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T'^if baiTuneter ranmuu btgh CIDI t2w MorOl- 
cm c<mmL. Slid fine, hot 

Advertinng 1 1 

Biuunesa Or(ic« ^ 1 1 

CircvlAtton _ _ .12 

MtairW Kmm so 






» ' 

French Atlantic Plan e Turns Back; Fate of Polish Aviators Is Not Known 

Consternation in 
Moscow Is Caused 
By China^s Action 

m ui 

Lieut.'Cov. ITiU 
Offfft \/*ir 'I rail U* 

- i rmrKliiy, Julv 18, &t 4 30 
p oi Ills Houur Uie Llrutni- 
ant-Oorertkor wUl ronn&liy 
open Uie oew Vtirblddeii Pin- 
\im» TnSX. On Uka d»r foi- 
lovtaic It b •■piw f l th&t % 
number of CJ>Jt "*T^iiM and 
msfnbcn of Uw Oovcnunent 
will iKte orcr tte anr tntt od 


Official Bulletin Staim King U to 
Undergo Operation Tomorrow 

Polish Plane Is Believed to 
Have Been Forced Down 
at Sea Near Azom wod to 
Be Drifting 


fremih Planr lums E^ck 
— Arrival in France fclx- 
pected About 10 o'Oock 
Sunday Morning 

PARIS, mr U <8un4ay>.— One 
eonieoUnt In tbe world's Am 
air race aerau the AUanUc turned 
back to the atartlntf post last night, 
and the other waa reported urgently 
de^1^'.nt^ tn Land In the Aaorot 
i.aHniLv iifiir Uorta. 
i-'tincj-AiiiK the Horta report not a 
<i r-ame from any aource ooo- 
.(lalnfT the Polish flyers. 

Aviation otisfrvrrr. (lr<luced rrom 
Ihia lliftl the Poli'-h plane muxt 
havT brrii Itircrd down If n' r.rti 
It wUl be no nrw experience. In 
Aiivujtt. uBins the same type 

of land plane, they came down 
sixty mUaa from tbq ooMt of Portu- 
K»l after turning back becatue of a 
leaking oil Terd Unf near the 
Aaores. They kept afloat unui a 
a«nnan freighter ptcksd ttWB up, 
and they «ald ttMjr 0008 tmm 
tlQi,^ even longer. 

HORTA. A/^res Island. July II. 
~A radki report to Horla tonight 
■aid the PoliAh aviators urgently 
wlnhcd to land in the Azonu. The 
radiogram gftve their position u 
nrty kllomttire* distant from Horta. 
rhere are no regular alrdraoMB or 
landing fields on tbe Aaore*. 

Ss. NAIRENTA. ftt Stft. July 
i By vlrcleas to the A.P. > Tb* 
Bteanuhlp Nalrenta risht^ the 
polUh airplane at 7 3fi p in Green- 
wich Mean Time. In Lftlitude 40*0 
North snd Loniftltud'* 26 ia 
Tl»a airplane was on a course of 
tpproxlinat^'ly 24(1 denrees. we slfs- 
nailed it ihr po^iuoo, and received 
Jie lollowlnK, 
"My motor tias iroaMg,** 

t^iffnad) "OlaytoD, Muter." 
The poalUOQ fflnn by tba Nftfr- 
enla for the PoUah arlators was 
approximately 300 mlka North Bast 
g( Jpayal, Aurw. Tba tloM at vbieb 
Cm t ti mU oa Pag« S. 0*M i 

G>nsolidated Ha.s .Scheme 
Which WiU Entail OulUy 
of $7,000,000 Upwarcb 
at Trail 


LONDON. July u.— Ite stag moifc imdefio uuttMr opmtloa 
00 uoQday. stated a buIMln tamed teuli^ at B ueMM - 
ham Pataoe and ligiied tty ate plianlolana Vtm boOBttn 
was ae «aBo«e: 

T tM general health of HU Majty tbe King baa further Im- 
prored. The .^tntu In the right aide of ble chest bee ceeeed to 
give adequate ricu To. and therefore secure the hfallng of. the 

imiaU rreAduai utn-o>vA with which It ccmmunlcatea. It will be 
necewwrv thrrflorr, roc 'hi.-' absre» to be directly drained and 
lrrat«l and full ron«ldfr»tinn hn.^ t.t-.*n given sls U< tJie bmit method 
of Ktieelmg inia purpo—t T7i^ T,.^„,.„,rv .,{,fn wil! •ak? place 
OP PKNN. Dated Saturday evening " 

The King's operation on Monday Ia undrr.itood to be a 
minor one. 

It was announce at ihr palace that no further statcmente 
Ooocemlng the condition of Kl« MiJOgU WXdd fet iMHl Unttl 
after the operation on Monday. 

Hon. H. Marler, During Elx- 
tcnded Tour Which Will 
Bring WiTxi Here Aug. 7, 
Address Many Meetings 

EXPLAiys nU'E 


iVrr/* Is Itrokm 
When Diving But 

VANCOr;VKR. July 13 -Although 
he broke hl» nerk while diving rI 
KltallfttKt Beach Sat'ir'liv nftrmr. n 
th^ condition of i ■ ; .1 1 \Vi. V:». 
Bmlth Street, was rcp<>ri<!cl good" 
at the General Hospital thta efenlnc 
The young man was dlvtlia at low 
tide and eCruolf Uw bettom In alnut 
three teit of mttf. 

Tba Qnt Ouadlan mlnlstv to 
ToUOh Ron. HtrtMrt Marler. leane 
Montreal .today to coounenae the 
series of addresses tlimughout 
Canada which will precetle hla de- 
parture on August » on the Eniprosn 
of Prance to take up hu appoint- 
ment In the Japanese captuL be- 
oomlng ths third envoy appointed 
by Um Canadian Oovertuneat to 
fonltA eanle and repubttog. 

Bta TMt beiw It UMMI ter auffwt 
f, end he wUt return to the Main- 
land lo feoor kiw mmtMJ0 MM* 
Oohimbte feifan tmm the 

In the complimentary dinner 
tendered to him In his own dty. 
Mr, Marler devoted a large part of 
his speech to explain why Im con- 
sidered Canada should have lega- 
ttooB In fordgn countrlee. To say," 
lie reuxked nhat we can be a 
hermit netlon Is merely another way 
of dl9cardli« the lervlow lor whkh 
our forefatters strtvod for a htm- 
dred and Ofly years— another way 
of denying our position \n the 
Brti.ish Commonwealth — because we. 
as Canadlan.v have two duties of 
equal Importance, one to ourselves 
and the otatr tp IbO CODunoo- 

Canada's aggregate trade with 
Japan has grown fram leas than 
>AjnOjOOO In 1913 to nearly 
000.000 In tbe year endlrv March 31 
taut, a growth of n'qrlv tlO.000.000 
to the last fiscal Vf:<r 

Mr. Marler rx[>i,u:i'- that, he 
learned in his recem vi it 'o ih-> oid 
Country that Ort-at iiritjitn wr: - 
fomrri Oi-^ efttAtillr-hment r.f irtra - 
tionfi Jibrond iind that, imbued wHh 
a desire for Oaoada to Mrve as thr 

Man StUl 


"We go to that nation wltJi 
fatth and afTertlon in our hearta 
and IcnoniriK that Itx people are 
«mon^> 'ii>' Tii'jMt. illufitrious In 
the v.-h..[i> w irlrl Tanada goeti 
with no 5ein."^h motlvf.i with no 
greedv <*J'^u wl'h no hidden 
df^lff-i We knogrmK 'hat Uit- 

civUUatloD of LhoM who arr to 
reoetve u« is as old es our own 
Latnentlan Bnie— that they are 
From ihm oultlveted and pnAdent tn §it, 

muilc and literature and have 
a eourage poMwd bf few 
other nauons or the world. It la 
to such a people that your np- 
reaentatlve goes lorward; a 
people which should and doea 
eonunand our greetest admlra- 
tton; a pet^le between whom 
and tboee of oar gnat Dominion 
It wlU ever be my effort to In- 
ereaee the ties of friendship and 
affeettan whleh ihoiUd alwaye 
exist be t ween them for our ocen- 
mon betterment -for the better- 
ment of all nailom of the 
Brlttih Oommonwealth and for 
tan HUr^ 4:27 oViock. the |iiiiMi iiatlon of the peace of 

HelA: 11:11 orlock. the WbolB WOrU." 

Will Be One of the Largest 
Ferlilrzer Plants in Whole 
of British Empire When 

DrrAII^ of Uie Caruolldatcd 
MlnlnR At Smelting Company'* 
fertiliser plant to be buUt on the 
Warfleld Vlala, Trail, within the 
next two yean indicate an immense 
project. The plant wUlooat 97.000,000 
to ta.000,000 end wlU nqutn about 
two yean lo ooDgtnici. UraaabVady 
boesUog the largeet MMdUan works 
«( th« TOdanac tfpa In the Brtttah 
mattn, vlU also boast one o( the 
laigeit fertUiaer plaota. 

The first unit will- prodtioe SB long 
tons of fixed nitrogen per day, which 
means approximately 17$ long tons 
Or 192 alwnrt toru of ammonium sul- 
phate, or altemattvrty 3fl0 .ihori 
ton5 a day rrf ammonium phoBphaLc 
Aiiimonm.Ti AUlp;iat* has 31 per c**nt 
of (Ued nllTDicen in Its compoxlUon. 
end ammonium julphale has is per 
cent. ThlA produ^lOB will go on 
anan days a week aod attgrHvo 

Total power eoBcumptlon arising 
out of the flnt unit will be soaoo 
h pAn electrolytic hydrogen pUnt 
WlU account for 33.000 hp. of thU. 
Thero win be a liquid air plant 
for extracting pure nitrogen from 
the air. A synthetic ammonia plant 
will tlx the 'pura nitrogen and the 
hydrogen gasea from the foregoing 
two plante Into anhydrous ammo- 
nia, wtalffli b aiammrte v^or oom- 
preaod ttito a ttqold gtate. Thb 
prodoct win be atorod tiadar pres- 

Over 300 ton* of acid will be pro- 
duced dally by a contact sulphuric 
and plant. wh\ch will take the sul- 
phur dioKlde from tiie roaater gaaee 
and convert it Into sulphurtr acid. 

rnnllnoed tm Pa^ 2. Colamn t 

Freetraders in Britain 
Denounce Proposals for. 
Great Economic AUiances 

<9r BMKBMRT BAILEy. Biltlah UaUed Prf^%' 

LONXX)N, July tS.— The prospect of gigantic tariff wars in 
Which the United Slates, the British Empirp and Kurope 
would be the chief antagonlsU, Ls beRlnnlng to frighten not 
only (ho ttm traden but the pacifists tm wiyn 

I-^rd neaicrbrook and The n»iiy 
New.-^ «re rnffaRed in a warm but 
markedly polite r onunvci-fy on the 
subject of the Empire r.nRed with 
tariffs, and in this connection The 
Oatty News streeBes that if the 
BeavertiTook dream shotiM oome true 
(he Empire would earn the hostility 
of (he natlona of the world and 
w Mr! h" tn peril of breaklttg asun- 
I'' (he reUUatlon of the af- 

>' [iiirifin.i would cripple Brit- 
ain export/; AH tlie Lthrrnl and 
Labor new.^apers are (Vnounclng 
I»rd Braverbrook's plan antf Mi tm- 
ploring htm to drop It. 


Porrl^ Minister Brland s wheme 
" Owed States of p^urope l» 

eatnlng condemnation, ic is 

as an exoODenL kletf IT Be 

orraer Mayor of Van- 1 *S UlulniSrtr iLS 
couverDr** Qiiarter Mile | 'JS" «r^i.'' """^ 

The Dally Herald says today tha' 
M. Brland is wrong "Against wboin 
,ls the proposed federation directed?" 
EQUIPMENT IA}ST-, '^'^ HKTx\a. -aaainfil America 
T»ll» TJi^OUIV .iTI-c- BrlUln? The British 
i nli i iLniylliM A t Lea Labor movement will not lend Ita 
support to plans which aim at 

VANCOtTVER. July 13 D S^"2l^.^tJ!i'*uS?'^Jt 

Taylor, former mayor of Vancouver, yiLSS^iU^^!^b^: on 
narrowly escaped drowning during Si*'T£nJf£^iirrf ^S^S^rS^ 
an attempted trip thitaigfa the 52?^ 
Peeee River aecUon of BriSab Co- Sl^^^LSTh Sr,^i.?^ let to 
lumUa. when the motor boat to Empire, 
which he was traveling was upset creatinn of separate eco- 

to the BwUt run of the FOfnlp '^^tnlc and poUtlral entitles, so tar 
River, about twelve bOVrS* travel''''""' removing the rauRM of frir- 
trom McLeod Lake would multiply them and 

Tlie part) consisted of Mr Taylor. ' '^^^ to ^iL^e economic ho.<tillUe.^ 
his son Kenneth, and WUllam Pow- which might in the long run be as 

Conflagration in New Wcst- 
minsler Industrial Area 
Destroys Plant and blocks 
of Paper Mills 



Canoe Upsets in Swift Rapid 

III " 

■■I Port 

• ileamn 


Um Qtchet Bough 

Blaze at One Time Assumes 

Alarming Pro[x>rtions 
Part ol C hemiral Com- 
pany's Plant nam;i;^rd 

' n -Cau.'iing a Ion placed at 
$1,250,000 fire de.iLroyed the plant of 
the We.<!tir.inM*r Paper MilK Ltd. 
and a portion of the plant of the 
Triangle Ohemtaal 0&, Ud^ this 

Five firemen were m'eminie bv thf 
fire, which for a tunc anumc^i 
alarming proportions and thnatenad 
to wipe out the whole tadostrtal ana 
on the North Ann, west of the elty. 
About 100 men have bean t«m- 
potmrlly thrown out of work. "Hie 
fire orlglnatod in the boiler room of 
the paper plant The flames iipread 
rapidly to tbe roaJn section oif the 
plant, one story talL In a few 
minutes the vlkole piagg Wks en- 

Lobs at the paper plant i.<; piar-ed 
by afflclals atjugU|^ju^.OQ0. The 
he&vfqst loss ^KraralKr the n re 
d8Mlpii|lin a large supply of paper 
Ja the Hfttsiniaiiii The ehenleal 
wwpany oBctals place the \am to 

Explosion of Wrath Follows News of Seizure of 
Mancbarian Railway and Expulsion of Russians 
— C^uul Alone Remains Quiet — Vast Damm- 
strations in Other Qcict 

Government Dispatches 
Pere mptory Ultimatum 


oscow .r.iy n ir.r R .tg|g , ni>P e g fiin t m > !ato ton«bt 
a.Jdresscd to the Manchurlan Oovemment and th« Ohl- 
National Oovenunant an nltlautum giving the Chi- 
nes three da^toaaeent to a eonfetence for regulating the con- 
flict over the Ohtoige sggtem RaOwgv. rocenuf wised ™M^- 
J^^ MTWrnont 01 the c hiruse ,7^oT^ 
conferenee, the Rugglan Oovommgnt aaM it would be compeUed 

K dMtaeg ot Uie total rightg of Uie 

to reaort **to otbi 
Rovirt Union." 


Sunday, Jwdy 14 



Victoria and Vicimtv Uirht 
moderate winds, continued fine and 


1M» IdU 


University of Montreal 
Transcanada Ton r Will 
Reach Here on Tuesday, 
Seventy-Six Strong 



I*ercy Williams defeau American 
iprinlen at Vancouver meet 
Local girl wins high Jionp. 

Marjorie I^emlns defeated In 

( >rr|{oti lenni.'' final 
}iope Leeniing wins Interior beo- 

nif\ >:hampionBhl|k 
RojaL-t defeated by fit Bavlev% 

in football replay 

Tht A'ew* 

, Frorlnclal— 

Deputy MlnLiter of lAbor mn 
retuni on conditlrin of in<)^i.ttne>. 
tn BrIMiih Columbia in relaUoo 
to Kages. operating condltlona 
and employrueot. 
TVKjnng party of Onivendty of 
Montreal due ban on Tucaday. 
Ron- Herbert Marler. Oanada a 
flr^i niinlrter to Japan lew^ina 
M'/itrf/ii today en rout'' wc-i 
iw<mini«n. Imperial aa4 PerNgn — 
ih^ King U to be evetaMupen 

Russia sendA an ultlmalum to 

rrench Atlantic plane turrw back 
FMUh .plane tshawg lo ho 

Senate Likely 
To (mI Duties 
Upon Shingles 

WABHXNOTOir. O.0„ Jnly »^ 
Intimations that ihe Brltlah Oov- 
ernment might Unpoae a tarifT on 
Mniled dtat<« wlieal arr given Uttle 
neighl m S^nme itn len ai>parenUy 
■pte Sensle^ \ ii llmi 'tu- U.-' 
1 ■-; 1 < i"m-ni.,'t;' n ■ i ■ ■( . ii . , . ..■ ,i 

land oii aihsai bi^:*i.i»,'<' .jl .^■liiuin.-m 

at hone. 

TV nal laiiliiHii wbkfe officials 
and Snanor eomailltaa abMi are 
weighing here, in eonnseUan wMh 
<*rtfri on Canadian products, la horn 
far increaW fmtee to the DSW MH 
may cause a growth Of ttiB QObam 
of preferential teABs Vllhia the 

Bntl»h rmplie 

II. setfmt ImJe 

That the 6enat^ will strike out 
House inofwaoa on tmtm% lMMl''> 
and k)g^ 

The French-CJanadlaB perty. or- 
gaalied by the Uolvmtly of Mon- 
treal, will arrive to the cHy on 

Tue^da^, nnd will bring tome m- 
tercBllni; piTsonalltlea from Quebec 


The l^iur thU year Ir- "slArring" 
Mr. Roch Ploaid, eighteen vear old 
youth, or Otttremoni. Montreal, 
winner oC the IMI fJomlnlop on- 
torkal ehamplonahlp, who is travel- 
ling with Ms parents. Mr. and Mrs. 
J R. Pinard. The youngest ot a 
family of lawyers. Ptnard. Is also 
embracing the law. Two prises were 
Awarded to blm at the Toronto 
'finals, one of gl.SOO from the Pro- 
vincial Canadian Oovemmenta. and 
a SBOO scholarship with which he is 
making thla lour. He has Just 
graduated troea JoUctto College, 
and wUl proceed this year to the 
OnivanUf oC Montreal. 

llw dbeeior of the tour u Dr. 
Benrl t^ureys. deen of the faculty 
of commerce in the unltendty. 
Monsr P .S .^botirin. of Valley- 
field College. Pr(.rr>wor 6 Minvllle. 
of the univer-Hiv. Mrs Piul Beique 
Montreal. da .ijrhieT-in-taw of Rrna- 
tor Bdqiie Mr Alberta Oeroers, 
K CT . of Queoe. AUl^rmaO J. 8. 
VaUee, of Monueai . Mr. C. B. 

BnMbard, oC MottfenaL and Mr 
P. K Qtolhau m llDBtrsal. are 
aaMog Ibdso wHh lbs pottg. which 
nasahn wieiilj to alL 

Dr. XaVlgf eaplatns that the ob- 
)cet la ki aiMte Wwctem Canada 
better ondentood in the KlaM The 
Ontvrn'tT of Montreal, iji under- 
Ulcms thlA annual lour, u exerting 
U mnuencr on those outside liie 
untveraity and a unlrvndty, m the i 
»' r.'i of the prucaelera, la not oniy | 
made to (eaCh la IHc 

ler all of Vancouver, and A K. 
Bouohier. Prince Oeorge. The boat 
bad been stopped while the party 
locked for a camp site, twt when 
they poled out into the river again, 
the outboard motor would not work, 
and ihe craft was CArrled into swift 
wfttT snd thrown under an Im- 
mense sweeper. Kenneth Taylor 
Bianagsd to grab same branchrt and 
haul Wmeslf Into a tree, but the 
othan wen throws toto the water, t 
Mr. Powler managed to grab Mr. 
Taylor and assisted him to a posi- 
tion on the bottom of the boat, and 
then Rwam aAhore. Mr. Bouehler 
>oine<i Mr Taylor oo the boat's 
bottom and the two ' drifted about 
K quarter of a mile down stream 
until they came within reach of 
another aweepar, whleh Mr. Boueh- 
ler grabbed. JSk managed to make 
the boat feat. XTndar water most of 
tbe time, the two reanhed sbon 
half drowned 

Ttie imrty lost everythlBg, taollld^ 
infi a considerable Rum of money 
which Mr Tavlor was carrying The 
trip was tennlnaled, and Mr. Tay- 
lor taaa ntwnad to ▼aoeoovor. ' 

taarailul as war IteeU. If they did 
not actually lead to war." 

Meanwhile, the Australlaa and 
Sooth African protaste agatoat the 
eboUtlon oC the Impsflal p cOst aix w 
an dlattuttog nemler BamiaT 

Australia wants PhUlp SOOWdcn, 
the Chancellor of the ■KChOQUer, to 
wait imitl after the next Imperial 
Confrrrn'-e before *^fc*"f any steps 
ab-^'ti/ h r. beeauee of the effect 
abolition witi have ob dried fruit 
and other Australian '"d^aNHis 

These proteets an stnngthenlns 
Loid Beaverttrook and othen whose 
convictions are similar to hut and 
who believe in holding tbe Empire 
together and want the ConMrvaUtes 
to commit Lhrmselvee otCtclally to 
an Imperial preference paOgy OB the 
wldwl poAiible scale 

their plant at tUOfiOO. 

Jack McLean. Royal City Anman. 
^VL'-. nished to adggl CotumWan 
M [ tai. being ovevoome the 

mm vm 
m\ mm in 


Australian Labor Leader 
Says Reduced Tariff on 
Goods From Britain May 
Be Withdrawn 

Pool RqxMts to Cover I : 
ment on Premium Secured 
in Eastern Markets for 
Provincial Shipments 



Aviator Rose 
Reason Good 


Plane Black Hornrt leaves 
Los Angeles in Attempt to 
Fly to New York and Back 
in Thirty-Two Hours 

SBATTLK. July 13.— An airplane 
and a ataett fn» a hattlashlp la 
targat pnettes off Port ' ni w ii e su d 

almost met today 

Peter Bams. Seattle-Vlrtorla air ' » 
mail pilot, said he wat flying about i / O CL I wiil H HOI RS 
five feet above the water when the 
rhcll croaaed hU path about ] 000 
feet away t>etwe«n Point Wilson, 
and Port Town!>end. raising a gcg- 
ser of foam. He rose to ■ 
foot altitude immecllaieiv 


Suedish Plane 
Probably Off 
From Greenland 

ANOBLaB, July M <8unday) —Her- 
bert J. VMby took oA for New York 
IB hta m» hmsspuesi ninmnihiM at 
isrfr, %m. today ne wta attsnpt 
to make a round trip between Met- 
ri>t>.»Mi*n Airport and Raeeerett 
Field Id Hying time of thtrty-two 
hour» / 

A new spend dash alms at rutting 

STDNVr. NA.W.. July 13 fBrtU 
t9h TTnlted Prees>^-wr. Tlieodare. 
dr-piitv leeder of the Pedrral Labor 
f'tirtv in comparing the Australian 
preference to BriUln of •40,000.000 
a year to Britain's preference to 
Au.'^tralla of 14 000.000. nyf( that If 
Britain sbollshes preferenre to- 
wards Australia, the Commonwealth 
most abollab p iel an aoe toward 

Re beUevee taiqperlal pnteeoee to 
be a sound poB^ If It la booed «B 


U Aii'-tra!la replied lo Mr SnOW* 
den <i [iropi»,ei1 prUnn m thW Con- 
nf rticii by Bbotuhlnit preference, 
many Australian ordem now placed 

to Brltato would go to ehooper mar- 
kets elsewhen. 

"Bmptn free trade, so far as Aus- 
tralia Is eoneemed. ' sasrs The Syd- 
ney arm In an editorial today, "Is 
outside t.hp bounds of poeslbtUty. As 
It »e have made eonxtderable 
sacrifice,-, to Imperial sentiment by 
mu* preferential duties. It is plain 
that If the BrlUsh Oovrmmvnt de- 
clines our offers regarding recipro- 
cal duties, Aostnlia wlU be under 
no oMlgaUon to stiu give pt^ete n te 
to Brniiih maoufacturem. 

The only hope we cmo see to the 
present situation Is that a Bnu^h 
labor party like ours may learn that 
to al low foreign folk, workinft under 
werae eondlttnos and more cheaply 
than our own workers. u> uodersrU 
us to our own markete ki i 
poor method tt keepl^ on 
wortanen employ ad." 

British Columbia eggs have been 
selling on the Eastern Canadian 
marketa at a premium of tJiree 

cenu a dooen. which ftpeaks for it- 
self with ngnrd to the uniform ex- 
cetlot qualR^r to which the Prov- 
ince's supply reaches the market. 
ThU Information has been given 
the Department at Agrtoidture 
throtigh memben o( the Brttltft 
Columbia Pcx>l. 

Hie record of the Pool since It 
entered upon lUi operations last 
Spring hsA been such that it is felt 
that It haA Juslined it-o organlEatlon. 

Tlie record f.hows iiie adviLntoges 
that accrue to farmer.^ who unite 
In a fn-.,iperative way In the handl- 
ing r.f nny part of the farm 

1 ■'-!■.■ :..-.n 

^liiice iiA formation about six 
months ago, the Briti&h Columbia 
Bgg Pool haa handled 14M0.000 
doBiB eggs. tlUa i i wass ut s d about 
a quarter or a raOBoa deOiia to 
the producers who made a gato ot 
some $00,000. It is estimated, fitni 

the operauon of the Pool Then 
were fii carloads of egits disposed of. 
In the matter of price however, 
the BrlUsh Columbia product stood 
in a very favorable iiKht WTiUe the 
British Cnhimh..-! ake.s care of 

the C'Ollecting and ttie shipping of 
the eggs from this ProvlDca. the 

ornclsl cirrJes and RusaUne gen- 
erally were to ooantemaUon tonight 
over the bare report fmm the offi- 
cial Tte News Agency Uiat t hlr.ce 
uthoHtles had eirpeUed Rumian of- 
nolAlB of the Chinese Butem Rail- 
way and that Manohorlan tsoope, 
Inohidtog Russian White Ouarda, 
had advanced to tbe fiootlsr of 
Baatem alberta. 

News of the Harbto situation and 
of the Mioichurlan setsure of the 
railway numod an explosion of 
wrath (.odrtv ;n many centres. 

Armed resli-tjince by Sox-let Rtui- 
ala against agtrreMlnn wa« demanded 
to numerous meetings, and demon- 
stratlona at Nljnl Novgorod. Kunk. 
ohita ud Voroneth. as well aa other 

■ V throoghont the Soviet Onkin. 
« alone mnalned eompara- 
>)vei» eafea In eontraflt with the vaitt 
demonstrations elieahcre. 

Protests in the capital were con- 
llttaa to meellnffji in 'local factorlr.i 
Oad Jtopa . At Kursk, thousand'' of 
deoicBotntors passed a|iit)i'-n 
stattof tlislr rsadlnees to defend by 
arms the frMdiy itfatiflm eUsthM 
betietsn nftlhsi* and Rnssto nark- 

The piosotfan of the Chtoese was 
regarded hen as a fresh attempt to 
dnw RnsBla toto armed conflict. 

The younger genentton of Com- 
muniJrtJi win undoubtedly demand 
stmns r''tflliiii<.rv meamires, but the i' ^dr rt probably wlU ab- 
suin fr' t:^ " Rr-ts Skdy to fla- 

danger world [)eai:s. 

A Strong noto of warning to the 
Manchurlan aothorttlea over their 
eebnm of the Chtness Bbetem Rail- 
way and the oKpuJalon of the Rua- 
siaa ofAslala waa espoetad ahorUy. 
Moaeow generally learned of the 
"ventg to Manchuria for the first 
Ume today through News 
Agency reiwrta. which in port' 

■■8imultaneou.»Iy with news of 
seizure of the manaiipment ot ihe 
Chinese Eastern rtalUnv rame the 
report of con' t' i i. n -ilf ing Hovn-t 
frontiers of M.U)ctiuriun troops fully 
annsd and on a war footing, which 
had moved to the very frontier. 

-Acenrdinir tn the same reporta. 
Russian White rjtjflrd detactiments. 
which the Manchurlan commanders 
toteod to acad forth on Russian 
territory wen Uned up with Man- 
churtaa troops teotng tbe ftanUBr." 

At Age of 102 

— "-W ^ «UM riVTHMM. MIC »-»r r ■ 

aening of tbam Is to tbo heads of W r^tn^tn t rt i^^^ 

tbe Oaoadton l«t Fool. wBta whleh ! ^ Utilllil 1 UtiMiS 
Ihe Prevtaielal body la aOUIated. 

tn the Spring the Eastern Park- 
em of Toronto (teed the prlee for 
eggs at 3S cents a doaen fob. Tor- 
onto Tills however, did not meet 
with Ihe approval of the Canadian 
Bgg Pool, whkh refused to accept 
it as the standard price, and stood 
CenUiMMd aa Page 1. VMumm g 

Splinter Pierces 
Boy Sliding Dovm 
Ploy ground ChtUe 

[Jaunt in Air 

IK<MIN-If>N Crrt' Man, jQlf tS. 

t>iebraUnR her loand birthday. Un. 
Thomas BallingaJ yesterday took* 
her first ride in an airplane here, 
■ad Vax '<■• ■u-:ur-.: (■■.■ t;>e cxper- 

IMOS that -Jie h(.'[)efl 'o repeat the 

treat to the near futun. 

Mia. BaBliigal waa bom to Bill- 
head. AooUandL to IgTT, oamli« to 
Oaoada In 1S44 to a saUtog vmoL 
fltae laadod at Quebec after a voy- 
age oT aBt as wk i Prom Qoebec the 
Jmim^ was e.K>un«ied t| Toronto 
by Ki^ajT,f-j fj."-nre by stage coech 
to Hsn I ■ ■ -xrto In lg67 she 
marrlen HallingaJ awl they 

'' 'virii ramw near 

VANCOUVER, July 13 The con 
diuon of thirteen-year -old RoOprt 'ww***! 
March. tOSe Perry Road, whoae riieat Ayr, Ontario 
wa.i plerved by a apUnter as he wasil> In the best .r .r.,an^ 
sliding down a weodan chute at the . ^ 

Oyro playgrounds. Ftfieenth and JIf tru> i)f firifiln 
Klngeway. PrMay, has tabeai a tam^ ^Jimifll.H 
tar the wonw it is reportsd at Ihe 
Oeneral Hoapiui The bwl became 
rapidly wocm- Kaiurday afbertKMB 
■tmI MnrKi tnnfffasiaa 

! I - rave f 
!■ 'I . r.-' i-.very 

KfOOBE .lAW July 13 Thomwi , 
Rennie . one of the beat k nown 
pjoneen of Qke M'jom Jaw dialrlct. 
four houn crfT tiie ro-.iiKJ trip fUght ' <1'*<1 "ilddenl? «i Priday night after 

Moont* Jaw Pioneer of 
1SH3 Dies SudiUnly 


Report Tin Ore 
On Property 

OTTAWA. July Tito Depart- 
ment of Martne and tt ii g l B a lodw 
received a manage eaytog ne plain 

Atbin Ahrenberg. Swedish atrmaa 
attempting a ilight from Stockholm 
to New York woald "pnibabty' 
•ake off nhii afleraoOB eg tonight'* 
from Irigtut. Orecniaatt, on tte last, 
leg of hie Jonraoy. 

time between Ang'-lr-t and New 
Tork. Heitiert J Pa)n -u: t.c.i,ieT 
the un oa el al eolo enduraure night 

r%hf% hep. to prepaiwfilen f er aor- 
enl weeka Is betog nude to a non»> 
plane dubbed the Black HwoiiI 
The ship wM hneeo Mndagffiart- 
ifwt* of geadhe abi MMbMit 0I- 

attending a bft.<w>ba.Il game. Re was 

He camr ii< < ':^nadft In ISKI to- 
eating «b a hooieatead aouth at 
^eegHk laMr taktog up land south 
er this dly aewBsagratfnaleolthe 
imivcratT d Olaagow. aitf a aebool- 
naia of RL Ban. and Meat Bev 
Oono Ocrdoo Xabk. AighMAon of 

BAB nUMCnaoO, ACy u 
route from BiwuiiaBHituii to Tten- 
eouTcr, the Bnsr taprsv of __ 

win oui lo hen Oetober 11 to _ 
up MO Oakland Shrtno^ for an'oa- 
cuniM) to Vanrou»er and Vlctorta 
and letuf u TTie veasel laat here 

its year s ago. wiu 
powmed wttb I 
ol eMgaottoa* 


a( eaerttame. the tin hewn ns ewe 
f/om which world suppUea have been 
»e«-urrd. U reported today by oCfl- 
etals »r the Mi-'etz-m Wradaey prop- 
erty The .t^'-. , •{ r,(ea shows gJ 
per oeot »r Uie tin ore acxoaa an 
etghcaeo-toeti enrtoee. 

le the oildbnd tto on 
■meh higber Brno elennlla. 
to t i w ii jm y TTfTrtob 
The diKoverr wm saads oo the 

ea^t faoe of No g veto cn Mb 3 
into port, level, and on fN> weat faew of Oae 
vein an assay of s per otolt 






Cathcarfs July Clearance 


SbttiaBoodgir Slippers an'! M it 
Reffulv $5iK). ^2 

Women's Shoes ic^uI.k 
up to $10100; 

Many Other Bargains in Men's 
«Bd Wamm's SboM 

Ym Cannot Afford to Miss This 


Wm. Cathcart Co., Ltd 

1206 Z>oiiglM Street 

Phone 1125 

m m IN 

Former Tops American 
WhSe Latter Heads Na- 
tional. Olt First in Three 


Sir ThonuMS White 
Says Mr* Snatcden 
Needs to Learn 

TORONTO, July 13 Doubt that 
Mr. PblUlp Snonrden. Cbanc«Uar of 
Ltu SrlUsh Ekchequet. will be able 
to «Kpptor cgovlDflliic muEMBto m 
te tta Mnass of aboutton df Im- 
perial prefemitUl urlfta, wss ex- 
piVHd^fMlerdBy by BIr Tbumas 
White, idnUter ol Finance m the 
war-time govemment of Canaila. "I 
mi*t he wUl, upon reflection, reallie 
that a VMt aoiount of (Ood wUl to- 
WBrd.i Britain, ajid powrrful senti- 
ment In (Mvor of impfrrial unity Ue 
»r ihe base of Uie preferential tar- 
iff:, uiiicuxi by ^nullf n and other 
DiiMlrilMii pftrUttJTipntK ■■ lie said. 

TWO wm 


Home Cjarden Competition 
Results Are Announced 
fay Vict o ria iferticdtu r al 



60c— 75t: -$1.00 


PHOmB 2900 

Sylvester's Pigeon Food 

Krcyi your birds in the best ot conditioa. specialty A A 

i reparsd for rauinv aqoib*. Per lOO lbs. ^ 

r%tm sivMt 

Sylvester Feed Co. 


CHICAGO. JUbr 19.— Jteimy ytaa, 
of Oonnte Mack's PhUadalphte. Ath- 
leuca. stUl lad American I^Mue 
tKUnnen after tuelw weste-ol the 
charapkMuhlp eanmSgn, to«t by a 
maj-Tin at only one point over 
Hrink" Manuah, of SL I^>ul& ITn- 
• ■rrii ia! nveracaa rvreai that Fvacx 
ii^l a mailt of JOS, A loB ol four- 
u^ii point*. 

Pmtx InVBdMl r hi ,ui.n with marll 
of .416 aitd U-ft n.'Lcfn potntfi Bhy 
of that flffurr. Mar.ii.ih added H«ht 




W, OjO, Jtaly 13 - 

Tv.-> ii< . .rii,;tii v,itjn»yl Hcht cnilscni. 
the Ht?w OrlmriA j^nd Mic Albany, 
no longer tl' for njiviU r^'niri'. «re 
to be oWerrd for /aIp by thr navy 

The Rhlpfl were purchaaed during 
the Spanlah-Amencan War from 
the BrasUlan Government The 
New Orleans parUelpated In the 
enffagement off Santiago, Cuba, 
against Orvrn'-t squadron. The 
Albany saw arrvice in ieveral ex- 
pedition to CentTal Afoerlca duriiv 
the nrsl decade of the century. 


l*rc btiak 

They were ueed to eeoort a mf u ys 
out of New York ^uinm ttw WOrM 
war, and «v« ilsrwiiiiHUglfiinit te 


Acrial .inthninin r 
h Equipped iih 
Operating Tahte 

UONTRBAU July 13.— Hie first 
aerial ambulance m Hontn>al hoA 
been plared In operation by Dr 
George E. MlUctt*, medical fx:;r-i 
Iner of the Department of Nntii i 
Defenoe. He has oqulppcMl a plunc 

wTth a dnaounUMe opersiODC taBi« 
and a full kit c€ inBrumants. 

ConUaetd from Page 1 
ConuUdated has already a 
thtrtgr-flve-loB sulphuric ad4 plant 
whltft has been vorklag on the«e 
Kuses by the oontnot prooeai sliior 
JAnuary and thli hsi proved very 
In addition to these plant*, there 
_ , , will be the auxiliary planU for ron- 

The experience In ObStago Where , vemlon of the ammonia Inui am- 

po'.ni* Ui Ills aviTH^n to go into 
Kf-cvnd place with ,:i95; others In 
thr first u-n wrrr J-VtLherglll, De- 
troit. Jfl6; lA^j.-n V York. 361; 
Oochraae. I'hUadolpJUi, JW; Heil- 
rauEU, Mntt> M$; KaUc. Cleveland. 
JST; VtasBoSf denlaol. JM. 

pBsgmcNT or AiAatmiANs 

POKTLANU. Ore., July 13 — Her- 
bert R. msiry. Portland. w«a 
elected presidrni of Altnirlaiu in- 
ternational, at the closing lesiiou 

they druppei^ tniee out of four 
games, helped to prune three points 
from the PhfladelpWa teem average 
The lesgue leaden stlU led, how- 
ever, with JO0. one potot better 
than Detroit The Tlgen passed the 
Athletics In runs scored, having 
erassed luwUle plates fiM times this 
seaoon. nie A'ji had ht-M oppon- 
ent* ff> a tntAi of :»q:. nms. 

Tlio nihip In tetun flalding 

n :i h,int afliur with Phlln/lf-lphla. 

-nc and St. Lo»il« tl«l with 
.i-r-ruLf*. of J75. Cleveland acoom- 
phshed Klx douhle plays during the 
week, bringing it* total to 91. 
Bcb r.rovf. Phlladelphiii ace. 

monlum sulphate, planta for malt- 
ins phosphoric arid by trratlng 
phosphate rock from the rooipany'ii 
beds at Pemie with sulphuric add 
Into fertUlseiB, such as triple supcr- 
|ihoq>hate. mcDo-ammooium phos- 
phate and dl-ammonltun pho^ute. 

With the eicepUon of the sul- 
phuric mid plant which, like the 
present one. will be In conjunction 
with the metallurgical works, the 
first uni*: vill be situated on the 
Wa.-fiflii flat above the nmelier, 
commonly known as Heinu flat 

The ittr wtfl he so arranged iftat 
the plant ean be extended to ten 
Umes Its Initial unit 

While these plants are being buUt 
to make fertlltxer for the Canadian 
stepjied out and poI. bary f_hc t*-.. pr«lrii-fl. the programme has been 
ri< r- ;i'.-* i-liaiged a^ainut him a wwk | mur.-i h.-wtencd on account of the 

At yesterday's annnal irtente of the 
Victoriu Hcntlculuiral Society, the 
pre&ident. Mr. PTed Laodstwrf. etk- 
nounrrd the results of the Jodftng 
or the- hoRiB garden oompetUfcuL 

'itii' KBrdrus were divided into 
'Aurv cLxMes, Class "A" wa* com- 
po9«-d of gardens of IJOD .square feet 
»nd over, Class "B" of gardens of 
under 7.300 square feet, aiKl Class 
"C of gardens where oeceslonQl 
paid help was emploawiL 
The fluoeeeaful oompetttets wn: 
Class -A"—!. Ocoive little. B13 
Invemeu street. points: >, F. 
T. Rawllngs, iflS Beach Drtve, u 
points; 3. J Yousoo. 747 bqulmalt 
Road. M points: 4, John Waring, 
1121 Esquimau Rood, SS pcrinta. and 
G. Jones, aN8 HUttlole Btrwt, tt 

Class "B '-I.T. AjtJey. 3718 PertcB 
Street, ea poinu: 2. J. Naysmllh. 331 
St. Jamea Street, <T polnta; 3, P. B. 
Robinson. 1760 Denmaa Street, 81 
potnis; 4, D. Bylss, asu J sineu u d 
Road, n potnta, and Albert SuUh, 
40ft Vaneottvtr Btreel, n petots. 

Class I. A Tyrrell. 181 Beech 
I Drive. 91 points; 2. Mn n J N. 
de Sales. 1660 Brfrhie Sirttt. M 
pninla; 3. Mrs C A Steele. 57 Howe 
[Street., 81 points. 

Both Mr Tyrrell anfl Mr LIUIe 
have won the evc^t^ for ideir re- 
spective ciaiises for two years in 
auooesstan, which entitles tbem 
the ownenhtp of the cups. Bsch 
has approached the secretary and 
offered to prnvide cuiw to take the 
place of th.>«e which are j 
own property. 





Blazers and 

Its AH the Wanted Styles and Colors 
Blazers «5.00 to fl5JH> 

Grey Flannel Trousers 9^.00 to $11.50 

White Klarvncl Trousers $7.50 to $15.00 

W.& J. Wilson 

OorenimeBt Street BttablM»^ 
Phone 809 

— ■ •■ 


I'll! topped the rrnilar hurlrrr. > dr?,[ri 

Hv. K»f J tiUik.'irad will be dit- ... ^ ^. 

rim OM Hv* si4 fliivia way o' the osysnlsaWon at the OohunUa 


, Gorge Hotel todw. 


viUi I mrteen vlcton<yi am! iwo .1^- 
feats. GeoTKe BlaehoMrr ■! st- 
Loula, won one game and brought 
his mark to ten trtumphe and thiae 
defeats, while Bube Walbtcv. 
PhOedtfphla. lost one for a nark 
of twelvo wins and four Insssa. in 
the twen^ gamea In which Iw had 
worked. Grave bad a strikeout eol- 
ImUon ol lOS. 

Other leaden; Runs batted In. 
Bimmons, PhUsdelphia. 8A: hite. 
Manu.ih, St Loula I2S: home runs. 
Oehrlir. New York. 2^ rri[>i(-s MUler, 
F'hiladHphla. 11, fioiihif- ' '.'-hrlngef, 
£>etrolt. 30; Htolm ba-^* 0*-lirlnffer, 

Vttntbf and cuw-ii. chK-ago, is; 
trttde plays. New York and Chicago 
one each; toftm hooio runs, New 
York, 73. 

Babe Herman Is melting the nm- 
nlng this week In the race for the 
National League batting champion- 
ship, but with the stretch only a 
tew we^ off, ottien and morv 

the International Joint 

Cdmmtislon to obviate any atmikf? 
damage south of the Ui'^maHonal 
boundary- It la the opinion of th»* 
OonsoUdatad officials that wiih Uu- 
operation of the 3N-ton sulphuric 
acid plant, any danaga will be very 
nrnterlaUj reduced, and that wiUi 
the operation of the second unit, 
which wiU immediately foUow the 
riHit no damage will be found south 
of UiR line, Uttte U any any- 

whcrr- tlsiv 

Repr*,'.tct)tatlv(V5 of v&rioiL< Cana- 
dian, Europwin und Aincrlcan elec- 
trical firms are now al Trail, len- 
derlng on the electrical machinery 
for this first eerles of plants. The 
hquld ah- plant is ahwuly ordered, 
and the sulphurlo add and other 
plaiiU are being designed. 

It l5 expcct«l that Oie whole first 
unit in connection with rerUlUer 
manufacture will be In operation 
within two years 

With this in Wew the ConwlldaU**! 
for the la£t two years has btMi 


Veteran Sprliixs Surprlae In Third 
at Brlrhod^r— shork Oaptoiea 
Feature Rae« 

VANCOUVER. July 13 —Coming 
with a rash in the .-^tretcli. Shock, 
owned by Mrs F Beban. and ridden 
by Jacksiifi. won iV.f Rji-hmood 
Handicap. /eLitiiff of Uiis afr^mocm's 
card at Brtghouae yack. BUly wa.-^ 
second and Mtelette UUnL The 
whmer paid 85.40 on Ibe ooii. 

War Sight was one of the sur- 
prises of the aftemooB. when BUs- 
worth brought her down in front of 
I TDld You by two tgngtlv to pay 
134 40 for straight beta. 
Rcniiu foUow 

nnt rM»^li rurlontfl- 
■«I7 O'Brtva (BUvwarUi)|)I.SD n 10 ISTtl 

An ot Clalu (Pryai , i Jo 

r'rr.jfi.J, Vollrf. nillr SklHA. Juk Jr. T>o- 
Niirih fliioit. I^cfcv H^ay 8cr«U 
experiments,'" North Bnnr*. Luekr Mooil»r 

Lk4r Barrett. Ml 

.'• '.. f -on* mU« aad Mw-itxt*^!!!!). 
' I jmf wMb aad tw- 

i> •■ - ' no 

'UuuiiL Kiaoa no 

L«uU Wniht ...... ......^ IDS 

•um rutin ie> 

, isi 

......T.rr.v. "if 

iia nam Om nito aaS tavaatiF 
farAn elalmlM . ihrM-nar-old* aaS vm: 

•apoSlUa no 

Tn«<B fl*m - tea 

RawTC . lOB 

Csiwr dt iJiro . i« 

•Broofcwood 10* 

On*n Hilla ISS 

Mn Betmeii Adds 
To Programme on 

- a-.^aaMMBaK nS^wM^Aa^Ma^a 

0«Utl Uw 


Kaldft Ja 


*Klaa Hum 


WlHup BlQMOni 

•Afi^ffi'lrf iil'"ir»t>ri- clklm**] 


'T'HE excellent flavor of Lager 
^ Beers is due to the high quality 
3f materials from which they are 
brewed. SILVER SPRING and 
made from the finest Canadian Malt and Ihe 
fineat Britiih Columbia Hops, blended with the 
beat imported Bohemian Hops. Drink arul 
enjoy these excellent Beers. They are pure 
ami paktaUe. Obtainable at ail GomnmMit 
vtndom and bMr paflon« 



This advertisement Is not published nr dlspTayed by tlie Liquor 
Conirol Board or the ('.ovcrnment of HritisJ Columbia. 

Batchelor's Cash 
and Carry 


People's Cash 

Self-Servica »DouglAs St 


.Yatei St 

Douglas 8t 




Nabob Tea, 

Nabob Ceffes, 



Bcononiy Topi. 

■ 1' 


Pearl NapOta 

« f..r aa* 

PalmoUve Soap. 
4ior . 




Austr.i1ian Sliced 

Peaches, large tin*, 
Horseshoe Salmon. 

ju.^t in ; prr t 

Loggie Crab Meat. 

tin . _ . 

' Horoe-Made liread 
' 3 for ... . ' 

Cana.Jian Sardtass* 
j 4 itns 

iHeing Porit snd 

Bcanx, .1 im^ 
I Dutch Maid Salad 
I DrsMiiic. P«r jar . 

rrnr TTic Bpnoklyn sltiffger has a 
n.,-ir.: ff .191 f'T M-vtTitv Bamwi, with 
Frank O lv>ul, of Philadelphia. In 
second pJarc on a mark of .379. 

Thi' li-vranns were lisurd today. 
in'-iri(l:iu* -nn-.f^ of last W«ln«day, 
OthfT ]r.nlini; rpjulum arc: Terry, 
New York, 388; Conioro«ilty Pltts- 
burvh, M4 ; Klein . P h i Ja d el ptila . 
J80; Traynor. Pin.^iwirnh and 
Honubr. Chlca«D, 2i». and mvh 
and Hafey. Bt toulsi, J65. 

Unsbla to And a place among the 
lopmDSt banen. yonnff Melvin OU. 
of MTev Torlt. neverthetass, leads In 
three hiphljr valuable endcarara. In 
runs styvred with AO: In runs batted 
In wit-h 88: and In hnme runs «1bh 
24. The youthful Olant has bem 
unable, however, to lift mark 

abcAV JJ7. 

TICS HI * oiip 

While sdvan' . end 

ct a pennant^mrwkiiii: t Rrdlnsl 
slump, to a penional irtnmph in 
homp-run hlltJrur. Jtm B-Xtonilf-y. of 
SL liOuLv tied » rr«»ri of no Ipsh a 
pprson Lhan Babe RutlL In Hvr 
mccmhivt samm scalnst the Plultn-; 
from July 5 ihrouffh July 9 
Cardinal flrst baseman punrh'^d 
sercn home rtuu over the handv 

carrying on extenshre 

easily recovnlsabl«<faoefi are peering m conjunction wMh the oovem-j"'""^''"^'' KaouiM. 
at ihe leader from not far In the ments and universities of the thfee' 

Pacific Railway, attb all khids of w-i-Mrrt &ieii»n»inap«»rti . »io "Jo 

chemical ferUIlaer, so tiiat when the tr ajasa) 

piaru lii ready to produce. Infortja- rwMS*oi!!to^.".^'i:i' 
Uon will be BvniUble as to what re- ' ™»- Btr^^cbt<i 

-iiilf.-; can be rxpectpd from the dif- 
ferent kinds, nnd In what districts 
Ihey can be profitably itned. A han* 
dksp to be overcome la the some- 
what common but erroneous Impres- 
sion that any chemical fertUlier ts 

mil LEVEL 

UUd Ulrl 

Third rtie*— filx rurloBii- 

;.7*WJf<W <T»Brtalt) DM 3 TO 

UUto BrMm (Saateuo ,h 

AUo rWT Lux. nil n. ninrm»ii. 
fc»«*MWr-« UlM, Munn II. BnbhT Do»ie. 
» « -"sell. BeMtohfd BU Bo». FUy 

suited to any land Biperta con- KJTu 'm?,;: * ^'"-^ 

rpde, howfvf-r. that practically any eounh rme* -fi»« funonw 
;and ran be made to yield ronidder- I ""rd"'"*"' 

Alily more by mrBHii nf chemical j bw Dt.» nr^Bwi^',"" '"*''" 'f l! 
fenillzer if the type It needs Is se- eimonf -DuckHj) ... ■ ;Ti 

Iscted. Mr. Blnylock stated. v*""" »i«o. K^nire.' som- 

Oxy«en. which will be a by-pmd- | SL^SJS '^^JJ- Jirj^^rs?:' 
uct of the mfiniifactur" '.f nitr Hien nhii r»cr- uito ^nd « Miumta 
from the air. wUl be made u^c of ui "^.T^^i* .Jl-'*''V'>) .... tn« laso trw 

Silly 'PolUrd) 
Inlotlf iKUavorli) 

metaUurHcal pra osisai at the Trail 

A UioroUKh canvUS has been i^'^ > B»ron 'Smrh 
made of the practices dbtahimc and I **>*• 'l oihn.. , ,a 

the proceases used tn Burope, where L. *''" ^^"""^^ »rtaa kml 

th,., chemical fertillwr question ha. ^%%"''%-:!:;;Lfr"K.d^, ^JiJK*!^ 
been riven scrioiM njtentton. and ' ' ' ""-w, lowsa. imt 

where about 3.0OO tons of ahnos. 

3 W 1 00 

Al»n rmn Hamatteo. a«t»il«. a«i«iuiJJ* 
r .ih IW— Mil* u)4 MTtniy ykrd* 

Monj* <ni«WDrUi) UJS MM MM 

* » ise 

Oenttnasd tnm Pece 1 

out for the prloe qooted at Ohlcaco. 
which waa equivalent to S3 oenU a 

The Brlttsh Columbia eggs were 
therefore able to go into the Ea.n- 
ern market and secure a premium 
of three cents a dozen, as afSinsC 

the other Canadian eggft. 

It if. pointed out that there has 
t>een a decided ulUrratlon Ln the 
ciisi of handling eggs in this Pror- 
incc under the system in vogue by 
the Pool Instead of IS oeats a 
crate for handling the cost has 
been reduced to 19 cents or even 

Under the system practiced In 
British Columbia In the production 
of flfia, there is far less trouble In 
the centrallzlnK of the product In 
carload lot& than is poulble lu 
some of the other provinces. Here 
egfCs are produced on arras where 
a large number of hens Is kept, and 
the (aclllUes for taking care of the 
cggB are usually of the most mod- 
em type. The rsaulk is thai Ihs 
eggs rsaoh the ear for shlpmant la 
a very fresh condttkm, and In first 
.class shape. 

"ntc producers are therefore 
gaining the advantage that comes 
from this s\'«tmi«tl7ed method. 

VANCOUVER. Julr tt^AWbowgh 
hijt only public appearance tn Van- 
couver was to have been ut Oenernl 
A. O. MScrae*5 garden party at 
Hyetoft. Ren. R. B. BsnneU, Ooa- 
ssrrsllva leader, hss now soeeptad 
sn Invitation to sd^w tta Twmg 
CoaserraUve A ss nflli a Wi i 

Be wUl be hsard at a llliliftiiBii In 
the Hadssn's Bay '^'•^ffimr dlataw- 
room on August 19. 

The only other opporttmlty for 
Vancouver people to hear Mr. Ben- 
nett during his month's stnv In the 
province wlB be at the jticnlc in 
New Wr'itnitn^'er on Ai.irij.,i 17 
Committees rvpresenling Uie i-ntirc 
OoossrvaUvs associations of ihe 
Lower Mslnlsnrl are workmg on Uus 


NSW TORK. July 11.— UOfcabsm. 
the Ranroeas stable's flashy two- 
year old. ^nred hi» aacond cooeecu- 
tive stake vicLw-v at KmpIre City 
today aa he ivoii ihe »5 OOO Kastvlew 
Stakes. Wi:li LiiV.-ni Kattir In tho 
saddle, the Huruoru.'* htar ]ii'. - i i 
eaWly defeflti.>d the larR"" tlr: * 
eluding May Be, which lUi^nc ; 

seoono. sod WMitkr, wWea took 
down show money. 

Flmt HpliMtw- "iJi It true that yon 
are guing to be jtmrrlcd. Mi.w An- 

Second Ditto: 'Tfo. but I an. 

thHttfu tor tte nnnor.** 

Flower Seeds 


rw aaia u 


ths hrtliiilislil vrasbing. Come 
in and let in ispllla Jww sasy tt 
is to buy one. 

Stores From Cesst to Coant 
1009 Dooglss fitieei 

PtMW Mir 


For the Larger Lawna We Offer tho 

Estate Pattern 

Pherlc nitrogen fi.ed a» ammonia !^;ruLurlo?U.o«ir SiS •?iS 

dully, apalntf 300 Uy 300 tonji on the Mifc MeO« fB»i«SiS7.: ." J 5 

seven home rtm* over u» nandy very few ye.-iM («o the wor^d/nlt^. ■T'*^ o^o 
rtKhtfleld waU at Baker Bowl. The , ,,7,^„p?y ChiV iT^^^T^Jt''''' i". -u. 

Babe hit seven in five games at the 
Polo Grounds in mi. Had he been 
playinR at Baker BoWl be might 
httve Mt jseventeen, 

Boltfljnlej''5 spr^ nent tiiin int" a 
tie with his tfjanunnte Clit' k [T^l^c^'. 
and Ohuclc Klein, of Philmii-'phU. 
for WH-ond plarp in the NaUonaJ 
uctgyf )><im<-nin derboi, gsch has aa. 
iUf'-y nl.v> LnidA m doQblee with a«. 

Bill Terry (ihows the way In total 
hlU with 121. while Uoyd Waner, 
of Pittsburgh, out in front with 
twelve triplsa Ktltl cuyler. of Chl- 
cMo. leads In stasis with 36. 


The portlv luiil rjjtiDMr :U'ure of 
Burlelffh Grune.i overrtlkadows UlS 
rest of the plieheni- But Otiy Bush, 
of ChicagOi is malting a bmvs effort 
to match the Ptttsbtuih splS-Mter, 
stride for stride- Orlmes has won 
fourteen and lost one for a per- 
centage of Jn. and hSe ptt^ied IM 
fftnlngs and foiirt«»n mmplete 
games Liicw. nf Cui'imiaU. alsrj 
has started and flnuhed fourt.frn 
games Buah has won eleven and 
tost ow for .811 In twmty f'mr 
gamec. nini" complete 

Thrrr cluba anr- above .^ftD In h«i- 
tane. with the Phiilien ba<:1t Ut Uir 
lead at Jll. The Pirates are next 
with 'KM, and the Otants third u-itJi 
Strt. The Qlsnts lesd In heldina 
with 974 one potaife OMrs ttaSD ths 


form of Bodlum nitrate, while today 
less than 30 per esnt of the nitrate, 
ossd eomes from this source. 



LONDON. July 13 -Hsavy anned 
guards have been placed arouod 
the mldencn of Arthur HeodMaon, 
BritiAh Porvign Minister tn the new 
Labor Oovrmment, after what the 
police considered probable attamjits 
to do him harm. 


«to elsnesl visitor^ : 
"Nancy Ivras her Wephooe* Jusi 
listen to her with tt^-eo sweet" 

Nanc7 "Hullo, huDa hollo! I'm 
dsddy spssUBc— whr 



CDntlaoed fran Pair i 
she sighted Uw Mia was 7:M p.nt 
t3:3> pm. Sastsm SCsadard Tlmn. 
Tlie course of the sIrpMuis '■I'lV^ttg 
that It wsji fttui hssdlBi toward ths 

United SUtes. 

PARIS, .July 14 'Randayt — The 
air ministry tonight received a 
rndiotfrHjii via Lbibon from the 
Ffiiih aviator Coste stating that 
hr Hiut returning to LrBourKct 

Tlie mesage Mid "Reluming L^- 
Botirrrt. Started 8 1& pm 

' Signed ' 'Prans.' " The meMsgo 
was conflrmsd by Sa Osadsloupo. 
which sighted coste at 7 p.m. 

On the basU of this mesace It 
was catpectod the plane would rsaeb 
l4tBoiuiet about to o'clock I4 aA 
ttstem Standard Timet. 

Oaptalo Coste later notified avta- 
Iftm heAdquartf>rx here at S 36 k-m. 
this morning that be would land at 
VUla OouUay. 

"air." said the roportJr to Ihe 
man of the moment, "have you had 
sny early strugglen ' 

"Yes." rvpUed tlip cfirbniy cheer- 
fully. "PUctof a sua ooUar ovar a 
back Btod." 

Ttw rUcodpr. 

Momsrs nrraiKs 

Flrrt rmr« _ ais hlMSBSai Blalmias 

thr»»..»e,r.oidi and us: ^* 

Bull Run .... 
Trad* Wibd ... 
r.innn .. .. 
Din SSiMrSo . 
e»-,.iifin OMMn 

*- i'w araaafel* 



••ThKll' niaii 
•Wf>"l> «<■> l^^ 
•M»rT KK,\r 
Aim •IlilbIC 

A«K jAhB 

The casters in front permit the cut- 
ting around curves, while the roller 
behind eliminates the necessity of 
rbllfng separately. 

CORONAM OULFiAlcock, Downing & Wright, Ltd. 





tar«r, Will Stndy MlnrnU 


to Ilirkmnn 
546 Yaics 

Tyc Hardware Co. 
Street Victorls, B.C. 

e^*ms nmt—K^ aad ene~hiir furioiua 

W«r WMm . 

mac* Tara , 


CAarll* Horrmf 
bcolan* . 
Oani* . 

Jiwo Omlhwnnr 
Olear Sana 

Dsrvthr Or** 

taSf Barmi 

•fM*""! . . ......... 

imAr UrtUtwwe 

AIM •ItilU«: 


Ukllrv<> W . 

TUrd r^w9 f s f lwas ai far 

r»r,n<1t hr*ilt "■ Ttlf liMl Md W 

Ani'ivrii Wrayait , . 

Jt** Hom* , 


anmrr • Cl*l» 
JIM Rwao 


MaUr vn>nue» 


HajAr aoncrt 

SpAniih tMf 

Brmr r«m»r ........ ... , . 

Dw«» iiiil«f . - , 



Rm Ktaa 

BUnersl resouross oC the Oorana- 
tlon Otilf srsa of the Arctic Oesan 
IH Will be explored this Summer by air- 
m plane, according to Lleut.-Col. J. K. 
22 Comvall. noted ArcUe sdventurer. 
H 1 who has completed siisotsUMOts for 
the eipedlUon. 

II l5 planned to entabllAh an air- 
,07 I plane base on the Arrtlr and a aerie* 
113 lot sts tlo M Stt the Coronation Outf. 
Wlndcss fjgtomsnlcaUon will be 
maintained with ttis attwaf t sod the 
prospeeUng wlQ be canled out fnsn 
nearly a doaen points In the vest 
country, which Is believed to hold 
tremendous wealth in base and 
precious metals. 

■nie survey will eant»nue for aome 
tftss^nt. It Is said, a large fiiore of . 
supplies will r,r. -he Hiid-^ 

son's Bay c ' --.rr luy 

'"Ichlmo. and Hm.-.-.-.'-i Iilanrt 

itt via Potol Barrow, Alaska. Colonel 
w I Cornwall win meet the ship there 
"* 'and supertnland the dtopoeal of Uie 
storas to stations hundreds of miles 
ns'to the east of Coronation Oulf 

' The party of tw*>nty whleti Colon*"! 
,!j Cornwall wtU lead into the Hortb 
ut will consist of enginevrs, mineralo- 
12 gists, and a staff of iminin helpen 




•t T*W rma 
-epnr Brtto . 
-■•aav TMM 

SUM fw* ai* Nrt*M«B 
■aaSlpa* Uir»*-r««r.«]d« amir 


'VensltaM^" ooofldsd Ura Long , 
wed to hsr tottmato friend. -1 think J^^JS^ 


uitt* Se* 1 
napp M ... 

Ihy bsAafid ta the psiMatssL gm 
tlest, best natund goal that eror 
Bead, and wamtimm 1 Huak It's sm 




Um Larkmr 




Bundlnv cpen the door marted 
"Prlvale." the butchar oDnfnmiad 
the looai lawyer 

"If a dog st«ajj a piece of meal 
from mr hop w Ibe owner liable?" 
be aaked the roan behind itM desk 

•'CmtrntaXr' repttad the lavyi^. 

"Very wan. your dog took a pteoe 
ot steak worth a half s mills f siMil 
five nUnutes ago* 

"Indeed." he returned snoolhly. 
"Ttien if you giv^ me tiie other htlf. 
Chat will C'Tver my ff<a"~ljOiMSao 

ntr. Jo oss It not at sit hMo on 
^tow do ym know Ibaif 
naa eqnaed to 

steaks, chops and 

other meats. Yes sir, 
juicy bargains mmy 





Lamb Stew. 


Lamb Chops, 

lb, - 

Legs Porkv 


aids Pork. 


Prims Ribs 


Satisafss, lb. 


B—t tb. 

Boiling Bcsf. 
lb. ^ 

Beef Sausages, 

2 lbs for 

Choice Fowl, 




New England Market 

Oppooiis Domioioa Hotal 
750 Yatas aczaat Pbona asat 




Smart Styles 
From St. Louis 

Shon V«nip», Willi luifh 
CuN^n hr«-)K, in i Urfjc vanri v '>( 
■tnnninjK |>attrrti» in Siiiil-<.< t t 
LMo &m4, Fllcats. Kr 
Crefn KMt. Vrry mi>d 
ccBldy pnrtecd, frnm 

$6.65 ^ 


Cook With 


■in ! a\'.i(| ushc^ an.t sc-ot. both of wjiich work their -way through 
ihe house in spite of all you can do to prevent them. 

Jwt find a fpkler's weh. wipe it off the wall, and notice the 
hiack. oily mark it leaves 

The hy-procJuct* of soot destroy furnishings and fine draperies. 
Avoid unncoetesry house-cfeanlni; by maUllinfr ROCKOAB 




S6S Yatw at . PhoM 8B34 

DR. k. (i. PRICE 

Hhyor Herbert Anscomb 
Presents Address and Sil- 
ver CifjrareHe Box to Re- 
tiring Health Officer 





\ II ARMrvr. ^:I^,^l■r H<K>v m ow uni, 

t'iHhrr.r,nt«i. Tbr hrsi of wiirlciiiainlui> and material. M.i(..liii>; 

with oak tree*. A nwl desirable pro;..rt. j^n^i 

in halt an 

Ay priced at 



HASEUENT, Mra«« and delightful gmrdeo. Owner Icavma 
■tcnrfcci M fS.VM-H>n «aay terms. 


141, ACKKS n\ i:RI.r)OKI\'. swNICH INLET. pracl.oilly 
-11 improiTil. (ii'ttii iburi'ljim- .if w»lcr. Wry plri^mu Imii 
four Urge rr">riis. |>l..-trt '•.!. pjutry. ltathr.->m dn<| I.a»r- 
pitrnt, Raragr, barn *n(I nunitroiis rhiL-krn huuKs; alt fencrd 
WtMM owner visbc* to realiac. Offers m i ^ ann 


SAANKH iM.l.T, KKAirTIKUL I.E\ EI. i'AKK LA.Ml with 
sKeltrml hay, good barhiiiK beach, excelletil water JUpuly, electric 
hKht available. On fine molor road. Secluded sties fnm IM t" 
10 acre*. 


PmenU'.ion of an addreM and 
a handioinrly mRravBd ntcrllnji 
aUver clearett« box to Dr Artiiur O. 
Price, upon hla nrtirprnrnt fi'y 

nmltwil health offlcrr. niidp 
tarttay bj ai* WonOilp Mayor H.:r- 

bert Ans co mb , go bahaU or the CUy 
Ran oOet^ at a pleaali« oer«- 
many wiikli teak pfaoa la tbt 
Mayor's oOoe. 

Mayor AnKsomb congrmtulatcd Dr. 
Prtce upon the capable and efficient 

manniT in which he had niled the 
pout hT ,i;v rriciiical he&Ith offioer 
for thr iMVnt twrlvc years. Dr. Price 
tiad bruudhi u,<- nty health d^iart- 
mfnc !jp to an enviable posttlon 
.iinMiiK' hi-iiUh tlepartmenta. and 
Vicioii.i , :nfdn!ilf mortality rate 
had l>'-(ii rr-.hjifiJ Ui Ihe lowest of 
any ciiy vn Uir coniinent, «Uted the 
Mayor, who viahcO Dr. Price and 
Mn. Price many years of happtneu 
and |ood health. 


Tt» addrass presented lb Dr. 
Price ma as followi: 

"City Hall. 
"Victoria. BC. July 13. 1929, 
"Dr. Arthur O. Price, 

"Medical Health Offlcer. 

"City Ball, Vlot0i1a» 'B.C. 
"Dear Dr. Price: 

"^e, the undenlfned. (Adala 
and employees of ttwOeejontttoif or 
the Clly of VIetorte, many of whom 

I yara d ImMh and miHiIhii^ Iwp 
IptaaM and teaiHellltv. 

■Yew um n i Mm, thm^ 
wea-wlahor*.- \ 


The sterUac Miver cigaratta 
which Mayor Unsnwiili pmeiiu 
i> Price, bote lha lMleirti« 

■/-ription or engniidnv 

liT Arthur O. Prle*. by fbe aty 

Hill omrlals. on his r**tlrfment from 
ofllir as medu-al lu-aUJi omcer Of 
Vuu/iriH BC. July !3. " 

Dr. Price ttianked the Mayor for 
his kind remarks anti :<uied he ap- 
practated morp tU.ti: l^o^d<I couild 
express the addn-*^- .m.! r.n yhirh 
bad been (iven him U'- 
bad enjoyed his a&^cidtKJit »tu. 
(Ha staff of tba City Ball, and his 
mattes «ltb thsaft bad always 
been most bannoaioas aad 



Di roisaanoM of omkm 

or BERRIES 18 

Processing Has Been Suc- 
cess at Plant Recently 
Installed to Preserve Soft 
Fniiu « 


of Cbar ->ri fi.r 1 ucTidjij' — 

WHi is y Saavalcr k»c« Count of 

Fc^owliif a selzurr of rorty-»iz 
tin* of optam. valued at over •3,000, 
on tbe Uoar ttnprasa of RussU, on 
her arrival from tha Orient at Ibis 
port. Herbert Oeorse Delamont was 
arraigned In the city police court 
y<-.>r(i:iy n)f>rTiing. to face a charfe 
of bcmx unlawfully in possession of 
opium on July 13. Hearing of the 
ca.<se wft.f aet (or neit 'ttiiaday 
Tlie sslsure of thp opuim wa.-^ 

made by William Burrw, chief und _ 
ln« offlcer. and Duncan Balnes, of 1^ ^ be held back 

W<Lh 1,300- barrels, representing 
about 200 tons of procesaed siraw- 
berrle.i. in cold stontse at B. WUson 
A Company, the operaUons of the 
local growers along thLi line has 
been concluded. Ttwx berries hav»> 
been carefully taiapaelad by Oover: 
nwnt rapraaantatlvea aa Ite wo 
went flo. and are praMoaoed of Uu 
very liest qeaUty. 

llMTp are over aoo tons of berries 
rrpres4?ntcd In this processed pack. 
Thr broker) of the berry growera. 
acuns ihe selling- agents for 
theac t>rm<-A, have reported Ih&t 
Uiesf bcrrlfs so treated here arr 
equal ta the best of the lmport«l 
fniltu Hie growers h^ive been Ird to 
eqwet rather better price.i ihan 
were at flrat anticipated. 

In addittoD to Che berne« so 
treated, Um Saanich and toe lior- 
ctjo Uftad growers piaood thirty-lour 
carloads on tbe Prunes in a fresh 
condition this season Thia 1a some- 
what Ifi* than the year belore. 
■*Ji' ii !.«rty-&ix cars went the.-e. Fhe 
cutuiig out of the (.welve cars, which 
In view of ilir 

Hazard Marks 
Fire Situation 

"The whole [larthrm portion 
of tha province has been favorM 
wttb eeol and ahowery weather 
and a resultiiig aoAaceto or low 
lULnrd." says tbe wwk'aJVpan- 
Of thr Porrvtry bmmb e< tbe 
Depertment of LandS- 

The report rontinues: 

Kouthem Interior leports 
hasardouit ccndlUonit. with hlgb 
winds and electrical sU-rnu 

"The southern roaAl hUb had 
variable weather trotn pxtr'<mely 
bot and dry diuing the early 
part of tbe week, to ooel and 
sbowery later. 

I n dira noDs point to ineraaa- 
ng haaard over tha week-end. 

"Ttv public U reqoeatcd to 
eieririar everv precaution In the 
UAe o.' fire "" 

T^e number of nr^■^ rfpirted 
up to date this year has been 
dia. as oooipared with 481 ta 
!9?8 and MO In IWT. 

LArHEiimi IS 



ON nmaioR or navx and 
POVCH or BBU Towia 

Venbar Sana Are Needed la Baeare 
Opening ef Nave Pkee 
atf Debt 

Since the Blatwp of Oeluinbla ap- 
pealed a month ago for voluntary 
ttirt.i towards the sum or 140,000, re- 

I June 30. ana Juiy i. would bring th* uas piwd without f-ub«-rintion^ b*-- 
Dumbcr poanole to the same as Uie received by Die treasurer of the 
ye«r oefore. 

tiarber aboard the Russia. viLi ef- 
fected liy BerneHnt. J R PaLou. of 
tbe Royal Canadian Mounted rol:ce 
When Deiamon! willtrd dff*n the 
liner's gangway «-r4^ i\ ^r.i^ r. ' .s 
band, customs olUceri; asked him to 

have known you inUmately and have ; jS^tSSj w i^Sf OiTSSti^n 
been awoclated with you In an or-lofflclsls declare tbty found a Xeisc 

flclal way for many years, desire to 
fxpre-vs our re«ret that yuu have 
dPi'iiftJ II advisable to retire from 
Ihc pt>sltion cf iiirdlral h'':>!rh nffltrr 
of the lUv of %']<-■:■■ L I ' v^k" a 
well-earned n',pr.»- [r.,tii ufllfUl 
careA and duties, 

"Many of us know, too. how faith- 
fully you have served liie city dur- 
ing the twelve years you have been 
In the esnploymeot of tbe oorpors- 
tlon. but what Is uppermost In our 
mlnd.o at this time U tbe thought 
that the pleasant oOdal relations 
which have aubaltted between us tor 
so long are ao soon to eloee. 

"We assure you that you wlU be 
very much missed from your ao- 
rufiiomed place In the City Hall. 

"We cannot allow you to leave ui 

tx>ttom under whMi repoaad forty- 

siy t(n» of narcotics. 

3idn*y Ssngiiter* was charged 
wiU) Btssulting Lillian Harrison, an 
employee oS a taxi firm. Hearine of 
'he rnf^" was remanded until Wed- 
nc'dav Mr r<!<-h ^rd C. Lowe Is 
co"ins<e; for ih'- defence. 

The case of WUUam Walter Had- 
dock, who 1« ehamd with obtaining 
money by false pretences and with 
intent to defraud, was further re- 
•panded until next Tuesday morn- 
ing Mr C K. OourtlMy la counsel 
for the accused. 

Clerk tfllUng income tax returns) 
—At lasti An booeat nan) 
"What's happened now?" 
"Here's a r^ow who claasUed bis 
salary as nmeHiied Inooroe.' " 

It would appear the growers tlunk 
that ODIfiis smne alteration whereoy 
some sort of seasonal tarlfl may be 
intnduesd which will reduce mate- 
rially the Importatkxu tram the 
United atates. that the fre^i berry 
shlpmenta to tbe Prairies may nave 
to remain at ebout wbat tbey are 

building fund at the Memorial HaU. 
Vancouver street Tlie total amount 
contributed, ^"'^'■"""g yesterday's 
gifts, was tttsss^TT. tognber vim 

other ^umfi marked for the follow- 
ing fund5 Furnishing fund. $I.88fli 
' 18,000 needed ' . iluldren'a comer.' 
t;i.i7 03 fjBOO ntrdrd": narthex 
'Womens Ouild ijif 1 1 1207.48; Wom-i 
en's Auxiliary windows. t9i 
Sub»crlption.s have come from 

Tbe Jam faetorlea have been weU supporters of the BMhop's appeal in 





Mafnificent Unobstrm 








$3,800 ! 
SON > 

■^e^Fort^reet ^^^^^^^^ Phone J8« | 

satisfied with the bameA provided 
them this year, snd all through the 
situation fran the standpoint o! the 
growers Is very satisfactory. Ttie aid 
which the Provincial Oover/irnem 

was able to render Ihe (trmer^ came 
at a llmr ■*wu u was badlv nersled. 
and altered the Mtuatlon 
from what It would have been had 
the growers been left to depend 
upon theu- own resources in Ondmn 
means of taking care of th- crop 
Now that tbe season if. pr^rti- 

many parU of Vana>uver If la nd 
Rich and poor, young and old. have 
Joined In responding to this great 
endeavor. The largeet gift received 
to date was one of 93,600. and tbe 
smallest five oenta. 


The contractors and a number of 
workmen are busily engaged In 
completlne the interior of the nave 
and the porch nf the northwest 

tower Plain (■Jt'hedrnl iila^s will be 
milalled 8u<j(i 111 Ui" wlndriws of the 

\ very fine eight- roomed, well furnished reaidencei over- 
looking 5CA and Olympics; hot water heating; two toilets; 
uaratfe; large wcll-laid-out grounds. Including furntiure, 
"CM, ga« cookini; ranRC, roaldr woorl kitchen hfaier ,^.ir- 

k-n utensils; laundry c'niij)mrn(, t-tc ( . 
tes' walk from ».ity. H;ir;^,nn prite, >^'r\J^ 

''I term* *^ ° f s . ■ ^ 

i V 9 y ij 



Country Home Juat Outside Victorid — An 


l ; j ;\cres, at! in ^arrfcn. Mi. lKird, i.canni.' walnut 
toiirt, flc. Sc\fn-r"Mnie<t niinlctri Ih u-c, li;trii ru 
MK'rhou:iC. chicken huuses. Clubin^ estate. 
<4ted hv late owner. $7,500. Oiiick sale 

- ; tennis 
•tiL sum- 


Acres-Besttiifnl Sitoal.on-Only IS 
to 20 Uloeiea by Uotor. Electric tight awl Heating-TclepboM. 


Swinerton & 

rort Stratff 

w Aav Hmsw a 

Girdwood & 


BfoughtoQ S 

Mlly over, the growers are tumm? ;Klen»iory, after which the main 

scaffolding of the interior vlll be 
removed The pointing of the stone 
pUlars and arcbea. and plasterUig 
of tbe walls, are weU In hand. 

AH remalntag stained glass win- 
dows In the north and aouth aisles, 
and for the rose window In tbe west 
front. Is en route to Vtetoria, hav- ' 
tnif been shipped from the studios 
nf the artlsLff tn Enitland and Scot- 
land tlood pro«res« m bI^o renor'ed 
in the preparwtlon of niatmal fnr 
the new orRan, and for other equip- 
ment snd arules of furniture. I 
.*PPf:.\I. I RfiENT j 
The Di.vhop 1;^ ni pre.wni in hospi- 
tal. rer(.vpr!ng from an operatf ri 
und 11 i-s lii-i[>ed that his eame^t . 
hiri' f(jr the completion and pu. 
menl of the nave will be fulfilled. . 
I If this can be done, through the' 
oontrlbuttnn of the necessary funds.' 
In good time before the dstr set for 
[the opening of the nave in Septem- 
Iber. the Bishop and nther members 
r<r Ihe building Committee wUl be 
relieved of mueb anxletf and addl- 
I i.onal effort. 

Subscriptions to the balance of 

Policeman— 'Ere, what d'y 
yon reading the noonday paper? 

Beggar— 'Oo said I waa bom blind? 

This 'ere belongs to the puppy 
— LMMlan Opiiuon. 

wtt.hout signifying in some practical 
way our appreciation of your per- 
.sonal qualiilM and of tbe spirit of 
helpfulneas and good wUI you have 
shown In yotir olBolal Intereounc 
with us 

"We, therefore, tieg you to accept 

this tim&ll ti'ken nf n\tr kindly re- 
gard for \mi v^lii. h ,■• nccompanled 
by the lunw that lx>lh voii and Mrs 
Price may be ? pared to enjoy many 



'Mduot Adelaide' in .Esqaiimalt 

On the waterfront; 10 acres of woodland, 
lawn and gardens; uninterrupted view of 
sea and mountains. 

Immediate Possession. Kefcrences 

For pRrtlcaUrs. Apply lo 

L P. JohnsUm, Executor 

~' tail o««-i SI. 

t lood in Persia; 
375 Losp hires; 
Villages Gone 

TEHERAN, Persia, July 1,1 At 
least a7^ person were killed and 
several villsgr.t wij'f^ "Ht in floods 
at TabrlK on Ttiur^ljy, understood 
N~> have been Ciiufl'-d by s cloudboret. 


Mothen xnd r'hlldren nt Sorlal 
Service HoUday Rcwtrt Ualn 


their attention to the matter of de* 
ddtng uprni what ^ftton -to take 
with reoneci to the variety of beny 
'o produce A repreaantatlve of tbe 
Saanirh Afisoclatloo baa Iwen on 
the Mainland gathering all tbe in- 
formation pofwible with respect to 
!hr British Sovereign berry, whicn 
ha.' been laiided m highly as a \ery 
suitable kind to raise 

Quotavlonv on I fXJ.OOO plant % of 
this variety have been ob'-a.ned, 
snd If deemed to do ao. these 
will be taken and distributed 
among the growers m Saanleh, 

It is pointed out by Mr. H. X. 
Tanner, manager of the Saanich 
A«'oclf»non that tn nnv event. It 
Will be tiTesviri U > give two or 
•hri- {f^t to tJie n-w berry, 

P-ri; -h Sovereign It ha^ to be 
cMrd out in the soil lhat Is found 
tawe. and tested under raaiiy 
varieties of conditinn:* 


The a-ssociaticn t>rT. i^.-s'in? 

out various vsneiips ■.: tifm". f.>r 
some years past The Aram\, ih- 
Ho. in. end the British Sovereign 

have all been Qnder review, the {money required to finish the work 
Oovemment co-operating with the | bi Itand may be aent direct to the 
zrower^ in !he carrring otit of these treefurer. Christ Church Cathedral 
t^t* Befo-e a flnal decUlon Building. Umtted, BI3 Vancouver 
reached with rcspeer fo the Brlilfih .str»"-t. ViriorUi, or left at the fol- 
"lov^-wtfrn. there will require to be lowlnn downtown offices' Brrtr 
further teMinR unler all the condl-|Ker. Limlled. comer Ooveriin;* ir. 
Utm* which prevail on the Inland .end View Stree»,>«. ran.idUit. [itni. 

Mr. Tenner pomts out that v^hileiof C^nmmeri-e. r>Mii.:la,'. ,111 ! ' 
H tf charged sgatn.<«: the Maeoon Streeu branch, Litchfield » Liniiu u. 
thst ther* are manv lU-shaped | HOO Oovemment streeti Rajnl 
berrtes, fhis condition pravalls I Trust Company, Belmont Bouae. 
urt.«i'v wi'h fh» flr«t ■t*^«'>n rnio, i oppoolte Smpress Hot^. 
and thtT toiiowinir ihnt thl* draw- 1 The names of all oontrilnitora. 
►•"k di^ann-fir. Th* Maeoon has , when given, are being recorded tn 
manv excellencies, and is not In t>e a list of "Cathedral Builderv" and 
whollv erndetnned wlihoiit « (uUer vlll be preserved later tn a "Book 

teat of the other varttUea. 


Rm%t ^*etJ«w lnvtt*4 tn rn 
Judge Lampman't Report 

A meeting will be held In the 
Cedar Hill School at g o'clock on 
Tuewlay evening. The object i% to 
c-inslder Judge Uunpman s report 
'n relation to the niral portion of 
Ward On*. A speelal Invltatt'^ ]« 
ntended to laaldenta of Ward Three 

of ftemenbranoe. 

P O. Bw SM 




H.M. Mail Con(ractora 

Oil snEciun 

Furniture Moved. Crated 
and Shipped 

Pool Care for Prairies and 
All Poinu East. 

We Can Save Yon Time end 
Money. Ldrjeet Vans in 

the City 

Pbonea 2iOi and 2S0% 
StO Port Stretc 

The nrst party to be gueets at ttw 
sorifti Service Sunshine Camp r?- 
turned to thetr homes last Tuesday 
lifer a two-week stay by the 
'M\r mol-her during her holiday 
irained five pounAi. and was advised 
by her nelghbon and frleiid-t lo con- 
tinue the camp diet and the oiJier 
sensible features In Uie camp rvglme 

.Since the ten eotUgeA have been 
completed, larger parties will be 
uken out The pnaent party nim- 
t>ers about forty. 

A nagstaff baa been '•rert^d in 
tbe middle of tbe court, and irns will 
add not only to the beauty of the 
oamp but will uvui patriotism mio 
the mlbda of tbe Itttle chlUren. 

Tbe following further eontribu- 
tioru ar* gratefully acknowledged 
Mrs J E Witaoo. C30; In Memorism 
(10^ Mrs. M 8 CbfflpbeU. t5; An- 
onymous. tlO: Mn A H- Tbnner $5 

A gviod friend of the league, who 
seni In s rimtritnitlcn toward* (he 
l>»illdlne fund for iJie camp ^ent in 
a fiirfli' i ui^tlfn of IV ^iwanj' 
main;4^nanrr Such glfu are much 

appraela (ad- 
Anyone vlsblnc to vlsH the camp 
wto be welcoaned at any time, as 
there wiu alwaya be aoBaaoiM lo 
^bo« the acttrmoB a( tbe MM 1 



Thst is one reason 
for buyirtg it— an- 
other ia that Ite 
double richncaa im- 
proves every diah in 
which it ia ussd. 

/em, am iBbaemaed 

mmffi HONOR 


PreaenUitlmi^ Are Made at Banquet 
er New Method Lawodry and 
Dry Cleaatem 

On the night of Wedn«^it'. .< 
most suceesaful banquet was held 
in the Obamber of Commene by the 
saleanen of the New Method 
Lautidries and Dry Cleaners The 
fun. ' v .. In honor of two fel- 
loe who are leavins the 
nrin 'it.'l p i ea en tsttlop* of a ban 
a .scarf, and a totem pole were mad'- 
t)v Kean. Mr. Besle.s snd Mr 

Mr H W tl Ham » and M r D 
Crawford. the two rA-ipjenlx 
thanked the givers in a few aords 
An excellent programme waa ar- 
ranged for the evening. Meau-ji 
William Jonr.^ snd J Hartley both 
t?u\e "liort addreaaea. and Mr Dave 
Pye. Mr E Rlgby. Mr J Banle\ 

and ttr W. CrelgbUm obliged with 
a number of excellMU songs, s'*- 

"<nip .rii'-d At the plaiiD by Mr 


Mr,Slims4Pn Sam 
(.(inada Has ISot 
Proiested Tariff 

Secretary StlaMOB, m a foiM 
^rK(«nlent today, denied reporto (httl 
Hon vinoeat UaMey, Caasdies 
MiniRW to Wa^iioslen. bid pn- 
tcjit^ to tba State Ogpavtmait re^ 
gardin* Anifrleaa tariff rMas. atid 
fSiat there had been intteatlom 
from etihrr rrinadlan er aetclsh 

riovernments e# fipilBal MAaaWva 
aeainjt the urtff. 

The denial servvij to stem dia- 
OMMtom begun in lagsslative ebtte 
aflee the «x««m ai tte Capttol ted 




Temptinf^ Values 
Here Monday 


Every Coaty Suiff Frock and 
Ensemble Selling 


Much Below Tlieir Regular Prices 
During TliU Sale 


Six Only, English ""Burbprrf* 

Coats to Clear at $25.00 

Angus Campbell & Co., Ltd. 

1008-10 GOVBRNliaHlr $TRBET 


A weU-KoawB rropcrir at Bookr on th» wa front, with ironderrul vlfWa af Uta 
nUiapM UeWUtn* and Str«it« Wtll buili tiun(«i»« nf len room, sag 'SWiaSHin 
•iirdea, MOBia court, rtc T>ii> i-rnnvro it For m1» at . rrtuoSW gSL Uia 

ewiwt bavluv dMidrd lo r^-tiOt in enclKrtd 
ror rsrlfeev ssrtl*viar& ahoVn. rte.. acpiy to 

•iWIvrRTOV a Mt'V(;r' I .•(■■ rfiKi ■ rn. . t 



Biandins in ant mtn of vonderfullv arodllttlM tend, wrtl HwkMj vltti Motet 
vsrirtir* al alma*i all (ind< n: fruii Pinv utm and lardea. mrraMiMled b» a 
Maiititui hollT hpdir Pr'korriT D'liairu In th« popular Baaaleh dutnci, onlr 
S mile* fram U\. Ciln Ii4ll Houw rontaln* full rroirni baMraeat. furnac*. 
iraac* hall, iliuiia-roaa aod d-nina-rooni connwied bt irrh utirn flreplaca 
:.utS Urar bum-tn Suftet BeauUIuUr hrubi Sitctirn aad mil-fllMd MOtrv. 
Tba fcea r oomi art lane and eteaaaak eaab wtih roamy StaM* Mat-ae . 
tn«, pofMiain ftaiuraa. Oaraca, eanant Isei^elhfc tl& * 

coat formvt obiit I' inn 

Robert Grubb & Co, 

1112 Government Street, Victoria 



Leigh Park Subdivision 

Only Eleven Loti 

-and That's All Never on tlie Market 






Woadcrful Value at 1175* 1200. $279 and $300 Par Lot 

Easy Terms 

They Will Not l^ait Maoy Oaya— Only Elcvan Available 
Exclusive Sales AKcnU 

Alfred Carmichael & Co. 

1210 Broad Street Limited Phone 5500 

Real Bitate and Insurance Agattta 


No ReeaonaMe Offer Refined 



M.frn.l'-I KtII \.re Litt. rrd-ner Foul Hav Road 
l^jiinvMiclc \.ctiiir, \>rv chuicc. \mU, ..ak Irer^ 

1 "Is 16. 17 and 18. Maplrw<K«.| U>-a<1, ..ft C«xjk Street, 
A*) % \2H Nice f>uildiii||f aite and view. 

l.ui 17. Uluvk C, Cofiauiice Avamc. fiaQuimatL Ctoae to 
Ihe sea. 

Apply to 


6tt VIeavtlraM 

accepted and ctrculaiad the reporta, 
aa aMbntle. nieae niMb badl 
laai Mr 

bally eniplabMd 
laiea « 

ywwl ibiea an 


Daily Colonist 

J U Tftit, Bu.i1nen Mjnuiver. 

■utecrlpUon lUta bv r-»rri'-r nd by M>fl In 

riwtigu BWi to victot u aenai iqr OiawiW 

City CiUTien: ^ 

T'^rtj — « . ■„ ..I • 

Monthly ,««H- - I 

HiihOTUmi ki OTdcrtng cnwffe or mar— should bi 
puMndu to ^ botli old and nvw addnM. 
•HbeoflpUoo Rstot IIbD: 
To CUkuta. Onftt Bimin. Um IFnltcd stalM «nd 
Mtitoa «ntpt dirtrteta m aban 

Trarl* r- .r..-,^, , „ ,■■■, , **" 

Half-VMrrr , „ , 


All tubt cnpMon mtr^ rm>ani*f in aonno*. Mali «lb- 
torlban at* nqM-^tei to mak» sil remUtonov dtnct 
to Tlie Oalty Cblonlst. 


Britain's Labor ChanceUor of the Exchequer 
ha.< made a stalemeat of hla oppoaltloa to the 
policy Qt Brltlah pzeferenee in tntra-Bmplre 
trade. Thla iiax aroused a protest from Pmaler 
Bruce of Austihil.i '.>w Zf^aland 15 dlaantUfUd 
with such a ataN n:* :,t pullry, aiut probably the 
-•Jftme ()pp-r,!f H.n u> Mr, Hhlllp Snowdrn's attltiul- 
will ultimately hr vnicf *! by pr.ullrally «:-v».-ry part 
Of the Empire ■V\:- rir^t fh-rLiraiion of Uie British 
Labor Government on the subject of fiscal policy 
finds lutle favor either In Britain or throughout 
the Brltlah Empire and tn'oteata are pouring In 
to Premier Ranuay UacDonald. They are Uiteiy 
to b« so OverwTielnUng Uml liif Labor tiovern- 
ment win think twice befur- r ikin^' -vWon t.-, 
upset arrangements which iia - ..:v been 

productive of greatly tncreaif li nui a -Empire 

If Mr. Bnowden does not believe In the British 
preference It la fairly obrloua that hla ayoipathles 

do not lie In the direction of the "Buy British" 
campaign which has been carried out annuaiiy 
In the form of an Empire Shopping Week. The 
attitude of the Overaefba Dominlnna and colonies 
)r " '-^pect.tBBiia to'bc ak variance ulUi 
I ( > w ')( the new Chancellor of the Exchequer. 
!>• I ( r H u. Moff^tt. of Southern Rhodesia. In 
un Empire Day message, said; '"mia la a duty (to 
buy British) which we owe to the Motherland, to 
whom alone we look for the pmtertlon of our 
trade, and not only la this a patriotic duly, but 
it !■. to our nwii inUrcat to buy Brltlali goinlfi 
whcii.'ver possible Great Britain Rrants prefer- 
vi\r<- on .( iiNriibrr of products from the colonies 
>v rsra- liu.s colony also gives cohalderablo 
pr' f' I' tir - .,11 the products of Oreat Britain. An 
addltlooal voluntary prefarenea wlU have an 
equal If not greater affect." Southern Rhodesia 
now importii from Or^at Britain 47.49 per cent 
of her totiil import^s, and from other British poa- 
session.s 20-(W per cent, so that her total BrltlsJi 
irnptirl.s are 74.18 per r< nt. Her desire La to In- 
< . .<? tiiis pe^cent.^^^. bur it is one unlikely to 
bv Kratltied if Mr. Snowdcn destroys preferenliat 
'xadlng within the Empire. 


The Soviet Oovernnu-nl of Russia la to make 
Casts of ail professQT.i Thi y must be fit. not only 
scientifically but a^ politically. In other words, 
they must anbaerlbe to the Sortet doctrtnea. The 
examiners are to be ntudcnL? nr d aovi.M, authori- 
ties. There \s no ;iurh thln>T .i.s .m - ment of 
humor In the Soviet, reRtmp and lU exaction.s on 
Ih'.' people seem to havf driven all sense of 
humor out of the K'-.-^sLin ti.itions, Tlie Idea of 
.letting up students to Judge of the scientific 
attuUimcnU of their teachera U swvly a fit sub- 
ject for laughter, but It Is not viewed in thnr lu^hi 
In Russia. Some profeasora refu.-ie to . ubmu t<. 
t-h'' and have resigned Uieir postjj. Mxny are 
be^n^^ df-nounced. presumably they do 
not fulfil ihr' p.iliural rcqulrement.s of ■profesfior- 
ship " One gynaecologist Is accused of mentioning 
Ood'jt name In hti lectures, and another of quot- 
ing, the Bible. What is happening in Ru.w1h is 
yet another of countless instances of how man 
"drest In a lltllr brief niithnrltv plays xurh fan- 
tastic tricks before high heaven as make the 
angeli weep." 


Onrtng the war there wa.-^ n battalion in 
Frame which conlalnrtl a rath<>r n^ysterlous 
(Croup nf nlnciy mm. 'Hielr kad'T was a lad of 
nim (rei, They met toijcthcr for long Ulk-s when- 
ever they could, and they had a password, "In the 
Light." They might have been Anarchists, but 
aomchow they did not look like them. One day 
the unit bad to lean Ita trenches and launch an 
ii'tiK-lc In the chill, dread moment Jast bcforr 
thry went "over the top." the young leader cried 
(tally, "U's all ri«ht, boys. If we are 'In the 
LiKhf ■ The courape of .the men soared up to 
ni' '. thrir la.<;k. Soon afterwards the laader was 
cornea to hospital, and long before hla wounds 
were healed he had started a Uttia group In thu 
hospital which wa* akin to the proup in the ba- 
tallon. When people iwked him what his pa&s- 
wnrd meant he said that It eame from the First 
Kpl.stle of St .luhn "If n r walk In the light, a^ 
He Is In the liKht. we h t' l.ip one with 
another." He said hla groups were just branches 
of a fellowship vbloh grew ost of a aoldter't club 
at Bethunc. 

Tlilfi club was run by Donald .Siandfivst. who 
had eiillflled as a Tommy in I9I4. been severely 
wniind^ri i\[ifi iiri'Twards gaased, and was then 
: ' ^' I rvirr the doctor would permit. 

The ooidK r lub provided teaa and suppers and 
fUn on the er-'unct floor, but In the upper rooms 
men met for debatca, and on Sunday they 
crowded together for a aervtre onn day the soi- 
flirrft li ked thalT padre to form them inu> an 
orc.ini.'. 1 fellowship, and a short statement of 
their faith wa.^i drawn u;. '^\^\vy believed that the 
Pellowshlp of Christ »■*.■. iheir greatest need. 
They wanted to band incetiKr to help each other 
to lead a Christian Ufo. They did not set up to 
be better than other men. Such was their creed. 
Boon alter the ftUowshlp waa formed It.^ first 
home was blown to bits by Oerrnan sheiLi. but 
the thing Heed, and branrhr.-; sprung up in 
nearly all the units around Barlln. as well as In 
the WMU ;uul \m\ Dlvlslooa. 

The padre meant It to and wftb tha war, but 
it refuaed to be demobUbwd. and on March 9, 
Itlfi. at the Wesleyan Soldiers' Institute at Rouen! 
It was renamed the "Regnal l.,eain)e." because 
repnal means pertaining to the rule of a mon- 
arch. niKl the members strive to bring the rule 
of Cfirl-;! to F,urth. Up and down the Empire there 
are Rognal Circles today, and the League haa lt« 
headQuarters at « Bccleston Btraat^ London. What 
doea It do? It enroUa boya over sixteen and 
takaa thtni Into a rMlowahip for work and play 

Each member promtses tu take .-i m- ti.rm of 
physical exercise, to re«d sound booK.^ to at- 
tend poblle worship. He la expected t.) undt-rt^ke 
any Job that oomea akmg, such as reading to 
blind people, rteanhif or nnoivatln« charlUble 
buUdlnga, amusing oripptod ehHdipB or helping 
older eatabllabed organlsaUons devoted to good 
worka H'^ meets his fellow -members for games, 
debates hmiI tnra-k parliaments, and he wears an 
enanUBl b^clfc cjf three circles to show that he 
trlea to bo an all-round man. Wliatcver crtmes 
ha may commit, once he haa taken the vow, he 
Is a Regnalite forever. He cannot be east out. or 
be egmommunlcated. bacaase his eomradas be- 
lieve that their captain, Christ, nem gives a 
man up. and they want to be Uk* blm. tbat Is 
a notable thing: 'TUgTisHtea never fftve a tum* 
rade up." 

Perhaps the most Important thing al>out 
Regnallam Is lU faith in Youth. It believes that 
Youth alone can save the world, by entering the 
churohes and bringing ftesfa Ufa and enthusiasm 
where there la too otUn dro^ralnesB and duUnesa. 
i: calls Youth to sertvce, antf Youth haa Oiever 
Turned a deaf ear to such a call as that Hie 
Orea; War, blameable fnr much, brought aoooe 
good UUnga m lis wake. T'X. H is one of them, 
and the Regnal Xeague la another. 

Note and Comment 

■v R. a 

TO possnr oriNUM 

Lord Bledlaloe suggesta that the Forest of 

Dean .^thould be converted Into a national park 
(or the pitjple of England and Wales. There Is 
no national park in Kngland, Scotland ts U} have 
Its first with the conversion of Calrngcrnui, and 
now comes Lord Bedlsloe's suggestion which he 
admits is inspired by a visit which he made to 
Canada and the United States four years ago. 
The Forest of Dean is a noted beauty spot and 
would make an Ideal playground. It would. In 
fart, if preserved nationally for national piurposes, 
become a stamping ground for tourlsta and un- 
doubtedly give a fillip U% the "Come to Britain" 
movement which is now being made the subject 
of extensive publicity propaganda. 

Lord Bledlsloe says that the Forest of Dean 
ha.s no rival in the British Isles for scenk beauty, 
tratanlcal and geological wealth of archi- 
tectural and archaeological trea.sure« and histo- 
rical aasQClatlons. Within eft.*y reach, he says, 
"are the most lovely parts of the Severn and the 
Wye and (Inter alia) Tlntern Abbey. The Castles 
of Berkeley, Raglan. Chepstow and Bt. Brtavels 
(King John's hunting box), Oloucester Cathe- 
dral and Tewkesbury Abbey, Symond's Yat, 
Marry of Agincourfs birthplace at Monmouth, 
,t i!e rare Rhaetlc formations (famous for 
the fgssU remains of Icthyosaurusi at Westbury- 
on-8evcrn and Beachley There are alAo the 
'Scowles' (the weird old Roman Iron-ore work- 
ings), and the Roman settlement at Lydney Park, 
with its unique temple of the Romano-British 
god Dodens. situate In surroundings of unparal- 
leled beauty, which ihe owner has undertaken to 
throw open to the public in perpetuity, If— but If 
only the Government allows the use of the 
neighboring forest as a national park." 

In the Forest of Dean there are several sites 
Ideal for camps, space for canvas hutments, 
recreation halls, open-air swunjiiinR batha. park- 
Inc accomTnodatlon. good drinking water and no 
serious lack of road.s. as well as plare.s of national 
Interest or exceptional beauty The scheme vks 
being given consideration by the late Govern- 
ment bi Britain and Lord Bledlsloe urges that 
the present Labor Oovenunent should advance 
It. even If it Involves a small annual loss to the 
nation. It would mean a gain In health and 
piness and the experience of national parks dss- 
whcre shows that one In Britain wouM prove an 
undoubted boon. 

Thm Weather 

Meieoroiotleal Office. Vlotorla, B.C„ at ■ pjn., 

July 13. l»a». 


Ram Mm. Max. 



KAmloapa ...... — M 



. .12 













Th^re is nothing vague or ob* 
scure About the statentrnU at Rt. 
UoiL PhUip Snowdcn. When the 
CbaoceUor of the British Bxebaquar 
makaa a msaoh. tbeEe Is ao doubt 
left m the ntaid of the bearsr or 
the reader taniecUag the meaning 
Dt the sptech. When Rt.. Hon. 
Rarahay MacDunald makes a 
ipef;^h, there U often iKMne doubt left 
In the nund of the hearer or the 
reader reayctli^ ibe meaning of iha 
ipserh, Ibe dlfMreoee between Ihe 
ObanoaQor and the Frtme Mlnlstsr. 
tnenrore. seems to be that ooe Is a 
poltUrian of nxod and unalLenible 
ccinvicUonft. while the othtr is an 
admit poatielan of the type wtuse 
eeavlcUoos can be altered if ocoa- 
alon shonid demand their altera- 
tlacL Ibat is why when Mr. anew- 
dsn makes a apsecb naUlng tbe red 
Hag of hla prlnclplai to the mast. 
Mr. MaePfWiald usualiy nwkas a 
speerh wbkb tsars the red flag to 

# • « 

At least that U what happened 
When Mr. BBOwdeo made a speech 
dsaling with war rvparattooa. in 
hla speaeh daaUng wttb war repara- 
tions Mr. Saowden said that the 
metiwd of adjusttag reparations 
were grossly unfUr to Oreat Britain 
and that they would have to lie al- 
tered; that what wtih iiaymentji to 
the Umied SUtes and the refusal 
of Vtaaee to meet her Just ohliga- 
tkms the taxpayers of Brttoto ware 
being bled vhlto. or something of 
that kind, and that when a Social- 
ist Government attained power It 
would in.sU(t upon a new amnge- 
meni with the United Btataa and a 
different anmagament wtth n«nee. 

• *. • 
iiiuueaiaieij amsr asr. Bnowneu 

made his sensational speech. Mr. 
MacDonald got up and made a 
speech qualifymg. If not (-omplpiely 
disavowing, the statemenus made by 
Mr. Snowden In lUs sensational 
speectL. Under the circumstances. 
It Is nasonable to assume that 
when Mr. MacDonald pays his 
promised visit to the President of 
the United Stotea. there will be no 
demand upon the Oovemment of 
the liiniied States for a readjust- 
ment of the terms of settlement of 
ttie debt of the Allies to the umted 
StoCea. the burden of which u be- 
ing bnne by Oreat Britain. 
Whether the Oovemment o! 
ftanee will be approached by the 
new Oovemment of CirpRf Pri'.a.n 
with a demand* for a fairer adjii^t- 
ment of tbe reparations burden we 
do not know, as nothing has been 
uid upon the subject since llw po- 
llUcal parties changed sides to the 
House of Commons. Mr. Snowden's 
.spfccli may have been made lor po- 

and pam a^'ic i niiiiiinlasM 
UbsuT Umtrr Uir circiunstonaea, 
what is there for Cuiada to do but 
lake meatfUTT* to extend her trade 
wtierwcr there Is a cliance of ex- 
tending H and<to defend and oa- 
lend tbs SBpaMlsv tmde wUbta 
bar OMI bseiAmT 

The Rhyming Optimist 

By Allltc Mil l:*clt» 

HIS i.ii r 
Row kind llfr* ¥.ju- '.> .'.:mi It gave 
Small nhare ul wlmt men count 
u bMt. 

But. thoufth the days were glad or 
' grave. 

Barh brought lU tribute to hu 

In each be saw aame good always. 
emab bit of lovaUneaa or pralae. 

He did not go u o t cucbed of time. 

And aonw did net pass mm by ; 
But through the years he beard 
life's rhyme 
And ever-changing mrtody. 
As. lomettmeB, ttueiigb a sang wU 

Rare hsTmnnlafc thougb grave or 

And thus It was that lUe was kind 

Beyond what many ever know. 
To htm wa« given this gift, to fmd 

The well.'i of Kladnesn /ar belo«- 
The arid suiface of Ui^ day* — 
To glimpse through clouds, hope s 
rataibow raya. 

RegimenUd OrderB 

No 34 — BattoUon Ordeea by 

Lieut. -Colonel D. B. Martya DAO . 
MC„ Commanding Ist Batultoa 
tISth CJCJP.) The Canadian Scottish 
Rflglmant, Vlet/Trla. BC July IS, 

Part I 

I r)uiJe5--Ofneer for ending July 
22 Lieut- o J Weller; next for duty, 
Lieut J. S Adamf. 

Bergeant for week ending July 72: 
Sgt w. G. crosaiey: next ler duty. 

J. H. Hall, 
a. Parades— There will be no 
further batUUon parades vntQ the 
commencement of DrlU BaXL train- 
ing in the Fall at the pr es ent year. 

Ail Platoon Officers and Sergeanta 
wlU parade on Mondl^, Jldy IS, at 
8pm, a* i-he Drill HaD. 

? K:: r..-;:pany Offlcers will ar- 
range to have all kit is.s<ird for camp 
retmned as soon ^i.. tK^v ibia. 

Part II 

78, Attestations— Tlie undermrn- 
tloned men, hnv-lns been duly 
attested, arp talieii un tht- sirenjrth 
of the battalion and posted to com- 
panies from the dates ahown op^ 
poalte their names: 

No. MS Pte. J. Fordyce. &Q. Com- 
pany. a4-B-3t 

No 909 Ptf w n McDonald, No. 
3 Company 
Nn 1000 pr.,. w c. Tsylor. No. 1 

(.'i>nij)»nv, 27-ti-29 

No. 1001 Pte G B. Moorhouse. No, 
2 Company, 37-6-39. 

NO. 1003 Pte. H. N. liay. No. 3 
Company, 3S-6-2Q. 

No. 1003 Pte. O. M. Blllii«s, No. a 
Dompany, 3iS-6-98. 

No. 1004 Pte. R Halls. Na 3 Com- 
pany, 4-7-29. 

^ , 79. Amiointmenta and Promotions 

hucal eflect. and circumstances ^^o be Acting Sergeant: 

m lu uuui 

miAL PiCNlk 




EsoeUral Ptocrunmr ot hptirt*. lu- 

nlaltog SafMl Matob and 

The annual picmc of Victoria i 
Lodge No a. Benevolant and Protoc- 1 
tive Order of Elks, will take plaee on 
Sunday, August 4. at McMorrao'a. 
crordova Bay. Oreat mterest is be- 
mg manifested la the outing, which ' 
Is expected to prove the most sue- ; 
ceasful ever held by th^ fraternal 

Members of tlir' i. Kli;r and thnr 
families wli: i..-.. tii> 9 din 
on Uie day ol Ut*.- picnic, and pro- 
oecd to Cordova Bay. whorr hh o\ 
ceUent progvmmma of kpon event.^ 
will be run Qtr. Peatures ot (be atb- 1 
leue eompeuttons inolnde a soft ban I 
game between taanu re p ras au tlng 
the married men and autfle men, I 
and a tug-of-war lest | 

The entertainment committee at 1 
the lodge (-omprlAeA Esteemed Lead- 
inr Kniifiit R II. i^tt, Esteemed 
Lo>'al Knight H !I Metiers. Es- 
teemf-d Letiunnp Kr.lght V^dgnr | 
Jon»*ff. Mefisrs Harry Edwards Rob- 
rrt Bums, R. W. WatBon, n n 
uregson. R. C. Malcolm. Joseph 
Levy and Beeretary Bert Beet 

'Canada Today, 1929' \ 

"C«nMl*'l" PniMlIu aAMSl 

atranoM BMfc. 


alter the 

caaoB even of Socialist 

Mod'^ratr wind:. 

Prince Oeorge — 

Estevan Point — 

pnnce Rupert - 


Seattle — ■ 

Portland - 

San Pranci*co 

liOs An^ek.*. 

SpokiiH" — 

Vernon . 

Oraod nrka 

Kaalo — 

Cranbrook — — 


Edmonton - 

Swift Currant .-. 

Princ" Alt]ert — ■ 

tjii App^Uc ......... 


Victoria and Vlnclnily— Light u. 
c.-iitlnued tine and warm. 
Vancouver and Vicinity— OonUnued fine and warm. 

Mawtmpm M 

Minimum - - M 

Average . . - 71 

Minimum on grass 48 

Bright sunshine— 17 hmir*. an mmtiMw 

Oenecal sute of ■, imr 

Victoria— Barometer. 3tM: «lnd. BW.. 


Vancouve^-Baraineler. MJI: wlad. W., 


Kamioopa— BargBBeter. 1MJD; wlndi B.W. 


BarksrrUle— Baiometor. wind. B.W.. 4 miles; 


vmo$ Rupert— BarcDieter^ KM; wtnd, N.W^ 4 
mUBi: dear. 

btevan Pobit-^Barometer. MM; wind. N.W.. 13 
mUee: fair. 

Tatooat^Barametor. »Mi wind. S4 mttm; doudy 
Portland— Barometer, ao.0o: wind, B.W. u mUe«. 

Scattip UAPometrr, 39.94: wind. W.. ■ oiUaa; elDudy 
Han Pranclsco—Barrnn'-trr. so 13. wind. W« 8 milas; 

14 miles: 
4 mllca: 
, 4 maea; 


rOnacrlbed \o John McCftrmack.) 
tAvtoaly bora muat be the an that brings 

Such heavenly muaic to the rmpturad ear: 
Not sadder u the nightingale that ^ngs 

To sUenm. when no human form Is oaar: 
The undulatkins of the harp are heard 

Beneath the violiD'a transccndant skrb; 
No nobler sound has trillad from any Urd 

Beoaath the gtdry of an April sky 

Son of the sylvan, m-eirt Rmerald l.ile. 

To Whom I Itston as t^wu slne'st tlUa song. 
Pur* as Ihe aooenU of the blKkblrd. while 

Thy ittTiilns are rollrd metlfluniisly along. 
TtuTvbblric with "acf^l !»orrow u thy tone, 

lnt*m*e wlfh rererr-nrr fjr»"; it\f spirit seem. 
Bven as (he »kylarli nhf-rj lic 'jmn alone. 

As if absorbed tn some ccleaual dreami 

^SBfVM R. irmianwrti 

Who *hall .«et a waich before ny mouth, and a 
seal nf wiodnm Upon my Upa, ibat I fUl aai enddanly 
by Uiem. and that w tOHgtte UMlrn) as aoit— Cc- 
einsia a tt ci M 

The downright Chancellor of the 
Exchequer has made another sen- 

•■uidonal speech TT-.o la'^M speech 
has not rreat»*d a :>-n-ni;ion 
Ln foreign . .uintrles. It ho-i 
created a aensatton tlm>ughout the 
Brltlah Bnplre. Mr. Bnowden has 
again nailed the eolors of his po- 
litical prlndpiea to the mast Re 

iia.'s declared that Imperial prefer- 
ence.') and safeffuardlng ol home in- 
dustries are unsound In economic 
princlplea and must all be swept 
away and will be swept away before 
tbe aodallst Oovemment gives the 
oountiy a ^laaee to sweep it away. 
Therv Is little doubt that what Mr. 
Snowden says must be done will be 
done, tor Mr n.ivid I.Joyd George 
who holds thr balance of poUttcai 
power, appears to have picked up 
a broom and is ready to assist In 
the aweeplng pnxaea 

• » • 

There la. of oouree. a poealbiUiy 
that Mr. Ramsay MacDonald may 
follow the latest sensatlooal speech 
of Mr Snnwdrn with nnotluT tjua!- 
Ifving fT»rrrh. But m thf mean- 
tiuip the '^■■ru'-aUonal ^p'-'^rh of Mr. 
Snowden has created as great a 
sensation tbraughout the British 
ftnpln as the Smoot-Hawiey tariff 
bill m a l e J tbrougboat the world. 
In thn Tunie of the British people 
Mr. Snttwden has declared that 

dreal Mntain li more Interested in 
free trade reUktlans wtth all the 
world than she 15 lir the develop- 
ment of closer trade relations with- 
in the British mplre. In the namr 
of the people of the United Stoles i 
the promoters of the new tariff bUI j 
rteclarr ihut while foreign trade 
may be un)>onant, iDlemal trade Is j 
more tanportant. I 

• • • I 
While there is wrt an in.p- r'^.-ii 

nauon In the world Which hajt not i 
Adopts t^ some extant the princi- 
ple of protection for home indus- 
trtea Oreat Brttato la determined I 
to pMigh her lonely free trade f-,ir 
nm. The stotesmen flhc haji rhrwr-n 
to speak III h^r nnm'* hav.' jirn^rn ' 
scfimfuHy of the preferences the 
t>omlnions have given bar jtfoducia 
in their markeu and have an- 
nounced khat snch advantages as 
have been given the pmducu of the 
Dominloas to the British markftA 
ihaD be swept away Ruch bemit 
the sltuaUoB. Is it anything but » 
farce for tbe BrUlsh Prime Minis- 
ter to suggMt that an Impertoi 
Economic Conferenee be euranumed 
and for the laatftaig newspaper to 

Che Rnptre to iii tM W d that the 

oonfereno* be held tn Canada? 
When the done u practically 
bsf\ff'-<i nri^ barrtf) a^alnxt clo^^ 
ImpfrtaJ U.v1e relaUons. what rould 
■uch H eonferrace do, eicept po*. 
siMr iistMi to 

No. Bsa Pte. H. W. J. Patorson. No 

I Company. 

80. Struck Off Trainmg Ktrfngth— 
No. 860 Pte. B. B. Oranford, No. 3 


No. aao PU. E. B. Johnson. No. 3 

No. tas Pto. O. U MeMahon, No 3 

Nn 904 Pto. K. C. HcCanneU. No. 
.1 Compftny 

81. TUi- .' -Uowmg extracts from 
District Orden are publt.ihed for the 
informaiion of all concerned: 

To bp -Spcond-ln-Command Mnjnr 
n li .s.iriretit, April 15, Ifl29 

Tu bf> Major Captain A J Qray. 
April 16 1929. 

To be Captain: LieuL R D Travis, 
April 16. 1938. 

Oapt. and A.-Adjutont, 
rar Offlcer Commanding tst Bat- 
talion tisth C.EP,l The Canadian 
eootcish Regiment. 

5TH m.r.i < oast brioadi:, c.a. 

Orders by Lt -Col J C Harrifi V D . 

Annual inspection and muffler 
parade — Annual inspection and 
muster paraop of t he Mtth Field and 
lath Heavy Battenea will bp held 
at the Armary hi 8 p m on Tlium- 
day. August 1 It la oMntial that, 
all ran^ > .ttimd this parade. 

Pay iMirmif p»y will l>e Lvijed I/> 
hciidfjiiarters oSth and i6th liin\y 
lluLU'rieii and 2nd AA. Section at a 
pjn. on Tuesday. July 33. All ranks 
must return their clothing and 
eqoipaient to stores before pay can 
t>e drawn. 

P T STERN. Major 
Adit., fith iBC > Coast Brigade. CA. 

Notice, <?urkner F B. White. 3nd 
AA.Bection. wa.t fined $5 and UAO 
coats In Esquimau police court on 
July 8 for neglecting to attend a 
pande of the unit without lawful 

"Canada Today" for 1939 has 
Just tieen published from the ofDcf^ii 
of Canada, toe L<ondon lUusirated 
wecklv. and this, the twelfth. Issue 
of thle popiUar annual reference 
book on the Dofninloii. whose 
brightly -colorrd cover is now »o 
familiar, will be found as useful 
as in previous years. It lias more 
pagas than laat year— 234 m alt— 
and m tbeae tbe oondltlons and op- 
portunities of the vast territory 
from the Atlantic to the Pacific are 
even more altractlvidy presented 
than ever. 

"Canada Today" will commend 
itself to a wide public by rca.<^n of 
Its handy Blse and iL'^ <^-on\ ciiierr. 

Articles deal with Canudii .s plkce 
in the world. Its natwal reaourees, 
life and work, migration, aettle- 
menu agiorts, tran«portotlon and 
dEaeriptkm of the pravlnaaa 


The sectton devotod to "Finance. 
Investment. Insurance and Mining" 
commences with the teat of the 
1929 Budget speech, delivered by 
the Oanadlan Minister of Finitnoe 
in the Dcmirmr^ House of Com- 
mons on Mar' h '. la.'.t. An article 

of Special tnlerf^' tn Twople of mod- 
erate incoirn"- Alin M,;iilt of migrat- 
ing to Canart.i Ls iJisit Riving par- 
llculMrs ci im-nme tax m th'' Vi:m~ 
inton The Important part played 
by the Canadian chartered banks, 
trust companies and life insurance 
oompaniee Is also Indicated. 


As in previous years, the many 
nne lllustntions — a numt>er of 
which are full-page slse— are 
among the chief features and at- 
tractloas of "Canada Today." 
These, which number over 130, 
show pr».?tlf-ally every ph-ve of life 
and u'tnr.v 

'Hie V ol ume -which is p-i bl ixli f<\ 
by the Canada Newspaprr cvini- 
pany. Ltd. 26-27, Cockspur titre/'t, 
London. SWI. at as 6d i3s po<.t 
free' -~should make as strong .in 
appeal as it* prederc-wiors t*) in- 
tending settlers, tourists, sporisim-n. 
business men and toveaton. as well 
as aU those who have fnends in 
Canada; and it should also find a 
place to reference lUararles and of- 
fices, owing to Ito acknowledged 
value as an up-to-date and rcUi^ 
refrrenrj* book 

'"Caiiiirtii Triday," It flho>ild tie 
KiiM'"'t I'a'- I '■'■ri plitrrd bv Ihf Ed- 
.■ 1 ;■ ■■ .1 . : ■■ ;iir ^ r:TT;" ul : ; .i- ! . 'ii ■ 
i: -n I 'ijiiiv i.'ounrll on ih'- it'mi;M- 
tion list ol books for use to aehools. 
and It mighi well be adopted to a 
much widrr ext^^nt m thLt way. 

Total Deatlis in 
Dis€Uier in kpnt 
Mount to Fifteen 

A LI trie otTl said "Adam and 
Kvp wrrr liappy In the Qmrden of 
Eden uu the Servant came." 

Jots From History 

CVRUS W Field, the amn to 
whom the laying of the first 
AUanilc cable Is chiefly due, waa 
bom in BtoclctMldgv, Mas*.. In 
ISI* He gmvp up the Idea Ot at- 
tendlnc c/.Uegi- «nd (V-voced hla 
early Iifn Ut tmsinf^x He amaned 
a rnrt-jr.p M 1260.000. before he 
tiecan:'- mu '^iivi in telographv 
Believing m ihr ['icitfv a( trmnn- 
oocttxUf cablfw h« ov^ntaad a 
oompany for tba laytngof a esMe 
The Rrvt attAnpts ware faituraa. 
but finally in 18S8. a oabte waa 
laid which wnrkrd for fov waoka, 
After tKe Cini War anottwr <ablt 
wu put down, and it prprad a 
triumphant m--— 

ment- He diad to IgM, 

OII.LINOHAM, Kent. Big. Jtily 
IJ Itii- number ol dead m the 
iniH-k Hre dlsaJrter Thur.siday night, 
rHii.>hed fifteen this morning wtth 
the death of Ronald MltcheU. fire- 
man, who aucctunbed m a hospital 
to tnirni received to fescue work 

A pathetic story of the passing of 
little thirte^m-v-ear-old teen Wynn. 
a vicUm. wa-i told In a bfeben voloe 
by the bere»»fHi father 

"How are th* o^h*^ boys'- the 
sorrowful n»i vs! cadet from the 
Ch»ninni 1 /t^ked hla parents 

■lyoA'W ') 1 ■h'-', c't nwayV 

Island ArtUls Asked 
To Contribute Works 

Vlctorta an-i Vfincouver bland 
artists are invited tn arnd entries 
to ihe Beonnrt Intemsttnnal Salon 
of Water Colors to be hrld in oon- 
neetlon with the Provincial Estil- 
bltloo of British Oolumbui m Sep- 
tember. Thla event will toke plaoe 
to New Weatmlnsber and the entry 
forms are now avatlabla frrmi the 
offices of Mr D E MacKemda. Of 
the pPovtn'-4ai riMbtum^ man- 
ager. Hart niort; Nra westmlnater. 

The eonditiorvK of ^ntrv demand 
ttui' ''xiilbitji ni'i^t h*- In thr hand.n 
of Mr. D C MrtcK^nzl'- nn or 
before August 17. UvaI ihry rrmat 
be the work of the i)«'rvjri mbmit- , 
Ung them; that they must not be 
framed, t>*rt as far as pnsaible 
mounted: thnt thr> namf M toe ex- 
hibitor app'wr on the bv< 

Awwrd'* will br made tn Individual 

W-.^k^ nr.t to r.ilJrflivf CJLhlblta. tbC 

awnrdA to cnrialst of a gold medal 
and 1100 unvrr modal and SSO. sliver 
medal snd MO. and brrnue mMalp 
and dlplomaa. 

The follnwtng are namMl r.n thr 
f ORoa as Ihe |ury wbo wll paa on 
tbe ptotoree before they an ee- 
eeptMl John C Codins Rtmswap 
Lake. Charlie H BooU. dlreouv of 
the Vanmuvn- School of Deoomive 
and Applixd aru. Vap couw : 
Tbomaa Prlpp. prrald^t of the Brlt- 
Isb Cnlanilita anrtAtr ni Pirv Aru 
and John Radford, art 

et It at 


■ ..t <b.e uU^\ gift— the gift^ Ix-muty with USC- 

r\ri« fhc gilt of which you 
■(II be tiuly proad — Wciler's 
Ih the logical place to go ! 
For. in almott infinite variety. 
Weiler'f haa those things 
Willi which the home beauti- 

[ j! turtiiihed . . Chir.<j by Wrdgwocd, Royal ' 
,icr Kwyal Unulton. Minion. Ayniicy . , \\ 

.ind-made English crystal - . . Iriah linen . . . 

orTcd rugs . . . beautiful quslity furnilure. . . , 
And by importing direct from manufacturers Wciler's 
ir.msUtes jobbers profits into lower prices to youl 


Complete House Furnishers 
Government Street Eatabliahed lSfi2 


ri<-aiil« iTr i<4fil licre by g 

Jones Bros. 

^^T\}■v \hr besi of lubri<-aiiu iir i<4fil licre by grown men, rralncd to 

Api»Iy Uicm. rix'iir jT.i r ijn.'t.iti -n^. 

rhwa ST 14 

as may 
SUN vr ACTuaaaa 

GYPROC-Fireproof Wallboard 

Heat. Cold and Somid Resisting, $50 Per M. Fbet 
Can Be Kalaomtoed, Painted ur rjp«rrcd at Once 

Sawmill, Phone 29g i .> try. :b^i 

Rheumatism, Neuritis, Sciatica 

Yon Can Rent or Buy 


Tbe Resnlte WlU Surprise Toa 
Phone tW-i»>griBge 

H. AUSTIN COWARD, Sales Manager 

Wings lor 
Aching Feet 

RuntoiK. faltrn arches, palfl, 

>ap» >■<)"- '1','tv. By ipeciAl 
prorel* ^ - vou immeiliatr 

relief, like M.iiK>ng on z\r — you 
complete cure d\ yiiu walk. Why 


!■ rre Examination 

Phone 597 

StOban BUJg., 745 Yale& 

Where Werld War Wounded Work 
With Wood, Wiclier, Wire 

Repairs or New Work, l^atimatea FfM. 

The Red 4" Cross Workshop 

ie4-e Jobasoo Sl post B«lo» Onesramiiiii) PbemlMO 

Dog at Timothy s 


A Rebellion atid a CoAipTomiie 
In Colonist Magazine Section Next Sunday 


Pap«r Ruling — BookbindinK 



MOSCOW, July 13 NfWApopiTu 
today prlni«l a Ktatpm^l dubniH- 
ilng to th^ c«itr»I fo«nmitt*« ol the 
Cnmm 1 1 r i : \ : u> Karl Rad^fc. 
^jnilga and Prsobajffnsky, tuuterto 
Isadwi oC the ItoCsky mlnontT 
81019, in which they Jtadared ih«y 
tMtf brakoi with T^otiky and ad- 
hered to the i^in p<^ty T^^v ^p- 

The Tooristt* Meoca 


We SpeciattM 111 
Books of All Kindig 

Prims and bngraviagi 
High-Class SufkkDcn 

Enifl leather Coodi 


Booliaclltrs and Stationer* 
1100 Oevernii^ent Street 
Reyal Bank U(>p<jalt« 

pfAi^ii '" "'her "nulttylBla to fol- 
low tn^ir example 
T)v aULement tneladad a mn- 

-t/TTina* l"tn of Tm»J*y for havti^ 
■ruten f'.r (h*. capitalist 


A»-h(cni'.; fb-a ,.ri. . ir«i. rn« mr*i*tti QM»an •••1 J(i»t>* 

r>r> iH hli nrv Sl«M» 

Th- •art>>)<i>(r «a* M^— ft ftli at ennh* TMnaa 

\\t*tt rata snS MWS aMm »m (Hi ».••< lamM* r*«w|h4. 

1! hu 0*ri4-4 U> ua» n-n *r>m IUt HiMaiaij, la 

Act. M AasHS J. ins 

• tevr Bf 

ai a 





LY 14, 1929 

Tourists' Headquarters 


Better Shoes 

Maynard's Shoe Store 

649 Ymm Brrwt Phona 1232 


Since 1877 Canada's Leading Piano. The 

Mason & Risch 

strongly recoiiiiiiLii<j tins ticautiful piano to the am- 
bitious student as an instrument of superior touch and 

(orir quality. 

PricM From $485 With Bench 

SpadW Tsms During and Apsnit 

Davis & King, Ltd. 

717 Fort St. 

Jones Bld(. 

Phoac 711 

MR. L mm 


Assistant Dean of Men at 

University of Gdifomia 
Will Be Uuicheon Speak- 
er on Thursday Next 


Route of Air Race Around Great Britain 


MONDAT— Oym Olub, ataamtar o( 
commam oafa. lunobaan. 13:10 


lUtusDAV Klwanls riub Empress 
>IDU1 boUroom. luDcheon. U: 10 
p m. 

WEX)NG8QAY — KUDituks Club, 
iwlmmtng group, OonAal darden. 

7 p.m. 

nurriSDAT— Wan Oliib, Bmpreas 
ii't'i baUraom. luatfMO. 13:io 

p ni 

THURSDAY — Kinfimcn Club. Em- 
press Kot«l privtitr dining-room. 
Suppn*. 8 IS pni 

FRIDAY— UMdtaiu Club, DomloiOO 

Hotel dlnuig-nMiiv lunabaon, 

i2:4S pm. 

Silk Ensembles 

Beautifiilly Smart and Moat 
Attracthreiy PricadI 

CMne and 

A:r smart 

Of htav> ((uality grorgette and crepe de 
charmingly styled, these dclightfiil rn-rmMr 
in every sensr of the term . In It.vrly and efffctivc 
color cnmliinjtion*- *■{ lipht fjrccn. while, sunni, peach, 
niauvc. pi>wilcr blue, rose, beige and navy, A Irulv splen- 
did value at 

am immm 

For Sale by 

> Woodward 

Beautiful Residence Site on Waterfront 
at Uplands. Natural beauties carefully 
preserved. Private beach and lovely 
island. Unequaled location for high- 
class residence. 

PriM $8,600, Spot Cash 

Also Watciiront lots at Hollywood and 
Victoria West. 

Exclusive I48tinK8 
308 Campbell Building Phone 1765-8712 

A HMtltU at Cftmaiuo LMir, ■•r. to 
AF * AH. wlU b* htM In IhF U*^.uu- 
Tmpl* PtMftrd RtrPMt. iwi UnndaT Ju\j 
Ift. Ml I 45 II m kharri, for ihv purpoir 
of sltrodlfls Ih* fun^rnl of our IX" 
breUwr. Rlgni Wamhtprul Omtr r: Mnrk 
WlUan OtftliftRi UemtHTi and Tliltlni 
brMlwvn ta lood •UadiM m re«iucM«d 

M. a, TATSAR. PM. 


Ladner Pioneer Diet 

VANCOaVER July 13 Mrs An- 
nl^ MrN-Tly, MRhiy-nlni' pionp'T of 
Lttdiirr 1.11(1 .1 hlirliJy honiirrt? 
worker in thr CaUiollc Church in 

Mr Loiita onricn. MSlitanC De*n 
Mm 'hjf l'p.!v?rr.ltv of CaM- 
fnriilft. Kcrkfli-y will Ix- iht' spr-ak- 
•■r-KU«H *it 'lie wrt'klj luiir-lu-on ol 
ihr Vk-torU ri"fary ("hib which 
wUI Lftke place next Thursday at 
12:10 pjn. In the baUroom of the 
Smprcai HoteL Mr. CBrleo waa 
farmerly a reddtnt of Vlatorta» The 
pragranuM vUl Include musical ae- 
lections by AaststUig artists. 

Pr^aldrnt Alfred Carmlchael and 
Serrft*r>- T J. Ooodlake. of thr 
local Rotary nnranlzntlon. will 
leave next Friday or Sitiurday to 
attend the conrerence of presidents 
and secrelarJM of clubi in the first 
Rotary dlatilct, which will be held 
at Corrallla, Oregon, on Monday and 
Tueaday. July 23 and 33. Mr. James 
H. Bcatty, for Vlctorta. who 

is a past Rotary district govamor. 
will also be present at the parley 

Mayor Herbkrt Anaoamb will ad- 
tfrMB tlie Kiwanla Club lunoheon 
meaUng oa Tueiday at 13:10 pA. In 
the Bmpreu Hotel ballroooi. Twenty 
members of the Bdmonds Klwaoia 
aub will be goeaU of Urn local 
clubmen at tbift gatlwrliig. 

The Builder, official weekly organ 
of thf> VlcUirin Klwanls Club, tn 
referrinR to the passing of Klwanlan 
Mark Cirahsm. says: "It la wlUl 
^'i^at m:rrt that we advlae our 
iTi' iiibT? nf tw sudden and un- 
fiiiHlv tip;ith nf our flrsL prr^ldent. 
Mr Mark W. Graluitn. Mark was 
a splendid g eo W em a n and a Klwan- 
lan of whom we were an proud, and 
we take this opportunity to express 
our sympathy to bis family at thla 
(Imp In thptr preat bereavement '" 
Tiw Kiwiiiuurm will attend in a 
body thp funeral service.*! for the 
late Mr, Oraham tomorrow i 
There will be no meeting of thr ' 
Kumtuks Club this week, but thi 
swimming group will meM on Wed 
neaday nllpit at ttv* CrysUl Oar- 
den at 7 o'cloeK. The club will hold ' 
an outdoor box picnic on Monday 
night. July 22. at the Sumnier home 
•<f Mr nnd Mrs. C. W Bradsliaw. at 
' ■■■■■l-v:i Bay, 

: tif Klnsmrn Cluh will hnld a 
■ (i-r fmiie«i(i«i lo Btdinii tur 'RUpper meeting on Thursilav n;?hi 

m m'"" at 6;l^ o'clock in the Knipreas 

m M, T«.-.. V.,. p^^^ dinlng^m. wUb 

Praaldoit Robert A. Woottoo pre- 

The pronramme at tomorrow's 

luncheon of tb»' ijvrn riuh nt noon 
In the Chamber of ( (inn'.f '.c caJp 
wUl be put on by thr wt>o<l and rem! 
dealers, under the charmati.siiip of 
Oyro Bill Cameron. The club has 
abandoned the Idea of holding Ita 
own picnic this year, and has de- 
cided to Uak tw with %bm interelub 
picnic b«yoad mnabno on auDday. 

AufflUtt 4 

Mr. .Arthur fVhn-lrr. t R.0.8 
orarj President of Alptns Chib af 



lo b- ttflri (n M. .inle T«nple, vir- 

ion. DC, Mr=:..M. .1 . V n, IBM, ,t I tS 
r- m, «h«rp, \ui>ir, :t,r ..^kolcM of Ouomib 
Loriia, Re «, o.aa c 

O. SMratirr. 

Hnti.ih Columbia, died at St. Paur.i 
H<>^plui on Mdaj ivaaliiv after n 
long Illness. 

Several years aga Mn. McNceW 
wae bcmorad by the Pope for her 
educational and charitable work for 
theehuiT^ In British Columbia, be- 
Ina accorded the Oold Crws of Pro 
BDcIesia et Pontl/tce The honor car- 
ried with It the title of "Ltfay " tn 
Mr-* McNeely. She was the first 
woman to be so honored by the 
Churrh in BntLsh Columbia. * 

She wa.s born In Ttacmdle. NA. 
and ramp to tJie WeJit In 18tt! 
pioneering in the ladner district 
of British Columbia. 


'ShM next meeting of the Victoria 
Ofoop of Toe H wUl be held on 
WedneMlay evening, July 17, at I 
o'c lock m the Board of Ttade Butld- 
infT &31 Bastion Street, nte extw 
tive will meet at 1m Um eame eve- 


Third TriennUI Parifir r oiut DcO' 
lal Conference to IIHd In 
Seattle In 193Z 

SAN FRANCT-^co luiy 13 —Dr 
W. J. Lea. ot \ : B C . dla- 

tlngtUshed den'L-;, <aii-- named vice- 
president of the third irtennial Pn- 
clflc Coast Dental Conference, 
which, after a long and heated de- 
bate in the house of delegates, was 
voted to go to SeaUle Ui 1032. 

The second triennial confetenoei 
met In San Francisco and came to 
a close on Friday. 

Dr. Prank Hergert. of Seattle 
prominent dlagnostlcinn and .tuUi- 

A picturesque deacrtptlon of the 
scene which awaits the members of 
the twentf-fottrlb annual camp of 
the Alpine Cflub of Canada when 

it meets at Hocers Paw in the Sel- 
klrks tomorrow w iflvrn by Mr 
Arthur O. Wheeler, F.RO S , the 
honorarr president 

"The camp." he writes, "will be 
pitched directly above the Con- 
naught T'lmnel on the mafh line of 
tlxe Canadian Pacific Railway. On 
Monda.v. Juiv 15, a canvas city wlU 
rr-^/^und ihp rheerj" yodels Of 
mountaineers from many part* of 
the world. Construction Is in charge 
or Mr. C. A. Richardson, of Calgary, 
an old hand at the game, and who, 
with a gang of soouts. has turned 
tht^ wUdemes of rock and crags 
into a Joyful (tatherlnR place for 
thn(>e who love to scale great 
heiKh'.,-- " - ' T 'liazs' precipices Be- 
fore thp dawn Ihfv will rL^c to 
fnrcr ft wnj' from mic tr* rrap when 
the Alprn g'"* Ughu up the peaks 
with rosy splendor; up prpcipiious 
roek chimneys, sending down bou- 
quets of stone-ii: up eteep Ice slopes, 
step by step carved out by the lee 
axe, where a allp meand dMOl. and 
the only safeguard Is thg ttreness 
of the guide and staunchness of the 
rope; onto frail snow comlcea. 
where the sIlRhLest noise starts an 
avalanche and silence Is impem- 
tive; and tvn to »tand on the .-nimmlt 
and Rttw ftbr"ttd at [inniitivr won- 
dpr.s of creation ruing thousands 
of feet, above the forest-clad val- 
le>-s below, ftoffl which the muffled 
thunder of roaring cataracts Is 
borne upwards through the rarUled 
aimtwphere. Then back to the big 
ciinopy at camp, where tables 

'n;id'd with choice foftdi rcplcnL'jh 
■ \i'.'Mr1'-ii viiaJity. and rrowd 
»fa'.ti('r?, around the grmt camp flrr 
to lell of deed* dnnf and lo take 
part in song and sUiry, filled with 
the exhilaration of aoeamplifih- 

The Alpine Olub of Canada has 
eleven seoUona— KIght hi the large 
Titles of Canada, two In the United 
states and one at London. BigbiTKl. 

The anual eamp is its great oc- 
casion. Ttm at Rogrr.i Paju u the 
first at this place '.irK--' 1908 Some | 
macnlflccnt cUnibs await the cnrnp- , 
ers this year Moiuit Sir 13onald, \ 
10,808 lect ; Mount Turner, a mag- I 
nific*>nr rock rllmb Hermit Moun- ! 
tarn, the Swiss Peiifci and Moimt ' 
Rogers all rliw lo ih'- '-.amp 
FMriher nut aj-e M n ti r 1 1. I >ii son. 
11.113 feet, nnd Mounl.^ Fuji, i^elwyn 

and Wheeler. High on a shoulder 
of Mount Tupper, at tlmber-Uoe. Is 
the Rogers Pass hut, where a sub- 
sidiary camp will be placed. This 
will be In charge of Mr. Andrew B. 
stbbald. of Saskatoon, so that mem- 
bers cUmblniT In the vicinity may 
spend the night there and so en- 
sure an earlv :<tart the following 

One of ihe numerous expeditiotu 
of le« strenuous character designed 
for those who want an occasional 
quieter day will be a trip to the 
Naklmu Caves, or "Caves of Boor- 
ini; Noi.';!'s ' m the valley of Cougar 
BiMok The-se will be vt^lled dally 
and ruplored The Portn Commis- 
sion has opened a camp at these for 
people *iio desire to make a longer 
sla^ than the 5mgle day, 

ThL'. venr's camp Is aAsembUng 
niembrr- from bmnchefi alt over the 
Dominion, and the forecast of s 
tew (Says ago was thai it would be 
one of the best and moeit rvpre- 

-.-limti tti Kjve evidence of rjipabUify 
for iJie more wvere gniduaMiii; 
And trus L-i no mean 1-ia;>i, far K"-^"'! 

I ti'-iiri jirtd lungf., aiifl 
AtK>ve all. Mj-ong Icg^, ore dtmanded 
m the soaUng ol such preelBllous ' 
bplffhts. xa aOdlUaB, pat2^, per- 
aevffvioe, imsfimtfinsss. and good 
temper are nasded. The lo<« cUmtx 
caU out the best or worst in the 
p'-.r^onftliiy. Scores of life- long 
friendAhips hav* been formed at 
the annual camps of ttas AlplBe 
Club of Caoada. 

MR. c. w. m\{ 


Annaal Event of HortiealtaraJ S»- 
Diety U Voted OaMaoding 

aay at- 
of Ihe 

WeO-Kas«m Caal Merehant Passes 
In Vaaeoover— Founded Ba^- 
neas In Victoria 

Tlia'dsath tttok place m Vaumtiier 
yvsterday evening of Mr • Charles 
W. Kirk, for thirty-flve years a rer.i- 
dent of this olty. He was associated 
with the KU-k Ooal Ooattpany. Ltd.. 
here, and contlnoed In the same Uue 
of buKtne&b in Vnnronver 

Mr Kirk >i,a..a ti.itlve of Balle- 
vilie, OnUrlo. where he was bom In 
Itftg. He came here as a young man 
and engaged In the enterprise with 
which his name was asKodated 
throughout liie period of his real- 

Over sixty people yeslcnfta; 
tended the annual pteaie 
Vlcuiria Horticultural Society, which 
was held at Elk Lake, in the 

grounds of the Athletic AseoelatUm. 
The event w&h voted an outstanding 
.siiccess. and Mr W J Bdwards 
voiced the tKank.-- of Uu- niembcri. 
lo Mr. Fred Lcndsber*, p-i .-iide.n; nf 
the society, and to .Mr < . rge 
Strawtord and Mr p. k Uomter. 
secretary of the aodoty. who were 
responsible for the arrangenoK of 
the sports. 

At least Dne-t.hir[! of the party 
was composed of children, and the 
various games and tht- bathing m 
the lake all oonUuned to make a 
very happv aftnoon. 


LIDDIARD— "nten pssnnd away 
on Friday, at the Royal Jubilee 
Roqittal, Th«^^,^.^ l.iddiard. of 1038 
Queens Avenue H<tni at Aldbum 
Wlltahlre, England 

" Ttt~. Kirk leaves four datuchtera 
and three sons, as well as his widow. 
The daughters are Mra. J. R. Bayne, 
Mn. .tames Young and Hiss Bea- 
trice Kirk, all of Vancouver: Mra. 
Tremontine. Seattle, and the sons 
Mr. O. L Kirk and Mr J L. Kirk 
of Vancouver, and Mr A M Kirk, 
of Victoria 

Tlw funeral will he held here on 
Tuesday afternoon, tr. Ft aavtour's 
Church, al 3 o'clock, and the inter- 
ment will follow in the family plot 
at Boss Bay Cfcrnetety. Rev. Robert 
Oonnen wlU oOcUte, 






The Veterans' 

Modern Healing Preserves Health 

McDowell & mann 



nitlTANM S 

Brtiar.nin Hruni Li • 
Leinon, B PS L . will 

yeaia ago, the late Mr Uddlard ha* 
wen Uvtng In this dty f«r the past 
twenty-seven years. Re te survived 

nv his widow and one son. Walter 
H Uddlard, st the famHy residence, 
!ind one son, Thomas P Llddlard. 
at San Dlegn, Oal The remaiii-s are 
reslmK at tjie s J Cun-y At Son 
Funer.; !(■ rii.., where an inquest 
wUl bt' held loroorrow at 10 o'cl<x-lc 
Puneral aervtoe will be held ,,n 
Tueaday afternoon. 

nit ^NCii 

't ^le Canadian 
lii"<ld a special 

sevenly-Iour meeting of the eseiative al their 
headquarter.^ an Broad Street Tue-- 
day night at 7:30 o'clock. 

