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C0U>N1$T Tl 


Bu»ioeu Ofpce II 

Idltorltl RopMs. • •'• • • • ^• • • * • • ^ ; i 


BoleHevi kfiWaung t)6t6rmtniB^ 
Ifforts to 'ftfiiik Through 
Oefenct^ Along Norttiefrr 
front of IIP Kilometers ^ 


f oFfiipofrrAtiTTOww 


Mq$cow Govemmeht Sends 

Mensfee-r^t^., iFprces at 

: WASntoAW, Mar as.— Nia* ^lan*- 
^Ikt iituelu bave been repuJiMd In the 
)Mt twenty-four boura on the front of 
140 kiloRietora, according to the 
poUph -of^tolftl eomflttt»l<*tt»a, wM«k 
«4««t • . ^-'iMiiilife i:j ■ 

' "The B^ l ali«l >lMlW 
:hra»li ]Mm pbiw^ (NMfMifi fight 

1^M»«r BerMlna^'irtiiah 'tfi« IftoS 
Bftv* 'eroased." 

^ The 6oiahevlkl"have sali)^ jMurea- 
aion of Polotak. an important ranway 
Junction, and are endeavoring to push 
forward alpns the river 4nd awi 
country to the aouth, The Itaia 
fk-ont V Mm- . astiidi 
•With to thtt "B«r«^ ' 
Kt river to Borlaov,--^-. 

Bolahevik PtoCcit ' ' ' 
EURICH, May 22.— T«)« Ra«i«ii 
•ovMt «ovar&iBi«Bt hM aent » Mf#-;lMk 
tb# .\4l|M liOvarnnMte; v|ir««fit<n^ 
iMmMit'.tiM Pollah offensive, accord- 
'iaff 40 > wireleaa dispatch from Mos' 
ctfW this afternoon. ^ 

Reds Break Promlao* 
. LONDON, May 32.— pfllelal advice^ 
f rei^ PersIA today state that the Bol- 
•hoTiki Who faiad«d 'at E|i^U. on Ufi^ 
CMblu «BMHt» tMiiv | > > < ii iiJ<« . |fe 

ettt the K6|d« Itedins to PsMit 
tir*|it^*liv« mllas sooth 'o^ BfuwlL The 
aMtflih forM. .whteb* to « a^Ul ^ 
was compelled to'irttMbrM i4»,ltiMiiV 
the advices say. • . .< . . 

LONDON, May 22.— Oeorvlan 
troops »xp reposed to h^marehliiv 
on the il««k Wa i^rt^ of^Batum. 

Ift^ tAni-CkmsA^^' «^gR»t«d ' toW 
thMattned-iry «H» «dy«a«e of Botoho- 

nowspnper from Rruena reports that 

Official Carriage Used Sir James PonilM. ,KI|Jch Wiil Qe S| 

amme ipr VictaciS-Day C^ktffation - Xdiftprrdw 

10:00 a.m. — Baseball, Tacoina^ vj. Vi^tai:ia».':^dtt ; 

lijoo a.oLr^treet Pageant. . ^ ' „: 

\ 1:15 — Baseball,^ Tacoma v 8. Victopfa, at Stadium. 
\ TA 5 pi,tt.--4Viitei! Pageant on Cbrf^e, ^y^t PPint Ellice Bridge 
4 3j0p j>'iii.r^cliin- Water Sports Jit G<wg&^ ^ ~ ^ ^ . 
I S^7:^^\m9\em Lze^^ Vfctorli^ at 3 ' ^ ' 

^ 6:lS p.m.~Hudsoii '5 Bay Banqu et, at EttiftlbSi^ji^^h ' ' i 5 

8:00 p.m. — Community Sing, in front of Parii|nMgijtrM 
8:30 p.m.— Band Concert on Causeway. J: ^* * ; - 

9:00; i>;ift.~FireworJts Displty- on James Bay. 

iCaslo KaArabekIr, eo^tj^^n4> 
19th Army Corpn, wholBe h 
Are there. 

PARIS,, May 22.-^AhitMiS8adbr Wal- 
lace informed the Council of Ambaa- 
R«4ofs today that Prosident WUson 
ha« tnnounoed that the United Bl»tes 

frdmler MtlieraiKl's Statement 
• asto Apperttenfng#'Mw»y 
. to Be Paild Ijy fi^fmny— 
Fra|ii(» ta, Get 6S Per Cent 


PARIS, May t|.«-«i«kiM to t«.r» 
Mlra ••.par M«t oe Oonnany^a i«< 
. damiBity, Orp»t Britain as p«r eimt 
and tha remainder to to tro divided 
between Batvinmi Italy and Serbia 
Premier ^illerand told the Fln&incf) 
and Fureign Affaln Goounitteo of the 
ehamlMr of Daputtoa today tn #x 
l»laliitn« hto r«Mnt'«o«v»rMtKMw 'wlih 
pr'tmltr Lloyd Qeorg* ft Wthe. the 

ffreed npon by tho paoee eeiifer«n«ei 
• M. Mlllerand staUd ^hat the rate 
of interest to 1m demanded from 
Oarmaay- on the in,000.«0«.00« 
ntarka ladenAilli^ stto %ra« to pa>- had 

T^vm a t per MM j-p^iunptlon rate 
4rotn tho holtfora ofSMi bonds whjeh 
Qermany must Issuw The indemnity, 
he said, wouM be exclusive of the 
ooal diliversd to I'Yance and of the 
comi^atisatlon for devastated minAs 
4nd for cattle dcstt-oyed or sold >dur- 
l^ffvltefW »,.■ 

'rjmv^l^^vm^i -^.mi the 
or Nations has iiootpefied tho 
liMWl ftfianetol eoaf«rtfl|i to 
at Brusseto iiii|til|^ 
ninr of .Ttib*. '■'W'X^-'W'" 

LONDON. May 91.JHM|j|«rU hcrf- 
my financial quart«n in the United 
fltoUto and in tl|a South A>n«noiin 
«ptmtri4w "irin .b# »h# prinolMU^b. 
tfcrH^Tte^y fdfamlitiMWt ^ ie- 
e)4M upon !• ilMmco Oortiuiny'ft 
dankhity parmant. 

It hi expect** tha «tfmMr Brus- 
Mta dnanolal ooaXsMiMo win fix th* 
i^mMitot loaa t oiward* , of 

AaMMUr* on 

MBLBOURMK. . May Sa.w«he B«a- 

Se todhVjJtibM'tlM MU Mtbarialiig 
II « ■iHfttiiifcii' nil n II 

Sn conjnnctlon 
IHe Cpnunoo- 

uth. on fool, — #wr 4iMi bui. wiu 
bo suppMnd by xS* «MBpkay at Aim> 

(roltan pr>r<N > 



. VANCOUVER; Mdy 22.i-01d D*|. 
hou4iaiif, of (W||^itli^ «re many 

&^'Sit^ McRao. 
W» ll^*Nr d^Ha ytpilt from lUliSx. 

1 ''WPh was fo«nd«d 

to 1120, and take* its name <rom 
0«>r»e Raijasa^. jjlJljfl mt 



■ -r. H 


VANCOUVER, May) 22.— F. 
C. Wade, As«nt-<Gcnelml Cor 
British Cofimbia in tb^ Brittah 
I«lcs, with, headquarters iu 
British Columbia House iu Lon- 
don, has written friends in Van- 
couver to the effect that he con- 
templates' giving up the post 
and returning to this city to fc-^. 
engage in his law practice. 
- Uf^ Wadftifiviea as his fMiioh 
tlit^ttiiMta 4t»i IwTe been made 
on the maintenance^ of British 
Colunibia House on the score 
of cxtraTagaace. 

Advices Sent by General Obregon I>C5|(?rili9'*4ged 
President as Victim of Col. Rodolfor H * 
ajid His Soldiers, Who Had Ejttci^fedt 

Obregon Sends Stern Rebuke to Men Who Are Suf(; 
posed to Have Been in Position to Guard Their*:] 
" Chief-^BOdy of Deposed President Sent ^cr ^"^^ 
, Mexico City7-014 Pr^pphecy . , 'J J ' 


EL PASO, Tex., MsLy 22. — Venustlano Carranza. President of 
Mexico and iiiajl^tluri^vefttr<«ecoad'g^ country has 

had since 1821, was M i M Stll Uea at . i 1^181 7:19^ 

Copenhagen Corfespondent of 
Berlin Paper Describes His 
Activities for Bolshevism- 
Finds Germany Difficult 

«ments' and addi- 

Manasflr of ihr l.Mitfs and ITur OeoartSMSt* 
of th« Hudfon i Bav.C«»isa)r lertlM wb«i« 
«r tho dlatri«t wMS the XMi^r ?l(Onat- 
SUuL vbo«c natttint *torcr tfee Mtaaa*- 
^^is ib^ t«hem#'iiuuiltr«waiy; •#«etacte 
- -wiM teeiMsa -mnAiU- ■ ■ 

^as^UfSMcs faasiUar ,to the pftM»odr^««. 


SACRAMF.NTO. May Qnarsn- 
t^tajrtwvi^l'on* Whieh would prrv-«nt 
li^ny d«i 

lo coairol ratdin^ 

Tomorrow, scenes uniqae and uB' 
pAtlilWICd will -harli- back sevenly- 
seven yearn to the days when Vic- 
toria city was aborning, and beyond 
those. %&0 years to occasions enaoUd 
by courtiers ' Ip . the^ great halls of 
London wiiaa Prlnjw Rupert inau^ur- 
atad th» Hudaon's Ray ConnMffy foi^ 
op4nitien in Canada with the ct^nsenti 
o?4kins Charles and a eharter Iromv 
the dM«ra.' A |MiiUk jiteMteAe in^ 

all itr«atM^fOM«rru^ WfMy^i 

snatches of r^mahtlo..^totbi^/aa> 
lioeiated irMh tha fooiiding of'a.groao 
i(|itto» amt^g the wlldei^ai^ss dtf tli« 
NdHlt A«t|Hoan oantlnent. will ciuVsef 
tM-Vfl^'*-.9lfii^»t(^ the waters oi 

ti^t fN«il» ->(Tr b« a s »ea» »t «d> a re- 
' iablo< aoaeUva Of ,rei»«B 
hoat «f native trih^ on tthia 
to " compete ■^U^'' tho watei* 
spdHit of the daips when the site ot 
Victoria was a runway -tor daer. 2n-^ 
terspoirsad on the programme for thei( 
day ara amuaeracnt features appeal*^ 

t?ir»<i«r f?^** ' • % I 

In Vietoria, May 24 will mark th«|' 
2iith hlilhflag^afiaiyiMTiary relebra-J 
tlon of t,h«i Radaaii's Buy Cbi^pany.i 
The- pabllo hA^tlAi' hrHtad to aiiaro/ 
in tha faaiNiMrAlM tb «.«»ia'tUx.| 

oflic of the'lMoat* 
Of tha kind; 
ha tlaa eity. Tbe pes- 
durini tha aarly fiia- 
wW liJ^;ilWi[ in 

M _r-u™Mxiz.-.^-iT»^»™= t^a preheat 
awc r-wmt mar i i jpyp gli sst poet in 

A 'wmvafty poMSMMIr'thw awMiae 

recaro of hajHa# Men operaaiva for 


no. y«h^ Ri^»t«aaht'M rnia and 
fttactloito panaeatad wltli 

th^ ^n 6i th^ ffreatr pagad/rft proces- 
sion that, will Ht^etch for nearly two 
mllW|^ th^^0> tho streets o;( the city. 

^ ' l^fiM^I^VSMj^'lfi 'atarts 'from tha 
^*<^isdll$^^i<^KA na# bulM- 
fng. ^.Z'iwipM'Pl!^ , Itonglaa SAfaset 
sooth W "Kft'iiffaat; fiet itr*«t 
east to Vanboiiver; Vancouver Street 
oorth to Tates; Tates Street west 
to Oovemhient; Government iBtrbet 
south to Parllamont Buildings. 

The parade will iialt In front of 
the Emprefw Hotjel untU tha Uaut. 
Governor of Britlah Colum^ lind JBtr 
Robert Kindersley can spaa d ,op to 
the Parliament Buiidinga/ a^pSr'' when 
the whole pageant will ba vlawad by 
them aa it pastas. ~~ 
- Aftar naldhs the drole 'Hi llron^ df 
ntn* Mutltomeht Buiidinga;t''tlia-'niareh 
will tarn on ta Mansies Street; « Men- 
ties Street' aaath to 4fKiperior street; 
Saperiar^ Straat ■ eiast to Douglati 
Street; Jtotiglas Street north to 
Broughton Street, where all foot or 
slow-moving units wlM continue on 
Douglas Htrcot to the Hudson's Bay 
Company's new building and disband, 
while the balance of the pageant will 
turn east on Broughton to . Quadfa; 
Quadra south tb Burdati; '^Bttf^att 
east to Oaokt^<Cook north to tMl^era; 
at. foihVWbi 

' The following is ' the oiilcfat order 
of divisions and units in the pageant^ 

' > ' Division No. 1 

1. Chief of Police. 

a. I4mit.-Qoyern«i: and Sir Mobart 
Xindanlley in eoaeh. ' -s*"- 
■». .aiwo'taeimldg;^''^. •■■ ' ' 

4. Sbr namitdir '«aM^d«; 

i. Four AoifntiM^ca^fikiian. 

«. Prince Rupatt. <' • 

7. Feor mounted cat^aA. 

s. riaat,' Obhipdny^' boi^'-ofHU^ 

0. Twenty handjiaMii Uf ooatames. 
a«; Btaa0fti>d/fl|i|^ ita 'M : 

11. naiit, 'llei^Siiah.o 

'U. .*N»^ «ta«Wb Faiui r 1 

la. Two 

iu: 9tt fndialto, ilMoaa and paaka,! 
15. Standard baaraK ' ""i • • 

1. : SS!: pbf r i£5^^ - - • 

H- Float, seal. - ' • • ' * ^ 

'. • Mvts'feri !Vo.* a 
20. Standard baartr in miut^'bag* 

t^nqtf. -,, ' '"^^riM *M-:^r" \)ik 

« .3l. .Lord Salkirlc. t >, ' 

St. R^ fl|i|i» 

ta^^Mbrls'aahoonOr. . , . 
«. Bond. , 
at. Float, jFart, victorto. • 

INvtalon Now d » , 
S7. Iitandaird baar«r.j ^ 
St. ridaf; liy'Mialnso Sg^rthM. 
i*. Ten Indiana wallttMo • ^ 
ao. , K>aat. . mtnaa.. - gmhi. 

» I. Standard baarars (two boys la 
years old>. 

I«. Float. ^l*M|taB t wAaota. 

a^Milga If Ob a . 
, Rand. : • ,-• , • . ; , 
S4. T|»a aAeam. fd 
ITM g a War ftt a. ; 
il. riaat,^ Br^tMi _ 
jnoati f)ai»«^;Tima. 
ai. ito-aakara i«r;aaia. 
«TB. "VBfii rrtjjirtiN 
jt. Farty«aisbt rathnbd 
Nkvy rVatdranfei 

(.CoMtMied aa Page 



^ ^ and to Wi J. 

Y" fellow members 

<>i tha claaii.cir itto. , 

.Aaiiong other distinguished gradw- 


^ainB - trat>parfe 
■indlabs''- laoi^nfea 




Regulations Under Preparation 
by Finance Department Are 
Expected to l\4ake the, Jiask 
Somewhat Easier 

, , TORBo 

Hertera and his soldiers at TIaxcaltpnango, Puebla^ accordinij to 
messages received here Jrp^j ,^i[i^al AJyaro Obregon, dated at 1 
Mexico City tpday. . ^ f 

t'^^rlere w6re WikI illx or -seven more bodies of * the inen in : 
CarHAjtf*Tlarty," said one message from'^mtmtm' ^K<^iNbl sUted 
wli« these meti-'«Mg|y| be. -' ■ * - '» .^'^ i ---'. ^w^^y 
Reports given out by the revolutionists ««y<>*faflr^' yft lilitj- 
simitod^by his own men. Herrera was described aa-^an-'ex^Fe^ertl 

manner at the cry of - <'Vlya Obregon'^ by ColoneT-fliiHiet^' 

HAMBURG. May 22.— A series of 
articles on \he activities in Copen 
hagen of Maxim Liitvlnoff. Russian 
Soviet riBpresentative ■ there. Is ap 
paarini^ til Tha'Fremdamhtott. The 

aiitolba dlifa''' tram tba hewapapar's , „ ^ . , .... . — • 

c^^bafMi eorraspowiant%lho say* his men, violating the 1y>$pital{ty that had been ofr^rfed'fO'Rinj 
Lit^inott haa aought Kto aid in prop- 1 Jpx-H«riAi»^ .AijCprding, to a ffom his Chief foltowcrs ioItJeo- 

M Pablo^Qlwila(|«.^q^ ?i message to revohitionary agent^ 
nere.' • .... ; _^ * . . j 

Obregon tiisyered M?iiMH|#^|^^ S^i^t^^^^^ jlelHarect 
that if the arraijza follor^rT^blrinr "re laA 3? iH^ aiij 
inclsdihg: Jua/< Barrafan, cliief of staff; Ignaclo Bonlllas. fdiiifer Amf 
basaador to the United SUtcs, whose candidacy for tKe bfcsHI^ncj 

•V - — r 

agating insidious pro-Bolshevilci com 
mentarles in the German news- 

"in" ckrnuwy/'; .tiM 
reports tlb'ihMr iia Itt^lnir agtd. ra- 

sistance Is harder to overcome than 
in Ilpsala by rpanoii , of . the fact ^ that 
the middle class 'systf^m is too deeply 
There Is little prospect of a 


*a I hmt^ll^'sv^ Chief- 1 ^ . ■^^;^.0a^^<i)t. f^^J 

lilftlan in I>enmark,_^whare 

got otb>iiiany the BcandiitaViait Ib^*- 1 Fonsctence (HHT iiKre estapcd the.; stai Mg ^mmeawmmtt '* 

tries ara bound to fbnaw." . | ■ Qbregon- toM the Carranristas th^^re^uf^^ 

fj»d. WrwsjMjwient 


er • 


•■■^ - 


* r 

OTTAWA., .lAar.j, SSw<rRegwlatlons 
for the .oeUectiion o/ liuuiy taxes are 
to ba prepared by fha Finance De- 
• w a ptb le n t,. and will . be made pubtio 
de soon as pof<nibl«. ' The numerous 
auggaatiooa, and . dlfflcuitiea reported 
to the department in connection with 
the taxes have given material assist- 
ance in connection with the prepara- 
Mon of ihf! regulations. Wh«n in af j 
feet, it is felt, the regulations wilj 
not only remove apparent adoMaliab, 
bat wHi tend to make tha ltteid4a>oa 
of tha tax more w^aHabia. '■, »"" 

A case in pofait wm ba that of dia- 
mond, rliwa Thaca . ft no tax on 
laaaa ai|MQdndlak jwd it haa tUeii sug' 
aaatad that * >ariBHaaer might buy i« 
diamond-,, at ota 'afare, have it set at 
•n*^**' fnd thaa escape paying tax 
on the WMpie value of the ring. Such 
an evasion of tha tax will be met in 
the regulations. JU». aU probabUityr 
they will provide for taxation at Xhd 
l^otal value of the,, ring jtt tl 
Where ^ it. is set! MH&ill 
Which imposes a t^aHMIpjltot 

on 'artlolM^ cotimmmf*i6itdm *A 
ieweb-y- wUsthsw aiiSt ■ . ' 

fSr parsbnal use or for adommaat of 

parsoaai mo. bui 

far use in the housc- 
Ponwnal Jewelry is 

la * elMi baCween^arhUaii afld btedka 

^AJigUUy, wniadad. two other 
MliWPiia shot aaa aOVaral houaa. in 
tho negro sactlan of city wOre 

" if d ltf i tha ait«aUa« l»d 
••'••d dowa. A eail' for troopa t«4a- 
* to the govetnor laat night waa 

«> aaid. in 

flCtm^Pii ^ measaca ha saya 

a VmHin igeat. in- 
geruottng.hlm to temit to the Botshe- 
vlki emUsary In. 8wit<eri§iod a, flxad 
sum i^oMfaiy for sviqM^flda ptw- 
poahs. ■ ■ . ' » 

NpeioAi. fwmcn 

4vl«|!W jroJUti-'-|iay tS.— Aniarieana 
tjCtday .avinced no great determination 
to become possessors of articles once 
belonging to ex-Katoer Wilhelm. 

Seven lots of gold-embroiderad vel- 
vet hanaings from the throne room, of 
the Imperial palace at Berlin wara 
knocked down under the auctlonaar'a 
bamntar here today far oi^ |iipiS. 

, Tlia gorgaoaa hangings,' Embroidered 
with Imperial Prussian eagles, brought 
k mere |S( to 175 each, or about II.4& 
for each royal bird. The entire collec- 
tion, valued at |60,000. went for 
•7.S72.S0. Dealers and. professional buy- 
ers bid In most' of Uie articles. 

Splr^ffl, bidding met the offer of one 
of the former Kaiser's big carved ivary 
beer mugs from the Bavarian chateau 
at Munich. It was bought In by Paul 
Uocic, an advertising man. for a private 
purchaser. He paid |200 for' it. 
after the sale aan«ua«M that he b«d 
boanf testruatiid "aat ta let It gb avajr. 
under ta.m«." ' 

'i " ' II • 1^ a 

tiave done their duty, ''to^lflli^vitv^^d Urranza's «^^^^^^^ 

RBGIKA. Hay ■ Alfred ^. 
Davidaon waa arrested at his hohta. 
four miles south of Horlaon, Sask., 
today, charged with the murder of 
Jaoob Rungc. a young fariMK 
Raaga'e diaCppaatranoa laat Naa^nK* 
bar jamalnad a h^yatary WMII- toMgr. 
whan dataetliaii Klav tha bodjr of the 
mlaalnr maa flMitfimdar tha' floor of 
Da^daon's shack on the adjoining 
farm. Ha tiad been shot through tha 
bmtn. , , 


Tba trboMs atartad; it 
9m oMaraation batwaan a 
«»d a n«fgro 

II! vlUnc t \ 

Army and! 

of PorOsnd. i 

d Oakfausd 

• ^r^.-'Papdia' 

O^ares That l^e TUM LMif- 
Irtg NoWidowor ChlM ^ 

wMeh Jbava h«aa cai^mt ruatding 
eartala mamb w a ad tba R«Hlaii royal 
family bartng eonpad tha masyrrs 
in wkkjk th» lanotr oitar mat daatb 
woald- aipfba^ lb ba dis a eaad by an 
aMaia» MM lb I^ondad today by 
Grand Dacb s aa Xenta AleXandroVna, 
wlda af Grand buke Alexaadar Ml- 
elMalovUeh. and slater of tha lata 

Grand Daehans has beea . llvfag 
la L<i a do b . and iailari af adnrintaCi^ 
Uaa have boaa graatad iMr far tiM 
MgUMi abtata of^ilM ftiiigsi Cmi^ 
tatainag dva h«adra« p sus ii, 

•Md^i^^.tM b*.vM bitamiu. 

sttte; lie vtrasssssifliiea: 

f r-*^ ■ ■^►' ft t r i W dli ■ . tt a a e rablu 

•Ifl^ '^■^ifipgtad said 
Pp*««oa. 'Ttasident Cdrranxa was 
b<ftllled of the guaranty which would 
be give him if he would ba willing to m -am 

ni dgiigar. 

"The act of Carranza revealed tha 
dignity and* good fbHowbhlir yJu 

First report of^the- asaassliiation ol 
Carranga #ag ilad by Obvagon Frt- 
day. night. 4Nie- mvMgga did not 
reaefa hara nntU today. 

' 'Awii l i ri.ili i r a^'ier paflal ' ' 
MEXICO CrrV, May 22.— Tba 
body "Of Venustlano Carransa Is dua 
to arrive In Mexico City this evening. 
The six other victlgis aC tha attaeir 
of May 20 have bao». fbwrHiif gdVtba 
•oana of the battle. 

l*armissU>n tua been granted rela<^ 
tlves of the late President far tha 
private Interment of his body. t^«M 
Include his daughters, Julia And Vlr* 
ginla. tho latter the wife of ' 
Candido Agullar. 

Tbara' la ■tiir tmoartalnty 
(ka nartea bf >Carrah«^a bpib 
W1M» ward blltad. tt is jMlibVed. 
aver, that they were Gen. Fraaelaeo 
Murguia, Gen. Francisco Urqulso, 
Under-Secraury of War. and Marine.- 
Lula. Cabrera, Secretary ot tha Tyeaa- 
ury:fhla brother, Aloaso Cabrera^ 
Governor of P«tabhi: Manual Aguirra 
iMtbratary . of tlja Interior, 
Vlctln of Tnaache ty . 

WA8Hi|fOTOIff.' May. sa^'«b«gMi: 
ana CSarmaga haa lalttad' tbar Mar'|lac 
of La t fal-Agaer i e a n dictaton ^ho 
have ende4 their stormy obreers in 
iight and death. ' ' , 

A fugttlvv in tha moantalns ot 
P«ebla« Cba old mnn who kept tbe 

bodyghard in big ireai tho 

Mexican oa4>ital. ° ^ . 

Whathar ta« (ell Hghting or a vte- 
tint of the eetebrnted "Ify fags,** 
which. ma4lo dead men of AladarO 
aad Aiares. or actUHlly was 
«od. In a C( 



: . • .A..~ . 

broken-lukrted taasTln 

Bat it d 

nhii»iWblch to , 

prophesied, accordlnf^ t»' 
ports,, that after Maaioo h*d» «i 
three Franciscos in tMbttaTltia/ 
would have for President aa old 
With c baapc 4rho wbu|d maeti . 
^l^^j^^^J^^^ *nd that he wouldjba 
moogdiad) jhr va Preaidant . " who 
"^2""^*^ horse from tha "wrol 
■Ma. ^Huii |»^p|iaQv. , ~ - ^ i 
Miarsaftar ' 'JT ' 

tfceri have • bean thraa 
in Maxitf^f puMie -Hfti ; _ 

Pr^Rhaeri^ made. THay wJ 

ctoeli d« te.B^rra, no^ An aaila; Pran- 
claoo Madcro. the mttcdarad Pseaidant 

St 1»U. atfd FTaof^ Villa, tha b«n- 
it lakder. Carranifa waa waU knewM 
tor hi^ beard. Obre^ vho Ibd.ilia 
^^It against hina. and, la. egpobtadiW 
"- to fuccaed .to tha baa^ afJto 
laht, leak an^ am» in the battU 
a with Villa, and mounts big 
|m the "wrong" aide. 

Mo V«e. Ac^M/ 

.daMh ad«* tba /wftMMr. 
bMbi^ W<l! havb 'eOnMSL 
tifiBtlattad a» Paga.i --Tlt^ 

Members of. U.S. House J)«gnf 
miftee on Foreign 'A1ftfi| 
Qrdvely Consider Dipion»atie 
Recognition of IrlsfvlibM^ 


auaaabty sttn^aondAd by » few loyal 
frIandM. Easly dlsfsaich.^ Iteday from 
Mexico, CKjr s^ .j|h^ forbier -Pre*!- 
ait waa Mebd^fFS attieft lad by 
0«o. Uarrers. who hnd gena WKSi ts^a 
Carraaaa lo mght. but hiter dss steed mSX 
to tha revotatloafaga. TW announce- 
hiant, Made at the beadqannani vf 
Gfn. Obragan. head of the ig\j|a ^ 
tlonary movement, gave th« ttii^ra*- 
slan that Canranaa had died In bat- 


"eowmrdir- ma»aa#4| 
•d tha 

at tha Una had a 

Pabia Oontale*. 

4nia (au L>«A^ 

tho-aa pwt' m^m^m i^ .fa «9f 

»^miftl^immf0r^$0i^>t0 tha«rt«ar: 
of Maod whlab has dowipd ovar 
Mexico sinea Preaident Ding Mfngd 

WAhHlWOTO.V. May it— geeri 
of gtaca Cgtlr amrte Cbalnaah.' 
of the Uoase fWeign airal||f^ 
today that there wera ag^^ 

la dla- 
whiah iha 

iMttae mlaht f««| ecMise(«iiilo««jly 
I miiMl sg t« taka % 

••T.-tnry fl^ddi(Q|||||gav«^Ji 

Wot ajMntaa'aa 
l«a»»latlaa at this ntmt^" 
, iThe r«>fnmltte« loag aetJori nr, tha 
t<^ul«ons b«f(ir* it pragaalaa aw-h- 

«a«eat(*c hot aooMaltt^rsMit aadt 



)<••! meite^ gnyaHt' 

lt<S Il*^<it>tlr^r> 



you loyMLtib^ ^^^4 
to (HiaKtl«l, or what (Qualities are essm* 
tialtopeifectiofiV HaVe you tliouslit of 
this ? If not, Consider the matter care- 
fully. We iive. the public the benefit 
of' shrew4 tuyini: and 4ire^ import^- 



Do You Want Perfect'^f^ and 
Flowers This Year? 

Spmy •» Om WMi BUCK IW 40 

|»4Mt Wfto 4M*wK tl M to a «w w i > 4 fruit . 

|0Ml«l vilue to treattof )Mr UMI •! I|ls tttM 
of Uc jeir. « 

■i«idi«»- ' 


Council of Ambassadors De- 
cide XNil War MateriC^, 
Defeated Country it ASfl]ir?'"iV 
Property Ut 

A Reminder! 

fnemt Y«v 

^iHtfr.. property. ^ It was decld«d that 
'afnuMMMits, wtaathcr deatroyed or 
tf«llV«r«d to tho AIUm, «cciordlB« *to 
tbo tornui of flM traafy. aust ba con- 
■Idarad AlUad preparty. 
* A. oommoalqiM girwu out todajr mv- 
•ring ThuMaAy** «n« FrMay* 111111111 ■ 
of tha Fr&i^eo-OaraaMi MpaoaiUe Mm- 
f arenea aKra: ' 

• With an ""1 JMiitrir IB aeeord. 
It waa dacidad tcWBtate thna 
ttltoMf fafr^OMttflMKTTlM itfl will 

■ — It 

Campbells Preaprlption Store 

Wt Am rPMVtrWt Am Omiili #« Um OvIi^ ttii M li -^m mik ^ 

'a Hva BoU Tabla P^Mt ptt lk> 

l i li nr i l i liii ljD if i 

4 for « 

SnTCSm nOCD OO. TOa Ta*«« StrMt 

» • 4'«Ha 

.hit BKMkNU iKd 9R^H|m 1 

riMaa MSI 




Horns mmtk yMxm^mxs 


l n Nina / 8ls0» PliteM 31, 32 



«<il(!h iatigiiUi aaid waa 
al, «lraii iMi* ,tf«ar tn tiia 
«t iha ItatiaitM Xplaeooal 

' Mr . tha" mmmI oaaf«Nrtea^ 

HTlMfM tha majority taparl of 
tlit eaw MM tta* on jndiclary. Tha rtport 
h«l4 ta %• oBeoBatltnttoaal tha OUMtloB 
OB tha rtCaat of tha ohoroh for the 
.aaMlOB of tpaBihara. which raada: 

n>o m halMva ta tha 4ootrtii«a M 
Vm CailMorM *• flat forth in tha 
. •rtMw 4t rallcioa of tha Mathodlat 
lUliHd Church 7" and tho «M||mNr- 

' . ' . ■ M¥ 

T^eCare dl 
Your Eyes 

In ttntfet jto ^malotaia Oeod gliJit 
' il.MMitial to tfflcicoey). the 
M txamincd every year, 
m. tliilil. may be r«- 
i ca» ra^ljr i^^^f^i^^^ 

•Mwar: -i do.- ^ roMrt traa aMMM 

BFOKAITB. May 2S.^ leaal el^. 
tar of tlM O^lrnva Tardmm'a 
tl*« JH raoalTa4 h«r«. it 

Stflt«WJh"oT^*St Shi^S! 

e«flly. A manbarahip of itta aion. hll 
of whom It ia daelaratf ata **imIL m 
vaeatloaa." it elalmod tm tlTh iMT 
gahiaaUon hora. 

f«|*f»W MM; %4n >re|>oae to Chlla 
tMt «lM ft** BoUtU tha ouUet to tho 
aaa daalaad hy thla coantry at a point 
anywhara wltkiii tha fomar Boliyia 
Utltovri. BoUvtan aMlAMts to 

to tOirtllMK A«eh «o trMU cotton and 
«IUu asd tha thM will daal with ai| 
BnBaohaa of tha ohomloai induatry. 
TO tliaaa prohahly wui ba a44«4 a 
oemmlttao to timMm irtin|iM<ili m%\ 

^ AoKvat XMh% nMMli Wmmt of 

dataitjMM «oelMo« tha ^SkM ra- 
•toiiM»^#m has baan Impeaod on 
moal^ dt^w* Bnropaan, paoplo put In 
tho hftokgreaad aii aoonomlc rtvhiry. 
All afferta, he aald. must ba co-ordlh- 
ated to Intenalfy the world's produc- 
tion and to baataa tha ratnni ^ oaah 
naUoa to Mi i 

Mae. Oam-Cttvi B«yo 
VANCOnWR. May tt. — Madame 
Araellta Galll-Curei yald 4 flnanoial 
oomj>Itinant to VanooBvap tl 



• uaiii-^iirci ywiv a nnanoiai 
nant to VaBOOBvap thtt hfUir^ 
thl l lrtl feit At 
,«rnO«iilla5 OatOrnment 

a«Maipai|tad by aoaia kind re 
marka about VatloeoVM* uf. fho Cto- 
adian people. 

" — 1 1 ' I I I II ^ , -•■ 

mnm*^ium. itom. itay sa.- 

t. K. Na«l^'»aot. 4Bd a A. Forster. 
maehaaieiaa, hoth of Port Artbiir, 
Ont.. ware aUshtly injured wheo thalr 
airplane waa wrecked here today. 
They were up !•» feet on tho flrat Up 
p£. ihair fllcht to. Port Arthtr. and 
tHM «i«fltt te a Morr vtodirtonh. 

ST. JOHK. tf.B., »May 22.— While 
maklnr a trip to test hla aeroplane, 
which had bean repaired. Captain 
WWU. aoooMKpiw^ad by M. J. tttf 
^leiot of Wlvdjior. drappak .foot 
• l^m nt OrweU yes. 
teHhy .ftBd, niMO « mlraetilena land- 
laur BUhoot teinry to himself or pas. 
•i«ia»; iltlioMi tha maehtoa was 
hMlf <#lre«ked. 

VAaRCOmniR, May S2.— Imprlaon. 
aioat for one year waa the aoBteaea 
imposed by Maclstrata •eatit obI^ 
ffaMB Hop, fohod onatr a(.4Mi4tag « 
annatlty «f pooMBa hip Mamla*. 
The aaehsM «a« hmsta^ 4Cay to, 
tha druta Ulnr'tottad eoaeealad In 
a feleek of wood whieh had btott 
oMvoriy hoUowoA OBt to f( 
eoptatia. A 

CHICAOO. ilay 22. — Beyenteen wo- 
men In Health Commissioner Rob- 
ertson's reduction class eloiod a 
month's experiment yeeterday Vlt||- 
an arerase loos of 10 H pounds, jfin. 
ftlpio JOBO« ft «l-iMar.old«lfensoiHfe. 
who wonrliad In on Apm tt at ttt 
pOBBda, tlppOd the scales atameM 
tOOW', BBd lad tha class with bor 
Bet looB Of im poiiBds. 


PARIS, May 22.— Kin* Alasandar 
of Oreeca arrived in i>arls thla mom» 
in%. The Klny. who is accompanied 
only by two aides, travelled strletly 
incognito from Marseilles^ at whloh 
port he land<)d from the tiorpado beat 
destroyer th#t cOBveyad hln from 
Midi. . f»*iorrow KlBf Alexander 
wm HIM Br, klkh ofildhl Of the 


• nmiikbnuPliiA. jiay %%4 9ni 

bytertai» setO« »H s hJlf a «lhM 

tosrarte ohBhdiSnlon ^K>4myw*f^^ 
menrer with the WeUh CahrlBletIo 
Methadiat, also knowB « 
Preabyterlan Charah* 


PARIS. May tt<-«*The peeoe treaty, 
with Hunpary. It was d*olded by Uia 
Council of AmbaasBdors today, jiHU 

1^ ioliWotot giMpiilihl 
to the odiBOU tUriO vMtM, tha M ot 
which anpounced the resi|rnation of 
Count Appoayl as president of, the 
delegation, and tho aeeond notified the 
eouncll of tho appointment of Ivan. 
Prasnowffcl^tO ■BOB M l kllB. Ate third 
told o^ Hnnwirtro AoM«ii to^ ifm tto 
tronty apd ^itOhtldB of uMlac dolo- 
Kates for tha«^ purpo^ 

The eouaeil deel^ that in the ab- 
sence of Gaunt Apponyl it was fitting 

that m»nm*r o^ • o« 

In Rnnjpury'ii - .HI**' 
mlsht bo QDBsfdorod BiuiWPMdoatBtivi 
j»t th» oj Mttitiy,. tp pifB tiij^.tt! ^Bty.. 


^COPKNHAGBN. May tl.-iGretpry 
KikistB, Ruairtaii BololMii^ Mhibter 

eM4o f«d doBnaoreo, vho has 
;1ioto otpOO •iWth ApHl IB eOB- 
ion with Russia's tirade relaUons. 
has left for ZiOndon by way of Stock- 

Bofooo loavlnt ha alpned a state- 
ment to the e'tfOe^ that the constitu- 
tion of tMk ooBtral Soviet hoS|«# 
I^B ctapnced. despite recent wmM. 

the Untversltar of 0ipomia's orew 
baled its shell aprdOt tHe finish line 
after the Unlve^lty of Washlnpton 
heat had swaatpod midway op the 
thpeo^lo eoBMiu the aanual dual 
roiHBf oyoBt hot«ooa the tiro 
«aiwoi oBMd/l»^ "BO M0«^ tMjdsht* 
aeeordint to the^ dooliilo* of ooproo 
omdals. . Another laoo mill bo held 
at 10 o'clock Monday moTBlnf. 

permlttlnv. It was jm^* 




m iM«o# of 

yroeHtBtlsl campalca will be 
hy «<ho oMflah foeoaa • -ef both 
labor QBd BlPild V to InAp. dancer. 'The 
Beat, MMtho tmi ee. filled with 
strfkiM' aiid ■iMMii|rt8''lKt;mti^ Thsre 

apalttatf' and parties,' violent 

denenstratloBs intended to f rlshten ona 
■roup and enoourace anotl^r. We face 
a. crlsla whleh may well naan maoh not 
^OBly to tat own country but — by way 
of e^iMBPle j IW , «h% wilAd. The duty pad 
the* eppbvtoaity of the individual voter 
iroTi-BPOOr irreatef— Baltbnore VttB. 

NBW TOmc, May tt^Huteao 
Debs. Soelatlot j>iioohol^ oahdidou for 
the tTnited States presidency, is 
how in the "silk stocklnp class." The 
Noedleo Trades Union ^ve sent him 
a complete outfit of silk. Aeknei#. 
ledplBt the plft freai tha AtlApta 
PaBitentitKr. where ke to seryuur % 
term for ohotnietliir tlio U$(4| 
•tat^ ClovMBeiit<t- BdtlVKiep. 
Mo aoM IM •*fhlt rlokor tmii 

Special Sale ^ Wlilta 
H^Ml Outlni; Shoea 

to plaas of ItopBMMaa IkmiStk, ilo, 
Kbob rooolBtioB OiidlBff the sialo 4f 
tmr with OarnMar aod ABstria dM* 
Bot ffoaoh Pr oildi Bt "Wmtd today, it 
WBB- BtoMd hr i p es k e r Olllett. bat 
VIee- P issl d s B t atatnhail was absent 
fyoos tho floBBlo ohamber and wiu 

Olim H MdBdOy. na W|« 

JtoBor tlio Sooit 
V4 diad OS t«did iMh die. |B» Uvod aa 

rood men shOuld. 
Not fame, his aim 

Not words, but ww|rfeo--:ho Uvod for 
^ ^ wo«tdls ipp£ 
U iW i H o oots fPilM «r iOad aad 

^nmgi 1* fifli^A Biaa 

tf^rii^^^ltfia;. BOr evar aoi«ht to 

But walked la truth. Ttwth. hpBOc. 

,„ Jifstlee— ihieee . ^ 

' ftM^.tsiHUp. to tmm. 


tat the dead roolt' 
do «oHted as trtlp men ir«^ 
resta aa hrava mea root, 

Por all,'UM salt 

OaBM 10^ tje s j s M gi»ae last 

.^oifv •^ell donei _ 
fVlttiltil..*Ad nod." UMloot IB 

dt Otfia lm m9^ M ^a^to MM t» 


I« h*«rtf< a# trwe MeMo 
' < win 0v». 

Uono. rd. hi death, of alt 

4 JlMUtl 


All Socialist schools proceed en the 
assumption that all industry is neces- 
sarily of the materially produoiive 
sort. . . If we think of all the use- 
:ful work whleh to dene by theoo w|^o 
BoMr make sBythlBpr that tiM pi^lle 
can eat, or dirlilk. or iTear. or BOOt 
wo shon ieo thdt u looiBdOo atihoot 
everythinp that eonetltstes htph civi- 
lisation. But this to only possible on 
a basto of approprtotlon to indlvldu- 
ala Freedom to enljr possibto in that 
way. The oommuntotlc arranfement 
of ipoeMtjr WOPld deetrm th« Mtttalte 
d( aetloo.-^iJ^iiliMirilar 

war a«alnat diM«f*^*" ^ 
aitpoka on Sabbat^ obpefv- 
aaee Biased tot^ M-^a of^ 
Oeneral AaaaBMI^tM lovotBlBg 1*^ 
of the preshftarlBB fltppsli Ip mo 
tTtettOd Btatis.* ■ ■ 

Tho union with the Wetoh Chnrrfi 
rroBPfaro ooBunuBleaphi to tlpi 

iPMohytortoB ChBMlw with iH phpwh 

odMoHk IM MMftlhrB, * 
syBodo aad Id.pNjwtarfB. 



OTTAWA. May 2t.— Ab order-lp- 
oounctl provldlBf lor the payakeat of 
iratumce to bPmI rBBko .Had warrant 
iP the IteyBl Canhdton Npvy 
ii^Vpd oohtiBuaUy stnee Jb^ V 

who ;^ve€ ^immmi^ 

Mmee of the reerponllMfiaii jM 
tabUd m the House of ComabOPO TM^ 
terday by Hob. C. C. Ballan tyBO. ' 


. IS IN POM MuyLni 

. TQKIO, MPy Sl>HOPBrt elrOioo efo 
o oBOo p oe oMr tho heplth Of Jhe 

abvady benii to ropM^ tib Vltt- 
poror at otato functions.- . . ; 

WULSHXNQTON. May tt. — ThO, 
Japanese Bmperor to sufterlnf from 
diabetes, but hto illness Is sltpnt. one 
of the Japanese court physictoAs Who 
waa recieatly in WsShfaiKton Pieied 
'dnrlBS htoivialt here. 


«< aAI|p|0N. ont. May 22— Hamll- 
Ion hMtNtfir are dolnr their little bU 
ta help prohibition. They pave be* 
prices a tilt thto mominp that atap- 
cered thirsty aouto. Quarts per doseh 
advaaeed 'ftppi 4t.M to «4.B0» and 
piBti froBH' IMI^ to M.M« ' Tha two 
and a' half ii^ odnt hrifpp Ihnipad 
frotti ttiM to $f.l4 per hPitlkl. 
the plaas it sold at 10 

SohNer Beiiet U«lslpttat 

'WAgHiNQTON, May, . tt.— On a 
strict party vote the House rules 
committee ordered a favorable report 
on a reeolutlOB jilirinP soldier relief 
|eslptoUeB.t|i|JaPit of wpy for 
oonsldbn^liar^lchalrmop ,Cpr 
said, the ruM^%l«14 Bot M | 
to the House bofero Tuesdpar. 

WASHmcPTOH, Hpy U.-4tn 
agreement on ptons for adjout uiu e at 
or recess of Cbnpreea over tha poUtl- 
Opi conventions was reached today at 
tho CMtforence of Republlepn aep- 


VANqpUVBR. May 22..— CA. Oeb. 
McSpadden, first commandlnp officer 
of, the First Irtolf Fusiliers, an ex- 
of the city and a. proiBi> 
and Mason. 'dle)l 
« pr^iohBod imMi. ai 
wh^ W l Wiii 6f aifo. 

D^yliCht Savlnff in St. ^TolM 
0T. JOHN, N. B., May 22.— Thto 
ettr trill fo on dayllpht savin|t to> 
Bi«lit pi aaddlilit And^ will. ohphKO 
the otoi Uto htilp OBi ■optoBiW 11. 

Death, of AaHioreir 

CAaBHlDOg. May tt.«* 

MkMi, Bliihdr adApBBB Porter, 
therseo. kpwwil 4tofMliai» Mr her 

•'poiiypipiM*' oMMii ^eidi «t ho* 

ho^ jkora lairt rtiilt 


It !s the guarantee of the greatest firm -wl 
mitn'd tailon in. Canada that you. 
^Mvfd VALUfi and'STil^^i 

vliiStM "VIBF wy . 

• W Jp 

1Im^p» YMriW Ml S#l^ OiaattoM 
laiv-iait-iaai Ooo't. at. 

*. - 







Wm. Gatheart Coe, Ltde 

SPvlPg flMIO^* 



.... . ■ t 


a<P ilMtMtco tho hest rospitt 
ffOPt yOPK BoanrBf. riuippi 
ptrrftP lid tkirfa. 

MONTkBAt, ^—May tt.^WhlIe 
croPslnp the Pont,. Boupe hridte last 
evenlnp. a dray lopded with eppa and 
drawn by two horses fell 40 feet to 
tha. Canadian Paclilc Railway tracks. 
holMr» ; Neither the driver nor the' 
hmm'-'iMt* injured. 

' ^'^^«P*i^toPkt^f^'' 
aACRAMBNTO, May t2.*-Twehro 
Japaneae berry prowera were fbiod 
«K« each dn the jusUee .ooPTt hoM 
today for ptocinp blp itrawbOrr^p p» 
the top 6t the pack. , .-f 

-j^d^s^^^^ pmdjgi^..^2ipBSUSB ' 

PETBRBORO, Otit., Map X.-f-Ther 
Paterboro Review. daUy and weekly; 
^Ul cease pBhUeatlon on Juae 1. 
jBOiBaplnp eopip la plBPB .pa the raa- 

poB.fot..«iip 'a««M^aiiNr ^ o^ 

hmlBopi. . 

L SiMMr A Sml Ui 

sou 0»rt 



Ptlthate your Candiep at 
Wtpcr'p for the picnic They 
arc ptlrc,fhim4^^Mnching aiid 
inexptnshre. ]€a«y tpeclal- 
itkp and the gteatdPt yarioty 
in town to ehoode from. Tlie 
Irafp voloRic of trade eotufps 
frMaatMandTahae. 14 Gold 
ifld SiWef ICidalt awarded 




VANCOUVBR. May tt.— In eonfer-^ 
ratty with the dayllpht saviap seheme, 
IMP' o|tr oohooto will oommohoe an 
ho«P pbMIo^ on Tueoday BkorBiap. 

*y Leieestor •«bPn^ «ao fMlBS Wla- 
tlr PtSht 

t OMBI OB tho M » MIM >I *U POB 

thiBk • : 

Tpo eoB SIMM 'iMiab i» M drtBa- 


lie eut a altly caper. huBrtpcd aa air 
And swuas hto haBdbMT Mllr. 

the pair ^ 
Stopped where soPio pdOflO watted for 

a bua 
She na«p9d spsli 

I nan j 
sad I] 

wile so 

As If he*d PbBdl m. 


To ktas h*r Wprr fa««: 00 

nin iMidarBala setoM raatoh. 


M «.K>i dotehep - ' 
iiM» » >a>ed. 


/YI Phones 120 and 121 615 View Street V\^. 

max Peker. 'elbow aad two »!»• lenttba, and no charge (or eeanoetlas ep iMt watcv 

•ad lastaUlas rear*. 

— rTke "Joy**^ lUufo^^t miiterpleco of ranee 
pulklhif. A JHtto heavier than Ihe "Canada 

take TfOjfi bpck borne wb«^Mt.]rM livy or oot 



?;;^> , aB rttor# o MtfitJiaf 

^atmipo. May tt > -> -ap a 1 io e to Ito- 
iSvo Ito Upht opt aa to Jnn*- 
.^JBt 0* =tho aMifilMtlit and 
iJo. hofilp bPoMICMMmm the 

nrinawry asppmp 
obiapd M PlMo'ttp 

4>eder«eii Wdliau . . . 
THE HAOUB. May" lt.i-*if 
mar Oerman Crown Prince left Wler- 
inpoa 4oday fO* a. abort visit with hto- 

Oar Bant Wotkeni C3«t laoreaae 
HAMILTON* One, May Z2. — Em-* 
ployeee of > the street railway com- 
pany worUng in the car barns hitvo 
been awarded by a board ot condlto- 
Hob- aa- laoreaae of from • to t centa 
aa- hour eoph.aBd » ,rodBetloB in their 
workina Hoprp Jroni ..dt to if hosm 
a* ■ 

proM nt Doom. 

Frederick WUlUm 

WlMUlpau, May 22.— Rcoordlnp 
pea 4o«ay to* a. aaorc visit wua nip ■ t*.4nt0PpuMte»vMealved. her»' today. 
meCHer ht CM heW'vPsldence ef ihP^ AftMur ^Dam^ tPP priUOHPr %ho os- 
forpior Oerman Bmperqr .an.d JSm^'feaped JTrlday whttv b<fhip taken to 

the Stony Mountain prison, was rp« 

KTM PPPOiPIPhitfig by ft put,» osictol, ,c^^..mjmLMgl^h 



M New 

Fiio DUNoor, to AB farto of fte Cltj 

jttnVim mmm, lac and 

tafaa iM^ltoM^ lit and _ 
aiSbd Mka til SsHt Mb and ~— 




Lpffp Podi 


Vlb., 70e; or 3 \b: . 

I tai 9mm >Adr> iknm (kmmd Bmm, n>., sT] 

nt^i^pHOtam market^ 


[1ST, \ ICrORIA, B.C.. SUNDAY, MAY 23, 1920 

€ood Valne— €lose 

tOM Hmmn St tm mt Conttlnlnf tkft rooms (two ft^UE 

ma wm 




wi^TBtN AsscL ca 

of E»»f*»n4 ' of Toronto 

Sce.Ofir Agent Todajr if Yoar Property ; Is Not Fully Insured 

fUlfAIIM>^T..1l«i^ll,,^f,H,.Beevor.poU«, Wm. McGirr 
MfflCAN-«Mbcr le Beyan 4|J^jiii~A. W. NeUI 

LunsMrm^. M0wut ' ^ -lc^mpiav^k. f. buco« 

; fOilT Mim^^i-^: a: Mactotyfft^,, ^UiiiiiHiAm . E. W. BlcU« 

r f 


& Co. 

Tragedy Occurs at Pelican 
take, Souris District^ Mani- 
tobii— Victims gating in 
Violation of fljiies 

T 0«f wd a half itorjr B«nil§#^'& of the i»l«t ttreets in 6ak 
Bar. Batit by day labor, of the finest nfiterials am) finished in excel- 
Iftn maoncr. Eicbt rooaas, ivith. complete bailt-Si features. Hard- 
Wood floera^ Hftt witter beating. .„ 

J>honc 30 620 Fort Sffeet 

Beaottfid ^tltoaiiri^ for $6»500 

VoatHt'^^^'i M tiii ^i^ ^^im, with larfft mw^lm« lull; : Mnellcd and 
b«Afn«<), and with IdTte *pMt flreiiiaee': four nice bedrooma: nil brlffhl and 
airy, and with large elMeU, aeparate bath and toilet: large living and 
dining room, with fireplaces, brearkfaiit roonn, kitchen with exevptlonallv 
-iai«« TwmiT. fotr-aWM^ cenienr Wiienieni.' ii-lih furft.use anfl laandry tntw: 

a nice, hu-ge front lawn, nivelx laid out In ahruba and flowera; a 
back garden, with «ide entran<#te a very line nrage, with cement floor; 

^ "7 Tlfla la onit of the very beat buys 
er partlculare, terms, etc., enquire^ 

electric light and water eenn 
we've had tot aome time. Foi 


iMwaaea, Floandal Mi 
Telephone 2040 ; . 

Bonda Boofht and Sold 
ini Fort Street. Victoria 


Acr«% mostly all cleared, some cuttivaieit; S-room house, with 
3 barn* and outbttildin^^sma^<^diard ; good.|Well^ dose to i^t^m 

and on good road. 


^ ^-^w-m^-^-^ f »*«UW. 

2% Acres, all cleared and cultivated; very fine 6-rpom new and 
modern bangaiow. complete vmk water pipcd^ in';- complete new 
plumbing; open fireplace, etc. 

, ^ Price f«,»00; ttrma. ^V.i • 


(Successors to Currle & Po>ifer} • 
1214 Douglas Street Two Phonea, 1466 and 6524 

a Quick Sale, $2)500 


Bishop & >yorthiiigton, Ltd. 

±' ■■ r~^-;*..-;.., \">-*£>:^'^'^.'J^Hk ;!^tt Bro«ghte© Street 


WIKNIPBO^ M«y 22.— Har>' Weat, 
aralalant engineer ft Ninette 8ani> 
tarlum fo^ tuberculoMla patients, and 
three returned aoldlera wbe weina petl« 
•nta at Uiat inatitutlon. wiire eromied 
Friday, aftahieioo |fL-P{^ca«i Idike. at 
Ninette/ ,1llu»miti»rt«^ VMn w«r« A. 
^ Bam«tiB4,fWliinlpef ji, V.. W; Kopeke, 
)Art William., end A. Cottenta, Vere- 
gin, 8a«k.'; 

The four niep went out on the lake 
In an Improylaed aallipg oraft, ,i||;t|lek 
waa later round overturni^d;' ■ 

Word fit tha^: tragedy 'waa nsft vi- 
celved in WinQifNNr Utttll this after* 
neOa. Dr.. p.^Ju ij^ewart, au9<aHnteiid- 
ent at the apnttMHim. saldHoday that 
a gale wal blowing Friday op Pelican 
Lake.^ which ia fourteen miles long 
nnd only pne mile wide. The four men. 
he a^fd. violkted the ,nMe8 In taking 
out the boat, without psMalaalon. Tiieir 
abaen(M' wl^ not dlatot«ired, nntU eve- 
ning. an4^J||, waa , esplafaifd when, 

ary rowboat'on wliich a aall had been 
rigged. Near k the body of XVeet had 
drifted aHhorc. ui\d search is Veing 
continued for the other ' bodies. ' ' 
A Aatch in West's vockot had 
stopped ut 3:;;S. giid ,tMl.|OK>ijfr.|«ateis 
day uf;crnoe« if tb^^|' tg the 
time the IkmH oi^erturtiid. ' - 


OTTAWA, May St.— The reeeat ap> 
polntmeat or a nwnher •< eatra aqpdt* 
cal Inspeetont in oo a aaoUoQ wllh tm* 
■UgraUoa lata ragUda ki aadswtenrt 
<• ke aOilaaaaanf gpee- tliCragMaaata 
Uooe of paMle health, hodlaa thretwh* 
eet Caaatfa that maair imbeeHeg were 
beiag admitted to Canada without 
proper inspection. The staff of medl- 
oal immigration inspeetors has t>een 
more than doubled, aad every pre- 
eantlen is now being taken to 9te> 
veat inequable laabecMea from eator- 
Ing aad beeemOBg a wkilr ekarga. 

Pifty pa t J ilt, og (he patleaU In an 
aayluni lili Wlmt Columbia are said 
to be recent Ihimlgranta. Four of them 
are said to have been admitted at At- 
lantic ports, after they were .refused 
admltUnce to the United. Siat^af In 
answer to inquiries on .the polat. the 
Dominion^ Health Devartment atated 
jthat there utaa no laek of peeeautloa 
M tiM preapat ttaae, an«^ medera sel> 
eatlflo teau were belag aptde by oom> 
peunt s^ llealate at porta ef e atr»,.y^ 


^inaikctBl Experts 0e)l«ye; ^- 
provement Will Be Steady- 
Banking indicates Come 
tQ Assistance of Industries 

t '■' 



C^pMal PaM.ap, gl,S00iM0 - 

/ Agd— Tha UplaDds. LML * 

Cl<y PrepertUs, Jtektala, Imeraace 
Acreage, Timber, Unimproved Lands 

ittamit Hoasg Government 



v.] ....--<, 

X ▲ 


-«**i22UljJS'^ J*"^!*"*^ » highly profltaMe poultry 

JJPjy *«alnea»--a megera iningalowv>a Heme (p the fullest swwe of 

j^t-Njoets .no npore than a narrow, bemmed-ln 
city let tkf^t JrA^MM.aetM^g but Taaes, lntei%^. and ofttlmes a Mort- 


Sa OaWag Tea 

■Tkereri^aeMeejea acres near I>arltavll)e awalUng your Anal decision 
* f L'^ W^ ^^'f*^ help you. It will finance you by gtvlng possession Of 

i% ^^ g # » » lttyf Witt gladly show you the land. " 
,!Cp| il #M| aad get fuu p^^ / 


OTTA>XA. ■ Mky Jl,— The Domin- 
ion command of the Great War Vet- 
erans' Association has 8ul)mltted a 
number of documents to the thalr* 
man of the Penalonp^ Bokrd and Be- 
eatatoUshment CennMlttee.: «rtt«ebiiiig 
the adngUhlrtratlon of thr floliller Set- 
tlement Beard; 

At the Montreal convention of the 
V^pterans' ABSociaiion a resolution 
was paKsed critlcliang the adralnls- 
tration of the settlement board and 
deciding Ahat Parltaioent be memor- 
iaUaed to reoiiranlae the hpard^fter 
Invwiitlgaang the preeeat adminhitra- 
tion. Thla resoltttton waa ealleil to 
the . attention of the tToUSe on May. 7 
by Major Power. M.P. for Quebec 
South, and a debate took place. It 
was stated that a Mr. Dace, a former 
employee of'the board, had been the 
mover of this resolution, ^on. Ar- 
^tur Meigh&n aald that he waa very 
nikeh of the optnioi that niaay of 
theae preaeat neiw lielleve ' that the 
reaolutlon did not do very much 
credit to the association, and it 
would have been belter not to have 
passed. . 

A little later In the debate. MaioT 
Power ^d: 

"Certainly the Minister doea not 
imagtBOk that theae men pfss reeo- 
lutloks merely for: the AhMMs^ iOt 
doing It." • y-rr-r ^ 


This attitude of a meml>er of the 
Government caused proteatato tiegse 
from aU parts of CgMlda, |»rtleu 
larly from the West. ^ ' 


BAK FBANCIiCO. May; 91.— Three 
poUoemen Were caught by falling 
walls and severely Injured and pro- 
perty damage estimated at |ieo,000 
was done by a fire In the industrial 
district here last night. The plant of 
the San Francisco Milling Compear 
was deatroyed. tour oMier balldlaga* 
were damaged and ten --- Jmit of 
wheaS" on a aide tcaofk konMM. 

Several thoaaaad aaoka of grain in 
the milUtog eoatpany'ii buUdlng atoe 
were -deatroyed. 

. TOKYO,, -May 9.— IifQulry among 
.leading daaneleca here today eUelted 
the deetaratle«i tkfft deapttp- kreaent 
.uaaettled eoonemle oOaditioae in' tkia 
Migairy, -JTapah would net be bbllgett 
M» Withdraw gold held In America. 
This gold is largely Invested In United 
States bonds. Japan has moitf gUlg At 
home than she needs. \ 

The opinion waa ekpreaaeil that it 
Is too early to deOlare eoonomic thala- 
In Japan healed, but Ananclers 
were convinced it was well in hand. 
Thla is being done through continuing 
aid to the stock market by syndicate 
banks, to which the Bank of Japjan 
has advanced 40.000.000 yga. 



• ,-»•■.- ■'r>» 
It* -., . s 

Sir . Robert and Lady Kin<|ersl 

and Congratulations to 
The; Hudson's Ba)r.(^^ 

on Its. . 

''. . ■- ■ • ■■ ' ' ■ ' .' ' 

250th, Anniversary 


» ' 
I > 



, le's 

i4i^7Bt» Yates Sireif 

Marble Buslneee Palaeee and 
Braee Buttoned Attendants 

Are Pleasant to Look si,'lilklks C!(m^^ 
Always Pays tttifCDst 

TIra People's Grocerteria 

Is tiM Slore 0f the Peoi^M 

Everything In the way of useless expei»e fa eflM^ 
inated here. No M debts. No delivery charges. 
No expensive satespeo|»b. - Under our system of 
merchandising, your ddltof gets you more real 
food than it is possil)le for the old-style store to 

give you. - 

Remember, fancy service Is always paid for by 

the customer. 

^ We furnish everything you need for ydur table. 
Grioceries, Pitrvistoi^ Meats and Fruit r 


WINNIPEG, May' 22.— Active eUpe 
are being taken by the Mknitoba pad 
Saokatcbewan Govemmeata to eom- 
bat the graaahopper menace to Uie 
Weftera. erfVA XA Ib&ltoba the 
loc n a t e are i Tey y al ed ta the lieHta die. 
trict M xnittloiMk'and no effon la being 
epared tO fir of the peete. 

The Saskatchewan Department of 
Agriculture has purchased 60,000 gal- 
lons of molasses, 00 ton* of arsen^, 
),000 tons of bran and two earloads 
of lemensr and large quaatHMa kre 
being tranaported to the needy apeta. 
to M need kul the fltli»>«galaet the 

WeUmdlat ^finlaie^S' HehrtcT 
TORONTO, Jklay 2t^Methodiste 
are organising for the purpose of 
bringing the salaries of the ralalatere 
up 70 per cent. It Is stated that, 
whereas the eoet of living bae eg- 
vaneed IgO per eent elaee til4, thd 
Methodlat mlnlater^ ' aalaflea hat» 
advaneed only ta per oaatl 

ladnatrlga are Uelpg ftn^ltartr ebftCad. 
VInanelera alao p«Bta« ottC^ iW any 
withdrawal of foraign investments 
through fear of Jatwnese inaUb^llty 
would not affect the sltuatloii, gft'jtee'j 
investments are all small. " 

The stock market and the raw sUk 
exchange at Tqkohama are gfegkar, 
and the eotton yam market haa' fkrten 
oir, not a single , bid being forthcopi- 
ing for May accounts. The metals 
market is weak and stagnant, and 
robber qootaUons have 'fallen on rea- 
rlizlf^ sales by email holders. On the 
otker.haAd the '^oet of living has 
ahariflg pdirgaedd} and tight modey 
haa piaralyaed ^lOmoat all Unee of 
^nanufaoturlng. miaving and spinning 
have been hit pdftkiularjy hard, and 
all weaving factories luive been doMd 
ainee April to prevent accuniulatlon 
of goods and depreelat|oa of - prtoea. 
As a reenit a htrfs'lhtrtllaif ^O^ahat. 
hree'iare Idle^' ' " ■ 'Xa:^:''" 

Ahttat tea amdiU Malta Mi^Oaak»and 
ether <rftiee have avapaMiad -pajnnneat 
but laTitr 'hkaUttttMriPw come to 
the reMStt.' ■ . ''f;- 

1 ■> 

« * 

that the clericals will hdid thafir OWl^ 
or make a slight gain. 

President Bbert has issued a pro- 
clamaUon ralalng .um^ atatouof alsige 
In Berlin, BraaMwg gn^ Unt raf 
naktaSar of CMrgMi^lwfeorSver It waa 
in ferae, eaoepttng the distrlets of 
Dneeeldorr, Prussia. East Silesia and 
the PrOvinee of Saxony. Deefiioa 
regarding these localiUes relAtive te 
tHk return to civil JurisdleUoa wiU 
be reached in a few days. 


. .vrart TOL 

a -«||pgmMMBe 

Acrimonious Strife Is Seen in 
Closing Houre of TlrsfRer 
publican Parllament^oaU* 
tlon tias DtfMous fro^t 

.Oflleer Reeoaea Boy 

VANCOUVER. May 2t.— Through 
the gallgot.ef^>rta of Officer Wiinam 
O'Halra. t>year'Old Rarry Kay. son 
of Raymond T< Kay,, was aeved from 
death by 'droiTnlng m '.he water* of 
the Inlet last pight. 

i&^oth skin 

abs6iirt4r psis SQBp t 

tWs Own 

wtU— sad dty tttfi^. 

is As MM if 

Jioor gUa, M 


BBRUIf. May 22 — The Oeraaaa 
reptkbliCa flrat parltaaient weat out 
of exlateaoe yeaterday at noea* for 
plth o ogh Ita auwdate la effeotive un- 
til the new RelOhatag ie con- 
voked. It win not sit again unless 
aummoped as a result of some great 

The closing hours were marked by 
aerlmonious party strife, whleh re- 
eulted \a the bUI prevldlagier ahrv- 
gatloa of tAe asimknr eearu^ helng 
lef^ la abeyance. 

The Oovcmment was sobjeoted to 
a 'second'^blitharrasament by beln^ 
forced to Ignore Thursday's vote, 
which was Jammed through by the 
Independent SociaUsta. with the aid 
of the Majority Soelampta, gjiiiiainiig 

IHirlag the ie a a t dn jresUrday Min- 
ister of the Interior Koch, in an ad- 
dress referring to t^is .vote, aald the 
Government during the last few days 
had received advices indicating>revo- 
lutlonary agitation by radtegla. aad 
that the state of siege goalg not be 
raised Si the Ruhr regldn onOotha, 
bat thht a pArtlal raising of it m 
Bavaria waai^temptotcd. 

Preeldeot Bbert speeded the part- 
ing assembly also In a brief commu- 
ideatlon. which was read amid ex- 
pressions of approval of tke nssll 
tlonUits and derlatre interruptloaa of 
the Indepeadeftt SOclalisU. a« «a. 
moatahed the members of the es- 
eembly te eontlnue, to fight In the 

The a«iembly which disbanded yoe- 
terday had been faced with eog- 
Mtant charges by the reacUongrleo ot 
having . exeeede« Ito .praroa|tlveaC Si 
was eleeted priMartl^ to emSit A 


Ite a^vlUee aeon spread in many 
dIrecUone, chiefly In the enactment 
of etaggerbig tax legtslatien and vot- 
ing appreprlgtlolis of huge dimea- 
sleas. Ijta seeatone et flrat were held 
at W«l»«r. Thea It retamed te 
Berm, hat. later was foreed to flee 
te Skatlgart during the Kapp ap. 
rMag. Never' derlag ita Aeselona In 
Armn was It permitted te sit with* 
eat ample armed .proteetloii. 
aad machine auaa became aa 
te n ted sight at ita eeaskMHi. 

he predletlea tegay to that the 
HaJorUy aoelaUate win emerge ler«e 
lagan Irem tke elaatleaa vhlgh are 
te -Se boM en Jane i. The t>emo- 
erata alee are eiipacled to forfeit 
nameroae asate. 3^0 esrtp kope ex- 
preaaed tl)at tke S r aea at throc-iMrty 
blee will eeeirol «noagil ^-etes lo In- 
sure a cMtrnoaii«4t af< the Coaliilon 

Qor gfaa aeat la 

LONDON, May 22.— Some mystery 
and much speculation surrounds the 
visit of Sir Robert Philip, former 
I Premier of Queensland, who has Just 
arrived on a miaelori about which he 
' wiu give no Inform^Uoi) "until he hae 
aeen the Oelootel Seeretary. 

He aiM, howeVeir, 'that ha brings 
. important Information aifeeUng not 
only Queensland, but all Australia. 
New Zealand and Great Britain. He 
states that he and his oompanlona 
also wish to discuss with the Coloolal 
Secretary the appointment pr an 
overs^aa ||bver|{ir Cor Qngeaaiand 
I aad recent legldlatSeiiS. 

The present Labor PremlOr la alao 
I now in London. 

aOO ftrrtg nfiirhirh iirrr^ nm flliliWHit niul iiii(|sr^i«qttl-i 
_Jon. Buildingajgoodlandipg^ ncaj^^ 
excelletit water supply. Price ^15,000. ^ 





2a.-*-Tho Prevlnetol I^eglatoture pro- 
rogued toda/ gfter heteg fai session 
aince April «. Yesterday a bill was 
put through increasing the salaries 
of the Premier, Mlnleter of Agricul- 
ture and Commlastener of PttbUg 
Works from ll.KOa to It.OOd. , a: 

The Attomey-Oeneral'a aalary wgg 
raised from iLSig to M.M*. and the 
aeaaloaal h^amnlty of each member 
from ItOa to 1800. The total In- 
crease will be $11,500. 

Only one member, a Liberal, op- 
posed the increase. The OpposiUoa 
leader waa offered a aahiry of IMM. 
whleh he degUaeS.' . . 

• — r;-^-- - 

it five Acres 

•« «V 'y 

half clktred and planted, fruit trkel, small fruits and carden,rclikkg4 
JiMtsas, cow banw caragg, aa^ ^ JMiipitilgl ||aa^ waMn M. 

* fO' Mttilgl f lom VietoHa. ' ' . * ; , 
Co ttms, (f boaghf ftt oBM* • * • .• . «.» , »^ , , , , , , 


4i!IS Sasalif JMMNr.' 

I 'PRAGUB. Cseohe-eiovakia. May :s. 
— Martial law was declared In thp 
Tesehen plebiscite area Wednesday 
by the Intematlenal eemmlaslen. 
Bitur feeling has prevailed reeeatly 
m the dtotrlBt between the Caeeho- 
Slovah and F^ltah workmen, aad 
•oaia el aahee have heea rep ertei^, 

ALUaSAMAIK llajr flsJ^^WBSMi 
HOhoaaellenii'r eehooaer yaebt Baaar 
har» esip at Jiho fkataat goSoaneig at 
the Oegreg aad ochor raSsttoM, haa 

been brought out of internment and 
sold to a mcreantlle firm, who will 
use her fof trading hetweea ladla 
and the atralte. 




Dariag iofi 
S* *^ *'*'*o«t Mv«rat ttaeTg 



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uoOirt and let it enjoy the bright, sunny days In 
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MMir i«adw«lt< U|fholat«r«d,' 
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^ ' * ri i l i ii • ' V ■ 7 

U jrev ha^^'ii aa ataaglRar. as rale' 
&g throat ami aaatf dTT&iMM 

wal of 


A FortttM JUviiti foil 

Every day people are iavesUng to soma wild cat ncheme thousgSda 
of miles away, and overlooking the opfNH'tunities at theb" tfgofT^ 

sible ehaacg for a teefold rctarn oo the caiMul invgatedT J 


A t&t dMt caa he aade i 

A Un that hog boea r si a^ a S fpgai #600 per foot to |gs 

Ii< our opittioa, tlaa «ao.,ipfco JbLi «lN^ Sfoocy to iovcit. ar^i f!'.- 
2f* *^ ^2S!iP of Ihia woadarW barcaia* has no fsith ^ <h, 



iHJlJUMJ.lll..i^ ilLI i .Jf 

Phong S497 





•M ¥«xlM. wm »t Mkrictt M akew: 

^ ♦^^ly • ••••••«•«••••»••«•«•••«>(* 

KaW* T^Mrtx ••%»•»««•••>«• S<J^ 

^J^i^rt^rtjr «•«»■«••■*•»*•>•«•#••••••••• 1' 

r*n^«SMIiJ||r*«t U tim D«Ur Colonist. 
Iri^^^fTRvSMlSr^^^ •14 

•ad imdlly wUflMtod tlM 
vmlM 9t Ms oUaMUa aad ■Rtuttli*. Mr 
JaM t>0MM% A'aooipaay Mil «( 
q>«elal proBiin«fiM. waa tka fbat 
OevMmor of tlM CWtaajr. mi4 hh auo- 
eMBon toW i«aMiataVo(^ the 
«lty^ That VIeCorte la 
•o Inpotttat eooMMKlia patei 'fcr tli* 
mM who dtoMt tiM vik tmU'iWaJiw 
fleaUoM of t^e 9v4[p|f« jlfgr Oom- 
panr l« >aff(elaiMlr ««noflM»«l«4 by 
the splendid adlfloa ttuU-nhMi- k*** 
oonatructod aad aooa. sr« troal,* wUI 
ba eompieted. a««lpp«d and opanad 
for tha tranaacUon of buainMa. 

BmaOmf, Ma/ M. ItM 

ITS BAT AmrmoiaART. 

"Ilia aaiibratlon of th* mtmtf^mn 

oriffw^fKli, craatad undar a ehariar 
oonfarrad hf Xlaf Cterlea It., waa 

ira4(ntrara of ItaMrlmnd TnUfliur Into 
BiijpMm'a Btr,** «mpk«Miw Om fact 
of ^ow mach romaneo and adYanture 
ihtkf waa In trada In "tbo daya of 
la«|| a0e." Savvptr yeara b^teta tha 
Hmlaon'a Bay Compaay waa born an 
InatlluUeo df ^ #la»llftr ahamalar waa 
«rt|bUalMd tB M«m far itdDitt Itt 
• part af Aha werU, which, under the 
tb^ gi|aatinj|^o<w<|{ttena of .tranaport" 
'atl^, 'wia' ooiMdafiad. ia >MT..44ilfteBt 
hu|d. fn tha year XCdtf tjia^ t^aa 
•atublfaifyd siadar .^chartar f^n a 
anoro ausnat Wvaralcn tbaa Charlaa 
XI.,f "The Oovornor aiid Gomp4iiy''of 
Ma^cba^ti of I^i^oa Tradlac to the 
That company in many 
l»Mf» opirt|«r flaw fai 
which to condact Its operattoaa than 
th«, Uudaon'a Bay CompfMiy. ^^Tba 

low. ud man wu xma e«ibi>«tni9A 
beCwaaa tba gre«t trading nattoas of 
thiMa 'iain ta thair avtottaMoa. Vha 
Srttiah proved tbHtr Wfrf aa ta4»cloita 
'in 'bualnaaa aa tbay ara' In war or 
'•part. Tb^y araotbiUlr won avpram- 
aey In India and the saeeaaa of tbahr 
nctvbaata la that , p^iurtloalar p«rt of 
tbd world baoamo 'a larva CmIoi la 
th«^ aatabUshment of a m«f«ifrtUa' 
on^hroAacy which has endarad airah^tb 
tM|^ day, and. aeoordtnv to pr — w it 
- np^r»Boa«, win andw* ftv aa » t y l— 
'com*. ■ ; 

' |. Tha Hudaon'a Bay Com|;>aBy, Ilka 
i^jlHf Baat Xndte Compday, had ta Um 

coitipetltion in the field it waa creatad 
to axploit ;7^a Canada, Company wtt. 
i' mw^^ ^ ta l Richmond. «aA 
bile ft thl«ataned i£s 

Tha p«opla of Vletorla wiu not bo 
•t' all aatlaftod with the expUinatlon 
'from tbo Gk^v9^lnaat tbwt ih> nv^ra 
Crddoral fttnd^ «ra m^kUtkU ibr Ml 
AhlpbaH^ln* at this port Bither the 
Fatfaral aothorttlaa have or hava not 
b^ duty to pavfbim te tho taatttar of 
rehablUtathic the returned soldiers. If 
tbay bava than to soma axtafit tbay 
have boon raoraant tb thaIr Mimittm 
Blvhteon moMhr afior the ArmlsUee 
thara^ahovld net ba a murmur from 
•ny t^fi^l^r that Inauffleloat hlw bMb 
deaaf tf w t> t«W iah tha r«(i»I^M^ lMta 
In elvlllatt Ufa. That tharo ara mur. 
mura la dba ' to tha Ooviimment'lf 
IbltlibP t!» nHhua ttn / MffMantiy 
oom^rihbnrits Witom of produe^ivo 
publle worba. Instead of dolnv «U 
tlmtHlt: ^atht 't« i)kM «MW la thla 
respect it Instttutad a policy of dolea 
for the benefit of out of work re- 
tmiiflSl aoMMk* Mim the paat -Win. 
ter. Some 140.000,000 waa'set aside 
for thla pprpoaa but not more than 
MvOOO^H or IT.MtifM Irii ex- 
yeadeil.' Thla m^ana th«t over 
♦lOtO O Oi O tO n iBia W i bad it w ew id 

to hoe 

lis ova M«r aad aataUMi dayMcht 
aavlac ba gl n a i ng this week. There 
vAl ba aa uftM la a wacae oonf oaadod la 
lhat city mtn tha pnblle adjaala ttaalf 
U tha t i m dmi, \ CayMgrt aavhMT la 
dae teatta^ 4hleh action should 
frown one end of the 
im, tha atlMr ta order to 
ire aueofaitel c^ratlda. 

Tbf 'TMt^4Utea CimKraai baa ia> 
ehLrad the :war with Oamuuiy at .aa 
aad. %at It ja tv^to thf power of the 
I>reatdent to veto Chiii r<i^Wuoa aad 
(faeiara that the war shall oentinue in 
a'taohalebl, or Pipkwleklaa sense. 
ttaiU dftar the . Nov^bar olaetloaa. 
In other wordi. Mr. Wilson' has said 
that the Peae^ Treaty a)ost be i 
faMrae la the vraat quadrdaalal pollU- 
eai 'combat between the Democrat* 
mA tha Repablicana. The poUttoal 
MMM^ary of our aelvbbors hi an 
Medinvly cumbrous and It aioTya 
■lawly an^yderoua ly. . 

Thb oil question M said to have be- 
come a creat taiteraatlonal UMua, aad 
tha iMittiMI ttataa OovamaMat la la ,a 
state of adtatlen because Great 
Bi^t«4n saanta to be In a paalUoa %o 
oaairbt llM meat proldle amtNaa mt 
•upply. One thins is assured: that If 
the BrIMah ara aaccessful |» tl^ mat- 
ter, eantrel win aot pasa into the 
bands' of a Sir trust and the aMtarlal 
wiU be aold without respect of per- 
araa or aatleaaUtlea t9 the bithest 
hlddars. That tha pHaelpte vpoa 
which the Briton always has con- 
ducted his business and it contains 
the hay to tha .aaeom ha ba* 
aohlavad. . * 

That paraoB of peeallat; «dt«to aay 

perverted, views, Mr. Lindsay Graw- 
ford. of Toronto, to whnm Th^ 


rival, even to 

aeem tha pift «f vVMoai to abandon 
the dole system aiui use the money to 
j4v«:^ho|aft^.j9au»loynMnt which wiU 
l aa d^' te tha eaanBarBlar advmaoament 
of tha DomhUoa. 

It has been pointed out before that 
at the time two steel ship eontraot* 
ware ylvoa to. the Harbor Kairlne 
CMnpany there was an underataadlaf. 
"ib witl;^ mambani af tha Q««i«nBMl 
Wa a party, that wark woald be 
ooatlnuoua In tha local ahlpyard for 
at least two years. To the extent that 
tha Government ia not Implapantlas 
th^p promiae it la bt«aktair fiilh. The 
latimation that no money is available 
for further contraota cannot be ae- 
oapted In vlaw oTtha ayaiam of dolea 
whleh waa .4a force during' the'^lnter. 

the point |pA yloleaoe, it eventuallr j a^d th^ -j|i^^«^t ;^^ob rem«lba of 
1 1l|R»l|riaM iaorft j^oanar- 1 tba^vala JTor flSat wtitpaaa. TMi 'nmttar 

ful. coaeem. and the "0o%«rnor aad 
Comj^aay itfdaatlemen Adventnrera^ 
dlstrib«H«yn|M^ agiaati 
ovdr tha ^atlravpart of the northern 
jpottles of^ thla aaatlnaat* They oar- 
rleft ea thatr M^ebr fh tha primitive 
way eha*act#ti4i^ V thi and 
«C ; n»* prhalUve pamAattoa with 
^h^dkay'J^«^^^^^^^ I^M^V* 
miiftSSd -trn'^iMr 'iaiar totaUbr Wfi 

fe'rent coadltlona. They have kept | tiMf, FatlTi^l j(»|(!9Hirif 1(4 
abreaak ||rriln^ta itbe forefrtttit. ;of .tM / " • ■■ "f -., — Vijf 


of a dlscontiBtiaaea of stoel ahipk. 
bukdlny la one whleh affaets thd 
city ab a %hai*. It ahoait not ba 
allowed to reat whera •» ta with the 
answer of the Garvarhmaat ta the 
delesation whk^ w4^ to Ottawa. Thb 
Industry in Vlotarla to Uiely to be 
arravely affected. 1aii''lt''lir ihe ebneera 
af aab r y pablla aplrlted organiaatloa 
i» JlMi^^fprthar tap r aaa a t atl baa ta 

times, 111^ 'ara mnra iKMaaiflbl 
they ever .'were' la the two handled 
and fifty yatuiB of thatr wonderful hla- 
toty. ■•■ -'-^ " 

The secret of the remarkable auo- 
ceas and loafevlty of tha Hudaaa'a 
Bay Osi^i^ jli Mt h Wt a a gadar a 
buahei. Ceataioperary lad bttooaa4' 
ln« taiainattalia of aidhattir ohaabrMd* 
haya haal^^tobttcht lata bebic bad 
hare ytaaed ■ tartOv, i i i lp» |yu . but the 
baaoiaMb aanpaay- of ad>> 
la •vtev atroaC* It 
hab'aarvtved and thrived .under oon- 
Mtfona ifhich bam pM;;^. the. death 
« all |0OBljMrtltMB. bartilMta It to Had 
. haa ■ bdaa alflethf -J M iaaglta -i^ --Urn 
doallngs with al^ aorta and condition* 
of (iaa«.Md'H may be i^ald that In 
UU'4a^-b( Ma Uiteaoy aa« for-BHUV 
year* afterifarda It waa prindpaliy 
- with "mea af all aorta and* oondttlontf ' 
that ft caodoetad Ita b naia saa an this 
aootlnaBt 'Xt haa baea Aill^Ully, 
hondrably and loyally aariwi IV'ltB, 
aarvaa^ from the factors <|0%a tieii Ipa 
. empto|%ai of humble rank. TMi a4t- 
▼ioa hjBi ^iMA^J lj lMi y a a i l y .aX habor» 
ably ''Vailbiilim aU 
«r« a^Mplpglt.:^!^^ type. 
4nd the 'ptoitm 'v*' wiUW aaleetlon 
wais aa tedloatloii tiik.^ laan at the 
head «f tha kaaUfeattoa wera kaaa 
indaea o( «|KBMiet|Mr. It dfiaa haa been' 
aald la O b iia^a that no bioataeaa In 
thla country ean be an eo esa fu lliy eon- 
davted by a boird sRt)a« In London. 
The caae of the Bndeon's M»9 Com- 
llaby la at laaat ona uviA« piviT af tha 
fbdacar bf i 
j^tBt. fptaer Of the 
fl1 |lil|N I| oaMapte oa^»biapb 
•aeaie at ' whk i|| ,ji|gi|ja ■ I ■ dt <H^ 

iSH^^^tfim^mM Ifeta Apire. 
th* imigfttt aMi of imM 9or the 
%hu»9 tmim af the cr«||< tfraaaa aar^ 
.theya lagliwn a( thta ae a tl a aB t oaiiM 


Drastlb eoBunant made by Tha Port , 
•Aibattfl'.,l«M»f>.«*-tha iMt^th^: aa 
many Japaneee are enraged in the 
fisherlea Industry of the West Coast 
of Vaaaaaver Maad daaa' aot Imply 
even a theoretic Indication of how the 
condition, Jf It overatea .t« the dlaad- 
^ntaga of ''the Provtaca, may ba. 
rivhted. There to no nMBtlaa ta tha 

Mtlai^ <tf,tl^^09aal4«i:abla a( 
otbar bMana wfca ar* aa«Mibd la tliaaa 
name fisherlea. Ji Ut hypaabritlcal ta 
bay tbat the Japanese have'^usurped 
tha Induatry. bs sa a ae. ao far aa aecur- 
Iftt B e a aeas aad than a^kWii them- 
aettee of the 

tat haa bad aaa*alaii to pay fta ra- 

Bpecta more than once, Journeyed to 
Winnipeg and by aome meana nan- 
agad la -gala p^nalaetaB ta aidreas 
the Board of Trade of the Prairie 
CapltoL In hta speeeh Mr. Crawford 
refarrad to itatltahman te Canada aa 
foralcnera and aiMerted that Bnctand 
had anforoad upon thta country the 
aabatluuUa* of raOwaya running eaat 
aad west da % uaaaa ot affbettoaly 
etmtrollli)* Caaadtaa trade. Thta la- 
eeadlary ta one of the agenta la 
Canada of tha ariaalsbtloii oa thk 
eontlnaat which has for its mission 
the dtataitafxaUon and dea|ru«Uon of 
tba Brttlah Ita^Mra, ahd thta ahoald 
be borne la aria« by ail who follow 
hta d taawftaM . . Th* ^laatpe* Board 
of Tn/$m r afu aa d to pwmlt him to 
ooatlaaa hta dtalayal awwrka.. 

LgtTElte to TH6 editor ] 

Me totter U» Um •aitor will to t*s*rt*4 

*» wm sass^iBBa 

i'i ■ r ■ ( I T -i ' I "-if 
AabenaloA Bay 
Sir, — I had not intended to write 
further on thto matter, but Mr*. 
Hogarth, writing for l^fq^ttiatlon, haa 
tad ma to do ao. I fcp^ air no aabai 
Blhlloal quotattasM Intlmattng that to 
aa* tha haina *7Bther^ ta riffht. but 
I can eonfldently say tliat in no place 
in the Blbta to there a word saying 
that the term should not be used. Mr. 
Swabey'a quotation was taken from 
the dtopensatlon of taw; we are now 
in the diapenaatlbn of grace. I i 
only a«Jiumbta Prsobytartan. but I 
happen to kaqw that In the Ohureh 
of Haglaad oonflrmation aairvioa ttta 
Mlatater In preaentldc the eandldatea 
to the Btabop. add r s s ies him aa Rev- 
arand Father in God. The term ta 
blaia used in the ordination service. 
To bring a discussion up on such a 
trivial matter at a time when every- 
one to praying for a united church 
to a mark of extreme biad taate. It to 
auch rellftaua btaroto. aa Ut, a#abey 
who are r*ti|«dlnK the oonaumaiaUoB 
of If. I th^ttk Oad thfn #111 iba ao 

PMtpto wiu wMhh*tt 
Mr. Bafl 

«tha>a h adaaaa thoy J|%t know 
where to get Impartial ftapoaaCbta la- 
fonnalSoa. Peraobally. aa aooa aa I 
ha*a a IK Bot»t* apare. I propooa to 
d ta aavi f Mr. BaK*a olhc* aame fine 
day aad rtafc ioas of tetereat aad even 
of oapJtall Bot thera'are many poopto 
who will aot take the trouble to flad 
UMi, Beat, who wqaid yet «iadly drop 
tf aa '^aaara lata tha opaa tiaaaara 
aac# al a »ablle oo-oparaMaa. aaatra 
•bar vf a n iwlbi ptaaaaat'aDnmtad- 
taga. aa aagvsalad by me for a war 
aaaaiavM ta tha many tatters you 
hana htadir ta aa tt ad. 

^ ■ Colottal. 
QiUttoro Bay. ]|iay f — / 

"" > ' " ' /•-• ■ 

i Apeat- O ea a raiPa OAee 
Sir, — Am yours to one of a number 
of Provincial newspapers through 
which Mr. F. C. Wade. K.C..- Agent. 
General of the Province, haa pub- 
liabed a lettdt- attacking myael^. may 
I be permitted to obaervo'that ta my 
iadgaMnt Mr. Wade'a tatteta pva a. 

An olRolal.rai»taiali|(#il^^-|ii 
Informed, been aent to the Agabt- 
ftaBMral. I wish merely to gafraaa my 
aanaa .of the tmpertiaeooe of thta 
GoTamment aervant'ln aasumtng to 
bit te Jsdgaiaut on my motives as a 
mamber of the Legtolaiure In carry- 
ing out my duties to the public, whose 
nsoney go«to to the support of B.C. 
House. Mr. Wade and hto staff af^tHM^ 
retories. clerics and underllngiL 

It may be worth recalling that in 
order te assist Mr. Wade t* naet hta 
sundry eallera and land but hta Itat 
of lattara^aaah 4i|r tha ^ravtab* paya 
aa fbllow% aooordbig <o thta year**- 
estimatea: To Agent-General Wade. 
18.000; secreUry. |S,»t>0; private 
secretary, * |1,&00; stenographer, 
1074.20; stenographer, ftBO.OO; as- 
^tant stenographer, IS07.4S; clerk,; clerk, |40«,88| offlce boy.; other asatotanoe. I419.M. 

The point of mar^erttMm ta the 
Legiatature waa tiM tba 'mna in 

WOlOOfS AillMlBf 


party and 
aunt Ct the boas* of Mrs. Wootlaa. 
Btehardsoa ttreat. on Iba attamaMi 
of Wednesday. June f. There 
Unnta add brldga^ Afjaaimmt %kwUI 
ba asnvt b 
g l vea. .«t 

ilH) aaartac altato to 
tha Ladles' Ovlld of the Vietofia Saa- 
mea'a laatitaie will i)e held at the 
Coanaugbt Seam/Bn's Institute. Super- 
ior Street, on Wedaeeday attoraooa 
next at s o'eloek. AU nuaihara «»* 
earaastly lavltod ta ba g r aa a at. 

Social at Obhtaadb 
Ubder tha avapteaa of ^ Ladtaa' 
Guild of St. Mary Ma«datai|a caiarah. 
OftUaads. a aootal manliil ima bald 
laat; T«aa4a)»^^ ayealgii. bkt miMBinia 
opening with the atagtat jof th* 
"Ma»ta Laaf." te, which i^ heamiy 
Joined, Rev. Mr. Welto oeotfpylng the 
ciiair. Mra. Hampton ptayad fa organ 
aolo very ^MMiepUbly. a ootagOMttaa *f 
nauonal and. patrtatlp ain. followad 
by a trio by Mrb. 8hep>ard dad the 
Mlsaea Weaeott. Mr. WeOa th«« gave 
a very agjiuatag readlag fiitltled 
"Nervousness," The next Itam On the 
programme was conjuring by Mr. 
MitolUn. . many of hto "stunts" betag 
^vbry elfVeHy peiiformed. A song waa 
than given by Mrs. StUpherd aa^t b 
r4«dlngr by Mn |k||igj4t. T^ pre* 
gramme Qonbtadadr.^mhTa ttadbhi^b^^ 
tIMad ^tt^ Botam/' thdta.t^kMg' 
Vm.i€ bStag^ ftrs.>^ OUtbro. Mta. Tad^r 
and the Misses Bhioks. Wllsc^ and 
Ashton. Thto Item of the programme 
caused much amusement, and the act 
Ing was of a Very high order. The en- 
joyable evening termtaatad with re- 
freabm«Bta i^ider th* mu^anrtftaa bt 
Mra. "WibMi*- < - « 

work eoola the public the equivalent 
of about tftOrOOO a year for rent, com- 
posed of the tetereat value on an in- 
vestment of over $860,000 in B.C. 
House; $6,37& between the income 
from rents and the upkeep of a build- 
ing which at tha aad of thb term of 
tba leaaa #Ul tavart ta tite Xiaadaa 

Majbr Betaltaek^ wboee department 
criticized on similar grounds of 
eooBOmy at the same time, respond- 
ed by inviting the soldiers' organtoa- 
tiona to attend a public meeting and 
"make themselves felt" by "using 
their strength to force thelt optetpns 
te pollUcal mattenu" Mr. iRTade eon- 
tents hlmaalf wlth> plea ta thb mceas 
of British Oatambta tar "aa atrial 
ra^ttest" to hta friends to bombard 
■the papera with letters on hto behalf. 

At it happens, every aoldier mem- 
ber in the Legtolature and manj 
others, apeakteg from peraoni 
knowledge of the London ofBce, 
Jotaed with me in urgteg tbat the 
Province aell thta **whlta ataphaat" 
white a prefltkMa dbta -bitatak Many 
of ttatai wattt li^rthar thmi' did i. aad 
advaeatad tlta;ata8ta« of th* Ageat- 
Generai'a ogtaa itai tha dliibitatat of 

its staff. 

J. 8. CO^PBlt. 
. The 9t<°> Vancouver, B.C., Maor SI, 


privilege— ffoes, they f; |tai > l n a ilB iia In HeaVen 

have merely done what waa legal. If, 
in any aaata. thay ara aagaged ta 
illegal methods of ftahtas it to tba 
duty Of th* AataiEr officii^ ta later, 
yaack It atfear Whavtor at Uiatai K 
aot in accordance with the law the 

May XL 

■treat. Baqalnalt. 

OhUdrcn ta 
Mr,— >I endoraa moat emphatically 
. ^ , ^ ^ all Mr. Bhanka (ataaa theg Xr-Johb 

A sturdy infant, years ago. in 
Charlaa tha Ita^QBd'a tlmck , 
Thta €kimpdi#' fcaowa ag '^'vBibd- 

aoa'f 'BbJr. ta aigar«i«ta( r^itairiqia. 

■■ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 

Ah! little thought our Merry Monarch, 
* who gave his Royal assent. 
That aorap of paitor was to aat tha 
world te wondennent. 

■ , i 

Those gaardtaim at that Royal tmat. 

Indeed have piVbMI thata worth. 
And thaagh Vltaacia. naw aa lata, ta 

lUled with tay ahd atlrth. ' 
Her eittaaaa wlU aa^ ta*gat thoaa pto- 

neera of old. 
Who rtokeA their lives, who kn*w no 
fear, whose hardships were untold. 

And as thto gorgeous pageant wends 

It* way, down Government Street, 
Salute the sight of that old Fort. 

where traders Used to meet. 
The shades of those departed oae% 

now on aome other platae, 
Mayba will view thto itaMtag bbaw. 
aad tata waati tfM* bgbta. 

P r c apa t wy haa followed ta thto geJi 

old company's wake. 
Right -aobiy they have ptayed the 

game, and won a miffhty *tak*> 
And aa thto pageant passes by, they'll 

hear Vietoriaaa aay. 
"Long life to thto great Company, 
kaawa aa tba Hadaoa'a Bay." 

W«rt-End .W,<T,t,fr. AiOIMl ^ 
Last Thursday afterboon tha mem 
bora bf tha WeqtrBad W.OTfV*' JN^btr 
erod te tha PgrlAr bf Waalay «ltapb 
victoria West, for the anntial iniei- 
Ing tit the union, whra gratifying re 
port* ware given of the yWb work. 
Especially good wks that o^ the tree* 
urer. Mrs. Gidley, whose flnanetal 
statement showed that the sum of 
I26S.11 had been taltaed during the 
year by th* union. ▲ plabPins taaflire 
of the protseedlalta wa« th* ptaqanta- 
tlon ofjUfe memborahta w^rtllleataa to 
Mrs. witaon. Mrs. WhKUer, Mra. Qld-} 
ley, MfB. Pateter. Mrs. Ensor and Mra 
M. Raynor. The presentation was con- 
ducted by Mra. C. Spofford, who spoke 
flltttegly to eaoh recipient on the ap- 
prebtatlon of ^tholr talthfal aarvtoe to 
the uatab. Thb retiring pIMdant. 
WUliaareft, who ta laagtag 
to reeide In ▼daeottfar, 
great regret at th* nae g mity of aaver 
ing her conneq^ion with the West- 
JCnd Union, and extended her t>«st 
wtohe* for Us future aotivitlea. Mrs, 
Croft wks duly elected to the ofllc* of 
president And givan the support of a 
good strong exaei»ttai^aqb > prlBtag the 
followteg olBCotat BIrat ^taa^aggH^'*'^^ 
Mra. Miller; aeoond vleii^priialdent. 
Mrs. Wltoon; recording aaetataryi Mra. 
McKlfll, and com 
Mra. Fred Adaroa. ■ ' ■ / 


Meml>ers of the Heirbert Beaumont 
Boggi Chapter. I.O.D.B., gathered at 
the home of Mrs. Sinnott, Atotoa 
Street,^' last Thursday evening, to aew 
for thalr forthaopatat <tota af work* a 
numbar at vary^ -itaatBl '•mA prdtty 
aproaa haldg tamaii'afil bf 
workera. Later te tM tttallM^ 
served by the boeteea and a Jolly 
social hour brought the meeting to a 

Xataolpai OlmiigBr. I.O.B J& 
A apeeial meeting of the Municipal 
Chapter. I.O.D.E., has been called for 
1 1 a.m. Tuesday next at headqaartara, 
[ Joaea /Block. Th* mgalar haateeaa 
"•Mattag of tha ohagta* «lll>|ta held 
aa TtaMraday attaasaoa nagi dt . s 

wberevar It 


eaatro op-: 
are iaixrrtnr on toad abd sea today 
towAj'tfa S\ eQi^Bbbaagh they 

n>ay havn no CHT'iir-vptjMi of the^ cause 
they ar*^' promoilng. Whatever th*ij 
ta store, it la 

oemed it to a regretabla. hat aeae thd 
ieaa Indtopotobto fbct, that the Jap* 
an4|se have shown more . eatarprlat 
than our own citiaena. Thla te aad 
ta tha eondltlMM, that ex tot 
hbpiboap •atlraly vrarlocM by 
o«r Barb; <1tg|g| >atiilaBipte»ij. 

The criticism of aliena Ongagad in 
oar teduatrtaa ahoald aot bf allowed 
to ^iavalop tata iWortaitalttloa agaiast 
the natloadli bTtair Mb oamtrnTbte 
newapapar haa <Mt ataay ttanaa with 
the tathfact bl i^btabCtat bach a a»Mt 
aa will lead to the emptoymeat of our 
own dtisena, but we admit that the 
gaaattao of the fiaharlea. when indl- 
.^■ol taltlattae and pntarj^rlao eta 
ta^lved. ta one of competlttoa tmder 
asMtat vagetattana, aad we a*« te* 
cttait ta doabt it, theaa regvlaUoaa 
caa h^ fltasad to dlscrimteate against 
tha j lgy lm ataaa. .ba mattan stand 
' a abii ^» ia #mrtd aam iba taltaoMa 
«r the oommunlty better ta tha qaOe- 
ttaa of the ftahertaa by tagtag^ar own 
t* dawaiop tbta nataral re- 
through the disptay of tha 
Hbatta* to ftahteg aa to batec 
avtdeaeed by the . Japaneae. rather 
than by deorrtag th* hUter hsnangg 
thay bavo.baaa aaoaaaii^ la fay 
«gge aay ambrag* taiiaa baaHtaa of 
ile numi>er of Japaaaao eagagod te' 
(ba tedaalry must, if there to to be a 
>f fblr play, atao 

ehlldran ta the atreeta of Victoria. 
In every atreet. from Oak <Bay on the 
right hand side to Government Street, 
It ta the same, an<! the sooner the 
police take the matter up the better 
for the teteresta of Victoria, as tiie 
mothers aeem Incapable, whleh taa 
^tty. tar thay ovMoatty forget that I 
**tha ahOd -ta talbar to the man." 
hence the number of "hoodluau^ te 
this otherwise beautiful city. 

8. M. BAISS. 
Oak Bay. Victoria, B.C., May tO, 


vro VeOo thrtem _ 
Two hulndred and fifty yeara ago. 
Who eould thy preaent atata fOrokaowt 
Net Cen the Xte» .wboaa^cbarter wtae 
Did thy great fataoa aataamlse 
And grant domaiaft whoaa jba tata Itay 

• Tho^^ BTomoa'a Alndltat/ of the 
Royal ,<ab|taa Bbb»ttal wfl} hold Ita 
regntar taobthly tadbtltar o» tiiitaj' 
•ftaraoon * at f ttb ta tha Narasa' 

era elttaa -taltabb^Mr m «ba UaMod, 
gtataak, , Whtla la B fcam a . Mbaa.. Mrat 
Wllbr had- tbb ptaaaare of Tbdtteg 
th* iMMltah aasembiy. L b. ol P.. 
which mot on May S, also being a 
delegate to the Supreme Shrine order 
Of the White Shrine of Jeruaatom. 
t/hlch met in Detroit Mlclu. May 10 
to IS. in the StaUer Hotel Mra Wll- 
by'a trip haa been of great beneflt to 
her health. an4 after havtng experi- 
enced a vary cpld WtabMr te tbo Baal 
she to happy tp h^ taMk gsalh ta 
Vlctorta. , 


EbUbliftbed at Vktom^l^C* in tlit year 
1862, the same year that city was incoj^r- 
ated, we can safely claim to be the OMift 
Mttgic House in the Province' today. jj, 

. Many old-timers will . recollect the /founder 
of the business, the lata M. W. W^tt,^whd 
started under hi^wn nantc-^ . . ^ — 

Always having. the policy, that the best is 
none too good for 6ur clientele, we cbn 
fKHiit fo thQuaamifi^ an^ vv^nany caae^ three 
"imm^ifm^-,!^ 4«riag tbe 

tain the saute )i^|«i»^a^ «tf 4|| 
which has alwayi'''D^n ^^|^ 
acteristic of oq&diotlie*'^ 

btttiness '^-^ 





Taatarday attomeon » very pretty 
^taailitag Vook ptaoe at Broadalbane. 
tha o tib il i i a g artbtator'a caaldanee^ 
whea ^talb tba Bav. ~i»rrrCtatap- 
bell officiated at the auurtago of 
Miss Janet LK>gan Perey> dOOCbtorof 
Mr. and Mrs. George Percy, of Cow- 
Ichan flta^on. and Frederick WlUtate 
Barker, of Oowiohan Bay. Th* 

with whHe plQture hat. waa OtteMed 
aa bridesmaid by her sMter. Miss 
'Louisa J. U Percy, who wore a suit 
of grey serve, looked very liand- 
■ome. Mr. and Mrs. Barker, after 
their ratiirn from a honeymoon trip, 
win make thota hoam ta thta pity. 
Logaa. V an Peasea 
A very quiet and pretty wedding 
ceremony waa performed at St. John's 
Church. Vancouveis yeaterday morn- 
lng7\ho coatraUUng partlaa being Mr. 
WHitam H. Logan. Ir^ aon of Capt. 
aad Mrp. Loim. of Victoria, and Mtaa 
Viote Vaa pmkfk pt thta city, the 
Utair boteg. j i »t ta ^<i oBly by loune- 
#tata ratatlTta. mr|Mta wore a 
pretty alilt><er gra^'Web^tath. a«th 
hat to mateh. with a act of ermfna. 
fare and a corsage bouquet of bridal 
She was attended by her ata- 
tor. Blisfl Ida Van Deuaen. who wore 
a navy blue suit and white straw hat 
Othera present - were Capt and -Mrs. - 

paroate of the groom. Mrs. 
Logaa WW* a aalt of grey Awvptina. to aaatch. c^oliowtag the 
4ha bfldal party waa en- 
at tl ~ ■ 

taachaon at tba Hotel 

Vanpottvor** Mr, 
laavBm mmr Vr 
Tbooma, whOra tbav^biaopmooa will 
be spent Upon their -^ratilrn they 
will take «p t^tAr ratidaaaa dn Vaa« 

TO Bttdson'a 


bib wMto wita 
«haro ofatawta 

Sir,— In your issue of May II 
Bobort Legion's tecontrovertible let- 
ter waa scanned by me in the hope 
of finding that one arUcuUte fellow- 
oltlsen would co-operate with me in 
urging ott- tha 'pabtta authorittab. as 
w*n aa ob ' Iba poopta . to whom they 
are ameaablo. the ohotaap aad alo> 
maatary htalapaaaabill^ at a pub- 
Italy raeogntaed pteaaw a '3paaa scrt- 
b«adt atatto togeodl.'^ a raaerd •ftloe 
. (B*t a pbwa far ahalaas eonversatton 
or wordy dtoyatattaa). where not only 
the elect, bat everybody posoeasing 
five oeete caa co>oporate, net oaly in 
matters influeatially mooted bqt In 
aU ataltaca. not "dam" bat 

ttobatataa ragal aa tby mt 
ifty 'yeara ago. *'"/ 

|taw have my glortapa ddpo ta Wmaa 

.at lencth 
Run thel^ advantarogg Iwiitpb. 

wonted •tgangth 
0^ my prtata itaata p 

Pblr tailOata,'Vast, for-dlled, as though 
To osattaat with thy Prairies low: 
White myriad lakes ia emerald gulsa 
Am Jeweto strewn. lauBortallse 
Thy noaecm of WytwaM Hoi 

aag itttir^ yoan ago. 

Tho Ptaaeara' ef reatarday.' 
Adveatarare of Hudson's Bay. 
Wrought lasting (ood to our fair lead: 
So w* the prseeat ahoald 
Tbat our'graad-chtMren'a ciitltfreo 

arrtaed at** to quote WoaMtaJVB. 
aoafa irpagu^a|g>^ i MjWim 

paopta to form oO'-operaUv* 
ta overy Une, not ia the 
(taw ta Iba tiBM t* start 

To tbetrMiintataaU wisely say. 
-Aa up tba atapa of JUta's gtatrway 
Ton Mtalb. 


•Tte Great Ad*«ntur«ra. aa were tbey 
Who gret la thta Great Mortb bald awai 
Be great 

Worn o#i by aaoUtei 
aad ItoO', 

I ytald to time* aaaotatai. reteatlaoa 


Inaiduous and aneat aadlad^ 
Aad cease* my proad pbfp oit ot h«- 
rngkB taWa 

AgalBbt thjl Baa t»H tta ■d4ada 

T«t am I reoompenseg with mtetatrloo 
Above all price— evatMRL taamo<tp 
Ot days an<v nighte tbarbaMMt.tao 

theta thrall. 

• HMgtabl. 


the BpMt at 

New Zrii\M<iKr ataadtag On Londea 

at 'iflSilS^ ^^C^Sp^mtataaad the 
weaithtaat etamte tba world. 

tor tntslNot 

ot )i» rr-r- >,,,n«fr*4 |i„^ fiftieth annf- 

portaat q aaa t to n o^•pla•e ta 
«v(*r. altogether lgno«*d'by 
lamtateriaL I wUl tata giva aa* 
^aeto examVte ot how thto taak ot a 

oat ta'piaattaa, I 

The efty BMLV bo aUd 

In en 

taction' coatfbHai ta the usual way. 
by feroe of atma. aad has b««n com- 
i>"ltod te cll^^11( MUMP^" ^ the 

otntm oi i\>v r.imMiSmmi n* wni 
tMabta hta 

O tead at 

and vaHaat 


lold beloved 

Tho 7^»wa 
coabdl haa a* Idaa of awsortainteg 
public opinion eaest»t bp tho «ixp*aMlVB 
n»«ana of a refereadum. kmI tlasidly 
deciij»ea te f u aipa i ae a pipeline aa* 
tooa Mr. " 

WTMMXFBO, May tt. — Jamea Moa- 
ooe of th* baet known lata- 
dermtai* te Canada, and a de« 
of a Daadee temlty who madO 
in tha aamo ttaa. Waa foaod dead ta 
bed here tenlghC Be had fn hb. n^y 
held rwimminr rhn 
Baotland and wa» ao all loM',. 
la thta ooaaary bg wa* a w*ii 

9» Wga M va-ar- 

Tbata Past and holy 
Thy hllta and valoa. 

O Praaoa. |o thy ooft 

bat atl te aplrlt m 


And dwan with theaa 


te my heart's 

Maay Vlfltoriana utUll hb/tatere|;ted 
te tho foOowteg annoanceaiiattt from 
Tlio Otta«(a<'<Bttwa of reoaat data, 
eonoamuir tbSI'taarrtago «t Mlsa Vera 
araea-Atfamb. gldost daoglitdlr.Of Mtr; 
and Mra. P^k Adaai^' Baltaar 
Avpnubk to Mr. Roport Baotl iBodte. 
C.B.^ ion Of Rev. Robert £tadte l^d 
Mm ttadlO. of Qttawa. which ' 
place te Ottawa on May 10:^ 
ceremony waa performed by. tlte' 
groom's father. The church was 
beautifOtly dOborittod with . f«r«taVaibd 
•weet peas <:M was flltod uflth i l a j ta*; 
bers of the congregatton aa4 friomia'' 
The bcldo wpp bOppiiMa»ly attired^ 
traobUag mtWvS^ oioth a«i 
wore a pretty btabaa'of whlw g*org-« 
otta aad a Mao plotaro hat with 
lOral ttrtatmteg. AftOr tha reception, 
bttendod only by I mm odta t o rotative*. 
Mr. and Mrs. Badta taft f o^ Aiontreal. 
where they will reaide. the groom 
iiaving recent!/ accepted a raapop4l^ 
bto position With tho Qrabd '.frtmk 
Railway." The bride, who Waa tlntil 
quite recently a member of the Vlc- 
torta High School stair, 14 a native 
daughten and bag * 'wide eir(»1e of 
frtonda. who will unite In extending 
thaIr goe4^ir^ f>r,her happteaaa. 

No. 1 Company will pigadeatN^w 
Brill Ball.. Victoria, B.C.. onThurs- 
<piy. May 27, 1920, at T:tO p.m. 
Dress, drill order. Rifle drllL Im- 
mediate atiUoir. . 
'LJV^*'T!l^'P'^ attendan^a px'all 
Wflkmi'Mi&bM and ' mbf^ .ta'<«s0bataa 

. GaVtite*' and Adjutant. Uibj Caaa* 
dtan irf.d. Brigade. ^ ' ' 

%wfL mm fmK^ t, 

' ' ' l ■ " ' ^ *" . . ^ ' 

There will be a combta'ed drtl» 0% 411 
oeropaniea in Beacon Hill Park Bact 
abta>day. May II. at 2:S«. All Galdii 
eSto aaked to niafce'an agart .to attend, 
aa tt ta irary important ta ptoparatten 
for the disptay to take fMo ea^o 
tallowing Saturday. 

Church parade will be held on lion- 
day. May II. Further ordeta wUL ba 
lasued later. ' ....>•;,:,..' 

No. 4 (Oonaalea) eaataaa|f.^^.4aipb^ 
minded that its drill will take ptaco oa 
Wednesday, tttb. initead of Ifittday^ 
S4ih. When a specially taige attoada^ 
ta hoped ter. in order to praatita thp 
special drill for the disptay. . ^ /. 

• • . ...... \ -: v' 


I $m.'li^^A.<?im»tmn^n tba% 
•London Xtallr Mail 




Only a bit of a willow tree. 
With a IWB<|ta of apMntered eano, 

mitnfmmmiifi^iim ^ t^ 

Over aad avor agata. t 
OwU M^m bit ot a talltair taoi^ f 

^^ilk^^^ t^ ^ la^lll?^ 

tAatf tail cq* pnce mtao. a#jmirrqi?p|, 
my knee, > .< . 

Thie teto of tha drlvon iall^ 

iatamor and thb hrtibi gpgab 
hvif iaat cam* into my pMBtai vtalpa 
^-ftb* 'i^abcliba fOobfV-Mw* good? 

