
Men who are atlll arguing that relief 
from tba coct of llvtng muat come 
through plainer clothea for women 
are waattng their effort. — Ottawa 

TTaJji^&a deleetaUe 

ergaalaattoa or 

aoelety, not a workingmaa in this elty 
which Saviet rule haa evolved could own 
bla koai*. the famttore ia It. or the 
etothlaa on. Ma* baak~-fOr It la aU 
'~pr1vata propecty." He eoutd not draw 
on ilia aavinga aooouat. ^iiior could hia 
widow, aboatd he die. eblieet on hla la- 
■uranee policy. •!■«« all debtn are to be 
eaae*ll<!d. Not one of the mllliona of 

Liberty Bond* would hav« any value, 

for the Oov^mment that ia bound to pay 

It would be oblNerated. ae4 the new 

1 "Government*' would be pledged to the I 

^eaaeellatloa of all ladcbCkdttcaa, The } 

farmers would be robbed, aot ealy of 
evarytblac on tb«lr flarma. but ef the 
fanba themeelvea. The whole acheme 
la. therefore, as prepoateroua aa it ia 
criminal. — lodlaaapolia Kewa 

wmmPBO. Dee. 11.— Tha reeoOBt 
in Ward 0, where the reaalt aC Ad 
alderman N; contaat waa deuMaa. Hi 
n6t change the resnlt..J. BhiaieDbdrs 
Btasw as the alderman aatf B. J a eOa 
as achool trWta. 


The antlsh OsioMat of DMsartter IJ. fias> 

. Psjbrtery ef th s Aetlrr— The ttm^mmr Actir* aaUaa ifcislli after S Vslock 
rMMtaav ansraaia for iea yiaasisn. fawyinc tt aaMsaasra aad m laras fV^ahb 

Shm - > ■*■■»'■« Ml I lai •« eb» n*immt mvum troear ateaiMMS la th. <iw* 

«t«A reoMilr ea ta* 





Big Stioe'Sale 



Maynard's Stt^^te^'^ 

Phone 1232 . 649 Yate. Street 

'"Whtf Mom People TtmitT 


Mr. Justice MeUialfe's State- 
rnent In Reference to Alle- 
gations Advanced Against 
Citizens' Committee. 




South Wellington Coal 


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' WIXNIPEO. Dec. 11.— Mi«r«prf- 
senutlon of faetit revardinc the'«trlk9 
leadorn In The ^'lnnlp«K ritlxcn, the 
offlcJal 'orcan of the Cltlxenii' .Com- 
mittee 'dyryig the Btrlke. und the 
preiienc« of iin oriranization In niicleuft 
one year ajro, which iatfr broadened 
out into the CUUsenn* ComniUtee wljh 
the purpose of cruahlnv Ipbor throurh 
kits leaderd. wcr« the allecationa iniid« 
by K. J. McMurj-ay, counsel ,for the 
dBfence. at the trial of R. R.. Ryn- 
•ell today. He also claimed that th# 
C^t^^e■tm'■ Oommtttoe wan financed by 
lui-go donatlonii from capltallFta. 
. ^Ir. McMurray Informed the. court 
ihiit the defence would attempt to 
provft thene statcmentH. which werq 
made during: an argument precipi- 
tated when counsel for the defence 
atten^pted to put In a copy of Tho 
Winnipeg Citizen an evidence. 

The court ruled asalnnt the In- 
cluHlon of this paper on the ground 
that tho mlHdeeds of the CltlwnH' 
Committee through Uh publication or 
oth^rwisn were not relevant to tho 
trial of Tlufisoll. 

Such' action on the part of the 
Clflzf-nM* Conniitttee. If the allegatlonii 
w^re true, t-aid Mr. Justice Metcalfe, 
conHtltuled n breach of the law. 

His LordHhlp Informed Mr. McMur- 
ray that the grand jury had waited 
for four weeltM to deaj on behalf of 
the Crown with any charges of thlH 
icind, and none had been made. Ho 
had pointed out In his afldreM to the 
«»"«nd J u r y a t the ope n tey of the^ 
assizefl their d»ty along these llncH. 
he said. 

His Lordship, Miid that capital on 

the one hand, and labor on the other, 

would have to realist that they could 

, not go out and riot around'the private 



ST. JOHN. X. B.. Dec. !!.— Re- 
turning to hla berth on tjunday liigbt. 
December 7, after conducting the 
Inut service On board the steamer 
CJorsican. which doclced here yes- 
terday. Rev. S. D. Scammell. of 
Brantford. Ont., pansed )>eacefully 
away during the night. 

Rev, Mr, Bcammcll, although 78 
years old, tiod served his country 
during the war as a naval chaplain, 
and was returning to Canada to rest 
after his labors. 

Despite this loss the vessel reach- 
ed port with tJ>e san--^ number of 
passengerr*. tia Mrs. Btliel Ulake, the 
Knglish bride of F'rivato Edward 
Blake. Toronto, gave birth to « 
daughter during the voyage. 




"Tl— Ialan4 Horn* ttt 
rComet Fstltfo/M /«r Woatrnt"*. 

Winter Dresses Jhat Many Women *-^ 

Say Are Ideal 


Commission Hears Witnesses 
Representing Various Bodies 
at Fernie— IVliners Object to 
Board of Compensation. 


Germans' Aim in Negotiation 
With Allies, as' Interpreted 
by Dr. Dillon — Unfortunate 
Situation at Fiume. 

l'.:l I' 




Cold weather continites. 

rf your pipes freeze^ 

Phone ^2§ 

They will repair them. at 
a moment's notice. 


Plumbincf and Heatin; 
7/it^ Pandori St. Phones 828. 4S96L 



The Store of Quslity 

Xmas Portrait and 
Picture Frames 

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Framing Material on Hand. 

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Victoria Art Efflporiani 

Kight Opposite White Latnch. 

lirlamed SoMlor Killed 

BKLLEVILLE. Ont.. Dec. .11.— 
Alexander Reid, a returned soldlsr, 
was killed yesterday afternoon at the 
t.:!orby distilling plant at Corbyvllle, 
and Percy Bluck seriously injured. 
The men fell down an elevator 
shaft, a distance of 60 feet. 



.t-ONDOX. Deo. 11.— An extraordi- 
nary story involving the romantic le- 

f^r^lL**' «>«*"»"nds valued at about 
f.-to.ow. which wore salve,! utLtcr the 
slitkiii*r of the Liisiianla. will b» 
brought before the Postniiister-Oen- 
ernl in the House of Commons by 
Jeremiah MoVuagh. MutSh mastery 
has been atuched for niany motnths 
to certain runnvrs of nappenings off 
tho coast ol* Ireland, but no informa- 
tion can at obtained :is 
to the piesent whereabouts of the 
diamonds. , 

Mr. McV«a«h told a Chronfrjlo rep- 
resentative that on May 11. 1 !)!.-, 
four days, after the I.UKltania was 
sunk. John Uayes. the captain o( a 
n.«<ljinK boat, found n postal packaire 
floa',.g on the sea about ten- miles 
to the south Of High Island, near 
Olandore. .Qouoty CorJc. Jn the postal 
package were throe reglHtered par- 
cels, which, it is sti^tod, contained 
diamonds. These were .surrendered 
to the coastguards at. Castle Townn- 
end. and eventually reached tho |*o«tnl 
officials in London, who acknowledged 
their, receipt. 

T.h^ diamonds had been sent on the 
LusUAnia by a firm in New York, 
but It has not been foun^ possible 
for the Halvors to fllscover the con- 
signoes. and the firm • in N>w York, 
to .whom' the .diamonds., were re- 
turned, refused to accept delivery. 

The salvors received a letter from 
a. flrrti (Of solicitors in Lotwlon saying 
that the package contained diamonds, 
and though the man who found Ihcnj 
gave evidence before the American 
Consul, only his expenses were paid. 

Arrange your evening parties .it 

VANCOUVER, Dec. n.--"lt is the 
opinion that the aims, of the Germans 
in their present attitude towards the 
AlIieH are to gain as nnich time as 
possible." ^id Dr. B. J. Dillon, the 
correspondent for The London Tele-' 
graph on the Continent of Europe 
for many years, and Vho is consid- 
ered one of the greatest living au- 
thorities on'^uropean national ques- 
tions. On. a trip through America, 
chiefly for ^reci-efttlon purposes. Dr. 
Dilibn arrived in Vancouver late last 
night, and will stay a few days In 
the city before resuming his Journey 
to California, where he will spend the 
■yvinter. f 

Dr. Dillon does not beIle^■e that the 
Oermnns h.ave any Intention of re- 
newlng hostilities, or that they are 
sf-rlously prepared for such a move 
us yet. 

"AVhile the German Oovernmont .at 
prejient is of the opinion that the 
.ncceptanco of the Allied demands 
will put an end to their production, 
and thus to the possibilities of re- 
cuporalion. there is no doubt that 
they do not contemplate serious rc- 
Mlstunoe to the Allies." said Dr 

"Their aim is to gain time, and 
they will. IC It comes to that, allow 
the Allies to occupy parts of Oei- 

Regarding Klume and Italy, Dr. 
I Dillon said: 

"The principal cause of the present 
deadlock wa.s the uncompromising at- 
titude of President Wilson at Ihe 
peace conference. • If Premier Or- 
lando of Italy had been dealt with in 
a Klve-and-lake spirit, the probltras 
wt.uld not tlow exist, but as things 
stand now T nm afraid that there Is 
.very little to he done. The question 
should have been considered as an 
economical problem with Italy, and 
on a very broad basis, for Italy Is 
hard pjr<<ssed for raw material, but 
instead of that It narrowed down, 
under the un.<ompromlsing attitude of 
PreaJdont Wil.'«on. until now the, end 
of the difficulty cannot be foreseen. 

"The danger spot lies in the atti- 
tude of the army on the one hand 

KER.VIE. Dec. 11.— The Provincial 
Health Coihmlsslon, comprised of B. 
S. H. Winn, chairman of the Work- 
men's Compensation Doard. chair- 
man. Mrs. c. Spofford. Dr. T. C. 
Green and D. MoCallum. arrived In 
the city tonight from Penticton, 
where the last session was held. Al- 
though lite in arriving, evidence was 
taken dealing with the questions of 
mothers' pen.sions. maternity bene- 
■ ■ "'""'^ fiealtfi iftstti^nce and pub- 
llc health nursing. 

Representatives were present from 
various fraternal societies, ladies- 
benevolent societies, CJ.W.V.A. auxili- 
ary, the miners' organization, the 
parent teachers' association. the 
medical profession. Mayor Uphill and 
others. Representatives of the frater- 
nal orders favored the principle of 
Inaugtiratlng a feasible state health 
control scheme, and a particularly 
urgent appeal was made for the im- 
mediate ostaillshment within the 
Province of an institution for the 
treatment of tuberculosis patient.x, to 
relieve the present totally inadequate 
accommodation, with regard to pub- 
He nurslns. it was the consensus of 
opinion that if this w^as supervised 
In communities by such as the Vic- 
torian Order of Nurses: it would al- 
leviate present unsatisfactory con- 
ditions. « 

During the session some of the 
witnesses took occasion to crlUclz.^ 
the operation of the Workmen's 
Compensation Act, the inad^quuio' 
amount paid to dependent widows 
and families being ono objection 
While William Robson. representing 
the 'minors,, was emphatic that If -tlm 
proposed legi-slatlon placed the coni- 
pen.safion board In charg.^ of th(. ad- 
ministration. Ms organization would 
be strongly opposed to any such sys- 
tem. The miners concurred in iho 
theory of health insurance and tho i 
subsidiary departments' outlined. 

.Mayor Uphill testified that In his 
opinion, speaking of locnl conditions 
particularly. the prejumt system, 
where the workers contract for their 
medical aid and actuAlly ai-o the em- 
players. It i.s the more! satisfactory 
method, as bolter ■ sei-v-ice can b«t 

j thus attained oh account of same 
being: controlltid within respective 

j confined communities, while under 
state control, the unlt.s would be al- 
most too large for prompt ar\d ade- 
quate attention. 


Nor wtil you wonder at it when you see the strikinrly 
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The First "Drive-Yourself" Auto Livery in Canada 

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Just this— Victoria Aulo Livery, the livery that rents Dodges, Fiords. 
Che^Tolets and Overlands WITHOUT drivers, and guarantees everv 
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VICTQ R I A l oSvrwuRsSl I lyg ry 

721 View Skrmmit 






The (Jue«tion wan unked If that 
could be avoided, to which Chiilrman 
Winn- reaptinded that w-h.itever re- 
commendation was made it certaijily 
would glvf' every person the rlRht 
to choose his own medical atten- 

COPENHAGEN. Dec. 11.— Whllo 
the outlook for nn agreement look- 
ing to an exchnnne of prisoncrK is. on 
the whole, roK.nderl ;in niopt unpronj- 
iaing here, one matter which may re- 
sult from neg-otiationp l>etween 
Juiiiep O'Gr.nd.v. repi cfirntinfj the 
HrltlHh <Joveriinient. and M. LiivinofT. 
the Oolshevik delegate will be the 


Crackers. Cikrs. Christmas Puddings, Chocolate^ 

• btockiugs for the kiddics-cvcrything you can possibly 

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srantlng- of permiaaioh by the soviet 
government for the entry of clothlun. 
drufTH. food and money for BritlHh 
priaoners into that country. in re- 
turn for thi« perniiK«|f>n. the Hol- 
Mhevlki will bo Riven the right tb im- 
port a shipload of drugs for thcii- 
own use. 

Both BritlHh and Itus.slau prliionfr« 
may ^md lettftr hon)«« at stut^'d In- 
I lervala. accordlnu to arranfremcntw 
wjilch have been mude. 

Winnlp*^ Uqiior KulMir« 

WIXNIPKG. Dec. U.—The pollco 
have Helsed a consignment of liquor 
conaistinR of 12 boxeH containing 864 
bottleH, valued at mora than $l,6f>0. 
Ht the union station. The WhlHkey 
wa« fihlpi>od from .Monlreiil nn 
"oruckery.' The tjhlpniont wan ad- 
dronsed to a local tobhei-. who d«iniu; 
that the liquor was ownod by him. 
No Hrr«fitH have been made in con- 
ne<-tlon with the .^eizurf. 

and that of the Government on tho 
other. The flovernment Is obliged to 
take a Btand against D'Annunjtlo. but 
cannot diHputo hlp motives or airaB. 
and thia being known throughout the 
army. makoH action of any kind a 
complicated matter. It Is a very bad 


■ ttlllUUl, 



By Analysis 

a AVi^-balanced fixJd 
— fay tdsteapfea^ngibod 
— fay i«sults, a building food 


Cpnttiins qU the notund 
goodness Cff^wUcityiheat 
cmd malted bcufey; ^ 



OTTAWA, Dec. ll.—The Militia 
Department today Issued a denial of 
a newspaper Hem which stated that 
the sum of |2.'i,000.000 would be re- 
<|uircd next year for militia purposes. 
It was 'positively stated that this 
amount was far in excess of the es- 
timates, and the view was expreaaed 
that fifteen ok aizteen millions would 
be much nearer the mark. 

It waa pointed out, however., that 
there were n© final figures to bito« 
a definite statement on. The estl-- 
mates were merely In the course of 
preparaUon and. after ^compfeuen. 
would have to b* ptjmttl upon by 
the cabinet council, before b«in« d«- 

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LONDON. Dec 11.— Th« Mer- 

ohants Bank of Canada opened a 

bondOB branch in Corafeill yesterday, 

tMinff Oto aev^enth Cah«4Uin bank to 

have prntitarm h«Mr». A laneheon In 

commemoration of the <ycajilon was 

attended by 8ir Gortfbn Nairn of the 

Rank of Kn«land and many other 

£nclish banking macnatee. Colonel 

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tho I'^niidltin |'«y Corps, la mannver 

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yj i» .■- - . — ^— . — . — 

[ City and Districf in Brief 

0«liM IVU ]f«t Meat^Th* Girl 
0«4«tM wUl not 'meet toalght owlnv 
to "the cold weather. 

Bask CHiaihita — Clearinsa for tbe 
week endli« today were 13,444,075, aa 
conpared with la.tftl.TtT to the cor- 
resspoiidlas week of itii. 

n the police court yea- 
tard^y nidrniat MeMrs. Jameaon. 
BoUa A WOUa were fined »10 on a 
eharce that oae of their motor trucka 
pasMd » ata^dfns atreet car. 

illvM tiiwunlaatoD in II.A.F.— 

Lieut. iHry Coekeran. M.C., haa been 

K' len « oomihlBMoti Ip tbe Royal Air 
rea, and ia at preaant atatloned in 

Us Mmy^-Tnr It lor • 

. Kirkham 

THE Bie ^ 

For Chrntanai Grocaries, ChristmM Noveltiet, Clin»l^ 
■ * ^ mil Cd» and Phnn Pud^ngt (Hone Ma Jo ) 

SpecuJ Today in Gro^^ry Depwtment 
liict Fttih Rolled 0«tB.r«iru»a'^^t»»-*of 25c 9Rr 

Special, 4 lbs. for --------^ ----•• £d%J\^ 

NMOBl Brtg»d<rH- The Boys' 

Naval prlf ade wiU not hold iu regu- 
lar parade \at Baqaimalt on Satur- 
day atterooon owinv to the boya 
b«lii« tiveh a private view of the 
naval pictures in the marnlns. 

DadbtLli Omlta Meetlnv — Owlnff ia lack of business of any importance 
the Saanlch Council will forevo the 
regular bi-weekly meetlnsr which 
should have been held tonight. The 
special meetlnv held last week cleared 
the alata of ^^^ut naaor natters. 

Store Bmrnt— 'Word arrived at the 
local Hudsoq'ft Bay Company's of- 
fices yesterday tliat the company's 
store at Poft James." 40 miles east 
of Vanderhoof on Stewart Lake, B. 
'C.was bujrnivd, to_;the ground on 
Wednesday nlyht. r<Jo- other parttcu- 
Urs atl-e available. 

Jitaey Aaaodat^pB D9ailSe>— Last 
eVehlny tbe Victoria. Jitney Associa- 
tion, Incorporated, h^ld theh" first 
dance ih the Knlgihts .of P^^thlas 
' flail. There was a .bit attendance 
and with • the . excellent music ren- 
dered by Mrs, Itoberifr three-piece 
0rch«atca» everybo<!U^,^;||^ted it a real 
good time. -yM- 

Anniversary DlnnMV-~The Next- of - 
Kin Association flrst anniversary 
dinner to celebrate opening of the 
Memorial Rome, Government Street, 
win be held there on Saturday even- 
log next, at < o'clock. All who have 
at any time resided at the home dur- 
ing the year' are invited to attend. 
Colonel Rev. O. U. Andrews 

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Finest Mutton V\ ThtA Killod Spriilc f?*^^ 

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^I^ per lb «•# t*i^. per "> •'•♦ 

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' file B«(t aad Drynt In City lAII Pm 



Foraetry Lecture Nest Week — Ittie 
lecture on fbrest^Tf by CaptatjrCowan, 
of the Provincial Forestry Depart- 
ibent, will take place on ThuNday^ 
-die 18th, and set this week, as pre- 
viously sUted. The Crystal Theatre 
Will be uasd*. and the leeture .will 
eommenoe at 8 o'clock sharp. Scouts , 
will be admitted at 7:/j, and the 
general public later. 

To Freve»t Kxploslons — Seeing the 
account of the kitchen range explod- 
ing when tl^ fire wa« lighted, the 
firm of Watson dc McGregor offer sopi^ 
advice as to the prevention of such 
aooidaata. ThO bursting of os4Is >is 
dm to them being froaen. There Is 
a eook that drains the coH and if this 
cock is opened and no water comes 
^ut then the colls are frosen and it 
would be dangerous to light the Are. 
Madalist IUmmH d oawl" "The some- 
what heavy winds of the past tew 
days have driven angry seas over 
that poijjtlon of the Malahat Drive In 
the neighborhood of the water trotigb 
near Mill Bay. A portion of the 
roadway, eatlmated at one hundred 
)Knd fifty feet, has been washed 
away, necessitating the closing . of 
the drive for repairs. 

Wandorers* Dance — An attendance 
of about 250 made the dance of the 
Wanderers' Rugby Football Club at 
tbe Alexandra Hall last night one 
of th« suoceases of the seaaon. Heat, 
on'e seven-piece orchestra supplied 
tbe music and at midnight a daitity 
supper waa served. The fun was 
kept up until an early hour this 
morning. ' 

"jrofan ttall aad Miss Caawdc"— Rev. 
Dr. Batty, of Centennial Methodist 
Church, will deliver an address in 
the Bsqulthalt Methodist Church to- 
night eorameneing at 8 o'olook, on 
"John Bull and Miss Canuck." Miss 
M. Mlddleton and Rev. Mr. Uobbins, 
the pastor, will render solos during 
the evening. The proceeds of the lec- 
ture are to be devoted to the Sunday 
School Christmas Tree. 

Oiec Cliib— The Y.M.C.A. Olee Club, 
which has been practicing busily for 
the past few tnonths. lant Wedncnday 
Bight paid a regretful farewell to Mr. 
Holloway, the retlrlnfe setretary. Who 
is shortly leaving the city. A vote of 
appreciation was conveyed to the 
resigning otHclal who has been so 
energetic is the plahs of the ojub. 
Sgt. Wood 'waa appointed secretary In 
the place of Mr. Holloway, together 
with tIA position of treasurer. 
' Amy Hoc Entertainment — The 
regular weekly five hundred drive 
and dance will take place tonight at 
the Knights of Columbus Army Hut., 
Fort Street, for all service, ez-servlce 
men and their lady friends. At the 
conclusion of the card playing danc- 
ing will take place alEid continue 
iiBtll midnight. The dance music will 
be in the banda of the 'Broughton 
Brothers ^•'ho have kindly Voluntoer- 
ed their servioea fOr tbe evening. 

Ite Oyaak Om Tnemployment— 
iteMra. J. yr. Coiinell and Myers 
wilt speak . Saturday night at the 
Crystal Theatre on the unemploy- 
.9iant sltuatlOhi under the auspices of 
th^ Fedainated Lrabor Party. On Tues- 
day night the party will hold Its 
postponed annual meeting. On Sun- 
day afternoon there will be the usual 
open forum at the Crystal Theatre 
<w'iy--- ' i ** which everyone is welcome. The 
It ■•'.>\ autbj*ct Is. not yet announoed. 

j^n IMad Haoe— A five- mile road 
raee is being pUnned by the physical 
branch of the T.M.C.A. to take place 
onthe first of January, at 11 a. m. 
The course will be from the build- 
ing on Blanshard Street by Yates or 
FOrt to the Willows gaU and re- 
turn, finishing again at the "T." Mr. 
W. ▲. AUdrltt la handling the pre- 
liminary arrangetftenta and can be 

foynd at Ihe buildings almost any- 
time in the* afternoon. 
^^lakca )to Headway — ^A meeting 
was called^ for the purpose of forming 
an automobile club, at the Board of 
Trade boildlog last night, but no 
doubt Owing "to the unusual weather 
conditions the attendance proved 
meagre. No buslnes was released for 
publication, as the attendance did 
not warrant definite announcement. 
Amputation Club MeetlK>— A well- 
attended meeting of the AmpuUtlon 
Club was held on Friday last, De- 
cember 6, at whtcu considerable 
business was transacted. New pro- 
posals regarding the opportuAltlea of 
employment for disabled men were 
discussed, and a resolution was 
passed to the effect "that the club 
ask for the refuaal of vacancies in 
Governnveat departments, that occur 
from time to time, which could be 
filled by amputation cases.'* The 
chtb will hold its ^at meeting on 
December 1». at the G.W, Ne»t-of- 
Kln rooma, Government Street. 

FKtvinctel Appolntrtenu' — Provin- 
cial appolntmenU announced in the 
current weeks Gazette arc: To be 
Justice of the Peace, Mr. Robert Bor- 
land, of Kelthley Creek, Cariboo; to 
be Coroner, Mr. -Fllmer Engers Coy, 
of Inverraere. Kootenay County; to 
be Medical Health Qltlcer at Kelowna, 
Dr. G. L. Campbell; CM., during the 
absence ot Dr. W. J. Knox; to be 
Clerk of the Peace for the .County of 
Vancouver, Mr. Joseph C. Doclterill, 
Deputy Registrar of the Supreme 
Court; to be Notaries Public.' Messrs. 
Joseph F. Noble, AleJtander Ogston 
and Chauncey E. Eckert, of Vancou- 
ver; Mr. Roy H. Marlatt. of Buckley 
Bay, Queen Charlotte Islands; Mr. 
Thomas McClymont. Trlnoe Rupert, 
and Mr. William W- R. Mitchell, l^a- 

Baptist Church Members Meet — 
In conjunction with the congrega- 
tional supper held last evening by 
the Ladles' Aid of the First Baptist 
Churoii, Yataa SUeel. a »*le^ flf f ancy^; 
work and plain sewing was held, 
Mesdames George, W. T. Russell and 
Qriffith, being in charge of the stall. 
The supper arrangements wore 
directed by Mrs. f. B. Biown, and 
Mrs, Dlnemore and Mrs; Johnson 
had charge of the tables. Later In 
the evening a musical programme, 
arranged by Mrs. Volght, wo* given 
In the church, the following artists 
contributing selections: Instrumental 
duet, Mrs. Brown and Mlaa Edgar; 
piaho and whistling duet, Mrs. 
Brown and Mr. Edgar; piano solo, 
Mr. Fletcher; vocal solos, Mlas 
Beulah Johnson and Mies Helen 
Johnson; vocal duet. Miss Mlddleton 
and Miss Merrell: ' readings, Mlsa 
Winnie. Beckwith, Mr. •Mcintosh and 
Mr. Hamilton. Mrs. H. Johnston 
played the piano accompaniments 
for -the soloists. 

Dr. Clark May Be Senator • 

OTTAWA, Dec, 11. — ^In political 
circles the name of Dr. . Michael 
Clark, member for Red Deer, Is 
being mentioned for the senate va- 
cancy in Alberta, due to the death of 
Senator Peter Talbot. The vacancy 
may not be filled for some time. 

- * — 


., .. -o 

MeteorolOKlcal Offlc*. VJctorl*. B.C., at • 
p.m.. I>«ceinb«r 11, 1>1<.^ 
The barometer remalna high over thU 
Province snd fair, cold weather ta eeneral. 
Temperature* raiiK' Itom 20 to Sfi below 
m the Prairies. 




Vancouver . . . 
Barkpr\-ilte . . 
Prince Rupert 


Dawson, y.T. 
Calvary, Alta. 
Winnlpes. Man 
Portland, Ore. 
San Francisco, cai 

— 12 





— 4 

— < 




— 19 


* a 


— 1 

— 6 



Port Arthur — 14 

Pcntlcton — 1 

Nelson 3 

<?rand Forks — 1 ! 

Cranbrook — 28 

Kaalo — T 


HIsheft t» 

lowest : te 

Averase *• 

Minimum on sraas, 14. 

BrlRht sunshine, fl hours 12 minutes. 

General state of weather, fine. 

Sore Throat Colds 


Hamlia's Wizard Oil to a giaflt 
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throat aiKl ^est colds. Used as a 
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oftRfi tooMS no a bard, deep aeai 
coid is ope night 

How often sprains, bruises, cMt 
and boras ocoar in cvcrr famtljr, •• 
well as littta troubles tike earaclife, 
tovthache, cold sores, canker a yi g , 
■till Dcclc and tired aching ffl^t 
SootiiinfrneaUng Wizard Oil wiU •!• 
w»^ bnnt qttfck relief. 

^t it mm iruggtsu for 30 centa 
If not aatli^ied return die bottle and 
get yoar money baclc 

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headache? Just try Wizard Li««t 
Whips, pleasant litUe pink pill^ U 
ftota. GoMraatced. 

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Libby's Aapawpcus Soup. 3 tins for Jo^ 

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Have Yoor (Mara «a Early •• PoariUa 


Phtmes 94 and 95 

Formerly Copas 8c Younf 


Cor. Fort and Broad Sts. Phones, 1^ and 95 ^xm^^Tv^t'iH* 


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Silver Plate — the gift supreme^ and supremely beau- 
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Christmas Cali^^- 

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Ootlies Uorses and Ladaera. 

■ra, BalM Heuaw '^** J^ ^^*^ >^*^ ^ 
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Indian MoccaabM Oawdot Olefres 

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WtaMi ha'a S ymmrm old. 
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A warm Sweater is somctliing that, will please 
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llniHs^ • 

iioii* saso 

OTTAWA, Doc. 11.— Actinij on- In- ■ Ba«., furrier, of Bank Street The 
«truct|ons from Toronto. Provincial pelts are allowed contraband, and 
CJame Warden Brown u^Jwd |7;00e pr^»«e4idinf;R win be taken ugalnat thy. 
worth df i>«\i^%>*m thp -toirfiif .1^. g4;ncr in,the police court. 

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Government Merely Wishes 

Opportunity of Closing 

Negotiations and Signing 

Although practically amitired that the 
Federal Oovernment IntendH to place 
Mhipbulldinir contractu here and merely 
HcekM the opportunity of dlscusiiinK de- 
tailM and Htifninir affreementM with.thoBe 
who ari« able to "talk bUHlnesa." th« 
clty'H deification, headed by Mayor Por- 
ter, will leavo for Ottawa this after- 
noon or tonight. 

Owing to the refusal of tke City 
Council to pay the traveling expenaea 
of more than two dolegateH. trpuble 
wau threatened in the Helection of thoite 
who. are to represent the city. Accord- 
ing to the arrangement arrived at yes- 
terday afternoon. Mayor Porter and Mr. 
H. J. Young, representing the returned 
soldiers, will be the city's only official 
delei^ateN Mhose expenses will be paid 
by the corporation. Mr. Joshua King- 
ham, if he goes — and he expressed some 
doubt last flight as to whether h« 
would — will go as a delegate fi^m the 
Board of Trade and Rotary Club. Mr. 
J. O. Cameron, president 6f the Board 
of Trade, found it impossible to malie 
the trip and left in the .afternoon for 
Pugei Soimd. Mr, K. i:. .lenkins and 
Mr. fiefuKe H. Vfayland, representing 
tl»e I'oundatioM Company, will leave 
with the other delegates, while Mr. 
Chris <-hiilberB and Mr. Clarence Hoard. 
acting lor the Cholberg Shipyard, left 
last nl!;lit and will join the others at 
Ottawn. Mr. Thpmas Walfcer is leaving 
today for the lOast and ban offered to 
give the delpgarton nsslstance. 

saset «n>rM«Bt«d~~ 

Whllf It now .seems probable that Mr. 
.lani' a Dakers, pr«iildent of -the Metal 
TradeH <^ounrll, will accompany the dele- 
Kation, the attitude of the Qtt>' Council, 
as expressed by a few aldermen sum- 
moned hurriedly to a oonfeirftr;ce In tho 
Mavors offlc* In the aftenutttn. left the 
question 11^ dOubt 'as to w-^Atli^r labor 
would b« repr^elitod. Mn9^- Porter 
said it was a cat^e of choosiacfc- -between 
the returned aoldlfir and labpr l|i teres ts, 
and It was felt that a rcprfsentative 
of the aorvlf e organizations >rpind carry 
more weight. 

Oiifsatlsfactlon was exprfcsFed In sev- 
cfal cmarters, however, as- noon as it 
w.-\8 learned thftt labor was likely -to be 
Ignored in the. selection of delegates and 
Mr. Dakery, who was p^rtloularly recom- 
mended a.M u delegate by Mr. J. C. Mc- 

.Mr. Mcintosh hinvself wlIll not go. He 
returned yesterday from a visit to 
Tacoma. "l do nof'fc61 that It would 
be of any use for tne to go," ho said. 
'•.\ocording to advices I have received, 
there Is no possibility of there being 
any controversy almut this matter. Tho 
rtovernment is ready to let the con- 
trnct.i. It .••imply van^ to fix terms 
and have the bonds guaranteed. No 
doubt the (iQNOi-nment Is prepared to 
niako an offer safl tWdre' probably will 
l>e work for both shtv^rds— how much 
it is imiHii^Hlble to st^Hl*' ' 

Dr. .Tobnto Vryaa ' 

.The Mayor was ^tvouraiied by the re- 
oclnt of a wire from' Hon. S. F. Tolmle, 
Minister of Agriculture, as follom's: 
•UrKe delegation leave immediately. 
Polegates should be ready to discuss 
fully and close deal, please wire exact- 
ly when to expect you." 

The Mayor also received an acknow- 
ledgment of the wires he • sent to Sir 
Robert Bor<len. .Sir Robert telegraphed: 
•Your telegram received. t>r. Tolmie 
has already requested a delegation to 
come forward immediately. I hope you 
will accompany- them." 


Announces That He Is Candi- 
date in Oak Bay— Was in 
Council by Acclamation for 
Short Period. 



We Sen Stenfield's Under^ 
r. AU Ike BaM Weiglitak 

J. N. Harvey 


614^16 Yatw St. 

125-127 Hasttnffa St, W.. Vancowvrr 

Mr. Peter McKeohnie has an- 
nounced that he will bo In tho Hold 
this year as councillor for Oak Bay. 
His coming out will not mean an 
election unless there are further can- 
dldatea aa Reeve Wilson and Coun- 
cillor Nlven are dropping out, and 
Mr. McKechnto and Mr, Harry Davis 
will Ju«t (111 the gape. 

Mr. McKechnle went into the Oak 
Bay Council in 1S18 by acclamation 
for a short period after Reeve Bur- 
dick resigned and Reeve Wilson rcoe 
from councillor to his present posi- 
tion. At the last elections Mr. Mc- 
Kcchnle stood again, but was defeated. 
He lives on Cadboro Bay Road^ 


00D80N— The funeral of the late 
Ernest Godson took place yesterday 
afternoon, leaving Ihe R c. Funeral 
Chapel at 2:11 p. m. and proceeding 
to Christ Church Cathedra), whore 
service was conducted by the Rev. 
Dean Qtiatnton. One hymn was sung 
■Abide With Me." Many friends of 
the deceased were In attendance and 
the casket was covered with Ooral 
tributes. Interment was made Irt 
Ross B# Cemeter>-. The following 
gentlemen acted :\« pallbearers: D 
D. McTavlsh, H. H. Woolison. C. E 
Ray. W. H. Adams, T. L. Elkington 
and H. Anscomb. 

McDIVETT—Tho death took pUce 
at the residence of her daughter. Mrs 
J. D. Ridden. 2(44 Work Btreet. at an 
early hour yesterday morning, of 
Mary Spiers McDivett. aged «7 years, 
beloved wife of James McDivett' Rh« 
was bom in Olaagow, ScotUnd, and 
had b««n a resident oT thla city for 
the past 18 months. She leaves to 
mourn her Ion her husbaod, one 
daughter and a arandchlM Ui this 
city. Tho funeral will take place 
from the Sands Funeral CThapal on 
Saturday at t o'clock. Rev. W. I... 
CUy will officiate. Intermrat will be 
made at Kosa Bay Cfmvtmgf, 

After the Show, dooco at IMoca- 
dllly. ^ 


TJjf ♦ 


OMetC and Urgefft Yi^m 



GIDEON HICKS. «lr. ,/*:^XiVi.)i'''' 

Oppoaile Post Ottce, Victoria 


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Mahogany or oak 

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"On Ih* oentAry. my iiaf 
ten4«n." I expoatulaud. "I teppao to 
knew that Betty Uardlnc be« • ••• 
Uttle baad with a plenty in It." 

•'•olM »vory, nothlna •!■•." ha ra- 
ptlad. oontampttteua>y> 

"But I had tiM yleaaura of baarlnv 
har OMI iroq aomathtii* not lona a«o." 
I o4«intara4. 'that you knew ab- 

[aolutaly notblna about" 
"■xaotly." t l«akita«. "Didn't aha 
explain to you vary paliently tba dl«- 
feranoe batwaan Reman and Roman- 
aaqu« areWtaeluraT" 
\U raddanad turteualy. 
"What did that amount to?" ha 
damandad. anyHly. 

"Not much, parhapa. kut It aarrad 
to ahow that Batty Hardlttf knew 
aomathlnff , you dldat*** I a«td qulatty. 
"Read tt In a book." \tm anifted. 
"Aad whara did you tat all your 
tnformaUen. Orltlandan, daarT" I 
intalrad. "la aU youra taken rrem 
your axpertanoaa only?** 

I kad htm thara far ha waa a 
davatad lovar o( books aad had auoka 
of tham. 

"Wan. you aaada't ba ao amart 
about It," ba aaM' "And. furthar- 
mora. I demand to kaow why you 
dida't tall ma about tkalr anaaaa — 
about this insane notion of Jaek'a," 
he peraistad. 

"WhyT Juat becauaa it waa their 
Affair and not youra. Nor waa it mine. 
I waa told of their engatement. waa 
adviaed that it waa a aacret and ttiat 
it waa their wtah to aurprlee their 
^rienda, even yourself, with ita an- 

"▲ seoret" he sneered. "Splendid 

•aoret it waa! DtdnH they teU you?" 

"I fuardad tt oaretully enouch. 

don't you think?" I said, evening the 


"Wall, my nne lady, there la thia 
much yoii have simply got to under- 
stand In the future." be decUred, hia 
anget^inereaalng. "Just oonsider that 
when anythlnK||l8 pulled off In my 
houae after this. I'm to know all 
about it. I hope you understand that 
without any further explanation." 

"Easy enough to understand," | 
commented:" but I ahall use my owtt 
Judgment about it." 

"You're very top-lofty, aren't you T" 
he said, with a sneer. 


BiitfMr this, that |»ur in- 
u na 1« a thing that can be 
tan away from you Juat ai it was 

^. '" 

Phone 123 


The Farmers' BSspIy Bouse 

Afant Massey-Harria C*> 

f 10-«I8 Pandora Avoaoe 

' Pbonea lilt and XKtVt, 

Plows , , . ^ _ 

•^V, Harrows ..^ s Pumps 

' CidliT.cora ^^^/: Taaka 

Root Palpers , Soparators 

Feed Cuttws ^A\ l>wry JuppU** 

' Fencing MW /- < Ckama, Isa. 

"BvsnrthlBg for tba farmof^ 
:"■ L,et Ma gelTe Tour Impiameat Problems 


Tou did not give it, mj« 4||sar." I 
•nwvered. "I prefer to say J ilok it" 
Ha 0«ahed. hotly. HIa h^4|" «ere 
eleached tightly, but for aom* reason 
I did not believe he would tj^raaten 
me with violence. He wge angry, 
angrier than he had bean ft»f weeks, 
but 1 managed to maintain my in- 
dependent poaltion to such a* extent 
that it had the effect of aobgtiiig blnp. 
"Tou took It, you thinkSf he ex- 

I bowed )^ assent "4»4 ^ nean to 
keep tt." 

"Haybe you will aa« mayLe you 
won't" he replied. I sensed a threat 
in W>th his tone and his words. 
X ma«e ne aaawar to tfus. 
"Whan did this thing happen?" he 
then asked. "How long, I mean, 
hava (Bey h««tt en«u*<S?" 
^^ aiMiMi or mofo." 
••A meeth. a whole maath," he 
said, regretfully. "If I had only known 
it when It first stsrted. I mlgftt have 
been able to do somethkis with 

"A year, X am quite sure, would 
not have been sufflelent ttoM for 
that" I argued. "He looks upon 
Betty as a prise." 

"Ho does now," said Crittenden, 
dryly. 'Ue'a mora likely to Und her 
a aurprlae." He was too upset to 
laugh at his own Joke. X did him 
the honor. 

"Of course I can see that you helped 
It along," he went on, complalningly. 
"No doubt 3roo put the Idea Into her 
head to rope him in and then told 
him a lot of silly, muahy atuff about 

"Much to my regret" I enlightened 
him. "I can't claim much of the 
glory of bringing them to an under- 
standing of each other'a virtues. I 
can only claim having introduced 
them. I tMlieve." I added, messuredly, 
"that you had m ore t o d o with it 
than I." 

"I — you are craxy!" 
"Tea," I Insisted, while he glared. 
"Tou see Betty told Jack she would 
marry htm the day you invited them 
to lunch with us down toMr^'f 


■ II I II III ■ ■ ■ " I ■ ■' 

isimisoa - MdKensle 
tts» marriafe of Mary'Otibert. 
daOf^r of Mrs. o. McKaaaio. 44* 
Ourtm ■treat, to John Graham 
Simpson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Qrahara 
F. Simpson, of 814 Cook Street was 
ealebrated at the home 'of the bride's 
mother on Wednesday evening. The 
bride, entering the room to the 
atralns of the Wedding March, played 
by Mr. Simpson, looked charming in 
*ft gown of white crepe de Chine and 
Georgette. Her veil of lovely old lace 
was worn by the groom's mother at 
her wedding over thirty years ago. 
She carried a lovely bouquet of white 
chrysanthemums and roses, and was 
attended by one bridesmaid, Mise 
Kathleen Simpson, sister of the 
groom, attired In a very pretty frock 
of ol/l gold messaline sUk. Her bou- 
auet was of yellow ohrysanthemuraa 
The bridegroom, who wore^ his uni- 
form as a lieutenant in the 7tb Bat- 
talion, C.E.F., was supported by 
Gcral^ Bolton, who served ovei-seas 
in a mnilar capacity. The grofim, 
before the war, was in the employ of 
Mutrie & Sons, but although under 
age on the outbreak of hoHtilitles, his 

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Timely Arrival of AU-Wool 
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Holds Short Business Session 
Before Proceeding to Naval 
Pictures Exhibition — Sign 
General Currie Album. 


. Dance at Royal Oak Hall, Friday, 
December 13. Jass band. 

Improved Farm— Consistinj^.of 45 acres, 
with modem eight-roomed house. Good 
• water supply; ideal situation. Close to 

f.v - ■»«•-•» , 

Price and terms on application. 

!•>, .-.#'» .^..'.^ 


ranee. Loans 


lovestments. Insurance. Loans 

* 1205 Broad ^ ^^ 


At the general meeting of the 
Municipal Chapter. I.O.D.B., yester- 
day afternoon, at headquarters. It 
was decided to postpone the cam- 
paign for the war memorial sOheme 
from January until April. The mem- 
bers took advantage of the oppor- 
tunity to sign the souvenir book to 
be presented to CJoneral Currio, and 
it was announc4d that a date upon 
which members who have not al- 
ready signed would be enabled to do 
so would shortly be arranged and 
announced in the pre*. On the 
motion of Mrs. B. S. Day the meeting 
accorded a standing vote of thanks to 
Mrs. Hasell for the splendid address 
she had written for the album. 

Arrangements had been made to 
place a wreath on the picture of 
H.M.8. Vindictive, one of the collec- 
tion of naval pictures now on ea- 
hibltion at the Drill Hall, and an ac- 
companying card bearing the "follow- 
ing inscription: "To the honor and 
glory of the officers and men Of 
B.M.S. Vindictive at Zoebrugge. from 
the Victoria Daughters of the Em- 
pire." A meeting of the regents of 
the various chapters was called for 
next Monday morning at head- 

A standing vote of condolence was 
passed by the meeting to Mrs. Vy B. 
McMlcking, who haa sustained the 
loss of her son. Captain McMlcking. 
of Vancouver. 

Oar Bom Gattcd 

NIAGARA FALLS. Ont.. Dec. 11.— 
Fire completely gutted the car barn 
of the Niagara, 8t Catharines and 
Toronto Street Railway. The damage 
is estimated at 140,000. 

Remember our Saturday night 
dance at Loraine Academy, Pandora 
and Blanshard. Zella's orohestra' 

Toung Women's Christian Associa- 
tion Tag Day Saturday. Dec. 13th. 
Will any frienda wishing to help kind- 
ly plione General Secretary, 4tfS0. 

The Willows Camp Chapter, I.O. 
O.B., are selling holly, commencing 
Monday. December 8, in David Spen- 
cer's, Ltd. 

"The Artura Photo Studio (late 

special photographer to "Sphare." 

"Valtler." "The Graphic." SpecUl 

offer. 707^ Yates, next Merchants 


Just now on the market, our latest 
product. Sweet Military Reliah, and 
what you have been looking for, 
combining sweetness with pep. The 
Western Pickling Works, Ltd. 

In Lorraine Academy they teach 
the latest dances that adjust them- 
selves to the ballroom. Classes every 
evening, 7-9; afternoon, 2-S. Phone 
«76. . 

Herbert Beaumont Boggs Chapter. 
L6.^.C:., sale of work at 721 Court- 
ney Street, opposite Alexandra Club, 
on Saturday, December 13. at % p.m. 
Proceeds for I'Ylendly Help. 

The West Saanlch Women's Insti- 
tute wilt hold a dance on Saturday, 
December 13. at 1:30 p.m.. Agricul- 
tural Hall. Saanichton. A goose for 
a tolnbola. Bazaar In afternoon. 

attempts to get ayerseas were Anally 
successful, and nb crossed over to 
England with the 4«th BattaUon 
early In 1916. Whilst m the ranks 
he VMS wounded twice, and upon re- 
covering from the last injury he was 
gasetted as an officer after serving 
the usual period of training as a 
cadet. He was returned tb France 
to the 7th Battalion, and once again 
was wounded in the fighting for 
Cambrai on September 27, 191S. He 
returned from overseas December 24 
last. Shortly afterwards he assumed 
the position of manager of the Boot- 
ery. 1111 Government Street. The 
happy couple, who were the re- 
cipients of many handBome presents, 
left on the midnight boat for the 
Sound cities, and on their return will 
reside at 909 Bank Street. 
At the home of the bride's parents, 
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Mclntyrc, 1402 
Stanley A^nue, on Wednesday even- 
li^g^ thi» marrlag fl nf E dna E ltgabeth 
Mclntyre and Forrest Linden Shaw, 
soq of Mrs. A. A. Shaw and the late 
Mr. Shaw, was solemnized. The 
bridegroom, who saw considerable 
service with the 7th BattaUon dur- 
ing the war, is one of Victoria's 
liromlnent young lawyers, being a 
member of the law firm of Alkman 
tt. Shaw. The house was beautifully 
decorated with flowers and ferns for 
the occasion, and numerous friends 
witnessed the pretty ceremony. The 
liridc, who was given away by her 
father, was beautifully gowned in 
white georgette crepe with silver 
girdle and orange blossoms, and 
wore an embroidered veil caught to 
the hair with orange blossoms. She 
carried a lovely bouquet of bridal 
roses, and was attended by har sis- 
ter, Miss Janet Mclntyre. daintily 
dressed in pale blue satin with silk 
net and carrying a bouquet of ' pink 
carnations. N. TQ. Sadler, also re- 
cently returned from overseas, acted 
as best man. The bride's mother 
was charmingly gowned in navy blue 
charmeus« eatin handsomely beaded. 
The groom's mother wore a becom- 
ing gown of black satin. The groom's 
gift to the bride was a pearl neck- 
lace; bride to groom, pearl tie pin; 
groom to bridesmaid, silver vanity n 
case, and to best man. a pair of cuff 
links. During the ceremony Mrs. 
Chas. Conyers played the Bridal 
Chorus from "Lohengrin" and Mrs. 
R. D, McCaw sang d'Hardelofs "Be- 
cause" very sweetly. At the close of 
the ceremony a dainty buffet bu-,->- 
per was serv-ed by girl friends of the 
bride. The place of hontJt on the 
charmingly appointed table was oc- 
cupied by the two-tiered wedding 
cake on its massive pedestal. Among 
the guests present were the bride's 
brother. Dr. W. H. Mclntyre. who, 
with Mrs. Mclntyre, came down 
from Nanrflmo for the event. Mr. 
and Mrs. Shaw were the recipients 
of numerous costly presents, includ- 
ing a number of gifts showered upon 
the bride by her girl friends. The 
young couple left for a honeymoon 
trip to Portland via Vancouver and 
win later make their home^ in this 


Yates Str«et 




And in order to get satisfaction it will be necessary for you to do your 
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Arcade Bldg.' 

rtSSe 1905 

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sUaKis All Pain and Mervetl 
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For Chesk-CoUs and Croup 

Colds In the Back. Spasmodic Croup and 
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85c per box. If your J^'^'^^^^J^UgiX 
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Ave, TorontOk and a full-slite box will 
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Sole Agents 

% W. Archer^ 





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when they use our Dry Fir Cord- 
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tola of material, as it produces the 
required steady heat so essential to 
good baking. Free from sajt and 
water. ^ ^ . 

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iasMs Cit» Lhnits. 

Prampt Dallvefjr 
FttU Measure Obarfnteed 

VteTORlA WOW cd. 

2874 SOe Jolmaoa Si. 

Toung Woman's Club will \ hold a 
bazaar in the Metropolitan school- 
room. Friday evening. December 13. 
There will be flowers, home cooking 
and many useful and fancy articles 
tui|a(ble for Christmas Gifts; also 
good programme. 

Oongregational Church bazaar. 
Saturday. December IS. B. C. Per- 
manent Loan Bldg.. mala floor 
(Johnson and Douglas), large as- 
sortment of plain and fancy arUeles 
at reasonable prices, home oooking, 
aftefWMili teaa. «te. Open at ii a. m. 

■ ail I 

A meeting of the Victoria City 
Kennel Club will be held at the of- 
fice of Dr. Oaresche, 7 IS Tates 
8ti«et a* i tfVtotHfL' on l^day. De- 
oeMber IB, at Whieh the reorganiza- 
tion of the cliib will be discussed and 
gone into. >^ Members are earnestly 
requeeted to attend and ti » br ing all 
aoqualntaneee who are fntiNsted in 
the welfare of the cMb. 



Ev«n« at ftefonaod £piaco|Ma iobool. 
Wen AtseodeA— AttgaiUve 
AvtMeo Sold. 

HomS-Made Afternoon Tea. at Plc 


On Wednesday evening the mar- 
riage was solemnized by Dr. W. L. 
Clay, of Miss Jessie Keast to Charles 
Edward Clark. The ceremony took 
place at the home of the brides par- 
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Elder, 2«40- 
Cedar Hill Uoad. in the presence of 
a few Intimate friends of the happy 

couple. ";■ -» , 

Snalth-Waylond • " ^ 

Miss Evelyn Smith and Mr. George 
H. Wayland, both of Victoria, were 
united In marriage yesterday after- 
noon. The ceremony was performed 
by Dr. W. L. Clay, at the parsonage, 
la the presence of a few friends of 
the brlda and bridegroom. Both of 
the contracting parties have been In 
the employ of the FoundaUon Com- 
pany for some time. The bridegroom 
is one of the deputation that will leave 
for Ottawa shortly in connection with 
the proposed revival of shipbuilding 
here. This poaslblUty of being away 
In the eapital city, hastened the happy 
event, which had been set for a later 


WASHINGTON; Dec. ll.-^h*rg-^ 
ing that agitation for converting the 
St. Lawrence IMver into an oceanic 
waterway^ was sppported bgl the 
"same I?(Bldloua people ♦rho had cor-, 
railed the , Mississippi," C»arl«« 
Campbell, a former s«a captain and 
now a traffic expert of New York, 
roundly denounced the scheme at a 
dlnnte^ last night of the delegfttes of 
the National Rivers »«d H»rb<v« 
Congress. Ho asserted that caplUl 
was responsible for the strength of 
the movement. »•" \ ^ > 

Those sponsoring the pilan charg- 
ed that the objections #hlch NaW 
Tork had brought to bear on the 
proposed project were due purely to 
sectionalism, and could not be sus- 
tained by flguiee. 

In reply. Edward Walsh, superin- 
tendent of public works of New 
York, stated that the construction of 
the Canadian Waterway would perve 


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since by the dir0tttlbn o| oommerco 
down the St. ^a^rehce,, Canadian 
and foreign lnt*«sts would control 
the commerce of the Great lAkes. 


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Aid Of Reformat Epis- 
!h held a very s<a>e s sful 
sale of work aad tea yesterday after- 
nooft teHla.M^bpol reom, BtaHshard 
dtfMif'ttdd liW toat the afte-noon 




the cosy hall waa thronged ^ with 
membera and friends, who #ore de- 
l ij in s d wit l i <tio army of elmrmlng 
ttSSaVMWIi At^M* «MMiisUlls. 
To Mrs. D. O- Lewis, who convened 
tiia*^vvasigfgiaMMg ^'^i^''«]M a^nHid^ aiig 
h4r aaslsunts is doe much crodit for 
tie capable nMMer 1* trhidft tift 
sdia was ooaauflAd. » "tA ^as stfyiM 

fiwoett. ^sfttst ky the Mtas^ Chad- 
xAek. Laatt^. Fraser aad Wan. 
;1*d ^mi\ik jMt^Jb^mxf of 6k* 
Wg ladldl: lladMrohiefs and 

out yeur Jslk. 


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aad art work. Miss Harris aad 

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aad Mrs. R. J. Martin; home 

fa ag t o n ; faaey work. 

^.. Miss HalssaifStt and 

,. ean^, Mrs. D. O. Lewis 

■ta«MM{ t>Ma aMMhg. Mrs. 

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EHderly Seoandrel flpntraced - 

KIN08TpK» Ont. Dec. 11.— Jo- 
seph Rossrs. married, and the father 
of 10 ^lldr«a, the eldeat of whom 
is married, irho vraa. totiqd KoUty 

Veaterdny of abducting a IB-year-oId 
grlrl .the daughtfr of the village 
black flmith in Cataraqual, was this 
morning sentenrop by Judge Lavelle 
to three year* in the penitentlarj-. 




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Exh'fbition Now on View at 
New Drill Hall Is of Unique 
Interest in Telling Phase of 
Story of War. 

Nothing really more "worth whUe" 
than the British Naval Photographe, 
now on view at the New Drill Hall, 
has come to Victoria for many a 
long day. This is the v^dlct of any- 
one who has visited the exhibition 
up to the present, and it is certain 
tj be the verdict of any of Vne hun- 
dreds who have the experience in 
store for one of the eight remaining 
days during which the pictures will 
continue to be shown. 

The formal opening took place 
yesterday afternoon. His Honor the 
Lileutenant-Qovernor being presetit 
for the purpose. He was received on 
his arrival at the Drill Hall by 
Major-General R. G. B. Leckie, 
C.M.O., G.O.C.. and Captain E. H. 
Martin. C.M.G.. R.N., and their re- 
spective staffs, and there was per- 
haps no more Interested visitor than 
His Honor, who spent some time in- 
specting the gallery. 

The pictures, which are about two 
hundred In number, fill the whole 
of the east end of the Drill Hall, 
big screens having been erected be- 
tween the main walls for the pur- 
pose of accommodating these greatly 
enlarged and colored photographs. 
As photographs alone they would 
compel attention. being superb 
examples of "camera" art. Doubt- 
less such a collection, quite regard- 
loss of subject, would attract hun- 
dreds of amateur photographers In 
the ordinary way, but when the 
unique Interest of the subjects por- 
trayed l.H also taken Into considera- 
tion It Is little to be wondered at 
that the exhibition tB"creatlng such 
a sensation wherever it is being 

NaniclesM and Xam«d 
Most of thi- pictures have titles 
with interesting little explanatory 
fucts set out in the catalogues in con- 
nection with each. This portion of 
the exhibition is by far the greater 
part. But there are In addition many 
large "canvases" which are uncata- 
logued. and which make a superb 
supplement to the wonderful record 
of navy life which is shown else- 

The massive picture of the Vin- 
dictive, which measures twenty-five 
feel by seventeen feet, is wonder- 
fully rrallstlc. Hung Just above the 
platform It^ representi» with stereo- 
scopic vividness the stem old batter- 
ed ship, as she appeared on ' her re- 
turn- from Zeebrugge, her rusted fun- 
nels gaping, her turrets packed 
rnund with seamen's mattresses, the 
scars of war on all sides, yet g^rim 
and formidable. 

One has to search further along 
the gallery to find the chart of Zee- 
brugge Mole. Herp are two. side by 
side, which recall the description 
given by Captain Carpenter of the 
blocklns: episode when he was here 
lecturing. In one appear the block 
ships which wore blown up and sunk. 
Imniodiatoly facing the entrance is a 
photograph of the Vindictive before 
she went into the Zeebrugge affair 
— a trim enough ship, little resem- 
bling the tattered hero of the daring 
raid which has gone down into hl.s- 
torj' as one of the most gallant epi- 
sodes of the war. 

The Bout Picture 
Some authorities declare that the 
silhouette of a signaller is the best 
example of the photographer's skill 
represented in the gallery-. People 
who have studied the catalogue in 
advance and Jl^e not yet seen the 
pictures have wondered what it Is 
that "an unknown wit" chalked on 
the big gun which is shown In No. 
129. The picture has to be sorn for 
the humor of the inscription to be 
appreciated, tor it shows an enor- 
mous gun. the weight of which 
could not be estimated in less than 
tons, with "Not to be carried at the 
slope" chalked in irreguUi* letters 
on its flanks. 

Looking at some of these photo- 
graphs one cannot help wondering 
how anyone had the temerity and 
presence of mind to take pictures 
during moments which must have 
been potent with danger. There are 
several representing giant explosions, 
(for Instance four hundred pounds 
of T.N.T. goes bang), one shows the 
blowing up of a derllct. another is a 
photograph of a German suhmarine 
holding up a Spanish mail boat; 
there is a submarine in the act of 
diving, the officer In charge shown 
\waiching the indicator which de- 
notes the depth; there Is the pic- 
ture of an officer looking through 
a periscope of a submarine, th« sub- 
marine below water; and there is 
the wardroom of a submarine which 
Is at the bottom of the sea, the cap- 
tain sitting reading, another officer 
examining charts, and one of the 
"hands" preparing a meal. The cold 
side, the exposed side, of naval life 
Is everywhere apparent. Very llt'le 
is shown that mi^ht indicate any- 
thing of luxury or ease In the life 
of the sailor, to offset the life of In- 
cessant vigilance and hard ▼•ork. 

The Navy League ' officers were 
well represented yesterday. Mr. Rav- 
enhill. chairman of the Victoria 
branch; Mrs. Neroutsos. Mr. H. J. 
Davis, Mrs. Thomson. Mr. Seymour 
Green. Mr. T. Wright Hill, Captain 
Brans, and many others bein« pres- 
ent. The Mayor and some of the city 
offlelaUi also were among th« visit- 
ors during the afternoon. 

Afternoon tea is being serred 
every day in oonnectlon with the 
exhibition, and various organisations 
are lending their auspices to differ- 
ent days, yesterday and the previous 
day,, for Instance, being under the 
auspices of the Municipal and Navy 
Leairue Chapters, I.O.D.B. 


IlTe Cone e ma Imxirporatcd Durlns 

Week Have Tlctorlans Financially 


In five of the nineteen new com- 
paiiy tnoorporaUona announced In the 
current week's Provincial Gaxette. and 
head offices of which will h« In Vic- 
toria. Victorians are Interested finan- 
cially. These companies are: V|tory 
lAnd and TImbor Company. Llmlt<»d. 
with a capital stock of 120.000. and 
head office In this city; 0«>orse I. War- 
ren & Company. Limited. 1 1 0,000 ; 
Charter Lumber Compaoy.. Limited. 
$80,000; Salmon River Silver Min«>ff. 
Umltcd. IfiO.OOO; Canadian Urnlte 

Company. Limited, 

Other new companies announced 
are; Fleniliia 4Jil Company, Limited, 
f 160,«00, Vaneouver: B. T. FaU, Lim- 
ited. $60,000, Vancouver. B.C.; Gro- 
cery Company, Limited, $10,000, Van- 
couver; KanaUno Meat aihd Produce 
Company. Lltvited, $25,000, Nanalroo; 
J. Nelson Copp Company, Limited, 
$5,000, Vancouver; Turpln Brothers. 
Limited, 150,000, Vancouver; The 
Kleteher and Uichards Lumber Com- 
pany. Limited, $24,000, Courtenay; 
North West Biscuit Company, British 
Columbia, Limited, $10,000, Vancou- 
ver; White Spruce Lumber Company. 
Limited, $100,000, Fefnie. B.C.: Presi- 
dent Silver Mines, Limited. $100,000. 
Vancouver; International Moving Bill 
Boards, Limited, $100,000, Vancouver: 
Canadian Mercantile Company, Lim- 
ited, $100,000, Vancouver; Vancouver 
Bheet ^letal Company, Limited, $6,- 
000. Vancouver; J Sun Oil Company, 
Limited. $100,000, Vancouver: Chip- 
man, Limited, a State of New York In- 
corporation, is licenced to transact 
business In the Province with Pro.' 
vlnclal head office at Vancouver. 


Provincial Commission Mal<e 
•Recommendations to Fed- 
eral Government in Belialf of 
Men From Overseas. 

That pending the time when the 
soldier settler's Investment provides 
him with returns, the Soldier Settle- 
ment Hoard of Canada should make 
provision for llvln^j expenses of the 
settler Is the Klst of a resolution which 
the I'rovlnelul Returned Soldler.s' 
ComnilRsion has forwarded to Mr. W. 
,T. Black, chairman of the Federal 
Bettlement Board. The resolution as follows: 

"At a meetlns of the B.C. Returned 
SoWler e«mnn4s«i«»n — held —todays — t>he 
following rosolution was carried 
unanimously: ', in a great 
number of cases of returned soldiers 
settling on the land under the Soldier 
Settlement Board, owing to inade- 
quate provision having bnen made to 
provide for necessary living expenses 
until such time as the farms can 
bring in an income and as a conse- 
quence there is a great deal of dis- 
tress existent among such ixien and 
their families. Be it resolved, that the 
Federal Government be requested to 
take note ot this state of affairs with 
a view to providing immediate neces- 
sary assistance out of the forty mil- 
lion dollars appropriated for relief. 
Application to this commission for 
assistance of this nature is Increasing 
dally, having reached as high as six- 
teen in one day." - 
The comnileslon has also gone on I 
record as favoriutj the removal by 
the Federal Government of the pres- 
ent age restriction on soldiers who 
desire to resume their educational 
studies interrupted when they enlisted 
for servlcp overseas. A resolution to 
that effect has been forwarded to the 
Federal authorlMos. After setting 
forth the fact that the Dominion has 
recognized the nec-^ssity for specially 
cartnff for the soldier who enlisted 
imoier the age of eighteen years, and 
.IS the. training of .-i large number of 
men was interfered with by their en- 
listment, and, further, as it has been 
revealed to the B.C. Commlsfion that 
an altogether unfair burden has been 
placed upon these ir.en by the refusal 
to grant thoni any measure of as- 
sistance towards rehabilitating them- 
selves by completing their education 
and training, .ind it In not In the best 
Interests of the country that such 
men should be added to the .army of 
unskilled labor, the commission's 
resolution says: 

"Be It resolved that the Federal 
Government be approached with a 
view to having the age restriction re- 
moved so that each and every soldier 
who can show that his opportunity to 
educate himself to All the place to 
which his natural bent and Inclina- 
tion Inclined him has been retarded, 
shall be given an opportunity to com- 
plete such education or training with 
the assistance of the Federal Oovorn- 
ment, either by a free grant or by a 
partial grant and partial loSn, pro- 
vided always that such continuation 
of education or t raining shall be 
under the supervision of the Federal 

The above resolution will be for- 
jvarded by the commission to all 
badles having to d'^ with the welfare 
of the returned men and to all service 
organizations, to the end that they 
may ajso make similar recommenda- 
tions to the Dominion Government., 


. V«vdict for 35 Cents 

TORONTO, Dec. 11. — A verdict for 
25 cents damages for slander was 
given to John Creed, a tailor, against 
Mrs. Edward McCammon at the as- 
sljies here yesterday. The defendant, 
a customer of the plaintiff, was al- 
leged to have said to Creed: "I 
know all about you and shall have 
you arrested and sent out of Can- 


Don't let a 
cold ttay — 

it may get wor««l 

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MOOBNE, jiut •• it comes 
trom the boa. over tbs 
sffccted pert. A Miotlisflc 
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tratiai t»-^ke atat of tbe 
trauMe -diapellitic tlM 
pein. « 





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'-\':.TlM(».' -Steele 

Business Econopiks 
and Political %^k3bitt 

Barrlpter. Pbriaor •igWol' T«<«bv.. ». 
Bbod«s Scholar, who hM liiM* *, 
sDMlal ■turty ot th«|e wbJ^Ua at 
Mcain. Oxford and a«nflpra, wUl gtv* 
a oourao of 

Such faaclnatlQf iubjaoti a« ICopi*}; 
Banklnk. Tazauon, industrial Fa> 
tlfue. BolBhovlam. Tariff. EnecUon 
Reform. Forms of Oovemmont; 
L^arufl of Nattona. ato., etc., will )m 
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9 to 9r-^e^ators vs. Elks 
9 tb 16— a.W.V.A. vs. Two Jacks 

Monday^ Dec. 15 

AavrissioM 28c 

Tickets tn«y *b© had at Geerm 
fitralth'a Tho Toairery Shoe. Two 
Ja<^ka. Strcl^a Claar Store. 

MU^WAUKBB. Dec. 11.— Jimmy 
Wilde, altboucb accepting tho ver- 
dict of the press In good spirit, has 
a complaint he wishes to make. 

Jimmy thinks that public senti- 
ment influenced the decision in last 
Saturday's bout with Jack Sharkey, 
and he Is so positive of his victory 
thftt he doubts very much whether 
Sharkey would even be considered 
by Bnrltsh matchmakers for a trip 
overseas and a bout in Ixindon. 

"I understand that all the deci- 
sions have gone against p»e," said 
Wilde, "but I am positive that had 
the fight been I fought in England I 
would have won easily. I do not 
think there was any doubt about It. 
even though I did not fight my usual 

"I know I was not in the best of 
condition for the battle. But, even 
so, I think I won and won, hkndlly. 
Sharkey's blows were mostly in my 
elbows and around my head and 
shoulders. He crossed and shook me 
once in the third round, but I wa« 
never In danger and was never 
bothered by his blows." 


Norman Cox Introduces Fancy 
Named Metfiod of Clearing 
the Water— 'Has Poor Opin- 
ion of Training FacilitieSr 


QUEBEC. Dec. 11. — The latest ad- 
dition to the Quebec Hockey Club's 
string of players is Harry Mummerj', 
who signed up yesterday. This brings 
the toUl up to four, Joe Malone, 
George Carey and' Frank Brophy 
having already cast their lot with 
the Ancient Capital sextette. 

That Toronto would like to secure 
the services of Joe Malone was manl- 
fetited yeaterday In a telegram which 
Mike Qulnn received from Charlie 
Querrle asking If Quebec would con- 
sider the trade of Corbett, Denneny 
or Reggie Noble for Joe Ualooe. 

Mlko Qulnn promptly replied that 
such a trade was out of the ques- 
tion. Ho added: Joe Malone is ours 
and we intend to use him." 


Games WUl 'Be Played in Every 
Hockey Playing Centre of 
the Dominion in Second 
Week of January. 