The president of the BniAnnia 
Branch received a very cordial letter 
from one of the membiua who re- 
eenily obtained an adjustment of 
hi.s ivnslon tbrougll the organlsa- 
tlon "Hie member stated that he 
was proud to be in UiMch with -^uch 
a worth while braneh In hi.^ letter 
thatiked the branch fr.r Ihe mcr(?a.'ie 
he thanked the branch for the In- 




■WH Ava. riMM HIS 

tow Itaft saa amwinas 

Missing Ontario 
Do put y Minister 
Arrives on Plane 

at 2 30 Of lock, _ _ „„ _ 

from Ihe S. J. Curry & Bon Funeral creaae he received In his pension 
Home. Intrrment wiU be made in — 
the Royal Oak Burial Park, I The Pro Patna Branch of the 

— Canadian Legion. BE8.L,, will hold 

OERMAN— The funeral .wvtoc Its annual plrnir ai Reaver lAke. 
for the late Mr Lewi* uerman. I Awmist ;i Ru-.e.i wilt 1- uve the club- 
who paaied away at the Royal r<}om\ on ("ourtney Street cm the day 

JubUee HosplUl on Thursday, wa.% 
held from rhe llicmaon Funeral 
Htane yc^erday at 3:30 pm. Rev A 
de B. Oven oOclated and Intetmeni 
was made in Ros« Bay Oemeleiy. 

VIRTUE— The rer^iins of tJie 
lale John Alexander Virtue who 
passed away at Uie R/jyai jumi.-, 

Roraltal on July 12, are repoMng 

at Hnywards BC Funeral Com- 
pany's Chape), from where the fu 
neral will taka^ place on Mor.dav 
aftemooD, at B:30 o'clock. Rev. A 
de L. Numis will oOelate. After ui< 
service the body will be forwarder] 
to ^nsnoouvBDr for emMMon 

MAR ART Purir-ral Xervlcui wi 
be held at llayword's B C. Funeral 
Company's Chapel for the late Mar 
Art. this (Sunday) afternoon at l 
'>'(l<^>rk Rev Liim will take the 
ervifT and interment Will be made 
al the Chinese Cemetery 

'if ihf ;iirnlc 

at 1 vftioiat In the 

TORONTO. July 13.— WaJtir C. 
Cain, Ontario IJeputy Minister Of 
Landi and F)resVi, and Captain 
Roy Maxwell, du-ector of the On* 
tarlo Air Service, are safe at Bkiux 
Lookout. Word to this effect 
reached Toronto last night. The 
message amwunetng the flyers' 
safety said Capuin Maxwell had 
Jkiwn the plane back to Sioux 
Lookout because of illness which 

We Bent Sadana Conpe^ WntJrtsii 

and Tourings 

Hill't Brive Yourself 

721 View Siiaet 

^ne 577 A 

prated on at a hospital ahortb 
after arrival. 

Ooveroment officials had baUrvad 
the men lost when no word arrtTcd 
here from them for mere than 

twenty-four boura. 

1 can't umier'iAnd why jrou 
stayed outside ioha with sueh a 
wonderful datfivr tu. Ralph." 
But he showed me some 
•ter was op- (steps and we sat on them." 


ortty in radlodontia. will be pretu- 

dent for the next three years a„d wntatlve to date owing to the fame 

hoxt-ln-chlef for the Seattle con- °* x*"**^ attractiona of Glacier 

T-nee Dr A. W Jeffrey, of Seat- «»tJ««l P»rk and the splendid 

Nowadays is bitterly hr die to any 
form of foolishness which endangers 
life and property. The Reckless 
Driver, the Mjn Who Rocks the 
Boa t, the Mjp Who Didn t Kr^ow 
Ir was Lojdcd. arc gradtullv disap- 
pearing under pressure of public 
Opinion. The Man Who is Careless 
with Firt is the gfeatcat menace of 
them an. Let pnblic opinion foem 
t^MSfi btni* 

i'lifeiftliT FOREST FIRES 



named secretary, and Dr. C 
r Fleetwood, also of Seattle, trcas- 


"We of I he Waxhtngton Dental 
AMoclatltin and e.spee1*ity the den- 
tists of ScHMle rarrii>'.'ly promise to 
do everythnii: s- iir.n o>,t power lo 
ttve up to 111" fuic precedent set by 
Portland and San Francisco In den- 
tal conferences, when we uieet the 
Pacirie cont^x Dental Oonference In 
I93i: m Hergert Stated lb hki m- 
aufuml .'peech. 

"With out new clvlr uuditorlum 
In ihupe we should be able to h<?ij.'U' 
you In K'"d form and wr ran surely 
promise t.hat you will see much In 
the way of sceiuc beauty in and 
around Seattle. Our ok»e neighbor. 
Vancouver, wlU also Aave mueh to 
offer In the way at eotertalnneat" 

A»lxonomical Stpciety 
Wm Mm Tomorrow ' 

The Astronomical Society It con- 
tinuing its sertes nf opcn-alr meet- 
ings throughout the Summer for the 
purpose of affofiina memben of 
the aoclKy pf'i general public' 
opportunltkr* '»' virwtr^ throttgh b< 
lalSxope vartou^ objecu ol mtercst 
tn the evening sky The mestbig this ' 
OMMh le to be held tunumu w night 
•I Tieiona Qellegft pyirtunatelv 
iMKh the moon and the planet Sat- 
urn are in favorable poKitton.^ and 
since thewe twn ob>ecU are probably 
the moM beautiful In the heave ni 
for trtascopic oOservatioru, the meet- 
ing sbMM kgdTMMal )nt«-resL One 
Of Ihe eOlBMa «g the Mciety win 
be present lo operate the rulf^nw 
and to rxplatn the vArlous asCfo« 
noMKal eb)acta obsarval 

DRUMMO^fD - The dea t h or 

curred at an early imtir v^MTdii 
at the JubOee Hoftplui oi Mr 
(Tina) Jane Drummoad. belove« 
wife of L. D. B. Drunlmond of Fui 
ford Harbor and daughter of tb' 
late Thomas Stewart of Sootland 
The late Mrs Drummond wu 
forty -three years of age. and wh 

.... in Helensburgh Dumbarton 

climbing faciliuas offered by the ^ 't*^ l«»t 

Selkirk Mountains 

Tlie armuai ramp t* prartlrally 
a »clw»ol of mountameermg There 
is a class eMb ^jmr known »a 
"Qraduatmg WUSbm." to make 
the quaUSeation climb. If sueceta- 
ful theae members become "Ao- 
uves." All sucb aspirants, however, 
have first to make a preparatory 


Wsti till next Wnler — and 
(hen "wish you had.'* If yoa 
srv itMQg lo have your furnace 
deaned. H tbe time lo do it. 

Fumsce clesnei* who rso do k 
are advertising dsily tn I'hr ( ol- 
rjTtU M' sol Adt 71v-»e men 

wsnt your work and s teicpkooc 
call Id then wSi gtf 

The Daily Colonist 

Office Open Prom 
« A M. fo 10 P M 


months .lb e r esj d eU 1 1 h h r 
brother. Mr J A Stewnn, of Ei> 
Lake, formerly of FulXord Hsrtv 
and California. There riirvive i.. 
ildei her husband, five brother 
Messrs. John A. Stewart, of BIk 
Lake; w y. Stewart and O T 
Stewsrt. of Fulford Harbor; A. 
[Stewart of Helensburgh. BOoUand, 
and Major James StewRrt in Bel- 
glum The funeral will takp place 
on Mondav ufternoon, the cortege 
leaving th" Si,r.<f^ Funeral Ohapel 
al 3 oclock and at ^ o'clock serv- 
Iccs wtn be conducted m Holy TRa- 
Ity Church by R«v. T. M. HugbSu 
The remains will be laid to real in 
the Holy Trinity Ohurchyatd. 

riR.AH AM The funeral of Mr. 
Mark UrahBm will Uke place to- 
morrow at 2 .10 n riork from St. 
JOha's Church, Quadra Barret Rrv. 
P. A. P Chadwirk will oSJciate. 
Tlie remains are resting at the 
Thomson Funeral Bane until 
tomorrow, when they will be rw- 
Bumd lo St. John's Cbuttt gt a-ii 
o'olodt for servkaa 

MOORt rtirrr puaed awar on 
asturday. at fjt JcMeph ■ Hnsplial. 
UDian Moore, aod tweT>;^ -evr-n 
years, bekivcd daughter of Mr and 
Mn^ p, L. Moore, of 3323 c^k 
Stieet, BaaaML she waa bom m 
Uvopool. Bigland. and ted re- 
sided her* for ten years. She Is 
mourned by her pare.its. on* 
Margaret one brother. La* 
aunt. Mra Birch, and elcbt e> 
• all of this nty The funeral witl 
take p1ac9 on Tuasday aftrnMon at 
3 oflork from McCall BrothsW 
Funeral Honw Interment wUI bo 
ttk Oak 

This Magnificent New 

IsAanoir Richelieu 




«n(l aUo the paUfial Me.imer. ,,\ the Cana«U Str-3(n«ln[ 
Lake* In the »eH ar» .■,,n|.|.f- ) /-vrluMvelv Hilh W rli 

Line*, from (he (Irett 
d'-rtej., ttihich include 

Knabc, Chickcring, Willis, the Ampico Re-enacting 
Piano and the Renowned Maaon 8 Hamlin Pianos 

fh'r^Hie^*'"* c««««»l»y invited to gee duplkales oi these pigaoa lor 

d\r;^i;;!lXTHe^^^^^ ^--^^^ 






Reception Mayonnaise 

A very popular line. fre»hly made, 1-lb. jars. 45^: J j-lb. 
jar*. Miowanrp made on jar* returned 

Mvsli's Qr»p« Jiiic«. 



S«f«cy SmI Fruit Jm yuarU, 

dnxen „. ^..J^«48 

I'inti. dexcn $1.35 

Karvivu. {or Maliitr iruit. per 
ft. 16f 

Ju- Rubbers, 3 doxen 21< 


Mortoa'i Bloater or Anchovy 

Paste. 1-oz. tins 
Surar-Criep Com Flakes. 3 

{Ait> Fnt 24< 

Glycerine and Pumice Soep. Oean^ diily haode and leaves them 

•olt a- velvet Special, 3 rake> jor _™- 

Campbelln Tomato 

Finest Norwegian 

Bmpreu Jelly 
te» for 



Powders. 4 

Hein^ Tabic 

Soap. 8 
- 3S^ 

Vtnegar, l6-oz. 


3 Largt Cartons 




Scientists Invade "Grave- 
yard of Grrat Lakrs" in 
a ^^nnh for Prclustoiric 

Mine Pits 

SEARCH \f i\ 



^ M2 Fort Street * provi^oiw 

OsUv«rr D«pt. 
Ofocrry P 


5521 S520 
Fish Dept. 5521 


NEVER wait to see if a head- 
ache win "wear off." Why 

suffer when you ran inkr Aspirin? 
The millions of men anil women 
wtio use it la iAcreasinc quantities 
every year prove that it does reliev.- 
soch pain. The medical profess, rr, 
pronouncM it without cfTecl on tli 
heart, so use it as often as it r.n 
Wf%Tc you the least pain. Aspirin 
proRiDtlpr relieves headaches, oold^ 
nenrugia, nanrltfs. himhafrt). etr 
Women find these taMets a pre. 
comfort in casen of rcp^ilar, s\ sr--nv. 
suffering. Familiarirr yoursel i u^-i 
the proven directions in ever) 


A^ifc is s^NSSMt rt amiwx h c«iua> 

WnrOBOR, Oni lulv 13 -The 
fraveyard ot ths utcsi. LaXc*— isle 
Kegnlo in lAke Superior— wUI bs In- 
TBdsd tilts BuouBSr br ttkf toroes 
or setense la aa attsBpt to make k 
yield Ibe M «a rMa as eM as 
this nontinsnt Hie flrst of a p»ny 
asal eat b7 Hw vnivcrsity of uirh- 

lean, s' '-Jie reqiies:^ of 'li** sts'^j. 
B^an an inveatig atton nf th" !-l*fii1'.« 
.•Ttr.irifc'p pJifcTil rtn'J anin.A, earlv 
If! .lulv *nd u "yiw-i^il ■hat ihc 
f>umnier of 1930 will si.No jk^u sway 
before the UirestiKfiUftn 'Oti' ludfvl 
Ths ebjeet of Uie iDTesu«rauon u 
prUaarfljr «a aMiy prehlstartc mine 
pUs freai vtakAi an aaftnovn people 
took the aallve eepper eenturtes 
baiere the KUseovevy" of Mm Aam-- 
leaa wmti p eiit . but tt ts tt***^ 
the party msy siso find wreckstfe 
from msny lak** foostn wh(<-!i hsvo 
piled up rai i-n^ t'k-k ■ tmiirui r .ti-' otf 
the lAlsnd II wfca in thr netghlw- 
[nvd of lair Royair that the strnner 
KimloopM rtmck diuins the storm 
of Deeember 6 7 uid S. I»n. and 
asnk with all hands. Hie ARadee, 
too. eame to frtaf In «Ul VWnHgr 
•t the aaiae tUns. 

The laltttui i.-. furly-flvtf tniif^ 
by nine miles wide, and Mnjird 
aomewhst like s bstUe^hip. st/>am 

Ing In a north-esjiterly ai.rr'in:> 

with aDAsUer idand-iik* desii^t^cr. 
oruiBltti at lU bow. It lies ACty-five 
mflaa north of Kasweeaair point, 
which Itsejf li draadea br~ (Bland 
msrtnera. and tlf bteen alli^a south 
ot I he Csnsdlan thore. 

ArrhHfoiticists. bounlsts and soO' 
iogLrta. armed with the most modtm 
eq'iipmenl, will make up the Invests 
gaUng party, and are undaunted by 
the spirit* whirh leuend My!! have 
had the Ulaod under their protee- 
Uon for iimold ss«a 

nw oldest Indian uibe6 of tiie 
Chlppewas found by JanUt fathert 
I when they penetrated 
inko. <n the late sevsntecnUi eea* 
nin Isle Rojrale vas the home 
inr (ireat BitantUHi and the nerce 
■^'mv nnd treHrheroBi waters de- 
i*Mi<n-<l \: mvulon. How. 
' vrr t,hf old l^'end- have long jilnce 
\;inL--.hi-d iindT ^hr r^M -si-PiEiny of 
'h*" whU^ mun MlmnR ihf anrtpnf 
name of the Uland. Ia no longrr 
beUe vod to. be a ain*!*" huge mj.j 
f>f copper floaUng ^bout Lakr 
3upert<w. It has iieen esaelly 
mapped; Us lalek and bajs and 
rocky taeadlaads sppofcr on the maia 
cTf the lake survey. More than halt 
a century ago govemincnt geoloflsU 
psnebrated tt£ dsnssly foeseted 
sliH>e> snd charted the oomposltlon 
of Its rorks And y«t this bit of 
vlPfln wUdernew Ij in moit rwpcem 
as unknown to man sa when ll nral 
emerged beri-afh th' ] (rr*at gla- , 

elal ic- .'.hr-' 

More than 3.00q moose roam the 

11). Photocisphed as Ttacy Were 

After Thrir Marrisse on Frt«iy 


Island. Caribou haunt ihr under- 
brush and marshe.-. of the inu-nur 
The streams, which nith down Uke 
miniature torrents fttm the Iom 
rldgs that rlsu TOO (est above the 
level of the Uke. are the btKOW tM 
the beaver and the oilnk. The 
forty-seven lakes en the Island teem 
■vith Ash and the brooks with brook 

But tt U not M much as a sports- 
msn i paradise thsl the Island hold! 
lu (freatest attraction f(»r ^mivertliy 
•clcncists It. la rather bccsuac there 
they hope will be found the answer 
to many puxaling questions. 

Undljjmsyed by the fsHure of 
others, the arcbaeoloelsu of the 
party will inapect evtfy cave and 
rock shelter, every pit and „ 
dump which holds any promise at 
all. m their searrti for some reUc 
rhst will help to Identify the pre- 
lU."itorlc miners and. perhaps, lUik 
them Indisputably with the mys- 
terious rmoe of mound builders. 

U baa beitn estimated that the 
Inland conlaiiiii at least 15,000 pits 
bearing evldrnte of ancient mining 
operation • 

Fire wsK buiJt on ihe trap rock 
anri th" matrix naa cracked by a 
■ .M(n floodUiK with cold water 
Mound.i of bnjkrn hammer st/ires 
or poundrri of stone native u> th^ 
Ulnnesou ahore. indicate Lhry were 
bnuchl In quantity to the mines 
be nsed In freeing the oopptr. snd 
were dbcarded whan they became 
too shipped to be ueeful. Of the 
thousands of ih«ae stooss found by 
previouit exptoratlons, not one has 
been dijctnern] undamaged. 

Oti^ sclentut haa estlmatod that 
worlcmir «o slowly, at least 1Q4I00 
mrn, laboring for 1.000 years, would 
be nercisary to produce this scarring 
of rnrk Island copper. Uke no 
other in Uie world. Is dlsUngulshed 

la lis native state by flecks of pure 
silver. Tteto sad omamenU b^uig 
this unquesUoned mark of origin 
have been round in mdhnds ' In 

oeari' ^t-ir/- of the trwon, and 

as ' .1 [ (luif of Itadee. 

Ai'i'»r'n(:. thi* Tirange raee van- 
ished a.i riiflderilv m it csme. Kot 
one skeleton, hearth or kltohen has 
been teond «o hta» oC OmIt lite and 

■nie party wtn comLtt of Adoiph 

Wurte. aSBlsUnt curator of mam- 
mals St ths University of MMUgaa; 
NSMiwn A, Wood, unlvemtty ovlnthe- 
loalst. and Pr. Walter N. Xoei» 
Ittthya leglst . 


Kflorta Wta Be ConMaasd la M« 
■ihlkMo U Vaaeeaver 
rau Mr 

Injured Blind 
Man Fails to 
Swrmve Wmmdn 

An lUQueAt will be held on Mon- 
day rnoming into the I'lrciimstances 
surrounding the deolh of Mr 
Thomas Uddlard, 1038 Queen's Ave- 
nue. Who (Uad yesterday from the 
Injurtee be sustained on the previ- 
ous day. 

As reported yesterday, Mr. Lld- 
dlard was s blind man who was 
picked up rrltlcally Injured the 
entrance tn a driveway near 1016 
Queen ?. Avenue on Pnday. He was 
m'"*" removed to the Jubilee H(wpli*!. but 
failed to rally from severe wounds. 

Mr. Uddlard was aevenly-four 
years of age. Be was bom at Ad- 
burn, Wiltshire. Kig„ and came to 
this city In 1M98. resldtng at I0S8 
Queen's Avenue. Re ti survived by 
his widow and one aon. Mr Walter 
Henry TJddisrd ui ht- family resi- 
dence, and oiH <on, Mr '["hnma^i P. 
LftddUrd. Han Diegn. Oalif 

.The remains are resting at the 8 
J. Ourry A Son l^ineral Home, 
where servlee will be held on Tues- 
day aftaniaBa ai l:SO a^dook. In- 
terrasnt irm be made to the Kival 
Oak Burtal Park. 

QitV^ Tflstriet 

Tmmkm MJ*. Hsn- Mr rrant. H 
abepherd. foraoer M.t* !iir Nati*inM> 
riding. |l tn the city uo a rWU wtUi 

tus ssn, 

!>,.!. (>pn— The Ontted 
.■■luui. a'''>uu>rrs Faienhott. Oorry 
and UuU wtu be epea toe pohhc In- 
«psrUoB b e t ee eu 1 and S B>alaek 

lit uUemoon. 

Itrlrr»t«« to t'ontr Hrrr Itie tU% 
whi' wUI attend ihf annual 
cuiaeuUun ut the PscUlc Coast Flie 
uhiefa' Aseoetotkn m 
naxt week wUl ooae to 
prMsir nusk dn« iriD bs 
in the eity. 

I lu •rf-Wsj- Enines for the tug- 
' <! V, i«r a1 th^ Conservative picnir 
II >i^l b" iti wnuntt lo chairman of 
fijxrrLA committee befors Saturday, 
JiOy 37. There are tem evits. ra- 
turaed eoldtaffs' unsidialheiu and 
open event Beth seoili sea tor 
eight men and eapCaln, and wUI ke 
).■■'■■'' hi 1 r.v;^j, r,n July St. 

viuitstcr kn Siirts Hm H. 8. 

"^ed, MlniBlee el PuhUo warks, 
now on his way Oon the 
' reaob the e^ptfsl about 
! ' ol ths week, n to es- 

pecteu. Me will stop oS at Revel- 
stoke on the way In order to look 
Into some nattaia 'iffw^-^il with 
ue deparcaient Id that eWmtty. 

^ eu W ie ni aisKsia l ils alam 
to the ps s umiia s was CBueed when 

ml on the motor of a Oray Une biu 
' Slight fire tn front of the Bmpresa 
HoLel Bt 4 15 o'clock yesterday afl^'T- 
noon tjutrj[ work on the part of the 
driver saved the outbreak from do- 
'-r.^ z.:v,; d&n\agc. vul the vehicJc 
WA.-' s^vin on Its way sgam with a 
load of fligbtseen. 

Ntnick By Car— Preddy Richard- 
son, an eight-year-old boy, r«aldUig 
at UiA Grant Sirset. waa knocked 
i^ff hu bicycle and cut about the 
bead and legs at 4. 45 last evening, 
when his wheel collided with a car 
driven by Mrs. Axom. BIS VIctrn-ta 
Aveuie, at the liWieMihin el Vtew 
Snd Broad SUueU . 

BoUdii^g Permits— Eleven building 
permits, with a total vahie of 
S23.U3. were laued by Building in- 
spector James Baff last waefc. at 
the Olty HaU. A permit was taken 
out yesterday by ttie Wsalsni Puei 
Olstrtbutcrs for oDnstmetkm of s 
retaining wall In oonneetloo wHjh a 
loading depot at 416 Bm Btveet 
The east eC the work vUl be $i,SOO. 

■ Prepcrly Trsnafees — City .^aaeivir 
Oeotge Okell stated yesterday that 
during the nret Ma months e( the 
ounvnt vcar, Victoria property 
valued at S3 'r»g.3S4 changed hands 
&sleM snd transffTs in the month of 
June totaled 1633.910, iiKluding the 
traniifef without nale, of some 
•300.000 worth Of property, leaving 
salr^ u new owners ofgr the 9400,- 
000 mark- 


A new muucal sen* 
sadon . . ; an in* 
strument that will 
revolutionize all 
previous concep- 
tions of musical en- 
tertainment! < 

Watch for further 


tv • ■ ^ • la s 


Reduced rates on the Pan/ir Oresr 
Ksjjlem RaUway will be granted to 
all eahlMten bringing eahlbiu to 
the Taaeouver fWl lair. The ratM 
this, year will be on the nme rv- 
dttoed bssk as In fanner yws. 

Decision In tht.s mstter was given 
>-esterdsy by Premier Tolmie, who ts 
president of the company A mesruige 
received from the management ol 
the Vancouver pair Board waa re- 
eetved aiUng for slmUsr treatment 
to that affeeded in lormer years. 

The Premier took oocashm to com- 
pl> with the request without delay 
and BO Informed thr 

The Virions bran. t. w-.r ,u;iiih 
CoJiinibla <tc»at Pre'^lem' A-wx-iajon 
wUI meet lo the Y M.CJI. on Men- 
day Bt 8 pm. 

to the hands of a 
eompetent operator is perfectly 
asfe and ahsoiuCeiy pmansBi in 
tiM toeatoMOt ft fsdal dlsflgnre- 
SMOte. such as motes, birthmarks, 
•la. Beeemmended by the medical 
pTflfemlm. uiss Hsnmsn. soi Bar- 
W« BnOdtaw. 

British Cotttinbla HlBt«ir|fiaJ So- 
oMy— Quarterly meeting will be 
held in the Provincial Archives. 
8 pjn.. Friday. July It. Lecturer: 
It T. WUllans. 'DescrlpUoD of Ufe 
10 the Pioneer Days of British Go- 
lem Wa," Illustrated. Aoyoae In- 
isiested Is eerdtallr Invited. 

HndMnS Bay rofii|MnT B««aly 

Parlor* — \.,r Muir nnd Rinijietr.e Cro- 
qulrmole P'-nnai-etitA &rpert wtg 
and toupee maiti-r» ComplM*- up- 
to-date beauty parlor service wiih or 
without eppotntment. MeiMnine 
Floof Phnne 1970 

Toor Wedding requires the bSSt 
In printing for your announcenMnto^ 
InvltaUons. etc Let ua show you 
samples of our work at reasonable 
rnices. The Colonist Job Prlnuog 
Department. Phone 1ft. 

Csdbaro Beach Uolal— Under new 
management Beautifully ettuatad 
on sandy beach. Luncheons, teas 
dinners Phone 1848 (.Mrs..* la^ 
Ruttan Hale, Proprletj-Ms 

Cnrloos Baae eaj .Caee — B. 

Jakuno. Japanese fruit dealer, was 
dragged snd injured when his horse 
took fright on i he Cordovs Bay 
Rosd. Prldsy r-verunii 'I^ie hsyrlck 
it wan drawing anjrk a pip*- on 
the rnudside Tlll:^ lerrined -he 
animal, which bolted and rulUded 
with the car of Mr H B Witter a 
sttaft entering the automobile win 
dow, lust mlealng the driver. The 
smmal then kkkad the baofc of the 
oar snd ran away, draggliv Jakuao 
until the rlofc stniek a pole and the 
tradngB parted, the hone galkping 

Kringx lo the home -the can- 

von.rnce ol clsctrtcfly Ifl iU 
cheapest lorm. 

It opcratee from well snd base plu 

reeepucles, no ejctra wtring, snr 
'-notrolled with ihree hcal switches 
Priced St-- BSO.OO and $3B.OO 

See Oiir I ■ I I ■ 

Hiwklit & Haywird 

eiMblMl OMMr Ma Ntrrir. Bl.r. 

■ Ill DawiM K<rr*l < *t \ i. 

n>»iM nil 

Bedroom Famitnre on Easy Terms 

ha*a a vlaadM ibawtng of aagr— Slwaltsr* si — 

paTnif>ri.x Wo ltil»r*st th»f*r(t 

ta 01' 

^jJ»t BETTER j yUifc ^llWtf" 

MKAR Lrrv asu. 

under auspioes 
Valentine Barvey-Beaumont Bmks 
Chapter. I.OD.K. Wednssdsy. J^ 
atj p£j at Mia Bedeyx Hi 
Mat Bay Head. 


je Te» riarsefia, Brwi'^ 
BST- tight lunches. i«a« 

every Saturday 8 10 13. mc 
lee, eutboattfi and boau for 
Pbent 3Uf a 

Biddy* -Bridge" ChoeoUles— 
Home-made Try some for your 
next bridge party Obtalnod at 
■Smith's Pletwu Bbon, fif vtaw 


13 0.. $1.90 26^0.. $3^0 

Af'JT the nendee the pe-arher 
wv* an old-fashioned type 
ttu.'- rhe old lad.v hhi viewi on 
eternal puni-^iment Phere waj a 
grsat deal of fVre and hnmslnne 
in n 

I don t believe it. tiie old lady 


MewaTs Ut Neia SS6 Niagara 
Street, near Bsaeon RUI. tiowlsmn 
for buMBaas. l^e No. 3 w to the 
door. Hours; lo sm lo g u 
Olend Wednesday afternoon. ' 

1 oaa \ DBiicTc 11. tJi« o)(j 

eaM. muutatesly: huawi 
sytattetTeauid pasriUr nand i 


arhis idTiaigsffleui a* iiei piibHsketl or displayed ^ the tiaiMr CteMl BmtA m ^ 

-XSoafederattsn*' lesves Vkaaemw 
lS:Sd a4q dally tm Kaodoops. Ju. 

RBdsSohten, B ee b e tn o u . R«ataa» 
nden. Winnipeg and Toronto 
mafcirtg close connections for all On- 
tario arwl Southern points. 

ConUrtental iJmlted" iravea Van- 
couver BjSO pm. dally for Kamloopa 
Jasper. Bdeeonkia. Beskatomt Win- 
nipeg, Ottawa. Meatreai. makini 
dpee eonnactione tor IfejjlbiH wiri 
tmiled stalee pomUL^Me iratn 
thnugh BlandBS4 iHsepir la 
via Dutath^ae^SftttMgh 

^ - ^-^ late oc Cse 

ta now bnjjed 5tlm%a5S^ 

Parlor. tSU — ^— _ ^ 

widtA fltteec. Phone 

Or. Berr Wins I>sgrea— The de- 
gree of Doctor of Philosophy has 
been awarded by Tale umvetalty 
fo Percy M. Ban-, of Vleterla. Dr. 
Berr u in charge of the reeearch 
staff of the Provlncla] Foeeet Berr- 
loe, and during recent yr^rn ha-- 
been studying some n; niri>ii >. r. 
lumbls'B reforesUUon prT>bLeni.:. 
thri.iitfh cf,'f>p"ratlon between the 
Forest brrvite *nd Yale Uni.(T';iv 
He a graduate of th*- i' 
of British Columbia, and n^eivr,, 
the degree of Master of Forestn 
from YalB la 1138. In INT be wai 
swarded a fellovsMp to eemplata 
his resesrch work at Yale on Uie 
rrforesutlon of spruee foreete tn 
Northern British Columbia. 


MONTRKAL. July 13 "W- .shall 
go away with mspvelou.i memories 
murmured aroilingh .^^J.■.' Nina n 
Oage. president of ihe Infernatjoiii.j 
OouncU of Nuisee. tn a suteinrn' 
today. This Is the last day of the 
nurees" convention which has lasted 
■ week. "You Canadians have shown 
us wonderful **"nt"altty," deeland 
Miss Oage, who n tttm the united 


Tomorrow, the big army of nursea 
sho had invaded Montreal for the 
pa.n week, will begin whst lor msny 
\& s lung trek homeward, tor they 
have made a Jouniey of thousands 
of miles in many cases at a gimt 
personal Ineonvealeaae lo Join Ihetr 
Meters of the vaealkB In eenfennee 
sad iWhBi i a to play their part la 
reaWb g «h» wcrld more heal Uly. 

Dean Gte«f TM oh 

Lmgue of Nations 

Giving* more hest and 
leA ash. our Nanaimo 
Wellingtoa coel will 
brinft you big saMng* 

"(1 ^ ..iir {n«-l tilt! "''r- ' 




Good Food 

WlMese Bebery FredeeU 



Coarteoos Service Alweys 

Kothlu But Ike Best Sstitfi 
Us in Serving Vou 

tn the 

Fort snd Brosd Ste. Phone 1727 


rfS VATC./'XT. 






CrwrlM* IVmctocv 

M All oiMM >r M» 

T«ka Omf Birbal avt»*ai*t 

I'-MfHtHM PatByhlel. iklJo an 
1 of MirihfMtf *n<] Dlaarrlrrt ol 
Urn .nj Dookl*! «. ni* nf Wofnrn, 
m i'l»in tnitloMh trtt bf mail 
or-rn i a »n4 1 u • avcry wmtk- 

ddMtf ill day aaSBSSlH 

(Hir ipetialtt. 

PSMS Umis IMt 


U a 0 

> v>«r mU. 


Uland Hall. Parb«vllle— On the 
beach Icleal for imtt>eild hoUday 

ytwter ■■iiiilL Joaa 

w«ay. I pm^ 
Weekly iiiltsgi la 


How to leach the lessoru f»f the 
League of Nations. ' was the aub- 
>sot of an able sddreea given nn 
fM4sy by Very Rev. Dean Quain- 
ion ta the aaa teertwrs who are 
attending the Saauaer school at ths 
Vlcteela High Sehod. 

The speaker's pl« was for a 
broad en i n g of the esnttBsent ef the 
brotherhood of rasa, of inUraa- 
tlonal-mlndfidnsu Keen love ef 
home, rhe kind nf painottwn which 
gave deep afTecdon for one's nsUvc 
vlilage should not mti^ere with 
the larger patiiolum Rather 
should It help It TTie man who 
was Inespable Am of mteoa* love 
of his hemelaAd eeold nevgr ^ a 
true patriot either in his own 
rottotry or the lead ef bis adap- 

The past methods of wrttbW hb- 
tory wsre entirtssd; too mmli bad 
bmn made In tJiese raoords ef 
bleodshMl tTfi lltfle reference had 
made to the schtevMnents 

More spae* should be 
In hlslorleo Is the achieve- 
ments of eisn of aileaea 

ads whk9i teaehees migbs ad^ 
bsMhi^ tte vahM ef Mm _ 
ef HstiflBu. Dcaa ^aalafen mM 
lOaetratten might be aaiploi 

naichbnrly refatmrM -n** ehild 
easily urwler»t«nd »»ajnple 
argtimsBt that a <risrrel hn feea 

- — ft»t»hb«r« wfHjkl be more Msirr aij 

J*^ •! end ( happuy sM«i«d by sarvyti^ the 
■ BlstfdM.- jtale fsi 

Brown, Fraser & 

Co., Ltd. 








Victoria Vancouver 

Brvalauud Perry 
Besutifiil seenery, delightful 
lun<-he^> teas, dlrmers, superior ae- 

eomm(«lation. Phone KenUng tm 

Msflnl Doaglas Parti 
In* cream, light lunrh 
Arraoiie in have your 
M'Hin' rtf'jglsa Park. 

StdiMy Botel 

lag fried 
It cants 

>l Mareel Wavlag and Civl- 
at the 


srid ( 




r ar WaAbe4^«l-»f 


n er Net ths Bsehlve wtil 

neighbor er a lawyw than by Agbt- 
ing It oat with Asia. 

Mr. Jobn Kyle, dliestor ef ihg 
school, presided as ebalmiaa. and 
msde a short ipeseh et naaJEs ta 
the apeeker, tn the eaune of ««ilcb 
he quoted Sms: 

"Thn IM UB pray that sMoa vbat 


As come tt will for a' that; 
TYist man to man Ihe world o'er. 
Shall brothers be for a that" 

>^ Money ll Not BaiisAed 

Hope's 20th 
Summer Suit Sale 

Note I hc*' 
Regvlsr MftOO 


Regular $S0(i0 

for .._ 

ftegulsf 'Ml 

UeguUr $M 00 

fnr . 


Mr. AVertU. preeld«( 
trsoch oC the 
waealas on tbe 

df the local 
ef Nattom, 

AH arnm MlUan 

ln$urance Men 
TcConmn^ in 
CUy This W'pek 

On Mondsy the Nalse<N duf 
of the Korlh American Ufe 
Assura n ce Compsi^T wtu be in 

Charlie Hope 

I4M Govemmcni St. 

dsya n««be 

kg e one<day meettng nf rhe 

ees ien i inanat^ nie tiea^. 
«n bs at tbs 

Sandy had rsennilv had his photo- 
graph taken and. burm rifflieed with 
11 ir^ It foiind to show a irlend 

St the nme ume asking hto OBtatei 
Hi* friend looker] it tm 
ealty. snd oasuaQy 
-Bather flsttonng. kmt nr 

'Ottering'-- «td Sai^ 
makee you think itmiJ" 


Women's Work and Institutes 

Clubs and 


PrthUn Sfarten 

The Pythian Stiters of Uliin.l 
Temple No .1 hi'Id ximr regular 
iiirrltns on ■l'Iuir>da'i rveultig, Mt*t 
Excirliftit Cbief Suu-r WhlU- prr- 
Mdins ThePft was a gotid •ttend- 
aiice of mcmMbi. jiio m DumtKr of 
tUUiv mmMfAWnm Maple Lruf 
Temple .N ii|IP<ff'| inm an. bx: , who 
wer? the gMa of the evening. At 
the cltme or tha meetlnit all ftd 
Journrd Id the banqu»*t tmll whrte 
thay were ioin«J by. Ui<- hruKhi* .md 
vlamiw knt^htft. Tlie lablen were 
pn;ltll> iiiT;mt;<^<i with nowcrs In the 
coloTb ut Uie order. Supper wa.'^ 
Mrvod by u aMa committee i. 
■bout itaty-ftve membars. Aftrr 
■upper aongx, recitatUna and oon- 
munliy atnylng were mo^ enjoyed, 
a pleaeant evening being broucht t > 
a cloaa by the siriKing <>( au;.: 
Lut 6yne" and -aod e»ve the- 
Kmc." The next oiMttac vlU be 
held OD Aiwiut a. 

• • • • 
Social Braolnt 

Membera and fricnto of PrlncMs 
Patricia Lodga ^ant an cnjoyible 
evening ai the hocne of Mrs. Restrii 
' f L'7 Urruid Street, on Wednesdi.; 
rvenliiir Thofle present wtp Mr 
nnri Mri rirstrl!, Mr iiinl Mrs 
Toobv, Mi.",% I Mj', Jrin-', 

Mr* Wnr.1 Mi.-v I-aOl.-iii: ?.1r.i 
Oraharn. Mrs, Herring. Mrs chri'.- 
U«, Mn. Burke, Ur« Burkmar. Mr^ 
Carter. Mrs. SkeUand. Mra Hut kin 
Mn. Ma«m. Mra. Holdlnc. MJaa 
Landy. Mra. Mm. Youaen. Mr^, 
AUen, Mra. Carr. Mra Merrineld 
Mra. Blafemey. Mrs Bertucci. Mra 
riulMnger, MIbb UUle Ma-wn, Mri. 
O Brien. Mr. Oomm. Mr MoncrlelT. 
Mr. Hartvelt. Mrs. RobUuon, Mr. 
Cam pball ud others 
• • ■ 

Oaafhiara at England 

Lodfc Primroar No 32 DOE met 
on Prlday evening in the ao K 
Hall for the monthly buameas meet- 
inff. the Worthy Prteldent. Mra. 
Baron, tn the ehatr. Vlalton were 
present fmm Vancouver end No. 18 
Lodge The vice prttldent, Mra. 
Bt-wnden. gave a report of the 
larden part - 

The uiiual picntr will be held on 
July 2* at tde WlII<iw!i RphcIi. and 
the convener is Mr.s Giimett. 

On AugU.1t fi ihf McMt W(.>rthy 
Orand Treasurer. Mrs, F Rpveii 
will pay an offlclal vlait u> tlir 
^odge Every member la requested 

Dancer .Leaves to Join 
Opera Company 

tiiMgMmi at the auanur home of 
MM. Dnoan. OoMdv* 9t9- Soot 
ibMlK liawt been aeeund and com- 
munity dnfinff with a large bonfire 
will be a feature of the evening. 
Thla la under the atuploaa of tbt 
Ijadlea' Olub. 

• • • 
reaaemttve Wencn 

The Women's Oonaervatlve Chib 

riif^'t tomorrow evening to dl»- 
)iii»fi5 for the CooaervattTw 
i'lciui t-i be held at the WUlowa 
Ueatti. It u requfwted that all 
membera attend the meeting. 

• • • ' 
Quern AlaxanAna ttmHam 

Quaeo Alexandra Revle«- No. 1, 
W3,A.. vol meet in the K. of C. 
tlaU toQanty* evenlnc $t 8 o^kx:k 

Women's lnstitutc> 
of Vancouver Island 

For tti*>ir inuntlily meettai OD 
le.siiA'. iii<'niber& ot the Cowlcban 
Institute were entertained 
rill' >f Mr and Mra. O. A. 
: :. vater Road. Tea waa 
iibr th" i.«lu and other 
( [hi.". [>:ujiial affair proved 
iitil ihat practjcaUy all the 
isHicu uLkeu up in dlaniieMB of 
. I a I i«[ementa for Che Pall fair 
aoaieatle aclance section, ot Which 
the inaUtute win have charge. 

Summer Silks and Woolens 


Ml.- ||[ 

■1' M^I. 

Wh» hM b«rB ■l*ylcic with hrf aunl Mm. 

L* lt»r h*»c i* Bv«rri4. Waitiindn Mm 
foalli r«Ml*«e iMr 41»laai* ^ (h> na> 
hMW ThcAtr* btrr J«b* ;t. balng Ihr 

lb* BBlr mt lit bla« la Ihc Msvth* 

•M* Wm Cwtto iMm laarm t* Ma 
ta« DlMMWir 0»«ra Cwaaar. as vrtaa 

to make a gpedit effort to attend 
that meetlnr 

iry Soriety 
The Wonien n ML-wionarv Rodety 
of the First UnUrd fh irt h -aIII hold 
an (Jpen air mefTmc t :)morTow at 3 at 'h.' i:>:-,;r of Mrs, Robert 
Mayhew, ;;56t Urach Drive Mem- 
bera are asked to take No. B car to 
■Mevan Avenue and walk toward 
the sea. There wUl be someone on 
hand to direct membtrs planning i.o 
attend. Dr, VIefeDrta Chwnt wlU be 
the speaker. AO Iadl«e are ooTdlally 

• • • 

Krarh Pnnli 

On Tl.".-'-l!. ■ ■.■'■:i:in- .i ixich 
.'iupper wili iw- -iorved to Uie con- 

800EC AND IfOBn ftOOflK 
The monthly meeting oi the' 
^=k>oke and North Booke Women's' 
Institute waa h^ at the home of I 
Mni Page on Friday evening 7n 
Ujf .iliicnce ol Mn Arrreman the 
ciiau waft taken by Mrs. Forrest. 
An Intereating paper by Mrs. Acre- 
man on tlie advaiicei-ienr. of educa- 
tion waa read n> \l<f ^e^JetaT, 
which received a hearty vDt« of 
thanks. A letter from Dr. Young 
on establishing a district nurse was| 
lead by the secrcUry. A dcllght'iil 
tea was iterved by the hostess, as- 
Blstad by Mn Cuma. to the nine, 
memben present i 

The WomeDs Insiiiutp membenj 
will hold a "wool bee" in the insti- 
tute room on Wednef<lay, July IT. at 
2:30 pm 

The .Inly meeting of the Roral 
Onk Women InAUluLe wm held on 
Wrdtif^day afternoon at U\c home 
of Mrv Nicholson MIm Oldflcld pre- 
■ttUng. After the routine bu-slneAn 
waa disposed o( arrangements were 
■n*de for a danoe which will be held 
m Oif Oommunlty BkU on Ptlday 
fvenlng. July 19 The annual picnic 
V.H.-, aIbo arranged for, and will be 
held At Beaver Lake picnic ground* 
«n Augu.'ii 14 Afternoon tea wsa 
.^rved by the hostesMs (or the day, 
Mrs. oreavea and Miss Oldfleld. 

So Inexpensive 

Shown in Caic an Lail" with gt>tcl trim, or in apple grrrn 

with ii"hl Irini. (lirrcs. consi.^tin^ of I'.mr po.vtrr (tc<l 

chiffonier, vamtv an.! iiphul»trred bciith antl drea&cr. 

The Piv« PiwM for 9180.00 

' $13.50 Bkltnee $U50 a MonUt 

Home Furniture Co. 

SIS Fort StTMt >hoM Sl» 

''Brenta Lodge 

BUOTVOU.T gmana on aamnrooB aav 

rtaae ■satias m habold sandau. 

VaaMwtr laland Oaacb tJB« Is Brtotwead Star 



^ -can br prtitnied in many iDoyt— ffce 
art of modmi tt'omen lays in ripreii/nf 
fcof^— "^oppiVv." What happier et- 
pnmcn of pmonaliiy cm thtn he fAon 
that of fngmnt. tpeffeu appant? 
trock neerf ouer he crumpled or loiled or 
faJwJ tahiU »e are here lo attertj you. 

New Method 

Ttlcphoiw 8080 

The marriage took pUce eve- 
mas at 8 o'clock at at Andrr« 
Oethedral. Rev. Monslgnor Latrrm* 
offlrmf inp when Ptorenfe. eldest 
dai: 'ir-T ,[ Mr and Mrs. J. D. 
KlA-^iiigtr, Fatrfteid Road, became 
the bnde of Mr John Christian, 
son of Captain John Christian, of 
Victoria The bride. w!io wa-i givi, 
In marriage by her fsihcr wore % 
lovely wedding gown of white Reor- 
getfce, her bridal *eU being held with 
a coronet of orange blossoms. She 
canieil a shower boaqiiei of Opbrha 
msei* and lilies ut the valley. Min 
Lucille KLv-inger, nuiier of the bride, 
was brlde'.malQ, and wyrt a tn>rk 
of peach taffeta and a rii 'liair hat 
lo match. She carried a bnnqu-t 
of sweet peas In pastel -ihud- s m - * 
Manrarci Klrsteln. of SeaitJi^ was 
the charming litUe Hower girl, ehe 
wore a u>vrk of blue taffeta, a ban- 
(I' M i (jf Kr-'nch Howent in her hair. 
au<\ i-.irTlfxl ii ba«kft of -^weet pean! 
Mr Mirhne! Cirant wa* beat man ) 
FollowiiiK rhc service, » reception* 
Was held nl ihf hume ot the bride's 
pArenU, « heip ifjc bride and groom I 
were aasist^d in rt.Teivlng by Mn ' 
KuMlngrr. who wore a black mode 
gown snd black georgette hat. Thef 
young ctuple Ntood beneath a norali 
weddlns bell to receive the good' 
wl<hei of (heir friends | 
Ti.ry leri to spend their boney- 
m»n in the South, and oti their I 
return will live In V)ct<.rta The 
bride traveled tn a smart re<i rrepe 
dc Chine ensemble ntid velvet hnt 
to match. Among the mii -of-to*n 
guests were Mra. Daniel Vandehev 
of Loyal. WUconsln: Mm Mb' 
Wagner, also of Wlsronsm Mrs 
John \Hn OS" ot nreni H»v Wis- ' 
ronsln Mr an^l Mrs Frank Olhoff ' 

jPverrti wa-h and Mrs. Oertnide 


The marriage took place at the 
renidenre of Mni 'Brethour. 480 Oar- 
bftiiv R.-wd. on Frirtttv evening at 8 

r l,-.rk in prenen'-e of Immedi- 

ate? relatues whf-n Rev Bnire Oray 
I of the Pir=;. L'nitr<l Church, united 
Miw Orare Slater. Inle of the Btirt- 

Jand Ulanda, and Mr. Jame?. i r \ 
Ian. of Victoria. The brtde wu. jv, n 
In marriage by her brother. Captiun 
A Slater Following the rereptinn 
M. «nd Mr'. Allan left on the mid- 
nlKht boiit tor Vanenuver, and on 
Lheu- return will reside at 410 Oar- 
ball}' Road. 

From left Ui right Kniitt^ 
jCmy In three pier**.^ itrid two 
wrfora. Washable sUk sleeveless 
beach Doat, dress of white sUk 
crepe. Polka dot alsevelHB 
oipe dress In browCk and Wbtt*. 
.Umior frock of hand-UoBked 
washable rrepe. 

SUMMER costumes attractuig at- 
tention in the shops Include the 
new bearh ensembles of silk, with 
Bleeve]e%s mats worn over 
stilld color or white dresses, lend a 
bold nplash of color, but are uol tO 
be confused wiHi the many novelties 
shown for loundng on the sands. 
ZD fact, these ensembles may ap- 
pear in any sporta gathering. 

Coats of this Und are in designs 
meaning to the Oriental In char- 
acter and In such bright colon as 

red, green, brown, blue, or maise, 
or a combination of several. The 
nodal lUuilratad to epical at the 
ehh! of neh ft gamenC n fa worn 
over a il eev e Ui a dnm or white sUk 
crepe, both ooat and dress being 

Another insUnoe of effective color 
la to be noted in the junior or small 
wtimao's sieevaleea dreaa wurn by 
the figure seated. In waahahle orepa 
It IS hand blocked In a two-toned 
band uaed at the neck, on the tie. 
and edging the hemlUw. Ttita model 
nay be had in printed versions 

Polka dots continue to iv (.r-.p-'- 
nent In Summer dressca both of silk 
ana ..1 roiion a .ii.onte niouet 
lo silk 13 shown, the background 
either nav;. black, red. or green, 
vllb anaU dota of wlUla. The de- 

Prudence Says So 

Wann Weather Recipes Int lude a Cold Sweet. Fniil Salad. 

a Salad Dressing and ("om Rake Puffs 

sign follows ihe flaring aklrt. mold- 
ed hipUne und haa a large cape col- 
lar of white sUk bordered tn the 


Knitted Jersey remains an all- 
year fabric but is shown In sheerer 
weights for Summer. The regula- 
tion cardigan enasmble per^ats aa 
the smart golf ooetume. The model 
Uluatrated shows a skirt pleated 
from a fitted hip yoke and Is bor- 
dered in contrmatlng colored stripes 

The i malln ag i of ones hat provea 
lla chic with many coatumes. There 
are many vei^oru of the diminu- 
tive chapeau for Summer, but the 
smArte.-it of nil are little 'i^mu,-, -if 
velvet, .so st\nl!r>-*' m n;' ■■\ 
can pttJkS only for a men- Gttp on Uie 
head Dlver<t]iy ii the name or 
)inodem millinery 

Colwood Social News 

Mr. R. K, MaUier. of Winnlpes. 
waa a vWtar at Bm^mtk 0lMk« 
the week. 

■ • ■ 

Mr. and Mrs. Clegg and famUy. 

of Victoria, pnd Mr and Mr.i 
MUenders, of the Gorge und fainilv 
are occupying Mr. ChrUtapherson's 
sunuDer cottages. 


I Mij.lrnta Will <>ive a Public Rcceptian to Mrs. A- K- 

Vintil and Miss ttodtf on 

ipoMDAY ArTKm odJc Awmar s 

■\l C' .if (".-■iirrirrrr Rrtomit. T,. '■' ' ' -.1 ran he 

Kf«cr\c<l 1,) riioiiiitB Mr>. ( . U, McNeill. KK(,4l, jul\ Jji la 01 

W. B. DAY 

Professional Masseur 

Oivr Tmnty Veare' EstpeHeim 
^ Two Dona Wmm Cpok f nwt 

Laic q( Br^tt Sanatorium. Banff, Alu. 

Rheunt4ii.«ni, l.umhsgo, ScisHca, ('sralv>i.^, Poor Circulation, Klc. 
Can be .Successfully Trrsicd by Mauage and in Most Cases X^ads 
to Permanent Reliel. 

Phone 551 JY for Appointment 

Consultation Free 

A few salad suggaailoiM for hot place in a roasting pan and dredge 

days: with flour I^ay ;.trlp.i of baron 

Peas snd Potato .SaUd across the rabbit f^>ur over nr.d 

Mix one and a hall cupfuls of cold around K rliree mps of wlute .^uw 
cooked new potatoes with the same or three r-n.'. rrtnw Bake oi,.. 
amount at cooked green peas and a I and one-half hours, basung fre- 
tablespoonful of finely - chopped] qwntly. Serve hot with cream 




V. Peau left for Van* 
Friday last 

Jordjn River News 

ankm,' Sprinkle with ' salt 'and 
pepper and a litUe paprika, and 
serve on crisp lettuce leaVM vtth a 
good aalad dre»alng. 

• • • 

A fmlt AaUd 
stone two cupfuls of rreah red 

gravy, llie liver may he boiled un- 
til tendA. chopped and atf«id to 
the gravy before serving. 
The above recipe la br oourtev of , ^ „~ « r aimt ^^m 

T^uS^"^ *^ Im-ntlTSaS^nS Jord^'^vS 

Mr Jack Lines hiis rrturned to 
his usual duties in thr HC Electric 
power house, after -pending several 
week* at the Ooldstream power 
plant. *^ 
• • • 

Mr^ and Mia. O. F. Alber have 

Mr and Ita. V. Ledlngham t^fi 
Mary were vMUOfte Victoria during 
-he vaak. 

'» * • 
MlBi hiaynard .iss returned to 
Victoria aftar spending a holiday 
Mth.her .ttster, Mn^ D I Walker. 

• • • 

Mm Vogel. of OttCT Point, was 
vi.n(ine her daughter, WM A. Xllliy. 
during the week. 

En/Utntdn yacht Club 

Shallmar L,odgr, Oorii'- Umix-r 
Cortea Island, huri rhc ].,<'t.Mjrr <..i 
entertaining i) r 'h" 

Vancouver YacJit cjub on their 
aamnl anili» on Wednesday. July 
Uk Itanis, badmloton and boating, 
foUMigd ixr aft tafnmua 4M»it vm 
miMh eajdgna gi» Mi» party 
and guesta. 

Mr -Staplelon 
son-ln-law. Mi. 
a few weeka. 

cherries and chop an equal amount » 

of tinned pinebppie into small' A itmtukn i^nrtU'n Party 

pieces. Add .%uKar to taste and set ' t i m 

aside to chlU Arrange on crUp ^UCCeMJUl Lvettt 

lettuce leavcA just before Mrvtng arid 

.serve with s sweet dresaiag. ; with an sttendanre of ovw one 

Maple dnMing I >iundred. numerous diversions, and 

The following dressing may be eacellent tea, the Kiuniuks' Club 
.lerved with fruit salad. Heat a ' wrd«n party, heW yesterday after- 
quarter nf n rupful Of maple syrup Woodley Cottage. iX Cook 
bciiniir point and .slowly add tt to Street, by yndneas of Miss Stead 
three well-bcalen ewR yniic.- ^nrrlng Thomley. was a very sue 
ConitAntly Cook for t»r. ti.irnjifs, ceasfuV affair 

aJwaye sturing. When cool add a The terraced lawns lent themseive; 
quarter of a taaspoonf ul of salt and ^ U» undartaklng. iiie tea 
one tablaspoonrm o< Utnao julee;;t«Mca being on the higher part of 
thtlt before serving add half a onp- the gnniads, and the sulL* on the 
ful at wtilpped cream. i mam lawn. Mlas Stead Uiss 

— <m.lM^ * Thornlev. Miss Kate MrLaren 

Flaaapffla Tapnaa 'president of the club* and Miss 

natr tablespoons Uploca, one tea- Wiplev 'vire-presldent- received rhe 
spoon butter, two cups cold water, Kuesr. ihev amved Hj^me rook- 
haU a cup of sugar snd a small Un ing »-as in charge of Mt-, rin^ln 
of pineapple Cook the tapioca and , gneailng games m f. - viui. 

'iL'.u"*'"'"' l*!^ ctaar. Ptaeer. Miss Paul and Mua (^m- 
Lhen add the sugar, butler and the pron; a drawing eontaet In ctene 
juire from a small tin of pineapple of Miss Wiglev and Clock g^tn 

'""^ r *"SL.*riii5! charge of Mia WWs. AllSWuS ' ' 
1,1 the diced pineappta. teve With »„ Mtaiirebly organised wSi ' ^.ST^ 'ISS^ " 

tb. Alec Walker is back at work 
•gauB. having recovered tMtt hit 
recent elckness 

lA Slaying with his 
R a. Gordon, for 

^^29-30 FURSf 



K*rnna wrotm 


■ream or custard. 

Presentation Made to 
Catbedral Organist 

A plraAant evf-nim; wax* spent at 
the home of Mr Mr* W. H, 

Davta, 13SI Craitcrljirr<x-h Ra«d. on 
Tburadajr when the choir of ChrM 
Ohureh cathedral aasembled for 
the purpose of pmentlng lo Mr, 
Davis a handsome told watrh and 
i-haln bearing the following liucrlp- 
'Inn Presented br the Clergy and 
Choir of ChrUt Church Cathedral 
Victoria. BC. to w H l>ivi«. 
organist. November. IMl, tn Julv. 
mas, s token of rvgard ' In 
making the preeentatinn 'he iioit'i 
ealcsd the aenbmenLt 
inaaat and aapraased retrreu umt 
Mr. Davla waa semtag hto contMc. 
tkm wtth tike dwir. bat hoped that 
he vrrtnld heard many times at the 
i^mn m the new raihedrvl. In reply 
Mr Davts thanked thoae prsaent 
and spoke of hit- happy uaoclathms 
with Uie rhnir aod particularly 
wished thank the ladies for ihelr 
loyalty and <instinted ^rvti-e at all 
times Wuh Ihc -rfi- iM i.f ipffsh- 
mcnts a very en>o^abl^ evening was 
broivhi to a 

Comnafce Faffs 
Two and a half etipe oamnahas. 
<inr whltas, one cup white sugar, 

nuts, pinch of nalt Boat the egg 
whites unii] dr\' 
sugar and beat 

add nuts and romflakcs. Drop bv 
apoonfiilft onto a buUered Innrted Rritnnnin Rmn^lt 
pan and bake in a atov mm bbWi nranrh 

fn.i*r > fUtirlna-Prom- 

in charge of Mbi Kat^ Bt^ ^^r:::j^^'''^'rr:t':i^Z\fr^L 
■ Tephl Taylor : f.""^,""'* oamwu cattae hr sM dV 

A feature of thf afternoon was 
the programme of danrlng given by 
i. Dw Mw en ^ number of pupiu of Muu Violet 
<inidually add the This was a highiv p^-pular 

lor three mjnutee. '""'''^ 'PP'*"'*'^ 

Boiled .Salad nrrwlng 

Place tn u double boiler r-nn mp 
of not too strong vtneciir rn 
very hot sUr in one iablr5p.).jf) (rf 
butter Ptace in a smaU bowl two 
tablespoons oT white sugar, two 
teasporvna mustard, one tablexporm 
salt, one tablespoon fkmr. voiks of 
four t^tt* rrr the whites and rniks 
of two. and a Utile eayenrn- Hi*-r>d 
wilh a Utile . iild t-nrer nr turn 
the mitlure jf ■ I r 
tttrrinp till '.hi^k iufi. %in'x>th like 

^ Ul Be Ho$tM to 

ViMng Sailor$ 

ltaapbrrT7 Vlneya/- 

To every four pound.* of 
billies' allow nn* quart of 
vinegar. Let stand r<ir two 

BHtaoDla Branak of the Canadian 
teflon BXai. vllt be hrvin tr^ the 
nfneen and aiwi of the hao 
Cokmho at a da«Dt (o be held n 
'he Arnptrion aaU. TUm O i l . nn 

,\lJgU.<l I 

A committee 'pixMnted 
by the branch ui maHf irrange. 
nea.r taA OT. their 

h Vifc- r**mt to Virterla. A viendid pro- 
gramme nf dsnrr- mu.vte Is being ar- 
rangM ' i- dancing wUI start 

12IC Oavaim u au l Ml Phone 1S37 



MAY 22iHl to SEPT. 30th 

h mO^^ JnmUMmM Ink ttnin 


thans-canada umited 

MO pM, MIy, at a s t lug 88«y 12 

an ete*eiMf car V'aiM — VaM»«v«e-r«eMt*>aeaifesi 


7.00 p.m%. dally. 
AB-etaeplng-car tralw. 

S, a.OO p.m. daily, 


Canadian Pacific 

•avtv si 


at n -to »n-l <onUnue until ll JIol 
nup^ oriock Speedy semre and tcieniific melh 

•otxt Auxiliary ot the '^'^'P'*'* 

hi^r^rh »iJi do the catering Tickets W •«afa«nad— 

strain thzOqgh a rioth. and to ewy ^"^ amiable at the secretary's offlee **** CI C 

cup ef Uqmr alkiw a heaptng cup or from saenibs sa «f the huaiiL 'f*"" - # I 9 

of Bt«ar BoU together lor an hour • — - 

atx) bcittie hot, Dora--'3e told me be eebild live 

• • • ' r.n my kuaes for evw.- 

Babed lt*bMt Delia -"Are you entng tn let 

Split a v»*inf i*-Tid'-T rsbblt !n htm'" 
two. cnttlng akmg the backbone. Dora— "l«ot OR I fliM out what 
With salt actf a UMt veiw, 1 to ttw 

> ri 

1 1 iB u — n rxoaK> 

KouseboM fioods Carefilly Mivid 

Scloic fou move It la a qtMSttaw of prica— af icrwsrda yew wfah H had 
b<fn • quettwn of ■•rvica W« pot eervict fxtt st a rcaaonable priest 
Our «an« bAw« cloaed dooTi. aeparst* compadmfRta for cbioa and 
pictMFfj, sr* M-avily padded, and wtr u«< mdiviauai corara (o protaci 
ywur lttra*n»r« agaiaat aey po«ubl« ctwnc* of scixcbm or mbbing !« 






l«-S20 Bsetlos 
Sqnste S23 Ue 

('H.<« l-h'.r,-. 


THE DAILY COLCiNtST. VlCTQR fA: &C Si Vt>AV, JULY 1 4 . \9» 

Social and Personal 

Personals, rurties 

>Brt7 tar Naval O fflim ii 

The tieuUnkDVOomoor sod 
IflM UAckemlc enlcrUlBsd ftt » 
wnall KBTdm p*rty ymitnUy after- 
noon at Oovemment Hoiwf in honor 
ot lb* vUltUlC naval nfftcvra fruai 
ihv i'i)!tp<l Stat«( Iiwt'rd 'n mert 
fin-M, A'-T'- ( 'iiini'iiifj."'.' T Mr: I. 

W Murray lUiU iltc uMlcwre aiid 
tr^r-ir wivtK frticn the aKjulmalt 
Naval stAUon. Brmailln' and Mn. J. 
authrrland BroWA. Boo. a. P. and 
Mn. Tolmte, Utti Oaral Tolmle. 
Hon R H and Mrs Piioli*v. Hon 
W A and Mf. MiKcn/.»-, Hon W, 
md Mrs Atkinson Worship the 
Mayor and Mrs An*-'inib. ih' Unlt- 
f(l StH'*--- ('•iri'-ul ami Mr*- <i A 
HurklKj Ml ■■ flurltlin Ma)or and 
Mr: > .s Humphrey*. Mr. and Mra 
N . rnan yarrow. Mr. M. K««r- 
cciv.ti. Mr and Mm J. W. Spanotr. 
Ml and Mn. Jaflk PatmoO. Ca«>taln 
and Mrs Bartiar, Mtaa P. Barber, 
Mp< Warren, Mn. Cudcmore. Mn 
r .•?wBBOjr. Vanrouiw , Mliw 
TiT ; 'r. Mtaa TVia Mowbray thr 
M Murray. Mlas Dorothy War- 
r- r, MIASM Hf-len and Noran Wil- 
r n MiM Inot Ker, Ml* Norma 
MvdonaJd. MlM flalAe OalMher. 
Mi>:s oattiorlna naaer, MIm Roae- 
iniLry JomuCflo. Mlia RuUi Jonaa. 
Mlaa Inim BotfMB. Mm CMUa 
LMder. Captain Prttchard ftOtf UtU- 

r irl . r.riflf -u»-Be 

1 e B Heath, 330 
ri'^r'nlnrd on Thura- 
iiK m honur of M\ss Dor- 
f.i ji-n. ftbrlde-eject of thu 
monch. The fMt part (tf tte ewriin* 
waa spent wtUl rooiaiiot brtdge. 
liter whkli refreshmcnta were 
terved with Mra. Percy Raymond 
ar>d Mn. Elhwbeth D&k<Ts prp-sldlnn 
at the daln!iIy-appolnt/'d t«i table, 
whlp.h was c^ntifKl with a huge bowl 
of rrimwwi »wet't p^^a-s and candles 
to matr.h. ThtB was lollowed by a 
Khnwcr presented In a tMlefttUy dec- 
orated oanoe laden vttit itfta of 
«tuiia. The giieiU p raa an t wm Mlas 
tJorotJiy Pr^m Mr and Mm AJrx. 



'Jn the veranda or in tb« 

ounsc lookins over beaalifal 
K'irdeiw oalo our iwim^ng 


By the ftirttire wtndftwa with 

■ w.ini'- ' ir w 


Brtdd Partiea, Keceptkiaa, 
Come and 8aa Oar Gafdni 

V,..; ■ \" ..1 ! Mrs A V cltirkf 
M " in-i M f H !, Cox. Mr and 
Mr* < Mr -md Mrs. John 

f-cdfii Ml iirui Mra Harry 8an«a. 
Mr and Mia AUnd & Hood. M» 
Kuabeih Oakart, Mrs. B. A. Joha- 

aOO. POVtit BtW: Miv, M^-'-rv 

Ptdln.MteMaHory FUi>n,>.: : m 

Idythe Rowland. Ml.v. t.i.ime Fux, 
HUa Nrll!'- Ftf<li:tavp iilid Msasn. 
Alfred aiwl . l''-,.*ri 

Ihewer fnr nridr U> B« 

A delib'MfMi -tM/w-'T waa held oo 
Friday evening the bane pC MM 
Violet Dunn, tn hooor at Wm Oltva 
Dreaser. Wboat marrtf«e to Mr. 
Pred Pomaroy takn. plac thia 
month. The many gifu werf ron- 
c**i*-d in u hUffe cheat of yellow 
and A t , i I ' roee petaLn. Uip rooms 
and tabli- bfinj de<?ofat«l thrwiftti- 
out in thf MMnp color srhemr An 
vn)uyabl<> evening waa spent in 
games and muric, the wlnaars of 
the novelty aoatatU beinf Ml« 
Kaael Httl and Mn. Pred Webb The 
IttMU UKludatf Mn W. E. Dunn. 
Mrs. J A. C>^e6S'^^ Mr*, n Donald- 
son. Mrs E Watson Mr^ F Wrbb 
Mr« J BayllM, Mrr O Johnatonc, 
Mlapex Ollvf Drewier Hazel HtU. 
Clnrv and Oraoe Renouf. Irene 
WhitAeld. VIoMt, Mytlw and June 

Mn. T. BrT«Dt. Sr and Mrs, 
Conj wm Joint hoatrMea on Wpd- 
Mttlay avgnlnc at a mlsc^ilanpoiui 
shower (Ivan 'In honor of MUa tlrn- 
trloe Muagravr. a Emde-to-be- The 
faaM were prt-ttUy decorated pith 
van and sweet peas. The ctfta wen 
coM aajed m a pnttUy deoont«d 
box tftaUned wttli Mue and 
orepc paper Thr*^*" present wert 
Mn. O FVih M^^ T Bryant, Jr.. 
Mn H J Brnwn Mrs. E Muagrave, 
Mra A MUfhell. Mra. D, Reevef. 
Mn U King, Mn. O. R. BlrkeU. 
Mra. J. Dale. Mrs Couch. Mn. Clif- 
ford. Deatrlce Musgrave. U 
Cloke. t:. Brandon, I. Oouch, M 
Bodaly, E. Rutled<e. 8. Baas. L 
RaMlBV, L. Mitchell, A. Muflgnve, 
Bnthft lAllvrave and B. KlBS. 
• • • 

BMcheo Shower 

MlM Lulu Bond w«*i hoBLPAs al a 
kitr.Ji^n Ahower on Wednesday lagl. 
at her home oo Palmer Avenue. ID 
honor of M MmiD Bant*, (or- 
msly MM Wa BtraUonL The 
fttU wan pnanted m a daoorated 
ivcll In ttao eolor:! ni pink and 

aHllva. Ttn BBke colo^^ were used 

for table decoraciocu Th*- cverung 
wa« spent tn eamrs TTiosf jin^sont 

were Mrs N H-ima. M- ST.i l trd, 

Mra. Perkins. Mrs j Bau-. Mrs 
Bale. Un. Ollffllha. Mn. Atkinson, 
MUS & OrtlMlu, Miss M. A;irn, 
Mm B. Brawn, Mtvt M. SooU. Mlaa 
J Brtnkman. Ml« U Brown. MUs 
B. HnffmBi. UlM P. Boi^ and Miu 
L. BemL 


lira J. n Aiikdi-v AfcfiM »rr,t r.i-: 
IP Blllfax kf. a dPlcffftl^ from the 
TkMla and UlandA Branch. Catui- 
dlAB Anthva' Aaao d atlo n . to the 
Mttual oonvtntlon of tbm Canadian 
Airtlwn Aaiootaton. held thla year 
IB RaUfaa. retumad to the city on 
Wednesday. Mr Angus having gone 
over to Vancouver to meet her 
WhUa In thp East Mrs. Angiu vis- 
ited Toronto Montreal and Qurbeo, 
and coming Wp.*t itopp*-d off at 
Wlnnlp««, and at Calgary where 
Rhe waa particularly Interaated In 
rxaminuw ilM TUmer vaUcy ou 
ncidfl. ■ 

* * * . 
Cap and Baaeer Blan iw 
IB hMWr or Mlpi Dorothy 



f Air' 


Low Model 

The "Low Model" Console 
set j« (inisherl In beautifully 
f^rained AmeHcftn walnut 
with African walnut oma- 
mcnia(ion%. Here is the 
mode) that has the fBdio 
world talkinj*. 

S** anH heir this wTtiderfuI %ef 
htiwrrn am, and 10 p m at 

ear Home Studio. 920 Hcywood. 

Radio-lectriCy Ltd. 

Phono 3111 

619 Viow 

Ibeaa till 

( )nc of This Season s Charming Brides 

July Clearance 


Saves 20% to 50 


7 VERY piece of merehuicfiw. in every properly run busbew. has fixed for it 
- .1 Irnglh of lime in which it is expected it should rrath lU owner. Sometimes 
this pcrtod IS a month — somelunM a year, depcndmg upon iti cost and other cir- 
curatUncca. The iten* we are offerinf you io diii unusual event- -July Clear- 
ance Sale — are items which havr ovrr^tayed their welcome here. Why. we 
do not know. And you will wonder why. too. when you aec them. They ww 
selected with the mbM dncnBiinating cafe at ihote "companion" itemi picked 
out )UM a few weeks or months back by careful, tttiified Mallek's ajjtomers. 
But it is expedient that they be moved now. And at an inducement we are 
ofleruig ihem to you at prices 20 per cent to 50 per cent oft. Tliere are item 
inm every dqNtftment of our itoce. You will find 

Suits, Dresses, Coats 
Millinery and irms 

And of coune, every purchase it made widi MallekV ^l^dmB&ti gBw ran lewi 

or moDer refunded. 


Pay Out of Your Earnings 

Use Mallek*t convenient Budget Acceum—weddy. lemi-wcdJy or monthly. 


RS. Frederick Oeorgc Futcher, whose marriagS was celebrated Saturday, July a. Mrs, VnlclMf la a 
daughter tyf Mri. J. Z. Hall, of Vancouver, weU-koown club woman a«d bead at the Veii u o u e i i branch 
of the Victorian Order o( Nnrses. She U also a sister of ilra. Tyfc Winch, who rasUaa In Victeria. Mr. 
PoiglHv's parMHa ralUad foi ton* tha* hi tiia copitaL 

1212 Douglas 

^ ■ ■ - 


WoMMa'* RtMl^to-Woar aad Mdliastr 

ChurchUl. popular brlde-to-bS, a 
cup and fiaurer shower waa held on 
Thursday rveninf at the twine oC 
MlAs A Kershaw, 1174 Harriet 
Road. The giftt were c o n ^ l ad In 

TIM wtdMf vfll take piaes 
fTiday. T^v. 

Leavee f«r WUUana Lafca 

Mrs. R. D. Orcsfor. 


a large blush pink and plla gratn Avenue, aeoompanled her baby 
cup and saucer. The rooms were dauKhter, OkJrta Anne, wn recently 
prettily decorated wlUi sweet paasj'or Winiam.-s Lakr lo join her hviK- 
and roseit. The evening was speAt band who is deputy 

battr Boad. iPOalTed the sad news 
that his brother. Kenneth MaeZW. 
a rsaldait of WhMa Horse. 7T.. for 
the last twentsr-ftve ymn. pMsed 
away- jaslsidsj moroU« after a 
short tftnsM 

• ■ • 

VUlUng at -^vals" 

_ _ _ who is deputy vhif'. for*« Mis."* Marlon Roberteon. of Van- 
In muair 'Hie giiestiT' were Mes- jrangpr for the dmtrict Mr and .Mrs , rouver. is vuiiing her uncle and 
danicB Churchai. Rhodes 3. Ker- Oreggor wtlt ^pend the neat two j aunt. Senator and Mrs. O. K. Bar- 
•haw uoyette M Krr.haw Mi«« | years at WlUlanB Lake. ".^^O"?*^ '^...■?**L* 

D Ch.rrhill, F Hond M. Knowles. , ^^^^^^^ Mainland 

M- 11 1 Mrw W. Todd have rr 
turned 'torn a irip lo ihe Mslnland, viaHora Herr 

are loa.Uin »jniit-i i-nlav wiUi llirir Mr and Mrs V W Downer nf 
family Rpend the real of the Sum- i^tjibridgr. Mr and Mrs F W. R, 
mer at thalr oountry twma ai PUts : Dnwner and Maaier P R [Xtwner. of 

wete Mr and Mrs Allan Robert- 
Isosi are arrtvtef todajr. 

S. Dunn. N MeneUaS: B. Churcblll. 
1. Kershaw and A. Kershaw. 

• a • 

Chapter Pteoa Party 

Road, has kindly oltertd tne use m \ j^j^^ oynthia Johnston wlU Vancouver, are guesu al the Oad- 

her lovely grounds for a ttnrarn ,hetr guest for that pMiod. baro Beaeb Bolal. havttM aiHwa 

puny under the rtiwpires nf -he • • . ' ^ 

|.yatletday aflsnwan. 


Valentine Harvey- Beaumont Bo«ka To Attend Clawa 

Ohapter I O D E. to be held on mlm flwcndniine Harper» is leav- Hospital 

Wednp!=drtv nt 2 30 p m Thia wUl , ing tar Seattle Uiday to attend ■ rrlends of Mr Waller Newbuni. 

br th" iiir-t nme the grounda have inve weeks' course under Slgtsmond ^alUr wh.» for many veer* re- 

b«en nprn lo the public and tt to lBtiy)wskl, weU-knooj Polish planin ^^^^ ,^ yirtoru. a ill learn with re- 

hi.ped that large numbsn wlU taka »id eamposer. This is the tnirfl ^ ^..^n ^ pkUent in 

[he opportunity ot spending the at- leummer that Miss Harper has at- ^ seatUe General Hospital for sU 

tamoon Uiafr. Aftemon tea and i^«Htod U» niMter elaasM of this JS^^havtoa bad hia St lag am- 
let tftam wlU be served and amonv emlasnl masstra 





GIvliiK Away Boxei of 

I' nf wnainc larai miwi •! mmwt m advtrUitaf. m era 

t.r.T« Of ih* r»n«x» aATT otiMsiaH* tfvrr ' - 

• \i,tj viU t^ll tn»)r Ifimit bs 
»p»c« tor a a*« aamr dftll* 

disssiawa sh. #Mi 


IftM ■ 

600 Fort St 
(Cor. Gov't) 


Chocolate Sliop 

Under the Anspiccs of Ihe rrovinci;\l Dfit.Trtmcnt o( 
F.rl«catinn Summer Sch'.r>| fi.r T^.Trhrr^ 

Music Recital 


Doreen Davidson 

Soprano. Amerkmn Opera Co.. Near Ypiii 


Friday Wtrnktm* Jair It, tM^ M 1:30 

other attractlon» there will be clock 
goir and rroQuet Home cooking 
attd candy will also be sold. 
• ■ • 

Announce Engagetnenl 

Mr, and Mr-^ PTnnk H R**es, BSl 
Flemlnn s: rrrt Atii'iiT'unce the en- 
gaKf-nien: -i '.r pld(-«t daughter, 
Grace EU/ikbMh '.o Mr. Frederick 
Oordon Hardy, youngesl son of 
Mn. Thomas Hardy, of lAdysmlth. 
and of the late Mr. ITiomas Hardy. 
The wedding will Ukc place st 
VSetOrta west united Church on 
Batm^. August 10, at pj» a*eloofc. 
, ' " ' 

■agngeaamt Anneaneed 

Mf. and Mrs E T. McComb. I15S 
Queenx Avenue, annonnos Ihe en- 
gagemrni ot theu- eldest daughter. 
Murel Ix-noie. to Mr. WUfred Clair 
outtertdgr. second son of Mr. and 
Mrs. H Oditartdge, MtO Twelfth 
Avenue West. Vandourer. The \ 
wadding will lake plaet AMfiist 17 
al 3 p.m o'clock at MttftiMUtan 
Uftltad Church, 

Katerialn at Dln»cr-r>aaee 

Mua Doroihv Brown, RN,. and 
Mr. O. B. Currie. ot Victoria, enter- 
tained at a dinner-danca at Hotel 
WhUcomb. San Prtnclaeo. on 8at- 
uxday. Their guests Included Mr. 
Barcrtd Bayas and Mrs. John soott. 
both fonaoMr Victoria. Miss V 
Btanton aoA Mr. aoA MM. Q. Mit- 

Anittxi'x r I itcmgemrnt 

Mr ' vfr^ w T MtOlbbon. 
IMS MCKenxte Stree*. aaoMUMB the 
engagement of their ymmgeat 
daughter, Florence Kucenla. to Mr. 
Alftod Bdward Wallls. Of McMurdo, 
BO.. eMeet son of Mr. and Mn, Bd- 
wm Wauia. lats of Rooa, mtO, Waw , 
The «sddhit win M»t tftat ln{ 


Nona tt ^seaaeawefii 

Mr. lAittfeeh lAaolvor. toi Oar- 

Fashion Fancies 

.By Marie Belmont 

putatad. R« la proftasslng favorably. 

• • • 

Laaeea for Qaaiuom 

Dr and Mrs H H Livsey ac- 
companied by Mr. and Mm K A. 

Wlitlaiii-; hiivp left the city on a 
mo'drmg irip to QtiallC'im Beach, 
Comox nnd Great Oaatnl LAke. 

• • * 

Return Home 

Mr and MrK Henry Taylor, af 
Manhattan Beach. CaUfoml*. after 
an aitcndad alsit to Mia. TuOan 
sister. Mm. rrtd waghem. Oallta 
Road, nturaad tasoM jtsf dt j . 

• a o 

VUtlng Here 

Mr'. B A J'-hnAt^-<n of Powell 
Rtvrr, BC scmmpanied by her 
, da'ighter Dollie, ui \iamnf her 
aunt. Mn. t K. Heath, UB Moss 


• • a 
mm rsr awmmer 

Mr. and Mn. W, T Howard 12M 
Oscar Street, have as their guests 
Mra. W. B Oaibraith and daughter, 
Fhyuu, of l^nto, who art vialtlng 
them for the Summtr. 

• • • 

The Practical Value 

of our (amity rrtom ha> I'een 
proved time and again. We arc 
convinced tha^ it is one of the 
most desirable facilitiet we offer 

the imblir, 

Tbe family xf>om enables those 
within to see and hear the service 
in the chapel without bemR ex- 
posed to the gaze of the others 
M.tundittg the tervicea. 


1*12 qUADHA »T.. VtCTOBJA 
fMNUi OFF. 330« 
lUt. MS», T44M. 

Royal Oak Personals 

Mta Psbemat. of Vanoouver. who 
hM baan eisltlnt bor parents. Rev 
and Mra. MaHaftle. left thu weekl 
far Sardla. Rer daughten. Jean and 
Oattiaiint, aooocnpanied nar 

un OurUs Martin and ohiidrwn. 
Tannls tM t^eia. are fuasU of Mr. 

and Mm. Bwale 

Mr and M»! H. R Ratd. and son. 
oeorie have left on « Ittdl tclp 

to lip-lsland polnls. 

Mr and Mn'o. B. Bant. Ok iske 
have u their nisala thah' two naDd- 
daughters, HaUo and Daraen 
WMvsr. of Pert Angtlsa 
• • • 

Mn H mnhem, who has been lU 
St the heme ot Mn Mcl^ean. Vic- 
im. Is attr cioiivals«in« at her 


Yis Tana 

and Mlas Rindlt, of 
New Weetmlnstar. and wIm are ai* 
'.ending the provincial Summer 
aohool far Tiaeben. ar* ttajrlas at 
The R u agalo*. sapartot Mrttt 

• • • 
CbMrM's PmSv 

Mrs. B. R Ker anttrtataod at a 
delightful children -> psrty veatorday 
afternoon at her houie at Flnnerty 
Bay. to honar of the Wilhilgj of 
btr inua Bftochtet, DapHM. 

• • • 
At OleA lAba 

MISS aiaffwHa RcM and Mlsa 
MMfcla. ar fiknatavir. an 
Ihe ««*'«stf ai Olto 


The massive J ot liy . sMiple in 
design hul heavy looking that wa/. At Tbr Bmg»lww 

■o popular twr> yearn »go i.^ mak- 
tng anoUter bid for favor Paris de- 
slgnera are flooding American m&r 
ketji wttii attracUee Mlear and gold 
r>tere5 r^etUmA tB 

Hen u a silver chatnHOsaU 

U a 

Mn Ime Moody. Vi 
gvant afc The Buqgalov, 
Stfeei. for a raooUk 

• • • 
Albert* VMten 

Mn. WUUan- Murrar and mo. sC 

Blgh Rtfcr, Aluk. u a fuirtM 

stnt^ MP Map. 

Lmraa tar Kogland 

Mn. K J aauchton aad her two 
daughttn. Marten and Btibaim. 

l€ft vanoouver today on the Ttan*- 
CaiM^ for Montreal, where they 
will )oin the C P B. steamahtp tHich ■ 

'If Vnrk for Kngl^nd Mr Haufh- xat^mix — — iw* 

,__ m^MntmrMA tbA aa far as ■* MttB, IBM 

wa aooom pawq w aa ^ ^ ^^^^ m a Bl* iMt 

. « • Im rroBt It U aU Um 

,t AniMtwiM^ laoodta ttr a sunpM UMB 

The e ng a g ement is annmiagii o( Mtt. aMsts one pratet a 

Mar}orie tiiuise youngait daughter I In rilver lo match, 
of Mra H M Ne(T ol ShawrUfsn The hat a formless lllUe thing 

I Lake to Mr Jait»e» Randolph Mr nf hean' >llk crepe, which adjusts to an ftleouan platiOrm and tfte 
jCann, only son nf Mm M v rfciir s b.-^* at the bMk «C Itat SNefc rpv ker aae l a Wa a d : "OOTg 

jof iCa RMunond Avenut^ Vittorte. ^and haa ear flap^ {mn opoeaMM la 

8t. iM tfts. R. A. TaM. of Bda- 
nJD^ m sawiag at tha M- 

a raasr sa*>w arata 

FnUer Brustae* 1 1 

Imctt ommi MIS 

di ii en 

U ill l> 1 »i '1'^ 

Aged Men's 


AH Are Wekonie 


by Pupils of Mra. F. Clough 


I ho ' ilrf Men are hopiog i 
u.rri ^ii ibair IrieoBi oa ti " 

I ontrlbuti'-n" <i*k' , will 

be apprecteied I'lraae deix ' 
not Uior than W< 

Coorteoay Social Ncwi 

Mr Dennu Macdonald. eldaff. eon 
Of Dr and Mr» J D McfXinatd v 
•pending hla vacation with bte par- 
enu. havixMi motolBd Bp tnm Via- 
tfrla with them. 

Matte and Mm* Rlltan. Mr. aad 
O. a Otptt. Mr. aad MM. a, 
O. naMisi nr. and Mit. pMBdu I 
Ihustaii; Mr and Mra B. J. Oralg. 
Mr. aad Mn. e Wataon. and Mr. and 
Mn. BSB ai«hM rtsltad Oie CWi 
Oiddts aaa* at Rallirlyar BMi «d 

A large p(r»-r nf wmti «m t^uwwn 

Tba aJOST. CMP M WUltasI 
Baaah, MtrrUe. teo basa jpraatty 
c&md ftr lbs last weak, ifr and 
MM. W. A. Alaaandar. Miss Bhcr- 
tmm aad Mlaa HOna Roaaitar have a 
party erf same nlteasi gMi «M|tag , 
eattp Ufe several eUBMt dBl 
at IBa w«tk-ead 

Langford PcrMmaU 

Mr bad Mn D W. ObaipM 
da^htar baea taken op thetr Busa- 
IMT iislBn-r at "Island vmr." 
lAflBlad I«ke. where thoy oapaai to 
■lay MBI Befi««n*b»v IS 

£ o' Brre* of Bl* 

Mr. aad 

la«t four nooths at UngBad l«kc 
on thr 

« • • 

Mr and Mra J lUtm ha«r ro- 
amed from Baskaichewaa to tbatr 
BtWe on the Ounf ord 

AntttroDc and 
an tba 


7JCI-V 14. 1929 

World-Famous Stones 



TTiln^j^ In our tOWB U workln 
The uuui boftk Luqr Ana, eaUect in 
here the alter tf»)r aatf reported ftU 
quiet on th» W»)M«h« The Lucv aod 
han ftdopud ft a«r «M» if mAm iIii 
iishi. In ciM «hap« of m nd-bMded 
RAl who M\la up fmr the oompua 
It worts weU 

The arLUt i upoke of In mj Urst 
hAA returned to Philndfphy. Before 
he left I took hi* iily-whue hend in 
mine l Auggr^ted t.-. htm ihat If h« 
could Induce the tiiixexu of Phila- 
iMpiiy CO hellm it would be a good 
idtft to haw white window <hutten 
on thoir hoWM and whtto door- 
■toBM. ho mitbt tutkt % lorttxL . 

Tt'e ft nowtty," i added, "and ma; 
•tanlc 'am at fuat. but they may 
Moelead to adopt tt." 

At Mreral oc our puMlo men *tt 
coMtantly being aurprteed with aen- 
ruides. I ooooloodod rd be auntriMd 
iti thf^ waj. eo r oiade ar- 
:.>nKf--ti. .:: aooonUn*. I oekcd Uw 
Hr»M Band how much they'd take 
' lake me entirely by aurprwe wUh 
A M'rrnade. They said they'd over- 
«holJi. ;ne wjth a unexpettcd honor 
for Mven dollaw. whtch I expec[«d. 

I wrote out my impromtoo «peech 
aeveral days beforehand, bem very 
aaraful to expunge all ungraminat- 
Uctima and payln- parUcular atten- 
UoQ to the punktooaUoB. it waa. 
If I nay mj ao wttboot ealUam, a 
mably affaii, faut, ataml I imr 
deUvetad Ifc Cba atkal «m ofaow 

I paced up and down the kltcfam 
5peakin' my piece over ao aa to be 
entirety perfeck. My bloomln' fount 
daughter, Sarah Ann. bothareA me 
summat by singtn' "Whf Do aom- 
mer Roses Pade?" 

riecauae," said I. aftrr he&rln' 
hrr 5infi It about forteen ttmca. "be- 
-I'-^e Us their biz! Let em fade." 

BeUy," said I, pausln m the 
middle of the room and >:tint my 
aaCA tft wander from uip manu- 
•ertpt. 'War. en the nisht at uua 
her« aarcaade,. I deitne you to ap- 
pear In the wladir drMMd m white 
and wave a U]r.«UI« haiifcgraher 
D'ye hear?" 

"If I appear- mid that remark- 
able (rmale, "I shall wave a llly- 
whlle bucket o( btlin' w»t*r. and 
somebody wUI be scalded One bald- 
headed old fm>! win get hts share " 

She referred to her husband. No 
doubt about It in my mind Hut 
for /ear she mtghi exaaperat* me 
1 eald nothln', 

The expected night cum At g 
o-dook predaely there waa sounds 
of footetepa In the yard, and the 
Band atruck up a lively air, which 
when ihey did finish it. (hara was 
cries of "Ward I Ward'"' 

I Htept out oniA the portloa A 
brief glance showed me that the 
as-semblage was suminut mUod 
Thrre wa* a gr«at many ragged 
bovfl. and there wa?; qul!4» a numbrr 
of grown-up persons evtgenily under 
(he affhwaoe of the intoaloaUO' 
boMWrTht Band was alao drunk. 

Dr. Sehwaiky, who was holdln* up 
a post, seemed to be particularly 
drunk - 80 murh so that It had got 
Into his spectacles, which wore stag- 
gerln" wlldlv over his no«e. But I 
was in for il and T rornmpm ed : 

"PcUow cttizcru: Por Uiu onex- 
paetad tenor " 

"WQJ you give us our money now. 
or waA lUl you gtt Umn^h? inter- 
rupted the leader oC the Band. 

To thla paABful and dUsuattn' In- 
terrupUon I paid no attkntlon. 

■ . for thla onexpected honor 
I 'hank you." 

"But satd hIv*- u* iVraB 

dollar.'. wr ;l pln v ".1,0 i hoCttl," 
said thr trader of (he BaiKl. 

Again I (lldn'l noUog htm. ttUt re- 
sumed as folio wa: 

*^ say I thank you wannlr When 
I kMk at thla crowd of true Ameri- 
canx. my heart aweUa . . 

"So do If" cried Dr. sehwaaey. 

"We all dor exclaimed a voice. 
- my heart .iwells . . 

'Tlirre rheera for swells," cried 
another voice, 

■'Wr live in troubleaome times, 
but I hope we ahaH again remime 
our former proud position, and go 
on in our gkirkNH career!" 

"I m wUIln' for one to ro on a 
glorloua oareer," uld Dr Schwa/ey. 
"Will you join me in a giortous 
career, fellow etUaani? What waget 
does a glorknia career Ht . . . 
whirh is to Ray pajrs hU own room 
aod bnard?" 

"Dr Schwatey," said I staraly, 
"you aie drunk You're dlalurbln* 
the pearr of this meetin'." 

■'Have you a bannw' 5pn»ad hi 
the house? " suddrnlv inrjuirrd Dr 
Bebwaxey. Therr v .■ii'-ticlng 
that man. "I Khouid u<t- a i hynos- 
ayroea 00 tha half ahell.'* he ram- 
bled on. "Or ft hlppopotatfui tm 
toast or a horse and Wftffon roasted 
Khoir Ativihing that's handy. Dont 
put youraelf out on my awwmt " 

At thla point the Band bexaii to 
make hldyous noises with thetr 
braae home, and a exceedingly rag- 

Krij liMv wanted Co lcno« H .hrir 
« la 6e aoma «Utl*>h utr^rr- Him 

concern broke up? 

I dldn^ aaaat^ knoa uhai. 10 do. 
and waa Jwt OB th« potni at dotn' 
tt> whan a vppir vtader auddenly 
openad and a atream of hot water 
waa bfot to bear an the disorderly 
rrowd, a ho took the hint aod retired 

Whi n I am taken by ffurprtae with 
anothi-j serf lude I shall amoTi^ 
other ^rraiigfttii^i.u. have a respect- 
ful company an hand. 80 no more 
today. When thia you see remember j 



cm nnnm or walk 

Considerable .Money lias Already 

Spaat «■ Ttaaaa 

The ConaoUdatad Mining A 
Smelting Company ts manlfeetmg, 
wooderftU Interest in the acquiring 
of copper- producing propotlea on 
the C oast The Infonnfttlcai comes 
pma Ketchikan that this company 
haa takan an option on the Rush- 
Brawn copper mine and the balt- 
chuok Palladium Ulna, while prop- 
ertiaa Ua In lha aam locdltty, at the 
head of Kasoan Bay. Prtoce of, 
w&!e« Island, about forty mUea 
from Ketchikan. 

The Ruah-Brown Mine shipped ' 
cofuideraOIe btgh-grade coppet ore I 
In 1917. lait, lata and ia>l ind tii* 
Saltchuck Palladium Mipf whiih 
also coiitain;j a big peri'eiiU»:r uf 
copper and gold, hiu a modfj-n 
floUUoo mill of SM tOHfl ilAiiy 
capacity. Under the n»o««ementi 
f>r J c. Chllberg. waU-known fomw"; 
Seattle businesaman and banker, ttie 
Palladium Mine went on (he finan- ^ 
(iBl rockfi. due. reports .said, to the 
ffreat expense of shipping and treat- 1 
iHK Uie palladium content in the 
ore. which had to b*' sent to New 
Jersey. Both the Ruah-Brown »nd 
the Saltchuck mines feU into the! 
hnnds of John Kohl, of Ketchikan,! 
who made the deal with the Con* 
feolldated people. 

7'he Consolidaiad Company la' 

now infitalling 7,000 .feet of plpa', 
line loaclinB from the saltchuckll 
mUi In d-'livfr compressed air for 
runnlnc thf [ in uowaterlng 

the Ru^-l' Mmo, 

mmm win 


OiasfttMaetlMi ■wprimii WMfe Vol- ' 
antary Opcrmttan af MOh 

It was expected that when the 
MUk Act wa.^ p&sAed at the last 
MMilon of the legislature the prob- 
lem witji reject to the Prater 
Rlvex milk production had bf»en 
practically aetUed. It wa.< an 
nounoed that tha partMa repre- 
aaated. namely tM ftaaer Vsllev 
Uflk Producers, and the Independ- 
ent milk producers in thftt part ol 
tha Province would caalHoe and 
brine Rbout a condition to meet the 
ftt u.t r 11 .n proving txoubleftome, 
without i.he calling into active op- 
oration of the act 

This seenu to have liw-n fcm". 
thing of a false liope rnvri,im.'fi 
At least the new^ fmni ■)\f stnln- 
liiiul lhal th'T'- , ill. ii i-ifai f Ion 
at the existing condiiionji So dis- 
turbing haa this beoome thai it u 
antldpaied that » driaffalloa of 1 
dairymen may snlTe in tha elty 
shortly to take up with the Gov- 
ernment the whole subject, with a 
request for the bringing Into Opera- I 
lion of the terma of the legislation 

Among those who arc iiiiiMlm for | 
the enforcemenr of the pmvtalona 
of thr act are some 160 dairymen, 
who joined tJie Pmaer Valley Asao- I 
nation, they claim, in the belief ' 

that Uie temu or the law woukl be , 
toforoad. I 

Mr. Rohb Go€9 Tiorth 

Jamca A Robb. Canadian Minister 
of Finanee. lesvrji lor the AJaAltii 
cruise on the Pnnce.v; l.i.iuiw at 9 
p.m.. today. His two dayjs in Van- 
couver hata been spent quietly in 
holiday mood After his visit \o the 
North. Mr Robb wiU leave the boa! 
at Prince Rupert for his return 
]oumey to Ottawa 

Evading Glassies 

At a special Saving 

Monday and Tnr^dnx wc .ire 'ifferin;; (wenlv 
pairs oi Kca<ling (ll.i-^scs al a spet-ial discount 
Oeep carved lensea will he fitted lo the now popu- 
lar slendc 1. r frame after we have carefully ex- 

liniinci) \(Mir rvr* 

A Uefcrred r-iymcnt r>lsn is operated for thoae who 
desire ihia convenienre. 


July Clearance Sales Continue in Many Depts. 

There are still many lines of seasonable merchandise to bt ck^K-d before we lake inveniorw W iih just that one 
thought, prices have Jjectf reduced to the lim'it It's your opportunity to secure vacation needs, things lor the home 
and thinps for personal use, at substantial savings. 

250 Women's Smart Bsach and Outing Frocks 

$1.98 is the lowest price wc have ever ofifered thtse dresses. As a consequence wc cxim r, active sellinfr all dav Mon 
\ Jn- includes^'Uura U Plante." -Hollywood" aild "Pacific Girr* } r. ck^ lomicrlv ^cllme at $J.95 

ana ^^.vf^^ anrl very K"od value at tnai. Ciionsr frotn tuh-tast prints, vnilc^. iToadcloths an<l Drnin corded dimi- 
ties m smart flare. basc|uc, pleated and straiglu-iiiic styles. There's a wide variety of fiffured and floral oattems to 
select from. All sizes 16 to 42. Regular $295 and $3 95. Special for Monday— patterns to 


offer'' yon expert a<!vicr on keepin);* llie 
f.KT An<\ il>roat beautiful!) youi»jf. She 
ha5 ^'Cni irtiH! her New ^'ork ?iaIon 

Miss Geneta Mabry 

- A specral rfpre.-'rntativr, s\Iki will In in 
our Toilet (iood^ Deparlmeiil (iuring the 
comini^ week, cofnmencitig Monday.'^ 

rVrhap* y ni wish lo knn* ihf hr«t 
mrthn.j clean»iag your »kin. I'er- 
hap« you are worried hy wnoklei. a 
droopini chinline. rnlarced porea,' a 
dry or an oily akin. Whatever yoor 

' I'l ' -.y he, Mifta Mihry will 

1. .'.s 4 MmpI* honif treat- 

ment " It h 1 )oroiiiy < tf »v'* prepara- 
hfin> will exactly ••uit >aur nffd<t < 

V oa are mosi cordially invited to come m 
for a penonal consultation. There ia. of 
course, no chaise. 


A New 



Xoulded to the Head and Clevtrly 

A <.p"rt> Hat. at yntr sugxestinfr youtfa 
aiitl the riiitd'Hir ni4>orf. R^bon and felt 
arr nitrrlavp<l. tn ><imc <\.ht% nn (he 
ir.r«n .in<l iii ..llirf. the brim. K'^ '"E f 
•.marl 1 l.ri I- < Htt t. I'lie hrini!» are \ariefl 
ui ^vi•llh iroiii medium lo larKe, t;raceful 
anil becnniinK iu every line. Shown in 
white anrj shades of himcy beiRc, rose 
Jew pale cepucine u new v dl-.w ». 
mai/c. I'anilurii Kfcen, CaatilK^ 
lileu nuxlenif. 0 
I'rice .OaOO 


Man field Siiues 
for Men 

The embodiment 4pf all that i» beat in de- 
Hign. material Biid coutruction. Man 
field's Enirlish Shoes have a dif^niiy of 
'^tylc <iuile their own lllustralcl thf 
l>roi;iie. whuh i'l available in tan \\t1I,.,v 
rilf and Mark ot. h ^vmw Afk CA 
leather. .Ml M£Cf. tVr pair. I llaWU 

—Nun Floor. H B C 

300 Women's Rayon 

In a Great Selling Monday at 79c 

( >ne of the greatest values we have 
offered this season in dsinty ravon 
wear— W o m e n's Fine Quality 
Rayon Silk Opert-Top \'csta in 
pailcl iharles: also Good (Juality< 
l'ull-l-'a.*hi.nit(| kaynn Silk Bloom- 
ers and Bubettcs. many ol these 
being Harvey models. Small, me- 
dium and hr^'f Hizc^. Monday 
Clearance I'tuc |.rr (garment 


*— Sooond Floor, HBC 

50 Chambray Hoover 
Dresses at 79c 

Servicral-lr i I-,.., rr Mrr ,-fs fur .Mondcy 
■hopprr« who know and apprccialc these easily 
donned and eaiily dohVd home frocks. S^owii 
in ortnar and hnneydew. with white Jean 
collar. Si/p» J/, lo 44. Regular $1.49. Monday 
Clcaratica Price 

— 5miidFloor»HBC 


A ManAqr Mominit Special 

Children's Outing Shoes 

Ma'lf fr..|Ti «Ironc wlntr i|i lS\t popufar 

llir'r , r'l-t Mr '\sW. lull rul'lif-r >Plr- >\fc% 
R to I. Monday .Nine Mfl... k S c\ CJQ — 
per p«jr • — ^ C 

Attraaive SpecillSji 
Girls' Wear ' 

Oirfa' KTualin Py^maa # 
in iliorted rolr.r* isirh rnntra^tina trtinmin|i«. 
hiiea fw to t.i Ir. ) r«r!i 

Sale Trice OoC 
Olrla' Flannelette Pyjamai 

IllH what ihey iVir ramp rr - .-r 

nome. Ca*y «tripr.i tUmiflritr 

pyjsniax with cuntra-unif (nninntit: i3Q j* 

Sine* for \l t.> lo ^r^^. S;.!. ■ 0«IC 

Little Gvla' Pretty Panne- Frock* 
.\n odd lot u( *«e» and rolof* tn (.fuif^ d,:, 
(a«t pantie-frock!) lor sirUOroni J f> 
year*. Safr f'nrc 09C 

Oirla' Jean Cloth Middiea 
in Berviceable wane jean cbth with white nr 
. nlored cnllata and hraid irimniiait. OQjk 
Siics for '» 10 Id year* Sale Price „ . OvG 

Oirla' Bare* Skirta 

60 Gm-II* AI1-W<wI Navy Serge Skirt f . i 

onto mualin bodice. ^\tr% fnrll to 14 QQ^ 

yeara. Sale Price OwC 

^^xcond Floor, H S C 

Preserving Requisites 

Kcooomy Praacrvtnc Jart. pint sixe ai. prr 

Joaen _ , fLas 

Economy Prein^nf Jara. qtiirt a«f |.^r 

'lo"n . »l.5fS 

Kcniiniriy PrfiervinfT jar«. half mllon ti?-- 

do«ii • aa.oo 

Perfect Seal Prpservme lar* ptnt per 

doicn ... 91.^5 

Perfect Seal Pre»eTvinf Jara, quart aire, per 

Aft^p. . ... _ ..^ „ _,_ .vi.ks 

pprfeci Seal l'rc»er*(ng |ar». half ffatkn fiie. 
P'-t dozen .. 
Kerr MaM)n Pr*»erving '«r». \<:v' per 
doten . SLSB 
Kerr M«»on Prr^ervmf jar«, quan sxxt. per 
di^/f »i , 
krrr Ua^on Preaervinit Jars, half sallea aiae. 
per down . „ 

Planning Special 

I Botfte Ceno and 1 pkg Rn 
both for _ . ^ , . .. . . 

•rt Kini{» 

( tjtttUtf B.C Freaervias Snaar ao i . 

^rU a I. .10 

too J;. «afk — ™ ,.M-aft 

l-.connmy 'l up<i. prr -loxen , M# 

Economy Ctempi. per doeen . S0« 

Kerr UaiMi Udi, ^null tirr. i.rr» 
Kerr Mawa«, larire 

Rubher ftinff*. 3 |>a<kjicrs }:■: 'fttf 
Parawaa, per parkav 14# 
lelly tilaiaea, 'i-pmr «ir», tjll. prr dozen -ttS# 
Tetly Glaase.v '{ pint »ae. aquat, dottn.^.^^ 

Picak Hmi»wIbI 
'^fleeted Smoind Pienk Ham«, average 
'< f'Xhi 5 (o 6 tbft Specialty prtcad lor mt 
lajf i icltinc r-'- — Jla# 

Printed Cotton 

Mariced Down to $7.95 

Dainty Ensembles in t>rinted pique or drill; some with voile 
frock.R tn match. The frocks are sleeveless in one and two-piece 
style*, and coats are fingertip or full length, in manv hriplti 
ftitunsiH- patterns. moMly on a white frotrad. QC 

Sixes lb to ^ Specially prit^' ^. ' -rf^ 


Slcevelesrl^ks in Super-Spun Silk 


These are shown in white and ivorv onh. Very nmsrf styles 
with novelty ties, and CoUared or'colla'rless neckline* f' - 
I>lcats rn the skirts give ample width for sports. 
Sixes J6 CO 42. Price -- ^-.---^^ y -j jr..:. — ^ 


Sleeveless Wash Frocks, $4J5 

Pretty sleeveless styles, with long sboufder*se«m, pleat* in jhe 
skirt, and triinmetl liick^ mihroidcred motifs, !.ia> vf.,in , , 
Shown in dainty pastel tMlur.* and white, ^l/es fur Jt 
missu and small tfomen^ Pri«« -«^^»f O 

FlMr, HttC 

Visitors ! 

Here's a List to Remind You of 
What You "Meant to Get" 
in Victoria 

The prewnl you promi^sed take hai-k , the cuHo 
you meant to get in \ it:t»»ria , the wrap or .vrarf you 
will need on lhal hoat triip: the extra gloves, hand- 
kerchief!*, etc.. whirh conic in m» handy when travel- 
ling. — Remind yoursell of your need.t t>j looking 
throtigh this list of suggested items for tourists. 

laegcr Wool Searve* from, 
each ^ 9X.2a 

I n(tli-.h Wool Searve* 
from as.RO 



Hem 'tit. -lied i.inen I land- 
kervhirt* front tS^ io 3B# 

lUm^iiiirhed ^nd Hand 
l*.ml*roiilrrrr| Lmcn llait<J 
kcrchirf- (rom 3Stf 
In . _ ^._994 

H rnf Lrjilher Snvfltie* 

■■• "'■ Ir.!!;!!- HaT-[ l>n Iti 

■ 4ii'1 Wr.t mu(*?>, 

inrhiftif.H . M in r very 
miainily ctiaractrntiic 

T»t Rack* from T5* 

Book Covers from 

Wkiaka from . , «f 

C u < h i o 11 Covers (rem. 
each , ,■>»■— 

T'tbac.-o P.^uchef from 

Photo Albilma VLTS 

Totem Poles..-.—. 

lo Ml.OO 

Uooiaaina from _#S.M 

Kngliah l.cather Handbiits 
from ifTM 

Women's Wool Mo>irr/. 
K«tl'"h make, per pair 
from 9t.3B 

Womrii • Silk and Wool 

Hoatcry, per pair .M# 

and - ^$tM 

rinidren'f Wool Otflf K<Me. 

I'f pair from.- 

Knaliah Playina Card*, per 
park from .* . . T»«» 

Fnnlnh f.'-attief < .Irtve g, per 
pair fr 

Kiiml'-h -'ir,], lAowrt. p.-r 
pa>r uiim 0.25 
French KM Glovea, per pair 
Crop :. ..M^ 

Take ^ck a Pair of Genuine 
Hudson's Bay "Point ' Blankets 

Thry are the same incomparable (juality today as 
when the forts of the ilud<M(n'» Bay Company stood 
n the prairir.^ \,,w u*cd much in the city home 
*n<l automobile as in the forest* oi the Far North. 
Color* of frey. ffrccn. Empire l>lac, scarlet, khaki, 
innlt; rolored atnpev al^. in white. J, 4>4 and 
4-puinl sixe« fVir-. f.#.r f.jtr 

10.50 u. 18J0 

-Low Mho Hoot, Nfte , \ 

Jaeger AU-WooI 
Travelling Rugs 

v\f have . V ki, variety of iheae 
'"TV .lr«i: ffirladfna the 

tioM ta>,.rf,; and rhrrke.i 

lr»ii?n». riif>' may lie »nr.\ 
lUlo rug* Of <>.<irh (hrow» to *simal 

idvahlace I'n. n fan|e from 
n .«S7.#0 

Jaeger Cardigans 
for Men 

Tlieae are made from ^ n^iviiirr nf 
eamel hair and 

material, light ni nciaiit and vciv 
fomforfatile. Pl«iti «iyle. with V 
neelc and iwo pwkrts Fawn ahadr 

only Price .. 

tatra large Hiia, »•# eatra. 


m ^ 


$2.25 Down 

hrins'. 'Sr H'«n*-f .fto your home 
•-to lifhten y<nir honaewnrlt. to 
kocp yoar ruat. your drapenea. 
>*nr wpbolitrrrd furniture, im- 
marulaieSv (Iran Thi* apeeial offer 
ia tor a limited iimc oaly, Pf^MM 
and am feyetaeataUra will 


— nM IW. NBC 

T HE DAILY CO I^NtSy, VlCTORfA, B.C SUAV&AVr^ltU.Y-14,^9g» 

■ ' ■ ■- ■ ■ r. 


• 1 

I's A 


Engagement Is Announced 


Notes Fmiii 

VAMOOUVBt. July U^-Mn. A. 
U. dfl Pwdar, ■■IMad by her ducb- 
tan, Mb, KMttMlb VkoUMui and 
Klii BtiUir de Pneter, entertained 
at oo« of the larier arteraooD af- 
fatn ot the past week, when they 
enwrtalned for Mrs. de Pender't 
daughien-ln-law, Mn. Theo w. P. 
dt Peocler sod Kn. Jomrph c. de 
Pender, who are rlstUng from the 
Cast. Th'' Lea wm held ni K^-r 
HauA» and fttteuded by many jpi«;Ln 
The tea tabloi. prettUy arranRtti 
with Summer flowers, ware presided 
otv br Mn. K. a VUsbfA MIS. 
Oflorgt WMHwB. Ka, Oncty tad 

MSm M. WHBht Cuuing -ti. 
wra Mn. OrsMiM Klnv. Mr. w^i 

lAcr CT«wfort! and Mlu 8b«ia Itu.-^- 

:MTt>-.u.s mIm Avis Pumphrrv ML^^ 
w I ni'rpd i5»sna. MUs Mar><inp 
lOjuiiiUeU. MUb a. Wtiirani. MIm 
SbcUa Rnawll. Mln Madge Rankin. 
MlH Hanld Hendry. Mlw R. Op- 
pcnhelmer, IClH Mariant Hender- 
son. MUa Prances Oatttwood. MUl 

B i: - iLiiK Mku KatbMtne Hurtioii. 
• • « 

For Bfide-Bleet 

MUM Monica Marpt^e maniafe to 
Mr. Aeneas BeU-Xrvliw wlU be an 
importsat eoclal neat at this month, 
and the bride-elect le being extrn- 
Btvely IrUit by her many frtends 
MljL's L.IU Ualkln vave » iuDchri>n 
[mrty nf ■ RoijUiland*" tm Wcdiwn- 
day. whpn corcn a^cre laid for Mn- 
Lionri HunUngdon. Mrs. Nell Pat 
luUo. Mrs. John Atoercrocnble, Mri. 
Jaofc MrtPminll. MlM YTcmDe Dny- 
tuM, USm CMtnite OMItln. 

Mary Slmmn. Mlv Vt* Chamber- 
lain. MtsA Dalton Mupoia «Dtt M^ 
laobcl RuBftell. 

• * • 
Daaea ai "Ardvae^ 

Following the wedding of MIm 
M.irgar*t Stewart and Colonel Jock 
MacLcon on Tuesday, her parvntit. 
Brlgadler-Oeneral and Mn. J. W. 
Stewart, entertained at a dinner 
followed by a dance at "Ardvar" tcr 
out-of-town and (AhfT guests who 
*«-Tc ut Uii' u was neae*- 

aojy ro pny^^ st--vprai iarve rooms at 
"Ardvar" into uae to hold the num- 
erous wedding gifia sent to the bride. 

r«r Vle4eHa Ooesls 

Mr. and Mm c p Hill, of V**^- 
torla, who havi- bei<n visiting here, 
have been iht- i;ucaLf of honor al 
.'ii-viTal :\f rrt.lrs. iiKliiUlii^ :\ cUiintT 
■Alien Tl.i-ir hosO) ftfro M; unj Mrr^ 
A h IrVfA Mrs H W Wt>tl .U... 
eiilATUiliied in Ui«if honor j,t .i 
lunetwott wtien oiben present in- 
^adad Ur, and Mrs. r v nnvhnr* 

and Mr» B A Ram. of Vlctorta. 

• • • 

Blarkbum and her boo. Mr. 
Blackburn, who have been n- 
aUOot tiart f oft Uw psM few jmn. 
arv laarlni 1& tbg near futim for 
rinnllanil Before fuTfp'wg here they 
i<p0Di aome time on Salt Spring 
ilsland. Mia. Per cy Shallcross en- 
I tertalaed in their honor at a dinner 
[on Hiunday rvpninjr ui hmur 

I **C^>enbttlSi. " Mns Hlai-fthun. mv.l 
I her lOn in"" rji'>'-'r!;ir luT'-yL-i Canada. 

i Rrtorn f-TMn ^IijIu lu^^in 

|, Afler vliiUrlg Mn I'HjnJoii! < r 

I at Shawnluan. Mrs. Aulay MarriMin 

and Mlu UnUM MarrlMn bafb re> 

turned home. . 

• • • 

tjrtjr for CalttonUa 

M ] f illy Lmv Kiid MIm Mar- 
finrv: Mi«A-auley left loday for San 
Prancldco. wtun llief wU 


m • 

. yet SO easy for everyone to, have! 

it pays to use 


Look for the 
yellow box 

Expert photo ftntilien ait 

rr«Hv in rvtry mmmanity 
tn <Jrvelop sod pnnt your 

$imvkkfy mi ikmidt^. 

A KODAK ALBUM , . . filled 
with snapshots of the happiest 
moments of your life ... a rcct'rd 
of your happiness to keep for- 
ever . . . surely this is the most 
precious book you could possess! 
Yet it's the one hook you can't buy. 
The one book you must **write" 
yourself, to be able to enjoy its 
treasures. And everyone can 
*Swite" thi-; precious book ... all 
•o easily. Just by owning a Kodak 
or Brownk and luingnt often. 

A cnmcra should be in rt'cry home 
to-day. And with At Fa'^tniaii- 
niadc Hrovviiic Camera priced as low 
as $2.2 5, or tlie faflnous Kodak at 
from >S up, there's surely no reason 
wliv' cvcrvonc shouldn't possess one. 
And goott pictures are so easy to 
take witli arjy Eastman Camera. 

Kodak Film matches the depend- 
ability of the Kodak and Brownie. 
It is always uniform and has wide 
latitude. Which simply means that 
it gets you the pictme. 

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited, Toronto 


. ■ $5 up , . > , at your dealer' 



KODAKS— Develophif and 


Soda Parlor — Seating 

for 400 



Victoria Boojc & Stationery Co., Ltd. 


t002 Oovammant St. 





Mr snd Mri 'I' II 
daughter. Helen Eimir. 
son of Blr. and Mrs Dav 

It. S M f ORHbh 

iiifii) nf their only 

' 'vu.irt Matkrnzip Forbes, eldest 
wedduie will take place at 
3:15 pjn. on August 10. ili the Church ol Our liord. 

A Book Money Can't Buy 

LaBetaaan Heateoi 

Mki. Alfred Bull was a luncheon 

hosteos on Wednesday, compliment- 

Ing Mrs C W Doheny and her 

coudn, B&ronne de Corlolls. Covers 

wan laid for Mn. EXxiKlas Armour. 

Mn.-A. H r>oiy:!s.'-, Mrs. Harold 

Kerr. Mrs Goldsmith of San Pran- 

elMO, and Mro. N. C. P. Cimves. 

• • • 
Away an Nanal 

Mr. and Mn. a. D Brooks. MIh 
saiaaDeth and Mr. WUUam Brookes. 
Mra Jack BMott. ot oaaHlfc and 
Mn. A. DudMinay. of San ArttKlseo. 
haye left on board the noiaal for a 
cruise to Powell River. 

MSlMf iUli 

SbmII Childrvn's Orrhestra rrovtdes 
IMigbtlDl Entertalnmrnt for 
Teachers »t Summer Srhooi 

One nf the really dpliyhtftil In- 
cidpnlA of thii year s Summer School 
for Teachers wa-s the rnlcrtalnmcnt 
given on Friday afternoon by a cbU- 
drsn'B Toy Symphony orchestra. 
Etanglng In ace from three and a 
haU to ten yean of aga. the twenty^ 
two children, composed of sn equsl 
number of boys and girls, came 
equipped with .sl'lch bolL-s. dnini- 
Sttrlt.'', laniboiin:!!";, c.i-si.inpf-^, 
clsc^, rnltlc- a MTflrialc or two. two 
vtoliii.-.. and u uiunber of loy drums 
and oUiPr percmuion Imirummw 
ramlllarly found In the plo>Tnoin or 
Improvlaed for ttu ocaauon. The 
presence of two or Ihrae youtHful 
planlstf in the organlaatlon andstad 
in giving variety and "body" to scxne 
of the numbers where thase Utile 
muBlcians played the solo parts. 

It was a cbarmlnf cntertatnmnit. 
and proved sn undeniably good 
demomtration of the value of the 
toy symphony In developing Ihr 
child's flense of rhythm, hL-i powtk 
of concentration, obrdirnc* to direc- 
tion, muscular co-'irrhmitioti. insight 
Into orchestral ruuUne and ramilisr- 
ity with standard musical KorKf 
AlUumgh several ot the chUdreii 
wera leea tttan llva yaan of ag c 
they ahovad good atlantlcn and al 
most Invariably came In at the 
proper places when the oonductor. 
MLu Olive Campbell, gave the sig- 
nal for their "Instruments" to join 
the en-temble. An occasional db 
traction, such as a troublesome lii 
W'ft, n looting motor or a. bannln^^ 
doir, now and then i';'. ■■r-<-] i!,* 
allention of a little playvr. bui the 
energetic movamenU of her neigh' 
bor qolcUy draw her back to a mum 
of her responslMllUes. 

Among the numbera played dur- 
ing the afternoon ^re "Dick Tur 
pin," Nancy Kyle at ttu plaoo. ac- 
companied by lambourlnas; "VLy 
Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" and 
"Old Blark Joe, " to which the chll- ; 
drcn siiriii In impromptu fashion. 
"March of the Giants and Dwarfs, ' 
accompanied by drums only: the 
March In "Norma. ■ accompanied by 
bells, and with K^^nneth Gave play- j 
Ing the melody: The Happy Farm- 
er" (Sduunaan), with Alan Jones 
at the pUno . "Mlnuat In C 
I Beethoven V Edna Blight at the 
piano; -Jolly Darkles," "f'op Gors 
the Weasel." a Walu by Ouriitt 
with Alice SkeUem ai the piano 
and "Minuet MlUUlre," KeAneth 
Cave at the piano. 

'•Participation ' in the toy sym- 
phony wand iJi the be»t .w>ri nf Lrain- 
Ing in accuracy of attark and rf- 
lease.'* said Dlrt-ctor .John Kyle ni 
the roun.e of the Utile address 
whirh hr made preceding the dem- 
ona^ration "A tardy dniro beat, a 
lagging ohlme from the triangle, 
stand out w obviously that the 
amaU player, in his chagrin, bendji 
every effort to prevent a repeutmn 
of the mistake. All this drUi. be- 
ridr^ lieing Intenwtlng, Is Invaluable 
in developing IdcaU of clean-cut, 
precise work along aU BWMaal 

lln'"- " 


MnSKOOBB. OWa.. Jttly 13 -An 
unusual court record haa been nied 
here by W. D MalfhUl. MuAkoRe* 
lawyer, who *f3m annulmeni of • 
companionate marrlABr cTntrart 
entered \nln -s-lth PIorA S Ffrrv 

Becau"* f>^ tf"" prf'-'l* - ■ ' ' ■ ■ ' 
may i-^uMLsli by virlur ol Un- pr«-- 
niipiini nureement. con^d— Ma t n- 

wre-M wan aroused la l^at ototdaa 
The qncatlon ot wheOiM as aUnd- 
mcnv ran be granted «ttl ba dWMai 

^ the name nm<-|iii who iMrtdnuad 
tha marrlaae rr-rtTiMiy. DUtlMl 
Bntoe V Vcmrr 
JMge Vemer said that no far as 
Iw knew the eve was the tint oo 
faoDTd asking a judicial odialan tm 
a OOmpanionate mx.rnase 


Doctor Is 
In City 

An int^re.iting vLator (o Victoria 
ta Dr. Victoria Cheung, the nrst 
Chinese woman to graduate in 
madldna in Oanada, and who has 
arrived hare on the Sro press of 
Russia on furlough ftan the Marlon 
Barclay Hospital at KoDff-Looo. 
South China. 

Dr. Cheung was educated in Vlc- 
toto a t uw primary and hl|h 
^woMB'^g-'Ina eStjr antf- |iaKhiaigd~ " 

six years ago from the University 
of Toronto She was an interne at 
the Toronto General HosplUl for 
one year and then left for China, 
where she has been doinR eicpiipnt 
work at the Chinese Ho«iiital, which 

is raider the direction of the ViM^ 
Boam of the Untted Ohuah 9t 

After spending a few weeks hrn 

as the guest of Mlas OronkhHc 
lOOS Johnson Street. Dr. Cheung 
will leave for New York when she 
will take a post-graduat« oourao. 

Long Beach. Ucluelet 

Mr Douglafl Gordon, of Vancou- 
ver. i« visiting m Urhieiet as the 
Kueat of Mr, D. MrDcvitt. 

• • • 

Mr Amot. of Torino, was a vldtor 
In Ucluelet last week. 

• • • 

Rev. P, Ardagh- Walter, of Toflno 
after spending some daya in Uclue- 
Ht. has returned to his home. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Godson left on 
Tueaday for Vancouver. 

• • • 

Mn. O. Zlnck and two children, 
of ToqiMt, ware vUton la Otfaelat 
over the holiday. - ^"""^ 

• • ■ 

Mr M Kl^hliio, i.f Cir-jrn Cove 
WHA a week-end vtsltftr in DclueleL 

• • • 

Mr. A. Balrd has lettimed after 

a fchort trip to Por» Albernl. 

• ■ • 

' son, of To- 

All Outdoors 

A Now Shiptncnl Just Arri^xd. See Our Wintiow (or 

Enjoy Your Vai,ition to the Kvill \>y Taking Along^ a 
I'air of Binoculars or Field (}lasseg 

H. S. Timberlake, Opt D. 

Yatas Strset (Next to Marnard Shoe Ston) 

Phone is;i 

1929-30 FURS! 

Retiring -From- 



BHmg STOCK or ii s a ss rvas 

H*rc rour (ur ganuni »lUiT«t(ani docta 
kt priu* M j^rttri R«UrlRt-rran- 

DuainrM Hal«. under Mr% ToUmt'i p«f- 
•onal •upcrruloo- Frwe (Iotmb in u> m- 
■utMl fftiUt- Oftrmmts tftll*d for ftad 4»- 

I2ia Oovanmenc 8t Pbooe I5i1 

qoot, vara visllon in Dotualat n- 

• • • 

Miss B Tidburv. who has been 
the guest of Mrs U. Hanson for 
several wadEB. baa ratumad to Vlo- 

• • « 

Mr Guy Palmer, of Tlctorta. Is 
visiting his father. Dr O Palmer 

• • • 

Mrs. S. G. Ayllffe and two daugh- 
ters, ot Port Albemi. acilfad In 
UclueleC on Wednesday. 

• • « 
Mr and Mrs. W. L. RltUer and 

two children, of Coal Harbor, are 
vial tonkin Ucluelet. 

• • • 

On Tuesday afternoon, at the 
home of Mr. and Mrs It J. HUller, 
the baby son Of Mr, and Mrs. w 
L. Hillirr was baptised by Acv. Ar- 
dagh-Walter. of Itoflntk, Tba taalv 




OpmoD 1^ 

S'-oir time acn a •prcijli'it in 
^ ,in.:.>vivrr <(i*Una4iihli«A Pa- 
c>[ic M itk tiy iu.irkr.| prsisr. 
It wa* ili'.intcrcs.icl , .li-ervs- 
tinn frnni a i-'ur* r il,,n 
authoritaiive and it was de- 
el4edly imprauive 


Factory at A h haa tf ori , BiC 

recvlved the name rvmaid William. 
The sponsors were Mrs j Tbomp- 
aon. Mr. W. msUm and Mr. B. Bit- 
uer. After am aannoM dainty i«. 
frealunenta wire aervad, Mn. w. 
Thornton ntfiliiMng 

Nanaimo Pcrsonab 

Mr and Mn. T. apencer, Town- 
left yeaterday tor Vancouver, 
and they Intend, lo eompaoy with 
friends, to motor to OaUfOnila from 

Mr. AOeat ll.*Catt, Pint Btrrrt. left 
yesterday for an extended vMt ta 
the Baiteni Btatee by way afOaU- 


• • • 
Mrs. Arnold Ijekhii and daughter 
Madge, of Alamrda CattfOmla. are 
visiting her cousin. Mra. p, J. Jen- 
king, WaoewwUi SIzaaL 

dTT. B-C, July n 
Mllat beoaaMi a through freirnt ■ 
btttn. It la brtlmd he was trying 
to board, nw here MatU Hon- 1 
kanen. a Ruaatan nr nnlandrr. ; 
about fortj--n»r vmr> of age. was' 
W> badly injured that twxh f#»et were ' 

amputated at the hoapttal. It is be> ' 
irtBiaaaMK { 

July Sdie 

We Are 


^ — 

As Show n in the Following Prices 


A small sclcclion of \nw Cnat>. fur trimmcl ;,n.l f.rirv scarf 
follars; sues 14 to 44. Regular price $49.50 it P" ^ 

'"^ 929.50 

3<.>nt.v, Fawn Coats, in halt .sizes, ity'/i to ^^0% B A 
20>i. Regular prices to $39.50 fof ......... -^^^adO 

2 ^^^h% Tweed CoaU; t»Ms 14 and t8« 1 0 50 

3 Only. Tweed Coats; sizes 16 to 38. it ^ B 
-9 1 5.00 

Here Is a Real Bargain in Dresses 

% ISL I^rcsse.s OTily; sizes 14 to 38; in 
A9 n^vy, tan, green and blue. Reeular <o it 4 A ff" ^ 
$25.00 for ^4 UadO 

5 Duly, Spun Silk Drcsfte.i. ^ 
Each *-9d«00 

Importad Knlttad W«tr 
Branlac and Diimar C ow m A fmim a a and tport 


Pay roll oj Labor 
Eclipses Previous 
Record in Province 

I .irgrr Payrolls Are Reported by Leading Indus- 
tries Fewer Asiatics Are Employed Thjn For- 
merly, Numbering^ 10.750 in l ocal -All Na- 
ticmalidca Are Represented 

Increase in Apprentices Is 
Reported 1 hrough Province 

TH> industrial payroll ot the Proflnee hu rclip&^sl ill prevloua 
MeordA. accordinf to the annual report of tj^e Dfpanmrnt of 
Labor pre«nt<d to the Hon. W. A McKeude, Minister of 
Labor, by Mr. J D McNiven. hli Oepvty Minister. It ecmUlns dome 
Inuroiung flcurea ttlattoff to IndMlM aeUrmat ror 193S. The 
loUowlnc is taken from fbe sUUiMoia Mettoa ot tb« report: 

Dwtinent of Labor li able Umiiigh ako feia«ast« te •l.««.^fnMii UM.- 
UU* section nt \u anniiRl report to | nS.«MM IB 1M7 lo •tllJ2LAMJ6 

Kiipply inrormaiinn which u of , Ooaparlng the r«an 1M7 acMl uaa! 
^ttui volu^- to .hr mciu.-.triai Ule it u noted that the talMi*. of 
of the Prevince .huwing u it do« I , er, niperint««lmt* and maaaflm 
Jn^iS^lilliSu^",^^ bearln* ,h.v. decr»a«d and (h.r the^mount 

afced a xword both m the mnlber ihe wm paid lo w;«e,eam«.ri 


Ambassador to Britain 

■■5 I 


ti mtHnttm aad the toUl amount 
paid In wavM. 
Retanu were reoehwd thla year 

from 4.M(I Indiutrlal ^mplm-prs; 
which In A rrn.rd miititMr mid an 
lnrrF«»* of 3(J7 ovrr Uie prevloua 

rAVBoix OP ALL nVDunsiBs 

The toUJ Uidij£tnal payraO of Ktm 
Province U given aj foUova: 

r^ftM et 4.t«« flnnt BMhloi munia is DtpBrtiiuQi ^ Laaar' 
R«ttiri» rM-ai.Mi too l*u lo to uulvM la atov* MMnurr 
■moloyMt In weuMitQM Iticlaaad la DtawMMtt s loadn bh mm- 
'p' ■«i«t#d F«rraU TJ7 . * ' 7 

Tt »MMW>t WW)Ia1 Ttffwrt , ... 

MmlnMB and TroviuiaJ OmrmoMM vaffcm !. , 
Whol««aW and rtuil Anas 

DriL^ri'. .^aruat m< iMOrtaa, wanlMttMiw. buMbn^' mwiac pi«t«r* 

haa Inoreaocd correapondlngly We 
ntfrt take tbU to mean that In- 

tfnrtrr 1« bacmmn< to feel Ow ellect 
ef mof« ea«at naiuc«H« end 
that throucfa an tnnrmi la He itlei 
and ottee force the eflOft to reaA 
out foTMv maitoli U belat re- 
fleeted by an taMteaaed payrad tor 
the ware- earners. 
Tint tatal payna far ibtt was 



J>.I44.«S N 
4.0N.MW M 

■ - , - ™ ^ « VP vat 

oc'nn M<t*im ane tearvat oeieaa 

''!> • •"■til 


aad a«la tcaawertaiiaa 


GENERAL Dtwee. Ambaendor of the Untied 8tetee» vfao recently 
arrived U tha Old Country to talw over the exedlBc ofAse ^ Am- 
h e Medei of the United Statee to Qnat Britain, ia h«» sein i*M hii 

favorite pipa. 


^ »m4aa.75a.u. thua showini an in- 

The peymenta to oOeera. niper- ereaae for leu of W^7ft,033M Of 
tntrndenu and managera amounted the (wenty-flre tablw eoverlM the 
to $13,719 120 6&. or BJffi. of the iBduetrUl aetivlties ef the Prwtowe 
total ctrrrkB. ntenoffraphers , twenty ebov an iMnMid BamU 
aalenmen. »ia.736,a3e II. or BJ1<«. land Ore ibOV • ' 

raan omcsruAL divisions 

Oortnc the laat Ave years our 
return* have been divided into 
three lepanUe dittrlcta. namely. 

Oreater Vanoouver, fteat of Mata- 

f^JJJ^Iland and Vancouver lahind. 
Iin.08i 7«i 71 jOrfaler Vancouver tor our piirpoae 
inciudAH Vancouver City aa now 
corukt iiui od I which include! South 
Vancouver and P<Mol Oreyn. Bum- 
ataor, Nort^ Vaaeoaver, and w«t 
Vaaooaver. fids area aoeountad for 
aiJ3 per oent of the total peyroU. 
or a toUl of NS^J».41. itsrt 
of the Mainland, whioh includes Uie 
Queen Charlottes and other North- 
ern Islands, bad a perrenlAsr nf 
44.M. at %m,lW.\2i.1\. The third 
main division, Vancouver laland and 
the Oulf Inlands. ha« again im- 
proved Ita p«Tt:fnlHge to 30.00. or 
i»3«.7M.034 fi7. 


Coriipanni: tliP wntjf- payiiit ni* of 
1028 with !fl27, bv Kroup*. thrre are 

groupa luffering a t^ducUoD of ihc 
annual payrolls are headed by pulp 
and paper manufacturlni. vtui v 
loss of M30.000. ThlB ti the leeond 
year »ith a heavy reduction In the 
payroll ct this indostry, although re- 
ports i' '.hf tiiiif of wriiins would 
seem to indicaic a probable bottom 
having been reached. Shipbuilding 
and repairing again ahowi a Iohb of 
• The payroU of brawenes 
decreaaed 1110.000. Coal mining 
offered a drop of SIOMO, due no 
doubt to one of the mtnot in Um 
Island area having closrd down for 
pun of thr year. Tt:i p of »1» 000 ,' 
In paint manufarturum u- dtfllcuU. to \ 
account [or whtn the incrtaw in 
several aroupa which ahould benefit 
the paint maoufaeCnmc Industry la 

KMpix)Tiin[vr or pknalis 

The proportion of female em- 
ployees again inrri-imwi to 8 75 per 
cent from tJt per cent in 1927, The 

few atrtking tncr»-a»e*. the iargwtl™* dunnf teas la largely absorbed 

1^5 Good 

0 • 

. that's "why 
ugh for Me^^ 

being that of the lumbering indua- 
triea. where the payreU inereaaed 

S1.7&0.000. toUovlng by metal mbi- 
ing, with an advance of $1,000,000. 
Thu fulfilled general expectations 
of boih tiiaae grams. Pood prod- 
u( -.> hai rontinued Its rise, increaa- 
IHK by toOO.OOO. aa did al^o the 
uttlity Kroup and the manufacture 
of wood < N E 8 > Coast atilpping 
made un advance of lOSOiNM. due 
doubUfSf^ to Uie groaUy Increased 
t,our1st travel ipanaoied by the 
■ larger shipping companies. iUscel- 
f taneoua metal trade.<< axaln incrsassd 
: thlA year by S60o,(>oo The con- 
ItraPtlne and builders' materials 
I Kroup havp fifiv«n'-f>. of t'iSO.OOO and 
t.i40.0O0 rt'apt. tivi lv Tlip oil relln- 
itiq: ffrmip. which inrludw crude oil 
and (bh oij. >ihuw5 an incrcaw of 
1370.00(1, TntsrfUaneOUS trades and 
lndU5trte&. t200iX)0; tMIDdrles. clean- 

inc end dyeUi* aeraneed SUO^: 
garment mdklng. bouse fumiahing. 
leather and fur goods by IIOO.OOO in 
each sroup. Oauu were aLto re- 
corded In ctsar and ubacco manu- 
facturing, explosiviu.and rhrmicaUi 
jewidiy manufacturing, prmtuig and 
publtahlm; and smellthg. The five 

How to Keep 

Fit at "Fifty 

by the groups representing the 
msnufscture of toed produeli, laun- 
drlsa. cleaning and dyetaiff, prbittaig 
and publiahtng. end the uutitv 
group The group havtot the Urseni 
decrease is that of the manufacture 
of leather and fur good* The van 
atioo la the female empioyment in 
the other goods Is jmM snftMsot to 
srrsst attention. 


ly making a -tudy <-( tM.'s par- 
ticular table of ih» rr, ur-. , >„„ 
to the oonelusion mat iht nage- 
^fwi of the Prevl ne e have a de- 
nded- intemattoaal oom^vcrv 
wuntry In the takh« part iJ 

the acuviuw of tta ladSlTalUfe. 

The fmployees returned as na- 
tives of Canada and Nevteundland 
took an upward turn over last year 
a* did ttUo ,h^ nftiives of ConUnon- 
lai Kurope. in of the Increase 

jn the laat-namrd group British 
born— that u. naUves nf the British 
per cent of 

tne total number employ»*d The 
percentage of Canadian* and ihn.r 

rtT" J?,?t?iS*"^<* ****** • '"^• 'dcd 
nae. with 3g.07 per cent of the total 

Let Us Call . . . 

Truth Be 

Stranger k.. 
Than Fiction 

A trite savin;::, hui proven to the hilt by 
our dependable scrvirr and expert han- 
dlinK oi the nio^t dainty silks, delicate 
tabrics and softest flannels. Economy 
of the truest tort » exercised by our 
patrons. Longer life to their materiats, 
prompt service whrrr time counti an4 
an actual saving oi money. 

With our delivery car will disappear one-haU 
of your Summertime troables. May we ex- 
orcise those malignant sprites, the Stain and 
thi^Grease Spot. Ours is the service, yours 
is the satisfaction. Those heavy curtains, 
that H^iinty 'ilip. stained table cover and finest 
linj^rnr. is as safe as the other in our 
trained and experienced hands. We ask for 
a test. 


Phone 3302 

M5 advanoiiii 
I 28t ui IB26. 



1 564 In 


SK \f^ur fnotfirr or \ otif gmuk if 
^ she kxK>wa the McCIary name I 
Silvll teU you tbat when she was a tuiy 
girl McOary Raa^ wm fiMM«tf fa 
and wide— juM as dMy are todayl 

Quick; efficient; a splendid oven. 
Clean. Dependable at all tiraa. A 
touch of dainty color, yellow, gncn or 
blua, matcKing ■ ■■■a.^T f t J utMlb» and 
modani kitcbcD colo* achttaeii 
Ask to aae the famous McClary Oven 
Heat Control, tha Msgk Whwl U 

Several oaea and models tschooaaffomi 
popular pricaa from #$1.00 to I60S.00. 
Md 29c feff a copy of new end h«auriM 
Mdera Hfu mi r i g pi,, ' Quid* and Cook 

R('«-.k regular price 1 1, 00") to 
W'arca Limittd. Vi 

Oreat Britain 
this yea 

ai oompnred „, „, 

tflfcthpf mt employeea wf, 
claun the English language a^ Uicn 
mother tongue, we have Ta gs oar 

Now to Qrow Old year, . 

No Need 

Wmply Through Pesming 
Yeare— How to Make 
a Test That 

rhev figures would sc«m to Indl 
raic that the youth of the Province 

It May Be 

pected to assume greater reipaa- 
slbiUtlea in tiieir naUve Preelneci 
BStPLOvERs* iMam. PAraOLL 




Vw a Mainwaring 

61S Fort S 

Mm ftnrt Aumrti In Ihi.'^ iiiodi'm 
age arr it,s old ai thrlr Nerve 

'Force no older— no yoonger. You 
may be old at thirty, er young at 
fifty or abfty. 

Old age and the dlsMss that old 
age lnvlt«a sUlks In the pa^ of 
every persim past forty «tui pennlta 
Nerve Force to run low They are 
ready v1ctmi<i of Paralyata, Apoplexy. 
Rheumatism. Kidney and Bladder 
lYoubie. Sciatica and many other 
dangerous ailmrntx 

Youthful vljTOr Tit'! »;\ .irnbKlon 
and powpr stay with pMipl^> at any 
age who keep their Nerve nlras 
running itrong. 

In what class are youl Check up. 
Then make thla ibnple, easy test: 

Bvery leading druggist In this elty 
DOW gifers. under blndbig guaran- 
tee, a new arientiric preparation 
sailed Brbar 'double strengths lu craaAing 
action Is .ilmpty on 'he ner\-e cells 
tie purpoev u t/< buikl up youthful 
agt-reautiog nerve farcr and power 
It's not a mere narve stimulant that 
laahea tired nerves to action, nor a 
ssdal lw to hiU owwreught nsrvce 
to temporary rest, tt brlj^ no 
^iTtv-minute change. You must use 
i>hm dally for twenty days to ex- 
pact reftulu. But tf you want nervr* 
at steel, thf power of youth and 
an* willing to pay at Uv rstf of t^-n 
cents a day for twenty dav %tv\ 
have the roiiraje t« mak<- iht- i^^t, 
yoar own druggiet will M.prU you 
with s twenty dayi' U'^t o( t:rbac 
fdouble etmgthi on thla guarantee. 
tTse It fer twbnty days, and then tf 
V1.J fir, not feel at least ten vear» 
■■■-■'loc.'T and If your ability and 

'■nd'^ranre havs DOt hSIieSSeil at 

i*>a^t !oo p^r emi, fom qMosy wuj 

br r»(Lin<led 

tTrb*.'- "l/vib V -Trrnirth ' \f ^Spr- 

•-isiiy d#awn**i 't tojkfi p«.<t forty 
If roil hsf -"-ftrh*^ 'fill ngr and 
wuu reaulta. make this teM mihaut 

^'Sfcnee to uadk 

mfm0W-h%tk rmranice la 
fraalnr aad legaL 

The psresntage of A^i,vIt .^ 
a further rsduoUon thu year thr 
Panenlage belsc *i9. as oomBaied 
with per esnt ta imT^^ 
The actual number of omocea mi- 
ployed during leag was B.0|g a re- 
duclioD of 4S7 from thr- previous 
year. Hje number of Hindu* em- 
plovpd was 77» a reduction of suty 
TiH- iiiHiibrr of JapaiT-w. however 
Increased from 3.MB In 1*27 to 4 05.1 
m ins The number of all AMahr* 
employed during II2g was 10 750 a 
redoetion of 3SS fron the flgurse of 

KMPlOVMrvr n.ircTtrATKS 
A tabic In the repon .■Jiow.i the 
tluctuauon of. smploymf-m dunng 
the year. January again *iAJid* out 
M the aOOth of least empioymem 
eith W.4S9. as against Tojsg lor 
1W7. AofUA for the sseond oon- 
steuUve ysar waa the month of 
(veetcst esnploymcnt. with M.lJg 
•s eoapared with SSjiS for the pr«- 
vtoua year, demonstfaUng the In- 
profperlty There were 
79.790 emptoyad in December, leag. 
compared vtth 7UM the pnvi«w 

cBANocft IN WAOB aAita 

No prtmounc^d chanpe* appeared 
in the wage rates during in*' ymr 
the principal inrreaaes being re-* 
corded by brewerlet. Coast shlpplpf. 
jeat'try manntacturtng laundrlca' 
•■leaning and dyeing, tneui tndSs' 
fmscellaneottt trades and industne* 
printing and publuhmjt .tmeiung 
and the uUUty group of the 
twentf-are cnm^s, stxcen «bow an 
hneus the veeldy wag* 
nhie of ihe groupa a small 
ID tbe average weekly rale. 