A delightful evening's entertain* 
ateat ta dm p i 'sdHatron* of the oabarot 
ta he giveto'noat Wedn 


few now remain 
patroaa ahouM 

ttaa for tham by cpautoBataattag 
with the aacrbtary. Mtai P. dardil 
Bar. phon* tdt. , Baaotag wilt begin 
at t o'clock aad eoattaaa until i, and taM*hop ta 
«prtag (be. •vabtata^ ahori auMtabl .Ltbd laMta b 
win ha given W/wtf^f 
arttata. among tboaa o^-'' nmk* m aiadinry 

thing that goea to tlio^h«Ud|a« Ot ti4 
grand old game! ^ ' - r 

Do you tike a W«do br^WMvW 
grain? The wtee grqtaa ma .Mta iii 
wear better, but you noad ttOt lio par. 
tteular as to tho width br thTgial^K 
providod tho hot iHil iuwb aad ta 

Teet Ite driving powem by thq 
simple process of softly bouncing a 
b4^I oB.tba easenttal part— the centre 
ot th04d«ta<«C woo d that oeeapiea tho 


Here arf some of |be seforal plocea 

of good advice that I received te the 
days of my youth wuh regard:4oi|gB' 

J4bver try to kaook (bo aS^ 
£ hew ball with d hiNp Itali Iffi^ i 

iha hflSrttr ta use^n^old^^baJl 
Wfieit you prbattae with a aew . bat/i 
"Don't grumble at an ounce or two 
jraight so long ao* ^ feblaaoo to 

Doa't forget to nap tho olly< rag 
^Btarta pad lightly.'' 
'*'pltalltf yoop itaw hbt splinter or 

uae the ceatr* of tbo bladb and not 
tho odgaiC • ' • • i 

Abd lhaa. whoa the aeaaoa atarbib 
yo«r aew bat yea Will hit 

Brown abd ttaut B. We' 
from th* evoab 
Chapta^a toaHo .til 
OM MtaMT <ba 
taoatM dad optatarta «r *ho 
ygpt aoidtara te the loaal 

whleh ta thb 

tdr pah. m m^^ 

mr. aad Mrs. K. Harpav are vtaltteg 
te the city for the week-end from 
Vaooe4ver, ai^d are staying with Mr* 
Harper's aaether on Mom Street. 


of tk* 
f rrnffiO i 



it««4 •/ ua 

V ' M l 'I -i immmatsTssss ,, ' . m 'u i i 'iVji; i ' •. Im i 

AM stm 

Maynard's Shot Store 

(MYalMSlrMi PImmm 1232 

1^,- ,^^^,._^„„. 

■70. mn/i» fmA\f 'Mt^^ tcTtie the Wifid^ 
' i f Coil on the market , 

1377 1203 Broad Stewt 

Hudson's Bay Company Hosts 
at Banquet and Ball Tonrror- 
m. Nigbt— Other PubKc 


-^'Bfffif the kiddies down town to tMse .Uie. procession on 
Mond«3r-:-bTingilie<n.*|teirward^ to this big Ice Cream Parlor 

T. B. Leigh 


1017 Government Street 


Phone 3576 

Better Value Cannot Be FosimI 

RMd^Theae Itetttk 

IbmatHeliejl Toiwjtl^ # ise 18 /sr 36, p^^ pair . 
I^ifBflMkl Tebk Kii^iRa, niedium ataek' dq««n. 
L*Cf« WUte TurUab TlMv«rik, per /pair 
OjMh RoUer toMag; 18 inches wide, yaiil 
Beamwd Sheeta, size 72 x 9&iaehevpair, $4^ and.^.v..f9.50 
All Pure tether PUlowa, aale* ^ 4^ 


Iriah Linen Qoods, plain or. h^^^biialbroi^tef«M».'l^ 

A|il(ie'frdm the pMreitnt »nd Indian 
aportB features which the celebration 
of U)^ 260th annlTerBary of tlM Hud- 
inil^^Ba^ Company. th tlMa «ttsr 
Mi»rr«w, will mark in m k|toetiMsl« ^fw 
the vrnwl olNwrvatlon of Vletovla pig, 
eXaborate fteaMioiia plamitf Iter tl^ 
•voMlag-iHn M no leaa attilvMre «eft* 
iuraa «r tha prnksramma. 

CommeniJinc' it ' tits in .tba ball- 
rooin (^'the Empreaa lldtel, tha Com- 
pany will be hbflta . to 206 * Inr^tAd 
■uaita at a t)aoqoet to- bo prasldid 
over by 01r Robert Klndendejr. The 
ruesta will number promlnei^t Oor- 
ernment officials and other*' takinr 
Vtx\.\n the celebration. MiMf ft fflW 
jWPa^ly Invited to nu^ til* CK»ier- 
h6r of the Hudson's 'Company. 

' Durina the early eveninsr a com- 
munity sins and band coftoert will fill 
In the .tfiterra^ between the OMiclust^in 
of the b«9<iuet and tiie p<Pmeae»r' 
aiMit oC «Kii h||t whioh ik ^ narjk'v " ' 
fOo^' or thT /v^lebhrtloa^ ' AHm 
o>leok>a nreworka display will be 
Bii«Mi In James Bay diractly in front 
of the Causeway. The Parliament 
Buildings and Emprew Qo^flj wiU be 
- hUy, lUttfninat«4,iui4 A fjM>»i|aM 


Polioa arranvemmts for traflte 
durtni* tomorrow's utreet pafSant 
of the Hudson's Bay Company's 
SkSth anntverffry ealebration in- 
clude the provfBlon iMmMsro ahall 
be no parltlnK of nMPtar ■ aftis .<ar- 
ins the hour* of th»9«fM* 
part of Ita route. 

The roQte of the parage, whlob 
etarts from the Hadsen's Bar 
BulMinc, on Dev«lw fliraat. at 11 
o'oloek a.m.. M cMo' bef«witl»: 
Prom aiartlot polht; alMfv Itousias 
Street to Port MVe«t: up Fort to 
Vanoourer; alonv Vanoonver to 
Yates; down Tatte to Ooramment; 
alone Oovemment to the Parlia- 
ment BuildlngB, where the paceant 
is reviewed; up M^nzles to Supe 
rior; alone Superior to Douslas; 
up DooKlaa to BrtMHahton; up 
Brouyhton to Qiu»drai alony Quad 
ra. to Bnrdatt; llMjM» hy Burdett 
and V^coQVi^r ifirMia an4 Rock 
land Aveova to Cook; f^lo^he .Coeh 
to ■mui^mtii down ps«i|Mit to 
Dougjim (hd alonf Doutma t«^^ the 
diebaneiir >.pia«« m the ^hdaoa's 
ijtky atota. 

was notieatiraly aueenssfnl. aa the 
>flS^iaiUii'aire la aeebrdvia aapperttaK 


of Exceptional 

JN gracefulheaa Jl4friape» In b^ty ol hve 
^ trimLiing these Gowns are wbaderlally eppedi^ 
ingi Fabrics embrace every desirable variety o( 
TaflFeta, Satin, Georgette and Crepe de Chise. 
Beadwork and embroideries of silk have been 
applied with taste and skflt; designs ere nenc 
unusual, ift^^^ udl dainty. Prioad iM 
eiftely iroia'' • ■ ' ' ' 'h^^^'i^^ ■ 

$24.75 tQ $7f. 

Telephone 5W 

THa .grand bgil will oommsnee in 
the Eimpress at 10:30, at which one 
:MkoaBand invited Kue«ta pf tha com- 
VtMT Will be present. . >. f^,,.- 



V.A^X. Members Give Inter- 
esting Exhibition of Strokes 
and Life-Saving at ■ Gor^ 

ontaWAk liay fl — -An order-in- 
evaaclfvlMs bean paMred appolntlnr 
Ufa Boyml UlthaaMi the Prince of 
Wales honorary eommaneant of the 

Canadian Mbontad Pallee. 

MONTRBAU M^, ^%~Betweea 10 
and 10a a b eql a j ta .aayA.4tf ' the Montreal 
fltreet llaUwsr Oa. Ware deatroyed m 
a. ti^lmt^, umtpkl Wm'm»a^ fi»t- 


TPhe opening of the B&aBon was 
quite a success for the Victoria 
Amateur Swimming Club and a large 
crowd turned out for the occasion 
yesterday at the Gorge. iflMt ajichtU- 
tton -of the various atroheit' wiM rmry 
well ilvaa by the followlns: Breaat 
atroke, Mrs. R. Hlbberson and Miss 
Hosle; backstroke. Mi;;s. R. Hlbberson 
and Colin MoFadyen; sidestroka un-' 
derarm and overarm, Mrs. J. Mar- 
shall and Jock McN«ill: trudsreon. 
Jeriy Wellburh' ap« , Jltkn . A«kMM« 
ttrudsaoa orawl, KaChiMM WatHlSM 
and Karl Squtret: lifa*»aving, Mrs- R. 
HibberstfD. Mra J. tlfarahall, Jerry 
.Wellburq. and John . JLwpMn. . j 

After the swimming exhIhMon |«a 
was nerved Jn the sltting-room; ^aWa, 
Watson .an4 Councillors: ppMfr'^nd 
Ane«Xa4n Joining in tha hoepttaUty 
dhvaased^ aatf^ tlu^ 'counelilort aii> 
preaMd the wtth t»at they were oaee 
more young enough to join in the 
•PQi;t8 which had given them ao Auali 
sa spectators. - • . 

(Continued from Page 1.) 

89. Victoria . City. CeitMtt. ■ * 

40. Bsquiraalt-OoqttwT, . 

41. Pan «av,.jOf«Mll. 
4S.>flpimielr tt^ttniMi. 

♦S. Jf|>at, r. O. D. B: 
' ■ Dirfsloa Ifo. 9 

44. 'Baad Naval Briga<je. 

45. nfty Naval Brigade. 

46. Naval Mmic WuHniait CouneU. 
Jhr 7amaf Ddufhs' oarHaae. 

4a.- iiar-Wtt.tifaaw' carriage. 
«». Float. Canadiaa CfahT" — ~ 

50. Flpat, beaver. 
61. Float, modern C. P. R, * 

I]>»vMpa Jfo. 7 
S2. Ualvereity Cadi»la' Band. 

65. University Sbbobl Cadetsi, , 
64. FIo«^ .r:eUil druggists. 

66. Floi^, Klwanis. 
56. Float, Provincial Arts an(| In 


67. Cadets' Band. 
61. Wtity OmMak , 

DiviKiap Itak, t* 

60. Float. Oak Bayj 

60. Float, auto dealers. 

61. Float, Y. M. C. A." 
St. Float. Elks., • 

51. Float, B. C. ElfCtrlC 
S4. Float, NaUve Sons. 
86* FloaJt, RbUry Club. 

66. 'Float, saanich Municipality 

Birlslon Jfo.'e 

67. Boy Scouts Band. 

68. Boy Scouts. 
•9. Floa^ Board of Trade. 

70. Goat Breedeia' . AaiwclatlOn, 

71. The Teachers* rAasooUtlon float 
7S. Ktttlesr Band. 

IMvisidn No. to 
78. Float, Home < ProeSHMiiS r 

74. Float, timber. 

75. Float, coal. 

76. .8tddent Welfare. - 

77. BIMe . Clijaa,< Preabrtarlaoi. 

mwmon'Kv. 11 
78.1^»Miir«Mifrated <Ars. 





Ladies' and Children's 
Middies and Wal^ 
Gihfham 'and Voile Dresses 

Gh-ls' Dresses 
Prloed From $i.9SAo $7.56 
Misses' Dresses 
^6.95 to $14.75 
Ladies' PopUn Ski|:ts» .$5.95 
Other Lfaiei,^i •18.^ 
to $15.75 >' ' 
« Nmamtj ^ ; , 
French Flowers and MU)ttnis 
Outlhg and Ready-to>Wear 


rhoae 4740 


m^«.^ ^ .. ... '«^- 8c*n>«Beir» UOKAITS 

peqaaeM aaril«r. btss«r and totter crop*. ImmedUt* Mivrrr niirtsUst 
$45.00 per ton. t2.i« per Mck iW -••"^ 

CaiMdian Ugnalta ComjMny, Limited 

<>» sad 103 B.C. Perin«nent Lo«n Uldc 



TAuwpe HANtSr . 

JAM. Gl^lfa nilUliiB win Ajwear on 

— —-me With Mrf, 

.of Vancoavor. 



Frondi Obamherf*^ Vot« , 

PARIS,, SSrr^«wip*l»aM Of 
thte pity, comMitmi^, .iW^'r. 
dmr'e vote of c > i l |i »»i i Oi» lii tlMeham 
ber .of DapuAtp. , eacUre it showed 
the real aentlnanhr the nation 
The i;cho de Paria aseerts the vote 
^'proves France ham a government 
possessing tufficlent support to carry 
out ita polioy^ of recop»tni9tlo» and 

la MimlclpaUty's 
•to Parade, M^f 

iSSee'oaldooni aitd freah' 
ftir. Jier blood Imma thki 

OeirbkxKlis thin, tktgr hate Qted "t ml iiw^ijg rmeiilijl ifl 
eleer em m ipMI^ fiiddtr ilda Mate 

heat'^ '^neHiigtai tiMir bodkik Good, pv^BESlik^^ 
bmt itmonDm walMt flb of «ll IdtMb. Yotf a 
to eey disaoae if yodr health is m doipB. 

Pntfr tbt Mood with jD(r> Q^Mbm s m mmi 

ftntm itif . , . 

Drink Iwi tfeter « half hour Uhn msoli, aad tm e t^eteMe 
IpBle thora'e aolUac bettor thi» Oh Iteoe's Ooldea Medioel 
mrnn^ the oU^MiioMd ht0lt>M^, liUdi Sm^ Ud mA # 
Am tvokete lor ttlgr yeeie. ;ll eoSii iiffiliiff «rttS£. . 
■ml ii aede iBto tefalecs end IkiQid. fiMli eMlfe^ ll^nm^ 
lBi«Sde' Bolol. Bafblo. K Y^lpt Idf^Sgj^ 

4y ellOd'a pUyhousa ifv^ik ha an 
aoceptihie M tte 

fammaa when UiN lilrr%«rea to- 
deyf They are an Infinite source of 
.'"•J'eht to the youngffters. The Saaq- 
ich Municipality float In the parade 
tomorrow will carry a little lor In 
VepiiesentaUve of the homae of the 
early ploneera of thla part of the 
country. U haa been auggedted that 
this wouK make a very desiralbe 
playhouse, being about the right else 
and dimension, and complete to tha 
amallest detan, and In oreaitr tb maka 
^It poasfble for someoai^-^ily 'iMsara ft 

will be «>ld at 26 cents apiece. Kach 
person who purchases one will have 
a chance to secure the playhouse, and 
in addition the auggestiOii . haa the 
merit, of helping a rnrt liSgivliii 

Crk; |h» Ptthlto Bealth CijaMt of 
ukieh, to which the procaeda fkom 
the sale of the pictures will be given, 
i Further datails in conneeuoa with 
thla se hanwi wtti bp jaMl ehed later. 



IXlMtH^, SCU J(|L— M tncl> 
dentt affetfUag Um diselfAine of ebrtaia 
ri«laeale.oe KheeiMflii a#ia»>ave oo> 
barTM f^aMaUy. eays The Daily Sketoh. 
aod an Inventlgmflc* has reyealed the 
tact (hat agents of the Russian Soviet 
OovernihenC 'have perfected a plan ta 
army a "hotbed of dlasen- 

Stem aneaeures to smash this organ- 
tMtlea havfi been d*ctd«d apen, tha 
newpape«TeeetarA^. end important ar. 
#4sta ^ >Nmlaent. In addition, whole- 
|ltte dei »ttatli»aa are to be « ie<i^ 

tTAUA N (fflgl CERS 


i:x>NDON, May 21.— Italy's poUUcat 
situation Is eaushig 
aa<le«y aateag that aaiwito 
whl^h Is s ab s a sid hy 4ha laaMHty ta 
fbtala rsllable aewa sh to What ^ tmp- 
pmtom la that asontry. * 
one ef the graat««t dtffleuUMB ta 
Italy at' pr is mu tt ta ria'snai. la the 
attempt io Aetaafllue offleeMi Aa 
•rdsr rM!«atty isaasd flir the Hist 
lllsatiMi of 2«.«»e offWa ta eaid ta 
bare besa eattrelir ilsisgaiiid, tita mtm 
refusing to taka their nisnkarsia 
Mm May SU-tVaaaitcB Mitt) 1*a 
' Mp third Mhtast. 
ha sffMt la oaifs 
fbeeaa la the 

era of farmer 
the NsUeaallsu 
Ceeftbaiants. witk a view ta 
bsta«M*int tb* ' OiMMlMak- - 
huaor Nllti'gfBr^ fa 


All floata'Or other unlta taking 
part In pageant parade Monday 
Inomlng have been given specinc 
allotmint of position in the forma, 
tlon. The position is numbered in 
the arrangement plan and the unit 
will bear a numeral card In the 
parade, so that confusion may be 
avoided in forming n^ ao latvi iaa 
assembly of featurea. , . ^ 

The pageant wlU ha atraaetO In 
alavpn' eij4alon% «a«h having tram hnttn, ;Baoh divialon will 
aatamble at a speeifled .ifMtatlon apd 
those taking part are aaked by the 
committee to. place close attention 
to the following details for their 
oWn oanvaalanea: ' 


Vniu I to 8. iBctutive— ' 

Asssmbis on Placard, b> t twi s s Ittak* 
.*a»« aad.DeusiM, fwHnt«>eatfa!ir 
n^lalMi t 
XinltM to 1». Inclusive — 

AsMoible oa riacard. k«tw««i Ovt- 
•rnmeat aa« DeSglss, fselag Deag.^ 

traits M te N. IsilMMn 

Usiu 97 to S3, inc|iuiv« 

Ags*mM» OS H«rsld gtrett* botVMa 
jMMNaaid aad Po«gls« fastarOeea. 

DIvtolM B 
Unit* i3 to 4S. inrlualva-* 

AMemblo OS HoraM. ta t wess Qov. 

Vntta 4« to »l. HM««rtV«». 

AsMMMo 'OS- eest sMs Of OA«cW 
«»«twe*ii It«rs1d and Cstedosifc*^ 
nvMoa 7 
to k«, lnclaa|v<w- 
^■SitnMo op rant •Idn of t>ottsUa 
Cslndonto and Diocovory. 
' IHvlHloa S 
Tolto Iff to M," IncltMlvr— 

AMomMc on «sat aM* «r nmml 
b«t«r««s ITlScovory asd PeaiecsSa! 

wiinis a 

C'altS .«! to 71, UMrhMv^w ' ^ • ^ 

rslta VS ta 77. laetsMro- 

>t < I B ISlo _OS f% Mt aldf of , 

niwvw and Quaoas. 

wt ai l n 

Frlrsto dooorated cars win Ml .tm w. 

Tha paraOa wlB eam va at 
l«:te glain. a«d ha r^dyiA 
off at 11- o*eloeiL Chief 

^ laa« the paoaaal; aaC 

to gat ander wajr at tha 
■ of 

mlttaa ta headaO 
Warren, and Liawt. 
ta his flrsrt aaafMatft 
be sevoral ether 4M< 

hr Mr. 

Them win 


win ha kf*W« to IHa pa»ttalpaata 
by par^ rt i h aa as in«%nta af 
their aathaMly la diraettng 
at the 

Mrs. Gladys Beiean PfaiUipa, who 
I8 coming from Vancauyef to asslKt 

■ * r 

C^fial on Gm Biiriier 

Burns five hours on one gallon of Oi^ ' 
. ' '* 26}4 cents p«r gallon. , - . 






AM ]leHMii8trattoi| at prake Bardwan 

Otk B^r Arelme ^ ; * Opp. Mtmicipal Hall i 

1 1 

Mrs. BllaahaUb ]M>MAMp, . tha «Van 
'Obavar -vooaiiir' ■'■'mmiM' ■'mn^mivm 
hanr lb racial ait tha ^vpflaM hill- 
rooii^ httdar' tha aaaploea .of the X*-^ 
dies* Muaical Club, ta. #n;, artist of 
unusual giftfc, and .thosb ; who have 
heard her. pronounce her one of the 
"big" pianlsta of thta part of Canada. 
She has a reputation aa!a .Cho|>la'ln- 
terprelar, luid. It 

lovers ofttiya'aovipoaer to flttd on 
the presMjana for Thursday . even- 
ing his Sonata ^.B Minor. Her oeo- 
and group (at the very end of the I 
programme) comprises a Mendeln- 
sohn-Llsxt and a McDowell, compo- 

Tha faUowlnc is tha procraauaa in 

eatalu .- i . ' V, 

. Songs: 

(a) Care Solve Handel 

(b) Vlssi d'Arta FuQClni 


Piano: -■■»•• t - ^ 
Sonata^ B. ^Ifli^ar * . . i . . . Chopin 
(Allaira. iaa^f«^,. sehana. ^aile) 
. OmKpi ffaaeaa 

Vocal: . . 

(a> Carpaval Fourdrain 

(h) I'Heure SUenfl^nse Staub 

(0) ChaasoB MahraitlaBne^.Fovreratn 
JUIaahath Dougiaas > 


(a) "I Capie "With Pong".. La Forge 

(b) "Invocation to the. Sun God" 

, (Zqnl-Indtan traditional hymn) 
(a) "irha Crying' of Water" ...... 


(d) H y Madohna" :.. Rom 

(Weres hr R^lrart Service) 
Bliahbath IXnigUm 
',• .V. 


(a) "On Wlags of Song" 

, Mendeisaoha*'Lilsst 

SKude da Concert. ... .Mot>owall 
■ Oiadj^ Beaaan Phillips . 

VI. • . 

Vocal: ' 

Aria, "X>aputa le Jour*\ (Lootas) 

• ••seseesoaeaaa v|l|tflM|t&tMY 


(a) Dawn Paart Carran 

<h> Twll lfht. . . . KilthwfiBa Olen 

(4) an iiaSll^iS 


portent hearint oa <ha aetion of the 
United States. whe» l|ta tlaM e^lm 
aiMislder n»oognlttan of 'th^lMAdi* 
meat which . aaoofaOS him. l|rhbn 
iri as id snt Wllaan waa rftokat io 
aoalaa HttsMa ha hamtMaMiotlan an 
fba nattmety eaath^ tfe^a ahtf 
^baref. and tinnouaqed a hf^MId gan* 
,eral policy to th« elTeet that no Oov« 
'^emmeat waald be recogntosd wMsh 
did not real on oonstltutlonal eleo^ 
tions and which was based ^on forof 
a< apaa alone. .Aa M is iniaBr reo- 


loo ooald hope to staae 
aignttlan hy tba< United m 
death of Carraaaa and what 
bflity the g isss n^ revolat^si 
Mtare ta it. are recused hy aAeiaki 
and dipiomata hatw as eevSs^ la ba> 

eom«< a larff** aMtaaat'ta -tho 
BMafe acttcin 


WAWnNOTO.V, May tf.— 

ctal ilapatrh r<><^ire<l taa%ht hy d 
m a i he r af tha dipioiWatie earpa saie 
Ignado j>onlHaa. , favnMr Mt^mh 
AmbasiHeOr 'Ya^^MAiaitMf. -fciy^jSiJ 
The rodptthl waa aa tnthnilr lri4o4 


1 r 

1 1 




Far ever M years made in Naples, 
Ittty, nbw made la Vtotoirta. B. C. 

Too shenl4reat lAerty Brand Mae^ 
aroni at least om-s a day; and vou 
would feel better, work *>etter and 
sleep better, as maearoni is the most 

•% pound: made freUl arary day. 

AU Xtado aaa All Xisaikths 

Mlllweed, W.M to w.M par 

«'»"yMl» KiMilnrWoeSr 
ewa) cord, tnalda ol 

Ghnreh Paraile 

All members taking part In 
the ; pacade .Will meet at 
Lddie K'ooili, Broad Street, 
not lit^ thaii (5:15 o'dbek. 

Prtle of the Iidawl 
' Members 

, Don't forget Lodgo meeting, 
Tuesday night at 8 o'eloak. 
- . ' . May SI, 1120 ' 




Gorge Favifipn 

Afternoon jumI Bvipiinf. 

May Z^tfc 

Good OraKflra^i- { 

Cnalnih H«w «SAnI 

ey.jMbTON kwrMiBiraMr 


CMUuiixt'a-aasT eaa 

TTfi LooUig 

' Ctaaa., oomfortably' fnnartMl 
rooms, single aad twe-beddaC fbr 

and Btarisbard Streeti.^^^ 
UvfeSTat'tSe""*''' •'"■••••■•"j'a ' 



Wood ind Cod 

WB jnttiU WOOD 


Mra X. 1 Colhsafti'40e CtoM etff«at, 
has ratomed a ftifit trsshs' 

vtHlt in Vaaeoorer. wharo she waa the 
gaaat ctr Mta. Pattlpiaoot eka««hiiapay 

Pont Spot, Run 


^ < 

asvialao ^ti 

i^^^a, .•jrap^i^ .iwfaiiaga^ whi 


. ^ — a*a*har 

silk, llfns). cotfon or mlMd 

Bar "THawKmd Oyas" — mo 
hia4~(hen perfect rasaXf pjra, mmf^ 

anrerrt fivofi If Toa hani Mvvr^SI 

before. Drttlttst' haS eOlof 



555 J^nsoo St Phone 29$5 
W. %. ■all, Profrtetor 



Kashe May ■ 

9BRL.IN. May U. 

. . e< 


to coadae 
rsmahM of the aid 

task is stated to be 

^ ^ aa R 
a«t with tha 
«i«iar. Mosiu 

aaartara wSi 

" It eakfttar and satikac. 


hafortt a 


fep n<mt of the aaaaihia OewK 

yasi '- iuy. The o#0<'^^'- (TTn.'f- 
ta<ni the i^kisr. Mmhta* 

MMIow. who 
4laaght««- eras a 

t»era llel/rewi. 


i( I " III ' ' 

and District in 


AliHiys LpoktiiK After Your In- 
The BISvF<^d iierket 

Special, i lbs. for-.f.. ,., ■ •..■.■ii ■ ,~ 

AostMian Koast 9otli»)$xgt tins» rcgiplw SIH per tb; 
t »P<ci>l, pgr tin , . i , — 


All Week in Dmg Departmit 

I't Cr«AiBi.J>«itifrlcc, 

■Ve^ricrad Beiwi^ - lairgtf paekett, 

JOer t'^" 
IdBi : 

With «tmy pordnve of these 
eftireloipes. irttee I2e^ FllB. 

■ II I I I jn il 



Spodal All Week in ConfecUooery Depttrtmrat ' 

regtiUr 50c per lb, V7g» 
apscial, per lb 11^ 

<3poe9vy DefMrtment 

Jbfk ttnW Bard ' meit 

er lb. 

Sihrer Pnmes, 
Ottr Special BleiM 

Qold M*^ T 
Urge b^Wtles. 

25c aad 

Tea, fall 

.ftaoyBT Will BeaoMdi An Dir 



GreeM^, 178 aad 17P Ps«il Dapartmoit, US3 

Fbh «ad ProTislom 8820. MmI 8821, IMiv«f7 8822 

dirittieVdiford Sale Contuiii 
fqt a Few Days 

•Jlaira Bro«ni OMCda, tarn iolee, 
J«oaia bcela. JUgolar 

$9.00, for. 

Ladfea* irv^aad Mii^k Oxfords, 

miHtary and.I«oau . QfT 

tiTeVrW Vwai 

^Ml.r nop 

Vilo. ^ii. ^ f^A-'v;?^'^ 



CaAi *6«.00 Tfaae 

A few 

IBtais and take old 

Light- Weigfit 
^ide-tq- Order Tweed 


_ to ortet from imported suftinn 
TmMit lor u knir as For^ DoUtts. 





^ ^trtia b.aa til 


. ar (be Dominion aa« Kot» 

laat an aplMal t» tlM 

ipaila dmtev th« i&tt«r ieH 

n IB eeat«« that Juae ft haa b««n 

niH«4at atAtM^aat la 

dril MaiMa WwamtwaOoat- 
tto* Rav. Dr pampbaU wUl hold a 
Dominion elvll aarvlco exmlninatlon 
for pMltnr lQ*p«otor in the JUrriovl- 
turai DapartaMut on Tuaedar aaxt to 
tha Poat Ofllco, Boom SSS. 

9oiad njakkm to %eek Pr. 
Ofearlea F. Martla, profeaaer ot m«ai- 
oina at MeOUl Untveralty, and on* Ot 
tha moat aqdnant phyi^ola^* in Cav 
ada. baa eeoeptad an inTlution to pd- 
*^ %^toM|ia Ol«V i9>iohaop here 
on lyi f Hiy ^ 11. - V 

KhMlfi T0i»8titawr MeetfaD« — Tha 
aiuraal maattna of tha Klnr"* Dauch- 
tars will tafca plaoa on' Thursday, May 
ST, ^tll^ In tha raat-rooaoi of the 
HibbjiiMHb Bolldllia^ Tha buaineaa 
M ^liPW^PNr ^Vin aomprlaa tha ra- 
eeptlaH'^Siha aantUl rapdrta tha 
•lae^ erlkWet praaldaat. #ad tha 
dlaoteilea it torthar plana for tha 
torthea(Bdav convention. ^ 

Baad filiiiiii Vadatr-HTor tha apa- 
olal mmTvt th« wlimtm npw In 
Vlet(Mih>t#«teaia aiM partteipata In 
tha amiip aranta phumad far tomor- 
row, AM. Andrea, chairman of tha 
Parka Coaunlttea. haa arrancad wfth 
the O.W.VJL l>and for a concert tUa 
aftamaon In Beaoon Hill Park, tha 
flrat of the Summer series. The con- 
cert will eommenoa «t t o'clock. 

Tb A* HiiiwiiidOTi fi t tta aaM4- 

day nlirbt in the Tolmia School. Bola- 
sklne Road, it la understood that A 
resolution will be passed aaklngr tha 
Baanich Sahool Board to present a 
raferandtun to the ratepayers on 

taat' Oie la takea oo th» wi& 
tettmMat .had tha'-M#«td«a - vraMh 

by-laws. - 

Teaaiaters Will Meet— Today there 
will be held here a meeting at labor 
ha^qnartars of the Paelflc Coast 
Distrlot CouncU of tha latamatlonal 

ttUttber of BMttan will bd oonatdaradw 
chief of Which wlB'ba the daftalht ff 
a new aeala fbr taamataira, pkittei- 
larly in the wholesale trade. Daie- 
cates from coast'olties will ba p r asa nt , 
and the local teamsters plan to enter- 
tain them while In tha cKy, a trip hgr 
motor aroimd tha dty bains eda #( 
tha ItaSM en th^ prefcamaa. ^ ^ 

RMd Tow Tlnf<e Ifta' naaape- 
gtant of the Hndaon'a Bay Oompatty 
wlah to draw the attention of tha jnib- 
llo who have tlekata of mdmisslon to 
the Rojral Victoria Theatre Monday 
or Tneeday to witness the pictarea ef 
"Tha IMaanoa of tha Far Far Conh-. 
tir.~ IhiK they are only food for the 
parfoitaaiMea markad en aama. THa 
taadnee ipartje rt aaaaea^ wfll ba «iv«a 
at Stif «ad 4f$$, aad tha aVaala* par- 
formaacea at f :S« aaA 8:4e. Don't 
make any' ntfelhkt; flaah «l : #oBr 

Ctmalta MIM*— At the maetlns of 
tha.Commdee of the Great War on 
Mldet A iketeh wpa paaaad 

afSttBd oTtib headiloa^ whMi J* to 
ba «r«eted hp the paebniPtleii arer tha 
crave of CoMthda" >IHiiean. It was 
aanreeted. ahd thk idea met with ap- 
proval, that the executive. ehhleAl to 
the approval of tha flnaaoa dommlt- 
tee, should proceed with the plaelnc 
of similar headatenea on tha vravaa of 
^ other eoMMdea frho heive dlod. Thaaa 
maaMHtel atenaa - are ia. thP fma of 
a vraaito plUaw. with tha hadpa of 
the assoolatlon aat la white varhla. 

Motorist A »mrtud F ollowing hla 
attempt at drlvtap hla motor ear on 
to the sidewalk at tha oomer of Broad 
and Johnson stxaets last nlcbt at t 
o'clock, an attempt which raaoltad In 
one. of the front wheahi bahic torn 
off aad alhar daa»#«^ ift th 
A. teoMeha wa* Ari«Mdd »r 
stable Llttlefleld aad h aa h ad oa two 
charpas, one of hdliic intoxleatad 
while' in oharae of a motor; the other 
Of belna In poasssslon of liquor. Ba 
will be arraigned la the poUee aovrt 
tomorrow momlnp. 

As to the Weathov— Aakad for an 
expression as to the chances of fine 
weather for tomorrow'a holiday, Mr. 
NiM;>ler Denlson, dlraetor of the ma- 
teorologloal obaarvatory, laat nlcht 
stated that the im>aaranea of the 
weathar laap tadieated cool weather 
trtth ehawan today and thht Hie 
baroaeter wai tetltaft Be aeraid give 
no defiatte aaiuiiMiea tff fine weather, 
but said that K the showers oome 
down today thara would be pood rea- 
son to hope for finer weather on Mon- 
day. Frost was reoorded in the Okan- 
agan distrlot, and It la feared may 
have dona eeaie damadra to tha fmli 
traaa now th bloaaom there, ftoat 
was also recorded In Southern Albarta. 

His S e T i lu e a Approdatod — At a 
farewell given by bis ussoelatee at 
the Anglloan Chlnaae ICladea,. 511 
Cormorant Btraet. laat ttdaday aven- 
ina, Mr. Lum CMmb ohteehjat, who 
left yaatarday tP llffiitM Itehew poet 
at Vamon, was preaented with a. 
handsome gold watch. While from the 
teacher, Mrs. Oilbirt Cook, and chil- 
dren of the mission he reoalv^d a 
watch fob, and hla wifa, a pretty 
brooch. Among tha clergymen prea- 
PBt were Rav. M. !<. Wood, auparln- 
teadeat of ttlaetoaai ftaV. Arch- 
bald, Rev. Robert OoahaA. Rev. Oil- 
bert Oook, aad Rav. Um Yuen, tha 
flriit OKhieee prieat drdained in Britieh 

Revenue ProaeGation Sao 
Tuen Huy was flned ISO 
aad If eoste'la the city Paliea Ocart 
paidafday pb a charge of eelliag i)b> 
etampad aad unpackagad tohaooo. In 
contravention of tha Inland Revenue 
Act. His partner, Wth whom 
be . was jointly <rtiarged. wda 
dOaoihasgad by Maglatrate Jay, wlio 
aid aat fsel that tha pr eee oa t lim |uui 




Guticiira Soap 
The New Way 

Without Miirf 

of tho 

aeoond maartker of the firm. Mr.' J. lb 
Clay oonduotad the taaa ln fedhdlf Of 
the Inland Revenue DepartpflBt. 

Beware of riok|Mii»(tHd,. 'n^r^trafaW 
to all citiaens and boUaalMUdeia* la tp- 
spaet «f thalr money aad valaablea 
tomorrow, la lasued by Chief of PoUoa 
X^kpgley. The chief to in receipt of In- 
farmatlon from tha Mainland whldi 
lapd* htmctOiaapaet a larga inAux of 
pHlkPfirlrrl*' ' and . houae-prOwlara. 
SMMig' aadi' aa that '-of tomorrow, 
trtMcaM a great auMMttre^ yMoria^ 
realdeati «may be .aspeetad «e tahd 
part, and which brb^ pdafc awabem 
of people out of their hdnea MBt'jh rte 
the streets, are the great oppWiOgltp 
of tha predatory tribe. 

AytMpri^aB'e tdtpia I dlnaar, to 
whfeh fit axNartllierymaa. whatbgrV 
tha Ittpertel. Caaadlaa er AlUai 
foioea. are invited. Is to ba-hsld at 
tha Donunlon Hotel on June 4. under 
tha auspices of the Victoria Artlllery- 
men> AssoaUktlon. Ij*. jgf^ ^ 
vaalanoa. the' naoeaeaiijrlli^ 
airthoee lntandtaig ta Ip pnwent are 
g»qaartad.da.aiPaJa<1»e lpfp p i ^ at 
tha earlleaiLPceelb|a> M i a wa t tp Idpvt^ 
CoL F. A. Robartaon, of tha B. a 
Returned BoldlarT Commission. Par- 
Uament BuiUiipM: iiajor , Wendell 
Shaw, Central Bulldinr. and Major A. 

^ §1$ Central BuUdlng. 
%lll ^ ioDowod by a 
smoker andtha ile^tlea.dl^^afBoera 

i:;9i«»tory —^Tha idoMng ¥ 
printed at the request of tha Federal 
FIremen'a Union, No. II: "We de- 
sire to submit the following to cor- 
rsct an Impression created by an 
article In a local paper of today (May 
t|) rapertlng the aieette,of tha Ore- 
nea'a dalegaUp wMk thadltraeU Com- 
mittee on .J!f<dM. AidenBaa:Oam- 
erbn'a atsCMaettt^that the -^flraa«en 
went over the head of the Fire War- 
dens, of which he Is c h a irman , aad 
cave them no time on the salary qaaa- 
tloo la quoted, but the article omlta to 
auaiion Uia^ f aot^tKat arofi WOTeitt- 
bar*laat year uptQ the prasdnt time 
no maetiag Jkag takeh ptooe between 
the Fire Ward4ni^ajAd the FlrauMn'a 
Union ppoeatlve, aa in|a poMitad^ut 
by the dalegatloa oa mue^ Fur- 
thermore, durtag the aboi^ period 
four letters were sent to tha ehalr- 
htan of the Firs Wardens by the fire- 
men asking for a meetll^,, |ll|t! BO 
answer was recetvad." 

aciaipMiL^^ xte. 
qfaraed 0%r ta Fnovtadal 

The city will, through the 3oard of 
Police Commiaaloners, make an eilort 
to got back tha thirty cases of liquor 
which were recently turned over to 
ttta Prohlbitloa Department after 
havlag beaa la poeeeealon of the 
liquor tpr aver two years. Meyor 
Portdr itated yeatgrdar that at a 
meeting of the beard yaattrday 
o^orhUig the City FreiMjutoT advised 
the board that tha QqUor beldnged to 
the city and that the Government, in 
Ita recent request that the City should 
turn over all aelsed liquor to the 
Oovernmaat, wea fptai^hpyead Its 

Hie liquor la taload at approxlm- 
ataly II.200, it was the intantlon of 
tha city to hand it over to the Royal 
JUbUea Hospital to bo uaed for medi- 
cinal purposes, authority to that and 
haVlhg boon granted to the dty ia tha 
teStar'a prteau bill paaaad at Ut* re- 
cent seealoB. Bat wtthia a few days 
after the^ amae a re wha paaaM a ra- 
qaeat trbm thaAttbraey-Otaeral's de- 
partmeht to turn the liquor over to 
the OoTsmment was received and 
compiled with. In New Westminster 
where a similar altuatiaa existed tha 
City Council refuaed td dUir ttW PMar 
of the Qavenupeot. 



. &02q)pN, qnt. May , tS.«->Four 
C(ppinip|ieat or gapl ea tl o a a postal, eaa- 
toeu^ faOwap auUl elarka aad latter 
earrieea ara'ualtiaa thalr feiaeg te 
secure a aettlemeBt of their gtWv)> 
ances. It waa aanouneed early here to>- 

A nuas masting has been called for 
toaMrrew at Toronto, at which a defi- 
nite plan will be- agreed upon. If the 
Bttttattaa, which haa beaa haagteg fire 
three yaara la aot eUared ap lapaer 
diateiy. there driU^be a aeaeril sIMka. 
^tt-hf'dediaM.' ■-""^ * ■ ' 

jOMXAxai^ Maa« TUv itr^ 

Boa. T. a Norrle, who iMui aleatad 
member for lansdowne 24 years ago 
and haa bean Praialer of Manitoba 
dudng the laaC flv^ yeara waa aoaua* 
ated today to succeed himself at a 
convention held here. 

m waiTHEB 

VetMroiealeid CT hii^/'yip t W» a B>0^ a* I 

The barometer is telUsf <m tk« 
aaS sfcewevy. eeel wssUh 
MMMl. FrMts fcave m 
Okeaacaa sad ateSsratety 
prsvails tm tbeJQMflaa 

la tne 


Vielerla. a.a 

^^lMM#We^. • oa aaa «a«o^*^««W 

BArk«ffT|tt4|*»a»aSpaaMa^ 4S 

9*flB0# XVllpVt jr«*«aaa««#.«aa«' ' 4# 

Aa y a_ e •i*9f •^♦•^^•b ea y e SI 

OalifftffTf A H fc i ••.*•«•«••«•••• 9% 

WlMlp«c. Mam, . • • • 14 

ISL aSC?''^ aaaaaoaae 4$ 








Snring Blood Purifier 

^aaiaiaaaee a n i si— ng»nr> 

AQmUbrnMa^ Ot Roots vitk Mdaof 
Udtfttl ki Bk>o4 ImpuriiidiL' 


«f Miipiurf Cdr. View a«l 



CCH»AS A SON. tht Airt Ciiirfiiii Cloaw, SeO Tham at ^lirJ^f^ 

. MpMhy 

2 paekeu 


For saadwiches. Par tin 


BUTTBB--M«thmK akar.a tbp. ior ^LJkO 4B4h. aaek n,^,,. wOaUV 

FUBE fliv£uBOlUUI«)l AKo WIL D ItO SE or gHOWFUUpT qAja 


Large can 


Finest quality. Large gallon 


fmmmmr AM Om Sw 

/Per tb— 


.'■•-iV. * 

Pbonae e4. 99 


Cor. Fort and Broad Sbt, 


4*. t-1*4» 


Interesting Arrivabm . 


From England there has been nctW^i i 
at this store a shipment of exceptionaljy 
attractive Carpets. While the qutliti^l 
and patterns are splendid, prices arc hfM 
means High— as the^folk>Wiiy|«i|l|* 
demonstrate: ' ! ' ~" • * 

Wilton Squares 

Patterns embrace a choic* coUaction of floral (lesinis 

and Oriental reproductioiu ill t>«»»?^«L^J?^**®*^5 
> V J.., mf ittm 6.^ by i^ to* br »» #iid 
• ffiofl af% from 

fTS.|D0 to f 180.00 


,Wt;ird ikiir art*. t» 
aaapaaea Hm arriral 

t^if^is popttUf viP- 
iety of SoiUsh Gmt' 

A red. 

This if a beavy -All-Wool 
€irpdi ^^Hilei^ it moderate in 
•pHcaaiid very durable. Shadek 
ai^ grey, mauve, blue, greeii 

9 by 12. Prices, 

IBMr.eo to foatto 

Saitable- ior anderlining car- 
' ^fttew lor dtftoee oloths and 
aortaia interlining. 54 inches 
jwidfu Per yard ~ 

^ r. V .i. 

" Hoover " Giupet Sw«qtteirs 

SN.tlM B ti W tf *Hapf«t' 0«M i i WiM e i at thU 

pooRa rvi -.^iipii'ioiinr. •"^ea 

^ si^V f B&lOO 

_ .A. * — ^ mI/' 

GovenanaDt street, oppotttc Pott Offies 

iflai^^ BaikeU bimI 

" ^ end BnseO'' 

I^ed to Order on 

W. J. JSavory 



ETeniiif Poit'' 

Jas^t yourself oi^' its- 
•iBlir ^ vedd/ ; issues by 
* communkating with 

ntAMK ik&xi 

1799 Ua Ave. 
Pbooe 635aL (Evenings) 

Fowl I fj'T 

734 H Yttei iifti^i^^^ 

Coloft.^S!t«f Priotd and 
fttchlBfab Bookt as4 
iiWM, OMM Mid SOvar, 
OM English Oat Olasg, 
OM 6hi£lakl Plate^ Coiaal 
«ad BisAm OM ' 9nm 
gad FirdlBNl 

A Vhit Will Wdit Kapgy 

SMf r«rt Strtel , 
It slacs itfl 


f if i j P 

jrgEjgAg^ CbLONISt. victoria; b'.C.'. ' SUNDAY. MAY 23. 192C 

Here ic a,- Raafe 
uiinc It Mvea fuel, 
temper. N( 

you will cajoy 
time •9.4f7' 

Hi^ame in and let M -ttll -|mi laore 
about the Kootenajr. . 



inland Rcp^eiliM *Oip^ 
f^e^llw lo ■inquiries Sent 
Froili VIctoHa Respecting 

c Bafet-Charges 



Positively thf b«t 




Sailor Suits 

'They are made of a 
that will lanader tpk 

Qotlies Spedalfse* 
i^.P«i«lts Street 

§iiits For 

5. v- ii 


Hoir Jotajs: is your arm? ' It 
buy ymjmtts at this ftote. 

lenethv; thus enablitif «• to |f»«he nan with r'shlMti afl4i«ai 
jpr iWif-amK;^ - , 

New Smrti have Just arrived by express. "Arrow" 

An excenettt shb'wing 
of Straw Boaters 



II $2."S0; $3.00 to $5.00 

Panama Hats Moderately priced 

$3^00. $4.00 to $850 

raranma haK^NraryACarday M^*d 
aa follows from Mr. aeor«e W. Tiy- 
lor. Do^uty Ulniator of FioaiMa. re 
tardlnv application >r tlwt paifai^iM 
and loaifir^ taxes: 

'<(ha '^olloWlns queatioiw and an- 
sw^ra ara for your information and 
VUldaaea on aalaa and luxury tax: 
Doae ao imr oant excise tax 
patent . madteUiaa an^- 
excise apply on aalaai' 
prior to but d«UT«l«d |^rTSIti|^!Af 
May? Also, la 30 par i^ant exolaa on 
phonosraphs substitution' for former 
10 par cent, or is it additional? Lux- 
ury and sales tax applicable to floods 
shipped or delivered after ^ifttai •t 
Maf : par .oent .afolaa otf pbopo. 

Uua(i<^ par cent tax be paid at oua- 
toms hodsa -on imported material' 
dyes, raw cotton, wool and such like?. 
One per oant aalas. tas payahla at ooa- 
toma bonaai <ai tM.lmpiri»^ aoada 'ia( 
exanptad, p * ' h 

' ' eiiail be ntqulred- to affix atinli 
to our drafts drawn in sierliny on our 
British customers in payment of 
.cheese and butter exported to Great 
Britain? Tax wiu ba payabld^tfraad 
When aot ^ft -aa^i^^' te;^'-' • -'^'.^^^T^' 

la the 1 par oMt ailas tax (folIect< 
able on contraeta and sales made' pre 
vious to the 19th of Hay not shipped 
or dallvarad yatr 0»^.MU'«^Uaotat>Ie 
on eooda flil|^dd''V>r datilrarad after 

Id luxury tax on merchandise in 
effect atarUnv May IS, and are raer- 
icHants to charge on sj^^rtp ,10 per 
cant ovar tl^^ iloUara aivtnry.irMctT 
Tax la on 
.gtoa; ^^aa facan^pH /lIMv ooaUns 

la 10 per cent tax in amendment one 
(a) . to include elacrtrical appliances 
soeh as electrlo Irboa, toasters, perco- 
lators Wholly. Of partly ntokal-plated, 
.flnlMiadr Plated' eUitrlca] *ppUancea 
tiMntkmed * adcpMe ^er - Mttaanoik uaa 
•rir MteMe; Watekaa, olaeka and'tutybt 
dia'nionds not mentioned in public 
schedule of taxation. What is luxury 
tax on these; also. Is the former ex^ 
else tax repealed^ Former excise tax 
on jewelry Is repealed from -May IS. 
ClassideaUon df JevMry not eliaaadd. 

rioes 'Fadiatiil ux nraafli^t'^ta p*r 
share Or 9 ddiita per 100 shardif As 
retrards mitilna stecka. the ■attM aa 
provincial tax. Two cents per share 
not psyable until after act is assent- 
ed to. 

Must manufaetarers of candy and 
confeetlodery ehatve sales tax. also 
luxury vtafafr, 'Are erttahad rhrtts, «ion- 
al<MihbM(> ifi>fertta,' lQrrupS|1gmvkrfona and 
extraeta aM ' p«afnitll^«itt.. tiax freis 
exeept aaieK. or cU^a^M^ koti^lnUint' 
ery 10 per eent? ^eiM* ^e^faitlt 
taxes both appltoabl^ ' 

Inform me whether coke Is includ- 
ed In the tamt'ooai la 1{M oC exaa»p- 
tkma (aa«i' t mk eaot '..iBl»;j«v -ft titf 
aMdMa iuki^emH] Galwi: iifct a a fcl aO t ' 4o ■ 
B|^:«aatt^ >^ ■.-,;r . 

j ft»^^¥^df watM i»|' .ne t aaantloBad 
fa y kflM hs t report dtf taiaitlon aehed- 
ule. Uaider wbat headlna are they in- 
ioltided?. Clocks and watohes are 
not specUled. Silver, cold and pikted 
artloles adapted for h^uaahold ar of- 
flee use Md.aakjaat. to taMiiaW!; »^ 

Are Jama miade of fniit and sarar 
and canned v^aetablea and fruit ex 
empt from the sales tax? What about 
xrape Juice? Jams, canned vegetables, 
canned fniir and crape juioe are 8ab> 
jeet <o aalea t^. 

tntslaal AMrtrtbtteata 

la musical instruments and xillmo. 
phone tax payable at time ^f. sale ,)kpy 
Canadian manufacturer er.'wi^n im- 
ported, toidlcatina a oharse on maiiu- 
fai^Mtrers' or importers' price, and to 
be paid by mannfaeturer ° or importer 
tn otker c as es? Tbc^ man who buys a 
phonearaph will pay 20 per cent lux 
ury tax. indlcatlnx tax to consumer 
OB rctnil value'. Tax on pianos, or 
gans and musical instruments 10 p«r 
oant.. .On Rte^hanloal player-pianos, 
n^opjbbaes, '^"^ ^ *c- 

eent, 1mV^WHrable by 



How tocelebtate thefkat 
TJtast One Year if «. 




Handicap Section,. S.C.R. Serv- 
ice Branch, Indicates More 
Sympathetic Attitude on the 
,'Part of Emplpyer$i. However 

JTjjf fa prysenUttve of tBe Hand icap 
; Metlon. tntormatlen and ServToe 
Branch. Department of aoidlara' 
; Civil Ra-eata^Uahlnaiit. rtobrta aat- 
;lsfactory p r e g» <sae" ta jila endeavora to 
. locate poaHlona for the large aumber 
iofjr dUIbm;~nHui at preaant realdent 
on Vancimtar IirtMad, and aithovrt) 
poiltlOns are not as numerous as the 
number of applicants registering 
^very week, several men have been 
estabUataad dorUig tba paat few 
weeki. • ^: •■ • '^'^ V > ;» - ■ > ■ 

Hbretofore emplpyars b«ve adopted' 
a rather apathetic attitude toWarda 
employing partially disabled men, 
but conditions tend to prove that this 
unjust attitude has now been auper- 

.Beded by one of earnest ef|de«i|,vor tp * 
co-op«rate with the Deparuiiimt et 
HJll!^ J>><>^^>^^*Mnc to ptaee 
onoe 'aga»Wil 'paH of tba' prd«no. 
Ing element of Canada the men who, 

■througb war diaabHity, ara,ii{iablato 

jonow their pi5s^r:,«^^i,J(i^ 

With ingard .iO MBtim^ It ,1a the 
moral <w!lfatloi|i , of every employer 
to give preferenee to, dlaabled men 
who are unable to compete in the 
general, labor market and . yet. lir 
spite of their disability, are willing 
and competent to carry pa. to JJie 
furtherance of tb'eir o«|p, aiMi thair 
eaaployera' intyrsay. , . 

' Tba ea.ope m t«Mi naar met , with la 
admirable, and Indicates that respon- 
sUtUity to the ex-aervice man has not 

NMis H w l fa i ' or> tor gotten. 

(MBolala W1n> WUl Sopervlae Obn- 
iHlftflon. o< ITfBw^ Ve^ Mat Aa- 

Aviators Brown 9mt ^ioddard 
WHI Make N<H#aiQ0^ight 
Tontorrdw— Inauguration o 
Up-Uiaild AerM^ervieo - 

Pathflnder Beeond will Inaugurate the 
Up-Islaad aerial service tomorrow with 
a flight to Courtenay. PMoU W. H. 
Brown and N. iu Qoddard will botk 
make the trip. Tbaae two widoMtitaiink' 
loeai aviatoni are partaara la ^ aai^y 
eMaUiahed Vaaeoovea .|alaa# Aerial 
•a*vibik aad oa dMr gnlval'ta Court- 
aaay wlu eatabUsh tbaiMeivea thera 
more or lass permanently. ^ 

' From tbeir bsadauarters at ^jfaartangy 
the avUtors expeat to i|adakr^ka any 
opmnMreial avlattoa oa the Island ee 
the M ai nl and. DeflntU rats^ have been 
establiabed for different classes of work 
betweaa all 'points within the scope of 
tbs company's operatlona These rates 
are available to anyone Inter^ted In 
the encouragement of aviation oa inan- 
couver Island, or 09a 
use of the aigt^^ fafl^«t«» «| 

Messrs. Brown and Ooddard expect to 
carry quite a number of people who. 
for reasons of pleasure or urgent busi- 
ness, will have oooaaioa far the swift 
travel of the air Moiei daifiar tta' 8bm 
lag - 

First in thi 

Secoad's flight tomorrow is 
to be a non-stop trip. There \p a definite 
programme of 1^ week's work laid out 
for Its pilots at Courtenay, and then 
tbeir present arraagsBMiiita are to re> 
turn to Tlotorla tf» piek up eartaia'wark 

lACKMAN— The funeral of the late 
Manr A., wife of Mr. Thos. J. Jack- 
man, took place yesterday morning 
from the B. C. Funeral Chapel at S:Sd 
o'clock, proceeding to St. Aadfvir^ 
Catholic Cathedral, w|iara, tvum '-WM 
celebrated at o'eWek br R«v. VlatW 
lAtanaa. There was a large attead* 
aaisa if frienda. The remains were laid 
tp'raat lB Ross Bay Cemetery. The 
foUowing gentlemen acted as bearers: 
Geo. Perdue, L.. D. Chetham. J. Adam, 
w. Regga. J. E. M«Cormlpk« aad M. 
Swaali^., . ■ 


brd^ 90 per _ , 

mandfbotttrcr or wbeik .l^ngMrte^. 

In virfr of tfie proposed f<<l per can t 
luxury tax on phonographs and rec- 
ords» will the former excise tax of 10 
per cent be discontinued? Former *x- 
ei^B tnx of 10. per oent 'on phoao- 
grapliB if diecon tinned from May 18. 

Tax of 10 per cent Is payable on 
ktoeks, candy and confectionary and 
chewing gum only when manafac- 

tured on and after May 1». 8ale» fax I Madame I. V. de Kerpesdron Retara 
is collectable In addition from manu- I on Way to ttmmas WUl 

facturer and wholesaler, and unless 1. JUMhvsa Mecaki* an^. JMnf It • 
absorbed niust be charged separately | -ZSL^^^iTT'.)!^, , 

on Invoices. Sales tax ij»#it not bp in. J t^t imUtt. Metaxa JVT ka IfM aarlea, 
eluded In coat oh wfiieb prPBl K a|«»i fAlltiMe mabealaa baa bean aUe to 
etnated. • J Meure in the person of Madame 1. v. 

•^??!» *** •»» P-r^V**"^ notes, at*?,, I a. Kerpsaelaon.^ spoeker wheoe abU 

; la addltlop to the registrars r«- 
oehtly annotinced who will supervise 
the reglstraUon of voters In the vari- 
ous ridings throughout the Province 
under the provisions of the new 
Pronlnfllaii Ueetiona Act passed at the 
raeeat tba La^latarbr' tat- 
thar MfkMa wara, aaapwiPed by the 
<k w>ie raa >aiit yaitarday. Thw are as 
follows: Alberni. Mr. A. Cfr Fraaee; 
CBllUwack, Mr. J. 'Scott; Colombia, 
Mr. C. E. Sanborn; Kamloops, Mr. B. 
Fisher: Llllooet. Mr. J. Dunlop; Na- 
/natnto. Mr. 8. McB.'XoUth: Newcastle, 
Mr. W., W. Walkem; Richmond. Mr. 
It P. M«!0taaia9;r RoMlajad, Mr. W. H. 
Held;. fllmUlakmaea>r|lrvjl[f % fiirown; 
Sbath Vaao«uV)er.'Tiqr. ,>fi [M^oney; 
Vancouver City, Mr. Maabaey. 

The prepsratory workror Che 'reg- 
istration of voters has now been com- 
pleted so for as the dplftieatlon of the 
pelUng diylaldiiii a1i<k tlib puadng of 
reglatrara la epnoarned.'. It la axfiaPted 
that reg totf a t l pw at 7 votan win oom- 
mence here a week . ttom nast Moa- 
dsy and In Yancouvdr . darlog tl)a 
coming week,; prpbabhr ei T a ' aae a y. 



b«( death eeeamd: 
. r a>' law Ulness, at the : 
ramUy rastAnoPi of Alexander Mo-' 
Dongall, aged l% yeara He was a native 
oC Renfrew, Scotland, and had resided at' 
SOS Flsgard Street for the past Ave' 
years. The late Mr.. MoDougair is sur-L 
vived by bto metbeT^ aad one sister/ 

Hagb M i nd Mia Ht ^ waa with the SSth 
B atta l loa Ja France, and was reported 
missing in 1 SI 7. The funeral will take 
place on Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 
o'.cloek. l^om the. Thomson Funeral 
apas» pay. J. owaala y "ailWalUig. . 

' MOm^^e funeral. of the late 4lex- 
ander Muir took place yesterday after- 
noon from the Thomson Funeral Home 
at 8:30 o'clock, whea services were eon- 
ductad by tbs juv. M. T. Habsrahorn. 
There were awap Menda in atteaddaee 
and: amay lM|attf|d floral tributes. The 
hymna' flUlBr ware: -Peaee. Perfect 
Peaoe," aad 'Vearsr. My Ood, to Thee." 
The pallbearers were Messnh O. Stuart. 
J. Dunoaa. J. Deaman. T. I* Barbour 
Mr. MoCall aad Mr. Staaaer. latenneat 
took plaaa at Mae 'Bay 

c ^ 

, a 'v. 

In the, Gt^ard HibintamanT^ijiol^ 

seoted Ittpt ts wjerth the conaidwation of 4^ Wit di 
atin|f Imrdtiser. * It is a Aiano of tteriiiw quaHty. an 
nf^ of di^ifi<^j(p!pia|ttee, pf in|tchles8, tone, of 

' " ^ '^ ^^PS^^Sk ' 

ijiendid a piano caities 

cai " 

paslpd ^ceili 

f{ati|n|lly. so 
fft>in, it' 

wurcRN CAHAOKtt untan-Mimo House 

1131 Govemmeot St { 6q7 V|ev St 





» 4 

■iii|;T«k^. Family Uara ilrl 



apt aftbetlve aatll aet la 

nted to. 


nS'itr HasUnfiSL W.» Vkl^ver 

Ity and eharm are ' already iMfrldaiipwa 
to aaaay Vletoriana. IPha trirmi 
haa. bden . arranged to take 

bcary .on tlt»"aWiing of p;Hday. Jane 
^ I eiioHa for^ aubjset. •' M aii C i Via|st 

AHOT. China; May S. — Troops 
from Chcklaag Province who have 
been stationed in Fuklen Pro»tnee ars 
Joining the forces of the eeaab e rn 
Oovemment for the reaaea>>tlMtl;41w 
Sja tli oOara mare papi iba a 
wMPh' fti tb/ bu anr ^pliMlg. v » i 
The eoatbarsi military aathoHtlsa 

Hugo. tA Pbeeie ProveneaM^ 

li'Alllaaee Franealse feels that It has 
been eskeeptlonally fortunate in lelag 
able tio arrange to present MadasAe da 
Kscp es drew " not alone from (Im stand* 
point of the excellent qoalHy of the 
treat in store for tbeaa afMHttag tbP 
leeko^ bat also ta tha ; idsiawa flip 

are forcing the farmers to ealthnntP f ^JS^K^'ltel^'!'*' ^ daogbter to 
muob Oaiam aMPar nraosiire. .. I VIPimi' Sive Many Of tbeir old 



Cemfng out from FTaace to Join her 
daughter In Vksterta sooie flfteea years 
Madams do Kerpesdrsa hsa evsr 
attiee held % warm apoi tn the beerts of 
all who grew to kaow.Mf ddrtag bar 
reaidepee bar*. It 

to Lea 

mi. wbe«% aim baa 

Mr m£ 
to kaase ta 

ewMi msL, ,1 
sUxbtest J 

j AIOMeoxX BLig^ CO 

• BACJt 
« all nr«g 


KsrppPirpa win be* la 
a abart itaU 1^ Jua*. «■ 
rrane% where tagiy. |^|pad 

Wiah an i 

istpaaty aC 
has applied to tba 
Ottawa, for 
tatlvea to ssa R. 
asrvtng a t w o y eas oentTCiee 
lion. The objart .->r v -i^«r b^ttt 

he la e aa neet ion w»U) 

t»a i »1 ae a t tba 
Uf tba naaiiaa a 


ORXCB— The fuaeral of the lato 
Mm. Joeapbiaa Vlatarta Orlea. tip 
baleva wife af Mr. j. b. Orice, of 
SlPt Vanoonver Street, who passed 
away on Friday afUrnoon at her 
home, will take place on Tuesday, 
the 25th inet . at 8:80 o'clock, from 
the Sands Funeral OhapeL Ttap RsT 

H. 8. opbome WW afttdsta. W 
caaaad^waa n wspsabar of Cunosun 

^ff*** J"**'**** Victoria. No. 

I. iCaaPabaea under whose auspices 
the fPaeral aarvioe will be held. In- 
terment will be made at Rasa Itey 


RIDDBLL— The funeral of thP 
late Mrs. ^flsUna Rtddell. wJmmm 
death occurred at her ba«a. Mi4 

'Waoa- peateMtey afteiiiaou. at t 
o'clock., from the Sands Funeral 
Chapel. The service was largely 
attended toy relatives and frienda, 
and the nomprowa beautiful flowers 
batokened thP felgh esteem in whieh 
the dece a ae d Waa held. Rev. J. o, 
Inkater daUvevedr a very Impressive 
senrlpp, |psd the hymns sung were: 
'"SaSa Hi the Arms of Jesus," and 
"Rock of Ages," and Mr. J. o. 
Brown sang the aolo entitled "My 
Ala Country." The fallaiHBg beted 
as pallbearers: Mppans. J. Jardlna. 
I. Somera. A. Waad^ A; & JleBaaa, 
A. sntbald and J. Chunflaar. laterw 
meat toMi piaea at ftaas Jhiir Oam» 
taiy. : ^ 


We have a large usortgicgt of 
candy made in oar oara Modara 
factory, which we are offartag at ' 
. a Uf raducttoa. 8ia oar wla- 

, mw Iiaai4 al Oaad Ci 

• m^.Oewt ,9ti ^fcwee 



tlova Uafth. par cord. ,..9^9 
Klodllflf. par card» $§j§§ 

fboae 5^ lor WfcM xala 
lartPr qnaatltles. mitm^im^ 
order, aad Mva eSe par ,epl%' 






PAXTLL — The death ocearraa- 

al. St. JTaaaph'a Hoapital of 
%«ary Paali, aged «s years, 
barn 'la Someraet. England, and a 
raafdent of Duncan for the past SO 
years. Deceased Is survived by one 
brother in Dnacaa. ana JMpptlisi in 
England, .and two di||Ml^a«7^*'''**- 
The remaiaa ara iNSdMP^at tba 
■aada FAneral rha^al aia arffl' Ha 
fbrwardad tfela aftaraooa to Dnnoaa. 
WHmtp Mi'npa afll be ooadaetad on 
Tuesday, tbp tlOi laN. 
at Doacaa. M/C, 

^ tor fallow. ratOdy, 

hv MMtpUxlon* thkt Is 
la th* nishfljr appliaik 

ot*« to aoscosd aaS^^almai^SiS 

Una oi out imaiiaat f ra< 


of ail kiMb ta tMyarlMfa it isr 

specializing in • long dltttnce 
hiattag, rooviac baasebold 

U Wbsff atrSSi 


aoalp ftpa quf at. et«> 




vKrroRiA KEYiray no. 

Are requeated to a#end the fuaeral 
of Paat^ Compwadar Joaapbtaia Oylaa. 
Tuesday, titer p.itf.,'' e^ada irmwrai 

.Rulora. y 

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No advantage it , to ba 
gained by delaymr the 
purchase of your waiter's 
supply of fuel. • ' 

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bag an tke market today. By basket 
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ewer «f Of tarmara to the boyoptt 

lannched by Hamilton houii<>boi<ij 

Funiislwd PMrnte Ofticm to Sent 

Well furnished private oNlai «d reef ia Igw office auitc, incladinc 
tclapboae and use of stenographer; |7f par^nMMfk. SaHabie eg ekv 
igWaa^or retired profeaakwal or baakaaa am. Apply laar vk 


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iiim^^\HA t fo i f t fa ii U hr good ^tait In oCktr WMtf ifclii^ ta 

Bftts •! #9.00 aa4 ll^iiii. 

J. B. <iikh0r) RMiar^sony 


THR-DAXIA " CnLOy T 5T> VTCT01? TA^ fe r ^T-V DAY, MA Y^, 


Leading Divines From Western 
States and B.C. Wiil<Meetin 
Victoria for OiscMsion of 
WorU PraWeim . . 

.. . ■ ■ \r 

•MounMd fliir tfcH ''"vmM'* tAtlMr< 
iBf of clemrm«9 firom ntichboitec 
A«Mrlc«n •ii4,^<3mu4Uui dtooMM la 
oooMeUon with , ' tli* AbxUomi 
Chvroh to auM4*j|ld <)m proteaUnt 
Bplvoo^l aiflarW^rt!f\-.M» UniUd 
•lotM. ])o^«ii(y|ii «ro 
til* Amerkoa .>pioeMM ot 


BM^V CoMM Mil- 
ihini jDiMirtiy Clarflf, and 
SuperannuatiMi fund Will 
Ban^ JFfom ThaiA^aring 

£ntertainmeht and Conceit Party 

IMvs. Lang, of the Juvenile Bgstonians, Man4gfeFess) 

Scetiic Railway, <fo Gar- 

:» Bathings Ete^amt' 

titend dlbccM of British Columbia. 
The eoB(«reoc« will opoo with o 
public onrvloe lo 8t. John** Church 
on TuesdJur evonlnv and will ho 
MMttOod wm IWdajr ovottlns. AM 

I* xSnnfb «od lomo 
ttth OMrtnrr l*tMlfeja» is the csn 
oral suhjoe|^<g d^agf^otertyysu 

To*odur» llH!^ >Sf/« p.m.— Even 
■one: with addrtas. Rot^ R«l>t.Con 
Bsll. Rural I>san of Vletorla. 

Wsnesdajr. May it, $ o:m.— Boir 
BueharM. 10 a.m.. IfitlM. M:M 
a.m.. papor, '^Oootrinal 

*Vitm IdwOs 'of Worship, 
Ro«. H. T. . Archbold (Vlotorla). 
■iMoker, Roy. Canon Bywator 
<09yii»la). 8;if p.m., papor, "Tho 
Chureh and Capitalism." Rt: Ror. 
Btehop 8ua»or (OTscon). 




>, "Spiritism and tha 
c6mmttifloa 0< flalnts." Caaon Bliss 
(Olrmpfa). ' t p.«n., public meotlnc. 
**nio Chureh and Psyehlc Heallnv.** 
Bt Ror. BMMp ttomMD Fl|#s, (flpo- 

_ t tm^ 9o}y 
<tO< «.■!:« ICattta id:td 
Pdpor, 'X^hrlst and Theosophy," 
Mot. C 0. Qualnton, Dean of 
CohtmMa. S p.m.. Round Table Con- 
, forsooe. t p.m., Bvensons asd eoft> 
oludiav address, «^ho Outloelt.** Bt 

Aftw tit Ran Ganes Wediit Tm 

MmmC Jr. Wotdort aadChUlvitors m4 Cureks Qoet tr« tho k«$t impW- 
mm lor toMot mo Wd^dNt >rWrt«n. Conterro tte aolshiro Md 

assure 1 bbmf «r crop. 


By A C6rroipondent. In Tho 

Need a 

Th*-24th will bt a historic evefit Your ovn 
stitp^Kits wiM be more interesting. See us. 
W^luve a krge assortment to choose from. 


' * Cer. View and I>«ii(lao Strooto ' 

t. Aiaan s 


I •ojS&JffgiSrir'iiya'T^ 

w. o. KUMPHigiYa Mismah/atmip U< : 

For ittferiMtion sod proapcehi,' 

- 1^ Toroi eo««*n.e. WJgjjdjg. A,^^^ 

.50 Per 

T & 

< :t: 

r « 

... ^ 

aad Storo Sts. Pliones a$6, 14 td VlctorU, B^C. 

: to 

Die Hudlion'i Bay 
<>ompany ; 
on Its 250l||?p^|^ 

liilitt' 'ib- supreme 
Plooe In nteratnre. Modem ntudy has 
shown us that the present form of 
eaeh of them Is pooslbljr doe to a more 
aoUve redaction thou wo hovo been 
^ustojnod to MfMPOo^ HI. fokfa« 
HMnb ^ M ^mk. And as they 

Chrldtoadom. eren after they have 
been put through the sieve of the moot 
rlforoos crlUeism. the evancellsts are 
to be reokoned chief amonff tho telth« 
fnl i(1tnesses of the truth. 

Tho Ciratfal Vl«ure of their Mory 
?!P*^>**>*» *» 5*o»on«liio men by 
ISfJi^l^m riOht He deals dU 
rodtv "#101 mom. Whatever 'may' be 
ehOlr raolal or national traditions, the 
lorel pt their culture, or the standards 
Of their rellslon aad ethic*, Ho odk 
dreaoes them* in terns preelsolir dttod 
to their experience Ood Olwunl Jti If 
oommahdinf thoir hoteago. nio Ooo- 
|Osia a h s ma ta wottdors whteh may 
■BOO been welcomed hy their first 
readers as th« natural accompaniment 
of such a Teacher mission, but whksb, 
to the modern reader, are often a dis* 
traction. If not a dlaScvremeat. of tho 
rooord. Tot the atraflcoae (act about 
tho Ooapoli la .that tifor ato aU of a 
plooe^ Tkw* to o ooMKBnitjr betweon 
t|M elalBM and tho charaotef they de- 
scribe. He stands out in a moral add 
spiritual pre-eminence which nothins 
can obscure. Ho demands obedience, 
not for what He does or says, bat Just 
boeause He Is what He is. This Ja isao- 
ofuised by maajr to whom vHttm 
aoUops attrtb|itod to , Bktt aro not 
wflMilt 'tlMit oiiVoultlss. 

Wo Ooapols are somethlnt more 
than hlotory or a phlloeopby. Tlicy 
are a revelation. Tbey manifest di- 
vine and huaUMi- lUe, they dlsdMe the 
ahasiastor aad wOl of Ood fajtho na- 
and hopes of 

<inf OpMoBr;V'VM'»orc a wo- 
for,htr the 

iWit ha4$ hha. and the 
alia daad 4ao Mm tiro 
r she loaoa Mai.nfa«M? 

VCV mow WHAT w« 




, fVtrK/ttar aU* aholl wo 

dir. tho moat oiaar diidtoaari eg 

oa|oa, ,yao sttsiakod »o^i^ drop tt» 
OHeee a* martllig <Hia 


tho aoorets of life? U it not .in the 
plalo toots of human experience, 
whloll at Us best eannot be limited to 
tho thlags ot tinle and sense, but must 
have Its aotlvltles beyond and above 
thoas. Those wh» bollove that Ood 
t d^a a ls HlhsoM 10 aatav* or in moral 
lawr aaooot s uo psss that Ho is only 
to ho kOOwtt tihroagh hupOrsonal me- 
dia. PorsaoaMty can nooer find itg 
full O Bpr saWo a In theee. for they eaa- 
not ditclose all that we seek in bOauty. 
truth, righteousness, and low. We 
can undetotoBd these qualltleo only a« 
they afo of the UCo whloh.wo ooraolYfO 
share. If they belong to QoC aad Sa 
j^ttim no to know thorn at fogiriL tn 
Hba. %o must espoet to >oo thoan 
most clearly in human life. This ex- 
pooUtlon has its justification In the 
q iUl p els. Qod Is revealed nowhere 
iaoro l^rsuaslvoif and oloarljr thaa ia 
tha 9O0rda w1dOh;.M|it faiproortosly 

Tho avaocMlMMNwi^ a* with na 

wMeh giva their readers a detailed 
rooord of the pOsslnc years. They 
pay lltae attention to ehronotogy. and 
thoir rAsard for the historWi ffftthBg 
of their nmrrattve In alifht. Mf' 
modem reader to froguoaUy sUrpriood 
to find bow small isi tho eyelo -«t 
events, hew foir are the dlsoOorsos. 





d«MO- Of liol' looard owanot b« dtt- 
timiH .^ll^ than 40 daya. 
though Hio Ufa wlUoh It numUeoto is 
re|>roaoatad as uaoeaslngly aoUvo in 
tlio discharge of .the minis^ la wMhIl 
It was abeorbed. The very atVttOtttro 
of tho Ooopoia ohfifs tbipa/ ' 

will lor BBa olOMMia oA OMUk. This 
is obtfooBly thf ooproflM oarpMo of 
the ovaagotliits. T%ey provldo men 
with ^. rooOhljkton of God la tsnpa of 

looo 4tf iMS^iim hOTo oaoght 
irUmpfse. Moral omelleRao and spir- 
itual ideals could never have bMh 
clothed with Ufo apart from Him. 
HO roatohap chfo UUA.aa^fi 

'olooa potaoaaHtg. .... •' f 

-There is more than a record of the 
post In these narratives. It Is true 
y>at they bear the mark of their orl. 
gin. No one eouM hav^ wriiton them 
buf men of tha flrat oontury. Their 
a«(koffo.a«a too gMMNto 4o hido tho 
«^ ;aiilio.aiM| toMo of thair odMd. 
Tot tWa^ tacMda iktO tha aoOM*tft 
UmbleosiMai and unireraality. ' No 
doubt this is true of every w^rk'of 
aenius. but here the moral aad -OMr" 
Itual appeal Is supreme. Thosp^^o- 
ords are- something aapro 1JM| . |Mo» 
tory, Thoy have ^. pwmmUkt.- 
This is tho. toattapoogr of «M* 
^wro today. Tii*g.^to«oii iwt 
oUll 1^ in the y i o attt ttd* :^ Hhi 
V#Mr. aad who ta nooor f^ fire» tho 
roofer with a Uachable heart. Brao- 
0^ gave ezpresfloa to this foot in 
tanas wboae moral eameotnoas g io os- 
his wltnopi spoolal foroa whm:^ 
caU the vagrant i|lk of that gilMnr it 
the RtfOrmatloii; ; ' » 

"thfL ooM AHiMr "Mhra Choo > 
Ihin^ Uliago of that lOorotf ioul. Christ 
Bl||taolf» q»«Uting. mpHOg. dying, rfo- 
lag again. In a word, oo complete is 
tho imago they proooot. that if Bo 
stood boforo thitto. ayas thou wouldgt 
see Him not more plainly hat Mas.**^ 
Wo, oanpot sttfdjr (ho Ooop^ls wtth< 

otit ho^ig:;ooBBeiM* gr iiMs^ot fhot 

thoy vim tb^ilMlmkik ^SttTtlTOB. 
Wo hogiii 'by iodgWg Hlto whoitt they 
disclose.' bdt before %e leavO the tri- 
bunal we have set up we And that we 
have passed Judgment* on ourselves. 
Men nihy hesitate to aoeopt the too- 
timony of the Chureh, and he ttnabla 
t^ ^In la that hoButta wfakA Its aratn* 
haoo roMMi» to Hioi "Oho ta 
the thoiqd of f h ail| g Wo i Or narratioaa. 
Bnt^ey eannot turn fk«m them with- 
out a requlcktoed insight Into tho 
wOrth oT Ufo. the nature of their iW- 
sponse to the dutlee to which It calls 
thpm. aad the character to which tt 
Tlwro la ao 
Im. HO' 

ahttpuelty^ aa that «IMi 1«oMa ooaroo 
in jlhoift rooorda Of On mm of UMi. 
They set the stOndard of iMnua life. 
Tbey reveal its possibilities, but while 
they set a perfect standard for our 
aim. they ihow howtMhttoo may he 
repaired airt OtOft <fatO0i 1» sUU 
D«*lor,lMl|d|ito. of Uirteg. Aad thova 
la rtu» iipBpjNo ho r p g oata a M 

kieofdB la OMot abased shall be moot 
hlghV«SA*^ Ohd he who in the con- 
Tictton of his own seM-Judgttkent 
would cry, "popart from me." re- 
ceives but an invitation to take his 
shgro Ih UHtt mlAhdry of rodoasotion 


^ An efflolar sftatemoot ^ Issued 

OOnoecUon with the roooat naU 

thaakofterlng campaign promotad aa 
part of tho AngUeaa Forward Movo- 
i»ont, rtvoaio the foot that IMTt. 
•10 has boon sttbsorlbod ih raspoaoi, 
to tho appeal for it.soo.ftof. Towarda 

*^^tm uiooooo egTwiniBg'^iaMHMB 
gave fSI^Owat of a tdt^ snbocrip- 
tlon of 9tft.000 io the oomhlaed 
Diamopd MMsO-Foaoe 

^ the throo aad a half »|Mh|l 
daUarB,froiriood to tho nauoaol foM. 
tho aom oTil.fdO.m hi in eaaK and 
It la iatarosbng to note that t«0«.««« 
hoo hoon pat itfto a trust Aind for 
gohoral diocesan needs, such as tho 
taoroaoe Of the ottponds of tho eoun* 
try flIOrgy aik« «qr vo^rannoAlao 
funds. On May. • Oa»talii tha BOit. 

•Ivao mj&H ^ tho Mapltaf worh 

ooadqcted at .oeatreo ifta both Island 
and Mainland 1»ointa and m oohaoo- 

.|tfon with lumber -and i»««»»<ii «g 'f^tfOgg. 

^SWJiS^ wWlo the Wlir 
Ms ia oi q tf Wammmimt. irand for oar- 
ryimC.oo . jtho. Oharoh's work among 
the native raooi of the country, tha 
• Indian .and. BsUmo. has boon paid ln 
IfWL , Bishop t^to'h roqueiit for ths 
an^Iy of urgoat hooda ia^e dlo. 

utthmoa " 

Ohrlstkn ovaaiiUgftQOh, 
,raapoadi^ ,tO. 

; algo 


'i*ri if jy^tfi rt^i' 


la ooaaootloa with - tlM Bodgaa'o 
Boy Qolohratloa It as 
to aoto oooso of ttt 

.ohy>h^l» »^ir <th» o otir 

'^^iatoi^O* ']Q||RlNo|ii ''^•d, - . 

«>o oMi. aaOmooB^-of isrotsii^ 
-aol hoig attended one slwWsh. or 
rsthor aarvlees, in the Fort.- Jj^ to •!« 
there was no ohureh building and tho 
HudooB'e Bay chaplain aad dMo^ 
BiU»lstor Of Vlotorla.. ROT. Xn. CrhlgOb 


POca of tho laio Bfahop Cridce are 
autograph lottOta io answer to en- 
quiries ap to tho consecration of the 
church building, conflrmation/ ote. 
In a letter te the Bishop of I^ondoa 

froi»HJ|vw^CK|l«a. tka.'^ 
tmm %o ^MdoraMiMt} '.-a ' . ' 

*>' .If' 

- Ht$ity Cpayiratar^ooi 

to . 

Tit llfltpw's Bay Compi 
^2S(Mii AnoiveiSiry 

latod oopofi^ 
S*«Rr oo* t 5 
i^»ottra.'<fe .4 
tf yoahr spirit 

^ my fHead. that devote^ 
oervant of M ttwllMioo afflaMn'O 
BigM Aadorson b ^ tO 

TOu. llamlf^mk^^miM your ^pio 
lira >i8&v^irVMiptec fooir 
torcourse with him. ' 'Allow mo^ 
once mOr<|hat \. ^el grateful to ]^ 

•A. 9; fiow oji'.*^^',, 

Rev. T. €. ^f^!!^ 
in School fiom^AngKmn 

' November 5. iSfifi. 
' *I beg to troublo yoa Orith one or 
two envilrieo ao to' thO MOiia of tho 
churok in this -ColOar. ' t> 
poMOt t i h a Whi w m tho' 'dUlrtot^v^ 
vioMolo go*^ tho o«aaoii OBd aor- 
yaiKa^^ tha H OIi B ' h BOr eaoipaoy 
rsaldent hero, m SeptOmber, 1SK4. 
aad through the provideaoo of Ood 
Z Oataood on ray labOre In April labl 
Tho ohoroh which lo hoMdiag 
at TlftoriOk wUl prObabtr ho IhiMtod 
by aoait mriag; aad I hag to haoo 
your |Bot«%etlOBa 4t roCsronoO to Ita 
oonooofotioa. I have hoon laformod 
that my prodooMBOr. tho lata MT. 
fitaines. beld a commission from your 
lordship for thio purpose^ but' that it 

•iw ^ ^ Of tho^ Wanoottvor, 

by~^ldidh hiB ^fsBINlr nun Oro mode | ^ Jr' •«» ^^e occasion of his death 

pt tho pOltiiK Ttfi. ■ 


iilg«ntea»>.rfor odOOM rpHgion hi 
owar hoo»» ow «▼« irOl ho. 00-tei 

I'fdrpilo- I ^rovld take tho liherty of 
that one of thooo ttro 
to blhc^tf for yotf 
of tho oiii^dh: aad 


pboOd ^tb ' t»ay an eplgbopat vlsU to 
;Vaaooinr«r's Island, on whtoh oooaslon 

ho Bilghi.hpid a conflmiatiop. This 
I utto# hi^rMgeiiUot Jrtiooid* It oi|t 

to bo practical. ^wgM he gratifying. 

I land la tSS4. 
, "I. I hoj^ to havo lo doo thoo 
Bomo eandldatea proparad foit oaatrm- 
atiba; what ^*rt«ago|a«lnt «ObIl 
think propd^ to i^ropdoof " 

•!thO bAl^'il^oi^ of 'thb'^ikAtroh of 
Biuklaad. whooe dloosso la adjaieont to 
t^jMMd. 10 tho Bishop of . Rupert's 

VU'te OH acoredited fact that half 1 £Sa!!J|? \SS^ SnSSlf hf! 
thf(.^po9»lo.of this ^uixy today >ro hSSa^ 

-ter- *^.SSJ '** *^ ^^Am rican 

also bolioTo It to bo a foot that 
a greater proportion than f«or before 
is avowedly non-roUgloo a s gaia a 
fact, whtto aortous, oat aw iwo r tiy 
slgnilloant For l» oU jpO^ gvowalo 
thoro 10 oMo o^^latBi «MOUon of 
tenBa. -aad who* OMg ho lo.m -tho 
voty Bg h ai o on.o< oilMoo pMT oot ho 
go 'ro08»olBs<l hy oiMOiMv . : , 

"But. furthor. I hellotre ft to >0.o 
fact that thoro is aa ama^Ong amount 
of gsaulao inoltgiooaaoss abroad, and 
thk la a taot that strikes at tho my 
vitals of aaalotc. 

"XM aaa daMa for you what l mean 
by tub hMt atolMooat ' Ho who la hr- 
rf Ugtonb la ortthout b forroat (atth lo 
tho spiritual aaoetloo of aiorallty. 
Deeds soogk loador thao worda. 
People who show by th«dr boha^Mn 
Chat thoy regard sa a i^tty but wholly 
impraottoaMo rule. Thou shalt Itfvo 
thy nalgthor •» tbyooM.* plainly have 
BO JO « igAritual order that fivoa 
aoah a volo fho authority of a 0001- 
OBOM. wtoMpK wo will or BOt. . 

"Tlio oooiip oot iiy gglo9lplf|d oslflah 

profit A moo Ir ho gain tho Wbolo 
world and looohts own soul?* 

Tho Vieilais of this splttt forgot 
thoir own souls and ignota thb lOm- 
tual lifo of theii' ^ellpwa. 
' '.Throughout hidustry. w h orovo r 
hoioan labor Is troatad Os a bom- 
Biodlly, t<^ bo used to okhaaoltoo gad 
thoB thrown oposi tho aaroo 
thoro It '4 Moa«%onty 
ophfk.llpt ■rib la HhB who asJd, 't 

BflS 0)010 thOl «nr JOaF Hfe end 
havb' It BrtOa^fBOikiaatiy.' %n<\ '<na«- 

aoyala«OdMMituatooMof| MM 

R I u no Bigneot (oms or 

What ho saw of yowr took. It hi a 
gTMt SBtH iOOtloa 10 OM ttst tOo rBg 


iild aio atrlolr 

Tho ohJeets of tho guild ar* 

<t) '90 study the 
a»lrit«al hpon phyMOOl 
toMht hy tho Wbrd ot Oodi' 

(i) Unhad prayer lor ^'ihholdai 

^t) The vltHrtai ..Of hooHog by 
0||rltua1 meOno IO 'Ohedieabo to tho 
conditions laid dbwa by Jesus Christ, 
aOd la comploto loyvlty to troo soMOi 
itlflo prineipiea BlMvoMthodi^ 

<4) The cvltioiatloh' thi^iigh oiiMt- 
moaoa of hoth Individual and oor* 

_ wsrdcn, t3,60<>; 

cotlntaiiti t&.<rD6{ »Miat»niao 
|S.4^9: port superintendent 

^MUoh Has beoa tbOMB ^ o|luroh foo LS^^JTrs? JJLf*** — 
Stories. ■ is* «?«*f «t«hP 

The Opeakor-^preoeatod Ma subjeet 
In a irory ^tlsal Waf «««srlas jiow 
a right fcnowMgO Pt Oo4 ao4 a vital 
, faith Is th» dtlBt yn^ijjjhlOif iB the 
'^votvorso ahir lttilii SHpSn wIth 
^MLmvlaeT^ ^w»r:^' 

^^hb"Oow ovawgotiM # hoattng la 
based 00 Biblical truth, psyohoiogleal 
priaoiploa, aoMmtlfls facts aad com- 
mon sense. 

Mr. Rowe has a large organisation 
1» Vancouver studying the Uwo aad 
mathodo of spii fBiilt aoaltoig under 
the name of •'TlM|H|M|t' Bbaltt," a 
bsoaoh of whiaK^B'l|soa»d hi 
Vlptoria on WoiMMi^ Ittr ' tiT^m. 
ul^twogffy^^^v^ olbotod secre- 

• ^ttohrtlbof' 

'Ta^ham Palsiea. I<DBdoa» 

loth 2mm, IIM. 
, *Tho BMhop of 
your letter about tho ooOaoeratloB of 
the ohoroh at fWrt VlBliOtla, oaotr *b 
tho Opnog^ but WBSk oOtf Is stia «a- 
able to BMower It ta parufa owing U 
his oovoro aad pfatiwoted ilta« 
Ho hoa heMTd wBh gaaoh pleosure. net 
oaly of tho oroffOBB wMoh la bohw 
asado ta tho weUia ad Ik ohorOh- «t 
.T>Wt vietmria. hat o|go of tho 
totoreot whMh fO« hooa ahofro pir tho 
opirKaa) ■■MOM Of 

"tioadoa Hooae. 

JOi yowsMber. )UT. 
•tMar very tntoraoOo* lott 
If Wfivod whdo I woo 
feM^ from the asottlpUeaUoB al 

On WidniiilMlblUOy It. the Bov. T. 
B. Rowe; of VSaiBUver, deUvorbd a 
ataat imtdfaotlng addrese on tho sub- 
jbct of ChrlottOttJMBltag aboording tb 
tho Ooapol or JiiibChrlau 

The moatlBg ' was hoM to the gghool- 
room of vhr(st Church and w|tb welt 

m Oa 0I4 aa,tho Ohopian rsUglon, ^itf. 

e will gloo o pobUo hMtOiwf 

other WgdosBda^^ii 

10 iMiit ,iaooUaig will. b^'hoU oo^ 
Wodi^idag^, May S4. ipi th^^ aehool- 
room of Cbrbit Church Cathbdrad at 
i p.m. 



tha s s idis r ogt tlj a i wpt Oaard^haro been 

PtaoM la tkli tuMids olr ttunie Cronyn. 
ohairman of Uie pensions and re-eotab- 
Ushment oomnltttee. by tho DogUaloa 

■ -Of '-tho .o. ^ - - V 

Um i M il i B fc whfo^ 
leCtero aad alfliBnhi by ret 

nlBiiwiiig their treatmsgt hi tbo i 
haodo or bftMala of the soldls^ aotUe-, ' 
anot hoard hi Kbatteba, aro m reply to 
a speeoh by Boo. Arthur aielghaa iO tha 
House on May 7. Tho aoiOlMi w vm4: 
at- tho' iiMsiiib 'MMHOtttoo.^ 

^m^^m$M^^9»H,. ho-Oaehod 

Tho evldbnoe has now been foratshed. 
Bb MBolMha la nsnnaiaal and. 

more wttl bo. ii » *4 ii f iiii<i nn I - iO%.ii* e . ii ^l 


' It of the ' 

tent board's Wostevn orficlsla 
ly. The ddoiiments nilate to gloht, 
casoi'thOt havo cbm'b |t^?4^M7ol| 
tbe O. W. V. officials. ~ ? 


10TTAWA. Off y, ll^bT Order-lav, 
council hai hoon passed fixing 'tho 

WINNIPBO. May^>i.-r|tatbor mo 
of / Western Caaadlaa . ' 
sopors than of iM 
their slBffa.aMMa«^bB 
aad (he'hoiMairSHri[iB 

foUoirlifg Weetera merains papev '!(» 
suspend for Monday: The MOMj^lbiC 

ITBO Fort Street, phono St47L, or to 
tody Fhilltt^-iWooloi^ ThO AAltfslb. 
BBrdett"Avu«UO» ... ' 3 '\' ', •■. \'}r 

b il egod itfgaob 

■WlSLflON, B. C. May iL-i-B. Beokel, 
d( hsImO' wblle reading a pack mute 
lOodM with six cases of alleged llqoor 
toward tbe interaatloaal bboo;lbrir on' 
Wedaeodoy aiaht. was awooCid by V»a» 
tr tas ta l ISbBstbhlo WL 'HMklOB •hmh' 
Ugoor seire^. Btp«kel was feuoil ib Imj' 
a larca qushClty of alleged llqi^r Id hUff 
bfuse. lfA ^brusry, and it was 'cee-,. 
fjioftted 'oa. a maaietrate'a or^^. and 
Ob 'appealed from the order. JaUBMar 
la Ue case stui pending. . \;i 

Voto of ObMdemw 

FAWm iday StO^WlO Chamber of 
Depu t is | i BH| i><#'W<Mico to tbe Oev*{pl^MKon»fKin,, ;! The ballot 
stood Ktl 




Ltaomi OB% I 

bo. Uu^ MMaiUoi 


THE DAILY Co1C6^'lOT; VlCtCfi^^ 


in V: ,- 


A Gift That COQibines 
and UtiUty-^A . . 

B M t gift that it .fingt of cnduringr appre>. 
cbtfooi. It i$ a gift that can be made to\ 

, «onal, polygon, tonneani to name but a few. 

W. H. Wilkerson. ike Jetteter 

Mini} News 

' In the Mlowing ' para- 
gtifihs'yft bntfiy describe 
i fev of the choice values 

ki English Semi-Porcelain 
pinner Sets available at 
.^tbi§. store. In every in- 
jance a clear saving of 
several dollars is made 

White and OoM 
Seta, of 97 pieces 

Clover Leal Pattaro Piimar 
8ct, of 97 piecef..f97.50 

Roaebud and 6ih Line 

Oranfc and* Piflk Decorated 
Woptet S«t,'of'97^*{»iecef.* 
lUg.$35. dp«cfal%|tf80 

In • ckoiee of . fottr de- 
cidedly beautiful decorations. 
Each Set 97 pieces, and of 
the Wat English manufac- 
ttice. Reg. $47.50. Tuesday, 

$36.50 ' 

waMN dk iHxiiHian 



Mr. Mid Mnl S. B. MctK«|r BUl Fare. 
wvU M CoaaBNuytjr Atyor h^ag 

PCmCAK.^y isir-lfr. and Mra. 
■l B. ICcKa^ MAve I^uimn tomorrowr 
morainia. M rout* fif JBdlnburvh' 
Scotland. whMTf tbair ^l«a t« up 
tiMir'TMldane*. rPlMry will apetid a 
faw d*ya In Vlciterl* aod' ln '^mm0bV' 
T«r iKifor* 4tartln* en tlWBlr IMW iouf- 
n«y. In the departure of Mr. and Ur^ 
M oKay from thi« coniraunity there^ 
will be left a void that even time will 
not efCaoci for many years to coma. 
They were vreatly raapoetaia by > 

heat of ^l^nda* ami M r, MoK«y'ttS«n> 
•r«iM eontrlbiKtiona oC hla kandlWoni 
ana craftamanahH^ 4n so rfiaay durar 
^nt apherea, and Ma kindly nl ' "^^^ 

in patriotic and publlo worj 
ever be ren»enibered. j 
Yesterday afternoon at the reM> 
dance of R9V. and Mrs. F. O. dbriat* 
maa. a cbarmlnfiy-arranted tiea was 

9a«iliM*i^' witiahH>fe ; apaaii h a iW 
firlanda jW^ nMlM Iwi 49Metaalty 
to Vld 'UMA vovimN^ to Mr. and Mrf • 
McKay. Mra. Eilklnctftn. pvaaldent of 
the Soatured Circle, on behalf of. the 
members, present^ Mrs. McK;ay, who 
has been an ardent coworker, with a 
silvar wrist w»toh> ongmyad with, the 

adtfrasa to the Codar W. A. •ta'^Sti 
l^hlUp's Patlah Mali on Wadndsday 

next" at 8 p. m, 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Coburn and Mr. 
and Mrs. Psri^Hont, of Vanooorr*. 
are spendlfey' Oif WOtB^ with ttoair 

BIcharda Street. . ^ 

Mr. M.^ om^ la .epfi4iM^ t» ' the 

hoiiee% • Qm% %ltV¥rMSa konsa 

In tk*. iHikle. - • >. .> . 

Mr. WUllara Beveridce la ylsltlnt 

hia mother. Mra. Bw^rUgtr, Vte^aaaz 


tor. V:©-: Beebtel and' Party*, of 
Victoria. vmmA the fitr. a« 

n motor t#lpKt« tlM<^#e^* flSilral 

Shertff luid 'Mfft. "^iv^rerd are In 
Vaneottver over^^bwji^^ya, > r 



fmlo ipu Be 

the aty'a BMid 



. j ' \ ' \ . ^^edneadajr Uatil 1 0|k / . 

IV > 


circle (ji^lMi). J(r8::^l(< 
redpleat of a beaatlQH 
Sprlnc blooms ticd w^||Jraf|: f^A!- 
ers of satin ribbon.' ' I { . 

On Wednesday evenlnjp; Mr. McKay 
was the honor fuest a| a dinner ten- 
dered a*^ Ah% Cewlcha|t Ccninifry Cliii^ 
siulogy ajrtei' ealosy poOee^i :tofitK jP 
iKe'apeechea.dC the ewmlis, jand mti 
ceM^r«j|r9t( at Mr.'Mt 
foiind ^tpTMBlon. A« a^. .. . w „ , ^ 

a eUrarette case. • ■ ;. 

WSCAtt. May St— Mr. and MTi. T< 
K. Barry have rt^tiirned .to 'Senaaoa^ 

Major il. O. and Mrs. 

. Hampton Court, hiaM ratvn 

LONDOKf M4f«St^H. H. Aa^iiHlf 
la to dlnd- at. the Beierni Club on 
iun* 1$. which ecnig fr^vard as a 
sicn of the club's^gi(u:^« from . Its 
neutral altitude JBSl^Mn Mr. Lloyd 
a«Qrce and Mr. Asqulth. In speeches 
In Scotland, Mr. As<ii|l|lh has been 
advocatinc placinv Ireland In tha 
same looting -aa U^e si«at ra^it^m 
emlaf. DoYUttteiiia. V * ' 

, . ' T . ' ■ ■ ' II .. 

PARIS) May S2.—- Th« Reparations 
Commission has elected L<oul8 Du- 
bois president of that body, on the 
pronoaal of 8tr John Bradbury, prln- 
olpal' BrlUah representative on the 
eenmiaal«n<- M. Di|boia reoentiy was 
appelatea VUfMhu . 4a|aiUi o» the 
oemmiasion l^^ihe f^MiM;^ far-: 
aMr Pt^tfdeat ^MMlM».ritte 

after ar jra«ideaee in Knlfla^ .for 
time. y.\ .t 

^Muuider,* wlie underwent an 
at' th4 p^a. Dat^tfra 
Hospital soOM wews aie, la now at 
home, and proffretiBtnf very nicel}-. 

MIhs Crlssy Paterson and tjer at^nt. 
Miss U. Peterson, leave tomorrow en 
route to Scotland. Mrs. - Hel| Kltson 
and Miss Amy Wilson 4li|^!laftrf ea 
rout<< for Bngmad. . 

Mtatf M. McMillan wtufaed to 
vaaceu^ar afte^ viiiUjiite^|»^ia«Mii. the 
guest of Ml*, and Mrs. Mt K McMillan, 
for the past few dayn. 

Mr< and Mrs. A. Leeming are rec9lT- 
Ins consrfttalatieaa Qo the Wrtk a^ ji 
daughter. ' , •-< <-•. ■ ; ■ ^' ^ 

me, SteiNMtt iGeanirt. a. pea elnank 
Coaruyt fenOir 0«epi4eler a( thf 
QuamlciMn Aotel. la. ranairific ac<|ia«Uir 
tanoea la t#mk >: • , 

OmfldMMS- Indians Take K» 
Hare of 

taayrsjtflTH. May • It.-^A ptenlc 
he 'held on ttoiiday, S4th met., 
at Shall 'BCaeh.^ under the aiiisplcea 
of th« Ladyamlth and ndanalen 
Band. Boa!t« ^in leave Qayden'a 
and Donachle'a wharyea at » a,m.. 
and will eoatmve to run everr h^lC 
noun Thie ar^ be one of the beat 
»l^^ eval-bdid at 'Vhell Beach, idid 
fcff**' taken to make 

Ir n huge succeits. Sports tqir ybtog 
«nd: eld will be held, while- adIecUdna 
will be given by the band. 

In thif evening a dajice will be held 
In the. iMkw bend haU. .which fa 4a 
excellent «e«n«ltl<m,Vth« YMai*>i«lnS>-tt 
^9*Nf»'Mn4 pUtky^ or aceommdda. 
Willi I0ti itWt daneara 'being proviaed, 
TOe >T bnnd ercheatra of six pieces will 
iHwlde ' the. music and this is suff i- 
'dent guar4ntee of : good music.! ^ 
The proceeds of the dance will ge 
tWMa. the band fi y nd^ v ^M eh l a Im 
need of all the anpport that iMW hi , 
given to. It., The band, - which Isond 
of. the iMat Ja the .Pvevlnoe. haa iiiat 
bden «d«iiM>ad with » complete oiitht 
«f^ldhr«r Instruments, which a^e at 
priasnt on view in Battle's . ttore. 
,Wtth good .instruments and a good 
*and, led by a y^y canable b^nd 
^he p«r8on dif Mr. Caw- 
dell; 4he eky haa 'ni» of which 
It n|^..w»l|^hej»r;»ttd. yary few cttM 
can heaat af a^cli ah ehthmrtaatic 
hand of mnelelana as Ladysmlth, and 
very • few cities, also, arc as fior- 
tanate ,ln having a band of auch 
calibre aa X4d^ith has. 


ONMran nir .oataood 
Cleter^ .Watloahl tkWMna 

Cf^Iwood was en ftte Friday In 
honor of the Empire. The festivities 
were In the hands of the youngsters 
and, they responded royally,, , Bhiplre 

<Mi«-l*n of 

the Hudaen's Bay Cemeany I>ageant, 
and therefore a school holiday, Frt- 
day. Itey tl, was ohoeen by Colwood 
^lUdrenv for their Empire Day cele- 
hraUona; t w 

The . opper boys aod girls had 
worked right royally, at deeaMtS* 
the ha«. and it yreaented « pttrtotk 
display with Ita httatfng aikd flagn. 
At t p^ojg prooeaaleB waa formed 
at the selMol 'and paraded the vlll«ae 
to the hall^ .ftpoeutolw gathered en 
route and a |roodly throng awaited 
them on their arrival. The preces- 
sion was headed by a dainty "P^Ace," 
In white and green, with the heart- 
shaped shield, to bf iQilawed ,%9 m 
turly gracious. «Biiiia« Qaiga and a 
atalwmrt Xing, while two dainty 
flawef«arrant*«d trmnbearera carried 

quilii|i«nts of tb^ >^ 


Each garrnent was carefully fashioned |rof^tai|t^^ 
j^nishiMl by experts, ^and t|if|ppd in «i'inanQ^>4^ stampi 


T^€. LjiiUst Stylts in S ilk ^Sweaters Just In * 

. The 8illt »weateri*a^rmentth|Xiji!fii»r^,»;deIi^^^ cefinemetit thity ^ 

' . duplicated. 1 : » . , ' * / 

I Woipen who knbw^^mad j^ftectite, style and quality nr^l ^find 'tlieir iieiMla >^smiHr/ 

provided for. - . ' ^' -> ' ' ^ ' 'TX/. , , 

We have ju st recei ved a new shipnidpt of aiUt.tiid fibre sitk ayeaftera Utopl»in colora ited t. 
" color comblnationuR.~ ^ ' ' ■ ' " • - ^ ' - " r 

There are square collar, and tuxedo styles with belts and n^velt) 'poCtcets. Nearly every 
.s hade is represented and discriminating iwoincn 'Wpaid do well' to. hid|»det Che^iliilj|^» 

Beau tify^ Tricoktte ]&l(^iws 


~ ^BMlNMi""'- " 



DUNi:^, Ifar .ijfr-^ta mohttaf a 

' eaed|i% cf ||m 9ewleha» Indiana far tk4 
big cclebratltfna In VIetorta. Th* Ih^ 
dlans arc stfong adherent* of tbe adt 
vice, "Go earlyand avoid the rush." Old 
Bill QallatsMlock. famoes Indian law- 
yer, and "all dressed up Id Ma bait' Mb 
and tucker," wMidsd hla way itp>:Ce the 
atatten little af«sr auarfae, to a^wnlt Oie 
eemlag of the ittia train, this aiarping, 
and Mag before the aokeduled time for 
the -armal of the train others had 
joined him. A "he-h«" will draw In- 
dians from miles, and the regatu and i .h^ , , v 
celebrations as planned by the l^udaon I tram.) 
Bay Company baa evokad much kMsrset' | . , Royaltiea Appear 
amoi^g the menibera of t}ie dllfereat j came Their ^oyaf {RgllndMeo 
trtbse. The Mg war ewee race la aKi ll|« Prince of Walae and Prlnoead 
ways an eotataading fsature, and fkla j Mary. Then a dignified BritanniZ 
year pronriaes to see a tatf^l antry, wllh I *lth her sailor ruard of honor, came 
the keenest rivalry. | In view, followed by the "Daisy 

Olrl" (our Empire flower): then 

OMAKTWAft I pretty representatives - of Canada.* 

mAH IT England. Wales. Scotland. iNdand: 

^ Distinctive styles that portray the trend of fashion in a most 
admirable and worthy manner. The assortment of tricoiette 
blouses shown here includes such colors, as navy« black, 

,^een and turquoise blue. They are trimmed with Vvool cm- 
broidery and have contrasting colored collars, cuffs and 
▼eiteea. They are in plain and'noveity fabrics, too;' Prices, * 

' ■^^''■'■^m^■^'■'-'^^m.■^ 

t » 

This Store imm 



MjiY 24 

Pltooe 1876. Elousea, Lincerie and Corsets. 1878. Pirat 
' £^yws^Btti{^ 




; Carded Bay Siaca 'laitaa Daa 
laa 9ataU Five rovnd triad ~«Mlr< 

The King's ' IMmpfAteaa - 
meeUng, May STtb. Siia p.aa. 

aeveral Inches long being piade in hl« 
face. Mr. Waddlngton had, gone to 
the reecuo of Mrs. Powell, of the 
BInckstone Hotel, who was being 
molested by a man who had, h*an 
ataylng for »T;ew days to tM hatbl 
and waa. Mermtaied to hi^irtvlr adme 
midw^'pMk her. After the aenffle. 
In Wl^Uih he, inflicted several wounds, 
the mucreaiit mMe his escape and la 
aun f^largf. , 

Thia waa I '*^«*V In mind St. S^yloor'a Sale ofi 
auch a splendid and unquaUflod aflc«i ^^^i^' 8empla*a 
Maa that It haa been agidad', to re- > 
peat it on Friday. May trat 

iP.m.; ia» Colwood Ball.- finOd Of the I Dance— Colwood Bail, Wadaaadagr, 
Dl8trict,Niinwi* Fund* - May S«. Oiard'e orchaetra. 'fMia,!» 

The yeuthfiil actors and actreases tth'ald dt 1^ Hilt FHMi. lia 

were entertained to a real eumptu 
ous tea by the trustees and 'parents. 
Needless, to say. they did the good 
thtega full Justice. 

Big dance, l^onday, S4th, 
ddnla Hall, View St., 8^46 to 
Admlaalon iOe. Wallace's 


Every hkt in this sate his 1)cen chosen by an 
authentic fashion repre^ntative, whosf taste 
reflects the "chic" tDt^Parisian- a^eMers. - 

There is an endless variety from which to cli 
Hats which adhere to the tailored mode»^ sen^^; 
hats for utility wear, and the gracefully piitu 
garden hats,' with drooping brims iad^. w^^h ilow^rs 
and ribbons, for more dressy occai>ions. * * ^ • ' 

K Qespite the faci that the ^aita is hist opeaidijajld ilMk I 
!^HftW are now in freat deWacid. we have «hJm T!!,^ 

theac art ft^ti women 9Si et£fiSieJ^ 
appMate. Bny now at Sale Prict. 

NANAIMO, May ^S.-'Vhe haW* 
pital fond received a dnaatDMB 
from Mlaa HaM|MUi. whieh ahe 

%SriMa^ ^^SSr will leave 
Nanalmo at 5 p. m. on Monday next, 
and returning lanve Vancoover at t 

p. m. 

Mr. E. s. Smytha, of Tbraata, tiM 
vcneral aeoMfttr af the 1 
TheoaophleM Matr* Ih lea f r l n # 

SAN rriANCISCO, May 21. Ckhle 

advloea th^t Moat Rev,.P«Milel ]i|mi. 
n.lx, Areh^hop of the Rcn«n Catbo>^i. I 
lto^hdlol»*ee o| Melbo««M(. Aa*» 
S^fe: > *h fcia ipay to the United 

celved toMx hr Mdnalgaor If. 1* 
'Ityaa. viear^aer^l er the ariiMlo. 
eeae at Ban Frmaelaao. 



^^J^^^mKff^ regularly «P ^ |l$pd. a/j fyisr 
^ i'^9lpasiM I'^'Hk .they inat .-:■.-.!— — - ., inin^'it -^^^F^c'^) 

ili i»M TlP o w i d TcMMttid Paikamsa. just the hat ibr abort 

t^^i^^J^l't"' $180 
neiM Alh'ican^ Shop ^ 


Thla week's Cittxen advocates fbe 
use of the nrvlne ac a driveway With 
facilities for parkinc cars at the 
Commercial Street entrance. 

Members of the locnl poet of Kb' 
lllva Sons, will Mt Jb thd Hudsaa'e 
Bay Pageant a^Wir with the te- 
serlptlon "NanaMi^T 
gratttlatlona to t||#"'mdao«'a Bay 
Company on tholr SBtth Birthday. 

Cowlehan crIcfcelorB wtn play thd 
flrst game of the aaaaM ta Kaaakoso 
en li^»nday aest. ^ 


^ ' • .... 


^'California Syrup of Rfi 
Cbiid's Best Laxathre 

• Natuml HIatory Society — The reg- 
alar aieatlng has been poatpooMid until 
Maadir. Ma y ti, Jonea —Hdlf . 

The Navy Leagne ChaiMer. LO.IMB.; 
win bold attH^lal meeting. Tuesday 
evenlng -at 4 o'doek. In the *I.O.O.I>. 
BoMm, Jone a Bntldlng. 

Unten Fire Aaaurance Boolety 
London. Bnjlawd. Stth ageata,, 
enlmatt B d rtl g ea&»iSdi>l< laait, m* 
g«lnan. Pbdaa Mttr'^ : 


P A QAN DoMflsa Streec 

Ci fX OKSV\ . Bhooa 2504 

TO Yalna SirvH 



NAKAaiO. l4y tf>~MlM B»lly 
nabfr. idb* gnva h vMhi rodtaft hi 
7* "Ifcwllat alght, li ebaaaa 
urlaadrfcy Taa aiaias « * 
sineer* and j^biataidhg dlbdaBt 
ought in time lo ghre aa aaeeils«t 
aeeooat of herself. 

Mr. and Mra. Oeoroe Llndaay.ldC 
> aaeouver. are the gueata for a mof 
or two of Mr. SUnley Mem. Svlth. 

M«v 9. Bot t s n qr leftvdd^ 
todarto tnhe cftnrta « « sMaU ^ l a. 

Vocal Tultlon-r^Mr. J. H. Hhitem 
Of Vanoonvar. vMto Victoria, Monday, 
Tueoday. Studio. 11 1« Broad Street. 
Letters or pemonal application. 

t. O. G. Lodae Alexandra lU. all 
laaahdre are aaked to attend chnrcM 
ynrada tfvnday. asrd. Meet at ledge 
aaa dtli p. as. | to i >l a e at Ohrlal 
Chorsb OathedraL 

la their wi n dow the Victoria Book 
di BtaMonery Co*. Ltd.. are m a king a 
dBaalal ahow of books relating to 
BlSi^pi riilanilii^ There are qnka a 

Y to I 


S lol 

TTMiilsT Hotel dtolag 

phone aatk 

Uitrhin la hi 
Ma brfl<ti>>t, v-'ho la coming 

for the 

then yo« 

Symp or 


laae phyate fbr the Uttie 
ttvitr and bewola auidraa* h»i% to 
fruity taaia. 
4hlbc«tla. Ta« 

Wave of aair.' 
not bidacfe.' 
Ho BhawlMia 
Mm. sr. #t«ar. .Qi 
rartsM, 7«f rart 

reU directloo* '.n edall K MHiiMMten. MWibS^ "Ittftte-i. 

ear 'x.^xMi^iJtHB^iwmm 

• »,ai. . On Friday the atadlaa In the 
Myetertse of Creation will be oaa- 
thraed at the aa«e bewr. The ynbtlc 
Id eardlally la^Had. lbs si lta» *ag^ 
b d Tta a Block. • 


May — latemal 

today ta befUl » eaaspalgn to fOtaa 

hy. flpaiiag 

0ALO4Mr, May •# 
,*HJ(l^#•^^•?»f•* "t^djlng all •ver 

nry Departsaeat 
' )->eobaMr 

u aiBusemem yt^mm J|ad ' a»Bed a» 

»n rg. .la ..ffif ,<an o^f^HI ^ 

/"iMyi l |H II ^II, ,,it>l!Ul,^ 


CTORIA, B.C, SUNDAY. MAY 23, 1920 

Let Your Car 

^^^^M ^^^^ 

Fiirc Buy a 

le . • 

jBig Scoi;es Made | 
In English Cricket 


Nanaftno Wihj^ilnitial • 
Summer So^ftdr Match 

Two dime* a day Isn't mach/biit ni ^e 
course of a year it amotanta to •MM«,,Mian the 
price of a gxx>d bfc y c| | ^ ^ f j{ ^ na < H |f m- made 
"^fffodr Bkycle at ^p|p||i|fFec|act*' Bicycle several 

11^ iM^ h piigr |pr 


The Premier Recretlioii 
f)^<»s of Victoria 


12 English snd 20 
pookM ' BUII»rds 

Hot4r J^l^ 

••TJi* Best 18 
Nttier Too 6ood" 

A L«ihtin 


Fly Sereena 

W« wia taks meuurs- 
oMrti aod ^ you ta 
><ilinH for ' 


CaifWiln aad Ba Mn 
Mis Yaiia 8tn Oor. Vtaeoavti 

*9i^l«aMil«r» for GnuAy .BKm** 


»Y GQAt 



A good aU^roand Coal 
The Beat Kioed oo the 
^ ; ratend 


CAmmr coal 


mr * * „ 

t%aiii 11974 





M«w. 7-Pusencer OMMMMic for 
Ure. nioae 307.90 v 
,.|U».. Wpaa.. 4^t^«fc^>;Y . . 
4ail moll Um •trMk,froai 4aiMBl8- 

Perfett, Maiaor* Harris, 
Cleveland. Ko^f Enfield, 
Rudge'W ti i t w o n%|i»:'Ued 
B^,. Cotumbta, ^iml^ler 
and f otliir 'b i c y c 1 e s. All 
e<)t|i|»pe4 with new outer 
'tiriN aiid new inner tubes. 
WC'f^e a written jptaran* 
^aal.Ps— itt^ i-;: . i|..M|i40r-iO-4ay«.. ' 

We also boUd bicyclei to 

. your ordtr. 
Dtitalep Outer Tlfea, f9*75 
Dunlop Inner Tvbea, J||«75 
Lariie LMg BtMi 
cotn^letie .........^ 

Wility Cytis Verb 

5lt Johnson St. 