Cotmsel for Social Service 
Commission Claims • Huge 
Profits Made by Sharehold- 
ers In Ontario. 


VktOffa e/M &^ 

". OVtrioT to the frost the trecns at 
tkfl alK>vfr Club vW be dtfscd/to 
play until f lirtker nit^tice. 
J'-^, 'By oM!er..ol the Gonipjttef.. 



RiiCby ImpcolwMe 

rVlilfffcppvajR. Dec. ll.-^tt la ai- 
meat certain that the interrolty' rugby 
cynUii. ;b«ttween . the Vancotiyer and 
Vlotttrla'rep teama WIU be called off, 

at .It ia even more dangerbua tb play 
rttaby on a hard ground than U la to 
stmre' P aoceer fame. It lis likely that 
danhit*- a^ouAcemeht regarding the 
game will be made today. 



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Linen XAblecIoths, Curios, in 
fact, everything is for sale. 

10% to 20% 

Tha Touiistt' Headquarters 


715 Viaw Street iUtin Store) 

911 Govenunent St. (BnuBch 


VANCOUVER, Dec. 11. — The "six- 
beat, dpuble-gUde crawl" Is the latest 
in swimming strokes, (uid several of 
Vancouver's leading speed aquatic 
stars are trying to master the intrica- 
cies of this wonderful stroke which 
Norman Cox, former coach at Colum- 
bia University Athletic Clubs, has In- 
troduced here. Every Friday even- 
ing members of the Vancouver Ama- 
teur A. S. C. turn out In force at 
Chalmers tank for a course under the 
able leadership of Mr. Cox, and they 
are already showing great Improve- 
ment. Among the regular attendants 
are Messrs. Brydone-Jack, Stevens, 
,Claman, Grainger, Ross. Barrett, 
Moore, Austin. Ayling. Steele, Len 
Stokes. Jim Steele, Bob Orllten, Aus- 
tin jr., and the brothers Hays- All of 
these swimmers are taking up the 
new stroke which Is used by Norman 
Ross, Duke Kahanaraoku, Perry Mc- 
OiUivray and other famous American 

Americans Sdentillo 

MONTREAL. Dec. 11. — Three uni- 
versities, McGlll. Queen's and Toronto, 
«-lIl be represented fn the Inter-Col- 
legiate Hockey Union schedule this 
season. Each club will have two 
games at home, as in the Rugby 
Union, the opealng game aoheduled 
to be played between McOill and 
Qaaen'H on local loe on Janutiry 24. 

"American swimmers lead the 
world today because they swim more 
scientlflcally than ever before. ' mated 
Mr. Cox In discussing the new stroke 
and the wonderful speed attained by 
It. They swim more 'naturally.' More 
truly In accord with the laws of 
anatomy, physiology, mechanics and 
hydrostatics. Propulsion is contin- 
uous, yet the body Is under leas 
strain than formerly. Breathing Is 
more full and regular and the mus- 
cles relax more between efforts. Like .^.^.^.... f.^..... 
the action ot a locomotive, as It were, i sport promoters 


Just Arrived 

I I I « 

The new JUNIOR 


»*.-^-.>» !•>.. 


Complete wij||MlO Gauge Shotguns 
440^'Gauge Shells 


E. ©i Prior & Co. 

Mmlted UaMMfy 

both sides of tho body perform slnl- 
ilar movements. Both sides of the 
body do an equal amount of effective 
work and get an equal amount of res^ 
"In regard to the arms, the range 
of their positive or "pulling" move- 
ments is enormously increased while 
the negative of "gettlng-ready" 
movements are reduced to minimum 
of exertion. The arms In the racing 
stroke of today move relatively 
slower than ever before. On the 
other hand the legs move relatively 
faster, but with leas exertion than in 
the older styles of swimming. Their 
negative, gettlng-ready or stoppage 
movements have been so reduced as 
to be practically eliminated altogether 
and throughout the whole sequence ot 
cycle of movements rhythm has been 
added to a marked degree. The re- 
sult of this new combination of move- 
ments and rhythmical effort is that, 
instead of the body either stopping 
between exertion or having to be 
dragged along by main* strength and 
rapid movem<fi«its of the arms, it now 
"planes" forward at a surprising rate 
between each half of the stroke, while 
the swimmer is comparatively at 


Asked for a name that would clear- 
ly describe this famous qtroko. Mr. 
Cox replied that it was best described 
as a "six-beat, double-glide crawl." 

Bohlad the TUnca 

Pressed for an opinion on the possi- 
btUtles for swimming in British Co« 
lumbia the coach states that he is de> 
lighted with Vancouver's prospects aa 
a nwimmJn0«>contre and that people 
here seem to take naturally to the 
water and to the out-of-doors, but 
that In training facilities Vancouver 
is twenty years /behind tho times. 

If the city conetruota the proposed 
tank on international standardlxed 
lines he ban little doubt but that wlth- 
IB five years modern coaching and 
•winsmtiig taethoda will develop lodkl 
virimmers, both men and women, into 
Canadian national champions, and 
that Vancouver will come Into her 
own — tlaU of being known aa the 
greatest swiiamlng centre and Win- 
ter reaort in the Dominion. Every- 
tlalag, he beltevea. rests ap^p the 
proper canatructSon of a atandaKl salt 
water balli for tumnMr and Winter 

WINNIPEG, Dec, 10.— The thou- 
sands of loyal hockey fans through- 
out the length ai^ breadth of Can- 
ada are going to liave an opportun- 
ity this Winter of showing their ap- 
preciation of the work of one of the 
LQdieBt puckchasers that ever wore 
a pair of skates when a benefit game 
will' be played for the wife and chil- 
dren of the late Joe Hall, of Bran- 
don, Man. Clint Bennest, of Bran- 
don, who teamed with the western 
star for many years, when Joe was 
making history as an amateur, is re- 
sponsible for a movement which 
should prove very beneflclal to Mrs. 
Hall and her throe children now re- 
siding at Brandon. A committee 
formed in Winnipeg, of which W, J. 
FInlay is convenor, has been formed 
to promote a "Joe Hall" week 
(throughout Canada, and every hockey 
centre in the Dominion will be in- 
vited to take part in this most wor- 
thy cause. 

Popular With AU 
Joe Hall was beloved by both 
players and fans for his daring and 
clever performance on the lee and 
his untimely end lost Spring when 
he succumbed to the dreadful attack 
of Influenza while taking part In the 
Stanley cup games at the Coast, was 
Indeed a hard blow to hockey. Joe 
was one of the real veterans of the 
game, and those who watched him 
in action last Winter said that he 
was Just aa good if not better than 
when be was making fame in Win- 
nipeg some fifteen years ago. A trust 
company in Brandon has very kind- 
ly consented to handle the fundK. 
and It la expected that several thou- 
sand dollars will be realized through 
these games. 

Tho Manitoba Hockey Aasoclatloa 
has taken up the matter as far as 
Manitoba Is concerned, and plans are 
already under way for the staging of 
at least four games in the province. 
The week of January 12 has been 
fixed for the games throughout Can- 
ada, and hero in Winnipeg there will 
be a Hpeclal attraction In the way of 
a match between a te^m from each 
of the two senior leagues. The Vic- 
torias vrlll visit Brandon, while a 
senior team will be sent to Portage 
la Prairie. Selkirk will also sta^e a 
match between the home team and 
a senior outfit so that Manitoba 
should be well looked after. 
Owners Will Help 
Several prominent rink owners and 
have promised to 

TORONTO. Dec. 11. — An Interim 
report has been made by Hon. W. E. 
Raney. K.C.. to the commission of 
legislation of the Social Service 
Council of Canada on the racetrack 
Inquiry. ^ 

Mr. Raney makes the report In 
his capacity as counsel for the So- 
cial Service Commission at the In- 
vestigation. He has since resigned. 

Referring to the contentions of the 
Jockey Clubs, he says it is clear from 
the report of the auditors that many 
millions of dollars profiU have been 
made by the Jockey clubs of Ontario 
between 1910 and 1917, and that none 
of these has been diverted to the 
thoroughbred, but wept into the 
pockets of the shareholders. 

He cites George M. Hendry's Wind- 
sor Club figures of total takings of 
1163,975 in 1913, of which t«3,010 
was paid out in purses. In 1916 
takings of $445,833, of which 985,- 
800 was paid in purses. 

The OnUrlo Jockey Club in 1915- 
16 and 1917 paid $600,000 in divi- 
dends. The Windsor Jockey Club in 
1915-16-17. paid $640,000 in divi- 
dends. He also cites the great in- 
crease In value of stocks of these 

In the half-season of 1917 before 
the order-ln-councll. the Government 
audit showed that $12,557,351 passed 
through betting machines, from 
which the Jockey clubs took a rake- 
off of $1,161,543. 

Mr. Raiiey, In his summing up, 
says the figures prove the charges 
as to the mercenary character of 
the business 'carried on by Canadian 
betting houses calling themselves 
Jockey clubs, whatever bo their Im- 
portance as a factor in the horse- 
breeding industry. 




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IviMisg Tobaccmaat •!• View StrMt 

Only Union Cigar Score in the City 


OODSM, Dm: 10.— J^ck HarbMU 
■on, of Ogden, claii6ant of the light 
liea^'Twetght wrestling, cbamptonshlp. 
4er«t«^ rriger" JOB Qnm9( of 
Denver, In two straight falla of 2t 
l^lnytes and ellghtly pver Ove mls- 

Utw mum. , J 

The Fieeadllly, gayward VMlMlog. 
X>ouflas Street - • ^^^ 

do everything in^Jthelr power to make 
the project a success, and the fol- 
lowing well known sport leaders 
throughout Canada have been asked 
to take charge of each of the follow- 
ing places respectively: 

Coast cities, Vancouver, Victoria 
and Seattle — Lester and Prank Pat^p 

Edmonton — Prank McPherson. 

Calgary — Liorne Hannah. 

Mooee Jaw — Ken Henderson. 

Regina — Billy Bettsohen. 

Brandon — Clint Bennest. 

Winnipeg — Claude Robinson. 

Kenora — John McOlUlvray. 

Fort William — Dave Bole. 

Port Arthur — Dave Bole. 

Toronto — Charlie Querrle. 

Hamilton — Charlie Querrle^ 

Ottawa — Tommy Gorman. / 
' Montreal — George Kennedy. 

Quebec — Mike Qulnn. 




An unusual inilclldent is attached 
to the Hay Robertaon gold medal 
belonging to the King James VT. 
Club, Monorclffe, Ireland, which was 
recently won by WUllam Caw with a 
score of 70. A few years ago the 
medal was stolen along with other 
articles from the house of one of the 
club's ofllcials. The thief was traced 
and convicted. When In prison he 
waa seen by a lawyer, who proved 
to Jke the very* otttcial whose houm 
had been broken into. The prisoner 
remarked that there was a golf 
medal among the things he had taken 
but aa he had no use for it he threw 
it Into the aea at Portobello. He waa 
obliging enough to make a sketch of 
that part of the beach where he con- 
elgaed the tropby to its watery grave. 
fiflnrtn to And the medal failed, but 
seven week* later aa advertlaemept 
appeared to the effect that tho medal 
had been found, a tripper having 
picked n Qp an the shore. Althongh 
deaplaed by the thief, and thrown up 
by the aea. the OMdal reached bOHia 
witlioat avan a scratch. Pr e— te < 
to thg elub In 18C0, it has ao«r ^mm 
oaoigatad (or for the flftr-feofCh 
tune. ' 


X.ONDON, Dec. 11. — (C.A^P.)— 
BrMtnh ^aaoclatloa loatball reaulte to- 

Hawaii plans to bold a big interna- 
tional athletic meet next year. Such 
was the Information given to the offi- 
cials of the Amateur Athletic union of 
America at their annual meeting in ' 
Boston recently when Alexander 
Hume Ford, the Hawaiian delegate 
asked the official backing of the union 
after which It passed a resolution 
promlshrg Its moral support to these 

The Hawaiian delegate told the 
various representatives of the A. A. U. 
at the convention that the islanders 
planned to have this jptm-Paclflc meet 
every two or three years and thefe 
seems to be no reason why an athletic 
meet rivaling the best cannot be held. 

Swimming will play a big part In 
the meet and the world may expect a 
flood of new stars for theee are hun- 
dreds of youths and maidens In the 
islands who are today swimming in 
record time, but as yet have not been 

The meet. If held, can be staged any 
month of the year, for the weather 
Is ideal tho year round. Athletes can 
train there without trouble for every/ 
thing that Is attractive and necessary 
to the building of sport is there. 

The annual Fall swimming regatta, 
that has been held for the past several 
years, will then be merged with thls- 
meet, the year It takes place. Athletes 
ffom China, Japan, the Philippines. 
Australia, New Zealand and Canada 
will be invited. Australia has some 
wonderful swimmers, and the gather- 
ing wUI bring out the aquatic stars of 
the other ^ar eastern countries. 

Ud^mOm kt iHi. FaMn f Mlla mi Hmm t^ 


(Svceessor to Pichon ft Lcnfcely) 
567 Johnson Streel FAY U8 A VISIT 

•«»'w « 

Phone tW 


lieonard K. 0.*s Ooogan 

JERSEY CITY, N. J., Dec. 10. — 
Benny Leonard, world's lightweight 
boxing' champion, knocked out Mel 
Coogan, of Brooklyn, In the second 
round of an 8-round match at tho 
Fourth Rcglmer:\ Armory tonight. 
Leonard weighed 137 and hla oppo- 
nent 134. After a round of opei^epar- 
tUng, the champion scored two 
knookdowns in the i|pcon4 eoMrion 
with rights to the Jaw. Coogan tak- 
ing a count of eight each, time. On 
the third knockdown he was out. 

Joe Betflamin of Ban Frandsco. 
lightweight, scored a technical 
knockout over Tommy Tucbey of 
Patterson In the fifth round, the 
referee stopping the ooateat. 

Grab Beat Tannr t 

BUFFALO, N. Y„ Dec. 10. — ^Harry 
Orab. of Pittsburg, wen the popular 
dedaton in a 10-round bout tonight 
ovar Clay Tamer, of New York. 

OAKLAND Ca., Dec. 10. — Battling 
Ortega won a decision in four rounds 
with Jack Reeves tonight. The men 
are middleweigbts. In the semi final* 
Jimmy DufTy. lightweight, won frfn 
Johnny Webber on a decision. 


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B^gokburn Rovers. 4: Bradford 

City. 1. 

rnlvendty Mate* 

8AK DIEOO, CaL. Dee. 10.— «olly 
Preedauui. of Chloago and Allla 
Nack. of Kew York, tonglit * 4- 
roand ds«w tonight. 

MONTRBAIa Dae. 11. — A meating 
of the board of dlreetera <»f the Na- 
tional Hockey League wlH be held 
In Toronto on Saturday to ratify the 
change of nam* of the Tecuftoaeh 
to SL PatriclM 



THE PAS, Man., Dae. 11.— Approjd- 
mately fifty dog teams In ^eeveral 
pvts of the northland are balng 
trained (or the tOO-mlle Hudson Bay 
d<« derby raee to ba held here Mareh 
IT. Ntow that the Nome All-Alaaka 
<#eepatek«a raev ¥aa been abandane^, 
the HudaoD ^y conteat is generally 
regarded aa the big dog daartc of the 

A prise of $1,000 has been hung up 
for the raee. The raeaeoutaa asUnds 
ttom here to the gpld fields and re- 
tarn. t>oga vt any breed can enur. 
No atepa will be.allowad from the 



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•tart to the finish. The Hgdaon Bay 
derby was establiahad two yaMra age. 


■■■I -Ontln- 
BOfSB. Dae. 10.-~<niarlea CntJer,^ 
of Chicago, waa throws twiee tontgbt' 
In a three-fall wreatliag mateh by 
Ad Santel. who won the flret and 
thhrd fetla. 

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CAMBRIDOE, Dec. 11.— The Har- 
vard Unlvonuy football team will 
play a weatam cloven at Paaaadena. 
Cal.. New Year's Day. The committee 
on athletica at Harvard today voted 
to recAll ttH refusal to an Invitation 
for the carnival of ronen committee 
at Paasadena. In view of improved 
coal situation. 

OoAth of Altmta Official 

EDMONTON. D*c. 11. — John Per- 
rie. Deputy Minister of Municipal Af- 
fairs for Alberta, died in St. Paul 
yenterday on ht« way to Rochester. 
Minn. A wire reached the city last 
niirht announclns his death, but with- 
out further details. Mrs. Perrle had 
left the city during the day in re- 
sponse to a saairoona from her hus- 
band, but he died before she reached 

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H. Wdlldiiaou Wins Handicap at Two 

Jaclu' BlUlard Rooms — Irish'x 

Tram OetM Htrong Lead 

Although there was one man short 
on each side in the billiard league 
match played laet night at* the Two 
.lacks between tcamB captained by 
HIndle and Irish re.oppctlvely, the lat- 
ter got such a strong lead that it is 
hardly probable that liiu team will 
eventually lo^'o out. Morning and .T. 
Petch still have to pl.ay a postponed 
game: trie scorea made last night were 
o.s foIInwH: 

HIndie iOO IrlHh 250 

i'»'ton 168 I'enl*eth ZUO 

"">' 207 llennett .... 2.'»0 

i^mlth 260 number 2.11 

It. Wilktwson, of the loml priUoo 
force, has been doing very nicely in 
the (rnmpetiiions in whirh he hns 
taken pj.rt lately. After taking third 
place in the big handicap Wilkinson 
went info one of the turkey handi- 
eiip.«i bei.iK pulled oft" at the Two .FackH* 
billiard ri>oma, .-ind by defeating Doc 
number lam nitrht in the tinal round 
has wun a tine I'S-lb. turkey. The 
game which gave him the bird was 
an exceptionally exciting ane. Wil- 
kinson ^as within three points of 
.g.anie and gave his opponent a double 
baulk. Jfumber succeHsfully nego- 
tiated the problem of scoring from 
thi.4 leave and proceeded to make a 
hreak, when coming well on terms, 
however, he broke down and 'W'ilkln- 
■oh eventually won. 


The following xelected teams are an- 
nounced for Saturday's league Boccer 

Comrades — tiewett: Qomm and Dnvles; 
Fyvie, Lomas and Oreen: Bloom, Easier. 
Walton. Bristow and Bowers. RcMerve — 
DanaeU and Travin. 

Foundation — Rridgen; W. Chester and 
Klllott; Menher, Clegg and Munroe; 
Chester, Speak, Southern, l^rydgea and 
CoBer. UeHerves — Miller, Attwell and 

MetropnllK— T.iddell; Taylor and'Rick- 
inson; RavlUe. t>amphere and Leddlng- 
ham; Dryl)nrough, Barrle, Fletcher, 
Motion. Campbell a.nd Swinburne. To 
meet at billiard parlors'^at 1:30-. 

SaanlcN ttovern — Rhodes; Brigdon and 
Newman: Campbell. Lynn And Soott: 
Jackson, Brewln, Flinton, Chester and 
Hopkina. Reaervee — Rosiiiter and Llnd- 
ouist. To be on ground at 2:15, 

Postal Service — Sanford: Beard and 
Gardiner: Brain. 8in%lehurat and Craig- 
nu-le; McKay, Gaiger, Oliver, Walker 
and Humber. 

Yarrows Intermediate — RIoketts: H. 
Fanthorpe and W. Tompaon: Bendall. S. 
Tempson and Bulmer; Qllchriet. Stin- 
wall, Watt. Fanthorpe aad Hutchinaoa 



Charlie Clark, profesalonal ' boxer 
and native son of Victoria, Is looking 
for Iwuta here and Issue* a challenge 
to any boxer In Rrltlah Columbia 
iTord 146 to 16 J pounds for a l>out of 
1* round* or more. 

Clark has a considerable number of 
victorlee to his credit, most of • his 
boxing having b<'>r done in Alberta 
and Masaachuaetta in the yeara from 
1*11 to ISli 

The elk question is one that is 
causing the Unltad States Departn^nt 
of Agriculture no end of thought and 
considerable worry. It Is estimated 
that there are 70,000 elk in the United 
States at this time, but lack of proper 
Winter feeding grouiMls, due to en- 
croaching ranches and Illegal hunt- 
ing, decreases the number by thou- 
sands annually. 

For the past five years the Gov- 
ernment hns done its utmost to check 
this slaughter of elk, especially in the 
Yellowstone Park section, where in 
the neighborhood of 19,000 elk have 
been spending their Summers. These 
elk drift to the northern part of the 
park and toT nearby forests with the 
coming of printer. It Is while the 
elk is changing his home, seeking 
ginss and herbage that the slaughter 
takes place. We have read much 
about the elk dying by the thousands 
outside of Yellowstone Park, but a 
letter from Caiitain W. H. Richard 
the other day brought the thing right 

Arc Not Sportsmen 

Xo sportsmen are engaged in the 
slaughter. Those who hunt the elk 
"When he i9 seeking AVinter quarters 
are pot hunters; an individual that 
should be banished from every sport. 
Captain Richard is one of the great- 
est rifle shots in the world, the win- 
ner of the Leech Cup this year, and 
on two other occasions since 1900; 
the winner of the Nevada trophy at 
Uca Girt, and also a member of the 
small-bore team that represented 
America and defe.ited England this 
Summer. Therefore thi.s letter from 
Captain Richard is worthy of con- 
sideration, for he speaks from per- 
sonal observation. Here it is: 

"The heavy and almost unprece- 
dented early fall of snow at Yellow- 
stone Park has caused the elk to 
leave the park in large numbers. On 
the Livingston (Mont.) Pide alone It 
is estimated that 17,000 elk have 
come out, of which 2,000 have been 
killed by hunters , up to this time 
(November 14). 

"Livingston has been thronged with 
hunters of all ages aAd description, 
bound for the hills above the city, to 
Gardner, at the entrance to the park; 
and are hunting singly and in 
bunche.s. Reports tell of parties of 
hunters lying In wait behind rocks 
and brush and firing promiscuously 
Into bunches of elk containing all 
numbers up to as high as 200 in a 

The Excuse 

"The mnin excuse for the slaughter 
i.s that the elk will starve anyway 
before spring, and that they should 
be killed bofore the starving period. 
However, the bad feature of the situ- 
ation lies in the large number of ani- 
mals that sustain wounds and escape, 
only to die later unsecured by the 
hunters. Spoolal game wardens have 
been added to the territory over 
which the elk arc traveling to regu- 
late the slaughter as much as pos- 
sible, and the tales these game war- 
dens bring to Livingston arc both 
humorous and puthelir. 

"Sometimes parties of hunters open 
rapid fire upon a band of elk, or 
even a }<lngle elk as it crosses a 
ravine or glade and often these 
marksmen fill the air with f^lng 
l>ullct8 and bits of rock to the ex- 
tent thiit everybody di\eH for cover 
and the firing ceases us abruptly 
as it began and the hunters are loath 
to leave such protection as they have 
hurriedly found for fear of being 
mistaken for »n elk. Several fatali- 
ties have already occurred, but with 
no apparent effect on the numl>or of 
hunter.i arriving tl.Tily to aid in the 
slaughter. On November 13 there 
came down on the Gardner railway 
for shipment one hundred and seven- 
ty-five elk. This number does not 
include those brought out by wagons 
or pack. 

I'niqnc Expertonne 

"One chap had an experience 
rather unique and one which he will 
probably remember the remainder of 
his life, no matter how willing he 
will be to forget.. This Nimrod ar- 
rived with all the latest improved 
equipment, high power rifle, an auto- 
matic pistol, knife and hatchet. Being 
somewhat avers.-} to hill cllmblnir, he 
rented a saddle horse and rodn to 
the hills after his elk. Reaching a 
likely spot he tied up his steed and 
preceded qjp the gulch on foot. 
Crossing a ridge some distance up 
he scouted around for some time and 
at last located meat. Carefully stalk- 
ing the game he wormed his way 
into position and opened fire, sending 
five shots into what he thought was 
an elk. After the commotion in the 
brush subsided the hunter went drtwn 
to finish butchering, and much to his 
surprise he found, not an elk, but 
the remaVns of his tied-up hor<ie. 
The saddle was fairly well proser^i-ed, 
having but one bullet hole through 
it; ao he salvaged that and tramped 
back to Livingston, paid the dam- 
ages and departed without leaving 
his name or forwarding address," 


The committee of the Victoria 
Lawn Tennis Club in charge of the 
arrangementa for the dance sched- 
uled to take place on the ISth Inst, 
have decided to postpone the event 
until some time in .January. , The 
date has not t>een set. but will prob- 
ably be al»out the middi* of next 
month, and due notice will be given. 

There are several reaaotis for tha 
courao taken, one of the rbler of 
which Is the popular danee to be 
held at Duncan under the ikasplcaa 
of the Duncan Bachelnr'a Club, many 
of the members of whtch attend the 
tennis daneee and vice y^nm.. There 
Is also a plethora of dances about 
this time in the dtjr. 

•r ■' ■: . '.• r \ '. ..\ B'lSi m a i — teBg— laiii i M i ll 

The colnmittee will meet early In 

January and decide the date upon 

■vhloh the dance Will be held. The 

ickeu issued 'or the l^th Inst. wUl 

^e available for the postponed event. 



To B« Sailed In Connection Wllb 

Olympic Gamcc^^Many Onntlneki* 

tal Recatias Arrangwl to Follow 

LONDON, Dec. 11. — In connection 
with the Olympic games whtch are 
to t>e held in Belgium next year 
there will be four days' yacht racing 
at Ostend. The dates are already 
nxed, July 11 to 14, Inclttslve. Bach 
nation will be invited to send one 
competitor for each claSS. and It Is 
hoped that races will be arranged 
for all classes adopted at the recant 
international conference, although it 
is unlikely that next year ^111 see 
any of the biggest class vessels built. 

Following on th^ Olympic races 
there is quite a long list of continen- 
tal regattas already arranged. 

The additional fixtures are July IB, 
Dover to Ostend: July 16, Ostend to 
Flushing: July 17, Flushing toHaUH- 
wert; July 18, Hauswert to Antwerp; 
July 19 to 20, Antwerp reg.tlta; July 
21, Antwerp to Hauswert; July 8t, 
Flushing to Ostend: July 23 and 24, 
Ostend regatta. 


looks Clean While it Lasts, 
But Soon Wears Off— Affi- 
davits as Easily Broken as 
Made, Apparently, 

The fact that the wholesale white- 
washing of professionals would be a 
Joko, if it were not as a matter of fact 
the worst knock ever administered to 
Canadian amateur sport, has been 
spoodily brought home f>y the an- 
nouncement that Keats, former eaat- 
exn professional hockey player, who 
had been enrolled as a member of 
Edmonton's amateur club In the Al- 
berta "Big F'our," has been coaJied 
back into the pro ranks by the St. 

In order to. get an amateur bard 
these reinstated pros have to, mak^s 
an afTIdavit that they intend to remain 
amateurs for the rest of their lives, 
and yet thi,%, particular reformed orte 
hafl rejoined the pros In less than a 
month from getting his amateur cird. 
Amateur sport is sport and profes- 
sional so-called sport is husinesR. A 
man who plays a game for the love 
of the game is a sportsman, a man 
who plays a game for the love of the 
almighty dollar is not a sportsman so 
far as thr/ game goes at any rate. 
He's In It for what's in it, and he's 
going to stay tn it until something 
turns up with more in it, or until his 
market value has vanished. When 
you .see a high-priced professional 
player turning amateur (?) again 
when In his prime. It is a pretty safe 
bet that there's more In it for him. 
although that so^iething more may 
not be set forth to the public gax«. 

There is more than one professional 
hockey player in the land who could. 
If he would, tell you of profitable 
days as a so-called amateur baok In 
the provinces where they seem to have 
a strong magnet Just now to attract 
stars of the professional game back 
Into camouflaged amateurism. 


Continued from Page 1 

Joint Offensive Propomd 
STOCKHOLM, Dec. 11. — A new 
offensive against Petrograd la being 
planned, according to an interview 
with C. O. Lianosow, head of the 
Russian Northwestern Oovernment, 
printed in the Hels.ngfors Iluvud 
Stadsbladet. The most Important 
step. M. Llanoijow says. Is to arrange 
for Joint action by the armiea of 
White Russia, Finland and Esthonla. 
It is declared that 8,<1ftO men of the 
Flussian Northwestern army were not 
disarmed following their recent re- 
treat from the Petrograd front, and 
arc now fully equipped and prepared 
to fight. . 



• Continued from PAire 1 

Dancing at picc»dlUjr «Tary erwtas. moa 

the people, and it Is" my desire to se- 
cure the ci\11l*ing help of t^ie greAt 

BellAves In New Totkey 

"I believe sincer»ly In the hew Ttlr? 
key. in her regeneratioh. her mcial 
programme if we are able to Insure 
the general education of our people, 
and also the modern means of proe- 
perity. The Turks *re an honest, 
gifted people, and I sh*!! end^yor 
with all my ability to attain tbftM 

"Ttirkey reconstructed wlU be the 
centre of the Bast's peace and pH>- 
gresR. It Is my unwavering deter- 
mination to reach this result. One 
big field Is the emancipation of Turk* 
Ish women. I believe It is by^nie re- 
ligion that we can beet accompli^ 
this, giving them the SfAttis of their 
American trtsters, pi e seK l ii y their 
honor and probity and assuring tlieir 
welfare as fanUly bwllderv. 

"It will be seen that our rellgton 
is not against noolal progres s . It Is 
with aatisf action that we ot>serve Am- 
erica adopting prohibition, which has 
been practiced among the falttifal 
Mtissulmans for ocntvrtos. Ths 
tenets of religion are aNraiya liMpf|it 
wlten ©••eyed. 

"As s last word. I wlkli te sspreas 
my gratitude to those Amertoans. who 
after visiting tts, fltsl thst we sr* nm. 
as bad. as we are pahitM. an^ •Ia6 
my rsUanes in the >tgtnri» of AiMirl- 

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P(V» ind tfX. Med.. Act No. safS 
.l>ncs t^TI. city Owl» "^ " 


Fuel Administrator l^slgns 
Because He Disapproves 
Plan' Arranged for Settle- 
ment of Coal Str(k6. . . 

WABIIINGTON, Dec. 11. — Fuel Ad- 
ministrator Oarfleld's reslgnattftn Was 
tonight in the hands 6^ l^resident 
Wilson, given because he disagreed In 
principle with the coal strlMe "ioMtle- 
ment proi>08al arranged by the Oov- 
ernment ahd the Mine Workers' 

Dr. Garfield himself refused to- 
night to confirm, deni' or discuss the 
report, but at the White MAusc It 
was said that a personal letter from 
him had been trainsmitt'ed tot the 
President late this afternoon. 

Men close to the Kuel Adl^inls^ra- 
tor understand that he believe^ th^t 
the work of the commission kuthef- 
Ized under the settlement, to be made 
up of one coal mine operator,^ one 
coal miner and a third person named 
to represent the public, will reWtilt 
In an increased Prt<J"„ ot co«|l \o ^ the 
consuming public. To this form of 
settlement Dr. Garfield has been Un- 
alterably opposed^ It .|ias been 
learned on good authority t^»t . h<9 
took no part In th© negotlfcitlohs ^Ith 
the Mine Workers' union chiefs dur» 
ing the pant week, and that though 
informed and consulted after their 
Initiation, the termr laid out as 
finally accepted contravene iiis oon- 
cseptlon of the main principle iB> 

Coal mine operators authorised to 
represent practically the entire Indus^ 
try were still In Washington awaiting 
an official notification of the settla- 
ment basis. There was considerable 
doubt individually, and difference of 
opinion, but no meetings were held to 
formulate definite d^isions of policy, 
and none would be. it was said, until 
the government call came. All w<<'re' 
Interested in hearUw from borne os 
to the action of the miners' iooah 
upon the union order calling off the 
strike, but received little information. 

Only one minor change in coal- 
savtnt orders came today from the 
rull'vad administration, attowlnit retalt 
Atores to remain open nine Instead ot 
six hours on Saturday. The siS'hour 
schedule would be • -nialBtaiMd on 
■ ■- - ■. .fi .. ill. I . fii.i^y. 

other days. Well-informed officials' 
hold the opinion that mady of tbe- 
reetrlotlonH now ordered will have to 
remain effective until about January: 
20, even should the miners go back at ' 
once in <i^ body. 

The war finance corporation Ura* 
called today Into a discussion of' 
methods of financing mines whose 
product is not promptly paid for 
under existing systems of disUrihtltion. 
and which will pot be able to con- 
tinue operations without aid. Plans 
for granting relief were considered. 

H.B. ComDony's Offlom 

WINNlPfiO, Dec. 11. — Edward 
Fltsfferald, chief Canadian executive 
off^oer of the Hudson's Bay Company, 
today stated thiit there Is no truth In 
the report that the company will re- 
move its Canadian head office from 
Winnipeg to Montreal, The head- 
quarters for Canada will remain in 

gtoeptng SIcknesH >at VaMmnver 

VANCOUVER, B-.C. Dec. 11. — Th« 
first cane of the so-called "sleeping 
sickness" to be reported west of Cal- 
gary is announced here. A Vancouver 
woman who. has slept for nine daye 
Is riecovei^ng, > .«•''■ 

Td Relieye Catarrh^ 
CaUrrhid Oeafneit 
And Heidi Noii^s 

c-^ •< 

', <Fars»nii^ suffering fesi catarrlMl 

tMarltSsra^ hSts ^Sad «ol^: *#tli 'bl 
kua to knew that this.dtstresalng t- 
rlteuon. <:an usually b« suec«fiafun) 
4re#te4/at honi* by an tntomal laemetn* 
^hat ifaL many iastsaess l^s etRMteo 
cempKrts r*i«r after dth«r treatments 
have flaiiea. SuflTerere Who eoulA 
4 #oaree)y hear have had their beartag re* 
' stored t« sissh an <a«t«nt that tha tiek of 
a watetk w4« plalhly aodlbl* ssvsn or 
eight Inches awar from either ear. 
Thsrefpre. If you lWo« sf 'Ssmeene was 
Is trou&led With bs*il nolseser esterrhal 
deafnesa, out ent nne ferMulaandhsnd 
^t^fi them, and, you may ha va^ been the 
means of Saving eHina poor stii^erer per. 
haps from totsldeafn^. pe preserip. 
tlen cae be pH^red^ heme aad la 
jmm*m as Ceilswst 

Beeura frem your druggist l et. ^ar- 

ttmes a day. 

I^s^;»tnt is us«l ta this wsy net only 
t». rsdure Inr teals astlon tks laflammu. 

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A Beautiful Id«h- C<m»edy i|i Four Acto, 




TbUi^ llQW the Sbfnnon Flow*/' "MaeuriUa Asthore" (PuIm of 
llflKSty ^ni. An IHih 05l t rove. «id Wiet Jw«lA« 
yM,* mtf ^ra IfiM Y«% OM Ir«laa4, G«d IUms You, Qoodkr*^ 

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Seats oo 8«ft ifridt^ DeeAmber 12. Mail M-d«rs now. 
PHcet: 50c 75c $100, $150, $2»00 


At the Playhouses 


This Week's Offering at Royal 
Victoria Includes Clever Imi- 
tatrofT of Bucolic Types- 
Orchestra of Bluejackets. 



. MATI>KE~tl, ^ Mr. 5 "^ m^ ^^ ^/ Jk I 

BVKNUfO— SSe. OSr. 7S« Md ft.** W I ■ H^ ^A ■ 

I^TBK THAI* 1 r.U. AST* %•—. ^ ^ ^^ "" ^ '^ ^^^ 

m , iim. i './'i' UJ tf 





<%arM««M Take* rrom Uta 

Nat Nazarro, Jr» 

«-«#«»« ■*'^ <i r-«M».. -4t«|» .4^«M 

AiiMM«« Inr Atknife Vle«C 

•^"'^ ROY * ARTHUR ^"^ 

J I I 







A«I*U« hr UmI* TkM 

One of the momt remarkable artista 
:lo vaudeville will be one of the 
headUnera on the Orpheum pro- 
sramm* at the Royal VUrtoria Thea- 
tre tonlBht. Saturday matinee and 
ntyht. when Charlea (Chic) Bale, a 
boylah Imitator of bucolic type*, an 
Imperesonator of the rural, a rolmlo of 
peoples, appears as a aterltng attrac- 
tion at the head of a bill of varieties 
Bale's offering la of a protean nn^re, 
appearing In rapid succession as the 
various persons who appeared on the 
programme at a country school en- 

As a muaical offering ther« will 
be presented Nat Nasarro, Jr., assist- 
ed by tjie Atlantic Fleet Jau Band of 
twelve pieces. This is a syncopated 
orchestra composed ot formex blue- 
Jackets who served on various ships 
during the late war. 

The vaudeville union of a 8eot and 
a Ynnk has resulted in a brand of 
eatertainpvent which the two call 
"Songlflage." Bensee and Balrd are 
the duo, the former being Charles 
and the latter Florence. 

NfMl Travera and Irene Douglas, 
asBiatedby Liouis Thiel, in "Morning 
O lory." have formed a vaudeville 
combination that promises to de- 
liver all that is pleasing, and which 

proving^ highly' su c cess ful . — 

-^SoUy May comes billed as Byn- 
copation's Clever Exponent. Syncopa- 
tion ha\1ng a very large family all 
over the world, there are usually 
some prodigies among thenu. Such 
is Dollie May. 

Roy and Arthur will offer a Jug- 
gling oddity culled "A Chinese Res- 

The Riokards will offer a variety 
mixture. One woman and one man 
occupy the centre of the stage with 
an ensemble of vaudeville that ranges 
from everything that has been known 
as the best to novel stuff that hiM' 
n*ver been seen on this stagis before. 
The orchestml offering and picture 
section with Canadian films may be 
counted upon to fill out an entertain- 
ing bill. 

PtMUgm » V audsvlU*. 

Priaoew — R. N. Illncks and com- 
pany prvsent "The Three Mus- 
keteer*. - 

Tbe Screen 

Royal Vlotorta — Robert Warwick 
In "An Accidental Honeymoon." 

Variety — Kasimova in "The Red 

Domlntoii' — Marion Uavirs and 
Matt Moore In "The Dark SUr." 

Columbia — Mme. Desmond in 
•The Prodigal L.lar." and two- 
reel comedy. 

nomano — Fanny Ward in "Our 
Better Selves." 


V, 0. N., Saanich Branch, Re- 
sponsible for Delightful 
Function Held at Alexandra 

Not the vlightest rtsk was run while 
the "Are" scene was screened. In 
fact, it was flre'^roof. But what the 
beholder of the Nazimova production 
will see will be this: a birds-eye view 
of Pekln, stretching as far as the eye 
can vision; thousands of Chinese 
houses, with their red roofs and tall 
spires, gilded by the raging flames; 
clouds of jsmoke rising from the ruins 
of the legations and obscuring the 
'scurrying clouds. 

ROMANO She was a wealthy Paris- 
THEATRE Ian beauty and butterfly 
of fashion, to whose 
heart leisure and contentment wpre 
the dearest things In llfo, whose every 
whim was gratified, every vanity in- 
dulged In. He was a younfi American 
aristocrat, aimlessly drifting and 
Idling In the dolce fjir nlente of lan- 
guorous Southern Europe. 

These two met and loved— she rich, 
he almost penniless. 

Came the tjme when his hotter self 
pcevailed. and iie jkchI lotth to play 
a man's part In a world of men. And 
when the supreme sacriflce was called 
fbr she did not flinch from the conse- 
quences, but renounced wealth and 
luxury and all the material things of 
life in a supreme effort of self-abne- 
gation for the sake of the man she 
loved; thus, too, tlnding her better 
self. • 

That in brief is the story of "Oiir 
Better Selves." the Fannie Ward 
Extra Selected Star Photoplay which 
is showing at the Homanu today. 


r V 


',.. .i 

in The Virgil Clavier Method 

in Piano Recital 

Kindly assisted 'by 


' Empress Hotel Ballroom 
Tonight at 8:15 * 

Gross receipts in aid of Victoria Ladies' Musical Club 

Sinking Fund 

The burning of the lega- 
tions in Pekin during 
the Boxer uprising of 
1900 is faithfully reproduced on the 
screen lil the Naximova, production, 
"The Red Lantern," which is the fea- 
ture at the Variety Theatre this week. 

Friends of the Saanich branch of 
the Victorian Order of Nurses who 
gathered their courage together suf- 
flciontly to face the storm of Wednes- 
day night uud attend the daneo given 
under the organization's auspices at 
Ate:candra Club were rewarded with 
one of the happiest of evenings. Pro* 
feasor Heaton'u orchestra has never 
been in better form, and although 
there wero only about 150 dancers 
present the affair was unusually 
Jolly, and guests departed with oft- 
ex^essed hope* that tlie order would 
repeat the event at an early date, 
when the present cold spell hat 

The arrangements were faultlesr, 
and all praise is due Mrs. B. F. Toi- 
mie and Mrs. Charles E. Wilson, who 
were directly rosponsible for the o^ 
ganizatlon of the affair, assisting 
them being Mrs. V. 8. MacLachlan, 
vice-president of the Baanich Branch 
or the order; Miss Forsha# and Miss 
McRae, the two nurses. Among the 
people who .attended additional to 
these were Mrs. Harold Robartson, 
president of the Victoria City Branch 
of the Victorian Order; Reeve C. B. 
Jones of Saanioh, and Mrs. Jo*:<>s: 
Trustee .1. Owen.s of the Saanich 
School Board; Mif^s Jessie McKenxie, 
lady superintendent of the Jubilee 
Ho.<!pital; Dr. Bapty. Dr. and Mrs. J. 
P. Vye, Dr. H. Wallace, Dr. Duke. 

A feature of the decorations were 
the liolly-dccked tables Jn the dining 
room downetaus .where an excellent 
supper was pj'ovldad, »m well as in 
the hall, wher? hot lemonade was 
served. T^^rproprarmme ho artist lea 1- 
ly designed by Mr. Q. E. Straker, was 
very much admired. 

Dancing continued until 1 o'clock 
in the morning, the majority of the 
guests, several of whom came from 
Motchosin and far out in Saanich, re- 
maining right to the last. 

Tho dance was given for'^he pur- 
pose of providing funds for the Saan- 
icH V. O. N. welfare work, and uV 
the proceeds from the affair will bo 
devoted to this. 

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. a iii'f x 



William Desmond 


The Prodigal Liar'' 





if you miss it, you'D b« sorry 

ROYAL At the Royal Victoria 

VICTORIA Theatre next Monday 
»»nd Tuesday nights, 
Chauncey Olcott will Inaugur- 
ate another season In his beautiful 
Irish play "Macushla." This delight- 
ful play Is well known to the patrons 
of the above house, and as we are in- 
formed that A. L. Krlanger is Mr. 
Olcott's sponsor for the coming sea- 
son, no one need fear about the pro- 
duction and cast. 

"Macushla" Is in four acts, the ac- 
tion faking pla6e in the city of Dub- 
lin, and at the Dublin racetrack. 

During the, progress of the play Mr. 
Olcott will sing the following new 
songs: "That's How the Shannon 
Flows." "Macushla Asthore" (Pulse 
of My Heart), 'I'll Miss You, Old Ire- 
land: God Bless You, Goodbye," 
" 'TIS an Irish Oirl I Love, and She's 
Just Wke You." 

LONDON, Dec. 11. — To escape an- 
other possible outbreak of influensa 
large numbers of people are leaving 
London and going to the south of 
Kngland, France and Italy. 





Sl5tt PER BOX 


_. , JkM*. UmtitafMtmftm lu— tilk Wm 

wrtt* TcmpMa'l WMtara Bvaaeh. B«x IKI. V14|«ltk. TJM).> 
m»n«4 « uy w1 i »i» for ((.(M. or Booktet Mnt IN* «MnnMl 
VMeo«T«.n* OwlDnic Go. i Vletaria. 0. M. 0m«ML 

The Returned Soldier Commission 
has be«n advised from St. John, 
N. B., that the following paJ^y ex 
as. Conrican ItCt there on December 
10 for this district: 

Victoria — Pte. R. Vasheresse. Pte. 
Ti. C Butterworth. Nanalmo, and also 
tlie fotlofrtng Imperials: Major J. 9' 
Iladaklng. R.F., Duncan; Lieut. A- 
TnWeni, R.rtftTT Victoria ; Capt. Is. A. 
8. Cole, R.W.F., Duncan. 

TlMB following party ex SS. Cassan- 
dra left Halifax on December 10 for 
this dletrioi: 

For Victoria: Pte. O. L. Belbeck, 
A.A.8.C., 2817 Trinity 8treet;MaJor H. 
D. Meredith Jones, «7th Pnrs., 2519 
LonBi>ranch Avenue, Oak Bay; A. 
<?ergt, C. Decheneaux, Oal^ Bay; A. 
T. Ward. 710 ('ront Street; Spr. A. 
Bettles, R.E., |084 Chaucer Street; , 
Pte. C. O. Mellor, C.A.B. 


I , — ^ 

GOLDEN, B.C., Dec. 11. — With tlie 
thermometer hovering around 30 be- 
low soro, resident* of Golden are 
beingy subjected to no little Incon- 
venlenbo by the Kicking Horse River, 
but so far no serious damage has 
been cauaed. A gang ol C.P.R. men 
has thus far been socceaai^l in its 
attempt to keep the rivar from dam- 
aging the track. Bkutlng has been 
resorted to, and a channel op«ned in 
the river. Today pumphousea here 
were flooded and water flowed over 
the attHMV n«ar i'b* G^P-R- tracks, 


am§ SvMlDK exwyt 



R«Brrv« vovr nm*» tOT the RcaaAn. 
No deposit iMMinMI. Tall ut 113 
Prmb«<rtoir BM*. b»twwii »:ao ».m. 
and 13 noon and «• Will exvlaln our 


Quadra Greenhouse 


Various pUnt« and flowers. 
Prices greatly reduced. Pay us 
a viMt. 

Cor. Quadra and McKenn* Stg. 

rendering difficult tho unloading of 
cars. The ice situation sho\vs little 
change, and everything is being done 
to prevent any damage, but serious 
trouble may yet result. 

HMtfaz Garace Burned 

HALIFAX, Dec. 11. — Fire last 
night destroped Bristol's garage and 
automobile store here at a lose of 
about $36,000. FiveC cara and motor 
trucks were burned. 

>, , 


Decemvir 10th to 20thr 

The Royal Naval 

'«fMi»>,f-X|ii L i«>iilM<;r«i. ».'^ •^.^,» .'w««u j 





Bryant Wathbnrn 

Flag g Cemody 

The most .i^M^tional of all ofTtcial exhibitions. The world 
only now knows its debt to the British Navy. * 


T94iy at S PJN. by Ms Howir lU 

'^■iff 1^ 


PhoM 4M1 



"The Dark Star" 


In a Re-issue of "SOME NERVE" 

(AH alldren ttc«mf«l|rd t>f their ttficher idnrttted^ee 

Danclns Aeademy 

Jh» tMU0t DWMsa 

Private Immsm sf f mo— ky a»Mlat- 
»e«t: CtaawM.' ewcnlsn. M J. PlMtf 
B«iie B. liclior ApartniMKa. • t« 1«:M 
am., or call at Alexandra B«llt«»m at 

T ».ni. 

DOMINION Ward Crane, who plays 
THEATRE a leading role In the 
Cosmopolitan picturiaa- 
tlon of Robert W. Chambers' story 
"The Dark Star," featuring beautiful 
Marion Davles. which is showing at 
the Dominion, was once upon a time 
secretary to the late Colonel Theodore 
Roosevelt, and among his choicest 
treasures Mr. Crane preserves some 
autographed photographs presented 
to him, together with many souvenirs, 
by Colonel Roosevelt. 

It was when Colonel Roosevelt wa« 
Governor of New York that Mr. Crane 
served with him, and even after Mr. 
Crane left the services of the distin- 
guished statesman. Colonel Roosevelt 
frequently sent for hlril to take down 
some particular speech or^to read to 
him some passage from some volume, 
whose plot they had talked over dur- 
ing the laay Summer afternoons at 
Sagamore HIU. Colonel Roosevelt, 
Mr. Crane says, was greatly interested 
in pictures, and often wrote him com- 
ments on his work in them. 

PANTACES Mhe wave of frosty 
THEATRE weather is keeping many 
Victorians from seeing 
one of the most interesting entertain- 
ment features that has been shown in 
the city for many weeks. Maude 
Daniel, who has made a pronounced 
success developing the talents of 
promising youngatera. haa selected ten 
of the cleverest kiddies brought to- 
gether' for stage presentation, and 
presents them at the Rantages Theatre 
this week as the headline attraction. 
They are known for the purposes of 
stage presenUtlon as "The Rising 
Generation." They offer a auite of 
solo and choral sfftiga. dances, tableaux 
and character sketches by lltUe boys 
and girls from six to twelve years of 
age. No description of this offering 
may give an Idea of Its delightful ap- 
peal nor tho cleverness of the Juvenile 
actors. There are five other good 
acta to make this programme of vau- 
deville interesting, as the audiences of 
the wee k «have agree d it la ' 



CALGARY. Dec. 11.— Major A. O. 
Lincoln, of the R.A.r., well »">•''"•« 
Calgary. l« traveling through the 
Prairie Provinces obtaining estimates 
for the Canadtan Oorernment for the 
inauguration of a trans-Canada air 
mall and express service. 

Captain Fred McCall. D.8.O.. M.C., 
said thU morning that he did not 
know Juit what Mfjor Ltocoln's 
plana were, but that ke understood a 
station would be eaUbllshed between 
Calgary and Banff as one stopping 
point for the flyers before making 
th« trip aeroaa the mountains. 

Major Lhicoln la expected to re- 
turn aoon to Calgary, when furthar 
'deUlls of the project will b« •vall- 
aW*.. • 


All Week 






Superb Paramount Artcraft Special Picture 

Dec. 15 








TOHONTO. Ooc. H.— An Inrertl-, 
tatlon hM be«n made by t>. iL. Suth- 
erland, a apoelal officer of th» De- 
partment of Labor at Ottawa, anA a 
number of aaaiatanta Into the roaU 
charged In Toronto. It Is the depaH- 
menfa intention to make a aurvoy 
of the eiflea In all parta of OnUrte. 

The PlccadUly. 

BMWBMit, flayward 

KathetineMacDoiuJdWJack'Hcdt. iu^ 


WEDDED by a selfish father to a 
dissolnte cad whotit she loathed, 
this pure young girl was expected to 
"love, honor and obey." 

The world called that rifht. 
Then she j«ptimed the ties her huaband 
had broken, shattered the lie that bound 
her, sought the aid of a decent man she 

And the world called tfiat wrong. 

You who believe a woman has a heart, a 
life of her own, judge. 

But first see Hall Caine's mighty romanfte, 
"The Woman Thou Gavest Me," a startling 
Wow for justice to w6men an<l lor freedom 
from moral hypocrisy. 

As a book it ha%, thrilled ipilltons. Ai a 
pictore it ^ITstir ytmr $tnA. Come. 







' ^ 

1 c 






■ — ■ ' " "i fl,. , =:= 

principle of lequtrlng — curtty or 


Data 6r Wiek Et)dln| Novun- 
ber.22 Indicates Deereasiiil 

' Number' for Whom 'Work 

The Maploy«Mt Mxyrto* et t]M D*. 
l%rtm«A» of Lfttar at Ott»iv» f»- 

'****■ ij»^/ **"''na fjrom the pomlnlon 
»nd I^^vrlnclal of|iccB of the lAn- 
ployin««t BerviM dC CJanada for tfte 
week «pdlns Noy«t#«r 23nd «how a 
aecreaap in i4u«tiiaQti ae comparea 
•^"h *•# retoTM ot the preeedl«r-> 
week. iMurlnc t|>« week the 02 ottltmt 
reportflt that tfa»y htu} relterred TijIJ 
P«rK>&a «D reculwr YMWltMrns and ttMit 
&.914 of thea« bad ntcalna •xu^tV' 
ment. Tbla i«pre»ent« a decr«M» of 
9ta aa •empared with the vrarlotu 
waek, /vban *.%n penon* were 
Plaowl. Vhto de<»MM waa 4«e to a 
daellna 1^ p iMWa b In the law* 
l>«HaK iMuatrir ii» Manitoba. In ad- 
dtUon ].490 camial Jaba were aqppUed 
as comfsred with M47 of tb« week 
«ad«« iraveiq^ar l«h. 

^vfllf^tha week i,n* a|»»tleants 
vara r||(iatarad, of whom TSe were 
woman' ^pd «,67l wfra men. This 
repreeetta a dacMim In r«BtotraUon 
of 7S8 whan comyarad with tba 1«> 
o«7 apyUeanta the pravloas week. 
The naaid»«r of Araeanclca notUed by 
employer! darias the weak totalad 
».40«, of which t4U wpn for women 
«nd T,2«S were for qmiI. When com- 
pared wtth S.7tt vaoabclea reported 
durlna the pcaccdtaif week, this 
■bowa « -dearoMK) of SIS racancles. 
OMhe placemeata in regular employ- 
*"*"' .If* '^'■* woman and 6,473 
"^^f* nlP»- Tba «i««b«r of soidiara 1 tlon 
rei^rtaf aa pUoad wa« t.iii. 

Of tba placeaa«Rta In recnlar em- 
^loymaig; 12 waia raperted by Prince 
£dward Island, an InareaM of «; 
104 by Nova Scada, a daereaM of 28; 
^l« byKew Sraaawiok, a decr«up 
of •; SSa bjr Quebae. a doereaae of 
75: l.tti by Ontario, a deereaae of 
61: 75S by Manitoba, a decreaao of 
«««: 6M by aaakatalMwani an In- 
crease of 64; Sit by Alberta, an In- 
crease of 134; and «37 by British 
'Columbia, a decrease of 168, 

br tba aai 
tcWfoh invoMnir a «o«t greater Vhaa 
tba! uamit aarlay Sr aappiyfaf «ne 
cownmer and out of propa|ti<a| to^ 
fba TeTailKil to M derl^ai^* ailusr' 
anf reasoaible d|ae, bvt be coni|fers 
tha k>resent basia. «n which the ^.n. 
E.E, Co. IVakes exte^lon* uq|Bst, 
nnffiyo jl iy ta lay Amm a aew 
baM. as requested by both parties. 

Soath Vliaooarer asked thai Uia 
r-ertod of three years In whldjl tM* 
OX:.e;.R. saqslVaa life expenditures for 
ap extea^Pn to ba repaid ij^om r«va» 
rHitt d«ri«ai4« from Buctt «xte«alBn 
ebould .be obangcd to nva y^ars. but 
tba OamralMloaar. f nds th^ three- 
>far period is J^BtMed M tba fpterasta 
qf the codira natty 


MW eWIS 15 IBS. 

Bad Health . Gone, He Feels 
Fine All the Time ^ce Tak- 
ing Tanlac, He Saya. 



Project Whicli Will Provide 

. Raiflvay Ttrmtnus With 

Power and Water Cost W,- 

OOOriQpBration Neict Week. 



Char«a AtalHrt Maa Wbp OalaMd Be 
Waf gaiTbMc a IdCa. Is 

' ' '•' ■ By 

The charge a4calnst WUllam Btawart. 
that he was Ulegally In possession of 
ll<|uor. was dismissed by Macistrata 
Jay In the yoHoe court yastarday 
mornlns, whan It again cama befora 
tha oonrt on remand. Stewart, wheai 
the casa waa before the court last 
w«ak Claimed he was hurrylnK^ with 
a bottle of liquor to save the life of 
a friend wbo had fallen Into the Water 
at tha foot of Johnson Street, but In 
the maantbne the maa was rescued 
andxhe found him later at the Rojral 
Arms Hotel. Police OfflOer Andrew 
Wood, who arrested Stewart on Store . 
Street On Friday last in froni of that 
hoUl, had taatifled that Btavart was 
drunlf and in poaseesion of the liquor. 
Vestprday witnesaea were called on 
behalf of the defense by Mr. R. C 
Lowe. jit^icltet for Stewart. '• ^ 

Dr.^maraa, from whom Stewart haitf" 
told of secartaB whiskey soiae time 
ago for asthma, stated he bsid issued 
a prescription to gteWart on Oetober 
8, cthe accused suffering from aathma 
and he prescribed the Uiqnor as * 

To City Praaaauter fitaralren* wlt^ 
nnss stated he could »at ragiiitbbMi' 
what instructlotts be bad given to 
Stewart af t« taking the liquor. Ha 
had given & as medlolb4 and not ad a 

Mr. Harrison called attention to the 
fact that tbo prescription book of 
liT. Adama showed he had Issued 
twenty pTaaorlptions on October 8. He 
(isked Dr. Adams if H araa not a faat 
that prior to the advent oT prohlbltla*. 
people did not have to come to him 
for whlskay and wltneas replied tiMy 
did not have to do ab thdn. 

Dr. Adaasa stated he made his pres- 
jerlption out for two quarts owing to 
the high cost of a preaeriptlon. 

Evldenoa tbat Stewart appeare#= to 
f>e quite saber waa given by S. J. Bur- 
vey, who tiold of Stewart coming to 
him and awing him to help him in 
taking a drowning man to the hos- 
pital. Tha sobriety of the accused was 
also testlllad to by R. F. Kettle. 

Magistrate Jay. In dismissing the 
charge, axprtssad the oplalon> that 
Stewart |^ saved a life. Perhaps 
the fact tlMKt he suffered f rom Jnatttiaa 
tnay hava^ caused him to appear a 
little exdtad and short of breath 
when the police officer arresta^.lUaii. 
According to the sworn statement of 
accused ha had received but one prea- 
cription la two months, a not extrava- 
gant use of liquor, the magtotrata', 

If a rasalntlon to b« proposed by 
UUd. A IIM en Johns, chairman of ^he 
health conunittee, is addptad by the 
City Ck>uncll Monday night, no meat 
will be legally offered for sale in Vic- 
toria unless It baars the stamp of a 


jPublle Utility Commissioner J. "L. 
JlaUUack. In a decision handed down 
today, brings In some Iteportant 
recommendations of great laterest to 
all users of electric light It deitla 
jvlth the application of the munteW 
pallty of Booth Vaneoaver In raspaet 
to the coat of insuiUag llgbt asiaa- 
alona and tba charges levied tbere- 
'■f or. 

The Commlsaloner Anda that the 

By the beginiioc « ^Igxt week the 
hydro-electric power* plgat which has 
beep lofUlled at Squamlsh. the tlde- 
WAtar tarmlnus of tba PacWo Oraat 
^stam Railway, wUl b« placed In 
operation. Messrs. Ilobertson & 
Partners, the Vancouver concern to 
which the contract was let early in 
the year, have completed the worlt 
aad teats are now betag made, the 
actual placing into operation of tho 
plant betag scheduled for Monday 

The project Involved the Installa- 
of a dftm m the Stvwamus 
Rlv«r» about twp milav from the 
tothi. tba i«^g of a lang pMMlaeH 
line and tho Insulbttlon of power 
Unaa, watar aalna. taam power 
house, etc.. tha whole aggragatlng In 
eost about 09,000. Tfie Water sup- 
ply feature of the unddftaltlhg has 
been In operation since September 
last, a fall supply for domestic and 
flra pr n t ao Uo B purpoaes being glvan. 

Tba plant will euppdy power for 
domestic purpopen and for the opera- 
tion of the railway shops near the 
town, ba s l d e s allowing power for 
local induatrlas. The fire protection 
will conilat of tiydranti 'at varloas 
palata in the town and near the 
Sbapft The pressure of seventy 
pounds is available from the 176 feet 
bead for domestic purposes. At the 
hydrants a pressure of forty pounds 
is available for (Ire-flghtlBg purposes. 
With the power plant running at full 
capacity there will be developed ap- 
tiroxiraataly 800 horsepower. 

There baa also beep installed at 
Bqnamlsh a car-washing and disin- 
fecting plant, which will permit of 
tba railway company doing its own 
work Instead of, as heretofore, having 
tha work done by the C.P.R. at Van- 



Aid* Johns' Resolution framed 
as Basis for Action Monday 
N^t— Would Inspect All 
Mfejats. • . 



reeogQiaed iospectdr. 

rwolbtieii abb provides fe^ tba 
eatablMttnant of a public abtttoh- 
here. Need for a municipal slaugh- 
tar Ikease has long been ur«sd tipon 
tha City eoundi. but Aid. Johns* mo- 
tion la tha first attempt at obtaining 
definite lection in tbe matter. 

"A inrgp vohinui dC tba i«nat sold in 
Victoria, especially tba meat handled 
k^ tta iarga packing tmmM. hmrt tha 
stamp of Provincial Oovernment In- 
spectors, bttt a considerable quantity 
of the meat reaching the Victoria 
markets from the country dis(riots 
aarrouoding Victoria and from some 
other pUU!«a escapes official Inspection 
of any kladv tt la to praMdf for in- 


Tia test 0t tho rsaolatia* tpllawa: 
Would Coat d9.0d« 

Whereas, pbat baa bedo *old 4a tha 
public which waa unlit for food, and 
m«it tai being offered for sale which 
(Ml^ot been Inspected, and -^ - ■" 

whereas, no provision baa b«eb 

"My three jrears of troubles have 
aot only been overoomn alace I 
started taking TSsnlae. but I bave 
ained 15 pounds In weight," waa tlie 
tatement made raoantly by Damln- 
Ique Sallaberry, a wall koowa shoe- 
maker employed by the P. Paris ahoc 
Rtare, of Hastings West, who lives ^t 
l74fl Fourth Avenue Waat. Vancouver, 
B. C. 

"During tba past three ysars I 
baas been troubled With indlgaation 
80 bad that I lost my appetito almost 
entirely," continued Mr. Sallaberry. 
"Evarjrthlng I ate disagreed wicb mo. 
and for three solid boura after a meal 
X Wauld ba in misery belching up gaa 
abd undigaated food, go much gaa 
formed that It preased .up aruund my 
heart aad caused it to palpitate ter- 
ribly, and at tlmea I fek like I was 
going to choke and I wonld have to 
fight to get B(>y breath. I waa troubled 
with heartburn a great deal and X had 
nioh severe pains undor roy heart 
/ahat I would have weak, dfaay v>ells. 
I was so nervous that the luust little 
noise out of tbe ordinary nould upset 
jpe, and often I would have bursting 
headaches. I was so restleea and 
hardly able to sleep that I dreaded 
for night to come, and I lost a great 
deal of weight and felt so weak ^nd 
out «f sorts I was scaroely able to do 
my work. 

"I began taking Tanlac on the ad- 
vice of a friend who came up ;o mo 
one day and said: 'I have trlod U for 
the same troubles that you have end 
have never found anything to equal it!' 
Wdll, he certainly put me on the right 
track, for after taking five bottles I 
am feeling as fine as a man could 
want t o feeL I h ave such a fine appe- 
tite that I can hardly get enough to 
eat, and It makes no difference what 
I eat I can digest it perfectly and 
never have a sign of indigestion. I 
am not troubled with belching, heart- 
burn or diasy spells, aad my breathing 
is free and normal. Headaches arc a 
thing of the past, and I am no longer 
nervoua or restless, and can sleep all 
night long. I have gained back my 
lost weight, have now strength and 
energy a*>ont aw, and feel better than 
I have in over three yeara Tanlac la 
certainly a dependable medicine and If 
It is given a fair trial will do every- 
thing they say it will." 

Tanlac is sold in Victoria by D. E. 
Campbell, Druggist. (Advt.) 


Dropping of Wind Yesterday 
. Afternoon Made Conditions 
Less Severe — ^^Moderation of 
CpJd Predicted- for Today. 

It will come as welcome news to 
Vletorlans that Mr. Napier Deninon, 
dlreetor of the meteorological obser- 
vatory, stated last night that there 
were Indications on the wtsather map 
that, although it was still very cold 
an over the province, the temperature 
would moderate during the next 24 
hours, and that the moderation would 
be general all over the Pacific slope. 

Teaterday.the* lowest temperature 
was recorded since the preaent cold 
spell descended on Victoria, the mini- 
mum registered at the observatory be- 
■ ing 16.6, with a maximum of 26. the 
rise in tha middle of the day being 
due to tba Influeaoe of bright sun- 
shine. Although the mean tempera- 
ture during the day waa not much 
lower than In the last few days, the 
dropping of the strong wind which 
baa been blowing steadily for the last 
jday or so and waa blowing at its 
bardest on Wednesday night, gave tbe 
fefllng af oonsiderably warmar 
weather, and conditions in the street 
were gsanh more pleasant. 

In Vancouver yesterday the mini- 
mum recorded was 13 degrees, in 
PriBce Rupert 14 and the same at 

Temperatures reported from the In- 
terldr were 1 below zero at Pentlcton, 
T ^low at ICAslo, 26 below at Cran- 
brook and 20 below at Kamloops. 

In AtUn and Dawson tsmperatures 
were moderating yesterday, both 
pUoaa raportlag 12 below as their 
ffllhlmum. 6n the Prairies the min- 
imum ranged from 13 below in North- 
aro Alberta to 38 below in Northfrn 
Saskatchewan, and it is probable that 

., -- laeata. 

Tharafore be it resohred that tha 
btiBdHig Ina^aetar, be, aad be is ||aa^ 
by fnatruct«d to p(«par« plana tof a 
public slaug|iter ftatias, the cast not 
to exceed IfidM. aa< to call for ten- 
ders for the construction of same at 
Oarbally Tarda 

Also that the city solicitor be. and i 
he Is hereby, instruotad to prepara an 
amendment to tbe UaaUb By-Law. 
pravtdittg for tbd aiabt1|t«rii^ of ani- 
mals la tba propoaed pabtle slaughter 
house, and prafilbtttng tba ofTerlnc for 
aale of any ibsag 4rtiM| ~ 

dbea not bear 
theatamp of a r^cbgniaed iaspector 

Cada for, tbe slaugbtaring of aalmalsJ !«■ ■*^*""® *^°''* ^"' prevail there also 
'JbT me HMMotianaf laaata. **» *• "*•* '"tu^e. 

r^ mm '"-^—^ or ««Ma • ^ , ^.^j^^ ,^ ^,^^ ^^^ tempera- 

ture la Victoria waa 20, with tbe pros- 
pect e< Still lower temperature dur- 
ing the night, with a clear sky. 



Dr. Harrla Oregg« of Winnipeg, Spoke 
laMt BNgltt BcCora Cttris* Corwr 

anb tm **hm Two Ways." 