TTir average industrial wage (or 
A.I KdiiU male employeai for lesa 
r'uchrd the hlghesl point mncr the 
year of ISan when it «iood at 
IT ■, ' p<.r w»ek '.or reaj igag 
» : .. w^if, work. 
\Mt rear ailentjon wu drawn to 
th» i n or r eet in ihf mimber of 
prantleeg M m i m < he jut' few • 
and n la pleastre >i^am n^Mr. 
a gain for IKW mbrr betng ttus « aimoet double the 

the number of firms thus classlfled 
rearhed thr record total of 2&4, 
or thirty five more thui the flifure 
for the prevtou!) year In arriving 
at the te^i we do not include anv 
public authorities. Dominion. Pro- 
.vlaelal er munlrJpal. nor does it in- 
ehide traneeuntinenlal railways, 
vbetasale or retaU smnhanu or 
eaep-esa shippmf . tUrteen ot 
these flnne hed a paynOI ef ovw 
$1,000,000. of which fiurat)er four 

wrrr Y.r<-i.-rn tS.OOO OOO and HjOOO,- 
00' *.> „veT t«.000 000. Of the 

nuiMii' i J 't lumbering as usual 
has I" : < '1 ;i t-ommanding lead 
with a 1 -(rn 1 :oR of the laJTe flrma. 
ten niorr thut! ■ pr<". vfar 
Food i>r'>fiii'" i ,v(*in -^nnd nith 
twenty fi 'jr r, ;. :T.aa* of sia over 
Dir-n :..ii..w.- CoMAt shipping 
ooDlncung wtih tUtaen each; 
metal ralnbig, fourteen: public 
tniUes. ten. coal mining, nine; 

1 1W7 

-j and 
^ rneti 

Kfll _ 

-netal iradHt, srvsn: prlniuv and 
"tbiinhinE. pulp and paper and 




In Greatest Demand From ' 
Coast t.i C'osxt 
I'opuUr With Housewiveg fivcrywbare 


1 im T( n 

When ^ffr 

Children Ciy 
for It 

^tlpblilIdmg. with sU eaoh; menu 
Caeture of Ume. stone and oement 
and manufactura ef wood iN.B£ i. 
five each; mlacetlaneoua tradw and 
ladustrtea and laundries, elcanlng 
and dying four each, garaget. 
'.hr''*' ho^Mtr fijrnlflhlfyt oll-reflnlnt 
and smriimg two each, and one 
each in creamerlea (•tpltwivea, gar- 
sunt making. Jewelry maoufaclur- 
plurabtne and heetiM r mug 
emet mgiel-«of%s. 

buff holfw In them and 
themseivei* up In the torn porta 
When we hauled them la they 
nearty aiwee m oveMM* 

The dew eM emaiirr lady was 
duitreaaed to find that aons of the 
>ounger maids neglected 

■ hujch attendance and 
her houssbteper about u. 

rolling ; ought lo fo " Ae eald. nr«, ma'mft. 
that's what I ten them." reptted the 
tafthful reUiner • I my» tcTw. T 
ae to ehurch.' i m^iL 'an' wlmt 
harm has It don* meT' - 

Kitty McKay 

»2SS?r?.liS1irs:^t2|A'n'ACKED by sharks 

jacfcMla nf •fharfeK Rwam Uda 
ash t 'hajinel a«d aald 
men'* Catches 

»^i\rinj. of iktiarks wtitch bave in- 
veded the SmMl OlMMl tftmuib 
of maekenl are atM^DMl fUb- 
w wve LM—ia ' »*th piBOCr oT ezeltement 

al^TalklBean- 7^ of so, boat which landed 

tttUe one IS ai ease. If leatiem, a 

few drops soon bring cententmisit 
No harm done, for Oastorla Is a 
baby remedy meant (or baferiea Per 

fe^-Uy safe lo (JVC the younger 
inlaot, ytm have Lite doctors' word 
for that' It b a reretable product 
and yoo could uar it evwy day. But 
It's in an 

flUpaUon must be re U ei u S la cotto 
pains— v other suffsrlng. Wevor be 
witliaut it; eoae aukawrs keep an 
eatra bottle, uftepmd. la atake sitre 
there will aJva%> he Owtona m 

hOUSa. It •fTf. ■- te V* nl/j^ rhll- 

drsn. too. read cbe bank Uiat oaaoa 

Vita m, 

Ilea sharks In one memlnt stated 
that they had ^wnt the night re- 
'pentnff riielr sctaefea Hie ihaits 
had followed a ahoal of macbarel 
int« th» Channel, but apparsnUy^ 
refrained fenm alUrkln* lh«n imtti 
Uicy wsfS lo the nets "We mw 
tbam glide by our boat or. the r.alm i 

fiaiiid 1C 

is 22 iays 

tfiiOOS -v^ 

IWP >b»t aaot 

Full of health aotf WMtht-balu- 
mg eii b s nnn es the proven and sue- 
eeasfvl klad— the kind 'hsi ar* a 
rsnl help to (ran. rundown. Ulnny 
MflB gai women 

*»22r "yr*"* "*? 'fflcient : 

•er-e^teo tamslM laMau tar < 

tfby»--«> «hv asot h-^p 

gfeaoy ymv meaey will ks rwWMecL 
On* wamao gatoag ten pounds 


^*iSre«JSr..r T ' "•"t^fcMwmyaiw lion Art 

maesrrei entarea the net* ^nri inT> UafParlane Drw v.m»w _ " 

-ttarked the nsb m a body, arag- | S^^S^oSTdtiS^ Oo T^l'^ 

tffflhMiSSSPr^'^'^ Otreeuoos and 


The rlrl frIOBd My* she U M 
ktated as an oranr* af^f if i 
any more tanned "hr^ t^gia 
I vith a aauthera teoaA 


AV II I. V !4, iq?9 

Plays and Players 

mm. mm^ 

ALL-lAlJili; FILM 

Lr^ft Show* T 

With l»oB(la* 

Thr Capitol ThMtre booUng for 
tbt flnl tbr«e dsys of thla week U 
Itie ftU-UIkins productioa, "Divorce 
lbd« Uuy." eo-sUmni nwnrlM 
lAKdnn and UuiB Prevoat 

TWfl picture m*rk« thf d(»bui of 
both thete popiUmr artl-sLs in Lalkiiiu 
movltt, and deaU wiui ttmt rvtr-in- 
temtlnR subject ol rnamnumy ai 
the tllle lmpHf-1 The pr(<(lijcUoii 
thrttut;ti(iUL If. (■Jil of mlrtiilul Mtiui- 
UorLi ttful thrri' Is (Iniiiia and action 
■ pl'-ntv AtUl.d tu Uili 13 a superb 
dlalivuf and sound prL'sentaUOtl 
that itit the piciurM Into a st^e of 
enteruinnwnt that ia both b«uUful 
and different 

Panunount pictures, ataot the In- 
flOpUon of louiid and dlologuc^. have 
striven to Improve each picture that 
hai been made, and It certainly 
M«ns that "Divorce Made Eaay" 
Mdft fair t/t be <jnr ot Lhc moat oui- 
stamiino: talking fllnu that baa been 
shown ui Vlc'rtrln 

Marie Prfvost'"^ vol'-'' htm n dell- 
Rstv shar.tlnK %ml tonal quality, while 
DouKla-1 ?^LwIcan iji the p(«w«Rsor of 
B \uur ihni l»rh rtwoiiwit and 
pl'-ii.''i:i|: rii>' N-ihirj'T i>f the cut Is 
alAij o[ riicpiUMiAl merit. 

On the sane bUl la a flm pro- 
gramme of 100 per eent ■oond abort 
foaturet IneludlnK a laui^kable all- 
talltlnc comedy preamtatlnn that fai 
t TCTltable not nf fun. and some 
fine muMcel sprclaltleA. 


L:»ptt0t— "Divorce HmOb ttrnf." 

■tArrlag Oouflaa MoLmd 

and Marie Pmoat. 
CulMiwMe —'The M«x>ean 

fid.- br Ra B M ph 
DecBlttleo— Jamea Mumy •ad 

Bartiara Kent, tn "Tti* 

Ptayheaaa 'Ladlea of the 

Nlsbt Club," wttb Rlcanto 


folliiiwii— The WloDlpeg 



Diiialiilew OChm 


Mar la 

Howtone ArtiBts 

Anions other Icffitln^te player* 

listed for rent MovtPtonf produrtkma 
■re J M Korrluan. Lee 'lYacy. Ken- 
nrth MacKenna. three players of 
the yotmppr KenrralUwi well known 
tar their dlstlnctlvf work tn Broad- 
way Lhfurrr'\ rh< li.^r mUn In- 
oludPA Georvc MncFitrlane. Lennox 
Pawle. Dorotby BUfgaii. Bylvla 
Field, ObarloOe Henrr. Marjorle 
White. SUMbaCb PaUenoo, Richard 
Keene, Paul Page and Prank Rlch- 

'1 hree Dimetuion 
Screen Piemrea Get 
SueeewMful Trial 

jm •odtMeg'ariaadbig Amarl- 
en ttUMIM cngtaMn recently at- 
tended a demoMtratkm m New 
York of the third-dimension aim— 
bringing natural depth and stern- 
Rcopy, It li claimed, to the screen 
for the first time in practtra) form 
A tlbff of a single act from a well 
known muRlral ramedy. iDcludlnR 
stnguiR anci •nii.sical effects, was 
Hhown The dancers, it is staled, 
stood out In clear relief oa the 
screen and appeared entiraly Ufe- 
llfce. The system has been per- 
fected by the RJC.O. engtneera from 
♦ > ■■ rr i -i'Im-' of Mr Oeorifp K 
cliiUned that the 
KLtTt\f&cu[Jii- CHUu'ra eiuibles the 
sUghtart details in br rrojrdi^'O. and 
that It can phoioKraph scenes at 
a dlxtance of Ave mUea At th^ 
present stage of Its development 
the new' syitem needs a special 
camera, lenses, project^w and Kxeen , 
but U Is antlapaied that sunpllfl- 
eatton wlU be possible. 

The tedkie RoHer 

In the router of .scrr^n players 
who durinit the rornlnn year will b*- 
heard and seen In Pnx talltirii; [>ji 
tures are Janet Gayuor, Churles 
Parrell, Mary Duncan, Warner Bai- 
ter, VJetor MeLaglen, Kdmund 
Lowe. Lois Moran, Loulae DresBer. 
Charles Morton. Oeorge O'Brien, 
U}ia Lane and Bharoo Lynn. 

An eotertalnlog eound and talking 
film of the oU nelds and of the fake 
i Oeht racket will come to the screen 
iof the Dominion Theatre t*5niorrnw 
' when "'Ttir Shakt-down," made tr. 
UnlvereaJ witfi Jamea f^urray and 
Barbara i.' r.. the featured roles, 
will be tilt ^ruKipal offering. The 
picture is complete with illglmi 
sequotoea, sound effeeta and in w> 
Rtdental musical setUn^ ^ia Movie- 

The picture w»« dlrrclcd by Wil- 
liam Wylrt, wria will be rrme-robered 
for hl» I'.uod dlriTiKiu of "Anybody 
Hrrp ScL-n Kelly? ' It ww t-aken 
from a rlevcr aiory written by 
Obailes a Lo^uc. veteran newa- 

Sper and scrfcn writer. The story 
s several unsual twists in It that 
make It highly entertaining. 

The story deals with the rommnoe 
of a charming little waitress In an 
ntl boom town ond a handsome 
y-uiiH Tii!^;<'r on on-' M fhc "[1 dpr- 
rlrk--*. Itit plot revolve-- aruund ft 
fake prlxe fight and Th" Rang oi 
rackeleT'- -vhi> are managing It. 
Bow thr ]u-r-'u\i- disenBsgea the herO 
from the mcfilita of this ring, with 
the help of a lovable youngster, a 
waU o< the old flekta. makes very 
human drama with heart Interest 
and appeal. 

others m thp ra^t arc Oeonre 
KuLflonaros. Wlm !. r f iakman Hiirr> 
Ortbbon and lliUe Ja^k fUnlon 
Slrlk!n(t .■»rpn<» of an oU field are 
fihnwn The dtalogiie U well h»n- 
dlr>i M1.V4 Kent's voice Is espedaUy 

A chorus girl was a gueet at a 

fimart party. And was pleased to 
find thai iin f^id flame tif hers — a 
man of title -v^w aLw prewnt 

She deruJed to pique hUn hy i rent - 
inn hirr. with lofly '■nnt<'mpE, and 
• i\¥<i. t.'OiUR Introiduced by their 
hast4%.', looked at hun with studied 
Indifference and murmured. "Sorry 
1 did not get your name." 

"Na" was the tan reply. T know 
you didn't. But that wasn't your 
fault You tried hard oiough." 

Scene from The ftiakadowR." the sound and dialogue prodoctlon ribow- 
bw M«n4«f^ gbd WsjBSifcy of tWa w«ak at Hi* Z>o«Mhi 


Music and Stage 

Coa im s nt «« CurreoC Beaala 


■By Bpaimx u- oaamoMi 
every season brings a group of 
artists who are unknown lo the 
general ptUiUc. It Is rather Intcrest- 
mg to fhid out just Iraw Uiese new 
arusu ore listed as possible atlrac- 
iJiins :or the coming season 

The r('* rests with the 
monngT, wh(- i". b'.H.'k'.n ( i<\e new 
■rUst, and tlie ouinuger mu«t make 
every possible investigation. He 
cannot accept any artist oo hear- 
say or even «n Barapean preas na- 
tlees. ir the artlat Is a European, 
the m aae ge r obtains report* from 
his a;enta. vbo are tn Bltfope to 
gather first-hand Impressions of 
new srtLits. and who are capable of 
judging the merits of the artist and 
ate his po.i.^bitities In the Uatted 
States or Canada 

In the ease of an American artist 
there arc iQMOlal and very exacting 
audttlona tba» t«at every shlUty of 
the artist Consequently, when a 
new artist is added t-' the list rv^ry 
representative of the b<K>ktng ofUce 
knows Just wha^ -hit n.'-tut can do. 
and Is ^le to .i' '- .- u.nrt his value 
m any ^ven aituauon 

rolando Mero. who vtU bo rs- 
membered by many Vietortauis for 
her fine pn^ormancea here, and 

wiih whom Oertrude Huntley 
I ( irpen played n two-ptano group. Is 
I b'likliT-.L' up a reputation a* a com- 
Ifnt-." a. well an R pianist Hrr 
"Ciprimo tTnuarese" wa."* [>er- 
foroied tiDs r by both the SL 
Loui^i and Cincinnati Symphonies, 
with the oompceer as soloist. The 
at Louli Ttanes critic lays: "With 
the thematic material drawn 'argely 
from Hungarian folk muslo. Mme, 
Mero has put together a brilliant 
fihow piece that none but the most 
accomplished lechnlclsn would dare 

Headed by the Acrobatic Wonder 

The Wonder of the Age 



Thf juvenile Bf'.m linimrnol 

The Ballad Queen 




"Winniptt; >■ Pti/p Baby Star 

HgrrfT Lauder's Double 








1 I ' ^ 1 ' V ' 


Thursday. Friday and Saturday 
Including Vaudeville 

Doors Open «t 600 P.M. Sherp 
Picture « 7 P.M. and 9:30 P.M. 

Vaudeville at 8:15 PM. Act 
Matmeea Wednesday and Saturday Only. 1:30 
Picture at 2 P.M.. Vaudeville «t 3:15 P.M. 
<Kfti on Wednesday aa Usual 

Coming on 


Abie's Irish Rose" 

Also a Complete Change in Vaudeville 

A Long Time Since We've Had a Variety Show, 
Folks. Bat Here "tit— Acrobats, DeaeeiBr Cocnadians 
aad EvorytfalBf. Wltosfs w t 

fi'sed to aUew the boy to accept en- 
gagements for a iieriDd ai over two 
oionChs every year. Ho child eoukl 
have a more carefully planned 
schedule otf lessons and sames than 
this boy, who shares a number "f 
privtt'.* teachers with his litUe ftLi 
len, who dl&play gtftx (or the piau'j 
whirh aie brirrf ciU(*fuLly re- 
strained, rhe &rm bchef of the 
Menuhhi (amlly that a musical 
eduoaUon msjr be fostered bj means 
of flrst-olasi gwmnphane reeonto 
wUl be of Interest to aeny normal 

Five EnKlUt) plnys are doing ca- 
pacity buflness in Pan* ■'The Cir- 
cle," by Socnersei Maughwam; tare 
playa oT Noel CXward'a. "Home 
Ohat' aad '■Wieefc-Bad": Benmtd 
fthaWs TJaeaar and Cleopatra " and 
Ben Johnson's n^olpone " Three big 
suocessos have been "Broadway." 
"The Trial of Utaey Dngsn," end 
"Show Boat " 

Neuf ZeeiMtd 
Umgmm Whi^SeiecU 
Best FUm» Qiered 

A Better PUrns I^eattue has been 
founded tn Aucliltiiiil This in an 
iiiiotnclal body , quit c mdeijcndent 
of Lh*- ( lovf mment cenanrtsJUp. It 
wU: i.i)' <-i-)iii1eniii bnd fllmft. ' but 
will cuiinne itself to recommending 
ifDod uMa. The Idea Is that mem- 
bers shall view novtnc pMures at 
private SCToenlngs, and Uftn make 
theu- reeommendaflons. The oper- 
allnnn of the league are welcomed 
Ijv r hi- proprietors of the pict '.ire 
thratres AltU'-IieO in the lraK»je 13 
a iriuvrniriit Uir |ir'\l(!inn brl'.4T 
prosrammes at fUuia lor chihlrrii. 
ThlB movanent was started by the 
wife of the Oovemdr-Oenersl. Lady 
AUoe Perguaon A panel of Inter* 
eated persons han been organised. 
The entertainment will not be en- 
tirely educational, but tlie child .^ 
Uklng for amusement and adven- 
ture teariiB vui bt oateied to. 


"Th« Hlrhlsaii Kid' »t>il ihr Men 
Who MoU for t.old Nhown In 
PIctere MoBday 

With the passing oC the German 

"dean** irf music erttlea, tttere wUI be 
great voids in the eontemporary 

rohimns of musical discussion Or. 
Mnif welssmann, cri ur of The 
3erlincr Tageblatt and other papers, 
died suddenly of heart di.seaae whUe 
lecturing tn Salds, Syria. 

_ JDeme Nellie Melba, now tn Eng- 
land, has expressed her desire and 
Intention to put all her enertrr and 
Influence Into Sir Th om as B eer h - 
am's "League of oppm prujeci 
With the business- and lirtwil- rre.s- 
t;ge n( sir Thiima* and ihe popular- 
ity nf On me Melba. success for this 
movt rneiii which should mean so 
murh ui muBleal England, would 
now seem asnned. 

Intematkinal opinion agreea con- 
cerning the London String Qoartette 

"The ilre^t the Amerlran pnhln linf, 
had the privHeRe of hearlnR," wrote 
The New York Timeii 11 challenges 
comparlaon with anv pn^ilble rival. 
English or ConUnental." suted The 
London Morning Post 

Vladmlrlr HOmwltz. the s^iua- 
tlonal voung Russian pianist. Is 
personally not at all the tempera- 
mental young man one might ex- 
PTt He Is s tUm^dark yotmi; man 
>f ■ A'-nrv-four. talks eagerly and 

ri ,rT(>.ri,edly in Russiaa. Oerman 
1 French, but his KngUsh, as yet, 
I.-, not very gtxKl. As a very young 
man Horowiu did some composing, 
but he savs now that he prefers to 
be a good pianist and leave oom- 
porihg to the gieet oompoeera. 

E^arle Rpicer, the well-known 
British baritone, Is tAni building up 
a la rite f ol lowing In the U u t ted 
Stale.4 by resAon of his excepuon- 
ally One baritone voice, appealing 
peraonallty and uniumal skill as s 
builder of artistic and IntereiUng 


Whele-Hcmrled Apfweelalton of 
OlipSeipssre aa Psadeaed by 

"There (» nn u.':-," smys Ernest 
SchelUng. of having a series of 
great symphonic oreheatras all over 
our country giving season after sea- 
son of ivmphonic concerts. If we 
are to be forever fighting for 
.ludlenoes. TYie real lover of sym- 
phonic music. In most case*. wUl 
not be the person who hM gained 
his first acquaintance *-\'..h xurh 

■i'ih;.- In adult years Tlie time to 
.iith children," Mr Sriiei- 

jiK . iMiicerts for children are a 
ddightful t>lend of magic lanten-. 
thow, lecture and otmoert. and the 
lesson is never dull. 

A Hollywood mtifffixine says of 
'.Jeorve ArUs,^. that wha'evf^r tame 
mxy achieve in the inlkiinj films 
t.h:' fame will be only serond.iry a.-' 
fur as B^lywoDd It oonccmed In 
HoUvwood he wltl be remem beret! 
as the man who introduced after 
noon tea into the studios 

Arll.'cs catnr to thr United Slater 
■\ Mr' FNitiicIt Campbell- for a 
tin II' h5' tour, and hii5 re- 
. ,1,! iv! tor 'wenty.^ijjht ve»r» He 
jr. rmV. ver\' lenjillsh tn hU appear- 
nnce, and ha* pvtatned all the man- 
nerisms and genteel qualltlM of an 
SnglUh gentleman He has 4 o'ttock 
tee on the set sa regularly as he 
hs« breakfast, and Jenner. whose 
real name la Oeorge. has banded 
Mr Arim his tee ter tweulr-tbree 


The even--- .r.i>;ing up to the os- 
'ims''^ lormed ol the genius of the 
v<->ung violinist. Jebudl Menuhin, 
read like a fairy tale. At th<' nic 
of three JHiudI who was a nrr'-i*'- 
■■nt sttendont nf the Snn FYflncisoo 
■rymphonv cnncerli. demnnded s 
v^'in I'tt" Mr perHinilT'* 

The bov In now twelve and the 
•- .-ifi 1- rl"/>nvrrln.T hl« teniir! Hl^ 

- ■■ ■ :| > (iP hlV nr.! lU'i'.' 

n on- ti K-.ini Alter hl« p'>avini{ in 
nieailm of the three great vioUn 
e en ear*o» bv the three great B's 
Willi the Berlin Philh«rmonir Or- 
cl.eiiCra. jnder Rninn W&Iter. it vss 
Onitteln hlm«etf 'hr. ^nme tip iin«i 
•aid. wtth tear'^ ;ir t.i^ "ve* Mv 
dear ItttV boy . \' n m n v yra r* 

alnoe 1 ha»e had - pn ivg* r,r 
rerelvtne n leswwi *iifh vf-ij hare 
tsuvh' me '.Tnight " 

The wTlff had the privilege of 
bearing the HtUe Jehudl an the oe- 
rasloo of his Wew Tent debut, when 
be was lest* than ten vemf* rif tjff 
and H l* impowrible to c .-wivrT In 
«ordi th<" eflert made upon oTChei* 
tm and audienee bv rhe «up«* Of ib^f '.'f^miTtteT and ihe 
way tn whlrh he tried to give fhe 
orc^iestra credit for the a{>p1auM>. 
wOdlv enlhiMlastle, and Inteodad 
fer little fair-hatied boy etane. 

JShudl ptays on a ma^Uflcmt 
SKredtvartos. the gift of an Amer- 
ean adadrvr, and his lechnlene \* 
^ aatanli^ng aa his emottflna'. 
Hs It (otnaete In hevtog 
aai fsik« gnefene t»- 

Mr w Bridgett Adams, director of 
the Stratford Memorial Theatre 
Company, * ho ha* returned from 
Canada and the tJnIted StatACS, 
whi're the corupany hii> been tour- 
ing. 15 sff(oni&hed at the Western 
continent's taste for Blaabethan 

**I did not go without a food deal 
of hestlatlon," Mr. Bridges Adams 
stated. "For many years we had 
been asked to go to Canada and the 
United States, but for various rea- 
sons the visits never look pUce 
Plnally, the govemoni of the Me- 
morial nietttre deirlded U> send us 
by way of thanks for the lar^e glft« 
made by tK>th countries towards the 
rebuilding of the Memorial Theatre 

"We were doubtful if the (np 
would be a success We thought the 
people would know nothing of the 
peculiar charactertfittcs of the Me- 
morial TlieHtre Cotnpwny. and we 
wondered how the many dlver%e 
race.s of the two cruintnes wcnild 
take to Stiake?>peare We were de- 
lighted lo find the most enthusiastic 
audiences evecyvlMre. with packed 
houses." , 

When the company carried Shake- 
speare Into the heart of the fUm 
beadquarteti of Los Angeles ruin 
was prophesied. 

"Tur the tint two or three days I 
thought the praphafes were gotog u> 
be JusUOed," eaM Mr. BrldKe-. 
Adams "Then, about the middle ..f 
the week, buslnem lumped niddenlv 
and throughout the >efoiid wet'k 've 
were playing to rapacity hou.v,s 
The day we left the manager wa."; 
fined wop for overcrowding hi,s 
theatre, which aeats several thou- 
sand people. 

"Lord wllUngdon, Oovemor-Oen- 
eral of Canada, took a tremendously 
kind Interest In our tour, and sev- 
eral times sent us tvlctrrams of good 
snihfi .inrj eoniyratulallim.^ " 


"Ladir!! of the Night CIdIi." al Play- 
baaae, Shnws CilrU Are fleme- 
Umes "DifTrreat~ 

■ l-adlei -if Ihe NlK^i' ( l il' »il,h 
Ricardo Cortei! at the head ol ,i 
ca^t inrluding Barbara Leonard, l/f e 
Moran, Cissy Pitagerald and Doug].iK 
Oemrd. showing at ttie Playhouse 
Theatre sO this week, it a iiiory of 
the Flrnadway thaCs nnt in the Riiide 
brK»li' It .1 a itfiry of ihe let:"" "'>r1 
ache and the h»nir»-^ that break to 
make nigh' 'iiii- a playtime for 
thow whintc purseb are fat mough 
o get them throufb tht fOded dDon 
ft a night riub 

One of the*e rtt* play boys Is 
Ueorge Merrill, who loves the things 
that money can tniy and who ha.-> 
always found that tr cmild buy him 
anyth big be wanted nui -hat 

before he met Du: iiif-- R-arrr a 
rule and saucy fitrt wlko rcxilii nig 
1 ve got a k)«» for everylxid* tia^ 
anvb'yly gol a kUs for mr"^ and 
Mrs. I' s< though she really ex- 
(wrtrfl an at^wer But «;he dldn't - 
Hnd that where Oefrge made an 
error thai wa» nattirai, but. a* the 
unfolding reels prove, not fatal. 

"The River nrate." also Ibewing 
at the Ptaybouie. rreatetf a sensa- 
Uon with lis appevanee tn serial 
form m The Saturday Evening Poet. 
Plenty of actum and all the thrtUs 
of the oristnal ^tory or* in laiileail In 
the screen showing 

mmm m 


Fos Programmr to Include Forty- 
Eight New WoTlu Oaring 
Period of AeUvlUes 

Puny-eight talking movietone fea- 
tures are announced by PUm 
Corpermttoo for the aeaeon which 
beghis August L Theee vlU be 
divided as foUcMn: Nbwteen aU-dU- 
logue dramaa, sixteen aU-dlalogue 
comedies, six with dialogue and with 
music and songs, four tnu^cal come- 
dies, four revues, threr operettas 
and Ave pirtures «itlt rtiultjgue se- 
quences ThL* pr' if^riirriFv." nmkca 
U.-VC nf the notable ^ta^i.' players re- 
cently signed for J^lz Movietone, all 
of whom are now at the West Ooast 
Ktudlos or on varloue locattoni- Will 
Rogera. last seen In "Three Cbeen," 
will be elamd In two features. Le- 
nore 17Irt& who during the last the- 
atrical season wni starred tn "Mtma" 
and who 1? kn'mn f'-r her apjj- nr- 
ances in "Tiger Hnetr. T)ie HaJetii." 
"Lulu Belle" and ■'Hie Son Dauiih- 
ter ■' will be starred in two features 
Oeorge Jp.virl Is wheduled for three 
fttumng vehicles, Walter Catlett 
wlU play In six productions; WllliHm 
OolUer will appear In twa Paul Mitu 
in tour, Beitn Chandler In six. Mar- 
guerite OhurehUI In three, Norma 
Terrls and J. Hsrold Murray will be 
oo-featured In two. Charlotte Henry 
will appear in three. Lola Lane will 
be seen In two features. Owen Davis. 
Jr.. In four, and Richard Keene In 

Orator—On the surface things 
often look righu but It's when we 
explore their depths that we see 
the deceptions. 

Man tn Growd: Rehl 80 you 
bought a bacnd of spidea. too, did 

Rex Beach never wrote a more 
romantic, earithig novel of Alaska 
in gold rush days that "The Michi- 
gan Kid," the fUm version of which 
wU open at the Cotumbte Theatre 
tomorrow, with Conrad Nagel and 
-Renee Adoree ofr>alanlng. 

Unlveraal has turned out a thrlll- 
lag photoplay from the story 

in the rolorf ul times of fianiblini: 
houses, datif e tiJiiU »nd ruuRli jiimi 
when the gold le\ir gripped Cu- 

Nagel enocu Ihe role of a famed 
Kanililer, aud Mia.-. Adort-e at a glTl 
froni the Slate? Rn- .siory Is es- 
senilally h rotnunce 

"The Michigan Kid " i/* a >pe<-ial 
made at great espeiL*.)- K-un un r>c- 
lenslve locsuon trip and tremenduu.>. 
eta. Many weeks were epcni lo the 
: •-vests naer Baeramento, Oahforala. 
where the pule trees are the samr 
species as foimd in Alaska. Here 
the vast panorama of CaUfomla'a 
[nounlaln splendor was captured on 
the screen at a time of year when 
the lofty peaks were snow-capped. 

The film is a combination of the 
htBhesl rlnernatlr beauty oT locale 
ind \u*x lieitclift most powerfiil 
drama of the NnrttiTn wlldernesa. 

The company sprni several weeks 
quartered hi a tiny hotel In # small 
\own on the edge of the National 
Forest Reserve near Stit^nanentc 
Here every type of outdoor hard- 
ship was andund. from cold, xtormv 
weather to lack of food on forced 
overnight camps far from the hotel 

Support.lng Nagel and Miss Ad- 
are Lloyd Whltlocfc. Fred fcnielt -T 
Adolph Mllnar Maurlre, Murphy 
Vlrglna Orey and Dirk Palm, 


lUalilleft of Life Behind the Foot- 
UgbU and Teeth's Problem 

Romance of 

Dancing OoU 



no<_T;i AS *:eRRAJtD 

Vi iMf Mfl. 

A striking fUm wlU be shown 
at the OoUseum Theatre tomorrow 
night, entitled *lMother Knows 
Best." The tinsel end glamor Is 

torn from the life behUtd the foot- 
lights and the problem of untrsm- 
meled youth Is faced. Madge Bel- 
lamy a rcvelattoo In her Imper- 
Fonatlon of some famous stage 
•Stars Mr Norton haa more than 
ttintined hu part as a featured 
i invrr In a ramantlc and appealing 


This ■Breea ■daptlm oT Bdasi 
Pbber-i etory to one of tbs mdil 
striking presentations ever pro- 


ducf^ by WUllsm MB. Flamlns 
youth or shel tered huocrnce. 
wtnrh. when fared tiy a tremendous 
crisis? The oiutwer Is solved by 
seeing tfii.'; remarkable masterpiece. 

Of AprruU Interest to the patrons 
of this popular 'ptayboQiSb Hie 
Winnipeg Kiddtae hm lJ«sn se- 
cured for a w«ok> nst tbsn 
IdMtoi are world Cites ss a siacs 

Doctor— Olvc your buabadd five 
teeigwanB of this mixture every eve- 
ninc biCan gotec to bod. 

Wife et Ptmm t dean Oa ibst. 


Wife -We have ooly three t«a- 


Evenings 50^ 
CbiUrgn ROf 

Matinee 35< 
Children tOf 

A 100% TALKIE 



Daily at 1? 

Adults - - 20r 
Childrea - XOt 

... ptk 

Hear Douglas MacLean in 
His First All-Talking \ 
Production \ 

A "uperh c.Tut of talenter! talk- 
ing; Btar^. A briUiant satir- on 
Luvc vs. Matrimony. Spark- 
ling bumor, romance and ac- 
tion are deUghtfuny blended in 
this Buperh Par^mnunt 100^ 
ta thine comedy drama I 

cil KISTI It J 





a Qtiramouru <d^u:ture 



The Muttcal Comedy Travesty 

''After Seben" 

With Jamsa Barton. Musical Comedy 

By SO Dancing Beauties 

In the "' CVirnedy 

''The Spellbinder" 



raae mmm artr^— i« t... 

Mm* PMawe «««•• 

rtW C*(ti«i«t TKmIM inriM* u . 

o iue«r itii aMn*« avwom. 
•MS iM in«a«« <«f ler eoB 
■a m i, w M ft* SMSMS 
lau «Mk 
mmwn aas 




Mitiii auto «( 

LONDON, Julr ll^JMUm^ Uw 
tfndeneir i» tot IMOih fUn 
paniM to budd flkvtf lAudtM ouUkle 
London, some of Uu olte oom- 
panlM aUll hu* ttwlr iMav In 
Uie CMtplUU. 

111? 0«uman(>BrtUBh Oomputr, 

for In'runrr, «ontinue to uie the 
atudi-' :^iicph«-*rd'a Busti. II wu 
the nr-t hullt In thlJi country rj- 
perlftlly for film prrxjuctlon The 
Qauniont Compuiy wm Toundrd m 
September, 18M. by Colooel A. C 
Qromhemd and Leon Oaiunnnr. 
"nit Londan ttafl ocniULMt ot 
06kK»\ Bronhwd and »n« office 
boy, but On compuiy via wnU- 
tious to develop BrlUib produotkm 
Mid c^wned the Ont studio In Btg- 
Umd at LcmRhbonmch JunoUoo. 

In IMa Colonel Bromhead. irltiEi 
M. QaiunonL demonairated a ma- 
chine whleh BynchronlJA-d lalklrut 
machlnr di-v-f wrh plrturrs TtiL^ 
one of the nrst attrmpu U* 
Bwka lAtUta. 

The flnC studio at Shepherd'.^ 
Bush waa built tn 10I4. , Thin u 
■till In net. and has now been fitted 

uacd ttyr laiUaa, In dw eoMn*. In- 
■ide the jynaller atudlo a ilwO haa 
been cnctcd, flnauy-tno faM looff. 
forty feet wld* and thirty fMt high, 
the valU and nxif belnc of a double 
ttitckneas oC a vood-flbra conpoal- 
tk>a which Is a h(m- conductor of 
■ound and in %lta lo a ci-rt&ln ex- 
tent an Insulation iiuatrut chancca 
of temperaltm. Tlij., the itudk) U 
protected fram ~not»e by three 
thleknaiaaa of material, with an air 
gap between the shell and the 
fttudto MUi pniptr. 

MMrtce nvcy, Qaumont's pro- 
duoflT'ls-ehJef. Is now at worlt on 
hla flnt talk film. This is "fUfh 
Treason." based on Fcmberton Bll- 
Unf'i play ot that numr T)ip nr- 
tion takfA plnrr In \'Ma Mr. El- 
vey has fui<l plenty uf nropf tor hw 
lma<lr«(ion «nd he all ih^ re- 
sources ot iTi'-k. [ihn'.rKrii[ih> , y:]iiM 
"Ahoti" Biid modtlB f,jr I hfi !orc- 
cast of Uf*- ; *i-!itN >r;i:' hen';*", 

Wh.-n V niK ,tht' .--tudio 'jiii* i.i 
dr»wTi Int*] l.h'-'' whirl of n nl^ht 
club of the future. Men in knee 
breedtea. allk stoelcinffa moA white 
Ahlrta were d^hdng with women 
who wore knee breeches benealh 
their silt iklrtA. There were 300 of 
them, and the ptnk and mauve 
lustre encrusted on the fiiturUKe 
walla of the club enhanced the 
eglor oC'the aotne. 


The peopk' danced to a phanlOBi 
orchMtra conalatlns of (bt onial 
Instnjtnents, from which mnile Is- 

Mied nil hnut human acency, and 
lUe waiters, .^'111 handing round the 

incviubh- cK-ktHil aaiiten in drink ! 
appe*r rin! Ui altt-r in twiMity yearn) 
wore whJff wtitrrpntpf tuni':s and 
tri>ii5i'r.i ofT wUh rrlriiflon Hi*hr«. 
There were al»o li coniblnrtl tele- 

mlBMite hawa, and eabaret toma 
which iDchided an exhlbmoo eC 
fenelBt ritUl between women. 

Mr. Bvey. perched on a high Ud- 
der, rtiri^iing with fueto- II 
pleased t\'.'>.. f(i work out the dtUiUs 
of this futurui film,. an4 to hM 
been partlculsriy interaaM In 
etolvlng thr 

"It 1* my ;.!■ -i.icl ihsl 

while women n^i. in-^ ■•snv muTi 
masfuhne in OiffiCf snd ft*ctor'. 
rtrfas. they will relsn even nioft- 
than now at nicht and become. U , 
bnytbinff, more (emlolae. For the 
daaee td the tuturv Z hftve tvolTed 
a ban-CDom norvmant mroalhlnc 
of a eroai belww a « w»U».tad a 
mechanical haittatloo atap. Some- 
one hu flhTiatitnad this tbt 'Bobot 

Mr. aivay. who has made more 
fUma Ihfta any othar Bniuh dtrec 
uw. waa artglnally a stage pmducer. 
^>nd now (hat the talkie has arrived 
h<- wants to proriurr fltsge ptays 
Hi'ain preaenUng them in thr thea- 
tie first and filming Uiem after- 
ward. Be InalsU. however, that 
when a play la turned mto a talkie 
It muat flnt be reduced to Ala 
form, and that the dlakwue mtiat 
be flttart u to autt Uu pMan. 

Mr. Bviy ncttlla the' Urn* when 
Cher* iMTt DO aim captlaaa, but 
when IMD fltood at the side of the 
aomen and j Btplaloed the emotton 


"When capUon.4 nrjit came," he 
aald, "they were worded in ihf? 
third person. Then we discovered 
that the public waa ready to accept 
wordi on the screen aa coming tttua 
the moutha of the ohanofema. sod 
now here we are with our abadowa 
actually tatklng." 

up aa ft mund ■tndl& Tha nnuh IvMon and broadcft-itcg apparatus. , 
bvtw Mlo adMnliiS vtn ako be alaelrto sign gtvlng up-io-tbe- Among the Important Alma pro- 

I . . 7 ■ I • \---^ bv the Osumont-Brtltah 

ComiMiny durlnir the last few years 

L U 

GrMtor Than "Tha Stonn'* 
R«c Beach Novel 

'The Michigan 

In this tremendous Rex Beech itory of a man who went to 
the end of the world to forget the girl he loved. It will make 
the blood pttmp through your voina like liquid excitement. 

M(^y Night— C«sh Frijet 


are "Hlnkle Wakr.t." with Estelle 
Brody. John .Stuart and Nominn 
MrKinnell; • RiKseJ! of Plcardy, ■ 
lith JftrjK^on Thomas, John Stuart 
and UUan Hall-Davipj'. "r'alalii dc 
Danse." with MabtM Ptiultnr. , 
"^adefflolselle from Armen tleru. 
"■■ilot* Don't Oaia" aad "flmaab- 
Ing Through." the atara Ih "BIgh 
Treason" are Jkmeaon Thomas, 
Beniu Hume and Bumberstoo 

aalnrtKmugb Pictures. Ltd. , 
whose Bfreateal artistic aohirvem<<nt 
to date la their producUim or The 

Constant Nymph." and among 
whcMe star? arc Ivor Novello. Mabel 
Poulton and James Carew. have 
establi-shrd thrir studio at Islington 
In iw Kr'_-y and d''prps."!nir n bit of 
London a* can be :marln'-c! 

The building; v.'^-. ciuf a jio'Aer- 
houae. and was ihu^- 'iLsily .'iduptcd 
for fUm purpooen. It bcloaged first 
to the ftenoiia-Players Laaky Oor- 
poimticm. Gainsborough Pictures 
find It oocvcDlsntly olooe to the of thtnga, and quite big 
enough for their present needs A 
sound studio has recently brrn 
added, and it l£ ht^re that a lolkjiifi 
vcrmoii of the famaua wax play. 
"Journey's End," will be made. 

coicinnnTr of socnd 

The aim hi the making at the 
time of this vlalt waa "The City of 
Play." screen version ot an a>1|^al 
story by Danlaon OUft, who Is di- 
recting fehe pleture. It la a pictur- 
esque tale of Vienna, and some of 
Its scenes are laid In an amuse- 
ment parte It will have sound 
elTerts and some dialogue. 

Mr Cllft Nild hf thoupht ■),r 
r>r'.v:ti fault (n talking ; 
v iui Uii- sudden c^esallon of 
when (hp ;>rpn>-' rlurK'-'' 
aiming at rt,r 
to Insun- " 

liii^^iOy 111 AfKICANPUiME SHOP 

The Centre of Chic Appeal 

THB buoyant 
musical show, the Wmtci 

, 1 

Pall Pair Itt year. 

"fiKl^i m line" mile-s-minute dancing girla fraturcd ir ■ ;.ir. n^; .iiul tuneful 
Garden Kcvuc. a special .ittraiiion on the night proframme St the Victoria 

Thi ^mpany is the tarijest and the coeiume^. li(:^;iMg a^Ktg iad f ew y tha moat 
elaborate ever seen by a grandstand uudienco 

end of one j!cene with the begin- 
ning of axiother. 

The heroine of "The City of Play" 
la Mim OhIU Boucher, a young 
British star who has already made 
her mark u a vamp. Miss Boucher, 
who haa been called the "British 
Clara Bow," has flefly dark hair, a 
good proflle and enormoua eyes. 

Mlsa Bourher began oa a manne- 
fpun. and the name Chill" waa be- 
Mdwiij on hT by fellow .'•.hopgirls 
St n rmie «hrn a »ong called "Chill 
Bom-Booi' was pf^ular in the m- 


Among Important plrturen re- 
eently completed by the cvams- 
horough Company are "The Wrpfk- 
er." based on Arnold FUdley s play 
of the same name <a Southern rail- 
way train was wrecked Just for thl-i 
plcttire): "Balaclava." baaad on a 
story written by Boyd Cable around 
the Charge of the Ught Brlgndp In 
which Cyril McLoglen appi art '1 
and the "Rciurn of the Rat. ' wi'h 
Ivor Novello as At&r. 

Stoll Picture Production.'! tiiin.l 
important company with "^uj'lio.s tn 
London, has choiien CrirkU'wood. a 
plaaaanl • northwestern suburb 
about fifteen miniates from the 
Marble Anh. fer its ecntrt ot op- 

The studio coven four acres, and 
comprises four production stages or 

flrior.s ihorcMitrhlv up-to-date in nil 
dppii'-Trnciil s Fl'Xir /ipace cqual to 
onp-thiid of !he area set aside lor 
produriion ha.i been added to the 
sliidifi, iind fully equipped durtnit 
the l.i.'it ypnr. 

Bcsldet making Itj own plcturra 
("The King's Highway,' with 
MathMon Lang; "A Woman Re- 
deemed" and "Ouns ot Looa" have 
been among Ita recent suoeesKsi. 
the Btoll Compnnv ilv) Irasea its 

Health and Diet Advice 



s<>iwf..',v, nrp among the moat 
abij-iJiifit nnturc'i producta, yet 
thry witpt v. tv htUe to the way of 
nutrition Aii^r-iwrar and other 
sUntlttr iCHw^(l.s .irr valuable be- 
muse ot the larve amount of bulky 
material which they rontaln. and 
for thla reaaon they can be usrd to 
advantage by many people who arc 
troubled with oona^irtlnn. shice the 
average pereon uaea a diet which Is 
fbr too coneentrmted. 
Agar-agar la composed chiefiy of a 
iirbohydrate called geloae. which la 
imllar to ceUuloae. This vegeuble 
\s really a graai or algae, and in 
iLs commercial form api)car5 aa 
ihin transparrnt strips. It is really 
ln.<K<liihle In cold water, but Is eaalty 
diMotvt-d In hot water and fomw a 
Kclatlnoua maas. When prepared in 
Utis manner, it la colorless and al- 
most tasta l eas. except when it is not 
highly refined and haa a alight 
flavor of aea water. 

The edible birds' neats of China 
are made of a shntlar seaweed 
ibhich ts eaten l>y Rwallow^ and 
later dlwtnrgpd for the constnjc- 
Uon of ihclr neaiji Thtme birds' 
jips\f. ar"'i!'!' red a delicacy tn 
China '.vJii-rp they are generally 
iitlli7.pd in m»kln([ Foups 

Aboiil 1 Jirc- mill !■ pounds of 
■gar-agiir are annually exported 
from Japan to America and Europe, 
but there are now several rompaniea 
on Ihc American srarnar,! that are 

and la also used In textile aOk and 
other Industrlej and by bac- 
lertalagliu for makli« «n exmUent 
medium In whiek to dCTalop bac- 
teria. • 

Although fibere la pnetteaUy no 
nourishment In agar-agar. It does 
contain small amounts a< potaaHnm 

Those who are troubled with con- 
stipation wiU do weU to try the agar- 
agar treatment, at least for a ebort 


One way of preparing It la to pour 
a cup of boiling hot water over a 
heaping tablespoon of the gima- 
iilated kind. Let it stand until It 

ha-* cooled siifUnent to. drink and 
take IT iwl btforc going to bed. 

Another way la to put some of 
the granulatij-d agar in soup when it 
Li cooking 

thicker, but It remains jii.s 
(wintablr, as the agiu--agar 
pracucally no flavor. 

Qearance of Dresses, $9.7b 

. !i« I .^ely fn.'.hixn''. Thr important ilccveless frock, the 
backk'>& spurts frock, bow sJid jabot «^4mv 4Un^ aad 
pleatpil silhouettes. 


Women's Ready-<o^W«r Ottd Mflfoery 

747 Yates St. Phone 2818 

the lumber vhanrea, the second 
UrgcM drydoek on the continent. 
Yiirrow'if tihipbuUdlng plant, the 8s. 
Prinircss Kathleen, the Inner Har- 
This will make thi* .v)up bor, a pnrt of the whaling fleet, a 
street kcciip in Victoria and a por- 
tion of i^if waterfront. 


y, Tuesday 
and Mfodnesday 


She Said 'Go Straight - 
But the Gang Said 'Nol' 

The eternal fijfht 

h c t w c c n easv 
mrmt v and ]<n r \ 
5ccthing. thriiiinK 
drama with a scort 

"f I.iiij^'h'i, and 

of anil .^uo 

Con-p^ondenta wUhinc to eook- with Dr. McCoy ahould 

Bdilips-. irttprt Dr Piank MeCer, 
r'o Dfll SyiiLlh'ntp. 154 NaaUU 
Btrfct, Np«. Vi r': I! s A 

mm. RtPORTs 
or ui) mm 

Progrrvi Made 1>y ('nrpi>ratlon Dar- 
ing Vear i»Z8 .Shown In BaoUM 
Ttmt Is Jaat Off 

tiund ( jntvort 
Set at V a r k 
Thin Afternoon 

The aatOfrapIl eoUoetor shooaa tfw vrooff moment to n hunting. 

Tha Rvrni 




9. M 



Ba«alB Matinee Dally m 
la Noon 

Adulti. 20<^ : Children. I 0<> 

MAT^ .^6*; EVE.. ttQc 


Sec And Hear the All Talking 

'Music Hath Harms' 

From Octavios Othen'* Saiufii ,\ i.vm.riK Poat 
Story ol Colored Follia 

See and Haar 


Sae fittd Haar 


Tlw Ihiiiil EitravtfMzt 

Fox Follies 
of 1929 

lOO'*.; SiBCint, Talking 
and Dandnf 

ijdioa to other film organ iKatiotin 
; The British and Domlmoo Pilm 
' Oorporation, Welsh- Pearson- Dder 
Pilms, Ltd„ and the Regal Film 
Co , which made the film of '^otmg 
Wtwdley" at Crlcklewood, are 
nmong the eompanies which have 
used the StoU siudioa from time to 

L'U'.don haa Ita advantages as a 
c r n LT » of fllm-mainnR. and the 
ompanlaa with oUioefe in W ardour 
- ireet And it more convenient to 
Kf-t to their studloa when these are 
on.v a uxQpamUv^ Short dtoUncc 

But In lyjndtHi rpir.. ;irp fiiijii 
and rpKtrlPtloni* of ^«icp are lik^lv 
aeni'uslv tu fiandirap »nv pti).i;i 
Bion nrccMary tn studio c«us(.riir- 
tlon. And so bha twdtncy la to 
get into tZie country. 

Already the Daumont-Brltlab 
Comtiany Is thinking of the tUbe 
when It will be too big for Shep- 
herd's Bush, and it ta probable that 
txTore long the other companies 
wul oonnder it neceasary lo move ' 
away from the metropoUa. 

ensaged lo convarUng Cbtte Ma- 
weeda into the ceauMretal agiur- 

Agar-agar can be aeeured In the 
drug store In ita crude form or the 
pulverised kind can be purchased 
In packages. 

It Is also employed In the nuuni- 
tacture of vnrinun food products 
such aa Jams. Jellies and ke cream. 

Cloud Bunt U'nnhf»» 

I Qui Movie Camp 

I A t7nlted BUtea mfTvtng pAeture 
company camping near Murehlaon 
Palls. Kenya, to film "Trader Rom ' 
BufTpr'-rt a loM of tlOjOOO recently 
• hen a doudburat awwpt away 
lenu with auppUaa. equipment and 

p/)?!(:imes TTi* thIrtT-flve whites 
*fi'! 1 TO iinfirpji -afpTP left tempor- 
arily withinit food and thetr work 
iwm hi delayad t«a 



Ashamed to Go Out Lasted 
a Year. CiUicura Healed. 

"My bawm 

F*nipta». Wbaa 
dMT looked r«d and w« tefd. 
th^ bwam laMr aid mkri bmn 
IB pMrtu byiHhli^. 1 aotaKM 
tJmn wbicb only asaaad nan staa- 
rim. Tbey dteHgnrnd my km ao 
thai I wea aahamnJ 
■OTbl* laaiid •boot a you. 

dwm kad wlililit ■ 
■■T ^»» coitipl»irlf 

Boa W. ConqiMt. ^ak 
U«» r^mrnTw I. . cJe«i jnm sktn 


A booklet containing the annual 
report* for 1938 of the Corporaiton 
or the City of Vlfctona. is off the 
piaas. and the place of honor In 
the publication ia occupied by « 
full-page picture of Mr Robert Plm 
Butchart. upon whom the freedom 
of the city of Vielorla was conferred 
by Lhp city Council on June 22, 
IWg. "in recognition and iLppreda- 
tion of eminent public aervlrefl ren- 
den>d the city of Vlotorln and aor- 
roundlng dlstrlcl." 

A new feature of the booklet la 
the IncluAlon of the namca of the 
per ^nnel of the Municipal Coun- 
I! f Victoria for each year from 
itff Ur^'p of the city's tnoorptnaUon. 
Auui^r '2 up to and '*y^ lndlng 

'I'hp ['■■ibliciiuon roatfluw the 
namen of nienib^r* nf fhe I9M Pity 
Council, ttip ■■'.![ , iiimi if Ut%. 

civic officfi!., rri-' ru ul Miy'tjr, 

city cemptroUer and city auditors: 
financial statementa. reports of the 
city engineer, plumbing inspector, 
Victoria waterworks, chief of fire 

departmrnt bmldinR irupvctor. elec- 
tric UkIji r.ui'1'riiit.endent. market 
suppniiiPiidrn' riiy land depart- 
ment. nMHlifftl health nfflr^r, Ross 
Bay Ccn-.i !. rv i h.'-f .if jmllrp, U- 
brary Cotntm;,*! .';! - I' .irJ nf '•piTi- 

etery tru/.t*-t:i ii i^r^A-vr victoria, 
and board of school tniitaei and fi- 
nancial atatlatlcs. 

There Is a phniograph of men- 
ben of the 1928 city council, who 
were Mayor J. Carl Pendray and 
Aldermen John A. Worthlngton. 
WlllUim Mnrt'hant E B Woodwiird. 
.tamp?! Adarna J'thii Il.nrvpy f B 
Brown, J L Manv. ft A C Dewar, 
J. B. Clearlhup and H O Litchfield; 
a view of u'lP Causeway, showing 
the arupisss Hotel, to which aa ad- 
dltloB ootUng gajWO^ ta no« un- 
der p»>nt*.nii*Ufjn. The Provinelai 
Phrii..rr-,r;,( B'Uldtngi and In IM 
becktT'i'und the Otympte Mountains. 

AnorhtT r'Ktiire In the booklet de- 
picts Victoria as a world port and 

«ho«". 'iiirill \\rw:i ,tf tllP nctuin 
docks tltP .Salv!i«p Kmc, a peep at 

Ketalby. the popular English cmn- 
poser. win agab be represented on 

the programme given bv the Iflth 
BcottUh today. He ha^', lind hi.i |ilacc 
on each programme played by the 
band this Bummer. 

The number chosen from ht.<> 
worfca this week la a tone porm en- 
titled "In a camp of the Ancieni 
Bntona." This number, aa the com- 
poser explains, waa ruggented by a 
visit to Worlebury Camp, Weaton- 
fiuper-Mare. where may still be seen 
the remains of ah early BrlUah en- 

The ovprfnrp -^plpr'pd for Uip pro- 

gramme la K a irtmftl a n Bob aip to j o* 

by UUMir. "Chu Ohin Ohoir" aelec- 
tioo has been requestMl Hungarian 
Fantasia by Tobaoi and a auita an- 
titied The Pour Winds * Thoae with 
five other nuraljeni wUJ give a twtH 
hour programme ot real en>oymenL 

Waltar (after oiglaaur baa rung 

Cu«tamei^**NQ, X mm only toll- 
ing: I thought yoa were dead!" 

A Medical Companion 

To WoflieB Folb 

' BaaUhy Syatem U 

Begnlartty Is t^labluhed 

f«"*«dafs Of- Raaillton-i nn* sn- coo- 
Mdrrrd uidupciusato ht mrf UArW 
CMudnir. Thwt PMlUvtlr rMtow BaasUpe- 
1 1 on. and In eeniw«ii«Oe# prvvvnt h»M|. 
uh» a«M mt all. WfMA'n who aat Tk 
Ksmlttoa i pitla can Inm*i nr Ut»tr ho* 
comploilon. ktHl Mruibly 4a «n;of lood 
•Mrlti and btMr»at hfi^th Sitltwi fiu ■nd 
PBor eolnt quickly bivp w»r la roay chwk* 
ana bii»4at smmI hMltA. 
whm in 2SS 

50<— 4:15 P.M. DAILY EXCURSION— 50^ 

M»a» kr a«T*J aiM Ua* M«l«r Tmir* ta HnWhart a Ukf^cna Mi f>n ^4 OkMr*»tar* 

R«7»l BIu* Un* MotfT Tw IxM Hi Yfttm mr»»t, niu* Ur» nfricp tT»m 
eotnrt at B«>li«-*iUp *r..i 't...r mmoni airvplk. n«*r P»rlj«mfni nuiiitins* PbncM 
1«T> aarlr lor mu Owt hour and a baU at Oar««ar. iventT minDur t*ap ai 
OBMlaie aaaaa MP w^ «glt Mae laltM ibnm bnum tanj an- 

It's the "Get-Up" That Counts 

A« truly aa merchandiae is wortblatt to tha 4aa>«r 
until it haa pagaed into the hwiill of fb* euit«nMr In 
exchange for moneys— 

Just so. printad matter is a failure a^advenising mat- 
ter if it doei not reach the eyea of the prospective cua- 


Much printed matter foeg out through the mails only 
to be cast aside with impatience by the recipient, solely 
because it do«M*t CBRjf cmklien la in ffpml MK 


Its ' ECt up" is all wrong StJtl. like the saleeman who 

has a good product but a poor approach, it ii cofr 
damned bclore it has a chance to deliver ita story. 

Our compositon are men who know how to make type 
and paper talk in pleasinp way*. There ye increased 
sales ahead for the house that will employ tb«e« nteQ to 
build printed.measagea to a buying pVUtA 



Phone 197 



THE splendid appointments 
•fford lowious relsxstioa. 

S<r\iniJ all flu principal cities 
on ihi- prfliru'!^. tht^ ta^f word m 
modern railexpri-^s fulftlUi v«>ry 
deaire for speed and comior^. 

Throagh th9 

Fraarr Can>twi 
in dajfiight. 



Vancouver Island News 


m\. OF mrnm 

Eleclrd IVr^iilriil of 


Nanaimo Is Host to Mem- 
bers of Orange Order and 
Orange Ladies* Benevolent 



NANAIMO. JulT IS— With Ihoir 
wives, relativw. frlenda and rdft- 
tloiM betwwn I WW and 2.00 Or- 
an?»>nfn Invaded Nanainio y-stenUy 
t,, ,.;.hriiti' ihe 230th minivprsary 
of lln!- fUiitic ('( the Boynr Vor wv- 
fral wfrk.s tlic local lodse liaa bP*?n 
buny preparing lor Uw ifTBiUl re- 
r'>pti(in, wblch pro fed ft w wo— 
f rooi rvf'Ty itandpoint of view. PtOD 
Vancouver Uie Prtocw lEUlne ar- 
rlvfd with 1,400 excunOonlsu. fol- 
lowed by tbe at. Prioeew Royal, 
whirh alM carrted a fuU comple- 
mm' Several hundred made their 

(..f-Mniii'-c h\ bit", and automobile 
from Vu-i'irifl, Partivtlle. Duncan. 
Cumberland and other lAland pOinU. 
proceftlinii to St. John HaU. Here 
aome eta hundred wen eDlBtetted 
at a luncheon, While oOwrs TWIed 
local rtstauranta. 

Al 3 oviork a parade took place 
from the hall, headed by Mr John 
Aleunder. of Nananmo. as grand 
marthaL followed by Mr. Wlbon, 
srand marter. on a irrey chatfer. 
The Nanmino Silver rorurt Baml 
waa next in Unr nf parade, which 
WM parUclpaiL'd in by upwards Ol 
one ihouaand member* of the order, 
and Included a girl*' pipe band from 
VMtcouver and a tilf and dnim 
tmoA. the parade terminal nuc with 
the Junior Oraiwe l^odge, Nanaimo 

After prDceedlnr •lonff Wallace 
Street to Oafnoa lUiad. thenoe back 
to tbe cenotaph. Orand Mailer WU- 
Bon placed a wreath In memory of 
Nannlrao boya who lave their lives 
nvrrseiw. «nii nftT th*" l-ut Po*t" 
had bet'n ■ pr.-H-,-s.sU>n 
proceeded u> (_ H;nirl> Uround. 
where the convention waa welcomed 
to Nanaimo by Rto Worship Mayor 
Biisby. who rrprewrd hb apprecla.- 
(lon nn behalf nf Nanaimo at the 
^''/rdancp ijf the drlPiCates and 
w mini 

(irfirul Master Wlbmn rfplied In 
th** wflromc rxt'-nded by Nnnnlmns 
rhirf rlLUtn. aa did also Ml&s WU- 

6on. irrand mi ati e w oC tbe ladlea 

branch of the order. 

Fnllowlng the speech a pRifrmame 
of nrhirtle and field eventa were 

mrrlfd oul, nil events being keenly 


Thr affair "Ji-a* broueht to ft rinse 

!wlth a whM drtve and d»n«e < 
'the. erenloc for thoae who wn ■ 
■JUt feo atop over, while othcia^ left 
loo Che t pjn. boat homeward bound. 



LAHOPOSP. July U-M« ^Ub- 
benm. «| VIeCarte, haa khutly con- 
wntad 10 eaadatt Uf e-aaftqt a i a nn 
gnatia* for both children and adults 
at lAOVford Lakeakle. oo mmeB clni 
at aiM pm. ai July aS. Tbam tafc- 
Uif the leaaooe: who guattty. vUI be 
alowed to compete tor the Humane 
8oc*ty'a bronze medal «t the 
Crystal Oardm later on. 

A wau^r ^a\a wUl be held al 
I^neford Lakefilde before Ihe end 
'.f "if mnnlh- T^U U free to the 
public and an entertaining pro- 
,i.iiLine la being arranged. 




aOOKI. July ll.^The annual 
meeUav of tbe 6ooke School wUl be 
held In Soofce Ball on Saturday, 
July 13. commencing at 7:30 pjn. 
The QuesUon of eiUbltahing a dU- 
trtct nuriie for the dutrlcLs of 
Soake. Bhlrl^, Saseenos and North 
Smke will be dlM-UMed. and good 
repreeentaUon ol the votcara la n- 

WTIX BE HEI.Ii M 4.Ii\N!ir\>l 

or mm. w. atkinbon 

HiiangwenU A» 

M. W. 1 

Nesi Mastti 

Itede to Wal- 

OOUKi'BNAT, July.— Then vaa a 
representAUve ctieodonee of dheo- 
tors of the Agricultural Society on 
Thuraday nlghl, and 'iie meeting 
waa alao attended by members of the 
Parmen' Inatitule. The latter 
■oufbt the co-opmtion of the aiao- 
etaOon to mafcloc a aueeoa ol a 
stumping demonttratian here on 
July |». Go thla oeoMlao U U ex- 
pected that the Mlnlcter of Agricul- 
ture and the Deputy Ulnlater will 
both be present a commutes of rv- 
oeptlOD was appointed. (ompiKL'd of 
Meaars, R. U. Hurford, H M'jrri'nn 
C E. Yockney, w a h and 
William Ehmcan- Mr Beeoti 5 tarm 
at Duncan has beea selected &» the 
alte of the demonatraUoo. and It u 
prataatale tQat x«fretfuM&l« will be 

Putting Down Revolta a L*Bapafiiole i 
The Kinc; "Say* Primo, what about all theae revolta?" 
Da Kiverit *iBfra. I alt on every om of theaa.** 

—La Ptut Ptoteaeab iiarMiiu* 

»crs«l bv the ladles In the Cnm- 
nuiniiy HjU iloae by. 

IT.p rJiA-nnaii wajt auLhorlzed to 
*ppolm » ■.■.>ni:ji.':' •■ '■•r Uio enler- 
tuimnftu "f Hen w it Motherwell. 
iKiiii,n>(«i Minister of Agriculture, 
(luring hiA vMi hrre next month. 

.Mr c Tite. of the Department 
i>r Aj{ri4:uUure. was present and waa 
invited to speak. Mr. Tlea briefly 
outlined the Importance of waking 
up to the aerioua weed sltuauon 
rx lftf^ng Is the PcovlDce. In vartou.i 
dlitrtota oartaln weeds were fau-iy 
wall aetohllsheil. and farmers were in 
aome ca.m putting good seed In 
weed-polluted land. SeiUers In the 
Peace River dlilricL, trom which (he 
.xpeaker haj rrn' n-turiifJ 
determliir-d to kt^p ifirlr iit'w land 
[n« from ubnoxlous weeds, he said. 
The control of weeds by chemical 
applications waa d esert bed, but U 
waa admltCiid In aome eaaea tobean 
expenstva niwii-t^^ ^n^ 

The m»«n' Insttthta wlU again 
put up tfane priaai hi the children's 
calf claM U the VUl FUr. and a 

mot4on of appreciation and thanks 
were passed to Uie institute. Some 
novel features for Pair Day. which 
•his year Is to be on Labor Day. 
were dlwu&sed. Tlie matter of pro- 
\idlnK refreshments on Fair L>ay wa.< 
alao oon&ldered, and It was decided 
to co-operate with theWomen's In- 
stitute U poMdble. TbOee present 
were Mean. W. A. B. Paul J. w. 
sulker. Jamaa Raid. O. W. iMhun. 
Thomas Stewart. Herbert Smith. R. 
O. Hurfcnl, WttUam Duncan. Hugh 
MorrlMM, O. IE. Yoekney. C. Tlce and 
E. F. ThooiaB. 


Mr. Charles Flddltk Contlaim 
Family intercut In Vaneosvcr 
IxUnd ( o«4 Trade 

NANAIMO. July 13— Vcslrrdiiy 
Mr Clmrles Plddlck. of Ccd;ir Dli- 
trlct. celebrnted his 64th birth un- 
nlvcr.sary. He ts a native stm of 
Nanaimo His father, Samuel Fld- 
dick. a Cariboo miner prior to cool- 
ing to Nanaimo, owned 300 acres 
on Diver I^ke. Wellington, wblch 
he sold bi IBOS. and which after- 
wards became the celebrated Wel- 
lington alnea wblch made milhona 
for the purchaaer. Mr Fiddick's 
father later sold bis boIdinR^ nf sn 
Pive Mine. South WetUngton Fol- 
lowing In his father's footMep!= Mr, 
Flddlck la Interested in Round 
Island ooal rtghU al the pmam t 

DtTMOAlV. July 13.— Thieves have 
a2a:n been busy a*. Map^r Biy. and 
several Bummer rotiagr-s have been 
entertd during the past week 

La«L year a number of Maple Uav 
reaidences were broken into At itiat 
time the thief oon&ned his acuviUes 
to pravlBlans. ol which he secured 
a wHftf seals store, but this year 
articles of furniture are behig taken. 
Among the homes entered this week 
was that of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards. 
DC4:upled only at waek-eods. A large 
arm ch&ir and a quantity ol bedding 
was fltolrn from this house, and 
other Summer homcfc report umUar 
lobsoft. It 15 thought that a latmch 
was used to remove the plwHa . 

CHOIR nivrl 


"When I started In life," said tbe 
magn»to> took aa my motto^ 'Oet 
thee behtaul me. aatan.' " 

■'Spileadld.'* eald a boMd listener. 
**nothU« Ufca having » good back- 

Do You Stilt Slave Over a Hot, Dirty Wood or Coal Stove? 

Does Modern Convenience and Comfort Combined With 
Economy and Efficiency Mean Anything to You? 

Don't Yon Long for Relief From the Endless Drudgery 

of the Kitchen? 

They say. "A man works from sun to sun, but a woman's work is never done." 
This IS not true today. Rockgas is available to any home, no matter where you 
live. Or perhaps you are content to go along with the endless maddening 
routine, or are you awakening to the fact that it will make no diflerence to 
the world when you arc dead wlicthcr \rui liad these comforts and conveni- 
ences or u tu tin T you grew old and grey before your time trying to get by with 
oKl-l asliii tiKvi iiielhod'^ ? 

"non't put oi] till tMinorrow the things you can do today," is a maxim that 
inean^ as much to you as to anyone. 

Ask anytKxly who has one. Visit the Rock|:as Display Rooms. Investigate 
our Easy Payment Plan. You owe it to yourself, your home and your family. 

Rpckgas Is Delivered Anywhere in Steel Containers 

No mains or meters. Our two-tank service assures you an uninterrupted 
supply: Visit our Showrooms and sec for yourself. 

Mittcouver Ishiiii itockgas DUtrmutorSv Ltd. 


NANAIMO. July U<-&k 8t An* 
drew'a First United Church recflhtly 
the young members of Mrs Branli- 
5ton's ctioir gave their annual con- 
cert Beautiful choruses, sengs, and 
reciutlon^ were beard. Mayor 
Busby acted aa chairman for the 

The pure tone and t*— In- 
tonation that was In evidence dur- 
ing the singing dl the choruses was 
a rare treat to itself; special men- 
tion might also be made of tbe per- 
fect blend and balanea to the pert 


Thi!^ choir was the wlBBer of the 
UodRay Shield, alao tbt XBa' 
SMald. having gained the highest 
mailts for choirs In the recent 
Musical FcsUval. 

"The Sheplierd's Dance," Edward 
Oerman. by the girls" choir, ,was 
most beautifully done, the rhythm 
being full of life and freedom and 
another very enjoyablp number was 
the "Hiking Sonn * the pianL^simo 
at ih*- flos* being well taken, giv- 
ing much delight lo the nudienoe. 

The '^"■JiiU'-L- taking pa.", wore : 
Milan McDonald. Vincent Spowart, 
oiulya Addison, Tom McOlaotn. 
Uly, Nancy vul Betty Brankaton. 
Redtatloos ware given by Lily 
Bogen. Betty Brankaton and LUla 

By .-.|"- r.-.jii.->.st Mrs.'Brank- 
ston harm i'n-'xi Bye,' Tostl, and 
was received w i' h much enihusl- 
asm, Bivlng tu. an eryorc. "Cnoiing 

Mr Emrst Inglis proved a most 
cIDclent accompanist. 

Prize for Best 
Show Girl in 
Colt Clashes 


DUBLOV. July la.— The Msh 
onod pm, for bsavy oars, pribel- 
pal event of the two-day bit«ma- 
tlooal autcnobUe speed carnival, 
wee won tediqr by B. Ivanoafey. vho 

upaated hie vleloiy of yeeterOay 
over a fMd e( eraek dvhm. hi an 
iteJUab AUa Bflneo muhtne Tbe 
winner's thne over the oeurse of 
m mUeb was I talA « oUnutes 

r acddenta are eMSed hf 
treXlle Jams than by picltied drivers. 

A Trip to Fairyland 

Go to Whiffen Spit 

Beach and Camp 

Mnjoy scenic Stiokc Kuad — the iicean I>rcexe of Whiffen 
Spit— the virgin forest at Sookc Hartor Camp, where ex- 
cellent lunchec and teas are aerved. 

m OBoaoBrovfBB 

rtn ri>iwlls» Al— to l l— al Iks 
mM*i»t mi Ottawa 

Vancouver Island Coach 
Lines, Ltd. 

COUBTBNAY. July 13 —An 
entirely new fpoturf will be 
added to the children s claHies 
al thlA vrar's Comox Kail Fair 
The pri/rs are beinR put up hy 
Mr Herbrrt Smith and Mr. 
R, U. Hurford for the .showman 
or ahowglrl obtaining Ihe most 
points by ahowliw their calf to 
the best advantage. Thbi claaa 
win not be for the animal but 
for the ability of the owner to 
show it. and it should keep the 
bov or girl dally trmlnlng the 
oaif In the art of stock ring 
marmers until exhibition day. 
No doubt thlB will lend lo im- 
prove immediately thr i 
man« ability in the f^moi 
daases too. 

Fresh Berries 
Every Day Is 
Objective Sought 

PTesh fltrawberrles and cr ea m , ac- 
cording to the pre.%ent trend of 
affairs, may hr » pixsnlbUlty every 
day in the year Tlte procSBSlng of 
the berries, as now carried out, 
praaervca the fruit in a freah eon* 
dition untu ready te iiaa. when It 
may be token out ol ooM ateraie, 
and plaeed on the table in the 
fresh condition 

This season the local growers. In 
carrying out the processing opera- 
tions, took occasion to test mit the 
placing of socne berries so prore'i- 
»ed by the union of one part of 
.^UKAi' t" two parts of berries, In 
one pound cartons. This will be 
used In an eapertanentel way. 

The cartons are waxed, and when 
placed In the receptacle in tbe pro- 
portions mentioned are given 
BlmOar treatment to the barrelled 
berries that have been similarly 
treated. Then they are carried in 
the air tight reeepUcle-'. in cold 
storage until wanted for usp The 
Idea of the pound packaRer- k that 
the rontents ol these cartons taken 
out of roM storage will be avail- 
able for ihc Ublc. as they are wUh 
tbe addttkm only of cream If de- 
shed, or for UBS m the preparation 
ef etrmwberry abort cake. 

The carrying of these berries In 
cold aldcaie is not eKeesslvely 
blah. In Ihe United states where 
the practice has been followed to 
some extent. It is possiblr to reUU 
these b«mes at about 35 cenu a 
pound in midwinter, which is not 
excessive, In view of the fact that 
the fruit 1.1 just the eame aa wtaea 
gathered off the vloes hi the helabt 
of the season. 

Halifax Express 
Wrecks Suburban 
Passenger Train 

HALIFAX. N S . July 13 —One 
warns n wax killed and several paa- 
.trng'n-'s ' n the Halifax lo ElmKlBle 
motor -driven train were injtired, 
when Lhe Hsltfax -bound Maritime 
"xprpi^s slde-nriped the local at the 
• vA o: xhi' double track near Wlnd- 
•ynt Junction rndfiy aftcmooo. 

Mia. WUUam FasoeU. of Windsor 


All Our Routes Are Scenic 

Suiiday Specials 

.<uti'lay mornin?: The shingles buckle on the roof. Does that 
MUt:e5t the iJav i< warm ' Ph^w! Wouldn't a swim or a picnic 
tic v:rf;it; I.."<k .i! \ I'i' jiiiiicnl l»iit perspirmK 'wrfe. clallcrinc 
aiii.jiij; ilir !>rr;il^i;i i 'l:-iifs. I.intk al the last cuntinKCnl of 
triplets, Ki^i'iii:; m ilu' i^rn I'or shame, |Mpa! Get them 
intu the upcn s]iat.e.v l>ciurc they melt. Xo car? That*.<i easy. 
YouVe seen these snappy coachea? Ves, they everywhere 
Make a anneation? How about . 


!."vely beach, lall timbers, the river. Ihc Hotel, the .Nulo 
Cam|» — chiWIreii and prown-up« cry for it! Utaves Brouffhton 
Sireel I >cpul 1U:30 anil pulU otit of Sooke at 8 p.m. Ituw'a 
thai? Uh, you've been there. Well, what abo«t'< " 


I.o!I ar^tund a licach firr. 'iarglp a Kottlc nf pop (heic 
Hrr iiu sharks — and il ihcre were, thr\ wiMildn'i dream i*i 
cha.sin^ the kids! Kir<>t coach lcavc5 the Ucput al V a.m. and 
the last from the llav at 10:30 p.m. Oh. yoa want to play 
goK and park the family. 


Well, Mr. that'ii whv LANGFORO LAKE grew close !•> 
COLWOOD GOLF LINKS. That's the idea. Urup off at the 
link.*, hrrak the course record, and they'll pick you up coming 
home. And ihe fare ha-* hem iflured — relurnl .\*o. n<' - 
don't thank u> That s what we re here for. And here's a 
flork more places, l.'xtk 'em over, then ring us up again. 
\ti, sir, 9280 is the number. « 

W« AIM Optnte on 

Victom-Weil Smukh 

Victona-CordoTa aad Cad* 

bore Bay 
Victoria • Colwood - Lang- 
ford Uke 
Victoria • SmIk* - J«rdaa 


Victoria - Duncan - Lad7- 

tba 7ollBwlnc fiontM 

DncaB-C«wkkaii Lake 


Nafuimo - Albcmi - Port 

Courtenay-Campbell River 

Port Central 
and Sproat Lakes 

For Prices and Information Phone 9280 or 9281 

Ci'Hciics lA'avc I'Vom IJroughton Street Depot 
(Facing^ Broad) 

Liaes, Ltd 


The Oroocr Who Or«r a Horse in the Ckkotla I«aep «n *a 

Baclisfa Derby. 

HoUh SporU 

UCLUELET 'By Mail*.— On Mon 
day. Uetudat held her annual day 
of aporta. The proaramme was well 
umtesled. roarv of the vislior* from 
nearby aeitlemenu t«king part As 
A special feature while IQnch was 
b^>ji» ^iv.>(l on the freen ■ Japan- 
n-f^ irirl. in ongioal ooatume, pra- 
vnted Tv^^al OeMia danaea 

r.;ir.u in? the eporls an bitunaal 
*;._v hrid tn the evenlnf W 
h ■ Cuiiimiini' V Hail, where ar- 
ranmoenu were In the hands of 
llesra. D. MeDevlIt, P. HlUer and 
T Kondo. 

} 7uncUon. was killed when she 
stepped ofT ih*- loral tram to cross 
• hf trjx-k;- n-r s -me Just as the 
Maniuor iflrui k Hit- irutmrban The 
local tmo was bOrled back alfhty 
feet m a mass of del»ns by the ex - 
presa Urs. WUson Oanrod, of Wind- 
sor Junction, waa caught beiwern 
the two ears of Ihe local and sen- 
oualy inlurvd. Semsnl other p*ia«n- 
ears are bains oared for m hosptial 

imn: What saade you so latef 
Jhn: I lan Into a aaiate m the 

Joan: Old yw need aame tepalrs. 

Am: ffOk but Oke tM|v win 


I .Rndld'l' ' i-*"'' rnnmlr 


N<- ' '■T— Only Mhm. Im Ths OolcnUt to delivered ui iht 

uln it mmA to B thne- principal New York hotels, on order 

^'n.-' '.'■■] ' mty. by 'h* Long Acr« Newipapsr 

t. ndlii- T^l,re^ flf^pwin" r>envrr> '->rder may be given to 
New Bonrder^Yea. one with no , uw MaU Clerk of y«or hoML et 

iprtat n 


7 Ah 
^ JO a.m. 
1 1 m am 
I 15 pm 

4 \$ pm 

15 p.m. 
6 IF p m. 

15 p m. 


7:45 p,m 

10 15 am 
\2 at p m 

2 4h p m. 
'• 00 p m. 
f IS p.m. 

11 JO p.m. 

mxpms CAtMSD 


i ns a m. 
10:15 s m. 
II 41 am. 

2:00 p.m. 

yju p.m. 

£ 00 p m 

7:QQ p.m. 
MM pjB. 


Kslh a sen 

9:05 a.m 
It W sm 
1 15 pm 

S M p m. 

19 0t p.m. 

11:00 a-m. 
V.-OO am. 
llfJS a.ffl. 
1:15 p m. 

J iS p m 

4 I". ,>tii 

5 15 p m. 

7:15 pm. 
I0:1S p m. 

9m pM, 


l:4S p.m. 

4:15 pm. 
7 JO p.m. 

Prom BronglitaB fttrMt Depot (Comor Bmd) 

nee aoa Ml 








Tile Work of Every 



951 Tates Street 


mm mm 

Ovferios AckXd i ome to 

Brackets and 


utility and Beauty 

To Suit K\cry Requirement 
Call and See Our DiapUjr 

Hawkins & lidyuvard 

ElectricAl Quality and Serric* Store 

U21 Douglas St. Cornel Vl«w 
PhoM 643 

Plumbing and Headng Contrsctort 
Agents for the Raker Automatic Oil Burner and the 
Simplex Crude Oil Burner 

Uoa0f M««d Ml ih» Inlllkl f <>•*-" ptu*** nIuiIv* mtIaci. fcr U.* tnouat atntf 
• (Ml pwUbly Bor« vUl t* *;>Fiit ta ailded tUBl Biid tBrntatcaanca coat! In * 

PhOQ* 292J BAnTll OV M*» i TSS Broachton Street 

Sash, Doors, Frames, Glass 

Cabintl Work, Lumber 

Drysdale Sash & Door Co., Ltd. 

North Park Street 

'Quality and Scnrlca" 

Phone 642 

If roa arc Intereited in homf bldldlnf wc are mirr you wiJI be 
interMted in "WOODHOLM"— *he Model Lumbci Horn* The 
plan «hown thr l"'.,in<-n in the PpltfMh 

PrwUoaUj «U medtm eqiUpmeBt 
has been emu upon the expt^lanee 
of many yean. It ta sUd there is 
noUitag new under the sun, and 
thJ.i ts found particularly true m 
regard to the pvpryday artlrlp 
I Long bclorr ihr mtric-.iU' ami in- 
RCnloUK nnu hint ry wns in.ulc wtuch 
now fOTDU a coinpooeni pa:t of a 
aawrnlU, the u»e of ihinaies for 
bouH buUdlng waa compiLraUvfly 

I But in tbou daya our ancestors 
had more trouble in obCaUilni ihrm. 
Tbe handyman about the house 
took a loff and spilt It thmnKh thr- 
centrr, Prom the section 't^i 
frirmffl tc "ptl* th!r plnt^- ' ' w 
that radiated 'n litt o^iilrr "i i r 
tree and hp called Ilii-m ■■i.^lak'-■^ 
llieM were uswl. noi only for 
shIngUpg. but lor oUier purpoaes, 
inrhiitiBg wall corerlflc. 
I U ta on raoord that ena roof, 
made of these ataakea withstood th'> 
itrea oT weather for lOO year&. 
When examined by a couple of ar- 
chitects recently the ahakes were 
found to be in perfect condiUon. 
Shakes are again eomlnf to the 
fon— machine made end hand-* 
made and ' *"*r TT^WtirrtWTlrt ^liTltT 
Is conceded. 

I ■rahittan haa brought many 
I changes but In the variations and 
modem machinery waa made to 
take th« place of the human band 
and produce, at a much quicker rate, 
repltoas of thr old rrllable Khake. 
done up In niodem ^ivlr th'-'y arc 

[Expcrtence a«.iin ulukIu Uie aav- 
inan thai there were two way.s to 
cut a shingle; onf l.i tlio flatwlKc 
of the lot; while in thf othnr th»- 
jmrfaoe mdlaten towards the centre 
of tbe trea. The latter way pro- 
duces a slUngto which will lie flat 
on the roof and ts duraltfa, Gbe 
' former being of the eheaper trad*, 
will not task BO long, and is not ao 

I Taken over a period of y^art the 
"edge grained" <-r mdial rut 
shingles cost the Icail- and, nutur- 
ally, give far mnrr satisla/-lion - 
another factor in keeping the over- 
bad expaoae ol the hone builder 
' the TBlnlmiim lUese shingles 
are really qnerter sawed in a man- 
ner similar to the flnext oak floorA. 
^ The naUiraUy flne texture of the 
, wood of which shtnglect arc nmdc 
permit of their coloring In such a 
manner a? to Improvr th'' iipprnr- 
anre of the roof- lur wood fhlnw!'-' 
i may l>e atained In a m'- ■ Int^r^slir. ■ 
'■ iiiinner. The aiAln ii>crt for ih. 
piirpoBC U transparent und the tex- 
ture of the wood, showing through, 
glvaa a rich wann effect that adds 
tremuidoaily to the attracUveoeia 
of the home. 

Not oidy have the manufsoturers 
paid tntelliRcnt uttrnUon to the 
produrtlnn of r.tnln that ta trans- 
parent but thev have manufactured 
1* lu such a manner a.s to make It 
a blft factor tn prnlongtmi the Ikfe 
of the shingled roof— a cnmblnatJon 
of beauty and economy that mu£t 
appeal to all home bulldari. 

One Important Hdng to remem- 
ber in thL<( Khtngllng propoalUcm is 
thlJt: If the shingles are the best 
t hen the nslls that fasten them 
down must al»o be nf the bext. It 
Is iLiflfss to ii.Hc hlfih grade shingles 
and then pin Uicni down with un- 
reliable nai^ that wUl rust In n 
short Cme and easily dlatnteffrate 
the whole roof. 

Hr member always to use riM 
proof naUs, in other words. "Make 
tlip nail as good as the shingle." 

Rdge grained shingles may be 
uu>d not only in building new 
hoiL-iea, but In rehablllftatlQc and 
r'-iTK-drliing old ones. They are 
!i'i.ipu»bie, ihrv are dtsmhle and 

llirv arc ecoruimli'Al. 

Albion lictory 

•■ports— men with yean of 
oxpertence as builders of 
icientifically destgned fur- 
nacea — arc best equipped to 
adviae you regarding the 
h i ring of your home. An 
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eomplotc Winter comfort 
and aatiafaction. Pipe or 
pipalaaa atTlaa ioataUad from 


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Sir Fve4ertak NIepart Tm^wlai 
WMk tbe 


arv intiUS I* i> thranik -M(M>DNaUH" al m* Uin*. 


ttm ffM mmw MunuUmm *«• MWj^^^ yeiM Mr «( Om MSlMSla 


CanersB Lnbir Co., LN. "'SSS^" 

Onr mornliic ti ■ pun-el i>0(rt ear- 
. • . hA.i ;i purk'i.;' UjT n Nfi» Ikild- 
.-I'Mii, who Uv*:.'. .11 I he ('iitA^irU Mr 
blew Ms whIMto several times and 
yelled the name of OoUlatela ditto, 
before » votoe from the top floor 
anewertd '^■agT" 

"A package for Mrs. OoMateln," 
he said "WUl yon pleastf eooie 
down and sign for H?" 

Wot aiada peekoger the foiee 


A lanre one," regttad tha poet- 

Prom who come It?" ahevaotM' 
to Know next. 

"Prom a Mr. BMn." yeOed th* 

"Krom whur?" perilsted the ladv 
From Califomia," he told her m 
rrslgned sfrents, -Will von plcaw 
come down and ^Urn fitr ■ 

•Wofs In do fHsrkRtJf-?- she «skr-,i 
"1 eao't 1^1 ynii that, maddni ■• 

the poetman hollered. i l 

know " 

■ Von ken t i^li me whan m de 
pecker?" she repealed in surprise 

-l;*o. madam.- he answered, toeing 
aa thai wa« htft or hli tamper, - i 

There was a patise. 

MWI." ihe finally a^id, "youU hev 
to.oome bark lomorrflf. Ifr* Oold- 
iMh aint home " 

I Here s your scaleR, Mr. Pklnner ■ 
laid Qcorgle. walking tnl» th. 

' hutrhrr thop and handing the ac^e^ 
u> ihp man who alood. bihlnd th' 

ci lunter 

I "AU lights son." replied the man 
.niky leak why your pannu wanted 
to borrow my acalea?" 
"Well, we've got a new feafty at 

lour haaie.' replied Oeofrle. *'u)d 
I wo dldn^ have aii>- scales." 

'T sse. ■ bpfufi.xi Mr. Skiniter. "And 
Uitv much 'till he weigh?" 

"TTUrty -flvf [ntmds. sir!" 

A woman dnvpr ran into another 
vi-i n if and bftit a mudtfuard. It 
worrifd tier Sii «lic went to a gar- 
age and asked the mechanic: 

"Can yod repair this mudguanl so 
that my husband won't know it haa 
been benty 

The mechanle hxAed at the bent 
mudguard and then al the woman, 
and rrpUed: 

"No. madam. I oaoX But I can 
ru IK up ao that In % few dlays you 
can aafc your hiaband how hr bent 

The Canadian Puget Sound 

Koiigise Fir Lmber and Bdgwood Cedar Shinglea 
ContaOy OBodad 

•tfRUs Fir Lnmher Ii « Itig t »ciMr mi I in- PuildmH 

It Kas Ueaniy and Strength Combined 
NV> Are Doeglas Fir SpedaUaia 
It to Specify CP.S. LoBaber Prodocu 

70I0-7061 490 Dticovcry St . Victoris 

The HoBic of Qualify ind &wvic«" 

CHlCACiO, III, July U— niftparltv 
I bptwwn the birth ratcK of tjir pfopl- 
j o( Nirthem snd Western Burop* 
and those of Southern and Bsstem 
[Europe, and between all of Europe 
and the Eastern raees "throws a 
'shadow threateningly across the 
I fullure of rivillantlcn ■ Corrado 
;01nl, professor .statl5ti. Bl ecnnomlcv 
Bt the rjnivemitv nf Rome, declared 
fti thf iiv'tinif^ n[ the Harr-h 
Mcni'iniii Fnundiiiinn at the Unl- 

i VfT^iP. '.f {'Ml ag'i 

prutrjMK uiiii pointed out Qiat 
his studies and (hoae of other 
aiithortUeB had shown that Ihe 
i> iiu: *'!' n of the rounlrle.? of Wc-f- 
f Nortiwm KUropo was q1- 
roiiih' f\' !\ .^tflndfiMll If Imm'irraH' n 
ij,ir>',t<'-- be eliminated, while the- 
ifiluvii Hnd other •oqthem and ea>t- 
eni races are increoelng at a vigtv- 
lous rmle. • 
I "Win thr roun'-ilc", of NcrUiPm 
and Westerrt ETurope thrw Ihflr 
doom open m dun time to the im- 
migration of liie laas senescent 
popuIationR which iiirround them 
and thu^ aliare in their demographic 
evolution? - profrssor Olnl asked the present birth rates show that popu- 
conference "Or will the disparity igtion n already dccUnlng In Big- 
In the prenMirr cf ih*- populatinn land. Waira, Scotland, rinland. 
go on ifrrrix-in,: uni.i it gucy rW- ' aithonia Uivia. Sweden. Norway, 
to a new and >ft more tri'iii''nd"u,s ' pymnce Belgium, Germany, Swlteer- 
cyolciae which wUl drive the ii<-r,|,i, . lamt and pn>bably Inland and Bun- 
of Basiem and Southeni i^uruitc gary 

where the presaura of population isi "If the preeent tendcnaey een- 
Icaa Intense. This » a grave query 'tuiuea. the populauon of Nonbem 
*'^"«*her ^uery artaee as "i and Wr»tem Europe will, if Isolated, 
whether Uie birthrate m Northern di<- out In the course o* lime but it 
and Western Europe will continue no p"li»4ral barrtem or paychol<«h ;»l 
to be ARsenttallv different to tliat in illslmluiattom w-rv to hind'r 'i-. 
the countries of Southern and Ft) M frf-r .T^-ulaiton of namfs and 
«n Burope or whether th*- ; r:,,-- ' r immigratiwi wf.Hild pro- 
nave only preceded the ii,L;.-r h^ uu** im the leveling rjul of Uie dif- 

*« t'*'* °** '° ■ Ui tbe preasure nf popula 

cuntng birthrwte. The same inquiry Uon aa between those owntru^* and 
might be made lor populations of their neighboring peoples 
th*- Suropean raee in otbcr eon- In Prance, when the Insufflri- 
t^ienij* If thit altemaUve Is the renv nf th*- population is keenly felt 
eoTTerl one i-hen In a more or le« 'he rxmu uf immigration over mtiI- 
remote future the disparity wUl in- gralKm luc av*>nMfed two hundred 
eelt^ly arise no longer between Uie ihuiwAnd i-rr^.n" a ye«r bui a cer- 
aeveral populatigns of tbe Kutopaan tain degree of r«mtaner w f'trther 
niee but ba«««en Mrepean Tooee onlhnBlgntloti may already ix- -b 
Lbc one hand and (he ItJndti, I sorted in the pajdiology ot ui^ 
Malayan, and yellow races on (h»' French In Cngtand. wbne Uw an- 1 
•thw presaton that the muntry H ofer- 

TYii^V two quene- tjirow H'.'-.r r- piilaled U sUll rerv ■-.ufr\ far' 
shadow thn^i^'nUiKlv arrow r- . . m ff-nciuunc ln:i n they 

future of rivuitation A' the preaentihavc takao notable ^ups wace Ibsl 
time science ^rtf not p<v.'«<u Uie «ar to Itaitft tt" 

requutte data for mnng a reply " f — - ] 

Oicrmaiur's papidatlon Is due to, It was nearly doMng tUne ih a 
decline to laai; Ptanee will start ctty park when the haepw ap. 
to dwindle In 1037. and tbe imtlAl prowhBd a tramp wbo waa noUn-l 
Kingdom In iM2. acconUng u> n-U-'uig upon one of th* waoi 
awe naUmstfM haaert on blrthrat(>^ vW ht .hnyfed "I'm gobu ta 
Prof^or Olnl '.aid ralcttlatlon^ . ' ■ n^-n 

the number of buths survivors or -o*. imed i 

present buTJia raqclnd to produee Lh- t, - iras a 

an equal nuafaff of iDdindiiaJa *t bUokui tUi»u«iii wmrwbee.- I 

TOR».N-ro. July 13:— After M 
years work. Sir Frederic Stupart 
tilt* .ie\eTed ofUcial relationship 

wlfh Caii[idax meteorological mtv- 
\rp itnii (he *f'>ron to ob wrv» tory 
th t-nd practically rriired since the 

An exceptlonalh 
design or five roc'iiu^ 

:)>a.'lnif Engliah 
W;de >iidmR I 

signally honored by cituerui 
and friends, wtw preaented him 
with a floe portrait of himself in 
oU« from the bnuh o( wyly Orier 
Ttierp waa no formal leave uklns 
.sir Frederic simply stepped out into 
private 11/ e. 

During the long period nf his re 

has lieen used and the uddltlon of K'uie. many important chanKe.i have 
the shutters and tJie attrarUv*- nre- 
plaoe chimney make a very di.sUnc- 
Uve ensemble. Further dotjuls re- 
garding thia plan can be obLalned 
in "Beautiful Homes" at Spencer'a 

semttoti arVM «M IMi Haa* Matfr 
of cUmatic ifhai^w and behavior 
as disclosed on Ihe oboervation 
cbarta. Be was wUhout a peer as 
an authority of tha ■Mnata' aC Obb<* 
ada and the caoaai pnWlUfir^ tta 
vmrlahls winters. 

Sir Frederic traveled - aa ti a i l tii y 
from the Atlantic to tbe Padflo 
and lo Ihe Arctic regkins in the 
pursuit of hu studies. Re had 
charge of the govemmfot expedi- 
tlon that Invaetigated and reported 
upon tbe navtgaHaa «r JKudBBD** 
Stimltfl in lgB4-8B. 

It has t>en bis prtvtlege to meet 
and Join in oonsuiutions wtth all 
the leadUig metrorologiios of IA«f 


It tt-a« .1 l.-oiirp al»ut mod'-m 
women, l)'-it,K d.*iiv»riyi by a mod- 
ern mjiiiAn at the club. One nf thi* 
speaker's cbM points concerned 
the modem, common sense style of 
woman's dress 

"Do you know," she cried to her 
owh aex. "that our preaant day style 
of sBUalble eloihlng haa lodueed our 

acr-tdenr.i r>n trains, cara and bwHa 
b>' at lea-xt ntiy per oentf 

Rhp palled to let this shik In and 
It e:i\r a innii-.iiiffcring young m an 
his opporttmlly. 

"Yf Hi'il r j(( iL e rne, " bg laid 
poUtely. bui why not do away with 
aeeldenU altoaethery 

been made in the methr»ds and iiys- 
tera of weiilhrr f ireeaiil mn, which 
were largely dur^ ui hji itiudv and 
rcBBfreh work. 

air ftederic entend the servioe 
almost BUnultueoosly wltb the In- 
sugxiration of new methods In 
meteorology and has been one of 
the mou active participants in lU 
development When h»* cnmmeneed" 
the w»^thrr mnp w%a a very crude 
affair and i.bwr^ationi w^rr from 
f\x MntioT« only in r«:i«da Dally 
(f>reraAt* «'-r> wvk^ prlnmrtlv to 
warn Orfa' marmrrn of ap- 

proerhlng au>rm'- and bsIck Mr 
also had the unique enerienre ol 
having BOi out the flrat sioon 
warning of&ciaUy Issued tn Canada. 

His greatest contribution lo 
meteorology, the value oT which Ib 
acknowledged by weather experte 
throughout the wnrlri hae been the 
widening arwl extension nf tiie ab- 

every observatory and obaerratton 
station m Europe and America. 

Mr OoolidgO ix well tnr*wri as a 
man -rf few words A - Ut-/ now 
(TDlng Ul" rounds laiggrr.t.^ he 
aj*( [r^v w ufw a dry naw -.f humr-n 

A rcrlAin dlsUngulAhed FiigUih- 
insji WBA ■;n a vuit l/j Wa^hingt/.n 
with his dwighiAr and u u uiwiaJ 
in such cases, Uie two ut them re- 
oeived oards of invtiaUon to the 
Frtday inception at tbe White 

Beforw setting oui tltc girl t^>ld ti^r 
fatber that abe waa certain dIi>> 
oould make Mr. OootldK*- talk "If 
he says three words to you I U glre 
y(.u a fur rmt.' said her falher. 

On being intniduoed to the Prari- 
dent the girl frwnkty esptairMd tbe 
Ritiiati,.n u* him and cnnAdently 
a-a-aitcd tJu^ outcome. But. hulng 
^ved her in sOono* lor a miaute. 
M r cooiMga riaiaihiid qototly, *Tiad 
a-iiw " 

Tlie doer (.1.) „.Uy - -o late at 
church and entered as tbs eaogre> 
gauon waa rising lo tttm^ 

Dear me." abe said, bMi ^MUe. 

don't get up en my 




Build There WUh the Aid of Om Exceptmiut Ptaaivcinjj PIm 

Peiiiiitjirlon & Son 

62S Fort Street 

asTAatnBXD tm 



CkirvrKu BuUir^i^^ KiAland 

CHAPTER I fContlnuedl 

1>t been home two wcplLn," sAld 
llftfUu Bundy. 

"No queaUon about tl," lald her 
brother TTieron 

"Dunns which pcnod," saM otie, 
"I've conformn] " 

"To what?" BAk«d PythlM. 

"Bundylun." said Martha. Tm 
Bundled and Bundled aad Bundled 
aU &m the plaot." 

"Wbleh.- aakad Oaloo. •^Mda up 
to whatr 

"That rm fed tip." ihe aaU pleas- 

■ We havrn't middled With JOO," 
aald Mr. Bundy anrtomly. 

No more than joa ooidd help, mj 
drarn.*' she sald- 

"Put your coniplalnt^s In arlMni: 
and band them to ttie hiALM.- con^- 
mlHye." vaM Ockm. 

B*ver would get the Idea. 
You've bam brautUt up wnmc' 

"flhe% goiiis to talk about freedom 
and aelf-expreMioo." said Damon. 

"SomeUiliv like It." answered 
Martha. "I'm sick and tired oC b^ng 
one movable pan of a machine. Tm 
not something that flu like a spare 
part. What I am. gentlemfii. \,^ -a 
liuie Individual machine of my own. 
Brieny. this family ataS tiu gotten 
my goat." 

"I felt It eomlnc." aald llMniiL 

"We aU did." agreed ble ffeUw. 

"There isn't an Indtrldwl amoiw 
you YouTe all cue off the same 
piece. You think alike and talk aUke 
and emote alike. If the Qva o( sm 
were to lit to-tbe duk and talk, a 

■teaBfBriNalA ttUnk It ma A Bwoo- 


We're Bandia,- «tptalM ICr. 


"U one of you goes to whItUi? a 
sUck." she said a bit. dejiperat^Iy, 
"the other tonr (co lilonit t« cXwt 
lor hllii And )if wiiittir.1 iL Just as 
any oth-T 'u. y<.n would whittle. 
It's a Biuidy whaUlng. Not one of 
you has any more Individuality than 
a pea In a pod. 

"Now me, rm not lute anybody 
else In the world, rm myaelC. rm a 
distinct entl^. If you can eoooeive 
or .tuch a thing, and I want to play 
my o»-n game." 

Ttvim plaTi what wtna." aald 


■ I want tn think my.sclf Into 
Uouble and then think my.telf out 
again. I want to And out what it s 
all about and not be told out of 
wealth of family exputence. I want 
to tour the poadbly Intereatlog world 
without being one of a parade of 
Bundys. I want things to happen 
to me . All by myaetf, Indepexidently. 
untrammeled. unehaperoned. un- 
brothered and unfathered f Why, 
evrr>' time rollce l,s served, you Ave 
men go into a faunlly council to 
make up your minds how many Itmips 
you u uke In IL I want to try two 
lumps or t«n lumpa aa the mnnor 
strikes me." 

"TlUa," aaM Mr. Bandy, "undoubt- 
wflT leads op to an ultlmfihim • 

your irm tt 
tm Tier (litest oaoh 

Is Your ^ife 

Buatneas Manager? 

jfjrM mn«iew«r"yM''tothaS 

KiaOon, yna ar* fortttnaWb 
t if yon cannot answsr 
"ysa," you ought to vpmoA 
Ihn* or fooT *v*ningii think* 
big o««r youf Umily'i firwv 
,clal poaltkm in ih« cvtm fit 
yov daath. Thsn ytn shoold 
wrtM tawtrocdMis f or yoa r wtfa 
idMIdw rsgardtng tb* oondaet 
nftb* fomilr'* aOMfa, abewld 
n^MWitjr compel bsr lO S^ 
sums tb* burdsn. 

Whsn yoa ha<r« diaemmd 
what ■ Uali thl« U. II ■hnoM 
\*mA Tnur ihouft^u namrslly 
to tbt ids* of aooM ftruutdal 
provMen wtaicbwUl Itmr* b»T 
at toaat.e eeriste dsAnit* trv- 
CDOM for Hr»'~am that canttoi 
be eslwd for d«bt, nor lb* 
pgkxlpal be toet or dMpatsd. 

IT yee b«Ui Mv* bernl '3. h 
OM be eneeged for ths #>coib 
to be paM to ym jofady. 

Vfw 1.^ s^*mptam #)U>tM "A OhMw la 
(*• MsiT' wkuK 4mKr\h%* (Am in\\ .||. 


iM q^ka TOaONTO 

*U doee." eald Martha. 'But before 
I get to It 1 want to state reasoru 
and things. I'm lull of gnevam-'-s 
and the boos grievance of all la too 
mucn famfly. Anllr la going out 
of style." 

"Kitchenettes snd motor-OMa and 
uight clubs and twin beda god fom- 
plena ba*o zalnd hob wUli tho In- 
sututtoa of motrimaoy. which la the 
buia of famUy Ufa.** aald Mr. Bitndy 
didactically. tlfce a (ad of wear- 
ing a ring In your noee. My poil- 
tlon In the matter Is that you cant 
hare family without having a 

"The genrm] Ideu." sAld MsrtJia, 
**1« thai 1 (Jiui '. waul a furiui.'.- 1 
don't know what I want. But I do 
want a cbaDoe to noM gmbid and 
And oat" 

She haant mentioned golDC oo 
the Btage." aald Tberoo. 

1 odghc om «» that, tbough it 
lent IndlipeiHabte.* 

-You're pretty enoogh for the 
riiovl*-s,"' said Oelon- 

"We've seen Uils coming." said 
Mr. Bundy gravely, "and have dis- 
cussed If from all an^lei. 

MarLha rxpcuted a grimace and 
threw up tlespalnnn hands. "I've 
no doubt th*" fttmilv cixinril has been 
fitting on me — picking out an occu- 
patkm for me, and laying out my 
wUd, free, imtranuneled Ufe along 
hard and fast Unea. What you gen- 
Uamen would like to do la to turn 
na loa«tf> in a pcuturo irtlh a Ugh 

fence umarii] 1- .irid tOU flio to go 
ahead iinj iruiic • ■ 
"We're for yon." said Pythias. 
"We calcuIaLc," .said Mr Bundy 
"t O ba ck yiMir plav " 

"Which. ' .laifi Martha, "la exactly 
what I won t tolerate. I won t be 
adTiaed and 1 won't be helped. And 
heree the ultimatum: IW going 
away from here, rm cutting loose. 
I'm going to the great city to make 
my own way. I'm gong to make 
believe I never heard of a Bundy. 
enept Sunday mcnilng^ when 111 
write ynu a letter " 

"We ve dMTlded to ride with you 
ion iXT crni..- Aa:fl Qelon. 

"■Wr"vr cwu found yOU A alcC 
apartment." ^.iild Damon. 

"AOd we can arraiiRc nn [wTlfiwance 
that will sec you through nicely 
*TT»«Migh what?" aaked Martha 
*niUs period of aberration." said 
Mr. Bundy. 

"They jnrt eant oomprebend. 
Martha said to haraelf deapolringty. 
"They dont aee that I wont have 
their aimrtment nor their allowance 
nor anything from (hem at alt 

"ftn going to be a lone woman, 
wllhotit relaUTea." she went on, oast 
upon the workL The Uggeat of the 
big Ideas Is that Zin going to earn 
my own living." 
"Oofih!" exclaimed Geion. 
"Ill accept nothing from any of 
you. leaat of all m**ni.^» jn 
affalpa.* • 

.^"^ thought,- aidd 

Mr. Bundy. 

It's dam Dear f^qMlUag.- aald 
Thertm. "Martha, you must be same 
'Tt of a throwbaefc. I nenr heutf 

■'. A Bundy Uke you." ' 

•Thrre never wa.s one." said Mr 
I Biindv noJf mnly 

"Well, how about It?" asked 
Manila "Dt,*., what I say go or do 
I (lUsiip^-ar b.-[ wr rri and sun- 
rL%e? MiiHl, I rn det^^Tmlnrd 

"We have taikrd It in and out' 
.^aid Mr nundv- -.mfi have a ded- 
sion to eunrnder foot and 
arttllary. But, my dear, remember 
yoo are my daughter and their sis- 
ter, ■mongh.wv veak of It lightly 
It rests upon oi heavily. The world 
Is full of unpleasant eventa and per- 
sons — " 

■Which I wish to see for myself ' 
said Martha. 

"Prom which." pfprtsted Mr. 
Bundy. "our love w ould 'shelter you. 

"I won t be sheltered," 

"Wr fcfired not." said her fatiier 
•and so. Daughter, we shaU put no 
gatea across your pnth. But we 
shall be anxious. I do not think any 
of OS will be vary hl^>py." 

"And you can darn well bet." said 
oelon grimly, "that anybody who 
i'utd It on your eye will have About 
five fuU-slaed Bundys doing an 
Alpine climb up his back." 

"You arr desrs." Martha said 
"and I love you all— hut Fve got to 
do It I ve got to. Can't you .see 

"We can't ser ft. and we can t 
nndentand ll, rny dear We're the 
sort of folks who feel that the foun 
oattOD of the world Is bum of piaii 
tttdea. You think it is buut of epi 
grams. Maybe we are both right. 

poaMble, you know, that the epi- 
grams of tod ay may be (ho pUtltudes 
of tomorraw.'* 

"Anyhow. ywiYe sweet about it 
You could have cut up rough, you 
know, and locked me In my room 
... but remember, now. no but- 
Ung in. I m to be left atone. I'm 
not to be wsiched. and every time I 
look out of my window I don't want 
to aee a Bundy larklag In the 

Five men Bushed (^u^lciiy 

"I caught you at it. didn t l? But 
U * no go . . . you keep buiy 
wtih your old scheme to get rich, 
■niatll take all your time Wltboul 
to'ing to sund watch and watch 
over me ■ She stamped her foot. "I 
won't be watched) I wont.' it was 
the ftrst sign of tamper displayed 
by sny of iJje family 

"When do you pisji to leave us» 
asked her father 

-Monday." she said firmly. 

"And have you any olawf " 

"I ahaU hav«.' 

got op fnwn hfr pl»< T an.j 
moved toward the door, fattier and 
brother! eyed her graceful ftgun as 
It moved away ttxm them 

"Stick around.' aald Qeloa This 
la family stuff." "^^^ «(us 

-la prgehMy why m aa my 

way I 

n\) Be Oentinoed ) 

w^tLlL'^ • ■«»^ 
15? **r!?^ to *> bustnev 
w«h a certain patrldan known to 

be ehrontffflUy hard up R^iTinK 

no fvpiy to the letters he *rnl. he 

detemilned upon a personal call He 

»mv«J m the dlatricl aflCT dark ' 

ySlSSflLf^^ imposing gain 

knocked at the door of tha 
and aaked the kwper if ho nX 
•ee the paepla inside "WeaTiId 
the iodgetagpar.aer«ichli« hte bead, 
jit^j b»t maaaL yS aii, tSs 


July Sale oj Dresses Monday 

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White Crepe de Chine and Spun c^uk 


Bargains for Monday ¥ 

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Second JNehs Sechon 




Second News Section 





Marjorie Leemin^ 
Loses in Net Final 
To Dorothy Weisel 


Tennis Star L^ietcafcJ in Strai.irlit Sets— 
Berndt LX)wns Kay Casey in (jrueiling 
Struggle for Men's Championship 

PORTLAND. July 13.— Pbrty-nw 1 
trmiic ganm at t«nnlf gave Kurt 
Brrndt. bMipactacM Im Antics 
atar. mtl upMt victory ovrr R^y 
Om«ey ud the men s Mnele.i chAm- 
plonAhip nf Ih* itt«t^ of Orison of* 
Uif MiiUnocufth Club courts tolay 
u Uie Uitrty*Ant state meet ^am<^ 
to BD tod. The UtulAT nuilch wrnt 
to ftv* full wtk, Ute l»at of which 
wu U«d two VKinai from the end. 
The count wu 8-1, 4-«. 8-4, 6-4. 
«nd the match wu all of the battle 
that the aeon would Indicate. 

Rxcppt for the first aet. which 
rxu-y dropped without aMiln^ lo 
malif any parUcuUr fHort lo win 
iJif inalfh wa* a battlp ol nerviveA. 
Onlv MX iiinr.i m Oif rcRine irf the 
fl'-r -f'-- clitl Bf-i-Tid' nvana^t to break. 


ilx time's did Cajsry managp Ui brfak 
through Bprndr* Cajwy won «u- 
teeh tUnw i->r! liu ficrvlc^ and Brmdt 
•eventcen times. m> that ihe hpw 
Htata ehamplon actually won only 
one more game than the runner- 
up m (he knct gnMlUiif strung- 
Dorothy Wiefael. nattesMl flrts' clay 
court champion, won rhr women'i 
Atate rhampionahlp iToin Marjorie 
Leemlng. of Victoria, in KtniRht v>l<. 
8-1. 6-4. 

Mtu WeUel ran up a ft^ir unni' 
lead before MIn Le«-i; h'-- 
nnt and only conteai m*' xpenin' 
Kt. In the final wet,, the aoore wat 
Ued at 4-4. but Miaa Wetoal-a coc- 
."Uirnt tti-ruracy waa too much for 
her oppont'nt. Tb« new tUaUai. a 
HacranitTiio ifirl. wa* not aeeded lo 
the evecL Hex rival (ran 

find i.rilv I p r- 

mm m 

Portland Youngster Defeats 

Gilbert Carter on TTiirlv- 
Scventh Hole After Hav- 
ing Big Lead 


CLUB, Kanaaa city. Mo, July 13 
—Don Moe. oBUtog Untveralty of 
Oregon aophomore from the Alder - 
wood Country Club Portland, todti 
won the thlrtiflh .mnual Weatri 
amateur golf rhamplonahlp. d'- 
feattnn Oiibert q^rter. Nevada. Mo 
on the thlrty-.v>v«>nlh hnlf one up 

Carter, golf ' .t|>tH<-. rr rm the 
Unlvenlty of MUKmjn. the 
match became of a loet ball after 
a gallant uphlU fight irtilch brought 
him all aquare with Moe at the 
thlrty-iUth hole. aft«r he had been 
seven down at the start of the aft- 
ernoon tiKh'een-hole round 

On the thirty-seventh hole car- 
ter's drive waa tti a clump of biL->he:^ 
near the boundary line and he dm 
not find tt wtUUn the apedfted five 

He had taken a desperate chance 
and liisleud of playlnfi hia drive 
aafe for a short apprmu'h. had 
elected lo .shoor over n cliiiiip of 
tall troM direct for the jtreena. He 
took a five to get dovn, while Moe 
played roruervatlvely and waa on 
in two and down In two putU. 

A gallery of amrml bundred per- 
KOTui Started the aftemoon round. 
iHvping thai Carter would recover 
from his erratic momtn« round and 
jihnw i hem wmc Interest Inn ROlf , 
hut pxpeclinu Moo to win thr title 
hv the twenty -s'-vrnth Rrff-n They 
n-atched In amazement aa the 
twenty -one-year-old Mlaaoun youth 
alowly out down Moe^ advantage, 
went one up on the fourteenth 
green, slipped again on Ihe next 
three holes and then forced the 
match Into an eitni hn|f> by a 
blrdte three on the jfTT-yard eight- 

The tournament, which for four 
days waa harraaaed by ratn and a 
soggy course, ended on firm fatr- 
««ya uiidir btinUat nm. 
The cards for the match: 

Moe. rnomlnd— 
Out 1^45 4 3 4 4 3—34 

In 4 4 4 5 4 4 4 4 3 M 70 

Afternoon ■ 

Out .... 4443434B 3—36 

xa aas7444« «-.4o- ta 

Blue Larkspur 
Win» Feature 
At AHingUm 

CAOO. Jnly U. - Blue 
Larkipur, wtamer of the Bel- 
moot Park and Withers 
Stakes, woo the 860 OOO Amerl • 
can dasek: by Ave lengths thu 
aflemoon, with 40,000 viewing 
the race for three-yeaf-old su- 
premacy of liir nation 

Live Oak. a field horw. in 
the mutuel betttng. flalahed 
anoDd. with Clyde Van Dnaan, 
wtamror Um KaatMkylMy, 


IN Lmm 
m MM 

England Has Total of I0« 
for Two Wickets Against 
South Africans 236 in 
First Innings 



Keeps Great Record Intact 


■ ha Tt 

ttn amstrwr (nl( r hamplnnihin bn dnrm- 
In* lilltrrrt ( irtj-f ..II ihf ihirlr >*fmtli 
Hoi' in I uf (n, ih-- llllp, put 

(kid I sndrr ihr urlni ihal • mmIaJU* 
nrirr irtu». t— ■ » MS !■ tha 

«UlirirlBi ImL 

LBEDS. eng . July 13 -Af <>~' 
cloac Of play today in \i>v ' i , i i 
cricket test match tjetwern Ein;lii 
and Bouih Africa '.h'" .vinnK touili 
were; Bouth AJrica. first inmn(t> 
238; Bigland. first Innings. 106 for 
two wickets. Hm match ended this 
morning and wlU continue «a Moo- 

CattereO and Stodel opUHd the 
South African tnnlnga. Btedd was 
bowled by Larwood before he had 
acored. after CatteraU bad made a 
.single. CatteraU and Mitchell then 
played steadily, though scoring was 
slow. 33 only being made tn the fim 
thlJty-flve minute* Prrenian and 
Uanunood came on to bo«-l. and 
OaUerall when 33 waa mlaaed at 
abcvt slip by Bow ley off the York- 
shlreman. Mitchell wu lx>wled by 
l^te and two wlcket.<. verr dcmn for 
"if- runs. Morkel and CatteraU were 
together at Ihe lunch interval i 

Cfttterall played a fuif itmuigxl 
for 74. while Vincent wa^ * tnyind i 
lllghcat WdTVT with 60 I-Tcpmiiri 
was the most ?ucreMful KnBll>h 
bowler, taking seven wlckeU for 116' 
runs. I 

Albie Davies to 
Meet i'raimtn in 
} tincou t f-r liifiif 


1.1 -- 


Alble Dovlf:^, Vli-UirUl lifHj 

Eddie Oraham. PortJand. have 
been matched tar • Meolal 
six-round bOlte tmt Mat FH- 
day, on the Del Wdtfe-Oand- 

ette card. 

Nels Perguson, Vancouver 
Htthtwetght, and Alex. Weber. 
Tacoma. wiM mu in tiip 
n,mn<i wms- wind-uj' Two 
other four-round bouta arc 
btioi amagML 

SnilTll PARK Til 
FOR m 11 ILL 

I^crossf Teams Will Clash 
on Tuesday in First of 
Fnrc^jBinc Serio for 




Breasts 'I'apc hiches in Front of Tolan and 
W\kotf at MiJsuinrncr Carnival at Vancouver 
— Two Canadian Records Swept From Boards 

at Meet 

Miss Beverly VaiOy of Victoria 

Victor; 20,000 See Stars in Action 

pERCY WUIUfDi, Canadian bero of laat year's Olrnipie Oamea, who 
• yesterday at Vanconw again denonstratcd hia speed belor* 20,000 
Vancottvar ipactalora. WOliams copped the lOO-yard daah from the 
graataet American rwners to keep Intact bla mbrofcen striag a4 victories 
«iiMe Ua Olpmpic trtenpha. 

niilCUMS TO 

laapartant Ball Game Carded T*- 
raarrow Night — Orven and 
Udstonc Will Pitch 

Tommy Orecn wlU go to the 
mound tomorrow night at the Royal' 
Athleuc Park when the T^Uicumf 
oppose the Jokera In a cructKl hall 
game at 0:15 o'clock. The clubmen 
are leading the Senior Amateur 
Pennant race, a lone game ahead 
of their oppnnent* in tooiomw'a I 
battle. In order lo retain thei 
laadenhip they must come through 
with a win. 

Dan LidRtone will go to th^- stab 
f'T itir Jokers in the hoprs of stop- 
ping the rush of ihr rlutmicn In 
Ihelr previous two cani'-v ihe TtUl- ' 
corns have finuhed on Uir long end I 
of the aoore. Taourrow'a battle 
narks the last Ume these dubs win 
meel tn a leacua Omtw. 



Si. Savioiir\s Defeat Royals in 
Replay Soccer, 5 to 3 


ANi . I VCR H C July IJ .^ii Haviotirs defeated Westminster 
Ua^vr, hPTf this fvrnlnK '..i 1. In a replayed semi-final 
tJiaL. h ot the BntL'.h Columbia series of the Dominion Foot- 
ball ehamptflvuhlp, thus eliminating the present Canadian cham- 
pions from further compeUUon. St. aavkiur*s defeated Royals .t to i 
last Saturdav, but Uie game was ordarad replayed by the British 
Columbia FfiotbaU Association Oounell. wbkfa upheld the Royals' 
proceet that 8L Savwur^ had not eetnplM wlUl ibc rnilatloo 
demanding that ttUf present a Uit o( that ptayvn ttme days 
before the game. 

Are Mate In Etoa- 
Baifww Walniu On a j PUaa 
Dp Big Telal 

LONDON. July 13 -The public 
schools cnckm match between Ktoo 
and Harroa-. was today left drawn. 
Soorea: Eton, 347 and 264 for Bv* 
wlekeu tdaolandi ; aamw, IIB and 
101 for aU wtekata. 

Sbona in flMtt-«lMi otekat 
matchea today: 

Surrey, 429. atattIsC K«lt. 

F/wx It.-.. Northants. 14 for 

thrT wifkets- 

Middle.-wx, 2P7; WATWlck. 103 for 
fl vr wickets 

llanu-. 231, .Stuwi, 31 for 

South Park an/1 Ouklands larmme 
'•Mm.v ai'! ni*-''* al ttip Ri">vul Ath- 
letic IMrk '111 ■!1l^;,^lay rvcnlnjf at 
6:30 orl'^k :,rst of a flve- 

K&me scrici I .r l;,- . uv champion- 

Last week the series was supposed 
to start, but South Paik turned oat 
two men short and bu rro w ed from 
the Oaklands aggregatton. and the 
game waa not counted. Leonard 
l^lt, president of the league, an- 
oounead last night that the borrow- 
ing of players will not be permitted 
during the f^rifjk 

If either team falls tn Ujm mil a 
full .<<]imd !hey will either carry no 
minus ihcir players or forfeit the 
game, as*Mr Talt steUd that no 
compromise will be tolerated. 

Both aqnadi are evenly matched 
and the foUowesa of Canada's na- 
tional game who Intend making 
their way to the enclosure will, un- 
doubtedly, wttneai one at the t)est 
games of recent years. South Park 
was organLzTd this season and havr 
done excrpuonally axil in the 
leatfuf .Ji.hnny Johnson, who 
las' v' k r,,.-,k over Uie r^i/Ls nf tj-..' 
OakiAiKl.^ fiub from ihr vctwai 
Bob Melnnes, expecta hts under- 
studies to take the tniual game, and 
then proceed to oaptute the UMe. 

Prank Smith, an old-timer at the 
game, will handle the whistle. 

South Park will line-up as folkmr 
C. Btsxell. D Blssell. Bradlev. Bobby 
Sheret. l>rn Bryant, Hardy, CHI 
Margison, Clark. BiU Plater (cap- 
tain), Lloyd Cann and Kric KmxX. 

Victoria Shot Leads 

Canadians at Monster 

Bisley Rifle J^eetingmj^j^fjf^ 


VBI. July IS.— Ptrey Williams con- 
tinued hla amaalng carser here this 
aft«moon victorious by Um miracle 

of leas than two inches which sep- 
arated hirn lirtl Eddie Tolan. 
Michigan f- jfrrat hearted "Midnight 
B xp re sa . " m the final of 'he 100- 
yards. These two broke the tape 
with the Califomtan. Wykoff. so 
cloae behind thai the crowd of 30JXI0 
sat down breattataas laat the dadalon 
go againat the Vanoouver maa 

The race that Williams ran left 
Us claim to the tttle of the great- 
est competitive runner ol all tlrae 
unchallaiged. He came from be- 
hind In the last teiu yards to win. 
almost duplicating on the slow 
track his world record equaUlng 
time established Ptlday evening, 
The time was 9 4-5 seconds 

Af tf r 'hr racr it w%s reported 
that the ctiampion'a eftorta Iiad 
coat him a strained muscle, but the 
injury Is not serious. 

Two Canadian rcoords ware swept 
from the boards and two eajuaUed 
under the onslaught of the brUIIanl 
body of athletes which gathered to 
compete with Williams In his home 
town intemaUonal meet Those 
broken wrre: Sixteen pound shot 
put Herman Brlx. Los Angeles 
A.C. distance &0 feet. 3\ Inches. 
High Jump— Benry Daaoelette. Ixu 
Angite AC. 6 feet, tS tochea 
Records equalled were: aao-yards— 
Bddle Tolan. MIrhlgan. ai 3-A sec- 
onds; 440-yants— R. P. Bowaoi, Uni- 
versity of Pittsburgh, tt a-S asoonda. 
Herman Brlx. the world's raoord 
holder for the shot put. was de- 
clared individual champ with two 
firsts and three thlrda 

Bwrley P Vaio. of Victoria, won 
' hf women's high Jump from a 
'ttlaxy of stars, by clearing the bar 
at four feet, nine and seven-eighths 
inches- Mlsa Vaio is only stzteen 
years of age and looks Ilka aha wlU 
be heard from after a UUIe more 

George Aldous, also of Victoria, 
finished third Lo the iMtf-Blle 
ResuIU follow: 

100- Yard Pinal~i. WtlUams. Van- 
rouvpr 3 F<ldle Tolan. Michigan 
' T Prank Wykoff. Los 

Ar,^;ri,-,-. AIhl»"1,lf ciub. Time, g 4-5 

conver Police: % A McDlaimld. 
Vancouver Plremen. 1, Reman 
Brlx. L*» Aiure Irn A C Distance, 
60 TL 10 :i-t III 

Wl-I.h Wiititii I A MrDlarmld. 
Varirouvrr flromiM, , 3 Boh (till, 

Vancouver PoUoe; a. Herman Brui. 
1-2 in. 

BunnlBt Broad Jump— t, & 
Hanuk, Oeorgta Tech.; tL, P. 
Bovan. univectlty of nttsbtirfh: I. 
C. H. Ouniming, Newark AC. Dla- 
tanee. IS ft. l 5-8 in. 

Half-MUe Bicycle— I. Leo Mar- 
chlort Vancouver: 2. Jim Davlaa. 
Vancouver: 3, Maurice Irving. Van- 
couver. Time, 1 mm 5 4-5 see* 

Half-MUe Bicycle. B.C. Champion- 
ship— 1. Leo Marchiort, Vancouver; 
3, Jtan Ekavtes, Vancouver; Maurice 
Indnv. VWunnar. Ttme, 1 min. 
ft 4-5 seta. 

High Jump rwomeni— 1. Beverley 
Vaio, Victoria: 2 Helen ReevM. 
Vanoouver: 3. Jean Thompson. To- 
ronto. Height 4 ft. B 7-8 in 

DlBCUs Throw— 1. H Brlx, Loa An- 
geles AC; 2. Jay Bnrrhav*', Waah- 
lntfti>n Stale Ct*l!effe. :f. Boh Olll, 
Vanri7«iwr Dtstance \?6 tl Bl-2 1a. 

mm WINS' 


Five bailing Dinghies Com- 
pete at Yacht Club in 
Light and Very Variable 


Master Gunner Collings Has 100 Out of 
Possible 105— Sergeant Regan and Second- 
Lieutenant Dave Fy vie Well Up in Matches 

:sn. Derbyshire. .1 for 

i Wu :i-l;ire. 2W for rlchi wlck^L-. 
agslnsl Lelc^stervhlrr- 

Yorkshire. ?73 for six wicket*, 
BgalnA Notts. 

Weroester, ait; Gloucester, 06 for 
ttfm wiefeeta. 

BISLEY CAMP. July 13 With 
I the fine aggregate of inn rvtr a 
two I P^ble 105 Master Qurmer ColUngs, 
I of Bsqulmalt. B.C.. led alllhe Oana- 
dlans In today's three great aetrlee 
rifle shoU of liie NBA. meeting. 
The malchen wprr Tlw Times. 300 
yard.--. Dally Mstl. MO yviif. and 
Wlmbledr,n Clip 600 yard.-i, all 
-vparat^ but coml>lned In another 
mipiuijint aggngata with the Btoek 

Master Ounner Collings tj>taled 
13, .13 and 34 at the rexp«^Uve dis- 
tances Thr next highest affiOC« 
the Canadians was Sergeant J. H. 
Regan, of Victoria. B.C., with M. 
Captain Steele Ouelph. bad 17. 
and Lieutenant D. nrvle. al Vlotona. 
had M. 

In the Wimbledon (?irp, last of the 
three shoots Colhnir-s' scon? of 34 
was the hlghnst of any if tJir twenty 
Canadian .wldier m&rksmen 

Tbtal i 

Bktn hols. A 

Cart«r. morning— 

Out ...<S4BSSfi4 S— 37 

In fte4S44fla 


Out .... 8B«5aS44 9— n 

in sa44a»i« 

Loushran Training Hard 
.«l For Fight on Thursday 

Light HtMvvwei^ht Champ f:xpects td [^e in 
Fine Trim lor Uout With Braddock— Chal- 
lenger Boasts Confidence 

CAMIiKlllfiF m 

Combined Oxford - Cam- 
bridge Team Tops Inter- 
national University Match 
by Six lo Three 


Total - 140 

Bsrtn hole. & 

Par out 4 4 4 .S 4 3 4 4 3 -35 

FMrln . 4^4^:l444 4 -37 - 72 


ijftmes scheduled tomorrow night 
m the city aoRM bntna an as 


■T>- BKCnON 
<'anndlati Scottish va. K. of C, at 
(Jiindrn anr] Qiici<nv. Osntnl ftefe. 

Umpire Ou-k Holman. 


Haval Barracks vs. View Royals 
at OonMBn OMUBAiL Wi^dra Balph 

Pllmley A Ritchie vs North 
Saankh Benrtce club, at Beacon 
Rtll. nemr end of car line, crmptrr 
Bob Whyte. 

TM I vs Vanoeimr. at 
lower diamond. CeaCnl P»A Om- 
pire Tommy Dryadale. 

-c- RECnON . 

Vanrotiver Province va. Borofcas. 
at uppT diamond. Oenferal VMk. 
Umpirr cmle StOek. 


"Who gal the belter of 
Prjwh-nomiliy 'trade, nowr* 
PofT' Why ehurtl up indi la^jing 

n o o a I o 1: 


13 - My tralnlnr 

plane h a V 

aorked out be>ati 

tifiiUy and I »r 

(rettlna well dnw 

toward thr w'-ur.t 

limit of 173 With 

three or four rmrr 

davA of aolld 

work Ihrr/- 

dMUldn't be Niiv 

dOUbt that I will 

be strong and In. 

good condition 

when I get Into 

the rlnit ■»»ln!tt„„^ 

Braddock in New"*"*" u»con»ASi 
Yor* nest Thursday niaht. 

rve never witrkcd any hard« tor 
a bout Mnnr poopi^ thought that 
becauF'' I ^jMifd for Bnale 

Srhaaf in llmton I w^iild hav? to 

c^rv*- nrr * ine u^ cri down to its 

Tliey rildn I n-all?'- that »ome men 
take off *Ti(fht mnrr mlhWt (han 
others I^ook at Johnny Dund'v 
Be could strip off ten or fifteen 
poands m a weefe without any ap- 
parent tnmble and stm be 
and longh as a buUdog. 
!■ ttBtaoBttXtai m 

but with the diet and exer- 
' ud out for me I'm lurr that 1 
(urtwd the trick. 

Braddock bolstered up hu cen- 

ndence a lot In the belief that I TWO DOl Rl.h 

Harvard- Yale Reprrscnta- 
livrs CK'crwhelm 
Side — Americans Win by 
Five Points 

WM crrtatn to weaken myself get- 
iipi: d>-.,:L :7.s When he finds 
that I ..n Tond the reaction lant 
going I" !< m any good 

Some of the uport* wrKerii hAve 
been compartog ihU >.crap »;th th*- 
pela nay-Berienbach bau>^ which 
fnnlahed so much excitement a 
eottgiia a« yean aga m a way the 
cemparlaon bolda up. foe It la the 
boaer-slugger angle all over again 
Aside from that, there really Isn't 
much basis for comparison Berlen- 
bach was a thick, burly fellf»w who 
ploughed In, hookins with his Ifrft. 
and then haven't been many btim 
left hooks In the business. Brad- 
doek Is a stand-up r\sht,f>r with a 
crashing light. p.i Ji 1 r^vdrd 
Jtanmy haml. thoug?; :inder<tand 

he Wir. '.r-y ',. rrofc'ri 

I w had e^reiipnl workouiji with 

Klnc anlonMa. ned c^aidori .lark 
won « aairy Ndalao. Prankic Ca 

IT / V S 


CAMBRXDOK, Mass.. July IS.— 
Three members of the Harvard - 
Yalv tnek team amaaed even them- 
■elvea here today as the American 
colleeUns overwhelmed the Oxford - 
Cambrtdge tf»m. eight and a half 
events to Uiree and a half m the 
ninth renewal of thr international 
meet, which datea back 30 years 

Xtm MM noma have been closer 
tf Daw Oeia^ Bward mUer. had 
ool run the taateat raoe of hia 
career and tf Cbartte antic* 
nd aieaslbont had IMIad to 
their hopes of bcU* daofele wte- 
nem. The Brttobs won the hlglt 
hurdlsB. lewad himp half mOe and 
tied for Orst m tlif hlch jump 
They stao took M>cnnd places In Lh* 
huh hurdles, mllC. 130, tWQ mile* 
low h<*rd)r« and ^Mtv agfis evgntA 


IV & & 

Kleselhorjtt. Y^le , ii^cond. T P. 
Mav.n Harvurd, third. C, Wllkm*. 
Cambndjre: fourth. B. M Norton, 
orfortl Time, 10 a-6 second!* 

IK.-yarrt hlRh hurdle* Won by 
H Kt f; T Harp*T. Oxford , ^rrnnd. 
i. B. Mann Ctpihr dKr third. A O 
OeVDOt Vsl" r '.rtt. K e Record, 
Harvard. T' , ^ ■ r 5 s*'cnnd^ 

Milr riir- .-, tiv Ilnvp r'-obb. 

Harvard, ^<^l.nd. C E ii. Green. 

Cambridge, third. H. a Ibwnaend. 
Oxftrd; fourth, j. w. fbbM, Har- 
vard, nau. 4 irtnuiis » 4.5 

Shot put— Won by J. 8. 0*0or- 
msn. YsJc: second. J. K Ulnleln. 
Yale: third. K M. N. TydaU, Cam- 
bridee: fourth. Caleb Gates. Os- 
ford DUtance. 43 feet 10 mrhfs 

320-yard dash— Won bv H 
rnfle Vale; seoond. Georre Wil- 
li jri-on 'Cambridge: third t F 
Ua«on, Harvard; fourth. H Lelgh- 
WOOd, OKford Time 23 |-5 seconda 

Two-mlle nm — Won by J L Reid. 
Harvard: second. J. M Humphrey. 
Oxford, third, a M. Wllnon. C»im- 
brklge, Pourth. J, w. WOeni, Hdr- 
vard. Time, f ralnwlea g| g-g 

Pole .auii Won br FrnJ Sturdy. 
Tale: Ae,or>d, A Pnnd Yale: third, 
8. R MrLhee, Cambridge Only 
three comprutnrt HelKht 1.1 ffK, 
3'» inrhrfl -n^w mert rfn-ord i 

aao-yard low hurdle* w<m by 
B B Klearlhont. Vale, •rroiul 
RUN. Tisdaie. Oambrldige. third. 
O. A. TVfV- Harvard: fourth. 
& at O. Harpsr. arferd. Time. 
MS-B seconds i 
record V 

•no- vard»— Won bv T Hamwi. 
Oxford record N f HalIow»'ll. 
Mar-.-frd ttiird » p Porter. Ilar - 
• r.1 rntirr>. j n .vtaxon, Cam- 
bridge Time. 1 aunute « *-« 

SOUTH OBANOB, IfJ, July 13 - 
A combined Oxford -Cam orld^r ten- 
I ni* teArn tud rained a li^d of au 
□laU'h'^.s t^i tJirrc i.vrr 
t/in - Ww;uu:i» -"j'n.i iu: 
the first day of play UxUy, 

H o. MTQuluraon. Cambridge, 
defeaced Kenneth R. Appel. Prince- 
ton oaptatn. g-g, g-g. 7-B. 

E. O. MaU»e{. Oxford, an Amer- 
ican from T^xa*. defeated Han-v 
Wolf. WlUiamji cjipuin. B-6. 3 fi (10 
R Brwall. Wtlltainit, won from H 
O N Cooper. OxtiJTd. 4-4. B-g. 7-5 
Donald Straehan. Princeton, de- 
feated a R. Amy. cendridge. e x. 
>•«. t-4: and Paul de Rkou. Prench 
player. Oxford. deTaaled Walter 
Thomas, Prlneeton. S-d, g-S. g-g. 

R R T Ymjnn fjimbrldfte. rsp- 
taln of rhr Ernff.'Vi r>r.efi, defeated 
RJrhard ShtmfT . V wmuma. 4-3 

In the thre* double* matches 
played. Mather luvi r>*-Ti<-.-Hi Hri,un 
pair, defeated Appei w^.lf, s-l. 

4- 3: Straehan and Thnmaa. f.he 
PrUMMton eracks, defeated Avory 
and Toung. 4-4. g-4: and Oooper 
and Ptequhamon, of tha invadliv 
team. dowiMd SeweU 

5- 7. g-X 4-4 

no-Tard Pinal— 1. Bddle Tolan. 
Unlvenlty of Michigan; a. Prank 
Wykotf. Los Angetee A.C.: S. K. p 
Bowen. Pittsburgh Time. 31 a-8 
'Ties Canadian record.) 
44n-Yard Final— I. TL F Bowen, 
I'nivrr'Uy of Pittsburgh, 3, W. Uc- 
Ci'-anh. Loe Angeles AC S. K 
Orumhifii. Lob Anjtrle* Ac' Time. 
48 3-5 <Tlea Canadian reeord.) 

Shot PuW-1. Herman Brlx. Lea 
Angeles A.C., SO ft 3 3-4 In . 3. Jay 

Boerbm Waahtaffton Btata CW- 
lege^ 43 ft I 1-4 tn.; S^ Boto OUL 
Vancouver PoUce. 3g ft Ofew Ca- 
nadian record > 

High Jump I. nenry Latreiff t^i 
Ixjs Angele^« A r , 3 Ri-n fI*"rron 
Washington aut# Colleso n ii.jn- 
can Macnaiighion. Vancouver 
Height, g ft 6 fi-R in. (New Cana- 
dian record > 

■0 Yards (Women*. Seml-flnaU— 
1. athel Hogarth (ne<e amlthi. To- 
ronto; 3. Jean Thompaon, Toronto 
3. UUian Pakner. Vanoouver; time. 

. -^^^'^'* P«««n. Vancoovw; 

«;3. Madge Ouemi-y. Ume t 1-S aecs 
50 Yard* Womrn. Pinal— 1. Myr- 
tle Cor*. Montrral 2 Ethel Hogarth 
Toronto, 3. Mary Pruatell. Vancou- 
ver. Time, g l-ft PM-a 

100 Yards « Wom«>n ' , Final 1 
Myitis Ooofc. Mnntr*^), J UllUiri 
Palmer. Vanoouver: 3. Mary Prut- 
sell. Vancouver. Ttaw. 11 3^ mcb 
440-Yard nstay (Woneni—l. Ca- 
nadlan Olympic team ( Plorenoe 
Belle rthel Hqgartlk. Jten Thomp- 
son, Myrtle C«*>: 3. High School 
of Oarameroe 'Mary Prlsaell. Helen 
Reeves P^n<w« rnviea, i.inian 

Pttaag). Time, 60 4 ^ wN-v 

One MUe-I. T Herd, Vaxi.v«ivfr 
a. OKalstnd Ivx ArirrW AC , j. 
A Prrrle, Los Angek» A C. Time. 
4 mlns. 44 4-g eecn. 

Javelin T hiu w 1. Benaan Brlx. 
txM Angeles AO.; A Tkilar niSanl. 
Unlveralty of Pl tt i fcuigli : g. Lanrle 
Kero Vsncouvn* A C DIstaAfv 
171 fL 4 S-« tn 

1«-1A Himmfr J. A. McOlannld. 
Vanrr.u»PT nr«Tn»ni . IHitt QUI 
Vancouver Pohee. J. Banmn Brta! 
L«Aa«rt«AO. OMu»^l«tt: 
3 in. 

440-rard Relay findlaao— i 
agBOOdah Indians rouirrero. John- 1 
ston. Oalla^ar. ^wipligt; «. n^u 
ntash, t. W elgi ama AjO. Tina. 

Half Mll^l. W MrQ«Mh. Um 
Angeka AC. 3. C HalsU^ toe 
Angalai AC 3. O AKVmm. Vto- 
torla Tlm^ 3 mini 4 

.Sam MeKenttlm Whu 
NorrU Kerr Trophy 

aem MeMeoMe. fast - siepph^ 
■hortstop for the Mangold eagtbaU 
t«am waj swardAd the MoRM Karr 
Trophr r>>r the moat reni eeored 
tn the Wnthoime LMfoa 
■eaaon MrfCfvnde egtand Om ptete 
twenty -nve tlmea 

~ Pol- va.,n I vie Plckard fHam- 

C«A1 nowera. a brattm of it^ iiton> Univirraiiy ef ni^Auigli a. 
lat.e Tiger Plowera. u f\ghtnw[B«i Herron. Wsetd^taB Stale Ocd- 
around OoOTgla. trying to set ahhshj toga. A BeS Alpan. Dnlswiity ^ 

Ginprr iiotham's -pufBn," sailed 
by W H Hoiham. crossed the fln- 
lahlng line one mlnul« ahead of 
Humphrey Ooby s "Tern." In the 
face for aaUlnf dlz«hlea. belonging 
to the "A** Olaas. which took place 
at the Royal Vletorla Yacht Club 
y«eterday afternoon. Major W. H. 
LAHgley. officer for the day. acted 
as starter and Judge for the race, 
which was twice round the triangu- 
lar course in Cadboro Bay. a total 
distance of thn-e nautical mll«i. 

There wrrr- fiv*- dlnsWcfl in the 
race, and tiic resul t .n were aa 

Plrst— Gingrr Houiam's "Pumn." 
■lepeed time, one boor fiiKy-two 
miauiea and thirty saeonda Oor- 
rsctod Ume. one ban foffer-tm 
mlnutea and Lhuty — 

Second — Bumphrgy Od^s 
"Tera* Elapsed time, one hour 
forty-three mlnutea and thirty 
■eoondJt Corrected time, one hour 
forty-two mlnutea and fifty seconds. 

Third W T M Barren « dinghy. 
Elapsed Ume. one hour forty-four 
nunutca and twelve secondA Cor- 
rected time, one hour, forty- two 
mmucea and flfty-tvo seconds. 

Pourth— Mies Mariaret Luadsay-i 
"Marirarrt" JSapaetf ttme. ffse hour 
torty-ftix minutes add twenty-two 
•Konda. Oongotad ctaM, oDo ham, 
forty-flv* SMMMgO kBd foffiy-tw 

Fifti! Mim Hrlen Undsay^ 
"Helen." Elapsed time, cne hour 
forty-seven minut*.. and twenty- 
five seconds. Corrected time, one 
hour rorty-«s rimdigi aiai wtt- 
five aeoonda. 

R was a dlstlneUy *11ukar* Aw 
for sailing, the wind oainli« b al^ 
lematlng puffs from the North and 
Bwithweet. or elae dytng away al- 
together The race started with a 
very light air from the North, which 
tailed fivf> minute* after the start- 
ing run had be**n Qrad. it was then 
thai a hrtrjte came from ih* South- 
wflt. and the dinghlM bevan to 
move In earnest. Tsm ' worked to 
windward, and bung on to "Puf- 
fin's" heels. -pidBn" rmmdod Um 
first mart fourteen gUnulee after 
tJte stvt. but On Ihe reach baek to 
the mark off. the Cadboro Beach 
Ho4«i. Two" drew abend. 

It waa at Ihe end or the dret 
round of the courae ifiat th^ wind 
aeain thlfled. and Uie dl)«hUM ran 
Lfk Fl(>:»*-r 1 Aland wllii t>>#«ir Jloa 
boTAind ou t to art as apinnakera. 
After again roundiinf the nrsi mark. 
W. T. M Barrt-n i dinghy drew 
ahe»d . and. although she was again 
ovsetHNfM by "FiifUn" and '"l^em." 
she held her place as n remark- 
ably good third. 

The laat lap of the nee. mm Ibe 
■Mwli off ti»e hotel to the aMurant 

Una tnvolvf*d the MMhI uMins 
9t the whoU rare. It BlMg 
■ary lo mak^ i «ifrles of short ij»r»t 
in '•■rt^'f lo r'-d'-h tn* line Hum- 
phrey tMb; --l-vi-. ' ' flrfn^rn 
In the exart r .-i - ■.orit 
about for i^ie Jam un^- at,,i jiwg 
la baa* W. T. M. 


- « 




Bacs Continue Spurt 
In Race tor Pennant; 
Cubs Shutout Giants 

l*ii;ilt?s Hdld Lead in National Over Chica^ic*) — 
Robins Wallop Cards— Yanks Win Twin Bill 
as A's Divide Double-Hcader 

The End oi the Journey 


rw YORK. July 

i:i Hal Carlson 
1 * I Id lUc Oi*nU 

XmJ^mii Mu ben todsy 

r'~3^^-*7r: arul the Cube 

^ won the rubber 

bcnvs of five 
iu(aiti«t the CUin 
MiOmw by * 
bhut-out Kore of 
4-0. The CufaB 
got two marken 
off Dutch Henry 
in sevTO Innings. 
Oni* nn ftt^hrniinn'n home run. 
JfHri\-.nv lilt fur thr ciir-ult with one 
• n III ihe elifhtii inning with ntz- 
Mminoiis In Uw box. R- H F. 