Phone 73 5 

If y«tt wsnt «veAlIt or Jcaal— 8A1C 

PLASH c«n rig yott e«t 
Bet, e'er you go to treat cftrwMig^ 

think welt what jpoatreva 
tt Jeia Hut e^alt brifade, li 

iik^^ a cftib^ 

abeaM vifili''^^ Uniflvki 6iidli>i' * 
Aad wftea they atoc (be yHeM.|riMlbM 

for cve^rday 4cii»|, i '-^jii;, • 
Ta abMiya dresi fa •«e«illt, 'iMtt aM 
be tkeb iMii*. . '' '' F 

fbc|^ iby t^oed-bye^ (a frttali^ 
for wnriag ovrry rfty,^ 

Aii4 think bow l^lcy tbcy htiin bc^ 

, fai nee Mas ted a»tr«y. 
They'll bay a aew *^-cttir froM 

FI.ASH, aM dMw earn aa «l 


Aik4 for tb« fatarc alwayt deal, u 


5(5 Jdbmtn Siftct 


rUi « S»JiMijUitv» fm OHt* cm 

Large Crowd Sees Race 
MeetatWiUows track 

in Powerful 14*Valve Stutz Speciali 

Gus^ray'*TTw6 JVUn Slightly; 
in J^(hm& Bfent 

Over raoo faoii wlta««M tha; 

bic rati^jiMl hold yootorday aftaiy^ 
noon aliMr WIUowt track, and aaw 

l'^^ ijiBfMb^ it^wiiTo Kata 
Bf eoialToipiaM liiw Paeifle Nortlw 
wMt dirt t^ack ebamploaoldp ffem 
Guo Duray. The ra«o taioot from be-> 
flnnina to ond was a sueoaaa. Mid 
the oompotitlono woro.. so thrilling at 
tiaioa that the/ orowlMl granidataad 
re«ko4 with ouHemont 

Tho traok wca ln.«so«ll«ai 
tfon. and thoi» wm-^vt 
Eiaoh and ovwjr ovont^Waa ei 
tested and some ezclttnK racea woro 
stared. Jatik Roas and Qua Duray 
were in a olass by tbemiolves and 
saVo an exhibition of real fast, clever 
drlvtoa. During tk* ■ l&st race, tho 
foatvla^af tM^'msimt. Jim Hoftioy, or 
vaaaaavar. > M»tmg % Ziott I^Mlar 
with Moohanic ("Speed") Ihempoon. 
of Seattle, wont through the fence at 
the north ond of tho track uid turned 
turtle In tho bushes. Mr> Thompson 
was cut about tho faaai, while Mr. 
Healey roootvod a ftw minor Jajarios 
which were attoadod to on the ^raAk 
hy Dr. J. 9. Orant 


the appoaruee of tho i^rlE*^ 
Ina space about the Willows there' 
eeuld not have been but a few niem> 
bers of the city's motorinc clan who 
woro not piMent. and in addition 
there wore many machines from UP' 
laland and Mainland pototPt with a 
strong dologaAtoto from tho other aide 
of tho te^mattofial bottAdary; 

neia ■ arflaaaeill standpoint the 
moot waa a snooeos. Alt the drhrers 
roeolved a sood share of the sate re- 
oolpts, and the balance will be civon 
to tho Orphans* Home and tho l^pland 
Dovaiepwont AasoolaUon. "Byeryono 
whe iattanded tho igmt today enjoyed 
< » i a iat h fsi tmaMamr/' efatoa c. , H. 
WllUs. president of Vletorta Ante 
Cherts, limited, laet vrontng to the 
Colonist. "I want to thank all the offi- 
cials and those who helped to make 
the meet such a huge success." 
The first event called waa the mile 

dlrC'IMilf it'Wmmm'Ibm «ork of 
the driver*, the fans shostod wt^ ap- 
plause a« Jack Rose hrovght his 8tat» 
Special across the line in 1:06 1>5. 
The runner-up wa^ Ous Duray In a 
Stutc, whoao time waa 1:07 4-5. 
Lott, drMng tho tiott Special, 
third vlaeo ta 1-f. The 
th« athor earn wore as f ollowit <• 

Baltora Bpooiat drhron by J. But- 
tera. tin^ 1:1«4.5.- • 

Oh No Special, driven by B. CUdV 
dlnvs. time 1:21^. , 
^Stuta Spooiai. driven by J. Healoy, 
time Ititd-I. 

■riekpMI Bpeoial. driirea by C. Br- 

kskShTuiaa 1:11 i-B< ^ „ 

Fepp gpoelal. dfleta by Q. W. 
Stewart. 1:»0. ^ ^ ^ 

Ford Spoelal, drlvM. IV W*. B* J'''* 
Donne^. time 1:1S. 

The llve-mlle race for the heavy, 
ear* rosultod In a win for Jack Roos 
ttt hln Sl-yalyo Ctuts. which was run- 
nln« liko a clock. Qm rtuoLt m^do 
second plaoo. Boas mado a. Wonderful 
get-away and kWpt tho load tho ertlre 
race. With some clover driving Baas 
kept tho lead and won the race In 
I:S1 t-S. Duray'a time waa 5:63. Jim 
Healiey. driving a Stuta, waa forced 
oilii e< ^ nmnlnc owln« to having 
''tM^M% ble motor. O^ortm LciX, 
#»«sol»l. «|k*^tWrd; 
tho Brleksen P ps s io l . pilotod bg CSarl 
Brickson. made fourth. , 

The light cfra provided MMa good 
aport In the flve-mlle race, with four 
entries. W. R. McDonnell, Jn a Ford 
Spe^al, did oomo remarkably tall 
speeding, and won in •:»» The Oh 
No Bgee|ai» drM by "Wild" Bill 
OMdlngo. .iBa«iiM«ead, aa4 the But- 
tera gpoolair pmUAlSv laaoo* But- 
tcrai came In third. The Fopa Bpeoiat 
buaaed around tho traek and helped 
rakn dust. It took the fourth place.' 
being about a mile behind the third 
oar. * 

Tho taarth oyaat for tho bl« earg 
pr«Md real eaitelnic. Tho race waa 

for alHit *^ "d U^_^»ejJ^M 
were gtirsn tdao mhialoa of riat-fiat; 
elooo and ezelUag tp^igg* ^ Duray cot 
away ahead of Rota attd did his best 
to kaop the lead. Roes, with iUa 
olovor driving, got ahead of Duray, 
and htt tho wtnnlns pool SOO yards 
m the load. Roes' tima.waa Ht* t-i. 
Vftov Bgootal drivea hT rWUd" 
BttI Old^g made third p^N^ wBBo 
Can Brlekaon eamo te laat 

TKb aniall ear tad a aeoond race 
with the W. B. MoDeanoU winning 
flrak posBlea again. Jtm Battora la 
Butter iisnltl took oeoond peo^^ 
and 9. W/ ■tawart th|rd. JM 
te/ilii*iWb «a ^ 

eWe^^icksoo, of Taaeettver. did not 
1)irfie 'hhy real fast s0b«d. but iuat 
pliaggod along and made second 
piaae. W. R. MidDonnoll la hla l^ard 
Sgeeial oame In third. 

Tho la-mUo evaat waa exceedingly 
IntaraaUng a* both Boos and Duray 
WHih eat far a win. do or dtl. Bear 
ttmo wia n:S4. trom the atiirt to 
ilto- oad Rosa did oome. iswblloni 
driving. Duray did all tg hid pewor 
to win thia event, bat Boss^ oaiK was 
too last and kept tho lead the entire 
na% without any trouble. When on 
ti>o atraiaht-away it ooeB»ed to fly. 
leaving ©way far 4a 
KToond. Wbaa Doiaar mar- that fia 
ohaneea wa»a taW« bo thaw 
hands and it '^qulta.'* 

Jim Hoaley and Carl Erickspn. Vaa- 
ooafar eatries^ did not show any 
■MM of aiMod. Hoaloy amdo tho boot 
attoaq^ but hia mi Btata tfd not 
hare the ttaglag pa» iaa aad had te 
be pitted in the seond saeo. , BHok- 
ion's car kept going tlU the and, but 
hia records gg g t ar o d at the ead ot 

fvery raeo. " 

the Intsrtnria botwoon 'Cbo 


india tba VMarana' Band. 
Bsnflaisafar Brown, played, 
eeleetlons. which were approoiatod by 
the large crowd. Tho police did a» 
cellent work and kept tho ohildraa 
l^wdbr from the danger sone. 

Vyeryoao waa eengfatglating Mr. 
c. H. wmia. whb i*at v«» ohargf of 

the condlUon of thaffiNplr. for Ita ox- 
oonent shape and the absence of 
AoK. Tbo drlvars found no diaionity 
lar'airiiCbig their oars about the oval 

S-TSSto ^ 
tteanr no d>M* Whatafog. 

The oflicialB of the day Weroi Bgf- 

eree. J. Alexander Rlthat?< starter, 

Harry Whitney Treat; Sudgoa. Oon- 

B p. Clark. ' J. O. Cameron, James 

Jamcaon; chief Umer, W. H. Wllker. 

H. B^atty, H. Bmost Bve, Rdhert J. 

aoa; teBlmi<cal eommlttee, H. .A. 

DavM^ 1 W^ .|tg>areag>>>' W* *:*-«*ftt 


: IN ENGiisH mi 

Seven Wickets b Innings 
Against Warwickrttw :'rr 
Centuries A« Gonwndu - 

Tho ta-mflo Vietorta InUmatloaal 
fioo>for-aU was tho great event oC 
the 4air* aad thia wont with ftyingr 
tmdtb BMK 'br a de^rigsr 
Oolttag a aawl a* tho MMt 
hi tho 4a trtpa arf^ 
to ffain a eloar aaBa.aivaiB 
»»« by stalMt 
•taata appasMe -the 

hi tho 

"gpe*d" Tho«ia0. who 
waa cut alHmt I ho 
anir reooivee •itfA 


»4 aUgbt lajarlos. I 
WMribfaad 4«r» 
rfatae eb aic boiag kfi 

Vistcial, ftrtrsa 

wttta Mtn. 
but Hoal«T 




liONDON, May J2.— Thier^ waa 
oapM heavy acoring In tho cricket 
matbhoa which ended /oatevday. 
MSddtasagiaalarod an Uniiag agalaM 
WarwloiSlS^t SU fee aiveli wlok* 
eta, and among the individual aeer* 
ers were. l>e, Midddtoao& III; 
Wpper. ■ Gloucester, SS; Meade, 
Hampshire, 186; GllUaan. Oxford 
Univepaty, 110; Jopp, Susaok. ilS; 

EtgreseatafUToa of sgorta^SSSiK 
tt»s»..s g> aa « sd aa off}olal ^iMmo 
ai Iba abMon. an* than the VWcons 
were la the l»osltlon of honor In a 

'^mv — ^ — 

A. Jewell. Weroo|tor, "^J .vtaosal offiolals. ..porsoaal 

HendeK. Mlddlosix. iM. 

Lancaster defeated Derbyshire hy 
an Innhiga and lie runs. Cook took 
Mvan wiekets for eight runs in Der> 
hga mrt igntaaa. ai>4 Tay ler^^fen r. 
wMkota f or^ man ta IBe alel«|a* - . 

Middlesex scored M* *er eevaa 
wl*kets ^d •eat Warwick 114 and 
ITS by aa tgabiga and 84 .una. 

Suswx beat Oloaoeoter 
wickets, toT to 144r ia wa Ml ahd 
131 for six wlol^ots, 

Hampshire Its and 411. v»oatye»* 
eeoter W and 12« t>y 2i» 


At 'dsatt^e— 
kkim* ..... 


........ ...I 

a. a. K. 

1 • .. S^ 1 

t Mpbtu. 




At Jjos AacaM~- 


t . 4 

»*o«af «aaV.*jt 
. • aura's • e 

At' sat^aaMMi ' 



BstterlM: Kmmer 0m 
Kants mmt Cm4f. 

At ealt XAke~ 



•ae AAatiSt 

* • • • • 

aattariM: Daft 
Tliur*ia«i tee Srier. 
At WMklM«*a-~ 

WManeMn ... 
BniMtasi <W111 

At*J&w" r4m— a. 
at. x^ttiv ...... s 

Haw Tefli 1 

mtttttm^ tSa^aS ^'^ e«v«i«M> TWr. 

" 'a. ■ B. - 

...... 4 10 

t S 

ayani iaa trnia: 

Tn a anotor drtve 
t«ko. Unch at acrat 

ALL W IiEliilllESS 

' ■ ' r^' - ■ 

Canoe Rates at Gocge Witf Be 
. iP^reiceded by a Procession 

of Boats From Point Elllc» 

at2;45 ^ 

Chairman W. H. Davkp. of the 
Budson Bay Indian regatta, reports 
that everythiag Is going along oatlo- 
faetorUy for tho staging of the big 
wmjy p ageant at tho Gotgo tomorrow 

^m^tor^ SSSmlSS^SS* 

IB dr tbB Qttr muld Baa wttb 
tbo (taaiibifa eeimipiad bir Bika 
Swimming OInb. Tho war e^noo paooa 
will etart at fh^ point and will pro> 
coed down the Gorge towards the city, 
and, turntng at a buoy oloao to the 
C.N.R. bridge, will proceed baok to 
the finlahlnc point onpaini. IblH Oty 
Park. The stngle MpMMMeo 
and 'eHMr aawnj 'eglMr ''«iMB'' W^ 
start a^'tbe ir.IJtA. iMbttoTi^^ 
at Curtis Point, and wlll^ finish at the 
same place as the war canoe racea. 

The creasy' pole, swimming and log 
rolling itcill be ataind 'la f^Mt of the. 
Blks eturcers.. Thark|aa m twenty* 

^ mMWsui^ SI 

ftatloned on a oqow which w|ll be 
ahchot'ed in front of the City parlb 
The water pageant la to eommeneo at 
"9:45 at Poi nt BUlce, where a p rooeo* 

wsh ^mtrvsr ia^ta oonwifiy of a 

large decorated laun<di wttB tta bated, 
«n board. Thia wUl be leilewed W 
the- Tnglnae th' thotr- taiv afsiisa. ' A 
launch With the 'Qovwner ef tho 
■adaoa'e Bag Company and party on 
hoard will fallow the Wgr canoea. and 
it is espected that all launchea and 
boata going up to the Gorge for tho 
aftemoon'a sport will join In the pro> 
cession. This part ilw progrmmrao 
is to be filmed and B ibbbid roaultnn 
Victoria getting a eebniBe of the 
finest kind of pabttc^. 
slon wiu brodsod ai» t|ie ^ 
starUag point, wheini the 
started at 3 p.m. 

The executive eommlttee of tho 
Victoria^ and Islan a a t hieUo Aaaocta* 
tion has thr^irn open the ehib'a Sum-* 
gior bemie at Qnrtu PoMtt to the 
aabtte for thi de|w agAJi |a 
,ttat a .104^0 g«aii|r . li^Be« 
ii§%ad^tnga of Clair atCbr and win 
^Praiiiathe fiote f«tom »^ 

'Bef!soaa wiU 

Indians will be encamped on 
vaoaaC piece of land adjoining 
auiii:PDtel property. 




' MAlit LAB3Ki ^lla^''.'i 
imtmSSSi..)^ ditib. 
el Paeltl^ 0fait league. jUreoted 
his team freib a seat in the grand- 
stand today. Basick made ah attack 
on Umpire Anderson In Wedhesday'a 
game and waa fined ISO and sua- 
peaded fof the remainder af the 
week b » FTseldent MoQsrth y. 


BO^miPBO, May ll^.-Tha Win- 
nipeg Faloona, hookey ehamplona of 

the world, arrived home from their 
victorioua trip to- Byrope this After- 
noon, and dull skies and threala of 
rain did not lessen the enthaalaaoa 
of their reception. Civic and pro- 


THB muMKf lHif>|iJiL<iH>nut quottioa bos of the flib|l- luiittrar ta Ifi 
world, sad tigit II ifef miniSHtiai^^^ 

Pierce-Arrow sad ether toUrtnt ears Ils^s o&r Governmsat Strsst Stsnd <3 
ddors fraBi Post Oflce), st 9^ s.n. s«|l a Fbasie dIB. 

OC %4b €. TASEI SmVICErj 

S doeri irsas'''Fesl OMce. 

and Tawdag Ciia 

Franch and BrltteN Biiir PIpM 

!■ JMI tbe StaodAfd Makes, aB.a, Omoy%^l3afBilmK 
. ' LoBwe's. Our Price* Are Rlgbt 

Uaian Beak 

through ' the /gowu^nt 


HandradB of floats and 

V^O 'PMy 'tbs winnei4 of the 

[g 'Shiald on lior " 



97A2CAXMO. nag SI.— On a ground 
rendered aeddeaaad vonrjaippery by! 
rain, the Bahalaie feotbakll chtb de-. 
foated, Teoeowver G^ltfoa Jhia after- 
neon -'hr'twft-:gaelB # '«naf Ms waa 
■ ' tm- tatar-eny 


of the field a^ the gT«aair.>bal^ glar 
Uirottghoet waa/llaUnctly gaed, Rntt^ 
IMge in particular giving a sterllag 
eahlbltioa in goal for the winnenL. 
The OoKlea g^en €o Cumberland 40- 

BdNCTtWi* N B 


>«eafa^y„ Hallfaa, wbn tb* 
tbtgf^legiate gamea yda» 
' by 4efeat^«*gi.1(be 

_ May Itr-A 
aago fr«bi 0llroit, Mich., telle 
death ef'fa^ McDade, es-m 
ef tie' cUy police ferce, 
kitfeara. hi^Britl»hXeUM»^ aab 

' Bvett aoile li^ leavea^he ftbrf^ 
ttintorwevon in tho work ef the erMi 

leff«ve».r<^Ruakln. ^ 1* 


j^eat : Fish 
fpitt : V^g^tables 

I Gsfees : ftistiy 
, -Confectionery 
Butter I Egg^ : Farm Produce 



Comer Tut^ aiid 

Bill L^ardV Braves 
Beat Up the Beavers 

mm m E 

Resolute Carries A^ay 
Mast in Hirst Race 



with. Better Support From 
Fielders Cyrus Would Have 
. \ Batten Vancouverttes , by 
Bigger Margin ' 


olttto** hollow 

and 26 

■ Sri*'- 

^ftcture VKjtli a Punch ^^"1 

Cmw Tounv'a 
ball «M JuM • mtl« 
tiM iur«HrarUMcla(i Bawnacif 
•a« Vlatoite. «MTto4 fliT^tM 
of IIM MTlM ltyt S 

If to 

A biir er«w« tbroacad tho li|4f«m I 
M« '9olr dam's iMMt «o^4«lr)»i»-| 
t Ip wlHU WPP 9r9N<>lr tte jhiit 
gt^ Otm mrm CjrrM iM^a 
IfcMtili exUbltUm at tawiaK 
AMI luid he rocolTed b«it«r rapport 
firoa^ bla coUmcvm in the ioAeld tlta 
IN^nCP would have been lucky to 
*«t half . tMir jietuaL awmk. Touas 

_ . base* when e rrgrl ii play 

would havi^ kept them under ooatrAU 
The bard dlamisnd worried tM» tn 
flaxen in handUag th0 frpuaaen, 
but tharo w«r« flood ^ 

Cjr Tetmir only mnim.' ,o»t two 
y$mmtHHtm. but hie deUvery wu 
oevertheleee a mystery to the vlolt- 
ora. They slammed tha wlQow at hie 
offerlus only to 
Into the atmpovpHwia.^ 
oata. Moat o( tlM 

«» today am tha MawafllMiff iMMt 
MiMdflr thaiili^ rMU|4^ bar fbM 
t«iJac4v mda yMh Vttfitt^ «M WtUi 
- a eraili nuMPli avaitk MM vtnliis 
want tte atarboarC b«w. Vanitie, 
whleh was about two minutes aatara. 
oame up teto Che wln^ vuA aflw ai- 
oeruintu that n^ on* WW la|«irtd. 
bore VP for tba barbon 

Aa aaott aa tlio wratf^^ of tlw 
^p ij Ul ata had been cut «W«y •fnA re- 
I' f p m ** wtthTthe aid jU^ OTlarmia 
imiiehes, the tender Montauk aaait • 
Itea on boartf%nd the yacht wafftakon 
In tow at onea (or Brtatol. SLL, where 
* apare steal mast will be atep p a d (or 
AfUMmptloBM the raoaa wUk Vaivltle 


These probaMy will bealn off New- 
port Ih about ten days. Vanttla wlU be 
towed to. Brlftal taoipnwa^ It la ax- 

.^fl^lilir iMia faaitt««>4o 
thfl'iiDaMNMt awna at^'iui 
tima #Bd that nm rell^ca 
«aa ba placed an bnlK-up wooden 



Game at Betcon Hjil the Best 
of Yester^'s Virtue Cup 
FIxtumHlint^ And Navy 

wtaawnlH rSStUT* Vlrtee Cap erk*«t 

nuttekM whkJh 

Mt te«*rk«bU' tor 
the tatttaa et iMwUM asfartmeat. Tk« 

tk* AlbtoM mUI VIotorle. otojr^ t*» 
STMied ef the lenner eleb. Tbe *owler« 
he« retbw tb* ,b«tt« oC m»tt«» In tM» 
•am% ealy ^ betwwta all loM MMhlaa 
SmiMe tfttna^ ft OUIw»>« foofe 
irltb S> tor VlWrU abd hia brotbar flbelta 
bed tha bMt b«>wiii>s ka«Jrai« witb 1 tot 
%%, Jeraan bowled wall tor tbe AlMes, 
ubbia I ter >t< "^^^ woom; . " . 

a. a. wiltoB. b itotMm 

uisviUe Slug|ief** 

A Oo|nplete Stock of the Most Populir Models 
y 4avay$oDH||id. , ! 

r s 

E G. PRIOR ife CO. 


W. qriwne. c McAdMo^ b & 

UBWlMn. c and b (fstaoB . . 
I. HQSS(A-t|i Ibw, b 8. OIllMpia 


• *• • a 

■enoiia. c Meiiaam, b ■> 
LttMll, b Miuoa ...... 

^[J#we. BfTeat 

k ye • e A • * » • 
l^e^^eAeeea- - 

ee •« 1 

e « ■ •■*• 




«4t •«. 

Very faice cotug* of three rooms, pratfy and baflemtfitr 

ft?!?* 2?" fc^SiL**!^ Wiiell«<fSituat«l in Garden 




bul^tMr ^apMat 




aasV^blUav yroundera fol* 
towed aaph other In quick suc^salon. 
Just as a sample o( the ^lay, - It 
mifhc be mentlonad that tha VIotarIa 
onweldefa accumuiattd 18 mtouta. 
"Ta«la" Brown al - - 

\"netotlafl 'iMMl '^iQlf^"' 

/] Excellent Competition Seen in. 
Events 'Held at Oak Bay— 
A. P6we|fJ|.^ctor^.iu- 
Jorum" ^ J. 

ftet of the Most Supei* Rrizc-Fight Motion Pictures 
. Ev^t Prodiiccd. aiid Inctete A«^^^^ 

blttMi tetltai wtabt I ''l^ MUmal athlette aporta of 8t 
vtS^^-m I Miei»i a aehtfei. araaaiiia by if^.^- 

teo. tiofc plaae on'-Ptt|8r;a ff Ma a! >» :in 

'^J^ ?• «»therinc of apprecUO^e parent, and 

2^J^«J!ipay I?Wrt Capacity 

"iwied : In the y,S» but 

^^•r 3f8cr Evenings, 80c 



^ ^"'-ES A HEELS 



ar. "Nothing 


Inir^lMMialrtr has them.^ 

handla^ hlmaalf waU In tha a^ in 
mas. bnt in tha 4fth. tha Vl^larlana 
laadad on htan hard and Mol«lit ta 
dve runs, runnlnr' thyfe points ahead 
of Vancouver's early lead. Clarence 
Zlenke, who had a ipreat day at the 
bat yiHMarday, started thd atrajttlnr 
baa lAr aMp^B out a home rua .oyat 

a& arfbrlqr Pirtatl nattad foaf iaore 
talUaa. ^ ^ 

Fahr did hla bast to maka VawMai* 
Tar'a aaofa f*pM^kk la- tha fourth 
tantaik' whaa ha but ik* hottta 

\ rm to aaatra, but thara waa m oaa 

ah the bags ahead of him. Two hlta- 
by tals' team mates and a stolen baaa, 
contributed towards Vanouver'%' 
fourth run, brlnslns the BaaToca 
within opa o( the Victoria seore. 

Yn tlia nrth 'lainliis. however, Vii^* 
coifMr'a' dettaea^ blew up. floott 

[aiartid lh» flrairairka4[A]r t^^w/u^ 
VffaWn'm Irounilar. fwi C^fuaa 
slnsled aa^ Pehr lUlbd Ova baaaa by 
walklna llampsey. H9 prooaaded to 
bean Elliott and w«lk Xellay. (orclnc 
in two tallies. Fehr thjlW*: UP the 
i^nte and yoync Nai|iiar PfMhed to 

I tha jaiBaa^' -r^Q^ Yoaaa aaiaa throogtr 
wtta a «daan alnrlat brlnglaaHitt a 
eaaala maca. baora tha XofMccr 
W«m ^ a oha«if» to aattla do^a. 

I al 

friends, and proved to be a'Snost eajov' 
able afternoon's ealartahlUMat fPT 4MBys 
aad visitors aUka. 

la tha mora aaHaua avaiita^Chrea abalr 
lease cnps were eonnaMi |br. Tba Vie* 
tor Lu4oinim cup. nraaaatiS ^ two old 
boys, Mafk and BIN Hollaal^ was woa 
A. FaweU. with a total of IS 
M. i.' Rbdtiaa bab>« maar-iip «p| 

ottered by Mrs. Redpetb, was won Vr J. 
awraey, wb« Just manered to beat C. 
W^er by one point; while F. Norris 
.ShArad himself to be a very promlslna 
adHatb by easUy i^ntna the Junior 
p r aw H a d br MK latefc. Tha avanta 

attar 4 a'aMraa whole ctaipaay wah 
.•afeMr aatartataal by Kr. jKruMms. the 
haadnisstsr. aad the aahaot la tbe 
school bulMtng^ with a weVeoma tea, and 
Ihe ceremony of prl^aiviaa; whteb 
was perform^ by Mrs. Hartley after ^ 
tWw '.Appropriate worda from Com* 
aaMi#r Jiaglhy. o* U»a N aval C^Uage. 


A. St 

H. l>atta«^. run ent 
It H. Vaushaa, b B 
J. A. Mataoa, b Jeraaa 
8. M. OUIamla. b JSN 
W. Ay MoAdam, « ead 
V. U Qillcabte. b Pan 
E. P. Qllleaple. b Jordan 
T. Jr~HiHfeaIU Mteift 

^> ai*Ki^ .b tfttufiff •«,••< 

• a a 

• • • aa«-««« e 

AlbtoB— . 
a CHUaaste- . •«•»•••••«• 
J. R. Meteea tl 

K Parsons 1 

B. W. Freaman 4 

F. Jordan ' 

7. Beeiotn '.••.^•••.•'•«^*«« ,* 

A< A. Ba^elt ttff J 

tk c Leaa * 


»Tlc Petat 
win from 










H New Suit 

At Work Point tbe lacosa bad a com- 

Bpata* maklns hU 
wIekeU tor 12 

tb« .Oaniaen br B> raat, 'i 
J S« aa wall aa..iaklna * 
Tbe Qarrtaon made a poor 
•tert la reply to the H5 totalled by the 
tneoca^aad but for the efforts of their 

for. r^vio'Jt^r™*'*- 


don't jump into the firrt one 
olfared. And don't imagine that 

yon will pay an extra tax for the 
fact that we match your person* 
as yourjifore. 


f 27 Yataa St, Nasi to 

have beOln a much sreater oae 
bMrlins for the Oarrlson waiteee el the 
Stares of tie 


e. The 


b Clark 

iB. Vermin, e MMitsomerT, b Watsoa... 

oi. Uetoa. b wataoB 

F. SpaHn. c Bettely, b Wyndhem "? 
Major Taylor, c Ctorka b Jaala ....... -w 

cTFennard, o Btelli, b'laalo ..««a.#t^«* e 
r. aealay. » "Welsen " 
H. Hewitt, BOt out . . 

A. Traee^ e aa# b W^Hm 

* e • a • a 

b Watsea.. 

Iteatsemery. wmm eat 
Wataen. o Healer, b verrell ......... 

Capt. OUrke, b Sparkea ... 
atele. b apailies 


arrora'&d a 
Malataadcn to 

runa Is ^e seventh, and 

Naiklser and a couple 

7-rooined teoHerh d\»«niiw tif 
splendid coMlJtJpn. ' I^^ 
/ Nice sartfeaiQ-ii 
• condition. 



For hinlier 




lioma nm hr 

of atoflaa added two mora |n the 
^aifhth. The same, was already 
pliaohad, however, and Just to riMV 
t^ they atUlJMM aoma staam left 

aoonav wwaw' wra 

21enke'a seoohd foui«>l 
lartely raaponslble. 

"Pep" Messner. Van 
acrappy thlrd>aa«kar« lad wli 
bat. la :llTa 

ieaa». arho'soC 'two hai>a runs aad 
^4 a^la la f6ur times ub. and KelW. 
who got a homo run and a athfla In 
two apj>earanoea, led tha Victoria 

Vonday'a gaaiaa eottuaaaoa at |0 
i:ta p, im. BoMr 
Vaucha'a , tt0i^yrmmt T$0^mm, 
Ti««ra wni ha the a^iiia dtf tha 0i|il- 
(or a six-day series. 
t'oUbwing la the box score: 

V Vletoiie: A.B. R. U. P.O. A.. & 

cou- 1 First lacrosse of Seaywn Will 
Be Played at Stadium, Be- 
ginning at 3:MM)ham- 
plon« In Fln||ortn " 

• «aaee*a#aaaai 


a *«a s a''» • & 

o SpArkefl, b Vemlk .e.<t«»««aa« 7 

Ctot. Hfudy. b SparlCM ..«%.*. ft 

-Wympmtn. etp4 n^odi. » Tvu^gr 17 

Hoti^by* c Slid. If flPttiM 4a^««4t».a»* 4 

I§f Ifl, b Tr%e^y ■ * . • .4-e|aa»aa e Va**ae«a« * ' 

llOt « ••«**■•• ■••■'•eeeeeee 97 ' 

^T%C9^ •••••■••••■••^■•••aea IS 

eseeaeaeaeeeeeaeea ^ 

OlU^l|# eeeeeeeaa e^e a •^ •' ' e • • 1« 

a*.* •'•••••**eaeeeasa t9*S 
Inf lit s<e ae eeOaee* aesaae as a ft 
M O n t y ^W^ry '^ae •e»a«kaaa*ae*- t. 


Everythlaf la aai and rtedy for 
n, when the Royala 

the openlit|r of the lacrosse season on 
r anaraaoi 

taoale up wjfh tha 

trd. tb. 
ClHireh, " 

a • a • e a o 

ifch; sbu ••••••• 

wn. If. •t^i^ 

•^TBi Pa* a*e*«w w 

a nci W' li^' m 

Sec and^^ve Moo^^ 


ISi •••••• ^ 

k •••••••• ' 

Teaai. p. *•.*....• i 


■nXii si. - ia f t , f'.'i-'ia 

...!««•• i- a a t I a 

I I 'I • J # 

f s i a s a 

a^ a t' t a a a 

•> s • s a a 

sJ t? "s 

.aeaea by ' 


S I •sttsaa— •>• 


^Msuaary; «om« ru n e ■ B laaba (J), rabr, 
Ifaaaaer. Twe>Maa hitti yetlai. ai 

SteMie - - • - * 

>. an by* iMtel 
■ff h a ll fc ^ler. 

aS Towns. 
Uatt by rafer. Pawtd 
rasa and ( hue *a r 
t nmi aa# a hna •« 
Mtts*. Cbarira «a(aet 





of Westwinster 

local world's dMifiplons In what 
pronalaes to be a real cbaualonsMp 
lAtt Advices froai the RoVaiClty ara 
tha aflaat ttMK the iiiaiiihi|gbrB ara 
superb beaanion and cMuMaat ot 
C«ttlns away to a flylnc atarl'ar!^ a 

M ••ae»aa»a»ae Oae a* It ' 
>«% Sa'f • •••••«a o.X m* 

Beat aiair aad Kavr 

and Navy Teterana-onee MMra 

J by a ^iry Uraf, marsin, tbia 

tiina,^ np^lbk Ci. The loa«r« hava aeaie 
■mood taeena their M«n» but tbey aaed lata 
o( fpactlce te enaWe tbeni to*boM theia 
owada (he saalor, leaaea. Teaterdaya^aaine 
.»a#^ra»llr tM dU-sliad to be Inttfeatlac. 
aa-|a'fbe«n by the foliar- 1 n «. acora: 
'Anar aad yavy— Hret iMiasa 

■ ■■^■., j Bs: a woainwv 

Uowley-Tulnch. o Winalow, b ''C 
Darke, o BIrcb-Jonea, b Suttoa 
Holdeli, b WUkinaan 

ta iiiaia'xasvaitt Tha iriwahiiia. 

abavt th* aatosapa of tha aaataot^-<4B 
faot. thar <aa|i«ltta oonOdaat that at 
tha .MittSttraC hoatunaMl they WW 
ba faaad on tiMrlMif end of the sooroH 
The local a a u jU ii held their ^sT 
work-out on WtWjr avenbiK, and are 
restinv up untn tha referee's whistle 
aands tham tnto aetlon on Monday 
alUraoon. Under the captaincy ot 
Johnnie Johnaon. the looals will take 
tffi9 /laid one of tha atra n itaat aesra> 
cations of playara that has ever worm 
the eolora of tha dab. Utataat In 
laamM is bela« raytved an over 
Oaaaaa, ana ft la eaaHaantt r «K9aotod 
ana *af tha laaiiMt orawda in years 
WSI iria# tha oaataat The fanM wUl 
Matt at t:ta pM, fa tfea aaw atadhim 
~ aai« aMlwan wttl be aaaUt* 

la a wlra to tha local oiBelals. tha 
at Aldandaa Bob I>ewar aad 

Jim Menia have been sunested by 
WestmtnKer ta haadle the game, and 
thasa •ahUaoMn hava klMly 
ad to aali ft Is aimnam t* 
tha gaaia una be Mafarib^ 
tha ptaaaMa m m m$ M 

defear rottiapei, 
Oaatra ' Jo h n Jouasaa. 
Ffnt hoaaa— Aille IcaodousalL 
b—Or. A. Mdaaia. 
-Jaa raiatar. 
haaae - P ert J^iastan. 
-Ante Moorasar. 
Maaiiaa^iar oMaltt^ 

tfaCaatad BaiVard la 

to tl. 

daal tract 
WSl aalato 


•Jf^^^Oagpe basebaq 

h*>f tedsy. s to S. It «A aaytM^ 
v^rtnry until 1^ aBal toainc. 

•a recr UJ 


gewdn rier,- b omaiaton , 

jj|y^|[* *^^^':ai^t _ ^faee«*a*iaea*eaaa«eeeaaf 14 

Vera, e WUkleaoo. b rerna • . . 

aMniiaa, e WIIMaeaa.\b HIackS 

Bowlay-Velaeb ' b Pbraa 

AiftrtC^f Hot' #tt» 'e •••••^•^aevaeee a a aa aa a 

Xoiaea, a Settan, b Wiaalea 
Cept. Xlns, b jhMoa 
Xabt. a Btasrp. b^^i^aa 





8. Toviis. e ninoka, b Wlnalea 
Whart at Bdwaraa, b Parna . 

Paedrlhr, b Btreh^Jtoaas 

Sxtraa ..... ••.*•• 

• . « . . 

.«•*..«.. 'e 


'•djaeeiaeeeaeetfaaaeeaea^eae 99 

•^ll^O^e ' 

- ^ . ^ I* aa 
m. aaatatsa. taChaa «;«*•..••••••••»••.« ss 

Setlaa, a rartf. b Beldan .-. il 

WiMlee, e King, b MaMae 
not aet 


*a* •» aeaaaaaaaeea*aa •^•mt^wm %M 



» 2.* ******** 

O. VW. 

f a 

•♦•"•H* I 'i/ § i' ta 



_ Anay 

• *«*a ■eaaass4f4 e a • H 
e • • a a • e a *a a • a • e e a a » » Svjt 
M • »a tf«We«aaa^a*#« 9' A 

majai wn I. ' a -ar. 
. • a a 


•*it.*«»e^t»«.k.. <.'....« f a>~ 4t 

•••«•••«»• *«••*«««•••. • a 'W 





the lafonnataea of thpai* wba 
ta Se n mi is ■bars ef tbe Xtaa- 
atraat Lawa TeaMa Oal^ tba tam- 

far a .i a b fa h » ^ ihT^ 
are to ba paM la ata 
mm. tlSt ladles, ff; 
aaaar IS. $L»4i aad n<w lag 

aaaa. via Hms it afasar aai^ 


4j0a^ mm(t^ Only t ftaltrd number. 
tMf "ire iMtflD for already— Ctntdian 7 
;aetetaiid shrtys fai ttpck^ 

ms i& SMITH 


EMU Appear Again in the 

These twa mo^L 
els are positively 
the l^^ witifi^ 
S um mer^ 
styles for yod^ir, 

'a^yd^ '^a ^' 

full belted 
the other ha^ a 
t Ivr e e - qoartier 
belt. In p 1 a i n 
mixe^ twee4% 
and ch^ck^e 
Splendid values 

. $40 to $47 #|NI 



TH^ j^i^y COLONIST, ^mm^.um. ^ 192b 


"1. .AL 1> i. 

Awarding of Lawn Tennis 
\ Championship on Grass to 
, f, Wimbledon in Perpetuity Js 
i Insurmountable Obstacle 

KifBW TORK. M«y J».--Wltll 
iiiek of Am*rk»a toniiia playMW 
ins on May 2t to compete In.t^ MWt. 
Itoh <;liaiDplo(ishlp ftntf, the Da via Cgp 
astchfg with JPrmnee aiu) pottvlbly 

ehex to th€^ltni$^^^^\(^ 
toward the loternationct Tennla 
tration. , Orvanlsetl before the 
war. this was largely a European 
iMMly. which haa etnce dr«wn to itaalf 
moot important tennis, playlnuv 
with the excei^lon of iim 
mum,- ••ir,.;:...; 

country waa aakedL la 
/ IT wirtln^^^ i»; 
•i|)d in Itl*. wiMp necotlationa w^ra 
riaaumed by tlia Mdaratlon. (ha 

PM*»ar-^Aftglersfor FIghft-, 
* lr% Oii'alltles and Variety of 
. :Mti With Which May 
Be> Taken . 


if. , .-J ( 


United atatea WM .ra<i«<«ted ,to atkta 
tiia eopditlona upon whieh it would 
MbaiM ft Mambbr. : ^ the - raaiiic of 
••CoUAtono inr peraon and lu^ 'lettaiv 
<|»a obJeoUoo ot'tha Uidtad ' 0lal«a -iSf 

BMlnad the f in«r obatacle to aifftu*. 
m. Thia even ww aaalsned to 
lanbledon perpititally by. the fi)der> 
Mlon. &nd, becauae auch an awartf 
li contrary to all eatabliahed 0ractlibe 
l|».aporta. and ^poira eapoeiallir : ib. 
dmM-eprtete fo^ a apMr idTMisK^ftiter- 

aWdt BMir tn<p camp, let oa atiMy. 

*«ninrhT*hi'):h«bita and chara<;terlatlca. 

The black \t4m (both Urse and 
ama^madt|l:)/ia 04 Dr. HenahaQ often 
a4id'\*Ui»|far i«ph and pouttd for 
90IUM1 Ihe/iramwi. flah tliat atrima." 
Thia. too. ia the eonfonaua of opinion 
of • all ■aportamien ahirlera. who are 

^frtenda ot .t|ita . wmr^r of the lakea 

'Mld.^treama. He Is popular not alojie- 
fllr 'hla sameneaa but t>ecauae he can 
be taken, with, bait, flies and countl^ 
IViva. ' HUa pOftuMHty will laat f«r 

.ttllMp JUtoi 4a oo* of the. 
fn oW ' ai^ten and will o4iuH» 'mi 
ttirUlir tjiUKn;, imy. dther fltth. 

T^e hWek bajfa,, wl^«thar it la tlie' 
; larte^'ek'amAll mdath. alwaya apaWB 
*^ dti'Hi%i-%ho perlWd'^ Mar 16 to, 
JUMK^^. i lt< can«raU^-«h|a.| 
♦*»?^fi»Jwc^*« tha^MlMit 
aftVi^^^Uap deaoiltad oifW«. 
another l<n di^W %a^ 
to i-ifa -frbiifMlie - Tho ■ _ . , , , 
inatihct. of.. llMr iMa. (a interaotllil 
Both male and female will flgbt fe- 
rociously anythfht that cornea near. 
It- 'Is thia clkaracterlsttr flKhtinic spirit 


^ l||ilflM4|«t« membership;. 

Adrkse la Not Acbivted 

' Jm» faiirtwhil. iOn .tha.aifidB|too^ 
"HilMta thia counti^ to Jdiw firat an4 
aett)e any difference, afterward. Aa 
tJiat is coBtrarsr' to the policy pre- 
viously outliaed by the federation it 
la 4iot a^pted aa final by the 
Uhlted Statea lAfrn Tenp^i Aaap^lai- 
Thia staaoelatloh approvea, in 
ipiHaral. the idea of Jhavl^ awoh • 

fm /Mgtnvnt aoiMe^deolBfona , by 
f4<lera.tlen havo been made ' without 
pftper i^cbffnltlon -of the place hfl<t 
In international tennla by the ffiil^d 
Stataa and other imjtlona. f ^ 

Aeeerdlnfftr;. ^atjon Waahburn. aa 
chairman of tha committee in lAarva 
or negotlationa %lth fofelsn ifipuntrlea, 
has addressed to the offlcial otvan of 
the British T^wn Tennla Aaaoclatlon 
% latter cxprosHins regret that reporta 
of I he federation V mOetlmr: IhtftOikte 
90 inimedlata proapect of thia. cdvn* 
^a Daomborahlp. ifr. Waahbsni «tya 
fti p«lFt: * 
'"Oar chief dlflleuttyv^is one that 
nutliily eeneama IBn^nd. The cpnatl- 
ttttl^a of tlvB Intamattonal Vadefatlon 
uw«rda the world'a chiamptoaahlit on^ 
vraaa (which in BncUah*apfaki|iff 
apuiitrlea la aynonymoua with tha 
igb^'a ohamplonahlp) to Wimh^don 

llMk are natucmlif hotv ln a^ poaitlon 
ta%«k to revoke' It., The 14|itlativa 
libltat eome from Bn«la;id hecMfL > 

A iuwr of Fa«r r ^ . i , 

^■We appeal wiih the nitim^' coMl^ 
d|4Me to the sense of fair play of the 
British tennis ofhclals and the > British 
public to do the rich t thinr in this 
caaa. The Wimbledon tournament is 
nowhere more raapfjetaid ^than in the 
Val^ Statea. But we reapect it too 
mvoh to Wiah-tip oee Ita aplendld old 
tni#ttlona beda^ed with new and 
frills. ■ . 

''^rho r«M[nUot by Ensland or any 
othff nation of ^e world'a champion- 
ahU> title in perpetiifty la ao eppoaed 
to the prlndploa ofiftipip^tltlon that 
plhMnail IP all sporta.-^'M Inherently 
imiuat— that I faar tM^t^lUd States 
iHtl never sabaetfbe to any ptrriMnent 
i^tleh aanetlona atich an ainrftp«MMi|ttj; 

"Aa to tha daolidon of bttr D*W: 
Cup oommlttao wlth .caferenca io a 
nour draw, aa aoon M (hia matter was 
||#6iiohed by the 7rench association 
wo C»va Immediate consent, notifying 
bo4h Amtralla and FYanoe of the de- 
*olHtoR. Wo are - «lod Indaad that 
Franca Aa4 Canada, will he a^lov^to- 
>hkSr tor tho trophy t^la yei» ( ,iMWl 
iM«er DO cMiaonbta^oaa wooli.AdMiM. 
to take any tacliM^a^ poMUoli" that 
WOttld prevent tlMir anf^"^' ■ ' ' 

fm tm i aaofp* «CT*ttlat**il|«!*^^^ Sj?**** aeipa^-caUe* opMis«ien take 
Mmo4 to ho amatt proapeeti^ <»t ** *" '^i?*"* 

minrUtm lUH^mM ¥ay Jv"** , 

i«y.t«j||i#^jia..dAnr 'ha«^ 4tM n#aia' 
aa M»M|w ailoM. , Tfmfrmn: ftothlt^K 
f^. the wilful waste Ui eatehlnr baaa 
itfif tho. nests and deatroylhr them at 
Iho vary time when the natural re- 
uetion ofthe IMh ta taklnv place. 
' When ,tho parent hasa are off the 
neat or luovorlht near the younr. they 
will strike at, .aoythihc that combs 

^ folny to^i I 
yonnr flah. 
flsh in. any part (ff a' lake which he 
knows Is the breeding croundg of the 
black bass 'durlnr opawninv season, 
i . The .larse mou^k hitoa spawn in 
bay a andy shallow trt$eaa where' thaij|i 
•ro water lliy pada/ losa or ataanpiL 

It deles iu>tl»^^tdk% 

.U ' m Z 


It just burfis sQently 




pure Virginia Tob 


.... . .. ^.,-1 i 

»ear. Tbey fear iBftlnotlvaly that it 

. _ .... ^ ., 

No 'trae aportaman will 

thb a(Ka > or the 

-4l#'M«tt 4ra jnvtaetod from dannr. 
'-VfiHbHekr'^:teaa . la m vmty 

Mr. Boekwlth tai MoatiMl ; 
HONTBBAU May h. — Amonv 
ttiofia attandlng' tlto ntiMttRfB of tha 
iHpMmo oottpott of tha Ifebyad Aroa-. 

|r£llMiifhh.'M viatorla. 8. C. who 

lAy-^tiU «oavo«ttlon aa repreaen'liiUro 
Of Mtlah Columbia and Washington 

a (laee-^hafe tliey aoom-to.-l»«l 



deposited but in the production of 
yotmr- Thia la because at the never 
ending d<lifr«>nee of the parentt flah In 
protecting ttic agiga and . young flsh. 
When (he fry have ralaed f rem the < 
aeA the parei^t fl«(t>wl|l lead them 
off Into ih« ; W«»Aiv;iwM. moaa wifaro 
tliay mat ilM iplr^a^ hMini 
Iklaees "from ' larger flsh. TTke bass la 
net unlike other flah in regard^ to 
•atlng Ita. own kind. V 
1W 8BaaUl)l9«ai 9ai# \ 
Thb sm«n moimi hM %ijMttB o^i 
fraval iraatt and btm 't»:«bpoait 

gat mueb^i^«MmH-aiid iuibwta4«« in 
obaerving t^e flah at thia tlnie. It la 
interesting — try if. The nests of the 
bass are not sornumcroua and the. 
aportaritap ahoiild, aVold caatlng, over; 
ifcaaa naipral #i|jllnc. -plaeea and 

flah aad .hottar fla^lnr* 
•ratvrp Ji'^ftha i rMfa ' iil tf eirafolly 
wetting hia hands befoi^ removing 
the hook — thus saving fi^m two to 
twenty ,'thmiaand black bass, wHleH 
paVi bo fliihadilJft |P#b other ttoa, 
' Jlha ybttiifnHBr^^ 
aflr. larval "wm «f.-linaatfi;^^& are 

win lncrcM<^BMlit a '^dtyutd year 
under fayorahlo eondltiona uhtil they 
weigh ahout . five pounda. In aome 
instances, however., where ' the o(^- 
ditioiM are unvaually^ f*i)rdraMa. «lMy 
reach :a .ti'alcttt' of aovni ^4 al«|it 


1, . n- 

'.5 » ^ :* 

>*-TWk aa»aU :aMnit|i .haai haa beea la- 
u;Q^)i|M4.te|o;M»tiy ^vary atata. The 
rang* of dlatrtbutloa la ae extenalve. 
hnd the Wae»f» It is fdand'ln ao dlf>- 
ferent, the coloration of the smalM 
mouth base varies frons nearly black 
•to a beautiful green ■ bronat. Thb 
eolenUon somatlmaa. 4lfCera la the 
aapA >atii«»;o«iiMd \rr^<t ch4raetv 
oilili ^ the abaenee 

iHreeda, - T|ie general color la green, 
gafk btt the back and fading: to whitb 
op the belly. ^ There la aoQiattanea 
vertical marking, bar like. wl£fc thraf 
bronse streaks across the 'chebkal 
Theae OMrhtnga diaappear with age. 

''^.IflP inAtitth haas la a falk 
with maay %1^|^ Mel| ,aa 
Baaa." - "Orbe^^ Sttii** ' ' mi^ ' 

aoliiewhat similar in -appearance -io 

the small mouth. He is not built so 
racy; h'? ipoi h as are hia 




acalea. Tl>e large, mouth baaa is more 
stocky and haa a broader and more 
powerful talk The oolOratlMl' W fftm 
tue; aamb; ai inkat- of : thb .fin^'4pii|iKlk 
hat uaaally. darker, 'nk markfat* 

' h^n' horlaoatai atraackr of hl#cfc and 
* I BbC yacMflM. Ao <».t|ie nmall .nontk. 


By A. a. lUaB)taigiifebtar.,1a The 

Iionig sitltlRga' at the card-table 4a> 
«ilci» (Rervotta habits: Wbtdlk (dodlUly 
tab dewaamor of .regular pLayera.aad 
you wVU be aatoBiahad at thoir idh>- 

Sbe l^lS&'^HW ireMMe. and 
• ke . tttga vlolentqr 'at * Kta . mooataobo 

of molateaing the thilmb wheii <8< 
int. Bank caahlera, we know.' d#-# 
l, whbit ' ebnnting oat > notes, hat' oab 
hKHfff exileats to ftnd thia unhycUnlo 

practice In reptitable clubs. ' 

Some men have an extraordinary 
Way of shuffling their hand and" ex- 
am l|i lug ea^ c«rd he^re they play to 
a trick, it ia a iflaw aad painful prp* 
caaa and very trying ib other jMatyera. « 

Anotlibr IrrtUUng habit la that of 
holding ^%:oaie4 aloft .id. the air and 
gaataig Ibl^lrAt tha oeniaf a* )C ft^ 

tfCMe. laartr aM alta hack 
la Wmii wWrnV Ipiatoec leak, on bta 
face; -Ode maciefb to himaelt ah- 
otber vfiHillae aoftUr/ a third Muag a 
tune aa be boHa bla earda. 

The ><Mdhia g|aa k^po op a 
akUr Are o( oodMMbtkm, while Ow 
aaawai k a Mgi aai Teeifa: oi» |ritb are^ad 
a u ra bi ikii B ' aad aa' a m aaal H a of 'da- 
praafto'oahtaaljM e> kia iaak — . ' 

worth ^ iDowjr ^ 

V DEMOCRAT" tlr^ !Oci 


OrRmi. Uif]|S|Rij,tBfiyiiei 

ZJl^ t»MMw aaevla^ At 


\^SjgMloti before playlag. Or yall. 
jpniat a canr to play, patting It bacOt 
^«hd|n>l)fClttitlag aaoMMT. 

Tboo .thofo la ttie' pUyer who al> 
waya antlelpatbp by taking out a card 
und holding, It rebdy to play before 
the load, has been made. This often 
decefvea the unwary and leads him to 
flneaae whert bthorwibo* h« wouldn't, 
oa he imaglaea that tha card pulled 
out ao promptly muai be one oT amll 
value. - . 

. Thia ia Jtigt aa bad aa the liiebrtlg- 
tble kaMt of aodM pkurata of haoltot- 
Ikg #kea tMr kaeir tkob- oppdaeat la 
n>lB^ • to MMMyiiMiBat' them ' and 
they , have ^wB^mBFmbiniDg card la 
their' hahda.* Of aSl the Waya «rt oon« 
veyii^g Intorakaifoq Improperly at Cho 
ckrd uMe. k aal f a t i a a la the nMoi aaaft* 

I kairo ovaa kaeiwa ' playera aaaat 

aloud. . 

"Lmt me aee.** aald one dfkaaa saru 
ner ha^ led to a No Trump deekwaii» 
tloa., "you played tbe aorta, ganred 
troai eleven laavao foar." Aad obag 
probably without realliiag It at aa 
icouat aloud tko trampa a* 4lior IkIL 

oartnin Vteyeni always apaak df 
their coIlectHro hand aa dard.** 't 
had a very good (or had) aard," tkey 
say. Whf . I have aovar been able to 
dioeover. It naibalaak lUW oa. aMar 
.other Itttio waya of ^rkl|fa> kieapUe* 


aer their grievances sr^i wlahea 
ka« been fpryier intimated, that ; 
the Univeraal Suffrage bill failed to 
iM^a the Dlel^ Jpe <^emand forf It. 
wonld be Hdlda idore inaiaUnt od 
that oeaadlea. ;4a ate kaow; tke.Ual4 
varaal SnArale Wt bllad to ppaa oid 
Diet aa tko Bed»e .waa diaaalved by. aa 
Mipartal Bdl^ bbfodk tko 

toally pot lo the Vi 

!!a2ter ^ «arpri*l^^jMpW«g 
^-•fldgkongTlmaa ' ' 

MotioBoaaa gad Joaepk S«anlf»a otaad 

aa a reaalt of tko Jaaaeat on the body 
of Danial Norrlaoa. brutally klaked (• 
death at a Jooai hotel laat Moaday. 

Jiapaa Haa 

•eoaationa) raporta kddH foaebed 
I the Cktneae capital frbm'Jiapan of "a 
great oaotal upheaval, bi Wkick Ml- 
dWfa are tovofvad.** . Ia It A 
tion. or » ara >y a 

root m the labor MlPw^kpda. 
aad prepare tlona irbre bakag made 
In fMrto by eke labor ofgaaioationa 
for a "gigaatle daMMHlliifl^^M 
Ms, Day. "MjS^^^^m^^ 



imiftmg Man of Island and 

iVtkk^ Siren of Vancouver 

(•d ottr iti<« 
i»4 la «IM 

kin *ad'<lM 


On««f tttlviialii 
1*4 in Tletorla jMrtflrtey, tli« 
mwl ii r tlMMat to wtt; aaA 

u» Ik* IMaod 
«« AH h« pOTMd hip aad alw; 
inrmpatiMtie «ir <Mr 


«i4 IM mwit this #Md 
l|Mis to tlM warm h««rta 4own 
Hr 9tMe» atetlon. ^Chlef of 
MMMr wm tho mmba jim 
«OBlMaat of tbo troublod 
dew. Bvt tbo «kM 

^} ft' ' ■.'■r^'- 

1 r^i'Sic- 

BBMl frOBk 

toM U Mitfistntto Jaar Ji 
M eld tliiMt and will aOll bo' 
when Slather miS 'ktm- 
Mlt ia on hla laat leca. Hw yomc 
had adraMiaed In oartala Jlata- 


. .^p-. wnracht 
i jiMuv man'B beaitr 

■ I 


Wot wHh the aaaver came % photO" 
iMph ot flMh o irM. n»o plwto- 
Mhowed that dio wm m 
thine; and th«r 1 
jomm man's 
to that flMMft s 

'fc— r t. M 


sweet ono %\tM(|.' 
Iga ud an teti ill tii ^ i that h^^ 
ilMiild be swift t#*tf' th4^:tkat*i«^UMkt 
4|Mdod. these Uni^ littam iMiMs.!.. v. 

4I# ea tho f srrT^.lMMf^^^^id^ 

I* dl- 


it bo rstrteirea flW 'liftidj^ 
trreck of all those bast*^ ooajv 
4[|*tea. ABd what was the 

VpiWaad to do abo4it»ii; 
ra«lst|»to Jay thoocht 
UttHi the jwnm mm 

>t twt'tt to 
sodtf cood 

Away ^Bpiifes^WfHl; for 
osnvlnoed that that suvet yc 

-iv ^ffi 

to the backward Spring oar Stocfe of Sbits, COats, Xymm'msmWnay irelc^^ 
is our reason ior making sucb 4rastic price re(^lctions. All the merchandise ofcndiiiv^ salok^lram' 
<«r router atqck^qfup^^t^^ 

ladud^ a%Suits 

He^. 165.00 1$ 

'' 1. f." ■ k 


> Fatroa--'Bls MaJtMrtl 

PatroB for BHtliili 
H«air til* 

WttoMon. aeli^ vbenqMlUr; mests 
Wtnowt eamp evety niday at 7:10 

James Bay troop and paok; ItoOttt- 

ma«ter, C. J; jWeWy: •^• fc s w i ' mens' 
srery Thnrsd# it TOd mK; pi 

■Ddnald Campt>«f 

Falrflefd ChiirehV'l|bop att 

pa«kt ReMljitfteis; CMie^^a school 

Qfi} PiM)lin< A Fme Assortment of Better _Grade 
I3foth£ ,v ShIIs of Fine lA^ooi S<frs«^ Pop- 

rdlii^' atid Jer^y aothjn 
Ipis; stsrlisilriiovelty 
and sjfc H rtfc i ^ |t|te»; %M sizes. 
tional valuii^lli^ 


<$9.S0 ' t % 

" ■'■ • •■ ■^v' m wm i"', .-'--'^'*'-*" ■ 7iO.>. .«,,<H>i»4(^ 

Croiq), l--Coats* Rig. $^5.00 

to $35,00. 
•^^duced to.. >,.,. . 

A Most Uncommon Collection of Coats 
in ^rts models; three-<iuarter axi4 

■ ,;jaM«ift:stv1es!;d^ 

every woman should l>e jtad of tWs ' .^7^; 

expectecffy !o#^ Tba^ ua 

splendid garments fof's^rt or gcnl 
eral wear; colors khtki, brown, 
UupeMtd Burgnn^;^ siz^ 16 t6 


r, Oi wtmmm 

0. B. VramptOB atti Ai. W. QIIL C 
Chu-ke passed Mk<^ddMtof tltai ie 
et. Aldan's .tNop Mid pa<a:^e#s 
(Tl»fl«days aBd Ifoiaiya At siM p.n(i: 


..!«itort#ib HiiidiMiil ~ AlMH*t 
>d«Mry Waftiwdsy Bt ttt* pjn.; band. 
Wsdttss di ^ 4t t PA.; seoatmastsr. O. 
R. Scarrett 

Oak taay troop: ■ ad u t ai a iH er, 0«y. 
mour deP. Oreene; headquarters, 
lOimatto ««d MltdhaU «ls«o«i^ Oak 
•mt; Msjitaat, WlUrsd A. Qt>*aae, 
'UimU ILA.V.: MiMls ovary FHday for 
irlNliM kMtrmtloii at T pan.; troop 
para«a Wt,M~pin^ flatardpt^ 

rt t samps. Troop Is sro#laf ' 
fart) im h» ireU repreaentetf M tM 
Hadsoa** Bar ]»arad^ on th« Slth. 

' hai4ac meatbars in the iMuid as well 

Croup 2— Coaits. Ktg. $37.50 

included are Smart Sport aad Threes . 

quarter Length Coats of Rne QuaJ-' 
, Polo aqtli, Silvertbne and VelK 
pur, in desirable shadesi-made in 
snappyl styles, with 'leit^r or setf 
belts, jjock^ts and ne# <mars; sj^lss 
for misses tad, Ygingt Ret;|37.5e 

la- isHi aatMHs ki the parada. Mttal 


^ ^jT^y pa<^ Mil 1 akd $t Colb- 
■wsm, mntA<ifw ifP. Ore«tts: assist- 
'aat. K A«. Oroene. late R.N.V.It.: aa- 
sibUiil. Gordon Robsea. No. i peek; 

t paek at dstA p.Ma. 
It Is hope* to ha^ an- 
•thsr pask'iMr^ Oxoittf. a tto^ eon- 
«ert 4s bifir M^MSod ^>c tie mld«)a 
M Jlsaa, •«Mli£kr>kaps«''e»*ry -ksatr 
and .1cabs,.ip, tha Oak Bay troop aad 
paokk pramptty iheir #a*. { 


Flrrf; ,Pr*iib»t«»rta.n CHtjr««h paokl 
MaatSfWtry Thuratls-r «t 7: SO P^l'^i 
Itr. AKl^Otte Hoyie. in ohars*. 'K' 


.Wott paok: 0OOI 
]^ tVowttd«l«7»n<| A. MiMArtalr. 
TklB M«k. no#ij _ _ 

^ . ^IJL II l^A 

ttaiaad bsf* ,aPjlia;ca»«tf^ l w<l tar tk« 


Ai 'Or^oti 
Dlcki«<7ni. v("- •• Hotrtn- 
•on, Whit* W"ivci. r .- irii.joo.i, liAitnc 
team Jtlk-lMtk mil 

:egular $25.40^ 

Group j^-HIbafe. Reg. $49.5(4 . 

to $59.50. Re- d^ ^Q iET/l ^ 
duced to..^o,e;.,^pvJ*^v ■ 

To feature Coats of smart style and 
assured quality at so low a price is 
unusdal in ihese days of advancing 

• xxxit Designed^of Silvertone, Vrf 

our tni Coyer^ aoth» in ihift^^m* i 
ter length stvles; ^onie -fhlM; i 
others are plamr misses', women's 
and matrons^ s^les. RegutatJ49.5o . 
to 159.50,^ ^ r 

^ # w ill I • iiign^wiuie Pms^ RiguXBur $50.00 to pSJOO, Spuial, $44 JO ♦ 

y* i <i-^ Bi iift tl Pt aearaAe of H^[fe&ade Dr^ss in our Moc^fh)m|«k).OQ^^ ^#1^^ Vmyjm4^ 

RM^i39.S<5bto JS45.00, ReJ- Rflgidif t69.5ir«»«7S>^ #29: 

Wimm in need of a pntiv evening 
diass will certainly be interested in 
thto range of dresses. Made of Silk, 
^ ^ ,%)Qi$ani^ and lace combinations; 
siaes 16, IB and 36. At the reduc- 
tions irt giiot^ tlmv ut real btr<» 
galfB.Rac. $39.50 cfi 
To $45.00, f(n...qil4if^%Jf 

%iid»ndof quantv and stVte, but^;^ 
. . tney are much t)efow usuaf prices/ 
They are made of heavy Georgette 
. and beautifully beaded in contrast- 
ing «0Mr Ml #to 38. Regular 

. Pretty styles andj'tenioti^^ ^^ 
make this dSu^on odl f 


Group Y — Exclusive Pattern 
and HighrGrade B a n c o c k 

RaguUr $49^, for.....«m^;.$^75 
R^ltr $37,50, fw .7SSm *ti%»S 

RegnUr $32.50, for...^. $i&a5 

a Regular $30.00, for^ $15.00 

Regular $a5.00» fdr.^^4^»v$ta.50 

Regular $l5.oa, for.^. $7.50 

Gto6p 2— Trimmed Hats. Reg. 
to$i6,75* Re- 
duced to. 

Our Entire Stock of Olorsd.Tfliiiaied 
Haisy eQibrM:fa||$ilitt ffttUdw^ 
styles In tine Sfemb siyl^transpar- 
est braids; colors navy, brown, 
^as^ taMMV dierry and lltcK. R^ 
to$i6;73r dbfj tr/) 

an\ attractioR: of untisuaF 
Made of Silk Pc^li^^Mes^ 
tilt^ in a range of de« 
; women's and misses' 


Reg, to $9.S0r ; ♦ if ^ AJfr^ 
Reduced to. . ; . ^^^C/ a 2ffF ^ 

Tbb Lot includes all' Rcady-to-Wto 
Hats in the darkar stnlks; smart 
s^liidevek)p^:.or|)tthi as^lfe^ 
slnM, with, plain and novelty ri^v 
bon bMds to match; 50 only. R 
to$9.50, <t^O 





QOfy Entertalf^ment Aslem- 
10 Pleaite'. BjQCt^oii 
r and the 

Hie flare— 
■'The Jll»ht of W*y." 

-iSt :pBygi to A«ltMttae." 


•t tlM 

-%ltb K OMtiMo por 
IttjomuM on tlM ftfUniooa of May 
94. It will be a provramme to be 
thoroughly enjoyed with six aterllnv 
wrtf «nd the nfth chapter of "The 
iM!fmt«r«« ot Ruth." a 

top feature of the offertas H 

M. With a sttpportinar cast of 
bt people, includlnc a tabloid 
chonu. A beautiful sta«e eet, 
patlnv Strle wlth,«3nejUe«tVoleaa 
wholeeome oomidjr, imIw up the 
vaudevlUe ihjMMil^iiiiiii'lJi of 
mmmm, Vllbia^MmfmM that 
^ . -roIUM ' ^T^P* mpNaeM«« 
. .lOOorgo CihOOk. IplllPiir retfMb* 
TMlnOatlon la needed, ' iMr Mr. Choei 
la i^eocntaMd in theatrical circles aa 
tiM moat suceeeaful producer of 
vandevlUe musical comedies on this 
Itlnent. He has gtvtn the Pan- 
'iMM^AtoMuirbrOUantacta. '"iko 

pt Ifltrv la elMMtf wtth 
vwy boat o| thorn. At tho op««ta« of 
• ^ jAf aterr MMInir up to tlio 
>^p«Mtatatloiu^ told la moUoo 
M, wDloh la aa Interestlnr nov- 
oity. The production has many^ex- 
oeediacly fuaor oMttatloas. 

A feature attrmotloa wtU |po 
Flplfaat." Who to hliM 
TOlo'a Foaaleat OI«ng;r;^ »»^^~.'^to^ a 
whtrliviaid. With oiMliSaOe of a 
,9»Hrm, 'who does some^, . wonderful 
numbUnc" and saves ht^ from mt» 
oral risky - fails' Into the o|bh«otnvi4l 
and other plaea. 'Xlttle PtplfuC' 
will keep the audience laUfhlas all 
the tlno M toion the otace. 

In *fMlhlona Siy V^tue." Alphonso 
Borv will design the latest creations 
of Paris costummrs on Uivlnr models^ 

mm m n 

Doiuble Bill Tomorrow Will In- 
^ elude "The Right of , Way'* 
and "From Kind t««M^th" 

in less than two minutes, and uajbc 


'MmI Mi It Ike 



At p.m. ' 
|o the pp«fi 4a4 enjoy |tfe 

At StuibBB GrooDda 
Mind EavNw Hotel 

Admissipn to ground, 1 5c 


rchestra in 

andloBOe as Mr. Botv -daUtfaa. The 
ladiea wlU be particularly interested 
h) tUa act, ,aa the costumes designed 
are sonreoiia." . j:*, 

,^T.Wft tsmlfi»iVMuiffM. iMTallera,* 
m thi###"onl '«#lpt4|Voav«r 
Brothera. WItIi the •mmalfm' of an 
old binJo.'tboy, iflaa; and dalaok Then 
'Mioir' Play on « pitchfork und aaw, 
and produce real mualc. They have 
one of the best novelty acta on the 
present day stage, and one that will 
produce . as much laughter aa any* 

ttune ^aini ton. .-7; — r;^ 

^ '^''^^^4'^Mi«4aih ''last « 
Uttio TOjMflNiMlt,'' Will provide a 
^*>«fdlirttr ' Vovemi !of soft shoe 
dancing. These two boys are far 
above the average. One does a 
spinning rope dahe that is remark- 
ably clover. The other is an eecentrlo 
soft shoe dancer, Who has few eauals. 

tho olroaic 

B^l-^iaa^, . a- woU'knpwn violin 
artist of the Bastem < eb'aaervitories 
of music.- will complete the l)st of 
hovel and entertaining features with 
* raotrletsd- programrne e{ ppptflnr, 
melodies, classicar seMetloBS aad 

tin' H i I i f --Hi 

-I^Ctar a seareh for ^i«i|t typo 
that kio hw4 otoadaotod^ fdir^'ar month; 
Max#aH Xarg or» ' XMrsetor-Ooaoral of 
Screen Clasfelos, Ihc, ongagad Lea- 
trice Joy to play the leadlnK femi- 
nine role in "Tho Bight of Way." 
whieh. ahMTs at lh« Domi.-*:on Thea- 

^i^SmS^^uiiUr^l ho Metro*? 

CWA LytOll irnease lP»Uowing "Lom- 
ardi. litd." , 

(Miss Joy will be seen as Rosalia 
Bvanturafl, a young . French>Caai|< 

iafltilK l#ltM>^#ftfuI f< 
reVOBMatlon of |i#fkuty'| 
ter a blow %kV«iir ' he 
!the 'Montreal barrister JHPlMo^l 
reeoUotttlon ot his past la '^a 

nOrth^ Canadian wdods Rbsalle Is 
chosea,^|)ecauso of her deep religious 

a story 't>aaed upon an Idea of the 
comedian himself. It conceraa a 
boautlhil -heiress.- A- gang 6f thl^es 
Is deairous of aaaexlng hor fortune. 
Thoy Krtio .Hio girvi attdrpey to johi 
thorn aiD4^« aehama |a formulated for 
r ohWay^j^hi&i^ 0«a d ay the girl. 
whJVs rldiuf aioas th«, street, sees a 
orbwd .'gtvthOrad 'ibout fa boy and « 
tiny, ragged Cirl> She learns that he 
and. the ehird are starved and that 
he has found a purse full of money, 
which proved, when he triad to buy 
some food, to ha countorfottk aha 
paid for , the food aad than rodil 
awajr. Tt^f oonspliatora tall the girl 

^^*>f ^ ^i N W * ^T* * ? flP' ' P»POr,- to algned 
by t«4d|»^d;«l|&i ifta win W* tor- 
felted her fortilne. They plan to kid 
nap her a^d hold her uatil al^errthe 
fatal hour. 'To do the' ^Idnapph^ 
they hire tha boy, but aftar ha <ets 
In the house '^ha flnd^ the arrpf of 
food; la tho lo«^it.4ae tam^tiiir dad 
sattofloa Ma apaotitfu Tha girl mir- 
prly«a;hMn; fu^r,m*ii^i»^riifilM 

nONT nun TNW'siHOW >Tl^CTMnr)DON4 eOMI; ANY BITTlll 



Jack Henry an^ /William 




•any of Pretty Girls 

EAVEi wmm 

Arkansas Travelers 


Bert Lytcll in "The Right Ot'^ffifh^ lil* Doa^bO^ ihit WVak 

\on^ J^fflj^ Presents 


Designing Xht Latest Paris^GSKumesn^rLfrlfii'Moaeb 


a a&jte Differe^^ 


And a Viplin 

4 RutJi Rdand in 

"Hf li'S AnEKTBREr 


tpi^^'VMIlHM^Io ap fa driving down 
0rices of neces^d&y Ms'ti^n taken 
by the Federal Rasenre Board. Gover- 
nor Harding to qndarstood to have In- 
tftnated to Fadant Bawt io bank (Mt 
elpto that thoy should scrutinise care- 
fully the paper they hold as security 
for loans made to the sugar trade to 
the end that more sugar may be made 
avanablo for domestic consumption. 

tt was estimated that probably 
t2f«;»««>00 wai ued up in "ttoain 
loanal" on sugar stocks, and It was 
regarded as probable that (he'b'anlcli' 
would locate any sufcar stocks held 
for Speculative purpoaas' and 'fOhie 
thair dtotrtbtttloa. V / 

I \ ' 1 lAi iisjiitaasaBaaBi 

. M i 'i| i | i ifi| 

MoildAy and Tuesday 
Huds<m Bay Coi^b|i||iy^ 

Magnifleent Film of Adventure in th6 

''The Romanc^ <rf l&e 
Far Fur Coimiry'^ 

Tickets Are Only Gpcx) f<^ PjerfonMncee 
Marked oq Sione 

Majtlbpe P«rfbrmaifees 2:30» 4:30 
Evening Performioicee 6:30, &30 

to find thoy*va ant iMfora, tm tliaga 
daeida to Uko thla(i into their own 
llindB aad kldaap tlia' iirl. The boy 
locates their haunt aad than goes af- 
tcli> the police. He insulto thewhola 
police department and they ohaMr 
hin. Arrlvad at the thtovaa' dan. 
a froe^or-hH flght ^es^^u^ taind 
the thtovea are rounded- «p. TlU girl 
sigaa tha papar atkS, latar, at a loaeh 
eeii9tar,.bothl porform a from-hand- 
ta-aMvth operation with a little love- 
maklag for dowarL., 

BueBLiNG mm in 

Bryant Washburn in "It Pays 
: tb Advertise'' a laudable 

farce to. Be Stio^n Ttils 

Week ' ^ 

Don't Make Any Mistake-HL0ok at Your 


. "It Pays 
comes to tha 
haa^ aa ita 

Badkatt It ; ^ U4ftrf|' to t^a 
sereen fcy Blmer Hanrln. a aoonartot 
of |TMt ability and alao a' playrfght 
or . ao small ' Ooaoeqaenoe. - whUa tt 
19M protdaead aadar the .diraotloa of 
Oaifald. CM a oamedy dltaotOr ok 
tho first I mk>mbtaaAlon ttos 

proved a .iMbny^diia from first to 
taat, InaaaabcA as "It Pays to Adver- 
tiar* to fairtr *i|hbUrtg with 
original humo< while the eoaedy 
sltaattou dgMtoMdl durtag tha 
ooarsa m-tJk» mm§bm of the story 
^ra of aa lacmM ltti ajMkteg aa- 
^re. Tho .ataf* fMM. ^Ih Bad. 
aairv tost days l» ^wi(fir7j>tMhg 
the prssentatlea of a atSUu oomody 
that eonos to toynt Rodaay tofbroad 
to asUw '"b anfifntaiifti of itoa- 
broae PMle,.|lM tAM*«dMie> fOr tha 
■impto rsaaadi «^^lto\ig| 
into Mm haada tkf 

ing ona of tha meaibs g yyiBa show 
Ambrwe, for a oaah «iiMi|a>artp», 
smooths tha «Mtd«' OHT tO lie aat- 

atoo provldea Rodn«r i^iimm*' 
•/ feminine eharoMM to kSi atfMr^ 
his gueats at dlaner that alght. 
Aad do totar whoa Bodaay baa 
b^ told to to to woi* ftt Uto lAta 

■> Adibroda,' ag* a rtvat 
hto father's In th« 
Bodnoy and Am- 
I>tov* to the old man thst th<ry 
are smarter bas in s m men, for. la the 
raa. • »be»r soap la rfeagxrly 

sought after by all retailers Aoa to 
the advertising campaign Ir^tltuted 
in Its behalf, and Cyrus Martin to 
finally obliged to huy tham out. 
Xtr Pava to J^NoftWa** la aasanttoUy 
a oomody 6i jrouag 1nitttuB%J|BfMea 
and aa anoki It 'atittas m t^ffMmBtr 
mark in the line of pictorial humor. 
Such situations aa the hitting upon 
successful adverttolng slogan 
"Thirteen fetoap. Unlucky for Dirt." 
the scanas la the theatre of tha ool- 
lega town and tha maaaH«i^>te«Woh! 
tha yoimg noa laaka BOOd m Vmr 
entarprtos. with praotloally no oa»l- 
tal iMok of tham. hava raraly, If arar, 
been ptfijifttlaH on tlM aorfaa hara- 
tofora.-- • • '■- » ^ ' ■ ' 

Jl^. Waalilwa, akUfvl f^ aotbr 
,tha(i lio to. fi«adin wltat to. probably 
tha alffarait »a^ hto ^a-^: 

tiro oara«r baCara thb aaaiora. as the 
'opilAibUe *tfeidney. He to supported 
by a cast of unusual merit, headed 
by Loto Wilson, who to on the other 
aad ot. tho roouMitlo latorest .of the 
ploture. Walter HIers, the rotund 
comsAan, ifhor was seen to good ad- 
vaatatfa la tha roOant Washlnim pic- 
ture, *'Why smith Left Home." has 
the prpmlnont roto ot Ambrose 
Peale, which he haadlea with a sin- 
cerity and enthustosm which scores 
every point of comedy. Frank Cur- 
rier, the TBteran eharaeter of the 
sc^n, to eaat as Cyrus Martlo. the 
wealthy aeap i^aaufheturar. 


Ua<% it. 

The stbry Itself concerns a younger 
son of a BrltUh noble fhmlly who. has 
no money and cannot earn ainy be* 
eai^e.of the disgrace it would. bo for 
9n% (4 hto station to work lari |( Ufr- 
tag; . Ita rdeddes that' fhi '-^m^t mhw 
to do to to' leave' the country and toil 
bonestty hi a land where hto precious 
fahifly to uiiknown. At the ptor at 
Dover he encounters a pretty young 
Duchass, married to a dissipated 

nobtoman, and hd, falto In love 
At the sama time ^ ialogram reaohas 
him that liH ,4^)•r blather has baap 
kUtod to Mdaat l^a , 
soa^ mmnmf tiM tlUa. ^. of a 
of 4iity« JpB,,|toi9^u^ 

Ha'oapWt BRtOt hto charmer and 
her husband makea life mtoerable for 
her on aoeount of the affair betwaab, 
them. Matters go from had to woraa 
until the young lord to about to 
marry an American helrsas to sooftfis 

fuads to mh-hto ootats. Tha iiiNvllr 
tha. Ddditat lllbtt asiartd^^iaJrU 
sha:.Mwowa « sir aM ^a ta flAr^tiii. 
Tba mttar jiatbra of the youthful 
aab l aiia B prawonta him from marry- 
ing the American girl and on the 
death of the Duchess' dtosl|H4ad (IM- ' 
band he plans to wed bar. poMi|r'Br 
no mone^. Thfn It to.that 90^,mmm 
that he has been awarded a>liM«ie«a 
.>p»^la tha dipiamatio sanrloa* ab4, all 


Empress Hotel Ballroom, Thursday, May 27, 8:30 p.m* 

' UnderWPafrowg^ 0^ the^Vktoik Udfe'i Musical Club 

Prices, $1j6o and 7Sc; pliis Amii^ All seats 

Heinteman & Co., (^em^ 

Elaborate "Set" in Variety's 
• • Soreen- Offering Tomorrow 
Todc Three Weeks to Con- 
struct. : < 

Coamo^ Hamtiton to amoclg tha few 
authors of ihO p r aasnt day wlio wfttd 
storiea about tha appor alrajhun 
Brittah society with any 
fldaltty. More than that, 
lords, and. ladMt real<h 
aad the advattturaa In wlilbli Qiajr 
figvrad entertaining. A,roai«i^iM«| 
from hto pea haa haan do«« HMd a 

motion picture called '^Tho Mitaala of 
Lore." and will ha afeawa •* tlM Va- 
tMty Tliaatra UnmMnt. v.' ^ ... 
"TpM Miracle of Lova~ waa wrtttaa 

i^tt^i^fMMd prodoat of tkaXaao 

4da ata^^ .Wyhdbam 8lMi4ii«L tt to 
to. tha aratti of ' lioey Oottda. tka 
pretty little Texas favorite, that.lMir 
ImporsoaajUfajwl tha Daahob«*boMlM 

. Tke aetlon* to 
by the realty ra mai t i b bi a SMUdb at- 
aloaphore and 
tha dMaoiar and hto 
to auarbbaao ta partiaidar: Oat oT 
Hoaaa dt iMMa la avMaa. wiu the 
hero makina a Aery ^aaa b for- th« 
ri^hti of the common BMai. tbat. to 
unnsnally aveoeaafat fa lvaaaivrkM( 
tho spoeUlors to tho abora of tha 
ThameoL Over thr^r >»irn?ir»^(i 

"m%tmm*' nr* maU^ «p i .. {.y^rt 
• , --lib-- 

.< f.t . » i l i it ii 



Madir OaUf PdfaiH4f 



2149 GranUe St 
Photu 1448 

K>Bment Aroused inamHjp 

t^om Yiie LoMk flbly Telei^raph 

apoaUii Proiin»UKm who ar« 

In fto MIWCittMAC^ DOW 

mpra un»l7 tliar aUt* their caM. 


lUon. the im Mkely to It t» 

lUeU to that Auncepn oflMW 
B«t w» few^ that tha "■;»2?T 
l«t mlaeloharlee wlU have dtaaul- 
A Their or«e4 to one of the thlofa 
Ich our people doea not 

^ ly Incline. Without affectation 

^regret It. Wa had rather have the 
ar«u*d aad tll« ^vo«|t«# heck- 
The ettit o^Projgu^to MWn, 

aatr»UMUi M MffUo 9mtai»n,\6t 
alation JBr^iiPUi(|- ^ 

not thrive . ^ 

I to publlfl vlaiK 8* tra W4MIUI 
the Prohtbklonlata every oppor- 
ty oC apminv out In the open. Thay 
eonlldint. we are aaetarad* af twm 
M complete victory. Mr. '/ohaaon. 
ir prot«|Miy»t in auropa, hM taken 
Jelth irVytnoe. itrhich wtfold aaaoi^ 
rdlnAiy atortaia a aiacularly dark 
difllsvU advanttira; and haa aa- 
ttti wmtm^imtiott, with what 
«poa tltflir aibotkMH wa ara not 
tkat MMa t^ llwta W a f lon «< 
iom «1M «wa vaA lfukfp ^0 9m 
at the ■i^^^K!^^*^ 
a happy aftltata. Tha anMMMo 
ntages of Prohibition anywiNra. 
jthe greatest wlne-producins coun- 
lt\ tha world might mem to ordl- 
mlnda dlffloult to dlacover. hut 
Mr, Johaaon la aqtaai to the aooaalon. 
and more than all, of the preaent 
ita of the vineyards can. their 
era are aaeured, be made by tha 
of srapa<ialce unfermeoted and 

-■mm' " ■ 

ly aad 
r In whteh 
no^ good cheer. But the FrenA pM 
ant muet have ehanse^ his natnra K 
%jU cpnvlneed by Mr. Johnson's eoo- 
AOfiioal prom aoroaa the Atlantic an- 
•iter well-known voice la heard ^ro- 
ihfsyfrig victory. Mr. William Jah« 
mai^ Bryan baa jnet aasnred human- 
.that, though ha la past three aeore» 
kxpacta to live to see the day whan 
iMMoaa btiva p«t on the 
ffiiNdiibltiQB. wHm tM irtioia 

Itfa. tout ira tmr hi - 

Ita of aU m» knii itptm- 
It aaMid UMt aome people In the 
Vnlted avtai are not racdndled to 
ft4 bltoa af tha'iiinenlum. We hear 
df flaoordi and tfi^rtlom In the ranka 
4H V ProMbiaan. Bdiilclitad sutea 
4ms to Moot "wat" governors. The 
#||dlty'^ the ProhlhlUon Uw Is to 
M rehalleittgad baCora tha Buprame 
Airt It la hot Cor iw to attempt to 
Mtail tfea inraa.. What la lagal 

fife ii?S2L^^^j!Ml£ 
"ttA ii ii wit ot iHyMiaaaa 
m aa tf ott for ^UMt ^^f^'^J^ 
' But' iAnoa' thaaa wlw Imvw par*' 

them to put on the atralt 

fViNFirBrid To i»ttdkw oir it». 

we 'have a right to examine 
aohdHlons which it haa produced 
BriM. A humoriat of latanM^ 
llama, Profaaaor Slaphan Laa> 
1mm inat puVllaliad hto oanola- 

^^J5^« Mo ona ^ A*^ 
M IkSiMi tha aMa oFl>M* 
iriat and a Prohlbl- 
m$ tmiuH of tbiaii 
"inttMiMr li*ad6ek' ttfia 
fNiprllir flWMi tlMt ha haa no ai* 
.itft«tlbn for eonyantlona and the es- 
tablished order, no 1 devotion to the 

Eno fear of change. He to not 
at aa laonoaiaatloVletnocrat than 
i Twata. 8o It cannot be hide, 
toottod conservatiam that makaa him 
#rite down ProhlhlUon an "appalling 
dlsanter." He reminds us that the 
Bple of tha^nlted States aa4 the 
^rovlneni of Canada "htfia nev^ 

vwommomMf a tmim vot*^ 
•van bMh oSti^ad ah aMMnnlty 
"'"^ It4 aa«itaa daaliiv£ that M 
iMIihad by the iffgBaliil 

rat of . a "voolferoua fanatical mtn- 
hidlylng the poliUolana. Th% 
movament "proteaaed to he a cam- 

Clgn of religion and patrtottom"; no- 
dy liked to be consptcuoas In dppoa- 

advoeata of ViohtbUtan proeUtaaa 
an aarthly parmdlaa. It la »at dUBcsH 
ta daaide whleh of tb* two la mora 

wttrm would hardly deny, wa aap. 

OMir'anwMa} *1f-rapraaa«ta 
iong paa^on of a certain 8e< 
mankind for Unaoalng by forea upon 
Ita feiiDwa tha tell rltor M ita own 
PWftlctthMr oread of aqnAML" Vkftt. 
tadeed, la thahr boaat Tbey hava ap- 
Minted themaelvea to or^er onr Uvea 
fOr us. If w> deny their commission 
they will use force. Aa reUglotu 
bigotry onea bttnt the bodtoa.of 
h^retloa- lB the ploua' dealra to 
their j m||l^,^^)ap < tif^ :.^nrt!tdm pi 
^<>wi<^< tp^HHMtMtliM BMit vp 


' wa«| to ;«fftil|' aay that wa 

naad vur baar or «ttr %I1M. bla aaawer 
la brially that wa do not know what 
lb ffo#4 for and'Ve must he taught, 
tlibttcll wa ahall not nowadaya be 
btttntf we may be ruined, we may be 
tt t iy H' lato ^riaon an aanta apya 
arldbBoe, but it la raaUy all for our 
good, oven aa It wa« really good for 
the bareOe to be burnt. Bveh la 
fahatlctom today, yaatarday, and for 
Mar. And^tba. arnpMnta which It la 
to- thttft . fiaa are etlU tha 

to malca oatk tiMi aMel, 
4ilMid*-la b«i4 iw tha hoteaa bd^. 
aa If OMra bbd avar baan labk of tha 
lan»M§to a«|f«; thni-at]i«t ballafi; 
^Mr fkaetlaMg wara nUhdii to the 
MuL Bl||otry and padaatry go atar 
hjMi4 in hand. We ara laatrtieted that 
the real dangar la the eomnpiloa of 
tha waakar brathrea. joat aa man 
were burnt and tortured for the dan- 
gar of ^lelr oplnlooa to tha oommon- 
IvMlth. ^a «ai»r«ft ttUi the 

baalth dt tha^Uan and.lta atraagth 
tha ahnmida nf fb»ai>nu 
ad^HkaTaa a«r umn Wfra taU 
thay ooald not proapar if tbay lt«pt 
VP tlM oM euaiena en iaiaty. Itmi 
la AotMng new wuUr tha aan. The 
iMMttaAl aaaati* .k^ntanqrs with us. 
StoVr VrrtObltlMiliHl but old puritan 
■•W** AU^ paople of common 

adIMa aflhlt that< there are dangara la 
the uae of afcohot. ITiere are dan- 
gers In marriage. It haa been held by 
many soptly Aan that we should all 
be celibate, and soma of them haap 
tried to make their or— a general It 
to certain that ooom people ara batttr 
and happier by total ahatlnanea. BotM 

fi>opla, too, are b«ttar 
noe tha woi^ la 4 
hi augar tluui In a 

ifaueh ttwna 
A. tha chll- 
P««i«^ abuntrtaa Of an ade- 
tIMta aapply of a vary Valuable food, 
Wa miggMt to Mr. Johnaon and hto 
fMends a crusade against candy as the 
moat banafloent work' they are Ukely 
to find. In plain eameat, we have to 
aspect. If their praaaat oamnalan 
Mbottld win • parmahaaTaviSSrX 
eztenalon of Ita methoda tb «lhar aub. 

-^'«i»iln^.* aa- aifd to 
.X * It H alioa^ to 
K. itprowa 
by waat it faads oa«~the rfiwrtun to 
•rdar other peopla'a llvMahSfM 
aanae of power. We recogntoa that 
tha mptlvaa of many who aupport It 
•va.Mualrable. So were the motlvea 
Of taa pertecutora of tha paat We 
da aot ahut our oyao to ^tlw «VM-ar 
the abuae of alcohol} — t m». nam - 
to aonport .nli jsnudlMl — — — ^ . 


JWivaatli OoauaaaliMnt. if w^oenld 
ra^ ^nlaobal ptm the worffS! 

^zStlS! p«opi« 

eravlnr 4HWiteiaent or aolaoe. would 
still And meana of latoxlcaUon. There 
^ 'SJf"? enougb. and aJwaya will 
« -JT?** aartaln to that any at- 
tempt by law or by fonoe ta hnnnaa 
a ataadard af purely private Mliuol 
up9n the Individual ba teaaaot 
ehooaa to an iittaii^l^^^tfHShShr 
Immoral. For thdaa w|ia ara aot trom 
to do m mattera whkft dpnaT 
others as they ww aru MbAA 
right la'themaalvaa.^^^^ 

oaaa. w» 

H^ Soul Stirling Romantic Drama of the Caiildlan NortllifVi^ 

As yon doubtless recall, from reading; the famous bopk by $lr Gilbert Parker^ this is a story of modem Canadian life, W narrative of the^rafrt^ro* 
- - <'Bealiiyi!SltlIe» tiie titmiititt ehwm. dissolute Uid'iMt^e^^ uncannily sltilful in liis profession 

... 8ah|Mfr <rf MofltTMl^^^^ H broug:ht him into the !!▼«• of two 

_^ jily save that both were beautiful, constitutes one of the really bif love storiea ^f *od^ times,. It for tha author his koiChthocd 

.,^as U^gjr ff Mr. LyteH's eha^ent of the prindpal rol^rthe ?**?*WlS^^fe^ picture oi^»a phue £qual to thitopcui 


Sg It. ao "eaoh left 
e defence 




of common 
aunon right, and tha 
idalaadad." The aObot 

Bat Ita 
IsiiMiMir XiMMoaira atata 
of tha mmtiB^tllft it baa created 
wbola b g< |fy -|atd85vaa. aplee. and 
omarik -Tha VMeral Qovemment 
beaa dompelled ta aat up a apeelai 
Be td anforee the law. 'nieae have 
ratnforced by inaamarabla 
■pies and Informant la tha 
pa oi aalartad oncers of aittaaaea 
Midtlan'* iKMh to the indepaa- 
obaenrer's ■'Tr-naMmi 
ditioas which th " 







Tha many tttUUbt tm tOt city of 
Mr. Percy c. fhyae. watt kaawn to 
Victoria sportatoen as tha PffaaMaat 
? *I!a2!SK"** l>»^»lct Crteket 
iiiiuw' WiII wish him all succesa 
*t^^L^^ venture as proprietor of 
the Dou«las Cafe, tba haa^aeae raa- 
taurant of the Daaglaa Botol. Mr. 
Payne took over tha aiCb: bMl «nira» 
day, and now bte . 
liaboth worklnii^ ardar. 

l*e,cafe praliar aMta tmty.flve 
▼••pla. aa It 1«„ ardtaartty arranged 
ter dally aervlea. But Mr. Payne ex 
- to have a large baaiaeaa la bah 

■ ^7-: ■■ •:.;•> .-V. " v. ^ .... , j^, . ^ ; V t 

tilatn assodauoft 
Hke, and for thto' 
la particularly 
lai la special 
fMkatlona tha 



othar lav paras ns. 
one of tba.iaaar. 
city, and la loi 
daaly <l >i |Hnl» ft 

Payne la "ohkiiig a spaaialty of 

«lam^kwaRNK>'V.ia., fca. 
ta dlavar avaTy evaptair. 
to newly egataaod mkh 

bM tha 


tba enfa itatft to 
ta tha 
Itad aad 

taoludlag tba Yttm 
•^tad Ubtear ' ' ^ 

feadjauch experlaaoa 
(Maikeaa fh thto city. 
Ip'kbB raeaaUy beea 
. MilwTtatoria 

Mrs. r^^ ifirSs 

wlasNr caMaka taak 

MOnr^mLU lSM^tt^-It waa alat- 
•« tqday by Kvntfty tl. Dmmiboad. 
of tba Caaadlaa Sugar lUOaery, tbirt. 
wblla publtohad nimoru that tie pHn' 

of Riiijiir - f ba 

oenls a i>(,uuu wera 




e Food Act-~Mad« With Plenty of Laus^ kixed Widi Spicef 

Plate for More— CoiiM and Sea K— Just for Ml 


i" 'V 



. , MAY i m 




Heather, English C^e- 
en net Who Accompanied 
Bernhardt in ^udevllie, Is 
Hied This Week ' 

Jtoanw 'ftttm Bocland. rao. 
•I thoash tMyl^g^ b« In their 

Jjuvrtver, AmarlMjutes one of them hm 

by the bund; tkPaholS It. It la nil 
& iriktte« of |«f«ri«nkt.'^ Yitore Are 
fii^ mtooemijti JmmrUiimm 
■i«t With >f#« • ^tgMK the* 
tbeir ilebttt^ OdEFlMUht 

£ncli«h MiMfttonMir «b« 

mifhft llh «unt«« the;itai0»rR. 
•r. at 'any the flMira AM t^ee, 

bmk Included amonir . tutm must be 
JMrtc Heather, the viiuomek 4al»ty 
aonsBter, who Is thevskt of klfhttr 
that ahe waa ohOMwn to aooiMOiinr. 
Mm*. B«nllhrdt on her iSSm 
va«4«vHl« tint. -r T^. 

Wm Heathmr has bfen en«ai«d 

Miher tour. Sha wlU be a«l|rta4 In 

this act by John MclAucblin, a very 

Ultable yeuof einfer and pianiat, and 

Bobble Heather la aonc* and danoea 

aSutntmr mmM^ \^ • ... •»« i» topllner om ttala Wtk't hill at 
od««tiy, MldoMMmMt wlQi the | the QrpUum. 

wfc«i .4^ rMeh thle Jom^ mmtim ie etMl* b«^t|||||ll). 



- blua e^'tlMKl 

— ^plee that come aa^ 1^ 

and a eniBt t^t'f^«t« and «eama by 
turiw mtm, i y«,'% eutlfiirieg5tumea 
'f^ ^^m^^ ^-i H»»weari M^pi 
W mi i iW ge ot IMNT to dJtykiy 
im to beat advaoUse. Her voto 
to aUll aa pleaaantly nraat and chana 
toy aa the reet of her. Md her soatB 
are all orlslniU and mv. 

Perhape t\» n/mik tor XIm 
ili«t|ker's w ym ip , : l^jft^ ooi«Ul9> 


the iWttdevlUa aadi- 
thw. IMe haa MMMd 

.„ , , _ wttngM and 

aavltoh IdftM <tf huaii9r in » gradiutt- 
ed teahlon that malblp l|i ap^l ao 
atronsly here th|M^H placea Mlea 
Heather in the ftai|aiii|i of ainging 
oomedlemiea. . 'J^ • ■ " 


e HoMcfay Spirit >WiH Be in the 
Air, So 



'Mana^ of Juvenile Bostoni- 
anirfake Over Mdpagenient 
pf Amog^ritltert Stage 

'*pld ^Black Joe," '^Old Ken- 
tii^y HonM," eto», Included 
in Programrrte for Mo ' 
Nlg»rt Eveni 


r5 ai 

With the addition of new art!at«, this big 
CaMret offers an entertainment unsurpassed elsc;- 
^^^jC«>*da toda7^ , 19|ie d«u»ce mus^r is always 
ltIHtQ^th«finiQ«te, brigfct, cheerful* and ioststent in 
its inmmmi^t yot 1» ht '*iip iaad '4Ms^aa^t::^iSi^ 

Phone 6981 and KMcnre Yo^ Table 

' : ^ v V. ■ . 

acettsM aatertatneni bX the 

Oo*¥f .fffrtk^lpe' the .coming season, 
Which ahi M gl i# Welcome newH to the 
public of Victoria. The name of the 
eompany wiil be the Bohemians, and 
they have ' arranged h complete 
change of programme each week 
during the season. They will open 
the Parit Monday, May 24, wltb » 
performance which will oktiaely ad- 
here, to the English atohtt ae well 
aad favorably knowi^J^I^^I old 
Cetlatry people. IntnwpimA with the 
latest m Jagi. senltiMBtal and 
Bel«otlons, dtt 

The f#Uowlag Is the pjreffMime for 
the "Cottrahmkr BlhT' whirls to, be 
held eh Monday evening; In tr»at of the 
iRarUament BiiildtagSi comroeaclog at x 
o'clock. In connection with the Kmplre 
I>ay celebration. Mr.,Frsnk J. Sehl will 
conduct, and Miss XonlSe A. 4e W. 
Meore will act as aeeompanlat It wUl 
be BoUced t|Hi:t a iiiajAdtjr df tke a«a>> 
bsra a^ w^lMteowa iwage. the chamaes 
"df which, at leaat. can be Jolaed In 

•'O'.caitoda." ■ 

-pja Fw svar WMrteg SabMfa.**^ 
the Rea»Qt:jUie WofM«e 
v,Oid IW of Mlasr« (whole 
#110 by Ueut a It UlTabb. 
We Meet Again'' s(^e by 
Mlaa Dorothy OoReil). - " i . ^ . . 
iiolo (selected), '']b>. Brijiapt';SuCto!»i<j 

^1 1. 


In . Jan. ; . MoltiMBtai - and i ' . ' ■. : V/. - . . 

aeldotloiw. dtteta, qaartettea '-^ ; .. " , •■ ~ .-V , ' 

k «PIM^. The okmes^ ^^ ^ ' J ft»lH> w lng > p m Bai rTfig 
>|)aiqr ap far encased are a* 4?:±^JS^^I^J^!^ ltj|^:!llear^ 


- Miami ShoM, 
|«, aiaeli Joe:?' 

|4SJri0M VMiajiat Heme." 
if. 'Hy Old Kentucky Home." 
12. "Maova's in de Cold. Cold Oround." 
Bole <seleeted). Miss Dorothy 

"Land of Hope aad aiery." 
"The MfVMtUaiaa." - 

ritiiie. mmmJim^hr idMtt It 

. 7. 






Tickets are now on sale at Navy League Offc«i im4A 
Biild Street, ggdL^^^. Golea, Broad Street. <pr 


New Drill, Hall. Wednesday. 
Jm^9^-^92Q. at 12 o'cfocfe 

Mr. Ernie Impett. who is known 
h^re as an original and varaatUe a# 
tlst of the highest merit '^lidll i* 
welcomed by frleada in ttlvrwh ooni- 
e^y. . • ■ ■ ■ •: . j:-. ' 

Mr. Will UnMik also ;# biTorite 
of the Oorga #i«li>ia||piBei^^ of a few 
years past, will tha ^tha right-hand 
aaalatant of Mr. ImHitt. tOm popidar- 
Ity pt the paat srill re-eaUbliah ItMalf 
during hla engagement at the Qforira. 
^ Mr. DIek Harrison will soon prove 
himself a favorite in the rendering of 
hi« repertoire of the latest BtaeUsh 
and American songs. 

Miss E\-a Barclay has accepted an 
engagement for a feW weeks vUh the 
party, .flhe will be . heard in. cBhrac 

"Mttarisg^rn;.*. >,™,ri 

kaoifn^ae singer arid' dancer of the 
ba^ that can be procured. Miss 
CJPOfl haa Just returned from Bngland 
and has been perouaded to remain 
for the Summer season at the Gorge. 

Miss M«jlly Ross, a charming vocal- 
ist of the UlUng irteh and5. ijibWb^ .Ig 
certain to become popular, r 

Dainty and petite Pad^lW Moore 
will handle the latest Jass, an J will 
the pubBu aa tHe bett Judameiit 
of her ablHtyja im anjrt of the high- 
est order hi tbfe oat>a«ilty and aim as 
a ch&d Unjpemohatdr, sftwtog all tlia 
latear eaiita<» hits in cfimiwJtw. >eif«dtta l^t 

The juvanlle quartette win aiao win * " 

fayot in the oleter way they have of 
delivering their selections. 

The Bohemians have been very for- 
tunate in securing the services of 
Miss Violet Curry, a pianist Of years 
of experience, who will autvM ac- 
conjpanist throughout the aSaaoa 
-k'^I durtog tha aaaaon or- 

"•^'rtUw will 

be introduced«i, ^ 

A vary ptafunnt ' Sdmmer will be 
antl^t ad at^Cij^Chgy, 



day. . , 

J. H. Brownlee. a . farnuHP.J :#^1 
known surveyor and real astf ta agitttt. 
•of yictorla. returned. «».tlk».«i^ Jt|at 
Mon^V nfiar an atMM^ eC KM#y 
years., Mr, SrpirBlealKM/tha titiioit 
moi^Mr lit tlSti. ii0aivSS^ mSTot 
Motthl. »e#iii 1^ I* the ear^ 
aMc la .daaliaettoit therewith 
«ian allde on the sum- 
mit of the hill. Trie buming'of this 


$1.50 (Limited to 300) 

■^ -^Waly' 

dews agency rei 
first exchange of 

Sea. says aa tlwshange 

dispatob tn|»m ftome. The goods to 
l^%Rent /from Italy, the report ^ aaya 
I will consist^ of 80,000.000 lire Wttrth 

of medical suppUes, to be esohanged 

'or an equivalent amo <ittt M wheat 


•T^L6*ytt. M©;, liiiy Si.-Prlcea con- 
tinued td show a decline at the Spring 
auction of the iaternatlonal fur ex- 
change here today, pelts being 30 to 21 
per cent lower than in the February 
market. «ales approximate |S«0,000. 

Jl^Sl'^JI"*' PrtMlPal Of. 

ferhMla. high gradea of the former 

, or 

iParadise Restored 

/fesrW. S. CANNELL 


Princess Theatre, Sunday. 

AlU^ IN' 



Mif Ohwks, 

WMiMljr Healtl 

Women who ara.ail 0n/L 

i^^L?*"***^ Penid-coin- 

Jrtle real Joy of living is best. known 
to thoae who keep the blood pure 
and the system toned by the use of 
Dr. Hamilton's Pl||a. a soothing toni.- 
laxativa^that puts hoaUh. vim and 
thoMi wbo ]a«fe tiMae 

II be a 


And Studio of Music 


It Ho«ac> 

th4 aa^hanewl; old vioKnt at m<^erate pi 
'»o ewrytMpir k yioHn acceseoriei \ 
ns g^ven. Tcrau, fl.W OCT hali hMr 

:.r,.,,,- v*rv Spf.Mi Ho»i.lay Barfakii. Fhom &9S2 

/ 111 <! ■ 


better aoar- 
•Plrits. aad aisap 

jJfM^Marfol . Madlaise ^1 
^ 9im la a hnndMsi way% ft wilt 

arlBhtaanB la your eyM. and on your 
- will he Mumped the glow and 
a Ja»e rmf. am this la 

Of. T7 iiiii!i(,f|*g Pllla 

leei aaaimiuiii..... oiood and a 

<" rkfng 9f a» the ovitoa. 

ill. t.f neem from l»rr Hamihon'a 

51 Fllla tKnna abavt in a natiin«l aooth- 
.lime -1,, 1, t» w>Jrt 

blr all 4aklers la iU: bo^r^ 

slide years ago was a moat spectacular 
a (fair. 

Miss Elsie Smith, wh9 has been 
spending the Winter in Log Angelas, 
Cal., rntunmrt 'Vf^a>J|pjLliil iffli'M" 
day to wjMtfjiwpj^^ 


Amongst those 'who ^are aliaiiily 
leaving the ViStorla Club after h 
long residence there is Miss O'Rourl^e. 
who will spend a couple of weeks 
with friends hi the city prior to leav 
Ing for Ireland to spend the 
Miss McDonnell, who was 
a< the a c. " 
ly. hai left 

MlSs Bmily Elworthy' and her 
brother, Mr. F. G. Elworthy. arrived 
In the city yesterday morning to 
spend the holiday ire|»k-end with 
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. F, 
worthy, Menzles Street. Miss BIwor 
thy will have as her house gudata 
until after the .kaUdajr feettvttlea. Miss 
Vlpfaaaa MoFlianwa and wam OmM 
' lnr»-'Oriraaaottv«ri 

It waa with the deepest regret that 
the offlc^ra and member* of Victoria 
H^eview, No. 1. W. B. A. of Maccabees, 
received the sad news of the death 
of Mrs. Josephine Orite. Past Com 
mander of IS 19-20. During the first 
three years of the war the late Mrs. 
Grlce, then Commander, guided thi 
activities of the review, which includ 
ed much Red Croair and. other war 
work. 8h«^ was ahtf . tjftf reviews 
represahtative for f oar yaafy to the 
Local Coimoll of W< 
nn'i laiMred ':)iMi|MiM(^ 
P«it yean 'fi^a«'''b«ttaftt. at MiMew. 
althoaeh tter tltaiart was sorely tried 
by the abatnae •( her five sons over 
seaa Mar smtling face and cheery 
dUqMsltioa aellt lonr be remembered 
by the members. The sympathy of 
Victoria Review, No. 1. goes out to 
the husband, sons aad daughter 
thf ir barsi|9*m«Bt. 
^liaatviBd^ at the Victoria 

Chib. Caidpbell Building. Mr. Oarry 
M. Hem«lror(lw city a««tti for tha 
Canadian Katlenal Rallwaya. enter 
talned at a dallghtfuily Informal 
Danelhf. continued frfia • 
until >:»•. Nfcwitt's oretreatra 
Ing an eCpfolaUy pleasing pro 
of tha latdet and most popu 
iraiataara BaUoons and 
#ere bttroduoed durifig 
the ievenlns, their use addtag much 
to the gdiety at tjha oMaaloi^. a de- 
licious buffet supiMr wii a«rtad about 
midnight The following 
tended as ehaperens: Mias A 
c*tt, M^s. Perrabee, Mrs. 
Mrs, Catdsfwood and Mra. IJgM^ 
Yottng. 'Among* thoae pfcaimtt&e: 
t»a Miaaas 1^ D«mbl«to«. Hafeert 
K. MK«-h«rn. D. Qulne, iSJ. 
, M. Evans. B. Innls. M. Legg. O 
POBtlfex. 0. Rolls. D. Bmm. V. Har 
T. Walker. C HayMad. W 
V. Joaephs. ». 
Whltnea. V. 

»^rd. W. WlBtfa. M. Met>otiaM, 
McMillan. F. O aM> — . M. Tarry. 
TMTy. E. Smith. K. BayUaa, C, Qray 
^Ly***' O^aeaweied. k. Ai 
bett, ft. praaa 9, JMwU. o. Ftort 
K Itobtaaan. B. 
H. Allan. M. Cntlh 
Wt Tm^.'W. AHB' 

i. 'ft McFniyre 

rtry. r. MeOralr. jr. epeck. d. Far 
rabea. J. Allen. H. JonsaL C 
vr tMSMm^ 

IL Itarmond^ 


the i^bko 'j^rleea o^ 
sho'wn on 'Monday 
mber of cltisens rep- 
.tive of the interests with which 
le iMkI been mo«e partlbularly Identi- 
fied met In the council chamber apd 
presented parting gifts. aooampanleA 
b.v words of sincere appreciation and 
best wlahe* for Mr. and Mm. Forritt, 
and fiimlQ^ , UjL th#rv aam r^koma; 
'British CatBOAtt, ' ~ 

;ihe preseatiiliii^riHiUl^ 
il^i^rmal. several (Bltixens made short 
%ddras8es. bonald Ross, the Qrat 
'speaker, said that whUe they were 
delighted to be able to present theea 
fartlclca aa a reminder of the genuine' 
friends left behind' In Barrle, the , 
more important , thing was that the 
,oecai|on afforded an opportenity «f 
>ablhMy 3^»caanMJl«' tha vaithibte ser- 
tfrt Mr. Forrltt. Mr. 
*dlhrflf lihd family left an J 
Tuesday morning for Victoria, B.C. 

Mrs. t. H. Hardle, wha bsa bean 
away for the paat three lUra^ta vlslt> 
ipg |i|^ep<(|i#i Vane««|yer. ,0ei|ttle and 

M9ii4iyr, Ta^ audi Wtiliifsiif^ 

Cosmopolitan Prodncti^ii 


Her C^s^mtrnqt Said l^o!— # tkmig Md bwplrsfl the ML 

^ !# «ild:ye«, for this was the man Coiil© iWiaHtoo's fsmoes ttory that ttl^«d 

' Hma «B|oU^ tad idiir im itfa 'The MItkIc of Lara." 




Good Miiik. UwW 



materials ^^re use are positively the most durable 'that 
cao be obtatfied. Considqriiur these feAtmes of our 
•Ittivkt/we €tki Jiii^*^^ the deirtia ^«v|r)c we 
do IS as permanent and as satislactcMy'it lt |a |m^^ 

;»fa|atn iui;^where-r-at any price^^. 


Pff^.lft KfjfVoMs B^Qjldinv, comer Ystes sn<| Poaglas Streets 


♦ iifi>/^. 


; =>; of GoTimph Symptoms 

mMt lir«AM«M of t 
M*at joat B«W Vsfliintaif -la "«|91«a| 
rcesarpb ts soarMV M yff fully^imi 
il«r«toed. This* who art mMt lit 
Umiiuty M*oei«t«d wUb tba tr«Q4 
of thought noir b«comlni( doi^inaat 
reotirnis* that a r«Totutton Is In 
pr«|^«as and tltat mueli of what li 
lookei upon aa kiiowladlNi tsii|«ar «rl|4 
tomorrow b« eaat aaMle. y * 

Wa laiir yhra aoeiia arniia ttlMtiiai 
tJoaa. ICany poopla anlM^'ANljil 
ovar the araa of tho h^Kf '''''fkSa^ 
times thia pain is aocompanie<i by 
tenfernesfl ot the skin. The queatlbn 
nataraDjr occurs to the attlletatf 
paraon: 4oea this denote a. aerious 
iiaaua of mr heart, or, Jf not, what 
" t(M»IS^ »ar- 

bapa^ mimiiiM laiia wroaa oC the 
miat ^Mi.^ alt <il*atlpaa hi hu- 
Mjaa BiadtoliMli to anawa^. it oae 
must know:-7(t> Whathar.., or not 
dtaeaae or amjbarmaainant 4nf/an or* 
fan /rorklaar l^aUe the hp<|y can 
prodnoa aitm9*»ta» on the aurfaceef 
tho httir-^o-. on tlur other aide of 
the Hha hi thia- eaaa: W1» what 
"««nV4 igtfit ed^ t^ t, J»a tp 

trooi^ ^%-^@NK^S«*daapS 
la able to express Itselt' hk the skin 
and muscles of the surfapa)' CS) Bow 
to Hfitetpret the .pain and jtendernesa 
In tema of deeper mlsphlef'-^tbat la 
to 4ar. how, to ■ viatmyuish hotween 
PMa ^d ta Bj U «M pw . that,do xSnV olf- 
alf!r a tarlPiPmtfttlba^aiid thooa 
#IM«h< Biark . tfea./fli«Matift of 'f«|ve 
diaeaae: (4) ITbSuiitr the mlachlef 
exp r e s se d by the pain and tepder- 
neaa [ft artsln* m th^ hfart as a 
ptecp of oriiln. or whathar the em- 
^at ot/lha l^adpla maraiy 

lent of The London Tinier 

fVpendhc no dHaaaa of 
aaother oaiia the 
«aaui a b acSaa «fr«« «|Mi' 
over tho haart la a)Mlii» 'tMi 
taMemia* vaa teaad to ooeur oaiy 
whan aMaolM kt tnaah favor ware la 



To make and give -the best value p6ssible has 

"WWr. mic t^|i!e#IW our best adverti^ 
is fr^ tn everi^growinif number of 

I' » jiVi i^^"' 



^ |«|0 for tho eMlTMid m ABB PIAlipi 

lOOS OsvwaniiBi Strtit 

li.iKii{lmi 4l:sL, Ltii. 