Morrin & Thompson 

Department Store 

Going Out of Biisiness Sa 

Must CIqm Its Doors as Soon as Present Stock Is Sold 


Thb Quit Sale of Slioef, Dry Goods wiA 
for Men and Women Takes the Entire City by Storm 


This Is No Picnic Sale But a Gigantic Undertaking 


._M Qreat Sale 

hristmas Furs 

To re-maik and sefl this entire $6S,000 Stodc in a 
•boit time, to aeU ever^ day huadMU of Mlait^ 
worth of shoes and dry goodie immm umm UM^, 
some system; for thb it eiacdy what aiPiry day of th|i' 
quit sale means to us and hu n d reds of c tiat omet i . Ai£d 
throu|h the splendid co-operation of our entire fotcS,' 
this quit sale is launched with a fuU knowledgeol the 
facts, involving 

An Entire Department Store at About a TWrd Off 

Come Down Today, Wander About; a Hundred Surprisee Are Ljring in Wait for You 
Eversrthing ntarked in plain figuree— help yourself « One price to all; courteous treatment — that you expect 
and will receive. That's the reason this quit sale is different from all other sales, where you or a child are safe 
in bu3ring. bn't this the kind of a place you like to trade at? ^ . ' . , t 

£VERYTHING is going higher---jou'U pay double our prices in a thort time. 
The new goods you are getting now are trashy, and you know it. You know our 
merchandise J» good b^pause it was bought two to four years ago. Unto is 
nothing new in this stock — not a dollsr is bought when an artide is iold out, aild 
it is not replaced. It's no trick at all to sell goods at our price. Merchants who 2i 
are prepared to buy in lo|s will please ask for Mr. Iver Smith. 

►r^. . r 


I almost forgot to mention, loU of fixtures have been told h^ ^ them aM ttlH 
with us. Everybody waiting, hoping the other ^fe^ow wm^Nr-. 'fa|l. 
going to be left, so watch out » -^ - . ^ :-„ ~t^. 


Visitors From 




to Victoria will save their entire round trip fare ^ a tennMhur purthate hy buying 
here. Our merchandise is good — the prices are low. 

WE AGAIN REPEAT, dont come looking for trashy mer«jiandito-^e haven't got 
it— tave yoiv time and ourt. But if you vrant honett-toipDodnett merchandite, 
we'll be glad to tee you. 

Come to an Honest Sale, Where Your Money's 
Worth or Money-Back Principle Prevails 

Your money in Jthe bank won't save you half as much money as this sale will May we expect to tee you thit 


Jutt a Few Itemt to Make You Think 

$3.00 Man'a OvaraH Panta 
or Jumpera 

$8.00 Stetson 

HaU / 


Stanfield's Underwear — Red, Bhie, Green Label, $1.50 to 
$2.00 Suit Older tbe price of any other store. 

SOc Men's Heavy Hose, 
3 pairs for 

Ledde's Men's Wfb Top Boots, 



CM Q«JitF TaUe OikkMb, Uaso back, ^/\ 

wblte and eokirs, IH yafds wide. . . , OUC 


iy« Yards 

Uok at tha trash in the new geods at lOe a yaidj|nqi». 

Mmi's Warm Lbad Gloves, SSc lo ^ .MlOD' 

M^ AtamMtlly" " 

Penia's KM Gk»T«g far 
$1.75 to 

rtock to selaet from. 


Udda's Boys' Sheas, bast qMdky. ^o AA 

1 to 5, $4.90; • to lOH ^3e90 

IVER SMITH 909 IbkVMnnMiit St. 

■ » fciim 4^iwll I ri opposnir THK POST op^net 

dc Thompton l^>epartnient StMo of Phoenix, B. C r;* ;? >^ . 

Selling * Out 

Bafora tiM Olris* Corner Club In 
ttia Foresters' Hall last evening. Dr. 
Harris Oresa spoke for a short time 
tha two Marys in the Gospel ac> 
oordin* ta tt. John. Mary the 
mother of Christ and Mary Maada- 
tsne. He sUte4 that a woman was 
oliosen to ba the first witness of 
Christ's resurrection because it was 
a woman who led Adam to sin. "It 
was In a aarden where the woman 
Jbai tempted staa. aJi4 U was la a 
saritea where tha woman trst wlt- 
lieSM4 tba resurrectea Christ." 

vtMtr% was a aaet atteatanca at 
tha noon meetiny in the Crystal 
Ttie^^nsk wbaa tlie Wimilgtas praaelier 
apoke on the dltfereat cycles in oraa- 
tkm. He asserted that everythina 
traveled in eyoles. and that whereas 
at Iha Creation every day closed with 

Isai. oa Um sraoress towards Ood's 
thai plaa fiaa ts daiUr aycles; each of 
VbMl «|atee Vltli a alsltt. He ar- 
tiwd fliat flla world ait not continu- 

Cly prosr«a an« Mrer go back- It 
» nafqasHr pisaced into the 
blackneaa of niaht. bat to awake to a 

"Th* phflosophern of today are 

lunslna th« twentieth century into 

• emiiiatloa of Bslflsa, 'taetsa ai 

la ba tiM liMft olvlUasUaQ when ChriM 


"Whea astaa fot the sentence of 

death passed upon the man and 
woman in the Garden of Bden, he 
did not know that the Son of God 
would appear in this world aa the 
seed of the woman, and thus link God 
with this world In a way Ba Is not 
linked to any other part of His 
creation. Satan touched the very 
throne of God and got his death sen- 

Hie preacher's etadies of -tha Book 
of Romans were continued at the 
First Prasbytarlan Churah last 



OBERAMMEROAU. Bavaria. Dec. 
II. — crop fairtnw ind a hard Winter 
have added to tha war suflterlnas of 
the little sraup of -i-illasers here 
known to the world as actova la the 
passion play portraylna tha Cnicl- 
flxion of Christ, which, is ^reasntad 
every ten yaars. / 

Because of food it is U lctlana lm> 
posed by the Bavarian Sf««raaient, 
tt will not be peealble ta sHe Uta far- 
famed allegory naxt yiar, aaaording 
to thoaa who have takoa leading 
roles, postpoaamant balas impamtive 
nnttl 1121. 

B. Harvey Padlock, of Lee Angelea 
who brought Rpd CHms reHef eup- 
pllea from Vienna, found eenaittoas 
bordertair on atar^-ation In same in- 

Antnn Lnna. fhmiliar aa ChrMus in 
tha play, isat Mr. Paatoak al the 
train Sunday last, and tofatbar tliey 

visited \he homes of many players 
Who needed aid. Clothing was fur- 
nished, among others, to Lang's own 
family, augmented by three sinea 
1910. and alao to the familiea of John 
Vr. Zinck, who assumed the rola of 
Judas; Peter Dandle, in the ISOa oast 
as St. John, and Ottnile Zant and 
Annie Flunger. who preaented tha 
Virfia in former presentatloas. 

tweet chocolate for tha ehiltren 
will be furnished as a persanal gift 
from Lieut. Stockton, head of tha 
American food commission la Aus- 

The severs 

caaditloas haiv 
•eyned of when the village was 
visited last August to investigate a 
report that Lang had been killed In 
the war. 


LOXDON. Dec. 11.— Private ei^er- 
prise will navar rectify the presMt 
financial situation throuchout dts 
world, acoordtes to Baron Sway^ 
lingt who haa juat returned troa tba 
Unita4 SUtes. 

la aa tnUrvlaw prlala4 in tiM 
Daily Mall this aiamlat. Baaoft 
ewaythllag says he beMa^a*. a« latar* 
natioaal agreement by a<nrammaala 
oonoarned eaa aloaa reltata tka dcat 
lock. Ha fayoip tbs aaat»sasioa of 
latematienal pamtaata among ths 
Aiiisa aad any nautials 4rbo 
enter Into tha aaraaoMnt 

Tl|a suape 

■•J*, mliljt be. perhaps, f$ three 
years, and. of oourM, under aovam- 
went fuarantaea. . . " 

"Fttlteiaiaas In tj|» XSntUi^BtAtM 
sraap anythlnt oatsMa their 
•?«»*«T.;* I«a a^ "Thay uk. 
la neilliar patltlaally nor oamaMroial- 
ir a laorM^wMa viaw wottbr of their 
eauatiy. Aad the tf«ta utHiu. thsy 
lea^are paroeiUai ma4 think mora of 
Ratine a paint In ptrtp polities than 

f ^r^ '^"'** <* UMlrWn coun- 
try aat «• frdru." 

RAMf. Bse 


II — The 

*o daaire ta I of Aa bms.f^ partial aeaUnca 
for "ropra- «ittiraa iXT^Iaa tiadtor jffiS 



far /aaaarr 


'f^r^ X Ltl tV !!^^. 



- --r — 




*J. Rylands, Prop. 640 Yatet St. 

"The Store With a Heart and a Soul" 

We Have^ the .l^^o^gett and Finest ^tock of 
Pretlft4Cilled {Poultry, mnd Cooked Meats in 



Fin^t Back Bacon, in the piece, fCA#« 

frqftt. per Tb -^ .TU~.*..~-..— ~ t^\r^^ 

Finest Back Bacon, sliced, ; ^ ir'r^A^'^- ^^O 

from, per lb ^:.^,.^^zJSitL3tS} — t/lr v^ 

Side.Bacon, in the pie<;e, ... .ti(\g% 

from, per lb - — «^V^ 

Side Bacon, sliced, ,^ ^^P 

, from, per lb. ~ - -r**— ^tM\^ 

^ Ayrshire Roll, sliced ^OC 

^ Large Young Rabbits . * ; ? ., A.^O 

^1 Each ,.,.: " Jzi^ 

'^ Cranberries 2^i* ' 

,4? ,.P«f lb .^.u.«i...^i.w. ^^MV 

'^ Have you tried our Boiled Ham. Jellied Ox Tongue, Roast 
Fork, Baked Ham, etc., etc.. Pure homemade Mincemeat and 
o«r famous All Pork Sausages? i 'f ' ^ • ^'^ '• 
.nuvf^' A TRIAL WILL COSVlUCE i un ,it j 

i^- Xew Trial for Ourrcll 
f^ONTO, Dec. 11.— The Court of 
Appeal today ordered a now trial of 
Erneit Currell on the first count "of 
harliif aseisted Frank McCullOMgh to 
escape." Hugh J. MacdiPnaW ap- 

peared for Currell. Currell t\as the 
death watch on McCullough. when 
the latter was sentenced to death 
for the murder of Detective Wil- 
liams. McCullough .was recaptured 
later and the sentence was- carried 
•Mt. • , ,. . ;1 

Full Line of Pathephone Machines and 
'■ • ■'< Records on Hand ' ' • 


318 Government Street 


add Joy , 


""* ■ Phone 88 

t , 

TZ tt- 

,va»tf_^$.>.,: v| inU , iiysi* ^-; 

Your Fathe Dealer 
Will Gladly Play 
Over Any of These 
fewest Records ^ 'Tf , g^ 
for Von, 


t ■>,"■ r* ■»-■■• ■" 
62045— Noel (O Holy Nlgl-t) (Adam) :......::' Percy Hemus 

€|tar of Bethlahein (Wc«vtherly Adams) Percy Hemu.s 

22191— Chriatiriaa Eve In The Toy Shop (Pc.nn) ......... 

Russell Huntlag A Sterling Trio 

•Twas The Ni«ht Before Christmas (Recitation)... 
Russell Huntinx 

2»1 16— Santa Claus' Own Story By SanU CTaus 

Santa Claus' Journey With His Toys.By SanU Claus 

aoMf— Nursery Rhymea N«. r (Descriptive) . . . . . ... ...... 

•*T^T7 • ' Gerhard & lluntlnt? 

"^ Nursery ftfijmiea' Ne. 4 (Descriptive) ■■■■■■■'••■-, 
Gerhard & Hunting 

^^y^jU* Birthday Of A Kins (Ncldllnger) ^g'-'^^^^'j^i^ 
HaarMa^VaWieidaafii' Waves (HMdel)..B. Stonchill 

204M-Oh. Cem. All Y. Faithful and C|;7'*-^:„ta"rf Band 
"•' WJ^'h^''*''^.^^^^^^^^ •'?•■ path"? Mfht^'r^ Sknd' 

4008l-Ad-t. Fidel.. (O^. Come All Te g^tj^'"'^- ^etio 

*'"'^'"-^ SHairt NiohtiHaVli^ed'NWht ^y^^<^ Quartette 

'20488-Joy To The World ^ W^^^f 5^;Oni^„/->,- ' g.;^, 

'" ■^'r .*"r .•^•cwta^'urprphirs- QuaVtiiU 

\ 401»r-Th. Lord la.My l,«tW <AJnft.rn . . • . • • B. Stonahljl 
\ ti- Tha T'-ump.^ Shall Soui^ (Hahdel) . . . . B. Stoneniii 

1^ .Vl^r^ow •» ««^ TT^.^winon Four. Unaccompanied 

....Earle F. Wilde 

. Shannon 

Abide With M..(Monk). 

204tt-Christmas Vala* tMafgl*) . .I*athe FTerea Orchestra 

Ball. Of May (DIttrlch). . . .P'^th. FYeres Orchestni 

204«4-Naar^ My Q»d, tt Tll«« <«*•»«»>' <^hlfnM with 

orsan) Chrts, Chapman 

td. KIndtv Uflht (Wkmh GW»«* wlth^ organ) 

.Chris. Chapman 

L^ikk KIndty Ut/kk (VfUamh 

Pathe Dbtributors limited 

r' • it 


Can t< Ojif *>fore and We Wll! GUdly Play Any 
■f These Recnl^ds ' 


ew Street 



Foundation Staff Gathered' 
Yesterday and Gave Mr. 
Edward £. Jenkins Some- 
tliing to Show Appreciation. 

Called lnt« the time a«lce yester- 
day at noon Mr. KdwardJenklna, in 
charge •f the Foundation Company's 
work hare, waa mot. by the Mwemblad 
department heads and office staif 
and presented with a gold wrlat 
yjitch and a fine travelling oaae. Mr. 
John Barbour, purrthaslng agent for 
the Qompany, made the presentation 
with a 'ew approprla-te worda In 
which he thanked Mr. Jenkina for 
hlH great klndiSMS and oo-operatlon. 
They are still talking about what 
tb« "chief said In reply. He hA« * 
way of always saying the right 
thing, and cai^ht by surprise he 
came back with a neat little addreaa 
which has sot him even higher In 
the estee^n uC/ his workers. 

Mr. JenlUna pointed out the value 
of friends. Ho stated that he had 
made many on the Job Just com- 
plotcd. He went on to say that he 
had never a«8uaned the role of boes 
as anyone with a spark of manhood 
or womanhood .resented the word. Ho 
Heldom had to ask them to do any* 
thing as they nearly always be^t 
him to it. He would use the srlfte 
on his trip east to Ottawa and men- 
tioned tluit he waM in hopes of 
bringing back a contract on hia re- 

The wrist watch was inscribed 
wKh the words "To B. E. Jenkins, 
from the office staff of the Foun- 
dation Compaiw of U. C Litd., Vic- 
toria, 1919." 'iie traveling case waa 
inscribed with the initials. while 
several of the individual pieoee In 
.the caae were Initialled In allver. 
7 have yet to hear a word agaJhst 


%'etcrana Uathered Arooad Feattve 

Board at Dnatailon Hotel liWit 

Mtgbt Wlmllac Vp WtUi Onnoe 

Tbe first reunion dinner of the 
63nd BattaMen was held at the Do- 
minion Hotel last evening. About CO 
people sat down to an excellent five 
course repeat, after which a pro- 
gramme of musical Items, whist drive 
and dancing was enjoyed. 

Lleut.-Col. Wllby was O. C. of the 
evening and presided over the pro- 
ceedings. The function opened with 
the usual tribute to the memory of 
departed comradoa. The only toast 
of the evening was "The King," 
which waa proposed by the chairman. 
The following ladle, and gentlemen 
rendered vocal Items;. Miss Mary 
Morton, Miss Dickson, Messrs. Bkl- 
mund Fetch and C. M. Fetch. Mr. 
Daviee acted as accompanist. Muaic 
Was provided by Hea ton's orchestra 
during dinner and dancing. 

The 62nd Battalion has a splendid 
record. "A" Company was recruited 
entirely from Vancouver Inland under 
Major Langley, and at the dinner last 
night members came from all parts 
of the Island. Out of the full com- 
pany complement of 235, a total of 
Z» were killed, four mIssinR and 105 

Mr. Jenkins." a Foundation employee 
stated yesterday. "To his wonderful 
perftonalUy and diplomacy may be 
ascribed the record made by the 
company here." 



Big Liner Struck Maryland in 
Stormy Seas Off Cape Race 
— Is Expected at Halifax 
Today. , . . 

HALIFAX. Dec. 11.— A trajftdy of 
the sea was averted by the merest 
hairbreadth last night when the Cun- 
ardor C'armanla jumI the British 
steamer Maryland crashed together in 
the Btorm-troublod. waters oft Cape 

Earl>' last e>iening stations along 
the coast picked tip the S.O.R. Kignal 
flashed by the <'.iirraanla. and the 
startling news at once revived mem- 
ories of th.'t IluUBrgvyne and Titanic 

i^ter the wireless supplied the In- 
formation that the Carmania and 
Maryland had been . in collision 500 
miles from Halifax. '. 

Fearing that his sh|p had been ser- 
iously daraaBed, OaptiXin Nelson <if vhe 
Carmania Immodiatek' sent out the 
distress call. JCxanwnatlon uf the 
dnmagc HUHtalped waa- made and hap- 
pily it waH found that the big liner 
was in no danger. She had lyen 
j«triick by the Marylard on the tftar- 
board side and the damage was all 
above tho waterline. The Carmania 
then Wirelesjiied that she waa not aer- 
lously damaged, did' not require as- 
sietunce and was proceeding to Hall- 

The Maryland also nppears to have 
«scaped without .serious damaKo and 
reported that she was continuing her 
voyage to I.iondon. 

The Carmania c.irrlOH a larjre num- 
ber of passepgers. Including Richard 
Croker. formerly of Now York, the 
faroouaTamm.'ny leader, and his wife; 
Lady Kathorinc Howard and Prof. 
Lloyd McFadden. 

The la«t report from her stated that 
she was "proc«*)ding ' all right," and 
would probably ai"i*lvo In Hoilffdx oh 
Friday afternoon. 

Will ArrUv> Today 

HALIFAX. Dec. 1 1.— Mosajiges from 
the British steamer Carmftnia. which 
collided with tho steiwner Maryland. 
!^00 miles off this port yesterday Indi- 
cated she would make port under her 
own steam tomorrow. The r'armanla 
which has a large number of pas- 
ncngerB aboard, reported shcuras In 
no' danger. 


OXFORD. Deo. 11. — PIr WHllam 
Osier, regiun professor of medicine at 
Oxford t-Tniverslty. who has l>een Ul 
for some time, was slightly Imfkr.oved 
in condition today. 

Sir William <^ler, a native of To- 
ronto, passed his 70th birthday anni- 
versary laat Jhly. He waa stricken 
with pneumonia In November, but waa 
reported convalescent about the mid- 
dle of the month. Private advices 
reaching Canada within the p.'\nt day 
or two announced, however, that he 
had taken a turn for tho worse, ind 
that hla condition was regarded as 
serious.- * ' - 

KallCax 1?ntem Prottwt 

HALIFAX, Dec. 11. — The coancll 
of the Board Of Trade decided tn 
wire a protest to the Canadian Trade 
Commission against a United atitf« 
port being used in connectieii with 
the shipment of goods to Roanianla. 
CanadA hut eateoded a credit of 
|2By(H)0.000 to Ronmania, and thte 
beard will point out th« fact that 
there are f:TcilUies at thla port and 
that they should be tised for , thia 

New WInlcm Reoord 
HALIFAX. Dec. 10. — A wireleae 
record for merchant ships made pos- 
sible through the use of an ampllSer. 
that hitherto had been Installed' only 
on. warships, was claimed upon tlie 
arrival of the steamer Ro>al Oeorta 
from Southampton. When a few 
milea off this port, tha vessel reevlved 
a presa report from Bn^Iaad. the flrvt 
time an Amarlcaa vessel tea eoafuua- 
alcated across the Atlantic, oaaseageri 


Sparks From Chimneys Start 
Fires Which "Do Serious 
Damage to Two Residences 
— IVlany Small Blazes. 

The locAl fire fighters were kept 
busy again yesterday, the cold 
Tireather TSetngTeapo nslble for a ntim^ 
her of fires, nearly aU cauaed 
through the extra stokbig up of 
home fires consequent upon, the con- 
tinued low temperaturoH. 

At 6:30 a. m. a roof flro at the 
residence of Mr. Shilling, 1531 Pearl 
Street, did considerable daipage be- 
fore the flames were oubdued. The 
roof was almost completely destroy- 
ed and the flamn.s gutted two up- 
stairs rooms damaging the contents. 
Considerable damage was also done 
by water and smoke. A defective 
chimney is given ae the cause of 
the blaze. 

A spark from the clxlmney also 
started a roof fire at 1668 Hillside 
Avenue at 7 a. m.. the roof and up- 
stair portion being seriously dam- 
aged and considerable damage done 
to contents. 


Malted Milkforthe Home 

A nourishing food-<irink for 
All Ages. Anywhere at anytime. 
DeliciotiSjSUstaining.No cooking. 


Exquisite Hand- 

I^ainted Picture 



Hamsterley Farm 


A tremendous lot of our neat wooden $1.00 Over- 
seas Packages of Chocolates, Edinburgh Rock, etc., 
are .«:oing out by mail just now to the United King- 
dom, France, U.S.A., China, and all over. They 
make the best Xmas present for friends at a distance. 
Wo bother; we stamp and mail them for you. 

Hamsterley Farm Store 

Where the boats go round and the Kewpies catch 
cold in the window. 

Another roof fire at 654 Avalon 
Road did n small amount of dam- 
age at 8:45 a. m., and at 10:35 
o'clock a burning chimney Jit 1822 
Rockland Avenue required attention. 
Fifteen minutes later a rnof fire 
caused by a spark from a chimney 
did «ome damage to the residence 
at 1271 Centre Road. 

Shortly after noon the brigade 
was called to the old Jail premises, 
TopaB* Avenue, where a number of 
youngHters skating upon a pond had 
lighted a fire, the smoke from which 
alarmed nearby residents. 

A child playing with a lighted ctlck 
terday afternoon but the blaze was 
subdued by the time the department 

Learn the latest dances at Picca- 


LONDON, Dec. 11. — ^The commit- 
tee which has beeji considering the 
organization of the civil air rou|ea to 
link the United Kingdom with the 
outlying portions of the empire, hoH 
considered throe po^nlble methods: 

First, operation by the state Jtaelf; 
second, a ehartero l company ' com- 
bining state and priNTite caplUl; 
third, private enterprise aided by the 

The committee favors the third 
course on the grotmd that this la the 
way the development of British 
trade liasbeen attained in the past. 
The ftate ehould also provide 
meteorological information and main- 
tain landing places. 

t QucMlooi of .Tlttoa 

LONDON, Dee. 11. — Truth, today 
commenting on' the conferment by 
the Prinoe of Wales of iltle».durtaifi 
the American visit whereas tho 
Canadian parliament has vetoed ac- 
ceptance of such, says: "Perhaps 
democraoy in Canada Is not very 
robust, but it does seem rather rl- 
dlculoua that the King's own sub- 
jects there should be barred from 
honors which ciilsens of the rcpub- 
lin over the border can accept." 

For Saperfluona Hair 



U$e Frwh a$ Wmttd 
Ask Tour DeaUt - He Kaewa 


V •»■{• 


Is Canada going to Allow itself to Freeze to Death? 

A Question which is answered in detail by William J. Diet M.Sc., who 

points the way to the only possible solution. A scheme of national 

co-operation^ with extraordinary Development of our coal 

areas which will keep us warm and at the same 

time save millions of dollars annually 


► 41 

, k 

Why is the Parlor Bolshevist? 

> t 

I r 

• ^•r 



Eminent authorities claim that such are the resulU of Nervous 

Derangements and Religious Mania | 

•- f 

< I 


The Threatened Secession of Northern Ontario, which 
is a little seed, but which wifl ffrow unless 
proper remedies are applied 

A Glance at the Contents: 



NORTirWKST MOnnrRD, recall* Incidents of 

the Yukon gold rush. 
P. CyD. STUiL ON HIS TRAVELS, tells of the funny 

things he sees In the American Middle West. 
REFIjECrriONS OP H. CJ. deals with the young 

painters exhibiting at the R. C. A. . 


ARE DOINCi to help farmers. 

of what It will bo. 


Lionel H. Clarke, wife of Ontario's new Lleu- 

TBTf: 8BOPPINO PAGE. ChHstmas gifts a clever 

man mivht choose for the most exacting women. 
THE DREBMNO TABIjE. Suggestion of ChHstmas 

sUts aurroundlng the dressing tahk*. 
A OdRJrtrR or the DlAMOyB market, and 

what It means to the buyer. 
. THE BOOKIIHEL.F: "The Old^ Madhoiwe;* WUliom 

de MorfMA'a la*t novel, ia rettcvM. 

$4 per year 


^ uuiipeg s 1 wr«w *-^-H» ".«»■-" Oi d Ibwi Sin* 

anarchisbc Government, and even ^ i«e. >er c«i»t 




CAM A. I> 

jCw www mi 

io rN' 






. ^ 



Let Music^Enter 

Your Home This 


S«r^ you iHH not let thls^tie 
happiest Christmas thit mankind lias 
Icnovn for centuries — pass by with- 
out bring:ing: into your home life the 
joy of music As a Canadian you 
will want the instrument of your 
choice to be purely Canadian— and 
as a wise invcstoY you will want an 
instrument of quality, value and tone 
superiofityr. The 

Gerhard Heintzman 

embody all the features of musical 
excellence that the most critical pur- 
chaser can desire. To describe each 
0f these instruments in detail is im- 
practlcat— we invite you, therefor^ 
to come in and examine the many 
beautiful models of these instruments 
whi^ we are now showing. 

Fletcher Bros. 



Alfred Beadle Instantly KHIed 
When Wheel Mill on James 
Island 'Ex piddes— Shock Is 
Felt Throught Saanich, , 

"77" P2* Government Street and 
•«;>,'*• 607 View Street 

AUnld SMkP^l; an employee of the 
Cuuidlsn Kx^loalves, Ltd., was . In- 
■taatly klHed at the James IiUnd 
plant yesterday afternoon, when 
fM>me 260 to SOO ponode ot black 
powder which he wae engrafed in 
manafacturing at tb« time exploded. 
Beadle waa hurled a considerable 
distance aud his body mutilated by 
the terrlflce force of the explosion. 
At the time of the exploalon he was 
the only person la the Immediate 
vicinity. <^ the powder. He wui. op- 
erating what is technically known as 
a wheel mUl. • 

New of tbo mcddent reached the 
city lAst nlsht In a messav^ to Mr. 
H. J. Scott, manager of the compan}^. 
but full details of the occurrence were 
not available. 

The force of the'.e3|:j;>Io8ion can be 
Judged by the fact that residents In 
the Saanich district, lylngr across the 
water from the Island, distinctly 
heard the report made by the ex- 
plosion and felt the earth tremor oc- 
casioned thereby. They telephoned 
Into the city under the Impression 
that some serious exolosion had oc- 
curred at James island. 

The deceased leaves a wife, and 
two clflldren residing in Victoria, bat 
Mr. Scott did not know their present 
address. He appealed to the police 
department last night to seek to as- 
certain their place of residence and 
notify them of the accident. 

1- f 


Look ttl Tonga* I Remove Pouona 

Fran Stowoch, Lirer mni 




*« \'f'*^ 

The Otdett Coal Q.eal«rs In t|ie 


That's approximately what 
there is in a ton of coal. Let 


The coal that comforts the 
whole family. 

i * 

Ae.ept "6»Mici*iJUi" 8^rui» of FtW 
only — look foV the. .name Calif omlaT; 
3n_the paella; then'' ytfii are Mir* 
your child is havttts the best aMA' 
moat harmless laxative or physio (or 
the little stomach. liver and bowels. 
Children love Its delicious fruity ta>te. 
Full directions for ohUd'B dose on 
3ach bottlf, Olve It without fear. 

Mothe^i t'ou must liay "Oallfornla." 

. . gt<iii J' ■ ^»" i r..-iij/-»r M- asaa 

HALIFAiTC N. ».. I>«c 11.— Owing 
to an ordaif of the United States RaH< 
way Admlntat^ation, ho speoial trains 
ran be dlip^tohed from H a lif a x tar 
United ItKliik^ points with paasenfers 
landed bofte from tran«<Atlkntle Un« 
ers. Thn*. the special which had 
been amifed to leave with the 
United suites passengers from the 
Cunard liner Royal George, had to 
be canoelleA. 

Waher Walker Jr Son 

I e^SFort PlkQlBo3667 I 

IS ■. " I ■ ■ , .r-iH. :■,. •>■ '<■,." ir ' n, il 

Mr. HalherC Gives Up Office 
TORONTO, Dec. 11.— R. k Hal- 
bert, M. P. for North Ontario, and 
president of the U, F. O., has defi- 
nitely decided. It is understood, not 
to stand again for the presidency ot 
the ofgantzation and wlU terminate 
his connectloif *rlth th#^ U. F. O. In 
hlft official capacity At Ihe annual 
meeting next week. Mr. Ualbert has 

^ been. j>resldent of the U. F., 9. for 

* five years. 

Olilld riatally Boraed 

KSjW WEa'WnNftTEIB. B.C.. Deo. 
11. — Playing In front of the fire with 
a Itewpltt doll made of the usual Cel- 
luloid, the . fburteen'iTionthB-old eon 
of Mr. and' Mrs. Walter Boson sus- 
tained burns which resulted in death. 

Christina Campbell Ward at 

Royal Jubilee Hospital Is 

Handed Over Furnished by 
Patriotic Organizations. 

Nursing Sister Christina Campbell, 
one of those who lost her life with 
the sinking of the Llandovery Castle, 
Is memorialized by a ward opened 
yesterday at the Provincial Royal 
Jubilee Hospiui, from which Insti- 
tution she graduated some years ago. 

The room has been handsomely 
furbished by the Agnes Deans Cam- 
eron Chapter, I.O.D.E., and the 
CampiMll Patriotic Club, which be- 
tween them have provided all the de- 
tails from bed and bedding, bureau, 
washstand and dressing table, to the 
daintily furnished tray with Its 
pretty china. The room Is one of 
those In the Strathcona Ward, which 

in deeto^i Nli* 
chacrtned ramarli 
■nMswl her telr pli 

tl»t ^^ 

Mlis." twl' nsanoTs 
remark as she aSnMt 
.— s ^' *•*' •»'«* •"♦. 

itHZ f*^?* «•?«*• a oar eaa»e aloac. 
adorme little 




9w*t give it a ctawa to taf yoa ta 
tad fcr wrenl weeks wHk a ta« attadt 

Via to «am« the daldMa <f PaanaMMia. 
''A«iajklitlto«oU'*iaaTW7 4as. 

it Ml «f 

a coldl is a fMr kaani 
mnmhmi^-nUme tbeHa^acha 
w4 I ka fc a laia. Thav tf afmiSc for 
ooUa tmi WMj be ccHad epoa to gira 


" M7MiaCB.Q.>«dBo)(iayaiir 
tr U aot. get OM to-Aar at j«ar 
!^9 rnnSt if yOBditoel a cold 
g M, TO* aw get rid ol it witb a 
Sea of ixmilf ION C.B.Q. i« tha 

led bos. Nataanal Drag and Chaarieal 

Ga olCaaada, Xiaiited. 

Dominion C.B.QJ 

TbaTaMoto t 

at present is pressed for accommo- 
dation for the patients, and it was 
owing to the latter fact that the 
handing over of he furniture to tho 
hospital took place so quietly last 
evening, as the time necessary to 
make the ceremony a formal one 
could not be spared. Misa Jesaie Mc- 
Kenxia, lady superintendent of the 
hospital, received the gift on behalf 
of the Board of Directors and hospi- 
tal management, 

Ntursing Sister Christina Cami^bell, 
It win* be recalled, wap a sistar of Mr, 
Angus Campbell. In addition to Mrs. 
Campl>ell, who made the presenta- 
tion, there were present representing 
the two clubs: Miss K. O. Sullivan, 
Miss Mansell, Mrs. Cowan^ Miss 
Btewart, Mrs. Horner, Mrs. Hiscocks, 
Mrs. Mcfarlane, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. 
Plercy, Mrs. Uardle. Mrs. Cameron. 
Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Buckle. The 
minutest details hava^haan attended 
to la the furnishing of the room, be- 
sides the furniture already mentioned 
there being a couch, three chairs^ 
(including an easy chair),' a rug, and 
the "half dosen of everything in the 
way of linen" which is a by no means 
negligible Incidental. 

(The room is a very practical ns 
well aa enduring memorial to the 
nursing sister whose name is com- 
memorated in this way, and the lios- 
pltal is grateful to the two organi- 
zations which combined to supply the 


Announcement From Winnipeg 
That Strong Interests Will 
Erect 'Magnificent , Play- 
houses Here and Vancouver, 


"BQt «« idn mu WMtu* li«.«i't 

Sbaanp In tut i lA.- -• . 

toS/SSr^SSf..*" *^ doctaca wL 




Crepe de Chine Blouses 

Specially Made for Christmas Trade 



TO provide us with another big Christmas Special, these 
beautiful blouses were. specially made in our factory to sell 
at this special price. We would ordinarily sell similar blouses , 
for from two to three dollars more. The material itself is thar 
rich, heavy Quality usually found in blouses at a much hif^h^r 
price than $0.50. 

There are many different styles, including round or souare 
necks, high or low collars, or collarlcss models. See our windows. 

BlMt«— Buy 
DiMt ffbm tlie 




1016 Government Street 

A dispatch from Winnipeg states 
that new theatres of magntflcent pro- 
portions would be erected next year 
In Victoria and Vancouver by the new 
Transcanada Theatres, Limited. This 
statement was made by Mr. C. F. 
Walker, of Winnipeg, In announcing 
ihat negotiations for the transfer of 
his theatres there and in the West to 
the new concern had been completed. 

The hood of the big concern Is II. 
W. Beauclerk, aon-ln-law of Liord 
iJhaughnessy and .a director of the 
Bm\k of Montreal. The eempahy will 
maintain a booking agent in London 
to engage high-class talent for the 
60 theatres to be embrftoed in tho 


Ex-Service Men's Organiza- 
tions Asked by Army and 
Navy Veterans to Endorse 
Comrade Snelling for Office. 

At the regular monthly meeting 
last night the Army and Navy Vet- 
erans' Association passed a resolution 
to the effect that they should recom- 
mend ;tD the ex-service Central Coun- 
cil that Comrade Snelling be nominat- 
ed for the position of police commis- 
sioner. AH ex-service . organizations 
In the city will be asked to Indorse 
this nominee's candidature. Nomi- 
nations for the various ofllces of the 
association for the ensuing year were 
received last night, and the election 
will take place at the next general 
meeting of the organization on the 
second Tnursday in January. 

The City Council is to be ap- 
proached Immediately With reference 
to securing permission for the hold- 
ing of a tag day before the end of 
tho present year for the purpose of 
augmenting the funds of the asso- 
ciation used for relief caacs which 
Are specially brought to the atten- 
tion of the society. In this connec- 
tion It was also decided that the as- 
sociation would undertake no special 
Christmas work as sn vorganiscation, 
although members were asked to sap- 
port the Rotary Club Christmas tree 
as tho majority of the ex-service 
men's families would be ramembered 
at thto biff annual function. 

There to to M a raffla of IS 
Chrletmss turkeys amongst the mem- 
bers of the assoolatloa, and tickets 
(1» cent aeach) may be had by ap- 
yUcation to the assistant secretary. 
Mr. Tolfcr. at tha aaaodatton rooms, 
Pemberton Block. There Is no Inten- 
tion to make any profit la connection 
with the matter, tho raffia >elng held 
chiefly with a vlaw to homing the 
Comrade who has grewa tke turkeys 
by taking a nomfrar af tlia birds and 
dlepoalng of them la tlila inur. 

Abont a doaan bow ^Moibon wero 
asroUad. brtoilnc tbo total member- 
•hlp of tha organlaatton ap to l,«ll 
"paid up"* mambers. It la oxpected 
.that a stIU fartkor In ct we li^ tho 
raator will t«^ l^aoa ealfr next year 
faUowfaif tba memhorvlUp campaign 
which la to bo launched In January. 


B«lter Service and Better Selectaon Can Be Had by Doinf So 





OoUan — Silks. Crepe de Chine, Gleorgelte 
SUI(, developed from flnest quality and fashionable: 
arc particularly worthy. 

Value 11.85, for 86# Value tl*S. for. .S1.00 

Value 91.50, for OS^ Value $1.75, for. .S1.S6 

Value 12.15, for •1.45 

Boadote Oapfc-Kabutai Silk, trimmed with fancy 
laces: all dRerent colors. _ 

Vahie 11.15, for 06^ 

Silk Xnltted Oaps — Pure Silk Caps, tam nhape. very 
lateHt and attractive, with heavy bit; tassel on side. 
Value $3.50. for .; tl.TS 

■Uk ahawlB— Pure 8Uk Shawls, dainty and beautiful. 

in Team and black only. 
Value I1.96, for. .f 1.25 Value t2.J5. for. .S1.65 
Value TfoO. for S4.00 

Baaaasoeas Wanr— Brooch««, purees, DraceleMk X'* 
Pine and Holders, Cuff Buttons. KarHhiTH. CluSr- 
ette Cases, etc., from 60«> and up tu SS.TS 

Xieather rnsaas aat Waadliaffa — JapansHe }{and- 
Painted Qeuutne Leather Piirsss and HandbasM. 
from 5^ and up to 53.45 

Bant Xieattier Voveltles — Handkerchief and Glove 
Ciuten, Tie and Pipe Raolts. Ptoture Frames. To- 
bacco PouobeH, .Sniipshot JMtrants. PiUoy Toj^t. 

etc., from II 

and up to 



The largest variety of Christmas Toys will be found at this store. There are thou- 
sands of all Icinds of Dolls and Toys in our store, Celluloid, Wooden, Paper, Mechanical, 
Rubber and Cotton Dolls, etc. . 

MtAuua. SUk Kaad » 

Value |2.7f), for. .§».' 


The Charm of beautiful under-apparel Is deliKht- 
fully maintained in tho worthy asHortmenta available 
here. To those prlvllejfe<l to sive such irlftB. the 
assortment offers a ChristniaH suKseatlon worthy of 
OamlsolesL In flesh and white, of fine Habutal silk. 

trimmed with fancy laces. 

ValueB »2.00, for •1.65 

fb Value 1 3 . L> 5 , f or . . •8.95 

WaAiac eatia— Splendid quality of WaBhinK St^n— 

ValUe »2.75, for . .••.25 Value $3.50. for. .S^.e5 

Orepe «e OiUaa'-Very attractive, of several Pleas Ipk 

deslRns. Value 13.75. for ••.75 

Ckcmlses aad Bloonsri — Plain washlngr Habutal 

«llk; flesh and whlt*> only. 

Value 1 3. 7 5, lor.. •!. 95 Value in.oo for. .••.15 
Valu^ $S.60. for ••.T5 

BsTelopes — Tn flesh and white only — ^„ _^ 

Value $3.2.'i, for 52.50 

Oomblnatloas — Habutal silk, trimmed with fancy 


Might 8mbs« 

front and 

arcs in four different deslRnP. 
lue fs.oo, for. .54.75 Value 

$5. r.o. for.. 54.25 

I — Japanese fancy liand-cmbroldery on 
sleeves, etc. Few wanted colors. 
55.05 and up to 58.50 


We have hundreds of doxens of Ptire IJnen. Klne 
L^wn and Pure Silk >landl<erchief8. lace edved or 
hemmed, and plain or colored embroidery, and all 

. »»orta of dainty work. . s ^ • ^ ^' ■ 

I<'rom 35<^,a <»0x and ufl'to, per Ma; :^,1||5 : 

•• .■ LMMES' Bl0OiSE5' V- ' v "^ "^ 'J ^^ 

oiepede cWni 
Value |3.25,for. 
Value i 4.1)6, for. 
Value U.:%. for. 
Value M.Re, for. 
Value |5.r6, tOT..94i 

raette and UaibuteJ Silk 
Value {S.V&, for. . 
Value 16.^5, for»^ 
Valtle i«.»5, for.. 
Valtte iT.SO. f or . . 
., Value 112.00, for. 


IM^ED SILK WSAM: V ''T"-. </^^ 

ladles' mUL JMUUa «uim«ra---TlMt]r are l>ea'uttf.Uliy-?'^ 
han<l embroidered. In all deslfHWe Hhades. 
Value $1.3.1, for! ~^.... 

Xiadles' Xof-llar^lClita— In 'aiT shades «« 

Value $J.2R;fw;. 51,75 ValneTtloOi 
AIho with sleeves, value fS.TS .for ..... 

ZMtdles' ra««ed BUk Brasslar Oowu-^All' sUen and 
colors. Value $12.50, fpr •9.05 

5 fft.50- >«*; . — ' ... ^. -'vT^ 

and ais' 

" for. ' 



^.50, tvfr .. ,. 

BaMea' QaUta— Value $3.00, for 
BaMea* 0«waa— Value |2.25. for 



A UuTfe Selection of Bloe and White Table Cloths. These are very la\est pati^rns, fast col- 
ors, easily washed. Size 12in. x I2in. to 72in. x 71 in., from. . 2 for l5c and up to $2.75 

Linen Drawnwork Table Cloths, all sizes. White Battenbcrr Table Centrts, all sizes. 
/ We ,also carry a complete stock of China ware. Brass, Antimonyware, etc. Every arti- 
cle has been greatly reduced — only during Christmas Sale. 


Phone 4742 

Three Big Stores in Vancouver 

1238 Government Street 

J^^ Jis^ J^ Jk^ J^ Jifar ^Mr Jbkr J^ ^11^ 1^ 

'P^^lHi. Mfwi^ "•"^i* "•'"^••1 ^^w^ Wlf^ 4trimf- -m'W^ ^fw^ W^^ ^f^mk-^ 


MEXICO CITY, Dec. 11.— The 
supreme court has received the com- 
plete records in the case of William 
O. Jenkins, the American consular 
agent, who recently was arrested in 
Puebia, and noon will render a de- 
cision as to whether the Puebia cir- 
cuit cou/t or district court shall con- 
tinue an investigation Into the 
charges against Mr. .Tenklns with a 
view to his eventual trial. Jenkins is 
now out on ball. 

It )a said seml-oinclally that tho 
Mexican Rovernment is awaiting the 
decision of the supreme court before 
dispatching an answer to the latest 
American note, as this court will rule 

whether- federal Judges have Jurisdic- 
tion in ^e ca^e. 

Mr. .Jenkins has returned to 
Puebia. "It is deelaved that ha has 
not conferred with President Car- 

Ci;jual»Unff In Germany 

BERLIN", Dec. 11. — Mor« drastic 
prohibitive maasures have been for- 
mulated by the government as a con- 
sequence, of the rapid reopening of 
gambling houses slnoe the suspen- 
,«ion of martial law. In future any- 
body gambling, even In a private 
club, may bo punished. A convicted 
gambler will not be released, ns 
heretofore, but impriaoaed foi^ a 
maximum period, and in addition, 
may he fined from pne hundred to 
one thaasand marks. 



TOnONTO, Dee. n.->Referring toijhe 
protests filed by the ConservativesVof 
two of the Simcoe County ridings, w|ter« 
United Farmer candidates were eleetitci, 
and where Premier Drury expected tu 
find a seat, l^e Farmers' Sun, of^al 
organ of tha U.r.O., says: 

"This tnay mean either an indefAnife 
postponement of the calling of iM» 
l>egi8lature or (ho meeting af'the Hj|be 
without the leader of the OovemiMat 
taavlng a seat ther*}a— ^hat Is un^s 
the member-eleet for some other l(on- 
ntltitoncy is prepared ta offer his ^St%X, 
to tha l>rcwler." 


H^§I^ and Happiness ^ 

Women of today Mem to Urtea taotwroall of dsbr exoeyt., 
the eupieme one that telle them to foard tkeirhealttL Home . ^^ 
duUes, church duties, war activitiee, and the hundied-aad-ooe . 
calls for charitable eoteniriflea eooa lead women to oterdo.. 
Kervongne»e,hra«laflfaw7Wytcl>«w W^ tiffHin tronbl— iw tht . 
iMvitabla iMolL / ^; v 

nilladel^d% !^--^I waa very wedc, aU 



STisr^ira**^ *"♦-*' 


imiwell. J he*rd«oviHS» 
fMckam'a Vcyatebla Gobh 

lbokiilorawaattaa4flfUa|ittta1iei«cr. 1 


Taa. I iMve Wth 

wa Hofih Ttyle^ 9ig^ 

Hie nialpffftf ol 
oervtdo. thon f 
iipffn fhf^r timo 
It totariably^^a 
UttlUUt QoodiHoo 

'-Mm. J.' 


■M.ssrfsa,i» •* 

Lgdia LPinldiaiitii 
Vegetable Gompound 





THR nATT.Y roi.ovTCT. vIrToPT^ b r. frjday. nfeCEMr.r.R 12. 1919 

Stuff the 
bird with 



E i moYiiiffmi B E 


Tonight's Mass Meeting at 
Belndont House to Consider 
Resolutions Affecting Unem- 

baitk Itt nlM<trf»tn 
to mg aan tr . n w n 



brought it 
a iii ! M>M 

Mttktts the 
-finest kind 
of dressing 

Adds Flavor 


In th« Cotinty Court yeaterday 
Mr«. T. 'K. Burgre. the owner of the 
Jamea ^y Hotel, brouRht an action 
»gainiit Mrs. V. >U«ti, the leMM, for 
the pos8e«Bt«n of the premiseH, 

By a lease made in September. 
Itl8, Mrs. Burge leased to Mm. Allen 
tb» hotel preroUoH for the term of 
one year. In March,- l»l», the owner 
extended the lease uiftl! November 
30, 1919. The lease gave the lessee 
the right of a renewal for a further 
period of one year if she applied for 
it three months before the expiration 
of the term, at a rental to be fixed by 
mutual agreement, and In cose the 
rent could not )>e mutually agreed 

Acids in Stomach 
Cause Indigestion 

uooh, then It was to be fixed 
artjltratlon. and In case the lessee 


Create Gas, Sourness and fain 
How to Treat. 

Medical authorities utate that nearly 
Btne-tentha of the cuBen »f stomach 
trouble. indiKentlon, KournesH, l>urnlnic, 
i(as> bloating, nauMeu etc. are due to uii 
excess of hydrochloric add In the 
■toniach and not. as some tmlleve, to n' 
(sek of dlK«stlve Juices. The delicate 
stomach lining 1h irritated, rliKeMtioii in 
delayed aud food Hourii. causing thu dis- 
agreeable syinplomii which every stom- 
ach HiifTerer l<nowi> »o well. 

Artltlclal dlge!«tants are not needed in 
■uch canes und may do real harm. Try 
laying aside uU digcstlvo aids and in- 
stead get from any drOggint a few 
ounces of Risurated Magnesia and taMe 
a teaspoonful in a quarter glass of 
water right after eating. This uweetenH 
the stomach, prevents the formation of 
•xcess acid and there is no sourness, 
gas or pain. Hisurated Magnesia (in 
powder or tablet form — never liquid or 
milk) Is harm lefts to the stomach. Inex- 
pensive to Uike and la the most effi- 
cient form of magnesia for stomach 
purposes. It la used by' thoiisandii of 
people who enjoy their meals with do 
■Mire fear of iDdlgestioo. 

did not execkite the lease for the re- 
newal term and tender it for signa- 
ture to the IpHsor at the expli^tlon of 
the then existing term, all right of 
the lessee to the rotiewai wpuld cease 
and the lessor would" be entitled to 
take possession of the premises. 

It was admitted tlmt the lessee had 
requested a renewal lease three 
months before the expiration of th« 
term, and the rental had been mu- 
tually agreed ufion by, that time, but 
counsel for the lessor contended that 
the lessee should have executed and 
tendered the renewal lease to the 
lessor for signature three months 
previous to the expiration of the 
term, which was not done until nearly 
the expiration of the terni, and that 
by rea!«on thereof the lessee had lost 
her right to the renewal lease. , 

Counsel for the' lessee contended 
thait it was only iri the event of an 
arbitration bring held to fix the rent 
that It wuK necessary for the lessee 
to execute and tender to the lessor- 
Judge Livmpnian dismissed the 
action, holding that the lessee had 
done all that she was required to do 
under the terms of the loose. 

Mr. F. O. Fowkea appeared for the 
owner, and Mr. H. H. Shandley for 
the lessee. -■ ' ■ 



NEW YOUK. Dec. U. — New low 
records on foreign, eicchange rates 
were made today when domaild bills 
on the pound sterling fell to $a.7l><i, 
ihk cents below yetjtcrdfty's close, and 
lire checks drippped 10 centimes, 
being quoted at 'the rate of 13.53 for 
the dollar. The iate on francs 
cheques was slightly Improved, and 
early quotations wore made at the 
rate of 11.82 for the dollar. 

As one more Mep In the campa,lgn 
for speedy re-establishment of the re- 
turned soldier, tonight's mass meet- 
ing In the Belmont Building Is ,ex^ 
pected- by the flreat War Veterans' 
Association to have Important results 
when taken In connection with the 
similar gatherings which are being 
held all over the land for similar pur- 

When the meeting Is called to order 
at 8 o'clock, short and pithy addresses 
will place before the gathering the 
need of Immediate employment to 

. , , alleviate present industrial condition*. 

_*' ! and will bring forward resolutions, for 
submission to tho (Jovernment, which 
will ask for the opening up of new 
Industries, with a special view to the 
employment of returned men, and will 
urge that re-establlshment questions 
be settled without .further delay. 

The CSreat War Veterans Associa- 
tion Is Inviting every cltlxen to be 
present at this meeting, and poinU 
out that the matters which will be 
discussed are of general interest and 
should be supported by the entire 


Harrison extricated sixteen head of 
c:attle which were buried under the 
roof of a shed that had collapsed 
under the weight of heavy i/now. 

Dr. Knox Wright, of Vancouver, 
has been visiting Victoria and Island 
points In .the InteresU of the Bible 
Society' of British Columbia.' 

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Milne. Edmonds, 
left on Sunday for Victoria to reside. 
Mrs. Milne has been connected with 
several organisations. Including V. O. 
N.. O.E.T., 1.0. D.E. T.,adleB' Auxiliary 
a.W.V.A. and the Women's Cana- 
llaii Club. — Vancouver Dally Prov- 

Mrs. Elklns, of this city, has been 
visiting in Vancouver. 

Miss Mason h^» arrived In the city 
from TacCii^a to spend the dhriatmai- , 
season, with her family at 2007 Gov- 
ernment Street. 

Colsnel E. K. Leach, of Vancouver, 
has arrived In the city on a visit to 
his cousins, Mr. and Mrs. W. Dundas 
Turner, of "Mapl** Comb," Cobble 

Hill. ■Kf.-^sr 

Mrs. Selden Humphreys, Miss 
Muriel Dunsmuir,' Miss Sybil Street 
and the Ml*ises Inez and Brownie 
Bodwell, went over to Vancouver 
yesterday. While In the .Mainland 
City they will take part In the pro- 
gravime for the cabaret dnnce of 
the Coronation Chapter, I.O.D.E.. 
which Is to be held at the Hotel 
Vancouver next F>iday. 

Owing to the continued cold epcU, 
Mrs. 'Jhmes Cameron, nee Lotus Orif- 


Mr. F. M. Rattenbury Adyo- 
cat es Innovation and .First 

Order for Ready-IVIade 
Dwellings Comes to B.C. 



;^f, Pills - ' 


hone:-madi: brbad 

Home bread-making reduces the' high 
cost of living by lessening the amount 
of expensive meats required to supply 
the necessary nourishment to the body. 
The increased n\itfitio\is vahje of 
bread made in the hoti^e widi ^ 


should be sufficient incentive to the thou^thil 
housewife to give this important food item the 
aUention to which it is: fustly entitled. Bread 
made with Royal Yeast wtil keep fresh and moist 
longer than tha^t made with any other. ^ ^ 

Made in Canada 


fith, has postponed indefinitely her 
post-nuptial reception, which was to 
have been held th^s afternoon at the 
home of her mother, Mrs. Griffith, 
Trutch Street. 

Spend your afternoon at Piccadilly. 

£M'm good toMie and good sense fa. 




Ales^ander's Wood and Fuel 

Ibn Cmt* W90A for sals — Blocks. It In.. S4 in.. IS In., oer cord. It-M 

V. D«llT«rMl aar ptaee within city IHnlta 

All Mais of Trocklag. Transfsrrhiff done tiong distancs Hauling a speelalty. 

, . . mosa awxy OH 9AT. 



Now is the time — Christmas is but two weeks away — com^c 
in and inspect our displays of suitable gifts — larger than evcr^ 
this xtkT. 


(icnuine French Ivory, either in sets or by tlic piece, Mani- 
cure Sets. Perfurhes, Hair Brushes, Djer Kis.s, Mary Garden 
and Garden Court Toilet Sets, Gift Stationery in attractive 
holiday packages. Waterman's Fountain Pens, etc. 


». Safety Razors^Thermos Bottles, Shaving Bitishcs, Military 
Brushes, Lunch Kits. Shaving Mirrors, Pbuntain'Pens, etc. 



Ai Fwk^pn DOU|:U&— AlfanAors 

In connection with the agitatlori In 
England which has been going on for 
somo time past to allow of the erec- 
tion there of wooden houses in order 
to help solve the housing problem 
which has assumed such acute propor- 
tions in the Old Country, a well 
known Victorian, Mr. F. M. Rtitten- 
bury. the architect of the Parliament 
buildings hero, and with wide experi- 
ence in England and Canada, has 
taken a prominent pnrt. He stated 
that his experience has taught that a 
properly constructed wooden house Is 
the most healthy habitation. 

"Aly own opinion is that a wooden 
house is far healthier than any stone 
or brick house that could possibly be 
Greeted. To compare them with the 
cheaper forms dt brick bulkllng.s is 

"In a wooden house the walls are 
a continuous system of ventilating 
ducts, and iris almost impossible for 
any moisture to penetrat»> Inside the 
houHo or for any Kases to accumulate, 
iind In a climate very much wetter 
than the English climatp houses are 
as dry after being Hhut up for a time 
as they wore lieforc. 

"Other a«lvantage» of a wooden 
house are that they can be built 
much more quick l.v and can be altered 
or added to with much less expense." 
This is a question In which the 
whole of British Columbia is intl- 
matpfy concerned, ;ih the Coast lum- 
ber Is particularly suited for this class 
of building, and it is gratifying to 
learn that a first order has now been 
received by a Viincouver tlrm. 

"We have just received word from 
our London agents," said Mr. J. L. 
Northey. manager of the Twentieth 
Century House Company. Limited, to 
The Vancouver World recently, "that 
the health department of the London 
County Council, after making certain 
minor alterations, has approved of 
three designs for ready-made houses 
and recommended them to builders. 
We have also received our first order 
for over flO.OOO worth of houses, 
which will be set up at once on arri- 
val. A very large and old established 
London firm of timber brokers has 
become deeply Interested and has or- 
dered one of our largest and most 
complete ready-made houses, which 
it has made arrangements to set up 
In one of the most populous Isectlons 
of the metropolis. We have also re- 
ceived offers of almost unlimited 
flnanclal assistance from London in- 
terests, who can see the tremendous 

"To give an Idea of unparalleled 
demand for housing accommodation 
In England and on the continent it 
should only be necessary to point out 
that it would keep all the brick yards 
working at pre-war speed for over 
seven years to supply the present re- 
quirements. This situation, of, course, 
means that wooden houses must be 

"Tho trouble has been that there Is 
an Idea over there that the wooden 
house Is too fragile to last and that 
It dors not keep out the cold. Once 
these erroneous ideas are dissipated 
there will come such a demand that 
I am convinced the business will be- 
come one of the greatest on tho 



Mr. B. aammell has returned 
borne from Vancouver, where he 
tuM been spending several days. 

Major A. B. Rosber, an officer at 
Vladivostok for the British and 
Canadian forces, was a recent arrival 
on the Empress of Japan, and Is 
■pendliv a short time visiting his 
brother. Mr. F. H. Rosber, of this 
city, prior to proceeding to Bagland. 

Sir Worthlngton Bvan^ atated In I 
the Hothw of Commons reoently that 
SS,S«4 out of SK.OOO British war 
widows had remarried. 

Peggy Fisher, a land girl yrho re- 
eontljr Mtred the life of a youna 
farmer who was being gored by an 
infuriated bull. Is now tho wife of 
tko man she rescued. Peggy attack- 
ed the bull aad kicked it with such 
force <Mi the iMad that It cleared off 
in tlm« for the young man to 
eaeape. For this deed she received 
the Land Distinguished Hervlce JUlt. 
Other land girls, as the English girl 
farmers am oalltd. have shown their 
pluek in many wajrai and six more 
T>l(>tlncuUh«d Bervloe Bar* have boon 
re<^ently awarded. Miss Chapman of 
Rmrs stopped a runaway horse 
which had bolted with a load of 
ha^. Wm rrbcvntay *wam a river 
aad r*pcd a attaad*! cow on a mud 



liEULlX, Dec. 11. — German naval 
authorities have been backward in 
removing mines from German waters, 
according to a Hamburg dispatch to 
The Vosslsche Zeltung. At a meet- 
ing of the Nautical Association in that 
city, the dispatch says, maps wore 
shown Indicating that 9.700 square 
miles of the North 80a are as yet not 
cleared while Great Uritain and the 
United Stales havo almost llnisbed 
clearing fleids laid by their navies 
ring t he^way: — H— is-elalmed here 
that the delay has bepn due to lack 
o{ coal. 



WINNIPBO, Dec. 10. — A special 
dispatch to a local afternoon paper 
from its correspondent in Ottawa 
says, In part: "Vital statistics, gradu- 
ally coming Into the Department of 
Indian Affairs, Indicate that the 
total mortality from the Influenaa 
among the wards of the nation on 
the various reserves and hunting dis- 
tricts will reach a total of almost 

"The greater proportion of the 
deaths occurred In Ontario and Que- 

"One hundred thousand dollars 
was expanded by the Department, 
the dispatch states, in combatting the 
epidemic * among the Indiana 

throughout the Dominion." 


your friends at Plcca- 

Patal- RallinAny CoIUsInn 

SHBRBROOKE. Que. Dec. 11. — 
Two men were killed and four others 
badly Injured at 2 o'clock this morn- 
ing when a C.P.R. special passenger 
train, going toward Montreal bear- 
ing Chinese coolies frqm overseas, 
collided with a freight train at Milan, 
near Farnham, Que. The freight hod 
been placed on a siding, and the 
switch in some way was loft open. 
The passenger engine collided with 
the rear of the freight, sending two 
car's off tho track. The victims are 
itl. H. Booth and J. B. Buchanan, 
conductor and passenger on tho 


■ ■ ' ' — 


Do not saSac 

snoth«r day 

with Itebins. 

BIsedins, or 

P rot rn dins 

Pilst. Notur- 

siosl opcrstlon 

requlrtd. Dr. 

Cha(e*rOtntm«nt win r«ltt«« you srone* snd 

•B evrtsinly cure you. 60c • box : all daclen. 

Oi Edmanaon, BatM 4 Co., Llmltad. Toronto. 













• ^■■«**««*f ' 






7 HE housewife who i*^ looking for silverware of 
Btandard quality and authentic design at moder- 
ate price will be glad to know 5Par ?1atb— made by 
the Oneida Community. 

It is the firtt silverware in this grade 
ever backed by a dtfinitt quality guarantte. 

This guarantee by the Oneida Community meant 
too per cent vain* for every dollar of your purchase 
money. In its own price iingc the valuf of Pak 

TLAn is }u$t n» unmiMakably fixed as the value of 
(immunity TlaU. pAR 'Plkvu bears the good old- 
fashioned A- 1 plate. 

«>^ND when it comes to selection of patt^, you 
will find that the Par Aatb patterns are distinctly 

Th^y were originated by the sameartisu who cre- 
atedthe exquisiOB^btsMUNiXY A^ati designs.They 
sec a molt attractive table becatMC they are right. 

ftur dtaUr anjwkert in Ctmadm tanghtytu PA& ft^Tt-^iOO ftrent Va0 
, . Mau/e m Canada 

Niagara Falls, Ontario 




! .1 ! f 


II ♦^ 


1 t- 


Jftjowiiig tint it wiU bepractical and utefiU. , which wjU give 
oouble the pteasure. Tnb year we have a largar range of 
tS^fiim^to clwM>tc from than ever, and our pricea will auit all 
P^ltsea. Thlbk over the gifts we have to offer below, and come 
■»d let us show you many othera. Buy while you can with 
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&BbroldM»d sad Henwtttchtd 
Trayclotha, liw 0"% OC 
18 X 27 inches, each «DX«^lU 

Par* Linen Tabic Centres, nice- 
....•mbroldered, 0't CA 

Pure Linen Onett Towels, hem- 
stitched ends, 0% (^A 

per pair tDX.UV 

,0caUoped and Embroidered 
Oval Trayclotha. ^Km 

each.™ • vV, 

Ladies* Embroidered Handker- 
. chiefs, 3 in box, 0-% OfC 
,4»4^ 7ft^,iDX«i60- 

' I I nil — — ^— 

Ladiea' Embroidered Handker- 
ehiefa. 6 hi box, per box. 

;P- *':" $2.00 

Ladies' Single Handkerchiefa, 
handsomely embroidered. A 
large range of patterns; fine 
Irlsn cambric or Irish linen, 
from, each, SSf, ^f £ki\ 
895», SO#, 7S^, 91 •UU 

La<Ues' Pure Plain Irish Linen 
Handkerchiefs, hemstitch^, 6 
for 91.60, 9i.76» ^Q fCA 
•S.^5 and 90»D\J 

Oents' Pure Irish Linen Hand- 
kercbicfa, hemstitched, each, 

Gents' White Cambric Handker- 
chiefs, mcfiium and large size, 

;;ff:."":.'^..... 50c 

Handaome Lace Edge Bureau 
8c*rfs> hajidsomc 'patterns, 
each, #1.00, <»A A^ 

fi.S6« 91.aO and«D««IIV 

Emuroidercd White TeaclothS, 
ei^ibroidered in sizes 36 x 36 
and 45 x 45, each <^Q Kfi 
M>7B end «Di>.UV 

Pure trisb Linen Hemstitched 
Towels, size 18 x 32 inches, 

.';f:...**.:!'. $1.50 

Crash Cushion Covers, embroid- 
ered in coibrs abso- 0% ^P 
l^tely fast, each V>X» I O 

Bed Comforters, covered in 

sateen and satin, large size, 

TJ"- $10.50 

^^,1^^ ' i ■ ■ > i ■ I 11 II I ' l I t ttm 

Crash Linen Lauildfy Bags, 

embroidered. . 7Ki* 

escb. ^^..^......^^. . • «'»^ 

Linsn Embroidered Tes Vl9»- 
hins, 6 in box, <tQ KO 
per box ^HJmU'9 

Venetian Lace Goods, in Cen- 
tres, Runners and Ti^ydothe, 
from 9t.W Sn fJK 

to ^ W«« • O 

Pure Linen If adeirs Hand Em- 
broidered Oqjrlica, each.' TS#« 

•^•": l*^ $1.50 

_ I ^ 

Oval Doylies, Madeira linen, 
three sizes, scalloped edges, 
each, fl.OO, ^-t nf' 

91.aS and «X«I«I 

Pure Linen Madeira Embroi- 
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96.00, 96.60 

and - 


Madeira Embroidered Centre 
Pieces, handsome patterns, 
for, each^ f a.a», rfj ffA 

«a'.75, i3.S0 and ' 

13-Piece Madeira Set. nicely 
embroidered. A few only 

'•"• $5.50 

per set 

Hand-made Lace Doylies, small 
and large sizes, each, ^C a 

26^, 35#, 50< and 4U\^ 


Pure Linen Embroidered Baby 
Pillow Covers, hemstitched 


Irii^ Damask Tableclotha, very 
special, size, 66 x ^O CA 

,66, each 

Bleached psmssk Tablecloths, 

, fine patterns, jp ^zes. 2x2 

and 2 X 2^ yards, 0(1 rjff 

each, •■••O and... d)U«IU 

Bleached ,Damaak Tible^ Nap- 
' Una. hemmed ready, 6 for 

£^^...„....„._ $2.75 

Nottingham Lace Curtains, 2V> 
anda/i^ yards long, per pair, 

and - ;_.... V^^m^SdU 

White Turkish Towels, good 
wearing quality, per pair, 

?„'d-~:..'^.:!!..:.. $2.50 

Wool Blankets, good quality, 
straight from the factory, me- 
dium and extra large sise, oer 
pair $11.50, ^ ^21.00 

914.60 to_. 

yit have a thpusand and one things to choose from too 
numerous to mention. All mail orders receive our strict atten- 
tion and dispatched same day as received. 


T. E. LBIOH, 1017-19 Government Street. 




BERLIN. Dec. 11. — CommetitTng 
on a four volume compilation ^^ 
docuouMtary pr«-war history, the 
Vorwaort* tajv. ""Whoever reade the 

wUI have no doubt that Qermany be- 
fore the war was ruled by next to 
a madman." The newiipaper cbarac- 
tertzea the books as "four stones on 

former Bmperor'e marginal remariis the tomb of tho Oet-mi^n monarchy." 

^l ', 








the Ptret tki Peittrites 

I lisiiy fif CbMt CtMi. Bui CiMk liMM^n 
Cnif, tm Thmte Mff Mmk, bntki airi'Uih 
M AMNrtt. Appl? frMhr tt Hi tkNi JMt mr 
tht iNmIW pirtt Mi rib ft ii. 



Express Congratulations to Col. 
Prior on His Appointment — 
Speakers Tell of Rotary's 

The Rotary Chib, at its hineheo^ In 
the Empress Hotel yesterday, passed s^ 
resolution congratulatins Colonel the 
Hon. B. O. Prior on bis appoiotmeat 
as Lieutenant-Governor of British 

Chairman "Bob"*Wobb. of ths en- 
tertainment coauolttee, had a varied 
programme to offer. There was a new 
acquaintance "stunt" and brief 
speeches on the meaning of Rota,ry 
were given by Messrs. W. 8. Terry. 
Lester Patrick and George I. Warren. 

President J. f. Scott announced that 
there would be no meeting of the club 
'on Christmas Day, biit that there 
prpbably would be ladies' day en 
December 30 or 81. 