ChicaKu -- 4 11 0 

New Viirrt (1*0 
Batii-n»-.s OirJvn nnii Taylor; 
Bwm'. FltZMiTin Mii:; and OTwrcU. 

PHILADELPHIA, July 13 -T h * 
Pi;fjthnrt^h PiraiM made » dnui 
■ A-t p in the serlw with the PhiUlM, 
wuuiUiK today's game, the Tourth 
fttralgh(t iO-1, KlelD hit han twentv- 

Ttiirtf nnavr-dBnonOBD had a cu-- 

nilt drive. R. H. E. 

pitfjihunrh 10 IS 0 

Phlladftphla . 3 8 2 

Ratirrips - Kr^nnrr and Har- 

ffrBavi-s, Ballsy, McOraw and Darte. 
Nlnr-Ron Kally 
B1UX>K1.VN. July 13 —A nlly for niiui in the eighth enabled the 




w bottled in 

Onorto I'V the 
^Towcn, Warrc 
& Co.. who have 
hfCTi ill I»usines3 
tn Portugal (lioce 

Ask for Convido 

This advertisenicnl t5 not ptil>- 
lithed or displared by the 
Liquor Controf Hoard or by 
the Govemm#'ni o| firitish 

Robini to oone ttvm. behind and de- 
feat tha rbrrtlmla by » aoora or 
13^ in the flnal gaiM oC ttw Hrlc^ 
here today The Tlctory plaeed 
Brooklyn within two ganwi of thp 
nmt dMatan. Hennan's boom- and 
ihm> Cardinal errora flcured in th- 
big Robin nMly. H. H F 

St, I/iujs - 8 13 i 

Brooklyn 14 B ^ 

Batt4frlt?s - Hall;ilian. H olland . 
Prunkhouse snd WUmhi; MorftHn. 
A- Mixm and Plclnlch. 

Dofan'ii Slnjtl'' Wliu 

BOSTON. July 13. ~ Jon OuKun n 
slnglc-aoorlng belt In the teiv-h pre- 
vented the Bravei fnan gouut mi" 
the NaUooal ttfa«iie beUar and gar.' 
Uiem a 7-6 vln onr tha OlDotnnati 
lem hen today. R. H. E 

Cincinnati « 8 i 

Boston 7 13 : 

Battariaa May. Donogue. Erhardi 
and Oooeh; Cantwell. Cunningham 
and Bpt^irBr. 


a. LOi;iS. July 13 -The tWfUS- 
leadinc Philadrlphia Athlctlo^a won 
the second ^.>tn<- r>r today's double- 
rH«(j|er with II.-- "I l^ttii Browns 
4-0. The firutma wun the lirst' game 

FInt game— R. H. B. 

PhUadelphla , , . . I 7 1 
at Louis . - ^ ^ 0 

BatterlM— Walberg and pprnin.. 
oolluu and Schang. 

Second game— P. H F. 

PhUadelphla 4 o u 

at. Louis 0 5 0 

Battertea— ehom and Pertdns; 
nniy and fcmll. 

Vank.i TskP Itvo 

CHICAGO. July 13 The- Vaiik<*H^ 
'«wept a double-heador from the- 
White Box here today, wlnnlnit the 
openar by 4-3. and the nightcap by 
0-9 in fonrteea innlnga. The cham- 
plans thus rednced the lead of the 
Athletlea to aeren and one-haU 
games as the BltdCI got only an 
pven break at St. Loula. 

First game— R. H. E 

New York 4 8 1 

Chlcono 2 9 1 

Battf>rir»- Znchary and XUel^: 
Paber and Berg. 

Second game— ft H. K. 

Nrw York « 11 4 

Chicago 5 11 0 

Batteries— Hoyt Wells. Moorr and 
Bengough. Dickey. McKaln. Lyons 
and Ber;. 

Indians Deffat Senaton 

CLBVELAND. July 13. - The 
Cleveland Indians hopped on Sam 
Jnnrs for a 8-1 vletarr today ovor 
Washington. R H E 

Washington 1 3 i 

Cleveland . 6 10 0 

Batteries— Jonea and filial: Millar 
and L. eewell, 

BoBton alDetniii, r" *;^"r..i rain. 

COART l.FAr.l E 
OAKLAND, Jiily 11 The Oaks 
ended (heir losing screak here today. 

Next Jones Massacre 
Will Be at Amateur 
Meet in California 

Atlanta Wizard Hxpectcd to Mow Down Field 
as Usual in Defending Title— Dr. Willing 
Highly Praised by Hagen 

THERE may be some as beautiful, but certainly none more so. than 
the eighteenth hole of the Jasper Park Lodge golf course. Jasper 
Nationitl Park. Aibms. over which ihe Canadian Amsteur and Waatem 
Canada Amateur championship* will be played Auguat 19 to 24, and the 
Stiver Totem Pole tournament. September 7 to 14. Mountain*, lake, 
woods and a perfect fairway all go to make this one of the most attrac- 
tive hole* known to golf. The green has been made generous in dxe, 
is splendidly contoured and cleverly trapped. The photograph shows 
the hole from Jual in front cf thr icr and below it is a plan In detail with 

■ kc.J to scale. 

Time For An Overhaul 

\ our fi^hinK tackle needs a thorough inspection before 
that anticipaicfl day of sport. The best of ailk rota in 
tntK :in.l tlif stmnRrst traces perish. T.el us aji^i^t vnu 
Ml vttur prci-aralions. Kestde» the most complete line 
.1 hiffh quality Hfthim^ tackle we speciiHxc in expert 
repair w'tW. iffrriini; 'niracle."* on rod and reel* 

Bicyclea, Sporting Ooodi and Toyi 


1210-12 Douglas 

Phon* B17 

when Uiry biiiiifx^ Elmer Jiu^ " 
of the San Pramljco Seals, for 

7- 4 win. Thf home u-aio made 
j.s rum in the first two innUiK 
Afi«r that Jacobs pitched steady 
ball. Lou McEvoy aUowid ten hits, 
but kept them well aoaitered. 

R. H. E. 

Ban Prandaco : 4 10 4 

Oakland ' W 0 

Batteries— Jacobs and Read; Mc- 
Evoy and I>omb6rdl 

Ponr Kcrfiptlon 
SACFIAMIJKTO. July 13 The rc- 
ceptiiiii iM ,J;uk t-elivelt. new piiat 
of Hi.- I*-.. .M.yL'l'!-?. >.\\ih, who joined 
(hem !.(■[!■ i>'5(.^TdRV, liiiA l>f^n aiiv- 
thUiR bui uu.-'piciou.'i In the two da.v?> 
LeUvelt hii* bcrn at the bflm of tht\[)Eflf}l\(: SiyCfJ'.S 
Angel.*:, the Sacramento Senators 
have twalen them, knocking them 
off the top rung of the league To- 
day's acore for the third -^trriieht 
victory was 13-3 Rrd Robcn was 
knocked out of the box In ih'- n.'- i 
nn a four-run splurge, and hi. mii - 
r(»fiRor. ■•lyfly" Peters, wiw sroai'kcd 

[nr f!vr 

the AnsrL'. preitv wpll all day. 

R. R 

Loe Angeles 3 IJ 

Oacramento IS " 

Batterlca— Itoberta, .Peters 
Warren; Bryan and Koehler 
Indians Drop Pair 

LOS ANOELEB. July 13 -Holly- 
wood continued its rout of the Seat- 
llf Indians today by uklng bo^.h 
ends of a double-hpod'-r 11-6. and 

8- 5. The double vlrtorv ma/ir it fix 
Btrtlpht for th^ Stars, nnd they 


L G, G>llins and J. C. 
Gregory Defeat German 
Team to Make Davis 
Series 2- 1 (or Teutons 


BliJRLlN. July 13 —Rallying after 
I wo unexpected .lethacks. the Brltlati 
iJavfs Cup forces defeated Oermanv 
today In the doublea match ta the 
European Davis Cup aone final round 

mr WAL-m UAQBf 
anuafa opaa Oalf C&Mtpioo 

rhe next " Jones maAsanr** ' " will 
.iiie plofe early In tS^-pU'n.Nt i 
■ iiniuU-Ait^ lit. ail 

utile » ill '"ifTpr 
ttirm.'selvei ttA 
\Actiliire& <m the 
Monterey Pen- 
* ntit*r ot Oatl~ 
fornia. ISmm, 
at Pebble Baaeh. 
the National 
Amateur golf 
Cham plonahlp 
UNim&ment will 
til' playt-d ainid 
Klamor and 
. .>pcc of l>tl 
M n'.e. oue of 
those Kky spuiA 
of the world 
where the rich 
and those of the 
poor who can afford it. gather for 
goU and the purault of happiness. 

None of the groups of American 
prafeHlosial porfonaen maUiLaiii a 
lobby at Dal Monte. iO the aoiaiMir 
cbamplooibtp thva wUl aino» 
more of a soda! and cunlval aapact 

than ever Iwfonr 

Thi£ Is the first time a national 
rhamploiLship has gone to the shores 
of the Puclflc, and golfing Califor- 
nia. whK-h Include* most of the eini- 
neot citizens of that stale. Ls goliiK 
to put it on right. 

It Is on the Monterey I'l-mnsuU 
that the quiet watering vUiArtc of 
Mt. Carmel-by-tho-Sea it. Kituat^, a 
spot wade famouit as the port in 
which it was alleged the evangelist 
Mrs. Almee Bemple MacPheraon. of 
the Angelut Temple of Loa An g e te t. 
spent one notable Summer vacation 
WhUe the NaUonal Amateur goU 
champlon-shlp ran hardly be expect- 
ed to have a'* 
great publiciiy 
value tor the 
Monterey P<*n- 
InFiUln- as ttl'"" 
Macl'hersoo af- 
fair. stlU wUh 
Bobby Jones as 
the leading at- 
traction. It wtU 
be better than 
100.000 clippings. 
Just how well 
this champU'ii 
ship will be pat - 
rnnUcd by id'- 
ranking am a - 

Ea&t and Middle 

West haa not been detvmlned. but 
there are so many other things be- 
sides golf in this match that every 
qualified amateur should do his best 
to go. and to see all the attraoUons 
will be welt worth taking a boating 
from Bobby Jonea. 

Dldtar Martin is going to run a 
■pedal tnln with at least a stop- 
over In Hollywood. U^-; Ahk^'m »nd ' 
San Franrlacfj Fmnn. fJulmrt may 
fly from Boston, and Georve Von 

clmmpUmshlp. and while moat of 
the real PaolOc Coast ta lent has 
tf fSi seen Id the East, 1 expect to 
(M,- the early match play round.s 
, ! ..*Ued with coast pilfers, a nuin- 
:-'f (jf wham are sound enough lo 

■ taiiL' c»en the mighty Jtxies In an 
eighteen-hole match If the Atlanta 
■tar leaves too widi; an opening. ■ 

One of America's great umateun, 
and by this I am not referrtni; 
alone to tua ability as a golfer, 
which is more than BifTWrteni. but 
to his standing as an amateur 
.s[iortaman who wlU surely take a 
vacation from his confining wtrk as 
a Portland^ Oregon, dentlrt. in Order 
Uj ploy at Pebble Beach. Is Dr. O. P. 
Willing, ranking amateur of the 
Northwest, and, since Von Elm hai 
gone to Detroit, of the Pacific Coast 
If the lT.S.a.A. wLsh'-ri to gwc a 
lesson in what really ooostitutcs an 
amateur golfer it should engage 
someone to write the Portland den- 
tL«;t .s hwtorv Dr. WUUng will play 
finely oL Pebble Beech for be knows 
It well, (akaa more kindly to the 
Padfle dlmaVe than to that of the 
■aitw and is very accurate tn drlv- 
irtikdi is more eeeenHBs'^aaa* 
length at Pebble Broch 

In San Fri-i.. isru tU*- plHyf-ri will 
undoubtr>diy be ejilertaUncd by 
RiTK" Uaphnm at the San hYmiri-vro 
c.iir .inri Ttiunio' Oub- onr ol the 

■ !],,..- i-.iir i !-i>-. in the world, a 
|.la<'' w(i>TL* ihore i-s never a brown 
\yjiu-t] nn a puttiitg green. 

nic course of the San Francisco 
OoU and Oountrr Club ranks among 
tha b«fc in Amertca and Is one of 
the greatest courses of the Pacific 
A good time wiU be bad by all in 
San Frmncl-B-o, in Hf>ll>-wood. In Los 
AnRCles and ■■■ii tiir Moiilrrey Penln- 
Bitla of Cft'aforniii Amateurs who 
plav well ennuKh to alart WUl tfo 
'\ T(>!\ti to mix-. It 

I « lhL>^ September that X oould 
■f- an atnatcur and play at Pebble 



amer * Rattet le Coostrwrt New 
Itane for Oelwoed Gwlf and 

Coantry I'lnb 

Runler and Ualkct. i'jok: ^.m- 

tracton. were awarded the contract 

for the construction of a new club- 
hooae for the Oolwood Oolf and 
Cotmtey Club, according to a stale- 
meot made yesterday ^ J. A. Say- 
ward, the president 

Col wood a new hon.*' will replace 
the structure dwtroyt 'l by lire M->me 
mnntho ago and will loiti. ili the 
nelRhborhood of t7r.(MKl. Thr b.i;ld- 
ini: was doaigiu d ^jy Archltecta P. 
I^onard James and Hubert Savage. 
Offlcials deeldod to rebuild at a 
meeting held some time ago when 
the architects wen instmoted to 
draw up the plans. 

Building will oonunenoa ae soon 
aa possible and in all probability 

ih? cJubhnuw will be ready lor uas 

by thf Full It w'll! Ije nf an EUaa- 
brthnr ntylc, while itie eitlertor wtfc 
i'. • liforTiia filii'.n «-itti a ereal 
■ ! Jialf-Unitx-r atMl w-eo-lher- 

"i.u . -ii if;iblf-> tHi llu' lo«-«T flonr 
will iM- IJir tjoUrr r<K>iii and loundry 
with lockor oUTwiuiv-. la\'at*trlc* 
And drying roQtnN. 
The main j»r\ of thr building 

' I ! tn> made up of a large entrance 
iiuU. lobby, men's lounge, retreah- 
ment room, club oOcea, lavatortaa, 
men's ahowen and locker rooms. 
The upper floor will consist of a 
wadous ladles' lounge, dming- 
room, sun room, kltfihtfi. yutry. 
nervery. Ktaff raonut and l/Mtlt 
ahowem and lockera. 

Oueet bedroom.v lavatory acoom- 
modotlons and stafT rooms will be 
on the top story Thr> entire build- 
ing will be outfitted with hot water 

ABE mOLC or 9W0 

Because thry are hard bitten and 
reeklcas riders. LVvereux UUbum 
and Tommy Hitchcock are the idols 
of polo funs. 


,r in thr wond Bryan held iJJJ^Juuon 

.srL. pretty wpII all day. 1 ^ ^^^^ ^^^^ , ^ 

Comn-! nnd J. -C- Gregory, who 
^ react 1*^ the flnal-i of the Wimblr- 
gn^(rirn ( hiUiiinor.-'-hiiw, fu^iiy br-nt. the 
vrirran ("iiTman combinntlon. Dr. H. 
Klfln.vroth and Or. Hr\r\i Land- 
niann. by scores of B-i. ti-J. H-o The 
visitors turned the tables in as de- 
risive fashion as were the defeaU 
Oi-rmany ndminlstercd to her rlvab 
in the shifiles yesterday, 

1 It took Collins and Orcgory only — — - 

tney lorty-flve mlnutea to dtapose o* their ; Elm. who U sure to start, may make 

moved into first plare as the Seals . ^.j^^j^ ^ ^^tp from Dr'.P^it with Lawrence 

Ori-Kiir^ wa* mii']. tn,,;-. \' i', hrr in Mr Fl-ther's new ala- 

vfMitrrd;iv but CoUUi- ' i i- ' v ' (, rn-[ra3;*iigrr plane. 

Mftn 'f the BritiAh attack vniiryinti Out'-ide of a few Eastern atars it 
t'l iMiiiiiiK and reluming apparciiilv i wiu be the amateun of the Padfle. 
unpo.'iMbip !-hot5. As for the Ocr- from Pugel Sound country to Ban 
man-s. Laudmann vraa weak. boih|Dicfro. who will tumlah the oppod- 
on Brnic- and from ihp basr Ilnp.,t(rn for Jones. This ctiamplonihlp 
whi](.< Ktrii<<>rrn(h t&tU.-,i Ui fthow hi.t |>r the first opportunity for a 
u.MwI briUinncp In each of the - _ .. — 

fLr»t two nets, the BntLth won three 
tcamcA in u mw tn gain leads that 
they npvLT r'Unqut'shed 
Oermany hold" a lead of two 

Vletorte W«t and MarlgeU Wit 
Mart In FIrrt Game far Wcet- 

wer"? (f^'fralM by Oakland The 
ond game was plnved off on one of 
the poetponpd games gf thf fir t 
half of the irr-sslon and did ni>i. r^ti 
I'.tfr for t»te Stars in the I^uKur- 
Mandings. In the first fray, Seatilf 
got off tn a foiir-nin lead al llip 
r)fpeii»e (^f .1' : Tj ■ but wa* held in 
check hv .lof- Mir'v whi!** Carlyle 
Wad'- and Kih.t.n- ■iuii'" (hrnuRli 
Willi hnme ruiir* I'h'- siar^ clnchrd 
th<? .voond game In the third in- 
ning by crossing the plate six times. 

lUiiK "7 i.i<."™d«.» — ( \jx:ittimuj iH/ittn ■ i<-bu lm 

Heath bringing three run.^ l v kmvk-j nmtchM to one in the nerleA, and to 
Ing a home run with t»., n basM- j^n needs only one victory in the 

alnglea matshea 





.... e 




Tent.— An Sket 

Aiiio Syphon« _ B1«SS 

fCampkookt, up from iS.TC 

Brdi^ C:haiT«. Ktc 
ETerythinit lo Make Ymir MoHday 
Knjoyat)Ie at 


570 Johnson St. Phone 795 


P\rst game- 
spat tie 


Batteries— Ptpgra* - 
bent and n^rr^ni; 
and Ba*l' 

Keconri t:.irn' 

Seatilf . . 

Hollywood -- 

ifpvn innln(t5 ' 

Bftttorie*- Lamaaki and Thomp- 
iOD, Hfillcrson nnd Pook 

DnrkK Win for Change 

SAN PKANCTSCO. July 13 -j 
Portland broke the San Fn»ncL<.ro | 
MlafiioR'.' wtnnlnit .streak this after 
fiotiM b> tftking the fifth game 
the ■(■lies by a score of 8-1. Hu::: 
and :aiade kntKked out homers tor 
the Missions, but the home team 
trailed until the seventh When thp 
•core was tied. Portland put over 
the winning run in the ninth. 

R H. E.j 

Portland . . « U 3 

MiMlon-^ _ 7 13 3, 

BatUries- Ortman and liegos, 
Reuther and Hoffman 


Rnche-^'er 3. Jefsey Otty 0. 
Newark 7-0, Tortmto 3-3. 
Montreal 4. RrmllnK 3 
B'lffal'-' ?i>-1 F'.;iltlmore 9-1. 

ROSS somerville" 


LONDON. Ont.. July 11. — Rob 
SomarvOlc, Lnndon. Ont. won the 
Ontario amateur golf champlonahip 
Utia afternoon, defeating John Lewis, 
of Bnotfonl bf tern and three. 

E two remaining 
t^t scheduled t-omorrow. 
' In TheAr Hans Molderhauer will 
( lay H W '' Bunny 't Austm. while 
' Dr. H. Prenn will oppose J. C. 
I Oregory. 

H I The wtontty na tion wUl play the 
United States neat week and r«r 
the right to challenge nranoe for 

the Dnvi» Cup. 

Enftlinh Girl Clnhna 

y<nr Rtinninfc Hrrord 

■ •J 

Jul-.- 1,1 Wl\at is 
;k wcrld ' rtmnini? recr.rd 
rr 1 -5 viTconds for 44Q 
yaj^ l »i mtwlr t/xltiy by Ml« E 
M KlriK a! • -innual champlon- 
^hlp^ nf thr Wruii.-n , Ajnaleur ALh- 
letlr A*K>ciRtlon at .suoiford Bridge. 

No prevlotu records for women at 
440 vardH an* li.*ir/yi. inasmuch *as 
this L\ tw! recognl/pd infefnatlonally 
as a standard di-^ r rnr feminine 

Ptmuau ProgresM 


W L 

PhUadelphla M 

New York 48 

at Louis -- 47 

Detroit - 43 

Cleveland . . 40 

Waeblngton ::8 

Chicago m 

BOitoo M 

W V 

IMtUburgh - SI 

Chicago . 47 








number of my good Pacific Coast 
amattan lo engage in a naltonai 



Victoria West and MRrurnld. Win- 
ners of the first and second i ialvee. 
Twpectlvety, wUl meet tomorrow 
night In the fint of a three-game 
sertea lor the Wcstholme Boftball 
League rhamplonshlp at the Vic- 
toria Weil Park at fl 30 o'clock. 
When Uie suburbanites take the 
field they wlU be de fen ding the title 
and stiverwar* they captured laot 


ji'Ah u »ms will be at ftin strength 
lu^d the best &ertes 'since the 
irapuc s inceptlcm la eapectrd Marl- 
tfokl woo the first half with gamea 
to spare, but fell down to third 
posltlan in the second tialf oa the 
Wests nosed out the Y M C.A to 
take the honors 

L. Jones will Luke 'hr moiiod for 
the Westa with Iv^ur Banks behind 
the bat while Thomas will do the 
hr;iv. u .ik fnr Mangtild With 'hU- 
yer compielind the battery. N. Kerr 
and F. Youaon will be m charge 
of the game. 

Tfie leums will lirtnip as foUmn. 

Vic'ona West- L Jonfts. D- Banks, 
D. Munro. H. YouMm. 1. Spenoe, B. 
Wallarr. A Wtigland. J Carmlchael, 
K Smith. K Tlinmpson and V. 
.i'll-f' ■ 

Mangold — 'niorna*. TUlyer. E 
Pinchbeck. S. HcKeiutle. J Patter- 
urn. H. Rowe. E, Hanbury. J. Roach. 
D. Paine. H. fiobinson SAd A. Mc- 

How the teams finished the sec- 
Qod half: 


Victoria West . 10 fl 

Y.M.C.A Itt I 

Mertgold 10 7 

Times 10 8 

ColonUt 10 1 

Oolwood Wood 10 1 


Whai rale* aa «• Icivth 
weight ibenH a plover fOttew 
ebMstag Ua ctahar 

Aiieweecd by 

American Net 
Stars Defeat 
Spanish Team 

BARCELONA. Spain. July 13. — 

Wilmer Allison. Austin. Texas won 
the first of the intnmallonal tenm- 
matches tJetArrn 'iie Uni'ed -eutei 
and Spain today. defeaiUis Suquc. 
Uie Spaniah player, s-l. 2-8. 7-< 
I John Van Ryn. Orange. N J . won 
' from Maler. of Spain. 8-0. •-4. 

Allison and Van Ryn then paire ; 
in the doubleit to defeat the Bpaniji, 
combination of Juanico and Saprisa. 
»-7, a-4. 

Allison and Van Ryn won a third 

..i-n>trtn <iitiK> la m of dmiblfs ajtalnst Juanico and 

The MlKUtti of elobi n a very ^.^ ^^-f (unn^ 

New Y'Tk 

St l^ulr. 

Twoo Pirate InfieUlers 

Out W ith injuriet ^Sd^^phi. 

PBXLADELPHIA. .luly 13 -Two 
stare of the Pittsburgh Phalts In- 
field will be mi^Ktng trom the Une-up 
!nr several days at least. It was dls- 

clo*ed today Pie TYaynor third 
baseman and captain, mav be utit 
indeftnltelT. and wUI not arcrirrtpanv 
Ihe team to BoBlon fonixhV berAiutr 

ctnettinatl .. 







St ri f-^r.' 1 10 

Ml'-' '. r f 

1..-. A/mrlcs 9 

Hsrnimento . S 

i«f an injured lef leg Ueorgc Oaklanrt . - 4 

t'.rBntham aecond tMseman. || aiir»- { Fevtlanrt 7. 

ing an injured left leg IsMtUe 2 










bnpoctant matter, eorering auch 
tUjpointe aa weight, talenoe and 

A tall plsyer with long arms 
should vle^t falriy »hor' club* Ptit 
a player wx leei lAil ^--r ■■■.t -[.e 
'driver and hrasale ahould h*- •ib' <j' 
forty-two and a half lochet i.iTtK 
and the irons comparatively aJinrt/r 
The reasen fcr a taU player ua- 
Lng short chibs is due to the fact 
that his long arms afford enflrHent 
leverage and langer elube taslerfefe 
wtfeh hH eontrd of the «wtng 

For a abort player, longer rlut)^ 
•re th" ueneraJ rule BoObv Cmick- 
•hank, is atMMit fire fe^t seven inches 
tall and uaes forty flve-lnch citibs 
!790 ' fhls u langer than I would advtjie 
«isn f*T the average player. forty-Uirre 
417 or forty-four bicfa* would be aboijt 

30t right for dr1v0 and bnetfe. with 
iMlttae &txM agata ufiBMitltely 

pis I 



Maler. the lauer replacing Saprisa. 
The Kcn wee 0-1. 

Men's Shirts 

WHh Collir Attached 
ii BrMMtthi 

IMiin White and Hlue 
.Al.'.o Fanry Cotorirt^s 

$2.00, fS.OO to 



f 14 Ybmo Sc. 



Yoti JudRe Air Other lUdios by 

Sparton Standards 

Yates St. 




Does it 
hear this 



Colouring fnsrre/ 

/ NO 

Injurious inQrediflnrs 



Tbie adeertieeoMnt ie not pubfiebcd or dieplayed 
by Iha l.«(«or Contro) rvjarri or l>y tbe 

T'!)9 aa ^Ttr^cmenl U not pnUisb'^'l "r ■^tl l-v t^e I.jMog 
I Control Doard or by Lbe Government of Bntaab CotavbL 



FihiMa}t%'a^ 4 How Australian D elivers Mystif>ing Ball 
By Detroit Moguls 

President of Madison Square Gardens to Make 
Dcnnite Announcement Within Week — Ger- 
man Must Fight Scott First 


wAum tapiauu. 

NW YCMUC Ailr I2<— There la no 
doubc about Demle bcttc aulain 
to hsTp flehncUnff-Omikcsr 
Hffbt held In 
thaieity. OeCrolt 
mt^r^U h ft Ve 
' ri'Tf*) Induce- 
ir.mtA to W. F- 
r.irrv, president 
of MadlAon 
■Sfjiuir<- Oardea. 

10 Lake Uw bout 
to tbe MWilgMi 
metropoUe. but 
he hu not yat 
liven than an 
answer. "I>etrolt 
would be a gocKl 
n|>ot for a hpftvy - 
M rlKht mstch, " 
.sitid Carey to- 
day, "but ttMire 
aic many UUDga to be cooildarad. 
It la tnia that m hsva noeiTCd 
an offer Iran then, but I neltber 
accepted nor declined. I have or- 
ransed an cjctenslon on the contract 
Uir r>«rtl*n hoM» vtth 8h«rkfy ind 

n h.-ivc until me tweoUcCh of this 
mcMun to takp up Che opUon we 
hold on thr Bonloo fighter"* •erv- 
li-pji, tJomctlmr wttiiln the r^ext 
week ] ahall rn^iic lin announce- 
ment, but J ahaii Uk« all the time 
neoeaoary to make up my mind." 

Maduon Square Garden undoubt- 
edly would preler to hold the 
ScJuneUns-Sharkey conleat in Ihla 
city, where It haa tta working or* 
gantcatlon and ooBtral of both b% 
Iraffur ball parka. But i ' t "i- 
ir.R -Sharkey baM e«i b- 
uniMB the Oermnn flrM i 
contract with Hun-,bcri } 
James A, Parley, rlimrniriii -r 
eommlHlon. ninw- . '1, .rr. : 1 un 

"The Nfw YiKk commi-'v'.tu.'i. he 
nld to mr , "haji donr niui h for 
boKinfC. not only In thin .■^lai*. but 
all ovrr ihr rouniry, and William 
Muldoon, a member ai uiai oomml*- 
alon, haa done more lor tha |uu 
than any odm ooa nun. m vtew 
ot these undoubted facta. I feel thai 
the ruUncs of the commlaaMn. baaed 
on law. honesty and fair pIrv are 
entitled to respect. I tni'-nd t" sat 

alwmyi, In lacl, liai tx-ft-, a itrrat c\\\ 
for sport A big \»iUl \hfrf \m 
dOUbtedly Koiild dr»« u c'^ai Rai' 
Cnder the circiimsunc^.i. MadLson 
Square Oarden might nut be able 
to pnmote the bout without cetung 
into hot water In thla ata&a. In that 
case the match mlfht b« hald da- 
tenslbly under Uu aaqriCM (tf Uie 
CMympla Ohib or aoiBe local or- 
gan bat ion. 

At any rate the SchmeUcg- 
Sharkey affair la at the boUlns 
point and ahould fumlah plmty of 
exoUemcot. even before the men 
■Iter the r1i«. 

\mm IS 



Record Entry to Start 
In Junior Tennis Meet 

( )ru- Hundred and Fift\' Net Stars h-rnni \'ar- 
lou.s I'arts ot Province to Meet at \ ictoria 
Tennis Club in B.C. Championships 

T^l i^?* JEJf^S MaUey. the AuatraUui cxicfceCer, m the act of deUverini hia mytltf«ias "lOa^" ball. On the left, hia method 

of holdias the aphcr. «h«n praparmi »o deHw-t *>i«rw- balVwd on the right, the my i^liBS^ha hSST hta •googUa^^k tiSShS 
I Mifler^ action wm be lotMifag aUki to cridntera and baMbaO plarars. ■ hwbiwbw. 

Hood Is Hurl When Struck 
in Face With Ball— Carr 
Hilton Takes Four Wic- 
ktXi ia One Over 

c. Payne, e Vmmt. h CaaaeUa 0 

Exlnu _._„.,. 21 




Wcnman's XI Beat Wander- 
ers by Thirly-Five Runs in 
Game Marked by Good 

Oovlcban lost to Vlecorla y«ter- 
day at Oranmore Road by n to 167 
runa. BaUmg fimt, Oowlehan nenrM 
... - |WaU to atart with, but a oollapM 
that «uch reaped la paid them and. came with the faU d the fourth 
canf It ta not. the commtMlon will wtcket. 

akr strpa to maintain tis nuthonty ' . . . . . . 

tnd (liir mv ■ ^ ""^ partnerahlp by 

wiu nisjuy- lony-iwa. and Hood. Bttty. 

COMMI88tO<« r.ivis ORDERS 
From now : . ..r commlsilon 
Han tnatnicted Mr. Bulow that he 
-nii&t alffn iw mora dontraote for 

Schmellng wi" 
out thp appri 

nf rhf r<ini:i 
• inn Hi.; 

him that ^ 
would prot' 
hii mo n f t it 

'igh'« and 
inalst lip^^u 
I u 1 ni In,, 
wf alrcad . 
Iho&o contrarUi 
iipprovi-rj 11 
not live ujj lo 
these agree- 
m«ita> neither 
he nor Jacob* 

auui auiMu-utu 

B(*>rh, _ 

thr Inttrr beln« a fAultless Innlngn. 
iravc the virl/)r>- to Victoria H(«l 
had the misfortune to be hit by a 
rfainc ball on hlA itia&ses. and was 
cut about tJie facp, Vlrtorla pei-SAfd 
i-OWlchan's total WlUl rmh^ (jrkrl.-. 

n hand. Carr-Hilion m i^n.- -.v^r 
-tk four wlckeU for .wn, r j;-,- 

rhf Five C'a and Albion-s uniiwi 
fleldlne a team against the Brlt- 
h Public Sehools at Beaean Hill. 
■'.1 ^rrprrni 1 2« runa to 74 for the 
- ■ h'-kiL- i-hih Five of the Wve C*s 
liiid Albion batamen ran Into double 
:W'uvr.. s. w Barclay balnr highest 
with 1 wen t.y - cnc runs. 
[ Levten .wa* t/tp M-orer for the 
, &chool5 club with lhirl> -nn-> not out. 
Prtvman for thp hoir.r rii'i had 
thr brst bowling avpr,tKC, taklnH 
sfwfn wickota for thirty-two nin-s. 

The match twtwten tho WandM- 
em and R Wenman XI cndrd in 
a victory for Wernnan n XI by thir- 
tr-flve runs. Darous and Oeddes 
were top aoorers for the Wanderers. 
A tmillant catch by Wenmon dla- 
poaed of r>B\ies Billing^ waa much 
in ''Vldrnce with thf ball His eight 
wlckclj; (fist IfWfl thnn three runs 
r«(-h SparkA" twentv-nln<- th*" 
b<^t fflnri for Wpnn ui; HI In 
.«pUo of eighteen extras belftg added 
1^ ihp WandcKTs* toUI. the finding 
wa.1 good on both sides. Wataon 
rndint; up by taking Reg Wenman 
in ihp dprp fifld off Davie*' bowlliiff. 
The last-named raptured four 
wlcketa for ten nin:^. Oidd^ft being 
the neat beat bowipr with three for 
alx runs to his credit 
Tbe Korea follow 


Total . 

Ftrltish Pobllr Srhoola 
H. K. CasaeUs. c Enoch, b Pendray 6 
C T Fochenngham, c Payne, b 

Preeman - , . , ... C 

O. C, Grant, b Pemlray i 

F. Bewett, b Freeman f 

S. W. Innar. b Freeman I 

T.-'Di wrannKTM mu 

W- o. Coventry. Ibw. b FrHma&.U 

G A PhUllps, b Freeman I 

H A. Phillips, ibw. b Framan-— i 

M o. Randall, b Pr«>cmaii- * 

J t). Byrne, b Pendray 4 

Extoaa 10 

ToUl ~ 

Bftwllog Analyila 

Five C% and AUOana— 

' o. w. 

R A. PhlUlpa 7 I 

lievlen 10 2 

Caaaella 7.6 4 

Cirant , 5 

Randall 4 2 

Brtttita Public Behools- 

o. w. 

Pendray II. i 3 

Freeman 13 7 

Payne a .. 


H Lethaby. nm out . . 

J. collett. e Holt, b ailiings . 
p FVv»om. c Allen, b BUUnga... 

A ' l>.Arcii&, b BllUngs IS 

V ■< V TtiT b nillineR . . 1 

Albie Davies Given Call 
Over Graham, of Portland 

Local Flash Decisively Outpoints American 
Boxer in Ten-Round Main Event-^Jumbo 
Davies Adds Another K.O. to List 



h niillniis 
Dunn, b BlUings 

AUUe DavlCB, clfver km) feather- 
watgbt, added ney laurels (o his 
puRfllstlp career talt night when he 

von the nod 
from Eddie 
Graham, Por.- 
land. claimant of 
thr Northwwtern 
I ^ a t h p r weight 
championship, in 
the ten • round 
main event of 
r'>ntral Boxing 
Club's show at 
the T 1 1 1 1 c u m 
gymnasium. Ref- 
er*^ Roy Baker 
I 1 f t r d DaviM' 
hand before 
Or ah am had 
Ume Co reach 
his corner. That 
shows just how 
dedalvety t h t 
local boy won In the opinion of the 
referee. His aoote card gave Davlas 

hkp a 


ft: L n««>da. Oraham one and Uuw 

A. ZSavles. e R. Wenman, b 

b Sparks 

C Langdon. b BUltngs 

A. A. Slmmofldi, b »*'»"g« 





R. Wromana XI 

A. Sparka. b Oeddaa . n 

wUI have anything to do with boxing 
In New York sute aa long as aooie 

nf us iivp, and anyone who aids 

fh^m to escape such Just obll^- 
uoiis Win be dealt with to the full 
f «r,'nt f.j th<? commlsBlon'a powers 
■yur :>v. Yorfc commtsiiion. ' 
c.niinucd Farley, "haa been good to 
.SchmcUnn. It allowed him l.t 
over hpr and then, after he had got 
himbcU into dim cull IP.,, arrunned 
matters »o Uiat he could come back 
and make W0,000 in the milk fund 
bouts. M a di soo Square Oardrn also 
proAted to tha extant of aoma N2,- 
000 In Ukm bouta. which » would 
not otherwise have aade. 

Aa a result of the oanuntelon'a 
atutude toward him. Schmeling has 
put himself m a position where he 

has more m<|aey than hf fvpr had ^ Or^fn. c Bristowe. b Oooch 

and where he 1.1 f ii;»irii..t r,, make ^ " A--«.-t«i»«. - w 
more by his pri»s<>n' if the 

rmintry I ff*l thai 1, i--- treaied 
SchtiielinK -BPh ihr ^rfit;t^L lair- 
neas and h: pcrnt defiant atti- 
tude 111 bei'otni-.s hitn 

"If Schmetlng. ■ wpnt «n the coni- 
misaioner, "wlahns to carry out hl5 
Boston ooDtoaot) by boxmg con 
OlCelly. we WUI not stand in his 
way That wlU be aU right with 
us, but we will not stand, now that 
he haa become more prominent, for 
1U5 evading O'Kelly and boxing some 
other opponent, and he must fulfil 
Uw Fogaay contract and box Scott 
He wttl not t)e permuted t« 
avoid f»Ki obligations jtui because 
hia panmnal circumstances have 


E. Hamber, run out _ 

.1 Wenman. b Geddag 

c Chleppa, b Oeddea 

H M Dunn. Ibw, b Davtea 

H M Allen, b Dareua 

O A Lifton. b Boesom . . 

R Poyntx r l^thaby. b Davies 
U M BU 11 tigs, c Lethaby. b 


R. Holt, not out _ _ 

R. Wennuuk c Wataoo. b Darlaa 



we, b Oooch 10 
V. n Cftrr-Bflton, c Oooch. ta 

MeredlLh « 

E. N. aiatar, c Meredith, b oooch 17 
R. 8. Berkley, b Kelaon _ _ 4 
A. B. Uggatt. c wmunaao. b 

Kelaon 11 

D V DunlDp, b Oooch 1 

M Cllwon. b Nelaim 0 

H Wilham.t-Preeman, b Wilkin- 
son _ . _ . . 20 
M McUaiiRhlln. c 
H C rx-nnv, t> 
p. Ganard, not 
imraa ^ 


Bowling Analysis 

Wttntlercra — O 


Allan .... 


R Wenmaa'a XI— 


Darciis ... 


LanRdon ... 


Porter . _ 




. 5 1 

o. w. 





It > 


Oraham. although only eighteen 
years old, knows many, if not a:i. 
of the tricks of the squared rirrir, 
and these he tried to uj>e agaimt 
the local flaah. but Davies wai on 
to his game and the Portlander's 
attempts to gam an edge by the 
"Uirk5 of the trade" failed. 

The local glove-thrower fought a 
(-^unoij.-, fight; was cool and col-, 
irv'tfd throughout, an^ although 
(iriiliHm ■.lynK him a couple of 
times with boUi hu> right and left. 
Danes waa tbe master of tha sltiia- ' 
tion. Oraham annoyed Uw fans by . 
hta clowning and burlasque actions,! 
but they faUad to annoy hia oppon- 
ent Tl^ie PorUander would stand 
motionless, with a smile on rnj. ijic 
and then lurch towards his opponent 
wlUi al! ihp viiiousnew of a tiger 
leaping at iti> prey More often 
than not hia ptmchea were blocked, 
while others thrown Just tut iiuuua.i 
the atmosphere. 

Davits tied Graham up when he 
came In doae and in the open eg- : 
ao'ehangea uaed a left jab to change 
20 Graham's smiling countenance 

The irni-h round was fast and 
furloufl fi-; I'.raham atrove vahantly 
for a k.o., while Davtcs mixed 
rautiously. but frcrlv 

Each weighed 129 pounds 

I Val O-.triuidcr Seattle, 
. like a flghlrr ond at t«l 
fighter )n the first few seconds of 
his mix with Jumbo Davies. hut 
once Uie local pug meaaured him 
off he aunk Ulw a weQ-boted hulk. 
Davlea lloared the SeatUette three 
times In the artt round for counts 
of eight, and then sprawled his 
fornf all over the canvas early in 
the second round Referee Baker 
stopped the slaughter. Davle» 
weighed- 116 and Oatrander I IB 

Danny Past roe , V ir t o r i« . f o u nd 
that Billy Pet nr. rapidly Kro* lnK 
Vancouver youUi, knew too nuirh 
about the game for him and a 
conaequence lost the call. Pastrtir 
climbed all over hia ppponent. flew 
at him like a Ugar In fact, but his 
efforu to get la dooe ware all In 
vain. Paatroa weighed 130 and 

Petrle 128. 

Ted Bealea. Victoria, won a close 
decision over Tlgn Liptirobc. colored 
fighter from Edmonton, in ihe cur- 
tain ralvr Beales threy all the 
itl#vftv had at the game boy from 
the Priune.s but hp lasted the foil 
roundi Tticy mixed ai IrtO pound' 

mm m 


Defeat Kingston and Miss 
Bond, Respectively, to 
Win Up-lsland Tennis 
Club Honors 



Ikn in Hurry to Qd 
Hostdry Chair 


rtriCAGO, July 13— T>d Blank- 
enahlp. right-hnnded pitcher, today 
was release.-! hv the wnitr s-^x to 
the TViledo rivib of ihe American 
As.soclri'.lrtn HlankenMlip wa^ sent 
lo the Mudhpn.1 on option. 

The Portland pug cot In some 
solid blows In the seventh. In fact, 
they were the best he loafc diirtg y 
the ten-roimd mix. 

The last three rou:. 1 * r.i lo 
' Davies aa Oraham. Mpparentiy 
irtallalng Uiat be was on the abort 
< end of tha count, tore to madly in 
an effort to land the sleep producer. 

Tn the ninth the claret began to 
flow from Oraham'a aoaa and lo> 
wards the end Of Uu flUx hia faoa 
; was tkloody. 



A. Booth. *njn 'i,n 

B. Hood, retired, hurt 

Hood, b Profit 6' f » w • - 

s?" :: i Hope Leeminff Captures 
Interior Singles Title 

^ -TTTS had To Mak*^ 

/a Pun ON tri' LAST MAr4 


PtWM6 rut 


'^m Quick 


bath' and 
ffie CLifPHbu«g 

W I'AffitOUlAff 

J. F. MaradUli. b WUUama-riee- 

man .... .......... W 

(] B Hopft at DwB > . b oerr- 

Hilton 6 

w r Hr .'.i.'we, c WllUana-nee- 

nian, b TRrr-Hllton 5 

w I' (inorh lb* b Oarr-RUtoD 0 

J profit not out __ . . | 

F. Barber -Star key, c Barclay, b 

Carr-Hllton 3 

Extras T. 9 








changed. T^e young man may be 0*Ueip*B, Ihw. Ba r klay 

stubborn, but he u in the wrong ' " *' — " — 
eod be wlU find otheta iuak aa tte- 
leRttAMtf aa he la" 

Bo there you arc. Schmeluig ran t 
bog Shariny In thla city, unte.v ur 
tmt boxaa Booil, and if the butit 
la held elsewhere It Is prvtty plain 
what the New York commUalon In- 
tends to do. It will revoke the 
llc-encea of Schmelbig. Jacobs and 
all coneemed, and. in the present 
K'ale o( mind. It wUl revoke Uirm 
(or Itfe. I believe that all thi*e 
member" of the commiMHon will 
."taiid firmly fijgetlier In this In- 
etnni >' 

Thlft puts Jmoh-s iii.d tkhmelmg 

in a tnugh .ip.!! nii-T^- would be 
little danger in a h.>iii with O'Kelly. 
but Scott la a type of boser who 
might, as Lou MagnoUa onoe said 
t4 me, -left hand Bctanwllng to 
doslh - The Oerman might knock 
Scott over In Jig Ume, and then 
again he might r»ot. 

Nevertheless, ir Schmellng oon- 
Unuca to refuse the Scott bout and 
'lU match with HhArkev Rnen out- 
side thLi city, then Druon m the 
moKt Ukelj ipot The fourth largest 
<-i(v in the United sufe.» and one 
of the richest and fa.>^t>'<;t grnwti^ 
Detntt haa been a •'mpunc field 
for aane thna for a bui hrawireight 
ooBtcat Tea Rlekanl had his eye 
on Detroit He loM me only a sbert 
tune before his death that ha to- 
tended to stage one of his "imUIgg 
of Uw century- Uwre. OaMt haa 

Delcais Mii^s Allison King, of V anctmvci 
Fine Display— Ryall Wins Men's Siiigl 
Langlie— Finals Exciting 


1 lull 1 

KBLOWMA, B.C^ July U.— Under , forcmg and brought the aove to 

ideal tennis eoodlUou. the ttnalaU-S and. wtth (Ini^ed all round 

of the Interior ohamplonahlps ofi^i'*'- ' ' "^Q 

a....... — — !. .^j.jI ^he second 'et ; . -d al! 

Ryai). who irfwk ;.i.e first four games 


J F Meredith . 
W f Oortch . 
O C F NrlJion 
J Prn/ii 
W B. Wllkuiaon 



14 1 

BritUh Oolomoia were oot»ftiuded 
today The largest atT«tMbuwe oi 
jpecta'ors m the hlswry of this 
toumampnt was on hand 

Ttie mens singleA. tietween Os- 
wald Ryaji. of VarKouver, and 
Howard Langlie. of 6eai,>. was the 
first match. 

with ea.y Langlie, al tanas, teemed 
ii> ife Autlfring wh'-n serving, his 
usual gorxl Kw<'-\ini! vrvjce tfm$ 
abnent The w>i eventually went to 
Ryali at e-0. 

„ 'Hie ladies' singles between Mtas 

Bj r.' MARFE 
Former Pli. hrr Nrw Vork (VIsnUI 
H.vll players are about Ihe fastest 
dreAMrn In Lhe wotUL I waa aluing 
In Ihe White SoR MOMue at Chi- 
aggo the other day MUhg to WllUe 
Kanun, MoRUat pmetioes had just 
been called off. and cm of the play- 
erm wanted Kemrn lo drive down lo 
the bank wtth hltt I0 eaata hU 

One moment Kamm waa Mttlng | narrls. 6-3. 8-4 

teeMtal to Tlia OrianU*) 
DUNCAN. July 13.-Mua Anna 
Kler and W. B. Corfleld captured 
the ladies' and men's singles tennis 
Jiiamplonships respeotlvely 3f the 
Duncan Lawn Tennis Club here to- 
day By their victories they retain 
the Davie trophies, symbolic ol the 
honor.*, for the next twelvp month* 
In winning the tiilr M: „^ Kier 
plrypd con.«lstenily throughou- the 
mept and aet aaide ktui Bond in 
-hp nnal rottnd In three hard fei ght 
er.. 7-5, 3-fl, 6-4, Corfleld captured 
the mens hcnoni In the same man- 
ner, defeating F L. Kingston to 
three consecutive sets. 0-3. fl-2, 7-9. 

Mrs. LHUder an,i Prevo.»i ciptured 
the mixed « iidfAp doutile.'; by 
beating Mr.i i*'jrvrv unci Mutter. 
11-13. 8-1. e-4, whi> Mv iiVo and 
Miss Kler won the l^dip'^ dc>ubl«s 
>om Mrs. Oooding and Miai Rob- 

^•r-n. 8-1. 6-4. 

Ttip nicn r. ha((dlcap singles wa* 
n by H F Helen when he de- 
feafHl H. Ander.wn to the final 
6-a. a- I 

The result* follo-v 

N. B Stapln -winner In 19381 
tH-at C Leney, 6-4. h-8. 6-S. 

O Prevost beat J a Allken, >-7, 
4-8. 6-4. 

PL. Klngatoa beat K Lener, 

-14 8, 6-1. 

W B. oomeld beat A. Hove. g-i. 

8-1 . 

N R staples beat O. Prevost. 

«-4. 6-a 

F L Kingston beat N. Owfield, 
^0, 3-8. S-4. 
h. Oalveit beat 8. LnaUe. 8-3 

3-8, e-a. 


^ W ^E^ Corflald beat K. It Btapiaa. 

F L Kingston beat H. Calvert. 

8-3. 4-0, fl-3 


M 1 Robe r t.'o n l>eA • M.-s Ed - 

wiird- fi .1 6-:( 

Mlsj Bona t>cft; m. .. .ijoca 3-6 
8-3, 6-4- 

MUa Kler beat Mrs. pjce. 6-9. 6-0 

Muu Bend beat Miaa Robertaon. 

1-1 6-2, • 

Mu Kler beat Mlai Oeoghegan. 


ME!V8 SINGI.fs jitx 1 , 
H L Helm. plu.«. U, t>ra; a bun- 
dle, mmus ift ,taeml-flnal), t-a 

6-8. fl-4. I 
Howe and Lundie. owe 30 
Appelby and DobeU. owe 
1-5. 6-10. 8-L 

Mi« prtce »ni Miw Ham* 
15. beat Mm Crane and Mrs AHer- 
•ey. plus 1-13 S-.1. \2-iQ 

Mffl Of».xJina and Miss Robertson 
rninu.' l^.^ h»n- sii^ Bond and Mr^' 
Edwardi. m nu". is fl-j, 7.5 
Mra Rlee and Miss Kjer niinua 
IV3. beat Ml«a prtee and Mte 

One l:iindred und Ilfu fiiirtaa. 
line of Lhe largcal iHinJ o'. junior 
LdllUn ^ilai'k Ut Ue ■hii-.i). i 111 Lltr 

ui^-«k. wia aMiiamiiiii ai uic Victu.^ 
uawa '1 enma cuua uxnorrow m> 
aiart m tne iiriltab Oolumota cnun- 
p.unahipa. 'ine uumamesi. wnicn 
4^ open to any junior fMyer, iom 
UT lecDale. reaiduig in toe provZooe, 
u expected to ae ooe 01 uie most 
-Ljcccadiul ever earned uui 

Exponeota of thr game are CiMn- 
.n.; liivm Duncan. Mctchc^m. 
i^^nges. Vancouver and Norm Van- 
couver, witn high hopea of oarrving 

I way wiui ..^em the coveted i 
rtie local contingent of )uin.,<i - l 
the largest. 

In order to auisi tiu- oommiLiec. 
Idayers are requested to tw on Ume 
to plaj their matches. Anyone over 
dlteen mlBUtea lai« vUl be liable to 
be aoratehad traai ttmber compe- 

I^ch oanpettMir wUl supply their 
own bails except to *lie Aoela, Tne> 
are also urged io r^Mrt oaeb day 
at 2 o'clock, evatt U net aaheduled 
to play, aa furthai maldMa Bi*y be 

Ci'ii , . I i ll r' Ihe ^harpeat char- 
aobei * ui Ot: i.rt n HI) ific" cr^urt-^, u 
all Uties are oi>en for a new t-hiLm- 
Pten, as the defending monarctu 
will not be praetnt to defend their 

Finals will be played WHtoaaday 

to aU dlvi^ons. 


The draw for tomorrow follows; 
10 a m - 

George I»arkcr vs. Maurtoe Clark 
Harold Oray va. L. T. Phillips. 
Oeo. Yosbl va. T. Redmayne. 
K. K. licoey va. T. Forbes. 
Br Hrl ty H w . It BMbuyE.- 
Molly Sharps vs. Betty Christie 
Joan Deans va. Barbara Twigg. 
Daphne Barber -Starkey vs. Betty 
fitranor Young vs. Mary Gray. 
[•Y<uiicie Oldham ve. Belan Tayler 

II am.^ 

Peter Bradfbnl vg. Brian Burden- 


Richard Oamtt va. C.A.Hliriley 
s Compcon-Lundle va. Maurice 
D Bird v». Q«o Takata 
Robert Sheret va. Robert Adamson 
Desmond Burden-lltiriihy va. c 


MoUy Barbar-aUutar ipI. J wnih i- 
me RlLh^t- 

Daphne Fodlif vm. Mtgr Stoter. 

Angela Davte >Hk mm* Frier. 

EhiabetB OanH m A udi e j i Tie- 
2 p m — 

i.K-utior Y >unir VK Allxon Mitchell, 
Frankle Oldham v» Prances 

Barbara Hutchinaon vs Kate 

Elizabeth Oarrett va. Joaephlne 


Piiphne Pooler vs Pcggf Bome. 

Phvlii.s WhitL* vB winner of Molly 
.S]uirps vs Betty Christie 

H<'rt Fnnlenian vs Desmond 

Ili.T ftt 

Marv Saukler and Grace Tuckey 

vs. Daphne Barber-Btarbey and 
SybU Beedham, 

Young and Adamaon va. Red- 
mayne and partner. 

If nej and B. CUmpUm LuntUe ve. 
Forbes and fliMCtt 
3pm — 

Margaret Little ft. ftsagag TM- 


Velda Rlthet va Trudle Green. 
Betty Abbott va. Betty Clark. 
Helen Campbell va. Ann Hartley. 
Frances Colevs Rosemary T^lor. 

Jt)hns' H] 

W Yoshl \Ti R. MArl.ean. 
K Luttrell va D F Robertaon. 
Oraham Verley va. Robert Taenh, 
R. atich m. naiinnnil SarrefeL 

A pm.— 
Oolto Milne vs. L. T. Phffllpa. 
Margaret UtUe and Ann Hartley 

VK Frances Jones and MoUy 

1 Sharps- 

Joan List «i Sybil BeMh&m. 
Phyllis White and Klranor Young 

VR ,Mi7iiii Mitchell and Lucy John- 


Betty Abbott and Betty HaUey va. 
Barbara Tertgg and a«MBMCy 


Mary Oray and Audrey lyaeuyne 
va Antta Taylor and AngMb Dnrle. 
T. CoQptoa Liipdle m DeaaMiad 

5pm — 

C Milne vs WA Harrlacm. 

Joan I.M and Frankle Oldham 
vs Prances Cole and Betty Clark. 

Velda Rlthet and Helen Campbell 
w. T tadhi Onen and Pan Obarle- 

MauHe Clark and D, P, Robati- 
ion va. D. Barrett aad BtUb 


Visiting Balltossers Defeat 
Jokrrs in Afternoon 19-1 
antJ Tillicum* in Night- 
cap 12-6 






VlaiUnK Port Angele« balltoasen 
won t>oth end^ of their twin bill at! 
the Royal Athletic Park »e-ifTdn\ 
In the afternoon ennjunter they 
iW Hi ae e d the Jokers is-i, and then 
came back to the nightcap and de- 
feated the TlUlcunw 13-«. The 
vbdton played some of the snappleat 
bell Been here this seaiion with 
Gibbons, the pitcher ^ thr matinee j 
attraction. Conroy oovertng third, 
and Murray hI rirvt "tfmttng Out a« 
the star performera. j 
SUrkney who sUrted on tbei 
moimd for the Jokers in the after- 
nobn game. wa.s wild m int^Tvals, ' 
While at other ttme^ he heaved Kooi ' 
ball IBs teammaiet booted the ball' 
■M ov er the lot and turned in their' 
went performance of the ^eaMm- 

Olbbona. alab artist for the vialtors, 
went well throughout and held the 
locals to Blx scattered hlia He had 
splendid control. wtUlO hta "►■y'gw 
of pace had the boyg feltll«, fie 
struck out twelve 

Port Angeles acored one in the 
fliot, one in the second, one m the 
UUrd. three in the fourth, two to 
the aewnth, four in tbe eighth an-1 
seven to the atoth- stlcfcney w?-s 
reUcved in the laat toning by c^lhn^ 
and the ban gesae developed toto a 
fardeal eomedy. 

Jokers scored their lone nm tn 
thp wvnth when OoUina sinrled, 

stole «erond. went to thlrfl . n ■ 
pfl.«.>e<| ball and came h-n . » 
wild pen tn 'hir'l I'v the ifi i 
OibtvTi'. ri -1.1 I ijl a home run 
in the foiiriii inniiiE with no one on 
The nightcap was a much more 
interesting affair deapiu the 12-6' 

vir'nrv nf the visitors 

ri:;i. mi.^ 

Th'- I'ubrticn started "ff In prent 
^^ vie b\ .serif! >t-,k ('njr t'lnncrs '>ver 
m the first inninK on itire* hits, a 
i»issed Inll. A .-'i\jple of sacnfU' 
hits and an error by Uw visitors' 
--hortatop. They tooreaaed their lead 
to S-0 to the fourth when WMte- 
head lifted the baU over the eentre 
field fence with no one cm. 

In the first of the fifth thr 
Angeles squad brought their Ur^w 
artillery Into action and bunched 
five hits off WhitehpHd's offertncs 
for four markers. One of thaae to- 
cluded a eimilt maah kgr Oonroy 
with one on. 

The barrage cooltoued In the flnt 
nf the sixth and after Port itiigdm 
had «eni another pair of runners 
the riifllance. Wtiitehead waa re- 
pla<«1 by Lloyd Cann The latter 
fared alinoet as tiadly and was 
nicked for three aafetles to thts 
toning, two oC vbloli wttt for ggtra 
, bases. 

I Conroy came toto the ItowUght 
•geto to the seveuUi when he 
crushed out a Uine-bagger wtth two 
Fnen ni. and lat8r oaiD* bome oa 

d .sarrllire 

Tillifiini,^ netted (.heir second and 
final marker in iJ>'' ^!K1J! when Mc- 
Laren walked au-i ,rij' ^.^">me when 
the catcher pegKe.j i,j m<oik] baai 
whlcA waa not covered. 

Port Angelea collected ten hits to 
five Innings off Whitehead and ato 
hits in three inninss of Oann. The 
game was called in the eighth on 
account of dancneaa 

Conroy showed the way wlOi the 
willow getttog a hODier. a triple and 
a double out of five tnpa lo the 

Button on the mound fbr the 
nmo^heid tha TtUlsinnB to oewQ 


Wriiilil"" < '«>ru|iif^ror at 

o. w 

H. WiUlama-FteeBiaa ... • i 

D V Dunlop a 0 

E w .si»t<T ... a 0 

I M Ellison 3 0 

It. S Rarkley 5 i 

Ia. e Leggait a 0 

|S. H Carr-Hllton 1 4 

rive r > and Alblow 

C. Pillar, c Hrwrit, b Levten 18 

C. F. Comley. run out ig 

A Reld. fl Hewett. b Levien 3 

P Mawbood. c lamar b Ramtoll ti 
S. W. Barclay c Potherlneham. 

b Oanella 21 

B. Peodray, b Haxtdaii . . 1 

B. MNfards. b Caaarlla a 

B. D, n««man. b CaaseOa t 

a K. Gait, b FhUUpi 14 

B. BD*eb, net o«l g 

their metal, Ryall piaying the more 
CACeful lame and LurutUe putting 
fire toto his stroke lAnglir was un- 
able to offset the strokes of RyatI a 
backhand, the first act going to 
Ryall. 6-4 Nctther of the players 
had any dlfBndty in takintt each 
other's senneaa, aito both p:ayed a 
^ base line game wiUi occasional 
g fwrays to tbe tjet^ 

In the MMond aet lAnslle hy a 
' iiopptng and dnven which 
Hv.^;. >.ould oot handle, secured a 
lead of four vaaHg ^ pUytng bril- 
liantly an thfongh. Ryall took the 
fifth game 10 make the soon 4-1 
ta iMgUe^ tovor. LaiwVe. itUI 
koeptog up hiH wonderful form, 
lOCiB the next gamt^. bringing the 
score to 5-1 RyaU took the next 
thnv games In a mw having ap- 
parently «o>efl the rhnm .->f Ijinglie 
su 1 i;'',' ht* lene' . eti- 

abLnii htm to rov»r \i* more 

easily than his dttninuuve o;>pan- 

•tt. ByaD. to (hia game, did tnelof g-lL 

Allison KiiiR. of Vancouver, defend- 
ing champu.>n. was an toterestrag 
match MLi.^ Leemtog was down, 3-1, 
to the first set, but won 6-4 

MIse King took the next game 
and get at 8-4. in the third sM. 
loss Leemtog dominated the piay 
to teed 4-1. dropptog the next game 
u> Mise King, but tafclf« tue next 
three gamea io wto tbe get and 
championahlp at g^ both ptayers 
being rheored for ttiato agMMltf ti- 

The finals of the men « doubMM 
between Langlie and Nordatrem 
and RyaU and SbleMe «m won by 
the lonner pair, b-T. f-a, #.«. 7-6. 

The ladlor rtoiiMes waa van by 
Mra Roaa and Mn. Uvtr tnm Ifbw 
Rtog and Mlia IMov. aflv a pr^ 
longed tbree-eet malofe to the 
)«ore of 6-2 8-10. 7-4 

The mixed doubMa was won by 
Langlie and Mtol Mntaai from 
Dreyfus and MbL Wmm br ttB 

there in hia ball suit I turned to 
say Hello to Manager u-na 
Btackbume: when T rum-d t/> 
Kamm again, a serand latT it 
seemed to me, he waa Juai tying his 
necktie, fufty itrwart ta hia oMMah 

Moat ball players are like UwC t 
Qgure that they are fast iti—eii 
bMause they are ao nervous and 
high-strung, Matty waa always 
tike that, and I've often wondered 
*I «>me ball plays dont oootfBct 
T B from natitog e*itt|eon ao woo 
after ehangtaf fm tbe "Veonkey 

Fred Snodgraae used to be half 
undreoaed by the Ume the last man 
waa out, be waa m such a hurry to 
get toto hia street 1 [ ^rh^ on't ret 
out of the t>a II park - ' !>a^T 

his aecfcs down, ahura ini'H.] shirt 

unbuttooed and belt tooaenad «hen 
the lOBl man eame upi and be d be 
praytag that a Sy wonldot ooroe 
his way. 

Pve seen Hatalr Ztmfneman dash 
tot« the showers and out« dra 
flaah. dash down to the hotel 

Mrs Oooding and Miss Robertson 
t^t Mrs. Lauder ani Miss Jones 

minus n 1 g.j_ 7.J 


M'j- Wynne and S I.undic. minus 
IS. beat MlM Jone» und Dobdl 
mtoUN LU. S-7. 6-1 14-13 

Miw. Pimney and Mti'te* pjij, 
4.IS. beat Mra AM*-vy and Ben 
Helen, plus \h. e-4 g.i 

Mrt laiHer and P^oai, minus 
14. beat Mr* de tAblUler and L. 
Helen. 6-4. 6-0. 

Miw HsTlt AO'! King. Phis ^'15 
kMt Mr« n., . «r«f ApgMy. niouk 
tSJ, 6-1 2 6 ft 1 


Mm Porvev nnd Mutt^ beat MIm 
Wmne and * lauidie. e-a. 7-» 

Mr* t(«od** prevo*t b^t 

Ml--. IfTr* *T< K n.' * r >- < 

oat the waMT for being ao nlow vslostf at fitl, 
with hu ffle^. arul then go out and *Tl a|g^ 
i ^it In a rhalr in frveit of tbe botellMSTJIt 
J Jid loaf the nek of the eveuogl Nl. 

•ilR lOHN <ait<{r>NS KSTATK 
llAMII TON .rmy IJ ^The Tr>- 
rncitrt Oenera.1 TniaU Otrpor»ti.,n 
la making appii-atioo for grair of 
letter* probate of the wlU of tli«- lite 
Sir John MemeOQ Olbeon R r m <\ 
to atfarmar LMMaiiaert-Oovemer of on 
bawl tarlo. IHe wtt tBDoaaa a( an aolala 

The compeUUen on the Victoria 
nub't green yeebenday afternoon was 
In aid of the fund to pnelde for 
hi -xjM-nses In connection wtth tha 

I'.urnrtment to be held In thla city 
In Augusi prUea were given to the 
members of the rink havlnit the 
hlKhe«t »rore over their opiKrnroti 
T^lree nnk« were tied fnr honom and 
the toas of n coin gave the prlsM to 
the rtok skipped by Munro The 
competition waaerenarkable for tjie 
even icons of the rival nnka, as iix 
points was lAe hlgbaat margto of 
(he winrrrr The foOowIng are (he 
rinka and aoom: 

Rut ton 
J R Stewart 


■kip ...... 



•klD U 



skip - . Kb 

' McAuley 
I Barr 

I Munro. 
i akip 







Tut hill, 

' A Mrl^Huld 
.1 r mp 
Joh riaon 

D Dewar. 

LI^ *"" 



Fx ham 


•klv .... 







... Jfl 

J A Blevwt 


i"ni wfnrd 

*lp l« 

. --- WrWfct. I* . 

MS r«ar» Wti'M-' >« rlu DM 

MBW YORK July U — O A. 
Cochrane tlca.> qiioted at 7-a m 
the bMUnt, woo the Empire City 
Derby today. THe Wh«tley Alable'a 
Flag Day tan eeoood with the fav- 
ertie, caMatout Oak rmm ow o»k- 

ndg* BtaMe, 'aklng down iMrrt R 
T WUaon Jr« Afriran f'«rr!ji 
and last HxaJy ^^pgd Uje (sjie 



The Veterans' Column 



We hAve Jiafc had Um ^PPST^ 
ny o( psiuiiif * rmam ^J^^ 
OHfiilfkmt work •esottVjlM by 

tSi. whleb !• locmUd a* URlOB 
bMdQuarters at OtUwa. ■ 

Ol ine mftnjr hundn-tU «j* •err^ 
orvmnlutlMU wwl wcUare iniUlu- 
Uofu iliroufthoul the Donlnion. 
ihere »re nouc Ui*L merit Uw title 
of 'human" more thao tlw U«loii i 
BuMu •! otum. BffWT bnncn oi 
the Utioa, alone with district Ukd 
PnvlndBl oBICM, la enmUaDsr • 
"aarvlM bunMi." wUiuUnf loeal 
iHf |[^.iH*« uid notlvlnB and oom- 
pUtng partimlarh nf oih. r problenru. 
«hleb are imNs. >l on f -r fttilon by 
the Otlawii i-m..- Kv»Ty rase sub- 
mitted bw- jme-'i the |>pt!K»i»1 reapfin - 
SlbUUy ul tf"' i>ra(''r wtiorn it i-i 
•ntnutcd. Til'' most itinwrriH 
w«aknetii In Itu Cunadinn i>L-u»ir.ii 
aystem lloi tn Uic fact that the ooub 
tit placed apon the veteran to prove 
that he U enUtted to ueatfflintor 
pextakm and, tmder tha praaent 
vifttlatkm anUUMiuDt to pension 
ha« nnt of all to be proved before 
traatanent can be irtven by the De- 
ptrtmeDl ol National Health and 
Penatooi. AdjuaUnent officer* in 
Ihe Legion Bureau a«(lst in the ad- 
justment of thoiLwncls of platmA 
covering dl»aj»ra rf th'- rr^rrilni'nTy 
sysfCTD, tiitKTCulivii.^ wnd klndrrd 
dL-^ii:.! !. liu lurl'-rt in the wort of 
the bureau U adJiisLrocnta In con- 
nectloo wlUi CltU aerrlea aivotot- 
menu, aoldltn' MtUcnwnk. tmml- 
■raUon. and of ooune a eonalaiit 
oonlact la leapt up wUb the Bxtttab 
noplM Bantee Leacue, Usidoo. 

Moea tu ovtanlBaUim nearly an 

the financial resources of tha Legion 
have been devotad to the care of 
dlaabled veterana and dependents 
and In tha advaneament of the wel- 
fare of Canada and Lbi> Rmplrc. 

TmaMMB saouLD join 
every Derabar and branch of the 
Lerlon U saerinctDe at Icart aomc- 
ttilnv ao that the work eaa ba kept 
ffoina. and reterans who do i»ot yat 
belong to an oniiinlzatlon should 
Join and do Lhi'lr fuir Jiliare In 
carryliiit out thai eivcred tnist 
to iia whn Uvr by \hr n-mtnuiri 
Jcfl in ■■^^ando^^ :-t ■ 

( \N\n\ s w Alt itriii>rNR 

( i ■ : rrsirrgt-il from Ul'- Great 
W.U wiUi a bLiKi- clcbl- nuiny ob- 
htfatlon* still to b« nnanctid. a 
heavy programme of suldier re- 
fiiibllRhmcnt to be carried through 
und a liability for penalona which 
ml that time rapraeancad ei ghteen 
million* per year and todmr rapre- 
aanU forty-two ralUkna. 

pension payxnenti have been on 
the increaae. An IntoreaUng table 
was pTMited reeanUy aa fallowa: 
Year Amount 

1911 • 8.lB6.e»l 

191P ISiSa.Mfl 

1930 , ^ a6,OI)4.4«l 

1931 . 37.4W,7M 

1923 3*1 lft;t,031 

1939 „, J4.fi88.fKi6 

1936 31.303.700 

1937 37.902,939 

1B39 ^ 33 77R,130 

1939 ' 42 000 000 

It Will be &pen IjV this lable tUi\t 
Canada'.! pnr I'-n i»uymcnu were 
n )• (■Illy nvr- riilllloa's greater 
III lBi5-I820 llian Uitiy were in 19IB- 
1933, but they are annually Increaa- 
Ing. Clalmi to pcnalona are being 
raeogolaed to a greaiosl extent 
than hi former years, and no doubt 
thta Is due to batter organlaatlon by 
tha veterans and their ability to 
have their rjalma placed before the 
propfT aulhiffUlrs. backed up by a 

Do your Children 
aufferfrom tkeheat? 

If >'>irr rliililren nr** ii't 
irrilaltlo. luiltitu in :<i'i"'i'''. 

lurnl or cbocoluLe fUvor) to 
atrenffthen. to build up natur- 
ally. Eavgy. aoond aleap and 
keen appalitea tetum wiUi tha 
ngular use of Honura'a —wnl 
and andonnd by KoepilaU and 
pbyridana Cor nearly SO ytata. 


Nmturalor CTiorolafe naaar 

large oiganliaUon of orer chcty 
Ihonaand vetcraoa in Caniida 

At the end oC 19M there ^fn no 
ItM than 69.940 penaianen Uvuig tn 
Canada, in, Pebniary of 1929 the 
number of chequt-A sent out to pen- 
KU>ner^ In Canada 58.881 and to 
pcTUlnntni livlns c:^;:.-.'.:!^- ;:f Can- 
ada, U.SA., A,683; other rountrlea. 
8 1»: totaL 11943. It should be 
nuted that these figures Include aU 
pensioners, sncM aa aoUUara' widows 
and children. In addition to tha 
veteran hlmaelf 


Oammenling upoa the optnkma of 
th« Canadian L^lon tn retrards to 
the Federal CiTll Service Act, )n so 
far ajs li relates to veterans, a recent 
Lviiie of 'I*h« London Free Fresa of 
Onuuio atulrs Uiat the suit t{e.<(t Ions 
mad*' by Uir Lef?lon in ccnneclloa 
with amrDdmenLs to the act are 
•#nslt»le and aaae and should be 
given oarefol eonaldemtion by the 
powers that be at Ottawm. 

Under ttie OlrO Bervlee Act of 
1919. paiaad by the Union Qanm- 
Rtent, the prvferenoe In enipkiy- 
ment to war veterans waa granted, 
and war veterans are tha leading 
exponents of the merit system In 
appointments to Federal Oovem- 
ment poslUona. a system that might 
well be adopted and supported by 
Provincial Oovemmentj If they de- 
Mri? to play the eame fair and 
square with the velenins, Peder- 
atly qualified veterans have recetvcd 
about half of the male appotnu 
manCe slnoe the year isig The 
lieglan objaots and ob)ecU quite 
prc ii e nr to Urn mUny given by the 
Departnent of Justtee, tha* a aUn- 
Mar or hU dapnfy baa the right to 
rvject an appelnlaaeat cf the Chrll 
SejTica ConunlHlan without the 
appdntae having been given an op< 
polntment of OUlng the poalUon 
satisfactorily. It claims that every 
appctntee xhouJd have a fair trial, 
but nf initrse the Cojnmlsslon 
thoiild hftve the rijjht to withdraw 
a ccrtincalf ut apjiulntmrnt should 
the appclutec be prcned uiifil to fUl 
tlie position. 

The Legion also objecu to 
exempted a^jpolntments, but claims 
that all appUnCments should be 
ftUed by tlie OtvU Bervfoe Oommis- 
Aion. Ebiperienoe baa proven that 
ex-aervlca men reoelw scant con- 
sideration when appointments are 
made under the patronage system. 
ProrlnclaUy or Padarmlly. Under 
the Federal Oovemment veterans 
nnly rrcelve about eleven per rriu 
paLronaBe appotntmentu, whereas 
under tJie mertt system they receive 
frmn niiy to nfcy-six per cent of 
the appointment* One common 
twnd of service unites the war 
veterana. and tbey should hold to- 
gether and uaa their Karngth to see 
l-hat Che Olvll Servlee Conunlsslan 
system of making ^>pointaient6 Is 
put Into force throughout r»T^ailp, 
and nut only adopted, taut carrted 
out to the letter of the act 

R.O.P. Record* 

' The followinjT ls Uie latest list o( 
ilOJ*. rfrorrls made by British 
Columbia i.iwiu-d Jprvy ^ 

30:. DAY TfcST 
Rlversldr l ircam s Ljidy 1 year 
337 days. 5,7&8 lbs. milk, 293 ibs. fat; 
ikyeraue teat» 4.91; P. J. Bllhop. 


Quilrhenn Marian — 3 yeftft IT 

(lavs .^409 lbs. milk: 389 Iba. fat: 
average teat, BJO; Reevea Bros., 


Surmncrland Vrlvcteen— 2 years 87 
dik>.s 8.071 lbs. milk; 423 Iba. fat: 
average lest. 6.33, SummeilBnd Bx- 
pertmental atallon 

Diir.liiltii SpuL^ A.^ier -J years 147 
dayH. 0,003 lbs mUk. 3M lbs. fat, 
average lest. S 8I. Major A D. Mac- 
donald. Sidney 

Duntulm Fairy— 3 yean 343 days; 
7,313 lbs. milk; 413 lbs fat; average 
test, &JK>; Major Macdonald 

Bright Vk of Olenora - 2 years 343 
days. 7.384 Iba. milk; 38& Ibe fat, 
averase test. 494; W. A* M Wrtl.lon. 

Holmwoixl I'olos liuby .i yt-^rs 41 
days 397 days in mUk; 7,098 lbs. 
milk; 343 Iba. fat; average test. 4.94; 
E, s. Whlttakar. Agaasia. 

Pet W. of 01eiMr»— 4 years 383 
f^vs T,MO Iba. mUk; 47« Iba. fat; 

rrage icat. BJg; W. Wktdon, 


Camtlle'a Oxford Olrl -3 years 130 
days: S.034 lbs. milk; 420 Ibn fat; 
nvrraue test. 4 6.1. A K, HanrcKk. 
White RorX. 



Start the meal / 
to success with A 


Ci ARK'sChickcnor 
Vegetable or To- 
mato are old time 
favoritcgL but have 
you triad Clarices 


—Rich— thick— 
vory, reof ox-taiU ■ 
w r 1 1 -worth - while 
ftoup the CuARK 
cuisine ii protld 
of it. 

—Any one of the 13 
Clark Soupa la 
appreciated — buy 
an Maortment— aU 

will welcome the 

At dvalcra everywhere. 

riv[ flFFicrRS 
cuHmTii mm 

8«oU^ Headt MlUUa 
"Yiinrhw Car BTfleteaey la Brlgad<- 
aB« IMvWoBsl Dalies 

The hiiJitia stiiff r*mr»e for Weat- 
crn Canada will open at Barcee 
Camp. Canary on Monday Officen 
tram Waetem Canada, from Por^ 
WllUam weelwaM. vlO meet and 
take pari In Uia mMtaiy nanoeuvrM 
arMl I larHaiw aakwlatwl to tmprnre 
ofneers* effleleney tn the intrirate 
duties devolving on brlfisde and di- 
visional staffs 

During the month of October in 
each year slooa tbe war, Canada has 
started a selaetad of ofll- 

emof the rank ct eaptain and over 
on tntsMlve study by way of tee- 
turea and perusal of many mlhtary 
documenlA and books, in a course 
calculated to fit and instruct offloen 
in strstevy, tacuc^. map-resdlng, 
military law rjrtraniTAtlmi and Sd- 
inlm-Mr-.nioii tJif U.V nf ait arms in 
battle, aiid uilercommunlcaUun-Thls 
oourae raqulrea about shi montbC 
wott at tbe various toeat beadquar- 
teas, followed by ertrntnatkma- The 
oaadtdatea showing a auttable stAnd 
ard of proficiency are selected by 
haadquarij-rs ntaff at OtUwa. and 
allnrwed In tike the final two weeks' 
priti-riral work, for Eastern Canada 
in QUL-l^fc and Western Canada st 
Sarcee. Calcury 


lAat year the Oanadlan SeottMh 
Refitment of Vletorfa was suoeeas- 
flu In havlQK four candidates com- 
plete tbe courae, and this year six 
candldatea completed and were suc- 
('4%ffful In Uielr exainUukllons at local 
headquarters, including tbe late 
Major J. H. Olllespie Plve Cana- 
dian Scottish officers are attending 
BatT*.t Camp to obtain the qualifl- 
caUuns that will entitle them to have 
the letters MA.C. after their names 
In tha Oanadlan MlUtla list The of 
ricsen are: H^ior P R M. WaUls. 
Captain V O F Barmn. Captain 
8tuart Riibervson. Captain H. M 
McUivfni and Chaplain C H. OUal- 
lornn Thr last-named officer in his 
nx'.r.j- .': ns obtnlned a distln- 
guL^ux: uiark In strategy. This is 
an unusual staAdard of profleiency. 
and the showing of tbe Canadian 
Scottish class In Itself ts alao ex- 
ceptional in that aU candidates 
pmsaed. when examinations earh 
year show a .SO per cent pass only 
of those takinR the coursf A fur- 
ther feature In respect io the local 
MUltla unit Is that with the rmnple- 
tlon this year of the eout^e by the 
present five candidates wlU result 
in all offlcen In Uw unit eligible tn 
take this trulnlng of the rank of 
captain as at January • of this year, 
all majors end the OO, of the regi- 
ment, wlU all have passed thl.-; dif- 
ficult test and be pho»;i iii Uip Mj- 
litia Ufii as M^.C.'s, a record not 
duphciied by any otber ragteiant la 


Prior to Uie outhrenk of the war In 
1914. the Imperial Ooveramant sent 
Major, later to became Oeneral. Lip- 
sett, of the Third DlvlBlon, to Can- 
ada to conduct a course of a similar 
nature He held a class for Western 
Canada in the city of VUtorm, at- 
tended by tti<- LhcQ UUlUa offlcen, 
none of whom held leaser rank than 
that of colonel, and six liecame gen* 
ermla^ Sir Arthur Curria, a mamber 
of the tHam baeane ooaunander of 
Uir Canadian Corpa. HUs oourae of 
lectures was completed In tbe Spring 
of 1914. After the war. lanrrly at the 
Instigation of Major-Oentral Mc- 
Naughton, now chief of Ihr OeiifTal 
BtaJT of Canada, tlu- L»i?iiHrtm''nt o( 
MlhtlA star'/'d Ihe present Mllltia 
fta:r i ioing tbe two weeks 

practical 'ia..ii:ng to tbe general 
etirrlctdum as laid down In the pre- 
vious work of Mgjor Upaett. supple- 
mented as It was by improvements 
and lessons learned during the war. 

Each year two officers of 'he Ca- 
nadian Permanent Kor- e rumpic-inR 
their staff coUeRe course at Quetta. 
India, and Camberley. Eng.. bring to 
the Canadian stafT school the very 
latest lessons and training taught at 
these centres. In addition, an Impe- 
rial Army officer In attached to the 
■vrhools. This makes for suoh a high 
■^tAndard of efficiency and up-to- 
date Imitructlon, that several for- 
elgb countries. moAt nolaiily Japan, 
have sent mllitftry attache.^ to Can- 
ada tn study the Canadian system 
and Uj report on It for the benefit 
of their own Governments. 

The school affor^^ a wonderful 
opportunity for the proven brilliant 
offken of tbe MlUtla to get to- 
gMhcr. beeooie aeqtialnted, and by 
Jotadng tn joint exerdaaa and ma- 
noeuvraa and studying the same syl- 
labus nnfl frTih..v= acquiring a 
commii- :'ja«i'. common 

ideaJS. .'i' ■.mUar nirthods 

In mc»'-; i'' ■'"■>'ii:. r lends 

to weld Ni' (,.i:!A(l;.tn Forcti Into 

speaking one military language that 
Is understood by all officers through- 
out tbe oouatry, and which la kapt 
aboolutflty op to date. 




mm m 

I ax. Agncni- 

The Owner (Kamsay M acDo n aid. to Iba jockay. Afthnr Henderson. 
orgaidMr of llie Labor parl^}— 41a .^M tfria itce la oM to be run again. 

«< Ifee World. 

Artbor. I«*a too 



Mr. W. B. MaaCB^ aa ia ila r r oC tbe 
PiovlMlal fUl latr. whlBb wID oven 
at ttia WUIuga watt aaontb. baa re- 
lumed with the InfonnaUon that 
Dp- Island sbocktirBeders will un- 
doubtedly figure beavlV again this 

"Indlcatloes are that then* will 
be a record rmltie t'nLry," Mr 
Meams states. "Mr H ItotueU, of 
Chemalnus. wUJ send H'lUt^ins lu 
oompete for htmcts Mr K Hawkins 
will send the pick of his Jerwry herd. 
While Uiaae are deAnltety aaaured 

now. ihpf rrrv^ient oaljalev oC the 

prabai>le entnea. " 

Word was received yesterday by 
Mr. Meams tram Mr. C. Ruby, preai- 

daok of tba r^cif\r intoraatlonAl 
TxhlMtkm. tbat he wtU 
flv* ata-horao toanM of Per- 
Id WaWana Mr. a. c 
MoOroaky. at Oarfla^ Waah^ will 
Olydaedalae. and Mr. D. P. 
BvfiB. of Albany. Oi*.. wUt aaad 
Perohemna. Mr J H Merrttt fil 
Waahlngton. will eiiLer Ox -horse 
team Bhiros and the Damascus 
MUk Co . of Portland wlD enter six- 
horse team f'er(hiT'>rL% 

Farmers a;- io>w',> L'p-Island 
were keenly intereoted m the show 
30. Mcaxr.£ fourtd. and the uKual 
heavy entry of farm produce is de- 

llllltely It -"'I red. With fulllpcUln r 

fxhihiLs imed up. 11 only needed nnr 
displays in the buildings and good 
amusement attractions to malntam 
the vowing reputation of the fair, 
and tbe ^ace in tbe buildings was 
t>ooked months before theached- 
uled ^^pf«<ng date of tbe fair. 

The Winter Qarden Revue, bring- 
ing to Victoria some at the br&t 
known vaudeville antiui of the 
continent to appear at a specially 
constnicied theatre, rnake.s an out- 
.s Landing attraction worthy nf any 
I Dig exhibiuon in Canada. TtUs Is 

M addition to the ir^ular Browning 

Arausenent Oompaay 
the skldway 

After chivUf iLk'iMt- Juryman 
Juryman, wtio hi>d to leave the box 
the prisoner leant over to hl^ 9>>li< i 
tor and whispered, "The jury's all 
right now. z think. I nuat etaal- 
lenge the judge: rve been uoa a^f* 
under him aevaral ttmee aJM||; 

and mavbe he's beelnnlnr to TUlite 

Sp9a<iyoar VmcMtion ia 




ail''i:r .-.ii4Lll.ln>l(t IB rklrl. 

tn Unu«d SUMa. Maalclvsl our 
pi**.* iiMT. auwmct Bas hmU 
U'.^ ■ i-.A •uunats. JUIvlMkIs u 
c, - ..tiuns la sAneea af 

>ii .>,.. i Lk*. a 
a—wart. JseiinMaea 

It stgn 



Corrosive compounds 
impure gasoline result 
sulphur-forming acids which 
destroy the vital parts of a 
motor. 60 per cent, of valve 
and bearing trouble is due 
to Mulphur in gasoline. 

^hcrcs no Gas 



completely describes 
the objectionable and acrid 
fumes given off by cars 
using impure gasoline. 
You can't mistake its cost- 
ly presence, the atmosphere 
will reek of its vile smell- 
ing vapor, then you will 
know costly engine repsiirs 
are just a few hundred 
miles away. 

Avoid unnecessary ex- 
pense — insist on Home 

Guaranteed free from 
osive Sulphur Compounds 





TH£^AIl^ eOI^OW&T, VICT ORIA. B.C SU Nf»A¥riiit. Y 14, 1 9 39 


Churches and Their World 


f,raiin^ ( titu timet jot 

anu iiieir woria-wiae 

"Thon haa cMiverecl ny loul from ileatii. and ny (cct from falling: that I may walk before God in the light of ihc living/' — Pitdm Iw, 13 

II ws Aitn 


Former Choritter Will Ren- 
der Selections on Organ 
and Violin at Evening 


CHURCH i ni\(; /\ 

lUrv. P. A. P. CtiAdvtck. thf ypi-um 
of St. John's Ohurcb. wlU aim at 
IkMeliliig entpUonaOr itaort Mr- 
moos dnrlna Uu flummar mootbi. 
H« bellevM that, many people wlib 
to take an excunUon oiit Into the 
ronntrt during the eur-.nipr wrnthrr. 
but urges that thry nnj^rul 'livino 
worship before sLarUiitc. ')r ttettiiiK 
back In time for eveninft ^'^rvito 

The subjecta to b« pj-esenifd will 
be taken from the scrtpiure lessons 
for the daf, the mamlnc tb«aie 
betng "Uand'B Lament Over Ab- 
salom." while the evening subject 
will be A Plea tor StopUoUy," 
baaed upon the frwt Mmttndtr of 
Christ's character. 

Miss Jessie Carter, a fonn<^^ 
c h orist e r of St. Jotm's, now visiting 
to tbe elty, wUI plajr at the twUlght 
organ raeUal before llie wtmim 
service and will also play a violin 
selection d urine the eervtee. 

Thf servire today wtfl ronslnl of 
Moly Ccminunlon at 8 o'rlock: 
morning prayer at 11, and evensong 

at Tji nfflaat. _ _ _ 


play. Worship, ll-indlrri/l ind R*- 
ilgioBa CaltBre Given al UnJqa* 


Mt at w i f ar nnM UalM Clvrch. Tui#««. 
wr. m^m »rMc:bt« lMr« t«Sar uS arat 
BiHSar. Hm u s • uO !• QrMc 

VMM Ch«TCfe. Wlaatpw. «M 
UM Om« la gieiMStt. 


With an loereaae In attendance 
daring the ««efc. frora fourteen to 


Ministerial Sapply Proas — 
Ineladea Former Vtctorta 

Cathedral Preacher Will 
Focus Attention on Cen- 
tral Figure of Church's 



TMe Dean of Columbia «lltlilia»cli 

m Christ Churrh Cathedral tods; 
al ihf iijiiriUJiK aiKl f veniiii; serv- 
ices Id ihe cvcmng tie will con- 
tinue Ms special eouree of ssnnong 
for tboae "at eea," taking ae hti 
iub)eet "What Can I Brileve About 
Jesus Christ?" 

ThP Dean extends » Reneml tn- 
vltaiion lu thr U'ather* rI the 
Summer !>cho<.(l t < < tfX: •-ml morninK 
prayer in ciirtst i ii jr' h ■. u'.hedral 
today. He will lAk.!: tti. liie subject 
of his sermon at this lerviee, "T*e |S^auirrVJ.«.-r,, . 
PereocaUty of the Teaober. mtxtnm tMU-^imt^t 

There will be oelebratlone of the aMk*riu** 
holy ooouDunlon at 8 and 9:30' 
ociock: maUns and «moa al 11 
and evenMog and leimoii 9t 7 

At t iiitisfn>/t t f/v'j/u'r 

mm mm 

Kev. J. Richmond Liaiu, ol 
Vancouver East End, wiB 
Preach at Quadra Street 
Church Two Sundays 



Touting Lunuiia 


> fucUl" frrin I1<r 
kef Are Mr t'ta wiS 



Mrm. Ormnt WIN Olvr Mewiage This 
Mornlnc on lli^ Work of 
IndU'i Poet 

Mri Gordon Grant this momina 
at 11 uclnck will Rive a me&saitP 
from the F^r Bast on the wotlE of 
TRcore and Its results. There will 


The servloes at Plrst United 
ChiiTch on Qusdra Street todsy and 
M<'VT. Sunday wlU be conducted by 
r.'. ■ J Rirhmond Craig, ihf pnpu- 
riiinLsUT of Plrst Church. Van- 

i-.i-r Mr CrwlR ha.*: always twr.-i 
a ••viAcomr f:w^l. of the liM-al ron- 
gregslion. wliirh tia& brcn greiitly 
Interested In the redemptive work 
he has been doing in the East Rnd 
of Vancouver. Additional interest 
gatlien around his presence at this 
Unw becauM of the tact that Mr. 
Cimlg has Just accepted a rail from 
Grace Church. Wlrmlpeg, which Is 
propoalng U> reoroganue Its work 
in the downtown section of that 
dty under tba dttvetlOD eC their now 

Free Churchmen 
Dominant in New 
BrUish Cabinet 

Principal Nonconforming Communions Repre- 
.scnted in McDonald Cabinet Lay Preachers Are 
Numbered in Labor Leadership - Cburchmen in 
Hoover Cabinet 

Three Favorite Hymns 

In American Churches 

Jewish EvanrrXxt Preacbss 
weH S«rn>fmi at Yatea 
Tabrrnaele Today 



Chrirt'i Cbarak. WartMlwtOT. erMMrat •! 

W>rM K«iMl»* k^UmI hmmmtUm, «*M 
U mfclM a lav wl Caaada. B« vaa 
•laalaS U W kaaS at tW Warti SBB«aV 
SalMai larSM at la* !«• SaSflw nafSa- 



Aev. J W. Lidghton. minister of! 
Sr. Albans, is on vacation and in' 
his absence Rev. N. B. Bmltb wlUl 

Gratincation m . iiLiJuiaj: i tav thei'^*'*'"^ ^^^^ OommunJon today at 
«... O"'««*tion IS exproesei by the u ^.^^ ^ conducted 

aleo be the usual sernunette fcrj P^**^- walker, and mem- ^y Captain O. P. I.. Money and 

the children, after which they wlU ben of the 'n^bemaole. Yates | Arehd eacan laycoefc lU pWdala at 
reader one of their songs before Stitet. at the eaneat and efflolent | V^msang . 

retlrlnK to their classes. In the eve- aervMes given by Dr Bolier. the — 

r 'l^ ''***^''- wtUi JewUh evangelist, at the BIbte con- 

Rev Dr BIppiTll will cooducl. both ' !P*ri ^^^^^ ""I ference held here last week R»c om- 

lU Meaning- There will be ap^ i,,,„rted by StJCh chUTCh k.irt-r. 
music of the violin and plana on ^ev Dr 'nmnas McCrosean. Dr. 

Holzer has fulflUed expsctatlons 


aouGU numbering leaa than one-fUth of the Brttldi Bouae 
Oominoag, Free Churchmen are In the majority to the 
Cabinet. 01 the 103 refnu^vi which la an Inrreasc ol 
fcwenty-thre« upon la^t eli-rtun. a r Mt-lhodlsU. 19 are Congre- 
gatlonallste. 10 Hapu^us. 10 Friend.s 4 PrcsbytrDans. 8 Unltartans. 
1 Brotherhood f ourlten Jews were electpJ, three of ihem belong- 
ing Ui thf Labor Party. 

Thr Piinir Minister Li a Prenby- 
tarlBii ■ hi.ii(. "i h.-i i hiidren were 
haplii!<-(l b> (hfl laifr Dr. John CUI- 
ford. with whose work at West- 
bourne Park Baptist Church, Mr. 
MaeDooald was for a lOM tlma 
assoolatid. Mr. Arthur RdMersoa 
la an active MethodLit and a lav 
^vaaeher Mr Phihp SnowtJen 
comes also of Methodist stock. Mr. 
J. H. Thomas was a teacher in a 

Tuesday afternoon there will be the 

respondence cla.w study These 
meetings are all open to any who ''^•'"'^■^ 
are Interested. At 8 ociock 00 Mon- 

servleeis In MetropoUtjin pulpit lo- 

thlrty-four, "the unloue rellgtous ^-'^ W» momin? theme. 

school at Metropoilun Cburoh hasliP'* J'"^, 7**"^ ' rmt and heatlna meeting at 2 45 T*!.!™"" 

evidently c*u«ht the attention of ^"'^"'^v " J--"^"- " At the mTmng n rioric o^^STrf^Sire^nlSg at S ^Im. 
the boys and girls The Interest lu '■' ' ^' ntnu speiiltmg on The ^.^i,^.;^ t^^^^ ' be the unial cor 
the play period r,n fhe parsoniute 'her.- « ill be a bapU.mi and ' resfondence studv These ^'^"^ 

lawn wa* quite eiiiialled by ihr at- * recepuou of nlembo^^ 
tentlon that waa paid 10 Muu Mabel I Dr. Slpprell will leikve ear!v in the 
RlGh, When aba gave a listening | week for a month of holidnv^ mi% 
leana In miafe. or wben BOai Kate • pulpit will be niled during Lhut tune 
Ma. who waa appropriately garbed ! by Rev e D Braden. Aev. w. B. 
In the national ooatume, gave a Wlllan. of Vancouver; Rev. A. K. 
description of Ufe In Japan. )McMlnii of Krirwnfc. and Rev. A C. 

The Bible VacaUon School, as it lOameron. uf New Wr^tmlnster- The 
la railed. Ifi under the direction of mldveek .tenices will tie COOdUCtad 
Mrs M C Wllkiri/^n. BA, whoiby membera of the Choroh. 

m BUperliitendf nt of the junior de- | — ' 

partriietit, and who i.-. iir.M.Med by i unnr 'Ttx I n/C CUAimi 
Miss Ideie Lyla Deiin*Udt. on ex- »"vTF lU laTC dflUVfll 
penanced Junior teacher, and Miss [ AT THE FIRST BAPTIST 

will be given a fare- 
z meetinp Monday 

moua Pal^.•^Un^ ^rinun, wiLh slides. 




'>^V ; Baptist Sunday school 

Margaret Bondneld Ls 
ArrcsUnn Subjed^ Will Rr Preseated ""Pporto" of Dr. Orchard f*t Kuiks 
B» It<>vivjir-.i William I Weigh Houae, a OonsreKatmnal 

Churth with Catholic pnu:tlce& Mr 
A V. Alexander, the new Plrst Lonl 
of the Admiralty, is an old Baptist 
lay preacher and Mr wuilam 

Idale WUsbn. who made a splendid 
record for the college year Just 
cloeed. The primary little folka are 
cjured for by Miss Evelyn Jonte. aa- 
aiated by Miss Ada Mt an) Him 
Genevieve Knnpp 

Worship period,!, the making nt 
«crapt>ooks for the Klnns DiiURh-"i' HoApllal nicmtin7.allnn of 
Scripture, and the learmng of 
hymns make tha three boura of the 
forenoon fuUx>f Interest and aa the 
school Is open to all comers. It Is 

■•T. J* Rlraebaa Hmi Vital Sermoa 
Srtjeele g el u and Diiel 

day night there wtU be a roeeUm; P'- "^f?" th U mo rning 

I of the advisory board. 

Belief in Bible to Be 
UrgeA al Gorge and 
ErtMne Churches 

at 11 o'dooh. on "The Presence of 
Jesus." In the afternoon he will 
apeak 00 "The Battle of Arma- 
geddoa," and at night the atory of 
his conversion. 

Edith HO««dl. The aarvloe cam- 
expected that the quota of fifty wUI menoes at 11 o'clock and la>lmme- 

lie renched In a few days 


"The Jf5us" Wny of Living: ' will 
be the subject of the niomlnK .ser- 
mon at the First ttiiiri-M, 
which WlU deal with the charartcr 
of rdaUonshlps of life T)ie .snl.u .f 

at the morning service will be MUt 

Divine scrvifi.- wlJ] b«' conducted 
at the Road Presbyterian 
Chun!, li,. Oorne. ttKlay at 11 
o'clock, and at the Ersklne Pres- 
hyterlan Cftnirvta. corner of Lurlln* 
and Rarrtett Roads, at 7 o'cloofc. 
Rev. A- O. Thom.ion. the minister, 
will preach at both services, his 
subject belHK Why I Delleve in the 
Bible ' i'hf usual wwknlght .serv- 
ice wtli t>-- held at the Oorge on 
TuffRdft;.' t-veninit and at ftaklnc 
Chiin'h on VVmrr-ttay. 




O. C. P. Prtagle Will Praaeb 
IwlMalag Benaena la 
Maw Paslacate 

(oUowed by the church 

Rev. B. B. Hart will preach at the 
10:S0 an4 7 o'clock services at St 
Paul's OarrtMo Church, Bsqulmalt 
The regular ■ o'ckKk Boly Uccn- 
munlon service Is omitted today. 

First CliBKlltfariit,ScieatBt 

r%aatk«Tf aae Panjara - 

T'-.ix Churrh ii a Braoah nr tM 
MirthBr Chunh. Tti* flrat obaren et 
Obnsi, aeiSBUM. la aaaoti. 

BawoAT aaanu aa; u am. aad T;Ba 
rw mtMM. "lAoaAitairT- 

Simda* SrhMl. • 4$ aaS II A U 

Tfiumoniftl HMtina WadMMlar >> 
I P u 

*f»<liBi- B awB and L»adUw Ubran 

fit aarwud aiuieiM 
an Ara wstosM 



"Pinding Ood" will be the theme 
of the evening ad drees, Mr. James 

l^insmore and Mr. Stanley BOoey- 
• tnirch win .Mng a duet. Hw tta- 
ning .vrvlce !.■! at 7 .10 o'clock Rev . 
J. Straehan will prearli morning ' Dow." 
and evening The m)tl*eek meeting explain 
of the church will be held on 
Wednewtay evening at 8 o'clock. 


Dotighis Street Topic 

Dr. A F Barton will occupy the 
platform of the rroere.v^n e Thiusrht 
Temple thl.'^ evening, at 7 3f) o riork. 
when he aill itpeak on "The Ever 
In which lecture he 
the New Thought 
philosophy aa applied to Individual 

Rev. ctooiva O. P. Prlngle. B .\ 
win begin his ministry today at 
Oeiitennlal United Churrh and wUl 
pre;ich at momlng and evening 
.lervlrea The momlng subject will 
be "tmfjQMlble Bread." and the 
evening. "BuUdtng tlw Tampla." 
There will be a duet In the morn- 
ing by Messrs p Tupman and J. 
Almard. and in the evening the 
sotolat will be Mlat Florenoe Noel. 

Query Concerning 
GotViK Care Set for 
Knox PreMbyterian 

Rev T Ifa>Ten Davles. M A. will 

thinking and the effects of those servire.. today at Knox 

thoughts. There is no momlng ^*f>ierian ctrir^h r-nmei' of 
service, as Ihne have been diacan> 

tinned for the Summer months. On 
, I, , r*' . Wedneiwlay evening, at R o'clock. Dr. 

f« lieaempttve Tatik Banon wUI give another health Irc- 
- -- — Hire nn "Fact* About Pondf " Mr. 

Creorge Read, concert pianist, will 
play prior to the kscturv. 

Srrvirrs will Iv rtirwluetod today 
•It ifii- l'>.,^;i,i. .';(.reei Buptict 
(Jhurcli. rtt II iiclork and in the 
evening at 7.30. Rev. P. W. MeSm- 
noo. the pastor, will take for his 
subject at the morning service "The 
Redemptive Task of the church.' 
and the ^jermon fur the children 
will l>e "AnReLs and the lAdder." 
At the eveiiInK wrvlce Rev, Mr. 
MrKlnnnn will preach on 'A Con- 
feaalon of .Sin ' .Sunday .-iriiool at 
3 ociock On I'letiiftv fveninir- al 
the WlUovji, fhe n V P.U. young 
people will hold a weekly meeting. 


Mra. Kvalyn Dvis WiU Leetar* 1^ 
night on "Magnetic Poe«« ef 
Mellier Earth" 

Gladsto n e and s m i ! f , a ven ue« 
*T7ie Logic of Part; .innn Ix. »» 
Will be the theme uf ih-- wnrmn at 
II o'clock. The aubjcri of Uie eve- 
ning's address at 7 30 will be "Does 
God Care?" <I Peter, v. 7>. The 
Sunday school will meet as usual at 
9:46 o'dook. 

The topic for the mnminR service 



"me Beacon HUl Park open 
goq»el meeting is being held ever^ 

SL Andrew's Mlnljrter to 0>«* a 
Bennon About SermMie Before 
Leaving for VaeaUea 

71ie mlnl<(teT of .St Andrew's Pres- 
tntcrMii Church, Douglss Street, 
Itev MPS Luttrell. U A , will <«*- 
cupy ht.s pulpit toda> mnrtiinj; ai^d 
evening, for llie laal iime before hw 
vacation In the morning Mr Lut- 
trell wUl preach a sermon jibout 
sermons under the uiir The 
Validity of Preaching." and in tiie 
evening the subject will be "THe 
VIndlcaUon of Wisdom." based on 
Luke VU. as. "Wlsdotn Is Justified of 
all her ^Udren." which wa,i the re- 
mark made by the when re- 
lemng tx> the crltlclam^ of the 
preaching methods of John 
BapMK and of Btmaalf . 


llti!ks Is Sol(JI-<t 

For one day only the opportunity 
WlU be given the citizens of Vic- 
toria to bear the Walsh evangelist. 
Rev. R Bnrys WUUanu, who wUl 

be the special preacher at the Cen- 
tral Baptiat Church, holding actv- 

Ices In the A.O.F. HaU on Cormor- 
ant Street. In the momlng the 

evangelist will speak on the subject j President oC the counni who wa^ 
"Elijah's Ood and Ood'a Elijah." chairman of the Hoiuc or Laity in 
and In the evening tbe special (opto tbe Church Assembly. Mr. JusUre 
will be "^e Church o{ tba lAatfsankey. who greatly assisted the 
n.iv All are urged to hear this disestablished Welsh Oburvb U>- 
W' i h rf .ivallst preach on these ward financial prospsrl^. and Mr 
two greai- ttaemes. WUllam Hick , Oeorge Lansbury, who would prab- 

■ »bly, aays the Chrtstlaa World, call 
hlm-wir ikn Anglo-CathoIlc. 

ih'-i>- urr (Ive nilnUter.i of x\\r 
Oospel in tiic new House. The t^e^l 

known of Ihew is Rev Jame* Barr 
the leader of (he muioniy in the 
United Free Churcli of Scotland, 
which declines i« enter into union. 
Who was rr-elected for Motherwell 
In the Labor mtcre.<'t. ArcM'dlng (o 
British law no clergyman of the 
Chorch of E ngland or priest of the 
Roman Cattioile Church may be a 
member of the House of Conunons. 
On this side of the Atlantic Pm- 
and Mias bvt-rians are prominent In the varl- 
i Maunrh oua gru prnir,i£ bodies. Eight of them 
are meniberr. of President Hoover's 
Cahlne' the President himself be- 
ing an attendoni upon the Prlends' 
I Quakers • m^uiR in Wash- 
ington At Ottawa Hmi W t, King 
la an active Presbvt r:,,!! while 
I Bon. R. B. BenneU i.i equally en- 

Adanuon. Secretary for Scotland, „ 

U also a Baptist. whUe Mr WUllam ! ccretlc in tbe OattM dbUKto^or 
Graham. Captam Wedgwood Bejin. I Oensda. « 
the Secretary for India, and l-ord ' 

Arnold are CongregaUonali^^iA 

Of the Cabinet Mlnialers who be- 
long to tiie Church of England 
there are Lord I'nrtnoor. the Lord 

will bring the gaqiel in song. 


A Chicago minister, who has been 

invr.MlgaUng the uae of hymns In 
the United BUiea. finds that the 
three mot generally u.vd are "How 
Firm a PVmndafiiin ' (:ome. Thou. 
Almighty KUig, mid ' Holy, Holv. 
Hilly, Utrd Cltxl Almlirhly ' Com- 
paratlVfly few hyiiin.s of any 
adopted bymnary are actually used 
T&a mUBlnl quality of the turns 
was found to be good, ga per cant 
of them, according to tba report 
received Trom 2.000 paatova. bavlag 
It musical rating in the ttppar 
twelfth of the aoale. 


Rev, J. 0. Garden 

To Speak at f 'ietoria 
West Unite d Church 

Rev. John H. Garden. B.A.. B.D.. 
pastor of Scarboro United Church. 

OalRttrr will conduct services 1> 
In v:cuma West United Church, In 
ih<- morning at 11 o'clock and in 
Uie evening »t 7 30 llie Sunday of July 
■u hool will meet at 13.15. ' 

-The PiotastanthBn ot Jesus" will 
provide a thnely and tnteresUng 
topic at James Bay Untied Church 
al the mondng service today. A 
hearty Invitation is extended to all 
Who are Interested In this matter. 
A combined choir will have charge 
of the muslo and the sarvloe wUi be 
kept wlthm the hour. The minister 
will be m charge of both aervireK. 
A ballot wUl be taken at both serv- 
ices a« ir> the wlah of the eongrega- 
ti'in for the dLscontlnuanoe of the' 
even ng service for the rfcnalnder ! 
and alio the montb of 


New Thought Temple 

S43 North Perk Street • 



T.M vjc- "Tmi ttunw aiid mm wumwrto voaam- 

Wideeadart l FH- -Jor and H*ppln*M **rw Mrallh. Str^ncth aad Vltatttr" 
<A atudv ol ihr OwellaM OiaDd*. via uw evlMn) 

Burgess Bedtime Stone's 

Bob White's Little Joke 


One must at limes his hotne defend 
Prom even one who is a friend. 

—Bob White 

Dr. A. F. Barton 


Progressrre Tknight Temple 

rillTiT Nr» rti 

•SI ruiSara 4 

na Marnins mrvta* Oerinc Allr jtmt Amsm 

r.n rii.--na am orar door- 

tr. I NL^-ma»m Latmma on 
"Mcia aacKrr monr- 

rramli otttrtof 

at the New Thought Temple, Ma'Bimday afternoon, commencing at 

3 JO o'clock, near the Klwanls wad- 
tng pooL Great interest la being 
shown 1 nthese meettnga. Rcpre- 

North Park Street, will be "Thou 
WUt Show Me the Path. * or "Hie 
Hand of Oof\ Tlie evening subject 

Will deal with the inngntuc forces ^ontatives fnxn many of U» elty 
of mother earth. What are the nner churches wilt f ake part Today sev- 
foroes of the aartbf Bpaaltsr. Eva- 'eral lorat clerirvmrn ure e-cprrifd u-> 
lyn Davlfl 'be prvflent. Mymn tmolu are pro- 

On We<in<'vdav rvrmnR Mr> vided and frlonds afe aikgd kO Join 
I^vla «1U tontmue th'.- coiir-^e of tn the ainglng 
lectures on *Trbe Ductle■v.^ (iinmi'. 
Hicae talks are baaed upon tne 
laftaM scientific tlndlnga and ate of 
vttal Interest to aU. 


Raw. S. Brorya WUUams. at ' 

Central Baptist 

wa mash Oam OMMIal. Okevasg aad OMUw 
•mmmUM^. tM. OMuraM BwwI. rMMi J, ■. mmwwm 

aoMDar aoBooL awd niviij< n.Aaa AT S:a AM. wmcma 

"Elijah's God and God's EMjah" 

n (M«rKi. «rn«trv at : wi 

The Church of The Last Days" 

«M lais WM asftaaiM a« Ttas TWe onmt timbm 

wuaasi aaa w«l mtm ito oevsi m m 

nt« AnnaaJ niMnvh aaS OwsOsr Bth^t t-T 

>n ft- R»>A lo klMut DMWlai 

' lun a«t«^ Paae i pm 

Re'r»»h<n»n»» Wt*ri%t>AT Cmm 


The following serviceji will br 
.'teM at St Mark's Church. Boleskin 
Road. Cloverdale, today : Holy Oora- 
munion at 8 o'clock. MaUns and 
sermon at II, snd Svcnoang a| 7 
o'clock. Rev. o. L, JuB. vloar of the 
panah win take for hin momlng 
"ibie-r Kno«-n by Nsme, ' and m 
Ihr evening will preach on 'Ciller 
of Bedifif. The vicar stair* that 
the serv tc ca will tie considerably 
sh n r iw i d durfcac tta liniDiii 

Grace Lutheran to 
Hmve All Servicea 
During the Summer 

It has been decided bv orace 
Lutheran Churrh to continue all 
servicea dorbig the Summer Serv> 
ices will, therefore be held today 
ai tbe oaual boura of 11 aad 7jb{ 
o'eloek and Bonday S^kkH at 10 
o'tiock. M tt»a 11 o^ckKh service 
tba pMfear, Bev. Tbeo a. Jansca. 
win speak on the niblect. "Tta* 
Csrelraanea/' of Ood. " A lolo WlU 
be rendered by Mr .1 .J Mathewm. 
The evening dufTrage^ ^.'e being 
uaed at the 7 30 ociock aervloc. 
The • 'his evrnlnB will be 
A t^ndiuonai Gift." 

Urged Obedience to 
Temporal Authority 

U Peter Rabbit didnt know 
eutrtly where Bob White waa, Bob 
Whit/ kn.-w exactly where peter 
Rabb.' : ong before Pater draw 
Air near : nc t>iM*-« where Bob Wk* tcU- 
ing aU the gnat world at hla bap- 
pijicas. Bob saw him. 

"He's looking for me." chuckled 
Bob. "He's come straight from the 
OM Briar-patch He he.ird me 
WtUstllng and he ci'tiMii - r^tay at 
home after that I know just what 
hr thought He thought he could 
Lome Btraight i--. me by folJoeing 
Uie Mund or II,.' -A I,: tie Well, 111 
have lo play a U;ue julic 'm Ptttr. 
Ill have to teach him a lesson." 

NOW. at this tune. Bob waa not 
lilting on Ihe feme post He was on 
A lower rati of the fence It w<u 

SPEAKING M the v".ire 'if 
'hanlticivlne fr.r the 
K 1 riE ■ rernvery » hirh » aa 
held laat Sundny evninc In 
at. Andrews Calhedml. Hev 
C. E- EVan^ urged upon men;- 
bers of the parish the duty of 
obedience to temporal au- 

"Let us." the speaker aald, 

-while wishing long life to our 
noble Christian Kliv. promise 
■herrfiil. ummidplrw obedience 
to hlfl rinveriiiri'Tii That 
Oovemmcnt, rrpn-j.ente^ in 
Canada by the CKnrmor- 
General- In-Counc 11 and in 
oor I*rwince by the Lieu- 
tenant - Oove*Tior-ln Council 
Let Hr. vUUngly obey lodges 
atKl magistrates and the 
poUee. who apply the Unt 
laws enacted tor us under 
supreme ofVdorMUp of our 
Bknperor-Klag, 11mI obe- 
dience u ottedlanoa to Ood 
Himself, who has til nam J us 
With the good fortvne of a be- 
ai^ Government At our 
particular judgment imme- 
diately after death *e win al] 
have to answ wr to Ood for the 
wny M HfeMk we have given 
loyal tbadtawe to the !<>m- 

poral authority dtvinT, r 
tabtlahed lor the good '>f us 



Aauauni Wnuter: 

- nrii Prekirrtenaa Cbttroai 

ut Aon^ sracgT Attn aausoaaL aoAB 

Mi&iaUt Hrt. W O. WUSSb. KJL. DD, 

as* ariM a. or*, vnemiar w o Fr(. 

BomuT vavTcaa acv j aianfOMD oaaio, op VAHOoovm will 
ragAcn AT BOTH ifomnwo Am avamao aaav«j» 

Aaalatvd br Rc« BruM fj Orar -ll aad IM 

soMDAv BcmooC 

0iS AM Ini-rniMllaln ana e* it AU aaalnnrr*. PrlmariM tad Juniet. 

Uamint Aathmr. B'urt <-i,ii Thr Uahv •Of»ino^> 
KtriiU.t fr-t'-n Mp Vmif n-»d« •AUwood'. BnlMal. Mr*. T. 

M. ; Oil lAUitaetii uiaa B»lh 

Bob began to whbitte sefUy» —- t-i< 
of lowd. aa he had beea wUaUlag. 


Special Evangelistic Services 


Oougld^ ;tii'l K>liri>.>n . r:i •rt^ 

J.\ AN(.KIJS J JC PARTV From Vsncoiivcr Knurftqaare Light- 
bauae-^nfflng, Ptaying. preadimg 

Begioning July 14-24. Sunday 7:J0 IVM- Every Ni^ht H P M 

from this that he could see Peter. • without rr^lly knowhig It, he waa a 
Peter wsAnt looking so low down, i lit tie bit angry 

He waj\ looking at Uie pmt* and the Bob While h"a.-d Lhal thump and 
top rails Prwicntly Bob allpped he iric .vfi what ii meant He 
down lo the ground Peter wa« ; churliieii more ihan ever Yes. sir. 
quite near now. Bob bi«aji he tliurltied mt/n- than ever He 
whistle softly Instead of loud aji he aouat)«>d right down where he was 
had been whistling He wbUtM the] end once more whistled. All at once 
;ame notM "Bob — Bob White! I Peter turned and came slJalght ko- 

wand Bob. Bob dldn t whutlc agam 
Just then. Along came Peter. Up- 
pmy-Upperty-lip. looking this way 
ar>d looking that way eagerly It 
kx*ert for a minute as if he might 
«tep right, on Bob White. He dltln \ 
but. he pas«ed very.claae to him Hi 
paaaed. baeausa h^ didn't »ee Boi, 

Bob^-Bob White' - but to Peter 
they sounded ax ir they were com- 
ing from a farther duAance than 
;hey were 8o- prewnti) P't«r n-nt 
right past Bob WhUe without aeelng 
him Bob chuckled eoftly and watted 
untU Peter waa sane dkrtanoe off 
before ha whlatlad again. Of eourae. 

Potv knew at onea tbal he bad I at an. alUHmgh be looked ngbt ai 
gone past. B* came hurrying ba*.|hlm- \ 
As before. Bob White wtlMlM * tftly I Bow Bob did ehUCklt Instdr' He 

and. as before, it seemed to Peter ' wax having a lot of fun at Peter's 
to oome frmn a greats dtstjjice ^x{>enise Re knew Just why Peter 
than wa^ really the caee. So onoe I hadn't se«>n htm He had fattened 
more P^t^r ran pa.<tt and onoa moia hlmarV down and had aprt^ad hiji 
Bob WluU chuckled < BaUi ars in r.nrh a -i-av that he 

Pr m snU y Fitar bsvao to loil pa- lacked to » ivtr i.r 

Henoe. He SUgpactad that iWgg '*Wg» l** HOji 1 Io* H ake a naiML^-nie 

thing want «ldfee rl^AL Be didn't ph>mp quau t»t an. It raaDy was 
Bugpeet that Bflb While waa havkag not surprising that PMcr had not 
run at his ntpenee. but he did think tiim 

there was someChlnv peculiar aboul B<^'> w^itefi 'iotiJ p^vm- T.-a« begin, 
that whittle When he Uatened to nlng to wander aboul aimloasly 
It from 'he dear Briar-patch it iome dl5tan<!te away Then one* 
liad aeeme^ to r,-^*. r-r^Ti tiv aame t nwre he began to whistle "Bob— 
pls<c# aiway» N ■ -iUdfj t ujU Bob Whlte> Bab Bob White'" Thw 

where it did n>n>' r'^T >:<nua u be |Ume Pe<*r ent stUl for a long time 
that Bob White «-aa running aroimd Uatening He was kyMlt ^ make 
on the ground? Peter thumped the] certain Just alMre d»t whistle 
graand with his kaig hmdtaat— a aame frvm. 
way be has of dolag wlien ha la fGapyMglU, UBi, T W 

angry er impatient nr wants tA „ 

attnal aome<ire ait\ ti now be- J The 
mm ha waa tm paa rol , Partapai 

neat glay; -Bob Wbtte 


The Goipel Tabernacle 

TalM SlTMt. OelM " I - 1 ni i^mt 
a** OaoM Walker, PaaUr 

tvNMT. ammAr, jtn>T is 

masHW llMWa af Blbta *inifff»Me 


tl AM 

'evwa ptsmiaw 

et Uw XM#f YMs 


rit^-mnjmfr: '^na pattm op aaKAoaDDoa 

WOaui WAB" 

aroar or on HOLant n av,w. 
araaoooo* to tmb 

aw la. • 
"Vaiamaa m Paoa aau t aao 
A LMMa Mi* mtmm tji 

TWB nNiiao oaa*T 


TIM aa* D WaA.r ud Um Tabnwaalt tmtmtti «Wt 10 tmvnm W tt* 
that u) all tfmt Uft ha*« taey amv u Jmm m UrarMaaiv rWS 

viae UUi hm (ft* InMrMMAi it, (tM - 

» Mar mi* mam \hrii..r^ .i-ua mi n»rt 

aae caa «w«m ut» wi'r.r.i 

a» ta Wal wa aa I wi^iiu m 

-I^f It ru) 

Reminiscences of Earliest Days of 
Land Cultivation on island 

HMrtj ftD Uw import«nt sdeiitiflc 
AnttOf Um OA whim havr anrelrd 
thf economic hie of tti» last half 
crntun in kU 'ht- ■ ivili/.cd '^tuntiirt> 
at ihr world tMivt evolved during 
the iMt :-cvpiiiy-fiVf y^Mn. 

Bteftm fiower v%m aooMWlutt 
nrlMr, but it ip pta n aow Uut eren 
thte mwntm fMler in •unoaiio 
pngCMi wtn be tflMiMUtf. It not 
cwnaptoMiy, fttooit aa. by ttw mb- 
•titatkm of the power ol "whit*" 

Consequently thr man who ha* 
Uv«I for sevenly-flvr yeara t'..\s >.ern 
ftbcNit mil the scteituAc developmentt 
— «Dd their lutwequeni aucceasful 
•dliptmtion— that concern the prei- 
cut g ifiifn Hoii. 

1^ hftW Uvad to AiCh ui m: to 
h»«« wltnaurrt the trmnamiUtlon 
dT tbe MMDtlAl foroM e€ Ntttm 
into the vltAl nec«Mlilu ol human 
life; to hAve actually olwerved what 
•U<ih< prevloiu centunea of human 
hlBtorr appiTtntly, wrre wnlling for, 
l» fo havr lived m ihe moal marvel- 
iiii . [>' rK'i] ol h'lfiiitn progrcaa. 

Ea(h iiitie comer lo the unlvarw 
which haa betn mbjected to the 
inHuence at thla KtenUQc provreM 
hai B Svw lamentably few— vho 
have und thrmifh the Whole p»- 
tUA: Indlvldnalfi who have aeen— 
MBd iefl*eted upnn the prncrtis of 
trVBtt. Bome of thene indtvMtialB 
hsva not been bo much disturbed by 
UMm olbets. It ii not within the 

prmlei of thin article to tell the 
whole atory ot iu)^v hninan hiatorr 
ha.s been rhanKc<l ft.ithcr it U such 
ljurpt'.-vc ['> till r.'iK LhLt has 

haptM>ned without aerlouslv disturb- 
Uifi rural and iioAtoral U/e 

The early hiatory of afrtculltirai 
prognee i|i Vrttleb OobimUa la not 
vecy InUMlnc, for txtt aunple rea 
son that Brltlah CMumMa la not an 
agrlcultunl countfT- "nie reaourct« 
of thla Provtnoe consist not in her 
vast ancrea of land, teeming with ag- 
ricultural pnnslbUiUee, but lo other 
NktMrni wr-alLh not opHunott to many 
oiiiFf rountriea. 

The limber wealth of the cwuntry 
ui known throughout the whole 
world. Nearly evcfy square mile of 
avallabte mourev In that retard u 
aa wall known to people inlercated as 
the area of the entire Province. Tbe 
Partnc North wcst^whlch ts under- 
sux'd by timber men t-o inran iint- 
ith ( iihimbia- -Ui regarded by Ihem 
AA ■'■.f 111.-.' "lund ' of timber re- 
■ourcea on the continent. It Is a 
fact ttuu It to undentOQd t» to 
iMt atuid flf Umbn mouoM in tUft 

lltat fMt alona 1« of IHo iDoat 
trenuMtoui dBBlflcaooe. 

Nobody knowB the extent or value 
of the mineral wealth n( thr Prov- 
Incp Tliflf probfthh' will not be 
dl.vovrrcd fiT many Kcncratlons 

Willi'' ' fUhcrlc^ mufit be re- 
garded as a declining factor—in 

p<*e of awy effort to iyea»Te thu^ 

K-rxiree tn lu naUve vahie—tht^N 

■t fl lifltRln a value Tclativ*- to Ihc 
JL rt-inui(.-; ,iti 1 1- 'o t- . '-t \ t)ini> 
*A 'hf Atistn* i! ri.-!i/T!<- If nmin 
■iftrr cenliirif- - • . .ii 

Yel. tlicrr w«. d \,ii,r winn imur 
of tiMM rMOUrc&a prrsrntcd ah ai- 

tracttvo appearance, ur were regard 
ed by am as thlno |o whteti Im 
portaaea aOgbt. or tt^M. be at 

tached The men to whom such at 
tractions did not appear were th<* 

r>r: tiers r.r :t-..- Pi .>. iiK-- 
I itf> «f rr iho«p to Whom *hn trtiirili 
i)iu*^i,,|ih r.f -lu- «r',r;( rrferfi 

oth- ur tji, t. ,>..,ii.-, > - whose life 
ha* been a sifuduv llowlng strfaxn 
almofti entirely wj'Ji.i^j: rxcilcmcnt 
yet abounding in ronr^nt all ihirii:*. 
work together for good u Mr John 
Stewart, of Helmcken Road Never 
fatbor aw«y fram Victoria than ae- 
atUa or Vaaoawrcr. and with but 
few ilnu to ttmm dtkm, Mr. Stew- 
art baa Uved ta tht vtelolty of the 
capital fUnce hu arrival on June 12, 
lt63 lir lia? seen ali thai has hap- 
pened »nd vharrd lantply in the 
hiii[>^'ninK i!i aii(! around Victoria 
ai)d wiL'i aniiinit tfic linti f^) lay an 
axe ti> the loot of thr neea ai Crain- 
flower m i h<- fi'lifv" V aDroii vr 

Official f uvur^t 1-i**- 
Day We^ 

Vie Bacardi for fonr codcniU — a more healthful prodoct— 
and toteroationiilly famous for ia puriry, flavor and quality, 

BACARDI CCkJ:r iiL- In nckiatl >h^i*r u.ith plmty »f it». 
o<M m^U uY<w lUii •/ B M AUDI, kmit Um mmUr/ if fnf 

' mi^ itrmim smd irm. 

SeotiMO de Cuba and Hamoa i 

fruit ftitn 

^mokes tht 

of all 

most piqumii 

this advertisement is not publisheU or disputed by the Liquor 
CoDtrol Board or by the Govcnuneiit of ^rhUh Colnmbik. 


Airtftnt wMb his faOMr and 

niother ob the schooner Norman 
Morrison oa tbe date atK>v' n.ijnf<i 
he narrowly eacaped betn^ the nrAt 
white male child to be born in tlie 
RudM^n's Bav Company fort The 
lat if'[ Ol' " !Ji. : .■ (j ti«-iorig^ lo Mr 
WlUia/n Irving, although a younger 
brothsr of John Stewart tDanleli al- 
roost contested the heritage with 
Mr. imnt. Oealel Stewart, who 
pessed away a few nontbs aco. uSsd 
to have a standing )6st that he 
reeUy was the Orat while male ctuld 
bom In tbe fort, the answer u> th'- 
rlddle being that hu own complex 
ton WU fair while that of Irving 

wu dark. 

Shortly after hu arrival the elder 
Stca-art acquired part of the Helm- 
cken estate in a ecmer of the bay 
that stAfKl* ai ttie very heed of 
quLmaii Haxtar. end freoi ^mt the 
lad John, tbeo two er tbrec sroen 
old. lap e i l ean e d eknoot aO tbe vlele- 
situdes of pfcaeer life. Re aew the 
first raret school oo Veli oo u f ei ' Is- 
land erected in ltS& and at that ca- 
Ubltshmcnt bcean hts scholastic 
career. His first teacher was Clark 
and the second Claypoie singu- 
larly he remember! these names, 
bu I ts d ou bi f I] 1 a bt >u I one or two 
others. At that time the education 
of a youth WBS aasuddered oomplet- 
ed when he reecbed the afe oC four- 
teen, end It proved so lo Ills case, 
for at fourtetn be was taken out ol 
school eod set to work en his 
fet&er% ferto. 

It was durtnt this period that he 
wltneseed— and. after school hours, 
participated In — the early cleartng 
operations covcrlnc what la now the 
Cralgfiow-er locality. Theee were 
can-led on by Kenneth McKenale 
for the Hudson s Bay Company, who 
came out under contract to super- 
Ties the eperaUons ot the Pucet 
60U04 Agiieultuiml fioelety Mc 
Keosle later eequUed a aheiep fann 
et Lake RUt, and lood to ride back 
and forth from Oralcflower to hia 
new home on horaebeek with the 
old-faahtoned saddle beia then fa- 
miliar to people from older coun- 
tries. SlmulLaneoualy with these 
developments JBdwaid Laogf ord was 


.Pi .^ (■ 

and w . 

Met- h.. 

.•■'iImI'... '1 


For upstair rooms 
this ne>v-t>|i€ llooring 



T^HK oU-faahioned self-wood flooring in bed- 
• rooms of Colonial days was indetd beeutiful. 
But it lacked the smooth torface and absolutely 
tight joints wrhich the modem home owner de- 

The introdiKtion by Lemon. Gonnaaoiv of :^iiper 
fine fir floorioK now gives the soft, mellow bciiuty 
ol fir floorinf with gUsa-likc sur^e and hair lirke 
joints which make floors sanitary, easy to keep 
ctMn, of aman modem appearance. 
Snpvfine Fir Floortng ia mado from tb« fiaaat 
grade flr . . . a ntw^loilMi bovri toi^ve . . . 
a mug fit et the tooeh of a fingOr. WouW 70a Kkt 
to see samples? Phone 76. 

Price $60.00 par M. ^ 3% tu, taoa S% diaceimt 
at oui mlllL * 

<:irTii!ar operations at 
L(:i! Miii-Rule.; at Macau 
i") . Wi-lr McUregor 
'.tri'. alMi .selUed at 
'<!jl1 ;_HjiiKe and begun 
i-arth III theAC Itx-alU Uu-. 
went in to clear land m 
those days in order to grow some- 
thloc po which to live. It was the 
only way to earn money and make 
a living known (o these first set- 

tlerfc." Mr. EU-warl rrmmrkcii as he 
recalled the namea of theee pioneers. 

FtK.iNNrNGs OF caAion^owcR 

ijttle Craigflower settlement 
next to Vlct^irta itMlf. the btul- 
est locality on the Lnland. Under 
tlie energetic maniLtcenieni of Mc- 
Kenzle, a small ?aw null waA erected 
of^OBlte where the old Cralaflower 
Behool was localed. Tbe power used 
was steam, and thouffb the capacity 
of the mill was limited when com- 
pared with similar Industries today, 
for a time It met tbe fequlrementa 
et the HiiiiiiiiiMiHj. 

Shortly after this mterprise a 
gnst mill was added, and tbe manu- 
facture of oatmeal, wheateb flour, 
and pearl bsrley produced for local 
needs. Aa little a-heat was grown 
In the Ltland. importaUoo was made 
from Washington and Oregon. A 
huge bake oven was erected .shortly 
after these devek>pmenls. and ss an 
accessory great quantities of bread 
were supplied to the Navy and to 
the citixens of Victoria. 

A carpenter shop was (otmded. the 
first on tbe Island, and work of 
home boUdtav and jeiaering was 
carried on by Duncan Udgett and 
Andrew Hume. It waa sneeestful from 
the start and Ks bustmes grew to 
eeodderable propottiocu. 

Hie re<]ulrements of the irrow;ng 
community .soon dniiandet] minther 
saw mill, and thu was buill by Wil- 
liam Sklnnrr at Coft5lancc Cove 
He wax al.'o of the EngUfh group 
and his mill flourtshed for yesl^ 
Subeequenriy tho Hudaon s Ba^- 
Company f rr, ;rLj another saw mill 
at Millstrcaut. which also proqiered 
In lis day. ea ibe demand tor sawn 
timbers and lumber was incresjlzig 
faiddly bscaoie a< tHe growth of 

Tbe flrst Une was made from 
clam Aetl^ end Mr. Stewart recaUs 
tbe ttnie. early In his life, when hun- 
dreds of Indians and othen might 
tie seen along the shores of Con- 
stance Cove and BM)ulmalt Hartwr 
digging the deftmrt and decaying 
shells to supply the kila'^ of the 
company It good Un)e of ltj> 

kind A few yrars later a kiln 1.0 
bum hnirf.u)nc wax comtnicted 
near the Mie ol the present linie 
()uames and it, or lU subsequent 
eueoeaiors Has canled go business 
Stfnlly ever itnee. 


When Btewart eighteen yeexs 
old be left htt father.<( farm, wsnt 
to Buroslde Road, rented a fann 
for talinseir and went into busbieei 
00 bis own. As QownmBot feindi 
ini« oMainaMe at that tUne for a 
Bssre matter of formalities, few tA 
thp»e and little cost, he .-tnw an 
opportunity to better his condition 
bv 'aking up a large e5tatp in HiKh- 
land fimtrlcl at Pike Lake Herr for 
forty-two years he carried on the 
buslneaa of ralMng catUe and hheep 
dairying. inronaequentlal grain 
(trowing, pirnty of hay making and 
supplying the Navy with butler, 
eggs and milk. 

Ilie movements ot Her Maj a s tj 's 
warships la those days was fltfuL 
When there were several In tbe bar- 
bar at Mquknatt tbe dally mUk eup- 
piy would amount to ten or twtlve 
gallons. Often it fell almost to laro. 

During thla period game was so 
plenttful on the Taland that U be- 
came a commonplace nuisance. TT>e 

naval officer.': were keen on hunting 
and .'■hof.iilnvT and every week-end 
saw ^pvrn; of th'-.'^r «. rcpting Stew- 
art's n.->-i.r.i.i':. ar.ii •■i.Mi'mg over 
his prr .ervcs a.<( wril an acroas adja- 
eont country. OeoM laws were un- 
known, but there was a certain 
aBonntttt rsspeet peld to aaeeoAehie 
ooo^I U bos of game. 

Master Cr«ltsm« t» 


2324Gov«mmofit St 

tely road making began about 
XMl lb est Mm Stewart's place 
mto town one onissed Craigflower. 
down Wateields Road, across 
Swan Lake onto Biirn<iide Road 
Tbls was tedloa*. tra^rllng There 
was then the Orsi cab owner known 
on the Island, named John Ruaset 
and Htlil familiarly remembered by 
mar-.y as 'lA^" JObn. ItuSMl agl- 
Laied for a direct road froeck what Is 
now tbe Island ngbway stralgbt 
tfarougb to Bomslde. Bo persistent 
waenaatltatloo that three Mg land 
owners. Dr. Helmoken. TTinmas 
Plewtn and himself, donated a right- 
ot-way. and Heinicken Road beeame 
OOF of I he r^ni Important thorough- 
farn^ 111 the '"omitrr 

lite present Gorge Road was 
brought Into existence forty-flre 
years ago A oontractor named 
William Bnldcr graded n. and put it 
through from Oorfe Bridge to Doug- 
lu Slmt- 

Atelral's Reed fram tbe Naval 
aoapi'ai n<^w the barracks, as far 
aa Cnnifncwrr Bridge was buUt la 
ISSB Rt - means reasonably 

comfortahl' * ran^ixtrtatlon was prcK 
vlded anri rlWtance* cfm.^lrteraMy 
li^OrtTiM Hull-irkjv « rrr 'ised tO dO 
all the pkHiKhinc and tfic hoary 
cartage but quick tnpn tn and from 
were made on h«]r»eback. 

Tbe artgmal Oralgfleww Mge 
wm bu m Sn trostlsa. and tboocb B 
proved of good servlee. was too un- 
subetanOal to be «lisf art nr\' vwm 
had to be subeOtuted for tmties 
The fVnit pile driver had a w<md«a 

maUtt er sMgib and tbs work of, 

drtvuic. efoa ia tto son SMI e( 
loeaBty. wee Akw and Isbenaos. 

Thus, skiiMy but bik-' r^.*-fii]iv. 
built op that setUeo). ; .,n>: civius- 
aUon now ao fuUy at'preciated tn 
these oonaunMles. It i.s rcfre&tung 
to listsn to John Stewart, neuted 
,uirtiy In his armchair, turning ttie 
'>aUs of his S3res backward in bu 
head ae If to seen far dutaot n»m- 
ortss. nwi s sWei s H y dosing his eyqp 
entirely as If to pursue an elusive 
thought, ptcturing, in kmleUWiscopic 
i^olorli)* the eveou of ble past life 

no mrrowABD event 

He was married at thirty-five to 
Margaret MBRay, who predeoeased 
htm niaa yeaib ego^ No serious ae- 
cttMtt baa evsr psoaUaad tbe rcgu- 
ler sa4 ordsHy oamnt ef events m 
htoWa Ma aoiloiii Utaum hss ever 

dyttufbed Its eate*lrsMa ■ 
on a part of tbe paternal borne- 
Blead. his sister keeptBg bis beuie. 
Rheumatism, apparently tnevl table 

at his adi'anred age. ht-s oitlv 
banc He awaits calni.v ■M^.i. 
auuimona. and while bciirMi:.. m\a- 
thi« l.^ the beet of all p-k-jsii-c *■ 
Iui5 no fear of hu chA[t"-it ti> '.he 

spiritual Idea* 

Rail. XH Pert 
ssmlN at treloek. 

1 If If 

Hr V 

VIM ■• ,1 ; I 

N.--".;,-. M'- „, ., . 

iit'i and nri'"" t a.- iweri M"»r:'. h'' 
cam e .S ucl J 1 1 i e s « rr w U i> and 
such cHtsenshlp worahlpful. It is 
sttch steady -going people who oan- 
stttute the foundations of our pre»- 
flot aMnnsho antf toidus- 

trlalpMgnm. MfbreiAfle 
few of as would W bere. 

I 'scina." i'^i'.." . .ewa of how we 

.iiay coauuunuat>? with the spirit 


W umtmt iMi NW IN MMmputV 

*^Lher Vaughan, when In an 
Amcncun hKlrd^^A.^lng «a1i> »ii a w--' 
womod by assist ante to pur>: mum- a 
preparation that would restore th'- 
balr. Father Vaughan dlsoount«o 
all the usual tall stories but such 
was the InsUtenoe ai the men that 
he consented to look at a bottle. 
It will icrow hftint on a billiard ball.' 
said the ii.v^i-Moi.t, as he produced 
a florid boric from the cupboartT- 
A ver> KliLniit: ;ftbel arrou Ihr front 
bore the legend Ho|>e for the bald. 
Father Vaughan witvrO it u/ide with 
a saBlle. 'I have had hope all my 

m: b» mdi nt la tb* nair x 

*Bnt.'" ~ • 

.... and the cloth 
are so much cleaner. 


*T"LL never again give up a seventh of mv life to the 
X drudgery of chaperoning a home laundress!" Alice 
Gartley declared emphatfcally alter visiting Uuiiulcr« 
Und. "The modem Unndery geti our cloches to much 
cleaner— with lest wear and tear. And* do you know» 
it coats less moner* to let the Uondry do it." Our mod- 
em laandrr ii ready to lift wearying washday oat of 
your home,' and oat of your life— lorever. There is a 
iaiindrv service that exactly Q0CC8 your fraily aMd| 
and budget. Phone us now. 


•U Mertlk fcffc gmet 

407 Jeba Street Plume S3» 


Ml VIeiS gMI itii 



* * A 

Ever Go Yachting 

On An Alpine Lake? 

A BIG, smart power rruiarr take* you direct from Harrison 
^ Hot Springe Hotel on a voyage of roaanee on a calm 
intnlu gwagJsil omeraM lalic. You laxc In a dedit ehnlr 

lUlgvgnttailng awnlnga while t \t,\nn t.f Tore^t And mountain 
^Ip by. MoenUcfat escuraions, too, when mountain sky 
and water are woven Into a tagkaatry of oichanlment* 
There nre dkifTii nmH r-anoos itt witteli yoM May M^ilava BMBy 

a foreat-flhadeyl hm\. 

You*U enjoy every hour al HarriiMin Hot S|iringa Hold. 
Y«u Buy play gaU; icvale, rM«« iah, bike or scale mouatafai 
•MMttdfa . . . with alwaya tb« webowa nf «odcn ItiatMy 
aheu tho day*s ^ort la orer. 

Beet of all, yovH Hke ewlmmfnc in ihe Uff indrK>r hot 
springs pool, brimming with nelarr** heeith*glvfBff watata. 
Aad» of course. youH drink from femoua Pniaah and 
Ssdphur Aprings wbleh bubble from the IKing ror^. 
HarrieoB bi juat «g arilaa oeer annnla kigbway firm Wtb^r 

Harmon Uoi 

' H O T E i: TJ 

M»rt^H Ihk Springs BX. T. 

In the Radio World 


Organ Recital Heard Dur- 
ing Afternoon Qmcert — 
Hits From Comic Operas 
Played by Orctiestia 


AddMMdac hi* oatton-irtde rs41o 

wiwn»(r»tlon. Dr. n.'.uti w 8ock- 
nuui will be hrard ihrnugh th^ 
NBC coui-to-coaM syxteoi today 
from ia:M to 1:30 ftetfle Mudard 

In idtUUon to detlTvrlnf hli Ml- 

drcM, th* nnlntet New York, clarfy- 
man wUl uiavrr a group of iiuw- 
uona submitted by iLitcDen In all 

wriiorui of thf country 

The muslral portion of fhr a^rv- 
ice wilj bv prearnted by Hart Old- 
dUigB, organlcC. and thr Omuirlo 
Oborlitan aader ttie direction of 
George Ottworth. 

A twenty-minut*' ornan rrdtal. 
claadr archriit^iii mn-vic and (toe pel 
Jiymrui and sonjts b<- presented 
flurliiK the two-hour Sunrisy Bfter- 
noon coDcert procramrae to be 
broadcast thii afternoon between 
1:30 aDd 3:30 o'clock and from S-'OO 
to 4:00 a'dodk. 

Theodore Btroof. onranlst, wUl ha 
the Runt aoloist In the flrvt hour 
nf lUr cooevK. He hu hrmrtfaal 
II If. urd number of 6oo orpun re- 
ciuils wllhln R period of two years, 
usuiK more than 3,000 diflerent 
<x>nipoeitions. He makes hu initial 
appearaoca oa an NBC proffraoimt 
today. Berdre coming to the PaoUki 
Coaat lour yeara aito, Btrons waa 
oreanlst at Town Ball and AeoUan 
Hftil. New Ynrlu In fifteen years 
he hafi been organist aqd choir di- 
rector In rluirches ol almost rvrry 
denomtnBtlon. playlnx 3.000 church 
•BTViee and more than JOO recitals 
on twenty-flve diflerent makes of 
pipe oritans. 

For hla soloc Strons tuw chornn 
five numlwrs. Indudlnc the ramouji 
"Andante CantabUe" from Tchiki- 
kovsky R string quartette snd Rudy 
S<-tK»-rs 'California Lullaby." 

Charlea Hart wtU ronrlucl th*- Nii 
ilonal Ooncert Ciri-lirstra in 
favorite oompoHiiiotu ua Uorodui .-i 
dreamy and delicate "Serenade" 
and atmgl<8 "Dance of the Toui« 
Men" in the opcninR slxty-mlnate 
[leriod, and "The n.^. , ■ u c tmrmlnff 
Utile jo'.iv paint ink' by Francois 
fVhijl>rrt not relmcd to the (freat 
Frani Peter Schubert, and Miis5e- 
net's "Bacehtia Ballet" in the fi]..ii 
hour. A trio of VOCallsu. Barbara 
Blanebard. aoprano, and Maiwct 

g DM and Cva Oninlnsar Atklnaon, 
nirattdi. win stnibe goepel 
hymoB at tbSt time. 

Three numbers from Aimt^ tune- 
fol and popiiisr operetta. "The 
VafHLbcnd Kinif. " two movements 
from Ciried's tiest-known compoat- 
tlon. the "Pf^r Oynt Hiilte," and a 
hymn indicate the fliv. rsuy in the 
Whlttall Acgio-Pcrsum:, pro(fninimc 
to be broadoaat this afternoon fn>m 
2:30 to 3 o'clock. Pacinr Ht&ndard 

The Prlml numbers Include the 
favorite, "Only a Roee," and the 
r[>usmR "Song of the VM^baads." 
J->om (irieg work the brief and 
ronibre ' A.'ui s DealJi" and the gro- 
tenqiie and whimsical "In the Hall 
of the Mountain Kins " will be pre- 
sented The rnjTlnrllnc hymn ll 

Raadlnc i> < • >■..■■ m v. Mthful," 

Pacific Coast Network 

\ Programme for the Week 

ST7NDAY-13 nooo to 1 JO pjn.. National Sunday rorum. 1:90 to 
3:30. Sunday Afternoon Conom. 3:30 to S. WhlUaU Anglo- 
Perslam. S to 4. Sunday Afternoon Ooncert. 4 to l lO.'aalnM 
Tales, iili to 5 4A. Aiwat^r Kent programme. lb SUft. 