^DM BroM Stiiit 

Our Method: IVea 

Ton and lOQ PMuiitt tt 

Thai reader will see that eaoh ot 

aw*y^ '^i r^r!i ! ?SiiL^^aanli 
aa «ha heart eaittat llMiMs Mia 
aa* taMaraaaa aa titr ^ 
dpetar oaa ten his patlcmt at once 
that there la no need to worry and 
that thIa ailment Is only- ' todae a l kr.'* 
But so lone aa doubt exists wat, kind 
of statement cannot be ma<^ ' Kor is 
It any rent ansff^ 'ta UstM ' ip the 
Uai^t with'' a ttmiii^^ 
'hMT'iko a#nornsM'PsWii- M ..da* 
eliro the otgpn is^iM sevi^ir^M!' thaa 
ravitata <S« iNithi'"to the reaton of 
tsMlap. - fThhi la ^the method 'eem> 
monly employed at preeent) ISThe 

1^01^ Is th^ there are nnmha#BOt 

^ ... , 

Now aayona oaa aaa the val«a 9t 
kaawMlpa wIMeh waaW aaahla oaa 
•laipta,avm9taia at tUa khid to he 
latamie^ antdtly. h tha doctor 
aaqid. l^aiaiiM*, mr. ^Mr daar stir. 

dkMa#Bk Wt df fit a«Mr.aatiT* liaart. 
tho aaaao 'hatair-nalarUi fever, and 
tha aara tha treatment of malaria.'* 
pa would deee c ve well of hia paUenC 
Uhhapplly we have not attained thla 
Ideal even for that one aymptoni — 
y»<> there are huadreda of other 
ivmptoma thp very mean* of i^rodac- 
***** iliwwi^d |a nys- 


It la *^Amm§m ta*k aC aolvln* 

5F""22l *V JjSWSitliat U iaaaay. 
l!**^' ^™ ' *"» W have ta laam how 
t?fc?5^^ «rh»pt«wa--la itaalf a vast 
Pjjr^a asHst heat laam what the 

SSw&S!! 2^ •'L* ***** • 
^S^ZIiK^'^'^ P«^uoed. 
li^IiSr «a*«>«r of pro- 

fiw^^ aymptoma are an- 

»„? f orltlolam. 
But If our view of the way a a^p. 
torn la produced la ineorraet alTaar 
deductlona fraa that aynptottT %ni 

work, useful aa It ki. win ait — 
pass thla queat. Wo mttat M 


e««tL!lf"< fc»^l«d»e poaalhly he 

|f dht Of <M«v f^ni^ for eaaiMttk 
•howlna n partie^lar kind of syS?^ 
so are dead in a year, whaiaaa 
of aaother ;«9 imfWia niHlSS 

aS& * *^ aaa ip. W la 

ondsr Healtli Ri 

A HERB Remedy wtaidi is today cimfltit relief to tbousanlrli 
XV ing from di$easei A medicine that contains no akohol*i<d 
entirely to tbe'wwiderfiil lpedlciii«l|Mn^ ql llfH* to do iS- work. , 

remedy ever offered asyprotchiS Wondcf Heklth Restorer in rellcritip _ ^ 
AcliBf ;4v«cthf 00 the bloody i«M «^ mtiade. ev«y iirft. 

'- "^' GtM'Af 'Mina StaoMleli 

^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ' ^^^^ j^^av^^^^p^^^p ^^^^^^^w^^^v^^w 


li la witb aniat piiaanpi t 

am new aMa to eat i 

asriiled from alaSi iStT. ^ 
Iwaat tatethe TjsiTda a I bP' 

Sm^ a'latrio'^ulSMra!!^ aaf^'a^a 
warned on^ oomtn «jgut "lM>at^ 

to dim«^ iTeSS^a^K 
eio.. and last January I had a 
reeurreaee of uloera and atour- 

A CMC of BlMdlr 

.Hr. areaka ISM 

tei I decided 
tdly say 
was en- 



^iJi r*''i^?^_r"«» thorafo** 
• a neord ef a^ptoPip af ^1 

?f^^y^ . <nii»nlflcant 
'1?^. 5?" to ha. In the aeomid 
•a« 1? knowledae of tka 

jM^-tajrWdk theae aymptom* are 
<»uaed--how they came to manlfeat. 
thamaelvaa. That knowing wUl «- 
veal tha meaala* of thaTySatSa 2a 

^laUoB to dlaaaa»i*^'thS 

aliment;), of the heart which dO not ■yti;kptoai wUI hoooMaalMv t^vlim!Z 

^•*«'d«>r. l>teally|ta|aiaat adear 

'tba-jto a dd 'mn i i i i i p i may ariaa 
from heart mls^iilac, - tko Ihdt that 
tha aUthoacopo telle nothlnf affords 
Uttle help. 

Mor do the other Ipatnunaata hi 
uaa oarry ua auidh farther. Ivia pub- 
lic, fa dnlr Impressed whda aa ^'^ImC' 
tsioNptotarp" a( tha hoarC li 'ldkpn. 

H idt y diad ld iaf a ay iaila very 
Itttlo. after alL It Is naaftfl in* hiter- 
pretlnc the nature of an ' Irrevdlar 
hearti^t affords little or no lndlea> 
tlon of the meaning of pain andtan-v 
demeaa aS'a,n IndiM^on of r 
Tha.X-ray icliilpslie III ttp «i 

^, not reidled. 

Wh ai^ atin faea to face with tha 
patient who still asks: "Ig thla pain 
of mine a serious or not a serious 
symptom?" Ijet us be quite ofaar. 
Th^ myatery. aor i« there any 
BwcJe wer to aaawar. vW*^ I" ro* 

any, of deep organs on aurfaee pain. 
Without that knowledte the paUenta' 
question cannot be anawprad* • Ha 
aaa«bine will answer It. ^ 
. A maaavenr at.Ot. Anfrawa 

tn poUt of^ct. a pap^ on thla 
aubjeot MM ^ust been pubUahed from 

ha lw«d|S* to say 'thla ^ptom la 
due ta the Infaotlon of ~. and caji be 
removed by enrtair that lafaetkm." 
in another 'thta aymptpin taJESaa a 

FiM IlM aiapo of cv^ aad Hh alaaia. 
Ja«e^ «• UiHit fT itiieriaiarii 

Bt AndhtWs, by Sir Jajam liaafcaasla. 

' atMd evident, ai 
of oarifpl ^eerv. 


mtmp ooUeatars have heea aa'iWMiB. 

a new Oara^ll^'^ilyny; '^hleii 
bPgianinK to aMaar fa thla 
St Is a biifo PMlf aialaat a 
raemnaular >>i«rltirroubd. Aroaad jthe 
ovak appeal i. words "tHutabhe 
NatflBiJTenMauaiaaA'' whMh il/SmtgH" 
Ir jinsiatad, aMaaa Osfaa W MIena l 

~1 ^ Waa ami aMMara a aisOlil 
h lajsMilan.aMwii anpnaaat and 
AtHmmmrm lailiankn a saatioa of 

iSwUt at a^^oa., aat^af whkth 
m four Mdrer 


Mrln« Ihoota. tt 

(h<? Oiingr In toCo 


It baa beM fi^ad «hat ISm uae e( a 

Xa thla paper It Is 

iha foMitlM MM> • 
atlbn, tail' ittilMrt (and ^th^ dWp 
Ma> aaa aaC doaa atteet aa^satiaa 
tUS ilMaea af the hody. Farther, 
that thto aaaaatlpa la produced not 
diroeUy, hat Inllreetly threush tha 
aervaua ajrstem. nnally. that the pain 
and tenderness do afford an lndlo«> 
tlon of what to coins on In the heart 
and can be InUrpreted In this Ililit. 

Thla . raaearch then haa resulted in 
a power to aaawar a tnM|M|Mlauei|r 
Important queatlan with aaiwirMelia 
allsht daareo of oartaintr*^ jivaH^ak 
wa are aot naarfar at Qia mA'^W tii 
mattar^ 'For w» have atNl •a.«s|| tha^ 
pi^tiRK^,War maeh ar h^MSSL hiT 
pahiii ifijiiijk:v«rlipt easiMMi it, antf 

to diaaasa In the 
or to disea s e elsewhere 
aaeendsty effect oa iha 

At p^Ment We do not poaaeep tha 
hdowlttdd* neofoiiaiy to 'aUow,lu to 
anawer thaaa qneatlons with odMaln> 
ty; Yet thla, - - - 
ature. A 
With pala 'Over tha 
^ioaa. ItWaafpoSi 


aia. >iaaa< 

pail an« 

ta time. 

the new reMMstileh to 
out of the old. Bat thpfo 
aoeaatomed ta f|ra«w tha 
hehhid instmto of this sort 
taalst that i^'^laiar i«trerinc ahaau 
naaaa poma thlm'j NiMlHt One im«i^ 
pretax ttaa a«at$hd that theg^aiaed f«v 
"royalty, army, navy ajid vavhataAr 
-torn." Tha explanaUon aeema fkf 
fetohed. An Inquiry made of a aMm* . 
her of the Oermaa praaa btaacht'' 
forth the InformaUoA tliat ihk iiilihBl 
stood for nothing hat ' 
dorooeracy gr 
stump of moi 

jaer. wliaa reprea«Maili«ha of all paa. 
Ilea aiat lo, ^Pipaa^a a oaatrsi o«v> 
anunant. wftan dafcad to give tha 
i haa nlna of the tear ahoot% ha aaid 
that to hto beat takowMM thMi waa 
aoao: the nambor - ^ 
aooldeatal StUI. 

later ItJIlf^MHirThir iha had'< 
4«>deaa|pBili^ «^ that the taader 
»T ^ wi«n"^»pM atoo tfrom 
time «s tlm^lB^ aa tha h^ taader- 

•^•^ t^^' <»Ppniim an ap. 
peadlx; <Mir4 of heart iMtkt0hm^ in. 

fer«nc<t; hoart \<t:\v.K potoaoad 

Kow Tork 

mmmg, mil ii 
.ta dhMV^TWi 
sutrda aiaaa.^ 


_} t 

,. far 

!T TO .•♦*i>Y bW»»flt->«t 

«hom4 ftecpiMiraJly ^^..i.iirj 

, ^ ... ( h» 

t>o4 apot M- ai«eaVor acalp 
■V* ear aedtmeet. grt 


C 9. WL 

nun^BRicrON, n. 
f»K% ol train '^'^ "n 

dhi* Vh 

«a » 

»n*at at the Man fSahi was 
amaahad PP, tsalainaa and 
gers eeeaNtf wtlh their Uvea 

B.. May 

ofl tho 

' Vrom Be 

ii«d Into a way 
aa the 

Stops Hair Coming Out; 
D9Mbi«s Jts Benity* 

of madlcal reaeaTbh 
waioh proceeds upon other Unes ta 
that It Is ao often forced to work on 
assumptions. An llluativtkHi mlaht S 


t wiid*a^'>i # ft artee/^r ^hat 
* - J t* ••JI^ set to to examine 
••^ ••sod W' piinpus who are giddy. 

If**']'**** *««*«n ohangae 
la this blood. We shall uae hich? 
technical procMaea^ m^y ^mpS?? 
very careful aad hrlUkmt method had 
W puraae oar .Wovit wtth^Stalte 

^ ' " .f*^ iwle thd hlood 

■ff* *f.,aeWM a alterations, if we are 

■ ?T*"?f* then attempt to 

explain the one aign in terms of the 

uSf" '^^ ***** *<»«ao«a tha 

hwod shows these changes thatadasa 
4ha patiaat to dddy. avMi so wakSa 

aja^^Jla l#oOntmon cause not yet 
dMeovared. If thto be so then our ex 
Plaaatlon to worthless, and any treat 
taont based on it will be worthlhM 
atoo. The chaneea agalaat aaah A 
laethod prevfn# siininSifui atK as aui 
ha seen, long ones. • 

It Instead of thls^ irallad h^tha ^ 
trying to And out what giddineaa was. 
nparlt waa prodaeed, why it waa pro. 

and If we had been fortunate 
aaough to gain a full Understanding 
of thto aymptam. we mnia have aSS 
rived at the oauae underlying it. Then, 
and then only, wadld treaimant hP' 

Ht to nothlBK abiiM ^ 

aria what the 'wonder Cafe baa 
done for me. r h»v« Mifr«if«d 
from rtaeumatism and btodder 

Havlnc aneWa of aeme of my 
netorbpera aelMr eurad t>y thU 
paful medlolB 

irl. SPOOKS.. 

Mrs. C. C. Teant. realdlng at 
the Aibbotaford Hotel. Vanemi- 
var. pormita us to uae her 
name In conqaeHoa wfUi the 
marvelous banaftts of tVaaOer 
Health (Reamrer for rtiewnia- 
tiam. aha haa bean taking tha 
r«nady aot a abort Ume. but. 
hi mi* brief period hac nb- 
t«ned aueh reltor aa to c»n- 
2»S# her ee Its wooderfol 
power and to ««oemmend It ta 
aB sufferers from rheumattsra. 

lay coa^Raetad .... 

a^Htctorfcr a^w We 
told me when 1 waa 
I Bboold have to «ai 
oneantloa. Bat I 
nate enooah to 
Wonder Health 

after one moat1i*o vrannaaaa^ 
eould keep milk er? aa egk 
down and walk aroond thh 
t«»m^ without the Infease pam 

M saved f 

i« www- 

No known re^nedy approachea Woi 
Kbeumatiam «veiir tonn; Aiihiiui iu« ■» 
tqij^. Ndfvott. Itoeltses, Kl^nBd ft 

Apfc Your Dralnrtst lot, tW« * a. 
Bofkjet. It deals with facts. * a£! 

Mtti Restorer for the succelsful tredikment <»f 
Mil cbMiplatnts; lodigeftion tad Stomach 
id4el^rt0il^W«te.^, > 

"Wonder Health llasl|Biw.May.«ilNircHaaad at 

.V . ... ... . . .. . . 

M'a Dni|; Store, Vietoridk Wbitdj 
OtMltat^ Druf Store, Vttteria Wott. A, C 
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The W. Y. lUcGMwr-Burr 

646 Ui^Mt A^nmm VietBriB Dttribtttora forJBlC • I t 



, . jntOE TO ALASKA 

^ . --J^j^tt^^^^ ' Iaa^^^.^M 

sWW VMtK, iday tS.-HMi air* 
ptoaa pathftndlag ftkiht la di^ ta M 

PacMe CSsaal Slataa. S. K. Chm. an 
atowafl m a aaf aat u rer. announced 
Besa taday. The initfal aight will be 
made ever the thousand miles of im* 
paasahle territory hetween Seattle 
and Sk&cw ay. Alaaka. If this is 

WmBKATVLB. 1^ »2.— No trial alr- 
ptaoMcahia a iito pn> taeuieo to to 
ho laid franilBtaswajr ;^iona tha 

yafcoij to at. M^haare a^feisi^ a«; 

plane night to Alaaka this year to In 
centanipl^tflsa 'h|^ tha Aera Clah of 
the Northwest. Preaileat D. Is.:! 
WhlU, of tha elah. siata4 taday. 
\^'^ .kr^^l'^ ~^'\^^ had heaa under can.! 

'I5l'»'?i5?^?j!l!^l»'*»^»^^ti •*««»»*»Wi. aald President White, but I 
torir. ^«hwBlghf/ ic waa stattd. W t# tha etah hhd been obiijied definitely! 

te postpone It for a yfpr. Tf ouch, 
an experiment waa to he undertaken ' 
a poaalbia extenaton of tha fm- 

W ■ Ps ii y iH^ ^ U»o Aero Cluh of 
tho WKSmttn. The route of the 
first thousand miles between Saaltle 
and Skagway Ineludan Victoria. Bel- 

lingham. Vaaeod^. arlaap aittpert, 
Ketchikan, * Wrangel, Petofphanr aM 


itho cluh waa liot " 

^ - - — - » work fpr 
-J^^^^ ^f^^h the early and 
*'^r"'.**' Syasptoma of 111. 

saUh, I.e.. general piacUUonera. Only 
they can da It; If they are not 
to this and progreee will not be 

Wdaae the «s«th at «m Bivl«t that no 

?i4i^^. ^lU"^*^' ^0/ has not 
aitBpr hliasetf haea a general practi. 
tlPner or been in oloee pereonal touch 
With the alma and dIflloulUea of gen* 
jpial practice. 


Tho ttmae -ata 

f asoura 

?he aaeleat Wtodom and her waya 
he qutot telk are evarhorne. 

irtdT^-SiBT*? ^ 

,HardJ*af|t,^iPPfe:^^^ to 

)Oaly the had ata iiiiMkilit 
«ska hoedi take B«^l 

tftiot aad Luxury aad Anfe 
Co f orwar»t^ttel» jw tela fPi 

lara Uha aSEKda (Ba eoal. 

tt Ika vaB. 

*«4 Beedf " 
.^e need oar^BUBsnf pdlriBr wafi^ • 

^IfM^aedi thka 

ao.. Mar tr^w. b. 
. >s p e spa B ta tha 

llS.sie tn LibertT 

an<i Rtook c*niAeaiaa 

• nd told plaeee vataad at 9t%, BbW>» 
Axr aanooaoad ho ha« tadM'drBdt 

the watehea v • 

^hes* be drrant^ii ifji n^* 

a I 

in aU ^ 
tina— afPtr ad|i 
tekiilh n 

Glowing health is daired by all— many people try divert 
methods to attain a high <iegree of fitness^-but itw really 
know that, lasting wcll-behig quicl^ly comes from Ju4icbus 
exercise and nature's own rejuVenator*-^ 

% 'N 



PhyaM atrangth la baauty^and baadty depattda larfafy an 
viltfBua health. Bat moat people have a.«Bia(Bld«I Idea af 
bdaiHr Md fUBk tha wordAppiUf only to tha facaBB4 mkmmt 
fatn, BBd IMW afiBB hava wa iaail b MgyM^ 
whoaa iMBllh ai^ ba aa|r goad aBBBglk tMPIlthla bbmi^ 
ahow tamporarily and ia a iriMrt w^ Oj^rar IhPb^b 
wriaklaa wbkb hawe cooTkmc before their tiaia-^ they 
hBva a nrtma.'' ttaa dally uaa of OUv^ OU* 
farfa«toii a« tiM laiida aa waU aa Oft the BBtiiA 

Ybb wiU iaA your mental equipment reapood with aa alahaaaa 
that iiiam i'l t il lai iiiaiioriBjwaBaaf yoq, 1|%!bm^Vlq{ib» OSva 
OU id tteflMr^tba fiiat light praaa al tha teafdiaaad aBtia al 
aoaar ItOfl Oa tte BMdn, wHara tha baa^ 4i««|KBit^iidrff 
gtaw, thla para oa la plaeBd te tiM trafy 


nr m iw^yB fc Ordtfr a «<a «f (A« stoe MB 
dprf 4a asv« 0«r hookut 'TAs Uviit t9 
dai^ fpd im ttt iur~**n4 fir #. 



Bloaters for Breakfast 

By )?. C R, 



I Imv* tMM urged for aoxBB time tagf 

yi*, editor to dMi with thU maKter 
MMkAligi for biwkteat. Thcro !■ 
!HliW« oC'iittbJeats. be has 
of wi^h ymi-^fwnlnK my'* 
for obvl^tM roaaoM 
jpMttwr. . By til* oir«Mim<^ 

your unfortanAte Sq»«ra»BeM. Md 1^ 
a cerfaua freedom 1 halv* noticed lif 
you from th« inhibitions prencribed 
of {be more rellned and Bheitered 
UvM ot 'the rout of my «ufV. you art 
w«U attod to doal with thoee vubieetc 
It 'is unfortaiute» of ooume, he haf 
' coKtlnued In hl(i ' direct. • yet aot un^ 
klndttf.''. mamier. that your mental 
equlnn^enit la not eo well found m %■ 
ooald wl»h it to be- And your at^le. 

e has added,< la. aJmoat too alovcnly 
even for. ppUtical qorreapondence. But 
i mli, ht has oonchtdedt 
^IM|t«iSir: hai^j^ for who4 
bjr tlioee naUiMil dleadvai^ 
of youra I havf indleatei, ye#» 
Ifot itnfltted to Otttl : Of thoae' 
ta X have selected/one foi> a^fUm 
eaeny. . It la importafit and eertoua. 
And af I have .observed that you ste4 
destitute of ' the* least gift of even 

T^HnyfUr, J Wf^y jp-* you t» 

proceed wlt^»iiv7glr1^ X 

«e>^.vBreiN|rf 'Boi more than te* 
tlidttstnd wo^. on the subject of 
bloaters fof^ l>f<wyH^ Tim mr ohM^ 
to myself. 

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2612 B nigp 333h» 




By,;* Pliysictan In The Lrfmdoa 
pally Mall' . 

r '■Mt paonilar and 

the '^iiiMft' lntlpl of an axpreaslOns. 
and It !■ itihcreat in some people and 
not In others, for the tendency to 
blusblna certainly nina In ftukiUiiM. 

XJniik^ the exprepaion of otihar amo< 
^Wi 2^*^ jlwy , . ka eauaad by 
l>N9#aaf^:iiiMai, wa MtMWt oa«aa' a 
blnah by a»y nation «f Ilia body^t 
la the inind which must be affected. 
Blushtna la not Only involuntary, but 
also the wish to restrain It by lead- 
iRK, tt^ saJf-attentlon, actually ia- 
Ihreaaes thtf tendency to' bhish. 

^It has been aald that blushinc .Is 
acquired as a aandl orhafneat: in 
support of whleirciiaerjr (he* argument 
.is ptu. ianaaM 
adds tiM ^at^ ,._ 
,incida»tWur It la <*^L_ 
men candidates for the harem, knd 
for the special seraarllo of the Bultan, 
who are capable of. blushing Invari- 
ably fetch a higher price! 

But the true cause of this strange 
expression la the Intimate fHaadahlp 
between (tbe aenaory nerves at« th* 
teef tlw nl'ft«tA «^l>UlpilM.SlMfa 
iO»Vly of blaod is ra««MtU 7|qr :tlMaa 
nerves. Thus anything whieli directs 
attention, perhaps only indirectly, to 
the face puts into action its sensitive 

Now, when an editor taUta like that 
to almost anyoi^. there la |^otltl«c to 
do V^t^Miy^ <ft W vifn ease. 

•8pfltal||& ttia^^^riipe ot authority 
a^ka ever In the tone o't a moral in«. 
junction. Beisldes. on the very morn^- 
In^ of my chters appeal to ray better 
nature. 1 had had two bloaters for my 
breakfast. . Of ithe beaeHolal .effOcta 
of bloaters on the m^a£ jOf^^fHMar J 
aball have occaHion tin^Mak inter on. 
It, Is cnoug:h to say here that wttan*! 
am full of blouter« u, cbUd mlShLiea.lL' 

That morning I was In a warm 
glow of benevolent self-righteousneiis 
because one of my bloaters had a soft 
roe; and, as 1 don't pifrticdiarly cara^ 
for the soft roe, 1 had given tliat pari 
tloulur rue to our domeptlc cat^ wlj^ id' 
particularly fond of itht soft tooT 
ff^F^^lt^^*^ momtel& 
n..i^y^'«S?.^ remembered ho#^ 
«M«''*Mfr«fer'fllnr pt^f^d ^n me. and 
b&d'Jttnped on to my knee, and had 
nearly succeeded In abstiticting the 
hard roe — of which I am particularl]^ 
fond — of the other bloater frm^W]^ 
plate— when looked baolt bn^Qs4' 
affecting ' atoteenia, I vaar. .niy hard 


and I 4*t4nwii«d to do something fbf? 

"SJmSI*** ■© I am 

apfkimtnlng.' in my own «lrect and 

unequivocal manner, this subject of 

Ijloaters for breakfast, not only be- 

cabse It U a dUty, but because It Is « 

pleasure to ma to dtMOLJtba Ihoushta 

of . mr ^ - -•^**«--'™'*s«^ ™a"*'*" 


As far as I 


can 'remember I Have 
the, exceDtloa tH' ^itk 
unhappy period— had blontaift for my 
breakfast. I am ■ reguBai^Ui v My 

raat time. Tivo bloatara Is wy iTagu- 

tlon fii:|he' kindly fruits of the earth 
In theti' seajN^n la the aure mark of 
him wha li'sealed. not of the tribe of 
Kplcurus. but of the nobler I^ucreUus. 
And when I have rfaaa frpn my 
breakfast of two bloatam l»«m lit to 

c«nnot say. ibwever. of this matu- 
Unal modicum of two bloaters that It 
has always ^een so. RegMttabI« 
fluctuauons In the fiunUy iSnSu» 

P?r bwakfast than once In my 

222: J^U •«%^«nainber as if it 
were rsAtardajr tbat dtirlng the ter- 
rtWa panic years of 1907 and 1>08 I 

rfif -^IT*^ ** * t»»«'to 

half « bloater per day. HaiK-wall I 

*remember that It wa» «pmdderM ad- 

visable to grui Uurwhato at 
wntWIHtruggle with 



the serttng 


nerve anpply and thua. excttaa the 

onoe: and t^ 
hiy ooaaelaiBoa 
d alight blusl|i|hdt 10%y flah ivw other mornlnc 
i' mo'^lngs When I .ue- 

"ffOMbed to.tempution. of course and 
aonsnmed the whole rtsh. But It to a 
comfort to me now to reflect that 
generally I was able to dMda'fmy 
Moatar logUudtaaltyt a«d to aot half 
^aMa fpr^tM..«Minv^y! Abd do 
«Mit Inairliia, baeauae of your exper 
lahee with inferior foods, that the 
left-over porUon of that perfect dish 
was a stale and unprofltable 
of second discourse. Time do«a 11^ 
aiuie the Inflnlt^ ihmir of the 

i^ Mik aii^ fill .with 

Electr^ Filtnres 

Pre-War Prices 

*=X!»ti5" *" $25.00 


Saa Wla4dwf 

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itStI f traat Phooa Uti 

A coil that burns well, / 



Is *OW WelHofton" CodI 

We ulso .ifll Wood— Fir and 
Mill W^^. .; 

facial Ml 

* • , * . • • 

The primary caoae of blushing ^s 
by ia proeeaa of » years eome to bring 
about a bliish whan there is no sos- 
plolOtt aa to anything about the face 
Itself, but merely the auggeAtlon of 
some general depreciation of crItU 
cism. It Is easy, therefore, to under* 
stand the, blushing of tbe blind, and 
Why youikger peo|»le are affected 
than ovi, ftnd <aiao why the at^- 


- Xt wni »l8dba wiidarataid Why; ha- 
eause of thia control of the caplllarlee 
of the fdoe if Iti a^naoi^ nervw. shy- 
nesa^vla the most powerful .cause of 
blusaing, for shyninss relates, to the 
presence and opinion of others, and 
tbe shy- are always more or_ less self- 

nriMh the lntlnaai»,Mj^ which 
axlato between th^HfUatlon of the 
aurfaea oCtha had! -lit the brain 
whantvar thare la ttttanaa blushing, 
there la alwdya some, and often very 
grtait, ediflkalott of tbe mind aUo. 
This la frequently accompanied by 
awkward mo^'•ments and by Involun- 
|ary (^vi<^'^.HIffS .<»f .oertkln muacicn. 

Bhishing, then, Wlja Indirect reeult 
«f! attention. orlglaal|y directed to 

panonal ap p sa r w p t ** ** * ^ 
shrtaoa of. the My aild'asasalally to 

the faoo-^iMid yantaf nt df ttOa the 
geatofaa aaioMifead wMi Anhhig 
tbroughOut tbr world have distinct 
meantnna. The efforts to hide the 
Caaa. t^turn It t« o»e aide or to the 

CMd. the aventng of tika gaas all 
se things bra bwt ssaitrtatad ikaUia: 
It shoold. however, be a eamfmt 
CO vtettaks af this swfcward affUetton 
to knew that they are merely auffer- 
tag frem an Inbarttaaoe handed do^tn 
from ^thM, aaf^MM arhad nan ab 
originally wiadt'iaak«S be bhiihed. not 
only on the fSce but aiao all over hia 
boiiy. aed that 'tao from the very 

Ode 'ot Akf -gtmi aor r owa of my 
present life la the fact that the divine 
aroma of the grilled i>loater la now tu 
me only as the aweet memory. «i. daya 
that belong to the ancient enemy. The 
lh«t ki aaaociated with thar unhi^ppy 
period, to whieh I haVe » referred, 
when X had no Mooters at kn for my 
breakfatt. wUl gueaa, of course, 

that- the' reference Is to the dislocation 
of the bloater market caused by the 
recent war. One of the most hateful 
features of militarism and |ts fruits la 
that bloaters form no pairt of the 
army breakfaat raUod.Tf And ^ If 
bloaters had haatt «a pladllRiil durtng 
the war aa thiey Ware hearce. we 
ahottld hare had bloaters for break - 
fhat hi the andy. The high command 
was wooden-headod enough at''U|nes, 
bu^ it bad the sense at least to Vaalise 
that men would not dght On bRMttera 
for breakfast. lOMaa Was • eyhlcAl 
wisdom In tbe aliangament lly whteh 
■ogM of the moat fktal atflalia on the 
Weatarn front wer a aaltod ^ After n 


• OMnr have Weaylla. 
Hat patafol. a '- 
iflafflmatfea of tt „ 
NS' not audsr eaetber _ 
f Ttn are a vtetlm. try 

letber mr. 

the aman iMMira. Man eraiiE|||li^ f or 

dire deMliL. after that outrage upon 
their nAUma. But who would oon- 
<kMettd to vulgar slaughter after 
breaking hIa. (sat «tlth bloaters? Men 
mount upeih tha, dobrls of oonsumed 
bloatara to hidher things: and I b«- 
Usve; for aty >art. th^t bkiater wms 
the diet of Parnaasus. Uowbelt, tbe 
war did me tbooe two Injurleii: I had 
to forego the life-long habit of 
bloaters for breakfast: and abell-nro 
and poison gaa deatroyed the delicate 
aaJoMDaata formarly eonveycd to my 
MirimMBBaai hgr ^ha.ouaotory aiayva. 
What to sna »*» h«t ,a yalgnanl 
meaaory to the dMIeata geont or:woodp 
land vioMita. «h» «tra« land «C the 
sea-wave upon the yahhlad ahora. or 
what I have called the divine aroma 
of the grilled bloater? These higher 
aatlafaetions« of a poetical sense 
seed from asa. flM IfOltor of that 
hideous aa m ag a ^-.'^' ■ ' 


tnr fr|_ ^ 

Xsna. I el KM 


— ^ at reliabto 
BhAs ftr tl.a« a 
^w ester. Tlie Oerl 


NoiNMlaya' the premohlta'ifPppiifhta 
of my two breakfaat Mioatara ara.oop* 
veyed to me onlrW tha envloiui aatfta, 
of thoee members of the family who 
are not yet found dorthy to. partake, 
of the grilled lauoaulance of tbe in- 
oQpiparable dish. Bnlffs. I have said; 
and I will mfike mention also of low 
anirm«ra, of dlaa^rohAtloa. Alaa. for 
thi low atlualldrda of vthaMonahla 
taste!^ k hUTa thjraa.: agOMndi dtain- 
dards by . which to guaga tho elTlUaa- 
tlon of my fellow man. Do you re- 
joice in the wind on the heath? Do 
you read the play.s of Shaw? And do 
you, above all other questions, have 
two bloaters for your- baaahfdai every 
morata«.r.jf4M^.eip4|dmjw all 
these ^ g W lkiii ^ |«(Mnr»rawira^ to love 
you as a.nkattMMNai'hrather. Hftvan If 
you must, hi ydatrchdMaaly. hedtaU^Aa 
to the first and'the l^ond, I wHI sUU 
love you for your unhesitating af- 
firmative to. the \hird question. But 
if you must ray no, on my putting of 
that last moat crucial interrogation, 
my sirectlon. for"you miiat~h« llBe4 
tured with the Inteierah^ attHbyte o^ 
pity. And. I wl»j,<|AflBadd of you why 
you should moeh your d«dlny wHh 
vistona- ««« >of tha ivory gates, while 
all th# ifiiae you affect to deapise tbe 
lofty moral and physical sattofactlons 
Of two Moatera for breakfaat every 
aaotnhyf .v.. 

aevtld .pake a. taa4er MyU 
of ona of the aaddast anemorlea of my 
;llfe. X ahoi^ld heeltate to make men- 
tion of ^It were it not that tt contains a 
needed counterblast against pomps 
and frills and fooUIngr affections; and 
that It Is pervaded in my reocrileotloi^ 
by the bracing ati^oaphera of two 
bloaters for breakfagt evacr aaomlAlr. 
had carefuUy .aelaeied a hlMudlhd. 

a^** of What 
Mr. Whitond Sparkler would describe., 
M A«y ''Blffgodd Npneenae" about not 
having two bloaters for my btaakfast. 
My landlady was of commendable 
firmness of character; and while I 
deplored aome of the Impllaaaons of 
her remark that If I ohoaa to ralft, har ■ 
builness by InslatUig on having ttf^ 
bloatera for my breakfast every 
mornlht she, supposed she would have 
to put ttp with it. I was at least grate- 
ful that I had found some sort of a 
navan out etf the former stdriaa af my 
~ >meatle voyages. Hat ihUi othatv 
whose """"-^rT ti m% MliplliaiaB ' IMj 
Idyll, iv^a iaMi^ od^^ pei«aa> 
alon. Om ttaad to ooiae down to the 
boardldd-hooaa - breakfaat ubie at 
etgbt o'elook. Her youthful preeence 
lightened that somewhat dingy board 
with gUnts of dellghtfal celor< 8h« 
was a fair young creatOiia* ]|thlak I 
see her now., aa aha ,waa batara tha 
blight fell upon Jier taddar Ufa. - By 
the fodd eye erf aaamhry X sea the 
elttatering chestnut onrla of her hair 
waving around her candid Grecian 
forehead. I see the tlp-tllted nose, 
and the smiling mouth. I hear her 
merry laugh as she gave us all good 
morning. I catch the amdir flfeam 
of her dark eye. . 8ha waa a eariiler 
In a butaher'a ahop; Mid oh, aha was 
a lively «f^ra^ 

I see her now as she sat at that 
breakfast table, adorned In the pretty 
fashion of an>aImoat forgotAen day. 
She wore, I.remembar« a vary ahort 
Jacket, with thoaa qdalttt la«>df«<hittt. 

^°\i^^fJ^'' *^ a«^la* the 
modl^ ^awaa»lag. bell skkt of that 
nobler age than this. And before my 
eye that girl was -developing Into a 
nearly perfect creature. tJnmerlted 
mbrfortune had net at that tlaae coma 
to blaat ,ma In jny^^prlda; and, if I 
may aay. ao. I waa tbd hapaVflatM 
aotoerat of that hrenhfaat taMa. I 
encouraged and counselled that girl 
In the formation of a wise bloater 
habit. Beginni;\g with the gifts of 
choice tlt-blta from my own plate — 
and such was my infatilatlon tor that 
girl of uBha^ .ideaMhy^.t|iaft, X avMi 
went th o^Bdt h oi^ghijt fel*^ 
of har4 raaB; kl;.h»od|ilM^^ 'dMi'td' 

bloater for breakfaat «Vj»ry tnornlng. 
It was a proud moment In my life. 
Kothlng occurred for two or three 
Weeks afterwards to disturb the 
serenity of our itvaa. oaeapt a sllty re- 
mark by the landlady to the fdipot 
that ahn aoppoaefl It waa alMMLi»a# Ibr 
two foohi to live on hiddtara tMau'ddr 
one. And then tha hlaw f alL It fait 
In the ehape of a new boarder. A 
wealthy young man. - A rldlcolons- 
looking hllgh^. And a yegatarlan. 
And who dared to rakM hIa tm»lo«a 
voice acahiat . tbe vanr i^tggtMop o( 
bloater in hhi praaaaoe. Ta« wHl 
have gueaaad the usbaniy oaqiial; 
irhe new toarder had not been two 
weeks in the i)lace before that girl 
was living on chopped walhuU and 
oranga Juice. He and she together 
brought abeot siMh a rabellloa against 
hieatara in thht li a aidlag houae that, 
with the tears atianhltgy frem her 
eyes, my landlady wagxkoaihlPvBad Id 
Implore me to pay np 
menth'e board bin X 
aaak another lodging. 


yoiriL gel 


v.- 3'-' .V,/ .U^ti'-'S^ 

../, , , .4.. . -»(f«'...^.l 

Filmsin by i;30 p.m.ybut 
at S o'clock n0^t / 


FUms in by 9 aM^ 



folly ahd jdcht now h^ i^ing with 
me evaiy aaomlng aay 't|iro bloaters 
forl>raakfaat' But ttWdMO to make 
an end. 1 eannot lifffO to deal vMth 
more than the preliminaries of my 
subject In this initial essay. \ must 
defer the diecusaion on the beneilclal 
ellecta ot two bloaters for break Cast 
every nquoniing on the moral charac- 
ter. lidMat Ignore with quiet acorn 
all pKa^aiai^ af the hdlad . kipper. 
I m oat l idwtar'wwthar odega h m the 
great controversyviidtwaen the grllled- 
blotarlan and the f!ii3ilBg«pan tanatlc. 
And I altogether refuse, to descend 
from the subUms bloater to> the rldlr 
culous dcoteh herring. 


bji^^ Stephen Owyifn 

The gowemhig Hft of the althntlon 
In X.ralan|L.^to not , the arrival of sir 
Nevil Macready nor the candidature 
of 81r Hamar greenwood In Sunder- 
land. Men's minds are really 
moved, In all camps, by a sense that 
we have been on the brink of ' a 
nreat.dlsaMter— and hy tha ratlaotlon 
that wa onHihit not to gat there again. 

Through obduracy in some, 
through despair In many, we were, 
only little more thaii a week ago 
like an engine On falls heading 
atraixht to a guK. The brakes have 
been appMjsdi and one Jthlag has 
haan ■ remave^— tha a»»al(hig force 
of aioiBantgn! that foroa .trhMh, 
while It laated, awept before It a 
thousand reasonable considerations. 
There are now possibilities which re- 
cently did not and could not exist. 
I am trying now to sum them Vft—^ 
the poa^llttlaa of dattvaraaae. -' ^ •■■ 
Tha pOaltiod wks, then, an active 
etate-'Of War. Bach side, of course, 
called the other the assailant, but 
each side went on — the one shoot- 
ing policemen and attacking .poUde 
barracks, tha othar—alnee It had ao 
objective to atrtka at wlth^ drina'i» ■■ 
mulMplylnd arrests. ^ - 

One eannot say today that^hara la 
a truce, but on both sides a disposi- 
tion exists to call a truce. Bach elde 
naturaBy says to tha^ other/ "Itop, 
and we wUI stop." • 

There Is no use In goings Into the 
quaatlon of; right and wrong; wa are 
ed i aldd rt ng pogalhlUilaa. Bhin rata 
canaoi sitop flrat. . Tha anpiwaaalan of 
ad such pufbhe open activity aa tha 
leaders of the Republican party en- 
Joyed at the general election and Af- 
ter It has destroyed all oetttralvsipil* 
trol Of their adherents. 

There le. no man or body of men 
who oottM gaaraatae a traoa td tha 
Govafdnadt far a moatii, d WMiu or 
a day if •OOvammant 'enadd thla^aMi- 
41tion Of a ohknge of volley, td ho- 
■In at the end of such a period ot 
peace; Sinn Fein cannot initiate a 
truce: the Qovemment can. for It 
has — or ought, to have — fall control 
ef Its machinery. If It har not, than 
Ita ilrat dnty 18 to replaoi^ any placa^ 


throodh soderlng. X have as«n 
Mrl at Tarlotts tteaa. altar leag htter 
vala daring the yeans -that 
itretehed between thi 
daya an4 thQoa of tda disUiaslMtad 
g0a% Tha taial time I saw her she 
hra« diaaiad M Hah furs, and riding 
In tha laiai 

Bha did not 

hat she smUed a 
If to hetaelf. I tlNtnght bow hemve 
itw waa dkaa to Malla: a brave tifeat 
In Iba arolM that Ititta hnaw the eor- 
t ya!h%^ae^i i ^ t though t of he r 

and viata^ariaiis: snd I knew what 
her reflection's must be when 'ehe ro« 
bared that bpi for her jmvtJitttl 

of It that refuses ta dUMtlon d«09rd- 
lag to ordera.. ^ ^ 

• ^iHgBa of a Trm o B 

The evidence of the Irish Govern- 
ment'a intention to bring about a 
truce is giyen In / the public an- 

tt^utteavfcttt of . _ 

tt, pb»»oaaa for dlffa»nt^c^tei«3liB%C 
prtoaoan^ X do not nara crjtlolae the 
iralMtaaoe Ot, the propoeals. The es- 
sential facta are, first, that a change 
ia hf^g made from the line of ac- 
tion which led to' the hunger strike; 
secondly, a^d more 'important, that 
the XrWi Gf»Vemdient now reeognlaea 
the naeaaalty of mjriilng the puhllo 
undaratahd d^qMtly what it hi doUid. 
Tkla oarriaa d^'tt^ It an -fdmlaatop of 
the neceeafty ot iostlfylng dovem- 
mental action to the moderate man 
in Ireland. For many montha past 
the moderate man has neither known 
what Government waa doing nerwhy 
It, did It. and Govnmlnd^ hha; oonae- 
quenUy. lacked aueh support as the 
moderate man can glya. * 

The m6re frank the 0orermnant> 
In avowing He deelrd"*to rahah n 
truce, the batter' for the Oovarni^at 
and the iMtterltor Ireland. 

Nobody can quditlon Us right and 
Its dnty to prevent and to punish 
murder. Bur I do not see how any- 
one ' can question the assertion that 
by its course udto the vreaent it has 
failed td'dd attttah . It l«i not ttkaiy to 
succeed Idj^dftttimT unlaaa It can get 
pifbUo opinloa on Ita sldi. ' la that d 

tiie Gbverdiii* 
dbee III liilWiiiiHi glth publlOS»dirli- 
danoe of a 4pWre to .f et on a hew 
relation to tlM eakntry.' Things being 
ad they are, tkJtt will' not at once etop 
murders, attacks on barracks, Inva- 
sions of private property. But public 
sentiment towards theee. occurrences 
will alter. In a word, the blame for 
,thant will no longer be tlfrown on tha 
OAvamment. When that hdppena^ tba 
fUrat check will have' HMk llhgiiiia,, 
COndUsttng Irlrti OiAilaa 
Ttve country at large wants peace 
and wants quiet There Is no use In 
etpeetlng that a cessation or a llmlt- 
ntlon of arbitrary arraata will at onae 

«p ovtragae; yet If arreato are llm- 
I to tha eaaes where a plato.gra«nd 
can ha . given for making «Nb>» 
al^i Ml hi n fauvtuit way. 

AH thhii however. Id mdrely palUn* 
tlve. Up to the present,' tha Oovam. 
ment In Ireland has by Its action been 
preventing the curative effect of the 
only possible remedy — the proposal of 
self-government. Not one Irishman la 
ten thousand has been In a temper to 
consider tbe offers which Govern- 
ment makes. The main advantage in 
a truce Wflruld tie in the areatloo of a 
etate of mind admitt^BAiBd#aiflWar« 
atlon of that BOtoemai 

■ '"^ 'that Irel 

•r the.PllifililSI of; 

This kmaxhtg procedure euggeats 
that the main purpose baa been to 
conciliate ]^ngliBb. not^ Irish, opinion. 
So far aa I ban Judge. Bngliah opinion 
only waota -to aee the thing aettled. 
Irtah opmlon^is what mattera and 
the titae to i tect it>Jo?^- ^* 

It Is rooridEiiy certaln^rom all one's 
experience D»f the pnat. that -Oorem- 
nient resernns a margin of ooncea- 
slons to be made in the oommltteo 
stage. These tactics might do Tor an 
ordlnt^ry bill; this matter has to be 
otherwise dealt with; Irish opinion 
can be ueefully affected by 
atons- made at one* whioh 
montha will h4h— "tea Mt«** 




get an Imperial oontrlbu- 
bf hfteen millions a year. It 
says to Ireland, Tou shall pay 
eighteen — and adds in a '< footnote. 
There will be a rebate of three mll- 
liOna Of course for puri 
»versy^ tha swp U rei 


that ripe elli'aa la tfaaa have baen 

the cause of varlojbs tfatal c a se s of 
botullnus polaonUir is shown 'by the 
Investigations of the Bureau of Chem- 
istry of the United States Department 

rdmaulture. Tbe only oes* in which 
thiWotalner appears tn have been 
lavelffd .waa eaesed, not .by olives as 
aueh. but by « relish ooniahUnd jnto^ 
ripe ellvea. ' ' " *" " / 

The troUblOi the specialists say, Is due 
to defeete in the methods ef pleklleg. 
packing, aiM p^ceaslng the olives. The 
method of plskltng usually smpleyed la 
auch aa to favor the /development of 
the baolllua hdituli|«us If thia organ^am 
be pse a e a t % < thd Oll(ves- In meet Mb- 
f^lhikmeatb thipi iii dpi hi t when pa^^d 
tnHlhuM IS suMUaail^t >hettt tha tadif 
perature of boiling' water, and this 
temperature <a too low to Insure the 
dsstructton, In eVftyrJh*t«Rf>^ 0^ the 
Bacillus and the VAW wbleb ft pro- 
duces. ^ • V i 

The tfwHit Vtk s gdals Bl ata aay. is 
net ^nlMNait' In iM» gUan aartiaiaaV if 
sound ellvea, be'^mNit Jind the fartragaa ( 
are brop^iy asalpp^taid a^aMllBe^ Un- 
Airtunai^y, soms ' iit the packers In 
tbeir anxiety, not to break the glass 
eeatalners, do not always process thsm 
at ' a suffleisn^ly high temperature to 
laaure the dsstruottea of aay dinger- 
fns argaaiam. fka paMan wauld de- 
yil»y ^"tha alum, m a* ienliitoara 
If djMv^Wara not aaff ictenti^' praoaaaed. 
Mit Id' there is ne danger of MWakage 
in tin, there is usually nc haaltatlon 
on the part of the packsr about apply- 
ing a aufflplent iUgn* af beat. 

The bureau eugg|Btad to <tas industry 
that all ripe ollvee In ilaae whetever 
Ideated be earefuuy Inspaelod, and that 
any which show the dllghteat degrda af 
decorapdaltloa be^ deetroyed. ^t ig far«> 
thar aiiggeatefl that all ripe allraii, 
whish hn td ha t beea p rosasaa d at a anf- 
flclently high temperature be returned 
to tbe packers for Immedfaits reprooees- ■ 
ing'st a temperature suffloiently hish 
to iBsurs complete eterllisaMon. It re- 
commends that similar actloa be taken 
in tbe case of ripe eilfas padhad Id tin. 
" it la ha#wn >hM If «pipd In- 



been used with tha tlhMd 

It is the vain andanvor te make 
ourselvee what we am no| that has 

if you don't 9^ th« "Bayv Cross" you are not getting A^irin at all 

prdsefttiilA W ^^USh 
^waa^ jTddid «■« B9W Mttdd ia Ckuda. 
- Alwdji Voy «s vnbraksM Mekdfh df "Bdflr 
TaklMg ef AapitiB" wUe£ eoouias 


linia th« fni<?«> 

dlMibMi for Cnlda, Raddddia, Toothnciir, lig^ 
s^NdWdlfU, LasilMfo, BbgiundtiM, Nawi- 
tiLJddit 9mA Pdin f«n«liy. ' 

tia Wsfli dC 13 taMdta sdse kot d faw 

Jlfllayar Maaafactarv ef Ms«<>ewtW«<l<U«trr e/ »sB- 
■aydr natanfaetafh. to essht ihs fHiMi<> Ms*Mt lalta- 

thi "■sjar GrW* 

mwAirr wiluams 4 oa 

Duly iMtraetMl by R. Vmkfm HkdMO. 
will Mil. br Pubtle Aactloii, aX 



of Jia W«U-iC«pt 

HmmMI Effeciy 

frttin* Tabio, sM-fltim mua 

>fnrqi|^te^^Ma#« Stool. 
^ >kt UrAtMVhoa* MtTltooonl*. 
Muaio Cabinot. InUid 0«. V»ble. 
Olrandola, Pair very flao Bm^*! 
Oil Palatlhs aoA etbor 
^netuTM, ■nirUali RopMUr Carrtav* 

VkSrtea cSSi'w«^Sohiiik 0r- 
: evlAr W*lBMt Ub7M[^^i)|blr^ Walnut 
rHilto^TMr «ik tm to match, 
.Alltmio atol»«t-*a»«d Conpor Ooai 
; foMttto, AxmlMtor Oarpot aai^.Ruta. 
Wtodew Curtalna, etc. 

mHiia Room — Oak Ex. Table, Bet 
of t>ia«n up. in leather. Oak Buftet, 
Usli Mab. Two<tler Dinner Wagon, 
iaeratalra. Hand Sewlns Ma- 



by A. U 
will BeU 

by FnblSe 


«4kIlM, ""^jl^Vt^MfgJn VelYi 

i«r 8«t, Bbrtiercd Ax. Carp«t and 
Window i^rtatna. etc. : - 
■ail-^aookana HaU IMta, A ftee 
laoobMUi Oak Ann Ohalr,^a Jaoobean 
XU|h Back Hall Chain, Antique Owv. 
fd Oak HaU Table with shm Mate, 
Rooewood with Braaa Xn|aar Hall 

mte IPn. 'UMi.^ SpriAgi and Hat 
tr^eiba. Double Brau Bed, Sprtnv and 
Raatmora Mattreaaee, Cots and Mat- 
ireaaaa. Bureaus and Waahetanda. 
Toilet Ware, An<l«M Mnbosany Tall' 
bov Okeet of D in we ia , -t fitralcbt- 

OtoQlL Opppar Qonc and B««tar. Hall 

CvillilMfp Oc* Tablee. . Rooktef 

iniAlea nad Chnl^ Child's Rich Chair, 
Refrlseratorr Senttle, Kettle. Cooking 
UtMlllls, Carpet 0w««per and Brooms, 
Filter. Jam Jan.- W|mb4n« Ifaohlna^ 
Wrlacer, Heatar.- L mW n Mow— > Q^- 
Cart BoU«r* <d)M, «»«.^ :Iriik linen 

eiiMta. vwuMidauh ••I'iftiv* sood 

tbt 09lk Bay Car to rell St. 



furthair paftStenUtf* apply tb 


Dib; .UMtra«t«« ^ Mn. J. H. 
liip, iKin mlt, by Public AuoUon at 
>vf «Mildenoe.'|4M fkimat auemu on 

; ; Thursday, May 27 

at 1:»0 ahatp. the Whole <»^1ir' 


, Awlnc Ro(in ~ Uprisht Grand 
Piano by Helntsman * Co.. PUuib 
B^oh, ICah. C«atr« tkble. Ifah. 
Mualo Cabinet. 't7l». Settee wfth Mnh. 
|?r«me. Rookei' and Baiy clkalrd.t« 
ttetoh. Jardlnlerea and PfdeMaMfli 
OHk Soetlonai Rookoaiai. A qnaiktW' 
bilMfai. WAtee Colar pmWlnSi Aid 
WMt: flotkirea. Curtains. Bordered 
Wltda CirtMt. PeaiUm Praye^ Hue. 
Wnton Rugs. ate. 

iVIninir Roott— Well made Mission 
Oak Bx ISible. Sllsslon Okk Diners 
with leather "^^^ Canred 
ChnlHi to match. Mission OiMC Pitna 
"^'-'iMt, Mpdaome mf^atfff 'mMMt 
ibt iHth lead*^ Utbla. W^tdpf 
0«k 9M!retalte. MMtbl' 'CM)(i 
ifb; .0«. «ibliiis. UttdtNi ite iai>. 
(«Mnpiot«), Lthioired , Mitier 
Wire. Cut Olass. B P. Goods, 11iiS«||sh 
Vbb 8«t, Two'handled waiter. Win* 
d6V Curtains, Water Color Drawlnss, 
Bordered Wlltop Carpet, etc. 

|dteimb~-'»M4flstfe'» Rant*, ''k*\l, 
tCkU"^ Oaa Rbnt*.^ KlteK«^ « '^t^ln, 
Batitwoo^ CAaIrs, 'Rbekar, ' S^^te 
^MiM, CMikinff VtiHiills. f -Ca^ 
,S#iepei«. Biroema, Robe, lawn Mow* 
ar. Garden Tool*. Stops. Spray Pump, 
I Cheats -tff well-asftorted Carpenter's 
l^la, K«ne Safe. Wrlnifer. Wash 
ffubs. Children's Toys, etc. 
f ftadvoQsna— H«bvy Brass 2B|«stead> 
IMlar and RMtmbre MnttlMpWta 
MdMMdaJIprlnss and RaotiMft Stat. 
tmMd. imUftjliily BbrsMis and Waih^ 
atttbda, Olttmilafa, handsome Oftk 

lilt lilNlPbbdif C^alrM. 

St^ck 1» trade Of h^s P lumbing 

tttM, bti, iiSiJ Ranee. 
Ttmm Rmbmo. ^her 8to<v«B, 

Flptas M« ntttera. atookf and 
Mm, •ta,^ 4ribb BeB Plane. Braaa Bed. 
iprtngs W ' MattrasB. , StdAos^d. 
three Dreasers and Stands. Dlnln* 
Tabl*. Oomey Oxford Oaa lUas* Mid 
•II OtlMT lMNW(|hold soodd^ - / > . 



G^TTximTS Secret Army**- J 
«^ Ready to TakexbeJEield 

By th^FriSkfurt Correspondent of The London Tl 




Tii§Mayy 2 P. |l. 

r ICotbr Cyola. Row Boat^ 
rnmtttM and ptMr — p d W y 




•0.*S» metf im Al^f^t; but 
this bafc been extended to July 19 by 
the Entente. Documents seised by the 
b iRiiAlla neutral aone, however, 
« is not the fltiahtsst 
the traaty stlpuwtien* 
wlU- bf donpUed with. Thb prcaant 
QovamaiMtl la ptrnwrltfrn b aea i >>a it 
la wlthovt Jray rati natbortty orer th* 

Slaoe the dIssMutlon of the GrMt 
General Staff In July, 1910, the control 
of the armed <orcee of Germany la 
nominally veeted In the Relohswehr 
rtum. which Is aided by an 
whose duty it Is to ensure 
^,tb« Armistice and 
kl' But behind this 
omotal stift'li t)is Invisible military 
dictatorship, Whloh Is no otiier than 
the old Qraat Obneral Staff worklnc 
l« baorat 0jMMail4 bsneath a ovbnins 
camouSbitf' (lib old impdiial Amy. 
Generdl Ten Ssoki In. thb iMdd oi^ 
this, M^talbla a<MrMMlia[^ A MctiH 
m«rt^ an dcatot bf-^a BirtbBta, a 
ft 'fliteh X kUTo abbn. ^ivm: 
■yolcb this momlnir with General 
(Chief of SUff of Ton Lutwlts). 
oommandlni: the Relohswehr Grup- 
penkbaimando X..ln Bfilln. The new 
military plans of Qbirmaby will be sub> 
n«ttted ib the Oavdniaian^ tn • day or 
Tlis moat iapoirtaat btntbiDsnit 

Wednesday. June Snd/' t pi,«iu. dt 
W. H. Saunders'. Bellevpa Sof^t 

■ ■ FMt list - m {'^-If^iMMi 
tio«ob.V.^ ,; 

ARism lonoifoWAT 

Phone >4t4: 


Hav4 rour Furniture Re-upbol- 

,^ equal te _ 
oasy cbabffk 


Nottob-.'.lnri^^Ooito^' Bridge will be 
opaa tor tfofllytrljifr- tratto oniy^ oa 
and atMb Atondfy. -Sfrd day of May. 

MU>^g!I>AL gfKGiNBBR. 



' laotrtnted by the owners, we will 
bell at ^NOMrm. 


Fonubire anl^Fi 


Of twenty rbdnas, inciudW: 
Parlor. Dlnlnv«room. Bedroom 
and Kitchen Furniture and Furnish- 
Inas, etc. Owlniv to Hooday 
holiday, full narUowlMfB 
<ia -Tneaday's TUnoa MjiiA 
ttomiaCb PoloiMat owif| 
On vlow Vueaday. . 



Mbrtethafomcw 4 Stat 

•(gib iwy UM* sue WondarCut pibasi. Bartli. 

1i' fona«« it a trnnf. solid msssi 
But otbara wba tUnk thU beaattfol atlebS 

la beataa «tUi iataraal s*a. 

■otnatlmaa atrar ssSaS «Oplod« In Ha crneti 

Mayb<i! thl» w*]r aarthqaakaa cornel 
But coma oil tbla j>arc]i; \( taala InaMora; 
Asd sat to bad-reek niRin'TtTlia. 

AstiaiM, Berljf VloiarMMi sad |to4ara, 
Orlaatal, Wliton and Axiat^atar pra-war 
Garpata: Mahosany Dlaiaa and Drawing 
Besas asltaa: Rsacaa; WoHta ok Art, sad 
qManrthia* to improra tha Happy, • Boma, 
IVieat Home. 

.DsUy baUlBK at About HsM' 
aifr Ttnaa Moatbiy 

4- PhaSi W71 

M4b ^ se^tu- ; bad 
9m m Hatr^jtet. 

IS Flowor 
Chatra and Ssat*.v 
•O ajHbw Wodabaday noralas from 

taprSiMSib bad' waik to Graat S^^ 
. I"br taffUMr^arltantaib apuiy to- 

sranrAMt itnu^iAits 

ittB AuiillsMi M Phaao itsd 

410 and dli 



im, wm- 





10% to 20% Off 

We bays Jtist received a ship- 
ment of dlnlny and bedroom fniv 
nltur«L wblch we are offerinc at 
the aid b^taia. Ton abouM not 
fall to take ^vaatace of tbla 
excellent oppertualcy. 

Tba .«ai^i^^/wAb 


dueed to lOO.ObO men, as laid down 
in the Treaty. General von Seekt 
WlB-'bvla^ svery poselble presabfa tb 
bud* asaa the Entente to oblffia ab 

■HtfatbSaibb oX Soo.otft m«B«'L^ ' i 

'■■•iOdb* tho 
. The Germans have taken. every pre- 

gkttUofi to hide the tnith J^mn thb 
ntabtf Cdnunlsslons. Tl|^, 'bit^doen. 
for M a t a n d ft ^ 41 oire«;|ar/ 

by qwiyi mil w>»t aW 

to thb Wiiwoh«a»w«hr«« ;w|M*i 
lhji( to a elfcalbr of the OMriaaiL lOS* 
iatry of the Interior, dated July 1, 
1919, are "In case of nsflsaitty to .be 
Incorporated In tha 
This circular reads: 

•'TiCari»inc «■ «tvw V^i, ta %09ord» 
anca w«th the Traaty || Van^Ml, 
Bntopte Commlsalona wpi''ii|>on .afftVb 
In Uie country! and moap abotit tM^t 
A 'Knilalattani' baa ali«bdy dtto|ita« 
aiaaaaras jrapldly to make kqown their 
Jmpendtnc visit to thos« interested by 
the ,use et, thOxtelegraph obde^ 
wort) -waffieaatibrter kommt.' 

"I tirve dU 'otll^ •Krelslelter' to 
follow thtai^ bxbmpla, in order to bo 
abid to Mda aortaia «llla«»o( Import- 
ance. I add that. I alone will furbish 
thebe Ctmimlsslons with information 
ooncemlns the organisation of the 
RlnWohnerwehrsn. I autherlae the 
*K<^lshauptleute' to furnlah Infor- 
raatloa obSoamlnir'thblr own eirele: 
bui X eait attention to the aeoesslty 
of pMmc onvthoir ffoaM tka ^OauU 
bHor,' idib 'iMalirksislW,* . ^VITahr- 
fohrar/ the 'Wehlrbiiaab/ |uid . aU 
members of the Blnwohnarwehfen. 
whb have no rlcht to a've any Infor- 
mation thembeMea, no matter how 
small, to the Hntente Osmmlaslbna. 
Ilila maaaora la Indlapenaable to pr«r 
vfnt fhb Sntonte ftom 'laanilns 

7M#Wb pjitrit^ of ihb| 
raambeni of the Elnwohnerwehren to ' 
see that these Instriicttons are scru- 
pulously complied, with. Ifor all In- 
formation the Entente Commissions 
must bo raferred, politely but without 
axoeption, to the 'Krelshauptlebta' or 
to tha %andbshauptmaAn.* " 

Tha ^tblehawahr, ■ a|i | > flt ' 
mora than M»»ebb aMi «tt 
26, appears to have been redtraod tb 
tOO.OOO by the transfer of eoma 109.- 
000 to the Slcherheltspollset, the Eln- 
wohnerwehren, and other oimouflared 
military oraanlsatlona. The preeent 
German military foroba appear' to 
aa followa: • - • 

Ttao Old ' Arms lb not yet antlraiy 
damobtUsed. nera are still more 
thart 100,000 men, of whbm some 
10,000 are in camps awaiting demob- 
ilisation, 20,000 are detailed to guard 
the Russian prisoners of war, and 
20.0bO are' engiibd In »apafiiattn|r 
othaa w|ur p H ab ftaw . • Thbob Mcblobd 
shobld, •i-. ^ i atm , have Mbn bn tiu i t sd 
loas dsa IS'ttia Ralehswahr, IHIti tha 

Tiii*iMilftti 'V>aiy«rtt «i»tta» iM ■ - - 

re se rve formation of the Helbhi 
The note of tha Enteote of Decembor 
1, Ml*, mimi^ diabendmeab* of Oe 
ao-calied ^SMba opaanlsstlobik was 
treated i)a a '^serap of paper," an4 
the ntainliailbM of the 8ieharhalt»< 
polly rabfiit»iift||y inpercd. Anfib 
of ^im^%il&blhM - ItlnisteHaln vt 
Novambor 87 ,aaya: It |» tha latan* 
ttoh ifiStim^ Slehorhaltopolibal 
•Sk-tbi^ mmtSm thaaetlve army who 
ara bblltad to leave tba Ralehswahr 
on Attdtts^ 1. 1920 (sto) as a reaalt 
of the diminution of the armyt They 
wUI ^ve preference over all other 

The BinwohnerwaUr '4b op^anstlAr 
aeparata from tha RaiahatiNdKr aaa 
Sloharbelts^ollaeL It was formed un- 
der the Ministry af thb Xat^jbor aa a 
oivic auard to fambai ^ 
The refl natbra of Hib 
wahren is. hbwbvbr, dMaily 
by tha foUowlttff eirouiar. Satad July 

, Tha aoa-eomnliaslbne^ 'o^obra of 
tha Abwlekaloiigstollea eomplala .Uftbt 
they are not asslmUatad. as f ar p» 
Is obneemed. to the non-commlsiloboa 
olBoera of thb flsbUn* Relohiwehr. 
althoudh thfy also aTa Uablb'to be 
called upon for aotiva sarvlos. The 
Mli|l8«»r a* Wor ballfc Attbatiaa;|b thb 
liMOtrmdaa toned b^ «l»a J|aM|imir 
MltnUttaHom, No. 4.1lt of Aim'iM» 
191#. to thb effeet titat membip"^ 
the BUnwohlierwehren assimilated tb 
the military or pUieed under thb or. 
dira of the miliary antborHy mpat 
ba t taatsd asaetly a» mambem «t the 
MiliM HaMMMbbhn Wba bbmibf- 
pionad ofltotn ara tJmii wrS# tA.>Din 
tha mnwoha oi a ^iiiaf -fta baiia #Jlot 
osiMtt^ thb Elnwohnerwehren WMr bb 
iaeorporated in the RefohswehTi''' 

In addition to the above the lavialble 
Staff had- also created Mbo bther or- ' 
vanlsaUenb>-the "Ttehalbohe 4 Hilf- 
striippwa." or "¥iatMlf*>" and the 

Mid-Month List of 

imi^^ kom Madrid.** Tfafo 
umbia artist it ivitb sodbiiuit^ 
iS^Ujim vmwi Itit ytt a laii|di : 

My »f HHiHilf.itflia brbptcbra^ dime 
db^b btntit. #hd ara WMnadiabsly 
ai4llable fbr kebpind iHMMbntlat InduS' 
tries ranbind in eaaa atrlkes: thb 
latter are former soldiers who pledse 
themselves to serve If sailed upon. 

Tha bitetence of plans for a German 
mibblBtitlba' ^^t bb ddbbtfld, b»d 
It ta ^MMhran^ thbt t|ia taro main fac^ 
tb*f ^^tlib llflMiblir An,4,tha Sksli' 
bH^o R ijl Mb b U lOib HahAbabhr. oven 
If It wbro reduced to 200,000 men. 
could ba doubled overnlaht by the 
addition of the ZeltfrelwUUven; and 
tha Sl oh b>*bi t spoiibei by absorbing 
ain#bMibrwahren would act as ra> 
beryea aa^TM^ obch Relbhswshr bfU 
«adb bp tb Aniy Coil^ strangth. 
CobbarniRUviB eitlswttbt^4LJ^|^ total 
number of armed OHmBm Utaady 
enlisted In these four organisations 
run as high as a million men. 

It Is quite certain that Germany 
eaald pat hiUf a miliion men la >tba. 
flald toi^orrew; tha ^.bnl y J>b ttbt la 

W|Mtlib7.:'Ulb , ^tb^^^^Prtf; 

pl£?wfth l^m^ttttidn; Nb ^ 
effort has bbcn made to comply ^th 
the military clauses of the Peace 
Treaty: and. the Invisible Staff rellsa 
on thb Allleb bblbd unable to agree' on 
any pbltey <o force Germany to 
ttrm. ■ " 

j^j This tcaoff dtttt b; 

aiid/B«T if a toidcr* drettn^^;^ 
tbi^^ ago tetttng a piekaiiiiiiiy^t 
•metnoriet of hit mammy on the 
Mississippi. Coupled with ''ftose 
of Vifgfma," a beautiful love song 

J>y Hen 



Co. munr 

deal. KaagM^ afatniaeft 
aad atiini lM<r«at«eti^ 
Quh baciatankOtrpat* Reaa. MsWisbh 


toSjonetoat at. rnomi •tomI 

InbiMWb'^lObliaibt Staff, by 
these duties to ths old regular army, 
has found the means of preventing 
Its complete demobilisation and thus 
retained a certain number ■ of Obdrea 
and effeetlvba. 
- Thb ReiehsWehr. created by- the 
Weimar Assembly on Itarqh 1919, 
was orlfinallr f tmu ti i wk a HSitf at 
9i0,«0« flsbiu Vttiit ' «imbby< w«d 
quickly exceeded, bdt only the best 
and youngest elements wore retained, 
and by January, 1920, It numbered 
300,000 picked men, very few of 
whom were over 80. The avenuW 
age of the Rei«ha«bhr today la bb- 
llevM to beitabl^t fiJS .on,. 20. Thf 
oflloi|| are nearly all' Pfuallana. 
llMtXito GiMa«a<': 
T1iaiybher yibj»bUabl g jjbally thb 

4 f%R bCNT OEf 6$1TS 

Thb B-C. Pertnaabnt Lioan Com* 
paay. havlas ra-opaned their Savtbsa 
X>apartaaant. VUl aabafjt fboeomb' of 
OM Mlbr and -np w(i i i bl i which in- 
taraal al d pap diat Mrsiabm la al.' 
ibwad. Ubaal dtooktaf Mivllas«|. U 
'datlBatL' ' *< * ' ^ 

* 'mi„ii'»: " ' I I n'tTi ■ if' 



An UMoand PrtMBttlb 

A situation is easily conceivablb in 
Which it might be Impooslblb to ralbb 
the wages of men admittedly aader 
paid, becaasa it wbald iavblye rals 
iam the wasbo «f *hlchly work 
bta. <mif<b ii 4f iMiybholdPcSl 'fadt 
hohiad tbto aaggMtlon. thb vahia af 
a ■nan'i aragb to him really la ataaa^ 
ured very often not by what he him- 
self receives, but by what he knows 
his fellow receives. But It is not a 
atandard whleh can be acoep^d oeo- 
. -LbBdoii Dally New* , 

1 erf mi 

KotiM la hartibr 

havia* claims upiw t)M. 
Thar Ouadrraon Nortaf^ 
Hnd bar at l^tMVanr, A> 

qirtrce «• eand' te t*e « 

bafdra. tha SSth tar at Pom», A0. l»St. a 
fan ataMaaeet ft tbalr eiabaa sab at ur 
aaeeri^ hald br tbua. <«ly vefMaO, %nk 


ta, I 
. ef whiali 

- illtb( 



aacAuaa wa 

rdBk AbiUTT 
TBR^Ai.tnb - 



WA««- — 

WITH > 1.1 

lur.v.r.'jy«R«n ra 


WAXT aneriAt.!, 
tak» a Cftiacca 

IT orn Bt/-».-.Ax Taj ^ 


o» a _WHAT roc 


CAirr .otrfyiTK 

itbCKaT a 

111 B«hMiat 

ST A atnun. 

Haeaa. Vleiarla, 
far tb* atsaeau 



BsBily JfBnsrjr 


ToBibtoat, Oaeambsrti 
. yc|ctablb Alarrow< IfabHf^ 
Sqaah, atfba; PampUa, 
CbMtfbi etc, *ic. 
Wb have oatertl iboata^d 
of the bsbt for IM» cIlaMtc 
Jhd^^Ji^a^* at «h« Sbtar- 

la llsH^ jBt .di^li^hbblti .. . 
Fortune conspires at times to con 
found the morallsu, notably lb t^ 
matter of Invbntlons. Rustless steel 
'Mdi 'lMr to bovoltttlbllibb one of tha 
IvbatSt Of Iddb^iribi^^Aa h^ al. 

Ut4t mt^lm Ala. 
piiiiaef^-Mii^ PrbL cimahan had ioat 
vSlsslbbbi. was due to the earblbsanei 
bY a furbaeemab, who "burbt his 
melt." Similarly, I believe careless- 
nesa in allowing the contents of a 
cauldron' to overflow into tha aaad 
paoked roaad It ladLto tha discovert 
of dynamlM.'^ iB«bh Jhbbr laainsas has 
eentribfited Its dtibta^td tha 'hibtory 
Of inventioB. It wba;.tlia sight of » 
sbldlsr eleaaiag tha, raat ffai a 
sword aftbr a perfbd'bf daglbdl that 
suggested to one of pHnce Rupert's 
officers In 1911 the Idbb of athat> dOr 
velol^d into mesxetln< bngi^ritar^ 
'London Dally Express. 

The PbUoaoUHl'b t«»C' ' 
Gilbert waa wrong.! am beglnping 
to think, when he inisliitad that, "the 
^lleeman's lot Is not a happy one." 
Among the list of adveiilaements ro- 
tating tb "official appblbtmanta*' In 
baa di^ fho aibralng papbrs I fln^ tfalb: 

' WtliMMltl^^*'^^^**^*^ Wantfd. 
wtMPHMrT than aa obnotahtes. 
MlnltebnilAlght t ft. 10 m. Aged 
under Sb. Pay Tbb to 96s per week, 
and further on promotion. Rent and 
other allowanoes. MM 
crickctorB. Apyly CMfjC 
Waritngtoa, Laaoa." 
^^••iiliiraaaaatbd . « ^ * 

the Itoyal Irtah CoobliabaldiS^ white 
Warrliigtott offbra whbt la'avldantly 
pleaAiat and Ip'tsllegtual employment 
on such tempting terms t—.WaatiM- 





Wa do not Pretbad to know 
sUto Of oa:^ provlnelal finance. 
s*> Bid all questions of finance 
btata aoerata. and odder no eireum 
thay be divulged fbr thu 
or gratification of 

Thd prabhioa la aU 
i9«iya a O— iai oa 0^ bhronte penury. 
With att «M tbeeaaas that ebma la 
from the lagUlmafe aad laas ligttim* 
ata o bdiu bs bar officials arb hatd >bl 

&t^U^ m^^ end« meet. Whera does 
r mmw go? Ah! That hi aa im- 
i 9 i t i aia t dbsat lo n nbt bb. hb batar* 
talabd, Much lajM a 

aC baaolffa 

- aaaympa-. 
thbtfs 9«Hr bin f^ aothlnr h^r. h 
Unty. W9 ah a i l ty ttf*4o n 1 

slaeertty ar weaknaai, whteh «aaUy 
raaegbfaMd. The 'IhrnMaa M 
aaaa aat tmptr i b iiwK off tha 


''^ 5 1 J'' 

exdustK Columbia artists. "Wm My 
Baby Smilea at Me" is a happy foie^iiac 
full of fun. Coupled :s^"R«»e of Wash- 
in^ton Squire/* a pb^jQar new niedley 
^Ultfittscl^ Spfcoad^fg. j^ a iio t % \m 


r?->Mcdlc r Paa^ 

U« JM mtd »»tk tf 



KENT'S EDISON STQR& 1004 Govbfnmcnt St 
B^OS^Govefnnient St (HoarPbst Office) 

ter In rai^" Vor aaob oaa that la re- 
pelled y^ptl^jwf aii4 itrlbtnaso, a 
hundred are driven into the enemy 
oamp by a haoghty and uosympa- 
thetic dombbbor. Vb drbirlbbk thb 
elementary fact that, when you rule 
aa attsM ffopla whom you oaanbt aa- 
stmilata tbraagh dobp radal aad 
tural dlffereneea, the bridge of toler- 
ance may ba built by perfect ooarteay 
and fairasss. to a fatal error.— eiaga- 
Ipata Ffbb F robb. - 

•tha f^fai PobtahMb 

Before anytMfit bka bt aft to bbttlad, 
we must decide whether South Africa 
to to go forward under the Act of 
Union, or whether It to to aecede from 
the Brlttoh CotaaioawbblCh and start 
out afresh as an IndbpOMbttt republic, 
br, what would be far mora Itkbly in 
thb bvobt of buoh a dbbtatoa* hnak 
up aaoa agbla ibto separata Mi rival 
•tatab. tt ta faiaaba to bate djjNMi the 
ttidastrtar t ao iti bn. of the nathra 
problem, or oatfenal davalepment, or 
anything else, until you have first de- 
cided that poibt. For Bpon tha var«^ 
diet depends the also and the fona 
at bvary other problem In Sohtfe 
ohannesbarg nana - 

Into avr public 
, wbba a graat London 
bf hoasni^[tvba protbsted 
the waste of /ood at tha doeka 
bn4l ttos aaasaaife prices of all honsa* 
hold gbodb. rSM^Mbbtlng to 
aoi oolr jo( JHliliMf <bblbMto by 


'1. 'fr 

Mow is i|n| to arriiige jfonyour supply of 

f <^r iiext MM«r« 


Dl9tHhutor9 Clgstfte Gspbrido 0a[^a|*)« U4r 

yfhetk yott eat let it be flke bait 


firs, a a p p bs> d to 
hy A diaeardad eigaretle, dtatroyed 
than half m. bnataeas block 
Hero ^erlr itHlar. t-Mslag a lorn of 
appbexltnatrly i)99.«Nu.^Aa 
started In a ball in WftMu* 
4Md last jOghl 




THE DAILY COLOM9T/VI0TORh\; B.C.,' -SUlN^yfc/^ MAY 23, 1920 

d skirts, in contrasting; 

did rose, pink, turquoise/ maize, j;old, black jtnd white. Made /.^ ^ 
e$lo style ^and * trimmed' with self-colored buttons and 
they are neatly-fini^ed with pockets, turquoise and 

/•model. At,:cach, $23.56. 

novelty bdt^tflia'ipdekel^::^ reaU/ 

Hirii-Grade, Silk Coats, , made in tuxetfo itvle. The$e modeS^ • 
, ; «i:l^|>elfca f nB havcCbodccS Your clioicelit at> ^fWii|^';anil 

' fte tftiua ana j»avc: pocKct3. T 
^ Warft&rvshades; at • <Sk, fS-lffOO. 

Silk Fibre Sweaters, sfiown In shades of lavender, coralette, 
- pittk^ tm, •IwrgundY. Made in coat style, tuxedo or with square 
, colYai't or belt IVieseSMteti are most 

- ' " ' ^wetter Section, ist F)^r^ Pboiie 6896 

Tricolette Qvef -Blouses 

New Styles' in 
Plain ancp^^velty : 

Damty^Brinpess Slips at Reasonable - 

Women's Princess Slips, of wtiMe cottdkn^lHmmed with Unita* 
tion crochet lace. A splendid y^we .at» eacb,^i.5o. 
PrbidBia Slips, made of fine #W^£oltdn uid^'iitgXly finished 
Mrith Embroidery. At, each, $2.00. *^ 
Prints Slips, made of white cotton with wide yoke of tucked < 
IfllJkoidery, and skirt prettily fiQlshed w4tf> frill of embroidery. 
:A$i^eiU»trinihit.§tt $2.S0,. ^ ' v ' ' 

Micess Slips, of fine nainsooks t^riished -with wide flounce of 
Swiss enibroidery, a yoke of embroidei^ and lace insertion^ 
Ad exceptional value at, eaclv $3.75. 

**1<fcll«wi»r; «»t Wooir^IiOB* it94 

irpynti neck 'models^ 
tliaMsquarter lenstti.kiihc 
sleeves. Thpy arc tHmio 
silk cmbrdidiay i^^^ 
trastii^ shades, self tone 

tons. tllS^rire 


sh4<les of OHalit{a,1rif^^ 
black. -I" 

o^Witktt.— 1st Flc 


Thomson's J 
Glove- Fitting 

— ^A>islt to our MiUinery Departnient iv^ iinin'^ 

- - A <^H|iiCiua^'i«tf^^ friiiif:^-llh^3^ centi^:of%^diiMLar^^ apd 
semi-transparent, mbh^r, tulle and ^straw fci^ltirimmed. with fruit, fiowers and di^ich eflfects, 
also, small flower crown toques, at pric(^ ranging from $15.00 to $3^.00. 
* [ Latest Styles in Sports flats, large and small, in light colored silks, embroidered wool, and silks 
^. - - V straws in soft pastel shades. All newest shapes, including wide brirnmed sailors, in navy, navy 

For Stout FiaureS at " - ^^^Wtc* and wMe, purple and while, etc., at $5.oo to $l5.oo. ; 

" Special Prtces ■ ''"'f;.'. " : ■ -^y|j>fl H » »fy i i>i^ •^M^i^ot'^^^pirtwe im% 

tlS.^^*^??,^ " ■ Mi(d^, Suits and Bah^'ma^bxe^ ' 

kmg skirt, and four hose supports. A 
special offer, at _prices below last 
' 4; year's, for Tuesday , only, at, eac|» 

^^Corieti, 1st riottr 

! Stipri|er,Shirt Waists at ^ 

Bbj^^ Mfl^C^^ Waists. m||& with doi^bi^ i<^t (^^^^^ 
,iar (#ith Idops), pocket, and band iffs that bitton. the 
f feature of this line is the patent adjustable buttons and buttdn- 
i hole at the waist. Size^ to fit 4 to 16 years, at (he very special 

pdhie, eacb^$i.lo. 

Boys' Shirt Waists, made of 
bray, in the ^sawe^yle at 1 
each, $1.10. 

Boys' Print Shirt yVaists, in the 
black stripes on white f round. 

luallty blue and fawn cham- 
rei amf a sj^ieadld vatoe if^ ' 

^tyle; shown in hiauve or 
value at, each, $1.00. 
in'i raralshtpfs, Mfin noof/" 

Men, s Serviceable Sweaters dt 
■ nt'^'rn ;Mdderate Prices^ : ' 

Men's Sweaters, aU-wool Cashmere, made In pull-over tti 
' WXItUpt at the wt» and can be ad jttited to any size. Q>rorl 
^t nli(lfiPi»i W^ Ust year's price, each, 

$6.75. ' 

In Colored Qiijgli^^ and Ghambrays 

pull-over st^le, with roll' 

we are sellUig them 4t» 

special Value in WcMnen s and | 
Children's Knit Underwear ; 

Women's vests in various styles and large assortment; majc 
» with low neck, short sleeves, also curafy-cut and non-slip 

WontdnVDlrectoire BloomelS, made vfth 'S^S^'ii the waist 
and ktiee; of ^ite knit cotton, in shades of white. ileA ai 
btack. All sizes, at, a pair, $1.25. ' 
ChOdren's Directoire Bloomers, with elastic aif^ilst add 
of floe knit cotton, in colors of white and navyr^&es'td ft 
ages 2 to 14 years, at, a pair, 05c and 75c * ( 

Serviceable looses, io fisip^ colored 2:lhjt- 
hams, designed with rodiid neck* high waist 
and short sleeves. They are neatly trimmed 
with contrasting shades. Sizes to fit 6 to 14 
years. At, each, H.OO and $2.5p, ' 
Sniped Cotton Dresses, with white coatee ' and^ 
short fleevei^ The dreises are deHftfy trimhied 
with wMle pi^ Sizes to fit the agei of 13 
to i4 years. At, each, $5.25. 

Cotton Dresses, in pink, green, fawn and blue, 
with short and pocket trimmed with 
white pi<|Ue and button down the side; sizes 
for the ages.of 8 toM4 years. At, each, $3.75. 

Middy Suits, in navy., and pink clvmibray, with 
silk tie. Sizes to fit 6 to 14 years. At, each, 
$5.25. . : • , * / 

Dainty; U^in J>«elite«, in rose, pink ahd liltte. 
They are designed to button on the shoulder, 
have short sleeves, buttonihg on the sh^ulder,^ 
and round neck and sleeves is a neat jtrii 
of Harrow black braid. The pocket ' ' 
.sliMply embroiderfed witb black wool; 
it 3 to 6 yeari ;vAt« each, $6.75. 

Wash for Childtifeifc^ 

Wash Hats, maSllM in small checks 

of Mue and whRe^ jlik and wh|fe and tan and whHe. 
with turned-down mi. 9taes Co fit the ages df 2 to 6 
years. Special TuesdayjllS, eadfc, 50c. 
Vtay Bucket to match the above hats, made In dHcd 
check i^irMdiams. Easily washed^ Cod provide lots of fun 
for the litTle folks at^ each, 25c. . 

" • — dlMrtif B Sccttoii, tf* - 

Boys; AtMiverl^ist'' 

$1.25 ' 

Oliver Twist Suits, in khaki, neatly 
trimmed with blue, and btae pints, white 
tops with blue pants, and khaki and 
brown tops with blue pants, all with 
pockets and turn-down .collars. Special 
at, a suit, $1.35... Siaca to fit'tbe afCs of 
3 to 5 years, 

k*s aediMi. tit noor— moDe.«a96 

ChUdren'i Striped Gre^ Dresses, maiie In high 
waist effect, crossing Qver the yoke, and but- 
toning w:Kh three peail -buttons. The collar, 
cuffs and pockets of ImttK^ ,SIm)I| 4 tp to 
years.' At, each, $2.odHw.75. : . 

Children's All- Wool Sweater Coats, wItVi 
pockets. Shown in shades of saxe blue and 
rose; sizes tor fitjtlae ages of 6 to 12 yeara. At 
$5.75 and $6.3Cir -^-Cfilldren'* S«ctfoa, 1st Pleor 

■V. .. -^r' 

Infants' Bonnets and 
Hats Will Please You 

SUk Bonnets* in a great variety (0 St^leiL.^ 
ranging In price from $1.00 to $3.50. 

Piqoe Hats aiid tajiiji,^ fa plaHnWWer ^ 

and others trifnmed with fancy stitching, 
at 65c to $2.50. 

— iafants' Scctkm, itt floor— Monc tf94 

Men's Heavy All-Wool Swea 
^ku Worth tbday 116^ 
^^$9.00. :, ..'„. , , 

iU^ltyles in n^ixed wool and eoMol^jlM^ > 

Men's Sweater Qoati^ all , wool, medliiltti weS^ 

shape oeek, end 49 toiiiliMiatfati colors 0^fS^tQt and maroon, 

seal aflf f|#^: '^i'atijjlMr at. ^u^t^^^.ftp. 

•^MM'i INira(fatil«k, ;aiiUji noM 

. ■ 

jy^^Ky\xXxrt% Pants in Flannel 

and Duck \. 

Crey Flannel Pants, made from JMyMd^'Viiaiiel in medium 
fHMle; they have cuff bottoms ^iwri6eia^, aiMl wilt keep 
liieir shi^e well. A pair of these pants a^e just wliat you 
'would hasre for your ''24th'' outing. Then you may wear 
them cverij^/lay in any coat you d^re^ A special value a^ 

)^hlte Duck Paaii, in a superior grade duitertal;. made fatii- 
ionably with«uff bottoms and belt loops. Paots tnat wjjM wasii 
aiid do up well. At, a pair. $2.95 and.$3.50. v '> . 
^ , ~Ak«s ci*ikinf, fkw-fliNie a$ae 

See the Weat New SfVles We Have 
in Bathing Caps 

^rBathiog Caps, in the favorite styles designed for the 
season. Selected f or. Ihdr durable ^ualitks, and offered to 
you at mooey-savlifr prices, B«j you/ batbiiif cap at il\e 
D^ DepaHiheiit tnri^the asaortmeiitleeoaiplete. 

Dniff Xt0pi., aiifti Tidor-'WM* 1195 


Ll<:enc« Wa tO-S<»97 

in lEreation ot 

Born in Ventijir«?8omc Expedition, Prince Riiperfs Company Under Charter 
; lOA]^ British Flag '4,odo Miljp/, prom 

!$c, Thfduyh North An^rioug \y^em^ 

< 1609 ^ expcditiqa 
«i|f/Vfy Hud- 
son set sail from England's 
shores. He arrived in. the 
great bay now .known- u 
Hudson's Bajyr and - after 
numerous difficultiet ..with . his 
crew, ' th<y * thinlBiiMl early 
in the followhig Spring, and 
Sfnt Hudson adrift in mc of 
lili lifeboats wUh eight' oliliis 
sympathizers. He was never 
beard o| after. . still his .. i^me 
will , live ibr all tim^ ti pliie Of 
the great exploreiv of the pi»i^ 
Tn 1666 there arrived in England two men 
wIk> .ctatmed that they had a "sure thing " 
aiid finally got the ear of Prince Rupert, wtth 
the result that, by the Spring of 166^. a com- 
♦pany was formed .and a small expedition set 
sail in the ship Nonsu^ fdi' Hudson's Ba^. 
Arriving in the /Bay in the Fall, they sailed 
on down it and into Jame9 Bay, where a site 
wis Mlctted for .Winter quarttfa at Eupeft's 
HfVer. and the first fort was trailt and called 
Fbrt Gharies. | . v . 

1 Next vear the Nonstleh' returned to Enjf^ 
Iait4 Hi?f venture was so successlfil tllat 
clUK|ter was sought and ' obtained from 
QWifliis n., whicH charVBr U among the 
lifted ever issued by th^\lllMsh Ct&nm. It 
lye to the company, under the name of the 
ovemor and Company qi Adventurers of 
jeland Trading Into Hudson's Ba^,*' the 
right to make war or peace and every other 
privilege imaginaiile over all the territory 
dt^^ining into the Hudscm a not owned 
by other friendly powers, and covered all the 
country from, tt)e Rocky Mounuius cast fol- 
lilllbr AlniiHesii to ' Lake of 

the Woods, and following th« height of land 
down through the Labradoc peiriUsnU to the 
9^ I venture the irtitethent wtthout'i<iar of 
contradiction that a charter wjth such sweep- 
ing powers given to any ottair li^s honorable 
ccwpany of men would bt»^ i^Vt to Canada 
"and England insurmotttl^tjfo rliM>t^^ The 
«GRnpany '8 policy was one of just dealings to 
.ill over whom they had authority, and true 
ll^rian principles were «xerdsed in "^very 
cas*. and we have thil policy to thank for our 
fidorious and j>ro«perous inheritance «<- Hm 
Dominion of Canam. ' * 

Remember that the French were' alive to 
the value of the country and were exerting 
every effort to get k. Betwceti 1670 atid i«8o 
the compariy's forts and ships had been taken 
hf the French no less than three timea^ and 
later, when peace terms were being arrUnied, 
It took all the influence the company Ksdto 
keep thei;' possessions from being c^ded to 
France. . , 

Tht Arat silt df furs was held in London 
N6vember, and consisted wholly of 

b^^aver. It would appear that, at, that time, 
there was no sale ht anything .^hMt^ tbis 
articte. Aft the valuable and fasliioaabte 
furs of today were entirely neglected. 

From the foot of flucUon's.Bay traxtfnf 
posts of the company were gradually pilabea 
out' in all directions, and it w|kS not4(Mif 
ffofe the most northerly inhabited |i t| (j|Bi a of 

Lakt prinrtipeg. on account o(.its,ceor 
graphical position, became the niaia\<fimwtlt- 

ing point for Uie company ^^^f^^^ t$e ^V^tern 
openatiqns. ^dintrhile a great rival of the 
'HOilieni*!s Bay Company had been organized 
in Montreal, The North We^t CbntAny; Slid 
they also made Lake Windfpeg a centre. 
From this point both companies dispatched 
their brigades to the westward and compear , 
tion be<!ame very keen, ; espieelany / in ^ \ 
direction of Edmpntoii. ., fV*' ! 

One of thjp most aggressive, explorers for 
tlic Xofth West Company was Alexander 
Mackenzie, afterwards Sir Alexander, and it 
was he UMio' was first to penetrate, the great 
continental divide to reach (he, Pacific Coast 
in this gep^rf l Iftiti^de. It was in 1797 that 
Maekerifie , passed over, the ^ Peace River 
toute, but it was not until 180$ that a post 
was opened in central British Columbia, and 
from that time the linking, up of the Coast 
with the Prairies followed by leaps. Mc- 
Lcod's Lake was established in 1805. Fort 
St. James and Frascr's Lake, ii^ 1807, 
Fort George and Fort Alexander t fn 1808, 
From Fort Alexander the route was overland 
to Kaniloops on the Thompson Rivcf. then to 
Kootenay River irid oh >dOwn the Coluiyibia 
River to Fort Vancouver, near, itstj^ioufh" in ' 
,lybft i» now , the State of WaShmgtbn. 

As sopor aa tWe amalgamation of the Hud- 
sou's Ba yfS ODs npan y ind the - North West 
Company ' was effected in 1830 under the 
name' o£> the former, an undertaking was 
made to so organize the Pacifi<i'Caail regibn 
as to retain it as British posMsts^'iilid' tfae^ 
trade for themselves. ' f" ^ rvw 

In the genestef or^iiiaatfOn Of tile >^dr 
.son's Bay Company all territory west of the 
Rocky Mountains, wis tegarjded almost as a 
separaM:, unit, \fost gpods importc^d . camjs 
direct frohj London by^ititig ships, and ttie 
officers could communicate' Wit|t • London and 
receive orders from there quicker aiidWC'lMt^ 
than they could from Wuitiip^; 

to do what he thougTit'^b^st, in the interests 
6f the company, without reference to Winni- 
peg, but with direct auihoril^ of the London 

Up to, i8yi9 Vancouver. Wasltiiigton. was 
the centre \frOm which all aflfairs of the Mm- 
ern department vioere dipected,; but iMSk 
m\ttr th^n this that the confipany reallaled 
that a. new administrative centre must be 
chosen. The Amerka«a elaimed. all the 
Columbia River section, betides alt the in- 
terests of the company were to the north, and 
owmg to the great diflkulty o^ navigating 

as all merchandise from England had ^(Ul VQ 
be deliver^d^ ii» the CoUunbla, aMti^|p|that 
used in the north had then to be portS^d to 
Nisqu^l^^l^^P^^^was^talecn t^ ^j ff^f-y 

Finally a determined effort was made to 
locate to better advantage. In 1842 a oartv 
staft^ out i<^16cate a Tite ahd d^kte<ra^ 
the southeast end of Vancouver's Island Waif 
the beat situated ior i)m purpose. 


the Columbia River ti|«*r^ ; pRerations 

were cumbersonie afid . i^w. - v , 

They kAew tfiAt to^ W aueceaslul the coun- 
try must be self-supporting, Imt^ wef« 

S*!^\'*Tf*v''^'. steps to 

haMIe the farmmg nuat be taken: therefore 
m 1841 the Puget 30.«WPd Agricultural Com- 
pany ^-as foi^ned. ^piy^ they had 
thouMpds'of Sbi»^(fl*j^ fi^lrfg ^„deJ cul- 
tivation, beside* firiM herds of cattle, horses 
and sheep. This enabled them to supply ntk 
only their own and the Hudson'a^Bay Com- 
I»ny« wants, but those of AlasW besides 
shippmtr- considerable to San Prandsco and 
the Sandwich Islands. 

A new route to the Puget Sound had been 
ofMned by war of the Cowlita River to Ni»> 
qually; still, this did not help ai#ltc^ inacli> 

While Cape Flattery^ Jjytter Pouit» Sopke, 
Camosun, Cowicnan aWd &1I other' points 
where Indians lived had been visited several 
times eicli yeiu*. by :tfae Jliidson's Bay Com- 
pany's men in their sailing ships, it is 
cviden^ tl)at ^/ien« making these visits the 
ships 4h^biw'oltlUide and on firing a guiEi 
the Indtaiis wtratd come out to them in their 
canoes to trade, so that it is safe to assume 
th^t wtffle «ie»H«<td<milile viras itndw»v> liliere 
was not enoug:h real dependable knowlMge 
to enable the coaip»ny to select a mN^: hftid'} 
qtikrters site'liitidiMit a ckiser txartifnation, 
therefore Sir Jamcs«Donglas. in the Olaborct. 
set out with that object in view it^the FaU 

I imagine that he was charmed with this 
part ol Vancouver Jmlm^ He did not want 
a new jcat of goverttiillH! alone, hut was 
looking, for a country that would pasture 
thousMids of head of stock arvl raise suffi- 
cient grain *and farm produce to feed his pro- 
poeed new country. The only drawt«ck he 
found was the lack of a eotrvenient water ' 
supply and water poWer. 

When he first lo<ri(ed tbii^' Over the 
Johnson Street ravine was a river through 
which the waters from aeveral swttnps or 
basins ran. Pursier tip the Arfn, vtoaife to 
Lemon, Gonnason mill, was another stream 
tiiiat drained another basin, and Hnwwigh 
whieb nNMbV^iter passed, and I have no 
doubt that it was on account of these two 
atreania that Douglaa felt safe In .selee^- 
Caiao s wi Harbor as a new boiHC. ' 
, . mitttHttt-'im ■ Pan ' 

By the Spring of 1^5 \bit i«G0|ni9^ida> 
tions had been afiproved by the itf refc p i o r 994 
committee of the Httdsoa% Qky ^&t^y, 
and on March 12 BttiV^ MipiviMl^to the 
nai^ of Ciroosun With an organlited party 
to build the new fort. 

B8r, small deer and timb4f^\^|)iir' Wefe 
(Coathivetf oe Fsfc it} ' 

WE have iii th^subject one iif ^ 
• 'the mort interesting of alf per-' 
taining to the history of the Hud- 
«)0'$ Bay Company on the PadfiC' 
CoAst. The steamer "Beaver" also 
in a measure enter a- into the history^ 
of the palatial Hue of, steaihiers '«ionr« 
operated" oh this coast by the Cana- 
dmn Pacific Railway Company, and 
on this account, Mr. Read^, T 'pro- ' 
pose to TIevote more space to the sub- 
ject than at first glincfr : y^v m^y 
think is warranted. " ; ' \ ! 
. There was ma^'a iingle Vfc^sit ift ottr 
history from 183^ to 1 874 that she 
did. iw\ play a large part in» and Was 
«h(e ailmirstion of: all thc^rjilofious , 
pioneers mixed up witb^^ jni^ Fl^C' 
this coast with her. 

The foundation of Victoria G^ty, 
was lidd byr her. Fort Rupert . tflKl>r 
Nanaimo were built under her pro- 
tection, and. wljile Fort Simpson was 
opened previous to her arrival on the 
Coast, she was looked to for the pro- ' 
tection of that. estabUshmeyt for manjr yeiars 

The Hudsoi^'S Bay Con^pany's operations 
in Russian America were enttrcly under her 
control, and matyr minor trouliles In that 
locality were effectively settled prompt^ on 
her arrival at the seat of trouble, and T' notice, 
in losing tlirough our record}*, that \^-hcn law 
aiid ordt^. were tl^atened closer home, in 
t:vcry case the arrival of the "Beaver" was 
awaited before effective steps could^ be taken 
to bring affairs back to a normal state. 

On one oce a siou at Fort ,{>impeon ,it wjas 
necessary to take out all g:ims and odierwise 
strip one of H.M. sloops dt«rar, so that she 
could be put on th^ beach iaroader to repnfavt 
damaged shoe. The "Beaver" was called" on to 
staifd by ami protect her while it was bdog 
dpne.- ^ , ''^ . \ ; ; ' ' * ■ ' 

Another occasioti t r j t m em l^ - ^^ f^^Ng 
about in these records was wfien tw^'ntiiK 
defers escaped to Cowichan and Ae wiur Wat 
"Thetis*' sent 150 Her m*n xm the ''EeaVei^ 
and proceeded to CbiVichan tinder conunamtof 
Jadies PouglaS iDjMlinioister the U^r. 

Th^e werelSW^ther cases of mt oMfni 
that demonstrate her tt«cli»lb4ii^i|rdisvetOpi 
and colonizing our BfftMl C^Ui^^ .partici»;> 
larly the north coast. _ ' 

I have heard miii|P|M aarnaU boat of 
this kind bdMM^^rou^ C$mHmn^ 
fweathcr any sto^m she ali|lr«i£Mr: THese 
»nen forget that, thougk miai^fbi fcjjuioihing 
b«t the best of material ind woi^aMnnMp in 
btr oonstriKtion. and to my mind was a mora 
abit atld tea worthy craft than many of those 
ofmudi larger size operating ftoday. 

,Ker elm keel was of unusual size ami 

full ke*pMk« f itii the 
stern post. -Ilttrbest 
wcr^ psod, be^i 
size, a^ajb^ t^O? 
'tween these (rfiii^. 

ik stiKm and^' 
t;a|id oal( i{bii 

tftd iu solid tb; 

level above the water line with curved ;tini4j^^ 
of the same- material as the ribs. Outs^' 
pkuiKtog was oak and African tiak^ fasipM 
, with kx^per Iwlts and treenails fOvcred wlnh 
a layer of; th.i,ck tar. paper, and then shce^d 
with fir faStdied wkh spikes, of ^.broh^ , com* 
position, the r iitside being fiQi01y,fiisisAit<|'w 
a sheeting of copper. , * . ^ 

The main keelson waa a large stick,.; of . 
grctnheart. extending the entire length of ike 
keel, to Which it in^as secui^ely bol|cd wit|i 
h^vy cottpcr belts parallel on eitfier Side 
with tbe mUt ilceelsons of the aamc nialeri«i 
but not so heai^^ and to cap all was striqp^ 
ins^ with djamaliy laitlbaaH' plates fii. 
tened at evei^ ffraindVith heavy copper ^--^ 
and sheatcd irisMe iwith onk an4 teak 
Ing.' ■ . ■ • '■ 

Klassive oak knees and aj4l^ 
used #hcrevcr necessary, / 
iugs were specially strengthiMl.^ 

The building bf the 'IB^f^^ 

datS^ <np^llhout publjMiinji to the tN>Hd. af 
h CttStomaiV today, were living mj. ? 
«affliih tfadidoas by affrays ^^rm^^MJItltJ 
iild ia aay new antprpi^ that^MrSip^ 

were not at that 

tat aad^mroerciat far«#iahted iasiiiKt Si«a« 

but were only in file exfe^lBm 
stag^ and I subont that ncrvf- yUcaium, 
a#tlic«||oriwas underatoo. ^"^^VV* 
nkmAtlifUtvi&tnce ithtu the oomMM^^dMr* 
_ " committee ordered ^ MV^fesiri. 
?t.^i — . 

(Coattaocd 00 Ptf« is) 

A, B.C., SUNDAY. MAV 2i'l920 

HE illuil|i«(im?^*^ »tt 
refer to tlie dtf^omtnt near 
Fort Victoria nt*dtt hy the 
Pugtt .Sotupd Afrkultnral CJom- 
pany, ettabUshed in as a 
subsidiary of th$ Hudson'* Pay^^mM^ jo 
have sttpenriaion of the farm imdemkniga. 
Its first holdi^£^ wq:e at J^isQualW.W^^ 
lnftoii.St»ter5r4Sie of Dr. W. F.jpilm^ 
who moved to Vktorts hi id» »^ter tlie 4wn- 
pany decided to abandon their lo^tiotta to 
t&e south of the Canadian bonndanr. .* 

The first orn^ized farm on Vancoinrer 
Island! was established by McAuley, at Mc- 
Aulcy Wttt, in lS49r and run on shar^. Two 
years afterwards Langford and Skinner cfme 
out with men lor fui:|her agripultural ^MM- 
opmAt. They located the Fairfield, Con- 
stance Cove and 0»imd farms for the com- 
pany. The CoIi«(^Hp6aes were Ml* in 
1851 and the* other developments , made the 
foforlflf It was in 1853 il»t. Mac- 

kmii^Mmm^ the saw mill and gnst mill 
at Ciawfiower Bridge in ^ncction ivith the 
fanli derations at ^at pdnt. The Cf#t^ 
floWe» aihool was etectcd the same jrear. Iwa 
iB im Mut school b«|i4% in the Proviifee 

(OoMaffSd FMii fsgs ai) 

^hS^^Mi^ th^ stdckkde s^^^ 

thi fttoeM« 

miHiisrooa^ Also pf«S|^d^ 
m min>6i«$ was 

were well on to oampi 
WM bSat with 1o|r^ . 
fimgki ^Mit 'tn ^sKa^ and stood upright 
fa a Sreneh dug aibut ^twei iui six mches 
i^. The split or flat l!4es df tfa^ sticks 
^ teakle ^d md fn ptoce ^^g flat- 
tened piece of timber being p|pned with 
i^fNHi pins all around about two feet from the 
' "'f iuM the trench filled inf. 

jyj buildings were made of squired tbii- 
, Vliilt In the usual panel fty)e tad 
Med with spruce or cedar .h^% • 
"le land, not being drained, aofteimS up 
^Winter, alU>wihg the wind ip ii»ttt the 
' over out of plumlb, until 18(46, when 
walls had such a titt that fhey had to 
be rebuilt ; besides^ the bark roofs bad got in 
bad repair, and the buildings generally were 
ttot adequate to take care of fhe iRimi 
business ; therefore; it wiM decided t^fHn 

Work wap attrtcd hi 1S46 and was coh- 
IMP^'^i^ Anatly ^^ted and 

litbod n^Hs^TWlten thtf atdteka^ wlii Ctt^ 
4m,ail4 i^ever replaq^ ^ £ 

'-l^gPiilr'ahakes mad*S-.^&diifev« tfay Vere 
1^ «Cl tba/jMW buildings, and it was from 
tfila faa t^ Cedar Hill got iu name, not be- 
ctase the hln c^ed cedir thiibef, but be- 
cause it i^arked the locality from Which the 
«ed«r was ftihttit. The hit)- waf^^me^ bjf 

a naval ofBpTw 1^53 AMi^ JS^^M^ ^ 
cause of the fact that ce<bur ^'0t\ilmipow 
on it ■ ■ ~ "1 'I'r ^^i-.:" 

James Douglas came to Vfetona wpl^ lia 
family in 184^ a^d shortly after his arrival 
conttienced the erection of a house and of- 
ibe lor hims^f, surrounded by a stocl w l e . 
I0 location waa, north of the Mprti .:0m 
il^HerjK the old pbst office stood, 

^qmti^or Blapshard, on his arrival, built 
Ml tb the east of the Port, sfb^ttt where 
CyCdnnell's store now stands. This 
wmf^t said to have been the first Govemr 
iiMlt House in Victo^ ; ' - 

Waa Nevtr^i^Wl CittBom 
. There, his been some question as to 
•|MH$wr or not F6rt Victoiia was first called 
" CafObstin. There is amjple eviflence to 
that the new establishment was known 
mosun Harbor (not Port G^mosun) 
HitfcH until jttW i^ly,. as appareiiUr 
s were received that the place was to be 
id Port Victoria during that month, and 
the orddr' was imnie^^tety pat in force and 
' aattia Camosun dropped forever. 



4IMJi$fl0P^^ o( daily happenings during 
tiilWE, I will quote below a few entHes 
Hip the Fort journals: 

'*~''rdn<'8dav, January 16, 1850: 

i.eeu irast last night and harbor slightly 
'Im' inrith k:e. Early this morning 
tawed the brig Cqyiiga to Es^ 
: qttim{Ut to lo^ lumber from our mill, which 
f W« fell Ibr I^MO per M. This is the first 
tHp out of harbor for the Beaver since July 
• l|i|t^ being engaged since that time installing 
. I ;iiiw boiler. On return of BmM' Imiii £s- 
q^ljli^ she left for Port Rup^t, having on 
. board Oovernor Cotville. Mr. Douelas, Mr. 
McArthur, Sir E. Roare and Mr. Tranklin, 
jiAIl are continuing their travels. Carpenters 
lliq^oyed building ^€w house for Mr. Yates. 
A report is afloat tha^ an Indian killed Mia of 
iMv catde at Ogden fielcL*, w 
"Saturday. March 9, iM 
"At 10 a.m. Beaver left iot Pott SittOtpbik, 
^ with Chief Factor Work and faflrity aod Mr. 
Btenkinsop as passengers. At noon a boat 
iyhtg the English flag entered the haitor 
aM, ftachored ^t Ogden Point/which oroved 
to 1>« H.M-S. «teaiM^|9iC!p IHvtr, C^puin 
Johnsoo. Goy^rn»mmmt4>^^l»i9»d, 
was on board and will take vp his re sM i Xa 

Thnreday, August 1848: 

"At 8 -i.m. Captain Courteaay, at thft hili4 
of Sflft Mflon and roarmes, caaM on shore for 
thc llfiqjiOM^ exercise and were all day per- 
fonning -various evolntions in the Port yard 
a»d in the fields behind. Jht ship's hand 
mkn at thefr head and the march throogrh the 
Po. . 10 the fields behind was truly grand. 

or no work was perfdnned, par Mopla 
tmrvln^' soHdted and ohtahted pttmaMMi to 
<L,^ .,ie a^vel «>«ctadc." 

n^tlmntmmmt h\ the Western 

the Rocky Mountains, T will slinpty 
.^,^^^t.|ktfll chronokvieal 
or4er of th«lr orfgln at felllWrs: 


Ort,Mc|>od Lake. 1 >ch was diw:ovllrcd 
in lios by JaAes McDougan. The fort was 

built in the same year and was the first per* 
manent trading, poat establiabed in . British 
C(4uni^l^ w^ Of the Ro<^ sio^ It 
was Sdmetimas called La Malice F^^, after 
• lPr>ncb-GM|4ian,' ' 
apd who ifiral later 
Dougall. . ; _ . 

When Simon Praler Retired from New 
CaliedoBia, John Stoart assumed charge in 
1809 antr^ained until j8a4. hawkif 'mean- 
time beto, assisted by D. W. Harmon, who 
has left us a valuable jouniel of events dur- 
ing his sUy in N^w jSwKiMtl^ 

The eariy trad^lor many years .trans- 
ported their supplies overland frpm the East 
through Fort McLeod, which ^necessitated 
Idng voyages, and goods were paottd by men 
along difficult pr^rta^es, chief among which 
w^e Rocky Mquntam ^Portage and that be- 
tween Mcl^eod tike and Stuart l<ake, a dis- 
tance of ahout eighty miles. , 

Other earlv traders m charge ol this post 
were Peter Warren pieaae, Joh4 ISod, John 
lleliiMak MJlionald Itfclvea^^ . . > 


EsUbliihed in 1806, o# Fraser Lake, 
whkb la a qutet aheet 4jt;;%atery abqifet thir- 
teen miles longh and scareely three at its 
breadth and at both ends are sites of native 

William Thew was in charge there about ' 
i8j7 and Ferdinand llflCenaia tnvx8so.; , . 


; ' ' bi 1866. Its site was the south- 

eastern end of Stuart Lake and it was the 
central Hgure of a cluster of forts. On Jan- 
uary ^ 1806, James McDouga}! was sent on 
a second expedfUtei to McLeod Lake. Tak- 
ing with him a limited store of tobacco, beads 
and aifiimunition. He set out, aeeompanicd by 
two Canadians and an Indian, and at that titiie 
weht so far as the site of the present Fort St. 

faihiii near the Mllilt of Lake Stuart, ^wl^ 
tt ti^li the first white man to bfehotd. 

The district Was then.a thiek foreft of 
spraee. One of %h^ trcM hi itd^med 'Wtil^ 
an inscription whereby he claimed the spot 
III the name of the company hi laBMsaiimd 
' John McLean, in. describing tft9^ilaibrf^ 
says: **Staart 'Lake is siboat fifty miles In 
length and from three to four miles in 
brcad|h« ftrcttliing awtey to the -north and 
northeaat for abtet twenty miles. THe view 
from the fort embraces nearly the whole pf 
this section of it. which is stttdded with 
beautiful islands." 

Pine mountains rise on either side, one of 
which towers 1,600 feet above the surface of 
the water and another,, though less pro- 
mihent, is still higher. It is said that these 
rtmlnded Fraser of Scothuid and led him to 
caliche whole country New CMeduiia, 
Chief Trader > 

dyargein 1850. 

DonaM Manaan wit ; 

At rilbt Ihosra fi^pcieol bvttdlaf la 

FORT lcXMtOb*« 

^ jpjiji fm t Tbmlfm g^ was first called Poft 

WBtBSlk SSBm^ th^^'^r^rweat Co.. 
on his overland kMney from 1ia>t»aal to 
Aaaarin b«vJm>^ YaUiMrhead Pass in i8ia 
Next npoi W iMMOd Wta Alex. Roaa who. 
in 181}. condnctad optratkms there 00 bdialf 
of Astor's Pacific Company. After the 

coalltk»n 0^ f^mr^Sij^iSM tlii da&M'a 

Bay , C0pfl»T ^ . ^"^^ 
vetenrn, jfohn MeL«Dd> In^ chargn ^of . tbe 
ThompaOn JUver, dls|fk^,frpn^ to 1846. 