"J like to think of Rotary,'* aald 
Mr. Terry, "as a haalthy, robust boy"' 
with good red blood coursing through 
his veins, not yet at the xenltb of his 
strength, but rapidly forging to the 
front. RoVary Is but fourteen years 
old, having been bom in Chicago, la 
1906. But Its influence has spread 
throughout the Bnglish - speaking 
world. There are 600 Rotary Clubs in 
the world with a total membership dt 
fifty to sixty thousand persons. Ro- 
tary isn't a iiloee corporation. I want 
to disabuse the minds of the pubUo 
of any such false idea. It would be 
sorry to think that any member of this 
Rotary Club ^as not worthy of pat- 
ronage, but I would be equally sorry 
to think that the club held a mon- 
opoly On fair deallns and honesty in 
business. As a matter of fact, it doea 
not. I value membership in the Ro- 
tary Ctttb t>ecau8e it gives us an oppor- 
tunity of taking part in big move- 
ments, for the good of the community. 
There are other reasons, but that, in 
my mind, is the l>est." 

That Rotary's service is not con- 
fined to the creation of better business 
and professional pracUce for its 
members, was the claim of Mr. Lester 
Patrick. First of all, the organisation 
Blood for the betterment of the com- 
riunity and the country at largv. It 
provides the means for men to be- 
came better cltixens and Ifetter mem- 
bers of other organizations working 
for tho good of the city. It was not » 
political orgaalsation, yet it provldad 
a foruny where all sides of a oontro* 
versy wbuTd be given a fair hearing. 

A defence of the club's adherence to 
the pelipy of haViner one member and 
one member only repreeent each line 
of business or profession was voiced 
by Mr. George I. Warren. He said 
tliat this arrangement gave the indi- 
vidual member greater responsibility, 
because it gave him the privilege of- 
represenj^ing bis profession t Rotary 
and Rotary to his profession. The 
policy prevented unwieldiness. pre- 
vented domination by any one business 
or professioi), and made everyone a 



October Figures Make Satis^ 
factory Siiowing for Oc- 
tober Over tlie Preceding 
Montli, > 

Thomas A Edison 


every familyinCanad^ 


— ,- V-^^l^l-^ HJ* 

^s.^ . 

7^ .-: 

That Is now we are able to make - 

you this remarkable offer on 

■t ^ ' 



G>me to onr ttore to<!«y, iemot- 
ro¥r-~tk« aoooer tho baiter — pick 
out the Amberola model jroa like beat 

(prices, $62.00 up) together with a 
genecous selectioD of ncoxd*. and 


Tell tM how much ox hem ItUUyou 
can atford to^ pajr evetry w«ek or 
month. We will meet you more than 
half way in coming to a utiafactoty 
arraagement hecauae we are eager 
to cany out the spirit of Mr. E«Uaon*« 
wish — which is in etfect that msMy/ 
mtul not rioni In the way of anr fam* 
ijy possessins a phonograph this 
Christmas. Then, upon a siaall pay- 
ment down, we will immediately 
deliver your Amherola and records 
to your home, where this wonder- 
ful phonogri^ will fill your Christ* 
mas with music tsid your family 
with daUght 

The Amlmwln b Suptwaa - 

Btck of the Amherola is all the 
wizardry of Thomas A. Edison, the 
world's greatest inventor. No won- 

der the Am^tfoU Cms is pibre melody-* 
freafrom the metaJKe soundandshriH» 
ness ei ordinary phonographs uulL 
"talking machines". No wonder tho 
genuine DiamonJPbMlieprotlactihmm 
solved another phonograph nuisance 
— the bother and expense of chang- 
ing needles. No wonder thev4m&«fol 
Rwtdt are almost unbreakable, and' 
last for years alter ordinary phono* 
graph racosds have btoken or wora 
out. ^ 

All the world's best music is yours 
on Amberol Records— the greatest 
opera siagan. the latest popular 
dance and song hits, ballads, hynms, 
military bands— ia endluss variety. 
New records issued swery month. 

Doa't Hesitate A Miauta 

to accept thisotferbecauseChristmae 
giving will tax your resources — 
« remember Edison wanUjfoa to have 
an Amherola. Please don't dtlay^ 
our stock ol Amberolaa may soon be 
exhausted. We will consider it a^ 
favor if you will cone ia to see ua^ 

• . « 


Belated returns of the coal output 
of tke ooUicries of the Frovtnoe show 
that during: October increased pro- 
duction WHS effected. Total p>roduc- 
t/on for the month was 250, SOI Ions 
tons, of which the Vancouver Island 
coIlIericH produced 169,049 tons. The 
output by dlstrlctswAH as follows: 

Vancouver Island— Canadian West- 
em Fuel Company, 59,404 tons; Can- 
adian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd., 
7S,874 tens; Factflc Coast Coal llbies, 
4,862 tonft; D.C. Coal Mining Com- 
pany (Jingle Pot Mine), S.3SS HOns; 
Nanoose Collieries, 3,009 tons; Oran- 
by Coneotldated Mining & Smelting 
Company, 11,691 tons. Total, 169,- 
049 tons. 

Cfow's Nest Paiis field — Crow's 
Nest Coal Company, Coal Creek 
^Inee, 41,284 tons; Crow's Nest Pass 
Coal Company, Michel Mines, 23,147 
tons; Corbm Coal & Coke Company. 
Corbln. 12,369 tons, 

boro Colliery, 9,809 
Colliery, '8,181 tons; . _ , 

& Coke Company, 401 tons; Prince- 
ton Coal a Land Company, 3,871 tons. 
Total 16,743 tons. 

In the CroWs Nest field the Orow'a 
Nest Company Is back to nermkl pro* 
duction for the first time since August 
when the strike was settled. In August 
the company produced 6,344 tons com- 
pared with Ub output of 41,384 tons in 
October for the Coal Creek mines and 
a total of 88.481 If the Michel ou(j;»ut 
Is IneAvded. Op yaaceuver IsUad a 
'satisfactory Increase is shown, the 
Canadian Western Pael Company shew- 
ing an increase of 10.000 tons <tver its 
September output. The Oraaby Com- 
pany, by the end of Oeteber, had Just 
about doubled Its previous month's 

ToUl, 75.7»0 

Field— Middles- 
tons; Flenalng 
Coalmont Coal 


Ollloers U'alt rpooj^vloolal Esecu* 

tlvo and Pmieat Plea for <)<»«• 

cmment Aotlon to Tliat KnA 

A plea for the Inaof uration of. a 
system of pensions for policesMm in 
this Prsvince was made by k dele> 
gatlon of officers which waited upon 
the Provincial exeeutlvs couasll y«a> 
terday morning. The deleeatlim was 
headed by Chief of Police Lat«lsy, 
of Vletorla, who stated that owing 
te tlM fact tliaf the pellee effleer 
usoaUy eommsnced bis earecr as 
■ueh at an early age. and almost In- 
variably twtors the awttsr of a train - 
lag for a business or pretssalenal 
career oceorred to him, he was later 
unable to enter these walks of Me 
wbereln the emelaaents were niaeh 
greater. Ths wsgs paid did net per- 
mit of aeUlng aside any provlalon for 
old aga. The Chief believed the mem- 
her* of the peUce forces Sf this 
prevhieo are efficient, conkclsntJotts 
and dependable, that they are deing a 
most tmpertaat work in th enforce- 
ment of law and order, and the 
aoiramtteat wsttti be dolag only tha 


1004 Govtvunonl Slir<Dett VictoriSf BwC* 

fair thing If it brought down legisla- 
tion providing for the pension sys- 
tems npw operating effectively in 
New Zealand and Scotland. 

Deputy Chief Palmer, Victoria, 
suggested the plan now in operation 
in England could be appropriately 
applied here. He pointed to the high 
standard of mental, physical and 
moral attributes required* from the 
police officers. Undbubtcdiy, he be- 
lieved, a satisfied police force was 
a most Important factor in the com- 
munity and especially so in the event 
of labor disturbances. 

Sergeant Mitchell, of tho Vancou- 
ver force, urged a oompulsory pen- 
sion plan for all departments, the 
Qovernment to make a grant to start 
the scheme and a fund to bo secured 
through an assessment levied upon 
the members of a force and the 

Premier Oliver requested the dele- 
gation to submit its recommenda- 
tions In writing with such detailed 
Information bearing on pension sys- 
tems In force elsewhere as might 
be poRsil^le. 

1>eath of Arthur Boylo 
NIAGARA FALLS. Ont., Dec. 11. 
— A prominent man in this district 
and a former member of tho House 
of Commons, passed away here last 
evening in the person of Arthur 
Boyle, aged 78. He was born in Thor- 
old. After holding various municipal 
honors, he was In 1887 elected to 
the Commons and sat until 1806, 
when he was appointed collector of 
Niagara Falls and had been on duty 
until now. He is survived by a 
widow, five sons and four daughters. 


Young People of A.Y.P.A. En- 
tertainefd and Gave Enter- 
tainment Last Evening at 
Christ Church Schoolroom. 


Bew«««f fum tenderness that warr j 
of Pyoirbsa. Poar out of five peopla 
over forty have Pyorrhea — many un- 
der forty also. Loosening teeth indi- 
Ste Pyorrhea, bleeding ffums. too. 
mambsr^thsss inHsmsd, blccdhis 
nms act as so many doorways for 
fl^Tr^*t gsms to enter the sjrstem — 
Infecting ths joints or toasils— or 
causing other auments. 

FariMM'ssesitarsly K ssaats Pyorw 
rfasa,if used in time and need consist^ 
eatly. As it hardens the gtlms the 
tssta bseoffls finosr. 

Brtnll your teeth vHth Forhan'a It 
dsaas the tscth sdentifleally—keeps 
tkssi ^Htte aad deaii. 

II ftmi dhffa&age has slrsadT set in, 
stsrt tudngPorhaa'sand consult a den- 
llBllBiBisMstslj for Special treatOMDt. 

PCMUBAim X/n>.. MOimuBAL. 
Bisnt lie and «0e tubes. All druggists 


The Anglican Young People's As- 
sociation has furnished its members 
with many -very delightful evenings 
since organising, but none that' have 
surpassed "An Evening with Shake- 
speare." which occupied the boards 
last night at the Cathedral school- ^ , 
room. Adhering strictly to Its pur- 
pose, tho committee drew up a pro- 
gramme which was varied and enter- 
taining, and which had the ad- 
ditional advantage of calling -aut some 
of the younger talent from among 
the members of the society itself. 
Seven sof the Christ Church Boys' 
nible Class, under the direction of 
Mr. W. «. Cockett, gave an excellent 
presentation of the court scene from 
"The Merchant of Venice." the elocu- 
tion and impersonation t>eing admir- 
able throughout. Particularly fine 
werei the readings of the parts of 
Shylock and Portia, given by Charles 
E. Christie and Alex. K. Campbell 
respectively, while hardly toss credit- 
able was the work of Donald J. 
Campbell as Oratiano, one of the 
friends of Antonio. Unlike the work 
of many young amateurs, there was 
no sacrificing ef words through over- 
rushing, and ths voices were sus- 
tained In tdhe so that everyone in the 
audience could easily hear the dia- 
logue. The costuming ef the parts 
was impeccable, and the scenery be- 
fitted the traditions of the pfay. Miis 
Cann. profeesor of literature at the 
High School, was warm In her con- 
gratulations of the young player^' 
when she addressed them after th«lr 

"The Patriotism of Bhakeapeare" 
was the subject of Itlsa Cann's In- 
teresting address, whieh waa one af 
the first items en the programme. 
The lecturer pointed out that while 
sometimes Shakespeare aaemed to pi|t 
into the mouth of kings farvest pa- 
triotic sentiment that would have 
befitted hlnntself rather than them, yst 
on the whole he sikowed ia word and 
trpirit an ardent iov« fl|f his ew^ 
cotintry. Shakespeare's patrlotle rsf« 
ereaoaa, she bald, had taksa oa a 
new life and aManlag for aU levata 
of the English tongue during the 
course of tb* reoani war. 

Mr. and Mrs. Deaais aad Mr. P. ■. 
Hughes eontribatea as«a «M^ ~~ 
very greatlr eajeyad, '^Blsar, 
Th6u Winter Wlad." 
last-mentlooed, bsHag 

In proposing a voia ef tbaak^/ts 
tb* swvstacy. Miss KsWMf SAi t%s 

performers, the ^ Dean' particularly 
thanked the. t^pys who had -presented 
the scene from Shakespeare,' |Snd, 
made special reference to the 0ams-' 
taking manner In which they had 
been tralbad by Mr. W. O. Cockett. 
Mr. Cobbftt, it might be added, was 
responsible for their excellent "make- 



The Atit of a series of dances 
planned by the Firemen's Recraatloa 
Club for the Winter s«ason, was held 
last evening In St. John's Hall, Her-^ 
aid Street, and proved a most enjoy- 
able affair, premising well for the 
success of those to fellow. It was 
strictly Invitational, and commenced 
at 8: SO, continuing until midnight 
The floor wae In excelfent oenditlon. 
and the programme of dance music 
fqrnlshed try Zala's orchestra was 
vary much to the liking of the 160 
dancers In attendance. 

The committee responsible for the 
success of the affair nuMbefsQ the 
following: Maasrs. M. Weodtmrh. P. 
Briers, Arthur Tate and J. Crowther. 

Wl' l V ' • ■■"■'■ ,-,,..' Ttr ■ r, , 

Steel Company Malces Dental 
MONISIEAL. Dec. ll.-^^nial Is 
made of a claim cabled from London 
that the Dominion Bteel Company 
plans to spend $10,000,000 on lm> 
provements now that British capital* 
IsIs have Invested $S6,000,000 la It. 
The claim was credited to Cotoael 
Orant Morden. who was mainly re« 
spenslble for interesting the British 
capital. The denial wSs made by a 
responsible official on behalf of the 
fteel coinpany here. 
:- ■ . s .^..^. 

IftoBdnion BaH Proper^ ';, 
FREDBRICTON. N. B!. D«c. 11. 
— Premier Foster announced at the 
sonelnsion of yesterday afternoon's 
session of the Provincial Government 
that an offer ef the Dominion Oov- 
emment far Hhe old govermnent 
bouse preiMrty in Frederleton has 
been aeoepted by the Qovernment of 
Mew Brunswick. The amount offer- 
ed by the Dominion i^Us ISO.OOO. The 
property consists of soms BO acres of 
land, the stone bylldlng originally 
used as government heuss and minor 

Piccadilly the best plaee for Aftor- 
noon Tea. 

= T. '.■ - . •■' -.' I 1 -t ■ ,1 



TIm bum hiMOm alk— tk* fwltUi fit 

■nJ jini^— ^ ttlM«ioJiih ftylt'uA 

^ celof«-i»U'>Jiign.MMl''tlMi<Uslo«« 

for avMy •ecMion; Jar lb* SMttHt Mdal 

fimeliam w «ifl m far «MtJeer «ar. Lit 

vifl m tar «MtJeer «• 
d^ U "Mi«n MAT. 






White StarLine 

r«tf^ »•»». gih 

5SF;.-:-;v. •':">. ^•«'::J|jS 

KKW YOai4-H<»tTMAMPfU>i VK— 

IHRBBOI Kli. l'B.%>irB . . 

A4lrtatlc J»«. *** 

^lifelOA .^^ 

f rrtlc *•«. t4tti 

« Red Star Line 

«te PLVMovTH Md taxmBwmo _ 

l4#teiMi .JM. mh 

American Line 

M*BHi«rto .'. rgo^. nth 

For rcMirvalloM Mi4 tjrk«u •pply to" loefcl 
•■•nta or ooniMMr'' onttot. A. ■. iHMwy. 
•tt Bscoad Ave.. 8«fttti« 
M«in III 


FMt U>8. N*ll NL fMMMa*. Vfalw*. n*.*"* 
MM, Uov* Al rasuur. OvHsAi/ia Mf 

pet-. It. fliMMma ■oils JwiinHfy IS- 

B. B. ■— ■». U Battevr P«m V.M, 
OcMBt* Bt«B-. < M>« Mf 

OF B. C, Ltd. 

Change of Schedule 

For All Sailingft Telephone 
c^.;^-^^-, 1925 ■■ ' : 
GEO. McGregor, Agent 

Belmont Hoose* Hnmboldt St. 

Curio Collector Ends 
Long Tour of Far East 

Mr George Carter, of This City, Spent Seven 
Months in Japan, China and India, Travel- 
ling Thirty Thousand Miles— Tells of 
Things He Saw and Heard 


llAift "Heaa at four o'clock aanir- 
dmy afternoon, aocordlnf to a wlr«- 
1«H tn*«ait* received laM htfbU 
She Ui .delAxed l>y hfcavy. wln4«- 


Near Victoria 
The Ideal Winter Resort 
may be bad on application to the 
Manager (Phone Keatings 21L). 
Tabic d'Hote Luncheon* and. 
Afternoon Teas 
A full descriptive pamphlet and 
photographs will be sent on 

Victoria and Sidney 

l^,M Aot^rmrofc t(Srocorl»»nd frv 

^7 •IS a in "••"' *•"!• 

,1-SO Im • :•" P" *.m. ^.jy ^^ 

1:110 p.m. 
11:40 a.m. 
H:4( p.m. 
•uAAar, 7C 0«a«a 

U far*. «l«*Mi 

Conipleting 30.000 miles of travel 
through Japan. China, the Stralta 
Settlement and India, In search of 
merchandlBc for his Oriental art 
■tore, Mr. OeorKc Carter arrived 
back in Victoria Tuesdiy on the 
Empreaa of Japan with a wonderful 
Btoi-y of what b« had »e«in and heard. 
Thlt. trip make* It 100.000 miles that 
the curio collector ha» traveled In 
the courne of hi* work. He haa made 
iBht voyaifCB iicross the Pacific since 
1901, When he made hla first trip to 
the Far Et^at. On only one other oc- 
casion did Mr. Carter g«St as far as 

•It la a life wofk, and though I 
have Jieen at It for 17 years I know 
little." aald the collector, as he sat 
upon a. louniEe in hU store with tho 
specimens of Oriental art all about 
him and Incense in the air. "Mingling 
with the business men of the Far 
East I learn much that the ordinary 
traveler would not, but even then 
I only Bklm the nurfuce and cannot 
go beneath." he added. Traveling In 
his mind's eye back to the scenes 
airosH the Pacific. :Mr. Carter spoko 
with nervous t-nergy, showing that his 
buslnesH InterestB had not prevented 
him from plckluB: up from many 
sources facts and opinion» concerning 
conditions from Vokohama to Ku^jh- 

Dpii. • 

Japan Goiut^ Ahead 

Leaving Victoria dfcven months ago 
on the Empress of Asia. Mr. Carter 
went to Japan. liu Is emphatic In 
his declaration of the progress and 

itiatlve-of- t4»»J countrj-^ H h n edu- 

X:00 p.m. 
• :0U p.m. 
y:tu a.m. 
Z:00 p.m. 
7:00 p.m. 
SU>amA Trip, 
Weekday ilcli«t«. «ln*t 

tw ti.oo. 



Famous tor eood tentet, oomfortiWt iooo««ditlow "1 «"?•■» •IllS'r.J.V'II 
rwoSible piioM With lh« wsi «;mI ud opnortte addition, tbt Stewart .low has 


B.»irfM« 4iiassd7B« I OeQMnrti.sfMr step* from Union taoars. 

•""•^ SOe,8?5(SJ:7B? iSWntel^CarliMdlrKjtel^ 


*1.7« UP 1 oiiii|1.2Tiw*S»«at.M I MstorgMswoto pclsc»p.IlfShi«»-HtowMn. 
Chtrtos A. Stwsrt ■«« Mtntitt Stswirt trepriotoft. 


We Carry in Stock a Fu" RanK* «* ,.uatm oat 

I,e^ us quote you for your requirements. 


niARVIN & CO. 

Mill, Mine and Marine Supplies 

1 202. Wharf Street 

Victoria, B. C. 

Tiirottgh Tickets to England 

It <''of«ts No More to 


Yin the "Non^ny of America" 

lOO-Mlle Ocean Vo.vagc tlironK^i tUe 


"Insldo I'assage." 
d, on the- 


Meals and Uertu 

Grand Trunk Pacific Steamsliips 

Conneotln. at }-^;^^J--^;^!^%^^^C^^t,':^L ^'^^"'"^ ^'•"• 


Leave Victoria at 10 a-m. Sunday* and Wedneodayo 

eafllng at Seattle, Vancouver, Ocean KallP. SwanKon Bay. Prince Kupert 

and Anyox. 
Sallinis and Rates Via All Trans-Atlantic Steamship Lines. 


City Passenger Office, 900 Wharf St. (near Foot Office). Phone 1242. 


Are You 
Spen<ting . 

Christmas Holidays 

Back East? 

To be assured of Contf(»t, ScrVicc and M«a»urc< 
haV* youf ticket routed vilt "Canadian National 

Daily Trains from Vancouver, B.C., at 9 a.m. 

with connections for all Prairie and Eastern 

Canadian Cities. 

See New Scenery and fenjoy the Beat of 

Before making plans be sure and consult the 
Touridt and Travel Bureau. 623 Port Street, Pember- 
ton Block. VVc will consider it a pleasure to give 
rates and {ull particolara and assist you in every 
respect. PHONE Ul. 


Canadian National Railways 

cational system l« such that the chil- 
dren are not confined to the class- 
room, but at the o.xpense of the Gov- 
ernment travel over Japan, learning 
of things first hand, until when they 
leave school they have practically 
covered the country. 

.Money Is flowing free and fadt In 
Japan. Factories are busy, and hill- 
sides that were untilled when Mv. 
Carter was in Japan previously are 
now terraced and sown. E%'er>onc 
works anil all neeni happy, says Mr. 
Carter. The Japanese merihunts 
laugh at the Idea of a break with the 
United States, he says, and thoy claim 
thoy are making too much money to 


From Japan Mr. Carter went to 
Shanghai, which is growing rapidly. 
WcavinK mills that failed financially 
at Hongkong have been moved to the 
other Chinese city, where they have 
nourished, employing hundreds of 
Chinese girls. 

Mr. Carter states that people in 
Canada have no l«feu of the feeling 
which o.xlsta over the Shantung trou- 
ble. Chinese merchants have boy- 
cotted .Tapan<=-He Roods and even in 
cases where they httvo already bought 
and paid for mcrohandlao they have 
piled It In the streolf. and burned it. 
To 'protest agilnst the action of the 
Chinese Ciovernment in permitting 
Japan to cain control of the Shan- 
tung Peninsula the bu.sincss men of 
Shanghai closed their stores at Rroat 
monetary loss to themselves. MiKns 
were posted addressed to the foreign- 
ers, and stating that the Chinese were 
rhelr friends and wished them no 
harm, asking for their aid. 

Htu(lcnt«t Only Hope 
China's hope for the future Ilea In 
the student element. In Mr. Carters 
opinion. Pierades of students were 
neld m Shanghai in protest against 
the Shantung affair, and on one oc- 
casion the Sikh mounted guards were 
called out and charged the crowd. Mr. 
Carter had Just come out of his hotel, 
and was forced to run with the mob. 
lie was eventually trumpUd unfler- 
toot and received a couple of Injuries 
to tils leK. but Whether they were 
caused by the butt end of a lance or 
by someone In the crowd he does 
not know. Japanese dared not show 
themselves In Shanghai 
time, and numbers of 
badly beaten up. 

"China is an armed camp of ron- 
bers." claims Mr. Carter, who states 
that he has seen as many as 30 
pirate Hags at once on a vessel com- 
ing down the river. When a ship Is 
Stopped by. the pirates money is paid 
over and a fiag put up giving the 
craft safe passage until it reaches the 
zone of the next pirate, when more 
money must be paid and another 
nag received. 

From Shanghai Mr. Carter went 
on to Hongkong, where 108 new 
American firms have opened up dur- 

Canton, declares 

tlvcB as they should be treated, cer- 
tain Englishmen recently out from 
the United Kingdom, seemed to think 
it their right to kick the people 
around as they wished, giving the In- 
dians good grounds for complaint. 
Mr. Carter personally came across 
many examples of this unfair treat- 
ment. On one oecaslon h« was walk- 
ing along the street with a native 
when a British officer approached. 
Mr. Carter naturally did not move 
from the course he was taking, so the 
military man went between *ilm and 
the native, pushing the latter to one 
side. "You see." said the insulted 
one significantly to the visiting buyer. 
Such treatment as this is turning the 
people Of India the British 
and trouble has arisen. Mr. Carter 
saw at an Indian theatre a burlesqua 
which compared the refined ways of 
the rajah to the manners of some of 
the Kngllshmen. much to the dis- 
advantage of the latter. The Vic- 
torian wondered that the authorities 
should allow a play of this sort. He 
was asaurpd that this represented tho 
limit to which they might go. 

Vvmn Indian merchants Mr. Carter 
heard some, of the fomplaints against 
the British regime which placed "n 
excise tax on certain products hut 
no Import levy, with the result that 
the domestic, production was killed. 

r.oing Into Lahore the buyer found 
the town still smoulderins f'on' «he bombs which fell from the 
air in retribution for the outrages 
of mobs which looted and killed. 

From Lahore his travels led him 
1o ^Ha W l P l n dl. the rail-end 
Punjab, the nearest railway point to 
Kybei- Pass whereby it is possible 
to get through the mountains to 
Afghanistan and Kashmir. A n»otor 
car took .Mr. Carter and his native 
servant to the Vale of Kashmir over 
a road two hundred miles in length. 

return here. The good« will come 
along later. They have never failed. 
No. I do not sign contracts for. if 

I they were going to break their word 
they would do so anyway. I have « 
looked at a bale of goods and gone 
awa>'. The merchant has promised 
fo leave th« bale until 1 return. On 
my gotnf back some days later noth- 
ing in the bale would have been »ub- 

Requires » I^onc SeMrm 
"To find wijiat P want I must look 
through a large number of stocks. 
Biotwren Vokohama and iKobe I 
must' have Ijoug ht from as many as 
fortv factories. Sometimes you ean 
go into a shop and ask for ascer- 
tain article. You will be told "no 
got." You persist in telling the mer- 
chant thtt he, has what you want, 
atod often he will ultimately pro- 
duce iti 

"It is the business of a lifetime to 
i)uy In the Far East. Tbeir's Is a dif- 
ferent moral code, and their business 
methods are widely different from 
our own. Once the Oriental finds 
you deal fair ho will trtwt^you. But 
his ways and ours are tar apa,rt. 
Truly, 'Kast is East, and West U 
West, and never the twain ahall 


"1 uee Interpreters to transact 
buslnosB with those merchants who 
kno^t no English. I might take a 
long time and make tho nvan under- 
stand imperfectly what I want«d to 
tell him, but then I can't think in 
his language. With an Intbrpretcr 
the mental strain Is gone. I tell hlhi 
what I want, and he and ll>e mer- 
chant Jabber for some time, and then 
my man will turn to me with 'Can 
do.' and the deal Is finl^ed." 

Mr. Carter believes that Victoria 

should have a free bonded warehouse. 

This would allow merchants to buy 

quantitie s and store at a verj' 

Make Sure 

dull you dean rvery poit of 

your teeth— brushing them 

hom the gums up ana down 

M yKeH as scroea. 

MAKE SURB that the cleaning 

you do give them every flay 

ia thoRH«h and antiseptic — 

and deUgntfully refreshing toa 

by using 


looHi Powder 

Tk« ManiiisctMM el 
F. C. CALVERT a Ce. 
MsndMMcr. Ejt^aai. 



Dntagiat ^U» it. 



cheap rate here. At the present time 
It Is o^ly by special f»5vor tliat mer- 
chants may take possible customers 
Into the bonded warehouses and show 
them goods, and even then the show- 
ing allowed is a poor one. Mr. Car- 
ter would want to be able to Import 
merchandise, store It cheaply In Oov- 
ernment wnrehou!«os. and there dis- 
play It to advantage. 

Well Known Mariner Passed 
Away Yesterday Morning at 
Vancouver— Was Skipper of 
Point Ellice for YearSr— — 


(By Government WIrolews) 
• p.m. 

POI.NT (iKKY — Cliimls, culm, oO;0.'i, 
I.-, smooth. 

iWI'K L.\Za — Ovtiiast. noithwe;-!. 
IIbIu, .10:07, UO, sniotith. 

rACllKN.X-ri'ar, nortluast, llShi. 
2y:'.»G, 21. Ilchi swell. 

KHTEV.\.V — »''l"u(1>. norlhi^ast, :'.0 10. 
:J6. smoolh. 

.VLKllT IJ.VY — fliiiKtv, <;ilm, J'.i.SM, :.'•, 
smooth. I 

OrK.\N' ]•' AI.KS - •"'loiidy, calm. :lO:ii(i. 
-lfl> amoulti; QUI, r ginosiin, \ p.m.. suutli- 

and which, in the v, ords of the Vic- 
torian hitnsolf. was a replica of the 
Malahat Drive, only s-o m\ic\\ lonRer. 
It Is a long step from Saanlch Arm 
to the heiBThts of the Indian Ullls 
where the ntotor car reached a point 
»v\en thousand feet above sea level. 
Kashmir resembles Venice with its 
canals and transportation by boat. 
There Is no de\-elopmenl, as the place 
is under the control of a MaharaJ 
who Is very old and whose permission 
must be received before exporting 

r.r„';r,';>.. Trl^^'^Z'li^Tr officers Returning to Orient 

the old ruler dies his son. a fi[ra<l"- I 


S troa 
I seei 



Ing the past year. 

the curio collector. Is growing In 
wonderful style, and a wide avenue 
is being made down the middle of tho 
city making U possible for a stranger 
to go about without getting lost, a 
teat at present Impossible with the 
narrow, crooked streets. In Canton 
there are two big Chinese department 
stores which would. In Mr. Carter's 
opinion, compare favorably with any- 
thing found In Canada. 

Slngnpore «rowlng 
"At Singapore I found the changes 
marvelous and the growth tremen- 
dous." went on Mr. Carter. There, 
too. is found the Japanese colony ex- 
tending for many, many blocks. Tho 
money used In the colony Is Japanese. 
"Singapore is" the fastest town In the 
Far East." says the Victorian. The 
hotel manager told him Xhat It was 
considered a slow nlgtit when several 
hundred bottles of champagne were 

not opened. ^ , . .. 

Colombo has not gone ahead fast, 
but between 7 and 10 in the even- 
ing la one of the most wonderful 
spots 6n earth, according to Mr. Car- 
ter. The surf rolling up in the 
twilight upon a beach many miles in 
length, and with the palm trees and 
the humming of locusts the effect is 
very striking- 

From Ceylon the traveler sailed to 
Bombay with Its Indian architecture 
and Its cosmopolitan populaUon of 
peoples from the country lying back 
from the ancient port who come there 
with ware* and go their ways home 


Mr. Carter found considerable un- 
rest amoog the natives of India. Mrs. 
Annie Besant. the noted agitator. W«» 
In the Old Country at the time of 
the Victorian's visit, boosting for 
Home Rule In India. 

.Ill TrratmoDt 
ytt. carter fo«nd that while the 

ate of an English college, will sec 
that Kashmir goes ahead. Bullock 
trains, oftentimes half a mile In 
length, wind up from the Vale of 
Kashmir to the railhead at Rawl 
i'lndl with apples for the outside. 
Wonders of .\Hthnrlly 
The British exercise a control over 
Kashmir. A British resident car- 
ries the authority of an Empire, and 
the nearest soldier is two hundred 
miles away. Which leads un to 
what Mr. Carter speaks of as one 
of the wonders of his thousands of 
miles of travel. »Ie has found that 
at any spot In the Far East where 
Britain exercises control, be it in the 
hills of India or the British settle- 
ment at Shanghai, he has found fair 
atment and ample protection. It 
seems Strang* to thinK of one man 
exorclsins the authority of his coun- 
try with no support of any kind 
within several hundred miles and no 
railroad connection. The British have 
not Interfered with the non-develop- 
ment policy at Kashmir. 

Through various Indian towns Mr. 
Carter returned to Bombay. and 
then returned to Victoria via China 
and Japan, arriving here, as stated, 
on the Empress of Japan. 

Mr. Carter speaks only the Eng- 
lish language, although he knows a 
word or so and cajj figure In sevemi 
Far Eastern tongues. His business 
dealings are carried on through an 
Interpreter in the different places he 
visits, but in India particularly he 
found Enprlish spoken freely among 
the natives. 

lluw lie Buys 
"The merchants of each country re- 
quire different methods of handling," 
said Mr. Carter, when questioned as 
to his buying methods. "You must 
first be sure of yourself, and instead 
of asking how much, you first of all 
sot your own price. You must find 
the other man's mental plane. You 
.Titust work around until you find 
whether his "So help me. Ood" means 
anything. He will try his beat to 
skin you. for he would rather do 
that than be given a large sum of 
money. It is his business, and life- 
long dickering with his fellow coun- 
trj'men and other Orientals bent on 
Bklnnlnic him has made his as keen 
as a razor. As I say, he will try his 
best to skin you. but once the deal 
is closed It is closed. During the 
bargaining even a Far Easterner's 
oath Is not to be believed, but when 
the sale is made he la as much, and 
often* more, to be trusted than a 
white man. I pay cash for my mer- 
chandise In the hills of IndJa and 

From Old Country Going on 
Liner— Half Saloon Passen- 
gers Getting on Here. 

Owing to the fact that a large 
nurhber of British ofTlcora are re- 
turning to the Orient on the Suma 
Maru after seeing service In Europe, 
practically naif of the saloon pas- 
sengers on tho liner will board her 
at this port. It Is not often th.-it a 
British military party travels on the 
Japanese Kteamcrs. and also it Is a 
lang time since such a large nuitibor 
of passengers boarded an N.V.K. liner 
at Victoria. 

The Suwa Maru la due to sail for 
the Orient on December 16 with all 
accommodation Uiken. 


Of 250 Vessels Built for United 
States Shipping Board 234 
Sailed Down to Ocean Dur- 
ing 1919. 

Captain Iloberi Rlgnold McMlck- 
Ing. the well-known mariner "f this 
city, succumbed to pneumonia at the 
Vancouver CSencral Hospital at nlD> 
o'clock yesterday morning. The Hr.-!? 
intimation of his illnc.'^s was received 
here by his brother. Dr. A. E. Mc- 
Micklng. on Tuesday, and he. with 
his brother. .Mr. Walter B. Mc.Vlick- 
ing. hurried to tho Mainland Wednes- 
day. Tho captain was conscious on 
their arrival at the hospital, but 
passed away early yesterday. 

Captain Mc-Mlcklnpr was well known 
and a poinilar fliscurc amonit sblppinK 
men of the port. He commanded the 
Dominion <lovernment tup Point 
Ellice for sonis years. havlnp pre- 
viously been on the tug Lome. He 
was on Uio Point Ellice until the ves- 
sel was requisitioned by tho Imperial 
Munitions Board. 

Born in Victoria, In 1877. Captain 
McMleklng was educated in the city 
schools. At the age of eighteen ho 
selected the sea as the field for his 
life work and made his first trip to 
Japan. ■ 

The mariner is .sur.vlved ^ by his 
mother. Mrs. .M. L. .McMlckinK; two 
bhothers. Dr. A. K. McMlckinp and 
Mr. Walter B. MeMlcklnfi; and two 
sisters. Mrs. U. Uenwick and Mrs. P. 
Manning, all of this city. 


Tlll.Wtil.i: ISL.VNl'—'MoiKly. nc.rili- 
cast. M-.Xo. ■:%, lltrllt Hwell. i.'.O p. 111.. 
si'Oke .Viirlhwoslern. 1 'l miles imrlli <«r 
Bella Helta, northhonnrl. 

UKAD THKK— near, .aim. :ii»;:i, :'". 
smooth; « p.m.. ICstcviin In CaplainM 
I'.'eve. soullilxiiiod. 

IKlOD.V -"'Iciir. northeast. liKlil. .".0:1-. 

31, rouBh. 

IMMN'M: UCIMIUT — Clear, northwest, 
light, :;0:18, I'Jt. MMioolh. 



r).:<"i '..\iMKP.. ij"! ?* 

fr , )Ttii." lli.H'""- Hi.l tlnio Ili.iTlme In 

1 • 04 4 1| '•'■^'i ».«|lJ;ul 6.»|-;;:'J7 «, 

■ ••■a»;H>:lt fc.'.'ll • ^-i* 4.J|JS;i« U.3 

J;fJ (i.OiK';"'' '.••llk:!^ Hj 


■ I 












SYDNEY, N.S., Dec. 11.— The .as- 
sessment board dealing with the 
claims of the Atlantic Salvage Cohi- 
pany in connection with the re- 
floating of the steamer Joaxeiro, 
lately ashore at (J lace Bay, has 
awarded the wreckers |200,7 18.79 





..lllO*. il.«|l»:02 S.I(. 

..|ii;34 a.:>|i»;»« «.»! 

i'l2:l« l«.>l-0;*' *'&l 

L'-i^Vil 7:<6 ».2|12:4a 10.:;i.'t:I4 0.3 
!:", (,.«; uiOl ii.:;|l.v:;.s 10.iui.*« w.J 

r.-),: K.'jiH:*"! aoii-S;:! 1.4 

Vioo l-f!i::'>t I-Nlli-'" »'i!|- 

01.0 :.3< '•■.l<i •'.!'lU:«t' •J.iiiU:!! 7.a 

■ 0:6«i -i.M " :"' »-«'l I 

I IS" * *{ ■'"* l*.'!!**:^' i.*\:i:Si i.» 

■ ••U fc'n '■••••'- 9.1:17. at, 4.CI 

•f * Hi.o: ».2iiii.i2 i.t>i 

■ .|Ui:3!l !'.J|1»M« ».8( 

• ...(n;03 l).:.|f.>:llt 2.7| 

I"" .|ji;:ii 0.«i»:4» -■..•I' 

.lt;54 ».\l;iit:lit l.l»i 

M";0^ "J.^Jl'OliB I.Vi 

.'.|12:20 »,4!2I:JJ 1.6| 

i'is til f--" !*-')i>'- ''■'* ».3|;!l:u7 1.7 

m'o4 •"7|10;13 8.61ISOX f.Oyii .SZ 1. • 

l'o» »t.«111:00 ll.4|13-.J» •.7|23:0« 2.4 



HOB K.*lt 

I'SS «.h|»2;07 7.!«|l«:»2 I.l|2i:3» 

7-61 K.6113.16 -..".il.'.-.SS 7.6; 

Oil 36 ti:OI< *.«;l<:21 •.6|17:00 6.7 
oiu 4 4 »■■■:'. X.S.ll.IS ri.|20:l7 6.1 
1-04 G2|tt:<lt ».''|l«:t2 i.hii.tH 6.0 

l-Oi^ i>M »:!- H.J|l7:0(i 3.6; 

Ti.« time uBed l» I'ttclfli: Stsndartl, for th« 
1-iih Meridian wr«t. >i l» <mjnii:d from 
nTn-l hours from mldiilshl to midnlshi. 
"ph- f'laarea tor height »ervo to dlBUnsuiih 
i m^h water from L-w W»t«r. Wher. 
blink, occur In tho table.. 

^- • or fall" durlns 

Claims of a cOuple of other steamers "r.', period, without turning. 

— • ^j,, height ta In feet and tenth, of » 

ih« tide rl.«. during two auoceMlv* 

which assisted are pending. She Is 
coaled and ready to sail when the 
claims are completpd. The value of 
the vessel, together with the cargo, 
was estimated by the board of as- 
sessment to be $1,400,000. 



abuvt* the averag* Uvvl of lower Lew 

■ I. * >4 


Stop Lashins Your Bowels 

with Harsh Cathartics but 

take "CascareU." 

^ > ■ . . « . 

MOXTUBAL. Dec. 11. — Of a fleet 
of 260 vessels built on the Great 
Lakes for the United Statea Shipping 
Board, which were scheduled to 
come down tho St. Lawrence during 
the navigation season of lOIH, 234 
have come down, as well as 4« tugs. 
How far this shipping has contributed 
to the relief of the tonnage ghorUge 
may be Men in the fact that ten 
shipli sailed from here wltlw cjtrgoes 
for the United Kingdom, teir for the 
Mediterranean, and tho balance took 
coastwise cargoes. Altogether about 
100,000 tons was carried In United 
States ships overseas, of which ap- 
proximately «I5.000 tons went to the 
United Kingdom and 3B,000 tons to 
the Mediterranean, in coming down 
from the Qreai Lakes these vessels 
aMo carried about 70.000 torig of coal 
to Montreal. 


^ ■ 

The Department of Marine advises 
mariners, that the present fixed lights 
on the Fragermouth Outer Range, 
Fraser RlVer. B.C.. will be chsnged 
to occulting lights oh or about De- 
cember IB. 1»19. 

Also the prieaent Garry . Point 
Range lijrhtJ. Will be discontinued and 
new-range lights InataUed on steves- 
ton jetty to lead up the new dredged 
channer from Buoy Xo. 24 to Buoy 
No. 25. This latter change will l»e 
made as Moon as poMlble Without 

further notice. 

- -' - 


8KATTLE, Dec. 11. — Arrived: 
Steamer Tees, British Columbia ports. 
Sailed: Schooner Fubo Maru. Yoko- 
hama. , . , 

TACOMA. Dec. 11. — Arrived: 

Steamer Oaffney. Seattle. 

pOKTLAND. I>ec. 11.— Arrived: 
Steamer Washtenaw. Port San Luis. 
Balled: Steamers City of .Topeka. 
COOS Bay; Captain A.'F. Lucas, San 


The Sandheads lightship has com- 
pleted overhaul and is ready to go 
back to her litatlon at the entrance to 
the Fraser soonas the Eate- 
van reaches port froip the north. 'The 
lightship Is lying alongside the Marine 
Wharf in the Inner Harbor. 

The Newlngti)n and Leebro left port 
yesterday for navigation aid work in 
the Clulf. . 

See the Utest step* at Plcoadilly- 

On Head. Crossand Fretful. 
Hair Fell Out. 

**WlMn my babTwaathmneiiibs 
old h« h-i brofa o«ta ttikfjd 
ploiplea and then ia a WMk K ■>«'■ 
am faa rlacwonna. Tbartegwonaa 
^rm» vtry large and than w«k« 
Mvanl on hu head, and Ut scalp 
^rookl bleed. «« «»• r«y "S* 
•nd fretfol at tinas, and hm balr 
wMfsUing ooti 

"I used Cadenra Bo^ and Otal- 
Bient, and alter I bad uaad one oaka 
of Cutteora Soap and two bona of 
Codeom Ointment afaa was b— Ud " 
(Sienad) Ufa' Le>ab Swgaat. " 
paTldaho. PMk 34, ltl9. 

Uas Oatkma Soap, OtattMB 
Taknm for all toUat puf poaas 



Everyone must occasionally gtva «o 
the bowels some regular help or else 
suffer from constipation, bilious at- 
tacks, stomach disorders, and sick 
headache. But do not whip the bow- 
els into activity with harsh cathar- 

Wliat the liver and boweki nead la 
a gentle and natural tonic, one that 
can constantly be used without harm. 
The gentlest liver and bowel tonlo 
is ■•Caacarets." They put the liver to 
work and cleanse the colon and b*w« 
ela of all waste, toxins and pOMtns 
without griping — they never sickea or 
Inconvenience you like Cdlomel, Mlts. 
Oil. or Purgatives. 

Twenty-flve million bo«ew df Oas- 
careU are eold each year. They 
work while yoy sleep. Caacareta oMt 

Promptly at 10 o'clock thia laomlng 
at Wollaco's shipyards. th« Ave thou- 
sand one hundred-ton steel steanielr 
Canadian Raider, was sent down the 
ways Into the Inlet. Mra. 8. J. Crowe, 
wife of the local ntembar of parlia> 
ment. waa sponaor. and Mrs. Cynia 
Peck, wife of the V. C. member of 
parliament for Bkeena. pullad the 
trlsaer which releaaad the ship. The 
veaael Is the third buUt by tha yard 
for the qanatflan Omemment.- 


N<Jt Aspirin at All wllliout'the "Baytr Cross" 


mlUtary ofllcera trealad th* na- ' so Itttla too. 

Motor W 

WINNIPEG. Dee. 11.— >rhc In- 
auguratlou of a motor bus servloa 
by the eUy unless an improvement 
in the street ear iier*-lce is effected 
immediately l* the plan which Al- 
derman Heapa phioa bo- 
tora Otm' dty- cooaoO. ' 

frri^rrTIl.JWmn^'^ Canada. tU. loiat Paln«. and f^ m^*^^ 
aJH? W ^JSSLm SSaae Tia bo«aa ot 12 MAtU »st bot 

VWao la aalr •■• j„jiifc diajai Taa nmat aar 

Wlft M SMMSd WKb ttsir amutU Um» ■am. «ae imrm . . 


1 4 



I i 





• .'TT^TvTT.SV-WX'.'^ 





Penod of Moderate Strength Is 
Followed by Depression — 
Canadian Pacific Stock 
Records Considerable Drop. 

NBW TORR. D«o. 11.— ««itl«ment 
jof th« coml atrike InfuMd a aem- 
olAnee of ttrentth In the atock inftr< 
kot. at the outaet of today** opsra- 
ttoM. but this waa speedily dlaai. 
paled when foreign exehanve, par- 
ticularly the Brltiah rate, manifested 
more acute weakneea. There w«re 
no actual developmenta to explain the 
further alarmlos depreciation of the 
.exchance rate other tha« reports on 
the exchange that the present Con- 
cress probably would oppose the au- 
thorisation of foreign credits or 

The Maxloan situation also aa> 
■ymed more delicate aspects, rumors 
tn oonneotien with the foreign-owned 
coaoesslens in that country ^.account- 
Iny mainly for the general depression 
of active petroleum Issues, 

The money market held consist* 
lently to Its rigid coQrse, call loans 
•opanlng at 7 par cent and advancing 
to 10 per cent with the approach of 
tha final hour, but the greater part 
uf tile day's transactions were nego- 
tiated at the lower figure. 

Blocks registered their minimum 
'quotations in the later dealings, when 
falls, especially Canadian Pacific, de- 
veloped marked weakness. The gen- 
eral list, notably motors, oil issues 
and steels, soon Joined in the reaction, 
market closing weak and in dis- 

Bales amounted to 926,000. 

All classes of bonds, domestic and 
foreign, were variably loWer on 
larger and more diversified dealings. 
ToUl sales, tS7,«&0,000. 

Hloaa Hhemvid 

i ns r nu iv m m s . . 

Tob. Pr«a. 

Union I*ac4lls 

I7tah Cepyer . . .' . r . . , . 
U.S. Ind. Alcohol . 

V.H. Rubbor 

U.S. Mtaat, com. 

U.S. Htacl. pfa. ...... 

Vlrctnl* Cham. ......< 

Waatrrn Union 

WUIya-Ovarland .... 
Waatincboua« Ml4f. . . 

. 71 

T-sn — 

. 1*4 k 
. **% 





in% in 

in 111 

in% 1*3 

ita lit 

•T tT 

U ■• 

*ff% n% 

11% ts« 


(By f. W. Stevenson. l«t 

Aihabnsca Oil 

B.C. Rfiflnlng 

B.C P.armeaent lioea .... 

Bowons Coppsr 

Boundary Bay Oil ....... 

Canada Copper •• 

Cona. If. a s> .•*•«..•.•*. 

Cora Province .v.. 

01 uin Jjunisaoii .»..••...«. 
Qranby ................... 

Oraat Weat Porta. ,,^..,, 

Howa Hound .......'. 

Intarnatlonal Coal 

If caiUlvary 

If USSOt •...«.......>..•.« 

Pacific Coi^t tira ....... 

Pttt Moadowa 


Sllvaramltk .^,,,.,i 

Spartan Otl ........4^4,.... 

Durx Inlet . • .'. »• * . .i.. . . . 

Sunloeh Mines 

Trojan Oil 

Victory Loan lit! 





Pemberten BUc.) 
Did. Aalud. 



. i.ti 

.. n.— 

.. M.SO 
.. S.7I 

'.'. .«• 

'.I M.M 

... .11 

.. .14 

', '. .•« 
.. .••• 

,. .1H4 

. •».!« 

. »*.60 
. Itl.OO 

. l«t.S« 


.«a . 












nanT B ar ttic k B raa'a Br tt t , t. t a. f 

Btocka — 

A*r. Chemical 


Am. Beet Susar 

Ar>. Can Co., com 

Am. Car Pdy 

Am. Cotton Oil 

Am. In. Corp, 

Am. L.ocomotlve 

Am. Smelt. * Ref. .... 

Am. Susar Rfs. 

Am. T. and T. ..'.... 
Km. Wool, com. ....... 

Am. Steel Vdy. i 

Am. 8am, Tob 

Anaeea^a Ktnlac 


Atlantic Onlt ^ 

Baldwin Lioct^ 

Baltimore % Ohio . . . 
Bethlehem Bteel 7....1 
Butte Sup. If Inlng .... 

Brooklyn Tranait 

Canadian Ptictnc 

Central Leather 

Crucible Sifeel 

CheaapeAke * Ohio . . 

Cblo.. K. ASt. P 

Chic. R. I. a St. P. . . 

Col. Fuel tc Iron 

Cona, Oaa 

Chino Copper 

Cal. Petroleum 

Chile Copper 

Corn Products 

DIatlllera Sec 

BrlQ • ■•*• •■ ■••aeaeeaoe 

Brie, first pfd 

Qen. Ifotors 

□oodrlch m.T.) 

Qt. Nor. Ore 


Gt. Northern, pfd 

Hide & Lea., pfd 

Inspiration Co 

Int'l Nickel 

lat'l War, Marine .... 

Do., pfd, .;.... 

Kenoecott Copper '..... 

Ivehish Valley 

Uack. Steel 

Maxwell Motors 

MIdvale Steel 

Mex. rplroleum 

tilaml Copper 

)ila«ourl Pacific 

Mo., Kins, a Texas . . 

National Lead 

New York Central . . . 
Norfolk & Western . . . . 

Northern Pactfle 

Ohio Oaa 

Pennsylvania R.R. ..•> 

PeopM'a Oas 

Pierce 00 

I'rsssed ifeei Car . . . . 1 

TVeeidlns %•..* 

Ity. Steel Sprins 

Ray Cona. Minlns .... 

Republic Steel 

Kin. Oil 

Koulhern Pacific 

Soutbern Ry., eom, .... 
Stude^aker Coprn. 







• 0% 

































• 4 








• 8% 

• 1% 




































■ 78% 




























• H 









































130 , 


















































1*8% i 
— - " ■ ' 



WINNIPEG, Dec. 11.— The following ars 
the bank clearing* for the principal cltlea 
of tha Dominion tar the week ending today 
aa compared with the correspondlrfg week 
last year: 
Montreal |a2(.629.72( 

Toronto IIO.KI.OIH 

Winnlj^g S3,091,ll« 

Vancouver ........ 15,698,0^8 

Ottawa 12.464,38* 

Hamilton . 
Quebec ... 
UalUax . . 
London . . . 
Victoria . . 
Mooae Jaw . 
Brandon .... 
Port William 
Leth bridge • ■ 
Medicine Hat 
New Weatmin 

e e a e^ ' « • 













It, 978, 2*6 








■J, 425.149 









(Purnlahed by Burdick 

Btocka — 

An>ea Holden 

Bell Tel4ph«ine 

Brasillan Trac 

Can. Cement, com. . . . 
Can. Car Fdy.,. com. . 

Do., pfd. 

Can. 8.8., com. 

Do., pfd. ...• 

Can. Cottona 

Can. 0«n. Rlec 

Civic Inv. a Ind 

Detroit United ....... 

Dom. Bridge .....••.. 

Dom. Cannera 

Dom. I. and 8 

Dom. Textile 

I..aurentide Co, ...... 

I'aoroana, Ltd. ...... 

•<Auebec Ry. 

^w-dan Paper 


8t«JI of Can 

Waysgamac Pvlp 

Broa. ft 

. 12<% 

. 11* 

. 60% 

. 71% 

. 82 

. 1*0 

. 77% 

. 87 

. 97 

. 107 

. 88% 

. 108 

. 1*8 

. 6* 

. 72 

. 12« 

. 265 

. 112 

. 27 

. 164 

. 118% 

. 83% 

. 81 































(Purnlahed by Burdick Broa. ft Brett, Ltd.) 

Corn — Open. High. . Low. Cloae. 

Dec 142% 14*^% 140% 140% 

May 184% 186 131% 133 

Jan 138 138% 136% 136;% 

Oats— / 

Dec 78% 78% 77% 77% 

May 81% 81% 77% 79% 


(IPBmtshed by Burdick Bros, ft Brett, Ltd.) 



.. aa.*» 

. S7.1G 

. 34.75 

. S2.«0 

. 31.12 




. 37. •> 





Vict6ria Public 

Ob and afiar tha 3rd of Da- 
c«aib«r, 1919, tha Market Day 
at BrMWBt htid on TttMdagr of 
eacB wodc wUl ba chanfod to 
Wodaotday,. tho htmt of bM- 
aoga pa dm day to ond gt 1 

^# %sA%^%*oikp 41 #•••• 

Randy s Nursery 

C3ly Mwk«l Stan 

New Caulifloweri, CaMafcs, 
Head Uttaee. 

PImU* for F«n and Wintar 

Ggalilowert, Broccoli, Cabbtgci,/ 
Savoy, Sprpttti, Celery, etc 
M«oy varieties, any quantKy. 

A Good Buy 

A few boxes of Apples for 
Chrittmaa. See otir display. 

Free Dclivcrr. 

Salt Spring Island Meat and 


Public Market 

Look out for the Sheep's 


WINNIPEG. Dec. 11.— Today oate 
closed He higher for I>«ceinber, He 
lower for May, \c lower for July. 

Barley closed %c higher for De- 
cember and IMe lower for May. 

Flax closed 2o lower for Deceml)er 
and 8c higher for May. 

Oate— Open 

Dec 87% 

May 89% 

July 86% 

Barley — 
Dec. ...... 160 

May 144 H 

Dec 496 ' 

May 480 

Dec 1<2 

May 168 

Cash prices: Oats — 3 C.W., 88 %c: 
S C.W., 86 He; extra 1 teed, »6%a; 
I feed, 83 %c: 2 feed, 80 Ho; track. 

Barley— 8 C.W., |1.S«; 4 C.W.. 
11.48; rejected. $1.86; feed, 81.26H; 
track, 11.48. ^ 

Flax— 1 N.W.C., $4.IT; 2 C.W.. 
84.92: 3 C.W., 14.68; condemned, 
14.66; track, f4.t6. 

Rye-^8 C.W.. 81.68. 



87 H 














A INsvsuaial fratoet 
Sir — I regret to have to And fault 
with your reporter's account of some 
remarks I made at a meeting last 
Dlgbt, I do not claip to be a speaker 
but I do claim to have a good work- 
ing knowledge 9t English grammar, 
and I aih sure I never said 'Some 
fteople tell us.' Also I never said that 
Casino was the L«tin for a country 
house. If your reporter is ignorant .of 
the ordinary acquirements of Journal- 
ists he should at least try not to spoil 
the reputation of one who has been 
much longer In the profession than 
he has. CHA8. ST. BARBE, 

869 Cormorant Street, Victoria, B.C. 
December 11, 1919. 

attempting to interfere with hie per- 


NEW YORK, Dec. 11. — Copper, 
eteady; electrolytic, spot and nearby 
months, 1SH019H. Iron, strong; 
No. 1 Northern. 1 49 041.76; No. S 
Northern. 139.76040; No. t Southern 

Metal Exchange quotes: Lead 
strong; spot and January, $7.15 bid, 
87.36 asked. Spelter, easy; East St. 
Lotiis delivery, spot, I8.S0 bid, $8.46 

At London: Standard copper, epot, 
£101 7s «d; futures. £103 8s «&; elee- 
trolytic. spot. £111; fntoree. fll6. 
Tin, spot, £800 iSs 6d; tuturesi £308 
2s 6d. LeaUl, spot. £40 10s; futures, 
£40 ISs Cd. Zinc. spot. £68 7s 6d; 
futures, £54 7s ed. , 


MONTREAL, Dee. 11.— Eggs un- 
changed and firm. Potatoee, firm. 
Butter and oheeee qalet. 

Cheese— Finest easteras. 89%* 81c 
Butter — Choicest creamery, •IO«9c 
ttgfs — Fresh, 90e; selected, «8e; 
No. 1. 6S0: No. S stock. 66c. 

Pot«t«Me — Per bag. car lots, $2.26 

Ghristinas Apples for Sale 

Satufdiqr, DeennlMr 13, 20, ami 23ni and Mil 

Cox's Orani^e Pipphit and Blenheim Oranfes 
^.00 per bos and upwards. 

.Hone ProdiKts Farm Stan 


Hie Taxatiou Impasse 

Sir — The Premier has gone into 
print, and. like the little boy at school 
when the master took him to task for 
being naughty, he iOtys: "PleaA, sir, 
It wasn't me; it was that bad boy 
Bobby and the other fellows." That 
fifteen per cent penalty Is a fatherless 
outcast with a vengeance. No one will 
own It, and there is tio politician so 
poor or obscure as to do it reverence. 
It looked splendid in print as a further 
scourge for the already broken and 
scarred back of the taxpayer, but the 
municipal solons thought the unfor- 
tunate galley slave, chafned to the 
benches of extravagant and Incompe- 
tent government, would not dare to 

If the pelltlclens, municipal and 
provincial, had the least power of ob- 
servation, they would see that the 
breaking point has been reached, and 
the uprisMig against them is about to 
burst. They had better turn what in- 
telligence they have now to devising 
means of lightening the bur- 
den, and .at the same time face 
bur outside creditors with the ugly 
truth that we are unable to pay our 
way. Mr. Hart says there is to be no 
increase of the income tax. That Is 
refreshing. He promises more taxa- 
tion of motor cars. That's surely 
statesmanlike. The whole trouble 
with these chaps ts they cannot vie' 
any public matter except as to how 
much "revenue" It will bring. The 
Brewster Government came Into 
power and found an empty treasury, 
a top-heavy adniinlstration and huge 
obligations to meet. The remedy 
sought was tax and super-tax. The 
administration was also made still 
more top-heavy. "The old McBride 
Government came Into power pre- 
viously and found not merely an 
'%mpty treasury, but a sulky, sullen 
bank which refused further credit. 
Captain Tatlow took held of alTalra, 
conducted them with marked ability 
and economy, with thn result that in 
two years he reduced taxation ar^ 
eventually left- oflloe with some mil- 
lions of dollars In the treasury. We 
ane sadly in need of a Captain Tatlow 

Without throwing any bouquets at 
myself, you will remember I prophe- 
sied no relief from these men, either 
municipal, or provincial. It is a wild 
squeeze to see if there is another drop 
or two of Juice in the lemon called 
the public. It is simple jrot talking of 
land being over-taxed. What does it 
matter how the people are taxed If 
they cannot pay. If they had the 
money, what difference does it make 
whether you get it from them by tax- 
ing their homes or their Tom cats? 
The people have been bled white, and 
the time to halt has come. Let the 
men paid to transact public business 
stay at their work benches and do an 
honest day's work every day in the 
week. Let us have some scheme of 
relief, not more burdens. If the pres- 
est ofllce holders are not equal to the 
Job. flre them as any other incompe- 
tent servant, and hire one or two who 
will be equal. 

Tou suggest a local government 
boasd, and The Times' suggests a fair 
rent commission. For the love 
of Pete don't suggest any fur- 
ther schemes to' these men. We 
have as many commissions and boards 
now as a rancherle pup has fleas. 
Don't you now an election has been 
set for May or June/ and there are 
whole platoons of political followers 
yet to be provided for? Have a 
heart. Now, as to this fatherless, 
motherless fifteen per cent penalty. It 
is not a question of asking anyone's 
consent to It; repeal. It must go. 
That's all there is about it, and It 
must be considered as never having 
been born. Also a^ptfedge should be 
exacted from the persons who want 
to pose as aldermanlc statesmen in 
Victoria, that this city will not be 
identified with that backstairs institu- 
tion known as the Union of Munici- 
palities. The very name has a sinis- 
ter appearance. I will have more to 
say about It later on. 

O O BA88 

602 Trutch Street, Victoria,- B. C. 
December 11, 1919. 
— ^ - 


Sir, — It is rather amusing to read 
the letters which some of our anti- 
prohibition friends write to the news- 
papers .at Intervals. Apparently, In 
the opinion of these broad-minded 
gentlemen, jill those of us who be- 
lieve In prohibition and who voted 
for It are a narrow-sou led lot of 
despicable creatures who Just delight 
in dictating to others what they shall 
eat, what they shall drink, where- 
withal they shall be clothed, and all 
the rest of it. 

If there were any truth or sense m 
these rash assertions, how can we 
account for the fact that with the 
spread of education and cuMure 
among the people the prohibition 
sentiment also spreads and becomes 
stronger? In the republic to the 
south of us there are over 100,000,000 
people, as well educated, as progres- 
sive and as liberty-loving as are the 
people of any other coutnry on earth. 
Tet these people have Just recently 
written prohibition Into the constitu- 
tions of every sUte In the Union ex- 
cept three; and It Is rather amusing 
that one of the three was the state 
that won everlasting distinction by 
manu^turlns and eelUng wooden 

As one who voted for prohibition, 
I want to plead not guilty to the rash 
and foolish indictment of the anti- 
prohlblUenists. it is they, and not 
I, who are narrow-minded, and who 
wish to interfere with the liberty of 

When I go loto a poUlng booth and 
an hanSed a ballot miave a right 
to mark that ballot according to the 
aietatee of my Conscience. If I did 
net to do so I would not be acting the 
part of a good dttsen. If that ballot 
Is for or against prohibition I have 
as much right to mark my cross for 
prohibition as my neighbor has to 
mark his the other way. But because 
he differs from me I do not regard 
him as narrow-minded, or abuse 
him like a BilUngs«ata nshwlfe. be- 
caoee he exerclsee him right In a 
different way. If I did, I would be 

flona l l iberty aiid flglUH m fiatiuw 
and ehlldisli as some of our antl- 
prohibitlootst friends. 

Society has aa much right to with- 
hold liquor licences as it has to grant 
them. The right to grant them car- 
rlee with it the Hght to withhold 
them. It Is simply a question of the 
will of the majority. 

Bat this law has been abused, we 
are told; it hae been brasenly vio- 
lated by doctors and others. This 
may he true. It may t>e true that 
bootlegging and blind-plKging is too 
prevalent, ihat some doctors have 
prostituted a noble profession. That, 
however. Is no reason why we should 
change the law to meet the wishes of 
these law-breakers. Because some 
men steal we do not legalize theft. 
Because some people run brothels 
and gambling Joints we do not change 
tt\e criminal code so as to suit the 
conveniencs or greed of these law- 
breakers. We entree the law against 
them. This law has not been prop- 
erly enforced. That, however, is not 
the fault of the law, but of those 
whose duty It Is to enforce It. No 
human law was ever known to en- 
force Itself. It' oannot be said that 
a law is a failure until an honest at- 
tempt has been made to enforoe it, 
which has not yet been done. 

I believe that a majority of the 
Canadian people are opposed to 
booze in every form, and that, nOw 
that the women have the franchise, 
this will be clearly demonstrated 
whenever a vote is taken. In the 
meantime those of our esteemed fel- 
low citizens who have not^ yet caugbt 
the Canadian spirit, may comfort 
their troubled souls by continuing to 
write letters to the press full of fiery 
diatribes against prohibitionists, or 
full of ever so many points and argu- 
ments, real or imaginary, against 
prohibition. That kind of thing. I 
presume, pleases them, and it does 
not hurt anyonb else. 

Possibly in the <!oming years the 
children of these esteemed fellow- 
citizens may be better Canadians 
than they otherwise might be. 
through- the present dethronement ot 
King Alcohol. 


1358 Pandora Street, Victoria, 
B.C., December 10, 1919. 

uhauUt WiUor Supply 

Sir. — We note >lhrough the daily 
papers that Mr. H. F. Bourne (Es- 
quimau Municipal Engineer), has re- 
ported against purchasing a flre 
pump f<?r the municipality on the 
grounds- that the water mains are 
small and the water pressure low. 

If these conditions did exist they 
would be reasons for the purchasing 
the pump, but we can prove to any 
capable hydraulic engineer that such 
conditions do not exist, and, in . fact, 
the conditions are better than in the 
City of Londof . England, where fire 
pumps are used. Our pressure is 117 
pounds at sea level and all hydrants 
are supplied from pipes ranging from 
29 inches diameter to 4 inches di- 
ameter. 1 

Out of 30 hydrants in the munici- 
pality only.jibout 6 are on dead ends 
and, of course, these dead ends will 
disappear as the municipality grows. 
We invite Mr. Bobrne to bring in any 
capable hydraulic r-nglneer to meet 
purs, who will show him over the 
system In order that the public may 
get correct information. 

Let uj have more light, let us hear 
the r^ar reason for not buying that 


Per E. B. Halsall, Secretary. 

P. O. Box, 892, Victoria, B.C., De- 
cember 10, 1919. 


On Sunday sixteen meml>ers were 
admitted to the memt>ership of the 
church. The Rev. J. L. Hatty 
preached both morning and evening, 
the attendance being as large as ever. 
In the morning the subject was "The 
immeasurablenesB of God and the 
Soul." from Job xxxviil. 23, and Ix. 21. 

Thos. Carlyle said: "The book of 
Job Is the greatest religious poom 
ever penned/' It is an autobiography 
of the soul and should command our 
respect Job was pio^ured sitting at 
night by the fire thinking of the mys- 
teries of divine providence and talk- 
ing to himself. "Touching the Al- 
mighty we cannot And him out." And 
"Though I were perfect yet would I 
not know my soul." Job took life Ber- 
iously. He was not one of the butter- 
fly sort who think only of worldly 

Think of God In relation to time. 
We talk of hours, and days, and years, 
but who can grasp the milleniums of 
bygone ages? 

Think of space. We can measure the 
church and tell how many cubic feet 
there are within its walls, but who 
c»in measure space. Think of the 
stars. What we see is but. the 
threshold of what is beyond. Think 
of their number. Only Ho who creat- 
ed them knoweth their number and 
their names. 

Speaking of the universe, Mr. Batty 
told that he had visited a beautiful 
home in England containing three 
hundred rooms, a wonderful home, 
and he compared it to the works of 
God. Look at the picture presented 
by a beautiful sunset, or take a walk 
on this beautiful Island and look 
around you. God has given uti this 
beautiful world to live in. How can 
the infidel sneer, and the agnostic 
doubt when there are so many evi- 
dences of divine wisdom and power? 
They have not made a star, nor could 
they make a flower. How can we 
question whether God Is a loving 
father? He is rich in resources. This 
world is only the court. Heaven ts 
the throne. This is the beginning:, 
that is the fruition. Truly the Al- 
mighty is past Unding out^ 

Private Executors - 

who ftad dMt the duties which they have astnmcd tmdcr Wills tain 
up too much of their time. are invited to oooiult this Company. 
Tne fees charged for acting as Attorney or Agent for Executors, 
holdina the securities of the EsUte for safckeepinK, collection of. 
interest, etc, are Tcrjr moderate. "^ 

We shall be pleased to ^uote fees and to h«Te a repretcBtstiva 
call on you when and where desired. 