Biblical Dramax 0 to e 45. studebaker ChamplSM. 7:4B to 
>t Eima Jettlck Melodlu. 

WoNIJAV—a to 2:30 p.m. Mormon Tabernacle programme 5 to 
6:». EdUoo programme, S:30 to 6. Genera) Moton^ F'limlly 
Party. 6 to 8 30. ■ Ut Us Join the Ladles." 7 to « in ihince- 
land. 8 lo 0. Rudy Seifefa steD trmphonlate. o to a 30 -v.jir- 
orpbwtone." 9:30 to 10, Jmaatton Veboei. lo to ii, sium^rr 

iwuAY— 3 to a p.m.. The Waiviarv*. « to « 30. cucquot Club. 
•JO to 7. a A. Xarl Orcbeetradlatti. /t to 7:30. "NeapoUtan 
Mlfhu." 7:30 «a $, "Bello. Mam." 8 to 0. TWe» Never Told. 

10 to II. apotngtt tmmf. it pa. to ta miamght. me itaea- 

wcunmM7— U mwn to l pjn-, PaeUe Vagabonds. 3 to 4, "Hw 
CaUn Door. B to 5:30, ImoA & Health. 5:30 to 8:30, PalnwUve 
Hour R :io u, 7. Stromberg-Carlaon programme. 7:30 to 8. 
N nc luiaiaika OrehesLra. 8 to 8:30. "Roada to Romance " 
8 iO to 6. The HUl BUly Boys. M to ll. OoUon Blgtoom Mln- 

»trel* 11 pjn. to 13 midnight. The lYooaderans. 

THURBnAY 3 to 4 p.m.. House of Mytbs. 0 to OJOl HaUey- 
etuart prf^nininie. 6 30 to 7. "Around the World With Ubby." 
7 to 7 '!0. N ftc 'lYoubadoum. 7 30 to 8:90. Standard Bymphony 
Hour ft 10 (o S, Max Doiln and hi* Kylectroneers. 9 uj 9 :J0. 
Mfrnnry Ijuir 10 to II, Slumber Hoiir II p.m, to 13 midnight. 
't^i- IVoca/lcniii*. 

FRIDAY V2 n'ym t« 1 p m Pftz-tfi'T U»l!- Symphony. 5 lo 5:30. 
Inlerwmen Pair 6 to 0:30, TJie Gosslpers, 8:30 to 7. "The 
FamUy t3o« Abroad" 7 to b NHC Oreen Room. 8 to B. 
R.O.A. Boor. 8 to 9:30. Borden r>alry. 10 to II. Broadway 
MtiOdiaa 11 p.m. to 13 mldntgh:, Tlie Trocarieran.i. 

SATURDAY— 8:16 to 3 30 p.m Untverial Safety SerieJi 4 to 5. 
The Cavalcade. & to 6. General Electrlr. 6 to 7. Lucky Strike 
Hour. 7 to a, NlghtJi In Spain, a to a 30. Temple of thr Air 
i:M to 10, Hollywood Bowl Symphony Concert. 10 to U. School 
Dayi. 11 PA. to U mldnlBlkt, ijetl Danoe. 

Rwiio Prolamines 

■r OMrtMv er 


Sunday*$ Programme 

CBVT. VtoUrl*. ar. pm.. 
Tte WMt CoMt lafornation Strvte*, 
"Larl* W«U^ ' cvrrnt tin* nanal gtT iial 
wtaihar ivport aae foraat nrr >uin[uaf>, 
rnuflM pi pratrammti lot ih* week 

P». MftUMtftl a«B(tav Poni^ itmucon 
llnrnUI < IrSMtSe, attDtet afUXBoon 
caoccrt an.]. WbllUU Aasl»-P«rMar.> 
'iraMcontUMMtlaJl. 1.4, Baaemw arumouD 
eonerrt 4-4 », RvteU TsJaa. & tt. 
Atwatar Krat r~TeTlTiTr ttrajiKunii- 
fMDUl' 5 4i-t:U, SMlcal eraiu*. ■ a- 
« *» siujrbaku His Will nai llraaManu- 
i.pntai ftuni (;hteae«>. Tt4i-|L "iNaa J"- 

lick Melodln." 

M:ie tllMd warwu lff.M-ll. 
awrie^n Artuile KbmmAM ll-U bma. 
AIl'ArUMa' Bcatatu: l^to Matta ud 
PtrdtD Korwo. MtolaU. I>.1*'W p-n. 
■oas reciui is aD-t ». vie Mcrcrr or* 
vkMln I te-7. Puntia ikvtrb. 1-3. SS. 
■ncfaanicra' liMlm QaarUtic 3 l«-S, Ameri- 
can (teloa OnbaMrai Vi«d«i*co lomo. 
dlmUir; O, DaOSM Om. aolout S-J 30. 
Oauiadral haHK Amrrtcaa Mill- 

tary Bafld. ^ 'MBwt Bmatroa Tuba pro- 
sramau. MBSmmtt n«aut of tlw a < 
•-• ». Ortadisidfcaa aimud br Daaiaki 
ff iio-i. LrriP hoar 1-1 30. Uualcai Ha- 
lanae ^ Kt S. Harper** Cnrnata. **r*e** 
• I >0. nano T^rllAl t M-t. PactAe galan 
t/rrnpflr* ■ lO-O. VIC Uejera' Orchcaira 
ft 10. Parlflc ealon Oirheiua 10-11, 
uron'-r etoU a Rhrihm Acca. 

moiloa] ennedy mog etom. preaented 

In their rtwn arrangement., "Loutae" 
»lli be heard wuh a vnoA- chan n V 
and "Vou Wfr.> Meant for Mr,- 
from "Broadway Melody." l,i pro- 
grammed for Bur>i Rer.img and 
Clay Boland, the Pmno Twln.i, 

"Piuiicull. Punicula." a colorf'.ii 
Denia rompnaitton, and Vernon ■ 
^'Sveetheart of Sigma Chi" are mi' 
■towdlng selectloofl chosen for ti 
*'Ama Jettlek MOIodlac" pitjgramt: 
which WtU be beaxd tor Xlftoen m>' 
i utrs, begtnnbir at 7:46 o'eloek t< 

I "Jenmlem the Oolden." the 
I hymnal of the day, will be inter- 
preted by the complete Bnna Jet- 
' tirk entenible. while Rapee's a[< 
pealing "AnKcla Mia** wUl be be»^ 
AA a tenor holo. 


, Will Play Clawir..! Mu-^lr - Two 1 ft 
■eaUonal Hrtiadra.^il.t Ut He 
Given on .Uonilar 

The DepartJnen t of Ed ucu Lion s 
broadcast from the Summer school 
tomomnr a/t«raoon will take place 
i\' the hour orlglnaQy planned. 3 
I ix ic when the equipment of 
CFxn wlU be Installed In on- of 
tlie claanrtKims of the High School 
Radio iLiteners will have the oppor- 
tunity of hearing the flri-t of a .\erles 
of five .iftemoon lecturers on Cana- 
dian poetry and literature. Mr. 
Stephen la a well-known author, 
and 15 editor ot "The Voice of Can- 
ada ' and "The Oolden Treanry of 

Canadian Very ' RJa lecture this 

aftenionn will be on th^ subject ot 
"New Tendencies In nmnm^tM 
Poetrv " 

yame Bap^ Task 

liwr ■rv4i» tUe 

' ti'fir nKtt.L (irittiTi tlma HSaaL 1 39 
Piiitranitn* Br Lha Iwpat'-DMM sg Wesa- 
li <:i j«Mk Itoue Pri><inL-u< I IStaflaa, VIII 
w«aK to radi« luwavn ua "Tke atahl**- 
•f amiah OsluwBii." 

WailMiii aMe*MilM Cisiar— le.w 
1130 aa.. '•WomhTs liwma «r Om 
air ' S-9M p«t. Mtaraaa fektrnacte 
stapBMM. ».| 3S. BeuHB snaraaM 
ItraamottaMiUK » ss-c. OMrrki hmoti 
faadlp l*am itraoaMattiirDiali 1-a "In 

vmmtant.- Rttar-artnra ab«u am- 
VbaaWa e-fAi "T«aa «( rtnalMw." 

t se-Mb naateuoa taksig' Te-n. 


r.r<UB4 Or* iiute. eiiai— ft* 

^ iu . 1^1. •lit (.r.wraaimr % iO-t- Om- 

*i-i u., ,1, f.Hiui Part.* «^ M. "Lat Ua 
Jon ih^ )^< l'3e-T. atadia pr»- 
ar.ixriir ; HUM ttv DaMatand *' 

7 in ^ ftt^j.T i :^rma\m» 1-0. Shea ayia- 
' • Puraiour iifoaraoima 

« ui (J it'jtinidbllr (ifogiarume 10- 

li. Ucb &«lllu« * B4Wa and C«UwUt»a 11- 
U sldaistil. VaraltY Vwabanda 

MmmrUmm a eaadaaa l lM CMWMt— 
am. Tte. Visor. Vitauiv *4. Titfin 
■Mr ovBtMita. » • M. Battar misms^ 
hair hour • lo-o «s. Navaiir pfoaraaw. 

t U-ia DrretiauHl acnrlce lO li. Iurt 
ran t>opular pTaarauia till a«an, 
oiyinpic aancora' Onbaalia il ll Ift » id 
World lo RovMW." 13 1'. IT iU V'»ri*'i- 
13-1 » I ttoaunu • ||.a».l.M, Atun .:i aal>"> < " 
. cttaalrs i 10-1. Bene rrc.i.j 2-q hci.: 
I Daoiakl t W(>'>.j ci' Sir.nn i t ittjKi.<»i. 
bklon Orchrnira 4 < )0 Vk Ucrei- 
ruaaifa Ja-«. <iaor« .< Hull* Hi.^riiim 

Aiet 4 a 30 KcBlin uf T r 1 1' M. riute Ml- 
V. -Traniour' 1.7 14. Cer\l »nj eailT 

I llarmonvlaud tfi* (flutnni A.-?a 
»■* Uoui ot U.jiM>l f-iecr. 9 » JO Jdlin 
arkd Ned. Twin*, aim UfUu and (.uiti..-! 
» 10-10. faclflc Strioa UuarutU 10-11. 
Hour OD Broadaar 11-13 aidDWhl. Oeoraw 
Stoll a ntkitha Ami. 

KKX. L*a Aswlss. ObL (MadMl I 
-3 1 M pm. Osi in s ti H SBi a ai M 
au>ca aad omffcpt npirU. I:!!-* ^. »Oao 
Toar Own nsac " t;«4-«. TttMly aaaoa- 
Mmups. t^-.ta, otsdh pntnmm*. l:M- 
1. Kint Ooaosrt onbMtra. Oao- 
a«t pUy. raw— el tomr. t*ta Pm- 
.tora prasraiaaM. It-U ■HUdabt. Jackl* 
Ttrlor aad hit Oeeaoaut Orvm Oreheatra- 

II I ■ m . I>aiice hour 
KPil. .Hsa rraiirtu-o. l ml i4M»m. MM) 
1*6-4 V m , L »l On A«v>eial:oii talk 

4-4 H. Ctillcjrrn ■ t.t :t ^ -jB i. aaatbaU 
•eorea 5-k 30. Kijiiou piovramni* I 10- 
0. OerirraJ Uouxi procranune 6-0 10. ■ Ijti 
Jmn 11,*- LadUa" • ie-1. TtMOdora 
au'-nt ::r(an fKlial 7-S, Ustlr rVBlatua. 
■ t, a&eii SrmphaoUtii pr«araaa»a. 
t-1*. "Voiea of PlrNWat" MMttMa l:Bft- 
1I:M. KPO RcriN. U-J|C9 sMillab*. 

IIIIAMOMK BlllllillT ' 

■rili.a-'ris v( ^t.*ir Owned JewrU 
m Soaib A/rtca San 
No Cbotee 


Capital and Reserve 


A^.sct^ of Over 


Kvrji Uif ■ "f a 

grafter may tr-Arn * ,HOJii( time/<. 
it will be proTed in the dramnlogue 

TTio .s; Concert Orchestra wUI 
l>e If.itured over CFCT at 0:18 to- 
morrow nlKht, and a delightful pro- 
gramme of nn-he.'Hral music will be 
presented over Virtorla's radio sta- 
tion. The nightly hour with the 
Sunset Broa<}ca.itera wtU be opened 
with the "March ' and 'Trooeaalon 
of Bacchus." written by Leo Dellbee, 
which will be followed by Albem' 
ballad. Only a Ycar^go." A aelee- 
tlon Irom Vrrrtt.i "Le* Vepreit Slcl- 
liennes ' will then be offered for the 
approval of radio iLstenem, along 
with Hr»rtr.n .1 Petite Serenade ' 

Vaaihn l>* [.<-mlh llir radio 'xnlrallo, 
■ar* »h' had u\ III* muif (hnufhl !• a 
natnr for thr atvUrl tum tUr rrrrotlr 
pdrcltavd al r.aKlaii. (mm ihtj) ^nr- 
(Imea aha mom ■■»pnd mm thr cvMpaalUan 
uf *M af her pavaUr Macs. PiaallT, ta- 
tplrod br Um dlMvarv thai bar naw 
ll«laa<ra«a oaoo ««• a Mmlas puIot. 
iha "Volm af fflrfal — " faraHU daoWad 
*• coU bar plaoa -Tb* muUas rmt." 
■■•a ta Uw diHahl al Iba aoaalrrtUe 
■ad U Ika hwt of mSmlrwn who hahita 
■>r uha Um pUartBMo to iho paud 
tfasar"* e— ty> boat. 

nf O. Henry fl "The Tempered Wind" I^l**T^i"»''"tr radio fanin will al«> 

which WUl be iirard during the 'Re- 
told Tales" l-,i\;f Ivnr broadfait be- 
tween 4 im; I ifi lr,rlt today. 

The TiKiio tiraiiiki deals with the 
trto who lormed the Qoloonda Uoid 
Bond St Investment Co. and won 
wealth from fdrtory glrlA. poor 
wnnien ftnd Oewiboyi Ttie.te graftent 
niid ihemAelvrs grlef-stricken when 
they dL<«rover ofT whom ihev imve 
pfeyed and. In the true O. Henry 
fashion, they make reKttlutlon. 

A cast of National Players will tn 
terpret "The Tempered WIti 
which has been dramatieed cspe. 
dally for NBO by Umry nek Carl- 

Poresaklng his role of "guest an- 
nouncer" to be a guest artist. Aloix 
H«\TUla will be presented as bari- 
tone soloUt m the Atwanr Kent 
programme tlii.s evening from 5.1& 
lo 5 46 oelock 

Havrllla's i-peakinf; yoJoe Is one' 
of thr beet-knonn amogig those of 
American announter.!; a* a pro- 
feaalonal "guest announcer he has 
been heard on numerous occaekms 
through suUons of the N3.a. Prior 
to Joining the staff a* an an- 

nouncer. bDwarer, ttrrUlA wae 
achieving fame ae * oanent and 
opera singer. 

Bom in the villsKr <.r tn 
The fonlhUU of the tiirpathian 
M";iM'tiir« m what now Crrcho- 
siovjkla, Havrllla came to America 
When a small boy. He joined a bovii 
ebolr and lator became baritone 
miour. FhUoinnc Berrtoe with the 
American forcee dnring the World 
War. he resumed ht^ vocal stwUee 
and wai '"dLscoverrd ■ while singing 
at Carnegie Hall He wxt engaged 
fLT a leading part in rhe produrtion 
of "Ha wan" and latrr sang In 
"Louis X2V," "Mme, Poaiftdoar^ 
and "Maoen Plavla " 

Joagf Paatoraack will dirvs-t the 
AtwatdT Kent Orcfacctra and Made* 
lelne Matiball vUl accompany Uav- 
nUa during the progmmma, which 
open* with g«BB from "The BCUado" 
by the orrhestca. BemhanI Alt- 
•chuler, ri>)Ufit. win play the solo 
part rif Saint-Haens" liie Swan." 
*no4her orrhestral number. 

Opening with ■HaUehijah," frtu 
"Hit the Deck.- the Studebate- 
Champions wUl go on the air for a 
taftlf-hour tranacontinentjii braad- 
«Bl tonighl St 8 15 o dork 
Jean OoMkHte i ChampUmo a 

enjoy Chapl's "Moorl'sii .'^erfri.ide 
land Peasardis "Andalouse. ' wlille 
I the dinner hour preeentatloo will 
close with a selfctlon fhnn "Florm- 
dora. " by Leslie Stuart. 

The Department of Education's 
bmodea.<>t will take place at 7:30 t^ 
moiTow cvfdlnK. and John HiMe. 
ProvmrtjU Librarians will address 
the inviAlble audience Mr. Hnsle 
Mil ,ipeak on "The Archlve.<. of Brit- 
ish Columbia," and CTCT will .-siitn 
OfT after R n'rlrvk this eveninB 


la Famlturr Kn^m I j-mrmK Vlctory 
Sow In ^mrrteaii 

SEW YORK. July 13 —The Brook- 
lyn BMlle quotoa Mr. Charles A. Me- 
Allliter, preeldent of the Aroertean 
Btircau of Shipping, as rxpremng 
Indtgnaiion over alleged purchase by 
an American ot furniture which was 
in N^L^rm-s cabin at site Battle ot 


Mr, McAUlstgr. who ha't jiwt re- 
turned from London, where he at- 
tended a ahlpptng conference, saiij 
that he leaned of the purchase on 
a visit to NUeoo'a ehlp Victory.' 
which to kept aa a ftoattiw museum. 

in the ship, he wid, were a ma- 
hogany wine cooler a ^eboard and 
a table which had been pnrf of the 
fiiblnn furnL*hin« at (he time of 


Maxlne Brown, demure miss ifho 
started on lier way to fame by 
stopping a ."how in New York with 
her singing and dant-lni; during her 
, first appearance in timt city, will 
headline the Majr.<^t lo ITieul re of 
the Air progniinmc this evenintj at 
5 o'clock. Parif^r ■'.tandtrd time, re- 
leased over the combmed CBS-ABC 

For three years she made pic- 
tures in New York studios and fol- 
lowed thle by a musical comedy en- 
gagement. In all. she has pl^ed 
In Broadway shows, stnclag and 
dancing, for seven yean 

The Majesi Ic Tlieatre prescnljt 
four acts the nrnt i.^ a to 
sUtlon CKAC In Montreal; Uur 
second, a doU revue wherem M>lrc- 
Uons concerning doll.i will be fea- 
tured; the third, the Romance ol 
Radio. In which Maxlne Brown wlU 
be heard In mmant:c tunes. The 
rlo*inK irt will rontaln Wendcj) 
Hrtll witli itie Mo-ind City BlUC 
Blower.1 and Arnold Johnson niid hla 

Station'-, of the ,\mTlcan Brond- 
casflng Company will relav thL"? 
feature are: KJR, KOA. KEX, KYA. 
«Mm KDYL and KLZ. 

fCiicljo /V«3CW 

Llborlus HniiptmAni^. famous Vien- 
nese director, direcung the Pacific 
Moo Orohastra heard over staiiom 
vt the ABC Western Network from 
the Ban Pnncisco studios at KYA. 
miv tecular features of thla diala. 

"A Word to the Wise." conducted 
by De Witte MHRrr is a new feature 
over Radio K I M r\ery day from 4 to 
5 p.m, Polly until Hall u the 
ntamiat playing lata and lively popu- 
lar tunee. 

KyO, nan tranritrA. Cat Xta.ttat 

-» 4S-10 4^ am. Ctiurrh «»rrlc^« 10 48 
Oatik ot Amrrica of Calirorula 13-1.30 
f ni . Nniir.nai HiitMlar Parum I M>-3 H. 
AfLrrmwii cnnirrt 3 JO-1, WtiJtlaH Aa«lo- 
Petilar.t t 4 fiiindaT allernonn coDOri 
4-4 in. Hrtnlil Tslrs 4 SO-S iS. KPO aalon 
Orrhi^ttra ^ Vj-'-i t-t AtwaiT Kenl pro- 
itammr u II li, DiMc drama • li- 
ft t&. ptuile&akrr procramme 0,43-1 41 
MiiMraIr br I'da Waldrsp 7 t.S-S. Knna 

.'-■lick Helodtas. t-S.SO. .Korih Amotttan^ U» Join iftf LAdl»« 
.'.'< -Mm M Loan ASMOMlbB. S:ae-S. Abaa 
r>B Qusrtetu. l»-l«:eft. Ksask Rsdio- 

KGW. pm-iub«. On. itsaiMt mmy- 

lO-M, InuroaiiOBal Dibit Stiidonta. I 30- 
1 10 pm.. Afwrnoon coneart 3:sa-l, Wbll- 
laU Aailo-Paralana 3-4. Su&dar eoOMrt- 
4-i 30. Retold Takea 4 30-«. HUidlo pro* 
■rarame »-S:U. Talk on "Ifodon BtltDsa." 
S:lft-6.43. Altrsur Kant Hbar. I:4S.^ 
Owttoo PlanlaUna •-• 1&, Stadle pr^ 
(raipme 6 IS-O.U. Biodebakar prooruBm* 

0 43-1 45. Vraper hour ^ M-l. Bioa Jet- 
iirk Melodic*. i'S.SS. StudlO proinUBOM 
n 10 a ». -Trllltbt hoar. t:)^ia aiatta 
t>r .(lamRia. vS^U UUli amSkaBp »- 

BOMO. SmlUo. Waah. < 
10 0 Ml.. Uilemauonal Biblo 
; *oclatloa il. Kadolla Diorak sod Oero- 
ib«* Wok du«U. 11:13. PbMuUi Const** 
caiiiioal Church. I3:U p.a., Baadar Foraai. 

1 ID. Bondsy concm a:SS. VblllaU AbbI4»- 
Prniaiu. I. Oanday MOeorl. 4, lloUld 
laka^ 4:as. Orchestra, doota. I:U, 
waur Konl aiViU- S:U. Bwaahskn Otaaa- 
pioas. onaaura. Y:«s, Sana Jauiek 

IMohMliaa t-11 a.m.. Oaaoari anatMra. 

KV.4. nan Praa«(oeo. Cat. tStS-Saai i.tlSht , 
' ft-io a m . Pacific Trio 10-11. ' KiamiD*r 
I Punnr Hour ' 11-13 noon. AIl-Artlata' 
' Baileltc 11-1 IS pm. Old St Mary'a 

Ohurrli t 11-1 30. Vic Ucirer*' Orthaaira 

1 301. CooiMtr Uetcn 3 ] 10. Enchaotrro' 

Mai* QgaMrti* 2 10 3. Amartran Salnn 
I orchealra 3-1 10. ratn'dral tteur 1 30- 

4 30. Hhrthm Ace* 4 10^, Sonatron Tnbe 

prosmnflw 3-a Maieatic Tltrair* ot ih* 

AU. S-S:3e. PaelSe Trio < 30-T Dpt«cr ■ 

proantRUM. 1-1 30. Maalcol Halaast 1 30- 

t. UoTpee a Cotnen. B-S. Old K. Ham 

cmureh 3-10. Paciar. Salaa Orabaitn. 10- 

II. Oeortta StolT* fUirthn 

la OludaDH' Aa- ^ 

Bt a d to ' pr DoraBKia 

aOA. Doaear. Cola. (SSI. 
»:3S p « , BdUoe praarojBBto fttSS-d. OOB 
aral Motora l a. Ooaeral Elaetrk hoar 

■ -« «. Pinanrial tnd t peoaoaea " »M- 
$ 1». Oeora* Hall aad Mo Bllah Oardaa* 
Orchoatra • 31-0. la tba OarOaa. S-S:IS, 
"The Vote* ot Plroatooo" t:IS-ie, PUnta- 
uon BcboM 10 11. BtambM- hour. 

■OHO. SoMUa. Waah. •SSh>^ 
I P.S.. UoTBaa Tabaniacio Chair 1. Oi. 
caaatn. 4^sa. HUuaa aloek auoUUooo. 
« IS. Pwidar orobaaua «Hb Balan IbCoU 
SJOl Ooaaral Waurt raaalls Parir. a 
-Lot Do Ma UW LaeHa" frlS. Oonuit ' w. 
otcfeastta. t:M. "la naaeo Load S, Radf 
MMJMl fnUMMBUU. 3. VaiM o( 
WrtMoaa." •:4S. SIum Mnaor. la Coo- 
cert orMieatn- IMS. Poa Tbaatra ProUc- 
ll:4ft-ll 30 am. Orroiars: Uaot olBSOr 
KSL. Sal4 lAlia OHw, mah (Matai 
I iiaa> » 10 PM.. Oeacral Motora pro- 

■ raniinf • 30. "llaaUas the BeodllaM 
Aruund (he WorhL" T. 8a>o.Toat radlo- 
atut. 1 SO. Oolf Iroaoiu br Tom idellBsh 
T 43. HowalUo Ouo I. Tit* Javal Bos " 
• 10. Varielr procraiiiir* 0, The Volee 
nf nres'ii-if u I'Untallan Bchoei 
in. ri M d> i; !l. Slumbrr hour. 

■ no. OahUnd. < al > 179 ItMi IWtki 
It 10 f> rn . Miwin fti^tuderi ^n-n i.i'n- 
•ral Uoiori Pamilr Paris 9-t so i^\ 
I « 7 (ttudko ran- 
ttrt 7-1. LJUle Hrirp.'tonr 
0-0. aticll BrmphoiilMi t o 10 
ol Pireitone ' t SO'lOSS, Ovnaral Htoeutc 
proa ram me lS;Se-ie:4t. ^rnrtsa oavs 
10 45>U:4B, - - 

PRETORIA. South AfMca. July 
IS.— A small neat packet bearing the 
U#Da Qgvemment seal and tied 
wflfa Icpa arrtvad here from Cape 
Tnm recently. 11 contained several 
beautlftd pure white Namaqualand 
diamonds of oonxtderable value, pur- 
chased by Mr, Vanderkar. manager of 
the United African Diamonds, Lmi- 
ttad. Pretoria. 

The rtonea were sent from Cape 
Ttiwn through a bank and after oar- 
tain formallttes. lOOth Inehided a 
vi«ii t'> the authorities In the com- 
i-ju!'. a iiieniber of the Transvnal 
i.'luMKjnd Deteetive Dcpattneat. Mr. 
v<indi rkar bnnifht ttw Mooai to hto 


' TMe panel of state It 
the first to amve m PrcCorla. Tbe 
stones were of different earau. 
flawless and at first glance looked 

as though they had already been cut 
Describing how he bought them. 
Mr Vanderkar said he had seen 
Namaqualand diamonds worth manv 
hundreds of thousands nf dollar.^ 

on the top floor of a buJldintf in One (InnrlretH mnA 
Adderley Street. Cape Town He was , "i^,, ™ 
not adsnltUd to this treaouv bousel ^^'X MUUons 
untU be haA. answered qosatlons 
through a small window, as itiiMh 
he were a member of some secret 

Inside, diatiiund^ of varloii.'^ .Mzes 
were displayed on while paper, and 
Mr. Vanderkar explained the value 
of the parcel be intended buying. A 
duml was unoeremonkHiB^ pushed 
into the stones and drawn out By 
adopting this aieass, the loventment 
show.<i no preference to any biqrer of 
^'s fii.-.fiipnd.^. 

'.^ . : !■ iwrnty minute', the whole 
irai;;Mct;un wa* concluded, said Mr. 
Vanderkar, and the authorities and 
the bank saw to the safe delivery. 

After they have been cut those 
Namaqualand diamonds will imme- 
diately be shipped to tbe tTntted 
SUtes. Europe and India. None wlU 
sold In South Africa. 
ReQueate for tJ«h-claM atones ara 
received ceaselessly by diamond cut- 
letalnSCNith Africa. At prosenr the 
demand seems to be greater than the 
supply Mr Vanderkar thinks that 
the stones from the state mlna will 
satiify all overseas buyers. 

the ^e^)en Seas 

\'KRV year Canada's for- 
eign trade iiTow s in 
voiiimr. Canadian tintl 
their w;iy lo rvcry port in the 
world, and goods from foreipn 
shores arc brought lo Canadian 

The Imperial Bank maintains par^ 

IfcuUrly close afTtliatiuns -with 
recognized tcatling banks in all partg 
of the worM If you are buying or 
*elln . 1 abroad, the Imperial 

Dank can t^arantee >'ou a valuable 
and dependable service. 




Presidem. Vke-IWdsnL 

A. B. PHIPPS, Genetal Manager 


Rabbi Edgar Maifnln presents eg- 

reptlonally intere.'itinK lefturea over 
KHJ on SiindBy.-. at 6 p m 

Now that both .ihort hair and 
orlilhMtr^ t long are popular, milady would srel- 
-The voice coBie an authoriuuve reallocsUon ' 
of wave length.-* Arknnsas Oasette.! 

naftiipa 10 4S-U:4B, Mslal ai. Prsaels 

orcbcatra Less than 5 per i:rr.l of the sine- 

««. Laa A a sa l ai. Cat. (48as«i SMkt- er-; Kiwn BiidlMon.'s by the National 

•Man Paaap Party. 1. Btudio iTc«t.mmr «nave voices sqltsolg for ladlo enter* 

l.Mt Ooltcd aulMlB* a Loan Aaaoriatlon 
prosrammo S. Sbdl proatammr. >, "Vatoe 
of Ptroatooa" >:>0, Oeklnt Van « Siar- 
asa Oo. IS, Packard Conr* rt rirciieMra 

KOU SaaWla. Waah. tU4 Ib, i.noh> - 
S PJB-. eorvlea praswnaBe e uinnrt imur 
aoBOtrt, SjSS. Itaaeh tiancf- Band. T U. 
lODO aootlUaa. Martarei Oia^ f^lS. Ken 
.uan. "A LllUa BuntinnF 
a' Ad A3. 10.13. Oasca Baad 


Walter— "Heyt Whafs Che Idea 
of BtumnR the Ubiecloth In youf 
I pocket ?■■ 

Diner "Well, you diarged me two 
I dolIarK for cover and X thOUtflt lid 
Uke It with me." 

Choose Your Plants and BiiiM 
Your Garden Now 

Tills I- nut (he limr '..r l»c.i\> pl.irilinij . .f fnitrsr. Iiut )hst (|iie> 

li..t iltC.iU \"n |-,hii < [liakr .,u\ lirpii;fc*» Ullh ,i 1\f \\ K^inlfll iir ftllh 

the iiiiifri'icniri'i ..i ;tii ..hi (Ixilii y>.iii k^"!'"'' m"« lUvf ii 
ready for {iliiiitiHi: mi tlic ctrU Aiimn.n Vn.t m.-jii*liile ch<>o*e 
vnur [tiani* m lul-' iln i mi I . loom In lioid ihr-r rn.illrrs wr 

tan tulp 1 -M- hii' t re.illy ^irlihtic jiardru- .it n . .iiMni.. al 

cost, jii'l our iMfKc iiuri-crj (.( rercnnisls. .Slimbs Ktxk I'lam^, 
Alpine* and Jtfm js intercettm gl iliit sgaflD*. 

Rockhome Gardens, Ltd. 


Ssantch Rosd (R.M.D. 3)> 
Hutchison. P.R.H.S. 

Tel. Gordon Head I8R 

Qardan Arddtada 

Nonnao Rant. F.JR-H.a 

>tX> OL.O DeAR 

IT. vtau see I ji»T oor 

IT Oki TRIAl. AJO' ttkTM 

A*-*- ^rtKMT t'lQKm.y you 

COOL-Ci A - 

KSO. Oahlaad. Col. (flfSJai nsfct-lt. 
13 IB pia.. nrat ConirtastioBol OhpreA 
lt:U.| 3S. KoHenal OuiMlsy Porqm I 3». 
3 as. SuDday aftarooon coMcn I SS.!. 
Whillali AfMlo-Ptmaaii 3-4. Arieroeoa 
rnmert 4-4 30. Rrlold Talea ' 4.M- 
A l». What > llappeniDt in iha World " 
S 1»-S 4> A'watfr Kern proaramme ) W- 
1:13. lijdKiti • Bar Fur pMieramm^ ■ ij. 
S'4S. fl'ijdrttaker Ctiampim..! a 4^ 7 40. 

Ultle fi)mDh'irT ~ t\ f Rnfta Jrltick 
MpIo.II". ■ 1 r;f '" I".;!. --■• ("Church 

an. L*> ^nrrlf.. (..I <t<aJlMi. «4abl — 
10 a ni I. A rtiurrh F'tfrratlon PtW- 
• rarnme 3pm. Mu&ieal prooramme S N. 
whitcall Aivlo Poriian* ]. Uuaical 
araiRRie 4 )«. Leila Caaibon. -Ad 

ThouOlt' 3. Oenasir*a aahnnd 

nf Ufa ' i It. Aivottr XoBt proaramaM 
k:4ft. 8«Udlo prasrtMft t;IS. aitMabakot 
Chaatpioaa S.-4S. gMM fraitoauM T 4S. 
■naa JtUick Malsdlaa. % rsohsrd Ooa- 
cori Orehootro I. Kaalop P Hag. -PhUoa. 

• 30. SlqdM PtoanniBo is. paek- 
arrl I>ar.;p Orrftralra 

Antrlr*. t al_ .ni-Swi I^SSdh) 
DM a in MuR'cal proaraanme 11-13 
nonn Fir»i Pr^thtterian Chitrvh la 30-1, 
pm. AiiiooioOile lltiTprr Ouida i-i. fn- 
Umatlunal Bible dfudrnu AaMuallm 
3-1. Cllr Park mmrrsl rr i^arama-.a 4-S, 
nrat Radio ChuT'h .^f tttr Air & 3a-S. 
Ail aoula' Oburrh « a 30. Talk hf grnaat 
Holtnoa 0 10 7 ['r Theodora Cunia AhM 
1-a Fcolurt p[<«ramiae l-t. Ptrat 

bnorian Cburut s-is sa '^-'m-n 

viakl. rloOsM,- Oalra MiHwillia, siaaMI 


"It wds inevitable that Chrysler should attract a desree of scientific 
interest accorded no other cdr lit ihe iMSt fifteen ♦ + Erjgincers, 

naturally, were first to appreciate thai Qirysler, while adhering strictly 
to soundest principles of design, is a distinct departure from previous 
motor car practice and performance. ♦ They recognize in Chryticr an advance 
in automobile engineering as revolutionary as the development of the X-ray In medici 




.\m<>«> niid Anii\ nl.infp real names 

ship told hini 
loaned to the 

Waller V Ptnwr, eaUlsi. 

■OA. tWneer. Cala. (SBLtaii SSM>~^ 
4 13 u tn Kcna JOUtett Miladlaa 4 u. 

the f.moiL, battle An ofric^r on (he arr CorreU and 'cio^drn: famou* i^ lSi'"lTi^nTnJ^L'ViJ'*':'\'i7: 
that they had bee,, , their broodca.HinK frim Chicago, SiodaaaSp Wisipions SM-iivAi Uh 
ship so that copies are now playing a vaudcvUlc en- rf^"*"' ' is. aaai Herman, trio- 
mlgnt be made, but that the orlgt- gagement on the W«t Coast, 
purehaaed bj an 

The Ulks given by a physician 
rrom ihe UntvervHy of QUlfDmia 
Medical department over KFRC 
every Monday at s 15 pm.. are in- 
(erceUac and Instructive to lutenen 

nals hod be«n 

Amerlean who was shortly to take 
them acrnaa the sea. 

Mr Mi'AlllsJer rrrernsd to the pur- 
chase as "praetieally International 
robbery" and said it wa» Jual the 
same as If an EngliAhman should 
manage to purchase some of tbe 
furniture used by Washington at 
Mocmt Vemon and lake k out of 
the country. He suggested tha( ths 
purchsMr. whose idenuty waa not 
revealed, present the Netens ortgl- 
nal.^ he had bought to Oreat Brit- 
ain and keep the rnpiw being made 
He Aald he w»* told thai the fur- 
niture had on«> been 
the ship by a confidential <it«wan] 
and had since then passed through 
may haois. finally Mng hnmM 
by the AmerlSBB at an auction. 

The nMBt Norwegian Royal Wed- 
ding celebration was broadcut from 
Oslo and relayed to Oaventry iXX in 
tigland where It waa rebroadcast | 

Bbwaltan Ensemble Orrhattra en- 
tertalna over kmo enrh Tuesday at 
1:30 and Friday al 8 pm I 

phnm.t : 10 I Rqaaian CaUMdral CbMr 
■ 1 Nvvt of (he world 

asi. «aJt LaSa nie. riab itm^-. 
MIM» 4pm, Barl Kaaa, baritotw 4 sp. 
Edward P Klmhatl. oroan rnncott 5. ma- 
lofiral r» r H L^rard i || Al- 

araier . t u ruotd Tranall 

a 13, j»r I. i-bi.*! tiampteni 14s. otaas. 
ard Ina-mmeotal auarialte T 3a nai mmtm 
HloM Haok* a L D a wrrte-a rr««ia« 
■ludio t. CTiiarton U.iW Ovartait* aad 
lt.e Melodr Trxi 10 »» Amr.. r. Aaif- 

Honday^B Programme 

CPCT, VIHaria. BC. •47aBMI-^ an 

TTve niPrninc market (renda 3 p n.. Anof- 
i>nna» ''r-tti (he Suwmtr Behool 
A M Rte»n«n vul oddr«M radio 

Vb«B aa ttfikBown iBo«or car sets owe— ^ 

Ghryiier did — to grasp rhe leadership of a grcM 
laAmujt and wtcb the tpttd of a meceor, sw inty a 
to a t ot mmm poaidoo In popularity and aalaa. it 
most poneftf cTTraordinarv tjtialirv and ahilitY-, 
Ccrcainl/ no other mocor car has come so swifd/, 
•o taptagglfalr. to the Croat in flttdb a MMrkablr 
•boR tea aa CbfT^ baa ooac. 

Vhcn rhr 6rot Chrriler car wnu placed on exhi- 
btdon frvt jcan ago, cbc wbcie indngny looked 
in ■ m a g g ni>nr ag what Wahar P. Quy^ia had 

at-cnmplisbed. Within four yearv (^hryalar had 
leaped to third place in (he industry. 

How haaChryaler done it? What is rbe seem at 
Ihig anenag? Simply chac CLrjrslcr gave hi tba 

bcj^htnlng— «ach jrmr since has given iocreaau^j^ 
— aod today gives jg adU gfcatar dlaMiM«.^MW 

ooJy a finer grade itfhtaic quality hot e higher order 
ofperfonnaocv. beauty, style, power, accetcnoon, 
iantf , aoBfnft —mtt 

Socfa swwapteg gDMa MC f»m Ifwrimfcly to 
the bnyar of a auyalar car today chat he ran 
,eovm on the moot advanced, ibc soundest, cfaa 
safe« and the aaoac aadafyii^ motor 
cioa fatg money can ciM&mand. Lat 
these facts in a damonscradon. 

CHsvMjg -7i--H»a» to •MMHUfbt Body Scylee 
(iHarsLig so »l4<»-fta aedy Sctles 

A/l pn^f. a. A. Wmdtm. Omtm^ 


• «a 

VI fe 

dies. Ls on the ah- nightly at g pm 
exc^t on Thursday and Saturdn- 

Ma* TeadOMlea la CaaaMan 
Um otaakw sutkai 


MatOMra on 

„^,^ , _ P'TMUar program. enUUofl th-a • i*. nio owapi oSi^TooSS. 

stolen from , 'Oountry Jane Sings OW Time Helo- '.H '^V* *** Wlawtaa fam 
'"■ ■ 3fo«h aad ProaaoMnn. of 

iDolihaa*: a bauad. Tma 
'Alberav. a aaloetlaa fraa 
—^^^ BKineraor- tVafeil: -Qai WHih PWH 

KOB^ y^ollc on fiatuMay night I ii!!*:?' ■ 'aooiaanborh- 
from 10 to 13 o-docfc, is a request \ ^hIms , a "SiSi u^"" ' 

o Taaf Acs'" 

y S L E 

c a 

MOTOtt rtoaicf 

(an rans 




iwenjy-eu-place fa«M. alao'^Wiii ^ m^.^^ XT: " iMeiingwitWi;**-'!" T'^w^^ 
b*«dm several ottiarauaabsggl^ I ly>:'-wffi ha nS^^ n— — 

ttp la anmlaiaodpattb 


-■ 1 't(ri>-iaj vMUier 
- tunmart Scrap 
iniorawua* aenlat, , 





T of Carrie r Slo*, ks 
Are Sent Upward- -Bears 
• Make Drive on Coppers — 
Inductriali Stt^ S^tb^ 


YOU. Jttlr If - 

CMmanr a tt 


MlMrrtMM— llMt«. 

Juia«l*<lk t.n%. 

Auilr'* l«M. 

Bruil- 1 1 M 


HnBUNQ ini<-H%N(il. 

AT nmwu 

NJW YOfUC. July I3.-The bull 

i.i«ri»i*i n, Di»n 
OoU DuM - 

CfBnkr . . ... 
OfMi MarO) Orf 
OfWI N«rtll 9t4. 
Ol ««H a«nr . 
OrwM CwwsM 

omr fluiM wmi 
■eoftw od 

Mm* teuM 
nu4Mm Molar . . 

Illm«i« 0«ntr«l 

I — 'ITm" ilBir-'fUl oil , ., 

TJumbtr of &rn< r Slocks' ' ^.-TJSJr'.'tt"'- l!"T,rA, 

In: llHftaaUr 
Int Hftioli ytd. . 

Ufc ru*r 

tot fflMWl .., .. 

Km oily SMUi. 
IMVIMIM- - . . 
KoUlor-IUdtO . 
Lrliilh VnUrt 

M«cli Truck . . 
MsrUaa Oil 
Ukrlin RocK««ll , 
M>ru< Co 
Mit|.-#n 0rab««rd 

_ _ M'O CoAt ni 

the tioek mirfcet snd »Dt neiriy j renuUadm- o< Uw otrkft *•» ,8;^ ^- 
a Kore of the cftinn •fociu under I duU ind imlAtirMUiii, with ^Ice u«aUM«ry w«fi 

1) 4 
» T 

111 I 

171 4 

rJ • 

1» 4 
<T I 

r » 

I4t 1 

IS • 



ai 1 

T» 4 
«1 I 
»• t 
«* 1 

full *it«ni to rfcord high leteU. 
The niarkfl wss Aomewhat un- 
M-iMcd by gnottitr bear driv? on 
the L-.p]jtr;. and therp vtLH b 
marked lendenoy to Uke proOu. ui 
many of tha nUttUea «nd in- 
diutrteli, but Immi were mostly ^J"*" 
modwMe. Sxtzeme saias in the { JS^STn 
ralli ranted lo a maximum of i Am Car Ik Mr 
liearty u potnu in New York Ccn- ' p«**r 
tral .nd the AaMtdaUd Prw». index , *^ 'a^:,?;"" 
of twenty le^din, jnyg, tiMalJ* ' 

rrmip rov polnlft lo tlw btglint Am 

level yet recorded. 

A ill 

New York Central aft«r rtilnv 

nearly 16 poinU to 33S, cinema at 
Untoii Pacific wu a clow sec- 
ond, niountinir nearly 13 polnU to 
k pi-uk pritr At 386, CheaA,peftke A 
Ohio and Aii'hlfloii clmibftl rnorp 
than 8 polntji each and Pennsyl- 
Tama. Rock I&loiul. culociula ic 
Southern. DelawHre A HucUon. 
Oreat Northern prererred, Katy. 

Ptlaco. Southern PaclAc, Ntckei - . 

Plate and Allegheney Corporation "•■njtc, 

cBaaiM M Inwin —fiii nt iai m tarn- 

. «-l 


. m 

. 11-4 



•ft * 



. »4-4 

. W 

91 1 

. 99-4 


M I 







14 4 







anix anaATioff aL 

Victoria Stock 

t M i tt— a 

Uuovau .... 



n » 

» T 

111 1 

r 3 

7* 4 

rt > 

4» ) 

\*1 i 


*7 i 

tl 1 

***:^ cAaoAdo, Juir wheAt-mie 

1» I tone of new^ an the Sprtnf wheat 

■S rr< [1 ui (_'.iiijda and the jUnerU*»n ' iHiiioii-Aiama 

117 N' rili*efl' l1l^t nonr of it' -ra^nnal 

• R riiDivA appeared on ttie CanadLao UrB.a«tTi«* , 
^* « orop, but ttw withar Id that eouou-y I caairtou 

HMNBal Mm. OA 



4 M 










10 aittiUO 
nifh Low 



■•urr Tof> 

VVfWl I'd* 

AiRinar A" 
Aaa-tf Dtr Oaad* 

AtUnllr rtuir 
AtianiK^ RrfinfrT 

Alf hl»0!l 

Aub^::'. UMaic 
Bslfi-nor' Ar OMfl 
Banaor * 4r M'k 
B«rn*ri*ll "A ' 
a«lhl«)>(>ni Bio^l 



1)0 < 

I» T 
!«• } 

ah 4 

aft 4 









It* t 

1:7 7 

108 1 

*.% 4 


r*T 4 





11 s 


OaluKKt A Aril 


CfMiirmjiiiration* aharw wc» nut \ 

in n,a,ket .trrngth.^ISJtSS^'nS: 

phonr stimulated by Its earnings 'corro m Paaco ., , 
atntemrni for Ui** Aral half f>fUiB-l»ta Praa 
mourned abo,.t 3 pomta to a peak ' StT'St.'^rtiSS"': 
K 260 and Wrj.ipm Union and In- ichii. ic'.i mul w... 
tematlonal Telephone alio reached * ""Wiwort. 

new high grouDd. 

A few or the power atoeka were 
■em 5tlll higher. DnlCed Oai Im- 
provement. Tnlemallonal Hydro- 
Electric and North American reach- 
Ini; new top« in iTioderale Ralos. 
while ComnionwettUh Power Jumped 
about 7 point*. American Lcomo- 
tlve, By-ProdudU Coke, RaUway 
• ltd Expresj^ and Blninih Petrnlfum 
aUo mched new tiigh* Atr Morka 
were Jitrong. 

ftirelgn exchanger, were quiet and 
iteady: atarUas oabtaa twldii« nav 
the Incoming gold point at HJS. 

Plve convertibles rIo«ed at new - 
high* m a bond market dominated I !5!SJ2""*"ft* 
bv fh- demand for nied return ob- SSSTiiiJf 
hpailoai carrymg pnviJegrs of ex- 
rhnnge into buoyant -;trM Kj! Morf 
than 50 per cent of th^ shnrt 

Ohir . N I * pae. 

ohryalar lloiar 

raoa Oala . 

Cnneeltun Nairn 
Celt* Tittl a Iron 
rviumbu Out 
GoL Oraph aar C-a 
Con* Oa* . . . . 

Can) Untor 
Corn ProOueta 

rtupii»i* ntMi 

CurMu Arrn . . . 
Damon Chmwal 

eaitman Kodak , . 
KIM Povar . 
KiM Btitrur Batt«r| 
Inain'ri P b s r« 

FkiBoua Plarar* 
re«ada«ian oa. ., 

nakrial aiiubbfra 

rUfirral Am Tank 

0*nrr«l Llrnr'c 

. m 





ai 4 



•a 7 


j^s 1 




ll» T 

137 1 


la 1 

:b s 

7» ( 

40 1 



IIU 4 

Ml 7 

114 1 

M : 

^» 7 

it 7 

<i 1 

11 b 

41 % 

7R S 

7* 1 

7i I 

m 1 

137 1 

1J7 I 




■a f 

M 3 


at* 4 

343 a 

344 4 

•7 1 

aa 1 

•a 3 


la 4 

M 4 

Ml 4 


ISI 4 



It il 










11 -« 






7« 1 

31 « 

31 a 




)l 1 

fO 1 

jft I 

«7 1 

■a 4 


143 4 

HI 4 

m: 1 


14 7 




104 3 

Ift.S 1 

lOS I 


lai 7 


ftl 1 


53 1 




MS 4 

H3 • 

m 4 



la # 

n 4 

R7 4 

aT 4 

41 -J 

atl 3 

au 4 


7* 4 


at -4 


aa 3 


Bfl ] 


■1 a 


»l 4 


*i 4 

4* 7 

4.1 7 

41 7 




f* 7 

PI i 





jia 4 

>4a 7 


^ t$ , -. 

MrUmwi aiMali '. . . . 

, Aati caaii nca 

'HatI Oatrv Prad 
RaU Pswar it Ltalit 
(NT Air Braa 
■Karroll Ji WaM .. 

fiJ" » r Cmiral 

•™ , ' Worthrrn paaihc j 

■» ' ' Hnt<h Amoroan 
Jfl « NT Htl * Haft 
™ . 0:.i * Wral 

I Pan A>r.<>rlcaa B . 

I Paantjrlraala UK. . . . 
It * Para ManiwUa . . . . . 

" PhlUiaa Nta .., 

Plaroa Afraw 

;S , ll^»»««iB Oa ? 

»";-*|l*a#«eara « »af. ... 
, ! , MMe SM. ef 

' iPudHAB Ca. 

Rradint . . 

R»o Mniori . . . 
Rri> lr»n * fltaal . 

»ctiot» .... 

Am pa H jM^ttCk 
Slwl) Dnian ........ 

ainmaaa ra . . . . 

•inrlalr Co a* 

S. Cai Hlu>n 

•aalharn Paeifia . 
flaiitHefB itallwar . . 
aiantfanl HUttna . . . 

Staiiaar4 Oaa 

Bunaara OU. cat . . 
•unaard oil Hi 

Standard Oit. If T. 
Mandard Oil. Ind. . 

Rt Louia « a praa. 


Taua Co 

T«aft* Oult BulRimr 
TIr.kan Rnll»r 
Tafeana Prod 
untan OU at CaL . 
unkon Pactfw ... .. 
u n oaat T. Piva 

n 8 laa Ako . 

tl B RttMev 

tr s H;rot 

t'ndTvood TtP . . 

Union carhidr 

Dili PnwoT * Lilhl 


Wailing Air Brakf 
Wrallna KlK 

Whir* Mo'«r 
WtlITl^ D'.nitnA 
Wtml v.trtri 
WrigM Atr Con 
Yalf Tnmn* 
V g*t»wi Bh * Tu 
ral. Tt k * 0(Mt^ 
Cha» Naiiqnal 

H h 
41 7 
49- « 






]» 4 
111 4 

. M-7 



. aa-a 

. H 

. 1T-« 


74 ■ 



-M 4 


111 • 

n 4 







as 3 

io» a 




343 7 



tC 4 
1» 3 

17 4 

3f * 

ij ' 
114 4 

HI 4 

IS 1 







I It- 3 

»*4- » 
IM 4 

1% * 

M ) 






II' a 








*u«mim and dry. and the torec^it g^*;- 
lor the wwfc-oid Indicated Omr and ci^ K 

On the cruy in the 
and MonUita a local eaUmala ap- 
peared plii :ng the crop at 
t%§jooo.Qa^ comparad with the Oev- 
emmept foredaat of Joly 1 cf 

There war m-. prertpiiaticjii 14 Iba 
Northweal bUb the (orecaAt wag fOT 

unattUad waatber with ihowerg aat 
edoAar. It la a question whtOwr 

11 la 

taa.M tu.M 

IM 4 1* 







raaaiNG at 


Adranr^ H.'id 
Qgcrtngi I aaal 

fDui British Columbia Investoept 

t^ur invetlmeni anivilte* are ruttonaf in •rt-i.f. hut arr (oru»ed 

'iir r 

! 1 ; ( ■ 

I. Tilt 

' t of »»und aetiiriiic* thus aflorda amfile dtvrrUlicalion, 
a particularly AtiF.i<:ti.c a«lccliMi o«Ui*iid^ ccwwiwiWea 


111 thii. vr''iMi«Ti)c> ifrr 


Central Bldgn Victoria. B.C RotMB OMf^ Vocoavac. S-C 

O ara— aaaaeu at l«taa 
a-tl ami naalMf Aaaaciaunn V.I.. 
•lata Maaagg. s«a > " 
pwoiraa: mm 

Olract Pri^ 

• arfaa 

.-r Slorfc 

• f 1 > hanat 

• ■iiiti Kai(<>rn ri 



114 1 114 I 
71 4 

I la 4 

I ; 1 
u 4 
?» 1 


H » 



i^a-a ihowara or hea*y ralna tn tMa p«r« 
' of the belt wtU do mtich. tf an^, 
good after tha detertentlOD of thg 
pajit two weaka. 

The hea\'T ralna of two day^ tii 
t"»cLliin« of i:anaai) which hafe pro- 
duced flood condltloni m part^ of 
i,w '.'tmnai and iilh-cential regioni 
Of that state, will not only delay 
„ , , hamal, tout it la fadrad wia caoae 
la-fl haavy loMca of uaeiit wheat 
71-4 ZIrought condltlma In Ai««I1h and 
* I Australia ahow no ehai^ Uw- 
n.Tipool doaod aharpjy hlgtMg, 

hard winter wheat niu _^ 

taken lor export but no flgima'#fta 
announced. The advance tn cur 

113 a 

M 4 


■ 7 



auwari Laada .. ... .. 

Ooorsa antamiaa 

■•rUwrn Uabt ,, 

llaraMt oeld 


■■ciaa «MiMy 

_ iAL£a 

- mt Maaaari-Mo ■> i 4c 
Of*aan Oaapar 3 mo ai l» 
CAE Land - lOO a- a j» 
Dlinnit Albaru- SOO al U 
naraliM- S Kt i«aM 

.,r.^a?•rr•5'•''^ « H. at 

CalAOMi ~M0 at 4 M IM at 4 M 
AMoriatad 3M at t •> IM at 1 M Mi 

at » e7; M at Ht at m 

Latm News From 
Wall Sttwt 







3lt t 



IJ1 * 
74 T 


71 i 

im 4 

14 4 


II 4 
IM 7 

391 7 




4B 4 
4) « 

3» J 

Ill 4 

Ml 4 

la 7 

1» 4 

99 4 
99 4 
lit 7 
114 1 
71 J 

M 1 r 

marketA was around five centa, and. capacltv though Uwm' la'k.L^LlMiITI 
aalaa againat otfera the upward trend pre«Bure for ahlpmentaT^ ^ 

Toul Augar melt of fUtoan CnUad 

'BranaM. aroan * c» Ltd > 

rounggtown— For third week in 
July Younsgtown dlatnct iron and 
9ical compania9 will oontlnue oper- 
auona at gs% to 90-. oi practical 


goMadad DffMHemlly wtthoat 

All denvartg. a« .1 . high If "'SS^' w'^t^J lil-SlJ 
, on the crop, vltfi. there I9 a P0«( J 2 jw^Jo "° *«*^ 
Ma bility of an overbotight condition }ii7T 
5i 7 developing, with eonaequent react- 
' ing We see no UidteaUaii of a 
<'hange la tha general upirard tned 
of prices. * 



74 1 
«1 1 
71 I 

10ft < 
47 1 

11 4 






44 4 


43 4 

Com -Com failed again to par- 
ticipate' to any inarkad extent in 
the atrength of wheat. Local and 
protaisloaal opmuirB pressed the 

from January 1 to 

tOM, acainaf 3 H.-i fjoo 
. Braalllan Traclion Light A raau 
declared regular quarterly dlTldiad 
of 60c on common, payiMa SmliM^ 
ber i. record July ilT 

Bualneaa fdUarea m Bia* veek 
luinbaiad 440 aaalnat dM la ifU 

aMrhot on hard apou. Oountry gold ! anc wdl in to Dim'a Berlaw. 
ffParlngly to arrive. Oaah aaiec warv ' auatpeaa maintaining Ttoor 

909-1 armiad )2Sj0de, and it la ettanated ( *:f^ roluow above eeaioiwl av«n«a. 

(hat on» and a quarter mUUon ^^'' >iotlday raaolla have addad to 
have been aoid during the waak."'^^°"^ ■*P*ota pnvloualy p««vaii. 

The crt^p advircj. were mixed but i **Ta Don's, 
growing i-rtiidiiion^ were ferorable In 

Ilk -. 
itrength ifi^ b> 

, ... Commercial transwtlonj during 

mrmi dt-itrjc.. We do not Uunk^ihe tlr.'.t wrek 0/ July aa reHect^d 

iltnore Uie 
14 a ' A'heat much longer. 

41 4 

11 7 


^ MT. TOLMIe"* "* " "7 

'.ifthl acre« with tnodern cifhtTOom house in splcndiil I 

•n(!itici». F'our hprlrnoms, larfje dininK-room with uivn ■ 

■M-pIai-e. den. Ii ifit; r....tii ;iti-l kitchen. Tenni> court, all ' 

Mi i^ ..f fniil (rce> Hint small (rui^. The hf.n*e li 'iir 1< | 
"!> SR.OOO and th« land at leaat Q SQQ 

Whilney Letter 

>3.UUU. i'rice. 


With liter licence, fronting one of the prettiest and most 
; '';ir I'avs tm \ant-..itner Ulnnd A favorite resort fur 
- l'r~ ,in.| hiinicr* an't. Itctn^; on ihc MiikI llisfln\a>. a ■ 
■ wi> |i.'|>i,|ai Atijpptn^ I'Urc for tt>»ri.''t-* Ue CMn*i<lcr ■ 

IlhiA one uf the lie^t hotel oppurtunities #4 i| CAA I 
St ■•re«ent nvaiUhle. Reduced tr> 91 ^ySUU 


|^62^ori^ Phone JgK ^ 

Dependable Investments 


IM.OOO Dam ol Caaada. tta C N R . S * , Jyl» I. t9M 

am cMimiia. tie., roa. 4h«. fit u. iMg... 

n99WDaoi or Oaa.. gis., o.a.a.^Ho. Mr m, vm \... 

I9IM c«r or Taraatet 9*. Jair 1. I9M 

■W.OM 0119 of TTtronia. /glr l. 1M4 

Iioonot ii, of W»l»«>n. i^. Jufi. 10 114* 

I 1 (wi f itv e( viciefla. i%. Jul* n i»14 ...^ 

iM ah» nc Trirpnan* Co aid. «* »».,»,,,. 

190 ahi ae Ovctrla Pawtr aAd Oaa. ffg.. «* 

tiaau. kiauoasB. MtM* a Msc^in gta. i^a. 

Mm Tt9U 
I0a99 l.9»^ 
Mil |.0f« 

ii9» 9ai% 


99 71 IM-V 

MM a lox 
N M 9 19 .. 

iia.« i-Tia 
mm u*4 

^Jk AmM & Co. 

, e w 



Vaoeeimr TonMa Loada^ an*. 



,•00.000 00 

ea.Mo noo 00 

S7. 900 000,00 

a «. ■ aw a»««. m». 
• 'HPa att^ kar.HClK* <* Ui* Anawalian at«ui t^fS* 
a< AaaMkaMK Oaakiaa Saoiaaga W«y Md Mb.< pt«4«^ • rMi'a «n«nc^ 

•vwwr* *a. 'MMoaMaaBca vrnagT, ^« a 

A«ral aana nt Canaala. 

(BranaoR. Brova * Co.. LLd.t 
NEW YORK. July IS.— Whltoay. 
Of tba WaU Btraal flaandal au- 
reou, saya today: 

The develoittaaKit of rail gtrengtti, 
which waa espeetad to put in lu 
appearance Saturday, came on 
schedule, and. with this group now 
definitely aiarted. aiqiect Iheur ad- 
vance to oontioua pretty well 
throughout the coming week. With 
further strength bcitiij .-.uppUed from 
tne secondary rail gTo<ip aa well aa 
the «er(>ndar\ ^^c^■lr., 1 believe we 
can look forward to not only n 
atrong MMion today, but severe 
more to follow. Cven the dMilne in 
the copper group did not represent 
any real aeUlng. but merely an at- 
tempt to oapUaUae tba torthcnming 
copp<>r itatlatlee. spread the rumor 
■' ■ "iilii '■<>Iy^tltute n poor 

liiijc a profcsalonal 
lu.. • wt«i the aelleTR be- 

heved \«us large public interest tn 
ihem Willi ;hese statLsl ic* now out 
atid .iliijw iiiii that tlic lears were 
groundlfirt* for a fe« wf^k, holders 
ahakni .>m ifinr technical posJllmi 
has been radically improved, and 
thay are now in a poattlon to start a 
new advance. tUscountlng what I 
believe wUI be an excellent itatla- 
tMal aahlMt for July. The prooedure 
In the general marketv therefore, is 
to iiae every Individual or group re- 
action aa a purrhA5f> opportunity, 
taking prof^ti^ or.i> ui .-aaea ctf oot- 
staodbig or upectHrutar ftrength. 

Alleghany corporjiMon has ad- 
vanced radically enough lo warrant 
taking trading pmflt* In it mT» i 
think yoti abould put the funds into 
Mi.sAoun Kansas TexBA if you are 
permitted to get It within one or 
two potnu of the Hxty level, below 
whleb It hla been oootlnuouaty rae- 
oounsiidfldt a^oolaUy aa a 71 vhim 
Is dooaervitive and still MUMr 
prices most probable Canadian 
PacUlc 19 one of the few rails stUl 
available well below iu high of the 
year. 90 Iniy tt here for at leaj^i » 
new high on thu move corn 
Products even at lu new high, la 
atlU a buy, aa yoti are crlalnly go- 
ing to be able ro «ell thlA i^ork latm- 
on at 136 or better n«>uichmann la 









Da*. .... 











94 «l 





99 H 










49 V 









94 S 









oum oLogg 

Whaai— 4 IIS 

■ 134 

• II' 

4 11 ll'i 

• U\ 1 


Corn--! H 
991* 41 H: 3 V 
1 W. H • «t<i 
Oata-i W . Al't 4 «i ! '.V u 0 44^* 

J«» whaai S?^ °*" 

Saatunbar wbMt m'a iir, 

Daegmber WIMSI im 14I', 

acataiat>«r gciva yi ittos 

Doenabrr totn a|K, ^ 


cheque payment*, were larger 
than in botJ, the preceding week 
and the correspr-nding week of legg 
according to the we^tiy f^iAtpmmt 
of the Department of Commerce. 

WlUiam P Humphrey, president 
of Tidewater. AMociaieH. when In- 
tgrvlewad today oonoemlng the 
lUiatMOd eonseUdatlon of Continen- 
tal OU Co and Tidewater Amom- 
ated. stated that sueh o ooiMall- 
datlon had never tieen suggegtad or 
dl«cuased by any officer of tba TMa- 
water Associated Oil Co, 

June copper atatlstles wm a 
favorable ourprlse. aa they ahowad 
n gatn of only 3.000 tons In surplus 
r'Tn-'l ard blister copper Street 
I ' r/ji I,>.jking for a much larger 
re..-" One Uung aeems cen^, 
1/ copper buying doea reach propor- 
tions axpeolod by some surplus 
•tocka vhleh now aaaouni 10 t3 iie 
tons, aot nuoh naei* than a two 

w«5f MWiy. am 


9 J', 


44 s 

47 ^. 




l.onj Op*T. Hwh tow OlBBg 

Jul? 'tub ' «■ . h Msb t49i^b 

Mavratb*' i«ii'.b uc.u it4',h I4t>«b 

Oaal) ri ''■< Na Nfv *f, < t*M 

lUU. 3 Hflf .40. 4 -nit-ai UP* >. 

WbMt. n«s " *h*ti \tK\ fwd, »i<. 

tBfsaaoe. Btwwm * Oa. Ui.i 
WINNIFSO. July la.— The wheat 
mafkai was vBijr aottva and atraog 
again today dUb prleaa aoovlna 
gains of abaut B eenta from Fri- 
day's dose, llufa waa a lazgc trade 

paaslog. with rni :<^tdTRbIr> outside 
buying con>:)./ <,i .u- i.<i> t)'.rough- 
out the aesAloii whicti eiiabfed the 
marltet to holrl t)jf advain'p dmpite 
the fact that ofTerings were fairly 

Hbiral at tMaaa, there being cooald- 
eraMe weekend proAt taking by 


Kxpon aalas o< Oaoadten wbaai 
waa again extremely small, but It 
aaa i nui te d that a large buatnaas 
had been worked tn Owlf wheat, 
which waa reflected 18 the Obteaco 
market that market ahowtng more 
strength today than for g long time. 
All reports from Spring wheat terri- 
tory both sidea of the line indicate 
a much more .-terious situation euate 
than wBA indicated by the two Oov- 
ernment report* issued laat week. 
"Hia daeUae In nonditlon of Spring 
wheat baa baaa uimaitaUy rapid 
alnoe Xbm am of Jaly and la stlU 
deterlorattaig. and U la now prac- 
tically assured that, an aiMremely 
small crop will he harveated. No 
moisture reteivrd the past twenty- 
four houra and the (orpcM.'it yromUed 
dry conditions to contmue over the 

According to reports thauBsnd<« of 
acres are being ploughed up. while 
Ihou^aiMls of acrt-e will do Utile bet- 
tar than five or nin tu.-'lielj per acre 
The local cash market was very 
quiet, with uauaJ buyers showing no 
Iniareat. oataMe of Oanadian and 
Ananoaa lolBs tafctno small lou of 
osrtattn gi aaaa, OSartafa scarce 
aad taoMm aapaar aidie «tiUi« to 
aanr their aawMM tola itae ae* 
crop year. 

Loc*] aenUmeat Is vary bullish 
and much higher prices ar« antici- 
pated. Some short covering in the 
July, which made theoaabmontb a 
Uttle strooger Umb Um mm de- 

Coarse Oralna^Thaae aBBiaeU ai 
made aharp advances with specu- 
lauve buying goinc on and in sym- 
fiathy with the strength in wheat 
Consumptivf demand was limited 
and no export bust tl sal could be 
cooarmed. Oou eloaad Xl-3 highar, 
bartay 1 1-4 to 9 evita higher, aad 
rye lT-« to 11-4 higbar. Hex 
again aeored aaored larte galna, 
closing 6 i-s to • i-a eenta hlghar. 
Hpeeulatlve buying the Chief fea- 
ture crushing demand 9k>w. 

Sandy Beach Inn and Goli Links Ltd. 

7% Cumulative Preferred Shares 

The purpose of thia iiwie i* to obtain lunMs to o^nstratt a 

mo.iern. up-iM-ilatc an.) • . -^yvA inn ,.f thirty t»c.l- 

rooms. with iit-cc'-sary pr 1 iiimodation, and also to 

drvel<.[, a iitlly nHnic!ii t..iiri<t reeort. with golf ftwke 
riiliny, tennis, }it*atiii^ atul m hm:; 


With Bonus of Ten Sliare^ of $1.00 Each of the Malahat 

Park. Ltd. 

-Britilk ColMbia Bn4 Corporation 


Vancouver Nanaimo Duncan 

H. ^ BOOKMAN. Managing Director 
_ OUaat Privata WUm la AU PrUwiimi aacnaima 

aaaio B iM i as M pmm a m a:a9 am. aa« nva 9 m TaTua ftsa 
Phonag Ma-Mt-UO-^Voor Uaea OmeUac AU 

Buy Arkansas Gas 

\o wcck-s apo wc recommended an i 
advcrli.>ied this stock ai 0. It is now 
selling in New York at 12>4, an in- 
creaffcc of over 30%. 


DfTBanaENT aAivasaa 
•40 Fori Street CbriapwHall Bldf. 

oO., LTD. 

Pbeaaai m tt> 

We Offer- 

City at Victoria 

SXOuariit— d 

Gold Bonds Maturing October I. 1953 
Prfee tW-M and Accrued Interrst, Yiddjng ^. 








.. IM 





.. 144 





.. 141 


144 H 

.. M 





.. 91% 





.. Mta 















:: 8* 






111 '4 



OoL ....... 




Royal Financial Corp., Ltd. 

m fart Strvat H. W. MTILSR Msnsger Phonra lOIS-IOM 

* « t r r Mr 


Money at Work 




Walter 8. Vlflord ataies re Amer- 
Ittn Telephona and Telegraph Co 
'Turther pNMgbea baen made in 
transooean MeplMBy bf tha con- 
.-^tniciinn of a ihort' wave dlreotlenal 
nt.iio U'lfphone traosmlttlng atattoa 
jot Lawrrneevllle New Jeraey which 
will supplemenr the original long 
^wave telephone stauon a second 
short wave telephone channel to 
■^op* was opened In June to 
Ifovlde for future arowih. and addl- 
ttonal eirauit to Airape and one 
ebaaaal lo Argantlne. South Amer- 
ican, ay* now la proooM of con- 
strucUOD. rtu radio talophesie 
channels to Btirope wtU be con- 
structed as 8upplement*ry to tba 
transocean telephone oabu. wtktab 
your oompany is preparing to Uy." 

Morriaon A Townaand— Tbc gen- 
eral market slttiation la hsAlthler 
than It might appear because gains 
and loeaBB have been raUier evenly 
divided, though more puuiicny ha# 
t>een given to the gains Money 
looks definitely eaaler 

llomblowrr A W»ek^-Wr think 
it WUI par 'a fnUow the str/rigth In 
public uUllLles. whiCti havf br^n 'he 
Aitrtdafa for the other general 
markel atfVbaeaa this year, and we 
beHeae ttat UUa daportaMMkt wftU 
lead the aiaitet fonwa. 
Trading Mracagt-Waab-and eve- 
1-4^— "* oparauoos are likely to eauac 

nsTe a aaH ag| betars be ntmitm. but tbe aiarltet u a wbole 

la ^aeied lo evtdeaee a flrai 
linden nwe- ^ 

OgM— 1^ M IV MB, 

!• 1% SO. 

ongsufmBa roa igowMT 

Bie oetr 

Ogtoaar whaal . . IMS lt]<« 

CAsa riaaiM CLOag 

Whaat 1 N ^lS^t I N. 111^. 1 N. 
I47<, 4 III'. A. Ill 4. in (Nd It 

Ogia t cm 41 1 CW. .-» ••tra 1 
(gad. la 1 ttrd. >4 ] tFfd. i»\ it- 
jMtaa. 41 lrg<;k 41 

Barln 1 C W I] • i C W . 7as , 
ralacird 7a'i 1m4. 7I'« vra'k II3>« 
risa 1 CW. lit', 1 CW IZit't 


W , IM^. lamtM, tM»t, irach. MS't 

iif*-i a.w.. laiai 9 o.w.. m%. 

~ 199«i rajaoaod. MH; trsak. 

Calgary Oil Stocks 

tejfcif^ HART 

^QB||^^todd, ltd. 

»5b BONDS 

While tbe bond markat ie depraeead, many good b«gpf await 
the shrewd inveator ^^ 'f.^ miggggtiana? 


Ill roBT armagT PBoma aw-em 

We atrongly rcconuneod accumulation of cartaitt atock* to 
hold over a reaaooable period for aubetanttal profita. 
Cooault ua. 




Tf fJtrajvnt 

• n ». BaaaUwi a OS.. LM ) 



While It may be trae that the 
married man Indulges hlmsaif in 
exfravaganeea leae Mien than his 

scheduled lor eo-leadernhip In the 1 5^.^*!^' .'^r^^^ nevtb^ the 
food gfoup. m> buy i. befor. « ««— P>y 
Mis too far Into nm hMi tm rVa» m ™ umnunded 

iCw York CeotralTL iKoSTISm- "T' 

dantly apeetacular "b^aT SSa I j^^lT " '^T'^^L^'^J, " t^T^r 

sra-Sd-^St^ss^t^i i-^^ .px^td 

■ ag rrMuaaa ta BwaoMi 

aaa gasais Ovaia. 

•Tc tinion. which, with Amer- 
iran and Frwelgn Power, la sboiit tn 
aviime leii'l''r>h)p in the utiht v 
grrHip AniTiinr. .4. PnreigTi. tn- 1 

deniHliv L« f 1 i- iiv >o irlv^ you 
more than, nr af ijtr rTK»l iwo 

t o buy It around lao Amer- 
taggi lioetBDOttve la now on its way 
to about 1«0 and will aarve to start 
Pullman and the entire adnlpmmt 
group on ltd advance. 


fgaM^ai 0«»«gtaM( •« 4«HaalMva 

rwaca ra raoofcaas 

■tt. laia ssea 
V»a(>au**r 99 Mil Mil 

Vwtoru HUM 

A**d RfKwaffas . , 

» A oil 

a#ll T*>p}itm* .. 
Braaman 7>ar 
Bcywi, * rack 

BO rawer -A" 

Osa. a a 
Om. ae 
Oaa Oa«> 

Oar^ a«B 

VasuMfw* la »a n-M » 

VMwria 9fr-99 la m h 

OoBdHMo a< Martn Waoria oad Van 
.aawr flM*t»»B. eaaiuUMi i«M MaaOT 

atrv. but whan they wmtry they 
almost alwaya have to agure osi 
I he rent of an apartateat^ Oa la- 
rn-ased doc«or and denilat UBb, SS SH^^J^T 
and on ttafn* like iniuranoe. Itwy 
■^ave, hovevrr '-<n ' hr total ^MRt 
for food, provided that their VMa 
know how lo oeok aad are «iibb« 

to do It 

Yet thr otTB e^ansea of a , ^ . ^ 
home are heavy. Stbe ha«y * 
brt rt i gT ao in Is aal i« Bad BbBMdl , i>Mntni«.r. Bneaa 
saddled with d«M aniwatfi be is 
llvtag leaa extrtvaiaillfc Umh he 
wag when tlngla. "niaimia, a ne^t 
egg of soene imie siae li a ealbabie 
thtng for tbe man oaiaaHglBUiig 
matnmonr It will tide him over 
ih* nrat months nf hiah 



Can Tnd Alr.i>i«» 
0«Mr«< PiMi Waraa 

D-wmian iVaaa 
t>*^'"iOw TttlUa 
OryOMi Paear 
rrgaof OsBieaaiaa 
Biraai WaiSar 
Waaaa* ftarna 
ItfOall PraaMftac 
H'>nl»aai r^tw 
^•■•a^al Brgwanao 

in eaubUahing a home, and lay the i 

The mo who Is aU 
M ike la H ^ 

foundation foT UW ftaliaa 
Te" eapMal^ faauly 



a Co 

. LM ' 





a • 
















laa 4 



M a 



19 1 

19 9 

ta 9 





M 4 


79 « 

79 a 


14 4 

14 « 


M 1 

la 1 

M t 










a« 4 

•a 4 

at 4 




n 4 

13 4 




II 9 






III 1 






ft 9 


M 4 



M 4 




• T 

41 4 

4» 4 

•a 4 

i)« a 

Iia a 






1M 4 





III 1 

III 1 

111 1 






ABona Pa. Olm. , 



> M 


. 4.11 
. 4M 


4 11 
4 M 





esMsraat ......... 

. 1 M 

a SI 



. IJ9 

I 17 

• 117 '4 



1 49 

1 49 

HasM oe 




niissia aaortt .. 





. -99 






9 99 

afoNan . . 
Mill our 

1 11 
11 M 

1 19 

1 19 







lU M 

141 M 

IU m 

Upaotifr . . . . 



1 4'. 



1 »^ 

BrjlLlr. nnmlnloa . 


Oraai WgM 


ni Ceo»ai 



INNERFOLD OILS LIMITED— Capital. 1,000^ lharao, 

no p;ir value. Price, Sl.OO per «>hare (with purc)ia9e warranti) 
^(na*r4 aaa DUadian Oaarrg KMa, pnaiagac lmui -c«i i r paU) A.r*tia r 
rarlar (VM»-PraaU»et. Baaia Oil Ouirihutarat; Mail >lc4)ag*B OaalaaW, a. it 
Wbltlall. W W Boi.ith*'* i»r,- .Traa*. nt^» i.m riuiriaa 


911 Bvoaafclaa Bl. 


IfBW YOnK. July ia.-MeUU 
nemlaally unahanged. 



(araasaa. anva a oe> tM » 

ToeiowTo. July in faitoii^ a 

period of some two mootbg of pro- 

nouncM arUvlty in the Canadian 
bond market, during whirh a num- 
ber of larg' riv^TTiment, municipal 
and .vir[Hirjn, r: tscuea BMdi tBMT 
appearance in rapid BaeeaBabB, CbO 

■larfeat bee eaMred a avM or reet 
rtm now iggMH of bbpwiBnea bMO 
oane jn ibe eeartal dwiav tte pget 

A Quartar of. a Cantury'a 

A aouerm or a iolljdw dou^um aa 

Mawai) r*dBPrd roMiran** Pr— m»a Maa a la« aUvMag. MM a 

Oaa aaaw *»■ m aa*a 
Wa SM OBWBiai. AOSim 

•a aaaw rm- a»* M aa*a Maar raar naa aad AtrruiioBU.a UiOOKaBO& 
ra MO OBWial. aosim Mr aM-aaiasiiaaaa "'■^p'lip aag aamea 

BiMb oasts as M «!!MB9 9M.SSM Si «hg MBI aMwiBE 



I.U4 Braaa Inaai 

Oaa, aa apenaMnt 
prMg lUMJM iH par oeat nret 

mmlgace bnrwto. due 1944 of Olen 
^»d:^v. Inv«aunent Oompany wfc* 
ofT'fgMi to tn^ public at leSM Lo 
y\f.ei rntr- ^?^ (j»T r*ni Vour oorre- 
9paOdant LhU •n'rk WH' rt^k^v^ Vet" 

for Mle. anc ord^T* nvr* 

retaavety mmli Hem vera sua- 
Mrtith' largo to aenant apacui 

public] ty This 

10 Ba a rap- 


r»repftve haa taaan Ute market for 

ihe bonds arwl attractive yiaio u- 
suea that ther havr bg>«^ pr*- 
OMTBUghlr abaorbon trr do* 

Apparently 'h»rr a no imporar 
oa* b oTid n - «n imminent 
MevMVMlesa. ihf rnrviaMm of the 
to bao hnahhr. and 

Buy on 


The aatprrirnre Af the pae( faar daye 

pmvea thr H,*.tofn u( huyinif les-l- 
mg ml <i.>i- kg <>n every rer e^aietn 
ir-ffie ( hi and ,A P ("on4..»id«ie/1 ire 
|^0qq^|||q|| atuck9 i<i watrh and "huy un the 

H. E. Hunnlngs & Co., 

Member* Victoria 

^- -I Street 

Tetepboae 6100 

pW'fidad tba xBtuT n 
atasort sosae attemper eant or 

wa« I in a mucft ggeia 
arolttMo u»« aen 


mfi mm. 

i» Lliii 

Any Recessions Since Do- 
minion Holiday of Minor 

r iS ilH l\ US! 
litJUM) Sh\y \(PHK 

OraiiMii. Brown A r'> i :.i . 
TOKONTO. July J ! . 
Um Hat on CAojulian uutiki-LA i:^ 
•Ktatd greund doM Um nnmlninn 

Exehmgta Clo$ed 

• KNLOUVER. JuJy l3, — 

^ witb Montr«al uid To- 
reeio cietuuicM tkomd lodagr. 



HharM bw ten jipprwtebto. and 
wi>rre reoMMoMi h«ve 6ooumd. 
UiMc hav» bevn of mlDor Impon* 

on th^ Toronto 






11 u 


our DftWn 




Or MM* 







^■WMJ Pkmt 

9^14 '*A'* . - , . i - 

:::::: 8» 



0««4/ur pf« 



HmbUmd DkiriM 

.... M 



Karat WhfvU 




IBI. vtn 




Klnc Uward . . 




loblaw A 






Ma4vi llarrlf 




I'f.-.T. rntr . ., 








■ . ,i1 




ol CiMU 






- ... tM% 













UMiiraal .... 



nmv» Statu .... 









B A. oil 

- . ftis. 

ini PK* 

14 '4 


tnmrlal Qtt .... 

... . »■« 







..... 41 



Qm HarUand 








smiea n4UiMa 

..... M 



^•■'•f OorpB, , - 




Oaa UaiUM ... 







Spring Wheat Situation 
More Serious Than in- 
dicated by Government 


crap ot ftbdut aM.OMjOO»biMlMU it^ 
ibBa lut jTMr. ablpiwau from chi- 
tanoe UtenU. tad there ui 

M|o pout 

vhesL Anot^pr pm»ll rroii i» ir\ 
dtnued, but no export buouma u; 
IntUeMcd ■« prawnt. Mid BuropMa' 
npertM lndlcftt« good cropB of rye 


Nuw imtJi 

Tidcet Forecast 



Ciodng Grain Quotation* 

OA >Bna Corvorauan. Ut.) 
, ^ WlMM Oau 

J«*r_ tH«i u 

1 IM*» M« 

lu n 

WfeMt Oan Oat* 
IM M-» *4', 


tfEW YORK. July 11.— The qoH- 
Oalr jitoit TwvItc ^'"'^ whether U 8 Sterl u silll k 
DurctiBse ckn bp aiuwereid iri Lhr 
aJDrmBtlvf I'ndrr a aeUlng wmvr 
US fitrrl Will likely low norne of 
Its recrij' cau^'^ but Uie itUuaUon 
M B wfi ' • vreptlonally favor- 
able atiii iUtri i> in a good poi^Uon 
to thaw « aubMaatlal adnoM. 
Loog baftm 0l«tf araMid SM «• 

. , predict«d a pnoe of ISO for thta 

C10 4oa bftrreli with an anregale ioeciflcaUy s&ld that 

Canada't impttrto ot petrnltum 
and lt« productc Jut y«ar amounted 

u. »ni fl7!S d88 Id value The lotAl 

otjip'j' -.r 'he i^i.minion s i:»ll wcUa 
In tfi" iame year reAvhed a WtBl of 

value of $2 0M it35 






Oo. Lid 

hUKtu haa been prooounced. On 
July 1, Uw nM advanoe was 29 1-4 
pelata; on July «. 3-4 polnu; on 
JHly f, S 1*J potaUi; «A July S. D 
polnM. ttnd July 9. 37 1-3 polnU. 

Ai waA t>olnt«d out last WMk. Ihe 

CaiiiulUii l:.>t hBA huffed behind 

bean under vay erfdcntly. bv t.hcMe 

*ho are convinced Uut if the beiwx i montual wbsklv itocr 
gndt atocks an held for « tune, 
fBTOrabl* proOto cao b* rMllaod. 

7*^'* 5-p<)int ^in In L*lie BupMlor 
THf 1.(11 wtiart-A whkh moved 
ubovr 20 I. Of iniermi, .nd th« gain Zu- 

rtiam redeota the conUnued extn- A>br>r 
ordliMiT Incnue In mJm of ttu 
BMntmij ttu» 9«a». 

Hm oU group gODomUy dlapUyed 
a raiUleni tona Owudiao OU ad- 
vMMd I potnu, 8iip«n«Bt pote 
3 l-S potato. Imperial oil ud Me- 
Coll Pront«nac Ar« exp«ndlng rap- 
idly, while Impmal OU and BA \^'" ^I""* iSf 
o,l .re reaptnt fuller benc41t« Mwi a ^i.'in. 

lAfcr expaxiHlon pro^mmed that i -'n'Tu 

have been under way lor aosne ' '"""^ p'^- 

Art t'l. UW 
Auat 7 t. IIU 
Bala iiM . 

a«iB T >. i»u 

B«la T ',. . 

Greater Than Would Off- ^i;;:", 

m n uwm, Bf«m * c», Ud 

ABUa4BlK IMt, 
An fa. till . 

Present Loss Calculated 

•el Heavy Giirry-Over — 
Report Smaller Cora Crop 

CHIOAOO. JUlv 13 —Wheal Cur- 

CMia RtM T'a. ia«i 
■at. Rr. T a. IM4 . 
Praacii ri. ta4fl 
rnoaii 7>f*i. t>ii 
BiMAry I t *. 144S 
llwa •tmnaa 7 b, 1M« 
■ino BiuuMa ra. iM« 

XWlF Ta. IfBI 

J»a dWa. IMI 


Abtlitii ftytrt \ PaiM>T pfd 
AlU. PacWkc CflOi. 

B»ll ; ■ ■: ' ^ ■ 

Br»»lll«n Ti-H ijun 

B C Powcf * Oa« 
a C P«w«r * oaa " 
Imaiataa Papn . . 

Can Brewtna 

Can nrnnaa 

VBULT UMM ToanwTo wmtB 
lanaM^ >ro«n * o*. Md • 

*!•« ... 




... U4 






AHa. riMUte 

... m 




... M 


Baaa HrUla 

... 440 




... M 




... IM 







orandt ia« . . . 





. . . )« 



nolcofida ...... 




Ha»f » 

... in 




... 410 


K**!'? .. ...... 

... M 









afl sti 

35 «n 






!• nn 

l« Il> 

H 38 

Minina CO'IMI . . 








... m 



Ouamont ...... 

- IM 



B W Put 




fl^•r^lll Oordact 




SudkufT BaUn 


•MNdi* . . 

- at 



Taek Mwlia* . . 




Trcadvall TukM 











W«tn«r|l . , 








Ant d on 4i Oaa 




Bn UliMurl 








roniral Uanilofla 




[lalhAU'l* . . . . 




. MAA 



Han^p oil 

- I*)S 

31 «il 

37 « 

HiidMin Bav 


11 IS 

Id la 

Nirkal , 

M 1.1 

4ft U 

P'od OfMOa 



vanmrM . 

.. m 



wmsLr umui vosoffro vroou 

< Dran>4a. •«•«■ * c* . Lid ' 

Hun L«*r Claaf 

A;b*Ma Par 41^ 47H 41 

n.iildtw PrMluela M U% H14 

Nitcvrtaa 14 U« H 

B-il Talavbaoa IM lU IM 

BraiUiaa II «t*t M% 

nradf* n ID Tt 

r If. Bwi M as M 

Can OU M 4ft H 


iTinrui Alnrtiot 
r ini.idrial Alc«h«l "B 
C«n piHT*f ... 
Can Atftm'.lifp* 
Can fliraniimpi ptd 
Cnna Ulnint At BntlUaff 
(V-mifi'nn Brldtt 

Oofnininn Olaaa 

Oomlttinn TisUIa 

Pamoua Piaran. . ■ ■ ■ 

ONtaral Biaai WaVas 

Ohaa Odfd 

ini mekal 

Laka fir fba woadi 

P Liall Cenatrae Oo . . 
Maaaay Rarrll 
lf(inlr*al V. H * P . 
Mall Rf«<rlni .... 

Mall. BraWlna pfd 

Nail flipcl Cat 

CiHsfp n^ur 

OtiawB en«»r 

rnmtt Com 

Pnti Aitrad Plate 

p«i: AttrM Pa tar pfd. ... 

Price BrM. 


•barwln Wll|t»m« 

ataal tf oaaa4a 

ac-ai ar otaaea pfc 


wiMrtvM aailwar ....... < 

Wlmlptt Radvap pf4~ 
caoadirnat NaUtaalt .... 

taak at O t iiBt r aa 

faa» aj Maamal ... 

Sank of Mova Brtua 

nn**! Bank of Canada 

laiftBMBt BrtVB * Ob . I id t 


Aaa'd Brawartaa 


■ A Oil 

Co«in*Tcul AlcoBol .. . 


niaiilivr* Avftaraaia 
riominioii Bn«. WBfka .. 
UtTd'n Patar . 

Baaurn Dtlrtaa 

Partwn Pavtr 

Hytra aiaeule , . 

mi. Pti* 

lai Pawar 

Imparial TMacM 

Int. DUlltiaa "A" 

Haaltafca Mmt 

HeCod Prmwfiaa 

HaU. DMUltra 

PtM Straw , 






I4< 1 



•4 . 

1 1 







































44 '« 

























































Indicate ■ much mere v'n'))t~> Mt'ia- ' ptiiab fa. IfH 
tlon e\\r.u in iHc- Sprlnff wheat] Mat Ta UM 
country than indicated by the gov- 
ernment reporu of the two couii- 
trlcs whkh were iMued W«dn«aday. 

The decline In oondiuon of spring 
wheBt haa been uauiually npld 
Alnce July 1. whereju the report* 
covered condltlonii only up to the 
end ot June Moreover (he condl- 
Uon.1 adversely affecting Winter 
wheat have been extremely tertou* 
since the first of the monih. several 
liard tBlnstonn& beatmc down the 
wheat ID maqy aection* and causlnit 
•erlotta lomea. ProcpecU now are 
thai the Winter wheat as well as 
the Spring wheat crop may turn 
out leas than a year ago 















• IS 

• IN 





























We apedflcaUy tald 

(Hi the baslt of I ^^ound 200 Steel wouJd encounter 
lafli year ji ccn.-'ijmptum tftr domesUc ofTerin«« and would 

production waa tufllcieril ta tupply ^xp^rleiice diffl< ul'i«< moving 
our markn for a petted, of twelve ,he*d rhe ncu a 8t«Bl 

days only, aari Mr. A. W. Blue, In an . amce it reached mj lu cxaoUy as 
article in Mactoan'a Mafartmr To < ^ had antloipatod. YaMMdar the 
meet our requlmncnta for the re- Mock moved Into new hightem- 


Buyinic I p «. Mftrk WhUo the flap, 
pllr*. l-;qual ihf [>eni*ti^PlerBl 
r^rrttons Most I' imspl rD m i 

Although the buying waa bnak ai 
ttM VloMna Public Market yeater- 
day nortung and afternoon, tba 

" All 


... icaa uwn « year ago ftUppllBB eqwUftd the dRUaikd. 

On the baals of report* received I ■taUtooldera were well ttftnlrtd 
from reliable elevator, concerna lajtbe varlotti OonmodtttliL 
the Northwest and CAnuda. there iB 
a preaent Iota compared with a year 
ago In Spring wheat In thla eonnir-. 
and Canada of 90dj000.000 buAheU. 
Tbii would much mere than orfaei 
tha baavy carryover. lAta advices 

The floral leetloiM war* prabaMy 

the moat contptcuoua with tfaMr 
beanrifui displays of cut nowers 
*nd potted culture Cut flowers 
Brown oul of doon such at colum- 
bines, sweet pea« and panalea. 

stock aaovad into new high 
tory, but In oar oplnlact It la stil) 
net out of tba dlflouUlM the atoik 
unially meeta when tt reaobea aoo, 
Wt thentforc look lor aooie aee- 
aawliig In Steel, and larger gains 
may follow larger setbacks 

After absorbing all the otrertngs. 
U 8. Steel will once more begin 
moving higher and should reach the 

nuUnlng 354 days of the yaar wt had 
to Unpon mainly from the United 
State«. and 8I.07fiJI80 Canadian doU 
larc pAJBtfd out of the country and 
out ox our control It this large turn 
could hAve been kept at home. Ita 
inriuence upon tiur gaoeral hutlafM 
development would hMd h«Mi coo- 

Canadians, accordinglv. »ir (ol-lgoal we predat for thu tMue. Tba 

lowing the proffT^ of provlntt up »dTanee should aynchnwuge with 

AAerta'a extended on drxjia.n with ' Jf* •'>«5;5*?S ^ Jt^ 

Craat Interest and expe^iaiK-y That , ^!^f~* w"..?*'a*'^P"**f°'J'^ 

wUl be held at the end of tbla 

month. On that day t^e company 

Bbould report very remarkable re- 

lulta of operations for the second 

quarter of the year. It la eatimated 

that the act will be around *7 per 

Bharc. or a toui of about |12 for 

the flnt atx moniha. The dtuatioo 

In the ttaal induftry If decidedly 

sattsfiutory and the outlook for the 

coming montlu. (hough not as 

there U a martet ta Canada 'or 
iraatly bwaaiad production is 
abundantly aaeatad bf the Ufuiaa 
above quotad; and as Albirtf, and 

e^Mcially tha-IVniar Valley, ooo- 
tiQues to inoreaM ite production 
ateadUy, there U a rialnf hope that 
Canada wUl some day beoome Inde- 
pendent of outalde tourcos of supply 

In this highly eawntlal rommodity ,,,, 

'AJ^** f*' or courw. that ; ^pliiSJJuiar u tn thrM«)nd~quar- 

AJberta U n.X yet out of Uie pros- ter. la itUl entirely good Begln- 
peetlng stage There are imporunt ' nlng with the aecond quarter. DA 

w t de w c e a of oil, but production has 
not Xftnacbed the stage where u. 
can taBfin to Mia «w« ol mota than 
an laftDliflilaial fnetioa of our 

An ospart appeajeal of Alberta's 
oQ potantlallUea by Mr. T. O. lladg- 
wlck. petroleum engineer, for ttaa De- 
partment of the Interior, at Oalgary. 
u or timely InterMt He aays, in 

steal will abow a draatic deoUno In 
prtor abaegaa owing to Wt aatUng 
tn oe tho boodad indabladnaM. 
Hnklaf fund operatlona which 
hM been charged to expenaiB will 
Bte aoon oeaae. and. therefore, tba 
outlook for the tceond ^alf Ui even 
brlRhte r 8t«el shoul d be bous h t 
durlnir alt market recesslonji 

Delaware A Lackwanna, recom- 

pari: "In proportion to the area over ''"f,"'^**' "f*,' *'"!5^":ii"' 

Indicate that l>« (arm board wlir ^^ht the eve of theX«r^' 
begin opgrauons at onoe. Uking Into "^''J. ^^J^ i^, "f^J'*?,^. 
eonslderatlon the ,:lut nf wheat at rm^^i^ ^M Jit 
the Ouir poru Prurs are on an waU aa far ae the fliah 

export baaU at ihr Oulf. but trade '?f SJj^S'lSSS j!;!}^ 
far hu fiAt hmtn sr-Ht .„ oul piaDtB. With varlotM other Unei 

£i?w5?It U^mi Sin?^^S2^1'»^'^ nuraerymen have on iheir 

freely abroad at oonpetlUve prlS SETI- "'P"'''' ^ P*^" ^topownt u aaiiy «n oU floM 

There were reporU of a" apread of}™**"- | which haa slnoe hwolBS « iMId PVO- 

the dock strike to Fuenon Aires, «trawbeme« probably made ducer. 

whirti ma-, stimulate -mnr inrreiue appearance ai the marl, -The aame formaUona irttfah an 

In the buying of Ouif wheat by "Q** 'or » quarter I ^igWy productive of oU and aaa 

Burope. especially as Canadian wheat R**P»»''""". loffanberrlaa and small , ^^uq^ ^be Inlcraatlonal bomularv 

ii'z", ,r ""^"^ ssf^ ^''^'^ northward TXriSSi 

rapidly than ours, !5?-J2i n^i* TSiSL.*^"" ^f"""" ix'i'fi'iai mi , pr<3u^ 

The Canadian Oovtnunent report ^S^^^^J^^t^ t!S?^^^ i^^ '' rh.rac-ter OU teeiage. have 
R«ge^ a toUl . rop of ■34.000.000 '^^^SS^**?^"',™; SSS^ fron.^rSiutham 

buihelB or about »b.0OO,OO0 buaheU u^'^f ^ iJd2i^.io3? '^"'^"^ ^ "^^ 

weU represented and the butchers "'^'"'[■''ni llmtu. In the t*r sands 
and the lone flAhmonger enjoyed : 'l'"''^ Edmonton we have by tar 
comparativfh Rood rmLranaae I"** greateit mantfe a la il o n a o* the 

Oherrlei, lo« of ^-venU varieties I " 
were to be hae at manv .■;lallB from 

which drilling In Western Canada 
ha» to far been carried out. neither 
the number of weUa nor the footage 
dslUed can be said tn have taken 
prOBpecting out of lu preUminan' 

?i!i!!':i_.^U V P"*^*^- "*»lcro«ed' 140 In the la.M 

*HMBM«d li the fact that, in spite ^,1^ naturKllv wrrf ' 
of WMbt naulU have been extra - 
ordmdfily ffuooeaBfttl far man ao 
than at the equhratani itage of de- 
reiopdunt in BUiy an 







37 S 
14 ». 


leM than a year ago. but aa stated 
abtfN the Spring wheat erop hai 
deteriorated greatly alnce that date 
The Canadian report did not make 
any estimate m bushed but itave a 
low condltlcn roniparrd to a vrar 

Ago. With the Inference dra«-n by the ^ Ofteeo cenU a basket Black 
trade, that ihe report would be murh I ^"'■V'* adda their first appear- 
more bulllati ir made up from i **** snapped up rapidly 
praiant data. Leading InfegMeto Ini dliplay of dairy pro- 
the Northwest report m|Md 4Merlor- M**^- *^ " huttgr, ercam. 
atton in Can;tnti 'hr past week fowl, ohkkans, haait ehoMt. htoUers 
and .iimilsr : ■.•■.rnuon over a tUtUam wara iMgpggnd 
larKe part r.f our Northwpat par- , 
llcularlv n. r,-..rth DakoU and Man- ^ ^. _ — 


ouUook And MlnMapoUs prioM 

Tife bJJ^ ^S^nV^^VS^^ '^P™** '^^^'^ ror.ditiona in areas 
fuSuhiTin S! K ^* I" i fortunately aflecied and to revive 

^^^^.i". ."^'.^"*^^ '^"•P'^ 'n hopes for many cnm whloh had 

The esAcntial HaUirca which delMmfne the iitvtiHnciit ^MHty of 
any aceurity «r«i 

Safety of Frindpal 

Return on lavettcd Capital 

Do your investmentt hav thf^e fitrntial*"' 

Write or Phone Our Bond Dtpartmtnt for I'helr 

R. P. Clark & Co. 

(Victoria) Limiteil 

Arcade Building, 617 Vi,w St H. W. J. PMdraOi^ Mansger 

PiUktS AKt UF 

TfMid t/i sllirhil 

Now lork — RaiU \rf I' 

■eua Fcrformcn 

.lelUng out ot line with the railroad 
Isiuea, Delaware Ae lAckwanna Im- 
mediately nM^ondad and moved 
Into new high taf i lkr j . The stock 

was ^'ti! obtAlnabl'' heifT« nn on 

h-' v,f rrrom:r.' t,.:lrii and 

hiv The 

i.i*f.l by 

profit taking, but olTerinttb were on 
a minor scale and recessions com- 
paratively negligible The position 
of Lackawanna road It subject to 
outsldo lathMtwea partleularly i" 
coal movements. The outlook for the 
coml industry Is brightening, how- 
ever, and therefore this road should 
enjoy a heavier traffic On the 
basts of equity the ittock is still 
undervalued and we look for fur- 
ther gains in this isstie No spec- 
taoular perfonnaaee la antktpated 
but, aa long aa a good markat f^^ 
railroad stocks U maintained, Deia 
wkra A Lackawanna should readi 
gain an additional n to 30 poim- 
During the flr.if fiv montha of thi' 
year Laokawaiina ip^'orded an tn- 
crease of tl 4:il<x>o in groM and an 
IncraaM of li. 024.000 in net. We 
advlaa additional pure ha set of "DL." 

During the next reaction motor 
ftoeka wlU.aell lower than during 
the prwloua one and at that ttma 
leading Issues in this group will be 
) a purchase Kven if the motors 
HifhT Leval* at ahould stage a flight demonstratioti. 

they are nevenheleas worth while 
leaving alone for the time being. 
Tba atraai is atlU looking for ex- 
nlantttnm of tha deeUoa in brokers* 
nana whlata came at a ttane when 
the market dbnttoued advancing, A 
week ago we pr««dicted Ktirh devel- 
opmanta. We »prcii^(-a]i> lAid that 

the tremendous disburf-enn^nl* made 
on July I wU 1 be 1 j-sed ; r. pa v off 

^{wherever poaalble, but the wet 
waather has been against this 

.^„^ _„ majority , 

do not appear to have penetrated f.^?**^ **'jr^'"' 
fermers probably woJi^iiit iSTahta 1 S?^''^raV,2Sr'i SSS; ^ 

ihe protpertA fnr a better export I mAMTOBA 

O raaf. gtefm a C« , Ltd 1 
JftlW TORK. July IS.—Prlcea In 
today's market were of a muted 
nature with the mad to aUgbtly 
higher levels. Ralls were the eoo- 
tpicuoiis performetB and UsiMa like 
New Vork Central. CtntiUan PaoMc 
and H number of othem scored sharp loans incurred In purchases of 
gAlrw Con-i'ilidat.ion plans affecting utoclcs in anlinpanoii ot ihote in- 
.tome ol Uir leading rarriert and creawi. For another week or two 
uicrcased earn- wa may wttnaM rlalag tendendaa i 

outlook this Biimmrt and r*ll. and 
the Spring wheat dmaster turning 
me demand to the southwest and 

year aeeounts 
tor Boint of tba recant activity 
shown in Uw «am«r group. 

Prtoea In IM utlUty group were 
mixed owliif to some realising at- 

in brakara* loans, but. beginning 
early m August, bondholders who 
will rooalve payments on call is- 
tuea wilt uat their funds to pay oR 
their loam to brokera. and this wlU 

According lo the eleventh weekly trarted bv ttie recent aharo unturas ™<*"ce the toUl of brok- 

crop report "of the Canadian Na-- which practically all 

in this 

ft-.i' Indebtrrtneta. It miut be re- 

t>hax of the situaUon • tlonfl RaUwaya Northern Manitoba, group have enjoyed. Bcane of the ™*i>^b*"d that Aoacooda alone wiu 

smuNement shares, such an rox and 000.000 to lU bond- 

ramoui Playern, were higher on 1 come* St^-l with 

Utk of better earnings and further *" "JS* ^' 

expansion programme. In the final """■^"••dUy deehalng rates for 

hour of tha sgaMon aome waah-«nd^ money and will bring 

profit taunt, cooplad wKh the pro- SS.^ ' ^ 

' therefore advlaable not to overlook 


Millions in 
New Wealth 

Total mineral prAduriion m Cftnada daring \o2H 
aAiKifltad lo S273,000.0oo, cnntparH wnn %Z4~ 
000,000 in 1927. repretfntmg so (nrrea%f ni ]n 
tor tlt« yaar. 

DevetepMMtit of prnmittng properne* lliri-<ughoiit 
the Dominion, and eiprntlty ■■ Rrillth I rtlunib.a 
will be reaponsihle for tn additional marked m 
armga In production this yesA 
One Ifomf'MomhIv SiMk and Bond Report .-overt 
daralopaithti in all the miniog glslrktt and will 
^fWve an Mvsluable annree of inForniBtlon oa all 
minfftg iamflineni* Mailed tree on re^ueet 

Miller, Court & Co., Ltd. 

I fillnw til*- 
1 >tveli-'pmei»t 
nf f ansda's 


vicTowA orrxcK: aASTioN AND oovxiunaNT tra 


does not balance the prosped gf p a m i m il l y In Vmut River Valley, 
mich tremendous loeaaa in the North- promise of raturalng a fair 
west and (ZanadA. as no* gpnaar to I ^>'*>P ^V* ^ umI raoent rains 
tMcn esUbUshed. ftartber^^r^ <"i the Togo and Preeoertlle appear 
the chancM are better than ever ^" rnade an average crop a 

that further detorloratlon Inatoad of P".-'"hiiiiy .n ihoto sections. Some 

improvement will occur in »he Cans- '» reported from re- '^oime« weakneM shown in 

dian Northwest a.* the reRiiiar July stncted arra^ at Kenvllle and Lang- copper stocks created a Bcneral uii"' market, whloh Is still nea 

and Aiiiius: fcasooal ha/Ard* nr.- ruth. Central and Southern Mam- settlement in" the entire list WMk iu lowest levels Carefully selected 
SUU to be anoouuarBd toba, wbUe recetvlna furUier scat- MaTta the metal ta^^^^^ fn-V ""'^r a* high as 10 per 

Th« C*na*l*« cwp u lat^r fhan!**^ "l™- exoerianoed ascribed to ahtfitog^ oMrations P^^"' 'rtthln a comparatively 

osual and backward, and Is Ukely to 1 »«ther and Strang 1^ and ooa uSa ^Mii a n^ir m 

^1.°^*^' ^ *^ uu> It <^P" undooMadly auffarlng, importuTbJHSa wered^ Woolworth dlaappomtad the pub 

wuilake more £an mere local •spMilaUy whara no rain IML of obtoSnto^Sr^JwM anticipated a higher Svi 

SMWMi to malarlally alter the lAnUTOnWAIf aotMty en the adyahelog 1!de Juti; °" 

Ptejmt situation, owing to the lark RaWi have alao affected Bome im- ' dividend recently declared Is equal 

Of adequate subsoil moisture i« BlT^^M^^^r^l.^ 

Argentine rains have been msuffi- ^r^^ ^^S^^S^iS^ 
dent and Australian drought .om J^LJ^S SrS^^L!S!^S,iT^ 
plalnu eontlnue. while BSir^r^.^ 1 to *b general beaaOt. 

average crop, with several uunteiM 1 ^°*'''^"- Aaqutth, Tooghwood, , 

having a proBoect for iruit«f?n«Ul! Dodsland and Porter subdivisions •* excellent Ciruilmenl l^^nti^il' n^'"^uli *T^r»^ 

•niM M. •utfhiH >- t... ^ . to the rate paid prior to the tput- 
Tnere was nothing in the day 11,,. at. K«iijr«« th«t it <. 
ws to foster the SDorehension ' *?r^? 


JS?\o £E?rJ!f«. J ^1 rH'..'*^ of directors, as a higher divi- 
garo to the coppers, "nie alatbitlrnl Mt^ (■ j^ptTi- t« ik.. 

position Of Ihe Industry it*elf U i JS? ^S?!S- ^S^----- 

heavy foreign consumnnon fof'an* I ""^ TUdale. Melford. 
other year f>rurs havr had a hie Prince Albert and adjacent tar- 

advance from ih** in* point ihtn 
Mason, htt cnnii.rii . r! recrnt 

years at this timr itir ir\fi cif wheat 
la not high The farm board wlU 
soon be organized tnd undoubtedly 

will lend A hand fmm time lo time 

in .-'abfli.-iTijt -hp rr,Jirket. 

Com - The (iovermiMnt lepert 
showed a crop nnaiJer tlUB mogt 
of the private Mtimates However 
the ptTvalling weather conditions 
tor several weeU have been fa»-or 

ritorlea also continue to report oon- 
dltlons with Wheat terrltoriaa from 
U to 40 per cent headed and plenty 
of mouiure for the time being. 
Warm weather is needed to hasten 
growth, which is from ten days to 
two weeks late. Severe r^ii dam- 
BfB on July 10-13 reported from 
andll weaa near Daahelm ea the 
XAOgtUM) division 

Central and Southern RaJkalebe- 
wan <are sUil urgently to need of 

able, and aooM of the baokwardnriM rmln. Oravelhourg reperU swbMe 
of the crop has been made up • f«>P« • feUnre. wtcb nrmera tum- 
Coimtry sales have dropped to amall »" tbeir stock or pkH«hliig 
proportJonf recently, and thf r«^n ' 
donand has be#n good with hb^rml 

down Cnane gr»ir« are backward 
and pasturex dried up Avonlea. 

ihip. Rlverhurat and Qlenbm subdivl. 

Mien Hif part dAy or f 

ment The itniMc -,t-,r,ftr,| » Amaii 
inereoae in ■- ■ ^ r , , ■ uig re- 
celpM. Argrniin*- i^p.,rij> induar,- 

"wpl"* for exiv 
will not be over I77.000j000 buahrL* 
and the ofAciai ArgenUae siMmaiM 
do not ihow as much as that lydt 
J2J^ the poMlbUlty AT expert busi- 

il2?^T^n L^*** ' ' '° received Some 
tnan last >far Fhort crrm nt /^>. ^ jt ,_ 

new high frouad 

With the exoepuoa of Pan Pete 
"B ' and one or two oUMn the Mis 

dul little.- oil absras eeattoiM to 
dtsapnoint but some bnprevement Is 
eoondently looked for m the near 
fuiu'e miu in the aec«nd quar- 
ter hav^ ab.>iii duplicated the (ine 
Showing made in the three pre 
eadlng months and for the firvtt 
ttMnths of the current year it is 
probable that eamUMa wfl) be aub- 
fUntiaily ahead of tiie eerreepond- 
ing period a year agtk Sentiment it 
the close of the wwk ki considered 
rtions m the south alao ahewli« In- favorable and we are of the opmion 

... — . — ■ that iriA ma.'k^'t wUl exhlMt better 

form on the advaDdag aide of 

S32. i^'s^y'^':.':^.?:^^'^^'^-'^"''^"''^^^- 

uTMrnt! «!!riJ^ ^ movement in mercantile stocka can 

w oanta lor aeam tune. ..^-i-yi \u» .^^^^^^^ . 

- I or experleo Wp r<*cnmmend ar- 

T'*r..r*!?' *¥• ■MigUlty buoy- cumul»tmi Wt>o:wori,h 

ant with u.a stetf ttavnt into 

rrraslng droughl 


\\m< h 1/1 uie crop in NortiMm and 
Oentral Alberta supOMa to be 
aged berood repar. Mr^ eewn 
neldt Bre largely a fallnrw and Mde 

-rut tu.i.. " — — I . mMitm ^a^ui in unwr BTeaA dSir- 

ViL Sl£L SCl^'^Jf year ing the week, which naturally have 

b!^^eS?TL'^*^I^,**l^'*'H '"^"^ !2^«r* ^ »^-«oi 

•Med market appaeie llkaly with As m flbhav M&M STthToaMr 
Slii'JSS "^'^ " thejprovineea. a few good flelda may be 

""S!!? WBimue» BtroQg. found, but «ba» AMa«aocy in Al- 

4m Mb mV MM 

Oftt»-ar«p eellmane 


LONDON July u -Bar eUv«. 
M t-4d per ounce 

AT vrw Toait 

NKW VORK fuly 11 -Bar *»lvej- 
M 1-1 Uexlran dnllart 40 


With Kversl welta nesriac Ihe 
proHucing horixont. Calgary n*l 

*tnrU.t appear I, ),r r|m» fflf A 

move Thf mar Vet ht4 been 
fairly sirnng tluong ihe pa«i 
lew days Take ^vantage of 
preeeai kiw price tevcit, 

See M for Ibrtber taldnaellea. 


U5NDON, Julv \\ Money, a 1^ . 

pgr cent Diacount rates Short ^ 
MIU 6 1-4 • ft ft-lg per cent: three- 
monthr blUa, e ft-i« • ft a-g par 

Wfcstlnghouse Is nam selling ap- 
prnhnately go pMnU above the low 
of the yaar. whiab auet be oon- 
sulered a saM s lart oBy ejneulathiii 

In value within such a ooupara- 
tlvely sliort perii^ The advance in 
some stocks lias been more moder- 
ate and m others oonslderably 
larger We believe that Weatlng- 
house IS.- fuLiv justlflrd in show- 
tog the gains recorded to far. The 

(aot that prom takhig did not 
bring an agtenalve reaetkm indl- 
eatat that the holders are not yet 
ready to part with their atook and 
anticipate higher levels. We believe 
that Westingtwuse will sell tugher 
In time to oome and will undoubted- 
ly respdiKl tht iirneral iipward 
trend now doniinatnik the market. 
Tha future advaoeea howoT should 
be ef more OMdarate nature, and. 
thoQgh a long poeittoa la reeem- 
mended. wa a«r aMe 10 pceteot 
commltanaale Iv alop Iggg orders 
about 10 pelBli helaw tha eamnt 

American Locomotive aaOtled 
around the recently reaciied levels 
and apparently doeji not Intend to 
begin a new nio^rnient. Yet the 
situation U entirely favorable and 
we believe thai this stock wiU show 
oonsMaraMe galna on abort aoUoe. 
Bavlttg malnlaiTied a dividend dur- 
ing a period of lean yaara. alao can 
now be claasiAed as a eonservattve 
lane and deserves to be included 
la an investment U.^t should 
take but littlr buying lu bring up 
locomotive (.0 hiEher level.i and on 
the next nioye the stock should 
advanoa to around 140. Kven at 
the higher prloe the yield would be 
about 6 s-4 per cent 00 the Biaurbet 
value, which wui be out of line with 
the majority of conservative 4hdue- 

truiiA We advlM buying "ALO" 

Bullard t\^mpany la a camparaiiv 
new comer on the big board ana 
there Is moving within a narrow 
range. When the trading oom- 
moBttCbbeOMWa better acquainted 
•dill ttli llSUL It should becorrje 
more popular and ahouid show ap- 
preciation in value Tlir crimpanv 
Is an old ralabllshed businesA - 
gaged In manufartunng varioujt 
toola used in many lines, such aa 

railroad aqulpauat. atitpmobUe and 
Bleetrlaal aqulpBaent. etc. Hm com- 
paay Ig eoneervaUvely capliaUied 
and hoe oulatandlag 716,000 aharea 
of coauaoB atoek with no bond in- 
dabtedOBM ahead of the issue. 

viCToav UMNt IHW— TAX raas 

Inl#r«al du* Bui f»U 

itn. lit Mar ■oil Nn* inn iv> 4> 

lt>7. lai Juna and l.i«c 104 00 104;'. 

WAB I.OAN, a%— TAX Pass 
ttll. l*t Aptll and Oct tt 40 44 an 

Itn. Ill Uat afid Sapt iCt at iti lo 

<raiab> Ha* V<.rkl 

VirrOBT LOAN. »\\% 
1N2. ut Itav and li»> tSM IMia 

HH tsl Mat aae Ma* iCMS MMe 

Ital, 1)th April and LVl \'. 104 DO ISO » 
■ •40 IM Mtr and SifiH 4S'- tl ID l« Rt 

It44 IJiA April and , 4'i t4 10 t4 Ot 
1144. U{ rvb aiii] Aui , 4',-, ^4 Id H to 
l*i4, 1(1 Peb and Au« , f H H . t\ , Ukv 
ltt4. Itth Mar and S^pi , C N a . tlaai UU- 
letl. lai, Jan and Juli. c M R,. «1|a* Hkk 

Atfd acaruatf inutaat lo data; 
1H7. 41 dsja. tit 9*1 HOC. 
Itn. Itn. ItH. 71 dan, .«m etc Mia 
1>4|. u aaya. I Mt par tlM, 
l»44. M Sara. l-SM tar lias. 
tata iti sata. i.ea« »tr iim. 

Brakaraaa rat* on Vtciorr and War 
Laaaa >« ot 

This Is Just a nshing lale. seems 
the flaher c*u([ht a whale stems 
he hooked it aa the schoorur took 
a laek. It was forty feet in length 
and It MUMd his utmost strength, 
rorow tt bant" 

Oriental Trade: 

Qiina and Japan w^h theft 
inocasing demand for Western 
products open up a field for the 

further development of shipping 
and other industries of British 
Columbia. This Bank his special 
bciiicics for 'handling Foreign 




victoria* aC J. R. Scofcy 

Bnaek . ilenag^f 


Information Service 

and uifomaiian r* .hiro ,4 twt InvaaiaaeM M4 OH^fcM iiMralEa 

Mason & DIespecker 

■MMS aoe an aaaaars * 

„_ VMatia 

MM Br«*S siraM ^ 

nWMi Wirt envtta le AI 

Ltadias Otaaetaa nabansfs 

In oak. walnut or mafctitaar . . ggiubJe f.>r drn or librtry . . , In such a wM* variety ..t 
-tvles (with He*5 |c match, ni tniir-.ei Oiat n Sr 
a *imple matter fnr Vrtu tn hri.l exactly the |\i.r t., 
-Mit y..ur reqiiiremrnt.. Mn exh.l>i| at tnir d<«pla^ 
«iore. \22b <^venimcnt Street, oppoeitg UImda'a Ai 
fracttvtly pricad from ^w^-w */i«fTOi. ai 

$5 to $50 


ead C a iB ^e ia Ofllca 


Important Notices, Employment, Business and Professioaal Directory, Wants, Etc. 

' '~0MU M* Vuu«i«i HuUC»>- I- aw Bti: 

Mrtua UarrlMM. OBf«a af Tb — tl mi 
U UABMfiuB WaU Mfc H.W pgr IMft WD. 

'■iiin'--i ' OM*l ml tm» 

Iten cr moAm. tt.M PW —Olfc. 
ttaMl •(<•«■ at lUS Mt IU» Mr MUh. 


OkrfM Otarcb OkUMdrai Holy 
ntunlaa. I *Bd * M « n. H«Un« ma6 t»i' 
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D.D . OMn Mid RmUw 

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OMnmiuUAo II Monaina Pnier 1 M. 
■ntu«fi« Twllitlit oremB rwltal com ■ 
iMnoiiui >t 1 10 K«cU>r. tm. P. h. r 
Cbulvlch, M A 



•111. R«k rmi 

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ifi-iMt. In ihL> aas M* MM» warta 
(IK.! coionut"! M Oi MiM M« UN 

m Mr 

Bar tiuoi I A 111 !• W 
Jna) aril IL 

St Marr • Cburcb. KtetB Ilap«, Oak Bar. 
Hulf Cocnoigiilou, t a ta. IfattU Mrf an- 
moil. It KwQMMa and wnuo, 1 Ihwtpt. 
R** A^B^ daL j iaMna. 

St. ■kmafepa' Obanb. Oaat ami Oala- 
donia Car Wm. I. Hair KacbartM. S a m 
■"•f n « m (Hoaf. IraoMina. 1 W. 

A.Lan'a. Silawat ao<i Rrao. Hal* 
Cumoiaoiun. lam Mkiioa. 11. linii- 

Bmnanaal CbanL. OancraaaUoaal mv- 
Um lodur. n a Vlattan and oUiart 
eortfiall* inniMl Nm arMUDa Mnriw dmr< 
tn( titt cuLur 9 T«r«tiuu. BttBdar achocH 
oiMta 9 a am. 


\V'« HAVS AM btwiMO FO» TWO E» 
»J p«ricaaad aMvaiaioB atiMinvn Oiii 
MfaaiaaUftB M«» Uraot of lu Und in 
Canada and oBm uniimnwl miMHiiiiiin 
ut a liv> wir«. Traiotaa mxA, aMtotanc* 
•iir-, I.;: ^iraauo aod aalarr paM «lut« 
tuak 11.1 <. oiiiiaeucMt. PbaoB iilV im 



AcrMM ivM» 
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AotfM rar Bin 
AiitomoaUaa . , ,. 


"•^•U aod Lat 

■tt.(naa, Dirwtarr _ 

RasitMw optmrtmnMi .„ 
"•'d* of Thanka 

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WataOor,! , " 

^rarmi lor Rmt ■ 

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^'-r W*j;L»d f 

J"* AoartmpDta to UM* 

naia aad Aeartmanu Waatad M 

ga*»ra . , t 

B*r a<U«. MiMttaa*«aa 

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^mi.hatf Hmm* tor Kant •* 

^rt«l»h#<i RooRta fnr Bm* •* 

Jw">'«had Roaoij Wantad IM 

noMAkaaptaa BaMna tn Hast ..^•..•m fi 

rr^tiMkftpiB:: n«mna Waaiad ........ !| 

n<>tia*t rar B^la .„„ tl 

If' UamorlaM t 

JJrt,„^Oj««jly| g, 

Wa*hii^,"'.'f.7!?,.*""";""""r S 

Onaaa Hatl. OearinaF airm Mornini 
aarvlca. 11 BvctUOfl. 1 10 lubjcrt, ■ Halvn 
ll'jti U [.f ihm Lord ' Y..i; »r» vvkumr 

Ohrldailrlphlan. UM Wtiarr 8lr««t Tu 
dat. ml II a in Publir irciar* at 1 SO 
I'm . «uh;*cl. Cbrisl Arcordlna to Ho»«'i 

teat be rt 



Oracc Cburcb. 0»wo> and DlaaAard^ 
llandHa ■arrtea. U I?M«ni aarnca. fra*. 
.r ■Bbooi. 10 a m 


Maauna* and nientBa In tti* OcMiaanraUva 
OaU, Caaipbrll Roiliiina, today %t II a n-. 

. I P m. »n4 S p m Appuinimanta. DtiOXM 

......... t »«. or at ch« hfcll 



mmnr cshtu. m rau* tmM 

OWdoo Orant «1U ipaak •« MB 

■arrj' p« 

11 a ni miiM^i 
[■BBAnE moM Tlia pah BA8T" 
1 30 I) m i\ih}rft 

■TUB artmv or jacob and m 

Bandar Scbml at 11 ajk. 
TVaadai'. al t.*A, tba luual daah vith 
baaiuu BuMioi. Snbiwi tar ctody. "Ygar 
TbiiraaaF. A b.m.. Oarra- 

■ ••■*■ ••(••■•••••*« 


■■' T aa« 

Mnniifn ratal 
UaUn ... 

Ptnr'.ajooat 'lMtMBnp*» 
Pp«P«r*.» fnr 8ala ' 
Propartr Wmtad 
JWlr» arxl 

miaatfona Wantad— Mmtii .....m.... U 

xa richanaa 

Ta Bant Ml*r»flan.w M 

•jnrrnir.*«t Hcn«^ -o ftrai MB 

"Tnfurniabao Moom* In ntm* «B 

rjirinmUhjd Bea«. WaBlatf MB 

Wanted— Ptanala Ral» u 

Wanted— Halt Mmtp U 

WtBt»d-MI«^(»af>— M il 

WasM to Bav-Rnns « 

Wanted i« Rrti-Pan,i*,tf 

wiMad la Hml— MiKvOatMaof N 

Wantad Hcnt^PnfiiTwMrfirilaaiaw. . 


ilr f'^^ aotan4lld aikTk VUiorla Hair- 
draaalnt Callaae. |U WoUvorttt BldB. 

lload dtatrict. to laCa cara of eblMmi. 

\-ibToiuA »A:miHBmu*h~6ouMam. 

■ c-i^tiinMd ■ciionl. oTlTi rur tmt maotba 
< lull Tuurar UalriJrruiUri. |71, 
' 'li.'orluiiltr tot ttivvl 
* r ■, lluUdlW _ 

' * aai-.raaa ror eair. mtut be Mt^rl- 

fiierd Bus 7573, OolotUit. 

UuUar'i Nr»iiijiri j c p tt Wharf 
Bon» bat oor w.i..iii( lo 9^^tt ttcad apiil> 

' • nu'W. Ibfant taut imniUit ati and 
caUd oc two yaarai luwlcr auru kaal; rrl- 

Bok mi , CaloBtot. 

W&BTiD — nmmcBD BHausH 
biuvrv aararaaaa. to laka cbaraa or 

two anaU eblidraa, maldaal; Jelenaon- 
Boi 7a)t. colooial. 

II -AwrBD— omi. K» RiLP m noom 

«• aud Wort ApbIt UcMarran's. riKdnv* 

Doiihk' Service in 
Want Ada 

\ itu can ttflrphniir vmr ta- 
'Wrr, a« wril a,» yuur lUssilieJ 
I'urrtifcroeiita I.' The CV.tonitl. 
H^adrit arc often intcrcfled m 
Want .Xdvertikcmcnii that ilo 
11x1 carry the tunics or addreaKS 
'-•t .idvcrn'scrs, l)ut a Colonist 
'■"x ^ Kor the accom 
iin"btion oi iht-i* readers v,\i> 
iiii'l II ini-ripvt-nient tu write an 
uiiNWc-r, iiiid to icrvc the iitlver- 
ti-'rr lirlter, we will taltr replir* 
tu l!nx Nunibcra over (lie tele- 

The Coloniit Service is avail- 
able from 6 a.Bu to IDiMn. cb- 
crptinK Sttodiys. rhaOB 11. 




'pB> nrm pan mmaBRT bohool 

■ baa taawaad la tilt Pandora. alOM 
t^k Bay JMaoiiaa. Opaa-att aiaBMartaK 

:« lo m.M MIX 111 \\H(i3 

jMKii-iuuuiujiNu. au nun rHOWTACW 

11 f l n a m ir tlaara. S t« S. 
ma tSTTL 


■ hour 
I t,'.. . - It 



can ba arranard tui 

4« ruu ti.KUL, aii^>tuxAMauU8 

' O aaUaaaBi 
> IBTI. tatearaaa. ll U; 

Www a 

Vwo$ aaiibai. or 


lo«» iBfc- radio, «tth wbn. 
■ Ik 11. fl(>>ini lo^t. li -} aoa-laba tadlM, 
nrm ttl A 1'jt.n tl M: AM glaaali 

otjwi ura.. bcw. II ti bran<l r» 

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iiTOf aiui lu vbra vlalUM T W I W Ia 
^ II Tou ata laoktac IW a MTWiBBSl 

■BawTl., Haul AiArtaMla.- t5» 




i»r HP 




• leapt 

** tUU. HAU L. aUbC'IU4jlN10U» 
w» BPiLBnao MATTBiata " 

MPBR — A uuiuB nxxx 
I aad a-ati^M a 



t.' laah oidtaa. BhMa nia I ftaa<i 




r4ium--ouBB BBAtnr wcmn oema 

' In eur tbov ur yo«r MMk IW 
Ouadra Stmt. Pbao* tOil- 

I cat llx:: balrrut. »o. WlQ caQ. 

1 oatm 


W. ATtU DOBS ftriT OrV« 
'jriiia U Ui ll>* "Wautb 

Unbr*aKai,le ilaaaaa Me ISN Braa« SL. 
futt pa*t Bank of Tteoaia. 


-I- IratflaiTtiK tun*, i . i mia.aa aau 

MBB a 8. r< v> I 
Yalta StTMt 

f\nMlHO row A UlJlTHi NL'fclHEa of 

and mo 



t^AHPrr » 

(ill. iatwaan 
w H Bwbaa. 

b.crM.< ij» oa irrau bo, * P^rrrtt bicirU. i "l"" •»«am baai, bat vater aad 

||J.X» iPwiacV*». Id fii ui» ' •«niaa- PTaa «aa la Uabt baiwe- 

U7S jarok Aaro«iaoct « Haw aud 

FwMjm. OpsMlM R«d Cioaa Warkattaa 

■T aaod aandtuan. ^<i\mumSat 
aiiHsr. Phaoa naoU ^ 

kaaiHua raoota and aallak klaate amim 

pOB BAi*-a.4-IMOB r * f. OOWVEHI 




MA PlAW '■ ' ~ [9baai«r(Wld luiiP and tatSt, nandaMla^v, 

ladlaa Piai... and aioamk. health 
mathod rhon* >e;7li Uoi naoo. Ooloout, 

It^araao. ftrji npUcmaJi 
■uaraaiaad KukiciFin -.a 


Obaai«r(Wld luiir and '-j^, irfii\ai|i^'^ i»»p' 
3 oeeaalofial chain, carpet, raaa. tkaclrlr 
radio. *le Pbnoc UIML 

I,X}R rt A l B A OUUHQ^OOM BtnTK,"! 
latB» dm akatta. «U ««M BtraaL 

11 onr thtid eaik: aanaiuaa aa saw 

\|oT<.Ftifrr CAMPINO otrrrrr rbw 

f -* wti. lopca. ale . caaiptet« CuUtnan 
_ fa"**"- 'US Tatek. Pbvnt U4 


»-e»ela, 1,440 rpin. tli 75:1, 


I,^ U » M B M a D AMD 

aaiABa^ laiia 


• A** roaaia. ]p^^ gg,,^ 


■itwia row,*. «Hial, - 



^ »- aUo lioutmk.cti.iUM tsoma 

• •nlrucaa. 

all too- 


V to UN tar AMD 

BIMlB aboaa Mtli raa Sias. 



Iratlifretto bwoda^racaraiad, | \ 

tirad Ordiri laft WabalaTa 
Sarvke. fJS Pandora 

uaaititicti laacaateHl 
Pbasa Mda. 

wf>rk n.t Ba>. kl«^ iMMi alaia a>- 
p»fi»r>cr MipKtad. Wrtla ka Boa 

Taas. coiwDiii. 



f*>a4lBB TMM OBBB MVf 4bA lb ~B.|£ lo 


at Aadrrara Ohureh. Baa. a. P 0 
LuUraU. BA. Mnraiac sarviea. U Bar- 
25^,."T£P-y*"*"^ Praachlna - (Hart 

jn. n Tim i», 11, Bala. 'Ood U Oar 
Baraca' iCar«yi. Mra. fl U llorton An- 
kbam. "mi^v Ur Thr Ways' 1 Bofaarui 

5°i^' ^'^ nraii^f rvrnliw wnrle*. 

7 » Sirmor, "nir V i iirtir * I Ion of Wta- 

doiii Luk-- .11, 31. H,Ji!. tMd Kindly 
Ucbt ■Bolir). Ut» Ddii»I»4 Ooa* An- 
■a .— < "Now ibc Day b Ovm-- iU*yks., 
»B^_UiaJaatMl Crawfonl, 


■iSS^iL '^'■<'- Humboldt and 

BlUMBard. Itei-lor Hat h i^^g, OwBQ, 

*Y in Oftt Bav Mixi tVtinol. aiUal ba 
aMa Id teach maiftrmai iri up to aauto- 
uiauon. Muat alao b- lo aaalat 

with arhool sports. BlaLr rsprnrDCa >te. 
wtr'l l««timoniali tnd rvpuMi Balan 
4cr--.'Cn.g 10 •(lifdul-- App^icallOQS lo b* 
in inr iiand^ o( ih-> trcfrtarr by nmm 
Mfiiilai'. Juir \^2v II p Hflwetl, 




*^ bualnckk ilrl tor .rjJOMsy al oiabla. 
Btaia aae. Box 7Stt. Oaitmlat. 

J J mareal wa** and curt at Ih* Path'rw. 
Uartirt Shop. HIT Broad airo>« 

POIBtBtaat Ohona 31MI n Surrey 
Uoeii. dif Taua Btrart _____ 

MANCKu Vor: nAlRCirrrue: IM vooi 
hami- kliaa Waiarbouaa. OmBib BI. 

Irani wilta. tm % Pon ei Pht«j» ish 

Bam*. ISB ftUnataa Bk. PbMa i»>a 




bamat t 


BkivMaa, II a 


. . CBtaloaiw. trailed Art. Limited, ifli 
Jaha, Taeaelo. 



rrenjakK trpa invatcra. ■taiameota, 

monUiIr ptont and l>iii rrporu ritone 

i oe 00 UM* work Boa la«7 rn..^ , .■( 

Plrjt Spiritual caiurrh. Harmony Hal;. ' " ^ ^' 
734 Port a*r«at. Bartlea. 7 30 p m.. aab- 

T^f" fl^'^'LT""" " 8« bf Thomaa 
Xdlaon Mm«. Bbarrr. kiifikii 

Uiiclr, Ttauraday. 7 p m 


1^ Bnrras 

TOORO-^t tha Royal Juhilp* noapllal. on 
July II. CD Mr *nd Mra Prank Youna. 
Brentwood Bay. 0Ma»ch. a am 

*^5i"JL""T? l^«Unani and Mra II a 
Kirhp. OBBaUnca Avaaw. ialy IJ. at 
Rwal MhtlM Hoaptlal. a aan. 


IIAITK Mary Jane Hanrlr, f»iovi>d wlln 
of Ouatav TTaurt wii i.ii- on*. naU*E 
nf Enaland. fiuard iftrr a llnarr 

'nt inntu- at t.»ia IU>}»1 Jj,t.ilf* lloapltal. 
July 1» F\in^Tal nntira Uur 

vmrrrr Thm. faaaed away on July 13. 
i<7D at ih- Rural JubUaa HoyplUI, John 
AtriiTidpr Virtue, aaad Hxif-aetan yeara: 
tmrn in Montreal. Canada, and a rMldeot 
■it this ally /or tba paat ihlrtf-clabt 

rt\r rrmsini arc reiMMlna at HarvBrd'a 
n Punnral Comtiany't Ohapal. wlMtv 
i jnrral aarrlcaa win be btid 00 Holiday. 

katp vju %» IsrvartM to TaBoaavw for 




A'OARcx AT uunaroti D usbbidb 
rverr Haiurday, tdt vjk. Oaard'a 


■f tion In oUlea, •bol* aw nari-UBw 
^^'l"" rwrttoca. Pbotw 

A O P liAi ' 
nl Walker . j.i 
A'tmiulcm 3Sc and Mc. 

ibiuf. or part tina, aieadv. P&oae 

* * Rie and caaualtv dkaariaaBla. poai- 

r-yirca orcue*(ra 

'Tanaomtr. VtsBlw 
paam ateaaa DOBff.t 

aad llooinal 

fr . Canada Hall. ■ in t3 Oiaid i 
Wwaatya. ^dmiiaion lAc. W Taylor. M C 

Tuaaday. iB-.!,, .i jo to « 
iira Adaraa. ttri l&.j iitjiali Road. Uoakla- 

■i^ leaaon dow In full awlna Obrla Wada'i 
■plcndid a*«-pl«ra urchcatra awy Wad- 
urtdar and flaiurdar. ■ It 

.»i ■•'^laoca «T^rT W..<lnaiday 

and Saturday, at •: nu a inr>»-plMa 


Mni mr««t aood acnp priH. Admu- 
kion DC. 

i. •O'l *»h Tburi. 

day. All laaBabara laqutatad U atiand 

_ _ poai- 

uon with indepaadani Uuniea&M «am»any. 
BoK nta. coloiUkL 

Offlee. 674 Jonnaon Sttavt. 

jt'jfUUI Tn li.OOil Tu INVEar IN A.VY 

wbatfl aarYin 

mli k <Dr W ). 



• tlSfr. 


alta dtamanda Watabaa and elacfc* 
^n'^ *l B«>d«r«te prlcat. Al WaBiarra. 
nil Doaclaa Streat. oopoalu Spaaaar'a 

Phona (4SA Hour* 1 10 k 

Suldli-r* w; - in var *Hii Bralr. 

(IOC reieUliiii 1 , r,!,.i;;i[I wr.'.f J I n- - 

mi UiKi-ana. 44u Wiirnt BIdl . Lo* \n- 
■ ^le>. Callfurnla. 

i ^RKtViUAttihLi RBMUtJaUNQt OH 
tttati tiaiiP* spaeial rataa M ttaJSaM 
paltoba. Ur« OUodaBitUw. phaoa HVS 


a-^ aaMrlruced droaimaker, raaaooabla 
Acktrman, » Mandri Apis 

rfttmNnvBx in whttb wood 

^ , Prtcad at iha lactory 

Oraplaaf Tablaa • « sa 

Otiaira. bew baek tM 

Diaaaer. )-dra«ar !!!"Mll.gB 

Chaat nf OraBdtk , t.B 

r_Mtrfnr VaallP mil AB^ tCS 

_ UM and an 

CBdar Cheat || oS and MB 

Cedar Wardroba ISO OB 

Kitiiben Cabinet ............ M0B 

Ber^n. pi-r told ttJN Bad Up 


pgJa^ IB BBU a» 

PlNiaHlKa— Any mrtlala 
a aaall a«tr« 




14^MI>KI!»B DRB»»SatAa:iN(, PAR.I.Oft. 
-'alao aiirratiana. rc&annahlr rji-: •■'\oi 


IT «*0itiiaTo ft 09 , im aovauC 


OABBN tmauM eotiUJKt 

*W ■'npas and Dawla* 

• and Adam ebatf. atveral Mtntlnea aud 
« Bovarr prtnt. Ptmw 4lltT. 

(or lale Phoof 4BS4X- 

laraa [« i i*.t hi nil man n U 1 
lOk w ifiaa rtia. aalt prkTnim lit. 


CASK MtqamBi inew.. 


«niaU 'ouni^ra. 

prlatk. Japanaia _ _ 

•BWHworr Hri. UcVkkar. BaeSy VotBl 
B BBft, Metcbwtn. 

s o o a B. i>i_i.) 

prinia. aid cblaa. 

nmyacTioN oil b t q v b , Tmn 

^^.^!^'*' ^ coBdtuaB. Mi fray 

laldUw a»«an, st PboM lltlL. 

* Phona 

^^^Bl DodV BBd aMNL^rtMoT^i^ 

_ _ leik Hlllitda 

T"^^;^"*^: '^^'^ * month: 
SaS! "SgS •"■ivau. 


WB BBUr 10 BATian 

rafattBta Man. vm BL 



J- rad flowfr>, 1x1 BrtaMon Armu* own 

jT can have WB* by paytaa lor >d. Phona 

I father Oadk It an cood that lha nthari 
'"tne In. LUa Inaaranca at eeat. Tb«> 
A O U W . 309 nnlon Buildtna All mnncf 
neir MiiiT ffirs m huiiiiirat 

Wfxjija Nuiidmo HOHB. iM 

Cook, rornrr Hlchatdton Pbona SBD 

1 C 

tal tactni Advtcp on all aibJaatt 
Paniaa atrmdrd Diodc eUBL. 



nl an arCtr 
Boi Tin. Coli ri*! 


< I pamimrii ..m u,, ton amall MML 


i. hanalna Priraa rtaaottablf. Phona Ml 



lin.drriirc i>rltpi 


1. '«IU 

tAarrirraB.a .\hu rttMrBALTos* 

MmSu 0«««<*«t«^ RarrBahmanU 

• I" annual b»«Jip| alinue. BUt LAka. 
Pnr membeia and ttaalr fnanda 

l'"^' Porriiur* Hat] IMpraiBBt 

^'^"'l' l'*:-.^^""'^ »«. -ay bt 

aMARAU—OB Ihe IJth Inat . at It r 
lamUy raaWencr. 3113 Oranitf Sire-i 
Mark WUiM Oraham. acad ni!« •i.t^i 
mra. a aatlee nf Oniarin ana » - 
Of vie I or la tar ihp na.t irsmifr- 
Ka la mrvlvrd \>r lui widow an 1 ' . 

lobiaiotd at Jack orromV«<5?'K^f«S 
Tf" r«m»ln* ar- :»«"ln« al Ihr Thomaon 
PitTiTDl Horns iiniil MaiiOny .Inly li, pbrn " 
■U" •IK tf irmniTd In R' Jonn'l rhiirrfi 
• 1 J !■■ [. m , wtirfr iTtlm Kill ba hrlrl 
al ; JO R*r PA P ChAdWlek will 
Dtfiriair PbllBvinc tha Mtwiet lae rr 
malna wiU ba taken la BkBlUa tur 


Hr P Armatrnni with^i iq uiank hli 
many Inenda lor ihur Undnata and aym- 
lMtBp,and far lha aany batuiUul Oawata 

The famDy nr th^ !■(• Un Sarah A ^^^'^OKHA 

r.\r%nar NlchnlKin dP«ir^ lo expruu ibaii ii„ TRICIANS. 
h»-«rifrti tnanki to ih*lr many fm-na* for " 
'fl'" k! 1 wi>rd* nl *ymp«thy and toe lha 
■>»«■,■ fu; fjr.rai irlkutei arm en lha area- 
ticii ■■t ih"it r^rfiu pad barMavnnrnt 

I danca. Charllr HmVa 0<3aiink. Uute 

Aieii'. Dordova Bay. * 

» tr rnmicil Sorietf wUl hold an ob- 

Irrwr « 10 to 10 pm. Mood.,. jJi, 
vi(.oru An oBporuimty WUl ba 

•iv,n u. ti*w Uw naoD nad the ptaaat 
Saturn lhf<mah a ihret-lBriT ragLiSr*" 


aara. Uiineiint K- P. Irvlaa. 

VITKMA I . >:-. 
louQiJaii. f: 
(UBfl B(Umai' 

/ HOMCBBre an; 

^ ' (oundatl.Tna. 

ft rtj' 

H o a B B HAisnto. 
I repaired. reabBi. 
"-n Trri, O. ReaSB. 

lilENT WOltk! 
inriiu. lobbUi* Briar SOUR] 

X aacraury at local union, kll 


■> 7~RUKMAN 
tractor Hri„ 
•paeuitr Sn j,,c, 

aileBUon. Br-..i,-. r- 


aboui an arrc of arrxind. in pleamot 
aarriNuidlnca. mui ouirndt ihe rit» DwcB- 
IB« eonalMa of ux rootni. aunroott. rtaan 
inc-ponih and bathroom, all oa ona BBoei 
Iitti rrinrni batamrnl, with famaea- Bt> 
if»ciiTP lawn*, with ahruba and ibviir 
»>td* Por aale at a cheap prlee or to 
I r tiSf for a houaa near Xerrljdale, 

m Port air««t Pbooa saa 



I ' , ! , ' ' • r-1 i » . I u :«■»■ rooma. valtied at 
li .^Oll to cichaDaa lor a dwtlUn«. Acraaao 
nciir tba ctty aln coiMdarBd. 

KiebanM or all fcbib arrBDiBd 

rBManroH * son 

KS Port Btreat >B8 

A./ ahlliine brooch, eataod aa kceBBaka ha 
rtdPrlr lady Phona 774a» RaSSdr^ 

I OBT - 

fj^ coral centra, in eiti 
Pfaooe Max 


in elly or Baaulinall 



Iiowi ard Poodlf Doc Cafa Reward 
Apply HMD UI, HatrapoUa BotaL 

ttrimrrti Mdroaol!* 


nader pbaac 

l-* arown leather dnpln« Bbmta. betwean 
t*dboro Bay and etly. Phnne MM. Gordon 
Head Rawaed. 