Ermattnger .presided there ki '1828. 
Romantic asaociatibns. It was tberf ^|\ tfee 
company's oflktr In tommilid^f fMii|i^ll^ 
challenj^ his brOtlier ^ an4 gilj||t, jpiVid 
DougfM,;the wandering botanist, to fight a 
duel, beibanse the blunt visitor one night 
while over jtia rum and dried' salmon had 
stigmattaad the .honorablo Itir tradera aa not 
possessing a soul above « beaver skin. But 
Douglas preferred to ^Ax auother da;r» left 
next morning ,unharine8; .only tcr Mlil his 
death shortly after by falling into a wItM the 
Hawaiian Islands while . homeward ikntnd. 
Blaek dvring the Winter of tlhu«4« ^ m- 
sassinated by the nephew of a friendly neigh- 
boring chief, named Wanquille, f;>r havmg 
chamM hia oncta'a Jife away. It was 
Black's Sttceessor who bnilt the new fort on 
the opposite vAtM the river. Tha new esh 
tahliskmeift diffeKd Httic Irom the la|et Wilt 
fortreaacs of Ithe fur compat^ sooMt atvan 
hoosea» consi^Hng of sloraa, dwdlinga and 
shops were enclosed hi pilMea fifteen feat in 
heiglkV gaitcs on two akka aifd bastkms 
at two opponia^.Mgles. To^the older eatab^ 
Hahroant besidfai Wa compact and p«|iaaM 
bloeMiMMi > Ma attached s h i ijta ^ s »r 
animala; for hai* bimdreda of fine hoMaa 
were ynarly kr*i for the tran»tt>drt serrii!, 
which formerly was !)v he na^Port 
ounrer to Qjiiianaj and thcaca by lMcaii.,|i 
bands Of ot W to K^asrtonpa and Port 
Akxindrfo on Praser Rhrer, whepce to Fort 

from the diatricta of New Catodoo^ ThSm^ 
aon Wm, OfcMlt»« Colanibk waa 

froth fCnikiops ttf Port {Iom on the Fraaer 
and thaste by boat tA LMlgley and Fort Vic- 
toria. . 

John Tod was at Kaaslopps. 

Walla Walla* on the Columbia River, was 
'-4!l0^toftdhf 4^^^ T. ffambran had 

SSpofJhla.M^ thibujgh 
tnjitrles Vteioas 

horse. • - ' ' V 


' Pounded In i8dt ««l the Pr|ser iuter add 
named in memoipr of Sir Alexaml^ Mac- 
kenrie as the pomt on the Fraser where he 
turned on his memorable journey. The first 
fort stood on the east side of the Praser, but 
was later moved the west side. It was 
the northern termpnus of the land route year- 
ly followed by the tompany's pack '^rahis 
bringing from the South the equipment of 
the various Caledonia pOstsi This work was 
extremely .tryitig OH the horses and Hiii'' 
numbers ^dicd on the way. 

About )83p Alexander Fisher •tacceeded 
MeDengaU^il4^ iSqo H; ^; Pe^ Wf s in 
charge of tw^^ibet. 

■ ( > • ' . i 

, An outpost of Alexandria* was es^bi. 
Ilshed on a tributar:^ ot ^^WtOom^ W^^ 
which after many trials and varying fortune* 
had to be abandoned owing to its isolatkm 
and 'eonaeqnent' expenaiviiiesa, but eapeeiMlly 
on account of the troublesome dlsyt^ pMon of 
the natives whp /frequented it * '''^ 

Chief Trad^)' Alex Piiher tuii^ii^ihorfly! 
over this post while it was in the' hahdr^ ti' 
young half-braed called John Mcintosh. 

An outpost .fiiiiii>11iefitmpson River es^ 
tablishmisnf and ibaintalnod more for the^Mif-^ 
pose of facilitating the transport busipt ' * 
that post and New vM^Mohla than for 
as there were few or no fur-beajring Mvftai 
in 1^ surrounding country. 

Poiinded fn liu -On BAhie Lakei it ^ 
been named variously Kilmaur, Killmars aM 
Kilmers, but latterly known as Old Port 

Thfs territory was famous for the 
tity of Mhnon it yielded, but was eon 
ol ' isiMMtMrsf imM^rtante from a 
pofnt m yiem, many of the Indiana 
takiflir their ndu to the Skeena 
barter HHUl thtrTaimpaims from the cOait. 

Those in charge in 1815 w^ Chief Trader 
Brown and CNries Rosa. In r^i I 
sain, ,^ Caairiifian. In 1856 CU 
Charles. ^"^W- 

In 1871 cm. Wjn.Moon'ilSfimlk ^ 
old Indian tMfifortriaKM bo the Skaena 
to BaMnc 

at 'the Im^ of i btawoli ^ 
ahd wItMi the territory of tlie fjilSiialt Im 
diana. The origkial Port ^otwally 'biood on 


Cbaries Ron In 
Bean waa there about i4S7 ■$m 

Q^^ien^ lll^llham & Green at BlackweU, Lon- 
dOilk fil^tod, this boat in the year 1934. 
Beaver's Dimensiona - 

'Her leng^ was ipi^S feet* breadth insidci 
piddlf W e a JO lefeV bumdo 33 fee t , de p th 
uyi tiH, having 109^ tons burden. She car- 
ri^ 4 cr?rw of,%wml&r?i*.M^.f^^^f,^ armed 
wit^ fiye nine-l^<iPilTsC:; «dr^^.^ tttd 
espeqilly Her l^tinchiiig, crefte^ a great 
amodikt of attention, aa she appears to have 
piung^4.into the mighty Thames under the 
patronaee of Royalty, and in the p^etaiKe of 
a vast throng of spectators. 

The boiJier was ordered from Messrs. ^oul- 
ton & Watt,^ ef riy in 1834, and it would appter 
that the'malkers of the first $team engines were 
also the makera of the earliest boilers, but 
from rf^deiifre J jather that this boiler was 
not so ^tlaf «ie|ipri|^ fla V«re t)ie engines. Wpric* 
ing pressure allowed on the boiler, ic lbs. 

It must, however, be remembered that men 
with eicpeit ktiowledge^ |x»ilers and machin* 
ery were not a(vailable,-a0 that it is ju$t pos-» 
sible that the boiler mfght go wrong through 
the fault of the engineer^Mli: any' eaae, not 
one new ^tl^ Init twoi ^flM of 
which was inatdleti : |ari|| ' the ^ W 
iSja- . ^ ,;■ v- . y . ''^^ 

Two tiaw maatif were nii<)e and installed af 
Port Simpson in 1858 by a <^arpenter named 
^B!iilUfk«'«vd she was sent toSttka to beover-. 
hit^>y the Rusatans w iame Whiter- 
(t^tj^f Apalt^fftym this, nothing s^s to 
have been spent on htr othe^'thirt w|^t heq 
own eittw ^ouhi^. ' r ' .^ v 

^m ^^em^ 6$^ tons 

and cost $22,000, being peHtaps many times 
heavier and more cost^ tha%en|;inff 01 like 
poiftf '<#p&t<i colt' today.: ■ ' /• ' 
: . W6 $n|lties 3^ hbijtintf h^, eaeh, 

of the fdng sfaice. obsolete sitle leve/ type, 
though very much in favof during the early 
times foltowing the^ "Beaver's" construction. 

The cylinders stood vertical and had a dia- 

Jiiiii amH|& illif 1^ projected through 
' the top of the cylinder to the centre of a slid- 
ing ^rosshead, at the ends of which linked rods 
ran down on either side of tbe. cylinder to a 
pair of .horiaontal beams, or ttvers. which 
oscillated on a fixed gudgeon at tlic middle of 
their length. 'The; opposite ends' of these beams 
were jo^fed by means ,qf a crosstailr^rom 
which connectiqn rpds led up to the. crank 
shaft above. This shaft, six inc^hes. in dia- 
meter, was in three aections, and was ^us 
supplied with two cranks, each of which was 
.eighteen inches in length-. At facH- extremity 
.of the outer portions of this shaft was a pad- 
dle-wheel thirteen feet in diameter, made up of 
eleven.nidial arms five feet in width, 

Ifiniorable Data 

wii an iftteresting day wben the keel of 
IMerfal little black steamer Was laid. 
T^iit how much' more interesting must thcJpth 
of Aupiit, 1835, have been, when the "Belver" 
glktoClown into the Bn;^sh Channel i^nd out 
on the trackless ocevi* finally pasfing 6u^ of 
idght on her voyage to the Nc^th Paelfic 
:Pcean to become j^mous in the ahiijMn of the 

She arrived at Robindl^, Crusoe Island, 
via Caoe Horn, December, fyth, 18351 and As- 
toria (HC^Kwnbia River), ApriV 4t^^ 

The fur Ic^le up tp this 4atii luul UAt» 
' "^m the Pacifie Coast the Coldm- 

was not the most suitable'^locatbn from 
to administer affaiia» The sltfps from 
London were taking great rMca when ellia- 
ing the Columbia River t&r, and. as there wi|ia 
no ataam tugs available, goin^ vp the Cofum- 
ItinJRfvdr wkh a sailing veaael lor one hundred 
nriJes or more was not at all to their likhig. 
The coastmg boats, apart from the •*Beaver," 
ware all small aainiig akips, und the necessity 
of gok« to tJ^X^otttoibia from Puget's Sound 
waa rsdhr « abtoendiMf twdartilihig. 
- The Hndaon'a B«>( Company's possessory 
tights in Oregon wdn liB'ftMmbling blocks. 
If the Colnalila River establishments were 
tfik CompanV'a ddim might be 
Md. rather tiMIl 4» that, a route 
was opaied from Port Vioeduver to NIs- 
^Igr* on At Pivafa 6oond, via the Cowthz 
fthrar, wbefe tradafM^^oonld ba tiaoaported 
bir boat and ox uj / f m ^ ill»M «ortk on tiie 
anlps ! )8:ed hi like trade, thereby aavfaig 
If ' " to the ships but wasting coflsi«fl|r- 

alt time of the land forees. 

Prom here the "Beaver" took a foU «rfO 
%m lanmnL -nsMaatffatf. tn AWtliMnMiL.«s2l- 

wottld antihor. throw out her boarding nets, 
(CoedMei on Pafe S3) 

■ ■■ ' . ^ \ 



The next morning Raro»cy came into hut 
father's room while Mr. MilbotlMd w»f ihav- 
lifj/ «n hour Vcfore church time, and tl l>c- 
cajfne «pp«reot that the 
WfJttHnd^ though for » 
' Vf^d you witnt an 

Well, whatie he doing at a Ba^tilt 
church? Wh»t'« he fidgeting at (lit Jitod^ 
kerchief about? Why can't he walk tik« 
people? Does he thmk its obligatory to 


V "Didn't want to borrow my razors 

^ "No, sir." ■ (..r 

t Mr. Milholland chuckTe<l.' "I hardly 

wflk ^me frpm church .Anchored arm i 
^usfk like ^v^es^^^Suikifiw oi^t? Who is 

rl#^^MI#^^n*^ again, John/' 
|>^hU5l)and, having 

t Mr. Milholland ■ y - - 
poicd Ml, seriously. SI _ _ 

a^Cfe tnd the longer yijjlilW'l? ^^^«" I . T^^^^ I^c> name's^Riia|.''.3|ir»v Afilltol. 
, th<s Wfer.' Ahd>hvliai^9ltrrli|«^^ him. .don^t know what her 

''ra«6ra alone, young fcllw!^/-' V ^ i'^^^^ <*™«!S4|6|EI. She's one oijht his 

, ^Wp. *ir. ' (Mr. Miiholiand'a raispri^'WVe class aVu^Opl.^ 
AtJk. Ramsey had already- achieved on*.^! | /J'^Vtiliy Unit's just like a boy pick out 
his own, but he prac^iiiedutJic art in j^Gf^iuA- 
r He passed bii* h'titd /fhei^fhtfuny jpyc^fWr 
cheeks, aiid traces of mtKHsl poivjjer .were leit 
upoo ItiS'fingets,; Mr|aerei|pO«i. he wiped V'tiis 
hM /turreptitiKMisty^ and stood irres<^iiaelx 
'w«iti|ig. ■ ■ ■ •. 

•, >^Mo9ey?*'. , \ .... , . 

alid looked over the edge of a^ tpiiir<^ at bis 
son. In the ^boy's eyes there was such a dumb 
agony of interfof>4k>n that >the father was a 
little sUrtled. 

"\Vhy, wh^t is it, Ramsey? Have 
yottr-j^Y iHe fMuscd, frowning ^nd wonder- 
%, -^^1^^lM^eii^ been gettinir fiitO some 
vHtti you ^mnt tp tjctt mer sbcMkt, your. 

Hii lone : warlraek/ but a. muU distrese 

lurked within it, bnhgiirg ^ the father's mind 
distufbnig suspicious and. ioreshado wings ^o^ 
isdimtion and df pity: "See hercr Kan^ 
a ey 'r ; mt satd>-^*if there's anfthing you want 
tf^,Myk me, or to tell n^e^^pu'd Ijfetter out 
witii ^t and get it pvtr, l^^hrr, wfiat is it?" 

at is it you reaUv Wt^l^spjLr » X fa^ faijcy r hy 

ityr ^ . . ! . ,^'7 Vl ^tle^ goWfish.; thatV fl#S 

"Well,— it isn't anything," 
^^Are you jure?" _ 

~ re tiie 

class' aj |iGb'6ol.'^ 

"\Velfniiat's just like 
ikme putt v-faced .flirt to lake to church!" 
»'T)lr..»hft><4«^>/^ that way!" said 
nis wtfe^ d^prfeca^itglr. ''Of feol^rsc that's the 
danger with public, sclipoia. It ; wpuld be 
pKasantf«9 if ^14- ttikielk .a< iSiiii^'^ammtdtit 
••'■''^ ftuniiijr , belongs io our own -circle." 

"a' ned- 

, „ _ . of the 

WJ.' Why,: he- 
P ^ , *'I sa^i I wtsh'if h« ffrftTtJMttiM iMti to uke 
girls anywhere," said Mrs. Milholland, writh 
the primmest tar of speaking to the point — 
*'if tQia.aprt'of 't^iag must. begin, I wish he 
might harya jMkcted some nice girl among the^ 
daiifhters of our ^jwn irieiMil^^ iik^v 
Ybctani, for imitance." 

V. • UjMiF %D4atg#'lh^ 

(B^rtl^tiotis.of a mother who has expected 
Wft son, just put of. infancy, tp look, abopt 
lim with the eye of a. eritical t^atrpn of 
fprty-five. Moreover, she was - indiscreet 
qiough^t.o express her views to Rstmsey^ 
Mtk later^ prcx^clDg a scene of' useless 
pre a t f u*y aw4ne little souwl-. 
r ^.^ <clo think itjs .in Very ppor taste to see 
"«<>«i|l9Mf aiiy ofte firh Rm^vy:' sbej said, 
apd'. nbt heeding his protest that jh 



Ramsey's eyes' fell pcCpre tiie severe and 
piffctni Ka^c of his fathef. 'Yea, air/' 

Mr. Milholland shook his head doubtfully; 
then, as his son w;alked sldwly out of the 
room, he tttnie|d to complete -his toilet in a 
somewhat uneasy frame of mind. Ramsey 
had undoubtedly wanted to- say something to 
him and t the boy's expression hid shown tl}at 
the matter in question was sertouSy diatraas- 
ing, and, it miglu be even critical. 

In fact, it was — to Ramsey. Having be- 
gun within only the last few hours to regard 
habeti^shery as of vital importance, and be- , 
liaiing bia father to be poastesacd oMic^eiG!* 
perience and authority lacking in himself, 
itamsey <had come to get him to aattle a 
<%uestton which had been upsetting him 
badly, in his own room, since breakf)lst. 
What he wanted tt IpM^W was; Whefiifr it 
\vas right to wear an etlfa handkerchief put 
of th£. coat iMTcast pocket. or not,'' and. If it 
. was righ(H;;pught the handkerchief tp hove a 
•<^k>radiipriler or to be plain white 7^ But he 
' M nfver bi^oftgl^t aiiy such perpfexities to 
, his father. %fnd found hfcnsell diffid^Qt tp 
r ■ set / them: f ortlv; , , . . , j ■, •„., , ..' 
However. , tvhen he left |he' hoiuie a few 
minutes latere he boldly showed an inch of 
purple border above the pocket; then, as he 
iaw himself '^abovt to encounter aeveral old 
lady pedestrians, he bluslied and thrust the 
handkerchief down into deep, concofclment. 
' Hav^ng'^onc a blo^ farther, he pull^^ tqi; 
aga^in, and so continued to opcfrate this ba<bt 
of fashiML PIT unlasliibn, thrpughMpO^ iSfi 
morning(>0d Mttied a great deaT%brc%l 
Maantime, his father, rather r^ijtved that 
Ramsey had rtot told his secr^ <inatiever it 
' waa, diamissed the episode frpih his' mfnd 
and join«d Mrs. Milholland at tl^ froi^t ctoc^i 
, ready for church. \. '* 
"Where's Ramsieyy* 

"He's gohe ahead/' she Inawered. button- 
ing her glove as they went along. "I heard 
• . tjie door quite a IKtle while ago. Pediaps he, 
Went over to walk down with Charlotte ai^d 
Vance. Di4jM|^/a^^ 
this tfK>ming9^^^'m^ - 

i ^'Why/lib, I dWh't; B8t'p«rtk<ilarty. Diaa 


''I never saw anything lika it befPrV aaifl. 
MM,,MtlhoUand. "Ha wenH dis^ 111 the edlii 
antf polished bis owa sboes/' 
, -Whatr .-rv 

"For abPtit an boar, I tWnk,»' she said, aa 
, one remaining calm before a miracle. "And 
he only has three neck|iaa, 4)Mt . I aaw him 
' aeveral times in each oljUiftn. lie must have 
kept changing and cban|ing. I -wonder-^^ 
She paused. ' 

'Tm glad he's begun to take a little care 
of his appearance at last. Business mcn^* 
think a good deal about that, these days, 
#Ken he coilib lo make hia start in the 
wprld. I'll have to take a look at him and 
giva him a word of praise. T supposa JwHl 
In the pew when we get there." 
But Ramsey wasn't in the ptew, aild Char- 
k>tte, his sister, and her husband, who were 
there, said they hadn't seen, any thing of him. 
It waa not until the members of his family 
were on their way home after th^ * services 
that they caught a glimpse of bil|t,^^ 

They ytrc passing a ckurcb lIMI ^ 
V tance from their own ; here the CPngmmba 
^ ^* ^^'^ emerging to the open/ and ^aS^g 
the sedate torpng descending the broad stone 
steps appeared an accompanied Samaey— 
and a red. red Ramaey'he was when he be- 
held his father and mother and sister and 
brother'^n-Uw auring op at bint from the 
pav^niept^Mow. They were kind enouirn 
not to ObtiW to ao absolute halt, but p;tised 
slowly on, so that he was juat aUe to avoid 
paradmg up the street in front pf them. The 
ex|^s«6«s of his father, mother and sister' 
were of a dttmbfoundnesa painful Ur bear, 
while such lurking jocosity aa that apparent 
all over his brother-in-law )tlo dignified man 
phouM ^her exhibit or be called upon to 
ignore. ' . 

In hoarse whispers Mrs. Milholland chlded 
her huaband for an exclamation hcJiad ut- 
tered. '*Johnt On Snnday TlltfMBil to 
b« aal»ained." . 7^?^^- 

n cooMn'e help it." he exdaimail. "Who 
Mfrtarthls his' elbighig Vine? Why. eh^« 

jiiiwit^trrir' T-lT . " 

I'WjiiW' I'sJun^ loosr roWMr she warned him 
. sharply. Don't-*.—" 

proliMty. ' Some of ll»cm arc iinol>jectionable 
enough, but taken li^ia ^bole they serve to 
emphasize unimportant and secondary mat- 
ters, while they neglect all that ooHl^lD be 
regarded aa^% special revalatkiin^RPmli 
granted to Mr ttlnfs, and bv this ' tteglect 
ti»ar the basal facta at Cbifetianity i4 aucb a 
way- that diey becodie ft^mprchenaitile to 
their contemporaries. * ^ 

All this arises from a lack of proportion 
m setting out the trntb, which is in itself the 
parent 'of many errors. I'or hei^Bsy la more 
lfe<|Oeatly dian not truth expressed dispro- 
^orttOQiitely. It if true t^t what sometimes 

• appeara of little momeot may have a wide* 
retching sigiisficancc, and the history of 
Christian do< trine shows the importance of a 
: single iota. Uut as jve most take a large 
view of life for noble living, so we require 
spacious visions of truth to sic it in its far- 
reaching pei'spcctives. Christianity'; li a re- 
ligion of great 'fac^s^ challenging faith in its 
fullness. If this is reoMniixefl. the smaller 
tMfiga,;wiU sink intb tfleir Hght place. We 
shall see tbe truth in its proper proportion, 
and. by placing it in its true relation to ex- 
perienee, gain a clearer apprehetiaion' of the 
Christian faith and its significance m life. 
For not pnly must the gr^at facts of 

.Chfisiiaffillitth be given due prominence, they 
must be eonaidafwl in tbelr inter-relation. 
At the end of the last century, thanks to the 
teaebing of Bishop Wescott an<r others, the 
Incarnation beaame the dominant 'ihought in 
Engliah theok^gy. That revered bishop 
treated it in the largest way, and' by his 
leaniing and his VlMttiaT liisHrHl «MileU to 

us secrets of its meaning andl its power 
which wc should perhaps have never learned 
without his guidance. It was natural that a 
boat of l^ssftr i^en shpuld «eek to. proclaim » 
the message of tl^ie ven/erable seer, biit in 
their baridi it ' be«^ exduslvely the 

theme of religious thought that wc were in 
.danger of losing the proportion of the faith 
bnd thiif faltfng Into real Mir. - , 

Those who have realized this danger will 
share a yeal sati sfaction in find ing th ^t m^n 
are iMfWr turning to another equally 
fundamental element i«> jC^Miaii Jif^ and 
thought, all vtji|tp. is represent- bv the 
9jyii^^\''-.'^^M^c sdso we j^re in d^n^er 
f ■ S^^^d J)y^)the growing vcdiame 

tiiKir^i?**^*' i*m6 b>8:'^ - sobjeet, > books 
^h1e|I^Hif&st thtarfably tuirn out to )>e ex , 

BJiS^ WW?^;*" the interests of ilj^ehjtii ' V 
It1rfds\ of i^^cIesiasticaV theory, tnis' .will 

«^«Pl$. P' times,, Mrs. . Milhpftaad w«nii| 
IBnt ^ you th.inH .you, really ,must '. 
<||iigling irppi»d"^»n»«^>^ 

-H^«ijUgb wM..«nvtb^ W^ you find toiiL ^ *P \5^*%^S^^ ft^^M 


(Caiiclud«d Trom tige 23) 
li t ■ n i 


In 1825 a fort was erected on. the ilbrth 
side of the Columbia, some seven iiiile^ above 
the moutli of the Willamfctte River, and 
about two miles from Point Vancouver, b,ut 
five years later another site .was .selected 
about a inile westward of the first fort and 
nearer the river. It was here that McLough- 
lia had hb headquactelra^: By 1837 a farm of 
nearly 3,000 acres was nndcr cultivation. 
Theije were also two sawflMlla and tfwrtu -Jf lour 
mills supplying the oompainy*a«d cai'ry ing on 
an e\i)ort trade with the Sandwiieb. JlaUR4&-^h ^ 
apd Russian ^ettl<y«ents. 

W. F. TolraVadtfe ihai he' 4Ht rfict'.Nfr.: 
Anderson, ^Mlpbaiidci 3ottnS ^B' 'ibe^mbeH 
iSiM. 1^'ttcrV he npplace^ Andenfeit ^ a.<< HW. 
Thtr* • in^ c^ineviion ya\,h ^Ofiicf Trader 
D^lfald Mans«jn. lfc con<iei<^cd '**thv' idea tif 


it Concluded From Ptgi 23) 

and MRp9eed to timde, so tliat. by the time she 
reaened Fort ^mpikm, 11 large part of her 
cargo would hav<i betli traded* 

At Foft^Simpa^ aU Itira aoUected , were 
taken ashore and stored and the abip re- 
stocked with trade goods, when ^jWb^'' would 
proceed,, callitig at all villages en route, to 
Taku.- ' Returning io Fort Simpson, ^urs 
wu^ld be unloaded and more gdods taken, be- 
sides, of course, filling up every available 
Ypa^e with wobd. then atart .aputh as far aa 
>|tllbaiik, returning again to Fort . Simpson, 

.!Juiia..jtfuc^ure waa^kept up all jammer, 
the "Ucavcr" making about four tfrips north 
and tlic< same}||;ior fPUtii, quitting so that 
VittKiriar ouiildSc^fiiiliit'More Chnstiuai 

Iliis link blick' nVonVte? \ 

Anaerson op reifchft^ i<*b!*^^^^^ 
ventilated' tlie malltcr. Jt was reSidllV taked 
up by *pr. ■ McIio|lgh)ih and 'Mir, DOttglas. A 
aitecriptl^m librwy^ %hich did 

much gdod' for about ten yea'V^, soon after 

cpnrae. it .seents very qti^er to us that yqujd 
be willing to. waste so muchjtirae jnat now 
yfrben , y ofir. fiiiiid, ought to l>e f^tfrelv^oh your, 
studies, aod especially with atich aa 'tbanrd' 
k)oWng little thing-^. . , ' 
' **No. you tnj}«*^wten. Ramaey, and let me. 
^pe^k npw. . What I meant was .that we 
^hould^ t be quite so much d%<eaaed by'your 
being seen with a «ri^l wh6 diym'in better 
taste and seemed to have some notion of re'^ 
finement, thought, of course, Jt'a only natural 
she wouldn't, with a father' who is just a 
sort of ward policeman, I iinderstand, and a 
mother we don't know, and, of course, 
shouldn't care to. But, oh, Ramsey ! if you 
had to make yourself So conspicuous, why 
couldn't vou be a little hit more fastidious? 

tellectttal girl. We both say that if you must 
be so riditulous at your age"^s to persist in 
aeeiiw^niore of onli.«irl than another, why, 
oh, why, don't you go and sM soihe realty 
nice girl like Dora Yocumr ' 

•Rantaey was ab«adr dangerously dia^ 
tended, as an effect of the earlier part of her 
discourse, and the word "^tidkws" «lmoat 
exploded him, btit nfiiar A> ahimsc, '^•QlSm 
Yocum," he blew up with a shattering report 
and, leaving fragments of incoherence ri<io-^ 
chettlttt behind hkn, fled .shuddering from 
the house. 

. For the rest of the schpol term he walked 
bdwe ^ith Milla ovary Afternoon and on Sun- 
• days appeared to have become a" 4^s^Htte 
Bap^t. It waa supposed (by the interested 
members of the high school daas) that Ram- 
sey and MiUa were "engaged." Ramsey 
sometimes rather supposed they were him- 
self, and the dim idea gave him a sensation 

partly plejUMAt, b<tk ttMktly apprehe^ he 

was afraid. 

He was afraid that the day waa cominir 
Wljfn he oo^ht to kisa her. * v * 

(To be continued). 

■ ■ ■ o- I ■ ■■ , ■ ^ ' . 

The Wf^ pf Trutht-A 
' Sen^ o f Prq eQcgon, 

KJOW, as always, the foremost duty laid 
^ ^ ufwtt the €bnrc1i is to be a faithful 

\^hich ' -havt^ just" recetlliy Feen ,pfl|^?fshc1d.' 

* subject 
■ym^mtj^- agree with 

Il^ij^ .bopfc t^h^w^'iW 
ahould htivstudied. 

hid cohlMu>»dris to a^)pnedafli l^rnitig Ike 
has bfoncbt to bear fai Jhe ehfeidation of his 
theaia, ana the brave effort he haa made to 
be true to all that - tttodem criticism and 
scieafie jf^^MlMmd .in Pur study of the Christian 
rwreli^v thia wprk^ indebendcntly of I 
other merits, deyytaAff ilM because ■ it 
treats a great tfieift* In i greai way. and 
heit>8 us to perceive the truth by preserving, 
m our minda a aound sense of jMAortloo. 
—A correfs^hdaiit*br The Londoir Timea. ' 

' ' -■ ■ ' " ' ■ ■ o 7-" 


periodicals to the company's agent in Xon- 
doni The books were sent out, and as every- 
body sobserfbed; they were sent to all the 
forts throughout the length and breadth of 
the land. The library was kept at Fort V^an- 
couver, subscribers sending for such books as 
they wanted and.r^untinjr them Wthca read. 
Finally the books were divided among such 
of ihc' subscribers as cared: ab«5ut having 
them. The Hudson's Bay Company, by their 
ships, sent out The Times and other leading 
papers for circulation. This# was the first 
circulating library on. the Paetfie Slope, ex- 
tending from t83^3 to 1843. 

On the ^etflcment of . the Oregon Boun- 
dary dispute the Hudaon's Bay Company re- 
tired from the district, and Fort Victoria be- 
caiyc ihe N, , Coac^t i^hea4auarters,' Fort 
.Vancouver being nt>iir i]aed' M^^a ivHUiry bar- 

1 /v^«rdfetiil;*y-xMeMilU^^^ the 
Xowcr.Fraser River ;;itvvM&«i^*ta Ae earliest 
occt^>ation of th( liower^^M^nland of British 
Columbia. The Kbooner Cadboro > ,whicb 
carried the crew- and: fopi^lies- -lor . die post 
w^s tbe^^rst, seai-lroin^'veWl on tbe Fnser. 
^ JaoiW Ml Vale was in charge pf this fort 

about ra5o. , • 

At I^ew Fort" Langley the oath of office 
was taken by Dot^las as Governor of Brit- 
ish Columbia, waa^ expected tbir^ New 
Langley. or Derby, as it was now caUed, 
would form the capiUl of British^ Columbia, 
but Col: Moody ahd Capt. J. M. <Mt re- 
ported that OIL miUtaffy jrro«nda tMmty was 
ypwilab^e. > . _ ; 

rench win 
" the 


>Pbr ^nfifTwifli 4noii%^«iUn b 
Those quarts' of goo4 
And I 'did, hot rfde 
T«;^^ tl|^ RtVer 

I^9Lmprc ni force ^. 
A sweeting; hArse i'l . i >• 

To face abnJstihg . shell- H v ;f 
Nor rldCfc alone, by the marchiiig staiii 
'Tp. hpfr wh|t the night winds^tell ; , ' 
Ndi^, sw Jo. tRe blaze of the rifrng^sun 
The landa ^here the heroes d^oP^ 
Btit air.the old ^ife gave to 'mF^^'" ' 
You give' a, thousandfold, ' 
The »|W iS^iiili, the ipn^ ^df1he|,-- v' 
The sunsets red and gold ; 
The flame-lit snow, the peace of dawn, 
The •drums fhat called the b^-- ' ' 
When^lirst acf-dia ttie fields bf WtitcA 
The ttdei\<rf battle rolled. , 

*^iJ|i^ri^»e beauttfat--' * ^ 

The great, i*r¥ue idfal. 
The kiss of a dying oomradie, , 
The flash of sunlit steel, ^ 
The love of men and horses, , 
Tlie love of man and wife^ . _ „ . 
^ Are concentrated in youie 

iV^.S^f?0v W b«^^^^^ 


The esublishme'nt, built i|i i!|3i, was 
situated at the outlet ol Naas |Uver, but the 

site near Dundas Island. 

Sir George Simpspn reports in 1841 that 
the establishment ia visited by many Indians 
occupying the islands and inhabitants of five 
villages on the Mkiilland; Itkewjbc by the 
natives df Queen Charlotte Iabilnda£'<ai|' in- 
habitanU of Tongass and by those of Ky- 
gamie, one of the islands formkig the Prince 
of Walea Archipelago, in all a popnlatkMi of 
alxHit 14,000. The returns of this time were 
from ^fioo to 4/xx> beaver and otter, about 
ffty MMititttr and a large quantity of small 
furs, the net revenue being estimated at 
£3^000^ per aiinam. The aufl conaiated of 
two oaoeri^aml^eighteen acrvonCa. 


T^flarokt Blind. 

Witness of the trntli^ In the present day the 
search tor knowledge. oT «pirit\tal things not 
aeldom appeirs to be most keen outside or- 
ganized OiHatianity. This^ fa^ iniy be 
humiliating, but its si^ificance cannot be 
igaored. Many contribntiona to religious 
thought of great value to lik»th are oftotd to 
us by men whose relation tb the Church is 
but slight. Some of the most devoted in- 
quirers into the meaning of Reality can 
scarcely be called Chri.stian, either in inteli- ' 
tion or m the point of view they*emphaaize. 
The orthodox i>etiever who desires to under- 
stand the implicatkms 6< Ms faith may often 
defive no small advantage from much that is 
being written by men who do not share his 
crecjtl, and since a Christian may Welcome' 
truth from any qa.irtcr, he wiU find nlfoch of 
^ • ^" oV modem 

mterest fTTils faith may be quite secondary. 

Tills wider enterpri.«<c in the co-ordmatkm ' 
of truth may have an indirect bqt none^the 
leas important influence on ibe appointed ^ {««viiiaa«on 
teadiera in the Church. On a raview^ the* /tba Mate of 
religkws literature published in ree^ yaa»^ • 

Mticnt reader is left wUh the impression 
of beutf almost overwhelmod dnr a lavxe 
nomberN)! slight and haatHy iliritten woHu 
by authors cpnftnt with k more or leia 
dexterous use of iraditkm shaped to suOMrt 

'Jiia^oa by modem science or -tbe well- 
Mired^ reattltft of modern eritieisor. A [/ 
vljjor to the bookiwller finds tWse >v<>rks 
ilist»tayed m their crowded ranks of printed 

^ teiind of tbe «^ > 
^ ' Every profesaioa^baa Ita pet fictions, and 
the law is no cxai|lloii;' The cynic would 
probably maintain indeed that it makes a 
hobby of collectinf them. But even the 

at the ob- 

obstina^ Wlm wMJiili 7ol<§ea persiM In dis- 
seminatlHg one cherish^ delnsion. "That 
flogging is a detenrent," says the Common, 

Serjeant once more, '*t have ho doubt. That* 
Was proved to be the case when. garrotting 
was put down." The incident referred to ia 
the outbreak df garrofdngln the Summer and 
Autumn of iB62, put <lown by Bkroh Brim^ 
well's sentehces of penal servitude. Clime 
feirto Its 6Hinary levd by the end of the 
yeai'. The Flogging Bill was introdtke4 Hi 
mmary, 1863, ahd has ever since been re- 
ferred to by jttdgef ad tl|e one sure r< 
for robberj' with violence; as shown iii._i 
Tkm is the one known ease of the effecTbc- 
atrring batbre the cauae. Who kaVs that 
lawyers do not brieve bs. mhracks? — Lon- 
doa Daily Ncwa. ^. ^...^ _ ' 

j. . ' . -llM.FttMk H^th A • 

Li^.^ ^ teala of tbe ^egrte of 
tiviUaatkMi which a cottfitry has atUMad ate 
its education and the attentkw it 

^ ir^* *° P^'''^ Minbtry ol 

Health came into being none too soon, but in 
the abort period of ha existence it haa al- 
ready done some valuable work-oone the 
V woracf becaoae it has gnncfkny baen attdar 
(the pressure of inuructad |M>Mic opttk 
/London Daily Chronicle. 

r a . , 

I have never yet seen any plan which has 
wot been mcndad^^|| the observations of 
thoaawho were mtminferior In understand- 
ing I© the peraon who look the lead hi the 


J^atabliahed in 1833 at head of 
Sound, b<tween Langley and ' Fort 

Lievts. Warre and Vavasour report: "At 
Nisqually, near the head of Puget Sound, ia 
the farm of tlie Puget Sound Company, com- 
menced in 1839 and supported chijefly by the 

fcntlenicn of the Hud«on*a Bay Company. 
,'hey here dbltivate #heatiiiii potatoes, ett., 
but the ma^ificent rafige of rich prairie 
country between tl|ie shores of Puget Sound 
and the Cascade Mountains to the east are 
chiefly used as a pasturage for the, immense 
herds of cattle and sheep, the^greater number 
df lyhich #efe brought from California in 
1840-1." Operations here were under the 
management of W. F. Tolmie, for the Puget 
Sound Agricultural Company, an offshoot of 
the Hudson's Bay Company. Anderson and 
Niell did the hp«M>ra of this post, upon the 
occasion of the vilit of the United States £x- 
pbring Sqttadroo in 1841. 


Fort Ml;1Umghlin was situated on an 
island near Millbank Sounds having been 
built in 1833 by Finj^son* Manson and 
Anderson. Whan Governor Simpson visited 
this post in Septamb^, ia4t« there were 
twelv'e men employed besides tlie officer in 
ehargia. An average of 1,500 beaver and 
otter, beaidea small fura, were oollaeted, the 
Mttma showing a net profit of about £i,JDa 
It -wa* visited by about 5.300. Indians from 
seven viUagc^ This post had been necessary 
during the American oppoaitioci on the coast, 
bot was ultimately moved to the head of 
Vaocofiver Island and renamed Fort Rupert. 


Hudson's Bav Compatiy obtained 
sioo on Jonc 19, i94o, 'itn^ arrangement 
Fj^bnary, tU9, with the Itasaiah American 

Cotaabttv, sitaated on the north end of Dtike 
of Jot^ Island, near Point Highfield. four 
to live milei* sowth of thft outlet of the Sdkiae 
-orPelly's River, and waa in the first insuoce 
formed here by the Rusaian American Com- 
panpr tn 1833. with the viet«r of pt^tectinf 
tbeir trade which tJjcv »ui>po*ed woaltfW 
dangered by the cstabfishmem ^hl^ t|e' 
Hodson's Bav Company then cont^tM^M^ 
forming ulthin British territory dp iht 
Slikine R^'cr. 

Lpon recekif of the result of ^ l!!bnven- i 
tion of 1839 McUMghan acat an cxpeditkm i 

soonglas, but, 

. . . posts .oU'tWroute ahe 

covered tinder her control; It being ^imated 
that she. had to vater tp^ tha Ni^ft|tia% forty 
^housAnd patiye^/ ; 'V^^^fe ■ ' 

,^ For...t«'eh^y fit^H/^lfi^r^fik'i^^m^ 
frclu In, all new Indiah i^de coXiMCies and 
v^doi^, Jthc^sai)ie applies all. new >?^tc aet- 
lt\ctt^ff 0)cww^ of theIMr»i?is h»(rfcr«4«- 
ajly increased. uj)til in 1852 she Was found to 
be toUlly inadequate to tiike 9ire of the trade. 
Therefore, a new boat, waa biiUt in Bngland 
and named tbe;''Otter;' arriving ^ere fai'^^, 

• The "Otter" deserves more than passing 
mention, bu^ sfiace will not allow of my aaymg 
more than a few wortls. 

One of the "Otter's" first duties after arriv- 
ing at Victoria from England was to go^ $aii ' 
Francisco. Sir James Pouglas says: "In 
spite of head winds she went down in (our 
days and returned in five days, and she waa 
mttch Smil ed %vherc her unexpected irrtVil 

created quite a sensation." 

She was the first steamer propelled by a 
screw to be brotight out by .the Company, ^aiid 
was altogether just as siKcessful as was the 
"Beaver/' and had the same fault— being too 
small However, the .*'Beaver" and ""Ott^" 
between thtm were able, to Uke care of aAura 
for a few years, until the "Enterprise" was 
purchaaed in 1862, to help out on the Fraaer 
River run dUi^gr the ftftl'IDarlbott «dld ex- 

It is easv to understand that by this time 
the "Bea^ei^^ engines Vere in heed of aXjtcii- 
tiont and it was under discussion as to whetl^ 
they should be taken out an(^ sent home to be 
re-bored, or whether the steamer should be 
sent herself fb have repairs effected, but before 
a decision waa reached the boat was chartered 
to the British Government for the purpoae of 
survey wbrkritfid, while I have no pd^iM ln« 
formatktn on the point, I believe, with the help 
machine ahop on one of Her Majaity's 
ibflM, ^he ^mm»\^ re-bored or new pis- 
ton rings fitted, ao that the boft became quite 
serviceable again. In order to carry. the sur- 
vey crew, more cabin accommodatton was 
necessary, and the pictuiia gilrcil will show 
what she looked like durmg that-work., . . 
< . V flL8. Labouchero - 

In the niMnthnei the Hudaon's Bay Com- 
P^nyntH iMfim Bngtatid anotber ^ahip, 
the "Labouchere." She was of the paddte;tmaal 
type, but much larger and more ebatly to oper- 
ate. The zeal of the Hnda^nfa Bay (jompany's 
offlcera' to get a boat up-to^ate eaused them 
to Overlook the fact that' money and business 
were not plentiful, and a steamer, to operate 
auccessfully on the coast, mtist he careRiIlv. 
selected. When they realhsed tlieir tnistakc 
other work was sought, 'wtth the result that 
rtie was placed on the San Francisco-Victoria 
mail route in coipipetitlon with the California 
Steam Navigitk>M Company's steamer "Ac- 
tive," atfd a rate war. likely the fii'st one on the 
coast, was started, but end^ suddenly when" 
the *'Labouchere," on her second trip, Waa 
wrecked at Point Bay in the SpAng of 1866. 

The "Beaver*' waa fihaily sold in 1874. to 
George Rudtin and John Stafford for $15^066^ 
and her register was tranaferred from London * 
to Victoria, and, after being used as a U>w and 
general freight boat until the a^th of July, 
1888. she went ashore at Observation ^oint, - 
Burrard Inlet, and finally paaaM out of exis- 
tence atrth^ age of fif^y-thm Jraars. 

Long will she retnafn iff ihe memory of 
British Columbians. rt^'^-- 

The formation of the Canadian JPacific 
Navigatipn Company waa next commenced, 
when Captain J. Irving and Mr. R. P. Rithet 
he^e intereated and pooled the two boats 
<miited between here a<ld Fraser River 
pomts. Many others had atoefc, and the Htid- 
f**°'?^ S^^. .Co»»P*ny reuifted a eonaidcrable 
InteMaf^ilhey having at that time the hugest 
paddle boat. "Princess Louise;' in their h^db» 
and it was really around her that centred the 
baaia of the formation of the new company. 

Afcer many years of operi^tioa. when auch 
boku as "Daiyilie." "Otter." "Princess May," 
^-SiS'^^'A "Yosemi^," •Tees,"^p. 
ander,^ ^'XafaflMr/'rud many och<r bonU'had 
been acqirlred, tie Canadian Pacific Railway 
aucceeded in bnyhig bat the concern, which 
trananction haa relMlted' in the boats now 
benif operated on this coast under the CP.R. 
fl^ being the finest aggregatkm of steameta 
to^Pe lound any pUce io the world. 

to the Stikine in the s(eamer iSeaver to es- 
tablish the post. The expttlHIou was led bv 
Jaoica Douglas, who was accompanied by W. 
»»^UiJrii£^^*^ *nd J, McUughlin, Jr., 

Moat of the 'furs were traded by the Seeat- 
who bartered with the Nihamies 
and otMr Indians of the inrerior, traveling 
abotft 156 miles from the coast Io llie Ni- 
harnies village, about sixty milea from Daase 
Lake. ^ 

Founded in 1S40 

establifhflsent was intended u> 
,bifi placed at the ^MNn ad UMltfu^l^ 
JBter, but no favorable sffSattobWWBrb?^ 
found, if was erected between two river-^ 
Sitka ami Tacoi^ .^about fifteen 
(rom each, but was ultimately tfwJwb<:vi 


■ *^ - *- - - 

HAKI i« ^ HindmkjUmi word u«e<i 
by th« iiativci oC Ihdi* td mean 
dusty or earthy. At aimlied to 
the uniforms of ^Idlers it 
- meaas dust or clay^eolored. and 
iimaycorer » variety of shades* friMs »1^fbt 
dnib to, « chocolate. 

^- When Qrttt Britain v«rent to war in South 
Africa in 1899 her soldiers were drew^d in 
khaki uniforms. Previous to this time thi^ 
specially colored unifofm was not often seen 
in tlie British Isles, as was used almost al- 
td^E^cthcr for service overseas in India. What 
a change from the briUiaiit scarlet tunics 
lormerty tttiid lor serviee and dreM occa- 
sions! Go back still further in History, and 
whitep a nd plt^ti and gi^l^l^ife^ <h<ag ^ 
dttVtffcaltSPQSliiMttft' dWSnriWr'ifi'iiB^^ In 
short, s<rfdlers' uniforms in the days of long 
ago-twcre ncant to «Hr&ct attention aa^ to 
dratp reeftHt«;< 5fo atile occasion 
plete without Its complement of shoiyy uni- 
forms, and patriotic fervor was bred in the 
breast^ 0^ those who formed the pah of on- 
lookers. ^ ■ ' ■ -. 

How came it that these bright uniforms 
w er e d isca r d e d f of th e aake ~Dt"dpl^* 

It'waa plalaly' realised that -with the lidoptkm 

and perfection of long distance rifles and 
guns some colot» other than red, biue' or 
green, had ^ fO«Hd to iender meU in* 
visible agamst their background. Khaki 
served this pnrpoee on the vejdt of South 
Africa, aiiil that is whv it was chosen. It 
was ^ effective that khaki was afatn the 
cdor^ selected for the British armies in the 
last great war aga}iist Oermany in Europe. 
During this war '•SK>ther word has sprung 
into general use, and that is "camouflage." 
This word means to arrange^or deeorate an 
object in lOeh a way as \<r make it adpear 
yCcaX it is not,* oh even render it invisible al- 
together. Great guns were shielded from 
abova with branchdi of treea or canvas 
painted, to resemble the surrounjdtiigs. They 
were then invisible fr^m aircnft,, 3hips sail- 
ing, the seas had their sides pa«itetf ^n a most 
extraordinary way to i^nder tbem.^K^icuH of 
observation from the periscopes of sub- 
marii|e8,^d ^he soldiers' helmets were de- 
toffiiail k^ a *|itillar fitty to maHe them bard 
to observe in the trenches. So we see that if 
the 9vord camouflage had. been in generjd use 
during the South African war the khaki uni- 
form would have been considerecl a form of 
make-believe. The extension and perfc^tioci 
of ^pes of caniouflage has grown as the oeea* 
sion demanded. The more successful the 
camouflage the less the loss of life. Is it not 
history that some of the Highland regfiji^entii 
refused to alter the color of their kilts at the 
comtnencetpent of ^he South African war? 
Their pride did not . allow them. They ps,- 
ceptcd the khaki tunic,, but no more. Tbf-it. 

tw|ia VmX their losses in battle were very 
lor the «i|nple reason that they were 
le to the enemy, while other regiments, 
clothed entirely in khaki^ were invisible.' It 
waa iw>t long before wisdom was the bet^r 
IMrt 4|f valor and khaki aprons were' liiade to 
cover the conspicuous kilts.. 

, All of thkL^Luatrates one of the great laws 
tHM goveilflli^Ke--^ men. all animals and^ 
.11 incepts: In timed of war those clothed 
appropriately «id in accordance with their 
s«rrouAdtogs stved their lives. With animals, 
insect! and plants, life represents a continual 
war. . To these who sit c|lmly in the thade of 
their verandas or others >Hrho admire the 
peaceful beauty of a Summer^s evening in the 
^. park, all the under feeling, the tension and 
V mcessant- war existing all around them is 

y -^atfch the dragon fly; its aqnatic larvae 
are busy devof^g olhei« forms of water life. 
Plants have their caterpillars, birds haVe 
their parasites and insects have their enemies. 
One of the great <>l^ects in life is to obtain 
sufficient food t«>_sustain existence. You 
know how it is with yonraelf. Yon eould not 
go»inany day** jpumey without something 
to eat or drink. The same applies to animals 
and insects. Men fan gather sufficient food 
by cultivating land, 'growing crops and feed- 
ings animals for slaughter. Primitive man did 
not do>hls; he lived by the chase. Anhnals 
must also hunt for their • livelihood and in- 
sectt m«st travel far and wide to find suffi- 
cient food to keep them nourished. This, 
then, what is meant wherf it is said that 
^ar is a continual process < among animals, 
plaat^ and insects. Watch very closely all 
around you and be sure you understand what* 
i» meant. Try and findvfnt what your wild 
birda feed on or what' M^'iM them. De^tha 
sanpt With the insects and plantat yon ivfiH 
then gnidoaUy.ttndersUnd that those birds 
or insects WW eiofors which agree best wjlh 
their annr^Mmdiiigs are the nrnst likely to tor* 
Vive, just ^ m Mine way as khaki uniforms 
saved, ihoosilida of ioMlers in Prance, South 
Africa and India. 

• ;yoi^ will Ijave difficulty, possibly, while 
mBking y««r study in the fields, in determin- 
ing Tor what use certain colors hi insecta af« 
provided. Two cUssas o* insects, with colors 
iiv harmony with their natural habiut, cstto; 
thoee lhat desire to remafai unseen from 
and tbos^ that deetre to re- 
main iSlMik so that AeyjMr catch and kffl 
other losecU lor food. rSf>2lMliHiatkm of 



fou will have to watch very closely to 
y apprecuite the importance of the art of 
protective colors among insects, otherwise of 
what use arc the colors? The bright colors 
of butterflies, of ladybirds, beptles, bees, 
wasps and other common insects— those that 
are usually seen— are not protective colors in 
the sense that we have just understood. They 
are really warning cokirs used by the insects 
to inform their enemies that they are tapifble 
of stinging or possess an obnoxious taste or 
odor. Enemies of wasp9 vie«^ the liright yel- 
low, startling colprs in the sarne way a# you 
or I do. They know enough to leave thenr 

The effectiveness of warning coloration 
has led to one other remarkable condition 
among insects. Some insects, perfectly 
' harmless, have adopted^ warning colors to 
make their enemies believe them to be what 
they are not This is camouflage ta a very 
great degree. TIW hiTmless Uttle ayrphid 
fly, for instance, is quite unable to do us or 
any bird any harni, yet it is banded very 
often with black and y,illow aiid fesembles 
the VICIOUS wasp in its appearance. It is pro- 
teeted, therefore, vei^ ^ cffectiTCly from ~Va 
' an en ilea. , > \ ■ ■ ■ 

When you ara out in the field just watch 
the cok>rs of insects and try and i>lace theni 
in one of the categories I have mentioned, 
protectiye leaMiUance to a]>je€ts, warning 
colorittion or mimicry. 

In so doing just considf^ the ifrocess of 
evolution that has carri^ on down tlirougji 
the paths of time, which ha» perfected the 
system of coloration among insects and 
which has enabled those insects most suit> 
ably cok>red to survive and transmit their^ 
characteristics tA their offspri||g, '^^^ . 

The |*4anWiSlhJ 

COMit «inreneraiat round an ;inn fire 'One 
, ^ wps a silk merchant^ another a dealer in 
pots afid pans, wfa^a ^i^third cacried nothing 
weightier than a iflk O^hmu. He was 
a fat, pompous individual Isnd wore -rich 
clothing and a number of showy rini:s''. 

He spoke little, for he thought bimself 
^far superior to the rest of the company. 

The silk merchant, whose stock wks 
«>awls,, and tcatves, sold carp*tp and rugs As 
well, lid Wiide theAtioa ^. tiaferUin noble- 
man w]^o had on that very day bought trota 
him a &)e Persian mat. 

At%nce the p<kfl||H^a8 man broke' i» to 

"That is nothing. In my house I iiave a 
Persiaa carpet twite the isize of this room." 

One of them, a quiet little man m an old 
grejr coat, said, witb a iKvfnkle : 
- "Most honored^ sir, we ^lieve *that you 
have a catp«t of iiamense aMt^ (>ttt r attore 
you that I myself can #aiily surpass that in 
beauty and extravagnce. t have sevei^ new 
carpets every year. Such wbndelrful ieotors 
and beauty of^patt^jrn arc not seen among 
those oflfeced for saie by .the merchants <3 
this land.": V 

At this the iat nian opened his eyes and 
brought hi» hand roUiid to gaze at the quiet 
little niin,.who ceruihly did not look as 
though he cottld afford .#uch luxury. 

"Where do you get these wonderful 
carpets, and What are they like?" he asked. 

TWy are given to me," said the little 
man, 'by- an old friend. I do not deserve 
such preaeiit$,jpet thAy are brought right up 
to my door. The last one that came was in 
rich shades of brown, red and gold; it was 
JlightfuHy soft to walk on, ^d tlt«.p»ttolL 
was of interwoven leav^ andf iMrancbei. The 
next will be pure White and even softer and 
thicker to walk upon.'* 

"But," gras^tf the fat man, "I never 
heard of such extravagance." 

"'t^^*" not last me long," said Grey Coat, 
'but then the cme Whfch will follow is so 

^ ""e^ct >'« Joss." 

"What's that like?" said ^ fat man. 
open-eyed with wonder. ^* . 

"Well, rather a delkate affair, too. Spots 
ot heliptrope and vellow on a ground of 
paleit green; and, by the way, the maker 
sends that one perfumed." 

"Perfumed !" gasped the fat man. 

He was overcome with envy, but he got 
up and bowed Id the grey-coat man. and 
asked if he might pay him a visit. 

"Certainly?' said Grey Q>at. 

So the next day they set off together, and 
made a long journey. At last they eima to 
WKT Coat's home. But it was only a tiny 
woddan hut in the )|eart of a Wood, and the 
lat man panted and puffed u he dropped on 

outside the door. 

"It ^r^A he. "But whfm am 
your car|Mtar.- / • 

^ Nature 

««Mon lj4wasoi»«^e nuaet kam of An- 

♦!?Q*«5* ^ ^Vhiter snow, 

t*a Spring carpet of violeu and primraeet 

O - I 

bolted fromx^his earth and, running to the 
very «pot where I was standing, began 
vfa^tlily digging to bury bints^ fai the 

"Neither men nor dogs had seen him, 
and I at ooce determined to captura him 
unaided by anyone. I inuifi^ed that it- 
would prove to be a vftry easy task. Ac-' 
cordittgly, I laid hold of bis black, bone- 
cased tail with both hands and began tug- 
ging to get him ofif the ground, but could 
no« move him. He went on digging' fur- 
iously, and getting deeifer and dal^er intd 
the earth, and J soon found that instead of 
my pulling him out be was pulling me in 
after him.- It hurt my pride to think that an 
animaLno larger than a cat was beating me 
in a trial of strength), and I held on more 
tenaciously thah ever and taland and 
strained more violently, until — not to lose 
hrni—I had to go down fla^.o|| the ground. 

"But It was i^\ for. bygyi^^, . vSat my 
hands and then my aching arms were ear- 
ned down into the earth, and I was forced 
to release my hold and get up to rid myself 
of the mould that he liad 6een"^throwing bp 
into .my facf and all over my head, neck 
and ^UMwlderSk^ . . 

Viptoi^ f i<?wen Calendar 

Victoria, B. C, igaio. / 
"Consider the lilies of the fieW, how they 
^row; they toil not, nei ther m they spK 
and yen say unfoyou that even Solomon in 
all his gtery was^ not .arra;^ed like oi^e of 
these. .1. >;•. 

May jb— Stonecrop (Sedum spathulifblium), 
found on Mount Douglas by QiUy 
- Burton. ' ' * * 



— ^ / ¥ • 


^epena), found *at" 
.vj|^4<jshaw. , .. \ 

te^boting Star*!, 
found, ^t M< 
_ .»,.P«?90ad. V 
i<^^Red ®o»^ pratense), ' 

^ found ^^Iplgston Street by Mary 
N^K.- . . - 

«)--Sinall Hpp aover (trifoKum du- 

' S!^)' ^^'^^ *^ Brentwood by Jack 
• ■^n ;MtBer. , ■ V '-' ■ 

,10-^-Common ^ Plantaiq - ' "(Plantago 
^ f^^k^i^ ;^eet 

*^f6ahd at Brentte<itfd 
Richmond. " ■ ' 

Pj^ ;yFlorefice 

Befc^J^v^ by Isabel and Pat ; , ^ -""."r 


ayweed (Antbcmis cotqla). found 

m James Bay di^UHct by FS<^ce 

Richmond and DoIlievBftdshaw. 

10— Violet (Viola adunca); found near 

Beach Dri^ i Jhi^ r Pat 
Hurley. ' : ' « 

XO — Lupin 

JO— \yooly *^aii^iMtx (Eripphyllum 
l|natum), fouitd . near Beach Drive 
Isabel andl*at Hurie>. " 

(Aqifiiegla ; fbSisa), 
;F %Und at Wi^^iam HeSd by 8ari)ara 
. . Co^; pn on Sooke Way by 

' on May t"i at 

Gohaales HHTby, Marjorfe sjencer. 
10— Amiitackia (Amsinkia intermedia), 
' '^t^fwitt^ ?ay district by Juan- 

10— f h'yme-teaved Speedwell (Veron- 
ica serpyllilolia), found on* Cross 
. Street by Mar;' Nex. 
rp— Yarrow (Achjllca millefolium), 
, found in Fairfield district by fer- 
. ' jorie Carter and at William «ead 
by Barbara Cox. * ' ^^mm 
^/^Wl»«te Clover CTrifWfiunr f^s), 
found on Michigan Street by 
Eileen Jbhnston and Ada Salisbury. 
JflrrTrailina Blackberry (Rubus ma- 
cropeuTus), found at William ^lead 
by Barbara Cox. 
" 9— Borage (Borago oflScinalis), found 

William Head by Barbara Cox. 
This plant ie introdneed. a native oi 
Southern Europe, it Oecvrs in waste places 
from Nova ScotU t0 OnUrio,* also hi 
Pennsylvania, baviag undoubtedly escaped 
from garden9. So far as we know at the 
present time, this is the first instancy of ito 
b^ng recorded in a wild sute in British 

Notes.— The little flower with the pur- 
plish pink bfoseom sent in by Marjorie 
French is ^Storksbill (Brodlum ekutarium). 
It IS very common now. 

The Editor is much obliged to Peeev 
Seward, of Duntan, Sooke Way, for a 
beautiful maidenhaiie fern. The white blos- 
som was Jui^ Berry, or Service Berry (Am- 
clanchier flprida) and the other was the Blue 
Currant (Ribea bracteosum), botb tcported 

IS'Uf^t. » PJ*»t thTname 

of which he did not know, near the Quaran 
tme SUtion some time^affo. Conld fia fi 
52???*'.***'- »^ anfsebd it in? LU 

News From Out of Dooi^ 

VI/'HEtlaER'ociMit Herbert Gla^k He 
beeomel msimi ^ iBm ^ . 
States, the wIk^ world looks jipon bim as 
one of the great men of this agi It is, thcn« 
worth our whi)a learning what aoiiiof a bby 
be wa« pnd how be, becamf j^efiil 

' Mr. Hoover iiT about the same age as the 
fathers of many* toys an4 girls obw at school, 
not quite forty-six, and, to judge by his pic- 
tures, he looks mn^ji^ouager. He was wgu 
on a farm 11 

iStates. Hi^ parents were Quakers, and as a 
boy of ti|h Herbert joined tkal ap^iaty of 
whiefrUa is a mmUbek 'Ifiia^lil^ was 
village blacksmith^ as WiM as farmer, but 
couki not havf been aneeepefol, as Herbert 
Was abligred «» leate. home wM he <^TW 
boy was then only ten and went to live witfi 
relatives in ttuT Indian Territory. He after- 
wards made Me home with an uncle in 
Oregon. We are told b^ Judson ^ 'WUtiver, 
who writes of Hoover m The American Re- 
views of Reviews, that the lad was quiet and 
studious and he, no doubt, was a go od pupil 
of those' country s'chocjs he haSan oppor- 
tunity of attending. Even the busiest and 
poorest of b)Q^#(^^;fhrdi liaa'>em¥ teinira 
time in Winter and on storm v days and even 
with a few books it i» possible to learn much^ 
.while in the fields there is ti^se f^^tdking. 
One day the la'd^had a visit fmm an old 
friend of his father's who had become a sue* 
eoBsfUf ^inmg man. His stories iiiade 
Herbert long to be a ihinuig' engineer, and 
^c was fourteen Jie left his uncle's 
'4^' earn money to enable him to go to 
He found his way to Pbrtland and 
ire€ years woH^ed in a real estate oflice 
by day .and studied hard after hours. When 
he was aeyenteen Lefand StanCard UHiveTtity 
was opened and, though not very well pre- 
pared, young Hoover WM admitted to its 

He had' little mdnev, and to k^ up With 
his classes was obliged to spend muth of his 
time out of college hours in study^ find 
> sometiiiaig to^dTthiEt wottM tut 1^^^ too 
much of that precious time and yet bring 
him in money enougb his way was 
liis problem. The bor Who ipras Jo grow up 
to feed the people of Balgiiafii Ifrance and 
many other lands \itSp^ his preparation at 
th« uniyersitv. Ha. devised a plan for tht 
collection and diitflMUdi of laundry and was 
well ipaid for superintending its operation. 


that the /onth bad 

easily be : 
*«»«rc and 

lees inclination for tlitlpranks and fun^ 
m^fce np a lar^ part «e college life for 
ttnSlmtc. He w>h% wb are tbl^, not 
•oeiabli* but mraa the wonder and envy of 
classmates in mathamatics and geology. " 

Yet, if yoUnsr Hoover himself took tittle 
tinf^ for recreation, he was determined that' 
all who wished to do so should get an oppor-' 
Innity to p%. INiia '%as n6t easy. The 
^ ptu^ents who had ^wealthy patents organized 
themselves into ^It^s having . (^ruk iuuo$9 
and^irt^cM* These youiig t^ ^im<^ 
^ud« from coHi^ sports all who were not 
members of their fraternities. Most boys 
can Imagine thj^, indigni^kni wiiicj^ such j|n 
attempt would ca«plit)l«^aHV^ tl^ ItM 
^tu^ale claa||bates. 

• n^bover' helped to overturh <^he snobbish 
iplan. and , to contrivi that etery>^ man t6tA 
ettial rights whether he were a **Gre^k'* or a 
"Baibariaiu" He became manager of the' 
student bpard and»M after> ;bis ' ret^lifment^ 
secured for his successor#i salary of $i^odo, ^ 
tho u gh h e had, d qi e the >»or k l y ith o ut p» jr^ 
mentbyhisoiiifl^it. ^ l '* 

lllhig englneer 
when he was fVei|ihr3^' 'H^ has singe 
le««<d iiSiny thi|^g!iS«^!*|ir^. t^ an ' 

educated gentlettian which he bad not'tlnill to 
:atudy ihi thdse crowded jmx years wheii he' 
Hr«* ^ying with all bit iiiiM lo become a 
miiifng engineer. ' ^ ' ^ 

After leaving college Herbert HocWer W 
gan life as a mine laborer and thus learned ' 
to aee th^ businTess from the'Worker's stand-' 
pdmt, though he did not think of that when 
he put on overalls and worked with the mhk< 
er^s tools. At the end of the yeir h<b <liad the 
opportunity of entering the office of the 
greatest mining engineer in California, L^ii 
Janih. The ability of the young man Was 
apon recognized and he made great progress. 

How Hoover practiced his ^rofessfon *nd ' 
gained ^e and weiltli iiT Atisttelia, China, 
Russia and eliewhere and ; fidw his advice 
came to be sought by mibe owners in many 
parts bf the world is another story. • 

^ys and girls everyyvhere know sisiiie-,. 
'thing of his work of mercy in fecdihg the 
hungry and clothing the naked in Belgibp^^ • 
an4: other c^fintries ruined by the war/ R^^- 
ers of this article .will sec perhaps -w^y be 
had such deep, strong sympathy vri^ suffer- f 
ing chri^dren and how ;fcis eail^/W ^fi^ed 
him to direct the laboris' of the vfiii^ <Mf |if^ - 
women Who went to fficir relief. ' - ' -^vT. ' 

ttti FAIRiSft 

A SoAg. 

l)o vou wonder where the fairies dwell 

That folks declare have vanish'd? 
They're very near, ^et very far. 

But neither dead nor banish'd ; 
They live in the same green world toda/ 

As in bygone ages 61dan,^v /. 
And you enter hi by the ancient way 

Of the ivory^ gate and golden, 
And you enttr m by the ancient way 

Of the ivory gate and golden. 
It's the land of dreams, oh I fair and bright. 

That land to many a rover. 
But the heart must ba pare* and the con- 

sdence Ugii| 
. That wottid eittM its threshoM over. 
The woridl^ mail for its joys may yeaifn 

When pride and pomp embolden. 
But never for him do the hinges turn 

Of tile Ivory gate and golden. 
. But neyer for him do the hfngca t«f»- 

Of the ivory gate and golden. 

While the innocent child, with eyes undim'd 

As the sky in its blneness o'er him. 
Has only to t^dr it» fortgl's rim 

And it opens wide before him. 

tke tun in darkness dipC 

Wall s^k the dreamland olden, 
And you shall touch with your finger tips 
r The ivory gate and golden. 
And you shall touch wttb your finger tips 

The ivory gate and gpldaa. ' 

■: until his sound eye came into pUiy, andj with 

it, tried to-^ejciwesfl assent. *c , 
s "Look here," the hawker W«|ft €m, ."you( 
' have this one. flaister. Ij^e thp J*a*t tJest " 

.Si»»^ri^ and.ffac/^. , 

vThe did «ian tbbic the'1|ti presseii a, £5 
note into the seller's Mml.'and, M^frnkittg. 
for the^^Jiange, vanished. ^ 

{^^^P*y "t^-wt tJje hawker "ifi^ 
'Bhmy I four times. Then he hHriarf , ^ . 

note in a Cbdcet of his third, waisti^ fTom 

the top, ad|usted the Winter 'garment of 

"wall-eye Jim,'* seized the bridle, and started 

.ios home. ''Come on. mate," he said. "You 

coi^c'aiid M.dowti hi your auble and tkiak 

it'bver. BwW*> 

^ The Fur DiWcr.aJfki the ' 

Such lyj^^to 

Mjar,<HBefore we tame to Vte- 
toriawa lived w tha wobds. There'were kyts 
of Mrda and squirrefs in the woods, 

THIS deKghtfnl little story we take from 
^ ^ The Animals' Guardl|^^|^don, Bag- 

tfi a kanaingtoii tgrway yesterday was a 
very ordinary hawker of rugs. His cart was 
commonplac;^, his horse work-a-day and 
poti«toing only one sound eye. The morn- 
ing was cold, the little ttntet 4es«rtad. aad 
to the seller of nigy, MfMmc agtmed % loflg 
way aff. Kot at 4II a Tmm totting fdTa 

From a tnmklf came an old man who 
•shed to be ahidifvn "somethkig nke and 
wardi." Th^ goods, were sfNid out for his 
inspeetkm, but he was difliMit to please. "I 
want something better,'* be said. "Why. 
there's the Ydryjthkif--« thtdi, white fleece 


wartime, buHt alio lervas iu 
-sniper and sharpshooter, 

is to lie concealed and un- 
ij^is unwary enemies. Watch 
k or any bird of prey and 
colors. The ynder surface of the 
''»»»«"y^*li»»»t icnloirad. Mwfemiiv 
^^Mr <yf the slry whetj aeien f nmi be- 
i , ' surface \% tinted to agr<.>e 
»ea or earth sttriace when .seen from 

How the Annadillo Got 

X«g^«#pBo» • "»*'^ Sooth Amerw 
* ica^ lf a small animal covered 
armor. Tk Tar Away ami Lode Aao." 41m 

5«. *> • young lad., tried to cap- 

I was WHKnmtg on the monnd at the 
side of a meet, some forty ?^ards from where 
men were at .worki whdi an armadillo 

diy when I was playing I itw in a 

^^^tdjed it f or a £5 tima. 3E nSm W { 
I2f ^^IS^ST'^. the motherTird 

WM iiot kmg before they grew up and 4lew 

The r^in is thelrst bird up ia the mom- 
ng and the last bird to b«l at nighL I 
to hear bis sosw all day long. - 

finadr^ Stne^t {khwri. ^ ' 

They 4JT«f— quite tkaiJkt you've g0L 
And be pofaitad to tae suptfior 
was draped over the loins of the horse. 
'Toothing doing r was the reply^ 
"Come, V\\ givt yMi £5 lor it," declaietf 

Jhrad ^the trctti. iittia^qnirral'had'iS l^And Ibe pofattaTto'tf suptfier ^EL? 
in tli*ffoot of a farat and M two *ma 



the old man. 
''Oui't be . 

Itfcat there nqfa the special property of 
oM 'wall-eye Jim,' the horee. Had it h>ng be- 
fore th« wanjw did. Kaepa him wprm on 
diyiL IC^ been dcaoad foa him to 
wear liiia Winter. He's been a fbod fd^wld 
he'd never forghre me if I sold tkai*«woaM 
you, mate? 

6^ 6f the boy tl^i|ir was ti^ 
in a striking way by a promihen 
dealer at a hearing on several trapping 
which was held l^bruary ^7, a| the Massa- 
chusetts State House. Hi llpM^^lh-snbl^ 
The boys of this country have'gtoMft wild over 
the matter of trapping. They sfArt ot^t With 
•exp^tations of wonderful money Vetumk. 
Two things bappen. Thev trap nlOstly at 
those Warmer seasons of the year'IHdMi the 
far is valuele^ and so utterly walii^>aBt 
,deal of animal life. Then when the told 
.weather comes few of theni will visit th^' 
trai>#, and thonsadds of ckptive aidm^tls-. 
fttarW and die, their pelts becoming of np ui^^J 
to the furrier or anyone else. Furt^rindr^'' 
iliany of them leave thejr traps t^ti f|i4 i " 
tered about and unvisited,4 peril of dodM 
anknalf, espeoially dan and familv diia:« 
sceiras of iHikh ^ Ibit dr mined by ' 

This same testimony was borne by a^ 
larie munbar of hunters present at the bear- 
ing^ who said that the boy trapper .part*- 
ciflirly waa the bane of their Uvea. Jomal 
described the pitiful conditions in whkV they 
bad found their dofs, who had fallen victhns 
to the steel trap. One prominent hnnler 
rightly avowed that the trapping business 
was by its very nature more itenoralizing to 
the. chafKtcK of the boy thaa any ordinary 
hun^V he iMghl no With a gun. These are 
argttlienfs aiiteat trapping, and especially 
against the boy trappers, sound dnd convjnc- 
inf. which are urgal from an altogetbcr dif- 
^tijoint of view from ^^^St the 
-^r IXimb ^"^W lr 

When Theodore Rooeevflt was m i m3^ 
in the West, one of the men woHring under 
him mtt the ranchrPraad on a stray animal 
htyigjl i ^ MWNI^ clM. "V wu may go 

'*Vfk^i'^ the mattm-r^pair the yottng 
who wffi atM f oT il3£^^wi^ro^mc!^^ 

>«y^*t JJ^ yonr brMdrwasn"! iti 
'ho tiS aW for^ *2PwmWefffroii*^ 

t>anc(ng as an 


art d^tfa hack atnum 

iOR 'the benefit of ' tlioii^ . wlio 
haven't any grandmothers, or, in 
other, words, for those who ' 
haven't iahevHe4 good old- ' 
fashioned *'I1B^*' lor , strawibcr ry 
ilhortcake, the .following. rc!cii>es. differing ' 
tfligbtly according to ri<;hn«w, ve given in 
order to suit all tastes fiocketbooks. .The 
method of mixing is the same in all. They are 
arrj^iiged in sequence, the simplest being first:* 

^r?HV->;..p' ; . Biscuit' Shoctcaka ■'■.■■rj.. > 
'■' * ' 'fNttitvi^inU fidnr -^'> '■'^^ ' 
' Three levef teaspoo'n f ul s baking pid||itMi« 
j Qne-half level- teaspoonful salt. «V «;i 
' ' 'T#d^^ fevel tatoIe$poonfuls buttef. ' 

Mix dry ingredients thoroughly, work in 
bolter a Mife or tips of fingers : add 
ipMkliliy tfa<e «illk, mhdng^ with fcn^Wi 
soft dough. It is impossible to detenfime the 
amqumt of liquid exactly, as some «f lours are 
M^. pmtn. Trim the dough out on 
^...tim'^ L^ and knead lightly and quickly 
, ooe-'half minute). Divide the dough 
two. eiqclal oarts; roll out one piece one- 
ball inch in. thkkness, apndirplii^ ^ ta-g^i^Mskd 
_ layet-cakfcHn and spread over with softened 
bttttlfer (about ont level tablespoon^ul). Then 
roll out t]^ se^nd piece* place it on toj^'^Mk 
first, brush with milk and bake in a hot oven 

Wnifeil Meed/ scfllf'ste the two layers, cov«r 
the bottom tmt thickly with crushed, sweet- 
en^vl ibfernOr place over tJiis th\e second layer 
and cover top with whole berries. Sift 
thidcly with confectH>ner'8 sttgar and serve, 
wbuUe still warm, with cream slightly whipped. 
Or, if prefemed, one may Me .the dough in 
the form of biscuits and split .them apart for 
individual shortcakes. 

jWhile^this makes a good cake, it is not at ' 
air rich. , being simply an excellent baking- 
powder biscuit recipe. By using three tiMe- 
^oonfuls of butter instead of two, this recipe 
wilUnalce a sUghtly-llKJftcr cake, but not too 
•bfli^ to be uuly, diffest^. , 

^ ^Before starting io worit, see that ttie oven 
*• M41*»* P*n« are greased. Biscuit dough 
must barfed qukkly M lightly, and put 
into the oven immediately after miidog: If 
allowed to stand, or if baked in a slow oven, 
it wiU not be light. By a hot oven is meant 
one wWch registers ^ur hundred :^«gff«es 
l^ahrenheit. A practical test to determine this 
?^!SS !Li«J S yl^^g * •^•5* common 

—if it turns brown in that time the oyiai 

^ Kicher 8hortea(^ 

Two cupfuls flour. ' 

Pour level teaspdisftfitn baking powdq:. 
, ,pne-half teaspoonful qjalt* V 
Two teaspoonfuls sugitr. 
' Four tablespoonfuls ^titter. ^ 
Three-quarters cupful mjik. 
Mix the same as the first 
^1li||b''l|fhortcake^^^ described. 

^redpe^^ desiring a t'k^^^.,,^^ 

|ddi^ illw a good dessen for luncheon 

mrtHeir^^ excellent substitute for 

•^gte when trcaH;i^ till th«j following iiiainnti' : 
'^RO*! oiit, one qiiairter inch in thickness, suffi- 
'cilnt ' dough to line a pie tin, sprinkle lightly 
with fkmrfflite tlMvS^ t^riri^; 9pn1>kle%#- 
ally with sugar, aind bafke in a hot oven about 
twttity-fiv« .rai»ut^:i {^^raMMre from the imm> 
whll)^ ijlttl^i««kiiu wiiii orelSI 

; ■ :■• '[-[iiit'^idm^ v A^y,,.. 

. Two ctipfuls flour: ' 
• Three level tcaspoonfuls baking povirder,, 
J Oitfrihalf level teaspoonful 89^11;. 
; - /Qj^ift ti|»](*8pooi>ful sugar. 

xiv^^liarcr tahlp.spooafuls bijtttr. 

Threi-flnarters cupful milk.' 

• , ;on*cg^. ■ 

Proceed with this as in iht other recipes 

!^2&iiw 2?%K H^'S ^^v. without 
d^^^i^ ^^^^ 

' V - r Sweet Shortcake ' 
For thcwe who prefer a *weet cake, the fol- 
k»wing rtfipt i^e found sii»pl^ ifhbl^some 
and mexpensh^e: , - " 
' • '■ Thre* eggs. ' \ .. _ • /■ .\ . 
One cupful fine granulated .mk/ki'l 

to advantage. For example: 

Some Points to Remember 

' i. When making sandwiches and toast, 
Cut off the cruj^ts first, place them on a bak- 
ing sheet and put thetn in a cool oven when 
th^ ^Imig is finished. When do^ sifid crisp, 
]rda; o^^| boaird with a rolling 'i^n- a^ pass 
''^heiii through a coarse wire sieve. TWese 
j^cirlimbs will keep for weeks in an airtight tin 
Slid are always ready for coating fish,, ris- 
soles, cutlets or lor "sprinkling over gratin 

. X -Spread spme jam on any slices of left- 
over bread , and butter and make them into 
small sandwiches. Dip these in frying.batter 
and fry in hot fat. Drain on soft pap«r, 
dredgie a littl6 sugar ovfcr.. and sorve hot. . 
v^ ^a. Soak alicas of brtad in 

r tlaviored with ;ali|io|id ^r'^vanill^ for one hour. 
When they are weU jK»»{(ed coat them care- 
fully with breadcranlii^iiad fry in hot '«t. 
;£^)Pai9 well and sitt sugar over the fritters. 

Cut some, pieces of sule bread (crust 
and crumb) int^ jmall pieces, sos]^ these In 
cold water to cover for one . hour, drain, 
squeeze dry in a cloth and beat them up with 
a fodc. iEilctp.i|iiy theii be «sad for adding to 
either sweet or savory «uet puddings. 

5. If using the crumb of bre«i for bread 
sauce, ^ple Charlotte or anyt||^ j|i w^ch 
-fresh breadcrumbs are used, 'tilt CfUSts 
, in tl^e ov^, |>ot»nd and store. . 

6. Cuti^laifly largt piecef o< stale bread 

I Jill > I rwiii' 

I F one has a home or an apartment to fur- 
ttisli ahew, if one is planning to do over 
'her dining room or badroom, if oive has been 
pualed for some time about the restlessness 
or ; lack of harmony in h«: Itviag^ room, or its 
cold, bleak appea^nof^ tlkii liere is a^N^iil 
book. "Color , $<^etai<W;|(^r the Home and 

pictured, in the colors of bfc. S>nce the 
book is quarjo in size, these full page plates 
are of goo<| idea. -In »^i,^it>5is been po»- 

, sibic to show'^ 9|^e^^||ii^;^ 

most .fttir scale: -.'^ ' :. ■ 

Afi4 the sch^l'^a)^ oofnolete. ' Thei:e is 
the finish for the flopr and tne" ^oodw^ork, 
the coljor. and ^e;jcture of the rug, the wall 
coyertiur, the window hangings, the « uphol- 
stery, »e cushions and eVeii tnlei^sap 8.hades. 
Notibing Impractical. 
Nor if ,ihkt ,/ impractically 
theoi«tl^ The mi^ «)ttown are 

of the klnd^tl|^t}ifiay be got in . any shpp in 
any sizeable town/ the wall hangings are 
. those actuf Uy ^ sbo^n today— graascloth. 




r^^■'.One cupful pastry flour. 
'7- One- third cupful vboc water. 

That Nfervoys Breakdown 

nPftEHE is a certain type of , woman that 
^*q_ ^|r<^*tfaie to time suffers from nervous 
%lNm and seems positivelv proujd of it. 
^e explains, when one condoles With her, 
that it IS all due to the servant «problem, that 
owitf to the di^culty of obtjiining efficient 
help she hss been oblig)^ to see to things 
herself, that the work has been tpo much Wr ' 
her— jind so on "ad infinitum." 

^ ScMaehow this type 6t woman receives less 
sympathy thsn was formerly her portioft. 
For she is of the type that makes a fetish of 
her housewoflf and sees- thmgs out of their 
due pr<^rtions. 

>;.-'l|ea'nB to^-ait Bnd- - 
The truth is that, though to be house- 
proud may be an excellent thhig. houses 
were made to live in and not to make one- 
self d) over, A home is a. means to an end. 
not an end in itself, and so Jong as i4 proves 
a place wherein to exist comfortablv. what 
RN^^r It whether holes can be picked in the 
details of its e<juipment? A certain woman 
of my . acquamtance, whose silver tea 
equtoage, wkh its vast tray^^ to. 
match the servtee, ds HmOt^^ I 
know what of luxury and elegance, is the 
apple of her eye, bemoans that it takes h^r 
'^•5«_» wofning every week to keep it 
poiimed. She explains this at il she were ex- 
pecting commendation. , , , 

I conld telt of other excellent bnt ndfe"* 
KUlded sisters who feel it ittcuQibetit ttfibn 
them.^hen invi^^^^^^ a friend^.diiie. to pro- 
vide the same dinner of dmm .that, was 

^^i j^^ have ftlt happier with a 

di* , and the knowledge that the 
IS had not beeyt p iMrtVr to what ahe 
. regarded as her housewifely duty. 
^ Simplification MacwMry 
For if we are to avoid that uanccesasry 
treakdoWA, something will have to "go.'' 
W«l8, so lie as domesticity is concerned, 

??LS£?*iS ^'"^ readjusted. 

dimpHllcaUM and yet more shnplifieation 
must^ the ttotto of the ratioaal housewife. 

When women haVe g«f|>*d the wisdom 
of bringing greater elasficity to bear intt- 
gard to the houscfiold ietish we shall hear 
les« of thci nertdne lMfc«kd6iii^ and more of 
contented wrres. 

Toes Slirfitly Shorter on 
New Spraig P omps 

TpijfE shoe dealer is KaWng a time of it 
* these days. He fought the shnrt-toed 
French slipper as Ioi^<ii:;he could, but al- 
thoogh women ol coOM^iive Uste wilt not 
accept, m ito extreme shortness and stubbi- 
•«» <rf •"^*«^ % i>ri» jpi^^ street 
slipper, with fb flimsy rBlMM 4>o«r, the 
French style has certai»ily afffKtcd footwear 
modes. , 

The aew pumpa and bntloiMd boots just 
roming 6Qt have a iligbtfjr ; ' 

i Oiie aaidta^^k^^^ teaspoonful baking 
powder. .- ^iv^, .i ,i •• 

' ^One ta^lespoonful lemon juice. 
Separate the. eggs; beat the yotks until 
thick and creamy; add the. salt, the lemon 
juice, and half the quantity of sugar, and beat 
well; then add the remainder of the augar 
gradually, and continue ' beiting until the 
whole is very light. Add the hot water, and 
the flour and -bakingftowder which have been 
sifted together; b^rwett, and then fold in the 
strffly beaten whites. Pour into layer cake, 
tins whkh have been buttered and sprinkled 
lightly with sugar. Bake in a moderate oven 
for abcMit twcnty-^five minutes. Thit^'^HIl inalce 
two large or three small layers. Serve with 
berries and cream, as in the preceding recipes. 

quite so pointed toe and it is said that by 
Autumn the extremely long and maor^harp 
*«^ J»^w* J>e completely out. For street wear 
with formal costumes the dainty buttoned 
boot remains the ultimate clioice m comet- 
s' a light sole, high curved 
heel and top of fawn or gray cloA which 
moulds the ankle and instep into beautiful 
symmetry. ^ ^^r^. j 

With Summer frocks, however, one will 
•ee the coquettish French slipper slightly 
chastepcd, by.coriservativc American style. 
These shppers, with toe slightly pointed and 
slender enoqgh for the double-A foot whjch 
every .American woman seems to Bpsiess 
now. and with a flat, not fluttery, bowTS'er 
the iiistcp. are rather daintv affairs. 


KJO matter how robust and strong she is, 
t-i^ g''l ^vho \yorks steadily through- 

out the jre^r cannot afford to give up her ieg- 
ular vacation. She needs at least two 
weeks at the end of that time to restore her 
used up energy and to put > herself into the 
proper condition foT thit iiexi year's grind 
J^For a business girl to say that she cannot 
mrd tb take a-vaca^, is ridiculous, for if 
she cannot affofd to take a short vacatk^ of a 
£ew weeks she can afford still less to take 
Wiances on a siege of illness. A business wo- 
man s greatest asset is her good health, and the 
out-of-town vacatioii is diHt meanl^ of. helping 
to preserve it. i i . , 

The ideal viiPoii for the girl who is 
cooped up m an dffice, store or shop day 
after day throughout the year Is one ment in 
the country-^ther on a farm, a ranch or at 
some watering pkce—where she wiU be able 
the greater. part of her day in the 
op*n a», and where she will be able to in- 
tlulge in such enjoyable and heaUhful exer- 
ases as rowing, sirhidming, riding, drivbg, 
tennis and other o«td<!>Or games. 

ystttion days ought to be thought of and 

purpose. We all 
2^1. ^^'if /^J^ut '^all work and no 

l«»y. So If she is, interested in fceeoine fit 
the hnsiitesa giHf wfll play in her b^lm 
just as strcliuoMlj^ as she woHcs. 

Uses for Stale Bread 

A® be fte«l whh a rise 

"« in the pnce of biM. it behoves us to 

^^^^ againrt any waste in 
C: . ««t sandwiches 

or make toatt^^ad tW the emats of both 

PWla plar with apiece' 
Off bread at Junchttuv or dinner, cat a marc 
.fraction and ^mmble the remaiaderl Agahi, 
Aow often ptectt a^d cods of lomm am left 
In tlie bread *a« Until stale and then thnmti ' 
into the dufttbml There is no -^trtf lor 

- » 


IMy iindtnley Mi her danchter. Miss Marfaret Kln4srsi«y,' wW!with 
n^n^'J^S*!!"? Sfn CpraP'ny. .nd Mr. Hugh Kl«def.l«} tSiii in^-Si^m'^r^^^ 
noon to attend the Victoria Day celebration tomorrow, the prifideal fea^tr^^bich will bTih* 
114! Bay OotSpany. Last Jl^ursdly evcnlnf 

Goverameat Tioeis -Sir 

Mi La*ir KIndersley and the olHdals of the Company were enter 


Ulncd at« «ttMr MTfy 1^ Lieutenant-Governor and Mrs. E. a Prior, while on Fridar 

|ftfrnopn,^M the emprMS Hotel. Lady KIndersley was the guest of honor at a chamhS McIiSon 
J^ea bjr tle Women's Canadian Club. The disti ngulsbed viiltora have bsea liiSnSSS S^SSi 
other more informal aocial functions during tbeit stay in thl^^ , . 

into diCCr f^ and ttse^for soaps> Or they may 
be, cut into small TOttuds or: squares, fried, 
and> tiiied as croutons for savories or hors- 
d'o^uyres. The trimmings should be dried 
'and stored.';//' >■ •■" 

J .. Raisin Pudding 
Cook one cup of seeded raisins Ctt^ fa 
pieces, three copis of hot water, anartitrw- 
spoon salt and one-inch stick of cinnanMin 
sk>w|y for twenty minutes. Mix hall co* of 
wmm t Hi to a smooth conaistency n^ a 
small amount of cold water; add to the bdit>' 
iiig raisin mixtore. from which the stick of 
cMaaoiota Jnt be^ removed; cook in the 
double boiler forty mhiutes, add the Inice^bf 
one lemon, poqr into a at^tdawL^ish and cMll. 
Serve with milk or '^eam. ' ; '. V . 

. GbocAfakte Blaie-19§jRg»'/ 
Frt two aquarea unswdkineid chocolate 
and iwo cupfafs of coM milk in doulbe bpilar 
and bring to the scalding Wx 
thorottghhr ooe^ourth cupful of stt^. -^Ma 
ubiespoohrfuta of tOmstarch and qj^lmiS 
tttfpJohAir of salt and pour da^iEduaUy. 
whtTe stWrjrtg constantly^ oae^^mrfh cupful of 
milk. Add mixture, t^tUdtd mitk ahd choco-^ 
late, and cook tn doable boiler fifteen 
minutes, 'stirnng consuotly until miktare 
thickens, aAd aftertrard occasionally. Add 
one-half teaspoonful of Vanilla and turn into 
a serving dish. Chill and .^rve with or with- 
oot sugar and thin cream. 

t,«cifer nuiches were first naad in Bof- 

figured, two-tone and striiped papers, the pat- 
terns of cretonnes and tap«(stries k>ok familiar 
at once,taod the other furHtabing materials 
mentioned— %crim madras, rep, velour, etc^ 
prove that , the writers had present-day 
markets in mind in making • tl^ reoooi^ 

In some the schemes are suggcf ted in op- 
tional materials, making it potMOle to fit tne 
arrangement to one's purse. One might prefer 
grasscloth pn the waUs, but be hble to afford 
ionly an inexpensive taupe paper. In audi a 
case, better substitute a linen rug and rep 
draperies in place of the Winton and the 
dark blue silk. Then, too, the preaent crafts- 
man furniture will .«?till be quite in keeping, 
and one needfi't buy those costly 
add Miary" Minces. ' ' 

■ For' north TOoms there are warm 

ith and ' West rooms cohf sclieii 

. t^y* or g»"««n and gTay, or co^er 
Wife and g6ld schemes. 

Wiik lUnia of Tnii^imiB 
The ra^ge is refy grea^r-Msie, . black and 
; flie 

ivory or corfi ytUoft . ^.^ ^ 
and .green,. Or' tfi^.' ttMutntic ai_ 

very ccim^i ^a|]«e. The cottage dining room 

' Jrt tere^ are' Varkwir treatm^' ftw livhig 
ffDOma, dining roon% bedroooia and anrser- 
its. And in addNibn to the ''g<^iy«d^ cblora 
for all extensive airas Iflcv flbor a«d wall 
coverii^, and window hangings, fMire am 
So^SriSn^ the P^^^ThH of brilKant 

gi^r of the. liHepUice facing, tKi^ ^dd an 
" to the whoTe sCheifw and give it 

. , Priiu;i^lai of Pa c oc attoa 

I*^, f ht gtveil, up to the w] 
wherefores— very hicidly told. ' 
schemea are worked out by means o^'^tielWf^l 
color harmbnies. Of these the three mdst' 
ofteti'used are domfaiant harmony, - amfcigBiie > 
hartnony and complementary harmony. In 
dominant harmony different tdbea of tho 
same color are oied, as in a Mm. 4«ie . 
t»o# and hroWns. Anakjgous hammy con* ' 
siati of ti^o or more consecutivo oqkpk$^^t,^. 
the spo^ttiim, as hhie 'and- ^greefc-^CVfiipi '1 
men'tary harmony is obtained by combimnjpT 
f Loetor and Sts complement, as yeliow 

' f t j WL - ^< . 'r'ri\fi\%'i 

"Colors can be brought i«t»%ainMaWlp 
one of two way<s, either by ■0r^t^'''^'^'^fi^''- 
ing' : Thosis 'which aire keyed Mire aeane «iMr^ 
in common. To illustrate : Pdre rwf and Jttl'v 
tow are inharmonious, ' but by graying thent . 
(mixing green with red. and violet with . 
yellow) we have dull fed and tan. a goa^flc 
color combination. ... By keying thwrnk't 
(mixing blue with each) we have viblet lUM^r 
green, another good odWMnatihii/' > « ^ 
EflFects of Celora 

Apd as to the choice iffd pro per uk fff 
colbrat 'Xight and pale colore make a i%oln 
■ seem larger, while daric and intense cc^ra,, 
produce the opposite effect. You can make, 
a small, poorly lighted room appear iarger 4 
and sunny by papnring 4t «ftli-/' lofti,' lights 

**In the general effect of a room no two 
elements arC' quite so important as tite C(^» '. 
ing of the floor and wall coverings, since they « 
are the main <brackgrottnds aglUnat which all ' 

aeeeaanrifa ' ^'aft''^ mpi9^^:^^:'ii^.'r' . - . 'Hm'-. 

prime reqi|f||]iilea of the main backgrounds am,.- 
that they be ao quiet in color and uololb^* 
trusive in deaign as to become secondary ii» 
importance to the furnishings. The best rule* ^ 
regardless of color, is to Imd the door dMlBer 
than the walls and the ealQ^ lightailWlt> 
Application of Cdtora ( 
In fact, this part is full of excellent ridei-' 
for interior , decorating, the fundamental «. 
principles followed in working out 4he «e!ai^» 
plete ready-made schemes that fo}k>w in > 
Part 3. The rules apply to the mplication off ' 
in^se and pale colors, warm and cold eoibra» > 
the different color harmonics— how, when^ 
and where to use them. They treat of flooif' 
coverings, walls, ceilings, draperies, fomi-r^' 
ture, lighting fixtures and evqn jittch mill-*' 
utiae as finishing hardware.'' 

It is a book that dioul^ have a lastingr-' 
value, for alttiough this fabrics lAidwh ^nnigpf^ 
eventually disappear from ^ market the • 
principles followed in the selectkm of them 
are adund and will endare. ' '* 

And, after all, to the woman of taste these ^ 
twenty plates will serve only as eitamples->- ' 
applications of the principles and rules set ' 
forth — guiding her in the working out of her 
own scqemes, in the expression of her owHk 
proper taates. ^ 

• Household Hint^' ; 

A g^ood butter cake is smpoth 00 top and 
f venly browned. Barating and cmcking fa-. . 
dicate too much flour or too rapid bucing* 
The. inside of the loaf should be slightly, 
roqjat. but not sticky. The cake ahonld bo. 
fine grained and of uniform lightness. Coarse- i 

g-ained oake hidicates a lack of beating, tooi^ 
w ad dven tcm^ature, or too mucJt bak* < 
ing powder. . . , 

One housewife serves delicious bacon, 
^e snyi ahe soaks the bacon iir wnt«r for »*• 
few minutes before frying it because sKn 
thinks this gives it a more delicate flavor. 


1 , 


A novel way xto senre 4»ah«d potaloaa laitt^ 
bake them as usual. When done, ant thona' 
m halves, lengthwise; scrapie out tba htsid*^ 
mix it witii butter, a little «i6Bani','fepflMr an4 i 
salt in the beaten white of an egg. Whip 
thia potato mixture until .light, then put it 
itito the ahells and with a fork ron|^ tho' 
upper part. Place the filled sh^ in tha 
oven and when brown on. top they ar« nadK > 
to aerve. • ■: ...v ,. , ... 

f^K or coat hat bneenid 
soiled with pamt, the spot should bo 'tirf>bc«l 
with turpentine. To do thia -satisfactorily;^ w 
pad of linen should be placed under th<r 
aoiled part while the turpentine is befag aiH 
plied, and moved eccaskmally. Thi% of. 
course, absorbs the paint. If the paint nark 
has been neglected and the paint la diy, adi| 
a little ammonia to the turpentine. 

To clean coral beads, dlcadlve a tca« 
sr«onf«I of borax in a pint of warm vrater. 
• Pip the coral m and when clean pass tbtongH 
tepid water. Dry by rolling io a wft 

In makfag a shirt of AlMLdiiltriaL 
i wa aan tton should be talten of ' g^Klnff 
ormra Mripea of both Htm and backT^ 

^^'hcn long window curtains wear om at 
one end, they can be cnt off .Md naai «a ' 
sash ctutains at hitehcn <oi 

IWhen inserting fn^^lm^, . 
nt ive or six kchca elfin Mr.. 
.Jten ajd cnt off. Take s f7«2b pliS 

two MSnCi long .in.f ^rw r.Tir rv4 of ft 

end of the ^ pi. 
to the o(hW end o. 
mahiing end of the old i ■■ 
a greni deal of iin|B« ss it 
flM0«tib to do thf^ 'mstcad 

the hrm y,nii 

1 ten wwr^jf ib« 

au:. uiijiuig tlj« h<ni. 




ITH the coMii^'fiite^proi 
of our two tiei||;hboring districts^ 
of Gordon Head and Keating" 
r«* ctrawbwry producers, in-'f 
terest is awakened in all 
branches of tlie fruit businjiss, eveiv iQ,p«qple i 
.«rlM- «»< lBa «» w»y directly comi«q^ Jir«$b 
it Jost as Gordon Head stands for ■M^^niiffi'.i 
btffviMW M> MiMion and H»Uic 
fttsplMRiM. They gnm .9llXK 
too, many dcres of them, hot still vfs 
'jraMbetry that seems made for the EraMri 
Vall^^ or the PrM<r Valley for thc^ 'jM" I 
beriy, whichever vty yov choose td^iit^^, 
0ML <aq>eit ssserta tlMMb this diitric^ Is . Aie i 
bm tmfbmr dittHct in th« ^ ' 

mtherr^WNM one foo^ t» hear that 
Canadian is the best in the world; 
that distinction is appropriated, hy our ffien 
aoms» the iborder. Anynfay, tMie >•§ only to 
visit Hatzic, as I did a few WMl^ ago, to be 
convinced that -At least it is impofsihM If^ 
rtelafi^e TMpberries iwikr . flMim fwwjlto 
conditions. What magnificent canes those 
wsrcl A dean, rtnidy bi^a wit: 

Xbeir cultivation was also a matter for ad>- 
. lor.^jmif art spav^d to kew. tbis 

f Bvcryene grows fmft >aild iwlfaifag bnt . 
^tWrtr to th»l sif«fon.~Th€^^«o^Te Vn the liigh^ 
'llttda grow it and so do the people on the. 
mp-UmA. 'llie raspberry seems to flooHsb tn^ 
aroe'r situation because, to a great extent, its 
ivcccM depends on the o^noiis early Sum- 
raitts. But of the two the low lead, whh 
its deep alluvial soil is usually preflerred, as 
there is little danger o( its running out It 
does fiot reqnire the aid of any fertilizer, and 
for the most part it is mofe tfylly CtalMl 
"tftan the higher land. 

. That the jndiiatnr i» f.apidly growing. may 
he gathered frdoS llii: fact that last year the' 
area in fruit intfieiSM by one-third and the 
•creMie is still increasing, the one handicap 
JHlitflg^the difficulty in obtaining sufficient 
young plants to set, so gr^ the demand 
for them. Jt may^ occur to s<Mne that there is 
a possibility of over-jjanting and in a few 
years swampiiir^thi V Thit. h6we«^. 

d6es not seem to be the case. The prabie 
' ioiiikiti commisaiOMlr recently stated that 
the demand for slraw(>erHes tmd rasfn^erriea 
seemed unlimited, though he urged eatiticMv in 
regard to logaaj|»erries. These Air^fiet a 
dessett trait and ^ari nht itf 'popiiler^'ii^*yie 
older fruits, though, of ' course, as 'ipy^e 
tmwh ^ty are nnexc^led^r pref(em« 
' jOKe* making. ■■■^ v/ ... 

< Whenvthe land is cleared; i crO^ of grain 
is first ^own before using it for the fruit 
planting.; This preliminary crop helps to get 
the s^ Into gt»6d lhape. . tfte ^Idwiiig & 
son the canes are set in about two feet apart 
and eight feet between the rows. The fol- 
IdwHteg yea]r cedar rats are drhre^ at inter- 
vM» « thirty feet down the towSi cross bars 
hhiled to them an4 on ihese wire is 
Itretehed,. one strand on either side of the 
|"cancs for the purpose, of support iHie secfond 
season a few berries are gathered, but it is 
the tliird year before a foil crop can be taken 
<Jff. As manv of our Victoria girls know, 
this is attended to almost entirely by girls, 
manpr of whoni have come to regard heirx- 
piclnag #a. air iuinoft( opoorttu^ of having^ 
change and earning a niQjs sum of money at 
the same time. So much' is this appreciated 

4h^u§try of tfie 


that girfai pndries for the 

herry-^ickhig season. Two or three years 
ago the growers who, before the^ bid em 

ployed Oriental bbor, had not twH| tf^le to 
do much for the comfortable accommodation ' 
of the girls, and some of them had a bit of 
..roughing it /to do,. Ihi^ugh it 'was invariab^ ; 
ktzic Ttii it iititfrilS i'cceixted mi^ ^erfeel gboii hwhor. . But now , 
XiiiiMtg r h<f»e -greatly n mf lfcm mm r. T. Cather^ 

-■"■^"■-^'^ ■^d,of Hafrii, diOiii^^ltoe ov^ his pieket's ) 
house. A passage Tni» do.wn the middl^ ^ i 
;e^er 8t4e a»e | 
v nt»P^r ahd lower bunk and a snjtll '^ttih-in ' 
^ tf^i^. Sich room is sopposed to hofd fonr 
hm, and the bnil<UngJhttg.i||iicon;im for 
.^ne^hithdred pickers. Clean mattresses are 
prbi^dad, i>ut the girls bring their own 
blankets. Some of tl^m, I was told by the 
wife of another grower^ take a great pnde in . 
their rooms and bring curtains and cushions, 
and/aofne.f^qtographs to make them loo|e'! 

present tim^^e, output oi^frtiit i*^; 
xronskleribly below the.deniand, v^ieb is un- ; 
diminished in spite of J^gK pr|<*8; Pe^^^^^ 
who have to pajr for Jqfiiif:|i*e 
to murmur, but it must W rs/xi^'^eitd t1|kt 
the cost Qi prodnctionVis%ead^idb^ .^^ 
cpmpansoit vfim wnat. Nr. 'was eeiBC' 
ago. The -coir of wins, bf tsftiW and^ 

• • . ■ ' ' , '-' 

".as a.l^e ^ese^thfaigs are MPeventaMe,<ir^^ 
dmhUa ^0Mc» Mfbl^to iMkve been olDsa 
tW nanally determined to eat other if 
we judge by what we hear, hens aMM'.d<^er- 
mined'to eat their eggs. The eggs junre been 
'^^nore than usuallv infertile. One of the. beet 
rules that a poultry breeder can make is to 
hatch all his stock birds undfr hjcns; The 
question has been dlrefolly weii^ho&'aod the 
reasons^ cai'efully reasoned out llMmy <lif' 
coveries have been n^de;.by those^Sv^oo hai^ 
given t&e 'matter thohswnr itndy. Amongtt 
'other tlun^, ther^ i# a delTcate antiseptic o}^ 

chicken fle^h is heir to. . A hen stndl^ 'tem- 
' p^l^Jthr. ^iltinct and gjm^hu a rule 

hens tl^ ' haVe t^ set ^uring vSrj^twer^ 
' W«i1^er ih an uiilsheltered comer wfll x^iixa- 
^piohalW i>fihg ofif a brood of chicks v^itit'hpd 

• instin<^s,.' 'Se^ people remove 'i^T'O^titd 
fixjm ' theVincubator* drawer' and tutn' -fhc^- 
over to the/iuBp. In ^is way manjf of '.thfr 
brooder trOuibks- are -evadfd, but it ^"^'11^ 
of oil to set a hen on nothing while she' w4its 
for her bropd to hatch. Sl^e can cbv^'im^ 
cgsiBiin tte-'Hest «liin she can cover ii«elb^d 

• chicks. One of the chief reasons for giving 
Lthe ehicks .to the hen is becadse witlio^' her 

mcitiilig ^ cbitlis in a generiiion ^r^tvb^ 
Vcome f^ish and vicious. ' AnotIi^;lif^j|^t 
v^v .can 1% kept thoroughly warm "- ^ i ey ^ * "**' 
' br^Aitin^ar warm |hr of the broo^ei- t^t 

Hk/dy •to'i.liive theif ^ore stamina. 1m 
^ entB^the knj^^cff so dany difffculties if .1 

• sfDiw.1iii*^ fresh air J^ii^Ss^f 

thinn has doubled, while ^dthe -price of U . 
hae heen treMed. On 4 wi •th fr^ haadrthf ^e. 

velopment of the industry has brought mil?' 
lions of dolars into the country and is reon* 
sideiable and j;rowing iactbr • in the pr ' 

enongfa to l)ie; s«| on its side,VflUed W*^' 
of f is:^»^f;|iiit i»cl»ss wi^^ 

Jl :. . 9th has 
frOrn cxperi^noed 

of th#&^ 
Growers' Association froin the Keating 
tric^: i"^- — ■* 

. NVith we fbel,gl|^ to ati|te.that so far af ^ 
this disttitft is concemetf; the con^itloite 
as. applied to Oordon Head in the artictei men- 
^oqitdfi^-^'UiU^ IfLSt year's crop 

of' over 25 per eent, do nflty to ,tliM <U*- 
tHct' - . *■ ' ' 'a ' 

It fai»i»BtS|tji*atite^ 



will necessirily dirti^ thw^icttiiig out of new 

aiQreage for nkjet 
'thoc ij;^! crop. 

^|i|^cnted Ity 

and may, mci- 
' ol l^rries for 
6{,-i!^ers was 

Almost ievef7,5^ftrict on the coast has its 

^lOifctt pamcnlar 'WlMtyij^ atrav^^fstpj^ 

i dietrict, boa^^v|oir^fodiict^ 

e, together wlth^Wfict that of ^^^^^^^ 
ing nufsery jip46ciiilist8, .MHv ils 'Keilogl, ' 
eeafed'H63g^ the " 
the|Mib^ brpUni^^ Hat^LioreMMniMe, 
otint^jjL $^ ipiff: t ii rj^ 

growiagr^iien^ the ^rtdWo^'iHsaya 
growing a good shipping variety. In this 
ceeaect at Wight be mentioned that the Keat- 
Itt/distrier 1^ ansdoni to «ltahlieh a' shipping 
4- Jbnalof its own, to be probably known aa the 
"Saanich Brand," and, to be ready for praille 
shinnrats jsty the Snmmer of I98I. 

^'IPl'^lflilkiua tentemplate employing all 
white pickers this season, and some ace al-> 
feidy catering to better conditipas fof*'|he 

jj^Hkets. It is expected to get pickers frald .no 

. . . ... - it la 

... .t^e .cry jfoi: irrigation is not seriously con- 
ypered ih:^ Retting district and by many 

^ #yhgkt nepeesi^, but ih 'iUmSS 

'Ihiaiht&tn that in'^ive cultivation, bac'lced np 
^^y an abnnd^qt'aii^ly of fertilizer, is essentia^ 

l?r.»;^»«g^'^jp^> ^'^t'r : .V ^ 

tie up eveit rainfall, .that is to aajr, cnltivate 
> rain,^and J|0,|>revent tb» oiojtofeure frdm 

jtbe Island points, and diilast-^artsb aiid. 
thottght that most pickers look upon tlm 
nndeftnking as a pr^table outdoor ontiiu^'^ '^ 

CoOeeting Centra ^ 
The Saankh Frttft-OraKreirs' AMoelation is 
prpod to boast that it owns an up-to^te 
wl^r^ouse for ^llectiag and distribnting the 
Simp's Qtofk rIMi; hOMdhi^ aftands on about 
a/qoarter-acre of ground, which lends itself to 
in the wag; of buildings for box 

vii|iiiii*d Ihirnnaiiis 

illirrangements are being effected for eon- 
tinn^ th^ practice of ship^ng fruit for Matn- 
Ipn^^f^hita hy way of Saanieaton wharf, and 
it is^ongh^ that conditions for loading at the 
wharf conld lMh greatly improved by means of 
c\« pUitform' lowered to' the deck of the steamer 
;^*jl|e$Qa of a crane. Aa tMi wharf ja tfie 
property of the Federal Government, it is coo- 

Residence OrasoMated wttk Crsepsis What a good effect ctn be pro4aced. 

Sm^l Tractor on the 
Small Farm 

• JT is generally conceded that the holding 
It consisting of only a amall acresge is con- 
I iWliily ceoaemtcar tb^op4ra4i4 than one 
"tof larger acreage. A five-acre fruit ranch, for 
^.inatance, presents about the most expensive 
I iway of doing things. If a horae-ie^liept to^ 
; the small amount of ploughing and sulttvatihg 
that «is required, he will not be earning his 
.fMard lM- more than a quarter of the y«ar, yet 
on the other hand, if the owner relies npon 
•hiring one, he muat await the convenience of 
^bia neifl^bor, wllli th^ consequence that fre- 
ffaratly the wo < i fcl| <ii fci performed at the right 
' lent and the crop suffers thereby. Bvery- 
ia familiiir with shnilar diffieolties where 
It hbldfogs exist, and they hive been the 
^se of many of the failures on the lanit hi 
the past, yet th^ conditions in many sectfons 
of the Illand' h)dicate that the email, kpecial- 
^Jaed type of HtlBs will a|w»ys he nufoeraus. 

The ownsri of holdings of this kind are 
rHherefore anxlOfiilsly looking for the power that 
win enable them to operate as economically as 
on a4M two or three times larger, and for , 
this reaibn many , of them are watching with 
close iniejrcst^the perfermance.of the tractor 
that jp)|g|Mt^«reight easy to handle on small 
whan not required for field woHc, 
I power to assist in the other work 
of the place. In addition, sisch a maobine most 
.not represent too great an outlay of capital to 
begin with, and it abould be sufficiently eaay to 
4adjasi add cara for so that no extra work and 
worry is incurred. ^ ' ■ 

' jO te^ JW U fr " ?^^^«y .to ray i6at these 
itt^tKntmtm^^'mmrt been before the attention 
of varkms mannfactarers for'yeara,/and hfter 
ram^dM^iranta, for thrae coodttiefirire 
easy to^MiMiie, tb" T^rden try 

- ^ta finsl^ 

rbf >:on-.Ui. . . J..1 stajft, .% Otiltty 

inr a» ip-wijJ '.vork is no ■ iUf.^Hotu-f! than 
is li» n^ M the. farm tracl^. On the 

ia thr United States the garden tractor, has its 

were iotrad it iimlu- 

90 t'r*TV..-() T.n'i raio Uiat the hand- 

ara u»c!«nM|9^|li^4(Mw in. 


such conditions, the man with a garden tractor 
' has coma tlirough the season with a good ^rop 
while tbe man without it has failed. 

A number of these hand;^ little machines 
have conie into use in the vicCaf^.|iif|/V||^dif&, 
and thoae whahnreeeen them aMil^naUy 
• come away impressed with the revelation of 
their usefulness.' It is claimed by the manu- 
facturara that they are perfectly capablo of 
taking care of the ploughing, and this is prob- 
ably the case where the land is in good shape 
ahd not too de^ ploughing is required^ It 
seons rather too much, though, to expect a 
great deal of a garden tractor in the -way of 
ploughing, and as it happens, this is really the 
njaat of the ^fvorfc that ia.reqnired, for it is na»* 
tf9y easy to hire someone for such a compara- 
tively brief operatkm, and ^ tractor can bo 
reaerrad lor dirfdng, harrowing, and general 
cultivation. Of almost fqual value is the belt 
work thataoch a machine will do, from cutting 
ens^^re end pumping water, to turning the 
chum and the washing^aehme, while, m id* 
dition, if a dynamo is installed, the house may 
be eqnipped with electric light though, it 
shouM Se addea, this does nottoelnde electric 
appliances, such as an iron, wbicli' requires 
very nraclr higher power. 

To sum the matter up, the garden tractor 
is past the day of probatioa and is a regularly 

recognized piece of machinety 00 famta rei|prir* 

oiwner. The man who likes to do things in a ' 
largely careless style had better not go in for 
one. As aa instance, the utmoet care is used 
bv experienced growers to get the rows of 
1>lants perfectly straight and. exactly spaced 
•P^V H .*^* Is not done, cultivation with 
anythhig hnt hand toola is practically impos- 
^« with regard to conditfons and care 
;ft^e mochlne^ itself are both faiportant, but 
gtjenAis^jvhich, after all, shonld be att^io- 

fS^,5E5^-#5!42^*^* ^« sohitioii.tb 

the problem ofwwtogfc small ftfin. 