Colonial Trust Company 

laeorsorstsd IN*. 
asdatsnd sndsr British Columbia Trust 0»iai 
ltasiatw«d la tks ProvUto* o( Alkert^ 
1221 Douglas Street, Victoria. B. C 

Phone 73a. 

Investment Suggestions 

A monthly review of current financial topics and investment news, 
published by Vancouver and Victoria's leading Stock and Bkind Jrolum. 
Write or Call for a Copy Today. •' • ^^f < 

Burdick Bros. & Brett, IM, 

Stock and Bond Brokers 

Hotel Vancouver Building, 

Vancouver, B. C. 

PemhertOn Buifdiai^'- * 
Victoria, p. C 

■ I I ■ ; f ■■ 

The Efficiency of SpeclaHzatloii 

Ejiables Us to Give You the Highest Values at Lowest Cost In 

Pig Lead, Sheet Lead, Pig Tin and Ingot Coliper 



NEW YORK, Dee. 11. — The Fed- 
eral J^serve Bank announced today 
another advance^in interest rates 
from 4^4 to 4 Vi per cent on loans to 
member banks not exceeding 15 days 
and secured by 4 % per cent United 
States certificates of indebtedness. 

On Liberty bonds, Victor*^ notes 
and notes of customers secured by 
similar forms of collateral the rate 
of interest was advanced from 4H to 
4 % per cent. 

The Federal Reserve Bank also ad- 
vanced from 4^4 to 4^4 per cent its 
rediscount rates for notes, drafts and 
bills of exchange maturing within 30 
days and secured by Liberty 'bonds 
or Victory notes. 


LONDOK, Dec. 11. — Bar silver, 
money and discount unchanged. 

NEW YORK. Dec. 11.— Bar silver, 
11.30%; Mexican dollars, $1.00%. 

Mercantile paper unchanged. Time 
loans strong, unchanged. 

Call money strong; high, 10; low, 
7; closing Md, 9; offered at 10; last 
loan, 10. 


MONTREAL, Dec. 11. — ^War loans: 
1»26, 97;' 1931, 98%: 1937, 100; 1122, 
99%; 1937, 101%. 

Victory loans: 1923, 99% ; 1937, 
104; 1933, 103%; 1934, 100; 1934, 

Socialist President 
BRUSSELS, Dec. 11.— M. Bruent, 
Socialist, was elected president of 
the Chamber of Deputies by a vote 
oT 84 to 72. His opponent was H. 
Carton de Wlart, former Minister of 
Justice. Three ballots were taken. 
This is the first time that a Socialist 
hsis been elected to offlce. 


The B. C. Permanent Loan Cem- 
' pany, having re-opened their Savlnga 
Department, will accept aoeoants ot 
one dollar and upwards, on which tn- 
tereet at 4 per cent per annum Is 
allowed. Usual eheeklas prlvll 

We 0«m and Offer 

All or any part off 


1934 Victory Loan 

at 100 and accmed 

We will be pleased to submit 
particolari open request 

British AMricn Baad 
Ctrpantin^ Ui 



Think 9f the soul, the immeasur- 
able in 'itian. Reason is the golden 
vessel that should never be removed 
from the sanctuary. There are such 
things as wings.^ Faith conies to our 
assistance and there is a time in our 
lives when we must rely on faith. 
Some say show me such &nd such 
things and I will believe, but we can 
only go so far. Jesus said, "Let n*t 
your heart be troubled, ye believe in 
God believe also in Me." Philip naid, 
"Show us the Father," but Jesus said, 
"He that hath seen Me hath seen the 

Love follows faith. Love can dis- 
sipate solitude, create companionship, 
magnify trust, and bring completeness 
into life as nothing else can do. Qod's 
love is immeasurable. "For God so 
loved the world as' to givW* His only 
Son." If we think of Calvary and the 
cross we get some idea of the love 
of God. Think of the relationship of 
God to the soul of man. and if we 
cannot find out all we wish we have 
enough to satisfy us. 

The evening subject was "Christ or 
Barabbas." "Now Barabbas was a 
robber," John 18, 40. We are not 
saved by what we believe merely, but 
what we choose. If we do not choose 
right our belief will be of no avail. 
Which Is it to be, Christ or Barabbas? 
This is a question for all time. We 
are all facing this choice. Mother 
Eve said in effect, "Not this man but 
Barabbas.".. In the day of Judgment 
no one will be able to say "I have not 
had a chance. Jesus does not force 
me to be good. People who stay out- 
side the church lose more than the 
church doea They who despise it 
are choosing Barabbas. We are in 
the box and Christ In tl}e dock. 
What is our evidence? Is it to be 
Christ or Barabbas? The Britisher 
believes in fair play, the Bible teaches 
it. Barabbas had a fair chance and 
80 have we. 

The public houses in England have 
signs over the door with the name of 
the house on. One day a boy went In 
and said "your sign* has tumbled 
down," and a man went out to And 
one of his patrons lying in the gutter. 
The man who sells rum has chosen 
Barabbas. The agnostic and the infi- 
del have had their chance, and they 
had better never have been born than 
to undermine the beUef of men. Un- 
hellef has had Itir chance. Is it not 

Tke Whole of the 



Situated at the comer of View and Broad 

Streets, for rent to a suitable tenant. Floor 

space, 10,800 feet. 

This is recog:nize4 as one of the finest 

location? in the City of Victoria. 


For Particulars Apply to ' 





■v,V <-J. .. \{i. ,\ 1 

^Xolonist'^ Phone Numbers 

Circnlatiop 1 Business 11 Job 1 07 E£lorial Q A 
IL Pboae ii Priotinf i^^l Roods OU 


^^Colonist" Phone ^Numbers 

1 t'ltiif n'-ii 

true that some darling sin has kept 
us frolm choosing Jesus Christ? The 
young ruler who came to Illm al>out 
eternal life went aWay sorrowful be- 
cause he could not comply with 
Christ's comman(T> Nothing hut the 

religion of Jesus Christ could have 
converted cannibals into good citizens, 
and nothing but divlns power could 
have effected such a ohangc. We 
must decide either for Christ or Bar- 
abbas. A 





The Best 

We carry a complete line of these famous skates— the best that money can buy. 
Made in styles to suit the — ' ' 

Fancy Skater, the Hockey Player, the Racer 

the Ordinary Skater 



When you once try "Star" skates, you'll buy no other. 


The lantern that stays lit— neither wind nor rain has any effect on the "Cpld 
Blast." A g:ood lantern for every purpose. A '^Cold Blast" should be in every 
home; when electric lights go wrong it's handy to have a lantern to go into the 
woodshed or basement. / 


Hickman Tye Hardware Co- 


Stoit PhoM 59 

HARDWARE WhoUMlc and Rttmi 
534-55* YAT^ STXSBT 






i No t ices, Empluy ii ieiit, Business and Professional Directory, Wants, Etc. 

She gjrflg tfobnat 

Itlrfh. marrta«*. d««l1i aiMl funeral nolioM. 
tmr lii««.rltoi.. nilnlmuni, fl.t*. • 

Huatncas or l'ro(>!ulonitl Cards »r <»ur 
Jil><>i mr itn4ttr. 11.00 i>«r «v««k. 

Ovf e«nl it wor4 rorh ln»»ril<>n, alx c»>»H 
* w^M » wvvk, or • aoilftr • llu« A m«»lh 
««i! vrnrda to the lino*: r»»h wtib ord«r. 
>». ailx* rii*<MnrDt •ce*|>i«d for I«mi Ch«n 
tvcirtyflvB cvnfo, 

No •dNortUemcnt charted on »oc'Ojni for 
>f» th»n ta DO. Phuno »■ ^ 


UKTT— A( St. Joaowit UaapltBl. Ii<» 
To Mr. and Sim. R. M. Holt, • wiu. 


•ri"»;NAmj — t© Mr. and Jim. C. «". Taunai.l. 
l;«u i'lfB«an^ Avtnuo. t^k Uav. nn lh>- 
• •III iDnt.. a sun. 


lit il»<» r»al- 

Iti'lltXtit — «>n dti; I 111; ;ii»i. 

"••IK.) of tier 4luu*hltT' .»lr». .laiiK'M Un\'td- 
Mon m<1«t<ll. iff ii*l W'nrk Hti-o*t. of Mr*. 
-Ntiir* Vi'tli-fH MclMvu. aaod dl ypar»; ifoni 
ill <lluiiK<i«>. Hi'oilnnt). « finldfOt of )*i>>< 
r1»» fill' ilir pum IK tnonih*. T\*e deceufed 
lunvvft til inouPfi h^r loi««. VkmiIiI.-ii Ji«fr hun- 
I'liid. an* dauffiitfr an>l a ainndfhtld. »' 
tijin rirv, • 

Ttw fun«ral will toko n\uee on ^ato^•da^. 
tlw riiii tn«l.. at 2 u">l<H-k. tli.> Kir'U 
>*uii<u«l .ChAPel. Rev. W. I.. CluY will of- 
Jlilaif. ■ Inltrtnrht will !><■ niaUo In ll<«»« 

Hoy l-Vmi'iieri-, ■ . 

#■• ..» -► - : 

SfrMK'KINOtrAt V*n«-ouv»i ilmptul lln»- 
pltal. l>«i;«?nihor lltli. I'ui.iain i:i>li«'»i 
lilKROld, afconal BOH of Vr». McMlrkllnj; 
iiinl' M».f t^to «. H. MoMlfkliiK. aB<-1 *■ 
.vi-u.r% a Hai,lvi> (if tlilr flty. 
Kun«ral \vlll IttUe pluce from tin- n-*!- 

drua of 'hU HlPi.r. MtiL 11. A. Iti-n»l*U. 

«5< 8lin<'" r-'i.i ^Jaturrtay. at S o'clock. 


In ^Wiinui'.v of'TCIIrii lliown, who pnssio'l 
■•■*JlJII, '?•< l-l«i*«r Avfiiuo, UwoinUtT f.', 
Itl". •,. , ^ . 

yin Jyvvd tUi't', yen we loved tlieo, 

. Ititl -leaua loved ihee moro. 
AiHl M<- ir>' Ki'iiily rnll' d lh<-P 
■iT«>'yoiMer lilfraful Khore. 

Th«' rjowien <!.itf-f »i«in opf-n; 

A K^nrlp volf*t Kttlil. foiiir. • • 
ricnd with I'arfiwi'llii !<|K>ki<n. 
Thoit calmly onttivil H'>me. 
SIovp In jieare, (wlovid niolhtr, uinl If 
th«''holy nnffolM In Hohvimi nin watch oyer 
the poor i^ioi'tnli on eaitli. then may tl'ul- 
Ift you gunrd uh through llfi- till "lenth. 
— miw-iiod 1)V MiibrI M.I'.rld,- and family. 

PROPKKTY aw Mr* and a««uui. Oak Bay 
and Wlllowa, ft my price* for ripali* 
and altpratiuiiv bi-forr folua rlaewh.-ra. ■>■ 
HiilMwrii 1 uri»eni.r and IsuUder; workahop, 
Marrton ^w««l. «na of I'Vrl ittraat. I'hone 

rnilli: ulmu^t care IB Mxenlaau In tno n«»n- 
X dllns of your turniiiur wiMU lluOaou 
bi'o*. iBova yoo. yhp na titS. 

HK UauKbierc of Nile annual haaaar to 

be held Ratiirduy, iSlh, but In iH»«t poned 

until further notice lu thcag odumnii. 

AKTKU— Uoy la luara druc tittalaaM, 
KawcatI'* Urua Store. . 


W/A.NTliD — One liaakot makri. niaa wha 

tV uuuvraiauaa «ii.a.:r chair work; botk 
111 makina and reualra prefarrau. .\ddr«« 

tfx >,>. t:»»i"Bi at. _^___ 

t\»A.VTKD— Imporiant Induatry oiierailnj? 

»» «loa<' to Xanoouver. rraulrea ii<rrvlre« of 
i)nc or two men who atc^ farable of 4oln;r 
an boiieat Uuv'a work. Waaea are »> Pfi- 
■In v. iiImo rr<~i> h<^nr<l iinil In adilltion la Klven 
It im^tli-i-liurlnit lntori-«i In ihf bualnraa. An 
iii\e>.tin«iit of »I.i»ii() moro of loae la re- 
uiilrod which It l< fallmated will bi- rv- 
lurned In alx iiiontUa lowether with aioie 
iliiin 11)1) iK-r tv-ni, Kiotli. The work la out - 
of-do<ira, «mni« llfii and ufTord* exortnlonnl 
ODiM»rtualt.v to enlvr the irioat Imnort^iit jn- 

hm.rv In I'llx nrovliico and ndvanre with 
It If III n>ny\ hHftiili- luid wllllnR to iiom. 

.. w.rk IniuieilialKlv write (flvlna iwrtloii- 
lura cftnrernlna youra'>lf to Jla«a«or. fo 
ImlUHlrial . I>eveloumoni Si^puiitlen t'oriiora- 
tl«>n. Ltd.. aevenlh rtoor. Ulrku llulldina. 
\'i»iiroiiviT. 1I.C. 


_ ..IvLt. ealabllabed life Inauranco com- 
^T^ J'any offera to a live acent a good 
I'Oiitracl. und wll train any younK man who 
Bhowa proficiency in aollcltlng bualnaM. Box 
1^1.1^ Colonivt. 

A^ .in 


A noon old ie!t re-blockcd la a Boo.! 
InvcBiiiittiit. Vla^orU Mat Works, Broad 
and Jfort Htreeia^ 


BEFOnw dcrldtng on your ranch location 
call on J. O. Hunt. 844 Urouahton Street, 
onv day hctwccn 10 and i: a.m. Pbone 
81 .•.••> 1... 

BtJN'T ua* table vinefar for picklea. 
Cumuaun pIcklInK vinegar la made for 
that purpoae. Aak for It. 

I «. a. Stinaon (late oOth Oordona), 

1410NIS 7§«-:-UAY OR NIGHT 
• urner Yalta und Broad Streeta 

JUBT now on tlio mark**!, our lateat pro- 
diet, -Sweet Military UcUah," and 
looklns for, com- 
il'hc Wcatera 

what you liava been 
bining awactncaa with pep. 
I'lckllng Mrurks. I.,lmlted. 


wrapa. 413 Hay ward Bide 



"V'BW Car. 191S Model. Enay and Comfort- 
.i^ able. Klve-PaaaenBar. 

• •ndboro Uny Vl« l.'pluiids t l-CO 

<.'uido>u Huy. 1 mill! of. anndy beach. I.iO 

Ureiilwond Hotel und Oardcns S.OO 

Deep I'ovu (t.'hulirl Hotel cxual ..... <-00 
'I heai- pt'lcas urc for the contlnuou* round 
tup oiiiy.' ^ul walun4( ihn cboige la II. &V 
per hour, i 

};1C I.eo Aseuue IMione SKIS 

KOl.t.HK nnd Ire Hkater, TilcycUa and 
HroiKera. rilmley «: Ullchle. Ltd., DU 

H~ fclVB.N'-paaaibgtr auto for hire, day or 
night. Muataluna' Cigar Htand, Tele- 
phono toil; rea. phono. uOU. W. is. Hall. 

flMlKUtlOPHlCAL, SOCIETY, ll:i ISclinoni 
.1 Mouse. I-oduo meeting, Wodnewlaya, 8 
p.m. Publl'' Invited to Sunday evenliit? Irc- 
iiirea nt 8, to "Secret Dortiim" dust, l'"ri- 
• layn. B P-ni., and lu luqultcra nieeting. 
'J ui ailaya, :i p.m. Kreo lenulna llh.-ury 'iiHyu 
3 lo i e\ ory ufternimn except ><unday. iioii. 
i-n-., Aira. \Vm. ■ .Monicllh; phunc 4447L. 

-L 1 louse. Opt^it fur InI'drnuuUoii re nieit- 
liiB itiHi iree lending llhrary, i^o i p m. 

rpilK iiMUHl TliiiiailiiN iilglil ilnnci' will ue 
'4t>luM at th^' rtu^liiia I'lub, KHaulmaii. 
4. iiiii. .ii'c; liiillc:!. ^ou. 

VICTUKIA llAt..!., HIi Ulannhard Slnet: 
hell <M>uk, liin< >. 'lulu ••r iilaijuow. Scoi- 
Ihiul. '"II .'itU'ilat. I'd- f. ■'<■ ' " m. auhl'vl. 
■iliiw ;i I uiniiiii <i<>. .Hiivfd." ul.Hij In Kunio 
li:ill >Ii'. Inuin will I'unducl KlbU Hiiiiil.>ti on 
liruillciil t.'hrl»llini llvinvc iirul ••oiiaeor.ilod 
K. iv|i-i iVoiii Miiniliiv tcti. tin I-'rIdav Iffh. 
ill > ii.iii. 4J« auio and come. A at>e<.liil 
iiK'itiiiK for women on TucMilay ai S i>.m.. 
1.1 lie udaiffHfj'l liy .Mr. Innoa. Subli-ct. '■.Nlln- 

WA^'TKU— Men to liarn the .Viitoroobll* 
and Oaa Tractor buHlneaa. Oxy-Acetr- 
IcHf U'eldlnK. Hiltcrv Iteiharglng and Uc- 
nalrlnR und Vulcanlstne and Hctreadinc of 
TIroa. Expert lnntrU"'tor« are omnloyed to 
(each vou the above, mentioned tniili-s. 
Qualify In the Hutoinoldle buatnesa rind larn 
blK money. Kxriert niechanlco In theae 
trades are In aival demand t-vcrv where. Yoti 
can learn all or any one of the trade* we 
tend), cither In our day or cvenln« claaaea. 
Invealluate today. I'all or write- lor Infor- 
mutlun iind iittuloguc. 

11 KM I'll I LI., tuauf: schools 

Bliinahard and Klagard Sta. Victoria. H.r. 

Kntabllshed ovttr fifteen year* with* blanches 

In prlnclual iltlcB In Canada and the 

I'nited States 

VlTANTlSIi — Night clerk for Hmall city fca- 
'* tel. elderly single tnan. room and board 
with aalarv. .\nnlv Colonliii Box 4 773. 

WANTED — A general agent for Vancou- 
ver laland who can •i.-ffiinixt) and direct 
a. ataff of huUMe-tn-huuao canvasssra to 
handle new line iif hlgh-clnaa non-nlcoholto 
food tiavora nnd othof food nroducta nianu- 
fa'ttirid in Vancouver; u anlendld money- 
making onnortunitv for the right man. New 
Era MfR. Co., 570 Seymour Street, Vancou- 
ver. ■' 


YOUR preacnt aalary can be materially 
Increased by taking an ageney with one 
of the oldest lliitiah Insiurancx uompani^f 
doing huaineas In Victoria. Full partlcu- 
lara and free coursci of instrt'etlon will b? 
given, enabling yon to. use you.- spare llnie 
to splendid advantage. I)o\ 104!*. 

(> BOY8 with wheels wanted for arter 
*< m-hool work. .\PiiIy \. lluhbiird. n»llnti|»> 
M. f>ei.«< I- A Uellv<!r\- Co.. S'tl Kort Stre>-t. 

W.\NTEI) — rCMALiI:: ItKLP 4 

EARN extra dollai-s In your apai'o time, 
eaav work, good pay. lull particulara, 
I'.O. HiV\ 2«t", Victoria. 

Ii'UllNITURH crated, shipped and removed 
by experienced men. Phone Hudson 
Bros., 3;:{>3; 117b Yutea t^treel. 


(Continued,) ^^ 

or bullae- 


A.VTBU — PoBllloii aa cook 
keener. I'ulonlKt Hon 175.%. 

WANTUU — Moldlir's, widow wants eare 
of children. Chargca reaaonable. 
Phone IIS*. 

'l»rANTEl>— Ught Ivouaework 




morning work. 

live III, or 
Apply (.'ulonlat Uux 


lady wlahea iwallinn aa 
lUix 4"7«, Colonial. 




rpEACHEH wanted for the senior divlrlon 
A. of North Haanlch School. Salary %*&». 
Appllcallona, atatlng quallfioatlona and ex- 
pericni.-o received up to Oecember 30lli. A. 
McDonald. Secretary, It.M.D. 1, Sidney, B.C. 



FHKNCU. Italian. ttpuutsU leaaons by a r«- 
turned aoluier. Auuiea* .1. ttloadl. Hi 
i.iutioii- tiune uidc. ■ 

JI.SMiNa In atngliig, t^rcath control, aiid 
J >oi. .• .•!iii.ii>-. ..1. .reHJi i'rof. J. U. Town. 
U4» Leonard. I'hoiio 4;{U£L. 

PltUATt: TultR-n. uy vapurtenced ivachei, 
lu school sub,H!cls for backward stu- 
dents or cases oi neglected education. 
Htudio, <I«>*Maywara Bldg^ 

liauauic KUAAClA 1.. Mi'..AKlN-MAHONBV 

tUold .Viedallisil 


KLk^UlVlES pupils for singing and ike art 
ut voice nroducUon. and Dreparca stu- 
dunta for tire uuiicert plailorni. I'Or an- 
M^iliitmcni and ti rma. aosly i-0 Toronto 
f ire et. or I'noue Si«;:vX. 

SHOBTIlA.Mi .'.Uool, toil Uovernuiont 
•street. o.icrv.jand. typBWritlnK. iMjok- 
k^?eplnk( inuruuuiiiv laught: Kraauaics illl- 
lUK good po*i:iiins. A. ai. Uclilliaii, prin- 
cipal. I'hone 874. 

PBCIALiST coacttBS backward pupils; 
terms ."noderate. Phone (014 L-. 


UKULELE. Mandolin, Hawaiian Steel 
Qultar. Ban.lii and Piano. 
ii.tO for Eight l>easons. 
84 > Fort Street 
Phone 'JgggL. Mra. Johnson 

VbUNON I'rcparatory School, foldatroam, 
U.CX Boya. 7-15. Large!-! In Ini^-rlor; 
fruit ranch; two trained nursea 
(Itovd. 1 .\UKUMtlnn .Muckle. 
(Cantab.). Hcadmutitcr. 

B.D.. M.A. 



B.VNJO, violin, mandolin. KUllur, ukuleh 
and alcel gulliir. 
Urown Block, 111« llroud Htreet 
Phone 165J Roa. phone lllVl. 

Hourit I lu !• p.m. 


JMX 1 NlOX Ac ade my o f Musi c , cor ii ' o r l 

and Cook. Maaame Webb. M.I.S.M. 
71« K.A..M. siuccena i:4 thla year. Includ- 
ing Licentiate.! I'hone 1931. 

CIll.VS. W. HUNT, Pianist. tjpen for eii- 
' gagementa. dancea, . private partlea. 
Phone £68 lU . 

IT^UNKST 8EMPLB, vloUnlat and teacher. 
-J {..ate Isi Canadian Dlvliilon Concert 
party. France. Orchestra, supplied. 1242 
Mlt<7bell Street. Victoria. B.C. Phone 3747. 
_j r 

rADT, recently from England, having had 
J beat tcachcra at King's Cullege, London, 
will give singing lessons; fl.&O, or 10 for 
lli.80. Phono 1517U 

MISS i:iarl«sa I>avlea; piano and singing. 
1133 North Park. Phono 2il7X. 

MI89 Montaerrat Ima opened a studio for 
pianoforte ami theory at (>49 Burdett 
Avenue (opiioHltt- Ciitliedral > ; very auccemi- 
ful teacher. certificated honora Koyal 
Aendemv of Miuil'-. England: moderate 
terma. I'hone ISOOR. 

M188 Edll^ Uoeghegan, A.R.C.M.. leaelier 
of ninnoforle Bnd theory. .'37 Con- 
stance .Wunue. Eaauimalt; late of Liver- 
pool. Engl and. 

tJKl'LKLE und Hawaiian aleel gult.n 
' tauKht to I'Iny In alx to twelve week* 
by ihi> only fluwallan teurh^>r In BrltlHli 
Cohimliia. .1. K. Atchei'ley. I'hone 770. 

LIlRST-clusM dreaamakur, 
C Phone en 48. 

good wages. 


IADIES' Kelts, Valours, re-dycd and 
■^ blocked to :uok like nen. Victoria ilac 
\V ork H. Bn>ad »n ^ Fart. 

■-T>LRA8R. m^inhia, ba>- ma a biker." 




14;i Richardson Slrei-t 

M'.elow Government lIoua#l 

\7'ioUN. I'iano und Vocal leaaons clveii. 
Former violin teacher for St. .\nn'a 
Academy nnd 5-year pupil of Pnntly School 
of Mualc. ILilian method uaed for vooi.l. 
Terms, tl Per half hour leaaon. I'hone 



MRS. R. sEMI'LK — Pianist and ex- 
iiorlenccd teacher of pluno; pupila nre- 
pur^'d for exttmlnutlon If desired. 1241 
MItebell Street. I'hone "■f-l. ^_^ 


ROLLER and Ice ftk.tten, Trloyelea and 
Scooteri!. PUmley * llltchie. Ltd.. fill 

HOLLER and Ice Kkalei', Tricycles nnd 
?(ooteia. PUmley tc KKchle. Ltd., «ll 
\ lew. 

C^TENOtiKAPlIERs — Enipoynient dcpart- 
S^ mcnt: free service. 1,'oine and reglater. 
United Typewriter Co.. Ltd.. 133 Fort fit. 
PlTnne^7»£; ■ 

jJKWINfl Macliliie IJxchunB*, 1318 Uovern- 
O meiit Slrt'cl. Phone 1IIO3, 


jTll.L exch.inge my Ti-room Uuiigalow ut 
OorKu: t!«iuliy fl.-O'i. Wlmt offera? 
AOl'IV S'lO .M< iixlea St.. u'love Klore. 




tCoutlnueU) ^^,^^ 


AriKB eei:e«tlea of genuine old printa 
•■ugravinga messolinu and kquaiinta, 
by the great (dug.Vsh, French. Italian and 
Japanese Maaiitrs. I^rga aeleaMon of ceeti 
sevoad-liantf bonks, \ coins, Biamps and 

tbtlae. Call In and Proaae arouad. 
■.'I«*K Va.'ss Htr 

AT Victoria Crockery bioru, i>3<') Jbhna-ji 
mreel. Crovkery, lt>ol«, ;oyii, o/ka- 
menta. Uooa liM«Uur« »»ateX flitM* 


ATTENTION— Ww are jdHt in rocsipt of 
• 5 navy blue overcoats purchaeed from 
the CanuUlan .Sav>. Wo ari. oltcrlnc them 
at bargain urlcra Oome und seu ihcnu J. 
Kaix. )X;:4, i;ovoinmeni Hi. 

■ - •■ 

4 SNAP — :: automobile seals; 8-pleee kna- 
■^\- hngun.N parlor auli«; golden 0,1a dln- 
inK a. t». leather «cii(i<; .VxnitnKier, ilruifiHla 
und I'onKoleum ruga; up. rhuii's; ecurhia; 
B<"W!nii ii.i'.ehlnea. Imperial, 7 1' tort. 

A Sl'LK.NDID aecoiid-hand ' llelntr.niai\ 
*a- pluno, beaulirul tone, iierfeci eoiuii- 
tloii, guaranteed: tsiiu. Horn, 471ii, Colouiat. 

BABY buggy i\VhitBa.v>. lar^e also, hood 
and canopy, welded liui>«: $30. Phone 

CAMOSUN Pickling vTiieAar la tite reault 
of manr* ■•ara' praciii:al experience; 
guaranteed to preserva any vegetable ur 
iruii. Uoii'i use (abl« vinegar lor pickUng., 

CHRISTMAS preaen/ for baby and money 
enough left for vuur otirur Xmas goods. 
U >! un\^ you ilillara. I'arrtagt-ti fnui* $14.50. 
new liotida und tirea nnd Iikc new; wuriu 
oonslilerlni; theae >Jav». , °°Bubv Carriage 
Exchang e." Ci'.'i I'und^Ta. ooooalte Markul. 

C CAULIN Studio or Music and Violin Shop, 
■' ll:;i Richardson Street ibeloiv Oovorn- 
ment House 1. Xmua suggest Ion: Mualc 
lesson Bcrln. hand painted. ISHUcd from t'> 
up for violin, piano or vocul lessons. Terms 
are }1 per half hour. Why not present 
your musicul friends or children with one 
of these. ,VlHo good old vloilnii at special 
Xmaa bargalnp. Phone iJ9[i2. 

C' OX * OOU'JAL, (iMtciallaia In elevator 
and motor repairing, switchboard ereo- 
tlons, private lnsia:iailona; inoiora and 
dynamos re-wound and guaranieea. bait- 
mates given. Siobart-Pease lildg., Yale* 
at Tciephonea 6343, S7&1K and 3 li3K. 

C1HE.V1', If taken u( once, IS hena, 1 Inamt 
J in w idionograph und :;o nil new reeorda, 
1 inotoi-lioat, l.S ft.. ;i h.p. Palmer engine, 
In .\-l coiidlilon; gent's bicycle. 1 iiKl'i 
delivery wu«"n. I'lioiie lifiillt. 

(IIU'ICIC eunarlei". gUMrnntecil iliiy und gac- 
IlKhl fingers; uepoelt will hold ineiii 
hii- I'hilKimna premnls. Palmer, I'JOt 


DltOl'HK.\U aewInK machine, »21.J0; an- 
other, is. jo. both perfect order; dolla. 
b uggl i ' l a n i l iie n a cneii p . " bj D Pan duraT 

DELICIOUS lionie-mado minco pies and 
apple pies at the market. Turn to the 
riKhi aa vou enter. Wo make all. we aoi;, 
A. J. Wtxcy. 

I-ECTRIC iiortubic vacuum cleaner, cost 


now IKiO, In splendid condition; our 
price l"i. Island Exchange ithe big atoro). 
7311 Fori Street. 

NOLlSIl willow upholstered easy chair, 
only I'il. Island Excbango (the big 
etore), 73!) Fort Street. 

]jl0U SALE — Wiiriii i.vereoal. black, 
(lliini hclKht, ll'J. Phone :i«i".Jl.. 

Irirv of Woinen." _^ 

V ETBll A. V Tailor. Imperial Ba 

nk Build- 


IU3T Uilvv, Saturday nlglil. In Foresi- 
eda' Hall; six Knt>d prises. 

\'orR old feltH blocked und cleaned to 
look, Victoria Hut Fauiorv. 
l.r.u>.l and Fori Btrrela. 

WANTED — M^U/li: IIKLI* » 

1 |IGCiONIS.MS — "It's an III « Inil iliut blowi 
-a ' aoldcr tliuii llic brand expiiileneed here 
l-.iiely." ,'lH!»gon'a, . U'lO t<overnmcnt Htriict 
ri'hWne ft I'ki Shoe Wfore next door). Th<' 
I'lirlHtmna Card People and the Home of 
tlll'f Statlnnery. , 

i I*K ygv fund of the Camera*' Then your 
.4.\.. loner iwstlloii itiMv ili- jp becoming nn 
'■»i<efrl nlioti'graphei'. elibi'v amateur or pro- 
fi aMionul. . ilaiulHome ineomea may be 
• iirned by eBP;ible •«i,'>li^({iui>hcr«. SuRjieH- 
llou— 'Take our aplendlil luuiitn In photog- 
jiipKy and rei'rlve Inatructlon from a ca- 
llable, experleneeil. exoert teacher of the 
art. .Wilt* to.lav tor free booklet. Shaw 
Correapapilewi'n Siliool. 401 11. C. Perman- 
ent .'l.oltn nida.. Vli'torlii. ti.f. Open Tucs- 
ilay and ']'huraday evenings. 

rlONFIukNTIAL — Use -r>ini(oam — cures 
V bald nets. Ask your druggist. (Oc and 
fl.OO. • 

("illKW .Managera, OenernI Agents Inveatl- 
' gate Imnii'dlatelv following mounleil 
lileiurea: t^u)adlanK ut Yproe. colored, retails 
Dvt- dollara: Ilailb' of ."totnine, aepta. one 
diillar. both fAcntv-two by Iwenlv-elaht 
Int'ltes. live different nbotoa. Renown and 
iTliw* of WaleB. aeiiiu and colors. twentv-Nve 
eenta to one dollar: In Fland<-ra Flolda atid 
Vli'tor\. two art|«tle oalnilnKH. elcht eolnra. 
with poem!", Hfiv ceniB en^-li: mnnv othern; 
eominlnaloii foriv per cent. National Ari 
<%•..' tlov Uulldlns. Ilnllfax. 

fpo.N'IFOAM — Honest iiBir tonle and dan- 
X driiff cure — not perlumwl water. 600 
iin^l Sl.iiO. 

Tr^V.NTEU — <llrl or n omiin for light house- 


work, ainall family, good wages, good 
huiiie; at onec. 3i:i7 Quadra Street. 

ANTED — fJIrl for houaew«vrk and help 
with <'hil dien . P t'l .'.. I'hone ;of>lY. 

T.V.NTBD — .MIddle-ageil woman to aMSlat 
with general housework. Phone 4 2."iiy. 


^■I'A.VVED— R'tlla 
VI eooklni;. I'll 


lioii.i>'kae|ier. plain 
L'l^rHR, making an- 

I'YTA.NTED — Young lady with good knowl- 
tV edse of typing In aaxlst aa fliinc an4 
mall el»irk, E. C. Prior Ik t>„ LkL. Lty. 

¥Tt7ANTKU — A <'apn)/le mhldle-iiged woman 
Vf nn houaekeoiier: Miiiull r.iinlly: m^>dern 
r'^\ lioiiai'. North HHan!<'h. Box 1<!7'J, 
• '•>li>nl<<t. 

TX'.\NTIOr*, In eouptry, woman !•> take ear* 
»T ..f Jl ehli'lri-n and keei> liniiae. Mrs. A. 
A. Doiignn. I'.ibMe Hill. K. * N. fiy. 

\TtT.VNTKl> — Ooo<l genTuI servant nt\d cook 
TT for fnmlly of throe. Phone 1213. 

WANTED — Nurae for I children snd baby 
li months, not tn take entire charore. 
Jlra. F. B. Edwards. 1280 Newport Avenue. 
l>aU n«v. Tel^Dllone gOllL. 

NEW Kelhoil Laundry, l.ftl.. the sanitary I 
way. 10U-I7 North Park. L. D. ftlc- I 
Lean, expert launderers. Telfiihnne J>90. . ■ 

PAINTING — Kalsomlnlng. paperhanstn^. 
J. J. Robs. ^I'embrv>ke und Quadra. 
Phone 2203^ ^ 

KOI..LEU hikI Ice Skates, Tricycles nnd 
• .-^eooiera. PUmley & RllchKi. Ltd.. lill 

tJHACK to rent, large lot. Phone l>3Bi;L. 


LiAN'EOlS 20 


IALENDAK aalemnan for Winter months. 
MjiHl hnve celling ability and be ener- 
^••llA. iJiin aeeerii nhole ,\r hnir-tlme ^ep- 
\\in0 Terrllorv Victoria ami Vaneouver 
laland. Mlfli-eluaa I'anndinn Companv. r]|vM 
full iini'tleulBra and referenerii |f poaalble In 
tlmt iBtter^ Appiv Box Ill5. London. «hu, 

<<ul.f>NI.''T rnute vneani In' Mount ' TolmTe 
IMBtrlrl. A good boy. with hievele is 
lieiaAinl to takr tM*. Apply at once to Col- 
• •ti^i^ rlx-u lBtton tlopt. 



Inlarnallongl CorrogpondencA Schoole, 
1!?t! Pougla s Stfeet All P4rtlculara rree 

O* ARPBVrilT — Altermtlons and repalre; 
roofs r«|i«lre4 and guaranteed. T. 
Thibet:. Phone 17>3. Estimate* free. 

R~lSrTlaiiiB"of "help, akllled or «ii^ 

rkllled. Phone No. f70t. 


HOMB BUILDBBB— Mantelik sroun. ttloo. 
while they laat. at pre-war prieea B. 

Lid. >tMne 

while they laat. at pre-war pri 
•\y. W1iUtlm«ion LMnbor Ca. 

MBN to rY>nir and eni aeop. mew, deh, pie, 
P«id4lng, Ira or ctirfee, (i>r 3t<. Library 

.SlTr.^TIONR n'ANl'ljl>---MALE .1 

DOMESTIC SERVICE -I'iiekhis In wood, 
<ll'»-«ing gHrdeliK. m.'niiiMnit (lo<»r. ilean- 
Ing ronaeH. etc.. only ."lOi' i><'r li.iur. I'hone 
1^1. ir^>vlncliil ilov<-r>iment Knit^loyment Of- 
1U'<>. , .V ak for Gordon, the w illing men. 

l/'Xl'ftRIENCKD gardener desires work by 
-Li day or ^vtiek. Turnbull. -219 Shakes- 
IH-nre Street. I'boiie )|377l:.. 

1>OSIT10.N IB w«nled by hotel clerk, day 
or night ahll'l. ApiHy Oolnnlst lU>x 


KOLLEIl and Ice Sknler, Trleyclea and 
Scooters. PUmley A Ritchie. Ltd., Cll 
View. ■ 

\rOUN<J mon with iMclb'nt references de- 
. Hires pnaitlon (Ii-iVidi; unto or truck, or 
• ny capacit.v. Bccuat"ined to llveatiK-k and 
drlvlhg; permanency prefi-rrcd. James 
Coxev. Chemalnua. j^ ^ _ 

\''Ol.'NC ntnn wants work, city or coun- 
try : ^}p''\ 10 hersea. farm work. Box 
47 t». C olonist. ,„__^___^_^__^_^^__ 

glTL'ATIO.X!* \VANTIia>— FEMAl*: 6 

SV.VNIi;i'— A III. 1 1. 1 J I. NO 

.Siiltiibli- lor a .Motor Mcehaiiie School. 

Concrete floor, about SO by 110 feet. Will 

lease for I'lghtecn moiiiha. 

ll'ply, atatlng loenllon und leiitiil 



OOKKEEPINO and general olllce Work 
Ho.x 4763. Colonist. 

IpNOLISII Btenographer with experience 
J wants position. Phnn<> 1>S7R. 

XPBRIENCBD dreBam*k*r wants work; 
"-J l!.:>o dav. Box 4fcO< . Colonist. 

•Oo hour. 6«}«XI. 


TTOUttB^ORK, 10 to I. 

LADY uilndB children eraalngs. 
Phone «I«*1L. 

Oak Bay. 

''•t*. oi>p«alte Ubrary. 

VfORRV i '1CHAMHBRI.JVIN. Balldera and 
ajL Conlrader*. nllerations, r< ralis, leakv 
inefa, shop. c>ffli>e /Ittlnga anything large nr 
•iiiBil. r^iimaiee, plans free. Phone ftilOt^ 

M^^KT^loo, Oriknir* Hail, * Ponrtner 
^tr»er, SatMrd*!'. tier IMh, at ■:»•: 
■~al priare, a'.l wHcowi*. 

K^cnAMM iuu lee pkaieay irltyolea Mii 
».^mt^*. rumley ft MUtAI^ UC. 411 

LADY h«Ba"keeper to nlriowet or bachelors. 
«loo«i conk; highest of referenoea; i-an 
ini<rv1iw at any time. Box 4 719, Colonist. 

1)081TI0N aa housekeeper or comyleB 
A hetn o«i Island, out of cUt. where work 
n^Ji too heavy. Write .Mra. M. Bailoy. Ooa- 
eral Delivery. Vanra n ver. 

I "OWJIBTBRED private maternity home: 

J !.» new IV ofiened; reaaonable rates; best of 

'.?£!.••*. »«««"««l'>«>: certincatetf »ar«r. Pbone 

I7>3L; ■1832 Douglas BtreeC 

ROLIJRR and lee Kkataa. THeyolea akd 
Scoptera Pllmley A Rlle4ii«. Lt«.. «U 
A lew. 

THOROl'OnLY ct>mpet>nt bookkeeper uT- 
B"»i iioMlilon Ipimedtnlelv, Box 474I. 



DFSIUK'pilvatc ulllco and desk room In 
Keiierul'OlHce; state U"'iitlun. llu.x 4727. 


»ANTBD— '«lgragn or small ahed. 
onlal B«x 470# _^» 


.TANTBD — Yo rent for alx monthn, by 
I reaonnalble party, one uuriirht piano. In 
good condlllon. Apply f*hone 13,'i7X. 


IT^OR HALE or rent 21 acrea at Proapi'ct 
Lake, part bottom land, small frulia, 
good house. t>arn, water, etc. Apply Webb, 
Ooward Station, B.C.E.R. 

G' ARAOB to rent suit llaultaln or Hlll- 
•Ide Jitney; $3 per month. Ilox 4700. 

LAItflE storeroom, workshop or garage. tOl 

ALADT will Mil and b«y all your hlfh- 
clase east-4r clothlnc. 

Phone Mr*. Hunt. 4«tl. 


ANTKO-Dklly work. 

CoioaUt Bos 

Abl. Blaek aoR and well-rMted and ftvak 
aia»uf% dellTareO. Phoae !«•. 

ABia load of black eoii and roanare 4o* 
llvered. Phone lit*. 

dora Avenue; l^or oalr, quanlltv of 
ptiiinbora' and other tools, water plp»B. 
colU, etc., etc.; alao clothing, bonta. Muar 
he aeia. .No reaaonable offer refuaed. 
Auction salea held weekly. Oooda of all 
kloda solicited. Pbon* «t4«R. 

k PPLBK— nest Bngllsti \arleil«a tnd 
*\- othera Apply J. W. WeUK "Urooaiira," 
i Cmrey Bo*d, *o4 DupgiM Sttaau 


1j"^l'ItS — Aicll<: Woli' muff and unlmui ahajie 
- cape, nulte new, piice <S.1; beautilul 
ClirlatmnH gift. 12M Fairfield Koad^ 

l.'^l'UNITI'ItE of l-ioomud liouae for sale. 
" liieluding f'liip'il ouk diiiinc HUite. UP- 
holtiiireil ehalrn. I.eilniom aulte. stove, aew- 
Ini: machine etc.; on view at 2J0 Howe 81. 
limine ISiaX. 

1' JIUKNITUKE of 4-ro«med hnuac. al'a 
eent'H bli-veb- and 12 nice youn 

... .»-.* *. 1. .. £-.......* 


ehlekens. 1071 Itnll erii Stie'-t 

1j"^»K .Sale - lioy'H overcoat, good condltloi; 
Jr iinil elotli: price $1"; ault uae 12 to 14 

I'honi' 3939R. 

«m SALE— Sacrifice prices: Empire type- 
writer, nearly new, perfect condition; 
■ tennla racketa, wool ruir, pair full-alse 
I'llanketa,- ollakln. etc Apply i12l Alichigan 

1*T<OR Sale — Fifteen lii- ditf. iwo (2| boa 
' care and one »1> cs boose ear, standard 
gauge twenty »30> ton capacity, to be In- 
apected at Victoria and Slaney Riiilway 
Biding Victoria. Apply to i>. Louis, 4i.i .ib 
Aveput: Bai.1. Vancouver. U. C. 

IALNj-.ts'l fooia of riiubarn. lospoerrles. lo- 
^ gttUOerrje*. Koosroerriea. ^iack and red 
cherry currants. Urnost oheuoninal bl»o«- 
berry and sirawberr.. plants. M. N. Hudd, 
Beuua Vista. Buin«lUs Uoad. Market dtaU 
« 4 and 46. ^-__^_^-__— — — , 

FRA^CI^?, SI* Vitca Street (Ofpoaite 1>0- 
minlon Tbeat.-e;. will purchase good 
lurnlture in any quantity; valuations made. 
Phone 1!»S. 

Ti^OK Sale -.New r.-hole kllelrcii range, 
P iieX'r bei'P used. i'lionc .'iSOlV. 

F' OR Sale — i-uliii^g naby buggy and cradle 
witli manr«a*. »ary rcaaoiabiik Phone 
14 SOB. _^ 

1.101: Sale--Tyi>ewri|.Ts. s^ioil na new. Price 
^ Sill. I'hoii.- I'ilM.. 

Yj^Oll S.\LI'5- I.ady'H I'erahin lamb coal. 
-T Apply leler'hi'ni' .'•.'".OtiL. 

I .1011 S;il» -I'oluniMii grninoplione, |2ti. Box 
. 4'iSI. C'doniKt. ^__ 

Ii^olt Snie— E.llaon horn phonograph with 
^ niie hiifiilr-.l reeoriU. I'hone llOlll be- 
iwi'i n !i M.iii. und 12 n^i^m. _ ____^.._ 

I30lt S.\ i.l'^- ''heiili, CUM lieuter. anllnble 
for b. •! or alltlim-room. .Xpl'ly '■•:<>< 
Fiiirflebl iMiiil. 

I.'tOU S.^I.E— Ten Viirda navy serge, gnav- 
aiiteed dye. l'li^>iH' l.".»2L. 


Phone 1133 

:3fi Fl»rl Street 

1/10R SALE— .''Olid mahogany roll-top desk 
■ and throe chaJia to hiutcli. auUiiblc for 
library or ••ffUc, We buy or oxchungu 
household goods. 

IJ^OR S.XLE — tJcnfa Huiberi->- tweed motor 
. I out JucKcr lining, m-arly ni-',v, .inly 
w.nn lour tlmi.M; $100; woiili IjeO. Liox 
4 r.''>. < 'olonlat. 

1.10R .SALE— Very fine act ^lberlan fox 
. fur*. In porfe< I coiid.lloii; |iiO; bargain. 
Box 1129. I'obinlat. 

1^0LI..0W the crowd to Tyldealey'a, 749 
' Fort Hlrcvi to>- .\jnus pruscnta: pricus 
rlglij^ ^ 

17*Olt Sale — Child's white enamelled cut. 
. almost new. ;£04 (iovernment Street. 

.M^i^i- BiSv pool lui..-. . a^ 
' II nectaaar'. i'hone 

ja cuLaikiuu, lei'iuA 

1r«U LI. price puld lor all kinds gold and 
' Hilv.r. ^03 Crtmooell BuHdlna. 

I"j'OR Sale — Blaek altlrl. large alse, tn flrat 
eiar.a loiitiitlon : aleo three glrla' coat*, 
uracllcullv ni'V : -ilao girl's ault. Reply to 
Mox .4117. CidonUl. J 

I" 'lUn-LlNED Coat inndlum alif). good 
.'ondlilon. ilnndy erui for motorliiir •>r 
driving; inuai cell; cost $7": will luke 12". 
1'I2I fJladalone A .••^liUo. 


I Pake Feniwojd 

C'lKK T1.V8KET8- 

< fpeclai 

Regular I t basket, ni^ , 

Regular tl* uaskei, now .' , 


LET me prove to you that I have the 
largest and cheaoeal luuvlng van la 
the city. I don't want the price ot your 
Piano ur your lurnlture 10 move vou; I Just 
want a living wage. Alao lieavv and light 
trucking and general tcamlag by J. Valley. 
Phone llilf. 

LAD1E8' Sterllufi Sliver v^TrUt Watokoc 
IT.60; UoUd Uold Signet Rings. tl.TI: 

Ladies' Neck Cbalny and Pendania. com- 
Plele. 14. 60: Long Solid Gold Cbalna. tlt.i*: 
Pearl and Crexceni Brooches. Bolld gold. 
17. &0: (iold FlUol Locketa S:.7<: Turauolae 
Rlnga i stones. 18 kt. gold. fls.iO: .Dawson 
NtiBgot Chains, double, $••: IS-ki. Re- 
peater Gold Watches. >176: large .N\|ggBt 
Brooches. Uawson, 146; 16 Jewels Elgin, gold 
filled Boys' Watchea. }U: BoUd Uold 
Diamond Sft Neck CUaIn aad PondaiU. 
J47.10. Rlllc. Ti ReBeate:-. llS.tO: 12 gauge 
Hammerleat Shotgun. Ma: 12 gauge Ham- 
mer Shotgun t:k; beaty duty Bicycle outer 
tirea. t2.7:>: beat tubes, tl.ij Overalls. 7>c. 
heavy double Blankets. t4.»0: Pocket Knlxs. 
36c: snectaclea to nt any sight. Tie. 


^'•w and Second -Hand Store 

t«l Johlhon St reet .''hone 73i 

LADIB8J I.arKo atse silk aad eerge dreaaeo 
In latest style aud beet malarial, for 
sale at lees than cost; alse *t. 44 and 44. 
Prices tl* to tl»i genuine anapa, at SbaWa 
Tta Port S treet. 

IADY'H hockey sfialea and boots, aUc 6. 
■^ for t2.7.".: alao mm's black overcoat, 
sUe 37, to. Phone S02»^. 

7 .ARGK er small •••nlructa uikeu for aaw- 
-a-^ Ing and (putting siood, any length. 
Hox 7til. Colonist. 

L.VDY'S full length muaqUHali fur coat for 
Huln. iiiaile ln:, nrlfiie skins. I'bonu 
itooni' lill. Janiea Buy Hotel.^ 

MBN Only — A brand new raincoat for 
$16 that would cost you t*S else- 
where, ifa at Phaw'a. 7S5 Port Street. 

ALLEABLE Utsel Ranges fi per Week. 4689. 2001 (iovernment St. 


MAIZE colored .'iitlM evening sllPiH.ra. 
Paris mnk -. i^; »» . Phone 38«3R.^ 

MASSIVE gilt bed. coll spring and felt 
inatiress, full size aifd like new; a 
bargain }&0 complete. Island Bxchango 
(the big store.', 7(0 Fort Street. 

Vtatham * LEVY— Uealere In aecoad- 
■Lt hand clothing, watches, Jewelry, etc. 
Wu buy and ksll every ihlag. 1433 tiovera- 
nitnt Street. 

NOTICE— Willows and Oak Bay plumbing, 
repairs, culla etc. Phone 34:IL. A. 

Uobney. _^__ 

-i-^ half cord, t2.S0; Kindling, t2.T6. Re- 
duced price for larger orders, i*'. T. Tap- 
scott. Phono 5S70L. 

"V'OW Is the lime to buy yiiur llnproof 
-»-' sofe; 1 ha\e Honie m^oil imrgalna to 
offer y>>il. .\pply Box 4743. Colonist. 

ONLY Canadian edition War llislory, in- 
cluding Peace Treaty, etc.; 800 pacea: 
profusely, iUusiraied; low retail; Dearly 
everybody buying; sample free; liberal 
terms; credit given, freight paid. Bradle>- 
UarrelBon, Umited . Brgntford. 

ORGAN, by Mason A HaT.ilin, eleven slops 
and lias very fine tone; In excellent 
order; only |fiS. Island Exchange (the big 
store). 739 Fort Street. 

""DLBASn, mamma, buy mo a hiker." 

PHOTOQUAl'HIC Studio, all Utted up 
ready to start buelneas. lon« estab- 
lished; beat part of the city, to be aacri- 
flced for I3t0. leaa than auction orlcea. 
Rent. SIS. Busy season just started. Ill- 
neaa reason for sale. Phone 4B21)X. 

Qi:.\RTEl:-crT oak dining extension 
table and elx chairs, solid leather seats. 
A bargain ut I'S the lot. Island Exchange 
(the big store), 739 Fori St reel. ^^ 

ROLLER nnd lee Skates, Trlcyclea and 
.Scooters. Pllmley * Ritchie, Ltd., fill 
View. ^_^ 

RINCf I'P 747 It you have any kind 01 
furniture fon sale or exchange. Don't 
forget the Phone No. 717^ _ 

OVAL O.VK mial healer for sale. Phone 
130&L. 820. 


SOUTHALL — For reliablB alovee and 
ranges, 883 Fort Street. Coila made, 
stoves connected, old eioves and ranges 
bought Phone «M». 


.- 12m 

Fairfield Uoad. 

SALBS arranged for furniture or llve- 
etock. either at our Sale Room or your 
rcaldBUcc; get Acat possible prices. Immedi- 
ate cash ruiurni.; furniture tiougnt; sales 
every Tuesday and Friday. 

Phone 2414. CRy Market Auction 

^1^15 Select Auction Room ads. among 
J displayed advia. John Bartholomew. 

SEE the Ulk. . Wusons, Watson Hc< 
TilcyileM, Veloelpcdes. Roller «^ 


■Ot Yatea Street 

CI KT your Gramophone Records here, good 
i on<a. half pri. .'. We alao exi^hange 
Ibeiii. Mlue Amberola included. in<: escli. 
^^ e also buy them, be: i iirl''-!; uramopliones 
from 112. ''•'>. auaraniee d. HJ'". I'lind orj. 

GIRIJ*' l>o«»ia and akutea, vl««^ one. 
moat new: pr^ec ».'.. Plinc 2',/*),\.' 

130 Johoson. cor. 



Parker A Koppen. 
Store St.. Victoria. 
B.C. Phone 404t. Buys aud «ellB Junk of 
all description*, machinery and loggers' 
auppllee; lilgb«ai cash prlcea paid for iaine. 
Strict attanUoB givea to all couatry and 
elty ordera 

DON'T bam that old stuff, turn It Into 
moaey. We buy rags, bonss, bottlss, 
■acica, old nugazlnca and newspaper*, u;d 
Bietata. rubber, etc. Phone 8794 or write 
Wm. Allen. ItXt lioao Street. 








We Call and Got Articles 

Goods Bold on eommtaiion 


I4t7 Government Street 

lOpposlls to Angus Canipbell'Bi 


HIGHEST CASH PRICES paid for shot- 
guns, rifles, carpeuterM' tools, clothing, 
trunks, valises, l>oois. machinery diantunds 
and Jewelry «ic Jacob Aaronaun a New and 
Beoond-hand Store, tkl Johnson Street. 
Phone 7tt. 


IjUtOU your discarded cioLhlug 
realize nr.ore cash If you call 

you can 
you call tha right 
psrty. Our service Is prompt; our money 
ready Mra Shaw oalle on you personally. 


IKatablUhod It y«ars 
tt Port Street 

Phono 401 

LET us collect your bad acoounts; no col- 
lection, no pay. The T. P. McConnali 
Mercantile Agency. Z13A Pemberton BIdg 

lyTRS. Oddy will 

pay the best prices for 
Sood furniture, carpets, ete.. 1417 
Douglas Street, phoue 34tA 

MRS. CARTER — Uood carpels, lurnllura 
etc., boui;ht android 
tlovernmeni bireela 

Cor. Lajr aiMl 
Phone t20t. 


EASE, mamma, buy me a talker.' 

S'AANICU Vegetables make the very beat 
pleklea Why pay freight and dutyf 
Aak tor Camoaun Piculea 


BEALTIFULI.Y furnUhrd or unruralgtiod 
10-ruomed house, with garage: eaatrally 
located. Box 3912. Colouiat. or Phone 4011. 
Ro om 30». 

Ij'^URNISIIED rooms for light bottsekcep- 
^ Ing. .■•903Y. 

FOR Rent — Upstairs. Two pleasaat roorosi 
halL bathroom, balcony; seavlow. 141 

Jeaenh Street. 


Ol'SEKEEPINC. rooms. Phone IStOL. 

HOU8BKBBPINO rooms aad bedrooma: 
two blocks from Poet OfDca T84 Bam- 
t M' ««re»' 





:t3l> Rose St., • rooiiiB 120 

Central Ave.. Oak Bay. 8 rooms I4« 

716 Humboldt St., • rooms t3<l 

■70 Phoenix St.. Victoria West, t> rooms, t30 


1J13 Broad Street 

FOR KenV— Uouses, furnished 
furnished. Lloyd-Younir A 
101* Broad Street. Phone 4tt>. 

aad ua- 

TJ^OR RENT — «-room house, thoroughly 
*: modem In good locality. A. T. Abbey. 

Phone 81t. 

FOR eareful moving of your piano, pkoao 
Hudson Broa, 3143. We have the moat 
up-to-date apparatua^ 

GRAHAM ST., 6 rooms, 135: Scott St., 7 
roonis. tSO: Nlcholaon St.. & rooma tli. 
Apply E. E. Heath. 1213 Douglas Street. 

>TKWI..Y renovated, I bedrooms. 1 dreaalas 
t room with wash basin; large modora 
bathroom, sitting-room, dining-room, smok- 
ing and aun room, up-to-date pantry; kit- 
chen wired for electrlo range, furnaoe^ hot 
water heated. Phone «76. A Lockley. op- 
posite St Paul's Church, Bsqulmalt 

TAN LEY AVENUE — Close to Central and 
High Sehoola. seven rooms, guB stove, 
etc., immeillale posaeaalon. 

Phone ^6 60S View Street 




MASON STREET. For particulars 
• all ut the office. 

;:<»01 111 I'emberton Hidg. 



ANTED — To lenae, wlih or without op- 

ILJECOND-band cycle bargalna PUmley 

O Rl 

lltchle. Ltd.. t)l View Street. 

lOLLER and Ice Skates, Trlcyelus und 
JjfiOQtl;«._ OUlmU-y A. ilUchle. J-ld., 61X 

VICTORIA Hat Kaetory will work won- 
dera with your old tlla. Broad and Fort 

AUCTION (The Pandora) MART 
■23 — Pandor Avenue— 833 

TT7E) buy and aell everything of value. 
V V Will purchase for cash, or sell on com- 

Auction Sales Held Weekly. 
S, Goods of all kinds suUulicd. 
I'Uono li20bU 

WANTED — Furniture, etc. (bedroom, 
kitchen, etc.) for rooms, suitable 
for housekeeping purp4M-oi<; will purchase In 
one ur smaller Iota, wkppty alls. Boue, 96/ 
Fort St., or phone euro ol OliOiiK atlersoons 
or evenings. 


. . . SkiUeB, 

Ice Skates, I'oy "rraoaioi luers, Flashllghtk, 
C'yil'i Lamps. I'hild's (.'yeles, .Miiasey Silver 
Ribbon Ailulte' Bicycles and other Christmas 
Gill Goods at Pllmley *. Itllchle, Ltd.. nil 

View Street. 

(yijlTILKLl.., ihe Stove King, a32 Fori St.. 
►^ uu: lio.» ali'Vi'S lust a.i rUuJ. Trade 
>iui uii' one. '1 I..J leai)ln« inai-es lo choose 
JTrom. H you ha^ trouble with your ^ot 

^..- ,,.,,,».,.. L.*. »» '-* itl'-' *..vici'ii. Co.ia 

li.iidi and yloVi'S ' ■•ni'n ;"il. I'hoie 12 "9. 

tJET 01 beautiful wWi. fuis for aali', suii- 
R able for gl:l 13 to It veiiru: alao nlci-iv 
made coot lor girl 1« to l.s y<jaia, at a ^ery 
reasonable price. Addicsa i;o.x 4U»1 I'olonlsi. 

fm'lAT GuTAioT'ilONirFOK .NM.\S: We 
X liu.e llieni, uU iniilt''»H and fines, fr^im 
IH.oO to ;:i.'>i>. Island F.xi^liunuc (Ihu big 
siorei, 729 Fort Stfi'Ct. 


ri^UE V'IctPlia Lottie Exchange Ua* bo-.tlr* 
X of alt descrlpUons tor gala, sterUlzed or 
unsterUlaed. 1141 Nortli Para at. I'noue 


ypilOM.NH organ, like new, twelve stops, 
A iiv ji'ls ot r<^rilt<; u bargain. .Vpply 
|:iO!i Vales St. I'huue 1819. 

fpiIE Stove King, srij Fort St.. our new 
X alovea Juat nrrlead. Trade your old one. 
The leading jnokea to ehooae from. If you 
have trouble with your hot water consult ua. 
We ura oxpcrla. Colla made and atovca con- 
nected, iiiune 42»u. 

I^HE Yellow Front^ new and ai.-cond-liand 
aiore. new and second-hand goods 
bougnt and aoUI. On sale now overcoais 
from t-'i. luUiis' couis. nkuiea from II. i«, 
gloves, overalls, etc.; eteunliiK and pressInK 
a specialty: all kinds of ahoiv cards wiiiten 
by ex-servlcu men. k3i> Johnson street. 
I'nons i>9-5. 

TONIC and s>atem Builder. Take Paw- 
celt's Hypophuaphlte, tl . Phone *H. 

lOLINS (or Sale — Good old vioUaa at 
reasonable prieea Baatly Scboal of 
M aalc. lilt Fort Btfet. 

\riCi'oi. graiouphune. Jewel range, aad 
jtiiei (urniiiiie. .tppiy 414 Prinoeaa 
Avenue. __ _ _ 

\''IcrrR<»LA gramophone, as now, 2t rec- 
ords )>y (.'nriiso, Mi'Cormnek. etc.: uost 
over »20'1; aac riliec .iljil. I'ht me ii 73L. 


WHK.N buying 01 idling furniture, re- 
member tlie Iteiurned Soldiers' Kx- 
chanv^ gives yon iM'tt value In the oltv. 
i Addresg 141 11 Douglas Street. Phone 64 ^4. 

MAS TREKS, 3dc to 76e, delivered. Hay 
• John son. 94 9 Fort Street. »88tL. 

YOUR mInce meat, plum pudaiugs and 
trult rakes will be imprwifed ^v tulne 
niir Bfdird 'Jtder. Tba Weatart Plc'allMg 
'■^orka. Ltd. 

for sale, lady's blU'i 
36: also woolen lung 

W..VNTED— Small atutlonary guaiillnu mo- 
tor, 2 or '1 e.Mindcr, about 10 horse- 
power. Aoply Ilox t<0^. Colonist. 

WANTED— Oood second-nana cook siovea; 
highest prices . paia. Will buy good 
c.aas ifiiuiure i.err's. ift.:ti Guv«ruiiieiii M. 

tlnn and price to J. R. II 


An Ivory erosa. 
d prlci 
Vancouver. B.C. 

Send deserlp- 
:i60;l Oaler 

W ANT-ED — Ring up 717 if you have uny 
kind of furniture lor sale or iMliungc. 
We buy ever> thing from the biiHemeni lo 
tl>c roof. Don't forget the I'lione No. T17. 

Cook ami 

VIT'AJfTED — Oarage. vicinity C 
»v May. Cobmlsi Box 4 178. 

- Hec-oiid-haiKl wiiodwovkliia 
Ineiy. John II. lioolh, L.iki' lllil 

vv maelil 

AN TUD^ Double 
gauge, cliaup, «nu iu good uuiiuiuuo. 

o. n«« 4ti. 

tMirrei kuoiguo. 


» V size 


•I'ulr {{lint's li^ioia ii!i<1 skates, 
or 1'. Ilox in'<:). •'•ib^nlsi. 

What of- 

fT''.\NTi:D— Small milk rente. 
vV Lra? Hok 

inr.ii. Colonist. 

si-iil<"s. ll'^x Ii;ii7. I'oliinlsi 

U — Cash register, self udiler and 
*. Il.^x li;ii7. I'oliinlsi 

7.\NTEI.» — Cash n^lster uiiil liutelier 


» » .«i:iib 

house, with u lew ai-rea of land suitable 
for poultry raising, preferably with poultry 
houses, but not essential. Good water atip- 
plv. Mel ulloch, R.M.D. 1, Sidney^ 




mo Let — A UoauilXulJy furnished dwellliig 
eonalatlng of di-uwlng room. dlnlnN 
room, amoking room and alx bedrooma. alt- 
uat^ on Newport Avenue, overlooking the 
golf links: good garage nllaehcd: possession 
can be had immediately. .\Dply A. W. 
Jones. Limlied. 

s. I'lmni' •[•i9l7. 
► — Taylo 

LTANTED— Taylor's Imn mfe oi- any olliei 
mak'-s, lor spni easli. rhoii-r 

WANTED — To buy quaritlly 01 dlamuuda. 
large or sma II. P. O. H ox _8 4t 

WB pay top prices for clothing, furniture, 
BtoveB, old teeth and lt'^ythlng nf 
value. Call anywhere any time. Phone 33lt. 


1CA."< Klve the hl;xh"»t cash prl' e tor all 
Uiii.iH of cust-oii' iioUiliiir. because I have 
Hie lurtresi demand. Sti''i tal ofrer* for 
Men's Business Sulli. I'hone 2t;n3. Mrs. 
Wardsle. or call 

flMllS u-room 8i'mi-bun«alow with 3 nice 
A- flreiilacea. ftirnaee. gas stove nnd gaa 
water heater, fairly \vell furnlahed, sltiiaied 
close to park, school ninl car. nnd walklmt 
dlBtnncc to citv; only ISO. Auplv E. E. 
lli»:.ili. 1212 Doutln s Street. 

6~ROOM furnlshe.l house In ViineoiiVer 
Hti-eet. Possession Hei'eintier 15th, only 
jsr. Alao nliely f.irnlsbe.I lioiise. Govern- 
nient Street, Immediate pi'saeaFloii, only ?«*. 
Apply E. E. Ili-alh. )?12 Doiifclns Street. 

"'llOn.MKD rolKii;^' w lib piano. Plrotli! 
«) iir.sNi:. iieivv.-n '•' a nd _l_p.aiv^____ 


CAREFUL, responsible tenant wishes large 
well furnlahed house: close in. Phone 


don't wash your hair. Uta 
Tonlloam, the dry shampoo. Ask your 
druggist. . 

■t ADIES. 

WT.VNTKl) lo ri'nl, poasesaion not later 
*V iliiin 2"lh •If month, small furnlshe'l 
li.iuse In good loeulllv. lor 2 or 3 months; 
i:ireftil ii-nnni; ivIlUiiii u, pay rent In ud- 
vaiie.'. f'olonlsi lliix I707. 


Once tried, alwava convinced. 

yOUR mince meat, plum ptiddlnga and 
fruit cakea will be Improved by using 
our Boiled Cider. The Weatero PickUng 
WorkB^lAd. ^ 




AT "CALAHAN," It* Douglaa Street. 

A. aaleot quiet boarding bouar, opposite 

Beacon Hill Park near peach and ear; 

lerme moderate. Phone 43IA 

B' ON ACCORD. 84t Prlnceas Ave., pleas- 
sotly situated, close In, comfortable, 
good plsln wuuicinto iiiouciala laieK. i-iiuUif 
4tlZ. _^ ^_ 

ToJIFtJRTABLE, furnlalii^d roo», steam 
' heal, good looUInK, 10 mlniUes' vulk 


-To rent or lease lor a year, 
furnlahed house, near Victoria, six 
roomr; small acreage and i>oultry houses; 
might ultimately purchase If place Is for 
Bale; good refercneea It necesaary. Apply 
t o nox 40 2 1 Colon lit. ^ ^^^ ^ 



1;\LEMISH GUnt and New Zealand B»b- 
. bits from reglsicrsd Improved breeding 
stock. "Tlawllde." I'roaiieot Luke Road, 
Saanlch. VlaDora welcome. Mall addreae. 
Box 11 It, Vlcl-irla, B.C. Leoal Informatloa 
at 1.20 Johnaon Street. 


from City 


Rearonnble lerma. 