Lonr — Mbab royal Victoria 
Tbaatra. Wadaaadar. lata. rhUd'a tap 
kbaaa Bad W Hfll HiBt>a ion Reward 

•■J Pladcr liBM Bt Oolaaut Reward. 


Phoaa TIIBR. 



cinthaa B^i-ir.; !o Coach UtiaB Otflee 


R Kirkiism ^>,„tan." Bad one 
boi of m*at markrd i b Malna. Dun- 
can. ' Pbuna IBM) R*w«rd 

■OX R 

■ SMT-B 

110 CABH lift 


Oar Mack at uaad pianot ransaa from 

f lo MB* and we Tou a yrara tree 
eachaoer pm mw* 

No IiilareU on Planoa 

It B «T' a 
Kent Piano Oo- tVicioria). Ud. 

^ »"* "i™". II, maoUUr Wosld rent 
tor 14 monthly. iai7 OBBdra BtrtaL 

J.* ehmr. I3S 

flANO, tni 



. JL 'V^f*"^ •a*rt«eoti heautUal 
tana. fBO eaah Ptuma Ml. 

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Chfap l-'iuri 
211a \/- A. -I 

r-!ANo pogt ■iOD.Jn^ 
- r-tu-ed- OWKK 

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rm r-<-orda for kale 

'151', '■■'i,,ri«». wr eall 

We rapair BBd laauil ealU. waur- 
rmntji. paria. latt T a ate. BbbUibII'b Btora 
r..t haaaa. T M Part Bte ae t. pgS «5 r 

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waliar malt. 

ty waller malt. 1 ssakBl Bas» I »§. 

Oldaal Ad* AyroTT to B O, 

"AdvartJalna la to buaui*M 
aa alaam u to macbinarr' 


Wbetber imits 

ba a anall 

ktara or tba 

laraaal feetory 

ac whotaaala 

baaae an rho 

latoad Wf^ i:an 

prepara and eseeata 

aawwapat ne 

ata II adetrtlalat 

Ibal wtU ptBVB 

BtntaaUy proBI 

BTa da nlmaoB 


addnaklDB aad 

ban ralUMe 




» nATS AND ATASniBlfn 
TO «BWg 


Mnnl^t?^ ""***^ ApartBeola. BOS 

4 T rwiNr.A«3, IflTrVnRlNDm AVE . 
* ^ flak Bav Juneiiao- PuIIf tumi»hrd 
or unfurnnhrd modeta ttiit* Ptionii SIT4L 

A ^tiJL^*^''""' CORNER OOOK ANU 

JMfliMBtai laiaadlBto poBaesalao; raaaoo- 
aMk^ftptela Apply tsoHor. pba oa mi 

AT MLWa. AWm | ! g i ai r"0WB.TW0 
ar thraa-twaB adiaa P hpp, m ap 

■• V m»nt, i:r[r.> l.«-i>rjam. prlyBH 
iranr* Phonv or l*4nr 

A Sl3J'-o^.1^TAl^E:l hlttb, all oom- 
' A loTia of nam* 

iTii quadra. 

roan anlBrai^aad BiHBa IHS 


imudMd Bat 

Btnwl— Pumiahtd ar unli 
fnr rant Phona »4S 

UiUurBlabad frost auii'- \t ■ 

vaokBi Awrat I. c..,,.., 

"J2» «<lg* aJWT eoB»rni»nte •a.raa* 
~ _fdialw. 1731 Bank 61 nsflV 

ruwoK Arra m PAKuoRA-rua 

y Bikbad iBltet. Aoaaakeaptna ream* 
^- furniihad aparunrnu in ibr . iir 9i-i> 
arate aatraDca_4a> Mlchlean Ph Hjjr 

r^*^' WKA^'WnWfeBD PlJtTB. NEAR 
aaa and psrt. ntane 311411 

B aW M as e t BBd MaJI Adrrrtliioa 
MBUBlWt Bad Klnaoararl. C-Urular l^t 
tare bbB P a M ka t dk. Addteauna ami Mam.-.a 
Batea QtWtad an Locai. DDminion ai,,] 
nralBB PukUiraUant 
Suite 1, Balleybury BIda . romrr Pen and 
Oovanunent. Piiunc ivi.s 

■pORNIBMED PLAT TT> fj^" IN <,\y. 
k Bar. near (ar l»» and t"-ii,i, 
iKi'il end of Atia'uit Ml Bakrr 

Al'll HuHc IQ 

» V'W fl^k, otiuMia Huatolpai Hatl. 

W'nurab — BLACK bpantbl 

Omr Btnet Teleahoaa Ji 

Anap [irtf-e pnona 7taax3 

n;:.: *;:*r«i:oni a 

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>':.onr 1111 


(;ARrif NPRt 

tTBDOes. LAWNe* 
U PhOBa «0»- 


k-^ mildaw. etc 

Gl;^(■^N^E|■ tq kill 
....I ... . - »<-o«ea rut ai»d eut 
atraiaht Anju-.un in cardenloB' Pbone 



HVf. aU afi~»y«'n*hirVem^"al^2d 

1*1 Da TrafB T-w Now 
Da* BBd KvenlBB InatmeUeau 

Yle* BL. VVcioeia n r rhoaa flH 

BBBlneer.HaDaaar. Mr U ttattOB. 

Mr< pavid n*k>r and *«n taka thia ap- 
partuniir of tnanklna mair manr frtend* 
and relalivea tor their kind npreaaMna nf 
ompaihr. for ilw beauUtal rtowan and 
letlar* ef rondolance oant in Ibur reeant 

■ad brrvavatnent In thr Iom bf a Inttne , - _ 

daaahtn and »i«ar «iipaelKUy wlah ' t >RIOBT YODMO LAD AKirrf is vvai^ 

tn ihank tha nmcara nod memberk ol Ihe '» nid ■-- ■ - 

Virinna Blk*- Cl«iB, Ui» tba BMara and 
w.etnbark of SI Joaaph k RbwIIbI for lhaif 
MBlalUns mndBaka. 





Weal Saanleh Road. 30 acrr* clcar-tl 
yalue. IT.Mn, eaally waeth 1)0.000 10 nuirt 
nut WUl Bceept houae m part parmroi 
voir own terma for balance. 
J^' H acraa la tmall iniiu. houae. barn 
and cmckaa bonsk. WUl accept boiiie in 
rJt» for e««llr. 

• > '. ACRSBv part elaared. vlth btnvaJow. 
- Ra,fen-M Thla la praetlesDy watar- 
ir^nt, very raiiable fof aaa atatloa and 
tniAlI ktore. will accrpi bnuK tn ritr. or 
unaU kcreaca, wuh iitiildinea. aod a««umc 


Phone sssa 

DALOW. no Onobar Helahu. Ave room* 
and lario allic. hardtrood naori and baal 
at plumbine. «*raae and Barden. ealiie 
It.HM Wanted vinoria tiunislBB la aa- 
cnancc. Colkf, HoaeU * Ob.. Tid SU 
Vipw 01 ran. PDooe SS. 

" OCM bUaan- Hama dowblc-bar blue 
btcyeln. No Liseil. wenlni at July • 
Utx^al reward for infofmatloti leading to 
recovary PItone JMY 

\\*iix party" WHO PICKBD UP^OOLD 
> » wriil wutrh. -Kitty- enerayed on 
bArk. Ill Muiii.[in'B Bay mtraen, bB food 
*i<o«th I'} lel I rn to UodeBB'S llBV ofnoe " 
Keepiake R^ « ard 

•V. I'l B FX- 
pr*aA a«.irtri irr:m ^n-rtfj, i>leaae re- 
i-irr. i»me to SS7 iteywood Avanoe* 

U'iLL niE pERaoN "who took 
Uootar from 364} crdsr RiB Road 
pleaae ratayo aad tave tiirti>er msBlB. 


J>i(F win' S'lr-TRoi^ ANP JO RjBnKba 
.: ftieap tku 74ai. Oolonlat 

SI ''IIO "^'^ ORANO PLuro. sokB 
VJ^uU Bu alls. caiMM, 

«i WAlfTEI>--mSCKIXAN Boca 
'^MMrnn wiurra to bot *old 

Maaw oom«lt». .sM.dalBB. Medala 
oMsdBBr daaa kokaa 

bWta prteaa wm 
aad othar nfa aUear 

ANTIQUML OU> OOLD. 1 I • u mjs 
Bfrt caab prUaa Strict.' Ji.ajeo- 
llaL Baas. IS13 OaeemaMnt euaei 


J and nirHl>U rr r 
Surer 'MarUiall ; . ■ >- 
f. V Hiddall. );o M.: .> - 

AiA \ \ $ m 

'lo repaired 

■•I nr-r»im. 

^^^ill partv who 


Ij-'LECTRIO HADIULA 3 J wriH 10(^8 
* J apeakar. »nap »ui ee«g c^ulnolit 


j^Bw BArmTt.a0 radio, wrm 

Radlnla lOOA ipvak^. |1||. Pb. Tfl 

ADir.|.\ U. ALL-mCTRtO. MSO 
m<-i.l 1143 camplBtBi m dOPB and 

I 0 a :n»i>t,. Phan* MML. 

ABaouRm.T noBBBT pmaam paid 
tae raaa. boMlaa. taate bum furmi- 
tara, ae aariauu taw wlab U dlwwaa e( 
>U aarwtMra. aa* 


r-.-gddB. BUM* WW ObUuisoo. Phnae 

Pbo«a*«S»y' aoruniikhBd. aduti* 

Wa tal 

lima. Phoo* kiat 

buya and eel la li 

PTirt frniun. 
Ikdln and C(nti 
hlfh'Clau diar.ardej clotbiafl. aullquei cl 
all daacripliona Saat prii^aa Mid Pliooi 

tor boiUaa, taat. ia»u. f«r- 
altan oe any tains eua ym wlab te iriom 
ef aB i wB kie. an y itaa. iTy aa 

aaUeitaa. aporUas koodt. eio. OsJla 
pfSMptlr atiKnded ia T]« y»ri, pitaaa SlSt 


radio* OPS parka. Pboaa m 

A pruate enleaaca. bathroom, ecaUa- 
mcn pr»ffi,rd Pbpoa TBMLI 

I INDtw onORT. rOMNBB Limpet AND 
" I^■f', Hirreia. oaa and two b-drorm.*, 
■ r- .»ter lieatlne^ pftpMMtlY or S4B01 

I vntBiuxiaB APn. sis icb«im bt. 

SBBOBila Paelianast niilss fBiiilBud 
■a tea sa d ■wapa P hana Tl«l — ~ 


"1 . "•^T. ff"^^*"™'*** «»»rt«eaii; 
fee u\t kltebaaattea witb nfiMaiallan 
at» baaeb. car itna aW MttlSSft 
Onraaatad for permaaest ^^^^^"^ 
realder.ei PbOBa 37M. 

IM ^tanea Mt natarla. WUl buy I ksc opptcx and itroKs 
^sadlas Uabar SBIlsBIs lor bbm. Boe I ^ ^- 

'luMBan ruM iuujl 01x0-*.-.,^ — jo. 

p*n<n''tiin BuHSbu 


Mor«rer to loan 

t kPFICB aAPK. 0<">OD 

Phoaa 7>43L SI I JabaaoB. 


COiemnON i 'J^'*'^"?*'** If*" •» thtaawBra. Oood 

T,^<3 A.rr. tr , Oddy-a SST Part. PHopa t«U 

taB nU>tll> ANIt ^'riToaC TCLS4 

, ■ --1...- h...,.,lv ; ■. . 

laliabir 11 . c..l.-i,i.t T 


HrAtXIBTVR In l.^.r^. 
daar adh. Arnold V' ai 
away July 11. lfi}e 

-I'lTinry *( oqr 
'Tr. Who paaaed 

TT;e errnina ilars »hmf nrtt tba sraVB 
Of ona o* loaed but eould not mm 
Lonas BwrnsriBi of sm m dw 
Ala art iwealM bf a aiCil iSir 

—Inaarted by bla Wnth* 
aad Biatsr. 

r Dad, nrothare 



"is OBBdra 

Ofrtea •nd rhapal 
PTKin-a IIOS, 

ho la r»oi afraid nf work 
I eani* 10 Irani mMhiner* and aecw- 

a!a?^.t"^ « 

l-* anod nr.- InauratKe man lo 

neaa »t m>*-p>-ndant raUi A tlbrral fon- 
r.ct will ^ aivan Han With w pre. 

f-rr.^ Hm 7M1. CoUinl*! 

i/r<omKBRa TAOcmr voat cumpi. 

i..orr;:^.r Vn5iE 

rriARI.BS P. baolu 

SH Haraard ^tiffpf 

ii«ai Batate BscbaHBB BpoetaliBt 

-A'ACfUt PAftSI, wttb alack aad impla- 
menlA. atmd arsbard. t«D ktrsaais. 
.<i.r barn, au Jeraay milk bosps. lour head 
• -tum elaek. all hlsb-Brada Jereeya. pit 
ti'>u>eB. Poiitfry bauBM. saraae. workjkhop. 
implaraant ShSd. Wee IffeOraaor saw. atump 
puller, all kinda of tons, nitke-rnoiB mod- 
ern houae wtth baihrnora. ai-ptir tank, dairy 
. iitnuiU nl all kinda A Han larn, cam- 
PHONE ipleteiv eii<jlp|M>d Prica llt-OOS, clf^r title 
I Will eschanar part Uada and balance to 
HE PETER PAN Wtrsery SClirjbl ' 
ha* remnyad la I71t Pandora, r|i«r 1 A* nr FARM on KoksUah River. 

"'-I ■"'■■(.an matlan< IS acrw 
'-"1. i.vMjit. ri,- , tararlooad fana- 
MDiiaaflrr will eachanea at tS.OOO. etoay 
MU". fot rily property. 


•» tlon III (•Hwf, wbnia or part nmr onrk 
Previniii otitre rspajTienre Ptii.or T^atii 

r ADY W' -JLO LOON~A'rfFJ* n< Mr 'i>« 

ab*aorr di owner ot Bn.n-; r,,i 
nine maal fot bUimrai n ui lli 1 

• IL>:alliin a* i-ook- arli 

IWit 7S«a, CotuDItt 


1 HI iDtall 



Mk Bay Junchdni opsa alt k'lnderi.rier 
•» ■»""«" tWUrv t to 3 Bearh mp. 

Phon« U77L. 


B«» 7M)0. Colanl^' 

r help 

■V'Mi'.N,-, -AOMAN WANTS Jloi'sr-iV'.iut 
I ihP j*v or !^n„r *v .■.„rl r*r J.ire 


I f |MB of ib* baii pawllry farm* «n Vao- 
co«trr latend. bnuae* for J.MW bird* 
! pn«rr baiue. Daico •yaum, /O-tim bdrn. 
hronder l.OM cblckk, sU aaad buildint* 
toat pmm lie to wini IBouaaad par year. 

bulMIno invire 1 I(,r I4,1IB. Pnca. VICBoUt 

chased Money in lean Pool B 
Haaaer^BarrlaierA Baak Nova Bcetu Bite 

I ioNDrnoNALlMu~AOiuni[Bn«~iurD 

^ aareameiiu af kale porohasBd. PBOlfle 
Sal** Co . mi Brnad Blreet- 

sasa. Bwiaariaa Msmaaa. Ltd. 
Md Peei^B tf ss L ^ 

la sat amoabla) awMtls eaafldentlal, 
aalefc dameianBi naMBSbta ebsrsM. P R 
BrswB * Booa. Ltd.. 1111 Srssd SUaat 
Phona !OT0 

17 (IIRLB 


LOAN — vra HAva tbb 
fsskk >i.sssh 


raiaa BaUdlaB Ibbbb 

SN YIew SUeak 

as iBVBat 

k a UaUted amawai on Qrat mael- 

Hot « BIC YiriJt F»i!l HAI f 
btey ete lor «ale, |h Pnor.i 

\* rmmm bov eeaaaltr Apply loss Pan- 
dora Mast ksn at bb«^ 


K <aU black'. Ilka nrw. lit Phaoe 


In A-l ewBdlUoe. eiiabloa frame pticb 
III Phona 7I04L. 


.. ""^f^ * Pfione 

rail will belns owr man tn trtur donr 
motea^ansea looU, ete Phone HS4. 
S*ar Pomitare toehsaao. SM Pbrt 

TioroaiA nnnc aobnot oo. 

UlS WtaBrf BL Pbooe ISII 
Lamet boyaee af Metalk, Bkaba. itpo. e^k. 

moral Read. Niseis Iwraiabad ealtaa 
clean aad caialarUUs iMmadlste aaT 
»eaa»oo PhotM vmo — wmm 

* tune, with two bationlea. In PBIrBsld. 

„^lsBd Aeseaa and Bi c'i>*rie* aire-- 
OlonotM elaw. eearv modem reavanivota 
Ona four-room eniu. sntb BaoplBS porea. 
to rant, unfuroiahad. STI. Pbaoa tlSBH 

HoirrnirvoH. nis oscAf - r wri- 
f>irhiah«d kuite Pho^r . 

» 4'rnn(D ai'srifnerr jifiMi.. 
and kllrnrnel' 

14. '■•"iroom 
!>»> July to fnd' l*^'.i»'m>I-f Ph,^ 
*aT30. No. IS, batwern 7 .r>d \ |i rv 




,do«B and IS par maatb. AmH H. 

rpAKE YOmi ROLmAYS nN A nirrcii. 

bave a nomber of dependable rr- 
biult iBBcblaea la addltisn to sw b»* 
MAkBSva and Rombvra Any ean lo boasBI 
an eaar lams u deflrad 


ill VMa m. 




Ranee lo' *ale. 


13 MS. 

lor Vltlnritt ^r-ivtwi f bertoo B1«M- 


\CrCiUMOtiAr7< • 
tort in unlet 
IIS prr week ".M.d 



mn*^!^.— *A 'T" '^'"^'•nl kBiBS. 

Bjwisnoi oBra AppW m p.rtt iBSlaiwe 
stvMB pfaoaa BUKber. Ito* Tsaj, <^iii?lti 


V.I1H A tDf 


'<)r tloUn leaami 

Pli'>ne *,«>7X 

inn ^riiFJi fii w«»t Saanieh fi.,a,| ' MAVB SBVSRAL ATTRACTIYl 

I'-"-' riaht milM tn Citji Hall, no biiiid- | *»" morteseea for diapoaal 1( 

irn*... make saod dairy farm on mala luBda. aenaai* our loaa 

I •'.'\. tlear title. Prire ia.oih wm aa- 1 BMartaMPt P. R. Brown * Sana. Ltd.. 
dinaa lor ritv nmnftv „x. caab Biaad BW as t Plwaa tOTA 

[;[|"CRK DA, I . w.terrront.'$:i(MJO ^^^^^ ">»«S«TM« 





faaaaaB aad Taaeaavar BU 

a J ntjRRT * SON 
Mav t lalan* and Punaral rir»i in 

OlSBa paeaaaal aUaaltaa la lavwnaMa 
for tba BfowU* vwnf l rt a n aa Ute pwkUa u 
aaaw*ika taward tba aarviae ae taader 
tMttco aaa CbapsI; PbMa S4S 

SM Oaadra Skraei Dae ae HMbt 

\f*N WITH inUL'R, TO wUrr-n avi, 
»»l mava old wood bunk*r< mnvBr-r. 

"Viifrprt l.ombar Co. iwimnnt 41R 
aho i« enaaaed in d<»or t»-door Mlea 
VI? •"!'""' VUlorta. to add W hia 

*" ™ *** rardsa Btsts ataa ia.Mi.-ta 

i T* - '» eswrile. As- 

•ood Ply Bos TU4. Colsobl 


cSToai" oBByasklB*, Bob 1143. 


Bumbar. PUybouea TliaaLra 

W'^ZI^^,- ""^TE TOOK rOH 
Miall lontna ramK f«ir an muat 
»- ablP to bake br^fl im SSrtb BBd 
"Ji f'>*ird W H Th-voia* mTa! 
I'NR. Via V.*-iorla, B C 

Apply Rrn Motor Co 







Tat' Hn 

II Wt- 

i «r 1 
*> PhoM 

irrBi.yn— Bii 



t larke A Atu»ti m Ud , Vat 

\na you PAfmcuLAR AB(..rr kaw 1 J " ' 1'"* ' 
iioo.ryj c.,ri,L,J! tba O0leS*%a2i J?''"" " ' 

I'fMrim-nl Phona ISl raiwaias ]p■y^^e^,^ ua *ii<a a lur.« lerm mortyaca 

A'^^TS!. ""-^ "Ari aAI/:.R ^tHa 'iJ^mmeV re*^'" .J^Tr" ti^^'^o'V,' ' V'^<^^ ""^ OOTBRHwiS^'^ 

i... ^•/"'•'"•"^ »0 ""H for Prop.rl» or aeraaee • ^ -Lane Bad a»all ball tor r«Bl PhOM 


113 Dallaa n 

Braavav. ■ r 

■i-a't*w PmtUry Parm. 

Port Slrvel Pnnt>a 4Sa. 

'1 Rirrimond Daaulr Parlon Ph 37«T 
Tiui nianiina. ud Bve SBlhal adiitat. 
IDS aeem«^ Ule mejBhwrphip K HMltb 
and Biratiitn La*e«a. lis o tSSiS 
Malthaw.. NO Ph I> 7l \r.,»i«. '•^^ 

H^^^..***^'"' ■ «"«"n 

■ > blown bob kod .iiai!- * ,, 

piete. mperBteJBt WooU-imii 9kla 

TSBATrrinTL country ROME. IS BtDsT 
'> Hiee eitv Bldnir bmpIo «. 
ealaweole blBb Bad tae^O^J^ ^ 
Plain cankiBB. aWB eSTi MdseAta >£am^ 
ColaulU SiY mmiaeaio. r^tot 

^ Twn. Cabin . Bkaiaa tor b\r* Tvioo 
m<'«>. n»er radio Orncer* 

»~ a..«.J (.rice 13.000. lu 

•tecl top, uaad au n-.onlb*. 143 
Osnay's Btavs Blare. BU Port SUa«L 
ptkSkM Sin 

A VERY coatPORTAm.r poom MBfttiS 

'A npllnnal r>niral « i VkniBBTil 
Phone IIItY 

AT 103k Ol.irMAf«T 

baard and r««m 

BEiJNrr pnrvATB 

Phone I70IL 

Beteat prteau boayd and 
aeatral, koed boate eaoklns 


sad rer)daoc# 
' Traaateoi or 

nptlonal Phnne 7kSSR 


t^TOHBB ANt> Plj»Tf 

»^ newW dworaled wn. ._ 

PNo«i^ inortlihk>- JSTTT 


oAvoT MA.N5IONS, inn»rir uimfryu 

from Poatoffire PMrtinh'-ti anri ..ji, 
tumlkhad two and t^re* room ii,,Mei bati. 

room sad kttobenrtte wuh rivcKm raase. 

faralSbad s ad UBftm illfcld JBiltaa 

I Bar. till and of Aiit>i>t no 'hildr*n 
Phone >4S«Rt 

I federAraI*4 PaTlleulara. phnne MliiH 

' Trtjiffi Siree* 

dealred>. with braakfa*!. lacioe park 
varus Park LAdse. SIS Heywood Avenue 

meol Aaenf 1 

BC land 

^r r-^r LaU 

Si lavssi- 

naar rar and 

•>-»'-b PhAoa 7MtR. 


Itfce new Colla ■iSl aad swi- 
aected Mulbaliaod'a MsMs * BtBra Oa.. 
H* Pandora Aeanoe. Paaoa SSM^ 

A ranae. eond inndRlon Apelr IT7 
maaara ftfr-x 

P IttS aaU lor S»». taive atMBsb >- 

h«at kia or keeea 

Pboaa IMTT. 

f ,X>R BALE - tax - HOLE McCOJUtT 
I ilorv. With iraiwr lackei. A-t 




taat off Oorte "* 

•arhanae aa J^BWLY 

Part paymfiii on nve-room tninaalnw 
I kNE ACns •Ith lU ronm itiodftn bun«a- 
low. i.»i outtilc titr limitj, prifo 
I1.7t0. cle»f 1,. e«r>i«n(p fi,r bunaa- 
lew 1[' < -tt win t.rir l.->i 

fat P\r>t (.'la** Kirbanaa* Bm m« 
lU Sayward BaUdBtt 


meettaaa, caay«titlBnB.>ddsa. isHstln 

weddiasB. partiea. bansBSl^ daaass. sM 
SU Nona Krk bl Pkaaa bbm 


913 UlbbrB-BoBO BiMk. 


ll -A, f-m 


nr.," in TntT-TR uvj 
lv«.lir. p»rr„ Dallaa Rd 

5 in-t.r-nc*.i Barn. 

•« "ttrk Apptv Boa 7*10. CWont.i 

:n» tatliir.i uii ii>i 
will b* (.Iravd a-itJi 

K!**! •raraaaooaMfl iri» C.ii«,i«t 
Prtptina Depart mani. ph»n« i»7 


mjL}*?/. "^l*' '*mPl«e r-l:ef for hu.h.od 

|Sp*claU*te homv and abrr*.. rai;«i h.*u> 
*" an.wefd Mr, 

«i<«i cUuw* commeBcins Jwly 
■d*aBce ahvolatelf 


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Park Phone S4S<X 

' private niwiie, for worfclneman Pbooe 


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. Irnm Juir 1, m Pawreii BlivB, aar> 
per Douyla* »nd Kmc* Road fij pal* 

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Anriar,i and arUattt 
/^.f^r Phone l?a Ma 

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9Pi.W<l NAME BT I 
iaSTTtF fully furri„h^ 
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•IS RUlMde Ave, 1 ^oMB. iBUy""*" 

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11)4 aarpaaw at, 1 

W4 t*]»nd Rd 4 


lljl Hat^iafm St. 1 romn*. tall* 

SSJ Harairx't A>e . 1 

•74 tkland Road 7 

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nvpl. adi laa aaar city • ,n 

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A^ lar Una and part 3ie War 

A Mart for Busy Readers — House and Business Property for Sale and Exchange 

sovna 10 

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Uod wlU «t«t IHW l«Mh If 
urvtal IMMA(._«W M» 



'U.0 C.»-i.M(.. Wfc»i.l^»B PO-BC 
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U vwhi tar IW* M*k* li« prte* 

A pava iia« aata cmmu ■mm BrMk mm 

To Out ot I own 

Uui-of-towa aubicflbtri who 
wiih tp aniwer vdvcHlaaMaMa 

ti( which onty tKe telephone 
Dtnnhrpuf tli, BdvrrtiKer is given 
">*y niail their rrplirt lu Tlir 
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BOVhes »iir sale 



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• " iBv««ucitlta« awuuTion A 

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Bit Part at . 4 r<Min« !■ oo 

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AreatfiA airpvL « rooma 
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Aftb Mr "SafTALS" 

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■ K' lii-r.-.-iTj St. 7 r<»ma. ) Badrnomi 
^lA liuMrll at. 7 raoma. I bMlrooma 
Ml arouaftloa, ft raooM, 3 

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■leOraaae. Cadbnrn Bai. TMllj 

' »ti i#h>ni> vBUrfront lot*. 130 II BAPT 
• k.'Ki krrmji Build rour on Bwanwr 
i>r>nia walhanA R«atir. flhanWu Laka. 


Ooraova Bar. Aaa Madp tMk. laia* 
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thr»a menu. nrandA, oa»a HloaMea W»- 
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■ood cocKtiiioo. n«w dm and paint 
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PricM at . V^ImO 

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waat naai BJL \. Bejal Oak. 

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dollar*, waitiaa to ba barraatad. Ooad 
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(rdijan and Trnni* Court 
tlUI r-ft.^Ptmv „ ,n . MO MClwUd 
ard . r:i*r-i! i-oaivon, tad rontalBa 
a iirn* u,r[ .,: • (,( arouad Tb» itaMC' 

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and in r%,.,\,tr- •'-..,■! Oa (Ha I raid 
floor arr dinirn iwm araoiBd r«aai Md 
d*ii oiih flr*ala,-c4 alw i«« aeod-<Mid 
bMrM)(na and ba'.rirootD ifprtair* ar? 
ibrr* addiuonal bMronmi alto a *Mh 
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••II at coal ranar I' ■ i nameularlr 
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■ood ttsa and o*ll propnrt^anad II ihauld 
baaoa) atronal.i la a lovar of itir raoatr*. 
bMba rot oiuiin oaar a««aaa of toon 
TBO pTMinda arr w»l| laid out (tovat 
Mda. ra««laai« tardan and ahad" iraoA- 
bad la B oary pieiur«*ou« »po< Ta«»« ar* 
*agjw a r«ar Tha pn« at w.sM wt 

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baitai. ouMkar. and ai :!•* taaia pnea at 

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jaui parinri on M-IO t(a>'> in a i > li 
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conapaoa bai l«M._OolaiUst 


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Hard oood floor* oaud «&d 
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pat»rled aod baftBiad rwlliop ob cBrtor 
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rooBi*. NiU) wotar laid on ntaalac 
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aad hot Batvr baailm Pi«pariT 
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MA Wh «• not hoatUta W cdbliB 
tM lha BbBT* la MM ol tiM bati 

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and flo<rrra Flvt<r«»a buatalov. all cob- 
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III. upon VMrl iiAnda a ■praD-raowi 
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alao ttta b«il poMieif ri>lu« to obtain 
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for nald inapfrtion. 
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noduMd from ^ i H"- 

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BUbM: coat IIJM «1 'kO*. 

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tor wlek aai* Phan« :i43ftRt botwods M 
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toad ■ho**. IIM Manor. 104 BklaaM 
Btmt ntatw M44 or >M4R 


•AVB — llltltit — BATB 


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oparair. aiurdllr built and m nrw cor 
rondition Drtran but 7 ftoo milaa aod 
pfarioualr «<-ll carad tor A olBOad 
ciiupr in th« Wini'r and a hiub road- 
«rr tn th* Bummrr VarT Ipw of tnta 
'ri-r of automobile atr on iUr uard 
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'ouiid will ottrs aa« bnocli. b«8 14aft. 


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Arthur V 

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nrolr pointod. Applr Mama BbbI 


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oaa Bran, RBipa ai. 

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■rib OlBlBoriaB Juno ■ Paha, Baia. Ma- 
4mm Vie' a Sarofid Applr Boa im 
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£■ aaUan iaraat epa. Jvot frrabeDed 
Fbaao itriTS 

with pacai FBw BRMk 


CALUUrr BT.. 4 ROOMS. Ilk. 
417 I^rotMon at . I] rooma. 141. , 
i*S " HKimi. IJft. till Fair- /lOOD PAkin.T COW POft BALB. SIX 

MB RBBd, nina f«oma, i»o io)a r-mbarton vl mn 

Raad. Ma. 3100 M'ach l»rivF. a ranma. IM. 
1145 Ri»-hard»..n. ■ rnniiui tM IkM f*»t 
HtTwt ir'-Ji )iu Pall atrMi. ■ rooma. 
tn u.. ■- ' 'd Suoal. ■ rmtai*. tl<t IHI 
Fart ti' rfi a room*. |M. (71 UrCtufa 
Bire-i a r<HiiT>*. IB tn tHvtd Blra*t. i 
raarna ■aropa. IM. UTO fvmhrnka. 7 room* 
Mi. n%a Prior atrori. |ja.M »>« Mar- 
rtoR. ImaA. m» lUi cla»tborpc. & 
tS*^ W. "J*"""' Turnar. a rooau. iza 
Ml Oarballt Road, lift H. u OalM * 
Co.. LU . Roal Batata, Ftr« and AuHMBbtla 
InauntBca Aaaata. Ml TiPW BiMM." TtS. 
toria. a c. oppoaii* Bpaaear'a. 

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luba. im whittakor Avmmi III. 





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"IIM BBS MBO. CWIonlat. 


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'alvi'U I] rodMai. m fcaMiih f^. 

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novn nm*. prtao-vtBBiB* amk. Ap- 


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rtor P'tppioa l^nna IMIR 

P iMaa. _»M*jrtao ohor.r »4m 

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torrtar aaaai n fur aat* n\M,' ;iii»TI 


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haadlad and aa aosd m aaa, 





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Ml wa-tooe eotora. brown aad black Tum 
atf all Ilka BOW. Froat aad rear b mneriM 

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aih« cnraa- Moim parp povrrhi . 

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barikA MM, BM^JafiiHiR aiuam aBaUtr. 
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taatA iitai tiia tbiBa im paur 

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BBd Orap laaHaa i 

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Bttaorb plawa. Pboaa NTT. 

pABlrp. pift MM id f aBaateaMaaa. Bbm- 
■bPBt QuariBTMan Mt Mil. Bib WI. 


TJKBt BA I B I BOOM MMiirrtr; tt.-.i'nr 
A. aad 1^ BBTM land, near iaidr>m.ih 
Apblp M. B. Bafpap. Me Dbb— wlr Road 

*^ BBlow. Bva biBa rpaMo. waai Baai- 
aianl: aarBir T«b tau-. blclT faaatlda. 
Fnca II.OM Fhona rtML 


r\HAHutxa arvoco sumoalow. ait«- 

u aiad on on* at thp moat popular 
ttmu In Oak Bar Containa flva room*. 
M latlowa: Vaaiibulr. toar livina-room 
Bitb Hpra Braplaca ai>j r.ak r.iMr. dimna- 
raotn. waU-appoiniffl kiiflivn, thr**- 

plrcr bathrrKim and 1*0 nirr b^drooota. 
catnaal taatin.ri.i .'i.n.... - tarafla Good 
■ardcn loi. laid cm i. fi.^wrri, Iruita aad 
TaaatablPB BMritbiac in axapUaai pbb- 

For aDPOiniDiani to vta* bm 

ALFnan carmichabl a oo., ltd. 

1310 Broad iirrri FbobO UN 

laoaraaM Haaap M Laaa 

UIJ (JflTtnunanl Hlt^l 

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kbIob; two laraa Aleovoai lano llnaa- 
raaai aad dUtiBa-rooM. MIk apaa Bro- 
RiBMi Iva badroBBia dowaalBlfa. l«« ator* 
couM ba KonplriM i.pttaire aartpc, fur- 
naor Oriwndi twaoi.i'jilr laid out in 
lawBA. rookanaa and Booar pBrdaaA Um- 
BtBcBBl VMB af OInuMM aaB aaaal HBi^ 
ToB alBBWa drlvB Imm aaotn o< attp. 

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li>ini.rnom. dlntnt room baa fba ltand> 
-1. tjjin ;n b'i!(»i wr it aaon hard- 
• («.■.■ r ...r.. Ill mam looin* Thr*r briotti 
b«frr..,i.. -'.rrf-ptarF bath with 111* f^nor 
"i" \ wril. Planned rablnri 

-;i a r,|»ij «ink and larar braafcfail 
alrovr l-roocrit i> Ur.i.d at II AM bul 
aOatDieo oBaar aai. OKU. for ll.ftHl 
II a a banaiB 

flC7*3Uin-''*A" NOOKUtHP AVSNOC 

<riwini Na« atHMB. bat aatM haa»*d. 
BPrBB - raaia arnl • bvatala*. bBrtBead 
noora. riprnitva piumbini. affiro laoatary 
UBBtaIr*. alM in bawmrnl All rniiMi ara 
laraa. aatioclaUf th<- dra*u»-raa« In- 
tandlna purchaaar} ■ hould inipaci tlUA 
Bono brfora dMldint 


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BBiira mnRB monbt taub 




FIVK.fU~>OM Bi.' Net ALOW, all iBOdOrB. 
dinina - rouui buiii ■ lo taalufai. 

■rota In iItidm -nxm baacoiaDi and tur- 
naaa ll.OOo. i-rma 

II^INB SIX ROOM I10i;fl> on aood >lr*>t 
Ail modarn Ijarflwii'*] fjw.t, unw^. 
aialra. irata id li<-ina-roa(i< OihmI to: 
Baaanani, Iiiroaea and aam«a Ll-OM 

r*\W<Ma w BnlarlaBftlo 
svarr af Uiik aiBdarB 

i« tnrrti lo aatl. and ipll Oaleklf TI1P 
urir* ha> barn iiauird aeeordtMlr. aad 
II la now Btfarad far only 


■W * >• baloo fair markat niua 

MMbb bM BP* turnaro and all oibar ron- 
PBttwaca* taraa lot to lana Ktati 
loaatlon. within on* aula of inr rii* Hall 
Thia I* an oBPortanltr to aiop parins 
rar.l and *>i a Iwna of roor own at a 

tP<l linr<a.|i Whr not look It 4V4T lOdAPT 


MB Fart auBM Aa«u 

pniLLT MODBRN rtVr Rn-.w itrNf)* 
AT law; taraa* Ptionr a«;<V 


lo*" to bOBOb 

OPmer Tatj-f and VanMXivar Btr 

r^r r:- ttJ War r.c l>»pl. 

*> caab. naao ilitR 

■mcoB bunaalaw in clrniablr ri<aiapa> 
UaI dlatrlcL only a atop awar from Oak 
Ba* eat Hbb Two b^drooma. litofrooBi 
with opaB arrplAca, kiiehao with atotl 
rant*, brpahfaol nook, alaaa cupboardi. 
Malar. Ihrra.piarR bathroom, wltb tUM 
Uaalpaa aa floor 1 baUt-la iMIlliaft 
ihrwubPuL Full aua bBa«B«aL MbaaVl 
aurfaood ooawai. eBiuaa 1 loat. aad Walll 
unabiad and V-ioitKod. MuoM aarwao 
attached, witb eloelrl« Uaht and watar 
laid on AU tloora adfto-tralnad Ar Win- 
dow flitioaa and bUnd« inalAltad. Owner 
laavtaa city tbia BaBk. Haat aaU bbMB 

Kk BP MMitf at raduBOd anas. Apply 






IMI OAaLd BO LABdao il-FaM. Badaa 



op«a • Till i ^Ctack 

ftbAJi >^<v POBTB 


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aota to* BBteaMkaB Bbbm M aA 


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rMrantoad m avapp rwapBal To.) oili ft* 
wall rapatd ta aaanlao Ibm •i>d rowi- 
aan prMa< aod roedittoB 

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ri'.-. of trniru! id , r.* 
DODilC ToM'.ni If. rtr 

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OOOn. artaateir irwnM) 

Baa thla oaa ai 
STAR Toanna. in brttar coadiiinn 

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no! tir IP b^Liar 

1177 Tt)lX>R. bumn^rt. m^cliuii 

callT ind In appraratirr AI 
IB37 WMIPrrT Ooach. 

ei^'d wilt. DOB bailBBa 
IRl Mad*l A 


#*>IUk HAMOLBB CKBVRr^urr l«nda 
Vx^"' Radaa. naw Marah A i*tt 11 
raaraaiBad MadlUaa. BBMapi aMnlhty 
attb appB. aa*. taaapy 

^^.nd .Mm bS£ ^25 

Till •■n: All T?i>r«. giBv Hi TiMbt 
Iter: r.annai FbOB* MM 

lt> Y«l«a mr*«t 
But Oo Our THao Faraon( Flan Mwa 


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fcf rietUad 

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btinaalow aikd aaraaa. cloaa la Muat 
M aoon to br apprwclatcd t),iM Bni 
7«l«. Colooiat 

^'1 to boach aad park. Bartala. Ovaar. 

phon* 47in. 

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Unlti> .... %$ MO 

i-ioom buBiatow, t«o lota. rloM to Mri 

aardaa llTlH 

4 rooaia. Bral BMr, aWa. BaBrad BaaaaMaft. 

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l-raaw MaocB, viifc a«B aacaB l£m 

AU aaa ba bad IB latMd 

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/ AAR SAY MARIMB VtBW Hrra la a 
^ ' aM* four-TOOtn buoaalov. with 

two lou aud ronnartdlDa a 
BuaatBcont «laa al Uw wa 
BM BMuautaa. Mm aau 
nMt. aa aaa latMA 

V1UB aiOB awiOOL Ptm laaw h«a. 
1^ ff*j!!>*- UwM-piftM bAtbream- 

baaanwnt Oaraaa. 
cbWkaa Iwuaa nica aardaa. 
Tbla littia hona la la aaadUaai 
aandiUaa ihranabaat aad a 

raal boF bt 
II.MB. aa ftSM MMA 


Ban la aa AMmurn. Uadara 

Horn* at 1 tltAaooablr Pr>«« 

LOBF foniAiBiaa Urlaa-raoa with 
Bpcn nrapia'* and Bbrdwowd flaorlna. 

rtiarmini dlnrllr. kltcttpn With BOBAl 
T(ciliti>* IWO nit* badroBot*. tlUM. 
■-• batlmtoat. omaot baaonoat, bdt 


Aao ollhl-roa« bBOaa. aaraaa. aood 
larddBi BUi Brat-clsM eoadltwa. 
ttk Bay Jaaallaa. HJM. BBM 
Fhaoo IBML far aapnfaiaiaal 

air furnaeo 
<i< lardCB 
'a I Trr 
Mo &7il. 

Bttaalaa aa Bs« tariB laL 
I aad 



'~ ln»»>ly flT».rflBia«d 

iftd iHairlft •-ri 


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buAaalow. Mailf- 
chaap Ovnrr l*o*in( 
Pkoti* lAltft 

-If.. iM MODrrtR BTVOOO BimOA- 
•I low. Boacon Rill, block fran park, ft 
minur*s walk to pttatorfko 9 badranaii 
Dut«b kitftMn. full eonant baiawiMi iar- 
UM. aaraM; HON Tarw lUCf dOVB. 
baUBM arranaod DtaeawBi far OBdb. A*- 
Pip Ovaar. Bob nai. Oaiooiai 



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xpli^ awdara. awBrr am 
1»1T|. aMba appalatwaal 

-'tniiLdB BDanTAL 

IBP Co. oil Port St Phiffir Jail W ■ 
HBahMi prowrtalor Rapoirik ail 
ata. Vaaouott for ntit 

caiMHt 1 mil r.ra 

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aod MaDufaciutrii Mrn'a 
Bom BrwBd 
I aMara «i- 


BaAOTiniL. Monr«N > ri.«HKr-< 
IB a awal ama'^ "-ttinf. 
it M aalf teka and r.>ar Svarh. 

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ma. MOT lorsia pimm 


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■a IBBA BWKh. 

\J Aawood vaatan Um 

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Utm. ahicp-cta ^r atoraoo. aaa JaoMa B 

I Traa«fti (* Parworava aad d^ 

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octar not 

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•IM ototlffM Batarofc 
bUnda aad llaalwf BaUt ara of afnero 
Boarty bow aad m Br«t-«lBM aBao^ 
'aard «itb BBBwr Mniv far blbctric 
Oao at M.Ma la tad Mab. airr. 
BBMUaa. wKk BBA TIBW. aad bM 
BIO aaaal Bm raaoM. vith Mk fiawn la 
mam rmwf aad tiM botbrwam tint air 
ruinaeo aad aaraaa 

''pira oniBB. at IO.MB i« m t -^>:I'r•d 
^ BOOlUoa. fwrroondod br iran. wtin a 
lirvo aarBaa to th* >«uih bh ih* hoav 
baa B*« roaaM aad awnroom. MoT watkr 
flKAT. and a chouo oardaa. a<ot«rd *iih 
Ilka boat ml rmmt , awraaatala and !"ti' 

irms IS A BAROAm far aapaar wim- 
^ ' Inp a nico atpht-roBai bsaia, loralod 
on a atrr alraot. vary clooa to tba Jobllaa 
Hoawllal Tbara ara ibreo ntco lirtaa 
room*, two with BraplftMa fully ooglppad 
kiichaa. and roar Blew bodroocna vltb 
thrpa-piaca bothrooB upataira BiMwaai 
BBdar ih« whota bMaa, with hot alt for- 
Bae* npuaa haA baon rontad lo iha aaaiff 
Iraanu for a toM portod. bwi owarr la 
aaatoo* to dupoa« of It aoickw and haa 
Mdt Ho d Ma prh-a to ih> ahaurdlr low 
aavra of l).MO Art auickly If too do BM 
WBBI to ft* diaappotntod 



Boa • roaai biBaalaw. aiib 
ataaoad-in rvaal aad roae 
Por>h fu.l roflMBl b BMBiOBt. 
furnaea aud aarasa. TWb lata. 
Ofad. ivTBitBiB QBb itiaaa 
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bunaalow. newly riBMeratad. 
full aiM baapwaat, A fail bii* 
Bt aM». OB larMa ar IMO 

raab. baauBia marWaaa. aad 

baianc* moathir 

Ate HAY Bot-rn OF TUB 

Aitrai-iiir hom* o( Bo* 
arafiit* nrf>p|Bt* la llOlna- 
room tuu conirni baaaMonl. 

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till Brood atrovi 



1 rnnn\' inrrp bodtaoBta. 
larpa li^ ' > nr-.n oun nrrplaca, oaOnina 

lo dlBlni and hail, ail Vltf) bOrd- 
waad Baora. HOT WATBM HUtTtjiO. Blaa- 
Ma raaaa AO in '.■'^llaot igjlfflli, 
TWB iMa. tBrM*. tmni* murl BdaiMad Ba«<haw. A Cn 


aUROAIAW. altuala rwi a pa»'l 
atraot In th* abov* diatrin. ha« ion r> 
duead hia ->rlea tl.OOO in •ff*i>i a a'li't 
aola Tharr ara Ova laraa l.r^ahi rrrt^i. 
conaiaitna af tarat )i*inc r wtrh 
flrwptaea. bitcban. thra« ^*(t'rwrala *no 
thrwa-piaeo bathroaa. full crRMm oa*« 
BWBt and hot air fwraaaa A w»n-k*pi 
•ardan add* an aUradaM opp^ranr* 
BBd ftbON ara aaMMl aaad ttail Wom at 


CRmBnr. bau. * oa« 

^rt BtraM 



n^iWfiAi^m, OUlBS TO 
«lr too toraMi 


foB tot. FaiNOnod diartrirL sMr abaol 
•a. lara* lirina roooi and taaao felt' 
I Mdrooma. ponu^ kotAvaaM 'aai 
aa feaibi. aaaorau to4i*« ni*a pardon aod 

aarftBM aaaanioo (hrwwBMt a«ar 

II MB roab 

bfeOwoBoU. FowboriOB Bido 

AAAjncR RA«r»Anm olobb t^ Tr>wir 

AWT. r,wT nai.p ACmai AT MT 
• « Bordan aod aioa- 
•■ u. (Tfoot car B*f«D 

baaa- («im*b 
bMlBftB (ralU 




J ft tot. In hlah locouaih M M SMfail 
aorvdittow ln«d* and o«l rTftTaBil7l'~L 
an TitratK* hall li*ln«.poaM BHb Moa 
(trrwlar* dlnino -tooni. kllriMB ad4 aanlrV" 
7-hra* antri-ataod hodronmi upafatra. aao 
araLi baib and toll>i PMU ataad rawt-ni 
boacni*nt. witb farBooo Talo h-ma^ ■ ' 
bBM IBM l BMafc MM* OM Man* 

Si7S5^*gSra:.^r- ■/ 

tOTWB. liBfllaaBi OB laavA aao.1 • a '.^ - 

with eaoMBI niBWapl MBI la>n ..^ 1 
MBrtOBta aardaa M »a*. Roafa a no 
MB»r otfaor Iwraly pUaM a#* ia tbo bU< 
^ At proaaoi Ibla daalrabia BMbM 
aowty oad imaao B iotp pwaaBBMia aaa Im 
arraaoad Lot ua abaw a*« nvar v. 
Im yaorairtr ihia aitaactlaa alar* 


alondUH on an> aoa* p** *'rf^d'rru.- 
orodwctia* laML woll atvk- * r . 
vanotMB a( oD ktada af ir..*^ r<n. i.^. 
aad BBa^M^fanaqadod br a i^m* w,^, 

Wn tt, l»» 

_ _ _ It. tarn*'* dii. 

loroo IMna -raaaa wlt^ 1^1. ft,. 
A lata* from »WB I» do tme'» 
•t la III 


ocrr MOBT TAFTo<inA.y bi kAVff. amjm 

SmMm ^'iji.t ^rSm. a&nlo mm 

FMOrra BOkaH frw wo OofMa C^lebaa — — — *— 

ba«M TAXBR irwm i«a WKi^BorLT 


UOmOAUrw wt loor 
oad Boatrv. 

^^KY CO I ^ 

Country Homes, Acreage, Fruit Lands, Poultry Farms, Poultry and Livestock, Etc, 



H Ul. [ . ri II*;; ■ 

4 ) 


nia U • wonilBrtiii t.«rK«iD M ■ ban* 
•r lor •p«rta«in» rurpo** 

tulliraltd iwnii. fo«ir torn* MMirifd 

uaed «• • A"" »**i>f»on. 

■»r««« cLoif t»i<titi kDrt un. i«r- 
riMndMl by • t,»«uU(ul tioUr ««» 
iBMUr toldrii upouttuivit} Rmwirvt nultk 

rh'Hr^ L-'...>'. i-m for « DeeiM 

Tma EXCKLUCNr buy Ib k ■ii-room 
rMHiMC*' '.cMitlMlni of rM>t>tt<i(i-r-juin 
vtik >*>B nr*p)M«. dUUM-riK'ni w>ii< 
bdin-ta i»«u«« .Md oi»to Bwiiif" «>i<'"-" 
*iUi ffu oMinMUeiu. Mid thry 
rull-alM bM>aicnl oTBtc l.tx TO ■ 
prlee <II3»0 caiB da*o. l»l ^Ti-'^Ui 
Ml rrt*of>»W" l»rii..> 


,1 \',ymcxKT vntw of ■«« 
nui ritrrr or wATMFiWWTAO*. hi«li 

'l<Mf ri>>.it:r.(i. k«nd> brftch. suhl mfm 

Iruu* (i« ti.(H 8e»«o-room •*ml-b«i»M- 
1 .p. b»ra moi eWefcm heuw » 
fidw MlmiM' drl?d bf J?" 


l^PUDTDID VAl.CTB In thu -^cflW-n* i*W 

emutkUni at r#c*olloo-»o«'ui " i»f** 
own flravUM. dlnwd-raom. K.mhm •Uh 

with rMtkr-IICMd ctMii ^IUrdwo«d flow* 
In rn-rpUma'tOOm dlnm«-n»Oin All 

pi. n:r::ti» lMld» ruU-«lw efra«l>l*rt bM«- 
mpui hiii-tgr lurnBca. •Utionnff tub* 

«•!■■■ ipMlftllr ■rTnnarrt In bmattMM 

••Hlim. AMlUoBMi prof>«rtf c»n tw 


BOOMS worn 

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■ovuut roa iialk 


I'\RnE. Annsnc hohbb of 

r -r. .rn -l»rinc iKhl. plWMM 

I. . ... . .- .'-r lUPKUcd tw KUtO- 

n .1 !I JUM tiMVIitUl'l* 

iriiiBi.Lr i,u I ■ml .I'luf runtn «lth t*>rrM 
c«iUnc* Kiid (MOfliicil walU. knit l>r«' o(i«n 
(tfvplac* t^nc br^Kht dinttm-nwm *na 
cwy d»a Owoar > MroiNPi H very ipft- 
eUUM uB to dMorM»d in Uir most krmtlc 
maiptr tlicra u* Um* ottwr Marwu 
bMlda*. »!» tarn^Bv ChinsmAn » hovM. 
flblslwn huuM. atAblr MBunltVtrni (rnuiKU 
VUh ROvvt CKidsr.t kdil tu*ll<: nU^'* «ICr 
Ite nwnci tiMj ipanrd no c.rpriii''' <iil* 
ptopmrli In u(d»r m«t« '1 r-* '""' ""l 
hu sUcn II l(t lu variK:**!!' t »~:>> ' u« 
Ui ■«! •!) o9#r i»o r»»#i>n«i)'r n-'' ■» 
luwdi, in of«*r Uiftt tM can dwpuw ot U 

IBIBlMlUl'-tV. uafBMMa WdOOltMCM 

rt»v« ckii'd him «lmH Bi wrt baUm 

tMrtfllvnt roBBtlttm. Miulin* OB wo 
hiU. lU K 131. MUt mU IM« ouI U«n. 
••fdro and MtbinB BMorUd fT<ttt iw* 

QO«Ml «!■». £•« lU dfdd. WUbiB 34 



MBUb. Ma n 

obo BonAnu uxr on umior 

AVVCHW. •« Oi»»drfc PmrUeuJar*. 
ybfl^ff wiMfp VMfV 

UomMuL lin. OeoUf iBt, Acton mB 

R»a. tm. ptaMw mi 







^ !■ oisrul Avphijf Rclcri' 

lJ<-l:rr 1-1 . ■. Itl«- 

■ . . f ,.,.,r,: Hi,.; ' ■ ■ ■! HI- 

,1 fl. >. I r A r I , l-ril jo"niI 

- ,■ ir ., ■ L'.ri.'i ll•!t>^- 

i.-i.tvd buuncBi. hot Bir lut- 

' :*ry OBrsB*. MBBUUtt 

ri< I- ■ ■i.iowtm OSOIOB LOTB AM 

JAMm BAV l}(ml3A tMIBpl -.1 •W.OP 

HVN'i PT OAK B AT >» Od 

Hkl'OtntN BTBBBT **'?2 

I'!irMtlM *'*f!5 

KJ^T.v^->l, elam ta buch.. . Md.M 

■ . 1- 'Tfl. otf fori- lor (^♦ 3 «onB 

- > < [ < -m llrpwnrth Si . fnr Uw 3 M.M 

.r. HPXJ, BT *T»iaO iOdOB 

(■( .VRR. •bovr UcMall- Sfi?* 

B*i , PATRICB - • mod 


MmmtRT «J 00 

m>sfl hi 1*" lou 1,05000 

Wr havr a r4impl*lB ll«t ol UBMld toU tO 

Uvr Cpl»nil> ftubdlvUtun. 

H (1 uAuiy A CO , vro 

BcbI BlUM 
pirr and Automobile Uuur»ooo AflvnU 
•M VllrV BtVMt VlClMto. m.0. 

OlVWlM apucar*! 


* BFAtlTiniL fctn-'CCO 8IMI-BUNOA- 
• » 1,1"' W tiMi: McCluiv . itaiirtliii' '>n 
Half tiCFr L.t luid With lovrlr i>»>^ 

ir«i VntlUuIr U%U. diBWlni mom in 

J bulll-ln Mali <.■■«» ■Itiil^if -louin • lUi 
I bookCkMB Utd open Qirplurr uli h<-i. ti'I 
PU> IMilIrr IB VBlta tlialiiol with rt-rr 

I oomWvkbia Oxuiro Thrrr Lukp ti«'ir"'.'rii 
, FIrM bvdrtwm hu QrMiUr*. hoi aiid (i-iu 
iwatn und kulll-ln cui>bual>:« Mid dr««ftri 
TI rt-r-plntt halhriKim «l1h hoi «ad OOld 
I rtniwet b«Ui Thia hoatm hu Iwit twan 
, p«o*r«d thruuchcml. and lu> ft M» 
, Irsm procUcftllf •tctt ream in tBc bota* 
' OMivni baJMDcnt with turoac* dnd ima 
■ BMl bina clood aar*««. ftnd nlctlr Iftia 
(>ut crciunda Hi* coat of IhU hOUM Utrae 
ponra ftao <ia« t>rt««*n tlS.QM and (14.BM- 

ftoB DOW can M bo-jint at UM vm iom 
am* ot W.MO. iciiiii, or HMD Hib. 

/'•BOOM BUnnAUItW, <-IOM (n Oak Baf 
I) foK LttKa. bracH and cirvvl car Lars* 
UvlR«-(0"ii>. at>«n nrrplai:*. bflcM dining- 
room, loir <l'ii «it)i nr^plM*, two lane 
tocdrootns. (urfr - pitc* bathroom. Ian> 
ktubcti vitb buUt-in Uatiim. foniBM 
sarMti also gmrBvo Tta* prlco id U-SM 
lo«lvdw dtwlfla urn*. Hfldtar TMuum. 
VMbUM WddhlBB. hUflOt dsB H pl ww 


1 >"Ni^^-M\v '..uth •! OkK Bar AVdBlM. 
I > ^t. tiMB H MA and ear 

-.. ..-..i..->rlsi bonaea are vahicd a( 
1 i iXMi to 1211. iHio Buinnea halt, laraa 
drawma ronm, ivftm RrrpUrr, booa e aiaa. 
Buiiriionn )*»dJii« oil. brtchi dlnlna-rrMfHi^ 
larce brdrnrims. thrrr -i>lrrp iTaVhimm 
rl^ai). briahl kitchra. elrrlr.t »ii'Vf mii! 
I\n{ iMaUrr. pvrn r.i.-if"-.^ i^'Uti r 

^p*lllf^' Th* inWncr n( idl-. Ii'mv ui 
AnUhnl lu nrw Caltlorina hnial. i>nirnl 
bawment. MOT WATKH IIEATIMO ti»aM- 
Uful Hnwar and raaa vaidBB TltU homa, 
all rMdy to mv inCa. ma b* bMi«bl *Uli 
th« fumllura If mTIhInB. Frto* MMS. 
Liaiina Ko (U 


bwwalav, anulli at Oak Bay AvdBua. 
alnao ta atraat ear Larac llTtaa-raaB vlUi 
npcB flrtpUcp' divltlrd Iccim brialit dlnlna- 
rocnn br ar^hwa* rinvitiv huiu -iri insiTi < 
panaUt-d wall* cii*t dm OAK T\X>Qli\ti< • 
in all (haac rooma Lara* hlU'hon nii'l 
PADtry In whita mamrl, irnnini bo>r<I and 
alaaa cupboard. Twn Ibtb" hrcirwmta •iih 
.'liilhra cvpboarda Full crmrnt taeapmmt 
HOT WATKB HKATlNn I^rn lot VlUl 
Irak irp«a ^nd (Uiwer aaritrn nIBB 9(mM( 
uo tarma LMtoc No. iU- 


ijEA VJWW Ch>K lu aood bearh add 
^ WllhiB 100 faat ol *r* Maw ea rnom 
HMaco buMBinw witb bot aii luniac* 
open anolaca. bardwood floora. mvi"" <" 
•*nr mwoL Radiicad tat ftTk'^lUt 
aatcfc wla I* . . . v*Jfi^vV 


( \N cKioi) (mitrr. wmi HioH sirn- 

' ' anon Ait-roonjed bunaalow. Ik a<H>d 
rofldlUvfi. neat ear IHM> full erntanl ba*r- 
mvat. fwraaod. Oimai U kavlna and «ul 

5" S'J5(M» 



mOB atS or MTBB-noair'] h>iu*r «*Ul 
Baao tot. aa aiiBdBa '"' vrrt 

ir^^rT'."*^:... . ..,*iiioo 

\ TnuonVB ils-raBai bitovaM.' wUh 
' >- WMBl H adaii B t (amooai tot M 
n. X IW n.. oo aaod akraat. •OQflll 

and prlM i« onW (Uriaai . «'-*i7W 


I,H'l-l.y MODBRN BUKQALiOW fttllH 
lara* rooma. bath and t'jrna>-c Walt 
Planted tardan aad trait . J|^300 

m Fwl Bftapl 

17 noo 



IACRB aad a tullr nodam S-robot bovsa 
and aaraaa. in th* but part al town, 
irith M fruii itt*t. .-McaKi. hnuaa tot MO 
BlEda^ abo hoMx ri'4a*i and lawna la Iruat. 
Tbis U vifin Ti'ur .p«cial tnreatliatlon. 
Po'l St.. cor Broad Sk Fbooa UBB 


ni 9m mam 


TTf.TO-DATr (nnO - BUNOALCiW of 
■ M'VPn fount I.*r«r Tiitiina >ni| H(<n8- 
roon;* with open Rra. taaiu'd rilllna* and 
bMIlt in f*a:urr« F'i|) [puivdi baarmi^n! 
and [kJTi<arr llnuu' in (fi E^rrtxi L-<tridl^inii 
Iro^i !o<jE>(latiin In iixif. tnt a ■« paintfd 
laal yri>i Ainnd* 1(1 .III arra ul vrouud 
with Ditianirnial t^tii^a la front and 
aaaorlaci Iruit ir^> and tmall frolta. irapa 
V HFi. »tc . at <hr raar All traaa are fuO- 
' - . r,na and in aood eondiutm. Ooa* praaani 
. .nrt tt.'M For lato. OOP «BPk am*, at 
It <x>o (UBiplrti' wiih aaraaa and poaJirr 


UM Braod mrm 

\\JM ha»a (■•rfi I '•.ri,r-ra u: -ril « par 

iV iiKularlr Biir*. no [.ti.[i»ri» in i-i-i i 

local) t7. PIHiaMI I''* !■[ • » r'il- litii il iirr.T'i-! 

buDflalow cootalDlna wrj laraa livn:. r r.n 
with big opaa Biafdaca. larg* mrt" ."i \" 
aoda. ooa badma. biietoaa and irin r-jv-t- 
bathroMn Uodcrn aaolUtlML Bacriirni 
wa'ar lupplr WrLl-hullt bnailiaiiaa. Oaraaa 
T«» tiundifd Itri [ranuae oB baach and 
' .11 I li)0 Irrt In drptn 

!• i>tir i)( tnn in.iil lllKttMit Oflbf- 
01. il-.r market and la plkOtd bt tbt 
iciT attracuva QbuT" "I 

1MB OawBMrt Btraat 




ni'>riuF.f< \!i<>-nr- r.--, .-in> nooTi Utiaa 
1)"-:; .-,1.1 ;j r UTioo-naa. 

hK[ liro a [111 bui. : I'*!. liaffir<IHI. 

bawmcnt. (Uarpica i>nr-jn and aus BOfah. 
Oaraaa. Radacuralrd tnu mr WMB oaa 
acta. fftApa IM. M,MW. WIU -irtVtTt 
aadliaaaa far MnUlAr «riaa ani i patly Raar 


VX7B OfMR one of tba hiibait claaa ila- 
** room piodam stucco bunaalirwa. in 
Mlah nilrllaM. at a flaura abowlna an HOO 
radnaUani to Inaor* a auMt taraoTar. 


■UMBOM. wmawm m oo» lto. 

TWa 1mm at IBM Bftaa aaBBPt bo 4WU- 

baa a plaoalM and owlneUfa a»arMr 
From ih« rntranra vaatlbulB aeeaaa la alaan 
to laraa Uvlna-room with hardwood Boor 
and nova Arvplaea; Freocb donra lead to 
weU-a»palut«d dlnloa-roam. wblch la adJa- 
eaot to aedan DuteB Utaban. flttod biUi 
tha lataat labaf aairtna darirM ond for- 
niahad vUlLBiBlBtDra braakfaat nwk Off 
ihr t'aalMMBjfO thr*' lipdruntii*. aanar- 
nu^lr flnav^wHB Clnthr* rl<uala. alan a 
iliirr-plara batbroam with the brat plumb- 
inn natiirra Ct-m«nl baaami^t. hut air 
liirriac« [•■nierti runwar lu earaa* com- 
dIpIf [he dpirription ot IJila hlllllT daair- 
>t)lc prup.f[tr Claa I* IMPUBad and Iha 

rlntilral Hxlurf* nnd blBbBl BM UlOllldad 

.11 tfip pur^rhaa* prw* 

W' art lnn(niri«i1 to BBLL Atld AlTaiUW 
'^-iTi% whlrh air conianirat ta VMnBoaar. 

rriori' 111 II will bo a plaaaurt (o abow 
ro>i thit Inimiir ben*. 

Fhooa BHd aia Unlan Bldi- 

ironl okodara eaaatn bema. Taaaauwr 
[aland ABOMI IM** IkOuMld. Baa IM*. 


Br d-rwon- tniularn houaa will tiva 
WlUla piano aa Of>l parmfnt Phona 4M<X. 

Itt-ANTBtt^LMmNO r.r a BIX OR 
** arTaa-roeniml buncaiow or honaa. not 
nacaasarlly n«w Muti lia>i> larcr litina- 
rooBia and a aood aardrn, Oak Bai fur 
choira Robari Orubi' « if. iiu (lufcrn 
manl Slrm. Vlf'jr » II i 

tlTAKTCri - P«_i';R-H'JoMKU HOUtlB. 5 
** minutaa fram bua. uutaida city. lluM 
hara ot^ra nrcplaca. good ilaaa ipiimk 
baiPiTVCDi It poaaibla. ^4 to t* acra aaad 
aardan, chlckan bouaa, earaga not aaaan- 
ital about n^OB- Boa 7'Ml. Colonitt 

iiai pioparii ctaar Utla. Ttsa Uua 
•Ud- Wall ranted. Prica U% below aaaaaaad 
value No aaenu. Sol ivn. Oplonlat 

to a «[«>d iiivvatotPBl. Etoaa to Quadra 
and Yat-a Hruk bnlMUu. 40x1*0. witb 
ti'.l-rrA Biiil all cottvaolMMaik IbiBiad Bt 

t\:i) fr n.ui<(h M tiU MlP MJM. 

BuLliaw A Cn 

•OC Oku B«T 


» liHOUP OP FtVB IXJT» OR on* if lh» 
'loiilmritril ilmd In n&k B«f 
Ilir .iwarr i( ilctpiipinrd to hpII. ai ;ir ;. 
!-»-Uia lovB irerv toan. Anv oftar will 
ba aaoBMm* aMfew auB ar 
aow lafm 

J. A WAUCBft * OO.. VTtK 



A BOMB ABD FARM- About It anwa. 
artth near traaiaae aandr baach 
with iwimmlna pool Oood Ma loowiad 
burtaalow. wafeer laid an. laraa latwnda 
Barn, ptapan. ablekan btwaa Uafce Ideal 
twkar (arm 
ClMBt wlU aeH cheap, or iiifialMi for 
IB elif. 

Mining News 

* Ob. UB.) 


004 Breurhton at BaUbllahad itM 

Albert Bordon. Real RMaia OeyC 


I^tm ACRRB. witli chlckan AMaea 
" for Ma birda. Throa-raoa eaUaae 
Fraperty la ala oUlaa onl. 

FRIOB I1.S50, 0« TBtKB 

UOf> Ix ualaa 8t TalKptMKia 37M 


I l-ak>- B'i» TiJO. <'c>ll>r. si | 

«*M^^1^J^>M«. MfW T- B. Ma 



wItb 114 feat frOntaffe on POtad atreai 
With aidewBiK. UMt uadar ooadpanr prKr 
rUoEh r>rira~nrtv-foat tat. nalr WtBowa 
bead), price llbo. Oarnar at OpBtral and 
OUvar. MSB. Aider * Bpbb. lAd.. 119 
OMital fid*. Ftaaoa MU 

<'n latand Hlahwar. Oolvoed dtatrUt 
L'ncnpMaea V acrea, aiiTOom bunaalow; 


BuiunNo Lon 



BM» pF-iotAini 

drive troni Vlrtona. Lota 1100 Baat 
Bide. North Shore, laal af aubdlvuloti an 
Lonadal* Afa.. *aM. karma Walbaob 
Boaliy. BbawaUBB Las*. 


^ biMloraa at nwdence. tw matter WlMre 
located. Fr ay tolorma tl OM In taroatlonaJ 
Raaltf Ob.. Ford Btda.* Dacratta MMB. 

•t ACmCAGS roK »AIM 



- "il ■ t; ! H.S r*'0«3n NEAR BUTCH- 
O A>ii s i^AKliCMS Nlrrlr uiudted on 
mair^ :<..■'! lom Ch>rk«n aod trull 
larrn I ■ i H'annf oichatd One-third 
AEip :u«L.n. ItUNNlNU STUEAli FIVB- 
ROOIiXU BUNGALOW, baaainaol. and ALL 
Texw la. Blee, Uihi- Term*. 


A BOOT FIVE ACREB Laal a*ailabl' 
biBcfc ta thlB local'.LT. with apLEN 
ON CiaCENT PIERS EiECllvnl Boat and 
analne, flahme tackle, rtr S»T*»(U1 
Unlalltna water auoplr' -rrt-l'"' 

OOBT in.ttO: WllJ. TAKK llM-f COBT 

I-f % ACRES, half clparrti and aaod aaU. 
■tlnted malarial and aorkmanahlp throaib> 
in attic unQnlahrd ifM plumbUMt. 
fl-IMard-room intended In baarmant. Frei> 
"( aafr aTitem from veU. Oelco plant 
.'uial laXPi 170. 

UouBc coat pvnar tHJOd 

|«ad AIM kafn. mat anMm. 
lUa^dralBliiB. eaet .. IMM 

water. lUbl. BboM. Froparip la M Bist- 
elaaa ordar. vatt kept tap. Tuea aAr 
BtUlaMa *«f« ■rfaniilf 

laauranaa OBd Blnanriai Hrokm 
Ph«n* an IJH nr-.B.l ;1'.rr*-l 



Wantr~C jNiiKrri fur U^.c Rarat Oak am' 
I afc» HiJl ScIlOflU: dUtlC! to MHBttlff-- 

Aoauat 1. Thr p a eea aa ry applMaiMn forms 
aod portlealara aaa la bo pmurad al tba 
afftaa af tlu BaafMon. Bebaal Baud. 
RavBl Oak 

Tendart are laaltad tm MMfear. aom- 
gatrd iron and artudp— ■ tba prapartr 
of thf Canmpi Stone OR. XAB» OB alt* 
vt thr Ohrlat ChurcB OBtbaBtBl. alM 
plaoL caoaiatlpa of 


Cemrat MU»ra. 

TiMtla, ntcnalla. KU 
Teodrre to be for whole or part, and 
to be rcBMvad Item aile at pwrehaaars 
eipttua an or before lha Mlta Jaly. !•» 

cABMoa amxfB oo . ltd 



ta ife« HnU aa af .k be BMala af WMXEAM 

TAKB NOTICK that PreBata at tha WUI 
at lha aboire-naraed Oaeaaaad. RBO died In 

thr Cllr Of Victoria. B.O.. en or aboat tba 
)Dth Mar. 1*3*. baa bean Uaued to P. R. A 
' Norton, tha Baecuior thervtu named, br 
ordtr of the Honourable Mr Juelice 
Oraaory rUted lha 14lh dar ol June. 1»» 
All paraona Uavlna claim* aaainal thr 
aald aatate are reaurttrd to *end lull par- 
tirulari therrur dulir variltrd br atatutory 
(•p-.']ar>iiiiii ;o til' undrruaEird. the aollcl- 
iiira f'T ttir (aid KxiH'i'or on or before 
thr I'tili (laT ci( JiiIt 1B3J. a(t<-r which 
ilair Uir Fiiyu'rji iiroc^d wil r. the 

dialnbiii-lnn of iti' ril«'.r al thr tald 
dacaaa«d. havina rwtatd only to aucb rJaliUB 
at «btab bp Bball ttaao bate raealaed nettea 
Daldd tbia Mtb dAy vl ivat, AJt IMf 

Of Ml Bflaiant Hoaae. eeraer 
Oavammeot and Humboldt 
BIcaau. Victoria. It c , S<itlri- 
Ion rot thr aald F H A. 
Morton, the nald ICirc>rt4>r 



/••KOriM BONOALOW. IB a *«pt atind 
raaHrniiai aertton. on a 00- font Int 
Vary wall plannart. harlna lull rrmrnl 
baeamenu lurnara. Dreplaca, haldWOMl 
nooia. Dutrh kiiriMm. and many oiber 
ftaturaa Wa iia.a o«l» a awab to eeli 
A«t aalaUy Witn n inw aaan payoieht. 
B oaB ba boaani fnr 


•II Tlav at Vbm UM MM 


FULLY modani l-room itnetp h«ma and 
parac-. ID the vrrr beat p«M of Pair- 
Bald, with all the laleat faaimri. biilh in 
nniah anJ hulll-ln rRrr.ti Tile batbroiirn. 
rlrclrk IlatutPk. Ilnt'leiim anil window 
ahadaa Thia bnme la worth ,out aper-lal 

IM Fori BL. aor. Broad Bt. Pbana UM 


V' " '* ' chaae a N-fciOtn buiiaal«« in a 
lood Part of Undao. eloae to Pairftrld Kd 
flurroundad by Hew Homaa 
To ctoae an aetata ve bava radttcad price 

rtoiiT It nor. in tl.OM 

( iiRiHTT OAU* M Oa', LTD 
HO Port Bii^i Fbaoa m 

** Itouee of lour or Bar romna. withm 
nlle circle from Ooaarnnani Rouae W:ti 
pay ra>h and wanti poaaeaaloii Bepietn 

ber I Ti . rt(i>al Truit Companr. Beltnunt 
Rou*'. Vir lorla 



AT HBADLANUH >.nli-. naanlch Vira 
unniroaaaad «(i t ion •mridm 

with many b«BiiCl!>jl r,*K trrr< i' IS^O 

ALSO S'« ACHEH, Bircti Road. North 
SaABicb. OoBd bMt<roanad eottaae. 
lathed and plaatatad. AO M friAt Frice 

13. TM 

1113 OoTvrwaant Btraat Vtetorta 

uaiial pl" '.it- ' ■ 1 T r 
ra««nua-^'-^^ -i; ■ 
rirvlr. hiali '■'> ai.mi 't 
pirtaty pauitm Fruit.- .i. 

fill ^"fcll 

<gnrsj\j Bonthiir «... . . ... „.., 

baaaalpw. baea m ent. u>uai [H'iTnbioa; aar- 
aca. Ua 19L One and one fiail-mna Cttala 
Bokb aplendld bura. 

<>ui>*alo* . 

1 1 in. Iti 
ii>«i»lr milr 
' and mm 
' I'W la«e« 

' and lU 


nrNOAlAjW on t-aUa elrelo low 
tMtrK. (ocid DPUittbnrMaed. Opap Are and 
btiiii III buffet In brtabt lliiiii itiwa. ivo 

br^l. thrwe-pleaa halbf«B«b kalMBlBt. 
Tarm* le aulL 


" luariar ari* k>i full ot tniit irra« 
ar-ia 'I Ttinla, etc Open flreplar' 

i '-i-r batttrootn. two badio^''''' !.» ■ 
niriiL. tiiina*^ and aaraar i ni- 
beal horr.ri nn (he m a r i r; x i 1 1 1 1 . t- 1 1 r 

Boa ir. Tf»l will b* .'on^Ul^rK1 



aatden. toat tmUMa city Yrariahlta 
Iwtr.a... "U- Youne nrrhar -l nf abrnit )(! 

H-f- I'.l- :-h\-tf. > ri-l.r H>-..1 ri,ll. 

f-.t nCrtil *<i |-.>!^^^ Nr* ,f,i.r..l aji .-'i 
Irii. rd ijvHid <*r«4>* IIi 'it rnriiair.i 
rood . iia^d 1 1 v i na - rnnm t *a bed 
thr*r -pieee bathrwitn. kitr-tirn nilart with 
cool«r. cabinrt*. *«- Pull rement baee- 
OtOBi. BMaUrnt rropniT Lo« tWH« 

OftARMDin pAinniaxi BtmaAL^'W 

* 4N I»'>nl.EVAHi:>in> ymtET, thi* nrwl; 
^ r,i I'll bunaalnn hoinr la vrrr at- 
I M .I riDbt.ijira all lataat eonranl- 

r.^i. ' • lurvd in th« mndrrn home lArga 
luiiic ri-un iianrisomr Arrplar* Ftaneh 
<lonti ■.jnroAm iiak (loon Ound Plonb- 
ina Ciluraa Cemant iraaamani. furoaea 
OBraie wide frenuae lot MHa tasAttan. 
MSr •eboel Juai out ot faBirpotari 
isRM. Iwaadiau poaaaaaien. 



V*'>«Hf OMidera Oond iwdan, tntit 
Iraao. yaraaa. baaeairnt Niea etav Rear 
par Una Kb*t trrmt. 

f^^flTU) I*!!! lu- 'MP1> iImMk vinina 
-^"'•'•1 Atrc^i U^'i-mrnl mtwlrrn aar 
•cr rml aanl'i. t**ar lliah Acnnt^. bua 
and f ai amx i> rm> 

cbarlap Mraak om M Iba bsM atiBNa 
in iM cup. M8B OR abir MM* M b«IH 

OOKRR IKMfB. aeBtataiaa antranea 
hall, taod-alaed li«ina-r«oai and 
II • ream. aMU den wun Brapiata. 
■■n. pantry, tbrae rue* bedrooatia. 
'•>rr' piere batBraoni. tull eamrni bnae- 
meiit Niire lot Oemeot rtiawai to doable 

Fbana M gai v>r» attaet 


Btni.ii'". i'l-r-i Ml' -.(•riDLT 

I.M."UhAM*fr\ IN VAl'.'E 


M>iti h* (Aid M«kr ipvr elfar 

RIAOARA PTRBRT- Fietly lot. «• a 110 
FTKr lann 


Prir* ITSO 

noND .'TTItltrT PAIf<FIEU> -M I lie 

nxpoBii smErr taaiit Frwa itm 


M a lit oflce II.OW 
OAK HAY. <rr HAVin (TTREET- Nle»l> 

If^d «fl t i.-O Prir- 


Friaa UOO. ClOia In Bavkar 

aM Broufhton Bt Eaiabllihed lau 

HaAUl It l< bU iL±rlitlt Bl I It ( kXj I « 
lacing wtti. ftMiji wuadtk. laaa 
I etna ranri 

' prniitnalaly (our arrr», with ma^nifl- 

rrnt view, aiiaatad briwapn roadway and 
j beach and cIdm to Oovprnmeni wharf. 
I acbnol and pnwtofflce: cable dUIMn naar- 
I by. Oond tioatlDC and lUnilii. Pviaa. fnr 
(oHlrk uir, i)» eoah. or tarma aa amnfed 

o«!,.T Ilt.i 7S1A. Cotoolet 

1 ' i.^< :'ti ttrlkirk Avrnu*. lor a trw dar' 
' OTiir ni ttno Wkll rirhanee miMler.i Pair, 
rtriil immr fur S to T rooma on outikiria 
wiUa (ine-hall la l*u acraa. aalue I4J00 
F K. BtMB A Bona. Ltd., IIU Bppad Bi. 
nuBP ISM. 


\'OU AND I abd tbe eibar fallow bD<M> 
that Eaaalmalt rmrted landa and 
IMa are the miMl reaaonabtr pnca.l 
property In the Doonlnlan of Canada Wh* 
•aU ontJl U la ten lata^ Eaaulmalt >• 
faeorrabty aiiaatad. bcloa wall abeltered 
Iron BMrtoa That woa tba r«pM ««y 
tiia DaoilBtaB Ooeantapnt «f ebaadR 
obadP It far thair drydeak haaa 

Whf nnl build *OUr hirm^ In thi* beau- 
tiful aheltered *l'ot. whfr* nr>w*rt bimtn 
all 'he year around Wi. ha*a arwid water 
aawar. liahi and chnna tMht taaatlon 
Alao aood M^hnol*. hteb afhool, loralv polf 
llnka. panu Sn plaaae buy a tot |p 
beaniirul anMURAb aad rj-inimall 

cncoa m as Wtenday aMmine aad let ua 
•bpv r«a BBOie of tbeaa vandaefal buya 


crrr water bhorti,y atailahle 


CHICKEN B008B M t IflO ^1 •> 'IWt 
ORCHARD *»l—.-l'"' 


Phnnr lit Saarufh Orpt f9tt Btrtal 

.'V alatloa a( iwalaa actea, (It hi li 
paatara Pirp-roumaJ welloullt bouaa 
■aod aardan and frait traa* el all kind*. 
unall fruit T*0 OBIMPB fesuwa ABd 

otbar - irtrri- CTwlial l U aM M 

prica I4JO0. 

O W A L L I O B 
Real Batata ai>d loaoranea Aaaot 
Cpwtcban Blatian B- * B. Rlr 

Rew Stucco bungalow 
in the Oak Bay District 

Pour rooms, thlw-pll^^* bath- 
room, full cr-mfTil bBA^ment. op*n 
flr^place. bulll-ln fraUirps and 
(;3rAi;p Can be bntii^ht for 1600 
vMst\ and t3i per mtnith. which 
includes InlBTBBt at 7 per oenL 
PrtdB onlr SS.6I0 

LRkr Hill rRr% OWrin 

Four-room bunnalow, with tlirr-p- 
plooe bsthrooin. rlc nn qunrtrr 

acre tot for «i4M 

Terms— >3M OBBb, bBaanoB at $20 
p«r BwattL 


nn aad Aala 


f-Ai---'v-'l •.t(A*'fir,AN I^KK 87 
r . -' ..-'--ri tn a-ir^ 

t>. ■ I TT. hi i! r«' ■-ll'iii »'*rn-roomri] 
buncalnv a i' h ba/.^mrnt lar«r open Ilf* ■ 
pU'> ' -imt Kvrr IllMOi Stable. rhl£ken 
huii *- iji-Ml watri ».ipplf On^ mile to 
■taiinn iiorr. etc . 10 milei froni Virtnrla 
A cift at tl IM Baaahawa A Co 

' owner. S F^lrrlnog!'.. l-irlnn I" f.i . 

^ atrr". hfir-n milr* e\it U\ (ret »<*a- 
frontaar, i fr»t UalaNat Dnrr Won- 
dertal alawa Two cuttaaaa. waiar lUd an 
from tprlna Roalhotiae Thia U • tin 
Only M.7M Baaahawe * Co 


— LANIJ. partii fl'atrd 
BpeciallT prtC'l ' "n larinai ^ I OVH I 

Fully Furnished 

Cloac to Sea 

Kfir a 'imck ^H\r lnvc t'rni 
KialrurlrH tn iifd-r ii niMilrrr 
mur-rfnini tMini;jl>iv% nn thr 
.iltove street ..i ■> i-iK-r ..f Hi.7'M 
"ITie h»>U!ir r Mtt;i)ii- Iivim; r.-.m 
with nppo tiri (il.n"c. km ln*n. 
pa«»rv, fw" lietlr>".nn antl fhrrt- 
pirtr A well-kent 
iMtilrii i'i>K tn jta Rsturally 

j iri ri > .ii .1 rr .1 r nii"«" 


640 Port BL 

Phone 376 

H- K BiiiuuaH * Ob.. Ud 1 

PBlconbrldge Ntatel — Tbe nrst 
bricks of tha a«w bbmUbt tbtrnmr 
at PbJconbrUiB «n WA UonOv- 
The itack win ha*e a dlanMUr clI 
twenty feet at the base and Will 
146 feet In hetjtht Offlttsll BXprSBI 
thnnaelves lu wrU plcLL.trd wlUi UW 
resiil'9 K> far at th<> l.OOO roaC levfiL 
TJifTf haa been no nnnotincement 
oa to the sctual values, but It U well 
kaown tanU btoere li a aUgbi Im- 
ptoveniaDt In tha grada orar tbe re- 
sulta Bimottiwd trooa Ihe drill hole 
at tUs level. 

MacMlHnn Oold Somr tiU:h- 
Krade bpet'lmrn^ from ^t^.. Miii.m 
. ' trlnii shi*v,-:i in Sudtun- t inf- 
'finiFil'" w hich wns luken from thf 
floor ot thl^ 53'j-fc>»>t IpvcI ylt-ldcd 
$183 prr Ion tn Mold Kroiii acrounts 
of the new devclopmrnt It would 
appear that the wxaJr u down tm 
the apex of a new ore lenzc. 

Budbury Baalo Mines — Reports 
sn eumnt aroimd Sudbury Uiai 
ore liBd bBMi enoouniared in a drill 
hate Btwut 2.000 feet east or Hole 
Noi 17. which la locatrd at thf rooat 
ea5ter]y intprsrcUiin ■ ' h' main 
nrt- rone. 'Hiw new rifvfiupment 
w(ii:M nuKgi-fl biR pOh.%ibilitirA for 
tlip inf-ervenlnR ;.ectlon of ground 
.\ diamond drill operating south and 
bolow Hole No. 16 i.-s also Miid to 
i' hit ore. but !t hs' ■!■-•• ►}Ofn 
poulble to omcially conflrm the re- 

iDtemaUaaal Nickel— Ai R auani 
of lolvlnv the hmuliif probteBi, Ib- 
temaUonal Nletel ts arranging to 
lend its bona Ode permanent em- 
p)o>'ee8 an amount up to 1800,000 at 
6 per cent Intereat. whereby the men 
with famlUes may erect and own 
their own homes m Sudbury. TTie 
principal and interest will be rrpuy- 
able monthly from the pavroll l>e- 
talls of the plai' utt wnrki d 

out bg^ 1^ boaiu aicectock aod 

Will be rwidy tor pres en iBt tem at an 
esrly d«le 

New development work Bnd more 
exteufve drUUng is to be under- 
taken on the RoQim property oi the 
Amulet Mining Company. The com- 
pany Lt now movlnjt Iw drllLi on to 
th*' so:iih ItKAil'in. about halfway 
bftwt-'tti the :hiii': and the riunp, 
arcorritr.K l" w ord received yester- 
day 'riiL, mow will plar** thr (Irlll 
Inft opf'r.i.tions pretty lioM- to the 
Turcott rlalin, at which point there 
M an interestlnn fracture cone. "Hie 
second drill will be operated east of 
the BhafL About SOO feet dlreeib' 
east of the shaft a strike of about 
flfty feet of low grade sine sod 
otwper was enoounlercd last year 
and hopes are held out for Improve- 
ment In tbe asssy value. Samples 
from the claim have been oent to 
Ottawa further inveitlfBte Bf gBt 
nient of the ore. 


Royahte No 31.— Deflnttely In the 
lime and there are BOW ftve promi- 
nent and well located wella drIlllDg 
or standing In the limestone in 
Turner Valley. Ttiey are AMOClated. 
Home No. 3. pyMthlUfl No 2. Royal - 
Itp No 21 and Royallte No 19. 

As.v)clated tlnllcrr. Are rapidly 
driving to the h^^ru^jn where Home 
No6. 1 and 2, almost due north, got 
their big naphtha prbductlan. Cal- 
gary Bdvlaed late yesterday that It 
was rumored that Astoslaced hsf 
12M0.000 aMc feet ol bM gas and 
was expeotlng b Mgier flow any 

PoothUls Na 3 flndkng formation 
very hard but reported adtllttonAl 
five fm ot iv* hole with a intai 
depth of 4.54S fee<. Now IM lert in 
the lime. 

AJax Oil * Oai! Ci>mpany— -Con - 
cllWton 'i( li d'-Al by whu h the Ajax 
Oil Cooipaiiy imd important eastern 
organlaatioo will take over for Im- 
mediate development 2.000 acres oC 
potential all lands In Southern Al- 
berta, was annouDccd late Thursday 
Bflemoon by offlclails of (he com- 
pany. foUoirlng B BWBtIng to OBl- 



Ca-t»prrAliin llen«r*-n I'rrmlar aad 
ILC. Silver Held to be 



Bksh Mlninff Territary WIO Be 
Oiwned Up as Besall of C.N JL 
CsB SU B ldluB 

The acquiring of Uie Canadian 
North Kaatem Railway by the Con- 
soHdated Mining & Sni'-ltm^ C'-dii- 
pany from the Vancouvtc Huidmgi 
Company, eoDtroUed by Hon. H. H. 
Sterens. of Vancouver, has been 
welcome news to the resldetitA ot 
Stewart mining section, who look 
ftvward to a pcruxl of great acUviLy 
as a result. 

It ts pointed out by The St^wnrt 
NewB that the talcing over of it.c 
road will mean that U wlU Uiki- » 
little Ume before great acUvity In 
the line of cmstructlon commences. 
In IhM connection It is pointed out 
that a choice between a long (IH 
to m-mUei ttmnel or a short IJOO- 
foot tunnel at the Bear River sum- 
mit will flrst have to b« decided 
upon, nnd Uils can only be done oy 
surveys Wlilchfvrr Li choiwn wOl 
affect tiie Itx-atlnn nl thr Imr back 
•o Siitcr i^yf'k a miitler of only 
•■•n m;!- -'-i-arl Then BgBlB. 

only by -sur\. wrij{ can the best pan 
through the mountains betwe en the 
Mbbb and nnlBy Riven be selected. 

Tbe eonstrucUoB of the raQway 
Bs plBttbed will mean tbe opening up 
of the Bear River Valley in the 
Stewart section to adequate trans- 
portation facUlUes. which wtll mean 
very much to the camp 

On the other side ut Uie divide 
Lhe railway Unp 1b planned, and the 
rharters were granted at the last 
seulon of the Legislature for eon- 
strucUOQ lo FOrt nraham. on lhe 
Plnlay River. This wUI open up tbe 
western watershed ot the Plnlay. the 
famed Ingenica bell. In which Is 
located the Ingenica mine. cantn>Ued 
by R. R WtlAon. A B. TrtteJ! and 
othera, and which. It has been furr- 
cast, would rival lhe QulUvan mine 
of the OfBMoUdated company. 


Western r;tiiA/ Alrwayn Scrvc 
CBOPoUdalml and mhi-m In 
ftr-iarhInK ProprrtlRa 

A plane of the Wtstern Ci 
Airways has taken Mr. F. O. Green 
and hlA surveying crew frora Stewart 
Into T^renty-Mlle Ore^ beyond 
Bowser Lake to surrey the big group 
of rlnlmn ac/julred by tlie ConsoU* 
dal«l Company last PaJI from 
M'-^'-r.: Tl:r. Wiiliams and Charles 

Mf.s.\pi Wiliiiinus and C H Allen 
arr accomijanyinir iJu' tiroi'ii party 
to do some prospecting on the 
ground and the plane wtll also take 
a party into the Teigan River for 
the Northeni ProiqMwtor syndicate 
to stake some showUigs found many 
ywips ago by placer prospectoni This 
plane will make a number of trips 
Into Thr Interior. a.« well oa deliver- 
ing a quantity of i^upplles at \hv 
hfod of Bulldog Greek for A. Llncke 
for xiaf in developing the Olorla 
("ompanyS ground. 

Mrs. Jiggins, who wbb fBBdiBC B 
newap^MT, o b B BT ve il to her husbBod 
that It oontafned en artkite enttOed 
-Wooien Wofft for the FbeUe- 
Minded." Ut. Jlgglns, who was In a 
rwrnrtmlsnr mood, aald: T should 
lUB to know' what women have 
ever done lor the feeble-minded." 
"They uimally marry them . m y 
dear." replied Mn. Jlgglns, sweetly. 

Seaview Lot i 

BaJr No jri*< 

Messrs. Stewarl 

William Ca. 

Wm Ml by Public Auction Bt tfatfr 

OT YateB ftL. belnp Obvmmbmb* 

Tomorrow^ aluly 15 

At 2 o'clock, a quanUty oC UliM 

HoQselioid Furniture 

and Effects 

tnchxllng Walnut B<'dru.ini t^aiir 

consisting of Double Bed aod Mat- 
tresBN. Bureau and Wsshstand. 

> Handsome Oak Wardrobe with 

> Oheval Olass. Ivory f.n Bureau bikI 
' Drpssing Table wnh SiiaJl. Twin 

nnu-,j Beds » i ? ; . > ■■. Mat ireues. 

' Camp CoLiC WlU'ir] (.".iria t5 Bpan- 
Lih Mahoeaiiv I n I . ; . !t'>i ri Suite 

rcoMlstlng of lAi);ir Kxtcnsioii Tikble. 
su Diners and Sldaboard, Nord- 
hetmer Upright Orand Piano. Mbb- 
slve Walnut Extension Table and 
Sideboard, eleven Walnut Diners. 
Reglna Music Box, Plcluren Nrw 
Home Droptirad Sewinn Machine. 
FlTB Otiard, Copper Plre arri^n luid 

OoBl Box, Bet of Wrought ir 'n nrr 
Zrons. EL Lamp^ Large Wau Mir- 
ror, It ft a In. loos, ftirekft Ho- 
frlgBTBtor, Oak and Wblnut Btde- 
boBTdi. Ex. Tables. Oo. Tables, Aus- 
trian Bentwood Chairs, 30-rt. WaU 
Showcase with Shelving and Mir- 
rors, Doors, BL Iron, a quantity of 
Olass Holders. Monarch Slx-Holc 
Range, Deep 8tuIT«l Circular 
Lounge, s-ft inn Bath. Camp 
Blankets and othrr Ooodi IBB 
merotis to mentiotL 

Good& win be received for this 
Sale up to MlddB^' TOOUHTOW 

OB vww T iiiiTfriririiiniriii 

For further purlnilant. apply to 
The AorUoneer 

phoBB laai, BT waBtfiMMB 9m 

Cloy & Co. 

Aoctlaneera and Valaalors 

Al «W CMMswer Boad 

(NBgt Bamea Oroeeryi 

1:30 P.M. 

Clean Superior 


Duly Instnioted bf Mr. Barnes, 

leaving for England, MoCloy it Co. 
will .<M!!U, without reserve. Oak Side- 
board. Extension Tsble. Oak Mor- 
ns Chairs. Cane and BeagraM 
Chairs, plegant Oak China Cabinet. 
EjiLsy Chair In tapp.ttry. Couch, Ma- 
htigany and Oak Jardinlera ft^sitdt. 
BcasB and other Jardlxderei, VBaas, 
Clocks. OmamBBta. WUton aod Ax- 
mlnster Rugs and Squares, Book- 
shelves and Book.s. Centre Tables, 
good Crfftm Fnnm>'-t and Mahogany 
BcdrtxHii l-<:itiiiuir Modern OfBBm 
Knamel Beds with good MKnrp.vtf^t, 
Ohest Dra««n. ai ' .st ur 

CBTpet. LeBlber-topw OfDt*^^ iNbir, 
BtngHJlMtat MhAIbBi good Ma- 
>eBlk) UolBaBlve. IWe. Chairs. 
OotAlng IRdralla, Olass and China. 
Aiito Tmt (9x7), Sleepily Bag «ad 
Got. Mower. Armoured Hoin^ Wip- 
ing Machine, Wrtoger. TkOs, ale. 

Obi VMw Wednesday Porei 


■ .^0 JL 1.17 F^rt 


^^ T Akber. HtM 

1l« view Street 


I VATEu. I m tiaifear Tbara ta a Uirao< 
ram Suinaier cntlaae, a abad Bad a coad 
well on the properti Thia ta aoa at iBa 
Rinat bfawtilul laeaiion* on (taaatah rnloL 
obtaining an unriralad view of the Ann 
and Halahal Raner Pat-loe dut ■rulli 
and ilopine gentlr to wiii^in C>^/U1 
thiru rardi ol aaa Prlae ^>IVi; 


141 Pari Bi 

Fhona ISM 

aiB rawnu. witta IBaap ked- 


iBaayo aa 

a MAuaoB 



I Ba Buya 


Fhona tT4> 

KACniPi.-aa sEAnlpMT BCNdB 
C7.(ne ■« trri«'da and fltaei oar 
Tbia u a new buasalpv ST if* fSMa tan 

owe al Baaah On»e'. Pretip 

•OBat BBAIT^ i^RftvBM 
BM MM BttaM Fbooaa WlSMm 


Well ptaeod an pretty earden Int, %tHa 
dinkr' liuie bmw baa attractire antranre 

anna* Dwiaii 
WVfOltMm, ftM B*lt rtHMn OvaannaMe 


OlaaMa mt laanyana* Wrttles. 
Btaare pad Ba Ban, 

tooiBi. ttandina on I^A eatat land, ea tbe 

lliree-otile rlreU. near bua IttW Obtckeo 
bouae tor M) birda 

ftTlMMI '^^V ACREB LA Nil nl ehirli 
V i Brierti lo I wrnlT aeraa •rr 

plaafBd aad andrr < jllWxUiiri rbrr' ar.* 
taw VrRWa a aonl >*ll. aim a lU- 

room boaia Tliii ran br had on raav 

TEN Arnsa. near main Baan 
' '1 ' irh high wet undrr /iiic vai i*- t 

aod tn<J«'l» In anuM !rnu T' rtr .-i a 
aood iMrn. anme cbirketf bouva and a 
thra*>noa bwxar owner will txabantt 
loT baaaa la Vietorla 

SM Talaa Bteaet Fbon* rt* 



739 Yates Street 

Large Well - Lighted Store-room, 
ground floor, ^ 

Large Room, firgt no'.>r faring 
on Yatfs Street 

Large Space in Raarmrni. hard- 
wood fltsor, 

Mcf xanine Floor, fitted for 
beauty parlor*. 

Man slwaya in sttendantc lo 
dhow bnUdfng. 


Agent Phone 1462 

rvraada and eaattbala. ptgi 

■wm •I'll .rpwo Orw. I 
rirrr aiiUc enamel balhi 

rw o WaSaca * i W ArcReri 
DM Broad R(ree< FtMtne ITM 

jorr MAotBBi om.T tun 

aid view Btraei 

A MlrTf COM- 
rour-room bonaalaw, 
la flrat^laa eandtUoa. wiu tall ae«eoi 
kaaaflMBl. U«Bdvy Mba aad abMaa baow 
Cloaa BataoBi Aeanaa 


f- • It HOOMXD 
cxnTAuB on L«eatiola Baaa 
a(f CBeay Read Unmediaie ai^agiiaB. 

m parlact randitMfr i^u .-cm 
riimace L«r«e loi in froH aad saiBaB. 
rtwa ear and acbanu, nilM 0 MM 
tioSM al a rwht pnra 

» J rtir,IJ1.ABD 
im DwMlaa BMaat 



• I'Ji ^'** LaTKL LOT aa paved 
^^Ml real Bar 

"'AK BAY l<OT. MHIth of lha 

*-f /U'Uk A-^RNSR U7T WtlB aoleodu-. 
^Iinnr «ab traaa en fl ail reaMaetMl 
OaS Bat 

cMKMuSSsad ssr*'^ *° 


ABOVT BbM aata wawrrraBt abaliarad 
bar BbmbIpw. rear raaaa and 
lbfae-p4aap BaBwaBM. Oaed aardea gtae 
ine MM. ee M paa r 'a watar. pbone 

Kataie aod lBa«raBce Aaaot 
At twey Core Tol BMPaa IMT 

bPSM. IBBda llw tS'«>ae rir<-|a, 
Ipewrsi hnadrad feet fraatloe nn tbe 
CRR I" r.»ri irael In for bwa u waa. 

MNl. t init..'r ar mflk. UblTfean ar 

areenliriqi- In- ' »rlc» Of a 

IS rtiV) Bna 'iOO folr-n f 

Choice Homes 


Building Sites 


Reservoir Hill 




licby's Storate Q$. 

rAtau'o caaroiA 

Raaaaeiebte Ratae 
m Cefa n ae Bi PR M 

WhUe no actual nagPtlaHoi M ar e 
ff'ported to be In piugius. Crora- 
*eU Hockley, eholmmn of the board 
of the Belttkwe oold Mining A 

Finance Co.. at thf rr<c^r anniul 
merllng In London. .-iiiKifslrd dr"- 

flnltely that a n.'^vr tj>e EC. 

Sliver with the Prrmlrr ivas tne ao- 
Itiilon for th** prfwiu situation af- 
fer:ling (h^^o i,wo properties. 

Mr Moriiley declared that a com- 
biiiaiion to embrace 'i;- f-rrTnirr 
mill, tramway and ora 
raaerres *od to concede a fair valu- 
atkm tor Indicated aod proved B C. 
ore rMB f v ed with adequate recog- 
nititm of past expenditure, together 
with an sgreBd pereentage of capital 
fur future pnMpects and the pro rau 
right to subBcrfl>B lor BorkUlB cnpHal 
stiouid HBoi B Bolncioa or tha sUbb- 


ArTmng<-n)r'n;.s miiclr bL<o exicad 
'o lii'-litdf "■n-it.(ir\ nnd ore bodies 
of nrlghlxT'^;:.* ; • ■p'-r;i#'.', he sug- 
grst«i. In a Unn'iiy dcwrtpt4on of 
Lhe two pn^ienies and their rv^fee- 
Itlvc valoBs as far as csn be aso«- 
tlned, Mr. Boekley suggasla that 
amalgamaUon of B.C. Silver and 
Premier might be a proTltable opera- 
tion mutually, though possibly on a 
lower grade basis thsn In Premier 
Dperauon at the past flocne English 
aharebold'ra are Inehnrd to differ 
with Mr HocUey a> to B C BUvrr 
prnqpecu, and agree Vitb Mr. H- A 
Oue*i. Tlee-praMdcy ol Premwr. 
wtio has cTlttdBBd tik way the prop- 
erty has been handled Rot Mr C 
A Bank, managing dtraoUr, bBt Ihe 
Londoa board 1b blBBHd Cer Um pM- 
My that Is being puiBued. 


A PB'^a' TBite toflrtitB te^a 

BBBlAl WMB "bMng drlTBB 

the BwantBlu of BwMbm-- 


-asy. wherr dM ttBBB iBXgv foefes 
come from**" sMd ttm BUD Belt 

to the driver 

"Tfit- glMiTs bnnflht 
down, repued the driver. 

'tn-r Holly I 
f !" "hwood 
Avenue. Hral home aile. | 
I For gtiort period, oaly •T#0 


1 825 Port St. Phone 38Sj 

V ms 

JUtradivt Iw m Hw 

Idcslly situated oa Ksquimalt 
Hsrbfw. Paved road. Low 


Liirgp Urti from SSOD each. 

If* r 

We Will Build VcAi a S-Roomed 

rwr UM rath, biianr* a* rem Let aa 
ibpw r«H our plan* and Iwaaitaiia 


MS MBbertoe Bid* rii«n> ran 

Auction Thuraday 

At im KHL 

rsr\f. WTFKI.T HAvr 


Two Good Pianofortes 

On View Wednrsday AftBrBoaa 
Note: Goods for tbBBB pOPOlBr 

sales reoMvod pg mnt Ar np v M 
Bjn. Thmwtt^i 

McCloy & Co. 


Pbeae I4S1 



Instructed by the Authnrt*rd Trus- 
tee, sre will sen on rhr PremlM^ 

21M nonglSA fltrre't. on 

Thuraday, 1:30 P.Ma 


wu^|nt lu benign Co. 


In:itnjct«d, we Btfl sell 

to fetch 
«Ba Ub Mry reply. 

Wednesday, lt30 P.M. 

Wd-Kcpt Wahat aad 

Maliofany Household For- 
aHarc, Upright Piano, EJec- 
tnc WaahinK MacUae, 
Steel Safe, Etc. 

Including In part Virr goi-ei tip. 
right ptano snd St<iol, a Ctie^tt^r- 
flelda large UphoUtareid Arm 
ChaUa. aevermJ good Oarxtets. Puwied 
and Oolden Oak Dtnlng-Room Fur- 
niture, lanr* Walnut SIdeboanI 
large f«eel Key Sale Radio. Mahoc 
any Bedroom Suite. masMve Walnut 
DediWBii SullB. Hew Orey Blanketa, 
Btasl Rangas. larg* amortment oC 
Cooking OtMBai, vacy voBd B«Blty 


_ of Fiii.' rop OfUoB DsiBs. 
Office Oiatn, PUUig OBfateMlB, Roll- 
Top DBik. Reading X«mp, OfflM 
I TBbMs, SUUonfry Block and 
Tackle. New Cablr> Extension Lad- 
dan. Btepladder*. Pipe Vise. Wall 
DrtD. Vise. Punch. Pargc. lot of 
Rfeeel 15 ainu. lot ot steel Boxm. 
a Plaahrr*. F.Iertrtc Olfibea and Plt- 
I llniri TYanaformer lot trf fllaaa 
ITiii' Wire Ntttlns W..rk 
I Bfnf hm, ContcnU of Tuberrxjra, 

Oodmiha of PuaptoM. BMiiiii 

Motor. Pump and Tank. VM. 

■nif^ ■ ■ •■■ ■'■'I any (Irne 

by ap[i-'n..i>>«'iii "r 1 l.uraday room- 
ing tiBB a O CkKk. 


B» litia 

OflBlB. VBgt- 


good RowbOBt 

aunuaa a boms 



Art FipBrf tMr Ba KlB, 






Jrr^ A Mice 

IS - 




I ro«scrr TO 



It's An HI Wind 

■r«4|«M^ IM. Ti^ Mart a«c. U. L fl^ Oft| 


OKie TIME . 


A \AJice .•TV4e ncn tsllimg Me to 



Me WOULD G&TMecc AT ^* 



1 OUST eoT THEKe iNj time: to 
see Twe TieAiro pull ouT-TucGe 


^ THeeE WAS MOrwikje eLSe TO 

WimO-3TO(2M STOAsje UP„ IT 



OPesj the: DOoti,TKG wimo 
PLAweo oisjE. or WATURera* 



Twe Aia. I. FBUr OUST 




»Ckjoc»cex> \r dowm oust as i was 

r SAFElV— ! 


^^xnAr.Kj l.O AMD 0EMOL^1LAMOED~^ 

ouRjG- I CLiMseo oowKj AMD <=or 




MA, Cr filVtfS MA 

^>r■^?€^AG Joy T6 
>lDUlt OMLV CHtL^ 

-.^^ - 

LtSi IN 

MUTT AND JEFF -:- And Mr. and Mrs. Mutt Were So Happy 



mew VJPS«T iT, lT'4-C RUW t>OMj\J 
THAT RAiM sPoUr f^CASK r-| 
ALL OWCfe ' ' 


6^ ? 


r*M so 


> • 

SKA'S TH€- FtN<£^r 

> . r*MKA«*l»Vi 









DOMT Act SO (NMOC^MT: ^ il^"^^' 
Such A Mess — r'M SOAtcCJ* 

FROM MCA^ T^ podr wrm 


» t 



By Jack Wilhem 


WoMied Energy 

By Cliff Sterrctt 

TiLrLii: the: toiler 

Nifty Gets a ^^Suhstitut^^ 


. By Westover 

THacr Mi pry 


»<1D - HE 


THIS »a MR. id(FTV' 


How to Become Distinguiahed 


By C. M. Payne 

5TAl2TtKl'C3UT »W LifE.Vw4jo 
SWILL. Tit -PedTf^rD 



WAV— VP \ CA^^ 

By George Storm 






T>*E ^'^^ TOMiCHT 

OHOl-.. $0 BiPP TOUV \S 

Stop for supper—— 




01% t^C - 

Aj -PI Ah'S 


OF lUl 

Pictr or iHr 


TWr ► .. ■. f^S WA^ DCP -iTtL'J 
m^V ANWfiiViA TO WtGAiN J 
TMftONC ""•"'^ 

By Monte Barrett and Frank E^lig 


tVCp fiND OUT l>1 
MOT -ms I^CAi. 

GREaIlR than 

Mindanao Dq>tK« Greater 
Below Surface of Sea llian 
Himalayas Ars Above ihe 
Sea Level 



49*p In 

koMm M 
■emciiti «• 

tight on Om 


wubUv m ramd In ttw niHtil— 
hood at ntmn <l#rOM. rimina gm- 
mtl? mtfkatr *««kn«aM la tte 
MrU) l iOMi UM Will HM W 


Th* trnugh wm bMnd irr n im\ 
■hip at th^ Cftmagi* in- 

to Yokcituuiia, Japan. 
J XI neMiM Mjao f««t in dvtti 

for ft flitHua el nliw mUM. 
I taMttei «w dvm M UdtndA 
i»A aorta, tefltada 144.1 mi. Hm 

ncMn bouon ww 13J00 fMt 4aap 

fnr ft nnteh of IM mlh^ 10JOO f«t 

ninfl mnM ui ff«L 

! All of the at* fTHtMt ttmthi 
known to man Ua In M* PMAe 
ftr^r, Tfa# At* Itet trmim 

I than thu rmiy dWo nwM inxirh. 
•rt: Mlndwiaa rm*/ in- F'hlllp- 
ptoM. >4,S3I> f»et: Tuw.i^mv n**r 

I Japan. |3,000, f*et. Manana, f,n 
Ouam. SIM fMi; KOTTnadK. or 
Aldrlflh Da9. im mijea rmrthMi of 
IMw Eaalaad, 91. m tmt; am U»> 
mpn txp. off fi^iinmixi ZMh^ 
SMoo fwt * 

Th^ CTfaUNri 4»pth to ttw 
Iniit Ic Ocran Urn 00 PO|«0 KtaO aiKl 

R/"Jj -vr<' in a 




'Untin' Bowler to Lsave Fort Burwell |,JAPAN HJIiHT 


Dread Menace of Fire on 
High Stas Drives Crew 
Off Freighter King Cad- 

AiU TO sua i)KS 

OmtBAN. ttUM, July IS— TIM 
Brtttsh stntmrr Kins Oadvaltei. 

bound tM'tii ii' to AdeiaSdt^ 
Aufltruiiu, »iu. ci I liFK.i of coal, hu 
bffii fibandoncd by her crew who 
have tx-i'ti Uikfii utxiard thr steftRMT 
Arden Hall 

Thr KUlg CadWftUon caught Arc 
in th« NOl S btfU vhrn the ahlp 
wu 600 mllv oat She burned to 
qatdUj the emr vmi uB»ble Lo con- 
tral Uw blu*. Ttie mmocIu were 
opinfld before ebenrtfinlnc «bip to 
prevent her hemming • menue to 


on Smith rrrith'M- 
4ia.Mt Feet for AUuiUc 


Hepee to 


ta Thtatf-Thrae 


Tb Imd mfiOO feet of lumber for 
^Uentle Ooeet porta Ss. Vdlcnn Clt; 
•iTlved at Oitden Point docks In 
command of CapiAln Prank Ster- 
lins at 6 30 o'clock yesterday mocn- 
lni[ and exptvLs U> get ftWfty Atlf 
ihiA momlns. according lo KUIS 
iroiher^. •Oilpplnff aRents. 

HiiUt a^ the Arv'-wald At Vefff- 
•ftck, Germany, in 19H0. the Vulcan 
cr.y- u UO feel kmir, M-*) feet in 
bMm end 37 'r«et deep. She la of 
SAST tona sroM end 3^24 tbns net, 
power belns fumlAhed by engines 
of 3000 indicated horsepower. Her 
pre.'.ent nera are Sir WlUlaLin 
iCeeidOD Smith and Bona. 

TACOMA. July J 3 — The purpose 
'yl my nonstop flight from Taooma 
to TokiD. " sUkLm FllKht Lieutenant 
Biorr.l'-v dcmon&trate iJial an 

air malt and paasenger route be- 
tween the Unieed SUtee Ud Jl^aD 
ta » pracUcftl paeatbUlty." 

The rUght la a, pwely adentlfle 
endeavor to the IMeraeta of elr 
travel eod traniport, accordlnc to 
(he avletor. and u in no way a stunt 
fUfht. The venture Is backed flnan- 
t luUy by the Tacoma Chamber of 
Commerce and some pubbc-spinted 
Tacoma dtlaens. 

Pointing out that it now takei ap- 
proqdmataly twtfve dayt to get a 
tettar to Japan by staanidilik night 
Lieutenant Bromley statea that the 
air route would cut the Ume down 
to five dayfi or leAS. 8to WHPIItW 
that tun own notutop fUglit vIS tako 
thlrty-Lhree hours 

RtMif- taken by the aviator will be 

(-yrtAWK July H.-A mevage received late thla monilng by the Depwtmanl of Marine and Fliheriea | *7^-V'u.n(f«'"iIS ulJ K^^hiiu^ 
w fnm Ita radio alotion at Port BurwelL on the Hudaoa Stxalto In c Hr at e rt that the Untin' Bowler. Hie Pf-ntnauia. and MUlh tmr the Kurlle 
Chicago Trlbnao'a giant amphibian plane flying to Biirape vte ttas lop eS the world, would not take off before ' 

The mMMage stated that Ice which had taaminod the mMhine In for several dayi had moved eUihove 
^xnt two mtles. The crrw of the machine mo ^Byiar^pHMfee off lor MMm Oovo, mi^ » Ji— MWO—o 
away, where the pontoon damaged by the Ide a ooutfte of ago wlU be np^M. 

The above view, from left to right, ihow M Oast, pilot; *^artar Omw, ■■talui pOot. and BObert 
Wood, Chicago Tribune air editor. 

To Make Excursion Toda> 


f Tin 

\U. mm 
mm m 

R.O.TC M.n From I'ort 
Warden iieacJcd by Col. 
A. H. Sunderland Pay 

MS^t: ri 4\rEH is 
nsnoR TO PORT 



Knifhts of Celunilitts I- rum Peri 
Aagelee romlnc Here for 

Prom Port Angelea a number of 

Ocean and Coastwise Movements 

Xalgada to TDldo; 

IN command of C.ipt<>in C T Wyatt. the Edmonda-Vicloria ferry. CUy 
o( Victc/tia. will lc4vc the h«tbor at 1 o'clock this attcinoon on an 
excursion to Bdmonda She will leave Edmonds at 6 o'clock in tha 
evening and arrive here at la Between noon yceterdiy and 1 o'clock tlUa 

Forty members of the Re»enr> 
OtBi't-rs Trainliiit Oorpe. he(irt»«d by 
Colonel A H Sunderland wrrr pn- 
tertaklned herf v<'-sN'rdnv at. .t joint 
luncheon given by the ctty and Pro- 
vtnoial Oovemmcnt upon their ar- 
rival fmra Fort Warden. ^1^^ on 
the United Statae Army mine planW 
er Ma)or-Oeneral J. Franklin BoQ 

moniiRg thd Cfcty o« Victoria tandUd IM looriat awtoontaaa^ aeoordtoi » » oourteay vWt to VWrtoria. 

to Mr. Ivaa Beecroft, local agent 

CaoMial Sailings 
Om of B.C. Paris 

Vesst'l .\lovemvnfs 

aCATrUC. JulT IJ Arrivn] I>»i-» <".ik' 
Lot Aasel«> Alkbun* U»ru V>r><',u>rr 
Tklhel Maru. (I^t» In-i, M<n>i><l ix>riA 
nmfi A)r)iaii(l''t. CB<140pr>H, Tt'-.atnt kjrl- 
>UlP Dollat. NMBMkl. B C«dro. Hanta 

Knights of Columbus are expected di«o. uwu tuct>niMoh. B«tum. Uox^t. 
here aboard the Puget Smind Navi- ^ onuah. AJuka. caodMimk, aania lo**. 
gatkm CocDpaay'a ahip Iroquois atj Aostira. oouue atar. Linrpooi. 
« o-elodc tlba monlag. aooordlng to J^f^L>^ ^^__T^^ ■.^'y 

Mr. K K. BiaCBWna, loeai VSM. i u^nH^, Olynple. Baa FrsaeiKSe: MowM. 


T« Hanlnal duect. TWt 
fjgOM*' » P4n. dally 

• in. daily. teklDg 

6 30 p4n. daily, aU aieapiag-fiar 
tram. beCWMO VueMTCr* TWBBlO^ 


'I hibiigh trains to Chlcan tf> 
Ifiuve June 1«. "TUm UOUNTAIIff- 

LEH." 1 PA. dktty. kU «iMpiiig-oar 


BtfaoUve July 1. "aoO-FACOXO 
iXfWBH.- i:M pA. ddUy. ataad- 

rrd equipin ei ll 

bummer ewujMon faraa In effeot 
May 2'J to September 3U. rmai re- 
tu'n limit, Uototw 11. ino. 


rmoM MONTncAi. 

T« nrMMia-N*vr*.LMe*n 

AuMUa ialv I*. Aim. n. BnH » 

Aseaait Aai. i, ta. Beet. n. Oct M 

AUamla Aui. f. ar»t a Ori. « 

Avrsnik K\iM <4 II ''"I It 

t'lUlM NFW lliRK 

Csrmania Ana 1 Tu»> ania Aac I 

T* QlHM«lavn a ad IJ*#raaal 
Laronia Jul* 17 efvtnia Aim )0 

Ta ClMrkaarT aa4 Haailuaslan 
Aauliaaia . . JuIt II. Au« II. arpt 11 
■•cvBearia. aus t. ]a aepi. it 

•Itourataaia. . - Aug is, a*^i 4. u 
num BOfTON 

taMWa. Jairsa dartua .....Aoe ti 

Aiehor Ltie 

raoM r*rw voaa 

Ta Laiwl— *ti 1 1 wmt OlaisiM 

otMoBw July rr 

oatawMkia,. Am. • ruvsneeft 


Ta |NWm< Wmw—t'fMmmwm 

A)h»nla Jul* M. A>ia 9) fl*nt J*l 

Axlan'a AtH 1 ti>. frri )T 

I'liiia Aa« 9. n^dl t. Ctrt i 

ArKAiM* Atii lA a«i|>t IJ. OtL It 

■I •lU at rirtioiith 
lil«n»* ot.lrti, iitirn and Traownarf 
CheniiM ■( i'>a<-«i iBt»« mrorinaum 


HctiV'T I , ill 

i-.><«a«. Wait Oaettia. Safnoa Airva 

t'jnTLANO. JtiXy 11 — ArriTM ant>\n 
A'Uit aferrtt. Bardansar. Abi^dren. 
Krarr Hattify. Baata Barbara. El Oapilao. 
. _ , , . . u« Arih'loa SallMl Tlvrriao. Ci»0« Bav* 
CUil Cril> Ut tlicin at B OClOCk this Aumirai acolay, 4u taiwttffffi wubuoi- 

evening. The Olympic will leave ton. aan naiMkui Sfaat a. Mam, Baa 
Fort Angelea fw Vlctotld at lo]^^^"' ' ' W>w i b »e h . bojxwi tmaiu 

basket plrr,l>- ;>• 
Knights will board 
h )6 makini; ii .ijm*- 

o'clook en ttw return voyage, arriv- 1 
lag here dbeut midnight 

fflflPfff* SIArE^ A IB 

tmuu TUaa Wmi Vtotata 
fctladi— auaaaa. Am 
, « at » »••!•«. 
anttw Baa aiMt t«M*> 

AxTi»«» ■■ iaa ihM tev. 


Dallas TaoK 

• am 

Oaam. Oat*. 

• •» as 

PftnMU lUca. 
U DaoB- 

da*. II M a.H 

Nav Ortcana. La.. A/rivaa an tba faaitfe 
da*. 10 >D a a. 

•Maw Vara, u.t^ affivaa ae tm ibm 
aa*. I 40 »A ^ -- _^ 
Omaha. Hah.1 AnNw «• 4h IBM Bat. 

U 10 a n 

Oiiava. Oat. Arrivaa aa Um learJi da*. 

•PMiatirtpMa. ra.i anfiw mm ttm MM 

dar 1 ^s t> m. 

'PIIii>}iir«h. r& 
dai. I 43 p m. 

at. l.4>uta. Ma ArrlTM mm tMrd dav. 

• II am 

ei. ^a1ll. Mtnn ai ii iia mm taue 
dai. 11 in am 
Bait L«i> citr, oua: A iili aa aay ana* 

tasMrroa. 13 ka » m. 

ToroQlO. Uot. amraa as Um third dai. 

• U a n 

Wa>htarti*n. 0 0-. arnvaa an tba laird 
dar, 11 tl am 

aonHitiiitmd daUr nr»9% Aundar AU 
■Mil rintini llit* atiaraooQ at i •clocL 
*Ban rKoeiacA Cai Arriv** iao>i»rra«. 

taCOUa. Julv IJ — Arrtmi: Rath Alai- 
ander. Baattia; Mimrla. biKMtan< Caddo- 
!>*• k . flan VtaaaiMe; Bsata l nrt. saa 
fTniirUro BSUad' limByviKUi. ktiaiicKai 
Ruin Alruadrr. BaatUr <:ad<l(n>*ai, 
Br.itil'. Kant a Inrt. Srattlf VJrtl Ciic :u\. 
e«ailii> MovrTta, London 

HAN TttAKCmOO. .I>it> II - Aftlvad 
T>-iii"> Maru. Sao PadrA aaUad. Ptait- 
daiii CUvriand. aan ftdro- dCttaa Eva. 
Roikt^rt, Halolo, UotMlulUi Loa AnadlC4. 
Vantwra. AdmUal ■•Qsaa. Baa Padro 
waiantHt*. PartiaDBi OeUta nrcM. 
Datrrn. Yalr. Baa Pedro: OanaBlan Coaai- 
*r. vutuMim. Ouklsan Msrut PM-Uaad. 
Oviaha Aniafasaiu. Ooldtn llbta. Baa 
Padro iir- fii-i.^r,.*»i. riT.,. HS Titer 

Wt:.\rHfcK HKPORT 

BVTBTAia-Pan dlwidr; Uaht, aerUiwMi. 
»03. tl. Uaht svau. 

PACUIMA ~ Vart cloody. fraab. aoutJt. 
not, «; iieht Bine 

CAMCAflAa— Pari clotidj; aaal. W0O, 
llsttt chop 

CAPK BEALft— Tart elaadf; fiMb. Mali 
M-ti. chmpf. 

I* V tm 

•taa. OkL: AntMa lin w . a U 

•L*a ABiiHa on.: amvaa nawfia 

an1*«a dar aftar ti*- 


Baa DtfM. Cat 
•arrow, ■.so pat. 

AtUatA. ua.: ai l lpoo «■ ta* lavrta d*r. 
■ nam 

•rot <wii*«fT da eat of arrival a wwial 
daiirarr ««aai» «1S ha niiawan oa 

Ictlara addieaaad U> thaaa na<«l* 

TrturlAt lot vllliui»» fthop): I want 
to iNiy a too* hbruiOi. 

Shopkeeper. Sorry, sir. but our 
line of aunnwr mwiilHw elnt In 

A delightrul cr^ilnr among the 
Oulf lAlnnrls bv the a\ Island Prln* 
cew. Special day excursion ratea. 
MbodayB and TtaundavK from vic- 
wrta and retom to Sidney. Tuesdays 
and mdays from Sidney and return 
to Vktorta, Wedneadaya and Satur- 
days fitwi Vkt<nla and return to 


iFjlfran ■ p m . onleaa eUlOrwIoo ilatod I 

PRINCBS6 NCRAH - Loft OelOllol, 4 
p m . norihoound 

ALBBITOLJTE - Vaiwouvor fflT Bao 
Padra. wa mitra off Ban Podra 

ROVPT HARU Lrll Potrt AINrol* S 
P m . tiound Japan- 

CAPAP Botiiid Jamra itlaad, ferly-toiu 

iMl<-> nn William Hrad 

rojNT ooRX'A Poiiiand tor B eatrt a 
flfif*n nulrt .tH William Hrad 

.lAAON eTAR-©an Pi^tn tof Mi-a 

fllFAPWEAD I-Tt Ai«^l'i for PnrtlaDd, 

■■■II *tjnli 'it •"■-I'.iiiMa Rifcr 

r^NADiAM iMPottrcn - Duo Iran 

Montrral, ftrplrmb*f ]l 

CANAtMAM aKIQNBIin L*w U-^, M'^nl- 

ri>al, Ociooor IS 
r ANADtAN UILXSl Oat fr->m 

A'itual 1 

Uaatra«l, Awaat 11. 

CAJIAOIAM RAMOB-Daa trwa Qoalm, 
Auf uat Vt 

CAVAOIAM OOAffrn— D«« frWB Bsa 
PrandMo. iolv IT 


CANAiJtAN OBSKKVCn Sj'I« (fun Van 
couvor for Ban Pranciirn, Jul) Id 

OAMAOUM ROvn - Dm froai Ban 
pranclaae» .Tuif M 

PAOmc BMTBRPtUBI — m tiaHa« 
K>i)«d«ai. aaviMDlMr lA 
TOtUWA MARU— Proat Oriattl, Bief- 


op AOiA^rraai OfitBi, Bar- 


AI^BAMA UAJtU- FMr OrlCRt. Tolr H 
lYNltANKua rxtt Orlrtil. Juij If 
JulT II. 

MAKinu— IKoootala aaB aaMpnia. 

Jul! 9i. 

ARABIA MARD— Pb« Onenk Joly 
KUPRBBB or miaSU — PDT OrMDt, 

July » 

eniU£OOKA HARU — POr OriMil. Jutr 

pRanokorr maxmbom — pw ohobi, 

DOftOTIIT AUKaffOaB-rer AiaaBa. 

July M 

BUPRBBB er iBt* rsf onaai, Aes- 

IMt I 

tmROmr ALAA?mER — mr Alaaea. 
Auau*t 9 

YOKOHAMA HAHU - POr Ortant. Aim- 
u«l t. 


Alwuft la 
ARIZONA UAMK-Mv orWqt, Aaaoil 18, 
DORoTirr AUBANDSa — Mr AUia. 

AtiKuM ae 

AORAROI—Por Boaalotn aa« Belli aila 

Auaual ai 

PR RBiDB rr KacmutT — per onaai, 
Auoaat S«. 

TALTinrBIOB^Par Ortoal. Aaaasl It. 

APRiCA HARD— ror OrlMlL Amil It 

Awyat aa 

aUBttXMA MARU -Por Ortani. KcnU'iti- 
bar 4 

pREarmrr on art —ror ortrau 


6apt««bct I <laat trleh 

IXTOR-P«r OnoMT. Bo pldUi b M IV. 
ALABAMA MARU— Par oriaab BapMa- 

HXAOAIU-rer BdMlalv sad Aall»o««a 
Bnuakor la 
noMAan—ftc ortcDt. bhiImbbm il 

ros eanowfwvn 

e P R. aUawor Item Batt* s« l:«B am 

CPR >irai»*r Mavaa daily at 11. M m.m 

er a. alMnar arrlvaa dally at » a 
HaaaMt •mto' daOy at t a^a. 

voa asATTU 

L,i_l'j MavM Ba» at W:IS 
apA. a 
my *t Tlrtorta 

•a I 

ea» at W:IS ra 
liaoM aaup a»MB mm. 
k iMiea BBgp at I 

New Submarine 

Dericp to Aid 
Men Under Sea 

NORTH BAY. July 13.- 
QaptaiD J. T. Randall, 
skipper of the schooner I'm 
Alone, sunk by the United 
Statea ooaatguard veaaela re- 
cently, announeed hia inton* 
Uc.n t-n visit Kigland shortly 
tr. vitii!iit to naval authorltiea 
:i (i<'M(e to permit erewa o( 
jiunken submarines to rise to 
the surface from several hun- 
dred feet without taijuzy. 



orr CAPS coo with imm 

Captain Wateaa Wi 
Wki Twenty 
OnHad matiB 



TO Akarve 

rHBSIDEJer MADIi«ON rrnti onaat 

J'jlJi IS 

PROTEBU-Ara- Proen (Jrlrrt. Jul* )• 
MAKURA rran Anupodaa aad Hen»- 



raiNA anh japa.>< 

CMPRESH ur PRANCE MalU dnaa July 

4. & i> 111 Dii* Bi YnkoJiama Julj 
eiur.ahii. in'T i3 Ofinf Kflr.a, j^it M 

11. * i: n\ :j'4r at Ynkithama July H; 
e)iir:b-'<i Jul! 10. Mcnc Koni, AiMuat a 
T . •.DAREUS— Uailt cIOM July IS. 1 p ■ 
D'.ir It ViikDbsaia Joly MU Hano Koom. 
A.anv II 

ti. 9 p m Uup at Takohanta Auouit I: 
Bhanthal. Autuit • HocM Rms. Auauat la. 

PRBSlDBrr HAOieoM-MalU rt'ta* Juir 
n. # p.m. Duo at Tokohama Autu*t •. 
bdlMhal. Anywat 11; Rany Koru. Auaun ifl 

UAC^tiAlvUT KiaSaD PYanriMrd< uaiU 
r:«'> JjI) 1. 4 p m l>u« ai WaUmytou 
><ii% » Bydnyy. Aocuot I. 

-HiFRRA ivla Ban WanaiiMi— ua>i* 
rioM July IS. 4 p.m. Do* ot Bydncf 
Auauat ■ 

UAffURA-Ualla tin.* Jalr It. I am 
Du» Auckland Auauat II ffnfnay. 

Auc'xi IT 

•TAHITI iT*a Aan rrBrH-l»r<>> Matla 
r<if,r A<i«ii<i «. 4 p m [hii! ai Wtltlnatoti 
Auauti 19 

•SOKOWA din rrinrlH-ot Mailt 

wlnaa Auauit i p m r>ua at aydaat 
Aaeaal as 

*AaNralla anir •ftp* ZaalaaB aalp. 


With a light rarvrt and pasKenger 

era- >traMaT arnvaa ealto tt:« p 
uoauota arrival daOy al t an. 

■ O. ooaat aavTlso; Pyae VIsliiiB n 


Motor Priaoaoa («•**■ Bldotf t a « and 
jiie p.m. BaUy (»r ei««aaUa. raturauu 
•I UM P" ' »»• 


F I la t i n «aiao MaoM Maaaia. m i 
■ad l ilt taatoa Vaaooaooy al II •« 
asd • M pai dailr A local ttaaoior vUl 
iMfO VBKOwnr at 3 11 p si , MooaMa 
tftm KaaaiBo at lu p m. Story 
diiadir loavoa wan a fa «( 1 mm. aaB a 
LoavM Vaaoaanr ai la 

TKTVonA-rottf anoBUB 

Aato aad POMM MMy.lnMOIP afla 
telly lor port aa a olw al tBtU aat litsm 
par' Aaaalaa al 1'W O.a. 

Olrninl- "l'''' f™B Tl«-tnrta al y 

«IB aiiJ 5 Pari Anatlat 

ll'U O M oad 6 p n-. arrlruio tiata i m 
mm. sad 1:M 

ra»ca bdpcbt aona 
■Lfr- woawili i Bi Boaav TaarMu m 

naiaoTif **" ■■I'* *aM RarBp. 

princa It"**'*'.?**-- _, _^ 

Canad an MpUoaMBIl I ■ M Ii si Oa mam 

dara. wMnaaOky* aaB Bstardan at • y.o. 
imtr. V»Dc»u»ar 

tibLF lYLAWnO BUL-n 

ai**B>a' laMdd riincVH Xart* vitiwla 
f*f 0«>f Itlanda al 1 l» a n au Moaday^ 
wrdnttdaT* and Ihuradara. 

ataamai PriB«*aa Rcrai laara* fieiayta 
tm TaoaMvar. 'la Ouc lai*«d% m u 
m TaoaBsra. 
Ouadlaa HatMaal BliiHiB m i Wdifciy 
tnm Vaaaoefae. 

rueyuMB caMat rootb 
oe«vBVAToaT INI It ancya 
Oaaadian Rattanal Bcamihlyi om Wad- 
aMBsyo aMl aatuTdar* ai • p m tnm Vo»> 
aasw, IM Ptioea Xupcti. Bc«*art, AayoB. 
kAa>a.tak.t»ia-uiaA.S fAi^.rm*jt^» 

Ifaakly. rriaoaaa Maiiuiaiko Mavii van. 
Mioov t W-m.. WodBoaaava Oftaadioa 
SmMmI BipamaiBo-MoeBaro aa« Ttai*. 
mmt-T- al • p-»- <■«■ faaaoavtr. 
,vm%u. MVaa djki* «.«udM 

CJTM. ataoaor OTdMHrdalla Ifa» vaa- 
MBMT BidBida* « Vi \ li r » EkauBaro 
aBd Bawrdava 

ii atr * AND NnancERii 
rni trMBiA 

Canadian Railonal a--t*BidHR|; 
Hoodar ai i p ni . from 
aaaavay asd way p«n% 

ron braowat 


LaalMb Mt _ __ 

rnDcaaa ABalalBfc Jidp Hl 

AhAama to baU 

The Osaka .Shosrn Kal.^ha liner 
Alabama Mnnj la expected at Rithei 
pirn froin Seattle at 4 o'clock I' lr.-^ 
day atterQOOD to aall for Japan and 
OhlBA, Aeeordlng to Mr. A. f. 
■fuBlEI, or ItWhBC OooaolMBtad Ltd 

UNtuLN ma 


Mall Uner TWkee 0«t 
MM-Ton Cargo and|lgS 

BOflTON. July U^-Oaptatn Wat- 
son Wagner and nine of the crew of 

the BrtUjJi inotoratilp Muri-uilftid- 
pole, out of Lunrburs N f> . ware 
arraiRned i/i federaJ court Uxlay on 
charges of violatuig the federal 
Turn Aei. miBy pknded not guUty 
and wera bckl m bail ranging from 
$1,1100 lo lUOO BHh for a having 
July SL 

The MareolUndpole was aetied by 
the coastguard idt Oape Cod Thurs- 
day She had a cargo o* 14 *00 boi- 
tif& of liquor aboBTd TTir c(»L&t«ruard 
charged that she was *ntJiln the ten- 
mlle limit, while defencp attorneys 
declared she waA twrntv mllea out 

Carrying forty -four flrst class 
pa&sengers and Ul third, the 
American Mail Uner President 

Unootn arrived from S eatt le In 

ooBunand of Oapuin Hugh L. Jooea cii\mac crrfTATinu 
at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. MJ/nAO M 1 UA 1 lUll 
She left for Y oknhRm a Kobe, 
Shanghai. Hong kour nud Manila 
two hours later. 

The veasel's r.ariin u u - ninde up 
of 9,000 tons of cnnn'c mili; flour, 
machinery and ^ulomotiUeA Pour 
loru or dried M'aaeed and 31] bags 
of mail w(u> loaded here. 


UovemmrnI K .AnxInoiL to Dispose 
of S.HOO Acres, to Become 
Kevrnue Prodaciug 

f»ro leaves 

After loading 460.000 feet of lum- 
ber here the Norwegian stcanishlp 
oro lB(t Rithet piers for New Yovt 
in eoounand of Captain olaf Knut- 
sen at T o'dock yesterday nwmtag. 

Shipping Informctian 



DaU rnary VlTlnit H't TIm* R't-TInt ■*( 
IB M Pt.|B K n.tll,H rtlH M. Ft 

«M1 »| IJ 

n.%t t-t 

n:f aa 

nsa IT 

n 00 I • 

UM ■> 

The Sumaa situation U likely to 
receive ooncentratBd attention on 
the part of the membeTa of the 
novemment within a short Ume. 
Therp havr been a number of other 
proprwals which involve the 
R tr alg h le rang ou t of r x Ls t Ing 
trouble*, where a number ot owners 
of farm land* are Involved, Mich a* 
the irrmatlon situation In the In- 
trnnr, which have to receive atten- 
tion n ith BA little delay aa poKdbla. 
Al aeon as Ume matters have been 
ad^ueted. attention la likely to be 
devoted bo the Sumaa situation, 
where there are some 1.700 acres 

Pnaent at the luncheon were His 

Honor R. Randolph Bruce. Uiss 
Helen Mackenale. Premier S. F 
Tulmle and Mrs, Tnlmle memben of 
the rrovlncial Citbinci and their 
wives Mayor and Mrs Herbert Aiw- 
r.:.rnb, mfinbt-r^ tpf the City Counrll, 
I'nit^^ States Coniiul a. A. Bucklin, 
Commander Leonard W. kCurray. 
commanden and offloeia of the 
United Statas desLroyera FRrenhoIt. 
Gory and HuU, ufflcer» of Uic nunc 
planter. Commander 8. O. Orelg. 
Brigad ler - oeoeral J. Satberland 
Brown, MX>., and others. 

Accompanying the men In tralnmE 
was Mr5. A. H t^uthrriund. Major 
Herbert J. Plagg, Cspt A c iMit-.s- 
ladon, Capt, Oenrttc W Hov-v Mr\ 
C. V "^'niinK. Cofi l.l.i>fl W fl'irii- 
pert, Capt J ttin i',-> A H \ n , M I .s.^ 
Helen Kink:iid. MiN.i Nidrne Mc- 
Laughlin. UeuU L)ean Luce. Lieut 
John L. Hartley. First UeuU John 
Harry, Mrs. R. D BllliDtt. Mrs. A. L. 
1 BuUand. Second Lleul. John 5. Henn. 
' Mra. Jolin S- Henn, Second Lieut. O- 
t J Levin. Second Lieut. Albert A 
Brown. Second UeuU Hiram De Puv . 
Capt. J. B. MulT. Capt- G L. Ilulliird 
and Capt. A. J. Adam.s. 

TTie reserve ofUcers have h<*en n'- 
Fort Warden .since Jniv n and will 
break camp on July 35. They have 
( nm<^ out practice with 150 m m. 
t rac tor -drawn guns, twtf ve-inch 
mortars and tbiea-lneh anti-aircraft 

Officers of thB mine planter In- 
cluded Lieut Joseph P. Henn, Capt 
J W Oreen. Mr. Ray Ashwell. flrat 
mate. Mr J McSvrtnney. chief en- 
gineer, and Mr. J. Loetovla. necond 

nOe of the I'lghl army mine plan'- 
erA in uat. tJir Bell in ITS feet long, 
thirty-five feel In beam and of 1,000 
tons reglfteT. She carries a crew of 
twenty-three men and Is driven at a 
speed of eleven knou by triple m- 
glnaa of 740 indloalad horaepower 
ahd twin Bcrews. She was built at 
MUwBUkBB in 1030 

The craft lays elertrically-con- 
troUed niinei by nirami of two davltA 
at either «ld<- "t Ui- bow. She left 
here for the r<'tum tO JWt 

WardT nf niidniBlit 


4:n «.S|ll:l» l.«|a:S1 «. 


f :U I V i 

T M IStU.-«4 SOllSrlS SJ 

s aa asiii oi tiae it ti 

• «a an a oa o* i» so ai 

ay* tl' tn i> *o ta 

1 M a ft 10 «• I I i» 10 a O ta it i a 

I *i ■ l ie 43 1 ta u laai'^ n 

13* Tin IS 1 Ditt M 1 1> 

0 M • a 1 14 1 a II 41 3 y« 00 n 

IIS 1)1 4 aa I Ilia is i a in m 1 1 

IIS B 41 a aa ta 14 4 4 ?« it « ; 

a !• 4if t:u ft.Mia:sa rr a a 

:i! ;i:::;::;-|:::::::::is H 

Dr- and Mrs. 'nlomft^ Henry 
John.1. newlyweds, arrived at the Ed- 
. ^ , . .... , imonds-Vlctorla ferry dock early 

to be disposed of and pulln Une to ^^,(,^1*? morning In a buggy puilBd 
produce revmtie. ^ ^ ^ by admirers They wei* eaoorted 

The Oovemmcnt has had a num- 

30 %1 

at a* 

ber of pn>posals made to It looking 
to the uklng over of the land Bt 
.Suma.-. and canrymK oul a colonlxa- 
tion plan In this cDnnectlon. Noth- 
ing definite in this line bae basn 
decided upon by the Oovenimant 
The Oovemmcnt wishas to een- 
vert the area Jupt as quickly as pos- 
sible Into ft prodoctng section of 

AdotaMo. Jdly »i Pruicaaa 
p Hi rwBasia AUaa jaiy ta. 

Egg'Laying CanteU 

Ol Ba W oB by tha DnaitBhm EmrtawBial 
BlathM. BldDoy. 8 C 


Oaitod Riaa 

Tw Wr Moeia- Ca a rt aor a 'SaoiS a WBlaB 


Jsty H. AIM at HetitcabB 

Ta CUtrhaara SaalBaaalM. Aaiaara 
Ana I. Am » M<>Dt«iara 
Aua II ... M'taaama 

T> B»ifa» UiMBBOl-dUaaavw 
Jul! >• .»<*.niofeaM ot Ainoc 

Buy. a. Am II Miooadoaa 

M» a Mewirwat 

AaB> If MalttB 

Ta U 

AM a Aw» n . 

AuB 14. Swt 
ftM II. Bapi 



j«t, St. AUB- U 

4<ly sa Am « 
««■ 1, aoa. fff 

Aseit la aa— «■ o totTw ayw aa 

Duebw ot Radfafd 
Dunhaaa mt Vert 
DwefeoaB al AUmH 
Bmpraaa «( ABvtyuna 
B&u>r*aa o( BtdHaad 


] r.. ii»w at>e •dO'BPNlaM 
*all rrcM VBBBetrtBt* 941. 

M4RI at . II voo Tub*). ........ .|«l» tt 

AOBAMti ' .rt.ofea ToBst. aae' Si. o«t ii 
AiAUABA ' itMm tmm*> aoei. la tta«. la 
Pot (arao. oU . apvty to alt railway aae 
woBiahtp ofaaU or la Um CuBodian-Aua- 
tralaaiaa uae. IBS ttaaiiBas BL Waok Vaa- 

•ad Vm- 

4<A, July Sa 
VOKOnAMA •CAIM-'Ptan OrlOBt. Jaty 

*^BIVMek ABUr-evoai Ortoai. Jaly 

'^•BlDanA— Prom tmitad Rinadom. Julv 




To AU B C Coaei PtMsis 
fviooa Bapcn, SMwart, Ao/o^ 
Kac. Naw Sii 




Parvy •«(ir t- 

l.M B.& . 

a IS a m, I 

II IS aa. I 

I aa y 

a u »«. f 
I aa r •« 




Juir 10 


Klnadon. Auoua* 1 

AR13H-'f*A MARI' Pnwr r,r--'nt, Ainuat • 
TALTMYBILiS- tirim orifnl. Au«a«t • 
TUYAUA MARU-Pron onont. Ausuai 

'"pRMnMn usniLcr-nte ovioat. 