Hatching Stock Birds 

117HETHER this. season has been mora 
trociblesome than nsoal it wonid be 
d^flcslt to say. Every ^leaaon htt Ita h^Hen 

^ ^ ' Vh» eope^ bnt 

aliei^ df jt iAMll^ raticer. The hen rests her 
^tlbows on the edge of this and it ia net at all 
likely that an ormfhick wilLlte crushed. 
It need not of a necasi^'be damn so long as 
the earth is thoroughly filter The eggs w3t 
naturally incline towards the centre and in 
this way will keep warmer. , Straw docs npt 
make^nif igoo^hlitter milearitrhirltejsehgh* 
1^ broken up. The hen should never be 
given more ^|:s than she can completely^ 
cover, as in t|iil ease a Irastt one may be chilled 
every day and a poor hatch will be the result 
Seme pet^le prefer to allow the hen to c<Mne 
on and off and. feed herself, placing food and 
water within reach. If a greaft many hens ira 
set in a emaii shed it ia siumst better to keep 
them shfift' hi 'Atm-^^SilSti^-'iaiu. eyeiy 
morning. A board witii a loOffe SnftdV linA|p- 
ing to the side of the neiit box is a Vidy 
handy arrangement The day that the egg (s 
expected to hatch should be plainly written in 
ink on the end of the egg. If the eggs are 
from a special pen the number of the pen 
niay be added. The eggs are better ii^^^ng 
dipped in tepid or cold water in the fifth day 
before they are expected to hatch and on 
every enhaequent 4a,y wUil nippndi It mar 
be noticed that if the eggs float in a fairiy 
deep vessel that tliose that are alive wiH 
give a distinct movement or leap ; thoee tfttt 
do not fliay be marlnd with a. cross, as it 
is nary wraanid for these to liatch. An §gg 
e b mwenra a ^ batch twqntj^^onr honra ho- 
fora it it^lM The process is then sus- 
pended' for some time. The germ wiB some- 
times live for a month or even atorar bnt ft ia 
best to continue die process as soon as pos- 
sible. The hen retoraing to the nest vnien 
she hatches in a natural state is raid ^ re- 
fresh the germ. A very , great. nnmbcr of 
hens can be kept in a very small hatohing 
shipd if the boxes are airanged in tiers. They 
must in this case be lifted down to feyd. Bo* ( 
fore lifting off the iMat iht wings must be 
searched ior eggs, aa it Is ttsnai for the hen 
to ang them close to her aide and to let 
then fait as dm IrAitmbed. The hen may 
hi^riBg-matked wnb n Mniber cotrespondrng 
with her ne^ end in tUs way can be re- 
tanied to her own brood. A brood with a 
h^ l e qnir e s raora apace after hatching than 
a '7>roe«er cUd^ aa the hens are eometimes 
ineiined toHaterfere with each otber^s young 
onise, hot am the otfasr hand, aiie will defend 
til|Mi against mugt enemies that n dridt 
woold ran a jpq^ IQ if it were altMi 

ItjmilrM^iinW to know that thk «s- 
trict.has made contracts -for over 200 totu of 
ets^mibj^rnes, well 'as the bulk of the lpga»> 
berries .iiMI<&s#r(^ibtr^ - 

The panicky sAte of the augar situatfoo 
has catwed most associations to curtail prairie 

^thae end. 

It is gratifying to know that the local Asso- 
ciation has greatly increased, its m^berahip 
during the pest season, and there are hopes of 
, a still ^ijrater membership, aa a Caitfiderable 
- number of new settlers, both retttmed men and 
otherwise, have taken up land in the diirtriet, 
tinfl tba ptW^fDod berry land h«* ^tal^ 

auently enhanced in value. Hane^r (Kstrict^llii 
le liainland, has boasted berry land at 
per aera, but lisnd in inod#( jKaating distfict 
has changed hands withhi the last afar mooAlla 
at over that fighre. 

The experience of Hood River and Vakhna 
districts in the Sratra of Washington and>Ora- 
gbn, has been that the more the growers there 
are specializing on a particular line of frttlt 
growing ,^e greater the prominence that dis- 
trict obtains, and the easier tthe disposal of Its 
products, and that conditfon ramliei eqttifeUy 
the same to Keying district p ^ . 

. Gar dgn N ptes^ ; 

ACOKSP9p^ll!^;g«m in the Sprii^ gar- 
dens that are now, alas, but a memory 
until next year bringa them in all their loveli- 
nera agahi, was the polyanthns in its OHHQr 
detigfatful colors.' The polyanthus waa oa^j^ 
ally obtained as a ci^ between the cowslip 
and the primrose, both So famiUar to the Eng- 
lish borii. " It has, as a consequence of the 
union, the large flowers of the primrora and 
the flower nmbd of the cowslip, a diatinct ad- 
vanlni«^.iKpaciall9r 1ft tktot&iinr respect, arthe 
flowers are raised well above the foliage in- 
stead of bemg half .smothered by it, as fre- 
quently happena wi^ primrpaes. -A nv^h» 
of varieties have been developed, anch' the 
Gold-laced, with its flowers margined or laced 
with" yellow, or the Giant or fancy polyanthus, 
with large flowen of good substance and run- 
ning through all the shades from lemon yellow 
to deq»est crimson. These are. vigorona 
growers, and n-pndcet^of mixed aeeds from n 
reliable .seedsman will yield a 4Mai interest- 
ing divnraity of colors. . Growing them from 
seed fo qnite eray. In a ahady border prepare 
the gronnd niow by Ibricing in plenty of leaf 
mould or well decayed mnnure, and make the 
snrface as fin^ as posfibtc . ^Spw ibe seeds 
and cover them Hdbiy nadf^^lii^e^t th^ 
soil is kept moist As soon aa Hie seadlings 
have formed three leaves,. triiispJanf them 
three ihchra apart hi rowa 9^ hiehra apart in 
a shady place and ltt|nbd apd let them 
remain there until October, iwhen they may be 
transfierred to the piece where t^9y ara to 

Other Spring flowering iklattts that can be 
easily railed from seed now are «abrietias, the 
yeltew a^yssara (saxatUe), myoeptis, wall- 
flowers, and thp windlhmer oifNiiMoae. 


If there is oncthhag that makes the garden- 
er's gentle roul rise io righteooa anger it is to 
witnera the attacks of thoee ranrderous 
aphides upon his cherished rosea. Winter is 
.scarcely gone befora one can de^ the little 
soft green marander, which ouickly mnltiplies 
until tiut whole rora garden » populated with 
the insects unless measures are taken to re- 
duce them. A shigle female produces about 
tHnety young ones. In a wed^ or ten dats 
Ihera again reproduce, and so on» ten or a 
doaen ge n er a tfo n s bein£mpduced hi a season. 
The teuraber of hiseeta dras brought faito life 
is enornious, th^ogfa. foAwtely for us, the 
mortaMty, to also faWy bigb from dScngnt ' 
rauraa. jBpraytog the water from the garden 
bora oyer the bnsbra is^ a good preventiee,' 
while tobacco water, ma'de^bT fonr 
.ounces of leaves in.a jpdtkni of Mtn? wMpr 
and adding iu Obnce of diasobred Uuudry sens 
ia 4 sUndard reme^* aUd aor It^tfie soap and 
kcroeeoe mixture aada by boiling a pound of 
soft soap ia a cntton of watA- and adding, 

of keraeene, ^dralhg and 

of this mnctme sboidd hr dflrtod fa forty caS- 
Ions of water. For wis laat nama^ ft in iid- 
vissble to spray the bnsbra with dear ii«iir 
A few boora later to raasora the iaaictfoidft 

- ^ of ginrai, bned ceramet 

thn time to prevent them fraor bnooeamg 
weed paths instead. To ^Mnate the 
drudgery Of deeding the walks as far as pos- 
sible oAer i iil lii l f ^ ' grairel shoeld b« 
need more tniKulHWf, 

f^- ' ' ' ■■■■1' ' ' ' ■ ■ ' 

dtt neeo^nt of diftfp srarcely applies in onr 
dry Summers except in the early momfog, 
8/id that is the time when tj^y are moat 
aeldom need. Oonerate paths require lltUe or 
no care, but the objection that lies ag|J||t 
them; in fastidious minds is that they Are 
ngly* . <JaM, howe^r, hi the sam^ way ^ fts 
vaton<ik^fo, in 8e<;tionf witT nanow s^i»i 
wttwcen m wbkh imall' plants, such as 
violas, rock pinks and similar things will 
spring up, it is capable of becoming a thing 
of brauty. The sections could be of vary&g 
sizes to avoid a checkey-board effect, Intt tb«y 
should be kept rectangnlir > w smtti anrf 
nothing in the way of a "crazy . patchwodc'' 
permitted. The mate Imra of tif ' 
should be kept afanple. In a sniain ju^ 

straight lines are much better than a nui 

of small cutfVes and grrater brendth elBil <llte^ 
nity is gained. ' ■ - 

The Nnii^^ lirMi iacrataiy 

Sir Hsmar Greenwood may be the last of 
a fong, line of harassed Mmisters who, with 
some partial suocessra and many fothnea, 
haye sought to schieve the impossible from 
Dublin Castle. He enters utfon his duties at 
one of the darkrat periods in modern Irish 
history, snd with s commission which many 
thhik forlorn. Nevertheless, we trust that, if 
thn Oownrnment will give the opportunity 
and he will take advantapfe of i^, the ending 
of thn» Chief Secretaryship may better be- 
come that oAra tiwn anything In iip record 
dnffoff rceimt y«nrs^London Thtfbk ' 

. '0 ■ ,.. , 

AH TUnga Net Expedient 

Tbe.|rrm«b a«ir mttfous lest ^^iil ito 

leniently witft Cerirtany in the mattero^ tKe 

point of view. We agrra ^MWlt «rsmall» 
cst hesitetfon that It woiild be monstrous if 
JTraace at the end of the war were left worra 
otf «an Germany, and wt dmire nothfaig ao 
much as that Oermaoy ihgU nuke all the re- 
pnntfoti noasible to Franbe and the other 
nationa 'ihe baa wronged ind infttred. O^ 
doubts are whether the attempt to enlelce 
the Treaty as it stands will not defeat that 
objeet and reduce Germany to a condition hi 
which aothfaff ran be recovered for Prmnce 
or for miyone sfoe. In this matter nothbig 
but |Ood sense and-^e do <m>t hesfttara to 
ray it—hnmaaity wlH bal^ ,We must gite 
Oernumy the mrans of production sod we 
Hwat^ve bar hope, or we most write otL btr • 
dabb no irrneoraralile. That fo daily 
for «ilNe evident— Westrataater^ 

Rhodiana bfd the first 

navigatfon laws. 


When you the birds begfo to afogi 
The snnb^ down to o? 

Marveling ojf ^onr bea«tjr,and'_ 
And tntyJi^gSrd bod starts bfonramiof, 

Qniverfog bluebells s carilfon ring, * t 

L a n g i t trr and yontb eealaticmlly erabraen 
~ Whin yon nra gnn 

MUNlsr JWiraAce breathra the afa^ 6f 
Whery you have wandered I can surclly 


. » """^ every place, 

For grhn dsprcssKwepoedDy lakes wing 





fi Ei ttnpson, of 
m^j Telte History of 
i '**Qa8^ine Horse" — Farrn- 
P ef» S^IN; ''Old Oobbln" 

> Ti^t^b tw.'tmetor eoiMl It's more 
'. aiw 00)69^ OB OB* vM* aB4 watob- 
'il^ lfWP Pf- The tnustor came, as a 
liwtiir- irf fact. iMunjB time aso — 
about alx years a«», to ba etoot'— 
and It baa been sathertny momentum 
ever alnce, accordins to i$e. E. 

<*t iThwnai^ffiffiuifrllHHM^^ 
nr Amy and BeenUn tractors. 

*^e modem agricultoral tractor 
iB only aix years old. The first 
Mmall tractor made Ha gjmnf 
ance as recently aa 19tr 

~ ^ •teeihllHit ttma," asys Mr. 8imp- 

course there ha^ been trac(^ 
m before 191*., thkf%w the 

iljr MMvtnr the CtrU Ww. 
mM tlMi boftrds almaat ac* 

br until after tbe elOM of tlie 
i^teenth century, 
j nAbout 1»0« the UmUations of the 
MMm tractor, ^upphjwiictf yUh ,tha 

iltural dev^ojpnrerit of the sreBt 
tllWMt, bflm»>o,,«|Mloiiw that 
feor BttaMaetofnrtf 'Ikasan Icwklnc 
albdut for some subBtltuto. In th^ 
nka^ntlma tbe agricultural internal 
combuation engine had been de* 
vfloped, the automobile waa well on 
.lis was In Ita evolution, and there 
ltiiltatlons,9f^tk* W^qtfff tmolc 
I'pariiv ISU, ttli lilt 40,000 
nsltors were built, nearly all of 
t»«|i belnc the big. crude, unwieldy 
lAaehinea which eventually "broke" 
t^t|Mtjm«ii or "crippled" a conaidermbla 
of the concema which built 
.Sff . fWMUr Mm Ms maehlno 
4 tk Uwr Im *idu 

tlM faei that only 13.000 
bunt ta If IS, the next year 
aftar the big tractor reached the, 
Ik of both production and popu- 
|y. Something elpe markM 191S 
ail-Important ''date In tractor 
^t^Mtwtth Instant and 

Miiialtlt^* it dlJLrtTDua . 

*9Yom then on to thia day there has 
rivalry with all ' tractor manu- 
ftotnrers and some weaauriM Moa,- 
e|U»es have been turned^«|,r f^trm- 
ite ,fU Mioaa of |ho ctmter ai« 
ia j ro f o rwi OB to "old 


.1 4f 

Sr^t jffi In Ol^ 

"knowledge of the reaaooa which 
cause batteries to became dlsoharged 
wlU Insure the length of service to 
the batterer almost Indeflniuir." ao- 

.eordmr |t* Of jain«w» * ymm, 

' Fraaaoift .«C>Ha , wHh *«t short 
runs. ' . 

Insnfriclent input to battery on ae- 
count of short runs at low apood. 

V94 of h««dllthts white ■taaAlai^ 

99mk:Bftk^^'*i^ ever 

H^Smeecasarlty Mgk candlepower 
MHp i. ineliMhic spotlighta. 

Lamps loft fuming overnight. 

Moving car in garage or ahpowhera 
on the nowo^ frdm battery. 

ProlonfoA iRwiiipt «r start In cold 
waathar %irttlio«t »rlmttt« And wlth> 
•at wwrai ^t«r in nnlkitps, 

^rttlohgad mtampt aitariitlthout 
jBV*stlg»ttllff eiigloo trotriilmi stiehaa 
poorly afljnsted carburetor, dirty or 
enaekad Kpark plugs, gummed and 
sticky valves, carbon. 

atartlnf and lighting system, worn- 
eat ganarii^r brunhes. BUolUns .of 

ground wire. Mi^teh or spark plnga 
Ground, due ie loss of wtr«'tAiula. 

tlon through ohafl|ig. 
Corroded battary tarmtaala. ^ r . > 
Znfraiiqent taaUttC Md mUtf' 

Sat of battery. 

One of tbe aolallle achievements to 
be seen at tkie SlMtw -Uiis ysBr. Is tbe 
way m whio^ tht il^0HfiJ^nio$ii' 

" 1^ WHMUiill l6tioM Oo^'laa.; 
combine Mnuanally -..ifiimiy'llt^ifltl^:, 
witbout mailing the Miles look heavy 

or bulky. These bodies were designed 
and built oomplote in the Mitchell body 
plant iinil speak worlds for their abil- 

^ v^f • JUthMWh tka w 

1 not know it. he has csiabriahed in his 
mind , a certain . relation of length, 
width and height as the fitting proper* 
tions of a motor car. This applies both 
to open and closed models, and any- 
thing that varies greatly from thia un* 
eeoOoknia . standard, ta e o m ss Msarre 
%ad uairatniy. 

Body- designers realise .this fact, and 
as a general thing, lay out their body 
lines to accord with tbe popular con- 
eeption of Cood proportiooa. Therafone. 

«tahenaloBim seat pnH>ortUms much 

rallar than those which give eomfort 
Of^Mrs are the result. 

DIM aatnh iMhrtoitiaB 
One rule the truck operator 
• woll adviMd to ollnr to as 
, tlio lubrication of Cho dJa^ 

that la always to^m# thf 

raoemmandod. trt t|M 

vchteio. The triiok 

* heavy burdaa at beat an^t nbeolutely 

conreet Inbricatlon is essential to 

aflkient epenUljM of oonUnnod ser- 



^raordlnaiy ? r^elfiiiffnance 

SPRING is here! All Victoria tad her visitors «re «nt«g«d,!n furbishing up thgt/ctr tod pianninf joarnayt to the 
beauty spot* iwhich lie nearby. Some of the most tttractlve motor drlve^ to >* anda on a Snndtr afterpoon 
Ai, '"wl Saanlch, through whkh > spleftdld serfes of tnialfr i«4>cfo«» to$4» htmrbtmi mUt. 

All the way from Victor a to the northern^uadliihr ol,Stinfth,, « distW ^Sftk^^ n^ 
which give views tinexcelled, ^fifi pwU[m^:}^J§^ pilisnre to drive. Ohg^ MelaJu^ii aaa^ 4tht, tlbe 

J 'i^'^^^^LJi^^^J^SUl Ef'i!f*iiT*?fcM/]?l.<*'*^f* fi»p«»^«^ppv«r mile* «| Mva4>iM4 -wMck could 
^ ^^^^^i*Mt^ M99^ content a7d > little adBitxtttfe of 

s b as n r ar ifwfcj w mm .Mw ot»t^VJw»fr ^« l oa rt i ii i i pi fods l«^flls»n«, ■mm the people of Victort* end vldnWy mc the favored of 

In tbe new Wltdieli 'ae^ and coupe. 

the tKHly designers started . by laying 
eat seat dimensions, leg room and head 
(room, ns Jarge and comfortable as In 
open cars, and then, surrounded them 
with the lines of tkto body. Ordinarily,, 
this would have p^podiiced a; bulky, 
eombersomc sffeet. but clever hktMIIng 
of Unas alkd masses keepe the appear- 
aaee of these bodies within conven- 
tioaal llmtta. ho that tbe ^nal results 
are bodies wl^lcb P0B>bl »» iatPrt W . jaai* 
fort and MKtsrfor beael|nV«PMripBai 
degree. ■ V v . . 

Obiferv#;*^ftr Instknce, the dlsUnee 
between the steering wheel and the door 
In most iiiosed boAlim. As a general 
thing there is scarcely room for the 
driver to ke«p Ms hand an the wheel 

at «hat pewt^ if^fiiiivMiiehen mod«^ 
the elearaifee! Heft la im^Khiehes. 

Kaeeptr la 'eaini! of Musnally long 
^•ei base, the effort to iNOure oora- 
fOrt tn the rear compartipeat orewds 
the front se*t so far fontard that tbe 
driver feels cramped and oaeemfortablsb 
iBy bnttdtag the body Wuad the aeata. 
Mltfthelt . haa retaiaea,leg room )n the 
drlvar^a- oempartmani^ ; e^ greater 
jn autat .tbuirlag 'cars. • without 
eaerlfiefhir a bit of rear iMat-roomiaua 

«eai width la; ai^'ther «sau^ of Ue 
tttekeli etoe^ ears. ' Thi front 
esat la mare than wide enough tor two 
grew* people dressed in heavy clothes, 
ta many closed models the two front 

badly eroisdad. The rekr keat' hai' the 

same proportions for tbfee. ' 

In tbe coupe, this feature is especi- 
ally ;n<^wortky. The/dtalvfrif Mbt ur: 

usual wMth and .d^^th. The fovi'lh. 
seat, whlMi fcAds into a foot -rest '^^cn 
not In Hso. Is full sla^, and not 'th«t. 
usual miniature child's seat found In 
.tiiue..|gaie. ■ ' . . 

Am an evMsiM>e of what cap .b»-doa4* 
to retain grafceful appearahce wItiHoor. 
in» car sised Interiors, the new Mlt- 
chel coupe and sedan are well^jwerUt 
the atteatfea of evdiiy ,viMi«r ^9 mi 
ahow. .'■ > 



"Tou hear a bang, your car given 
a lurch,, and the next two seconds 
tell wheiher you'xo a *dead otw or 

not." , ... 

Suph 'Ml.h^^1l^j^iliid'a iiH^ 
deseripttoii ' tt Utef ^topens , wtvin, a 
tire 4)^bNinDtMt' m44r Ai<ilt: tm^iSt 
travelling at racing speed. 

"If you can meet that first Inroh 
with Just the right twist of the wheel 
to keep yaur c^^r fiMdeja straight to, 
war^ tlktijfliMi IcwTW g*lavi«PMM 
there to Uolr e^ a aire on^somh oilter 

df^rrmumi^mSi^. .-if - )%o 

meet it t/bo late, or if you throw your 
steerlhf wheel too «ar o^r,' only a 
miracle is going to save you and your 
mechanic, especially If yot|r bler|r<outr 

has taken place on 
tiaually doea. 

The. one t| 
deeply^ dreadi^^ i^ 

a ttim^ aa 




nsf itre 

without 4 experiments which gained hihi^ his 
notablcf immunity fron^ accident dur- 
ing tlie final years of his racing and 
ha^e since rea<jilted In the formation 
of the .Oldfieid Compapy of 

Cievolaod that la now M^dtag and 
selling. In Urge prodactMl «|te0tlk^. 
dttpUoatMof . ijho apedal^Nlttt Umb 
devalope^lMr PreaUMt OMfleld on 

Truck P^rpy^ j!^ 

t ^A^lUfoki^Ad/fahttf^^ 

time. ' 
Release flvc acr^s of land. 
Trasisport' livestock, etct 
tteduce hauling' costs. v.'< 

, Shorten the miles to niiwrtNi. ■: 



wpra eonducted every , day 

* - "i--il»b»t: 



fprth to their wodi ' 
fdletaac t lM|i#ffiv,..whk)h .tkeee tbiMy 
jUtUft macfiiMla.vriMfed tip and 4lown 
'th^ Mneaa. of. operat|ona transpotting 
supplies, eajrryln* the sick and 
wounded, 'an^ hauling every, cpnceiv- 
able necessity, often covering betVeen 
90 and 100 miles dally. / < 

It apeaks vohimes for tl»s worl 
s^tlp entedng li|to^the Fdrd ' 

,ifXien,bna repligap how well It 

an4er each, inruelllag tests, 
•«^^. F»»P . cltf^d the Hun 
«a*t^^ f(e» wtlds of >^lca hpd ev^ 
«eason to rise up and Hr h}eased. 
I Among the crew were severM (Cana- 
dian boys, and to one of theee ]|yHi0B 
t^e credit of the lnveottos&' )^ . 

Usaw ■oC Fnp g t saa te s of- oa ne erie d 

Throughout War Forid Covered 
.,,;Hff86»f ;Wjth^,aory, Won 

' *Sn<!Xinfi ^am? and Made a 
' i^F!ght9.r 

sedCar Dealers 



-i^*-^^ HgBTdaSh board; winds 

For Sale 

i| | |pte<^ for 30 Days 

O oi 

^ly •rsi 

etc. Vneoentanii 

wfUi sdf- 


Motor Ck]^ h 

speak, it ^ould feel inclined to voice 
a mild protest against the onthuslasm 
of the general public whose stories of 

woadprfat ways. ,\ 

TmotitlMut the reoeiit devieutlng 
wv^P IPPtle .(l^>tha:.|lMt «latbut a 
fraction of her tale was toid-^he 
ubIquitouH "Unte" covered herself 
wHh glory, won undying fame, and 
earned the everlasting gratitude ef 
every flghter whom sho helped In the 
bitter struggle. 

Due to tho courtesy of Mr, R. W. 
Ote*. dl INndsor. Oat.^ wW> Vsf on 
acufre idnioe4wH^ |Ma Imi|Omi Me- 
^ibiloal 'milapbn'N^iBfkl^ ^during 
tbe campaign in (what ^waa lately) 
German Bast Afrfca. we are able to 
furnish partieulara of yat anotiMr of 
the "ladyV ataala. 

jobe spiBotlniea^Jv|T» trouble froafthe 
sreaae In the. «ea» aaio flooding out 
on the bralcie. The diflrerent thrust 
masters flxed to the axle bousing will 
not let the oil get back where it be- 
longs. The best way to c<{nquer thlB 
trouble Is to cut two. grooves, onei^ 
each hoHsing, to carry the lubfipaffi 
back to tho centre qt Utej^asle. ^ , ■ 

tributed Largely' WV pte 
Peculiar ;Bfiiairci» ' ^ '/ 

sThe extraordinary perfana%BOe 
ability of the Oldsmoblle Bl«h|b may 
bo attributed largely to the peculiar 
bpilanco seeured by the aerotype en- 
gineering applied to Its design and 
ooostructi<ni^ It has beei 
ly balaaeaC*>uch after .t||MpiP'^^ 
the aeroplane and rld^ th4 r^ba^ Wllth 
the same even keel that the aircraft 
ntaintataa Ik flight. > ;^ 

The frame has been so designed 
and constructed that the stresses 
which are applied 'at any given point 
are absi^bed /liK'ti% IMiMllP . flame 
alrea. The tHtdftlMl.J<*<#':^i!^ 
cMasala to rtlmiafte^writliai^ 
baartnlr earfweea bP the rotatflvg fijr«ir 
ace the la«|pe«,.'iibsdm' gaf elffet* 
ofllndenear. Thm wear and vfbfatlon 
are reduced to a minimum. The units 
of weight are so distributed and 
mounted that k low centre of gravity 
ic»secured. The construction of, t^ 
frame and the spHng BUspen)SloB^lil|^ 
iil^ tho shocks of. the road. ' 

The general ecoAomy of the Olde- 
,m<^lle. Its tenacious road adherence. 
Itg ease and comfort. Its quick piek- 
may'all b^ traced to this balance 
ibh la embodied in these models. 
paapuatiJre mileage of the Olds> 
lie Ma^ tte'^aeeouhted for primar- 
ily in the alMne' way. The wear ef 
,t||» tlfes. le. .^littrlbiited evenly, the 

the tlree Is hat necessary oad ttaa 
strain fronr^ltliia la qc^ creater thaa 

f|:om without - 
; The^'^ipdr rl^es the roads re8Uleat#. 

Itj* fuel coQSum'ptlon was tested a few 
wieeki ago outer the Saanlch Road. It 
waa found that the OldsmotHle made 
oyer 18 mites per gallon . <^ 
Several ownera have clalaiio^ 
ae 22 miles pw >aUea. 

■ ^'^'^idiS^PS^^^ ^'^ ^ Jweaney 
^' vWtf&WW*'^ ' Oidamobiie 
lltot ^mMt-Hgi k Just "tickled to 
death" with the ear's performance. 

tide £xtfa Long Springs Spe- 
dally Designed by the Oole 
thgineers for Their :€«»^ 
Perfect Balance « 

. Tjhte remarkable rMlag 
Cote Aero-'iaght medeli aaWpT |»»| 
oted largely «o'the eatm^lii^r «w|ag^ 
epeelally deefgaed by 
fer ibeae eera. 

To oonform to the Aero-Klght i1ag|gi^. 
these sprlags follow closely ferolirpe/^ 
design and se a et gu etion. 4tar il|l> ^ ^ 
fitted t# the ehaeejb aa to eanr * 
peifdDrbathnee^^laa^^^that WUh** 
ened to that of the aeroplaae. 

Both the front and r«ar springs are 
of the semi-elliptio ' type— a type acted 
for Its reeiUeacy and atrangtb. fh« 
front springs are SO laches long dad ' 

tN,ireer ft? lpehe>. 
leavea fe aad a^ 

The 'endth 

Natusally^ th«w . aMrta^ .. aaa >J«e>' 
stgffsd' mid ^tiiieM .to'aMiiiif^M 

end tliMblUty.^ I^The metals used In 
their constraotloit 'and the heat treat- 
menu which they undergo insure these 
■.^sllties. The leaves are ma»«- 

factm^ fronp jiQglr steel, oil-tsmpersd. 


A distinctive feature of the Aero*. , 
Bight springs Is t|M aeif-li|l«leatiarr 
shaekle bolts. Tbeaa ii^'«<f6^M wttH 
aateamUe oiiara. whloh piavlde ampla . 
l a irtlh tipn at, all tlmiit; 9he ahaekia 
b<djta eperate on bronse bushings of gcn« ' 
epona ' dimensions. Special reUlnlng ' 
clips eliminate the short, choppy re- 
bounds so oommoa ^^pmst sera, aad 
hj^the eprtac \^^Sm^^ dMiPl'^ 

TeT augment the advaneagl'*'4|KrUt con- 
alraetleak apeeui shock absorbers are 
pla«ied on both the front and rear of all . 
Cols, Aero-Bight models. These 
metenaUy to comfort aad adfety. aa<l 
eeatrlbute to the fwrdier readaMllty 
these • care ^by ab ee fb hai* the U 
ehoeke aad t9^«p|^ V 



When tho car . catohee 

what? The first thing to do ii'toln^t! 
and keep eatail'aHd not thrver a lat pgr 


, It wm da iHa mnm 
WMgUfft IB ^ •ati«iator molS*? 
TWt, hion baimi than good and wilt 
damage thle part of the electrical ays- 
teni permanently. 

If the . electrical ayaiem Ip alMwtt% 
circuited and Are arlaaa 

tlio flrst thing to da ta ta 


apd from now on will bo a big booBMr 
/«r Oldsmoblle Light ttjpebti^ 'W^^ 

<Mr. Ham Moore, '^dtetHlMfto^W 
tte OMemobUot 
nifent of 

eaaaiMt Um* bat^ 
tern. >^ 

If thf fire is on 
o^ the BMteir,- atpa 
Do not^m^^. 
will be speaad an 
/time at all. 
/<Jf |he Are starts lii' 
drt# imn under the 
a^nd ordirt lafl;^ 
not use water. 

:^l^|fil» the keat ^mmm^ the 
WvMpm Is to have a good Are eatln- 
guleher in the car pnd to uee It In 
case of (ire. Then you know that noth<> ^ 
Ing can happen that you oaaaac eaa- • 

BaekflrhMT la the narfceMplap la 
eometlnas a. miaae of flpa. fpr not 
aearty •» ofl||i.pB meat aioterista 

think. If this happens, the way to 
flaht It is to throw sand 4n aad tbott 
try aad amothsr the Are tHtll a btaa- 
i ket, robe or coat. ; ^ • 

The main thing la to apt quickly 
ly and beat tll«%a before 

MtliUry operatMna In Africa were 
carried ont under extremely adverse 
conditions, as transportation — the 
chief fhetor In modem warfare — pre- 
sented a serious problem In socb v^lld 

a^d Mi*, a^d one^'JSj iBinagliia 
Ihat Ufe over tlMWe was •aMlbietiy a 

Olid mtt kaowledM of 
U eM of the bustneas 
entirely theefv^tical by setting 
•«p weiMk aad aoltlag tlieir prebleBM ta 
A. highly cMent and satlsfhetory 
^ ^BnUiD^. 

'^aimadel TJoffd dwsais. Ingealeaely 

ruse mStTSStS J2 stt** 

porfarm weMata fa tha way 7Sm1- 
^ ^ Bfll j " r «lrta<>* load 

VP to 




reat Industrial ..He^s.. Must 
Be Men Who Realirb That 
fu^urv Will Soon Be the 

Mrt>9 iiiM ti^'i 
Muai b« aun who rtttUM tlwt Uus 
fDUv* -will V thm PMMnt. and that 
Mir by htlBg abl« to anticipate th« 
•Mtfa thut fotitr* la t^alr •nUf 
prt»9 vcflM to thrtr*. Ji«j| *■ fw M 
tborwo abio tb lM>k late Ut* Qtnrtk 
kM'Mako pr^ftiif a" f AT 
If thMr grwiteMo t4(. 1^ laoAmNd. 

wvrtd toitay ittad in partleular 
tho tndiMtrlw of tir%l«li tlwir 

iMr tk« titttuft iMttMffCitik ^lilr «hottl- 

oaanot appr«<eS^«. httt aooipto a* a 
natural MqumiM of eVMita^net r«al- 
falB» that it mftif^tpnMtkr m»nA had 
^•t Yor —o . tiif4 aiMMlal . aal 

. Vhe prewnt la but a link Hi a 
^hain of vaaiUUiif aaryic^,- and/ (fie 
men' wM aiain^ £Ut htim fi|oi ail 

which m»9^mif^^gtS ttt^: 

hfMsaiiae lha 
take Bueh a 
^han^ oa 'ihaL.tetiir^,W(;ttia be be* 
ronid hla powdM.^ It rwiatvea ' a graai 
jma^. who, la apglUmt tD;.watt yaan'«^ 
aiaiaaaiy W fOe the (rultles hla - 
«r«4»a a«4 Nftp the rawaH^ due to 

8«(di ft man la^WJiU^m c. Ihurpat. 
preaMaat of the ooaenU Motors Car- 
l^fMlaiw M whiah tlM •XS^itmpm 
'Wmr ■ OailifMiyr' la of tlM fff«^ 


Bcripps-BoQth with c 
I nttli coavafliancca 
taa. Consider tha N 

aaf^lM— H 

re«ma' or,.«lin^9Ml»-';pMM^^ 
a«o ware, laiirfied at.,in _Uia 

jutdlr lm««aatble: but hla dreacb. 
ffe^t!: 4la lt^<^, 4» not>inttov eiqil^ 
" «aft«. ^o^^>,to'^•tJ^*:pto.• • iirnlt*^'. 

l»ioo« alapt >.m>*0"* 

inr at the peak of production it * Is' 
atlU unable to meet the deraaifds ,of 
the public for Chevrolert earai 

Mr. Dmnaat'a dreama ot.fiattire ax-, 
wejre not-conHaeafS^hln the 

'^NtMiwUla* ■ V Bo' 
- atoteM;-ailAn 

Br A. S. Ctaiplafi IB «Mr Im/Uo^ 

> If aa asti»Df4liM^ Caal Ai^ %i» 
Vbaic'ltttfl* M tbia aqAlaet 

There haye been popular anMnMf tf. 
"the women of all raoea:" The 

Italian, F^erahaeell. haa Htft a 
dlaooan» of itttla «ahia; C H. Btr^u 
haa wHttan tha #a|r i^f^roaoh to a 

t hMbr illns. 

, i b» *!• Ktoa, 

ht'-MMM fT'iMiljfliV^ viaw. 
^ '^w TO fe baaipUfm. aai 1 
^* 4iiMP> *»*i^ 

Mf woman. _ ' - ^ 

tC la worth noUnc thit 
HM^e Acaa %a inl 'if 
retarded tha 

vuMit |Ma«tlte|'taima #ec1d. Thaae 
MMi«M >a alMg». l Biia Min iUny pua. 
l*rohahly thara la Wk arilat «M>re t^. 
able K wrftiBf it than tka Jbat. JopM 
CoUlar. -Trr«rv 

SMa^.twaaty yeara 
haiffht of IfeMrUahwoi 
t.« matsa. ahout I feat t iiabea. 

of ^BaclMRSTl* «g|ily I G ln»i|«|i 

Bar tedas flhfi)^. la tmmt than • 
rlnv flatar: .wtfb tha ta«a <k« dppaatia 
la the caae,^eaMm'8 M|Ma la b1|E#|# 
than m4n'a. Bar atandlMr pMltlon 
la loaa uprj«ht: Her haitSF la mora 

ourvpc hoBej»,Jiiffh-haal«4 ahtia a»a 
hytftfald. - • 

Aa for eaaoaa of pi^portloo, there 
haa been mueh aeademto nopaaua 
•Inee the Oraafc aoalptor PaliD^^ 
wrote hla fameua Canon (far #afe| 
and embodied H In hla faraoiip MiMtt 
which w|ia: aidiw 
9tHy man. ]iiq^- »ii 
T-^-TT^T J»*aa left a hiaaital 
hltf'^'.^fit Ht'-wifMK af aH. 8o«a 
mora o^ laaa raoMta ooplaa of thia 

a '«paar are to 
Muaeom. ' 

4«Mir;«Mi«jr^ia that jHra^r m haa » 

own. tlM^cb vpofiMelPtta 
parhapf. How we «et tha» ttnt^ 
and taataa tai a oarlaoa ptahfain, aa 
eartow aac|i .tlM ^^rMMf««, wbai la 

'^ijij'hy tha way. which X ht^v* aatar 

»/V|fat«<B^ aad I Ma 

iK^ ^ niteiM Wins ' 

jlN^hind the fiiM wooderfuf motor itf-tctdd^-^ ^^^K'^^ 


Let Us Prove It 

SHEUL (£ARAC^ ignited ' 

ME;H:'y-nltA««ts for-- 

^Pirst:<:ni$s Batterer Service^Hm } ; ' ^ 

flaMOfet! ' 0iim ' tMn coaat > eoa«t 
|ln dlnada. ? ' • ■ ' • 

i ^map^ 'oi^l^ i^hothae. 

uf^itm^eki^vrii* to' ' 

««^t taaditiqoal 
#iHi;i^aairvaUeh. , It 
.taKrfiit. le _ 

WiirimjfiiSi^^ wtiDat- '-tw|oa «Ma« 
^^^l^^hllM ro<th4':t|ia oaK 
,,ipiii ,1liMa traiditlonai omoa haa, aoth. 

; AM^t^i^Oi o(^ !im0k plataa. 
iuet< aa Wehaiaatale^^ CR 
and the.<}r^ka. ma||f(*ft4 
«9^qiQ||ta^f^r aa.'^tiMt 
' Xi,la:ii^'t^.«ipt Hu»)!t?mm wrlt. 
abji»4)flona -to tha ViiMm^ of MQa 
idat)^ b«|l«ty : ii«r >rM>ortiaiHi 
— Y«»^#r of tha 


A kilf lam «n the bwdla forces Jlf«B, 
Mr< to every moirlai ffffpif) 
tfta (Qbl, 4ir^ tnuZ. 
liM«t. #fiipirnf Mttstm 
il^isoa car with 

- and fa 

. iPraMMv 
Iba baadL , 

'1 '"^i 'Jsii!*''*^*^^-'»ii'-''>>^^--*- 

greue oadar a 9 


5 » 

p^alttojR. to friUM tkt 

on your^ 

y< ..'-„,■ ■••If *''J^„, 

• 1 M 

1 » T 



03S.T VftW 

,#7Jahaarr llattiatar»m^ 
I^doa Bially Mall 

I have a> l> a<.A atttthar ytwmn ta 
«iTe (he thlte^Maitt vMlIf aa to iha 
motlre that Hrf pf Ip mmU tamtty^ 
. It la tha orthMox opfnion that the 
real Ineanyve to marriage is lore 
But leaa than half of my women ae- 
qUBntaaate 9n64^te mst»<HUtn aa «aaa'a 
chief iiiiMiflbr takiny a wife. 

m^maa.- Ahouar 
"moat men afe only.frdwna^ ehlldrea, 
and they, .irnht a Woman ' to ^fhothei^. 
iflfm*" A thlrti informant 

^^n(n marpr bacs|t^.a: -<^{fh 
imt than a houaekaapar." 

tvN af laaa ara iutaraatlnir bat atfC 
Vary^ oauTlBelnv, 

X t^ant jthat ••n. the reaaaas ao^ 
flaatad a6tiii«a 'eartaln typca of men. 
It la' trae that a yeamlna for eom- 
panlonahip indac^ a^ptnNfft|ap «f 
mwit of mafiona 4uci 
thoakhia armi^tt^ 
lonctav maor'.aai.Jba iMill|MMP'-*i^ 
a raataatle avdvrl v 
i VDp. -theonr that am aA» hoya 
p%», need a.aeooM IhoM^ Jp ^Oap^ 
Uaahle. hut it doea a^^pp^> 

) I aappoaa thary^ aha *<f ew men who 
ItnagUw that It la naare eeoopaUeal to 
mmKfT than to pay 'a tioa#ik#e||ar to 
maaat* tha hama. hat^ oatt aniy 
that r*hata iliaVa» .<itoBt tiaor tli. at^ 
tranderlata.' '■ 

The «rtet majority of men marry 
aeeauae they ar« in love with one 
Woman, who. tor. the tlaka,t>e|^ at 
all aranta. aeema tha ambo^lnitnt. af 
chaiStai' and 
of thla 
love ahd 

The oonVaatiaAal view 
men marry heeauae they ara Ih 
la the t^ath of the matter. 

No doubt t ahall bo ehaUaiifcA t^ 
de^na "love.' 
. t waaild reply that the anatlon thai 
haipala a anaa to ehoaee ane^roBMMi 
ffir#a» tha arowd aa a partner far Itta 
U aa|y ta be daaerlhad aa tava. Th« 
iWiPalle ta poaaaia tha dealred woman 
aad atemat manlfeat* 
af naaly love reaatua«; ta mar*" 

it -mtrnji i the i^ltteliaW 

nMac^tCerTSain a»on^ wo- 
ivartly 0irough the fapt that 


aa advantacft ovirf 
1^, \ j^am not 

0tMl womrn 

mil. ».K4t (llr \„. 

'{failah and 


pB the good qualities ctf'sthe 
ipreviotijlg^cLaughlin Litfht ^buu. 

:iiadli)th the fiuaoaaiHML«iiUBi| 

•fiak 5^l|■■■aaaiI^V-^■■^">■■^■i^^ " 


i ^^^m i j i pf w^m ■ H il l m p n wrrwwiigpup^ 

■IV 11.11 iwmmiii 

: .1- 


"Take Your Time," Is Advice 
Offered by 'Expert to Auto- 
i$U fLh^ Are Planning jon 
Vacatjpw ^ ;^ 

Just nour tb« worM i»'fac« to f#ei wlHi the frcA« 
«st abortifc of motor cm it hu ever fxperienced. 

Some dealers have been un^Me to tceunHilatc anv 
stock of cars for immcdUte ddlvcry. We hav« been 
fortunate In aecartnr some n«w stock from the factory 
recently. Tliese, toseth^r wllk 5 rood used Fords, 
place us in tic postfliMi %fatere can deliver an in- 
■tendinf purcHascr Ills choice w^hout belnr «i<«i4 on 
'th« '>aitinc list." and at a price whl<b wlO inttaatly 
appeal to anyone who is looliinc tor a nioiid of trsoi: 
-lortatton whlc^ offers the maziinadiil <n|Q«nA/o(.«cSi- 
»rt for the mintmum aaiiovnt of pi»tJayAi^jarfftUa'-* 
.;uic« coat. f ,-t '•■ .m 








Hav« you evvr taken as^a book or 

tnueazinc to look for loinethiair that 
would while awuy a apara hour of 
two, and have permitted tho p«c«o 
•Hp rapidly (nun undar the thami»«« 
you aeaoned thonii In & haaly rovMvt 

Speed I« the reaaon. We don't tak6 
■ufllcl^nt time to ri«noe at eaoh M*^ 
I aa It fllpa pMit «f d it«in« prbuad Umm 
that may bd Of W«h iaCorwt to w iir% 

mteaed. - '.j'/i^. . 

So In' tourlhir Whetbor U be • Sun: 
day trip or a Ion* three or fo«r-4ay 
Jaunt up the Island, moat people S^ 
.»PPKr«<i^ In «; hvrnr. jr«r aotriot 
where, jlhoy look at*tllolr map In 
mornla#|«iid doclde whom tlioy vtl 
hinch and Where they ,^mmtcn§ mn 

ni«ht. And Vim ^/^iSm^'*^ 

.Ai* f »ny '^/ialliWm^ • wf o 
meton alKMit the^peihAy^^ throufh 
Which thej* haw Jttet «Me.^and ^ew 
win be a.h\9 to »lve a deacriptlOn. In 
any deUII of what they have eeen. It 
1» all a Jumble, Just like when one has 
twlrM ihe Pttsee of a book. They 
hav^. really Men/ totcjliey have hot 
obeetrvy^ They |^ laiijfiut and k|ep 
thetr; ..eyep oh ^tho, ro^d. To yoh who 
lr»»rofy-- -e- * 

^ * * (lEmomETIOM 

Tha Uaaten' Oaimca whleh l« now 
aa4er conatrwotl^a fa Tatee ttrMt. 
next the |ai»efl|L 00 RUPM. wlU be 
eoamlete4 ahaittt Om ehd of thle 
moath. The fara«e will !>• aiodern 
In every rdapeot and have all Ihe vary 
latest improvaqaeats. * 

llr. (jnm Maetere re|kort« that tha 
uee4 ear buatneas has pktfced ap con- 
aUtombly the paet week or , ao. and 
wlUi JKiAMMr ncfU'Iy here he espeota 
u'We«14 ^ iuaMna from now jti. )lla 
of vuhrdhteeinff all cars oold' for 
thirty daya ban btn met with wide 
approval. All thoee who purohaae r. 
ear liave the esUeCaoUon o( knowln* 
that if the car hae ear defeeta tt wiM 
■l»ow VP in ^thirty 4a»ii and It ^1 be 
f«|nedled «ree of ehar»e. 

♦he ^w home' of the Maatera' 
Irace will in all probability be 
t«rown open to the motoring public 
04Tae»day. June Ist. 

^ , I ■ 

tilfe h%liwa>a take note. F^ria 
ahit of etoppina at some of the 
blta of country spread before you. bet- 
come uccustor^ed to looiUhd' for th* 
details that go to nahha ^s^ immbiy 
scene in the vllla*^ ah^'feirin^a 1 
tion of a mejeaue «r«#im 



V^^jr^l^rsz' .^^rvi**. '^^^. «ot*tf(avelfao 
IMl Aw Jil JNinliiir. th removed." siys 
Mr. C. H. Wmie: of Jameson * Wl 
Limited. local dtetrihvtota far Oi 
Dort ears. 

"Hew much' easier and better 
tp drive ee that you «an see 
'«o«s:e«'.ai>d:.M(„.tliat.>i^.aoaa. i 
aptte.the eeenery that you piaa 



Automobile Like Diamonds .kt 
Present Time, Says Ed. 

SeverQomb, of Revercomb 
folor Cmnpany ^ " 

ipnceri^ Sup|>ly, Co. 


Gates' Half -Sole Tures 

Make Old Tires Almost Equal to New. 
W > **>*d i,MO Mha Wkkaot a Paactara. 

^y?rS^ por^ptanTplie best kqtfij^iB^ISKbJc 
^vla| all )ke v|ry late>tv4iM<^ for rltreaainit «res. ' v; 

» i ^ Be Sare «nd See 0«tr Nfw'yislMe Qls p^-V ' 

'Oiiah a motor oar whenever you 
e^ S«M "Jt," la the advice to motor 
oar buyers from Ed Reveroomb, of 
the'Revercomb Motor Company, loMi 
distributors for the Grant Biz carak' 
_^'T?ha /m^totr, oar dealers -.oa* the 
Paolflo Coast, and especially in Brltlsh.J 
Columbia, do not realise That Uia^ 
demand for automobltes in t 
la even greater than that Wlloh We 
are enjoying: here. • 

"The faetoriee Mure airt down on 
their production jfi^ |rhi(ra 

they can he Mi^m •wSpWom the 
factory.^ The fhbtories ean epiy carry 
a oertaiB number of oara on' hand on 
acoount of limited storase rooma^and 
the reeaH wlU be whea the nUlroad 
altuatlon Is straightened out that tha 
West will only cet Its portion Of 
everyday output 

"At the present time the dealei^ 
are drivlna cars home from the fko- 
tory aa far east as Jdhlne and aa fkV 
south aa Florida, aad V m ddlna aret 
the meal tlckef of xu'm.MuS^u!} 
The result is that thk f«gt df the 

road alttastlwrdleara «p, the Eastern 
dealer Will reeelye censlderaUon for 
what he ia doinc now In helping the 

"It la the whw buyer who, if he 
cannot yet a motor oar today nlaoM. 
hia order evien aa jato aa JaJ 
delivery }f.he ezpeote to aet 1i \aav 
thUiyear.** ! 

•^^;<B»»iTi Woree Than Mad 

^j^jNjpypefs Noticeable resistance to 
t^i^lWltees of the wheels of' a truck, 
mjjd^ W worse, and looee aravcl la 
a oral ' oif' all. The economy and 
enelency of motor truck trans|>erta» 
tlon may easily depend on the char- 
acter of thf road surfMe avaUable. 

re<^ tii^'MkllaUon of the 

^irehWleh,' eo that the most 
[t typa mar.l!e «»4ur«d.for the 

It ki a. llmp«e naditer to vlve any 
•••"•^W «*f « Oleer vision windshield, 
which ie not'«hherally jneluded In 
the equipmeot oC the open car. The 
upper section of the windshield is 
simply mounted on the top by means 
of .brackets that hold the part ohC at 
the . desired anffle. in this Way the 
«I>P*<U>*lf of the shield keepe off the 
ralivJjvi^lto .,tha lower half protects 
the ^rtvfw^ram the wind. 

• ■ ' •• ;:rAV-' '-^ ' 

Tbe Xppeirlal household of Japan 
hae Just purchased two Bssex ^ar« 
l>L.^^tLog to the aeveaAidaeae^bey^ 

already ; otfn, aocordin« to /reportr 
from Toklo» The extent tp whloh 
Amerlcaa cpM lire hetnt used In the 

^isytiC'P' £^ 4?*" 

•^T^CjfcSaTione m" eerv(fo hi 

le First Practical QN&MAN (Wfit 

vAU. l^TAL^^^ L^ IliP*^ 

'^ ^S^^-JS*^^^^^ «f jroar day from 8 to to times and do<;5 a« the work. One man 

can wkeel the "Bear Cat" ^tts work without assistaoce^a easHy as he wSid V W .leihSimS^ S!! 

Jay tkAa'jr ^ .d|««t»e.ts Sf^T^^^ ^^TX^ ^^ 

I£r*Sfr«f*^''*Llf!** '^^^J^^ii^'^ ^* shlow. VTha-iiar Cat" wlH 

j*«r vtreattk. mUc yoar tl«« Htfht to tM C|am,a^H(» TaluaWe, and pile op j««r w.xifits. 

Note TfiiT 

^ "ttd^yilita-cit appemaee of this machine It 
«l<^.|towa. Note the look of concentrated 
|WWC>v«iBe freedom from ^ztra parts. Tke 
"Bear Cat" is trimmed down to frettctt w<»rk< 
inf 'eacicacy aad arranged for easiest operath>n. 

I*^'**"";* «'«® *'>0'^ Single Anchor Dot 
ffMOTe which allows cuttinc to the finish with- 

PtaCrlUtoca Mldweat UlRiler* detrac Teak-Tji;* Tftctar 

OfBee, Bdi^odt Hosiaa 

tjMi^r^ki^^r readfiuns 'with tha' 
hydrometer' the operation' ahould. be 
performed before the dlatilled watof 

It^added to the Mtetlan^ wINhd^ ^ 

has been put in it takes eas^.tin^,' 
to mix with th e add. Tha <,lretar 


bein» ujh|fi^.playk oJif't^^^ 
hydrometer la uled, say an hour afiti 
the water has beea'added, .it^ll tfj 
up aa^ a. weak solutioit wklek te 
„tha feal one. 

: • • ■ • " 


, 1 nTLtft • «M 1 1 M an • I u u n Ma I n I 

Uijnnifi njw I inn 1 1 1 1 JTrw o 

r. B. GKAVES mL3 


4^ t 

Ie riu«hiy 
of ,v«ia|Hii^ 

Wh^t la OaetJae? ^, 
T"* ^f^esBbn haa been aal^ed J^r. P 
J. qraves. pirasidtnt of the JtfceheU 
Moto,- Aaeaer. UmiteB. hhe^ ^-deJei 
times a day since He baa Uhea *ver 
the aaency for "aaetiae."^ the Well 
known vaeoltae aanier MM Aas^ >a. 
mover. , • 

ek>lah^ Mr. Graves. It 1?%* 
•Jmple tp use. it fa placed In t^ 
thwllne tank, one Ublat to each aal- 
Ion. If the car Is badly «»rbaamdd. 
two tahleu to the nalloft are wtSSTlSL' 

• OMtl^' ia a hiarhly concentrated 
oompoMtlon of volatile and n— atlsl 
oils, oompresped into ubiet fhM.^ 
continued- Mr. Graves, "u takeaS- 
mcdiiiic licUon and readily ai^iir 
In ^rnxoUne.'* —■wras 

ceedinaly heonawteal on 
It tnres'^a d^tt^jSaci 

v^W-^roof iha, the'JL 
"f^Pm^a •r»ninportah4m'KadeMttii ie«- 
ifiS!'*** by tbe. number- otSSt 


«V<K^« Broadway) haa JuBt uir. 
SfiJiSr Roedetera for^a 

"^mnhjuu die mazunum of effidency with 
. . Jimimum of opersttmg ocwt, die 

tm^mm^ if»cofi*«)uciitiiL 

4 • 

•.'^OKOtdty thdc ebdbi^ k » «t i ^ , , ,^ 



•f*y ^ eeeaethln# eeema to rattle 
■nnd the body of year maehbia had 
you don't know Juat where u l^«at 

MNM one to hai4 tiM -^-^ 

Whihl yon drive. If t| 

raltle. gpf ■omv iinn-rmf|jj> 
doon» and apply tb«m; 

6018 CAk, a>iji^A»^. 

i . . . ■ . ■ ' • "in 1 1 


Too AT 





1^ t 



the day-^yoaH 6n joy the 

you art liflit af^icl of he- 
in^ statkd with faf«iit In 
the country. We are open 
day^ and night Prices 
V reasonanie. 


fti Jcdboton Strait 

IPhoM 6638 

Tractor Plowing a 


p«»r git 

- Tnr 



It if A f1| || |l :to *'Mnnae" 
at fovr 



F. 4» C pootall, Firo^. 

, T Tracks 

iMl^ tb« AT«ry 5«-fO tractor pfoMnf to fcitvy day» drtwlnc two td-incb p] 
Tm dcmonatratkm was earried oat at --Sfin^ raoMtly l^y Br ' — 
Thonaa PHmt^, local 41stri1iiitora ot tht Avery Tractort . 

Mfl^ Is Timato Biiy Motor Car 
for the Swrair Months-- 
,Scdpl»-Boath fo^r Win- 
ter Citr 

> • ma^lwhaml Uw i* Hcr*. May, 
timt-'$mtlt''^iiifbM.: foliM «ia4k dKM 
•lothMi , mA : Mm«4 WlMn 
aMmottai of WlaAar *tr« 4n^«d by 
baling br«^B from tlia open cotftitry; 
May oC BusuMr aatoa Mi4.Maiai aMn* 
ptag: Have yoq don* i^Mfr laOtoP MKT 

Shopplnff la best whan yod 4MM 
mak* a ,coi|ipajnaon all ^fonnd tlk* 
BMirket b«fore maktnf * oholoc. In 
Mkiy ir«Ik lm# hmvUy la tb« iMt^ 
tefirlML Ttaia wm when ilkio Row 
mmw o«t ^ open touiipf tnodaia 
^mli' .topb dowyi and bnft^aed' 
neatly. Th4t a* auiiMtloa^Ot 

eunny. epon county. ' ' 

But tupmer doesn't lajit lony, and 
it does rain oeeaeionally In Sununer. 
and the car yott drive in the Bunnaar 
you alao want to drive durinc -the 
eoldept wihtry days. Tliat's why a 
kat trend haa aat In everywhere In 
r : t>i^.ppi>i>>*r •orlppO'Boath 

.^.^^^ ^^Sn 'StilSi'^hJa, 

and in the Winter the hood la up, with 
all side ourtatns, making the toudnc 
a^y lAto a sedatt. 

Vr. J4«k Cartter, Vancouver Island 
diatributor for the 8crippe*Bootli and 
naad eiur imhtj MffS^ lUvhiir a' 
t»tyjm(:JiSm ■•. t>fc^ cam mm. 
.ttMMifc iiM: wmSk im'-'Umti aja li» eitft'' 
pttuw tiMa.oA tin ftoor. 

Takiac the flgwres for all the dif- 
ferent eaassis models manufactured 
In this country, says Motor, it - Is 
found that the averafe car oflTered for 
sale has a laa-lnok wfeOanMee and 
uses a S.4f-lnoh by 4.81-lnoh enstee. 
akewinr sa-brake horsepower at l,t|d 
goyotOtteus. THo welyht of tfte cay 

flnrsa. wo >acr» SfeMPttiat ftetarai 
wkioii oiw ft«oM«v iar alWvt tftd 
ottkora^ ittHwt wo fbd that t£t aarS 
a m umi iiia t tt^hmm typo with de« 
t^oiMMa wtytiadav koof Tho ayUndars 
•MMm bk bfcNJk: coottny la by pump 
olMwfiaoa and dlite« toy farce feed 
and aplaah; tael food by means of a 
vaottom tank and eamidiaft drive by 
h^leal tearinc. The Ivnitlon la by 
tMOtery system aad startlas aad iicht- 
U^^a ato.v^ tw».MMtoitlflt. The 
trm mm»m^ «4 Amorleai «ara 
pMr •irmo.kearinc eraakakaft 


beam eoaaoetinff rod« and east iroa 
pistona The piatoa an of 

|lB#naU|y apllt 'vavloty ^^^^jjf^, 

to tko po<a(«i 

_ AMI that wMi . . 

fkanrtlia of the modell wing dtoe 
plate eiatcheo. this may ko said to be 


y- Acetylene 
Welding and Brazing 

Scofcd Cyflnden Rlpairad * 


part of mtmtmgB ear. The traas- 
l i ii l iii i 1pi^»ro»opeod seleotlvotypo 
motiated in unit with the enerine. and 
^ drive frofn .,tlio iransmiaslon Is 
im viiau a iWW^Mnr^pWwBr 

riiaft with a^iai iM|v«iMla 
ta$ typo of Tajj^ a»o r 
bovel toara : Tha a^ 

ploys Botehklas ArWO 

tio springs, both fronted rear. Yho 
wheels are of wood and fitted witk 
two atfta of internal brakaa The rliks 
are of straight side type. 

- : *t1a0- top is of "tne-man typo, with 
fltar otinata fitted ^fc J^TOltfcif^r- 

te>poai witk fko dioora. 

> 'IMwi tliaao flguree for Amerloa'a 
tfvorapa oar are eempared with the 
averago ear a year ayo. it is seen that 
the «ar is slightly smaller, though it 
weighs a trifle more and costs com- 
plete about 1200 more. Wlillo there 
to k fUfht varlaUon la 
koto iaad atrlke flgorei 
for ptMtlMljarpooaa that 

■^A-*^ ^rWif r' dtoom' iiiiiB«. 

ll^tlM akipBliy aaid Hghtkig are 
'o6acohiod» thd two ayerage eara are 
the aama. From the engine to the 
rear axle no changes have t>eon made, 
tor every feature seen on the lt20 
average car was part of the 1M9 car. 
(Tho wheels, however, are Mlghtly 
smaller in diameter ^or the average 
la 19lU, but tho air oapaeity '!|pd tktL 
not been decreased, - 




On the Baals of Parchaslng Power of 
> BoOkr^ValtmWatw If ev«» 1 

Comparing UviK , kteioattt IdM 
motor vehicles Irlth piii<war 
aiKd bwring in «^k)d •.U^.-wmm. 
tax Of Id flayoa^tlevkja on an 
i^oia^ . i^^Mkaiviikportod^ or 
Mtwod la eaadHk, ode is atrtick by 
ttft that ikoroaaea in. price have 
■•ife. anodimte. While the so-called 
"Mil* of Uving" la estimated to hav« 
,laor<iMa< by. per cent ifi the last 
five years, the ^ost of motor vehicles 
has not increased on the average by 
more than 60 per cent. The auto- 
motive industry, nevertheless^ haa 
had its full share of trooMMjlMkL. 
go«ar|unent reotrletloaak •wSSmmme 
n^arlat Md iaoreaoed ooot /^f lakor 

aulOBaotlvo Jadwory ki Canada vaaaed 

t|j«Hi5|^:ak..portod Of readjustment 
kky oxpanwoa, in which production, 
owing to the great deniand for motor 
vehicles, was largely govomed by the 
maximum of •vtmt^ti^ plaata aad 
avalUible attpplles of matertaL Under 
existing oondltions. It haa boafi dlA« 
cuK for tko maanfikctarora to' meet 
the demaad for alt olaaaaa of indcar 
vehicles. It to open to qneacton 
yA^y*** ^ praaant year, with pro- 
doMon giawMd<Oa the higMac aoalo 
yet attemptad by, the laduatry. will 
•^.ff **** ahortage of motor 

rSfrn^ ^ t«»deney 

tko all-Canadlao car has been 
a aaa^tod feature, of the year's de- 
l4|'^[«lepments. now pianta aro baiag 
ereeted and «K|uipped tor Jko naau- 
fkotnre of paru hlthsrtn%||iiaiiMl>le 
oaly la the Vaited gtatea: Tho 
motive fndoatry. aa a whoto haa 
some time been one of 

maaaKantorlnc Indaotrtoa otf 
■ad tt la aow rapidly mfmm 

▲mmonia generates a koavy 
that tottds to seek tho floor. In 

kooplag off Iho air 
and aaMUMHng the fire, a gMfi atMd 
*>o*He of .a the roof 

of the pi.v^.. ^r^^t^. a Mght hm 
mokeo-ao moaa fit* ex- 
ttagatober. Tho prlMple Is that the 
•amee bora thO atffkg. i«uia« the 
bottle fbtt aad bM% the ^ent 
lK>or. whoa the aaunoaia vapor 
•proa* aad teado «^ imtihoi oi* at 
Iddor aback the traT " * 

"Ernie'* Eve, Salesrnana^r of 
; the Shel( 6arag# iliriited, 
Offers mm^m^ the. 

Did you isver notice -^Ow the car 
run* after you Uaoo ^afaod the Oil 
from .the eraoikkdaiaii' jHkA «efllled it. 
and started tho niot^ dMf It yoa 
do not kttow tho faol i^oliiv«. 
hklW dfe»t«r. joit try euiTiMnBiia of 
IMoo daya. It- will mutttt$ yon' and 
Meidentally help tho oar a tot. 

"This applies paftlculariy to a new 
car. If you take the oil out after 
running a new car about a week and 
replace It with new oil. you win bo 
surprised aad delMhML'' aava 

'iJETLJ^*' i"i » «"?i p | <tfHo 

Sh^ Onaga. Ltd. „• .'^r^-- V 

9^^<S^ilShf^^ *U^.»U after 
tho tlri ^l&|Milil ldi!i&%nt to wash the 
Hj^Hng 'WMwa with kero- 
H^WlMrahlllty of _ this atep 
booomea evident when It to consld. 
eredthat in a brand new engine small 
particles of metal are shaken off 
which fall into the oil base and are 
carried into bearings together with 
Che lubricant. To guard against th to 
danger, tho dktilned ' engine baao 
should be fined with a gallon of ken>> 
sene. After that the englnd should 
bo turned ovor a half doaon times 
by moaaa fif the 4lietrte atifter, the 
imitioihi^dwitan, of^foourse, being oir 
so aa tb> p po»a kt tho otarting of the 
motor, -la qrts faiditon the keroWe 
to dtotribttted all through the lubrl- 
eating system and w)iatover minute 
metol particles are enoountered 
are sent to the bottom of the 
orankcaae, froto widah thoy emerge 
When the lat^ lb pUly (trained of 
the keroseaa. " • 
"After tba okghib:li||BO haa boon 

wo jBOto# o1y^-%JMiR^iMli^ ttmeo 
1»» the pkrjjC; 

aiirf aoga^^^^^^^^" ' •" ■ ' rm**-m 

in tod let m^mMj advise you on flie condUM «r your batU^y. We 
— to {ivt adv id P' . 45ree and, worl; done, no outrageous prices are 
eHirged. We are distribvtors for 


irfhirli tie tte littt obirtMbie in Caiidt or tlie. UnHe4 Stoel An1iiefppo> 
lar cvt am ji^aipped will tliese hatterfes. AH siaes carried i4.stoeiE, tdgeliier 

other accessories. 


Beat of Eaglne»iyns Story of rnealttHi 
' r-- Btethoooopo Is Xka- 

"It to net a very Blill M JMIIiii i 
construct aa iastromottt (i^%fll ei. 
•Me the owner to Uaton to the verv 
«^ ftnd out 
what alto it.- wrttee aaVttomobito ex. 
Pmt In The Amerlcaa Motortat Coa- 
tiatilag, the writer says: ^ 

"One way to to oecora a^ ototho- 
scope, such as is aged by ah»«to«ans 
ia Usteaiog to the beating M ttoTna! 
neat's hea^ gad tha workiag of kto 

Iw lilfci M i lug tho**iJB#CS8^ Tte 

other end of the device may the»be 
held againat any part of thft metitr 
wkhoot tho aoceasity of remdnSSis 
recei vors aijigi^the ears. 

.wT^^J^^^SB^?^ *■ •*««*• from 
the Juafc mgmr looai telephone eom- 
PWiy • ttittpato reeeivar body into 
tho el seed eM of which la jaiiu,! a 
stool rod ».!• Inch ia 
•boot 11 iaelMlglaai 
be threaded fto- aiPM tW 
MM aaid aad a aa* a 
Aouid kg oa oaaftdiia of 
tko aaoaNur gg gfilg JMldKgigM 
»ly to piaoa. Whea^ vwd 
the eogiae aad tho ro- 
to fko ear an aounde in tho 
are ."•alegrapked** ap the rad 
that each baaMltf gy mtot-^ 
out AMdHy abo(e tho 
operating parts of tho 



Tod^ of 
and - W3^r 

mrm Mr. Jummo. eliMi»'» attt- 

t«(to M*MC MtoasMto owq*^ la du* 
«• tk« JkM ttmH thmr a nMMb tefftf^ 

«f Jlll^lliat on a raa- 
^ •sniiiMr ra- 

4rtnac^aa(l%ek Ja it. an| ipaktoa 
aMa trfi# aiuiy mtiM «r n*. 
I viMra b* ia sipeadta* tka vacation 
It to •urpHstaf; too, bow manv 
Hfstav n» tiMlTi «•!« la* 

ps aa*'alMplBK la thMi at algtit It 
mat aa aaoAmaiM ■tgH 

rttaraa and all 

IK oat... . . ..5,,'< ; 



j^«rt»aio i>M^ u i|fa4^ 
tba golreliibs. 


tb«ae owneni ar« setting a grtmi deal 
mora milaace out of th*tr jnachlnM 
«Mb r«ar tbaa tbey formally did. Im- 
tfmaf g|^»'af fraab air aad aiakta* 
- ■ ta th<lr 

•ad 'fjSiS&U$t& fdiaff aftar tba 
WpHhg haiaa «y and yvfam aftar him 
atraos aboold ba ampbaataod. I^Ki 
tba llrat fly o( Sprtay." aaya a dnn* 
lar juat laaued. "nA tiktm ^ittUw m 
mini*** of proapoothm /'MiSoadaala 
tki* mmmmr i . 

It t» polstad oat that t^tfi Uf _ 
to ba yiirtloularto daagaroaa thlayter. 
ICldloal alkll)«ffftlaa aia alarmad at 
tka tbraateaad hopartatkin of typhpi 
fevar and th« ganlia of otbar lataa- 
tiaal rtlaaaaua. 

Partu of Baropa «r« balng ravacad 
bgrj^mimla^la Jthpm >itfel 

«a»«tapinant. TIm hottaa flr <■ « CmU 
apraadar of auob dlaeaaaa. 
^^/^ of airarybody to aJctar- 

handrad and alxtaen cotonlaa 
of vermB hava been foaod Iw tio 
traak of a Oy. and f,t»«.««o dn and 
in tba body of ood akngU^ apadntan. 
ruaa that have hlbianatad darlna the 
aoM waathfir ara aa^itai |»M^flMif 
Vintar,. bMla«...jdM . ..Sm 
W itlMd -faiglRira thoFliiiW a 
eb yao t o bread. 

9W9*Ung tta. fly la not the only 
«^piU#a.- « AilMr'ftu baan aawmbled 
hr tba Ualtad Btataa GoTemment. 

- flr polaona and the bum- 
PSnrethruin powder tb clear tiie 
hotfiM Sf^tek'^^nleiUM are atuptflail; 
bat maat ba aweptj i^ftr.and baroad. 
n»rautldiahyde And ao«Kiilt %aIlo^fi 
are the two beat fly polaona, both 
belor mperior to araaaib. Thaaa aohs 
itlana ara «i 
tba fliac I 
ah|it.dMt fakat' 

to araaaib. Thaaa aohs- 

a anfl gilly pMaiat itf 
l l oa alng to Mt. Fly. Web a« 
«tam. mlsnoaitta, 
8U6kla. oU ' - ■ 

apparently l«tT|^ .thiS' earn color 
maa. AlaMavta'aL^'abOOiiMiBv «n Irrench 

e' TOMWi 

a rreat 


t Ut» T. T^mm^ tt the VrnKMUh 
(Blaaahard Ctraet, aaya that a motor* 
Iflt aaaaat jam. oa bla braitea wlth- 
mtt»0Oik. W puree, l^ooked 
li^^Mla aia^Mfli iMiiily .iMMNWita 
^or ttra 

iqr A'iMKanMlk ^ Iha mb- 
«ar w*a aisrap#d away. expoMftt tha 
%bne. At tha very moment tha 
wheahi were locked by the torakea, 
tba tlca WM paaalni; over a A>i 
AhMIt waa dracsed alone ar^th 
pn» Hw MMla aawad rtint tiMili 
MMr *i •»> apot aad pUBetoxM 

tomari,, . 

own pUWfortane, d^plate 
there itm a "we«|t ep«t In fala Ur« 
Tet aU hia trouble, delay and dlaap* 
peiatipaal were oauaad t>y amaaMnr 
on hJalljrakaa when h » |> b a ia| »>«ha»a 
appllfl4 genUy; Aa a tfiMteraf 

(aet, Tkrfleaon aayfv a car win 
qvlokly ta-. almoat every 
hntkea afe '«4^pUM gently;^^ 

af tM aMbara. 
iHft Mflttared over 

mit winmu^ with^ 

^[iSn%a|/4uedfD the fact that 
the fc r ad ai a t aobvltles of the houae 
fly have been aomewhat retarded by 
the backwardneaa of the aeaaon jpU>d 
that there eziata thla year a «nind 
opportanlty to foreatall the iovaalon 
of thla danferouB' and tronbleaomo 

Xany car* hava ho* protMen aaide 
fram a atralner in the ta^oik for keep* 
Inr out dirt from the aarbnrator. 
Owner* of aaeh vehlelaa will do well 
to fll a tntp In KUpe. aU the 

^:.JI^S^^' Bwketa a«er ttaefe 

pV^id to"^ 
&#f,4ilarwtll«; cuj^^tor .ay in tha 
bdttom of tha iaok. Tfui trkp Mtchaa 
all the dirt and water and ah^Id ba 
cleaned out regularly once a month. 


Will Be One of thisi finest |» 
Pacific %rthwM^^: 

When the B. Davla, |dd. 
Tataa flti^t. ia aowpfcrtdt i 
noar tha en^Taf tUo n^ath. It 
ona of Uie flaaot in tiMi Paaille 
waai Thla ia the waaallaixii 
of arve^ne who haSybaoB 
thla modem garase. 
^ The gt^cmmp, from the sround Iteor 
to the robf, la perfect in -every antae 
of nhe w(^. The showroom if Ideal 
to ahMr alt tka uaLadvhIln caya. for 
whielK^9i|^<d.?l)a«i^ Ud., are dlatri- 
btttora. To .ap p roo J a t a thla w»adar» 
fol atraatata eaa aheuld viHI 

I look ov«fr tiM 

'Mr. Davie jrtataa tAat the bolidla* 
will be open ahortly. Tha sarace ia 
now In Ita laat atagea, and it wiD take 
another faW weeka to put on tbm fl 


"Fancy 70U." aald Duffy, "Mary 
Plckfovd nMrrled a«ainl It's no' 
month rifatoa .Bha 
afae «ani^ iMf rMbt 


■a it ii r a y a w 'raa^ bow 

cold caases condanaation. 
watei; mlxaa -pith the oil, form* 
nr an emuialea. Which bia a low lu- 
bricatA|r value. 'All thla to empha- 
sUe thd %Dfortanee of renlling the 
-eranb olMr With frecb oil every 1,000 
mllea or oftaaer. if pooalbla. jgtn tte 


a ^MQteVn.OOO a -we«lf, *a«d a wlf« 
like that'a po' to b«> mcked 1^ in a 
tearoom or a lauadfy.*- t0 
Duffy alghed. - j«i uaalem!" 4te az- 
claimad; "ye would think onf . booao 
w«ul4 l»e happy wi* a' that laonair 
mla^-fatanr Wbit did iWa jP'o ^ 

"ritwSi Moore glod Mitt & i» 
far mg^ cai)' paltfc* oot. the chip cot 
fed up hlngin' on at the film fttetorr 
every Betorday nl^t wl' a barrow to 
hgrl ha^ie her pay. He got naa credit 
lar tha pahUo eye: ba WM Jiat 'Mary 
Piokford'a man,' and got to abomi- 
nate the very alcht o' her plotvre on 
tlia hoardin'a. Ho dropped the bar* 
ahaved binuial*. ehansed hia 
aama, aad hid ia tba^.Rookr Mdpi|- 
takuk ralaila*' la 'aboia fiania aa Mii# 

/'Aa ooda aa tbia mwb tot abaai 
tluit (ilMi waa «Bkt a* biaa, tbira waa 
a^d mah ta oUiloeaia firMa avert 
pairt o' tha UAlted states. *!rbooaanda 
smart young Americans that were 
^t dttne wlnnln' the war and had 
• aean Mary . on tha lllnu and kant 
aboot her eamin's, cam pourin' into 
Los Angeles in Pulman traina to 
mairry her, but DOttglaa Falrbanka a 
fallow In the sama line a' bualaaaa a* 
berael. waa on tha apift and /Vi^Mid 
bar flra^: Be ohab^ fSor alabg t|a 
roof o* a land o' hooaog. aoUoui attgr 

foreat aheotlh' aft bia revolver a' tba 
timet and made up on her Jlat as aha 
dlvia* Into a oOM, pit ahaft. 

ba aayg. •nCvvPtm hetl Coma 




a* aacoonta^' 
-Dtns^ Fatrbaaka 
the Ithar day hlma*L'' 
"Thara rloht,"' adatfttad 

lay'a a wan*reel plctooe wT 
alar; Ifa ealgt irl' the Ilka 
a* po«^^Bd me Ua a 
gaf|tt;j>ikbatn' on firaa 
waS'io. week iai .M0miM&^' 
rta gap . view it -IMitm Mm^vmil ia 
the i^tora-hooaa. , frail ha beaJtb bi|t 
faitbfltti unto death, a cinema atptr 
gets tired aooaer than onybody elaa 
o' tlM humdrum business o' comin* 
hame at nieht and takla' hla tea wr 
the aame face foranenat him. It<apoila 
hla art ^ the stars no' alek o' hla 
wife, ahe'a aksk o' hia. Te would 
think that oUpbedy ooald pot up wl* 
CaMrlla, CbapUa* ba'a aaeh a comic 
batlddwtfe'adivarete' him. It'a Uke^ 
Xr ■iSa'It Ho oa^ itavttd hla abSMbly 

"Wblt d otawf* gfelf Ptfr. ^tlMIt 

Oed rm bt «ia eM t^P ^ ^ 
The oiAy dUterenoe bettraM PM 
and Cherlla ChapHn 'or ony Itbof attt* 
ema aUr la that ye're no' a public 
pet If .William Dnify^ the Coalman 
Comedian, had his picture in a' 13m 
papers, and thoosands o' people wero 
crOOdin' to aba him JuggUn' wi' bri- 
qaettea or daela' a refined eong and 
dance • turn on l|' lorry, tbare'a nae 
aa«la"whlt he w^ld ba up ta." 

1 don't think tbaia'a aur excuae 
I^^MSF^ awa,— daiMria' 

bi|tMtl*awfn'iia«iMrr ra- 
tofted Brebla. *'Ta're Mt ha* tba 
dark ages! Whit could be iBialr pro* 
per and releeglous than Mary Pick- 
ford's merriage? Ye could see for 
yoursel in the papers that the mih* 
later that merried her read Bphealans 
V. 22-S3 frae a Bible Mr. PVirbanka. 
the handaomeat man in Attiarlca. got 
frae hia mitbar on bar deaAbHibad. It 
ahbwa ye ^ataaafta trad M|tdlta r*. 
spaotal^Ja. ' - , m\ 

A New Sacrament 
*Te have only to read the papers," 
continued EU-ohle. "to see that Divorce 
ia noo reoogniaed by a' tbo best au- 
tho;1ti«s aa a kind o' Sacranint The 
tlsM'a aootla* fast when the rulih' 
aldMa M lha ItMig 'U go roond the 
iio ngr aj atl MM twHw a year iaUvaria 
tokena for ttki^ Oaart o' sedMim* and 

ato wite.v^niiiW. pa.^a-aa* 

oMjtreat catcli' ahd nerar waa. 
tSainia'dany but ' we're' geTOn*'gpy 
^ed* aind ahabby^the only pairt o' 
ho a aa b tld ftuttitura that canna-^ 
sVPlia are oot o' data 
gmplMr^-aad Mi't go. ricbt. at.a' 

at 'par* WKW- Attn oRMi' wian 


'My bar an nibbreBa.** 

(From The London HiMM^ 



In view of the pub' 
Qnarterly BhlpbuUding 

eatimate bow much ahlpping there la 
now la — r a iu a tbraagfaoat the world. 
The aattmate la baaed o^ the atatistiea 
ioontainod in the Anpaa| Volumea of 
the Regiater, the last of which were 
laaued in August; but opnaliAiiNrabta 
allowance b^ had to ba tnada CM*, 
faet that tba ,vo|ttmM a|ia 

how gn^lor b7 nearly 4^»,««| toaa 


tentM ^^^^B»a^*^a ^WBanjBwaiPi^'T' ~' 

' What mSMi doii'tlba eetlmated 
tout hear to tba: woplf^^ bpedft How 
/ar doei it fall abort of aroarmal aup- 

,^fa the fao^ tliiC:,M tiMre 
war. ■hUpptnv wbnld not have 
Met at eaa at the rate at which 
ii alt was destroyed by submarines, and 
that a much greater amount of aaaaat 
eanille construction would have IbeM 
b|illt fa tbe trailed JGhiwdora duridt 
.llM(Paat aix.peaca .tii^^^baa actuaihr 
Mi^ptddBafd.- ^0*^<^'>''iMMB :baB« 
thora baa ba«fi tha reaidrikiattfo prd- 
duotlen of ahipa In the United Stataa 
But varipaa other factors influenca tke 
poeltiaa. aifbb aa^Che aetback to 
duatrlal progreee In Europe during 
the war, the deatha of wlHlgaa 4if 
BMn who would now have been pro* 

Kr^tbo benedt of ^erraoaa wbd 
aainff tham tbraiiihout each enauing 
twelve ttiaatb*. and that, theMore. 
particulars of many veeaela are in- 
cluded which at the lime of tha prep- 
aration of the hoka. are in yarioua 
^^iJkff^Sl^^^J^ tWa 

Aaat of MOum, tb* radnaed eiBeldD^ 
cy of mut^ a^ tba iperoantlle tonnage 
built hurriedly when apeed mattered 
more than duality, alterationa in trade' 
rotftes, and th«> cong-eotion at the porta 
which haa reduced the aanual carry* 
tnff capacity of abippiag. aecordlng to 
t a dapea d «bfc aatbodllaak by 

Loamhig babibd all tbea* and Ad* 
liar considerations Is the truth that J 
the world's tonnage ia now aubatan- 
tially^ greater than it waa alx yeara 
ago— ^aoeording to our eatimate~-by 
■eaily 4^0a,m toM. Babiad tbla, 
aiMa. latbaiamkibli faet. 
Oft la tba MaamC YatafeMr tbat 

wtmrn Urn 9t 

iMiBdiBV tbMlighmrt tba world, vnth 
IB ^ dwahra ^iaonlba, tbarafara» tha 

■ P ' 

ba greater hy.lS,(l 
waa<» tauaedlataly' 


»ra tba 


brought lata 
oar own diifai|' 
were beavflbr 

wartc pra Ww dapaapitfiptfag on 
chant abipa. ■ Ota aapaae, wltb 
taets ,in mind, doubt that the world' 
■apply of ordinary cargo alUppIng wtt , 
long, keep pnoe with 
Fralgbta in the 


and bwr 

ao ada 
-of ratea on 
add^ leuth Afr 
Uner routea, whiah take effect todflj 
do not mean tbat the general fall I1 1 
the open market ratea bga bflpa peflt 1 
poned. The liner ratfi, as a rak , 
aailkfr Hm to flie UMateam nor W 
to ti^ m| |baam .of tba oinlUnnnraaifi 

f^m dl^ to dky. The' liner ratei 
whid^'teve been unchanged for d • 
year, are being raised to meet th( 1 
rise in expend and it aeema olga 
enough thdt the -marfin of prafM 
whether of feat paaaoitgar 11a era « 
of ordinary cargo veeaela. M lllialy, 

flHBRBROOKE. Que.. May 21, ^ 
Greatly eaaggerated reports of foTaa 
Oree jn gellec ha ase County wero db^ 
eutoted yesterday, which amrtne< 
that aeveral ^Altttdee ia tha neigbbor 
bodd ^re in daagat; aad mUlioni 
^ ^W^Sl^^t'l'''^^ threatened. I 
t^-Mtwm OfRoiaMy thie morning tha 
no apprseolable damage waa mxit^rt 
by aay firm operating in that district 

^ ^ ^„.^ - - ti^Mrna^f*' 


"Of oodrap :|^d#I*' Brettit aaaured 
him aolaauilr. ^miat tlieeculona 
habit o' hiagia* oa to the waa bueband 
or the wan ^fifa a' your daga la faat 
breakln' doon. It was a' ridb enough 
in the days when ye had ta* gani 
hame If ye wanted a meal & meat or 
a wa i atoea t Ilaia* mended* hut noo 
tbat tlianna p«y amount d* eatln' 
hoosea and the Valet 8ervlMb a, oua 
needna be behaalden to oip>wll| ta 
^•rteaisular. On the ither hand, noo 

pnr «i to aay atyk «l 



fUtI alia can get a Divorce aa eaaya a 
wat Uitoaae. nae wiae-lik* woman 


aaaO a to mak* a hobby o' har hubby. 

"niare waa a time when gettln* a 
Dtvaree waa a luxury only fOr weel-aff 
people that were payed by the month 
or had p, bit o' property. It'a noo 
liKhte the meaps e' the rl-atlar or the 
railway porter* and it'a ahtehfai* on 
Hba WQMra; Xony a man that aaed 
to swi^er whether he wo 
hla wi^4 oa JiiaHbo Alrm; 

^^^^^ C \*UP^ t- 

yer IffT, , ,1. • ' 

"Loak at tba papera edi*tMarday 
aldll ar Monday momin''>.« llat o' 
Mvaroea aa lanara the programme for 
tba Grand yiaif g ia a i . if yn Hv* lang 
«ao«gb ye'Jl aae folk adv«rtlMn' thair 



fiaa that 


eiek e'iOa 
it bard to thole 
•••t helleva wnn word a^|* 
-My wffo 

nMtaora ^ 

' apaMaa aeo fer ngr 
* mm bar aoltbor 


rldit for ■ " h#k 
abea* Mn. 

V^V^^ V^ '^Ji\ T. 

mm mm 


Fpfmer Manager ^<i|Wanety 
Theatre Gees IntoTartwer- 
shlp )Vith Machinist of Many 
Years' Experience 



VJ<M^r Bf;anph ^Conimittee 
^ 1)ecfcJe:tO ;,Ma(p Special 
• Effort to f?eacfi Each School 
In Vicldria and 

' ■■ , - 

At • m««tlit« of til* •daeatlonal 

eommlttee of tlic vioterla Bnwn'elioC 
the Navy Vemgv ytttgtKf k npwt 
V«« preMnted by %r. it: T. Uiim- 
f FroTtnotal Secretary, ahowftti 
>h«( Jl* h*4 Tlaited aeveral seko^li 
^linpLl^ *>f^y. liKdttiiint ' the 

ttWa' Central. Boya' Centi^I, 
Oforgia Jay, North Ward. l|ow 
Str««t, Ifanraret Jenklna.^ St ' Annt- 
Abadamy. mt^ North Dai^r. 

Of Ihaat'^'MliMls raMtvHia . Mi^' 

execpUon of the Boya' Central. 

compated- In thv TTarr ImtjlHi' 

•petitloo.- aad prlyar war^- < t»> \<hp 
awarded ' ltt> tha vi|«sr futoM. Ot|^r 
ip«M|iaiai'Jtofl <dbf[^ aMraaailtf.oii- 
oh|a«ta - , aImm tlM^ JMftn..wl>h 
A^^gtw , t» . ■ ^i p ul h ith ig ,, 1 m w j lf t , 4o. 

. f i > ' ; ... 

The conMnlttae wero rmgf l txtpr- 
afbly i nif i— a d lalth th«*vW«rk- -itc- 
eom» ll i imff »aM »do«liii4; to. yiit ovary 
aCr^rt^ fo#«AM|.to Miiah ovary ««4mo1 
In VMtoMa: oad «lalrlet th«i jMaur 
mar, >tt JMolhlik.' . ICra. C. D. Narqat- 
aea« tha' aditeatlefiar. oeevetary for tha 

jm^rS^SfkiSP* clMW tha 4«9r'a hpoUieaa 

pttm, WM tuialte to bo ^rMtClil tho 
at4otlnr' ■ ' ■ - V ' ' 

m iha ; dlaeuioion tha member* 
praaant approved of aueh a. plan arian- 
Imeoaly. It wa« pointad. out that 
tha Bzchanta bad ahirasf , bMn ah 
advocate, of dayl|cht aaybtt.''* It waa 
tJ^oyl^t rridajr.. howavA; \tiMt It 

tS» ,lit4^^>^ (<t W m^a niont 
"Provlnota] Division. Is ooavoaar of ] ttharal In th«. city. It wmi nndar* 
thla ooihmittee, the other menHbem "tootf thot Mr. Cotes waa unrdartaklBC 
thoraonM^ halnv Mrs. iMg. and j^*iiJ^„*M_T*"?'^^^***J^ R«t*nr 

niaiaai^ tlioviht . 

Oft thtftv: part MMttlii MH MttaUon 

jUf hy lh« promM^n that 
affacSjlhc. jdaylfirht aavfhc hi a irolun 
t^^ti«4«rteklnr alo^ thoita lino 
wodld^ ho' popuI4rly ^roeolvod In the 


IMay Endorsed Propoaol 

io Open at 8:M o.m. ' 

^ At a maetin* rrtd^y of tnamhoro of 

nil jlh?^i»Me«i of Praatdoni Alfrod 
. OanaiJ«l|abal. ' oewldaratUm" waa rniyn 
^ N^rtkJ a .piN>»4aMtit6 ;^h the om of real 


llfhen Yo^ Sick? 

Repairs to 4 Carpenter? . 

meet — Wc renioyc the caujc ol thnntl^e. 


an<1^lfanne Caa Enjr^ne Sperialist* 

ii!- ■ --.c-t — Abo/c CooL Street 

••iA> 5:c*p yfcar car ntnnirtg pn the road, not (*»ed up in a t»r*ltf."* 

eHy. wharo tonoral satiafaotloh waa 
exnroiriMd oar the roaultA of aettfhc tha 
etO#k ahAod ■ laat year. Undalr tho 
op«ra¥ton^of tha plan at praaaiA pro- 
p<Mio%^fMMM. tobuld bo ^o dioaftMico. 
vr tnt of o6h^aloo tw temmuHfettieB 
«lr{Cli ^tk« oiktotda. It olmply MMw a 
m«tt#r: Qf aaninr hack tha hour at 
whjk4>' the- working day should becin 
ntthar than aatUnc ahead tha clock. 
If tho scheme, toaa forward. It will 


A reaumpUon of the work on the 
former Senfheeo Indian Hoarya, 
especiallirlJIio eontlnoatton of jtho aii- 
oaTa^oa;iMrK to <^^rry throiwte Jobn- 
fgii ftfMV ftrom- tlto Whoro tho 
.fu If l|««>iiraa urfod ap«n 
OUtor'fiitorday mona^c by 


A' d«ii«rtaUon oomposed of 

Ooerco Bell. Henry Hall and G. OJol- 
mC city raamber*. Thoy also urged 
the nocesslty of Improvamonta 'to thot 
pfrtlon of Esqoiaatt -awod nmaiaff 
Chrouirh tho tooarro. , 

PrfMloc dllvfif lA^mlaad thtU tha 
«hlll#,Mi«Sft'Bo dvon. fan ooMldom- 
M»ii aM^.that tho. povanimonrwoiiid 
e^tnonfcate with the city. Tho Oov- 
oramant, ,he stated, has been waiting 
opdh'fhe city to Indicate what atopa 
tt was proposed to- tako. Aftaafo- 
nioiita,.ha4, baen made whofokvlho 
iiMt .«Mmhi Mt f or ' tli« JohiiwSlH^lS. 

Tho niattof of tho Improvamoiita io 
ll*Wliho\f Road 'will be left ov^ oatQ 
llM- ralom to the city of am>^t. &. 
KInc,, Miiiiotor of PubUe 



I dM4Mlo« 

— — to ompWjrAoo of 

the In lam ftp, .oporatad ] hy tha 

ehttreh under l^har Olomi Tollva. 

T to John Alaxandor Doiwlo as 
ovoraaar of Aon City. 

The twenty-two Induatrico ■'^Ul * 
btnin^ of |a.&«0,«»0 laat yotki M|« 
rMd'o'Aai profit of I114.9M. 
^VMVaflfiostry opatia In the aaoratag 
wttli prayer and Bihle roodliig. Many 
•C tho woilion. who are ahSMhold- 

Mi; fttinfcff thsu-'hU 

Another garafo ho* baen opi^iod la 
the oHy; jolahiK thd numereuA IfoU- 
tutlons dovQte4 to tho.a«toi^olil& In- 
dustry M Victoria. Mr: Oe^^i Mur. 
dooh. uatll recent 1}- manac«fr ft the 
.Variety' Theotre, aitd a formed ^^r« 
age operitor here, has ' Kon». Ato 
PoitnerMHp with. Mn A. A. Jfatit, who 
h«s >el^ 'hlm 26 yoain ^ hvpr^- 
cnce af ;^ j^ehln|A ^a^ar4otli| Msm 
of mcwhaaltal wbrlUaaff tWe roaolt 
-«l|« * Murdoeh, Oarage at 

tItl Mcam Street. Jxmt eist of Cook 
Street. • 

"Wo keep your car running ^n the 
road; not tied up in the 
This is the •elogan which thaft' aow 
firm has ad«|pt^ RopaU' on 
automobiles *I^LJl|U|ClMLJi|itfB& will 
be the ^vmln^^S^T^Sf^t^Uon. , 

The murder and mutlIat|oa.'«4 three 
of the B«Yen occqpgatjp a ^Mttp of 
sadhus. pr religiouflfanMloa^Z^ou^ 

r«**tiy Ik9f ^11% prlh\it |^ the 
muMs, M^WMUAedan ax well as 
Hlado,'-to«MfpirSaHira1 agency, and is 
•"•Ported by the frontier correspon- 
dent of The EQ|Ul«bman . to have 
caused , the greatest excitement 
throughout the RawalpiadU No'pafaeriu 
and Peahawar dlatrteta^ ae thai for 
the^tMo liMihar' "pMit^ ai% forgotten 

Who teim aadhn ig^ derived tram A 
Saaakrtt word deaoUng completeness, 
and means one who Is perfect — a ^nt 
or sage. It la commonly iiaed.of gl) 
Hindu religtoiia men^tp^nta. . : Clt|d 
generally oaI». Iq^* loiotdot^ aaid itfth 
»>»• boay oo*fnA^,wtt|t ^ 
•adhtt wandora up . and ,Mmn tha 
oountey with hla • begging., howl in 
hand, and la held in. great veneration 
•nd awe. Hence there Is widespread 
belief that the crime was not tha 
work of human beings at all. hut «C 
rakshahs. or demons, who lt» tho '^Uap 
of the Hindu epics w««N9 dftoit a^ea 
on earth,, and have now retararodi 

throd^iilnrtla iriff mH tHM ih trees 
an'd terribly mutilated; Th4 surviving 
four men .were cowering round a Are, 
muttering charms and in a great state 
of excitement aa4 fear. They a^ re- 
ported to have fa>|^'aed the polloa 
that the canip waa atc«clte(l by a. hand 
of vion, .wM Miooted tho three vie- 
Uma and eat Ahot^ tir plfeipo. warning 
the othwfa that if tbay attempted to 


dFecdve^tan' aliade in iBtkniin^^ Generous irindows 
allow the air to float in bat dust or rain caniiot 

C$Mservtng"-^^c lOO-indi wheclbtse mnd 
li^t .wejigfat Ufwtt joar motoring coat. Comfort, 

econoniy and fair weather ride with you m ,_tllil 
^^aauolul Ca^a^iipii^a^^ 


ndFsctorfeg: ^'VIIIyaOverlaiMl limited^ TosmH 
: Brandmi Toiaeto. MoMoaU WUtalpeg aad IU«iaa ■ ^'^i^:P'^.<^Jy 


■1 • 


. ....>; 

Interfere they' woold also be killed. 

But this d)d not pfevhnt the rak« 
ahaJt >ho<^ -si|hilns fvoaad; ahd a 
^ajnilA HiMod Mi^ho tsAy. Alf httalneaa 
009a0jd,.ahoM wore clooad; aad hoafia 
ahhtterad and 'birred. The' lioldor 
spirits went <lown to the scene of the 
crime to see for themaaWea. hut #hat 


they a,. „ 
juoft "oC '4efltMtia(ir 

PORT iCOQUlTLAM. B. C. May ti. 
—A yoteng* man named Curtle wag 
instahtly killed this morning when 
he »tegP«|l i" <">nt of a C. P. B. train 

aa It ateamod aeroaa the Pitt River 
b^Uge.' th^ 'bridge' la doublo- 
trileliod. , and tt proMiWed' ihA" 
Curtia, ■ who waa emplgyod ^a line- 
man by the ra^Hoay, ppmpaoy, 
thoiislit ho. waf Btoppliif o«t |«f 4an. 
gor and Ihataad. walkhd ta »hlg <a»WH» 

1 ' 

Why [The ^f^bi*!^^^ 

OhandK^ attained aii4 liaid to |dh^|^fif ^^ 

aiid llirl 

tf. — Great dlfneal- 

boobad «p aatu late ia July or early 
la Aagwc 

A all eixea, by steadfast pursiiaiioe«Mf . 

«Thefie is butohe Chandler car, ohie C 
.to^ven yeai^ iiaye been devoted the 
ability and the sincere purposes of its bi 

Featuring thfe sturdy chassis is the famoiia Chandler 
to a plane appibxhnaAag peilsctiiMi tiraittl. time yea: 
and development - . ' ' . . . 

^ ^. - r ' -T^ ^ m ' v rwir^ — — ^ pB^ way itp, 

On this one duutit m «iz baadsoitts and ^mmStihhU 'tgntk i" 


( Ibiir-AHyiiliiijK 



our Mm/. •.K' 



A Niys;^ eNGTH 

vtHtiiM htm' 
_ VlWI BOBM WM mlti B— •t Vf 
'kwtta, MM ^ PteUi and tta* Mate 
k«9t «• jMr (xmi aM* of ifao GrMit* 
•Nwy •••• tta* 

WlMlt Omt tbMfflrt of 


#«t iK tlN» hMttbar tn dr*vM. ut thoir 

tlM yitf ^^ cMMr»H tho lioaua ytm- 
tfflX and^tto Kajrtarn mmp toUowor* 

f vho Io<Am down 

f top of tlw btif* imbNakaliila Ro] 

' wan l.^0« TMMVftw' 

( wan la ' - 



did not leara tli'o laasuaco tlien ^ 
■lnc«, bat it left him with a profound 
yMpyt* baasd on «jtp«rt«aoa, for hl» 
natgh^aaa aeron tha Chaaaai. and a 
oenviottan. wbleh tlma Iim daapeaa^' 
tl^ thay wer* th* oolr -a^MT p>oa» 

VW SM snitp Wf dooMatlo aa4 f»rt> 
M 9<akQr waa llffgair odntroilad by 
ItiUlaB. V^aaelL aad BlMUiteh, with oc 
eaafbaal Auatrtaa pomSeo^aeelaMaa. 
tloat antboriUaa. who triad to taaah 
h)a» that *'th«rra ' 
3«t part of 

talB a r«aa»aahl« »aac> aad at^urity 
amonv ctanpia folk is maay pwU of 
rl^TMkl than wttfeavt 

HtMM t* ! M i M li t<tid 
, #l|a daa to thdkr iMpail^fhaMa, fifbp* 
Aae^ A br^d that haa haaa i waa- 

outad., pr what coipM ip th* pama 
thijar. 'hf«tH> by avory p«rMeatad ref- 
iwaa torwboM ti ha* cbaa aayljnn. 
Jii^aat^^laMataaayaifeMi^ VMrim 

a raalaa af Baaland- 
a yaat I 

tataraatliMuri orr 

I an thja 


PMta«t|ag-fO tha iieaf«d.* *nr 
''•M^Mwaa ambfaooi aaly to to a«ter 

' " to th« fuU.ricor «( tha rvritaa 
wMeh waa than laraaly 
sastlanah from Qaoava, 
Aaurtardaan* aad tha Law 
' ^r)i^~mm, ^ta^ip^TM ha 

aoifcaaSad oa.«|ia 
^M' jfartr ^alitloa an 
ta aaah other what Mr piniiii^l^^ 'Hftmtt ha haa raraly 

tp to 

la aate lot to orltlelse our- ynaatamu HRf^ forward, 
wha tax'te adaoata tu. aad trt '-a** ^'^mttmrn vmi 

«Hl mlatotar ao abnndaatly Jo what 
Vaf hiatfloet ua our wants onfht to 
ba. ttnoa tbaae mastem of ears ha^a 
■at qalta iha old ntroablad aaMuanaa 
yoiper/jaad axpe^lanoa which made 
-aaa<tolaraM % tha da»a #h«A 

any thara nevar wha anoh 
#t tha SnsOm raaa^^-thlii »t^ 
» at ba«^ tha tot aletahly la iglp^ a« 
aana of aMlMi laaaidaaa fpilfl* 

> jjr niatittiai ac the l«ta 1«r. 

IWMll^ > ffcarj aiaii of the city of 

avthor of "Robtaison Crn- 
aaa" aM a pampblat oaUad •Ska 
Tr«a-b«l^ BnrUshinaa.*: r >Ha. 

tha^ BnaUft yary ihlthfallyt^-ao 

vm9ftk B % Pmu ?tat, in hli aommtafL 
VP ai^f|i». H »pi l i uia SatlMimaa. ha 

.4 / 



>^aidift«*1M Iha imfrMw!^ 

Ift that Mat ttia Dafea^ X thhik, haa 
aBpped injtai.* MaaMnv frhara ha maaat 
to onrse; foriT^ Jiai|i afrtnt td.aB tha 
irairaraa*^ 4ailadt ha whtflly yOa. Ha 



^ by' 
ta Agbt haaata In thainj 
tha Bpp^hy be 
aafomiC #hleb Hi tbaiu 
id ^daya ci^r. y,-\-,- 

' to Wdk haafcward^ad 

' Iflirtaftft that aaob « nlghtmara af 
natfw wtl .aimarlaneM ironld bara 
drfren'Ua unnl^ce'd race to the ed|a 
of lunacy. But the Bnatlnhman, Ilka* 
-a. bMUt^ jmp«h«r>^, all opevtaB* 
pur. thonck tnUMl of dliferent ttiaS 



tad a»'hini 
hiar jta' thatr 
Be SMt aaaH tarn wtth d 
.r»e. lAleat taiarMM. whl«h thaf*'^rn 

Pidlty. aa ttmr* thaat Niddh d 
trtal, dM 

#khi ta aH tha 
ipatfaatia la thair 
raaiota paoplaa 
toda. Abbra aU.,thair 
lona insular eicparlehea of Importad 
brainstorma liad tausht them the' wia< 
dom of tha old pr oTprb- -That maa 
ahooid aat try to do Wt t air tHan. good 
for faar Ian wataa thaa bad pUfht 


^thara haa baan a $ood daal of 
than bad in tha world latalT. 
Ovr aatiaadl waakaaai far Cakli^ «ha 
aaalaat wiy tm tha hud f O tbU 
aaaat aaoaaf thaa laoaBrraatanoa 

aa in fail 


wlMthar thdy vanli hay a UtUa iea«ar 
paaaa frov tha haatbaa la tha If orth. 
aa their fathers had bo«#ht It, or 
make peace with tham, aa oar KiBir 
Alfred had mada IC Aa a raoa they 
bad fpifrottfn how to aay 'irp" to 
aaybna wha aaid "Tea" in a aufll- 
t mm Um^tr*tO0i thay <orfottan 
»«S*2r*^ a^dllirah. klllad 

tmiitt anothar 

_ IT* ■ 

((o thoty f own 
way; fte; once again, they had p>^- 
pdrad' ndlhlner, they had fonseen 
nathlav. They had baea aasurH that 
not only was there no need for pre- 
paration aaalaat war. bpt t\mk the 
mara thdiHrht of it waa absurd. Wlv»ra 
it waa not crtmtnaL Thertfora, 
thimh tha first two yaarp a| the 
war. It was ; 



rtU araat 

liam tha Conqaajror, A-T). 
has been befo/e committaa or oom- 
mMoA, a*ar ainea^ KorpiaB. PMM. 
CroaMMOlaa. dtnart. Hol kaW, ■ii' 
a««rlaai. arMoma^. Idtfd^ diaai. 
damoohujy. hava eadh (a tma triad 
tbalriaatlav ha»d an otfeaiiin akia 
to all tha ttnlfaraa.'* Frai aaah tn 
torn ha haa tafcaa whdt ha wanted: 
ha haa atran them aaah a fair trial, 
and whan he haa 4«lta flahlMd. a|i 
aqudlljr fair diamiaaL 

TiUflapd a VVnaaaa ' 
What will ha do in the future? We 
are tao aloaa ta tha daid c 
batUa ta aaa idaarly. Wa 
Snfland la arlppla* W t 
wastaca of a irtkolf MfMn 


no such 

compartments, ao 
ar tha watar af 
flra^of pHvnta 


ahoald a«aap 

prm fad u 


ar iatpoaa the i>eaea which 
tlla yam XMata, the medieval trade 
aniaa or a prodlyata Clmaeallor of 
th» JP "i l i|i |W ir daalad him at homa. 


at thata. 

'at paraaevted eplritaidlaiiik 
■Wha^ far one cause or apothar. 
were iai0t f «r the roufh aad tambla 
of hoaia Ufa. Thay did it in search of 
rest and ehapca. maeh aa we co far 
Sammar hoUdaari;-aad. Uha owaal^ 
jt&liy topk thaIr aatlodil hahl|a wtth 
. Thar did jwit. afN^jiyar ta» 

iMt» nka aaraalTM^ take them both for 
Ciaatad. thay aeaaaally denied the ooa 
' trtad \o impeach tha other. Bot. 
aaltt**. m7«teriaar rulo^ of thiiHi' 
^ they did aatabliah and m&ia. 


Thaoah there had been 
ahiAshter of tha BacUah in all t 
Iha aetoai Wha aa aM>re than a 
aaale repetit i on of national 
la tha.paat If an Wllaahathan 
man or adveatarer had I 

IBaclaad dortac the war. I _ 

vary shaft ttaaa ha waadd fiiS^haMi 
abla.ta |^ hia wSiliiSMi 
ha lititjgjfiipa d ft. BHa report* and 
Mb^W«MWf#t>li;i»i»a beaa aniarsed. 
pm ath mwiae ha would hava bean 
MprMasly abraaat of tha altaatton. 
W^ra the old KncUah teflaaaces had 
atruak Jdain the warid ov«r. ha wovid 
hare aaaa help aad apmfort harrlad 
ap to tha franta tha world o«ar With- 
out ooont or reokoolpsu-irtthovt ward 
— ""id to limit ar oo: - 
I tha aid altea 

bvaiT hala 

. wtthha14 9r 
^ ^ ,M ^ » W«h priaa. 

Bt waald hava raoogntaed that what 

SSsS a^ ^^S* Armada 

■■■■ ■•»-dt'J*ma«addofc that what 
had hrafeaa baaeath his hand in his 
time waa rattan in oars. 

AHowlnr Jbr a f4w. )|laer dJIfor 


patrat ar 

pab af 
he would 
▼ery mdajr 
Otbar raaes mlcht 
yataahla time and 
'^^y'^'^^^'^^Cmmti, Zee- 

, the .'batAllaaa of eeaaty 

ratimams not a -year aid-Wha 4llad ta 
the last man. as.a oMMar of rbat^ 
on Uie froitf that|hay w^ a tg ita 


. w ploMd al- 

rod^pate aad oaatM 

aay story of Panama ar a«r £5 
J««tttre round the alobe toM by aa» 
f otlewar of 8tr Faaaote Ocafea - ^ 
fertottoa captain of t££SS»rV^R 
of tha bread, he "wSF^tSi ^iS^i 

'Wia iW iiia utt at am 
And herein. ^ i aaa . 


•wa-. While 


Pttrteon. hard H may ha aad • Uttla 
anvmpathatie. .bat not ^ »^ 

Btandards do not appear on the aar. 
<aea, o^ hi aia^y maatlm. Whaa A 
do thay are nSmijf tvamlatad 

af tha w a r > t hat la to aay^ aJl. laa aa 
to at^ppad for every amh wha . aai 
itead ap to his Job, ao matter how 
alok or atala he auiy ba; aad thara to 
andraamedoof promotion for niltrtad 
men a^o. laaraly bao«aap they are aot 
d«A wflj haya Ip faba baaviar raspaa 

, , aat wM9m , 

tkil lwM Mm, »»x no jnlraolM hava 
acoutad. TMa, world, whtoh aoma pf 
h« in thalr seal ta do beltar than caad 
have created, aad whleh wa meat aU 
inherit, is no new Vfr^ btit the 
old prewn hardw. :7aa wheel has 
come full circle, .^flm walcht of 

Bapiaad ail^ In^ niaa^' force 
which, under God's pood providence, 
oan m^t this torh of our fate, is not 
tamparameqt, not opportunipm. nor 
any attempt to do better than PQo4. 
but character— ^uch merf inprain«d 
cemmoa-;seiuM, hMlrd-dmip^eved loyal 
atraiipth of chaahotar aa ana pufy 
ManbV «ar« fp'Kaha 
yiava a« afMIHp i 
' ta u*. • 
Itthla hopa ha Wtm, aa, baeaoae wa 
Aim breadt wa «aal it to ba trne. 
ovM^'Milldren's ehlldran, loekiap back 
throaph the lamlneaa yaam to where 
we here atamWa and Adter, may say: 
'^aa It pea«^ that the Basltoh of 
that ape did apt khMp. as«l4 Mt.ii^ 

dared not avaa 

ta whad hMyiit 
had itfiad fhoip faadr* 

Bat wa win be eireumapecC For 
what thara la of It. for such aa It is. 
aad far what it may bawrortb, will 

^ Mi llion i 6l jpeopfe new pmi 

iMt, t» pbow wlidt n mtpni to.jriwk ^ r 

;, T^ 

filQ y«« fepL That is i»|)it cMdf tpptb h^ 

Mte^igp to^tetO, palaiii^^ 
wnlftt It not' rentoppil' ' wutnikstts-' 
OBdnth after- moiitfi* betweeui yvcec dlMl 

i^•Ptll. Film is Hw Ibtdid of tartar. It holds 

HiPionf of f Ptmi ble e d fail Thar, wlQi 

t ordSioary tooth paate does not dissotve 
!fe0dd|.M«li>8«veii tmich of It 
vwr^'^Mf JR»^Ka>c«P^ tooth 


ffuat^ ■apppv ] 

jaantte'NMliMf-te.^ ■ - - a^T 
PapaodsBt (m Ih' 

Qf'awwSau 1^ 

^Pepato nmit >e acttvafibd, aiM' t&»'^ k 

iMMdiOH iMMiflL.idha ^MlbtolC 

1^ fikn is stbnmwH W H ,>nftttar. 
^Bsodeat is b diisoln it, thaa 

Irtttiva papain eta 

V. j^KlAllM'OMisai 

Ihkw CNtoatllMiiah 
tly abaaftca ol tha i^||(ipj|a 

Ijqg^drlak to Bnpland and tha Hpp- 






af mr lSfih wader tha 
haadlapwlU detfbtlaw have been ehal- 
leapep elsewhere by persona emfaieat- 
ly able to eritlalaa.itt b«t It wopM be 
npfair to lot tha 


a»- ■ ■ -Wim^-' 

WMI'm tfil 111m irHif flfalniiaifM 

yttii m a M ai i ^ Tao 

Aaa., , 

IMN#;fi*a pf ffniiiiiai Hn 



mala apa taaMfPiy iplfili ' 
well aa hto awa. and thaaa to ^* 

laraal* ta whom ha owm 

It to ezperlBMataUaa 
actea^tSa inqolry^ 


If Mr. Ptephen Fapet to^a jmit aal. 
eattot ha ia atoe knawa ta thapppoaars 
^ ;v l vlas et| a u crpalttoa aa 

t tad 

stroaply oppose the methods naad la 
animal ezperimentation and a laxpa 
number oppeae any publicity or 'Oiam- 
ttoaa," zt waa Mr. 
Stephen Papat who, in hip ibbata with 

over, often have their aponlad pra- 
lonped by the laaxparleneo af atudaiita 
wha azperlamat upon them. It inui 
tha pipdleal jaaraato of ■Mrtaaiiwhkft 
Biai 'PMdo kaowa ta ^ IfpdRd^ 
a lf U miM patwiiWed to tha aame of 
adanoa. T H i wa Pw i atr M a al pas who hope 
to do rood, yet shrink from Inflict* 
bap pain, aa for example Sir Charles 
Ball, Who hepKated to oonflrm oiia of 
the preata*! phyaiolopladl dlaoovmlaa 
af the last oaatocy mamabr baaawe It 

waald. ih^plr • J ftgf tHt a ii at IfimA 

tp^-ja^j^di^p-aiaffy, wha 



ICarah sth, 

of man. 

aad ahtidrea. u 

moral and ChrtotuA ta torture aal- 

Nov tha rasaKs of an Rofyal C9B»- 
hava baain la favor of jrafPna 

the "art"— thaaa ara .tlia 
quards. Baraasda, Faiphnpa, Kleins 
pad Hapandies, the latiar remasfitap 
Pf hto mutUated and tannaatad via- 
tfaaa " that i^ was droll to aaa tham 

far hhaiMMlsa haaaaia ladUfdiaiit to 


If aay, of the preatast thlakars In 
this aad past eraa have denouaoed the 
cruelties of vtvtoeetlon on moral pad 
auHoai proaapft 

X>r. BIpelttW,' ' ^rpfplalftr of OU'rpaiy 
In Harvard University, after 40 yeara* 
experience, said, "lliere can be no 
question that the pracUce of vlvlaee- 
tion hardens tl^ sanstbtlity of the op- 
erattA^ and bepats indlffW^hea to tha 

the maanfactttrers of sernm^ the 

aStaaay of whloh in many cases haa 
stilt to be proved. There are the penl- 
tants Uke JohB_Rald whf, dylap hi 

^a^tohi toam ssgtolh ate*. I .fvnn_Haio wnf, ayup IP 

tSST m^SSmmS SSFtmTb m>«*i»»l* daaay raatprkad. "tluk 
Papat'a artlela ar* howorar.'itttolaad. I *.* f r^gSBS. ^ JfyM:'*?. W^^^m 

iutt to tha MMral nnhllA wlil«l. la I * ^^^^'^WS^P^^aiari—*,, 

lap to the peaaral public which is, 
too ottaw hoodwinked, by the 
announoemeata that aninmls^ dto patoi- 

athtoPl atda. p| 

laflWItpa of aw jdpd' 

lntSrfj;e, i.. .t)MW^%M^p{p 
time a^haa the world iHll IpSrtipPk ta 
modern vivisection in the' aapM <{f 
aeieaaa aa t^ey do now ta bPralap at 
the stake in' the name of reliplen." 
And l»rn f easor wnUam JapHa, atoa af 
Harvard, hlmaatf a liilsnlliiatot aal^ 
"Tha rM|»toi pf the. haMNhL : PfhS 
^aafdilltor^'hpetaa. atili al'prw. 
.Ma-^'IH^ thaaa vha~ hMa PaiNftap 
iNwai^ . ; tha tad l bfl aad aetop> 
tide men, who time and apaln hava 
ratoed voices in opposition to all lepdl 
projects 1ft, repviattoP, know pa amO as 
any one also daea the \ 
pdart^Utiaa of oaUapaaass. 
and msa nito s i of hamah ndtpra. 
^a aati-vfttaaeUap j^ltatldh 

aaptlaue. ; . aa the only 
Iwna of brinplnp home ta the ahra- 

lass or aanaaa iadtoldaal e^perimeatar 
Mm faat^hat tha aP^trtapa of his sipi- 

latfaaat At%: 
aaahy patpoaa eppsaed to tha pr 
who are tha lavoluntary vletima of its 
Ul napltB pad are so pipoed that ^|bar 
anftor allko with the polity ar ladlf« 

Pt ppwitoHMM^ pro4poad pr 
.hT^mHlmt: aaiMlllaMi M^ai'< 

pot thp fMhadjr Ua rather with ht 
manity Haait in stmplar and 
llvlnp; hlpher aAraltty pad 
Chitotlaa In OaanoesT 

PC' ^MpsapiSraa 
pld abMop jhpva not dl 
some of thaaa. mora arpPaO]^ thtpA 
aver befar* iPPaiBattp a^tlpp af 

af 'HP a O i m p d»pww by the pablle la 
w ao paMathatfe 
to teMd: aasPMSW ttia a hl^t whlil 
to satisfy tha apiiiaUeaoe of Vim opar. 
atar ar to ooihply with tha taw— 
where a taw axlata— and satnetlBMSb 
and this is iiadpjjaibty traa^ aaJaoais 
are senaMMa tMH'^lHMI Mntal ap- 
pafbPiatatiend 4 mB»t^i0 lliilltWig are 

«a opfpfi; cam. 

aiiPva^ p|i 

!p S'isssr^ **** 

at Pdaaaf^t 


A BiulalbMvtkapaMMrHmsitotbar 

Thfb dmn&h wfll take 
Tht.flMMrt* are Boftt wamC 

•nnr-OCtiBc aad always couiiottafal^ 

hi aarnast, Utoaa aiaadaflp,ara taiMn 
mr praatad. aad ft Is by the thiaps 
ia^^ ira >a*pp«antad, Withopt wPrda 
Vtfkea, that wa Uva, it waa takaafar 
<raat»d by. pll aeaearaad : dvrtap tha 

"Oa. pad aar fcta, «ftar tha 

0|a^ ahakaa aad Ptoay 
, Pfepealaaaaato a Uttla in 
«tead to Mtp daiaslvafl^ a utUa in 
JdfeMd ta. Uyp pp^ tavaUd'a alopa aa 

wSi tusffif\js&rs: h^^ 


a thoppht Bat hara. atoa. ipshini 
^ aa tkat o«r imtleto past lea 
m|araPa(| as with a aoflletoney of pai;. 
IMI )P aavlpate throaph wtePafap 
■ M Wha {9f brato^deams) amy ha 

«rat <>aaMhaM'ort!Sa3iJ 
tta tn oMphi.. hal^.a^^toH^^''^w 

iJapae tpu p9' 

aepattlveneas to pain 
causes a rise In blood preaaare, aad 
of the worat aaperitdanta do 
a riaa la araawira. Ifota, tao, 
tha aeo of tha JthO ap«u« a omai 
and moat daadly fpitoa. abapt whlah 

1? ' 

toaa wliiUjtfP ^MMP'to aaa^ aUve 
to aoffarlap.. Camplete aPdNitliaais. 
noraovvr, v Da% always aoapa% Pjr PP" 
eratora. -J - 1' 

af Mrpwa aa- 
ta tha watM a aopi- 

IB Mi 

9dM m9i 

mn open 
only vrhpp ypaite opteiap no danumda. 
The labaratary to pariaatly awara PC 
tbto and w«h mmfmtmai . . H 
win Ppht ta MaTlNMfib tf I 
aow Wdea firapp> tha ttPhPi if 

H Externally 
AppUed 1 

iti^ iq> 3^our car4-.withoat loi» 
of time and witliout the usual 
daifc of <io.Od q|(r.||^e Wr 

Hi^an Tye aariiwimg Co,, Ltd. 