M. poultiyincn should see lUu I'.ellublo 
le Coloiiv Br.iiHiT: no iiior^t 
coal iroublea: roiil lirooib rs belim throtvii 
out evcivvvhere for It; loeomiiiendcd bv I'ro- 
v|n"lal poiillrv oxiierl; orders pouriiiK In; 
also Buckeve Standard Colunv Bioodora and 
I'oiiable Hovera. Jubilee Incubators, I'ouHiy 
Fen. Ing of the beat (not netting): Oat 
Sproufra, Zenoleiiin. Order at onee to In- 
HUre ileliverv. Write for llluatrated Hal and 
eoiiie iind see tliem. Take 1..ik< Hill bus. 1. 
W Pnlmer, R.M.D. 4. VlclurfaL. I'llOlio 

405 '.X 2. 

'a tWUttiUlli lot of One pullets; alao 
A. yearling lions for sale. Seavlew Poultry 
Farm, 421 Dalla* Road, Vldtoria. 

VByf Speckled Sussex May hatched 
rockcrels for ealc. Bo« 4Ht, Colonial. 


C10MF0RTA1.ILR room and board in good 
J home, close In. Phone 2S»7R. 

with board. 

■ 11 

I^^URNISHBD roonis 
Blanshard Street. 

ARR'SVILLK,' 1148 OBcar St.. just <>(f Quiet and select, near park and 
aes. Board optional. Phone aitlX. 

rnWO rooms and board, leuronablc ratea. 
.1 I'hone li;i4V.^ 


A.NOOR.V naiiiiv gciit, bred 10 'Smlsa 
Bills." iiubk sal" H.t; givis Ihree 
wii.-n Ireah. Whv not have perfnitlv freah 
milk twice a day. I'lione Beliuout 71. _ 

B ESI* prices paid for poultry. Seavlow 
>'oultry Farm< 4lt Oallaa Baa4l. 

Phone MMi. [ ^^ 

ur Ijov nil incubator and poriabb 

Brv >>'iii 

lor .\mus. The InriruetiM* 
Fresein I oniblnntlon onlflia as low as 
834 7iV Take l.«k<' Hill bus to T. W. Pal- 
mer. It.M.D. I, Victoria. Phone lft.'..'.X2, 

► KTCRNKD man wishes lionrtl an«l room 
In privair fnmll.v; stale lerma. 

4Hm2. (■•oloiilat. 


""111 KING'S Iload. 
I lal'e-'.' ■■■''" ..' 
coat, 117 the iiso. 


THREE unfurnlaberl r 
• rnineni nnd P'oiali 
csh Avenue. 


ooma. beiwe<.'n -Gov- 
aa Streeta. «11 ITIn- 
l-lione OIJIR, 

an He, 


.' 1 iftil'jrn aiamnent bloek. 

thr«.e rnoms. In 
I'h«»ne 879 



[-'-•>. .e. ..-> •!> liaB heated eieani radi- 
ator Willi antomatle sas control ; 
ri.iigi>le for ocriea. keuaew ate 1411 Vlaw 
'••»*•. pliona tfOTI* 
Broad Street. 


/4ori'LB wish to rent fnrnialied 3-roiim 

1 I'UNEY-fJ.XFORD range, good condition. 
J Priee t*' I'hon- 309.';!.. 



HAS spleiidid lone and la well finfthed. 
and la one of ibe beet Bngllah makea. 

BOX 4414. COtXlXtST 

Broa. pbena Slta. 



■ a movers aad packers. Reliable iraas. 

panatton; motor service; reasonable chargee 


at p as wi gr prla>a 

IilAyB Just secured aa a«eiiey for tha 

Bomital end Ha heating qualities are unsur- 
paooe^l. I can aloe supply you with rood 
dry rerdwocd In aay leagth end win gtve 
yo« fall ro»aeuro and prompt delivery, 
phone your vrdtr to No. alt «m tali si any 

UlS D««ClM BtrMt 


a lUtDY will call and buy a.| your high- 
a'V ciasa cast-off cloihlac. spot caafe. 
I n.iti* Mrs. Hunt. 4431. 

AMUMPIM7 pr'.c* IS whai wb itey lor aoji 
kind of casi-ofT elothms. tJaii aay 
whor^ f*L.'i"*?: P**— *jj •• 

ATTENTION I — Mrs. Hunt. wardreao 
dealer, of Winnipeg and (ralgary. la 
open to buy and sell hlgh-clasa ladlee', 
genta* and cbllc^a's rlothlns, evening and 
party dreasea. sHclal uffora fur geatlemen'a 
clothoe. We pay apot eaah to aay amount. 
Bnalaean done strictly private. Mra Hunt 
will caU betaeir to any nddreee, or eall at 
•11 JohaooB Street, eecoad koaae ap Crom 
Blanahard. Phoa« 44tl. 


COttniTaATP.D Iron Wanted— Will May 
from 40.00* IP lOO.ooe eqanr* foot, gal- 
vaaiaed or painted: alai* gauve. lenatk and 
price. Iron, ftea S4«. Roeainntf. B.C. 

Hat bv Jan. iBt. Bon ITHS. Cnlonial. 


vy foiM rooms, m"»dern, eh': 

iTANTED — Fuinlshed flat or house with' 

tp. lUflunlat 

l'.ox 4*41 

■■■■■laaHaewin^aBHW xia aj. jee^sBBBBiBBB 


A T 410 Oawefo, brlglit 
^■V rooms, modern. -tlMine, 

furnlahed bed- 

ATTE.NTION:— We nai 
•eeood-hand elotbea, gold, allvor, ptati* 
■aa. dlaiaonds. jawottr. falae teatk. rlSaa. 
abatgnna, muBlcal laatrumedta, toola of aay 
deaerlptlon, trunks, baga, aultcaaaa fuml- 
tare, ate. Buainest strictly eoaodoi 
ITt Jokaaen Street. Pkaim lf4T. 


10RDWOOD warned (o cut with 

BRUNSWICK HOTBL,. tOc Blflit and «P: 
44.44 waakty and u»i kaot Iggail— 1 a* 
bar. Tatee and Douglas. Pbone 317. 

t^('RMl)4ilKi> houaeke^lng rrmiliej flatl^ 
r raMna. Cull l<)3«i Hlllstd. . 

tl^L'JtNISIIBD iiuuseki'MpIng rrntma, fuinaee 
heal. 930 Talea ^Itret. I'hcme am. 

F(-H?n8UBU bedrooma ta I't. far (Ifta 
• ■iitv. Annlr Hit View Street. City. 


URNISHBD bedroom for gentleman, 
locality. Phono 4t71lA 

FRONT housekeeping, l>ed-alulns and bed- 
room, ftfx-n (lr< olace. 

ltt> on». > 3a F o rt 81. 

L Pandora. 

KAic rank*, balk. 

BAltllk^D Plymouth Rfck pullets from |4. 
yearling hena. It: rockerela 16 up. Com* 
early and uel a pick at the best that money 
c,„ buV' Laity. 3 *80 Ceda r Hil l Read. 

1 vKiS-Wantpil, will trained sporting dog; 

4 'spaniel, Iteirlevir. Airedale, or clever 
Mongrel: muBt retrieve frmn water. Statu 
urn- sex. price, trial r«iuared. Dogs' trav- 
••ring e>p-niie* paid. Stanley mil, Pkclllu 
Oable Station. BMinflel d. B. C. 

F* Or 8al«-^Voung purebred White Yfcrk* 
• hire iiigs, fr<im som.' »f th) l>.>st slo'l: 
In B'' ■ Bowa 6 ni'^ks old. 810 >nrU; b<;ais. 

5 veeke old. t«.«*. Cecil Rhodes. CoW'le 
Hill; . , 

F*" OR Bale— Pony, aboat 14 baada, aouad 
and willing, aulet to Hde and drive. 
Payne. IM Beach Drive. Phone 1444. ^ 

I^^Oll Sal»-— Young pigs, nlao two reglslered 
Ilerksliire »»»• a and one Iwiar. Wn i 
lU'inths old. II. R llammon-l. Molehosln. 

f.-V>R Hale— 7 laying h. tis. ttt Head «t- 

1111 Broad 8tr««t 



fTlOlt S.VI.J9 — ItpVMIdM f^ear-old Jersey 

f gr«d«, frMrii • weeks, giving nearly 4 
tsllona dally, leatlng 4.1 per cent butlsrfat. 
a moneymafeer. 

KIPBK CALF fram above dam. 


s; adnlta. 


NICBLY rurjilah<-d. rlraa. doubli auliea. 
and alnal.- ro-ni*. oiien lir«-grBtefl and 
Staves; eenirally lofslMl; t^rma m««ai r»-BSMn- 
sMok tt'tlooA Mo***. Va*e« IHrMef. - • 

1 UJIil'l- furnlahed buRm to rent, staaai 
1 Vf fcgataC naaa 4114T. «e s»*fU 

RBntSTKnBO Jersey bull calf, 1 months 
frrim It.Ct.P. dam with spleadid record. 
llf'S a winner. 

OKtl Boson ^. Wyandot IP puiieia, Deen 
Bireln. 82.5* each: and an Importe.l 
Tom Barron W. l.<eiihom raooter, ss a nnd !•• 





i< »■ IS 






A Mart for Busy Readers. House and Business Property for Sale and Exchange 

rotn/iBT Ajfi> liivnrrooK m 

TB6ii aftl*— ••■•I* CMBb Khod* lalaaC 
■L Itoda. Ooakar*!*. MMch b»tch. from b«M 
larlnc ■trUn. U. Wmu Pmt Mtmc UvMit 

R «ALB— «.C. K.I. R«« C««k«r«l*. 
1*11 Bvlmont. FtaoM TMIt. 



>H aAUS— Black Toy I^>in«ra*U» Mtch, 
«oo4 p>dlg r— ■ ftaona M MY. 

TflUtt Sal*— T«MB b*y f«141tt«a. CMtBd. ^utot 
V •«<> ta am «iaM ooaauun; w«l«lit mh«mt 
im Ita. AMlr Ctertaa AUUml •laamtCa 

TCyom Ilia « haaa. I pultotf. WMta !*«• 
JP hanifc »J>.*«_ tar lot. T^JMrtto— <MtK. 

irK>R ■>!» ■ f yeuos WMm W]ran««tU 
f Mat. la solciidld ooadlUoa. IS aaak. 
r.O. Boa »♦!. ar ahooa tiMU. 

FOR BAIJB— 4 «a«M. 1 aandcr, (ine apaci 
mana (or braaAlac. 1241 MapU 8ir««l 



R aaW— Para bra« R. L Rad 

far bra«4in« aaraoaaa. Phaaa «7SlIi, 


T,1om •▲Ul—At onea. 

■P tllZR. 

four Tooloaat geeaa. 


OR Sala — Qaad Malataia oow. youni. ra- 
c«ntly calvad^ Apply IMT North Coa4c^ 


FOR HAUb— Irikh Hatter pupplM. padtirea 
parantai 477 Dockyard Road. Eaqul- 

T?K>R Sale — OordoB~8ait*r doc. two raara 
JP old. trainirt: 135. Apply B. B. Marvin 
fc Co.. l-iOa Wharf Btract. 

GOOD Jersey eww. Juat calvad. JaMaC 
TowBBcnd R M.Dl No. 4. Vlatorla. 

GOD Binciac Canartaa. MU Blaaahard 


JRR8ET. Znd calf due Id January. Dur> 
haiK. tnllkliiK. tba both tor tSlO. Box 
47n. Colaalat. 

IX Goat for Mle; brad. Apply Bm 
4*«t, Colonial. 



OLD Bofllah shaap dofa— Will b«ir <mm ar 
two puppica. or yoaaic do«n. It prlee !■ 
rlicht: no acrubs wantod. Addreaa. a«orfi 
Lawta. 2SK7 Fourttr Avenue. Beattle. WaaB. 

, /\MB food t-year-old unreKUtared Saanan 
j^- \J buck 1(4, Apply Cwythar. K.U.V. Ma. 
• 1. Duncan. ^ ' 

PUU.BTS, P^lata, Pallala— For aoma «oad 
Mareh and A»rll hatebad pallata call 
at a«r Cltjr Markat Atall: tina aalaoUen for 
Ttiaaday. Day M BaML 

PORTA RLB poultry hooaa for aale. IJSO 
Orant Ptreat. '' 


1111 8ra«d Btraat. 






WB ara now paoklBC buttar in tina again 
for f>verseaB. Bend >our folka aoma 
(or Xmaa. 
A«am» twr Da Vm^M gaparater. Beat by ft 

IHQISQ canartaa. laapaeUon llivltad. 
ti8«»- ^hakaaoaa^a St. 

OUM> taroi boraa tor «al% Mra. a. Jotoa- 
' ton, btrathcoiia. abawtpigan t*ka. 

k.ft » iCai Sr f aklnaaa atud dog waatad. 



IMQINQ Canarlaa for aala. ZXiiU 

5risti ' Whlta Lagbora pullau (or aala; 
May lat baiob. IS-II aaok. Apglv IM 
MItbat Btfaat 




IQOn CUEVKUL.KT touring, drivaa but a 
JLU4J\J (ew mllea. baa extra ttra and ax- 

traa: battar than now II. Ill 

1 Q-| Q FORD touring, in good abapa, prt- 
XHXO vately ownad: Kood tiraa and a 

aaf a buy. at HM 

1 Q-f 4J HTUDBBAXBR. 7-paaaanger. nawly 
Xi/xO painted, new tliaa: would make 

Una rent car, at ....••.< ..It.171 

1 (Ml rr uVi!.Ri<AND touring, running atrong 
X«/X I and aulat: toaa bad the beat of 

eara . IMC 

1 Ql Q HUDSON touring, haa been nawly 
XcfXO painted: aood tiraa: extra ap«> 

Dial MTI 

1 Q1 f> HUPMOBILB roadator, new top, 
XifX^ Kood tire*, and baa l>een com- 
pletely overhauled 1171 

A Bcora of other cana Saa na ttrsL 

724 Johnion Htroet Fboaa HIT 
Liberal terma it dealred 

ADVKRTiSUR wlabaa to purchaaa lata 
model rord, tn drat elaaa conditio i. tor 
cieb. I'hone »»HY. 

ATTBNTION — Ford Owaara— Oo aet have 
your Ford motor torn to plaoaa for 
magneto Iroubia We can aava you tima and 
taonay. Oui Liactro meihod locatea and 
claara abort oircuita and electrloal trouble 
without tearing down yaar motor. If your 
c^ ia hard to atart, Wg can Ox it, and at 
tba aama tlma glva you battar tigbta. mora 
pap and power, liatiafactlon guaranteed or 
no pay. t^ail and- have your car laatad (raa. 
Memphill Trade Scboola, Ulananard and Fla- 
gard Straata (Btactrioal OapArunaSt). 
Phone ITM 

^ - ' ' ■ " . . - . 


to aecurc a Kood oar for delivery or jitney 

work, on ter ma at "MASTERS" 

Ovarland. t-aaatar | 4TI 

Havara "t" 6 or 7-aaatar Tl« 

Btudebaker. S-aeater ••! 

McLauirblin. I or 7-aeatar 1,710 

Ovarland. 8-aaata r ,,,* 100 


1001 Vlaw St. oar. Vaaooaver St. Phena STI 

CRBVROLKT Baby Grand. Ilka saw. 

2STUOBBAXBR8. T-pajaanger, alactrld 
IlKbta. atartar. 11,110 and tTOt. 

CADILXAC. Itll, T«pMaaagar. goad tiraa 
and paint: 11. lit. 


fj^OR Sale — t.paaaenaer Ford, 111* modal, 
JC haa aaal covera, electric >>gbta gaed 
tiraa Owner going to California. We take 
cara in trade. Apply at Camaroa Autoik 
III Superior Htrect. 


HtTDSON Buper-ela T- paaaaagar. 1111 
Ctiatioara, t-eylladar, 7-pa8aangar. a 
aplaadid rant car; X-pa«aengar. Model M, 
Ovartaod, Marlon Cutlet, itll C adillac »• 
rar. and lilt Ford. l-paaaaBgar. iSia 
iaa III*. 

III Suporlaa St Uablnd Parliamaat Bidga 

aaw. rria 

iMiANU e!lMu.^lZl^u otation • 



tU't Talaa Straat 

tug Agaau (or Slmaa^ Paata 


W. U. HUOUES. Prop. 

Bad. Phone aitll. 

"Tba Hotiaa of Bervtea" 


LET IM overhaul it. If repairs ara needed 
they will coat you leaa here. 


S. G. Blanobard Thoa. Steele 
Fort St. next cor. Cook Phone 1117 


McLaughlin b-ii. i»ii modai. partoet 
oaadltion. aood tirca and Bnlab aa aood 
aa aaw. Prioa 11.11*. 

McLAUOHUN H-41. Ill* modal. Juat rwa 
a few montha. In drat claaa order. PrIoa 
ILIOO. ^^^ 

McLAUOHUN D-tl. four cyllndar, looka 
aa aood aa haw. Price ILOIO. 


ODGB Roadatar, haa be«a wall looked 
after, and la a good buy at 11,110. 

147 Tatea Street. City 

MR. AUTO-UW: KH, wnen you require the 
boat poaaible workinaaatalp on the radi- 
ator or fandara of your ndw car. all IB" 
«^Mlrlaa will direct you to 

Aata Radiator and tender Spaelallato 


IIcLAUGHLIN D-4S Special 11760 

Studabakcr, C-aeater, all good tirea... 335 

Ovarland, S-aeater, a anap at 471 

Havera "6" touring car, aelf-atarter, 
etc. 750 

All above cara are in fine ahape and can 
be bought on very eaiy tenon. 

Other cara and motorcycles taken In trade 



1003 View St. corner of Vancouver St 

Phone 37S 



/CHALMERS, 4>«y4la4ar. aaS aurtar. 


TjHMt BMmltiira movlBg. atauag dnd ahip- 
X; plngj try Hudaon Broai Wa guaraataa 
aatHfactloB. Phone tUI. 


UeUlVOHLIN E><<l. 

PrlvBtaly Owned asd Id Good Ooadltioa. 
tLTIO Oaah. 



EW DodKe, perfect condition, anay for 
quick aale. Coioniat Box 4174. 

OLD cara in any condition boltght for 
apot caab. Mr. Junkl*. 141 view bt. 
i none lS3ti. 

OWNl:.K must sell Roadater, 1914 model; 
ban three new tlrea. dumountable rimii, 
electric atarter and five iiilnta, good 
Ivaiirer UDiiolatery. all in flrat claaa ahaite: 
will demonatrate; a anap at 1700: terms if 
a^airtii to rlKht ourty. Colonlet Box 4689. 

VEKLAND, aultable Jitney, private own- 
.t: $350. Phone 1217. 


ONB Palga, l-paaacnger touring oar, Gray 
* Davla alavirlcal eyatem, mechanically 
ia the boat at coaditloa. Tbta oar la a anap 
at 1*0*. 

OMB Oi(«rtaad, l-paaaanger tourins ear, 
eiaatrio atarter and lighta. Modern in 
every way, and in A-1 condition. A i>ar- 
gain at |I00. 

/V*B Ford touring car, in firat-claaa con- 
Vr dltion. A blK anap, |400. 

ONB ''IF' Studeoaaor, modern la every 
way. BverythlDv good. A roaj bar- 
gain at 1600. 

ONB Republic one-ton truck. Good cab 
and body. Mechanically In firat-claaa 
abapa. A big bargain at |1,I00, 

Cor. Courtney and Gordon Sta. I'hoDe 2346 

PHONE 1701 

111 Vlaw Straat 

Winter Topa. Tourlaa and Delivery Bodlaa 

Built to Order. 

Topa. .Slip Covtiia and Liuai Covara Wade 

or Ramadn 

irH}!^ l-paaaanger, overhawiea thraasSagi. 
J? Illgi CMAL.MERSL torpada nodaL a 
rau MMl ear. ITii: WHlTB tooring aw. 
aaa at tba beat, would make a awoll tmeb. 
••It: l.M>IA.N motoroycle, I saw tlrea. 1100; 
tiraa and tubee. llxIM. tSx4. and 10x4 

fraa lid up: old cara. awr oandltloa tahaa 
la mda. 


<Aak tor Mr. JuBklat 

»«! Vtew Streat Pb—a WH 

17\tju aaie~w-i>aMencar Far* ear. aaw tlf«& 
I IB saa ruaniog order: will take IIH tar 
caab. ABPly lit Supartar St.. behlad Par- 
liament Hulidtaaa 

1i*OR SALB— Stud eoaker 10, l-paaaangar, 
' III* aaalt. Layard. Daap Cova, R.1I.D., 

FORDS, aavaral. Ill* to |N«, aaar tarma 
HandcraoB 4-oylinder matararalas iBdlBiS 
Taia^ eta. All bargalaa Saa RaBiUa, iTlf 
cook stragt. H4». 

•^o^.srTr^ftifcni^rL.s' asjisa^' 

rOB A r*W DATS ONLT— Wa wm* llM 
■igagr sM tliaa* aara ataai Sa siM 

JSBON Mb. a asiaaSM aodars aag 


It aaw. •*■«, 

STUDSBAKSn. T-gaaaaB f a> , 
agMB sM atsrtar: |^ 

P«0«D Pa ti w y , 



a»d atbar aara all 
«• sbaa*. 

vaa bava aa> Maa mt aattiM a «Br 
ftin.ta BM rtwaa^ bafiialaa fvavp «•» 

OM Ofcg 

IK QUtrmm 


PISTON rlnga for every car or marine an- 
giaaai wholoaala and retail. Mali or 
phona. Gordon H«ad, M 3. Piaton Htng 

ROLLER and Ice Skatea, Trlcyclea and 
Scootara. Plimley A Altohie, Ltd., 611 

ROADSTBR for aala. apara tira etc.; anap 
1871. Phone OStBU 

V' ALUABLB information. It ia a good 
thlnK to know that w» can reitair your 
old tirea Do not throw your old tirea 
away, but let our tire rxpe.-t give you a 
privo on retreading or vuicaolxlng. No Job 
too amall or too larse lor ui ta handle. 
All work guaranteed. Hrmpnlli 'Irado 
School*, Blanihard and FKsard Streeia 
«VulcaBUIng Dep artment). Phone S7«4. 


STUDEBAKBR S-aeater. In fine running or- 
der, all very Kood tlrea (Ford size). 
presto tank, good top. xood aet of lamna, 
full aet of tools, a spare tnbr and r«al leath- 
er upholstprlng. Price only t33S; easy terma 
arranged if desired at 

1003 View St. cor. VancouVBr Bt. Phone 173 


SBCOND-Uaad Uraa^ tubea and rima. all 
aitea, from |3 up; X and 4-oyllnder en- 
ginea from |7I up; I. 4 and l-oyltadar 
Boach magaatoa, from 110 vach: Ramy S 
Spllldart magnetoa, from tlO up: tralUra 
from 111 each; «-voit batterlea. |10 each; 
Balek, Aparaan, Abbott, Detroit, Carter 
Car, tttdba^ fe. M. F., Fiandara, Wlaton. 
ate. parte (or aala at bait price. Wa 
bava la atoofc parta («r moat all aiakaa ut 



Pbone 1177 7X7 Johaaon Street 


Open All Might 

Wa have a buy that will appeal to par- 
ticular people. Thia U 1*1* Brtacoa 
touring, with two buranara, Mlip-covera 
and curulna. Thla car la i^arly naw 
and has run only 4» mllea. 

1011 Ford touring, with ailp-covera and two 
olh«r aaLraa, aaglue aad tlr«a III firat- 
claaa ooadltion. TbU ia a buy we 
will guarantee. Price MIO 

1918 Wlllya-Knisht touring, ateel wire 
wheela, two ' spare tires, and car baa 
been uewly painted DSuv 

1*16 Hudaon "Six." in good condition. -MlOO 

Furd truck with body, just overhauled. .710 

Try Our Non-Froeae for Tour Radiatora 
Expert Rppaira Expert Battery Barvioe 

WHlTB ttve-ton truck, need only tew 
montha. with splendid automatic dump 
body, for sale: cash or terms: an exeep- 
tlonal Imnrnlp. Hi|v»«.Anri«riion Motof (To., 
L imited. 13l>4 Oranvllle Street. Vancouver. 

A ^Y^'QT — Auto for hire, flve-paaaenger 
4UUoXi tourlDK car. Rea, 3>l* Waacaaa 
Street. RelUble. new car. A. U UloMlng. 


-| Q'1 Q fOtt.T> toaring ear. Tbta ear baa 
Xt/XO Jtiat baoB overhauled aad ta in 
splendid shape. Has run only i.OOO mile*; 
Ir e4]ulpped.^with bumper, Hassler shock 
absorbers, slip covers, storage battery, de- 
mountable rima, 1 aiiare tlrea .lmoua<:tta 
aide curtaina and other acc^Wbrlea. This 
ia a real snap at lAO-caah, 

Pbaaa «lll III Tataa BL 


ENGLISH make motor-cycle tor aale, 
cheap; equipped with apeedomatar, 
Preato tank, nickel-plated headlight, horn, 
tcood tubes and tirea, two-api-ed gear; a fine 
machine fur a ald«-car. Box 4168, coi- 

FOR SALE — Excelaior twin, fully ««julp- 
ped. Including apeedometar; |lg6. Phone 

HAMUMiX. Indian, b^xoelalor and Douglaa 
Motorcycle Repair Worba UO JobBaoa 

MOTORCTCLES. DIeyolea and Supply 
Store Victoria agenta (or Bxaelatwr 
motorcydea; full Una of auppliaa and re* 
-pair parte for all mabea of - iB otw r cyvi a a 
Pricea naaonabla. 114 Yatea Straat 

'MOW la the time to have youi bicyela irrar- 
X> hauled. Godfree la the man to do It. for 
you. Our cIrarKes are extremely reaaonabia 
We win take your machlB*. to plecaa aad 
reaaaemble from II. 

GODFREE. Tba Bloycia Spaelallat 
»04<I06 Yataa St Naxt Prinoaaa Tbaatra 

^BVEHAL snaps at Ueutua-a. Muiwi • 
to cyciea. Indiana from |iO upi Forda 
etc. ivepalra — ha>e Maanla do tham. He 
will make you Bappy. 1111 Cook. Phaaa 







For Businesa Tripa. Theatre or Dance Partlea 


Saoppinir. tl.SO per hour 

Plaaaura trIpa, 13.00 per hour. 

k:i>' inCiii..N !■ MBiRVlCB 

i-iiONE 1771 P. R. PIKE PHONB 1771 

C1AR tor ahupping, aveiUc Urlvea, dancaa. 
^ etc. i'uoutf saaSL. Hay Jobaaoo. 14* 
fort btreel. 

1/fOR HiRlS — New McUiughlln tuuiiua car. 
X Shopping, dancus, acenlc drlvea; every 
comfort Itaiea reaauuaute, U. Clara >iai« 
4»tn t^attauuni. Iba iurunto btreeu Phoi^e 

I i IKib — Bis new Wlotua Six. 7-p»s»«nfc«> 
biure. B es. 63I>Y. T, U Ooia. 

liUb^r AA1> XOLMD 


C10NFI0flU4TLAL — Laat ya< 
J lost ibia 
Hair aavad. 

Fin— Uau 
Tu.\ IFOAM— Praata . 

0«l Vlaw Street / Pboaa 111! 


far Mr. iuaklo 

SNAP — Late model Ford touring car. In 
perfect ninninR order, good rubber: the 
K'ee la right: oaah or terma. Mllllken- 
naar Itrt>tor Co.. cor. View aad Vancou- 
ver Streeta 

6-SBaTBR. tiai 

SMALL l-eaater totiring l;ar, in real gOM 

running order. This car haa all very 
good tirea and Is very econuinlcal to operate 

and ia a great boy at ISl'l. Other cara 

and motorcydea taken la trada and aaay 
terma arraagad at 


1**> Vlaw St, rernar of Vaacouver St 
Phone 873 

SNAP— IS b.p. light Studebakah touring 
car. In flrat class shapp. price IIBO; 
caah or terma Mlllili«>n-I>i>nn<<r Motor Co., 
cor. VI»!W and Vancouver Streeta. 

SNAP— Maxwell IH-ton worm drive truck, 
oompletely equipped with stake bodr, 
cab. storm curtaina. windshield, and elee*' 
trio lights. See thi*. Mllllken-Donner Mo- 
tor Co.. ear. Vlaw and Vancouver Bta. 

184 Jabaaaa Straat 

to aacura a 
at about half prioa 
fpHB MOTOM ia tba atrong. alloat r«BBtng 
X ala-eirlladar type, la parfadt eanditloa. 
T8B BODY a lata mod«l all-weather de- 
•Ign, beautiful In finish and richly uphol- 
atarad; ipierior lighting: and in appear- 
BBOa like naw. THB TlllBS ara ail five in 
the beat paaalMa tfiapa aad mounted aa 
aulck dstacbable rima, 

f»« Jaknaaa Straat . Pkaaa HIT 

tJtJM win avarbBBl a* repair yaar aaa at a 
TV aaatraat »tlaa All work absaiatalp 


•Tba n 

Haaaa ttt Servioa" 

WRONG r.^ 

W^U pat 
pat It rl»M at the right prtra. 
a. Blaachartt Thoa. Steal 

•rt at. Mat c«ra«r Caok l>baita mi 

Ij^oLi.M) — Rowboal. center harbor. Owner 

X apply 2U» wucboc at., after « p.m. 

LOST — At outer wharf or Immigration 
buildings, about 3 p.m.. small leather 
bag containing ono diamond and ruby ring, 
one RolU rlUK, one watch, two one dollar 
bllla ,aud two tickets from Victoria to .\a- 
nalino. i' I'udcr nl> use notity Clian Blna. 1043 
Pandora Ave. Reward 16. 

LOST — 120 bill lost on Tuesday laat. either 
111 a SHOP or utAwten lUtes and Brough- 
ton Streets. Reward. Phone S978. 

LOST — About two weeka ago, crank handle 
(or Cadillac car. Finder please phone 

IOBT — Gold wrist watch engraved G.S.8., 

or city. Finder please pbone Z09X. Reward. 

LOST — Auiomobile licence nuntber piaie, 
21390, Jtii Uovernment Street. lleturn 
UIggon Printing Co., 1210 Government St. 

m ■ 

LOST — Beaver gAuntlet; reward. Napier- 
e.emv .Naval College. 

LOST — Black and white beifer. Apply ta 
W. Slmpaon, Faraon'a Bridge. Colwood. 
Hfwsrd. ■ 

LIBERAL reward for return of purse con- 
taining laree su.-n of money. Mrs. K. 
Kingilcn. 834 Courtney Street, t'hone 139SU 

Iusr— .Nov. /a. crc.-hat oarae containing 
J It r..\ Phon- KtlR. 

1UST--A biack n.otre puree containing 
^ money Tueaday aftamooa. .Reward. 

T »innw %'lt. * 

ROLLER and Ice Skatea, Trioyclea and 
Scootera Plimley * Ritohla, Ltd., Ill 

<^KATa8, hollow ground, at Wllaoa'a Re- 

lvii. whiiii t,\z formorant 



BST aiaet aaad guarda lor ayalaa PUai- 
' lew a Ritchie. Ltd.. >H VUw Straat 

MKUKT yaarPIHaada at tba OLAMJMiOB 
POOL ROOM. Douala* aad Yat^ la 
ip« Haa»meBt. MCK HAlTlg. Proprtatar 

TWO JAClkB ,DUf l£ 

THB worklagmaa'a alab; tMt UchMS aaS 
vaatUated raonaa la the ally; Braaaw t aB- 
tsatae and Burrauaba and Watu taataa 



BEFORE Invaatlas gat partlculara •t 
Llgnollth Manufaaturing Company. Lim- 
ited. Low capitallaatlon. unlimited market 
lur tne product aiiuare deal to ahareholdara 
Full partlculara from United Financial 
Brokers. Limited. 106 Btobart Block. Yattia 
Strtjct. For appointment Pbone 5908. Do 
it now. . 

BARBkR shop, pool room and cigar ataad 
(or aale aa a going concern. AppIV III 
Johnson S treet: wil l aell cbaap. 

■C^OR SALB-Roomtag and boarding house, 
X cheap for caab. Apply Sidney Bakery. 
Sidney, B.C. Pbon e 19, 

I NEED i partner for a good aound bual- 
neea propoaitlon : one whtt can invest attout 
IZ.OOO. Box 4749, Coioniat. 

IF YOC have a buatneaa tor disposal or 
require extra capital f^t development, 
we Can help yon. The demand for legiti- 
mate business openings ta large. Call in 
and talk It over. 

101 Union Bank Duilding 

LARGE Grocery business, offers unexcelled 
opportunities for the development of big 
businesa in rapidly-growing district tribu- 
tary to Victoria: 13,600 worth of stock; 
$2,300 turnover monthly; price $4,000. Can 
bo bought on terms. 


710 B.C, Permanent Building 

Telephone 3933 Dou glaa Street 

MOTOR TUANSPORT— In connection with 
which there la a valuable haulage 
contract and a lot of general work. One 
new 3H-ton motor truck with both three- 
yard steel body and flat body, hydraulic 
hoist, shock absorbers and other extra eqofip- 
mc-ut which cost 87.600 3 months ago. Truck 
and businesa connection goes for |«i,4Uv; 
33,000 cash; balnnce monthly. A good op- 
portunity to acquire a real business on the 
eaalaet of easy terms. 


101 Union Bank Building 

MOVING picture theatre for aale, good 
leaae, near city, fully eouloped. low 
rent accommodate 300 oeopie. Price 81.000. 
Applv-~,gox 4472. Cilonlet 


OUR long peraonal association with Vlc- 
.torla of some twenly-flve years' dura- 
tion and an established connection, enables 
us to "Perform the^ task of setting you up 
In business on secure lines. Our list of 
opportunities covers an extensive field of 
investment enterprlaa In all parte of the 
lalBJid. If you have money to invest con- 
sult ua without delay. 


ILL the person aeen taking muff In 

itilstakp Irom Conservatory at 811 

Trutch Btrect, kindly leave at 749 Fort St? 



CLARENCE Hotat Yatea and Douglaa 
Ratea: Trantienta, l&o up; weakly. 
88.00 up. A few bouaekaaplBc aultaa 
Phone 3I1IO. 


aeeommedatlea gaed. Ratae r aaaeaa b ia 

Moat centrally Mtaatad batei la Vletarla 

P W MfRrr rmnrletor 

>'k.>BllT Hula.1. — I81* Broad Straat. 
I newly ranevatad and opaaed aadar aaw 
maaagamant 3. NeaMtt. Praa Madarate 



iCTOBtA'B Maweet aad 

O BO-P at a 



710 B.C. Permanent Building 

Telephone 3928 Douglaa Street 

RETAIL business for sale; good profits; 
man with little mechanical knowledge 
necessary. Price 13,000: no ag'-nts: please 
give references. Box 4766. Colonist. 

WANTED — Partner (or restaurant busi- 
' ncHS. a live man: come and are me be- 
twe^-n 10 and 13 Empire Cafe. John- 
aon Street ■, 

WANTED — Man of executive and organ- 
ising ability to undertake management 
of an eatablished concern manufacturing a 
line which dominates extensive markets in 
every Province In the Dominion; profits are 
large; cash required $5,000 fur extension of 
business only. Honey will be under your 
own control. 

101 Union Bank Building 
^ I'hone B900 

tXTILI. Invest one ta Ave hundred dollara la 
vV anything that Will return a fair wage. 
Ihnnc ««fZR. 

*rtRADINa ta partieularl; active now in 
X Trolanr Spartans and Pitt Meadows 
Orders promptly and eTfu-lently executed 
Try our service -It has several years locai 
experience back of it W. Wballay A Com- 
Ijany, Stock Brokera. Pacific building. Van- 
couver. 3.C.. Uembera of Van.!ouver Utock 
t-schangy I'or.-tspondence solKlted. 

DRKS8MAK1>U ^^^ ^4I7 

DRESSMAKING, 3SS Earaman Bt. Foul 

DRESSMAKING — Apprentices wanted. 
Room 110 Stobart Block, Yates Street 

DKh.SStuAKl.NG — Blouaea. kimoaoa and 
alterationa promptly dona Room 18. 
:07H Yates Street 

IRENE — High-claaa dreaamaklag; reaaon- 
able ratea. Phone 168b. Room 8, 1Z19 
Langley Street. 

HS. WKST, 730 Fort Street. Dreaamak- 
_^^njp, aiteiatlons. «tc. I'hone 1>17. 

yj^yy^^^ fi 

CONFIDENTIAL — For protectloB — nm^ 
Tooiroam on your hair Flu caa't dae- 
troy It tbea. 

C CLOTHING Which you do not wear ^» be 
J turaed lato caab by ptaoaing ^UL Mrs 

DRESSMAKING taught and plain aewlng 
done, ladles bring own material and 
..aitci lis. aive us a trial. I>01 View St 

1.\FUUMAT1UN Wanted— Brother la aax- 
ieua to hear news of William MIcbael 
tiobinkua. I«(t St Thomas. Ontario, tea 
year* ago: mother ' .ead In Kngland. Write 
Thomas Kobloson. do ^ount tttepbsn House, 
1- le ld. B.g 

ATERNITY casea received in privaia 
liun>>. 920 >ates 81. PhoBe 981. 



Bd \ aiiLAJi UXtt WulUkB— iBe largeat 
»KJ» dyeing aad cleaaiag worka la tin 
Province. Country order* aoilMted. Pboaa 
160. J. C. Henlrew. Prop. 

■ ."UUE CL.a.AM k^KM— Clotbea deaaed and 
XV repaired at raaao n able ratea 11*0 
Btan»hard Street 


speclflcatlona; manuaorlpta a apeclalty. 
Phone 6634X. 


JkhiAVlLLlL. JOtt^ %'., 718 Fort (^rte« 
' furniture and baaka Tel. 1T8T. 

Beeton A Co.. Ltd. wholeoale dry gooda 
Imporiera and manufaoturera: mea'a (Br< 
oiahiaga lenta, "Big Huru' brand atairta 
e^trralls. Mall orders attendsd t o. 


IVATib BXATlO^Skiiik <HS>buaa«d la Bar 
dcalgn or color. Tba Caloalat Prlattag 

!"■ mnsiiv. Limited. 


Cyoa a OOLIUAtk apcclaliau ta elevator 
J and motor rcpairlug, awltGbl>oard areo- 
tion. private laatallatlona Moiora aad 
draamoa re-wound and gtiarantead. Ball* 
roataa given. Stobart-Peaae Building. Yatea 
Street. Pbonea 6868. I783H and «41*R. 




tXJLltkAiS — josapB t>«aue>. omce at 
1106 Wharf Street Phoar 111. 


■..'^Ult eieuctl and aeai •ngravtog. genera. 
X engrave.' and atenoll cutter. Oaarge 
Crowtber, m16 Wharf Street behind Peat 
omca , 


tJ^LR.MTURk: Crating and soipiilu^ eo- 
X trusted to as receives the best poaaible 
attention and care. Uudaoa Broa. PBaaa 
1263. 1176 liatea Streat 
■ — ■' ■ — — ^ 

ii^UU.MTUHii, moviug mada eaay by aaa* 
I ploy:ng Hudaon Broa. Phone 1968. \ 

JEEVliS BROS., motor and boraa vane for 
moving; storage, sbtpblng and packlaa. 
Phones 1888 and 614. OOtee: 1*08 Govera* 

ment Sti-e' i. 

MOVk your turaiture by motor or ta 
ttU^ck and reliable servioa Batroa* 
lo J. '.J Wllllama Phonr 670. 


B/^ jrUNiiatAL Ca tHa^ward'a. Ltd.t^ 
*\J» — Funeral diractora aad ambalmera 
ChaiMi and private pari>ra: mouir or boraa 
cqaipment Alwaya opea. Pbane llll. 

'84 BroughtoB Street 


l.'^uelcit. ciibU — 1316 UovernmeJi Street 
E Phone 1687. Alterationa and Vepaira 


CI ENERAL gardening, tree pruning, apray- 
f Ing. H. Mewea. K.O.C. Hut Fort St 
Phtme 17380. 

Gc.\KttAL aardenlng, pruning, spraying 
Fred Bennett. Strawberry Vala P- O 

.-rrn,. I'nlquItT 19L. 


ZINC and Coyper llluatraiiuaa of every 
' daaorlptton at Tba Ootoaiai Pbata-Ba- 

I • - nw i^pi'iirin<ent 


Wharf St. ayd 1406 Store Bt Pbone 


. y ^.. _ . . _ ^ 


KODAK UuariTAL -—Bring your a.e- 
daka and Cameraa to the Kodak Hoa- 
pitai and have them put in working arder 
for the Bummer bolidaya Mavuard's. Ill 
Pandora Avenue. Phonr 6}SI 
■*' , ' ■- ■ 



XX sanitary way. 1016-17 .North Park. U 

U. Mal.«an^ kxport laundervra Telepbaae 



LIMB for farm and gardo. delivered la 
any aoantity. Rosebank IJme Ca 
AnnHstK ?► • "nen» B»lm'>n< «X PO 

NOhlU>M>.ar l.I>tti. 
llliaar lime 6^1 
I l"ne • ">'■ 



PRIVATE licenced maternity home nuraa. 
Mrs. F. McKonzle, 1787 Sccond'Street 
Phone 32S0L. 

ROI.>LElt and Ice Hkatr.s, Tricycles and 
Scooters. Plimley ft Ritchie, Ltd., Ill 




ARS for hire. Phone 6056Y. 

AGKICI l/rt KAIi l.MPLK.HE.\'l S 

ICHBLL, O. T^, 610-13 ' Pandora— 
Farm and dairy auppUea, gaaollna 
englnea, Masaey-Harria machinery. 

i>t ii^t.>i'^ik.s .k.< 

\ .'k>%VJ'<-« iSutib 






Fort Street 

TRANHlt..NT8. 7tO UP 



New etlBker-btint rowbeaUk II ft, Ut\ 
13 ft. $88; 14 (t, I4li ataadard ae*' 
stnicted wark boata. 14 ft.. Ill: II (U llll 
ymcbt diagble^ |M; otbar raodela aad i 
a B. Uadaay. 141* Veaablaa Bt- Vi 


B angiaa ro« ara iaaklag (ar. baavtly 
built yet well praBartloaed. a a wegfal ral 
with little vtbratloa. a e esaslbie M* eaaaaj 
aaaaka or threw oil. atmale yet lacka b« m*»4 
faatara Thia la tba aew Baatl i a u a Haaw 
Duty Trailer. Tba arloa la 86TI. wbteh la> 
aladee magnata preaatler ahatt and aeeaa> 
aaHea. Kaatha^.. BTt.a. VaacoBrar. U.C 


•eg— IT MVATB CbrtatBMa craatlac card 
4^ aaaiale boob free: raai aeaa t att^ee 
already makta* Rva ta tea dallara dalbr. 
RradlayOarrataaa Ceaaaaax B>waiiaid. Oa> 

Build^ and Contractar 

ALTERATIO.N'B, repaUa. olBae aad 
fittings, catlmataa. plana given. 

PH ONB 6914. 1141 WORK BT. 

CARPENTRY — Aiteratioaa and rapaira; 
roofa repaired and guaranteed. T. 
Thirkell. Phone 179 1. Estimate s free. 

EVANS ft GREEN — Returned aoldlera, car- 
pentrra and builders, corner Quadra and 
View. Wa build, alter or repair anything. 
Furniture made to order. Pbone 1180. Rea. 
Pbone 6041U 

f\FTl(TK aiid Store Fittlnga anpplled at 
\J ahorteat notice ; aaah, framea, mouidlnga 
and all elaea of lumber to order at W. F. 
Dryadale'B, lOtI Mortb Park Street Pboae 
**t. ^ 



GANN, Yacht. LanBch and Boat Balld- 
_...- er. Dealgner and Agent: eatliBataa 

SIvob: late eontraotor to H. M. aevaraaaeat 
dmlralty and War DepartmenC BnaloBd. 
PolBt lulUee Boat House. Pbaaa I7t* 


BBlca.WUH^— Alt riaaasa al ararb daaa; 
better ««ttlaga aad all claaa aa e< fur- 
aaaa work. Dave Buraett l>«* Oaaar 
atraet. Pbena MUX. 


LKT w (.atlaat year 
a t lsa iU e ii a aa aaf. 
Ball MaraaadlB aipaa 


cmxni^pjrg oP TtTmER 

/^miLIMIBW aad I i Mw g tMlBttar— _ 
\J break Taaa6L t aruir Bread aad daba- 
soa. Pboaa 4Tti. 

cmucmct swcbp 

*illM.>biY BWBMP— Uayd. Pbaaa 8*»SM 
* tii«*<>« >eaw e a'j erleaea la Vlaiarta. 


WtUTI^ ebliaaay 



rBBBbitdMok Mnr. 

LITHOUKAPHI.NU — Liihograpbiag. an- 
gravina and embossing. Nothing lea 
large and nothing too email: your atatl«a< 
ary 19 your advance agent: our work la 
uneaualled weat of Toronta The Coioniat 
ITlntlne and Put>ll«hlna Co Ltd. 

f ^n 

M'>\« » 

IAV\ .. Jk.UA,:i* W......VU. 

■d delivered. We alsu put .n ii.-« . > 
here to vour imrn uu'' 

C«u.\i>ti.i..ciJ.u.\ and rcpatr work oa ma. 
' ettlnary of all deacrlptiona; caailnga 
• nd boiler work to order; engineering 
hardware and auppliea, wood pullaya, pipe- 
nttlnga, etc. Uatlmatea givaa free and all 
work promptly executed. Marine Iroa 
Worka (18 Pembroke fftrvet phone III 

i'lAU loo i;Ai'Uli.RS 

PORTRAlTti and «nlaraumMat« li>r Xmaa 
Evening alttinga. Arlste istudlo, 13^« 
i.>uugiaa blieet, V iciurla. 

O :)U< (jotcruiiient btreei >upsiairsi. 

X-l&Jb AiiMla «iUUM> 'U«MV4A. a.M.>fcW||.«a#Uk. 
att.»i». iiKXt Alercnauui' Bank, \atea 

l'k^\.M.iH^>K» A.\l* UlwViiAti 

ABlllo.'.B. iaMilbtl — Ulipwalle s 
Plumbing, haaiiug and eheet Iroa work. 
Siviuila phone 4768. uak Bay onon* 61f». 



Pbane 1114 

•II Fart Btraat 

JU. Bi<a>lAiib— I'lUUiaiua* Deauug. tS«8 
Uak Bay Avuua Pbone 1364. 

Krf. .vwit Ci^.. i^iakiiikM, nauiuutg aaa 
. MaaUBB. 178 yatea St Phoa* 381;. 

■* II. . lie >39. 

^^^0^^^, A.'/OuibW — 1114 Biaiutua/d BL 
> I'luiiibiog and boating. Large stock. 

fl\uii. weiuert Piuiubing a Ueauag Cow. 
X Ltd.. sanitary gnd heating eaglaeerak 
• 61 Bruugtaicii Btrcbt. ii.ataoilaB*a 1181 
Pboae aiS. Inrori-orated 19*9. 



'HI send >uui M»tuiii,a tMdeta a,aa» wBea 
you caa gat (Bern done Better, aateber 
and at the aama price at Tba i:eleatat Prlat* 
ma uepartnieatT 


1>Alik.MB. uadu markd, deitlaaa, oapg- 
, rigbta Keaiherstoniiaugb a Co.. the aM 
eaiabllabed arm of aaiaat ettornaya OlBaaa: 
lata hegers BuHding. t ancouver. B C. 

PATIMiTll— Kualaad Brittala, ragielared 
Bttoraey; patents in all couotrtaa Fair- 
Bald BulldlBB. 446 Uranvlile St. vaaeaaear 

HC. » 


AK.MUtfT. palater. eta 
• l>treet .Phone 



KALSOMINING, paperhanglng and palnf 
Ing; flrat claaa work at reaaonabia 
pricea. J. F. K. MeaeencbmidC 111 Bax 

St. Phone 444 6R. 

PAINTING and deooraUagu all binda vt art 
and plain glaaa work. Pramat a^d tt' 
swpai attentteB. H. Ba-na 1919 Davla Bt. 



^0^ft^^0^r^r^0^0^»^^i^ ^^..-^.^ ,.*^>0^p>^»^b^b^b^b^b^b^^ 



TRUCKt ..i ^w.»i.. ACTORS 

Any Kind ot MatarUI Handled 


R. B. MoKerna 



l.'VtMMaMP— «6e bay any ^uaaUty ot pa- 

Jc tat*-- ■'-• ■-'-- "'- ■- 

ablpa. — 
pboae 116. 

laima t B we eay any ^lisaiHy o( pv 

itoea bad vegeiabUa We aupaiy 

. hata b tf eaaipiL raatawraau aad 

HougTaaa • Ca.. 711 view Btraat; 


DRY nr cordwood, atove langtba, $1 da* 
llvered. Marigold. Wilkinaan 4 Eberts. 
Phone 6618X. 



nrooo wui. wart* waa't~K.aap yaar flra 
** baralag ttala W later. Oet yeur aupptg 
IB aaw uy yaaiuing MI4U Jabaaaa Breai 

^r.'CK^CMUNa LUMti — OeBiera la aard- 

waad. btacka aad apUt weed. Waad 
earrlad la. lie eatraK. Udlaa. IM riasard 
Idad 811 

•uraet. Pboaaa isas 
to au aaru al elty. 

laa Wa dauvar 


UAl AiMityteae Meiuiug— ^-aai Ireu, 
ateel and aluoitnuiu welding. H. Bd- 
aartts. »84, Cuurtu»>. Phoaa «8a|. 

/AXY-ACBT^LJb^E weldmg. uutting 
V/ braaing 931 Wharf. Phone 8931. 

»»AlCtiMAKt'.Ka dt Kiul'AlHiSiMtt 

I iii^ib at lAiiAiai, all awiri at •>«.!•«» 
XJ waicbaMkara, Jawetera aua optleiaaa 
t'uentr til. 


..AAA.,, jifc., ■>,*.». .Aiiiafce f i^u»x u**uu.Ato. 
turlBS Jeweler. k.ngraving ueattr 
Sana. an aara puMilvely guarauieed. ii;a- 
traaue uioueu-iiwue, iiuiidlua. yauae 811. 




•81 katea Biraai 

9 "nrba Ploaear »lr»" 

Wa daa't advertlae our wortt. 
Oar week advertlaee ItaaU, 




ARCHITLCTS and Civil Englneera All- 
wood A Barry. 426 Sayward Block. 
Phone 6B40. 


BAWDfuN, KIDU * CO.— Cbariered Ac 
couatanta. Aaaigaeta Ae.. 431 and 411 
Central Building. Victoria. B.C. Phone 4891 


MAMlXb-LLO Approved Meautjr Sbap. 
chiropody, eleotrolyaia faclala halr- 
dreaalna. maaleurtng. Pboae l4fT tIT Bar- 

w»rd Wide • 


plHlRoPODlbi— U BL Joaea. Ill Central 

^ Bloi'k. Phone >l>»8-. res, ohone 66HW 

MARINBLLO Approved Shop. Coup* aa4 
Hogan 'M.CaV eblrui>o/1««it nn<< o^. 
nietlclans. Pheae 1477. 117 Saywara Blda 


KELUkil a KELLi:.!— PhoBaa 414* aad 
t«MW. Office, tftt-a Wayward R'k 


DH. WILLIAMS' hABitoh Caagb Cure, 
onlck relief from chronle ooagha laa 

Pawceir. ITou Store Phon* «8n 



llll Oaaslaa 

_ 9d baya tor tba 

/>IA>VEUDALJI— Cioee ta 'ear «Bd . 

V> ^ uiis four-ream baacalav vitb k«tb- 
» raaai aad tUtabaa atiaaaad, l«H 
baaaaaeat. aU aa a vaaaeat leaada* 
Tbera la alaa a d9*d abastl 
Far iiM«« Bgl^ «iii^ 


BB thla let 


Nartk , 

arttb MM^ iSr? ! 

dliwra aa tira larM^ )ata Id* «. « 
IM tt. IB a aiae^ blsb M«a«lagL ' 
taaea ara varp ogat. oaip bV|a 
ABluottf»— la a kick laaatioa, etaaa ta 
iBtorurbaa aad achoal. | raaa, 

/ all iBtpravad, wttb aaaalt Iralu aad 
aggortad baartas (TaU tiaaa Ualp 
tt.1**. teraw. 

tbia modort^ t-reoog buagalav. aa 
tkrea lot% !•• (I. x Ili tti tbU la 
a very (aad lavaataMal; aaip iMMb 




H. UdWlB MALL— Jea ell MiecB. ««rae( 
Yatea and Douglaa Streeta 


JOBEPME MADAM, loot apoclailat Cora* 
permanently cured. Censuliatlona traa 
Roema 407-4*9 Campbell BuiidlaB Pboaa 


BUBCTRICITY, quick cure for aprains, 
atiS Jolnta. nreumatlsm. breaking up a cold. 
eto. Apply 406 Campbell B ui lding. 

iASii SliCVli.\OttS 

J. F. leuipiei*.!. t. it. 
Braaat J. Down. See.-Traaa 
A. W. MoVittie. Dom. and B.C.UflL 

a. A. Smith. B.C.L.S 
Batabllahed over t* yeara 
I aad Burveyora. Bugiaeera. Timber 

and Brokers 
Cbaneery Chambers. 1218 Laaclev Btraab 
Phnne 9»*a. 

W. MERSTON, U. C. Land Surveyor and 
Civil EnRlneer, land surveys, timber 
surveys, mineral survey*, railway aurvaya 
and commercial draughting. 



1>Ab6l'UK'lM prepared, loriua eut^yttad. H 
l.loyd-Young, notary public 1011 Braa* 
etreet. I 'hone* 463 3 and tittU. 


I \K. J. DU.NLAl', PByalcMB and BurgeBaw,. 
J.A.Women'B dUeaaes. Suite 817 W«tkef> 

JALLBN, Plaater 
. plala and eraaaiaai 
meat work. repalrk*g 

2»R» H.fcfh Drtve. 

atlotatea sivea sa 
al ftiaatenaa. Ba- 
le. Pbaae «ltA 


^kC<j.sU-HA.\0 <;iMtbtag. aarat'a bi 

II IBT aaab. If yaataaa* ta* 

prteaa. alaavs rail Sbaw a '*a Pbaaa «dl 

rteaa. al' 


rpTPEWRlTKRll — Naw aaa 

* '•^l/a.a'-lJUew'VtSrci^ I53..1S 
Phaaa 4T** 

Peri ftrvet. Vletarla 


U9IOWA. H. H.. lie Fort— Aavai. BMiitary. 
>il»)i aaB ladtv*' tal'of rb<»a# »<'* 

■*ATBTaMAN" TAilAfM. iaiB«pat Ifaaa 
v ttaUdtwg __; 


V Trpewrltara RBNTBD. baaaftt. 
eaabaapad. rab-M. fi5-;«^i«R; RJS 


'it.l en I niversiiv riraill*. V\ aali 


xVL'RSK. maternity iCert C.M.B., Londoa 
4^ Eng. ). oped for engagements. Mrs. U 
C. Newbarn-. 60T Slmcoe Bt. Phone II41R. 

1>iMVAl'i Maiernltjr Uoepltai. tISI aua- 
set Avtnu.. H.- attle. Wash. t 


— — -^^-.^^..^i— — II i 

'B apeclaUaa la aeaip diaeasea, lautua 
bair. faee ataeaaging aad bair work. 
Plump * Pblip. 101 t^mpbeli Bida Pbaaa 





VBTKRIJIAKIAN — CBBine Heaplta.. eer- 
aec Cooh aad PaadoTB. PBena 898IB. 

ly USES txmsA^^ 

roOmed bouse, with warm spacious rooma 
entranoe ball with Oreplace: right on car- 
line bandy (or city end high achaal: (uU 
lot low tB^es: an ideal boma and a apiea- 
did investment 


1*1 Union Rank Bulldlaa^ 

Phone 6900 _ 

A BARGAIN — Modern 6-rooratd bungalow, 
bathroom aad pantry, lot I* ft m 131 ft. 
to a good lane; iuat off carllaa, aa Ik-mile 
cirela. Pric» 11.71*. oa eflay tcraka Oiraer, 
Phone 1*31 r. 


ABIX-nooMED, fully modem buBgaKMr, 
with every home convenleacc. hot and oal^ 
water, bath aad toilet, full baaemeat, far- 
nare, open fireplace, bulM-ln fixturea, vary 
large lot. aplendid garden, various frulta, 
price 11.671; low taxee; terma |l** eaab; 
balance aa real moatlUy. 

AFTVB-BOOMBD buagalow, aptendidly 
finiahed, close to car and bus, hot 
and cold water, bath and toilet aeparaie, 
ballt-lB (iKtarea. open fireplace, baaaoMBt, 
let l*all*, prioa 11.21*; teraia rtgbt ThU 
ia a aa4ip at tba praaeat priea. C a raag 
leavlas Vlotorla. 

BB AVbN.MUB— Madera, »-.^^_ ^_ 

I law, Buat be aald thla ireek, tkeaae 

laro. It la prioed far quick atttaai 
It baa all aaadera, baU6>iB laaiareaL 
lull cemeat haeaiaaBt. faraaea aad 
laundry trayai aad oaly |8,IM. 
B. NkiWCUMBilt, wa will appraetata a 
aaii from you; let ua aaow «Bat 
yaa waat; wa ar« at guar sarMaa, 
1118 l>ou4iiaa street 

lOR Sale— Furnialrad. (ready, (ar lnuaa« 
diatu occHDaiion*. with gaa atovasi 
Huud water beater, aiectria (Isturaa. 
etc.: 7 -roomed modern realdeace aa 
Moaa Street, close to oar and Bear aaa. 
large baaement with garage, (rant aad 
kitchen, garden, fowl houaea aiul nta. 
Apply Owner, on aremiaea. 81 Maaa 
Street, preferably between 11 and It 
terma can be arranged. 

IjVJK Sale — 6-room modern bungalow at 
Gorge. 8 bedrooma, large kitcheit, dtai« 
lag room, bathroom, pantry and separata 
toilet, baaemeat; owner leaving city: no 
reasonable offer refused. APPiy 80* Maaaiea. 
above atore^ 

FOR Sale— «-roomad houaa with eemeat 
baaement and outbaildiaga: two mifl'* 
utea from carllne. and flfteea mhiutea (ram 
town. Phona 614*1.1, ^ * 

FAIRFIELD, on the mile circle, aU-rooir 
modern bungalow, on a large lot, oloao 
to schoola. c:arllne. Beacon Hill Park, and 
ten minuAa' walk to the oat office, Prioa 
reduced from $6,600 to |4,300, on tarma. 
A. A. Meharey, 408-9 Sayward Bldg. 
. — I ,# —— ,» 


ITLOVEn AVENTTC, 6-room buiiCBlov. 
(ully furnlahad. Cloae to aaa, ear aad 
park. Garage. Snap prloe, in«|udla« 
furniture, 13.900. 

CORNWALL STRBBT. *-roam bunga- 
low, fully modern, built-in featurea. 
Snap price, H.MO. 

OSCAR STREET, l-raasa buBBBloar. 
modern, baaement, (tiraace, eto. Snap 
price, $2,910. 

BU8HBY STRBBT, O-room, IH-atory 
houae, cement baaemeat, furnaoe, paa- 
elled walla, beamed o^llnga. bullt-iia 
featurea, aleeplng poron, etc. Snap 
price, $3,400. 

low, fully modern, large lot, (rult tree*. 
excellent view. Snap price, |l,T*0. 
atory bouae, cloae to eoboot and oar. 
Snap prtcu, |I,9M. 

CEUAK HILL ROAD, ••rpom modera 
bungalow, I mlnataa nrom HlllaMo ear. 
Snap price, 13. TM. 

HAMPSHIRE ROAD. I roomi^ 4 bed- 
rooma. fully modera. apan flreplaoa^ 
etc. Snap price. 11,60*. 
BYRON BTKEET, l-room bungalow, 
modern, large, lot. Snap price 11,11*. 


Phona 1474 Suite 7 Phone I4T4 

1007 Government Street 

'CWR Sala — Houae aad lot en Hillalde Ava.« 
J? near Blanahard: no reaaonabia offer re< 
luaed. or will trada (or prairie laad. Obl- 
ouiat Box 4631. 

-|:2H>R Bale— BU-roemed bouae with 
X iBg-room. cemeat baaemeat. lura 
Modern, near ear aad aaa, Nok 11* Buaaby 
btrect. Price |l,9l«. Apply Owaar, P. O. 
Boa *l« 

1.AOLR rouma, bath and paainr, bttllt-la 
X features. ou«n Hreulace: BB attractive 
cosy home oa full alaad tot (or ILIOO. eaay 


lOL Union Bank Bulldlag 

Phone 6900 


modem 9-roomed hat^ga, I bedrooma and 
uathrouiii upsiuirs. extra lavatory dowo- 
siai.s, lull t<asaiiient. furnace. flreplaoe. 
buiii-in leatures. garuge: a nna home; elpaa 
to car. Only 16,000. 00 tarma 

LINDEN AVE. — Near Richardaoa St. very 
nna reaidanee ot I rooma. t reception 

ruoiiiH Willi hreulaoe. and two bedrooma 
downaialra. 3 beurooma and bathrooiB. efc. 
upstairs: basemuut furnace, bulit-la flg' 
tures. large lot fine view, garage: a aacri* 
ilea at $6,600. Let ua show you thla. 

FAIRFIELD — 0-roomod bungalow, iriod* 
ern. baaemeat flne high poeiUoB. Bear 
car: .very ciraap at 18.00*; temu.. 

ttO^nn BUTB a well buUt l-roemad 
q^^OvvF houaa oa good atraet newly 
i>uiuieu: large lot, all la aardea atid fruit: 
Owner leaving city. 

HlLLSiDfe: — ueod l-roomed. modera 
iK.u..^. turnaoe, high and dry. flne view; 
snap at n.«0*. i ^ ., 

JAMK8 BAY — 7-roomed. modem bouae, 4 
bedrooms, basenteut. large lot houae re* 
cently rciMilnted; cheap at 13,110. terWa, 
ITLairfTbld— «-rooned modera baadBlBw, 
C basement aad (uraaoe. t»U lati only 
**,Zi»: terota. 

BAOBRAWS * 00. ■ 

32--. sayward Bldg. Pitdaa III 

-A modera 11- 


FOB bai* 
RiehardsoB Btraat. Far parMaumra aB< 
p«y 10 Na. i«IT Rtetaardaoa. «r lit? OM- 

•rnnieat Street 




t», high laaa* 

tion. good aarroaBdiada (ulty asod- 
arn bungalow, with racBattoa bait. 
living rootn with slldtas doors la 
dining room, open flreplaeaa. oak 
mantel, large kItohoB. i»aai«P. Blaoa 

a fall 

cupboarda. twa bedrooma. large 
baaainent Bad I Iota. a|l Plaatedu 

at I4.e**. aa tanaa. im Wa 

atrawberrtaa, l e a aab jyf iagi 



B«claalY«lP BB 



PhOBo *l*l 

Itl Pambertoa Bldg. 


OWLBBT Plaaak C-r 

OBBBMMBTB o< aala, aiegtga«eaw 
^ oeaveyaaaae ad avorr daaerlBUea 

promptly eaactttad as raaeonabiB 
aad UXe laaaiaaoa aryutaa. 


IMS ATaaatk • 

: $Ul*% 

^IflVB * SAimoi 
!•*• Laaaiar 

41 BItahla. Ud,. Ill VIrS 

CIHABMIMO COTTAAB— roatalatas flra 
J bright rooaw, baih. paatry. baaero*ot 
itad gaa: half Mork from Port StraM car. 
Cloae IB. I*r4e« rwda e od to fs.lie «b 
taraia Stroogly leeeaa mi aded aa a 
iwvaotmaot aad oamfortaMa h*ao br 

1*1 rpletl 


Mo latonaatlba pv w^.-^. 

/7LOBO#^Flro-rooraed ba«Ba aa twa lata. 
\J> (oomer). reoepttoa hall, eamani baae- 
ment bara. etc.. 11.4**. Owaar, Bm til*. 

HALF an acre o( (laa gardei^ 11 fSll- 
bbarlng fruR traea, all varletleo of aaiBll 
frulta, modern l-room hexMe, all oonvea- 
leoeea, eituated near carllne, oommaadlltg 
eaieoalve viewa Priced to aelL ll.9d*. 
Would pell furalture at (air ratuanoa. 

1*1 Union Baah BultdMf 
Phone I*** 

MODBRN *-roomed bungalow 
roamed aback for aala. cloae to 
Iowa car: lot I* % II*: aback la alaat 
aad Baaalled. wjtk watob lolta* awd i 

MODBRM i-pooa famiahod 
II.***: II** eaaki 
III* North Park. 


NMW th< 
aad Bve 

wee d e d : v«i 

. Main 

irr auliabla for 
vtnr ebolaa a a sasaHa; BriaaB 

lo ear. 

PBica omvr «t.BM 


Hi Far* Btfa^ 


■ m il ■« 

^^toea^ t-rw^jmd 
4 badrooasa, larse Hvias -^ -_,^ 
epealBd Hito aarb otbarj paaoied mm 1 
nt^mtm.. bauna ''Btwm OaMkhMa^ 
t»m»it baaeaNNit rmaBO t . tM MBlMLlB 
^ Boom tor sarave. Aa alraaova 

tFaaar bbb 

taad a iwedV^ijr^ ft '• 
aaod leaSiBI (BT BattiaS' 

00.. Mjr», 









City^ Suburban and Country Real Estate— Fruit and 

s, Poultry Ranches 



QUADRA m.~Uoamnt and *ttraeUv« T- 
raom*d bou*. »«ll buUL coiii(*rt*bl«. 
full l«t and uu-AStt. PHm r«dueMt tram 
•».M«jp M.3M: v«r]r May Utwm. ^„_ , 

Itl UnlM BMik BuUOiiut 
Ph»*« K M , 

JNAP— IH knd bM«n«iDt. T-room «WB.. 
bathroom and pantry, on c»r line. Oak 
Bay. Prlc«> I«m than a»a«»««<l valuf. l>»t 
•tx1»«: tx.tto. Terma. !/■■• for all oa»n. 
ThU ahouM lni<!T«>«t yon. riall 6«» Sky- 
ward. PIiou« ttt2. By owner. 


HPL.BNDIi> VAL.UIC — S-room bungalow. In 
Oorce Dlatrlct, large lot, (oilt tre«« and 
mtall fruit*. Nice high alevaUon. PrJca 
o« |t,»M maUM thu good buying. ^_„„, , 
lot Union Bank Building 
Phone »»•• 
. ■ — ■ \^ 

TWO flTO-rootned cottagea on BeUon>kve., 
Victoria Weat; I3.JI0 each, on term*. 
ALSO on* (tve-rocmed cottage tor tl.20*' 
on temWi 



PhMia «1M S07 Union Bank Block 

c)o*a in. 
Apply 10<4 B 


VXTBI^L-biilU raaldence. ( rooma. 

beat part ot city, 
dett AVK. 