AuBuat I& 
APniCA MARO— noBi oriyni, Aoa«ot tl 
AORAMOl ~ Pf» WaaoiBlu o«M Aaup- 

Maa. Au4aM la * 


Auswl I'l 

padPIO noRRRR— PtBBi T?bii^ iTiTia 
4am, awaaN IV. 

anaQAUA — Praia Oaitad E.iM4«m. 
AuauH ■> iar«l laroaai. 

mibmhu agBMN-PM onaRi, amai 


PRM B lDgfr ORAHT - rnm fMW, 

Am DM aa 

IXfijN PViwn Oriml. AuBu«l ar 

p*i~ I > ' V<i mi iKHT - rram rnttad 
Kini'- T' * "(i ai 

alauama maru — Pfmm onooi, Ba^ 
lanaar a 


aapianSar Y- 

liner Prr«if!rn* Ma^ijion la expected 
at Rithet plrr^ trc<m the Orient at 
8 o'clock Monday momlng, accord- 
ing to Mr W M. Allan, local agent 
Thoac on board Include Baron 
Karl H. Von Wiegand and Lady 
Drummond-Ray, who w^rr pan- 
•sengers on the Oraf Zrp\^\\n on 
ortant, her voyaB*- from Oermsny to North 
Anirrtr* ia.'.t ypBr The Banrn and 
Lady Urummond-Hay are complet- 
ing a worM voyage planning a route 
for the globe-trotting cruise that 
the gtant airship u to make. 

C. C. B. rrTXvriA that ra he -fit^rY^ 
the hail thr- r»thpr ^vmiru; hi". Tvc- 
v^r-r»lrt »on i-Am^ t#*ai-fiilly rt-wn 
'I..' ita;r-i rr- 'n n ;«iinfiil Krmlnn 
wii^i munuTi> s^tric n h" %ald, 
Oaddy, when you gt^t inam«ii n-rain. 
I hope you don't marrv mnfjipr • 


Ba^iMibM a 

( AN4rtiA\ PAC'inr railway 

■■''■\- 'jv eacurston rates lor 

pfv^^M rll^p^^ "Very Sunday lay Motor 
J' And retunit 

June IT. 
vfeamer Msod Prlacev will iBRTe 
victcna at 7 IS a.m Mondays and 
A 00 a m. Thttrwlaya for Sidney via 
the Ctiiir lalanna 

The steamer laiand Prlooeaa wU 
iBRVtt SldnBy at tilO aA. Tttasdays 
and WMBye for VMorta via tte 
oua iitoa*. 
The mmmm UM PMiwev vtti 

leave Vkrlorla at S 00 am Wedneo- 
daya and Saturdays for th* Ouir 
L^lands returmni to Virti^rlB Uw 
aame day 

A ataamar will leave victarla at 
um Midays for 




WTtila tMhonu— 



A Adam* 


1 J« 

t yT4 0 

R E Ault 



i.m 1 

..«la« Si O Pirrrll 



1 Tiy 7 

T Barclay - 


i.ssa 4 

J 0. PutlorftaU 


1 4 

J J Ooooan ' 


1 4dK 

1 t^^ n 

W L I>oa»la» 



l.ftoa i 

pnrt ' n t,*! horn rm 



1 in 1 

A (ln»r»»-n«i 


1 IM 

1 144 • 

0 O Oolitino 


1 *3S 

1 4i 1 1 

W J Ooftn 


1 >■» 

1 mt ^ 

M:i« R Ovrnna 



t.»11 B 

r H fla*«ar;l 


Ilia • 

W T Hor«i 


1 4ta 

1 aaa.i 

R ■ackafista ... 



1 711 a 

N E. PloaloB 


1 41l> 

i.tft « 
i.ait a 

W RoSaiBa 


1 T14 

J BMirta 



1.004 a 

IL w. Tun 



i.ad3 4 

WidlBBOd P1)r earn 



Rarrad nor a* 

ChaptiB a Oavald 




Eapi Farm, A*a*aia 



I.m a 

r n aotdint 



M S ntaphant 




Hh'^ taland Ry^la- 




coofta * Marear 




O O Rant ... ... 








R n Bavll 




rnrtwtt A Tnl(Mitt 




H fl h runniMhatw 


I aai 


n»t at* eummrrlane 44 


Ulf « 








laaaa 4 

Thr fim» ii«rd l» Pactflr Htarnlir'1 fii- II,- 
IlOth Marldian weal Fl i, rn-inirA from 
B lo 34 noura. Iroa Midnwhi lo mtdnlatit 
Th« fleam for halehl aoyra ta diMlnaiiiili 
hlyh water rrom tow vatrr Wtim felaaka 
omr In iha tak|«. tha tie* rta#a or talla 
eonUnnaaatr durind I «0 auBteaalya Itdal 
prr^mi* without turuino 

T1» halBtit <• In ra»t and toaafca at a 
rasl. moasBsad froBi tlw avoroeo fowl of 
low waioe 

T" fl-fd f**» Aavih at •••i*T m lha altl 
th* Ewiulmall dndock at an* nda. add 
!iit r'r% tn iti* hrKht «r blob WBlar aa 
ri»-'. iSo" 

r"<* /f'fXh M vaity on th« alTI 

nf 'hr Pnnahr*, rlndOOk add M I(*t IB IbO 
halobl of hlyti »at>r abff*a alvta. 

stTNATBB AHn Btmsrr 


■r ooartop and OBnaal rParUlc 
Buaeord tiiBo). ot Ttoloala. RC. tor um 

or J«ly. 



Bun - 





la . 

4 14 

a 11 


4 14 

■ *»1 


« ^-t 

» u 

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Prttklent of Uie niig»l BoelBty for 
the Protecuan of BlrdB, the DuchBsa 
' r F'Ttiand. has baen sendtng out 
pobteij-aorded letten to varMui 
incDds and aoqualntaocea pointing 
out the emelty involved In procur- 
ing the oeprey trimmings that are 
beef ni in T i ncreaatngly fashionable 
The fact reminds me of a »tx>ry I 
once heard hT LelJ 

It conrTTied r\ arrman aho, walk- 
ing one dwy ■-tt«n A country lanCi 
saw a small boy in the act of 
dlmblng a tree after a OBBt. 

"Tou wicked boy," she erled. "Are 
you golnf lo mb that neefeT Hunk 
how l&e mother Uid wlU grtete at 
the loss of her eggs 

"Oh. she won't feel It." said the 
boy. "She's on your hat " 

by manv fri»'rul- frwn the antl- 
qiiai-r^ ■■r-ti;-'.r ^jp M;f> gangplank 1 1 
8a Citv <if Victoria. Mra. Johns u 
A daughter ti ReV. W. X Mpp- 
rell, DU. 

Now Krf" live - "Hie steaaer 
leaves for Port Alice and way peita 
on the Xal. llUi SAd ttet flT eeeb 


Koht Btrms McMlcUng 

rhi[,.rr T n M P 



ItM lo lliSO PJK. 


$100, CKR City 
Wharf (JfTtces 


nWARKB: PMmoa adBWio aU torraipaBd 
MOB la taa BaoorlBlBaBwil. BnoytoMBlal 

ia y i n aa. go Wmntb •*»• 

He U yoo 
karr anoUMf. 

She: wm iMtglraptf tRMpft 



UTertia* June 1>. ItM. tha Motor 
pnnceas will leaoe Sidney at • ajn 

and a u pm for Steveston. return- 

' lag ai U.J0 PA and 7 pA 


Tinw 0( Btoaaylo* ob^ MoaMt rpBoiac 
BiBBBBie «bM). al TielBrlB. a O , far Iho 

iwiigef »»■ 

R>«M BoU 
tPim dBBrtar an lSta» 

... I »i pas. 

I'M p Ok C:Sa aa 

4»e» SSSaw 

I ts a a. a 

Srn »■ I 

V-ll PA t 

a al B «. a 

I M p«. a 

(PUB Mmb aa IIM) 

• W y n • 

• It p I* i 

.... • 4t p »n V 

10 »« a IB a 

la IS p.m. I 

le « B aa ta 

leaa p « la 

ft ** * IB I 

a.aal o4ari*T nr> aSlBi 

II 41 pat a 

... a 

ss p« 

IS a at. 


Titara twaa an aarriad 


3d y a 

40 p ■ 
a pa 

wtiaia aea 



EXTRA TRIP Stramcr Olympic, Victoria 
to Port Angeles and Return^ July 14. 

l«aoH VMoota Bl • PJL IMaw^a- Loaoao ffM liaiiii ai ie r.1l 




iBlwBllaa ai>d TVfepta trmm B. R. MUmWOO*. AeoaC Bl 

VMBi a, a laoiPARD. ae<^ c ra. wwrf. 
oe P. c. srasT. Ab— t. aiSBdy. 


A dtftghtmi BRdae among ttie 
Oeir XBHadB by tha Be Island 

Prinoiaa Special day Baeundon 
ratea Monday* and TYltindays 

frnan Vl^-tena and return to Sidney: 
Th<»ra»jaya and Pnday* fmm Sidney 
and reium ^ Vurioria; WadDBadays 
and Raturtiays frtan 

un (o Viden^ 

Black Bail Ferries 


See D.S. Fleet Mow at Port Angeles 

Smdmft July 14 Escurfioii F«r« 

Cbddrtn o| Half-Pve Age, «0# 

I . namm Tide. ■ a 
AeaBk aMBop. a 








NiClOitiA, BKlll-.ii COLLMBiA, StMiAl, JtL\ 14, 1929 

Great Britain and the Dominions Overseas 



rhiikirii-a ( *Um Concnw' 

b* OtIaId ToIodIcs 

The fxpediency wilectors boy- 
eoOlnc fttwnpft ot a higher f*oe vmlue 
ttaU CI mm WTfd by Mr. H. Qnn- 
daU at tta» okMtnff wmakn at the 
. PtUteMle Ooiifna oC Orwi Britain 
J at BbnUngfaam. Mr. arindaU i»- 
■ fmsd u> ute oompaimUTtfly reoeni 
'pneUoe of owtain Brtttdi OoIociIm 
TL L D . taMtaif atemps of ateirAly hlfb face 

IhrOUgh rnvate Uwner- »alue, such atampB mm not 

ship and Not Through i^'^'^"''^**^'"'"^' 
Natkmaiization Will Labor 
Problem Be Solved 


rfvpnufl stamp*. In India, durliis 

hlvhest vaiue wa& 6 rupp«n. UxUv It 
wma 3S nipeea In cc>-u-m unui 
IBIO a rupeoB 60 ccnm waa uir hitcti 
est dcnoDUiuiUoti. but todaj then 
wu a *tamp of i.ooe rupeea In 

KiSUniwAnliZATiOlS the arm bad bwi raM to no. 

U Bmm Kflot oould nuiiMn vtUi 

r ' 1% I 4 r did tte Stnita BetOcoentB 

Economic Lfcvelopment Is require a stunp of «soo? h« mc- 

Serured hv In«;nirina Cnn- rtamp. of high 

^curea oy inspiring ^^on- y^^^^ .impiy uMd for «t- 

iidence and Replacement pi^-'ung the phiuteust. The«fnauer 

g u , ni CoinrUM would not iHue ttu fumim 

of InOCient riantS U monrym aoOMton mmtd to Mke 

them up. 

private ownership, not naUoD- 
aliuition by a SodallsUc 0ovem- 
m*>nt la rhf^ Ionic ner>ded by Brttteh 
mdiLMry Uf cf>\ic wilh forfim eom- 
iM-tiiors. many autborlttaB be- 
hf'Vf- There !■ a growing opinion 
among ladugtrlai Icttden that rcor- 
tmnimUon of Um nurttwdi of pro- 
duotlon li pMMMiry. but tbm fai so 
equally weU formed belief that there 
must be do loterference with the 
manaffement of tactorleit and no en- 
couragenient ol SociallsUc and Cocn- 
munUitlc Idea* In Brltlnh buslnejw 

Ajt a wamlnc to prOvresMivp tiutn- 
imcinenl, this country 1& lyptAed by 
the Hloffku "Hudi off our trade, " 
mined by Lord Abenoomy, bead ot 
John Brawn A Co., Ltd^ a SbeOleld 
BhipbuUdlnc and eoRlneeniiK flnn. 
llif pre«ent deproHlon of neveral 
nnruh staple IndiuUles is believed 
iMrKrly due to InefSdent planU and 
nianaK^ment. while no itepa are 
tfing uiKen to eliminate the looses 
and wiLKLr in production. 

Raiionallzauon. tt li lald. d». 
mandi merf«n. modemlaauon and 
maoacimenL Then la no antl-trwit 
law la UUs country, ao capital Is 
fres to OQinbtne and recomblne at 
will "nia word "rational ixation" u 
[u;iy)ns just as bic a part in t^e 
■ Tf.-. irj rrform the industry of this 
.'-riTv ^■^ Thf word "rcductlfla" hafl 

"I^l. UTi drn[' ■.. ■.'-1 Htt'-ionAl- 


Male Clothes Reform Party 
Find.s Favor in London 
Society Sa>'s Medico Pn>- 
moter of Chanijf 




t orilship "( niniilfich>m i'lnds 
Lsck ul t <ip&cltj' lu AppUc«aU 

"^t an on«n told Kbat ttwre u 
DO dearth of Candida ta» for hoiy 
orders, but. unfortunately, manjr of 
those who now come forward are 
iHAdrquau alike In mental capacity 
and Ul morale." Bo said Dr B&rne&. 
Bishop of Btrminsham. preach ini 
:n Wf-tniln-i^fT Abbey "Too WtOJ 
lueii. ordained during and Idaoe tlw 
war, cloak Ignormnce and ImOidency 
beneath an extravaiant nosnlotal- 
iMi," he added. "Such men are a 
weakness alike to the church and to 
1 hf rau.v of chrUttan progreis " 
rtcfriring to the influence of iclence 
on rpliRitm, Dr BamM said that, 
'Jioiigh It mi^ht have wllhdraa'n 
men tnxn pubtir worship, the in- 
creasing auLhorlly of sdence since 
the war had been of great utility. 
During the war violent emotional 

dlsturbanctts brought Into exMeswe 
' strange beliefs. Cveo In their prayer 
book p r o po eato the Bishops made 
what were now cmerally iieen to 
have been in effect onnceBSlons to 
religious barbanam Th<- needed 
the controlling infli:- ■ .-.elence 
to pre?ent such rctr^Uf^rnee of 
aocisnl aupantlUons. 


The Men's Drfsis i . ' r^: ■ v 
already ha* a hundr< . m 

London although It a^ < i.i> ii^nnrd 
a few wMka. Bone ot tbem ai 

least prartlae what they are going ^ . « . 

to prrHfh aocmdlng to the metro-,*''' f.radlmt In R^iddMltlal 

poliWti prejw I S*<tion Itlvrrts HunawKy LecrjP 

When A reporter called to see Dr Minor ( nlli^oo 

Alfred C Jordan, who Is honorary- , 

iwcretary of the party, at hLi con- * r'-niaitLiijiv roufHReouA act on 
suiting rooms tn Portland piiu-p h<- '^'^ itn^' maid at Black- 

looked oort In the reformed dresB,**""! probably prrvenied a serious 
ho deslgnad for hbnseU and which , (^^^^^r Miss PhyUla Walsh, a 
he has been wearing tor mdw time. la<ly'* maid U the servlee of the 
In conM.^trd of fme woolleD material | N u.^her m a vicar of 

BUU{8*anton Morley 

Layout ahowi, Wt, a view of the UttU Highland vUla^c of Porrea. nJiere Premier MacDonald recently met the new United States Ambassador 

Po'iSl^*S.^^iS^d.l2'S£r.?'fZ2^^ Right, Mr. Ra««rk«:po«ald aj hi. daughter. lihbel. JS. ne^^S^JS. ai 

10 DowQtac Siraot. mapped at ^urhMi* at Lo w i a moMfh, luar Forr^a Tb* utira gave the now Premier and bio dangfatw a mat watom 

when tb«y aniwod tfaort for ■ ibort heli4ay b^ore taUnc over the rtlna of Qoveraoiwir^ wwwm 


IS TOO Mycii 


to r i t eent. Mother 
TaogM Smvos Introdoetlon 
of "Americanism' 

Socialist Cabinet Unable to 

iMUftn - *«vi> Ai-r, ,.r,^«v ".mh h« '^'^^ bfown. made kninge BUUio™»t«» Morley, Norfolk, who was 
^S ^'r^i^Jl^^ J^ L ii^ ^"^^'''' Beneath the coat was « ' vlMtlnR Blarkbam *uh her sM«r. 

iST^ly.T^^^rS^t^SSj^tl'J^lij: knotted brdWlTaf whloh held thf , wh^n she raw a driverlr« and pow- 

Vl^ ^ open-necked ahlrt with «rft coUar •rful motor Inrry aalh^ .peed, 
[^^LSu. !^??^^?f..r!S52^«^ Just to tne base of the I down a gradient. Th« u a rcaldcn- 

^ '."'^"^ our m«nuractu«ii to at- throat. ij^^ ^U,lrtcl. and there were manv 

"When I eyiile to and froai my people about at the time, and the 
consulting rooms T wear Khorta made Slrl plucklly spnag on the foot- 
of the same material a^ the trousers I board of tht runaway and tried to 
1 have for ronsultlnn houm Th^.H^r It to the side of the road The 

ntp annual dinner of tlir F:nK!i!^h 
Aijocialion was held at ihf Hoi**! 
Mptrii<.ir in I^ndon Ixjrd H*wart 

, I r as- I r» 1 t Macaulav Ppokc 

IVIake Up minO as to Boi- against the slipshod way in whi.h 

the XngUab language wsa spokca 
It wu high time that a protost wsa 
made againat the introdoctkm of 
American and other alien words 
In the abeence of the president of 



Ambassador Dawes' Clos- 
ing Remark at Pilgrim 
Banquet Wins Approval 
Throughout Great Britain 




Nine-Year-Old Mascot At- 
tached Himself to Duke of 
Wellington's Regiment in 
Flanders During War 


Commanding Officer Tells 
Early History of Little 
"Sergeant - Major/' Who 
U Now A lenitopal 

How a French buy became the 
mascot" of Uie Duke u( Wel- 
UhMAll Bccunent during liie war. 
la T Wa t ga by LleuL-Oolonel R. J. 
ooted^tht lad'a 
lug uActr^ 

"When I took ower command of 
the I.ftJi Duke of Wellinglons tWeai 
Ridiniii R(-gjni.*ni Dunkirk -'.l the 
end ot th»* war ' jhuys Colonel Col- 
aon in an tiiu-rvicw in l<ondon, "I 
found 'ftau ■Spn{'.'u.nt-Mrt>or Nuiuil- 
bon. a bright lad ol about nine. w» 
attached to the battalion. He drew 
rations, had bla own lltUe paybook 
and wore the oomot unutoiA 
complete with two wound itrlpai. 
This child of the regiment had bee i 
wiui the kindly Yorkahlremen 
.vimr rorvudppablp time and. 11. wsa 
sulil t.a,j fr,iu:hr wilu ih'-m in thi- 
LrT-nchct Ur once proudly showed 
^ made ^ rtirgpnol #MUMb «l 

his shoulder. 

*7f 0 m aaaMd l» knot Mw Am 
bor oaaw to bt vHto ttiii t^lmnit, 
but as he wag ibpiWgS gg IM 
maaoot.- I allowed Uu to mttaltt 

shevik's Request 
Asylum in tngland 


tract the privair invuiLar of Whoae 
'•Aplinl wr are in n«^-" 


Money < <>llr-'-irrl in < <innr<llon 
With Uyr Ufebottl UImIct 

Not DMvflMMad 



A vpry knotty, if minor, problem 

Lngine Driver and Firemen 

AcridonI to F'Jipress 

Ambassador Dawsi 
amandi for an aCter-dliuler error 
of hli fdlow oountnrmen. TtM debut 
of the new ambassador before the 

Ptlgrtm Society has had an Im-, 

measurable mnoenoe toward putting i ^^"^ strength. 
England in a friendly slate of mind I 

ooncemlng the United States and P™**« Shoreham for demnOtU- 
naval mattera. aation, I decided it was my duty to 

MflMidalen CnlieRf, OKlurd, who U PI 14 K\ U'ttRK 
sufTrimK irom lonRUlti.v Profemor I "<'nf% 
sir I rarl (i.illancz wld he had I HIOHLY PRAISED 

h* lpri1 tn round Lhe AMOciatlon In i 

Ihe fa*r ot strong opposition from 

members of a kindred organiEation. 

I allow rny r-hirX t« remain r>pen at fart tiiat she had to dn thl* f rom I "h'fh the Labor Cabinet must | „™~; , 

'he nrrk. and of rourw there are ouUilde the r«b rendered ilvcn dlf- "P ''^ '"'"fl without delay U " ™ »trengUi lo 

IK- Mild-*,' Mild Dr Jordan ■Thr firuIL and eveiitiially .ihe Jumped 
Idea ftermlnatcd trtnti a newspapT bark into tho riiad. while the motor 

What la being done about the Rye 
urebaal Dlaaster fund seems to be 
a question whleh la eaiulnc a Uii ot 
dlsnilfin In the BogUih pnas at 

Saved Bunthe have paned Mnce 

the loss ot the lifeboat. Mary Stan- 
{ard, and hrr cn*ir at .wcnteen, 
ye*. [1(1 drflnrte .sK-p ha« been taken 
to artnMmrtrr ihc funds ooUectcd for 
UirUr drpendenbi A .turn of aboot 
C3S.0O0 wu lubJcrUKd by the public 
for the relief of widows and chU- 
drtn and for Lhe benefit of bereaved 
tatbent, mothers, brothers and 
stAters. With the exception of cer- 
tain comparatJ?ely small sums paid 
rut in immediate relief, the whole 
of this amount is now lying in a 
bank— earning Interest, It Is true, 
but lUU ni far away u ever from 
the intandid rtdptsnU. Nothing 
hsA been beard concerning final 
propoeal!! for the admlnlAration at 
thlfl fund for about two nuirth.i 

It 1* expectJ*d iiv.\' •iif At- 
(orn''y-(H'iiTa] rna\ o- abb* to do 
fomrthUi.; Ii)»itnl'' 'mt: ><ettJe- 
ment. ka the matur has already 
been dlerussed in Privy OounoU and 
action u Ukely to follow 

Sir W. Jowltt llres at Wittenham, 
a few miles fram Rye, and may. 
therefore, be mtd to have some 
pereonal Interest In seeing that this 
thorny problem U itaUsfarlnrtly 
disposed of 


CMIeellea OrigliiaDy CoMlng 

Over tMMM al 

crashed into ih*> raiiincit ot a house. ^ army, to eonie to Kngland tor 
demoUahinK the iron work for sev- a more or teas tndeflntte aojoum. 
eral yards. One woman was In- Cabinet recenUy discussed the 

second time. While 
decision ha^ been 

article I wrote last AprU. although 
people bad been taUdiw about the 

dL-Tomfort and itnhealthlnfwii of 

mrns riothing for years past, and lured.' but had if not been for Miss "lauer for a 
Lintlni; tiicm to fallr.w Tom^n'^ lend Wakh*s bmve act tha muH mlsht drflnlte 

for llghtCT rlndr-a hr rxplaiiu-d 
Men and wonifn iirr a.-iki'd ro join 
l' I.' (rrnfulf ii! Iv t-Kpf-rUd Uial 
men will take to tlip nrw fajiliUini 
like dtxrkn tn a-at^-r. if nnly lo dort(,.7 
the dally hunt.'s fur mnyiHiK stud'. 

In a %Tn- short tini** evcr> rrinn 
wUl be pla y ing term u in s 1 n>rt5 
according to Or. Jordan. Several 

prrs^nlrd by I lie application of 
Leon Trotzk.T, former head of the 

Walsh's brave act Um nautt might 
have been muoh more aartona.. 


strength, and had, be firmly be 
tleved. a bright future before It 

air Harry Stephen e>ald that the 
membership had iniTeaAed riurlng 
the year and three new brnn-iif-.-s 
had been formed In 8uiIorrt;,hlr'j. 
at Melbourne, and in Burma- He 

elubii in LondotQ have members wbolwiu ef RoraJ HomiUi in Bagdad r'' "** P»*aenl at pubUc meet' 

rpAfhrd, It is believed that a ma- i f**^^ ^ 
Jorltv of Prime Minister Mac- IS^^^*^ ^ Ireland or In India. 
Donald s coIlea^tiM opposed mvlng * ™';^. VT?-?'?!.''"*'*?!^ 
refiigf! to ihK "itrvrmy petrel of 

Exiled Ru.vs;ar..s a\Aure the gov- 
rmment that if admitted they will 
refrain from Intorfertng In Bntlah 
poUUos: that they wUl not address 

In Honor of 

Bghtoen pleturea by Richard Wil- 
win. RA. were sold a few weeks 

airo at ChrtsUe-s (or tan,088 Orte 
of 'hrm. "The Thames al Twloken- 
hnn) ■■ rraii**'d ri Tjo a record for 
a work by ihui anuAi Another, "On 
Hounaktw Heath." wa* purchased 
for MO gumeaa for (he National 
daUery Ibrougb tha National Art 
CoUecUon Fund. Moat o( the pic- 
tures werv bequeathed to Lady 
Ftard. wife of Sir Richard Ford, a 
former Home Secretarv and chief 
majii'itmt* at Bow Strf^t. and »rrc 
all onginaUy bought for not more 

havp adopted this rrwtume They 
are not running xhortK. but properly 
tailored Ofiea of good Hannel. The 

at U» moment a to get the] on May 17 the King of Iraq 

rail over Uie kDaaa, tevlac Ibem of Uie Royal Bn^,fli m nncdax! 
, 'The wing U in memory of Qeneral 

Dr Jordan produced txmi^ miorrd air Stanley Maude and la called the 
photographs of evening dress he hn-. Maude Memorial wing 
denlgned for men. One Is a sUk shirt. I sir oilb*-;- ' in.'..n tho HriiiAh 
i^uhed with aoft ooUar and a neat I High Comnu.-^.oiwr. in« the 
S^ii ^iSEU^S^f iHT "ting to open Uie wing, said mat 

brwchea buckled juat below Uie hns Uian a fortnight ali*r oenerai 
"™ iMaodel daalh in November. 1817, a 

The dealgnera' favorite ault la I >ubscri]kUan was opened for a fund 
made, of purple, and a .wrt of sleeve-* to be devoted to the perpetuoUon 
tesB Zouave Jorkr't and UUored of hla name IB Bagdad Aft<T much 
shorts. Thw i< worn *it,h a .siiit dL'wuMlon U wa5 dw-idrd to build 
pouched Bhin .inil bui klni --j-^iff. a n*-* -pjtirnu wlnR lo :iir R<»yal 
"Some friends and I havr ulr-^mlv Hn jiiui il'^ b<,rx an object whU-h 
tried theae out at fancy drr.s.- 0:,[t. ■ ■ * '-,k! hav*- appt-aiwi with grw 
and we have never dant^i n, r^i. fnnr u> the Uenerat 
comfort before." he said The Bagdad Tbnea deacHbea tha 

"Not to have to change coUari,^*' M the finest building In 

two or Uiree times during the eve- Bagdad, and says it would not be 
nlng seenu a great advantage to|*>J^n'nw<l if >t >«1 to a renaissance 
dancing men. And we are con- ^ Iraqi architecture, which In the 
vinced that young men who go to ' paxt has been painfully convenUonal 
theatres and dancen would look r.»r wid Jejune. Thr whole cost of the 
brtler In sulta of ihli, stylr. whirh builriing ha.'- ben a Mttle under 
allow them a" certain individuaiiiv. i^' J'lsoooo C1&J7S), the estimated 

tngs and will live wberew Ihe gov- 
ernment may Indkmte. Labor par- 
ties, extreme and moderate, alwnv, 
hnvF .stood lor giving aiivluni to ; 
pollliral rffiiiiM*, but In thl^ ca^e j 
il hfsita'rv to invltr IntJi the 
Bnu.'ih neat a ctickoo of such a re- 
don b ta b le reputation. 

Certainly If the fovenuneni ac- 
cedes to Trotaky's requeat there will 
be a great outcry from the Coo- 
servatlves On the other hand. If It 
r<>fuars the Labor left wingers and 
alM many Liberals wUI protaat 
.'•tronxly ngnin.^t a policy of shutting 
the door on refugees from tyranny 
hoa-rver rtwolntloiiary that vefugee 
may be 


Ancl^l ( ndrrjtrrtand PIimv of 
Worahlp lii^irrn*^ b» R«'et«r 
of t'hilton ( andover 

Though badly scalded (he driver 
and nreman of a cro»drd rxpreea 
train from Southend to Penchurch 
Street. London. mana«<*d to avert 
a serious accident recenUy. 

As lhe train was approaching 
l*lrh -on -Sea Iherr » a-i a loud 
report in the cabin, and cloudfs of 
Kmokc poured out. .Smashing r>n* 
Of the windows to ttet at ihe brske*. 
the driver and drcman. who were 
ooverod from bead to foot with 
aoot and oU. ptunced through the 
aealdiOf ateam and aucoeeded In 
topping tbe train. 

Both were tniured. the akin be- 
ing lorn off their arms, and the 
nreman. Emeat Durham, of Shoe- 
buryness. was taken to hoopiui. 

"It was a tremendou.<«ly plurky 
piece of work for them to nirip the 
train at all." said a passenKw in 
an Interview "The engine was 
smothered in clouds ot black 
«oke. and everybody iheutflit » 
was on fire. 

"The driver and fireman weiv aa 
black as chbnoey sweeps, and when 
the fireman was helped out of the 
cabin his arras were bleeding and 
acuvitips to sylvan m»<'U up Ihc ' his fsce Injurrt. He could hardly 


but he hoped they would be .over- 


Ludoa-a Overflow Sprenda Jan 
Alaaw Baafes ef Thamea, Detng 
• •VaartnT Trade 

Many proprietors of night, clubs 
from Soho who have found tendon 
tm.-' hot for liirm hai.f> tiimi'd t.hplr 

than in the p re se nt tembir .,^.i 
which give thrm tbe appearance of 
tuneral nolag." 

Thm Lntder^Aruigrmn 

have yoo 


H^i^P^^a In ttly i Naaif-nur 

Itie M a r o hl ottaaa ef 'RMraaand 
and bar twelve-year -oM aoa l»vt 
Mt Waterloo for the OBtted Btaia 
where as Mayor of Klat^ tMS 
BBsland. ahe will be Ha «mm of 
honor at tn^ teic^nMMfy 

Bleadfastor purpooe 
proved— and true. 

Twice tried custodian of your coun- 
try's fata. 

And neither aoigrbt tb« many to 

Nor feared the peivato maliee of the 

Lately when dvU turmoU flveer 

Endeavored out of Misery by Babe, 
Vnti vrrr thr statesman that pf«- 
served the State 

Beeanaa the RigUal) people trustod 


And when your walk ti iMad, and 

ttie rherri 
Loud echoing round yoM iball baw 

died away 
Dm the lone fl«i«dor ef av«d«tf 


WokooM awalU you wtava fon 

longed lo sUy— 
tn fields and lanea, tn Imtm and 

quket spheraa. 
J«ot wmniauberad In yoor atdalt 


— o.o. ahm 

'4-<.i<-h 1:; conddared a nmart 

l!lv lid 'iRiirr 



Verb Dlsieosii 
PM- and 0«era 

Speaking before 

An ti;iL ! . ' ■■ 
■mip'.. ; , . K!;.l ■ 


r>- -^n 
■ ' il; -rU'-w^ 
1 Uia* (f If)*-" 

wrrf tn b*- fiilrd il t>f bv 
pealing to tiie .«pintual nerd.t kiI 
tboee who ace surfellod wtth the 
world's pleaanrce and not by offer- 
tOd rival atlxaetlon»— "the magnet 
nut be atmoaphcrtc rather than 
material' -and addfd ri n pri- 
mary necesut.v for rv" ' «ho la 
to have anj prwttrr nl religion Is 
some degrrr ir-Av.r ot concentra- 
tion and drdicauoo of mmd. If we 
oiKV eneouragc (be noOon thai we 
arr gotng to aaaka It all quite «uy 
and that if people eome to the 
cbureb we will iMde their minds as 
ttaar wouM be tickled at tbe dnema. 
only wltti a durerent feather, the 
remit wUl Im that ehufvlvfdaff wttl 
low lU reltgtous vahM. It b ^ 

At Chilton Cando\-er, In Hamp- 
ahlm. Rev. E. P Oough baa Xoond 
an uadatfgruund church maaatning 
about so feet by n ff^t of which 
local logend has of>n toid but the 
exact whereabouts of which wa^ 
unknown. Knowing thr legend.'* of 
the neighlJorhood abotit an undf-r- 
RTnind rhurch nf hL^'orlr llnif^ 
Rev Mr Oough decided to rxcaval' 
on the site of the former church 
Hr came upon fUnt walls and a 
bell-ahaped roof, also made of nint 
Althoug b mneh smaller than the 
church wblch stood above It. the 
York ' underground church was eaaeUy lhe 
;hr wime In proportion 


Haola F»rmrr'» Bird* rrefff 
Paidhne f^wn < anm^ la 
RMe In B«k« 

better to haw small eongtagatiom _ 

engaged In tm*- worship than large ' man who vouches lv 
congr^tvxu bsmg reUglansty en-l>sv« th* hird* had nUtlWr 

Can eblcbens iwlmf It tuu often 
been sutcd that (hey cannot, but a 
Jhnatf^ureb iHanui man vouches 
tor the foUowtng He wui tlsitttig a 
fnend at hu farm «hf rr there la an 
Uland in the miodle of a lake The 
two mm rownd aeroas to the island 
and werr surprtaed to find half a 
'.■tTfr. rtitckens there TTie tnnji 
vr.T put Into the tioat and the men 
atariad back to the oBalnland. aull 
trytng to Brobe the myatery of the 
duekcne' enmfng. Wbia about mM- 
way aeraes the Mrds att Jmpid ont 
of the tnat and awaai eebevaL Tl^ 


River Thamen 

It has bern revealed that the ap- 
pUeant for the lease of an empty 
house with gardens adjacent to the 
Thames waa one of London's moat 
notorious law-bnakera. The land- 
lord was warned In time and the 
des! prevented. 

A resident at a popular Thamcs- 
vdr resort said: 'Xivin« by the 
river has become unbearabif NlKhts 
are now one long succevion of 
rowdy music, noisy revelry, and lhe 
roar of departing cars. We were 
rouaed rveenUy In the middle ot the 
nlcht by two girls asking for shelter 
Who had been left strand)^ by two 
men. who had brought rh^-m irnm 
London by car ' 

nicre arr s^vrral cntirrlj r'-pN- 
tablr nvpr clubs, but m odditum 
half a donen resortJt have this season 
been oponrd and are doing b toarlng 
bu&lnea^ of Illegality. 

Drinks are served after boun with 
a flacnnt disregard of the law. Jaax 
orrnehira^s play until early monuog. 
and ihp fare* that were to be aaen 
at tKigu.H niaht cluba tn London are 
to bf «»n by the river 

naval mattera. 

Many who heard that .■qwrh must 
have felt a BtlrrlnR f.f m/rnnry. 

race Ueatn hy Scaldins i""' n^^uriKi m 

C, n c • changUiK atuiudra of mind, the 

Meam t rr\rnt OCriOUS l^evUthan made her rir« crnmlnit 

under American ownerahip. the Pil- 
grims gave a dinner for the dla- 
ttngubihed passenger Hat. Bome one 

ty^cTi a dinner of platitudes neUowed 
by good wUhaa the moot gubjgrt 

of naval flllMgR. «H ■IHlBM to 


Amons the spcakcri were 
Sutlierland. Nirhnla-s Longworth 
and Reed Smooi To aitonlaed Brit- 
ish ears they appeared for tbe 
evening as prophets of a iigw aikl 
melancholy—future llie btMM) of 
their refrain wa.-i in thoite days a 
BOcrUege— "the day of Hnunnia's 
rule of the wavr.*. l*- bi an end. 
Ainrrlca has come to tnk to stay " 

According to one vUocju of the 
occasion, "every Englishman asttumed 
a stony xmile, which foreign talk 
of aea rivalry alwaya pndHoaa. A 
quiver ran around (Be 1ai« iablrji. 
and automatically, as If moved with 
a spontaneous curlcelty, every Eng- 
lishman took up tbe menu and be- 
gan lo read eameatly." 

Mr Dawi^'s speech marked the 
turning point -perhaps not so much 
by what he said as by the reception 
he received. In a sense the eyes 
which wfre turned upon him as he 
aptik- wrre no less critical than 
tliEMc Bhich studied his predecasaon 
at the Leviathan dinner. He was 
alao elasaed aa "typicaL" But chang- 
ing times left no sUi* Ul the word 
He might scarcely aup champagne, 
smoke hu pipe, speak In accen's 
difficult for English ean. A new 
moment had arrived and a nea 
prophet with It 

Owing to the ml*har>- (hp burst- 
ing iif A si.fam pijM- '.hr msinr 
was put out at i^lRh thp iraln be- 
ing »ib.-.«''jijrKi Is ■<> J. f(i away 
Thousands of city-tioex.-i were de- 
layed for a oonaidtratde tUsc. 

- t'l 

take JTie Sergeant -Major* to Eng- 
land and find him a home 

An appUcaUon tor Bntlah natur- 
alHMtVwi baa been made, and Tte 
BargMm-Major la now In the looi) 
TexrtUvlala. Hla OD^lom (In him 
an excellent ehaneter. 
"Oeorge Nicholson was alwgyi 
WE '"^ retlr^nt ah.> it Ms h<ii,'rM»d. Re- 

lnto"*w»iat should have ^ nir that he can 

remember the death and funeral of 
his mother in Pranc* and laitir a 
omel atepaother. por years he wae 
haunted by the thought that he 

Juaticf^ mother, who oompriled him to go 
Into the BtreeU of Otinklrk to beg 
money from thr nriush soldiers, 
and would thraab him If be faUed 

bo do so. 

"One evening he was wandering 
along the ranal hank we«'plnit bit* 
terly when lie met a private of the 
Pul» of Welllncton's Reifimpnt Tut- 
mod-heart«d "Itemmy.' taking pity 
on htm, fmmd him a home at ttw 
regimental headquarms. and Ha 
b*H«me B ^•1'p»on of Britain, 

■ Tllr Rfri[o»fil Major fOUght 
and llvrd with the batlalmn as their 
'manrot ' His onr d<^lrf wai to re- 
Duun wilti the British troops, and 
never to ratvm to Ua uahafipy 


Wlee Magistrate 
fer renng Conple^ 


A talk o< the adage, Absrnce 
nOm the heart gnnr fordT ■ naa 
bean declared sMBfeatful at Totiy-n- 
bam (London! PoUea Ooun Three 
nootbe ago a young named oouple 
aaked for a aeparatkn. The magls- 
iratrf- then said they might rind » 
powit V. 1 1 vf> ha pptly together 
aftrr ttiev had b«»cn apart - for a 
little whilr «,td they might 

then rr^)ij'- M..» neceaoary they 
■'■ ■■■infT and that ttw 

Lh»> f,nc» had waa not dMd. 
Be adviaod them to try tag 
meat of a trial aeparaUaa. 
the Bj ii M aw i a waa called on again 
neither party appeared, and tha 


diadun Near Indlaa HOi Blaltan 
Add Highway Beb b wy to 

Thf lU'U- ii.i; .itauon of Maiii- 
*ran, n(.'.\r Bombay, India, has been 
greatly troubled recently by tht 
depredations of monkeys who have 
befsunp bold enough lo take to 
hijtliway rr-bbery. Cases have been 
reporK-d «hfrr varlotui srtlcir:^ m-^ 
food hav*- tyvo «nat4 hed aw,.v (ri^iT 
wonfii and fhlWr^n and m 'mr 
in,nran<T a ftfJl-organiw^ raid wa* 
earned out on a meat sate full ot 

Monkey.ii abound aO over Bouth- 
em India, but it la undsual for Uiom 
to twoome so daring as to fUsy the 
rn> '.r hlEhiravmen In manv parts 
If India mimkeya. as well an pea- 
i^orka, arr rn.'ouragiyl t»y Hindus to 
live Ul r/-mple precincts, and 

often H'-ar Lhe idol. Bantmian, "thr 
monkey (tod." 

One railway ataUon In Indu !■ 
lltttrally In the hands at monk^s 
who swarm all over the roof and 
paanngm an nrHarty warned lo 
eloae the windows of earrlage* , 
Pailore to observe thla wamtng 
tnevitabiT rasults lo the lev of food 
and small artlclm fram carrtagea 

Mclboume^n Growth 

The popuiauon of Melbo«MLAi»- 
trmlla. has rrached laOddDQ, aMrd- 
Ing 14) an eaumate of ih* govcra- 
■lant staiiAtician This rmmm. as 
Of November, 193n. coven all per- 


Within C 
C'amonon Ji 

Parliament Is ParamaanI 

Tl»p unanimity nf public praiM- 
for Ambanador Dawes . waroely 
^AAild havr bepn rxreede'd Tnie. 
he prr^ent/^ no striking new for- 
iDtdae for naval reducttoqs Inatoad, g^,,,, 
be aapm a ti l a ihmnhi laigul m ST, 
many minda-that the sea qmSOBtt 
ihould not be left solely to seamen 
Statesmen should have the last word 
tn a matter ao vitally affectlc« the 

Today the naval question has as- 
t'lm/^ in n rrrtain sense, a solid 
rrallty KnitlsfKl, to Judge from the 
publufhed opinioiu. has a fMling 
thai thu important question tit bflng 
deatt** artth by rapabir i,.,r,.u and 
rathmal mtnds m w a.-.i iixiv ton an 
well aa to ~ 

ThfiCoBiof Uting 

At June 1 the average level of re- 

UU prices of all Ihe commf^iUfw 
taken into arr.xjf,! m rh» xtatistiu 
eompllrd by the Miniury of Labor 
'inrlttdlns f'xjd rrm ri,i(.tiing, fuel 
and light, and miAcr:ianeous llrmst 
was appnnumateiy go per eent above 
that ei July, itil, as eomparadwllh 
81 per eent a month afo and M per 
cent a year ago. far food alooe the 
oarrespooding flfuraa d7. m 

and M. 


ScoMI^ Bcrrlac f 'ab-h*^ ood blone 
AhumM at 

■ Paradoxtral aa it may »eem. the 
Parlmniriii uf Nnv Zealand has 
iacater leKiAlatlvc power nyor man- 
rlated 6am*« ntn-. \' ..v<-r New 

Zealand Itaell w 1,».t not yet 
raalttBd ttp avlant of our author- 
ity." BoM Prof. R. M Algle. pro- 
r tn Hie Auckland Unl- 
''•■.\r^'. in a recent addreaa. 
The [--ak.. ■ .iiui (hat the gubund 
Ml-- n.andatary ayatem 

ad'ipted ulLer the -war wai that It 
nhould be no "law.-r 'i.M-iiment.' 
but a * man-to -mun atcrerment 
and as a result tbe terms of man- 
dates were the moat looaely drawn 
national asreementa ever promul- 

Of the three claaaaa of martdate-^ 
iiAt under which New Eaalai"! re..: 
samtMi wa» the moat absolute 
rhpe WSA ntxtiing to fbi tiM t«rm 
■>r *lhe maiKlate iso prr^imahly it 
wu lrrevor.»ti> rhrt,- wa* n^'i 
machinery to pr->vid.- tiji the pun- 
ishment of New Zealand should alw 
fall to report to the League or be 
neglectful tn her ■dpntnistratliTn 

Parliament was empowered to 
legislate for Aamoa as If It were 
pan of the Dominion In fact, the 
New Zealand Parllamrni had plen- 
ary authority ovt Hamoa— legis- 
lative powers ariLhxul Umrt. unleas 
ft were eaerdsed in a rorm repug- 
nant Ul caaimmtt Jijvtlce. On the 
other hand. parUamentary 
within the Domlnun wai 
withm the toedtri af Uit CoobIUh- 

AaMrtmB tartrcii on harrtog and 
franllc mean mueh heia. ttast jmt 
todOB barrels of herring left north- 
eaet Beotaaod for Ihe anttad States 
Jaows Btewart. prveldsiit of the 
Aben j een Chamtier of Oommerre 
within a radhw of t**n «ald tJiat an irwreaae in Uir dijty on 
mU^^orwt ta»>«raJ poMogfice The | granite would leave trade *»s 
KSfiTto l^fSS^-™ ■»« !«■ •»« reaung ptoce 


Binga Wortb tMa 

Days Vacarvd for aa 


After having Vwt ■ . ■ worth 
no, Mrs W T ^irbaixn. of (»rang« 
r>rire winoheaei* BUL toand 
n ttw main read ad 

Mill The nntr^ hftd hfwn lytaf to 
'.^^e ffmdwar for fr-ur daya 
wrapped In a r-i»^-e nf brnvn I 
Jus* »hr liiuX 111*!! 'J-.^*n, 01 


Cortnna Does a Kind Deed 

Illustrated by Rex Muon 

T rs the mc 
I Mcn la B 

maaC be*uUfui thtni I b»vt 
aU mj lile. " Mid Cortnns. Ste 

uttto fnr-muv noM la tte a«Uw «r Dioek- 
uu ilut bold! ite VflDw «< Ginm. 
'nr«. m war bMittw uwtriA Mr. 

D«Mr. tqtoff t» throw hanart mabHaa Alio 
hU VQlc« while hia aitnd «m occupied wltli tkt 
miiwtloii «f wtwiber or ooi tw nUsbt hgnorrtij 


Tbe aUf tl mB of u) Httv* Amcrtoan buH- 
OM mao traveling ■tf«tn»l his will ar)><>i>K 
•neteat muu ot Burope are Inteiuuijed whoa 
bit flotnpanfi. hli oolr ^dU. bil»w u 
I aC ber Mm fOMnl. 

■aelMct upoo a la4r vtorr of 
how KD unluiQmi «aidttpp<-r Utr &tiriiu.- vi 
bu beloved Aiillic4tt» hMl turaad ooi to be 
UW peat Rodla nmt/^ & ^ i ' lit . Ow 
mat Radlnr' 

Mr. Daner d»d not undersund a ward. A« 
■oon as ti appeared to be over, he inunnured 
that they oufht to ba getUhf back to the 
iMttl for luneheoQ. *a don't ■uppoaa." ba 
mm vHtfnttr. "Uuk wm mm ba loMmM 
k ffotac tb* raoa* tfete alunMo.- 

- The race*, fathir, I thOUlht 99 wm fM 
u> the Catacomba." 

WMl niart n wm; riw vaddBt Mp hl» 
omt Bb b^ noi waaUd to loan hmm an 
active markat. hli club, a 'lovtiy vltfoir «bo 
wouid Tic: conaent to mMtrj him and ntisht 
be snaiLhed away before he oould ffPt hone to 
pcrsuadr her— ha bad only ooote beeauio ba 
fait tt to ba bla duly ae a fatbw to pnrvK 
OofiBBft ttirovlaf tamV immj on tua in- 
fartor. iBMMptMoiia bar. * in bla oOoe, 
irtb, Ma pHtata aaonHurr. Oartmia. a beauty 
a«d an hMna, wtaa «l|b« many angpQoa. 

GroUfUi for Carm 

DITT waa ihe iralaful for hie eare? Did tfie 
make it eaoy lor him? Certainly not. 
Bhe opposed him el ov?r> .-.t^p. particularly 
•bout oomlna to Rome. Ht> knew why; two 
daye farthar away from the Amerioan mail. 
Bov It aonagnd Uu lo ae« her atudylag ttia 
■aUbift aM baunanc Iba baakaia lor laftlan 
from that faUovl 

•«h, ye*,- he axuwvred, 1 believe wi- did 
say eomcLliiiig aboui ihc CaUKombs. You 
would not waci to do them without me, Z 

«ba abook bar bvd. 'XSh. no. dear.- ^ 
Mid. not vtthout you. Pooela ««( Ion ttaora 
and waiMbr tevHr. <r ara bmiitat back by a 

phantooB friar." • 
"I Jiut thought the racej might amu«e you." 
■aid her father. lelUnt one o< thoae Itee that 
!■» pfopla faal aabaoMd <t 

"Abibn me?" «ald Oarmaa. not avaraa to 
IMtSac her father aaa her sorrow; gba *aa 
really very unhappy. Proni Uie amiable, triv- 
ial Wiri of a flheUered. induVtd girl aba had 
ftuddciily iwen plunged liito a panlooata fliat 
Jon aod aaparatad almoot ImwartlaWlr tram 
Ha oMet. IMin-tewal waa pMapa the 
woret torture that could ban baao Invaatad 
for her. because la foralfn travel, ooe travab 
to iec beauty, and beauiy awakes those eroo- 
tlosu that ehould. that must be shaxod by tba 
Ipvod ona. tIm beauty of any objoet ttwl 
Mar llackv did hol oaa with bar waa ao 
I onbaanbla baauty. Ite Oalaanmbi promleed 

19 nothinr of thu ion-ia««nat» bat^Boi tbia 
polinant Jovellneaa. 

And ui the afternoon ' .nar tauad htan- 
aell In a group of Qther louriAta, for thO mOat 
part b^ eouotrymoD. xacolvliv hto little tapar 
and daantndlrn into the earth Thlrty-ett 
otfbi 01 tham he tbeucht ba heard the guide 
■ay* >Bd wondered what wa« the smallest num- 
bV of tbeae that wuuld aatiify Oorinna. 
-Oorlwia'a mcnuii attitude to alght-Mebig 
was dlfferaoi. She oould *"»^r w haraeU a 
raeootly coamtad pagan. aabnli« bar bnth- 
ran aa tha feat oi the Roman soldien were 
heard approaching down the njugh steps. But 
5he eould Imagine these ihlnn'" better. K she 
had liie lUusloQ of being alone. She took up a 
poeiuon In the rear of the UUle band. 8ha 
could aloo Jmafftaa batoff loA la tha fioaaur 
labyrinth and waa eartfU to k«cp well la eight 
o| the laat tapar. 

The eight of the atatue of Saint c>*»iia 
^iaLi]f><i h> r u had always stood on the maii- 
lalptaca In her graadmolherk bouaa; aba had 
now known atihar who or whira tha arlctel 
waa. Now tha eMAt aflaoted bar with a alrai^ 
aanaa of tha oontlnalty of hlatory. lha poor 

Uttlf convert, viewed aft^r *o many ycwa by a 
girl to little called upon tr* f- hrroi'- ... 

An Inscription 

p aaBMNTLV aha etopped again to epaU out 

an iDscrlpttoo. Oh. dvu: Thnre wera ' 
[tolgnant thJnge In thf Catacombs after all 
How terrible it was in be in lov? »nd thus 
susceptible to so many emoUooa. ThJa waa 
na epitaph tm two marrlid peopla «ho had 
lovad each other aa aha and Petar dU. and 
who had been dead for eo many yeaak and 
nothlaff remained but thi<v litUe word about 
their lova. she found heraelf in t^ars- 

A voice beside hrr itpealcinff the laoguac* Of 

her own country west of the AUagbaolaa mild; 
"H thart aaytblac lha matfterf" • 

Ocrmna tackad up and nw that she 
loakhif at one of the uglieM and nioaet fi 

Ahe liad rvrr uren. a brrtad t>lB'iiieillbad faro, 
With kind, xhrewd blue eyea. 

Vrs oie nald. "there ara kHe of thli^ the 
matter. The wwot all la that Z eatu Id ba a 
good deal of an Mtal But x l»ia iha idea 
of death. Only ak bane T nevar think of IL* 

"Ah. at home weVe a new country." said her 
now frwnd 

"It u icmble that paopta who lofo weh 
oCMr ahmld bava la dto." 

*YDn ttuol ha wry bam to hata dMth oo 
mueh," IM oaM. 

*Ott HM OlMnir. Z*m very unhappy ," said 
^nna. "Only t think I'm gatna lo be Tciy 
■ ;<r' '\n\tf! eosL* 

He imikd al bar. "Thatl iwt bolni an- 
at all,- ho eiiawad 
at you oaiw wMhor yaa dla or not?" 

"VM antflh. Ihcrv lent laacdi of Ufe left f« 

nw," He th'"* M« fi^ail, "Althoufh." hr 

addld. With a QUMT tvM of hla k% aianlh. 1 

That Romantic Love Lasts Forever Was Corinna's Firm Belief. Sh. Wi s liuolorant of Doubt, and, When- 
ever She Encountered One, She Set Out to Makt liK- Skcpuc a Lonvcn 

Catjii-ooibft. so perhaps w« bad better gat bock 
to our gmdee." 

WhoB they atnaiiad tela tha tafelaii lUbt of 
et Mna, Oortnaa Mrodaeed'har now IHand 

to bar father. At Inut. &he said "Pather. 
dear, tbll gentleman and I are great friends, 
only X dent know his name ' 

"Idy name la finmons, Mr. Ekaner," aald tba 
nrv frtand. *l>an't you remember Stat Wa 
oat on fwmmHtiia tOfother that xnanan- 
ftiod lha D. U o." 

Mir. Z)aner'« heart boundrd wttl. a Joy thai 
no elaastc niln hod ever roiued in lilm 

Wliy. my dear feUow/' he tialtl "I dldnt 
xecocniaa you. Thla enrwhine nmtilng oat qf 
the darkBMH. An yo« aknaf WOt yon 4HM 
with u»r 

llr. ■mmone waa alone and wooM dine with 

them. In fact, from that moment they be- 
came a rheerful trtOi instead of a rather 
gloomy dupt. Though they ware not alwafa a 
Ma Mr. Z>anar now fbund hloiaU able oo- 

flrat Impmnkm was that she was a plain, mld- 
tfH — fld woman, aa #at mtyint to him- 
drif . fOm eaat ba bit molbarr 
"Good ovanlnc. Mn. ttnnuatt.** ha eald. 

down I tHkf It you Ait^ a relation o( my old 
Iriend, Joe Ktiuuom He and my daughtdr—" 

"X am \iib ^WU-." f.uid the iady. 

Tttt allect on nuet paopla of betas 
and diaappolnted k la make tbom aaivy» and 
aa It waa obvfciu^ Impassible to be angry at 
this lady, Dancr naturally became angry at 
raiimuni -Wliat. what." he s,«kl J'x- Em- 
raoiu married/ Itie flnit 1 have heard of 111" 

The lady smiled faintly. "There baa BNvar 
been any .attempt to baapnaym In tba 4aift 
afaoot n," aha akia. -We have been married 
for twan^ yaan.* 

Ifr. Danof «aw Inatantly that, if he did v.<v 

A momoDt ct.two later Ooglnna had not only 
kafWbait but had been admlttad to Ma. Ma»- 

mon'i rooQtt tcrs Emmons -taPiltw be- 
fore her dresslng Ublr. bniAhinx l>er hair. She 
had on a dark blue kUX dreuuig'Uuwn. an cx- 
oeUenl gaxmant for ti-avaUng, but oot tteautl- 
fuL Corlnna'a flnt amotion on seeing her 
waa afttta sity lev Joe— Mb lb fall of rttant 
oM lbs sort ol m% even at forty. 

IC must not be rhiMiglu tliat wh**n .■;hr had 
told her fatbrr ..lie kj;f>»' uli about Mrs. Em- 
ir.tin., .ihi? nir-r:' 'ii,.! ii.- had received conO- 
dencee tram Mrs. kmmon'a huabaod. It la 
rarely neoemary for aMfrtad oouplaa Co aaka 
dlraet panenal ofmndannae to oulrttaa on the 
aubiact of their married life; their general 
vlew^i itf rnimn.onv ar^ a 'iLimt'lent guide. 

beauty of thoae haodi. and Ufcc hor lather ghe 
felt tha hoaorabla dUnlly of Ma. ^mnr 
pareooality. She fdt, a sentiment mogaol te 
Cortnna, a little uoeertain of hamaU. 
"I am Oorlaaa Oaaar." aba aaUi 

Mrt. Bnmaaa had otoppod kgtaHRf tov 

hair. *^eB;* riw said. Nothinr couM be moia 

blank, mure \^lthtiut uny note either of greet- 
ing or of d]^>-'ou^!<.^%y Cortnna began to aa- 
perieaoe Utc umit: respectful angnttoo ttiat 
her lather lu4 vow thnawh. 

"Mia. m«»mn» i mat to apeak to you 
about—about Joo— * 

**I am sorry, but I dont oare to dlaeum my 
husband with anyone: laaat of aU-' 

"But rm alnld rva got to^" «M Onlnna. 

•^our father tcDs me that neither he nor 
yi>u had Hip Ira-it idit* Jce wu.^ murrlrd " 

"My father tlid lux know, but I did. .And 
now Mrs- Gmiiii)i..>. yi..ii mu.nt M SW toQ yoil 

omnelhlng about my^.'* 
n am aot intereated te otogiii that do apt 
ma, Mlaa Daner.** 

''''IS ■■' 

• • • Corlaaa in uod u < t ad bar aow {rkad lo bv lalbar. At leaai. she ssidi "Pather, deer, Ala 

know his name." 


caslonaUy of an afternoon to sUp oO to the 
race*, or play a rubber ol bridge at the club 
while Mr. BramoM took Oorlaaa to the Villa 
d'Sate, the oDOltat port of Ottla. ^drlan'a 
Vllk. a«4 othor oapodltlODs outaid* of Roma. 

Lingered On 
nrUEY Uogered en vhUo Bprlns approached. 

whilo tha Oampagna became gracn and 
flowered, aod the w-mrr^- < i> !<•> basked 
more securely a h -p-: i. . .r. i..iiaral. began 
to take khapc in Mr Diiurr mind. Wa» not 
Smmons the very t^pc of man fur his daugh- 
ter, not fascinating, no, oot handsome, and 
certainly a Utue too old for her. but nob. ab]«. 
honest, and powerful, and wasn't that the 
quality th.-it nil women really wanted? Power? 

Emmoos was belter even Uian that BngUsh 
earl on the steamer, who turned out not to be 
an earl at alL Be had been to blame there, 
not to have Investigated the fellow before ^v- 

inK Corlmia any cnt:uuragemi*nl But thw Ume 
he did itot feci obliufd to tnvcMl^v.ite at all 
Bmmoru' b'i'i!ip?-i rfivi'H'ion wa!^ well known 
to all the buAloess world- He determined to be 
vary tactful, knowing that nothing would ndn 
hia hnpej> men qtttokly than havlac oortnaa 

BUapect Uipm. 
"Cmmon^ la an unusual nmn, ' hf i-uiti. "not 

attractive to a woman, but among man then 
la ao man under forty who baa attatood the 

poeitton hi* " 

"Mr. Euintons is a very fascinating man. 
lather, make no mistake. ' was Corlniia n 
rather astounding reply. 'He Is like a great 
quiet roek. And it f or hli agUoeaa, It la the 
moot laoBlhbWic tft*ng abooit hiu. Btit Amt 
iiilBiinrtai^awd me. Oon la Juat a frtandahlp, 

father. Hp docsn t care tor mr that wav ' 

This speech) tnaile Mr L>ancr vro' lisppy. 
He had walclsed PZmmans day after day. and, 
if the man was not actually in love with her. 
be was latenatad to a Aairee that put it en- 
tirely wltbtn Connaa'i power to make It one 
thing or the other. Aa for her teellnga, Mr. 
Daner .uid to hlmwlf thn(. If she were not 
deeply in love, re^prct nnd romtMinioruhIp 
were excellent baM<s for marriage What were 

they always ohattlng about ao seoretly. U it 
were not love? 

FtxtunaUely for hbn he did not guem. Tbiqr 
were always talking about the need of the 
Lireyhound Motor Company fnr a really bal)(- 
up New York oflke. Mr. Bnunoiu would open 
It at ODc«, he aald, If he only know of tha right 
younf man to run it Fmliaiia you think 
Oerlana had so suggartitan to make. WtU, tl 
happened she knew of a young man. bOBOgt, 
able, clevor. attractive, wise— tn fact, to pat It 
two wwda, Mar Martay. 

A CoUaeum Gnida 

PORTUNATKLT Mr. Daner. far down below 
^ them In the datebes of a vohiUe Gotl' 
»eum ffuidr. did not giicAs the subject of lhatr 
talk Their voice* noatcd deem la hhn. gay 
aod friendly, and he aald t» Itliwaff ttuH hIa 
plaaia were dofng walL 

than one day an hIa hopea wwa rmighlr 
ibaHond. It waa after dirmer. and he was m 
hla rtttiag-room at the hoif). rning nver vimc 
papers. Cortnna end tmmiwin had J'lst. cone 

out to Bca one ot Ihe greatost olghta of Bomak 
tha faoaBo ot Bk Peters by mooaOg^ vbon 
there aame a knock on the fittin«-re«i doir 
and the waiter craned the door. <a»*ii«y 
hrightly lie said "A lady «• aaa ywo, BMama 

- Meeses Emmotts.'* 

Mr Daners mind did not waik quite fhal 
10 Mte ta the fuQ dtaaaiar lo an his 
10m lha bi«y 

put somebody else iB the wroiw. he might be 
put In the wronc hbna^. Be buret out; 
"Wdl. Ihls Is the strangest thlngr It haan't 
made the slightest difference, fortunktely, but 
In hftM' hern a man Intimately for five weeks 
and never to have bad bha meouon his mar- 

"I think you will find that your daughter 
knows that my husband is mamed." aald the 
lady calmly, and Mr. Daner began to see m her 
something more than he had seen In his first 
impiesslon. He saw that aha had great digni- 
ty, that ber hands ware beaatlfttl: he saw that 
her lallor-nwde oaeturaa, tboufh obt inehoa 
lOBgnr than the fashion, waa p«if oeUy etU, and 
that bar fura were eablaa. 

Paced the Floor 

\I^HEN she had gone Mr Daner paced tha 
" ^ floor. He found himself In an un- 
happy and xUghUy humUiatlng position, and. 
as far aa he eould aoo. thvough no fault of his 
own. Hlg anger Maaed atattwl Bbunona. Re 
thougbt of phrases In which to attark }.;ri, .<) 
bis entrance. But even thu wju> nui utmiiy 
satisfactory, ftn- ll i& so difficult to reproach 
ji person for not being eligible as a son-in-law 
without suggcsung that you doolrad hhn for 
(hat poaltkn. Mr. Danor gM around IL "It 
Is not your fault, gir. that Oortnna's whole life 
la not ruined. VbHUnatOly. she l:i engaged lo 
a dean young fellow~" Oood hn&ven^ tie 
could not say thai, at leajit not b^f'-r- ' ■[ .mm. 
No, he would say, "Fortunately, she haa too 
much sedae to take any notloa «f a man old 
enough to be her father " 

The door opened brUkly, aod Corlnna en- 
tered alone 8tie looked more alive and more 
fnendLv than she had been for seme uma. 
Hullo, dear." she aald. "^ou made a grtak 
mistake not comtnr w t!h lu* " 

"Where in Emni' said Mr. Usner, in a 
voice n>Air.,ib''. < ;if>r and BBoe* llha a growl 
than his usual tones- 

Oorinna aald vaguely that ha had lom do to 
tha club or soro e w lwie. 

"Thafa a pity." replied her father, "for he 
ha-n had a visitor ti>. rr ' 

' Heally. Who? -.oi.l ' orlnim. not a bit In- 

"A lady. ' said Mr. Daner portonMOMtty. 
"A ladyf" anawerod Oortnoa- 

■ Hla wife CoriBna." 

He Qbuinrd her full attention. "His wife*" 
fhe said, and looked up. but her I'.nk roiivcyed 
surprise rather than horror. Why. I thought 
■he was la ttigland,'' 

•Tou thought— you thoughtr oaelahiied Ur, 
Danor angrily. "Tou mean that you knew 
■onnaoB waa onrrladT" 

oaoroa, t know it. Dldn t you. father?** 

"Z eertabOy did ooll X oortaMly turn 
hoard— " 

"Why taihor, how atrai«e. Tou aald yoa 
knew him so weh. Tea akbl ha waa an old 
fMend of youra— " 

Becoming ConspieuomM 

flk Oaner did i ■ '-irc rhls rrpronch quite 
fairly "Ynt i vrrj -vrU he «.aM, 
"that I would nfvrr havr ail-^/we^ ynu Ia jjo 

atraut making yourself coBspicuous with a 
manled mani" 

**Oh. I know aU abcmt her," aald connna. 
'rem canl aaa a Mfrlad man every (My for a 
month and ooi fcdbw aU IM Bo« akml Ui 
wife. Where to abar"* 

Mr. Daner said coldly Ibat *e had gofie lo 
hm mom. and the neat taotaak hto daaghter 
waa gone. ••oertaBa,- ba «oM. aald lo 
hlanalf It waa 

contleoua and I ora great friondo, only Z don't 

the moat atiacttooate admbatlon. but was ok- 
tcaowly poBshalatto about the persistence <d 
romanoa after raarriaBC- i; n tiot very dtf- 
ncult to ret a rough idea oi Uiv .Mtuatlon troin and now the vision of his wife made It 
all perfectly dear to Oorinna. She had. of 
course, told hbn averythli« . . . they boil 
talked abnost entirely of bar aflidnit and only 
by ImpUeaUon of hts. 

Neper in Love 

1^ S knew that she had never been in love 

imtll one morning she had tione down 
lo her father's o(!l ^ o ho taclful obout a Jew- 
eler" hill, und p . t r Liiriiul had been 
to be a UtUe bit aliabby and palhetki; that. In- 
otoad of flndlag bor father, tbm ted boon met 
by his eeoretary who had mad* the not un- 
natural mistake of thinking that she was ap- 
plying lor a job. uiui h,id been at once sbotdud 
and mtrrestt-d by her aherr Inefficiency. Ke 
bad scolded snd advtned her and talked to hor 
as aba had never been talked to beCora, and 
BO ahe had fallen in loro with hhn. 

Her lather opposed the ii,amner>. bocauoa 
Peter had neither money nrjr iwsition. nothing 

but i,L. iriWRTL^^ nnd lirn,!.'. i»nd hls ligoroUS 

good looks- But what it waa so stupid of ber 
father not to see waa that kwe waa a poolttTe, 
enduring thing that you cotdd not 

The Boy at Home 

r^ORlNNA suddenly aat down. "I mean to 
^ MB y«tt thl^ ahny wholhar you want to' 

hoar It er not," afae said. "I am in lovo with a 
boy at home. My father opposes It, but not 
for rtiasoiis I respocL He thicks It lacks 
social Interpol, 'iixit is why we are traveling 
-in the hope that t wtU forget Peter, but Z 
hood not any I nover shall. kCy f athor haa not 
playad fah wllb me. Be praralaad not to dli- 
miA.% Pi-'er, and then he did as so«3n aa we 
wprr ci: the water. So I have been tirlas to 
pntvr LO him that I might do a great deal 
worse. Oo the boat there ms a young Kig- 
llihman with a title. My father was cntianocd 
IV tha Idaa l waa f alUng in lova with an earl- 
and than be found out what Z had known all 
along, that the poor young man had done 
Bomething impow-vle at cards. Now with your 
husband, a was the same thing all ever. My 
father waloomad tha idoa ttet I waa yolag to 
foigrt Poier. but, of eomiaa, I knew oU tbo 
time— " 

*^ husband knew of Peter?" 

Cortnna lauchrd "ilit-rt- lent anything ha 
doaan'i know about Peter. I've talfcod at blm 
Btaadlly. Joe has been ao wonderful, but I 
had to talK to aomeooo." 

There was s short pause, and then Mrs. Em- 
mons answered: "Of course. I supposed froB\ 
wtiat 1 had hfATd that this was an attanpt to 
marry Jty. .md your father's maaMT OOB* 
Anaed that idea. It is imt the flm time ttet 
younger women have said lo themselves that 
they could oihfca Joe taapplar tbaa I do^* tta 
amlled a wintry smOe. 

Oorinna had really tried to tie frank and 
trlondly with this atara, ohlseled woman and 
abtf daolded to take another line. "WeU." ahe 
aald. "aatf Wa your own fault, if ttwy ai« 

"RiKht," cried Mra Jbnmotu, so oblsHaad 
Uia( she replied to the attack. "What are you 
thinking of. Mlaa Danort What baa Joe been 
saying of me?" 

-Joe haa aaM nothing. I'm uelng my eyea." 
aald Corlnna. She caught the older woman 
by the arm and turned her unui siic fuced 
the tang mirror "Look at yourself! You've 
let yourself go— you ve let your beatUV go— 
you've let romance gol* 

Mr*, anmooa aaalebed her arm away. "Xo- 
mahaOk" ahe aald. ''No one Is reeuutle at my 

¥^ ^ *>or. "l thlmUr Obe said qaletiy. thjt you are 
uupaitkMjit and Ol-brad young woman 1 have ovor aeen, sod 1 hope 1 shall never 

the most 
sac you 


foagOL. Ahd then tt waa that &nmons always 
looftad a tttlSe doubtful and ra^d thar t^'-re 
waa aomathtatg to be said on her : < 
and that poople who bad been very much in 
love when they OMVrtad wore not alwaya vewt 
muoli hi love nea or tan yeem aflerwarl To 
whidi OoHnna abnyq lopUed that she and 
Peter would be diOaainL 

Now for the Aral Ume she undoratood Jm't 

Tbmi she took a second loofe and mm Chai 
the Meade hair waa aa heavy and tanr aa Ihe 
MagdWancs to OonaggJ- -hat 
thnigh lha aorfkea of the !• ' :.iar^uted 
hr ar.v ooiet l r , Ihe actual '-r.n<Tnicilan wa* 
good, ftaliy aoMoi gaw the cAiaortUMcy 

"Potr Jfte, that Is J'i.^t what ht ar,- 
swered Corlnna. "But you are both wroi^. 
Roreance is aa atutude of mind, net a qu»- 
tlon oTage at aa Vdu ought to aeo tha lady 
my father would like to make ir.y oiefmiolhar. 

■ rv-;antl^ and ah» caat be 

ni i'Ii (,<<■■ 'j,nn vnu She's torty-iwa" 
"I am (hmy^nrhT ■ uld Mrs. Snmooa 
"I thought you were tea yearo oM»." mid 
Ooftaaa. 1>aBt yoa wfor put ooM eraam <b 
your face? Dent ppg gw wa a llpatkfc, or a 
toucb of rougiet" 
' ir I had to usa thao* laaftmi lo hold av 

huthanrt . 

Ani N ym ihiqk B'» virtuoae lo ko 
1W ttaa I* 

Whole lhlng--ahave your bead? WML Pon do 
aimoM aa anioh. Look at ttuao M Mnaeoo 
•Mwaia. ABd tha tarrttale thing la thi* you 

have so murh beauty, o.i Mri. ipn g— *■ if 
only you would irive yourscii liuo my haiMO f or 
a daj, I'd j^ur Imuf waved, aod a Itttlc 
make-up. and the right kind of dothm.* 

'Vnt Mlao Oaaar. i do not want to kxik like 
that. To my mind it , ii^a: lo follow the 
fkahlon in thatMlnd way. Ladies dJMs ~ 

*xadiM. cried oortate. not gtvhar ttate 
to fUuih her uniaikw, *'Iadla^ smai ladlaa, 
have alwaya droaoad wtMly wtf ; n.% tha bour- 
gemala that's afraid to ladles' Dont yo«i 
think Mane Anlolnetl*' iin,i the tie*uUful 
Ducbeaa of Dcvuiminn- ; ,. -n Cliaabeth 

ware ladles? But do you tiunk thaj ibiiaauU 
in Uieir Uma the way you do ta youaV Mbk tto. 
dobt come that lady statff over me-- 

Mxm. Bnmons walked firmly to the door, "i 
think." ahe said quieUy. "that you ar« Uic 
most imperUnent and lU-brad yov^ vcnaa X 
have ever seen, and I hope I MmB aovor OM 
you again. Good night." 

There waa nothing to da oaaopl go^ bvl aa 
aba dM ao Oorbnia aaM: 'M rai itahl Joot 

•ba voa a Uttlo trlgbteoed a^ what khe had 
dcno. Bba foaiad rika ^ made thinga wor&e 
for JOO, lor. of oova^ his wUo would believe 
that behadtoi|dradharoplBlaBih*ndp««iapa 

Next Morning 

Qhm was awakened nest aotahig ^ a fcaoek 
^ and. polag to the door, found the ryiand- 
ly waiter with a letter in an unkpown hand. 
Opening It. aba found it waa fnm Un. 


*My Daar MSm ttaner 

T wlih -i'lJc^im for my ungraciouji- 
neaaof la^t iiiv.-ii' i iiave riuut to aoe that 
you are pert < > :. ir your offer 

stlU holdB good. I Miouia ao Uk« to plaoe 
myself unraeerredjy In your handa Joa 
doea not yet know of my anlfal. 
"Blnearely yoon. 

Corlnna was in action In n n.-.n-.r-u She 
dashed ofT a cordial answer and was eugagcd 
In teter'hnning for appolntmeata wllb halr- 
dreaaera and dreaamakers while APMWMla hur- 
ried about gamag ready to ««aa hm> 

Rhr wr-nt to Mrs. Pirmi'in s room to get her, 
and th'- »wr» wemcn 'l-.-l-.M rjuirily out of tho 

hniel, ^' '. rrM I ox pUi nation 

of her chtoitjc u> nimd. but she made it dear 
thai she waa potuag herself entirely hi Oor- 
buw'a handa. Itiere was something touchinii 
la the' wondarlag. tba almost child-Uke aim- 
pUdly wlih which ahe gave herself up. 

aba gave heroaU Into the handa of an export 
OortaM was tho kind of woman who knew by 
InaMaol the very Instant she arrived In a dly 
wbleh were the beat shops. Ah, she aaM to 
herself. If It hrtd only been Paho. BttlL Borne 
bad great opporluniuas. 

Mra. Mnmooa etood Uka a yoey good UtUc 
girl whUe two droaatnakora and Corlnna du- 
euaaed every detail of her eompleuon and 
ffgure Porturmtcly. Mrs Etnmon.% was of a 
figure not unauited to model dreaaas, and 
money wa.i no object Then, while the dnaooo 
were being altered. Corlnna led her vMBn to 
the coiffeur. 

Magnificent Eedr 

'T^KI magnificent hair was ^aftty issved aii i 
^ enough of it out away 'on^aie acoU small 
enough to flt a modem a [lair of Iilgh- 
heelod oUppera were bought that emphaalaed 
the delicate ankles and high taatep. Then 
bark to the draaamakce-'a. And then, laet of 
all, Oorinna heraeU kndl down before her 
In the brlghi iiRht of the drr '-; 
and made her up .w> perfe(ti\ Uuxi utUy a 
sharp eye could hi4ve .ven that she Wli 

made up at all; bar akin aoamad tf Uttle 
wMtar and her eeler a mUe more flowing 

thsn usual. 

Then, when everything that ould be done 
had t>een done, Connna took her onee agatti 
by the ana and tiimod her to the mlrmr, 
*intmnr aha aald. -dent yon thhik yon look 


Mra anmoM atared at haraalf: 1 (hftik 1 
look . . . oltaqga,'' aha whl^mad 

*lfot so Rtrangob boUeve B» aa wfaio I flmt 
saw you Ooad-kp« an4 If we ever meet 
axaiii. remember my laot wm4 lai sm< k u. ir 
U you bad a daughtar. «ha would be very cruw 
wlt^yoo. U yon dM not da Joat aa i teeo ioM 
you a t laaal, if aha were any goitf . And dmit 
leU Joo. Man ore very ahnpla He may think 
you did tt sU by yourself." 

"ft seems like deceiving him." said Mra. 
Kmmons, M aha omiled In a way that lodl- 
catad that ahe intended to treat beroolf to Umt 
one doeapllflo in a long hoeoot fifb. 

Oorinna on retumins to the ho^el fmmd 
rverythlnr In a turmoil, they were Irtanng thai 
aftemooi^ for Parla. Amanda was peeking In 
a franay. Oorinna'a heart boundod log Joy. 
Tw9 tftH nearer the Amorlean raaO. mm 
falhw Bjrtilniii thai ihoy had not bgMi alto 
to find her la omiailfe bar, but n aooMi the 
wny — IP BvoM any poHMiiir of a 


Kmmons ru*h(yi in to sgy good-byo jngi aa 
thatr bags were being eanlad down. Rk groab 
Ugly laeo waa 111 up by tMjwin— "Tt^ M 
vary diuppMlgi,- ho aald. have you 
nishingoffOkgitofa . . . idMoowantrott 
to meet my wife . . . aqp wtfa Mu atrtvat 

"It's 100 bad father haa been oalM away,* 
aaM Oorinna. '^mm ObauM hoea tm^ gb^ a 
nsof lav.- 

*WalL aa g MO MOT of fOol, we ar* gtitng to 

Venlee Mnrfvee leaMrraw " rvtumMl a» it K it n. 
"To Venice' That an-mds very remantle.'' 
It la romaolio," aaid BmnoM a 

trtfls foolkdi. % 
"But. Jee. yeu saM tha«, after PaoUg tat 

bean married twenty yoara, 

'T know thai I did. bat X waa 
The last bag had been eaciM ost 

Qpnnna. laUur to liar fatha^ 


The British Flae 

Illustrated by A. W. Bissett 

|"^MKM S Ta.TuiiV A riiMftls. " Row Ann 
Mill! u.-. lifi folknnd mine to a 

(roup aa lOt wmU (rf Lbt UtUc 
oonw "VMBl llMr crut* ifea 
BTBUdly MMd M I Mffid elOHr to cnmliM 
Ow nateli dnpid In ttw Unien JMk. vbieh, 

drtvMi bf ttw gUlT bri-<-rf kt tba iOBT of tlW 
rllmlnuUW OdttMlc. HBuntM tU COlon la tlM 
rs<-p <if »U who croatpd lU tAreahoM. 
"Tammy'i |»ld 4nr (or yoo Om- And 

bce« payui' dnr lor U now. Ttaiy^ M iD lU d 
Dlnli ud bM." ^ «hl«tnd. 

-Who betreociad yovT- 

"Bun. every wmn, inorr a the pity." She 
nodded towardi the mountAimide dotted with 
tinv whtte-VBihed cottager ■tretrlilng up here 
and there u far u the ejre could om like white 
lutnakerchlefj etuck on a butta. 

Below a flaiv M. tlw Me neattnt. 
leavtBK daifc patotiN et eee m\kiit. dte of 
sea-fulls brake tlM itttlBCH. u. wKb ouv 
fctretchcd wings, they beat the water or soared 
aloft and were loit to view in the purple haw 
that enveloped Carlucford MounUtn A xtrons 
unell of n^'h, a Lang of lait aXr met the nm- 
true. Tbflp. "SaerlKV a-l-l-v-et Freeh her- 
rlnil Wtmto iMmngi" brake jtpoa onr ear. 
And Immediately a tired boree rounded a 
tortuous curve of the onooth. white road. 
IHillinc a two-wheeled cadger'A cart. Ai tt 
came up. It stopped Involuntarily. 

Rose Ann stepped! ouL 

A «pa<modlc jerk ol the rcUu and a "Oee 
upr eaoied tbe bone to break Into a t»i. 
leaTtac ft den« at dial «ad UMk iDoka In ite 

Haul Oown thr h loK 
CHE turned to me. "They be*-s *.h;r,itin' tbeyll 
make ue haul down yon flag. But sure, 
not wime there's a drop of blood In me old 
body. What was good enough for Temour'a 
good enough for hla faltber and me." 

I Irx)ked il her ttscompcehendincly 

"Comr In, Mua--and t»e sated. Sure. DlnWII 
not IcHK puttln' 14 wee !Utch In yon «hoe " 

She duAted a chair with bar apron and 
placed tt before tbe opn door, where a 
TBgraBt wind eaivht a rambler roee and 
pushed It toward me. Ite fragrance mingled 
with the pungent odor of smoke from a defec- 
tive ftreplare over whfWe slrkJy namr hunc a 
great black pot full of poUtoe& 

"Tammy was in tbe Brliuh navy (or 
maony's the ywr." etie vent on. ae sbe seated 
beraelf before me. *3at be got h«rl«d. Rti 
bead wae away. A fotne unetanding* fella was 
Tammy." she reminisced 

"'Mother.' be wud say. .^ilttln pwmgin hu^ 
quare long legi buck and forth on the edge of 
yon table, 'Falther OTlynn aays I must go to 
diipet but I geu nothm' but black looks whan 
I do go. They taimle me for not beln* true (o 
me ootors. But me edloni la tbe Union Ja^* 
. i.f 'much aa I love Lhe in»h flag.' For he 
Ln>»<^>l ;he grane tgreen> flag wa« next me 
Liwn heart* and sitfe why wudn t ir be? " Kh*? 
stopped to ask. 'But. mother, says he. I 
s'rved under the other— and I love It' And 
ibe poor laddie beohe down end eried Uke a 
ehMr. Tammy did. 

""Now laddie,' aay^ I, don't \r.u (ikp on so 
lrt:--lt niiR or no Iri5h n»K. ymi Ihncn Jaekll 
*tay where tls. It's true I've been »o thw 
chap?t thu manny'8 tbe year, an' I love 
Falther O'Flynn Uke me own lite. But sure, 
it's blmaeU never wance said. 'Raul down yon 
ftagr And diva the Ml wud X if he had. Vou 
doot know the Falther. Miss, beln' a stranger 
tn these paru. but he's the gran' mon. is 

Father OTlynn. ProtcsLanta and cathoiK* 
alike, miu, they love urry hair ni hu head. 

" *Faltber.' says l to him van d^y, 'doas you 
wank me to havl tt dAwnr" And ha mt, 
Ann, do wbu yoor been vOla y« to do.' 

■■An X Mood ibcR In tbg fnot cC htm look- 

Fought for thm Fia§ 

•»nrHEH he pats me en the tefik. Tuway 
fought ?ar that flas. dldnt bef s«ys 
he, tainia' me raind and gectm* me by the* 
«rd. An' then fWther cnynn and me trader- 
stood others' <each ottaert., 

"An* so X drsped the two na«^ onr [rmlnsl 
tbe other, an' they wud a intrd ui [vpin t- right 
enough, if they'd been let alone. But tint one 
eomes runnla' and lookin' m tbe door. An' 
then another oomag runnln*. An' if loiBa had 
a killed, sure we'd been away long agone." 

Bhe wiped her eyea. 

•at killed Tammy, it dldf Of a Sunday Uie 
rraiur.-. wud walk home from chapel foive 
Abrci&t. Down the middle of the road they 
tnup»ed, dnvin' Tammy ahesd of them Uke 
they was drlvln' him to the devtl. Utile did 
mnk think when he was puttln' the best of 
leather Into they^s aboee— yon I^ny OToole. 
and thai young scamp. Shads UcLaughlln, 
with Che quare long ifur- of blm. that cbey 
wuld be UBln' It (or thr unlagal purpose of 
trampln' on Tammy 'a com.t. 

"Well, iQsfi, the Offel I iLuowcd wa was bala' 
hTM t ted was wbsn Che baker *dean forgot to 
eeU.' Ays be when I twitted him; aitf when 

I wanlod a wee drop of milk for our tay, 'Bern 
is dry,' say* they, Bcm dr> ' That co-bo«! 
W'lie. Be:. (Lid .nippl> All County Down II she 
was aaked. An' potatoes- Pi.!atnc6. U? Aa 

II poL.iu:e.s ye want?' say» they. 'Sure, there 
atn t a potatie in the countryr' 

"D'ye mindl An' the wbotp of Otrelaad wan 
Ug pototle taint" she seoffed. 

-preit m ("Tins to leai the Iffpott 
the pit of our stomachs. 

■ ,.i_u...i- "i^iumy, 1 keltsr be aw»y. 
They'll starve ye out,' 

" 'Have wit.' snys I. 'Sure, theys more orataa 
In tbe sse tha& was ever out of it Away with 
y» now-«way down to (he loanan itane) and 
fill yourwU with blackbemr^. Surf, the 
badges le Just hurtln' ihcinMlves with il^e 
lOftd Iteey bees eanyin'.' 

Tammy*$ Spirit U Away 

'* A H* then. kOas, wlien I Rot him awaT, 
T away down ta the WUhln' Chsur— 
A milf do.vii br\ov here. An' I sat with Tiir 
bark M.rairMr— an' me two feet on the ground 
and pra^'-ti But me old heart was prayln' 
(or^wan thing an* me Up* was prayln' for an- 
other. For sure, the Falther taught us to 
pray: Thy wUl be doqet* But by this tune 
dlvU the Mt did T care about any wlU but me 
own I had Rrt that f ar on Uu voftd to 
de.'itniction,' »he ^oid contrllaly. 

' An' then I looks up and sees the Oreai 
Oianl, Fioun Macool. looUn' down at me from 
Ihe top of sielve Foyt Slelve Foy bees the 
gtem of gtanta' last restin' plaoa. Mlas. But 
sine he cudn't rest Re was that strong, he 

cuts his Ini '- 'hr-iiipU t!ir moTKitaui'^l'lr, na'h 
he cud wii'f 'L I iir. uiul ilrcijind'. An' mdade. 
Jhe :i a handft:! to wau h. Well— Ptoun smiles 
down Ht me. 'Be brave, Roae Ann" says he. 1 
will noun." eays Z. an* I went home 

" 'Woman, you miMt be madi Come In I 'says 
he. gruff-Ukc. 

"An' tHnnls hOldB the donr op^n for me t'l 
pass, loike I wae a queen He Ukea me bun- 

De»wn the middle of tbe rood they tnlpaed, drMn''Tanmy ahead of them Hke they wa> dnvm' him lo the devU. 

net and sits me down in s chair— and there be 
stands— his hand restin* on me shoulder. Och 
- 'but me old heart was Oiittertn' like I was a 
girl. I knowed eomethln' was gain* to happen. 

Children's Picnic 
••"That was the day of the wee chUder'i 
plcnle at Maggie's Lep. Msggle's Lep. 
Mim. Is a gsp betwixt two high banks over the 
sea. Sure M..^i:i<^ in ih.<' i mg ago, leaped the 
Lep with a iDu.vii> I 1 1 irr • \i r^gg8 on each arum 
- and not an rfiR iinr.y 'hr worse of the rx- 
penencc. But wee Hughie McAtee a'as (or 
dom' the same. But sure, he fell In and was 
"And the fatrie» was mad. 

"That n^ght f cud see them from tbe windae 
in my room. Tbey was eomln' aeroas tbe 
water on a red horse— all with red JackPtJ and 
a granr feather in each ear. A- I 
knowed they wud be takln' a coii> 
back with them. 

"A'.onc about the time Ihe moon hngilie to 
nujie, I jieud a wee noiae. 

"'Oft up. Dlnbi.' eays X, 'and strike a Uaht 
The falrlet be oome.' 

" FUrtaa bedooimad*'* aa^ Dinii An* with 
that he was nogrtn*. thnis bees always a 

ftleepln' mon I hales to dtiturb a snore, Ifs 
unlucky. I waited. But the snore was deep- 
sated. I got up and went away down below 
to the wee laddie's room. 

"Tammy's epMt was away. I shouted. Dinls 
mme runnin' 

"I'hf wrc bolir- had mnti^ a iiral job of tL 
Tammy woj laid rut lu'- jwaocf ul aa anny 
onderuker cud a done the Job. He wore a 
smile on his face, an' the peacefulest brow that 
ever uitUUgenee sat bemhd. 

"In no time Dlnls bad the priest and Dr 
MrCunnlngham herv. The Falther earned 

'"Fftitber." says I, -Tarn my -, nway without 
extreme unotion. But 1 herrd the (airies 
prayln' for the repose of his aoul airly thu 
marnin'. Does ye think he'll be all richtf" I 

•"Sure h' ll be all n^hi'' ^ny^ a voire at the 
door. And there vn^ ihe doctor tumscU sund- 


y i Wi ll i li g m It 

In* there. 'Nrvrr fear, Roxc Ann "ays 
Isyln" hi* ami across me iJiouidcrs. "Tlie 
f.Hrie&1l not &top taL tlMr SgCt- TMUDy Mfs 
acrois the river.' 

"With Chat. Diniii geta his eye 0114 
of paper on the floor, Hd 
'Pisenf sayt be. 

'"Poison nothinR!' says the doctor, cloein' 
his hand, quici like, tjver the paper. "That's 
mine «,v> hp I got it st the chemiit s. 

"1 besUi'. In cry. 'Falther,' says I. did Tam- 
my maki- a»By with hImselfT Or Wds H the 
fairies made away with hlqil* 

"'Fslrlea bedommec:* says Dbnla fegkln. 
"Twaa the quare fairtr. Dinti bees al- 

ways a blasphemous m^n. ' .sh<> broke off to 

kftf. • fDpd mttrMimgg." 

Taken by thr FairicM 

' * O ^^-^ wu bcfdiaa*. 

^ 'Falther.- eays I. ftodttg^lilm by the 

coat. 'I've never knowed ye to tell a iif i n 

belsve ve il ye My so. Was it U\f iuirirr- wn; 
awav wilh Dinln?' 
"And the doctor looks si lbs Faithcr— and 

tbe FWther looks al tht 
l^iltber eays. It was.* 

, "An" the doctor Lake* wan step cttct to Falther 
CFIvnn and patft htm .in th*« And nff 

they goes, arm In ami. m i j-^ vf NMioni if 
ever there was wan— wan a Protestant and the 
oibsr a CatboUc-4*ye mladr A ^«v«r lea«ue 
Mbcrly love.- 
^Ag 'Weae Ann oeaaad apeafetnc. a shadow 
darkened the doiar. tfhdl^ fifiifif^^,, 
handed in a boot 

' Paddy vre shw hr said to Rose Ann. 
"He kotched it In the machine today. Ten 
I>inle to he as ^ulek as he oan. TlSe wee fella 
harnd aWBther boot to his foot, an' him orlp- 

pled kn'dA " Re turned and swung up the 


Dints Mclnnlny i.iumblcd to his feet One 
lon« .stride took htm to the door. Ur hurled 
tbe boot on to the road, where It fell wtth ft 
elgtfeerlnc sound. 

"Oil bedomn.M if in q^nd yoci boolt Oo 
to biases!" h- au-d after the rMTiftUng 
fl([urf MiM Ihe man ^as out of sight. 

In a (lash Roae Ann ww thiwHgh She door 
*nd on to «tad md. Mawiiihig tbs bdol fNan 
the heavy wheals of a eharabeinc as it rolled 
alone flned with tounsis she re-entered thr 
house White, and wtth quickened breath, she 
stumbled down tbe two steps of ths llUle 
oobue atanp aatf MOod Mir flis^ 

"Shame on ye, DInIs Ifclmilny? b that 
What oin- laddie called British fair play? You're 

hrrr to dr. ^--mr iuty ni'iti Ye come Into this 
woruld lo mrnd shof> itiid i/i nirnd thrm for 
your (•nemlea as wpH a- tor your fnrr, .-t 
deserve to be byoetted. Now get to worl^ and 
Ittc Mur M Ugfes gad yow bMC laUm Into 
yon wee shoe. Hory Olfoore goes past at 
(olve. Hell take it with him." 

Soon the mp a-tap-ian -if s hanmier (ihowM 
Paddy's lixoe lo be well under way. under thr 
prqldctlani oC.Uw Biltiab flag. 

M> own shoe was flnlahed, and wUlt fbm 
Aan> **Oad'HM« fou. itSmV* rtitftav In m 
girti^Ittiptftad. ' 

Rose AflA eeutd zibt sleep. Filled with 
IhnuRhLs uf Tammy, »hr stood leanlnn ovrr 
Uie half -donr, drinking In the salt air and thr 
beauty of the night Par away— a ItghthnujM^ 
flashed Its beacon back and forth acroos duit 
Wfttwi. tt lHhM up ttat Und eld gyM ftttd 
oag m ad fiM ol the once handsome womaa 
now bowed down by a KTeat sorrow which was 
In no aav liKMriinj bv ('vturinR doubts as lo 
thr manner nt Tammy's posolng. which, try as 
fthe would, would recur to her tntermlttantly. 
Nevertbeieaa. her ttrmly-reofeed belief m tbe 
f gMgg SBWvcaiod her enUrw awnaplgiwg or Um 
tragic ten t h t hk t tbnmr dlad fer lUi own 

Sh"* drew her ahawl closer u she listened to 
the crooning of the wind In mountain valleyit: 
to the lashing of waves again<;( the ^hnre and 
watched wllh a ourloua fascination tbe pecp- 
inff m and oufe Ot Ugbts from nniisgas tiStt up 
00 ttw iiiiiMiHiiialila 

Aa ahe tnmod to go lo. bar eye feD upon a 

dark ^hpd'>w .'WiuBitling aealnst the r.lde rf 
the fl'.'Df were thr nececslUes of life aa .wn in 
a bottle of milk a paroel of brown suirar 
some scones, a few potato cakes, s package. 

nam tum't shaip gygg ptgrond tbg ilaHiiggfc 
A pfttr of "quar* tont igp" vtamt^ 1t»am 
the hsdge. 

She dropped cat her knrr,-- hrr rrucinjc 
daAped to her breast ir.iy Mary. Mother o( 
Ood." Khe breathrd rrvrrrntly, *"tlB IflfltfMrf 
vtot'ry (or tbe Bntioh flag. " 

Three Months' Cruise to South America and Around Africa Told in Diary 

SOME Interesting fMts conetrnlng 
TrWAn rla fijnha the lonrW l.'land if 
thr .s.n.'hrrn Atlantic which haft brrn 
the subjm if ■.r\r::,\ nifpealtng lettrr^ m the 
British press during the last two or three 
years, are eontalned in a diary wbMi Bin. 
David Dolg baa lent to Tht OotanlBt for 
perusal. Urs. Dolg visited tbe island last year 
in rniupany wUh her husband the lair ^t^ 
David r>olK, during the BmprvM nt Pranre 
rriitj«e ri>und Africa and down thr crm^t of 
South America, an flsperleiwe which they both 
vasUy en)flved. 

Although the Bbipress of Franrr rt.^'ird 
from New Turk on January 34. Mr und Mrs 
Doi«. who were vtstting in England, did not 
Join [he vessel tmtll her arrival at Kingston, 
Jamaica, on January 30. going out tbere in- 
d^mdenlly nearly two weeks In advance and 
spendtng Ihe Itme pleasantly In eirplorlng the 
Island. In the three months whirh foilnwrd 
they vlsUed Port of Rpain, Hlo dr Jiinc'.ro. 
M intevldeo and riuenon Airrs, m South Amer- 
ica, then across the Southern Atlantic to 
Capetown *thts part a( the trip alone taking 
Attsen or slstsen doysf, Port Blssbeth, Dur- 
ban, I?ar-ee-Bslesm. ganslhar, Mombasa. Port 
Sudan, Port Tpwflk and Cairo. Port Said. 
Naples. Monaco, Olbraltar and Cherbourg 
The cruise tlntshcd with thrir lAndlns si 
Southampton on April 26 Mr and Mrs Uois 
extended their vtalt in Eniiland and .-Scotland 
and returned to Victoria only a short time be- 
fore Christmas. 

C't-i- or the piacr^ which Interested them 
iiiorr than any other was Trtstan da Cunb^ 
ihr plight of whose InhabltooU evidently 
made a deep Unpreeslon on nearly all the pas- 
aeagan of the luxurtooe liner. The residents 
««rf iavitsd to gn aboard tbe ship and showed 
the wonderment of dUldnn. Moat of the 
«omrn had nrver wrn an rtectrtr light nor 
iirholntrred furniture As thr captain's g u ests 
for dinner they exhibited naive en)oymrnt of 
even such commonplace necesstuet as bread, 
while flour being a very great lusury on the 
Itiay ata nine btadiala of roUs at 
PulolBse ar* almost their eole 
ewary day artleie of dtK, and tjtry >howed no 

brtereet to this part nr ihe menu But they 
ate lee iream with (he gusto of novteaa lo 
wbcsn the delicacy was tntroduoatf for the 
flrat time Although the Tristan da Ownha 
fo le fiM s il all offaas tram the oov- 
it to roato** ttien from iBab' leuly u- 

^ ' (o a HKwe habitable rr»inn. (hey seem, 
oevrrthaleea, lo kmg for contact with tbe out- 

boene on the boaoh at Triataa dg Cvnha ea the ettpBHea were landed from the Empress of France Oust AscerMblo In tfta dhi 

lk* late Mr. David Doig and Mr*. Dolg made sn esiendcd cndsc early in IflM. 

}. 00 wWeh 

side world One old man VBpg when the fen- 
pren of Ftance arrived, aoylnf It was Ibo Snt 
time • gblp had toutiied thare for mor» ttan 
a year 

A big shipment of supplies «-ss &ent ashore 
from the Empress of France, snd the pas- 
■eagers made up paroels of clothing and 
■nallsr gtfta Mrs. Dole la her diary com- 

menu on ihe fagg HmfL thVlp l| ■» MBV m 

the bland, whiett l» a aoirt tt lUdtafi^ jOMpta 
where the pnnclpoJ of common ow^MMUp k 
pracucrd more becaase of force of clirum- 
stanon than from the wUh to bring an 
MeaflaUe atato of thbiga Into exMenofc Wood 
Is tenlbty aGnroe on the Islsnd. and the tn- 
habltanta must dtonh ' -rr- -hnusand feet up 
the banks of a gr«at ^:.i^ri.-*:\ tn onier to gel 
even a fe«. srrit* 'f ^rrrn willow ff*r their 
ity Broa The houses are bntlt of stois 

and plasiar. The enUre population numbert 
only about 125. 

Tristan da Cunha ecclesiastically b in the 
.■Ve of Caprlown The flm missionary reached 
there m igSl. and m lIU Btsbop Oray arrived 
from Africa to oonflrai thirty-two applicant t. 
Thr wr^;nd fJert'TTian In? at Tr'»Tan was 
Rev E Dodgson, brother of 'Lewis Carroll." 
avthor of "Allee hi Woadkrtand." The vessel 
In which Mr Dodgwm attmpted lo mofco Ms 
tsndlng St Trtston was wre«k-d, wini an un- 
fortunate )oM of much-needed fuppj[r<i But 
a Tom which he had brought with Ulm (or the 
Ilitir rhurch sutiseqitently salvaged. He 

remained st Triacan untU IgM, when be was 
lomd by tU-heaMU to iwtww to Oapotowo. 

The nent 0ap taM4t by the ^prw« of 
Ptaaeo wns at Obpglown. Iba funowtog 

oteerpu are from Mrs. Dolg's diary namttvw 

of the tnp fnm this point: 

At Caprt.ii»n »r lijid !!u? moit marvrlnuj 

msrinr drive in the work), frcm Caprcown to 
the Cspe tsbcmt IM mil»< Th? Cape juu 
mto tbe ocean where the waters of tbe Zndlkn 
Ocean and the AttaMle mingle The raad w» 
traveled, beauttfully snootb. was built by 
convttrta The seeitery wae the grande«i end 
wUde^it imaginable, sklrtlni rocky bhiflt The 
road, in fact, was cut out of :h* mounlainoldc. 
The drive returning from 'hr capr ted us 
through vlneynnb and very leriUe country. 
•nn Capetown we wen shown boundlcm hea- 

pItsJItv Onr drlvr, to 8'el4»nbo h nj« to w» 
«hr n.a.r%K li., rh houae 'dAttn/ Oarfc i -i ih^ut 
10I0>. no« nrrupled by Uird and Ijidr Vtl- 
Uers They grrrted u« with open arms, and 
Lesd VtUiers showed us bow his (rutt Was 
tV feho Battoos to 

"The ship Astied nrxt to Port nisabeth. 
Whrn wr reached there it won so stormy we 
rrvuldn t sr; loot on the lender, so we were 
hi.i'.ffi in A big lock basket over the aldo of 
Ihe ship and taken sshora. Wg tgaA only a 
day at Port Biaabeth. 

'Ttie next slop was si Durban Natal, where 
we stayed for about two wr^iu Thu allowed 
s"iu'- of thr cniLiinG p»r.y to tmvrl up u> 
VirToria Fal'-i )n rhe interior, hut my htutmnd 
ntid r (ir Ki'''! <ti;.t Uij.i Would be too arduotis- 
Wr took a trip independODtlf up to MlM^NP- 
bufv. and stayed there Ba«M dlQW ... 1lw 
ship sailed after that up the EA«t coggt «( 
Africa. Our next mop woa L>nr-r>- salaam, 

1 .rrr.-rlv (,*rirun But Africa This was In 
.i:.t'.'r<j jiinij.,! vilely by nrnroes. Very prun- 
' . k .h "i*. a-rn- I \\p only means of eon- 
veyance My husband an4 X warg OMdIll hef« 
m a torrentlBl trmflggt nlMUm dtfrotdf one 
'kf i.wT ricksha ilrlvea. 

From Dar-ea-Balsam we sailed on up thr 
otM I r Sanslbar. a most exquisite tropical 
spot. frighiiuKir hot. wlwn bO Ube day 

^ ' vt vtop ^-ns 'hr Rrd Sea All pos- 
■i.;;'!' ■I'-t.-arlcrd a) Twenk. iinfl [-.r-rTird to 
r-air-) h\ trsin. a Journey which '- W ^thnut flv» 
hours. The idea behind thu was that the Bat- 
rresB ihould go tbivugh Ihe Sues Canal wHk* 
out pasaengera. otherwlas ahe would have a 
tsfTlAe loU to pay st Cairo. My husband and 
I stayed a wrrk st thr ronfin-niii Savny 
BoteL whlfh w* made our hradguar'T* while 
«e Jauntrd ab^ut seeing Cairn w<> vulted 
the Cairo Museum twice and law all the won- 
derful treaasrea from TUtank&amaB'a tomb. 
..hlpb fiU op ft whole ecmer as well as num- 
berless rcoms. Cstro Is a mnst rssclnatinir 

ptaof, We had -n^ irU' up *he Nile, rriuminit 
the same day An^'i-.rr rspedition was to the 
Pyramids snd ihr .■^phmi. 

"We rejotOKl the ship at Fort Bald end went 
on to Maplee. flm we im^nt a wonderful 
week Wr try* ■ tr>n r* I- - i-iv^ around 

!hr eoasi from Main t , i i. . At Capri, 
where we Jipent a day, we vuitrd the (i 
Bhje Oretto Our nost mterastuw 
here was to Ihe ruina ef Fompett. whicU bae 
now beta i wipl e i aly etravatad. and whwe we 
taW the whote tfty to plan oa It flwrwhed two 
ihousand ve wra sgoi Onr xalk« thro^sh h- 
strects snd enters Its ruined houses as i( tho 
war* thtngs of yest«rds; 

THe loniolimn af tbe diary is devoted to 
Mboto Outa, Oltobtlar B«d Algaelraa. all 
Ite Mton to 

2S 1938 The earlier part of the Mrratlve is 

^-..ry of ttaO Bnith AOMTlOgll pgit Of ttM 


When Books Were 

VE.'RV fUy In fhr idmi has one or many 

public>". .^nl *.Srir booka OlOy be 

obtained atid read (rec of any ooot for ihg 
Btri aaklbt. Book am abOBBd o» MH H wi a 
snd la tbato tbscc sre many tbou-tandt »t 
volume* on all eubjeela thai can br purrjiaird 
for Bj little OK a nickel or n diinr. in fnct 
twoks srr ntioiK ij^ on i^:i t\ hand und they 
are so nurj,. :. ., i ■., :«n.;!i:tr u> ms that we 
seldom think ut tBe ume when Uiey were eg- 
trrmriv acarec and very oapgoalvt. Boolg are 
plootltm WgW and InnpenalTe because of the 
Ik l l i g ft ai IMagt wMeh osn print them foster 
than any of us can read thmi. but if they hod 
to be written by hand with pen and ink, you 
can imagbw how f ow tbarg «attldt»M te» 

But that was eaaetlr tbg eoMttloB Of Ifttoti 
» taw bnodfisd ywars ago before the Orman 
awloataOrg tovOMod movable t>pe Before his 
time all books were "prinLrd try a hand u»- 
inu peiu, brushes and ink. and alihrnjfh many 
of thr-te were very beautiful, many months 
were required to piQdBPO ovoa WIf, aB4 Qp^y 
vere m expensive dHft 00^^ ftg «gfy ggaWq 
could afford to boy thorn. Sven afi«r the 
printing art was being perfected. br»ki were 
■T.iy fnr p"ix»> with riTod batik aocounU and 
arr< r^rrruiiy tpurrlf-rt Against theft. And 
•'.. h a 'tiinj &A a imM*.- iibrory, where one 
n< (.).• pr<» ure a book f^ reading at homo, 
y jA unknown 

public Ubrarles dM spring up here and therr 
Sb ftmpe in the ftftaenth and sixt^nrh ren- 
lurles, but they were few tn numbrr and rr.n- 
i«inrd but s small number r>r the«e valuable 
volumes And moot ef thee* books werr 
equipped sitb a ohaln ottacbed to the bosk- 
caaia BO that Uiey MtoM Mi bo 

A ealle? a tupp e d al the house of a fwiain 

man and ajiked if hr wai ai r.nme 

an hr ^ iviL.' rvphrd Uw woown Who 

ft' ,vrrr<l itir ring 

When did yott see him 
-Athia ttowm.* 
"And who may ywa bef* 
Tm tale 



Wanted— A Fantv 

II »aait ft Mrtlrii or tmag^fjgumom board- 
lis houi»~Just » rtthcr veedy retreat 
: : tl.t' tWO-mek v»<«ti.nrr» wtj> «<>i|ci-ii 

la Uw M« bwv. 9ut Co Lbexu, xkoi aocu iu imad 
To nurvrr Bnaktaf mai Bbtiie Hunkirv- 

Nunrymijonnv, tt WU » fWadlftB. They neclced 
and s^tooned wtwrmr Uiey w<rr» knd couldn't 
keep Oictr baodi ftpart ftno «t the «ipp«r 
toUft. nw ■OMI-Mtontf iMMnt a( Mhm. 

The pfaMw bofcnjed Us. and «m tttU up, what 

At:l. .fin.iny McNrar (ihipplnc I'lk Aire 
Jtaudfli <gvHK? luvctiuilc), and Eunic/' H'lidfu 
aatf Kitty Crois. reipectivfly sLrmigrnijti'-f »tnl 

awttchboard apanCor. ftwlrtu Um UunUeya. 
HMir wa Ml OM* >Wi ^» w» IkMi UN 

okhfKk, Mat tlie proprl^iDr of a radio lion. 

Aftar the evmUut mfal. durinc wMflti plaaa- 
aotrla and small UU were ttandlcd frt«)y. 
Uiaic oaaie tbc eudu* to the porch, wber* ii>r 
tftOaqittW llftfViilg aod wtieoracks broica the 
•ttanea of tt* IftdtiMm Alec «aa the vu ol 
llMfortalgtit, Tbft caiaca In «hk|i hft labond 
«■■ tftnatod tai » tony knallty and va« patron- 
ted by mmknalroB. And hto InUda ituff atout 

(hw fabulous and tlUU lUl l u a l Mfcft BMdft 

Td Suntat be wai «iM« III* mat Interwtlnc 
chap iha bad afar mat. Set fha anvlramant 
ot taeraaUfln and repaie, hli iMada m^Md o( 
the greaje and crime of blft tmde. he appeared 
to har a romantk rrllow. wte In the vimy% of 
the iMrld, wan k' with a tenat of 

hUMV and an aacy nuuioer. Kitty pielafied 
JUam9, wliD vai mm of Uw Aol nt- 
litarlnc dlfnlty and aim wi tia to be l»ldtii« 
back K>«e of wtaal ha kanv. 

HuDkley only flnOad. and his trrldn iliutled 
and gurttod. She had bean a nujmr KirV and 
had met BUnkley whan the came hi u> wnni ui 
know what waa wnos with the taattertaa ct tier 

person, and theraanar.fSW IhMK ONMfa da- 
voted atunUon. 

Evrn dclall of their rourtahlp ns rctaUod 
and rruikl on Uu porch. BtrtUc chirped la 
with an owartnnkl nnUndar. Alec tdupped m 
With an oocaalooal njoladir. n wae (be pdn- 
cipal topic of Mwttda dle eu ad cB L 

Daytimes, the boys 'not TlunUdVi tOt hr 
never Icll Birdie) weni (Uiucjk. and the girU 
loafad or walked thruush th« AcnMtKy w<J<xl^ - 
aod talked about Alsc aod Jimmy and eavled 

Thay wan ntf yoang. Klttr w o%lilftn 
and Bunkw almoet a year yvmntr. lUcy wvia 

typical of the tlmrx aod conditlona. nlre kids 
who had gone thruugh tcrammar nchool and 
hid then started supponitia themsalvcs and 
halptsg their nooe- too- weal thy laoUUes. 

Utila dOoa affam faertnatad Ibem and 
•earned aKnumeDtaL They talked what 
they wereat talking men. Their waali were 
ri-a.^onnblr and Ihclr need* Umlted. t^ty 
looked on life as an totanettnv and Intnpilng 
eMatft Tliey iBokatt-'fonrMd to Mv MM 

Alee, the neflbanle. M wmm W«r M nebuiouH smbltloos. Be bad a tatth 
mat somcttiinc from KMnewhare would eaine- 
T rnr> happen ta hLm. and though tie neither 
baw nor pursued any suhstantial potenUaUUes 
toward the yount American man's voal—euc- 
csas. BHaalnt tnoney— be bad a eblpptr oecifl- 
dence that the faMi would not o ewl uuk ao 

He ft(ln;itt«Hl (hat he had ' iRrsonftllty ' He 
rould make proplr laugh. Ami he was con- 
vinced thai laughter solteiu up resistance. 
When he waa -or* ha Pressed aa wafi aa hli 
Income alloved. He thought "appcaraoce" 
»ai another factor in the contest and compe- 
Ulion of the t*(ir 

Jlraioy was quite the opiiasito. Oft read 'In- 
ApiratioKial*' vahldet, took oorrsspoodence 
Kdwol oouiaes. and saw ahead of him not only 
th6 ownership of a shoe store, bot of a chain 
of ihoo'sMwsl 

He knew ait ttie mov-tTi umt-v. -uh: had ui 
do with the piychology of solesmanxhlp, effl- 
dency and ayatemt. Be waa punettUoody 

i rfftasnf ■ 

. **The Huakltya alaoat aiopptd bacgiat at tiaaa.* 

prompt, iiicuculmisiy courteous, and concen- 
trated to an intcrur degree on the bUBlneBS 
matlars in hand and ahead- 
Week after week he led in the eommlMlon 
boiiiLies imnrd^d on snlrs alx)vr a minimum 
grtva And c\ery conl of Ihcw; prUfs. as welt 
BA a detrmilnrd part of his |JO-a-»'<^k. salary, 
went into a savings benk and thence into 
Bound eeoond mortgages that paid aa high as 
• per oent No vtalonarv ho^H-e for Jimmy. He 
was playlnH a fixed nnil prvpurtnl plan. 

He knew Just when lie would have enough 
raooey to start his Drat shoe store. Just about 
where he would go Into business, what the rent 
wtxild be wtiat Ihi stcw k wpiilrl ..^t him back, 
how much htr< v.\-\i]il I1-11.J Intn and at 

What rutf>. and, t've;i, when he wouM luarty. 

He hadn t picked the girl yet. 3ul he had 
made up his mind that ha wanted a%rlCft. And 
ha would have one about a year after he atart- 
ad hie store, by which time he would be poa- 
.wnied of the time, tha Owane Md tlw mm at 
mind to marry. 

Iha girl would be a thorough housekeeper, 
aeoooittkBl and bBalthy. 8ha would be a ^lod 

chrutlan stMl must know how to piny thf> 
piano. For Jimmy was a piano addict. Not 
that he could play. hlnueU. even with one 
Aog«r. Btti piano awie waa UapaaMon. 

He let all Uioea aabMona and IntanUow 
out u> Alec a0 they dangled the hooka with In* 
expert, awkwardness after what the rallmad 
folder called "the wily bass and the lerocfcHis 
miiskanonge." Alec wished him hHk, bat his 
Ideas war* all dinsrent. 

He would perhaps never marry, and if he 
ever did It would be a winitprr He liked 'em 
thin, blonde and whlasj'. The girl he could 
oare for In a btg way must be a hooferlne of 
merit and would knock your eye out No 
kitchen coropanMmatei for Alee. When his 

workday aar. i.ver his playiiight would ^tari 
and bcaiden hUn must be a stepper who could 
atrut high, wide and handume. 

Be alreadr had a rather btoad olrete of tele- 
phone numbers, and. ilnte he oould alwav* 
cotnmnnd the use of a car. luually a ittunnlng 
machine that smclled of the hrtayy dnugh. he 
wai In ittpRrty demand. 

Be didn't care wheihar tba girl plajrfd piano 

or not— his f'tvortte instrument was the sax. 
Aiuway, and these days mnaual music was 
superflous, what with disc racords. radMa 
and electric plsiyers. 

Alee wax improvident to tho < ^ ' t ' ■^t tXl 
hlK earnings and credit He hadi . [it laid 
by and carried no insuranL-e. He cum" d t«:> a 
week plus tips, and it all went 00 his back and 
In hlaatamaob. 

Though the Rtrls talked a lot about Alrr and 
Jimmy, the tooyn said Uttle about them They 
were youngst^r^. nut uj be taken ewVniftly nh. 
nice enough kids, but only Just ao-so. 

The girls were not la love with them, attfaer. 
but staae they wer* sentimental, and since 
Jimmy and Alec were the only eligible men 
abL>u[. Uivy played at being in l<>vu. liuuigtl 
they didn't admit that to one another. 

They whlapend of myiteilmii kadts and 

wetghed the al«nlflcances of harmte'vt and 
pointleM '•remarks ■ They agreed that Alrr 
was "killing" and that Jimmy would .turr 
"make some nice girl a good husband.' mther 
of them would have aoeepicd atther of tham. 
Wb«tbar neb a Summtf anMvaant «ould 

eventually mean anything was problematical. 
But here they were, with nothing to do aod no 
one elM to be interested in. and a propoeal 
wonM have been the cream on the banter 

Tbe foursome hr-.-] < u\--, itu' •eeond and 
last week of \u<- t \tM' Hunkleys bad 

been there thrcr ji-. tt ..nj were staying ovmt. 
It hadn't been hard lu take at all. what, with 
the fresh air, the good eata, the laay baufg and 
the pleasant walks. The pronpeet of retnmli« 
to town and to work was no hnrrur; but this 
aa.'. pretty r ^ . .v hat 

The last evriuug of the period found them 
ail more keyed up than wes usual Alec TW- 

leased his line, apropos of thr sp.v iai orra.ih>n. 
and "had them in stiithrs ' 'iTif llunklcys 
almu.t stopped buguing at times to laugh 

When the aua went down, Hunkley and his 
bride want In to makw love bi the "parlor." 
where BIrdla cuddled on hli Isp and pbiyed 
coy. The tight was too much for Alec, who 

l.;,r| oi|r-»f.e-rrai hf'd himself OD the SUbjeOt, 

and he went lorth into the darknaa to BBoka 
his pipe. 

He ilnUad down Dw cM. *ad a raw yards 



1MB the bOM^ baud vaMak Jimny'ft «m 
easily 1 ■iiimibMlile. and Kmr^wae bp ay^wy 

He waa saying: 

"And than, when X^w loi.av miibiew Ml 
aoUd. whan I eaa eaa teyttvbt ataeatf 'tt aee sad 

all iDoae ends to tha hag— Then I'm folnf to 

get mamed." 

"Oh! eidaUned Kitty "And youH sure 
make some nice girl a good b'lVr*"* Have 
you— is shs picked oto yet?" 

"H'ro~weU~l have aonw Meaa BvtlwwiV, 
^rtat^ your phone number In town?" 

Kitty gave him the offlci* nuniln^- 

*^es. the girl that mamca mr ts goOic 
to br --MvU and some day slu-' U be rich, 
what 1 mean. But ahe'e got to be a woman. 
No flappeie what dane* thalr haeli off AH 
night m my Ufe She's got to cook and keep 
house. No hangovers on Sundays— church. 
..she , got to be the kind I run lake home to 
my mother and say. 'Ma. tius is tba girt I 
ptakad out of tha whole world to be ay paii* 
ner.' And baUav* ma, I got Mtne motbar." 

*t bet she's fust adorable You know. I waft 
rsii<od about tnt- way yi>*i uy | rtwked for the 
whole family when 1 was in school yet^ Danc- 
ing dont mean a thing in my young Ufa, X 
wouldnt know the taste o' gin. I never awan 
sneked a dgaretta. thoiwh same of tba gbls 
In t.'ir '•mcy are always sneaking out to steal 
a drag. And- chorchT Nmar mlawd lervlces 
in my tan yean, net even out bm." 

*WiU, tbatH ftoa. I beDova a wtfa ritonld be 
her htiabandl left arm and he should be her 

rl^ht arm I don't ko in for n^nuf out After 
',he l->ri|(. Iiard day. Jimmy for liio slippers and 
k.ddle-i. toril" 

"Kiddies 1 Oh. 1 Just idoUae kiddles. My 
married akdar has four, and I'm their Cavoflte 
aunt. They oome to me ttom har. even. I 
pr«rnr«iiy raised my little brother, ever elnee 
I Wl(- in rompers, myself, and what he thlnkA 
oi me Is notxidy^ businsss Say, he Cakee me 
SHI aiiat tos gbie ew gegfi gia iiia 
Bel the beet-lookbig thbig,- 

'"That's dandy X faelleva to eloie famQy lire 
myrctf Now'days there s all to? tttUo of that, 
let pe tell you. My folks are the world to ma.' 

"Punoy. iBit Ik, how yon and ma agree on 
evamhlngr nsatu juat what i m mifixm to 
Bunloe yest'day. She abit that way at aU. 

Bhr likes to etpp. She's a sweet kid, and all 
that biil fthi- nanf.^ to trad and danoe and 
drUr and play all the nvvtes TO me. noUilni: 
like a quiet evening at home, euimunded by 
people you really oara im moA whQ'tt oat off 
their right arm for you." 

"Bet your life. Blood's thSeker than water 
every time When I ^et p<^^ m i . -^ -ih'.! >l 
I'm gotng to buy a home for my matl>cr, where 
tha can bava a tittte gaMtao ftol putter 

"Sure. My people atot rich, "niey aent me 
to school and kept me In nice clothes - there 
wasn't a gin I knew that was dressed any 
better— BO a.1 soon as I was able Z weni to WOrtc 
It wasn't any more than right, was It? But, 
when I mftny they'll be llrtclad to dMth. Th*y 
won't ffllift tba money X Idok In now And (hry 
won't egpeot a oent from my husband No, 
not themt" 

"That's absolutely as It should be. Thoac 
tbtogs bust up famfUaft, when a man baa to 
give his wife's foOu omMy. Alwafa leads to 


':>ti Th' v wouldn't take It Nrrt my foIkA — 
ue»(fr My married Maler -tiay, ttiey even give 
ber stuff, aid! we practically clothe her kids, 
though her man isorka atoady. He says he 
iura ten into a swdl tanlly. be did." 

"Ha^ haebr ... by tba way, Kltty-4ite 
—do you play the planar 

"Piano? No. Never ha4 ttana to vraotlce. 
and I ain't musical What does anybody want 
to break their fingers for these days, learning 
ta ptaiy Oia plaaa when ynu tarn a Uttle «ha« 
and yoB hear a whole band?" 

"Oee--lt s getting late, and Tm chilly With- 
out my COS I - let 's go in the house," saM 

"All right— you've got my phone number, 
havcnt yeut" 
TUVe tt-db, yae. tbafe i1flrt^-«m- 

King's Recent Illness Recalls Injury Received in Flanders During the War 


itn New York Ttoies) 

'OUR Xing and Ognlry aaed yuL* 
... No one, pertupe, wtO aver 

know, or faintly gueM. the stnLln to 
the mind and heart of the man wh" UirrAjgh 
tha years of deeparat« ron/.i--, f..ii--.^-.i ihr 
fata ol thoaa mlUMais of young soldisia who 
had answarad that eaU. ttigtend was ta dead- 
ly peril not lessening as Ihe yean paaaad. 
Thrones ware falling- Revoluttan was begta- 
nlng to threaten old dynaatln. British youth 
waa dying cm all fronia. We ware hard preaiad 
e w tbcn to mum e^fieeiaiiy. 
T^ fighting men— the faDona In the 
trenchM— did not thfaik often perhape of the 
King Fvrn Ftytlsnd HMroe*! a world away as 
they stared across No Man's ImbA. waiting frtr 
the next attack, or enmng the barrage flrr 
aehtad tha Unea. now and then, to battaban 
oMHea an ettoer mea and aaM : "n«i<1iaiiii. 

the KiniT'" :'nii clnv''^ were r»t"ed In the 

trencher :\r<-\ 'hf •.h'-il rrnter* ther^ was no re- 

membranre or rnavlrviisness nf things like 

that. Death waa very ckiat. . . . Bat tbe 
Xtttt toM totohiBc of tbm. 

HWt VaS pTornrte at the tlOgtoalBg. 

WiMb tlia flrr.t Kxp<<dlii<<nary PVirt»— the old 
"B. ■. T " wmt nut to Frarjcc the Ring Msit 
rv bo his troops sspwadng hla 
In than and pnying Oa< to I 
nrour wetCara win 
tbanghta.' be wrcto 

TTierr* u on BBaa In tha Bnplre now wtv> 
deMbta ibat ItoM gnrda wwa attesly fauoiad. 
AS ttoaogb Uwea ttir ani a bate yaan nw 
Xing thonght onlr «( toe walbMw o( lua 
troops and the aaCety of lha naMen. He |i* 

* H% A hAr.I one at hf«na. artd h*» ne»«f shll^td 

IM innssieni fatlguaft, revlawiog all the werik 

to the* 

WW In whlfh the whole natjitn'-i activity, spirtl 
and purpouc wef poured Among the lenders 
of the nation, as we now know. Lherc were In- 
trtguea, political fanda. moments of demair, 
divided noonaelft, and all that waa known to 
the King, and must have borne down heavily 
'ip-iii him but he went ntiout on his own duty 
with \ direrr stmpUolty and courage which 
f^ever rsuerrd nf weakened We can only 
guess at the strain. 

Ont to mAee t aaw hla VMta to the front, 
and had the honor of tAlklng to him 1 ' 
no doubt that he would have likeit '1 f.iv 
with his tj-r<>i>*. (uid to rrtUe hi.t &t!vndarrt 
among them. He wanted to share their 
dangers and thelf way of Ufe: but a King u 
not maatar Of hla own nre. and he had to be 
eatrtnt «Hh ttmee brief vtslta The Ant vlali 
«aa on Xtovaoiber to, I'lu in : 'n^'ed a week 
when he I ns pected ma**^ .f (n .i.;)ji paraded 
behind the Ilnee, tnrhiriintr *fir Indian ror- 
tingent which had lately arrivKi He vlalted a 
number of army corpe headquarters and made 
ainwaltilaw trtth their staffs, and at oamaUy 
ctiaitog aiallddB eDd oeiivalceoent "*m'|^ 
chatted with wmmdad men and apoka vnvdft 
of good cheer On one day he itood dn a htll 
in nander? aiM f«w f >r the hrat lime the 
ctiostcltynr Vpres away through the mlst^-not 
yet rooflem or destroyed as arterward it stood 
In ahapelaaa mm end away bef era bun the 
for whloh arterwdM therv was dtmaiata 

murdrniuR fighting. 
Almost n year pawed before the King paid 
hla aecmwl *nit to the front TTils was from 
Oototow to to ttovanfear 1. UU. in dlasial 
aitf «tt at a ttaM btCflg* Ow BMMi 
in nnnee bad Vtoiftfll Ifegk 
and power TUft Vbfefeto el 
had hwi fought with frlglitrtil i~a«ija]liMt. 
wa were heavily ool-gunaad In the 

K^ing drove down the old roads of war, which 
had been— and were still to tw—the way of 
sacriAoe for all his battaUonft. They stood 
Uiera ta tha rata and ataared Mm Wth 


Sating him pa.%11, rsnmerhlng sttrrrd In them 
—the old romantir loyalty with which they 
had answered the hrst call for King and ooun- 
try. Since then they bad been ta the mud and 
tbe nitoa and the balds ot death They knew 
no* that war was 00 rdta'antlc adventure, but 

a desperate and dlrfy builneM with the odd" 
aCalnst ihem at that time. But they rhrered 
the King so that the enemy might have henrd 
On October It an unfortunate aooldent hap- 
pened of whiah I dianead to be an ayawUMaa 
amy a few jnuda ftway. It waa when the Ktag 
waa thrown fran hie hone, by 00 fatilt of his 
own It was nn a mad outbid'- Bethunr 
where some trtjops of the first Army Flying 
Corps moi — were drawn up In iwo .tretionv 
It was a grey, damp day. and the hekl in 
Whblk the man wore atanding waa aUmy wHb 
mod. The King roda a floe mara, which bad 
baaa van trataad to aland the note of war; 

bttlauddenly after the Klrut had made a Ittlle 
apoech. the men raised their caiM nn trtetr 
rifles and started cheering heartily Breaking 
Ihe sUanoe Uke that Um note startled the 
KtagH nara, and ike fgartd wp Mrtaa. 

Hie Kine kenf M- ^eni r>erfaiiny, but tIi" 
third lime 'l^e pr<t>r Animal clipped ta >.he 
greasy tiiini w.a leii over nn in the King'* 
body. Cienerals Jumped from their boracs and 
the Ktag waa picked op and earned to a motor 
to btai. I eaald aee that 

Further down the naad the man •ecr^ iTi 
as he pasnrd In htK cmr. not realldng (N.^; nnv 
een^fnt had haw*tied ' w- tt»e follawinK da? 
an amtatfaooe passed through the little town 

oc tJteb ds toa «btr to aM|M mo. q 

waa one of the ordinary ambulancaa ta which 
there waa a dally ttaffle of wounded. wHh 
muddy booto upfcunod beneath tbe MankeU. 
and there were few who gueaaad that beneath 

the rioted flap^ lay nnt a Tommy Xttn tbc 
trenchnn. but the King of England. 

He was In great pain, but with his usual 
courage he insisted upon taveating one of the 
CoUatream Guard*— lAnoa-flergeani flrnnka 
with the Vlotorla Oroai; and Ibat lltUa cere- 
mony was performed In the ambulance tram. 

rh>^Ch trie King Wks ^o veak Ihst he rould 
not fajuen the pta through the khaki tunic 
without asstKianne After crossing to E^land 
ta a hcepiial ship he was kept to his room for 
MX wtoks, and there seems some reaaoo to to- 
Move though X wnia without authority tbar 
tbfci attdtoDt bad aftar-atreeta upon hla haaMh. 

Right raontha later the k nv- -iMtJ^d the 
fruit agata, and this mi-,.^ oi' ,:r>v M r ^dvien. 
and certainly agalnsr 

mander-m -Chief and uiiit c ii- r^iU', \,r in- 
stated upon going closer into the danger aonaa 
and taking eon al derabia rlika ta ordar ta aae 
tba actual widltleaa of w and tha battle, 
fields whirh Tt-ere atUl ttidag Are 

Tlie Pnncc of Walea. aervtag with Uie 
Ouards. was with him. and I saw them go 
tato the trvnebee and dagoala wMeb had re- 
candy b»Bn eatupled by ttia aneaty dnrtng 

eirlv hnitle'* nf tbd nttteft. Tbe KHg 

)<irkeo jp Tr\u% of Lite lighting and eras In* 

'>-ii>"-.y liiterv^ed in ihe actual arfne of baiile, 
wticrr he stood amaog our gum firing at the 
Oannan linaa. plainly vWMe fnan the ridge 
upaat irhWt tba Ktag was ilanmrg Alter tola 

their vakw. T return hooa taata 
than evir peood ol you." h« aid 

Ml.^ n\f*x !nUT»«>llfw itnd todeefi Uirllllng. 

visit was ta July of itll, when the QiMp aa* 

to the piaeea within tbe sane of fire. Be teak 
rton that Uma which ware certainly beyond 

prodenea. but bad an etrellent rfTr. 1^ m-on the 
spirit of tiA troops, who admitted r^i . pluck ' 

Vt''- had only )ust captured the MeMine^ ridge 
after the moKt astounding and triumphant at- 
tack ever launched In Franoe before final vlc- 
tcry, and the King Insisted upon cUmbtag to 
Its sumnut and looking down upon tba Oar- 
man Unea. 

It waa still a mtwl "unhealthy" spot, but 
with a steel hat on hla head and a gas mato 
on hla ebcM the Ktag atnda along ibe dudk- 
boarda. aeeotapaotad by the Prince of Walea- 

now hardened to war— Oenerfti Plummet and 
about five others, of whom I had the chance 
to be one The King was vasUy mterastad ta 
seeing the ground from whtrh the Oarmana 
had been aMe ta watch every aw tew aal of 
ours for yeei^ taming their guna upon any 
body of men mo trudged down the raada, and 
spatting aU ooT batteries lie lingered there 
for twenty minutes or so by ruins of the 
Whlf Chste^au. and had hard]y left before 

ihe enemy shelled the ground upon which he 

oar "Anhlar began fb- 
tag at the enemy planaa aad tbelr aheD caaea 
fell through the traos WoaM Itaoae Oermant 
drop anything? FVir a mtaota or two we held 
cur braath. They were na low ovfr the King's 
head that If thay had drappad a tow "plUa" 
s rwn al b liig wery awleaa vmAd hava 
Wbcn-lbay paaaad tba Ktog 

Then he Itood further doWa bT ene of 
vast cra>er4 which hsd been upheaved by 
ffllnes on the mornirtg of attark. Again he 
Itagerad. and «ata ha had ter^r 9mm 
the aenaaa gaagMfta lengthened tbtfr 
and Rtrafad the gro«ird h>' l,iwi if'ft 'II 
pened three times, and made rveryodli 

except (iM Ktag. wte tgne MM 
to this ahaU fire. 

On anMfaer day vAien he vMtsd the Onanls' 

ratap north 'M Yprr^ rU^f to the Belgian 
lines. U^ree Oerman alrpiaocs came over fly- 
tn« very low The Kbw Waa to the "pTi and 
the Oonedr band M |<ft|tog Daar Luila 
te a dap ta paag to 

Dien he rlimbed ta the top of the Vlmy 
Ridge, which waa not a health reeort at that 
tlna aiWT now and Chan a ilwll pluggad up 
tbe earth rn that ravared skipe Ttm King 
■ntled at those ex|iio«inrii>, and was, I Mllave, 
tnily riad to be itnaer tire like hls soldlers. 

in the Sprtag of itll, aftar the (torfiil 
ev«nte ta SCaieh. the King MppM to«r to 
nanoe. and ssit a hearterine msan^e ta 
neld MWHwl Itolg at a time vhsn taaay dC 
u« wer' Inclined to daepalr. It PM the 
message oT a brave-hearted man: 

**nKngh for tba tadtaant oar ma^ hbve 
bam abUgad by diaer weight of numben to 
give aome graiad, Che fanprvetfon Isft ta my 
atoid t« that no array edUld be in better heart, 
or men u uiU toea t . than that which you have 
the honor ta eenitaand Anyone prMleged ta 
share thaee eaparteeeea voukl feai with ma 
pnmd of the BrNlah rata and dl AmI taitan- 
gurraMe «Ult wtocb wltt. pMaie Qcd, m 
through our preacnt trials ' 

tttat hope and thai prayer were fulfilled, 
and lbs next ttea I aaw Uw Kif^ waa 
be stood under a pavllkm lailaMa tog 
vaMMag Uaa vtatatr nugch ot all ttaan aMbel 
hki amte and navte who had dnoe ttieir 

ffTlrii )■-*.■ iflJt ti. IfciM af„| «Mt^ alid ifLof- 

ftk'ii •,rt in* b«,-' i.y ikbi^iiiutf Lo cheers 
of the ^Mrgtrtg cr<rwiU UiuiT ittrutMi had 

ta tompe. In aM 




The Bo) hood of James Wolfe 

Story of a Remarkable Lad 

whtali mftd» OftiMdi ■ put of «he BrttlJih 

Kniplrr In nor you m1] know Rv^rrrtw 
fcilniirt-A th^ dwiDg of the tennu] wUo led hla 
nwm up thr predploe to the RelghU o( Abrs- 
tun aad who gladlr ■»*• up hU Ufa for Um 
Mfct or Unr and oovatry. 

Perhapi not ao muy rwmmibrr that th/> 
it»-nCT*l to whom Britain owes c»nad* wu 
ofiiy iMny-tvo ycmn oid. Bow tfkl It twppen 
that ao young a man had not onlj the ttbOltj 
but ttM <i^> » W n M to fit him for tte nak of 
eomnwnrtw of th» Btitmh rnrcm? 

It li not easy to fina out lor j»mr^ Wo)(* 
wax not onr who, «rith*r a« boy or man, spnkr 
much about hlmwlf. He «a« bom at Woater- 
ham. xtmr the wmttun hamUrr of the Oaaatf 
of Kwit, on JaniifLrv 7 17T7 

Hli far-awav nuirf^iora wfrr WrUh xwiplr 
nam**! Wo*ilf* t,.«,r to L'^land In the 
fifteenth century. A bnnch of the faoUly 
settled tn YorMdn inrt TiniM Wolfe'a tattm 
anl grandfiUiCT wm oOant In the Brtttab 
anny. Hie father, whoee name was Bdwanl 
Wolff-, for thr "u' ha<l brr-n dropfwd fmm the 
lamlly nam^. mamf*] a Yorkahlir lady and 
eame Lo WcstMham to )tvr. It wai anl itlll la 
a very beauttfot place and tbe taom. 
vaa a fbw houM butt In Uie rtign of Banr 
vn. It to now oaUod Quebee Boom ae a 
_ mmwtiJ oJ_Wolf*- _ 

iAfe at Spiert 
' r »n: HtUe boy had a yonnv bnttur, aawd. 

aod a Mtle pteynata, Oeoffa Wbrdi. tbe 
■» of a taadawiMr «te lh«d naar. Wolf e 

rhlMr^ had » dearly km-d nume, Brtty 
Hwinpr whnni Jamra WoUr loved all hl« Ula 
Both mothfr and fathrr loved their boys dearly 
and It might be thought they wen tbe happl- 
flitoldiadnn. Tbe old boOH wai vwty kw, 
with r a wegw . winding stmin, lUm altks. mnt 
obamben and a Mr ganlen. A joOla- place f cr 
a bOiy to VOd thr pJpTm ymn of hi» child- 
hood bl eaa ecaixely tx- imactneit and UtUi^ 
James vm fond of fun and adventurr Great 
gamei wee* played by tbe tittle aoldlen or 
mtfee-Mm* knlgtate, vhD Hrt—il lo oU 
■totM of Ow eoootrnlde. 

Bat Jamei had been dented balGb. that 
FTt^t^l of rnj-thlv blBMing*. many and many 
■ long day and frvrrlsh night wa« he forced 
In spend in a cloee darkened room, while his 
mother, with mfrte^m ^nilnfwe. admlnMcrad 
naoMmB medVrtne butead at Admitting the 
rjnllght and air for which his wnUt UtUe body 
pined. No wonder he grew up Latl and spindly 
like a plant In a cellar. In spite of all thU, 
James loved game* and exercise and did hli 
beat to ni himself for a soId4er-s Ufe. He was 
an odd looking child. HU hair wee red and 
his soae turned up while his chin retreated, 
aofa wt aok mppoeed to think rauefa about 
tMr looki but so Ode likes to feel that be li 

irolfe*9 SehooldayB 

\\TOlin grew up too tail for hit years knd 
strength but fuU of spirti and ambition 
He went to school with a few of the i^nLlemen't 
son« of the neighborhood but there is no 
record of hto Ufc there except the name of 
the ichoolmaiter. icr. Lawfenee. Pnii^ his 
parente wtra not eatltf ed with his progna 
Tor 'hry moved to OreSnwlch that the boys 
dhkM! gn to a school kr^t by the Rev. Samuel 
Swlndrn TTiL"! hrr discovered that 

hi/i odd-toofcing pupU had great talenla. On 
hit, part James remembered Mr. Bwtndan with 
graUtude. Anotber of the mertn. Mr 
Weeton. gamed tbe lad*e ^ecUon. James 
Wolfe wa5 not one of thoae who (o^ind fault 
wtth the xeveruy of the teachem of the 
eighteenth century. His only regret, in after 
life, was that be had not remained lone 
enough at seboel to fit hbuetf bettor for tale 

.4 False Start 

IAMBI Wolfe's father. Colonel Edward WoUe. 
^ had mnt the twwty yean d peam viMl- 
ty at home, but wbeo war wltb Spate began 
be was eegv to be on aettve eerrloe sgaln. 

It was 1740. however, before he wu sent as 
■djulent -general with nn rxpedlUon to the 
l^panMh Main Jiim<« who was not yet 
fourteen, was eager to go with his father and 
at last obtained an unwilling oonsent from hto 
mother. Bere to a letter tbe bar wrote to 
t9r befoew be embarked on what he thought 
vouM ba a my long jourr^cv 

Newport, lale of Wight. 

August 8. 1740. 

I received my deareat Mammal tetter oo 
Monday last, but eooM aoi answer it then 
by reaj«>n I was st camp to see thr renimrnf < 
nmrrh ofT to go on board and iimi late 
- post. b4it am very sorry, dear Msnuna, 
that you doubt of my km. which I'm sure to 
as atnoere as evar any een'k wae to hto moUHr. 

E*apa and I are Just going on board, but I 
believe diall not sail tbto fortnight: ta wUA 
itmr. If I can gel ashore at Portsmouth or 
Any other town. I will certainly write to yon. 
Hnd when we are gone by every shtp 1 meet, 
because I know It to duty, nertdes, U it 
wae net X wouU do It flnt eC toee. wltb pleaewt 
t am aarry to bear that your h<^d u ba4 
which. I fear, to oauMd by yotir betng m 
melancholy, but pray, dear Mamma. If you 
love me. dont give yourself up to feara for 
ua . . I bopc; If It pleaee Ood. «v rtiall 
mn see ooa aaotbar, which wID bt tbe 
heppteet ^ that ew X simn aee I wift. 
A< sure as I iivf- >r tt u possible for me. M 
\ Mi know everyihins 'hat has happened par- 
Mi-iiiar by emr ihii' tt]rrf«fore. pray, deanit 
Meiwme. dont doubt of it I am to a^ewy 
good stokto oC htolth and am vutf to 
& Pvay mf tow to 

Moe^ of my duty. Papa danres hto lava to 
you and bU se lng to my brother l>ray my 
•ervloe to Mr. Steton and h!^ lumily. to Mr. 
and Un Weston and to Cieorge Warde whan 
.v'..j ..^ him and pny beltovg wm. mr iliaiMt 

T«v aoit dattfttl, toetar and dffeoitamto 

A J Wolfe 

PA Rarrr g1v«B hw \nvr to UarKaret and 
Is WOT careful of me. I*rsy my servloe to 
wm and the reel. Papa Mcto me tell you that 
ramnoa wm gtos Mr. Madtortoo two bondrad 

The Ugly DucUing s Story 


-A-BOOK— teve the twain ptotaito that taU tbto etorr to mak.- * book cut th«n 

oat and paste them on white paper. Ton win tben baeg a oomplete sioa Cut a cover 
from etftr paper, and sew the pages of tbe bopk imo It wttb a b% 

In the Army 

A PTKR ail. James Wolfe was oot to go to 
sea, not to take part bi what proved to be 
a tiulttoto agpodtttoB. H* feU deqierattfy 
m betora tbe *lpi got away and had to be 
pot ashore at Portsmouth and sent hom^ }lr 
went to school again when he rero^crwl. to be 
merctlemly chaffed by len ambitious ladA 
However he studied hard aito by the influence 
of tnendi was mjpotnted a eeoood "ntwiant 
to tbe raHmsnt ot nmrta^ of wbldi hto 
brtlw «M eatonel beTora be was fifteen. He 
wae, bowwtor. trsnsferred to the 13th Regiment 
of Poot aa an ensign on March 37. 1742. 

The War of the Amtiton fkifinnartnii Imd 
begun end a British army under oommand of 
Irfitd Stair wae sent to Be^ium to Ogbt ecatnet 
tbe Aanch and other pneml« of Maria 
Thwwii, the young Queen ot Austria. The 
b07 ensign spent a ledloos Wtoter among the 
Belgians, who proved themselves unfriendly 
to oDkUera. wbetber fMendi or foas. Bto 
brother Bdward eama oeer later, end though 
tbey dM not oftsn wmidato tbe boys euffered 
from faOffuc. tbo Matbar and soandty of 

propirr food 

James Wolfe bad been appolntad aotli«. 
■ditttaat €t Iba reglmeat beftow Ktim Oeorge 
n end tbe Duke of Oanbertai^ arrlved^ in 

the battle that followed youi« Wotfe was 
second in aunmand of Ltw regiment. Not 
long after he was af>pninte<l adjutant with 
the rank of lieutenant. He was only a lad 
Mffl. me next year be eoflered tbe great 
■OROW of losing hto only brother Edward A 
latter to hto mo«ber sboars that he blames him- 
self for not having been with him at the 
last We must leave him here on the threah- 
old of mafthood. 

What was there about the tali, ungainly, 
utfy tad of sixteen that won the coofldcnce 
of hiK iniperlors and the loyalty and 
ence of the soldlen m the ranks? 