Lmwm VaDcoovar al 
SiOO Da% »^ 
and ArrivM ^ 

Caffary, 25l|q!«i. , 
. Cdi^oBtoiu 36 hours. 
a JM"ti«l^l4»2 hours. 

ThrM TriBKOBtuiMtel 



Chairman of Board of Direc- 
tors of Company Whicli Op- 
en9tes;l!liagara and MaKura 
Pattanger on Formef 

.Y CQI^ NIST, VICTORIA, B.fti aiTftfnAY, MAY ?3, im 
■ pww- " ^ 

•*r. r, F. HoUfanrorthi chaimwn of 
the board oC dirtctori WT tlM Union 
Bteaouhip Company .of N«v W—lund, 
wu amon* the pe— Dt»»e on board 
the atMunar Niacam. which rMcI^ 
hera last nlvht on her ri«iil«c run jw 

itanbliHill kaatneea and plwuaK trip. 

,Mr. Holdaworth w6uld flay nothing 
„>r pabUcatlon ontaide of the f«ot 
that the fliie new liner now under 
conatnMtion Jby the Union Steamship 
Compair«ij|WW bt placed .on the run 

ifikmmmmiUi^^* AiHtipddep upon 

tm atMa urtien this wouli !«> 
til* bM4 pf the lln«^l«i NiiW^i 
thM* natten^ hie employeea are wlll- 
tnc to five oui the Information which 
they have succeeded in ^Ickfaiv up. 
It was stated by the members of the 
Ntacara's complement that the new 
•|Kfp was aspaeted in the aarv^pe tn 
six or aii^t numths. lili <ianmt talk 
that thMe' Hues will «i'd#«llfttl»a' on 
the irunby n«vt Chrlatmn*' - 

iCc> llpldfworth was not even wiU- 
ln« to iidmlt that the liner Tahiti 
would replace the Makura next trip 
to allow that aliip to yo to San Fran- 
cisco, for otVhvmlns installation. The 
TUll(|. is jiutar ft the G^Ufoiplan port 
havina thfi Uuni«« mada te her own 
iMntPtMmt.i'iMid abott twaia» M the 


That there l« iia money available 
C»r. farther Oot«nimant Aipbulld- 
taa^ the flarbor Haflna yard !• 
tho rsply dvva .l9/(|ia. AcMAatlon 
from the SacMtt'lll 
AaMDciation NrhUli . 
Blr Robert Borden on 9|l|P^'XO' 
details are vtven of the Premier's 
reply In the wire which r«ache4 
Major Bullock-Webster, president 
of the yara orcanlaation* yaM**'- 
day. otttaldo of *tlia faeta^alvcn 


Repre$6n{aUves of _ _ 
Aodve WKh Government's 
Hold Soon to Be Released— 
Droughts Ktl Sitiiep. 


ViM,'^€illlwad( and Chas- 
ing on Schedule^-— Long- 
shoremen Stand foy Agree* 
mentSi / 


iMtfe tae ti, a/, fl«pt. 4 

««Mle My IS. A«a. 14. 8«9t. la 

OdHo Amg, 7. mifft, U 

N. T^-^aaaMMiBO— sotTiminoir 

AMaMa Mhr Mr Aaa. 14 

Olymsie Am. 4, Am- M 

V. y.^-OTaaATJTaa-i aafaas—oaaoA 

• as ••••••s*«ee«« 

^« a • • s 



IS. July M. awt. 11 
. — ..Mir «.JUb, »4w Bept. » 

nnT, A nai^ia. I" yif a>oww~-i/MPooi. 

BavwtfMd . .WKr J», Jaly M. a^pr> 91 


(By Gtovcmment Wireless) 
6 pjii.- 

Point Grey — Rain, southeast, ^»:86, 
47, rough. 

Cape Lozo— Rain, southeast, 2»:7T, 
41, roufh.' 

Pachena-^CJoudy/ sbilth, frasta, 
a9:«T, 47/roi)ifh. 

^ftaira n ■ mi niy. tiia. aMtiMMat, 
tM9r4t.'faailb; / ii&«4^i|p^ Mr 

• b •««.ai 

Tar wStnretien 
leeai aaents « 
Mat, lit ■* 
FheiM. Mala Ut. 

> K. ««ir la, Aea. 14 

19, Jely 17. Am. M 
»»uM5r 84. aS: «• 
M ««ly U. aetC 4 
..aad^ UekMs _ap£ly_ te 

Jk C. Coast Service 

to Vancouver 

Suniday, May 23?d 

at ll:45 pjn. 

Uaht.. 29:72, 46, heavy; 3:||^i;i4l., 
■poke Jefferson, leaving Queein' Char- 
lotte Bound, northbound. ^.^¥. . 

X>e|id Tree — Cloudy, sbaibaMt, 
freshi 29:77. 45, moderata». * . 

Ikeda-i-Ck>udy, sotfiliSait,' - llyht, 
2»:7<fc 41, mod^rwMv* «tt, . 

• Mttca ltnpart-.K»aRr, oalm, tt:SO, 

Not Wu fVom 

■ " i iM ' ../. '' - f l 

to to* 

nlffht the Union Steamship da. had 
dispatched thr^e vessels, the Ven- 
ture, the ChllUwack and the 
Ohaalna. on their resulaTi aehadulas, 
4,cii^ite^ the strike o^ mmn,-. fire- 
meh Mid atawards. Th4 aatt, tacalar 
saHini^^ la tliat af tha ' CMWtfn t^ 
Kln«0om« ^BiiC and Johnston Straits 
at, f o^doefc Ttaesday eveninr 

Lonarshoremen. as a union, will 
•tand by their a«reements with the 
employers, they have decided, but 
announoa that m«a«Mn will free 
tO MWMNi 111 tkallMiMir ac IMaht 
f»V v«aia;a aaala»t «!fe|^h tha aaamen. 
flran^n and atawarda are striking, 
or not, as ^hey see fit. with the rec- 
'ommMdatlon that no union man 
ha n dle f r al g m rof Bon-ufti od"Mato. 


Taailh^MiiP^lotta, ar. 
rhraa m'it^Mmftae. at S o'oloik yea- 

tarday afternoon, waf carrying her 
limit of passengers, fhe holiday rush 
is certainly on. Those who made the 
trip yesterday report that there was 
absolately no room to do anythlna 

SUt stand sUll. and "parsonaj . lib 
rtjr' was nought Imt a phraaa. 


MmrjtM'^' Bush * com ud.. 

mannSi/^etfitea ohatali^s, of Uoatraal. 
Tof«»tow Wiw^Torl^'Snsland. Auatra^ 
Ua and other parU of the world, go- 
iMT to tha Old Country an busUiaas. 

Mf- W. Kelly, lata AoUs* Jtiatetar 
aC. OaCenoa in Australia. * 

FLOATS on a/«iA«G€ 

The C.P.R. ta«r ltaa««a» tawed oirer 
one of tha 0, tkmiafhr bartas on 
Friday night with the Hudaon'a Bay 
Company's Ooats on board. Theae were 
built in Vancouver and werf WNtt 
taera la the big pageant held a f*W 

ftMw'afv . " 


■ > 

The cargo brought to tha'- Oflar 
Ooeka by >h> Adiirtral .— l i a a 
iM ftmnvleoe, w|mi ip a bi# a ftata 
alMat 1^ arrive on.iyMay aftanioo^ 
CMifat la the storm that raaad on 
1lia(aaa)r night, the boat rolled and 
pitched ao badly that her general 
freight became mined. Sugar, aalt, 
aaphalt and other materials that 
make ' up genaral freight were com- 
bined hopelessly. A 1 survey was 
made far adjattaiaot aai ^ eaMi. ' Vpt 
aeliree was ^laio 'la auJtlag' poat 

igr''io'v flM^-4asyy ' 



(Mvwpoei M Qaeeea* 

9SXSS,^' Franoe Jeaa M 

vMienaa. .»<..»... Jeiy it 

As it haa been found that the tall 
•haft of the steamer Prasvieht -is 
.^^l|i»aged. nepeasltattai, ivr^hiir ra- 
pain. her saljllqg Nia^ttej^ Maoned 
nreni Saturdaic t>ntlf IToei^d^ mornlog 
at 11 o'oloek. PaiMfiiaers from Vic- 
toria wni haVe to make the trip to 
the Sound on Monday' afternoon, as 
the ship will not call here southWound 

Caaadiin PaciTic Raihnqr 
lie. Ceut Service 

" . ■ ^ 

Empire Day 

- May 24th 

fift art Oif-niri 

hr Nil Ml.. 

Gelag Dstee. May 
Return LiaUt, Mey SS 

Pull lafonaftljwJjroai any CfJL 

4- ■ 


It Mapened to a local druggist that 
eo)d a cheap acid corn salve instead 
of the reliable Putnam's Corn Ex- 
tract*. Substitutes burn the flesh — 
Putnam's cures thfi oorn. Us« only.' 
the bestr>"|>a<naiiiia'* fUn at «ll 

if Yaa Kcqalra Motor Tracb 
«w AaythlH 

PHONE 2279 

a^ WUttsU Baa. CK**^^ 
Ilia Iraa^ Stnsal 

■ii ap|.aa follows: 

UNA > 


q'Mt«wn) May 1» 



* tr ** And tha 
Qraad Tnmk Pacific Ry. 

C. ^. Sarla. C P. A T. A. 
m Wharf St , Niar P.O. 

9t Ttmucm ....... ielir •< 

« (■'> " «• Uwsipe*» 

V'ii!iALV» Joae 4 

vSf<!S?i. * iw It 

>SSu3Si**..?*^ iSe! 

M.,..../'*** ^ -' »e MsB U saH 

gvw^na •••• V**^***^<^f.**«M><t% Msy 21 

csrwcaa .•...**....M«a**iaM»«* "Vhr M 

•••••*»••*••••••(,•.«(,,.. Jeijr I 

•t«**«««««.**».a.,.,.. jeiy tt 
• ■••M. ....... jeijr (• 

tfeMMai'i^'tjiN^eeur '""^ 

MlnMd»»a lU^ |9 

mmcssm •••.•••••••••.»,.■,,,,,, jnS' $ 

tflSy* jtm, ]| 

,,,,,,,, Jan* 
Minntsnee •.•»».^„, , jmy ^ 

JifiJiSJ?* ••• Jaae ft 

S^S?!?** • jSy If 

«••••..•»••••••>..*•..••., -S^if 24 

40UMaev te aie«t(«al> 

aiouiiuB........... I 

S"!'-*?--* .,i Ift 

(Keatreal u aiaigewi ^ 

B.* !??*** «..,., Jaas I 

wnnu ••«•••...••«•*•....,.. ...^ JaSe M 

HJiSf-?* 'air f 

^eiiwn .m^ , Jaly SS 

U.eadea te Antreal. *u Bavre> 

fS^^f^^ eaaoaeaa*oa ea e e a e • • a. , . , , % 
TlUUMBA aoeeeeaaaeae JSStf At 

SOOtllO •ae**>«»e**eae*ea>«*ee**.a Jlftltf IR 

tMontTMi te aamaiaV ^ 

Gramplaa •«.v»»f««« 

Taniaiaa ...i*** ■•«••• 

8coU»a ...»*k«*W«»«m^*«*«»»k«.,'' 

Juy _ 
* »a».».« j» J«Ur 

Oraiaplea ....<.••.••(.«»,.,.., . Jaaa "S 

gcaadinavlaa ■ — - 


nplaa .«..••«•• 
laiaa ...i «••■•« 

-_--i^a tfCr.w^.^w 

TsaMaa M««»M»»*aa>,^f,af 


(Mmmtmi to ■■eia ianTmiiigT * 
Usaylaa ••.•••.••.•••••i..,, Jsat 4 

MViaa '"'f^j^^y Jelr II 

Nles«r» May tt 

.MkBila %l»ra May 11 

BaiyreM Qt RunU Mar 

(0*tkeaaa) . u ^ V 

Mara ,->.».v.t..n^. Jn; VJI»*> tl- 


Tlwa «f •unrlse sad . njsti „ (paoMa 

moeth of May. isit: — •-••f"^ ^ 




•St Day 

1 4:U 

t «3U 

S eeee* 4* mm 

i ::::: UK 

• 4:i7 

I «t«t 

i 4:t« 




a «• « 


a e • • • 4 a^l 

• • « • • ^ 



••«*. 4.9€ 

■ fStt 
..... tttt 




IT .... «:tl 
!• ..... «it« 
1* .... 4:«B 
■M .... 4:17 

n .... 41m 

I! •••• «(|> 

an ..«. «a4 
. 4:M 
M .... 4:11 
11 .... 4:11 
M .... 4:ie 
>• .... 4slS 

M .... tai 
tt .... «m 




A number of prominent ghoep men 
Of Auatralia. New Wwliiad aad t^ 
ITnlted Kihgdom aided fa wMlWiia 
fa araU ovw m the paeeangar mtM 
Mia Mg tad ataofcar magmra. #|M 
tM up at the Outer Doeha at T 
o^lock last night. • 

During: the war the British Ooy. 
emment purchaaed the wool output 
of the Antipodes on the a«reament 
that U would turn K back ffr arl« 
vati trade within a atated tfma'aiter 
tM W;'«kd«t.V-«lila .parlM axptrws 
on f aae I*. 1^ weat men of 
Aaetrmia are on their way over to 
the Old Country to get in touch with 
the Interests (or whom they act In 
order to make arrangomenta far tho 
nest clip, which comaipnM* aboat 

AoatraQh wiM^<%Ktwlia ^ Mh'^ifSt 
vemb«r, • '■ 

The 'wobi mien report a great loss 
In sheep through drought wftM* 
only Just been broken. 

Chief among the men in this 
branch of Industry aboard the liner 

r«riS%?'SSEr4L,TS;! Exposed Condition of Pipes 

litd.. temire, Bniland. This gentle- O--!— ia/.a 1._ 

man'la on his way home after a om- 
pfhed baslness and pleasure trip ' iai 
Auatialla and New Zealand. 

, . imp jptiiM Mia 

For- tho ' purpeoa of supplying 
Auatralia with the wool top>^ and 
worsted yarn it us^, without send- 
ing the wool home to the Old Coun- 
try for manufacture, th e' firm with 
/rhlch Tir. l^ThlteheaJ^ la aaaoolated 
haa oombload with 4aet«aUMi capital 
for battdior-^a «iat'W tiM Tarftt 
River at Abboltaford. Auatralia. It 
waa to a large tfttent ; m . conneotlon 
with this that Mr. WMtdliaad ^aigUad 
the Antipodes. v . ' 

Two of the obstacles to the more 
rapM growth 'of this toduatiy. la 'tSie 
paat have been the tibmm* 'tH a 
proiaotlva tarUt mmI the ,ia«rdu^ of 
skUled.labdr: Many eitf»nnfiMe of 
taa ' Mar mill have been trataM by 
the eompany. There is now uoMr 
consideration a plan of proflt-sharlng 
among the employees. 
"VOluie deUvertes of 

ala^ "tbeva./iMM VMn 
ili«rtM«. axpafiltawad.'' 

or 6(Mt ftci^$$ories 

■"iriT 11 i|- I' I II II i,r' ■ ' "mV--^ ill ii 

If You Need Anything to Fit Out Your Boat, 

. > " Try Us 

^ Gasoline Tubing and Solderless 
\ fittings, Priming Cups, Valves». 
Liibricators, Qrease X;iups 

i. 9. MARVIN a 

liodt Wlwvf Strati 

From Sooke Waterworks 
Leads to Breakages — Halts 
Alston 0h New Rates. 




Mew aad Secen4h*n<| Baim . 


vQavftMbmi tad Mytu 

■^f^iH^^^^Mt,^ aa • 

wool ■ have 
autad laat 
no actua^ 

■ .m- tojm^rmi^ Am&MitB aatween 
im^ftabrng^ t imm t ii Ai'AiMraila asd 
that la -tha>!tll« Oouitry. unrest pre- 
vailing In both- porta of the world. 

The processea carried en In the 
mills of Sir Titus Salt are compjete 
in every detail, from the sorting' and 
combing iof t ttio -raw material ta' MM 
dyeina m4a fkaMOna- «C tha'- ^ChaMnk 
A«|waiii/tttoa|^:: ^«MadMi - ciiAi«i. 
aair aai afartMoC^yaraa are auinXifae- 
tuored: and ^sold for weaving, and 
otfler purposes, but the main pro- 
duction of yams is woven Into cloths 
for whleh the company Is so well 

Other w^ men on Diiaard the Ni- 
agara ww^ If aaii a , Q. •» nabdrtaoii 



Nearly Eight Hundred Passen- 
gers on List of.the Niagara. 
Which Ueadi|d,^Here Last 
Night. .*Wa» 

In tha tt«lghborhood of l.OttO people 
lived aboard the liner Niagara during 
her vosrage from Australia. New Zea- 
land. Suva and Honolulu, which was 
completed last evening. The paaaenger 

ISi "£~t"t^Mea"i "SSi-S!*^ for ibbmlaslon to t«a 

S^IiT? tiifSS;1.£2S5? ''•^ "^^"l Tuesday n^ 

talent oa board tlila trlpt" said one 
paasenger. "and we had a number of 
fine concerts and a fancy dress ball." 
The fine weather mada the voyage 

It will cost about 160,000 to re- 
pair the flow-line from the Sooke 
Lake waterworks. The pipes are re 
PQrted to be. In liad c6hdU|6h In sev 
oral sections, and It will be a dlffl* 
oult Job to effect repairs. 

City Engineer F. ML Preston hag 
oommuplca^d . with the engineering 
capcem wl^oh constructed the sys 
tdm, and U has replied without sug 
gestlng any epeciflc remedy. 

The flow-Una Is the only one of Its 
kind to be buUt la snoh att 
poMtb^a,. Vlttum ia^ «o ptataetloii 
fram Hiat-lM^aold. piaA^a yaii«e la 
tai a » g » >i oi a-*ilt^<aCiiit.»»ipy ■ 
eMalnr an aipBiiMB ^ aMI eeatrtU!^ 
ttoa approximating fifty feet in tfte 
total length of the plpe-Une. Thie 
natui'ally dausee' a severe strain on 
the pipes, wDloh are without ex- 
panding joiafi,*«id>iltag<Ja 
result * ■ • ^ 

It U'»^' '<ilktnf ]M,j^. alnpe 
tae eyMaai^anfi ooi||^1al^ and. If , It 
WKB '-nbt Wr :iliaM «aha|pttlaaal oiindl 
tlon, there would be no excuse for 
the . fact that several sections of the 
line are In need ' of Immediate re- 
pair. The dlffksnltjr la that It ^ 
almost Impossiblfr tO daU«t, tha WipJi 

ooatra(#Nm<|( tfta pipes often a 
big gaps nnd. tho water rushes out 

over the surrounding land. In the 
Summer months, when It would be 
easier. to cM-ry out repairs, the evl- 
den«f of leakage Is mueb .liardor . t9 

' ' Wm ffufirlMwiil 

qur JBpglqalar rfmon mtakta yea^ 
terdar that hla aaiwrtment Intends 
to expertment wHh a few of the ex- 
panding Joints Uiat are no# on the 
market. These Joints are manufab- 
tnrad expressly for aervfoe In cases 
Ilka that presented' by tAa Sooke 
lAha flow-line. The 'eomttany which 
Installed the Book* ayatem Is now 
uafaig twaaty-fbot length plpea with 
aapaadtag Joima Those at Sooke 
are oaiy four feet long and are with, 
out expanding joints. 

The state of the flow-Hne was one 
of the reasons for halting «^ctloa laat 
Maadajr night on Mr. Prfatea'a r»o- 

proceeding to ratify such an. Increase 
the condition of the flow-line should 
be thoroughly Investigated. He hel^ 
that much of >he Waterworks ex- 
penditure, necesaltatlng Innreestd 
water charges, might ba dae to 
faifltr aenetrucUon. and If that waa 
thO oaaa. the ratepayom ware not tha 
peOpla' to pay the price. "Htl tBavad 
that Mr. Pr«Bton of^pare a reiionloii 
the queetlon for shbmlaslon to 'tlia 





Ship AIMl 

Commar ci Al 



eace Baver Points 

.XaMlDeiil Sernc0 to 

^ CcBlrtI aiid Eaatam StatM 



m ease 


4 ' aaoe 

isu a- 

« ' .... ii<i« 




It «]..• 
If ..^ 

•:tf at iiiii fj-,,^ 

[ •••e««**l ooo 

tiu aa 

e eoeateeO 

* « a • • » • < 

........I ........ 

.......I ........ 

:«a i;« 

•••l. • . .....I • .... , 

|HH« reiMise ae 

U:lt t.>|ta:i« i.* 


iiU a.4 ia:i« afiwiM 
ua M jitt f.m«te« „ .... 

...<•>« ........ |l<tM as ti:ia ai 

tin 4.*ia;«« ».* i«(S4 M n M 11 
•;44 M »sM a* nut •^»M:m ls 

Ttar El 1«:M T.S^ll:li T.l Um Eff 

i«eta iMfta&a wMt. n la 

w M bsara tTMa aMalcht le 

very enjoyable foi^ the paaai«gar% hat 
unfortunately they were.gfaataA.vlth 
rala upon their atxlval iMap. 

Ono of tho aott-lOMgra aliaiabora of 
tha Iflualgratlon sta«r waa heard 
blithely ta lie in this vein: "This Is 
the flrst rain we have had this year." 

Among the people making the trip 
across, in addition to those mentioned 
In other storlea la (hta isane, ware: 

Bishop o. Marp. Bishop of Brttlah 
New Oolaaa, arbo In oa Ma way to*at> 
tend tho Laaheth Cenferenoo i« JDni^ 
iMd. #here members of the church 
will gather from all parts of the 

Mr, J. B. Reid, the well-known 
race horse owner of New Sealand. 
Mr. w. J. Tbaaiaa, 

. ' " III I iii . i|i l J, J I II 

Stoaasb aid 

Once the Uver Ihlhi to flMar tha 
polaoooaa hHe from tho hided. thOm 
la a etagglng up awi a»hiOolag of the 
whole ayatem whleh eaaaea many 
ttoablee to arise. Therefor*, upon tho 
Itvar. more than any otbar organ of 
tho body, depends the general haaHh. 

CareleasneMi sn.l nf>gleet, and eftea- 
tlmes wlHUl dUrr-gerd of nature's kwa 
win put the systam out of 

hack to IM ainiii 
take Muattm'a La«a- 
Tlar Uvea up .the JIbOkR. 
»<• *«h te thotr araaer 
aii laao f% fhe stoteek. 
h. dtealmtt. anchaat. Aft«.. 
have used Mnhamrs 
^ Wll* and have foond 

goa4 Ibr both stomar.b and 
troohlas, I hav* told others 
yoor valuable aislhiine aad th^ Imve 

and the motion was adopted. 
Mr. Preirton has prepared a 

2f.a«&'^*ffiSf.» ... 

be afhla la -p i a i eitfca oomplou report 
to tho Ooaaoil Ot ^ nOxt n^aoting is 
not eOffhlia 91io^o are sttU '« num- 
bor of taipihta«t points to be cleared 

Aid. Andres has advocated lower 
rates. InsCOad of higher, a inirpiis 
of jno r e d Mng eOaannnrtlon aail 
enaa an* a. natural conaequeaM 
ProstOtt 'la oppooed to each V aug 
geatlon. He atnlUm tNM arhilo the 
MNrtte lake waterworks is capable 
*f sanding ,fO,f 00,010 gallons of 
ter into the . HumpbAdk reservoir, 
and the city only oonsnmes about 
T.000.009 gallons in thaf period, |^ 
would be dlffloult. if not impoaiitble, 
to supply a m^h greater amount of 
water fa thi oM^ Wflh'aondiuooa aa 
thoraiat y wftiiaailally lower wa. 
ter rOtOe, Mr.' PrestOn believes would 
not be of bepefit to consumer* gen- 
erraliy. Re believes that everyone Is 
now oaing aa much water aa thay 
roaaoaably requfara, aof that to lower 
ratea would ohnply loadf fO oaroleeo- 
and aboso.' This!, ho, ^oo^ta cut. 
^HHM^ • oeriaa a atoiLja the 
illliV ' aag ' the #itiwliiy*Wl|l|| ha 
weOkened In several iistrlBfiL notably 
In the high Fort Street section. Ths 
only, way to ensure a good pressure 
as an acoompaniment to hurgaly In- 
ereaaed eonautaptlan of woior^roald 
bo to to e re a a e Hie idaa of the cKy 
mains, ana thla waald mean the ex- 
pendftura of aovoral hundreds of 
thaneoad b of Jbllaio. 


SAN riumeiMO 

Let Brook Do It 

ana rov wili. me HAnanxa 
, Wallpapers to Suit All. Ju«t Phom 5i62 


PafaMng CoMteactor Otk Bay 

■ha will rfiaoh 

morrow nlgtit from tha Ortant 
loo^wiy ^yaiiagii a» 

i^orM «a ' 

■somlaa^ ■ Sho haL , 

tha day far the mHHIil^" 

hot tha graad mmm IleO 


9tM 9^ $%J^ 

. S.OO por ««y oM a», l»« 
( u hcdrooM, hotl^ hrookM. 
sad dteaor. 


C tao w end BMhIaf Soilo for 




Misiet Ttir 

The Most Aitnctiire ComUna- 
ttoa Motor aiMl Wtter Trip la 

the Padie N#rtlMrat 
fiKteAaf tlM atmdarfal MALAHAt 
a AMhtfal trip oa tho 

**'»ota < aatoa fliriogi tai K 
WIJ- aao oflhg kn^l 

244 for >Mii>iHii 

Ckro loora ■Haigt Heaao oot^ 

■ V 


i^^B ' ^^^^^^^ 
pMiii jommB 9^ ■WHS 

TUt Buk iaraet 


irregular and Weak 
.Earty Firmness -r- 
Cfef ring Miouse Statement 
•Showf Loan Contraction 


OmV PrvrliM* ... 


MMM at Ik* 

fUvmntui .... 
iUrar CrMt Mia 
■Mma Oil ... 

rSESS..*^-** "iH**' «SW • 

«taaaia« I^MB (M0ti««i to •Ubmk tw» 

«lp«d to 

---tlw» OIL . 

_ , , ^ MNvttvo oC 

boor »ttaA. 

Baiao. •!>.••# alUMO. . . _ 

DmI^oc* in bon4« VM* l4h«plr 
^Jd Vletorr IMUM riinf Hj aiMtt «l nm^ 
-tOrdiVo nOiv whito tb« Mkml lUt 
Moody. tMMAJ Wloa, 9^ 'qi^ iV^^^^ 

?: 2fi 1 26: ?ft s.*! 

9«r MMt -I 


u- MaMMMMMi. 4m<* ••_^rko MOB bmivoib I .fi«.M I Vletorr z^taa. iat4 

ness fi^markaMa Nirave Ask 
aentbtr Staged Hu(f8Cin'8 
Bay CiWilMuiy Oft ^ 

vjsi^ CSC ml g 


• »» •TT."... .^.» tMtttf. I ttt ovorac* ood o«t«oi ooodHlon*. 

looM dMTCOood olmaot |I0,«0«,00«, id— it— 
of imwfcMo Im tko inodonl WiOfrrn Boak 


Crimlahod bf Bw«l«fe Bre 

: . BorKr--S t-S 


09. m»* » «*j 

food lU^i • 

_.otlMnL 1 

Stock— . Hlfh. Uw. 

Am. Boot Socor if% •<% 

▲n. Con Co., oon. ... ST« t7% 

In. Cort, .«».... •■H StM 

. L«ooiBollv« k... nii >0H 

2ai. svcv iuk ...... lt$% 

.Am. T. Md TSX ..e^. M 

jgk IVM. ooa^ 




£*IK " "fft "«» ""S 


vmbim with Vl B t w fifc x»«ar 
te this ettr. ^ iMb w 
mm'm Saar lin».«|f«||. tlMr«ltt « 

I^HIB JiHlafk Inlet one of the rreateat 
BBnilWQl <tf Indian eporte ever pre- 
•ented on this Coaat. Probably nevev 
Bcain wlU thara be auch an uminMr 
Of rapTBMnUtfvaa from tha iMira 
tHbaa of thia tavioii. TJ|«aa Bp«fl«i 
Which wtU ha Mft «t f o^lBdl l»4iw 

.Itt|«i. nck'Bt 

The Hudaon'a Bay Coal|MHqf^ d^v- 
emjv'a laaneh wUl «rM«B at Vatat 
BiUce hrl^ BhBff^ M ptM, wMi-lH* 

' . We Off#r, Sabje«t . ^ 

■ Dbb Jaaoary 21st. 192J. Intcreat Janpur and Jvfy, 
DBt April lat, 1940. Intcradt April aM.Odate 


Wtaing and 

Ofdcnlexacuted on an Ekcliaiiges— bash or margin 

V ,V1 




'V ' mtk' .lyitiiiij 1 1 iT I . \. - 

No. 1- 


.-21. ITW 

Mooi Ma. ITf 

(mu-Blolijld, kr Bardlck Brothora. Z4mlt<d) 
„ ; , Opoiu Hifh. tow. Clooo 

' * ■ ••" 


.... U-IT tLId 




5% Bonde 

Matariag Jaljr 

idi Afflericao 
CoqNRilHNi^^ 1^ 

. ■y»>r-«.. ear..jlM, 

▲aooonda XlalaB 

▲aclo-rr. < 



Sup. Mintac «, 

TAMHBR' CiiyMfii^'-ARR - 

t.oin)dar Mli» vt.—Bar alieor lt%d 


Cklo.. Rs I 



ovneo. IPMMT IW 
abort aad thno 

0or eoBt. 

dollan HH 
i0U Booor 7 

-Bar dllTW tN«l 


[0 atrona 

oommoralol . , 
jt.»0! commorotel •tHUir I 
mand f !.•«%, oafcUo IMS; 
lari •».!•. 
Prmmca, dopaad 
Baldoa fr&ao, doMMMd I 

, , bUto 


— ko and Ohio, iltt 

Wo., R. I. and Pao... U% 14 

Cei^ VMMd Iron .. u ia% 

^ oBS ""^"aaeia ........ 'i-Jfc " % 

ooB. siootfA v«u.«J.. 141 m 

Oon. Ifotora s<« . U« 

Q'- Nor Oro, 42 uZ 

Gt. Sorthorn. i 
■Ido aod Lm. 
Inaplretlon Coik' 
Int'l Mer. IUr«M 

May tV-ViM 

!}H I oolf A aa o ela U on, whlph will oon^ 

Ifa^ Utt^mr' afeid>. s. mttaat. 
WlUta; S, Cle-ooae. llaht blue; 4. Mal- 
ahat, pink: B, Ttartllp, red; Waat 
Baanlch; «. Qoamtohan. yellow; 7. 
Kbenlpaatf. vraaa; I. kopar lUand. 
dark blue; 9. Itenont. SoutH laaaloh, 
Mtta and yallpir^ IV liMaM.^ sad 
aad whita: li,.:Jmutlmii0, Iti. l, 

, craaa mi4 irbttaj^ tt, AtaaHaaaib Me. 

I % ptek'aM yaUoin It. «liam-Clam-A. 
Lilts, red and freen. 

No. 14— ^oytraor^ IWBaoh. 

Ul tad Ird 

wltU tba oommktaa of the Royal aa« 
AMam <Mirt) of Oraat SHtaia a* the 
rulea of the same, and a aroup of 
Uivltad States playera, ware amona 
,1 ;-~ I paaaenaara on tha ataamer Carona 

^m':: •«« aU- S« «MH«f fv x^t^vpooi. tim 

^pTT.S. m8 m| St Britloh 
!a? Lii' H? !!» !!« amamir olh 


— ... . — 1M5» o^Jf*"*- 

anUdoro, 4*«»a4 

doaMWid ItjtTi otblM 

flnn: raUreaa koada 


lk>NDON. May tt.— ^a two pro^ 
Aartonal selfm Hanrf Vartoa and 
Itdward FMpoa* Mfltac «a tba 
gattia 7 fdr tba TTMIM flprtfa, 
*l:iiJirtMr« .U^y wtn taka past ta aavtoU 
■vTtiPM^l dStMbltloB matehaa; 

KoMMMtt oeppor ^.. M% 

Mldvalo Btool .....»M .«1« 

Jlox. Potroioam IM 

IMaaii Oo»»or is 

y aw a H Paottie ...... s«« 

H. JKan^ i^tTtauut ., i% 

•la R. C^' ISH 
... Sljl 

™. ..* ,'.'r aii{ 

gjr. StMl flprlnc »♦ 

Raji. Cbua. KliUaa IT 

*la- OU 

■Mifcora »a«Mo .... sa 

•oatkjrn Mr., ooh^ ai« 

•tedekehor dorw aa" 

gooa BhoffloM ...^.^ il\ 

^9 Tins Cok i$\ 

irorfoir ana 

Pwalofo Oeip 

Pioroo OU ...... 

•tool Car 



amatfur oUamploatbtp at XVlffloUL 
■aetland, Jvtaa faiiawinir a tiam 
match atatoat tlta' Oaffbvd HfM Omr- 

CANi||iiA(i scornsH 

_ ^aoifie 114a 

u. a. Itubbor ...I..., ta! 

^Illya-Oyerland It 

Bft^ ^ lid 

Fob Amorieoa 
Botall 8ter«i 
Cuba Can* aaa 
Com do Poaar 







^ Vg< 

Awow 4att I «T1 

Tas la) 

The flrat apooa aboot of tbo Caaadlan 
fleottlah RMa Aaaoetatlod waa held yea« 
Inardajr aad laaaltad la a wta far. (ha 
Tatama aiarkamaa Malar IftiniiiiafldBii. 
with the raiadWiatla aaara-at f, 
epea oi«hte wltli Che aenrtae laa^sl Lee. 
Btifleld. This to ao good aa soorea made 
with the Rose rifle. The day vaa not 
very aood tor hlarlreeorlna. there belnc 
a v«ry uoateady left wlad that aaaotrtd 
lota of experlenoe to oopa with. Tbeta 
«a% iMwavtv. a ;4M)WM t aiptw a ia ant 
to tha aaaMa.a««a ;iM& auaa Jaat week. 

MO BOO 600 Tl. 

18 311 Si— ar 

Saotloa 1. 
War oaaea raea,' 
40 faat aad ' 
up, 11 ^ 

d)aa ........Hnat WilfUfi i a i 

Klootohmaii^ • ^^. 

race", war ca- ' , 
noes. 11 pad- ' 

lOfl ••■o««o»«. 

■luale canoes .» 
War canoe raea, 

uadar 49 faoL 

11 paddtaa..^ 
Oaaoa .dovWaa. , 
Oaab cinoa .... 
' Section a. 
Canoe- Ultina .. 
Beach canoe race 
Swimmina race; 

10 yar4a .... 
Upaet canoe ' 

_^rollla« . . « MO 
Oraaor pelei... le.OO ..... 

■tartlnc and flnishlna petat far 
zaeaa' la front of Gorge brldf a. 



' MO 










MaJ. F. 

agf. U, a»unmi ..•**«« 

BManfft^^ fmtitina istet of lMbiii0B 8S» 
STWBEN Canada tad BnropeaQ cooB^f^ .iBT«#|CB7 

ttsingr Canadian funds are 'enabled to purchaae Bisro-^' 
pcap •ec«i;tliea pa a.bafsa iiom 15 to «eBt 
moire favofmbld at to profita tiuA thd Ufilb Vupon 

Gtddest' S MOW r y ^ 111 iWBj M ai dnwuife, •»* 
cdptinf G«i;nuny, la. aatidpatad, 

. there!ote, 'the iE^hief attraction to the purchase of thett 
bonds U the tobttantial profits wb^^ will MCfild iipon«lrea to the issues which are the.difdel- 
*S|»^fatiBfi« of ^e vadbus gtyftnwiefiU, It fSMi that they are exo^^|Dii%^^ 
aaeoicd as to p^od^ and interest 

The boiidt mentloiMd in the list, which we hate 
poblltM hm^fitlC Sfd olt t^ tamt, dlaas aa Vion^iy 
Bends, fepi wa atte f ^ "ttrt Ihei^ Miltita of tl«| 



Sf^-w**^f taaiaht. coach 

Courtneya •Varalty «rew won by 
two lenatha and his freahmen by 
fotir leagtha. Harvard's Taiatta 
crew fotiglit aamely. bat Hifttdffl 
<liivtna power af the Ithataai 


Richardson. ■.• 
Burton ..„»., aII..-. If 


Capt. W. Tapley ...... »f tt 

R> Ooatd so St 

W. BL MttflhaU %\ tl 

Gapt J. Hbmfby' ..... |7 SB 

•Uff>ast U Bwfft ... tl IS 

Z<V Bteaaon ti SO 

MKMStttna tt it 


IS— 7B 
II— Tt 
It— 44 

List of otflclala for eyents: Section 
IWuteas. H. M. Redpath, president 
V.IJ^A.; Frank W... Stevenaon, hon. 
prealdent VJLB.C.; Arthur SCanaon. 

I prealdent B.C.A.A.U.: A. J. XJallala; 

I referee, Dan a'aulUVaia. captain J. B. 
A. A.; starter. Chief WllUam Roberta. 
Sonsbaeai »ln i sB seps t % XM XHlMir- 

«er. i.imm:.i^7^'-~^- • 

Bectlhn,.,! Istslf eaaaas, novelty 
erenta. atfc'-^ f e d la ^ J. tintlen, V. I. 
A. A.; Hkrnr Sfeitfae. J.B.A.A.;: referee. 
Harry Boyd, V.LA.A.: stewarda, Tom 
O'Oonnell. W. B. Dttehburn, p. Orubb, 
Aostln Albany. L. A, Jmltb. K. Cel. 
pitta. C. M aa ed a t Al* Wl**: starter, 
ex.chief 4||o«aai Cfapar, 
announasr*. dNifc j . Hh/ML^ 

Ncrvr bcmg erected in Vjaocoiii^ it ihe 


t) «o 


. s 

BHtisii ra (liii) » e» B n».«i...^^ i«ad 
Brttsdi ra aaaa>i»4T>-i9ar dtaa.,. aara 
- — ^ vs (ittt^«9ir *a^ fwa 


ito (ttta)i««sv la, 

The poss profits o^ thead boada may be conaMiff^ 
ably aagnientied, asidd^^f^ the iacrease in principal 
contingent upon the i^MNrecj^ o| m^^iin^, by aUow- 
ing die cmtipotw to acdimBliMd siich time aa* it 
attbdtantial ipu^|>j)»a pladd lii Mi^. fra^or 

AUol^ ah^ bptidhi aid turn deWag at or aaar 
par ia tba tjwui t tf t a e m i cia iii d ^ Xateret^ is payable 
«iu a rt w|y la New York at Hia tate of e|Dchaage of 
the day. la normal ifaMa iMK'bbada tbo^ aall 
cemiddaably above par. 

We hare no heaitatioo ia raeoouacodiBg tlfe abora 
Baads, and will be glad Id pardMBa ai^ of 1M| ||^ 

:i 0(011 


4. THB TAX RZncraOH 

oily attraetive, 


•a^ — Jt«a*at — Tfatll 
O oai p »a< a» Jw tMraiii w Ootm- 


x^railiTB; Mia tt..rJriia 
s aeat » liegt^ OB VHday. when aoite a 
laniO aaaUiar of tannls enthusiasts 
<«**ed out for the inltlel camos. The 
at. John's Ohureh oourt was very buoy., 
aaaay of tho members tunUaa out. 
Prora all appearances, Judalag' kir the 
form ahowa at the Initial praette*; the 
dab wia aava a hlgWr aaeeasstoi paa- 
eon. ArraaawMaiB are. already to hand 
for tettavaidipi dtMb- ebtalda clubs, 
while the difSata soounltteo have made 
aiaple proflBlsa ' f*r eluk teuraameata 

Of aa ifada.: - 


The TTjdttd dsftlee Oolf Cl^flt oAclals 
announce aaether mixed foursome teup« 
nament to be played on the>BMuUaalt 
Uafcs on Sanday. June f.^ilay to start at 
10 a.n). X«dlea will ehoose tIMtfr pat- 
-aera fW this oempatlttea. lalwidfaa 
eempeuton are aaked te sead their an* 

- ;fii .iii^fiiiA...., 


X>t}MOAN. Map tt. Ob Maadap. 
Mar It, Maaalaaa wtU diaar aeuata of 
■ d ibit aad taaala eathualaaid freaa 
iMMi ds'tae OorwkJhau cricket eleven 
aSB fcaafead t» «Met the Naaalmo 
alaren la tlMl attr. aaa the Dancan 
Z4wn 9«anle Club are aeadlnff ap a 
repreoeatation to meet the Namlmo 
Vsaala Olab. Oewichaa cricket will 
be r s pr aasBts a fer Mdism B. B. fuSi 
arard. X. JB. BatUeT. M If. Oan^Sl. 
Un,ma. Bntan. it a. il Oale, e. W. 

" — — " dk a aaiMw a f. Baja. 

Nasa Whtta, T. Q. Randall 
and O. Btepheaa. 

Duncan TOnnia Chib win be rapta* 
aeated by Mrs. B. W. Cdrr-XU- 
W. B. Chrtotmaa, Mlm L. Xler 
IC^B g a ij sm i . MoMB. B. O. 



XttdlaDs taktav part must be ready 
proanpt^ on time, ae in theae eveafa. 
aa well as all others, proaaptaiss Is' 

to be atrlotly insisted on. 


TORONTO, May t&— I9. CHMIaa*' 
three>year.«ld at. Paal waa the sfitar' 
flrat maMBf ^ the Xinafs State, epea 
f9f borsee fooled la Tl|intt, sjt the 
Woodbine t^jMJk here te«sy. NeaHy 
40.000 peraoaa witneeeed the eveat 

Ridden by J. RoaaneUi. at .Paul de- 
featad 14 of the beat 4^fnvdhui 
entered ia the mile aad a aBS*tsv < 
to yaws. The tlms VM lisa n 

°^"* **9aMfeL' 'll''dMiltia^ ta 
priae.of 'T'rjBWr^^ttll Jl 
Oeeraeb n^tt M4s< hp lha 
Jedtey ciah. ; 

Bualo Karch, with Williams up, waa 
aeeoad by four lenatha, and Prlaw 
lahad HUM. alx lenatha liaek. a ' 



X^OMDOir, tl|.-.aaaKMiaoeaaeat ia 
laade that h aaa a as ef mn lainry ta the 
head of Joe Baidhett. the BnalUh heavy, 
welsht boxer, the match between him 
aad Freak Moraa. tlie Aaaerlcaa haavy- 
' weight, aet for jifae 14. haf heea to- 
defiattely poatpoaed. 

A aaatah betwesa Tatar* Tfaiaiss at 
the iMted dtatea. aad Jhamp wna<^ 
Bagiiak Byxarelaht. ha« Boea ar» 
to take plaee ta Leadea. |pi dap- 

fa l THJ i ity ii^^— tlallarato 
►Mwaia ~ tka a«Hal tkree n 


PAXlB, Mar tt. ^lap ia the 
iVortd*a tewB taaala hard aaart oham- 
pioBtfttp tadtehea opsaad tJUs attet^ 
aoon at tiM at. Olaad aladlaai oa the 
oataMsts at Farla. Wmm, Bnpitoh 
aad BpaaiSh plapera competed. There 
was a larae attendanoa, conaisUnv 
moatly of Frenchmen aad Enxlisb- 
lea. Twm tmsrtoana are preeant. 
IMaifa wst o h s a reaaMed aa fel*. 

TMt#il wcstkk if^ •» yptt know, right is tlia iMait of 
tkt busiiidta\cdiitit, Qppotitd thd Htidaofi't Rty Kaw dt^ra^i^ 
adjoining the Birks (jewclery ttoi^* JN^dlll^ B 
block of the Vancouver Hotel* , . ;i ^ ' 

An unusual opportunity is offered you to fnvett in one 
of the - gveatest business enterprises in the Dominion ol 
Canada— the moving picture theatre businett, . . 

The tfaaart. Allan, ^wte ahvady operatd 42 thdaltrda in 
Caaa^ dMijtd to^Jfiatd onp of thahr bdal IImnM of tba 
wliolf' Popi^ilbn in YancouYer, and h(iiri|pJ^lMhie^ cippci^ 
ol two thOBlaad people. ' Tba btul^tbtf om an aotr 
presting woik to cojlnplate tiiit flfm l|NilWi%i;^<dSid inj|iai|iin 
• next month. *' " 

We offer 6% CiiMtfatife IVaf^ 
AliR's Viicmer Tieatre, Liidltoi at Par (HM 
fer skara) with a Boavs of 2SX ia Cobubob S|mL 

Tlkd |300XX» Md of 'FfdfdCf«4 8imi«a4t ,a arvt UMB^ 
both aato^prindpal and dirUftadt^oillt CoeHiM^ fMpHMy. 
U alaiidd vtftBdUr i»'«hd positMi d|»4 i«M tiM addttHty of a 

Thit property consists of a 99-year lease of the valnabla 
comer on which the theatre Is located, and a favbidblai Ofitioii 
on the purchase of the property at any time within 49 yeara. 
It also iaplndef tiie complafad and Inlly eiquipped fhaatra, 
" ^ ^ of abonf eiOQjO^* 

Oii^^^i^<dM|^|Hp^ Shanes yon f«eeiv« Dividaada-i^* 
oqual to tia mIhb on a fo^ 

^ yonr XJommon 9Mt j<M recdite^ a dhdfd of -Ae piout. . 
oC-jiM^eatre. Messrs. /UldB.cppicrvatively caiSiBatd thd' 
Cbmibon Stock dividends at 124^ [«ilt ^bmyt)^ poiola tO 
tiiia return being greatly exceeded. ^ .WmriMr fhd Aidn^ 
t|a^ ,rftmned at the rate of over 17% pv nmm (>n 

' CMr& tiOlMpCftm o^ theae Bhataa yon reeaiva ai ' 
of 10%^'4klO for dvery $100 you pat in. *• 

■ It 


HO OlttPat BEOUBmr 


Ia E Ami a e*. 

strode; BG^ A^p IfmMiTMilfi^ BROKERS 
l^miiim: iidr. VICTORIA; BX. 

Hata) VsiicoaTcr Bldg., VANCOOVBRo B.C. 



74 BacuinrAT . , Kaw Ten 
HAaan Tavir BtBdi^XbiDOAoo 
BaucoxY Hofraa . . 

aC f^MeeftqrdeSatt** 

Oreat ' itollali^ ^haat Baper Deaet, 
rraaea, atad Maiiaia Oaldla-Loreftt^ 
France, beat lady Ttaamaa XadlaiL 
Great BrKala. 


Vf! Brown. In Whleh 

04; , -ow the latter twice wUli. 

to aa hoar «r Kerfkit tise. ait 


^elaaON^ i-ydBlMUa raiitni of ta% or 

_ ^ii^ 

ti^ to caB; orWwtt Wfliiaad te bavp you pi«t r^rr oHu^. 



Vfciata 0(Bcat SOO'll BuC!. 



Tie han wad praeiioaBp 
the aMtsawM%aaad adL 

Bp. naatoa-Hha-ta no aoadklaa*ta 
I aoattoae aad the daUt joaMM 

aAlf PRANCi-^CO. 

JWn Ja ail p, of JTostlaada 

. td Maninai:* 


j ^^iportant Notices, jgmployttimt, Business m Pf^e 





0be Ms (iolinM 


»M«MiM or ;l>r«(«Mt«Mi c^rtU of <o«r 

ui><«r. f i.M pm- niooib. , 
No »<lv«ril»*mn»t rharccd OB oecwuol tor 

|.;.{ia. Jl'Ii<>ii« It. 

llr Uoflic. MaanichtOQ. to Mr. OM 

S»« aoi«« v . 

IPlROUXa— At T*U»^a»Joot, M JOjr 
It. U'Hr. oar «. <hr«mm. o« v««- 


Mk Mar ttii. 

aUUIK—To Mr. Mra. A. 

sTltil rinit Mtrea t. May i$tK * 

A" BliMIM.'' 

the Slat UMt., Jooophlio 
tiMris Grtcc, botovtd trUe of Mr. J. B. 
OMSI. e| .M«^,VM»o»v«r Stroot. «• 
y«om V«h-if two otty. D«>«MMa u mr- 
viv* c^t MaMoo h*t hMbosa, flv« mnu 
M4-OIIO «*iMtetori «laa . om l»rottMr~ ana 
tluM*- atowri^ *n r«*14tM in thU city; 
MM brottior w Vmoowvot. mmI o|t« 
M(b«r wra Otto 

t^a. fotieral will t»ko place oa Tuauay, 
the'^Sttli inat.. at t<M o'elock. 

Kaoda Kuiieral 

froco the 
Cha^m. The ilev. H. S. 

tai tiM Mii« WM.. at Ml 
It, . Almader MeDekc*IL 
; a naClra of ^c^ilaad, and 

irtataM . st^t, 
aged il6 yeara 

a r<-lndeitt of VIctOrU for the paat • 
yaare, H« la lurvivad' hy k'a votliet* and 
'•an aiat^r, Mlaa Vlorv McDougall. A 
"'"^ r, iiuah McDoasall (deceaaad). 
WMb :!)th UattaUon In France; 

mlKKlrlg tn iyi7. 

Ins arc rapoatns ot the '^bom- 
,1 Home, UZi Quadra Street, 
- - the lanemi will take plac« on 
Tneaday, Mar 4lK. at «:*•, Roir. X. O. ink- 

VtUaMClun. ^ ;« • . • 

' ' 

^ftal, Walter Henry Paull, ugtd'tt year»; 
tram in Momeraet, Kngland. aJ\d a resl- 
— B,C., for the j»al S« 

J:ilt*iSr tTtif. "fcttla la «ii«o; 
te^l^e iar 3*0. t. ramwoo*/ 

nrat Baj.«i.i l^*«weh. Tai^a^ 
Xov. P. f I'arKer; a.m.. T"* -^ ...--.^^ 
Oar ralh«ni JM Veara Ago' ; MJj ^gf 

■akool a ftar morning 

CltHatadHohla.^ Ji.o.r. Hall. I«« Bigid 

UTnV -SS^aiSi. oof. 

l ection. I I ^ 

TbO ChliaiadelpWana 

♦rery K»oday, la •:«.... »» •,™ ],_V" .5^^; 


tonight (D.V.): 
fteata froo. 



& Q«3n a^-t^jT Bjjjjrnj;* 

rirat Church of Chriat. B^tW. •« »^ 
4on Ayenua, Victoria. B.C. %'ylJJ"„*!T 
SSR 00 »«»daya at 11 a m, W JtM P »: 
Subject for today. May 
'^'Vody." Teatlmoalal IM*tta 
afooiar avaaing at * •'aloek. 

Coagrogational Church. Raw. Wi j ». 

npaa^awBiwa - a i 

Matmpomaa J»o|k««lat Church, coroor 

of the guporannuatjon FuadVof the MOtl»»- 
diat Churcb. .H«ar Mr. aitnpaoa._,8»l««- 
did muaic; lana ebolct ^VM^y .vUl eaa- 
ciade Mr, Oabimra 4«Uaa M, a»lala$ag. /at 
Motropoutan. - ' •■. ■ ' • - - , 


aiatlMdtot Obaroh, aor«o Ro««. 

Jt^On May 31, at St. Jooaph'a Hoa- 

dom gf tmaoan. 

V. ■ 

lahd and two aiatara ^InT Teaaa^ 
The rcnialna arv repoaing at the Sanda 
Funeral Chap«l and will bu Airwarded thia 
Aftomoon to Duncan, where fuaonU aarrlce 
Will t>c held on Tuatday, Iba tttb laal. la- 
tarnicnt at DUncan. 



dha<^a»»Sir* ^"^^^^l^^^i^^^^^^^^^^n^^^-^ 

par bi 

OOMVORTABUI •••aaaaagar , 
ear, with dHrar, oaiy. |i.fta sar 

■aaaich Peaioaula, 4i imllea drlra 
Braatwoed.Motal. mi« faWl^M^ iff, aalloa S.i 

P aai t aiaa p k mj^ mt f 


> S.I 


AUAViKQ |B oMaaiai 
aroBkoa who baro li 
■Ttlfbona A Co.. Troaaaa 
l>hona •)»». 

^, A Ua eaatomera having bad photoa taken 
^*>' at- tlia Oak Hay Htudio are roqaaated 
to oan Car tbolf aacaihroA aa wa are cioa- 
IBC baaiaoaa and ail negativea will be de- 
atroyed. U. L.. I'rice. 


ly^RtTA.NNiA L.O.B.A. will bold their 

Jtobarta' arokytta. ^ 

daaco Ob JlaBdajr nigbt. at s o'dloak, la 
the Okmnco Ball. Ubnrtaair atraat. 

aaaAM^ A»aaf ' _ —* . - 

Admlaalae SNl, 

\AttuaJtM ' 

> <&»«M«a>ottti Pastor, Rav. J, If. Batty 
paraonage, tit David; phono Mtl. 10 ^.m.. 
elaaa maotlac. It preacher. Rev. B. 
J. D. Blmaaan, at, Toronto. 3: SO, ftabbatb 
School aadWbla aaaaea. preac^ 
Rev. J. U Batty: aubject. -Wblcb* U tlio 
Greater, the spiritual or the Material Feite 
In a Man's UfeT" t:ta. thr- r!br(atl|an 
Forum will study tha qu<»itlon. "Whora 
Poi-B the Spirit <3o After b»>athr' 


Oakiaada Ooapcl Hall, Htllalda eao tar- 

I p-ra.. aekaah T 
I. H. Maynard will apaak, 

Firat Bplrttoal Church, St. JahM'a Halt 

Herald Htreet. Today, 7:S0 p.m., Mra 
lales, paslor. Tho usual <'lrr-lrn will bO 
hold nest week on Tuesdav and Tbaradar, 


New Thought Temple, Hall lit, Pembor* 
ton Block, ur. Butler will apeak at 11 Ant» 

aa "Awakened In HIa UMaeaa." S p.i 
"Tho qoapyl of Cbaor aad Opaleaeo." 

IM ciMatbali 


^. BS ea ln r. Mra. Oor«aa QriMu 
Sabjoet. "t Bald. Te Aro'OtA 

flervica ovary Thonday avoq|ag at I o'dook. 
Stady,. "Laaaoas tn TratJi": Mra. Cady'a 
, book. 

Oflloa, Campbali Bulldlar. 

Houra for eoaauttatlon, Z to 4 every after* 
Bopa-oaaopt Saturday, and by apgajiipaoa t 



rr to work ouialde. wa 

Man aaa wlla oa raa«b. auta 
I ta aaak aad 

Oa bMiaswikVk.: ifooO. aiagaa - A wa l P , O^ X. 

HaaaKaa, BU* craok. SLC' 

arA|(n»--«M(ar (ar .aa aMtHMat 
wW.umm. MarrM wa: aa chlldMB. Boa 
iff. Oaloalrt . 

Carmi oaa 
Box Ja*4. Col«aU«t 

WANTBO — A youag man, able to drive a 
bonw, maat ba sood ciallkeri^ to halp 
Ith cowa aa a targa farm. 


r. \» naip 
Box s»», 

♦••ta*— •M<*«» 

. iaa«:^Baiaty 9M to fts* 
^ auBd. AJi graduataa piaood. 
fair olaaa aow beiag (onsad. Send for par- 
torott-sbaw laaUtifka, .Mabartoa 

itooaa aad Fort i 


Vtetoata Ha« 


jUfjp v au r i f jar tytvr* ter tm CMVpor^ 

arbota tkara 

Oaloatat. . . 

LADT, - oapartoMM tra\.H*r. 
with Travellanr AM Boelatr. 
for t ^ yoarA daalraa raapotealMa 
C, X>dU». QNodiat O«oa. 

\nXtniM-AamD waaaa 
ilt aa okportatodad boMafc 
gaaUooMA 8a« tiTl, Oai< 




: oo a 

V>A.p. daairea position la doetar'a 
• tlst'a ofllce. or would aabotltata duHac 
bolldaya. Boa IM, Ooloaiat. 

(^TBNOORAJNMll i«alr«a efllea poaitloa. » 
O yaaia oapatkwaBa. Boa Cotoakrt. 

IX/ANTBD—OMklag by day fsom I 
▼Y aatlt • p.m. except 8aaday. Apply 


Calealat Boa Sif 

WANTBO— Waabing or doaalns, 
a weak, SSc boar. Box ll»tS. 

> daya 


aoO aad WBll-rctla« aa« 
ataaata ooUvaaod. Pboaa IM. 

AUkXtr win Mil aad buy aU y»ar btgh. 
ojaaa aaaa-aS ciotkioa Spaa 

rboaa Mra. Uuat mA< 

A COAT ar 


ALWATS aatlataetofy~-R0B»avaU by Oar- 
tar Co. PtMOo Mas. irarMt«r< ptaaaa 
aaagago. IretabC / 

GlHlt wanted for reiraaltincnx slaad. Ap- 
ply tiorga IJrldge HelreaAmenl titand. 

GlfHt Wanted, light bouaawork, eveblnga 
Xraa; »M itar. montb. fitoao »7aiU 

LAOIB8' Strawa ro' 
took like new. 
Broad and KorU 


NL'RHU wanted for two young chrlldren; 
muat ba reliable. Phone 1S70L. or call 
1517 North Hampahlrc ■ Koad. 

OFFICE rent free and aalary, . MO per 
month to capable peraon In exehange 
for light aorvicea: would ault atenographer; 
ooBiraJ location. Phone (9 or 


fur altar* mo rod. la 

piAMOg^ ^ 
wSf' 1)11 J ■ ^^^^ ^ ""i'* 


pfRlVATB aiifaaa'aani' fli ta"ilf V^^aUL 

X Learn without leaving home. Deaortp- 
Uve booklet acnt free. Itoyal College of 
SeloaeOi Dept. 08. Toronto, Canada. 

RABPBBRRT and blackberry plckera 
waatod fOr Hatalo lalaad. Board will 
be (araUbad at laaa tbaii ooat. Ooo^ ac- 
conwadatloa. aad blgtacat pricca pdid for 
piektas. Bead at aaea for oontraot aa4 1>o 

|k7AMTB».^WMo^ aca ttiirty. aa^aataat 
vv hoaaakoeitor aad pTaotloal aarao^ de 
alrea altaatiOn with good family. Could 
care for iavajid or act aa hoaaekeei>er fo 
widower. Vbrir boat Jrof aroneaa. Addt 
aaaarw^SWIta /. UM Ti^ltli^ AianaTw. 
VaaaAivor. ' ' - 


^;^ANTBD by oxporioaood laifadry Tirmaip. 

washing at homa. 
Taunton Street, City. 

Mra Qraaa. liM 

WANTBD— Pnati;oB aa taaitrfaik 
perience, or IMh>. ^■aansaaat 


ANTBO for 
Ba. y^iet^*^ 

•laa.oatMtlM. , r. 


Ing. plain aowlas; 
ty day 4r at bona. Phoao ••atU 

DRUSHMAKINO— Boyr daita made from 
Icft-off men's aulta. 1 110 Cook Street. 



DRBS8MAKINO— i4Mliaar 
dreaamaklng, 118 Stmo 

euro' of a place. H. W. Hall, ijatalq, 


I l a a t i 11 wi w a h l p; - PRTUtBP pa r aa a - w aa i bd aa na 
M»., riiagal ■difoaa. iMt drea'a Aid Hom^i. Opo canal 

II apaak. AU aaloisiii- . aanaeg radgoaalbmty. p^^rnp |a1 

light waahlag, 
Bhofil Bay. 

«ar hatnaatark^ ^nd 
i hoara dally, morning: 
Phono SO«R. • 

STKNOORAPHBH*— Bmploymaat depart* 
maai: troa aervlea, Caaao aad xagiatac. 
Valtad tVoawrttar C»; 1.14.. taa Port St. 
Pboa* tfta. 

WA>rrB]»-^Kl4arly ia4r .aa <^mpaaloa. 
awft fea^ in A ooaatry bacna. FkmUy 
oV tta MlptA ataat hava rofaraaao. PM»ae 
ca.MK, , , ■ . 

n74)«TBl>--Oioak<s«ioral, family 
V V goOd wagea. Phono It IS. 

of 3: 


'AMTKD— OIri for dally help, 

near Wll« , 

itraBaaelr: boara .10. to <:*0: houae 
WiM(aa. »»0. JP>o »o MMt-i. 
aajm ■ 

■W^^[^>aap' old. Mrs. 
Terrace Ave. Phone 160 

aanao for 
Bowaer, tOdl 

WANTBi) — Womaa or girl to aaaUt ''J^Kh 
housework; plaia eooklag. Phone 

Flrat, corner Quadra and Flagftrd Htreela. 


at both aervlcea. 

The minister, Rcr. Jno. OibsOti Inkster. will 

Morning, "Tho 

, . _ Evening, "Oood 

artia: Can Tfiay teve a Man?" la con* 
Mdtiaa with merauis anWeot, pinaae t'ead 
BomaaA cfckyty a. Com e and welcome! 

hot I 

Socret of a Happy Ufa. 
Warka: Can fiSay ' 

iltO OBAIflTB ST. 
ntUNB t««a 


HEAD aad Bbelbourn* Street 
•Now achodule oommeacing May 
weak-days o«jy.- tcut thia out.) 
ova Cliy for Qorioa Head: 0:ao, s:00. 
: U>ava for Sbolbodrae St.: I:0e. a:SO, 
ItiU, imiii, a:»0, a:OI, a:Ot. L.eave Ruby 
Md.:.7»i«, atia, 10:S0, 1:>». 1:00, 4:0», 6:3w. 
l.cave 4«ordon rfoad: lOixa. s:4». •;45. 0i>e- 
olai SatVitiay oVsMils triM Ueavo Oordoa 
Mei^l fltir iJMMVa Ba»y B4.1. tt«f» AtA 
l«SVa tka Ctty?^iao,.»:M. Mat oho 
for Uordon need. City termlnui: The Owl 
Vtuit tMvra, (.-orasr uouglas aad- J'pbaaon 
Mt. At Uordon Head. .at the Store, comer 
i taby Kd. and ghelboar|ia St 

JW- VOitMAiaii, PalatlLL Baiaomlatas, 
a alA. ha* maVad lis xCU Oavaaamaat 
Btfaet. FboBo lift. 

LODOB Briuaala. ttO, UO.B.A. will bold 
a special mooting at tho OVANro .Hatl, 

Courtnvy Btreet, on Monday, May aOtA, 7 
o'cio<;k- tharp. By order of W.M. 

I ovuti Primroae; No. la D, 
arc reoueated to attead 

aad ll.0.ii.. 
tha JkO.B.'B 

cbSrcb. ,«^tvlce to be held at ChriaC'C&iirck 
^ttydtlal. aanaay. May ta. »:4> p^t^. 

MBMBMKS of Lodge Pripueea Atexaadra, 
0. ^ M. of.&, maet at Oj«t Sunday 

over*-' ' ■ ~ . - . 


.VfiufABr aw, Prineaas Alasa 



O'^lNd la.tlia BM* of Nova Scotia hav- 
rng pta^jhaadd Mlaa Uatob'a preaent 
preialaea aha la now |ptMa« at har aaloa. 
701 TataO Bireat, aU aaw aad froab mil* 
liBety,.from aioek. at bis roddotloaa, «nar 
to retaoval on June 1, ta saw iwaMiaaa la 
VaMIBMa Moial Balldias. " 

KRAI. JBatate Agrnta tAj 
Richmond Avenue tS 

Kilh Brett * Ker, Ud. 

St. Andraw'a Preabytorlan Churetr. To- 

^V'.J*^' ^- I'*""* Clay, D.D., 

r"".'^**^;w •wWact. The Holy BplHt 

•l-''iL^J""r''-. Dofender of tho F«Uth and 

mS Brt JPM^. 9:ao i^m;, Saa4ar kcbool 
F mP*!*^ aabjeot. 
w— ir.^=* Staadarda in Bumnes*.-' Solo. 
Hr, .Ar»kwr Oors. ' 




h„fV.'°.T!i**ii."'**!.''°^' Chareb, comer Hum, 
boldt and Blanahard, Rootar, Rov. A. tXeS. 

SjvVoe, 7:M""""f .-r^.. "'••^ 

nrAMlte»i>-Ftt«t alasa 
'vY M9hi)t ■ . Oc' 'flaki 
Poat QtBoo X 

WAMTBt^Tovas saatla^aflkaa, wit}lBS 
to undertake upataira work and full 
charge of two little boys, who are at 
achool during mornlnga. Must be willing to 
go to Btates.' Apply Colonist, Box ISO. 

WANTBD— House parlormaid. 
Rocklaad Aveatie, or i0tMnti iW 

10 a. m. and altar 7^p.m. 


auras or auraery 
govameaa, for two yooac otalldron; ta 
go to Call f ornU. Mra. Crlto^rtay. OUT L. 

WAMTBD— Good jaaarsl. . ta «« to CaU* 
•"mla. M raBJ»tM>l*i»._ 

YyANTBI>— Woman to ^tadk attar Invalid 


aad keep hooao tor t wo. Pboaa atoaR. 


ANTE?1> — Exi>erlenoed 
E. Freer, 710 Fort Street. 


Phone lilO. 

Faflowshlp m**ting every Frbtar it i 

&J2*<ii-,^"*'**"*' Tuaada>a. at p.m. 

ROadlnr room open on Tuiadaya, Th«t*4aM 
»"<« Saturdays. 2:10 . to *:$• uiu^SS 
laa, Pamberton Block. ^ 


400 Belmoat MaSas. 4 ■».> 
Will .peak OB 'VflTWar Mi 
Ijc Invited: Dlaoumioa «A 

WAMTBZ>— Aa oaparleecad waltrosa. Ckrl* 
top Calo, IM Broad. 

J lX7AJnrBC>r-nA saad aaeMI «lirL;«a 
▼Y bolp:- aaa loikl ataad S^, «4 . 
preferred. Appir ta« iP^.MMBi; it 

oiiix .- , - ' ...r. > , 

WANTBD — Refined peraon to keep houae 
for a weeks. Apply 13t< Pandora Ave. 

WAMTBD — Truatwortby motber'a help. 
Apply 1741 Dboheaa Street, ovealaga. 









QOiO. salaara 


.tjjM^.^ »-r.. — . lAfcaaaia for 

id'at BjBhL 
-1 "WakoaodOl* 

BVBK'FAMBMaBH aaoa far 

Ma^daar CImt i 

Tlt» hMtkkf Aaxlllary) St. Andrewa and 
CaUdBa d S H, ft****/-^ .RoguUr meoting, 
Frkfayi lld# ilttp Oatedonia Hall. ^* 

HmTi* «al 

aart, aadA 

80PKICAL. BOCIBTT. iH Haliaant 
>lo4toe. Open for loformatloa ra taaat* 
M leading library, i to f p-m. 

YOXm old Mtta Moekad and cli 
laek Ilka aow. Vtatoria Hat raatory. 

.Hroad and O'art atrosta. 


fTbrfc Ohardli Oaibedral. frMtaaA4ay. 
Oaasmaaida. 4 slWi-.' 7 a-m.. t akid. aa« 
(al>an«aa4>^ MaaMa at 4i ^m.-. 

at' ROotar. 



•laaa* aim ^aarwon kr 
> w kWa aaday mas4« 

aaf4jSL*walOMML^ aar- 



fi44 ».« 

-»■► n< M«V. M. T. 

A. n.A.. 

_ IhMT 

t-r»i - • HWOMlofi. II. Kundar 

waiW*e< I a* Kvrntaa tirayor, 

•a. arary-a, Varaa Bireet. f)ak «»y~ ~i 
t^i»^ Hair CeaamisMoii. 14 a.**.,^ Jtef*- 
<'•**• <• Bs4a n n 8«r«*t. II a ■«.. Ifa«>n*. 

■>-*«ikIo« arvd ii~ir»>r.n : lli f> riv 
»as and 

A WOMB.V canvaaaera for. Western literary 
. PMor. salary or commlaaOoa; • ai>i^ 

eaokat doak-vaaarala; oampaalaa halpa. 

DiaoONlSMS— "A recent ad. aaid:^ •Job 
attractlva to4ro 41amon4 rlnf.' It SMyM . 
alt Tight, the hoinely oaea don't us'nall#^ni 
'.•JS;" „ DIggon'p. Printers and Ktatlaaorsi 
laiO Oovemmeni Strvet. Weddink InvltaT 

- rbl Tori 

Sltab 'i^'diarf 

>ellam, with doafrla aaveloaos« «* atiaaet 
^•■■■^ . otdok Of tesltab \^dii 


AB^pLUTBLT no aio4 io bo witboat a 
■"•Jab. Too caa ears monof with us While 
ISSJTy* ••••nwfcile meohaaica and Ura v "i- 

TSI^T^ *'"f i footer school. 
M<U Blaaabard aad Fiagard Bta. • 

!!S*,5i,«K.F!W »«rtr tata^M 

rt aC U *aa 

A»». CtooolaadU O. 


*»d^**- ^»*' 
101 ! Oovoraawat Street. 

'ate* .itraat. 

FlHST-GjUM l>rsaBaakla»**«f. 
liaa Wadora. Pbo^ asotu 

AI>E-TP ready-to-wear houae d 
and voili/ middy waiata. bungalow 
aarona; good style. 1400 Blanahard it. 

gOFiA Tloned. 
naara treat. Pbaaa ddi>x: 

Aroaamaker. iitt BkSka^ 


V. MILTON— Private 
040 Fool Bay 

talttaat • aU 

EMail* BBBB — — — V- ArtiiliiBmL 
w. a wiatarbwdL mJtMmSMPSSSm f 

Rulldins. Viotarta. Bui ' 

T>BITA11B taMbM aa edBStaaaaaA laaaiMP 

Sayward Bids. 

SHORTUAAiD Sebodl. toil Oavotameat 
Str«et. Sbartbaad. lypawittlas; b ae k - 
hteping thoroughly taaSat; ja raj lMgsa JB» 

Ing good positloaa. 
cipal. PIfooe 174 


Pbaaa ai4t 

Mia «aki 

VKltMOK Fra#a*aa(«ry 
a.0. . Baya. T-l*., ;«rsaac ta bai 
fralt raaab: two tralaad ahraaa, if 
(Rovd.!' Aasaatlae Macfcla, iLO, 
'Uaatao >. KMdniaater. 


V;|7ANTBI>— September, far Otria* Prorata 

aoaa. We caa take Mveral puplla; aa tea 

lat te 
We caa take i 
charged. Saad appllcatiooa fir eaii: A. B. 
Raady, o|o Randya Marsary. Clpvardals 




m B'A.X. 
tas UA.B.> 




faack Sti o a s 
able to milk. 

WAMTBD— SvavyaiM to aiijay tiM 
raaaa aad eotbllaratlaa of a evp of 
gaod eOBee. Flrat aeeontlal la a good blead 
of roaated coffee, that means Jameaoa*B 
ColToe. Jameoon'a Coftee la roasted, ground 
and paoked In Britleh Colombia. Sold only 
la .t*poand alytigbt. ntolsturo-proot paok^ 
ages, .raar srocer will gladly aopply 

\ftTAMittt> oa a chicken 
vv capable glfli moat be 

A« OMariy mttt Wlahas anjplaymeal on 
raaekf aaa kol* With ttioat anytblak. 
choroil, alaahing. gardanlnr. etc.; thnr. 
oughly reliable; references; close to Vic- 
toria; small wagea. Box '.'t(. Colonist. 

AUTO Mechanic wantv position: private 
company preferred. Colonist Box 00S(. 

A OOOD Idea — Pleaae eat thia out and 
pin to cover of talopbaao directory — 
Brigbtea your homea aad lot the aunahlne 
Into your hearu and lata year Uvea. Clcdn- 
llness la next to godltaoaa Don't worry over 
yuur Rpring eleaaing, ladles. BImply phone 
114, ProolBcial Oavanuaent Bmploymoat 
Offlet^ aa d adit; .f ar Oaydon , (elaaa "D," 
koaarablyt ' "ra^aataA ' oalttaOeor, Canada), tha 
handy man, and the vary particular man, 
and he will clean- out rangea, and will do 
aay work la and around the kaaae. Bvery- 
thias ekearfttlly. aad. aatlsfaotatll* ^Mi'lar 
only aTeflit* ate haay. ntoMT mImFIiIib 
p.m. • , •■>■. . ; 

oat Biaaabarf fctroet. pba.»a Syia 

A.H.T.C.U. solo harplat. 

puplla for piano, 
014 OUvor Street, 

harp, tbrory 
Oak Bay. ~' 



J|||Ba . B. SBMPIJa — Plaaiat aa* 

ffkro/ for oxamtaatlaa If ^ dMSNSf" SSt 
IteboU Stt«*L Pbeaia atO t. 

ZsLsBS ' 

PIANOFORTE Lsiweas Tbeoratleal aM 
practical: beglaners reoolved; ooasaHA* 
Uoas T«es4ayA Frt4aya. a ta t a'atott. 
Pboas oaiOX. at&i^leo Cos. tilt Bdrtk 
Haaipakira Baa4. tj^il Bay. 

'DBOro Bttidia aa4 wattlsg room. Apply 
IT CaiSorao iBvaatment A seooriuea CO.. 
LtA, IM Maody Block. Pboae 4700. 

block, sU-room haaba, 
residential part of olty, alao poaltry raaefe: 

extra lot ta boat 




diork. timokeaper, , aSarekoopor; 
rrferenoea. Advertiser. 10t7 
BOveatli Aveaae West, Vancouver. 

OardooAas— OarOias piaatsd 
•wd kaW>an' ardar: oa astoloa Sha. F. 
Fi BAWaaa. Fbaao 1«T OslaattA 

TTKIHtiT reapectable young maa (tO> 
iM>.MB<a poMUoB of aay kind to 

■to'a fnralablaga^ preferred: bad m| 
iOBsai caa gtvo ro f s r oaoA Fkaaa W4fe 

'WiFOISTINa englaooy, B.C. 
JZl. far eagsgaroeat:' wltli , ... 
year*. Apply Box IfO. OoloBlSt 


POHITIO.V waata4 aa cbaaCear In private 
faanlly: had experience In handling 
cdra. — " 

RAMOR ^$o< ^ rovnm maa. 

Waald Mia oorreapoa4eaeo wltb aleo 

SHBlNrtl. mofsbdf 4lissb TotatHm, 
«aata paatKkm ta VwtoHA Ftf- 

exchaogo for Victoria, acreage, houa« aad 
iota, or poultry aad frvlt farm. Apiriy 
awner, 11401 ii4tb Avoauo, Wdaiasta^ Ai 


Mayaa. islaMb M 

OwnaH'-'W. al^rog a ss OMdara kwiae. 
wttk iWMto Aid dWVkaa t n mo i o» two 

lota In Oak Bay, would exchange' faf garilir 
cleared acreage, with good buUdfllSA Bdt 
far from Vietorta. coloalat 6^iWf!r ■ ^ 

rno trade bt. Fifth; iuimioi'n*. is. aiaak 


-tOfgn AIAR W a unt ptio *«ra 
<l x^a^. aad #ai Mod. Act na aaaa) far 

B.«y • tt-Bod wa tffsot. 

X1BW Motbod iMbdry; 

way. S4tft*>f itartk 
i.eaa. Bapart ' 

CLtfB Houa«. FatWia Bf i Waar^ root* 
^donce. tnaa sfcael^ far radl. FInmso toX. 



HARBOUR Hooaa, OaasoA Itolt Sptl|kB 
lelaad— Ideal Hammer roaon. boatim 

A Cana 

Ap9iy 4a 

IFA B T HBI I IB— >t»a 



lb la 

r<rr ItgMI •errloaet 
r«n(ral loratiaa. 

aad macaaisa U- 
plat* drawlas, 
taagltt 1% a law ma A tba by "^r fr^^w pra. 
• B»« fa«emea la tbM« r. 'trtien- 
Ura (r»e. 401 R. .C Foraaaaaai lmka nMa, 

►ark Street. 

Cslaalaty. . , . . . . .. , 

FBW ptooea oi («n^t«ni fitr aalA tkaae 
bade, MMrtt h aasaa,,. ataapa^ aow.' .tafefat 
obalai. fltaya,, aovia .iiistf 4rt|i0eA FbatMi 

7011R. ^ • ! 

flowarA PlantA -and 
M. N. Radd. Buoak 
MArket staltaL 44, OA 

AV--lot» of 
fSBlt la 


A^ bugsjr. IB 

Bala— <A 

rboas sets. 

TjM>R Bale — fiotgkd bottom roW' 
A^elaaa coadltioa. l^n« 7«0R 

:il Doastaa 
oQuare dla* 

FIR Barsalas try U Bayer, 
•treot. Oak kallataad. ItSi 

taS.taMA 414: Brwaaela carbet, aw by « 

S?Bii*r0*^oi* v-r«v-a 

stove. fl4: t*vlng cook, atove. 
OetarakoOr mnttraaa. Ilka new. 

used twioe 


XilOR Bale — Lady'a riding ault. 
A; Phone itIO. between nine and. 

1?ttm^lTURk— Pttone 747 'If yoa tmvo ASy 
r 10 eeli: 

will oati at oaoo, 

R Bple — Black pluah coat. Urge else, 
good coadlUoa: tai. Pboa* «4TX. 

A WOBD to the 

ALt. klade of 
by Veteran 



barf Street. 



ARTTCIiBiS for Bale— a amaM aad 1 largo 
tent, ches*. Apply it Boyd Street. 

CHA|4<?RI4iP^ . .w 
Wltk Kaak Walar' Fraat . . 

Thia Baasd.lg'F^atteffji^ ■* Oaad aa Haw. 

«Acri arovB ivoBB ' 

4tt Valaa -aMxH > « 

p^Sf, Milky aad UnaU tr«ey6lo; (1. 
■Pi rmrt Btre et. 

TlHOCf^iKl Mammoth. Cauliflower, VeteHsA 
■A> Autumn OUnt and E«-»t uf All. 01 per 
100; Lettuce. Haaaon- Imyrovcd, tOo per 
100. all traaaptAdtedf Gabbage. flrat add>eat 
earty 40o per IM. sar TUwd, Ms*«ar 

U"«r**» for aalsr^4«5baga. R«5ly 
Dw|UPf Torlr; red «abba«e. BrassOl* BpnoatA 

the. fi 

t-4aabiod. ate 

Brnn cbhcaf ia ai condition, 
Island Bkoltaaso. U1 Fort street. 

aST salted Aiasaaa codBaa, 


£> Borlaa Baa. 4 Iba 
Jabasoa StreaC. tws 


causbi la 
^aSa^ At 444 

glBp-BBTH HwTf Bafsaa, mm awd 

r' .felsii'ekairs and oommode chairs, 
f aelo'ctlon, from $1.(0. tH Fan* 
o^n till p.m. 

V-/ rScordA alao 


graniopbone w|tb itfteaa 
victrola with twaaty*taur 
choice,. laT; - 

Bteao. tkt A 4ast 

Crookary. «a> Jg H j a w^ ..^ ..y , 
fcfbby basi*. 'ai' *5C: 

7Tou:.APStBl48 .. 

V> cheap, for aalck sale. Phone SOOOR, 

FIREPROOF starasa At iiasaaabla ratoA 
cartage. ahlp^Mk - -aaiMas. ■ MdklM 

Hudson Bros. Pboa* WMML. 

TTIOR 8afa*-~Cabiaet pboaograph, 
" VIetrola. aa good .aa new, with 8( 
eat recorda. A bargain, till.. Phone 01Z4U 
or call at lltl Haultain Btreet. 

I (at 

PUMBp Oak cxtoaalon table, 

pedestal ; 

bandaomo doners, real leathwr- oeated, 
it4^ brasa bcdatead. aprtas and 
matiraaa, oblt^onfer, twn dresaera, kitchen 
oablaot And comfort, eoasoleum aquare, 

morala^ ,. •' • . , . . ^ 

HJte'B saio>-4ibot Oaa. bainiBariosA ii 

ff^a^a. D.B.. aa7.M! rtlftA |4?44 0*1.. 


44.44: large Kohaer A«dOl«on- slWoiP 
ited. t:i: Baascb Priam Flald^laaa 4 
. .^n i7a: Banjo and Caasi AlT.tOi OuUar 
aaa Caae, 414. Coraot, complete with at* 
taehm«wta aad «*ae. laAiO;- aUver moanted 

•1.74: Split Bamboo Rod*. M-ti: Type!^ 
wHtora lb good order, a <0 aii,ch; Waitbam 
ai-jewel. Vanguard model. |>S: Cobbler 
Sots oomptetA 41*70: Salt O a s sa BI* 

eyolo Oater TlroA ia.ia: iataerTHbOA 4i.Tai 

... - - - „ ^ 

ta' at «a» alskt; 

T«o. Wo otdok 
parts to flt aay b*cycle. Jacob Aaroaaoa'a 
New o^ 6oooad*Uaad StarA (01 Johason 
Street. Pt.on» tH. 

'amoua /XOUDBS oak i«U*r-top' deak.' tao. Oddy'ai, 

a 'IB -Vt-T jai f vau g u street. 1 wr' — 

SAJ^lko;1Sioi^^ „ 
WoolSeokA tipi OverallA T«o. 

Uu^aoa'a Ray 


5UITAR and aav .dtw« for dMk"tta^'^«4<. 

/'XBAND Bargalos— ^by carriages from 

HUDSON Bros., ter faraitara Hi las, 
sklpplag. cratias. atarasa. at ir4BaMa* 
able prtoos. kfo kniw bow. pWsas W^t 

HAND ' Sewing 
718 Yates. 

Maobine snaps. aii-Hi. 

l^lAMPIxa StavaA temiA . otaatn, aad desk 
yj cbalyA Apply ;i49a Broad Btraat 

CyitUVLintt quaiing nau of Iba pnaotpal 
/ boanoo la Vioioria aad Vaaoodvor- falaadt 
alao ilaia of owaers o^ automobUoa aMS 
truaks la Viotarta aad utlar fiiMUMeu mt tfea 
MaM. la BMtttea-wa ju^^ liata 
(far «ka vtiMoaT OaaadA^- M mauuMocar* 
otou .w ^ leaale ra , retail etoraA kotoU. »1Ua 
aaA arofeeaionat mwL 

jiBWTpN ADV^^-insiKa AGENCT 
•alto 44 Wlach Building Vistona, 
<Batabllabed llO/> 

HipAVT sold onaa»o» atoel bed. aprtas* 
relM adca felt mattroaA'twp drespsta 
to matok. irory flae sroea carpet and twa 
baavy oak rocking chairs. Cushion, very' 
elaaa furniture of one bedroom; wUl taka 
alio for all, or sell separate. Write tor 
appointment. Box atS Colonist. 

rF yo«>a !*•' 


l«a B^TION ST. ' 

Bmr <ii nu. a: 

TMB pbbs 

— appoala 


irtOX A DOIMAU apeolallota la 

aad motoc repaltias. asrt t a bb sa r d arsa* 
Baaa, aaiiraw isst*UM|asaai BtoMsa .Aaia 
gy iii Ba a rowooad aat s iada ai isir Bott* 


OF. ABBBt— Anpreas aad dsUvorr 
• tsa aMtor truck, baggag's aad frslskt 
aa l ta r tad. abecked and atalppod. taraltIHa 
raaMv*C roaaaoaOla rate*. M , lars la 

reaaaoabla rate*. 

laa «rmi( 

aartal aad CaaadUa *rmiae. 
liao Caaasew St.. 

fbooe o«oa 



aaw««A_fivaa Bvvqr. 

■•Bdis(p(v jpa^ ,,<Bw 


'baao 0400 if yea aa*a 
. faraitttfo yoa wlsk ta d up oat sd. 
Ow i s p ssasatauva wtu aab -aaB oaer aa» 
telaad EaokaaBiTTf*. Fart a*. 

-jTbomfiait ihaaba aoid op 

JLr moatbly paymeata. Tia Yai 



ENOLI8H pervittibulntor, 
new. iii. I'liotio i;^&L. 

grey, gaod aa 


141 T 

■BttsRi' Ida 
QaadiA St. 

plaaob- tSHi 4|4^'«i^s|li^ 

!(«OR Bale— Majeatic range, elk boloa, la 
. good conditiob. Arpix Coitinaoa. St: 

Pboa* ia»R • ^> 




for aalA llve*roomed koitos: 
>e reated; . gardea, PidalkNi. 

jairk iMT^sl^h ataiita; 
ilag muir of auaaiaa Sable; 

ly Telephone 4104. ' 

KITOMBK daakdo*!^ 
T47 Fort atr4M< ■ . 

LlSTBN~«Hits «a ardor. 444 apt 
to wear, 111 up. Cleaalac, nriSaina wo* 
modeling, dyeing. D. F. dprfakllak, Tallar, 
McOrasar Block. Fkoaa 4144b 

..AOniMp' lB4ilaH«-««Mr 

oalia at a 

T . 

B>oderata pale^^ Flaaa a 

Ith Tibbatta 4 Oa» 


diBoaoe. VP to M4. 

stroag, free 

Apply . Baa tltA 

LADIES' and gentleataa'a Bprlag auiu 
made to order at SdSV. jaaflMAta prl« 
Imparted tweeds. — =irA«=- 
TIbbatu A Co.. 

LADrV bleycle 
Broad SUoet. 


aalA 'oM^iil .'' <id5 

-Ijf AHOOAMT laMa 
■WA r sss rd s; 

aaac. nSaad 





747 " 

artth 44 

planoa _ . , 
Oary A Taylor. 710 Tatea. 

MAHOOANT aattee, upbolaterpd in atlk. 
bargalA I10- Oddy'a. 1117 Douglaa 
Btraot. 1 block below Uudaon'a Bay Bids. 

^•."^^MnCver^LJM SH 

liralST^Ball at oaoo— QkMo syaad eodotirt 
■W iplaao (koriod ws|Bi4i>,: ejoctrlo ran«a. 

hoataifa. ahimlnam roadtar, carpenters' 
:oaiA oak bedstead, loe toass, graanopboae, 
»oaii, masle, Faaetaaiotay (eya teater>. 

I am going to soli. 4(4 Oarbany RaaA . 

worn M^a M MmcmJ i^k whtmct i« 





camitura, ter partOA dialaa aaa 
faralMPA aBa 

WtMOOW«L .4sat% lal 

gratoA IBaA' Orar or eoaaii 
oolve caralat >lt4at4sA. The 
Uagioa Luaabar OB. lAd.. ta«to««^ 
aad Hiuaidoi aa^Naiu; PioaataP 
PboBoa aosi aad 444, 

WE buy. sell or eaobaaso fanMti 
aay klad;- Wf«:'Oaai5.,B4jr^ifa,5;APMfja 



WEE HcOregor 
only out aO oorda. 

dras aaw, 


yy TM T otes. 

^ager macbtai# 

I'honr til. 

enamel iron ' foUfiag oat, 
wool miMtroas. aA cpod as SOW, 414.I4. 

v V wool miMtroas, aa cpod as IW 
Island toxchaj^fce. j«7^ort dtfoot, 


YOVH old felta biaoked aad 
lo«k like aeav VkMarU Bat 
Broad aad Fart StroetA 

^OUR Sprlag ault, ladlea or goaia. fmada 

aaia t). ^ 

-H.P. motor, Ca a adt an •Wootiasfeouss. 
yf\%. 1140 BumMP Stfaat, Vas* 

^5af| volt. 


"Advartiatng la t« buali 
• . aa Btaam |a to 

ADVl|»TlSl>>a * 
— M: A direct Ikdax to the ohAilMlir at 

— lA » affeat, a paraoaaUy sisasd aials^ 


xov CANNOT fi;lfil. 

.a -pei^ttial link between you and 
yo«e euttomer— THBRBFORB Mt'HT 
, — -la a dir«<ct appeal (or patronage and 
mdat therefore be — A COKPELiANO 


by ita appcaraaee aad con* 
through Ita aordlns: aooldF 
qverataManaat Aad exaggeratlfn: IT 


-adMitMrerwAPS BCftfoaient of faetg 

4 »•• *. ' *^ 




AdverUaemcnt Wrltera and Advartlalas ' 
NewapaperA CIredtara, Addrcoeing, »r»maA 
Ratea qootod for l^ooal. DamlMaa SBB'^' • 
.-flifralSA Pabiieatiaaa .-'.l- ^ 

Bulfb 44/ %)iiHrBimdlB4 ' P^aaa t,:(9\l/ : 
ifsa ,aB'.»aai VA4»«a if.u U 

■ mm 

from Friaco, wtaore oloi 

Tau oaa't louob It. Woo Id 
bouybt eome. but duty atoppod BMk 

mora. ~' — — - • . . 

tklaa la 
lid |ao* 

b/2ra2\',iaaL"* np?4« 

A. liAxoA. m' tmrnnnn Binmtf: 

store phone TOIA BaA..M44 »L ^SRl^B 

A LAUk wiu oau mt* asy aii 
aiaaa aaat-aB atafiia* 
Pbono Ura Uaai 44«7 

spot eaaa. 

AMvuntio ptioe M wbat-waBAy fdtAv 
kind of oaat-tf aiotbuMb vmmK* 
aaera a"» timo. Pkop* jmiT , 


\fVlBION oak dialas sultA 4tts 

■i'U. osk triple mirror dressM-, IM-Mi 

Natlaaua caaT *^*'s 

^^3SS6^-^^-FI«.a 441. 

'EL. raelBs yaatn. ai Ot i Oiiia tfa auenas 
' igear, . acw. A . barwatn, IliL 
Bxobange, "74T-Fort' Street. 


.raaw • - 

TJV}R Sale— Beml-bualnesa property. targO 
M> lot with good t-room hOaae, newly kai< 

fireplace, rnodem. godd . 1o«iatloa 

mt sddBiea of sure to dpoat. Bodaced la 

MUSIC .for the holiday. Large aoioettoa 
•taaioakoae recorda «ad Bdlsoa Wua 

ambaroi. rfeSM 9rtap,,da4 Pasdora; a»aa;tlir 
pillk • • • ' - 

meat Street 

OA^ BAT Asctloii riooma — Free delivery/ 
goSd furnlturo. ranges and cprpets at 
lowest cash- prlc*-*. Ptione 7011. 

-tjlOR Salo— A Ford eagtne. reaC^ to ba Mif 
X tata^ar^t, toAtwoiAxo *« In wa^ 

Wyide. strathooaa Lodso. Sbawnlgaar Laka.* 

'tIV>R Bale — Wlaalpec eouob, in toad ooa- 
J7 dItloB, IIA Pboae OoaOB. , 

TTIOR S a l o Oliver typewriter Ma I, Sbatf 
J as BOW, f 44. . «444. 4y BMipO. I ■ . 

Fkaaa a>l4R. 

r plaao 

■alo— Blagar dra^kead. «alM aawt 
stool, oldordown <|uMt. 4 a 
I doaoa ssalers: a'few Ba«1ish blaak«Uf 



R Bale — 'Rleetrtc vaconm cleaaer la 
coed condition, fit. Phone l7tlR. 

'iJIOtt' BnWr*A Very fine toned mission oak 
•T .slaaawrkiy Waber; latoot atodoU Lady 

aacrisea far <alefc aale. 

fJIOR Salo— t*dy> tallaiad salt, oaa* 444^ 
f will «Ml ckedp:,wara twice, aftoraooaa 
aaly. Til Pandora Avo aae, Salt s- 0. 

rabber tired busgy. 


Fart Btroat. 

wlik. tarsa 

•MR, 41*. Islaad ' 


^"VFFKJBR'H Boots — Pair 
Vr Btratbcoaa riding aad 



Mae A 


FCTURBH— Oil palntlnSA fiaa l*t, from 
41. «»» Paadora. . . . - 

DOltTABtiB eblcfcoR boasA now. 4 a A 
XT Apply tta . lrrS^ Road." Fowl Bay. 

fyjAitriTt of ma^i4*ii, laA sm 4x4 
vl used lumbar fot,a4lA dkaaBri44a:Vptik* 
las street. City. v . 

' I' ." ' — — — ■■aAi lj ii f 

It^8!r?Bt^B*i^LUdSSa>*^d.,°^ nd&BKl 


ClTBAM geoefktor gat far aslA ^BaaMy 

a5 ceanecled, 10 . U CW.l 

■ laa. 



lOB battery, laaw/ 40 
Phone ami,. 

t.'«OER BowlaB Macbfaa, 
ilgbt running ; only ItLl 

WfSB Cbard 

IJIOB Bala— A good raW 
r iai4sa . 44>4X . 

TTKMI oH**! aalo— T-drawer dr o p » aad aatr-, 
f aawfclna aad 4 n. baA dfMSB aa^' 
ikaitrasA eboap. Pboae 1 

4B04. m4T, 

very aid aartaaa orgaa. • 
Bdaeo *4 rnrwttara: aad a aew 
Apply on Bsak TaM 

plaatA Ida 
140. Otwws 
aa cat 


lit: bedmoi 
MO; ^ 
lounx*. #14 

Mtap atove, 114: t 
.-40; wardrob*. 110. 

fnrnllure for salA el 

room hoii 

to r«ai 

b«a^ om 
I. Phoao 


tPT Sovoy rabbace aad halo 

Brua^la aproiiia, 14 plaata for 14e^ 
4(1 x^mi^mam Btrooi; itnu . ' 




8tX-JiOMl roMortOar 
i SBSi a i A . Altply j4d4 

rpBTTS sar OUa ASddy lo^ 

AITEMTlOMi -> Mra, Maaw 
• dealar. .or 'Kpmtpom oSS^' , 


Bsdlaast daai 

ptU- ialf bo taou . 

AQUAJSTITT Of furniture wantad for a 
■flvc-rooB»ed boaae. • Colonist Box 111. 

|-\OMl.NiUN JUMX CO.. 1-arker A K«pp«>Z 

^- •Si,.*^ aia^Jsra 

■aaklaory aad laaassa* 
I SCsSna sS iMrB&S.' 

«Ra CdSi^dBSBCSr^iSi 

• ^ 

saaka jaasaflaos — 

mstML rakkar, dt*. 
waTAiyiC .^taaa yofa 

OABH ituCBS paid far aka«^ 
SeA. ea r paatowr i«*|^ 

vallsea, bMta, ma a Mae ry. 
Iry. et«k^ 4aaob ' 

loolA alotbias, 

ITIIRBPROOF atsMBA tfaaiovalA 

wanted. Ursa ar saaalt |dtA> 

f Oblaalst Baa 

inmt 'op _ _ _ 
sto.. pksoa 444fB. 

' ' ' li«dM»0. 'tOWM?'. ' ' - 

tor tka «|ptBss ya« 

T BT w 

■I-' are not 
ladioo' clatblag 
aaea'a oompteta 
proais^y fcs^ 

Man t'AnTE; 
ftr . >^>aab( aad 

0*f a» » »p*n( mif»'m. 
4CTOH14 U 

df** wiib V 

Hat PoclMT 
aU tlia. 

•lU werk w«w 

■d on* roft. 

mad*, br 
aias ( r*»n •4., tM-au 
apprataal sad rals' 

s maAmy ta wm SSt - 

'm- allowad aad moa»y rifdaBid tf 
uaa »tiafo<ton'. AsaHaimiat. iMa ly;'. 


,y *rro Wltb voar oU ttia. Braad sj» a fo<a 

vj|7A4rTiR> M Bay— 'Aa artist's oaaol, 
W A4NF.«*,il » ^)ffpV^ ^ 

WAWTBI^-Bsam iiiiidsitdSB saWBsSg 
l**<n. a*^«t 404 mt. pBmt. Apply MS 

l**<n. a^Ovt 404 mt- 


><ofc dIaOOr 

u t. 


UX/ARTf f- ; ^•»-' ^• '.p eO«ka for 
Vv raaabarbva »)eOb 

••rn «»* 


A-^|iart for Busy Read^g-^House and Business Property for Sale aod: ExGhange r | 

jrr; r^^^ \r^l ■ ""^"'^^'^T^ " ^ . y aja! ^ - ■>>> «. ,r rssar ^ • 

MWt b« clk«k» fin- esak. B«x 

AT Mt. mk-m^H^ Vmncvm* atrMt. m 
nwCiiraUlrrd •nlt« t* m m*r t«th m« 

WANTKD At •!>«•. for cMk — 13 or Sar«a( 
•Jp»f<;rr««»r Apply Box AFX, CoUmtt, 

TV mmikmn. Ci 

Mi BaitMT 'AVMW, t 
■WMHf Atmm. 0B'-O«rt» 

fjMli. T rooniB and MnM. ,•....« 
U«» •MBtoir Avanu*. frMf|jl 

.... . . p. R. aaowN 

1113 Brtt^ jitrMt 

• ••JR. f 

JPQM llMt— ••r«om f«rniik*« hmiM. On%. 


liply •ftar 

tram, md .fit* to tw*. also Anm m 
mau itsa alt* ST -Ml Mtt. CWanlaC 

(liralAad: «oad 

Ooak. Pbona t*»2U 

LAKOB front roam, '••It two KaDtlameo 
with board: nloa looatlon. Pbana 2>i«t* 



aaU at aay dMi 

tat klMiMI 
and Mr,, ivii ■ 

and BalBaaral; f«i 

MD|^ J tfnPj JKBU mit ^ H i Blahad auAM. pW* IfNb 


MM, witk . . 

I rpO Ra«(— 4-r9aiB runilakad 
^1 X aiodern, vitli Mrdca, aloaa 


in. adult* 


Iriftlfkaii 1>a«nWB. witk uaa at , , 

- ftadtttUnl boma over- I J«nM Bay. 

rla4 ^wipla d».^ 


taMa for mar- ■ rnn 

Rant — riir«laka4 


Cltr Hail, 

ROOM Md> beard for J»«k: lb kaote; can- 
tr«L JnMM MfMl 

fpO Rent — i^art ar wkola af a Urea fur; 
A alahed houaa, mod^Tata tanaa, 

Stadaaona Avenua. Pboae SICtT. 


PIN<I ii»iM<ii~ra4i^U tar ^Mcban f TfN^tiRNUUBD tint for raat. tit mootb. 

.WM ^gr.iaBiS. ^i P'tUl <J Phona M«X 

i^SS^wJl^T^'SrJ*^ OM VIEW-L»5Ui, r«o». and nn.U aUra. 

-DOARPIN<l ilki 
J3 fttUaClM MM 

to tth ' _ 
tettan itaul^ 

UOKtlon Dapt., Parliament BldK«-i 
itvlni infartMkttan aa ta >ooi)bb avallabia 


Vtvlni . 

Mid i»tea chyged with aad wttkowt board. 

r S 

COMPORTABMS room a»d board, 
cartlnaa. r|k«M 



WitWl MBVlMHtt fiMMMtf kiMrtaaat, la 
food looatlon, or amall furniaked eot- 
tkta. Room SOI, Stratbcona. 

•*rTA«Mwnua;." 114a Oaaw at.. J«a« •« 
XI. Oaak. ihilat and aataat; »aar Mfk 
•ad aaa. Bo ard optional. Pkdna tWtX 

1^ kaoi* la X (u a skUCraa 


aa»fet *<i"P>llM 

ROOK and board. prlTMt tMi0t, gMMt** 
men. Phone 8M0R.' » " 

private kona. naa «r al^Nr iiiMi ar *M- 
vata aittla* tsf^i •attaS^fir MnM 
••Ola or fva frMM*s M«ff Oak aaFTiM- 

WAima»r-iu»oM Aim 

o: ft 

IMU SkUta. laraMmaaM,. 

S«au aa« 0«Uaat(aw 

Vhaaa 7MI v ^ ^ »• 
TN Tataa Btraat (Over Cwnlaf # tk} 


XlBLt. 8TREBT, Oak Bay -> i 
laama, furnaoe, varaa ■ ,..<|H 
lauMdlata pddaaaaMai 


StO KKMT as 

' ^ 

- .■ ",;.::'|iC»WJBH«D 

YAI,S STB9BT. Oak Say •-'^ 

^ma, madam: ao Plata ar 

jlaaa; will laaaa'tar aaar fJI 

BBOlIatrick HOT|BLw Ma alaht and npi 
•t.ft •aaftlp aadyp: kaat iMtaUaa: aa 
Yalka kSd t>on|itaa. Phona >»Ti». 

for baalaaaa (Irl «a Bardatt 


kaaah* ^rtiT'&Mrfar alS^2^^ 

Xp ^vam%^ 


[ <fjiiii>». 

uNruRNIsHBtl^ Bovras to unr 

•4t C olUaa o p Btra at. •reMaa IIM* 

Taa WUkoii Btfaatt' a- raaawi' •-*,»*«'r>rt 
liI4 Tatak Btraat, It raataa ......... 

lilt Jehnaon Street, I rooma tl, 

lilt JokaaoB Street, & rooma tf.M 

rtSalj^mN'S.T.c::: 8:8 

FURM^Btl room for JIaBt lMaaakMBtac 
aaa klaek fraa» llkraap. tM TMikSt. 

PR. BSOWir^ ' 
nil'Sroad atreat ; J^^ U Ij 

-yiOS l>m»M>ad tkraat^kai 


modem bnnaalat^ 
Pfceaa ttttrT 


vm rooma, kaMwaaP' 

l^SATLT furaltkad *aa<B. .alaa ktaatlnif 

ata.. tit. sue 


Baad and Tataa atraai, fat. A. JL 
4tl-» aayward Bld«, 

«»«»«»^ 4 raomlTMir* 
aia4ataaa Avaaaa. Pke 


ta »art Suaat aam 

fpti^«akt-.jN*li M <| W aettaB* wttk boat, at 
JL^XMBtePB X^ka. Apply Baa tM, ^ 


Bent— P4rt a* 

maadinv kaatftlfat Yiaw of «pp«r 
Omya watar; konae kaa all modem conve- 
nleaoaa. ataada an larfa lat with nice «ar- 
iV^, *'i»«'»yB koaae and caiica. 

^f^^Jfi^ Oaraa |la«d Waat <eorna7 jJiJ* 
Vtaw I>rlva)^j^jghggajttgaoi^o£ 

IJVdBMiau oiaat aJid Maw 
Jr klu from rastetared Ima 

raiilatared tmpravi 

at tl 

HL^ Yiatt<>ra waMdma. Matl addi 



Aatma&i*- a 
akJUraa i - ' 
Hiwtaa Aa< 


^ cow for .taltk Apsip Sfta QoMn. Bi 

NUMBBR at Litkara akiaka (t«m Ballr 
Mooh for Milk ato aaokt alab^ K*n with 
Wyaadolta oklolSr £af «Hl. 1 tit Fair- 


]^K>^ yaar ariata t ig kOT akfeka.* 

ektoka. bcoady hmm, fcai 

It a aatttag. 



^ .^^.r^aa'Tsa: 

Pkaaa tiW. - • ^ 

BI^ACX Mlaaraa aattla«a. til Oataria it. 
Pkaaa itJtB. 

ifMHXli Papa. pa»a.t»ra«tekaap, tkUwaaf 
V okly. ttttB. 

CRIC|CJBMB>-4AM«kak« ektdkaaa Ikr a^ 
BtraST" '••••^ P *' yMl l » :nt , 0| llRH |g | ? 

TTRK •a4 • WkHa WpaMaita akteka tar 
aala: •4«a, aift 

FniAkr RtnatBB Mettat 
_ fctoa fc«k(Mv Ite atafci alaa 

IkHrnVik) aaak 


Pakla daek- 
kvar atroec Pkoaa 



aoTMa. We baoa taaUiiad eloctrfci 
ma«alM(y aad ea» aapply pa« artik 
4 Ika far t«a, at fl par 


a«a fcaarp laptap i 

Utfcavta* Panitrp Pkna. 

»arp lapias atnUaa of Wklta 
kanta aai wkitk Wyakdottati it ya« ra- 
•aira akloka or breadlns atook. wrtta for 
UkW Wat a d oat*la«iia eantalaln« dlreotlona 
far faaaina po>^ltry. etc, 

Ayleabury dock eat 
#»*all»'«' Lowe atrajta 

JftWtTWm Ti a tik i I<a«korM larpa kMia 

at itewa^ k^ » ^ 

li <l>» 't.^!l^44V»-jii ' Jii'' ' ifeiii ' 

aerapa aa rkeap aa grala 

RQ^mji rroRk 
canMaaat mmt Pkoaa iMa 




la AS 

ABNAPwst^a. Mavot^ ta Siat^laia 
alaa order, (ood liMi. mwat ka 
tkja weak; tJl. ttt Clavavdalo Ava. 

Wb 3 b S^^^I U^^^S^^ta^a^n^^^C 


A" Pboaa ttttTl. yi^-'Wyi' 

■P Bar, ^ uii rkom» utam. _ 

pOR Bklo— Baeaialor m«tor apNa^ 

fricjWt"' isvi&rtfi&iii 

aon Straat. * 

Sr aaaditioa. tif. 

aaaditioa. flT. 

H Oaartaay Btrtat. 

AS cata (M«ttt« Wttk a fMkP Q< 

f * aad t:ta. or oall at itlB^MMM 

.')>> -da ■ 

NOW la the time ta atart rala*a« 
Call at tka Rookatda Ppalt 
itaB gat N»y akidky - — 


•jg^atteWpaa a«aa 



'pRlBR padlgrae Hair timland tiaklMta at 
A aaeriflee prtcaa. F. P. Patt. Matokaala. 

t.att«K»t aMa_ faaalaa. Btocka. AatoraTDai'- 

l>aiar*> ^»«>ia. ciarkia. vioia, p 


ttiilti ttWIMIi 

i ilp i i i ii i ifi i in(;:' i : • 

kaa» laUINaat l^aam 

WJtiOUatltr* VWBtt CAB DSAttSS - 


P^t•d. ».«*ator. lata aM«M. ak taraM,..|aM 

Ford. i<oaater, Uto a waa l . aa taiMa. .. fW 

ktvdakaker. 4-aaater. a reliable car, oa 
tara>a in 

Ckalmera, 4-aaatar. • tarpedo model, 

on terma 7 Itt 

aavan) T-acatcr, aalf-aunar, etc., oa 

jijjinka t Tat 

SklvtNUat. t-aaatat; U|a fMBal. aa 
^^SiAn mgki I Cka agi a t , lataiai> p aiwf B ta^i k i a - 

arcoat «fatltH» | torma ., |a|« 

OTartMd. l-aaatar. a 

paMaaat TillHk SfctBtra 

spRoiAi* LOW tfkn 


MTt P^ B. FUU 

tT»B»— JliB MW WuMoa 

akwtrli llpkta and (iartar, aU I Btudebaker, t-aoater, • aM^l'a'n u^i* ttt 
-mimoas aewly »atat*l/ tajj Bladjkakar. t-aaat.;. awayTT. 

t"kit ••)»••••;. ^. ITI 

.as. ■'^^jgig ^L ' L " '■ .^?««P11L'»^ .aaf;! '••^ • aaBllk, a Staat bay. on tarma.. 

N ak^ppiM^, ar — 

mt. W. MoklUal&t. W» 4oaapk ki«aat« 
Pkaaa TtaT. 4aP aa d al«kt. 

vicwsii. JIWt» 'immkiidV. 

Al aarrloa, eomfarta and pleaaara. 

akta rata*. Day or atckt 



IjsBF ^^M t ^^' tl^^^ ; I 9 BWKN, • dwt aay. on tarma.. 4ft« 

^R B^^waii ^u^mmi^ ]^'^^ 

»'•"»■ Syr»a<. Oajaatkt. ^ >^ . -j-. - . -.S^,^:^^:. , 

liWR Bija»>«^isi»kkar -kkg, ttW BatBilJ •- ■ ' " - ' ■ ^'^ ■> ' 

iiosHP wwam ^ 

TjW>t!NP--Tka kaat aoBaa. 

£,JZSlki af ikaM «ka #. 4k. MMbbon 

gOCKBlufe IMttry Farm Biora, nva atodt 
F.^C*^^»" ^H^^^^^^' ^^^^.''WIWI, ^aa 

3;» ^ 

fpOR Bale-Two flTa-pawwaper cara. Ia«| -ifHI VM%|ik. Bat; if ! 
Btraat. after fSTiuM 

vAsrmiir motor 

; p^bgii^Wjitt!ia>, 

at-kM Blavaa vttfc laiirk 

. _ ^11 ekaaaa. Oinior mkplikW 

kp applyiac any moratap. 14M oaak 
aaa payin* for tkia adrartiaamaau 


H aM4 


of jroar faraitara, 
a Broa.. Araproot 
• ata. Pkoaa IHi. 

itkialp awaad, ta 

OyBRI«AM9 "4.- f«a ulp l.tM 
Maat ta aaw^aad fa^jr a«i 

LOST— Between °iirMenn-nt SatliHaBt akt 
CtovariUla. MM w«l«k Ba« akalB. 