Bar* It a kome that will pleaaa you 



BBCSElftON baU (13x30> with walls pan- 
glied IB aelected nr. beamed celUnat, 
l«ad«A ilghta o1 handnume dealcn. wide atalr- 
«••• wttk nawelt ll«bt»: drawing room 
«l4sn> with solid oak mantel and eo«n flrc- 
plao* wtth handsome tiling: dining room 
<l4xa4)'w1th aolid oak mantel and open 
llreplboe ' With handsome tiling: den (l4xH) 
mith.'biiUt-ln bookcase. Bach ot the above 
four -rooms Is carpeted and carpets can be 
tiurebas«tt~ at a fair valuation. Kitchen 
(Mslll *Uh built-in IruDlng board, wood 
lift, hot water boiler. »ll<llrut doori) between 
r«ccijyL)on hall and tiro above .'our rooms: 
stalr^tanding (9x1;;) with large leaded llKhm 
of h»ndsam« design, built-in seat, this can 
be ufed as a sewing room. Three large l>ed- 
rooma e*ok witil cTothes closeu. separate 
readtng Iwt with switch In each room, two 
of the b«<tro«ms have separate dre«wlng 
rooBM: large bathroom with enamel bath 
and Wash basin. seVargte toilet, linen room, 
small sleeping norchj" wash room pIT the 
kltebwn with ttstlooftry enamel tubs and 
waahT^lJMln: pantry (»xl2) with glass cun- 
boari* and other built-in fcatiires. cooler. 
•namel sink, well llKhted. xaa ran** Includ- 
ed^ full basement (8«x40) wltlT furnace, 
cement floor, toilet, cement block founda- 
tion, electric bell In kitchen with button In 
Avery room. ^ ., 

Pull slaed lot («0xl20). cement walks, 
concrate block fence, privet hedge, flower 
garden, ahmbbery. lawn In front »»* .^"Fj^ 
-wgtt**otlt garage -with concrete foondatlon 
and cement floor, "ouse 1. I" "c*!'??' »S?P,- 
dltiOB I mhiutes' walk from the City Hall. 
close to Central Park. In a good residential 

tistrlot. __.>.«. .. <A« 

PRICE $7,600 

Tsnns arranged 

We gra szcluslva agenu tor this property. 


440 Fort Street 


p. R. BKOWN 
Real Estate, rinanclal and Insurance Agent 
tin UrtMUl fllrect Phone 1074 

I i!i Q PELL BTRBBT— Attractive home 
XOXO of ■ rooms containing draw ng 
room with opun Hrewiace. dlntna 
room. boameU cellloK. i>ulit-ln l-ui- 
fet, den wIWi auen nrcoiaoe. Kit- 
chen and pantrv. four larso bed- 
rooms with clotttes closets 1" *»'»! 
full sl»«U cement basement »«>*« 
furnace; lot t« ft. by US ll. Prlco 
II.600; termato arraitga. 

gUADRA STREET— Blx-roomed 
modern bungalow containing our- 
lor. dining room, bullt-lu buffet, 
open Oreplsce. kitchen and pan- 
try, three bedrooms with «'«>'"*• 
closets lu each'; cement baaement 
and wash tubs; Rood garden witn 
fruit trees: »l»e ol lot ^^^"i •* 
143 ft. Price l».IOO: cash 1«00. 
balance easy monthly payments- 

PORT STREET — Eight-roomed Hi- 
story bungalow containing P»f'o^ 
Milk opei. Ur»i>Uca. den. dining 
room with open tlreolace. fourbea- 
rooms. clothes closets In «nch. ono 
bedroom being on the around noor, 
garace. Price 11,750; terms to ar- 

ORHOND 8IRBBT— 8even-roome«l 
modem houce containing I'^j"' 
room wItiT oOon flrepUie and bulll- 
In features, dining room, beamed 
celling. panelled walls. built-in 
buffet and flreplace. den witn 
buamed celling and burlappod 
walls, fcltokeu and pantry, tbrpo 
large bedrooms with clothes clos- 
e.ta in each, full sUed cement base- 
ment, furnace. This home was 
built for the owner and Is In tlie 
best of condition. Price I«.s««. 

OXFORD STJIEET — Five-roomed 
modern but»galow containing Dsr- 
lor. dining room, beamed celUns. 
built-in buffet and onen flrepla<-'\ 
kitchen and pantrv; two bodrooins 
with clothes closetn In each. TIt' 
hall, parlor and dining i-«>om are 
finished with hardwood bordeiji: 
full alsed cement basement, tilt- 
iiare; large lot. Price IS.<5(»! 
terms easy. 


I2S Port Street 


Phones 133 and 13} 




OlAi^A — ABOLT t mllea^from city, a 
♦iUUU nice little pUc* with 4-room 
house, barn, chicken house, shed, garage, 
has about SO fruit trees bearing; land aii 
clrared si.d aood. An Ideal small farm lor 
fruit-growing and chickens. The price is 
easy, about »1,»00 cash will handle it. 
Butter see this while you have a chance. 




aj»>^:»prA— THI.S is a plum for someone. A 

^*^^'*^^6-room bungalow, newly kalso- 

mlned and.4;arnUhed throughout: 

well bullL run baaement: eav 




0. E. HEATH y 

lilt Douglas Straat 

VICTORIA WEST, this vary modam •• 
room house, situated In a higtr lo- 
cation, high class electric tUturaa, 
selscted plumbing flxtures. all built- 
in eAects. Z nreulaces. large lot. nice 
chicken house and assorto* fruit 
trees aod small fruits. Only 34.300. 
on tonna 

IRAUAM STREET, yary nice saml-hnnga- 
low of sU rooms. This Is In a choice 
location aod high and dry. all built- 
in featurea. cement baaement and 
fumaoa:, situated on a lot &0 ft. by 
1st ft., all good soil. This is exceo- 
tloilally good buying; only 33.t0i>. 

ARNOLD AVENUE, 7-room saml-bunga- 
tew. all built-in oftects. hardwood 
floora. i>loe garage, bouse la hot 
waur haatad. cement basement, 
laundry trays, cement walks and 
runway: only 3S.160: clear title. 

AR STREET, (-room house with large 
closets In bedrooms, nice living 
room and dining room, full cement 
basement and furnace, large lot; a 
very choice buy at 13.500. terma, 

i^ lent 6-room bunsalow with nice flre- 

place. full cement basement and 
. furnace on a large lot with nice 

oak trees, all fenced, close to car 
and acbool: only 33.000. 

RBTURNED MAN U yoti are leoklns 
IM a good building lot to build on 
It will pay vou to call and look over 
our listings. Wc have many choice 
buys at vary i^uch reduced prlceai 

18H OouKlns HtPset 




NEWPORT AVENl'E— Six -roomed mod- 
ern liungalow containing parlor, 
open Hreplace. dining room, baanied 
celling, panelled walls. kl»h«n. 
pantry and scullery; three bed- 
rooms with clothes closets In earli: 
full sized cement basement, olnea 
for furnace. P^lce IS. 950: terms. 

STANLEY AVENUE— l\4-»tory «-roome« 
modern- bungalow with full sited 
basement: good garden under cul- 
close to Wgh school: lot 
moderate taxes. 


54 ft. by 1«0 ft 
^J!rle» 33,^00. 


AVENUE — Handsome 

dence containing entrance hall, 
cloak room, wash room, larae 
drawing room with open fireplace, 
dining room with open flreplace. 
beamed- celling and panelled walls, 
rosy den with oi>en flreplace. kit- 
chen, larder un<l butler'ii pantrv; 
four good sired bedrooms, ono 
ilresslne room, two bath rooma. two 
linen closets, front room: sun and 
sleeping porch, hot water heating. 
Vacuum cleaner, large basement; 
commanding view of Straits and 
Olympic Mountains, facing South. 
Price and terms on application. 

A>7Q7ri\— THIS «-roomed bungalow Is 
^*'""" priced so low that anyone who 
Inspects It can Immediately ap- 
preciate the real bargain it Is. 
Reception Imll, living room with 
lueitiPd brick open fireplace and 
buiU-.o bookcases, dining room 
with built-in buffet. Dutch kit- 
chen and three bedrooms each 
with good clothes closet, full ce- 
ment bassment and furnace. Do 
not mistake this for a cheaply 
liullt bungalow. The construc- 
tion is of the best and It Is In 
K'jod order throughout. Terms 

•OQA^k— CASH and balance arranged; 6- 
nP^i*J\fyf roomed modern house, g""«i 
barns and outbuildings, unobstructed view 
of water, near railway, schofll. cliureh. g'^'O 
orchard, 6 acres all cleared and cultlvatea, 
soil first-class. An Ideal home wU»' a P'o*" 
pecllve increase of value. This U worth 
Investigating. No. Z0». 

^t-t OriA— FOR a 5-acre block, all c'eared 
^iSOV and good land, near church, 
school and transportation, 
double the^lgurc. No. 204 S. 

It Is worth 

©?;AAA— A BRAND new 7.rooni modern 
^POvmU bungalow on high ground, choice 
locality, such as your physician would recom- 
mend for health; nice view and southei o 
^ facing. If you can buy • home at inis 
figure, wo win be glad to show It. No- 

' T— »— 
ttlAAA — A GOOD house of S rooms. 
JpiUUU modern, In KalrflelU. nl. e lo- 
cation and tt map at this figure. No. L'OS-'. 

^ti AAA — Bl'YS 8-roomed house, new, ju»t 
^XUUU outside city limits. Kull cement 
ijasement. brick foundation, fireplace in re- 
ception hall, nice living room, dining room, 
kitchen and 4 bedrooms. This la a pick-up 
at 12.000. No. :;oco. 

dbO'^AA— THE best yet. A «-room bunca- 
«I^>iJU\.f low, all modern, choire locality. 
In Fairfield. This Is a snap. No. S4a. 


CnOKS &• CO. 



/"CHOICEST resldentUll estate In Clwluban 
\^ ...... III. ».iu*iia on beautiful river 

frontage, m mile from Cowlchan Bay. 
». .X. ..u.f and teiiiils clubn. About Sacrea 
of garden, pasturage, orchards and '"*"'• 
mill uuu vuaue tr^. *. ailoumg gradually to 
the river bank and boat landings; good gar- 
aae. boat Jiouse and guidener a cottage. Tlie 
hous. Is Aubaiantlal and t Av modern In 
all resixfA. containing on tiie ground noor. 
l.arg« lounge hall with !>anelled hall gen- 
erous opuii flreplace. drawmg room and con- 
servatory attached: dlnlntt room openli;ji 
onto aitnctuus verandu overlcojting exten- 
»lv.- sle.» uv.-r i'owlv'Uun Cj,v . modern Kit- 
chen, butler's pantrv.. gun room, toilet and 
wuHiir»u,». on net olid lluor: Kitting room 
aud six pleasant bedrooms, bathroom and 
linen room; lighted throughout, telephone 
and rural delivery. For further particulars 
and vlewa If property call at our ofllce. 
101 Union Bank Building 

Makers of ,,„ 



Say ward Block t basement) Phone (447 






-ifi% ACRES— On Carey Road. All excel- 
-S-" lent tmttom land and under culti- 

vation, close to Marigold Station. 
I'rlcc per acre, on terms. 3&0U. 




buy, good land 
10 to 30 aoras. 
aome fruit trees, gmall house and buUd|ng«k 
Ownar only. Box 4442. Colunlat. 

WANTED— To rent or 
for mixed farming. 


a^.>QiW\— SlX-rooni, two-story modern 
^—*^'^^ house. This house la In a splen- 
did condition throughout. There 
IH u full cement baaement and 
fiiinace; terms arranged. 


r A in FIELD 

5 -BOOM bungalow, new built-in features. 
firpr>lBce«. piped for furnace, largo cement 
basement. Iar«e lot: JS.flf.O. 


4 -BOOMED bungalow, basement, 40x120 
lot. Price 32.SO0; terms JtlOO ca»h. 


^IVE acres of choice land, part culti- 
vated; u most eligible building site over- 
looking lake. Tills will make an Ideal 
suburban home and fruit and poultry farm 
comblnM; exceptional value: 93,600. on 

— Personally Inspected — 



101 Union Bank Building 

Ij^.MIM of :tO a' ITB, all In crop, 
Bl<n-k and all equipment. 

modern new bungalow, bath and toilet; must 
be sold quick us u Koing concern; $9,000 
rurh or IT.-IOO cash and $2,000 mortgage at 
a per (.nt. This farm Is wrth $l.'.,n«0 
unil Ik Kltuuicd only & miles out on the 
iKlHiid IllBliwiiy. I'houe, Owner, Belmont, 
iV. No agents. 


HKUK is an opportunity to acquire an 
Inland coniprlslnK about 12 acres, part- 
ly timbered, with houai-, large clilcken house, 
brooder house, and warehouse at wharf; 2 
good wells on property. Cash price, $1,700. 

ACRES AND HOUSE— At Mt. Tolrale, 
4Vk acres with a good 8-room dwel- 
ling with water laid on; soil all of 
the best: good orchard: wlltaln five 
minutes' walk of carllne. Price, on 
terms. $>.0O0, 

K 1-3 ACRES AND HOUSE— Five minutes' 

*J walk troin Lungford Station. 4H 

acres with 4-room bouse, water laid 

on to front of property. Price, on 

1 eaay terms, only $S.OOO, 


ACHES — C'lusti to aoldstreani Station, 
and on a main road: plenty of 
good timber. Price, per acre, only 

Bia lot. just off Rockland Ave., claaa t* 
car, high location, all good aoU, lot- 
provemeau all paid, low taxes. |4»0. R. U. 
fo.. «vi I'einberton Block. 

BAi-a*oUAL Avenue, Pemwood Dlatrlct — 
lu minutes' walk (rum centre of riiv, 
very large loi K'uxl'.'tf feet, with «-roomed 
bungalow, all improvements: 2 flreulacuM; 
$2,1>U0. $1,000 to II.&OO cash; lot Worth nioru 
than asked fbr whole property.* Pkon* Col- 
quits l.'^lil after t p.m. 

I2V)R Bmim — The baaatltul Crane lalaitd. 
' situated in tha San Juan laland group, 
ana mile from Deer Harbor, Waahlagton. 
apd Oftaan mllos from Victoria. For (tar- 
thar partlGUUrs addreaa J. C. UanuBoad. 
1103 14th Avenue, beatlle. Wash. 

1 (W^ ACRES— .\t South Saunk'h'. about 60 
Avivf acrea of which are under cultiva- 
tion: farm bulldinEi. house and 
orchard, frontage on Kood naved 
road: about 11 miles from Victoria; 
coll Is all good. Price, on suitable 
terrni. $2.'i0 per acre. 



room modern house, 
every detail with 
hardwood floors, hot water imil- 
Ing system, oxnenslve electric Ux- 
tures. !• open flreplaces. spacious 
grounds and Harden, good garage; 
terms arranged. 




WITH cewont basement, furnace, aer- 
vaBt's room, built-in features, panelled 
dining VPom, separate bathroom and toilet. 
Very nice lot. 60x110. 

$6,3iO On Easy X"'"* 


I'hone 33*1. 

Ill Pcroberton Blk. 

EAR SIDNEY — Thirty acres, all cleared 
and under cultivation: the soil 
consists of clay and black loam, 
from which excellent crops arc 
taken each year. There Is a large 
barn for ten to flftcen head of 
cattle, four singtn horse stalls and 
large paddock for bull; good mod- 
ern dairy and piggeries: two wells 
with plenty of water. Tha whole 
farm is tile drained: good nme- 
roomod cottage, in excellent state 
of repair, surrounded by fruit trees. 
This farm can bo bouBlrt as a 
going concern: seven cows, one 
horse, and usual farm implements. 
Price only $13,000: terms. 

NORTH SAANICH — Forty-nine acres, all 
under highest state of cultivation: 
soli consists of red loam ahd black 
and Is exceptionally fertile; large 
barn with capacity for twenty-four 
head; hay carrier, feed bins and 
large hay mow: hog pen. pumo 
house, poultry houses, granary and 
fully modern dairy: atrlctly mod- 
ern residence of nine rooms: full 
Fixed baaeme«t. oemented. and hrat 
lUr furnai'e: an abundant hupoIv 
of water from deep well, pumped 
l>y gas pump. This Is an Ideal 
proposition for mixed farming, and 
Is worth your invetitlgatlon. Price 
122.000: terms: and inrludes Ford- 
son gang tractor. wauons and 
usual farm Implement-t^ 

G23 Fort Street 


I'hones 132 and 133 


ROOM new bungalow, 50x160 
terms: $1,600. 

lot; easy 


«n Fort St. 

Phone 2231 



JEVEKAL five and rix-rooni liuiiBalows, in 


List your bungalow with me 
and 1 will fiiiil you a buyc«. 

i} ACRE.S on Monterey Avenue, near Shoal 
A< Hay; owner refused $18,000 for this 
property; will sell subject to mortgage of 
$2,500 for $:'.8(0. 


ACUKS -Lake District, clone to Mt. 
l»r>ii)tlu!<. about 6 mlli'S from Vic- 
toria, on a sood road; xmall por- 
tion unilrr <ultlvniliiii. balance lim- 
I'oreil. but not he:i\lli: con»l(lerahla 
iimouiit of thic liinil can be easily 
■ leared: sprinc uaiea Price $t.0O0, 
$1,000 cosh. 

8. P. MOODY CO. 
Campbell Building 


/^NE acre. In Xrull, 2 small buildings, two 
-A^^trilea «rom V ^ctveta^ t»eautHul home elte,- 
$1,150. terms; $1.1U0. cash. Crown Realty 



Bvary Bouse in this list is worth 13.000 

more than list price. 

It It's good and cheap, we have It. 

SOAAA — Semi-bungalow, Flnlayoon Ava.. 
V^VUU modern, furnace paved street 
^T and boulevard, $600 cash, bal- 
ance Including Interest $1* 
month (worth $4,000). 
ft'^ftfUl — Beml-bungalow. 7 rooms, larga 
V«^OlA/ lot, furnace, modern; $800 cash. 

balance $1$ 
Ing Interest. 

monthly . Inolud- 
(Cost $6, 000 J, 


Entrance .Sayward Block 
Phone &ll!i 


SEVERAL clients waiting for 4 or 5- 
roomed modern bungalows; must beneat 
and clean and a burg.iin. Another client 
wants 4-roomcd bungalow close in. for all 
cash. List your houses with us for quick 
sale. A. .M. flregg & Co., 130 Pemborlon 
BldK. Phone 6658. 

"IJItAtnUCALLY one aere ot ttrst-cluss land 
■'- within the city limits on which tirftrc 
la situated an excellent aeven-room house. 
Kuruge. largo henhousu and other out- 
liullillngs. .Ml land Is broken and has been 
under cultivation. are a number of 
nrst-class fruit trees fully bearing: also a 
quantity of small fruits. 

Thin Is a snap price at $3."r>0. The owner 
wili clthvr Hell at this price or exchanir* 
for acreage, providing the price is right. 




BAV— On ('lare Street, «-roo« 
dwelling and 50 foot lot, one block 
from carline: liaa all niodaru con- 
venlencus. Price, on terms, only 


liPLANUS BY-LAW. 1»1» 

BY-LAW No. 2«1 
Being a By-law to validate and sanction ai\ 
Agreement between thu Upland<t, Llmllsd. 
and the Corporation of the District of Oak 
Bay. and to provide for the assessment ot 
tha lands therein mentlon«Ml, 

PUBLIC .'NOTICE is Irerebv srlven that tha 
votes of the cleclorit will be taken on tho 
above By-la«v. at the school building, 2167 
Dak Bav Avenue, on Satgrday. December 20. 
1018. between nine o'clo<:k a.m. and seven 
o'clock p.m.. and that James Falrweatber 
has been appointed as Returning Officer for 
taking the said votes. „^„„ 

O. W. ROSS. 

Municipal Clerk. 
Oak Bay. B. C. „ 
December &th. _1»1»; _ 


BV-I^W. 101 D 

BV-LAW No. :;61 
Beirig-g" By-la w to authorl»e and sanction 
an .\creenient with llri' Municipal tjolf 
Links Absoclatloti and the lludsou's Bay 
Company for the as."e»KiTienl of Part of bee- 
Hon ■'T'. Victorlu LUstrli I. 

PUBLIC NoTlCR IS hereby aiven that tha 
votes of the electors will be taken on ttio 
above bv-law. at the achonl building. 21*7 
(.•iilt Bay Avenue, on .'^atunlav. lieceniher 2i>. 
1:)1''. between nino ocioik a.m. and seven 
• clock p.m. .and tlrat slanies I'alrwcatli' r 
lias been aunoltited «n Ilrturnlng Ofllcor for 
taking the »aia vo^es.^, ^^^^^ 

Huniclual Clerk. 
Oak Bav. B.C.. 

December .^ih. 1.11 ». 


riillNWOOD ROAD, on Johnson St.. 
a very cary 0-rooiii cottage and ■ 
40 foot lot: taxes on tliln are very 
licht. Price, on Kood terms. $3,000. 

RUDH.V AVE. — 6-room, modern bungalow, 
and 50 foot lot. Price, on terms to 

suit, only $3,300. 

F.VIHFIELD— «-room modern dwelling on 
Lleorge Street and 40 foot lot, gar- 


age. etc. 

Price, on easy termt. 


i7ANTRU l.N' OAK BAY, a six or seven- 
roomeif modern house with furnace and 
garSKe: J.^.000 cn«h: iinHK"S'(le" earlv In 
January. Auply Colonist Box 4772. 

£3000 — •"'■'>**'°> ""x**"* ''"^■*i?7' ^"*1.* 

coat »»,000; 


fina basamsat 
lot. Near car and 
Coat $(,000; terma. 

3 -ROOM cottage. Gorge District, full-size 
cultivated lot. rrlce $700; carsh $300; 
balance $26 per month. Including Interest. 
Inimedtatei poss"Sslon. Phone 630^L. 

8 -ROOMED house, large lot, garage, nice 
grounds, etc.. King's Road, situated on 
high ground overlooklnn city, $30 per mootll. 
The Orlfflth Co. 

5 -ROOM bungalow, on tire %-mlla circle, 
no mortgago. Utie clear, must be gold 
quickly. Prlco $2,100. easy tarms. 

|3« Cantral BIdg. 


Pbona 1381 



■ 1113 Douglas Street 
flUtJOVfa DISTRICT — This modern flve- 
rooni bungalow, all built-in effects, 
full cement basement und furnace: 
large lot S0xl75 feet; a very choice 
buy -at $3,100: easy terms. 

iilBRNWOOD DISTRICT — Close to car and 
' school. modern 5-room bungalow, 
built-in buUet. full basement; situated 
on a large lot with fruit itous; only 
$3.'JU0; terms. 
»OCKLAND PARK— This very modern 8- 
room house with all built-in effects. 
beamed celling, very nicely panelled, 
nice fireplace, in a large lot. nicely 
treed, also garage; a splendid buy (or 
$5,000; easy terms.' 
^AlC SAT— This very modern «-roofn bun- 
galow with all built-in effects, nice 
flreplace. hardwood floors, situated 
close to car and scht>or. a choice buy 
at $4,750. 

ANNB STREET — ^Thls very modem «- 
room bungalow, wlthr beam celling. 
nicely panelled, nloo Inglenook and 
flreplace. lovely hardwood floors. 
Dutch kitchen, full cumcnl basement. 
furnvce and laundry trays: only 
$4,600. _ ' 

1311 Pouglaa Street ' 

piMPp lit 11-* Broad Street 




•Ol fXi^—riVIVKynoS AVBNUB— Attrac- 
q^^XUvf tlve bungalow of 4 rooma, fully 
modern and In A-l shape, bath, wash basin, 
aeparate toilet, fitted pantrv, full cement 
baaement. laundry tuba. Large garden In 
lawn, vegetablea and chlolKn run. Uoctd 
chicken hotiaes. 

^Qff /wy— 88QUIMALT — Four-roomed 
tP^OvV bungaUiw. with nlc« garden, liv- 
ing mom, targe and completely flltad Dutch 
kitchen. 3 bedrooms with cupboards, fino 
bath and toilet, full basement, concrete 
foundation; conservatory off front veraa- 
da, Bntira property built of the best. 

5-ROOM bungalow, modern; the beat In tha 
city; $3,500 on very •esv terme. . 

4 -ROOM bouse, almost new; lot ftOgl40; 
close paved street, exceedingly good buy,' 
$1,475. very easy tei*ma 

5 -ROOM bungalow, fully modern. Priea 
<3.000. easy terms; large lot. 
(»-ROOMED bungalow, fully modem; price 
) |3,7»0. good terms; large lot. 
8 -ROOMED house in Fairfield, one of tho 
very beat lu every respect. Price $5,300: 
lot 00.1.0. ^ ^ „,TCHBLL 

403 Union Bank Bldg. 


1U ACRES, 0-ro«m modern bungalow, 
fruit treea, garden, garage; a unique 
home: It.llO. 


1 In orchard, S-room house; 

ttQnnn~'>*''"'- ■"'ngaiow, 

tPtJVrWf and splendid 1' 

Sea, Cost $5,0 

CQ^AA — Beautiful home, material and 

qPOtlW fillings especially fitted, full 

cement basement, garage; worth 

16,000; terma 

-A real home, 3 bedrooms, with 

large cloaeu. flnlahed In white 

enamel. 1 tolleta. hardwood 

floora, dining room finished In 

leather; furnace, full cement 

basement, large lot, garage 

(cost $260 to bulldK could not 

be replaced at |7,000; easy 


JMAAA— Beautiful 7-room house, anso- 

mrM:\J\J\f lutely modern, large basement, 

2 lots, on Esquimau lload; 

easily worth $6,000; terma 

VMAAA — Pine, 7-room house on Gorge 

'VT^JXnj waters, modern In every detail, 

$1,000 cash, balance arranged. 
StA^fifl — 8-room modern house, fine view 
nprtxjyjXf of Straits, furnace. 3 tolleta 
nice grounds, built by day 
labor, would be a snap at 
jjMP^AA — Beautiful Gorge home. • rooma 
mr'XfJXJU garden In fruit, home splendid- 
ly furnished, $3.U00 cash, bal- 
ance arranged. 
SiiJTKCi — U^autlful, modern, especially 
V^'tJyi built, upto-daie. 6-rjom bunga- 
low, oak floors, beamed celllnga 
plumbing and kitihcn fittings 
of the highest graJo; the flnesi 
home In the City: terms. 
d^AAA — 8-room modern house, built by 
^P%J\^\J^J owner, plumbing, electric fit- 
tings and material esiMClally 
selected, bath. 3 toiluta clecirSo 
beater, full cement basement, 
furnace. greenhouse, garaga 
stone wall, fence, cement slde- 
walka Worth 17,600. 
O^r^AA— Kuily modern, up-to-the-mlnuta 
^PfMjyjXf 7-room home in Esquimau; no 
bttter built and arranged horns 
In 'B.C.; a woman's delight; 
double lot; furniture, wlilch is 
of tha beat, can bo purchaaed 
for $800; terma 
0£*rw\r| — 8-iooin modern bungalow, built 
^UUvfl/ by thu leading architect in B.C. 
Arrangement and convenience 
perfect. This Is quoted at 
$3,000 below coat. 
,— Perfect, modern, 7-room house, 
appointments and fixtures per- 
fectly arranged. One of lUe 
most modern - homes in Oak 
Bay; garage, large i«i; this is 
a beautiful homa 



A BARGAIN, 25 acres of good land, ever- 
running strnaia* of fresh water, 8 
acres cultivated, balaifce has some fine llmr 
ber no rock on this farm. House, 3 rooms; 
new barn 30x40; stalls for 10 head. All 
fenced, on main road. Only 11 miles out. 
Near Sea. An attractive horae-sltc and 
good farm. A BARGAIN AT $&,00ti. O.N 

— Personally Inspected — 
101 Union Hank Building 

A.N attractive property of 1»0 acrea with 
large waterfrontaKe. altuated on mala 
road between Parkavllle and Quallca» 
n.iieli Apolv Owner. Box 4878. Colonlat. 

ARE you looking for a good home or a 
farm cheap? Don't decide until you 
have seen tiro Crown Rettltv Listlnga 


Exclusive Agency bv 


406 Union Bank BldK. 



AT can one wish for better. Fronting 

%-ACRB, t-room modern housa, It.OOO, 

1-ACRB, modem 8-room house, buUt-ln 
features, panelled, garage, fruit trees, 
lawn, chicken houses; $10,000. 

•41 Port Street . 

Phone 2261 

^Q-|£^ — JAMES BAT — Extra large 
^^OXllv bungalow of 4 rooms and 3 mor* 
rdoma In bascrofnt; open fireplace; fitted 
paatry: bath and separate toilet. The larga 
garden Is In Uwn. rosea and chicken ma. 
Bverytblag of the haet. 

rOR 8AL» 
<>-MII.Ji etrole, over H-aere and abaek, 
^ $1,100. 

NEAR WllklBaoB Read — 3-room oottaca 
aad large let. 10 fruit treeat 11.000. 
NBAS Marigold Station— S-roem cottage 
and H*acre. fOOO. 

NEAR Prospect Station — 3-rooiM eottage 
aad 4 acre*, cleared. ll.tOO. 

We offer the blggeat bargaina la 


at prlcea and terma tfhat you never 
heard ot for 20 years 

CLOSE to railway and river frontage; tha 
soil Is most excellcut: the land la logged 
off and near KOod road. 

12 ACRKS ■ 

16 ACR 1**S ...... ...a 

18 ACRK.S 

19 ACRES ■ 


2$ ACRe'S ..*.•••••. 
24 ACR KS 

t( AC R C'H oeeae* eaae 




Over Imperial Bank Gov't, and Yatea 

W. H. Price. Notary Public. Mgr. 


• • • a • • • 

I 850 




Ulbbeo-Beae Block 



^gQAA — MODBRK ■-roomed botiaa. 
^fOOUyf hardwod floors, den wltkr flre- 
plaoa. large living and dining room, flre- 
^a«a. btinet. All rooms panelled and 
•d. Cabinet kitchen. 4 bedrooata hav- 
ing b4c cleaele: full cement baaement. waah- 
twM. aoparate bath and toilet: linen closcu; 
turaaae. In the Palrtleld dlatrlct. View of 
aaa, eleaa to Beacon Hill Park. Terraa given. 
M. Bn Piianett * C b.. 307 Pamberton Bleek. 


#40IMV~B***'^"<" (-roomed bungalow, 
9'XJSUv St. Patrick Street, built-in fea- 
turaa. open fireplace, cabinet kitchen, fur- 

BAMK ST. — Modsrn aeml-bungalow, largo 
living room and dinlna room, flreolaoeak 
tw« ^edroanw. kitchen, bath. toUet. three 
addttlenal rooma ran be added la UDOer 
ftoar. tS.O««. 

ftlRAA — Flve-roomsd bungalaw. Oak 
9aOUU Bay. luat off tram tine. ^ 

OPPOMW Siadaoona Park — six-raomed 
maderft huass. furnaec. ooan flr»filac«> 

walking dlataace: ia.m. 

Iiullt-ln frelorrs. 
T>rin» ow •!!. 

Mi -3 .Pemberiaa Ulavk. Pkoaa MM 


5 ROOMS, fully modern, cement basement 
nice bathroom and toilet, i stovea and 
gas range, and 1 minute from Fort Street 
car, to be aaeririeed at less than mortgage. 
Price $2,100; $600 cash, and balance month- 
ly. Exclusively for sale by A. M. GREGG 
A Co.. 130 Pemberton Block. 

ttQI RA — Neat, well built modern bunga- 
VOXOvf low containing 5 rooms, entrance 
hall and cement basement, ball 
and dining room T>anelled. large 
open flreplace In sitting room, 
hot air furnace, nice ntgll lot 
with garage; taxes low. 
aK>i Kf\ — Well built home ot 6 rooma aad 
VOaUvF cement basement, quite modern 
and nicely situated in ot>en sur- 
. roundlngs. near oar: taxes llgM. 
B<y| AA— Attractive little bungalow of S 
^^XvFv rooms and basement, hall pan- 
elled, built-in features In dlnlaB 
room. oi>en fireplace with over^ 
mantel In sitting room, sleeping 
porch with slase doors: taxes 
light aad terms eaay. 
^QOryy— Pine noma of 8 rooms and ce- 
^POOvfUment basement, furnace heated, 
modem throughout and very well 
ballt. atone fenoa lit. front, nice 
appearance and location in high 
part of city: good view, low laxte 
^^ and cloae to ear. '' 

Xl ftTWI — Workman's snap; house of slg 
V-AxJWronma. newly renovated, close to 
Pern wood car: easiest of terms: 
$300 cash and 130 per month. 
For further particulars ae* agant. 
1* 08 DoQgla a St ^l**** ••• 

4-ROOM house. (Oxltl foo« lot. for^aaU 
cheap, with pan fumliare. People 
leaving elly. Seven Oaks Road, near Mc- 
KeasU Street. Lake Hill ktia Bos 4713, 


Over Imperial Bank 

Tatoa and Government 

W H. Price. Notary Public, Mgr. 



^-nOOM house, doan In. kitchen with pan- 
I try and scullery, dinlnit and living room 
with open fireplace, one bedroom downstslrs. 
and 3 upstaira all with closets, large bath- 
room and luliei: $2,100. 

CHARMING fi-room bouse In good locality, 
cement basement, furnace. 2 open fire- 
places, and all built-in convenlencoa; sacri- 
fice price, $4,200. Would consider renting 
with option to purchase. Immediate pos- 

pr-ROOM modem bungalow, Hollywood 
»' District : living room and draw ins room 
with archway between, panelled walls, built- 
in buffet, open firnplace. 2 good bedrooma 
with cloBPts. kitchen and pantrv. basement, 
laundry tubs: $2,800. 

10 acres 7-roomed house. 3 acres of 
raspberries, l^oganbcrrles and strawberrlee 
and remainder full bearing orchard of 
applea A sacrifice at $7,600, on terraa 

6 acres, all cleared and In pasture, 3- 
roomed good house, well, all fenced, out- 
buildings, etc.; $2,100. on tenns. 

240 acres, an ideal sh«<>p ranch. 30 
acres cleared. 100 acres slashed, 3-roomed 
house; $60 per acre. 


500 Union Bank Building 

Phone III 

3 -ROOMED cottage, near car. lot GOxlIO 
weM fenced, fruit trees, chicken house 
and large woodshed: clear title and taxes 
paid: cheap for caah. Apply Owner, Box 
400 7, Colunlat. 





Real Eatato Department 


bandy beacli. fJovcrnincnf wharf on land 
iiOJolnliig; 70 ai-res In all; 10 aerns under 
ihoruugh culilvatinn; also some slashing. 
Home orchard, full bearlnj; trees. House 
vf 7 room:'; liarn and poultry houses. Ilun- 
iilnK slrcHin und splendid sprlug uear the 
liouje. Only 4 liouru lilstaiit from Victoria, 
good connections. Doer, i^rouse and pheas- 
ants for the shooting. .'^'almon, cod and 
herring for the catching. Best of fuel for 
the cutting. Hoincbody'H opportunity to get 
away from city conditiuns. Price only 
$J,SiUOi $1,500 cash. 

Mahuu BlocH (over 16c Store; 

land In the 

YOU will never oaalti obtain an oppor- 
tunity to punhaso ACREA(>K under 
cultlvalion. situated as are tlinse tracts, at 
thM extremely low flgur*-, as quoted below. 
They are In the very heart of the famous 
GORDON HEAD berry district, close to 
Mt. Tolmlo und Uplands tram lines, to the 
University and public schools and only 12 
minutes' ride to the centre of Victoria. 
5 acres, $460 per acre 
7 acrns, $500 per aero 
20 acres, $500 per acre 
30 acres, isoo per acre 
Terms Given 
Adjoining land cannot be bought 
lor less than $1,000 per acre 

BALMORAL nOAD— 6-room modern bun- 
g.ilow and lot 45x115: close to new 
high school. Price $3,160. 


FP GORGE ROAD, on Carroll Street, 5- 
room cottage together with three 
lots: hlglr situation and very pleas- 
snt outlook. Price $4,000; reason- 
able terms can be arranged on thia 


unilerslnneii. anil cndorsi d ''render tor 
lirolcctlvi^ vvorKS at .Mcotnen Island. B-'"..'' 
win «•• receiNeii ;ii i his oiiicc until 11 o clock 
owuu, Meuurtxia.v. «ttuttAr> 7. IttSU. for tho 
cunsirucUoii ol a o.i o. emlisnKnient iind 

inree groyii.s .u ten Island. .I'rascr 

llivcr. Dlsirlcl ui :• .. \Ve«iminster. B.C. 

Plans und forms i.f loniracl can bo seen 
and specln<'ailon .'ind lorma of tender ob- 
tained at this Department, at Ibv omces of 
the District Knglneei'B at Victoria. B.C.; 
New NVestiiilnstcr. B.C.: und at the Post 
Omces Vancouver. B.C.. and Deroche, B.C. 
Tenders will not be consloered unles»iroade 
on printed forms supplied by the Depart- 
inint and In accoj-dancc with conalllons con- 
tained therein. 

harh lender must be accompanied bv an 
epted cheque on a chartered bank pav- 
e lo thi- order of the Minister of Publh; 
Works, equal lo 10 p.c. of th\. amount of 
the tender War l^oan Bonds of the Do- 
minion will also bo accepted as securitv or 
War Bonds and cheques If required to make 
UP an odd amount. ._. , j . .».i_, 

Noto— Blue prints can be obtained at this 
Department by depositing an accented bank 
chequo for tho sura of $20, payable to tho 
order of the .Vllnlster of. Public Works, which 
I will be returned If the Intending bidder sub- 
I mlt a regular bid. 

By order, 


Department of Public Works 

Ottawa. December 5. 1018. ^ 


B. C. 


Established 1183 
932 Government St. 

Phone 131 


th^ beet detoll map of Victoria 
ever produced, with Indexes. ' 
See. It at— 


Sayward Block (basement) Phone »;4 47 


807-8 Pemberton Blk. Phone 320* 

A N I C H 


COiniBRCIAL orchard. 300 eherrtea, 100 
assorted trees, strawberries and other 
small (rulta; about 9 acres of good land, 
good 0-room house, water laid on, bath, 
and cement basement, other buildings and 
improvementa Price $10,600. 

NEAR the sea at Patricia Bay, 8 acrea 
all cleared and In orchard, garden and 
pasture; modern S-room bungalow and rther 
buUdlnga Price It.TM. 

SHELBOURNB Street, oa paved road and 
only 3 miles out, splendid site of 8 
acres ot cleared, cultivated and flrat-claoa 
land. Price $700 per acre. 

£*-ROOMBD bungalow, hardwood floors aitd 
borders, beama panels, buffet, book- 
ease*, plate glaae windows, wood-lifts, full- 
length mirror In bedroom door, very fine 
light fixtures, bllnda, etc, Pull-elted baae- 
ment with famace. Lot tOxlM with ftre 
fntlt trees, ftUI bearlat; fine roaaa aad 
other shrubs. Block from eara aod park; 
10 minutes' walk from poet-office. Vor 
further paMlculars phone 1340 or <73T. 

1803 Douglas Phene 884 

10RD0VA BAT— 17 acreA' about 5 acres 
-' cultivated. Iierrles; a further 2 acres 
pnicllcally cleared, all exi-ellent land, very 
suitable for small fruit growlnic. never dries 
out In the hottest weather. There Is always 
moisture on this land, has a good slope; 
several llvllTk springs: 5-roomed house, good 
barn and store house, water tower and 
tank, extensive chicken houses and runs. 
There is money In thrls place to be made bv 
the right man:ta aood buy at $8,000: terma 

.\CREH. u cleared, balance partl> 
cleared, partly rocky. :!-rm>m house 
jiiid iinolhi-r house partly finished, stable, 
chicken houses, etc. Some fruit trees, and 
natural spring, etc. 

Prlcc,^ $4,200; Terms Arranged 


WISE ft CO. 

Ill Pemberton Hulldlng 
Phone 2001 

1ACKE, more or less, part of Lot. 83, 
Sec 44. fronting on Douglas Street, 
Cadbora Day. A six-roomed house, wai't- 
Ing repair, bored well. 74 feet deep. Price, 
$2,<i60; $500 cash; balance arranged. 

Phone 3801 

Ill Pemberton Bldg. 

O TO 6 acres, all cleared and seeded, ad- 
^ Joining post office. Reduced to $300 
per acre; half regular price. 
ACRES on waterfront, now being 
clearod; for quick sale. $36 per 

r±OOV lot. snap at $200; $20 down; easy 



H. U. 

Phone 1(21 


1000 Government St. 

SAANXC^. near KaaUnga, acrea, 
fine land, 18 acres In oats. Snap at 
$300 per acre; alao T acrea adjoining, 1 
cleared, balance alder bottom. easily 
cleared. Price flOO per acre. 

SAANICH FARM, 11 acres, all good lead. 
oBly 10 miles on mala road, about t 
acres under cultivation, balanca second 
growth, goed 6-roomed house, large bam 
aad stable, frait treea plenty of water; a 
good bay at M.too; glo« 

the Bneet dry. In blocks $8.iO: 4 tt,. 

v*T cord. 


B.C. Pamaaent Loan Bl<<' 



HI Sayward Bldg. 


IP pon are loaklag for a farm or 
dedd* sfler r«u katf* Mt* tiM OfeWWR 

Really Uallag& 

We are Irarm Speclaliata 
8700 — 8 acres, unimproved, near statlaw, 
$>&0 — 13 acre*, ahack and well. 
1 1. 800 ->t» acrea and 8-room atoaok, aear C 

N M.. Vxtba 
I1.150— Acta to fruit, with I abaeka. aear 

Victoria. Hue kcmo iita 
$1 200— 6 acrea cloae la. 
11.850 — House, garaga 4 aatsa lapravatf* 

near station. Cobble Hill. 
81,760—40 acree. good land, faelag gag mt 

tl,40u~su acres .good laad. partly ta> 

proved. Parkavllla 
11.000—15 acres, fully cleared iiMd, aaA 

fenced. Cobble Hill. 
$1.000 — 14« acres, close to C. N. B„ Ottar 

District. Booke. 
$3,600—8 acrea on Carey Road; Mae aoU. 
$1.000 — 6 acrea Judltb Ava. Carey R< 

spisndid soil. ^ 

83.000— 140 acres. Kamloopa 30 acTCa e lea r i^ 

good bulldloaa, 
11.176 — 18 acrea 30 alasbe4l aad geaBa* t* 

graaa f.^oeed. 
11.476—20 acrea all fenced. < aeree elaa r ed. 
14.600 — Beautiful farm, fenced, good kallB- 

inga on ecafront. 
1|«,6uO— 88 acrea fenced, partly elaaroC Baa 

bulldlags, oa island HIgnway. 
•7,800—40 acres. 8-room new hooaa^ aota a 

did proiMMltlon. 
••.600— 4« acrea. Saanleh. ••• tr«H Jrata 

houae and outbuiidtaga aa BL C. a, C 

7 milea from VIetoria. 
•10,000 — 40 ai.r*a wire teaead. Baa areharC 

full complement oL agrlcaltnral iaipie- 

•10.000 — 50 aeree. 18 acrea la ei>leadl4 

fruits, near Cordova Bay. 
(16.000 — 101 acrea. nearlv all In ealttea tt aa 

«ad pasture, two Bae fruit areharda, t 

haasee aod t>arna biaakamltfe aboa: fatly 

aoaiaaed aa a aotaa oaaearm, 
MCloa— 113 acrea meetly bottom laaB, weO 

watered: fine houae aad amala baildlaga. 

gtock and mactaiaery. waggona. Jmalo- 

menia. apiendld going concera. Oae of 

taa aoundest and beat InvesLmenta Parm 

facoo ibe water. 
The above are oaly a earlaB few a( aar 
Uet rf farma 

We are the tslaad Pam apaetallMg 

Over imaerlai Beak OoVt. aaB Tatea 

W. H. Prloa^. ^atanr 

O*^ ACHES, 23 good loam soli, houae worth 
^' $2,000: barn and outbuildings, running 
creek. 7-8 acres cleared, 10 part elearnd: as 
a going concern, with stock, hay and ma- 
chinery: $6,0U0. terms; 2U miles from town. 
Improved farhis in tho COMOX VALLEY, 
th'- best farming dlstrl'-t on Vancouver 
Island. Apply F. R. F. BISCOE. COUR- 

Tha cheapest pleoo of Acreage oa the lalaaB 
QA ACHES, about » cleared, nearly •• 
OU acres slashed, small bouse, with stable 
and chlukon liouse. ou good road. 1 mile 
from station, stores. schrMls. churchee. aoat 
office, telephone and telegraph, will aell far 
$5,200: $1,500 cash, and balance on vary 
reasonable terms. Sea Crown Realty Ca.. 
over ImiertsI Bank, the Farm Sueeiallata 




tlAKKNBR. wife of the said A. 
Gardner, who Is sued In respect of 
her separate estate. 

the above named Defendants, A, A. 
Gardner and FVanccs Gardner: 

TVKK NoniCK that this action was on 
the ""th (lav of November, l»1It, romnien'-ed 
ngninst voii, and that the PialntUf by Us 
■Writ ot HuminoiK- clulins the aum of $»N9.ri!>, 
being tb€' unmunt of an account for lumber 
and merchandise purchased by the Defend- 
ants from the Plaintiff between the 16tli 
day ol .tune. 1!'13. and llie lOtli day "C 
Aii,:uBt 1914. with Interest thereon to dato 
and the costs of this avtlon parllrulara 
whereof arc set out In the Statement ot 
Claim In :his action; 

are required within fourtcea da>'S from the 
last ln!<ertion of tills Notice in The Colonist 
nev.spiper nt Vhioria, U.C.. Inclusive of 
the day of such insertion, pursuant to thu 
tjrder of the Honourable Mr. Justice Murphy 
d«te,l the :;)iih doy of November. 19l!i. 
whereby service of the said Writ of Sum- 
mons upon you WIS authorised by Inserting 
tills NoUce In two consecutive Issues of 
the said Colonist newspaper, to cause an 
appenranee to be entered for you at tho 
office of the Registrar of this Court at tho 
Court House, MiiSllon Street. Victoria. B.C., 
and that in default of your so doing th» 
I'lalnlltf may proceed with this artlnn and 
Judgment may be given against you li» 
your absence. 

DATED nt Victoria, DC. this kth dsy ot 
X>eccmber, 1918. 

20ft Belmont Building. 
Victoria, B.C.. 

Solicitor for Plaintiff. 



^7^ ACRES at SAA.NICHTOX. The whole 
I I of the r>ropcriv has a gradual sloiM to 
the heacli. Rood dralnase and a splendid 
view from nnv part, the soil Is env-llent, 
and was personally tnsperted by us a few 
dsys ago. Oi^er will sell the whole or 
part as under: 

20 acres in pasture, logged off about IS 
years ago. stumps well rotted and eaav tor 
cleor. 88.800. 

30 acres in pastum, as above. 18,300. 

15 acrea. all cleared and in croo: splandM 
black soil, roads on two sides and C.N.B. 
line on another side. •8,300. 

11 acres with, fine beach frontage, shel- 
tered position and good anchorage for boats, 
road frontasa on two sides, all cleared and 
in crop, the beat of land. •0.300. 

11 acrea with b^'ach frontage, all cleared, 
road on one side. •8,100. 

ThIa proi>erty la within bra mfnnlaa of 
thw B. C. Blectrto Btatioa. and a few mHi- 
utes of the C. N. R. 

BuyniuM W AOB b oabp 

Notice Is hereby given that pursuant to 
the provisions of the "Minimum Wage Act" 
public meetings will be held at the Board 
of Trade Hall, Kelowtia. B.C.. on Wednes- 
day the 17tlr day of December. l»l». at 10 
o'clock a.m.. and at tho Provincial Court 
House. Georgia Street. Vaneouver, B.C.. on 
Friday the lOth day of December. l»t». st 
10 o'clock a.m.. respectively, for the pur- 
prjiH- of hearing any person Interested in 
th'- establishment nf a minimum wage and 
maximum hours and the conditions of la- 
bor for women engaged Ih the "Krult and 
Vegetabl* Industry." v»hlilr Includes the 
work of femsles engaged In eanning. pre- 
serving, drying, packing, or otherwlaa adapt- 
inic for sale or us". any kind If fruit or 
vegetable. • 

A cordial Invitation to be pr«>aeTit Is ex- 
tended to all thos« who desire to be heard 
on the above matters before a mlnlmuiti 
wage and maximum hours and the condU 
lions of labor are determined. 


J. D. McNIVEX. Chairman. 

Vlcioru. B.C.. .Vovemher Utk. 1»1». 


R. V. WINCH * CO.. LTD. 
Real Betate and Insaranee, Motarlea Pubtia 




FOR RKNT— liatBa, wall'llcktaB tw%m» 
baBdIac oa Baqimait Read, guHaMa 


ae tUO 

or ball 

lirTAWTBO— To leaao with option of par- 

*v chase, rml leoe than five uerea for nHxed 
farming, within five miles of elty. Pull »ar- 
ticuiars to W. Blakev Sr.. 1478 Pert St. 

WAMTBD — To reat with option of por- 
ehaae. within few miles of VRriena. 
aboot B acree of land aad seaali 
suitaM* frwU ao4 paalUjr Caras. 

Notice Is hereby givea that aa appileatlott 
will be made to the Legislative Assembly 
,of the Province of British Columbia at the 
nest seeolon. cm behalf of The Architectural 
Institute of British Oolambla for a private 
bill Incorporating th« said Institute, the 
said bill to l>e known as "Tire British 
Columbia Architects' Art" for the puraooe 
of governing and regulating the practice of 
Arctaltecture in the Proviaco of Brltlali 

Dated at the City of Vanisouver. la tha 
Provtac4> of British Columbia, this 33n4 day 
of November. A.D,. 1810. 


Bollrttor for tbe Aa«li'<aats. 


Wm tka SatMa af ■Milr Oattrfll. lata at Tla* 
tMfo. BrItbA ColanMa. 

NOTICB Is h*r*bT given that all^araafta - 
barlag claims upon the Estate of Bmllv 
Cotirlil. who' died on the 7ib aC October. 
lfI9. are DKiutrsd to file with the under- 
olgaod Rsecator ond Trustee of the abava 
Batata, by the iltsi of Beeemher. lOIO. a 
full stalomeni dniv vertBed of th^r claims 
aa<l of anv ae^uritiee held )rr them and that 
after that dale I will diatrlbute the aasaia 
among the nariu* entUlod thereto bavlnat 
regard cnlr t'. the eigims. of which natlca i 
has been filed, nr whloh have been brougbrt ' 
to mr knowieJgo. 

Dated Ihls lOih dar of Dorember. AD- 

pBBDBmcK r. Ttiyia. 

Bkr abator ait4 TiBtlgb. 





M iSm B^y Stt4 ^B ^HMV^^A fMV 


th«Vj2?*. "•• t^P"Mtd« uSiimA provWlM 
<n*t«art*la Unda rtiTMMd la In the aaM 
!i*!""J*«« ••'•'I. •uta^Mt f tb« i«n»» «t 
r«r ^'* ««««:niont. tM tUBtntt tvt UM-tJ-Jn 
l7 /w • **•" »**» «• »»«4 both Ul«l»«l»« 
.L • •*■ **' »»7«.<l|.»« In Mak r»»» 
• n-J n* nor*, m oMiManitlaa •! th» 
tov«„ant«. and acr««l»«S& by tba TTplaad" 
-iIV^*** *••«■••»•<> «tt «IM Mid acracM*"*. 
»ni«* arraaMRiaot u ««c r«ih in an a«T»^ 
Mr"^^*"^""**** ^ «« a»»ro<r«d by tha 
MunidpKi OauMotl of Ttta C<V9arati«n ot 
if» «>«««'»«-t of Oak^Bagr. Wfcloh aaraamtni 
■ *»«•»• wt>rd« aAd fBiK (allow las: 

'n:«iB niomnrxfSm «a4o 4tM tittfc 

«*|f •« Dacambcr. In tlia year of aW 
'^>*4 epa thauMn* nina btmAcad aaA 

•Tiua conpoiuTioN or the dib- 

TRICT OF OAK nAY. fterelnaftar 
callatf tbe *Carporatlon.' 

,,_,._ "and 

pany duly Indorporated and pxlalln* 
under tha law* of the Proi\-lnc« ot 
VtlUah Calttiabia, having Ua ehlaf 
niava of buala«>Ba at Belmont Butld- 
fng, Victoria, B.C., hereinafter re- 
'•"■*•* to aa tba 'Company,' 

"WHBR«A8 on tba I7th day aC 
Decambar, i»o>, ana William HIcba 
Oardnar, af tha City of Wlnnlpen, In 
the rrovlace of Manitoba, waa aaaaaaad 
by th« corporation aa the awnar of 
i-ertaln landa and premliea fituatad In 
the Vlotorla Dlatrlct of the Prorlnce of 
BrlUab Columbia, within the municipal 
umlta of tho Dlatrlct of Oak Bay. known 
aa tha Upland Varm; 
^.'t**^ WHiflRBAa thfl aald William 
HIcka Gardner, by an Indenture dated 
the 27th day of December, 1»09, did 
"5i'** "'*'' '*"* coriwratlon amonii other 
thlntf ta improve the aald tTpland Farm 
In a«ah manner aa la therein aet forth, 
and In wo dolnv lo expend at leaat two 
huodred and fifty thouaand dollara 
(laM.tM.N) witliln the time therein 

"AND WHERBAS the corporation In 
recovnitlon of the benefit that would 
ttrlae to ihn Municipality of Oak Bay 
• ♦ large to havo the a«ld Improvemenia 
carried out, asreed not to aaaeaa the 
■•i<i UHaifd Farm during the y«ar8 
"!• to |tl», laclualve. for a larger 
amount than two hundred and aevanty- 
nlno thouaand do^ara (1279,000.004 for 
__eaoh jfgTi 

the coaip«ny deUrmino, tomlib lb* aaid 
aaaeaaor with a itMllar ata«Ma|7 d*«» 
Uratlon. aattta« otit fat) «M ae'-uraia 
Mrtlealara of wvrf furtbrr KilenaUnw 
wMhta Uie maaalng of tli« aaid praviao 
bareaftar r-ndi t wiv«a br U>r com- 
P*ny and the oonaldcraUon Mr each 
"•ah allanatlon. , . 

». All \he powara and provlalona 
«» the Municipal Act for the tima 
being In force ahall apply to »■« ba 
Jtl .***• '"•■ ••»• >acovery an<t «"- 
lorclas payment mt *M tajiaa g>ya^>* 





"AND WHKRCAft.bT' a« |«denture 

"•••d «•»• 22nd day of Mav, 1911, the 
■aid William Hldka Gardner did agree 
to aaM to Oeorge Barbey the aald landa 
and yramtaea, subject to the torma of 
the aald indenture, an* ta aMlga to 
the aald Barbey the aald agreement with 
the corporation hereinbefore referred to; 
•AND WHEREAS by an Indenture 
dated the 29th day of December, Itll. 
tba aald Barbey did aaelgn the «ld 
agreement with the aald Gardner to the 
^""•••''l' abeolutaly, together with tba 
banafit of all right* thereunder; 

"-^^ND WHBRBA8 in purauanca of tha 
, aald Indenture between the corporation 

1 ^ and the aald Oardner, dated the 17th 

day of December, 1»0*, the company 
baa eauaed the aald TTpland Farm la 
i>a aab^Uylded In accordance With a 
plan of aubdlvialon deponted in tba 
^■* R^'«ry Office in the City of 
Victoria and tbera numbarad 1S1(-A. 
and on which plan all tba pi>ot>o«ed 

V'^y^il. **•"■ *"* ■treeta are shown a* 
I-<ot •X': 

.J'^^Ji WHEREAS It la allagM by 
the eald eompany that In parauranee of 
*b* "nld agreement tho company liaa 
oapandad the rum of five hundred and 
alxty«alx thouaand aeven hundred and 
rifty.four dollara "(H««,754.00) in Im- 
proving I<ot 'X'; 

"AND WHBRBA8 the company aold 
* port ion of the aald proprty prfor to 
the Burapeah a-ar- under agreementa for 
Bale and It la alleged by the eald com- 
pany that owing to tho depreaaed con- 
ditions and financial ttrlngency caused 
by the war the company haa found It 
Impoaalble to collect from a large per- 
centage of Ita purchaaera the moneya 
dua on thalr agreementa; 

••AND VIIBREAS during tho period 
of tbe war It waa difficult if not Im- 
poaalbla to aecure money from Prance 
for the purpoars ef the company; 

"AND WHEREAS the company haa 
appllod to the corporation to enter Into 
*■ agraemont binding the corporation 
not to aaaeaa the company's property 
In the aald plan numbered *12M-A 
(Including said Lot 'X' and the parka 
and squares ahown on aald plan and 
everything deemed tcj be land within the 
boundarlea of aald Ix>t 'X') at mora 
than tbraa hundred and aevonty-alx 
thouaand four hundred and thirteen 
dollara x)378.tiroO) up to and inctod- 
Ing tha vear l»:4: 

"AND WHEREAS the com^ny has 
agreed. In cnnaldcrntlon ot tha aald 
fixed aM«a<menr, to open as and Im- 
prove that portion of Lot 'X' known ai 
Shore Road lying aouth of Raffolk Road 
and to plant ireea on the aouthweat 
portion af tho 'Upland Parnf; 

"ANt» WHEREAS tho cprporatlon 
baa acvaad. aubjeut to the Mterma and 
condltlolta hereinafter contained, to 
extend the aald fixed aaaeaamaat a* 
requeited by the company until Decem- 
ber Hat. 1M4: 

•'NOW THEREFORE |n consideration 
of tba premlaea tha partlea hereto acwe 
aa follova: 

"I. Tba Comitany agcaaa, <tirlor to 
November XOth. IfSO to open up Shore 
Read aouth of Suffolk Road connect- 
ing the aame with Bearh Drive, and 
wtthia tbat time to make and therp- 
aftar ta maintain tha tame In aa good 
a eondilon ' aa the portion of Beach 
Drlvg lying between Olympla Avenue 
and tTpland Farm, to tho eatlafactlon 
of tba engineer of tbe corporation, 

**3. The company agraea prior to 
Noveaabdr toth. 1BI9. to plant at leaat 
five IliMdrad (100) trees on that por- 
tion ot tha 'Upland Farm' tying south- 
waat at Z^anadowna and Buffolk Roada 
and bafare the S«th November. 1>31, to 
plant at laaat three hundred (300) more 
traaa oa tha aamo portion of ^be 'Up- - 
land Farm' and at tba flaat aaaaonable 
opportunity to re|Ha«a Ml ■tiMt piantad 
traaa aa ahall die durla* tha period ot 
thia ag r ee m ent. 

"S. Tba corporatioA agraea that all 
the lata and portlona of lota (Including 
aald Lata *X' and aald parkn and aquaraa 
and avarthlng deemed to be land within 
tba boaadarlea of said Lot 'X') shown 
on tba aald aubdlvialon plan numbered 
131<>A and not now or hereafter And 
prior to lilt alienated from the cnin- 
paaF la, manner follniving, that la to 
sayt t y conveyance or other assurance 
whatbar |«ta1 or aqnitable. or by lease 
a«oiadH># the term ot thla agr^iemant. 
or by agreement for auch laaae, or 
under agreement for sale, or by any 
option (for • period esMadlitg one year 
•r with -right of renewal) to purchaae 
or leaaa, ahall be assessed for taxation 
for tba yaara lt2e to 1934, both In- 
rloalvav at tbe sum of three hundred 
and aeg«bty-als thousand four hundred 
and tblrtaan dollars (|t7t.4ls.O0) la 
(ocb yaar and no more: PROVIDED 
that It any of the\said loia or portlofia 
thereof ahown on aild Mnp IflC-A hava 
heratotore been or shall hareafter^be 
allaiMtad aa aforesaid than tba aald 
aiaaaaatat of «a7«.4ia.eo ahaii. tor tba 
year IIK^ or for the year following 
aueh allaaatlon, as the case way be, 
and tharaafter during the period of 
tbi* a dt aa w nt, be reduced by a sum 
ta ba oaUnlated at the rate of flO«a.«o 
par 40^0 for each and every aora or 
nartlaa af an acre ao alleaalad and aa 
ao radbced ahall apply to and cover 
tha rtinalnder of the aald lota not 
lncl«dad in aueh alienation; PROVIDBD 
alao that If any now exiating acraeaaant 
for aala ar "^^ cxlaiing leaaa or now 
exiating option ta lancellad. fOrfaited 
hr faraclonad. or the ptin-haaer or leasee 
tharanndar or holdar of ant aach optioa 
haa or aMIl have qultieil claim or 
eurrendarad to tba compaay. aad 
»vtden«a thereof aatlafactary to tba 
_isianM 9t the carporatlen la givan to 
hlia toy tha eompany, then the aald 
L_ltlWaitn of «t1«.«lt.«* reduced aa 
nravldad (or In the laat praoading 
nravlao aball for tbe yaar folioarind 
aaoto gaMallatlon. forfaltara^ foiaaiaaara, 
qvit eldtm or surt«nd«r, and thereafter 
dnriad tba period of ibis acr<«ma;ft, 
be laoraMad by a •«« t»^he raieiUat^d 
ot Um rata ot • p«r aare 
^* for aaali acra or portion of an acre of 

lead aavprtaad la atieh agraemaat, 
k,Ma ar aptlan, aad aneb lan<i ahall 
tharsJiar become laelndad la aad 
aabJaei to the aald aaaaaaoaam aa aa 
incraaMd: AND PROVIDBD alao thai 
nothint barain eaatalited abal) affert 
tba rWlit ot tba corporation to ralaa 
the r»M ot tasaUon dvrtng :he aald 

»«. Tka aompany agraaa that It will 
fortbarHli aftar tba aa»«»atio« h»v«or 
fvralaAt tba aaaaaaar of the mrpnfaiion 
alih a atataiory deelaratlon sstting aut 
full and at<-urate particulars of all lota 
..r pnrtlona of Itta- lM««tefo«-n a l laa al s I 
wMbin the m«*tHum M «ba nrat prwrtao 
i«i cianaa t bare<*f, aa< IM ti walds i ai 
iiaM (er «aah kwali ailMailaa. and will 
t,»re«f«nr «a tho Ht day of tVr»mber 
ii, t^ery ytr*r, or an aiK'h ather day 
i.r- rtaya I" *a«b yaar aa the eald as- 
I aisait by aaUaa ta wflilaa la 

nndar tha aaaeaMnant iMrila afbvlded 

•^ . The -ntfrniat lijiilal'— ' 

**f Vj* upon of part of the prop«r*.y 
iiTff*?*"* *"hln the aald plan of ajb- 
••"••••n, shall In no way affeat tb« 
•■■•■aBjent for the years IBtw l<i l"?*, 
BMb iaciuaive. of any «(ber Unda *»'ii»J 
>• »ba limit* •( the aurparatlao • 
provaat the torporatioa ar tba a«aas<« , 
JlS^ 'J'"* •••aaaln« a«ah atbar 1m4» 
U^l?' 'J^ MuHlclpal Act at a UtUff 
'ante tbcn the aald Ian la comprl»«<i 
•n the aald plan, notwithsiandlntf the 
provlalona of the aald Act. 
-.."^. The company will foe a period 

^Li,.1!" .1'*" "•» »«»a «au baraaf. 
•"•vmu the corporation at auch plana 
tL *•"•• »» 't •hall select, to draw 
irom iho company^a water malna atif- 
llcient water for the use of the cor- 
poration or Ita nomlneea upon the golf 
links situated or to be cstablUnel at 

IHUk ""'■"'**•' «»' >»>•' 'Upland Fjirm/ 
•nch water ta be supulJed at coat 
inrough metered connections, the cost 
or meter or meters and instttllatloa 
'•••'•o* «• be bor«e by the cofporar 
"o«j or ita nomlneea: •at caaf lo «ea« 
and Include the price paid by the 
company for the water aad a chbrge 
for the extra us« aad extia wear and 
taar In couaequaoee of aueh sopply, of 
"•• •'ompanya electric equipment, oper- 
ated by the company for the supply 
or water to the high levels of 'Upland 
*-arnv but shnll not Include anything 
ror the use, re«»ir or wear and tear of 
ine Gompany'a an«er malna and pipe 
"•»••; PROVIDED that tha compaty 
•nail not bo bound to aupply any more 
water than can be aupplleU by Its present 
pumping apparatua after meetia-; Ita 
own requirements: AND It Is hereby 

nLThfJ?-"??' ^ f""" t**" ouroose of fur- 
niahlng (be supply vt water in ihia 
Clause provided for, a pIpe Una ahall 
be required hy tho corporation lo be 
laid In continuation from the com- 
pany a preaent m»ln northi osterly along 
Cadboru Bay Road to l.ot », Block 16, 
uie company will at its coat lay the 
same where required by tha oorporatlon. 
the caat Iron or ateel pTpea therefor 
being furnlahad by tha corpomtlon or 
Ita nomlneea and such pipe line may 
be used by the coronany. 

•'». The corporation shall at tha 
cost of the company aa soon aa prac- 
ticable after thla agreement has been 
duly executed by the Company, submit 
to the electora of the Municipality who 
are entitled to vote upon a by-law ta 
contract a debt, pursuant to acc-tlon 218 
of the Municipal Art. for their assent, 
a By-law embodying, validating and 
aanctloning thla agreement and author- 
lalng t h e aaa ea a i n etrt hrrem agreed 
upon; PROVIDED that the company 
carrlea out all the terma of thla agree- 

"S. Timn shall bo of the aaaepoe of 
thla agreement. 

~1». PROVTDED that If the companv 
sho^ make default In carrylna out the 
terms or any of the tsrma of thla 
agreement, including the fumlahing of 
Btatutory declaratlona referred to in 
Clauae 4 hereof, then the corporation 
ahall tie at liberty to give the company 
notice in writing that thla agraamaat 
ia cancelled, and in the evont of auQh 
notice being given the company ahall ^ 
forthwith pay to the corporation a sum 
equal 'to any additional taxes whloh 
Would have Itech imposed and payabl# 
in reapeet of the asaeramant ot aalil 
property In the meantime bad tbn 
agreement not been ntade. and aftar 
the giving oC auch notice any rigbt 
In the company to any reduced aaiaunt ' 
aa herein agreed upoa ahall ooaae and 
determine '~Bnd all the aald landa ahall 
thereafter be aaseaaed In the same man- 
ner aa tbe aame would have been 
aaaeaaed If thla agreement bad not 
been made, 

"11. Nothing herein eantnined ahall 
in any way prejudioe or affect the 
rights con^rred upon the corporation 
by the san recited agreement of the 
87th Dcceml>ar, 1»09, except In so far 
as the prorisiona therein contained re- 
lating to tha assessment of the lands 
hereinbefore referred to are varied by 
this agreement. 