"But I imut ttdk to 

them," laid the Vgi^ Duck- 
ling, "ff thr}f dont u)ant me 
J mill go aiva}/." He twam 
to the beautiful cDwm and 
hoWtA hit head. 

The twans saw him com' 
ing and uvam to meet htm. 
And ihcjf bou)ed to him. 
TM$ made the dudding 
happy. He tootdi ncfftt he 
loneljf dfdin. 


Some children threlp 
crumbs to them and theyt 
called. "Lome, see the hemt- 
tiful neu> iu^anT' The tiu>ani 
und, ** Yej, }fou are ifte most 
beautiful of us of/.** 

Ugl}) Dueling bou.'ed his 
head and looked down at 
the water. There he saw he 
had become large and heau- 
tiful and white like tbe birds 
he loped. He »as nefnr 
unhappjf afautt 


The Wife of a Great Historian 

Alice Stopford Green 


RobinMn Crusoe 

By OEOROE Wor ; 
The train stopfwd on the sandh.lL. Uj uu- .sea. 
The locomotive hissing quietly; 
A sea bird oalled— no other sound beside 
Tbe mdanoholy murmur of the tide; 
Wild thyme I saw. and thistles, tufts ot green 
And sUmy weed on roclcj with pools between. 
And the old man m-j- .ir\4 pHjt his head 
Out of the window Sonny, look," be said. 
"Ower beyond thae nete. yon lcanii« poet. 
Robinson Cnuwe lived upon thto coast . . 

I saw the swayii« pabn trees rtota« high 
To burst green feathery rockets to the sky; 
Deep down, a ooral torrs,^ m dim light 
Where scarlet ttabee swtm. and at night 

The water burned with photiphoreacmt glow - 
Stark in the heaven, and In the sea below. 
I saw the leU-tole footprtoto to the Mod. 
Tbe war oanoea oome raetag In, a bdfid' 
Of ftaroa-eyed cannibals who rnarteg mm . . . 
Oh. tor tbe grand days of adventure tbent 

Tbe old man guessed my thought, and tai^hed. 

"Ay, ay." 

Said he. "It's no much worth, just sea and sky, 
dry cauld It Is. an' bleak, but he was glad, 
Nae doot to be at bame again, my lad " 

— Ototon* Herald. 

LICE Stopford was bom In trv l-^»n 
of KelU. m Uie County of Mcalh. 
Ireland H^r father was archdeacon 
of tbe diocese. When she was a Uttle girl 
Abce miHt ban heaid hundrade of itflrtee 
ot anetont ttaes and sbe forgot few of tbsm. 
Among Ibe most interesting was that of the 
mimkg Wbo in th^ old. old days wrote down 
the Ooepels In all the world, few. If any. 
lovelier books have been made. TTje Book 
of KeUs was done wtth wonderfully colored 
ink.s on tbe finest of parchment. Tbe titles 
and the first letters of paragraphs werr of 
totrloate detdgns. oootalnlng exquisite pictures 
Hie arti^Ls vcrr often tn those troublous time* 
forced lo nee for their Uves. hiding tbelr 
preckxu manuscnpta When one of tbe writers 
died another look hto place and at lait tbe 
Book , of Xelto was finldied. Xt to one of 
the precious treeeuree of Ireland and to care- 
fully lae sefv e d In Trinity College. Dublin. 

The .-rtory of Uie Bpok of Kell* wa* only OIW 
of many Alice heard. In her books she 
told what a woodartal peoplt tbe Zrtsta 
in old times. 

When .she was grown op Alice met John 
Richard Oreen. who wa* very b»wy writing a 
short history of the <»^glish people. She 
loved him dearly and after they were married 
•be helped blm to every way sbe could. There 
wen no tjp ew i l te is to those days and. it U 
said, Mrs Oreen's right hand became useless 
from holding the pen so much She learned 
to use the left and rjie book WM finished, 
one of the best of hlslarlea Another book 
"nie Oonquait or ■hdand." was eonpletad 
before her husband died forty-six years sgo 
M>a Orea might have rested then but she 
wanted to r«II people what she believed was 
the true history of Irelaod's past. 

The peo()lf of Ireland admired theu- Alice 
and, though she had grown an old lady, she 
wai given a place In the Irish Pree State 
Senate seven yean ago. Now she has gone 
to bCT long rest after a vary bugy Ufe that 
toilBd elghty-uue ytnn. 


Something for You to Do 

Dsle R. Van Horn 


Wine Sayings 

Tike my edvtoe and never draw eancaturv: 
by long praettee of H X have k»t the enjoy- 
ment of beauty I tiever .lee a rare but d-.stort- 
ed; I never have the satlsfaclKm to behold the 
boman tiee dlvtoe^Bogarth. 

Oh. dont go on Uke thetl cried the White 
QuMn, wringing her hand.-! in dp^pair Ooo- 
Xlder what a great girl you ar*- ' r<Tn*lder what 
a long way you have come t4-idr.s Consider 
what o'clock it u. Consider anytbti^, only 
dont cry I— Lewis CarrolL 

Wtaary of myself, and Mrk of ukinc ■ 
WTiat t am and « hit I ought to be. 
At the vessel s prow I stand which bean me 
forwards, forwarda, o'er the starbt sea. 

And a loT'k of pamloMte desln 

O^er tbe sea and to the etan I rnnd: 

Te wbo from m^ eblMbood up have oatmed me. 

Odm tosk ab, OMnposa ne tn the fnd 

—Matthew Arnold. 

I am glad yew an confident of my tran- 
quility under the lose of my sight, and of my 
sttontton and rr^gard to strangers. Why should 
I not rhevrtuliy insure that pnvauoci since, 
romtdenng it not as lost but as drawn within. 
1 may hope that it wUt wbet ttw e^ of m$ 

So 1 am not out ot humoT Vttb study, 
do I Intermit lu punmit. notwithstanding 
has punished me severely The example Of 
Talphot, the Myxian kin^, who did not raCtttoi 
to be bvled by the same waapon as Umt 
which wounded him. ha< wantod Me i^alnst 
peevtshnees.— John Milton. * 


VVTK «tw live to an ege when tbe owre 

'-•ratz-h nf X -t -.• h w\\] produce a 
flamp vldocn '.Ji.i.k .( : - tav when it waji 
quite a Jtib w prnd'n necessary 

very re- 

without which hfr would be extremely un- 
comfortable And yet the match to a 
cent invention, but flic has been known to 
for many t hon to TWto of yean and be bae 
able to produce It to many long beftoa 
btotory wM avtr wiHten. 


to kept up for a fOw seeoodi a onall flame will 
result The sroond picture show<« a similar 
method, but here the round »tlck Is twirled 
slKMit h^Twren the two handt imtai rhe revel v. 
tng wood has caused euffldeni heat to the 
■nan bote of tbe woodtn block to pinduw a 


Then an many ways to wbteb anetont 
iptuAwed tbi lire neososazy fior bto waratb 
end Ito bto eooktag. and meet of thr^ (V 
ponded on frietSon: that is. on rvbbtns tiv 
gotttor two pieces of wood oe crone or f«mking 
two hard objects to produce a spark. Booie <tf 
tbeee srr illustrated bare today, 
m the firat ptotan a round stick of K.r¥ 
to being putfwd back and forth tn a nar- 
pf a pliea of aeftor «Md. if 

There were invatton even to Cheat aoctent 
deyi and they soon made toivRntonento. Hi* 
Mm two drawings show bow tbeto men wed 
a sort of bow, tbe stMag of wbtob was wound 
about tbe uprttfit sCleft and then ptdled rapidly 
ferward and barjcward to cause thi-i to rotate 
It produced a flame In Ibe eame '"ennvr as 
did the other gimplcr agfaiatoaL Ink li 4M R 

Oen yoa produce a ttonse by these 

rrr It and *e* if vo*j are as good a fin 
u were the people who lived many 

The SaUor^s Baby 

TheiT came to port last Sunday ntght 
TTie <|ueere5t llttlf cnaft. 
Without an inch of rigging on, 
1 looked and tooked and laughed. 
It iwmed so ourtous that ibe 
Should croas the unknown water. 
And moor herself nght m my room. 
My daughtT O m.v dauthter' 

Tet by tbese preaent« wiin*^ all, 

Bhtrs wticome fifty umea. 

And coBMs consigned to Hope and Lorn 

And eonmon-metK rhymes. 

Stke baa no manlftot but this. 

No flag floeta o'er the water. 

She'i irir. for the British Uoydto; 

My dauithter o my dBTigbt#r' 

lUng out, wUd bell5 and tarn* on*-i. too' 
Ring out the lover't moon ' 
Ring to the Uttle worsted socks: 
to Ibe Mb and spoeat 
out tbe vusel Ring m tbe Mngat 
■tag to the mm and water- 
Jkamy wt'h paper pen, and ink: 
t0 AMgttter, o ray dsi^bicrl 

The Advcntui cb oi Peanuii> 
and Popcorn 

by Peanuts, the Proud Mother of Four Fine Youngsisrs 


ODD ewtutolng. eblMnn.* Well, tt 
doeent pay to laogb over othv 

poo()le's troubl** nn- moming. 
tl^ bona put .VMne warm vster in a pan, and 
took Pop and ducked him ihr^ timfE» In it 
Pop squeaked, and struggled, and I just roared 
to see bow shriveled up be toeltad wbn be wai 
wet. Ttim boto put blm to the runabout and 
then plaoed him ta the sun. letting him exer- 
cise until he waft dry He looked like a new 
squirrel when he was dr>' and had fluffed up 
Ki5 tau The boss then let me out, and I had 
a fine run to the h e— Mii t . and tben the boas 
caught me and dipped me twtoa. I toled to 
bite and scratch, but X also bad to go to the 
runabout until I was dry It Is better than I 
thn^igh*. but P'>p rrrtaipJv •.ni^t.rr^:'. The 
boss said: "Anotiier record broken, two tame 
eqnlrrds batbad toi one day ** 

Oh. my I I am having a terrible time trying 
to get suUable name» for our four children 
We have one boy and ihrr^- giri.s Nnw, chil- 
dren, do you Uke Sidney or Jack for the boy's 
name? Perhaps, however, you have a better 
one. wui you ptogae write and teU tbe Uttart 
And be sure to send to a few giru* namea I 
h.'ivr (\ hn; trjf Pop lauRh? evet^' time I 

read l., ruxiv- Here are a tew 1 have 

fericrtj»d f>myntrude. Gladys, Clementina. 
Josetu. Popetto, Haartaeaae and Verm. Do 
you know of any good ooeat BgHd fbim In. 

Popcorn: Here are a few AramlniA, Bip> 
permlnto. Sodawata, uingerala. SarsapafUa, 
and Rutabaga. 

Peanute: Now. piop, pleaM a«rtod» We 
have to give tbem cbUdren a«MMt wunea. 
We want to have tbim tninad atoo ao tbat 
they can go to the best aodety. 

WeU. children, I am a v«gy Mi^ pmm ttwa 
days. I have my family to look after, and atoo 
have to go oat each day for exerctoe. I stoy 
with the children in the woolen until 
about sfvpn in tiie morning, and then I comp 
out a-nd tret some apple end a drink M water 
Tbtu I gp back in the nest pnia nearly noon. 

I beard tbe boes ten Alex. Urquhartis father 
ttwt be could not underetand how X could stoy 
to a warm woolen nest to such hot sunny 
weather it if. all parked tight down, and I 
think this keepfi it onol instead of getting hot. 
The children are crowing very fast, but haven't 
got their eyes open yet. Tbto to tbe ARMnUi 
dgy. Tht bon (ou evwrybbdy tbey wndd mb 
on the ntoth day. but It to fanny bow people 
win make mistokes. Ttt* boas has got to write 
all the way to Central Park, New York. Zoo- 
logical Gardens to Itod out things about us. 1 
dont (btok tbe man there knows mudL M Mw r : 
Tbe boss saya tbe lengir be ttw tbg gtore he 
finds out that pao01e know eery flMk thin«.i 
about anything. 

There has been a big earthquake riRlu in 
the difitrlrt where the girl.\ and bcvs )ive in 
New Zealand, wbo wrote to us after we had 
sent our photo to the paper there, We an 
e nxl muly watttog to bear from them. We sent 
our photo to The Bombay Ttoies. and two boys 
have written to .lohn. the boss' boy One boy 
Is a Mohs mmedan, and go-s to a rollagi there, 
and tbe other boy to a Buropoan. 

My children are changtr^ their skins very 
rapidly. They have a btoek back now. with a 
ahlny black strip- along the .nde», and are 5tiU 
pink in culor oci the under part of the body, 
Their mi-Jith-. nrr geiting very large and a Ut- 
tle down is growing on the bead. X think they 
will eoon open their eyea. Tbey oartatoly 
open their moulhx ami viut^h noW- Iftg-bflai 
■ys they sound Uke pupptm 

We an getting such a lacge vulolg of loodi 
wm. Today we bad rant e liwipg l| ^gg ^ 
Uotoua. Yaaterday we bad guumail g a and 
garden peaa, BItawberrtes -i-r hnvp had tor 
several days now. and onr da.v la&i week we 
had our flnt feed of ra-jptj-mr-, We get them 
every day. Tbe boss geu tbem over the fenoe 
from Mlas HotoaiM' garden. 

SquirreMUe LocaU 

J^,JIfl8 Mona Bradford rrtume<l to Victoria 
from the ChUcoUn Country, up the 
Osnboo Road, tbto week. She reports that tbe 
children to thto eowbcg town always read about 
tbe Gbkkareea to Tbe Oolonto*. 

Mkator Atok. Marrtaan vtolted the Chieka- 
nea during the week, and was aMe to assist 
the boss in catching Mn. OhkkaAab «h»waa 
wanted at home. Thanks. Alex. 

At the CPA. Wharf during boat arrirato. a 
driver of one of ilie hotel bi;.r- n^-r rails the 
name of hto hotel, and then .Mtguu "Peanuts 

Holiday Competitions 

Bgggy— "My Happieat Day" 
Drawing— **A Summdr'i Day" 

*jpHF CMnni-r wlJI fWr a priw of $5 00 

f'T the best essay on My Happiest 
r>»T The essay must be 
typed (xi one aMe of wbMe 
ibndd not exceed 900 words. 

Another r*rir^ ■^ir c^-'-- ^ir -he best 
drawing rrprfHf-r.'ins a SumniT Dav 
The work must be original, not 
The dun«Fnst«u an 5<* Inches wide 
7 inrhen deep X>Belgn mmd be to Hack 
India ink. Prtoe. gSM. 

AH ooQipettton moat be under tfxt«en 
and work mu«f be sent in before the last 
dsf rrf .;uU If many drawings and 
emays are n^ *,yr-^ there WIO- be 
competition before actMol 
ean topnl ymsr 

n tod Popeo ra." TUdtato JMWrt biw 

Art Davles. who has s i>et pigeon ■ Mneea - 
brought his sister. Miss A. Davles, to visit the 
Douglass Ohtckanes today. Aa Mra Oblekaree 
waa at bgmi. A« dM not age tbg ytong 

The rhUdren of Mr and Mrs. Chlckarer had 

their second pboto taken on Saturday after- 
now Mts DorottvHimtf^llM'ttglMMVrlB 
a cake boot. 
On Sunday, Mr. and Ittft mAmb. wAb 

their three boys, ftnaat Kenneth and Jim. 
visited the O hlrk a ra g ^ and Pop gave a demon- 
ntra-tkm 9t «MBK Wm TniBftWr OM gBtiB, 


Miss Uilv* and Master QmfUi WUM MBt ft 
totoly bat of g^Mfbantoa for 1Im< DnvMa 
CUOanm. Tbny wacw too good to ente 

Matter John CorbrU sent some xmaU green 
appleik but tbeee were ragredttUy rvjeetod. aa 
Om^wmm iamf to prove inrtlgndlblk 

Does the LUde Oui Sei a 
Trap for Insects? 

A SSMABUau atoiT tea bon toM br 
Ittr CMgrga Oourtborpa to a raeed^ of 
lovw of btada. 

Dmiv was a certain gumekeopar to Bumex 
whoee task It was to bring up between Uuree 
and four thousand ymug pbeaaanto on fifty or 
alxty kcTto of land. 

AbiXft three yean ago be was losing the 
chlck.^ heavily, and aoveral Uttle owta «Tre 
caught red-imnded. so he bad no doubt they 
««« tbe vtlUana Be atortad a *««i ^i gp 
agatogt tbuu and two bundnd wtra kUM on 
tbe eitote. 

Now tills gamekeeper was an IntelUgeni stu- 
d''nt of bird lUc. and he opened the enipa of 
all the dead owls, but in no stngla CMO did tW 

find any flaab. Why did Uiey un pbetaant 
duebk. If not to gftt tb«b? 
It punled b^ aoRtDr. and be detenntoed to 

And out. 

One nigbtbebaardAgroUdMiiifttoDM, kbd. 
creeptag to ft OWtoift coop; touad one little 
owln«|l|Qg dltoddk aa aenttnel while two 
oghdto iMia loalte dealing «-ith a badly torn 
but defiant hen, who vainly tried to protect 
her slktern rhict* The gamekeeper looked 
oo. PreeenUy tbe little owU bcgaa eanyli« 
out Um mm 4Mka ana by m aful flytiM 
wltb Uwn to «b» benka of a xtream a few 
bUndred yardi fVom Ihe pheaaant farm The 
ovfls laid llirm thcrr with Inlervsla of a few 
yards between each body, and then the mtir- 
dercn withdrew. 

Vte — nwM ap e i found thst h -diea of 
OCbar amaH Wrda were there a^ *ci. pheas- 
ant chirks He watched the place and dis- 
covered that rhc Uttle owls visited It at least 
three or i^/ur limes a day, and then be aftw 
that the dead Mrda wan only traps. 

aiaytag MIb mow to tot« the mtto 
ecepam and U Vaa on tboaa beeOea that tbe 
UtUe owto fedt 

sir Oeorge oourtbope told tbat lb aaolhar 
dtotriet lUUt pwii adght tev* quite dtffennt 
wayg, a«ngMlla«wloalttotpartleutoreatote 
bdd Mftrtod the burying beetle habii, snd it 
bad baodtoe ibe fkahioo.— Cblldfeni News- 

The Fairies Told Me 

VWrtoa^ when they tcartlMIr "tfy. 
stHeb tiMDi 19 wltb ffMbuaar Mrtavi: 
I know, far tba IftMto tdtt nc, 
Tbey use the thtoUrfe-Mmy fkiir 
Their teeny-weeny pUowi to stuff 
ifliere'i notning ebe quite soft enougb): 
X know, for the fairies tdd me 

ndrles don't go to bed like us. 
They sleep in a derp convalvulqgt 
1 know, tec iba fairiM toM »g. 
Aai tf attfltwtofe ean bafodnd. 

Or not enough to lo go all round. 

Tbey shake up their piUows aito U« on the 


I knoa, for tne fames told mo. 

Fairies - .viirMmrs walk In the.r sleep. 
Or fiill frofi ifi .<r rradlea soft and 
I kniw. lor the fairies told me. 
And that to why, all dewy-pearlad, 
YaiH often find the Mosaoms curled. 
UbV poie umbrellas loosely furled; 
I iStVI^ fbr tf;o talr-."s told me. 

keep lour Eyes Open 

rtOW many boyi snd bJtU know enythtog 
^ ^ of Ihe ways of tbe Mnls and tnm\\jt 
live to tbelr gardflMartttotelb oHirf 

It to said that a very ooounon liftle bird the 
hedge sparrow, if anyone go«i near her nest 
wm pretend to heve a broken leg or wing, and 
then, when the danger ta over, wlU fly away. 

Is It tnw that tbe grouse wlD ran ta iBe 
oppototo diroettan from ibe pbto* wkm bw 
Uttle cbtofes are hldli«r 

Kow I, It that a woodperker may have lU 
hofne fj.iit^ near your ptoyground end yet you 
nevrr itf Why have eo many UtUe Mr* 
bronrn or greenish 'brown or grey aoato; do yoa 

Than are many things tbe rnwiwi if nt yva 
ean loam if you keep yaur eyea open, your 


AITNOAV, JliLY 14. 1929 

* 'Rocketing ''Through the Air at the 

Rate of 172 
Miles a 
Minute J 

\t 111* n<K t \t ^Uawm Spaelal 
Uod)' Hith • S«fM7 Net Cw verms 

kkh q iii MM L AIM ni»«i«^ 

b iIm fMdnMi W « Fi 

Who F«tU lo S^<-ur« Hiiiiarif in 

•I a RMkd Pitt* ika IWc* of 

So2m Mystery of Czar 

NEW York to Berlin In twenty- 
sU mlnut«B! A <iii«»T)cr td ap- 
ptodElmftlely 4.483 mllas. tnv- 
etod at ft veed o( 113 mllM • nrinutel 
tUs Is th* war MtaDM piop oiM to 
MmRT U» damwid of Uw sga for 
spaed and cfcUt greater Kpeed It li 
predictnl u a poA.ilblIl(y uf the near 
futiUT by Lhr invention ot Uie rockot 
plane, a machine d^lcned In Oennaay 
for Etrauwpbere niglit. Sneh an amiaX 
voya«c la ffraptUcaUy dwrHtia In XNb 
tTnuK-Jiati. a fr-it*^ Qmaaa arilwHHWt 

11, r -iiMriilmH looks likr> ordinary 
coauuercial planea," ibe vrtter Hura, 
"but to dUrnA Cnm thaae In siaa and 
the thlckne« of Its air fofta« m wtileb 
ih» oablm for tlw paaaengm are 
plflrpd T\\f body of the rnjiL-hinr la 
proporttonatcly small, and the txune in 
to be raid of lU sleerUig planes. In 
the body ot tba maotUos, between each 
(tro cablRs, tbers to placed Uw rocksc 
m^gunuu. with the nosxlea at tbc 
rodteta pointlns backwanL Vtry Dear 
ihf iitrm, ihpff l^ another rockal ajra- 
tun opemna forwards which ts de- 
slffncd to act as a brake on the velocity 
ol (UghU when a landing It to be oisds. 
The ttntoaphere plane has a pair oC 
prnpeltera. which at the alart nf thf> 
nif ht carry fhi! plane up to a certain 
heiitht tfiotf thr nlcohcriHamui 
rockeu can come into play." 
Ite tetoaaos door to tba body of 

llluatralion Abore Shows ■ Itorkcl 
Aflrr ihr Mrins Mnrhmo H>.t RrJirhnI 
llu I'raucUrra II I* Tfarn Urivrn Ihroii 

the maclilrjp hof Unlhrr Ka-'ilf't-^ Dur- 
ing tin» flight It Ls tiKhtly 1 wUh 

bolts and wins nuts. The windows ol 
the eabia an dosed atatlitit and tbe 
nUs of the plane are made of lead 
glass of a dark grey oolor. llie dark 
grey window pann only Iri a UtUe day- 
Hgfat pasa throDRh UK^rn. ito that tlw 
latarlor. even in sunUght. u lighted 
elaotrloalljc The walls ol the cabins 
and the tloon are upbobdered wtth 
leather, and are covprrd, with granu- 
lated oofk cocnpoBlUon 'On the deck, 
on thr!i Mid on the benches, there 
are ouineraui) .hand strapa by which 
Ihe paaaengers can pull thenudves out 
when they have lost weight by dimin- 
ishing graTltation. The apeelal tnterest 
in ■ j'Mri ht-r.'-h'- placed at 

nglit dfiri'. ''"I ilie Unf ol rilght. Ttw 
beoctM-^ :irr AnatoBkloaUjriAiapsd, ouili- 
loned divans. 

For ead) panenger theng Is a '^lb- 
tub" . : I ■ I f^t. with a net 
like a m*»!*iuii.. 'J rp' I. and fastened 
down with saap-hooks- * 

The writer gives the following de- 
Hrtpttoo of tbe ssDMttoDs of a strato- 
sphere flight: 

*ndy heart tiaatlng. 1 waited our 
start. 'We're off." ramc throujih a 
luud speaker, and at once we heard the 
■ouhI ol A pnpeOtf driven by a oon- 


praaed atr turbine, and felt that (he 
machioe was ruing from the ground. 
A tremendous noise began, and I was 
suddenly pressed backwards agalnn my 
seat with gigantu- force. At flrat the 
tremendou.-. [,rr5.;urr afTected me dis- 
agreeably. The pulses of my blood beat 
in my mr. and I felt as If I were being 
overcome by a giant. Ttic pressure 
with which my body iras pressed 
against tbe back prevented my frwe 

breathing, perspiration poured down 
my Ibee and tbe bonch of kcye in my 
pocktt pressed against me beaTlly. My 

clotheft .suddenly seemed too small, and 
my Ahirt drawn tightly around my 


"The notse of the rockets deafened 
me. If I had hitherto bean pressed 
against the Castle net oC my divan, 
now X flew like a tennis ball against 
lbs other side or my nstlag plM^ It 

to me that I fell from a moun- 
tain Into a deep canyon, and when I 
came Into posseasion of my senses 
I found I was holding fast to 
the net with both bands. Tbe plane 
seemed always to be falling and tbe 
ver>' briKhl Min blincltsl me It.-, ^trong 
rays iivcn-arrif Hit- "f "iir rlectrtc 

lajTii' ■■■< relief 

With iiharp shadow« lik« a iivuig wood- 
cut, ibe outer tamiMratare was M de- 
grees below aero, and the atmoephenc 
pressure was one mUllmeler of mer- 
cury. Although the electric heating 
was Uirned ofT. we found It ver>' warm 
In 'Jie Interior of the cabin, ihHtiks to 

the fact thai the upper aide of our 
airship turned towards the son was 
dead black In color, and so captured 
the hoi raya of the sun and trans- 
ferred thetr warmth th^ ln(«rior of 
the vesaeL There was utile to see of 
the surface of the eailh, Tbe earth- 
dust glowed Uke a mist cm a mountain 
Ugbted by the sun. * 

"And now the time had foine en- 
ter the dining car. Unfortunately. In 
stcalosphere flying we must realise 
that in eattof food and drtaklng on 
the sorfaoe of the earth, grmvfty irtays 
an Important role, a.' it draws the food 
down I through the PBophaini.s Although 
the perwialtle movement of tiie food 
tubes automatlcaily urges the food for- 
ward, there Is always the danger, eiqie- 
dally in drinking, that mcnethlng wUl 
take the wrong passage and go into th* 
bmcs. TlMfeforc eaUng and drinktni 

(t .sp«<.'«:'ititfiii 1.-. acuoiuiely forbid- 

An ordinary airplane la supported 
uy lU air boUs with the 'air cushion' 
Worn, and the partial vaaunm ibon 
the snrtaoes. Ibe airplane on its part 
eameo ito load so dlstributod that It is 

lifted m ii basket, rear t:>nd f\rtl. 
ttotti the flying field The stratc^here 
flyer on -.Uc MhvT hand. Is like a 
projectile, alter It has sMalned tts 
blglMst velocity: it fUas Uke a gvmt 
stone thrown from one place to an- 
other by a giant. The gravltatton of 
the oanh is equalised by the centrifugal 
force due to lu moUon, so that the air 
foils or wings are only used for starting 
and landlnt. as well tor lower 
than the rsfutar ens, As tbe 
gers are carrlad alnag with the speed 
of a projectile, they go along like 
!itone.<i. Independent of the plane, per- 
hatis not touching u, in their passage 
through tbe slfalaapbaEW. It Is etaar 
that It nsods an enonnaus speed to 
reach sueb distant paths of flight, and 

our vrtoeltf mUel be. then-!;jre. four 

kUometers a second: that is to lay. we 
were driven through qiace with four 
tunes me 9e«d or a cmnnoc ban, mr- 
Ing each second ot our eouree, our ve- 
locity was aooalerated by tblrty-Qve 
meters per second by the rockets, so 
that for attaining the velocity of the 
earth, only three minutes were re> 
quired, and this was aocordtt^ly the 
duiaUoo of the unocmfortable condi- 
tion flf supargravlty. 

"As in the ennrmonsly long eeune of 
a projeetlle wblA would represant the 
atmo^ihere flU^ tnm Oennany to 
America the ourvaturs nt tba earth 
would play a part, tbe astronomic laws 
apply here also. Tbe rocket plane de- 
sorUtaa on Its eourae tbe curve of an 
MUpae, one of whose f od Is at tbe een- 
tre of the earth. Having given lt« 
lenith of flight and the celling of it.^ 
eourse itn ,^peed and time can t»e eal- 
culaled by astronomical laws. Ibt pe- 
riod of flight from Berlin to MMT 
Including the reduced speed at the 
start and landing, tbarafore. would 
t«fce about tmnty-dx mtnutss. 

AUiskfi Reindeer Herds 

'T*HE reindeer industry of Alaska has far es- 
* r*eded the hopes of Its founders. Today 
it meanA profiperity t/i the Rsklmos. who are in 
a large measure det»endrnt in>on I' for their 
livelihood. According to the e<iiimnte.<i of the 
Untied States Bureau of EducaUon. it is es- 
pseted tbat by this year tbc total number of 
reindeer in tbe herdfi will exceed 1.000,000, To 
Canadian boys and girls the nindeer is a sym- 
bol of Bania Claui> and a full Christmas stock- 
tug: to the Eskimo chUdren it signifies food 
and warm clo thing - 

in the AroUe regkms the relndaer is spoken 
of as "the oaniel of the froasn North." n per- 
lorms many of the same aarvloas for the Bikl- 
mos of Alaska as the camel does for the Arabs 
of the de^^■^t It in a tit'A^l of b\irden Whereas 
the camel "lives on its hump" on a long trek, 
tbe reindeer draws on lU supply of fat In time 
of want. 

mpenence has tanght the natives and wfaltas 

1« the North that the rrlnderr of greater 
value for long-distance travel ttian tlie dog; It 
has cndiuanee and can find itji own food. Hm 
111 rifle mi can outdistance dog or horse en a 
short stnteb. But. beyond his vabw as a 
transport anlmaL the reindeer Is :he means e( 
feeding and clothing the Eskimos ot Alaska 
and many white men as well 

tn Alaska within tbe last two decades the 
rwlndeer indosur bas grown to be seecnd in 
Importance only to the fUhlng industry. The 
rspid Incream of the retndeer herds and the 
jvpresriinR demund for the meat In the United 
Slates have developed a rortiiderable export 
irarte, (tlving occupation to hundre<i^ nf Enkl- 
mos. Last year oaore than XOOO.OOO pounds 
ef Mindeer meat were exported by the inter- 
ests operating tn Alaska and the natlvee. who 
carry on the industry under tbe aupervislan of 
the WPderal Bureau of FMucaUnn 

TTurty yeani Hjr<> (herf were no reinderr tn 
Alaska. The FAkiiur*^, (rained hunters and 
flabnnnen, found thcmselvea de p rtie d of theb 
mosns of support when the while man— tbe 
AMffkna whaler with his improved w e apo n s— 
cut Into thetr buslnees of hunting whales, 
wahxw and srnl* The marine animals wen 
tbUad off In large quantities and drivm further 
to the north. 

In ttM aammr of IM Dt. Sielden 
OMtad Sintas Onnl A«ent el m- 
iratioQ tn Alaska. vMlad mm imiialgHi vti- 
i»fni on boOi the AlaSbnn ssid the SIbenan 
•horea On tha AmcaVan ilde he «w the 
lbs bklmoa, cn the BBwrlan tie eaw 
BWted and fad fey mmm ef tbair 
large niBdoir bavda. Ms wai 
ttruck by the Idea Of importing 
number of rrtndser Into Alaska to fonn the 

Um al a fuinrs tndaefery. Hs laid hu plan 

bsTM* tlw Oommlssbmsr of Bduration. who 
save K Ms ^provaL «id eav to tt tbat tbe 
pMtit^ «M imtm to the attontkB of 08»- 
fTMa withrvit waitins fv sn ap prop r uition 
ho rai»<d r)fTi.-i*>nt prtvau finds to start the 
nritt hard ' ITI deer were p«>!Tha»d 

After thai congress made annual appropria- 

tinn.". f'lr nme .-nicresslve years, and by 1903 a 
total of 1,380 animals had been imported. 

Hw gBini»'i« were dbirlbuted acrordinit to 
rsvulatioDB laid down by the Btveau ol Bdu- 
eatloo. in accordance with which promising 
youna in^n trained ■ ■ ■ 'wr' -.n i^nlmal 
industry received iUlui «i. iln: end of a 

term of schooling, 

"Within lea than a generation." to quote a 
report of tbe Alaskan Bureau of Education, 
"the reindeer In^ . i\ ant;ed ihrouRh 

one entire Ktajtr i,; j , jm The Efikimos, 
inhabit If liJ ' he VB.-vt Kraiinii Und-^ 1 rom the 
Polar regions to the North Pacific Ocean, li 
bas raised "from the primitive to the pasioral 
sUge; Jrom nomadic hunters to clvlltaed, 
wealth-producing factors in ihe development 
of Western Alaska." 

The reindeer were not destined to ranain 
solely In the hands of the Eskimos. Among 

the ptxwpertor^ who weni We-', ericiit: rhelr 
fortune,-! In tiie Klondike (flcl ru.h a tam- 
lly by the name of i^im v, r»iev failed m 
their quest for gold, but it was not long before 
Oart J. LoBrta saw the posslWIHias of the rein- 
deer industry In mi* the Lcsnen brothers 
began with a herd of 1,000. Today they own 

Netcly-Found Heaveidy 
Bodies Travel 4^900 
Miles Per Second 


Ttar by year the Lomen herds grew— It Is 
telliuatetd that a herd doubles every three 
years. TnuUng posts were erJtabUi^hrd A-', 
supply and demand increased ii betvirne nc-er-- 
aary to build up-to-date cold Ktxfn^re [>::iiils 
and abattatrs at potots along the coast where 
they were meet aceeaslble to the large herds 
and the ni'-ai ref)txe,'; Tn alt there are seven 
planift nie rt^ storage chambem are cut 
Into the vaUs of soUd ire at Elepliani Pomt 

During the seas on when travel from Alaska 
U pcMdble two refrigerator boatjt ply back and 
forth from Alaalca to in.* w^in-n ports bring- 
ing their cargoes of r'-indeer mc;H 

In Buroite reindeer meat ha* Iahk been 
known— to fact u has been called "festival 
meal" becauee it has been used on great occa- 
Kitma In substanre r i ' <t h and Arm and 
fn tasto Is sweet raiht r [|.,U) gamey." 

carl J Lomen nkl that many dlineulUes 
enoounlend to the oarUar ahipmenia of mo' 
deer meat into the Unitod Stotaa bad been 
stimlgbtened out He bellaw that ttv fUlun 
of the rslndeer induscrr Is large Re pointed 

out that m Alaska there are ■pproxlrna:ei', 
300,000 square mllos of land eovereO with dry 
mom on whloh be teumates that 10.t)00.000 
head flC tsMMT ban ftod artsqiials gnaint. 

few evidence ' bearing on the struoture of 
the universe has been laid before the 
American Asaodstlon for the Advancement of 
Science with announcement of a study of 

three celestial b^idu s tMriiT «nd more diAtant 
than any whoae llghi --ver before been 


Dr Milton Ifumason and L>r, Pranels Pease, 
of Mount Wilson Observatofy, Oalifomia. 
presented the cvidenoe, which Included the 
mettsuremeoi of the greatest velocity known 
in nebulae— 4,M0 miles a eeeond by ana of tbe 

All three tHMlles are moving away from the 
earlti, the other two at speeds of 4.600 and 
3,100 mllm a second. Two are believed to Ue 
In a cluster near the pole of the Milky Way. 
whilft the third M nearer tbe earth. 

Tlie bodie*. analvsed by tlielr spectrum In 
Ihe great KW-inch i-eilector of 'he obserratory. 
are M.000A0O llRh', year» away from the earth. 
Bach llghi year is equivalent to about 6,000.- 
000.000^)00 miles. 

The significance of the work U thought to 
lie to the ourieus relation that, wbert bodies 
nre movinc nvay from tbe earth, the more 
fhnunt they are, tJte faster they appear to be 


l^iB rriiition has been sugsenled an a due 
to the structure of the universe, Tiie theory 
U that velodtMi are Uluaory and the dleplaee- 
ments seen tn the spectrum are not aotoal mo- 
tiona, biji di.-t'vtinns in light wam Itwt Iwn 
travele'i ei-.orrttfxi^ liiKtanma through ^wea. 

Hie '~ i< r>" rlne to a riirvawire 

of spB< > . ijr' iiiL-ird by L>r. BlnBteto in hu 
ihpory of reUtmty. tbw. tt to tbdugbl. fur- 
ther study may itaow that Uw nnlvem to 
cloied, exhlUUnt a aatta eotom* with no 
boundaries Just as the wtece at the earth to 
dosed lo two dimensions. 

Chemistry WiU Mtike 
Housedeaning a Gala 

IJ ■)URECLEANlNO lime ha.i furnished i-ar- 
toonists with murh material in the past, 
but the houseoicaning of tt\e future, accentling 
(0 the prsdlotloOB of a Pennsylvania diemut, 
will be a gala oceaslan. Not only win ehem- 
btry make p(v,<iible lynthetlo homes of great 
convenience and economy, tfui homes which 
Are furnished more beaiit.i(ully rhitn those nf 
(he present. Houses will be built ot concrete 
and steel. noor» will be jnade of a compo sl - 
Uon which can be cleaned as easily as white 
MHuael. and waUs will be tflgd or tooquered. 
Furniture and di^^hes will be made of bake- 
Itte: rugs and ciuhions, draperies and "linens" 
nf rynthetic rayons, and uphQlAtcr>' of fabri- 
cold leather which can be wiped wtUi soap and 
water wiibout injury Chemistry, It is pte- 
dletod. will produce thcee .things at such low 
eoet that sodad articles mar be burned. Spring 
housacle&nlng will c" ' .i bonflrs to 
take care o( di.'r.ii : ■ ■■.•.mn and a 

thorough washing nt i.'v- l^jii'^e, flrnl with 

sudsy water and theu wiih clear a blast of 
warm c om pressed air will then be turned 
through the rooms for thorough drying and 
the fbttOy win "sgt out to select Uia nest year^ 
deeoratlona. On this basis hoosecliaolng wlU 
become a domeitle holiday. 

Cedar Plaster Found 
InsecUProof for 

iVeir Ligarelle Case 

' ^ to posh am dCttOMe out or die Oato al 

a time whm the levw ts depreaned To open 
this cigarette case, one Insnrtit his flngfr under 
the Up and ibdas the cover The compan- 
ment mwtod bonsas im enareuoe which a 
sprtag p6te to'fho gjseior iMa of the ease. 
The lam ai lb* tap miaaM UM Mtam 
tn a man Itait anglK and Ha taw Is 
derireMed the aflgfts ttaeir riseSL pushtog out 
the dgaretta 

Applinnre Facilitates the 
Administering of 
O xyge n 

pHYSlClAlfB nsnradays. to the treatment 
'■inc 'rtaiblas. are usins oxrsm io a 

■ ni,- KiTrttjIe '■m*nt T^J tacflltsLe the method, 
a Bostonlan, Warren E ColtloK, has invented 
an apparatii5 which supplies the rItalUTuc gas 
to a hind that oasm tbe bead and shouldm 
ef the patient lyUg to bad. Ibamtad on the 
carriage are two easoM. ens oentotolfig los 
and the oWmt aadb bno. Ogytn, ffton a tank, 
to pawed through a How m o tor, to regutote 

the qij*n!l!> supplied then thmusb it\e J«la 
tune to punfy U and then through Lhe ice to 
cool IL Prom the toe chamber it paasss 
upward through a plpa wblah. uamUf 
boriKmtaUy, enton lbs Mp of tto 
ThroiiEth a rOtm tObe K to 
the hon-i by a motor-driMB iMl, % 
rirrulalinn ''>f purified and oooMd SKyggD In- 
■ide the hood being thus 

r^*tDAR has long been used as a protoctlon 
^ for etotblnc against moths. Its char- 
aeterlsUc fragrance, while pteasing to human 
betogs, ts repellent to Ihsocts. and to the finer 
haftie«. uhrre ro«t i/t not so important a con- 
sideration. CMlar closets have demonstrated 
their value. ComparaUvely recently the Idea 
of placing thto ddar fragrance to the irall it* 
seir waa developed and then to now available, 
to tbe form of plaster, s cadar material which 
serves tbe same purpose at oedar wood lining 
for closets a concentrated mixture of 

gemUne rm --: j,'<od and other ingredlenta 
which lomi ' tn- fiA.'iL lit i-Pdar rrasmnce m 
oedar wood hlended tiUo a plaeter which is 
used as a flniahtnc coat whmwar asdar doaeU 
may be diairad. a oaa ba usad )ait oa ivadlly 
to old botoso to nev. Hw BMingftoiiuieii 
claim that a wan ao flnisbed bas the mme 
amount flf lasting fragrance as a similar waU 
of wood and provides the same bcoeflto at a 
much lower cost lUe anooth. hard sivfaee 
IS lanitaxT. dustproaf and waterproof. It oan 
be washed with erdtabfy soap and waldr wttb- 
eul diiti uiHug lu rragraMe. It to saiUy ap- 
plied to fltoaato vhare Irregutonty of 
struoOon aiHild sieto osdar tinu^ difficult 

Scots Make Dictionary 
Of Their ""Naiionar 

Cor the last twenty years a small group of 
Scottish icholara and enthuslasU have 
been at work gathsrtiv material for the pub- 
neauen of a graat "nauooai dtotloBbry* tt» 

' -ini;>l'"e.l « .rV will nOt Otlly bSlp to pTe- 

• r.c lu iKtiLvr t'jngue for future genera- 
ilon.-^. but win also throw light on the tradi- 
tions, nistoms and bablU of thought ot the 
BootUsh people. 

In order to Insure a thornttgh investigation, 
the whole country 'excluding the tJaidheal- 
tschd or Uaellc-sp«aklnc area.) and a part <tt 
UH(er in Scotland was divided into dUlrtcla. 
each with a supervisor and a numtier of 
voluntary worfcan, who have beoi oolleotinc 
charaelerisUe words and niustomtlvo no* 
tences from tbe speech and llteratun of their 
du[riet-« with this material in hand the 
SiotUft/i National LMctioDary. Asnoclatum bas 
been formed lo oompleto tbe work. 

The native tongue to no mere dialect of Kif- 
lish. the association potots out Hie two 
languages are derived from the mme aouroa. 
but have been moulded by diverse InfluenasB, 
BeasraphirAi and pollUcal. Though there are 
aeveiiLl dl«tlncLlve Sooltlsh dialecls. there 
also a standard form, whUb to doMsraded from 
a Mldlothton dlatoet to the auof way as 
standard tBgltoh to desoended from a Midland 
dialect. This dtolect was spoken st the Scot- 
lisli court from the eleventh ''eriturv when it 
supeneded GsrllC' t<i the seveniefntn, when 
on tbe aoeewlon or jnrne<i vi to 'he Knsiiitti 
throne, tbs court forsook Bdintmrgh lor Lon- 
don. lai^h>af« that used by Bootl, 
Btovenson and most of Iba bort •eMUab 

More than a ceni'irv l.a<« etopnfld since 

Jsmlsaon published his CtymologiraJ DieUon- 
aiy of the VntUab Language, and though it 
was a uniailaMg aa liM i i aitt for ito time. 
evMi Ito totoit odttton to drfeallTa to foosbu- 
larr phonotUB dftd oiifiiHtaw. naoHdHt to tbo 


The new dutirAiarv fo he edit^ ht Wil- 
llsffl Oram lu honorary preaideni is Lord 
Meatoo ot Agra and Dunnottar, and Blr Msepb 
Dobbic, preMdent of ibt Bms Pbdroimi. to 

Patent Pipe Cleaner 

A nlckle-(Aaied pipe cleaner rsetmblM a 
fottntato pen wfeMfe may bs earrtod to lbs 
pocket. A «ttPl vin, wbkli to AtoiM by a 

strnmht. AbaneMrfud 

Closes Cracks 

A OOOHOSMQ tonewafvoB UMaVbd Utore 
**" have been found proofs that the Bn 

percw A>xanrter 1 and the hem\ll PVdor Ku.*- 

ultch, who Uved to Sibena up till the lUities 
of IbM 

For over f4>e hundred years the legend ha* 
persisted that Alexaodrr 1. the opponent of 
Nspoleon and tbe "Peaoanakar of Europe.' 
did not dto to Npvembar. IM. at Tii«tonpi to 
Bontbara pustos , but that In hto plaos an un- 
known soMtor'i body wa.^ put in the rnflin and 
duly burled as that of 'he nnpert.r ill the 
church in the rortress <<l >: i'.-.n and .St 
Paul. Aiesander, however, who during bis Ufe 
had beea a nyatle. dsoidad about tbto time to 
noounoa Ibe throne, nw vtalont death of hto 
tatbar. the toperor Paul, tbe war with Napo- 
leon, and perhaps the Influx ncr af Muh high- 
ly-strung frlenda as Pruuu.- Adam Csartory- 
tky. Baroneas Krudener snd otben» mlpbt well 
have deckled him to dtoappoar. Mmo o ie i . 
fear of unrest to conaequanoe of a fogmal ab- 
dtoatlon might have made him choose Ihlr 
furtive way of withdrawing from toe world. 
Suddenly— the legend maintatUu— Alexander 
threw off his Imperial dignity on this No\em- 
ber day to 1825 and went in secret 1« SlberU. 

Where be settled to the Oovemment of Tt>- 
botok. and Uved nntu 19U as tbe monk Fedor 

Kusmltch. Strrniitii iuter added to the 
legend by the rumor that during the forty 
years from the di.*>appearancc of Alexander 
to the deato of Fedor Kusmltch some members 
of the xmpwtai family had travalad to Stterto 
and bad vMted thto monk. But to Ita last 
years of Romanoir rale tbe boM opialan to 
Hirvtia had come to the cooclustOP ttttt there 
was DO truth in the Atory, 

Involuntarily the Soviet Government gave 
new interest lo the mystery. It decided in 
1937 to open the sarcophagi of aU the Russian 
rulen to the Fortress of BC Felar and BL 
Paul; and thto It did to tbe preeenoe of many 
witnesses, indudiog foreign newspaper eorre- 
. ! ■ - s The embalmed body of Peter ihr 
i>:t,i' /..'onlsbed the onlookers by its sise and 
almost living state of preservation. Prom the 
body of Catberlns the fieoood. who had been 
buried to robct of stote. ttaora ware taken 
jewels, wbleb ware added to the "Soviet Jewal 
Fund " Finally tbe oOdato came to the saroo- 
phsfu^ of Alexander I It was empty The 
aroaxing dl^icovrry naturally revived the Kus- 
mltch legend. If the Tsar had not been buned 
to the saroopbapua. be must, after hto olBoial 
death, baeo ttvad. dhid. and bsn buried some- 
where else. Again, idiy was not the soldier ■ 
body there 7 News Just to hand contains the 
tbbd and last flhaplsr of tba drama. 

A Tvport taken from a letter from a Russian 
htotorlan stUI living to Lenlfvrad retoies the 

A abort time ago there died to Rungerburg. 
near Narva, tn Bilenla, at the ripe age of 

ninety. Victor Basilevakl. formerly one of the 
rlche.'tl men In Russia. He owned important 
gold mlne^ In Siberia, which brought hUn IB 

a huge Income, and kept him aequatalad srlto 
macteia to tboee nglons. AAar UN rgnohitlon. 
dmugh which ba wad ratoad. be pas Uving 
to needy drcumstanoes to a vtUa which he 
owned in Hunsertv^u in his dlaiy. the eon- 
tents of which ii4ve only recently been msde 
publto to Fatrograd by hU relaUons. BasllevaU 
leiusli fads which esplato the puade of the 
empty mreophague of nar Alennder I to the 
Fortress of St, Peter and 8L Paul 

In the Us ties of last century BasUevakl had 
leased an estole to BIberto to a merchant 

named Kroinov one day Krotni'V rsiied in an 
eseited slate or. nasllevKkl. whu wax staying st 
the tloie >i 'iiA cf^iniry estate in the Bouth ef 
Ikumla. and asked u> be allowod "to u nbur den 
hlsHSlf of an hnportant etato samM.' Xto 
itory was as follows: 

On the Blborton estate that Kromov renlod 
there bad Uved for years the pious hermH 
ndor Kosmlteh. Fedor Knamlieh, who was 
known by the people as Roly Stanto (hermlti, 
w\A itflfi In be a wonder-worker snd wa« 
greatly loved by the peasant* of ihe netghbor- 
top rillatea. Whm he. at the use of over 
ntoety yaaia, faU mortaUy lU and fell daath 
approaebtot. bo s«iit Var Kramo*. On bta 
dying bed he lumalad to him that ho was 
TMr Alexander I. wbo had been eonsldsred 
dead "inrr The Tsar retoted that he ^t** 

aUeged to have died suddenly during a journey 
In the Crimea, but thai he had Only allowed 
hbnseif to be as dead bacauss he 

wuhed "to witbAmv from tbe world." A sol- 
dier had been boriad to hto piaoe with Im- 
perial pomp tn the Tmrs' Mausoleum In the 
Portre>» of At Pater and Bt Paul The hermit 

gave Kmmov Ba uunwuto wbleh Imdntably 
pfwved hto Idsnttty. and begpsd him to band 

these, together wtth hto pteture. to toe reign- 
ing Tsar Alexander II <neph*w ef Aletnnder 
1' BasUerski managed to obtain st onee for 
Kromov an audlenee with the Tmr at which 
Kramos mlalod an he know of the Ufe ef Kus- 
mllflb divtop hto torty paanr aajoun to «- 
bsta. When he left Uio Tbar ba aaM BBttili« 
further and retamad at onoa to Btbaria. Baa- 
llevski. howei s T. reoelved the Uopresston that 
the Tmr was eonvtoeed by Kromovii revai^ 
ttobs. and had, for rassfwn of poUer. f arbtddan 
Mm toaw* 

Riit the masl toipnrtani thing la Rasile-rBkri 
aooDunt u the stotemenl that bto tathsr een- 
faaeer. the MetrapoUban latom. wh— doas 
fridto ha was, Imd taU bbn and* Iba omI gf 
ibai abmil IMI al ttaa omtammg 
legai^ m. th> 
lay to the mraophagus ct AtasAMlgr t 
bsen taken etit and secretly buried in s St 
Petersbu r g eeaactery Bssllevski had tbsrefere 
no ddM that Mar Kuanltch was 
andar I, and tlwt tba 
erany a«wpted by the 
ihaugfe up UU tbe ttote of Hto 
avoided dtocusstog li 

Ormnd thirhsM <)lpK AlSMBdrovna (.i>* . — 
of rrw-hoiM ri^ who to still bving m f-npmy 
haffPT' sno a*sen rj#- wh^hOT* die tiMKight 
s eiidisane w»h ber 

Meet any gnlfer ponr nr rtdt 
WtaiJd never couni -he cost, 

OOuld he but bur s roll iMil 
Would bark when it was tout. 

dafto. dtoM and tMn wbftdi entor ttie 

'*r 1 -'T' hTf tti.-l '/I he (t/ifrptd br a llmple 
'le^jT ihti »iiLffniai.c«llT ArriQm lo rlost th* 
rrack wtken the door u- and risSB to giMg 
the ruga whan the door is opened. 

rtrand Oucbsm ai 
imne mfmben ef tte Tbart 
dnjbt ih» tdentJty af tba 
Alaaandv L-lUe 



>RIA, B.C SUNDAY. H i Y 14. 1929 

Decidm to Live and 

Thereby JusUfy 

WAKATMA OAotUU. nht mint td 

It ft DMA al way tauMM. Bt lMsJwt 

To Find Jobs for Million Men 

■I' M ? " 

aauupd wd «nterT«aBd bit counlnvMB » 
rvTclAUon of extraordinary eandar. 

Borne yesra Oandht est«b]lAhed a coioay 
irf oonvcrljt wblcii he calls Ui« Udyasa llAOdlr 
One or the t«n«^ oT UUl 

ud that My lipiM fr«iii 
* rectitude mmi toe pub 
Utfwd IB UM oOeUl orvai. 
whleta to Immki perlod- 

In Uw most rec«nt Usuc 
oC thlft gawue. Oudhl 
makaa the InlaraiUiw 

lAtton that nnr <:.r tn-, 
eoualm has bttn I'ngagi-d 
In a Mhe« of peuy lar- 
canlea exlcndlav over ft pe- 
riod of Ttftra, and. wane ttlQ, haa ihovB do 

XVpenUnce for ms lln rvcn wr-nt &o far 

■a to attempt to conceal im guilt. For thu he 
haa been expplk-cl tiut U la bopad ttltt_tw will 
return later. puriAed. 

The next revelation la even mon tim tiltnt 
It u nothlnc kaa tban • rapoit Uiftt tha wita 
ot the aftlnt ba^ hu bean diacovered to have 
hoftvded MD npaaa, ft Wghtful crtme m « rom- 
munfly «tMra all gooda ere auppoaed lo be neid 
In commoik 

"I believed bar to heva lad en immaeulete 
lUe. " wrltea bar akbitly httaband by way ^ 
prelaoe. "but tbe white curtftoe of these virtues 
la not wltboui Ibe Btarlnrly dark spota. im- 
pelled by ber aenee of wifely devMion she has. 
fo f ar fte tbe world knows, now renounced ell 
earthly pn a ii e l en a . but loofltv tar them sttU 

"I believe her ranorse to be gentilne. She 
hei agreed to withdraw herself from the colony 
should any other previous abarrauon be dj*- 
riT.F.-f't; jiraia*?! her, or In 
inpse into &uch conduct acetn.' 

Oendhi blemes hlmael^ to eome eifeent for 
these iapaee m bia oomnumtty, tUnkliic ebey 
nuefc be the refleetloa of some wrong to him- 

"What am I to do?" he asks "Should I 
flee, or cunimii nuicide, or embark on an end- 
leas fast, or refuse Lo handle public ananos or 
pabUc duty . . .T Perbapa It la baat that X 
Uve OQ In tbe hope that some day the O^yaca 
Mftadfr will Justify lU existence." 


RIOUT SoDonble J, B. rjlQ") Ttenfts. 
auinmiBd by Maoaay UeDoiMld to 
help cure BntiAh unanplovBieat, u 
one of Che most exu-aordinary of the remark- 
i*bl^ [.^-rsonallties who iimlie up (he leKler^p 
ot iMbor. Ukt Uoyd Geoifc, he la a WeUh- 
nan. Like "L. o," too. ha nae from povaAv 
and obeeiulty. le a piinr«y«r of the euany 
naUe, end la » iwaHal irtyi baHaeaa to the ran 
ftooopu. It baa baac add «ll«Byd Oeoevr 
he haa aeduoed mm aOagtanoes. soft*; . 

riHTf hanl In. cs, faact l iated morr relurtant man Urtng. Yet It 1« doubtful 

• '■■ -f -,■<■- super -flatterer that be 
is. Is tt Kreater master of Che art of *Hpto— ^ 
than the auave and anUlliif Tboraaa. And be 
k pmbably pot moM of a realist. 

"Jim" lHomaa.. ^idflnc from his speeci 
hla_iaBOClatlor« and his career, U probabh 
little more of a Socialist than lilr. Winston 
Churchill. He Is. however, a trmdca unloolat 
He Is a tradca unkmlst who bellevw la lAbor^ 
rfcbta. but In capltal'a rigbta aa weD; a man 
^» detoMa vWOBoe and estranes. and who 
ha» shown an extraordldary skill and tact in 
suppressing ultra-rmdlcaJlsm 

His career, like that of most of his Labor 
AASociates. has been an astoruahlng one. Bom 
some lUty yean ago In a Uttie to^ In Mon- 
mouth, he baa (old that «bai ha firat became 
a caUnet mtntster (be was EacreUry for the" 
DemMtKm In the fmt UacDonald ministry) 
he drove from the !t-arion in his natlvr town 
and passed the drapery establishment where. 
thirty~two years before, he was employed as 
an errand boy; that he saw tbe braaa plete 
which that boy had cleaned, and that he 
vividly remembered carrying rlvete for the 
conatroellon of the Alexandra Docks. 

He had to fight '-vry yard of his way. He 
passed from a ch»^mLst i shop to a draper's 
f tore »nd fiience to a firm at decora iorv where 
he became skilled in ttie art of mixing painia. 
Then he became an engUie^eaner with tha 
Ortfti Western Railway. Ftora cleaner he 
paaaad to fireman, from fireman to engineer, 
Irom engineer throuKh all the anxious staKP;. 
»hlch Intervened to the immensely responsible 
posUlcin of rhftirman of the British National 
i;nion of Railwayroen. It was an upwanJ 
march Impoaslbie for any man who did not 
poaaaaa an amaUng combtnatlqn of qualities. 

unlike Itaauay MacOooald. he vss a aup- 
paler of the war. Be threw blinaeU with 

vry Betranehment Cci»mi:!i''f ...i \tiv Dv^a:.! <<i 
TYade Railway Caauniu/-e und <.)iKinr.»n ,ft 
the most impertaai raconstrucUoo oommitwe 
aM up dartac tba war. 

In 190. when Labor look oOoe. Thomas be- 
came Secretary for the Dominions. He waa 
without experience m uiUce, without much 
knowledge of the douunions, yet he made a 
Rood Job ot It He was tactful. uaderataBdti«, 
had a quick capacity to grai^ the overaeas 
point a view, and «•■ Ufcad by the ofllelalB 

Personally. Thomiu le balh ga> ^jk! ciitta.; 
ln« He ha.'s none of Ramaay MuLlK'tiaUl 
Celtic melancholy. Utile of Snowdon arrld 
biuemeaa. Used to rough-and-tumble flghi* 
log in Labor cathertnga, be ta aa mob at 
bone In Nancy Aator'b OUvadan aa In the 
lodge nom of a Liverpool union, it la aaid of 
htm that he knows more dukes by ttaelr flrat 
name than any Uabor pollUcian. and lUeiary 
hona like H. O. Wells and Bernard SbftW ftfft 
among his familiar afgualntenraa 

One may doubt that Thomas wlU And it eeay 
to cure British unempl0}rment. But one may 
be fahiy certain that no other man in Britain 
could achieve more in curing IL If he falls 
It will not be because he Is Ignorant of tbe 
praUan or tbftt be Is lacking to any twpeet to 
taint, amity and nhatartiir. 


Saakatchetvan Teacher 
Six Miles From WhUe 

^^NE of Canada most Wolaipd teiichers is 
Miss Cora Merrett. of Bud's Point. 
Northern Saskatchewan, who lives all by her- 
self In a tiny Indian aetUement on tbe north 
shore a( Ou mh a rlan d Uke. six mllaa of water 
lie between her end her nearest white neigh- 
bor. Besides boin« a i^ilIkt, MLw Merrett has 
to carry out Uir dunes public hralth nurse. 
*o(Ul service wf.rkfr, Irin.d and odvtse: lo the 
Indiana, in turn, they guard her carefully. If 
the goaa for ft walk at least one member of the 
UUle c omm i m lty aUnds at his door apparently 
laalflg ftt tha aoenery. As soon a« she retuma 
be retiree. It la a form of guard. If aba la 

tremendouA energy Into the work of recruitlnB- 
He was sent to the United Statea on an Im- 
portant mlaalon, Wfta pnbUdy thanked by the 

Oovrnntent upon its success, and created 
a Privy Cr.unciUor. Ue waa a member of the 
Fort and Transport OoBnmlttee. of tbe Tteaa- 

Kipling '^Entightefwfr Is 
Told Oncp More for 

\ N amusing story of Rudyard KlpUng r«- 
lates how one day he was preacnt at a 
private fancy dress tiell, each guest belni at- 
tired In a ooatume intended to rapreaent tbe 
title ef aoBBfr vtll"kiiowii buuk: Movt ut Uim ■ 
were eaaUy recognlaaUe. but that worn by one 
young lady puzzled everybody. She was got up 
to represent a cigarette llRhUT At length 
Kipling himself made bold to a&k the dancer 
what waa Die name of the vidume she had In 
mind m dealgnlng her oostmde. "Why, Ur. 
KlpUnff." replied the girl, "you surely ought to 

rrcoffnir-e it It r^pre ./-n'-s one n( your own 
book--^ ■ More puzrJed than ever, KipUng 
thought hard for some .wond.-i, then shook his 
head. "Which one?" he asked. " The lilght 
That ruled."* replied tbe dftinael. 

absent too long or the Indians havp any cau.s*> 
to fear she is In dftnger the guard will go after 
bar. This Is hir second year at Bud's Point, 
•nd she haa never looked tbe door of her 

Experts Decide Colors 
That Make Best 

Jn the matter of signs, tradesmen have very 
different tartrA. On streets lined wli!. 
shops, for instance, you «iil -lee all the 
primary colors in many difterent roiKbina- 
tions: but you will noUce that Ihe old-faah- 
lobad black and nrhlte catches the eye quicker 

than fancUul combinations Black and white 
or biftck ftnd yellow, according to color ex- 
pert*, have no equal and that is why theae 
two corobinaUons are ao often used on motor 
car lioenoea. It la true that yeUow caiuiot be 
seen aa well from a distance as red, .md lor 
this reason railways use red lor danger signals. 
Red has a visible range ot nearly tiiree and a 
half mllet. Oreen comes second, with a range 
oC thrae miles. Blue, purple and yellow can 
be aeeo only about a mile. Tii<^ trndr'men 
however, don not want his siRn in be -i-'t, ht .-i 

ili-ianr-'' Ml- wan*'. ,( i , ■ ,;,,-] b'-torc Uic 
'ii ih'' [..i..---Tt,'. I.: u'- -^irpet, .so there la 
li'-'-'d - 'i:! ■ -'iihcr red or green 
No businfu man tins to study color more close- 
ly than the publisher of books. Look at the 
stock in any bookshop and note the number 
of eovers hi vlvW coton. 

He of ''Granite Face^ 
ReputaUon Lacked 
Words, Not Wit 

YJ^ Coolldge U well known as a man of 
^ few words. A story now going the 
rounds in America sufgesU that he also poe- 
aessea a dry sense of humor. A certain dis- 
tinguished ftrgllabman was on a vLilt to Wash- 
ington with his daughter, and, as is usual in 
^u^■M casffv the two of (hem received cards of 
invitation to the PYwiay reception at the White 
House. Before setting out the gu-l told her 
fftther that she waa certain she oould make 
Mr. OooUdge talk. 'If be says three words to 
you III give you a fur coat, .-uiid her father. 
On being totroduoed u> tiic Prcjudeni the girl 

frankly eiplalned the situation to hiTP nr,-i 
oonftdently awaited the outcome But. kumii^ 
eyed her In silence for a minute. Mr, Cooiidcr 
lemarked quietly. "Dad wins." Then, bowing 
politely to the somewhat discomfited damael, 
he turned away to where one of bla aaeratftrlea 
««a watting with ft sbaaf of oOclftl doeumenu 
needing hla immediate attenUon. 

}(mni[ y (imlerbilt Had, 
Ueeii ' niike Fa^ietf 
Hard Up 

QORMBLIUS Vanderblli, Jr. who. with hia 
wife, has spent his Sunuiier .'i.>iidi»ya mo- 
toring over the Canadian hiBh»u\ from Vic- 
toria to Montreal, and who inv.h a -Summer * 
1mb>« on an Island In Sproai lAke. Albenil. 
baa iMinod a gnftc deal about tbe vBbie of 
noney riaoe those colorful days when he sUr- 
tled end seanrtalited New Vtffk i Pour Hun- 
tlrrd by gotiuf to work as 
a 430-a-week reporter on 
laftTlng ooUege. R b an 
open aaeret In new^per 
etrelee (bat young ttr. 
VanderbMi did not live 
will; In (us eumed income 
Wutw ^iiv times. 

At the start ol his Oana- 
dhm raotartaff (Hp Mr. 
VanderbUt had ooeaalon 

tit hiop at a service station 

Trrtirttn K^.s and oU. It was on 
a Sunday, and tbe station 
attendant had some dUBoulty In f\ndlng the 
exact change, a matter of fifty oenta or aa 

mi watt," aatd Ur. VanderbUt. quit* cheer- 
fully. -I'm not like my dad. He's never br^n 
hard up. but I Iwve ... Did you ii<«r 
what happened to him on bis last Mediter- 
ranean trip? ' he a&ked hla oompanl^ 

Tftther had been crulalng iraaad to his 
yaoht. Arm." coottmied Mr. VanderbUt. "azid 
flnalty reached UalMa- Tinm a ship-» chan- 
dler -iinic Aboard ftnd rmteed quite a fu.u be- 
rntLvr h.- had not been paid last year tor sup- 
riie.*: put on board (be yacht. Of courae 11 was 
an oversight; probably the An bad to amU In ft 
hurry or aometblng. but tbe falloir aaamad to 
think that dad had held out on blm dtflbar- 


"The Spaniard s EngUsh was none of tbe 
best, and he talked so much and so fast that 
'CMhce' 'gaft ~aB mudAed' up ^an^ ^iwa" IllBI a~ 
cheque for I.ITB pesetas Ineleatf of «1» 

which was the amount due. 

"The Spaniard was honeik 
produced the necessary change. 

"t'other took ooa look at the grimy coUac- 
Uon of colna aott MUa antf Um mM itovly 

and distinctly: 

No. thmik you. Keep (he change. I nevei 

handle coins or notes that aJTc unpleaaantly 
overcrowded with nUeNbaftt* 

"So the ablp chaadler mnt back to 
a hundred doUara to the good. Annly ppB- 

vlmni r|-,,,' nil Americans are mad, ftOlt'tlH 
Vanderblli^ madder than all the reat.** 

W hat Price Glory 

A newspaper reporter was sent to ft faahlon- 
ftUe dance for "copy." Ha dwolbed one of 
the dancers, a woman of exceptional stature. 

fts po.v,eri.'^uig H form -(hal Jtjno might envy ' 
Tlie next tnorninK. however, he read in the 
paper that the woman paeaaaaad a form "that 
Jumbo might envy." 

Good! JktMlness 

At the end of his examination paper the 
whoolboy wrote; "Dear Mr. Bxamtoai^U 
you ceU any of my aaawwg to the twpara as 
aoboolboy howlers. I Mptol yob ip bttM me 

A dftvk^r araa amwltac vtth a b«|i9 muU 
whan a bgnteimar fl»M} "MoM wbere'a your 
wUl power!* 

"Mah WlU power nu r-.jh- wul mr b.j' yon 

oughta see dis yer itnimai ^ won i power f 

•nie diattaaa «c ibe pnaaot bave Uttle In 
«««« «te dtaMftto «r Ibe paat. Mve 
Utai we die of them^Acoto Beppltor. 

A. Victoria Lady's Recollections of Her Vibn to S ir James Barrie 's Country 

A N Incident m-hl^-h iirirlv iIIi.bimi-.. hnv> nt iL'linEi. napjiniai k ... 

AN Incident which iiptly illustrBlea the 
Breat sir .Limf* Barries acute seosi- 
tIvenef..^ anri ( niotlonaJisn^ as a boy Is 
told by Mrs. Oavut Dolg m a chapter of ram- 
lolsoenoea fumlsbed by her husband, the bite 
Mr. David Dolff. fnr many yearn manager of 
the Victoria, Bnti'.h Cniumbia, bmnrh of the 
Bank of British North America iind subse- 
fjin^ntiy of the branch of iiw Bank of Mont- »ho died here a few weeks aga Mr. Dotg 
was a Bcoteman. bom and reared in the uttle 
town of Klmemulr. which waa alao Barrie s 
boyhood home He and Barrte went to the 
same *<rh'ioi. and were (treat frlendS- Bame 
m e n Uona his schoolma te in ' Sen Umen Lai 
Trinmy under the fictitious name of "Lewis 
Uoiff ' It u an amuauig Uttlestwy: 

LitUe David Dolg, then altout nine years old. 
was In mourning fbr his tether who had Just 
rrrrnfly dfed The boyy at the il'iir school 
wrrr enRSffed In a vl7o^ou^ game of "kick bon- 
nety." familiar to all Bcoumen, but which, for 
the enlightenment of the unlnlUatcd. may be 
described as a sort of football In which a bc«*s 
"bonnet" or hat Is used In Ueu of the bell 
Uttle David waa very perturbed beenuse. being 
In mourning hi- wn.^ not allowed ta )oln the 
Ramr. luitu he had a briRht InspiraUon. He 
would i^r{ narrlr to rhange "claes" with htm. 
The exchange wes made. Dotg sUpped unno- 
ticed tato the straggle, bucking away as hai^ 
as any of the boys, and hugely enjoying the 
sport while Bame stood by and watched. 
When David relumed for his clothes he found 
Barrie in floods of tears; "What alls you?" 
he asked Barrie. "Oh." sobbed JUn. **tt ">«^ 
toe feel so sad to be w<eartog tbe blsokal" 

Different Temperament 

A LTHOUOH of utterly dinercnt tempera- 
mrai, James Barrie and David Dolg 
weiw tbe greotait of frlenda at achooL Mr. 
Dolg need to my tbat Batrto meant the title 
M "Sentimental Tammy" tor btoiaelf. an he 
was Kn |v-<MiimrIy santtaMBtaL alvar* of a 
rulte rlifTTrru calibre from the i^\\r' bovs of 
Kirrle He and David Dolg vied wlLh each 
other for honors in cocnpoaltlao. Sometimes 
one would get tbe maximum marks, sometimes 
tbe other. They were the great bookworms o( 
the school, and itpent moat of Uidr scant 
pocket money buyina penny dreadfuls or any- 
thing senaaUnnal in the way of magaatoe tobd* 
ing. The oiber bojFe did not oar* a rap about 
Utcratore to any toniL 

Mr, Den wae prent at BMiWb Mirtftco in 

Klrrlamntr. Mrs. IMg. to bar l ato ittite to tbla. 
comment* on a fact which u. perhaiM. not 
generally known about Barrie. to CbMte ftt 
toftai nuBNlr. Ibftt be lamnii two 

bqys of whan- parents he had been very fond 
She also mentions Uiat Barrte was a great 
friend of Capum Scott, the explorer, and In 
hla essay on "Courftge," which he read before 
Bdinburgh University, menuoned Capiam 
Sroti and Captain Oatrs as his Idcala nf nnr 
manhood narnns vuit, not \rr\ long ajto. lo 
Klmr, (o nttend Ihe funeral of a relative. Is 
referred to. He went to the Uttle while house 
la tbe "Wynd" end leapt up the sUlra two at 
a time, saying: "This wn? mv brdriMm; here 
was my bed placed." el*- . and M -. v \ re- 
m^-mber a scafloldlng ouf ;.. *indo« 
ahich gave me so many dream.^: oI Peter Pan 
and like fairy tales " Lately tbat same house 
waa bought privately for a large aum fta a gttt 
to tbe nation from a great admired of Sir 
Jamr^ who wUhed to do him honor 

On one occa.iion when Mr Dolg relumed to 
the Old Country after he went to Dawson to 
open a branch of the Bank ot British North 
Araerloa there ithe flrrt bank In the Khm- 
dlkef. he wroie \i t\ou- to his old boyhood 
friend, now sir Jamr. B.irrte who replied at 
once, delighted to hear nf hl.« er^'whlle ichool 

chum and relauve. and mviung him to dtoe at 
a certain London club. Unfortunately ibey 
mlaaed mxSx other, and the reunion did not 
take plaoe. Mrs. Dolg's slater. Mrs. nirtlhem. 
who haa Uved In London for many yearn met 
Sir Jamea at a reception at Ijidy Astor *. which 
'Vicariously) seems to be the nearest approach 
to the reunion which the old rrlemla bad 

Margaret (Pgilrie 

"M^ **»»^d." aald .Mm Dolg In r_hatting 
with her totemewer. "waa a great ad- 
mirer of Barnes mother. Margant OgUvle. 
who was such a great Uifluence in her wm s 
Ufa Barrte worshipped her. Sbe was a most 
Intellectual woman, of good family and a de- 
voted mother TTie friendship was even more 
cloaelj eemrnted m lal^r yrars, as my hu.i- 
bands father's brother. David Dott. marrlod 
Kitty Bftrrta. aa aunt of 8aiTto*a IHete was 
one aon or tbla union, who now Uvea to l(an- 
ehealer. The gravm of the uncle and aunt I 
saw be.Mde my husband's parents' In the beau- 
tiful cemetery of Kirrle. on the Rill which U 
such a fine feature of the plaoe, and commands 
a moat gloctoua view of iba aarroundlng eoun* 

"Hiare waa a MorM aanae af homor in Mr 
Dotri nenm ie ren e e a nf this friendship 
Barrie Onr^ on a Ttaiatlantlc voyage, 
was uutiQg with a Scottish stohar. wbo to* 
formed him that be cams from Kirrtaannlr 
"I km two Kirrle boya." mm Ifr. Dolg with 
a twtokUng oy«, -iamaa Barrla oavu 


Dolg -WeU, now. I>e heard of Ames Barrte. 
but I never heard of David nmg ' said the 
stoker with a look of consclcniiouji elTort on 
hif^ fare a.' he tried to remember something 

about ihr latter 

Ml'. i'''iK k-iivf Ihr f(.]io«-in(i rpminiscencea 
In the courw of an interview uncc her hus- 
band^ death, fhuUng evident pleanire in re- 
calUng her Imprfa-irq,. j^mn Kirrle for 
tbe first time in the of I9J4. when she 
vlaieed there with Mr. Dolg: 

Kirrie by Moonlight 

husband was anxlwu J should have 
my first Impre.Mcion of hi\ beinved 
Kirrle hv monnlicht. as Ihe town at br-it u very 
old-fafihwned and poorly lighted. I was en- 
tranced with the romanuc old place, so famll- 
ler to me through Barries books. "Hie glamor 
of romance aeemed to surround it 

We Arsl went to view the jsrhoolhouse wh'*re 
my hustiand and nfm-ie had bern !u> rio^riy 
a.v* frr nii.nx years of their boyhm^-l U 
l^ a vrrv rtne large building, endowed by ■ 
ivr.nTr legacy, and always exe^enUy 
equipped. Prom there we walked to the square 
in tha centre of the town, all cobblestones, and 
waU paved. The Oftihie Arnv Hotel at one 
end was a prominent feature, and here we 
were gupsia, 

1 cpicd an important-looking square stone 
buUdlBg with a quatot tower, and asked what 
It waa, appeftm^ aa it did to b** the mnfit ron- 

aplouous one tn the square My husband ex- 
plained that It was the old J:i.l al'hnuRh it 
was noT» t..vd for other purpose'. He laughed 
and saia I once spent two hours there, and 
Diy mother had to pay two shUUi^s to bell me 
ouL My oorenee was thai t Ul a Are In honor 
of Guy Pawke-i Dny, which wsfi against the 
law. My mcarreration wai worth II. however, 
aa I was such a hero with the bo>-s They car- 
ried me round the lown. shoulder high, and 
ln»i«pd on giving me a gla« of beer. I wlU 
never forget how tbe pavement came -ip and 
hit me to Ihe head I was glad lo ct home 

and • 

■"'Mintrysld*' of Kirriemuir 
H'-re «nd there stand 
R^nne of the mo6i .sUttely and beautlltd bomee 
tn all SooUftcid. Olamls Caeile 'home of Lord 
Stratbawre, the father of the Duebaaa of 
Tflik) Is dttly four mileji diMsnt 

Amusing Incident 
AN amuatoff uwldont ta raaaUed to tbla 

^ ooBDeetlen. Oavld was devoted to 
ertekef. and eaptolned a team of Klrrte boys 

TTir oppoRifut te^m " !»• raprjitr>ed by vouns 
fiowea-Lyon 'afterwards Lord StxaUunorvi. 

There were no motor buses in those days and 
the Kirrle boys, nothing daun'^d. walked lUr 
four miles to Olamls CasUe They gave the 
aristocrats a great beating, ThU so enraged 
young Bowes-Lyon that he did not tovito then 
to partake of any refreshment, althmigh It 
had been prcpurrd t\- :rtip victor.v, tired 
and hungry, irudc'^i: i-.i'tt iheir four mile*. 
vo-Aini; It would br ri," [a--^ time they would 
ever enter the gates ol Qlamu CasUe. Later 
on the yoitn; lonl ooaied and wrote beaeech- 
ing lettefa to David, asaurltv him that the 
Kirrle team would receive very dlflTerent treat- 
ment If they would only come attain But the 
Kirrle boys' "Scotch" waa up. and noUiing 
nnuid induce them to alter their ii fffa km 
never to go sftaln. 

The seal of Lord Alrlle Is aloo wlt3un a few 
mUea of Klmemulr. a magnificent castle sUnd- 
Ing to a wonderfully beautiful park. Lord 
LyaU'B was another fine ptacc. so the drtves 
around this portion of Forfarshire were a 
great treat 

Tbe great factory works whiob made the 
place the Important todustrlal centre U Is. are 

now run by marhir:." Many preat fortunes 
have been mado. ;ind many eminent men have 
sprung from Kirrle, althnufb it la so anaU a 

ISever Changing 

thing that struck me about Kirrle was 
that things there speirrvi to gn on for 
centurtet in the lame old order, never changli^. 
For instance, at 0 o'clock every rooming a Uff 
whistle sounds, and then one hean acurrrtog 
fert romtng from all directions, nirmlng and 
Wfllklnu '.'' 'iBuai to mei occur- 

rrnre firnr iw u..; of a nftijnd sleep. 1 

s&id to my husband, "What i.n p«rth Is that? 
I» It a nre?' It eounded so close to ua, as If 
under the window of the botol~«nd so It was. 
Just a few yards away down th*- brir hc 
laughed and said: -TTiat* the v)und 
of my childhood days, the hands turning out 
to take their place* at 9 oclock m tbe factory 
whistle rallft ' 

He men said that he would take me over 
the faclOTy town which he assured me would 
interest me evm ■h .-ifc-li fhe nour nf marhln- 
ery was rathe,- dra.retunB The mana(»rr. he 
thought, would take a special uiterest m us, 
as hla wife was a Orat oonria. ft Dolg. btf«» 
be matrlate. 

la tbe oOoe we were greeted by a hftiiitogiM, 
tan yosog man wbo bad Just Inherited a torie 
fortune fmen his chief, who had left him a 
half ini^rert tn the factory t because ef his 
confidence in himi. and tbe rcet to a n^j eum 
in New York. Tbts young maa oandaolad ua 

ovpr the great Jute factory there, where they 
'xfavf by machinery hammock materials, mU 
cloth, matting, and a vary heavy thick ma- 

The (»rrut liarrie 
J^IRRIE. of course, was ImmorUUzed by 
Barrte through hu "Window In Thruma' 
and "The Uttle Minister," The "Window to 
Thrums" Is what aW -hr ■,-.iri'-". m 

It Is to a Whltewa.-.h'-ri ' iKHifce in Ihe 
centre of the lown. sunding at the head of a 
brae The house has a long, peaked, narrow 
roof, square outUnes. and a neat garden sur- 
rounds It, There la juat one ttoy wtodow m 
the east side of tbe house, and It was at this 
window that Banle'a heroine iia»*d to xii and 
have her long hoars of vigi; looking down the 
brae -Thrums ' u a name derived from the 
wasted ends of Jute material used In the band 
looms wbloh the evftvoa of Klrrte wed to tbe 
old daya. 

My husband and I proceeded on foot to me 
"The Deo al.vt made famous to Barnes 
books. It is a deliahilul Mt of woodland, with 
predpitou.* rork^ on one side, A pultli« green 
now occupies the narrow gleo. Tben la aa ex- 
eeUeot golf oourae and clubhouse not far from 
Ibe centre of KlrrlTnulr Mv husband raided 
me up a narrow paihwai IradmR to a good 
helfhl abnvr and [iarir*.,i t- uutttr Well 
made famous by Bame. iTie top of the well 
u tocaeed to flat, worn etone, and to tbe old 
dara it was a fftmoua fryattoi ptooe for iMet- 

The path was quite steep, and led i« a mort 
beautiful warerfall. which came dashing down 
the hillside into ■ creek tn the "Den" tialiiw 
When we reached Che top, to my aurprlie the 
path widened and led toto the open eonmry, 
very rich and fertile Prom foUow- 
tog the path for some miirt . nr , n-.rough 
wrrtrii we rsme to I^rd LyalM estate 

By day we vuuted the house where my hus- 
band waA hr.m stone atnietuie wttb the 
dato IdM beside a baart pleraad by an arrow 
We next saw Banto'a btrthptooc. a quatot 
whJtvwaehed eoMafu to a row wbear tbrr all 
seemed back to front The bank was a fine 
brick building, and we walked to and saw the 
very desk at which my huabaad rweelved hla 
Ant training as a boy of flftean. At Bmt time 
It vaa tba Ctty of fH a ^u u Bank, alti^nurh thr 
Hnd bevnob felled while my husbend was ^tu; 

WItJi It On the Brethln ftoad there lUU 
standi The old white ' Manse' mentioned to 
Tbe UtUe Minister,- the gaidcn snrrounded 
by a stately hedge. Itea are wpudatful oM 
totbograuada t waa aatonlM at lbs 
Mfto «r a Mek ■■nilna mnilM to 

beauiiful grounds we next visited. Tbla was 
the home of A. WUUe. who Uved there with his 
two old Blalefx. Be had once been Mr Doig s 
father's soUcHor, and was also agent for BMOt 

of the Kreal r.Mfite^ m the netgbbtobOOd Of 

■ Klrrte. They gave us a wana weleone the Is 
■toce deceaaed). On Sunday we attended the 
mm old Preabyterlaa Churrh which my hiw. 
band attended regularly with hia f.mily when 
be waa a boy. His father waA prrcentor of the 
choir for aome fUteen years until his death. 

Ba^ day to Klrrte we met Mwne old school- 
mat* or my hiubandi some nad become 
men of prominence, fuch as the Bursar of St. 
Andrews University The maetU^ were ftl- 
moat always unexpected, and ware foUowad by 
the mutual exebange of hapgiy meraerlM. At 
tbe Outtle WeU a naan graaped my huabaad'a 
hartSand said- "isnt this Dftvld Dolg." Re 
was one of the boyhood srhool frleoda, and Is 
now general manager of a prominent bank ta 
IndU He waa home on leave and had eeoe 
(0 nail the socnca of hla boyhood, while wv 
had come rram BrlUah (SotomMa. Wo net at 
the old tryitliw well. 

At the old Bank Ho.^* \rm Pairfleld Road 
where Mr. Dolg Uved for so nlkny years, he 
'ntrrlalned some of ^h- md Kirrle ronneeUon* 
at diJlrreni times Elsewhere I have Spoken 
of Lord Lyall I omitted to aay be «u to 
Brtilsh Columbia a few yeara ago and was the 
taaat of my husband at dinmr at Pairfleld 

Bead. Thr la'f- Cap'ain Purker. of FJIa^k 
Watch, and his wife were lunching with my 
husband at Patrfield Road before our may. 
riage. Mra Parker made some remark to bar 
husband about Olftmla Oaailc. My buaband 
ivlekad up hla cars and said "You nronn^jn^ 
that word an correcUy that you miw. know 
' '"Piv aa*. ■■Ve», I know it very 

' »an Kitty Dow as -Lyon, a niece 

' rnore. ao of coune t have apent 
man> days of my life tbare, and knov ftboat 
tbe Cboat and an " My buaband told bm> be 
waa bora and br^uBtv i;. •j^fr.m fo»ir mliej or 

Olamla, at Kirrien.u.r '.tial aji a hoy hr 

waa a contemporarv of l^^-d .*^'rarfifn->re al- 
though, he added. "I have a rather unpleasant 
memory of his inhospitaUty ' ^ ttaaa pa»- 
oeeded to leU her of the ineldent e< tbe ertebet. 
and bvw. after wtontog the day Ibe team -pT 

KIrrt' bf/Ti had had to wmlk the four 

mile* h^ime on empty Ttomaehe, thereafter 
vowing nevor agato tA enter tti4 gataa 
OUnUa Mra. Parker quite sgiaad Oato titof 
won parfeetty rlgbt. bot ylded: K mf Mtfe 
oobM mean tba lr>ndent r>ow, i know he wouU 
he MB ftpotagetic. for be u a very ktad- 


k 1925^ 

Urb 'and (2)1111 

iMulch Paper Tests at Sidney 
Experimental Station 

^he work of (our by tte um ol mukb 
pAptr. Uw mertiiMntal Mm «t M- 
iwy hu bam conductlat ■ Mn« of axptrt- 

aiicn'*, the rtauttA of which arr uiuuinc 

Lut year the Douiuuoi] Experimental Parm 
toitad Uli> paper ouL OD a planUng oi canU- 

loupw. Two nw*. MCh cw U fctn l m twalre 
mdau mtt ptaatod uadar wiMlly ttw Mne 
( ofuUUoiu. and at the Uw mm kWft. Hw «f- 
diiuiry row was eultlval«d and WMdad tn the 

u..;ijii iiiwmcr throusbout the year, whllr that 
covered by the mulch pitper waA left un- 
touchad. Tbt flrdlnuy rtnt- prodacid iwinty- 
■u oMloai with a total v«l«bt ol thmy-ooe 
■nd a taiJf poundi, wtaUt tha tnatad low gftva 
one hundred and twenty-ooe imIou With • 
Loul weigbi of one hundrad and (orty-tvo 
poundi. TliiA Ldii^titutes Uia Miftdfdtnw 
lacreue of 3M.B per cent. 

Experimenta Extended 

' pms year, however, the ezperUMttli haw br 
* no means been confined w one crop Four 
acrca bave baan uMd for Uie work. peaa. 
baani. ftrawbarrlca, carrots, potaxoai. cabba«ea, 
laituoa. eom batu aod aquaab bave aU baao 
plaocad, the ordmary row» lajrtsg iMa b y rtda 
with iiic [ffuud row. The re&uiu. In evary 
ca»«. arc so ■i.'.iw.jrHjLui ihat, proijerly. they 
should be seen lo be appreclatrd Even to lha 
lay mind tl U oOvtous Utat Uii* paper u a pro- 
tcctkm which abould revolulionlw market gar- 
dening; aometblt«. in Cmw vhiA wOl diAe 
It poasible to cope with the Summar dmiifllkt 
tsnnighout the Province. The lact that the 
laiolall lor the present year has bean less than 
usual makes the dlffareuoai bttwcan ttw ton 
even more remarkaUa. 

NO matter whether It Is a case of darrota or 
atrawbcmea, potatoes or tomatoefc.' everywtwfa 
are the same results obvioiw. a vijilt. paid to 
the graond recently rrvealed the fact that 
twenty doaan beats had Just been harvesud 
from one row which had bam treated with 
[iiuich paper whilr, alongside this row. In the 
-.atnr B-rotrnd. ted by the same fettUlaer and 
,,;jhT..-<i .it iiie same itnie, was a row of Uttle 
plants, which might. It U true, have sa tufted 
iha grower under normal coadltionA, but 
whteli, orarahadowad ai they ware by ihfltr 
mafnWomt netghbors, looked ridlettlmidy 

Muleh paper, manufactured by the Sidney 
RooAng A Paper Oompany, limited, one ol 
the most revoluUorary limontlttH In th^ his- 
tory of agncultore, baa omne raiUdly to the 
fore in the last few year* as a pimoUebl mean* 
of inrre^xing flnanrial return* from the soiL 
Hrpcaied c»[pertraenl'> and ie«ta have shown 
that it wtU give larger, earlier and better 
yMM>. and wlU also eliminate a lame part at 
the cost of eulUvatlng and weeding. The Sid- 
ney RooAng di Paper Company holds the pat- 
rni nr thia sffoduot ttenmChaot ttaa Waatem 
Proviin f » 

tOect oj LxperimetU 

fN Keneral, the Idea of the paper mulch la 
thst the plan' :.liould sm* ihrcmgh s layer 
D( asphBtt-treaied r-aixr «hi' ti will Hnotber 
the weed growth. w)i!n it. iiin>fr\'t<ms nature 
prevents evaporation Iroro the *ML In this 
way more moisture Is provided lor the uaa H 
the pUni and (he top few inatias of the aafl 
are alw kept mouL, so that the roott wMeh Ua 
near the surfaea oC tha ground Jbavw a abaoAft 
to notu-lsh. 

The paper also keeps tt» gmubd sanral di- 
gfaas wamtr, both by obvlstint iha carrying 
away of bsal by the evaporaUon at moisture, 
and also by tu capurtty. due to iLs bUck color, 
of abaorblng a greater quanuty ot the sun's 

y-jT'! '-'iiiivaUon. after the Qrat obrMia 
praphintiMi^ ol the ground, u unneeoswy, aa 
ine bratinc juinn and wind are prevented from 
"packing" the soli, and the ground remains 
soft and bcoken. Any raui or ^prlnkUng fall- 
ing on the papv Is led over lu surface to the 
openins surrounding the plania. a poalUfla b) 
which )t «u; do tba nwat good, or dtoa U ^^Ina 
through ute perferaUons with which the paper 
lA provided, or, again, soaks underneath the 
paper s edge, and Is held in the gnuMl. free 
from the lendeoey towarda avaporMlaD vntft ll 
Is required by the plant 

Pnprr v.^ iih<t rried as a mulch — as some- 
ti:iv.f :ir. i :> 'a" rllQcient and less ea- 

pcnuve than^iraa or hay— hy Ur. Charles P, 
Sckart. a Mawaltan sugar oaoe planter, bis 
primary object being that of koaplng down the 
weeds This ob)eet was bnmedlalely fuUIMed. 
and Mr. Eckan uo^ Also kurprlned to notice 
that Uie plaou treated in Uils way grew much 
bactdf than was oaual wlih iiw ordlnut ttf^ 

Vted in HawaH 

1 T was at till; ix>lni tlicit ihf aa,. .id'^pt- 

ed by the pinf Apple grov,iT^ and here 
again it proved itself to be equally etBctetit 
and ■Bllsfactoo. Aftw these two cumplca df 
lla mortt the Unilad atatas Department of 
Agriculture, tcfatlwr with other prmnUMnt 
BgrictiUuruts. became aetlvely miereeled. abd 

fX|»eriiii»'nl^ werr niadr upon other rmps. ITir 
loUowiag are the result* of some of the (entJi 

I 'oM H osg ISpvomilneMaae 
Oalary iB pareesmRaraaaa 

PtSti Wpwcmt l iu aae i 

Oarmta . 907 per cent increase 

Cucumlimi .M2 per c*T\t ineT«a«* 

0» large CalUonda stiawtaerr)- grower tried 
(ha pi»«r MM. bad fduad tlkal R gava him M 
pgr aenl more fralfc, a nia to r iMMb, batlM' 
shaped fob riiip0O«. bad aMo uut tt bnuflM 
(be fruit along seme ten days eartier an un- 
portant item in »n Industry m whirh «w\ 
oounu from tbe'polnt erf vk^w of ths prie* 
ncalvad. and whan, in any ease, iha growers 
'saU rtoae to Um vM" M m4m W ditta tha 

A moat tmporlani aspect of the use of mulch 
P^ier is that It wMl kdvann* the maturing 
crop very on n slderab ly . After ihe icale abwady 
dMTlbgd, the UWtad hutaa DepafMnt 
of »gnauttur« daetdad that the ttne of bmrtag 
waa advaoead from oae to livo waaki, a faa- 
t-ii'i wtiich ihouid carry Ita on nasMge to 

the market gardenar. 

By the elimination of band weeding and 
hoalng, mukfa paper saves the hanleat and 
alao ttw moat aivnalva labor nsnmMrj In 
ralataig a crop. In fbot tt la abMotta that the 
labor saved nutt Itaaa vaya f or the omd ot tba 

In Three Widthe 

sidaay SooOag * Paper Oompany j ■ ^ 
up the material In rolls of 400 iineai 
feet. ITiesc roUn arr supplieti m three wldliu., 
toaujl the rtlfTereni crops which are planted at 
varying dL-iAnce.s apart The paper which bl 

of a sulphite nature la flm saturalad tn aa- 
^A^^jod la than eoaiad with the same 

It la supplied in two grades, known a.N the 
"Standard Type ■ and the Commercial Type 
One of lU chief features Is the amaali« cheap- 
nns ot the produet. Upon viewing a couple 
of thlrty-root rva* of baela at the Experl- 
mantal Btatton, the wHter aM what would 

be the coat of tr^atmi; rhese plants in thla 
manner. -Aboij; -.u bit*, he was told; and 
yet ihese sajii^ pian!,s Utcrally towered over 
the neighbor ijug rows oC untreated beeta. 

The Jerusalem Artichoke 
(Hdianthus Tuherasua) 

By J. B. IffUNRO 

Aaditut Pravlnofal Agrooonlst 

jNTntaST tn the Jenutalem artichoke ha* 
fluctuated to a marked degree during the 
past thrvf centuries. The earUest record we 
have of the plant Is contalnsd tn the wrlttags 
of Samuel de Ohamplaln« who Unit aaw it 
growing In the gardens of the Indian* at 
MkUebarre. on the AUanUc Coast, in isos It 
w thought that Lescarbot. a companion oi 
ChamplaUi. introduced it into Prance, where 
It gained n^ld and widespread pofnUarlty. 
About idlg (ha plant reached Bi«taad. bp- 
paimtly from Canada, where It is found grow- 
ing wild In nikir. p^'■.\lnc(*^ 

It Is In FTunce Mnd other European emmtrlaa 
thst the greatest development In the pradur- 
tlon of Jerusalem artichokes has been made 
and during the past twenty-five years the 
acreage devoted to this crop in Prance haa In- 
creased from 307.000 to 1130.000 acres. The 
spread of the Jerusalem artichoke over Burope 
conunued for many years, and In Idlg Cdun- 
na, who aaw It giwwlag m the garden of Oar^ 
dlnal Pameee at Rome, wrote a deacHptlon of 
It and left a drawing thst portrays a plant 
very similar In appparancr to ihr pr-v^rn^ -day 
plant A more e:{tended de&cripuon with an 
Uluttrmtion was prepard by Lauremberg In 
1SS3, foUowlng his work with the Jtfusalem 
artlehofce at Rostock, on the south shore ot the 

Baltic Sea. His work wa.i rarrifd nn nt nbout 
the same latitude as the main agricuMural 
districts of Central Brltuh Columbia m Uie 
Nechako and Bulkley Valleys. U la evident 
that the artichoke is weU suited to northern 
tattludcs, for It haa bam aucoeasfuUy groa-n 
In Alam as mAl as in the northern countries 
of Europe Tlic ariirhnke la genermlly con- 
ceded to be of Canadian origin, whleh facf 
would Indicate that it should be «^ adapted 
to northern dlstrlcta. 

Stinflotrrr^n SUter 

"T^HEJenuialf^!;- .tr' . ' Mfce has been called the 
"statfT of .*er ;it)fi both plants 

belong to the saiih i^maiy It diAers from the 
sunflower In that It produces tubtre at the 
ends of branched underground slams. The 
tubers do not fuDy develop in the ground un- 
til the long Summer day-i an- t>\rr but dunng 
Ihe short days ol Autumn iho M.b. r tifvciop- 
ment is rapid and the yield uh<i.iii^ larnr. 
The plants do not bloom untu the short days 
of October, whan tba time lor harvaatlng tbe 
rarage erop iToto the artlehakaa bi appraaoh- 

There are many vwrleiie.* and lypes nl .Tfru- 
salem artichoke varMng in nhape. color, and 
our. but the onr 'tint has gained the greatest 
popularity m British Columbia as a forage 
crap and tar Its heavy yield of tubers Is the 
Improved White Ftench vsriety Thii vnnr^iv 
%a« Introduced Into British Cnlumbin .^cvt-llki 
year<- ato. and since lis Intnjdtiction by Mr 
W, H. crane, ot the Nanaimo diatrtct. It has 
eoBllnued to occupy a, mere prominent place 
among fbiage crops ti that district every yaar. 
In lilT the Nanaimo DWAct Paraars* Instl- 
tnte selected the Jeniealem srtichoke as one 
of the crops to be used tn their field crop com' 
petllinn* and tiie dairymen who have growti 
It and used it as a silage or soiling crop for 
thalr milk ce«a are convinced that ll la of 
higher value as a field crop than either eom 
or sunrtowars. Apparently the tmpraved White 
Frrnch Jeru'ftlem artlrhnkr Ji»5 come to slnv 
'in many "W the farms of VancfMjvrr Island and 
In the Coast dUtnrts of BrltUi Cohunbla. It 
has also been successfully grown lb the pfean- 
ataa' Valley and in the Bhwwap bafea dlairlau 
at Bbltoen Am onfl MMeh BUL 

On Vancouver fa/onW 

It Is probable that the Jerusalem artichoke 
^ wOi make saoat hsadwsy on Vanaauver 
itlaad and the Ctoaat distitcts as a f wage eviv 
0WRI atlhsr far aafdWwg er faettng as a alft- 
ina crap during the A i' ' < stems sad 

Xtmrm are higher m diR'-'">f> .'>jtr1enU than 
U» »i*fe' p:«ni, the sunflower Ax u praduces 
auMh heavier f vage yields than aMOt varteitas 
In dioMtau trhita the «MMh Bnai- 
la IBV and 

AffimHiiiw iw t fa 1 yrw ^ ' ^ tCTti ttc blc ^lA kumar ^ mW--: - J >^m A ftifft 

Practical Test of Mulch Paper Experiments 

The above picture abowa muakroelona grown at Kdney Bnperlmantal 8ta*m, both with mi* wWwnt mUdt papab 

tlons are varlaWe. tt U probable that dairy 
farmers in such localities wUl continue to 
grow It in preference to eithef sunfloweta or 
com In addition to Ita crop of forage. It 
produce* a high yield of tubers that may be 
oaad for feeding to hoga or any other farm 
antmah In Europe the tubers have been uaed 
moat batanalvelr as a feed for Uvestook, «tnie 
lU forage yield has bem partially neglaetad. 
It Is reported that the IBIS Prench crop. wh}eh 
a m o un ted lo LTOO OM tons, waa used exehs- 
gkf^ lar feeding to catUe. sheep, hogs and 
tooiaea. Die anwuni uaed as s vegeuble for 
taumaa ooanmplUn iraa oomparatively small, 
although lU vahie as a iragotable for diabetic 
patients is rccognlsad by m ed ical man. In 

BrlU^h r%>lunibia thr foragO StCfi and thO 
tuber;i arc boUi uLtli/*d. 

In BrlUhli Columtda the popularity of the 
Jenualem artlehofce has recenUy increased 
because of lU ability to coonomlcstly prdbuce 
large yields of fomge and tubers for the feed- 
ing of farm animals. In the tTnited Btatee lU 
popul^i * tieen revived by the mvesUga- 

UODS mu) lu possibiiuy a source of sugar; 
levulnse syrup from Jerusalem artichokes ha* 
been made by the United SUtas Department 
of Agrioulture and Ihe projeet Is stUI under in- 
vfstiRaiion in tba Bureau of Chemistry and 
Roil:. The tubers have alu been Investigate 
as a K'nirce of alcohol and aome at tba arti- 
choke crop has been worked up tn alcohol 
teotorlas in w>me jecuons of France. vUfv- i- 
waa found that the alcohol was of a better 
quaUty than that obtained from beeU. 

Whst the poMibtllUaa of the Jerusalem arti- 
choke wbcr may be In the conmerelal produe- 
tion of levulose and alcoh<^ Is not yet known, 
but the farmers of the coast dlstTl«(a In Brlt- 
lah Columbia have rraA-mfibl'- a.'wurance that 
the Jerusalem artichoke gives high yields of 
forage and tubeia, while at the aame time it 
will fit Into his crop rotation as a weed- 
•radlcstnr and solt-cleaner. The taet that tbe 
weedy propenslUes does not worr> the farmer 
weedy propensities roes not worrv ihe fanner 
who pracilccs crop roution The rotation of 
crops will control any tendency the pUot 
may have to peratet In the field wbara It haa 
been grown 

Thr Jcru'-alem cTtichobe should be grown 

a.« one ol 'h-; annufii --r'^y-- m Tour cr f\ve-y#ar 
roution on the average mixed farm Hie 
raasoni for this are many and thry iiK-i'uie 
HI Value of the arUehoke as a weed-erad- 
loator^ rti the posstbUtty of preventing arU- 
rhi^ke' from becoming troublasene on account 
(.1 then perstetent habit OI growth; i3) the 
controlling of dls»*B^e^ and pe.stfi that may at- 
tack the snichnke b(. well as other crops In 
the several arUchoke-growine district* of 
British Columbia occaatnoal plants atUrked 
by a ralhar airleua fungtia dlseaae have been 
found This dlseaae. caused by th« organUm 
Bclerotints iibertfana, has proven very sertaua 
in the artirhokr helds of New Zealand in areaa 
where the crop l.-' ftrown for several years roo- 
aerutlvely on th<" namp soil. The nrr.t "symp- 
tom noticed in early Summer Is a wilUng of 
tha foliage, whleb becomes blsek and causes tbe 
death of the whole plant Tbe diseased alems 
show s dense Ught-cOlored tungua growth and 
withm uv mem Miib^xlied ia its tlssum are 
numerous black tuiifju!. bodies which l»ear the 
(■pores of the di-ieaiie The mopt Rat|sfactar>' 
method ot overcommg this dlseaae. which at- 
Ueka many farm crops. Is erop-rouuon. A 
five-year ratatlan is satwfaeiory and it should 
inelude artietaohaa or ether hood crop, cereals 
and hay. 


Interior Decoratwn 

CANDLES are now Oeing used in the home 
for Ibatr decorative quaJlUsa rather than 
for their original utUltarlaa purpose of light- 
ing. Tbe modem home samrta to be "a house 
of a thousand candies, for no room it mnMd 
ered properly fuftiished without candlw in 
sMne form 

The attraeUve colore and plam and fanciful 
designs lb whtob they are now marketed give 
wide latitude in their arvai««uant. Numarms 

electn'- lighting fixtures ar» ma^ In the am- 

blanre iil csndles nntl «lir: oT Vlttiant ShftdH. 
lend an air of dlstinrrinn 

A Colonial room m^v >>ave wall llgbtn nt 
enndles in colors harmoauing with cretonne 
or gb«bam sbadea. aiitf bedside aandlai an 
found wbaga "wieks" are ttty il a i a u light 
bulb*, the eandlni b^ng art In Oolanial bram 


The Pr^n^h period rnom the Bpanlah or 
Italian living-room ar hall me dirma r^-.m 
aO have Ibatr o«m typm eandla and hmdera, 
many at aitloile wraoffat mn OflaniBaana- 
dlee are real, iii««1 their soft ray* «• pol- 
ished wood eurfaeea, and. ttke the Arelighi of 
the open grate, bringing a charm sli their own 

Children a raoms njgfeit candles which are 
effgied la unasual forms— s littia 
with bar HaM, PMglUa and JObn AlAsk 

Care ot Poultry on the Farm 


IN all que-s'ion-i ri brf-pdlng the words 
"dominant and rrci-i-MVt uif lOOl* 
monly met wuh But not ail small 
pou]tr>' keepen quite understand what is Im- 
plied by ctwae larau. yh they are quite 
simple. An Uhabcmttott wUl sufBoe to explain 
the matter Say yon nuite a nae-oooibed bird 
mth H Aingle-oombed one. All the raaultteg 
(hiLkrii<-- will be hatched with rose combs. It 
doeb not matter \n the slightest vrbether the 
male or the fonale possesses tbe rose comb. 
AU the chickens follow the reae comb parent. 
This only refers, of cooise. to the first gen- 
eration. Wh'n t',r r-v.r-cfHr.t) rhlrk'ns that 
have been produird iTum a bptwccn a 
roae eorab and a single comb are mated .'■ome 
of tbe youngsters will come rose and others 
single. The pnqMrtion between the two u al- 
ways the same, but we need not enter into 
this qneaUon here. 

As all the chickens come with a rof^r comb 
from tbe above crossing this factor is said bo 
be dominant, while the single comb is recce- 
sive. That, in a few words, explains the whole 
subject. All facton or chfcracterlstlcs are 
either dominant nr receafllvr, and those who 
uo m for makuiR n {\ri,i cuisr. should know 
def\nn<']y alurh l- whim Taking the nlrmal 
points. It \s found that white plumage i5 
dominant and black or buff recessive. Some 
breeds have five toes, although the normal 
number Is four. Strangely enough. Ove toes is 
dominant to lour ^oe^ hrntre all the first crosA 
I hlcl;pns will liavf the addilinnal loe. Pealh- 
■T-M u-tifi Hrr dominant lo dran irRs, hence the 
great dit&culty m breeding out this character 
when once it has got Into tbe strain. A 
crested head, although not by any means 
common, 1« dominant to the uncrested head; 
thereforr Ibis, too, » difl1<-ui( point to breed 
put when onoe it has been introduced With 
regard to Ihe internal characters of the blrd&, 
broodlneas is dominant and non-broodiness is 
recesalve. This la the reaaon why even among 
non-broody breeds. swAi.aa the Leghorn, one 
Is always eemtng aoroas Individuals which 
want to ^i^ Brown eijK-' are dnm'.nanV to 
white, an interestmg point, seem? that brown 
eggs are always in great demand The above 
Is m answer to numerous correspondmta. but 
ionawhat dtiayad. 

Janunry Haiched Pullets 

TpHF -!■•- of hatchtnt; rhv krnr- in 

January ia incraaslng. and many readerK 
of these weekly notae will now have a nice lot 
of pullets hatched during thai month coming 
on. The one trouble with aueb birds is lhair 
liability to go Into a moult at tba end at An* 
gust or September Prevent that mcult as 
much as posalble however, and they will be 
layuig at an extremely useful period- The way 
to prevent January pullets from moulting is 
to feed them thoroughly wall until a month 
before laying on a good grow in g mash, then 
in ptii ihem into their laying quarters and 
l<^ed them very generously on this special 
rarly bird dr)' ma«h Middlings, tour psrt« by 
weight, ground oais. two partb by weighi; 
broad bran two psrtji by weigut; maise meal, 
one and a half parts by weight: Lueam. or 
clover meal, one part by weight; fMi meal, one 
pan bv weight: Unseed meal, half part by 
At'iKtu If a «et mafth u prelerred, the same 
m/ri^ii^n;.- .trr rtnpl'-'> ed but only OUe part 
bran and half part clover meal. 

As a further preventive of moulting, it i*' 
daalrmble to give dry mash fed birds an catra 
feed er wet mMb m the evaalftg. That Is, 
vru keep the dry mash hoppers open all day 
and supplement what they hkve eaten with 
«<>t m»sh Very seldom will birds fed plenit- 
fully in this way go into an rarly moult 
Nauirall) the usual ipomlng. midday and eve- 
ning supply of grain Is required— c^nal parts 
wheat, oals and Ubhtod mahie. tt muae not 
be undetetoad rroan the above that an all-wet 
mash pnigiamfne ts prefereble for early atvds 
It is the •^'mibmatinn of Ary and we* maah 
that dees the trick. If you do feed all on wer 
maab you wUl have to ensure the Mrds taking 
in Ibe eatra supply of food that ia so neces- 
sary to lham by giving them an evening 
<tJO pjR.t tapfdy al grate fbair vbeat. bau 
Aelae) la troi^ia. . 

It ll imporunt net bs tftfll the Mril abant 
once ihe\ have be«un la lay dT ta make My 
> hans*:< ;n fTanaaenienl nr feed or |0 frlghlm 
them or subject them to vartabeau In tem- 
perature, sMh are an ^wHt^ettae edbata to 
ptaMkaMr* meulttat. 

FihrouM Food* 

tE are saasa p aeipis who teU us that w« 
are all wr<mg m sdvislag peuttry-keeperv 
la faed bran la tbab- fowls. Tbay (aU aa that 


It conlaina far too much fibre— a aubaUnee 
which fowls cannot digest. PerfeoUy true: 
lowU cannot digest any but Ibe amaUaat 
quantttie»ot fibre But this does not saytorone 
mcment that a fibrous food, like bran, has not 
Its good pornt^. We all know tliat a fowl's 
digestive apparatus l.s quite a different affair 
(o that poeseMed by an animal. Por one 
thing, tbe dlgesUve tract ts very stunt; tbe 
food paaaas very rapidly through It and of 
course the faeces and urine are voided to- 
gether. The fibre baa not a chance, therefore, 
of getting dlg4sted. In the ca«' nf bran, per- 
haps not more than a half of'the whole of the 
meal is dlgeslM and only a very small part 
Indeed of. the fibre or husk. It has been 
shown, too, that with a gram Uke wheat with 
only about one and a hall paru of fibre to 
ninety-eight and a half parU of other ma- 
terial onl\ .1 inuT of this ingredient us u.-.ed 
The rest li iDidfd For even' hundred pounds 
of fibre fed not more than » WjM pound is 
digested, "nie bulk of the fibre passes straight 
through tbe fowl's body; but for all that, we 
claim that a food Uke bran is beneficial m 
that It exerta olber InHuencas wblcb make 
for ft healthy dlgaitlve aygiem. 

Want Clean LUter 

\ VThat a mlstakmi idea it U to imagine 

that the, litter question la only Im- 
porTsii! dwruiK 'he Winter months. If any- 
thing, the Uttle in Summer month.^ wants to 
be of a batter quahty and equally much in 
quantity. Oo Into hundreds of sheds today 
and you wlU notlca that the only Utter ob the 
floor Is what remains from the foot ot straw 
put down fresh last Autumn It has worn 
n','A. rtlirio't lo no'lnn;" and what left is 
laden wiUi dry duaty droppings, OUierwise 11 
Is not of much account What abaorbent 
power has old liner? None, for It is aaluraied 
with manure, although It may appear dry. 
Oood litter ts expensive, but It must be used 
in sbundance during <lhe Summer. You will 
be well tldvl.^fnl to <, iean out thr old stutT and 
put down nine or ten inches of fre&h ma- 
leriil right now It will make a vast difier- 
mce to tbe health ot tbe birds. And this is 
the same as aaying it will nuika a vaat dlltar- 
anee to tbe egg yield. 

SimpUfy Duck Feeding 

IT saves a vast amoiint of labor if one can 
.'.tari at the t>eBlnnlnB of the :.ea-''an with 
A .fTi«in ma.'.h with ihr idea of keeping tiie 
bird nn practically the same mixture right 
throughout their Uvae. This cannot tw done 
vary waU tn tba ogge of cbiabane, but tbera is 
no reaaon why tbe duck-keeper ahoqU not do 
so. A correspondent tried tbe plan last year 
and foAnd It answered excellently. His April 
and May Khskl-CsmpbelU and Runners are 
coming along nicely, so be tells uh. and this 
week he has started them on laying mash, so 
that he need make no cbadga-aave to in- 
creeae the quabflty or meat meal a bttle at tbe 
beginning of bctobT <inti! the birds reach 
laying age. The m.uih thai he is using con- 
elBls of three U)gredleni.« t-nly I'M'':' .irr mid 
dbngs. Asked maize snd mrai meal He ha/i 
trtetl a number of diflcrent mulurep, but he 
finds that one made up of Ava and a half parU 
by wvlgbt of mtAdbnga. four and a half paru 
ot (Ukad maise and one part of meat meal la 
(be Iwst of the lot This our correspondent 
Will Uie rlglil aion* now until a rnnple of 
weeks before IsyUlg Aiiould con^mence. when 
be wUl increase the meat meal to one snd a 
half parU. reducing it again to one part, whan 
the birds, gotung into thiir MHda. have ban 
layuig Urn tbia* or toor wMlbd. 

K0Bp PulleU (.miring 
A VOID av a l uu a d ing ibem The Oirii «n 
^ be goiu double tbdlr praaent M in a 

faw monthi time 

l^' them have all the greenstuff they waai 
and let them have ll pv^rv day Hang It up 
in Ihe hntise nr nin kt, thai, they will have to 
wort to gel. It 

Provide plenty of shelter so that the birds 
can got under aavar now and agaka dorbig Ibe 
hotteti part of the day Sbeller OfaMK M 
snd wind U squally important. 

Praiact them against ttody iKr ■'-^l fed 
miles Keep the house clean and -I'l*- >if 
Mrd* onr* a month with a good ^< t pnw 

dar. also mject paraAn mta Ibe perth socket* 
Kaap a planHriu aaggily af Ira*, pure vtter 

abMia Ui front of them In bal woather tbav 
a lot snd they want It eeld and fiaah 

Kaep the watM- under emm. In the ran mmm 

oeri of tTTMn can eaally be iieelat, 
Bast wishes to tbaaa daar oM MMl gi tfit 

-Olory HallL- 

Garden Week by Week 

By MOiUftAli W. F. AAMT. 

V'OW that the bulk of |ba rbododendran 
fiuwfrii arr over, time should be touod to 
remote the seed veaeels. as if they are silowe^^ 
to remain, next year a crap of blossomi srtll be 
mueb ndttoad. OenaraUy atea young buda are 
to ba tonnd te prnnoai a> iavalepuiant at tto 
base of tba seed pod and a certain amount Of 
care la aaadad whan pkftlng olt the latter or 
injury to Ibeee bnda wU] rmulL 

Antbrtunums should be watched, as any 
forming seed pods dmsju leas Uowera. in Just 
tbe aame way as seed forming on awrri ^--n 
stop* Uie bluom- The beda abould be gone over 
every week at least and qient flowers removed. 
A Uttle boi» meal forfeed la araund the planU 
«m help a graat M and planiar of wnigg 
•hoold be givto to dry maibaL 

Care of Ro$e$ 

D06B bads abould be kept Hae from waeo. 
^ and the hoe should be kdpt working the 

surfsi-'c ..(Mi. prcventuii; U fiom becoming 
oaksd- ThiA hel|>s lu prevent esi^esoive loea of 
Vtater by fva^Mirauon Weak Uquid manure 

onoa or avaa twice a week will be found ol 
gfoai . banaflt dumg tb^ flovanng oeaan. 
Bamblar roaas will be omklng new growth 
from tbe base. These should be tied in and 

any weak onea cut out well as any in exces.^ 
of the number required (or next year s bloom- 
ing. Por cboloa ftowata (flifciirtlng abeuM be 
pracUaed. laavlng only one bod lo Ite itaoL 
Tbla diould be done aa aoon as the lateral 

buda are lar^e eno.i^ih u; bf \fti\. ^ntMi the) 
may easily be removed by piochuig oui with 
the Anger and thumb. 

Dmhita Stakes 

A B the side shoots of dalilias develop they 
*^ Mould be secured to a stake by a piece of 
raSBa looped around tba branob and thm 
made taet to tbe itaka. Aa the plant growa it 
may be necessary to Insert ether elakaa to 

which to .secure the !ihoote When the plsnti. 
are blooming freely a Uttle liquid manure will 
be of great help in Increasini the Hob ot 
bloom snd In prolonging the season. 

The matter of what to do with house plants 
while one ih away (or a week or two Is often a 
problem. FUst let H be sUted that planu 
muat not ba left tn darkened rooms, ner muat 
the pota stand In water aa this will sour tbe 
sou. Let the planu stand bi fuU Ught, but not 
In dir'-i i ^uii liKhi To krep iiif ..oil moist 
pack the potj> round witli wetted newat>sper« 
in a box. or plunge them into a bucket ron- 
talnuig irel sawdust or moaa. A spidis t ras 
tslau. and many other iub)eela wUl ba biiiar 
la Iba opea for a period They come lb after 
a tptHl outside, refreshed and vigorous. Seaop 
oul a hole under * ir^e or In sonn- other half- 
shady place, put liie pot in this and AU up 
witb aoUi water and leave It alone for two er 
three weeks. Tbe plania wUl take na barai. 
In fact, you trtU peabably And tbeas in baucr 
ODKItloii tbab «Mn you Mt «n your raaalML 

Rote Bl0om$ 

\1THEN trsthering roses for hou-ie decora- 
* *^ tioti 11. must be remembered that the 
. nndiiior. of liie bloodis when ihej' sre gsthered 
determines, to a great extent, their LasUng 
quaUUes. Gather the buds just as they are on 
(he point of opening. Oarly morning Ui ptffhapa, 
the best time for cutting the buds. The neat 

beat time u late evening AJwa v r mife i 
good Irnflh of «tem Three or four bud.* m 
Uir bs-ii' Mill produT Mimnent &hoois for a 

plcnuiul orep ot bleesnmi u the F%ll. Bibktfa. 
length of stem baa a graat deal la da «iHi Um 

arrangement of the blemba A vord aa to the 

actual cutting A ksm-edged knife u un- 
doubtedly the best unplement to usa, gd It ' 
makes a perfectly smooth, clean cut. 

Cutting Back Plant* 

A UBRIETlAti should be Cut back nu« snd 
kept weU watered if the weait><-r is dr)- 
In the early Sprb^ the plants wUl bs mush 
better if a iHtle ffaib gaat aafl la UgMly 

forked In srounfl them. 

The above applies to arabu and alyuum, too 
as weU as to many other rock garden plant' 
By eutUog back many of (ha dlanthns famUy 
you will gat a siiimi d onp of flowara and ftaap 
the iwebary gay vban it would atbarvlBV be 
aaaroe of flowefa. 

Watch the green fly aqd for mildew on the 
rasas. Pbr tbe feramr spvny wllb bbuft leaf 40. 
and for Ibe latter vKh Ume mlgftw 
aixty lo one. That Is, one part part gf BbK 
Ruiphur to sixty of water If one doee not aare 
tn handle lime milphur ordinary flowers ol 
sulphur dusted on wUl do s great deal (ovards 
eoMvailttg the «agt 

r>on't f. '«■•■■' -h' rf ■• 't'-<rwwini 
perennial ,^ ^Trmt « <'ii i>oii •hat hu 

taken monttu to product Time takM ID 

stafcli« planu u umc weU ^ent. 

Coming Events 

Ifie gorfim had focelved an urgent eaU tram 
tbe home of a young couple Arriving he 
found the voung father on the doarMep. watch 
la hand "What s the troubleT" aakad the 4aa- 
tor "Notbhw tbia tbne; doctar. My wife Juat 
wanted to laa how guMBIr yon aanid get hiea 
te aaaa Mia wa lAkn gndMIr HL VMidldll 
bl faw 


obleet la view. Uaka a 
al aevalepmenta 

\-tf.«.-, M^^, sharp agdaa 

wh're pcMibi* .n fsrdealng. Oigaalul 

Lsava tlu 
plaaitng the 
and ira» 

eoatre ct 



IbLLOWING , the BIRDS ai£ iiM^^'m: 

II * 

it »< 




Hifihway Improvement 
Xkroughout Uaminiaa 
Association's Objective 

Animal natiicMini: oi' Canadian Good Roads 
Or^ani/ation at Charlottelown in September 
Will See Renewal of Efforts to Secure Federal 
Government's Continued Support 

Fifteen Per Cent of Thoroughfares 

Are Classified* as Surfaced 

MONTREAL. July IS.— It l3 now almost a certalnrv that when 
the CanadlMi Ooort RoadR Aawwtatlon dPlPRat^s ^.wmblp 
In annual r-mf-r-nrr ,t Ch;irlt):tt:;f. \n, or, ScpLcmbrr 17. 
J8 and ID. that ii rnw-wcrj. vigurou* etUtri wlU be made to obtAlii 
from the r^drrui Onvenunint « conUnuuice of thfl «nuit towvtls 
iniprnvf-d highways 

In 1910 fh'' Pedpriil poviTiiment vor^'d $2O,(M)0,0O0 towards the 
i)''i».frmnu of roads. This nmnoy waa to be spread over a term ot 
yrars It wax so divided that each province received a Straight 
grant or $80W a year, the twlancc being divided In proportion to 
popuJftllon. Borne of the total payments were approximately On- 
t*rto. «».900.000. Quebec. $4,800,000; Saakatchewan, $1 700 000 
Wova aeotla, $1,600,000: Manitoba, $13«U)00; BrltWi Columbia 
$1 2so noo wbuf.i $000,000; Prince Bdwaid JUaad. «ao9.00O. tills 
moiu'y hat, bi'rn spent. , 

Hpn. Pezvy C. BUck. or HaHfax ' 
an eS'prestdsnt of the Canadian 
Oood Roads Aaaoclatlon. think.* that 
the Dominion ihould al leas) d'tubif 
the amount of this gnin< h ». o 
L. Mofheraon, of Alberi.' i''' i.-- 'tint 
the Wpslirn pnn'inceH , tur.ud ot>- 
'-ttln 1' Iiiritpr pfcjxirllnn ilian [irft- 
Mciifily b^^rnuw they an- »i a dW- 
(UjvHntutf wlirn coinparcfl wilh thr 
Wratcrii Blutes, in view of thi' lurk*' 
Federal aid given those Stateh Hon. 
Oeorge S. Henry haa piil, Ontario 
on raoord as beliw in of liie 

inereaaed aid. 


55 *| 

Motorlag Party Much 
Impressed by Scenery 
Of Vancouver Island 

Party of Seattle Visitors Tour Victoria's Hin- 
terland and Note With Adniitation High Rale 
of Speed Maintained on Curving, Rolling Road- 
way of Beautiful Up-Island Section 



fMitar 1 i 


One of '!!•■ iiii'-'.^':-- "f uic Caua- 
dlan Ooo<i a -- lAtlou. Tbeo^ 

a. MoriMit. i>t Monacal, has tutn- 
martsad ibe acgutnenu received 
from many drtegatm "Aceordins 
to thf latest flinirtfi " -m!,! Mr Mnr- 
(iftn. Canada haa -iJ i ii^n Ttiilrn of 
hlfhWRVfL So far. havr 56,763 
mllM ot surfaced roadx, that 1a, 
roada made ot cement, macadam or 
graveL x» vttM# ttordiw tout is per 
cent eff Owada^ nada are what «e 
oaa call surfaced roadi. To be ab- 
aotntely fair, we have anme n.000 
IP I \fs ot t m pTdvert "aiih rnndi 
l-r\('n if '.hi' rarih r..ui]'. Tcr" In- 
riudffl li^ initirDved »iirfaceU rowls. 
therr lA Atlll a vast amount of work 
u> br oone In getting our highways 
in •'hape to mivel, even in good 

Diirins thr iiisi nrtf-on yean, t 
tiunk it 16 Ittir io niAU' that our 
Federal revenues have been in- 
ereaaed by at least $ 
from tasee received <->n the ituto- 
mobUe induatry. T1il« <.i>m-^ no* m- 

rlude Hllet tax and any nihrr 

noiiroea of revenue. Ijuii yar c.nn- 
»<1A lu a whole, beneAled to thr ri- 
'>f $NO.O0Oi)O from Uitirbtt 
'.nil- These tourlata would at* 
■.y-.r oome hen had we not had 
u>roved hlRhvnys 

Englishman Wears 

Out Three Motors 
Touring Couniry 

LON330K. Ally 13 — Advo- 
catea of the **see your own 
country Brat" movement will 
be IntervMed In the record 

tiisf hiinir up by James Allen. 
•■f Covrntry Allen la beUeved 
Ti. br thf fin.' trnRlishman whn 

■ ilf. I/mn .ind liamlef in hi; 
FiAUv i-,Kjri(ry. Tfn ypur:. a«ri 
lie itibrnted »7b.O0O rnwn a 
rich uncle. The luiexpi-ried 
legacy enoouraeed him la dti 
something he always hud 
wanted to do— see Kngland m 
nrt Autotnc.hiW' Tt hSA taken 
'iini 11 .J. ,1.1. r,, ,1., It. and h(? 
l\aii worn out three autcmo- 

y.s, TO sTyoY 



New l)r\Urs Now Irsl^ 4nd 

(.'baruclrriatir^ nf Cnj^ne 
t'nder Ob^terrallea 

AN "explorftllon party" from Seattle recently truv. l-vi nvvr the 
lil^nd roads, a.Md Lhr invmbers wore visibly impn-.v-rd by thr 
unexpected panorama of beaullful scenery that waA unrolled 
before them, tot two days they were conducted through eome of 

the most calebrated of the Iniular 
playgrounds, and at every Uim 
fresh Mghts net the eye LlmltM 
!tMHi(,'ij the lime wm, yft ihtv 
%rrt ublf to vWM m;in ■ iM>;n'^ of 
lx>'h M^rnir and hb-mnoo] int^rcM 
.\rt\jsl<Mni'ri. Uu-y nrrr to ihr 
straight afid M:|«utincally ran- 
etruct4*d hiiihway of the Washing- 
lon State, the curving, roUtng nature 
i >f our roads itave rise to mueh eom- 
ment. Vet t hey w^re favorably 
■-(luclt by lhr hich rate of 'Kpmi 
obtainable wiUi i)rrfecl safrty over 
thff excellent surface Warm ho»- 
piiaUty was shown them at 
many oomXortable hotels and huis 
CD route. 

This Vanoouvrr bland motorlog 
waa undertaken by rcpreavntaUvM 
of the Seattle Tlmei. the Nave). 
vport-Staams OadlUae Company, 
the Independent Fcrrv svjtem. 
which operaies the City of Victoria 
ri m- Meamfr, and Ihrv werf twi- 
I -r- l by Mr a I Warren, pub- 
ii' itv rommlsmoncr of The Victoria 
and Island Publicity BunwL 


niqmaliona ThroUft) Courtetr n( ^nh. r\mw 

pie. and as t understand It. that Is 
•me of the fundamental polnle upon 
which our Federal slaleraen Inaltt" 


QUBBIDC. July 13 Wllh motor 
tourMa travel for the seeeon esutb- 
lUhlBg a new record, this province 
has determined to eliminate the 
"road hoR who dawdles along at 
an •inrfA-' nablv low rat* of mileage 
niil '■i»/ii,(Lh inilfir In general. It 
J ha.-, bvn rtportPd to the HlRhwov 
; Oimrunrnt thai in th*' lubiirhft ol 
(h«' lar^rr aties certain dnwrs prr- 
sutt Ml Idling their oars at ten. twelve 
nr fifteen miles an hour. Accidents 
have been traced to thli procedure 

While evrr^- effort will be made by 
thr authqntiei to nirb eiccsslvr 

The more Im 

Pfffved hWthway* thr more trturlst^ - - 

However the Pedfral aovrmmenl i '''^'""e the "ilow- 

jpolti- — " — ' » * - 

in the last fifteen \rani huA paid i - - 
out but WO OOO.Oon t..wnr<iA 'hr i,^ ' punwhment 

nannut hope to encapr without 
The volume of travel 

provement or roads i think that if ^ i"'**.**''™ 

these figures Indicate that we have 
an eaoellent anrument to place be- 
flgge the authorities in utiawn 


•'It seems to me that moat of our 
delPirste» would favor lhr Federsl 
aiithoiitleA fflvliui a larse propor- 
tlOD to v. T ' ' I lir nnaJIrr nrnv- 
inrr* 1 1 . nntr Princf TjJ ■ 

ward I>JMii.i. <^ u hai a food (Wl 
tt diflloulty in aurfaeing roads, be- 
eOWaa almaat every load of gravel 
need th««- has to be bnught Irm 
the mainland. In the pralrlaa, too. 
irtone and gruvfl In many Itutanres. 
hiivr to bf hauled for looR dLstances. 
necewiiai I'lr .-tii^-iuiive n>af| biut l- 
ing. ''■■■i-M,, ^-,.1 ^jrbfc arc in a 
far tKw t itiiiijUi'U than ;ho --thrr 
prevlncea to remrtace road* 

"Ttnm lettexa X have ae-en. and 
flOiivaiMlluui I have heard, ttw Ca- 
•ddten Oood Roada Aaaactatkn wtU 
aaeuredly have a unanlawae eaas 
IO prv90nt tA ouAwa- Hmvw la ne 
plarr whs re the Oovemment of 
' snada out opt-nd »Vl.rtOO.Ofti (o 
t^^t-t^r advantave than in the uu- 
provemant of our hlghwaya This 
unfeevemaot ertll not beoefflt a tew 
' Tiff TlWtfl 111 Uiu lui 

UoUn wbleb might be eoBstnied 
as taterferenee 

Allowable ipeedii are as foUowa 
Pasaenger can, twenty mllei an 
hour wiuth dty. town and vUtage 
•imitA Thtrtr BUlea an hour bi enea 

Half ft doy-'n yniini: m^n ho^ni'l 
fn.<m I.I 'Ti-vii ;f,r Ni-w York hart 
,chunintrO >ip on the liner When 
atmgt halfway aeraas, one of them 
gave a part^ Ohampagne flowed 
My ud waa largely partafeeo of 
by the boat. Otoml 

JIW* mortdng one of the 
paMFH»on dack early when a 
"teWvM i»proachcd. 

"Mr. Onm would uk^ to see yoa. 
sir' aaid th^ man 'He's suil In 
hia cahln ' 

Thr othpr found Oreen with a 
wet LowTl mund bis hiad- 

-HuUo nid chap, how are you?" 
he aaked 

"Oh Im all right," waa Otm's 
reply "I ramember nearly rvery- 
thing thai happened laai night but 
one thing puniM mr I know T 

Mood tUs eupger. but ten me. who 

WA.SHINr;'mN July 13. WfiV 
.'■hapc of itic cylinder head, type of 
I valves or other characteristics of i 
automobile engines huve Iwdo with 
lenslne aeoeleratlon ii to be dele r I 
mmed by the ffnlted Statei Bureau 
lof Standards 

A portable accelertimeter built 
buresii experts » lo be taken to. 
vnnoii.-. automobile maniilBcturing, 
plants in the muniry. where 'en*' 
•on engines wUl be made to detfr-! 
mine the "plck<up" characterlsucs 
of the various typea wtth the same 
'fueu and under the same eondl* 

Thr fxptTlinriiL- art- n rotnintm- 
•-inn of fin Anii-invbilr lupl InvrMlifi)- 
tion und'Ttakf-n hv thr bureau srv- 
,rrsl yean ago ai the roqueit of the' 
I American Society of Anwnottva 
■nglneers. | 

I Testa in rbanr of non.ild B. 
Bruok-v. associated automollvr en- ( 
KUiprr f.f the bureau, have been car- 
ririi oui on a aix-cylinder automobile! 
engine in the bureaus automntivr 
laboralory Now a desired -o 
dptermme what. If any. variattors 
in arceleratlen era due to engine 

Tlirt-r tvp^'s iif furl, a low-grade 
commerrinl gaftojme. a high -Rrade 
gaeolme and a misiure nr uir i^o, 
corresponding with the axerare 
grade of automobile gaaolioe, will be 
>»ed In the leeta. 

Hie portable accelerometer is an 
unusual device Paper Upe. notch«d 
on Ihc rides like "movfe" film an-l 
wound on two reeli, runs through 
a ipark gap at a rate varying with 
engine spt*a 

Sparki controlled by a lant? tuning 
lork flash arrow thr fpark gap si* 
tlmea a acccnd p u net urlns t in v 
holei in the paper tape. The dto- 
tanee between the holes, measured 
taV a mkroaeopic device; lodkaitfn 
the engine speed Tha variation 
bi dManoaa between suoeecdtng 
holie meaauree the i«te of aeeelem- 


\7AN« M VI K Island brMihe* an Old World strnMshcre although 
▼ pl- c i m a We.tern •etting. Upper left, a view of Bmpreaa Hotel. 
Beiroont Block and Umon Club. Upper right, motorlog tsjs from 
^e.-.ttlc are atopped ai s wsysidc Inn (or tea. Centre, Cspiain John 
Andcfuon. lerry system operator, shown .i young paiservger how a lilebelt 
sli:)iild be adjuiled. Lower Irft. Covernot Grntral and Lsdy WilUngdon 
with an Indisn chieftain si the foot of a totem pole pracnied to the 
Govemor-Qencral on hia recent vtatt to the Island. Lower right ferry 
iieamer CHy of Victoria, plying between Bdmonda and Vktona. l^wsr 
centra novd Thunder Bird o< the Vancouver laland InAsns. He pro- 
ducee chuoder by leepiog on the prone ftih, the raaolting revsrberations 
shaMag tba beavtoa. 


General Motors Di if dors 
Handle Nearly Million Dol- 
lars Daily Trade in 102 


FOUR mmi i^ 


ramas Maty-SU reaanaaa AH Ad- 
vaalagea of Traiwlertea De- 
rigiaed by Bi^laeeii 

A S cotch nlenaan tniTelinr ht» 
■wwtt cry in a flivver had a bresk- 
down and dlarovered 'hat it would 
t»ke three days to n< 'hi < %j He 
Mred hia flm lo gklinburgh for in- 

Thr reply eaaie: "Start your vac*- 
oon ae Ovm. yeemngjF * 

Borwd rnung Udv at rmd hetwe- 
"Tlooey irt't go hnm* The man 
St th^ door proinlssd thai they'd 
pMl'ivrli havr « raid »i 4 .VrlocJt 
,and^be.r« it u s. 30 and ant evan a 

A new. medium -priced, six ryl- 
Inder automobile having four fer- 
ward qieedi. n the latest addition 

to t^e Durant series. Thf introdur- 
tloii of this mcidel haii cauaed a great 
deal of comment in automobile 
circles becsuse 11 embodies all the 
advantages of fntjr.jpeed driving \n 
dnnblnstliin wllh 'hr Rfd Seal "L"- 
Head Continental Motor, while re- 
main mg withm the prtcg eiaM ec the 
average motorlat. , 

Mr c w liovell, of tae Atktim 
Motot Company. UMIted. auamfneel 
that they will show dd W«dMMay 
for the And lime, one of UMie new 

modeU a 

Known s^ the Durant Sixty-EUa 
and ha' ins sll the quality r«atuiia 
..hara..-ierlsfk' of all Durant prodttcftl, 
It pronilaes to berimr etrMdlngly 
poptilsr Its I^rrr, fi>imy intrnor u 
well upholilcred m mohair and Uie 
^ppoinimeoto are of ttie WthMt 

itir four fnrwafd speed tranamie- 

kion u the product of the Durant 
rnginerring department and has been 
fiib.'rtied to the mo'<t rigid tesu 
over A long ^-eriod it (-1 ^---i. <\t- 
veloped to the point thar utrri ^pre^ 
ila iilent and with feurth.«utuiaa 
{a "double high" ipecd. 

Thia third «p^ u rhieflv uacd' 
,far guiefe pick-up in traffic or far 
long hlUs- The ehlft tn^n f'^urth to' 
third or third \r> f.^ir»ri l« msdej 
esisly. qiilrUy end noi>rieLUy at an^ I 
vpeed and a sUU larlhav advaniafe 

thfaSSSg for Ml SSSSfftl tStSt 

and control that it moat stturinR 
both to driver atkd passengers. 

FV)ui*h ap^Td nev^ all ordmsry 
.driving condition' from five miles 
an hcwr up. The Red Bt-al Contin- 
enial Itotor. on direct drive both m 
third and fourth fpeetu. nas ample 
I power to pick up roed-ipeed with, 
out rfTort. nnd feature, together 
with fhp iiijtiy nihers ahlch are 
only appnr^ni wti-n the Sbtty-fllx la 
in actual iiw .ic-'injiit.-, for the es- 
cepillnifly j^niooth .ipfration of 'he 

Hi" Krpfltr'ii 'hr.ll F,f thr Dvirant 
hiiiirvrr cnoir.' with the 
i!iiilru.'ii;t(ifr of iidrqu.-»fjr ninnina 
" pecd with the rno">r mnltiriii (ar 
fewer ravolutlons psch mUr and 
coDiequenUy running quietly and 
without apparent effort. Thia gi«»r. 
ly rsUevet the nervous girata, eape* 
etally during a long dtp. 

The actual .laving in motor revo- 
lutions u vUtcd by Durant engineers 
to be 3MJ m rvery mile, or nearly 
4.000 In every ten miles nagotlated 
in fourth iipeed EVrn- f-iprrlrnr/^ 
moLorlJt will Immrdlatelv thr 

tremendooa advaniagea whleh this 
feature praddia. | 

Mrnrr mm sant 

Betier IMe than mntoat^ 

f Ahnoat a nuUM n dtjiiur-v a day is 
t the total amount ot busin*"^v beiiii; 
done in 109 countries at Ihr^ (jrcscnt 
; time by thr three scorr dUWore 
of the largest evport sctlvUy m tba 
world, that of General Mobon. who 
vlaited the Oshawa planLi ot OervrsJ 
Motors of Cannd i ihb? month. 

To makr n iw.. ^^^•k.s■ tour Of In- 
Hwnoii "t ih* Canadian and ITnitci 
Stateft plan> Mi«>*p managing direr - 
I tors of tlu' (t\< nv mtily p!*n'< 
and regton.'.t Oirti i t irom Eyr-'()'.- 
south Amerifu th'- Far East and 
; the Caribbean, traveled together 
^ half a mittlon ocean miles, 

j A number nl ihrm ;i ho f llj br 
•way from t heir homf* t or ( rom 
Uiree to four months f'-|f tf<uchM 
of homeslckneas at Oiuwa as itie)- 
watened the railway flat cars being 
loaded with huge caaas addrend to 
ihe countrtea which thrv had left 
many week* befor- rn,-* of them. 

O. P. Hamnglon nutfiir- - ■• r.. -nr 

of CMjeral Mot.>r^ .u- -.^^i 
fhst hr t^'ould rompl'U-.v 1 trt.'if' uir 
b-;r J. ^ 'J [ rHirnuig horuc I'er- 
-J. I moul tra^rtrd of rhe gr-Tttp 
was K. M. VanVoThpr* man-iKn.L 
diiwetor 0* OeoeraJ tAoutn, Japan 
who covered a dlaUnoe of 
ri>ile;< between Ogaka and Oshawa. 
1 ha Vina eome via the lYane-Btberten 
I Hallway and BdMpt. 

Purine the lour Of InspacUtm R B. 
MrLa'ighlin wat praised by ihr 
ovrrwwi! executives for ihe high 
ftjindsrd el wmkmanitup which ob- 
uimed ihroiighout the Oahawa 
plant* The high lypr at pannODal 
employed waa slao nr^ed 

In welooming fiir puty xa 
tMiawa Kr. McLauvhir. fcvnpij- 
— Wdd J D. Motrnn- prei«den> nf 

the egpwt companv '*n trv# rapid 
txpanaKm of bia orgoju' •tioci. wbow 
taalnsgi had grown frffm tllljMn 
In the hfsi rear lo mor* than a 
aainion a dar fn Apni ol thu y«ekr 
Ibe esle M a&ooo units enated a 
new r«port rrcord far an iMw. 
Tvrnty.Mtntiiand men and 

■ r.« •mplaped lbs rrr^.rt 

rt'vitKwi, Which op#ratM 'hmiigr, 
rwem V -f/Mir aywmblv piani^ «nrt 

warenoualng opeistJdaa and 9jm 

Chicago Polire Quit 

ifnforfyrfrs for Cars 
W ith Heceiving SeU 


' ii:'" 

I air. 

CHIOAOO, Jiilv n - 
motorcjclf- .Itn! Kit-; 

'o be repl.i.--.i * , 
IKi:ice Miiiili ii..y..r 

wiui radio receiving leu. The 
auiomobllee wUl be painted 
yellow to br more eaaUy Uen- 
tlfled T!ie receiving sets wlU 
relay orders frrim a rmtful 
••tation to patrolmrn vvi;iiom 
P. Russell. C'jmniL'.'.K.iir-r 
Police, wid expennu n 
shown the motor car belter 
adepled to pollot want. 


Apt.; ■■ . ■ ■ >■ ih - 

mojll !i 1.1 .1 lv.<Ai (i.-.i 
accldentA wwc hlrh' ! 
oorreaponding mun'! 


Ml rliotor 

' Ii the 

in. ■ vi'tir 

The ttrst lour montliw ol \9i0 i>i-. 
dueed about 5 per cent more dea jv, 
Umn in the saaM period lor 1928 
The first four montha of ttUA year 
account for almost 8.SM motor 
fauiitie* Sonvthmg lo think 
about aa /cm elbub loio tba drfvtra 

dealers, a b*! u t 1 he oni v r n t , 

where they havent tucre«cir><] ml Whan yuu pa»& anuti.rr vri, , ; 
penetrating is Tibet, where the total 1 touts In the wune dlr^rtion, r«t -„ 
motor vrhicular poputatioa eooatoia 1 '■^^ <vr. always pau on the left 
of o'.ir lone fflOtorcTcle. and WTund your horn ff fou pawi 

1 hesc rxecuUvFs from the far ^ ftght of a ve4Uele you may 
rornrri of the eert h tell how the ' be Iwced on to curb or inirt * 
nhol- vnrid It ridinc on rubber | bocauae of the rtber frih^ 

iir»yi /• /o-iiid fornis of |detgr?nifiatlon t<i 'urn Lo Uie ruii' 

p<^TUif, .1, irr itivu.f to modmi 

in.itn r , Ev..ri Ihr MtJiIrma 

'" — 'A" '"' '''' 

Mecca, where ihrv ij .^'d 1.. rrjiwi on 
their hands and kne<u. now travel 
In motor buaaa. They leU how flU- 
uig .sULions are being built In the 
oases m thr druTt hrm nlgnn which 
rrsd W/ nx n*i'. Ilnr (hr read 
from RangP'jp to MandaUv 

You KhouW not paes a amet ear 01. 
r;,^ irft brcauae the attempt i« d > 
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