LOBT .Batwaay 
ner Yktaa aad Donplaa, poraa erotaiaUMK 
papara and money. Meward. tit lalaM > 

Keid. Phone StllT. 



iisaiaiR«iMk. - 

Etmt Aa t a r day akaat ana, katwawi jgt« • 
jimaa'a and CItp Matt, aM ••• kNI. |la* 1. 

ward. Phoau X62SX. 

d-iHiCKB-B, I. and W. .l<afkara. 

J»ra4, 4 »Mk% aaa aaakT^ 
aarrteft/ylNlin^ tka 


CALL and aaa 
Rookatda. tat 

City Market " 

IM*a kakp cki«ka at 
carmaraat Bli aa t , bp 

ate each. 

r\k. Claral Hava iron aaaa tka kaky 
\J aklakaaa at RaokalBat Tkara ara tkoa*> 
a»«a af ikta* aad tkap oaot fiom ita aaek. 

TVAaK. l a w ap oaw far aala. fraakaaad !• 
A' dayai a paHoaa of milk per day. Pkoaa 


LR. al 

waaka old, 
RIaakaMa. BIdaay. 


Tko ckaapaat feed oa tha 

uKni mint. 

^market today lor eatraa. hoca aad 
akiekana. 4 oaata per palUa. Vaaiwaiai 
mSX^ Prodaaar^'aaa l«artir*«S, 

~T aattlkk' 


T\AT-OU> Cklaka— B. C. Wkita I/acborkA 
A^tetakM da May at and 17. prlea an 

KT ata^L viotorid. 

tkroar away yoar ukia acrapa: 

B Colambla ^^raaSatteaii B.( 
Rkoda laiaada. Barred Ba^fc Blaek Mia- 
orcae, Aaeonaa, pat^aaltlaa. iuk 
Bayiry. itT Oil tfa«Mlmkit RoadTar 

f|\0 Lat — Tbraa 

^apiy iiat ^ ^ a kaa ak S«aaat. 

HOUflE wanted ta mat 
<a*jm>Ba% atai ap ta 

X trltlka aa af katk. fiiaii^lBMIp, , 

'paWoTAUi. paekiaa, emttac. aklppUii 
Xk atorase: apaatal ratoa U Baptara Cai 

lakoB raaoB. HT g^lara- 

»rase: n 
gdajand, jat^aa, Uadaoa 

Raptara Caa- 
L, 11 ri Tataa 

fat Oaartaay Straat. Pkoaa llta. 

glX'ltOOM' a iada r k kakta. kaiBa»arda<l 
_ atiMt. BWrSIilBMBraM Bribaal.- 

>i«^MIM^ w'^ Al 


Brook, tka>-4- 
Itaaoa Btraat. 

i taa, 

l»lk|fk oya>p to»vaaHa^ 

atreet^-Ortaad flaor 

rFLT tltl 

raape. all ^oo avf^SBSlfel madarata 

aa all 

• A PFLT itti Fort— FiaraiBkad haaaikaip 
^ tna raome. afMBi^ kHMkt, a«ai|rt *a» 


■aa pMMf aad k »a r| > aaa«< 
par w^. iW^ Vai>ooa»a».| tt aa t . 

A t ^ <faakisaa BkNiak-'-iknk 

rjl*o auat— 11 
pkn'*^Wrt Bpaai. 

.inpO^^RtBt^TBa* Bammar haaaa. lift: a 
X iaft„ oa lat atft s llttt.. Cordova 
wpt maata) ' ' ~ 

Pkoaa lati or Tta. 

I niaatap attar, 

witk doaaa baarinp fmlt trae^ barrlem 
„ ^ JolBjr Uaaat 

aell faraltitra. tnclndJnp fTB da*. 

ata <l^( 


yoar katS; ^BaT ^a^SSa k^ SaalSS | fef^Sa 

lime vardaa,' lit." 6iS«oliii 
eeil fnr . . 

takla. okalra. «arMt% 
Apply 4at4£ 

Uaaat wiakaa 


S$»B Btfadt 


"^S^ PamWkod jiaaatkaaXM 
Mkk ^aaa ta aaa aad ear. Pwl 

IBRBIRB ta laaaa far tko Bai 
8amm«r bonae laraa' anoach ta 

^Mf!*iySitSm,*m hTtia * ^ t »a nia, 
*'t**B^ WlUlap to pay a aaad orlea for 

MNakia piaoii.* jAsffm rru SmMia 
»a#da.t. Btato dSmSUr, ^mjaj oXStm' 

CTTAyrrn- rieaa fcaf laawf fci 
«o' ' akU«i«% tay^ «<ty 

Eaoa for HTateklap B.O. Wktta 
mala Mrd Ooorpa a^nrta alrala^ 
^^Humt. attd Ftaiayaaa f tmmT 

FOR Bale— Oypkera breodar, ea^aeltp l5 
akloka; aaad once, cheap Pkaaa 4aT4R. 

TSWR B k i a Jaat arrived, a laraa yoaai 

^ly^^B Ri^j^yoaap cow, fraak,^4 caiL 

IBM nASwau. TouRnttt Oka 



- - ABB.,.- > v'-*; 

md Harrtaoa, 
lo rtararB at 

tllMUnaea it aa vali kir i«ia«k It cat 

- ?*Slf taotortng by 

SmmM t SkltlfeM. iSgm'^auiLalL- R*^»rd. Phoa. M. B. Braoka."Tm. 
Hmm^i Ikat la B«a« ataft" I T^OBlv^^oatka-oid fox torrtar p«8L Ul 

Xi taaa. body aoartp alt wkltat^kBtsS 
collar. I»k—a Uatta tvaaiaBa. . 


T OBT or atrapak (raat aaai 
tf *? MV- l oa i l aakia Baai^u 

UTS "^Si't* fMt AiiaBaK wkKa 

wHk black ap^ta oa body aad fcaaC Aaawa«« 

HACsaik SMisli 

Tjmr worry akoat m at apBat 

fmt .kM# ifNMr dkik ka affki^- 

f3 new, nia llTt milea; BtrombaTB oar 
baretor, bnmpor. apare tiro: paamataad In 
B^ett eondltloa. Phona owaar. atiaiv or 

qTUBBSAICBR ai— Bavan*paaaan«ar, faar- 
cjltad^r. jait ovarkawled and la axeal- 
laat rSkakiB of«»r. with tour good tirea and 

I ^ kaB. M k j a l a lBB B>aoa laatkar aarai^ 
• I BMMp aa« 4kiMk cold Hat BMMa «BS 
TT j kap. Rawakl , WiaJe taatx. — — — ^ 

Tj*^''''~***'«*'" hatfar. karalaaa. 
Xi Reward. H. Ridlay. Oolw«a4 


riiha. tiro 

aarrtor, atotk Maarfar. Yale lock on 
tWKak. gaoB top aad aide ourtalna^ double 
mBum rod. aaw aat of aaat aavara alaatrte I ■ viow a 

a apara oa damouatabla riau. 
laatkar afkaiatartac in beat akat 

Paint and 
in boat akape; good top. 

LORT— Crank. Ckalatata 
Olandford Avaana aad 
tilt Doaglaa. Pfc«M atTT 

aair,. katardiC:^ 

SAVa WtB B aertBoo.ltat Oray-Dort Bpa- 
_ olalt aaa« a wCika; new tira aad 

gr-^w 's s2't,^.:aai '^"^ ^- ^""'^ 

■aaaa — Twa ••ta* Vaakk^ 
ta^taa ^Mttar.liB8» 

L08T-.Rdp brooek. oamao aad 
twaoa iMf Vlaw a 



F)R Sale— B4by okleka witk #r WNkMM 
motker. Pkoao ttTlBa. # 

pOR Bala->ltt para'^krad Wktt4i 
f- laying. Phona atttT. or ki 

Ooaworth'Road. " ** ** 

PV>R Bale- O eod Jaraey oow, Mk la n/Uw 
<aya with aaooad calf; vary rlek erkam- 
, Hodge* 111 Battlaford Avaaaft 
Farkdalfl. . ^ 

"Mo-a freak JhtM, oairai i fra.Aaa 
A7 aaoa: a gaata, BB« a^MMr, freak; 

^attar% Maokaaata 

aaoa: a goat*, 
Paay. kaBMvfcafaai 
Avaaaa, at ^ij^ra. 

"DIOR ka l a Bt aak famup aaw. earn ad oaif. 

ta ka tatkarad. 
Btraat. oS Carer 

FOR Bala— Team katvy kataaa walait 
a.att iba. 1144 QiakaiaBa Apaana 

XyiOR Bataol fat yauag oow. mllklac: alaa 

lJC3^*•.^^''u*""*» • gaUoaT Apply 
114 Fdmoatk Road. Swan Lake. ^ 

TMR Bala— 1 toaad koraa. iMt IGa^mI 
X in all karaaaa: ^agait iSH ^KDE 
Mackaaata Avpaaa. off^aadraT^ ' 

ia~«r*p kd»al. i.att WTaSr: 

Tj^OR Bai< 
A* ilgaat. aad In 
eaattag uadar larafi 
Boft gFaaad. 



f?i i^wSStu:trL•L^^^S 


4tR Bidnap. 

Oo^'u h->r»«a for 

aaagard Bttaa*. Mgwi 

T,OB*-atBp i4tk. 
XJ aa«% Mil ab Loa.^. 
PiBdar aaa kaap nato 
tamed <p awaar. B, " 

Bits Its 

. . I traai t4it vp. w. : 

100 ^"^•^ »|>iBi%:: MH S j i l 

BgK year. Bo« 111. OolaaUt. 

atffVHO taaUly aowa (fkaak) SSTt 
*f paaaral Parpoaa koraa aad karaoMi F. 
Rllay. oppotito Mackaasle Arenkie Bokaal, 

rB P 
a i» 

If a IH ...... i 

IT X a 1 

• •••••••Mil 

• ••••*•* X'. . _ 
•»**•*«• B.t# at 
*>f ••»•!• {.td-ai 

• • All aad 

........ aaa 

■MjB B tB ggg^aaklaat ( 

*^ •I'taw Sk* jBWwr • iSiiSsBa>-<<i 

.-FlMBa 111 

a>«»at. Pkaaa. aw. 


WLL partt w4M took Mayelo No. aiBI^ ^ 
from front o< CalumMa Thiu«r*, Wed-, 
aaad a y, return to Apt No. 4. i-t-n, 
aloaaT Reward. - -- - 

.my'^kr aiai aa^ . oaiaaidt. 

kava a aamalau IM a< 
plaaa w re «ara and traeka aa ' 
oar falaad. laeludlnfr Vlatoria. Wa 
paa f a sa for all aadallvare? etoaalara 
ciroalar .paataardA MawtSa^^^ 

OBNg* ta ] 
lH *] 9 S | aa Sr 

Thaadr*, W*d' 



^AajSlBMS^ kaiiaaa. la Urt at iMS 


t^^^^ 'hp^'ifciBlaaB Fa«4 raadaiar, 
Xi lata aMkU. Nttla aaadt palai. iMva, 

■ ta k t al BM, -aanalaa parfaait alaatrfa llakia 
•asi Mf**- »«*»<wood trial dBBaar; VaM 

ataar. s^.tai. coioaiat. 

^ ,mvR<lBBl 
data Radiator 

i»eT - 

A MS m MM« Taaaaaaar MmTwi* | 1- aati 
wmMbb. Box tio OalMkia^ ■■••■^ Bl I 

mr iijjMa wjtt «. X. 

w» ooAautarn^ wysT Okft wb 
JS I TJfvtmtn BMQ. 

wBk I TTL. aalatalp 


V-k> a aaaat Fi 




^^TBC ** '?fT~ * P*'** aaaK ta Aat^aa. lT»aao ftad. 

^vnUAKD. M . _ 

^aat o-IH«, 

0»k T»o» 

P<JBt>, atootrto Mgk 

> apaak. ai4« 


a ^ iitii I II aai 9j rmSt SS r a^ 

I -are* 

~ iSaf 


•aa 4 

'AM fKU^- 

AWTim- V«a 





pit flH, OImUv. 

J^KATIUJI^ «<»» 



I^^ANTBD t« J>urcllM»— Orocaxy bUfiliMa 

wiiH iivlBs room* •djotnlnk, 
Vox «>«. CotMlfl. 


WA>a'BI>— PrsuUuai Aceounuat, 
«t. •couaiooicd, r«o«iit wrmewm, ' 
kMdilnr acoounu rvqaurlsc thproush km 
or double •nlnr h««kkMpl««, com 

etc., t« 

lea Mvltuir*! 
a«n Merctwy with tm «*p«rMiM«4 'lin« 
MTter aa4 axportcr and dkract m>BwtBa» 
Amttr aalaa a#cecy: aa aacraurr Is elMrg* 
«f aeeoiiatlBS ud eorraapon4aace. coii- 
trtlmiad fr«B dameatlc and tonign tflrU 

rMMtolik _ trmmmr «tMk far «MM 

l» •! - . - _ - 

H AMfw* fwr Intarvlaw. Box 

I Vtctarto 
^ bivaatad ll.Mt 
:«ra« tkla ratura aa 
^WM appertaauy l« 
««« pantaa la aa 
wlta fia. If y«a 
taday (ar partiualan. 


1 M X !• riahlaK Boat. 4-eyel«. 1« li.p. 
.Vl^M X • MaHlBs Boat. 4-cyola, S-l« lt.|^ 

~i I* X • Launch, Z-eycle. 3 h.p. ' 
,1 a* a t spend Hull. 


. JS.». tlH, aU 
U faau 1 

laatlac aattafaouoa. Tk* valv* la 

Sa, with laechanlcal intake valva 
k fivaa araataat powar and aooiiony. 
■ia .aaiat. elaaa, and amoatk run- 
aultabia (or any atyla boat up 

•Plata: HttiMa far bo«u 

. a la Vaaimnvar bp Bait- 

topa Braa.. iko ploaaar aa«lna bulldaro la 
,iHtWi OalaMk h , ITM C|*v^ >uw«(, W. 

, ' ■ ; ' >• ' '>'■' ' • ■' 

ypWO ■jla Jiaw 4> tt. a li tt. < in. baavy 
'(V ■Avtr flpk-ir l»«Hc koac. kraaaa prapallcr 
'JtHi. lBpl|} aaw aaartaa ataam englna 

aat of 

Wirit>'TS5?^R m». 

8ala — S3-root ftablac boat with 
h.p. Btaadard angtaa and eotapleta 
aat of (iablBK faar: ovarythlBK In Al aon- 
, <i^>; chaap tar caah. Baa Colaalat. 


LOKVI^ Blaatrtt Btaa Prlat Oft. 



AL.WATS raUabla-^etlwala Broa.. fml 
tur« mad piaao mavlac apaalaHat. ator 
Mo rataa raaaoaable. l>hoao %M, roA ' 
UHi «»aa >y Tataa St 

y Mavtnf 
rkaaaa tsll 
"aaat Btraat. 

MOVM lour luraltura bp 
. mlak and rallabU aarvtoA Batiraat 
ta /. D. Wmiama. Pkona tT«. 

rpHB M M at _ taraHMia M««tns 





* WmOAU apaalatlata ta 


rapaJrlaa, awltokbaard 
Bmata laataiuuaos. Motora 
dyaamaa ra<wa«od and vuaranuad. 
Mtaa pivan. Btobart-Paaaa BalUUoc, Yataa 
Btraat. Fhoaaa IIS*. (TtUt aad S4t»k. 

X daatipi ar ealor. 


niOR ataaetl akS aaal aacrartaps 

MI aagravar aad ataDCil 

crawl ■ — - 

tbar. tit 

eultar.' Oal^^ 
Wbart atraau baklnd " 


QMNBRALi pat^ aa lB g; prantap, 
P'rad Banaatt. Strawbamr 

rboaa t*MX 

T^^ a^.' . W Mt ii ia; . MM; ^tanaloa 
Pkaaa ttt«. 

^IBHBRMBN aad Boat Owners— Upe du< 
* «MUta laataad of ^pai^olfnau ^Z>alWara4 
1* city or at oar Mdaap wSiuil^^ ilte 
• ijaaaap and t^apar Co.. 

" ' " T' ' ' ' 

a a 

«• fLf 

M>t aiaa 

iauackaa bolU: ra> 

nrnmiitt n - 1 fnlifiiurrir 

jPa5J* -j Ka a r al Mraotora aa« aai< 


„ ar 

tWVHC aad Cappar 

daaertptlan at Tba 
gtvUmm Papartmaat 


Dtoma. Bac. Waat4^ 
« aklaary *" 

a apaoiaitp. 

TpmrnAM JCNK CO.-HUV« tlM boy. a 
MISMtinS '^Si^ an^daacrlpuaua. 

lTBMCK>KAr«B»-rW<»rk _ ai(t«tlr.. Mg^ 

Pkaaa iM«, 



FOB paod rapair work; frf 
A Hon., TTnilMlaP 

r/ Ma. ▲ Pftt 

LayUad Hotal BaAfHoft aOnMrBap 

mibouni»-iiAni> clothinq 

SacK»n>-BAND ootkiBfi Mt«r 
aotia bawcbt far eaafc. If yon want tap 
pHoaa. alwayr call Phaw A Oa. Pbono 4at. 

, 7- 

mari'aa vlaw. |t,aM. 


Vx Caatral BlOf. 

Blact^a Blua Prtat Ooi. 
Pkaaa IIM. 


fj^OUI* . Bay— 4Taoaia<l . kaacalav. batlr. 

tallai. .baaaataat. b«c lot, •l.«tt. 
rvAK Bap— ••raotaad madafa baacaloar. 
vr batll-la (aataraa, rurnaea,. flraplaoa, 
w«ah tab*, aarapa,«. 
1^Rnihi»-«DaUaa Maad, 
*^ aM tMMiara Bmmo, marii 
f\kK. Ba y I ra ww ad naodam banpalow aa 
vr St. PatrMt >treat. bearord, panaltctt. 
buill'lB fenturap, farnace. paraga. 
aJUN OAY Kpacial — Kalrfleia — 7-rooaied 
»7 madam bunpalow on the high part of 
i.lnden Avcnua. t large rooma; oita of tha 
beat boaaaa in Vtet^rta, niraaaa. waab 
tuba. etc. Oat fvll parliMMara of tbU ona 
it you want a real claaap r aPldanea, $7,690. 

ft. B. PUHNBTt ^ CO. 
3VT-I Pcm*arton Block • • Pboaa 

VicTOBiA jrTPfWuvaa ^BXCHAXoa 
Typawntara B 

aaakaaja^rabam. ■ 

ta aaaa m aaiil a aa PlwAa ^Mt, 


tapalta: iMialB; rtbkaa 
abiaaab UaM^r TypawrMor 

BKOWM. H. H.. Tit Part— Naval. mUltariL 
dvlt and Udtaa' taUar. Hbone t itt. 

yir/avrrhfam .\ 

|tS.M« POB ICWt^ 

FINK Colonial rcsidrnce ot 8 larpe roonw 
■Itoaled one block aoutbr of Oak Bay 
Avenur. romprlalnp paaallad entranoa hall, 
: reception room*, dining room ivUb ^n- 
ellad walla and b«-amcd callings, beautiful 
built-in buffet, mapla floera. pantry and 
kitekan with all coovanlaaeaa, 4 badrooma 
vltk davka .cloaata aad opaalag on wl0a 
var*nda. fall aaaiant kaaamaal aad flrat. 
elaaa haatlnp ayatam, toilet, etc Uanage, 
larga lot with 7« faei rmnt*ge. Oood gar. 
den. Muat be aold aad for immadlata oala 
la omrwl «t M.aM. VacaMi a< |J 
will flva iptteadlit* 

r. n. BiiowN 

Baal SPtkta. - Plaaactal aad lammM* 

" ■ - ^ nam 

lUt BiaM air^ ^ ' 

a. n «iBAni 

ikinaali tkla ofloe yoo tiava 
a 'MtSttyHIra 
tfea bualatik ta -tMiK - 

gAAXICH— Uero 

Pambarton BttlMlas <• 
•S3 Fort Straal Pliaaa 131 

Real Sauu. P>a wig>M ffi4k lB«|i|jWB0a 

TTBOBTABUm potataaa. frail aad mtm. 
T dae« oaaatgnmaau aoUeltad; pronvpt ia* 
turna; aklf. eamp and Itotai auppTlaa. Hopc 

mp aad Itotal auppllaa. 
xiMn m vo.. wkolaaala oonimlMUoo 

_ CBOKO I>6ko— Oaalara 
_ odd, bioeka aad anat 
aarrlad la, T(e extra. Olll 
ilr««t. FboB* 

■ Oil and 21(a, 

la aari> 
— . ' Waad 
aoa. tft riagard 


WBPf fljptS BB.y 

D**n.Jm*S^S^iili''J..*'*w'*^- Ll^«»««on. Kngland. and greaty admired. Tl: 

j^;UMiSba^SS8lBtfU3SUS£StttaaBMM »«UB|taln aah, producing kiMii kamaiv I 


Oanr.ACBTTL.BNB WBU>|KO— Oaai Baa, 
braaa. atecl and alaadaaai vatdlM. K 
Bdworda. «i« Courtney. SmS^t^P" 

rooma s 




PHONB >l4iR. 

TOa RBLf] 


Ai J. 

il«4 IBTdil Wt. 


alaa Vadlaptteaa% Cta 

>-,>^ JWH^. JS%aV.n«it 

atrowlajr poat earda. from |ia.t» to tii. 
Bivw«las aad QiaApa ^ Oaaaana. 


/itr 9tH' on propartp 
, Boa 3»«, Colohlat. 

»t'ffVliaaa^5Sic ot* 

'AMTE>I>»«4,6PO at 3% 

on flrat'Ola 


JLAUNDBT. Lld.>Jria 

TimOOBAPBINO — Utbagraphiac. aa> 
XJ sravlag aad aaibaaaing. NatklaB taa 
larga and nothing too amall: your '.atatfMk* 

Prirata foada, to loan. car> 
rau of tataraat. 4M 


{"VaMaKem Hatal, Tataa ^ and Daaglaa. 

:^!^^i!<y:v ?^ **' ! '» llL .^tld. up: waakly. 

ary la yaur advanoa apant: oar wacfc la IM* 
aiaailad waat af Taraata. Tk« Oalaalat 


G ORB'S Blaatrio BhM PMM Oft, , »« 

TkU''' «OTBIr<-Ua«W 

i<— uaBtp aaw bmi 
ap« OakT tea 

PMBmC tfcaraagblp _aiSMa« tkraapL 
B •aaitaa. PrepHator. 


rapalra aad oonatniotiaa, 
beilarp aad taafca built and rapalradt 

Boul-<:o8ifartab|a tamtty ra*. 
J?*'-*** J'' '"o*"* aaa: tanaa 


braaa aad Iron oaatlaga of all daaoripttaaft 

imatas giv«a 


iU bailarp aM 

itaaa aad Iron 

kaalplaaa waid 

all lino af pattipii. ateMi 

jiaaarlag ■ttv^laa ckrrlad. 

fraa. aad alt arork promptly eaacutad Wa 
spoelaliae In aawmtll repalt work. Uarlna 
Iron Worlta. 61t Pembroke at. Pko aa «•!. 

PliinCikllfG AND HEAT OTQ 


— ^ m^' 


AUWOOp * BABRT. ^rektUOta, B.C 
Laad SttTrayera •M^-rjaivtt ~ 
aaauaarotal DrafUa*. -^P*^ 

'"17 ftttffi ' 

DUNLOP * roo: 
„ BanlBtanL •aUcltacft Nai 
Maabara af JfOVA 
•l«>U>aairwaf« BU_. 

• ■ ^ •• ■ '"'I 

AN appaPtaaity la praiMtad af ataurlag 
a ' moat daatrable homa In a rary cen- 
tral altuatlon. atnnding in the mtdal of 
one acre and n third: a gardea richly 
dowered with many plataraaa«a *,*ffa«tai 
conapicuoua nmong which ta a oopp ot one 
of the RanAagh Club garden baakoia. In 


, — , , ta 

the aya— parUcularly at tkta aaaaan of 
BpringtMna— by tkoir beauty and variety. 

Tke kooaa la of moat aubatantial. «on- 
atraotlon. aaaberiag tan rooma: tw»-ikafli* 
roama witk madam plumbing: aix HA- 
upatalra cloaata for varlona pur- 

outer walla of building are very 
thick and offer raalatanca ta any ordinary 
weatkar. Callara kr% in asoalleht condition, 
both furnace and aupply. The drawing 
rpoa }M a larg« room, poaaaaalng fine acoua- 
ttoa for a mualcal family. Tba dlnlna room 
la rary haadaome; maatai and oraHiiaatal 
. in ^la«k walnut, floor of oak, bordarad with 
blank walnut, walnaootlnc of "Ljneruata 
waUon": library of naoat comfortable 
I' dlateaaioaa. All tke iarge living roooia are 
■aid with four flaon, tharaby anaurtaB aatra 
Warmth and proteetton. Tkara la «. Vapjr 
ioad alabla with aioaa (paadatkMr aSd 
VoiatsMa . cai#i|^' ; ,T!^-'-'. ^ 

A taw minutes wonld bring a Urad owaar 
from kia offlM to an atmoaphara of ouiat 
dad »«a4ii|iUtyt no climbing of hlila and 
C h a agtna ^iaf ftar with motora. a very 

•'l?r*..''*^r y^*^ home In a locality 

Which will atwaya bava the Catkadtttl as 
Ita bnlwnrk, and an air of auprema par* 
maacaoy oa all sidaa. Aa an inveatment 
tnla ppsvarur la wortb investigation, be- 
-aama U woald lend itaalf eaaiiy to aub- 
dlvUiaa. Aa a convalascant home, or aaart- 
ment house Ita at tract Ivanaaa Is vary pSSt- 

««i4.'s;iaisxr ^ox 

poMPAOT''''«lrilNB''''iM 'i>a^aiata«'^ 
roomft paalry, bathroom, hot and cold 
waur. alaetrto llgkt and other modern oon- 
veniaacaA excellent water, good garUaa. 
amall orobard. axoeilent aoll. bam. jla Ma, 
oow Aad, dairy, chlckaa koaaaa for tlTiv- 
•I' _5*€_J?»5 kouaa : atamUag la 1* aarask 
Maat lialC l« eattUtUlMiji rlvar frontage: 
claaa ta akorek, atarti,^; O.. railway aU 
tlaa. Prioa fT.oot. 


•** Uaaraaaa 
Otfioa. Cawtobaa iUBav 


Here la an Ideal W»»*f' 
home, conalatlag of *ffj* 
all elcarad. commanding Mow 
ot tke aaa. aad only a ahurt 
dtotance to thr JflSir't^ 
barn. chJchcn honae an* «■''""• 
TbJJa U alM a -'/'^'y "J!"; 
ctoas bungalow of « rooms, 
torga UVIng room, arcbway to 
dtiuax Mom. Mirge opan are- 
idiM^ karga kright kitehen. 
aiStiy Md tkr4 nice bed- 
, TSSI wllk alaUia. cMattj 

water laid an. Targif p« 
arranged. , 

LAKU OI8TRICT— Five and a half acrea. 
situatad en high ground nad 
in quiet* plaasant surraunn- 
Thia property Is all un- 
#JJLUUv ««r eultivntioat larga "W^ 
3 , amall fmlia. tBa^aaO krtkf 
apaolally pood. Tkar* la a 
aUie-roompd modem bunga- 
low, three open fireplaces. 
laiBB v^rasda, faU aiaod baao- 

•-^W- S?. B B. y d. IP 

fynmutt PAR1C*-Tkla a«v laadkra t- 

V/ roam home, witk all bullt-la at« 
(acts, large open flreplaco In llT- 
ing room. oak floors In IWikjl 
room, den, dining rooM aad MlU 
^ ,vpry aloe Putch kiteban. mfl aSa> 
' Vaatoaaaa. Tba bcdroooia are all 
largo W((k larga vIotUca i-luavia, 
liaaa aloast. bath and lollot aep> 
Arate, full camimi baxraaat, lapa- 
dry irftya and hut water fai 
Tkta to a Va 
anil intH, 

ran a kaaaa 
MaaHp Oft Pboaa M*. 

HOUBBHOUD eSacU aarafutly tranafarrad 
to any part • ' 
la drapraaf waral 
nurna SSI) 

ft, tova ar ooumtry or atorad 
hoaaa at raa a a a a^a rataft 

hut wate 

ry akalaaNaraiHaii^l. 

room hnuee, 3 down and two bed- 


This property U only lira 
minuted' walk from the ata- 
tlon. Terms Can be arranged. 
TmrAtBRFRONT— Four miles from tha 

taltk Inrm aloaplag porch 
~M9i Oap af tba bad- 
- a alaa apan fireplaaa. 
There Is nlao an open fireplace in 
■ • living room, very nico bullt-ln b«f- 

u:. fct In dining room. larga avn 
porch off dining roapit fall bada- 
ment with <?hlnaman'i room aad 
laundry trays; atanda on a larga 
lot' on which -la a good chicken 
-booac. t'loaa to acbeol and war, 
aaly 43.M0. 

|'*tU>VBRI>AX>B— If you ara looking for a 
w vary nice bungalow, hero la one, 
built for the owner, only flva rooms 
but very well finlahed. baa larga 
granite fireplace, bullt-la cbiaa 
>l|Mta, > nj >h a ji j a% wladow aaau 
- i iavair kalU< 
.1 kavo Idrga 
M IMiq^ Bice kit- 
sMv viaaada. Tha 

. . . W BM Jam leU aa 

wkich ara a aWBkar af Msk grada 


uu OfiuilM Btvaai 

Olty and only 'flf teen mlnuwa 
nm la your motor. I fm oSer- 
IBS a onarmtng country homa, 
aituated oa the waterfront, 
npatlad in a snug grove of 

Elna trace, with a apiendid 
each, and vl«w unesceUad. 
There ara algbt acroa under 
cuttlvalton. apiendid black 
■oil. 35 aaaorted large fruits 
and numerous other small 
(rulta. The bungalow con- 
alatH of (Iro rooma. and in 
fully modern la-avary raapect. 
dtablcJ, chiejkan i hopsaa aitd 
garage. Prica and terms oa 

■ — ^ — ■ ■■ r - ■ V 
FAlClfti " 
AXb OAIRT ' PaRM— Vouriean 
■•ad a kalf acres, of whicbr sU 
-\ ara aidar cultivation, and 

swan acrea with a few old 

kaa baaa ^aoat. 
In naature, and fcbout an acre 
and a half la bnah: bam for 
3 baad: ebiekan taouae capable 
at baldlav baaa; two 

walla; • . aama larga fmlts, 
stmwbsrrles aad locanbcrrlea, 
Seren-roomed modara Mtngn- 
low. In splendid condition. 

Ingft ebkmandiag view, and | 't^! ^ ^' 'v**^ J!^**. dUUng room, 

In every way dealrable as a 
home and commercial propo- 
sition. Prica and terms on 



I^OF talc — A house contslaing 13 roama, 
X • In one of the best rasldeatial aaatlans af 
Oak Bay. atandins aa IV aorea. planted 
with vagatablna nf all Wada aad alaa Crttit 
ircaa of til dapoHptJaaa. ihruMary a«4 
large oak traaft MnTiMM. 9vt ^ 

» ^ MOOOT OCk 

3»i>. H yd eon Broa. 




"lif eOftBQOR Avaaaa— Naar Rockland In 

UU:, J^-Kiit^JCTmaSM: 

Ulaing eight rooma and attic, h<(t fratar 
baaHpg, • raoeptlon roomr. larsu dining 
raam opaning Into dmwii^ raam. aiMtad 
daota kotwaaat appa nrapMieaa la all, alaa 
firaplaeea ta lw« badreoms: large ^nll aM 
front and bark elalrv; ronaervatpryt 2 lota 
wlin fruit and t'hudc treit>: gnracft Owaap 
has left city and inatrucla as Co aall at ft 
^^xZ'. M.»^ Kx- 

1.j»Ol L Bsy noad--<iaoilaaaa'a rraldanaa 
A In the faehlonabia part, l«-roomad 
aaaat. aunding in i % aer« af arounda. 
Tkla la a well laid out modara hause. wun 
J rooms downatalin and 8 upatalra: beauti- 
fully pnaalled reception haU witk fireplace t 
larga dlniag roam wttk nropla^. Haa goad 
toi^^^VMM^ ate ^ 




-nvp' t pai w ad atodjam bun«a- 

Baal Batau aad laawmaoa AaaftM 
U«-m Say^ard 9«M«^ 

111 Jaaaa Mo«k 




raaalvad far^ acreage 

„ tracts, we Tiavr bean 
fortunate In aai-iu«og the. scrvloca 
of experts in ikabe llnaa, and wa 
have recently «ppolntad a local 

OWIKO tk^>kd' 
wa kBM . rat) 
and tlmbar traci 


liae ip Nbrth Saanteh, 
iM|latrlc< from Baanrok- 

covering thd^llatrlct from Baaj 
\( m to Pea i > , .BB R fra«atolA-Bo»f 

aad ara in A piattlon to taport as 
to valuaa attd aoU ^ndltloaa in this 

_^caBM In Md talk It avar SalUt pa 

tar how 

flAAJtlCHwrwaatydta acres, all cleared 

capttng flra aaasa Ht atumpt 
StO aasorfad fmit trees: 4 
peraa la atrawbcrrles; bam 
for 7 bead of cattle and 10 
tons of hoy; achloken houaea: 
tool house: servanta* qoartars, 
Oaad. •-roomed modem dwell« 
tejw," Two good wells. Tha 
Mja*' of thia place la eon- 
sidarably below those asked In 
, ... nrlghborhood, and ta ax- 

; • • cellent value, PHca |l4,tM: 
" terms. 

aAAXIOH— «xty-nva aaraa. of wbleh 
- twoaty-flva ara elaarad aad 

under cultlratfon. tba baUnea 
1 timber. 1^. story modem 

, bungalow, water laid on, hot 
water heating., aad modem 
bathroom. Tka hoxM IgVlM- 
ated on higb arTauad. witk a 


kltakan. braakfaat room, den, 3 
lM«a badi^oUa; all built-in feat- 
«r«a, aapNot baaamaat. famaea. 

liyQU IM i M i T '. I j r aai a . aiMara. basement. 

........ _ »^ff#OBO'» WD.. 

UN Paaclaa AAat Maar Part ItraM 

• modaiB i-noMad .bpadalaa 



■A. \' 

DR. J. r. BrfTJTE Oate C.A.D.C.), Daatlat* 
Office. .No. 3*2 PambertOB BttUdlaB.- 

F or appointment, phone 7U7. 

BH. UBWIS UAU>->lewaM 
Jl^^gg^ Popgiaa Htrorta 


pdMPORTd priparad, forma aapMlad. aL 

i~tHARatuto r i na ii a i.v B id tk id oa at via 

V> of aaa and aadatamir 8aaaa eaatalaa 

!• large, bright > and airy rooma. raeaptlon 
hall, entertaining room, parlor and dining 
room, bollt-ln seats, .panelled and beamad, 
maaalve fireplaces. f««l hardwood flooia. bot 
water beating, i large badrooma, sunay aad 
Mcbt Witk larsa oUNiatft, attfa larga alaap. 
lag porch. Qarpda mrrmnW aaartan. 



;aatad kotal to 
aUBST. Proprtatav 


pyATWABD * S004 Ma 

yteto»w »Mrg>ito# M 

JyML atiBP OB P iaasaiaa, 
* Oak Bay Avaanai f^< 




LBAKT taps' and toUata waau dollarft 
Wa can fU them la a JIfty at amall 

••Hi nlgkt •i«4R. 

[-OdBPHB. MAPAM.^taat ■pantailst. Oaaae 


tmofls B oo, 
BatoMdt BauM 


Vti^ B.a 

J _ Agaata. Timbar 

Laagiey atraeL Phone 3*ia. 

w. CItU Snglaaar. laad 

- auaaral aanrayft raUiray 

MBBarON, BA. XAad^SijT^riMr 


J, DCXbAP. Pkyaialaa aad ahi 

a d i f saiia. dolta 317 WaUiar 
^ft^Waaratty. Imttlft Wa 

COMPORTABUS houaa coataiaing • 
rooms, bathroom, concrete foundation, 
and full baaamaat; let with aaveral baat- 
ing fntft'traaa, amall fr«iw, etc. ma 
honaa la la good eondltion. aad tbcra la 
no better bny In the city at the price, 
|l,**«, on easy tanuA 

A rraucTcvB 

lll>Uan Ml §MMM M 



ted. Piumbtng, 

_WPfUnma a itd 

Boildtr aad Coatiaatar. Aliarationa aad 

T. fifOBBW—i 
Mat bad kaati 

Pkaaa «3f. 

tI14 Blaaakafd Si. 

raiiona aad i rmaat # 
ftetiacaauaii | jUa. 

parad. Bptftaataa aubmitted. 

riaaa pi«> 


Oft, «M 

aX kaiiaias.- 4»aon 
dtraat. Wt^mf aaift 

pAINTtl«<»~NaW to tka time to have yonr 
palating aad kataaantadag doaa, ekaap- 

naaal price $•; 

maua givea for palattoa. abast ' 

Apply, Pboaa M«aT.^^ 

ttia Da« 

niiBuo i 

Pkcaa a«a«^ 

xtxwei. It Ha*! 



A OOBT a-raomad oottaga with !aan«to 

AriNB salactloa of beantiful homaa at 
reaaoaabto prieaa aad taraft Civwa 
Realty, oaar Impaalal Baak. 

ARB yon looklag for a 4, A A dP.A^aaaa^ 
kotMM at kalf lu eaatf i|a OMWB 

Realty, over Impartol Bank. 

_ to Oak Bfty dl*> 
tH«t-^nfartakla iMtom oaatalning 
alx good rooma, bathroom', fall concrete 
baaament. larga altle <lwo mora rooma 
could bo made btra at liiua agat), glaaaad- 
in aleaptng porch;- fine lat ItTiardaa. Tfcif 
property commaada a fiaa VMW at aaa aow 
mamMaa ■ aad to attuata aa alio af ' IK 
kato kaadaa to toa diatrtet; tl.>««. 

CHARMING cattaca ooatalalac flt« riglft 
bath, etc. i two lar«a lota Wttk « fan 


gOUTH 8AANICH-10 acraa, of which 8 
acraa are nndcr cnltivatlon. 
Itotoya ^taw^d; all black 

XraAtX)l«~l» k«iaft^?kn'Wrad aad in 
".rain. hirk arauad, wall 
aituated. oo rack. Pfioa aM« 

, . ■ ..^ per acre. 


a«aa of good bla«k laam. aS- 
^ Pitoa aiw: 
QQBOON MEAD-C M»«a, |k«« >«r Mfft 

Bargain— Well-boUt. Mlp 
modarB . J^lfi^^.^^t 

IrawB. a«> dayward Bidg. 
Dtotvtat— Maar car and bua, a 

GOROB Olatrtot— Thraa-«ttartara at aa 
acre wittt 23 fmit traeA berry bushea 
and atrawberry pianta. Tha ground la high 
and tha houae of six larga rooms, is mod- 

pl2j»i'"ThS*tttlj!**'*'' "^Sfiaifff 

riea waterfraat fi4*|M«aft^¥XrMjy*|a,U^ 

oa tanaa, ' : . ' 

-DVRNUDB DiftricK»-PlTa MbSa on lot 

if 't. f. fruit trees. 

Price |1.(0«. > 

'DVUXailDB aad Ooi«a— Two very good 

49t-a dayivard BMg. 

CARl,m XBAtirT 
Ml Jaaea Btock 


jf|AX BAT-^ pamplata ial dattck^at 
Vr .kaaM aa a alaa quiet atroat y*t daa* ta 

tka mr. caaslatlnx nf 7 large rooms, anlan- 
dld reoeptloii. hull with beamed oaillng, 
living room with beamed oalling aad apan 
Hraplace, aUdtad daara ta dining rwMft 
which la alaa kaanad aad aanuiaa aaaUier 
opea dreplaee. splendid kitekan aad pan- 
try. Pour large bedrooma all witk cloaata. 
aepamta bath and toUet. Hauaa baa oe- 
BMBt (oandatlon. furnaoa and laaadry^ tabs 
<a kaaament. «aocr«<ta walka, aad tha lat 

Baal Xatata, Investmenta, 

aad Collaetlaaa 



]^AlR«WLD_RbAD-».roomed seml-bun 

1 "•"I" bathroom 
fln^ ? JlSS.'; ».^'«>»»«« upatalra. 
full conMnt baaamaat. >rnraaoa 
•ad qimrtarHtsra totTBSr 


Tasiaa aaay. 

ABB ya« atlll toofclac far a Baad kaato 
abaapT kaa jQtaara Baalty. awar Im> 
»ar1al Baak. 

BBAimPUL kBftcatowa , fat pfl kaa» 
gaiawik kaU .wnm. - Saa O itto B 
ataalty. • 

BT Owaar^Pally modarn. attraetivp I- 
raaaiad kaaatalaw. In kaaltkiaat part af 

bearing fmit trees, small fruitat rfeada 
trees aad ftowera Thto property is situ- 
ated In ona of tha Ix-at dlatrlots in the city, 
and haa a magnificent vlaw of tba sea aad 
mountalna. Owner leaving city and haa re- 
duced price to aa,a««< oa tamw, wblofc la 
about half ito valaa. ^ r ■ 

MODERN California tnngatow sttnata la 
In good dtotriot, coataiaing daa,. Ilv* 
Ing room, Maing room, antraaee hall, witll 
bcamA paaalllag, buiu-ln featttraa aad 
nardwoed noorA thraa bedrooms, batkrooai. 
kitchen with all bultt-in effaetn cemaat 
aaaement, furnace, etc. This is' a aaat at- 
t raotiv e borne aad ready for lipaiidtoH 

aa«aa#, aa " ''" 

city: aawly d >aa>a t a « taalda aad aats 
taxaa. PkPna 4ai4R. 


BBAVTIPin, and etrictly modem bongX' 
low. af kaat port. Hallywood, 

to baaek. HaaflsaBM , aataMaf 

fulty diilttod totalis, 
beamed ceHlng. panelled 
tnrea. paaa pantry, modara bntk r atm, Baatl 
nmm. • rooma all. aa g taim d dadft lldk 
ka8aaMat,wttk fkraaoa aad toiMaBWMt 
dry ktoNi, ate. Aa axtramaty Mmaa.naaa* 
law at a* attfaanoa artoat. party aMM. Ba- 
alMtra^ kjy X. P. lipOoaaall. IM Prntkar- 
too Bida. ' 


gOVTR BaaflMkikifM aa a aaiai 
- - aia.«la. 

la rooma. bat watar kaat 
modem, fcallfta raatwraa, 

• racnaa. 'f anm bat waN 
a«a«Mt«tu taw Raka ... 

* S&'»^t Vlaw 

. ..ia?,tf« 

«tt]r..Pvl|N. laatadtoB 

fl^'J*!!!?* At I>aap Bay^eay, al- 

?i •'''•■r.roaBML wltl 

Mat*. ,aift •SST^Si^laJiCr"; 

warn, i««t 

^AVBNUK— 7-roomcd ltt.ata»y 


TS?- tJHP* room, den %aA kit- 
taJSanSrl'V."''- .£2'' •««*""bI 

'~'a4,iM ■ ' 

BaaaatidMi tarlfc^ to adk 

Baay terma 

^ITCHBU-^RBBT-, rooms, ^ 

g5^«alow. fumaca: j«t •• « 

Wky tavBto 

ZWUU ITRBBT^a-raaoiad two-story, ptaa 



I 'oBB BMtka "••paw''aa''gaia'''<ij[ 


jaSr^ ""iillStft 'iBl k^H5 
taraaeft auuaaary tabp-Ir"^'* 


. ••«« aaak tokto H,,.^,-- 

HERK is.aa Ideal borne— A two-roomed 
furnlahod house, full basement, lot lOx 
1(0. garden plaatad.. Martaald dtoirloti galng 
cheap. Owacr, Box aau, Oalaolat. 

, ■. *(■ 

aOUUTWOOD Diatrlct— Very fine well 
» fattt-li^ featttfair Haon alaaala, eta: 
newly decorated tBroadkoutS fall eamoHt 

^iTfr.T*"*- a»ra*a; alca tol; ddtt 

•3.73*. tcrma • , f » 

NOBTH ^iaadra— Oa Uariito direla. • 
rooiaad laadark house, butit-in feat 
urea. bpMBHat: chicken houses for i:i. 
5»«2fS JrpR traea, targe lot J3f x 133. vary 

ia aa extra large one. 
recommead this houae At tba price of llTsaa. 
17lAlRPlBt4>— Modara aad attractive 3- 
A mam iMftiak ApMWWi kaaament. furnace, 
laundry tuba add extra toilet, nicp' living 
room with beamed celling aad a«aa dro- 
placc. DInliiA room and daa ' alaa wllk 

k^Ss^?^»3^ y^f^^^^^ 

kitckaat 4 kairadifta witk aloaau itnd good 
batj^m. A bargala oa vary aaay taraM. 

1 1 I . ,t k }[ f, i ii\ij t ^-t*f \ tm ii (. 1 / ^ ^ M, Aaiaaaata. WtottMcJNaA «ato|i aa.bMk 

. fiaar 0«rga Btw 
Ohatoa kaa^ty apat 

4< .ML'^i|A^MAN. 7»« Port dtraat 

Of baaaeo ooioro baytag. tg 
W. ft Brown A Oa.. 

•Aad aatft aa laaki ' 
aa^p at ai.a««. iaraift 

linACl VO Beacon Hill Park— Ptoa |«roomed 
A. niiy-' modem residen««L '^vpry , larva 
sleeping porak, fall aaanaat baaeaMt, far- 
nace, laaadry tafca. ata.; alap toTto car 
dan. Aa Maal bamailta at a >. ^ 

prtoft PPT. lartkaT^^- " 



^■OOtlED DUNOAtX>W with HALL. 
.yX"*^L "OOB, DIKINO ROOM, all 
IKOS. PLATB ItAIUIt ate.. 3 tint- 
Placea TWO wiSwoSUm 
cloaca and BATMBOM^OWlT 
T and BATH 

WlAMfyi 1- 

a^RNACag, etc 

LOT, •• a aaa «aav witk 
mapla traaft faaea a 
atraat. Tbara to alaa 
riABAOB with extra apaoa fPf aaatfcar 

-a^xt^^'r J'ViT ««talda tba 

XrAXP-MIt.B arole. It ean be sold on 

**■ »M»A Pkono laap 

.• 7? pr 4731 for further parttolaiarft w# 
• • ^ bava bath bishar aatf to»» — - 

I aad aaadrala 

Sicif •aS' ,trM 


jD1tA#r(mAVBNt-B— 4 

ifooms. modarn. 


Oaa- third aaak 

»«2^ka*h bigbar aad towar 

iMrVliM^ af Dtim *^ **** *^ 

W;. B. aialatyra, Laaal- 


• a • a » Vp VPV 


wi*B B oa 

\^vkMmattHm aad aOMra to taka 
•y ¥l2l»- Oa amttar af -ai 
AOC lglaW T AHD AU. 

riBOiCB MttWld BMaa *r t raamft maT 
ara la waaa^ datoM aad vary waB d»- 


iake< raoopttoa kali, daa aad diati^ 

pan«|i*4 aaiA: I — - - »- 

e >d haniT 

bafhraom and aaparata taltat. all raaa 

aai a^POl^ 


atf 1 

Pall aardaaiara aa appMsailaa 


494 day ward Bids. 

porfoat aaadNton aaa eftoiraly «mmatad. 

at wtik pand faraooe a»i 
■ ■ ■ .. . ■ama», nia* aa*««n and 
•apaasa* from ait ro«ai|; • \ 

tat pambarta* Bldp 

A itoSTSd 

tot IStMA ax- 
Baw iMT. 

HTRBinr — 3 roama. iMd^^ 
piaatarad ream ta fcaa^aCi^?' 
- I walkft nfe« dbwar 


Oaa-itMPi toal^ 

LAROB watarfroat lot. Paal Bay. 
radaapd to aXdta. 

S^'bS* aato.***^ 


a>3«. Koay » 

I 'WaU toMMHa tkta, 

'mit^imtt^it»nM»a%. to aaa «f tka 
pana m 1V«p Cov*: naarly twa 
cirared: r\ottm to baaefc 
8pi«nd>d bay at ai.a««. 

. .'d*^ ^ **** - — * lat, I K-npOia awvdam boaaalaw. kallt Jaal hm- 
%X.H%. Cra^ m R-ity. | D IC* tlv war, oa a^ atopto/^Sator 

ISWam-aaeoaa "^bl tama ■ I *?• *^ 'o'"*. n r agtom. >a B« to toiiftC 

irssTit^ . xa? f ~ 

6'^22tr^'^^^^-°** dtawtot. 

'CmrB an 
r daa to 
Crowa Kaaltr, 

S wl 

nkto H-mOa 


- ■ - I V m p atr a to. aaaay way: afta tonk la^m 

• *'^ [Patowdaydaal»a<.tM«dL ^**'' 

to kaaaa aa Oarkaato mj^XAr^^ ^ •ad.fa kaaaft aaiaatad aa 

da ladA PkaBp I vlaw nf wai.r Thto bwaoa to atoi^ 
. e I —toa* bwfit bofora Iko war: toraalSAaS 
■ rroaa aad all kiada of *™ 


SHwataid (n Oak Bay; 
try attraatlva appaaraaopl ' ' 
ivan raama On oae fioari " -^ 
Hardwaad flaara: * ^ 

Den, with larga flraplaoa : 
Dining room, beamed and , 
Larga buffet, and bookcaaes; 
14viag room flieciy deoemtaai 
Oatek kitchen, with cooler; 
Twa kadraama aad aaraaiyi 
XJaak aapkaftpai 
OMd afadtrla ftotaatM 
Pali cement baaaaiWK|( 
Pumaco and wig kMf gj 
Bathroom and toltot, «Nllto 
- Larga veranda; 
Vaoaat aoar, iMataatoa at 

pRicB aa.atto. auBt t« 
A. a. «ABTOir 



<1> • Itooma, tt.zaa, apiendid buy (off 

in a R^pm% t2.4*a. Maar Jabllaa IfoepKal. 
Ml 4 ROotna. ix,l«ft Maar daklloe Hospital. 
t4> 4 riooms.«. Baaatmalt. 
<a) a Uopma. a3.iaa. Pamwood Olatrlet. 

All toaaa haaaaa ara asaaptioaal valaa and 
bava madam ooavaalaacoA We aaa airoag- 
^^wwtPtoiaaad tkato aa worth ppw IdvaM. 


■aia Caatral fidd. 


aa feat. 

iaapa— a a-»»aai 

eaok ai,aa«, a ^ 

Crawa BaaRy, pvar Impartol 

la«A "eaok aVtoS, ui^^SSk. toa* 


as,«a* ai 


VWPOB aNrMV^Altrdcilva _ „, 

.^v'^f-^'SP*'- A BB»»aBV, I ' 


Tkara to a 
tWt a ra M r i y «a 
^ . _^^»«g. and tha 

prlca axtmataty Moderate, ft. toa, 
towjja. Wky ato kava • lo«k at 

a kaaaa to-«a#w 



V/ katkraom; rea mat b aai m iat, alo. 
.Otoir a>.m, akd Wry aaap torasft 

tiMmiat CWttoiar. 

Oae I rtwm kaaae. wtak dai 

OBB -— 

\ a 



nxmx aOAD 

■ute a««wt ^ ... 

lillMw'll' o«M«t 
IM IMUt. HOOM !■ ft 

•»4 w«M Mt ^ katu 

at«ry and » InX b««M of 

Com- r iwt «ii Improved 

MMi .7 



ATTIUU9TIVB ASd 00«T IttlU •▼••FMa 
bUBMlOW. L,Ol 4*SlN. BMMIMt 

'VrSBMT MtrsflUv* a«d w*U-b«llt Mint' 
iiittr<«P«ateli. BMutUsi dr »»miuiic m 

tmBfct In dUOac !««»• Boom «««• 

^^ISmm •« itfult* CvmtMt 

IwMmdm wijb fvrMM mA Idudry. Om« 
Csr«c«. ■ ■ ■■ • 't . 

fuliy «Mi«ani 
▼ ▼ b«i«ilffw cood lot to 
UowM la iB^rat-clua coadillon and la ymrt 
w«U 4tii|#«. Cament b a^o wat , tiinMM^ 
XlM CMdan. O l MW w ii ' 

•ttdarn tra-roomod r«aldMM«> 
I«rco dr*w(DK »Bd diBlar 
(Mt room, urco paauy Md 

i(« b»tht«om npatalfai 

Unndrr and itoro- roowi Id 

tafMi«dt. Intwtor datab U A-1. Ffaio big 
l9t dU b fdrden. Good cance dad OMektB 


modara dWolllBv wlUi 

part of (h* 
Av«n«o. Mloa 
fa»d«B. Ota, 

•r b«ata«« aaoUaa. 
witb aoatbara axi 

Mdta Md eoAt ca: 


■Ilt-lB bvCat. «nftaf 

MMBa ara aU doarad wEli aolld odk. ~ 

(t««t and bad 


brtabt kUaba&i «clth. pdatnri (t««t and back 
sutlrs to S ba&mu'sad drfigttnd room wicb 
flr«pla««,.bat aqd «Md wata ' 
auUth aiMl t«tla«r^'nia «i 



busralaw. OB 

awtat Baar oovaninaat ' 

HAVB yoa a (arm 
with CrowB Raalty. 

rtmim JUaaiMr •>«•• t« ^atrai ratv. 
iivf'fffil' fepwalaw wltti baaaiadBt 
•ad dll ■Mdam. oMk 
t »• X lie «t^M 
k arrancad aa ddlT 

Pfloa |T,f 

Am. «tf^«Ar 



In thid 

dM. CWdt room. UtcbcB and 
tUirdMKdi^atAlra and three 
a«d 'Isvatdry itpauira. Pull 
at witb. iBBBdiT and bot 
ajralam,., Tba intarlor finlah 
Ir of th^ Varr beat. All oak 

floora iB faeaplloo rooma and hall. Brautl- 
'iil paaaMlBd aad all kladc^ 

In faaturMk No deuil far MMtfdMdr dM* 
^aala^ /Saa boon av^dldtlpUT^addC M 
la dat^d*.. iMCjltMd^^ .... 


WldcklNIMlbf .„ A ««t Vdrt stNct 


buVeta, • 

id awMWd^U 

Avanuc, Oak Bay— Baautlful 
knanaa, drawlas rdPOi, dlalBS 
I taUld with bard«*eod flaota. 
Ida, pdaalled walla, Ijallt-ln 
k a dr oema, atacplBd porch, lar«a 
M(|i« toUat. aatraaoa hall, 
fdit k idii mat Bad far- 
k lH«di iHMnit baaae la 

f ddiK^^vpPk •••.$<«, 

H. AicnujRT 

^500^^'^3^ta'in?*'lM *M T'llJ' 

«Sfd«tt;jMMd. Sdir. 

€f1 — aoi*a watarftvat. kdif aa am 
▼'^.l*A' of.pnd In parfact ahapa. Priea 


IWiWW flra^Uaa; tbU la • 

amart little baaaa, 
eklekaa taoaaaa, all 
Wfc -td r dwaad aad caidaii 
^lamM d, dBUcktfiUBad 

bungBlow. op«a 


liny, on 8t^ Patrick Btreet, 7-room 
Modarn dwamng, with fti fd des 
",kdwma9t aad ddrada. Ooad alda vA 
'v*Ut,tdd jaapi. b^id4M^ aiif ddd. 

/tiMiaa Hatpttafc 

ift vitb fruit aad Mda tlNMat kaaa at iw. 
Tkia proaartr la aaatlr $t.«0# balow vaiua. 
M.Md wtU bBBdla: bataasa on mertdada. 

Aan/UV—CHARMINO d-raom bundalow 
WVm/ on ona of Oak Bajr'a fooat aalaat 
raaldantlal atreeta. axceptlaadliy wait 
plaanad aad con*Uaot«d, hardWdod flavra. 
not watar haadna, beam 'and panel work, 
Wltk all btillt-ln featuraa; (aoaa waat, wKB 
Uvlad rooaM on aoBtb. Latcb lot. sldatdd 

tl) AOaW dt alM 
•Ly 9drtly dIadMd. «rftlt 

gsr an? B"e*»» 

Tarma amMurad. 




la Mod 

|7.iW. . (AdjolBlsar land la bal 
wnt dCfd, 

Blurrr .* kbr. -utp. 


nay, OB MoBtarejr Avanae, l-room 
modem dwalllBd; witk (unwM •« 
baaameat; nlea IdWn aad nirul 
|Kg|.^Tk«ra •»» _ twf Udl^ 

TOl<lUa-<-«K acrad witb maddra 
dwalllBv aad ^rcbard. Oloae to 
ahelbOBrma Sttaktl waldr, alaatrle 
ilcht aad^talapkdM. MM^ aa cood 
terma. tMdd. 

maBt ot trao aad 
AU faMad 

roooM Btoair attvaiaa 
food view: a d«aA kdM 
liar oBtkBUdlasai 


kOlC >X)H itALM ft 

i ACRB8>-All claatBd asaadt 
JAM darbraato aad oiMtlp aad^v^aMlUM' 


Wd»d l ad aaA 

ACBB8 of cultivated lasd. on pavad 
ha t-mUa a^vla: altp water. 

" pNVdrty 

vdjB^. C 'a^fda DM 

aa<i plaof bad. bmlaaoa ■ 1 

with llcht uaderbruab. Prtoa I l]tfJQVT>I>-^U 
id at »|.|«d I TV Hn* lot. 

HOU8B Waatad— T Bad a t-rmum atodais 
heoaa^ IB Palrdald or Oalk^JHr. rkWdd 
lUtinj te 17M. 

T UT yaor propartp wltk ddi Ifa-^kdlC 
Xi aaUL Crawa ]U«ttr OA. dv^ taMt 
■Bdk^ Pkana >«A 

M ODORS. buBsalor. ■ ai 
_ B«ir or BaaaoB lUlL aaar aoa. I 

gg;%{8g. nd-".e' |g 1 20 

MttItT awaaw ^U ldj^Jp iTyA 

OA AOan, BboBt It BBddr drodk d 

— ■*-- * «a bammm •■-laiyt la 
ubUm bo 

nak. 'U aaiwtad <r«lt traaa.«| 
dN ^raapbarnr oa»aa IB taU 
badrtad; a BOTor falllBC atroam 
rfBBlBS tkr*B«k pfwparty. 
Wodara houaa af ekrkt 
watar iBld OB, Ravd i 
BMdatloB fee r baad ot^taoki 


ouae, or 

daMl dtUBca; aatrdada ki 
dlalat Mdm, d«B sitd * 

i^nRgAom won 

aboat ]• oiaarad.dM *•> cppWk 
td Bdiod laddad. karhad aM 
•aadod ia paature. all dood aall. 
*U laM|d. A ailinbar of dd-' 
aartad Tnilt trace. A fatrtir 
•dod boaaa or air r««Mdi • 

akara. poaitry baiwa» dto. 

ACRB8 — All BBder oBltlTatloa aad af 
tba boat aoit, 49 boarinc fruit traa% 
lovana. IH aorea atrawkafrtaA 
>M noaoborrlM. Mao^ <MNMMdi 
klBokborriaA etc. balaaoa bk alavar. 
potatoaa. oats. Modem eotni-bBB- 
Calow, all plaeterad, tul\ camaat 

'Vtth «Bain«l batki aaiMdd Bair Id 
gBraaa: bara. Mod wall, 
ild aitBBUad.- >rl 

itaaUa*. Frioa lldiddd. 

A s»(aa< 


•kabt 4 UBdar obHIvb* 
bdlaaea la aecoad dtrowtk. 
■ dM,iitth 

i O AORM fm tka 'HaMty mt Oarddn^lMd. 
JUS BTMUdkltr dif oadar ealttvdtMMl, 

, fddft dMden kondalow vHk »r*a 
^ — kadrnaia. and Urlas tooia, lard* 
^ , op I B firaplacot xvadara Utckas aad 
batkraoat, eBMnallad - tub. New aad 
Modof-B' barn «nd ektokaa konaaa. 

• MI.Mdj 


AttraetHra five-roomad 
S<l0d bdaamant. ThM 
Ikortdadb feraoloauira. 

AN tdlaad. Sdd j*«rda 
daaateb Paalaanla. OOIBL 
•ere olaarad. 1 hour (rvm 
•acharava. Wdnld maJia 
Itoine ar fofttltry fdaok. Priao 
Uanlara. 0^*Ba». »»« 9nU Car 

I^UBNDID faotorr alta ttt lUdereai •• 

• ?* i TfcOTfceKMC.- cxmtcVAM - I K ACR«B--<Jaaapla»klr a«MB»«d poultir 

•AH I vU^^^L SaTi^iJLS^^A ^ '*™ »•»• «»M«l«h Boad and 

., ■ » — — 

P<:»NTRAi.^va»p aaa C^'^tS ^JS25Vt22L;;21 

' rooiaod «i«hi« .uv I . "•••d oaatrally Ib aattlamn 

rooiaod bUBSBlow within eaay I f%BC"«Seo?U*'u'''miu #r.m 
walkJa* (UaUBoa f»f ^Mea and I ».r<"".:^««*»"*. .» "»««o f«>m 


muT ' ttABDUl ANT or 




% mile from aehool. » acrea of thd ' 
are (eooed. of which S% are alaataa ' 
bumad and aeadad. Good S- 
1» bearlBK fmlt traea 
baa 1 aere of alee aldorbottoia 
arabla sdod Umber. iMd la uMl dralaed 
aattBMo for poultry. Priaa aaly Ml*. 
RdK Mid, finlonldt. 

Ideal Bammer home. 

tanaa a* aBpUoatlea. 

*J valuea 


valuea W adbwtt' it li«raa an Quddra 
f "^'^V<***?*> allBhtly ov«r 1 mllaa 

from City HalL^ la «lUa aa opMrtaatty 

|r»*? Aak any «kMMl»| bma -C^ 

kla ipoBey bp (oraaldbt 'niw..^^..,w 
tfciaca whieb require ttaouvht aad foreolrht 
Tkaae are aonie thln|;a which require 



•Bd rixturaa. kat Bad cdM watar; 
Ina, baam eelUn«a. opoB fireplace ; 
raonas in tkIa kada* wr* >bdartBL 
dkd drdM <daa<r d »adi 



•B^aat tka lAia*%aftaa IS^Sr. jSITam 
dB M> akodt tka >d& ddp J? pail|»i r, mt, 
at tka C1(y of TtotoftaT BHttt Obiimkia, 
•ra required t« aead to tka 
AnaBlatfaior of tBa Baiaia 
dooaaaad. full partleutara la WHtli 
clBlBia and the nature at tka 
kar, kaid by tbeflt. 

Add take aotica OuU after ike XI*t ddP 
•f JvlT. IW. tho aald AdmlBlatrabar vul 
BT oe aad te dlatrlbwta th* aaaeta vf ^a 

Bk oolmtkUL 

d ua aaaad aia w y <ka peraoBa aatltlod IBiMd<* 

tkaraaC to aay poraon af whadd aWkid 
afcdil Mt tken k»ve rooatrad luMlk 
Oat^ tba Utk day of Mdy. MNT 

14 • BaaUoB ttraat. VictoHa, m.C. 



•Z^.**^!? NOTICE tAdt, mirdiWiit td A 
9dddItitlon Bdot^tdd by fhe IBfunleida 

'Vldterld city Afi^ iffd." «k 

Friddy, lldy 2|» ^ 

b«twaen the boura df 1 e'olook t* 
rorerjoon and 7 o'clock III tha wttw 

9o tb* foiidwiBir-qBddtiBBb Bdndlyi 




EIX LAKE— 11 acrea. all good land; Id 
A^r^/v 1 fi-. A* j. ,.,,um> <M n. i acrea plowed, balanca aleared and 

flMlQAA— A flna jptadd df ftropanp Iff «. l ntmrly ^ ready far plo»; #lthin tba T 
WOW by 14* ft, cloaa to the aea. | n,||«, tf^Si dfd Indt* treea, »n (»ad 

^^"TidTIBd&t dad eomn atfiMr^ 



aad dn-artrB well built bonae, 
having en tho firat floor, draw- 
Inc roAn, dlalBd room »ad 
Urda ball, all witk q«»rtarad 


hare a aumbar of waterfront lota 
for aale and (or rent at Cordovm 
Bay and adioMBc b«ya nadr Vt«« 
toria. Por cBMplnv or keaaaaltaa 
tkaaeJfiM dra uadeubtadly tka pick 

'.df tNakukdHMk 

' ' '' . *^ 

a. a SiAito * iNVESTMRNT AiialidT. 





maataa te ear. 

•nepaad eiuaa Ib buacalow. 
to • MkBd, roddan aad 
■dB » a l aat boaaa. witk »Ma< 
«adt, fumaao ndd fall loC 

flaQR/lr-B«f>>Mful ^ WuaO^H- 

VIMVV |aM«: k«iicBlo4»: m^ay botlt-la 
tddldida ABd idkdT dBTiac da- 


I unuaually cood bdaamanff 
fura*q«: fiBe carden with 
ta. email- fruit* .-Bad v<ca- 
tablaai atoada fcl«k.-v. 

Ifonicroy Aacaue, d r 
^^HlWVr aoltttaly naediarB. baaai 

rooma. ab* 
mant fur- 
tot. An . 
t aaarltlod.' 

and BttraaMva 

nomed houaa on ma gnlf leant 
Watarfr on t lot. -i» x laar fkr- 
' ». At the pHco 
ad Bftaolute (ift. 

of Oak Bay. 
; "lallr «|iad-' 
^ konC Par- 
ld« W,<«9. 

'|[dHi»t?uS aa^ watt kr- 
rMdjd raoma, witk dlerioBa 
' )2**d owar a*a and tnoontaJn*. 
T«ta houae ataatfa on tw„ >,!<: 
tola. wHh all kinda of fmii. 
' and email fruHa, roa»« uod 

• » 'flower*: waa bxilK by day labor 

>■ and haa a «rand aloepins 

"-^rt: unmMlad lo<ia- 
« worth IN,m and 

S tka hm 

« ,mi I I I ii , **«iiai ) ,iii . T i ll II . ■ , ■ 


PORBBS 8TRBBT— Attraetlva I 
reeat kuktdleir, witk all i 
en one floor, rery odaraMaatly laid 
with haadaoma dlalac room, panelled, am 
bullt-lk buBat. large pantry and fcltohen. 
modem batbroom' aad llnan roafi, tall baaa 
maat. witb hot aad bold araiar kM did takdl 
«ood «B»da|i lot Priea |S^, •• iSlSm 

K-tn zUamroRo aTRasv-Tko dMMM 
Htu* buBpaiow la vietotla. ifiau 
vaatlbule - hull, lane llvln* Vnd dinina 
room combined, witb ap ea - flrepaee and 
borlappad walla: paaa pantry, kitckaa. S 
badraoiBa. with cloaeu: modem katbfaoiB. 
aad eantral hall coBnectlaa all rooma: Mpk 
baaemeat. aad blv. deep lot, feet, full 
of ohiokan BcconMliodatlon and garden, with 
aomo Blee fruit traaa. Owner* Intereat 
elaewkere, hencu tb* price la only |2,tM. 

TAMBS BAY— S bloekf from Parllainent 
" Building* and one blotk from park. 

Sri-i^'S-.*^"."*!? and bailmtom. 

but In fln«i *hap«. and wall buMt 
•a brick aad atone foundation; room* are 
large aad well kept; plenty of opaa dre- 
pidaaa: a eloao-ln koina la aTftrydaalivbla 
locality; only a few aHadtair «ra|k to eltr 
and bu^neaa, and okfaB M 9i,C9$. Cloar 
title and eaay terma wlU fca (tran. 

•M-OBTH BND of qianfard Ai«n«o~.Wan 
hutlt and new cottage ef d roate. all 
Piaaterad. aad In good rt'- '^■^ ail 

Odk ^loorat odaa flfoi^doa and 
b«|U«ld kwlfdt^ toi tMtk flro" 
pause: and boakt^ol bedroom 
aad draaalBg room fitted with 
.Wdok kaaln. hot aad watar ; . 
iMM Dateh Utehoa Mi wkita 
v^kMMl. Ob. taa aaooad floor 
are tkraa fla* badrooma and 
porch, . both room and toilet. 
Pall eameat baaoa»*nt with 
tdllati (iaa UwbSm kttabaa 
gdvdaa. TMa la tka bddt tap 
wa fcaow «| Idflar .d«.Jt|A ftldo 
dvotdd. ■■ - •■ 

k— Another baaut)ful home la a 
* eboloa location, having on tka 
flrat floor, drawing room, din- 
tag^ room and den, and< .lacga 
' kan, all witk Inlald oak floora i 
two opaa fireplacea, built-in 
baffat; invt flaa alaetrte fit- 
tlafu Oaad kitahea add baA 
porch 'wRh toilet, t^alaln are 
' threo good bedroom* and large 
■leeping porch. Full cement 
kaaaiaaat; not air faraaea: woU 
tavtiiSAdtt IMS Id A flaa »«y. 

Wa fccra aeTaral lake froat cottagaa for 
faraltkad aad adtaralatted: alao acre- 
tiroatlag on the lake. Tka 
Id good dad tba pricaa are 
rifffct. We irUl ko dad to tell jyu akoat 


-ti 1 'Tltrr 1gtr '^nr Hldiit gn il eome 
barrlao: ••roomed beaMe. ( bedrooma. a 
4k>waBtalr*; baraa and ejitenalye chtokea 
ploB^ ad^.ifatdri nn4tftf|a»dt v kw^ 



i .aity wadkri^ 

a. c. 'Hownub 

cultivation, except about 
baab. Tbia plaoa la oaa of 
aaarip all_dM«d« . Ik atra«rk«Maa aad 
logaiiik; t-r d iaiad bwaa bama -•-^^ 
a good iBTaatiBaBt. full partl<~ 

acrea nearly all cultlvatad 
~ bdti 

•ddair aolti^jokf ofaak^rwM^hroogfc 

ariy; new aadara 4 -room 
room witk opea firaplace 
doer; rteeptlan kali T f t. % 14 ft 

. and hardwJSJ I ^ *• » »• 

!k*att?inua'ia I w'i'^^C"!?"*'!.' « "b^^ 

JLNIOH— Five I fanoadi iaawU afcada: i eoloBr%aiuS^ 



acres, nearly all cultlvatad aad in 
fruit treei^ aome good b4ittom lead; good 
7-roomed houae with modem plBmklBg; ala 
mile* from city, clod* to B. C. Blaatrle; 
Baa view, kara*. cbMkaa kotubai ete. A 
flaa plaoa to live. Owaar rotBrnlag to 
Baglaad. .Will aaertflce at M.dtd, 

ax«-«W aayward Bl 

jBgL Mra 

fanoadr • small afcada; i eoloay kaaatfa 
l,eo«'gBUoa redwood watar Uok witb a km- 

* Ui/uuaam 

fruit treea, bearing; excellent houee, 
7 rooma ielepbone, wired for eloc- 
• trio llgbta. piped (or gaa plaat, 
#ater ay at em pumped hito hadai 
Mtidd 8tre«m niaa tMOdgh' proper- 
ty: alao t-roomed oottake, stablea. 
. bam. dairy, yeothouee, nicely 
shaded with .ttedk. Prl«a tor tha 

O A0RE8 Inalde 1^ mile circle. S miantoa 
ml to beaob, oomfortafcle kouaa and 

Jky Ilia 

k.i.TT oa 

O. B. DBAKItr 
Real Batata, Itoraatmeata, Inaurance 
PhoBo 7tlS ■ n% Tatea Street 




» oa ki^ t*i / t MM it aad dajde a^ f« 
- — ^ fi^WJBdd Boaaa; aaiatdMo^ aa 


AlklBA Street. 

M Aered aear Beolie. unli . 

iBd, aatm* 
doe dwva 

• a d a • a 
• d 

Sm lift At Tott -waat malt •xo«lI«at 

we r^n;;:^^^^^^'^^^'^^ 

''' k^Mai'.'dn . 
BarMatop Atedaai 


^ Q7IK— Orlllla Bt r ee t <«-reom aew and 
VaOIv modern bungalow on a let S4 
X ISI; newly painted. Term* 

"VWK Bala — ••• aorea timber land It mllaa 
J? from 
«-B*Ua I 

Menjtara Hallway. 

from Vtetorla^ aa awta BotoboaiB Road, 
from aalt watar aad aa Caaadlaa 
a*away. Cmlaaa Itaa ta Xiai W 
Will aaU laad aad tBaSer, or tSd 

Mo*«kora RaUway. qrataaa Itaa ta Xim 
10 BMtei Will aaU laad aad timber, or 

S« AbroA aa to np e wd . good laBd..;, ■£« 
S* Aoroc boiM aad aatfcalldlada.... |i|4ti 
«• Aara« d-Ndm Bo«m aad karao.. iSiod 

•d Aa^aa^ ^SSf SS*^ *^ ih*'!* 

d# AordA Bj*jJ^jk^Pft.J?olld....,»,^ 

iMt.'Blr fumaoe, aloeplag 

4 each 40 x-m; 'ki5k'a^n» 7^ 

WMUag a email home outside, with aomo 


Il home 

•dat,t^add. before the war.) 
' kwtlea Are I 


*kd Aftwd Btdfwrtlea Are For ^ 

-tt-ROOM hou**; Wpaon Biraet llMd«« 
woei-'^''-^:^' "^A^ ^ 


I— mdkTlaw Street— A modem 
room home, on a good lot, with, 
fl^t-claaa garden and chicken 
rtin . Bright, chearftti rooma, 
with modenieeny*Bl*Boaa, and 

ba{an??*'aiiS^*T!Ui5S8^ ^JUIy- 

dooetaiad I 
flN cddfc. 

ttOC/UV— Cedar Hill RodA— A flve>room 
Wmm^vXt modem bungalow o( fine con- 
Btraetlen and finiah. Built-in 
feature* in dlnlngreom and kU- 
u Chen; full *U«i cement bosa- 

■lent. Newly painted and re- 
tadlde add dot. Team* 
kdldfkoe eday nmaikly 


#00>yf;-~0ak Bay— Thia I* tba cheapest 
#0^f O kanda la tka Oak .Bay d|a- 
tmt, aai oomprtaaa five rooMa, 
eameat basement and furnace, 
v^- Cioie to Oak Bay Avenue, on 

a flaa ^lot, with ^parden and 

aOBIION UBAD Watarfreatago.-MadroBa 
•BMItry Parnt, 11 K acrea of highly pro- 
'datdea load beautifully altaated aa likel. 
carad •fcagr, eis miiea from Vtoldrkk Vka 
peaHry piaat la fully mada rd . wlik ladk. 
batora, brooders (or l.SOd kirda Well btdit 
furaiahed house of nve room*^ with Itatb, 
hot and cold water: alao two-roomed Cblna- 
maa'a eottage aad large garage. Afcoat %\k 
•erta all la ^bard, logaabarrtao aad aa* 
paragua Priee, laciading l,S*a layerai all 
thi* season's young stock, borae, sow and 
Implements. ISS.IO*. Or would sell about 
7 acrea wtilch includes all poultry plant, 
houaa. garage and orchard for Il,7t0 par 

aoUMnmMAM—m mum .r diad^ad. 
daklat «1,I7|. dk^'O^ddMi. BildBtd 

CJOOKE— ltd acrea, more or leai^ S alaaked 

% •.sjd^'s4rtas.y?«ivr^ 

ti* par dcror 

QTTBR datrlet— 10 ddMli i>d«t N 

6 „ 

aslwol aad P. O, 



tratt tree« fl Sao 



B.a lidad Surveyors. BnglBeera Bad , 
Ttmber Cruiser*. • 
qiMMeecy Ckambera 

QQ ACBBB. moael Cktm, tad Cralt treea 

m 'baui 


of a n r adfo 



7ACBBS, all cleared, 
hovao. large chicken 
chicken wire all aroundi^godd 
yard* from tea; Hna IoobUobj if 

bam. email 
•II feBee4L 
aeil: ltd 


goad land: 

tSStiA mo^f:^«Ciit? 

i t atreaMM aa« lafeA 
laat flabing aad afcedHdSi fdtl 
tbroogb; prioa tl,Md.. 


111 Pembertoa Bidg. 

yard* from tea; nna io<uuioBi a milM aut. 

A8PLBNDID t'reom houee, rooma large. 
_talty modem, lot 4«xtT6. all fcla^B (S 


ikROOUED koaae. I lotd idxHS. s« ftikrt 
X-jtraM^ aU kind* of «nai| fruit. TWa 
i|#e ki lfdt .wddam bnrtbe splendid quail. 

mm OMR Bdyauiali;^! 


i"— Princess Avenue — 4-room mod- 

— era house, newly palqtad, and 

- ■:ow.v<i&»4>'v.- la Orat-claaa eaadltloa tlUo««b- 
; --^IT^' out. ctdda to mty aad, aark. and 

'b BddA.. IHWMiMWH Bday 

f^oit traea, 

ta drtdkte Id Wt^^rektL'rVA J^Ty] 

lira apaeldl •• 




gardaa !•'< '.-«aa*d ky 

M »e »*■.« 

■at a I 


wYtk laraaeo add lau^rV'tr^) iT?rr7iIi* 

tu vamT'** 

WtiiOKft-A f'rdomed. wen bant houaa 

S^^asj ,«saffA 4o'i\;:a 

• aaatkar ef fruit treea awa 

I3e75-i,isr:?apr'ff» oSi^ttt. 

ptacoa. bulltfiB bafCat mmI ■B^easn sT. 
raoma wttk alotkea ele4MBi oaalaat iZ. 
meat, fwaaae: let •• g Uit d soJd MyT 

^dd^Hy-d-roomOd wen /latoked koaoB. 
yiWVV eiMa Ik: apiandid kdma. aoS 

iaa aa akaat tMa k^ ' 


1. wbavrb 
ta aiid I»« 

iMrtca Oi<tg. 

KAinvroN B 

' lid ~ 

»MM wiuWadle iMd 

BldMNMil A««n« 
and ASpiad attlA A 
up-te^«pi kungaHMrr with kll 
; tho netr! koUt'ln ' features, and 
witk aB attraetldd^ Maedmnca 
H ladMto aiM oat; tddafldt; klgk 
■ leaiuiMlti and 8BN«A Basy 
tfrma arranged. 

#diM;|W^rfMd dUtrlct, 
V*UUW faa ATaaue, aU 


Juat off T.ln- 
room modem 

lot lU faot deep. Tkla home 
has boon newly painted and la 
In host slIapQ throughout 
""':','>.: Bkrma arraagsd. 

#i} Wg/I'dif> Fwrawood noad — Sis largo 
WWaWV '•♦rooms with cement basement 


GORDON Head— ^« aoTda 
modem bungalow, flaa 
sorts of berries and large fral 
aad plfaur of flowfn^ 9d,ll 
t. •WOlJIlB ["roomed _ m e d 4 dd kaaga> 
— ^Jd#^dM 1 acre: olepe f» sdreet car, 

I^OBA Pl k WI e ^. <>a t ddtaldo «1ty 
i IlaUta on pavodf road, city water; la 
aere*. all under eultlTailon, except 1 acre 
which I* atudded with oak tree*. fl,(0«. 
r. TObMlB— I' aor aa, poultry and mixed 
flarortag: olpaa to Uaiveratty. tf,' 

IDBAlt poultry ranch, f' * " 
aad > acrea: ok Icken 
oloae to yiatorla: 

SBPBRAI< MShlr taMMrovad 
daee to VIetorta, at fcarsdil 
ua l( you desire *uob a.^^taee. 

R. B. puNiorrTB CO. 

W7-I Pamkwrtd - . 

dieared aad ta crop, 
fruit aeoda, gralna or vegetabiea 

poultry ralalng. 

Suitable for growlag 
regetablea Ideal tar 
Oood reada water. 

UapreviA. ^dad 

BlnlBg^'cailM 'SoAftr^td '1lfi**AJ8f 

>t^*<*wti< s ^«iiiii y * wit ii mn ati i M << » 

JlJ^T. TO! 

I Taraidf 

lidAdd FBR ACBB 


dB ^ 


tbd peiM ISM. ISBl aad ISBt, 

iR jhd TtetaS^ ^"^SS^^^ 

I to dgyeaiddts tBa* aiAir tm 

their oplaion on tl)< 

marklnt. A 

oppoalto oy 
may toe>. *• 

t'»^~«iW votd •hall^*M»diMf 
^*^* Mid dtadtord Imlian 

nnajl bo dt Jlia bul " 

tlM T^llltdai W7 liartbfidcr''wair7di^ 
pointed Rdturnlnr Officer to , takd 3» 
aald vote. 

.1. i» ..w^swv that 

tt* J"!"*"** herein apoctfled ohall not 

BdfBtldB duth«rtae4 
By*laara aad baa 
vote df the naraona 
such rdfardD4un. 

ard OS tftd 


aiilag Houaa, 
B, stadd J 
iggary. llafd ' 

Varloaa OalkdlMasa 
Arieadd twwilp.(K> gkP dW« dC 
^00 maat kd siM Mwa at tlaif 



IHd Odraoratlea off fbd 
•' ,^%ee ar- 

tbe Mlamtar ^*F«Mle 
aad ka «Ao oMee e< ikd 


BaUWdP dod TraflU Bridge propaoad to 

^kad two nouee tkat aftag t' 
er dad..«i«Bth fram tlie dMa 

pabUeailoa of this aeuoo, . 
of tke.Ctty of Victoria wui. _ 
7 ortlleaBld Act apply to -tfco 
Pufcllo W«i^ at Ma ailoo la tka ... 
Ottawa for^appiavaa el (be aakl alt* 
atami aad lac leave to 

tMS^HMweafk ddy at 

gt vidtdrld. I>>{«M e^^mm. flHi 


FtMdd tld« 

•fd a, e l^jraaM* 

ID lmmedtktelp-.ld,ito M agree la 
leb. modMy eioaradi wRk drtiatie 


modern koBOT,' fer^BMtlMaMt'r ra^ 
Maat bdva geod.rMd for atoek. Will 
Mer propoalUoB witb gped kaUdldg atte. 
*— — ^ Aied * Renting 




eomtrddtfoa aad fin-. 

Tkrme drraagsd. * 

Af2HMMk~4MaAy.dlaiatott>a«ac. One ef 
WiiMPV : ^ kdaea ^W(|y« eight-reom 
, , iddtdi la ,. tfce diatrlet, kard- 
B«sd-jr«MW; .dad woodwork 
tlifoadfidBt to mateh. Tbe koaaa 
la well planned and In fIrat. 
clase condition; axira large lot. 
aad darage. Terma arrmagad. 

the eoatre 9t tbe KaaUng etrawborry 
belt 76 acres: will mil the whole, or 
divide to eolt purehaaer. It |e on the mala 
daaoich paved road. There la a good boaaa. 
and an alMBdanea of water; fine view. 
Bvery feot^ia flrM>aiaM iMd adaptakle for 
^•faawJl aid lar»B fralts, aad for , 
ry Skrf a w Ifkia BMf*rty to eitered for | Mi.Qf)Or*^ 
afcoat aaa ■klif IBs prM* af aikfifclaa la I Wx^SnAf ■ 
ifctd looaittp. rvn tdtw matiaa. grfcaTate!. 
st etfMM. 

$500 'ald^ fcMtilB^ 


About « aereo 
bouae. Bkx 114 

froBtdse, at Balmen Roe Bay: terma. 



■.^ R. B, 

$ft-% Pomkertaa 


i rea m ed cottage, fully fay 
BtaAed, oa valuabia comer. 
Hem to twip car tlnaa; 
•. ^elei alee fcltebea 

WANTBI>>-To leooe for yaar 
. from Sept I. email mmrmmm* aad boaaa 

la 4iaaaleb, aaar aei ' ~ 

BAI| Bik Lake and cieee l/ 

-^.t aoraa of the llaeot fclaoli doll 



der eiul- 

Oar itPMaga are tSorougb. and cover the 
dity, tot our aarvlce aava you 
la kjNrtSB pear 

oar 1 

- ai 

avoeptloa of two aeree >s all ui 

sat piMtedlara. , 

aad Ibanraaao 
IM Femfcertea Blda. 

traea aad J^^tdBrntafiAar with I targe 

IP you wl*l 
wkb aa. 






' • ' ' ■ ■ im' . i* 
» *^ jlgjW ^ j mjT WttA BOT 

t Mmrtaa la Oar or Safcaol 

door* aB# 
haU. draw- 
d boaattfai 
la t»* bed- 

^ , -k^fan boao. 

farnaoe. aad 1 toilata, 
call or paaae 



arttTATBfr da iddt 
D tram W l Bi rt a, l mile 
tlea, MBttldlsffS aaaaak 

f^reddMiB , 

" , bath 

<l» r : i.i r 

MP K S jS iRk^i kafa_]M|_o«Bdr 

Notloe id hdNfcr siven t»M tM' 
bavlag dIaBaa dfoa tke JBataii W\ 
DanaiB M«Artk«r wk« diedMHi fc 
S^TT iSffiWr, ere raowired t* 
tke aadarajgadd, eV*or befora tha 
of JddMh liP9^^ A ifift^ aUtamaat 
claim* dad if BMr waritlea haid by tbom. 
duly va H So fc dBS Am after that data ifcd 
Exeeaters will prooeod to diatrlbuta fia' 

aaaata of tke deceaafd 

eeutled tfcoroto, Mavf 
•talmo af wkiek aotl 

yie"aa4oi«idBa4. • ff** 

~6atgyVlatd«M».mc,, BMs 


CABABiBif HAttatiAv a4MAi»; 




> ■ 

Victoria Ne«ls a MiflftMi CMar >VIAter G^en 





TiMt la • irwr'Blet mtto calp«JM to 
j^see- 8t the toy of mr t<^hii(*"> 
1. vtmUnUiMd ttet It la smUm *» •UX 
th«r« for wm* ooasMfmblf tin*. 
poMlbljr tiiitU It bM sttrftftaA ilM ia- 
i§rMUd mtUntloo of aomo (entlemau 
WhP t—im tlMt weald Uk« to in- 
VMjt a winioA In a profltable enter- 
prim. I am not cotof to vpoAd any 
^«p4c« tbU wMktii^ witMof oa tb« 
>*iih|M| of JfeMftg" '"A 

tbat It ^NKoiM WttWllifcmrtbi do M 
«t pratnt. But in oounw of tim« 
' —t^llfng of the above line will 
iradttallsr permeate to the Inner con- 
lonwiw of eomeone poM>—ln|f 
le ant«rprlM» and reeourcee a 
JlityiyW ir|tboot his •n^ipvf 
^lil|djMM«y*^ tb«n be ><Kl«e 

.quldkcr ^.iMi%nWlP^lE^^ ftU 
f ua. 

but what we baff akMdy 

that tlM» obAmiml^. ilfMi 'g^Dowm 
jmrnttm *aw» af tha.,niliBl<>piil 
igokf lliifca, and It seema a good deal 
Wjaaaj .ItMin probable that by tbe end 
if V fil^' wei^ the , City Council wUl 
have been authorized by the man- 
date 0(- tb« paople to add this mooh 
[needed attraetlpa to owr elvle oasete. 
f JSyen more V9fmf09*> hi tb« apbrlt 
'p^km' Ut hainr n^Ww M «Pwi««tlon 
with the Elk lAka aehariiM*, ^araby 
4pf) 'aerea of land and «0# aeraa of 
'-water will be made available for the 
k healthy recreation of the multitude 
and the financial benefit of the city. 
Btedy to hand we have tha llaeat 
Mhi aC ■wlmrolns batha.^f1Ueh naad 

tOraylty takaa tha ^iiCba H yumpa 
lind tha rap' unAartakan tha' A«tMa of 
> stoker. A magnificent atratc|l of 
i^ater gives a racecourse a _mlle 
fand a quarter in length, fairly 
i^heltarad from tbe wbi4 and with no 
itidal h an dic ap ^taehad< In addiuon 
tbara is •bundabt aoirfpfa tof~:p(|)9iilo 

foUw. «n| al thla )la» »t lldtwa. 
adiiif Moaaalhla by *«Mwtb ei^, tha 

l|,;C.', aL Interuirban Kaltway or the 
• ndn^ atOge. Jitneys will flonrlah 
l^nd all Victoria and 8«anich Peoln- 
.Ifula -will have an ideal hallday 
ground at the very minimum of cost. 
«iat la if the "knockers" fiaMM irom 
Wknooklag'' and. if the pAblte Inlaraat 
'mi ha malntaHnad long aadnftl for 
VpclalVa action to he taken batora tha 
Wiksmatlo apathy so indlgenoua to 
Itals climate gets in its dirty work. 

On Mareh 21th I ran a paragraph 
aninMid«ai<tihir lulalhat tha follr of 
closing public oOfiV«;ilM«aa at an 

lA Ball Case 

IttMM Ml ever Nb lM|y - 
jWl lid— M* ibm Cwtni 

yeka Ctsfk ef Praekvilie. N. B. ciawds a 
» stgNa* ■elSrfag iate .. few wesda 



•at pat a 

flold in the city by C. H. Bowes 
to. jkoA all other dnigglsts. 

early hoar te tha avcvlng. On Majr 
I2tb X MflihtfMa».tt>at a aorraapon^- 
aat iMuC laaMEUUa amiawiie aa- 
doraamaot or aruit^ and I 
am again la iattli# Of a latter which 
is Itself a veritable tirade ag^nst 
tha policy of closing these places up 
at night. InveatlgA.tlon shows tlwt 
the authorities ore afraid that tbeee 
donveaianoaa will ba used fOf^wroni*- 
fut pttrpaaaa attar nMrhtfoiU and that 
IWaM^gpvldAii parsopa w^ foot them 

•valna could be carried away from 
such plaeea, but. granted that the 
fear la well founded and that the 09- 
caalooal vialt of the policeman on 
tha boat would not prove a deterrent; 
traatad alao thwt tlia. etty.oannot |f- 
ford mofa than qf«t fwratakar far 
donvohldav* fai t4 hours, la it not 
raaaonaMa to tuMMit that' thp earo* 
takarfa hours should rania from 7 
o'eleek at night to 1 o'clock 
In the morning. Instead of 
Irom 9 in the morning till 8:30 at 
night? There is no real need for an 
httandant during tha daytime, butt 
thara la a vary real and praafe^lng need 
f<^ ttaaa-p^ieaa to raihain opaa. if 
not all night long, at any rata until 
midnight, aapadally on gala days 
when the world, bis wife and famfly 
spend tbe whole evening 'out of doom 
taking la tha flraworfca. 

«• -v . * J, . ■ \ 

It hag haah angga^adyto jp»* UMut 
there hi a ra#l opontet ^ *• nmn ^f 
enteoprise and energy with sufhcieut 
capital to buy an orchard spraying 
machine. In the same way -. tbat 
vacuum cleaners so . round and clean 
carpeta as so much per carpft, the 
sprayer iToiikl ntaka Hla rounda. and 
apray Vtkm, ^ tha houaaholdar at «o 
muoh. a t^" Ifgny patfple aro nnf 
abia to taokla' thU lob for them- 
selcves, either by reason of Inflrmlty 
or because they lack the time. If 
no individual cares to undertake tha 

work Jt migbL jucQxa a profluble. 

source of ihoome to the city; Victoria 
could >a dlvldad up into asHoUona and 
the elti4 ,api^|yar would, auwa vag^- 
lar ealla #hd tha ^blU . could' be eal< 
-laetad amoally with the taxes. I atn 
sure that this is a reasonable propo- 
sition, but I leaVa' tbe details to those 
who have treaa'or'to |ha men who 
have aprayeia. ' ^ 

ltoitiii& about tha City <Mt Vlotorfa 
ara ''nuwarbus bancbes provided f^ 
the use of veterans by the Red Cross 
Society, and a great boon they have 
proved to many, whether veterans or 
otharwlsf. Now we are very proud 
of tha begtttiful walks which are to 
be found h» aivanr direction on ths 
qutattivta o(^ othr. and li hgs beOb 
^'^li&^4^%t<thntV:th^ walk* 
would ba ttiy i^UOb mote appreci- 
ated if seats Were provided at suit- 
able intervals and In spots where 
particularly striking views are to be 
obtained. It must be remembered tbat 
the average dwallar on tha ' North 
Amerlean Oontjln^t hap -to baanoour> 
aged to walk;) ft does Heft eoiila to 
him naturally: his impulse Is to ride 
on each and every occasion: conse- 
quently he frequently feels tired 
when he la induced to take a^e 
much needed exercise, and the odd 
seat would ftfld hlf^MS'' 
It la true that aBaM^^^llBI ii| wall 
aqulppod in thi« raafo^ so ara aon^ 

io g r w w gg t 

a law Is n»ost oertalaly »ot 

, Tb«re ^re. many pafta 

the <4<^' mhara tlUs aolaaaoa aMataui 
but parhapa of all aactlona Jamaa 
Bay is the graataat affondor. 'Prob- 
ably tbUi is becauaa Ja»oa Bay la 
one of the oldest rHianttat dla trtbta 
j^ly. I auppoaa tlio by-hiw. If 
has baan allowed to h^aa 
thara li< a cartaln naiMtpa 
bUlgiK about an ovargvowtait hadga. 
but wnen the same becomes a pbai«"t 
live nuisance to the pedestrian It la 
time that some action was taken to 
ourb It. 1 ramamber oaoa having 
a pair af gtaapea torn flrom niy pn»- 
tastl«k«diK and raoonthr » lady had; 

aafatnhad jfway -hs^ ^ , 
|rai!wh whloh took a' 
of tha ahadaa of 
night. In all probabUlty aUttle notloa 
in tha dally preas to tha alEsct that 
the. civlo ' authorities wera going to 
soe to It that hf^lcif .war* out* back 
to where thay >if|^ir^uld hava tha 
needed afloat' ' ' 

It'a n& good. I cannot bflng my- 
self to a proper appreciation of 
I Aqtarloa's • national, game. I tried' 
hard last Tuaaday to take an in- 
telligent intercat in baseball; it was 
only tha aaoood'. fa^a I had ever 
seen, so X prpvtdod myaelf with an 
expert, who ttsAfit^: «t^a^ points 
to ma aa thb ' ts^m*. »Jt iff iwa ■ d. Mt 
aU la< vain.- .1' xplia^i- M 
from' the fabllMt t^t^l %£■ at tha 
2Soo.. I suppose it waa tha wire net- 
ting which gave me .that feeling, and 
tha awkward part of it is that I 
could sot juaka up my mipd wlM)<Uir 
I wM ;<(ii iha Insldo locking out or 
on Vftitiy : lh.,-:Wtill<-hdw» 

.wi^-hslifiiguiiit. ^titmi ^m^^k 

^^m^ja i«W>|h*t. liAvh lha feiMng 
ft iHkir ahd^t£ naw 0tadlim ii an 
Immense improvement 00 what , irb 
had previously behind the l^mpraas 
Hotel. Its presence should give an 
added Impetus to the apo.i^tiag pro- 
clivltl«^ Of ' Vlotortana. By W'was'. 
whkt^ «h a M as U a hi Maa ■ that waa to 
fOrfii a: C3lm|>m' Club for tbayobnf* 
stei^.' thua aaeovraging their ' sport- 
ing ipatlmita ,aad endoavorMg «to 
eUBaAaio"«^lMii».iar WfiMMy. 

Just .tw6 paragraphs more, and 
iet th e o p a daa l yUh.^ p a a aha ff d 


• L 

parta of fiallaa Xtottd, 

^ . thaf^ Mm: 

many parts of the city and many 
spots outside the boundaries where 
the several authorities concerned 
could at very little cost maintain a' 
little sitting accomraodatton which 
wobld atlU, turthar anhaaoa tha da- 
ttghu of thi lw Ai>rttbr» o»l 


The overhanging hedge is becom- 
ing' very obtrusive again. I believe 
that there is a by-law which for- 
bids any houstf^oldar to allow h!a 

Your teeth 

"A EN your teeth need tttentioh— and 
tbat is now if you tiavc not had them 
examined for some time — I am al- 
• ways glad to look them over and tell you ex- 
'ii0Hjr^i|{^«n^^ of each one» deacrib^i^ any 
defeiipt may exist or may biiMl'il^iie., 

: And right at the beginning is the. time to 
eHeck -d^ect? before they affect the tooth 
) seriously. Tl)e teeth are too important^o be. 
,1. , .„ , in and see me, or telephone 
foF sir appotAhittent. L make no charge for 
consultations. Expert advice given free. > , 

Permanent Crowns a pitte may not be neccs- 

. Mry. My Permanent 
Briafcs close up ihc line 
jjof . we taetb and fully re- 
ttorc tboir nin«tlon ufd dliMM<yi ^mM told, ttst In a mould, 
forms tha bicUng . JmU poreiHln tc^^ with lite "live- 
toolh" appearinct, tmm IM froht of iach brtdfe. You can not. 
tall tbcm from rati, llv<i tattk A»d thay Mra, Intarchanieable—- 
can ba raplacad it i dUlaraat Ithfih or color II nac«uary/ wtth- 
out liking tHa brMgo out jol thg luoxAk, Tkit mkd* 4t ^r- 
mintnl." ' ' 

PorcelauCPiUings rS"<.r?i*t V.„'^i'. 

/Inl/I f tooth. It may yet be saved In 

UOm inUiyS many cases, by careful fillinf. 

I inaka porcelain filllnKs 
which cannot be dlatingaished from the "live" portion of tb« 
looVk For ordinary cases, this material is quite sattable and- 
U wW tut at lo«f u tka rati of the tooth. gold Inlayt. 

cottfort 01 hmnortog tho •mTtiSBWlMr^ 

llfctfgM. : ' * . ■ 

and Bridges 

OpdQ MoA.. WadL aad fH^ evcf^gi 

% KUcrrt iMrtil hrbn 

VaaiTonrcr: 307 HasllHfS W. 

Cor. YatM 

street. If you arb ona OT'^tljii^M ii^b- 
ple like myself who thoroughly 
enloy a feallhg of gentle melancholy. 
I stroi^ly recommend a walk- along 
Blanshard from Pandora Avenue 
north to <}ueon's Road. There Is a 
restful charm about this street 
whloh reminds one of a combinfitlon 
of . "Tha 4>aaarta4 Vtltage." a farm 
inaavte .Uhf'rapflr^.a, ^Mb^ory hay- 
flaliir ^abd tha , ntlna <a oae-tlma 
proaparoua nunlhi tbwnL . J hava fit- 
ready coinmented on the style of 
building which disgraces ^nsbord 
Street In tbe centre ef the city, but 
there It is at laa«t waU p#v«d ami 
Clean. In the raMdlntlhl liortlfKh M 
tbla unfprtunatjB thOrot^hfara' wa 
And: nrud' aV .<HlM, aooorilteik to 
waath«r,'>' EHidhaa*^ ti^iMi^^^: 'Crown 
of tha road and tli dSiili 
iflde-^alks On one side, wild-growing 
grass everywhere and over aU a pall 
of neglect seems to brood. North of 
Queen's Road there is a distinot Im- 
provement; but why tha hlatimt ,1 
know that tha olty .ia hwNt 1Mb Mt 
why oonnot. tha amptayaaa ara 
kapt busy on tha jilnety and nine 
good atreata ba aparad for a week or 
so to administer to the needs of 
Blanshard? I im sure that the 
ratepayers In that section are fulh 
enoush of . repentancan«-'tf .«nly ..for 
having ever been ao '^niimidad aa to 
hova'-aatiMd'^'thpra.; , ; 

I>Urtiig' tha courao of an address 
given bafork the Botary Club on 
Thpsaday lost Mr. w. Aldritt Is re- 
ported to iHiSre said "Boy« hot* 
hypocrisy a«d uniatohaaa lUta ahi.'" 
This Is patffaotly Una aa^ avaryoha 
tvbo hna ava» luM>^^Qr. tMAartaNU 
daaliaga with bdya httow* It.^ I uh- 
daritaad that thai aehoola in Vlo- 
tofla and district and possibly all 
over. Canada, are spreading the 
propaganda of "Buy in Canada.'^ 
Efforts are being made to iqstll*into 
the youthful mind tha SMoeaalty , of 
sumortlng hppM produoea Bxaal- 
iant> 4>lKd »«hfh ooatiai tha an^HUl- 
■max. 'A-'';|«r' «m -W|hitX^ waak 
and told lilft MMhtiTnV 4bottt this 
propaganda and then pointed to the 
title page of his arithmetic book, 
which showed that this, the arithme- 
tic book, mind ytfu, the book which 
deals with the very quaotion'of dol- 
lars and «aata-oa wh^ab «hf -ipvopa- 
Randa Mngaa, waa »rtiita<F'-h»'rtho 
Unltad Stktfo, And hypoo- 
riarl What. "tiMk^^^ua^ tha^aehool 
children think of a syetem which 
fails to practice what it teaches? 


(By C, It Higham. M.P., in Tbe 
London DaUr MMMliK ■ < 

I am f^d up With our national pasal- 


I am tired of hearing the people 
who tell us the country is going to the 
dogs, who don't know how we arc 
going to pay for the war. ask when 
the ravahition is comijip; any tha Bol- 
ahovlalB will aoM ha in BttOhihiSMm 
Pahioto. and'all tha iSMt 'of tho non- 
sense of thia'sertl 

There is nothing the matter with 
the bulk of the people of thinae islanda, 
or ilie country lt«elf. Tha British 
workingman and hia wife, who con- 
stitute the major proportion of tha 
population of yiaae lahiada, aM,;4nit« 

Thrr don't wligmmmm meet- 
ings— they don't^ iW ^lloiahavlk lit- 
erature, and they don't want to. They 
don't want their newspapers fan of 
pesMimistlo utterances from potttlaal 
nobodlea or so-called . apogtlaa of 
Lenin and Trotskjr. 

What they want la to ha laft alona 
to do. thair wtrii oMiN^, iivlatlr 
hnd qukshly, fo^^at a, IhSng wage, to 
hava planty to do, aiii^.n^M hava to 
worry whaa tba mlaana goto or the 
klda need new boota. 

They don't want their taturday af- 
ternoin^^ hun daya apoUad Nallh 
paaapMNBll'^ 'apaochao 'ov 
sairmoiia. Thay llha thalr oai^try. 

Be J^oud of 

OlDI wslili 

flMr llttia homo and tW 
losw tialr ^ard«!i. Thay vkm to grow 
baUer radishes than thalr nalghbofh. 

They want to hava a *iafc whan 
they fMi liha It g fl ha hi oajbodj tn, 
tarfortng with tbaat. 

lliay don't abuse Ihahr prfvtl( 
citiamM. Thay bahava than 
and I tnmlr hailavo thay ara happlar 
paoylb la atlhor oeuatriaa. 
''b thaao y^hm -wmM wUr up party 
for naOfl parpaoas>- 
'dlreot arttih." or maka 
speeches that wld hrhag the mssooa 
nearer to serfdom than frsadowi. I 
frantty say: Chaer y. hoek np. 
and abut «p' 

|ve bsm look juat M voa 
ittractivdy "inade fbiit Kc cmS^ljSS&^^i^^mi^ 

and wfS^tlai^na^ip. Tbiii makea them ,;,\^\ t-^'' 
cheapest in the kmc nin for it ithviyt '^-^ 
^jpty to- W^br quality. / 


Irrriijii 111! 



It iniai^ak -long baCoro ^ iya« in- 
«^ tbttba^'WadajM»|r "Mob" dhir 
har. • Whalhar , my fixpt fatrt>dttbMo<k, 
to tha hM^rlty of tha atalt aNulf«t a 
weekl^ pinner in Bouverle ttrtat. Or 
On tha .oodasion of an "oiiting" at 
Dulwlch, 1 am not' certain. I fancy 
that my llrst "Punch" dinner was In 
Bouverie Street, and why I am fairly 
sure of this f»qt la bccauae Mr. Brad- 
bury. iMLv i^nandfOtber of Laurence 
Bradbury.' t^a prMjBnt partner li> the 
Arm. daiterra'd h'la^eparture from the 
oflleo ctn'pufpeaa to unlta with Mr. 
Svatta iniir^awocidliur d»a aa "orta of 
Mr. Vvkit^ yolnv:ip|ifik'* t rohipm- 
ber ao ^^iMn lihi giiiillty. % . . ' B«t 
the" dinner Which, if not tha flrat in 
order, was to me the memorable one, 
was held at a hotel in Dulwicb, not 
far front the railway station. It was 
hero that I was introduced to Thack- 
eray. At that dinner the entire staff 
was p^Ofpnt. "Fater" Evans Wa» at 
one end; df the table, and Mark Lemon 
«M at,.t]ie Other. Which w«a chair- 
man atMswhioh waa ''vlea" I hava A»t 
the amdlibat Idta. There waa ho ftfr* 
mhllty^ Mark wn# jovial. I aalddpi 
mw* hfht':«tlwruMi; aarutnly navte 

0itA »iema^mfm$ri sMriar Broofi: . 

was Vm thO <fUt viVo for a reitr 
artco, Horace Slayhew being as a^ 
rule hia butt. Then there were John. 
Leech, John Tennlel, Henry Silver,' 
Perctval LeiRh. Charlee Keene, Tom' 
Taylor ahd Thackeray. I am prettyr 
sure that'I sat next to Charles Keen^ 
and he' ^ppke to mo of the '.'stpfy .<ff' 
the hafftlar' which, he had ll|uiirM«d,< 
In On#i^||-.Waak. iThere wore ^ 
toaata. al^, tlittrb Wga notJgft g^tj sdtf-. 
aaaton 4tay dlaeuaatoa of 'l68^t(^iblii(! 
of th# Mkt ha X fanoir tlto^MiMMi 
of tha 4(«^il«Mg had Dieofi mratloiialy). 
aetllad by.-0hb'ley and Mark tdgetliar. 
Anyway, Thackeray, wi I ^nireml^. 
had to leave early, and after bidding 
them all good -night, with a<oompra<i 
hcnslvo wave of the hand, he paOba^. 
by my chair, put out hla hand. and. 
as I row from my seat, shook minO 
moot cordfally. Thon releasing It, Mdl 
pbieed ^fl'>ltht hand oA my ohopldi 
«r. and. aw H wara. bitraiuoia lha* to 
tha aasembhiga/ saylngr 'tlihtttiiian. 
alle^ tV«» ^ htar to jiraaent to' you 
'llh^ ««#^hey/ hnd 1 wtoh him every 
auqeaaa*. He'a sure of it." . . with 
aaothaf hl^rty nhake of the hand, 
ThOekeVay quitted the. room, turning 
once mora to nod oncmiragingly at 
me an4 >aa<, wavb Mg adlaak to tha 
others. ' ' 

-^'><«-.*2¥»o»rda afnd lUaalniaaoa- 
oaa,** by Bfcf iVmaeia B uthand. 

MiyiyELOUS RAimiM 

Tha potantUI mitmr of ooa gnun 
of radfuaa. Is sudkfent to nutao tha 
tanaparalire of a ton of water ttSi 
tha fM*g to tha bolUng pdnt 
Aon whdl eoaild ho aoho wMh^ ton 
of radlumf - 

It s«ema aUhOot uaalaaa to oan- 
atdar aifeh .a quaatJon. atee^ thora la 

not a pound or radium' ha tho w«rld. 

•,rM< xn--.- M not be dUflag thO 

ur^timf o; n ^ iij.. yooogsot mem- 
ber of this g«oerath>n: yat. ttka tha 
miracle af ,tha tfapafnutatlon of mat- 
ato or Ifco iltit W il j of parpataai ^ 
ttasi. tMa lb a ouaatlon 'whkki scien- 
tlMa ha«»-fouoa M fosc^Moliai^ thst 
have i{K»cuiated upon ^t. Tha 

Jate Sir William Ramray, a winner of 
the Nobel Prlae and acknowledged 
dean of Qirltlah .nalence. estimated 
that the energy^ In a ton of radium. If 
It oould ba haraaaaad to human uate, 
woniM ' |to|»al n ablp of l»,000 '■tons 
with ahinnca" of 1 Sv<il«o-horsapowar ,M 
a spaed of 15 knots an hour con- 
tinuously for 30 years. Jt now re- 
quires a million and a half tons of 
coal to accomplish the same result. 
This is roughly the estimated proporr 
tion betwaen the potaotlal energy of 
Vadium and that of tha ommM. common 
source of onersv now In human use. 

Before the war almost all the 
radium in the world was obtained 
from pitchblende deposits in Aus- 
tria. In fact, it waa the gift of a ton 
of plt«hb^de ,|iy Hha A^^ 
Auatrla' t^t/tho'TOitowhiiirlbmi; 
Curla-^t^hi'waa^m ^thb-i|ays long be- 
fore th^ #ar^hbt rdktf a it possible 
for tho Poli.-^h womaA sclontlst to 
Isolate radium and study its proper- 
ties. , 

The present price of radium Is 
$3,Z9t,9p^ per ound?. as contratiird 


With $150 per ounce tor platinum, 
the next most precious elamant. ,!lt 
is indicative not only of the rarity 61 
radiunM'but . of tha dU|%ralt»; 
ir|a«i4«fili| yhdlum to bhlMMa.'^ 
qr>:aMijitrMt:MMik»d' If 1^t^i9^:fh0 
baak» Of hoytoa; than tranafanid w 
wagona and hauled by teams and 
trucks to the haarest railroad Junc- 
tion. It la thara loaded on the cars 
of a narrow-gauga railway. Thanoe 
again the ore to transferred «. 
broad-gauge railroad for tha flpal 
haul to tbe refining mills. Ona ton 
raoulres to be traatad with a 
ohamleato an! !• tana of 
water before it is Anally compelled 
to ylald four milligrams of radium, a 
qvantlty less by far than tha haad of 
a pln.~Xaw York Times, 

. ; y /j'5..<^ ..OpftoMlvo Anoanaly 

VIliftam^lliMa Aaior wanta lagtolatton 
to oniMa^'h. widb^ to mnr thg 
brothar of har llajkd hbaband. Bha 

asked, in the British House of Com- 
mons, If tha Home Secretary was 
awnrc of tlia Urgent need of an alter- 

atlOli of tha marrliga laws to make it 
la§gl fOr a woman to htarry har. d^d 
fnaihandW ; iMcothar. 1 ona- tedr 
')|C.I>. hii .ahoaaa a . good oavaa to 
oMMpldht irhMh. «| aha pbliiMtoB out, 
to of eapaplal Impartance to thMtoaads 
of war sri4owa»lo thto country^ The 
la^f bar to Bbah'unions is ito Uhscrip- 
tbral' and as w>onc. ffq^^pvty- point 
of view as was tha lonk ghd 


ataly-uphjild , 
pabto |i)i|f|(»y. 

ml sea Ithan 'fflht^^tte ona dpahlllty 
should hava lMil^";abollah#d Without 
tha othar.--->aM[f|l|;h»^. Poat.K 

— ,, ... - _ — , ,.:.:.„, . ,,. .1 y.>. — .-1 

Tb r o nt'^^Jbim 


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' healthy, g OYC f te tig n t fa ipa ct ad aoimalak Tbaat maala af« par- 
heOf eaak^ la air-tight tina. i #|||i':.»adttiaM. flavor and 

qnaHty^taal h i n dw6a triata. ' 

Ag a tnt of their dollfhtftil. mpptititing qaaUty tiy ■ tin of Davtei LoMb 
TfioffiM--A dainty delicacy that will win your l u n itj ' , g|fpravBl« 

Md. in parchawiit Untd ting. 

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other da&tMdL 
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