"12. fpon thla ffreement becoming 
binding upon the oorporatlon the l>ene- 
flts h«raof ahall inure to and tbe 
obligations hereof shall be binding upon 
the company. Its successors and assigns, 
and the succeaaora and aaalgna of ihe 

"li. Thla agreement shall only be 
binding upon the parties hereto upon ■ 
being exaoated by the oampany and by 
the corporation, aa^. on the by-law 
haiain mentioned receiving the assent 
ef a majority of the ratepayers of tha 
corporation who shall vote upon auch 
by-law, and If auch aaaent ahall not be 
given thla agreement shall be abso- 
lutely null and void and of no effect 
whataoever, notwithstanding Ita having 
bean executed by either or both the 

parties hereto, • 

"IN WITNBSfl WHBRBOF the partlea 
hereto have eauaed thalr respective 
romaion aenla to ba baraunto duly af- 
flMd as of tba day aad year ftrat 
above written. ^^ 

•Tha common aeal of TUB CORPOR- 
BAY was haipunto duly affixed In the 
presence of 

"The common sieal of THE UPLANDS 
UIMITKD was hereunto duly affixed 
In tbe presence of . „._ „ 

Tba Municipal Council of The Corpora- 
tion of the District of Oak Bay HERBUl 
ENACTS aa followa: — 

1 The terma of tho aald agreement 
hereinbefore fully aat out In the redtal Of 
this By-law sliall be and the same are 
hereby accepted ■ and the aald agreement 
la hereby validated and sanctioned. 

*> The Corporation of tha Dlatrlct of 
bak Bay ahall forthwith after the aaaent 
of the ratoplayers of the Municipality of 
tba District of Oak Bay shall be given. In 
manner hereinafter required, and upon tha 
said agreement b*ing executed by Tha 
Uplands Limited,, execute the aatd agree- 
ment and carry tho same Into effect; and 
the 'aid agreement when executed ia hereby 
embodied In, and shall be deemed to form 
part of iu»d to be read with tbla By-law 
In so far as the same Is to be performed 
by or on the part of Tha Corporation ot 
tha XJlatriot of Oak Bay. 

I All tha Iota and portions e( lota 
(InMndlng aald Lot "X" and said parka 
and aquarea) ahown on the aald aubdiviidan 
Plan numbered 12«1A. and not at tha data 
of tbe aald agreement or thereafter and 
prior to 193S alienated from The Uplaada 
Limited by conveyance or other aaaurance, 
wbethar lofal or aquiubla. or by laaaa 
excei-ding the I'rm of the aald agreement, 
or agreement for auch leaae, or sold under 
nareement for aale. or In respect of which 
any option (for a period exceeding one 
vear or with right of renewal) to purohaaa 
or leaaa has been at the date of the aald 
agreement or shall prior to the year 1»J» 
he Blvcn, shall be assessed for taxation by 
the Corporation or -the Aaaeaaor thereof, 
tar tba years 1»3» ta l»2«, both Inclaalve, 
it the aum ol »»7«.4U.O«i In each pmr 
and no more. In accordance with and 
aublect to the proVlaoea conialnWI In CIau«a 
n of the "aid agreement, provided that Tbe 
Uplanda Limited carrlts out dll the tarma 
of the aald agrcemenU 

4 This Br law shall, before tbe final 
luaalaa thereof, receive the aaaent of tha 
n»al<Trlty ot tha electora of tho MuniolpaHty 
of tho District of Oak Bay who ahall vote 
uaon thla By-law in tba aiaiutw provided 
for in the Municipal Aut. 

6 Thla By-law shall ba cited aa tha 
-rplaada By-Uaw, i»t»-" 

TAKB NOTICE that the 4bove la a true 
copy o< the propoaed by-law upon which 
fhe vote of the MunlclpaUlJ will be Ukca 
at the achool btiUdlng. fl«T Oak Bay 
Avenue on Saturday, the twentieth day 
of OaeVmbar. l»lt. batwaaa nine o'elack 
a m and seven o'clock p.m. 
*•"*• O. W. ROBS, 

Municipal Clark. 

Oak Bay, nc. 

5eca«fcer Ith. 1»1». 


Tendara. aealed and cndonad "Tbb* 
tlar for CottaBaa," will b« raoalv^ by 
tha Boldtara' Houainn Commlttea of 
tha City Council at tha City Hall, 
Douflaa Btraat. up till 18 a-m. an Monr 
day. tba tth Inat.. for tha araetloQ dC 
ona or nora .(not axeaadinc (Iva) flva* 
r«oni «o«U»aB. — P«r pte» and apaot- 
floatlons whleh may ba B«an at tha 
allloa •t tba BBlldlnf tnapaetor. City 


^••^ taadar rouat ba aeeomp^nlad 
by A iB«rk«d obaqua, mada paymbla 
to tba OorFWBtJea of tha Otty of Vie- 
tofia. for i 9V, otnt ot tb% unovat •< 
tandar. . ., • i 

Tha liWdst or anf t ml i u i iB t iwtii 
aarlly aooaptad. 

jaOTK— Tbe lime for receiving Ibeaa tan- 
dera baa bean extended bv tha Commlttaa 
mUl taa l*ib ln>t at !• am. 

OMy Hma Victoria, KC., 

«N. Ulf. 



BT'^.AW N% III— ' ^ I 

" * . '. 

A Bk-l-AW , __.. 

Ta aalbaafaa aaa fc-gf.-tum aa Aaraaaaaat 
wita Um MnaMtiMl oatf tuaba -^MMia- 
: . uuutfKa naa c«i*aiMM* far 

a a^aaMvatueat !nWm aflacuaa >1. Vt«- 

Ra.A'ih tba carnatation bt lbs Ol^bijU 

uay- baa arranac^d aa •■'•"af^ 

lira jtid|tai«i^ Uait i^'oaa A»»oci ftiaa 

_ne Uovaratrr ana v-oinoaiir oi Auaai^ 

tursra of /J;.oKiaod 'Iradina luiu Mudaons 
iiay, commonly anuwn aa I'ne tiuUaonauuy 
c-ouiMaiKtfl'OVIdlna tUPt corwla laada ra- 
ferreCtMrn the said aarwatnt shall ba 
ssiMged m tbe aum of setrano-jour lUuii- 
aanCaav#iiMada«d.daiiar8 4|T4.T«u.i»«> dur- 
tmtS ygar TJjl and dunn* tba yfara i»iX 
it mm, ^th inulualvr. la aoaa^dfCatton ol 
a*r«uB aanuitiuus. Kruviaioaa aad atioula* 
iloiia tu be Derlormtid and obaerved by tin 
Munlcloal Golf Links Asaoclallon. which 
anauuvuient In not Jorth M an aareBraonl 
subinlited lu ai>d uouruvad fv the Munl- 
cloal Council ut tbe ColpunilM" of tbe Uw- 
irici of Uttk Bay. saiab auaemeat la B> 
tba aFocdsThd ituaaa cmiawtoK: 

"THIS AGRiMMJIINT jut^f the «{U> 
day of DecMH bar: |919. bKTWEBN 
TKICT OF OAK BAV. Ijerelnallor called 
"rUe iluiilclDM-my' of the tlrat oart. the 
TION. a body corporata Incoruorated 
under thu 'Benevoleut Sucietlea' Act.' of 
the Provlnco of British Columbia, hav- 
ing Ita bead umce at th« City of Vlo- 
torla la the aald Province, berelnattar 
callad the AlaoclaUon' ot the aeopnd 
part and the GOVERNOR AND COM- 



'B BAY COMPANV. hereinafter 

called 'the Hudaon'a Bay Company' of 
the third nan. 

"WMERhiAB the Hndson'a Bay Com- 
pany 1h the asHMssod owner' of the landa 
dcacrlbed In tbe Hchredule hereto ait- 
UHii'd UM t'aJboro Uav Koad. within the 
Mnnloloallty ot the District of Oak Bay 
ana ha* ullered to leaae the aald landn 
lo the AsBoclatlon for the term of 16 
yeara from tho lat day of January. 
ItiO. upon the condition that the Asao- 
claUon shall during the said term, pay 
tbe taxes assessed aealnat the said-lands 
In eucli yaar iiurlnic the said term and 
eetabllah and maintain thereon a golf 

"AND WHEREAS It la provided by 
the Artlrlea of Jncoruoratioii and by 
the by-Jaws of the Assuclulluii that the 
AuHoclatlon may cstRbllsh a nubile aolf 
course on tire said lands and that any 
irsldeat of aiiy Municipality which con- 
tributea to tbe Asaoolattun shall hava 
the right to use the said snlf course. 

■•A.M> WHtKEAS the Association Is 
desirous of enterlnic Into the suld lease 
and evtabllshlng and mainiainlnK the 
aald Koir course provided the uald lands 
will not be aHaedSorl at a higher rate 
than .aevcaty-tour thouaand seven hun- 
dred dollars (tT4.70O.uu) durlux the aald 

I "A.N'D WHEREAS the Aasorlatlon Is 
willing that tho said gtilf course shall 
be used at all timea durlna the aald 
term by tba Intrabltants of the Muni- 
cluallly of tho Dlatrlct of Oak Bav on 
the payment of the fee hrrelnufter mon- 
Uoncd. nrovldad tbu MUaiclpallly aarsos 
to oaiieas the aald lands tlurlns tho said 
ptTlod at the sum of seventy-four thou- 
aand seven hundred dollara (174.700.00) 
In each year. 

"AND WHBREAS the aaid iroK courae, 
being tor the rational recreation of tba 
pttUllo and being for the beoellt of tbe 
Inbabltanta of tho Munlclpalltv of the 
Dlatrlct of Oak Bay. the Corooratton 
haa agreed to aaaeaa tho said lands at 
the aum of seventy-four thousand seven 
hundred dollara it74,70«.00> In each 
.vear during the aaid period and #ub- 
.lect to the conditions hereinafter men- 


"1. The Corporation aicreea that tba 
aald landa ahall be assessed at the sum 
of seventy-four tbuusand ueven hun- 
dred dollara (174. 700. 00) In the year 

lli;:o. BUhtlcQt to the niuvlslons contained 
In (^lauaa a hereof and agraea further 
that in the event only of lire Asaucla- 
tlon performing and obaervInK the con- 
ditions, provlalona and Btlpnlatlona con- 
tained In Clauae t hereof, all of ibx 
lands and premlaea deaorlbed In tbe 
ached ule hereto aball be aaaessed dur- 
inx tha yeara 19J1 to 1934. both years 
inclusive, at the aum of Reventy-four 
thouaand seven hundred dollars (174.- 
700. uo> In lach year and no more. 

"2. The conditions, rrovisiona. aad 
stipulations ta be performed and ob- 
aerved bv the Association and referred 
to In Clauae 1 hereof are aa followa: 

■'(t) On or before the .^Otlr day of 
November, 19tO. laying out tha aald 
landa ond premlaea as a public coif 
ooume uf at leaat 9 holea*accordlng to 
1 1x1 moat annroved methods of lavlni; 
oat Bolf couraea In tha Dominion of 

"(b) Maintaining and keening the 
said Kolf course in a proper state and 
condition during tbe yeara 1921 to 
1 934 Incluaive. In accordance with the 
most apuroved methods of keeping 
and maintaining coif couraea In tbe 
Dominion ot Canada. '* 

"<e) Not at any time during the 
yeara 1921 to 1934 erecting bulldlntra 
or erections on the aald landa and 
premlaea other than a Club Golf 
Honse or bnlldlnrs that may be necea- 
aary and Inridontal for the rational 
recreation of the nubile. 

"(d) Not during tho aald nerlod 
using the aald lands and building for 
any other nurpose than for a golf 
course, tennis courts, bowling itreen. 
croquet lawn or other devices for 
rational recreation. 

"(e) rermlttlnc each of and all 
the Inhabitants of the Munlclnallty of 
the District of Oak Bav to use the 
said golf course for tho ouroose or 
playing golf tirereon at all times dur- 
ing the yeara 1920 to 1934. both years 
Incluaive. subject to tha rutes and 
reirulatlons of tbe AsBOclallan and 
upon the payment of a foe not greater 
than that char«r»d to anv other plaver 
of golf on the said golf pourse. bat not 
to exceed the sum of EOc. uer uernnn 
for each round of anlf ulayed on the 
said golf course: and nermltting each 
of snit all the Inhabitants of the 
Municipality, of the Dlatrlct of Oak 
Bay to use. during the yeara 1981 to 
1934. both veara Incluslrc. anv tennis 
rourt, bowllnir green, croquet laan or 
other device, for rational recreation 
constructed or laid out on the said 
lands and premises, unon payment of 
the same riite or cbarae ae nsld by 
other members of the Aaaoelalton: 
' provided, however, that tha Aaaocia- 
tion shall have the rlitht lo Increase 
such fee, or charge an entrance fee 
for any oomnstltion or tournament 
that may be held on the aaid colt 

"(fl Permitting the Inhabitanta of 
the Munlclpalltv of Oak Bay to use 
any Club House erected on the aald 
lands at all times during the aald 
period: provided. howeVer, that anv 
aald inhabitant uuing anv locker In 
the said i'lub House shall be obliged 
to nav the name fee therefor, aa any 
other member of the Aaaoclation. 

"(g> Permitting the engineer of 
the Mnnieloalitv at all reaaonable 
timea during the aald itarlad to enter 
on the aald lands for the purpose of 
satiafvlna the Municloailty that tho 
conditions, provisions and stipulations 
contained In this clause have been 
duly ohsprved and oerformed by the 

"3. Thu Hudaon'a Bav Company 
agrees that. In tha event uf the Aaao- 
clation falling to lay nut the said lands 
and premises aa a public golf In 
Moeordaneu with the terms nf thla 
agreement by the 30thr day of Novem- 
ber, r 20. the Hudson's Bay Company 
shall Immediately thereafter nay to the 
Miinleloallty thi» dllTerenoe betwi^R the 
amount of taxra that would have been 
payable for the year 1320 In renoect of 
tbe aald landa If aueh lands were aa- 
8' ^aen at the aame value as they wera 
assessed at In the vear 1919 and the 
amount payable by reason of tho aa- 
»es»in«'nt of seventy-four thousand seven 
hundred dollara (t<4.700.00> as provided 
In this agreement. 

"4. PROVlDliD, HOWEVER, and It 
la hereby expressly agreed and declared 
that time shall be of the esaence of this 
agreement and that in the event of any 
nf the conditions. prvvlBlona or attPula- 
tiona mentioned in Clauae t haro.)f not 
being nerformed, carried out or ob- 
served as therein provided for the l>er- 
formance or observance of the same, 
thla agreement and all the rlgh-ta of 
the anrtlc!) hereto undof thla agreo- 
nient at an end. notwithstand- 
ing Its having bean executed bv any of 
the parties hereto or havtnir t>een ratl- 
ned bv the r.^tepayt-rs of the Munici- 
pality ns hereinaltcr provided, but with- 
out pre.ludlce lo the right af tba Mual- 
ciiwUty to recover tl« additional amonnt 
of tBNes mentioned In Clauiie 3 hereof. If 
aueh aareement l>ecomea at an end la 
(he year 1920; and the Municipality «r 
the Asaesaor thereof ahall therfupoa 
and In all Bubseau'.>nt years assess the 
said landa an<1 premier at tha same 
value as It wotiM have done had thla 
agreement never been executed : and In 
the event of this agreement becoming 
at an and aa hereinbefore provided, none 
of tha oartfas hereto shall b« hoand 
or affected In any way whatsoever by any 
of tba tannn af thla agreement and 
shall not be liable for any damagaa 
for a breaoir ot this agraement axeeat 
the llahllItT Of the Hudaod'a Bar Com- 
pany under the provlalona of Clauae 3 

"i. Nothing herein contained ahall 
prevent the Munlclpalltv from ralaiag 
tha rata ot taxation dartng any yaar of 
the aald period. 

•■«. Thla agra a mant aball not ba blad- 
ing on the Muntclnalltr unlll a By-law 
embodvlna the aame. which before the 
final pasaage thereof Is submitted to 
tha electors uf the Munlelpallty of tba 
DIatrtct of Oa* J^'t who are entitled 
to yola vaoit a bviaa- to rontrmet a 
debt, haa ^raeelve/1 the aaarnt of lira 
majority a' ttia electora who shall mte 
on such bv-law; and., therennon thto 
agreemam ahall ba Madbia aa tba Mani- 
rioaliir. Its sai t aaaara aad aaalgna and 
ahall enure to (he benefit nf all iho oar- 
ties h»re»« •«* their reapaettve ancnea-. 
aora and aaalgna 

Mnallty aad tha Aaaoctatinn have aauaed 

jriio Ptccadlllyr Bayward Building. 
Z)ou«ku Btrtct 

thetr Carparaia #fala M ba hafeanto af- 
1 and tha HaBBaWa way Coainany 
aMaad ta na* a r aas n ta |o tie axacttted 

fkv Ha dAily anthoritrd a(tnraay-la-fae(. 

ot Uritisn Columbia, and known aa part 
wf bectlun luULy-fOo |J1> v< Vtctona 
Duu-t«;u and utoie wartiuuiariy deac<lbad 
aa followa: 

"l^ouiuteoclDg at a point la the Nurtb- 
arly lluiit of (.andadowne Koad. tbenoa 
Kaaterly and follualua aald limit twelve 
huiiured and lony (1140.0) Xeel. lo tini 
Junction ot said .\urlbcrly Unit wttn the 
Vvesiorly Hum ol Cadooro Bay Itoad. 
theiicu .Northerly fuUowing aald Wester- 
ly limit sixteen hundrwi and slxty-iwo 
and seven-teutbs «lk»a77a feet more or 
lesa. to iiie auaie In saU Cudboro Bay 
Kaadi than at an angle ot aooui twaau- 
Bva dagraaa and two minutes iUi daa. B 
■tin.) to tba right aad ailU toUowmg 
•aid Waatarly umtu ia« iin>usaad and 
twenty-ttloe and one-tenth (20S9.1) feet 
Jnoie or less tu the junctton of itald 
Westerly iUnIt with the Uoulberly lUnlt 
of Hay Road, tbenue Weateriy and fol- 
lowing aald aautnarly limit of Day Road 
•tatat hondrcd and nlaatson and aU- 
taniha (llt.ii) feet more or lass to tba 
aagla in Hav Itoad. thence at oa angle 
of about sixteen degreea. forty-six niln- 
atea and tWrtv aeconda (1« degrtes 4a 
nUnutea 80 secondu) tu the left and still 
followInK aforesaid Southerly limit one 
hundred and tweuty-iwo and two tentba 
'la2.2» feat, thence at an angle Ot 
ZS) 8»3nu|iu uai pua aeaxaai* '>i»)-AtJ|<i) 
degreea 10 mfnutaa) to tba left tblrtaan 
hundred and sUty (iSCO.t) feet: tbenoa 
Southerly and at an angle ef about 
sixty-three degreea forty-eight minutea 
and thirty seconds (Ol degrees 48 min- 
utes 30 aeconda). to thu left a distance 
of thirty-five hiindr<>d and sixty-two and 
two-tenthn (3S«2.3) feet more or lesa 
to the point of commencement, the 
whole containing by admesaurement one 
hundred and twenty-four and flva- 
tentha (124.6) acrea more or leaa. 
"The Corporate aeal of The Coruoration 
of the District of Oak Bay waa here- 
unto affixed la tba preaence of: 





■ a a a • a ■ 

"Clerk . . , . 

"The Corporate aeal of the Munlripal 
Oolf Links Aaaoclation waa h^annto 
Affixed In the oreaenca of; 


■ •.•..*t.«tt^ 

"Sleneil. aealed and delivered on behalf 
of the Governor and Company of Ad- 
venturera of England Trading Into 
Hudson's Bay by Ita Attomay-ln-fact. 
Jamea Thomaon: 




f • 


The Municipal Council of The Corporation 
of the UlHtrlct of l^k Bay HEREBY K.S- 
ACTS as follows: 

1. The terma of the aald agreement here- 
inbefore fully set out in the recital o| thli* 
By-lEw. shall be and the same are hereby 
accepted and th* aald agreement la bvreby 
validated and aanctloned. 

2. The Corporation of the Dlatrlct ot 
Oak Bay shall forthwith, after the assent 
of the ratepayers of the Municipality of the 
District of Oak Bay ahall have been given 
in manner Irerelnafter required, and upon 
the dald Agreement belne executed by the 
Municipal Golf Links Asaoclation ana the 
Hudson's Bay Company, execute the aald 
Agreement and carry the same into effect: 
and the said Agreement when executed la 
herrby embodied In. and ahall be deemed 
to form part of and be read with this by- 
law. In ao far aa the aame la to be per- 
lurinea by or on the part of The Corpora- 
tion of the Dlatrlct of Oak Bay. 

S. Sabject to the provlalona contained 
In Clause 3 of the aaid Agreement the aald 
landa described in the said AKreement shall 
be aasesaed by The Corporation of the Dis- 
trict of Oak Bay In tho year 1920 at the 
sum of sevent.v-four thousand aeven hun- 
dred dollars ($74,700.00) and In tire event 
only of the Municipal Oolf Links Associa- 
tion performing and obaerving the condi- 
tions, provisions and stlDulatluna contaln-'l 
in Clauae 2 of the said Agreement, the aaid 
lands shall bo mssesaed bv Th» Corporation 
of tho Dlatrlct of Oak Bay durinc the yeara 
1821 to 1934. both years Inclusive, at the 
aum of seventy-four thousand seven hun-' 
dred dollars (174.700.00) in each year. 

4. This By-law ahaU; before the flnal 
panslng thereof, receive the aaaent of tha 
malorltv of the electors of th* Muixlcioality 
of (he District of Ook Bay who shall vote 
on thla Py-Iaw In tho manner provided by 
the Municipal Act. 

5. This By-law may be -olted aa tbe 
"Vxniclpal Oolt Llnka Aaaoclation By-law, 

TAKE NOTICE that the above Is a true 
copy of the proposed bv-law uoon which 
the vote of the Munlelality will be taken 
at tbe school building. 2167 Oak Bav Avenuet 
on Saturday, the twentieth day of Decem- 
ber. 1919. between nine o'clock a.m. and 
aeven o'clock p.m. 

O. W. ROSS. 

Municinai Clerk. 
Oak Bav. B.C. 

December 6th. 1919. 

Condemned Wooden 

PURSUANT to Section 1S8 of tho Muni- 
cipal Act and tu Section 28 of the "Victoria 
Cniy Uellef Act. 1918 (No. li," NOTICE 18 
Ht;RK»V OIVKN to the owners, agents, 
leBReea and occupants of the Uulltlliigs. 
structures, erections and prena(aea hereln- 
atter reierreU to. and to other TJarsona con 

aa .\o. 640 John ttiraet. Victoria. B.C. Owner* 
Miiiiam jacuoweit, dacaaaed. Aaaata. Mwia- 
ortou 4ic Muagrave, Vlatorla. B.O „^, 

T. Prame dwelUaa and uutntiDdlaBa oa 
Let 1.. ^.».ik .^ tMcuua 4. Map MA. kaowa 
aa No. 64a Ju4in SItval. Victoria. U.C Uvaar. 
William McDowalL dacaaaed. Aaanta. Bwla- 
er.un 4c Muagrave. Victorut. B.O. 

3. Frame atore. dweillug and outbuild- 
Inga on l.ul 4, Block I to U. Section 19. Vlo- 
torU Weal, Map 263. alluated uii tbe .N.W. 
coraar ot Belton Avenue and Bean Streeta 
Victoria. B.C. Owner. Jcasle llodMoa. 913 
lleyward Avenue. Victoria, B.C. 

9. Framo atabte on Lot 36. Block <. 
Barielth i ark. t>ecUoa 10. Map •** liurleltb. 
Victoria. B.C. Uwaac. A. J. WbeaUey. I'-U.. 

lo'. Frame building 4oId ahreet matal 

worka) on Lot XC. Block 32. Hillside Farw. 
Man 418. known aa No. 8»14 Orabame 
Street. Victoria. B.C. Owner. Percy R. 
Llttla. 1139 Howe Street. Vancoiivar. B.Or 

t|. Frame dwelling and outbutidlnga oa 
Lot 11. blouk 3. lilUalde Esteaaion. Jl^arll 
Uataia. Map l<:. known aa No. 7(7 Xina'a 
Road. Vlctoita. B.G._ Owner. Fred W. 
Blaa*enl>ach, l«t3 Vrrrtnder ATenue. Tlo- 
torla. B.C. 

12. Frame dwelling on T.ot It. Block «. 
Oaklanda. Map 303 A. known aa No. I««4 
Myrtle Street. Vlotorla. B.C. Owner. 
Thomaa ciatworthy. 1«mi Myrtle Street. Vic- 
toria. B.C, 

13. Frame daralling and outbutidlnga oa 
Lot A. Block 3. Oaklaada. Map #02 A. known 
aa Na 1813 Holly Street. Vlolorla. B.C. 
Owner. Bimily Jauu Ann Duplna. Geonard. 

14. Frame dwelling and outbuilding on 
Lot 13. Blocks SO and 83. Soring RIdga. Man 
Sa», known aa No. 1103 Chambers BUeat. 
Victoria, B.C. Owner. Elisabeth M. Mera- 
dlih. do J. H. KluK. 1221 Caledonia Avenue. 
Victoria. B.C, 

15. Frame dwalling and outbolldinga on 
Lot 20. Blocks 24 to 37, Spring RIdral. Map 

«««. kpown aa No. 1S47 Pandoro Stre*t. Vlc- 
torie.. B.C. Owner, Charles A. Foraytbe. do 
Barnard, Robertaon. Helsterman * Talt. 
VIcXorla. B.(?. 

16. Frame atable on aouth Part of Lot 
1095. Block 18, (Cook Streut). aituated at 
the rear of the N.E. comer of Cook and 
Fort Streets, Victoria. B.C. Owner. R. W. 
Savage, deccaaed. IIOS View Bti'aat. Vlotorla. 

IT. Frame dwalling and outbutidlnga aa 
tbe aouth part of Lot S<l. Block 4. known 
aa No. 1818 Quadra Street. Victoria. B.C. 
Owner. laabei CI. Potera. Agent. Arthur 
Coles. Broad Street. Victoria. B.C. 

IS. Frame cottage and outbu:idlnga on 
Lot 9(9. Block 8, known aa No. iej( Yatea 
Street. Victoria. B.C. Owner. J. O. Stlnaon. 
Ladyamlth. B.C. 

19. Frame dwelling and outbulldinga oa 
the aouth part of Lot 1 of 5-acre Lot !•. 
Map 26. known as No. 904 Pandora Street, 
Victoria. B.C. Ownera. Truateea Flrat Bao- 
tlat Church, do J. L. Beckwlth. 14 23 Fem- 
wood Road. Victoria. B.C. 

20. Frame dwelling and outbutidlnga oa 
Lot 4. ut 6-acro lA)t r>. Map 17A. knowa aa 
No. 834 Pandora Street. Vlotorla. B.C. 
Owner. CharloH S. Falloou. £6 Douglaa Street. 
Brooklyn. New York. 

21. .Frame dwelling and outbulldinga oa 
Lot 4(*0. Block W. known aa No. 851 Pan- 
dora Street. Victoria. B.C. Owner. Labor 
Teniple. I'.O. Hox 802. Victoria. B.C. 

22. Frame dwellInK and outbulldinga on 
east part of Ixit & of S-ac.-e Lot 5. Map ITA. 
known, as No. 84 2 Pandora Street. Victoria. 
B.C. Owner. Charles H. Falloon. 66 Dougla* 
Street. Brooklyn. New York. 

23. All wooden erections on the South 
part of Lot 404. Block 13. aituated at tba 
rear ot the N.W. comer of Fort and Doug- 
las airceta. Vliaor(a,^JS, C, Owner., Joaenb 
Boscowltz. Agents. Gillespie. Hart m Todd. 
Victoria. B.C. 

24. Framo building on Lot 340. Block 24. 
known as No. lOlo Douglas Street. Victoria. 
n.C. Owner. Otto Wcller. 238 Dduxlas Street. 
Victoria. B.C. 

25. Frame dwelling and outbuUdlnaa on 
the South part of Lot 68, Block 33. known 
aa No. 1002 Blanahard Street (N.W. corner 
of Blanahard and Broughton Strecta Vic- 
toria. B.C.). Ownera. L. B. Wilbraham. 
Charles R. Brown, W. R. Hull, do C. J. 
Prior. Chanccrv Chambera. Victoria. B.C. 

26. Frame dwelling and outbulldinga on 
the South part of Lot 261. Block 22. aituated 
on tire N.E. corner of Blanahard and 
Broughton Streets. Victoria. B.C. Ownera. 
a. McB. Smith and F. Colpman. Qovernment 
Agent. Albernl. B.C. 

27. Wooden lean-to'a on Sub-lot 1 of Lota 
316. 317. 320. 321 and Ht. of Block 2S. sit- 
uated at the rear of No. 708 Humboldt 
Htroet. Victoria. B.C. Owner. John D. Hal- 
lam, do R. T. Tin. 925 Madison Street. Vic- 
toria. B.C. 

Srbednla "B" 

1. Frame bulldlnas damaged by flra 
(aawmlll) on Lot S. Blonk M. Work Estate, 
Map S8A. David Street. Victoria. B.C. 
Ownera. John B. ond Oaorge D. and Charles 
Aduma. P.O. Box 84 0. Victoria. B.C. 

2. Frame stable on Lot 13. Block R. Sac- i 
tlon 4. Mao 3,1A. aituated at the rear nf 
No. 641 Hillside Avenite. Victoria. B.C. 
Owner, W. J. Clarke. 2111 Vanoouver Street. 
Vietorla. B.C. 

3. Frame buiuilng (ohnreh) on Ixit 77. 
Block K. Section .11. Victoria West Mao 14. 
situated on the corner of Catherine and 
Wilson Streeta. Victoria. B.C. Owner.. 
Roper Rv Wfriteman. Chancer Btraet. Oak* 
Bay. B.C. 

4. Frame dwelling and ontbulldlnga on 
Lot 28. Blocka 4 and t, Saanlch Extension, 
Man 358. known aa No. 3138 Douglaa Street, 
Vlctotla. B.C. OWnera. H. Lloyd Youn» and 
Susan Pike. 1228 Fort Street. Vietorla. B.C. 

6. Frame dwelling and outbuildings on 
Lot 28. Blocks 4 and (. Saanlch Exten!<Ion. 
Map 358. known na No. 3130 DourlaH Street. 
Victoria. B.C. Ownera H. Lloyd Youna and 
Susan Pike. 12f8 Fort Street. Victoria. B.C. 

6. Framo dwellings and outbulldinga on 
t>ot 29. Blocka 4 and (. Saanlch Extension. 
Map 358, known as No, 1132 Douglaa Street. 
Victoria. B.C. Owner, Cbariaa Lees. Maple 
Creek. Saskatchewan. 

i. Frame dwelling and ontbulldlnga on 
Lot 11. Block 3. Hillside Extension. Work 
Estate. Mao 132, known aa No. 787 KIna'a 
Road. Victoria. B.C. Owner. Jean I. Kay. 
Agents. Day & Boggs. Victoria. B.C. 

8. Frame dwelllnas and outbuildings on 
Lot 801. Block 10. known aa Noa 1202. 1201. 
120ti, 1208 and 1210 Vancouver Street. Vic- 
toria. B.C. Owner. Lee Dan. cio Ling Chong 
Lung Co.. 649 Cormorant Street. Victoria. 

9. Dwelling (brick, cement faced^ a«d 

rental for the uae. or tbe opportunity 
of uoor of the aame. on nor foot troal- 
age. or other baata. and for raaaialiaw, 
levylaa aad raca*a««a« •"'eto.raatal. 

(«) *or chargUg (with llt«.»««»5*ff 
for oollecilugi. all oeraoaa ownlna 9*09» 
erty drained into a aawer. with rent for 
ua« of connecting pliM»a or d^.ns. ana 
far regulating the timea and manner fur 
nas^nient of charsca 

7. Validating and conOrmlng tbe »*tj"i 
pravtodtly levied, and coltMlions made in 
• onnaetlua with sewer rentbla. ciuater llgRt- 
Ing. aad boulevard malntana*ce. 

the principal aad tntereat of any oriainai 
aecurltlea laaued bv the CJornorallon. and 
limiting the date of matwiaa of auch do- 
benturea. or atook. to tweaty yeara after «aa 
mamrit* "f the original a aaa r ltlea and lira- 
vidlna for tho promr aaaUcaiion of ** * 
monlaa paid la radaact « •"•?'*'. •"2f!I* 
mania oovereU by tba «aw arlginal aeaari- 




cerned. that, at a meeting of tbe Municipal _ 

Council of the Corporation of th* City of ' oulbulldlnga. on I.ot S«a. Block 10. Known 

Victoria, held on tho lat day of December, " ~ " " 

A.D. 1919, a raaoluilon. in the worda follow- 
ing, waa duly paaaed. 

Wii,i.Mj3iAS tho .Municipal Council ot tha 
Corporation of ine city ui t iclurta, «l a meet- 
ing duiy held on the 7ih day ot .Nuvemuer, 
l»is>. pursuant to Scuilun lii8 of the "Muni- 
cipal Act and bectiun 2» of tue "Victoria 
City iiellef'Act. iwis. i^o. 2)." and alter 
duo notice to the various ownera concerned, 
inkesiiaated and luuuned into the facts, 
conditions ahd clrcuinalances relating to 
certain builuinga, struciuraa, erections and 
premises wituin the City ot Victoria men- 
tloried and desorloed In the several sched- 
ules hereto, and heard evidence thereon 
upon oath, together with reports from the 
members of the council who had Insotcted 
the same, and representations made by or 
on behalf uf such otvners and Interested 
partlea as appeared on such iiivi stlxatton. 

l,^*^ Therefore. It Is hereby resolved that 
each and every ot the bullUlag.H, struc- 
turca and naactlona mentioned in Scheduioa 
A. B, C and D hereto is and are hereby 
declared to be. in the opinion of the Council, 
In ao dilapidated or uncleanly a coaJltlun aa 
to be olTeiislve tu the joiniiiunlty. 

2. It Is hereb.v 'urlher res-ilved ond or- 
dered that eazt\ and every ol the bulldlugn. 
structures and erections mentioned In 
Schedule "A" hereto anall be puiled down 
and completely removed by the respective 
owners thereof within thirty (30) days after 
service ut thla order, by publication hereof 
for a period of five days in a dally news- 
paper nubllahed In the City of Victoria, 

3. It is hereby further resolved aild or- 
dered that eaclt and every of the buildings, 
structures and erections na nlloned in 
Schedule "B" hereto ahall be repaired by 
ihe respective owners thereof, to the eatla- 
factlon of the Building Inspector. Medical 
Health Ofllccr and Sanitary Inapecior of 
the Corporation, within sixty (80) daya after 
the servl<'n of Ih-ts order as aforesaid; falling 
wlilch each and ev>*ry such building, struc- 
ture or erection which shall not have beer 
repaired within the time and in the manner 
aforesaid, almll thereupon be pulled down 

__ No. 903 Yatea Street. Victoria, B.C. 
Owner. Choy Pin. Poat Ottlce. Victoria. B.C. 

10. Frame dwelling and outbulldinga on 
Lot 885. Block Y. known aa No. 1014 Jobn- 
aon Street. Victoria, B.C. Owner. H. O. 
SNatCraon. 92y Kmpreaa Avenue. Victoria. 

R C 

11. Dwelling (brlek) and outbulldinga on 
Lot 1069. Block 7. known aa No. 1104 Tatea 
Street. Victoria. B.C. Owner, Herbert T. 
Knott. 1354 Pandora Avenue. Victoria, B.C. 

12. Easterly twenty (20) feet of frame 
Htable on Lot 282. Block 22. Owners. 
WcHtern Landa. Ltd.. 723 Fort Street, Vic- 
toria. B.C. 

Bchednle "C" 
1. 'Frame dwelling and outbulldinga on 
l.,ot 9. Block O. Section 4. Mao .ISA. known 
aa No. 2!>02 Hock Hay Avenue. Victoria. B.C. 
Owner. Henry Richard Savage, 944 Jobnaon 
Street. Victoria. BC- . , ^., 

Bebednle "O" 
1. Sfrad (used as gataga). on Lot 13. 
Block 31. Hillside Farm. Mao 418, situated 
on the S.E. corner of Hillside Avenue and 
Orahame Street. Victoria, 3.C. Owner, 
Joshua Smethurst, Tennyson Road. Saanlch. 

^^' E. W. BRADLBT. 

Clerk of Municipal Council. 
City Clerk'a Office. Victoria. B.C.. Dec. 

!». DispanHing with tha necoaaltr of »ab- 
llclv exhlbltina. or otherwiaa rivlog nj**^ 
In wrltng of reaoiutona to bo aubmittea a» 
meetlnga of the Council. . ....._— 

10. Authorising the Council by bl^;iaw 
to provide money with which to purciaae. 
leaae. construct, maintain and oi>erata a 
municipal KOlf links, and to Join with otaara 
In the management ol aame. , 

11. AuUiorlzIng tho Council, br by-law. 
without the assent of the ratepayers, to re- 
duce the width of Falrfleld Road between 
St. Charlea Street and Foul Bay »o^. from 
slxty-alx («() feet to flfty-nve i56) feet, 
and to aell the eleven-foot atrip tbaraof to 
the adintning property ownera. 

12. Providing for the validity of all tax 
aalea notwithstanding irragularltv in tne 
description or aasaaamant of landa alraaay 
aold or to be aold. . .. • i._ 

, 15, Authorlaing tbe Council, by By-law. 

I (a) To enter Into agreementa with 
adlolnlnr munhslnalltlea for .the Inter- 
change of newer connection privilege* by 
property ownera of the Corporation, and 
uf an adloining aiunlalpalltv. . 

(b) To compel property oa-nera Of 
the Cori>oratlun to connect and drain 
into a aawer ot tba adjotnlnc moslol- 

(c) To collect from auch property 
ownera rentala or other cbargea for 
such newer cennectiona , 

14. AuthorlElag the Council, by reaolu- 
tlon. to sell bv public or prlvato sale. lUl 
unidentified and unclaimed articles in pos- 
session of the Police Department, at the ex- 
piration of one year of such poaaeealon. 

15. Granting ratepayers on or ttowefn the 
15th day of September. 1920. the privilege 
of paying all acncral and local improvement 
taxea I In arrears accrued payable to the 
Corporation to the Slat day of December. 
1919, on tha ten year Inatalment plan, with 
Intereat on ail deferred inatalmenta com- 
puted from that date, at aix («<%) per cent 
per annum. 

16. Providing for tbe oaymenU prevloua 
t ottae date of 1920 tax aale of all taxea In 
arreara up lo January lat. 1920. by payment 
ot all accrued local Improvement taxes, 
ninety per cent of all general taxea and one- 
haif ol the ace #.a Uiteroal to date of aettle- 

17. Provldlna that the aggregate amount 
of all general and local iraprovemeni Uxes 
accrued payable to the Corporation to ba 
cctmpuled in aucertalnlng tho Soldlera Cap- 
ital Bum as used la the Victoria City Acta, 
ahall bo computed only to the data on which 
the aoldlor makea his first payment of one- 
tenth of the said Soldler'a Capital Sum. 

18. Validating an aKreemenl between the 
Corporation anif tire British Columbia Telo- 
ptaono Company, by which the Corporation 
haa trannferred Its righl.M and properly In 
certain underground conduits and equip- 
ment, to the British Columbia Telephone 
Company, purauant to prior agreements al- 
ready ratified nnd confirmed by legislation, 
and which poat pones indefinitely the time 
within which the Oorporatlon. by the aald 
)>rlor agreementa. Is reauired to obtain and 
tranafer to the Company the rights of way 
und euaementa for tbe aald condulta and 
euulpment. . ™ .. 

19. Amending Paragraph (cc) of Bub- 
aeotlon (1) of Beotlun 18 ot the "Victoria 
City Act. 1919." to provide for tho pay- 
ment by a bondbroker of the same licence 
fee aa required from a etockbroker. 

20. Validating a By-law to be aubraltted 
to the rati-payera in January 1920, author- 
Ixlng tho Corporation to borroa" and to use 
120.000.00 for the coPBtructlon and opera- 
tion of a Municipal Oolf Llnka sal* by-law 
containing a provision that the same ahall 
not become effective unlll ratlHod and con- 
firmed by the Leglalatura at lu fiaxt aes- 
aion. . 

21. Providing that the reglatration and 
licencing of motor vehlclea of the City a Fire 
Department ahall not be reoulred. and that 
MUch motor vehlclea shall not he restricted 
iia to speed in going to fires and ahall have 
the clear right of way on the City's street «. 

22. Authorlaing the Council bv by-law to 
eloBslfy and dlstipgulah between kinda of 
motor vehlclea uaed for hire, profit or re- 
ward; to regulate the operation thereof; to 
define rontea to bo followed WlthU tha City, 
und to impoae flnea for breach of rcgnla- 
tlona. , .. . 

23. Reoolrlng the Corporation to aell at 
1930 tax sale a nine-foot strip of Lot 89. 
Block "K." Map 14. Victoria West, front- 
ing on Edward and Catherine fitieeta. at a 
fixed amount for thw ourpoa* of adluai^ng 
taxes charged ngalilbt tho whole of said 

24. Imposing taxation upon landa the fee 
r.f which Is in the Municipality, bnd which 
are heUI or occupied under Agreement for 
.Sale or Lease, and arantlng the Corpora- 
tion power to recover taxea from the holder 
or occupier of such lands. 

25. Authorising the Council by ,by-lnw 
to enter Into binding agreementa with the 
B. C. Electric Railway Company dealing 
with farea. transfers, light and power ratea. 
street maintenance. Iltnevs. use of bridgea. 
Hhare of oarnlnga. freight cara. street paving, 
poles and wires, time schedules, lurisdlctlon 
of Public UtiUtlea Commission, duration and 
validity of aareementa 

•6. Authorixina th»' Council to remit tha 
percentage addltlona due and payable by 
rnto•^<^'•erv In rp"oect of all onvmenta made, 
between November 29, 1919. and January 
I, 1920, on account of 1910 taxea. 


cnty Solicitor. 
December 10th. 191*. 

Partiis requiring the use of this 
Dock should apply to 

Capt L A. GOULD, DKbMHer 

who alone is authorized to deal 

summarily with all such requests. 
Reference to Ottawa unnecessary. 

By order, 


Deputy Minister. 

Depirtment of Pitbiic Worlcs, 

OtUwa, 24 til November. 1919. 


Plateilwiira. Tumltura, ata., at 

Saeritea Prioaa. 
W«'Ta.-acoraa of thlDca that ar* 
every bit aa arood aa iiaw. Coma 

In and aee. 
»aatw — A few offered at ..tMt 
WiMrtan* Ma4a a£ walaut. oiUr 9S 
Baaiiboo MBltaa for ...*....... (!• 

Fort Strait Enhnn 


Aotrtion Sales held wcekfjr. 

PamttDra. Uvaatoofe. coote «( 
•II kinds. GonsignineatB soUdt* 

Before disposing of'yoor ef« 
fects it wiU be to your intcrtst 
to coosuit as. 

716 Johnson Street. 



and completely rambved by tha respective 
owner or ownera tmreof within alxty-dve 
<tS) daya after the aervlce of thla order aa 

4. It la hereby further raaolved and or- 
dered tbat tbe outbulldinga mentioned in 
Hohedulo "<T hrr<'to ahall be pulled down 
and comoletily removed by tire owner there- 
of within tblrty (30) dava after the aervlca 
of thla order aa aforesaid; alO> that the 
dwelling meniloned In aald Schedule "C" 
hereto ahall be repaired by the owner there- 
of, to the aatlafacUon of tha Bulldina 
Inanector within alxty (80) days after the 
aervice of thia order aa aforeiiald; falllnc 
a'hlch the aame ahall be pulled down and 
t'ompletely removed by the tald owner within 
alzty-nvo (S^i) daya after the tcrvlce of thla 
order oa aforeaald. 

t. It la hareoy further reaolved and or- 
dered thia the abed mentioned (n Schedule 
,"!>" hereto ahall be remlred bv the owner 
thereof to the satlafactloa of the Building 
inapector of the »ald Corporation, within 
thlriy <*0) daya after the aervice ot thla 
order aa aforeaald; falling which the aald 
building (hall be vullrd down and com- 
pletely removed by the aald owner within 
Ave (S> days immediately following the ex- 
piration of (he aald thirty (301 daya. 

a. It la berrby further reaolved and or- 
dered ttral In caae of default of anv of tha 
aaid reaneetive ownera W romplrlaiC with 
the foregolna ordera relating to their rea- 
peutlve buildinga. atructurea. erectlona or 
nramlaea. within the reapertlve period* after 
aervice hereinbefore named, tho reapertlve 
atev*. meaaorea. matters and thinga herein- 
before ordered to be tahen or done ahall be 
taktn and done by the Sanitary inapeelor of 
the Corporation at tiro cost of the oamar or 
• awnara ao In defanlt. and that navment of 
auoh onata and all etpenaea Incldcnial there- 
to be enforced by tho aald Sanitary inaoec- 
tar agalnat the reapectlve owfeara ao la 
default In an action in any Court of Com- 
natant Jurladldlon. 

Scbadale A 

1. Oaa-atary brtcfc atora on Snb-lat B. af 
lis C. af Block to. nest and aouth of tke 
■ a N. Railway Uenot. Stare MirMt. Via- 
toria B.C. Ownera Slatnra of salat Ana. 
Saint Anna Convent. Victoria. B.C 

2 Frame cottagea an f/ota 4(S aad «!•. 
Black R. known aa Noa Ml. SOI, its. 187, 
SSfmtia iU Cbathaan Street, VIciorla. H.Q. 
Owner. Carlo Baaat, dcaeaaed. Agent. U J. 
<i«agHoitl. atl caaaaorant •trae*-. ^nctorla. 

l^ Frame building on I.ot US. Black B. 

Notice la hereby given that tho Annual 
Oeneral Meeting of the Sharaboldera of the 
Wellington Colliery Hallway Company will 
be held at the Hend Ofliro of the Comnanr. 
,j%oiim 600. Belmont Building, romer of Oov- 
fernnunt and Humboldt Streeta. In the City 
\t Victoria, B.C., on Monday, the Fifth day 
of January. I»:i0, at the hour of S o'olocit in 
the allcrn(ton. for the election of Dlrecinra 
of said Company for the enauing year, and 
for the trnnaactlon of anv other buaineaa 
connfCted with and Inelflental to th* undar- 
taking of the Railway Company that may 
he dealt with at an Annual Qenerai Meet- 
ing of Ita Sharcholdera 

Dated at Victoria. B.C, thla nfth day of 
pecftmbar. 1919. 

H.-r-'tT'- "f the \veiiin«ton Colliery Rail- 
way Comnany^ ^ ^ 


/^a« aaaMd tWw* a r aaa n ta to be eaacttted 
V Ita dAily anthoritrd a(tnraa7-la-fai 

the dav and veer nr»t aboVa firltten. 

"All aad aingalar that certain Heea. 
tore"! <"'' traM af land fi^d nram l ai a , 
h»*f>» iv+nw and a*«ua»« la tke Vtoki*-*^ 

altuaiea at the rear af Ho. I»l« Htara Street, 
^ " ". Owner. Demlnle Baraa aa4 

!lo P. Unraa * Co.. Mara iti 
VkJtorla. H.C. 

VIctarlJU n.C. 


4 rrame railage aad outlMilldlMni aa 
bat 1«t Black I. Boctlan 4. Man ISA. kitowa 
aa Ka. Ill Bay iRraet. Vietarta. B.C. Owaarn, 
SaorSa M. Unifaav ana AraMkald M, Baa- 
ertaoa, I2tt PleaMnt Blraat, Oak Bag. B,C- 
jrraiae dwelling aad aat^lidlaaa en 
1,0* t Block P. Sacilefi «. Van JtA, kaawa 

„ Ka. J«ti tMtmo 'I'Vl.J*^^*- R^ 
un*r. U. J. Katekam fcadb Drtre. VTe- 

t*' rtSkp dwaltlag aad eathyidteca 
Let IZ. Ble«li B. SacUea «. Ma* flA. Mi 

NOTICE la hereby given that an apnllca- 
tlon will be made to the Lieglnlative Aaaam- 
b|y of the Province of Britlah Columuia at 
Ita next aeaaion by tho Corporation of tha 
i^iiy ol « i< Miriu for an Act I to be Known aa 
Ule '•Victoria City Act, 1V1'()"> providing lur 
{h» fnllowiPK mattera. and giving to the 
aald Corporation and the Municipal Council 
■...uico. 4..i«- ioiu>»'.n« powera. namely; — 

I. Amending the "tietoria City Relief 
Act. um. INo. 2)." as followa: 

(a> By addinc to Maotlon 7 a-arovl- 
aion giving any purchaacr of anv Intereat 
In land from n aoldler who ahall have 
, made hia nrnt payment on the ten year 
ItiNlalment plan, (he aame rlghta and 
privileges n« lo payment Of taxea aa 
auch Ktldler would have had If he had 
not aold Nueh land. 

(b> Providing, (retroact'velvi, that 
all rlghta nf way. eaaementa and arr^-l- 
tudea aeoulred by the Corporation In 
reapeet of any land within the Province 
aold for tu«ea. shafl remain a valbl 
^ rharge In favor ofthe Corooratlon from 
and after the date of auch lax aa|» and 
the laaannce of title to (he iniM aold. 
J. Amending Section I« of (he "Victoria 
(2lty Act, 1*1*." / rennirlng the holder of 
a trade licence for the previmia vear to nay 
hia road tax for the current vear before 
hav)-' M« naiaa entered on the Munlalital 
Voters Uat. _ 

a. B»-<nilring evdfr tmda llrenee-holder 
to pay hie n>ad tax for tha earrant year, in 
addition (o all llconea feaa daa ta tka Cor- 
poratlnn. before havtna hia name aatarad «n 
Xh» Mnnleioal Vetera' Mat. 

4. Validating and eonflrminc tha Annual 
Rate By-taw No. :0(a of tbe CVrporation. 
...,,, .-, reanlrad trr the "Mnnl- 
einal Aot Amendmant Act. in*." and tha 
nereenuge addltlona arorldad for »y aaM 
Bv-law In raaaa at of alt anoald taxge far 

'*i^*' Baakllav ifc* Ueeal laiaravwaaat Cam- 
miaalaaere la iReIr diaoaaitaai to w S w aa tha 
namner of annnal lnatalm«ita af ■Derlal 
aaaeaonanla t« any number ant i<>en than ten 
a Btaa a wertnc tba Mnnietnal Ceaacll te 
make. at»>r and vanaai ny-iava for the fel- 
tewing nwaaaiat _, . ^ ^ 

(a> Tor aanaaalaar lead br anNaal 
rata, with lb« eeat Ot aaaintenaaee (ar 
HaaMla lighting kr «laM«r ttakt er 
eikerwiae. aad af att_ ^n«ie«arM. •»- 
gtalled. w>aatoa a «a»l ea laHl on fMaiu la 
». . . -» — K^ e'-»»*ln{r Nad. OBS '^^ 

lu awn' -■ or aiMUMara of 

(lr» V"r rkai „ . _ 

a»i ( M iwimI*. raranl er eUMiataa. «f 
th» l"-.«« iiiaii.#ir»a. ewnaMe arjK*a«r 

^^f»y< iniA ^ mmmmr ar dram ^a** a 



Instructed by the own«ra, we will 
sell at SaleHroom. 7M View Street, 

Today, 1:30 

Select and Well-Kept 

Furniture and 

of several hount^a, and Including: Al- 
most New MendeliiBohn Piano In 
Fumed Oak Case, very fine Fumed 
Oak Davenport, very fine Oak Roll- 
top Desk, Oak Typewriter D«8k, Oak 
Morris Chair, with Leather Cushlong, 
Oak and Mahogany Centre Tables, al- 
most new Drop-head White Rota.ry 
Sewing Machine, Oak Leather-neated 
Armchairs, Gramophones and Records, 
Typewriter, 88-noto Player, Music, 
fine lot ot Grasn Chairs and Rockers, 
Hall Stand, large Mirror In Walnut 
frame, very good Couches, fine lot 
of Carpet Squarea and Carpets and 
Rugs and Btalr Carpet, three lots of 
_very good Linoleums, very pretty Oak 
"Ruffet, nice Sideboard, two Round 
Oak Bxtennion Tables, three sets of 
Cak Dining Chairs, Blue Willow Din- 
ner Service, lot of China, Glass and 
Crockery. Plated Ware. cdoek«, Bragg 
Jardinieres, two pieces i*«wt«r, lot 
of Books and Plctureg. Curtains, 
Drapes, almost Baw HooSWr Klte^n 
Cabinet, all Bnss HadstMd With 
Spring and Fait MattresB. Tsry flae 
Oak Bedroom fluite. If frda Bad- 
■tpads with Sprtfigs and Mattreaaes in 
Single, Three-quarter and Full Size, 
Dressers and Stands, Wardrobes. 
Child's Iron Cots. Pillows, Cushlona, 
Toiletware, Bed Lounge. Sanitary 
Couch, Vacuum Cleaner, Ladies* and 
Gents' very good Blcyelen, aliaoBt 
new "Canadian Ideal," "Canada's 
Pride" and "Majestic" lUngea, Heat- 
ers. Parlor Btovas, Box Stovea. G«a 
Range, Gas Heaters, Washing Ma- 
chlnea, Meat Safes, Refrlgaratora, Oil 
Stovea, IS Kltetitn Tablas, large aB» 
aorlinent of Oodklnc UtansUs, Oar« 
den Tools, l*wn Mowara,. Coll of 
Inch Rope. Gas Engine, Coffee Vm, 
almost new Stock and Dla, 8tcp> 
ladders, ate. Now on Tiaw. 


4 Doors Atiova Blanshard 



Golden Finish Dining 
Table with three leaves, 

Only 917aOO 

Come and see this today. 

JohD S. Bartholomew, Jr. 

VlMBa Silt 

Oalgasy Biaafe 

John Bartholomew ft Sons 

"8*le*t" New Fnraltnre Htoraa 
7tS rart m. aad 11 IS Fort Ht., near Oook Ht. 

"How oft the eight of meana to do ill daeda 
mi^aa HI doeda done I" — Shakeapaara. 

••new oft the alght of meana to do GOOD 
daeda makea GOOD deada dona."— Bar- 

And hy ealling at the above and aealag our 
aOOl> rt.A8B and well aelected Fnraltora 
Stock you would undoublerlly take tha 
wiae cburae. and buy KIOHT NOW all 
the Furniture you need, l/efore tha prteea 
go higher. 

Largeat and beat aelected atock of rvmltara, 
Pianoa. Rangea. Antiquea, Carpata, Werka 
ot Art, eta., la Victaria, 

ttaay Terma Monthly PaymaatS 
Fheae tC7S 

City MarJiet Auction 

• Tues days and Fri days 

TODAY, 2 P.M. 

Ustul Potiltry, Btc, includihg Fine 
Pullets, Hens, etc.; also 6-hole Raaffe, 
K. Chairs and Tables; other miscel- 
laneous goods. Double set Harntss, 


Phone 24B4 Aoctloiitsir 

'Neath Masonic Temple, Cor. Douglas 

and Fisgard. 

People's Farnithing 

CABPVn. a taraa 

ai«>a«t a«w. ta ka 

iTwararaara. Orasa 
I aad Baehara. aad 

(sHs sad 



NELSON, Dee. 11. — Owing to tho 
country being bare of snow, axeapt 
In th^ high altitudes, the present cold 
snap Is f reeaing the soil to a eoB- 
nlderable depth, causing the fBrnia- 
tlon of anchor Ice In the creeks aad 
diverting the flow from the Intakes 
of pipe lines, and, In the towns, ar- 
rasUntf the replenishment of tha r#s- 
•m>ira through diminished flow. 

Various mines are ineonvenlanesd 
hy tha shutting down of compraaK>r<« 
for want of power, but this condition 
will right Itaelf before long, aa the 
Btreamn will wear permanent ehan- 
nala In tha ice. 

Tha city raservolr has fallen alarm* 
Ingly In the last 4i hours, owtflg to 
etmsnmars lattlng thalr tap* run, and 
the city has Issued a warning a#alBst 
tba practice. 


C/rrAWA. ]>s«. 11.— A depBtation 
from tha Canadian ManufaetBfBnC 
Aaao«tAtlon, including mr Joaapb 
Flavalle and Oaorga Walsh, of To- 
ronto, waited upon Sir Henry Pray- 
ton, MInlstar of Flnanoa. to place ba- 
fora klBi tha eaaa of tbe Cana4>aa: 
aaasBlaoUirar of goods agpdrtad to 
Bngland nndsv tba prass a t d«al M»* 
lag sytant. 

It was staiad by msflfibari if «ka 
dayatatiott that taxea f lavlai hath 
BPOB tba proAta of tha p iudu a ar tn 
QMiaOa and oa thooa of tha asaat 
wl»o may ba haatfling tba pro*Mt fdr 
tba f1iBrJ*r- fl*a». Tb« CbaMian 
auufufaelurers felt that tbii lary 
npoB tbam wa« unfair, and wiahEad to 
place tha facts baCora tiM MtaMiar. -> 
i»ha Icwfc tha taattar 99 wttk tbaas 


BRJoy r*tirM)i at Pb»admy Cab- 

aad «*a. I ^^^^ 



Store Hours — v to 6 p.m. Wednesday 

9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 


\ -^ish 

' '..At ^-^jbD 

L«-*r ■ * 

Dependmg on the Great Resources of Our Big Store 
None Need Worry Over That 'V Giit"-The Choice 

Is Large, the Quality the Best — 

Again We Of fer You Some Special 
Values in High-Grade Silks 

—Today, In the Silks Department, 
values that will prpve most int^resiting 
of silk for a dress, skirt or suit: 

Pussy Willow, Figured Silk, 40 
Inches Wide, Regular $5.50. 
. At, a Yard, $1.95 
—In navy and white, Copenhagen 
and white, black and white, and brown 
and blue. 

Jersey Silk, 40 Inches Wide, 

Regular $6.50. At, a 

Yard, $3.25 

— This is shown in colors of old gold 

-tmd t)ld rose onlyr 

we will offer the following excellent 
to you who have been considering a gift 

Silk Georgette, 40 Inches Wide. 

At, a Yard, $2.39 
— In colors of taupe, pink, white, Nile, 
navy and cream. 

33 Inch, Reliable Silk. Xt, a 
Yard, $1.90. 

— In colors of old rose, sky, sand, 
myrtle, grey, Copenhagen, brown, 
navy, mauve and maize. 

Duchess Satin, Regular $3.5o. 

At $2.5o a Yard 
—In black, myrtle, navy, brown, wine 
and reseda. 

36 Inch Crepe Poplin, Regular 
$2.50. At, a yard, $1.65 

— In brown, sand, myrtl&, Burgundy, 
Nile and maize. 

— Silks, Main Floor, Broad 

Our Special 
Sale of 





Today at, a 



Pumps in i^atent 
Leather and 
Glazed Kid, in 
plain styles or 
buckle trimmed. 
All have French 
-1i^^+s, and they- 
include Queen 
Quality lines that 
formerly sold at 
S9.00 a pair. 

— Women's Shoes, 
1st Floor 

Choose an Ideal Christmas Gift From 
Our Eiderdown Bathrobe Flannels 

— Eiderdown Bathrobe Flannels are so called because of their delightful 
warmth and lightness in weight. When made up into bath robes they look and 
feel real "comfy," and so will be highly appreciated 

As Christmas Gifts by Men, Women and Children 

— They are shown in all colors and in designs suitable for all ages. 

27 inches wide, high grade. At, a 27 inches wide, good quality. At, u 

yard, $1.15. yard, 60c. 

Girdles and Frogs to match the robe at, a set, 6oc. 

— staples, Mail! Floor 

Blanket Bathrobes 

Very high grade, in an extensive choice of colorings and designs, bordered in 
contrast shades. In these, too, you will find grand possibilities in Christmas 
gifts for men or women. Price,* including girdles and frogs, S8.75. 

— staples. Main Floor 

New Art Rugs for Hearth and Bedside 

An inexpensive Rug, made from fibre jute and wool, produced in new art color- 
ings; size 27 X 54. At, each, $1.95. —carpets, and Floor 

A aft Women Will 
Delight in 

A Pure Wool Sweater 
Coat at. Each $14.50 

—You are offered in this Sweater an all-wool qual- 
ity of the best grade. The style, too, is very win- 
ning, having a square, convertible collar, and fitted 
with sash belt and pockets. The colors are very 
attractive shades of peacock, saxe, rose, emerald, 
paddy, black and navy. Drop in at the Sweater 
Section and inspect this pretty Sweater. 

— First Floor 

Pretty Waists in Silk and 

Wool Poplin and 

Crepe de Chine 

Appreciable Gifts for Women 

Waists, stylishly made in silk and wool poplin, in 
colors of black and navy. ^ They are prettily de- 
signed with a two-way collar and turn-back button 
cuffs. Pretty, practical Waists, and splendid value 
at, each, $6.75. •>'* 

Waists in Rich Crepe de Chine, having square col- 
lar with reveres and neatly trimmed with hem- 
stitching. The colors represented are Copenhagen 
and flesh. You will find this model exceedingly 
good value at, each, $4.90. 

_s— Waists, lit„FiQQ£. 

Silk Hosiery, an Ideal 
Gift for Women 

An Important Offering of Fur- 
Trimmed andOtherQuality 
Coats, Each, Today, $39-75 

— Every Coat in this assortment represents one of 
the season's latest and most popular styles. The 
quality of the materials from which they have been 
developed is clearly of the best. The Coats are well 
made and finished, the whole presenting one of 
the most opportune values of the season. See them 
in the Mantle Department. 

—First Floor, Broad 

Special Offerings in Cream Flannel- 
ette, in Many Instances Below 
the Present Mill Cost 

—During the past eight months the advance in Flannelette prices has 
been rapid. However, having bought heavily in the early part of the 
year, we are now giving our customers the monetary benefit of our early 
buying, in the following lines of Cream Flannelette. 

30 inches wide. Special at, a yard, 30c. 35 inches wide, Canada's Best. At, a 

31 inches wide, reliable. At, a yard, 35c. ^s'f^ches wide, superb. At, a yard, 7Sc. 
-34 inches wide, dependable. At, a yard, 35 inches wide, double warp. At, a yard, 

40C. 85c. 

Also an extensive choice in stripes at, a yard, 35c, 40c and 50c_^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ 

Special Values in Toyland for Today 
and Saturday's Selling 

The Boys' Clothing Dept. 

Offers Many Attractive 

Suggestions in Suitable 

Christmas Gifts 

Shoo Fly Rockers, regular $2.25. Special 

at $1.98. 

— Dolls at special prices. 

Kindergarten Sets, regular $3.25. Special 

at $2.98. 

Ouija Boards at, each, $1.25. 

-— Toyltnd, Lower Main Floor 

—Every woman delights in the possession of a pair 
of good quality Silk Hose, and such our stock of 
Hosiery offers for your selection. The choice is 
extensive and the prices, when you consider the fine 
quality, most reasonable. 

Women's Silk Hos«, alt fashionable colors, including 
black, white and brown, some clocked, at, a pair, $3.00. 
Women's Silk Hose, (Lfice), in black, grey, brown and 
navy. Superior value at, a pair, $2.50. 

Women's Silk Hote, in black, white and all colors, at, a 
pair, $2.50, $2.00, $1.75 and $1.50. 

•—All are reinforced and have garter tops. Put up in 
neat, attractive boxes. A pair of these Hose make a 
most desirable Christmas gift. Call and inspect them. 

—Hosiery, Main Floor 

Special Values in Table Flatware, Rogers' 

Plate, Affording Christmas Gifts of 

the Highest Standard 

At $1.25 

Pickle Forks, Cold Meat ^orks. Cream 
Ladles, Butter Knives and Sugar Shells. 

At 75c 
Butter Knives, Pickle Forks, Sugar Shells, 
Baby Spoons and Food Pushers. 

- At $1.00 

Cold Meat Forks, Cream Ladles, Butter 
Knives, Pickle Forks, Sugar Shells, Baby 
Spoons, Nut Crackers, Napkin Rings. 

Baby Mugs 
In high-grade plate at, each, 75c to $2.75. 

— silverware Section, Lower Main Floor 

Special Values in 2 1 -Piece China Tea Sets 

At a Set, *i0.90, $11.50, $13.50, $15.00, $17.50 and $21.00 

—China Section, Lower Main Floor 

Boys' Tweed Suits, well styled in tweeds, worsteds 

and navy blue serges. Exceptional vahies at, a 

suit, $12.50 to $18.00. 

Boys' Short Pants, in serviceable, heavy qualities, 

at, a pair, $2.25 to $2.95. 

Boys* Corduroy'Pants, well made and good quality, 

at, a pair, $2.75 to $2.95. 

Children's Plush and Corduroy Hats, in black, 
brown and green, at, each, $1.50. 

Children's Tweed Suits — Coat with high button 
neck and straight-knee pants, well assorted pat- 
terns, at, a suit, $4.75 to $8.50. 
Children's Velvet Corduroy Suits, in brown, blue 
and green. The coats have button-up collars, the 
pants straight cut. Special, $8.50. 
Boys' Sailor Suits, made from heavy navy serge, 
with long or short pants. Splendid value at, a suit, 

$9.75. —Main Floor, -Broad 

i « 

Table Covers Are Among the 

Useful Christmas Gifts 
Tapestry, Cretopne and Felt 

Tapestry Table Covers, size 60 x 60, in green, brown or 
red, at, each, $4.25. 

Cretonne Table Covers, 2J^ yards by 2 yards, at, each, 

Blue Rep Table Covers, with tapestry panel centre and , 
corners, size 2>^ yards by 2 yards, at, each, $27.50. 

Pelt Table Cloths, size 36 x 36, a very neat cloth In sten- 
cilled designs, on brown, grey and green, at, each, $1.95. 

— Orapery Department, 2nd Floor 

The Right Christmas Gift for a 

Man— a Pair of Good 

Quality Slippers 

We are now showing a large assortment of Men's Slip- 
pers, in brown kid, with leather soles and heels, Pullman 
styles, at, a pair, $4.oo. 

Low Cut Slippers at, a pair, $3.50. 

■— Men*t Shop, Main Floor 


Canada' Food Board Licence No. 10-8097 

»*i^i|i O »